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Townhall is scheduled for May 22nd, GMT 2PM.

File: 1564571208128.png (69.23 KB, 155x275, 8CBE211D-14BF-41EC-A352-DA82A7…)

No. 685927

First thread: >>>/snow/93507
Previous thread: >>678885

Website: https://momokuncosplay.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MomokunCosplay
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Momokun
Instagram & Snapchat: mariahmallad, btsmomokun (used to be xmariahmalladx), momoscats
Twitch: https://go.twitch.tv/mariahmallad
Camversity: https://www.camversity.com/MariahMallad/profile
Pornhub: https://www.pornhub.com/users/mariahmallad
OnlyFans: https://onlyfans.com/momokun
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/momokuncosplay
Subreddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/Momokun_MariahMallad/

IG Stories Archive: https://isdb.pw/mariahmallad
Google Drive:

Please keep the discussion about Momokun, her calves have their own thread here >>>/w/5855
General Costhot/Cosplayer thread over here >>33300
Don't post irrelevant random cosplayers "roasting" her on Twitter unless there's actual new milk attached. We've seen it a million times by now.
And yes, we know about the Kik for Fat ad.

The basics:
>The original “Thicc Samus”
>Has received 2+ lipo and coolsculpting sessions and in attempt to create some sort of figure, all while lying about weight loss through exercise and diet (and weight loss teas)
>Is laughably bad at making own cosplays; buys and commissions 90% of her costumes and props, neglects to properly credit the commissioner or store (see: David Han/KoreanBarbq, Cookie Kabuki Cosplay, myOppa, “Waisetsu Missile” creator Taropun)
>Rips off designs/ideas from smaller creators in the community then backpedals when she’s found guilty (See the myOppa Red Riding Hood drama)
>Claims money is “hard earned” through her half assed, overly photoshopped sets priced at high marks; scams patrons by claiming 3-5 “teaser pictures” are exclusive when in reality they ARE the whole set and are all posted on IG
>Has delusions of grandeur; beefs up certain things she does so she looks more important than she is. Isn’t above using her social media status for free convention badges or getting into “exclusive events”
>Despite earning 10k+ a month through Patreon, she still ghosts conventions and begs for money
>Likes to pretend to be a fan of a series, expresses warped knowledge of said series so she is in the right, gate keeps and posts spoilers despite hating it when others do so
>Professional backpedaler with a lack of remorse; has lewded young characters for photosets, said she sexually assaulted multiple acquaintances due to her ADHD, makes controversial statements/rants that paint herself in a negative light, but won't accept ever being in the wrong
>Preaches the false narrative of “positivity in the community” while she attacks and exiles people once they speak up against her. Surrounds herself with yes man and declares anything else a "witch hunt"
>Momokun has been proven to be a sexual predator, has assaulted multiple people in order to bully and assert dominance over them. Refuses to take responsibility for it, tries to pin it on her attention deficit disorder and both her and her lackey Vamp have publicly mocked her victims


- got more liposuction on her neck and arms
- got lip fillers. Quack quack
- is seemingly still buds with Vamp
- took actually pics of her roast beef puss barely censored with a string of pearls on her panties
- gotten a really ugly wig maker stalker called Umbranwitch
- hilariously shopped her body to the degree where her bellybutton was in her ribcage
- apparently beginning to regret her hair choices by saying she wants to dye it brown
- got the beauty guru community mad at her cause she bitched and Jeffree Star lipstick
- trying to gym and diet again I guess

No. 685933

File: 1564571819929.jpg (16.07 KB, 291x337, simpson-crazy-cat-lady1.jpg)

Momo's really channeling the crazy cat lady with that look.
Someone needs to cut off those matted extensions already.

No. 685949

Simple thread pic, but it says it all. She spent all that money on cool sculpting, Lypo, lip injections, hair extensions, frying the fuck out of her hair, nails, lash extensions, a small nations gdp in skin care products, fuck knows what else.. and this is the end product. So she can cover up head to toe in a black trash bag to hide her misshapen form.
I would like to see a side by side of this and her Tamamo beach pics.
What a glo up, my dude.

No. 685953

Wow that's the worst OP I've seen in a while. And I'm not talking about the photo.

No. 685956

agreed. although the use of the thumbnail image doesn't help.

No. 685964

I shouldn't complain, since I didn't make the thread and all due to restraints, but can we scrap this thread and create a new 104? The "previous" details suck, the title is dumb, and this is a pretty shitty choice for a header photo.

No. 685968

File: 1564580580836.gif (4.9 MB, 337x600, 5CEAF0EC-3F4C-4C56-9731-64D94A…)

my anaconda don’t want none unless you brush your weave hun

No. 685972

As a personal trainer her use of that machine terrifies me you don’t hold onto of the top equipment. Y’all would get kicked out of most gyms for doing that. You can break equipment doing that weird ego pumping extra shit.

No. 685974

somehow I feel she is so obsessed with making her ass look bigger because we constantly say how small it is here on lolcow

No. 685976

This doesn’t really do anything. I’ve tried doing this exact workout in the past, you don’t feel any burn or muscle strain.

No. 685977

She is putting no weight on that machine, look at where the pin is! It can’t be more than 5 pounds, which is pathetic.

No. 685980

Its her weight holding onto the top of the machine I’m talking about who tf does that machine like that.

No. 685981

That’s not even a dig at her weight that’s just a fuckin weird way to use that machine even if her legs are planted on the foot rest she’s still having to hold onto the top of a machine for balance control.

No. 685986

She looks like shit, that machine doesn't have any weights on it and also it's probably very dangerous having hair that length (any really) loose like that around equipment.

No. 685987

>wtf is that position?
>wtf is that low weight (for her body weight)?
>She claims she has a trainer?

No. 685989

so her body is under constant strain from weight gain and sedentary lifestyle, shes barely done anything in the last 2 years, she really just thinks her body is going to be able to adjust to her impromptu workout pose? shes going to injure herself working out before she even loses a single pound. you should never move your hip flexors like that with weight on them. if this is her idea of "gains" i think its safe to assume she hasnt got a single clue what shes doing, like always..

No. 685990

ain't this like the hip abductor? you're supposed to sit down and push it out right? why would you hold the top lmao this fool

No. 685993

File: 1564587993597.jpg (124.97 KB, 866x1390, old-mob-resting-in-the-edge-CX…)

Other people at her gym have to think she's on drugs or something, jesus christ. Crawling all over the machines, shoving her ass out like she even has one to show off, that mangled mop bucket mane. I would genuinely think she was not right in the head if I saw this at my gym.

No. 685995

gym working anon here. Yes, it's a hip abductor and we ask people to stop if we see them doing that. It's a stupid trend that this moron influencers do on Instagram telling people it hits the glutes harder. It doesn't, it makes you more unstable and prone to falling off. Don't use the gym equipment other than how it's intended Mariah. have some damned respect.

No. 685997

File: 1564589665490.jpeg (662.36 KB, 1920x1920, 8D5948A8-2B38-40B8-9856-1414A5…)

And as per usual, she makes her guests/friends cook for her.
All of these posts pretty much confirm what every single one of us has been saying the whole time: She obviously up until now never did shit to actually get in shape. She obviously ate like shit because otherwise she would’ve made these posts already. And she obviously never made any actual weight training, because she would’ve made a huge deal out of it just like she does now.

I’m a till pretty sure she wants the D and is in some stupid childish imaginary competition with this Kevin‘s gf.

(Also can someone please make a new, proper thread?)

No. 685999


Those extensions look like a neglected, abused, matted up dog clinging to the back of her head. What a nightmare. I guess ever since the one candid picture of her that someone posted recently on r/instagramreality with it tied back she doesn’t want to be seen with it up? I don’t know why else she wouldn’t put it up while she’s running around doing physical stuff when it’s just in the way and getting tangled up to hell.

No. 686004

I'm waiting for her to announce she's getting ass implants.

No. 686011

she's also obviously arching her back to make her ass appear bigger, and an incorrect form can fuck you up - not that that actually matters since she's probably just doing this whole thing for attention. i'm sure she jumped on, put it on the lowest weight possible, and did this just to get a pic to SHoW tHE hATUrz!!!! or whatever. couldn't even be fucked to put her hair in a ponytail or bun, let alone brush it.

once kevin leaves, her "workout" and "healthy food" videos and pics are gonna stop, and we're never gonna hear of this again. it's so pathetic that she needs someone to get her to be active, or to even just make decent life choices for her like her dad. someone HAS to hold her hand because she refuses to make responsible adult decisions (but that isn't new). it doesn't help that she's also probably doing this to show kevin that "look at me i'm actually doing fitness stuff like u lol teehee i love the gym and dumbbells and treadmills also u should leave ur gf for me uwu".

No. 686022

It's half of that. There are plenty of FEMALE cosplays who work out and have active hobbies. But notice Momo only tries to play pretend girlfriend to guys who are already taken.

She loves buff cosplay guys, she loves them more if they are taken. She will try her best to isolate the dude from the girlfriend until she ruins both friendships. It's a rise wash repeat cycle

No. 686028

Not whiteknighting but the machine has weight on it. That orange thing is not a pin and in the actual story, you can see the amount of plates. However, doing higher weight on that machine is really easy and her form is wrong. That aside, standing up on it like that is something instagram fitness thots do to emphasize their butt in the video. It's not effective and that machine isn't even for glutes so…she's just straining her lower back unnecessarily because she's a moron. She also isn't even doing anything because she is using momentum to propel her through the movements, further wasting her time.

This was literally an attempt at a fuck you to us because we keep saying she is only at the gym to take pics. Her leggings are covered in hair and her rats nest is out of control. I would avoid the fuck out of her in a gym.

No. 686032

It would be more impressive to see her jog for 5 minutes straight without dying instead of using the machines the wrong way

No. 686034

File: 1564603126509.jpg (945.9 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190730-201230_Ins…)

While waiting on the new thread, this happened, less than 24 hours after Vamplettes started streaming again. Moo has never had a single original thought in her life and I'm pretty sure she lives for trying to one-up her (former) calves. I'm looking forward to this trainwreck.

No. 686035

She always does this. Whether they're a friend, enemy or a complete stranger, she always tries to one-up them because the cunt thinks that everything is a competition. She needs to compete with herself cause she's not even close to becoming better than the bully that she was in high school.

No. 686036

don't you see the stack rising, idiot?

No. 686039

File: 1564604530828.gif (1.46 MB, 215x371, C45FF618-84F4-456A-BF18-E0AEA9…)

>when you pretend to gym for IG points but really have no idea what the fuck you’re doing

No. 686042

It's sad because even if she does somehow manage to lose weight, she's going to have a massive amount of loose skin. It's literally better for her career to keep being fat. I just can't understand how she spends so much money on dumb shit instead of just keeping her hair a normal color, and using that money to pay a nutritionist and putting it away to get rid of extra skin. I almost feel bad for her

No. 686043

File: 1564606398518.png (1.16 MB, 720x1184, Screenshot_2019-07-31-13-52-14…)

No. 686044

File: 1564606621370.png (696.09 KB, 720x1197, Screenshot_2019-07-31-13-52-34…)

No. 686047

They are perfect for each other with their back rolls and bras that don't fit.

No. 686054

I don't know why you anons are pissy about the thread pic. It's shitty and low resolution, just like her.

No. 686055


On a quick scroll I thought that was Yaniv.

No. 686057

What did she get her? The only thing I see are back tits and Moo already has a set of those.

No. 686064

Some cat socks, it’s literally nothing exciting.

No. 686071

Why is she still bothering with these extensions. Do her friends tell her they look like dreads or do they just not care anymore.

No. 686076


I knew some dumb fucks would bitch about the new thread lol. But after 12 hours of waiting for someone else to make one, I got tired of waiting — next time be less lazy and you do it if you hate it so much.

And really not that much happened last thread anyway.

No. 686078

You have people who's used those machines before saying that shes only moving like five pounds, to which you can TELL in the video bc she's only moving one plate. Either way, her form sucks, this overall attempt sucks about as much as her attempts at flirting with a taken man.

No. 686080

File: 1564615179876.jpeg (21.49 KB, 298x169, 2489799C-E3E9-4737-935F-1C255F…)

No. 686081

>>686076 She didn't get lipo at any point during the last thread, and you included it in the "recent" section anyhow.

>And learn how to greentext.

No. 686082

Never turn your back on, Moo…

Umbran may not have the same tier of back fat as Moo, but she is definitely uglier. Her face is hard to even glance at.

No. 686088

nta but didn't she just recently get chin, neck, and arm lipo? or is what she got called something else?

No. 686095

I have used that machine before and I have watched the story on her actual page and not the extremely low res gif on here and she is moving a stack of plates. Which isn't an accomplishment on that machine. The point shouldn't even be the amount of weight that she is moving on that stupid machine but that she is doing the exercise completely wrong with poor form and doing less than nothing on it. Yall either go look at the story itself or quit sperging about the weight on the machine.

No. 686096

She did but it was two threads ago

No. 686099

And what was so important that you absolutely had to make one?
The simpsons crazy cat lady comparison or the nitpicky summary of her appearance that’s been there several times before?

No. 686106

Not OP but everyone needs to stop derailing about the OP and get back on topic. Moo goes through threads so quick this will be over and done with before you know it and then one of you can make the thread.

No. 686117

Is she going to dragoncon this year? I know she made a big thing about going last year and then never turned up. I figured she’d give it a shot now that everyone “forgot” about the momolesting

No. 686122

So urban is here for Evo, but I'm missing something. Didn't Mariah go on about having a huge announcement for Evo? It's this week I doubt they'd have her as a guest and so late too?

No. 686129

That was Moo expecting to be able to ghost and finding out that no, she could very much not ghost or find a hotel room to pig out in. She's not put together enough to actually get D*C tickets or a room, so you never have to worry about her waddling around there.

No. 686132

File: 1564624633357.jpg (179.31 KB, 720x1280, IMG_20190731_185124.jpg)

Revisiting something that was pointed out towards the end of the previous thread.

She was supposed to be listing a bunch of old cosplays for sale, including this Designer Daddy abomination that was allegedly a "test run" because she looked like absolute shit in it.

How much do you want to bet that with Umbran in town, she doesn't bother with the listings, the gym visits, or the LoL streams she's been trying to hype up?

No. 686137

I really want to know how much this is selling for and what the measurements are. I'd ask if she hadn't blocked me. It just is such trash!

No. 686139

This is honestly the ugliest fucking thing I’ve ever seen. I don’t remember seeing any high res photos of it but goddamn, it’s literally falling apart. No one in their right mind would buy this, not even for scrap material. Plus, she most likely didn’t clean it so it’ll reek of Moo’s horrendous bo.
She’ll probably either ask for what she paid for it or more because ~Momokun~ wore it. I’m betting on the latter because she sold her Zero Suit Samus for more than what that pit-stained zentai suit was worth.

No. 686140

File: 1564625992702.jpg (246.46 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190730-175854_Ins…)

$1200 for tamamo btw.

No. 686143

Keep a timer for how long till she blocks you(don't encourage cowtipping)

No. 686145

You should have asked her what size it was lol

>inb4 cow tipping
(don't encourage cowtipping)

No. 686151

This is a well-known gym move for thots to post on their social media.
tbh I would love for mariah to record herself doing more meme exercises, look stupid/get kicked out or something just to get a pic for IG that makes it look like she has an ass

No. 686164

Of course she is asking for the full price she paid designer Daddy even though it's falling apart, neglected, and was never washed

No. 686175

make one yourself then? Either way shit up. I'm just glad someone finally did it.

this is just sad lol

No. 686177

NO ONE would make one for hours. I'm not even OP but this shit is annoying. Make one yourself if you have specific requirements you bunch of whiny bitches

No. 686191


How about you get a hobby so 12 WHOLE hours without a moomoo thread doesn't seem so unbearable to you, and next time you think about making a new thread just maybe fuck off and don't??

No. 686194

id rather look at umbras back rolls than read yall bitching lol stop derailing we’re all petty fucks

No. 686195

how are you this assblasted over this, just contribute or fuck off

No. 686197

How old are you anon? Jesus christ.
The point still stands, if you don't like how a thread is made you fucking do it next time.

Can we please stop complaining over this?

No. 686203


Funny coming from someone who frequents this site(stop infighting)

No. 686222

Holyshit, she really is batshit insane. I wouldnt pay $10 for that curtain fabric. Do you think anyone would actually pay 1,200 for it?

No. 686229

nothing significant, but when she says full set…. is it just the dress with the sleeves and neck piece, or is she going to also sell her shit wig and ~beloved~ tamamo ears and tail as well? i remember for, like, two weeks she was splurging and buying and "collecting" fox ears for tamamo or something cuz muh waifu.. wonder if she'll part with those.

No. 686236

I'm willing to bet she paid 2-3x that price. Designer Daddy is so far up his own ass, that seems low for him.
He routinely sells his "gowns" for 2-3k

No. 686241

DD is in cali and surrounded by wannabe disney face characters who don't know any better.

No. 686248

God, those insufferable cunts are hanging out again. Back to milking each other for clout and shitty cosplay they go.

No. 686252

No, they know better, it's just all a clout thing.
Like Moo, they like to show off that they can afford an overpriced costume even though it usually looks unfinished and trashy.
Agreed with this. He once posted that his costumes start at $1800.

No. 686261

it's really not. he's notorious in the scene and cosplayers don't use him. maybe thots do but mostly just fake didney princesses because they think there's clout to it. cosplay clout is making your costumes which moo also attempts and fails.

No. 686262

File: 1564676175331.png (3.11 MB, 750x1334, FF2590F3-6CA2-4B91-8BBE-A488B6…)

At least Umbran LOOKS like she’s trying, even if she doesn’t go to the gym often. Moo can’t even pretend to work out properly.

No. 686269

This is a real downgrade from Vamps. I thought the point was to get a HOT lesbian lover to make the boys drool.

Also way to keep up with the threads Momo. Guess she had to hide her tracks when anon mentioned in the previous thread she only takes guys she wants to fuck to the gym

No. 686273

File: 1564683015448.jpeg (414.17 KB, 750x1090, B2E5CEB1-3160-44C6-A72B-922027…)

No. 686275

ugh i hate people who talk like this…it doesn't surprise me though, not in the least.

No. 686277

Moo is trying wayyyy to hard at this point. This 'friendship' is somehow more shallow than a puddle. Tinfoil but I believe this is just a pathetic attempt at making vamp jealous. Umbranbitch is just filling the ass kisser position so someone can help stoke our cows fragile ego and return get showered with gifts and give them 'clout'. Even though she is totally not someones piggybank…yet also liikes it when people depend on her..this bitch is confusing.

No. 686282

The fake laughing is really cringy but Momo should be careful with this one. If she doesn't fuck her soon or makes one wrong move Umbran would 100 percent out her. Vamps took the high ground but Umbran seems completely unhinged. Something just isn't right about that one.

No. 686303

File: 1564697064080.jpg (854.87 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190801-170413_Ins…)

Jowls since birth.

No. 686311

Fucking uncanny valley lookin face here

No. 686312

s-she means the costume right?

No. 686331

File: 1564702247290.png (939.18 KB, 1800x1514, 259FE645-109C-4A1A-9B77-A5628A…)

This is rich coming from her. Did someone hurt her new lapdog’s feelings?

No. 686333

File: 1564702504551.png (3.48 MB, 1800x1051, A1D15DE5-58E4-4B16-B64F-F62E6E…)

Filters can’t hide her busted face anymore I guess.

Going back to Japan again to do fuck all and not shoot anything for the third-forth(?) time in a row.

She’s never going to play FE. Bought it only to ride the hype train. We’ll never hear about it again in a few months.

No. 686337

So basically she confirmed it's her room mate that bought the game for himself

No. 686343

This is one of the ugliest garments I've ever seen in my life.

No. 686352

So basically shes gonna stream never

No. 686360

lurk mor moo

No. 686365

>Go into a depressive state. Shame on you

Oh you mean pretty much the way you made Nana and others feel, Mariah? Go brush your weave and shut the hell up.

No. 686372

File: 1564710430943.jpg (75.74 KB, 570x293, 20190801_183928.jpg)

>>686331 See, this is where Mariah fails to see the problems she causes for herself. The finished costumes tend to look awful on her because she provides the wrong measurements, pays her slave mice to rush everything out to spite other cosplayers who announced a similar project first, or the obvious fact that she doesn't know how to pose or properly wear anything, so the costumes end up looking worse by association.

What happened to honest criticism, Mariah?

No. 686378

People rag on them BECAUSE they work with you Moo. No one wants to work with a known bully and sexual assault/harasser. So the ones that do are obviously money or clout hungry and everyone is going to call them on it.
You also can't seem to get measurements right or you wear the costume incorrectly and it looks like shit. No one wants to have their work skewered like that.
TLDR: Stop pretending to cosplay and just do lewd shit.

No. 686381

What the fuck is going on with her nose in the last picture? It definitely does not look like that normally

No. 686393

What level of total narc do you have to be to post your own baby pics and comment on how cute they are?

No. 686420


She looks like Bruce Campbell in drag

No. 686434

Don’t do Bruce dirty like that!

She never did post the responses to this huh? Probably weren’t enough people kissing her ass.

No. 686444

File: 1564725932075.png (678.77 KB, 720x1190, Screenshot_2019-08-01-23-01-01…)

>straight up slaps her boob

No. 686445

File: 1564726016620.png (1.21 MB, 720x1199, Screenshot_2019-08-01-23-01-18…)

>Also said lipo on her chin provided more results than cool sculpting did

No. 686446

>>686444 Those pants are pulled up so high, I'd swear she was conditioning herself for a Steve Urkel cosplay.

No. 686447

File: 1564726933766.jpg (278.28 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190801-231933_Ins…)

>>686445 TFW Dorothy throws water on the wicked witch, and she begins to melt.

No. 686451

"Yeah we can be girlfriends, but no sex and this is just until I can get a man who makes more money or a prettier girl to play lesbian with"

But really, Momo. This isn't hate, this is legit advise. You deserve Umbran, but she's clearly crazy. Momo can't complain that she didn't see the betrayal or some weird shit coming

No. 686452

no one complemented her on the results looking good and how bad of an idea it was. She looks worse and still has to abuse face tape. She is just pretending she didn't spend several k to wreck her body more.

No. 686453

Didn’t she at the last Q&A say something about how she can’t give advice on this because she never was in the position of having to get over someone?

No. 686455

Sorry for samefagging but found it.
She did answer this the last time. Funny how her answer differs when she‘s not being manic.


No. 686461

>uwu my dream cosplay

wears it for what, 2 hours and sells it without even doing a small shoot

No. 686462

File: 1564731134237.png (2.13 MB, 1242x2208, 6E8D36E5-0040-4335-AF2C-945E73…)

There’s a cosplay contest happening at The Linq today, AlyBrazil and Vamp are part of it so I’m not surprised Moo weaseled her way into hanging around.

No. 686464

That's a flat out fucking lie when we know for a fact she was asspained for like a full year after kbbq told her she was too fat for him to date her.

No. 686468

File: 1564732493916.png (1.32 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190802-005041.png)

No. 686471

I'll be there in the cosplay show. Will report back with any milk.

No. 686478

File: 1564738331675.jpg (405.08 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190802-022600_Ins…)

>>686471 So does that make you one of these four girls?

Anyhow, have another photo of Moo looking three times larger than a girl who's already pretty hefty.

No. 686486

Oh, that is a criminal angle

No. 686500

File: 1564748652668.png (832.27 KB, 720x1193, Screenshot_2019-08-02-05-22-14…)

Umbran has to do this more jfc

No. 686502

File: 1564748904107.png (751.77 KB, 720x1195, Screenshot_2019-08-02-05-27-01…)

No. 686503

It cracks me up when Moo tries to pretend that her lunch lady arms are muscle.

No. 686504

god i love nothing more than how her botched lip job makes it look like shes disgusted with herself in every single fucking photo. priceless karma.

No. 686506

File: 1564749917253.gif (11.44 MB, 359x636, 20190802_073555.gif)

Tit slap

No. 686507

File: 1564749948830.gif (4.53 MB, 359x594, 20190802_073701.gif)

Mug in motion

No. 686508

File: 1564749968223.jpg (350.13 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190802-054116_Ins…)

I don't know where to begin here. That posture can't be good for the body, especially for a woman who has inverted kneecaps. Holy shit.

No. 686509

File: 1564750123488.gif (15.63 MB, 359x594, 20190802_074401.gif)

"Stealing jokes"

No. 686510

File: 1564750305685.gif (6.76 MB, 359x594, 20190802_074225.gif)

Flex pt 2

No. 686513

File: 1564751084688.gif (13.27 MB, 359x594, 20190802_080421.gif)

Flex pt 1

No. 686514

File: 1564751276408.gif (10.44 MB, 359x594, 20190802_080702.gif)

Dog toy pt 1

No. 686515

File: 1564751395180.gif (9.46 MB, 359x594, 20190802_080738.gif)

Dog toy pt 2

No. 686520

Can we not fill the thread with insta story gifs unless there's actual milk or if someone asks? Appreciate the effort but we all know the bitch is ugly that isn't milk.(minimodding)

No. 686527

Candid no filter videos that will disappear in 24 hours seem like light milk to me. She blocks anyone who speaks out against her so some people can only see things here too.

No. 686528

Then make a video and upload it as such. In one post.
NTAYRT but that spam really is unnecessary. Especially since some of it has already been posted.(minimodding)

No. 686533

do i spy flannel-kun?

No. 686535

File: 1564757882450.jpeg (101.32 KB, 750x622, A2D52186-3B2B-41AE-9BAB-E0F8DA…)

Senpai Squad cancelled her guest appearance back when all the sexual assault shit went down.

No. 686538

Jesus, those lips look soooo bad in motion. And she's probably not even done yet. What a train wreck.

No. 686548

her lips look inflamed. Looks like she got her third round of fillers, focusing more on the upper lip
Even through the tight fitting clothes you can see the lumps and she still looks like she's gaining weight, not losing it. By early next year I can see her pushing 280.

No. 686549

she's already at 280 she'll be pushing 350 next year of she does nothing. her thighs alone must be at least 35 pounds each.

No. 686550

File: 1564768208529.gif (138.64 KB, 711x395, F2237DC2-CE9C-45A0-8692-9EE0EE…)

How horrifying

No. 686551

Why are so many anons being so butt hurt about other farmers doing the work for them? Sperging about the way the OP made the thread and now getting angry that someone took the effort to make gifs. Make the video yourself if you think it’s a better idea, if not then shut up. It’s not like her thread is moving really quickly right now.

No. 686552

Because it’s not milky…? Why clog up the thread with endless photos and gifs if there’s no milk? One video/gif is enough.

No. 686553

I understand both sides. But any unedit pics of her is milky. But you're right, one or two is enough

No. 686554

File: 1564769402631.jpeg (213.98 KB, 720x1280, 27292EF6-E36D-4A95-ADCF-1E31C1…)

For the laughs.

No. 686555

Jeezus. Her leg is almost as big as Umbran's entire torso. That OP photo has to be shooped.

No. 686558

i see no difference

No. 686560

maybe we should make like an archive, or a separate archive thread like we did for camv

No. 686562

god, this is so unflattering. she looks more than ever like she's going to unhinge her jaw and swallow someone whole.

No. 686566

Come on, making a shitty OP in five minutes and spam posting gifs is not "work" and it's just annoying if people think they're ~helping~ by doing it when no one asked for it.
If anyone really wants to see those stories they can use storiesig or something, why bump the thread when there's no milk?(minimodding)

No. 686567

Why does moo look like she's having a massive allergic reaction? Her eyes look fucking ragged.

Every filterless candid I see she looks like a massive lumbering retard scuttling for clout around vamps & friends with UmbranTranny attached at the hip.(learn 2 imageboard)

No. 686570

Reminder that when posting image dumps you need to sage all but the first and last posts.

No. 686574

At EVO right now and no sign of Moo, bet she’s skipping out like she did for LVL Up or just going to the after parties.

No. 686582

File: 1564783178500.jpg (237.58 KB, 791x819, mom said.jpg)

No. 686604

File: 1564790300001.png (2.06 MB, 750x1334, 888A80EF-228D-421E-BDD8-EDC805…)


No. 686625

fuckin unit

No. 686647

File: 1564794352442.png (2.94 MB, 750x1334, 76C2D855-0BED-41D0-8CD1-7C7675…)

No. 686649

File: 1564794517815.jpeg (443.8 KB, 719x980, 12979F7A-136F-4091-8E4D-3C071E…)

measurements for the curious anons? She also dropped the price from what she told ^^^

No. 686652


And the cat is in the shot. Nice. At least people with cat hair allergies know to not order it lol. But still even at that price after lowering it, no one is going to touch it unless it’s one of her neckbeards that want to inhale her stench or an extremely delusional fangirl.

No. 686653


You know she's not going to clean any of them and just ship them out covered in dirt and cat hair, reeking of cat piss and sweat.

No. 686662


Pretty fucking convenient how she manufactures reasons to justify her inability to make public appearances. "Oh, I wanted to go to EVO, but I had to list my wigs and costumes because I need to make room in my house for other people".

She's still living in fear, and will continue to do so for the rest of her life.

No. 686665

I'm actually pretty surprised as well.

I'm at EVO and no sight of Moo. I did see Vamplettes though dressed up from a character from DoA? And she was with two girls. One dressed as Chun Li and another I couldn't check. But Vamplettes definitely seems like she's less stressed and having more fun without Moo hovering over her.

No. 686666

>>686662 Samefag, but I also find it hilarious that she's listing everything on Depop. I thought the new website was the most popular thing in the world? Why not open a subcategory there for props and shit, and avoid the seller fees? After all, everyone loves the new website, and everyone visits it.

No. 686669

>>686665 Yeah, Vamps and Aly (Chun Li) made it to EVO, and will be making an appearance together for that costume event at The Linq in less than 2.5 hours from now. I'm sure everyone has an easier time without Mariah the buzzkill loitering in the area.

Like one of the other anons said, Mariah will come up with excuses to avoid interacting with people at cons, but she'll sure as shit try to weasel her way into any afterparty with booze and drugs.

No. 686675

File: 1564797215665.jpg (938.5 KB, 1454x1273, 20190802_182149.jpg)

Vamps and aly at evo. No moo

No. 686680

these are almost my exact measurements and i'm a US 22-24, my hips are bigger though so she's probably a 20-22. and imagine, this is anticipating her being corsetted… i don't mean to just post about 'wow she fat', i'm just surprised she was this transparent about it after how much she's tried to lie about her size before. classic fat girl in denial move to lie about numbers as if no one can see the reality.

No. 686688

At this point I think Momo thinks the corset is a part of her now

No. 686692

this one is great just to watch the reactions of everyone around her. vamps, cringing but used to it. red shirt girl, genuinely suprised and appalled by momo's flex. bottom left corner guy, so disgusted he stops drinking. even the black guy is like 'huh, maybe i won't hit it after all'. the awkward social dynamics of the room are so clear even just through this little snippet, i just can't understand how she thinks anyone can stand her.

No. 686699

She seems like the loud over bearing type in a group setting. She doesn’t have much to offer so she compensate by being a loud bad bitch making jokes and trying to get attention. Everyone is just hanging out and you have her dressed in allllll black and just being moo.

No. 686713

Jesus Christ she looks like Rodney Dangerfield in a ratty wig.

Ugh. I can just tell how loud and obnoxious she is from this gif. Like a 16 year old on their 2nd beer at their first high school house party. Being loud an obnoxious to cover up how uncomfortable and insecure you are.

No. 686714

Not a moo thread regular. holy shit when did she get so wiiiiiide?? no wonder she isn't working out, her knees must be killing her(nitpicking)

No. 686719

dark 'beetus eyes comin' along i see

No. 686721

File: 1564806995665.jpeg (540.92 KB, 500x1139, E9C97311-F02A-4781-9C64-C0ACB0…)

some new listings are going up, I pray for whoever gets the puppy bikini as of this screenshot she doesn’t mention it being worn or used but she definitely shot in it right?

No. 686722

File: 1564807074568.jpeg (457.36 KB, 750x1032, 4A0DBD2A-6C64-4DF8-86B5-451AA7…)

XXL. she’s also selling her Tamamo bikini but at least she listed it as worn

No. 686723

File: 1564807353162.jpeg (480.83 KB, 750x1125, 74D10C85-D2F4-4BEF-B37C-FCEBA6…)

The chichi dress she famously didn’t wear underwear with in public

No. 686725

Beetlejuice anyone?

No. 686726

File: 1564808053958.png (766.12 KB, 750x1334, E6FDC529-8605-4A16-909C-16739E…)

what is this

No. 686734

An accurate representation of her tiny head and huge body

No. 686737

i cant tell if whoever tagged her was trolling or not lol yikes

No. 686742

File: 1564812580267.jpg (352.54 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190802-230659_Chr…)

One of the anons in a previous thread found this exact ensemble on Amazon for under $20, and even posted a screenshot of the outfit and price for proof.

She's charging $25.

No. 686748

File: 1564813086542.jpeg (368.52 KB, 635x852, 32E13885-A15A-4D29-9766-D4162F…)

Tbh she could probably charge her neckbeards more than that.

I can’t think of any non-gross reason anyone would buy a used bikini with no proof it’s been washed

Also: it looks like the mannequin’s torso could fit inside the leg hole. Kek

No. 686758

So, do you think she’s low on money or just actually clearing stuff out? My guess is her cucks are finally catching on that she’s a scammer and jumping ship. She probably didn’t get much of a patreon paycheck this month

No. 686769

File: 1564816528725.jpg (409.98 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190803-001147_Ins…)

>>686662 Here we go.

She found a way to avoid EVO, and found a way to avoid showing support in person for Vamps and Aly while they were participating in their respective event, but she's ready to get hammered at some afterparty! Predictable as fuck!

No. 686777

File: 1564818004167.png (3.72 MB, 750x1334, B4E00D3A-E7DE-4D25-A677-E322A3…)

No. 686781

Lmfao, the 8 billion ears she impulse bought are all for sale. Moo is so predictable.

Yeah, there's no way a woman is going to buy this stuff. I doubt it would fit anyone besides Moo anyway because of how bizarre her proportions are, ntm all the unreliable measurements.

Some gross creep is probably going to buy them to put in a shrine or skeet with lel.

I think Holly just has Moo there to make her look better by comparison kek

No. 686792

At least she got someone to brush her hair for her.
I say someone and not her because she can't even wash and dry her own hair

No. 686807

>“I‘m not much of a party person lol“
>proceeds to go to parties

Plus, she again only posted footage of other people working out, but none of herself actually doing something besides being on her phone and pretentiously being on a treadmill for like 5 minutes.

No. 686815

I don't even think she was at the party that long. So much for her big Evo news lmao

No. 686844

I’m honestly surprised she could use a treadmill. Some gym models do have weight restrictions and I wouldn’t be surprised if Moo was getting close to or passing them.

No. 686846

My god I thought she looked halfway ok in this pic until I saw just how wide her stomach really is. It’s a pretty deceiving FaceTuned pic for sure but god damn when you see it…

No. 686854

File: 1564839828829.jpg (24.44 KB, 536x171, 20190803_064151.jpg)

>>686846 Don't forget; that's only a 35 inch waist you're looking at.

No. 686856

File: 1564840701409.png (254.75 KB, 370x658, 20190803_085629.png)


35 inch waist, sure thing Mariah…
New to note. She has on a different colored hoodie crop top for once.

No. 686861

So that’s why she isn’t with vamp/ aly, she’d rather be with sniper wolf who is far more “popular”. Why are people still her friends???

No. 686868

counterpoint: maybe they were relieved that mariah didn't come up to "show support" (be loud and obnoxious and try to get the center of attention on her). they were probably happy to get a break from her. remember all of those old pictures where people tried to take selfies with vamp and she'd literally shove her ass in frame for attention? no way she could handle behaving while people admired vamp/aly's costumes and gave them more attention…

No. 686875

I think she's hurting for cash. She seems like a hoarder in general so for her to actually get this shit presentable to sell makes me think she's desperate for cash. Not that it even matters because she's going to spend it all as soon as she gets it.

No. 686876

lmao selling the ears she so desperately screwed other buyers out of just to flex, how pathetic

No. 686877

She's not. She has more Patrons than before and it's been in the high 1400s or higher for more than two months now, going into the third. She's not hurting, she is just selling her wear once outfits like every thot does. No one rewears shit who shells out lewds like Moo. They either archive them in their own studios or sell them off.

What Im curious about though is that those ears Moo bought, the stores those usually come from have resell rules. I wonder if Moo is overcharging for resale at all or if the stores she got those ones from even allow their ears to be resold vs traded. I think that's a dumb rule tbh because a purchase makes you the owner, but still. Moo could be in trouble depending on where the ears are from and if one store blacklists, I think the rest follow because it's such a small community.

No. 686884

We’ve been over this already. Those are all 1-5$ patrons, that’s why she’s been catering to them so hard and half assing communication with her 50$ patrons. She doesn’t have anyone higher paying.

She hasn’t had a room mate for a couple of months and i guantree Kevin is paying little to no rent since she’s “helping him move.” She also just blew 1500$+ on filler and a few thousand on lipo a few weeks ago. She’s burning through cash very quickly.

No. 686885

She really hasn't been catering to them at all. Most of her posts are for higher tiers to view only. Unless you've been a patron, don't talk about what she caters to because for the past two years Ive been delivering that shit here.

No. 686889

Wasn't the pearl vag shot in the selfie set which was for everyone? She's lazily showing them her vag and asshole to keep them while not making any effort on the higher tiers. I agree that most are on the lower tiers.

No. 686894

She's always posted shit like that to low tiers. Its honestly not new for her to be that pornish in posts throughout the month to get people to bid in higher tiers.

No. 686908

I support the ‘she’s running out of cash’ theory.

Look at how quickly the price for this costume dropped.
If she just wanted to get rid of it, she could easily sit on it for a month or even longer. Especially if she’s spent so much on it and it’s ‘worth’ >$1k. It doesn’t take away that much space, so why not keep it until someone is willing to pay the first price?
She wants to get the money quick.

Plus, she wants to get into streaming. Especially Twitch streamers are known to be able to make loads. Why would she do that if not for that reason? You would think it’s less effort than shooting, but other than with photos she can’t just cut out her unkempt hair and unwashed face (and who would watch a stream of just her playing video games lol).

Let’s not forget that aditionally to everything mentioned (lipo, fillers etc) she’s also spent a mentionable amount of money on that gaming set up.

She suddenly had a huge peak in spendings without a considerable change in income, from what we can tell. So, even if that story about her stealing the money that was meant for Vamps surgery is true, she should slowly run out of cash.

No. 686913

I feel like this is on point with the fact that it seems like shes buttering up to people more now than ever. May not be just for clout, she may actually need the connections since she won't have the money for it otherwise.

No. 686920


She kinda looks like fat Meowri now.

No. 686923

Let's not forget utilities and such. She's renting a house, which fine sure cheaper there than say New England or Cali. But Moo strikes me as a massive waster of electric and water among things. I wouldn't doubt her to blast ac since she refuses to dress comfortable for the weather she's in. likely leaves lights on regardless if she's there or not, as such doubt whoever comes over to watch the cats is mindful of her utility bills either when she's off to Cali or Japan. I very much doubt her bills are reasonable. Sage for tinfoil

No. 686927

I support Moo running out of cash theory too

I'm tinfoiling here but it's obvious that Moo isn't smart with her finances. How does she not have any existing form of debt? Yeah she has her patreon money but if she's paying off expenses as anon said >>686923

Doesn't she also have debt from when she 'studied', dropping 1-2k a week on custom costumes,personal photographer paying for her slaves food, gym membership, weekly nail salon trips, Etsy purchases and eating out every night.

or maybe her end of the month expenses are just running out?

No. 686934

I find it telling that she's selling brand new cosplay AND really old stuff like Wicke. That costume is what, 3 years old? Why sell it now?

No. 686941


This has been discussed extensively. The raw numbers mean nothing - there's no way to extrapolate from them what her income is and the numbers change all the time.

As >>686884 and >>686908 and >>686923 and >>686927 point out, she has a lot of expenses that easily outpace her monthly income and she's behaving like someone that needs to raise cash quick.


It's certainly a strange coincidence if you're one of those people who believe (for whatever reason) that's she still rolling in cuck bucks.

I mean, why stream on Camversity? Why do the charity scams? Why sell old and new costumes? Why try to transition to being a titty streamer on Twitch?

Do people honestly think Moo has the brains or the motivation to say, "Gee, I'd better diversify my thot portfolio so I can have multiple income streams in case one dries up."?

She's not making real money from cosplay anymore - that's the only reason why she's suddenly trying to do other things.

No. 686943

As much as I want to hop on the "Mariah is hurting for cash" bandwagon, I just can't, even though she knowing spent somewhere between $20,000-$30,000 in 2019 on the Hawaii vacation (food, travel, and hotel expenses for herself and others), the Japan trip (where she bought more action figures), the sculpting/lipo/injections (that's $10,000 right there), hair extensions and procedures, a new gaming computer, cosmetic products and accessories, costume commissions…

Ultimately, the point that I'm trying to make is that she spends at such a breakneck pace, her Depop income isn't going to cauterize her financial bleeding. I think she's doing it to make space for more junk, or more shitty roommates. But I think it's very fair to speculate that she's hurting for money at the rate she's moving at.

No. 686950

File: 1564879687659.jpg (236.09 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190803-174552_Ins…)

Ah, yes. My favorite event at EVO. The Disney Ice Capades.

No. 686953

File: 1564880487900.jpg (344.94 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190803-175851_Ins…)

>>686950 Gonna sage a couple of these. First up, the cool sculpting on the chin that was supposed to make everything better.

No. 686954

File: 1564880606524.jpg (257.46 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190803-175915_Ins…)

>>686953 Second, her expression is reminiscent of a person who smells burnt toast, and has a stroke moments later.

No. 686955

At least she's actually doing some exercise….

Yeah. I mean, yes, Mariah trying to get rid of a ton of cosplays ASAP reeks of desperation, but a lot of things she does is equally stupid. It's hard to quantify her behavior as either "oh shit my cuckbucks are drying up" or just being dumb and manic as usual.

No. 686958

my ankles and calves hurt just looking at her trying to skate

No. 686965

my tinfoil on moo selling so many old costumes is that she's resigned to the fact that they will probably never fit again, even with corset, especially old stuff like chichi and wicke. but even tamamo, which didn't exactly look like it fit right when she debuted it, and it looks like a stiff costume… like i think it's unlikely she can cinch down to a 35 inch waist still, from the way she's looking in recent candids:

plus, she's got to raise money for her next japan trip, apparently in less than two months ( >>686333 ), especially after spending so much on her surgeries and gaming pc the last month, as other anons have pointed out.

the framing of her face and hair in that shot looks like it could be on a movie poster from 1998… only it would be someone hollywood hot, def not moomoo lol

No. 686974


I think the hyperbolic way people speak on here has you confused

It's less that she's broke and more that she's living paycheck to paycheck with maybe some credit card cushion between. Even if she was making 30k which is highly unlikely just because she simply doesnt have that reach, she would easily be blowing through it with what we see her spending and the amount of money she must spend on food alone is ridiculous because she's actually gaining weight/fat faster than even ALR.

Her lip fillers alone would cost approx $2k add the lipo, travel, the amount of food she needs to eat to continue growing to the size she's at, new costumes, wig commissions, constant hair trips and extensions. She could be making $20k and still be low on cash monthly with how shittily she spends it

That doesnt even include stuff like car bills, rent, paying off her friends and showering them in gifts constantly.

Even if she was making as much as the 'she's making bank' anons think she is she would easily blowing through this money every month.

I agree I think she's trying to sell certain things but stuff like Tamamo which is barely half a year old? And she even said this is only the first 'wave' of stuff she's selling so we'll see what else she tries to sell.

I think it's more suspicious that she's selling ears that she hasnt shot with at all (those red and black bunny ones I hadnt even seen her post) that would be an easy 'shoot' excuse. just buy more shitty amazon lingerie and shoot in them and she could sell that but she's selling the ears before even doing anything with them? She needs the money fast.

As >>686941 said if the desperate grabs for money weren't so constant I could believe she was doing better but the fact that it's been constant for the past few months says a LOT.

No. 686982

>>686974 Not to discount anything you said, because it makes a lot of sense, but I'd be more inclined to believe she was in a bind if she resorted to trying to sell her figurines, or at least the ones that weren't destroyed or mangled.

But there are a few obvious red flags to take into consideration based on her recent behavior, so I'm just here for the ride with my popcorn within arm's reach.

No. 686984


I think it's a shame that some anons have complained about people posting content that contributes to the thread. This is why Patreon-anon doesn't talk to us anymore.


Not to argue, because we're all speculating to a degree, but that's a really random line to draw.

People do buy used figures - but generally, they're looking for things that are near mint and in the box. None of Moo's figures fit that description - not to mention that many of them are fakes/bootlegs. And I think even Moo realizes that all those figures are basically junk at this point.

I get what you're saying, but what you're describing is literally never going to happen.

No. 686986

I'll never understand why she feels a need to wear full head to toe tight fitting clothes like that, It just looks uncomfortable and unpleasant

No. 686989

she probably thinks it makes her look smaller. kind of a paradox because if she wore clothing that was properly fitted to her size, she would probably look a little smaller or at the very least like a respectable human being.

No. 686991

wut… is this even real? I just… what?

No. 686998

File: 1564894179201.jpg (308.83 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190803-214704_Ins…)

>"I don't let the haters get to me."

>Afraid to attend EVO because she'll get roasted or confronted.

No. 687001

This may be a bold tinfoil, but what if she's slowly getting out if cosplay entirely? Personally for with what she is selling, it kind of looks like she's wiping a clean slate. She's selling costumes she just pretty much got, costumes that have been well received and recognizable to her brand, and some stuff she hasnt even worn or used yet. She's too afraid to go to evo, or even mention it at this point, and what does she do with a bunch of other fellow cosplayers? Anything but…cosplay. I feel like she's definitely feeling the fact that noone wants her around anymore, and she's already burned what few bridges she's had left to reclaim any kind of legitimacy among the cosplay community.

And let's face it, her fanbase and who's essentially paying the bills to have her fat ass and her cats fed don't give a flying fuck about her cosplays anymore. When she realized noone care about her "crafting," she paid for people to do it for her, and even then it wasn't exactly well received, or really cared for. In all reality, it would potentially be a better move for her to be a titty streamer that happens to sell lewds, than to keep up with the facade that she wants to cosplay anymore.

No. 687007

Then why would she bother trying to get into streaming? I doubt her neckbeards care about watching her play games or doing whatever she's planning on doing on twitch, heck they barely cared when she was on camversity. All her fans want is her to do porn. That's all they care about. If she gave up cosplay completely, in favor of streaming, I'd be willing to bet most of her "fanbase" would quickly leave

No. 687009

If people's theories about her trying to be a twitch thot are true I cannot wait for the milk. Twtich is very competitive and alot of those girl streamers have more of a backbone than moo. It will be funny to see how she tries to make it stick if she doesn't give up ansd go back to wearing pasties in a wig on her bed again.

No. 687017

Sssinperwolf is probably Mariah's gateway into twitch streaming, such aa Vamps was for her cosplaying. She probably thinks it's easier to switch to streaming but it's hard when your personality is obnoxious.

Who knows, Mariah will be the Trisha Paytas of twitch and have a mental breakdown every session

No. 687023

If you may ask, what would be simpler for our moo? Pretending to care about an anime/game/cosplay to win otaku points with a fanbase that clearly doesnt give a shit about her, or jiggling her boobs for a bit on livestream, with some lewd content in between? Let's face it, at this point her patreon content wouldn't really change, but she would have the advantage of rebranding herself with something that would be arguably easier for her to do?

No. 687026

Honestly, I'd pay money to see that. I feel like it would be feasible for neckbeards to watch her for the tits, or for the manic breakdowns. It'd be milk for the ages

No. 687034

>>687026 It wouldn't be as profitable as Camversity, in my honest opinion.

During the CamV days, she didn't make anything, excluding the streams when Vamp made cameos, or when she had cum lube on standby. Her non-sexual streams weren't profitable, and I'm assuming she would likely wear the same spaghetti strap tops that she wore on CamV.

Twitch is a different animal. If you're not as pretty as other girls, then you sure as hell need to be a better gamer, or a better overall entertainer. And Mariah's idea of comedy is holding a squeaky toy, as seen in >>686515. That doesn't look like a successful business venture in the making.

If she does make an effort to stream and actually play the fucking games, rather than provide commentary on how others play, then we're all guaranteed to get some milk, because it's going to expose her for the fraud that she is. She'll embarass herself in a completely different way.

No. 687035

wait, its 850 now? Before when someone messaged her >>686140 she was selling it for 1200, is she trying to rip people off? Either way the costumes a mess, so you'd have to be pretty blind to buy it in the first place.

No. 687037

File: 1564901205434.png (2.13 MB, 1242x2208, E93B7E23-EFB6-4F55-BA86-2F055E…)

Some thot already bought the Mememe shirt. Hope they’re prepared for the stench.

No. 687038

That and to remind people in general. She listed herself as a business and knowing how retarded she is she most likely listed ALL her expenses as business expenses. Believe it or not they check on that shit. Trips to Hawaii, Japan, cosmetic procedures. I'm sure by the holidays we will see her break down but be to proud to say she was caught.

No. 687041

File: 1564902666344.jpeg (438.16 KB, 750x1116, 26EFFD24-E4F1-4CA3-ACD8-091300…)

The chick that bought this is like 1/3 size of moo wtf?!?!
Are people stupid enough to believe moo is normal sized or did she buy that shit for attention?(derailing)

No. 687043

its easier to make an outfit fit better if you buy it a size or nine larger

No. 687045

File: 1564903173016.gif (Spoiler Image, 444.18 KB, 450x309, I9rDEZW.gif)

for attention and clout most likely
But reminding everyone that the costumes Momo bought are WAY to small for her and fits her like pic below.
That girl can never wear it, the seams are probably stretched and worn.

No. 687046


I'd say this is pretty accurate - I know people feel like she didn't get the comeuppance she deserved from AX a year ago, but the truth is that it effectively did end her cosplay career. She thought she was going to make a comeback with her Umineko "dream project" and it flopped and nobody cared, and she got BTFO at EVO, and this last AX she was basically a nobody at a booth who couldn't sell any merch. She's done.


She's lazy and she thinks streaming will be easier than cosplay because all she has to do is sit there and be the totes hot gamer gurl that she thinks she is. That's literally all there is to it. And, like every thot, she's got a dick to hop onto as >>687017 points out.


Maybe that's true on some level, but it in no way applies to Moo.

As you point out - you have to do sexual stuff as a camgirl to make money, and Moo's not into that - she literally only did the more sexual streams because Camversity bitched her out behind the scenes after her lame book reading stream. And while nobody has said anything official, I'm willing to be she's blacklisted from Camversity. And there's no way she'd make it on Chaturbate or something similar where there's way more options and she's not getting preferential treatment to get her stream at the top of the list.

No. 687048

Mariah is not cut out to be a twitch thot. It's already an incredibly oversaturated "field" and there are tons of girls on twitch who are way more attractive than she is. The only reason she would get views is due to her infamy, and once the novelty of hatewatching your least favorite cosplayer suck at video games wears off, no one but a handful of neckbeards harassing her to get naked will watch.

No. 687049

She talked about buying new furniture for costumes and re-organize the remaining stuff into an existing closet.
I don’t think she’ll get out of cosplay entirely.

I also don’t think it’s because it finally sunk in that she’s fat, because she’s as others said also selling most of her ears and also stuff like her mysterious heroine x costume.

Another thing that speaks for the out of cash theory is how she has attempted to get another source of income a few times now. Why put so much effort into re-vamping her Homepage all of a sudden? She also attempted another charity scam by selling her stuff at AX and saying she’d donate the proceeds.
If you want to reach you could also say she’s obviously going further with nudity in her patreon shots now. She almost flashed her entire coochie, she’s showing nipple without being pressured into it, …

I don’t know. It just seems kinda telling to me.
However, it might still be just for space after all. I just don’t buy her suddenly getting over her hoarder mentality and actually selling stuff instead of cramming it into another closet.

No. 687058

File: 1564910452640.jpg (488.69 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190804-021746_Ins…)

This is the face of a woman who clearly hates doing cosplay. Why does she even bother asking for suggestions? Aren't there already over a dozen projects she announced and never got around to doing? Work on those, you unmotivated, unhappy lump!

No. 687060


What about this one cosplay (idk the name) that she is hinting for two years now? or Bowsette? I thought she had all the shit she needed for it already or as the absolute biggest fan ever of zelda my dudes she could do smash zelda and cremia from ocarina of time lmao what a joke

No. 687070

>>687060 There are so many projects that she never followed through on. I can name at least ten by memory.

The problem with Mariah is that she gained such a considerable amount of weight within such a short period, she ended up outgrowing a lot of her costumes that she had on standby. So she tries to sucker everyone with dumb shit like banana kitten, peeping tom victim, pearl vagina wedgie extreme close-up, etc.

That's what she gets for ordering these tiny sizes, and for lying about her measurements. Body dysmorphia is a mother fucker.

No. 687073

Were a long way out from "thicc samus" and she knows it, she's 4 times who she was in high school and it's honestly sad.

No. 687087

Evo update:

Last night she was with Vamp at the cosplay party hiding in the corner of the bar talking to no one until she left relatively early.

Tonight Vamp was out with other people (including Squarenoodles) at the after-party with Moo nowhere to be seen.

No. 687091

This is pretty much Moo's exciting convention & geek event life now. Hiding in corners, showing up really late, half assing plans and leaving early while her friends continue to have fun. Long gone are those days of proudly boasting about her time spent and humble bragging about how grateful she is for her amazing trip. She's not been able to enjoy a con fully since it all came to light about her being a sexual parasite last year. I imagine it's really getting her down and she knows there's nothing she can do about it.

No. 687111

the FGC fucking hates her so honestly she'd be an idiot to show up instead of hiding. it's probably the only sort of intelligent decision she's made lately (although it's a situation of her own creation, soo…).

No. 687140

Especially after she tried to play it off like she was super best friends with Etika and tried to get people to feel sorry for her for his death even though they weren't even close and hung out twice and once was her trying to buy his friendship with Gucci which he smartly said no too. No way they don't hate her more now.

No. 687185

She also tried to make money off of his death.

No. 687193

That was for sure blowing up on Twitter

No. 687195

File: 1564948753888.jpg (866.36 KB, 1080x1921, 20190804_155826.jpg)


Funny that we mentioned she hasnt touched or mentioned Bowsette for like, a year now? Then umbran makes a Bowsette wig all of the sudden (presumably for moo)

No. 687199

Uh wtf it’s crimped in areas??

No. 687202

Crimping is a technique to add volume to a wig without having to add wefts for thickness.

No. 687208

Honestly that doesn't look too bad. But I'm no cosplay expert. Shame Moo's gonna ruin it by dropping it on her floor and letting her poor overfed cats walk all over it.

No. 687226

Not these play-doh wigs again…

No. 687233

crimping should be done underneath the top layer so you can't see it, like back combing. umbran's stuff looks like shit because she doesn't know wtf she's actually doing.

No. 687234

None of these new wigs look bad on the wig head. They aren't styled to Moo's face shape and head size though so they always look bad on her mug.

No. 687237

Reminds me of Dragon ball foam wigs.

No. 687243

File: 1564960994018.jpg (16.92 KB, 219x157, 20190804_161426.jpg)

>>687087 An update on your update: she officially avoided EVO all weekend. Today was the last day. Umbran filmed her sitting on the couch screeching into a cat's ears.

This stupid ass had the audacity to say she was actually at EVO in her Instagram bio. Never changed it to reflect the truth (pic included from about 10 minutes ago).

Now I'm curious to know if she was actually banned from EVO this year. On a similar note, her sewious gamur grll phase is off to a fantastic start if she can't or won't attend video game conventions that are only a 15 minute drive from her house.

No. 687244

File: 1564961966204.png (1.05 MB, 720x1193, Screenshot_2019-08-04-16-31-56…)

No. 687245

File: 1564962026161.png (1.29 MB, 720x1161, Screenshot_2019-08-04-16-33-02…)

Moo bribing her new friend

No. 687247

Probably shouldn't be wasting those cuckbucks moo.
Gotta wonder who the paprika dvd is for, since I doubt either of these two would be able to enjoy it.

No. 687248

new lapdog showing the haters moo is a ~real gamur girl u guise~

No. 687252

File: 1564962605447.png (1.23 MB, 720x1186, Screenshot_2019-08-04-16-42-35…)

>Moo, Kevin, cousin and Umbran all bought nerd guns for a battle at her house
>Moo shoots a instastory where Umbran and Kevin hit each other with pool noodles. Possibly was told by a employee of the store to stop, because she abruptly ends it

Also Moo posted her stories of their trip way after Umbran confirming she's misleading people as to where she is by posting "older videos/pics"

No. 687255

looks like she brushed some of the hair out or made her new lapdog do it. It's still a rat's nest but looking better

No. 687266

File: 1564966541332.jpg (488.64 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190804-175209_Ins…)

>>687252 Why can't Mariah and her lackeys actually behave in a store? It's always the same shit. Play fights in aisles. No regards for the merchandise or the other people in the store. All of them are the scum of the earth.

No. 687269

its the autismDHD

No. 687274

File: 1564967368548.png (902.76 KB, 720x1186, Screenshot_2019-08-04-18-06-17…)

I know this is dumb but it's been months and Ive always wanted to see what this ugly ass shirt looked like outside a sweater(nitpicking)

No. 687280

So Umbran flew over to do what exactly now? She got denied EVO because Mariah was too chickenshit to show her face at the event except one party even though Umbran supposedly was ready to play bodyguard. I’m going to guess Mariah wouldn’t let her go to the event alone because she needs constant attention. I’m sure Umbran could’ve fucked around at Walmart where she is so why bother making the trip?

Also, what was this “big news” Moo had in regards to EVO? I guess we’ll never know lol

No. 687281

More like Moo trying to make it up to FuglyWitch for not stepping into EVO all weekend even though that’s what she flew out to Vegas for.

No. 687288

Anon your giving moo too much credit Umbran probably only wants to be around moo because she’s hot for our moron cow. If Umbran didn’t do something it’s likely because she’s desperate to prove that she’s girlfriend material

No. 687312

She does the crimping all over the wig instead of only underneath this girl is a hack

No. 687322


I'm friends with her photographer on fb, and Im guessing she was trying to be a guest at the linqup party.

Not only did he tag her and all the other people who was a guest, but she most likely tried to be apart of it since her photographer knows the people who set up the whole thing.

And you know how this dumb bitch is when it comes to "special announcements" for shit

No. 687327

She claims she is into gaming, yet the finals for smash bros is going on right now and she hasn’t showed on sign of being interested in watching it. I’m sure since she lurks here, she is probably gonna record it on her stories to “prove the haters wrong”.

No. 687331

Lets not forget one of her 'totally favorite games' just got announced to have another game and not a peep out of her meanwhile everyone else is hella excited and spamming about it cause it was pretty hype.

Being purposefully vague since I know she lurks and I wanna see how long it takes for her to bring it up

No. 687358

File: 1564979888289.jpg (993.59 KB, 1080x2075, 20190805_003725.jpg)

You called it. Also, that's a lot of food. So much for that healthy diet.

No. 687365

It's the only thing she knows how to make. "Meat go on hot."

She's going to eat a pack and a half of meat, a pack of salmon and our hungry hungry hippo will still be hungry

No. 687366

Moo likes psychological animes and horror shit. Of course she'd like Satoshi Kon's works, but can she even understand the complexity of his stories? She was way off the mark with shit like Devilman last year.

No. 687367

Has it ever been confirmed that she has a weight gain fetish of herself?

No. 687368

Has Moo ever said she was into FGC though? Like.. Legit into it? You can like a game and not give a fuck, even if you were someone big like Pewd, about the FGC. I don't think them making fun of her is the same as her pretending to know who these people are and stuff except for their names for clout.

No. 687369

Sage your reach for tinfoil. Moo just self hates herself and likes to eat food without moderation.

No. 687370

you don't know the half of it anon. she was trying forever to pick up a FGC pro bf. there are so many stories within the FGC about how she'd go to vegas locals just to hang around and flirt with guys.

No. 687371

>>687368 This is Moo we're talking about here. She pretends she's into everything, and claims to be an expert on every subject known to man.

She's especially into something if it means that she might get some dick out of it, or if she's trying to become the new queen of a specific franchise (i.e. how Gabby Cooke is known for being a Zelda fan, so Moo has no issue trying to one-up her, since they aren't pals anymore).

No. 687373

Don't forget her "Samas" plug to try to get popular back in her starting days. She wore Collette's Samus Cosplay for a local smash tournament back in the day and tried to pretend Metroid and smash was her life lmao

No. 687413

Does she ever cook on an actual stove?

Also if I was Umbran I would NOT want Moo to cook for me, what with her dirty nails and ratty weave falling in the food.

No. 687421

File: 1564999754172.png (1.05 MB, 750x1334, ACC88D36-D060-4B15-B0DA-966274…)

>”are you sweaty?”
>wears a sweatshirt and tight ass leggings in swealtering Las Vegas heat in August playing with nerf guns

No. 687426

>>687421 To me, this validates the popular belief that she doesn't exercise when she goes to the gym. This looks just like one of her workout outfits, with the long sleeves and stretchy form-fitting material. And here she is, exhausted as shit.

Like honestly, how out of shape do you have to be to get severely winded from firing foam darts and ping pong balls with a toy gun? Bless Umbranwitch for her hard hitting journalism.

No. 687459

Mariah has yet another missed opportunity due to her shit actions. Now she displays to us she's not bothered by doing a NERF gun spar in her house. Does she still think its everyone else's fault orrr?

No. 687477

She isn't welcome to Vegas Smash and the FGC. She gets ripped on her all the time. One of the other hosts of the event do not like her.

Vamp used to date a Smash player but he hated Mariah.

No. 687488

Can't believe such a huge gg "fan" hasn't said anything about the new one announced at Evo

No. 687489

The only time she gives a shit about anything is when it rolls through Vegas. Even then she's hiding with her tail between her legs. She wouldn't be so terribly pushed out if she actually cared about these things (she could find orbitters easily but even they see through her shit so she gave up)

No. 687492

moo could only ever be a secondary fan. GG has a rep of being extremely complicated. moo seems the type to like beat vamp once and think she's top tier though lol.

No. 687494

You know what’s just as sad, if not more, about losing your clout and fan base and whatever semblance of fame you once had? Becoming so irrelevant even lolcow is bored of you. She’s even getting boring for US to talk about. I always wondered if that’s why she would randomly do stupid shit — not to look better to her fans, but to generate milk so at least we would talk about her and therefor make her relevant in someway again. Tinfoil, but there it is. When even lolcow is bored of you you’ve really hit your rock bottom.

No. 687509

Maybe or maybe not. She does check the thread daily and in the first thread she wanted advice from us and for us to like her. But then got upset when we gave her advice she didn't want to hear

No. 687519


At least she's getting some exercise, but getting winded running around playing nerf tag in her air conditioned house is pretty out of shape.

No. 687520

Rock bottom for Mariah is losing her patreon income, plain and simple. As long as she is living with money coming in, she doesn’t care what she does or doesn’t do. The milk would endlessly flow if that got completely taken away from her, only then would she be forced into a situation she doesn’t want. Either try to get a real job, which is laughable with how many disgusting pictures and controversy of her are on the internet, and zero education or skills, or just suck it up and start doing porn.

No. 687524

She'll end up a featureless blob like beccabae

No. 687525

I feel like Momo is the kind of scummy bitch who would leave cosplay and stop doing photosets but would still keep her paetron up to suck money from people who forgot to unsub.
Even if she retired from taking pics she could still rake in a few K from people who forgot.

No. 687526

idk, that sounds an awful lot like how her patreon works now. When was the last time she actually cosplayed something that wasn't just a low effort bikini shoot or recycled old sets?

No. 687537

File: 1565034562196.jpeg (1.54 MB, 5760x3840, 9vQysybg.jpeg)

Shes starting to release this months sets.

They are really bad

No. 687539

File: 1565034626174.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 2.18 MB, 3840x5760, 3CkLFK7Q.jpeg)

No. 687542

i just had a visceral reaction to this picture. she looks… so fucking haggard and rough, and honestly it doesn't even look like her? there are so many issues with the picture i can't emotionally handle dissecting this

No. 687562


This is like kylie Jenner inflation porn

No. 687565

File: 1565037824331.png (1.53 MB, 1125x800, furry.PNG)

I can't believe she doesn't shave her legs(nitpicking)

No. 687577

She never wears anything that shows them off, she's in perpetual winter mode so it's not surprising she doesn't shave them.

No. 687583

File: 1565041269902.jpeg (280.66 KB, 1920x1076, 869C14A7-E634-4D4F-89F8-BCA975…)

I don’t even know where to start.
The butchered hem, that poor attempt of drawing a seal on her forehead or the unnaturally morphed rope?

She just doesn’t care anymore, does she?

No. 687584

Something about seeing her entire body covered in black clothing (in the middle of a desert summer) makes me laugh so hard. This is like Vicky levels of insecurities. Amazing.

I am more offended by that screamingly obvious rope warp and those unfinished fraying edges on her outfit.

No. 687602

People pay for this shit? Fucked up wig, dark vag, lazy costume, unshaven legs, bad photoshop, razor burn, fish lips, bad skin. yikes.

No. 687604

File: 1565045470342.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 548.44 KB, 750x1076, 9AA295A6-F4ED-4370-BB64-FEE311…)

spoiled for side ass but new insta post

No. 687613

File: 1565046789255.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 429.36 KB, 750x682, 0FF6986E-0B3E-4EF2-BBE4-761B43…)

Ok but why is no one talking about how gigantic her left leg looks in the photo. This is nuts it looks like a growth hormone injected chicken wing.(nitpicking)

No. 687614

Jesus christ they didn't even bother to shoop her panties back on her waist. This is peak ugly y'all.

No. 687615

Because it's perspective and closer to the camera, so there's nothing to talk about.

No. 687616

Double post, my bad, but why would they shop them on her waist? They are swallowed up by her fat and the fact that her legs like that and bent over create a natural fold on the side which would hide it for most people unless you're super skinny.

No. 687617

File: 1565047051340.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.1 MB, 4595x3063, vflAB3-g.jpeg)

Heres what shes released of the $50 tier so far. Selfie sets are not out yet


No. 687618

File: 1565047279697.jpeg (2.11 MB, 3840x5760, 4617FB79-A080-4C71-B8AC-704534…)

thanks for blessing us like usual

No. 687619

File: 1565047441702.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 2.44 MB, 3840x5760, E41DCFBD-C637-4986-B1A5-D08CB1…)

We’re back at photos where she looks like she’s waiting for her ass to be wiped

No. 687620

I’m so glad you caught this. I was literally looking at it when it disappeared.

No. 687621

File: 1565047553534.jpeg (346.17 KB, 750x800, 3F043CC5-3CC8-407F-BEA7-79C305…)

No. 687623

Because if you look you see where the actual panty lining is/was and that they poorly shopped it out. The panty lining also doesn't connect to her fat fold so it just looks like they stopped halfway and called it a day.
It's poor shooping and I'm disappointed that anyone paid for this.

No. 687624

Anon there is literally a line there from the fold from her hip/waist. It goes into it. She's smoothed out, but the underwear line is literally hidden by side fat where the upper hip goes into the waist. Sage your posts.

No. 687625

So much blur on this photo but they couldn't bother to blur the nasty ass rug

No. 687631

Wow, Moo, I thought you "waxed everything"…why did you keep your hairy ass and legs visible in the Tsunade set? LOL

No. 687638

File: 1565049069872.jpeg (53.99 KB, 280x200, 1122DDEC-7DF1-47E2-8C00-81A37A…)

What the heck is that? Botched lip job or bad shoop?

No. 687639

bad snoop all over in this one….it looks like he cloned the corner of her mouth twice

No. 687642

she tried to make her mouth smaller, probably after shopin' her right jawl smaller

No. 687643

The proportions are ridiculous, look at her legs! The combination of her being really fat and short, (she looks shorter than she is tbh) as well as how big her thighs are compared to her calves makes her look like a stubby fat midget. It's really bizarre. Maybe I just haven't seen enough short fat people posing like this for it to not look extremely weird.

No. 687644

File: 1565049835235.jpg (602.17 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20190805_170201.jpg)

Here's my favorite observation:

No. 687647

>>687644 Samefag. Maybe it's not the same book, but at least it makes for a good meme.

No. 687653

It's not the same, you can see the cover has red lines on the left.

Who edits her photos? Is it still Squarecuck?

No. 687655

she's getting that fat girl toe gap, if she keeps continuing like this she's gonna have hooves like Tess Holliday soon. I also will never understand why she photoshops some things but not others. Her leg closest to the camera is blurred into a blob but the other leg looks like chicken skin wrapped in rope. It's still shopped, just not as extensively. The shop job on this picture is all over the place. She's so lazy she can't even keep it consistent.

No. 687664

File: 1565053166159.jpeg (315.2 KB, 1242x1810, 3FDDCAE2-2C87-4CC9-B95C-66CD98…)

“The ABCs of intimacy”

No. 687669

absolute unit(nitpicking)

No. 687670

>She’s even getting boring for US to talk about
I would check this thread daily but I just realized I haven't been here in 4 days and I didn't miss much. I wasn't even busy; I just wasn't interested in checking in on her.

I'm sure things will pick up once EVO is over and she feels safe to leave her house more often.

No. 687671

Her eyes are so dead, if I didn't know better and someone said that this was a human trafficking victim, I would believe them.
Although she could just be stoned out of her mind.

No. 687673

don’t worry, once everyone crashing at her house leaves she’ll get manic again

No. 687679

File: 1565055614350.png (2.26 MB, 2856x2848, aaa.png)

>pic 1437

muh attention to details

No. 687681

Thats what Ive been saying since she got these! Moo didn't have them injected only in her main top lip. They molded it up or injected it into the skin right above where people would normally fake larger lips using a pencil. I dont know where she went, but its always been like this. That slight obvious raise in skin right above the lip. This isn't photoshop. This is literally what she has going on. The has a full bill!

No. 687684

Her feet are so dirty jesus

No. 687685

File: 1565056744147.png (540.19 KB, 687x438, raise.PNG)

I see your image and raise you this.

No. 687686

File: 1565056906819.png (377 KB, 458x463, 1551a.PNG)

and this too. Both from pic 1551 shibari

No. 687693

These are already posted. Look at the thread.

No. 687699

>shoops rope
>still has gross ugly leg hairs and spider veins showing in pic


No. 687702

File: 1565058516706.png (Spoiler Image, 7.61 MB, 2890x1824, bleach.png)

so much wrong. so much

No. 687705

File: 1565059881960.jpeg (912.26 KB, 750x1084, BB1B9C80-F02C-462D-95E9-413271…)

place your bets: will she take umbran to japan?

No. 687707

Yes. She was going to bring Miso, Square and Aly with her to London but it seems the trip originally was with Jason and his crew. They're already in London.
I'm guessing it'll be Umbran, her cousin, Kevin if he's around and maybe Vamps or Cucks and his girlfriend.

No. 687711

>>687707 She supposedly bought the tickets months ago. So if that's the case, then I'm assuming she's going to try and take the same people as she had originally announced. Changing the names on the tickets of international flights can be a pain in the ass, depending on the airline. And with visas and passports involved, this isn't the type of situation where Mariah can be interchangeable with her guests. Again, assuming she really bought tickets way back when.

No. 687712

I dont think she did. She was going in June, right?
I remember she said she bought tickets to something before but completely ghosted. She does this at cons too but only recently started to show her "purchased passes".

No. 687714

>>687712 May or June sounds about right. It was definitely around the time when her friendship with Vamps took a nosedive, and prior to the Hawaii trip that was originally supposed to feature Squarecuck, Aly, and Tokki.

So it's certainly possible that she didn't buy them. After all, she was supposed to go to the UK this year, and that never happened either.

As for her guest list, I don't think Tattoo-kun is in the picture anymore. Even though it hasn't been documented, I think he and his girlfriend discreetly moved out, which is why you see all of these dumbasses having Nerf wars in the middle of the night.

No. 687715

The bottle of lube left on her nightstand I can't lol. intentional or not omfg she's so lonely

No. 687716


Umbran is from a more or less rich family, I can see Mariah doing her best to mooch off her during the trip…

No. 687717

>>687712 Doublepost. I'm >>687714 again.

To clarify, she announced she was going back to Japan for the third time around her birthday. Late October to early November. But if I'm not mistaken, she claims to have bought the ticket(s) to Japan for visit number 3 prior to her Hawaii rendezvous.

No. 687718

Its intentional since it's the one she used in the Pochaco school life bullshit shoot she did. In a kiddie pool. Its most likely supposed to show she 'uses it' and to be show off 'how sexual I am'.

No. 687735

it's almost ironic because pepe lube only really works for onnaholes (fleshlights). and onnahole lube does weird things to real women.

No. 687741


>>show everyone around

Bitch please- you didn't actually GO ANYWHERE- you walked a little, ate a lot, were rude and disrespectful of people just having their lunch, Bought some cheap AF knockoffs and then promptly broke them, and then went home. Yea you are a tour guide for weebz

No. 687744

File: 1565071074066.jpeg (1.49 MB, 5760x3840, 53gvDuM-.jpeg)

Anons tore her earlier Tsunade shoot apart, but compared to this… at least in this shoot Mariah tried some kind of posing. For those interested, the full set is at >>579630

No. 687763

>show everyone around

Mariah you’ve been to japan, like, twice

No. 687776

She already claimed that she knows Tokyo like the back of her hand after two visits

No. 687788

Especially when natives who lived there their whole lives doesn't even know all of tokyo and adjacent prefectures like the back of their hand.

No. 687824

If she does bring Umbran the milk will be flowing. She's a sheltered rich kid with bad social cues who encourages Moo's tard tendencies. Just imagine that combo in Japan and I'd reckon we'll see them being kicked from places

No. 687826

We've seen Umbran be normal though. Like.. Dress normal and be normal. Moo too. Every time she went there was never any outrageous stuff she did even with her other crew. At least not inside of places.

No. 687830

They were just in a store acting like jackasses with Kevin.

No. 687837

I can definitely see Moo getting egged on by Umbran and Kevin to do some stupid shit in public while in Japan. Or at least just be 10x more annoying there than she was last time. Let the milk flow.

No. 687848

This is a way more likely scenario, but Umbran and Moo doing the whole 'double dog dare you' sort of thing, but I really don't think we would get much milk as usual trips have shown besides Hawaii. At least we can count of Umbran taking unedited photos of Moo in stories.

No. 687849

I disagree you're underestimating how much Umbran wants to impress Moo. The jackassery is just gonna get more escalated because she's crushing hard.

No. 687851

Her lipo didn't meet her expectations. She's more deformed than ever, and because she was being eating right after because (I lost 20 pounds of pure fat! I can eat whatever) she probably is close to gaining it all back, just more lumpy than ever

No. 687856

The sets just get even lazier and lazier. She always looks uninterested in these shots but she's been looking more and more like someone who just doesn't give a shit anymore lol.

No. 687857

Jesus christ, did she edit these herself or something? Should have gotten one of her lackies to at least shop her skin, or did none of them know how to use the airbrush tool?

No. 687862

A delusional try hard crushing on a a narcissist who sees her as nothing more than entertainment value and a new doormat, what could possibly go wrong?

No. 687899

ah yes, a tourist tard who poses in front of the Robot Restaurant, where no resident would be caught dead, really knows how to show people around Tokyo

No. 687904

File: 1565124634725.jpeg (419.13 KB, 750x915, D5E57098-D848-49F8-8F2E-82B2F4…)

No. 687907

File: 1565125159261.jpeg (76.71 KB, 720x358, DB766FC4-0E41-4168-AA6C-E53E2A…)

No. 687921

I highly doubt anyone demanded she do this. If anything, her fans have screamed louder for her to do porn but she’s just doing this as an excuse to not cosplay. This shit is as lazy as it gets and she still couldn’t be bothered to wash/style her hair or wear a wig so that doesn’t look as ratty.

So she feels like a baby doing this? I guess it helps that she looks like a lumpy toddler as well so it works.

No. 687926

File: 1565127510935.jpeg (222.16 KB, 750x1076, 594E458D-1282-429F-871E-EB0500…)

Someone’s mad

No. 687927

File: 1565127561621.jpeg (214.96 KB, 750x1068, 4F9171F7-9034-4384-800F-FFD34E…)

No. 687928

"I'm a peace warrior mates"

Did Kevin take her weed pipe away, cause this bitch is on EDGE

No. 687929

File: 1565127686156.jpg (528.05 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190806-164120_Ins…)

So she can blow up on the dude who seemed to have a legit question but this rude comment gets treated decently. So backwards

No. 687930

goes to the gym 5 times a day? sure jan

No. 687932


Lol she got back the treatment she deserved after all the people she has tried shaming- and hates it. Don't worry Moo- he was in the right to ask if you were becoming some inflationist neckbeard fetish act- you aren't a cosplayer so there you are.

No. 687935

>>687904 She isn't used to posing in Lingerie, sure, obviously she's more used to zooming in on her legs spread wide open with a pearl string barely covering her vagina. What a fucking hypocritical cunt.

No. 687936

>5 times a day

I’m certain this is a typo and she meant 5 times a week but kek

No. 687937

>talk down to people or say that I passed my prime

his comment didn't say anything like that? guess we can see what's raising her hackles

No. 687939

The legit question was an asshole question in general? Only a dick would post that on someone's feed. Didn't even have to be Moo, just the audacity of saying something like that in a comment is so disrespectful. Obviously the dude was a troll, but don't make it seem like assholes are being 'legit'.

No. 687942

How is this any different than the thousands of other comments she gets that treat her like a sex doll and demean the shit out of her for the sake of their own sexual gratification? She never gets on their case to set an example but she goes off on the one guy being critical of her weight because he isn’t worshipping her body. Yeah, dudes who post shit like that deserve to be called out because it’s a shit thing to say but also Moo has some responsibility to be somewhat fucking professional. If she didn’t like it, she could have blocked them and deleted it like she usually does but something really triggered her for her to spurge like this.

No. 687945

File: 1565130267151.png (3.08 MB, 1242x2208, ED15669A-1BA7-4711-9BA9-B8AFC8…)

No. 687950

Is that frogdresser?

No. 687951

She gonna be fat and bald. Goddamn moo

No. 687956

please remind me of the last time we witnessed mariah having an ounce respect for her followers who werent begging to kiss her ass. she attracts these people and comments naturally, if anyone is going to be getting these comments (and deserving them) its going to be her. she set herself up and knocked herself down.

No. 687957

No thats a shitty idea that you can be talked down to and you're not allowed to say shit right back. There is no professionalism when you can defend yourself in whatever way you want. Moo rambled and sperged, yeah, but she wasn't doing anything other than attempt to put this douche in his place and she has every right to. Not like doing that will make her look any worse than she is, but that's such a shitty ideology that a public figure has to sit there and take it.

No. 687958

She was probably talking about her meals anon

No. 687959

No. 687969

kek this reads like a copypasta
>What's your fucking deal?? I go to the gym 5 times a day you little shit!

No. 687975

Calm your tits, Maddie.
She gets what she deserves. She has no ounce of respect for anyone that’s not kissing her ass. And that guy didn’t even insult her. He simply asked whether her weight gain was intentional and part of her modeling career.
And she didn’t put him in his place, she totally went off for no valid reason.
She’s a public figure whose entire existence revolves about her weight and looks, so yes, since questions about her weight and appearance - so, her literal job - are directly linked to the service, it’s something she should absolutely be professional about. Just like a cashier simply can’t have a go like that a customer that kinda insensitively asks something about something from the store he’s at. Sure, she doesn’t have to take everything but then she should just delete and block those comments and people.

If it was on her private account or even a more private post, I’d probably even agree with you. But this isn’t. That’s literally her doing her fucking job, therefore she needs to be professional.

Now stop WKing.

No. 687979

Anon the dude was a dick. It's fine that she clapped back, but she didnt need to sperg as much as she did. No one is trying to WK her. It's not WKing to say the dude was a fucking dick and she had every right to come at him the way she did. She did just looks like a dumbass as well with how far she went. Stop enabling other's shitty behavior too. You know that wasn't a 'Im a fan' question.

No. 687987

ok seriously she probably gets thousands of rude comments. shes a public figure. she makes bucks off of these comments. she can disable her account/comments anytime she wants, but why would she when shes making money off of these suckers. its give and take both ways and she can thank herself for that, its not like shes ever tried bettering herself for the sake of the people around her, other people arent about to start doing that for her too

No. 687991

File: 1565136332019.gif (4.19 MB, 297x640, DDD31CB8-4DDE-4EE7-8D63-46B499…)

Frogdresser’s reaction to the condition of Mariah’s hair

No. 687992

The fact you’re so overly upset about the comment and defending her response makes you look like a wk, end of story.

She went off the rails, that’s all there is to it. This happens each time she gets a comment that isn’t kissing her ass. She does the same shit to her patrons, you know, the people funding her lazy ass. It’s not asking much for a public figure to act with some kind of professionalism in responding to these types of comments. Moo is just incapable of acting with any sort of tact and leaps right into biting the hand that feeds. She should’ve stuck to deleting/blocking/disabling comments because she can’t handle anything with discretion.

No. 688003

wow she is TRIGGERED
it wasn't an attack, it was a legit question. Even some anons here are wondering wtf is wrong with her.

Also lol at that "going to the gym 5 times a day" lie. She doesn't even go 5 times a week, maybe in a month.

Maybe she's mad because she got lipo recently after realizing she is way past obese and hobbling towards morbid, botched it, and regained ALL THE WEIGHT she got sucked out in less than a month.

Momo it's okay, just go cry in your room and eat 3 pounds of beef and shushi.

No. 688006

Momo just proved she realizes her time is up.
"Don't say I'm past my prime!"
That fan didn't even mention anything like that. That is just Momo's own insecurities bubbling up

No. 688008

>it wasn't an attack, it was a legit question

The weight gain is alarming, esp. after the latest lipo fiasco, posting her recovery. Given how 'open' she was this time round about her procedures, I think its fair to ask wtf is going on. I'm sure she sees it too and probably doesnt feel great about herself

No. 688012

It's mind boggling how happy she looks about her hair. I think the only reason she's happy is the rush of spending cash, that's it. She doesn't want to face the reality that without the extensions… she doesn't really have hair. Any "hair" she does have naturally is far to compromised.
But she's happy cuz "I will feel better if I throw money at my problems"

No. 688016

>>688003 I interpreted the question as a guy wanting to know if her intention was to become a bigger model on purpose, kinda like Ashley Graham from the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue(s).

The way she responded was revealing. He made no mention of her being passed her prime, but she felt a need to try and spin it like he was attacking her. And that's what these fuckheads do whenever they want victim points for sympathy. They'll spin anything and everything to absolve themselves of any personal responsibility.

No. 688020

>5 times a day

You know Mariah, you can insist all you like that you're totes healthy and working out a million times a week and eating right, but when you're fatter than ever it gets a bit incredulous.

No. 688024

it just proves she has no idea about health and fitness.
A pro will probably go for 2 hours a day and during those 2 hours it's intense training.

From her stories she is def not at the gym 5-10 hours a day.
In fact, she is in such poor shape her body can't handle the strain of 30 straight minutes of intense work. She wont accept she is obese.
She cannot keep eating 3+ pounds of red meat a day then eat out twice a day plus dessert. She needs to WALK for an hour every day and not treat herself after. Momo you're killing yourself.

No. 688027

Am I wrong, but does Mariah constantly needs others to push her to be what she wants to be? Why is she so needy?

She needs friends to go to the gym, she needs friends to eat healthier, she needs friends to travel around, she needs friends to live with, she needs friends to do her cosplays… that’s insufferable. Was she that spoiled as a child to grow up like this? Or neglected to need so much attention and affection from random people?

No. 688037

That's the funny thing, she absolutely doesn't need to kill herself at the gym to lose weight, she could just walk 30 min a day (while cutting down on the sushi binges) and see results. But she's so deadset on this image of herself of being this badass swole bitch who lifts.

Her biggest problem is definitely the amount of food she eats, though. Her servings are huge and she goes out way too much. It's way easier to lose weight by eating less vs. eating the same and trying to work it off.

No. 688038

She has no sense of self-worth or independence. The best transformations (IMO) come from the people quietly working on their improvement and post progress pics every now and then. She thrives off of all attention (reason why she browses this thread on a regular basis) and sucks up to anyone above her that merely mention her name.

Perhaps she's bringing people along now so when she makes her claims she can say, "I was TOTES at the gym 10 hours August 3, 2019 because my Boi [insert male companion's name] was with me the WHOLE TIIIIIME."

No. 688043

she was and is a spoiled lazy child. When she was obese as a kid her dad was the one who made all her meals and forced her lazy ass up to work out. Even then she threw shit at her mom when she refused to give her a snack to stick to her meal plan.

Momo can't stick to a diet plan because she would attack anyone physically like she did her mom if she can't eat her junk.

It's like she is competing with Amberlynn Reid. Momo gains 50+ pounds a year so by the time she's 28, yeah, she will look similar to her

No. 688091

File: 1565148179542.jpg (Spoiler Image, 17.8 KB, 417x323, Screenshot_6.jpg)

Why is no one talking about a blister on a foot fetish shoot?! Like dude, skip that part, hell you had a full month to reshoot that part.(we do not need your insights on her feet)

No. 688100

It was already pointed out here when she posted it to IG. Her followers did the same in her comments.

No. 688120

My bad then, I read over this last thread and this one. Didn't see it.
Still gross, and still could have been left out. Especially if she had comments about it.

No. 688147

I love how she mentions she is "bettering" herself twice. I think she's trying to convince herself more than anyone else.

No. 688160

File: 1565164554103.jpg (570.11 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190807-005116_Ins…)

Umbran is doing all of the work for us. Snapped an unflattering candid of Mariah drinking a beer and looking glossy.

Can't tell if the text was meant to mock the way Mariah talks, or if Umbran is genuinely coming down with a case of Muh ADHD.

No. 688162

File: 1565165113865.jpg (346.42 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190807-010243_Ins…)

>>688160 Two stools.

Literally uses two stools to keep herself upright.

No. 688168

Umbran is borderline retarded so this is 100% genuine, not mocking.

No. 688230


This can easily be removed in Photoshop… just why.

No. 688261

It's funny how smug she looks considering how insecure she is.
That and by the fact she is galloping towards 300 pounds. I guess killing herself isn't a problem yet as long as she gets some money from people who forgot they are supporters.

No. 688303

File: 1565200791383.jpg (370.87 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190807-125952_Red…)

Everyone on reddit is losing their shit over how bad these are.

No. 688309

they complain every month but they still give her money.
Well I agree with other anons that most of her $1 tier just forgot to unsub. Perhaps why Momo is being lazier, she knows she will always get some cash

No. 688327

File: 1565209570580.jpeg (362.83 KB, 750x1090, 6EB35810-926E-4A2B-9D8A-623CC2…)

bitch what?

No. 688330

God she's such a cringy weeb. I know weebs irl that are less cringy

No. 688334


This is a dirt cheap knock off "japanese" chef knife. I've bought and resold these exact knives wholesale in flea markets. It's not even fucking wal-mart quality.

No. 688336


God she’s such weeaboo for someone who watches entry level anime occasionally.

No. 688340

Am I high and paranoid or is moo now posing for pics to make people think her thunder thighs are her ass? I know she lurks here, it just seems odd. Now with her suddenly fixing her rats nest of "hair".

No. 688342

File: 1565212079934.webm (4.65 MB, 480x852, 69135845_101192134545164_44138…)

Moo, demonstrating her lack of rhythm and fundamental misunderstanding of the distribution of notes on a keyboard… also skin care routine seems to be going great kek

b-but anon, look at that Japanese text, it has to be high quality!!

No. 688355


This is actually pretty sad because Jessica and other "popular cosplayers" hated it when she documented their partying together, the point is to just hang out and be friends not name drop and show off who you're hanging out with.

Now this bitch is taking pics of her and posting them like shes a zoo attraction. She probably just hates it lol. But what can you do when youve burned every bridge in cosplay.

No. 688367

Chin lipo actually looks like it worked here. Unpopular opinion but she does have a pretty face and the lashes, lip fillers and lipo have helped a bit. If she stopped dressing like that, dyed her hair dark again, and looked after her hygiene (basic shit like brushing that rat's nest) and stopped trying to be a MPDG, she could genuinely be a chunky qt. It's a shame that she is mentally a child and has no insight or self awareness. Soon she might have to work an actual job to subsidise herself like Vamp, and that might make her grow up - but am not counting on it. Even then, she might have to change her name or something though to get by.

No. 688374

File: 1565221665593.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 2.51 MB, 5760x3840, 27F36F86-6E4E-49A4-8873-DA5B3C…)

No. 688375

File: 1565221709247.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.35 MB, 5760x3840, 55CBD719-846D-4B81-AB43-4F5B55…)

No. 688376

File: 1565221734101.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.59 MB, 5760x3840, 0E7EABD9-612E-4493-9011-890396…)

No. 688387

>>688367 I'm sorry, but are you purposely ignoring that double chin closeup as the camera zooms in at the end? She has more loose skin on her face and neck area than a pitbull. Speaking of skin, all of those expensive products haven't done anything for her. Her skin is so oily, a sheik is trying to figure out a way to get it and sell it to America.

There isn't anything cute about a 270 pound woman. You may want to keep your unpopular opinions and weird ugly girl fetishes to yourself.

No. 688391

Agreed. Shes not hideous in the face but the lighter hair and esp. this color make her skin looks sallow.

No. 688396

File: 1565227594963.png (94.49 KB, 342x342, dumbbitch.PNG)


Is that pose meant to be sexy? Girl you're not at the beach

Imagine gaining so much weight your areolas stretch bigger than an XL pastie and your gut starts hanging lower and lower. How embarrassing

No. 688399

File: 1565230779642.png (5.08 MB, 1151x2048, C4300DC5-14DF-4F59-861B-37B373…)

Mama Moo in her early 20s: happy, married, taking care of herself and thin after less than a year after having her child

Moo: pushing 300 lbs, generally reviled by thousands, pics of pearls up her crotch easily available for all to see

No. 688405

File: 1565233343236.jpeg (481.05 KB, 750x1026, 42C5CB7C-D695-4E35-A841-6070A5…)

“All my friends just come over and shoot now!” sounds a lot nicer than “I import my own sweatshop”

No. 688406

Does she really weights 270 pounds? She's like what, 5f1?

No. 688407

Okay wtf lol

No. 688408

Does anyone else find the pasties absolutely pointless? She's already shown her bare nipples in that awful body stocking, not to mention pussy pearls, even. Why go back now? For the scam?

No. 688410


>that’s usually when the cars like to play around or sit and wait for me to finish

Lol I know she meant “cats” but still. Learn to proofread your posts, Moo.
She’s so proud of her hideous sets because that’s the only thing she does mostly by herself. Surfing Amazon for cheap pseudo Japanese looking crap and throwing it in your living room doesn’t make you a master set decorator.

No. 688419

File: 1565236303041.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.92 MB, 3840x5760, 9vOTx1lA.jpeg)

No. 688420

I mean, I'll give her that it's better than just shooting on hotel beds like a lot seem to do. But it certainly isn't anything special or amazing, anyone with a couple hundred dollars can go to Cost Plus and do the same thing.

No. 688424

It's literally her always sitting in the floor on the same damn set. At this point I can almost recreate the whole thing from memory it's been reused so much. Maybe she moves something a few inches to the side. Also agree with the need to proofread. Backgrounds do not 'exchange' a shoot. Change, Moo. Change is what you were trying to say.

No. 688425

It's literally her always sitting in the floor on the same damn set. At this point I can almost recreate the whole thing from memory it's been reused so much. Maybe she moves something a few inches to the side. Also agree with the need to proofread. Backgrounds do not 'exchange' a shoot. Change, Moo. Change is what you were trying to say.

No. 688433


is she wearing those fake ass pepperoni nips under the tape? certainly looks like it

No. 688435

File: 1565240954128.png (967.35 KB, 720x1196, Screenshot_2019-08-07-22-07-59…)

No. 688439

It amazes me she had multiple rounds of lipo and cool sculpting on her abdomen but she still gained enough weight for the fat cells to give her an over hanging gut.

It really does look like after the latest round of lipo she just binged on everything she saw because "the lipo fixed everything" and "I stood around the gym for an hour so I can eat 4000 calories in one sitting"

No. 688440

Whoever did her coolsculpting scammed her because she's way too big for it to have any visible results.

No. 688443

I'm guessing it's because she doesn't bother to keep up with after care and her poor dieting.

No. 688444

It did help a little, she should have a bigger saggier stomach by now. But the effects were still useless like you said. More or less she is only happy when she throws money at her problems.
She can pretend this way, but deep down she knows it didn't work because she is still wearing black winter clothes from head to toe even during the summer.

No. 688448

File: 1565249197204.png (1.78 MB, 870x1548, 059C703A-6D1A-4AB7-B1E4-407494…)

I know you already posted from this IG story but I just wanted to add this.
Her back fat is literally eating her sports bra at this point. Her fans are seriously delusional if they think this just another unflattering camera angle.

No. 688450

She literally got lipo on that part of her body just a few weeks ago and still she manages to look like that. That’s really sad.

No. 688455

To be fair, lipo takes like 8 months to finally “show”. It’s all a swollen mess for months, and that’s w good aftercare.

No. 688456

File: 1565251968193.jpg (715.45 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190808-010508_Ins…)

Looks like Mariah's going to try and ride the wave of her cousin's popularity, assuming he starts streaming. I knew this bitch would look for a way out of embarassing herself after pretending to be a gamer for so long.

No. 688467

No, she doesn't.
She said she was somewhere around 220 and some have said in earlier she's 5'3", 5'4"ish in person. That's pretty believable.

No. 688473


You're taking Mariah's word for it? Are you abusing meds?

Have you not seen the weight comparison collages? There's one from a thread or two ago. She's at least 250. That much is true. Doesn't matter what she says. Compare her to Tokki, whose weight is about 108, or Vamps, who likely weighs around 140. Mariah is 2-3 times bigger.

Saged because of the weight discussion, but this newfag Momokun lover is ignoring facts from as recently as one or two threads ago.

No. 688474

Which she hasn't followed. I wonder how much of that puffiness is fluid.

No. 688475

She‘s been saying she’s 220 for a year or so now and she‘s visably gained a significant amount of weight since she dropped that number for the first time. (And even back then I doubt it was true because considering how insecure she is about her entire weight gain and always has been, why would she put the real number out there like that.)

No. 688511

Her measurements can't be of a 220 pound woman, can it? With 52" hips? It's pretty hard to believe.

No. 688520

File: 1565276523116.png (821.76 KB, 1125x2436, 76DCCA8C-404D-4389-97B8-FB0965…)

any idea what’s going on here?

No. 688525

Where was this posted? Seems like the ramblings of a mentally ill orbiter

No. 688526

omg I saw a similar comment on one of her most recent pictures on her main, but worded slightly differently (just as incoherent tho). I didn’t think much of it but if he’s spamming this kind of stuff. He sounds psychotic. Maybe that could become interesting.

No. 688532

File: 1565279119995.jpeg (375.53 KB, 750x829, FBF677B9-D6A4-4D0D-97AF-70EFD6…)

No. 688540

It’s always hilarious that she tries to sound engaging and like she actually cares what her fans have to say, she doesn’t give two shits about them unless their payments aren’t going through. Yet people eat it up like she does 3 pounds of carbs and red meat in a day

No. 688541

That is the best fucking caption she could come up with?…I would stress how how lazy this image is but that is a beat a dead mush that use to be a horse. She couldn't have made some fake work setting? Answering a work phone while looking a little stressed?? Retsuko does not normally have time to even relax like this in the show but clearly she never fucking watched it. She could have even held a freaking microphone looking like she was about to rage…but no our cow does not want to put in any effort…

No. 688555

Someone posted two more screenshots in the calves thread >>>/w/61516

No. 688556

File: 1565283726853.jpeg (574.4 KB, 750x1086, 5B3BC023-AFA0-4F6C-8CC8-D449D8…)

No. 688558

File: 1565283904276.jpeg (641.52 KB, 750x1113, F1BAC506-E0C1-44E3-945C-4D9A56…)

No. 688580

now if he does get popular she will take credit for it. But she isn't helping him attaching her name to him. She knows she's infamous. She wants attention while dragging him down

No. 688581

Lick their asses any harder moo and you’ll make your tongue dry. Notice how she makes it seem like it’s thanks to her they have exposure, it’s thanks to her encouragement and pep talk that they’re successful. And as always, it’s about the big names, not the fun of the craft. She’s like one of those shitty pageant moms living through their kids playing dress up.

No. 688582

Funny how she has to compliment herself before them.

> it was ME who pushed them to do this, and ME who inspired them!!!

She’s even self absorbed when trying to compliment others. Yikes.

No. 688587

cat's ears aren't even selling.

No. 688590

because they suck compared to other ears and she associates with Momo. Sometimes I wonder if this is why Momo name drops herself. Even if her friends become a little popular she throws herself in there knowing her name repels people

No. 688591

This is the kind of extreme narcissism you usually only see in cartoon supervillains.

No. 688602

That wig looks fried as hell. UmbranSuckass really overdoes it with the crimping.

No. 688607

Umbran’s wigs always looked fried as fuck when she does them and she charges a shit ton of money. Both moo and umbranwitch were definitely made for each other.

No. 688649

so much for making her own sets lol. If she can't use that fake japanese crap she just goes back to the hotel bed shoots.
also it's so lazy of her to keep reusing the same setup even when it makes no sense for the character. this cosplay should have been a location shoot at like a pier or something more boat related

No. 688689

>whether it's doing something for MEEEE, or doing something else for MEEEE
good god she's so fucking needy. does she really call people to come keep her company at 3am until she goes to sleep?

No. 688699

Uggowitch, you're supposed to crimp the INNER layers. Fuck.
At least it's just Moo's wig, so it'll look like shit regardless.

No. 688700

True, especially since these wigs would be passable (without momokun wearing them of course) if she put in juuust a little more effort and smoothed out the top layers and cleaned the tips. Lazy people attract lazy people I guess

No. 688702

File: 1565312981562.jpg (412.81 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190808-180611_Ins…)

Something about her form in this video seems off. I know she's attempting to do squats, but there's a weird jerky motion at the end, like she's trying to compensate for pushing her ass out too far.

Also, wasn't Umbran supposed to leave a couple of days ago?

No. 688703

lol she's adding the bar huh.

No. 688704

Shes rushing, not getting a full workout in by doing that. If she was doing the workout appropriately she wouldn't be able to do nearly as much weight, and even then that's really not alot when you think about how that's probably less than half of her body weight.

Also rip her knees, her own bodyweight is damaging her knees on the daily and her dumb ass is locking her knees doing this. Its painful to watch her honestly.

No. 688709

Moo has to be a joke to anyone who goes to that gym to seriously work out. She looks like a mess.

No. 688712

she clearly hasn't really watched the show because the story between them is kinda sad. But of course she finds their relationship 'cute'.

No. 688718

yeah, none of that was cute. Figures she’d completely miss the whole point of that… if she even watched it.

No. 688725

File: 1565317735483.png (560.21 KB, 547x512, 2.png)

im not a professional. But when you squat, arent your knees supposed to stay align with your heel? Not bust out past your toes

No. 688726

>>688725 You might be right. Something tells me she has to position her knees a certain way as she squats because (and I'm not saying this to be mean) her stomach girth is so bad these days.

No. 688737

Her hips should be lower, knees should open a little, her feet shoulder width, toes facing forward and not raise her heels, that position she has its "springy" and doesn't really work everything as it should be, but kudos for starting to do something that is really important, should do it at least 3x week to help gain strenght

No. 688738

Her form is not completely terrible but there are some things. Mostly, she is locking her knees at the top (a big circulation no-no) and not squeezing her glutes at the top so missing a lot of force there. Her knees are coming in slightly on the positive, which isn't good for tendons and such there, and she is pushing in through her toes and not her heels which is dangerous.

Toes facing forward is actually not right for squatting. It is normal form to point your toes out some during squats and usually shouldn't matter since you should be driving the weight through your heels anyway.

Most people add the bar, this is such a stupid nitpick.

>>688725 After a certain depth (past 90 degrees) it's fine to let your knees go over your toes as long as they stay over them and don't bow inward. However, unless you are trying to powerlift, it's pretty pointless to go past 90 and for Moo especially because in the story you can see her hips tilt and tuck which is not proper form and can damage the discs in your spine.

No. 688740

File: 1565320012845.jpeg (77.14 KB, 513x481, BEA16590-5400-4204-9363-4FE829…)

No. 688743

Her obsession with lifting is 100% because she's lazy and doesn't wanna do cardio because it actually works her out
When you're fat, you have some amount of strength and can do lifting pretty easily. But walking/running etc is the real work out

No. 688746

>>688743 Good point.

Cardio is the easiest way to drop weight, as far as exercising goes. Not only that, but it would help her tighten up her skin in problem areas.

By lifting, all she's doing is maintaining the mass. The only difference is that she's hoping to convert fat into muscle, but her body will resemble that of a strongman competition entrant.

No. 688747

Yeah forgot to add at the start they should point forward and open in the way down, also if you tend to lift your heels you should get weightlifting shoes, the raised heel helps a lot for starters, also, if you have a hard time comin up a pelvic thrust or throwing your hips forward helps a lot to break that stall in the last reps

Hey, strenght training is good for starters, she's mostly fat and developing her muscles will help her more than running and fucking up her joints with all that overweight she has, biking and weightlifting are the best friends for fattys

Now, withouth propper eating, this is like goin GOMAD

No. 688749

On the nose, dude. She needs some low impact cardio. Spin class, elliptical, whatever. Lots of people hate indoor cycling though, and I don't disagree. I hate winter training on the bike & rollers. Road is best. But there aren't a lot of bikes rated to take higher weight, like Mooriah especially if she's 250 - 270lbs like people think. My steel road bike is only rates to 225lbs.

No. 688751

She could just walk. Treadmill or outside. Hell, she could do housewalking if she didn't want to go in the heat. Literally anything is better than going to the gym 1x a week and doing a couple shitty squats.

No. 688752

actually all of that is totally incorrect.

No. 688754

Don't disagree at all with that. Baby steps, as they say. It just has to be a commitment on her part, and that seems to be her biggest struggle. Sucks to watch someone destroy their body because they don't have an ounce of self control or will power.

Can you expand? Mostly because I've been told by multiple personal trainers and dietitians that cardio makes a person lean. If you want weight loss, you want wight loss you go for cardio. Weight lifting is for toning and bulking up.

No. 688755

>>688751 She also benefits from living in a two-story house. If she tried to incorporate an exercise into the mix similar to running the bleachers, she could burn a bunch of calories if she sticks with it.

But then she'll just go out for sushi, In N Out burgers, ice cream, or booze immediately after finishing, so I really don't know why I bother to speculate. She has no desire to make improvements physically or mentally.

No. 688756

Nta but building muscle increases calorie expenditure while at rest. Also, research has shown that your calorie burn is increased for hours after weight lifting, while cardio doesn't do that.(offtopic, no1curr)

No. 688760

the problem with that anon is… she eats while she rests and she rests a lot. So lets cut the crap about her working out

No. 688761

Agreed. Doesn't matter how much she exercises because she is still eating like crap. She posts like one stray "healthy" meal every few days and has stopped posting about eating out but umbran made a story of her drinking a beer at a restaurant so yea

No. 688765

File: 1565325066492.png (470.72 KB, 720x1196, Screenshot_2019-08-08-21-30-12…)

Cant wait

No. 688772

for guys yes, but for women you can do both. the plateau for women to actually stop gaining muscle is way lower than for men. doing high reps with lower weight will help you lose more weight, but not get toned. (though if you want to get tone you can do low rep high weight)

moo probably doesn't know this and is just trying to show off at the gym, but she could easily make herself into an attractive "thicc" in just 30 mins 3x a week. but you know. lazy.(stop)

No. 688774

She's doing poor form to accentuate her ass that is so flat it caves inward. When just some focus exercises would make all the difference.

No. 688784

If you want to discuss your views and your own gym routines and diet plans, take it to offtopic. There are multiple threads there regarding the subject area.

No. 688798

File: 1565343024448.jpg (421.52 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190809-022636_Ins…)

I swear to God, she loves using this photo with Sensei because she wants the world to believe they had chemistry once upon a time, and she probably uploads this particular photo to rile up his actual girlfriend. This is some Fatal Attraction shit.

No. 688816

File: 1565349217548.jpg (116.57 KB, 996x837, momo.jpg)

idk what to tell you, she's still a fat piece of shit but this looks pretty accurate even if we give her the benefit of the doubt about that waist measurement
220 is really fat even if you're 5 inches taller than moo. it's not that hard to believe(stop)

No. 688820

She just loves to pretend that the people she ropes in with money, free rent, among other things actually care about her in the long term. She’s thirsty as hell and is probably hoping this might make him second guess his girlfriend and come crawling back to her.

No. 688821

This looks pretty close, but I think she carries a little more weight in her limbs than the picture indicates. This would make sense given the way lipo distorts fat distribution.

But I digress.

The sperging about her weight is getting really old. None of the base facts have changed. We know 1) she's obese 2) she lies about her measurements/weight and 3) she's getting bigger. Why even have this discussion if we arrive at the same conclusion every time? How many different ways do we need to find to say "she's fat?"(non-contribution)

No. 688830

holy shit this reeks of desperation. does she seriously not have any other photos of them together either? this is so sad

No. 688832

7 instances of "I" and "me"
jesus I hate her

No. 688846

good lord, this is overtflow all over again. this is so cringey and desperate, why is she like this?

No. 688847

this is probably why her old friends got annoyed whenever Momo would snap pics or take videos of them together. She basically uses it to emotionally terrorize the person in the future. It's highly inappropriate and she knows it.

i don't know why she is obsessing over him again now? he moved out and we don't see him very often, and when he is around he brings his girl friend.

No. 688864

Anyone in a relationship with someone else would find this very disturbing and pushing too many boundaries. Why everyone is so scared of telling her to fuck off baffles me. Just put this bitch in her place for once.

No. 688865

I mean, unless you're raping/assaulting me, I wouldn't tell you to fuck off with all the money and free international trips you give me.

That is why no one tells momo to fuck off, because she also doesn't get punished for her actions.

No. 688867

Part of me thinks that she’s lifting to show off to Umbrian because she knows it turns Umbrian on

No. 688868

are you dumb? a lot of people have told her to fuck off despite the money. including sensei. imagine being such an unattractive (inside and out) person you can't even bag a dime-a-dozen average looking new age hipster tattoo artist. moo is super pathetic.

No. 688877

>Happy birthday to the best guy everrrr
>huge paragraph all about meeeee and nothing about friend

I’ll bet Sensei’s GF is just rolling her eyes. Pathetic and classic Moo.

No. 688885

she's using this pic specifically because a) it's intimate and b) you can't tell she's fat.

No. 688911

File: 1565395651739.jpeg (353.01 KB, 750x976, 6656C409-9D04-4AAB-899D-CD3A2A…)

This man is delusional as hell WK ing moo in the replies. What a weird hill to die on

No. 688912

No. 688922

File: 1565398127983.png (15.94 KB, 614x162, oof.png)

Moocow must offer a lot of money for someone to think this is true in the slightest..

No. 688928

this can be flipped on him. He doesn't know her and she hasn't changed. Every year she does something more scummy and shitty, she doesn't grow, she just hates being called out.

As for her molesting people, she is still very inappropriate to her friends. She just can't do it to strangers anymore because everyone stays away from her at cons now.

No. 688934

Not surprising then that he took it down

No. 688952

Im legit BEGGING for someone to do the proper research on umbran. She is truly a terrible person, and has done what moo's done x100. Shes the new and worse mariah

No. 688954

Then why don’t you do it?
Shouldn't this be in the calves thread?

No. 688957

File: 1565408623116.jpg (405.04 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190809-203944_Ins…)

>>688952 Sounds like tinfoil. At least put yourself to good use and grab some unflattering candid shots from her IG stories if you're gonna obsess about her. Otherwise, that's a discussion better suited for the calves thread.

Here's one of those candid shots now:

No. 688958

File: 1565410267359.png (78.99 KB, 720x372, Screenshot_2019-08-09-21-08-31…)

That's a big yikes from me they deserve eachother

No. 688959


No. 688961

but chris brown hasn't had a hit in years because of that.

No. 688962

It's unsettling since this is revealing of his mindset where touching people inappropriately is on the same level of severe domestic abuse but equal in being easily forgiven not for legit reasons but because they have notoriety and money. He wouldn't be saying any of this if he wouldn't get something from them by defending thembe it Chris Brown giving a shout out or Moo fucking him.

No. 688964

She also just recently did a charity scam by trying to ride on some random dudes suicide to sell some stickers. She never mentioned it after that one post and never donated a cent.

No. 688967

Question: how long has PierreStepz actually known Moo? Is this another cuck who met her ~like once~ or in passing at cons and thinks they know Moo?

No. 688970

At the risk of stirring up shit, Rhianna has actually forgiven Chris. Has any of Moo's victims forgiven her?

Not saying domestic abuse is less of a crime than sexual abuse but I'm looking at the responses of the victims

No. 688973

adding on to this, Chris didn't claim Rhianna was an attention seeking thot who was just jealous of him. Nor did he blame the beating on her

No. 688981

It's a sad day when fucking Chris Brown seems morally better than you (Mariah)

No. 688982

Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't this situation exactly how she got ass blasted by overtflow's gf? You think she'd learn the first time.

No. 689001

Can anyone here with Photoshop edit a collage with moo's pearl panties pictures along with her recent sets +camversity screenshots with the insta post from her sister saying that Mariah isn't nasty and wouldn't do things like that? I don't think it's been done yet

No. 689005

>>688958 If this guy is a big enough piece of shit to find something admirable to say about the Chris Brown incident, then it wouldn't surprise me if he had some dirt on him. Mariah likes to associate with controversial people. Birds of a feather.

>>688964 She donated. It was documented in the last thread or the one before that. Someone shared a screenshot. However, she wouldn't disclose the amount. And when you donate to a charity, they usually send you the same "thanks for your generous contribution" scripted nonsense no matter how big or small your donation is. In theory, she may have sent as little as ten bucks. What a hero!

>>689001 Not sure why you can't do this. It's literally a basic crop and paste job that can be done with MS paint, smartphones, etc. It's not rocket science. Not worthy of a request, in my opinion.

No. 689009

When did that ever happen?

No. 689029

i've never understood the nibbas who don't count the bar and are somehow proud of it? you still lift those 20kg you fucking walnut.

No. 689043

As far as I remember, Mariah posted the photo with OtF and his friends started commenting on it, then one said "hey dude, what about your girlfriend?"… and iirc even tagged her on the photo. And few afterwards they stopped hanging together.

No. 689061

Do we have proof of her calling Moo out or is this more summer tinfoil? I dont remember OF GFdoimg shit.

No. 689062

Do it yourself. Are you the same unsaging anon who keeps asking us to do shit for them?

No. 689109

File: 1565496113821.jpg (469.26 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190810-205736_Ins…)

Did anyone watch this nonsense? Seems like Mariah is trying to fly under the radar by making appearances in her cousin's streams without doing any notable work.


No. 689111

File: 1565496314371.jpg (406.02 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190810-201147_Ins…)

Here's the original promotion of his stream, where she claims she's hosting and providing tips.

As usual, she'll do whatever she can to make something that has absolutely nothing to do with her all about herself.


No. 689119

Her neck is missing(nitpicking)

No. 689133

Joining him bc she knows shes a casual, fuckin lmao. Poor guy. I'd be uncomfortable if my cousin was trying to get all in my shit. Shes wedging her way into his dreams. What a selfish cunt.

No. 689170

Correct me if I‘m wrong but doesn’t it say in the screenshot that he has like 2 viewers? If anything I‘d say he sees her as a boost.

Sure she‘s obnoxious and all but she does have quite a large and mostly male following. If he really has no real viewer base yet it’s not too far off to assume he’s totally fine with her appearing on his streams to get more viewers.

Plus, it’s not like she’s getting all the credit for his work like it’s the case with the people that make her cosplay stuff. So idk. I don’t think it’s that big a deal for him.

No. 689180

You could be right, but those viewers won't stay if they're coming for moo. Once she goes they'll go too, some might stay but most, if not all, will leave with her

No. 689186

People don’t follow moo to watch her cousin play video games, they follow her to watch her get naked and hopefully do porn for them. They might watch him for a little while to appease her and maybe have the hops of talking to her, but once that reality sets in they’ll vanish.

No. 689188

Chill out anon. Shes hosting him. Thats what pages with usually more viewers do. Its not uncommon and Moo doesnt really seem that invested on whether it helps him or not, but who cares? She said shes hosting him and you cannot get nude on twitch. Stop.sperging stupid shit.

No. 689199

Get the sand out of your vag

No. 689204

File: 1565538025745.jpg (543.54 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190811-104047_Ins…)

At least she admitted she was around 250.

No. 689205

There's a lot of mariah white knighting in this thread lately, is umbranbitch trying to defend her lesbian queen?

No. 689209

File: 1565538761261.png (3.64 MB, 1242x2208, 34383C6F-C386-4CA3-A9F3-14BF5F…)

plus this

Let’s see for how long she‘ll actually stick with it once Kevin isn’t around 24/7 and cooking/meal planning for her anymore

No. 689214

Especially if her friends are over 24/7 instead. She can't enjoy sweets as much as them and eating red meat because she's trying to lose weight, but she will want to hang out with them. In the end she will eat like shit and double up on portions some places to 'show off' because thats what a lot of fat people do. They joke about how much they eat by getting more as a way to show off their ability to stomach a lot of food. As shown from her Japan trips, she did this a lot there. Getting two orders of yakitori as an example while everyone else got one and shared. >>689209

No. 689219

The issue here is that "intense training" means nothing if she keeps eating like a maniac. You can't outrun your mouth. I lost almost 50 pounds just by stopping drinking soda (you can drink more calories than you can imagine) and binge-eating.

I mean, it's good for her that she's going to a gym and all, but she will run out of "willpower" sooner or later.

Plus, we know she's kinda lazy, and doesn't seem to be the type who can stick to an routine.(blogging)

No. 689226

I don’t typically see fat people do that so I disagree, but she definitely flexes when she eats out and orders a LOT. I have to wonder if she even eats all of it or gives it to friends to take home.

No. 689227

she definitely eats all of it, anon. she's the size of a fucking house.

No. 689229

How is this even a question? You don't balloon up like moocow did without eating shittily and lack of proper exercising unless you have a medical condition.

No. 689230

This. Once Kevin isn't there to spoonfeed her a better diet she'll go back to her old ways. At her size losing 10 pounds is nothing because her maintenance count would be so high. I'd like to see her prove us wrong so that she doesn't die at 30 because no one deserves that, but it's hard to believe it will happen.

No. 689236

I'll admit, I'm kind of surprised she's let people see her actual weight being that high, considering she was still floating 218-220 out there not that long ago. Unfortunately I doubt she stays with it. She's done this countless other times, she'll eat okay and go to the gym for a couple weeks, drop 5-10 pounds and think "okay great, I can take a break and reward myself", and then eat like shit again and gain back more than she lost. She lacks the discipline and will power to do this on her own. The only reason she got in shape in her teens was because her dad was there every step of the way holding her hand and telling her what to eat and making her work out. Without someone there to coddle her she'll fall back into her shitty habits and continue to balloon. The prospect of her ever getting back under 200 pounds seems pretty unattainable. But maybe I'm wrong and being 250 pounds finally made her realize she needs to get her shit together.

No. 689242


When was the last time she posted her weight? I thought after the last plastic surgery she said she was 210 or something? Now she’s 250? Again lying about her weight. Or more dangerously, gained all of that even after cutting chunks of her fat out.

What was her weight pre-lipo … god ..

No. 689245

File: 1565550540688.png (549.09 KB, 1008x741, 2monthsago.png)

This is the most recent instance I remember, barely two months ago.

No. 689250

Either that or anon's just being called out for being a nitpicker, grasping for milk that isn't there right now. This happens in every thread as it dries up, you guys go nuts trying to find something to get mad about. Just wait it out until she does something stupid again.

No. 689252

>>689245 Thank you for accurately pointing out yet another lie of hers. Great memory on your part.

>>689209 Remember when her dad was putting together meal prep packages for her, and she couldn't maintain beyond 4 days? How about that time when she said she hired a personal trainer to help her during this current gym phase? She's so full of shit. I'm also adding 15 pounds to her little app statistics just because it's Mariah.

No. 689261

She'd be 300 pounds without all the liposuction. Easily.
She has money and it shouldn't be hard for her to eat healthy and fresh every day.

She's constantly lying about her weight. Unless we're to believe she gained close to 10 pounds each month since she posted that, and lost 10 more to have posted this >>689204 within that timeframe as well.

Being obese is embarrassing but imagine the positive attention she could obtain if she owned up to it and were openly accountable. It's not like anyone sees her as skinny even if she lies about 20-30 pounds anyway. What's the difference between calling yourself 220 as opposed to 250 when everyone knows you look over 200 and are fat?
Silly, isn't it?

No. 689263

File: 1565557111848.jpg (44.58 KB, 722x406, BMI-in-Adults-722x406.jpg)

>>689204 After looking at her BMI (Body Mass Index) figures on the screenshot she shared, I wanted to see what those numbers meant.

I'm honestly shocked she decided to publicly share this. I don't think she looked into the BMI scale to see where she fit in prior to posting this. RIP, Thicc Samus.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 689264

is all mussels my bro

No. 689265

File: 1565557946080.png (300.76 KB, 720x927, Screenshot_2019-08-11-14-07-25…)

EBay purchases

No. 689266

File: 1565558030639.png (416.54 KB, 720x1000, Screenshot_2019-08-11-14-09-02…)

There was two transactions on this account so I'm lead to believe she bought 2 more of this costume that never fit her.

No. 689267

File: 1565558160062.jpeg (416.08 KB, 1920x1536, F80F64BA-9556-4D3A-93E4-D0F3DB…)

I mean, there’s still the body fat percentage…(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 689275

Should've made myself clearer
"iTz aLl mUssSels mAh dUdE" as an excuse for her laziness and gluttony

No. 689277

Lets play half truth!
On average Momo pretends to be 20-30 pounds lighter than she is. Pre lipo she was probably 260? Post 240, gained 10 pounds and now we are here. But remember, Momo always lies. She is most likely 250 pounds right now.
Adds up to me

No. 689280

No..there's just a LOT of white knighting going on.

No. 689310

Why have we gone back to nitpicking her weight? Just an honest question. It's not milky at all.

No. 689325

Because it's something she lies about and is a part of the Momo cycle. Every year she gets rounds of lipo done on multiple areas, claims to lose weight, then proceeds to gain 50 pounds. It's just part of summer in lolcow now

No. 689344

Yes we all KNOW. So can we stop arguing about it and just deal with the number she gave us right now? There is a timeline of all the times she said how muh she weighed. Just look at that and stop derailing every damn time she says a number.

No. 689361

Most comments talking about her weight are on sage. Instead of bitching about it learn to use the board(Derailing)

No. 689381

But how much did she weight before the lipo?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 689383

We already know Moo is fat and lies about her weight. It isn’t milky and nitpicking her weight is against the rules. Sage doesn’t give you immunity to break the rules. Move on.

No. 689473

File: 1565633064588.png (1.02 MB, 720x1184, Screenshot_2019-08-12-11-03-05…)

While you were arguing: this makes 3. I wonder if Moo paid her?

No. 689474

File: 1565633171380.png (550.17 KB, 750x1334, F76EE177-905D-4106-A0F9-A31FE4…)

No. 689476

File: 1565634062602.jpeg (973.48 KB, 1242x2033, 1CD25314-F300-40F3-A252-A4C6CA…)

No. 689477

does anyone know what the fuck this in relation to cause I also saw it on her story and was like ¿¿¿

No. 689479

She's trying to muscle in again. She won't explain what's wrong and that's the main part of her problem.

No. 689480

but whenever people point out her bullshit “PEOPLE CAN CHANGE!!!!!!” hmm.

No. 689481

I very much doubt she does. Umbran is so far up Moo‘s ass she‘d thank her for being literally pissed on. And I also think other than the other people Moo invites over, Umbran does/offers it voluntarily.

But Umbran related stuff should go in the calves thread.

No. 689486

She probably paid her in dog treats.

No. 689497

lol she probably paid her in "sweet bby", "angel" or "I love only one woman" compliments and insta stories about how she supports coughfundscough her

No. 689517

Is this her Malon wig?

No. 689542

Rangiku from bleach. Another tit character.

No. 689546

The lack of self awareness is ASTOUNDING

No. 689547

>>Rangiku from bleach
That's not even remotely close to the right color, if that's the case.

That's what I thought, too. Suddenly she has someone to make her wigs for her and old costumes she promised months ago finally start to appear.

No. 689553


Um, ok moo… don't worry… I don't think many people will forget you molested people.

No. 689555


Sorry I didn't sage, newfag.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 689569

File: 1565664310602.jpg (680.32 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190812-214542_Ins…)

No. 689574

every month she says this shit about being in a dark place some weeks ago. it's getting old moo.

No. 689576

Sensei getting a GF and moving out of her house with said GF really fucked her up huh?

No. 689578

Someone should tally how many times she's used this exact speech. It's gotta be 50+ for just the last year or two I've been following…

No. 689582

So when are you going to actual therapy, Mariah

No. 689593

>I've been working on a lot recently, finically, mentally and physically just working on straightening myself out.

I can't parse this, what is "finically"? Does she mean "finally"? Or "financially"? The latter is super weird for anyone to list first when saying one is working on themself, but especially Moo, who spends like a drunken sailor. In these last few months in a "dark place", she has had multiple cosmetic procedures, gone on multiple vacations, bought a new gaming PC and a bunch of Switch games, and has eaten out more times than anyone would be able to remember. Doesn't sound like she's working on things "financially" to me (doesn't sound like a "dark place" either). Is she trying to guilt her patrons into pledging more money? I don't get it

No. 689602

Maybe she finally paid taxes for once and that’s why she tried to sell all this stuff.

But jokes aside, didn’t she post recently about sensei helping her with some financial stuff/bookwork or something?
It was kinda odd to me she had to point that out like that back then, but I brushed it off with her just blowing a friendly gesture(/bullying someone into doing it) way out of proportion to seem more special.
But maybe she just genuinely didn’t keep track of her finances ever and for the first time started struggling due to spending so much the last 2-3 months.
But… tinfoil.

No. 689606

She's probably mad Kevin isn't dumping his GF to be with her.

No. 689668

Judging by the time moo says she’s going to Japan, she’s going to a public cosplay event. I’m terrified to run into her but if I see anything milky I’ll be sure to report.

No. 689705

File: 1565730166484.png (Spoiler Image, 317.18 KB, 720x1196, Capture _2019-08-13-16-01-49.p…)

She claimed to be a flipcup champion of the 2007 Olympics

No. 689706

File: 1565730797987.png (609 KB, 720x1195, Screenshot_2019-08-13-14-10-58…)

No. 689707

File: 1565730969789.png (762.53 KB, 720x1192, Screenshot_2019-08-13-14-11-03…)

No. 689709

File: 1565731090950.png (867.86 KB, 720x1180, Screenshot_2019-08-13-14-11-06…)

>>689707(not milk)

No. 689715

File: 1565731998021.png (6.22 MB, 1800x1661, 008F43CB-FB18-4472-B1C2-38020F…)

Pathetic.(take it to calves)

No. 689728

I can't believe this bitch is so thirsty for Moo. She's seen her body irl and knows she doesn't look like this.

No. 689739

File: 1565742187870.jpg (55.49 KB, 480x960, moo.jpg)


"Going to Japan soon… the homeland, the motherland"

How can she even afford to go to her "homeland" so much?

No. 689741

"homeland, the motherland" oh gosh she's so delusional, she has only been to tourist traps and haven't experienced what it its to actually live there, wouldn't last a week

what the fuck is wrong with her eyes? looks like a broken doll that would close its eyes when lying down

No. 689755

File: 1565746937224.jpeg (247.43 KB, 3072x1419, 0A8EFF47-475D-4892-9E38-F16669…)

No. 689760

I kind of wish she would just move to Japan already. It would teach her a lesson

Is this old? This looks old.

No. 689761

post the full status or gtfo. this looks fake

No. 689762

>The mice and squarecucks are coming out this next week for shoots
>has things planned for Japan
>appreciates the love for her new sets
>waxed her floors and now everyone is sliding around

No mentioned of her grandma's bday tho, which is today.

No. 689764

Liking a place doesn’t make it your fucking homeland! Your homeland is the US, Momo. If you want to get all Ancestry.com, you could call Lebanon or Italy or wherever your homeland. Japan is just a country you like.

No. 689765

File: 1565750418013.png (1.11 MB, 720x1048, Screenshot_2019-08-13-19-37-08…)

No. 689766

File: 1565751122505.jpg (851.05 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20190813_000824.jpg)

>>689765 not sure if relevant but I'm almost 99% sure she got nose fillers, her nose has been looking less and less disgusting

No. 689767

Her nose looks the same. You need better rinfoil to say she got nose fillers and they wouldn't fi the middle bumo there in the middle without filling it out more to the sides. Which would make it bigger.

Can you post actual status if you are apparently on her friend's list? This is shopped and not even well.

No. 689770

File: 1565756121928.jpeg (112.02 KB, 1242x524, C76BBB4A-CEBE-4068-9E32-0D9195…)

Here’s a better screenshot for everyone complaining. Just crossed out the names on this one instead of cropped.

No. 689785

It's just weight gain. You've never noticed that obese people gain fat in weird places like their noses?

No. 689786

I personally never noticed, but she looks just as fat in that other pic too. I mean was she that much smaller?

No. 689796

shitty contouring too

No. 689803

“Homeland”… good luck qualifying for a visa, MooMoo.

No. 689808

Anon you didn't hide your name I can clearly zoom in and see who you are.

Be more thorough for your own sake

No. 689811

File: 1565766837957.jpg (404.46 KB, 720x1560, Screenshot_20190814_081214_com…)

Actually terrifying

No. 689822

That's not their name. It's the name of someone they're friends with that liked the status. If they liked it, "You" would be listed.

No. 689854

"I'm straightening." "I'm bettering." Again, trying so hard to tell people she's so damn wonderful when all she's doing is trying to tell herself that. Over and over she does it then fails. Who actually believes her? All she has is some pathetic weirdo at her beck and call

No. 689864

She will never go to actual therapy because a real therapist won't give her what she wants to hear.

No. 689867

Unless she‘d want to fuck him. Then he‘d be a literal angel and she‘d forcefully apply whatever he tells her to onto her life for a few weeks (tops). Then she realizes she‘s neither suddenly her ‘favorite weight’ nor does he want to fuck her, so she’ll post some manic rants about how she’s the golden goose and gift that keeps on giving but everyone’s so unappreciative and that she’s struggling, before making another post like >>689569 about how she was in such a dark place you guys…

No. 689924

File: 1565806024373.jpg (Spoiler Image, 703.89 KB, 1024x1446, Superimposed1565805668072.jpg)

This is a dead meme and also a shitty edit by yours truly. Hope you guys enjoy.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 689933

Are you the same anon who doesnt stop posting old shit?

No. 689947

File: 1565811656687.jpg (108.63 KB, 1200x675, EB64sgqW4AARUaN.jpg)

There's a summer version of the awful Lancer Arturia cosplay that she did recently out, let's see how much it takes to put her slaves on work again and watch her spend more money on something that would end looking horrible. She's not in condition to use those cosert+full bodysuit anymore and make them fit.

No. 689975

ugh i didn’t even think about this. there goes my excitement for the new servant…

maybe if we’re lucky bunny lartoria will join the million other cosplays she promises and never delivers on, for our sake.

No. 690016

I thought she gave up on pretending to like Fate?
She'll either say she's going to do it and it will never happen or she'll have one of the slaves shit out a crappy spandex bunnysuit and act like she's hot shit to try to beat someone she doesn't like.

No. 690028

File: 1565827624259.png (364.9 KB, 559x559, 1565787870842.png)

No way she'll do this specific version – a bunny suit with a split down the middle wouldn't have any real corseting power and would lead to her stomach fat bubbling out the middle section. We're fucked if Mufasa has a more traditional swimsuit in her other ascensions tho.

No. 690031

She could go for mesh or a skin colored panel

No. 690032

File: 1565830027180.png (1.84 MB, 720x1202, Screenshot_2019-08-14-17-45-59…)

No. 690033

Why are you once again commenting to try and help her??

No. 690036

Not sure why she bothers mentioning being sponsored when she never reveals who is actually sponsoring her. Much like how she announced her “big news” for EVO but nothing ever came from it. No one wants their name attached to you Moo.

No. 690037

Pepperidge farm remembers her Morrigan cosplay with her fat popping out of the heart hole part. This would be just 2.0 of that pfftt

No. 690044

>floor workout
So she decided to sit on the gym floor just using her phone.

No. 690049

File: 1565836930753.png (656.39 KB, 720x1186, Screenshot_2019-08-14-19-41-50…)

No. 690051

Ooof… Didn't Vamps do a cosplay of this character already?

No. 690054

oh my fucking god mariah you could do those workouts at home, why even bother going to the gym. why is she like this.

No. 690057

This makes me so mad. GROSS

No. 690060

File: 1565841547558.png (587.31 KB, 720x1195, Screenshot_2019-08-14-20-57-36…)

No. 690061

File: 1565841584874.png (1.19 MB, 720x1190, Screenshot_2019-08-14-20-57-41…)

No. 690062

File: 1565841714745.png (887.48 KB, 720x1190, Screenshot_2019-08-14-20-57-52…)

Selling Gabby's jacket

No. 690066

That's messed up. Didn't even specify that it's not hers.

No. 690067

High Quality because it's not hers. She's never had high quality anything.

No. 690068

File: 1565847668655.png (819.65 KB, 720x1183, Screenshot_2019-08-14-22-40-46…)

No. 690069

File: 1565848952452.jpg (214.47 KB, 1080x1920, 66289096_160452191790878_41812…)

thirst trap for dumbran? kek

No. 690079

The character is 13 years old. A bit creepy

No. 690085

Why are you even giving her ideas, anon? Good chances she wouldn't even know about it

No. 690088

Guys. She helped distress it. Its not actually her cosplay she gave Moo. She never gave it to Moo.

No. 690093

what a retarded nitpick.
it's important to build the habit of going to the gym, to have a fucking routine so you actually keep going. good on her for actually still going, /if/ she actually had cramps.

let her do calisthenics at the gym on the mats that are there for that specific purpose.


No. 690105

You really believe Moo actually has a workout routine? For real?

No. 690108

File: 1565883512915.gif (2.21 MB, 440x440, camgirl.gif)

>>689111 Mariah is the perfect person to take streaming advice from.

No. 690110

Well, sexualizing children is right up her alley. Not at all surprising.

No. 690116

She looks like an actual cow, chewing grass.. why would anyone do this on public video?

No. 690123

Her only fans at this point are z-tier clout chasers and gross men with feeder fetishes. They begged lardo there to eat on stream.

No. 690140

File: 1565892171519.jpg (448.71 KB, 720x1219, 20190815_105707.jpg)

Here's a peculiar Depop development.

Mariah created a large assortment of new listings. Tons of recent stuff. Tons of accessories for canceled cosplay plans, too.

One thing that stood out to me was seeing her Tamamo cosplay at the top of the page. Not only was it relisted 12 hours ago, apparently someone (Mariah from a sock account, or another person who's equally as stupid) bought this disaster for the $850 price tag she had on it.

No. 690147

TBH I'm surprised she's not attempting to sell all that milking stuff she bought for that one MooMoo set.

No. 690176

Cardio can actually help with cramps. That gym phase sure did end quick.

No. 690266

File: 1565916397528.png (3.58 MB, 1135x1800, 0870777E-FC62-4C78-A986-9EAB10…)

Went on a Umineko spurge because she has to prove she’s the BIGGEST FAN EVER.

No. 690277

File: 1565917546712.png (518.83 KB, 720x933, Screenshot_2019-08-15-18-03-47…)

EBay purchase

No. 690288

oh i hope this is gonna be a couples costume with miso as the little demon girl, she'll look like an ogre in comparison. it never looks good when she's squat next to miso (though it makes miso's average body look great by comparison), but some things like the sonico nurses just really emphasize the size difference.

No. 690293

>>690288 Jesus Christ. Not this Miso Tokki asskisser from Kiwifarms again.

You're overlooking the fact that Mariah edits her body to look closer to the size of the girls she poses with. For reference, check out her beach Tamamo with Vamps, where they're magically the same size. Or if you need a more recent reference, check out her Pochaco bakery collaboration with Aly Brazil, where the proportions are pretty close to even with one another.

No. 690296

>one of the BEST cmv’s of all time

is she for real… nobody cared about this shit video, and they still don’t…

No. 690309

File: 1565922498483.png (878.02 KB, 720x1186, Screenshot_2019-08-15-19-27-26…)

No. 690311

i don't post on kiwifarms nor was i defending miso? i'm saying that miso is solidly average and is standing next to ugly-ass moo to look better by comparison, is this a foreign concept to you? why else do you think miso's the only one who does couple sets regularly with her?

i'm not overlooking mariah's editing at all, i'm saying that in certain cosplay sets with an obvious comparison of a normal-sized body, her editing can't save her from looking monstrous. she can carve half her body off in a solo shoot in front of a white wall, but next to a normal human figure, the freakish lipo proportions and photoshop disasters are even more enhanced.

not sure why you were reaching so hard for someone to fight with, but you should probably take a break.

No. 690313

>I even got it tattoo'd on me!!!!

fucks sake everything she does is really just for some kind of superiority status in a niche community. Notice how she never got a Mei or Samus tattoo because those phases were burnt to the ground BEFORE she met that tattoo guy she had the hots for. I'm excited for the regret.

No. 690340

So… read it in order?
Wow Moo, very enlightening. I’m sure NO OTHER FAN has thought to read it in that order.

No. 690359

Like, omg, what is numbers, I am totally going to read 8 first /s

Seriously, it's not rocket science to know to read from episode 1 of a series and Mooriah, the bigger ones are called Omnibus…

No. 690365

So a few days ago I wild moo encounter. I was in my brother's car and we drove past the target in boca park and I saw her on the sidewalk.
I wish a had gotten a pic but didn't get my phone out in time.

No. 690366

informative post

No. 690368

Why would she even think to write this out?

No. 690370

>One of the BEST cmvs of all time
Why does this sound Trump-esque to me…

It still blows my mind that this girl basically spent several thousand dollars to ultimately just play dress-up with her ugly friends. There are cmvs with a fraction of her budget that look a million times better, but yeah, this poorly-acted, badly shot train wreck is "da bess doodz!1!". Either she's taking the piss or completely delusional.

No. 690372

Pretty sure the massive fate tat was Sensei not the piss rose. That was some expensive tat artist she followed on instagram if my memory serves. We go through threads so fast I can barely remember

No. 690375

The umineko tat is that cheeseburger dude

No. 690376

File: 1565945056349.jpg (698.37 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190816-014431_Ins…)

Is this how anything works?

No. 690377

….Is her hair wet or is it really that greasy? She’s wearing fake lashes so I can’t imagine she’d wear them for a shower?

No. 690378

That doesn't work at all. It works backwards from that. Also, dumb ass, you're getting lip fillers. Which reminds me, I see she backed out on the lip lift?

No. 690379

Shes working extra hard to edit out her eye bags.

No. 690381

It cant be wet. Bottom of her hair is dry. Correct me if im wrong but doesnt the top part of your hair dry first, then your bottom?

No. 690382

I think she means her jowls.

No. 690383

if you have really dead/damaged ends, they can dry quickly. I think it is just grease though because it looks so unbrushed, unless she's just stupid enough to wash matted hair.

No. 690397

Theres a wet area around the neck, she likely washed it then did her makeup. Hair at that length can take longer to dry than to do makeup for sure

No. 690406

I wonder if she has even read/watched higurashi, since she's such a big umineko fan. For those who don't know, they are related. At least never saw her mention higurashi.

No. 690407

I think those are eyelash extensions. And as someone mentioned, damaged hair dries fast at the bottom of the hair. Her hair is so bad, should just chop it off.

No. 690408

File: 1565964878311.jpeg (95.78 KB, 1080x809, 7B298544-95F6-4225-9986-E6D614…)

anon, higurashi was her first ~bIg viDeO pRoJeCt a few Halloween’s ago and shion is her favorite yandere (she’s actually cosplayed her three times)

No. 690412

Oh, jesus…that's horrifying…

No. 690413

can't forget TAKANO PROJECT!

No. 690415

Lol…does she think Photoshop carries over into real life now?

No. 690416

Why did she make it so dark though? Now, instead of vagina eyes, she's a zombie.

No. 690418

her jowls would just become more obvious though because of the saggy skin.

No. 690419

Still waiting on part 2, and the rerelease of the mememe! video

No. 690421

Ah i've only followed her for 2 years. Also that picture is horrible lol

No. 690423

Also, thanks for letting me know, i don't check her stuff that often. Sorry for samefag.

No. 690425

Or probably had another procedure done. I honestly think since Momo was honest about a few small things, she think that gives her the green flag to lie about everything else. My guess is she is having a lot more work done and is blaming any effects on "Working out my dudes"

No. 690437

Yes they are eye lash extension. Looks like she just got out the shower a while ago.

No. 690438

>>690425 Keep in mind that the California retards are supposed to make their way up to Vegas to shoot with Mariah this weekend. So it's very unlikely she had any work done this week, since the procedures she usually gets done all take weeks to heal.

But I believe the exercise phase is coming to an end. She always gets shitfaced when she's with Aly, Tokki, and Squarecuck. Always goes out to eat, too. So all of that bragging she did about losing 10 pounds will be negated by her shitty choices and lack of self control.

No. 690440

And that Hinata video…

No. 690446

File: 1565979834592.png (427.08 KB, 638x638, untitled.png)

given that pic attached was from earlier the same day (from an earlier story yesterday), she is either trying to put one over or is delulu

No. 690447

>So it's very unlikely she had any work done this week, since the procedures she usually gets done all take weeks to heal.

Did you forget that she shot literally just a few days after her last lipo? She doesn’t care how long it takes to heal, since there’s always photoshop.

(Not saying she got anything done though.)

No. 690448

File: 1565980128900.jpg (Spoiler Image, 280.63 KB, 1080x1920, 67289760_135119527718739_50978…)


No. 690451

Really appealing to her middle school-brained neckbeards with this one huh. Classy!

No. 690458

>>690447 I'm well aware, but there's no indication she had any work done this week. No obvious tells like the mummy wrapping around her chin and arms like before.

If you recall, she had lipo prior to her Christmas Pochaco shoot. And what did she do during the months leading up to that? She wore loose fitting costumes before breaking out the new body in an unexpected bikini shoot for the aforementioned Christmas Pochaco.

Any speculation about her getting work done, namely liposuction throughout the past week is some of the weakest tinfoil I've seen as of late.

No. 690461


They're not fake lashes, she's got extensions. Her hair is probably wet. When your hair is really long, ends do typically dry first.

No. 690463


Speculation but can’t you Botox/whatever other filler those smile lines where they aren’t as prominent? Her face looks thinner here but like someone else said it could purely be filters/Facetuning and not any procedures at all.

No. 690532

File: 1565998137879.jpg (325.67 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190816-162346_Ins…)

>>690376 She's answering some questions on Instagram. Luckily for her, nobody asked her what the hell she's smoking if she thinks the lines around her mouth are reduced. Looks like a ventriloquist dummy.

No. 690535

I know people keep shutting down her getting other fillers but I think she got some in her jowls/nasolabial. It’s a quick add-on a lot of places offer with lips, and of course she’s lying that it’s weight loss just like with her original lipo.

No. 690548

>upcoming cons are Katsucon, AX, Fanime, wants to do Comiket next year
>Says Albedo is her newest money drain. Said the costume is "paid for" but she hasn't told the commissioner that "she wants it"
>would love to go to Germany or do a UK trip

The rest of the answers are typed out or recycled from before.

No. 690549

She talkd so much shit about Fanime. Why the fuck does she want to go now?

No. 690550

File: 1566005735690.png (1.29 MB, 720x1190, Screenshot_2019-08-16-18-29-53…)

No. 690551

File: 1566005786316.png (1.13 MB, 720x1202, Screenshot_2019-08-16-18-30-02…)

No. 690552

File: 1566005927253.png (875.55 KB, 720x1194, Screenshot_2019-08-16-18-30-11…)

No. 690553

File: 1566006056510.png (702.89 KB, 720x1194, Screenshot_2019-08-16-18-30-43…)

No. 690555

When was her last boyfriend that actually returned her feelings and knew that they were in a relationship?

No. 690557

File: 1566006507672.png (1023.35 KB, 720x1199, Screenshot_2019-08-16-18-46-58…)

No. 690562

Well she's not wrong. She basically doesn't have a private life because she shares literally everything she does

No. 690579

omg her nails are nasty/dirty

No. 690598

lol Comiket… watch her go, and get butt mad no one takes her picture in favor of the small petite Japanese cosplay girls.

No. 690604


If she goes in summer she wouldn't stand an hour out there under the intense sun, she could go on winter but that means no swimsuit because the cold temperature

Also who would like a picture with a sweating whale in the verge of a heatstroke like she would be.

No. 690615

She lives in Vegas so it not like she's not used to intense heat… but I don't think she will have enough stamina for a trip like this and will likely just sit in restaurants stuffing her fat face but it's okay because "it's muh vacation you dudes!"

No. 690632

File: 1566032659572.jpeg (190.66 KB, 737x1105, 8F83E4A5-EA12-4D55-AC83-3C145B…)

wonder what happened

No. 690635

File: 1566033588377.jpeg (200.31 KB, 744x1109, 035881BD-7954-4414-9A73-D67275…)

same anon here
she’s already deleted both but there was also this cryptic message

No. 690636

probably just Kevin not leaving his gf for her lmao

No. 690638

Is this real? Like did she really post this photo with a bleak filter and that caption? Is she 12 years old?

No. 690656

It's called heartburn from stuffing yourself too much, Moomoo.
But yeah, wonder what happened. Trouble with friends? Umbran caught onto her bullshit? Sensei got engaged?

No. 690678

Is it 2003 again? God damn. She wants to be coddled 24/7

No. 690686

File: 1566058321306.jpg (303.07 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190817-090620_Ins…)


This is just a theory, so please treat it as such.

This screenshot is from one of Aly Brazil's IG stories. She expresses her excitement over getting to see Vamps, among others.

My suspicion is that Vamps finally made it clear to Aly, Tokki, or Square that she doesn't like hanging out with Mariah, and one of them went back and said something about it to Mariah.

It's just tinfoil. Wouldn't be surprised if everyone begged Vamps to hang out just to stick it to the farmers.

No. 690703

Anon I doubt she even knows the new Bunnysuit Lartoria, her account is on the NA servers which is 2 years behind of the JP servers nor does she even play the game at all to begin with. She hasn't addressed the Babylon anime coming out or the whole franchise in ages.

I really don't think it's anything that big, she posts cryptic angst all the time.

No. 690711

I know tons of people who know about this despite only playing NA; most people who actually care about Fate keep up with the JP servers to see what new servants are released and to know what's coming (as we get everything 2 years later).
But honestly this just proves that she doesn't give a shit because if she followed anything Fate she would have seen it and sperged about it. Every couple months she sees her tattoo and remembers she's supposed to like Fate and says she's doing however many new costumes that she never does. Wasn't Tamamo the last one she actually did?

No. 690734

Guess Kevin turned her down.

No. 690748

No. 690751

I'm with this anon >>690636 she gets like this when a taken guy doesn't want her lumpy, narcissistic ass.

No. 690763

File: 1566080563633.jpg (974.92 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190817-172239_Ins…)

Most likely binge eating out with moo bitch.

No. 690810

>I'm ~le depressed~ muh dudes. the pain shows in my meitu glamour shots

No. 690814

File: 1566095980054.png (9.91 KB, 720x91, Screenshot_2019-08-17-19-37-07…)

Biggest Umineko fan bought all volumes

No. 690862

File: 1566105252349.png (2.84 MB, 750x1334, 51D2AAFF-5F6D-458E-BEDD-17E67D…)

No. 690891

She's such a huge fan, which is why she hasn't even owned the mangas in print until now. My god lol.

It's delightful to watch her waste money on shit she doesn't care about just to prove she's not a poser to other people. You just know that those books are going to gather dust and cat-piss somewhere and eventually get sold off, just like all the other things she's "tOtaLlY oBsEsSeD" with.

No. 690904

>>690862 Seems like Moo can't handle the fact that her Cali friends are going out to eat, attending Cirque Soleil, and planning photo shoots with Vamplettes without her haggard looking ass. I'm willing to bet that she only got Sniperwolf to agree to meet up with her out of sheer pity.

No. 690934

I feel like some sort of falling out had to happen if they drove all they out there and now are doing their own thing away from Momokun. It just seems really weird tbh.

No. 690936

>musashi skin
>musashi summer berserker

You dumb fuck.

No. 690949

Probably assumed that it's an event skin like for Caster Gil last year. But jeez, a quick Google search would of told her it's actually a separate version of the character.

No. 690952

File: 1566140913382.jpg (407.68 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190818-080511_Ins…)

>>690934 Well, it's their loss. After all, they're missing out on some of Mariah's finest comedic moments, including…

checks notes

Putting sheet on head.

Honestly, this girl has zero fucking appeal as an entertainer. It's no wonder why she hasn't made any effort to resuscitate her Twitch account.

No. 690977

Now I can see why she’s upset. Her Friends are having other plans instead of just hanging out with her 24/7 and she doesn’t like being alone. Like seriously girl give your friend some space And learn how to be alone. If she keeps this up they’re all gonna leave her and she’ll wonder why.

No. 690984

She’s really insufferable. That’s what you get for being so needy l, Mariah. Nobody wants to be around you.

No. 690988

>>690977 On a related note, could this also mean Square and Tokki changed their minds about moving to Vegas?

Something is fishy here. I don't want to waste anyone's time by listing a bunch of "what if" scenarios, but there has to be more to this development than what people are saying on social media.

No. 691017

That could be a possibility since Square can’t really stand her and the only reason he puts up with her is because of Miso.

No. 691127

File: 1566171427164.jpeg (188.95 KB, 750x1038, 622D0CED-FFB5-467D-85F3-7F5B11…)

No. 691128

File: 1566171540188.jpeg (115.05 KB, 750x215, 32B26392-99DF-41DF-8BDF-F41152…)

No. 691131


Yeah I'd be asking for a refund if this showed up at Hooters

No. 691137

File: 1566171988948.png (2.54 MB, 750x1334, 07A3914C-1723-4CEF-AA14-373536…)

at least she’s keeping her options open

No. 691138

Good job tagging a real company that can link them to your vagina and nipples hanging out, sexual assault scandal, and verbal abuse to other people, i’m sure they’d LOVE to hire someone who enjoys humiliating other women. What a dumb fucking cunt.

No. 691140

File: 1566172356647.jpeg (430.71 KB, 1242x1105, E22A6ACB-F169-412E-B13E-D18A2E…)

And she’s doing this from her kitchen floor lol. I hope Hooters does respond because she fails at each of the criteria listed in their application (see pic).

No. 691142

Literally everything Moo isn't lmao.

No. 691143

File: 1566172687752.png (2.85 MB, 1242x2208, 5B0F0D20-BC47-453D-BA76-4BF3C7…)

Big yikes.

No. 691145

File: 1566172928901.jpeg (91.32 KB, 1242x1079, FF5AC418-F17B-40C8-AC22-394BCE…)

This was the only comment that loaded when I clicked on her Hooters post. I had a good laugh.

No. 691146

File: 1566172973713.jpg (495.77 KB, 2048x2048, PhotoGrid_1566172988443.jpg)

Also commented on both pic and video posts.

No. 691152

sage for OT ish? But can we just imagine the milk if they did hire her. Sure it gives a general description of what they want. But plenty of Hooters hire average girls with basic waitressing knowledge. Moo I guess has some from her Starbucks days as little as that is. I'd love to see the Moo breakdown of having to serve others.

No. 691159

File: 1566173803521.png (Spoiler Image, 939.17 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2019-08-18-17-13-42…)

Reddit posted a "teaser" she posted.

No. 691163


That tampon string…

No. 691164

sage because I can’t find the pic of the group but reminder that she’s only doing this because earlier this year a pretty large group of costhots did hooters girls as a shoot/at a con. around that time she even instastoried about “everyone doing hooters girls now” and how she wanted a group

Tldr don’t forget that like usual this is another ~revenge cosplay

No. 691167

You dont need to make shit up moo. You wanted a reason to buy and shoot in this. Just fucking say so.

No. 691169

I think at this point Moo is just riding the wave that others create for her. She's not even doing it out of spite, she's just too lazy. LOL

No. 691174

File: 1566174785768.png (541.86 KB, 720x1200, Screenshot_2019-08-18-17-25-01…)

When Umbran turns into a creepy stalker that actually will not leave Moo alone, we will know Moo brought this shit upon herself by doing this b.s. as a response every single time

No. 691207

I'm noticing that she can't take pics of herself standing anymore, has she become so heavy that now she's unable to stand for 15 min just to take a few pics without feeling tired?

No. 691216

File: 1566176973997.png (796.92 KB, 720x1192, Screenshot_2019-08-18-17-58-50…)

No. 691217

File: 1566177027947.png (500.53 KB, 720x1195, Screenshot_2019-08-18-18-07-09…)

Using soda instead of beer or her liquor stash

No. 691218

She seriously can't NOT notice her string sticking out. Does she think this is another TeeHee opsie I slipped something in case? Even the most dedicated of her neckbeards don't want to know she's on the rag.

No. 691221

File: 1566177249859.png (1.09 MB, 720x1192, Screenshot_2019-08-18-18-07-19…)

No. 691226

could it be a loose thread from the inside of the shorts?? not making excuses for her because it’s lazy either way lol

No. 691233

…No lol

No. 691235

File: 1566178324417.png (Spoiler Image, 298.55 KB, 720x994, Screenshot_2019-08-18-18-24-40…)

Might not be a actual thing but she following a butt surgeon

No. 691237

File: 1566178360367.png (986.48 KB, 720x1199, Screenshot_2019-08-18-18-29-02…)

No. 691240

File: 1566178576826.png (1.19 MB, 720x1196, Screenshot_2019-08-18-18-34-31…)

No. 691241

File: 1566178694605.png (1.24 MB, 714x1192, Screenshot_2019-08-18-18-35-15…)

No. 691253

Someone left their deflated sex doll on the floor . Wtf is this even supposed to be except an illustration of how nasty her place is?

No. 691256

File: 1566181523107.jpeg (605.12 KB, 750x1028, 5EBB9BF0-6D17-4A3D-8212-47F6D8…)

No. 691258


wtf she legit looks like an old man…

No. 691275

This bitch gets winded getting up to grab her Uber Eats order. She’ll go into cardiac arrest if she’s forced to wait on tables lol God shes delusional.

The fact she thinks she’d be great at working a normal job is laughable considering she barely lifts a finger for her current one. No job is going to put up with her taking constant “self care” related vacations either.

No. 691282

>>691256 So much facetuning! Love how she's concealing a portion of her face to hide her hamster cheeks. The significant blurring where her exposed cheek touches her ear is overkill.

And, as usual, her room is a fucking pig sty.

No. 691287

8 pound dumbells really Moo, such a workout flex

No. 691302

What is Mariah's obsession with doing the same outfits as her ex friends/victims. This time she's trying to one up bunny and Tasha yet again. I know people get pissed whenever Mariah's old friends are mentioned but it's too fucked up and obvious to not say anything. Watch her do a cowgirl shoot next.

No. 691320

No, that was my first thought too anon, I remember Bunny doing a Hooters waitress shoot a a few months ago. Moo has no creativity and no shame.

No. 691338


I honestly think thats why shes doing this alone. Remember when she tried to get a group together? I guess her friends didnt want to be involved with her petty bullshit. Maybe thats why youve been alone and sad lately MooMoo. You never learn and people are just going to keep growing up and out of your friendships.

No. 691341

Her "rivals" are all moving on to greater things, getting deals/sponsorships and there's Moo, alone, bitter and still hella irrelevant. She thinks bringing out her tits and vag will make people love her again but she showed all of that and is still unwanted in every community she tries to barge her fat ass into.

No. 691342

Is that a lipo mark on her arm? Besides the kitchen, each photo so far has crazy flith in the background but she would totes be the best worker lol can't even keep her home clean when she clearly has the time to do so. She would never be able to keep a restaurant clean even on a slow day, tits aren't enough to be the very best waitress that ever lived

No. 691343

File: 1566189137355.png (771.83 KB, 720x1187, Screenshot_2019-08-18-21-31-29…)

No. 691348

How much editing did she have to do to appear 100 pounds lighter

No. 691361

i hope moo and other costhots know they can't actually sell this shit. it's different from regular cosplay.

No. 691386

A combination of filters and her hunching forward to hide her belly in effect making her posture worse

No. 691408

Moo unarchived almost everything on her insta

No. 691411

File: 1566196288590.png (957.86 KB, 720x1197, Screenshot_2019-08-18-23-26-24…)

No. 691413

File: 1566196470560.png (862.97 KB, 720x1196, Screenshot_2019-08-18-23-27-40…)

No. 691414

she does realize hooters waitresses are more than just tits, right?

back to rough housing I see

No. 691415

File: 1566196708210.jpg (34.82 KB, 640x960, FB_IMG_1566182167513.jpg)

No. 691419

I don’t have the ability to gif IG stories but I hope someone does because it shows how fucking massive she really is. Also, her play fighting with him is extremely cringy, he’s not going to fuck you Moo.

No. 691434

Honestly, she's so insecure about her ass and is throwing away thousands at cosmetic surgery that I would not be surprised if she got a Brazilian butt lift or implants. Heck, I could even see her asking this Dr. for free or a deep discount for his work by paying with her "public image".

No. 691444

File: 1566204824460.png (246.31 KB, 475x348, 2019-08-19 18_54_12-donkey kon…)

I can't even fathom how ridiculous she would look with butt implants at her current weight.

No. 691452

Not real tinfoil, mostly a joke but hilarious to think she could be purposefully getting debatable surgery so she could be on Botched like Penny Underbust lmfao

No. 691490

Forget Hooters, she wouldn't even be the best waitress at a Waffle House.

No. 691523

Not to rain on anyone's parade but she'll never go through with it. The moment she hears the after care requirements she'll bail hard. It's not like her lipo and sculpting where she can blow it off like she's been doing. This is actual implants and such and she could garner a serious infection by slacking.

No. 691524

Good god she's even bigger when lying down.

No. 691527

Let her get them of she wants to. It'll give us all a good laugh.

No. 691538

One of those would've been the story back when she was completely hammered as Mei, right? I wanna say its because her new guy crush wouldnt like it, but it also feels like her career is about to go a different way. Less nerdshit and con stuff bc she cant really go to cons any more anyways.

No. 691540

Oh yeah. She's high and drunk as hell in a lot of photos. She archived everything before, but there is even some stuff that has KBBQ and she's talking about how in love she is. All the Camilla photos are back up.

She literally unarchived even Nana photos. Everything BUT the sexual harassment apology. Moo's a PoS and I already scroll recorded the whole thing, so she can't say she didn't do this.

No. 691548


If she wasn't so stubborn/had a good fashion sense, she needs dye her hair this color and cut her bangs like this. I think this is the best and most flattering cut and color for her. What she has going on now is just not doing her any favors, not to mention she only ever makes it look presentable whenever her hairdresser friends physically come over and brush her damn hair for her.

No. 691557

I agree with the color but bangs do not and would not look good on her haha thats why she always makes umbran do those stupid shitty bangs the way she does

No. 691612

File: 1566251271170.jpeg (582.46 KB, 750x1100, 6D940131-5060-4AB5-89DB-DD0D94…)

No. 691622

the warped counters and walls are cracking me up

No. 691628


No. 691629

I think the only reason she keeps her nasty big ass tit vein in photos is to distract you from the awful amount of photoshop on the rest of her body? "Oh she doesn't edit her body in pics, if she did she'd get rid of the eyebags and venins uwu so natural" also lol at the ripped shorts to fit her thighs.(nitpick)

No. 691641

File: 1566257566774.jpg (900.34 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190819-183326_Ins…)

No. 691647


The belt is digging into her waist and barely hanging on by a centimeter.

No. 691649

Boy I can't wait to see what hideous shit she bought

No. 691651

File: 1566260770812.png (752.18 KB, 720x1200, Screenshot_2019-08-19-17-14-48…)

>mY fRiEnDs AnD i ToUcH eAcH oThEr AlL tHe TiMe

No. 691652

File: 1566261035170.png (250.47 KB, 720x791, Screenshot_2019-08-19-17-28-13…)

No. 691653

File: 1566261099875.jpg (42.23 KB, 720x960, FB_IMG_1566260970930.jpg)

Posted the "preview" of set on FB

No. 691654

File: 1566261137981.png (Spoiler Image, 655.62 KB, 720x820, Screenshot_2019-08-19-17-19-35…)

From reddit

No. 691655

agree, she even looks ok in that photo, which is something she haven't been looking for quite some time

No. 691660

So as a little girl she always admired a really degrading job where women are hired based on their looks alone and have to please men as they serve them drinks and wings? She's so cringey

No. 691663

Why did her dad bring her to Hooters? And I thought she called women with occupations like this sluts?

No. 691667

Time to call life alert again, nana slipped and fell.

No. 691669

Damn. Imagine paying for this. I'd be pissed off. LOL It's so bad. I thought she was done trying to be jnig or belle.

No. 691670

File: 1566265631721.png (428.25 KB, 720x880, Screenshot_2019-08-19-18-46-30…)

No. 691677

sure jan

No. 691688

"Look my dudes! I'm completely flexible!!!!" As if we've not seen her get winded get food at the front door.

No. 691691

bullshit. We've all seen your candids and you've never once done that

No. 691702

I know her hooter photos are shopped to hell, but she shopped them so much she looks 190 pounds. What kind of delusion is this? She is aware candis are going to show up eventually right?

No. 691727

Thats supposed to be her midsection. Like.. Where girls belt dresses usually. Jesus. Not even the smallest supposed part of her can fit what hip belts easily are too big for.

No. 691730

We've literally never seen her do that and she's always standing in the kitchen. For years.

No. 691731

I just realized, I think she's wearing tights to smooth her legs. It explained the multiple tight cuts into her midsection.

No. 691735

Nude tights are part of the hooters uniform

No. 691738

>what you have to do when you have no gluteus muscle to hold you upright

No. 691749

File: 1566285432808.png (802.3 KB, 1059x768, gym progress.png)

looks like Moo ripped her tights lol

also looks like she realized "momoscats" can be read as "momo scats" and changed the cat account name

No. 691750

We know she has no shame and is extremely lazy but any normal person would be embarrassed and go change if their leggings ripped that far apart in front of friends.
And lol at her FINALLY changing her unfortunately named cat IG. Wonder what pushed her to change it?

No. 691754

File: 1566287239256.jpeg (1021.55 KB, 1242x2062, EC3EEDA2-A0F1-4C95-9145-233CDF…)

Lol what tutorials could she possibly provide? How to order off of Amazon? How to stalk former friends for cosplay ideas? Seriously Moo? And wouldn’t posting “progress shots” just be her reposting Cat’s wip photos? How is this idiot still able to fool these morons into thinking she actually works?

No. 691755

File: 1566287367236.jpeg (1.08 MB, 1242x1807, C1CB1ACE-46D8-405F-B085-60EB51…)

Ah yes, the video no one gave a shit about where she disabled comments because she couldn’t take the backlash. Must be “heaven”.

No. 691765

To be fair, we‘ve seen her prop up her leg weirdly in >>688162 so I‘d believe her she does this sometimes. But it’s certainly not a quirky thing she constantly does, how she’s trying to sell it.

Also what >>691738 said. It’s certainly a weird flex to show off how you’re literally too overweight to keep up your body on your own for longer periods of time. But you do you, Mariah.

No. 691801

How is anyone this bad/obvious with photoshop? And people pay for this garbage?

No. 691805

these are always obvious bait posts.

No. 691806

We all knew that the clothes she buys smaller than her real size would give up on her at some point. They fought hard but it's kind of funny that they ripped on her after she declared that she lost weight, has been going to the gym and eating healthy. Apparently her clothes disagree.

Tutorials of what? She doesn't do a single damn thing for her photoshoots or cosplays anymore and hasn't in nearly a year. The only thing she clearly seems to do with her hands besides shoveling food into her mouth and groping men that don't want her, is being glued to her phone. So what is she going to teach someone exactly? How to be addicted to social media? How to buy things?

No. 691808

I dunno. The secret to the invisible hat pose is worth a hundred for sure!

No. 691810

>>691749 Her Incredible Hulk cosplay is brilliant. 14/10. Would steal the Dropbox link from Reddit.

No. 691812

Haven't been keeping up with Moo as much as I used to because I was getting bored but I'm glad to see she hasn't changed at all

No. 691824

File: 1566319862618.jpg (330.67 KB, 1080x1424, 20190820_094002.jpg)

Some comments to her Hooters pictures (1/4).

No. 691825

File: 1566319895993.jpg (316.9 KB, 1080x1350, 20190820_094032.jpg)

Hooters comments (2/4)

No. 691826

File: 1566319965452.jpg (246.73 KB, 1080x1232, 20190820_093918.jpg)

I don't think this person was trying to be as mean as they sound or they backpedaled lol(3/4)

No. 691827

File: 1566320015554.jpg (93.51 KB, 1080x533, 20190820_093846.jpg)

Cropped Hooters comment (4/4)

No. 691875

File: 1566330217719.jpg (92.67 KB, 640x1138, w6mygc5u4bh31.jpg)

No. 691877


Your icon is showing

No. 691882

File: 1566331392346.jpg (35.07 KB, 956x206, ss (2019-08-20 at 12.00.15).jp…)

Not mine, I'm reposting it from Reddit. To go along with it, this was also posted [which I just realized shows Moo never watched MKDM if she's talking about shotas as this character when the main is a girl]

She's really, really fixated on the term shota.

No. 691899

Wow, getting your tonsils removed isn't cosmetic, but necessary health related surgery. this dumb cow

No. 691901

shota's the name of a character in the show that summoned lucoa (who momo is cosplaying)

No. 691907

File: 1566333844471.jpg (329.36 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190820-134101_Ins…)

Oh, boy.

No. 691922

First, this pic looks cringy. It looks like Momo invited herself into Sensei's get together with HIS FRIENDS to remind him she exists. I find it weird how Sensei publicly burned her on a stream and Momo still can't get the hint. Makes you wonder how mean KBBQ had to get to make Momo fuck off

No. 691924

nta but it's still gross. dragon maid is chock full of pedo shit and moo suddenly trying to be in character seems creepy.

No. 691925

>>691922 She definitely can't take a hint. She complained about being a golden goose, but she presented the tattoo parlor (owned by Tattoo-kun's brother) a commissioned painting.

No. 691926

File: 1566337392594.gif (7.76 MB, 253x450, videotogif_2019.08.20_17.42.28…)

Give up Mariah sensei will never love you

No. 691927

I think cosplaying from shows like this is fine for fan pull. But it's the fact Momo has to take it too far and pretend she's into lolicon is weird. That and it doesn't make sense to pretend to have pedophilia thoughts. I mention this based on her past statements of saying "those thighs aren't innocent" reading loli porn, pretending to have a mommy/breastfeeding kink.

No. 691928

The painting wasn't really for the parlor. The painting was something she bought that is meaningless and has no sentimental value. It honestly looked like something she saw at the flea market and bought on a whim.

Remember, she's a narc. The REAL reason she bought it is so he can hang it at the shop and think "Every time he sees this he will think of ME!!!"

No. 691961

When Kevin doesn't work so u go bother sensei instead. Epic.

No. 692007

This tbh. I would never fucking pay a DIFFERENT artist to make something for my tattoo artist. Thats almost insulting, like, is tattoo sensei's art not good enough for you, Moo? Really hope she reads this thread and realizes that this is a bit of a fuckup, even if its a small fuckup. Most weebs dabbled in art at some point and even a mediocre painting that Mariah made herself wouldve been way more meaningful. But we all know she was never actually a weeb until she found money in cosplay lol. Ugh I've never actually been genuinely annoyed with her until right now. I hate how she throws money around to get people to like her and never amounts to anything herself.

No. 692027

It would be more awkward if senseis girlfriend arrive to the party. I don’t understand why she would just show up Knowing that he’s not into her. Can’t she ever take a freaking hint?

No. 692033


I'm an artist and I don't like hanging my own art in my space since it feels self indulgent/pretentious. I don't know if tattoo artists are different but I wouldn't find it offensive at all if a friend gifted me some art they thought I would like and would look good in my space, even if said space was an area clients would see.

I think the real question is does this even look good and fit in with the rest of the art in the parlor and/or did Mariah just do this to wave her dick around about "I love my friends so much, my angels!!!"

No. 692039


Mariah is running one of the oldest plays in the book right now. It's no different than having a fuck buddy slowly leave her clothes behind at your apartment, and before you know it, she's reorganizing the cabinets and adding her personal touch to the home decor scheme.

Since Kevin pushed his Florida plans back a month (he wasn't originally expecting to be in Vegas in August), chances are he probably finalized his travel plans, so Moo is doing what she can to win someone over because they have a penis, and because she hates being alone.

No. 692064

>school boys jacking off to me is hot
Wow, her father must be so proud. She should say this to him.

No. 692071

welp, "pretending" to be a pedo
Momo might be one at this point

No. 692072

I know this is a week old but, I have this same app, and the last category visible in the SS is visceral fat. You can see that her's is 21…holy COW that's high. A healthy adult should have a visceral fat level of 6. This is why you don't get 5 rounds of lipo when you're only in your early 20s. The visceral fat level is way more concerning than any of the other numbers.

She looks like she could break senpai in half.

No. 692077

for people who don't know, visceral fat is the fat around vital organs like the liver and such.

She doesn't have the muscle to break anything unless she fell on him

No. 692088

there's no way she doesn't have fatty liver tbh. it's seriously unethical that plastic surgeons will lipo fat people when it directly contributes to making them even more unhealthy. visceral fat is so much more dangerous than visible fat.

No. 692089

Are… Are those cotton balls in her beer supposed to look like a head?

No. 692090

I'm thinking they're ice, atleast i hope they are

No. 692094

He publicly burned her? Is that on the calf thread? Would a kind anon please link or summarise?
Have been following quite closely for the last three years but don't remember that.

No. 692097

whomst tf puts ice in their beer? either way it's bad.
she could have made these sets a lot less depressing with warm soft lighting and a better concept/narrative. like instead of pretending your boring prefab kitchen is a hooters and rolling around on the floor, if you're going to be lazy either way, why not make it a voyeuristic "hooters girl gets off shift" in her locker room-esque bathroom and have a series of shots of her undressing, taking off her socks for the fetishists, drinking a sports drink all porny, wearing a towel or a flannel or whatever and showering. then all the shots wouldn't be the same and these pics wouldn't be so painfully anti-erotic and boring. it's not her body that's the problem, it's her lack of creativity, effort and inability to determine what is actually sexy. this kind of thing is the biggest flag for me that she isn't attracted to women and doesn't have a lot of sex or sexual feelings, because her entire idea of human sexuality is reduced to boobs + a QuIrKy~° personality. girl needs a healthy sex life instead of lusting after men that don't respect or like her.

No. 692099

It was in the podcast that Mariah did with him a couple of months ago.

No. 692118

Can i ask what the name of that app is?

No. 692122

File: 1566389731579.png (1.06 MB, 750x1334, 123531AF-36ED-4214-86CA-B22E94…)

Looks like bunny reposted her old hooters cosplay tin-foiling but what if she’s saying moocunt stole another idea(Take it to the costhot thread)

No. 692123

they're both so cringey.

No. 692128

She said pop in caption. You guys gotta read instead of just sperging.

No. 692129

Keep this shit in a seperate thread. It doesnt mention moo and tinfoil like this is useless.

No. 692135

I’m sure there’s reasoning behind it, everyone knows Susu and Bunny are behind these threads. They’re cows on equal footing with Mariah but get away with it because they are better liked than her.(Derailing)

No. 692138

And here comes the moo crew to sperg again and claim everyone in this thread are the same 2 people.

No. 692140

it's the RENPHO app

No. 692148

nta but what did he say to her?

No. 692163

Is her face somehow getting wider? Is this some weird fat distribution from the lipo?

No. 692184

File: 1566406003828.png (4.94 MB, 1242x2208, 0C4E19DC-F6DE-4D46-8AFA-A06C70…)

No. 692195

i think it's sagging more now cause she fucked up her aftercare.

No. 692203

File: 1566414041893.jpeg (535.43 KB, 750x1017, D8663F06-0614-4798-808F-8E49CB…)

someone come get their drunk aunt

No. 692210

it took me like 5 minutes to realize her arm was among all that blur. i thought she went crazy and shoop'd her boobs into that mess.

No. 692211

All those injections and still no upper lip…

No. 692212

Her massive lower lip makes the lack of any upper lip super obvious,guess the filler didn't work out. good job moo

No. 692217

don't confuse moo crew for anti bunny/susu posters

No. 692219

>everyone knows Susu and Bunny are behind these threads.

anon please.

No. 692223

>>692203 Jesus Christ. If someone cropped out the btsmomokun part at the top, showed me this picture, and told me it was taken at some Sears or Kmart portrait studio in the mid 90s, I would have believed them in a heartbeat.

No. 692248

be honest, someone as pathetic as susu is exactly the type of person to make these threads and post in them frequently.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 692255

Can you stop derailing about this already? jfc

No. 692285


Yikes. Give us screenshots, give us proof. And none of this bullshit "i dont want to out myself" shit. I noticed she retweeted her Hooters outfit because Tenleid was being petty and digging up both Bunny and Tashas outifts. She RTd them first
I know this is a complete derail sorry to the mods but come on stop stalking one person and assuming its only the one person lol. Its probably 40 percent Mariahs ex friends 30 percent of the Vegas cosplay community and the rest of it is randos online.
Lets not waste time speculating but either give proof or GTFO.

No. 692304

I hate Susu, bunny and Mariah the same, is that hard to change the "H" for a "P"? I mean in the butcha u manga is "pooters" fucking thots(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 692324

File: 1566444633642.jpeg (1.04 MB, 1242x1267, 1975E2B1-2D3E-43FB-BFBA-D178A9…)

How many times do you have to be told no one gives a shit? Shut up and get back to moo posting.

I don’t think this one was posted here at all.

No. 692327

File: 1566445573815.png (1.4 MB, 720x1190, Screenshot_2019-08-21-20-39-58…)

No. 692329

File: 1566445664949.png (1.19 MB, 720x1196, Screenshot_2019-08-21-20-40-02…)

No. 692371

Dis bitch hasn't done a single cosplay in 5 months. She just buys 5 dollar outfits on ebay and sits around her house with a tripod.

What exactly are people paying for? She charges so much for BS most girls do for free with their phones

No. 692378

This looks like a bad yearbook picture from the 80s I'm fucking crying

No. 692382

Even the neckbeards are starting to catch on to this

No. 692443

i see this comment here every month for like 2 years. no they're not

No. 692445

Different anon, some are but most don't really care I think. Just waiting in vain for her to finally be in debt enough to do porn

No. 692455

Yet keep giving her money so that that never happens. Short sighted thirst on the NB front. If they stopped rewarding mediocrity they would speed her into nudes and porn as she got desperate for attention and Pho money lol

No. 692460

Well halloween is soon, least we'll have passion project hot mess 3.0. Or maybe she'll do Elvira since she bought the shit for it last year. I was going through old threads trying to find something. And the amount of shit she's bought and then never use/sold off is fascinating. For example that Howl coat that never saw the light of day. I know we speculate a lot on her finances but there's at least 7k in shit she bought and just never did shit with.

No. 692461

it's hard for her because she out grows cosplays in a month or so, that's why we never see a lot of things she started. As for Halloween we know her golden years have passed.
There will be no passion projects or throwing 10k down on something she knows will get her zero attention.
She's going to waddle in her local Spirits (halloween store) and buy a bunch of shit and see what she can squeeze into, take a selfie, and charge 50 bucks for it.

No. 692483

File: 1566499057014.png (4.21 MB, 750x1334, C83095ED-F053-442A-A5A8-5EEC97…)

divorced mother glamour shots (1991)

No. 692484

File: 1566499304297.png (2.87 MB, 750x1334, A83BE95F-3735-45C2-B443-24DF68…)

a lot of smoothing

No. 692486

This "alluring" expression she's trying to make just makes her look like she's about to sneeze.
And at least whoever edited the Hooters pic had the good sense to get rid of the tampon string.

No. 692487

Probably explains Albedo in past threads she claimed it was 3k but that was a year now whatever someone made her (guessing Designer Daddy) probably won't fit

No. 692506

File: 1566503992551.jpeg (370.86 KB, 750x1050, D2E2F45B-AD0E-4596-B04F-C11470…)

No. 692511

She legitimately looks like Khloe Kardashian in this picture with her fucked up plastic smile and face.

No. 692518

Is this vacant eyed fish face supposed to be her new "sexy look"? What in all the fucks is this look actually supposed to be conveying? It looks like what I imagine is her "end of a hard, huge shit, relief" face…

No. 692520

On Moo's next Insta-story "OMG, you guiz, someone totally just said I look like a Kardashian!"

No. 692528

File: 1566507057196.jpg (492.76 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190822-155112_Ins…)

Jesus christ Mariah. That wasnt even a dig at you, put down the crack pipe and fucking chill.

No. 692529

She looks so delighted that Kevin is touching her. Good job Mariah, you're on your way to stealing Kevin!

No. 692534

she isn't stealing shit. Maybe in the past when she took a shower regularly and didn't weigh over 150 pounds. She will be hinting about snakes and being betrayed in a few short months when he doesn't fuck her

No. 692554

I love how her hairdressers were ON SITE at this shoot and it still looks like shit. Can she not at the very least move a couple of hairs back into place while she's "modelling," or is that too hard?

No. 692566

Her lips here just makes her look like a pufferfish.

No. 692570

File: 1566523087280.png (471.56 KB, 490x720, Screenshot_2019-08-22-18-08-48…)

Inb4 Umbran schlicks to Moos weak ass punches

No. 692571

File: 1566523127326.png (1.05 MB, 720x1190, Screenshot_2019-08-22-18-10-39…)

No. 692572

File: 1566523219813.png (1.05 MB, 720x1200, Screenshot_2019-08-22-18-09-14…)

No. 692573

File: 1566523346707.jpg (20.88 KB, 960x960, 1563764602483.jpg)

Her tit is so flat and low.

No. 692574

File: 1566523371506.png (925.47 KB, 720x1196, Screenshot_2019-08-22-18-08-08…)

No. 692575

File: 1566523512065.png (583.8 KB, 720x1194, Screenshot_2019-08-22-18-06-39…)

No. 692577

She's over there again? She acts like real jobs are for fun and not bills.

No. 692583

If you look at other costhots who specialize in erocosplay the difference in quality is legitimately shocking. She's literally the bottom of the barrel, and not just because of her looks.

No. 692584

Probably trying to show Sensei what he's missing since Kevin is about to move in with his gf

No. 692585

>>692571 Body looks like dough that didn't rise under a heat lamp properly.

Anyone remember when she had that tattoo design stenciled on her arm the last time she used Sensei's tattoo shop as an excuse to stop exercising? Based on how her body looks in this screenshot, she really needs to stop pretending to have a personal trainer. She needs one in the worst possible way.

No. 692588

Isn't this the other way around?

No. 692605

Remember this woman has had thousands of dollars of plastic surgery and STILL looks like this.

Professionally dyed hair and extensions to look like a rat's nest.

Chin lipo and still has a double chin.
Fatass flabby arms after arm lipo.
Big gut after gut lipo.
Fucking unit legs after having lipo on her thighs.

I'm probably one of the few who doesn't think that lip fillers look that bad. She didn't try to get giant anus lips, just fix the turtle beak. I think it's why more hilarious how she she purses her lips out thinking she has full lips now.

I look at this lazy, ass obnoxious person and realize she gets money for her body. Weird shit…

No. 692607


No, Sensei moved out (and in with his new girlfriend?) a few months ago. Kevin has been staying at her place while in Vegas and is moving in with his girlfriend soon.

The Sensei ship has sailed, idk why she's still chasing him.

No. 692611

It's like she tries to undo all her surgeries on purpose. She is flushing it all down the toilet because she refuses to fix her mental state first and go see a therapist and take the appropriate meds

But she wants to pretend all these surgeries are working by photoshopping herself into another person instead of looking in the mirror

No. 692619

File: 1566533636510.jpg (829.4 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20190822_211127.jpg)

>>692572 These Patreon teasers are getting out of hand.

No. 692620

Cause she was totally on the boxing team in high school but had to quit because she was so awesome that the rest of the team and the coach hated her.

No. 692623

Why the fuck is she wearing her grandma glasses to a boxing workout? This bitch…

No. 692624

I cant tell if you think that's true or if you're being sarcastic.

No. 692625

File: 1566534123659.jpg (413.02 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190822-232230_Twi…)

Found this gem

No. 692633

I was being sarcastic. Of course she'd never steal him, thus her usual breakdown earlier in the thread.

No. 692636

Whoever has been editing her pics lately has been taking out her nasolabial folds but doesn’t realize how uncanny and messed up her face looks without them.

No. 692637

She's really doing this in a tattoo shop? How long do you have to go without the genuine touch of a man to do this shit lmao.

No. 692639

She got tired of sitting at the gym. Hell she isn't even trying with the punches in the video. She made up an excuse to see someone because she can't be alone with her own thoughts but doesn't want another stupid tattoo

No. 692644

They all are boxing with this dude in the shop. Stop acting like its all Moo and actually watch her stories. She's not the one that invited this dude. Can you sage your bullshit please? I swear, one of you unsaging anons is a repetitive poster and literally keeps going apeshit over dumb things and gives useless tinfoil. It keeps clogging up the actual thread with actual updates and discussion.

No. 692658

File: 1566542563026.png (Spoiler Image, 850.88 KB, 720x838, Screenshot_2019-08-22-23-36-40…)

From reddit >>692483

No. 692659

File: 1566542630783.png (Spoiler Image, 1.15 MB, 720x1112, Screenshot_2019-08-22-23-36-13…)

No. 692661

is that….dirty panties to the right of her?

No. 692664


imagine being such a neet that you get excited about playing pretend at having a job. the laziest sow in america is cosplaying a working woman, how sad is that?

No. 692684

Excellent take

No. 692687

And dirty “everything” behind her

No. 692689

File: 1566564543426.png (225.81 KB, 750x1334, 47ED61E4-2DC6-4C4B-A7FE-276613…)


No. 692696


is this bitch for real? She needs less liposuction for her body fat and more therapy for her projection…

No. 692699

Did someone steal her sandwich from the fridge again?

I swear every other day she has to be dramatic with the mental capacity of a 13 year old

No. 692706

I know you're joking, but this is a good point. I think she would really benefit from therapy. I'm not going to turn into an autistic armchair and speculate on whatever issues she may or may not have. But I seriously think that instead of reading retarded self-help books, she should have an actual exchange with a human professional.

Whether it's pathological or not, bribing people into being your friend is not healthy behavior. It's a double-edged sword, too, because it doesn't just create a quid-pro-quo for her "friends", it also opens her up to being taken advantage of. There's a reason most people don't do this crap past college and high school.

No. 692719

Wow you really went out there with the assumption that her behavior is kinda unhealthy and that she would benefit from therapy, huh? that’s a very bold but also outstandingly sharp observation that absolutely no one in those threads has ever made before and it sure as hell is not some sort of running gag at this point. /s

Please tell me you’re actually autistic, retarded and/or basically never lurk here.

No. 692722

anon they made an observation put your tampon back in and stop acting like a cow yourself.

Anyways back to Moo does anyone know when Kevin is moving out? >>692689 makes me think she got rejected again. Or maybe last night Sensei told her to please stop doing something retarded like he did when they went to Japan.

No. 692727

I think the post she made refers to her snapping at her followers again for the 1000th time

No. 692734

Only cowardly bitches vague post.

No. 692768

File: 1566591940263.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 166.95 KB, 702x1199, 4009F360-405D-42CB-9FA3-6EA808…)

No. 692771

It looks like she has no legs. Also, nice hand there; may have been a bit 'heavy-handed' with the blur tool. ;)(don't use emoticons)

No. 692773

File: 1566593095815.jpg (321.05 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190823-134042_Ins…)

Hanging out with Frogdresser today. The last time they hung out outside of the salon, we were treated to the finest candid photo of all time.

No. 692774

To note there are screen grabs of her asking her photographers to make her look thinner but my god.
She is over 250 pounds, she made them edit out 100 extra pounds. She doesn't look anything like this, it looks so uncanny.

No. 692797


You can tell she's removing herself from the background, editing out 100+ lbs, and then pasting herself back into the image. The shadowy outline of her body gives it away, it looks like raychiel.

No. 692802


She doesn't even fit the Hooters waitress belt and it's covered in cat hair from rolling around on the floor she never sweeps lol it makes her look so massive when she wears things that don't fit her

No. 692837

Did you miss their “/s”, anon?

No. 692856

File: 1566606252080.jpg (273.12 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190823-172203_Ins…)

Chris Farley doing Chris Farley things.

No. 692857

Why are you disgracing Chris Farley this way

No. 692962

File: 1566617291875.jpeg (140.93 KB, 750x831, 4DD4B058-7466-4B5B-8E12-BD4225…)

$18 stickers are up

No. 692963

File: 1566617346283.jpeg (250.71 KB, 750x589, B884E65E-381B-4F39-A934-B58852…)

descriptions are the same on both stickers

No. 692971

>>692962 The sad part is how these overpriced stickers make her $21 overpriced keychains look like a bargain by comparison.

No. 693019

What a greedy cunt. $18 for one shitty sticker ordered from StickerMule. And you just know her idiot fans will eat it up. I bet Reiq sold them for less than half of that at AX.

No. 693043

File: 1566621704532.jpg (261.41 KB, 1080x1827, Screenshot_20190824-004132_Ins…)

$26 if you are ordering anywhere else in the world. Ridiculous.

No. 693045

why on earth is the shipping so much? they just get put in a flat envelope. i've shipped a folder of documents to australia for less than this.

No. 693057

As much as I want to believe its 30% Vegas, I don't think they care enough.

No. 693059

Maybe I missed it but has moo been with miso and aly at all since they got there? It’s been a few days since the shoot with vamp

No. 693096

That 30% better include the Vegas con scene in general because a lot of the people who loathe her aren’t cosplayers. Each time I’m at a con that she shows her face at, there’s talk. Word gets around fast and it isn’t pleasant.

No. 693108

File: 1566627529017.jpg (177.71 KB, 960x1280, b68931c.jpg)

Her shapewear can't hide the rolls anymore

No. 693226

Miso, Aly, and Squarenoodles all left sometime earlier in the week. I do not think Miso or Aly shot anything with Momokun while they were out there. And it seems like Miso and Aly spent a good amount of time away from Momokun on the trip.

No. 693248

>Also, nice hand there; may have been a bit 'heavy-handed' with the blur tool. ;)

Apart from the super cringy wink… I’m 99% sure that on purpose and supposed to be some kind of censoring for Instagram only, because part of her areola would be visable.