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No. 856100

A thread to discuss Shane Dawson and all the milky YouTubers he hitches his wagon to, the ongoing Jeffree/Shane saga, Karmageddon as well as past and future projects. Previous series/collabs include:
>The Truth About Tana Mongeau
>$10 Million Celebrity Mansion for a Day (Kathy Griffin)
>The Secret World of Jeffree Star
>The Mind of Jake Paul
>Investigating Conspiracies (Brittani Louise Taylor)
>The Return of Eugenia Cooney
>The Beautiful World of Jeffree Star

Up & Coming:
>The Haunting of Shane Dawson

Required Reading/Viewing:
>Shane Dawson sexualizing young children thread: https://twitter.com/belugasong/status/1276465876607229952
>A comprehensive list of Jeffree Star's many controversies: https://tinyurl.com/y6fqpkg9
>Karmageddon summary: https://tinyurl.com/ydesyz6g
>The Bye Sister/Karmageddon Character sheet: https://tinyurl.com/y6wlzrcc
>D'Angelo Wallace's video on Shane Dawson's problematic past https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K6cM36Cm27U (Re-upload)

>Jeffree moves to Wyoming and larps as a yak rancher
>Trisha and Shane's friendship is over
>Jeffree launches various palettes that struggle to sell
>Jeffree's products are appearing in Nordstorm Rack
>Shane and Ryland move to Colorado
>Shane is officially back in YouTube with a new video series exploring haunted locations

Shane Dawson's Crew/Additional Collaborators:
>Jeffree Star: Scary cosmetic alien, horrible person (https://twitter.com/JeffreeStar)
>Ryland Adams: Fiancé (https://twitter.com/Ryland_Adams)
>Morgan Adams: Fiancé's sister (https://twitter.com/_morganadams_)
>Chris Station: New videographer (https://twitter.com/ChrisBstation)
>Kati Morton: Questionable therapist (https://twitter.com/KatiMorton)

Twitter: https://twitter.com/shanedawson
Youtube: youtube.com/shane
Instagram: @shanedawson
Thread 1: >>>/snow/697489
Thread 2: >>>/snow/843231
Thread 3: >>>/snow/900756
Thread 4: >>>/pt/783058
Thread 5: >>>/pt/790714

No. 856101

First part of Shane's new video series:
>Shane and Ryland have moved (run away) to Colorado
>Shane looking rotund
>Shane talks about feeling creative again and getting over "being cancelled"
>New cameraman (Chris) laughs nervously at every single thing Shane says
>Pathetic attempts to address "being canceled", peppered with "Should I even talk about this?" every other sentence
>He says nothing of substance about it
>Does not say anything re: Jeffree Star/Tati/James Charles drama
>Shane and Ryland talking about what it's like to be living in Colorado
>Shane shading Ryland for "coming back home without getting famous" (Ryland is from Colorado)
>Awkward slideshow of Ryland's early twinky, just-moved-to-LA pics
>Shane starts talking about how spirits follow him, insert random call from his personal trainer saying how she saw a "dark figure" pass behind Shane once on a zoom training session
>Shane takes cameraman down to the basement of the new house to show him where he "feels a spirit presence"
>Says it's a "creative, exciting spirit" and makes his chest feel heavy
>Shane literally invites more spirits into his house/life to "keep inspiring" him (the fuck)
>Shane keeps stupidly jump scaring the cameraman
>Ryland "felt a demon enter [his] body" in the new house???
>Shane making Ryland feel bad for wanting to look at the sunset
>Shane wants to get alpacas and a cow and a pig
>Driving around their new town, Shane is snarking on it the whole time while Ryland tries to defend the town
>Chris and Shane think the town "looks like a movie set"? It just looks like a normal small town.
>Cliffhanger: They will visit haunted locations in Colorado in Parts 2 & 3. The End.

No. 856102

Reposting from last thread:
>Episode is about "where [they're] at as a couple"
>Lots of "what if we broke up" talk, Shane thinks that Ryland's family would "choose him [Shane]" if they broke up
>Ryland: "I am nothing without Shane"
>Shane wants to get dark, says he think it would be funny if he read his suicide notes on the podcast
>Ryland shocked that Shane has written suicide notes, v awkward
>Lizze quickly tries hard to normalize it, she wrote her first suicide note at age 4
>Ryland clutching his tummy and looking uncomfy through all the suicide talk
>Shane was actively suicidal 6 months ago ("Googling plans for how to do it")
>Ryland was staying up late to make sure he didn't die
>"It gets better", blah blah, "this is why we moved to Colorado"
>Shane talks about his OCD, worried people will think he's "bragging about it"
>Ryland mad Shane won't wear an engagement ring - has bought him 5 rings to try and find one that fits
>Shane: Back around Tanacon, he started to relapse into disordered eating, skin picking, and hearing an intrusive voice in his head (obsessive thoughts - "If you pick that drink, Ryland will die today")
>Shane's compulsive rituals: praying, making a cross on his forehead
>Been in therapy 2 years for OCD
>Ryland awkwardly interrupts Shane to have him close the window blinds behind him
>Shane points out that this type of sudden subject change is common for Ryland when Shane tries to talk about mental health
>Everyone teasing Ryland for trying to end the mental health conversation and dismissing Shane
>Shane joking about getting with Chris (new cameraman) bc he's more emotionally sensitive
>Ryland gets very shrill/defensive: "You two would just fall into a hole of depression together!!"
>Nervous laughter, bickering - Ryland still clutching his stomach nervously
>Ryland: "For the most part, we have a healthy relationship though"
>Shane calls Ryland out for doing damage control, trying to backtrack from his blinds interruption
>Ryland: "Well you were all just laughing like hyenas for me asking to close the blinds!!" - Again, super shrill & defensive
>Topic switching to how the new house is haunted
>Shane feels "an angel stepping on his chest" in the basement
>Shane had a dream that Ryland is dying from a stomach disease
>Ryland shat blood this morning, so Shane takes this to mean that his dream is coming true (wtf)
>Ryland says "If it happens again, I'll go to the doctor"
>Shane wants to make horror movies, has 2 scripts written already
>Shane worries he's ruined the lives of everyone one associated with him (lol)
>Shane gets in one last flirty comment towards Chris about wanting to "jack him off". The End.

No. 856110

>Shane feels "an angel stepping on his chest" in the basement
>Shane had a dream that Ryland is dying from a stomach disease
I guess Ryland will die after Shane stabs him in the stomach as a sacrifice to the angel in the basement.

No. 856112

>feeling of someone stepping on his chest

Heart attack when?

No. 856114

I seen the Imallexx review of Shanes new video. Strange that Alex says that he relates to Shane regarding how your friends react when you fuck up, because Shanes "friends" mainly have to worry about Shane fucking over himself whereas Alex's friends have to worry about Alex randomly trying to spearhead sex abuse allegations against them… oh wait

>Shane thinks that Ryland's family would "choose him [Shane]" if they broke up
>Ryland: "I am nothing without Shane"
What the fuck is this dynamic?

>Shane wants to get alpacas and a cow and a pig

"Jeffree Star please be my friend again, lets be farmer besties"

No. 856147

Jeffree doing a dismissive video call with Shane in the newest makeup video was so funny. Jeffree was using Shane for the “good”publicity the first docuseries got him, then did another as a career move to look super generous and move millions of dollars worth of makeup to Shane’s millions of self hating audience members. That backfired so crazy and got Jeffree outed for the hundredth time about his racism, but during the pandemic and at the height of Black Lives Matter riots. Now Jeffree has resorted to gaslighting yaks since he lost his audience, and has all this time to plot his revenge against Shane.

No. 856148

Shane gonna fuck that Chris, if he is not doing it yet. Then we gonna get the „i am sorry uwu” saga

No. 856257

>Ryland: "For the most part, we have a healthy relationship though"

alright man for sure

No. 856309


Shit at this point Shane is showing he is a walking red flag. I wouldn't be surprised if he already cheated on Ryland.

No. 856327

who would want to have an affair or even hook up with Shane, though? he’s a complete mess both physically and mentally
it would have to be a clout chaser or golddigger

No. 856368

anon did not assume it was with a human

No. 856371

ryland is a clout chasing gold digger too, so it's not that hard to imagine

No. 856417

I don't even like Ryland but Shane sounds abusive as fuck. I bet when he has his tantrums he throws shit and knocks his twink around. Also flirting with the new camera guy and not wearing his ring? Honey thats a cheater right there

No. 856428

File: 1634208383765.png (435.2 KB, 501x615, ryland.png)

No. 856431

Man I know pitying Ryland is frowned upon here, but I feel bad for him. Even if he is a gold digger, he deserves some gold for putting up with that.

No. 856451

I have a feeling they aren't going to last, Ryland may accept his bullshit but we all know that Shane is obsessed with power. I'm half surprised Shane hasn't buggered him into letting him fuck women too because he won't shut the fuck up on the "you can't rewrite my bisexuality" bullshit.
Then again it seems like the only women that Shane is attracted to are children.
Hell his Ustreams and stickam sessions were basically him asking fans to strip. He added fans and would private message them, or how about daily booth when he asked fans "show me your crotch"

No. 856454

File: 1634224261658.jpg (40.44 KB, 233x186, 70623477.jpg)

Same fag
This is one of the tamer ones but found out why Edwin Costa won't make a video on Shane. Because he was stan when Shane was getting children to undress for him

No. 856459

In Shane new video you can see on his wall in his new house a movie poster for not cool it’s even framed like a bit of art work this tells me he probably believes he done nothing wrong. He was bashed over the internet this year with people watching this movie saying how sexist racist crude jokes ect it had, he hasn’t learnt or grown up at all. It’s embarrassing that he is still proud enough to the movie to put a poster up. Idk this just proves he doesn’t care. He didn’t even do a apology or here’s to the new me just no same old Shane didn’t learn anything. He even joking about wanting to jack someone off in the new podcast at the end. He so gross. Give it a month before he in trouble again

No. 856478

Can't fuck a real cat? Get a gay catboy instead.

No. 856507

sorry if this was discussed recently but where did Andrew go? did he ever officially step down from being Shane’s camera man/friend? i remember him being one of the only tolerable people in Shane’s immediate friendgroup

No. 856527


It's never been explicitly addressed, but Andrew's really only been showing up on Youtube recently with Garret Watts (they had a video podcast together last year).

No. 856528


cheating on cheeto, sad.

No. 856546

>What the fuck is this dynamic?

Power abuse dynamic. Shane has all the cards in the relationship, he has the money and the following. He's able to get Ryland's family on his side because he's "charismatic" and probably gives them gifts and shares his lifestyle with them.

Don't always feel bad for Ryland but its pretty clear there is emotional abuse going on and Shane is manipulative af to everyone in that family.

No. 856549

the way he shows his old ministrel caricatures and says "ya i did some fucked up shit, but these videos mean a lot to me so im not erasing them" - what? this whole video just shows that he learned NOTHING from his 'break', because he continuously makes jokes about being cancelled and learning nothing from it. are his comments filtered? why are they so nice

No. 856653

Second part of the new video series, Haunted Theories with Shane Dawson:
>Morgan and Ryland are talking about the apparition of the ghost of a 12 year old girl who died near a bridge in Colorado
>Shane, Ryland and Chris visit Ryland's parents
>Ryland's dad talks about a Tiktok phenomena of zoomers trashing bathrooms and recording it
>Everyone gathers around in the living room. Shane asks if they think if moving back to Colorado was a good idea or a mistake. Ryland's dad is delighted that they are here and says that California is toxic.
>They tell some scary stories. Ryland's grandma mentions feeling her deceased ex-husband's presence in the house once. His dad talks about Cheesman Park closing because there was too many crazy things happening at night. His mom adds that people have seen spirits there, but she hasn't personally felt anything weird.
>Random clips of news reports and youtubers talking about Cheesman Park with spooky music.
>Apparently Cheesman Park was built on top of a burial place. When it rains, it can bring up bones. They moved the most important people, but they left the criminals and poor people behind. The contractor was charging the families to move their loved ones, but some couldn't afford to move them, so they moved some body parts and left others behind.
>There is a weird clip of a baby crawling on the park in broad daylight with scary sound effects.
>All of this is intercut with clips of Shane putting his hand on his mouth and looking afraid.
>Shane and Ryland talk about going ghost hunting to Third Bridge at night. There is a disclaimer warning viewers to not visit it, especially at night.
>Shane, Morgan, Ryland and Chris go to the basement. We see clips of a medium talking about Shane being haunted by a man who looks like a cowboy that wears a long trench coat.
>More clips of influencers, news reports, etc. talking about Third Bridge with spooky music.
>Apparently Third Bridge was the site of a massacre and a ghost of a woman wearing a white gown can be seen at night.
>Morgan tells them a story of a group of teenagers in a car that had an accident and died in the bridge.
>Ryland and Morgan say that they everyone used to go to Third Bridge to make out. It's a popular place where teenagers feel rebellious.
>Morgan says that she did more research on history of the area around Third Bridge. Apparently in 1800s, Governor Evans did not like the Native Americans who lived there. So he killed a white family, scalped the wife and kids and shot the husband. He framed the Native Americans and that gave him the excuse he needed to allow his soldiers to kill them as revenge.
>Supposedly you can hear horses and drums if you go to Third Bridge.
>There is around 20 houses currently in the area and there has been strange deaths.
>Morgan says that she once went on a date with someone on that bridge and there was someone following them. Every time Morgan and his date stopped, the other car would turn off their headlights.
>Shane asks if this is a bad idea that he is going there because he is just a white man who wants to see spooky stuff. They all laugh.
>Ryland says that when he used to date girls, he used to take his dates to Third Bridge all the time. There is no phone reception, they would get scared and would make out with him.
>Morgan says that she sometimes gets scared of going out because there are so many tragedies in Colorado like the Chris Watts stuff (he killed his pregnant wife and kids and put them inside of oil tanks). Shane says "n-no, I was just excited to get out into the world".
>Shane asks Chris if he has had ghost experiences. He says not really, but maybe tonight.
>We are back upstairs. Ryland's mom says that she took Morgan to Third Bridge for Halloween to see what the fuss was all about. She just remembers walking a lot, but doesn't remember anything happening.
>Shane is looking at his phone. Chris asks him if he thinks he will see something there tonight. Shane answers: "oh, 100% because things follow me". Cue in spooky music.
>Ryland adds what things follow him… ghosts, demons, him…
>Morgan interrupts and says "hey, did you know that the annoying orange is back?"
>They are getting ready to go out. Ryland says "we'll miss you, grandma" and she responds "i'll be seeing you". Shane adds "…in the afterlife". Ryland gets offended and Shane says "what?"
>Ryland's grandma says that she is happy they are doing this and Shane answers "thanks, I hope I don't die".
>They show some clips for the last episode of them in Third Bridge with, you guessed it, spooky music!
>The phrase "BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR" appear on screen in red letters with a black background.
>It ends with a cute scene of Ryland talking about moving back to his hometown is a step backwards in his career. Then his family talk about country singers talk about all the time. His dad makes a random joke and they all laugh.

The video has 1.5M views with 119K likes and 8.4K dislikes.

No. 856655

His first ep was so boring, I went back and watched a few eps of his older ‘documentary series’ and they are shocking how did they even get any views and a cult following saying he needs a Netflix show. It literally just him going me me me pig pig me dirty inappropriate joke ops scary music me me me
There nothing at all worthy in these videos same with the new ones it’s just a very long filler ep where one tiny thing happens and they talk about it dramatically for 40 mins boring

No. 856738

They definitely are so far I've found the words racist and predator are filtered

No. 856739

This basically sums up Shanes content from 2009-2015

he always cries him and onionboy aren't that connected but forgets that they boosted eachother constantly

No. 856783

I honestly think they were so popular just because he was a well-liked person then. He had his "im an empath" face on, and prior to the documentaries he had those vlogs of him with drew and garrett. I have watched him since I was 9 (Im 21 now) and the shitty docuseries era is when I started to see what a cow he is. When he would be late to posting a new video, on the date he set, and he would bitch and moan saying "I give you guys FREE CONTENT!!" - thats when I knew he was a cow. I honestly think most of his fans just liked drew or garrett, and once drew left for his own good the videos got less entertaining. now that garrett is gone too theres no substance except for Shane and Ryan and their weird ass dynamic. Im surprised to see Morgan being in these videos as well… if I were her I would have given up the Youtube thing by now and got a job at Wawa.

No. 856784

File: 1634485253041.jpg (68.57 KB, 1200x864, EblUWrsX0AAtHXn.jpg)

Remember when they kissed? lol

No. 856795

I can't imagine Shane having the balls to beat Ryland. He might throw shit and yell but knocking the twink around like Chris Brown in the spousal abuse Olympics is just not happening

Oh fuck, I didn't even notice that. I always had kind of a soft spot for Garrett so I'm still subscribed to him just to check, and it never actually occured to me that him and Andrew branched off together.

A lot of people focus on the relationship between Drew and Shane but I'm curious about what things are like between Garrett and Drew. They don't seem to acknowledge eachother (which isn't fully surprising since Garrett would participate in Drews "abuse" by Shane during the Spooky Boys era) but I'd love to know if they even still think about eachother

No. 856798

This is a huge tinfoil but does anyone else get the vibe Shane isn't really all that attracted to men? Maybe it's just because of his complete disregard for his live in keeper, but.

No. 856800

He flirted loads with Andrew too and he dated Garett. Funny that Andrew and Garett stuck together and now Shane has a new camera person to flirt and evoke envy from Ryland.

Gays are so messy.

No. 856939

I think he into more the ‘softer’ men who are not in a harsh way but more feminine like rylan, I can’t see Shane with a buff manly man. He is bi sexual if he wasn’t he wouldn’t of dated the amount of men he has and wouldn’t still be with rylan. I doubt he would get with a woman again

No. 856997

File: 1634609825639.png (6.57 MB, 2560x1080, shanesexpest.png)

Shane just cant keep it in his smelly pants, he groped multiple friends and fans while with Ryland and Lisa.

No. 857362

I feel bad for all those people, Shane is disgusting. A lot of the women probably thought he was a "safe gay" but he's been a sex pest since he started out online.

No. 857441

A couple I definitely feel bad for but some of them are superfans who read his books and his content and still are doubling down to support him. Milagro Cortez and Tara Fraser are 2 people pictured that will attack anyone they see talking about any allegations.

No. 857474

File: 1634980779479.png (462.94 KB, 580x510, Screenshot 2021-10-21 at 21.16…)

I'm sure there is a joke to it but the "acting like you're so passionately into someone while standing next your partner"- thing is so incredibly strange I have trouble wrapping my head around it. It does not seem like Ryland is in on the joke at all.

No. 857824

I am not surprised, but it's still disappointing to see how well received his new "documentary" is.

Part 3: Ghost Hunting in a Haunted City

No. 857825

Nitpick but the man made millions pretending to enjoy makeup, yet refuses to put a dab of concealer on his chin zit featured prominently in the thumbnail. Does he have a fetish for other people thinking he's gross?

No. 857955

Has anyone seen the new vid yet? Ive been looking for a summary but I don’t wanna watch someone react for 30+ mins lol

No. 858013

File: 1635394580261.png (4.86 MB, 3200x3200, WeirdoCollectionBundle.png)

Jeffree's products don't get as much hype as they used to. This was launched Oct 15 and today was the first time that I heard someone mention it.

Btw Shane's mini controversy palette, Cremated and Blood Sugar are sold in the Mystery boxes. I am surprised that he would include Blood Sugar there.

No. 858023

Some poor booty guru is going to accidently gouge an eye out with that poorly designed monstrosity of a mirror. Also, do people even use hand held mirrors anymore? i do if im trimming my hair but thats it. I couldn't imagine trying to do my makeup while holding one of those things.

No. 858029

It's a meme because beauty gurus use them, it's easier to film makeup with a hand mirror than having a standing mirror block the camera. People who buy them are the same consoomers who buy neon bright palettes they don't know how to use, and spend hundreds of dollars on makeup brushes when finger application is easier, cleaner and looks better for most makeup. Brushes are only used by MUAs as a hygiene standard, and the ones who are big enough deals to swing it use their hands.

No. 858037

File: 1635406915365.jpeg (210.82 KB, 2000x2000, DeathLongSleeveFRONT-_-BACK.jp…)

this is so ugly and outdated

No. 858050

what in the 2017 ghostemane

No. 858051

Reminded me more of Babymetal, jafar ripped it off so bad.

No. 858150

oof. andrew did leave them? wow

No. 858153

considering he kept Ryland a secret for a year its not surprising he'd chase after any ass he can get. dude is a sexpest so I'm surprised there isn't more videos of him humping peoples legs

No. 858157

I'm sick and off work tomorrow so expect a summary then.

>don’t wanna watch someone react for 30+ mins

You know that's all it's gonna be, anon. "EW!" "OH MY GOD!!!"

No. 858210

File: 1635517957910.png (1.17 MB, 1086x1310, IMG_20211029_073031.png)

Forget Jefree's stuff being discounted in mall stores, his junk is available on Wish - including the Conspiracy matchup with Shane selling for 18 bucks.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 858248

Or ME PIG EW ME PIG OINK OMG PEE dramatic music but nothing ever happens

No. 858274

nonnie, none of the "name brands" on Wish and similar Chinse websites are real. They are all knock-offs with very questionable ingredients. I remember seeing an undercover video where someone bought knock-off Kylie Cosmetics makeup and did actual lab tests on it and found a shit ton of harmful stuff in it.

With that being said, don't buy ANY kind of makeup off of those websites, it is all bad and you are really risking your health if you do.

No. 858371

I don't get it, why build a whole bault if he's going to sell the house… this is the SECOND TIME that this happens

No. 858385

I’m convinced at this point it’s all just one giant money laundering scheme

No. 858397

Shane and Ryland will sell the house in California and start to have kids in the next year or so.

No. 858421

neither of these people should be a parent, for fuck’s sake

No. 858422

Why the fuck would this nonce and his sugar baby be allowed to have a baby? No one needs them ruining a child’s life.

No. 858426

Kids? Plural? Hell no, not even one should be in their fucked up household. Also iirc Ryland's sister talked about being a surrogate mother for them? Is that still a thing they want to do?

No. 858431

>kids near shane
There's so many things wrongs with that. So many. He's going to do the same thing he did to his cat to them. I don't trust this man with kids. Even if he didn't have pedo accusations he's someone who bullies, makes fun of, and projects his own insecurities and mental illnesses onto others. He's gong to fuck these kids up some way or another and I hope they don't let him adopt or take the child away.
Like, any youtuber having kids is troublesome already. Shane and Ryland… they just aren't meant to be parents no matter how much they want a kid.

No. 858432

Imagine having a faggot dad that would do anything for fame and money including showing his ass online or dating disgusting pieces of shit and another faggot dad who is also a stinky unwashed obese as fuck pedophile who LOVES collecting piss bottles

No kid should go through this.

No. 858441


Third and final part of this nonsense, sorry if it's too long:

>Starts with Blair Witch-ass warnings and disclaimers

>Preparation bullshit with Morgan, Ryland's mom.
>Morgan out of nowhere "Mom keeps accusing me of being a lesbian, why do you think that I'm gay??"
>Morgan's mom thought that Morgan's video "Am I Lesbian?" was her coming out.
>Morgan wants to marry a man with "financial knowledge", bc women married to accountants are "the happiest" (so the gold-digging is genetic then)
>Morgan found "demon stick" in trees near her house, they freak out about it ("It looks like something you brand people with") - just looks like tree-cutting equipment
>Morgan found "Jesus sports cards" during her house renovation
>Chris (new cameraman) every 2 seconds: "I'm gonna die, this is so scary"
>Random spliced clips from ghost hunter Youtubers, saying to pray if you feel ghostly presence
>More random clips from news/youtubers re: the haunted bridge
>Extended unfunny messing around at Morgan's torn up, WIP house renovation.
>Blinding themselves with headlamps, so much "wow-ing" and forced laughter
>15 mins in and they are finally headed to haunted bridge
>See dead deer on road and think this is a "sign". Imagine thinking roadkill in a rural area means something.
>More splicing of YT ghost hunter talking about the haunted bridge with random photos of an abandoned house
>Ryland going 30mph on 50mph road because it's "too rough"
>Ryland: "The weeds are unkept and scary" (For someone who grew up out here why is he being such a baby?)
>Morgan tries to reign in the spooky talk and says "we're here to honor the dead Native Americans"
>Shane: "Why is there even a bridge? Isn't it flat land?"
>They stop but Morgan thinks it's the wrong bridge, confusion about where to go
>25 mins in and we are still not at the actual bridge
>Chris's camera battery dies - cue clips about how ghosts "draw energy" from batteries
>They see a few others cars parked near the bridge, this is basically a tourist attraction.
>Out at the haunted bridge they meet group of kids using a Ouija board
>Equipment starts "gOiNg nUtS"
>Green light with annoying noise is going off, they use that to ask the spirit "if you want us to leave turn off the noise" - it does turn off
>"Holy Shit!!!"
>Lots of boring milling around before deciding to go down under/next to the bridge
>They go straight back to the car bc there were other people under the bridge
>Look at instant photos Morgan took outside, there are ORBS
>Strangers from under the bridge run out screaming to back to their own car
>Someone keeps farting but they blame it out how ghosts can cause sulfurous smells
>Suddenly cuts to them back at home talking about how "nothing happened"
>But now they're back out again? This is confusingly edited.
>Going back under the bridge, there's lots of graffiti ("so spooky")
>Shane: "I should have stayed off youtube, I'm too old for this shit" as he stumbles down the hill near the bridge
>Shane trying to get over barbwire fence that Ryland deftly jumped over, he gives up.
>Ryland takes the lead, bc Shane can't get down under the bridge lol
>Shane fully falls down the hill, sadly not on camera ("It's really slippery right here!!")
>Shane very scared about how agile Ryland is, like him jumping ~3 feet down from the bridge. Ryland get lil scratch, Shane VERY scared about this.
>There's a weird recurring typo in the dialogue subtitles where Ryland's name is written as Ryan. Does Chris not know his name?
>All under the bridge now, asking spirits "to visit, because they come in peace"
>Nothing happens, boring.
>Shane: "Maybe me falling, and Ryland cutting his finger are signs that this is a bad idea" (or just being outside in nature?)
>Shane says he heard "an old man crying and a horse running", but it wasn't captured on video
>There's what sounds like a rabbit or hawk screaming, they think it's a girl screaming, freak out and hurry back to car
>On way back to car they see a framed clown painting on the guardrail, debate bringing it home. Decide not to, because "dark energies".
>Back home now, everyone feels sick to their stomach.
>Debriefing, trying to explain what might have caused the scream.
>Camera has trouble focusing on Shane, he claims "it always does this after we encounter an entity, it means it followed me"
>Montage of clips with dramatic music
>Ends with text stating that Shane asked his angels to protect him and banish the spirits.
>They look at the photos and the ORBS ARE GONE!!!

Honestly the whole thing just seems like a teenage/n'er-do-well hangout. Morgan had it right when she said "More people have conceived here and created life, than have lost life". Yup. This was boring and confusing. The scariest parts were close ups of Shane's constant mouth-breather face.

Go to 1:10:00 if you wanna see him fall.

No. 858442


the framing of getting rid of hundreds of pairs of luxury sunglasses as "spiritual cleansing" is disgusting.

No. 858483

I could have sworn I heard Ryland’s mom call him Ryan at one point, but I could have misheard. Ryan may just be another name for him?

No. 858485

So bleak. Also that stinky unwashed faggot dad is almost universally hated so that’s another layer on the poor kid.

His name is literally Ryan. Ryland is his stage name because Ryan is not speshul enough.

No. 858554

Bless you, anon. Thank you for the summary!

No. 858560

>Chris's camera battery dies - cue clips about how ghosts "draw energy" from batteries
>Someone keeps farting but they blame it out how ghosts can cause sulfurous smells
>Camera has trouble focusing on Shane, he claims "it always does this after we encounter an entity, it means it followed me"
Is he going to blame the pee bottles on the ghost next?

No. 858693

Shane has been wearing the same tshirt for four years, do not let him have a child

No. 858768


>His name is literally Ryan. Ryland is his stage name because Ryan is not speshul enough

Did not know. He does look like such a boring ass Ryan.

>Shane has been wearing the same tshirt for four years, do not let him have a child

It's always covered in pet hair, which tells me he never washes it. Clothes don't pick up that much hair in just one wear.

No. 858779

There’s so much evidence that shows Shane should never be allowed to raise a child because of how constantly inappropriate he was with minors on a consistent basis, I hope he doesn’t get to. There are so many more deserving people. Plus he’s too mentally unwell and barely takes care of himself

No. 858793

Shane’s wildly untreated depression alone makes him a bad candidate for parenthood. I mean, he is pretty much the mom from Gilbert Grape, except in a bathrobe instead of a nightdress.

No. 858877

New Video: Ryland vlogging the day Shart made his return to YouTube

No. 858878

why would he use this pic for Shane, does he actually hate him?

No. 858880

god ryland looks like the gay version of jeff winger in community

No. 859006


anon, that's honestly the best he can look. he looks so much worse in the actual videos and close-ups. That's truly a relatively flattering image of him.

No. 859194

0/10 I'm not gay if the skinny one was trans 4/10

No. 859204

Why do these fags want kids so bad? Gay family vlogs?

No. 859264


Family vlogging is probably the goal, yeah. Family vloggers get away with so much incredible shit, it's like a suit of sociopath armor. But knowing Shane's very visible past with literally molesting children, the motive is probably also sinister.

No. 859300

File: 1636689408084.jpeg (317.66 KB, 1200x1237, F8B5A559-E589-421B-821E-4210A5…)

Is that dinosaur they bought in Ryland’s most recent blog not literally just a Conoco dinosaur painted blue?

No. 859322

Omg kek

Every blog they’re just buying more and more junk. It’s sad they fill their beautiful houses with plastic, useless shit. It’s a husk of a relationship tbh. I swear if they actually buy alpacas I’m going to get a full hate boner. They don’t care about living creatures, it’s just more shit to fill their empty lives.

No. 859604

The Ryland-as-caregiver vibes in this dinosaur vlog are off the charts. Shane is acting like a weird, whiny child and you can tell Ryland is just trying to keep it together for the camera. Bleak.

No. 859880

>gas prices under $2
You know this was taken before Joe the Retard took office, kek

No. 859904

New vlog has more consooming of Christmas decorations, ice cream and coffee drinks. Their life seems so boring now.

No. 859918

Damn voter fraud.

No. 859925

File: 1637280865764.jpg (Spoiler Image, 82.04 KB, 720x900, iu (3).jpg)


These video thumbnails are so cursed looking, I thought these people are supposed to be good at the internet

No. 859932


>Shilling wine

Guess Ryan is preparing for his gay wine dad life early.

No. 860132


My theory is that Shane just cannot look good with his current weight/ grooming habits, and Ryland knows this and so picks less flattering pics of himself in order to lessen the contrast.

No. 860480

>Jeffree is launching a custom dog accessories line
>The line includes 8 pink items: dog collars, leashes, bowls and toys
>He is also launching mirrors with the dog faces

No. 860496

KEK what a nitpick even though they do look conjoined

No. 860504

I know this thread attracts a lot of the brain drain types because of Shane but can you skip the theatrics for 5 minutes over something that happens under every president ever?

No. 860512

I want to hate it on principle, but those mirrors are kind of cute.

No. 860530

they're not the worst products and at least functional, not like wigs or nail polish. he actually seems to love animals [he has a whole yak farm?!?] so will see if he comes out with more.

No. 860559

I haven't watched Jeff in a while, but holy hell does he look haggard/botched in this video and acts so erratic.
Even in the vid which was shot before (when he's talking about the photoshoot) he looks so much better and acts a lot more subdued.
Like… his cheekbones in the intro are straight up baloons. He somehow looks like he's gained a lot of weight, but only in the most unfortunate places on his face.
He was alien-looking before with all the plastic surgery, but I actually used to like his aesthetic. Now he just looks sloppy and gross.

No. 860735

Morgan is so unbearably unfunny and stupid, I can’t understand why any single person would enjoy watching her content. Her recent videos are just her complaining about her home renovations while she forces her family members to do all of the work for her, because she’s too lazy and dumb to do anything other than appear in the background of a Shane video and make pathetically bad jokes about overeating

No. 860795


Saging bc all these new vlogs are painfully similar and boring.

1. Buy shit
2. Eat shit
3. Repeat

Shane knocking over Ryland's Starbucks and Shane freaking out and over-apologizing. Ryland being like "REALLY, don't worry about it". Shane saying "you're like a mom who acts nice when friends are over but then yells after everyone leaves". Boring, bleak, etc.

No. 860822

Their relationship is so toxic they’re just together to harass each other

No. 862172

I'm falling for the clickbait ("Letting Shane Control The House… An Extreme 24 Hours In Our Lives"), sorry.

>It snowed, wowww

>Picking out Christmas tree
>Ryland carrying the tree all by himself from the car into their home, Shane not attempting to help in the slightest
>Next day they go on a walk, Shane doesn't understand the concept of "a walk"
>"Walking to Target or frozen yogurt, I get…"
>Ryland explaining that fresh air and exercise are good
>Shane gets scared of some branches leaning on a tree "That looks like a scary movie!!!" (in baby voice)
>Shane whining, scared by everything - "We need to go home, this is too dangerous"
>Shane thinks the frozen pond is "crazy", throws rocks trying to break the ice
>Ryland: "Our children will love you because you are a child."
>More shopping, of course
>Shopping for their Tacky Christmas Tree at the craft store
>Shane draws the line at a hamburger ornament
>Ladder ornament gives Shane intrusive thoughts about suicide by hanging
>Shane wearing Kill Bill t-shirts, further evidence for theory that Shane is LARPing Garrett's style/personality
>Decorating the Tacky Tree, boring
>Shane anxious because Ryland moved some ornaments, worried the placement will not be "perfect"
>Installing bizarre toy train track on the top on the tree, it breaks
>More suicide allusions from Shane re: ornaments near the toy train tracks are "contemplating…you know".
>Ryland knocks into tree, Shane: "Omg, I almost just divorced you"
>The end. Basically just a tree-decorating vlog.

No. 862174

That was exhausting to read, you’re doing a great job, nonnie. I wouldn’t be surprised if one day, Ryland will just grab his shit and leave forever because there’s no way he can’t just get a job on Amazon or some shit.

No. 862175

Say whatever you want about Ryan, but fuck Shane sounds exhausting to even be as much as in the same room with for more than 20 minutes. I hope there will be glorious shit flinging from Ryan when he finally decides that the money isn't worth it and leaves

No. 862177

Imagine larping Garrett, he is literally just as annoying and exhausting

No. 862180

File: 1639771729332.png (262.17 KB, 516x297, shanevid.png)

How much Christmas shit do they need? It's been like 5 weeks of vlogs about buying plastic crap for Christmas. What are they going to spend their time doing after Christmas? Also Shane seems to be gaining weight.
I don't think he will, Ryland is really materialistic so he's putting up with Shane for his money as long as he can

No. 862192


>How much Christmas shit do they need? It's been like 5 weeks of vlogs about buying plastic crap for Christmas.

It's especially shocking to me because they haven't sold their LA home and it's still full of all their shit. It seems like they've just been re-buying everything (& more). That blows my mind.

No. 862205

File: 1639781469991.jpg (733.29 KB, 1409x1879, 20211218_003539.jpg)

Hopefully won't get permabanned for this (autistic tier IT stuff) but spotted this shitty fucking pallete in a mall and though to myself - 80 € you fuck? Really? In a mall?
(for amerifags 80€ ~90 USD) jfc
It's sold at what's considered (please take that with a big grain of salt) high end store here (Douglas), in Easter/central Europe. Fuck you lizard faced stick fuck, this ain't the market for it.

What makes it funny for me is the fact that as a make up enthusiast I can't even recall the name of this shitty pallete. Sorry for possibly bumping the thread but, I mean… 90 USD? I bet Eastern Europe is where the horse face makes most of its' money.
I need a drink.
Or twelve to realise in what retarded country I live in that sells this horsefaceces' shit in high upmark price

No. 862207

It looks especially cheap and shitty under that price tag.

No. 862216



Horse feces face. Kek.

No. 862227

that entire palette pissed me off so much. There was so much potential to make it good, but nope. Would've made more sense to make it all royal jewel tones, not mismatched chalky shit.

No. 862256

€80?? that's ridiculous, it retails for €65 online and is always on sale. also I feel you, if I saw jeffree products at douglas I'd be triggered too kek

No. 862280

Ugly colours with no theme lol you can buy an anastasia palette for less dude i hope jafar goes bankrupt in the near future

No. 863554

Not much milk to post these days, but if you're looking for general Shane snarking I recommend reddit.com/r/shanedawson. Used to be his fan subreddit, but it's 99% turned on him.

No. 867359

File: 1644765742770.jpg (291.81 KB, 1080x1645, Screenshot_20220213-100625_Fir…)

Disgusting in so many ways

No. 867393

Sorry to sperg but every time I see the thread pic I giggle at the boat tilting because of his weight

No. 867394

Sorry to sperg but every time I see the thread pic I giggle at the boat tilting because of his weight

No. 867411

kek, same

No. 867446

Has shanaynay trooned out yet?

No. 867465

Naw, Ryland needs to go first.

No. 867520

The nonce has returned with another shitty video, now he's claiming he's going to sue people exposing him

No. 867521

Maybe some legal savvy person can answer this. Can he actually build a case against people who are just reposting Shane's own words and actions? As long as they're not making things up and are just reporting on what Shane made public, is there a lawyer who would try to take this seriously?

No. 867527

I suffered through this and you're entirely wrong. It's about how he almost got sued by chuck e cheese bc of his conspiracy video. And then he orders takeout pizza from Chuck e cheese. It is equal parts stupid and annoying.

No. 867533

File: 1644974860370.jpg (8.71 KB, 196x132, sd.jpg)

buckle up, this looks horrible. they are just flaunting their bleak nothing of a life. the passive aggression is off the charts; they hate each other.

>Shane babbling at new cameraman (Chris) for way too long

>Had a dream last night that Ryland had a vagina
>Was upset to remember that Ryland doesn't really have a vagina when he woke up from the dream
>Ryland is insecure now about Shane "missing pussy", "it's all becoming clear why he won't marry me"
>Ryland playfully pulls knife on Shane re: the fact they aren't married yet
>Shane says he doesn't want to have a wedding bc of his body dysmorphia
>"All of our [wedding] guests left us" (I assume because of The Cancelling?)
>Shane: "Do you ever wonder if your parents made you gay?" to Chris
>Shane flirty with Chris through whole vid
>Shane calls Ryland "a loud, squealing fag" (!!!)
>Shane wants to start a podcast, based on advice of his spirit guide named Christopher and a psychic reading
>"My last podcast ruined my life, but I wouldn't say offensive things anymore"
>Wants to interview porn stars and conspiracy theorists on podcast
>Chuck E. Cheese sued Shane for his video re: them reusing leftover pizza
>They want to order a pizza from Chuck E. Cheese to check if it's still weird-looking
>Driving to pick it up - apparently only Chris has to wear a mask? Weird/sad.
>Pizza still looks weird, like it might be made up of leftover scrap pieces
>Boring, nothing else. The End.

No. 867542

>Shane calls Ryland "a loud, squealing fag" (!!!)

Was this bleeped? I can't imagine this getting past youtube censors.

No. 867550

kek no

No. 867621

This is such a nitpick and I am 100% jealous of her wealth, but Morgan is putting different colored hardware (faucets, etc) in all 4 of her bathroom and it's so tacky.

No. 867629

wait, what? there’s a rule that bathroom hardware has to match between different bathrooms? literally never heard that in my life

No. 867727

Yes, having matching hardware in from the kitchen to the bathrooms is the industry standard. Mixing gold, silver, black, bronze, etc all through the house is totally unheard of. It is a silly nitpick though and why I called it such.

No. 867772

Really wouldn’t be surprised if Shane eventually starts cheating on Rylan (if he hasn’t already) with women or even suggests a poly relationship at this point and go full onision.
There got to be a reason why rylan is getting more and more insecure over the years he spent with Shane. It just screams toxic relationship

In this photo Shane looks like he hasn’t washed his hair in a month and it held together by dandruff and grease

No. 867797

Shane had a bi phase and was stuck in it too long thanks to the money coming in from him being a 'adorable in luv gay bby' being canceled and being stuck with Ryland off camera for months on end def didn't help kek.
Ryland was in it for the money and clout from day 1 he knew exactly what he was getting into. A great example by how much he gives less than two shits is that year of the pig haul Jeffree brought to their new house. He didn't sit with Shane show any care just hovering until Jeffree gave him stuff. Then he screamed and squealed like a teenage girl getting a car for her 16th birthday.

No. 867816

It’s nearly impossible to win a slander/defamation suit. There has to be significant evidence that people were doing it knowingly, specifically to cause harm. That’s not an easy thing to prove.

No. 867868


there's deffo some sub-stockholm syndrome type shit going on in that relationship, in the latest video all ryland could do was whine like a faggot about shane not wanting to get married even though they've been engaged for 4 years

No. 867872

My best guess Shane's too stupid to do any prenup stuff and Ryland knows his gravy train is coming to a fast stop and desperately wants to be married to take Shane for whatever he has left.

No. 868080

Jeffree Star is a tranny.

No. 868200

Lol, anon he hates women too much to ever be a tranny.

He's content enough to skinwalk without the koolaid, which I begrudgingly respect him for. At least he has the balls to wear feminine shit without axe-wounding himself.

No. 868521


No. 869689

Jeffree just bought another pomeranian.
Hoarding makeup, clothes, purses, dogs, yaks… What doesn't he hoard?

No. 869706


No. 869718


Sperge but I hate that he lives where I live now. Saw him out at a bar one night. He's tiny in person, I didn't expect that. Totally gets off on the attention and causing a scene. No new information, I know. But it's weird as fuck having him in nowhere, Wyoming.

No. 869735

morals, a sense of style, any redeeming qualities whatsoever.

hard agree, this actual faggot is an enemy of women in my eyes. if he could become a flamboyant sentient penis I'm sure he would.

No. 869743

Interesting, did you see him drinking? Last I remember he said he was sober from alcohol and all drugs but weed.
Was he with friends, or enjoying attention from Wyoming chasers?

No. 869765


I saw him as I was leaving, but evidently he has been to the bar several times. He was in position to order a drink but I didn't see it happen.
There were a couple dudes with him, his "security" from what I was told. And he was getting swarmed by dumbass girls, and one bearded dude in a skirt, wanting selfies.

No. 870094

File: 1647496405963.jpeg (506.81 KB, 750x657, 223CB49E-BB89-4337-B21D-6B7772…)

the jawline edit in this thumbnail

No. 870221

im laughing, he really drew it on with glow tool

No. 870302

5 months later and I still find this thread pic hilarious. The boat tilting because of his weight always makes me chuckle

No. 870361

Its like how people who go through weight loss always have that one embarrassing moment that led them to change their habits, like maybe they broke a chair or fell and couldnt get back up or something. This thread pic would have been my breaking point honestly.

No. 870650

Does anyone have a synopsis of this? I'm not giving him my view and others shouldn't either so if one person summarizes it for the rest of us, that would be great.

No. 870797

thats crazy that he still gets 1.6 million views. men will never get cancelled

No. 871105

>interviews his brother about living in a simulation theory. brother believes orian controls the simulation.
>shane takes an online course on remote viewing (guessing pictures before seeing them)
>spooks ryland and morgan by guessing random pictures they print out
>has them guess the place he's thinking, ryland correctly guesses cheesecake factory

overall very boring watch, most of the video is his brother sperging about why life is a simulation.

No. 871538

File: 1648393592461.jpeg (188.81 KB, 1053x2113, 94A13C5C-DCE9-4035-9BB1-A5ED64…)

No. 871560

Fuck. Their video titles are always painfully bait-y, but it does seem like they have literally nothing else to live for right now and what fills the void better than creating a new human life?

No. 871561

this is gonna about as well as that couple who gave back their kid bc he was too autistic for them

No. 871595

Lmaooo, this vid is just one big womb envy fest.

>Shane & Ryland have been perusing surrogate profiles

>Both feeling sad they can't "do it themselves"
>They're not sure whose sperm to use ("Maybe we can have two babies, and then we each get one")
>They buy a bunch of baby photo generating apps to combine their faces, don't like how it looks lol
>Shane finally wearing engagement ring
>Shane doesn't want the baby to appear in future vlogs, wants to protect the baby from "being canceled"
>They go to Wendy's fast food drive-thru and do some tag of ordering exactly what the car in front of them ordered
>Shane weirdly performatively ashamed of doing the tag
>Shane generally freaking out and being annoying about his "misophonia" (fear of eating noises)
>They aren't selling the LA house right now, but will rent it out.
>Once they have a child they will definitely move to Colorado
>They chose egg donor, "we bought a mommy!"
>Cuts away, cuts back: Shane says "Ryland just yelled at me for 15 minutes"
>Shane bought gas station earphones to block Ryland's eating noises, but then realizes he has nothing to plug them into
>"Are we about to break up right before we have our baby?"
>Ryland wants to make a purse out of the Happy Meal box
>Both upset there's no toy in the box
>Shane scream-singing to block out Ryland's eating noises
>Current favorite baby name: Chandler for either for a girl or boy
>McDonald's employee recognizes them, gives them free pies
>Joking about the employee being their surrogate afterwards
>Both excited about "being dads"
>Start bickering about whose sperm is better
>Shane: "Well you've been with way more guys than me so you know more about sperm than me"
>Ryland: "…are you calling me a slut?"

No. 871598

Clearly sounds like a stable couple fit to introduce a baby into their lives

No. 871602

gay men should not be allowed to be parents idc what anyone says two men whos whole identity is to be sexually degenerate should not be taking care of a child. is there no like… back ground check on gay men looking into having a baby? no extensive interviews?? .. this baby is going to be so fucked up it makes me sad
sorry to be such a fucking sperg its just so sad knowing they are gonna bring a child into this world just to traumatize & ruin it really breaks my heart

No. 871607

No this is a completely valid take. Those two are mentally ill plus Shane’s a pedo at large so they have no business having children.

The whole idea of buying a woman’s womb to be a surrogate is disgusting anyway.

No. 871608

File: 1648425553350.jpeg (34.57 KB, 555x560, 6BEFC4A7-487F-4073-984B-1E99D6…)

>”we bought a mommy!”

No. 871657


There are thousands of children without parents living through horrible foster care conditions, but god forbid Shane and Ryland do something that isn’t purely a vanity project, the baby NEEDS to be made with their sperm.

No. 871661

To be fair they most likely wouldn't be able to adopt with Shane's history. Even if he nuked his channel there is still evidence of him being inappropriate with kids. Going through a private surrogacy agency is probably easier, I just hope that every woman on the list tells them to fuck off since Shane's cancelation made mainstream news.

No. 871672

this is such a stupid take. who else shouldn't be allowed to have kids, nonny? don't act like unfit parents aren't the majority, regardless of sexuality.

No. 871688

gay men have absolutely no motherly instincts the fact that they have to go "shop for a mommy" says all you need to know. its fucked up. there will be absolutely no bonding between the baby and these two degenerates. this is basically setting up their child to be tormented and scarred. gay men are unfit to be parents not only biologically but morally. there are plenty of other people in this word that are unfit to be parents and yes they are the majority i completely agree with you, usually those who are most unfit to be parents end up having children and its sad. BUT i think gay men are at the top of the list for being one of the most unfit parent options.

No. 871692


sometimes I forget there are still blatantly homophobic people out there and then people like this open their traps

anyone has the capability to be a good or a bad parent. sexuality has nothing to do with it. the Catholicism is leaking into your brain

No. 871701

i have nothing against lesbians being mothers, in fact i think its wonderful because there is a motherly bond between infant and mothers. lesbians, unlike gay men, don't make their whole livelihoods based on being degenerate pedophiles.
also the fact that you think my opinion of gay men has anything to do with Catholicism shows me how retarded you are. not everything can be blamed on religious beliefs, you desperately need a new scapegoat.
i think you should come to terms with the fact that gay men are predators and should not be "buying a mommy" (>>871608) to have a child to abuse. i implore you to look into the amount of gay men who were molested as children by other men and then grow up to continue the cycle of abuse.
Bringing it back to the actual thread topic: shane dawson has talked extensively about how he was molested as a child and now look at him? do you think this man is a good role model? do you think he can properly bond with a child? can go without sexualizing his child? Shane can not even go without sexualizing his animals, how do you think he will handle a growing child? Shane couldn't be around his pre-teen niece without talking about how she would look good sucking dick & constantly trying to get panty shots of her for his channel. HIS UNDERAGE NIECE!
If shane was so comfortable doing that with a young family member do you really think he can control himself around his own child? do you really think someone as degenerate as shane dawson should be the guardian of a child?
And I know you are gonna say "not all gay men are like that!1!!1" I agree they aren't but the VAST majority are. Shane has a very stereotypical childhood to adulthood that most gay men have.
Again I encourage you to look into how gay men behave around children, but i doubt you will because you, for some reason, can not fathom that maybe not everyone should be allowed to be parents.

No. 871711

gay men shouldnt be allowed children

No. 871719

Based and 100% facts. Gay men are degenerates

No. 871733

you do realize that you can say "Shane Dawson would be a bad parent" without dragging every single gay man into it, right? you've clearly been drinking the conservative kool-aid.

No. 871771

That’s a men thing, not a /gay/ men thing tho. See: HSTS

No. 871774

Ignoring the sperging but just a reminder that Shane admitted he has no memories or knowledge of actually being molested, he just believes he "must have been" because of how precocious he was (in molesting neighborhood kids as a teen). IIRC his therapist agreed with this idea and there might have been some recovered memories bullshit going on.

I feel that it gets glossed over that he used this hypothetical abuse that he has no proof or memories that it even happened to him, as an excuse for why he hurt other kids and still acts inappropriately towards kids today. He uses it as a sob story, as a "gotcha" (see: his Tati reply video), but he isn't even sure if it really happened. At this point, he chooses to believe that it 100% happened because it gives him a tragic past to use to manipulate people and his audience.

No. 871775

Ugh surrogacy is so unethical and dehumanizing towards the mother. But >>871661 is right in that Shane's scandals may very well make an adoption agency hesitant to approve them. I just hope they pay her really well and aren't weird about micromanaging the pregnancy like some couples are. I remember them joking about Morgan being a surrogate for them a while ago, so I'm just glad they didn't actually seem to genuinely ask her to do that. It seems really weird to ask your sibling to do something like that for you, especially considering they really ought to use Ryland's sperm because I seriously doubt Shane's is healthy

No. 871776

Eh I'm actually inclined to believe he was molested. He talked about it on one of the old podcast episodes, and mentioned that his brother remembered it too. The conversation starts around 1:10:45. It would explain a lot of things about him - the eating disorder, weird constant preoccupation with sexual topics, fear and shame around actual sex and relationships. Of course he could be lying, but it doesn't seem out of the realm of possibility for it to be true

No. 871783

The same brother going on about the world being a simulation? I didn't watch the video, to be fair. I agree that it would partly explain his degeneracy and ED, but the story has been changing over the years as he seemed to grasp the "benefits" (for him as a controversial public figure) of claiming CSA. There was also that bit in his book where he laments that a teacher didn't molest him, or something like that. Really curious about the timeline of his claims and how they changed over time. I tried but I'm too dumb to upload the webm: https://twitter.com/i/status/1278161757891067904 (clip of him wondering who molested him and re-traumatizing people he molested by messaging them) plus this youtube clip talking about the process with his therapist, that sounds like the equivalent of doing an online quiz or a buzzfeed-esque "top 10 signs you were molested as a kid".

No. 871801

im sorry nonnie that you are in denial but like i said i really do encourage you to read into this, i think if you took the time to look into this you would change your mind. i know you want to think i am some evil homophobic conservative but i am just a woman with the motherly instinct to make sure all children should be protected from harm and obviously we can not save every child but there is a clear connection to gay men and molested children/teens so i think that is a good place to start.
wtf? i had no idea he just "thinks" he was molested as a child. i was under the impression he had been molested not just thought he was… how strange thanks for sharing this nonnie i had no idea(derailing )

No. 871845

>there is a clear connection to gay men and molested children
actual bullshit
the connection to molested children is men, especially teachers, religious leaders, stepfathers, and boyfriends of single moms

No. 871895

File: 1648628706342.jpeg (41.28 KB, 500x375, 4B6A9AA9-863C-4A86-A433-EFBFEF…)

men that molest little boys are gay men (whether they are out or not) and usually those children that are molested continue the cycle of sexually abusing other little boys. you quite literally have proven my point nonnie so thanks!

No. 872040

I wonder if there are any fakebois out there who genuinely want to be involved in this relationship (like Dan Howell and Phil?) or if Shane is too disgusting even for them

No. 872250

So do girl children not exist in your world? Or do you think girls don't get molested…?

No. 872258

Duh anon, little girls never have been and never will be molested, because only gay men can be child molesters. That's why it's so safe to be born female.

No. 872426

of course little girls are molested you retards we were specifically talking about men, this whole time we’ve been talking about men. last time I checked little girls can not be gay men. if you’re gonna be retarded then go to the retarded thread in /ot/ holy fuck

No. 872436

men that molest little boys are bisexual opportunists like 99% of the male population. they'd be just as happy to molest female children. y chromosoids are too horny to be fully straight or gay, including your imaginary super-straight tradhusband.(derailing )

No. 872487

if you can't follow the conversation please don't reply, it's embarrassing.

No. 872519

File: 1649013613675.jpg (154.58 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_20220403-151847_Red…)

Let us not forget that he tries to say that his whole reason for molesting other kids is because he was molested but in his book I hate my selfie he literally admits that he was never molested. He also admits to making a fake profile to try and get a classmate to send him nudes so that he could use it as revenge porn and posted all over the school.

No. 872762

Ummm what the FUCK

No. 873096

File: 1649388173050.jpeg (50.52 KB, 750x750, 4EF8DD55-3B08-40A3-ADDD-24DB14…)

Ryland has to be one of the dumbest people I’ve ever come across. Every time he opens his mouth it’s just a cascade of stupidity.

Totally immoral to bring another baby into this crowded world just to doom it to being barely smarter than a flan. Never mind all the other layers of toxic shit going on in that relationship.

To jump through so many questionable hoops just to spread your toxic flawed seed is peak narcissism.

No. 873098

Ryland is just going with whatever Shane wants in the moment to boot. He knows Shane is bored of being gay life style. That it's only a matter of time before Shane fucks off with some 'need me time' bullshit. What better way to save a failing relationship than throw a baby in the mix, works every time. Hell I'd not be surprised if it came out Shane wanted to impregnate whatever poor dumbass is/was to be their egg donor. >>867533 he's already dreaming of women and isn't hiding his disdain for Ryland not having a pussy.

No. 873101

Interesting nona. Agree re: Shane being over the gayness of it all but I've always felt he was the apathetic one and Ryland was driving all of this, especially the baby plot. Shane being a lethargic mess in general meaning inertia is just keeping him in this failing relationship and as soon as this baby shit gets real he might finally do a rug pull and gone girl the fuck out of there before he is shackled to this materialistic halfwit and the concomitant vapid lifestyle for 18 miserable years.

Anyway I don't follow either closely, I just listen to The sip every week solely for Lizze Gordon so I may be completely off base.

No. 873103

I honestly think it's Shane behind it, he's the kind that holds up friends/pets/children like trophies. Ryland is just too narcissistic to want a child, he can barely handle when Shane gets attention over him in videos. A baby means it's the center of attention, combine that with him knowing his limelight is fading last thing he'd want is a child. Between them I honestly can't tell who'd be worse parent, Shane is too apathetic/'depressed' to take care of a newborn. Ryland would lose it if he had to clean up after it/ despise it for taking away what he thinks is his attention.

No. 873110

you are so correct but "barely smarter than a flan" made me laugh my coffee up into my nostrils

No. 873224

lol I'm glad nona, though sorry about your nostrils

No. 873383

Has anyone seen this? So it’s a old tv show made by Chris lilley he wrote ja’mie,angry boys,summer heights high stuff that came out a long time before Shane started faking his oh so sweet sarcastic innocent personality. Someone in the comments said this is who Dawson wants to be and there over 7.6k likes and bunch responses saying that most the jokes Shane does he stolen/ he follows Chris lilley on Twitter. Watching it I must have noticed 90% Shane’s jokes and mannerisms in this character. I gone and watch a bunch clips and he legit stolen every joke from the shows.

No. 873421

Sounds just like Shane too and the sarcastic edgy jokes

No. 874224

Kinda looks like Shane in a wig

No. 874378

I’m assuming this is clickbait but it’s going to be a shit show either way.

No. 874407

Did Ryan get plugs?

No. 874419

It's strange how even after cancellation after cancellation, he still insists on making the same offensive, unfunny jokes. He has truly learned nothing at all.

No. 874473

It’s literally 46 mins of him thinking about getting married. Pure click bait

No. 874639

The title changed from "Our Wedding" to "The Fate of Shane Dawson" today

No. 874739

I just clicked it and now it's "The Wedding" so back to being clickbait

No. 874750

Hilariously fucked up that in the same week they release both this super ambivalent video about their marriage/relationship AND a video about how they are moving forward with creating a child at the same time.

No. 874778

This video is so disgusting but the main worthwhile take-away is that Shane's sperm is somehow "A++" according to the fertility doctor they went to see and in this vlog Ryland is clearly jealous and seething about it.

No. 875129

Ryan a very jealous man and it extremely toxic. Rather then being pleased Shane sperm good enough to use he managed to find a way to sulk and whinge about it

No. 875236

i hope jeffree retires to his yak farm and we never see him again

No. 875277

Now called "The Universe Is Broken". Hilarious to track these attempts at a few extra clicks.

No. 875749

Saged for unhinged tinfoiling but I wonder if they have privately already decided to break up eventually but are milking a few million more views and resulting $$$. Ginning up views/outrage/ interest with the surrogacy and wedding narratives. And then even more of course when they "decide to go in a different direction". It all feels too awkward to be real.

No. 875814

File: 1651476268012.jpg (327.1 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_20220502-032238_Red…)

Watch him do exactly the same shit as the last podcast. Shane must really have the brain capacity of a raisin

No. 875838

What makes you think they broken up? Rylan will never leave his sugar daddy no matter how missable he is the money more important to him

No. 875942

File: 1651549911331.jpg (78.2 KB, 950x536, p.jpg)

I wonder that too nonnie. The way Shane seems to openly dislike Ryland and the zero patience he had for him is now so far into the minus territory it's hurtling towards hell.

I think Ryland is clinging on and wouldn't pull the plug unlike Shane who needs to hurry up and throw the figurative baby out with the bathwater before there is a actual literal baby in this clusterfuck. The problem is Shane is so apathetic that even the thought of disetangling from Ryland the remora is too much exercise.

No. 875984

I think maybe if Shane didn't have all of this controversy and lost literally everyone around him. maybe they may have broke up, as I cant imagine ryland ever leaving like >>875838 said

No. 876403

Shane's new podcast. Horrendous. Boring. Poor sweet Chris the New Cameraman is held up as the "woke one" that they tease about being Peruvian. He's so uncomfortable and I feel badly for him. Jared (Shane's brother) is the most annoying Reddit-y moid. Ryland's just chilling out on a beanbag chair not contributing very much. His fear is that the podcast will "show us fighting too much".

No. 876423

tbf do you really want to see shane’s bloodline continue?

No. 876590

Is this Shane's conspiracy nut brother? What do they even talk about in his podcast?

No. 876597

File: 1652072453469.jpg (655.63 KB, 1080x2131, Screenshot_20220509-005810_Fir…)

I tried to watch for recapping (since I'm hate-watching anyway), but couldn't make it past the 10 minute mark. Here's a decent summary from Reddit.

No. 876598

File: 1652072555797.jpg (658 KB, 1080x2133, Screenshot_20220509-005833_Fir…)

Second part of summary.

No. 876613

bumping for cp in /pt/

No. 876615

Don't scroll

No. 878493

File: 1653750527401.jpeg (1.11 MB, 1125x1388, 18C32466-0EF2-4057-BFF9-081104…)

Not sure if I should sage this or not, so apologies mod if it’s not decent milk but Jeffree Star has started selling his Yak Farm meat (shock, he literally trade marked it under butchery) but so many of his former fans are losing their shit because “but muh vegan cosmetics!”, like this is where you draw the line not his racist stuff, his hatred of woman, him being pally with nonces, it’s him killing Yaks…

No. 878495

File: 1653755033743.jpeg (150.09 KB, 950x1392, AF8FA6E4-6775-4716-A782-F23D9A…)

Jeff with his scooter Karen haircut lookin ass

No. 878499

girl I really thought you posted Kris Jenner with bleached hair in here

No. 878518

he fell off so badly after Nate,like he's not even fun to watch for the drama any more. In fact it seems like when Nate and Jeffree broke up, everything kinda got boring when it came to Guru drama.
Not that Nate was involved in it but that was direct time, when the drama became blah

No. 878523

people are really just out here eating yaks? like this is a thing?

No. 878588

Really hope some unhinged nonas don't come here spouting some vegan bullshit in an attempt to reach for milk. I'll concede that its weird to see he is selling meat, but the animal sperg posturing is a no.

No. 878589

It’s weird to see his yaks minced up into 1lbs packages while posting cute photos of the yaks and giving them names. Not a vegan but it’s a little weird. Also who tf eats yak kek

No. 878596

Didn't he say he had ones that are pets and then separate ones for meat?

No. 878602

File: 1653891694890.png (951.94 KB, 607x853, elwoodsdogmeat.png)

reminds me of that vegan parody page that's been going around lately

No. 878606

I'm vegan and actually think it's better to know the animals lived well while they were alive at least (giving them names and treating them like pets is weird though kek)
lmao love this

No. 878630

Some people eat horses and squirrels, anon. Yak isn't that farfetched. I just don't want the thread turning into posturing for shit most of you obviously don't care about.

No. 878634

bison is good to eat, why not yak?
people in the Himalayas eat it

No. 878642

I don’t think it’s about the consumption of Yaks, I think it is that Jeffree told his audience that he would NEVER butcher them.
And he framed this as an animal sanctuary of sorts.

No. 878726

Strange to say but he looks better with no eyebrows and longer hair

No. 879146

His fans are so stupid all he does is lie can’t really be surprised

No. 879720

File: 1654917387461.jpg (136.62 KB, 526x1113, Screenshot_20220611-033438.jpg)

Posted in the other thread too but for those interested shane dawson was trending because of dream being weird with his cat and tbh I think its funny that THAT may be the main reason shane is remembered for kek

No. 879722

File: 1654917741446.png (26.07 KB, 661x317, SDarmy.png)

Seems like no one has talked about Shane's failed forum that he mysteriously locked and covered up. It was around the time as his Tinychat streams where he allowed his friend Pam to show her breasts and was using KISSarmygirl10 as a mod and flirting with her online despite her being a child.



No. 879728

Samefag this forum seems to be his spin on Onision's forum, of course they were friends at the time. not to mention that his Ustream had him defending pedophilia

No. 879730

I hate how "educate yourself" used to mean read some history books because you sound ignorant, now the phrase is only used by 14 year olds on twitter defending the D list celebrities they obsess over begging you to search for "receipts"

No. 879764

File: 1654947196094.png (1.59 MB, 1440x1110, Screenshot_20220611-052547.png)

Since no one else seemed to be masochistic enough to suffer through rylands latest vlog I watched it at 1.75 speed.

Rylands went to a theme park with Lizzie.

They buy Shane's mom a apple desktop computer.

They're keeping their California house but moving back to Colorado.

Shane says he "Can't believe they're doing it." Moving back to his house he fucking bought in Colorado.

I cannot at all imagine what the big changes are that they clickbaited in the title. Literally nothing. They have their dogs in a hotel room and the car never show walking them or anything.

Then they walk through the door and rylands mom and grandma are there.

No. 879775

dream fans are so irritating, I love when they seethe when it is bought up dream only exists because of pewdiepie

No. 879780

So are they broke enough they have to rent out the cali home? Which would be a miracle in this current market especially in cali.

No. 880073

Thank you, nona. These are always so painfully fluff-filled; nothing actually ever happens. I'm waiting for more baby news…

No. 880110

File: 1655172630282.jpeg (1.09 MB, 1620x1846, BB5994DD-8FD0-4594-B07A-9A0848…)

I know this is old but holy shit, even worse than the Hot Topic shanaynay shirts.

No. 880606

Shane isn't even gay, he's bi.
>men that molest little boys are bisexual opportunists
There's a Blanchard study that basically concluded this.

I'm honestly happy he is nowhere near Lisa.

No. 880694

Curious I don’t follow Shane much as he bores me. How come you are glad he is away from Lisa?
Just a general question no hate

No. 881038

NTA but Lisa is too good for that nasty scrote. I haven’t kept up with her in recent years but she was always far too sweet and talented and out of his league and ruined her career by making her look like an idiot dating a fag for years and actually expecting a future out of him.

No. 881044

File: 1656052485751.png (1.57 MB, 1440x1132, Screenshot_20220624-002001.png)

Again doing the masochistic act of watching a ryland vlog.

Starts by Shane saying he's "dissociating" arriving at the house.
Lots of short vids of the animals.
More insipid consuming of home goods. The store where they bought the blue dinosaur is closing so they HAD to buy an alpaca figure.
Going to rylands family's for veterans day. Really annoying cookie review.
Made room in the garage to store the cars to avoid hail damage. This is what I think the "big changes" were illuding to?
Recorded an ep of Shane's podcast with terrible western outfits.
There are several minutes dedicated to their decorative alpacas.
They need a "professional hanger" to put up home decor.
Shane claims a couch is ruining his life.

I lost so many brain cells watching this insipid vacuous bullshit. Even at 1.75x. The fact that anyone thinks this is content is beyond me and yet I watch it. I'm aware of the irony.

No. 881055

Genuenly thank you for doing this nonna. I don't want to watch these idiots but I keep being curious whether anything interesting (milky) is gonna happen.

No. 881122

I keep watching bc I think there's something coming… I'll continue torturing myself for the potential milk until it flows. They're just so boring I can't imagine editing this together and thinking that it is worthy of an upload? It's truly baffling.

No. 881127

I guess its either that,or finding real jobs. And you know these roaches would rather sell their assholes than work a real job.

No. 881137

It’s a wonder that anyone gives these fat faggots any attention at all, they’re both hideous and useless as fuck

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