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File: 1608521172820.png (1.18 MB, 1641x976, 1607824694159.png)

No. 810356

First thread: >>>/snow/93507
Previous thread: >>803401

Website: momokun.co (new), https://momokuncosplay.com (old)
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MomokunCosplay
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Momokun
Instagram & Snapchat: mariahmallad, btsmomokun (used to be xmariahmalladx), theragdollranch (used to be mariahthecatlady, momoscats), momokun.co
TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@momokun.co
Twitch: https://go.twitch.tv/mariahmallad
Camversity: https://www.camversity.com/MariahMallad/profile
Pornhub: https://www.pornhub.com/users/mariahmallad
OnlyFans: https://onlyfans.com/momokun
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/momokuncosplay
Subreddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/Momokun_MariahMallad


Please keep the discussion about Momokun, her calves have their own thread here >>>/w/92925
General Costhot/Cosplayer thread over here >>>/w/88208
Don't post irrelevant random cosplayers "roasting" her on Twitter unless there's actual new milk attached. We've seen it a million times by now.
Nitpicking (and specifically titpicking), armchair analysis/diagnosis, cat sperging and blog posting are against the rules.
Asking if we have media links to her content is also not cash money. Stop.
And yes, we know about the Kik for Fat ad.

>Despite all her virtue signaling, no evidene she voted or even registed to vote in the election
>"fundraising for BLM funds" just posted how other people donated but not herself
>friends got her a store cake for 1 mil followers
>NSFL photos from her onlyfans
>Going to a gym for photoshoots during a pandemic and gets mad when she is asked to still wear a mask
>Still going out to restaurants/cooking classes/birthday party with several friends
>Wastes $$$ on inaccurate eva prop
>Dropping shoots of late Halloween cosplay, wig wips because she's desperately clinging to cosplayer title but doesn't make anything
>Got bangs and extensions that just shows off her botched face
>Video interview w/ squarecuck, moo acting like she's part of cosplay industry
>so many late and cringy photo shoots

No. 810358

File: 1608521689795.png (766.6 KB, 1131x815, gymroutine.png)

My computer is acting up but I see she is definitely working out while at the gym and not just fucking around making tiktoks

No. 810361

File: 1608525345498.jpg (Spoiler Image, 38.32 KB, 792x455, flatten.jpg)

Love the sarcasm
But Moo's work out attire just confuses me. Covered from head to toe, wearing tight shape wear underneath. Guess she's prepping for her monthly lipo on just her mid section.
In unedited pictures she looks like those turtles who grew up with trash around their mid section. Fitting since she naturally has turtle lips.

No. 810365

I know it's been pointed out before but I seriously can't imagine dressing head to toe to go to the gym in Vegas of all places to act like a fool. Guy on the bars is such a contrast to her massive body.

No. 810366

Which of the fag mods banned me and told me to go back to the old account which I explicitly said I got hacked out of?(autism)

No. 810370

She has to dress head to toe to hide the compression gear and her loose flapping skin

No. 810373

File: 1608531969275.jpg (355.91 KB, 1363x1524, Momo.jpg)

Old Milk but

No. 810377

File: 1608534009162.png (1.95 MB, 1242x2208, 521871EE-9F23-47E8-BB78-0DAE31…)

On one hand, it would suck for legitimately decent sex workers to have their jobs impacted by the SISEA bill. But on the other, seeing moo who has no backup plan be destroyed by it would be pretty milky. She can’t go back to being a “professional cosplayer” now that she’s accustomed to the OF money.

No. 810381

File: 1608535183648.jpeg (575.62 KB, 750x1007, 4EF3350F-44B4-4BE8-BE59-A384AE…)

not sure if the cat is terrified because they always look terrified when she holds them like this or terrified because he doesn’t recognize his owner anymore

No. 810382

Probably a useless post but I just want to say that I hate how she's moving into house to house so quickly and wasting money while people are struggling to even keep their own homes during this pandemic. She can spend her money however she wants of course but how insensitive and unaware can you be?

No. 810383

Yeah that cat doesn’t want to be there and it looks like it’s being held by force and that why it looks terrified. I might be just basing this off my cats but when I hold my cats they’re more relaxed and do the squinty eye thing meaning they’re happy. Do any of her cats even like her?? Sage for dumb cat sperg

No. 810384


Moo spent her entire life thus far being insensitive and uncaring to those around her, why should she start now?
She couldn’t even be bothered to vote to help improve the lives she’s virtue signaled for. It’s fair to say Mariah only shows compassion and love for her shitty anime interests than she does towards a fellow human being.

No. 810389


Bitch looks like taylor dean here

No. 810392

Whoever did this makeup should be executed

No. 810402

This looks like someone photoshopped someone's mom face on an obese body
I know it was said before but DAMN those meaty hands of hers.
Again can't wait for the pandemic to be over so we can get candids of her. If we're lucky she will be a corset/taped up mess with the fat spilling over it

No. 810411

Same here, sure Maddie graces us with her sneak peeks of how massive Moo's gotten every so often but damn I wanna see the full travesty. Maybe Sniperwolf will start in her stead since having Moo skinwalk and look like her thirsty 50 something mom can't be too fun.

No. 810414

>legitimately decent sex workers
whew what an oxymoron

but agreed at wanting to see Moo's downfall, she can't go back to "cosplaying" because she's given up on even trying to make her own outfits. i mean correct me if i'm wrong i'm not super familiar with the community, but i always thought actually making the costumes was like 75% of cosplay

No. 810417

In the age of the Patreon/Only fans/Tiktok costhot, actually making your costumes doesn't matter as much anymore. Unless you're competing in a contest, which Moo wisely stopped the first time she lost, your latest attention grabbing stunt on social media is only a click away on taobao or Amazon.

If you want to pretend to be a professional /cosplayer/ instead of a instaho (or z-grade sex worker like Moo is,) then yes, you're expected to at least make SOMETHING on your costume. When she was desperate to be Fat Nigri was when Moo constantly lied about what she did on costumes, but all pretense of her having any skills other than lying and shoveling food down her gullet no longer exists.

No. 810419

File: 1608574823660.png (3.58 MB, 1242x2208, A80533CD-BCA7-49EB-9AD2-674960…)

Gotta wait for those lipo procedures to kick in so she can squeeze into this I guess.

No. 810420

Haha the anon in the previous thread was right. She did gain weight too fast and can't even squeeze into this without breaking it.
Even with lipo, Moo gains weight too quickly. This is a cosplay we will never see again

No. 810430

Just like the 3000$ Albedo dress we never saw. Or the Howl coat she showed off before never bringing it back up. I kinda wanna see her try and squeeze into Semiramis now. It was already too tight when she got it, imagine it now.

No. 810461

File: 1608593355886.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 46.7 KB, 791x575, FD08ED8A-C44B-41DF-B7E8-A768B2…)

Snagged from KF.

No. 810464


I love this with the snow falling effect on lolcow right now. It looks like she is looking at the snow fall in wonder

No. 810467

if she just admitted she had a bimbo fetish or something, this whole phase of hers would make sense. because if I didn’t know any better, I would think this was a realdoll or just a straight up blow up doll.

but she genuinely thinks she looks natural and cute and realistic. the delusion levels are off the chart.

No. 810470

This is why you don’t buy sex dolls at the dollar store.

No. 810478

File: 1608602171058.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 6.34 MB, 4032x3022, 6331E3B7-ED94-4508-B728-4B22A8…)

saw a drag queen on TikTok earlier and she looks awfully similar to our moo. Just needed the side by side cause damn.

No. 810480

Have you seen her face? If she didnt do drag style makeup then she'd look like a man.

No. 810492

I have heard plenty of stories of straight men fucking drag queens and pretending not to know they are men. If it has titts and it's easy they will wanna fuck it. This explains Moo

No. 810494

it's better colour profile than her normal shit she does imo. Sadly the reality is that no makeup can fix her melting face.

No. 810495

sorry but that never happens, and if it does they aren't straight. you sound very misinformed (and angry), no actual straight guy likes gross tranny drag tits

No. 810496

The full video is hella nasty but her faces were fucking hilarious. Moo can't even be sexy for money.

No. 810502

File: 1608613439834.png (3.93 MB, 1242x2208, CE605E8F-D5BB-45E5-AAD8-E6F867…)

Yes, it’s exhausting doing absolutely nothing all day.

No. 810505

Maybe her hypertension is finally kicking in

No. 810507

Poor Moo the Beetus is settling in

No. 810508

File: 1608617679928.jpeg (508.59 KB, 828x1514, B15C6ADD-3A43-485B-9325-BADE2F…)

she literally looks like she is melting…

No. 810510

File: 1608620430721.jpeg (243.7 KB, 1646x2474, 5CC8E768-416B-405D-A16A-99D5A7…)

I think she looks closer to Chad Michaels nowadays.

No. 810511

Looking like those bad latex costume masks of people like Trump

No. 810512

File: 1608621481222.jpeg (23.62 KB, 640x480, C34AFFC4-E067-4BAF-B6D8-1408FE…)

I know this was used to compare to her in the past but god DAMN.

No. 810514

That actually looks kinda creepy to look at.

No. 810532

File: 1608640950513.jpg (878.67 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20201222-063816_Ins…)

>>810478 shes lurking, can't believe she took time out of her day to find the exact tiktok even when their handle is cropped out

No. 810533

File: 1608641352495.png (1.53 MB, 1242x2208, 85F457B0-B1BC-4A0D-B14B-192A2D…)

>says she has over 80 costumes yet to wear

>claims to be burnt out (lol from what?)

>she wants to be in a YouTube wrestling video at some point in her career to distract from her “problematic” videos

No. 810540

you sound salty anon
men will fuck just about anything with tits, even gross tranny ones, and still claim they are straight.

No. 810543

She said she wanted to do "YuGiOh unboxing videos" not wrestling

No. 810545

File: 1608649098459.jpg (58.54 KB, 800x445, 90-Day-Fiance-Darcey-Silva-Sta…)

I get the Silva twins vibes tbh.

No. 810555

Just like her unboxing fake animu figures. Has she ever expressed a desire for card games? Any of them?

No. 810556

I’d wager even a gross tranny is more attractive than fat, ugly, and angry. Prob why you feel so alone in life and disgusted about your body

No. 810558

She doesn't even know anything about TCG and is wanting to follow Vamps who has been doing massive pokemon unboxings. Moo forgets, shes the ONLY one at the center of all her scandals. The TCG people hear one glimpse of Moo taking up something Etika side liked or Critical likes, they will eat her alive. Smash hate her. Why the fuck would they want her migrating to a hobby she has never, ever been interested in? At least vamps actually has a history of collecting this stuff.

No. 810560

Of course she is. She can't help but care about what we think cause she knows that she has no power here. She can't bully anyone here, can't get in the last word, can't buy us off, there's not a single thing that she can do to keep us from laughing at her dumb, obese, 50 year old looking ass.

No. 810565

Trying to one up Vamps again with the whole card game shit. Watch her try to get sssniper wolf to promote her youtube or her suddenly sucking up to youtubers like penguinz0

No. 810574

She will get Kevin to write her scripts for her so she knows what to say. She won't know how to play herself and once she gatekeeps, it'll be another community that hates her.

No. 810577

He will call her shit out so i hope he does. Lol

No. 810588


You’re right, my bad. It was super late when I saw this so I misheard.

No. 810600

File: 1608673313036.png (1.48 MB, 640x1136, 9AD732E4-8FAA-4523-9733-7C7291…)

Now she’s at a ski hill/resort. It was bad enough her going out to eat everyday.

No. 810601

I can't even see the ski hill but judging by the mountains it looks easy as hell.

No. 810602

Her fat ass isn't going to be actually skiing anyway. Her poor legs would give out from stress halfway down the bunny slopes.

No. 810604

i guess shes still trying to convince herself that her botched lipo job is actually muscle formation? hard fucking kek, lardy thinks real highly of herself.

No. 810606

File: 1608679087686.png (Spoiler Image, 2.84 MB, 798x1800, DC90391C-2E37-4FA1-AECB-6EAD78…)

Moo has put out frighteningly bad stuff out before but I think it pales in comparison to this.

No. 810608

kek top tier projection

No. 810609

why would you not photoshop this?

No. 810610


Why is it so red? Why are her knuckles so red? Why are there red spots on her breasts??

No. 810614


This is disgusting

No. 810619

This looks like morgue photos and uncooked bacon

No. 810623

File: 1608686570306.png (3.82 MB, 1800x1652, 1EC00313-C16F-4555-A04D-5AFFE8…)

He’s not going to fuck you, Mariah.

No. 810625

File: 1608687206077.jpg (Spoiler Image, 376.11 KB, 1440x2106, 48RuU8u.jpg)

No. 810628

Yikes. Her arm totally makes her tits look small by how huge it is and it accentuates how linebacker huge she is

No. 810629

Oh boy, the fried wig, the linebacker anatomy and her bloated thighs. Her tits do look tiny in comparison to everything going on. No amount of Photoshop is enough to salvage this mess.

Maybe she should spend less time on her phone at the gym.

No. 810630


Of course she wears the mask below her nose

No. 810631

i refuse to believe that is an actual human face under the Photoshop.

No. 810632

How else is she supposed to wear the dumbass glasses she doesn’t need with the mask in the way? lol

No. 810633

File: 1608690602945.png (3.23 MB, 1242x2208, E85D6D75-1039-4D31-92F8-A8A72A…)

We better not hear her bitching about being everyone’s “golden goose” after willingly going out to buy people’s affection. It’s literally the only thing keeping people from abandoning her at this point.

No. 810634

Its the "Giving a ps5 to people who I see maybe 5 times a year" for me

No. 810635

her simps have been paying for her 4 year vacation. Girl hasn't worked in YEARS

No. 810636

The inflammation, the scars, the everything. jfc
No amount of surgery can fix the damage.

That and… Moo must be eating disgusting amounts for her stomach to start over hanging near the end of every month despite the monthly liposuction on that one area.

This right here. Her size is concerning. No amount of xmas gifts or PS5's will make you more likeable Moo. It just makes your disposable friends feel like you can buy them

No. 810638

Lol I can hear her now…”bet your girlfriend couldn’t get this for you!” Lol it goes to show her character very well though- it’s three days before Christmas she couldn’t just leave it there under a tree or something. She had to get the asspats and film it too. Just….wow.

No. 810640

Not only can this bitch not quarantine/self-isolate to save her beetus life, but she wears her mask underneath her nose as if that's going to protect a single fucking thing. If she or her friends test positive for covid, they'll deserve it.

No. 810648

So we're still trying to convince Tattoo kun we're the blob for him? I knew she had it bad for him but this is a whole new level. I mean she's paying scalpel prices to impress a guy who the moment he had a out dipped. Guess our male porn star has left the picture.

No. 810649

the angriest vulva! this is on par with shayna’s greatest hits.
i refuse to believe it’s naturally that red, this has to be some thot trend because it’s too disgusting.

No. 810651

She needs to take the hint. He told her for months he doesn't believe in dating and thats why he couldn't date her. He found the cutest girlfriend ever.
Moo feeling insecure spent thousands of plastic surgery to look younger but ended up looking like a 50 year old mother of 5. Tattoo kun obviously has a type and Moo ain't it

No. 810659

I think the redness is probably from whatever filter she's using?

No. 810661


You can see where the liquid tool stops in the hole of the thigh. He did such a bad job liquifying her crotch that it looks like she’s wearing flesh colored underwear. The arm is definitely shopped smaller along with the dorito chin.

No. 810666

Does anyone else just wish she'd lose weight? I can't describe it or why I feel this way, but I see her getting fatter and fatter and all the surgeries and shit and it's kinda hard to watch even though she's an asshole.

No. 810667

I was thinking the same exact thing, her body is so washed out in these photos and her skin looks so dull, aside from her bright red joints and red snapper.

I can't tell if she's just not trying anymore or if she's trying too hard to edit

No. 810673

Why don't her chump neckbeards get angry? The PS5 has been a bitch to get and I see people rage about scalpers and bots daily. She buys a 1k PS5 to give to a guy who actually talks down to her. Plus he had/has the cutest girlfriend that Mariah couldn't compete with at her best.

No. 810674

Her neckbeards don't care what she does.

I would legit kek if I was Tattoo sans gf. Having some rancid thot being money cucked while you get to reap the benifits. She should have Tattoo san have the cash cow wrangle gifts for herself.

No. 810675

Do we know for sure him and his GF are together still? She hasn't really mentioned him much at all since they got together, except for here and there, and now all of a sudden she's buying PS5s for him and filming it.

No. 810677

File: 1608738882596.png (1.37 MB, 640x1136, 2C6B055B-31F1-495F-B2AC-0E1355…)

I assume so there’s a woman in the video unwrapping the presents too asking why Mariah is so nice.

No. 810678

File: 1608739105045.png (1.39 MB, 640x1136, 542DF59B-B519-4ECF-B131-CA36FA…)

She also bought him a Buddha statue.

Seeing her tagged as a fat man is pretty funny though

No. 810681

Ok so she got gifts for the gf too. She's just desperate to keep her few friends I guess

No. 810682

It's rare to see a female simp this hard. But Moo is the female equivalent of her gross neckbeards.

Because Moo probably realized the GF is on to her. And it looks weird to give just the BF gifts. Keep in mind, she is always "nice" to girls with boyfriends.

When the girl who wants to fuck your boyfriend gives you a cheap cup from walmart but gives your boyfriend a PS5 and an expensive Buddha statue
Stay transparent Moo

No. 810683

She got the guy a PS5 and this woman gets a fucking cup lmao

No. 810685

There was several things in the bag in the video but definitely cost a lot less then a scalped PS5

No. 810686

Yeah I see some stuff on the counter like cheap stickers and a toy avocado. They look dollar store tier though

No. 810687

File: 1608744234922.png (1.41 MB, 640x1136, 88FB0D40-614C-4D91-A687-B0ED45…)

Here’s a photo of the presents, whatever the purple box is, the cup and I assume gift card or something

No. 810689

So I see moo is still making merch of herself….

No. 810692

This doesn't look like the same girl cucks was dating. Different GF? Which would be hilarious Mariah can't slide in there.

No. 810693

she is a nasty mouth breather, so having the mask under her nose isn't that bad /s

No. 810695

Anon I was going to say the same thing. Even if moo tried to say the PS5 was a “couple” gift, if she has no interest in video games then it wouldn’t matter. Mariah is transparent as hell

No. 810701


Why doesn't she get a fucking tan? All the weird discoloration would disappear but she's so pasty she looks like a bloated corpse, if she's trying to be Arab for the POC points then stop trying to be ~porcelain asn goddess~ plus she would look smaller too tans hide a lot of imperfections but her being this chalk white makes her look extra gross especially the redness around her vag these images make me want to vomit

No. 810702

If I recall, Moo thinks that she's already tanned because of her being as she says "lebeanse."

No. 810703

And so much for all those asshole bleaching appointments.

No. 810705

Stretch marks and scars would be more visible. She’d had to spend more time photoshopping her terrible skin.

No. 810709




No. 810710

File: 1608759067653.jpg (25.68 KB, 383x272, nyyJrED.jpg)

No. 810711

File: 1608759074199.jpg (647.73 KB, 1416x587, ldw5Qb2.jpg)

Found it it's on Wish, so she got the gf random crap probably leftover shit from her hauls and him a scalper price ps5 and a 100$ knockoff statue.

No. 810712

File: 1608759169571.jpg (12.81 KB, 323x225, TaGEohc.jpg)

No. 810713

File: 1608759214624.jpg (602.76 KB, 749x506, CelJM2z.jpg)

This is the ugliest lingerie..

No. 810714

They're lace boy shorts. They're cute, but not on her. I'm more interested in figuring out what the fuck is up with her hair and this pose. It doesn't look seductive or coy, just uncomfortable.

No. 810715

This pose could be cute on her if she wasn't so stiff. At least she took a shower for this one.

No. 810716

Who the fuck is this? Square's edits are just becoming more and more unrealistic. I wouldn't believe this is Moo. Also what is up with that dent in her arm? Poor liquefying?

No. 810718

He was like "I can't make her face skinnier, fuck it" and left it LOL

No. 810723

Looking like Larissa from 90 day fiance lol.

No. 810732

love that she seems to think that the pandemic is going away once 2020 is over

No. 810738


>2020 put a lot of things on hold for us

Did it though? Mariah was perfectly fine going out to dine in restaurants every day, partying and taking impromptu trips to the wolf sanctuary in Cali so it’s not like she took the pandemic restrictions seriously. She’s just using “2020” as a whole as an excuse to cover her flat lazy ass.

No. 810741

File: 1608776415824.png (3.37 MB, 1242x2208, 37BB608E-A93C-439D-A402-42BED9…)

Samefag but lol shes eating out at the same restaurant again. I know you lurk Moo, why not try proving us wrong for once.

No. 810742

This. She produced the same amount of content. She just couldn't go on vacations like she wanted and she couldn't lurk around in front of con halls begging for passes

No. 810743

"It's healthy because it's asian. Doesn't matter I had 5 severing's at once and I gain 20 pounds a month"

No. 810744

They went to a Korean resteraunt the other day too. Umbran mentioned "cheese corn" and the ceiling they were taking pictures looked like a resteraunt (they were taking photos from underneath so it pointed up). Admit it Moo, "the holidays" isn't making your weight go up lol

No. 810753

File: 1608786816445.png (2.87 MB, 1242x2208, E8653988-874D-4D60-AE6E-F96577…)

She can’t get rid of them off her store so now she’s giving them away “for free” because Christmas lol

We all know it’s because she has a stack of 135 books in the corner gathering dust amongst piles of dirty lingerie and cat hair.

No. 810754

File: 1608786966123.png (3.31 MB, 1242x2208, 4DA1C90D-A1D8-4BAA-98FC-6A069C…)

The irony of her singing “Giant Woman”

No. 810756

Embarrassing. The scans are free online lmao

No. 810763

File: 1608800686500.png (1.59 MB, 1242x2208, 818B8A90-6EF4-4DC5-85E3-F592E2…)

Sensei got her diamond earrings apparently

I love how she says she’s constantly busy but manages to have time to post this many IG stories..

No. 810764

Moo sent this to herself like what a coincidence someone asked for a pic of her ear so she can show off the gift she got from tattoo sensei

No. 810770

I’m more than willing to bet 90% of what’s being asked is just her messaging herself. She’s just that pathetic.

No. 810771

Apparently that was not Tattoo sensi’s gf but another persons wife that was also in the videos based on >>810763

No. 810775

She spelt the name wrong LOL

No. 810786

Even if she gave them away for free she would still have a pile. People don't want your products Moo. They want you to spread your asshole for cheap

No. 810787

Why are the filters cranked up to max to the point she's just a blurry blob? Did she fuck up her face that bad?

No. 810795

I figured. CircleofCucks gf was a lot more attractive than that. I only remember because seeing Mariah as the third wheel was the best! They were dressed the same, but Moo was this sloppy fatass, while the gf had no make up on, sportswear and looked cute af. I think it also inspired a round of plastic surgery in Momo. I remember her posting pictures showing them off as if she was in a relationship with him.

No. 810797

Yeah, she started injections, face peels, jade roller that she used for a week, steamed her face daily in an attempt to look younger, she did that drastic lipo where it was her neck, chin, legs, belly and back.

Now Moo just surrounds herself with uggos irl so they don't trigger her. The only reason she's okay with sssniper is cuz they haven't met irl yet. She thinks she can compete with her online with her shops

No. 810799

Her and SSsniper have met multiple times.

No. 810800

Where have you been? Moo has hung around Sssniper for a while now. Mariah never misses an opportunity to show off being invited to her place and still have been hanging out during the pandemic.

No. 810804

So we're thinking Sensei lost the gf recently? Would explain dear Moo practically falling over herself to gift a guy she hasn't really mentioned and seen in nearly a year a scalper paid ps5 and expensive buddha knock off statue.

No. 810815

And he still won't want her. She's gotten tattoos, expensive gifts, trips to Japan, lipo, was a third wheel on a baseball date with him and his girlfriend (didn't she pay for it or some shit?), a ton of shitty self-help books, a scalped ps5, a knock off statue, expensive restaurant meals, went to a wedding with him, pretty much harassed the shit out of him, and that's just what we know of. After all of this, he not only thinks she's dumber than a rock but still won't even want to be with her. You'd think she would have gotten the hint after the wedding. She made herself look like a fat Vamp for that wedding and still got, "I'm a free-spirit who doesn't want a relationship" before getting into a relationship. It's hilarious how much she'll permanently alter her appearance and spend just to get a guy to look in her direction. But what she won't do is actually put effort into herself. She won't lose weight, get a better diet, change her super shit ways, be a better friend, stop trying to buy her way into a person's pants, etc. Absolutely no effort goes into herself, only money. We saw the signs of this when during the KBBQ days but now she's not even hiding her desperation.

No. 810825

I’ve always thought he pity fucked her on that wedding trip and she can’t get over that . He seems the type tbh. And from the pictures from that time he looks smug af like he just conquered something. Lol

No. 810836

That would explain her intense fixation on him. All her other "He's my bestie I love him but in that friend way!!" dudes have all but vanished. TBH the only reason she didn't do exactly this with KBQ is he went into the Korean service. She had no way of inserting herself into his life on the daily.

No. 810858

Gross, but not farfetched. How far back was the wedding trip?

No. 810859

File: 1608856254023.png (2.16 MB, 1242x2208, 42A80261-B7AC-4B53-9B80-BB07A0…)

What progress?

No. 810864

I think she means on her shit personality?

No. 810868

Couple years now I think or about 10 threads

No. 810871

It was last year, I think.

No. 810876

Can't wait to see her do pale-ass Urbosa and get cancelled by instagram kek

No. 810877

She’s fucked either way with it lol Either she’s too pale or she uses makeup and photoshop to give herself a tan. When people get on her case for it, we can fully expect her to chimp out with “i’M aRAb AcTuALly!!!”

No. 810879

Or maybe do something worse like black facing

No. 810880

File: 1608872797129.png (3.25 MB, 1242x2208, 09078E0F-D6BD-4A6B-A993-38CA12…)

No. 810898

File: 1608884544865.png (1.26 MB, 750x1334, D3979293-6A03-4054-9702-0D695C…)

Maddie is always giving us the best candids. Without all her filters she looks like that one girl in school who never showered.

No. 810899

And all through the house a moo moo came oozing and totally soused. Her stockings were ripped and her wigs shedding hair and all smelled like cat piss but moo doesn’t care….

No. 810903

Looking extra special needs here.

No. 810925

Yeah, she’s fucked either way. Can’t wait for the SJW’s to claw her eyes out.

No. 810937

Thanks Umbran for the Christmas gift of unfiltered Moo lol. Jfc Mariah is the definition of “haggard”.

No. 810944

I see we found our Mei bee glasses that are totally a prescription again

No. 810959

Beautiful, anon

No. 810963

Moo is the perfect example of someone who peeked in her teens and kept going down hill from there

No. 810966

Her obsession with reminding people she was on the Lacrosse team in School backs up this theory.

No. 810969

I think these ones might be though. The corners are off which prescriptions always are a dead giveaway. Its not even on the left side. If anythung, I bet its just the ONE lens.

No. 810993

File: 1608945629972.jpg (Spoiler Image, 183.13 KB, 1080x1615, HnIyRsP.jpg)

Merry Crimbus

No. 810994

File: 1608945680932.jpg (Spoiler Image, 202.08 KB, 1080x1626, Ks1iRo6.jpg)

Merry Chrysler

No. 810996

File: 1608945815877.jpg (Spoiler Image, 190.16 KB, 1080x1617, DURYfn7.jpg)

Merry Crisis

No. 810997

File: 1608945939672.jpg (496.33 KB, 1122x750, qi869yf.jpg)

Annndd Moo's fucking house is covered floor to ceiling in ugly marbled tile.

No. 810998

She’s buying “more properties”, is this what she meant when she said she was going into real estate? Don’t people have to take courses to be real estate agents? Unless she’s prepping for life after OF by being a shitty slumlord.

No. 811001

You need a license to be a realtor but I'm not sure about flipping properties. If she's in charge of renovating properties I'm sure you need to know about certain codes…

No. 811002

This looks like total shit. I’m sure she wanted it cause it’s oh so easy to keep clean.
“Yes I have my gift receipt. What’s wrong with it? Well it doesn’t match the image on the box the color was all wrong and it’s an XXXL, and I simply can’t use it.”

No. 811003

Her foundation is so yellow compared to the rest of her skin what happeneddd. Is this also the only outfit she makes content in now? Those thigh highs are terrible.

No. 811004

It's honestly not that hard to get a license to be an agent and she likely could get one IF they don't do background checks she's an idiot who used her legal name for sex work after all
I love that Square has all but given up making sense of her proportions. Her legs look copy pasted and enlarged onto her.

No. 811005

She hired a makeup artist who doesn't know how to match foundations. She thought she really did something

No. 811006


What in the actual fuck is going on with her ass and legs?

No. 811007

>excited to buy more properties
Bitch, what? Does she think she's going to be a landlord?

No. 811008

To flip properties you don’t. At least for me, I hire property management for my places and multiple properties made me able to qualify for an LLC. Basically, if you have a good lawyer and management you can do so without education or certification

No. 811009


This is so fucking tone deaf. Stop supporting pieces of shit like Momokun and Elizabeth Rage who live in mansions and spend their money on luxury and throw it in everyone’s faces on a day that most people are super depressed about because of no income and away from their families. We’re in a fucking pandemic and people are dying. Fucking disgusting waste of space that are faker than the copious amounts of plastic surgery theyve gotten. Anyway Trisha Paytas got her Instagram removed so these cunts are next.

No. 811016

I think moo will be a slum lord and have her tenants pay off the multiple houses until it's time to flip.

No. 811020

she looks like an extremely fat TND in this photo. it looks like the ghost of christmas future showed TND what she’s gonna end up looking like to scare her straight.

No. 811023

I think if she tried to be an actual landlord or property owner she would find it quite a bit different than what she thinks. And more expensive. And she really is too lazy for shit. I think this is yet again one of her stupid flexes, banking on the sustainability of her porn career.

No. 811026

they photoshopped her feet?

No. 811040

File: 1608992124488.jpg (494.63 KB, 1078x1172, Screenshot_20201226-091445_Chr…)

What I love most is that even square cuck doesn't know how to shoop her back rolls out haha

Look at that chicken wing flap that is not normal

No. 811041

Classic ”I have no taste” move, make everything white and marble kek,
Sorry for interior design nitpick

No. 811042

Who else feels like she's pulling a lil Tay? We saw Moo's calander, she doesn't work. Think she's taking advantage of her family that are realtors?

As for Moo being a landlord she better be careful. She can't just pull in rent. She has to maintain the property. She can't just kick them out either, they will take her chubby ass to court. Unless she's going to rent it to her cucks

No. 811046

New money is best. They're building cheap houses on lots that were previously filled with beer bottles and weeds and charge at least 100k more than what they're worth. Even more considering how the client can make tile selections they want. Mariah probably thinks of this as her finally settling down and using her money wisely. How is she going to feel, going out of pocket for the constant repairs and upkeep? Property taxes are a bitch and can fuck you over if you don't pay them. If she wants to own more mcmansions then she's going to see how fucked she really is in her investment. 2021 is already looking brighter. Keep flexing. Soon she won't have enough money to keep up with plumping and electrical fixes because she bought overpriced figurines in her 10th Japanese trip. Momo also thinks she's a lot richer than she is. She's certainly making a lot of money, but that's from fetish neckbeards watching her go as low as she can go. None of them like her because she's hot or beautiful. She's gross and it's a freak show at this point. Money will drop in a few years. Especially because we haven't even seen the real economic depression that's going to come in the next few years.

No. 811048

McMansions is right. People don't give a shit about quality when building them. My sister moved into one the day they were finished building and two months later the basement suite flooded from poor plumbing.

No. 811050

All the tiles look broken. That has to be the stupidest marble on the market.

No. 811051

All that Photoshop and she couldn’t even be assed to brush that rats nest on her head.

No. 811052

kinda looks like she strategically placed her hair over her middle fingernail because it popped off or something

No. 811053

b-but the tile is from Greece!!

No. 811056

File: 1609006475448.jpeg (44.88 KB, 306x320, FD622E59-FC2F-41BC-A6FE-5BF902…)

No. 811089

blakc people amirite(racebaiting)

No. 811150

File: 1609107355969.jpg (518.48 KB, 1440x2307, vttm4vy.jpg)

because y'all love post holiday trauma

No. 811151

Limited edition momo ona hole comes free with pussy smegma and day old trout smell.

No. 811158

Ok when I thought it t couldn’t get worse it suddenly got worse. This is so fuckin gross. Any bets on how much she “auctions” these off for? And though it is the closest the neck beards will get to fucking her, it’s the only time anyone will willingly and without pay go there. Just gross all around

No. 811160

I'm curious if these will even sell. Her pussy is a travesty of morbid obesity and poor hygiene as is. Her paypigs already won't pay for her books and she expects them to pay for this?

No. 811187

curiosity killed the cat but honestly i hope one of her simps buys it and describes its ~effects~ somewhere

No. 811192

All I can imagine is moo spread eagle while Maddie puts her arts n crafts skills to use.

No. 811219

This is the kind of shit porn stars do. But she still wants to pretend she makes her money from cosplays

No. 811223

She’s not a star and it’s a stretch to say what she does is porn. Porn is supposed to be … something. Erotic? Exciting to watch? Anyway it’s just another ego stroke for her and I always think she’s totally scamming someone when she “auctions” things since she will try to drive the price up . Also this requires actual work to do. Hope it comes out better than her black widow

No. 811225

anon she is 100% doing porn what even is that comment

No. 811226

I said a while back that she should attend the Las Vegas Porn convention. Still stick by that statement. She needs to pack up her bags from the cosplay community and keep going down the coomer appeal route.

No. 811227

File: 1609134077156.jpeg (1.31 MB, 1242x1985, C01A74CE-879E-44EC-8A71-CC1B27…)

“Look, I said all these nice things about you online so now you have to help me clone my pussy”

No. 811228

Taking bets she messes at least 1 kit up since she's so dumb. They're quite difficult to properly do, and pricey. $90+ each. Money down the drain.

No. 811229

"little lady", "little lass" just seems so damn demeaning and gross. she talks like an old man talking about a young girl, yuck.

No. 811242

Maddie’s dream come true, she’s gonna love that.

No. 811269

I bet she thinks its more than a topper and not realizing these are basic ona holes though.

No. 811270

Are you new?

No. 811274

yeah, she thinks this is gonna result in Fleshlight coming out with a Moomoo line and she’s retarded for thinking so. two measly videos of being penetrated does not a pornstar make.

half the guys who buy her shit would gladly drop her if someone actually thick and curvy like ashley graham started doing porn.

No. 811286

You know, you think at this point I'd stop being surprised by her weird bull shit but here we are. Is she also going to fill it with her yeast infection so it's an authentic experience or no?

100% she's going to mess it up. What would be more hilarious is if it sells for $60 but she's got some weird paypigs so who knows.

No. 811287

Ah once again Moo tries to become the dollar store version of a Kardashian.

No. 811307

What if she just scams further and “clones” not her own pussy but a fleshlight?

No. 811311

Sage for drunk shit post but the last masterbation video she posted.. well.. her crotch is HUGE.. like. The width of my hand goes well across mine and her hand is TINY looking while she's clawing at her pussy. Like what dude wants to fuck a rubber pussy when it would look tiny no matter what. Are all fat girls huge down there? Width wise?

No. 811315

I’m not obese like she is per say. 5’4” and 180 but it is really fucking off that her hand can’t cover it.(no1curr)

No. 811322


or worse, tries to pass off maddie's pussy as hers.

No. 811336

File: 1609209485920.png (2.09 MB, 1800x958, F0B43CB4-BFB7-46F7-9EBB-7865AE…)

So how many sets did she have to buy of these in order to get them to fit around her weirdly proportioned, bloated body?

No. 811356

File: 1609213995234.jpeg (426.87 KB, 750x1071, EA4C99A5-79EA-44F6-915C-705393…)

the circus is in town

No. 811357

File: 1609214067301.jpeg (137.34 KB, 730x569, A281F30D-A063-489D-A853-1DA71B…)

No. 811359


No one who owns guns and knows how to properly use them talks like this.

No. 811361

File: 1609215272649.jpg (595.67 KB, 1168x561, it4TS6C.jpg)

To respond to >>811357, she bought them and hasn't posted about them since. It's weird how gung-ho she is about certain things then discards them until it benefits her.

No. 811362

File: 1609215474136.jpg (33.19 KB, 417x377, iyt8AdA.jpg)

Also "I'm Arab. We like guns." lol

No. 811363

File: 1609215605859.jpg (397.91 KB, 472x843, d6OQCa3.jpg)

No. 811364

is this enough to get her on some sort of watchlist?

No. 811365

File: 1609216022257.jpg (513.11 KB, 469x830, ynO42xJ.jpg)


Butthurt Moo rant incoming:

>"If you can't take a joke, don't follow me!"

>"If you don't like the way I am or the way I live, then die first!"
>"If any of those videos just offended you pack it up and gooo! If you can't take a joke we don't want you here!"
>"If my money offends you, if my guns offend you (makes take a hike gesture) gotta go"
>" [cut off] to please you, I'm here to please the 0.01% that are on my you know where!"

Remember when she just said in that interview she was super unbothered? Oops

No. 811366

File: 1609216340351.jpg (447.54 KB, 481x841, dEEM8Cn.jpg)

>complains that she was so poor she had to draw a tree onto printer paper for Xmas
>does this shit

No. 811367

File: 1609217135995.jpg (635.87 KB, 493x876, Fbpxy3M.jpg)

No. 811369

File: 1609217898021.png (783.32 KB, 640x1136, 90D3DC50-C5E3-44DD-A505-9ABE8E…)

She showed off her guns and said this is her “AK”. But it’s clearly got a AR/M4 receiver….

Not sure why she’s trying to flex about having an AK when she doesn’t

No. 811371

The best joke she has is that pussy/porn of hers. Makes me laugh every time before throwing up in my mouth a little.

No. 811372

File: 1609218548088.jpg (409.83 KB, 476x844, 8WduBdV.jpg)

Why doesn't Moo admit she's pro-Trump, and doesn't think the virus is real?

No. 811373

File: 1609218601931.jpg (428.85 KB, 476x849, XiF1b8c.jpg)

No. 811375

she did NOT say that's an AK lmaooo gdi imagine bragging about your guns when you don't even know what you have
>inb4 "it's a joke!!!"

No. 811376

Definitely Baiken. Or that Yoko monstrosity.

No. 811377

File: 1609220141126.png (5.09 MB, 1800x1410, 8E089317-0843-4359-ADA4-8FC13C…)

She really is up her own flat ass if she thinks this wasn’t a low point.

No. 811379

Jesus christ this is cringey

No. 811381

She did this same meme yesterday (it isn’t up anymore) but she said baiken was her favorite kek

No. 811382


She’s just going to delete all of this when she gets clowned for how much of an asshole she sounds like. Literally everytime she goes on one of these “bad bitch” rants she always pussies out hours later, presumably coming off of what whatever drugs or alcohol she was on and tries to go back to claiming to be a “peaceful warrior who just wants everyone to love each other”.

No. 811384

File: 1609227987164.jpg (608.7 KB, 473x842, LtiCRLK.jpg)

No. 811385

She needs to buy herself some thick skin cause it's so easy to get under it.

No. 811387

She owns an awful lot of guns for a “peaceful warrior” lol

No. 811389

She never understands the words she uses. Her being a "peaceful warrior" is like Onision being handsome and caring empath.

No. 811390

This is now deleted, as is all her stories concerning guns and money. She really cannot take heat, it's wonderful watching her crumble at her own stupidity. Like maybe if you weren't such a narcissistic cunt and kept your mouth shut. It astounds me how just two years ago she was being asked to attend huge conventions and now she's trying to flex on kids on tiktok with her (probably fake) rich bitch bracelets.

No. 811391

Nice air soft or 22 replica, lmao. You're a sad, sad sack of shit, Moo.

No. 811395


“Arabs like their guns” what in the backwards ass fucking bullshit are you going on about? No they fucking don’t, theyre traumatized beyond belief from war, guns, etc. What’s with her inserting “arab” anything any chance she gets? Shut the fuck up Mariah.

No. 811396

her stance sucks and she has constant misfires from limp wristing it.

No. 811397

This manic ass fat bitch. No wonder the only roomate she can keep around is an obsessive fan. No prefab Mcmansion is worth pitting up with her.

But for real, since most thots have gone to twitter to advertise their only fans, what's tons of fun going to do? Keep up with Instagram trying to get around their bans?

No. 811402

she can't answer this bc other people do all the work for her cosplays so she'd just be calling out her minions kek

her instagram has been shut down at least a dozen times before, what's one more when she has her totally legit lawyers on retainer?

No. 811415

She already deleted it but she was talking about her Bee Mei and said she doesn’t make anything anymore as other people sell things 100 times better than she can make.

Also she’s too busy taking care of her 42 plants and 6 cats to make anything.

No. 811418

Moo is the type to brag about money and guns, post pics of the inside of her house, and tell people on the internet she’s going on vacation with advance notice. If she gets robbed it’s all on her performative boss bitch posts.

No. 811436

And way to give a poc group a negative stereotype Moo. I'm sure actual Arabs love you spreading around they're gun crazy terrorists. Sit your Italian Christian ass down

No. 811441

Maddie didn't go with her

No. 811442

File: 1609264126851.jpg (328.81 KB, 702x932, 1rtf97H.jpg)

Remember when we thought this was fat? O to be optimistic at how big she'd get again. Also I think Gohoe was probably one of her worst. I wonder how much she seethed over VAs calling her gohoe

No. 811443

Go where, anon? To the new McMansion??

No. 811446

What do you mean anon? Go-hoe was the BEST because she fucked up her reputation so bad!

No. 811447

She really was never attractive, huh?
Like she's a monster now, but before she looked 44 just naturally
Really doubling down on "I'm a cool girl with guns!" but then does the dumbest shit which is pose with them. Can't wait for the accidental self-shot saga

No. 811451

If she actually gets banned from Instagram and can’t get unbanned she’s pretty much done. She won’t have a platform to advertise on so no growth.

Plus she’d go full manic if that ever did happen.

No. 811454

Interesting the Instagram posts are gone but the tiktoks are still up.

No. 811457

File: 1609272789615.png (1.38 MB, 1866x2048, Screenshot_20201229-120851.png)

The time she did a shitty Black Widow cosplay for this show was her worst. Watching her try to make something was laughable.

No. 811459


Her Pochaco headphones she made are so bad looking and with how much she milks that character there’s no excuse for it

No. 811461

File: 1609274603174.jpg (91.88 KB, 640x960, 14203337_894704964007787_74833…)


I think her worst cosplays are the ones she forced her friends to do, like vamplette's last minute cardboard charlotte cosplay to go with mom's camilla.
Or at the very least she should feel some shame about the cosplays she blatantly plagiarized like the Red riding hood.

No. 811463

File: 1609277317377.png (401.08 KB, 500x667, 6673449F-3A50-410B-9A21-EFBFA4…)

Bold of her to forget this

No. 811464

Spoiler, you fucking retard. Nobody wants to see this in broad daylight.

No. 811465

Belle Delphine was talking in an interview about how much being banned from Instagram sent her on a downward spiral and I truly hope the same for moo.

this was her worst 100%

No. 811473

Didn't she get so much backlash and shit for this she basically pulled a "It was a joke" card but never did the "real" version?

Going back on memory road Moo only had 15 minutes of fame before going full on infamy and porn. Usually it takes thots 10 years. Moo is sprinting towards the end and is going to come out a botched train wreck

No. 811488

The KBBQ days. Man, she really lost her shit during that era too.

She always does the "it was a joke" when she gets backlash just like with the gun thing >>811366 .

No. 811490

File: 1609287158835.jpeg (6.12 KB, 194x259, download (1).jpeg)

Idk about "worst" but for sure it's bad but then again most of her cosplays are bad

No. 811506

File: 1609291516834.jpeg (509.79 KB, 750x1108, 783371DE-05B5-4BA2-971F-97FAA4…)

>goes to get ears pierced
>doesn’t clean ears first

No. 811538

The anon who said she would spend all her money on impulse buys now that she can't blow all her money on Japan trips was spot on. She can't just stay at home and just save money. She has to spend every penny the moment she gets it.

No. 811547

File: 1609303018923.jpg (534.08 KB, 478x842, IxCCOf5.jpg)

Sperging about Attack on Titan:
>read chapter 127 out of 135
>said she spoilered herself but likes how the events "fold together"
>begs people to watch the animation on a ~official streaming site~ in it's original quality with surround sound
>thinks Eren is hot
>got a conch piercing and said it didn't hurt

inb4 another passion project where Moo sausages herself into a zentai suit and makes a live action AOT

No. 811563

I notice a pattern with her. Whenever she releases porn or something of the like she goes on a "I'm a nerd gaiz! Look at my cosplays" sperges. Feeling insecure you're reduced to a D grade porn star Moo?

No. 811573

File: 1609309990804.jpg (791.94 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20201229-223038_Ins…)

So vamp is moving too.. You guys think maddie out, Vamp back in?

No. 811574

Doubt it but Kevin did go home for the holidays. I haven't been keeping up with Vamps since the nosejob arc.

No. 811576

>got a conch piercing and said it didn't hurt
Wait is >>811506 her? That's not a conch.

No. 811577

File: 1609310915898.jpg (537.11 KB, 477x846, w0VPwmc.jpg)

Yes it is and this is the other ear, for clarification

No. 811579

That doesn't look like the same ear, anon.

No. 811581

I know that and should've clarified. This ear >>811577 is the one she pointed to and mentioned the conch piercing. The ear is flipped in this story.

No. 811592

File: 1609317369110.png (106.63 KB, 1440x774, Screenshot_20201230-003120~2.p…)


No. 811594

File: 1609317609578.png (374.08 KB, 1440x1274, Screenshot_20201230-003105~2.p…)

yes, Moo, the holidays are why you're so damn fat.

No. 811601

Every day has been a holiday for your morbidly obese ass, Mariah.

No. 811603

Idk if its a pattern or not but it is definitely noticeable when she spergs out and posts 17 stories in a day about some shit no one asked her about. I think she's validating it more for herself than anyone else. What? You're calling her out on being a fake nerd? But anon haven't you seen her wall of unkempt statues, manga and totally not garbage cosplays she managed to not break after purchase?

No. 811689

Speaking of fake nerd, what other substance is there too Moo other than being a desperate hoe who likes garish and over priced gucci items? I can see why she screams and acts like a toddler. She has no personality other than her fake ones

No. 811695

Isnt Martin wong one of the photographers that called her out years ago about something? I can’t remember what for but I could have sworn I’d seen that name in reference to moo before

No. 811700

So weird how others still lost weight because they have restraint. Going out to eat is your own fault and that wasn't even holiday food, Moo. Lol

No. 811706

Let’s not kid ourselves she probably either eats out or gets take out at least once a day.

No. 811714

Idunno could just be she only signed a year lease. I still think they stay 'friends' as a necessary action given how much dirt they have on each other. If Moo was down with Vamp again she'd not hesitate to brag about buying her things.

No. 811723

She tried to tell him, a photographer, how to do his job. Mariah always thinks that she's an expert at something after trying it for the first time but only shows how little she knows.

No. 811750

Yes that’s right, he seemed mad as hell at her and she’s still trying to get in good graces with people who want nothing to do with her.

No. 811770

She tried to call him out of shooting diverse bodies and races too. Funny as she's as white passing as her shoots and her only argument was the fat she put herself through. She is the reverse of body positivity. She got lipo for others, not for her. None of it is for her. It's as vain as Trisha's surgeries. At least someone like Jessica got it for herself because she literally had no tits before. Attention came with it, but Moo keeps thinking more of this and that is what she needs to get noticed. She's botched. I can't wait for her to fuck with her boobs.

No. 811809

Didn't she also try to end his career as well? Like all he asked was credit and Moo claimed he was harassing her?

No. 811810

Oh shit I remember! Didn't he release screen shots of her begging him to make her look thinner which defeated the purpose of body positivity?

No. 811820

File: 1609366822750.jpeg (58.81 KB, 1242x639, xQklDDA.jpeg)

sage for no contribution, I just saw this and immediately thought of moo lol

No. 811821

That was a different photog, not Martin Wong.

No. 811842

This sums her up pretty perfectly, yeah.

No. 811850

File: 1609374298617.png (3.49 MB, 1800x1489, 2F0C3067-F30F-41BD-9DF2-5B4231…)

Is it just me or does Moo give off a “man in a silicone woman suit” vibe?

No. 811866

She's so botched that yeah I can see it
but really, I've seen more attractive mtf than Moo. I would have thought she was a man if she didn't flash her puss

No. 811904

File: 1609393346203.jpg (993.84 KB, 515x910, HQNf2iW.jpg)


No. 811907

her fucking tit mashed against the edge of the countertop. i can't

No. 811916

Cross eyed.

No. 811919

File: 1609397500570.gif (2.99 MB, 167x275, 1564751276408.gif)

Moo has been pretty careful about hiding her body in candids since her last round of lipo after admitting she gained "some" weight back. Guess she wants to keep the delusion she isn't sprinting back to her heaviest weight of 270. By the time this covid stuff is over she's going to be 300

watch her suddenly post gym photos, fake weight loss progress and an insecure pic PS so she appears 100 pounds lighter

No. 811920

Slight armchair but if she was going to therapy and learned some self control, I feel like she could focus on what really matters. Homegirl acts like you can literally wish away the pounds and that ~the holidays~ is the only time of year people can get fat. Maybe if she stuck with that trainer and not Kevin she'd be lighter and healthier. No one in her family is fat.

No. 811921

Yup that's what smegma smells like.

No. 811922

I do think she has a percoset problem from all her plastic surgerys

No. 811923

File: 1609398075287.jpg (759.17 KB, 517x909, AFx2jQv.jpg)

Not that anyone cares but she bought like…20 more plants for absolutely no reason. She said her toxic plants are away from her cats and she sprays "butter spray" on them to deter the cats.

No. 811924

File: 1609398196814.jpg (25.54 KB, 383x355, g2aWqH2.jpg)

Nevermind, it's "bitter"

No. 811925

File: 1609398236771.png (3.02 MB, 1113x1600, shejustfat.png)

If someone can do better go ahead

No. 811926

File: 1609398905382.jpg (1.92 MB, 2560x1920, 20-12-31-02-14-24-638_deco.jpg)

not to tinfoil too hard, but jnig has gotten really into plants over quarantine and posted a ton about them a few days ago

No. 811978

I think it’s become popular on Instagram (and maybe TikTok?). I see a lot of people in their 20s creating indoor gardens. Honestly if she can keep them alive and not accidentally poison her cats, it will probably be an improvement to her other attempts at decor.
I do think it’s kind of short sighted to be buying a bunch of fragile plants when you’re about to move to a new house though

No. 811996

Having plants is therapeutic and with quarantine people went a little nutty and it’s been a popular “hobby”. It’s a bit impulsive but I dont see any harm in owning a bunch of plants. Better than spending her money on expensive figures that she breaks and glues back together. Or more filler for her prolapsed anus mouth.

No. 812008

She was peddling this before auarantine

No. 812009

How long until she's desperate enough to do hardcore porn? Her body is built for some rough sex and gangbangs.

No. 812010

She has to get a guy to sleep with her first and they're avoiding her like she has covid.

No. 812013

File: 1609439355752.jpg (Spoiler Image, 442.27 KB, 828x1236, dZSil5K.jpg)

When "getting your back blown out" actually means photoshopping your back tit out of existence

No. 812018

The sticker on her shoe id driving me crazy

No. 812022

Wtf is the white dot on her ass? That’s some quality photography there.

No. 812026

Its a sliver of hardware reflection

No. 812027

Did we already forget she's already posted hardcore porn of her getting fucked by some rando???

No. 812030

anon it was hardly hardcore, it was blurry lumps of flesh moving around with moo's bleating in the background

No. 812031

>what's wrong anon-kun? could it be youre craivng my mcnuggies???

No. 812032

Fuck machine counts imo and with how she finds, it will always be a sloppy mess. She refuses to use a good camera and the resizing of a transfered video from QH to.a phone to use apps she needs would further kill the quality. She's left with always using her phone and depending on apps. There hasnt been a single video She's done without apps. She's been saving and reuploading app'd videos to hide the edit, badly, as if its her real face.

No. 812034

Doesn't matter, hardcore = penetration no matter how bad the quality is.

No. 812035

We need triple penetration and some facial abuse followed by a crowd bukkake. With the dumb decisions she's been making it's only a matter of time until she's forced to do porn.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 812050

File: 1609449571946.png (2.57 MB, 1242x2208, 38D6AA0D-7A53-4B46-8E8B-C174A9…)

Guess she also misses having to look over her shoulder constantly for people taking candids too.

No. 812051

Friends yea nobody likes you moo- the only people that act like they do you paid for (maybe maddy but she’s thirsty af) and the con scene was over for you long before a pandemic. So go embrace Z list porn star status and quit with this.

No. 812054

Why in the kitchen though? The look and the setting aren't even close to cohesive. Just a random ho in a kitchen, where's the allure.

No. 812055

Even if cons do return next year, all she’ll be hearing there is “oh, she does porn now”. So I’m not sure what she’s expecting lol nobody wants her around.

No. 812056

the fuck you talking about Moo? You were hanging out with your friends and partying this whole year like covid isn't a thing. but go off how you like hiding inside your hotel room or following random groups of friends and pretending they invited you. She ruined so many con experiences by just following people around and screeching for attention.

No. 812057

It's a cooking mama trope using Melony. That's it. Makes sense from basic thot level.

No. 812058

They all do porn now or some firm of lewd work/lewd cosplays.

No. 812060

Tampon string? Hard to tell with that dark ass crack

No. 812062

Never forget when she was booted from Lvl Up, crashed the after party, got blitzed and fed ice chips to a potted plant. Moo really does live in a world of her own.

No. 812079

Y’all it’s a butt plug

No. 812107

What friends? The people you pay for to live with you and edit your shitty nudes?

And what fun do you have at cons? Wearing ill-fitting corsets and costumes while shilling your porn that nobody likes? God her life is depressing.

No. 812204

File: 1609483539036.jpg (699.22 KB, 513x909, 2H8ZOY5.jpg)

>virivanity and sssniperwolf are over
>sssniperwolf gave fattie Moo a bowl
>in sssniperwolf's other instastory Moo screeches "what do we want to drink?"

No. 812207

Jfc her upper arm is as big as her fucking head

No. 812218

I want to believe the size of that bowl is a subtle dig at her portion sizes lol. Moo would be dumb enough not to take the hint.

No. 812233

God she looks like someone’mom whose trying to stay hip and young… I am SO excited to see her age further and faster than anyone else before her if she’s already looking 45.

No. 812241

Ssniperwolf did to moo what she did to whoever was with Tattoo kun, gave her some afterthought shit. Cept Moo lapped it up because she's desperate to be accepted.

No. 812260

File: 1609497737198.jpg (172.6 KB, 720x1280, 20210101_044204.jpg)

beyond busted

No. 812268

nta but holy shit are you both actually autistic? anon basically said "she can't possibly be doing porn because she's so bad at it" learn to integrate and understand jokes

No. 812270

It's been 3-4 days since those replies took place. Why do you care? Stop trying to cause infighting.

No. 812279

because we're not all reading lc like it's the daily paper retard

No. 812323

Ass kissing like a lunatic. Also SSsniperwolf is married lol.

No. 812329

It's an anime ramen bowl moo. They're like 15 bucks on hot topic ffs. I know she desperately wants attention from her popular 'friends' but it's just a bowl. Maybe ask for some face cream next time not that it'll help much.

No. 812341

love the contrast between the picture ssniperwolf posted of Moo and the one she posted of herself

No. 812346

File: 1609526328878.png (1.14 MB, 640x1136, 94B8E00F-6E06-491A-9FC6-38923F…)

Sssniperwolf got Mariah some cheap ass bowl(it’s around $15 or less) yet she actually got Maddie something good. Top kek

No. 812348

Because Maddie has a skill Sniper can use. Just like Moo she's gifting to receive services. Moo better watch out before Sniper snatches Umbra right up

No. 812352

Okay but I’m laughing at all tne food that’s there?? Chips, queso, donuts… I know she wants to blame the holidays for her weight gain but goddamn what happened to your w h o l e f o o d lifestyle

No. 812367

She shops for food like a working class single mother in Kentucky

No. 812374

she looks like a pornified Sarah Palin. that's all i can see.

No. 812382

sssniper wolf here to provide the candids. Her arm is twice the size of her head. And that gift is obvious shade at Moo. But she's so desperate she thinks it's a thoughtful gift.

Well it would serve Moo right. All her friends are basic clout chasers and sniper is the bigger fish.

No. 812396

File: 1609542288783.jpeg (1018.22 KB, 1242x1899, BD4936E4-412E-4139-B87F-9EFD9A…)

Oof… I didn’t think her sets could get any lazier.

No. 812398

before I expanded the picture the outfit looked like it was ripping and busting from the seams. This was a poor outfit choice

No. 812401

Why do her eyes look as if they're going in opposite directions?

No. 812402

Her extensions looking already like a Party City wig.

No. 812403


God this is lazy, couldn't even move the boxes out of the shot

No. 812405


No. 812406

File: 1609544428959.jpg (425.59 KB, 1078x1344, Screenshot_20210101-183904_Ins…)

love the unibrow look mariah!

No. 812410

File: 1609546952692.jpg (44.5 KB, 455x556, 20210101_182110.jpg)

What am I looking at? Where does her tit start and end? It just melds into her stomach. Loving the extra armpit breast too

No. 812419

These were after she got them too. They got so gross she took them out less than 2 weeks later

No. 812452

File: 1609553513460.png (4.67 MB, 1242x2208, 1AB0A1D5-E171-43FA-BFA0-F4E411…)

Another day, another restaurant.

No. 812453

Is it really that hard for her to just brush her ratty hair. I know with depression basic hygiene can be a chore. But she's been like this since before she completely let herself go.I know we joke about how much hand holding her parents did but damn she really hasn't a clue how to function without her mom babysitting her.

No. 812465

"the holidays made me gain weight"
"I rarely eat out like this"
"My diet is actually really healthy"
"I'm a pro lifter. Let me show a picture of my dad"
Her inner monologue
"I can just lipo it all away. Fuck diets I'm a foodie"

No. 812483

File: 1609563120771.jpg (308.83 KB, 372x380, XnOivm3.jpg)

I think y'all are missing the blatently obvious SUCK IN warp job done on her stomach. Her panties are blurred to Hell and back

No. 812503

File: 1609569235154.jpg (802.27 KB, 949x772, wDEW5CO.jpg)

Umbranwitch had Moo on her live if anyone cares

>said they met at a con and Moo noticed/complimented her wig

>Moo said to Vamps something along the lines of "don't you wish your wig looked like that" because I guess she helped with Vamps on her own Mercy wig
>the next day they met up for pizza
>kept on saying she took a shower, was eating curry downstairs and didn't want to be seen on screen during the live
>both Umbran and Moo kept on saying Moo smelled good over and over
>says "rich people smell good" when referring to Moo
>joked about the "eat the rich" tiktok and "being humble"
>Umbran was making a Jasper wig for Moo. Moo kept on saying that Umbran was the best, that she feels like the character when she wears her wigs and is proud of her.
>Said she wasn't in person for Moo's succubus shoot (explains the fucked up wig)

No. 812509

She can't wear filters on live when duo-ing. Lol. She's the biggest pussy. She said she gets work so she doesn't have to use them but she even goes as far as 3rd party app editing and reuploading to hide watermarks. I can't wait to see her face and body melting irl at cons again. She's drinking again so definitely getting sloshed gross moo after dark again

No. 812510

It's funny how she'll joke about the hate she gets but then pussies out of showing her full face let alone her upperbody.

No. 812555

Yet again buying hose that don’t fit her so she can’t even attach the garters properly.

No. 812559

File: 1609603421242.jpeg (221.03 KB, 1242x1894, D8B57FF3-E564-42A2-8A29-34F867…)

No. 812561

you are trying hard though. No one wants to fuck your catfishing ass irl Moo.

No. 812571


At least it looks like an outdoor place.

No. 812582

Moo needs to buy from snag tights and cut them into stockings.

No. 812600

Whenever people go on and on about how rich they are while smelling like new money, they usually aren't that rich. Just because your asslicker said it with your hag face on screen Mariah, doesn't make it true. Especially the way she spends it. More money goes out of her pocket than water goes into her.

She really does try so hard to be a whore but even with a ton of filters and thousands of dollars in work done to her body, no one wants to fuck her.

No. 812603

This just confirms that Maddie is only around Moo for money and clout. We already knew that but what a shallow relationship

No. 812615

All it will take for Moo to lose her money is OF slapping on some new restrictions for adult content. Don't know if they will do that, but the fact her entire existence hangs on the balance of one website just shows her wealth is really shallow

No. 812620


Doesn't even have to be OF, if she got banned off Insta then she'd have no platform to promote herself and she'd slowly die. Plus she would go absolutely manic.

No. 812626

Lolcows are pretty slippery though. If she got banned from instagram she'd shuffle her flat ass to YouTube.

No. 812628

She tried that before and no one watched her. She got disliked to hell.

No. 812653

And aren’t there rules about advertising adult content on YT? I really don’t know but I do remember that she had nobody watching

No. 812657


Except she doesn’t like being called a whore or being treated like one. Whenever she tries to play into the degeneracy her fans are looking for, she immediately backs out and starts going on about how she is is such a “successful businesswoman/master cosplayer/real estate genius” when she starts getting treated like fuck meat.

She doesn’t like being reminded that she is nothing but a useless whore who only makes money for getting naked and completely debasing herself for a bunch of gross neckbeards. Every other avenue she attempted to make a long term career out of she completely failed at and fell on her face. Porn is pretty much the only thing that has stuck long enough to make any kind of money on. She was ousted from the cosplay community for being a sexual abusing creep and hasn’t been invited to any relevant con since. She tried selling her own clothing line for like two weeks than gave up when no one wanted to be her shit. She more than likely dropped out of college and was such a loser that she had to pretend she was still taking classes cause she got clowned for not having any actual career prospects once her cosplay well dried up.

So just watch, the second she starts getting all kinds of gross, demeaning comments that make her really feel like a whore, she’ll go right back to listing off all her “achievements” to show how successful she actually is and she isn’t just some useless cum dumpster for you to jack off to.

No. 812658

She was hoping to become popular on youtube. She could have promoted her socials which also has links to her adult content. Kinda like how Trisha does it. There are plenty of youtubers with OF. However they have other socials. Instagram is Moo's last major social media platform. No one really gives a hoot anywhere else

Her current fake achievement is being a top relator and flipping properties. Which her family does but she certainly isn't involved with.
Her insecure butt often likes to mirror what her friends and family have achieved. Like Vamps going to school, or her dad being a pro lifter. In Moo's head SHE did those things.
Her mind is a twisted mess filled with fun house mirrors.

No. 812661


It’s because she knows she is a lazy fatass who sits on her lard ass all day playing video games and stuffing her face with expensive dinners. The only activity she does is stuffing her rolls into another lingerie set she bought months ago that she can’t fit into anymore and takes a couple of trashy pictures with her cell phone. So to not feel like such a useless whore she latches on to whatever accomplishments her friends and family has recently achieved and as usual always has to one up everyone as well.

Vamp announces she’s going to school? “Oh me too! Also I’m basically like the best student of all time and finished all my semester work in a weekend!”

Family flips houses for cash? “Oh me too! I also basically have my own real estate company at this point lol. Just regular things for a boss bitch like me”

Instead of actually getting down and doing all the hard work, she wants instant gratification. She wants all the supportive comments telling her how amazing and talented she is without ever having to do any of the work that goes into it.

No. 812669

>but not in practice
This bitch raw dogged with some rando during a pandemic for OF content and prior to that paid several men to touch her for pics
She's both a whore and purchaser of whores

No. 812681

Being known for sexually assaulting men and women, grinding up against her male friends and calling it "wrestling", spitting in Maddie's mouth for no fuckin reason other than being nasty, stories of women claiming Moo trying to fuck their boyfriends
She's a hoe, it's just no one wants her hotdog smelling cooch. Even the guy she paid to half ass pump his limp meat into her was not into it.
Hell 100 pounds ago KBBQ said she was too fat and disgusting to fuck. She just can't admit she's an unfuckable mess.

No. 812689

Clout maybe but pretty sure Maddie's folks are like actual rich and she doesn't lack for anything money wise. It's probably a nice perk that Moo spends on her but she's obsessed with Moo so even if Moo didn't spend on her she'd probably stick around.

No. 812701

I just remember her pandering for “cum tributes “ and thinking that was too close to the edge for her as she never mentioned it again. From the way she plays with herself its obvious she knows jack about normal anything. Also the fact that she and maddy are all about how nice she smells. Bitch please make it more obvious you read here. It’s like they say- the more you have to brag the less likely it’s true.

No. 812702

You know it. So many con goers have complained about a smell coming from her. The fact she admits to not showering every day, wearing the same make up for days on end, the ratty hair and the fact she's a sloppy drunk during cons I believe it.
But it's weird ya know? The smell issue can be fixed if she just stopped being stubborn and shower

No. 812703

I half expect Moo to have her mom over once a week to sponge bathe her since she’s incapable of even basic grooming like brushing her hair lol
On that note, who wants to take bets on what chores she’ll have her mom do for her on Mother’s Day this year?

No. 812718

File: 1609647273390.jpg (266.23 KB, 1080x1982, Screenshot_20210102-201321_Ins…)

She got a snake. Who the hell is she trying to impress now.

No. 812719


Now how long till one of the cats kills the snake because we know since won't be responsible at all.

No. 812720

Watch her have a Taylor Dean moment and completely mistreat this reptile

No. 812721

She also got a leopard gecko..

No. 812722

so she got bored of cats and got a snake. Well she was at the limit of cats she can have. That poor creature.
Watch it tragically die from something that isn't her fault or her rehoming it when she took enough pics and the appeal wears off.

No. 812723

becoming a regular animal hoarder isn't she?

No. 812724

File: 1609648606093.jpg (664.83 KB, 514x911, tSa92aJ.jpg)

No. 812726

She's going to try to do Bishoujomom stuff with that snake by being sexual with in in shoots . This jealous fatty lol

No. 812728

Anon you called it. If she does it I'm giving you credit
even with the filters on you can see how much weight she gained. She's def close to 260 again. By the time she waddles into a con again she will be 300

No. 812733

This just makes me want to hold my own ball python right now..

That poor thing and its stuck with the likes of her as a caregiver. I fucking hate this asshole. When is she getting audited like all the other eskanks? Also, holy shit, the filters cannot hide her weight gain. Her head is tiny compared to her behemoth, botched dinner roll shaped body.

No. 812736

I hate this bitch so much. You know she doesn't see any of her pets as real companions, just things to collect and flex about. She really is turning into a fat Taylor Dean. Also back on her "this has been a lifelong dream" bullshit. I'm so sick of her.

No. 812737

Since she dropped back onto Tattoo Kun I'm betting on him. This seems right up his guru stuff ball pythons can be seen as relaxation given how docile they are.

No. 812740

Ball pythons are so easy to care for and yet I cringe to think of her not taking the care for proper heating and humidity and the first time she feeds is going to be a trip for her I wonder which slave gets to clean the cage?
That gecko is totally dead though. She doesn’t have the fucking patience and knowledge. People that flex with live animals are the worst.

No. 812741

I doubt it’ll remain docile with the way she screeches and fucks around the house.

No. 812742

Countdown to overnight reptile expert when someone tries to educate her on proper snake care.

No. 812743

She'll have a meltdown and claim that she was once a vet and saved countless animals

No. 812744

You’re not far off, she’s already claimed to have volunteered for a vet (probably counting her donations to the wolf sanctuary for her buddy as “volunteer work”)

No. 812746

Wow so she's a leading vet, master of languages, actress, Olympian, musician and a top relator. I don't know how anyone can take her seriously. None of her lies are believable.

No. 812756

Oh god… I bet she will feed live rodents and laugh. What a fucking psycho she is

No. 812757

Probably frozen. But feeding snakes really is fun lol

No. 812762

didn't she smash a lizard with a shoe some time ago because she didn't know what it even was?

No. 812783

She's going to use this in shoots isn't she? I hope it fucking bites her.

No. 812805

That's just it though they are that docile. It's why they are called ball pythons they ball up when scared. We're going to be seeing a balled up terrified snake that very well could stress itself to death from her being the loud annoying pos that she is.

No. 812816

You’re so dumb

No. 812824

No one does. Her fans just want her to take her clothes off and do porn, not speak. Her "friends" are literally just paid to be there.

Was that her? Wouldn't be surprised if she "accidentally" stepped on the one she got.

Anon is right, though. The way Mariah acts is gonna have that snake on attack mode and the gecko dead real quick.

No. 812828


Yes she crushed a little lizard or something that got into her house back in #79. Post is here >>569586

No. 812846

I think that's a pretty decent reenactment of Penis Landscape by Giger, don't be so harsh on her.

No. 812861

What kind of monster does this? Genuine question. That baby lizard is nearly turned inside out. Her oversize load ass really couldn't be bothered to put a cup over it or something?

Maybe she'll have fun watching baby mice being crushed alive too. Or will she just make someone else feed her python?

No. 812865

My bet is she makes someone else feed the snake and certainly she won’t clean up the shit after he eats. Any bets on her catching salmonella when she doesn’t do proper care? Lol

No. 812866

Nta, but why? That was an accurate depiction.

Still amused at how many anons in that thread cried nitpicking over that incident, yet here Moo is claiming that owning snakes and other reptiles has been her life's dream. I wonder who she's trying to impress now. Or, maybe it's like someone else said and she's trying to copy Bishoujomom.

Unfortunately, I think it's more likely that this snake is going to die due to stress that she puts it through or lack of proper humidity in the tank. I hope she goes into cardiac arrest, the fat fuck.

No. 812869

Guess she became bored of her "ragdoll ranch" already. Does she still have all the cats or do you think she'll rehome some during her next move?

No. 812872

Rehoming would requiring her to admit she made a mistake getting so many
She'll just let them piss everywhere and get sick and run a muck

No. 812874

The fact she hasn't named her snake yet gives me the impression she just doesn't give a shit. Like no introduction? Just look at the snake I bought uwu.

No. 812876

It's a prop to her. She's "always wanted one" so now she's living her TND dream. She doesn't see animals as living things with autonomy. Moo is the kind of retard to be upset and immediately rehome a snake after it bites her for being an incompetent caretaker.

No. 812886

I haven't seen the black cat lately. Then again she rarely showed it off since the cat isn't photogenic or will hold still for her. I also remember one of her cats was terminal. So she took it to that wolf rescue place because reasons? But she legally can't own any more cats, so reptiles.

No. 812892

Apologies for the reptile owner sperg but this is the first time she's genuinely stressed me out. She's got the entirely wrong substrate and habitat going on for her leopard gecko.

It's going to get sick and unwell and as she'll probably likely handle it and stress it out, and it'll drop it's tail. Leopard geckos store a lot of their fat in their tails, so unlike a crested gecko, if they drop it it's pretty bad and they need a lot of TLC.

No. 812894

She named the snake Gorgon and the Gecko is Kaiser.

Pretty sure shes actually over the legal limit, last I checked she has 4 and you can't have more than 3 per residence.

No. 812895

Why hasn't she been reported yet?

No. 812896

Because no one actually cares. She's is not in a real hoarding situation where these cats are in danger. She has 5, not 200. The police really wouldn't give a shit and neither will the city. They are fed, 'cared' for.

No. 812898

And, she hasn't been audited like other ewhores because.. ?

No. 812899


That does bring up a question if she has them registered. Las Vegas requires you have a pet licence for each of them and you have to pay money each year($25 or $10 for neutered).

Also required to have a licence tag on their collars at all time.

No. 812901

She's not a cat fancier though so she doesn't have a permit and doesn't have to pay anything. >>812898
Are these supposed to be common? Wtf Unless she has hoarding conditions of someone with 200 cats, no one will ever come audit her. She's not abusing her animals from what we've seen. Relax.

No. 812903

Thats incorrect, Las Vegas requires every dog, cat and ferret to have a pet licence.(Ordinance 7.08.010)

Fanciers are a different licence that allows you to own up to 6 for breeding, exhibitions and pet shows. (7.08.170)

No. 812905

Who cares. Until one of them ends up injured again or dead, she's just a neglectful owner. Mariah is a shit person and owner, the snake and gecko saga is going to inevitably show that in time. Worry about it then.

No. 812912

Neglect is a form of abuse, but alright.

No. 812919

What do you want us to do about it, anon?

No. 813010

File: 1609734553981.jpeg (1.51 MB, 1242x2033, 516E3B57-1FF4-4E42-9042-7C771D…)

Already in over your head, Moo?

No. 813020

because it's cow tipping if we do it. We're just here to watch.
No one cares enough to actually report her outside of lolcow.
it has begun
usually people research for months before getting a pet. She is impulse buying out of boredom

No. 813032

Oh, look, a piece of shit.

No. 813048

It’ll be the other way around with a snake that big

No. 813052

thats a small snake though.

No. 813053

She looks soulless

No. 813067

I was thinking the same thing, tasteless idiots that get money always do dumb shit like this with it

No. 813096

Reporting animal abuse isn't cow tipping you newfag.

No. 813098

A ball python can grow pretty big

Idk if big enough to eat a cat but definitely not a little pocket cornsnake

No. 813114

you know she's really regretting it if she's asking for advice - normally she's already an expert at everything and throws an "ACTUALLY I've known that since I was in the womb how dare you think I don't know what I'm doing" whenever anyone gives her help

except she's not abusing her animals, autist. yeah, I think she's reckless and stupid and selfish, but owning the amount of cars she does without a license isn't "abusive"

No. 813154

Yeah but lets be honest. She wont be keeping this snake for more than a year before we hear how her heart is broken from death, the snake "escaping", or a courageous tale of how she rehomed it for the better good while claiming "snakes should never be kept in a home" thus passive aggressively throwing shade at responsible pet owners for her failure.

No. 813155

Hahahaha, she's more Plastic Surgery Disasters than Frankenchrist though

No. 813156

Does she still have Jaeda? I think that was her name. Her old cat

No. 813157

Hopefully an anon who gives a hoot will know. All I know is she had 4, I think she bought one more cat after one of hers was terminal. We haven't seen Jaeda OR the black cat in a while. But knowing Moo reads here, if she does have them she will get one of her slaves to groom them really quick and take pictures of them.

Honestly I'm somewhat glad she convinces her orbiters to live with her or else those cats would have died a while ago from neglect.

No. 813161

I would assume so or it would have been plastered everywhere how much she loves and misses her. She hasn’t updated her cat Insta since early October.

Last I heard she had a total of 6 cats from one of her stories but didn’t save it, definitely has at least 4 unless some have died.

No. 813182

Ball pythons only get to be about 3-6 ft depending on whether they are male or female. As far as pythons go not really big but they CAN become aggressive af and certainly can fuck up warm blooded animals even if they don’t eat them. But we go through this every time this dipshit gets a new animal. With any luck she “regifts” these before real harm happens. Also another thing she probably doesn’t know yet- theres a smell to them, and it isn’t always pleasant. Cant wait to see that freak out since she probably has others cleaning the cat box

No. 813246

It still blows my mind that she's so lazy she needs groomers to come to for her cats. They do house calls which is the lazy cherry on top. Multiple people live in her house and somehow they cant take the 15 minutes to sit in front of the TV and brush them? I think she posted a picture of Jaeda right before her gun sperg on her story, but the black cat that she let escape once before hasnt been shown in a very long time.

No. 813248

Maybe he escaped to freedom. But I think the truth is, she got a black cat because she thought it was edgy and cool. But since it isn't a PB cat she lost interest. That and most cats wont let you just pick them up like ragdolls who are bred to basically go limp when you pick them up. If a cat doesn't like you, it doesn't like you. If the black cat went missing, I'm sure Moo wouldn't notice

No. 813283

Jaeda is still alive. The kitten that had FPV (?) is still alive. All the cats are alive pretty much.

No. 813295

So she has double the amount of cats she's suppose to have and now 2 other pets she has no idea about. So she's just going to scream at her friends to care for them. I wonder how long before they snap
Square is in charge of caring for her plants, Maddie cleans the litter boxes and fills their bowls, groomer comes by when Moo remembers her cats exist. Moo's responsibilities are none

No. 813297

She technically has 6 cats (one of them is her "cousin's cat" and is the one that was overweight and striped), and two reptiles. She was even mentioning getting more reptiles at a later date in her instastory. I'm more surprised she didn't get a dog or something. With her bad bitch person I would've expected a German Shepard, a pittie or some other ~dangerous dog~.

No. 813325

If she did get a dog it wouldn’t be a “dangerous” breed. It would be some kind of small toy breed she could tote around and get attention from strangers. Because pets are accessories. She’s get some chihuahua or Pomeranian and name it fucking… Gilgamesh or some other Fate/Stay name.

No. 813349

dogs actually demand attention and love. They aren't as independent as cats or snakes.
Honestly she would probably find it annoying to have around and train

No. 813355

That's kind of what groomers are for. Lazy or not, it's also nails, ears, glands.. Is rather a professional clean her cats

No. 813393

Yeah. The real bullshit is her having a nail tech do a house-call for her sausages. I can't imagine how disgusting it is for her since we've seen when she gets under them

No. 813403

Yeah that thing is going to be dead in 2 months.

No. 813409

I know it doesn't have much relationship, but does anyone know how to put that effect to see the defects in the photos? that they always put in the pictures of this pig woman?

No. 813422

Are you kidding? She'd love to flex some big scary looking breed like she flexes her guns, I could totally see her doing photoshoots with some kind of dobermann or rottweiler acting like a bad bitch.

No. 813462

I'd give it at least a year and a half, since she lives with multiple people. It won't be in good condition, but it'll hopefully live long to at the very least be rehomed when she decides she's tired of it. That's the only endgame I see for this poor snake.

No. 813477

Hopefully. Snakes can live a while without food. Best case scenario is the snake refuses to eat so she gives it back to the buyer

No. 813503

I really can’t wait to see what happens those times the snake eats aggressively. And anyone who’s owned a snake can fill in the blanks here on the gross things I’m thinking about that happen. Circle of life and all.

No. 813587

Can't wait for the instagram videos of her with the caption "badass bitch" while feeding pinkies to her poor snake.

She'll be so upset when she realizes she can't feed it dead mice every day, flaunting the same caption every time, proving how much of a ~boomer-babe~ she is.

No. 813623

shhh anon, don’t give moo ideas

No. 813632

File: 1609902035223.jpeg (470.71 KB, 2482x1191, 93B73B4E-BEB2-4DC4-9EA7-AAFBB0…)

Sage for old milk since this was posted last thread, but why does she have the fanny pack on in her own house while wearing pajamas? I know the easy answer is to hide her waist but it just makes it way more noticeable. She can't really think she's fooling anyone, right?

No. 813641

Silly anon! She needs the fanny pack squeezing her like that since we all know the onesie is far too big and baggy on her now that she’s last all that weight! /s

No. 813660

File: 1609915606011.jpg (108.24 KB, 800x800, efa4333f5aa947e18a40a48ef6e0d8…)

Keep in mind, these aren't pajamas, they're kigurumi.

No. 813663

Because if she bounces it she says it’s because her ass is soooo big and her twerking is soooo good.

No. 813665

thank god it's halal

No. 813668

Could she be diabetic?

No. 813669

If you're referring to the fanny pack, look at the counter >>812204 That's not exactly the meal of a diabetic, but I wouldn't be surprised if she was but not diagnosed.

No. 813744

If it's not about plastic surgery Moo doesn't go see an actual doctor. I don't think she has gotten a full check up in a while. Like all obese people I don't think she enjoys the doctor telling her to lose weight. Worse yet telling her about the list of health conditions she has.
Just being winded from standing up and waddling to the kitchen is not healthy.

No. 813792

Also over time her weight is going to severely impact her joints and there really is no cure for weight bearing joints except for weight loss. I 100% believe that if she were to go to the dr, she would milk that shit.

No. 813803

lets not forget all that lipo suction she gets on a near monthly biases helps her with the fantasy that she's healthy. But her organs don't know that. Her organs would look like that of a 300+ pound woman. Would explain why she gets winded from just standing. But she wont stop eating until she gets a heart attack. And she deserves it for all the fat shaming she has done in the past. So keep eating Moo.

No. 813804

Everyone says this to deathfats and here I am, still waiting to see it in action. The wait is unbearable.

No. 813806

I can't remember when, but when she was pretending to work out/weight lift she hurt herself but pretended it wasn't from 5 minutes of working out. If Moo was ever on a treadmill running at 4mph she would hurt herself. She waddles for a reason

No. 813808

I had the opportunity for a pun with that wait is unbearable line, shit.

I've never actually seen her walk now that she's at this weight considering most of her photos are from the chest up.

No. 813824

waiting for her dumbass take for the storming of the capital when Tattoo Sensei is a Trump supporter

No. 813845

I think Moo is also a Trump supporter. But she isn't that stupid. So I don't think she will say who she supports.

No. 813853

She doesn’t support anyone judging from how she didn’t bother to get off her ass and register to vote. Moo only looks out for Moo.
If she does part her fat sausage lips for a shitty take on the events of today, I hope she gets dragged. She already said she’s more patriotic towards fucking anime than she is for her country lol

No. 813856

File: 1609983005630.jpg (Spoiler Image, 188.42 KB, 720x1099, 20210106_192911.jpg)


No. 813857

File: 1609983061014.jpg (Spoiler Image, 172.96 KB, 720x1097, 20210106_192927.jpg)

No. 813858

File: 1609983098523.jpg (Spoiler Image, 220.11 KB, 720x1188, 20210106_193103.jpg)

No. 813865

Filtered to hell and back and suddenly she's like three shades lighter.

No. 813868

She might as well be a Sakimichan painting at this point. Her body is filtered to hell and painted over, plus her body proportions are completely fucked.

I have a feeling Melony is her new Pochaco, it’s going to be done to death.

No. 813869

I’m waiting for a fly to just wander near her mouth and a leviathan tongue slurps it up. I just seriously cannot stand her open mouth dead fish eye stare. Looking like a blow up doll on life support.

No. 813875

File: 1609986817504.jpg (791.95 KB, 511x910, iaKsmcp.jpg)

No. 813879

I’m pretty sure this was a “baking” themed shoot so she probably threw some flour around

No. 813880

File: 1609990093628.png (Spoiler Image, 1.63 MB, 1410x852, momokunt.png)

Clean your shit.(Nitpick)

No. 813881

I thought the same thing but tbf it's still cleaner than I expected her kitchen to be lol

No. 813903

I guess we know why she only works with Noodle. No other photographer is willing to digitally paint a new body, face and back ground to make her look 150 pounds lighter. I've seen more realistic sim skins than this BS

No. 813904

this shit so blinding lmao holy shit you can barely see the side boob
her pathetic simp really need to waste their money on someone better

No. 813927

she doesn't even use her kitchen though, she dines out for every meal

No. 813948

I'm fucking dead. Her stretch pants down around her ankles looks like she just awkwardly waddled out of the bathroom after being interrupted by something.

Also, her left hand straight up looks like a gnarled chicken talon.

Square is so checked out, knowing that he has hours upon hours of photoshop in his future, that he doesn't care about composition. (Or Mariah is too focused on "muh artistic vision" to allow any input)

No. 813998

I like how she’s saying she’s going to pick up Diamond and Pearl because ever Pokémon youtuber and their mother is playing those rn (observation from my nieces YouTube viewings) I wonder whose attention she’s trying to get in the Pokémon let’s play community.

No. 814021

Why doesn't she pick up Pokemon Platinum and save her money?

No. 814029

She will now that you suggested it. She doesnt' know shit about anything she bandwagons.

No. 814043

File: 1610057748671.jpg (623.24 KB, 1080x2220, 20210107_221205.jpg)


Fucking about with contrast to see all the edits, but this strikes me as odd, the thigh has had the same method used, why the fuck has squarecuck drawn a sad face lmao.
Also beetus knees

No. 814049

File: 1610061964122.png (5.31 MB, 1242x2208, CBDABB16-4A53-41CA-8FAC-05EA6E…)

She has a chameleon now? Does she ever get tired of hoarding shit she doesn’t need and can’t possibly take care of on her own?

No. 814051

why is she accumulating so many reptiles? reptiles are deceptively hard to care for. they all have different specific needs like diet, humidity levels, UVB, etc. and with getting a leopard gecko i wonder if she realizes they can live up to 20 years? plus they need to eat live bugs? she'll probably just get someone else to take care of them when she gets bored.

No. 814053

Her latest dick target is likely into it.

No. 814055

And he's still not going to fuck her.

No. 814056

forgot to get a cap but she has another green gecko. Kevin is home from Florida and took a instastory showing it off. Not sure if it's his or what but it's definitely in her house.

No. 814057

She just says tank. A snake would go in there too.

No. 814060

>My chameleon tank!!

No. 814076

She could stick it in the kitchen so it can eat the bugs from the unkempt mess she calls a home.

No. 814077

Its right in the caption, anon. Learn to fucking read.

No. 814080

Serisouly. You're complaining about some streaks on her dishwashers. There's so many other things wrong with her and you're complaining about streaks

No. 814082

Then post them and learn to sage your shit, anon.

No. 814088

I could never in a million years see moo regularly feed something live bugs. She's not going to keep this thing for long.

No. 814110

This just shows how much she sees animals as objects or something to collect/show off

No. 814115

Tinfoil: Maybe she’s trying to be the new TND, the ‘queen of pettube’ spot is open

No. 814116

So what's up with her and the animal hoarding? Did she finally go off the deep end?

No. 814118

the animal hoarding could be a sign of a mental breakdown and her finally losing it. Not like it matters as long as she keeps the porn coming

No. 814121

Ironically this is a better enclosure than Tay ever had.

No. 814124

That's what its called. Omg anons

No. 814125

What she's currently doing isn't hoarding.

No. 814144

She's on some new money neverland ranch shit, the fuck are you talking about? She just moved houses with 6 cats and instead of focusing on their wellbeing she just bought 3 reptiles in the span of a few days. She also just claimed to spend hours every week watering her houseplants. Definetly not just rebuying plants she has killed.

When is she finding the time to take care of all of these animals, keep her mcmansions clean, squeeze herself into amazon lingerie as the base photo for some digital art, arrange for appointments to maintain the fake parts of her body, taobao dildo shopping, and picking new restaurants to get takeout from everyday? #girlboss

No. 814150

Do you know what an animal hoarders house even looks like? Cops would laugh at the call.

No. 814159

Tinfoil but it's simply because other thots have reptiles or "unique" animals
Juliette & Gabby both have snakes, I think Jnig does too

No. 814180

She was literally asking for help with her lizard on IG a few days ago, it's obvious she hasn't done research on any of this animals. In her comments she was still figuring out what supplies she needed. It's obvious she trying to impress some new dick.

No. 814203

it also seems she's putting Kevin in charge of the reptiles and Maddie in charge of the cats. Also what is going to happen when this is over and they're not at home all day. Or when her friends move out? She's basically saying "you guys have no life right? Take responsibility of these animals I don't care about"
Even if she does get new live in slaves, not every one will be willing to take care of her animals.
To add she's getting MORE animals.
6 cats, 2 geckos, an iguana and a snake. And she admitted she has no idea how to take care of the 4 lives she purchased.

There are many articles of irresponsible pet owners buying pets during quarantine just because they're bored. Moo fits into this

No. 814234

Maddie didn't move with her. Keep up.

No. 814256

Saving for animal sperg but that is a TERRIBLE tank for a chameleon. They need airflow and a mesh cage not a tank. This bitch does NO research. Her leopard gecko should be on paper towels not on substrate as they easily get impacted and die. She’s so fucking stupid and is going to kill those animals and neglect them to shit. Their lives will be terrible!

No. 814257

She called it a chameleon tank, which it is anon, but didn't ever say she got a chameleon. I think she's putting the snake in here. Can we not animal vet sperg?

No. 814259

To add, I think Moo is just a dumbass who didn't know what to look up when doing snake tanks and saw a chameleon tank when its honestly just called a vertical tank. She just bought the one that said chameleon for sale purposes.

If she gets a chameleon then okay, but so far she didn't say she got one.

No. 814260

I saged I can sperg. A snake shouldn’t go in there either. Unless it’s a green python and even then that tank looks too tall and not short enough. She’s getting a chameleon if her saying it’s a chameleon tank wasn’t enough for you idk what’s wrong with you.

No. 814261

Even zoos has vertical tanks so snakes can use their muscles to climb and are in a vertical shallow tank. You can put them in either one anon. Just keep the conditions proper.

No. 814262

A ball python does not need a “chameleon tank” that’s ridiculous they’re not arborist snakes. They’re terrestrial and climb when they want to. That tank is useless no mattter what she chooses to put inside it.

No. 814265

File: 1610145368315.png (845.24 KB, 750x1334, 90DBA741-268D-449B-807B-186080…)

Wtf is this face?

She’s on some rant talking about how she refuses to be “fake nice” and trying to justify being an overall cunt.
“I’ll give back whatever energy you give to me’”

I can’t stand the sound of her voice so I won’t be transcribing the whole thing.

No. 814269

File: 1610146123222.jpg (162.59 KB, 712x1265, 20210108_164541.jpg)

Nice prolapsed ass lips, Moo. Loving the hardened eyebags and droopy ass fucking eyes. What must it be like to not even be in your late 20s and already look and feel like your late 40s.

First part of the rant was her saying she hated how people put on "fake facades" on social media when they're not that nice to begin with.
>Says she has always been "kind and genuine" but never nice.
>Wants content creators to be identified as people and not "perfect humanoids that can't have feewings and don'tknow how to say no."

There's more but it's fucking hard to sit through. Wonder how long these will stay up before she deletes them. Someone really pissed in her tea today. She is definitely trying to get some dick with the reptiles and bringing out this "bad bitch facade" again.

No. 814270

File: 1610146223516.jpg (124.92 KB, 710x520, mariah.jpg)


No. 814274


No. 814275

File: 1610148224087.png (6.68 MB, 1242x2688, D7BF1614-80CD-4110-81FD-5A18B8…)

Man she’s gotta be going through a manic episode or something. Maybe the dick she was chasing rejected her
>”don’t be shocked that I give you back the same fucking energy that you throw at me. Like I’m not here to be a little ~pC pWiNcEsS~ I’m not here for that, I’ve never been here for that, I spits I spit on that, spit.”

No. 814278

File: 1610148454450.png (6.58 MB, 1242x2688, EAEA481E-F482-4B52-82B4-364B55…)

Also posted this tiktok where the girl says “just to clear something up, I never said peace love and positivity, bitch. I will tell you to kill yourself. Get off my profile.” Along with this caption to go with it
Stay classy, Moo.

No. 814279

I know Moo has tried to get plenty of peeps to off themselves. But funnier when you remember she was trying to get clout during suicide awareness month.
But I never seen someone regress so bad. She went back to her teen years. Well can't say she regressed, she's always been this way. But what happened? Did the dick she was after tell her "No fat chicks" or somethin?

Moo, did you finally fire your tard wrangler? But her being the coward she is she wont say who pissed her off because we all know Moo shits herself and waddles away if you just give her a scary look. Keep actin tough Moo.

No. 814281


I saw this interview and got big moo vibes too

No. 814286

Anon needs to photoshop it

No. 814289

Change it to art theft in the headline and we have a pic lol

No. 814295

File: 1610152571907.png (3.51 MB, 1242x2208, A6B240C8-319A-42CD-ABCC-250F2A…)


Here’s the recording in case she deletes later.

No. 814297

File: 1610152744090.jpeg (62.56 KB, 768x525, 84EB62E5-9B54-4373-8953-954B7D…)

Reminds me of one of those fish with human teeth.

No. 814300

Hey at least she’s admitting she’s a bitch kek

No. 814302

This is fucking hilarious, holy shit. Is she not aware of how retarded she sounds and looks? She doesn't look "hard" or like a "bad bitch" for this three minute long chimpout. She looks unstable, unkempt, and like a giant joke.

And this of any merit or praise.. how exactly? Because she's touted herself as a bitch before just like she's touted herself as a peaceful warrior who just wants everyone to love each other. This isn't an epiphany, there is no, "hurr at least she honest uwu", anon. That's what she wants from you so that she can continue acting like a giant cunt without repercussions.

No. 814305

Anon was making a sarcastic joke.

No. 814306


Mariah it’s called professionalism. The “fake nice” facade people put on. Also nice and kind are synonyms dipshit. She’s definitely going to go delete these, so good job anon for saving. A dozen stories about herself and pumping her own ego to the size of her sausage lips (“I roll my eyes at fake girls” while talking out of the most plastic face in the “cosplay” community”). Where is this rage for what’s happening in the US? For the terrorism she can discuss as a woke Arab?

No. 814312

How is she gonna say "don't try to escalate" when she is doing this same thing? She is ranting, being aggressive and escalating?

No. 814313

You got it, anon. Its not worth any merit or praise. It’s just hilarious how after all the sperging out about being “a peaceful warrior muh doodz” that she goes on and on about being some hard bitch who’s never been nice in her life.

No. 814314

She looks like and sounds like Matildas mom. The New Jersey version of Karen. Rude bitch who doesn’t care for anyone but herself.

No. 814321

Tinfoil: Kevin's girlfriend is into reptiles and all sorts of weird pets. Maybe she's trying to be like her?

No. 814325

got to be parroting Tattoo Sensei and his bullshit about not being PC but the joke being that the guys who stormed the Capitol talk and look just like Tattoo Sensei

No. 814332

The one dude who was seen with the painted face and the fuzzy hat even calls him a shaman, just like dear old sensei. How ironic.

No. 814336

Maybe she should take notes from her peers and act like a professional on her instagram accounts busimess or not. Can't imagine being a loyal simp to a primate who constanly has Cardi B chimpouts online.

She ain't no boss bitch if she's forgetting that her simp's pocket change is funding her lifestyle.

I think her new dick chase is into Vore tbh. Maybe when the snake is old enough she'll try and get swallowed by it.

No. 814353

This cow is unhinged. Like she could not be more bothered by some rando ig comments. Who needs to make that many stories saying nothing? Is she back on adderall?

No. 814357

File: 1610170141487.png (1.82 MB, 1242x2208, C82D6A59-6D50-400D-B034-29A092…)

Samefag but she’s deleted everything lol what a coward. So much for that big bad bitch persona.

No. 814361

Kudos for saving this now that it's gone, anon. She's as predictable as ever.

No. 814362

How hard is it to just close your drawers when you open them? Is she four years old or something?

No. 814364

God, I fucking hate that behavior of hers that's equivalent to a rebellious 13 year girl that claim that no one can tell her what to do and shit. But then later sometimes she posts a picture as if she just got done crying.

No. 814365

File: 1610177845293.jpg (616.78 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20210108-233710_Tik…)

Her Jasper wig looks like shit. Lol

No. 814367

File: 1610177916948.jpg (633.25 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20210108-233842_Tik…)

The upcoming poison wig too

No. 814368

> I know Moo has tried to get plenty of peeps to off themselves

Deets on this? I have only kept up with Moo for roughly a year and I’m not going to do a deep dive into 90+ topics

No. 814370

She told someone she would get them bleach to ingest on Twitter and was banned for it. I don't remember which thread it was in, but it was a while ago for sure.

No. 814379

Wasn’t there also something that she bullied someone in high school to the verge of suicide? Really not sure on which thread that was in.

No. 814403

Also her threats against her mom that were dug up before she deleted everything.

No. 814408

I still don't doubt it, but all we had to go off of that was a selfposting anon which doesn't prove anything and a girl on Facebook we never even proved went to her same school.

No. 814409

File: 1610214986162.jpg (526.86 KB, 2048x2048, 1459729923447.jpg)

Every time she spergs out online let's just whip out this cap.

No. 814413

It’s not very hard to imagine when her behaviour on twitter was what it was just 3-5 years ago.

No. 814415

One of the two you mentioned messaged Mariah around the time she posted here and she apologized for the bullying. I think she went by Anakin or something.

The fact that she's been sperging for years just goes to show her "I'm a better person now" bullshit is all just a bunch of lies. We knew that, but Mariah will never stop lying to herself.

No. 814437

Because Moo reads here I wont spill the beans completely. But the irony that so many people say she looks like a man in drag and is cosplaying this character.

No. 814443

because Moo doesn't have a personality and snaps back because of insecurity. One of these days she's going to mess with the wrong person and they're just going to kick the shit out of her

No. 814449

File: 1610230067413.png (1.25 MB, 855x850, Screenshot 2021-01-09 170632.p…)

Hope she doesn't try to make them become friends.

No. 814450

File: 1610230146261.png (794.36 KB, 721x713, Screenshot 2021-01-09 170717.p…)

No. 814453

Their tanks should be in a separate room that the cats arent allowed in. The fact that she's just taking pictures of it like it's fine is a clear sign of her utter retardation. Calling it now, her snake is going to escape, or the cats will figure out how to get into the cage, and it will get killed.

No. 814456

Did she put these in her KITCHEN?! Wtf ? Well we all know she barely uses the kitchen for more than shit tier pictures and selfies but this is the worst place to place reptiles I swear

No. 814458

File: 1610234386557.png (88.62 KB, 487x322, Screenshot 2021-01-09 181948.p…)

No. 814460

File: 1610234579880.png (49.31 KB, 372x277, Screenshot 2021-01-09 182303.p…)

No. 814473

What will get killed - the cat or the snake?

Also, even if that doesn't happen, wouldn't the cat being there stress the snake out? It's not like it's a fish with no idea what's going on outside the tank.

No. 814477

The snake.

No. 814480

File: 1610247883181.png (537.25 KB, 1242x2688, 9D94F460-3BB0-4D79-A2D3-E2951D…)


No. 814481

File: 1610248044350.png (5.22 MB, 1242x2688, 9EF924C6-0CE8-4AA6-AEF5-6384B1…)

I also think the theory about moo getting all the reptiles and stuff because she’s chasing Kevin’s dick are true. (Pic attached is from her story. That’s Kevin’s arm) saged for tinfoil

No. 814483

Nice non-definition in that arm..looks fat like Moo's.

No. 814487

She must mean fat thick cause there's almost no muscle there.

No. 814489

this setup is so wrong for a leopard gecko. the basic setup for them is a 20 gallon terrarium with a heating pad on one side and a warm hide, and two hides on the other side, one dry and one with a moist paper towel. the mulch or wood chips she seems to have is so wrong too- paper towels, repticarpet, or tiles would all be better choices. moo if you lurk here please take better care of your animals. leopard geckos aren't hard to take care of but they're not the kind of lizard that needs a basking lamp. they don't bask like bearded dragons. they absorb heat through their bellies.

No. 814490

He isn't going to fuck you, Moo.

No. 814491

The fact she just brought it home in whatever it was in at the store and did NO preparation for the animal says it all. These were impulse buys she did not think through at all and went in totally blind. I know nothing about reptiles but if leopard geckos are really as high maintenance as the anons are saying they are, then fuck this bitch not even ordering the shit before she got the animal

No. 814492

leopard geckos aren't high maintenance at all, she's just stupid. they can have extremely bare bones set ups like a little tub with a heating pad and be happy. but she's missing basic husbandry like a heating pad, multiple hides of different temps and humidity, and comfortable substrate.

No. 814496

"Changing" doesn't really mean shit if you change into something equally as bad/worse as you were before. I feel like she treats becoming an adult with hyper-cushioned responsibilities as some massive feat because she convinced people to pay for her shitty lifestyle.

Anons say this all the time, but I'm genuinely excited to see where she's at in 10 years. Lipo can only do so much.

No. 814517

Moo's been chasing his dick for ages, didn't his ex even hint at it? I agree with the general assessment though, he ain't going to fuck her.

What happened to the dude who rawdogged her? Only an occasional fling for money perhaps?

No. 814522


She’s on tinder.
Also evidence of her being careless during pandemic.
Fucking random guys on Tinder and visiting family, going to the gym, to restaurants, etc

No. 814531

And somehow she still hasn't gotten covid.

No. 814541

Nice fatceps, lol. He must be on the Moo diet. He'll go far.

No. 814567

this just pisses me off, straight up. she’s asking for heartache. ducking idiot.

No. 814637

Doesn't he only like fit chicks? She can pretend to snap pics at the gym but he sees her irl. That's her problem with every dude. They see her irl. She's lucky she found one paid dick to fuck her a few times. But she's been gaining weight rapidly again

thinking Moo has the capacity to actually feel grief. She will pretend to cry for clout then you will see her doing duck lips at a restaurant the same day.

No. 814656


>>doing duck lips at a restaurant

With the amount of crap in her lips you think she has a choice? Lol

No. 814663

See, that's what she doesn't get. Sute neckbeards hit on her on IG, but her pictures are so edited it's not even really her. When they see her IRL they run screaming and their dicks shrivel up.

No. 814673

File: 1610311623344.png (42.8 KB, 940x538, 120778252_3341205329260690_201…)

You know she would be spouting this nonsense if she didn't piss off the whole body positivity crazies.
She was uttering something similar when KBBQ said she was too fat for him.
Must suck to look down on fat people, when you're usually the biggest cow in the room.

No. 814686

I really hope anons are right about the tank just being called a "chameleon" tank because chameleons are not entry level pets. Their tanks have to be specially humidified and they have really sensitive skin. They're also not supposed to be handled. Moo having two reptiles she doesn't know shit about is already bad enough, but at least the ones she has are common for "baby's first reptile." A chameleon would die in her care within a month.

She must love the smell of musky reptile urine when she's about to eat something. Nothing goes well with extremely temperature-sensitive animals quite like a room full of appliances and windows.

No. 814734

I definitely cannot see her keeping live crickets. It's going to get obese fast and have major issues if she only feeds it undusted dried mealworms. The old saying of pets reflecting their owners rings true in the worst way.

No. 814763

File: 1610342822987.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 158.22 KB, 1080x1345, B3B17052-293E-4683-ACB2-69315C…)


Can you spot the difference kids?

No. 814837

or she could just em[redacted]te it because you know shes so gamur. most ppl already own a copy if they're a fan.

No. 814852


Emulation is the opposite of flexing, the opposite of posturing about being a real fan, and autistic bullshit [redacted]-ing is fucking stupid.

No. 814855

We get it, you support mooriah (or you are her yourself), we're not here to give her support or ideas, scrote.

No. 814866

What happened with this? Did she ever auction off her pussy? Lmao

No. 814872

knowing her she either was too lazy to bother, or tried but massively failed because it requires you to sit still for a while while it cures.

No. 814893

Or umbran keep them all to herself, or big tinfoil- Moo looked at the final product realized what a serious fatass she is, and that it smelled like sour cream and self loathing, and decided not to sell them.
Can you imagine being a normal person and visiting her house? You got cat hair everywhere, reptile cages everywhere and abandoned unwashed sex toys piled up along with boxes of make your own fleshlight. And then you see moo….

No. 814900

My nose could smell that description because it is what she smelled like at anime expo. It haunts me man.

No. 814906

>>814763 don’t do yvie oddly dirty like that anon lol

No. 815020

>>814481 a fat ugly scrote for a super ultra mega fat asshole narc whore with a giant unwashed pussy and fat in all her fucking body. The best couple.

No. 815047

I wonder how long those two could date each other before breaking up because they are both under the delusion that they're too good for each other.

No. 815063

She could date Ryan Reynolds and think she’s too good for it. She’s that narcissistic

No. 815119

File: 1610453166123.jpeg (599.94 KB, 828x1696, 36258856-976E-4A80-AB14-4D8BFC…)

Did anyone see the long rant she just posted on Insta? I don’t have the energy to watch it all this late at night but I want some record of it just in case she deletes it in the morning.

No. 815136

She's ranting that the body positivity movement is unhealthy for people because it's against working out and trying to be better and allows obesity. Some of it I agree with her, but then she went and ruined it by being a giant pick-me and saying fat girls put unrealistic expectations on scrotes as if they don't act picky towards women every fucking day.

No. 815140

File: 1610460629407.png (Spoiler Image, 1.48 MB, 750x1334, 60DEA913-BA3B-413E-86B0-F186F9…)

Basically one long sperg about the body positivity movement, with some autistic pterodactyl screeching peppered in, and her finishing it off with “I’m important I got important shit to say” Lol at the dm she got also, obviously her coomer fans don’t give a fuck what she says

No. 815159

Lurking here isn't good for moos mental health and it's showing.

No. 815160

It's hilarious that she was trying to defend neckbeards by saying women have huge unrealistic expectations of men's bodies and only want muscly men and then some coomer sends her this.

No. 815194

Not mooriah going against body posi community knowing she got to where she is because of being a "plus-size cosplayer uwu" She's such a damn hypocrite why would ANYONE listen to her when the bitch is still a lardass and use lipo to fix herself?

No. 815208

>>815140 please somebody make a meme with that photo KEK

No. 815212

Lots of guys like fat hirls, Moo. They just hate you because you're fake positivity and always did what you coukd to not be that fat girl even when you're always the fattest in the group.

No. 815220

Honestly sometimes I wonder if her roommates here that and either die laughing or try and avoid her the next day because they know she's manic again.

No. 815221

All her husbandos that she posts are skinny men? So???

No. 815224

She's preaching to coomers who don't give a shit. They're obviously into fat girls if they're moo orbiters. Also women are allowed to favour a type of man or woman. It's basic biology.

No. 815244

No. 815259

Sounds like this was a video talking to herself. Mentioning eating constantly like a monkey but it's okay because she can "fix it". All said with her vile hotdogs lips and nasty nails.

No. 815262

wtf is she mooing about. In fact she would be morbidly obese by now if it wasn't for the lipo
She would still be in the body positivity movement if she didn't get caught for the lipo and fat shaming other cosplayers (A lot who were thinner than her)
She's a self hating obese chick and she takes her anger out on other people.
She should be morbidly obese by now if it wasn't for all the lipo. she hates working out, and loves eating food in excess. Delusional cow

No. 815288

Moo's points:
>body positivity community encourages bad eating and social habits, wants you to stay fat
>obese cows only expect to be fucked by ripped sexy men
>feels triggered by the fact that body positive community gatekeep and says "X is for plus sized women"
>calls them lazy because they don't hold men accountable for the same standards and don't want to fuck "fat men"

Don't be shy, Mariah. Keep your rants up.
Aren't you talking about yourself? Show your exes. Who do YOU fuck? What do YOU eat? When was the last time YOU streamed yourself at the gym? Pick me girl

No. 815290

honestly a good portion of her followers probably don't even speak english

No. 815297


She also said body positive women are unhealthy

No. 815300

the fuckin irony. It was like she was making fun of herself.
But just goes to show she still hates/looks down on fat girls despite being the biggest girl in the room.
And no Moo, lipo suction and photoshop isn't helping you. We've seen your candids

No. 815301

I couldn't even make it through one. Listening to her feels like brain damage? Why is she such a nasty unpleasant pickme? With her MRA talking points about women pushing their oppressive standards on poor men.

And then going about how body positivity isn't for her because she """likes""" and """wants""" to exercise and eat healthy? Lmao bitch we saw your dorritos and donuts. We see your extravagant daily restaurant meals. We seen you with your turtle lips and posing with lipo fat. The delusion, jesus.

No. 815302

This was embarassing for her.
She originally built her platform on body positivity. When she started to deviate from what it actually meant at the time is when the community went against her. She performed mental gymnastics to justify her bullshit. Now she's in a place where she is not wanted because she's burnt so many bridges. She's not welcome in the community because she exiled herself from it.

Replace "body positivity community" with "cosplay community" and you're reliving a rant she's giving 10,000 times before because this pick me refuses to believe she is indeed the problem. I also cringed and had a hard time because I thought "wow, the lack of self awareness is real". Nothing new has been born since she tends to sperge but wow.

No. 815313

File: 1610487076818.jpg (703.16 KB, 1439x2489, Screenshot_20210112-163103_Chr…)

Her website bio still literally says it lol

No. 815314

she hasn't touched this in forever. I don't think she knows what to put since she's none of the things she listed there. What can she put? That she's a porn thot?

No. 815316

And because this was posted here she's going to quickly edit or delete it now lmao.

No. 815325

Honestly no one is going to look at Moo as a symbol of health when she mentioned eating a normal diet of 1200 calories a day of home cooked meals was anorexic eating.

She should be more honest and just say "Liposuction your way to victory! If you gain more? Just get more lipo!"

No. 815327

She keeps sperging with these supposed “bad bitch” chimpouts during the early AM hours but is so afraid of there being blow black during the time people are actually awake that she mass deletes all her stories. She’s such a fucking coward and it’s hilarious how much she’s projecting. But tell us again Moo, how are those “therapy sessions” working out? lol

No. 815331

More than likely she started drinking/getting high on something before bed again to help her pass out. And by morning she sees the stupid videos she posted and quickly deletes them.

She has mentioned she isn't happy about the "holiday weight gain" and it's been stressing her out. She wont say how much weight she's gained, but it's enough where she's trying to cope by leaning back on bad habits again.
But instead of I dunno, going on a diet she's going to keep eating and get more plastic surgery.
Any small amount of stress causes her to spiral. She can break a nail and it will cause her to chimp out and emotionally eat

No. 815334

She's describing herself lmao. She IS the fat girl always batting way out of her league. She's also fatter than most fat cosplayers at this point. Liposuction doesn't make you skinny, Moo.

No. 815335

No. 815341

It's also always just her face only and with a filter. Like who is that terrified of people seeing them neck down, especially when they claw at their vagina on camera for a living? She probably looks huge rn and will keep having these meltdowns until her next round of lipo.
>You should never body shame or be ashamed of your body!
>If you have big arms or a big stomach that's bad
>Fat women only want muscular men because they're lazy(???)
>Don't body shame! Body positivity is fake and dangerous! But it's bad to be fat! Except love yourself no matter what!
Imagine living in that head

No. 815343

She’s just mad that she can’t claim body positivity anymore because she has had half a dozen or more plastic surgeries. Chin twice, arms, legs, stomach 3 times, and I’m pretty sure she did something with her eyes, filler, lips 5000 times. Just say you hard yourself and go

No. 815346

>>815344 stop spaming that fucking link everywhere idiot. Stfo.

No. 815348

>>815341 this whale weights 300lbs at least. Stop eating all the day, move your botched fat ugly body from your house and go to the gym. Has the most awful body i have seen in my entire life.

No. 815369

File: 1610503784220.png (4.68 MB, 828x1792, 3FDB8759-D9DA-45BB-8121-22EE32…)

Did Mariah convince Umbran to do her lips too?(>>>calves thread)

No. 815370

what was that movie where adam sandler played his own sister again?

No. 815374

fitting that her hair looks like a butchered mess with the quality of her helmets she calls wigs. She couldn't even cut her bangs straight

No. 815376

File: 1610506207127.jpg (171.87 KB, 715x1272, 20210112_204635.jpg)

Man she is really unhinged lately

No. 815377

File: 1610506227602.jpeg (713.25 KB, 828x1464, C0CC409C-088F-4C65-8F3F-2CB928…)

Yo it’s a fucking yikes from me chief idek where to begin with this one lmao.

No. 815378

Lmao muscely men are gross, beauty is subjective MooMoo

No. 815379

She seems bothered about her "Cosplay" career
Hurry and make another porn set/video Moo so you can pay your bills.

No. 815380

Whale dumb whore fat ugly narc giant nasty pussy hairy black ass fat fat fat Kevin doesn't want your fat and awful body and personality stupid fucking bitch attention seeker scrote lover stalker and abuser

No. 815383

Lol someone got her BUTTHURT or she's lurking here yet again, especially since she needs to do her advice.

No. 815385

File: 1610507708493.png (7.05 MB, 1242x2688, 3A94EC8E-286E-44C5-864D-58E864…)

Someone really pissed Moo off tonight.
She’s quoting some Joanne the scammer video.
>”We don’t smell alike. We don’t know none of the same people. We don’t go to none of the same places. We don’t even do brunch together. Wonder why, cause you are THAT and I’m THIS. You don’t compare what you don’t compete. You can’t even get highlights in your hair bitch. Don’t. Do it. Again. It’s foolish, honestly, truly.”

No. 815387

She talks about pissing off "sjw's" but she's the only one acting like a pissed off psycho. Keep acting like an unhinged Onision Mariah, it's hilarious.

Your cosplays are always low-tier, Mariah. You should probably fix your dollar store tier wigs before you start complaining about someone else's.

She's the last person who should be talking about someone's hair after hers got fried and fell out. People should see it as a blessing if they don't smell like her sweaty hotdog water smelling ass.

No. 815388

This is rich coming from the woman who gets most of her costumes from Aliexpress/taobao and wears literal crunchy helmets for wigs courtesy of her hack friend.
And what cosplay career? You do porn Moo. Live with it.

No. 815389

Imagine being in your mid 20s and still being this much of a tryhard edgelord. She's so embarrassing lol

No. 815390

Making fun of SJWs was so 2016. Chasing unwashed dick isn't a hobby. Someone please send her a copy of "he's just not that into you".
She's mentally 15 kek.

No. 815391

Some balding obese narc who can't be bothered to shower or brush her hair is competition to no one. But whatever makes you feel better

No. 815392

My tinfoil that shes chasing Kevin’s dick keeps gnawing at me. First it was yu-gi-oh and now this. Kevin loves owning the sjw’s and the libs so I guess it’s become moo’s new favorite hobby lmfaoo

No. 815396

Hm, fat women who have bad eating and social habits and chase after fit men? Sounds familiar.

Too bad she doesn't have any real or useful hobbies. Dunking on sjw's won't burn calories.

No. 815398

I can't stop laughing at how genuinely depressed this cat looks to be held by this basket case.

No. 815400

Therapy must've not have worked out for Moo. It's okay though! She's unbothered by the SJW's!!! Hopefully the mental gymnastics will help her lose all that holiday weight!!!

No. 815401

Lol, didn't an anon just mention Jaeda and the black cat a few days ago?

No. 815402

They sure did. Look at who keeps making it more and more obvious that they refresh the page several times a day lmao

No. 815404

I think she’s been thirsting for him for a long time. It’s why she’s turned very anti snowflake, pro gun, liking anti blm movement, etc. I wouldn’t be surprised if in private Kevin has been in full support of the Capitol Hill riot and she’s speaking out against the SJWs to show she’s in his side.

No. 815405

File: 1610515811602.jpeg (81.82 KB, 750x949, 4702B1F6-2C7E-4E08-ADFB-68CF19…)

What? Being locked in a room all day isn’t fun for a cat?

No. 815407

Funny how depending on the dick she's chasing her personality shifts.
Chasing tattoo kun? Peace and love mother figure. Don't fight guys! Don't be toxic
Now? Back to bad bitch mode. Again, if she just got one slap to the face she would be on the ground crying and pissing herself.

No. 815408

>if she just got one slap to the face she would be on the ground crying and pissing herself.

Yep. When she got called out for being momolester and trying to blame ADHD, she was talking a ton of shit and trying to act like a bad bitch. Someone approached her after that and Mariah had a look of terror on her face even though it was just a fan. One of the reasons why she surrounds herself with paid off friends is because she knows she'd get one-shotted in a fight. She can waddle away while they confront the person.

No. 815409

She sure as fuck wasn't on team Nicoletters when she broke up with Kevin so that spells out alot about how Moo feels about other women she knows

No. 815411

Moo admitted it's a fetish for hers to sleep with other girls boyfriends. Makes her feel better because they "picked her" when in reality it was a one night stand, no one actually dated her.
That's why she is thirsting over Kevin. So she can feel like she beat Nicoletters. She did it a lot in high school. But that was when she was 200 pounds lighter.

He might fuck you for 10k Moo. It wont be good, but hey! It's something.

No. 815412

She would be desperate enough to pay $10k for a pity fuck.

No. 815413

Funny how she says this as if her ill-fitting Mt. Lady bodysuit she keeps posting isn't from amazon lmao

No. 815415

Once again showing off her money. This is why the cosplay community hates your ugly fucking fat bloated ass. “Anyone can cosplay” ring a bell much, Notorious P.I.G? Not everyone can afford a crunchy Cumbrian Bitch wig or Shutty costume commission from flashing their unwashed asshole.. She’s so proud of the fact she makes money from flashing her gross unwashed smegma covered beef curtains and somehow thinks she better than everyone. God. I can’t wait for you to die from a fucking heart attack or liver failure, you absolute waste of human life.

No. 815418

You’d think by now she’d realize everything she says digs her hole even deeper and she should shut the fuck up, post her porn, collect her cuckbucks, and go. But she will never understand this. That’s why she will be a lolcow forever.

No. 815419

Jesus she looks like Michael Jackson if he was in Shark Tale.

No. 815420

Every time she opens her mouth she proves how inferior she is to the people she whines about. No amount of money is going to change that since she spends it as soon as it enters her account.

No. 815421

There are a lot of porn stars who make more money than her who are more humble than this. Hell, most normies live a similar life style without showing their asshole.
Moo is the type of "rich" person to be impressed by a bidet and gaudy gucci crap.
She reminds me of those teens on tik tok who flex anything, except they're young. Moo has no excuse. She's in her mid 20's

No. 815422


No. 815427

It's honestly pathetic and sad, imagine having such a lack of self and being so insecure that you morph all of your interests based on whatever guy you're desperately changing. She can act as tough as she always has, but this shit says more than enough. Especially when she inevitably posts some "wahh this is bullshit I'm tired of being everyone's golden goose" garbage like she always inevitably does. Like yeah idiot, that's what happens when everything you do is for men's approval.

No. 815428

Saging for Armchairfag, I don’t think it’s far fetched to question maybe she likes cucking herself financially with men she can’t have, because maybe she likes complaining about being the golden goose?

No. 815436

Nta but it makes sense considering her victim complex that she switches into every so often.

No. 815439

I haven't checked in on a Moo thread for maybe six months and then I come back to see… Whatever the fuck she is now. Good lord.

No. 815446

She’s been even more of a cunt than usual these days, it just reeks of insecurity. Wonder who rejected her.

No. 815447

Hope she continues sperging and being ~unbothered~, it's hilarious. So much full fat milk from Moo lately.

No. 815449

Honestlt, the lips are the worst thing about her look right now. I looked at her older photos and holy shit she looked so much better. Her lips look like someone botched plastic surgery on her.

No. 815451

It'll be nice when that day finally comes. Someone's going to break her nose and she won't be ready for it.

No. 815458

She only acts like a bitch online from the safety of her phone, or acts like that with men (whom she knows won't knock her fat ass out). People have seen her be heckled by girls at cons, and she doesn't say shit. Because she's a chicken shit loser that's mad at the world. Not our fault your face, body, and hair are busted. Best to just stay at home and keep spending your cuck bucks to feel like you're worth something. Must suck to be the rare woman that has to pay men to sleep with you.

No. 815467

14+ rounds of lipo and multiple (botched) fillers later, as useless as bodypos is for most self-hating fatties, shes one of the few who couldve used it to their advantage.
aside from that, her mannerisms are obnoxious in general but the way she emotes is fucking repulsive.

No. 815471

File: 1610543435751.jpg (409.17 KB, 1440x1920, reesespuffpizza.jpg)

Sage for OT, but why is Moo's old Mei cosplay on my cereal box?

No. 815489

I can't stop laughing. She wishes she was still that skinny.

No. 815500

An "unbothered" person doesn't reply to hate messages within minutes. She has a million followers yet can respond to negative replies in 4 minutes. She just sits on IG all day waiting for a chance to "tell people off". She's pathetic.

No. 815508

File: 1610548284031.jpeg (189.24 KB, 750x838, 3886F624-F02B-44F2-B869-C153BD…)

Saged for tinfoil and Nta but her “1m” .. lol. these kind of comments feel very indicative of bought followers, 20k likes after 10 days? With 1 mil?

No. 815512

Yeah, it was me. Good to see Jaeda is alive and well, at least.

No. 815516

I think for a social media profile to be considered “healthy” by brands they need 10% engagement from total followers. So 20k is pretty low, and if she’s padding her numbers it might be worse. But there are also a lot of weird guys who spam their timeline of girls with emojis just to see if one bites, so maybe some are real

No. 815525

Imagine bragging about 1mil followers and you only get five comments in two days. She’s so fucking embarrassing holy shit.

No. 815528

that would also explain why out of the 150 photobooks she had for sale, she only managed to sell half of them.

No. 815529

I notice lately how she has been going off on how good she smells, even going as far as making Maddie say on the interview that she smells good. I guess after years of people mentioning she stinks to high heaven it got to her. Which is stupid, just take a shower Moo.

jfc Moo you have to buy comments and likes? It's always bad to buy followers for this reason. But hey, she likes throwing away money

No. 815531

These posts are already gone lmfao moo couldn’t handle the heat

No. 815584

you guys reminded her that she fucked a fat zelda tattoo having retard and now her adhd and insecurites have flared up and she's trying to use it as leverage LOL

No. 815592

File: 1610565100495.png (379.09 KB, 576x698, TAMHNRY.png)

>looks around room
>sees at least 2 open drawers

pic related

No. 815596

File: 1610565591120.jpg (1.54 MB, 936x1054, fcRc2sc.jpg)

How is she gonna read people when she looked like this with commissioned shit?

No. 815600

Moo doesn't have real friends if she's out here looking this bad.

No. 815602

does anybody have her boy on girl and girl on girl paya set I'm not paying for that shit(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 815607

File: 1610568026917.png (7.23 MB, 1794x1800, 3D6C0921-FD79-45BE-B997-9FFC3B…)

It’s like she forgets the internet exists and a simple google search shows all of her shitty cosplays lol
I never forgot this mess.

No. 815610


Oh my GOD I thought the photo on the left was a veil over her face and her back rolls were cleavage until I scanned across to the right for context.

No. 815613

A costume so horrible that even its scummy ass maker, DesingerDaddy, disowned it.

No. 815614


Jesus christ her back rolls have a better shape than her actual tits

No. 815629

Imagine flexing money like this when a lot of people are suffering unemployment due to covid. Stay classy, Cunt.

No. 815633

It’s still pretty funny knowing she paid designer daddy likely thousands of dollars for this cosplay. I always wonder if he made it bad on purpose.

No. 815639

File: 1610577042901.jpg (1.26 MB, 1080x1339, iMeDCYo.jpg)

No he's just that shit we just don't see it much cause Disney fags aren't always cosplayers. Stealing image from the cosplay cringe thread in w. Girl paid nearly 3k for this

No. 815640


Weird nitpick but a person cannot be “Arabic”; it’s “Arab”. What a moron.

No. 815651

It’s a shame the designer daddy thread went under, the dude is so milky and delusional. Moo was dressed in head to toe in 2.50 a yard curtain fabric that in no way would have cost 3000 to make that tamamo monstrosity

No. 815667

Christ this looks like a Nightmare Before Christmas shotgun-wedding disaster.

She looks like Snarf in drag.

No. 815682

Quick glance and I thought this was Maddie

No. 815687

File: 1610597658852.jpg (36.51 KB, 800x450, Screen_Shot_2017-07-24_at_2.33…)

Moo is the epitome of this meme.

No. 815689

File: 1610599241798.jpeg (41.38 KB, 480x640, uUbw8zK.jpeg)

an anon in the cringe thread said they even know the 99 cent fabric store in the fashion district he goes to. Moo probably paid 3k for maybe 90$ worth of cheap fabric. She used to boast her never seen Albedo dress was 3k as well. I'm positive it was made by him but never posted after the backlash she brought to his posts on them. And given how he hides a lot of his lack of skill in giant ballgowns. I can't imagine the nightmare in lace it was.

No. 815690

You're free to bump it if you have fresh milk, anon. That one anon over in the thread said they were finding receipts about him being such a well known clout chaser and yet they never came back. It's been two years.

No. 815700

File: 1610605189786.png (2.63 MB, 1242x2208, E5FF6533-3C6E-409D-988A-E92241…)

Yup… chameleon. The animal hoard continues.

No. 815703

Samefag but I’m not sure if it’s a chameleon or not but it’s yet another pet she’ll neglect.

No. 815704

Lmao where was that anon who kept sperging about it being only a tank name and how Moo wasn't getting another reptile? Here it is.

This poor thing, seriously. I doubt Kevin gives a shit. He isn't going to fuck you, Moo. You're hideous.

No. 815705

It's a gecko and its name is Yoshi, according to Kevin. He was the first to officially post about it. This makes me think Moo "bought it for him" but I cannot confirm.

No. 815708

Well, she did drop god knows how much money on the tank for it so it’s a pretty good chance she paid for it too. Does Kevin even have a job?

No. 815709

Making shit for Moo. Otherwise no.

No. 815713


…that is not a chameleon, it's an Anole. Have you ever seen a chameleon before, anon?

No. 815725

Did you read the comment below the post anon?

No. 815726

Either way, it’s 3 different reptiles. A leopard gecko, a ball python and an Anole. On top of 5 cats that she needs to pay a groomer to do house calls for already. Even if the Anole belongs to Kevin the gecko and python posted earlier are hers.

No. 815728

File: 1610620463421.png (2.89 MB, 1242x2208, FAC45861-CD5D-4580-8059-1337F6…)

I don’t think she ever stops eating. This was posted at nearly 2am.

No. 815735

If she gets a chameleon, she's gonna break all its poor ribs from handling it, too. That thing is gonna have a rough life along with all her other reptiles.

No. 815737

Never thought she'll turn into animal hoarder like TND. What's next, heroin?

No. 815743

She has no impulse control. Anything that gives her the slightest hit of dopamine becomes overused. Food, lipo, lip injections, and now pets.

No. 815747

File: 1610636183910.png (1.07 MB, 750x1334, 8C2EA47F-8CF5-4B60-BC53-6B574F…)

Ironic fake deep picture for a literal fleshlight found in a bathroom floor
Nta but I’m still stuck on the fact this cow thinks she can change her name, delete all her content in the future and live a normal life as a teacher. We are going to have a 50 year old cow looking 120 still on onlyfans because she has no applicable skills. kek

No. 815761

File: 1610640245149.png (4.35 MB, 828x1792, 73B4A09C-88E3-4BC0-8E7D-C0306A…)

And now she’s giving weight loss advice on tiktok about protein drinks?

No. 815764

Shitty advertisement, thinks she has an avenue to talk about fitness/ weight loss because of her dad’s accomplishments.
When her reality is she cheated at the game of losing weight and still lost because she can’t stop eating.

No. 815770

His dresses are really only meant for small childrens costume dresses. It was cute when he did it for his daughter, it's cringe seeing it on an adult

No. 815772

Well she did mention in her now deleted tok tok video that she's different than other fat girls because she can fix it.
However when she said that she had a weird expression on her face. She meant "fix it" via liposuction.
But no, she never stops eating

It's funny you mention that. It wouldn't be a stretch since a few years ago during a con her and her friends were doing hard drugs like that in their hotel room. I don't think Moo touched the stuff since, but she certainly isn't beneath it.

No. 815774

Moo would hate to be a teacher. She's as dumb as a rock, would snap back at students who are smarter than her and finally go to jail for fucking her jock students. Moo has no legit plan B for when Porn is no longer an option.
Right now she's telling people she's a relator. Kinda like how before she said she was a secret translator for manga. Or her other ~secret~ connections she had. She doesn't want to admit that she's just a basic porn thot, spending every penny to flex to pretend she's more important than she really is.

No. 815776

Honestly I think she was sponsored by a shady weight loss company. This is the fit tea shit all over again.

No. 815777

Fix it?? Even after multiple rounds of lipo she still can’t fix her weight gain. Also I’d rather be 275lbs and a decent human being then whatever mangled mess she is with an even worse personality

No. 815778

Mariah, you're close to 300lbs. Stop giving weight loss and health advice cause you clearly can't lose any and one step away from diabetes if you don't have it already.

And just like TND, she'll take it too far because the bitch can't control herself with anything. When she tasted a little bit of weed, it's all she did 24/7 and her weight and drama blew up during that time. Pretty much like it is now cause she can't keep her fucking mouth shut and her hands out of her bank account.

No. 815782

She would be unable to teach for the main reason of: She plastered her real name to her porn.
Any student who googled her would find her porn, it leads to an imbalance in the classroom and leads to an inappropriate relationship between student and teacher.

Besides what >>815774 said is also true, she's a retard and can't control her temper.

No. 815788

Moo as a teacher would walk in. Think every boy in class in looking at her. Act smug, would bend over to pick up a pen wriggling her flat side ass for an absurd amount of time. Would breathily explain whatever she’s teaching while leaning uncomfortably close to a boy who is recoiling from the salty hot dog water stench. Would bully all the attractive girls, assault the other who would stand up to her insulting their weight or how big their breasts were. A boy would come up to ask for somthing after class but she’d take it as a sign he wants her and would clumsily beach herself like a walrus on a dock over her desk, after a moment of wheezing from the exertion she’d rip open her top to show her flap jacks “is this what you want?” Only to find the boy left while she was trying to climb onto the desk.

No. 815790

The only way she'd be able to work with kids is to become a daycare worker. The children are too small to google moo's name and I've heard of burlesque dancers, ethots etc doing that job.

No. 815794

Lmfao don't tempt her, she'll end up like Tuna or worse yet, dead from her overwhelming lack of self control.

No. 815799

her new lizard is not an anole, its a day gecko. which is absolutely ridiculous. they are not hardy AT ALL. they require super specific care and a varied diet and aren't handleable since they can slough off their skin. who does this bitch thing she is?

No. 815800

That’s would be really bad as she has that whole little boy/mommy fetish.

No. 815804

Underrated post here lol

No. 815805

File: 1610651758731.jpeg (720.97 KB, 741x1197, 20C23E03-F86D-43A4-AB1C-D57A49…)

She’s finally doing Urbosa. She ordered this from a creator in Ukraine. It’s a pretty small account with only 21k followers, makes me wonder if local cosplay makers have shunned her?

can’t wait to see the awkward mess this turns out to be.

No. 815806

The material of that cosplay looks cheap as fuck lmao, I wonder how much she paid for it.

No. 815807

Oh no, the creator is in the Ukraine.
Moo is going to be a cunt when it wont show up a week later like she did that Russian wig maker. That and with the rate she's going, this is 1000 percent not going to fit unless she cuts off the side and uses a sash to hold it together

No. 815808

sage of OT. But the place who does her lipo suction must love her and treat her like a queen then laugh at her the moment she leaves "She obviously has a food addiction but she lines our pockets every month."

No. 815816

Oh dear Jesus she’s going to look teeeeerrrible in that.

No. 815818

Didn't she already post a photo with an urbosa cosplay in her house? not wearing it but the costume was physically there LOL
that means she couldnt fit and needed another one lol

No. 815819

can't wait for her to break those cuffs kek

No. 815826

can't wait for her not to wear it because it doesn't fit. 2 of the same cosplays out in the trash cuz of weight gain kek

No. 815829

The person might have sent WIP photos but I really wouldn’t put it past her to have bought another since she’s been eating nonstop lol

No. 815833

That’s supposed to fit her? Yikes

No. 815836

I really hope this is just an example of the cosplay they made for someone else and not the actual one she ordered

No. 815837

File: 1610662421323.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 196.06 KB, 597x516, D4B2D1EB-DF64-4770-AC97-AEEF56…)

moo please for the love of fuck stop injecting your lips this looks worse every day

No. 815855

Christ I thought she was sticking her tongue out. She needs like 50% less filler in that bottom lip.

No. 815859

There was a point where the injections looked somewhat normal, like always she can’t do anything in moderation and ended up literally destroying her face for vanity. It looks disgusting, if only she could drain her lips as fast as she drains her cuckbucks trying to buy other women’s men.

No. 815863

File: 1610666963598.png (3.33 MB, 1242x2208, 9EA5A33F-C347-4C54-BEBF-1A9082…)

I didn’t feel the need to record these IG stories because it grossed me tf out. But she’s patting herself on the back and calling herself a “bad bitch”… for not wincing while they wax her vag. Sure Moo, but you still cower and hide like a little shit at the slightest provocation.

No. 815874

Looks like she injected her cheeks too. She's the last person who needs cheek fillers. She just looks like a bloated corpse

No. 815879

Moo you're not a bad bitch, you've just gotten waxed so much you lost sensation down there. Probably the reason it seems like she's has never had an orgasm

No. 815880

> gotten waxed so much you lost sensation down there

anon what

No. 815881

Anon… thats not how it works.

No. 815882


Starting to look like a bogdanoff

No. 815884

File: 1610670871691.png (247.45 KB, 649x307, 20210114_193408.png)


Fucking uncanny

No. 815886

if the lips were reversed. I don't know why her bottom lip is so huge in comparison. Even with filters on it looks bad. But without filters it just looks like she was in a bee incident

No. 815892

And to think she looked at a mirror and said “holy shit I look great ! “
There’s no delusion like self delusion

No. 815896

She hasn’t posted a selfie without that amreezy filter in months, she must really hate looking at her own reflection.

No. 815897

It was probably her Quetzalcoatl, the one with the big headpiecem They're a bit similar looking.

Jesus, remember when it was just her body that was deformed?

No. 815898

Not for nothing but that amrezy filter makes people look fucking insane. Her face is a botch but this filter enhances it like no other

No. 815904

The way she posted this without crediting the commissioner made me believe she already had it in her possession

No. 815906

Bitch be looking like a Bratz dolls alcoholic coke mom.

No. 815931

Saged for NTA and OT but do you think there will ever be a day moo stops giving us milk.

No. 815937

she's too much of an attention whore. She would either have to go to jail, die of a heart attack or stop making money for her to stop producing milk

No. 815956

She confirmed in her stories that she got even more lip filler this week(Maddie got some too)

No. 815966

File: 1610712891755.png (3.32 MB, 1800x1761, AA33C6B8-875E-4800-B17C-4E35DB…)

I honestly can’t help but think her lips are going to split like overcooked hot dogs if she keeps filling them.

No. 815967

do you know what nta means?

No. 815973

Wonder if she’ll be one of those that has allergic reactions from the Covid vaccine(if she gets it). Some people with cosmetic filler have reactions and swell up.

No. 815977

Gets mad when someone’s dms her she has dick sucking lips.

Proceeds to get sex doll lips

Tone deaf.

No. 815980

This is great. These girls seem to keep getting more and more fillers. Eventually she'll have to go to Mexico to keep getting them and her lips will rip in half.

No. 815996

I guess growing up with turtle lips has made her overcompensate, although I’m always surprised when people botch themselves to this point without realizing it. Moo has no sense of moderation and her friends don’t have the nerve to tell her to stop.

No. 816009

File: 1610723020507.jpg (73.4 KB, 960x640, dc7.jpg)

I just can't get over how unrecognizable she is, in the worst way

No. 816022

You are confusing the word “friend” for “sycophant” she doesn’t have real friends.

No. 816052


How can she look at this and think it looks good? One lip is bigger than her nose and she has a big nose

No. 816061

File: 1610728381726.jpg (149.79 KB, 1200x630, PRC_85077690.jpg)

Damn, bitch now looks like a failed attempt of the kylie jenner lip challenge

No. 816064

funny that her most fav anime in the whole world has huge twists rn and yet not even a peep from her

No. 816065

The amount of physical dysmorphia she must have is off the charts. Lip filler isn’t a bad idea for her but at a minimum, she’s going to end up on Botched at this point and they will tell her that they can’t help.

No. 816071

What Moo is experiencing is probably filler fatigue. She has to get them blown up to that size because the skin on her lips stretched out so much that any less and the skin around her mouth will sag. The skin is now too thin and cannot hold it's own shape. However it's so thin now that she is nearly on the verge of them bursting. Why without filters and lip gloss her lips are crusty and peeling.
I'm kinda surprised the tech didn't tell her this? Or maybe she got the ones that don't give a shit and just collect the check.

No. 816073

you know she does all this work courtesy of groupon. i’m not saying you can’t luck into getting decent work done that way but cosmetic work at a discount is not the way to go if you want to look good. it’s doubtful that the techs filling her lips give two shits. more like she comes in, tells them what she wants, and they shake their head in disbelief as they fill the syringe.

No. 816075

Her lips are almost the same size as TND’s.

No. 816076

The fillers are going above her lip line and under her nose. Unfiltered it doesn't look good since you can see a clear line around her mouth filled with fluid. I don't know why she's so stupid about this. The thing she is looking for is a lip lift. It will make her top lip look fuller without the fluid migrating around her mouth. But Moo takes no ones advice.

No. 816077

I know some cosmetic dermatologists are strict about their limits because they want to maintain a certain aesthetic (overfilling makes their client look bad, which then makes them look bad) and some don’t give a fuck and let people who have a very basic understanding of fillers decide for themselves. Same with the unusual amounts of lipo. But Mariah could also doctor shop

No. 816078

Stop bringing it up lol, now she's gonna sperg about it.

No. 816083

It's not about advice anon, it's about recovery time.
Moo wants things done in a flash, she knows how debilitating surgery is, she's had a reduction and those rules are strict and last a long time. No doubt a lip lift would also have very strict rules and a long healing time. She can't even wear her compression garments after lipo because she just wants to hurry up and put out her next content which just fucks her body up more, so she just gets more lipo to fix it. Rinse and repeat.

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