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File: 1594785742068.jpg (74.81 KB, 954x667, original.jpg)

No. 1007397

A thread devoted to all things related to the Youtube Beauty Community and Beauty Drama. Please direct all Jeffree Star, Shane Dawson, and Karmageddon discussion to the Shane/Jeffree thread.
>Beauty Drama Channels
>Gurus, Personalities, Beauty Vloggers

Shane/Jeffree Thread: >>>/pt/783058
Previous Thread: >>806516
Youtube General: >>980242

FTC DISCLAIMER: This thread is Not Sponsored - I bought all this milk myself and there are no affiliate links

No. 1007398

File: 1594785921380.png (1.13 MB, 1660x2048, f9uag9h05b951.png)

Doe Deere and her husband have stepped down from the Lime Crime board to “make room for BIPOC candidates”

No. 1007455

Wasn't Dee and her husband scamming horrible people anyway? So in hindsight, it's good that there gone but funny how they want to give up their position to black people because….they're black.

Honestly, the company should just scrap itself

No. 1007508

as if! LC hasn't been making her $ for a while now.

No. 1007953

File: 1594866823038.jpeg (387.83 KB, 750x1082, 939D4D38-5B4D-4E16-BD39-17D6B4…)

….and tiktok fakebois and egirls everywhere rejoiced

No. 1008524


I like Colourpop but this is dumb.

No. 1008747

8 bucks for some fucking freckles pen? I can't roll my eyes hard enough to be honest…watch it get sold out soon.

No. 1036251

File: 1599717374117.jpg (810.2 KB, 1440x2960, Screenshot_20200910-005647_Sam…)

does anyone want to talk about Ethan Supremes death or does nobody care about him because he was such a sad problem person? I haven't seen it posted on lolcow so sorry for necro but since Shane and Jeff got their own thread I figured relevant bump

No. 1036253

Never heard of him sorry anon. Dying of addiction with age 17 is damn sad

No. 1036271

He was very troubled. It's sad. But when he died it was just people saying thank God, hes so problematic.

Off the top of my head he black faced and told people of color to kill themselves often, posted as being legal age at 15/16 and baited adults to screw him, made fun of people with eating disorders, and just wasn't a good lgbq ally. My most recent memory of him was being a trend starter for going in a grocery store, sticking his fingers in some ice cream, licking the container, and putting it back at the start of covid. I know he was friends with Manny and some others who are shocked by it all but apparently his parents supported and encouraged every shit thing he did. During the whole time speculation was he was abusing benzos

No. 1036273

I hate to tinfoil someone's death but a lot of people are also speculating he faked it for clout. I couldn't imagine sitting there and ready everyone say he deserves to die but honestly I wouldn't be suprised if he did. That child was so troubled and i wish the parents would be brought to light for enablers behavior regardless

No. 1057349

Mykie's finally being called out publicly by her ex-friend. tl;dw mykie's a racist/homophobic clout chaser (with receipts) that thinks she's a victim because she's a straight white girl. she obsessively trash talks james charles while actively collabing with him and is butthurt that he's more popular because she thinks minorities on youtube have had their careers handed to them and are undeserving

This video is obviously just this one girl's experience with her so it doesn't even address all the other shady bullshit that's been discussed in past threads, I hope now that this is coming out some of that stuff gets brought to the surface as well

No. 1057367

tbh hardly anything will happen at this point. She being some "racist homophobic clout chaser" won't stick. Canceling people just doesn't. Mykie will lay low and come back again once people forget. Laura Lee is still around despite being called a racist.

No. 1057369

Holy shitt

I knew something happened with Mykie. They seemed close, then Swoop had another serious bout of depression and never mentioned her again. Flying over to that video to watch it now, thanks for the thread bump anon.

No. 1057397

Tbh think this 'arc' for Mykie concides w/ her increased plastic surgery. Hate yourself so you start projecting on some scapegoat

Still makes her scumbag tho.

No. 1057400

I'ma review this video as I watch:

>4:28 she shows a text where Mykie is complaining about being featured in a prank/surprise video. I notice Mykie uses language in the text which could be triggering considering Swoop has made it clear she suffers from depression (literally says "knowing you kill yourself overworking" after a previous paragraph of blame) which already seems manipulative.

>9:57 Swoop is getting angrier by the minute

>Swoop is kinda doing a rant about one line Tweet Mykie wrote in 2015 where she was offended POC didn't think she could help them with their makeup. Swoop is choosing to ignore the fact Mykie was obviously offended at this slight against her skill rather than actually thinking it was racist. Also I think POC are right to assume a white makeup artist will probably do a shit job on their skin.

>Swoop is hung up on the "benefit from racism" narrative, which is a bigger topic than this video and not something Mykie is solely responsible for, yet Swoop seems to be aiming all the blame at her.

No. 1057405

>13:42 Swoop is misleading viewers with this part. Mykie made a bruises makeup video which she briefly joked was a Rhianna makeup tutorial. That's awful, I agree, Swoop says she "called it" as if it was the video title, which is false (she shows the actual title screencap)

>She then brings up a second video which was online for maybe 2 hours which was a poorly-aimed satire video of "how to recreate (poor passenger violently dragged off plane by airline company)

>Said video was a terrible idea, but this was in the stage when Mykie did a lot of troll videos to boost her channel. And it was deleted very swiftly, Swoop describes it like it was a sincere makeup tutorial and was online for a long time "some time" are her exact words.

I think Swoop fails in this video by not being 100% accurate with her information, and also obviously still being emotional and regretful about her relationship with Mykie. Most videos of this type usually aim for greater accuracy rather "be angry about things after the fact" since she was friends with Mykie either after or while she did these things.

I think Mykie's content is shit right now, and she obviously hurt Swoop a lot, but there is excessive vitriol and inaccuracies in this video which I think reduces its quality.

No. 1057412


>14:00 she compares Mykie's head trauma which happened in 2019, to the airline incident and video which happened in 2017, and says it's ironic Mykie didn't like receiving dismissive comments about her own head trauma. (This is a low blow imo since her accident happened so much later, so it was impossible for that experience to inform her past views, of course we can't know if she'd still make a video like the airline one now.)

>15:30 Swoop reads out her own texts where she speaks about her depression and lack of success, for "whatever reason" and sounds sad while reading out the texts

>She speaks emotionally about this

>She speaks about racist comments she receieved which she never mentioned before "lynch me" "bleach my skin so I appear more white" but shows caps of two different, more mild but weird word salad comments she received about her race and sent to Mykie

>Actually crying while reading out her own texts and deep breathing

>We are only 16 minutes in, and have gone from calm, to fury, to tears. This video is a rollercoaster.

No. 1057414

cool novel, but nobody asked you to triplepost while giving mostly your opinions instead of focusing on the facts which is ironic because you seem to be annoyed that she did exactly that in the video kek

No. 1057420

Not a lot of facts in the video, it's more "Systemic racism and my friendship with a white woman: a trueish story" rather than a commentary/drama video which I think people would expect. It's barely about Mykie but she exists as a figure representing what Swoop can't have (Youtube success and social approval) due to systemic racism.

Anyway, I hope I saved anyone the watch via my attempt to summarize this mess, since it's not what you expect, and is a slog to watch.

No. 1057442

Book anon back after watching most of this: no milk whatsoever in this video, literally 0 and also ironic Swoop is crawling up Jeffree's ass in a video about why racism is bad, and complaining about Mykie's mild crits of Jeffree and James via text when Jeffree is known for being an absolute backstabber to everyone he knows. None of the texts and Tweets shown are controversial in the slightest. Swoop also kinda comes across as a stalker to make a whole hour video full of screenshots and discussion about nothing. I was very ready to hear what Mykie "did" since there is something off about her, but turns out it was nothing of note.

No. 1057460

She's right about James Charles though

Ty for the write up. Mykie is an asshole but i don't think swoop is bringing any milk.

No. 1057519

>1+ hour video of Mykie receipts
>5 lenghty posts nitpicking every single thing about Swoop
>It's barely about Mykie!!!!!
Mykie's not gonna fuck you lmao, you sound like that beta dude that Mykie was blatantly cheating on and using that tried to whiteknight her in the video. I got so much second hand embarrassment reading this

No. 1057541

File: 1602588158290.png (252.9 KB, 905x469, Screenshot.png)

Doesn't matter if she's right when she still appeared on his channel kissing his ass when it was beneficial to her (on more than one occasion, pic related). Same with Jeffree, iirc that video said she got like 800K new subscribers from the Jeffree collab alone (which given she has like 4M means she owes almost a quarter of her success directly to him while still whining about how she works soooo much harder than all gay men). Plus the racism allegations had been out for years with Jeffree when she did her collab with him. She's bragging now about how many followers she's loosing being a woke kween but had zero problems gaining almost 1M of them directly from a known documented racist in the first place.

The thing I'll say about James and Jeffree in comparison to Mykie is that while they're both ubiquitous and cliche now, that cliche only exists because they introduced it into the beauty space in the first place. I don't like either of them, but they were introducing new unique ideas to the space back in the day. Mykie had to cover herself in fake blood and shove her sO qUiRkY nOt LiKe OtHeR gUrLs EdGeLoRd personality down everyone's throats to get any success at all because she looks like any other white bread arian wet dream. Or she used to, now she just looks like a plastic surgery disaster.

No. 1059053

For context, there are now like 10 reaction videos about the Mykie saga, with 20k-500k views each, so this doesn't look like it'll die anytime soon.

So the Peter stream is enlightening, but very few (only 8k) have watched it so far.


>The people in chat make him "admit" he's white when he says many times he's half-Spanish, thus invalidating his race and demanding he agrees with them. He of course bows down to the SJW. Yet nobody demands Spankie call herself "white" since she is also half-white.

>Spankie complained in her video about Mykie's slightly shady texts about James Charles not deserving his fame a few days before a collab with James comes up
>Peter mentions the last time they all met Spankie, they chatted for hours about working hard, race and the rest, all went fine, only to find Spankie upload "Mykie's worst makeup looks" video a few days later
>So Spankie did the exact same two-faced thing she criticized Mykie for doing; pretending to be friends while shading/roasting them
That's the milk from the first hour, there's a lot of him sighing and expressing his sadness at this turn of events. He mentions several times that they all used to be close, but have been out of each other's lives for years, (Mykie and Peter are still very close, but Spankie has been absent) so essentially what Spankie talks about in her video is old news and things have changed since. He mentions Spankie messaged him thinking the boyfriend reveal video would be him; at that point they hadn't dated for a year and a half.

No. 1059054

Also in the stream Peter says Mykie is an edgelord and used to use 4chan, (to explain her previous troll videos) so the last part of this post is pretty accurate.

No. 1061556

Have we heard anything from Tati? She hasn’t uploaded in 3 months. Has she just quit YouTube?

No. 1071128

Do i have news for you anon…Tati basically breached her contract with her business partner for halo beauty by creating her makeup pallet and was trying to get started on a fragrance. Super sus she moved to Seattle because there are way less business taxes, but also we know that James has liquidated their assets including putting the house up for sale, as the business partner is looking to sue for millions of dollars. He did the exact same thing when his mother died, liquidating everything so it was all worthless and he got to keep the actual money. Tati used her “connections” like James Charles and Voldemort to sell the idea of her having a larger share in the company. She could cross promote and get lots of money so the friend agreed. Did I mention the guy sueing was friends with James for over 10 years? And every time they needed a loan or some money to get the company started they used his credit and borrowed from him? It’s a big mess and Tati is done for. The complaint is at the Los Angeles superior court if anyone wants to dig through and read it.

No. 1071134

File: 1604084570520.png (919.78 KB, 602x983, 680BAD77-6DBA-4FB7-BBB1-892DA0…)

Case Details
>Los Angeles County Superior Court
>Case Number: 20SMCV01573
>Case Type: CIVIL
>Filing Date: 10/20/2020

No. 1071143

Out of all beauty drama, Tati's the most fascinating to me. Her sudden downfall from 'Only non-problematic beauty guru' to 'evil maniupulating bitch' is bizarre. From the likes of J* and Shane Dawson you expect shitty behaviour or there was a lot of foreshadowing but Tati's on a whole another level. Most people never saw it coming.

No. 1071151

more like SCAMlifeguru amirite??? (kill me)

No. 1071191

Scientology bitch gets in now kek

No. 1071199

what the actual fuck? I always thought she was quite non-problematic. A bit dramatic yes but participating in literal scams?!

No. 1071200


Imagine all those little stans enjoying baby's first sociopath interaction courtesy of her and YT. If Shane wasn't cancelled she could have made a redemption arc documentary and the idiots would've bought it.

No. 1071211

I find it personally irritating because she was my favorite beauty guru, her vibe was a lot more relaxed than the other prevalent make up artists and her reviews seemed "real", so everything coming out is tragic. I wonder how many followers are finished with her and how many will stick by their queen even with everything coming out.

No. 1071220

Sort of milky, a UCLA doctor is doing a clinical trial to see if Tatis Halo Beauty pills actually have the affects she claims they do. Interesting because the co-owner of Halo is a regular guest speaker at the business school at UCLA…

No. 1071581

File: 1604132619425.jpeg (122.71 KB, 640x572, 5D977E4E-F347-4931-85C0-EC5399…)

No. 1071590

this pretty much all but confirms bye sister was about vitamins. she cried and openly moaned about being embarrassed that james charles promoted sugar bear hair. she was embarrassed she told her co-owner she could get loads of money using her loyal beauty guru friends, so she openly slandered james charles as revenge and probably as "proof" james was unnecessary to their company's success because he was problematic. when her influence tanked because james had receipts she tried to blame it on jafar and shane because they became problematic again with the breaking my silence video, trying to rebuild her squeaky clean image. too bad so sad the cracks already began to show and she has all but destroyed tati westbrook as an influencer brand.

No. 1071594

tati is a legitimate sociopath

No. 1071618

She is never going to recover from this. If her former business parter wins the lawsuit she'll never get another partnership or business deal again.

She'll probably not get any favors from other influencers as well once they find out she'll accuse them of being a sexual predator if they are a threat to her money making.

No. 1071687

The fact that she is the true evil behind all of this doesn't surprise me. She kept contradicting herself in Breaking my silence and the editing was also super manipulative. I don't understand how some people saw her as a victim of Shane and Jeffree's manipulations. Those two are horrible people, but they had no actual reason to start such a big drama by themselves. NOW I would be curious to know what was exactly their involvement, especially Shane. Also, I still want to know what Jeffree's recording was about

No. 1071764

It feels extra insidious because Shane ended up posting that live calling her a liar and screaming at her for it. Everyone shit on him for attacking her when she was “vulnerable” and he got into even more trouble with fans. Sounds like he had her back up until the video happened name checking her in the beauty community notes thing he wrote and openly repping her during dramageddon.
>no sympathy for Shane he can eat shit just the idea of doing your friends so dirty so easily is unreal

No. 1074285

Tati Westbrook and her husband are being sued for fraud by their business partner.

Article link: https://www.thecut.com/2020/11/tati-westbrook-has-been-accused-of-fraud.html

No. 1074338

File: 1604444328206.jpg (123.35 KB, 554x680, RZTGnbB.jpg)

She's suing Without a Crystal Ball for 5 mil in a defamation case. Tati sent her 4 cease and desists before.

No. 1074364

I watched this lawyer's take on the lawsuit.
Apparently Tati's business partner may have used information from one of Crystal Ball's articles in his suit, which lead them to finally pulling the trigger on her. She also claimed they would never sue her, so she kind of tempted fate.
Things will probably get really messy

No. 1074653

did you even read the thread? we literally just covered this

No. 1075254

Without a Crystal Ball removed a lot of content from her channel that was made pertaining to Tati Westbrook since the news of WACB being sued by Tati, but someone has reuploaded them. If you didn't get a chance to watch before they were taken down, and have as much free time as I do, enjoy. Sage cause no new milk.

The Past James & Tati Westbrook Dont want you to Know

The Truth about Tati Westbrook

My Response to the Tea Channels

Tati Westbrook Sends My Boss a Letter

Tatis Business Reveals Why She Called out James Charles

My Experience With Tati Westbrook

Tati Westbrooks Channel is Tanking & Shes Blaming YouTube

Was Tati Westbrook the Mastermind behind Bye Sister Or Did Shane Dawson do it

As more becomes available will share if the links come this way, the uploader has these vids unlisted.

I may not personally care for WACB but damn she found some rich creamery milk

No. 1075281


I’m getting caught up on these and whoa I has heard that WACB had a serious hate boner for Tati but she sounds bitter abs jealous af even though she dug up good info

Also Katie Joy describing Tati as “pasty” but herself as “medium brown” is too much kek

No. 1075436

It will be interesting to see if other commentary channels start modulating the way they talk about drama after this suit.

Katy fucked up by constantly stating things as fact instead of covering her ass like a lot of reporters do. And if it turns out the business partner used some of the info she didn’t fact check they will be able to prove harm.

I don’t like either of them so this is all pretty hilarious, but Katy is such a narc I’m kind of happy she’s finally facing some consequences. I hope they don’t settle out of court so we can watch the mess unfold.

No. 1075762

katie hasn't got the kind of 'fuck you' money she would need to offer any kind of private settlement to tati

No. 1076116


I'm still waiting on further uploads to be shared with me so I can in turn share here.

In the mean I watched the archived videos for the first time and wow this woman has problems. Without a Crystal Ball/Katie Joy is def a cow all on her own. I knew she was strongly disliked and I wasn't aware of all the info (outside of her nasty attitude and obvious hate boner for Tati) but she is just as slimy as the people she makes videos about.

She also is very much a quantity over quality type of "creator", which is used lightly in reference to Katie.

No. 1076301

The Westbrook’s lawyer filed a second motion because Katie has been deleting videos and tweets which is considered destroying evidence since they’re included in the case. She can’t stop digging her own grave

No. 1076318

I always wondered why millionaires like Jeffree and Co. cozy up to drama channels so much instead of just destroying them with lawsuits. Normal celebrities would immediately sue if somebody were to expose/slander them like that.
I bet we're seeing many more cases like this in the future.

No. 1076356

Jeffree uses drama channels for attention and also to attack/destroy beauty channels he doesn't like. Plus don't forget by befriending them he can sway their opinion and get them not to post drama of his.

No. 1076401

Defamation is hard to prove because you usually need evidence of damages. It would be hard for Jeffree to prove that one specific drama channel was responsible for any financial loss.

The reason Tati actually has some ground to stand on is because 'damage per se' includes falsely accusing someone of being a criminal, which Katie did multiple times without using speculative language.

I imagine drama channels might start erring on the safe side just in case and maybe YouTubers will be more emboldened to send Cease and Desist letters

No. 1076434

I love seeing WOACB get a taste of her own medicine. She's been trying so hard to use other people who are more internet famous than she is to get more fame/money, and it has backfired tremendously. Shes such a vile person who uses her autistic child for clout and doesnt properly take care of him. For his sake, I hope she has learned her lesson and gets mental help.

No. 1076674


Because views = money too. And lawsuits could go either way.

No. 1077601


Tati Westbrook Lists Her Los Angeles Compound She Just Bought - 8:36

James Charles Instructed Me to Remove All Videos about Tati Westbrook So they Could End Jeffree Star - 31::49

Why I Cant Stay Silent About Tati Westbrook Anymore With Receipts - 19:55

Included video length as well so anyone who clicks knows what they're getting into since so many of these videos have been long and rambling

I haven't watched them all yet but so far everything that WACB has spoken about is either public record or her personal opinion. I don't quite see how there's any viable defamation law suit. Best of luck proving in court that Katies now DeLeTeD eViDeNcE caused financial damages.

I think it shows that Katie sure has no backbone. She talked about how she couldn't possibly be sued, she was within the law and her rights, she didn't care how many cease & desists she receives but the moment someone said she would be sued she deleted many videos. Okay then.

No. 1077668

You don’t have to prove monetary damage for statements that are defamatory on their face (“defamation per se”). That includes stating someone is a criminal.
I think Katie wrote an article that said something like ‘James and Tati’s Criminal Background They Don’t Want You to Know About.’ The article was used by the business partner to frame his lawsuit against Tati, so they can also try to prove damage in that way.

Tbh, most YouTubers would just ignore shit like that but I think Katie was so smug and kept saying they would never actually sue her that they probably just wanted to fuck with her

No. 1078199


But at the very least James IS convicted criminal.

And Tati had leans for not paying taxes, and not paying taxes is also illegal.

So maybe it’s a stretch with Tati, but how can it be defamation to say that someone convicted of felony charges is a criminal?

I’m not educated in American law so this is all quite puzzling to me.

No. 1078529

The criminal background Katie was referring to was an inheritance dispute between James and his sister who had been disowned for suing their mother (their family sounds like a fucking mess). Katie said he tried to steal his mother’s home, which on paper isn’t true.

I think the lawsuit hinges on technical defamation and their request for a jury. Juries are more emotionally driven.
Tati has no record and James was only arrested as a teenager. Would they consider them criminals? How would a jury feel about Katie searching for their records? How would a jury feel about Katie deleting content that is technically evidence?

I really don’t know how it will turn out. Defamation is a lot harder to prove in places like the UK, but I’m not sure about the US. I still kind of think this was filed as a ‘fuck you’ to make Katie’s life a lot harder for the next year(s)

No. 1078731

File: 1604947311242.jpeg (213.02 KB, 756x871, 20E6454C-DDB8-47B4-8FBB-88A108…)


He has convictions for drug charges as well.

But WACB is 100% nuts and apparently will suing the Westbrooks

My opinion is that all these folks are slimy and may they waste eternity trying to sue each other.

No. 1079049

I just watched her "apology" video and its full of gaslighting and not really apologizing at all, while accusing a ton of other youtubers of doing the SAME
she does. God I fucking hate this ugly bitch.

No. 1083029

Haven't watched yet, but Swoop uploaded another video about Mykie

No. 1083034

Oh jesus, let it rest bitch. (Swoop, not you anon)

No. 1083054

Why does she look like a somehow racist wax doll? Her mouth just disturbs me

No. 1083075

Annoying overacting and animation, not talking about Mykie for half the video, and wah wah wahhh. I actually liked her first video but this is full blown retarded.

No. 1083308

She tried to blame YT for her channel failing and all that bs a while back when she’s just really fucking boring and annoying

No. 1083671

I never heard of Swoop before I saw her first Mykie video. After that I went into her channel to see if there was a reason I would subscribe to her. Man, is that uninteresting content.
The more she now tries to milk the Mykie saga the more it will make her unreliable and Mykie reliable again, sadly. Mykie is a trash human.

No. 1091129

File: 1606285875310.png (570.82 KB, 1242x2208, 90393231-5A3D-4520-95FD-EA3042…)

R/woacb weirdly calling this months ago. “SM” is Steve McRae, the man Katie Joy took out a restraining order on because of alleged sexual harassment and excessive stalking. Apparently a judge considered McRae to be legitimately unhinged and granted a temporary restraining order last winter. It’s still not resolved yet. Seems like the kind of freak who could plausibly go this far. Along with other lunatics KJ has made enemies of or fucked with or simply did a story on and triggered endless narc rage

The thing is people on the subreddit dedicated to calling her out are saying this which makes it seem like there really are multiples involved. I think this is literally dramageddon 3. Tati is the kind of sociopath to make a web of behind the scenes connections to take down someone who aired out a lot of her dirty laundry (IMO some of KJ’s claims seem legit and Tati is in full melt down. I think they would be ignoring if more if it wasn’t hitting so close to the truth. Like career criminals no but shitty unreliable business partners clearly yes lol)

No. 1091138

File: 1606286576570.png (556.51 KB, 1242x2208, 82DA5B04-5816-4DB2-846E-6C0F51…)

Comments with more of their predictions / hopes for involving Tati beauty. This literally reads like a parody of how people imagine beauty YouTubers conspire against their competition. but I’m not finding any hint that this post or any others in the sub are ironic. R/woacb is generally just kind of a low IQ zone so I guess no one thought this was incriminating

No. 1091139

File: 1606286816311.png (525.72 KB, 1242x2208, 5C5EE673-01A7-435A-8F56-0EF55E…)

No. 1154220

It's kind of annoying that out of all youtube beauty guru drama, the only channel to go mia had to be that of one of the very few women's. It just couldn't be like J*, JC or Nikita Dragun.

Anyone have updates on Tati?

Sage for obvious reasons.

No. 1184810

File: 1615782462098.jpeg (350.99 KB, 828x2300, 7E54E180-0180-4EEF-A022-96CA09…)

So RawBeautyKristi has been showing some pretty intense cow behaviour lately. She had a kid in November-ish, and it’s been a shit show ever since.

She had an entire melt down, and talked about how THE MOST TRAUMATIC THING EVER happened (pic related).

I wish I had captured her ig story where she speaks about sitting in the car with her newborn while her husband does yard work because she can’t let him out of her line of vision for some reason?

No. 1184812

File: 1615782490084.jpeg (321.2 KB, 828x1864, AD28631E-0F15-460C-BD83-717CC8…)


No. 1184814

File: 1615782622976.jpeg (215.02 KB, 828x1212, 9E7A5ED5-0068-4ABC-A068-255EED…)


No. 1184820

That would be pretty traumatic but ok anon. Not worth reviving the dead thread.

No. 1184822

she's always been dramatic. Before she got pregnant she spent her time crying about how hard it was to renovate a house and upload 1 video a week on youtube and spun this huge thing about how depressed she was from it. She gets away with it because she's pig ugly and no one wants to be the mean girl dunking on the fat makeup guru.

Still find it funny after her she bragged on twitter about her new, totally isolated house that she was only at 3 days a week it got broken into, then instead of installing an alarm system or cameras she just cried about it on twitter. Big shock few weeks later she gets robbed again and only then twigged they were probably locals to the area that were watching her twitter lmao

No. 1184825

Call me crazy but I don’t feel falling down and hurting your arm, and your child being totally fine, doesn’t usually equate to the worst night of someone’s life.

You’re right. She has always been dramatic af. It was sOoOoOo hard to film and upload one lazy GRWM video a week where all she did was complain. Now I’ve seen seeing her complain that her husband and herself don’t have as much help as other parents and I’m baffled. They both stay home all day every day. Neither of them has to leave for work etc. Even if they don’t have heaps of outside help, it doesn’t get more cushy than that. But she still says she has only has time to shower every three days. Can her husband not be trusted alone with the kid for 10 minutes?

No. 1184832

anon it's the possibility of her child dying from an injury from the accident is the greatest fear. which as a woman who had to have multiple treatments to have a child it makes sense for her to be so dramatic about it.

No. 1184840

That was almost 2 months ago, anon. I dont regularly follow her so all I know of it, is that she just talked about a traumatic experience.

No. 1184847

Read up on postpartum anxiety, psychosis, and intrusive thoughts. Women are psychologically vulnerable in the postpartum period, and understandably so, it's just about the biggest life change ever and you have a fucking helpless infant who you love more than anything in the world that you have to keep alive. Even if she was being melodramatic it would be understandable and she's literally not, it is 100% true that her child and/or her could have died or been horribly injured. Did you miss the part where she says she fell from the very top to the bottom of the stairs? You wanna volunteer to do that if it's not that big a deal? You're retarded anon.

No. 1184853

i wish she never had that kid lol. her nonstop talk about it and all her constant complaints with motherhood are so annoying. like maybe she shouldn't have become a mother if she's just gonna complain about it all the time

No. 1184863

Yes, but who gives an honest to god shit about it? She’s a rich youtuber who makes money for slapping foundation on and a few colors on her eyes. Nobody really cares to hear about her woes constantly.
Because it’s constant.
It’s not even an every once in a while thing. She goes on and on for what reason? And then talks about how people bully her and mom shame her for it, and it’s like - you have a massive audience of people. Everyone parents differently. People aren’t going to agree with everything that she does and they’re going to have opinions. >>1184822
Her latest YouTube video was like an hour of her being dramatic even. I used to really enjoy her but all she does is ramble on about her baby and how hard it is being a new mom, and how anxious she is and how upset she was that she didn’t get the birth story she wanted and god knows whatever else.

And the funniest part is that she didn’t upload for a long time because she didn’t want anyone to complain about her complaints.
It’s beautifully ironic.

No. 1184874

This is the most valid of her recent rants so I don't know why you chose this as an example of her cowish behaviour (however it really sounds heavily exaggerated as per Kristi's style).
I love Kristi, I really do. And I get that birth and post partum can be rough, but the non-stop complaining is driving me absolutely insane. Its her having the worst cluster headaches ever, the most traumatic birth ever, the most difficult baby, the worst depression/anxiety etc etc. Ffs she says she's wanted kids forever and this kid is basically a miracle baby, but it just sounds like she despises it despite her rants about how she LOVES it SO much her heart is constantly BREAKING. It just boggles my mind that she's acting like she's lost her youth and life having a baby at 33! Especially after she's apparently been infertile for 15 years, meaning her and Zach were trying since they were what, 18, to have a child which is kind of weird in itself. Her and her husband are both home, not uploading to youtube and have all day and night to look after the baby. People have parented for how many thousands of years and have somehow managed under crazy difficult circumstances and have been fine. But she's acting like she's every parents' spokesperson by constantly posting about how difficult it is and is "breaking the stigma."

Perhaps I'm being extremely judgmental here, but I think a shit ton of her traumatic birth was shitty decisions on her part too. Insisting on giving birth at a birthing centre w/o doctors when her pregnancy was pretty difficult and her water had meconium in it. Then dragging it out so long before going to the hospital and finally having any progress with a natural birth. Even though she insists the baby was being monitored the whole time I feel like its a miracle the baby was alright (well alright as in not crying and scoring 2 on the apgar scale). It just feels really selfish wanting to have this "perfect" birth seemingly above the baby's wellbeing, especially if its like a one in a million chance baby.

Maybe I'm being an ass but I'm glad anon posted this bc this shit is driving me insane on my feed. It even kind of seems like Samantha Ravndahl (a close MUA friend of Kristi) is pulling away and not associating with this shit at all. Surely even just for the fact that Sam is heavily pregnant and actually struggles with severe depression would be enough reason to think twice about posting all this?

No. 1184886

Watch her do all this crying and moaning over the baby, only for them to inevitably grow up hating her because she was a pain the ass.

No. 1184906

well can you imagine having a mother like her??? she has money, but she’s dumber than a fucking bag of rocks. she has no actual life skills and putting makeup on her giant moon face doesn’t count. she barely interacts with anyone other than her caveman husband. her world is a tiny island of consumerist trash and nothing of substance. that kid’s gonna be a hopeless burger.

No. 1185033

Fully agree that the decisions she made are why the birth had so many issues. She already was high risk due to her extended infertility and then she also developed gestational diabetes. She never should have been trying to give birth without a medical team ready to intervene immediately. The risks with gestational diabetes are no joke. She for sure was on some high horse about wanting to “feel everything” and all that, have a crunchy hippie birth which is cool if that’s what you’re into but putting the vibe of your story ahead of the health and well-being of the baby is super fucked up. I feel like she’s more interested in the aesthetic of motherhood than actually being a mother.

I’ve also noticed Sam pulling away. Sam seems pretty chill so far with her pregnancy and Kristi has been insufferable so it is bly surprising.

No. 1185205

File: 1615834587320.jpeg (148.54 KB, 827x877, 5BDF95B7-DBD2-44AB-861F-B246FC…)

Looks like the lawsuit Tati Westbrook filed against WOACB has been dismissed according to Katie/WOACB

No. 1185233

Kristi is a total cow. Instead of taking her fatass and baby for a walk she literally sits in her parked car all day watching her husband do yard work. As others say she's always been really dramatic, one time she babysat her niece and thought she was having a seizure because the baby shivered in her sleep. Kristi made a huge deal out of it and scared her family to death, everything is tHe mOsT TrAuMatIc experience for her.

No. 1185368

Oof, I unsubscribed from her the minute she announced her pregnancy. I find such content annoying overall, but KRISTI? Jesus take the wheel. Loved hearing her talking shit about makeup or weight issues. I bet she’s gonna lose her entire career if she keeps this up.

No. 1186219

File: 1615936401501.jpg (240.82 KB, 750x995, IMG_1541.jpg)

I understand that there are a lot of personal decisions to be made when giving birth, but a) you should prioritize safety and b) if you don't want people to give you advice or worry, don't post about it on social media. She gets upset every other day because she says these dramatic things, but doesn't want dramatic responses.

It was dismissed in Washington but will probably be filed in Katie's home state

Since this thread was revived, what are your thoughts on SmokeyGlow? A while ago one of her (ex)friends from college said she was a pick-me who didn't get along with other girls and "found herself" in Nepal after flunking her first year. She really doesn't understand how to use products and also talks about anti-consumerism while having extreme hoarder tendencies. Her duck face is also unfortunate

No. 1187211

She's a fat & ugly woman who has glommed onto the "beauty community" to just talk shit and become popular. RBK is as ugly & annoying in her own way but I at least give her kudos for actually liking makeup and being good at it. Smokey Glow seriously is just an annoying girl who just provides commentary for makeup…doesn't like, DO it, at all? Who the fuck needs to hear her opinion on an eyeshadow palette and how it relates to transphobia? She annoys the shit out of me, maybe more than any other beauty youtuber. And that's saying something. Cracks me up how many in the beauty community relate to her, a know-it-all ugly girl who thinks she is unfailingly woke.

No. 1188007

Look it's not illegal to be ugly (I'm living proof) but if you're going to insert yourself into the beauty community why make these choices?
>have small features but squint and purse your lips in every photo to make them even smaller
>thin flat hair with She-ra poof to make your unfortunate face shape look exactly like an eggplant
>Glasses from the optometrist's budget rack circa 2008

Is she one of those "reverse body dysmorphia" people who think they're a 10 and live life accordingly? Bc I thought that mainly happened to troons

Listen RBK is an insufferable waste of YouTube data but you're alone in thinking her falling down the stairs with her baby in her arms wasn't a genuinely scary event. Maybe it's time to step away from her content anon, there's having a personal cow for laughs and there's this weird negative thing you're doing.

No. 1188296

Ily anon this sent me

No. 1188964

Whenever I see photos of her, I feel out of breath. She looks like she has to make an effort to pull air into her lungs and her samefacey expression she pulls so that her eyes aren't swallowed up by her upper eyelid fupa is fucking tragic

No. 1198831

Somehow, AGAIN, James Charles has been exposed for being inappropriate with under aged boys. I believe this is the 73rd time. Although Tati has fucked herself over since the Bye Sister video, the things she said about him are practically complimentary compared to this stuff lol How many literal children have to come forward and how many times does James have to ADMIT to exchanging illegal images with children before there are repercussions? Brands dropped the blog squad pretty quick.

Smokey is interesting. She def comes off as a pick me, if you’ve ever seen her podcast with her fiancé/husband whatever he is now, he kinda treats her like crap lol He shames her for buying luxury bags, refused to even go into a store with her to buy one, because of some crap about how it’s wasteful and supports human rights violations etc, but he’s a god damn gamer and has no issues forking out cash (that is prob earned by Smokey cause she supported them while he was still in school asaik) which is just the same lol High mark ups, often inhumane labour and sourcing in the chains etc. I also get the impression she thinks she’s way smarter than she actually is and it gives me pretty painful second hand embarrassment. Still laughing about her accusing Revolution of ripping off Jackie Ainas candles when Revolution announced the candles before Jackie did.

No. 1198862

File: 1617233374525.jpg (134.89 KB, 828x1516, Ex1u5rIWYAEVpb3.jpg)

So nikita started a fight with trisha on twitter and its still going on right now and hes getting his ass beat, the reason? She laughed at his snapchat show. Even people who dont like either of them are finding this entertaining.

No. 1198867

You have to be a real dumbass to start shit with Trisha in 2021 kek

No. 1198870

File: 1617233888805.png (619.08 KB, 609x1538, twfight.png)

I mean they are both stupid but its pretty entertaining.

No. 1198871

Hasn't like every single accusation against him been proven fake though?

No. 1198877

no? lol. He adds random boys on Snapchat, boys on tiktok who look 15, act 15, and have videos about being 15. He added this kid first.


Look at this twitter thread, and take a look at that kids account. He is very obviously 15. There’s no way this keeps being misunderstanding. Of course the boys are baiting him, James Charles added them on Snapchat and what teenage boy wouldn’t do it in that situation. It’s unacceptable he is falling into the bait, people who aren’t predators don’t do shit like this. They didn’t bait about their age. He saw the ages.

I didn’t believe this stuff at first either, but it’s all making sense now the more I look into it.

No. 1198889

Man vs. Woman

No. 1198892

And Trisha looks better as both.

No. 1198893

Look at the likes count tho kek no one's on his side

No. 1198898

File: 1617235425793.png (606.47 KB, 598x1021, its gettin spicy.png)

Nikita getting ratioed thoughout the whole fight is hilarious. Nikita really thinks hes something.

No. 1198907

File: 1617235853332.png (40.86 KB, 607x298, h3h3.png)

No. 1198910

I don't particularly like james but I get the impression these kids are adding him and lying abt their age solely to expose him for clout, it's been this way for years, people jumping on the first rumor they hear or straight up making things up because they're itching to cancel him bc he's annoying and retarded, but I genuinely believe he's harmless. Not to mention he's SO careful to avoid controversy and be unproblematic now after all the scandals he's had, I strongly doubt he'd talk to a guy he thought might be underage it would just be a huge idiotic risk to take. Besides that 16 yo kid could easily pass for 18, calling James a "pedophile" like I see Trisha's been doing makes no sense

No. 1198914

why did nikita use a picture of trisha dressing up as troy bolton in HSM2 as some kind of gotcha? what does it mean

No. 1198916

I’m gonna reiterate what I saw someone say about this today.

It’s possible kids add him and lie about their age, I don’t disagree. HOWEVER,

-Legit all of these kids look like high schoolers. They do not LOOK like 20 somethings
-if 18 is james’ cut off age, like we will fuck you if you look like a kid but are 18 legally, then there’s something weird about that. It’s like men who search for “teen porn” and like porn stars that look underage, even if they aren’t
-James Charles shouldn’t be fucking his fans full stop. Underage or not, there’s a gross power dynamic there. Why can’t this dude find men to date that aren’t fans of his and don’t know who tf he is? He’s always snapping his fans this gross shit.

If he wanted to date a man who was in his 20s, looked his age, and wasn’t already a fan of his — he would. But he won’t, so here we are

No. 1198920

File: 1617237073277.jpeg (120.23 KB, 604x1200, 9AD7DCA3-935B-4847-96B4-A764A2…)

i said the same thing in the youtuber thread because i didnt realize this thread was up. people seriously act like jc is worse than jafar, who says nigger and hangs out with convicted baby rapists. i still cant believe jc’s retarded african ebola “racist” controversy. if that is considered horribly racist than jeff is a literal slave owner. but for some reason jc gets all the hate.

>Legit all of these kids look like high schoolers.
why do people keep saying this. no they don’t. james looks like hes the same age as them.
i remember trisha saying something like this in her schizo rant about james where she said “even if they tell you they’re 18, it’s your fault” and i feel like this is the mentality of everyone calling him out right now. absolutely no logic to that statement or anything else going on right now

No. 1198924

Nikita is trying to say trisha is an insult to transpeople. This is ironic as now nikita is trying to make out that trisha and anyone else that has a problem with him its because hes trans and not because hes trash and a lot of twitter tards are dragging him for this bs and its great to watch. He'll still try this oppresshun/victim "transphobia" narrative in future Im sure of it.

No. 1198933

I don’t think you read the part where James is the one who added first.

No. 1198935

James added them first thru the Snapchat in their tiktok bio. The tiktok accounts that state their age. Can you not fucking read? Or do you just like defending pedophiles without knowing what the fuck the situation is? There’s no fucking good motive of adding teenagers/fans.

No. 1198938

File: 1617238716279.jpeg (311.96 KB, 1124x1958, 67847DF8-BC7B-4D1B-AF71-D546FB…)

James adds them first.

No. 1198941

The kids tiktok is @jakecherryy, idk if I should be posting him since he’s a minor. But look through his account for 5 secs and you will see he is a very obvious 15 year old who even states it in plenty videos and James KNOWS this. He added him by finding his tiktok and he has his Snapchat in his bio. His bio states he’s a tall KID. keyword kid. James saw all this shit, I didn’t believe this stuff at first but it’s a fucking pattern of behavior by him.

No. 1198944

File: 1617239322460.png (443.72 KB, 750x1334, A6D15B50-4ACE-495A-95B7-88FE84…)

No. 1198945

File: 1617239419952.png (239.5 KB, 597x373, hmm.png)

Nikita dragun is now accusing Trisha of being a domestic abuser.
Also nikita deleted this tweet >>1198862
Wonder how long before he deletes the rest of these, can Trish sue over these allegations?

No. 1198949

File: 1617239567412.png (301.9 KB, 608x595, so sad.png)


No. 1198952

File: 1617239742047.png (621.5 KB, 750x1334, AB721313-E88D-4BE7-8BA0-1A61FC…)

No. 1198953

File: 1617239801834.png (87.48 KB, 608x663, ratioed.png)

Nikita being ratioed to hell and back, top kek.

No. 1198956

File: 1617239893142.jpeg (756.26 KB, 4096x3072, 386AB202-22C5-4475-B499-C607BB…)


All I see tbh

No. 1198960

File: 1617240035529.jpeg (221.9 KB, 750x1254, 35BAA175-EC8C-460C-9895-6C8256…)

No. 1198964

Kek trisha knows exactly what she's doing with these pity tweets

No. 1198968

Yeah but at least Trisha is a real woman so there's that I guess

No. 1198969

Now that she ran out of witty things to say it’s over. Blocked and triggered! I think they’re both worthless but I’m glad trishas abusive tendencies get called out but of course she has to be a victim about it. She left bruises on her fiancé just months ago.

No. 1198972

wait so was this debunked? I mean the abuse allegations?

No. 1198974

Where are these pics from?

No. 1198990

File: 1617241556469.png (114.47 KB, 594x410, Screen Shot 2021-03-31 at 20.4…)

why is nikita calling trisha a pedo if he tweeted this shit?

No. 1198991

File: 1617241630589.png (100 KB, 581x391, Screen Shot 2021-03-31 at 20.4…)

No. 1198997

That’s just an edgy “kids are dumb” tweet from 2012, how does that relate to anything

No. 1199001

nikita is a dumb bitch lmao

No. 1199013

Because as usual nikita has zero self awareness

Clearly someone hasnt been paying attention.

No. 1199021

the women that flock to this pedo and defend him because he's a young gay lmao. No wonder spacey got away with it for so long. why is it so shocking to you plebs that a male is a pedo? It's so common.

Grow up, honestly. Any other youtuber, including women, caught texting 4 underage boys in 6 months would be done.

Also James looks 35 with all the "preventative botox" he's put in his face. Get off it. this man brings out the retard in some of ya.

No. 1199075

Good on Trisha for dragging that ugly troon

No. 1199076

This. The double standard is apparent.

No. 1199106

Nikita getting so pissed cause some guy was repulsed by him. Male moment

No. 1199145

Anon the only people who think they don’t look like obvious high schoolers are other high schoolers. Stop defending James, him fucking his fans is creepy underage or no

No. 1199154

File: 1617258679446.jpg (75.35 KB, 762x1292, s91ubc66ict51.jpg)

afaik NOT debunked, did really happen. I like Trisha but she's definitely a fucked up person in a lot of ways, and she did "attack" Moses. Personally I think it's wrong for a woman to hit anybody, but I don't think it is domestic abuse in the same way it is when a man does it. Sorry if that's regressive, I just can't bring myself to care that much. That being said she left a pretty nasty bruise on him. She can go completely unhinged, but I am on her side in this situation versus the groomy gays. Anyway here is more context to the Moses "abuse" pic. Basically he shared this info with some catfish, said he was in an abusive relationship. I don't know. Trisha is a shitty person in a lot of ways but it's a bit enemy of my enemy with her, and tbh like I said, I can't bring myself to give that much of a fuck about a woman hitting a grown man. Call me old fashioned.

No. 1199186

She was also publicly called out on it on the podcast and props to Ethan for sticking to his guns and not buying the whole “it was a weak moment for me”. In the end she did accept what she did was wrong and admitted to doing it and feeling ashamed of it. It’s bare minimum but there’s been nothing like it since and tbf this is what third guy she’s with and she finds out that he’s potentially sending nudes to a minor (other anons can correct me if I’m wrong) and went batshit. I haven’t seen any other content creator come out and be so honest and remorseful about their fucked up shit even if they are clearly deeply ashamed of it. I think she’s allowed to drag other shit people even though she’s shit because none of those “influencers” are as clean as they wish they were so props to Trisha for doing the bare minimum which is somehow more than most. The online creator “space” is so trash it’s actually becoming on par with Hollywood.

No. 1199235

File: 1617269167582.jpeg (93.66 KB, 1280x1066, ADAC41E2-B4D9-4071-A87B-D54B9B…)

Nikitas sole reason in life is to shit on bio women under the disguise of “I’m a pioneer for the trans community” fuck off troon

No. 1199280

this thing is an unholy abomination

No. 1199321

The fact he tried to spin this story as this male model who he paid to be his bf "breaking his heart" knowing full well the model could not just come out and say he wasnt attracted to nikita on account of nikita being a whole ass man so would be called transphobic, nikita knows what hes doing and really is a sexual predator.

No. 1199386


No. 1199529

Its funny how James tries to blame the kids as if having James fucking Charles add you on snapchat isn't automatically a manipulation power play on his end. He know those boys would talk to him, he knows their age, he knows what he's doing is wrong which is why he always blames them when info leaks. He's not some poor soul that keeps having probable boyfriends turn out to be clout chasers, he's manipulating young boys so he can throw them away when shit hits the fan.

Also a lot of these snaps are really weird because he keeps asking the kids if they shave/have body hair and if they can send photos of their arm pits.

No. 1199560


this is that scrote logic of "the underage girl/guy was coming onto me!! they wanted it!!" yeah and it's your reasonability as a fucking adult to rebuff them

I fucking hate nonces

No. 1199752

he has a largely female audience yet only seems to talk to his young, male fans. big hmmm.
Also the clout chaser comment are dumb. Who gives a fuck if these literal children are baiting him? He is an adult. God damn though this freak is going to be 45 and people are still going to be calling him ~basically a child~

No. 1200611

How do you know they didn’t add their age to their bios until after they exposed James?

No. 1200841

Yeah I was thinking about that too however it's obvious to me that these are children regardless of declared age. I feel JC could tell too. Maybe me being 26 plays a role in being able to tell when someone is too young but I remember being 19 and still being able to tell someone was a minor. They behave, look, sound young.

No. 1200909

Exactly. You can debate that he was being trolled and lied to, but it’s the same shit over and over. He never learns. Even if some of this was trolling, he still falls for the bait and who fucking knows how far this spans out at this point. Besides, let’s not forget he catfished an entire soccer team for their dick pics in high school.

No. 1212556

File: 1618874423627.png (73.91 KB, 340x462, 1.PNG)

No. 1212561

Now this is the shit I like to see. Get fucked James.

No. 1253790

So long, JC. I’m sick of drag queens/fags in beauty anyway. Robert Welsh is the flavor of the month despite the fact he does the same purple eye look every. single. time.

No. 1259149

Tati is back. And she wants us to say our prayers.

>Briefly, she claims people were stalking her and spying on her via her smart tv

>A bunch of supernatural stuff keeps happening, she has video footage she will share later
>Herself and her husband separated but have reconciled
>Not pregnant
>She will win the lawsuits brought against her
>Asks that no one do a tarot card reading on her
>Accidentally donated her wedding ring

No. 1259156

Supernatural shit/tarot reading/psychics/mediums? Jesus Christ she's such a fucking loon, lol. Shouldn't be surprised by someone who shills placebo vitamins, but damn. Also:

>oops I donated my wedding ring teehee

uhhhh? Okay, tati.

No. 1259159

Everyone wants a man to do makeup so he can show us ladies how to do makeup the right way!

It's ridiculous because I subscribe to plenty of women who have been on YouTube for a very long time and they used Robert Welsh's techniques long before he did (I don't care about that, it's about the fact it's man doing the technique which brings it acclaim) and weren't into the whole baking/instahoe look. But of course, they never achieve that quick buck he does. Not to mention he bitches about lack of male representation in makeup, I wish he'd shut TF up.

No. 1259160

I kinda stopped watching titty westbrook when all the drama was going on. But at the same time, if jeffree shitstain can continue having a career after everything hes done, i dont see why tati shouldnt be allowed to come back

No. 1259224


To be fair she used to be into all that “spiritual” shit even though she’s very christian now I also wouldn’t be surprised if her whole stress with the divorce pushed her back into her faith with her rambling about “god is good” and “prayer helps” plus right after the drama happened Tarot youtubers were doing readings saying her life was ruined and some even went as far to predict death happening somehow to her, I’d be pretty pissed myself if some “Real life witch who can totally predict the future” aka a Kook was making videos about me saying people in my life were going to die or claiming they could predict my entire future

Also in tarot reading doing one for someone who didn’t asked for it is considered incredibly rude and can bring in bad juju or some shit (according to a family friend who practiced it) so I can understand her being uncomfortable with due to her prior beliefs even though its bullshittery

I’m surprised she even came back in all honesty

No. 1259293

> he bitches about lack of male representation in makeup

Scrotes always do this. They invade traditionally female spaces because god forbid women have anything to themselves and then complain that they’re not represented there. Everything you said is part of the never ending reasons why I will never watch a male led makeup tutorial.

No. 1259341

Did anyone see Rawbeautykristis's IG story where she recorded her 6 month old babbling and she convinced herself he was saying "mama"? Not going to screen capture it because I don't want to post minors, but I find it deeply disturbing and she's coming off more unhinged than usual. Especially with the recent wallpaper fiasco and being so upset that her baby is weaning and won't be 100% dependent on her milk.

No. 1259347

Unsaged and genuinely retarded nitpick. Moms gushing over their months old babies or ppd and post weaning emotions is not milk.

No. 1259348

It doesn't surprise me at all. She's been pretty unhinged ever since the poor baby arrived. Well even before, remember when she freaked everyone out her niece was dying but the baby was just snoring or some shit?

No. 1259373

Sorry I did forget to sage. However anon, its a lot more than just usual mommy posting which I don't have a problem with at all. She genuinely seems like she's losing her mind. She uploaded a IG story weeping that she put up a toxic carcinogenic vinyl baby wallpaper which took away time she could've spent with her baby. Followed by a story about mommy guilt where she seemed actually manic, plus posting close up photos of her son's gums having absolutely no regard for his privacy now this. After her crunchy granola birth and this saga I'm a bit worried about the poor kid. She seems like she wants him dependent on her forever and it's not only post weaning emotions as she's crying about him growing up since pretty much the day he was born.

No. 1259390

Nayrt, and I agree that the gushing over his babbling isn't weird, but this does sound like she has unchecked PPD/ a fixation on being a HealThy NatuRal CRunChy MaMa that is turbo fueled by being perpetually online and posting everything constantly.

No. 1259853

I gave up on her when she was crying about wallpaper killing her baby. She really hasn’t been right. I hope she started showering again

No. 1261141

File: 1624244356059.jpeg (641.84 KB, 1242x1255, 37613CC8-54BB-4CA0-954B-99B073…)

I have no idea why Taylor Wynn is so popular. She has no personality and is so boring. Her videos are lackluster and she makes mediocre content that is a copy and paste of other beauty gurus’. She has no milk I’m aware of, but I wanted to see if anyone else agrees with me.

No. 1262723

I watched her pretty regularly for a while just because we have similar skin tones and it was the best channel I had found to figure out if a foundation would match, or come close.
Then she started her munchie bs, constantly talking about sick she is but asking everyone to never mention how sick she is and that got old fast. I never watched another video after she said that it’s easier for us peasants with “normal” jobs to work with chronic health issues than it is for her to do YouTube. I was so angry I couldn’t continue watching. Holy disconnected from reality Batman.

No. 1269809

File: 1625238951538.jpeg (854.4 KB, 1242x1554, 74E37F25-E608-4D15-9CEE-1298F2…)

If any of you ever need a good beauty youtuber to watch, I highly recommend Kelly Gooch. She reminds me of a warmer, more honest and happier Tati, without all the drama and psychotic behavior. She’s so sweet I love her sm.(use the thread in /g/)

No. 1270421

Men dont even belong in makeup. I dont trust male makeup artists or hairdressers to do a woman's hair or face properly.

No. 1288676

I've never liked Mykie, but recently I wondered what happened to her after someone posted her in the Gabbie thread and came here.

even though I think Mykie is a total narc, this girl (Swoop) was incredibly annoying (at least in the first half of the video) and kept derailing about a bunch of woke shit, at times I felt like I was watching a Kat Blaque video, kept using the words cis, microaggression, lgbtq+ and a bunch of another annoying woke terms.

at one point she is showing texts between her & Mykie and she (Swoop) says that she feels like she is doing poorly on YT because she's black. Mykie responds by saying she feels the opposite and that people haven't been very interested in her the past few years because she's a generic white girl. Swoop calls this gaslighting and goes on a rant about how white people gaslight poc. even though I totally disagree with Mykie, I honestly think she was just being stupid/naive/self centered, not intentionally gaslighting. but idk.

and Mykie kept saying that she deserved to be more famous than youtubers like James Charlies and Jeffree Star because she "works so much harder than they do"… which might be true but like, girl. you do makeup. like you turned yourself into squidword using stuff you bought from Walgreens? k, cool. but she acts like she is producing hollywood films or something.

also, I googled Swoop and it says her name is Spankie Valentine. please tell me that's not her real name….

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