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File: 1562767348115.gif (1.89 MB, 198x247, 1562420916777.gif)

No. 678885

First thread: >>>/snow/93507
Previous thread: >>673100

Website: https://momokuncosplay.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MomokunCosplay
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Momokun
Instagram & Snapchat: mariahmallad, btsmomokun (used to be xmariahmalladx), momoscats
Twitch: https://go.twitch.tv/mariahmallad
Camversity: https://www.camversity.com/MariahMallad/profile
Pornhub: https://www.pornhub.com/users/mariahmallad
OnlyFans: https://onlyfans.com/momokun
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/momokuncosplay
Subreddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/Momokun_MariahMallad/

IG Stories Archive: https://isdb.pw/mariahmallad
Google Drive:

Please keep the discussion about Momokun, her calves have their own thread here >>>/w/5855
General Costhot/Cosplayer thread over here >>33300
Don't post irrelevant random cosplayers "roasting" her on Twitter unless there's actual new milk attached. We've seen it a million times by now.
And yes, we know about the Kik for Fat ad.

The basics:
>The original “Thicc Samus”
>Has received 2+ lipo and coolsculpting sessions and in attempt to create some sort of figure, all while lying about weight loss through exercise and diet (and weight loss teas)
>Is laughably bad at making own cosplays; buys and commissions 90% of her costumes and props, neglects to properly credit the commissioner or store (see: David Han/KoreanBarbq, Cookie Kabuki Cosplay, myOppa, “Waisetsu Missile” creator Taropun)
>Rips off designs/ideas from smaller creators in the community then backpedals when she’s found guilty (See the myOppa Red Riding Hood drama)
>Claims money is “hard earned” through her half assed, overly photoshopped sets priced at high marks; scams patrons by claiming 3-5 “teaser pictures” are exclusive when in reality they ARE the whole set and are all posted on IG
>Has delusions of grandeur; beefs up certain things she does so she looks more important than she is. Isn’t above using her social media status for free convention badges or getting into “exclusive events”
>Despite earning 10k+ a month through Patreon, she still ghosts conventions and begs for money
>Likes to pretend to be a fan of a series, expresses warped knowledge of said series so she is in the right, gate keeps and posts spoilers despite hating it when others do so
>Professional backpedaler with a lack of remorse; has lewded young characters for photosets, said she sexually assaulted multiple acquaintances due to her ADHD, makes controversial statements/rants that paint herself in a negative light, but won't accept ever being in the wrong
>Preaches the false narrative of “positivity in the community” while she attacks and exiles people once they speak up against her. Surrounds herself with yes man and declares anything else a "witch hunt"
>Momokun has been proven to be a sexual predator, has assaulted multiple people in order to bully and assert dominance over them. Refuses to take responsibility for it, tries to pin it on her attention deficit disorder and both her and her lackey Vamp have publicly mocked her victims

>fake sadness and breakdown about Etika's death, using it to push her own supposed mental instability
>also uses it to push her own AX sales by saying she'd donate to AFSP, but never mentioned it again once AX ended and deleted the post
>attempted to make the eye patch for her baiken cosplay herself but it ended up terrible and inaccurate
>got lip injections but even though you can barely see an actual difference she appeared to have some weird changes in her facial expression while talking
>sensei and his gf are moving out; she said she'd get 'new roomies' soon, it's been speculated she offered Miso and Squarecuck to stay at her place while they're trying to find their own place in Las Vegas
>still editing out her anus but flashed almost all of her vulva in her pearl string thong (while still wearing nipple pasties because 'not porn!!'
>showed off a new skin care set (estimated worth $10.350) by and advertised for a company that's known for scamming people
>against all expectations she did go to AX, however only was at the venue for about 3 hours each day to sell her stuff at other people's booths
>cosplayed Akagi, nurse Pochaco and Baiken but mostly stood out to weird bra padding, weird faces, inaccuracies in her cosplays or obnoxious behavior
>still not over opting for anything other than leggings and hoodies when going out, even though she looks to be dying from a heat stroke
>seems to have taken off her post-lipo bandages way too early so she's now having soggy skin on chin and arms which almost gets rid of any effects done by the actual lipo
>still lying about working out and rather taking pictures of people actually working out

No. 678886

Bless you anon, I’ve been waiting the whole day

No. 678887

File: 1562767518803.jpeg (230.27 KB, 750x669, F4C30C8B-57FD-4011-AF48-2A5D55…)


No. 678888

In case it’s going down in the OP:
She deleted the picture with the caption about her donating (part of?) her AX earnings.
Classic Moo.

No. 678889

I was going to say this in the last thread, but Vamp should confess the things she did and then out moo. Mariah would have no back up and since everyone already hates her, I doubt anybody would be chasing after vamp. Especially if she just confesses first.

No. 678892

File: 1562770316555.jpg (610.17 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190710-004912_Ins…)

Did she mean to say teleport here? What the hell is this supposed to mean?

No. 678894

It's something Goku does in Dragon Ball Z

No. 678895

It's a DragonBall reference. Goku uses it.

No. 678896

File: 1562770963510.png (30.65 KB, 336x447, OhItGetsWorst.PNG)

Apparently the botched lip saga is just beggining.

No. 678899

This makes me happy. The fact we saw so little change in the first session, makes me think she will probably end up doing more than what she’s saying.

No. 678911

she had a needle full on each lip and she still doesn't have lips?
I'm with you there anon. Lets just enjoy the show.

No. 678920

Holy shit, I wonder if those are from there or just random people. I'm curious to see if any wks come in or if she's going to delete them.

No. 678924

Since her top lip is non existent, wouldn't she want more for it vs the bottom?

No. 678926


She got the first injection almost 14 days ago >>673442 , this means that the second treatment should just around the corner.


My thoughts, but then again if she has a shit doctor then they will continue with whatever they are doing, which obviously isn't working as it should.

No. 678929

File: 1562779687558.jpeg (467.63 KB, 750x1103, 1657CB54-59CF-4F28-A7FE-AA69D9…)

tfw the crisp white background makes your dingy bra look diritier

No. 678930

File: 1562779817903.png (2.67 MB, 750x1334, 32A31D15-0F4F-4345-A18A-FC1420…)

No. 678931

But no one asked for a Pochaco photobook? I think they wanted a calendar of different cosplays

No. 678932

So chances are this photo book will just be all the previous shoots but combined. Kind of lazy but not surprised

No. 678933

No one is going to care about your photobook. What ever happened to that calendar you were supposed to make?

No. 678934

File: 1562780178027.png (3.09 MB, 1032x1800, EFA72223-B2F2-40BB-AB06-D71B0F…)


Went back to Froggy for the first time since Hawaii (?)

Her nails never fail to gross me the fuck out…

No. 678935

File: 1562780271363.png (2.36 MB, 1018x1800, 7E679B56-69F6-4522-9CB9-289B5A…)


Umbranwitch shoving her whole head firmly up Moo’s flat ass.

No. 678937

weird she didn't mention her since Hawaii. Momo probably dangled money in her face again. Frogdresser is just as bad since her friendship can be bought

No. 678938

At this point she should just make a photo book of all the sets where she incorporates invisible props… like, wtf is this pose? Invisible dildo?

No. 678939



No. 678945


Umbra got her eyes on that best friend title Vamp left behind as it's clear she's having a blast without being a doormat, so they'll be BFFs in no time and with how much stalking she does to Moo, it couldn't be better.

No. 678947

That looks like a decades old nasty bra. Nice work, Mariah.

I mean, judging by the eggplants…

No. 678948


She only uses that when she's lying lol

No. 678954

Yeah she's definitely ugly enough to take Vamps' place. Obviously she's not as hideous as Moo, but it's clear she only really hangs out with girls she finds uglier than her because she's an insecure cow.

No. 678961

“Beaded” does she mean fusion?? If so she’s gonna fuck up her hair AGAIN even more, those are so insanely damaging if they’re not done by someone who’s a dedicated extension specialist. You also can’t use conditioner where the fusion is which means her hair will just get more brittle…kek her hair would be so much longer if she just took care of it instead of causing constant breakage.

No. 678967

File: 1562785710269.png (3.28 MB, 1242x2208, 88241F58-9015-4020-81D2-26EEFB…)

These extensions look as crispy as her natural hair.

No. 678970

Her words say she loves it but her eyes say immediate regret.

No. 678973

jesus her face is so round now(nitpicking)

No. 678975


damn, bitch looks miserable wew kek not feeling the stray dog look I guess

No. 678982

This picture is almost as bad as her hair. Not that you can barely even fucking make out what you're supposed to be seeing.

No. 678984

jesus… all that work she had done to her face is really not giving her the results she wants. she doesn't look slimmer, it's just making her cheeks, jowls, and nose look way bigger. she's going to be so unfortunate looking if she keeps having stuff done. and she wasn't really good looking to start.

No. 678988

File: 1562787432021.jpg (509.78 KB, 746x942, 1562465652414_mh1562787238039_…)

I was bored so I meitu'd her

No. 678991

… She looks like she got an English chin. How does it look LESS DEFINED than before the lipo? I don't get it. Her face looks more unbalanced. Did they remove muscle or something?

No. 678993


So…Marlon Brando cosplay?

No. 678998

You don't just say "oh I got a needle full", you know how many ml you got. Is she that fucking dumb that she doesn't even ask?

No. 679004

File: 1562793324390.jpeg (94.04 KB, 480x640, s178331923325252112_p43_i51_w4…)

i think she means getting wefts installed but instead of sewn in they're secured with microbeads (see pic), not a new method but "newly" popular with white women lately lol, im seeing a lot of gurus rave about them. they're being marketed as less damaging because there's no tape/glue/etc but really they're just as bad as regular microbeads and can still get matted or cause traction alopecia…

sage for hair autism its my special interest sorry

No. 679012

File: 1562795218183.jpeg (738.12 KB, 750x1102, 8E9484CE-5C0A-421B-993A-49F8E8…)

No. 679017

Hair falling out? Don't wash and condition it, get extensions and fuck up even more
Obese? Don't eat healthy and workout, get lipo and don't follow after care.

No. 679018


vamp posted her adam&eve ad before she posted that, as always.

No. 679024

Does that vibrator normally have an off-white color on the top part orrr?

No. 679028


I aint ever been so turned off by a woman brandishing a dildo.

No. 679029

File: 1562797278783.png (4.29 MB, 1800x1375, 9ECFFB37-7410-421E-891B-F15BA6…)

Just put them side by side to see the time difference. She’s so predictable and petty. Each of them will keep taking subtle jabs at each other until it escalates into another late night manic episode on Moo’s half that will result in some shit happening.

No. 679033

Not to WK but I think that's not actually her choice. I've seen people from the other IG-communities post their A&E ads on the same day just a few hours or something apart, too.
It's not unusual for a company to tell them when to post it. So I wouldn't be surprised if they actually told Mariah and Vamps to post on the same day. I mean, yeah Moo's dumb and petty af but what would she gain from something like that?

No. 679037

Theres literal blonde in those extensions. Really great work here mates.

No. 679042


Did she facetune this or is that really how her chin looks now? It looks like an implant or a huge bulbous zit?

No. 679046

I'm just weirded out she is trying to get some semblance of her old appearance back. Ya know, how she looked when she was "anorexic" and "unhappy"
She would still have her thick black hair if she didn't fry it off and took care of it. She would still have some face definition if she didn't gain like 150 pounds and ate well

But she will never look the same now, too much damage has been done. Wonder if it keeps her up at night

No. 679058

lol she still doesn't have a chin, its edited

No. 679062

Weird how Mariah is a self proclaimed sex worker whose entire livelihood is predicated on taking her clothes off, yet she can't even be fucked to look even mildly sexy for an ad for a sex toy store. At least vamp put some effort in.

No. 679092

File: 1562802363536.jpg (1.01 MB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190710-184555_Ins…)

Oh no

No. 679093

File: 1562802392324.jpg (1000.78 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190710-184635_Ins…)

No. 679095

that would require her to at least give forth the even slightest modicum of effort, which we all know she doesn't possess. i'm surprised her sponsors haven't dropped her yet

No. 679096

Nice butthole lips. With her jowls she'll look great!

No. 679097

..did her nose gain weight?

No. 679098


You beat me to it, anon. I was just about to say that it looks like she just got back from contracting herpes from some dude who desperately needed a BJ.

No. 679099

File: 1562802723623.gif (4.94 MB, 337x600, FAB33878-5EBF-4F72-9E32-5E84B0…)

No. 679101

Will she ever have a permanent downfall? She's already hit rock bottom.

Nice mouth vag Moo.

No. 679102

holy shit and she is going to do it again
I'm loving 2019
new levels of obese reached, botched surgeries. amazing

No. 679103

File: 1562803073133.jpeg (1.97 MB, 1242x2186, 97DC7131-D631-4E89-BF4A-95E0B4…)

Damn, the fucking shade this troglodyte possesses, you're starting a war moo.


No. 679110

Oh the usual
>he is the most compassionate human being to ever exist because he does [very basic fucking thing] for me! literal angel!! Can you believe he is doing that for me because I’m so special and important to him omg I’m gonna cry

Remember how she exaggerated the fuck out of him bringing her a fucking blanket and/or pillow or something? It’s ridiculous.
Anything anyone ever does for her is an unspeakable act of kindness except for when people actually go out of their way to do something for her, like sew an entire fucking costume or take her pictures for patreon probably for free.
But good to see she’s still not over sensei having a gf.

No. 679112

File: 1562803710284.png (5.73 MB, 1800x1574, 817E3066-DCFB-4895-88C7-BEB1F9…)

Probably not a good idea to go back to EVO if you’re paranoid about people taking candids, Moo. No one wants you there. Are you going to hide behind your cousin?

No. 679113

File: 1562803808369.jpg (576.88 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190710-191004_Ins…)

No. 679116

I do wanna see the final results but damn. Forcing a lip on someone who didn't use to have them is just woooowz

No. 679117

i know they’re obviously extremely fresh in the photo but are they supposed to look that lumpy???

No. 679118

Bottom lip really kills it I think. I don’t know why she had more put in the bottom lip. I get the bottom lip is supposed to be a little bigger. But it doesn’t flatter her lip shape at all.

No. 679119

They do for like a day if the person doing it doesn't give a shit. Mine never looked that lumpy, little bit a few times but overall pretty even. Beyond even that, this looks like shit on her. Now she's got fat girl face and lips. She needs to stop.

No. 679124

the fact she always appears to have a mustache is impressive

No. 679125


So now she’s got the bloated lips to match her huge eyebags, nose, face and body. Bigger isn’t necessarily better Mariah. Looking forward to seeing this train wreck in the weeks to come.

No. 679126

Oh thats a dirty off white bra compared to everything white on this. I think shes at the point cute bras dont fit. Go back to Torrid moo.

No. 679128

>>679103 I don't have the brainpower to do the math on how much money she wasted in 2019 already, which means Tattoo-kun obviously isn't doing a very good job of keeping Mariah's finances in check.

The ultimate irony to her IG story is that she decided to post this immediately upon returning from another overpriced and unhelpful cosmetic procedure.

No. 679129

clean and fill your nails, nasty ass bitch

there are sores all over her mouth, huh

No. 679130

I think she got insecure because we kept saying she has turtle lips but she didn't know that injections made her face more weird.
Next year will be amazing. She will be fatter AND a plastic surgery addict.

No. 679132

I think its different for everyone. I just had mine done 2 weeks with the same stuff (juvederm ultra 1/2 ml) and had a pretty dark bruise on my upper lip for like a week, lumpiness is common (sometimes they bring you back in for moulding)

$600 is typically for 1ml, though for most girls that’s enough to get a pretty big pout, Moo though…lol she’s gonna go overboard and end up looking like a fish

sage for blogpost sperg(blogpost sperg)

No. 679134

kek. I’m recalling the following words, written by moo herself about a month ago:
>the kiwi pills from @halobeauty have literal ly been life changing for my skin
>I've been on them for about 3 weeks now, and have noticed insane changes in my Kp, facial redness, and I cannot recommend acne. this product enough.
>I plan to show you guys before and after pictures once I hit 1 month and then 3 mon ths on it. Since it does take time to fully kick in.

Yet here we are. Inconsequent as ever, still unable to stick to any routine of doing anything for longer than 4 consecutive days.

No. 679137

File: 1562805767218.gif (7.15 MB, 253x450, videotogif_2019.07.10_20.41.06…)

Someone shoop some cheap plastic "pearls" between her second set of labia pls

No. 679140

File: 1562806015744.jpg (229.72 KB, 764x1373, Screenshot_20190710_204605.jpg)

Tinfoil: Angry red blemish, or Botox?

No. 679142

Yeah, just mishape them even more.

No. 679143

its all those little zits that leave a small scar/stain after popping them, and by the close up in >>679113 seems that she still doesn't know how to take care of her skin, and never will

No. 679144

File: 1562806679664.bmp (397.03 KB, 500x271, tumblr_inline_n0nw9y31iK1qkyfe…)

Shes probably gonna end up looking like lsp when she made that lip serum in the zombie ep.

No. 679147

she keeps dermarolling her acne too, which causes new acne.

No. 679154

Random but where is Vamps even taking those photos with not one but two warnings signs on the wall behind her?

No. 679159

I know that when I need financial advice I always go find some random tattoo artist for tips. He'll probably tell her that the best thing she could do with her money is invest in a small business. Like a tattoo parlor or something. kek

No. 679162

I wonder if mariah promised Vamps for two years or so "Oh! When I have the money I'll pay for your boob job and tooth fix cause you've been a sweet friend to me"

But when the money was saved up, Moo decided that she wanted that money for her lip fills and lipo instead. It doesn't seem like a coincidence.

Seeing that Vamps and Moo ignored each other at AX

No. 679164

it’s a pimple, she had it all week at AX if you check back

No. 679165

File: 1562810187693.jpg (190.64 KB, 720x1044, 20190710_185347.jpg)

Does this mean she didn't actually send out the sets on Monday like she claimed she did? If that's the case, she's as lazy as her fan are stupid.

No. 679167

She did. Patreon anon left. Its up to other people to post links and neckbesrds sharing on private reddits. Im in the new private. Ill post asap when it pops up.

No. 679168

>>679167 Thanks for your efforts, anon.

No. 679170

Why didnt she take a video when still in the office or parking lot and not while shes driving? holy fuck shes dumb

No. 679194

Just keep doing dumb shit to the work you've had done. Hope you're happy with who you choose to work with there, Helen. "Building a top lip" as she just keeps pressing it down. Real smart move to work with this one.

No. 679195

I’m pretty sure the video is flipped, anon.

Probably a hotel room

No. 679198

File: 1562830612959.jpeg (872.77 KB, 1125x1446, 43031F1A-21A8-4EFD-BE23-3DA86F…)

Love this caption for her
Now spill the milk vamps, damn
“For once I didn’t stress and did whatever I wanted/ made a lot of new friends”
We all know why she didn’t prior years
Eat that, moo
Everyone flourishes without you

No. 679199

Looks like she's getting fed up with moo's insta stories pointing out how 'amazing' her friends are. I'm here for this catty back and forth, even if no explicit milk is spilled

No. 679200

File: 1562834641387.jpeg (168.24 KB, 1242x667, CAD78C5A-75FC-4101-8087-1DB5DD…)

People keep bringing it up on both their accounts and neither are addressing it.

No. 679201

Vamp is still a piece of shit regardless but it is amusing watching this obvious bitchy high school feud between her and Moo on Instagram. One of them is going to explode eventually.

No. 679203

File: 1562836879655.png (1.23 MB, 750x1334, 111A6204-933B-4748-ABD1-056423…)

I was wondering what was up with this pic when I realized 1/2

No. 679204

File: 1562836942465.png (Spoiler Image, 1.99 MB, 750x1334, BB38D15D-11CF-4981-824E-DA74A0…)

That this I basically shopped to look like her new face 2/2

Spoiler because I jumped back when I zoomed in

No. 679206

File: 1562837127572.jpeg (401.34 KB, 2048x2048, FD946755-D12A-44B6-9CDA-54697F…)

No. 679209

File: 1562837705239.jpg (2.29 MB, 2560x2560, 19-07-11-05-34-44-776_deco.jpg)

Seriously a whole different person lol

No. 679213

File: 1562839351406.jpg (26.76 KB, 640x360, trisha-paytas-pregnant-1502873…)

Christ she's gonna look like this cow any moment now. And nowhere nearing her 30's yet.

No. 679217

Her whole smoking weed photos and videos always come off like teenagers bragging about drinking beer. I’ll never get people that feel the need to flaunt their drug use (alcohol included) online as if it’s something special, admirable or quirky.
I get it when it’s something super special like an expensive wine/liquor or some really special strand of weed/fancy pipe, but she’s literally just smoking regular dope through a cheap ass banana pipe.

No. 679221

i cant put my finger on what it is, but something about her expression and editting in this photo seems leagues worse than anything else shes done. i think its actually making me angry?

No. 679228

He's the one who told her to register as a business and is helping her cheat the system where possible

No. 679229

I love how vamps actually has ppl in her photos vs mariah mooing after the fact, alone. like always.

No. 679235

File: 1562851564526.jpg (190.49 KB, 644x647, MTS_dragonmandy-956771-models.…)

The editing is so bad and overdone she somehow made herself look like an uncanny valley second life character

No. 679240

Moo will definitely be the one to explode since it seems like Vamp can get multiple dudes to hang out with her while Moo has to pay and harass her male friends one at a time into doing things with her.

No. 679241

I dont understand why she just doesnt pay lolcow to edit her shit. We're obviously doing better than who she pays rn

No. 679243

I will be cackling if her swelling goes “down” and her lips still look like this, holy shit.

No. 679248

K shes not the one who took the photo and Anteras also looks way overshoped. The dude who took the hall shot looks like they overedited

No. 679253

She almost looks like the bloated, water-logged version of Lady Gaga

No. 679255

File: 1562859643637.png (Spoiler Image, 644.67 KB, 611x815, Untitled8 (1).png)

I got you anons. https://mega.nz/#F!wlpXgaKK!0LPYdUT5elsfimUN9T9dSA

June selfies rewards

No. 679256

File: 1562860214675.png (Spoiler Image, 685.63 KB, 611x815, Untitled910.png)

This was what 5 days after all the chin and lipo stuff? >>679255

No. 679257

She looks like a dog trying to take a piss… This isnt sexy at all.

No. 679258

File: 1562860505276.gif (1.25 MB, 320x240, toots.gif)


No. 679263

What's the point in covering your nipples when you've already shown them and 90% of your vag is hanging out?

No. 679264

She is just being her delusional self thinking if she covers her nip nops then it is not porn…moo you are spreading your legs in a pearl G-string showing your toxic clam for the whole world to see, it will end up on MULTIPLE PORN SITES.

No. 679267

Honestly..wth went through her head to think that this was a good shot? She edits the shit out of face so much that it look like she photoshopped someone else face on her body…and whew speaking of which that top is crying for help and makes her tits look extra saggy. That is not a good look in reality. She must really think she has the same body structure as the over exaggerated bodies of some women in hentai.

No. 679268


Her ass looks like a muppet's mouth being gagged with pearls. Eesh they're really digging into her ass.

This is just putrid.

No. 679269

File: 1562862761904.gif (8.44 MB, 560x315, moomoo.gif)


All that filth in the back

No. 679271

Is..is that suppose to be sexy? If anything I just feel uncomfortable and scared when she gets closer. This looks like someone who has no idea on how to be sensual and clearly shows how awkward they feel doing it. I will not even touch the background.

No. 679273

File: 1562863157465.gif (Spoiler Image, 9.53 MB, 560x315, Itsnotpornguys.gif)



Bitch looks like Mr.Burns in that episode where everybody thinks he is an alien because of his weird appearance and face shape lol

No. 679274

What is this?
Legitimate question?
How is this hot???

No. 679275

That fucking peanut figure I can't, is this supposed to be enticing? That ain't it chief.

No. 679276

This is just..she does not know how to flatter her 'body'! This just show how flat her ass is especially compared to her thighs and is trying to cover her tits with pasties with her legs cause…??? OH RIGHT she doesn't want to show how big she really is! So body positive my dudes

No. 679277


Only instead of bringing love she's bringing thrush

No. 679279

I've always said Momo is like a man who suddenly got titts and thinks "This is how girls act sexy right?"
I know she's a woman, but if someone told me Momo was secretly trans this whole time I would believe it

No. 679281

Wtf is she doing with her thighs?

No. 679283

jiggling the cottage cheese for her fat fetishists

No. 679286

I love that she's trying to do the whole "anime squishy thigh grab" thing, but it really just highlights that she needs to hold her leg fat out of the way to actually display her vagina. JFC, this may be a the most horrible thing I've ever seen.

No. 679287

She really thinks that lifting and dropping her thigh fat is sexy lmao, what on earth.

No. 679288

WHY photoshop/smooth the face, but forget the rest of the body- leave the tit vein and stretch marks??

Like why bother shooping the face- gurl I know your face is not that smooth.

No. 679297


>Constantly implies that she doesn't do porn.

>Literally wearing pasties that say "Let's Fuck" on them while practically nude.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is Mariah finally reaching the levels of a cum guzzling gutter where, except she's still too ugly to get a dude to come anywhere near her naked ass. Jesus.

No. 679298

File: 1562868819813.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 80.06 KB, 715x888, 41a1d78a-a0ba-4854-85aa-c19f85…)

it's time she put down that blurring tool and actually go to the gym because jesus fucking christ

No. 679299

Almost every photo in this set has another photo that's practically identical to it, also within the set.

I know she tags Squarecuck in these sets, but I honestly don't think he shot anything this month, including the backyard bimbos pics. That's why she's doing all of this shit in her messy bedroom and filthy bathroom. Lowest of the low.

No. 679300


Her huge arm and a sorry looking ass, this has tragic written all over it.

No. 679303

wtf is happening with her drawn on ass???

No. 679308

File: 1562870492250.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 205.26 KB, 1125x2231, CF63B460-5702-4669-97EB-3471CB…)

The most alarming thing here is that her arm is already shooped smaller

*re-posting spoilered because you can see a little bit of ass

No. 679309

So is the reason she won't show more that she's scared of being murdered by her dad if she shows full cooch or what? Her family can't possibly get any more disappointed in her. I just don't get the reasoning why she's not doing what the neckbeards want since her nipples are already out there (albeit 100lbs ago) and she's shown bush and 90% of the rest of her vag by now. She has no dignity left anyway so what's the big hangup? I don't want to see anymore of her gross ass vag, trust me, I'm just confused as to what her mindset is.

No. 679310

All that money spent on plastic surgery…
I know Mariah post stuff of her at the gym, but I'm starting to wonder what her work out routine is.

No. 679311

Selfie tier goodies anon. These arent the real sets.

No. 679314

>Waddle from car to gym
>Take mirror selfie
>Take multiple IG stories sitting on equipment and/or around the gym
And that's about it for her gym routine

No. 679317

File: 1562873394005.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.05 MB, 2316x3088, 1562701103551.jpg)

No. 679318


She has a hair tangled up in the pearls. Hot.

No. 679320

I swear she would be barely tolerable if she just went into porn. At least then, the cow would have some kind of use

No. 679321

are you stupid anon? She isn't fat! That is all muscle because she goes to the gym all the time. Super buff!

No. 679323

I remember when she snapped at one of her fans when he pointed out all she does is lewd ponocho and seemed lazy. I don't know why she clapped back at him because it's true. She wakes up, puts on that butchered wig, stays at home and posts.
She is only trying to justify it by making a photobook of her at home selfies

No. 679324

It's fascinating how she doesn't see herself as a sex worker and is just a lewd model who shows off plenty of vagina but claims it's "teehee not porn you silly boiz". A particular other trendy bath water loving cow does this same shit, like they're superior to other costhots because they don't deliver the goods 100%. Moo might as well do porn at this rate, if anyone is brave enough to fuck her on camera that is. She has to pay for male attention as it is.

No. 679327

File: 1562875100795.jpg (23.73 KB, 698x672, 77B.jpg)

>the unforgivable image quality of a photo taken with a discarded cellphone from 2007
>that sinfully trashy hair, nails and lingerie
>those poorly shaven pubes and impending infected ingrown hair
>those nasty multicolored spots all over her godless crotch
>her horribly engorged by excessive body fat genitals
>the hellish smell that must emanate from her fat rolls because of her shitty diet, lazy hygiene practices, morbid body composition and poor reproductive health
>her actually having the demonic malice and stupidity to post this shit after claiming to be a "mental health advocate" and "not doing porn"

May lord have mercy upon us because she won't..

No. 679328

i wish only for death

No. 679329

she's probably high and feeling herself in the view finder or whatever the fuck

tripod san doesnt get paid enough for this shit

No. 679330

just casually using her toe to end the recording. bitch you cant edit five fucking seconds off with your phone?

No. 679331

>>679298 It looks like she tried to photoshop a tan line on her waist. The problem is, it doesn't actually curve like a bikini bottom would.

Now that I think about it, this could be a tan line created from wearing that stupid Gucci fanny pack.

No. 679333

It's for the foot fetish cucks anon, of course she's going to leave that in.

No. 679334

mariah is dark haired natually
so thats a hair from her head, when i originally saw this i thought it was just sloppy wax job

ugh i wanna throw up

No. 679335

No. 679336

im scared to click

No. 679337

samefag, this is just all shit she posted on ig damn cucks are dumb as hell

No. 679338

Her arm is fatter than her ass.

No. 679339

File: 1562876688806.jpeg (489.41 KB, 2048x2048, B5883188-CE8C-4F96-AE67-A16178…)

I will never get tired of watching this girl ruin herself. She seriously could have had it all but decided to be a fatass with a rotten personality and has to lick a turkey baster for money now.

No. 679340

I wouldn't use the nurse outfit as a comparison because of the corset and the photoshop

No. 679341

I hate that I looked closely but in the beads of the vag she has either wig hair or her own hair tangled in it

She has absolutely no self care about her sets

No. 679346


Someone said this. Long blonde/white hair. Looks itchy.

No. 679348

I don’t think the corset does much for her anyways. She still looks morbidly obese and dead inside.

No. 679351

Oh god that’s fucking disgusting. I think I’m gonna barf. I didn’t believe you at first but you’re definitely right. It’s probably her hair she forgot to shave.

No. 679352

File: 1562877843192.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 465.01 KB, 750x1023, 52617B71-8D9D-4254-AF7E-C9900B…)

god there’s just so many blobs of fat going on

No. 679353

She has to be desperate for money. Is it because of her lipo? She even cancelled her UK trip or whatever.

No. 679354

File: 1562878461388.png (37.35 KB, 500x300, wolfi-.png)

>decided to be

why would she want to be a morbidly obese, sexual harasser, scammer, slut, uneducated, drug addicted, unemployable, quasi hoarder, socially retarded person?

We like to think moo decided to be the way she is but the truth is that just like most internet girls moo is mentally ill to some extent, not very bright or emotionally mature either.
She just can't avoid having every single trait that renders somebody a living failure.

No. 679357

Honestly considering she's mostly just BBW fetish bait now, this isn't like thaaaat bad. It's trashy but at least she knows this is what her neckbeard fans want. Just take some nicer pics, moo. Get someone to take your pussy pics with a ring light. If she even put like 2% more effort into everything she does she could be a somewhat respectable thot.

No. 679358


I remember the very first thread & thinking how self absorbed she was then and been following ever since. The downward fucked up spiral of Moo has a wild experience and it keeps getting more entertaining each time a new thread is made.

No. 679360

Anon, as someone who's been here since her earliest threads… this is pretty bad. It's incredibly trashy and I would have never thought she would sink this low.

No. 679372


Agreed, I mean we got wind of knowing she had nudes out there already from a few years back when she was a much thinner person, but Moo has sunk to a whole new low for someone who always used to shit on the adult entertainment industry for a long time.

She's literally got her pussy out in full view shit tier phone quality photos. She's gone from spandex suit Samus, to somewhat making her own costumes, to suddenly just relying on commissions and then mostly making income off explicit barely any effort to zero effort lewds alone.

The forever insecure and clearly sad Moo needs to just quit "serious" cosplay builds, fancy videos and shoots all together. None of the cucks are interested unless she is fully nude in them. Her days of being a big time cosplayer are long gone, as much as she likes to portray herself as such and convinces herself she's a "pro". If she would just for once accept she is a sex worker then it wouldn't be as bad, but as she continues to carry on thinking she's above that, it'll to be painful to witness.

No. 679399

50$ for that??? Holy shit that's just robbery man. Who would pay for this? This is just a scam

No. 679411

>>679357 Right, because wearing pasties that say Let's Fuck on them separates her from being an admirable model by a mere 2% increment.

This is beyond bad. Contrary to her recent claims of not wanting to be a role model, the entire foundation of her career was centered around wanting to be a role model who didn't have to use sex appeal to get by.

I've seen Hustler spreads that looked more classy than what she's doing now. This is disgusting, and the worst part is that she doesn't have the right people in her ear to tell her otherwise, unless you count all of us farmers.

No. 679415

File: 1562883146082.png (129.89 KB, 749x850, IMG_4577.PNG)

wtf is going on with her boobs

No. 679416

a corset, 3 push up bras and the fact that this cosplay doesn't fit at all
that's what's happening

No. 679423

The most important factor in the story of moo is that she is somewhat bright but lethally stupid. A true dumbass.
Like a lot of people who become C level celebrities she thought her success was due to her brilliance and not just the fact that she photographed well at one moment in time.
That time was already over back about thread one. She is lucky in one regard though. Of all the leeches and sychophants she has burned through none of them had bad intentions.
As soon as one like that shows up, as they usually inevitably do for people on the downward side of their so called career like moo, she will lose it all and be quickly forgotten except for all the negatives she brought to her game.

No. 679436

File: 1562886181434.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 393.84 KB, 1999x2998, 9F3B9E5E-19A4-4B48-A428-A9D905…)

Her patrons are getting scammed once again by these sets. It’s blurred to fuck and back, and that’s not even on her skin! If you look to her head and lower to her crotch/feet area, it’s filtered horribly. I didn’t think it was possible for her to get lazier with these sets.

No. 679438

File: 1562886340452.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 624.81 KB, 1999x2998, B67A1A49-01D4-4067-859C-002494…)

The dumpy baby look isn’t attractive, Moo.

No. 679441

oh honey this is a mess

No. 679443

Crossing her arms in this was a bad idea. It makes her look wide and she looks like she has stumps…

No. 679446

"Fat girls with boobs don't count" or whatever the fuck she said.

No. 679450

File: 1562887552235.png (692.98 KB, 481x642, classy.png)

No. 679454

File: 1562887802455.png (Spoiler Image, 823.37 KB, 651x831, beforeafter.png)

You're being way too generous by using a picture of her when she had already gained half of her original weight as a before, and one of her wearing a corset in studio lights.
Fixed it for you.

No. 679456

File: 1562888136954.png (Spoiler Image, 765.44 KB, 750x983, NOTPORNYOUGUYS.png)

(nsfl warning cause still the pearl string panties)

No. 679463

File: 1562889072048.jpg (960.01 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20190711_164729.jpg)

Hang on a second. What happened to these two sets? I'm almost positive that the kitten one was announced for an early June release. I'm not too sure about the fat elf though, but I can't understand why she would shoot these sets and not put them out.

No. 679465

really, i know it is mariah cause i've been following her shenanigans for a long time, but otherwise i don't think anyone would say that it is the same person

how much time is it between these?
that's a record for ruining a body

No. 679469

Spot on pretty much…showing her vag is just being "lewd" though my dudes, everything she does will never be porn in her eyes.

No. 679470

She was really walking around outside in just stockings and couldn't even be bothered to put on her shoes for a picture? How gross and lazy

No. 679471

I remember a long arse time ago her definition of porn is full on genital penetration but even she knows that's BS. It's just double standards for her

No. 679472

I'm sure her "super supportive family" loves their 23 year old college drop out daughter spreading her legs to show off her vagina and wearing lets fuck pasties. They love her life choices my dudes.

No. 679473


Of course they do! Don't you remember they made a collage of all her cosplays and framed it to give to her? They also supported her first lingerie photoshoot (that she later removed because they actually didn't support her thot ass at all)

No. 679475

these were taken a day or two before the lipo, IIRC; Miso and co were there that week and supposed to be shooting all week but instead they shot like a day and had to come back the next week because Moo couldn't shoot after the lipo (obviously), since she was supposed to be doing the after-care, which she half-assed (also obviously) lol

she probably figures she can release them next month lmao so this month she'll be able to "work" even less than her usual 1-3 days per month

No. 679478

2-3 years

No. 679479

I think she logs in to her mom's account to like the photos (assuming her mom's account is still liking pics on insta)

No. 679481

File: 1562892147182.png (Spoiler Image, 1.12 MB, 750x1023, itsnotpornmydudes.png)

I'm so sorry

No. 679484

>a high school girl's body vs a 22 year old's body

you're in for a big shock when you reach adulthood, anon

No. 679485

File: 1562892911011.jpg (Spoiler Image, 652.61 KB, 750x1023, 1562892147182.jpg)

I'm more sorry to my computer.

No. 679488

sure, your metabolism starts to slow down as you get older, but not typically in your early 20s and people typically don't gain 100+ pounds as quickly as she has. make no mistake, this is an issue with her lack of will power and discipline when it comes to food and working out, not just reaching adulthood.

No. 679490

lmao I‘m in my late twenties but nice try. Plus, what >>679488 said. Metabolism slows down a little, but you’re not gonna gain 200 pounds because muh metabolism.
She‘s a lazy slob that eats like shit, never does any physical activity and has no self control. ANYONE would gain with that lifestyle. Even as a teenager.

No. 679495


Please spoiler this.

No. 679497

>>679475 That's a good point, anon. She would be the kind of bitch to post pictures and make announcements of what to expect on Patreon, only to stockpile ugly photos for later use.

No. 679501

File: 1562894868828.jpeg (369.21 KB, 1200x1800, F0315102-AAD7-4F80-B7A8-57DFB4…)

2014- now

No. 679503

What an absolute unit she's become

No. 679504

i wonder how it feels to grow up to be a retarded toddler

No. 679507

I feel like her Hawaii pictures and her webcam pics should be in here as well

No. 679510

i've been following the threads for a short while and the general sense i get about vamps is that people don't like her because she enabled moomoo for so long because she was benefiting (opportunistic i guess)

is that what you mean when you say vamps is still a piece of shit regardless or did i miss some relevant info about her?

also, vamps looks like a millennial single mom of 3. incredible.

No. 679512

Medfag tinfoiling but with her non-existent mental stability, her (supposed) period cramps, her terrible skin and her rapid weight gain, I‘m wondering if she actually has developed some serious thyroid issues. It could also be a hormonal issue though since the more adipose tissue a person has, the more estrogen they're exposed to. And Moo does seem hormonal 24/7 with her manic outbursts and sudden breakdowns.

However, it might just be her habits.
Would be surprised if it didn’t affect her health at this point, though.

No. 679513

That’s rather something to discuss in the calves thread, I think: >>>/w/5855

No. 679531

File: 1562902687056.png (269.93 KB, 502x565, Screenshot_2019-07-11-20-34-13…)

Regardless of wether this wig is accurate it looked WAY cuter and framed her face better than this >>679450 down syndrome lookin ass mess. I wonder if shes just being nice to Umbranwitch because that girl apparently "fixed it".

No. 679533

so what about miso?

No. 679537

it's almost as umbran did it on purpose because she styles wigs everyday and even your average noob who is starting now would know to not cut the bangs and sides that short

No. 679549

File: 1562909172530.png (90.41 KB, 720x1194, Screenshot_2019-07-11-22-25-07…)

No. 679552

I'm glad I'm not the only one who's thought of this. Personally going through those issues though, and while it will cause you to gain some serious weight, not to this degree. It could of triggered some of the weight gain, but not all of it.

Even still, it's a wonder why she'd rather go to a plastic surgeon for her looks rather than, ya know, actually going to get diagnosed, mediated, and better…naturally? It's kinda sad honestly.

No. 679553

As someone with weight gaining thyroidism [hoshimotos for 14 years], she doesn't have it. Anyone with it can tell just by looking at her neck. This includes unedited hall shot photos and any photos or videos.

If she does and it is out of control like you think it is, still no. She gained this weight over 3 years. Tbh, thats ver doable. She just doesn't take care of herself. It would also show as a bulge specifically where a 'female adam's apple' would be. You can see her neck muscles, not it chief.

Only thing I could think of is if she has it and it is under control, you cannot see the bulge and regardless, her eating will still keep her gaining and maintaining her weight. Thyroid be damned. She just can't take care of herself in general.

No. 679554


Be Better, Not Bitter

Quit throwing shade at your former lapdog just because she's doing better without you, Moo. Everyone does better without you. Your parents pray every night that you haven't resorted to moving back in with them.

No. 679555

Nah she just smokes weed all day and eats all day.

No. 679556

File: 1562910312441.jpg (333.6 KB, 720x1103, 20190711_224142.jpg)

Here we go. Don't be surprised if we get another manic episode in the very near future.

First she makes a passive aggressive congratulatory post, and then she quickly reverts into the big bad momma bear goddess bitch that she pretends she is.

No. 679557

Moo wishes she was making dynamic looking photos like Vamp. While still not like JN or YAYA sets, its way better than Moo's lazy ass bedroom and only colored backdrops. Is Moo out of friends to hook her up with sets?

No. 679558

do people even like/know this show anymore? or this character??

No. 679559

She needs to hire someone to stop her from doing this shit. It's so embarassing and trashy. It's not erotic, so she can't even gain entry into the cosplay porn world with this shit.

No. 679564

File: 1562911637104.jpeg (728.26 KB, 1242x1859, 168484A0-D55B-4042-92AF-B0FB97…)

No. 679565

Think Moo misunderstood the definition of a stalker…

No. 679566

File: 1562913517578.png (1.79 MB, 1440x2017, Screenshot_20190712-013346.png)

Holy hell. No wonder she's cranking the blur to 300%

No. 679568

genuinely thought that was someones gran at first. And eugh every time her fingers are in photos all i can see is the dirt. Eugh. learn some damn hygiene

No. 679573

Lol yeah if you are a lazy shit. I look better now at 29 then ive ever looked, and i was never nowhere near overweight. There is no excuse!(no1curr)

No. 679575

File: 1562919343030.png (2.05 MB, 1242x2208, BCE6562D-EFF2-4648-8003-EDFBF4…)

Anyone else bothered by the fact Moo only encourages/enables this kind behavior? It’s obvious Mariah isn’t into women (unless it’s for attention and money) but stringing Umbran along like this is pretty gross. But Umbranwitch is creepy AF too so I dunno, they deserve each other.

No. 679576


Heh. Mariah isn't going to praise Miso Tokki if she can get away with not doing so. Know why? It's because Miso Tokki gets recognized by actual companies who want to work with her. You think anyone wants to put Mariah's gargantuan ass on a skateboard deck? I don't even think her image would fit on a surfboard at the rate she's going.

She's super jealous of Miso, which could be a reason why she tries so hard to get on Squarecuck's nuts. And she gave Vamps a very cold reception earlier. Both ladies will likely do just fine without Mariah clipping their wings.

No. 679578

people keep posting her pearl pics on her subreddit and she keeps deleting them, Ha. No amount of deleting can scrub them from the internet, moo. Bet you regret that now

No. 679582

File: 1562921409455.jpg (Spoiler Image, 925.47 KB, 5334x3556, i40a6y2mi7931.jpg)

I've actually just realized why this photo is so horrifying. That's.. that's minora showing.. I thought it was just a terrible photo until I saw it posted in massive HD on her reddit. I don't know how she can let this slip by and just pretend it's nothing. I know it's been posted but god damn, woman.

No. 679583

Did she fiddle with herself to expose it or what? A vagina usually doesnt look like that when you bend over in general. Also her poor fucking editor, these pictures are getting worse to touch up lmao.

No. 679585

Not to medfag but I’m surprised she doesn’t have irregular periods or PCOS yet. I’m losing weight right now myself and my periods kept going for a solid month at my heaviest. If she keeps going like this she can become infertile (but that’s not a problem because who wants a demon seed by moo in this world).(no1curr)

No. 679587


That's majora. But that spot to the left is not a water droplet.

No. 679593

I guess you could say she could have used…

Majora's Mask

…I'm here all week, ladies and germs

No. 679594


Kek same shit crossed my mind

No. 679599

She was probably way too busy playing with some Wind Wanker.

I‘m so sorry.

No. 679616

Yeah I have notice since AX, Momokun has not mentioned Miso Tokki at all really. I wonder if something went down there between them?

No. 679620

It’s been less than a week, calm down

No. 679621

She will most likely mention her now at some point today after having her Hot Cup of Lurking.

No. 679622

Yeah Momokun always directly responds to stuff on here all the time on her Instagram so I would not be surprised. I wonder how she felt to not get any major sponsors and had to literally tag along to a friends booth? In before she does a rant about how she literally started everyones career or something like that.

No. 679626

She makes it clear when people are driven out of her herd. Miso is busy on a date in swan boats

No. 679627

Even though she helped some get a bit of recognition, most of them at least know how to stay in the game without bringing too much bad attention unlike herself which is more important. Granted most of the people aren't that skilled and have a personality that is more shallow than a puddle. Moo is nothing but a joke and everyone knows it, she will never truly bounce back and she knows it. Everyone else around her has a chance to succeed even better than she did at her prime and it most likely pisses her off. She got a taste of 'fame' and is desperately trying to cling onto it. Anyone worth their salt in the community knows better to stay away from her because she will try to drag them down. We all know she still has the 'high school' mindset where she has to be top dog at all times. If anyone tries to step up she will try to knock them down anyway she can to keep her delusional status quo afloat.

She clearly does not love herself and is constantly trying to get the approval of others even if it means she ends up looking a like a complete asshat. She is willing to make money off the backs of her slaves and now even death. I will be waiting to hear how the donations turn out this time if she even really did (will not hold my fucking breath).

The bitch needs to spend her money on therapy because only a self-absorbed sociopath will think that this is acceptable.

No. 679628

I always got these high school mean girl jock bully vibe from Momokun. She loves cutting friends and acquaintances down and trying to suck up to people more popular than her to keep her career going. 2019 has obviously been a rough year for her as she continues to spend thousands of plastic surgery and skin care products that just make everything worse. How much worse can she get at this point?

No. 679629

>>How much worse can she get at this point?

Momokun: Hold my beer and my self-respect

No. 679632

She will continue to drive more people away as her friend circle continues to dwindle. She will probably do more basically nude shoots to try to keep her Patreon afloat for longer. I still see a hospital medical emergency happening from her plastic surgery getting infected because she refuses to listen to the doctors on the healing process. Also her poor spending habits and declining income will catch up with her.

No. 679634

Nothing on her body can be accurately described as "minora".

No. 679636

I see her having a manic episode soon that will involve Vamp and taking a less passive approach in being petty. She will most likely do that though when she feels like she is at a high point and truly does not need her anymore or when she is 'depressed'. This whole thing is a ticking time bomb. It will take just one of them to do a direct act to start the milk avalanche. Bets that Moo will start it.

She has to prove how much a bad bitch she is you know? Especially since she says she doesn't care what others think.

I am not sure when tattoo-sensei is moving out but without him holding her leash and if she is alone for a bit before the other roommates come…I will be ready for the overflow of milk on those loooong nights.

No. 679642

Oh my goddess fag coming in. I'm willing to bet three of her calves are doing the main sister trio of Belldandy, Urd and Skuld so she's latching onto Peorth who is the 'fourth goddess' of the series. Outside of that she would have definitely gone for Urd who has more body flattering outfits and is more her 'uwu sexy mommy' type that she loves to cosplay. The wig and cosplays are also easier in general. I would give hints on how she could do 'canonical' censored nude shots but I'll wait til she does it or not.

ironically though Peorth does suit moo in a way she would never admit. the character spends most of her screen time trying to seduce the Main character away from Belldandy even though they're actually in a relationship at that point. The character continues using overtly lustful and sexual ways of trying to steal the main character and it fails each and every time.

Really good cosplays of the main sisters' iconic outfits would probably do really well still because they were designed better and to actually look 'goddessy' but this character isnt really that well known and isnt a part of the zeitgeist like Belldandy and Urd are as well as as you can see from moo's picture her outfit is pretty boring.

No. 679646

Her self-respect might as well be laid on the floor by now.

No. 679653

Do you think Mariah would be one to abuse her physical health issues (if she had them)? idk if she's that kind of cow.

No. 679654

I mean she abuses her "depression", but she might be too proud to even state she has physical issues.

No. 679655

*Major's Mask

Why is she giving Vamp passive aggressive congrats? I only want Vamp's to succeed enough to make Moo miserable.

No. 679659

Momo will 100 percent use anything to get pity points. She made a huge episode about a chipped nail, saying she was so stressed while her slaves where having mental breakdowns making her costumes.

She also tried to get pity points for faking anorexia (I will never forget that), depression, being an assault victim.

What I'm surprised about is… why Momo doesn't go to an actual doctor? She could get all the pity points for high blood pressure and diabetes. But I guess she doesn't since it would be a real illness and an embarrassing one that basically tells people she isn't fit but a fat fuck.

No. 679660

more like 6ft under

No. 679662

File: 1562955613165.jpeg (1.94 MB, 1242x2060, DD41284B-A18A-4A32-A143-6A16FF…)

No. 679664

Blog? Who is she kidding, she can’t even update her patrons routinely

No. 679665

to me this is just scummy. It's the same shit she has on paetron, there isn't any new or exclusive content on there. It's just another lazy cash grab

No. 679667

Is that her cousin setting everything up? The hand isn't hers. Imagine having to look at your nasty ass cousin's 'lewds'

No. 679668

I mean, being real you'd trust a family member and unless you're sexually attracted to them there's nothing wrong with it. What I'd feel most horrified in THIS instance, is knowing you're an accessory in Moocow's scamming.

No. 679670

You're not taking in the fact it's Moo. The editing is god awful and he likely has to check the sizes to make sure they load properly. So he gets a nice HD look at his cousin's pimply hank hill ass/vag slips among other things.

No. 679674


Lol lazy photoshopping. They forgot to edit out the beam behind her. You can see it by her cooch. At first I thought it was something they were using to prop Momo up so her fat ass doesn't topple over in those heels.

No. 679675

File: 1562958582381.jpg (Spoiler Image, 705.88 KB, 1080x1712, 20190712_115041.jpg)


This is by far the best one lol she has more labial folds in her fat elbow than her pussy. Not to mention she looks like she's lifting her leg straight up to force some queefs out.

No. 679678

Does she even have a clit or is it that hidden by her fat? Because lifting her leg that high would expose it. Jesus Christ…fat vag has appeared. Time to die.

No. 679682

Probably just hidden with photoshop

No. 679684

I'm thinking she edited it out. She has some weird idea that if her clit, nipples, or butthole aren't visible she isn't nude. Still naked, Moo. Hiding tiny bits doesn't change that.

No. 679686

File: 1562961744628.png (1.79 MB, 1440x1412, Screenshot_20190712-145611.png)


How the hell does she think this is attractive.
Just imagining having to edit out all the discoloration, ingrown hairs, ass pimpled, and her own beef has me–

No. 679688

File: 1562963552609.jpg (400.98 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190712-153237_Ins…)

No. 679697

Fat pussies usually hide lips and clit
Even if it's peeking out the plastic pearls would cover it

No. 679702

A person with the mentality of a child does not know how to be sexy or alluring.

No. 679726

I love that her nipples are literally at the bottom of her tit
So unfortunate, yet well deserved

No. 679728

I'm pretty sure that was the joke, mate. It's supposed to be a pun, so Majora's Mask* is correct.

I'm wondering what exactly this is about. I know everyone's been saying it's about Vamps, but I haven't seen her post anything that would warrant this?

Mariah makes me really think I might be straight, after all. Only another fat repulsive cow like Umbran or a neckbeard could be attracted to this dumpster fire.

No. 679729

You can access her website rn, I think. I peeked at it and it honestly just seems like the old one, the "new" logo just makes it look tacky and ridiculous.

No. 679733

Major's Mask is how moo misspelled it

No. 679737

You can tell she never uses the computer because the area is clean. Also lol @ making someone else do the work.

No. 679738

File: 1562973850504.jpg (91.96 KB, 720x452, 20190712_162018.jpg)

>>679688 Girl, you've been saying you would get the keychains photos professionally formatted for months, and you still won't have them ready in time for the website launch.

All three of the people who are dumb enough to buy your physical merch are going to be severely disappointed.

No. 679739

I mean, they were specifically placed due to her breast reduction when she was a skinny bitch. I don't really understand how they ended up there, aside from I presume the weight gain.

No. 679740

I guess this, I wish ppl would x link for context or something (since moo is so salt)

No. 679742

Her father wouldn't allow her to be overweight when she was living at home. I guess she showed him.

No. 679755

File: 1562975796205.jpg (Spoiler Image, 335.4 KB, 720x1031, 20190712_165410.jpg)

There's so much blur below her neck in this picture, "Song #2" immediately got stuck in my head.

No. 679756

How do you make it look like your head was photoshopped on to another body in your own picture?

No. 679758

She's really good at doing that, tbh kek

No. 679759

Even in pictures like that she simply can’t look at the camera, which always makes her look 10x more retarded.
Staring into the abyss or looking straight at the camera/viewer is really what differentiates ‘the special needs kid that tries to be sexy or something’ from ‘fat loli porn’. Obviously Moo has tons of other things that keep her from achieving a look that could in some way considered to be hot or appealing. But this one would already improve her pictures so much.

But alas, it’s Moo after all, so whatever.

No. 679767

Nothing to contribute, but I just want to say your pun was A+

No. 679783

you can see the outline from where they shopped her down; the left tit blends in with the strap, her hand and her arm; there's a an extra fold in her left arm; all that photoshop and yet they couldn't give her an upper lip.
sage for nitpicking

No. 679784


Fucking hell anon, I like you.
I'd say she's Beetlebum but she doesn't have one.

It's crazy how far she's plummeted since her Samus days and even back then I always found her incredibly pretentious and annoying- she doesn't even have that now. I'm also glad Vamps, as nasty as she is, has left our cow in the dust. I wonder if Miso will get fed up and leave with Square.

No. 679796


I'm the anon who requested this, lmfao you totally exceeded my expectations great job

No. 679797

This could also be an Evangelion reference and she's in the fakedeep part of the fandom now. But. That's giving her too much credit.

No. 679798

Too much credit she dumped any thought after her sperg of watching it on insta

No. 679811

if they do maybe girlonthemoonpro will have to come out of retirement

No. 679813

Probably sooner than later. Momokun has been driving away people left and right this year. Hopefully we find out more about how Momokun is behind closed doors if it happens.

No. 679825

i think if miso and cucknood move in, we might just get it

sure miso likes moo, but living with her…? god, please let it happen and make it rain

No. 679827

Funny thing is that whoever starts spilling the milk first, vamp or moo, will be considered the less vindictive. Of course we all know Moo is too much of a coward to nut up on Vamps.

And the patreons really got hosed for 50 bucks this month. Shittier Leia, recycled poor content, and a set of what, 8 pics? uwu so hard working.

No. 679833

Yeah I figured they’d be rushing to get it out first, whoever tells the story first gets the benefit of the doubt and whoever comes second has to prove all those accusations wrong…

No. 679851

File: 1562989195995.jpeg (651.08 KB, 750x1105, F5E6190C-F101-41AF-BAC1-8ECF2E…)


No. 679853

really should have just done the top lip…this looks awful. LMAO

No. 679854

Should have just done the top lip.
Bitch still looks like a sloth tho.

No. 679855

is she actively trying to look like a kardashian here? she's well on her way to being just as fake, plastic, and ugly as they are at this rate.

No. 679856

Momokun would be the roommate from hell for anyone. She is messy as hell, creeps on men she finds attractive, has her cats running around terrorizing the house, and she would basically try to control your life. Hopefully Miso and Squarenoodles are smart enough not to move in with her. If they do I would be surprised if they last more than a month or two.

No. 679858

File: 1562989656004.png (1.79 MB, 2150x690, 1548212513184.png)

I was deleting some shit off my laptop, here's an old account of claimed weights.

No. 679859

>>679851 Yeah, you're a new woman all right, but it has nothing to do with the lip injections.

But it has everything to do with the excessive amount of filters you're using, and you still look like ass.

No. 679860

She is trying hard to look like how she totally hated herself when she was skinny.

No. 679861

She is trying hard to look like how she totally hated herself when she was skinny.

No. 679866

She got some cheek filler. I’ve had mine done twice so I know what it looks like fresh, I guarantee she did. Not the apples of her cheeks but the cheek bone area.

No. 679869

Shes using snow still anon

No. 679877

I'm glad I'm not the only one who noticed this as well. She is trying to face tape and edit her pics to look more like her past skinny self. I remember how she went on and on about how she hated the skinny version of herself, yet she is spending thousands to regain that apperence

No. 679881

File: 1562993199534.jpg (228.48 KB, 1080x1080, 20190712_213909.jpg)

(Part 1)
Some of the resposes to her lip picture.

No. 679882

File: 1562993236492.jpg (229.32 KB, 1080x1286, 20190712_213939.jpg)

(Part 2)

No. 679883

File: 1562993381798.jpg (333.98 KB, 1080x1440, 20190712_213959.jpg)

(Part 3)

No. 679884

File: 1562993440718.jpg (430.47 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20190712_214314.jpg)

(Part 4)

Edited together

No. 679885

File: 1562993750950.jpeg (60.47 KB, 750x336, 2719E6D9-297D-4B40-A4FB-81ECA5…)

Another comments

No. 679893

Momo can't win no matter what she does. But this plastic surgery route she's going on was the worst choice. All everyone told her was to just eat right and work out (not pretend)
now she's going to feel more insecure because everyone is pointing out how shit she looks

No. 679894

>>679893 Another factor that isn't being brought up by the majority of her followers is that she looks like a liar. She made so many posts about how she's happier than ever being a big girl, and then she does stuff like this, which proves she hasn't been happy about her appearance all along. Some of them aren't falling for her interchangeable definition of "body positivity".

But hey! In about another hour, they could buy her old sets from her NEEEWWWW website!

No. 679895

insecure fat chicks will still grovel around her no matter how much surgery she has because "See? Fat girls can be sexy too"
Even if we all know Momo still thinks lesser of fat chicks even though she's usually the biggest whale in the room.

No. 679900

men are so predictable. "I wanted to put my weiner in you you before, but now I don't and that's the WORST. THING. EVER."

No. 679902

She looks so insanely dead in the eyes. It's been like this for months now. Also agree with other anon about her probably doing stuff to her cheeks as well, she looks so damn off here. It's like looking at a computer generated face

No. 679904

This is not good at all. Now she has a permanent duck face.

No. 679905

I'd much rather say that she's either doing it to show Vamp what she's "missing out on" by latching obsessively to other people, or showing off that she does have friends and hasn't alienated herself from everyone seeing how rumors about their break up are making rounds. It's just basic petty high school fight tactics 101.

>"Song #2" immediately got stuck in my head.

No. 679906

This isn't going to shock anyone, but her new website isn't up and running like she said it would be at midnight. Has the new web address in her IG bio though.

No. 679909

Top keks, anon.

Her fan base is turning on her a bit. Not surprised at all since they’ve always seemed to like her because she looked “attainable”. But now she’s starting to “look” like every other instathot with puckered anus lips. All these surgeries so quickly together makes her seem even more unhinged.

No. 679915


I second the idea that she's getting cosmetic surgery to throw it in Vamp's face. I wouldn't put it past her to do stupid shit out of spite because she's done it before.

No. 679919

File: 1563004117730.jpg (69.05 KB, 720x396, 20190713_004430.jpg)

>>679662 Quick update to the mystery hand from this photo.

Her internet team? It's fucking Squarecuck, who sure has spent a lot of time with Mariah since AX on a side note.

No. 679920

Anon all of them have been over. Anteras is even shipping ears with Moos addres because shes been in Vegas this long. Dont try to start fake alone time with a taken man type rumors.

No. 679922

Thank you, anon. This does contextualize Mariah's salt. Vamps is an idiot, but I'm glad she's getting work while no reputable company would touch Mariah with a 10 foot pole.

She looks like she's made of wax. This is some uncanny valley shit. She's honestly going down a path she won't be able to return from and I'm honestly here for it. Just when you think Momo can't destroy herself any further, she goes and proves you wrong. Never change, Mariah.

No. 679923

>>679920 Not trying to stir up any shit, but there's no denying he's been spending a lot of time with Mariah.

No. 679924

Yeah. Hes the other editor and her camera man. And moo obviously doesn't know technology and website design. Cuck does those. Its really not deep at all.

No. 679925

umbra's great at wigs, i'll give her that, but has been way up moo's ass since probably the "beginning" of moo's milkiness. she got super upset whenever anyone on FB would say anything negative about moo and then unfriend them about it, which i found funny. so this doesn't surprise me.

No. 679932

You're right, but Moo does have a thing for taken men, even if they're dating her friends. Let's not pretend like she doesn't.

Judging by the wigs posted in the calves thread, Umbra is shit at making them. She's up Moo's ass because she has a creepy romantic interest in her.

No. 679935

File: 1563008421484.jpg (1.75 MB, 2560x1920, 19-07-13-04-58-08-215_deco.jpg)

I don't know about cheek fillers, but that face tape is working overtime.

No. 679936


I want to see the "new face" in motion and not in a carefully arranged picture with flattering light. Her lips already looked off at AX after the first round of fillers but now it must be even worse.

For some reason I feel like she will get a nose job at some point because she kind of tries to make it smaller than it is. Nothing against big noses but I always get the vibe that she dislikes her own.

No. 679937

Yeah that photo is highly edited. Everyone already saw her new busted face in motion. She's a joke.

No. 679946

File: 1563012127783.png (3.95 MB, 750x1334, BC2AE9DC-0255-40DB-859B-C73C2E…)


No. 679947

File: 1563012209349.png (3.96 MB, 750x1334, 963BBEB0-26C7-498C-BCBA-F98C1D…)

No. 679949

they look terriblllee ahahaha

No. 679957

File: 1563016845156.png (1.98 MB, 750x1334, 77E23AAF-2D18-4765-A431-FC9DD2…)

I’m disgusted. Look at underneath those nails. What is wrong with this girl.

No. 679958

The way she's constantly pursing her lips makes me think she wants them bigger. This is great. Next step appearing on Botched.

No. 679960

I honestly think it's because of Vamp that she's getting plastic surgery done. Moo is too stupid to have an original idea of her own and copies other people constantly. I think this applies to not just cosplay and modeling but her life as well. Vamp has probably told her a few times (probably sincere) how she hates her nose and is finally thinking about saving up to get a nose job. And Moo, who acts like a dumb teenager, probably thought "Me too! I'm going to get plastic surgery and fix stuff I don't like too!" Then threw money at doctors and immediately got these unnecessary surgeries without giving it as much thought only because she figured she should alter stuff she doesn't like too. It was an impulse buy, just like her tattoos. She saw other bad ass bitches have tattoos and thought she needed some too. She doesn't think about concequences to ANYTHING because everything is a race to be first with her. Plus even though Vamp is her friend, like a teen I think she wanted to make her jealous like "look at me, I don't have to save up. I make money and do what I want!"

No. 679965

>>679960 Well, let's look at a couple of facts that'll help strengthen your theory.

>Vamp got Moo into cosplay.

>Vamp wanted to start going to school for something related to the pharmaceutical field, and Moo just so happens to announce that she's planning on going to school to do the same thing, and even claimed she had already taken relevant courses at some point.

>Vamp created her OnlyFans account before Moo, and started doing Adam And Eve promotions before Moo.

So it makes sense to assume Moo is getting cosmetic and surgical procedures done out of spite.

No. 679967

Anon, it's called "the freshmen fifteen," not the "freshmen two hundred."

It's more than just enabling. Vamps would literally defend Moo and lash out at people who criticized her. She even parroted a lot of Moo's sexual abuse defenses and tried to cover it up before Moo incriminated herseld by saying the ADHD thing.

No. 679969

File: 1563019064514.jpeg (353.82 KB, 680x680, EA0FCD2A-292F-475B-BB94-A920B4…)

That shit is nasty. I can’t fathom how someone with so much money can be so disgusting

No. 679973

>I can’t fathom how someone with so much money can be so disgusting
What planet do you live on if rich people being ugly is unfathomable to you?

The ugliest man in America is a multi-millionaire.

No. 679977

Ntayrt but disgusting =/= ugly, her nails are nasty as fuck

No. 679984

>men are so predictable

That's literally the fantasy she's selling though. She's selling the idea of people wanting to fuck her. Reminder that she started off her descent into madness with POV shoots and she still does selfie lingerie 'sets' which the whole point is to entice people to want to fuck you.

We're not talking about a cosplayer who is living their life and doing what they want this is literally momo who does ahegao and was doing camming not that long ago. Literally the WHOLE POINT is for people to want to fuck you.

disgusting=/=ugly stop reaching. They were reacting to the caked on shit under her nails not her appearance.

No. 679985

her fanbase is gross anyway. All the sexual harassment and bullying didn't make them leave Momo, but duck lips did it.

No. 679992

She's heartbroken over Sensei.

No. 679994

i still think theyre going to room with mariah until they find a place. this might be part of it.

you really think shed go after cuck tho? theyre like all she has left/

No. 679995

just throw those glasses away already, mariah. jfc

No. 679996

Idk I thought she was trying to look more like the girls she competes with
she doesnt look like her old self to me at all

No. 679997

File: 1563030561900.png (233.41 KB, 974x1516, vamp 4chan r9k.png)

>Plus even though Vamp is her friend, like a teen I think she wanted to make her jealous like "look at me, I don't have to save up. I make money and do what I want!"

*was a friend

Pic related.

Is Vamp actually doing school? Cause Moo sure as fuck isn't. Unless she decides to be after reading this idk.

No. 679998


she and vamp together had money saved up for vamp to get a nose job, fix her teeth, and get minor breast implants. Moo and her got in a fight about it cause moo wanted to back out and use some of the money on her chin lipo, vamp got mad because some of the money was hers from her day job that "she ACTUALLY worked for" which pissed off moo and Moo took back all the money which is why they're estranged now and why vamp hasnt mentioned plastic surgery since that day with moo in the office

No. 680000

samefag but thats also why moo had the extra cash to get her arms and back done when she originally said it was just lipo on her chin

No. 680001

I would like proof of this. I know Momo is a scummy bitch but I don't see the point of Moo stealing money since she seems well off enough. Especially someone who works a 9-5 like Vamps

If this is true, can't Vamps take some kind of legal action?

No. 680004

Legal action for what? Getting mad and refusing to allow Vamp to use her money they decided in a verbal agreement, and maybe over Fb at best?

No. 680006

The r9k post says that “vamp” started cosplay at the same time. In the previous post she said she started 12 years ago. Not the same person

No. 680007

>>679997 To answer your question about Vamps attending school, she never fully committed.

During Mariah's first campaign with Camversity, Vamps was openly discussing quitting cosplay in early 2019 in order to focus on college courses. Of course, this happened to come up during a live stream where both girls were together, and Mariah made some ridiculous claim that she had already taken the classes that Vamps aspired to take, which got a reaction out of Vamp.

When Mariah went to Japan her first time, she was talking about how stressed out she was over school starting (for Mariah, not Vamps, just to clarify).

No. 680011

Momokun has always had a thing for Asian boys and has gone after men that already have girlfriends or that are not interested in dating her. I would not be surprised if something like this happened.

No. 680014

She does, but we should still wait for any other signs besides ‘spent a bit more time together than before’, especially since they didn’t live together before but seem to do so now.

We all know how much Moo loves talking people into doing shit for her, no matter if she wants the d or not. She already treats cat like her personal slave most of the time, so it’s not surprising she’d do the same
same with squarecuck now.
Plus, if we look at how much she’s blowing the things sensei does for her out of proportion and how she makes sure to brag in her stories about the incredibly acts of selflessness the ‘literal angel’ does for her, it’d be weird for her to just mention that he’s helped her in the comments. A sub comment of him no less. If he had not commented, maybe she wouldn’t have mentioned him at all. That’d be weird and very unlike her if she was trying to go for him.

No. 680015

This sounds incredibly plausible except where does that factor in all the shade moomoo posted and the guilt posting vamps did ?

Unless something else came from their fall out

No. 680016


This is Moo we are talking about Anon- She has to have ALL the cake, especially since we all know that with her nose boobs and teeth fixed, Vamps would be…well She would be a LOT better looking that moo (not stanning her, but those are her problem areas). Moo cannot STAND the idea of someone pulling ahead of her, so if she had a gentlemans agreement with anyone it fits her character to pull the rug out last second as control. It really isn't that deep.

No. 680017

To be honest now that I'm seeing this again after everything that happened with Gabby, Nana, BishoujoMom, sierra, etc…this post could have come from any one of them and not Vamp.

The timelines don't add up. Vamplettes was in the cosplay scene for 10 plus years and was already doing dumb shit like twerking in cosplay and wearing overtly sexy outfits like Poison.

Sage for no contribution I guess but seeing this screenshot constantly being brought up every time they throw shade at each other is getting old.

No. 680018

I bet she never thought Vamp would make her cut (if it is true).

No. 680019

So, she’s been back from AX all week and hasn’t said anything about the donations from her booth. Guess she used it on her lips instead. I’m sure IF she gets pressured about it she’s going to post a picture of a thankyou for donating page that blocks out how much so no one will know she only donated a small fraction.

No. 680021

she could bail and said she made no sales or donate 50 bucks from her pocket

No. 680024

How do you know all this?

No. 680026

Not to WK but this is stupid. Lip injections cost around $500-$700 per 1ml(or whatever). Moo, as much as anons here don’t want to believe, makes enough money to get lip injections without “stealing” money.

Also you’re implying she made enough selling her prints to get lip injections, which is TOP KEK because she literally made nothing. And that’s why she didn’t say anything.

No. 680031

holy shit if this is true than that just puts mariah at a whole other level of piece of shit. its one thing to take back her own money, but to also use vamp's money too??

No. 680032

if they had savings that was both her and vamp's, and mariah used vamp's money, then yes, vamp could take legal action if she had proof of whatever money she put into the savings.

No. 680033

That’s what I’m thinking. I think she will hide the $ amount because she “doesn’t owe proof of her good deed from the kindness of her heart” and just donate a small fraction. I don’t know why anons keep acting like that’s far fetched, this is her third charity scam.

No. 680034

Even if she didn't take Vamp's money, if she promised to help her pay for surgery and then went back on it, and Vamps posted about it, then it would look even worse for Moo. After all the social suicide Vamps did defending Moo, it's a shitty thing to do to her.
It makes sense though, if Vamps got mad that Moo wanted to use the money for herself and said "hey you said this was for my surgery", I could see Moo going off on the rants she did about being the golden goose.
Spill the tea Vamps, it can only help you.

No. 680036

Remember when vamp posted about wanting forgiveness and being a horrible person though? Probably got caught exposing herself for only being friends with her to try to get a free surgery. You all forget constantly how vamp is an equally disgusting person too, just a lot quieter most of the time.

No. 680037

Weeb cucks like an all natural pure maiden. The plastic surgery makes them think of women Chad's date. Turns em off probably but you are also right.

No. 680042

Its simple, Mariah just twisted the situation to make it seem like Vamp was using her to get the surgery done. Also the fact Vamp wanted to pull her money from the savings. "Wow, I give you so much but you can't even do this for me" This is absolutely plausabile and the reason Vamp probably won't speak about it because she knows Mariah will make it look like she was just using her the entire time.

No. 680044

I think there's got to be other dirt vamps doesn't want out. Cos its no secret people use moo for money and I honestly don't think that'd even make vamps look that bad.

But after all the golden goose shit and vamps guilty posting (probably getting beat down and gaslit by moo) who knows.

Vamps supposedly got caught shit talking moo on cgl back in the day didn't she? Or was that all tinfoil as well? If moo ain't holding something bigger than golden goose over her head you'd think we'd have heard more details from a mutual by now at least..

No. 680045

It's easy to see why she would stay quiet after what happened to Nana. But I imagine the dirt that Vamp has on Moo is worse than anything Moo has on her.

No. 680047

Can we take all the Vamp tinfoil to the calves thread? Vamp is literally ignoring everything. Unless she gives signs she is going to spill stuff its so derailing with the crappy tinfoil.

No. 680049

This x1000. This is a moo thread. Post milk related to moo not your tinfoil theories with string thick evidence.

No. 680066

File: 1563056194119.png (1.12 MB, 750x1334, 47360042-91F3-4448-9D41-81B4D9…)

Not to read in between the lines but this feels forced and Moo didn’t really wanna advertise this but since Maddie is a fucking weirdo stalker I bet she did it just to get it out of the way.

No. 680068

File: 1563056345622.png (1.15 MB, 750x1334, 722AB492-1439-4BFE-B703-A4DE21…)

Jesus Christ that was fast

No. 680070

Can we start putting spoilers on Umbran’s face because YIKES…

I still can’t get over how terrible this looks. Funny how most of the comments on the pic she posted are negative. Who knew all it took for cucks to start leaving were lip injections.

No. 680072

She said she was crying because of her cats, but we all know it was probably people trashing her new face. lmao

No. 680074

lol wouldn’t put it past her. You can see legit tears in her eyes but that’s not because she’s being emotional about her cats. She can brush off criticism from us but when it comes from the type of men paying for her lifestyle.. she probably thinks it’s going to affect her wallet.
The only time you see genuine emotion from her is if she is at risk of losing money. Nothing else matters.

No. 680080

File: 1563059419607.jpg (952.16 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20190713_160659.jpg)

She's still hiding behind a layer of filters as she tries to convince the world that her lips look good. Body positivity at its peak, mate.

No. 680085

I still can't believe she'd do her lips before sorting out those eyebags, or even her bulbous nose. I'm still wondering if she thinks her eyebags are like Korean uwu aegyo sal or if she legit doesn't know how fucked up her eyes are.

No. 680089

File: 1563061284625.jpg (123.62 KB, 1080x1350, 28752192_196816377574516_49441…)

Eh, her mom has the same eyebags tho.

No. 680093

So… that means she can’t or doesn’t want them fixed or what exactly are you trying to say?

No. 680104

File: 1563065735454.jpg (723.08 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190713-195504_Fac…)

Minuscule digging to find she only donated 5$. Good job momo.

No. 680107

Excuse me while I slow clap.

I am open to awsome reaction images or gifs.

No. 680111

Not to WK but isn’t that the kind of fundraiser anyone on Facebook can set up (usually for their birthday)? What I get from the picture is that one person donated $5 through said fb fundraiser, not that Moo herself donated $5.

No. 680113

Sorry for samefagging but yes, I checked again. It’s an open donation (still active btw). Anyone on Facebook could’ve donated said $5. I don’t think it’s hers.

No. 680118

Over 2k reactions tho on the post. It's very telling.

No. 680121

Its not. Click on it and it shows who donated at the very bottom. Someone named Nicole donated. Zero Moo dollars involved.

No. 680122

I think this is basically exactly what happened. Remember that pic a few threads ago that showed what vamp would look like with a nose job? Their friendship ended the second moo saw that pic.

No. 680129

Nicole as in Nicoletters?

No. 680148

good tinfoil but Nicole’s been done with her for awhile

No. 680161

It’s some rando fan from Georgia so it’s not anyone close to her.
It’s still pretty telling that she can’t even muster support for a charity on her FB page.

No. 680165


and that she probably didn't sell a single piece of her shit tier merch lol

No. 680166

Imagine how Momokun felt when people came to the booth and did not buy her crusty ass merchandise. Must have been hilarious.

No. 680167

Imagine how Momokun felt when people came to the booth and did not buy her crusty ass merchandise. Must have been hilarious.

No. 680177


It's never been verified that it is Vamp. You also have no way of saying that it's definitively not her. Take it for what it's worth.

The value of the r9k post was not so much that it came from Vamp but that it was obviously about Moo and written by somebody that was in Moo's inner circle.

The key things that made farmers think Vamp was the r9k poster were:

>Started around the same time, but took time and patience on how to sew, craft props, etc.

>Not nearly as popular, plateau with fans while friend continues to grow

We don't know what "started around the same time" means. It could be:
- started to make cosplays around the same time
- started to attend cons around the same time
- started a Patreon around the same time

I'm not sure this means the timelines don't match up - just that we don't know what the timeline really is.

Maybe it's just a narrative here on lolcow, but people seem to generally respect Vamp's ability to make a decent cosplay. And certainly, Vamp did not see a jump in popularity, despite her association with Moo.

Granted, this could apply to other people who were Moo's calves at various times too.

>I want to get out but we sort of have obligations together that could get tricky if I ended the friendship.

Hard to know what those "obligations" could have been, but here's some quick facts:

- Moo and Vamp did have plans to start a clothing brand together
- Moo and Vamp had an extensive history of doing photoshoots and cosplay events together - of all the calves, Vamp was around more than anybody else
- Moo and Vamp lived together
- Moo and Vamp have been "girlfriends" on and off

Nobody else was wrapped up in Moo's business in quite the same way that Vamp was. Sure, it could be a different calf, but Vamp clearly had the most "obligations" with regard to Moo.

>Those obligations are actually very long lasting. I can't just randomly quit without her knowing something is up. One of them being that I actually live with her, soo lol

I could be mistaken here, but I don't think Gabby, Nana, BishojouMom, Sierra, etc. ever were roommates with Moo. Vamp was, and it was a big deal when she finally moved out as farmers (mistakenly) thought that would be the end of Vamp's friendship with Moo.

No. 680182

File: 1563081318734.png (910.26 KB, 720x1197, Screenshot_2019-07-13-22-06-27…)

This was half the meat. Also is Weebking the new "roomie"? He's been over alot

No. 680186

Uuurgh, whenever she cooks for herself it's always unseasoned beef on a hot plate. Can't she learn a new recipe? Can the girl even boil rice?

No. 680191


Feel free to believe me or not, but I can confirm this to be true. Without giving away my identity, as I am still “friends” with both of them. I use the term friends loosely because I’m only Facebook friends with Mariah just to keep tabs on her and Collette and I haven’t been talking as much as we used to. But Collette has spoken to me about the surgery deal. Originally Mariah said she would pay for the whole thing. Collette offered to pay her back. Then briefly Collette was going to pay for stuff herself but realized it would be faster to just pool money together and pay her back what she owes.
Overall after Mariah had her first procedure she seemed to be trying to convince Collette more about doing it and even made her insecure. To be honest she started making a lot of people insecure (the ones that knew she had lipo). Because she literally was promoting surgery to them and how it’ll change their lives. It’s ironic really since Mariah tried desperately to hide her surgery from the public but was very open about it within her social circles. She was hiding it because she knew it was wrong and it would be lying to her fans. As you all seem to know she purposely started endorsing weight loss brands like Fitea because she was trying to hide her lipo behind those products. It was scummy of her.
According to Collette, Mariah has no concept of time management either. Mariah barely spent time on cosplays before. Now she just has people coming over and making them for her or buys them. Mariah apparently spends all day on her phone and just orders food for people when they come over to work on HER cosplays. She always says she has no time but she literally spends maybe an hour doing things related to her “business” and other times she’s either watching anime or on the phone. I forgot who but a couple of people actually helped her make a schedule for her “busy” life. She said she hated being on a schedule and just do her thing. It’s funny too because a couple of cosplayers that go to the gym tried to help her lose weight the natural way and told her to just go to the gym 1-2 hours a day. She was just too lazy to fit in 1-2 hours a day of gym time 4-5 times a week.

Wow okay I definitely said more than I should have. That’s what I get for writing this after a long day. Womp. I doubt Mariah will even know who I am with this info and if Collette asks me if I said anything I’ll just convince her to be brave and just come out with everything. I think she has a lot of support here and she could really use positive vibes.

No. 680192

looks cheap too.

No. 680195

Reiq sold out.

You guys gotta lurk. It may not be money in her pocket, but she didn't really bring merch aside from a few posters which from fans accounts did sell and some keychains, but like 2 of them. Nothing to write home about, but the stickers selling out does make sense. Its art that neckbeards like and if you ignore its supposed to be Moo, they can be like this is just a lewd ass sticker.

No. 680196

Salt and pepper on the board

No. 680199

So was the breakup over the surgery? Did Moo freak out when she realized Vamps would look far better than her?

No. 680201


We don't know. No one does. No one has come forth about anything, so its just derailing tinfoiling to even suggest things until one of them opens their fat mouths.

No. 680209

File: 1563086024239.jpg (228.32 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190713-232716_Ins…)

Manic Moo on the loose! Her bloated ass is telling the haters off of they don't like her lips. Claims people like the new website, even though it never went live. Wants to do a DBZ character at SDCC. Nothing of interest. Or maybe I zoned out since she was talking in the same voice she used whenever she took issue with JannetInCosplay.

No. 680212

Website still isn't up, a day later. How can anyone like it? From a pic? Calves saying they like it? Moo, knock it off. At least wait till the damn thing is available to say everyone loves it. No one but your ass kissers have even been able to see the whole thing.

No. 680224

How she has an audience month after month is beyond me. She looks vile and 60 here (I can't imagine how she sounds, kudos to every anon who screenshots these) and continues to talk down to anyone who disagrees with her. She's disgusting, inside and out and it only gets worse.

No. 680228

File: 1563088272357.png (3.19 MB, 1242x2208, 8AB7A043-0D64-4E13-BA8D-233BD4…)

She didn’t say she wants to cosplay DBZ at SDCC, she wants them to announce some shit there so she can cosplay it… next year. Since apparently May is “her DBZ month”. This bitch is too chickenshit to ever show her face at SDCC lol!

She’s looking like someone’s haggard grandma here. Goddamn, Moo…

>says there was technical issues with the site but is getting people on it so people can download things faster.

How can people have this issue if it wasn’t even online yet?

No. 680229

>>680191 I want to believe this, but I just can't due to a lack of hard evidence. No disrespect, but you're not technically telling us anything we don't already know. It's been documented that she tried to get everyone from her inner circle to get lipo. We know people have tried to get her to exercise or be more responsible. We know she watches anime all day while stuffing her face.

I hope you understand that without concrete evidence of a conversation you may have had online or by text, this looks like speculation in ways. It's believable, but somehow I think there's a missing element to your version of the story, and that x-factor is Moo's cousin that got close to Colette during the second Japan trip, and then that suddenly went poof.

No. 680230

Reiq probably lied about it selling out to make himself look better.

No. 680231

I wish I could find the screenshots ugh but if anyone remembers there was a Twitter fight between vamplettes, kaybear Cosplay, and Gabrielle Cooke Cosplay with vamplette saying that Gabby was a traitor and Gabby said something about how Collette posted mariah on 4chan and laughed about it and vamplette admitted to it and tried to say it wasn't as bad as being friends with Steff? I can't remember when it even was like right during when vamplette was attacking all the sexual abuse victims but she actually full on admits to posting about Mariah on 4chan anonymously so I don't think it's a stretch to say that it was her in that post.

Saging cause I think this is all meant for calves thread? But not sure if vamp is even a calf anymore?

No. 680242


Generally speaking, claims like that need to be supported with proof, like screenshots of conversations. I understand not wanting to disclose your identity, but you didn't have to post here in the fist place if that was really a concern.

It's up to you, but Mariah continues to have a career because people in a position to call her out and reveal damaging info about her don't. So, understand that if you don't provide proof then you're contributing to the culture that allows a sexual predator to have a lifestyle where everything is handed to her and there are zero consequences for her bad behavior.


I agree, this doesn't really tell us anything we don't already know and it doesn't answer any of the questions we've had about what's going on between Vamp and Moo.


This would have been during AX when Bunny came forward with her account? I don't recall any conversation like that, but there's no way that screenshots didn't make it into the Moo threads from that period of time.

No. 680256

You can't hide fetal alchohol syndrome with lip fillers.

No. 680257

In >>680209 and >>680228 one can notice the lack of natural deformation, they look stiff and honestly, it doesn't do her any favor, all of her facial features look so exaggerated, her eyebags, nose, jowls, chin and lips just make her look horrific

Way to ruin yourself moo…

No. 680275

I feel like she used waay more filler this second time than the first time. And it wouldn't surprise me considering people were giving her a hard time about the fact the first round didn't even do much.

No. 680282

File: 1563113081325.png (5.75 MB, 1242x2208, AA334BF9-225B-46B2-B9A2-8890E8…)

Imagine spending so much money on lip fillers, looking like you have sausages stapled to your face but somehow still have a turtle mouth while talking.

But goddess lips my dudes!

No. 680285


The fact the lip fillers have made her look worse is hilarious and when she's venting she looks like even more of a twat. The best thing Moo could have done besides lipo.

No. 680298

That's the thing with lip fillers. They don't move like real lip, so they basically disappear if she does anything but a stiff pout. What a waste of time.

No. 680300

Sorry anons that neither of us have proof, but its hard to get proof when you only hear this from word of mouth
If Collette still lurks here I won't be able to ask her about the surgery without her knowing its me posting on here otherwise maybe i'd secretly record her?

But the fact that 2 mutuals with Collette say this means that there is some at least some merit, even if its only vamps side to the story

Anyways, sorry I didn't mean to derail the thread I just wanted to throw in the details about Mariah since anons keep asking what happened with her and vamp

No. 680301

FakeGlasses-kun returns! She must be feeling even more insecure than usual. Now expect to see those fugly things for the next month or until she misplaced them again, whichever comes first.

No. 680304

Jesus, she could lipo 2lbs. out of those eye bags alone. Should have done that instead of the fish lips.

No. 680307

What else have you heard? I really hope Vamp spills. I know anons here think she is just a piece of shit for associating with Mooriah but imagine being Vamps. She works a regular job and is probably only ever online to update her cosplay stuff and fuck around a bit so she probably didn't even see a lot of Mariah's bullshittery. The whole "Vamps is my gf"…. she had no idea and I think that is because she actually had a life and wasn't monitoring Moomoo's online life constantly. I am sure Mariah was probably a lot of fun to hang around with. They would both post many stories both laughing and going on silly 2am adventures. I am sure Vamps knew she was a shithead but if you are already in too deep such as living with the person sometimes you just need to make the best of a situation. It is actually really hard to ditch a friend especially someone as fucking crazy as Fatty Moo Moo.

If Vamps comes forward I will support her. She is actually a talented cosplayer.

No. 680308


idk if it's still a thing in Japan or Korea but maybe she keeps them because they are part of the beauty culture over there. (Aego sal or whatever the name was.)

No. 680315

You're making it obvious you don't lurk much. Vamps defended Moo and agreed she was witch hunted, which doesn't inspire much sympathy from most. There's nothing fun about Moo besides money, screeching, and looking thinner next to her. She also posts frequently, albeit not as often as Moo but who does, and is very subpar as a cosplayer. Shes a one trick pony who fucks up details as hard as Moo. Go sing Vamp praises somewhere else, you sound like a child.

No. 680320

You and anyone else here willing to support Vamp if she has major milk on Moo is a fool. She's mediocre at best in cosplay and at the end of the day, is still a cunt. She's helped Moo do alot of damage and stood by her many times like a pampered white knight. Don't forget that. She's not some magical damsel in distress who needs saving from the grasps of her ex narcissistic best friend, she's a piece of shit that suddenly has now cut ties with the cow and that's about it. Doesn't make her any "better" of a person. Don't expect anything huge from Vamp because she's just as bad and will probably run back in future when the golden whistle calls.

No. 680323

You guys know you can now sage this irrelevant bullshit in PT now… right?
Quit bumping the thread with Vamps shit. Take it to the calves thread.

No. 680324

I forever fucking curse the dumbass cowtippers who immediately went and ruined that r9k thread yelling "HI VAMP LMFAAOOOOO!!!!!!" causing the OP to hightail out before anons could milk more info out of her. Fuck those inbred speds.

As for vamp tinfoiling, I think it's relevant enough to this thread because it has to do with her recent relationship with Moo, not just Vamp herself exclusively. They've definitely drifted apart and Vamp was making subtle jabs about it on her being relieved at AX. Especially due to the anons dropping some truth bombs like this here >>680191 . Mariah's friends have been confirmed multiple times to be posting on lolcow (even Sabrina and Nanabear being dumbass hoes and posting screencaps with their account info visible) and I doubt a random anon would write a total bullshit claim with such detail matching the timelines.

And as for the Vamp being a cunt or not debate, I'm torn on it. Manipulative friendship makes you do shady shit you wouldn't in a healthy one because the manipulative party being threatened means you're the one taking the fall, you end up being the poor son of a bitch having to deal with the rage and aftermath. However Vamp hasn't been away from Mariah for a time long enough for us to really see if she's a bitch like her or not, so who knows.

No. 680325

Just telling like it is. Of course it belongs in the calves thread, but seems like the same anon who brought it all to that point in the first place is back again.

Other than that, back to Moo and the mystery proceeds that still haven't been mentioned about yet for the suicide charity she claimed to be doing at AX. Either she made no money or is pulling that same shit she did as Beekeeper Mei.

No. 680331

File: 1563127540200.png (131.5 KB, 500x201, laughing sluts.png)

>chef mariah

No. 680335

They look bruised in this photo…

No. 680336

>Since apparently May is “her DBZ month”.

She did no DB cosplay this May, despite making it a big deal.

No. 680337

File: 1563128316624.jpg (242.54 KB, 1600x1211, 055Xanw.jpg)

fucking christ, the lip stuff has made her nasolabial folds/jowls even worse

sage for nitpick

No. 680338

>with vamplette saying that Gabby was a traitor

I remember this, but nothing else in your post.

No. 680354

You’re just showing us what a newfag you are. Sage this irrelevant bullshit. No one cares, take it to the calves thread already.

No. 680364

Vamps is considered a cunt here because she is a cunt, not just because she was associating with Mariah, but because she did many shitty things, including jumping people's shit at conventions and trying to invalidate and pick on any of Mariah's victims on social media. Being manipulated by a shit human being is not an excuse for being a shit human being yourself.

It doesn't matter how many times it's been "proven" Mariah's friend lurk or post here, without actual proof like screenshots or video anything anyone says here is tinfoil. It's an anonymous image board, people need to learn to image board, otherwise we could/should believe anything anyone says just because they claim to know the cow and have a detailed story. Then we all look like a bunch of retards.

No. 680366

Samefag, but this shit with Vamps is relevant to Moo's thread because it has to do with shit happening to Mariah at the moment. Mariah is posting all kinds of passive aggressive shit and the info with Vamps is context, so people quit sperging about moving to the calves thread already.

No. 680367

File: 1563133643856.png (2.16 MB, 1240x2048, Screenshot_20190714-124622.png)

Mariah posted this about half an hour ago. Looks like she's continuing her chef Mariah streak. kek

No. 680368

Jesus that's a crazy amount of food

No. 680369

It's Goddesofbalayage? I had the impression that they stopped talking after that Hawaii trip?

No. 680372

they hadn’t (as far as we know) until she went and got her hair done the other week and they scheduled an ~Italian food night

No. 680373

Good point. The "with" part made me think she's going to be "helping" with the cooking, but we'll see if she really is going to help her hairdresser or just put it on IG to show off.

No. 680374


No. 680375

Vamp hasn't come forward about ANYTHING Moo related. Its fucking shitty tinfoil about the 4chan, her 'releasing the deets', and other shit. Unless vamp actively does something this shit is fucking dumb to derail and fill up the thread with.


No. 680376

Because people tinfoil too fucking much. No. She IS still mariahs hair person.

No. 680403

is that pork in her cart? i thought she didn't eat pork…

No. 680414

Funny enough frogdresser wasn’t mentioned once since Hawaii up until a few days after it was briefly mentioned on here how quiet Moo has become over them.
Might just be a genuine coincidence though.

No. 680428

>>680307 Dear Fridgesrants from Kiwi Farms,

Please read all 103 Mariah threads, plus the live stream threads, and reevaluate your position.

And quit praising the God damn calves so much. This long ass post was essentially a love letter to Vamps, and it looks like your love letters to Miso.

They're all rotten. Especially Mariah. Now please stop derailing. We're here to see her eat Italian food for the first time since she declared she was Italian.

No. 680429


I'll never understand the "hi cow" mentality, but it's definitely ruined a lot of situations where we might have learned some interesting information.

Vamp is definitely relevant to the Moo thread as Moo is clearly taking veiled shots at Vamp.


I don't think it's derailing - it's info that's relevant to Moo. Just understand that saying, "Hi, friend of cow here and this is what I know…" is going to get a mixed response at best, because people want proof. The main problem, as you say, it's that everything you've told us is word of mouth - we've already heard it.

If you want to be taken seriously, tell us something that we don't know that can be verified with proof. Or show us something that proves who you are.


Vamp has her fans on here, but she's no victim and she doesn't deserve any sympathy. She's a clout chasing thot - just like all the other calves. They all hopped on Moo's dick to try and boost their own careers, and they all enabled Moo to do shitty things that hurt people because they didn't care as long as they got to reap the benefits of being associated with "thicc Samus" and "IRL Mei."


Trash attracts trash and Moo and Vamp are the proof. Anybody who called for Moo to be run out of the cosplay community once the sexual assault allegations were made public should want Vamp ousted from the community for the same reasons; they're both toxic.

The same goes for all the other calves.

If Vamp wants to spill the milk, great. But it's not going to be a moment of redemption where we just forget all the shitty things Vamp did to keep cash cow Moo bringing in the cuck bux.


Agreed. I don't understand why anons come on here, say that they're "friends" with a cow and don't offer any proof, and then expect that we're all going to get on our knees and suck their dick. Show proof or GTFO - we're not here to stroke your ego or advance your petty vendettas.

No. 680431

Piss off. None of the posts so far have offered any actual value for the extent to which this whole thing is discussed.
There was literal nothing new. There was one anon making claims that she’s mutuals with Moo. Without any proof of anything whatsoever. Granted, I see why someone like that wouldn’t just give away their identity but then again, why come here and pretend-spill tea in the first place.

Yes, the whole Vamps situation about what happened back then is relevant to Moo.
But everything that’s being talked about here for the past 12 or what hours isn’t.

No. 680433


I feel like the farmhand response to this post
>>680374 is a pretty clear indication of whether or not the discussion has value in Moo's thread.

But I don't know why you're telling me to piss off instead of the anons who are coming here to "pretend-spill tea in the first place." I agree with you. I said as much.

No. 680434

Oh good, the moment moo stops posting her shenanigans everyone here turns against each othe, can we stop this?

No. 680436

Soooooooo where's that money made from her merch at AX? It's been nearly two weeks and still no update on her generous donation to the suicide charity in honor of her "friend".

No. 680438

She’s banking on people forgetting so she can most likely pocket it. That is if anyone actually bought her shit. I doubt any percentage of Reiq’s stickers were going towards it either.

No. 680439


I don't think there's really any money to speak of. As anon pointed out here >>680195 Moo didn't really bring much merch to sell at AX to begin with.

Reiq sold out but doubtful any of that went to Moo.

No. 680441

Hmmmm no surprise there. Was half expecting her wholesome charity moment to be like her previous ones where she sat on donations for weeks until people started questioning it. Looks like her new website is up now, another way to make bank off cucks, classic Moo as usual.

No. 680444


Has she ever really made money from merch? She hasn't had an actual booth at a con in ages, and she still can't be bothered to even send her Patreon rewards out on time (or at all).

I know supposedly those god awful keychains have sold out when they've been put up on her website, but, they were always offered in such limited quantities to begin with and I definitely don't trust Moo's accounting of what's selling and what's not.

I just feel like Moo only ever had merch because to show what a big time cosplayer she was, not because it ever made money for her.

No. 680448

File: 1563152497844.png (1.78 MB, 1389x2048, Screenshot_20190714-180007.png)

Her website is up now and fucking kek at the way the mobile layout blocks her face.

No. 680449

Too busy laughing reading the 'About' section to notice that. The website looks like one of those drag and drop editors you can use to throw a website up in 5 minutes. Boring, basic, and cheap looking. So very much like Moo.

No. 680454

>>680448 Androidfag here. On my end, whenever you're browsing the "shop" section, the page numbers and arrows overlap each other. Can't take a screenshot at the moment, but I'll try to a little later.

Considering the fact that her blog entry is dated as far back as May 21st, you would think that these idiots would have been more thorough about the overall presentation. But ultimately, the website was lazily constructed. That's actually fitting to Moo's brand, come to think of it.

No. 680455

File: 1563153583546.png (434.96 KB, 422x578, momokunt.png)

Imagine buying this for 25 dollars and hanging it up. LOL she looks blazed or shot mid blink. it's awful. Why put this one up.

No. 680460

File: 1563154443409.jpeg (480.41 KB, 1242x1391, 2F929AB3-713F-4358-AFFF-25DAF3…)

Since when has she ever “worked hard” on a set? I totally get it though, it must be exhausting throwing money at friends to put shit together and squeeze her into an outfit for her to flop around in for a half hour before she goes back to lurking here again.

No. 680461

File: 1563154500541.jpg (355.26 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190714-183213_Ins…)

No. 680462

$25 for the one photo? Or the whole set? I’ll take a guess and say shipping is $12? Kek. What a rip off.

No. 680463

File: 1563154562025.png (306.92 KB, 1896x930, delusionsofgrandeur.png)

this level of delusion though…

No. 680464

File: 1563154595107.jpg (459.33 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190714-183219_Ins…)

Large, and not in charge as she dicks around on some pet carrier while Frogdresser is making a shit ton of food by her lonesome.

No. 680465

so how long til someone hacks this basic bitch thrown together websites and leaks every single one of her sets to the public?

Also it was real dumb of them to have the default on the sets be alphabetical and no chronological. On the second page is one of her first shoots and basically the only one she looked good in because it was done by an actual photographer. When you look back to that b&w calvin klein shoot you can almost see potential but she sure ruined that.

She does play a strong role: As a sexual predator showing people what not to do and who not to associate with.

No. 680466

This needs to be the next thread pic. She looks manic surrounded by her cats and cluttered house.

Her arms look so skinny. Clearly that lipo was money well spent. /s

No. 680467

Not even, they’re only digital sets. She’s too lazy to ship anything out despite having “her team” organizing everything.

No. 680468

File: 1563154780528.jpg (14.23 KB, 326x251, hek.jpg)

>We're here to see her eat Italian food for the first time since she declared she was Italian.

No. 680469

didnt she delete the post

No. 680471

"Up next, on the new season of My 400lb. Life…"

No. 680473

That expression is worthy of a next thread pic, and frogdresser is giving us gold, i guess she believed all the body positivity moo always spergs about

Really, if youre gonna go shoeless at least mop or vacuum the floor, this dirty ass bitch…

No. 680476

shes arabic now anon! and asian! what do you mean italian? she cant be white shes a proud muslim poc! uwu

No. 680477

Agreed, plus the cheese tattoo looks like a giant skidmark.

No. 680482

File: 1563155977350.jpeg (116.72 KB, 690x1024, E94B54AE-8E94-48F0-98B9-9DA571…)

Does Mariah have memory loss or something? She stopped being “body positive” ages ago but still flaunts the term when it’s most convenient for her. (Or she changes the definition to suit her own needs)

No. 680486

LMAO strong role??? The only strong role she has is being the Kardashian of the cosplay community. (All that surgery is giving her the plastic Kardashian botched look to go with the matching shitty personality)

The only thing stronger then that is her smell in person! (Speaking from experience when I say she smells like a sweaty fat dude. I wish I was lying.)

No. 680487

File: 1563156467446.jpeg (494.22 KB, 2048x2048, 4E9EA281-BF62-4B26-803E-9F2324…)

You beat me to it but I was putting it in a side by side haha. So hypocritical.

No. 680489

lol sorry! But good thinking on the side by side comparison! I wish people would call her out on this because she’s most definitely NOT body positive unless it suits her agenda and even then she warps the definition of it.

No. 680501

>body positivity
>next to a photo taken 100 lbs and multiple surgical procedures ago

No. 680502

She looks like a fucking ogre

No. 680503

I'm pretty sure that's exactly what it is. And she is too stupid to do even that >>679662

No. 680505

The blur tool works hard, anon.

No. 680506

i seriously cant tell if this is her or someone else. its that fucking bad.

No. 680507

>>680465 One would think that a "body positive" advocate would list everything in chronological order, but she undoubtedly hates the current version of herself more than any previous version, therefore she's hoping the newer sets get lost in the shuffle.

No. 680509

File: 1563160952599.jpeg (1.34 MB, 1242x2149, FFA7728A-CE70-459C-AAD4-AA4271…)

An artist finally captured somewhat of her features realistically. She didn’t share it. Wonder why lmao

No. 680513


I forgot about her cheese tattoo and thought that was cat shit smeared on her arm.

No. 680514

I know we've said this a million times, but that chin lipo really did absolutely nothing for her.

No. 680519

Anon we already know she's the Trump of the cosplay community. Shes wishes she was Kardashian tier.

No. 680520

From the looks of it some anons were spot on about how the weight refills in other places. Look how more massive her jowels are with candid shots, no filters. It dod Moo no good.

No. 680521

Fuck off with the political shit. No one cares that you don't like Trump.

No. 680522

File: 1563162939869.png (2.78 MB, 1242x2208, 73B8DCA2-87FD-414A-AF2B-1D530C…)

Because she’s too busy living in denial and sharing shit art like this that plays into her delusions.

No. 680525

What kills me is that she's going around calling herself "Arabic" but literally it's Arab, Arabic is the language
I really take identity seriously but it sounds like she hasn't ever had one actual conversation about identity and heritage and how she conceptualizes these things in relation to her sense of self because how the fuck can you be embarrassing yourself like this calling yourself a language

No. 680526

Really weird she didn't go for "Lebeanse" instead, because at least that's mostly true. There's a huge fetish for Arab women, it sounds more exotic, so that's probably why she went for that.

No. 680527

She'll have someone update the site when she sees your post, don't worry.

No. 680534

On top of forgetting that she dropped off the BodyPos train, she forgot to use that linguists major knowledge.

No. 680537

She hasn't even tried the whole college lie in a year now.

No. 680538

Looks like Grandma missed her medication again.

No. 680542

File: 1563169325032.png (Spoiler Image, 504.84 KB, 720x1067, Screenshot_2019-07-14-22-32-53…)

What the fuck

No. 680543

>>680542 This was the mysterious set that was supposed to be a part of her most recent Patreon releases, but never actually got sent out.

Reference: >>679463

No. 680546

This picture is out-of-focus as hell. I would get angry if I paid a photog and my picture came out like this.

Also those purple panties clash with the rest of the outfit.

No. 680547

I can't even tell she had lipo! Unedited she still looks as fat as her hawaii pics.

And no surprise Frogdresser is cooking all that food alone. But if it's just for her and Momo… how much do these two eat? That is a concerning amount of food.

No. 680550

Wow this picture just has a cursed energy to it. I don't think there's a pic of Moo in her natural habitat that looks as bad as this

No. 680581

File: 1563186425853.jpg (346.31 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190715-032336_Ins…)

What Moo fails to comprehend is that most of these visits were from us, or people like us who wanted to get a good laugh over how pathetic everything looked. Notice how she didn't mention sales or post revenue figures?

No. 680606

The info with each set doesn’t even say how many images it is. So someone could be paying 40$ for like 10 images and not know.

No. 680613

25 dollars for a single DIGITAL picture, that is shit tier, AND if she thinks you shared it at all she cuts you off? I love whoever is giving her business advice. They are my new hero since this is so petty, so overpriced, and so shit tier, It will never get off the ground. GG Moo

No. 680614

File: 1563204811701.jpg (153.46 KB, 720x1121, 20190715_082915.jpg)

>>680613 Hate to break it to you, but you're wrong. Sets comes with multiple photos, or at least this one does.

You could tell the descriptions were written by her. They're brief, and lack a lot of important information in most cases (exact number of images, original release date, credit to photographers and actual cosplay creators).

No. 680619

File: 1563207305340.png (867.9 KB, 619x622, jfc.PNG)

No. 680629


>expectation vs. reality

The shooped pics she posted show what she wants to believe how she looks like, but the one that frogdresser posted shows the cold truth, that everything is even worse now. I bet she is dying inside that nothing really worked how she thought it would be and that she couldn't care less about the after care, absolute fantastic. She has now a similar melting face going on like umbranwitch and the swollen lips make her face look even more bloated. Also, this >>679851
looks even more ridiculous in comparison now.

No. 680630

Theres really no other part of her outfit, tho. I swear she gets lazier by the day.

No. 680635

Jesus christ this is the worst she's looked in a candid shot compared to the heavily filtered photo on the left. Moo is literally the female equivalent of a neckbeard.

No. 680637

and she is recently trying to push she is body positive but puts on face tape, photoshops and tried to get rid of her fat girl face through surgery.
That and rumor has it she still fat shames other chicks bigger than her at cons. She hates fat chicks, including herself. She isn't body positive.

No. 680640

File: 1563210798191.jpg (78.38 KB, 1200x800, Wb0QINy.jpg)

oh lawd she craftin

No. 680642

r/instagramreality worthy and my early vote for next thread pic. Her neck lipo was destroyed even faster than I thought and her arms and flanks lipo made no difference. Countdown to new procedures.

No. 680650

She clearly did zero aftercare. Her chin is looking more droopy than it ever did before. Moo will be a walking lipo filler disaster sooner than we thought.

No. 680653

File: 1563214380675.png (250.35 KB, 943x416, IMG_20190715_200806.png)

This reminds me of Harry Potter when he gets the bones from his arm removed and it's all wobbly lmao

No. 680654

it just shows how crazy she is. She HATES it when people tell her what to do. So when the doctor told her she needed to wear the compression stuff for about 2 weeks she was thinking "What do you know?! I'll show you! I'll wear it for just two days! Suck on that doctor!!!"

Yeah Momo, you sure showed the doctor and us. Now your pockets are full of fat and fluid and you look worse than before the surgery. Ya paid thousands to make your jowls look worse.

No. 680655

Spot on. It looks awful and she only achieves that flawless chin appearance through face tape and filters. What a waste and a complete dumbass.

No. 680656

And even if by some miracle she got a case for negligence on the doctor's part by claiming they didn't do what promised/made it worse. Her dumbass went out to AX right after and there's plenty of photos proving she ditched the compression gear immediately after.

No. 680657

Effective aftercare would have been not going to AX and taking extra time to let it heal properly at home. She looked swollen as fuck in the face during the entire con, so with that looking as bad as it did then, she's really fucked up her face. All because precious Moo can't be bothered and doesn't take anything seriously.

No. 680660

the dude wasn't her ex, shut up.

No. 680661

She's also not the only cosplayer or person or woman talking about this. This is a huge nitpick. She isn't even claiming to have known the girl.

No. 680663

this is just nitpicking. of course another egirl's murder is going to be felt in the entire comunity

No. 680665

File: 1563218713827.png (1.2 MB, 750x1334, 171D6013-6F12-419D-9BED-154C6E…)

Follow up: Velma lookin like she’s taking a fat shit in the Mystery Machine.

No. 680666

Ah yes, the infamous stolen Velma set
I'm genuinely surprised she would include this on her site

No. 680667

didn't the guy she did the elf shoot with get out of prison for breaking into his ex's home and attacking her? She is the kind of freak who rubs up against guys who do shit like this. She doesn't care a girl died because of her crazy boyfriend. She would fuck dudes like this

No. 680668

Can someone for the love of god teach this girl how to make a half decent face in her sets? If it isn't a Thousand-Yard stare it's her making some face that should make her legally required to have a tard wrangler.

No. 680669

Briefly, because this is a Moo thread:
People on social media brought it up and his circlejerk started to deny it. He tried to get the whistleblowers to "talk to him in private" but I don't think he actually admitted what he was incarcerated for in their convo.

Moo has such low self esteem that she keeps falling for douche bags. I wouldnt doubt this happens to her, where some dude hurts her really bad emotionally or physically. Sensei moved out and hasnt mentioned her a peep.

No. 680673

File: 1563219821019.jpg (468.98 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190715-143837_Ins…)

No. 680674

Please take the time to scroll up less than 10 posts in the thread before posting something that's already been posted.

No. 680679

it has been deleted, dumbass

No. 680680

Please take the time to refresh the page and see that it's been deleted.

No. 680685

Who is this about? Is moo trying to act like they knew the victim?

No. 680689

We already did this dance.
It's about the e-girl that was just murdered, no moo doesn't know her and no she's not trying to act like she knows her.

Waiting for her to try and act like a bad bitch over this only to crumble into one of her manic breakdowns as a results.

No. 680691

Not to OT too much, but who died and what happened? reading back all I see is that the conversation took a dark turn and makes no sense

No. 680692

maybe idk google it. it's literally all over the internet. just searching "egirl murdered" will get you results. jesus fucking christ.

No. 680701

Does she have an innie and if so isnt that desirable in the porn world?? Why isnt she doing porn yet idgi

No. 680718

you retards need to stop being needlessly edgy and aggro every time anyone asks something, go masturbate or scream into a pillow or something.

No. 680728

no she edited it out. the entire thing is a blurred mess.

No. 680729

Just like Moo said about fat girl tits not counting, her fat girl "innie" shouldn't count either kek

No. 680731

File: 1563230087031.jpeg (549.57 KB, 750x1102, 2BAC19D1-EBD1-486A-A10D-913F37…)

Oooh her antics is gonna be found out by the mainstream

No. 680732

this dumbass shopped her waist so much on her right side that it looks completely unnatural, you can tell by the blurry as hell skirt in that area, she knows how massive it is, and that was a long ago…

you're never gonna look like in the beggining again moo, just accept it

No. 680736

File: 1563231268778.png (66.41 KB, 309x278, Ki8sh7n.png)

I think I know where she gets her modelling inspiration from

No. 680737

I thought she was trying to do that because of the jaclyn hill shit that went down. LOL

No. 680741

PLEASE do not google this if you dont want her actual death pics but from what I saw ectsy, e-girl thot, had a discord that had orbiters on it. I heard this yesjuliet dude was her boyfriend, was a cuck, but they met up irl and after the concert they attended, he killed her by beheading
I personally think it's sick Moo doesnt give Nana the luxury of being sad or having harm done to her but as soon as some stranger gets harmed or killed she needs to save face and say "too bad umU"

No. 680742

File: 1563234009474.jpg (33.83 KB, 529x518, IMG_20190711_120533.jpg)

Lipsticks will start to "sweat" when exposed to high temperatures, it's completely normal. She can just throw it in the fridge to chill and it should go back to normal. But otherwise, it's completely normal. If she wanted to start shit with Jeffree, she could go after him for being misogynistic and racist, but we all know she doesn't mind that shit.

No. 680747

We all know she just wants attention and she knows bad attention is still attention so she's gonna stir shit up because she's irrelevant and knows it.

No. 680750

J* will sue happy her ass if shes no careful and spreading shit to teaspill places. Shes neeeeever said anything from whats Ive seen

No. 680752

File: 1563235417974.jpg (688.54 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190715-170256_Twi…)

I dont recall this photo from AX being posted

No. 680755

>I don't like sweets

No. 680756

She didn't pay anyone, we all know girlonthemoonpro took it.

Also, I'm surprised she bought a new pair of panties more than anything.

No. 680757

it was posted like 3 times and someone made an edit of it.

No. 680758

>>680752 Literally posted and mocked excessively in the previous thread. Keep up, anon.

No. 680759

It was but got bumped up quick. As there's photos of her posing without shoes, the state of her tights is disgusting from that angle. They're literally black on the bottom.

No. 680767

She posted it to her ig stories. Some anon already put the screenshot in an older thread. It was her holding the lipstick with the caption tagging his company& something like "wtf is this?"

No. 680769


That’s another level of bravery to walk in downtown LA with just your tights. Of course she can’t walk in heels.

No. 680770

She wants that YouTube clout, her sexual assault got her name out there and she skinwalks jennamarbles/shane&friends. She's already like multi lipoed failed thot trisha. Anything to get her name out again, remember she said all publicity is good bc she's such the great marketing business woman

No. 680772

File: 1563237924084.jpeg (304.99 KB, 750x1053, F1ACB870-B9BD-422B-A773-518ECE…)

No. 680778

This bitch lmfaoo she could have googled that shit easy herself, or privately called or email. Bitch wanted attention, saw what we had to say here and now she's scared.

No. 680781

Oh, she knows her credibility is in the gutter and it's trying to avoid getting dragged even more, well moo if you knew it was ok, why didn't clarified that on your insta?

She just rides the clout when its in masse truing to get exposure

No. 680782

Her comment isn't there anymore. Did she delete it or OP?

No. 680783

Nevermind. Still there. Lots of people dragging her though lol

No. 680785

File: 1563238818512.png (266.23 KB, 1440x1563, Screenshot_20190715-175616~2.p…)

The reply lol

No. 680786

Moo, I know you're dumb as a pile of rocks but if you didn't want all this attention then why didnt you contact customer service like a normal person? Or bring your friend's advice and use it like a normal ass person??

No. 680788

Moo is just mad that op called her out on being a drama hog and to basically not trust her.
I'm sure if OP sucked her ass in the caption she would be fine with it

No. 680791

Living. The beauty guru drama channels do not fuck around. If they think people are bulls shitting them they will call it out

No. 680793

File: 1563240834114.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 158.26 KB, 750x1033, 20EB05DA-C3C7-46D9-ABCC-139E27…)

Nothing entirely new but moo ripping off others ideas yet again

No. 680794

Ripping off people who don't like her.

No. 680800

Oh man, people are tearing her to shreds in there on the insta post. This dumbass. What she gets for being an attention whore.

No. 680805

It's too bad before she went Sabrina didn't teach Moo how to pose or look non retarded.

No. 680806

She tries so hard to backpedal, so so hard…I'm so glad this has hit her.

No. 680808

File: 1563242966363.jpg (45.8 KB, 426x382, 2019-07-15_22-07-42.jpg)

I was gonna make a comment about screencaps but after going there to grab them I realized that there are just too many comments ripping her up kek.

No. 680810

File: 1563243185132.jpg (62.92 KB, 418x432, 2019-07-15_22-11-13.jpg)

Well Moo wanted attention and she got it. She's scarring the shit out of people with her body, though.

No. 680811

I hope Jeffree tears her apart really. That Moo milk will flow hard…

No. 680812

I hope he melts down that specific pink to see if it turns orange.

No. 680814

I don't think he'll even bother, she's already pulling away from it and getting roasted.

No. 680816

Backpedaling is literally the only exercise she gets.

The comments on that post are overwhelming in the amount of people ripping her apart and bringing up her sexual harassment. Bless these people for not putting up with her shit lol. I’m sure this is burning her up inside.

No. 680817

Most likely, the idea though is amusing to think about. Seeing Moo get torn apart in the makeup scene is entertaining.

No. 680818

Any moment now a ghetto trash Moo venting with hand motions will appear in her Instagram story feed so she can defend herself a bit more. As she's definitely pissed.

No. 680820

File: 1563243852395.jpeg (161.54 KB, 750x1207, C26F43F2-0CD2-43CE-9AD2-FF5616…)

The word is spreading

No. 680823

Apparently she's trying to get the post removed and HereForTheTea is refusing. Surprise surprise, Moo trying backpedal even harder.

No. 680824

I hope she continues to refuse and makes a video about it.

No. 680826

I am loving this
Honestly I think that post is incredibly innocent, I’m just glad more people are bringing up her ACTUAL fuckery
The internet never forgets, Mariah

No. 680827

She really thought that people forgot or "got over it" just because AX went well for her Donkey Kong looking ass.

No. 680828

I guess dumbass should have stayed in her lane. kek

No. 680829

It's amazing that the most ridiculous thing, a lipstick rant, caused all this shitstorm for her, i'm sure she's seething right now

No. 680832

She carries on like nothing ever happened and life is great. Letting the make up community know about her shit is the perfect gateway to opening up everything she's done all over again.

No. 680833

That’s usually how it goes with her. She can’t keep her mouth shut and something we would consider small time for her ends up creating a shit storm.

I’d die if hereforthetea ends up making a video about her. Bring her shitty past back into the light, she’s been coasting way too long

No. 680834

People would watch it too because HFTT hasn't made a video in a while. It would be perfect timing too since she got outed last July.

No. 680835

not a problem for her. She'll just get her manager and her crack team of lawyers on the case.

No. 680844

>The fact that she thought she had a cankle to stand on
God damn lmfaoo. she really fucked up and probably regrets replying.

No. 680845

Now she cant bully the person who has the information on her into deleting it, she probably feels REALLY BOOLIED

No. 680846

File: 1563247118743.png (1.94 MB, 750x1334, 38DEAB2B-152B-48C0-B554-4141BD…)

Vamp??? Wtf

No. 680847

someone wants her procedures

No. 680857


What's going on in the 195 image? Is it shopped or post-lipo? She legit looks like she might have lost weight here and 195 seems feasible.

No. 680858

All of these were before lipo. That was when she claimed she was going to the gym. I think this was months after her first? lipo.

No. 680860

Aren't those both her cousins?

>those names



No. 680861

I think that was cool sculpt stomach

No. 680862

kevin is nicolette's ex boyfriend. I think he lives there now.
brandon is her cousin

No. 680863

someone in the calves thread said Kevin is using her house for a few weeks as a halfway point between moving in with his new gf

No. 680866

they weren't all before lipo.

No. 680867

my angle was under the impression they meant the most recent lipo so my bad if i got it wrong

No. 680868

Tinfoil but Vamps might be playing nice to keep something going with her cousin.
Wasn't there speculation that the two hooked up during or around one of the Japan trips?

No. 680871

this. plus vamp may not even be there IRL, could just be an online game.

No. 680873


I legit thought it was just a dig at Vamp for having a big nose and snaggletooth (thus why she's Ridley). It didn't even occur to me that she was interacting with Moo either irl or online - I just assumed Moo is that petty.

No. 680878

File: 1563255181168.jpg (698.01 KB, 1500x1256, moo218.jpg)


It's post-lipo + sucking in gut + deceptive angle + fat sculpted to look like abs. But you have to keep in mind that she's never been honest or consistent about her weight.

Here's another pic from around the same time as the Quiet pics where she claims she's 218. I believe the Quiet pics dropped sometime in January 2019. That gym selfie is maybe mid-January? I can't see there being that much difference between her "gym" selfie and this one.

She hasn't been sub-200 in a long time.

No. 680882

File: 1563256214225.png (272.74 KB, 366x379, refl.png)

Shooped booty reflection aside, look at the size of her calf in the mirror behind her. I'm horrified. It's no wonder she can't last long in even the shortest heels.

No. 680885

Ok one more thing did she photoshop skin onto her leggings? Her candle looks covered by fabric

No. 680887

what the fuck am i lookin at


No. 680900

And this is why I love the beauty community and it’s followers when they want blood. They’re not a bunch of fucking cowards like the cosplay community. Wigs literally get snatched in person too. Lmao

Moo, you dun goofed trying to fuck with J instead of doing the common sense* thing to contact customer support. Enjoy the abundance of carne asada from this roasting, fam!

No. 680929

Are you talking about her booty reflected off the shower? I thought it looked too bubble butt to be Mariah's sad cheeks. Also who bothers to photoshop their reflection? That's some serious body positivity denial.

I just noticed Moo is so lazy she has a sit down shower LOL

No. 680939

File: 1563278626284.png (1.15 MB, 720x1196, Capture _2019-07-16-06-23-00.p…)

Not even face tape can save that mug

No. 680940

File: 1563278671448.png (1.17 MB, 720x1196, Capture _2019-07-16-06-30-57.p…)


No. 680942

I was talking about her leggings in the reflection you can see her calves are covered in what looks like fabric and all the bare flesh is badly shooped on, but yes her but in the reflection is also shooped, notice how the reflection cuts off just above the shampoo bottles? An image wouldn’t cut off like that if it’s a reflection i

No. 680947

that reply got me dead tbh

No. 680949

looks like she was wearing knee socks

No. 680950

That's her old house, but maybe she thinks it's more Japanese

No. 680957

eugh what the fuck is that gif? why is she making that disgusting face like she's literally mooing like a fat sloppy animal irl?

No. 680958

She's trying to imitate giving a tit/blowjob, but she's never sucked dick. Much like this face >>680940
, she's trying to imitate aheago but keeps rolling her tongue rather than just keeping it flat, so she ends up looking like that coughing cat pic and not the big tiddie anime waifu she thinks she is.

No. 680960

A lot of rentals have sit down showers. Makes it easier to rent to olds, and other people don’t care.

No. 680986

no they don't.

No. 680991

Depends on the area/neighborhood tbh. When I was looking at apartments in a rather suburb-like area with an age average of 50-60, there were quite a few places with sit down showers. Now I live in an area that’s mostly people <30/35 and when I looked at places, maybe one or two had one.

Idk what Moo‘s neighborhood is like but what >>680960 might actually be the case.

No. 680998


>Moo is so lazy she has a sit down shower

This is probably the dumbest nitpick I've ever seen, and I've been here since thread 21. She didn't design the house before she moved into it.

No. 681011

You know, I'm all for dragging Moo but most of it are Jefree stans being pressed someone dared come near Saint J* when I'm pretty sure he's a much worse person than her, just less dumb.

No. 681013

She lives in the Summerlin area which is primarily old, rich people. So I’m not surprised her house is laid out like that.

No. 681017

TBH they're probably on par with nasty personality and so on. But take in account most were just going to scream at her on his behalf. only to be faced with her misshapen blobby self. I'd reckon their reactions are genuine.

No. 681030

That's true, but there are comments in there from people who strongly dislike Jeffree who are also dragging Moo.

No. 681100

File: 1563304978140.png (7.7 KB, 581x87, kek.png)

While browsing an AX group earlier, someone asked for confirmation that Mariah was at AX this year… to which this gem popped up. Fucking kek.

No. 681137

I saw a group of girl cosplayers ask Moo for a picture when she was walking back to her hotel room and she had her lapdog Cat reject them point blank.

No. 681169

File: 1563308184222.jpg (354.79 KB, 1072x1097, lel.jpg)

People are wising up to her shit ways. I can't wait for the inevitable break down over being "such a good a good person my dudes"

No. 681189


I guess the sad thing is no matter how many people make posts like this exposing what she really looks like, she's still gonna be padding her wallet with cuckbucks and I don't see that ending anytime soon. Her patrons don't care that she looks like an ogress without the photoshop- if anything they like it. You can see it by the reaction she's getting from her cucks on instagram on her surgery posts.

The ONLY thing that's gonna make her cucks stop supporting her is if she really REALLY scams them. Like worse than promising nips/nude onsen shoots and not delivering.

No. 681194

The cucks will keep paying because she's the female equivalent to them, the very trash and degenerate they desire and she fulfills that with she shit tier lewds. Moo's audience are the bottom of the barrel. On a good note some fanboys are bound to bail out as time goes by.

No. 681195

I'm sure she's backpeddling hard right now, she didn't anticipate her attention seeking getting out of her control and now JS might actually see it. And we all know he does actually have money for lawyers , unlike moomoo who just runs her mouth.

No. 681197

File: 1563310034559.jpg (5.74 KB, 198x221, 1560050442613.jpg)

I refuse to believe that first picture is her

No. 681198

File: 1563310051549.png (7.81 MB, 1242x2208, E669E5F2-7F02-4C69-9DC5-A44B94…)

Keep lurking, moo, we made fun of the granny grey hair enough and you’ve had it.

No. 681203

Bless I sense a Moo meltdown coming on.

No. 681210

Apparently they've heard about her sexually assaulting people and blaming it on ADHD too. That that and Tea's post, word is spreading like wildfire again.

It probably started falling off in clumps from being fried to hell and never brushed or combed.

No. 681212

Well, a farmer asked her for a selfie not too long ago at a con rave and then posted it inthread for us to make fun of. And farmers have taken sneak pics of her at cons many times before. I'm not sure what you expect?

No. 681215

Maybe talk to them herself like the "bad bitch" she keeps claiming to be.

No. 681216


And she's not going to be able to bully or threaten HFTT into taking it down either, considering tea has gone head-to-head with people a lot richer and more connected than Moo and hasn't backed down. Coming for the beauty community wasn't too smart mariah.

No. 681217


isnt it part of her "job" to take pictures with fans though? There's no way she can differentiate between who's a farmer and who's a fan at cons. If she keeps rejecting fans or having her lapdogs do it for her she's going to end up alienating and pissing off her remaining fanbase.

No. 681220


No. 681229

If you notice the selfies she takes with “fans” they’re usually neckbeards or ugly chicks that dawn over her body positivity bullshit. I’m sure if a cute or decent looking girl asks for a picture with her that isn’t one of her “friends” on her payroll she won’t take pictures with them.
>anyone ugly, her payroll pals and fawns over her body positivity bs: pictures
>anyone remotely normal and nicer looking than her: shunned

No. 681232

I mean, you’re not wrong. Every photo that tagged her in an IG story at AX (and that she reposted to her stories) were those of people I’m sure she deems unattractive and frumpy so she could “look better” in comparison.

No. 681243

File: 1563314593670.png (153.97 KB, 750x1334, 21F7363A-9CA6-452E-AAA6-18B3D3…)

No. 681246

I half wonder if she pays people for positive comments

No. 681247

Can Moo just not get nice panties? Couldn't she go to Torrid or some shit and find something lacy? At least something not clashing? >>680793 is still not my cup of tea but it's a thousand times better than Moo's sad attempt.

No. 681252

Literally no Arab ever has ever called themselves Arabic. If you're from an Arab country you're an Arab, Arabic is a language. If you're going to pretend to be an ethnicity, at least speak to one of us first.

No. 681254

File: 1563316380736.png (6.17 MB, 1800x1800, 1296157E-284E-48E5-AD42-E3F1E1…)

Bragging about her new site and “fake” hair/lips/jawline. No amount of filters can save this mess, holy shit… She’s looking massive in these stories, especially when she leans over to grab her cat.

No. 681258

File: 1563316761933.png (2.95 MB, 1800x936, 27C4D165-C7F0-4474-B31F-166056…)

So what high end tier do you have to shell out to for her to even bother with physical prints now? I’d be so embarrassed if I shipped photos out of myself looking like retarded adult in a kiddie pool.

No. 681263

The "Avenger Class" tier which is $75 a month. Includes two prints and a Polaroid. Remember when physical prints were apart of many of the tiers a while back? What a fucking rip off.

No. 681277


Tinfoil, but I think everything since AX in 2018 has done damage to her that she can't recover from.

We'll never really know what she's making from Patreon, but there's reason to believe that she's not bringing in the cuck bux like she used to. A lot of tinfoil regarding Camversity and her charity scams is that she's running out of money and has monthly expenses that now outpace what she makes from Patreon. Keep in mind that it's likely a lot of her patrons are bought, so the raw number of patrons means nothing.

It's more informative to look at the type of content she's been producing in the last year: it's much more explicit than anything she's done in the past, which suggests that she's desperate to hang onto a small fanbase that wants her to eventually do porn. And if you read the comments on her subreddit (which isn't heavily moderated like her Instagram), even those guys are starting to get angry about Moo consistently not delivering the goods.

No. 681281

>>681277 Her biggest issue right now is that she's overspending on ineffective cosmetic procedures, beauty accessories, and commissioned pieces. And as the expression goes, you can't shine a turd.

No. 681282

File: 1563320179802.png (3.24 MB, 1242x2208, 0091CF68-689D-4F2C-996F-AA2177…)

The look of a cat that prays for the sweet release of death each day.

No. 681285

I think it's hilarious that she's bragging about her chin when you can tell she's hiding it in these clips. Also I hope she's not trying to pass her hair off as grey because that is so very purple…yikes!

The manic breakdown is imminent lmao

No. 681294

File: 1563320444497.jpg (72.66 KB, 720x1396, FB_IMG_1563320298440.jpg)

From Squarenoodles. Imagine your payroll and your friendslist being the same thing.

No. 681298

A saggy chin and lips that look like she's been stung by a wasp, she's due for a Moo crisis soon.

No. 681331

>adds she's doing more natural lewks and having people over this weekend for cosplay sets
>girl next door, Baiken themes

No. 681333

File: 1563322968809.png (581.17 KB, 480x736, gassy.png)

oh we haven't seen that shirt yet, looks like as usual it's a bit below her size kek watch her wear it a month straight without washing it and then never wear it again

No. 681337

File: 1563323127983.png (896.5 KB, 712x1190, Screenshot_2019-07-16-17-14-43…)

No. 681340

File: 1563323251206.png (Spoiler Image, 1001.97 KB, 720x1186, Screenshot_2019-07-16-17-15-11…)

No. 681346

File: 1563323531121.jpeg (634.41 KB, 3072x3072, D05735BD-8892-4159-AE2D-C132BE…)

Chin lipo lookin great.

No. 681347

File: 1563323562425.png (765.86 KB, 720x1175, Screenshot_2019-07-16-17-14-59…)

Stalkerwitch made her Albedo wig

No. 681348

mfw clicking on the spoiler images in this thread

No. 681349

File: 1563323604332.png (95.74 KB, 720x637, Screenshot_2019-07-16-17-30-22…)

No. 681364

The one on the right has to be the most bored expression/body language she's expressed yet. We've said she looked out of it in her photos before but this was startling.

No. 681405


I'm sorry if this is a nitpick but could she not afford to get those herself? Those cost like 3 dollars. Even if it was a gift from Moo it's kind of a shitty gift considering she makes thousands and then hands her these tiny pieces of cheap metal.

No. 681414

arrrrgh, all the wigs she makes are so crunchy. She uses way too much product. what a joke

No. 681428

If we didn’t know any better, I’d have thought these were taken in some serial killer’s sex dungeon. She has as much enthusiasm in these Polaroids as someone having a gun pointed at them. Real sexy Moo…

No. 681434


Spends all that money on lip filler but can't manage to spend a dollar on some chapstick. Tragic.

No. 681447

Two procedures on her chin and now fat won’t grow there the normal way it should distribute so it’s staying in her cheeks and making them drag down. She looks worse, not even trying to be mean, this last set of lipo was a mistake. She really needs to change her life around health wise. And where’s her mom? Or dad? Haven’t seen anything regarding them.

Bonus: Collette didn’t share the video Mariah posted in her story. I don’t think Collette was there and Mariah tagged her with her old username she put into Smash in the past. Inspired by these chats bringing Collette in the chat. She definitely is still reading this.

No. 681455

>>681405 It's not a nitpick, because there were times that she purposely acted like a cheapskate.

I don't have the picture handy, but for Colette's most recent birthday, Mariah bought her a very cheap-looking Pokemon diorama, which consisted of a makeshift Nintendo DS shell, toys from a gumball machine, and the shrubs you'll see in towns created by model train enthusiasts.

Mariah only treated her to drinks at Katsucon and another trip to Japan because all of us pointed out how shitty it was of Mariah to try and pull a fast one.

No. 681475

File: 1563331520441.png (4.3 MB, 1122x1800, 343A606F-ECFE-4282-9732-BE5CFD…)

If Moo really is the “goddess” she thinks she is, she wouldn’t be hiding behind so many filters. Filters can’t hide that bloated face any longer.

No. 681476

File: 1563331940138.jpeg (639.16 KB, 3072x3072, 5CDFBDEE-3C6B-445C-AC6B-347123…)

When there’s so much BeautyCam face slimming that it bends your vape

No. 681477

Im legit beginning to wonder if she does have some hormone issue. It just doesnt seem normal for her to gain as much weight as she has even with all her lipo she's done. Plus cant help wonder if her poofy face is due to her swelling and lack of aftercare due to the lipo.
I dunno part of me wants to see her do a 180 and at least get her weight under control. But she seems like a bit of a lost cause at this point.

No. 681478

All that money on chin lipo and comes out looking worse. Only our girl…

No. 681479

she's using so many filters she almost erased her chin completely. tone it down

No. 681482

Nope, she used to post how shitty she ate, and i don't think she has changed that at all, also if you lurk past threads you will realize that instead of fixing her habits after various lipo's and "cosmetical procedures" she always celebrated eating in the most shitty way

she has no discipline, that's all

No. 681484

Ah how could I forget her chronic mouth breather pose.
Also, call this a tinfoil but does anyone else see the resemblance in her site and belle delphine’s?

No. 681494

File: 1563334985451.jpg (1.72 MB, 2560x2560, mooppet.jpg)

God she's one of the ugliest women I've ever seen.(autism)

No. 681496

File: 1563335528725.jpg (303.38 KB, 720x1121, 20190716_204835.jpg)

>>681494 Is there a Jim Henson themed meme with Mariah? You posted this, someone else posted Miss Piggy, and I've been seeing this on Twitter.

Sage if I'm a dumbass for not knowing any secret origins behind this, if any actually exist.

No. 681497

Her original goal was to be "thicc j nigri" and that didn't really pan out because she's lacking in cosplay talent so the new "fat belle delephine" is her current shit. Same "cosplay/influencer clout style", blank stares and slow blinking meant to be alluring, same "original outfits". Basically what she's always been doing, trying to be other people because she hates herself

No. 681505

I agree with this tinfoil. She only agrees to pictures with people who she thinks make her look better by comparison. Hence her former fake friendships with Vamp and all the plus-size cosplayers she bullied.

Ironically this backfired on her, because most of those are actually prettier than her simply because they have better costumes, hygiene, and posture. I don't think Moo realizes how ugly she actually is.

No. 681508

File: 1563339116987.png (2.55 MB, 2560x1600, 1547101031534.png)

She doesn't. Average caloric intake for a female to maintain their body weight is probably between 1,500 and 1,800 calories - she's easily eating 2 to 3 times that much in a single day - and at that rate it's entirely possible to be gaining as much as a pound a day.

She does have bad genetics - thus the eyebags - but her mom and sister are both normal-sized human beings. Moo's weight gain is purely a matter of personal choice and lack of impulse control.

Pic related, in case anybody forgot about her eating a burrito as part of her sexy Camversity stream…

No. 681510

I actually think her mom is prettier than Moo tbh. Moo didn't look bad at all when she was in the normal weight range and was excercising, even with the eyeginas.

She fact that she lurks here and goes on all these half-ass diets means she's aware that she's not eating right. Yet she turns around and makes bad choices anyway. Just the other day she and frogdresser ate enough spaghetti to feed a third world country.

I get that feeding/stuffing degenerates are part of her fanbase, but if she's actively destroying her health just to pander to them, she's the most short-sighted person on earth.

No. 681524

Did Buffalo Bill take these photos?? These look like shots a serial killer would take of his victim.

No. 681536

File: 1563343813512.jpg (138.56 KB, 720x889, 20190716_230344.jpg)

This may not seem like a huge deal to some of you, but she made some edits to her website already. And it makes me wish I would have taken a screenshot while I had the chance.

Perhaps the biggest change is the removal of the "sort by rating" option in the shop section (pic included). Why is this important? Well, she's doing this to conceal a lack of sales. I've been paying attention to her page here and there. Not a single review was placed. In other words, no one is buying the content, therefore that's why no one's leaving a "notice me, senpai" review.

No. 681541

I'm doubtful. Just because people aren't leaving reviews doesn't mean people aren't buying them. I'd be willing to bet most people don't leave reviews after they've brought something

No. 681544

TONS of people don't leave reviews after making a purchase, even if a website like amazon or something emails constantly to remind you. Most people don't leave reviews for something like this because they don't want people to openly know they've bought them. Even if they're not ashamed of the purchase, people in general are just lazy with this kind of thing.

No. 681545


Yeah it's not exactly saying much. It's probably for a different reason- maybe more as a preventative thing?

No. 681554


I think a more likely reason is that she's paranoid about people leaving negative reviews or using the reviews as a way to attack her.

But, let's be honest - this stuff isn't selling. We don't need reviews to know that.
Moo gave it away here when she thanked everyone for the "traffic" on her digital sets >>680581 She'd flex if she had a ton of sales - she's done it before when her keychains supposedly sold out.

No. 681559


brush your fucking lash extensions mariah jesus fucking christ

for a bitch that spends so much god damn money on cosmetics/surgery/extensions/etc she sure doesn't take care of literally any of the shit she has done

No. 681584

File: 1563356745307.jpg (303.7 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190717-024219_Ins…)

Will we see Manic Moo soon? She's posting a series of silent stories at the moment. No additional context to go along with this.

No. 681585

Weird ass stories in the middle of the night? Yup, sounds like she's gonna have a fit

No. 681586

That turtle lip is still prominent. Bitch is doing all this at 3 am she's probably looking for attention for that lonely ass of hers

No. 681587

Well, she gets all this shit done because she’s lazy and thinks this way she doesn’t have to take care of herself.
Getting lash extensions to she doesn’t have to bother as much about putting make up.
Getting lipo because this way she doesn’t have to lose weight.
Getting her nails done so she doesn’t have to bother about growing healthy ones and taking care of them.
All these face care products so she doesn’t have to watch her diet or lifestyle choices.

By the state of her lashes, body and nails you can easily tell she doesn’t consider them as something to complete or accentuate an already existing beauty routine/look. She sees all this shit as quick fixes so she can avoid spending time and effort and she’s even too lazy to regularly get this shit fixed on time.
That’s why her lashes keep looking like fly legs and she ends up having only about 3 or 4 single extensions left after a while, that’s why her acrylics grow out half the way before she gets them fixed and has a months worth of buildup dirt under there, that’s why her face/body is a saggy mess even though her lipo was just like a month ago and that’s why her face breaks up terribly ‘even though’ she has thousands of dollars worth of beauty products.

No money and no procedure is ever going to cover up her laziness and lack of discipline. And she’s now at a point where even photoshop can’t fix shit anymore. I’m so here for it.

No. 681612

File: 1563371108419.jpeg (358.58 KB, 750x996, 102C7593-AAA1-4D26-B0C6-A17DB2…)

Being neckbeards and stupid slash blind are mutually inclusive it seems

No. 681637

I cannot imagine being this dense. "I seen photos with her!" Photos where her face still is a bulbous mass and caked on with makeup and face tape?

No. 681646

Such a high state of denial, seems like their world would just crumb at the thought that she really is that big in reality versus the shop-shit products they are being fed.

No. 681660

Well this confirms they do not view her instagram stories whatsoever.

No. 681669

Can't really blame them, she has nothing of worth to say and her neckbeard fans would only care about her stories if her tits or non-existent ass were showing. They are the same people that didn't give a damn about her passion project that was a huge failure in every way.

No. 681671


I can't wait until they find out about the filters she constantly uses on IG and the face tape she uses at cons. But I'm sure they'll find a different excuse for her

No. 681674

but… her tattoo… how can anyone be this blind? This must be purposeful at this point, like they're self soothing or something: "I didn't jack off to that pig on the right, that couldn't be my thicc queen on the left, it isn't, it's okay, it isn't." while rocking themselves back and forth.

No. 681693

Tbh honest anon all those reasons as to why moo does these things are the exact same reason why ayone does these. Moo IS lazy, but anyone who s so they don't have to deal with mascara, a lot more people than you think get lipo for weight, nails are so common that it's a really funny nitpick, and face care is the best selling beauty out there aside from makeup and everyone buys it for that same reason- fix that face, not your lifestyle.

No. 681758

Yeah no.
People who get their lashes fixed usually make an overall effort to look presentable. Never saw a person that walks around in the same outfit for a week with unwashed hair but cares about their lashes.
People who usually get their nails done care when they’re growing out and get them fixed asap because it starts looking hella ugly real soon. As discussed when she got them done, most (reputable) doctors won’t perform lipo on someone like Moo because it can affect their health very negatively due to fat being stored on internal organs. You also usually only see women get lipo done in one area and that are half the size she is.

As I said: Those things are usually treated as things to complete or compliment a look that’s already there. Not to make up for not putting effort into anything ever.

No. 681778

File: 1563400895862.jpg (913.92 KB, 1582x2698, Screenshot (91).jpg)


It's sad but true - she's just a piece of meat to her paypigs and her instagram stories are proof of how vapid and annoying she really is. But, that's the fanbase she's cultivated by taking the easy route with bikini cosplays and never taking the time to learn the craft that her "career" is based on.


Her fanbase has been in the process of turning on her for awhile now. There will always be people who make excuses and white knight, but the most popular posts on her subreddit are the ones roasting her, and it's definitely not all farmers in the comments.

No. 681786

File: 1563402892556.jpg (167.35 KB, 1127x749, vomit.JPG)

From Sabakon's website:

No. 681794

That’s an old picture. What’s your point?

No. 681796

>>681786 This doesn't belong here. It probably doesn't belong in the calves thread either, since it's an old, irrelevant photo with no context.

No. 681798

Still hasn't been posted here before. This is from a while ago, but still new.
Why would sabakon even want to post this is just cringe

No. 681800

>>681798 Some of you need to understand that not everything involving Mariah is milk. This is pointless. They probably posted it because it actually took place at their event, you fool!

No. 681812

I like how basically everyone in the background is cringing in some sort of fashion.

No. 681818

It's a kind reminder of how trashy Moo is with her little crew, nothing ever changes and it also shows how much she's ballooned up since then. Such class…

No. 681820

except for Brian there with 37 pieces of flair who seems to be checking out Vamps' ass

No. 681823


ok, i no longer think the wig maker has talent. this is abysmal. i mean, this is worse than something you'd find on a dollar general shelf for halloween.

talentless hack, or purposely passive-aggressively shitty wig-making?

No. 681826

Thats all nitpick though.

No. 681843

I just find the way she is holding money up to vamps flat cellulite ass was quite poetic given that she can only buy friends and even then it doesn't last.

No. 681870

Has someone posted her to r/instagram reality yet? That pic is a good candidate

No. 681885

File: 1563423611858.jpg (136.29 KB, 1163x776, momoreality.jpg)

no thats from her subreddit (surprsied the post is still up tbh). This is what was posted to instagramreality

No. 681915

If you read the thread, you‘d know…

No. 681955

File: 1563458487399.jpeg (179.66 KB, 750x571, B28DF514-DFF9-4EE1-9BCB-57F599…)


No. 681960

This is obviously a joke…right

No. 681982

There are already Momokun RP accounts on twitter, it’s not new. And yes, they’re as gross as you’d imagine.

No. 682028

File: 1563479697805.jpg (399.62 KB, 1080x1690, Screenshot_20190718-225258_Twi…)

Welp, they made it. Just… wow.


No. 682032

File: 1563480477137.jpg (300.9 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190718-130343_Ins…)

This IG story is only 2 seconds long, and it's the most unconvincing shit I've ever witnessed.

She's pretending she worked out at a gym today. She isn't sweating like she claims she is. There's no visual proof that she's actually at a gym, since all you can see is her big old head.

But my favorite giveaways have to be the choker around her neck, and that Mr. T earring. Is that Nike workout gear, Mariah?

No. 682035

>no hair is up in a ponytail
>wearing jewellery
>was barely moving her head like she was moving on a machine

No. 682036

I do believe her that she’s at a gym and I do believe her that she’s working out.
Only her workout probably consists of 15min (and we all know that’s generous) of cardio. And maybe lifting up a barbell once to pose for a picture.

Everyone that ever worked out can tell that she isn’t serious about it in any way. She only does it to convince herself but more importantly us that she’s doing something.
She’s trying you guys! /s

No. 682039

File: 1563482515431.jpg (634.03 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190718-154131_Ins…)

Rat-arsed means drunk/shitfaced.
At least shes being honest about her alcoholism.

No. 682040

If this is true, that means she'll be shooting with her stanky ass and pussy because we all know she won't shower. I hope her neckbeards like girl smegma.

No. 682044

And there's not a damn thing that she can do to stop them from rping as her since she's banned.

My guess is that she walked in to renew her gym membership. She doesn't look a bit like someone who just worked out.

No. 682045


>My guess is that she walked in to renew her gym membership. She doesn't look a bit like someone who just worked out.

This is a valid hypothesis. I guess this means Tattoo-kun and his financial advice aren't getting through to her, since he went head over heels for someone besides Moo. More money down the drain.

No. 682057

File: 1563488390696.jpg (914.99 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190718-171943_Ins…)

That facetune makes her head even smaller in comparison

No. 682058

Her eyelash extensions look so, so bad. They make her already drowning in vagina lip eyes look even smaller, like she can barely keep them open. They didn’t look too awful before but these are so bad.

No. 682061

Why does it look like she drooled on her top though.
I mean we know she owns like 3 pieces of clothing (that fit but there’s really no need to walk around with nasty stains. She‘s a lewd model. She could even go topless and no one would bat an eye. But she really rather goes for stained shirt, huh.

No. 682063

File: 1563491460174.jpg (Spoiler Image, 248.22 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190718-160904_Ins…)

It's like they're battling for first place in an ugly contest.

No. 682064

using filters and still trying to use a more slimming angle that hides everything she hates about herself, but so body positive my dudes!

No. 682072

I know this isn't actually her, but I still think it's hilarious how she is permabanned from one of the most popular websites on the internet. Twitter is great for connecting with fans and growing more and she can't even make an account there anymore.

No. 682073

It's funny but I think we all have this feeling she's going to be banned from insta by the end of the year as well.
It's how her twitter was deleted. She thought she was above the rules and kept pushing it further and further.
"I only made that death threat two weeks ago gawd" or "I don't need to tag my page as nsfw since what I do isn't porn gaiz"

No. 682077

She’s already shadow banned, when you search up her name her btsmomokun shows up second and her main account is further down. I think one more revealing post and she’ll most likely get deleted and then go on a tangent about “I got my lawyers on it me mates- I mean angels!!!”.
Also what fucking lawyers what a fucking joke that was.

No. 682085

File: 1563497699892.png (4.18 MB, 1242x2208, 49311376-9000-4335-8BDD-316228…)

Still trying to prove how big of a Zelda fan she is, my dudes!

No. 682086

Wait until she gets into her “2deep4u” tangents for basic theories on the series. It’s fun to watch her pretend she’s knowledgeable about a series she could care less about and is only doing it for nerd points.

No. 682097

Why does nobody call her out for facetuning that much? I mean come on.

No. 682105

No. This is not fucking normal. Not even a little. Her in her teens is my size cURRENTLY and I’m 26. You learn to manage your weight, you don’t gain that fucking much after a few years if you aren’t just simply mentally unwell….(weight sperging)

No. 682111

File: 1563504256882.png (716.13 KB, 720x897, Screenshot_2019-07-18-19-42-05…)


No. 682115

File: 1563504690507.jpg (734.44 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190718-215133_Ins…)

Topless/AKA pasties

No. 682116

File: 1563504745094.jpg (Spoiler Image, 585.54 KB, 1053x1349, Screenshot_20190718-225149_Ins…)

She's doing this cosplay again

Woahhh boy lmao

No. 682117

Seriously, does she developed selfie/body dysmorphia? She is always trying to look something she isn't, all her pics are always filtered, and shooped to hell and after laughing for so long to her bullshitery this has turned sickly to watch, no normal person would do so much shit to itself without worrying its closer circle, and only proves that her "friends" just tolerate her and don't give a shit about her at all

No. 682119

wasn't she suppose to do this set like 3 months ago?

No. 682122

lol, Her chin looks so out of place and even fake, those jowls are hanging lower than ever

No. 682124

She's just having a mental breakdown. The surgeries didn't improve her looks, on the contrary she looks even worse now. So she is photoshopping away her mistakes.
But I wonder if she avoids mirrors and just looks at her severely edited pics as ego boosters

also hilarious how lately she is just erasing her chin completely

No. 682128

The exposed wigcap is a nice touch.

No. 682129

her tits look like an ass with a long crack, it's making me giggle silently. God, can't she even use a stencil for the strength of a hundred seal?

No. 682131

File: 1563506856153.jpg (73.7 KB, 720x400, 20190718_202403.jpg)


She also claims she made the costume. She tried to make the costume on a Camversity stream one day, but Vamps ended up doing everything off-camera. No credit.

No. 682141

Mariah, 2013 was 6 years ago. Put the duck face away. No one gives a litteral shit about your blow up fish sexdoll lips. Sorry for nit pik just holy shit.

No. 682158

File: 1563515166037.png (1009.05 KB, 720x1193, Screenshot_2019-07-18-22-40-36…)

Being the third wheel at a Japanese restaurant with Weebking and his girlfriend

No. 682161

New gf is princess.rabbits

Also, AX video where Moo does a weird pull around her boob window then tries to be kawaii its tragic. starts at :32

No. 682163

I don't think Tsunade is supposed to look like a Karen, Moo. Also her constantly puckering her lips makes her look even worse. She's starting to look like a weird sex doll in the worst way possible.

No. 682165

Lemme think who's been posting alot of that cosplay recently, oh wait, Gabby who Moo still tries to bring down out of spite. That Zelda phase must have ended then because it's back to Naruto.

No. 682167

HFTT has a hate boner for Jeffree, so she's only probably throwing in Mariah hoping she'll stick out to some one as a credible source. There's been enough discussion on lipstick sweating recently, and Mariah is the only one complaining about it out of ignorance and being late to the game.

No. 682168

wtf nooo
I love Princess.Rabbits, don't want her to throw her reputation away by hanging out with this nasty whale

No. 682173

Gamespot posted a video of AX and Mariah’s in it. The comments would make this group happy.


No. 682189

ugh, never been to AX but is it really just filled with trashy cosplayers? Momo just hilarious trying to be kawaii. This was immediately after her chin lift, right? It looks like she's still wearing face tape

No. 682205

File: 1563546591287.jpg (57.5 KB, 462x572, moofacebook.JPG)


Caps since anon didn't bother to post some

No. 682206

File: 1563546682270.jpg (50.06 KB, 473x580, moofacebook2.JPG)

No. 682212

Gah, why does it have to be with princess.rabbits??? Moo is definitely gonna mooch off of her since she is a huge FE fan.

Also I find it funny that moo was cosplaying something from azure lane like she was sponsored. Dream on moo

No. 682216

Not to worry annon's as Mariah will definitely drive those to away in short time now that Kevin has a girlfriend and knowing her she will try to take him away from his girlfriend.

No. 682219

Can’t wait for Moo to start sperging about 3houses and FE in general to try and one up princess.rabbits to prove to weebking she’s the superior fan, me mates.

No. 682220

These past few years, yes. You can blame it on the age of T&A Patreon thots.

No. 682224

How TF does she get away with posting this on Instagram you can absolutely see her nipple fucking gross.

No. 682227

Surprised Moo isn't going on about Belle Delphone's insta being deleted. Wasn't she trying to leech off her shortly before the bath water nonsense?

No. 682236

Where’s that coordinated report campaign when we need it to take down Moo’s IG? lol she literally shows a nipple in her latest pic but it’s still up! I guess Mariah hasn’t scammed nearly enough cucks to piss them off to the point they organize to shut her down. Which I honestly thought it would get to that point already because she’s been lazy and not delivering promised sets for months while she goes on vacations on their dime. I guess IG is getting more strict according to what I read so maybe it’s only a matter of time? She’ll really have nothing to fall back on except FB if her IG goes down. And she can’t keep up with the hate she gets on there constantly.(cowtipping; read the rules)

No. 682241

They weren't besties or anything. Belle belongs in her own thread in /w/. It was mostly Moo one sided compared to Belle about the whole trip and duo sets, but Moo did something again, I don't remember what it was, and London was no longer on the Instagram

No. 682273

that looks unholy

No. 682280


In b4 she tries to lewd F!Byleth, Dorothea or Edelgard and gets slammed to Hell and back for it. Or tries to bring back her washed-up Camilla and gets slammed anyway.

No. 682318

tfw u already have it pre purchased but the cow will moo like she actually plays games made by int systems epic. I honestly hope she does try and gets roasted.

No. 682370

Even more moo like would be her singling out some "mommy" character in 3 Houses or bringing back a Camilla cosplay to rope Princess rabbits into a Mommy/Daughter cosplay set

No. 682494


Following that, then Rhea and Professor Manuela may be her next “targets” since they’re non-teen ladies and quite nice-looking. Plus Manuela shows off a bit of cleavage and she may try using that to show off her boobs…

Who are we kidding, tho? She’ll probably never cosplay from 3H, the costumes are really detailed and stuff.

No. 682502

Don't be too confident anon. Moo likes to throw around "inspired" to get away with heavy inaccuracies

No. 682525

File: 1563641955446.jpeg (56.92 KB, 1080x514, received_339837096946600.jpeg)

…no words

No. 682526

You can tell how much of a sheltered rich kid umbran really is by the fact that she believes this kek

No. 682529

File: 1563642959360.jpeg (161.44 KB, 750x623, 848AF9B5-E795-4F54-8945-C446EA…)

this has to be a joke right

No. 682530

Ok either something is seriously wrong with her or Mariah is paying her to praise her on social media.

No. 682538

File: 1563644721792.jpeg (655.72 KB, 750x1094, C72C6345-CF4C-42C8-8C02-E6B582…)

No. 682540

File: 1563644834014.jpeg (621.75 KB, 750x1094, F468C5D5-847B-4223-944A-524A2A…)

No. 682547

File: 1563645908221.jpg (44.11 KB, 676x676, IMG_20190706_150646.jpg)

What a terrible shoop job on her face. Her titties are bigger than her head, and that's not a good thing. What the fuck.

No. 682548

That's the goal, anon. She wants anime girl titty monster proportions despite them not looking too big compared to the rest of her girth irl.

No. 682550

She looks so uncomfortable omg

No. 682551

Is she trying to snoop herself into Pialoof?

No. 682552

File: 1563647833723.png (Spoiler Image, 3.01 MB, 938x1250, post_file (2).png)

No. 682554

File: 1563647875557.png (Spoiler Image, 1.74 MB, 1250x833, post_file (3).png)

Preview of Peeping Tom July set

No. 682563

There's a huge thread for one of her photos on r/instagramreality right now

No. 682564

That lip filler. The duck face to emphasize said lip filler. The attempt at photoshopped unsuccessful lipo. Bad wig. Such and easy character to fuck up.

How do you get this level of confidence being this bad.

No. 682579

I know this is a nitpick… but I feel like it just emphasizes how much effort she actually puts into her “job”.
That fucking diamond on her forehead. What is that shit. Couldn’t color if fully? Couldn’t stay in the lines? Couldn’t even center it. What kind of preschool art is this?

No. 682584

This was actually horrifying to read. I actually feel bad for Mariah if she has to deal with Maddie like this, good lord.
But also I’m sure Moo is playing into this while think to get free wigs from Maddie or other cosplay items.

No. 682586


Damn I know mariah’s Batshit ways have become so commonplace when this board doesn’t even find this kinda thing that milky anymore because she does it so much but DAMN, umbran not only thinking that was real, and talking about how Mariah turns her on in a PUBLIC POST but Mariah even telling her that story in the first place my sides are in fucking orbit — and then Mariah goes and leeches off of belle Delphine fame by claiming her “lawyers” are helping her out. If she does come back, I hope she shoots this theory down or tells Mariah to fuck off

No. 682588

>>682529 I'm about to look up Yelp reviews for The Law Offices Of Girlonthemoonpro.

>>682525 She's a walking contradiction. Claims she wants everyone to get along, my dudes, but romanticizes about living out violent fantasies in a cheap effort to impress a gullible person who can provide a service. Both of them need padded rooms next to each other.

No. 682589

This is legitimately horrifying. I wouldn’t be able to put up with Maddie’s creepy shit, but Mariah has no conscience so long as she can use her for something. No wonder cat is her new BFF now that Colette is gone.

Yup, just checked it out. It’s insane. 300+ posts, holy shit.

No. 682597

File: 1563659597842.jpg (429.68 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190720-145059_Ins…)

How many calories can you burn per day filming people at a gym? Eight?

No. 682600

>>682597 Samefag. I just noticed she's wearing sandals to the gym. She's really taking this healthy lifestyle thing seriously. A picture of perfect health.

No. 682601

No. 682602

No. 682605

i think that's just her socks. she's probably been lifting about 20 pounds or took her shoes off to pretend she's been lifting

No. 682607

She's like trying to get a gym body by vicariously experiencing weight lifting through her friends.

No. 682609

>>682605 That can't be right, anon. Most gyms wouldn't allow her to be in a weight area while barefoot. I'm surprised she hasn't been asked to leave for wearing slippers.

No. 682610

Most actual weightlifting/powerlifting gyms (this looks like one) will let you be barefoot as long as you have socks or slippers on.

No. 682622

Kek how can you say that and think anyone believes you

No. 682624

i don't believe you've ever been to a gym in your life

No. 682628

File: 1563665456393.jpg (86.39 KB, 590x516, 20190720_162621.jpg)

>>682624 Most places don't want to deal with injury liabilities. It's common for gyms to post disclaimers such as this one within their contracts.

My guess is Mariah chose this gym because they're more lax about the dress code requirements and filming.

No. 682657

File: 1563670339410.jpg (439.42 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190720-174542_Ins…)

Another instance where she asks for advice that she's never going to take. How about spending less time on Instagram for starters?

No. 682659

I can’t even see the filler, if anything it looks more like she got filler in her under eye bags. Surprised she didn’t shoop those out. The picture itself looks so weird and creepy, it doesn’t even look like her one bit

No. 682660

Could Squarecuck/Tripod-san not even be bothered to blur out the spots on her ass?

No. 682662

>>682554 Holy shit. What's on the back of her right calf? Is that razor burn? Or is that a rash from wearing dirty leggings too much?

No. 682664

Eat less, little piggy

No. 682673

Hard to see in this pic but you can see it in the boomerang - this bitch wore her Gucci fanny pack to the gym. Imagine how rank it smells, she wears it EVERYWHERE.

No. 682678

File: 1563675964105.jpg (358.15 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190720-192245_Ins…)

What was the amount, bitch?

It doesn't matter if you send $10 or $500, because the default "thank you" script is automatically generated.

How much was it, Mariah?

No. 682690

I'm pretty sure lipo will do the trick

No. 682731

File: 1563686996226.png (1.59 MB, 750x1334, BA654AA7-C1D0-47C2-BF8C-CCB6F1…)


No. 682732

This is really nitpicky tbh, any gym worth going to will let you record and go barefoot because it helps people become stronger. It's more likely that she's going to these gyms because she's tagging along with friends who actually work out, rather than going alone somewhere more suited to her and actually working on herself.

No. 682737

Imagine being one of the newfags who completely overlooks Vamps and Moo hanging out, just to sperg about being shoeless in a gym.

It's no wonder Patreon anon left.

No. 682740

Can't say I didn't see this coming.

No. 682741

At this rate I feel like they're just fucking with us and trying to get us to gossip about their friendship because why else would someone keep going back to a friendship like that.

No. 682746

Funny that she posts this right after https://momokun-receipts.tumblr.com/post/186432336373/momokun-charity-scams-as-of-2019 was published and posted on her less popular r/instagramreality thread.

No. 682748

didn't she have a nice lace front for this cosplay last time? why is she wearing this shitty one now, did she let unbram fuck things up?

No. 682757

It makes me laugh that people thought that Vamplette changed and was not going to ever hangout with Momokun ever again. They are both meant for each other tbh. Even if they have on and off falling outs it will probably end up circling back to them hanging out eventually.

No. 682758


I mean… didn’t vamp date Moo‘s cousin or something? To me it all feels like vamps just puts up with moo as a necessary evil. She hasn‘t as much as mentioned Mariah on her story without it being a response afaik. I don’t read any of this as them being friends again tbh.

No. 682761


Razor burn or the shave not getting ingrown hairs all the way out IMO

No. 682779

File: 1563721522194.jpeg (534.33 KB, 750x815, 0F4C094B-A80E-4E6F-AA29-00382E…)

Lookin like a special needs kid

No. 682782

File: 1563722210774.gif (4.13 MB, 439x480, A3672ADB-1FF1-4B70-8DFD-404369…)

nta but have the gif version
also let’s notice
>#momokun #hellonurse #thot

No. 682786

File: 1563724084559.gif (997.61 KB, 666x373, 00C03AF6-C18E-436A-842E-6694B6…)

She looks so special needs

No. 682789


Bitch tries to look sexy but her face expression makes her look like a brain dead mouth breather. There is also something about her eye make-up that makes her look so special needs.

No. 682790

File: 1563726654479.png (137.89 KB, 1110x365, eosfitness.png)


Probably only, "going back to the gym," because EOS Fitness is $9.99-$24.99 monthly but they have unlimited guest privileges so she could easily just be utilizing that to not pay a membership fee.

They're also pretty supportive of social media and regarding shoes, "Protect your tootsies; closed shoes only, please." Obviously as mentioned most gyms will generally ignore people going shoeless for weightlifting if they're not otherwise causing trouble as they're not well-staffed enough to police it.

No. 682794


is kevinthedirector related to Gotmp? Lol this is absolutely horrible. Its like you are driving by cheap hookers that have burned out or something.

No. 682820

Therevis obvious something going on with those two. They aren’t nearly as close as they used to be, abd they fact they didn’t hang out together at all at AX says a whole lot.

No. 682830

File: 1563735450016.jpg (102.39 KB, 1074x469, Screenshot_20190721-145548_Ins…)

How about we read before we blame another cosplayer for her wig? Its moo, we know she cant put on a wig or maintain it to save her life, even if someone does well and hands it to her on a silver platter

No. 682842

I'd imagine it would be hard to keep up the toxic relationship they have with each other. Especially if something new came into Vamplette's life or Momokun's that throws off their usual patterns. Most likely Vamplette, because she seems like the more functional of the two.

No. 682857

People are overlooking the fact that even adult toxic friendships can be hard to escape from fully when you have friends in common (or are dating the person's family) and you can't always completely ignore the other.

No. 682861

He's bishoujomoms usual photographer. Even went to.Japan with her. Def making Moo look downsy on purpose.

No. 682862

We have nothing but tinfoil about Vamp and Moo's cousin. Fucking doesnt mean dating and even then the best proof we have is him and her laying in a bed, clothed, but Vamp has underwear and a shirt on. They were also all drinking during those Instastories.

No. 682885

File: 1563751290652.jpg (887.94 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190721-182137_Ins…)

No. 682887

pretending to work out again i see with cringey weeb gear! why show off at the fucking gym. otl.

No. 682894

>>682885 Looks like she decided to throw on some actual shoes to help sell the world on her lies. Thank you for reading lolcow, Moo. Your support is tremendous.

Next time you pretend to exercise, dampen your hair. Otherwise, you're gonna get crazy looks from everyone, like the Asian dude off to the right.

No. 682895

File: 1563752486746.jpg (113.12 KB, 497x399, 20190721_163935.jpg)

No. 682900

Gotta regularly pretend to do gym time when more lipo is coming!

She looks more Fred Flintstone than DBZ.

No. 682912

Is she wearing a waist trainer or girdle to the gym? Her waist is too small here

No. 682923


You can literally see the barbell to the right warping from shop.

No. 682924

Shoop plus a waist trainer of course.
Long hair down, doesn’t look sweaty. Yea she ain’t workin out.

No. 682932

File: 1563758267755.png (57.92 KB, 158x159, Screenshot_9.png)

mans knows its just a weeb thot posting for insta but wondering why shes not there to actually work out.

No. 682955

File: 1563762811589.jpeg (695.11 KB, 750x1096, F701F875-DD79-4281-823C-5CCC96…)

you can see the corset under the shirt in this one

No. 682958

double post it’s probably technically waist trainer, you know what I mean

No. 682961

I dunno why she's pretending to work out when she gains 50+ pounds a year

No. 682967

rip you can see the corset bones under it.

No. 682970

How is she not embarrassed to go out like this? No one in their right mind would find this attractive, when I look at this I see a delusional sad fat woman.

No. 682971

File: 1563763713420.jpeg (425.07 KB, 750x703, 34579914-442F-4E20-84D7-56E9BA…)

Sis hair looks like a deep fried at the county fair rats nest, her jaw looks like a toad expanding its throat and her turtle lips have returned! Thousands of dollars wasted on trash.

No. 682976

File: 1563764602483.jpg (20.88 KB, 960x960, FB_IMG_1561462263876.jpg)

How could you actually do any kind of workout that would be worth the time it takes to get to the gym when you're wearing something that tight? It's truly amazing how much she is trying to carry on the narrative of her body being effortlessly healthy and "pretty." I know the train wreck wasn't going to stop anytime soon, but this just sooo sooo pathetic.

No. 682978

What's the point of wearing a corset when it just makes your tits look like a wide, flat shelf? It's like they have no volume.

No. 682983

File: 1563764978478.jpg (740.74 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20190721_200059.jpg)

>>682955 Sorry for the photo quality, as I took two pictures that were already posted here, and now I'm showing them side by side to put things in perspective.

This bitch can't really think people are this stupid. The photo with the orange DBZ shirt is from today. The other photo was literally taken yesterday.

Now I know black is supposed to be a slimming color and all, but you can tell how wide she is while she's standing behind her cousin.

Flash forward to today, and she's already trying to make people believe her waist went down by eight inches. A MERE 24 HOURS LATER.

No. 682987

I mean I know her cucks are absolute idiots. But to see yourself being called out on a forum for clearly just snapping pics. And decide to wear a fucking corset to show off how much you've been working in a whooping 24 hours is some leap in stupidity. Judging by her arms size and how she moves in her recent AX photos. She can't get corsets on by herself, so someone likely had to help her for this Gym photo shoot.

No. 683011

are you dumb? it's exactly because the last one was nice that I don't get why she let go of it.

No. 683012


While I agree this is kek-worthy, we're focusing on the wrong things.

Where are the videos of her flipping over tires and getting winded? Where are the vids of her lifting the least amount of weight with the shittiest form possible?

Her body is so wrecked and she's so out of shape that she can't do that stuff anymore. Taking selfies is literally the only exercise that she can do at the gym without her heart exploding.

No. 683014

She‘s lifting that water bottle with no effort like a real champ though.
Way to go, such a stronk warrior woman!

No. 683038


I just now put it together that the horrible dye job is her “ultra instinct” hair.
Let’s just hope Goku Black becomes popular again so she can maybe fix it.

No. 683059

File: 1563801699795.jpg (753.51 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190722-082135_Ins…)

No. 683064

File: 1563802449301.jpg (507.69 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190722-082138_Ins…)

No. 683066

File: 1563802737649.jpg (762.4 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190722-082146_Ins…)

No. 683069

File: 1563803065091.jpg (567.19 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190722-082141_Ins…)

No. 683070


I lost count how many times she has teased Bowsette. Didn't she promise this back in idk … ugh.. April or May? Bitch will only do Pachico again to have SOMETHING to deliver.

No. 683083


She also talked about cosplaying retsuko when season 1 first came to Netflix and bought a bunch of stuff for it. Now season 2 is out and she is back at it.

No. 683092

She's always going to be behind on things now because of her reliance on others to make everything. It's where that "I work too hard and have too many goals" comes into play. Her workers can't keep up when they do their own thing too and push all of Moo's things back. She should just drop the cosplay shit and do "lewds" as herself full time. Cheaper and people would care more.

No. 683129

>>683059 She already did Lucoa as we see her a while ago. Who's focusing on Lucoa out of her former friends? Gabby C? Bunny?

No. 683130

It's because she already has everything for her and Umbra is giving her a wig for it.
She only does repeats now because she's too lazy to even commission new shit

No. 683134

She’s been teasing most of these for a long while, her fans are idiots if they think she’ll ever follow though. She resorts back to Pochaco (Or made up variants of her) because she’s lazy.

No. 683155

Sooo … who is she trying to one up (lol) by cosplaying Hestia. Since I’ve never seen her once ever mention watching DanMachi… unless she’s just picking her simply because titty.

I swear she’s like a special needs kid ordering from a McDonald’s picture menu. She’s anime tits “slaps menu I WAN DAT ONE”

No. 683157

Oh look, cosplaying melon mei after anniversary is long over and its currently summer games. Could she at least pretend she cares? LOL

No. 683160


I honestly can't wait for the trainwreck that her Ham-stia will be tbh

No. 683162

She had bought the tail and ears, and even made a shitty vest and skirt. She was going to cosplay Retsuko at a con with Vamps as Fenneko, in the end Moo claimed that her shirt was too tight and couldn't buy a new one in time, Vamp still did the Fenneko cosplay, and that's the last we heard of Retsuko from Moo. She's digging that deep into her trash pile for stuff to reuse huh.

No. 683163

Why does she keep delaying Albedo though? She’s been teasing that cosplay and saying it’s being done “next month!” for what seems like two years now. I know she delays and teases cosplays for a long time but Albedo seems like the longest ever. At this point she needs to either just do it or drop it

No. 683167

Gonna need some thick bungee cord for that titty ribbon.

No. 683168

what a shitty ass Malon fanart

No. 683179


Jesus fuck…Fucking bitch!!

No. 683198

File: 1563834891225.png (12.41 MB, 1242x2208, F779AB96-A697-4226-80B9-DBEBBF…)

She’s really out her trying to prove she’s getting fit.

No. 683200

Guaranteed she only used it because of how big they drew her tits. She actually made a relative effort to not use fanart for the rest of these plans (save Bowsette ofc).

One salad a year doesn’t mean you’re finally eating healthy, Mariah. You gotta actually, you know, make a habit of eating better.

No. 683215

how many calories is she even eating to maintain her weight at this point? like 3000? 4000? to lose weight she could just skip out one snack and maybe walk 20 minutes a day

No. 683223

Who is she trying to impress this time? This is the celery saga all over again. I give it two weeks TOPS, and then we will never see her eat a green thing again for another 6 months.
>inb4 a shot of her barren fridge stocked with kale and coconut water

No. 683252

File: 1563847668917.png (3.89 MB, 1782x1570, 726603F2-BD8E-47BF-B5BF-96CA77…)

She’s getting yet another PC built. What happened to the one she got with that OvertFlow guy? It’s not like she does anything productive with her computer. So she blew money in this and treated herself to a new pair of shoes today. Y’know, because she works so hard and deserves it. /s

No. 683253

File: 1563847813478.png (1.65 MB, 1242x2208, 0CB7A399-F4F8-4425-A362-83E666…)

Hardest worker I’ve ever seen y’all

No. 683256

File: 1563848264375.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 705.38 KB, 1216x1334, E1C75FDB-115B-41F3-B43C-979984…)

I hate that I even had to zoom in but this ain’t right, jfc Mariah.

No. 683257

lol pretending she games again! its gonna collect dust. she barely touches her switch. fucking christ. does she even HAVE a steam?

No. 683258

She will now that you mentioned it lol.

Anyone think she might attempt to scam again through Twitch? I can’t remember if she was banned though (probably not)

No. 683263

>>683252 Yeah, she just built another computer right before her second Camversity tenure, when she had the setup in a room upstairs (it was the same room where that light "fell" off the wall, for those who remember).

I don't see why she's doing this. You don't need a gaming computer to order from Amazon, eBay, Aliexpress, and Etsy. And I doubt she's brave enough to stream on Twitch, because Mariah doesn't want people to see how poorly she plays. It would expose her.

No. 683267

Remember anons when she was OBSESSED with celery juice cause it was a healthy guys

No. 683269

File: 1563852171066.jpg (349.95 KB, 1080x1061, 20190722_202046.jpg)

It sounds like Mariah.
Saged because it might belong in Calves more than here.

No. 683274

File: 1563854658516.png (2.7 MB, 1786x999, D8F657AA-0451-4A5B-8B27-AE94EE…)

Vamp proving once again that she has no backbone or dignity.

No. 683276

we were rooting for you colette. we were ALL rooting for you

No. 683278

File: 1563855689095.jpeg (927.71 KB, 1242x1830, F3EE5371-C239-4ADB-B601-02ACCF…)

No. 683279

Samefag but I just noticed this, is that a fucking blister on her pinky toe? Gross. Also the fact she had to photoshop the fuck out of her feet is hilarious.

No. 683280

I’m glad everyone in the comments is commenting on that fucking blister on her toe. She can’t do anything right, even foot pics. Fucking disgusting.

No. 683283

She probably got that blister walking to the door to collect her Uber Eats order.

So whoever edited this had the time to blur the fuck out of her feet but left the blister there for everyone to see. I think she’s reached peak laziness here. Perfectly encapsulates how much she cares about her “job” and the people who pay her to sit on her ass all day.

No. 683284

I love the fact she couldn’t be bothered to pull up an app to look at so she’s not just looking at the home screen.

No. 683285

>>683283 That's a big reason why I don't think Squarecuck actually does her bedroom and bathroom shots, even though she tags him or says he's over. This is amateurish shit right here. Looks like a Mariah project with Mariah's fingerprints all over the results more than anything else.

>>683274 Even though Vamps is a spineless cunt, I still believe she's only going over to see Keven and Brandon more than Mariah.

No. 683295

Be nice. She probably has blisters on her feet from her intense work outs. In her slides.


No. 683300

even though she is obscured in this, she still somehow manages to come across as a special needs person

No. 683304

File: 1563869467599.jpg (202.37 KB, 720x736, 20190723_010538.jpg)

>>683253 Boy, for someone who just spent thousands of dollars to get her "flanks" removed, this excessive amount of photoshop would indicate that she still has deep and excessive back folds.

At first, I thought her pony tail was creating a shadow, but then I started to notice that it's her natural skin tone. She practically painted her entire back white, along with the top part of her arm, which is where her natural skin tone makes an appearance once again.

No. 683310

File: 1563872065186.jpeg (7.8 KB, 209x193, DC898C0B-7B20-4291-A110-5D13B8…)

She could at least have washed her feet for this jfc

No. 683313

But anon! Why bother putting in the effort of bathing and looking presentable when you have photoshop to fix all your problems! /s

No. 683326

File: 1563878401932.jpg (547.66 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20190723-133911.jpg)

absolute unit

No. 683327

Because she’s not that good at photoshop.
Anons with free software who’ve never done it before have shopped her better.

No. 683329

File: 1563878568826.jpeg (467.2 KB, 750x1248, 73D85B7A-41F3-4BB2-8C8F-67A191…)

No. 683338

>still producing sexy, voluptuous and sometimes lewd cosplay

You mean producing lewds and sometimes attempting to do cosplay by getting costumes and wigs commissioned but still looking like trash?

No. 683341

These proportions look like an achondroplastic dwarf with limb lengthening procedures.

No. 683357

Mariah is fat too so this wouldn't make any sense. Doesn't belong in the calves thread either this isn't milk.

No. 683370

Looks like MooMoo is back to her old tricks of paying for exposure on random websites.

No. 683371

File: 1563896771378.jpg (177.61 KB, 1076x628, Screenshot_20190723-084512_Twi…)


Yeah but she has made fun of that one Quiet cosplayer a couple years ago that weighed less than her before too. Might be projecting?

Plus it never said this year, her next reply makes me feel like it could still be Mariah. Saged again.

No. 683374

Is this a self-post?
This could be about anyone, really. It’s still way too vague to immediately jump to assuming it’s about Moo.

No. 683391

Mariah herself has called him out for overshooting her photos, after her fans complained. But I think since then she has been doing it.

No. 683397


the comments section is telling- the few people who even saw this drivel are tearing her apart. The fact that only a few people bothered shows how far into the corner this site is. Nice find though. Haven't laughed so hard at thirsty since gawker went down.

No. 683402

I believe this. You guys keep forgetting Momo fat shames girls she's threatened of. She hates fat even though she pretends she isn't. In her mind she's "thicc" cuz she had the lipo done.

No. 683413

File: 1563908559251.jpeg (454.2 KB, 750x962, A3B5EC58-5C42-409F-AC33-CB1DFE…)

blah blah photo shoots aren’t realistic but this is the most retarded fake drinking

No. 683414

sage for nitpick
but label perfectly out. You wont get sponsored by Fiji Moo, they don't sponsor wannabe porn stars

No. 683415


idk it either looks like she is about to throw up or she is about to shove that bottle down the throat.

No. 683420

Her hair is so matted looking.. This isn't even what cute messy bed head looks like. This is just poor care.

No. 683421

she needs to stop putting in her ratty extensions, wash her hair and deep condition it weekly. But apparently basic hair care is too much for her

No. 683428

Literally where is her wrist? She’s using the black hair tie to make it look like she has one but her wrist is gone.

No. 683434


I like that she made sure to keep her lube tube visible on the bedside table. Much sex appeal.

No. 683438

The only way she was able to get the label perfectly facing out is because Fiji bottles are square

No. 683440

But anons, she has to pretend the bottle is a dick because she probably refuses to drink water otherwise.

No. 683443

Too bad Momo has proven to be so out of touch with sex she has no idea how to suck cock well.

No. 683460

File: 1563924431162.png (1.48 MB, 1238x2048, Screenshot_20190723-162321.png)

Whenever Umbran responds to Mariah's posts, it seems to always be so creepy… But at least it's attention, right?

No. 683461

I think she’s running out of things to call Moo. Angelic? Bitch get out of here, she looks like road kill. Stop trying to get in her pants, she’s literally baiting you so she can get reduced prices crispy wigs.

No. 683462

What makes it 10x worse is she adds her face to all of her creepy posts. She looks exactly like one of those overweight stalker autists that get overly attached to the people they idolize, but then go absolutely crazy (Sometimes harmful) when you tell them to cut the crap.

Except I notice she likes to stick herself to people with a following. Trash attracts trash I guess.

No. 683464

>>683413 This upcoming set epitomizes how stupid her Patreon subscribers really are. She tells all of these people that the money she makes via Patreon goes towards quality costumes, accessories, and photography, and this lazy bitch throws on a tank top and high school gym shorts, and buys a $3 bottle of water in order to convince people she's a hard working cosplayer.

She makes all of these announcements, and she does this, plus she's recycling her Tsunade set from about 8 months ago. It's pathetic.

No. 683467

>>68340 she said it was a small cosplayer and that she didn't want to expose them from a thread about situations that happen to cosplayers that made them want to quit. Don't think it's about Moo. Although I wouldn't doubt that Moo fatshames her friends all the time too given what happened to NaNa.

No. 683472

You're right. She's definitely a starfish that tries to sound like a hentai character but instead sounds like a dying cat.

No. 683511

File: 1563937130639.png (3.95 MB, 1242x2208, 52C74D3A-6126-47E1-8344-F977F0…)

No. 683512

File: 1563937173724.png (6.09 MB, 1242x2208, 21BA673D-2C58-426D-930F-58CBBD…)

So much for that clean eating.

No. 683517

This probably is considered clean eating to her anon lol

No. 683527

actually this is a good meal… for someone who is building muscle at the gym every day for at least an hour.

but this is a very poor choice for her since she lives a sedentary life style. It will only help with her weight gain. She needs BOTH cardio and BASIC strength training while reducing her calories and drinking water.

No. 683529

She doesn't need the potatoes. She doesn't need that much seasoned red meat. Dont talk building muscle when she's not even doing it right. That's a poor choice and more of a cheat meal.

No. 683531

there's no potatoes there.

No. 683532

Anon those aren't eggs. Lol.

No. 683533

JFC! I just noticed that isn't yolk, it's fucking butter! nm, I take back my health advice. She's just putting butter on everything

No. 683536

It’s olive oil. She’s eating hummus

No. 683543


ITT: People who have never seen Hummus before.
Also… wasn't she pretending to be vegan… or keto… or something recently? Hummus isn't keto and meat (obv) isn't vegan, so??

No. 683544

File: 1563946503635.png (3.47 MB, 750x1334, AB28EB61-9729-4C54-90CA-4ACDA0…)

Literal humpty dumpty

No. 683547

that lipo was a mistake…her face has never been this round…and probably wouldn't be if she hadn't done it. I'm so scared rn. this looks so bad. I had to do a double take.

No. 683551

>>683544 Her cosplays usually aren't any good, but she's absolutely killing it as an Old Country Buffet hostess in this bathroom selfie. Sensational!

No. 683558

File: 1563948540589.jpeg (617.07 KB, 1242x1630, 9BDC2EC5-04A5-41DD-BA21-45BF9E…)


No. 683582

I don't know how their team fucked up so bad. Just googling her for 5 minutes shows she's so hated it's basically a meme by now

No. 683587

Might want to hide the fact that it's your account that messaged them.

No. 683588

Well at least we know who to thank for the news kek

I thought she had already been talked about by these people once before - am I wrong?

No. 683590

You're not kidding. Her face is a literal circle shape now. Wasn't she supposed to wear that compression stuff to avoid this? Her face must be filled with fluid pretty bad.

No. 683601

Yes, they linked to it in the new one. The new article was basically a copy paste of the old one with like one additional sentence and different photos.

No. 683605

Honestly I think the argument over this is as dumb as nitpicking how fat she is. Who cares what she fucking eats? We all know it's unhealthy junkfood. A person doesn't balloon into obesity overnight. We know she's clearly lying about ever eating healthy. Let's move on from nitpicking her food choices and assume it's all garbage.

No. 683680

She's not doing Keto. Keto you actually have to put time and effort into meal prep. As well as portion control, low carbs, no sugar and high amounts of healthy fats. She eats fucking rice all the time. Don't you know Moo cant fully commit to anything other than being stupid and self absorbed?

No. 683713

>at my main job i'm a manager at a grocery store called Albertsons

Huh, I thought that was her. She works at my neighborhood Albertsons, the more you know

No. 683728

i know what hummus is. i said they weren't potatoes.

No. 683808

She never claimed to be keto or vegan.
She only mentioned not being allowed to eat carbs right after her lipo I think. Either way, it was just shortly before stuffing her face with rice balls at AX.

No. 683810

O shit, kigustop used to be a local cow of mine until she moved to la. She’s rude, takes credit for others work, and supports a lot of awful people.
Of course Moo would be drawn to her stuff.

No. 683851

File: 1564008449337.png (2.45 MB, 1242x2208, B60EE89E-DF72-48F8-9780-CEB1E0…)

Is this person blind or just stupid? Assuming both. They weren’t wrong about her cosplays being on fire though, a dumpster fire.

No. 683857

Every point she makes moo is the exact opposite of. Lazy, slow, basic costumes, sameface makeup, no creativity at all and somebody that prefers quick fixes to her body instead of accepting herself or working hard to make a change.

No. 683859

Its for clout. All the no name thots are tagging big names for shoutouts today. And Moo is the last person you want an acknowledgement from so yes, stupid tryhard girls.

No. 683870

File: 1564011933122.jpeg (560.65 KB, 750x1107, 1EDBDE98-4522-40A2-9F29-393A3E…)

No. 683871

Her face us so unsettling with all that work.

No. 683873

This is some uncanny valley shit. The more I look at it the weirder it becomes.
I'll never understand her fixation with making her skin look so plastic-like and repulsive.

No. 683878

The hell is with her left eye!? Is it just the shitty wig in the way or is that the same thing she had going on at Anime Expo?

No. 683887

File: 1564013810563.jpg (586.41 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190724-191707_Ins…)

Its gone

No. 683895

>>683851 I'm paraphrasing a certain historic figure, but he's known for saying "If you repeat the lie often enough, people will believe it as truth". That's exactly what she does to these feeble minded people who praise her for her non-existent work ethic.

No. 683910

File: 1564016674140.gif (4.14 MB, 500x281, 1553362641409.gif)

Her chin, jawline and neck are all blended together. Holy shit. So much for all that lipo.

No. 683971

File: 1564024769821.png (1.58 MB, 720x1199, Screenshot_2019-07-24-20-13-53…)

No. 683979

is her one eye normally that fucked up? what the shit

No. 683981

File: 1564026608014.jpg (571.41 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190724-204738_Ins…)

She must think that if she's seen inside of a gym with people who obviously exercise, that people will automatically assume she's exercising as well.

No. 683983

His poor girlfriend is going to have to get the same treatment as sensei's girlfriend. "I'm more of your type than your girlfriend is, look at how much we have in common! I even have money!"

No. 683997

One is swole and one is swollen.

No. 684008

Bitch has a lazy eye. It's really obvious in some photos.

No. 684009

Someone tell Moo that "swole" and "bloated like a 2 week old waterlogged corpse" are not the same thing.

No. 684017

File: 1564030766424.jpg (91.76 KB, 1080x977, 41711510_663837980682906_11588…)

Here's a shot from her previous Tsunade shoot for comparison.

No. 684019

>>684017 This new set looks so much worse, and that's just honest criticism without any malicious intent.

No. 684020

>>684019 Samefag. I'm obviously critiquing the new photo shown in >>683870, which manages to make her old set look like a breath of fresh air.

No. 684022

one thing that strikes me when looking at this is just how boring her cosplays are. They never have much expression or character to them other than "look at me I have big boobs"

No. 684025

I hate this wig so much. I don’t know why she styled the bangs like that, they look so cartoony and bad and just emphasize on her small head.

No. 684046

It's kinda funny how much time and effort you seem to put into offering free visibility for someone you claim to despise so much. :D(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 684047


She looks more like Tana Mongeau than Tsunade.

No. 684049

File: 1564034440698.jpg (46.46 KB, 841x778, le monke.JPG)

her lips make her look like a monkey

No. 684078

How the fuck she has all those patrons man, there's a lot of better cosplayers with less, WTF!

No. 684083

why the fuck would someone pay for cosplay? people are paying to see her ass hole

No. 684092


The number of Patrons means almost nothing anon. A lot of them are bought (or possibly pledge for pledge, as was the case with Onision). Her numbers seem to conveniently always go up whenever she's faced with criticism.

This is standard operating procedure for her. Most of her followers on Instagram are bought (and on Twitter when she still had it). There's a couple giveaways that this is the case. 1) When her accounts were banned or deleted, she would gain back the same number of followers on a new account in a matter of days (which is basically impossible to do). 2) She can't seem to move any merch, which, for someone with her size following (625,000 on Insta), shouldn't be that hard. 3) Follower engagement is abysmal. On Instagram she's got 625,000 followers. Her most recent post got 19,900 likes - that's about 3% of her followers, which is average if you're a normal user, but REALLY bad when your whole career is on social media.

No. 684152

Every day she looks more and more like a cheap cam girl who just discovered cosplay yesterday.

No. 684154

Weve been through this before. Its ridiculously complicated to buy pledges and pretend they are patrons. Most people on these third party sign up sites never interact anyway, just a few people. Most of them just 'like'. Her Patrons are legit.

No. 684155

To add on,any social is literally just a like with no interactions or a follow with no other interaction. This goes for twitter and insta, but those can have bought follows, but Facebook's insta detection is not only fucked, its hard hitting and they know when youre buying. She hasnt bought shit in like 2 years. Its wishful, out the ass thinking shes doing that now. People follow numbers regardless and a lot of them are there for the drama. Just like how leakers are just there to leak sets. Not ever number is a 'good' follow.

No. 684192

A big ol yikes.
Shaming KayBear for working does nothing but make you look like an a-hole.

No one deserves to be assaulted no matter what they do. Just saying.

No. 684200

What’s with all the scrotes shitting up multiple threads lately? Neckbeards are such whiny little bitches.

No. 684208

I'll be glad when school's back in and all these try-hard edge lords have to go back to school.

It doesnt matter what a woman chooses to do with her own body, that doesn't give other people permission to assault her.