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File: 1512619198062.png (990.66 KB, 720x1182, 1512527963229.png)

No. 472802

First thread: >>>/snow/93507
Previous thread: >>469626

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MomokunCosplay
NEW Twitter: https://twitter.com/omariahmallad
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Momokun
Instagram & Snapchat: mariahmallad
Twitch: https://go.twitch.tv/mariahmallad

IG Stories Archive: https://isdb.pw/mariahmallad

Google Drive:

Attn: Please keep the discussion about Momokun, her lackeys have their own thread here >>>/snow/386826

The basics:
>”body positive”, but photoshops her body; resorted to getting liposuction to keep some semblance of figure (and failing miserably) all while lying by saying she's exercising
>so laughably bad at making cosplays; gets 90% of costumes commissioned/bought and then makes gloves so she can credit herself as a talented cosplayer and claim her money is "hard-earned"
>does "boudoir"/softcore porn shoots to hide how shitty her costumes are, including lewd shoots with fuckboys
>thinks she's hot shit; delusional about her level of fame where she'll loiter around booths/other cosplayers or pretend to be a con guest
>has to beg for money, con passes, or just ghosts at cons despite making over $10k per month on Patreon
>Spends chunks of her Patreon income on food, drugs, alcohol, t-shirts, other patreons rather than on actual cosplay
>pretends to know about the series she cosplays, despite evidence proving otherwise; will tweet profound essays to prove her expert fan knowledge
>Has lewded young characters for the attention & her own pleasure; backpedals after backlash
>Goes on crazy media tirades against people like old fuckboy KBBQ, old photog, yet preaches about being nice to everyone
>constantly goes on pity party rants or videos, trying to make people feel bad for her about things that are happening to her when she’s done the same

Highlights from the Last Thread:
>As of now only has 21.5k followers on her new twitter, can’t afford to buy new fakes but posts about doing a $500 giveaway
>Does not stop fucking with her hair despite getting scalp burns
>Pics of her sad Cindy ass show up
>Her precious kitten has a roundworm infection
>Still insisting on establishing her "OC" with photoshoots in different costumes
>"Be nice to everyone uwu" immediately won't stop mentioning how NGE is trash anime according to Moo's high standards
>@s Taco Bell to complain and show she's still eating like shit
>Begins taking pics for #LewdsChristmas pics are NSFL

No. 472839

def had to bring this over to this new thread since she was such a passive aggressive asshole

No. 472850

File: 1512630348582.png (701.97 KB, 865x575, Screenshot 2017-12-06 at 11.05…)

No. 472851

File: 1512630380136.png (665.01 KB, 862x577, Screenshot 2017-12-06 at 11.05…)

No. 472852

Is this bitch really 22? The bad wig, the glasses and the booze makes her look 40 something

No. 472853

File: 1512630954262.png (494.36 KB, 481x600, Screenshot 2017-12-06 at 11.15…)

No. 472855

File: 1512631114201.png (370.71 KB, 612x602, Screenshot 2017-12-06 at 11.18…)

yo that boob sweat tho

No. 472856

I almost wanna tinfoil and say she’s trying to look “asian” in this one

No. 472857

The “sweat” is the weird ass shading on the suit

No. 472862

File: 1512632295830.png (158.31 KB, 720x941, Screenshot_2017-12-06-23-35-46…)

No. 472863

You would credit her with understanding irony? Bold, Anon. Bold.

No. 472864

looks like the IT clown smile

No. 472887

when will this bitch realize that opening her eyes as wide as possible + the intense coloured contacts just makes her look like she’s on crack. even worse when she has those damn huge falsies on

No. 472892

Happy thread #40. This time last year it was only #7. Shows you how quickly she's been going downhill in just a year alone.

No. 472896

File: 1512656945137.jpg (87.14 KB, 1280x720, ePyCpYM.jpg)

How can she be irl Mei when she never gets her hair right? This is the wig she used for punk Mei but regular Mei 99% has an updo and very short hair

No. 472899

Even with the regular hairstyle she couldn't part the wig right, such close attention to details much irl Mei my dudes

No. 472907

to be fair, mei's hair couldn't possibly have an updo and be that short. this is like dumb anime levels of not understanding how hair works. thanks blizzard.

No. 472909

File: 1512668007022.png (67.99 KB, 720x400, Screenshot_2017-12-07-09-31-53…)

So much for working hard

No. 472928

This skin must have a short cropped bob which is super fucking easy to buy on Amazon/ebay. No cutting or styling needed. How she thought it was shoulder length is beyond me.

No. 472931

She always seems afraid to do anything with pretty short hair not sure why

No. 472932

>>472931 because short hair exposes the jowls and multiple chins, it may also be something about the face tape she uses or just that it's easier to hide back rolls with hair

No. 472941


It’s because short hair only accentuates her disgusting features. Her fat bloated face and multiple chins would be put on full display.

No. 472950

File: 1512677787946.png (233.56 KB, 720x937, Screenshot_2017-12-07-12-13-09…)

No. 472951

File: 1512677815501.png (200.1 KB, 720x942, Screenshot_2017-12-07-12-13-14…)

No. 472952

File: 1512677843005.png (185.71 KB, 720x934, Screenshot_2017-12-07-12-14-05…)

No. 472954


Antares is really leeching off of Mooriah. I can't wait to see how this turns out.

No. 472956

>I don't understand how someone could be racist
>but ching chong ching ching chong amirite my dudes?!

No. 472958

>In order to continue our mission of funding the creative class, we’re always looking for ways to do what’s best for our creators. With that, we’re writing to tell you of a change we’re making so that all Patreon creators take home exactly 95% of every pledge, with no additional fees.
>Starting December 18th, we will apply a new service fee of 2.9% + $0.35 that patrons will pay for each individual pledge. This service fee helps keep Patreon up and running.
>Creators get a small boost, patreon makes 118% more money and the patrons are fucked over
Will this hurt mooriah?

No. 472959

You sound like someone who doesn't know how to train their nigga, my dude

No. 472960


The fact that she's resting under 90% and her patron reward images are freely posted online, plus this new change, I'd be surprised if she didn't have a significan't drop next month.

No. 472961


I’m so sick of this fake “oh my god I don’t understand how anyone can hate other people. We should all love each other” bullshit she constantly does. She literally wants asspats for not being a racist piece of shit, as if she is the only that thinks this way and everyone else needs to catch up to her. How up your own ass can you possibly get?


Yeah, I wouldn’t be surprised at all if some of her patrons started ducking out after this. Considering how late she is on delivering content (if she delivers it at all), and how she practically posts 90% of the sets on her socia media for free as “teasers” I see a huge drop off coming in the next few months.

No. 472972

File: 1512681907953.png (56.7 KB, 733x402, TxwSxfe.png)

Look at how caring and loving she is for paying off her family's debt like the amazing person she is my dudes.

Two faced cunt.

No. 472974

This is what she spends her Patreon money on? Bailing out her deadbeat family? Wow, I wonder if her fans think they're getting their money's worth. At least it explains the shit quality of her costumes.

No. 472975


Who plasters this kind of personal shit online? Seriously? I'm glad your mom can cry over your money from men objectifying you, grabbing your breasts, spreading fake cum all over your mouth and face and flashing you vag in a dirty mirror selfie, you disgusting, vile cow.

No. 472977

There was an old tweet she made about short hair being "dyke"-y or something, if I recall correctly. She's bi apparently but maybe she has a fear of being seen as butchy or people seeing more of her fat ugly face like other anons have said.

No. 472978

Its funny that when people realized her dad/ mom were never out of work (like she claimed) she's now using the excuse of her grandpa gambling away money and going into debt.

No. 472979


She definitely throws money around to keep her relationships solid, family or friend because deep in her narcissist heart she loves nobody else but herself.

No. 472981

I think she said something along the lines of she could never be a lesbian because she loves her hair too much.

No. 472982

File: 1512683403277.jpg (81.22 KB, 1174x820, vpvdv8r.jpg)


She sure did love using that word a lot.

No. 472983

I thought her family was well off?

No. 472984

Upper middle class

No. 472985

lesbians don't have periods?
shes so obnoxious oh lemme guess shes changed since then! everyone says homophobic things when they're young!

No. 472987

I don’t think Islamic culture would condone her spreading her ass cheeks for money.

No. 472991

I could have sworn she was catholic in one pic. Wore a cross and a catholic shirt. Hmm… no way would she lie about her religion to hip and cool. No way. Especially to the Stacies in high school who were most likely catholic and trying to be like them. Or when it's hip and cool to be oppressed now, so she's playing up the arab and Muslim side.

No way would she instantly adopt an image to get attention and then drop it in two weeks. Remember when OMG HUGE FAN OF GAME OF THRONES MUH DUDES

No. 472992

Yes, because once you commit to the lesbian lifestyle, most of your hair instantly falls out until it becomes a perfectly fresh and trendy pixie/undercut.
She's so stupid. I know these tweets are old, but it makes me think she bullied gay kids in high school. Now she's out here making her living off of nerdy shit the kids she bullied might've been into while suggestively posing with other girls. What an asshole.

No. 472996


It’s absolutely disgusting that she would publicly talk about this. It is so transparent that she is looking for asspats from her fans for being “such a good person who loves and takes care of her family!!” Like is she really publicly talking about her family’s financial troubles and bragging about being able to take care of it?

I’m sure her patrons loving knowing all the money they give to her is not going towards her cosplay but instead to take care of her deadbeat family. And I’m sure her parents love knowing that all that cash is coming from her selling photos of herself with fake cum smeared all over her tits and guys grabbing her tits.

No. 473001

File: 1512687372160.png (815.52 KB, 720x1024, Screenshot_2017-12-07-14-54-42…)

Only and best Pochaco my dudes ignore the 1000 other ones

No. 473005

File: 1512688028515.png (763.21 KB, 720x1181, Screenshot_2017-12-07-15-03-29…)

>I paid off all my family's debts and loans

No. 473006

File: 1512688086020.png (680.24 KB, 720x1178, Screenshot_2017-12-07-15-02-52…)

>I paid off all my family's debts and loans

No. 473007

File: 1512688114283.jpeg (675.57 KB, 3444x3444, A2F1D132-4C55-4947-B582-64B5A9…)

Where are all these people coming from? Seems like all in the same time frame recently.

No. 473008

File: 1512688116097.png (966.25 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-12-07-15-01-57…)

No. 473009

File: 1512688157223.png (1.4 MB, 720x1182, Screenshot_2017-12-07-15-02-09…)

No. 473010

File: 1512688192429.png (1.07 MB, 720x1189, Screenshot_2017-12-07-15-02-14…)

No. 473011

File: 1512688223464.png (1.51 MB, 720x1188, Screenshot_2017-12-07-15-02-20…)

No. 473013


yeah, fuck those people who grind 12-16h shifts. Getting naked and pictures taken is exhausting, poor Moohriah, enjoy the holidays

No. 473016

she's probably just dead with stress constantly since her income is always teetering on the edge.

No. 473018

Hey Mariah, I hope you read this because you know exactly who I am. I’m Muslim and a cosplayer. I’m really fucking sick and tired of your shit. I don’t give half a fuck anymore of your porn or shitty “cosplay” career. Do what you want with your own damn body. But when you keep talking about Islam, the few times a year you do to “renew” your POC card, is really disrespectful and tucked up to the rest of Muslim girls that stand strong to their faith and culture and traditions and who they are, no matter how much the tide changes. If you’re not practicing (you’re not) you don’t fast you don’t recognize any issues happening in the world and this country, then stop saying you’re Muslim. This is your last warning.

Saged for rant

No. 473019


Not to mention the other incredibly shitty things you do on a day to day basis that makes Muslims look bad. Your fan base is huge and when you say these things and they see it, they will relate Muslims to people like you, and that’s way too fucking close to home. Pretend to be Muslim as much as you want, stop fucking advertising it.

No. 473027


Yeah. She pretty only mentions being Muslim whenever she is looking to renew her “oppressed poc” card. She’ll make up some over top story about how “she was afraid to wear her hijab when she was a child because the other mean kids would always rip it off her head and call her a terrorist” or how she was constantly called “sand nigger” growing up or how she was afraid her family was going to get deported when Trump won.

It’s just disgusting seeing her use that as a “get out jail free” card to excuse all her bullshit so that if you ever call her in her bullshit she’ll just call you are bigot who is trying to oppress her. And when actual Muslims call her out, she immediately goes to “Oh, well you’re obviously doing it wrong, unlike me”.

No. 473033

File: 1512691146817.png (638.8 KB, 720x865, Screenshot_2017-12-07-15-57-16…)

No. 473040

File: 1512691764256.png (180.01 KB, 750x1334, 9265212D-E2DC-473C-A77A-FC35BB…)

Tweet she’s responding to is gone (or at least I can’t find it)

No. 473042

File: 1512692624595.jpeg (231.68 KB, 750x634, 609EDB39-5533-4BFE-ABE4-69B640…)

Samefag, sorry. I found it, the twitter just got restricted because she probably reported it

No. 473045


How does someone even "pay off families" debts without them knowing? I'm sure Mariah doesn't know her parents personal banking or credit card information, and no one is going to give it to you no matter what relation you are.

No. 473046

>i moved out when i was 21 so i could become an obese alcoholic camslut without anyone telling me not to

No. 473048


u forgot to add drug addict

No. 473050

>grandpa better not gamble it away again
>grandpa died a few months ago

No. 473051

It's really triggering me how she's calling EMIYA Shirou. That and her being so retarded she doesn't know how to ascend servants when the tutorial even tells you how. She obviously doesn't give a shit about Fate and is just latching onto it for ~nerd girl~ points. Not that it's a surprise.

No. 473053

>>473050 This is a reach, come on, her other grandfather might still be living.

No. 473055

I’ve noticed a lot of big anime meme instagrams mocking her so maybe that’s why (apologies for no screenshots, my phone will not allow me for some reason)

No. 473056

She wants to be Pochaco since her mommy is Sonico this bitch is so transparent

No. 473058

bout to be a fight i bet. this girl prolly knows moo from highschool and moo is so stupid she doesn't remember her

No. 473060


Absolutely. Just another desperate as fuck attempt for cosmama to acknowledge her even more.

No. 473062

Does she even know the original creator's name? Because it seems like she's avoiding saying it on purpose due to her lack of knowledge. I'm amused.

Sage for nitpick.

No. 473063


No. 473065

>jnig comments about how she loves this figure

No. 473067


if mariah loved her family as much as she says she does, she wouldn't make such a public deal about "helping them" with $$$. who tf airs the family's dirty laundry and money problems so freely?

No. 473068


didn't she bitch about her mom bot buying her a car. If her mom working two jobs is true, Mariah is a mega cunt

No. 473069


I understand it's great and all what she did for her family but it just gets tiring hearing her always praising her good deeds. You don't see fucking Martin Luther King going "see what I did for people of color?? See?!" Only person who jerks themselves off as much as her is Trump. Its sick how validated she has to be.

No. 473070

mlk is dead anon

No. 473075


Obviously. I'm just stating how people who actually do good do not need to feel validated by telling the whole world what they did for brownie points.

No. 473077


If they need the help she wouldn't be moving out alone and spending her patreon money on the useless shit she's been using it on. If anything she would let her family move into the BIG house she always shows off about. That would make more sense. She doesn't care about her family and they don't care about her. They only care about her money if anything. Didn't her family disown her for porn already? Also she's making it sound like her family is dirt broke. She has her own car it seems and I'm sure her parents have their own cars (especially if they're work two jobs. They need to get to work somehow). Oh not to mention she never had to pay rent while living there because people in actual bad situations pay rent to help their family. Didn't she also say her dad was UNEMPLOYED??? How is he working two jobs all of a sudden?

No. 473078

Ugh she doesn't deserve to have such good servants.
Also, if Vamp only helped out with Tamamo and Emiya, why is Waver in his final form?
I don't think this is actually her account.

No. 473082

File: 1512702309046.jpg (68.85 KB, 762x1500, mouth.jpg)

No. 473083

File: 1512702346978.png (307.12 KB, 600x550, 3108325b93112a3456384e0b1c4904…)

someone doesn't pay attention to what she posts~~

No. 473085


She's a huge fucking liar. Anyone can tell from her past photos she always lived in a nice house and had nice things, and she bitched about her mother not buying her the right car. She's only 22, only 4 years out of highschool, so it's not like this was forever ago. And again, I say how in the hell is she able to "pay off her family's debt" without having access to their private account information or credit card numbers. Did she just hurl a magic amount of money at them and TELL them to pay their bills with it? Regardless, no one airs this kind of shit out in public unless their stupidly insecure, which she is. She's also moving soon right? What is she going to do when she moves if this sudden gracious good deed left her in a bit of a pinch money wise as she says. Stop trying to be a saint Mooriah and quit lying to make yourself look like a decent person, decent people don't have to flaunt their shit out in the open.

No. 473086

Honestly I'm guessing she just doesn't know that Waver reverse ages as he ascends since she doesn't actually play the game.

No. 473089

I saw red a bit when I saw the Waver, but then I noticed he's just a support. Also, it looks like she's not bothering with the event at all, has she even posted anything about Santa Alter?

No. 473098


weeb bitch

No. 473099

Underrated call back.

No. 473103

>learning about all the cultures in Asia from one Asian American who probably only knows whatever weeb shit she’s been exposed to

way2go retard

doubt she even knows that asia is a hell of a lot more than Japan/korea/china

No. 473104

Or she’s making up shit as she always does.

No. 473106


Correct me if I'm wrong but don't female Muslims start to wear hijab when they're teenagers? I don't think kids are suppose to wear them.

No. 473110

>cost 55

She doesn't play often if we go by when she claimed she started playing.
It's so she can show off about how much of a fate fan she is, but the little details give it away.

No. 473112

Ah right you are!
Now that you mention it, I'm surprised she didn't try to do Santa Alter. It would make sense for her because it's a pretty lewd outfit to begin with and she supposedly loves Fate so much. Of course, knowing her, she'd just get a Navy lingerie set and call it Santa Alter.

No. 473113

yup they don't. they do it at 13 i think as a sign of their faith (or cause parents make them)

No. 473116

sage for OT muslim rant but her even if her family/her were muslim or practicing at all, they aren't the type to wear hijab, otherwise her mom would wear it. if she chose to, she'd be practicing and her lifestyle is haram as fuck.

No. 473117

I mean, you could've taken the time to go look. That's what I did. >>>/pt/467316

No. 473119

If what Momo says is true the reason why her parents had to work 2 jobs is because she's an insufferable brat who needed 2 cars because the first one wasn't what she wanted. That and I bet they paid a hefty food bill as well. Sage for OT BS

No. 473122

>cat ears
>rabbit ears
>i am so detail oriented

No. 473124

no, her mom bought her the wrong car.

No. 473125

File: 1512711834087.png (87.44 KB, 228x275, 1509028742267.png)

perfect comparison

No. 473133

File: 1512714361792.png (1.54 MB, 750x1334, 34D7901B-8FE1-42B6-ACE1-7E7A91…)

She just posted like six stories of her repeatedly aggressively kissing Guzma for like five minutes straight and it’s so obvious that he’s annoyed and upset about it. Jesus fucking Christ the way she manhandles this cat is so disgusting.

No. 473134

File: 1512714404741.png (642.55 KB, 750x1334, 0F3D1534-4601-4987-97A1-2EFD6B…)

No. 473136

her dad is definitely not unemployed. his job starts at $40k per year and he's been there for a few years.

No. 473138

so that cat still has worms, right

No. 473139

It's been a week or so and she's been using over-the-counter PLUS doctor prescribed meds apparently so maybe

No. 473140

i somehow missed she got it meds. thats good at least

No. 473145

She didn't even announce the winners like she said she would

No. 473146

she did

No. 473151

Also thigh high vs no thigh high

Why does she think every basic meme outfit is about her??

No. 473155

File: 1512720630793.png (1.17 MB, 720x1189, Screenshot_2017-12-08-00-08-12…)

No. 473156

So to put things in perspective. She's doing the whole cow thing because she thinks she's like Mora Linda from Las Lindas. The Furry comic strip created by Chalo. Even down to how she acts as a person in similarity to the character Mora.

No. 473157

File: 1512721206724.png (1.02 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20171208-031830.png)

And they were all awful

No. 473158

File: 1512721235837.jpg (615.87 KB, 2048x2048, IMG_20171208_031836.jpg)

No. 473159

File: 1512721266409.jpg (589.09 KB, 2048x2048, IMG_20171208_031839.jpg)

No. 473160

File: 1512721299363.jpg (586.51 KB, 2048x2048, IMG_20171208_031842.jpg)

No. 473161

File: 1512721319838.jpg (552.36 KB, 2048x2048, IMG_20171208_031844.jpg)

No. 473163

File: 1512721492600.jpg (593.96 KB, 2048x2048, IMG_20171208_032401.jpg)

No. 473164

File: 1512721514872.jpg (570.56 KB, 2048x2048, IMG_20171208_032409.jpg)

No. 473165

File: 1512721608667.png (773.81 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20171208-032533.png)

Sorry that was a lot but this is the last I swear. How many of these 54 can we actually consider her cosplaying?

No. 473167

I like the clear and sharp decrease in effort and quality through the year.

No. 473168

i wonder how many pounds shes gained this year, despite 2 lipo trips

No. 473172

I really want to find an unedited beginning of the year picture and end of the year picture from her to see the difference. Especially her face

No. 473173

check thread 7 i guess, since someone said thats where it was last year

i dunno if its here or snow

No. 473175

File: 1512723593454.png (300.96 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20171208-035848.png)

This is just making me cringe

No. 473176

Posts like this is why everyone thinks she's on drugs.

No. 473177

Mariah is the type of person who would threaten suicide if Jnig dropped her

No. 473178

File: 1512724697161.png (1.54 MB, 750x1334, 1482884697650.png)

I tried my best but there werent any unedited selfies but you can still tell a huge difference

No. 473179

File: 1512724729942.png (780.6 KB, 720x1196, 1511932488665.png)

No. 473180

File: 1512724775635.png (1.62 MB, 750x1334, 1482343006293.png)

Here are the heavy makeup ones

No. 473181


She better be careful if she's really throwing money around the way she has been these past several months. It doesn't matter how much money you make a month if your just flinging it around like this, I hope her patreon tanks next month.

No. 473182

File: 1512724796934.png (964.33 KB, 720x1188, 1512510224843.png)

No. 473184

File: 1512725198485.jpg (565.78 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20171208_042110.jpg)

No. 473185

File: 1512725234704.jpg (717.74 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20171208_042534.jpg)

No. 473186

File: 1512725292252.jpg (739.28 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20171208_042335.jpg)

Her face isn't even close to the same shape anymore

No. 473188

those filters alter your face - they also clear up your skin so it's not really a fair comparison
this fucking monstrosity is though

No. 473189

Yea I tried to find the best matches for some. I was more just showing the face shape difference with that comparison rather than her skin

No. 473190

They also change your face shape

No. 473192

File: 1512726121504.jpg (651.1 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20171208_044043.jpg)

Here then. She is even doing a similar face

No. 473197

Creepy, pathetic at the same time.

No. 473203

Channeling that Onion on that last one.

No. 473204


Cant help but feel sad or pity for her, I would imagine she isnt happy with how she is looking (hence the lipo) but likes her life style too much, which may lead to more procedures. So she's stuck in a rut.

Losing paterons might actually help her in the long run

Sage for my sad rant

No. 473206

>>473204 Why would you pity someone who is a shit human being and who did this to themselves? She has proven time and time again that she doesn't give 2 shits about anyone but herself, and lives a crappy lifestyle.

No. 473208

File: 1512732178552.png (79.49 KB, 720x387, Screenshot_2017-12-08-03-20-38…)

No. 473209

File: 1512732202762.png (151.77 KB, 720x733, Screenshot_2017-12-08-03-20-19…)

No. 473210

File: 1512732323429.png (189.26 KB, 720x935, Screenshot_2017-12-08-03-24-13…)

No. 473211

>im shy
>half naked/naked pictures all over the internet

No. 473212


I'm sure patreon would LOVE to hear about how you don't deliver any of your rewards on time if at all you stupid cow.

>>473210 Shy yet you flash your tits and vagina all over the internet, get the fuck out of here

No. 473213

God that's painful to read.

"I love your fate / stay night cosplay! I can only speak a little Japanese. aaaaaa You are cool!"

No. 473214

File: 1512733799097.png (23.51 KB, 646x334, translate.PNG)


this is so clearly google translate

No. 473218

Hell everyone and welcome to a game we call bingo. Here our professional cosplayer has given us bingo cards of photo grids of all the cosplay she has done this year. crowd react card: YAY Now we will label what she purchased and commissioned. Bonus if you can name the items that are not cosplay!

Let’s play!

No. 473219

File: 1512736297992.jpeg (7.92 MB, 3072x3072, 1BC002D3-CDF8-4066-9110-47F4F5…)

No. 473220

File: 1512736334712.jpeg (4.89 MB, 3072x3072, 4FEFE56F-4C7B-4378-A411-F3F8FB…)

No. 473221

File: 1512736372589.jpeg (4.97 MB, 3072x3072, A22607A9-BA6E-4097-82AC-FDB00C…)

No. 473222

File: 1512736403085.jpeg (5.19 MB, 3072x3072, 8B9F41F7-6BED-4658-B47E-2F65B4…)

No. 473223

File: 1512736445334.jpeg (4.83 MB, 3072x3072, 2E9F5B79-B96C-41B3-9258-AFD7FE…)

No. 473224

File: 1512736479030.jpeg (5.25 MB, 3072x3072, 44AC4515-54E5-427C-9394-9CABC4…)

No. 473225

*alterations in terms of cutting things to make them shorter does not count because my kindergartener can do the same thing.

No. 473226

so like 6, tops.

No. 473240


Holy shit, I didn't realize she wore that many "cosplays" this year. About 50 and all of them laughably forgettable. Quality over quantity Moo.

No. 473241

Hold up. Wasn't she claiming to be a professional Japanese translator last year? Kek.

No. 473245

lol nah guys, she's claiming that santa tsuji is a big fan and based his new pochaco art off of her generic and boring 'virgin killer' sweater that is totes unique.

No. 473246

there are 2 bondage cows and 2 scarecrow don't you even know how to count mariah?

No. 473247

I call bullshit, because no one with a family who's actually in debt/poor would air the dirty laundry to their thousands of followers like that.

Does Annabelle count as a cosplay, though? Someone from a Facebook page did her makeup and gave her a wig, that's it. No costume and no "shoot". >>473221 nailed it

No. 473249

lol no shit. the game's title should be in english not kana, everyone knows what it is. plus the aaaa part should be あ~~~ not just a bunch of あs. she's using too many pronouns too.

No. 473250

she's still never had an ass.

No. 473256

read the thread, that compilation was made by moo herself

No. 473258

Look at all the green and red! It’s like Christmas up in this bitch, she made a total of like 5. Pathetic as fuck.

No. 473259

no one is saying she didn't just debating if it's cosplay, which it's not.

No. 473263


Sage for japanese fagottry, but many "あ"s are also acceptable. But it doesn't matter, she used google translator anyway even though she's totes a japanese translator that working on the Higurashi Manga translation team, right??

That cosplay chart is only shows me how much she gained. The legs on that first Mei Cosplay vs. the Yoko cosplay for example..

No. 473266

Yup, then she backpedaled and said she didn't know Japanese but was also claiming her name "Momokun" was because her 'Japanese teacher' addressed her as that, and when she was screaming ching chong she said it was because she didn't know anything Japanese but was also posting about how she had to speak Japanese to an eBay seller

extra sage for OT because I don't know why she's being such a bullshit liar

No. 473271

Wow so Mariah rarely did Cosplays
on her own. It’s also funny how inaccurate her “own” cosplays look compared to the bought ones.
Normally bought ones have a lot of flaws compared to the actual photo on a website, but her “own” ones look more shit as hell.
congrats moo for being a lazy piece of shit

No. 473275

>Didn't know Japanese for the Chinese character

Why won't she just go away

No. 473276

If you want to come at other anons, at least make sure you've read and understood their posts first

No. 473277

Y’all are surprised she knows Japanese. Which cosplayer learned Japanese? The same one she’s always trying to copy and impress.

No. 473279


Meant to say *she pretends to know Japanese

No. 473281

>I just gotta lot of love for a lot of people
But you go on video rants 24/7 and dox people.

>I run away from all the con parties

There are literally photos of you getting wasted at con parties.

Damn this bitch is pulling an Onision with her lies.

No. 473284

She sounds like someone that's in their first semester of japanese

No. 473285

Camilla, Gohoe, Rin, Yoko, and that awful santa slut cosplay (it's mostly bought, but we'll count it as a pity point)

5. Out of 53. 10% of her cosplays are her own. You know what? If she took the effort and dedication to it, she could run 1 cosplay every other month and they would look great. No wonder she's "busy" all of the time, she's running a junky cosplay every week.

No. 473286


She is seriously so full of shit. She always tries to play up like she is this “sweet, shy wholesome girl who just wants to love everyone” when really she is just the biggest bully ever. Bitch tries to doxx anyone who doesn’t like her. We see her constantly getting shitfaced at every con she is at.

Like what deluded world does she live in?

No. 473287

File: 1512761810689.jpg (1016.06 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20171208-123426.jpg)

Yeah im sure thats why

No. 473288

idk what's worse, her admitting she can't pay rent or her lying about buying shit in that game.

No. 473289

How does a person earn as much as she does and not be able to pay rent?

She's absolutely irresponsible with money.

No. 473290

>>473287 One would hope she is just trying to be "funny" in a really shitty way, and not that she can't actually afford rent. But it wouldn't surprise me if she's blowing through her money and covering it up, especially since she recently said she just gave a shit ton to her family, I find it kind of ironic that she is choosing now to say so just when she's getting ready to move to a cheaper place. Is there confirmation at all that she got evicted for not taking care of her home or not paying rent? Pictures alone made it look like a filthy mess all the time.

No. 473291


Kek Mooriah? Shy???

The same girl who always has to be the center of attention is shy??? The one who isn't afraid to use your her social media to attack others is shy? The one who talks the most in every group interview is shy???? The one who writes the most about herself and tells the world about her whole life is shy???? The one who went on a bitch boy rant is shy??

Keep your stories straight!!

Also avoid parties? You are literally at every big convention party. You were at the Radisson hotel last year at ALA. I even saw you at Fanime at the convention area party. You don't avoid parties. Don't you even throw your own parties?

Keep your cow ass stories straight.

No. 473295

she buys garbage like 24/7 and it's already assumed she pays for patreon spots.

No. 473296

It took me a while, but she looks like Amy Schumer. Not suprised because they both blame other people for their problems, both not funny and both look like they smell.

No. 473297

File: 1512764185225.jpeg (24.13 KB, 220x325, D20B5E04-C7F3-4E74-A207-96DFAD…)

ray romano lookin ass

No. 473299


This is just another cringe attempt at humor.

No. 473300

This is even more hilarious because vamp posted a similar story with Guzma but he actually wanted to be around her because she didn't force him to be around her

No. 473306

Stupid cow can barely speak english, but yeah, she can totally speak one of the hardest languages to learn for non native speakers. After all she did sign up for that UNLV Japanese class and learned so much right up until she was booted from school in about the third week for non-attendance.

No. 473311


I thought she was doing online classes. Did she really get kicked out?

No. 473312

File: 1512772398355.png (3.06 MB, 750x1334, 2AD54DB9-C356-4826-9C3F-A660EB…)

You’re right she spends several tabs annoying guzma and he’s snapping back while in collettes he’s with her cuddled up

Also one of her favorite cosplayers this year is a different Asian dude doing her old husbando

No. 473313

Yes anon spill details!

No. 473316

She looks like a damn amputee in that Mei 'swimsuit' photo.

No. 473317

Haha, i hope Patreon changes up their rules so these free loaders can't live on neckbeard money for much longer.

No. 473318

File: 1512775499901.png (51.6 KB, 589x426, 793974ad2411991e3db90cecc4c7da…)

From lipo denial and being bitchy about it to lipo promotion.

No. 473319

>blames just the holidays for "bad eating"

No. 473321

she asked what her reps were.
kek mariah just avoided answering because she doesn't know. LMAO @ 3 days a week of "straight abdominal". literally the only two workouts she as ever mention is her lazy ass lunging without weight and also her absolutely out of form tire flips. now all of sudden it's 3 days a week of hard abs. please stop with the lies. just say you're a fat lazy POS and people might like you more.

No. 473325

Some fat?
Has the bitch seen herself in the mirror

No. 473326

Sweet innocent anons. Univ profs can be pretty lax. they don't care if you pass a course. But you do have to show up, shut up, (unless you have a legitimate question or something to contribute) and listen, and do the course work. Moo is incapable of any of these. She got booted from the campus housing too as she was no longer a student in good standing. Forget about the semester. This all happened within weeks of school starting. Online courses?? LMFAO. You really don't know moo do you?

No. 473328


So she’s now gone from lying about her lipo and being a cunt to anyone who called her for it, to being all positive about it and like “It totally helped me!!!” I imagine it’s really difficult to have to keep lying to yourself like that Moomoo.

Also lol at her for avoiding answering because of course she is fucking lying. Bitch doesn’t do anything except those lazy ass tire flips.

Also notice how she already has her built in excuse for when people start calling her in her weight “It’s the holidays my dude. I’m so weak teehee”. Has she even looked in a mirror lately? She’s as fat as she ever been before. Her face is still bloated as shit and she still has the muscle definition of a potato. If really worked out as much as she claims she does, then by now we would have seen some noticeable change. But nope, she is still as big as ever.

No. 473329


If she was never backed into a corner with a ton of evidence, this conversation would have been different. It would have been Mooriah talking about body positivity and how she diets and goes to the gym all the time. She can't accept that without lipo her stomach would never look like that. Lipo sucks out your literal fat and made it a lot harder for her to gain fat in those areas. Plus stomach fat is really hard to lose especially for women. In the end her getting lipo was her way of showing the world how lazy she is to lose it the normal way. Heck, even after being called out on it and claiming to go to the gym every day she still eats like shit and goes to the gym twice a week.

No. 473330

Who cares about Islam when there are Christmas cookies to be inhaled.

No. 473332

File: 1512778368862.png (857.23 KB, 1037x1261, 20171208_181047.png)

I only just saw those stories but my god, he doesn't like it and she just doesn't fucking stop does she

No. 473333

she is going to make him into a mean maniac cat, you can already see it. that is why he is aggressive to the other cats as well. bets on if she will even get him neutered??

No. 473335


So she’s been lying about being in school this whole time? That’s just , sad.

Also might explain why she is in money trouble, all that student loan debt she has from dropping out.

No. 473342

>>473329 I would love to see this bitch get `called out on twitter and watch her get into a hug fucking fight with someone, which would in turn cause another bitch boy rant. She can act all nice and perky in her passive aggressive comments, but you know she's just seething IRL and ready to rip into them. Promoting lipo as Helping? Shut the fuck up you lazy fucking cunt, you did all of this to yourself.

No. 473351

Moo's buldging eyes and eye bags among a few other things like her weight problem make me wonder if she has some sort of thyroid problem

No. 473356

jesus fuck, her hair looks so bad. How is it both dry and greasy at the same time? Moo, take care of your fucking hair.

No. 473358


You'd think with her sharing about EVERYTHING in her life she would at the least post selfies or make insta stories about her studying and being such a nerd girl. Even if she was taking online classes weekly quizzes and tests are still a thing. With her ~super busy~ schedule and always being out of town you think it's feasible that she's been taking classes this whole time? Moo is an opportunist. I'm sure she dropped out of school once she started making patreon bux. Even if she had a degree she has no future. Her nudes, her porn sets, her dirty laundry, they're all on the internet and very easy to find. Many credible companies will do at least a bit of research before hiring someone. No ones going to hire a porn star. Teacher's, business people, and others have been fired over such things too. All she can do is clench onto her bux as hard as she can and hope nothing takes it away.

No. 473360

>>473358 She's Naive and ignorant, especially to the real world. Mariah lives in a bubble that nothing can touch her, and nothing is ever her fault. She's only 22 years old, only 4 years out of high school, and with no real job under her belt except part time at Starbucks, where she was fired, and no higher education. Instead, she chose by her own words, to be a sex worker and do softcore porn. She also chose to use her real name attached to all of these photos. She's done for in the real world, but she seems to think nothing is ever going to happen to her. With Patreon making such changes and cracking down on some adult content, she should be worried if she took herself seriously. The only thing that is going to snap her out of this fantasy is if she gets another ban, whether its on facebook, twitter, or loses a mass amount of patrons over the next few months. She REALLY needs to feel monetarily threatened, or have something happen where she's faced with no other choice than to move back home and find real work. Good luck with that though. Her time will run out eventually, 22 years old is nothing in the working world.

No. 473362

Training days of three times a week with an added "lunge day" as she keeps calling it.
So she's supposed to be going to the gym four times a week if this is true, and she's been claiming she's doing so since like what, September?
In three months, four days a week, and with all that fat sucked out of her, you'd figure she wouldn't need all that blurry Photoshop to take away the obvious cellulite everywhere.
She still looks like a lumpy potato with a pancake ass.

Kind of sad how many people honestly buy into her lies.

No. 473364

She totally goes to the gym right after she finishes her online classes for the day my dudes. lol.

No. 473365


oh yeah, especially after not sleeping all night and then sleeping all day

No. 473367

File: 1512784459534.png (Spoiler Image, 627.6 KB, 562x951, Screenshot_2017-12-08-17-47-32…)

Sorry, forgot pic related. There's just SO much Photoshop, so much blurring. This looks like yandy.com levels of cheap and tacky photoshop, lol. She literally just ran a smoothing tool over everything. It got rid of the side lines of her tummy that shows she still has a paunch, you can see what she's hidden if you're not a neckbeard just looking to fap.

Also look closely at the right side of her waist just below her boob. Someone forgot to get rid of a back fat roll.

No. 473368

And yet they still can't get rid of the fucking eyebags

No. 473372

I don't think I've ever seen a more miserable animal. Poor kitty. If I knew where she lived, I would seriously drive the 5.5 hours to Vegas to steal the cat and save it from the hell of a life with SuperHeifer.

No. 473374


How is her body so wide and still terrible after lipo? When she did her old Diane set…. that was way more presentable than this shit. Her face shows how miserable she is .

No. 473375

sage for medical shit but bulging eyes is hyperthyroidism, and weight gain is hypo

No. 473381

she looks horrific

No. 473383

She will now. Her bulging eyes are going to bug out when she sees what we're saying here. She's gonna post selfies with notebooks and one textbook in front of her while talking about how hard she's working on finals.

No. 473386

nigiri just did another round of shouting out other Christmas lewd pateron content makers and STILL no mention of Mariah. When are you going to realize she doesn’t care about you moo

No. 473392

What ever happened to her fabulous clothing line?

No. 473395


My guess it completely tanked. She hasn’t made any mention of it since the hoodies that no one bought.


It’s so funny how in denial she is. Nigri practically goes out of her way to not mention her or support her.

No. 473397


My guess is either it wasn't popular , she got lazy, or the clothing company that worked with her didn't want to work with her anymore. A few of my friends warned them about working with her since they also work as vendors. Not sure if they actually followed their advice though. I wouldn't even be surprised if they weren't even the first ones to warn them about her.

Besides her "lewds before nudes" motto on the clothing was stolen from SSS. Classic Mooriah can't be original for shit.

No. 473400

File: 1512790651429.jpeg (270.57 KB, 750x1186, 9EDAA7C9-7F76-4E87-9DC1-BB0CF3…)

What’s going on here?

No. 473404


Moohriah, I'm pretty sure you are the one that did the bullying in school

No. 473405

1000% Hypocrisy sperging

No. 473407


Ruh-roh. Looks like trouble in paradise. Could this be her first meltdown about her “mommy” Nigri?

Also, lol. She was the bitch who bullied people in high school and now she is bitching that it’s happening to her now.

No. 473408

>>473400 Oh my GOD someone call her out on this shit, jesus christ. It's like she's describing herself to a T

No. 473409

File: 1512791098109.png (506.73 KB, 579x517, af0f25848729d5a97f8295d74ba027…)

u rite, he's looking right at one

No. 473411

Mooriah… you are talking about… yourself…

No. 473412


Someone please comment this on her post.


I’m sure she’ll delete it before the day is over. She’ll start getting comments calling her out for her shitty behavior and delete them and be all “I just want to spread positivity my dudes”.

No. 473413

File: 1512791405038.png (736.29 KB, 720x857, Screenshot_2017-12-08-19-35-01…)

Wow nice Super Heiferko cosplay

No. 473414

probably a box full of donuts

No. 473415

Honestly. Someone pays money to see this?

No. 473416

>>473412 She must be sperging the fuck out right now, I can imagine her wanting to rant and scream at someone if this is what she's ranting about now. She's such a hypocritical cunt. Remember Moo, you're technically ban evading, better be careful!

No. 473417

File: 1512791699081.jpeg (137.72 KB, 750x797, 42FBDC5B-C2F4-45D6-A404-B8FA2F…)

And she liked this…. exploring new avenues for money perhaps?

No. 473418


So how soon until she starts uploading to Pornhub?

No. 473419


Says the one who continuously uses other people. She tried to act all friendly with that one photographer who did her Lust photos and even asked for raws. The moment he calls her out from her lack of crediting photographers, regardless of personal beef, she started calling him out online in front of her entire followers. She used a girl earlier this year to get into Disneyland for free and apparently didn't even bother to thank her afterwards. She also apparently went around dragging another photographers name through the mud and kicked him out of the community because he didn't want to be with her. She is the biggest leech of all. She is always name dropping Jessica Nigri like they're bffs but Nigri keeps her at arms length. I find it hilarious that she's trying to act like she's all above it when she is the biggest bully around. She should just shut up and look in the mirror and look at herself and see that maybe she's around shitty people because she's a shitty person.

Also she continues to show her unprofessionalism. She's trying to hide her personal drama behind some positive message that clearly is just her lashing out at someone. Do you Moo.

No. 473420

jesus. are there any legit content creators on patreon these days that don’t do porn?

No. 473425

Very few on the cosplay side of it

No. 473433

File: 1512794036498.png (701.92 KB, 720x1179, Screenshot_2017-12-08-20-32-43…)

No. 473434


she is screaming all this anti bullying bullshit….idolizes one of the biggest bullies on YT

No. 473435

WOW. Strange how this works like a real job and you get fucking taxed. Shut up, Moo. Jesus. She's not looking out for anyone and expecting a successful company, even though they give zero shits about their users, to keep their costs low? That's laughable. I hate when people without real jobs complain about taxes and shit. She's such a cunt.

No. 473436



No. 473438

"cunt" has lost meaning since it's the only thing you can come up with

No. 473439

>We're all nerds and geeks who got bullied


I swear this cow needs to get knocked on her ass someday. Maybe it'll knock the lies out of her.

No. 473440

Or show the screencaps of her admitting to bullying Anakin in high school for being a nerd.

No. 473443

Someone replied to her tweets

No. 473444

File: 1512795527493.png (128.48 KB, 540x489, 03A7F7A9-21DB-4F55-8F77-FAE61D…)



No. 473445

How about obese orangutan-tittied, haughty mongoloid cunt who isn't mentally strong enough to mail out prints (50% of her ACTUAL JOB)???
I swear we are weeks away from you saying "MAKE COSPLAY GREAT AGAIN" you ignoramus bovine.

No. 473446

>>473443 I'm sure she blocked them already, I had to click a show more tweets option which usually means they've been blocked. Regardless, they called her out on her cosplay making, which is kind of irreverent to what she was talking about sadly, so the opportunity was wasted. People need to post the caps of her bullying people, not whether she makes her cosplay or not for the year.

No. 473447


The only replies I saw were a bunch of “You go gurls”, “I’m just like you, I wish we were friends” and the ever cringeworthy “Who dared to hurt you? I’ll go after them”.

No. 473448

Don't worry about it. In three hours when she's high, or the person the tweets were intended for takes the bait, then the milk will flow. We all know she can't go off like this without making sure someone knows who they are.

No. 473450

spends all her patreon money on bad fate rolls
id fucking believe it

also the games been out what feels like forever, is she seriously just mentioning it now or did i miss something

No. 473451

It's only been out since July in the US.
However, if she's been playing the whole time she should be a higher level and know how to level up servants. I've been playing since it released, play once a day, not hardcore or anything and I'm level 100. It's also really dumb to spend money on the game, I haven't spent any money and have enough for 10+ 10x rolls, if you don't waste saint quartz it's not hard to save up. Plus it literally costs $30ish to do a 10x roll so if she's wasting money on that she's throwing away a ton of money for likely not much gain.

No. 473452

She mentioned it a while back but based on her cost being 55 (really low) she isn't even a casual player. It's purpose is mainly to show off what a big fate fan she is.
She probably buys quartz, rolls, and rage quits when she gets nothing. If she did summon anything major (rate up servant or waifus/husbandos) she'd be bragging about it.

For those who don't play, the gacha in FGO in notoriously shit with 5 star rates. So yeah, she could spend hundreds on quartz and roll nothing but 4 star cards and even then those 4 star cards are not guaranteed to be a servant.

No. 473453

File: 1512799151648.png (1.58 MB, 750x1334, 2D45B076-DC2B-42E4-BFFC-334959…)

“Going to an LoL con dressed as Christmas Ahri soon…..SHIT BETTER MAKE IT LOOK LIKE I ACTUALLY PLAY THIS GAME”

No. 473454


Drafting……u mean draft pick
and ofc she playing support

No. 473455

w a x e d

No. 473456

no way this bitch has ever filled taxes

No. 473460

Doesn't even have masteries done smh

No. 473461


Probably a low level account

No. 473463

people who actually throw money at these games rather than just playing normally make me kek
I know the creators want you to waste your money but there is no need

No. 473464

samefag but wait a minute
she’ll throw money away on these games where it’s not necessary

but at the same time promotes piracy of other games that should be purchased

lol what

No. 473467

With the level she's at, hasn't finished fuyuki let along even think about trying to be hype over london lol

No. 473468

File: 1512801673045.png (12.18 KB, 424x87, 5790dd5338bc54fb7790e3cea620d0…)


No. 473469

ive been playing since launch but my tablet is crap and crashes almost every battle. i went months without logging on.

and im still further than her. albeit probably barely.

No. 473470


I'm sure she's bandwagoning "concern" for her patrons but it's not a tax thing. Patreon is pushing the fees from the creators to the patrons which actually makes it more expensive to pledge.
Old system: Patron pledges $1, they pay $1.00, Patreon takes the fees from the creator so the creator gets $0.85 (guess because I can't remember exactly how much it was with the old system)
New system: Patron pledges $1, they actually pay $1.38. Patron's extra money covers the fee, the creator gets $1.00.

People are losing patrons like flies both because they can't afford under the new system and in protest of the changes that literally no one asked for.

Sage for Patreon sperg it just has nothing to do with taxes. I guess the cosplayers are really the greedy cunts we thought they were since Moo is actually the only one I've seen making a statement about the change while all the artists I follow have been fighting it since it was announced.

No. 473472


I want her to jungle with her nonexistent skills. Junglers get flamed in general, but with her shitty skills, the amount of "report our jgl" will tilt her hard

No. 473473

inb4 Lulu cosplay…. Jesus christ. And here I thought she wouldn't go fucking near League.

No. 473474

Masteries aren't a thing anymore. Its only runes and you get them automatically.

No. 473476


not all of them. I recently leveled an Na account and You unlock runes i think past level 5 , but you can't edit them until later (can't remember the level)

No. 473478

>in the industry
I almost forgot that mariah is a do-nothing bitch who's never worked a professional job for a worthless second of her life and therefore doesn't know that industry people are largely busy individuals who literally don't have time for worthless people like her.

No. 473479

Literally every cosplayer I follow has made a post about it, what rock are you living under?

No. 473482

File: 1512807781935.png (852.43 KB, 720x1187, Screenshot_2017-12-09-00-20-03…)

>lip smacking
>I always eat them…I hate myself

No. 473487

a) paypal strongarmed them into the change, patreon has little to do with it
b) if they can't afford 38 extra cents why are they donating in the first place

No. 473489

Do you know how to do math, anon? If they're pledged to multiple people, it adds way more than a mere 38 cents.

No. 473490

File: 1512810806689.png (168.88 KB, 720x887, Screenshot_2017-12-09-01-12-00…)

No. 473491

disgusting cow

No. 473495

how many fucking patreons do people pledge to? if they pledge to 5, its a whopping extra 1.90. if it’s 10, then it’s 3.80. wow, really breaking the bank here. how will one ever be able to afford some shit cosplayers nudes now?

regardless, they should take their bitching to paypal, as patreon themselves didn’t come up with it. and really the only patreons that are suffering are the shitty ones who abuse $1 donations for pitybux and donate into their own patreon to inflate numbers. actual successful creators who actually produce content and have actual adults with disposable income donating aren’t suffering from this and many endorse the change.

speaking of incest donations, i wonder what moo’s numbers look like if she can’t cycle back into her own patreon anymore.

No. 473501

There is zero chance that she is anywhere near the competency level to play any champs, but thinking she can play Elise especially is laughable.

No. 473502

Shes Gold V in league and duo's with Vamplette. Her scores aren't actually bad

No. 473503


No. 473506

summoners name?

No. 473508

File: 1512819379246.png (67.93 KB, 689x163, mooandvamp.png)


The screenshot she posted, said Cybermen on it. I went on OP.GG which is a league tracking site for your ratios and looked his name up, matched it to how old the tweet was with how old that match was (4 hours).

Vamplette's name gave it away so it was clear Moo is the support.

No. 473510

Can you translate Gold 5 for a non-LoL-fag? Does it mean she's had to play for quite a while to get that rank?

I'd be pretty impressed if she's not just bandwagoning like every other time she brings up a new game or anime and acts like she's known about it forever.

No. 473511

it's weird bc she's always said she disliked LoL and you need to play a fair amount to get to level 30 - mad tinfoiling here but it could be a smurf - there are only 2 games (her most recent ones) that are with Vamplette that were from today, before that are a bunch of other games with randoms 7 days ago
it also doesn't make much sense for her to go with a name like SammBAM when she's the kind of person to make it known who she is but who knows

No. 473513

Uhh sammbam is another cosplayer you dolt

No. 473514

File: 1512820708044.jpeg (406.84 KB, 750x1214, F5498220-22EF-4D4A-A519-6CC462…)


Learn to use google.

No. 473517

File: 1512821355093.png (84.76 KB, 680x235, thiccsamus.png)

Username is Thicc Samus and she's level 15.

No. 473518

File: 1512821578155.jpg (350.89 KB, 1280x1346, ggmoomoo.jpg)

Was just about to post this.

No. 473520

moo can fuck off out of this game. I feel personally attacked(no1curr)

No. 473522


Cybermen was the first person selecting a champ, not her

She was last in line of selection(sage this)

No. 473523

So, she's only played 7 games…? I've watched a cousin play it once and while the round felt long, it still sounds like she just started playing it.

I don't really get how Momo picks up a new game or anime, spams about it, and then just moves onto the next thing. I get why she does it, but it's sad that she doesn't have anything she actually gives a shit about.

It's fucking weird how pathological all her lying is. Lying about the hijab tearing, being bullied as a nerd, even making up her interests.

No. 473527

That's because she did just start playing. I'm sure this won't last long at all.(sage this)

No. 473531


Holy shit that KDR is triggering.

What I don't get is why Moo won't pick a more mechanically friendly character like Annie to learn on. She's a damaged uwu rori so the appeal is there, no?

No. 473532

File: 1512829556548.jpg (8.57 KB, 224x225, 12998737_572366956270003_58293…)

that's draft pick you retarded cunt. and also i love how thots thinks that "hey i'ma play support, it's the easiest one" when it's actually the second most difficult role

please try the most difficult role in the game this gonna be gold

they merged runes and masteries so yes tecnically they exist and she is using the premade ones

the mastery she is using for ahri is killing me softly and no one there knows shit about building this makes my lol fag self so happy its pathetic

ahri is easy as fuck to play though

sage for lol bullshit

No. 473533

wow not to defend moo but fucking everyone sucked at level 16, get off your high horse

No. 473535

that's not the issue here. the thing is she is acting like she plays like for years and love her waifus so much and i can bet my life if someone asks she will say that she has a higher lvl account. she wouldn't stand the fact of admitting she is learning.

No. 473537

Sage for tinfoil, wonder if she's getting into League so she can show up Nigri and start acting like it's her right to start cosplaying league characters too, because she plays it now.
League has always been Nigris thing, and a few other girls of course I'm not putting her on a pedestal, but I wonder if moo never tried to cosplay it for fear of stepping on toes.
After all, you can't just cosplay Christmas Ahri unless you play, apparently. She's so transparent lol

No. 473538


She's obviously bad at Agri tho lol

If you're pulling numbers THAT bad it's time to try a different champ.

Safe for autism

No. 473539


>claims to be too busy to send out rewards on time

>says she doesn't have time to work on cosplay

>has time to waste hours on play League

this is why I can never believe her when she says she's busy or doesn't have the time to do _____.

No. 473543

Why do you guys pretend actually playing something is important for cosplaying? We all know most cosplayers don't give a shit about the source of what they are cosplaying. Most do it for attention. Moo is no different.(sage this)

No. 473544

Because a lot of fans in certain fandoms are rabid as fuck towards cosplayers who cosplay from things they don't enjoy or care about

No. 473545

i don't give a shit about what other cosplayers think. i will stand by the fact that have no reason to cosplay someone/from something you don't know or don't care.
people like moo are the reason cosplay is such a shithole right now.

No. 473547


its fine if someone cosplays something they don't know too well in terms or source material. The problem is when people pretend to know the source material they're cosplaying from for nerd points or to seem like real fan girl. As a fan it's frustrating for people who do not know the source material cosplay something for the hype or attention. Take her Mei for example. She barely plays Overwatch anymore and she has barely any knowledge of Mei but she claims to be in real life Mei. For a person who is a big fan of the series it's a slap in the face especially if you try to talk to her about Overwatch and you realize she probably gets most of her knowledge from tumblr fan fiction. And again it's fine if a cosplayer admits they don't know about the series and just likes the design, the problem is when they try to fake it.

Creatively it shows when someone's just cosplaying something to ride a bandwagon or because they really like something. People tend to work harder on something they actually like and pay attention to every little detail. Moo on the other hand lacks any sense of detail because she doesn't give two shits about what and where she cosplays from. But then again she fucked up on Takano and she claims to be a really big fan of that series…. so she just has no sense of detail at all.

No. 473548

this, absolutely this

No. 473550

Probably has something to do with taking grasp of the undying every game no matter what champ…

I've played with collette so I have to wonder why she didn't help moo with those sub-wood tier runes. Looking through na.op.gg moo is mostly playing mid which somehow doesn't surprise me.

Sage for my league autism

No. 473551

Well I was close enough. Thiccsamus username did appear in the games I screenshotted. I just assumed it was her cause support.(sage this)

No. 473552

dude I know. I play league thats how I was close to finding her(sage this)

No. 473556

Not most cosplayers. Those who try to market themselves are always cosplaying the hottest shit, but most of us are actually spending our time and money because we really love the fandom and want to express it.(no1curr)

No. 473557

Call me nitpick if you want but in her instastory she’s talking about how she always ends up swallowing those gum balls. is there anything she’s not too lazy to do? You can literally spit the damn gum into paper or stick it on your cup if *~ur gaming too hard to get up. Usually once you learn not to swallow your gum it takes a little effort to actually do it too at least IMO Her laziness truly oozes to every single aspect of her life.

No. 473562

Using boosters 100%. Cant even not be lazy about leveling up. Has to pay to 'win' everything

No. 473568

File: 1512846651008.gif (752.03 KB, 300x225, speedracerlolno.gif)

>tfw she doesnt know how to craft weapons and uses Ahri for brownie points

No. 473569

File: 1512847661286.png (294.12 KB, 590x626, 5699bb098e20215c7100cb076e6516…)

Wanting to get in good with BNF people, then maybe don't send them rude condescending remarks? Not like they look at random responses, but what the fuck really mariah

No. 473570

File: 1512847764705.png (145.21 KB, 498x563, fa94ad8771af79497305b3a1470069…)

Here we go, stealing other's art again

No. 473572

File: 1512847925252.png (362.14 KB, 581x569, 6c1a2eb9419a4c2df7ecf50c12c09e…)

She's such a great example to others.

No. 473575

File: 1512849022457.jpeg (136.78 KB, 750x679, BDDB38BD-8442-4073-927E-F26275…)

Today on will Mariah ever be humble…okay I’m pretty sure even if it wasn’t a big push her black cat shoot with vamp was one of her first big things right? that counts as opening a door momo. As sad as vamps career is you can’t help but admit she was the bigger name when you two first started and the exposure you gained from her helped you gain your white knight army

No. 473576

File: 1512849134768.png (69.49 KB, 714x436, Screenshot_2017-12-09-11-47-14…)

No. 473577

how long is she gonna ride fate

No. 473578

I'll never understand why so many costhots are now getting into the series

No. 473580

Then you must love the Humane Society shelter or the pet cemetary. Because that is where they will end up after you finish torturing them to death or poisoning them.

No. 473581

Because it's now ultra popular and regularly pumps out waifus and new (revealing) designs, like what costhot wouldn't jump this bandwagon it's a goldmine

No. 473582

Classic moo. She can even twist something like this around to be about her. Four uses of the word "me", one "I" and one "my" in three sentences.

No. 473587

….you can swallow gum, dude. Chill.

No. 473588

What a self-centered whore. It's always about Mariah and her doing things ALL BY HERSELF when it was really other people who did things for her. But no, why tell the truth when you can hog the spotlight right, Mooriah Mallard?

No. 473589

If fatefags are lucky, the saberfags will run her off after her disastrous and ooc lewd saber cosplay.
Yes, fate started as a eroge but mariah would make ooc from what saber was.

No. 473590

i thought it's pretty bad for your digestive system(stop derailing)

No. 473591


It is, but not something to nip pick over.

No. 473592

I don’t find it to be nitpicking when anon was literally pointing out how it’s just another example of her laziness.

No. 473593


Is she really trying to kiss up to Arin and Suzy? Hate to break it to you Moomoo, but there is no way Suzy lets you anywhere near their clique.

I guess she realized “mama Nigri” doesn’t give a shit about her and is looking for someone new to leech off of. How soon until she starts making creepy, faux-lesbian remarks towards Suzy?

No. 473594

File: 1512854550547.png (593.37 KB, 720x1006, Screenshot_2017-12-09-13-21-14…)

No. 473596

File: 1512854792908.jpg (224.51 KB, 1600x1067, Rolled and Tied.JPG)

No. 473597

Especially because Mooriah flirts with guys in relationships. Suzy would dismiss her so fast.

Looks like she's ready to be roasted.

No. 473598

File: 1512854836260.png (260.49 KB, 1013x618, Screenshot 2017-12-09 at 1.25.…)

No. 473599

>may not have opened many doors for me

holy hell what a fucking bitch if i was Vamp i'd be so ready to drop this cow she treats her like absolute shit i do not understand this friendship

>that fupa shop

fucking kek she lined it right up with her bikini it looks so fucking unnatural

No. 473600


They’d see through her bullshit so fast. And she’s makes some desperate Hail Mary attempt at getting Arin’s attention by tweeting her “lewds” at him. Or she’d try to tell Suzy she is “practically is obsessed with her and loves seeing a strong woman like her doing her thing” or how “she is so pretty and I totally have a lesbian crush on you” like she does with every other girl she tries to kiss up to.

No. 473603

>>473598 Is she trying to make a dig the people she used to go to school with? Anyone who would see what you do Moo would be fucking disgusted.

No. 473605

it's a dig but a sad one at that. like who'd be jealous of that
>all my friends did this romantic xmas stuff with their SOs but i was forever alone, so now i'm still forever alone and goin with my dad.

No. 473607

She's really plugging her patreon, left a link directly under this most recent photo. I have a feeling she's getting scared and trying to reel in as many neckbeards as possible incase more are going to drop out soon. The best Christmas gift would see her dip below 80%.

No. 473608

she is always ready to be roasted

bitch i wouldn't even call this shit shibari

No. 473610

Im stirring the pot. Maybe she actually is mad at mama Nigri because that woman opened so many doors for this bitch lol. The overwatch group from last year with Jess's Reinhardt was probably the best day of her sad little life and there's no way she would've gotten connections to the photographer's she had without her.
Side note, what about Deanna Davis, her so called "inspiration and reason why she cosplays", haven't seen you mention her at all in months sweetie. Deanna gives you an in with Nigri so you don't need to be friends with her anymore?
Lol. Sage because petty and I'd love to see her sperg.

No. 473614


This is a new low for Mariah. Really? Vamp didn't open doors for you? Weren't you the one always saying that she showed you the cosplay world and she helped you meet your first friends in the community? This is bullshit. I bet Mariah thinks that she opened doors for Vamp. That Vamp who's cosplayed for 10 years is the person who should be thanking her. This is sickening. If I was Vamp I'd call her out on it. In Mariah's world everything is about fame and she most definitely looks down on anyone who doesnt have anything near her following. How do people hang out with someone like her? Wouldn't be surprised if Vamp is talking about Mariah behind her back like Kbbq did. Heck I don't blame anyone who does because she seems toxic to be around.

No. 473617

not to mention the first 'sponsored' stream was when Vamp had stream at a con or something and she let momo join her. Then momo proceeded to pretend to drop something and literally shoved her ass towards the camera. Also the fact that vamp helped momo with most of her early cosplays (i.e. Diane from Nanatsu no Taizai)

tbf she's on and off the grumps' dicks every few months. On her old account she made several tweets lip syncing to starbomb songs (also @ing them i'm pretty sure?) They ignored her then and i'm sure they'll continue to ignore her now.

No. 473618

If we're lucky. Her cosplaying someone as beautiful and petite as saber is gonna look like a tire tube in a blonde wig.

No. 473622


Its candy and its edible. Keep it to yourself. It is 100% a nitpick and has honestly nothing about being lazy.

No. 473624

Arin followed her last Twitter and she even went to one of the Game Grumps Live shows in LA or NV.

No. 473625

>throw rope on someone else's IP
>claim its a new outfit for her own OC

What the fuck.. She still hasn't posted any of this OC shit on Facebook. She's such a coward.

No. 473627

File: 1512860630372.png (592.85 KB, 655x406, moo.png)

She recently posted the airbrushed-to-shit, this was back in May

No. 473628

File: 1512860838774.png (398.45 KB, 330x602, putting out her back and still…)

No. 473631

Jfc… That lipo really did a number to the empty fat sacks all over her abdomen. It's like only her torso was left in water too long and it wrinkled like hands and feet do. Euch… The texture it probably has when that guy rubs his hands over her for their POV shoots too.

No. 473634

File: 1512861205821.png (75.62 KB, 720x281, Screenshot_2017-12-09-15-08-48…)

Same could be said to you though.

I love her passive aggressive tweets.

No. 473635

isn't this from facebook though?

No. 473636


I'm heavily involved in the Fate fandom and cos scene and I can guarantee that fans can and will be shitty to someone cosplaying Saber if they're not small and beautiful. Several of my friends were subjected to it and they're not even cosfamous; they don't have Momo's exposure.

People are kind in real life but that's not the situation behind a keyboard. It blows when that cosplayer is just going to cons for fun, but Momokun is a POS and deserves it.

No. 473640

moo is a walking PSA against lipo. jesus.

No. 473642

File: 1512861529767.png (398.43 KB, 720x927, Screenshot_2017-12-09-15-17-17…)

After someone said something

No. 473647

Are people calling her out about her Milk Party cos.. er.. *~*HER OC*~* on FB yet?

No. 473650

She hasn't mentioned it was her OC outright

No. 473652

File: 1512863646283.jpeg (169.34 KB, 737x1108, 06411D40-BCF6-4C3B-AFA9-A3BF4A…)

She said this set is

No. 473653


Look at that, another passive aggressive “WHY DOES NO ONE LIKE ME?!!!” bitchfest she is trying to masquerade as “That’s okay, WE don’t need you anyway” bullshit. She is so god damn transparent.

No. 473654

Oh boy, another lazy, fat attention whore. How well does Moo even know Suzy ? or is this just another shot at brownie points?

No. 473655


Like would it kill her to say "Vamp has helped me become who I am and opened many doors for me when I started and wouldn't be where I am without her"? She's such a terrible person. Why does she do that? This is why no one wants to be around her long term. She is the least humble person in the world. But you know what's funny? I heard she's the type of person to hold stuff over people's heads. It wouldn't surprise me if she tells Vamp "I helped you get fans and patrons. It's all thanks to me."

No. 473656

File: 1512864100538.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 152.04 KB, 750x1080, DE6A243B-02EC-4CDC-A148-176798…)

ho ho here she comes

No. 473657

Anon means on facebook. We all know she spammed it on instagram but not facebook

No. 473658

Check out the buttcrack blur and the warping

No. 473659

File: 1512864167031.png (392.51 KB, 1009x677, Capture.PNG)


look again at her Facebook post. she may not be saying anything like "this is my OC" but she said the cosplay is Moomoo, which is what she calls her "OC"

No. 473660


All someone has to do is post the caps to her fb page of her calling it her OC on insta, but I'm not sure how many people she banned that post stuff that call her out.

No. 473661


LMAO that ass is horrid. there is SO much wrong in that shoop

No. 473662


I doubt she actually gives a shit about Suzy, since she is intimidated by other women because she can’t handle competition. Her real prize is of course Arin weaseling her way onto Game Grumps and being a part of their clique. It’s just the easiest “in” is Suzy since is the least liked and is constantly looking for attention and validation from others, which makes her ripe for leeching off of.


Yup. This totally screams “Respect me as a cosplayer and a professional!!!”, Moomoo.

No. 473663

Where is her ASS

No. 473664

>this is why I can never believe her when she says she's busy or doesn't have the time to do _____.

She literally posted her month (previously) and had over 7 days straight empty, but was saying omg so much to do my dudes.

No. 473665

did she shoop her asshole smaller? sure looks like it lol

No. 473666

Strong Queen PT vibes

No. 473669

File: 1512864987163.png (133.57 KB, 525x353, phFURjV.png)

The only reason it's worth noting is because she always has to pretend to be the biggest fan ever.

No. 473671

File: 1512865137190.png (663.46 KB, 717x987, Screenshot_2017-12-09-16-17-46…)

She looks like a 40 year old glamour model

No. 473672

ikr? and that's POST Photoshop.

god damn it Moo, you're not even ugly in the face and i'm physically disgusted by you.
good to know that outward uglies have caught up with your atrocious personality

No. 473673

I think one thing people should really drive home to her delusional fans is the fact that she gives all her content away for free. She posts 6-7 previews of 20 photo sets, and in those sets there’s only 12-13 unique poses; the other ~7 are just alternate face angles or something.

35$/mo for 6 or 7 exclusive photos. That’s pathetic, especially since the 6 or 7 exclusive are the worst from the set bc they’re the ones she doesn’t want to advertise. What a fraud.

No. 473674

>who opened doors for ur career

>i say vamp, but she didnt actually do anything

holy shit.

No. 473675

She tries so hard to master the pt poop poses but she will never be her.

No. 473676

I wonder if she started the moomoo thing cause of lolcow lmao

No. 473678

File: 1512865755859.png (785.12 KB, 720x1160, Screenshot_2017-12-09-16-25-38…)

Blew up the Twitter pics. Look at her getting. There is a crescent of yellowing skin and the rest is blocked by white highlighted skin lmao BODY POSITIVE

No. 473679

She posts stuff like this after all her passive agreesive shit. Like clockwork. Its almost like "FUCK THE HATERS GET MAD AT MY ASS"
But I just love how everyone's reaction is "lol thot back at it again what an embarrassment" there's no shock value to your shit anymore Moomoo. You're a laughingstock.

No. 473680


She really has a terrible habit of not giving people the credit that they deserve.

No. 473681

The figure that she's trying to resemble(and failing at) has more ass than she does and it's fake.

No. 473682

File: 1512865930751.png (593.94 KB, 720x1120, Screenshot_2017-12-09-16-26-07…)

Nice pixel stomach

No. 473684


I think she watches Game Grumps.
Everyone knows Suzy is the way in to that club.

No. 473685


spoiler this shit please

No. 473689

Moo recently shows her „ass“ a LOT, probably not because she is insecure about our comments or anything kek

No. 473690


She really is one of the most ego-centric people I have ever seen. She’ll downplay literally anyone who had a hand in her “rise to fame”, all because she wants the appearance of a “successful businesswoman who made it all on her own without anyone’s help or handouts”.

The only person she gives any sort of deference to is “Mama Nigri”, because she is still suckling her tit holding out hope that she’ll take her to the upper echelon of the cosplay world. Like actually being invited to guest at cons instead of ghosting and pretending like you were invited but were just “too busy” to actually go inside the event. Or actually getting brand deals and sponsorships instead of lying about it. Or getting actual connections in the industry instead of begging on twitter and turning every reply you actually manage to get into “OMG we’re totally best friends now and you totally want to work with meeeee!!!!”

That’s gotta suck for Vamp though. The one person who stuck around after all her bullshit and she pretty much gets “She never really helped me”. If she sticks around after that, then she really is just a spineless leech who is just looking to ride her coattails.

No. 473692

she's showing off her newly waxed butt obv

No. 473693

"glamour" is a quite a stretch

No. 473694

>the family
Charles Manson is alive and well

No. 473701

File: 1512871668159.jpg (42.88 KB, 500x336, IMG_20171209_210341.jpg)

this is how it's gonna be when she cosplays saber and posts it on fb

No. 473702

File: 1512871952063.png (1017.54 KB, 720x1192, Screenshot_2017-12-09-18-10-36…)

No. 473704

I know how you feel, Mariah. Being a failure makes me constipated as well.

No. 473705

>its edible

no, that's literally the point, you can't eat gum, are you fucking underage?(stop fighting nobody curr)

No. 473708

holy shit this is embarrassing lmao.

No. 473709

dang anon why are you so triggered over this? You swallow gum too or something?

No. 473710

It's hilarious how badly moomoo uses memes(sage)

No. 473712


Moo is just trying super hard to seem like an independent strong business woman. She wants to make it seem like she gained all she had all by herself. Which is the biggest lie. Most of her cosplays, even when she starte, were commissioned. She can use the excuse that she made a lot of her beginning cosplays but let's be honest, her fans didn't follow her because of her craftsmanship. In her own words, her "body suits" got her notoriety and only because she kept marketing herself as being like the only thicc cosplayer. Even though I'm truth even back then she wore waist trainers and corsets under her body suits. Her "fame" didn't come from hard word. It came from her just sexualizing herself and marketing herself as a sex worker. She thinks that's hard? Anyone with a decent face and tits can do it but don't because they aren't satisfied just being meat peopl masturbate to. Hard work is what someone like Kamui cosplay did in the beginning where it was her craftsmanship and hours spent on cosplays that got her to where she is. Or even look at henchman props. They worked hard to keep perfecting their craftsmanship to stand out amongst a world saturated with many prop makers. If she worked so hard she would have way less people hating on her.

She's always going to say "omg guyz people are jealous because they don't make money like me." No Mariah. People hate you because you're a leech and a thot trying to hide behind some businesswoman facade. People hate that you pretend to be a hard worker to be where you're at. People hate you because you leech off of other talents (the many people you commissions and sometimes don't credit) and continuously name drop Jessica. People hate you because within the short time you cosplayed you managed to lie and manipulate those close to you and your fans (cough lipo cough). People hate you because you keep trying to put a mature front when you're still the immature high school jock who would say the "n word" and give death threats to people when you can't get what you want.

This is why Jessica Nigri will never work with you or publicly endorse you. She will forever keep you at arms length and entertain you just enough for you to think you guys are super close just so you don't blow up on her.

No. 473713

File: 1512874720841.png (1.04 MB, 720x1188, Screenshot_2017-12-09-18-55-52…)


No. 473715

File: 1512874806727.png (1.62 MB, 720x1184, Screenshot_2017-12-09-18-56-07…)

Lightened. Why can't she hang out with her dad without her phone

No. 473717

she's probably not even with him. she's taking shitty selfies i doubt anyone's there.

No. 473718

she's probably not even with him. she's taking shitty selfies i doubt anyone's there.

No. 473719


Because she has to show that “My dad is super supportive and is totally okay with me selling half naked pics with fake cum smeared all over my tits!”

No. 473720

Her dad is a fat lard now though. Bigger than her. Probably embarrassed to show him because the 'my dads a bodybuilder' thing is outdated now.

No. 473722

Cunt looks like a retarded turtle.

No. 473724

File: 1512877266581.jpg (106.83 KB, 1000x750, doug-jones-in-pans-labyrinth-a…)

No. 473727

She has no lips. Just kinda like a hole in her face.
Might as well get lip injections, not like your lipo is a secret anymore.

No. 473728

in b4 she tweets this and tries to make a joke

No. 473729

Her shirt is super dirty. Why do people insist on wearing black and taking photos.


No. 473730

File: 1512878657799.jpg (934.86 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20171209-210341.jpg)

Sperg out incoming

No. 473731

No bitch, people are paying you so you can make better cosplays, if you're going to spend their money that they actually worked for on fucking games at least be honest about your intentions on patreon

No. 473734

she posted pics of her dad and called him keemstar (with no @ surprisingly)

no pic cause i cant do shit on this literally falling apart laptop lol

No. 473735

And how she claims she's playing Elise and Lulu when she's 7 games in and probably doesn't have a remote idea of how to play them.

No. 473737


>people paid me for a product.

No Mariah. Read your own patreon profile. You literally state you want people to donate you money so you can turn cosplay into a full time job and use it to create more content. Nowhere does it say that people are specifically paying for your photos. They are instead subscribing to you to help you make more content. You also do not bust out 13 sets a month. The most people have seen you do in a month is 3. And even then you release them late. If you're content wasting your time and not improving your content then the people donating to you are stupid.

You have lost any right you had left to say you have no time to work on cosplay because clearly you have time to play a mobile game you spend $50 on.

No. 473738

File: 1512879858087.jpeg (71.95 KB, 577x1024, CItshK6UEAA54JH.jpeg)

AHAHA old as fuck but look at what I found

No. 473740

context pls

No. 473742

Wasn't my Facebook was a screenshot I found on twitter. Everyone she knew in the past accused her of being a roid monkey.


No. 473744

>people paid me for a product
She's has stopped sending physical prints to most patrons since she's half a year behind. People would be demanding refunds and leaving negative reviews on actual products.

She's always lying about her money for whatever excuse best suits her at any given moment. Her patreon is supposed to be money to go towards her making cosplay, getting scenic photoshoots, giving that to patrons. She literally can't do any of this.
Also, how does she not see how embarrassing it is to actually let people know you've spent the same amount of money for console games on a fucking mobile app? She's one of the dumbasses that falls for microtransactions.

No. 473750

File: 1512882164199.png (446.53 KB, 611x817, 20171210_000109.png)

This has got to be the most unattractive pose, makes her look like she's about to take a dump

No. 473751

They're also paying you for rewards you dumb cunt. Rewards that you have yet to send out. You have yet to earn that money so shut the fuck up.

No. 473752

Kek next thread photo.

No. 473753

confirmed she doesn't know how to wear heels?? why would you do this pose in flats, in like the ugliest boots I've ever laid my eyes on??

also LOL WHAT ASS wow, can't even photoshop that shit to look decent.

No. 473756

I'm very embarrassed for the photographer who had to witness this IRL. I can say for certain this pose was 1000% her idea.

No. 473758

I would die happy if that was the next thread photo

No. 473759

File: 1512883432982.png (1.07 MB, 720x991, Screenshot_2017-12-09-21-21-23…)

I wonder if anyone asked if they were married with how old she looks

No. 473760

Don't encourage her Elektra complex lol

No. 473765


Seriously, is there anything she won’t blow up at? She always has to clap back at every little thing that isn’t constant praise for her.

And as usual, she is wrong. Patrons donate for you to work on cosplay full time and make it your job and make more content. It isn’t for you to spend on shitty mobile games and weed. Your shit tier photos isn’t what they paid for and even if it was, you are still months behind on actually delivering them.

No. 473766


I swear I get triggered every fucking time she wears flats.

It's a universally known fact that high heels make you look taller and slimmer.

Mariah, if you're reading this - invest in some fucking heels. And because I'll have to be specific for you to understand, not ugly chunky heels - you're wanting them on the stilleto side. It would instantly turn you from a 1/10 to a 2/10.

Sage for shoeautism but I swear the next time I see her in her ugly mocasins or another pair of flats, this vein in my head is just gonna pop.

No. 473768

She is wearing chunky boots that zip on the inner sides. They are not flats.

No. 473769

File: 1512885755293.jpg (Spoiler Image, 328.46 KB, 2896x2896, 20171209_235438.jpg)

I'm worried about how dark it is behind her knees, she may be becoming pre diabetic, that or it's shadow of her massive thighs which is equally conserning. There's a lot of strange colors in her shoop, covered lipo scars but other yellowish areas? Is she bruised? Also notice how she never shows her crack? It's way low is why, without the crazy wedgie the illusion of "big booty" is destroyed. Hank Hill loves steak.

No. 473771

No. 473773



No. 473776

>put a football helmet on her
oh my god

No. 473778

File: 1512888989963.png (436.58 KB, 416x462, a0b42435-d159-4a6d-9914-e2ba0e…)

Boy he really looks thrilled to be there.

No. 473779

if he's smart, he probably doesnt want to be on her social media so is like ugh fine…

No. 473780


probably embarrassed to be seen with such a grubby lookin person. take some pride in your appearance mariah

No. 473781


He looks as miserable as her cats do

No. 473782


EMIYA and Tamamo Cat are just 4. You're guaranteed a 4 when you're first playing the game, and those are two of the options you're able to get.

If she started playing when FGO was first localized, there was also an event where you could take your pick from those same 4 Servants. I highly doubt she's been playing that long, though. Still, it's not a terribly big feat if she pulled another 4 from her initial guaranteed one. I'd be pretty salty if she had, say, Scathach or Souji Okita or something.

No. 473785


Ahri and Lulu aren't……..junglers…..momo…

No. 473786


You guys are forgetting he was the one in charge of her weight and exercise when she was still home. Chances are it's torture for him to see how fast and easily she slid into lazy slob without him monitoring.

No. 473787

I remember there was a really prominent cosplayer who said something like this too. It was along the line of, "I have earned enough money for me and my family to live off of for the rest of our lives." A lot of YouTubers do this too. It's a way of letting people know you "made it" (more credibility) and that you're a giving person.

No. 473792

Why exactly is her using her money for useless shit such a big deal? If her patreons want this to be her full-time job, obviously she is not going to spend it all on cosplay. If an employer can't tell you how to spend your money, why is there this "i gave you money, now i own you"-thing with patreon? Not just for Momo but in general.

No. 473793

She's like half a year behind on her print shipping, and doesn't deliver what's promised in general. It's basically a commission job - and if it was, she'd be fucking fired.

That's why. Enjoy the (you), Patreonthot.

No. 473797

Are webms postable here? Because I have the perfect audio in mind for this.

No. 473798

if it doesnt work use imgur, also use sage

No. 473799

Because she's getting 15k a month to become a better cosplayer and go to nicer locations for photoshoots and have nicer costumes but instead shoots in a cheap hotel room in her underwear the majority of the time

No. 473801


Exactly. It wouldn't be a big deal if she poured some money into pay to win mobile games if she could be added to buy more than one blonde wig for cosplay purposes.(sage this)

No. 473802

File: 1512907192344.png (399.75 KB, 474x660, dd0ff0f1-89a6-4cd5-be17-206024…)

Apparently the LoL community springs to action a bit quicker than the others…

No. 473803

Jesus that came out small, sorry. Email from Twitch–account got banned for pornography

No. 473804

i bet this stacked with previous infractions on her account

i mean, i assume.

i think if this doesnt get reversed today gun be gud

No. 473805

aaaannnnddd she already deleted the post

No. 473806

>>473802 awww, poor little moo dosn't like that she was kicked for porn? Something she admits she does and enjoys? Boo fucking hoo, don't like being associated with porn whether it's on twitch or not? Then stop fucking making it and tying it to your real name you stupid fucking cow

No. 473808

File: 1512909137052.png (126.32 KB, 603x546, twitch1.png)

Sorry for double posts, but is she stupid? She links her softporn in the twitch account? She's also live tweeting now, at 4:30 am her time. This bitch never sleeps.

No. 473810

she sleeps during the day lol

No. 473811

File: 1512909260068.png (49 KB, 603x200, twitch2.png)

No. 473815

namedropping again

No. 473816

Killer Keemstar Dad

No. 473826

File: 1512913823170.jpg (146.01 KB, 1152x2048, 24958784_1625247060885629_6106…)

This is the unofficial confirmation from someone who works with the partnerships department on Twitch. The recent changes for Patreon rubbed off onto Twitch. You can still have your Patreon and all, but it can't be linked on the Twitch account.

Also don't get my boi D1 involved. I know he works with Twitch and all, but that d00d is too nice to waste his time on literal trash like this.

No. 473828

I hate when cosplay girls on twitch think they are untouchable. Bitch, get banned. You also get baned if you bad mouth other streamers or harass streamers. I feel like this might have more to do with all the reports from her 'charity streams ' and only got this now because she logged back in.

No. 473830

This would be her second ban in the same year for her content, but of course it's never her fault and she had no idea. Guess what moo, having your shitty patreon in your about section IS promoting it, you're asking people to donate to your lewd content. Pretending she didn't know is garbage. I seriously hope that twitch keeps her account banned, not just for patreon but for her crappy charity stream drama too.

No. 473831

Twitch really gives no shits. They are so automated. Inb4 new account so that gets reported too. Also ToS are sent out in emails and as a notification when you log in. She has excuse because she doesnt read them.

No. 473833

i'm screaming. i know a girl that lost her account without breaking any rules, just because people did a mass report on her (because she is trans) so yeah twitch doesn't care

No. 473835

>she is trans

so a man. also no one gives a fuck gtfo.

No. 473837

are you retarded? that was an example. i'm just explaining that mass reports works with twitch. you could be the biggest normie that don't even swear but if a mass report happened you would lose your account, end.

sage because anon over there clearly has autism

No. 473839


I love seeing this bitch getting banned. It just makes it more obvious to her that she isn’t as untouchable as she thinks.

No. 473840

File: 1512920353063.png (1.73 MB, 750x1334, 60AB4F47-1DDA-44CF-A8F8-A683B0…)

I know this is kinda old but confirmed fuck boi just for armor cosplay. It looks so much shitter than KBBQ’s

No. 473858

It's so bad though. The tubing (?) bit is completely hanging off near his abdomen. Her thirst for this dude confuses me.

No. 473859

The more you look at it, the worse it gets

No. 473861

They don't stack, same thing happened to stephanie michelle before she even started her stream. Twitch is just super on top of that stuff, it's still funny as fuck though because you just don't get your channel back instantly.

No. 473862

He looks like a below average dbz cuck. So moo thinks she probably has a chance. She's getting more realistic at least with the guys she thinks she can get.

No. 473863


Looks like her cosplay standards are going to get lower and lower. It looks like a toddler made it. It almost looks like something Mooriah would make. She's probably going to start commissioning him now. Although it would be more hilarious if she didn't because it shows that she doesn't actually think he's that good.

No. 473865

File: 1512930312777.png (732.45 KB, 720x1182, Screenshot_2017-12-10-10-22-28…)

Congrats on getting banned

No. 473866

>>473811 It's funny because she thinks she's someone special that will get off the hook. She broke the rules by having her adult patreon link in her profile, and now she's facing the consequences. God forbid she own up to what she did and deal with her ban like an adult, no, she has to bed and whine and cry to get other people to "fix" it for her. Fuck this cow, Twitch doesn't care about you, just like they don't care about every other cosplay thot who got banned either.

No. 473867

File: 1512930701672.png (407.45 KB, 716x854, Screenshot_2017-12-10-10-29-45…)

Its not hard

No. 473870


She does this shit all the time. Instead of dealing with her problems and accepting responsibility like an adult, she always bitches and complains to other people to “fix” it. She does get the time she wanted for a panel? Bitch to Jess to yell at the convention to fix it. Get banned from Twitter? It was “some hater looking to bring me down. I’ll be back before the day is out”

She really needs to grow the fuck up.

No. 473871

a little back story: the guy saying "nah don't do her like that" unironically LOVES momokun, but everyone else in the fgc with a brain are like "nah fuck her" and see her through her scamming ways.
we've had several conversations with him and what is he thinking in discord.

No. 473874

File: 1512934119122.jpg (57.29 KB, 480x480, IMG_1361.JPG)

This is so good. Bless this new rule. May the patreon thots suffer.

No. 473879

It's a small victory but it's refreshing to know she's finally getting what's been coming to her for a long time.
I'm crossing my fingers that she keeps up these 10 shitty photoshoots a month thing that will run her even more ragged and into inevitable debt while she gradually loses patreons. Then we'll all see what a famous cosplayer/say business woman she really thinks she is.

No. 473896

I lowkey think this dude is sad. He wouldn't stop going on and on about how he donated twice to the $500 limit and NEVER got his commission request ever done. Im surprised he still supports her, but at the same time he brought this shit upon himself.

No. 473898


Dude must be desperate for some pussy if he let her rip him off like that. Must be one of those losers that thinks if they keep throwing money at her that she might maybe want to fuck them.

No. 473899


Momokun not delivering her rewards out on time/ not keep her promises? What a surprise! :0

Momokun supporters will always surprise me. What is her appeal? Her body is shit and it's gotten worse. Her personality is fake. Her lewd shoots are super air brushed these days to the point her skin doesn't even look real. She is a terrible person and never sends her rewards out on time.

Are they brain dead?

No. 473904

blood is just in the wrong head, impairs thinking

No. 473909


I see them as most desperate losers who think they can either buy or friendship their into some pussy from her.

No. 473912

(same anon) i don't because we all tried to tell him don't do it, but he loves her… "work"

No. 473915


Yeah, it's just an advanced level daily quest… If you at least know class advantages and disadvantages, you'll be fine.

No. 473924

Anyone else just kind of bored of her? I still can't stand her at all and I want to see her deal with the consequences of her actions, but it feels like nothing ever comes from it.

It honestly seemed like people were done with her a few months back when the charity thing blew up. But since then, no one has really pushed her or tried to hold her accountable for her shitty actions. She continues to lie, scam, and just be a fucking eye sore and people continue to support her or just turn a blind eye.

Sorry for the rant, but its like trying to beat down a brick wall. All she has to do for people to move on is for her to cry on Youtube and then get naked on IG.

No. 473926

Yeah, I agree, I havent really been checking lolcow that much because shes still a flaming piece of shit, but the fascination of reading up on cosplay gossip is unappealing now. People still whiteknight her for the wrong reasons, she still gets away with being shitty, and nothing changes. Even her consistently improving as a person would be more interesting because there really isnt anything fun about her. I wish everyone could just stop talking about her all at once so she'd never get the attention she craves.

No. 473928

I think documentating her lies is important, just in case everyone wakes up and realizes the kind of asshole she really is. And I think these threads really do piss her off, unlike someone like Raven who just really loves the attention, so I wouldn't want to see it auto saged or anything. But its just a repeatable cycle at this point and people will forgive anyone for anything as long as they take their clothes off.

No. 473929

File: 1512948803487.png (1.49 MB, 750x1334, 9D227BD3-FE64-4169-83B8-950409…)

> Guzma has a parasite
> “He had it before I got him!!!!! But the breeder is really good so I’m so shocked!!!!!”
> “a parasite? You mean like the anime?!?! XDDDDDD”

No. 473930

I wonder how many times she records herself for these videos to look "funny" because this face here is so scripted its ridiculous.

Also bitch what did you think was wrong with him earlier?

No. 473933

Not to catfag but if she took him for shots and shit, shouldn't that have been noticed then? What about the other cats?

No. 473937

that poor kitty i hope he rips her lip off the next time she tries to kiss him

No. 473939


People cut her too much slack. Like I get it. Some things that people bash her for are petty but she has done plenty of terrible and unprofessional things that shouldn't be overlooked. One of her biggest problems is that she enjoys being a drama magnet. She enjoys making everything about her and will air out all of her dirty laundry. You don't see any other well known cosplayers do that. She also lied about lipo. This should've been the final nail in the coffin for her because it took away all of her body positivity bullshit. More recently she stole someone else's creation (or barely changed it) and made it her oc. Thats the least professional thing that anyone who wants to be taken seriously as a business person could do. She also treats her friends terribly. I'm still triggered that she gave Vamp zero credit for opening doors for her and tried to play it as Vamp just existing and Moo doing everything herself.

No. 473942


Well if she didn't spend all of her time overeating, doing shitty photoshoots,loitering online daily and being an overall trashy narcissistic cunt her precious Guzma could have been healthy.

No. 473944

Yeah, i agree, Im just bored of her and tired of seeing her being posted as bait in groups. Its tiring after awhile

No. 473946


>got guzma almost 2 months ago

>had a parasite that whole time????

No. 473947

She said that the parasite was sitting dormant for three months so he “absolutely had to have it when she bought him”

No. 473948

File: 1512951350783.png (155.82 KB, 750x1334, AABBF2D4-FE37-41FD-95B5-3F07BF…)

No. 473949

File: 1512951759770.png (1.07 MB, 750x1334, 58367D01-35F4-4CCE-A908-48A033…)


No. 473950

File: 1512951896779.gif (459.87 KB, 498x408, PogLoop.gif)



No. 473951

can someone tell me the name of the cat insta she made please

No. 473952


No. 473953

ty anon! i need to get my keks about the worms lmao

No. 473956

File: 1512953169346.png (1.65 MB, 750x1334, 276BCAD4-3E6D-4332-A0D9-20F2EC…)

> Moving this month, most likely because she can’t afford rent anymore
> Going to Disneyland on the 14th
> Guest at honniecon the 16th and 17th
> Going to NYC the night of the 17th
> “Very busy month”

No. 473957

why is she going to nyc?

No. 473960

Actually, she’s making this move really quickly. She only said she was moving for the first time like a week or two ago, right? It’s starting to seem more and more like she actually did get evicted.

No. 473961

To see “THE TREE!!!” and go to Nintendo world. She just wanted to go to visit for Christmas I guess.

No. 473975


Speaking of disneyland, is she still friends with riannsynth? They don't seem all buddy buddy like they were earlier this year.

No. 473977


Maybe the landlord got tipped about something, a rushed move definitely seems like an eviction. Anyone know if Vamp is going with her too?(sage this)

No. 473979

a face only a mother can love

No. 473980

File: 1512955246464.jpg (1.11 MB, 2128x2560, 17-12-10-18-32-15-420_deco.jpg)

Yeah, but she has a lvl 40 and lvl 90 character on her team

No. 473983


No. 473985


Where does this heifer even go when she's in NYC? Seriously, I'm extra curious because I can't imagine she goes anywhere different than bridge and tunnel bros from LI/NJ do.

No. 473987

File: 1512956377081.png (860.84 KB, 720x1182, Screenshot_2017-12-10-17-31-14…)

No. 473988

File: 1512956411998.png (944.86 KB, 720x1180, Screenshot_2017-12-10-17-31-26…)

No. 473989

File: 1512956434451.png (873.13 KB, 720x1187, Screenshot_2017-12-10-17-32-43…)

No. 473990

File: 1512956438703.jpeg (474.46 KB, 1242x1700, B4B9EFDE-CBE5-4F28-9CBD-8C677F…)

Fucking looks like a granny missing teeth and all

No. 473991

Can't remember exactly when her and Colette moved in. Maybe their lease is up and the landlord didn't want to renew? I'm interested to see where she's moving to tbh

No. 473995

File: 1512956600585.png (304.64 KB, 720x832, Screenshot_2017-12-10-17-41-33…)

No. 474004

I find it funny that she wants to do regular Tamamo when she has a Tamamocat that has lewder outfits. Hell, the final outfit is nothing but an apron. Thought she'd love that shit. Or even a Boudica or Mata Hari.

No. 474005

File: 1512957935542.jpeg (458.47 KB, 750x1101, AC71E1EE-DE14-4EAC-8DAA-E83B4C…)

No. 474006

Thanks for the ideas!

No. 474007

>worships jeffree the clown

No wonder she’s trash.

No. 474008

Thanks Mooriah, for the daily reminder to moisturize.

No. 474010

Her face is melting…literally. This is why you do fresh makeup. She doesnt use blotting papers either…

No. 474012

She looks like Mr. Turtle from Master of Disguises.

No. 474013

Sometimes I feel bad picking on her about this shit, but like… you're literally selling your fucking face/body, albeit through images and not actual sex (yet kek). Take care of your image for fucks sake. It's clear that photoshop isn't enough anymore for most of her issues.

No. 474014

File: 1512959246810.png (89.8 KB, 720x454, Screenshot_2017-12-10-18-26-20…)

No. 474016

File: 1512959632040.png (898.84 KB, 720x1188, Screenshot_2017-12-10-18-28-22…)

>Wearing a Nitocris poncho, sitting on the floor bobbing her head to "STFU" by pinkguy

No. 474017

File: 1512959732019.png (263.61 KB, 416x462, sorry dad.png)

I feel bad, but I couldn't resist.

No. 474023



she looks so hideous in these pics, i know shes trying to play that kooky weird girl card but its just not gonna happen

No. 474024

why does she always look so congested

No. 474025

File: 1512962790758.jpeg (91.54 KB, 535x950, 0C96B391-24CA-4F5D-8282-105FCB…)

She literally makes 10k a month for shitty lewd cosplay(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 474027

She's living Pixyteri's dream.

No. 474029

you have 30 mins to delete a post, and there is no reason to have posted your email. how to post: https://lolcow.farm/info

No. 474030

she looks like one of her own fans

No. 474033

File: 1512963952942.jpg (29.54 KB, 309x204, grid-cell-16670-1393013862-7.j…)

Can't unsee it.

No. 474037

lurk more

No. 474039

File: 1512965950717.png (386.06 KB, 720x920, Screenshot_2017-12-10-20-16-20…)

Now it's boudoir my dudes

No. 474044

after scrolling through this guys twitter what is even the point in lewding him?

No. 474048

Fucking gross. I worked at Nintendo world for 3 years. I'll give my ex-coworkers the heads up for this cow if she comes through. ugh. She's probably gonna try to 'cosplay' or do something shitty and xmas themed while there.

No. 474050


I love how she tries to wave off all criticism as “Well you’re just sad and unhappy with your life so you are looking to tear me down because you can’t stand to see someone else happy”.

No Moomoo, it’s because you are a shitty person who does shitty things and try to blame everyone else for your problems. Grow the fuck up and take responsibility for your behavior and actions.

No. 474052

File: 1512968327063.png (518.65 KB, 720x1021, Screenshot_2017-12-10-20-57-02…)

Body positive my dudes

No. 474058

It amuses me so much that she idolises him, he tells people to own their 'flaws' and shit but threatened to throw acid on someone because of their makeup
sage for OT

No. 474060


And she does nothing to to actually work on those flaws and become a better person. Nope, she just bitches at everyone about “being bullied” and “you only criticize me because you’re so sad with your life” and the comes the fake, self-masturbatory “I know I have flaws and I acknowledge them. I’m so sorry I’m not perfect and have it all figured out like you do” and then continues to do the same shit as before.

No. 474061

saged for OT but I'm surprised with her so called love of Higurashi style of storytelling she's not jumped all over Doki Doki Literature Club. Apologies if I just jinxed it.

No. 474063


Of course you know that now that you have mentioned it, she’ll try to claim to be the biggest fan ever and talk about how completely obsessed with it she is.

No. 474065


It's like none of you even learn

No. 474067

She watches pewdiepie, pewdiepies been playing it. The game isn’t exactly super sekret. if you’re the same anon who always acts like she copies everything she sees here, you’re just as bad as other people.

No. 474068

we get it, mariah loves being a fan of the problematic assholes

No. 474070

What is this whale wailing about?

No. 474071

File: 1512974504799.png (58.29 KB, 720x358, Screenshot_2017-12-10-22-38-48…)

No. 474072


maybe an inspection revealed all the floors / carpet she's ruined

No. 474074


Whale is a gacha game term

No. 474075


What's the context? Another bitch boy rant?

No. 474076

Nothing yet. Probably.

No. 474078


Excited to see her sperg again. Sometimes it's a blessing that she just likes to be public about everything.

No. 474079

Late but it's so fucking weird how she says she's going with her dad and then pointedly mentions how kids from school used to go with their boyfriends and now it's "her turn." She makes it sound like a fucking date with her dad. Creepy bitch.

No. 474080

Pretty sure it's part of a meme, my brother used to say it all the time

No. 474081

i think she was trying to be funny

she shouldve just gone with vamp and pretended to be lesbians for clicks or something

No. 474082

It's not there anymore though. She must have realized no one was laughing.

No. 474083

This could be about something in real life, but right after the event ended in F/GO a gacha with Saber and Saber Alter rated up got put in so it might be that.

No. 474085

I honestly think she's trying to bait for drama now a lot more than usual bc this is just obvious. She's losing her spotlight because people just choose to ignore her at this point because she sucks so bad and it's generally accepted

No. 474086

File: 1512979841128.png (1.08 MB, 720x1192, Screenshot_2017-12-11-00-08-18…)

Roxy is over and her home is still a mess for someone who has to move in a couple days

No. 474090

Is this obese Jessica Nigri

No. 474093

We will be seeing lots of black garbage bags full of 'stuff' soon

No. 474094

File: 1512983681195.jpg (52.04 KB, 1080x277, Screenshot_20171211-010731.jpg)

It's dumb but I laughed ok

No. 474098

File: 1512985265165.gif (234.39 KB, 256x192, Calisto_Snicker_2.gif)

good eye

No. 474099

She deleted this tweet. Paranoid much moo?

No. 474103

File: 1512987727591.png (845.89 KB, 720x1195, Screenshot_2017-12-11-02-20-48…)

At the end of the year she plans on selling costumes

No. 474104

File: 1512987859706.png (117.67 KB, 720x693, Screenshot_2017-12-11-02-22-57…)

No. 474105

File: 1512987889314.png (143.26 KB, 720x821, Screenshot_2017-12-11-02-23-10…)

No. 474109

Bets on whether she’ll list actual sizes of the things she’s selling.

No. 474110

File: 1512989609436.png (409.57 KB, 720x938, Screenshot_2017-12-11-02-51-32…)

"I love cleaning xD" says the slob

No. 474111

She makes marks on the wall like a toddler. Last time I had to use a magic eraser was 18 in a shared 4 person dorm. Imagine all the nasty shit she isn't showing us. I'd put my money on used tampons and a moldy fridge.

No. 474113

She only went with her dad because these threads kept insisting he hates her and that she's shitty to her family. So she tries and prove us wrong by going out with her dad once and showing up more at her parents house and paying for their debts. I can admit that some of the things lolcow tinfoils is bull but she's just so much worse because she puts in the time to actively prove the obvious bull wrong. Next up she's probably going to try and show how she didn't actually get evicted because that's been our new topic lately thats probably getting under her skin.
Lolcow and her just keep leaching off each other. But as someone else mentioned if we were to stop she'd probably miss our attention and how we act like better fans then the people who worship her because we bother to pay attention to the little things that make up her shitty personality. Like how she has an issue mirroring (a bpd term) whoever she admires to try and be their perfect friend.
Sage for the essay.

No. 474114

she probably doesnt know theyre abrasive, and was just lazy
that just looks like it couldve been cleaned with water and soap or whatever cleanser.

No. 474118

Last I remember, this is their first time to NYC. Neither of them have visited before so naturally they'll do the shitty touristy things everyone does their first trip to the city, but nothing wrong with that. Will probably encourage her to try harder to go to NYCC next year though.

No. 474119


Kind of wondering if her landlord did a surprise visit on the house to 'inspect' and saw how shit it looks inside, most of it being her bedroom and the cosplay area. She literally lives like a pampered college student who can't fend for herself.

No. 474120

Do they share a building with other apartments, or is it an entire house they rent? Could be neighbor complaints came up. IDK. Vamp doesn't seem like the loud type; all Moo…could also be there were pet restrictions. We can assume if Jaeda and Vamps cat were allowed, that pets were allowed to a degree…but 4 cats seems kind of hoarder-y.

No. 474122


Could be. Recall seeing some people giving Moo advice on Twitter about taking in too many cats, especially Guzma which she quickly dismissed because she's a animal lover my dudes! So wouldn't put it past them that they reported her. It syncs well with her sudden up and packing move.

No. 474123

on her momoscats instastory she shows it. its a cul-de-sac type community

No. 474126

File: 1512997316768.png (149.7 KB, 720x952, Screenshot_2017-12-11-05-00-05…)

No. 474127

File: 1512997344341.png (92.66 KB, 720x569, Screenshot_2017-12-11-05-00-14…)

No. 474128

File: 1512997503510.png (146.99 KB, 720x818, Screenshot_2017-12-11-05-03-18…)

No. 474129

File: 1512997562955.png (191.38 KB, 720x919, Screenshot_2017-12-11-05-03-01…)

No. 474132

the manga is shit (or i guess, turns to shit) and the "anime" is just one fucking racing jerk off session

>too adhd to read like under 10 fucking volumes

>manga autism

No. 474133

Ahh once again momo whips out her wiki-fu.

I've seen at least 5 anime youtubers tweet out this same point too.

Also light sperg to add that why not suggest the old movie? It still stands up and will be pretty much cover the same plot as the movie it seems and the manga really did not age well, especially the first arc that the movie seems to be covering.

>inb4 boudoir alita and the return of our glorious bodysuit messiah.

I honestly hope she tries it since Alita is specifically designed to be fairly small and petite

No. 474135


Then why are you posting here? If you're bored of her stop looking at the thread, plenty of other anons still enjoy her shit behavior and have hopes she'll come crumbling down soon.

No. 474138

I've noticed Moo's cosmama regularly shows the process behind her Patreon rewards on IG, from print signings to envelope stacks about to be shipped away, new upcoming goodies and things in-between while being ALOT more active than her. Such hard working Moo could reach this level, but no she chooses not to. Instead we get IG stories of her eating, playing with her cats, binging on animu or gaming to look a fraction more geeky and venting about her sorry life while sitting on months of backdated rewards for her own fans.

No. 474139

Isn't Momo just reiterating fanon/headcanons right now? Nearly all of the reactions I saw from people who said they were long time fans were shock and confusion over Gally's big eyes.

And for someone "so excited" and active on twitter, it took her a fucking long ass time to respond to something that's making everyone lose their shit. She has to put on those airs about how she has a contrarian opinion on a manga that she just found out about.

No. 474145

YES. She's not even correct. Gally's a cyborg not an android. And they are explicit about her eyes and the rest of her face being normal looking, other than one or two bodies iirc. She's also had human bodies throughout the series and hasn't ever been in a position to get bullied. I feel like moo is projecting her victim complex hardcore too here.

No. 474146


not either anon, but you know, they have a point. i've said before moo is a one-trick pony. she does the same stuff in cycles, so if no cons are happening her antics are just rinse and repeat. it gets kinda meh, especially if you don't follow other cows i'd assume.

No. 474166

I love how moo is struggling to find the next costume that she try to wear for another year and half and make it her main like Samus was when she started and how she latched onto mei as well. Looks like she’s trying to make saber her go to for the next year and a half but I doubt it will work. She knows her time in the light is almost over.

No. 474172

Its a relief to know that her fame is at its peak, she just released this Pochaco set and was commenting on how "oh I had to get a bikini wax it's so lewd teehee" but literally no one cares.
You can tell she was only it for fame and attention because she's been less active on this new twitter and looks increasingly miserable now that her spotlight is gone.
She has no scruples, so she would be really good at just becoming another cringey Trisha Paytas on YouTube. Get high and make up a bunch of bullshit while stuffing her face. That's pretty much all she's good for now.

No. 474175

File: 1513015181743.png (18.76 KB, 695x542, momokungraph.PNG)

Who is this anon who comes in every second thread to bitch about how they're "bored of moomoo" and "she never changes"? You've been singing the same song for at least a year, if it annoys you and the other anons so much then stop posting and reading instead of derailing the thread. jfc

She's most likely run out of people to milk for her cosplays. KBBQ hightailed out, Vamp hasn't been helping her since forever, I guess her other little calves have also scattered. Out of all the cosplays she's done this year, she's literally commissioned or bought all of them. The Yoko was the only one she did herself and that was a huge mess. She's too lazy to get off her fat ass and actually work on her cosplays so as you have noticed, she just throws on cheap party city costumes and calls it an OC. Lately she's done even raunchier photosets (nip slips and vag flashing) just to keep her neckbeard audience somewhat interested.

Yep, her trick has always been the "thicc" version of some character. First it was thicc Samus, then thicc Wicke, then thicc Mei. But she's getting far too obese to be simply "thicc" and grosser and more vulgar for the shock value, so it's not going to work anymore. People are constantly calling her out on her social media comments. Literally the only people who still support her are gross ass horny men who leave "so sexx wanna suck on those tits bitch" comments. Cons and media companies are dropping her ass because they know what a toxic bitch she is and how bad it would be for their public image to work with her. She's definitely getting consequences for her actions and it's only going to get worse for her.

No. 474182

Moomoo has reached a standstill. She hasn't fully worked on a costume from scratch (like her shit tier Fire Emblem Camilla for example) for months. She's been relying on others for help, commissions, Etsy, Amazon or AliExpress bought costumes; nothing is truly her own creation from the heart as a 'fan'. The more money she earns, the more she abandons the sewing machine.

She's not improved at all and has now just got herself stuck in Patreon thot limbo where she's running dry quickly, with her social media being damaged as well like you mentioned-Twitter. Clinging on to whatever next upcoming character she can milk with her vile unimaginative lewd sets, while constantly sharing how they're so alike to ease her ego. Moo hasn't got long left at all and it's a lovely sight.

No. 474196

Christ, Moomoo, make it less obvious you're lurking here.

You know what's bad for you to constantly do? Go out to eat or order salty, fatty takeout. Just learn how to make stuff at home!

Learn moderation ffs.

No. 474201

File: 1513022587361.jpg (420.14 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20171211-130233.jpg)

LMAO a new low has been reached

No. 474203

So now she's releasing old sets because her new ones probably aren't selling lmao
Guess nobody wants pictures of the Michelin man, huh?

No. 474205


The same person claiming to be shooting 13 sets a month feels the need to rerelease old sets? This is just her being lazy again. Everyone knows she only does 1-2 shoots a month. She doesn't have any content this month or is late on it as usual so she needs to keep her patrons happy somehow. It amazes me how her old sets, before she traveled to California to shoot and hired decent photographers, are a million times better than her newer stuff. Her body was a lot better back then too. She knows she's losing relevance.

It's a consequence of her blowing up too quickly (fat pun intended). She never had time to build herself up as a legit cosplayer and used sleazy means to get to where she is including leaking her own nudes and dumbing her content down to softcore porn. She was just the "it" girl because of her "thicc" status and that's all she has going for her. Jessica Nigri was known as "boob" girl until she started improving her work and proved herself to be decently talented at making her cosplays. Maybe it's better she loses relevance. After all, she's "shy" remember? Kek

No. 474206

File: 1513023276447.jpeg (603.28 KB, 719x1041, 3B896991-A58B-486B-A3C7-4A5B61…)

Yeah, no one wants to see your fat lard ass anymore Moomoo

No. 474207

File: 1513023895271.png (53.08 KB, 606x245, titscuzfat.png)

Real classy you disgusting cow. You have huge, gross, saggy tits because you're fucking fat.

No. 474208

wow, it's even more non-existent than before. Fire your editor, Moo! They can't even photoshop you an ass!

No. 474209

File: 1513024323302.jpg (4.83 KB, 321x272, BYBB0cqCcAEHHms.jpg)

No. 474210

she looks busted.

No. 474213


She never shuts up about her tits or ass. I guess this is what her idea of marketing is.

No. 474214

File: 1513025461034.png (130.83 KB, 538x255, Screenshot 2017-12-11 at 12.49…)

I saw she recently purchased from a shop on her eBay and there was a very expensive Road Hog set in entirety. I wonder if she bought something else and is considering this, because it had fate g/o sword props

No. 474215

her ass looks like a brown spotted pancake. is it because she spends all her time sitting on it and accumulating mold?

No. 474216

she brags about her tit fat because she has no ass lol

No. 474217

She doesn't even have a fat ass, you're being too generous. It's just a wide, flat space. Plateau ass.

No. 474218

File: 1513026136535.png (286.46 KB, 535x815, Screenshot_2017-12-11-13-00-53…)

Lol wot is this?

No. 474220

File: 1513026365517.jpg (49.87 KB, 600x400, roast-beef-method-1-600x400.jp…)

No. 474221

What is that face? Having a stroke

No. 474222

One thing I don't understand is, why does she keep pulling her undies into her ass like this? She doesn't have enough/ass isn't long enough to cover, so it looks like bunched up fabric in the back, almost like a diaper lol
Either way, it looks really stupid and doesn't give her the illusion of a waist she's trying so desperately to pull off.

No. 474223

She's putting a lot of effort into that pose anon, the ropes are cutting into all her rolls and accentuating them so she's literally stretching out her whole flabby body. That takes some effort of course it's gonna show in her face lmfao. THREE MONTHS OF GOING TO THE GYM YALL

No. 474225

File: 1513026848462.jpg (22.88 KB, 359x316, 1512279925843.jpg)

>airbrushed to hell
>still has obvious craters and lumps

No. 474226

>guys I just went to get a brasilian wax!! my vagina is HAIRLESS!! DID YOU HEAR ABOUT MY VAGINA
She's so desperate for attention.

No. 474227


Lol that’s so damn sad. She has become so gross looking that she is now forced to re-release pictures of her from 30 lbs ago. Either that or her lazy ass doesn’t have any new sets to release this month so she has to put out old stuff to bring in money.


This whole back forth she does with her tits is annoying. One minute it’s “omg my tits are so huge teehee”, then its “I want to get them reduced”. Either way, it’s disgusting the way she talks about her body and constantly sexualizing herself like a piece of fuck meat. Although, I guess that since this is what her “fans” want, she has to keep playing to it so they keep forking over cash.


Hate to break it to you Moo; no matter how much you pull your panties into your buttcrack, it won’t magically give you an ass.

No. 474230

she also has said she wants full round animu tits. ffs, are there any girls into anime who don't get body dysmorphia from sex anime girls??

No. 474231

File: 1513028475692.png (107 KB, 720x479, Screenshot_2017-12-11-13-35-52…)

So she randomly promoted Kayyybear's Mei, which was strange because I honestly didn't think they were friends anymore. But this is what her "fans" had to say about it. Its gross that she lets this happen honestly.

No. 474232

She just talks about her body for attention because she has nothing else to say that's remotely interesting or intelligent. One day it's this, next day it's that.

No. 474244

she and her fans are absolutely disgusting. the fact she chose not to doxx these guys really say she a lot especially the racist one. jfc.

No. 474248

Aaahhh that's the "I'm sucking it in so hard for the camera I can't breathe" face. Those ropes look like they're cutting into her yeesh

No. 474252

Doxxing would be too much out of her way. At least condemn the dude making racist comments saying you won't stand for that. Wasn't she just going on some tangent last week about how she doesn't get how people can be racist and hate filled?

No. 474253

File: 1513030628392.png (760.7 KB, 720x1028, Screenshot_2017-12-11-14-13-44…)

O wow a boob closeup so lewd

No. 474258

The rope is tight everywhere except for her butt KEK what's with the wig behind the ear? Why wouldn't anyone try to fix that knotted mess? Do her photographers just not care? Her face looks the same in both this and >>474206 'such a talented model with diverse poses &expressions'

No. 474259

File: 1513031963488.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 399.85 KB, 750x1097, 0E8B850D-6221-4CCB-8BBF-4EFDCF…)

No. 474260

hello fupa-chan

No. 474261


Nah. She only doxxes people when they come at her. If it’s friends, the best they can hope for is a long winded, self-masturbatory essay about bullying that she will eventually somehow make all about herself.


She also posted some essay long rant about bullying and how “she uses it for inspiration”. Funny thing is, she was supposed to be defending a friend who got mean comments for a cosplay she did.

No. 474262

File: 1513032357883.png (845.6 KB, 750x1334, 6DEBC6A6-6090-45C7-868F-D0CE64…)

Why would she cover it up like it’s an exclusive pic you can only see if you join her patreon??? You can literally see the full picture on her Twitter.

No. 474263

File: 1513032466582.jpeg (100.48 KB, 750x534, 46E8DF12-9BFD-4E44-9EA5-C1FBAB…)

No. 474264

Samefag but nvm it’s not the same exact picture her sets are just so bland and boring that she has to use multiple pics that look ridiculously similar but are just a slightly different pose. Why would people pay for this trash

No. 474271

File: 1513034447595.png (581.96 KB, 750x1334, 4586C8A5-D547-430C-ABE7-142262…)

No. 474275

Now we know why such passion on erasing marks from her body, too.

No. 474276

Nowadays people think this will make them look skinnier and shows more hips/ass apparently, but we all know moo moo by now. It looks only ridiculous

No. 474280

File: 1513035874029.png (275.57 KB, 1072x1653, 20171211_184159.png)

Wow she has no idea what he's talking about here.

No. 474285


omg guys momokun is totally best league fan girl ever.

shes going to do what she did with Mei and Overwatch with league and tell the whole world she's irl Urgot.

No. 474286


sadly for Moo Faker will never know her fat ass exists

No. 474287

I had no fucking clue who Faker was or what they were talking about and all it took was me literally googling Faker tumble to know more than she apparently does… She is dumb as hell and puts 0 research into her bullshitting.

No. 474290


It's not hard to outsmart someone who calls someone else's art her OC. She's told so many lies in her life that she no longer can keep up with it. She acts like it'll kill her to admit fault, admit a mistake, or just say she doesn't know something. Grow up.

No. 474291

File: 1513037705746.jpeg (335.03 KB, 600x692, 1C44B23B-75B4-42F4-B820-29277D…)

okay but what is up with her elbow??

No. 474292

then you don't have to mention he's "trans".

No. 474293

does she do her own photoshop work or does she "work" with a photographer/editor orbiter who does it for her for free

No. 474294

>You can tell she was only it for fame and attention because
she literally said as much on her DA blog.

No. 474295

re-releasing shit ppl should be able to scroll down to get? or google for free?


No. 474297

>30 lbs ago

You're being way too generous. She's gained at least 50 this year, and any muscle definition left is gone.

Reminder her scarecrow shit was "the lewdest set yet" my dudes, and no one even talked about it aside from how stupid Fuckboi Castle looked.

No. 474300

File: 1513040008044.png (160.79 KB, 750x1334, BBA95016-3363-4AF4-9633-C7EED9…)

No. 474302

File: 1513040141872.png (989.64 KB, 750x1334, B8DCEBFE-B5E6-420F-948A-63CAC2…)

No. 474304

File: 1513040171017.jpg (87.9 KB, 1173x859, 1509243412334.jpg)

No. 474308

>>474302 She has a short video on twitter where she zooms in and literally screams into the microphone, what the fuck is wrong with this bitch, how do people find her tolerable at all???

No. 474312

I hate how embarrassing she is about weed. I've had ideas of combining my marijuana usage and cosplay and id like to do so but I feel like this fucking cow kind of ruined the way weed is presented to the community

No. 474316


I love that she already thinks she's going to have some Jessica Nigri level career and do it for another 6 years. She's like 2 years in and she's ruined her name. No one even wants to work with her. Her patreon has been stagnant and if anything it's been dropping. What she's doing will only satisfy her neckbeards for so long until they get bored and look for something newer and better. Her photos are the same 6 poses but just in different outfits.

No. 474317

i'd be too embarrassed for her to reply

No. 474319

File: 1513041829316.png (393.26 KB, 750x1334, CD424124-E98E-4364-A28D-1BF188…)

No. 474320


I love how she thinks she has this long career ahead of her. She’s only two years in and her name is synonymous with dogshit. Her name is cancer in the community and companies are actively avoiding her or immediately dropping her when the facts are brought to them about her.

She thinks she is still this young up and comer that will be the future of cosplay who Jessica Nigri handpicked herself to replace her, when she is really a flash in the pan who has her 15 minutes of fame and is now on a downward spiral into obscurity.

I give her maybe another year before she is doing fully nude sets and selling fetish videos on clips4sale.

No. 474322

File: 1513042130034.png (1 MB, 750x1334, F0F73103-30EF-41AA-91F3-77DC07…)

> “someone got triggered by me using the word fat if you let words offend you that’s on you booboo”
> “if you’re ACTUALLY unhealthy then you go to the gym. I eat a lot of Mac and cheese but I go to the gym”

No. 474323

Sage for off topic but isn't weed illegal in nevada even for recreational uses?

No. 474325

No it’s legal now in your own home. Driving high is a punishable offense

No. 474326

File: 1513042403271.png (693.86 KB, 670x558, transformation into barn anima…)

No. 474328


Sure Moo. Lazily flipping a tire for a couple minutes totally counts as “going to the gym”. And yet somehow you’re fatter than you’ve ever been.

No. 474329


Pre lipo vs post lipo

How does she look worse after lipo and "going to the gym"

No. 474330

She's kind of there already. How is any of the crap she's done lately cosplay? And what's up with thinking the holiday season is a time when people want to see her "lewds"? WTF is a lewd anyway? That's about the stupidest description I have ever heard. Why not just call it softcore porn which is what it is.

No. 474331

I've been curious what lipo had to do with her face swelling and her tiddys literally tripling in size. Is it just because she eats like shit or what?

No. 474332


swelling could just be due to her shit high-sodium diet, otherwise it's just because she's fatter

No. 474333

File: 1513044092254.png (505.12 KB, 600x588, transformation into barn anima…)

No. 474334

So like when people call you a scam artist, moo, it's on you booboo if that offends you…even tho its true lmao

No. 474335


OMG she used to look a lot better and happier back then.

No. 474336


Lipo takes away fat cells from targeted areas. So her face, arms, breasts, and everywhere else that didn't get lipo are the size that they actually should be. Based on scars she looks like she only had her thighs and stomach done which is why they look thinner than everywhere else. Her career is already obviously falling apart.

No. 474337

File: 1513044702413.png (213.1 KB, 720x948, Screenshot_2017-12-11-18-09-15…)

No. 474338

File: 1513044747286.png (148.68 KB, 715x838, Screenshot_2017-12-11-18-09-20…)

No. 474339

I'm surprised that she looked pretty similar back then. But now her fat distribution just looks a little off - face too fat, thighs sticking out more, arms bigger, etc.

In all honesty, if she had kept up her figure she would have actually made a nice "thicc" model. Still would have had shit cosplays and shit personality, yeah, but at least she would be semi-attractive or attractive. Back then it kind of worked for her. Plus her face was thinner and it made her nose look a lot better.

Now she's just a mess.

No. 474340

These pictures were also shooped to hell though. Even though this was when she was muuuuch smaller, these pictures were fairly heavily shooped (she's never had an ass and the scale in the comparison isnt correct i.e. look at the thigh length)

No. 474341


Plus she has a lot more cellulite now, bigger jowls, double chin. I feel like her basic body structure is only similar in this photo because of the lipo, before her second round she had a more protruding stomach.

No. 474342

Yknow she used to actually be pretty cute. There's no way she can look back at her old stuff and still feel good about her appearance now she literally looks like a different person it's kind of sad

No. 474343

vamp never opened any doors for me tho.

No. 474344

all it proves is that shes so gross even photoshop isnt enough anymore

No. 474345

File: 1513046080169.png (1.03 MB, 800x600, fupachansmemories.png)

No. 474346

File: 1513046134196.png (11.15 MB, 1242x2208, 6062C9D1-5B63-4426-BD94-4F834A…)

Why does this part look shopped in some way? It’s like I’m pretty sure it’s her back (the white part, and you see a cow bikini strap) but they pony tail seems super flat until that one strand? I don’t know, something seems off.

No. 474347

File: 1513046135399.jpg (117.54 KB, 427x640, 34981466552_109391d5ea_z.jpg)

from flickr >>474345

No. 474349

File: 1513046809556.jpg (504.51 KB, 2048x1365, 35795566701_ab8ec896f4_k.jpg)

might be reposts but I don't remember these

No. 474351

File: 1513046868770.jpg (449.44 KB, 1365x2048, 35538866270_1cb6ed44ff_k.jpg)

b i g m o o d

No. 474352

Cellulite Samus.

No. 474353

I know this is said a lot, But holy shit she's huge.

No. 474354

It's a shitty thing to say since you can't control what genetics you get, but Mariah should really funnel her lipo money to a nose job instead… especially if she wants to stick with the Mei shtick. Her nose with most glasses make her looks like she's wearing one of those sets of Halloween glasses with moustaches.

But with her recent photoshoots, it looks like she cares shit about what her face looks like because she knows her neckbeard army are only into her for her "ass", "tits", and "t h I c c"ness.

No. 474355

She should have lipoed her arms and upper back/under arm/side area. I dont know why she did lipo on her thighs. Her arms are a lost cause now though. The skin on her arms is full of deep stretch marks.

No. 474359

File: 1513047684674.png (777.03 KB, 720x1006, Screenshot_2017-12-11-18-59-33…)

No. 474362

It's like as she got fatter, her thighs absorbed her butt fat. She was chunky but had a pretty nice figure.

No. 474366

File: 1513049794567.png (909.07 KB, 750x1334, A688880D-CFBD-47B3-BA9A-F7323B…)

Doing like a vape juice mini review?????

No. 474368

File: 1513051433751.jpg (854.97 KB, 1440x1808, tmp_26888-Screenshot_20171211-…)

No. 474369

I was rolling my eyes at her "it's not what you think!" thread and then just up and says she hasn't read or watched anything for it. LOL moo, what are ou doing

No. 474370


If her so called "trainer" actually gave a shit, then she'd have an ass

No. 474374

Bitch tries to act tough, but she knows these comments gets to her, which is why she's probably crying into some icecream.

No. 474376

Her legs would look so much better with some heels on…

No. 474377

This post really proves my theory though: famous cows like Onision and Moo bring the worst kind of newfags.

No. 474379

honestly i was thinking the same thing what in the whole ass hell was she thinking having bare feet for this kind of set. one that’s supposed to be “sexy”. she looks horrendous and nothing could really save it but anyone with a brain and actual knowledge of being sexy would’ve worn heels.

No. 474381

I know this is said all the time but those shoulders. She really needs big hair to hide how huge she is.

No. 474383

She may be so fat it hurts to wear heels, though if that's the case she should still suck it up. Her whole job is supposed to be about trying to look good.

No. 474387

I want to photograph her just so I can edit her properly ha! And show before + afters.

No. 474399

File: 1513069614176.png (161 KB, 720x784, Screenshot_2017-12-12-01-03-42…)

No. 474403


My god she is so pathetic.

No. 474406

File: 1513074595705.png (1.01 MB, 713x1008, Screenshot_2017-12-12-02-27-21…)

Damn bitch you live like this?

No. 474407

File: 1513074649927.png (158.4 KB, 711x1003, Screenshot_2017-12-12-02-27-30…)

No. 474408

>>474406 He hair is disgusting

>>474407 So now she was suicidal and self harmed all of a sudden?? This bitch is really reaching, has she EVER talked about something like this before? Or is she using suicide as a way to get even more ass pats from people? What a selfish bitch. Getting a cat doesn't suddenly make all of that go away.

No. 474409

she usually does this for attention. we know shes a bully

No. 474413

this is so melodramatic did guzmas parasite (the anime?????) kill jaeda

No. 474414

She's definitely saying it for attention, if her spoiled ass really did have those problems she would be getting treated for it, instead she sleeps all day, eats shitty food, abuses drugs and alcohol, her unhealthy lifestyle is catching up to her and she's blaming it on depression when I doubt she's ever had it. Plus she's naked all the time and you'd see the self harm she claims to do, which there aren't
sage for sperg.

No. 474415

File: 1513076122300.png (128.75 KB, 711x884, Screenshot_2017-12-12-02-50-00…)

No. Still alive

No. 474416

File: 1513076161410.png (145.1 KB, 720x669, Screenshot_2017-12-12-02-50-12…)

No. 474417

File: 1513076196651.png (158.86 KB, 720x951, Screenshot_2017-12-12-02-50-40…)

No. 474418

File: 1513076226525.png (607.54 KB, 720x931, Screenshot_2017-12-12-02-49-06…)

No. 474419

are you both esl or something, she's talking about when she got her old cat, not like this week or whatever

she claimed bipolar or something in her "look at me now that girl u bullied" post a year or two ago

im not saying shes not lying, but damn

No. 474420

>>474416 So hes come around to you wrapping yourself up in bondage rope, having nothing but bows on your breasts, and smearing faux cum onto your mouth and chest, but hates you wearing leggings in public? Bitch shut the fuck up, you're only saying this to try and validate yourself, no parent in the world, a dad at that, would be okay with what your doing to yourself and what men are saying they'd do to you.

No. 474421

File: 1513076520529.png (94.24 KB, 720x569, Screenshot_2017-12-12-02-58-33…)

Guys I'm getting evicted, gaining weight every day and my cats are infected with worms!! IM DOING SO GOOD MY DUDES

No. 474422

File: 1513076684416.png (414.02 KB, 720x945, Screenshot_2017-12-12-03-03-23…)

No. 474423

>>474421 Or your high as a kite and going on a spergefest at 3 am. She was live posting till almost 4-5 am her time yesterday, no wonder she looks like shit, she never sleeps properly.

No. 474425

File: 1513077870344.png (246.43 KB, 311x465, Screenshot 2017-12-12 at 3.23.…)

No. 474433

File: 1513082708160.png (151.4 KB, 599x751, dad.png)

No. 474439

Mean comments make your mom cry but comments about all the creepy sexual things guys want to do to you are 100% cool by mom. Why is her mom even on her instagram? That's like being a cam girl and having your parents checking your page.

No. 474454


Is there really no low she won’t sink to for sympathy and asspats? There seriously has to be something dark inside you to use suicide as a ploy for attention and sympathy.


Sure Moomoo, I’m sure your dad has totally “come around” to you selling half-naked pics of yourself with fake cum smeared all over your tits while getting bent over and pretending to get fucked from behind. How exhausting are the lies you keep having to tell yourself?


Well then your mom is either a complete dipshit or willfully ignorant of all the shit you have done to other people. The lying, the attempts to take credit for other people’s work, the constant blow ups and rants at people who try to call her out. That’s what your “beautiful” daughter is known for. So you might maybe want to tell her to stay out of this, because the internet pulls no punches, and if she wants to continue to defend your actions and behavior, then she’ll have to deal with them, same as you.


Aaaaaaand there it is. The inevitable “I’m so happy with my life right now u guise” lie that she has to tell us to letnus know how much we don’t get to her. So remind me Moo, exactly which part are you happy about? The constantly being kicked off of social media platforms? The being thought of as a cancer to the cosplay community that everyone goes out of their way to ignore? The lack of sponsors and brand deals and losing the ones you actually manage to get because of your shit reputation? The diminishing returns on your Patreon to the point of having to resell pictures of you from 50 pounds ago because no one likes seeing what a haggard mess you’ve become? The fact that your cosplay “skills” are considered a complete joke? The fact that your “Cosplay Mom” Nigri won’t even give you the time of day or even give the appearance of supporting you?

Why, the only thing I can think of is that fact that you are thought of as nothin more than fuck meat to everyone. No cares how much effort you put into a cosplay or how much you pretend to love a series or game. All they care about is whether or not you get naked or how close you get to it. They literally don’t give a shit about anything else. They don’t care if you’re “being bullied” or whatever shit you happen to be complaining at the time.

This honestly sounds like the ramblings of some coked out girl up at 3am with nothing else to do.

No. 474458

She's done what all these guys are also doing to her, paying people to love them back. She had to pay off her family and her friends to hang out with her. Pays off her family's debt and pays for her friends travel expenses. Im just surprised this didn't come sooner since she guilt tripped and shamed anyone she gave money to if they called her out which is why all her previous friends have bailed. Now since she can't buy friends she'll by her family and do what her Dad did by lording it over their heads anytime they try to argue with her.

No. 474459

what a piece of trash. also, she suffered from dysmorphia? is she not now? is she saying she knows she's a fat fug piece of shit? cause the last time i checked. she deluded herself into thinking she was some kawaii anime titty bitch. sometimes i almost feel bad for her, cause how could she really be happy?

No. 474463

Anyone who has a good, decent relationship with their parents don't have to broadcast it all over social media, and say mommy comes to defend you when people say "mean things" about you on the internet. Anyone who believes this trash is just as delusional as she is. Mariah has to tell herself this because all she is to people is a sex object, and I can't think of a single parent (who isn't scummy themselves) who would be okay with what she does. As the person who commented here >>474433 said, her parents can't EVER talk about what their daughter does to other family or friends, unless they want to be shamed for it right along with her. She willingly takes selfies showing off her vag, bends over to pretend to be fucked from behind for money? Come the fuck on, it's hilarious to watch her try to act like she's okay with her life and relationship with her parents, because clearly it's messed up. She can continue this facade as long as she wants, in the end, her cosplay "career" wont last forever, and it's going to be just as hilarious watching her scramble to find work with her name tied to soft core porn on the internet.

No. 474466

i've always thought she was super retarded for linking this all directly to her name. maybe she didn't realize at first what a bad idea that was. i know nigri does, but she also -just- does this, and made herself over a decade. she's also not a fat forever alone cunt like moo, and can settle down and live of residual funds for a bit.

No. 474479

Drunk posting. Never a good idea.

No. 474483

I have honestly never found her face so horrifying 'til now

No. 474490

File: 1513097326269.png (1.3 MB, 750x1334, F21DE473-4CE4-4A02-B697-7B13FE…)

No. 474491

File: 1513097350378.jpeg (109.91 KB, 750x477, 3B8D742E-7033-484B-BD2D-DC0E6A…)

No. 474493

God it's like if Our Glorious Queen PT and Asherbee had a bratty child.

No. 474496

File: 1513097939091.png (119.15 KB, 720x553, Screenshot_2017-12-12-08-57-12…)

Yo when are you going to be inspired and determined to send out your shitty Patreon rewards

No. 474498

"I'm lonely and desperate my dudes"

No. 474499

File: 1513098697838.png (62.76 KB, 720x385, Screenshot_2017-12-12-09-10-00…)

No. 474501

Aw man, it sucks when you see one of your friends defending this piece of shit.

No. 474502

>sorry your cat is lost, let me insert my nerdy knowledge to seem cool and focus attention on how cool and nerdy i am!

No. 474503

moo just rt'd that, she didn't post to her page.

No. 474505


Yeah. This definitely feels like her putting the bait out and seeing what small, Asian fuck boi happens to bite like “Just putting it out there my dudes, I’m totally available”. And of course she has to couch it in “Lol I only do this when I’m bored” and not because “I’m cripplingly and desperately alone and need someone to tell me I’m pretty”

Considering her track record of publicly trying to ruin guys who refuse to fuck her, I can only imagine only the truly desperate will take the bait.

No. 474506

Her out of the blue 'omg pets are beautiful and wonderful and pure and do nothing wrong ever' tirades recently probably mean Guzma injured one of the other cats or spread his worms and she's just prepping for the 'omg i need $$$$$$$$$$$ to take care of my poor precious innocent babies my dudes' before another fund drive where she'll stream for 2 seconds begging for money or another batch of prints that she takes 20 years to send out.

No. 474518

I remember a post in March? February? from her sister (whether that's true or not is up in the air) that confirmed she moved in January and confirmed the lipo (from a reputable clinic kek).
If she signed a year lease, it seems about right.

Sorry, I've tried to find the post, but I can't find it.

No. 474521


Notice how she didn’t post this long sappy thing on the Instagram she made specifically for her cats. Clear indication that this was for attention because her cat Instagram doesn’t have even close the amount of followers she has on her normal Instagram.

No. 474524


Her parents only ~support~ her because she is making money and trying to buy her family's love. Plus Mooriah likely hypes herself a lot to them by saying she's a "super duper famous cosplays super star" and not a fetish model/sex worker like she actually is. No one cares about her cosplays. It's oblivious. That's why she gets away with making poor quality cosplays and doing photo shoots with Halloween costumes. Guys just need a fat chick to beat off to and fulfill their chubby chasing desires.

No. 474525

she just loves faker because he is the most famous

hey moo, usually the cute one everyone adores is peanut ok?

No. 474526

What is causing her eyes to look puffy/swollen.
Is it just the extra gained to her face or possibly a reaction to her lifestyle e.g. amount of alcohol intake etc?

No. 474527

A lot of people are suspecting that it's hyperthyroidism

No. 474528

What would your fat ass talk about Moo? Probably about how you've
>overcome so many stereotypes about how you have to be skinny to be sexyyyy
>you can be sexy and a serious cosplayer at the same timeeee
>you can be in shape and be fat like me!!!
God no. No one cares about you enough to watch. The chat would be blowing up with pure hate.

No. 474529

Throw the whole hair away

No. 474530

oh fuck off, everyone knows that if you self harmed you would cut and you would show the scars to everyone in one of those BE PROUD OF WHO YOU ARE speeches.

No. 474531

She did post it to momoscats but I get what you're saying. She's VERY selective on which platforms to say what because she knows it creates more payout for her.

No. 474535

lol she just name dropped him but doesn't even know anything.

No. 474536

she self harms through her mouth, anon :^)

No. 474537

Her hair is so dry and disgusting. It looks like fried straw, my dudes.

No. 474539

She would probably have a better time shaving her head and wearing her straw wig

No. 474542


I imagine her trying and failing so hard to sound deep and interesting and how “I have so much more to offer than my body”, attempting to offer insight on complicated issues in the world. Her trying to make super cringey in-jokes and practically sucking his dick to get into his good graces and trying to act like they are super best friends. Then spazzing out when she realizes she has nothing else to say. All the while the chat roasting her ass into next week.

No. 474543

File: 1513105726916.png (533.11 KB, 459x612, 1462177694575.png)

No. 474562

>Haha my spoiled cute kitten is wrecking shit and causing unnecessary stress to the other cats of which one has respiratory issues, how cute!

This reads like a schmaltzy copypaste. Every time she tries to write something sweet and sentimental to get sympathy, it sounds like a forced pageant speech marathoning through every cliché in the book. A suicidal girl with "body dysmorphia" and depression met an animal that she "adopted from a bad place" and they ~grew together to love each other~. If this is true then more power to her, but her stories about her background keep changing and they're clashing with the evidence.

>Daddy issues: the post

No. 474563


if she was smart she'd be saving as much as possible, but..

No. 474580

Her eBay account shows just how much seller feedback she gets and you know she's buying lots of shit, especially in December.

No. 474591


I’m sure if she’s actually cut herself marshmallow fluff would fall out.

No. 474594

That's too polite, she'd ooze grease

No. 474607


A beautiful fairytale story written by a classic narcissist, where she's the hero of it all. Fucking do one Moomoo seriously…

No. 474611

Of course she is. You don't expect her to make any of those cosplays, do you?

No. 474649

File: 1513125546588.png (691.65 KB, 720x1189, Screenshot_2017-12-12-16-32-44…)

Guys I went to the gym!!

No. 474651

File: 1513125596845.png (1.01 MB, 720x1190, Screenshot_2017-12-12-16-33-57…)

No. 474654

File: 1513125736601.png (173.03 KB, 750x1334, C2675BAF-0700-4AC2-A6E1-C11F88…)

No. 474655

File: 1513125800851.png (192.49 KB, 750x1334, AC78B8F4-7DC4-4469-87B6-413C13…)

No. 474656

There’s actually a whole racism sperg going on rn but I’m too busy to cap all of it atm if someone else wants to

No. 474657

File: 1513126051899.png (119.85 KB, 717x732, Screenshot_2017-12-12-16-42-46…)

No. 474659

File: 1513126172874.png (173.79 KB, 720x929, Screenshot_2017-12-12-16-42-58…)

No. 474660

File: 1513126239114.png (151.88 KB, 716x933, Screenshot_2017-12-12-16-43-53…)

No. 474661

File: 1513126274050.png (180.28 KB, 720x923, Screenshot_2017-12-12-16-44-06…)

No. 474662

File: 1513126307173.png (174.64 KB, 720x936, Screenshot_2017-12-12-16-44-24…)

No. 474665

Well to be fair, that guy's comment really was stupid as shit.

No. 474667

File: 1513126712831.jpg (94.98 KB, 720x952, PicsArt_12-12-04.55.44.jpg)

Lana Rain video where she uses glass Dragon Balls and shoves them up her coochie

No. 474668

Poor girl, suffering from suicide

No. 474669

Oooof. Moo does not have the intelligence or eloquence to discuss this with people.
She's virtue signaling pretty hard to make up for the past.
It's no surprise her fuccbois are this brain dead though.

No. 474674


What's baffling is that she always plays the "suicidal" and "I was bullied" card yet she is the biggest bully. If she was really that bullied then she should understand the consequences of being bullied. And still she goes on to bully people out of the cosplay scene and doxx people who stand against her. It's insane. That's why I can't believe she was ever bullied or suicidal. An anon even said that Moomoo almost drove some people she bullied to commit suicide themselves. She's a hypocrite and a joke.

No. 474677


Holy damn Moomoo, just stop. You are easily one of the least qualified people to speak on any socio-political issues.

She’s virtue signaling pretty hard, which is what she always does when she tries to speak on this matter, offering no commentary other than “I don’t understand how anyone can hate, we should all just love each other and if you disagree then get blocked”. All in service of trying to makeup for what a racist shitbag she was not just a few years ago.

She really is just a dense fucking cow.

No. 474678

That's funny. I thought your family was from Dearborn, Michigan. And you are about as muslim as Donald Trump.

No. 474679

Stuff like this really makes me wonder when Moo will get into actual porno. The stuff that Lana Rain girl does is really popular and now that Moo's "career" is on the decline she has two options: become a cosplay cam girl or go out into the real world and get a job.

No. 474682


The way she posts about being a sex worker, and liking such vulgar tweets with actual porn makers, I think she really wants to, like really does. However, she KNOWS the shit storm she would cause if she started doing actual porn videos. People would denounce her and shit on her for all her fake positivity "lewds before nudes" bullshit. She glorifies it.

No. 474684

Damn girl, slow your roll. Nobody cares, let along this guy. No one deserves her onslaught and harassment just to be "so famous"

No. 474686

How the fuck does someone willingly post images of themselves looking so god awful? It’s not even funny. She looks like a typical obese unwashed shitstain that nobody wants to sit next to on the city bus

No. 474687

I misread this as “show your roll” and assumed you were talking about her photoshopping ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

No. 474688

File: 1513131651838.png (1.71 MB, 750x1334, 8FCE06BE-9057-4446-885E-B40508…)

A candle jar lid filled with chewed up gum that she was too lazy to get up and throw out. She’s showing people this….Putting this on the internet four thousands of people to see.

No. 474689

Sorry I nitpicked you swallowing your gum moomoo, a mountain of already been chewed is just as gross

No. 474690

anon you we nice only posting this and not her shoving her microphone in her mouth like a dick.

No. 474691

File: 1513132314571.png (1.41 MB, 750x1334, A6EDC4C0-4FC6-4F3E-A05C-F6A2DB…)

> “I literally swallow everything I put in my mouth”
> “that was a joke I don’t swallow—“

Wow she’s so quirky and random xD her sex jokes r sooooo funny!!!!

No. 474693

She got her twitch back.

No. 474694

File: 1513132745958.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 544.44 KB, 750x1110, 3236771D-2832-4100-8C99-393FBF…)

No. 474697

congrats on your poor life choices.

No. 474698

That udder vein gave me a shiver.
I didn't know she did visual horror stories

No. 474699

How long before Mariah's mom turns into Margaret Palermo? Fried hair, stalking, and all.

No. 474700

Does she have ADD?
Getting stomach cancer just imagining being around her, obnoxious cunt

No. 474701

why does post shit like this (on her professional twitter my dudes)? is it for attention? is it because shes "not white"? i dont get it

No. 474702

lol, seriously, she only posted this to denounce the ball of gum in her gut

No. 474707


Whose ass did she have to kiss to get that back? I thought what she did was grounds for a permanent ban.

No. 474708

File: 1513135141798.jpeg (1.35 MB, 1242x1340, D334628C-7D85-4821-ACE5-A1EC47…)

everyone has their own unique Christmas-themed tag and she decided to steal a smaller cosplayer’s tag (that she follows) and change the one letter. jane had that tag a month ago, moo. you’ll need to try harder if you want to be original.

Sage for tin foil.

No. 474711


I was waiting for something like this! The moment she goes into such a touchy topic, the idiots will pounce. Please, continue "mar-mar".

No. 474712

I did find it odd she’d suddenly spell “Thicc” as “Thick” but at this point are we surprised by her lack of originality?

No. 474713

She should have gone with Christ-MASS for how fat she's gotten tbh

No. 474720

File: 1513137953901.jpeg (851.79 KB, 1242x1721, 78708042-EC33-4EE2-AE23-6DE2BD…)

Is she lying? Is this literally cookie points to get closer to Nigri?

No. 474721


Fucking lord she is so desperate to get her attention. She literally tries to attach herself to everything Nigri says like “Omg me too!!” It’s really is stomach churning to see someone so desperate for someone’s attention.

Anyone with eyes can see she is full of shit. No matter how much you kiss her ass she isn’t going to let you in Moomoo.

No. 474723

File: 1513138853959.png (224.49 KB, 720x957, Screenshot_2017-12-12-20-15-29…)

She gets mad when people do it to her

No. 474725

File: 1513138890909.png (174.03 KB, 720x895, Screenshot_2017-12-12-20-15-42…)

No. 474726

>I'll send you the stuff I illegally downloaded

No. 474727

i would listen to literally anyone else instead of mariah’s fake fan ass lmao

No. 474729

Thiccmas was a tag even last year. Did anyone even click the #thiccmas to see?

No. 474731

File: 1513141076472.jpg (28.74 KB, 723x84, Screenshot_20171213-003923.jpg)

could be really anyone honestly.

No. 474733


She is such a tryhard. It's amazing. Where's that collab with Nigri Moo?

No. 474735

Let her watch whatever she wants, you controlling pig.

No. 474736


And yet she gets all pissy when fans do the exact same thing to her. But it’s okay for her to do t since she is “such a true fan who knows better than everyone”

No. 474739

#Thiccmas only has 34 post on IG. jane was the first cosplayer I saw coin it, and she did her first post in late November. just think it’s mighty hilarious if mooriah to basically take the tag and change a single letter so that she’d be ‘original’.

No. 474740

>being this fucking elitist over Fateshit of all things
Also, Momo could've suggested the better adaptation in a normal, non-narcissistic way, instead of acting like she's a fucking scholar in anime and saving SSS from a fatal mistake.

No. 474742

responding to literally anything in a normal, non-narcissistic way is the complete antithesis of mariah. she's not capable

No. 474743

There were a bunch of other fate fags in the comments saying how “Apocrypha is terrible why arent you watching Zero first”. Probably why she deleted all her tweets about fate. Sometimes I hate how fandoms chase people off. Doesn’t surprise me momo does the same elitist shit she has complained about.

No. 474744

Yeah, Momo's too far up her ass to respond like a normal person to the average person, but I'm sort of taken aback by how rude she is to SSS, who's everything Momo should strive to be (and probably does, lbr). You'd figure she would suck up to her more than to Jnig, seeing that SSS actually does softcore work and is upfront about it.

Goes to show that Momo's attitude isn't far different from the sad fucks who publicly post about her being a cumdump yet pay her through Patreon.

No. 474747

If anything, she doesn't know that the same studio who did the fate series like Zero and UBW was busy doing something else. Apocrypha is really a standalone effort like most other titles and novels from type moon, she's just buttmad it doesnt have something to keep her attention span from skipping.

No. 474752


No. 474755

This is interesting coming from a girl who uses a borderline black hood accent in her instagram videos. I can't be the only one who noticed.

No. 474756


I love how she's playing Zerofag.

Truth is, the best way to start is probably the Studio Deen adaptation of the Fate route. It's not the best by any means, but it gets some of the concepts of the lore in you in a way that isn't the equivalent of a wall of text. Plus, Fate/Zero really assumes you know Fate/Stay Night. While Zero is a "prequel," it does sort of play with calling to mind how things will eventually turn out a decade later. Furthermore, by consuming even a shitty adaptation of the Fate route first, you're at least getting some semblance of consuming the story the way original VN readers did. You wouldn't read the Zero light novel before the FSN VN, you know?

Not that Moo gives a shit or even knows any of that, but I digress.

No. 474757


While you might not catch everything in Apocrypha if you're unfamiliar with the rest of the franchise, Apocrypha is an alternate timeline entirely, so it's not dependent on you knowing absolutely everything about FSN. In fact, Zero never even happened in the Apocrypha timeline; there was an equivalent subcategory Grail War because the Greater Fuyuki Grail was missing. Why watch Zero if it never happened in that timeline? >_> Smh.

No. 474758

Someone must've told her that it is. It's not, she's just too dense to understand it.

No. 474760

I first noticed it in the squirrelgirl or whatever vids. But we shouldn't be surprised here.

No. 474761


"I went on the Type-Moon wiki for 5 minutes so I'm clearly a Nasuverse expert." - Mariah, probably.

No. 474762

File: 1513149368467.png (886 KB, 720x1034, Screenshot_2017-12-12-23-12-08…)

Translation: I'm making the wig and Mooriah will claim to have styled it herself

No. 474765

File: 1513150384163.webm (214.67 KB, 894x1080, please-god-no-momo_Scene-1.web…)

No. 474768


Agreed. FSN is a good start just to understand everything. IMO you won't understand the gravity of certain decisions in Zero without already knowing the eventual outcome.

Does Moo even know that there are two versions of UBW?
She's probably going to the wiki now if she doesn't.

No. 474786

File: 1513166263934.jpg (175.16 KB, 598x635, Screenshot_20171213-125628.jpg)

No. 474797


She definitely tries to sound like like she is “from the hood”. Or more like a white girl who acts like she is from the hood to try to look edgy and tough. I mean, she regularly used nigger in casual conversation not just a couple of years ago and the only reason she doesn’t do it now is because some actual hoodrat would promptly beat the shit out of her if she talked like that. She only talks like that to appear to have some kind of edge.

No. 474803

"I am Muslim," Why ain't she wearing a burkini, and more like why she dressing as Christmas Super Pochaco… Stop appropriating my religion hurrdurr.

No. 474805

Sahe but very liberal Muslimahs do exist who don't wear the hijab etc. and show hair. but they are far and few between.
Moo is no Muslimah obviously

INB4 Islam has no race

No. 474806

File: 1513197764595.png (232.94 KB, 1072x705, Screenshot_2017-12-13-17-40-32…)

Stop appropriating muh death cult guise. No1curr, can it.

Anyway, Momo is currently drooling all over Nigri's Saber.

(Also, Patreon released a statement saying they won't roll out the fees update, and she promptly retweeted it)

No. 474807

UGH this looks so bad, sage for jnig, but she will never not look like a porn star trying to cosplay. no wonder moo idolizes her, she wishes she was porn star tier.

No. 474808

lol, but moo also said she wore hijab when she was a child (also a lie because the point of hijab is to not tempt men) either way moo already fucked herself over for that excuse.

No. 474809

File: 1513201926085.png (895.14 KB, 720x1188, Screenshot_2017-12-13-13-11-01…)

No. 474811


I can't wait to see Mooriah completely butcher Saber. $20 says she's going to take pictures lifting up her skirt and showing her Hank Hill ass. Would love to see her try making the cosplay but who am I kidding. She's going to commission everything as usual.

No. 474812


She would always tell some bullshit story about how other kids would rip her hijab off and call her a terrorist, which is why she stopped wearing.

No. 474817

She’s completely full of shit. That never happened.

No. 474820


You don’t have to wear a hijab in Islam. It’s not in the Quran.

Also what the fuck mods, you banned me for days because i replied hahaha damn to a video. That’s a little intense don’t you think

No. 474822

File: 1513205825347.jpg (213.9 KB, 801x220, lyingpieceofshit.jpg)

She's a lying piece of trash, who faked cutting for attention she craves. You photoshop them out? How about, you don't fucking have them you garbage human. Fuck this bitch.

No. 474823

She looks better when she doesnt use those shittu fake lashes

No. 474824

Not when you never saged before that too. Just sage.

No. 474826

SHOW THE SCARS YOU LIAR. I fucking hate cows who claim theyve done and have everything under the sun. You were SO fucking privledged growing up. Stop fucking lying.

No. 474831


What a fucking liar. She’ll say any shit for attention at asspats. In all the candids posted here there hasn’t been a single sign of her cutting. Someone please call her the fuck out for his.

No. 474832

She shops out self harm scars but never her lipo scars???? I call bullshit.

She IS promoting lipo lately tho so maybe she leaves the lipo scars to promote it! /s

No. 474833

Shes been shopping those out since her bullshit QA video

No. 474835

If she truly self harmed those scared won’t just “fade”. They would still be very visible if she actually did it.
Coming from someone who actually lives with self harm scars.

No. 474836

Sorry forgot to sage

No. 474837

It’s so ironic isn’t it? She kept them in full view when everyone was speculating it and it wasn’t confirmed that she had it. But now that everyone knows and she confirmed it herself, she’s been hiding the scars.

No. 474838

File: 1513208610120.png (326.43 KB, 750x1334, 71A36724-2EC9-40A2-A59B-AF2E86…)

No. 474839

this got me curious: where are her scars? even the faded ones would be lighter than her skintone or "shiny" and discolored from raised areas and I dont think Ive ever seen her with ANY.
In reference to Pixielocks, she stopped but in her video, you could still see the marks on her leg and they were there a long time.

No. 474840

Her shoots are always ten times more trashy than other cosplayers who do lewd photos. I'll never understand why she always sacrifices class/dignity for quick bucks; while every other nsfw cosplayer make bucks for the long run without going as far as she does.

No. 474842

Such a fucking liar. Does she ever tell the truth about anything?? She was a spoiled rotten kid from an upper middle class suburb who always got everything she wanted and didn't appreciate any of it. I wonder what her mom thinks about this latest despicable lie. but then again she is probably used to it.

No. 474843

This is the BeautyCam makeup filter lmaoooo

No. 474844


Biggest bullshit lie I have ever heard. I've been around her a few times and there were no noticeable scars. Also if you look at her unedited photos like ones by Eurobeat you do not see her "scars" at all. Heck some of these unedited photos are high enough quality you see her pube stubs but still don't see scars.

No. 474845

you guys are missing the part about how CHILDREN DON'T WEAR THEM

No. 474847

File: 1513210064199.png (155.09 KB, 720x934, Screenshot_2017-12-13-16-05-07…)

No. 474853


BULL FUCKING SHIT. This bitch is always bragging about being the first to do a cosplay. Her Beekeeper Mei is the perfect example where she was practically screaming about being the first to do it. She is a narcissistic asshole who refuses to share the spotlight. She wants to be seen as the character in real life and the mo other cosplayer’s attempts can hope to match hers. So she can go fuck off with this “I’m such a good person, I let my friends do a cosplay first so that I don’t upstage them”.

No. 474857

She’s not even nearly as attractive as half the women who do the more tame and classy sets. She knows she can’t get away with shit like that. She has to show her ass and make a fool of herself or else people aren’t going to pay her for shit. Hell, half the people who pay for her shit now are starting to get fed up with the lewd stuff and are just waiting for her to do porn.

No. 474858

Who is she kidding tho? We all know she could never finish her cosplays before vamp because she simply is a lazy pos.

No. 474859

>let my friends go first
that sentence alone seems so self centred, as if she is the one who really controls when and what her friends cosplay….
also its obviously so she can attempt to outshine them. how often does she hype up her friends who've done the same characters tho?

No. 474860

100% !
Also I get a good laugh from just scrolling through her followers, just the bottom of the barrel human beings with no respect for women or themselves. Some of the shit I see… I honestly think I will start capping the deplorable comments. The sad part is she prolly goes back and looks through these comments 100 times a day, the way she is glued to her phone.

No. 474862


>what she actually means: "guyz I'm like so popular I have to give my friends a chance before I steal their thunder with my huge fan base my dudes."

It's sickening that even when she tries to be nice you can see what she really means by it. She's self centered. Plain and simple. She thinks so highly of herself that she believes letting people cosplay something first gives them a chance before she hogs all the glory. It's hilarious because unlike most of those people she doesn't make ANYTHING herself. Plus her quality is low tier. I don't get how people can be friends with someone like this. Someone who looks down on her own friends to the point that she thinks she HAS TO GIVE THEM A FUCKING CHANCE!! Are you kidding me? No wonder her friends talk shit behind her back. She deserves it.

No. 474864

Because sss is the hotter arab with more patrons so moo prob sees her as competition while jess is already established and moo knows she can’t compete. So since she cant beat jess she sucks up.

No. 474885

Learn to sage

No. 474886

I thought sss was Latina?

No. 474887

The idea of “letting” her friends cosplay a character before her is one of the most telling pieces of evidence in terms of how she thinks of the people close to her. Wow, you deign to allow your friends to cosplay the same character first? How kind and generous. Truly touching. Much friendship.

No. 474888

Seriously, it comes off as really snide. I'm a bit surprised though, you'd think she would want to jump on that first because she's such a shitty crafter. When Colette really tries she can turn out some decent cosplays.

No. 474889

File: 1513218316213.png (784.84 KB, 720x1035, Screenshot_2017-12-13-18-22-15…)

Her hair looks bad

No. 474891

File: 1513218779630.png (316.18 KB, 750x1334, EE8CF06F-0AD1-417A-BA97-207FAB…)

How much do you think it chaps Mariah’s ass that Jess didn’t include her in this?

No. 474892


Keyword: look up to

Jessica looks down on Mariah.

No. 474894

File: 1513219391358.png (155.36 KB, 950x722, Screen Shot 2017-12-13 at 8.41…)

It looks like she found someone else to make some props for her

No. 474896

File: 1513219433444.png (525.29 KB, 892x1588, Screen Shot 2017-12-13 at 8.41…)

No. 474897


It warms my heart seeing every time Jess throwing out praise and support for others in the cosplay community and Moomoo’s name is never to be found. So much for her being her “Cosplay mommy”.

No. 474898


Kek I love how he's complimenting her cosplays like she made it. It's even worse that she's not even telling the person that other people made her cosplays for her when she got complimented. She probably does the same at conventions and take credit for everything as usual.

No. 474899


Samefag but talented??? Talented at what? Taking credit? Stripping? Being a cunt? This is the problem with cosplayers like her commissioning. She hides behind the talent of others and shamelessly doesn't correct people.

No. 474900

Does she own zero fucking carriers? Walking into a vet with a free roa- Oh wait. She has an unqualified rescuer without any actual doctor tools, medicines, or license look at her animals. Its like she doesnt care if Jaeda goes through the window.

No. 474901


bitch, where?????

No. 474905


I would love to see Jess actually take another cosplayer under her wing, in all the ways Moomoo thought she was going to get by kissing her ass: being invited by her to tag along at conventions and guest panels with her, actually doing shoots together, teaching her the ins and outs of cosplay and costume building, flying her out to Arizona to hang out, inviting her to all the biggest convention parties.

It would be so worth it seeing Moomoo losing her shit over someone else taking what she practically believes is her “birthright”, watching her completely turn on her “Cosplay mommy” and her realizing that because of her shitty behavior and actions she lost out on everything.

No. 474908

already commissioned the chest plate from KBBQ. dunno how that will fit tho

No. 474910

I can already see her redoing to paint job to include her horrible "weathering".
It's going to look bad. I'm going to have a such a laugh at this retarded turtle looking cunt dressed as Saber and flashing her ass.

No. 474911

SHOW THEM YOU PIECE OF LARD. IF YOU HAD THEM YOU WOULD SHOW AND SAY oh god look we can all go through bad shit in life but WE ARE STRONGER
how do you edit them out on pics taken by strangers? instagram stories? BECAUSE HOLY SHIT, MINE ARE ALWAYS THERE and they are TEN YEARS OLD. at least learn to lie better.

you should go cut right now moriah, in one week they will heal and you can show us like 2 little tiny scars. or use SFX make up! that would be so fucking great

sage for i'm really mad and blogposting

No. 474914

Her "weathering" looks like baby's first art project. It really can't be said enough. For cosplay being her "job" with unlimited time and resources at her disposal, she needs to be held to higher standards than the average cosplayer.

No. 474922

To outshine them is exactly what she does. Like with the Shampoo and Cammy cosplays she did earlier this year despite her showing no interest in Ranma or Street Fighter. Coincidently it was the same cosplay another girl was doing that Moo was on shaky grounds with. The second progress pictures were posted Moo suddenly announces she's a super fan and the character has been on her bucket list forever. Arguably she could get away with it with basic bitch cosplays like Cammy or Chun Li, but not with less popular characters like Shampoo.(sage)

No. 474936

Really says what kind of person you are if you look at that and think that it's anything except disgusting.

No. 474937

she's only muslim when it suits her

No. 474939

She didn't Photoshop her lipo marks. And she Photoshops her whole body. If she has them she doesn't have ones visible enough, I think this could be proven with her candid photos.

No. 474941

she probably only did it very lightly a few times. if at all.

No. 474943

>She was a spoiled rotten kid from an upper middle class suburb who always got everything she wanted

her mom bought her the WRONG CAR CAN YOU BELIEVE IT

No. 474946

So, she only cut herself because her mom got her the wrong car?
I'd believe it.

No. 474947


that poor cat, she's going to kill her eventually

No. 474948

I think this guy lives outside North America. It would explain his typing style and use of the word international.

No. 474952

File: 1513230488223.png (512.65 KB, 720x1188, Screenshot_2017-12-13-21-23-04…)

No. 474953

File: 1513230533049.png (859.16 KB, 720x1189, Screenshot_2017-12-13-21-46-27…)

No. 474959

She must think her lipo scars= self harm scars because teehee it’s a scar duhhhh

No. 474961

Oh. I don’t know I just assumed because I saw people call her arab. Fact still stands that moo most likely sees everyone who isnt hugely popular as competition and anyone who is big as an opportunity to ladder climb.

No. 474971

No i feel you. Even if she did as little as skin breaking, just surface cutting, there would still be scars. Mine are 10 years old as well and they are super faint because I'm pale as hell, but someone as 'dark' as Moo and all her Muslum talk, you would see them. You 100% would. Unless she's making up some shit about "I cut my vagina which is why you never see them".

Also she talks about body dysphoria too. Like.. Come on. Seriously. You getting lipo twice and hating how fat you got after does not equal BD. Someone who is trans has BD. Someone who is queer can have BD. I'd go as far to say that Trisha MIGHT have BD, but I moreso think she's addicted to surgery. Moo 100% does not have BD and everything else she says is so triggering. It pisses me off and the fact that people are going onto her page and saying "YES THIS DOESNT GET TALKED ABOUT ENOUGH" obviously don't go on the internet often at all and merely have Instagram for the reason that they have a phone.

No. 474972

lmaooo. momo would be someone to count her lipo scars as self harm scars. im laughing because that bitch is that insane(sage)

No. 474981

Do we have a list to compile all the shit she's claimed to have in order to get attention? Like the "urinary reflux" she claimed to have to gain sympathy from Jessica in the tweet from earlier, being bullied, self harm, body dysmorphia. I'm sure the list goes on. It's hard keeping up with all the lies she tells on a daily basis.

No. 474990

I want a collage to compare all the cosplays she's done immediately after her friends. Esp Jessica.

No. 474993

Muslim isn’t a fucking race

No. 474995


people with eating disorders have body disphoria too, not just trans and queer people… but like, people who actually struggle with EDNOS or anorexia/bulimia nervosa. and unlike moo, they see themselves as bigger than they are, not smaller.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 474996

That seems like a bit much. All mine from middle school have faded. Not everyone heals the same way. My arms are scar free and I'm darker than moo.

No. 474998


gender dysphoria =/= body dysmorphia


No. 474999


if you're gonna callout someone for autism, do it to the original anon who claimed only trans and queer people have body disphoria lmao

No. 475000

A right hand of doom is so easy to make it doesn’t even HAVE to look clean…….

She’s so pathetic and talentless and lazy oh my god

No. 475008

body dysmporphia isn't the same as dysphoria, anon…(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 475015

File: 1513260520955.jpg (82.78 KB, 540x1110, IMG-20171214-WA0011.jpg)

god :( if only he knew.

No. 475018

He must desperately need the reach/influence if he's sucking Moo's dick that hard.

No. 475027


All this does is inflate her ego, and he sounds like a cringy dude making a post this thirsty, keep it professional dude, he just makes himself look ridiculously desperate by making a post like this, saging but on mobile so i hope it works.

No. 475028

Yah I posted about the urinary thing and then deleted it because I didn't really have a good argument for it, but the original poster Jessica was talking to was referring to his/her own disorder where they literally couldn't feel themselves pissing because there was no nerve functioning down there…and her dumbass comes swooping in probably because she pissed the bed until she was 12. Its not the same thing and if you magically have the same disorder as this person, wow. You're just so relatable to everyone, MooMoo!
I had second hand cringe when she mentioned it. How desperate do you have to be to admit something like that just for sympathy asslicks from Nigri???

No. 475032

i know she doesn't have dysmorphia, but she's likely deluded herself to think she's a kawaii 'thicc' waifu.

No. 475033

lol she saged for -her- autism.

also dysphoria is not dysmorphia, anorexics have dysmorphia, which is disordered thinking about one's body, feeling that it is wrong and needed extreme measures to correct it, dysphoria however is just a severe emotional state brought on by anxiety or depression or the like. gender dysphoria, which is actually dysmorphia, has the wrong definition.

No. 475038


Jess could literally admit to eating babies and Moomoo’s fat ass would jump in like “Oh oh me too!!” She’ll say anything if it means getting into Jess’ good graces. If it’s a new show or game Jess is into, she’ll claim to be “the biggest fan ever!”. Jess shares something about her personal life or a struggle she went through, she’ll try to claim she went through the exact same thing. It’s stomach churning to see someone so desperate for someone’s attention and the other person just not giving them anything at all.

No. 475066

I have to tell you guys, but anyone else think it's bullshit Moo got her twitch back even after fucking people over and scamming them for their donations and then going silent until people kept calling her out about it? She only wants to use it to show she 'plays league' anyway so she has an excuse to attempt to cosplay a non-canon Ahri cosplay. Also to probably prove to the people are Hunniecon that shes a TRUE GAMER GURL.

No. 475084

File: 1513282644642.png (537.38 KB, 540x960, downtown.png)

She's not even in the park. She's at Downtown Disney and they have pin trading posts there and stores you can buy those pins too. Who the fuck does she think she is bullshitting?

No. 475091

File: 1513287137263.png (840.41 KB, 720x1189, Screenshot_2017-12-14-13-15-54…)

No. 475092

File: 1513287174588.png (724.99 KB, 720x934, Screenshot_2017-12-14-13-17-05…)

No. 475094

File: 1513287351567.png (964.61 KB, 720x1196, Screenshot_2017-12-14-13-34-19…)

What the fuck is happening on this day to her face

No. 475096

She looks old and ill

No. 475097

Is that supposed to be contour? She looks like she rolled in the mud like the filthy animal she is. It's not fooling anyone, Moo. We all know you have a fat ass face.
I don't understand how she thought to use this much bronzer and not a swipe of lip balm. Her mouth looks drier than her pussy.

No. 475100

File: 1513287994261.jpg (208.16 KB, 762x1409, IMG_20171214_133739.jpg)

No. 475102

her lips look so dry and crusty, her skin looks dry, and her eyebags are HUGE……instead of going to the happiest place on Earth she needs to be in a hospital jfc

No. 475105

File: 1513288148707.png (1.26 MB, 720x1186, Screenshot_2017-12-14-13-47-36…)

I'm going to puke. She looks dehydrated

No. 475112

nice shoop but no that thing ain't real

No. 475114

Is this not the EXACT way Nigri does her makeup (god awful in my opinion)? First Jess' cringy so random personality, then her cosplays, then hair, now her makeup… too bad you don't have the willpower to run 20 miles a day to copy her body too, but I would to see you try Moo.

No. 475132

holy hell those eyebrows need a waxing and her makeup is so caked on also somebody give this bitch a goddamn glass of water, i wouldnt be surprised if she never drinks water it would explain why she always looks so bloated

No. 475141


Fucking lord she looks like a complete mess. How could she possibly be okay going outside looking like this.

No. 475146

>gets her nails filled for disney
>cant be assed to get her nails filled for photoshoots

No. 475148


She did have them fill before the last photo shoot though

No. 475149

I meant on average my bad.

Point being: She's usually got nails halfway down her nailbed during her 'omg i put in so much effort and love' photoshoots but then they're always done when she's doing something fun for herself

No. 475150

File: 1513294840749.jpg (51.46 KB, 626x469, portrait-of-a-camel-1_2573717.…)

No. 475165

File: 1513296313201.png (245.36 KB, 720x940, Screenshot_2017-12-14-16-02-52…)

Well guess she isn't going to "model" for their shit campaigns anymore. Time for a new dick

No. 475170

ugh, bitch is so lumpy and shapeless. Wow, can't believe she's 22

No. 475184


Looks like her only meal ticket into Funimation is gone. He was literally the only name she could drop to look like she had any connections. Look for her to be begging super hard to get any kind of hand out from them from now on. I wouldn’t be surprised if they all hated her and she didn’t get another job from them again because of her shit reputation

No. 475194

If they have met her in person they hate her. Just like everyone else who has ever met her and had to listen to her inane babbling about me, me, me.

No. 475199

She might start kissing butt for the esports crew

No. 475206

People who have never been to Disney.

Like, to me, she could be in another state that pic is so nothing.

No. 475209

She looks kinda like Jnig here.

But like, at age 50 ish and having let herself go.


No. 475211


Moomoo in the esports community is so laughable…but wouldn't put it past her that she would attempt to do so.(sage this)

No. 475214

File: 1513304189596.png (1.32 MB, 750x1334, IMG_2266.PNG)

so Jessica N posted earlier on her instastory, this has got to be killing Moo. It must be really embarrassing calling someone your cos mom and then she actually calls out two totally different cosplayers and calls them her cos daughters, ouch

Sage for off-topic

No. 475215

File: 1513304217365.jpg (75.1 KB, 1024x576, IMG_20171214_181534.jpg)

No. 475217

She'd cry about being bullied when she's just a shitty player and has poor sportmanship

No. 475219

Definitely, a 50-ish mother of 3 watching her grandkids at Disney look right there.

No. 475221


So much for Moo being a cos daughter my dudes!(sage this)

No. 475222


She's already trying to get in with the league shit.

No. 475225

She has insta stories of her going on rides and pics of her physically inside Disneyland. She’s a piece of garbage but this is so unbelievably nitpicky and retarded. Why the fuck would she lie about going to Disneyland? Her lying about going inside Blizzcon has a motive, but this absolutely doesn’t. Stop.

No. 475229


I feel like I literally just called this last night: Jess calling some other cosplayer her “daughter”. Moo must be absolutely losing her shit over this. Wouldnt be surprised if she turned on her for this.

No. 475231

File: 1513306326712.png (921.43 KB, 750x1334, IMG_2267.PNG)

other cosdaughter

Makes me wonder is Jnigri is lurking these threads too lol

No. 475235

Do you think Nigri is doing this on purpose so she can finally have an excuse to cut ties with Moomoo? Eventually Momo will sperg and call her out publically for not being supportive becsuse she has no class lol. It’s an easy out for Nigri. She can make a nice respectful post about how she no longer can continue to put faith in such a toxic person and she’ll come out relatively squeaky clean. Sage for ot.

No. 475238

Guys until she obviously says "I do not support Momokun/Mariah" I think it's safe to say she still supports her sloppy "kouhai" and her shit decisions.

No. 475239

I hope Jnig is lurking. It's too much of a coincidence for her to post that out of nowhere. Keep up the good ideas. Moo's slow ass will eventually put two and two together but even then I bet she wouldn't dare go against her "mom".(sage this)

No. 475240


Honestly if Nigri could finally just state how she wants to cut ties with Moo, that may finally put the nail in the coffin and convince many how toxic & awful she is. Nigri's status in the community is a big deal and that will hit Moo massively, narcissists slowly begin to crumble apart when their ego is attacked.(sage this)

No. 475241

Yeah I should have dropped the "might". That idiot hops on every bandwagon possible.

No. 475250

File: 1513310158011.jpg (508.9 KB, 2896x2896, 20171214_215101.jpg)

I've posted a list of the inaccuracies already but how could she not get her leg positioning right? Just how hard is it for her to do anything with those massive thighs? She couldn't lift them during her Kanna bikini (Sabrina did easily) &we've seen her sad Chun Li kicks. Or was this because the boots she made were ugly like her when she made the Mei boots?

No. 475251

Wonder if his "tough but exciting decision" had anything to do with the insane backlash Funimation got after he chose to use Moo as a promo model after countless people told him not to

No. 475252

Nigri has had kawaii queentsun under her wing for a couple years now and it's showing by how she's gotten popular and maintained a good reputation. AKA what TO do vs Momo which is what not to do.

No. 475256


No. 475257

To be fair doing that exact pose irl would probably look ugly especially Moomoo doing that pose.
Can you imagine the rolls she would have? I'm honestly surprised they have a big snowman head.

No. 475261

I realized moomoo is like an uglier version of thegabbyshow wtf her name is and just as equally cringey

No. 475267

I’m glad it’s not accurate I don’t need to see that much of her gross flabby boobs

No. 475269




No. 475272

This was posted before the photos of her in the park about an hour later, so easy mistake. Don't have to be a dickhead about it to connect the dots.

No. 475277

Please fucking sage your shit. Its NOT hard.

No. 475279

Look at ALL those scars, man.

No. 475285

How hilarious would it be if her parents got that bows on notes picture in a Xmas card? Merry Christmas Mom and Dad!

No. 475286

*on nipples

No. 475289

Holy shit he's actually leaving? Guess they got sick of him waving his dick around to try to score with cosplayers and promoting Momo despite the cow hurting their brand.

I'm betting my ass that she's lurking. She's self-posted to /cgl/ multiple times and she has to be aware of these threads existing, her ass is too thirsty for gossip to stay away.

Not even Momo is delirious enough to do that. She's probably hoping that the problem will solve itself when Momo gets the hint and stops pestering her.

No. 475290


He's from South Africa, so Mariah is international to him. I think she found him through Kinpatsu maybe.

No. 475303

Honest question (I'm new). Are we supposed to sage every post we make? That anons posts were on topic, part of Moo's milk is her relationship (or lack thereof) with JNig. Why are people so fucking anal about saging everything? I would say constantly saying "SAGE THAT SAGE THAT!" is more disrupting to the topic..

(that being said….saged for mild spaz)

No. 475304

File: 1513332750594.png (18.37 KB, 460x128, Screenshot 2017-12-15 at 2.11.…)

No. 475305

If you’re not providing milk or a contributory image, you sage. Bumping the thread to the top of the page with Fupa-Chan and boob vein comments is annoying and no one likes it. And most farmers want Momo to stay in /PT.

No. 475306

Also, you don’t have to say ‘sage’ in the comments. And talking about Jnig and Momos friendship is not milk. Unless jnig tweets she has cut ties with Momo, jnig is off topic and should be saged.

No. 475339

>I released 20+ sets in the last two months

so i dove through her patreon and she's released:

>MooMoo Shibari, Sexy Scarecrow, Harvest Fairy, Cozy Bedroom, Tavern Girl, Beekini Mei, ChunLi, ChunLi Training, HotD, MooMoo Milk

That's 10 sets.
That's giving her the benefit of actually going back to October 15th.

I'm not including teasers she's posted elsewhere since it took her til December to release her scarecrow and fairy sets. It's like she thinks she can get away with blatantly lying to people about things that can easily be checked???

Also even if you include xmas stuff she hasnt posted yet that's still only an extra 4

>Xmas cow, Milkman cow, Casual Mei, Xmas Pochaco

so even by the BROADEST hyberbole it doesnt even round up to 20

No. 475342

BAHAHAHAH. I showed my bf this picture with no context and asked him how old did he think she was. At first he was going to say 30's but bc her awful hygiene and her chin fat he said she looked like some 50y/o grandma.
/Sage for no contribution but some lulz(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 475345


Plus her full sets aren't that different from the teasers she posts. Her teaser are always the better photos of the set so what is the point of paying for shittier pictures?

No. 475348


Best part is she never had to go half naked and do softcore porn to gain her following. She looks like someone who genuinely has fun with cosplay. Meanwhile Mooriah is busy being toxic and trying to make everything about how ~popular~ she is. Also the recent revelation that mooriah thinks she's doing her friends favors by letting them cosplay something first so she doesn't steal the spotlight, makes her a big cunt.

I have a feeling that Nigri really does not like Mooriah as much as she hypes it up. Proof is that Nigri has never once publicly endorsed her. Another one is how they have never worked together even though Moo has worked with other cosplayers before. Also the story about the Asian photographer talking about how Nigri does not like Moo is enough evidence Nigri does not like Moo.

But I can bet that Nigri not saying Moo is her daughter will make her think "Nigri thinks of me as an equal and not her daughter my dudes!"

No. 475363

TAKE THE JNIG SPERGING TO THE THREAD IN /SNOW/. Also, you asshat, jnig started out doing sexy cosplays and she got a tit job cause she wanted anime titties. please stop defending her character, she's no better than moo, just a better business woman.

No. 475365

I think anon is talking about Jnig's 'cos daughter'

No. 475371

>>475365 It doesn't matter, Jnig needs to be in the snow thread, not here unless something significant happens between her and Moo, "Cosdaughter and Cosmom" sounds fucking stupid anyways.

No. 475378


I was indeed referring to Kawaiiqueen

And it's only important to talk about Nigri now because it proves what a liar and leech Moo is. She has been trying to suck on the Nigri fame train since she started but the only time they interacted was at parties. I do believe Nigri gave Moo a chance in the beginning to be good friends but she changed her mind after seeing the toxic leech.

No. 475416

it's not important and it 'proves' fuckall. everyone knows she was just ass kissing. her trying to lick jnigs tits is not milk and not relevant cause it's already been discussed at length that she simply is in denial over aspects of their relationship.

No. 475418

Sage because I'm not sure if we are overanalyzing this or if it's true, but it looks like she's shot herself in the foot by being such a jealous bitch. She doesn't interact with any cosplayers anymore, save for Nigri and the few nobodies that suck up to her, most likely in an attempt to ladder climb.
All those vague subtweets about leeches, and pretending she's more famous than everyone in the cosplay scene, she's really burnt some bridges. Its kind of amazing.
Yes she retweets some of them occasionally, and interacts ocassionaly, but I think it's only to save face and pretend that she's "pro women".
I almost think that she's become so paranoid about who is in these threads that she just thinks everyone's out to get her. Truth is I honestly doubt any of us are actually the cosplayers she's lashed out against, but because of all of the insider info she's just isolating herself now.
All those Patreon girls establish some kind of relationship online with eachother because they all know they need the exposure from each other's fans to get more money. Since Moo lost her old twitter she hasn't gained any new twitter followers, and yeah if she's still making 10k a month she doesn't need anything more than that, but by being such a basket case cunt she's losing opportunities for more.
Sucking dick and laying on your back for FUNimation photoshoots only gets you so far sweetie.

No. 475424

Think her Instagram got banned

No. 475432

hm yeah it doesnt load for me

No. 475434

not loading for me either. maybe its a glitch.

No. 475436

I was curious and looked couldn't find it even with a Google link page is blank.

No. 475438

Hmmm almost as if when she had her big twitter account she used all those cosplayers for the exposure, and then dumped their asses once she got what she needed.

Now that all of them see that, they don't want to bother engaging with her new twitter, because none of them are friends with her.

No. 475442

Same here. Says it's been removed or the link is broken.

No. 475444

this is what i was saying before. moo is a fuck up cause she doesn't network properly. she doesn't get that she needs to maintain connections or people will drop off. coupled with her exceptional(shit) 'business' practices, she obviously has no clue what she's doing.

No. 475459

Maybe she changed the name to match her twitter?

No. 475484

Oh but please let the milk start flowing

No. 475491

tried searching, nothing but a placeholder account. her twitter only has a retweet 3 hours ago but no mention of the instagram.