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File: 1633949287655.png (891.85 KB, 734x656, 1632405930052.png)

No. 856100

A thread to discuss Shane Dawson and all the milky YouTubers he hitches his wagon to, the ongoing Jeffree/Shane saga, Karmageddon as well as past and future projects. Previous series/collabs include:
>The Truth About Tana Mongeau
>$10 Million Celebrity Mansion for a Day (Kathy Griffin)
>The Secret World of Jeffree Star
>The Mind of Jake Paul
>Investigating Conspiracies (Brittani Louise Taylor)
>The Return of Eugenia Cooney
>The Beautiful World of Jeffree Star

Up & Coming:
>The Haunting of Shane Dawson

Required Reading/Viewing:
>Shane Dawson sexualizing young children thread: https://twitter.com/belugasong/status/1276465876607229952
>A comprehensive list of Jeffree Star's many controversies: https://tinyurl.com/y6fqpkg9
>Karmageddon summary: https://tinyurl.com/ydesyz6g
>The Bye Sister/Karmageddon Character sheet: https://tinyurl.com/y6wlzrcc
>D'Angelo Wallace's video on Shane Dawson's problematic past https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K6cM36Cm27U (Re-upload)

>Jeffree moves to Wyoming and larps as a yak rancher
>Trisha and Shane's friendship is over
>Jeffree launches various palettes that struggle to sell
>Jeffree's products are appearing in Nordstorm Rack
>Shane and Ryland move to Colorado
>Shane is officially back in YouTube with a new video series exploring haunted locations

Shane Dawson's Crew/Additional Collaborators:
>Jeffree Star: Scary cosmetic alien, horrible person (https://twitter.com/JeffreeStar)
>Ryland Adams: Fiancé (https://twitter.com/Ryland_Adams)
>Morgan Adams: Fiancé's sister (https://twitter.com/_morganadams_)
>Chris Station: New videographer (https://twitter.com/ChrisBstation)
>Kati Morton: Questionable therapist (https://twitter.com/KatiMorton)

Twitter: https://twitter.com/shanedawson
Youtube: youtube.com/shane
Instagram: @shanedawson
Thread 1: >>>/snow/697489
Thread 2: >>>/snow/843231
Thread 3: >>>/snow/900756
Thread 4: >>>/pt/783058
Thread 5: >>>/pt/790714

No. 856101

First part of Shane's new video series:
>Shane and Ryland have moved (run away) to Colorado
>Shane looking rotund
>Shane talks about feeling creative again and getting over "being cancelled"
>New cameraman (Chris) laughs nervously at every single thing Shane says
>Pathetic attempts to address "being canceled", peppered with "Should I even talk about this?" every other sentence
>He says nothing of substance about it
>Does not say anything re: Jeffree Star/Tati/James Charles drama
>Shane and Ryland talking about what it's like to be living in Colorado
>Shane shading Ryland for "coming back home without getting famous" (Ryland is from Colorado)
>Awkward slideshow of Ryland's early twinky, just-moved-to-LA pics
>Shane starts talking about how spirits follow him, insert random call from his personal trainer saying how she saw a "dark figure" pass behind Shane once on a zoom training session
>Shane takes cameraman down to the basement of the new house to show him where he "feels a spirit presence"
>Says it's a "creative, exciting spirit" and makes his chest feel heavy
>Shane literally invites more spirits into his house/life to "keep inspiring" him (the fuck)
>Shane keeps stupidly jump scaring the cameraman
>Ryland "felt a demon enter [his] body" in the new house???
>Shane making Ryland feel bad for wanting to look at the sunset
>Shane wants to get alpacas and a cow and a pig
>Driving around their new town, Shane is snarking on it the whole time while Ryland tries to defend the town
>Chris and Shane think the town "looks like a movie set"? It just looks like a normal small town.
>Cliffhanger: They will visit haunted locations in Colorado in Parts 2 & 3. The End.

No. 856102

Reposting from last thread:
>Episode is about "where [they're] at as a couple"
>Lots of "what if we broke up" talk, Shane thinks that Ryland's family would "choose him [Shane]" if they broke up
>Ryland: "I am nothing without Shane"
>Shane wants to get dark, says he think it would be funny if he read his suicide notes on the podcast
>Ryland shocked that Shane has written suicide notes, v awkward
>Lizze quickly tries hard to normalize it, she wrote her first suicide note at age 4
>Ryland clutching his tummy and looking uncomfy through all the suicide talk
>Shane was actively suicidal 6 months ago ("Googling plans for how to do it")
>Ryland was staying up late to make sure he didn't die
>"It gets better", blah blah, "this is why we moved to Colorado"
>Shane talks about his OCD, worried people will think he's "bragging about it"
>Ryland mad Shane won't wear an engagement ring - has bought him 5 rings to try and find one that fits
>Shane: Back around Tanacon, he started to relapse into disordered eating, skin picking, and hearing an intrusive voice in his head (obsessive thoughts - "If you pick that drink, Ryland will die today")
>Shane's compulsive rituals: praying, making a cross on his forehead
>Been in therapy 2 years for OCD
>Ryland awkwardly interrupts Shane to have him close the window blinds behind him
>Shane points out that this type of sudden subject change is common for Ryland when Shane tries to talk about mental health
>Everyone teasing Ryland for trying to end the mental health conversation and dismissing Shane
>Shane joking about getting with Chris (new cameraman) bc he's more emotionally sensitive
>Ryland gets very shrill/defensive: "You two would just fall into a hole of depression together!!"
>Nervous laughter, bickering - Ryland still clutching his stomach nervously
>Ryland: "For the most part, we have a healthy relationship though"
>Shane calls Ryland out for doing damage control, trying to backtrack from his blinds interruption
>Ryland: "Well you were all just laughing like hyenas for me asking to close the blinds!!" - Again, super shrill & defensive
>Topic switching to how the new house is haunted
>Shane feels "an angel stepping on his chest" in the basement
>Shane had a dream that Ryland is dying from a stomach disease
>Ryland shat blood this morning, so Shane takes this to mean that his dream is coming true (wtf)
>Ryland says "If it happens again, I'll go to the doctor"
>Shane wants to make horror movies, has 2 scripts written already
>Shane worries he's ruined the lives of everyone one associated with him (lol)
>Shane gets in one last flirty comment towards Chris about wanting to "jack him off". The End.

No. 856110

>Shane feels "an angel stepping on his chest" in the basement
>Shane had a dream that Ryland is dying from a stomach disease
I guess Ryland will die after Shane stabs him in the stomach as a sacrifice to the angel in the basement.

No. 856112

>feeling of someone stepping on his chest

Heart attack when?

No. 856114

I seen the Imallexx review of Shanes new video. Strange that Alex says that he relates to Shane regarding how your friends react when you fuck up, because Shanes "friends" mainly have to worry about Shane fucking over himself whereas Alex's friends have to worry about Alex randomly trying to spearhead sex abuse allegations against them… oh wait

>Shane thinks that Ryland's family would "choose him [Shane]" if they broke up
>Ryland: "I am nothing without Shane"
What the fuck is this dynamic?

>Shane wants to get alpacas and a cow and a pig

"Jeffree Star please be my friend again, lets be farmer besties"

No. 856147

Jeffree doing a dismissive video call with Shane in the newest makeup video was so funny. Jeffree was using Shane for the “good”publicity the first docuseries got him, then did another as a career move to look super generous and move millions of dollars worth of makeup to Shane’s millions of self hating audience members. That backfired so crazy and got Jeffree outed for the hundredth time about his racism, but during the pandemic and at the height of Black Lives Matter riots. Now Jeffree has resorted to gaslighting yaks since he lost his audience, and has all this time to plot his revenge against Shane.

No. 856148

Shane gonna fuck that Chris, if he is not doing it yet. Then we gonna get the „i am sorry uwu” saga

No. 856257

>Ryland: "For the most part, we have a healthy relationship though"

alright man for sure

No. 856309


Shit at this point Shane is showing he is a walking red flag. I wouldn't be surprised if he already cheated on Ryland.

No. 856327

who would want to have an affair or even hook up with Shane, though? he’s a complete mess both physically and mentally
it would have to be a clout chaser or golddigger

No. 856368

anon did not assume it was with a human

No. 856371

ryland is a clout chasing gold digger too, so it's not that hard to imagine

No. 856417

I don't even like Ryland but Shane sounds abusive as fuck. I bet when he has his tantrums he throws shit and knocks his twink around. Also flirting with the new camera guy and not wearing his ring? Honey thats a cheater right there

No. 856428

File: 1634208383765.png (435.2 KB, 501x615, ryland.png)

No. 856431

Man I know pitying Ryland is frowned upon here, but I feel bad for him. Even if he is a gold digger, he deserves some gold for putting up with that.

No. 856451

I have a feeling they aren't going to last, Ryland may accept his bullshit but we all know that Shane is obsessed with power. I'm half surprised Shane hasn't buggered him into letting him fuck women too because he won't shut the fuck up on the "you can't rewrite my bisexuality" bullshit.
Then again it seems like the only women that Shane is attracted to are children.
Hell his Ustreams and stickam sessions were basically him asking fans to strip. He added fans and would private message them, or how about daily booth when he asked fans "show me your crotch"

No. 856454

File: 1634224261658.jpg (40.44 KB, 233x186, 70623477.jpg)

Same fag
This is one of the tamer ones but found out why Edwin Costa won't make a video on Shane. Because he was stan when Shane was getting children to undress for him

No. 856459

In Shane new video you can see on his wall in his new house a movie poster for not cool it’s even framed like a bit of art work this tells me he probably believes he done nothing wrong. He was bashed over the internet this year with people watching this movie saying how sexist racist crude jokes ect it had, he hasn’t learnt or grown up at all. It’s embarrassing that he is still proud enough to the movie to put a poster up. Idk this just proves he doesn’t care. He didn’t even do a apology or here’s to the new me just no same old Shane didn’t learn anything. He even joking about wanting to jack someone off in the new podcast at the end. He so gross. Give it a month before he in trouble again

No. 856478

Can't fuck a real cat? Get a gay catboy instead.

No. 856507

sorry if this was discussed recently but where did Andrew go? did he ever officially step down from being Shane’s camera man/friend? i remember him being one of the only tolerable people in Shane’s immediate friendgroup

No. 856527


It's never been explicitly addressed, but Andrew's really only been showing up on Youtube recently with Garret Watts (they had a video podcast together last year).

No. 856528


cheating on cheeto, sad.

No. 856546

>What the fuck is this dynamic?

Power abuse dynamic. Shane has all the cards in the relationship, he has the money and the following. He's able to get Ryland's family on his side because he's "charismatic" and probably gives them gifts and shares his lifestyle with them.

Don't always feel bad for Ryland but its pretty clear there is emotional abuse going on and Shane is manipulative af to everyone in that family.

No. 856549

the way he shows his old ministrel caricatures and says "ya i did some fucked up shit, but these videos mean a lot to me so im not erasing them" - what? this whole video just shows that he learned NOTHING from his 'break', because he continuously makes jokes about being cancelled and learning nothing from it. are his comments filtered? why are they so nice

No. 856653

Second part of the new video series, Haunted Theories with Shane Dawson:
>Morgan and Ryland are talking about the apparition of the ghost of a 12 year old girl who died near a bridge in Colorado
>Shane, Ryland and Chris visit Ryland's parents
>Ryland's dad talks about a Tiktok phenomena of zoomers trashing bathrooms and recording it
>Everyone gathers around in the living room. Shane asks if they think if moving back to Colorado was a good idea or a mistake. Ryland's dad is delighted that they are here and says that California is toxic.
>They tell some scary stories. Ryland's grandma mentions feeling her deceased ex-husband's presence in the house once. His dad talks about Cheesman Park closing because there was too many crazy things happening at night. His mom adds that people have seen spirits there, but she hasn't personally felt anything weird.
>Random clips of news reports and youtubers talking about Cheesman Park with spooky music.
>Apparently Cheesman Park was built on top of a burial place. When it rains, it can bring up bones. They moved the most important people, but they left the criminals and poor people behind. The contractor was charging the families to move their loved ones, but some couldn't afford to move them, so they moved some body parts and left others behind.
>There is a weird clip of a baby crawling on the park in broad daylight with scary sound effects.
>All of this is intercut with clips of Shane putting his hand on his mouth and looking afraid.
>Shane and Ryland talk about going ghost hunting to Third Bridge at night. There is a disclaimer warning viewers to not visit it, especially at night.
>Shane, Morgan, Ryland and Chris go to the basement. We see clips of a medium talking about Shane being haunted by a man who looks like a cowboy that wears a long trench coat.
>More clips of influencers, news reports, etc. talking about Third Bridge with spooky music.
>Apparently Third Bridge was the site of a massacre and a ghost of a woman wearing a white gown can be seen at night.
>Morgan tells them a story of a group of teenagers in a car that had an accident and died in the bridge.
>Ryland and Morgan say that they everyone used to go to Third Bridge to make out. It's a popular place where teenagers feel rebellious.
>Morgan says that she did more research on history of the area around Third Bridge. Apparently in 1800s, Governor Evans did not like the Native Americans who lived there. So he killed a white family, scalped the wife and kids and shot the husband. He framed the Native Americans and that gave him the excuse he needed to allow his soldiers to kill them as revenge.
>Supposedly you can hear horses and drums if you go to Third Bridge.
>There is around 20 houses currently in the area and there has been strange deaths.
>Morgan says that she once went on a date with someone on that bridge and there was someone following them. Every time Morgan and his date stopped, the other car would turn off their headlights.
>Shane asks if this is a bad idea that he is going there because he is just a white man who wants to see spooky stuff. They all laugh.
>Ryland says that when he used to date girls, he used to take his dates to Third Bridge all the time. There is no phone reception, they would get scared and would make out with him.
>Morgan says that she sometimes gets scared of going out because there are so many tragedies in Colorado like the Chris Watts stuff (he killed his pregnant wife and kids and put them inside of oil tanks). Shane says "n-no, I was just excited to get out into the world".
>Shane asks Chris if he has had ghost experiences. He says not really, but maybe tonight.
>We are back upstairs. Ryland's mom says that she took Morgan to Third Bridge for Halloween to see what the fuss was all about. She just remembers walking a lot, but doesn't remember anything happening.
>Shane is looking at his phone. Chris asks him if he thinks he will see something there tonight. Shane answers: "oh, 100% because things follow me". Cue in spooky music.
>Ryland adds what things follow him… ghosts, demons, him…
>Morgan interrupts and says "hey, did you know that the annoying orange is back?"
>They are getting ready to go out. Ryland says "we'll miss you, grandma" and she responds "i'll be seeing you". Shane adds "…in the afterlife". Ryland gets offended and Shane says "what?"
>Ryland's grandma says that she is happy they are doing this and Shane answers "thanks, I hope I don't die".
>They show some clips for the last episode of them in Third Bridge with, you guessed it, spooky music!
>The phrase "BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR" appear on screen in red letters with a black background.
>It ends with a cute scene of Ryland talking about moving back to his hometown is a step backwards in his career. Then his family talk about country singers talk about all the time. His dad makes a random joke and they all laugh.

The video has 1.5M views with 119K likes and 8.4K dislikes.

No. 856655

His first ep was so boring, I went back and watched a few eps of his older ‘documentary series’ and they are shocking how did they even get any views and a cult following saying he needs a Netflix show. It literally just him going me me me pig pig me dirty inappropriate joke ops scary music me me me
There nothing at all worthy in these videos same with the new ones it’s just a very long filler ep where one tiny thing happens and they talk about it dramatically for 40 mins boring

No. 856738

They definitely are so far I've found the words racist and predator are filtered

No. 856739

This basically sums up Shanes content from 2009-2015

he always cries him and onionboy aren't that connected but forgets that they boosted eachother constantly

No. 856783

I honestly think they were so popular just because he was a well-liked person then. He had his "im an empath" face on, and prior to the documentaries he had those vlogs of him with drew and garrett. I have watched him since I was 9 (Im 21 now) and the shitty docuseries era is when I started to see what a cow he is. When he would be late to posting a new video, on the date he set, and he would bitch and moan saying "I give you guys FREE CONTENT!!" - thats when I knew he was a cow. I honestly think most of his fans just liked drew or garrett, and once drew left for his own good the videos got less entertaining. now that garrett is gone too theres no substance except for Shane and Ryan and their weird ass dynamic. Im surprised to see Morgan being in these videos as well… if I were her I would have given up the Youtube thing by now and got a job at Wawa.

No. 856784

File: 1634485253041.jpg (68.57 KB, 1200x864, EblUWrsX0AAtHXn.jpg)

Remember when they kissed? lol

No. 856795

I can't imagine Shane having the balls to beat Ryland. He might throw shit and yell but knocking the twink around like Chris Brown in the spousal abuse Olympics is just not happening

Oh fuck, I didn't even notice that. I always had kind of a soft spot for Garrett so I'm still subscribed to him just to check, and it never actually occured to me that him and Andrew branched off together.

A lot of people focus on the relationship between Drew and Shane but I'm curious about what things are like between Garrett and Drew. They don't seem to acknowledge eachother (which isn't fully surprising since Garrett would participate in Drews "abuse" by Shane during the Spooky Boys era) but I'd love to know if they even still think about eachother

No. 856798

This is a huge tinfoil but does anyone else get the vibe Shane isn't really all that attracted to men? Maybe it's just because of his complete disregard for his live in keeper, but.

No. 856800

He flirted loads with Andrew too and he dated Garett. Funny that Andrew and Garett stuck together and now Shane has a new camera person to flirt and evoke envy from Ryland.

Gays are so messy.

No. 856939

I think he into more the ‘softer’ men who are not in a harsh way but more feminine like rylan, I can’t see Shane with a buff manly man. He is bi sexual if he wasn’t he wouldn’t of dated the amount of men he has and wouldn’t still be with rylan. I doubt he would get with a woman again

No. 856997

File: 1634609825639.png (6.57 MB, 2560x1080, shanesexpest.png)

Shane just cant keep it in his smelly pants, he groped multiple friends and fans while with Ryland and Lisa.

No. 857362

I feel bad for all those people, Shane is disgusting. A lot of the women probably thought he was a "safe gay" but he's been a sex pest since he started out online.

No. 857441

A couple I definitely feel bad for but some of them are superfans who read his books and his content and still are doubling down to support him. Milagro Cortez and Tara Fraser are 2 people pictured that will attack anyone they see talking about any allegations.

No. 857474

File: 1634980779479.png (462.94 KB, 580x510, Screenshot 2021-10-21 at 21.16…)

I'm sure there is a joke to it but the "acting like you're so passionately into someone while standing next your partner"- thing is so incredibly strange I have trouble wrapping my head around it. It does not seem like Ryland is in on the joke at all.

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