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File: 1628261838113.png (4.97 MB, 2272x2712, bella2.png)

No. 848360

ISABELLA LORETTA JANKE was involved in attempting to cause Christian Weston Chandler to end his own life, to extort money from him, and possibly coerced him into raping his mother. She was the person Chris is talking to in the tapes in which he admits to having sex with his mother. (which was leaked first by another party and then by ILJ in a form which she thought was more favorable to her.)

She has already been involved, on the Texas Tech Campus, in allegedly causing the suicide of another student and appears to have a wide track record of sociopathic behavior and involvement in a variety of illegal and disturbing acts including abusing animals and selling prescription medications.

It seems that the call may have been recorded and retained for blackmail purposes and then when shared by another Chris orbiter who leaked it out of panic, Bella then panicked herself and went into damage control mode spinning off the saga that we have today.

No. 848362

File: 1628261968130.png (88.18 KB, 604x532, bella_chris.png)

Just gonna dump some images.

Here is proof that Isabella is the Bella that was talking to Chris, from Chris himself.

No. 848364

File: 1628262070161.png (414.89 KB, 1093x495, bella_dog.png)

No. 848365

File: 1628262099194.png (18.46 KB, 307x120, bella_seething.png)

She anticipated to be celebrated like a god for her epic trolling.

No. 848366

File: 1628262137483.png (85.74 KB, 770x678, bella_bragging.png)

No. 848367

File: 1628262197290.png (744.16 KB, 816x958, bella3.png)

A post she had made on reddit to fish for compliments cause she was "not like bitchy girls".

No. 848368

is this srs the first and only thread that has been made about her yet, I don't bother waiting for everything I just read on kiwi farms to be posted here, and they are just fuckiung jerking it to her massive knockers on 4 chad. Hide your massive cock, No more knocker talk, I wanna bitch talk about her actions.

No. 848369

File: 1628262369973.png (Spoiler Image, 597.45 KB, 2560x1190, pedo_shit.png)

Pedo-shit from her twitter

No. 848370

fucking finally, thank you. now you sperg's can stay here instead of crowding up the chris-chan thread.

No. 848372

File: 1628262520340.png (107.73 KB, 544x820, discord_leaks1.png)

No. 848374

about that discord chat, wtf was that massive hate message that lous frogman send to Bella about? does anyone have it. So is isabella trans?(sage your shit)

No. 848375

File: 1628262696533.png (102.45 KB, 1311x444, bella_on_g.png)

Bella posting on lolcow.farm trying to put all the blame on the autistic chick, Fiona.

No. 848380

File: 1628263936966.png (624.51 KB, 1216x648, max.png)

The doxhund (named because Bella was doxed through this dog) Max, who she let live in complete filth until his paws had to be amputated and he was put down.

No. 848381

File: 1628264228788.png (436.08 KB, 784x4896, bella_celebrating.png)

full screenshot of this conversation between Bella and Fiona

No. 848383

File: 1628264468358.png (57.34 KB, 774x452, lesbian_incel.png)

Bella is also a lesbian.

No. 848384

File: 1628264553772.png (576.88 KB, 2268x1412, bella_fiona.png)

No. 848385

Bella was supposedly interested in Fiona and wanted to "steal" her away from CWC. Was she pissed that Fiona preferred him over her?

No. 848387

In the tapes you can hear her trying to convince Chris to date Fiona, so I doubt it. I think she used Fiona in her trolling plans to get a tape of two autistics pumping uglies that she would then use to extort both of them and release to become the ultimate CWC troll.

No. 848388

I think it was the message that Louis wanted to send to Chris before he killed himself.

No. 848390

Well done Bella, you’ve earned yourself your own thread and ruined any chance at a normal future. Yikes

No. 848391

See, I don't get where kf is getting the dog abuse from. If they're extrapolating from the hamster murdering statements are they sure that wasn't just edgy banter on the discord? I mean she talks about eating it and I doubt they're tasty.

No. 848392

Dogs paws were infected due to neglect then amputated and eventually he was put down altogether.

No. 848393

You know, for a lesbian, she acts like a pedophile scrote on the precipice of an hero. Those beady psychopath eyes tell me all I need to know. Congrats on your fantastic failure, you've ruined your life and your family's life at such a young age. It's almost impressive how retarded and sure of herself she is. Put it under a cup and watch it squirm.

No. 848394

Ok she deserves a thread but can we stop blaming her for Chris chan raping his mom?? The only good thing she did was leak the logs and get him arrested. That's a net positive imo, even if she's a cringey edgelord otherwise

No. 848395

fuck her, she has done enough collective mental and actual damage(sage your shit)

No. 848396

You say that, but where's the evidence that's what happened? Where was Max getting neglected? In the TTU dorms? The floor looked ok. In her glowie parents' million+ dollar house/s? KF are just making shit up for whatever "we are anonymous, fear us 2003" faggotry at this stage because they're sadface about losing CWC.

No. 848397

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