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File: 1406914638862.jpg (38.98 KB, 400x400, tumblr_my654vz0zv1rtlchoo2_400…)

No. 4444

Delandra Barbie Johnson Thread

Facts about her:
Is in Japan illegally

Claims to be a member of Black Diamond Gyaru Circle but

Has horrible makeup and hair but criticizes everyone else

Knows no Japanese

Prostitutes herself and spends money on brand clothing but cannot afford $100 for rent

Uses Japanese craigslist to find an anchor husband

Terrorizes people she's jealous of.

I'll post more screenshot so everyone is aware of this monster.

No. 4499

GURL, that shade of blonde is not cute. Dirty blonde would look far more flattering against her skintone.

No. 4501

She uses 50 shades of pink too. Yet calls out other people's hair…

No. 4505

Does she have an ED? How do people know she's in Japan illegally and that she prostitutes herself?

No. 4506

Caps incoming~
and no but she needs one desperately. She's a terrible person

No. 4507


Thanks anon, I have a feeling this is going to be a good one

No. 4508

File: 1406918353143.jpg (59.74 KB, 640x652, image.jpg)

No. 4509

File: 1406918394398.jpg (109.28 KB, 640x913, image.jpg)

No. 4510

File: 1406918427294.jpg (112.16 KB, 640x917, image.jpg)

No. 4511

File: 1406918721175.jpg (47.76 KB, 640x360, image.jpg)

No. 4513

File: 1406918810938.jpg (92.05 KB, 640x707, image.jpg)

No. 4514

Yet she wears some of the gaudiest wigs I've ever seen… All the worst shades of pink and blonde for her skintone.

No. 4515

There's a ton more but that's a good idea of her so far. She has blind followers that thinks she's famous and blocks anyone that calls her out on her BS. Gonna link some of her TV appearances in Japanese so everyone can see how "fluent" she is. She's like the gyaru pixyteri

No. 4517

She mentioned on that post girls wearing unappealing colors for their skin tones

I'm assuming she doesn't own a mirror

No. 4519

Btw she's been in Japan since January but she went back to Texas now. You can only be in Japan legally for 3 months without a visa

No. 4520

File: 1406919206027.jpg (293.29 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

From the Japanese TV appearance

No. 4524

Dat interview… Holy shit, how is she not embarrassed by this?

Probably doesn't… Hell, I'm golden brown and only wear brown-based pink wigs since it looks more "natural." I wouldn't be caught out and about on a casual occasion in such a candy pink or platinum blonde wig. That's a one way ticket to clown town.

No. 4527

There's no entertainment visa for prostitutes. Japan isn't giving a visa to spread diseases from overseas.

No. 4528

She's been in Japan multiple times illegally. She just is in Texas now so she can fly back to Japan and get another 3 months. She's "engaged" every couple of weeks. This time it's a navy guy but the joke is on her because she won't get a spouse visa from it

No. 4530

She knows no Japanese but claims she's fluent. I'll post the video interviews she's so proud of

No. 4531

She starts at 2:30

No. 4537

She's not famous and black diamond doesn't even like her. It would be impossible to get a visa for being in a gyaru circle because she's not providing any commerce or anything

For navy spouses the visa process is a bit different

No. 4539

I thought that was a white girl with a really deep fake tan on first sight.
This girl looks pretty awful. At least she has nice teeth, I guess.
A lot of Black Diamond gyarus look pretty beastly IMO, I wouldn't be surprised if she really is a member.

No. 4540

File: 1406923124509.jpg (105.23 KB, 1136x640, image.jpg)

She's in black diamond but in all the pictures she's awkwardly on the sides away from everyone else. So sad

No. 4542

Dat makeup and hair. This looks like really bad blackface, except she's actually black so this is just ten times more secondhand embarrassing to look at.
Why is this allowed?

No. 4544

File: 1406923889233.jpg (69.03 KB, 444x400, image.jpg)

Jebus. She looks fucking terrible. How does someone look worse in every single picture? I just looked up the Black Diamond girls. They look pretty terrible. They remind me of the Berserker DressSphere from Final Fantasy X-2.

No. 4549

We'll they're gyaru. She's just bad at it

No. 4710

Why doesn't black diamond like her?

No. 4711

No. 4714

She's prostituting herself in Japan now

No. 4723

I'm surprised there's men willing to pay to fuck fat cows but okay. Gross.

No. 4726

seriously she's fucking ugly with no hips. i actually thought her disgusting ass was a man. she's really fucked up. that interview was goat. she looked so out of place next to them lol. her makeup sux. she needs to watch a few yt videos before she tries to critique others (contout contour contour)

No. 4762

I think she looks cute in the OP pic, even though the wig colors don't suit her (and I don't like her dress, but I don't like gyaru much anyway).

So I was like okay, she's a gross whore but at least she's cute. Then I watched that interview vid and gurrrl no, oh my god.

No. 4763

she looks trashy :/ not to mention her shitty personality.she's an idiot

No. 4772

I'm going to sound bitchy as hell right now but seriously. If someone's going to post photos of themselves in bikinis and other revealing articles of clothing, please don't be fat. PLEASE WORK ON YOUR STOMACH. It makes them look doughy as hell. Barbie looks pig disgusting. Zero hips, no waistline, flabby everything.

No. 4775

How old is she?

No. 4776

Don't know but she seems to know a lot of the old myspace era scene kids so I think in her mid 20s.

No. 4777

File: 1407019950454.jpg (88.81 KB, 612x612, 4900343c940011e2904b22000a1f8c…)

No. 4778

File: 1407020104548.jpg (91.63 KB, 612x612, blocky.jpg)

No. 4779

She looks like a fat little monkey.

No. 4780

File: 1407020182040.jpg (63.82 KB, 640x480, noshape.jpg)

If I didn't know any better, I'd think she was a man with implants. She has a very unfortunate body type.

No. 4781

Video says 24

No. 4785

I was just watching some of Black Diamond's music videos and they only show Barbie for a brief second if at all. Lol They really must dislike her.

No. 4792

Wouldn't you be? She looks like a giant pig next to the Japanese gyaru.

No. 4795

After reading about her terrible personality? YES! She really does look gigantic compared to the rest of the gyaru in BD. The woman needs to drop the weight, hit the gym, and start wearing more flattering wig colors. Japan has every wig color you could imagine and yet she chooses the most garish ones that make her look like a clown.

No. 4798

I wouldn't say that Barbie is fat though. Going by >>4778 and >>4780 she just has that unfortunate body shape that wouldn't look any better no matter how much she diets or exercises.

No. 4807

she looks like a black whale eww

No. 4808

She looks like a refrigerator jeeesus

No. 4834

yeah she does look alright in the op pic and the one with nigri, and the unfortunate bikini pic in the mirror. but sometimes….damn girl. that interview made her look so ugly. the other gyarus didn't even look at her. must suck to be where you wanna be, but no one likes you.

apparently there's a bd gyaru there that hates her and talks straight shit about her unabashedly? also tells her biz?

why the fuck would you tell an interviewer that you're practically in Japan illegally?? fuck around and you'll be deported and will never step foot in Nippon ever again.

No. 4836

I think the problem is more that her japanese skills are pretty much zero so the girls probably don't even understand her.

No. 4999

same anon u quoted.
i didn't even think about that lmao. i forgot she has no grasp of the language.

No. 5007

File: 1407147289573.jpg (79.99 KB, 450x720, tumblr_lzux2pGvVj1r8thsso3_500…)

Speaking of gaijin gyaru staying in japan illegaly, what happened to those two after all the drama?

No. 5008

They are legally in Japan

No. 5057

I heard Ashley got knocked up and married some Japanese dude.

No. 5064


Link to this vid please?

No. 5104

Ashley did have a baby, it`s adorable. She`s settled down a lot.

No. 5106

I don't know what happened to Sheina though. But I think they're still friends. Ashley just mainly taking care of her baby being house wife :P

No. 5135

Is this the same girl who was super rude on the FB lolita sales group and got banned or something? (this was like over a year ago I think)

No. 5137

yes she`s the one who was banned.

No. 5188

kurogyaru literally reminds me of the thundercats

No. 5194

This girl looks like she smells like fritos and BO.

No. 5195

>>That girl with "fuck" written on her hat

No. 5197

Has she finally grown out of that super weeaboo stage at least?

No. 5347

totes forgot that the link wasn't here. sorry.

No. 5349


Cheers bruv'.

No. 5523

Anyone report her to the JP Embassy for her trying to gain visa illegally?

No. 5674

apparently she's married now, guys.

No. 5676

There's a thread about her on PULL but of course, super butthurt SJWs are ruining it. Hell, I'm black and I'm not offended one bit by them calling her "rachet" and ghetto because she is. Who else starts the "racist" accusations but our favorite Candy-chan! http://prettyuglylittleliar.freeforums.org/delandra-barbie-johnson-t4649-160.html

No. 5681

She's not ratchet she's just a shit human being. SJW aren't ruining the thread, who cares if you're black. Go fuck yourself

No. 5683

No, YOU go fuck yourself.

No. 5689

"Ohh it's because she's black that's why you guys use it RACIST RACIST RACIST!!!!!" No it's because the other bitches don't act like this cunt does. If we did and they were white, I'd call them white trash. It's not a fucking racist based thing.

No. 5698

I'm the op of this thread you dumb cunt. I don't give a shit if you call her any name but it's interesting out of all the lolcows nobody has called Pixyteri "ghetto" or "ratchet" just a thought. But I know you land whales hate logic

No. 5699

>id call them white trash if they were white
>it's not a race thing


No. 5708

What in the hell does the term rachet even mean? I thought it was a bastardization of the word 'wretched?'

No. 5709

This. I don't get it.

Also, someone needs to ban Femalefreud. Her and her little cult of sjw are shitting up the site. She's as bad about it as Orange was.

No. 5710

People call Pixyteri a dumb, fat, white slut.

No. 5711

Because she's not, you dumb nigger.

No. 5712

To explain it simple:
It is a term made by black obnoxious barbies to describe themself, just like how some white girls call themself bitch with pride.

No. 5713

I feel so bad for that 3 toned pink wig… she's murdering it and it looks so gross and frizzy. I take it she doesn't know shit about proper wig care.

No. 5718

From urban dictionary:
Ratchet is If Ghetto and Hot Shitty Mess had a baby, and that baby had no father, and became a stripper, then made a sex tape with an athlete, then became a reality star!

Basically Ratchet is a term for someone who is such a ghetto/slutty/ugly/trashy hot mess that you have to use a word that doesn't even technically apply because what you are seeing is such a mess that it goes beyond any normal description.
God Damn! Look at that Ratchet ass bitch over there!

You are pointing out an extremely unattractive woman walking by in a Bikini too small for her body type and her tampon string hanging out.

I mostly skimming the OT posts, but I thought FemaleFreud was being okay about it and Hoglee seemed to be more SJW about it but like I said, I wasn't really reading their argument.

No. 5720

Huh… so basically, the term describes Barbie to a T. Sounds almost as if it were made for her, minus the part with the baby, reality star, and sex tape.

No. 5723

>it's interesting out of all the lolcows nobody has called Pixyteri "ghetto" or "ratchet"

Most, if not all, of the other lolcows on here don't fit the criteria of being "ghetto" or "ratchet". Being ghetto or ratchet is more than just being black. It's a specific lifestyle that often doesn't intersect with the sort of kawaii uguu aidoru/weeaboo/cosplayer/jfashionista lolcows that are typically discussed here.

I think people ended up using ghetto and ratchet for Barbie and not the other lolcows because she's a pretty special brand of lolcow than the others. She's got that loud, shameless "yeah bitch I'm the hottest piece of shit around fucking grovel at my feet" while looking like a total mess sort of vibe that the others don't really have. I think that comes more with the gyaru territory, and we don't talk much about gyaru lolcows here.

No. 5736

Her personality was still pretty horrendous when she was in the lolita scene acting like a loud ghetto bitch.

Honestly, this is the first time I've seen people getting ass ravaged over calling someone "ghetto" and pulling out the "DAT'S RAYCIS!" card. That is some retarded SJW level shit. I can understand getting offended over the N word but GHETTO? Give me a fucking break.

No. 5737

Hoglee was a bit crazy with her stuff. Half of those words I didn't understand.

I also didn't know TotemoKawaii was black. She always looked white in her pictures.

No. 5739

hoglee gets crazy as shit in a lot of her posts. I remember how dumb she got in both the old and new JNig thread… my god. She's annoying as shit.

No. 5740

Jnig thread was a shitstorm. hoglee's signature is to much with all those links

No. 5750

We all know how well self-promoting on PULL goes, right?

No. 5755

>Her personality was still pretty horrendous when she was in the lolita scene acting like a loud ghetto bitch.

It's not surprising. Though, I didn't know she was into lolita, I thought it was just gyaru. Are there any pictures of her in lolita?

No. 5758

IIRC Bat tried to call Hoglee out in the Ok F** it thread. But it didn't go over very well and Bat disappeared for a few months.

imo, hoglee probably had something to do with it.

No. 5763

Even Espurr called hoglee out on her shit. My god, that woman is infuriating. She's so wild and is always aggressive if she doesn't agree with what you say. I remember on the old JNig thread she basically said, "At least my topic of conversation is better than yours! Jesus. She seems to enjoy arguing just for the sake of arguing.

No. 5764

She also kept accusing everyone of being jealous. It was aggravating

No. 5782

I can't understand what she types at all. I read it, and the words go in but it's such a punctuationless word salad I can't extract any meaning from it whatsoever.

No. 5822

In the Jnig thread She was saying that if you don't like Jnig you were jealous and insecure and started to pick at the way people typed, their avatars and signatures, and brought up "levels of defeat" when people started getting pissed at her.

No. 5831

She's so god damn immature and no better than Barbie from the sound of it. hoglee is one to talk about people's avatars considering she always looks like a bloody drag queen in all of hers. Still laughing at how she was trying to defend JNig's use of shitty same-style wigs. "Well, it's more flattering to her! For example, I want to cosplay as Sailor Moon but will I be using a platinum blonde wig? No because it looks bad. I'll be using purple because it looks oh so good on me."

PURPLE???? Silver and blonde (black for the live action) are Moon's only hair colors. Why the duck would anyone use purple????

No. 5832

And yet her current avatar is her in a platinum blonde wig…

No. 5845

File: 1407521555802.png (366.78 KB, 576x473, gm-8.png)

>reading article online
>see this

Christ, she's every where.


Also, I meant to ask but isn't showing off your cleavage in Japan a huge no-no? I get that part of the gal look is appearing a little promiscuous/gold digger-ish, but all the other Japanese gals I see have their chest covered.

No. 5848

I saw that video… it's the worst gyaru makeover I've ever seen. Of course, Barbie is super butthurt about people thinking it looks like shit in the Youtube comments.

Yeah, it is a huge no no. Same goes for armpits as well. Japan may be weird as hell but it is a conservative country (if that makes any sense). They have no problem with you showing off your legs however.

No. 5855


Armpits too? That's an interesting one, I never knew that one.

No. 6025

what? then why do i see grayus all the time with cleavage? i even saw a japanese fashion magazine article where they were showing how to fake cleavage.

guess it depends on the size of the boobs.

and what do you mean about the armpits?
girls walk around with tank tops all the time there. like when it's hot.

No. 6026

who is totemokawaii? i googled her name and i couldn't find any pics of her….

No. 6029


She had pics in the old selfpost thread where you kotfied your pics. Its closed now because of selfposters.

No. 6046

She could very well not be black and just be saying she is. I mean weirdos on Tumblr lie about their race all the time so I wouldn't put it past her.

No. 6049


yeah i'm pretty sure the armpit thing at least is BS.
Are you sure you're not thinking about lolitas?

No. 6053

It is, people are only gonna be weird if you don't shave. But Japanese people only have a thing about cleavage. Meanwhile you could probably wear your shortest pair of shorts without anyone batting an eye.

No. 6061

They love absolute perfection (zetai ryuiki or w/e) so I'm not too surprised by the short ass skirts. Too bad that wearing thigh high stockings like that in the west is seen as fetish wear… Ugh. We need a celebrity to normalize it.

No. 6092


Just don't give a fuck and wear it anyway.
Since when did we need celebrities to validate articles of clothing anyway.

No. 6098

This sounds more like Korea and more rural/suburbia japan (in Tokyo you can get away with more without being harassed even if it's kinda taboo). Tank tops are a thing in gyaru and so is cleavage, the development of the fashion came from rebelling against Japanese norms and ideals for fashion and beauty. Also came around a time when black American culture became internationally marketable. Gyaru says fuck it to prudish shit and shows everything off, so Barbie isn't breaking gang rules by showing it off.

No. 7873

File: 1408438610229.png (25.53 KB, 630x280, lolcowpost.png)

this is the only lolita-related thing I know about

No. 7881

Not everyone likes to make an ass out of themselves, anon.

No. 8462

The only way you'll make an ass ou t of yourself is if you can't pull it off. You have to be skinny and have the right outfit basically.

No. 8463

If you are too scare to wear them or think u
Will look bad in them. Don't do it. Its a sign.

No. 11140


That sucks, but I have no pity for anyone who gets ripped off after sending any payments as a gift. If a seller ever asks for payments to be sent as gifts its probably because they want to rip you off.

No. 11146

Good god, that thread reminded me why I stopped lurking PULL. They love to drop the "racist" word easily there. There is only a handful of regulars on that forum I can stand.

No. 12183

Yeah, no diff. reasons. I'm 5'11 and a pear shape. My legs are always getting stared in mini skirts at and like Hell I'm going to draw more attention to them.

No. 15739

She is a mom now,if you can call her that.
Found her tumblr through gs.

No. 15747

You mean a baby mama

No. 15774


No. 15780

File: 1412118400956.jpg (36.68 KB, 400x567, 10153640_552375681545391_40600…)

No. 15800

Lmao she looks like a ratchet beaner

No. 26205

Now she is bff with Yuka.

No. 26230

Oh come on, she looks adorbs.

No. 38798

all three look qt

No. 38814

Yeah, generally its not common. But I'vebeen living in japan for a while and some girls, generally the ones with too much make up and super short skirts show cleavage sometime. So its not a complete taboo but people will think of you as a slut, attleast that's what people think of those girls at ny school, even if theyre super nice so yeah, japan.

No. 39391

This girl literally looks like Trisha Paytas in blackface.

No. 39397

Holy shit… you're right

No. 39543

Oh my fucking god, I never noticed that until now.

No. 40151


No. 40152

my friend dated an old white guy who dated her. small world ha?im surprised shes on here.
well, basically she had him come to tokyo and used him for groceries then went on a date with another man afterward. She had a rule which he was only allowed to fuck her for 5 minutes at a time, if he didnt cum within that 5 minutes o well.

did i mention this man is married?

No. 40155

btw she legitimately is apart of the black diamond group. she was in one of their music videos.

No. 40156

could they have picked a more bored-looking girl to be the main girl in the video? shit.

No. 40157

also, sorry for the double post, but a lot of those girls look like shit. it doesn't really seem like it's that hard to be part of that group.

No. 40317

they all seem pretty depressed for a circle that's calling itself the 'crazy tribe'.
it's this kind of thing that makes me think that gyaru is dying.
there's no rebellious spirit or individuality anymore.
The main singer can't even be bothered to make an expression while she's singing. it all comes across as an attempt to look impressive and 'cool', but really seems half-assed instead.
I thought gyaru was all about being wild and idgaf mentality.
if you're 'crazy', why do you care about whether you look cool, or whether you match your gangmates? there's no love for the style anymore. it's become as conformist as the normalfag fashion that gyaru fashion was once the antithesis of.
this just made me sad to watch.

No. 40358

I agree.
The video could have done with choreography at the very least.

No. 40417

I've seen some weird shit on the internet and this goes in that pile.

No. 40581

iirc there was some drama on LSE with her having a shit attitude in regards to something… I think she started complaining on someone sales post about everything being too expensive?

No. 40980

I seem to remember something like this, and there were a bunch of secrets made about her

No. 43368

File: 1422149423564.png (358.23 KB, 989x578, Datfatbelly.png)

SOOO Barbie is now selling her pussy.
Ikebukuro Area 60 mins 18000yen or 30 minutes 10000 yen LOL
She also claims she has a 60cm waist and 105cm hips. Sure with her body shape of a fucking barbie packaging box.


No. 43374

that's true indeed, I've witnessed it myself.

I'll tell you guys this though, I went through a horrible experience with selling her. If I remembered to save screenshots of it then I would've posted them, it happened years ago. Here's what happened:

>be a noob lolita

>just started selling things online for the first time ever
>first few items arrive successfully and my buyers were satisfied
>One day, I was selling two pigtailed wigs, one was from GLW and the other was from a different store. One in half-blonde and pink, and the other in mint and pink mix.
>french girl offers to buy the blonde-pink wig
>gladly say yes
>until this Barbie girl rudely cuts us off by calling her out
>says: "hey, I messaged her first. I'M GOING TO BUY THAT WIG"
>I feel bad, and profusely apologize for missing out her PM
>french girl is obviously offended by her attitude
>We negotiate for $20 for the wig
>I ship it out to her
>Weeks later she angrily messages me that the wig is not from GLW and demands a refund
>I panic, check the other wig that wasn't sold yet and realized that the mint-pink wig WAS the GLW.
>Noob mistake: I forgot to double check that part and was in deep shit for it.
>I apologize and offer her a partial refund for my mistake
>She still demands a full refund for it
>I communicate with LSE admins
>they approved my partial-refund offer, and told me to be careful the next time I sell something
>they also tell me to PM them if she doesn't comply
>Barbie still insists on a full refund
>she also threatens to label me as a scamming seller to the internet
>I was in the verge of tears, but I tell her that's all I can do
>she later decides for $10 of refund
>I ask admins about it, and they tell me that that is WAY too much for that amount that I sold.
>tell me to offer her $8, no more, no less, they also tell me again to PM them if she still doesn't comply.
>I tell her this offer, and then she gives in.

I've learned so much from this experience. So now, I check my items TWICE before I upload them for sale.

No. 43378

I heard this fattie has been doing it for quite a while but damn man, thanks for the screenshot. We needed some proof.

She's disgusting.

No. 43379


Does that mean her hips are also 23 1/2 inches?

No. 43381

>20yo black with a dynamite body
>very little Japanese

pure gold. did she really try to use 明るい to mean "bright" as in smart? wow.

not sure what のりのよい is though.

No. 43384

>$100 for 30 min
>$180 for an hour

At least she knows she's too fat and manly to charge decent rates.

No. 43387

I'm dying about this.
Dynamite body? At least her pictures are honest…you know what you're getting.

No. 43388


That's like £100/hour which is pretty normal starting rate for average prostitute level escorts in the UK. If she gets good reviews she could probably charge like £150-200.

Anything higher is pretty much reserved for attractive glamorous escorts who do the whole GFE thing (and even the higher end escorts will often only charge like £200/hour but they make their money by requiring you to book them for the whole day).

She's definitely marketing herself to the low prostitute end of the industry and she's probably over charging for that (but maybe she can make more in Japan for being exotic).

No. 43392


She's overcharging IMO. She's not a pretty petite girl. She doesn't have a nice ass or a waist or hips. She's got tits… that's about it.

Do you guys think she's trying to act submissive and innocent uguu~~~~~ (like in the animus) during these sex sessions?

No. 43396

File: 1422156703775.jpg (150.93 KB, 1004x492, image.jpg)

No. 43399

but tits can't save the rest.

No. 43402

This is going to sound racist as fuck but are asians even interested in fucking a black girl? I was under the impression they're super racist.

No. 43405

If there's one thing Japan has an abundance of it's gaijin fetishes. So, some Japanese do really want to fuck black girls as a fetish, which is why sometimes you see black 2Ds in hentai (often with pink nipples).

No. 43406


They are. I didn't want to say anything either, but they are.

Which is funny because in a survey done a while back asian men were considered to be the least attractive to the women and black women were considered the least attractive for men.

No. 43407


there are not japanese men only in Japan to begin with, but men are the same everywhere I guess, so there should be a bunch of clients. perhaps even out of curiosity. it's just about sex anyway, they won't be seen in public with her.

No. 43538

Eh tbh Black Diamond is mostly ratty boring bitches with terrible clashing OTT coords. She'll fit in fine.

HAHAHAHAHAHHA wtf I'm guessing more like W85 H100. She looks like a man though and that plastic as fuck wig isn't doing any good for her. Also
>Those nails
>Tacky wrinkled outfit that looks like a granny bra

No. 43540

This is embarrassing to look at. She's so ratchet.

No. 60924

Is it true she's getting deported?

No. 60940

huh why

No. 61037


No. 61456

Where did you hear that?

No. 61492

She is still in japan

No. 61500

Well yeah, peet of her getting deported from Japan is her… being in Japan in the first place.

How long has she been there illegally? And how has she not been caught sooner?

No. 68842

File: 1427346466788.jpg (95.18 KB, 640x640, Secret.JPG)

Apologies for bumping an old thread, but since >>5755 asked.
I could find the original picture I owned, and all I have is of the secret I made years ago. It was a meetup. and she came with her friends. Barbie is obviously the one on the left.

No. 68845

Holy crap. What the actual fuck is she wearing?

No. 68846

She's wearing "Lolita" duh

No. 68861


Even Nicki Minaj wouldn't wear that tacky shit

No. 79678

Lol nobody's gonna pay to fuck a nigger in Japan

No. 79680

Umm that's rude

No. 79694

Her body is unfortunate.
Only a white woman can have a body type like that, and even then it's a tad.. Iffy.

No. 79698

you do realize where you are, yes?

No. 79703

>only a white woman…
Obviously not. And I've seen quite a few black women with inverted triangle bodies. rofl

No. 79724

not defending her, but maybe she used 明るい。
to refer to a bright/warm personality.

back to the topic, how does she live in Japan illegally?

No. 79728

I want to know this as well.

No. 79731

i don't know wich visa she got because she married that soldier guy
but beeing a protitute is illegal

No. 79734

why are black women so obsessed with claiming they're all hourglass shaped? I mean srsly, you're more than a body you know. Why put all your value in your tits and ass?

No. 79736

I have no idea either.

No. 79738

Black women have really low self worth for some reason.

No. 79781

Prostitution is actually practically legal in Japan. Anything but dick in vag is legal, and if you have a spouse or dependent visa like she does, that type of work is legal.

No. 79788

Not all black women jeez, if someone said that about Asians you'd go insane. So STOP claiming all black women are the same.

No. 79790

This isn't tumbler. Chill out, SJW "jeez".

No. 79792

Then don't pas when someone says ALL ASIANS are obsessed with white

No. 79793


No. 79794

racist hypocritical idiot

No. 80096

stuff based on the book instead of the fashion

No. 80687

So is this thread autosaging?

No. 81690

on her recent facebook photos she looks a little bit more skinny. Is that due to her operation? (btw does she has more boobs?)

No. 103046

Is she still selling herself?

No. 103058

Considering she is bff with yukapon these days, probably.

No. 103072

Is there even a market for such trashy goods

No. 103075

I think she has a cute face, but her body and personality would ruin everything for me.

No. 103126

You'd be surprised at what a man would stick his dick in.

Ew, her face is gross as hell.

No. 103140



No. 103148

File: 1431805901690.jpg (9.64 KB, 200x200, you-must-be-new-here-willy-won…)

No. 103149

Sorry, no. I didn't know that she even knew Yukapon. That was why I was o.o

No. 103225

OT but there's a short story called "Geese" by Z.Z. Packer about a black girl who moves to Japan to have a ~dream life~, ends up becoming indebted and miserable. Forced to resort to prostitution in the end.

No. 103457

I love fake nails as much as the next girl, but how the fuck do they wipe themselves.

No. 103458

File: 1431836211540.png (434.55 KB, 721x361, nails.png)

like seriously, jesus christ

No. 103464

File: 1431836952956.jpg (43.68 KB, 362x600, 92d.jpg)

holy fuck, it that a makeshift peekaboo-sweater! omg, she just got a turtleneck sweater and cut a holy in it LMAO
that is so sad

No. 103465

fuck my shitty english :(

No. 103474

How to they do anything with those things!?

No. 103486

this bitch really got a hello kitty compact stuck to her thumb

No. 103499

Then don't have to. Most bathrooms in their city have electronic toilets that wipe their butts for them.

No. 103504

Do they have zero standards? She looks like trash.

No. 103505

That is so beyond ridiculous. I hate those stupid nails. I just wanna rip them off. Is she wearing a hello kitty compact mirror on her freakin thumb nail?

No. 106082

This bitch is insane. She purposely starts shit with everyone for the fun of it, she is ugly as fucking sin, and her personality is even worse. No one in Japan actually can stand her for more than ten minutes.

No. 106086

pretty impressive glue strength on that compact though tbh.

No. 106350

File: 1432235734527.jpg (44.21 KB, 480x480, 9cdc8d7daf08f6d8ae435123ebfaa1…)

No. 106360

I think they're cute. The rest of you fags can stay mad.
The compact is a bit much, though.

No. 106378

Do you get shit stuck in them when you scratch your butt crack?

No. 106906


You don't scratch your ass. You don't do anything with nails like this. You can't even finger yourself. It sucks.

No. 106935

I was sitting next to a lady on a plane who had nails like this and she texted with her knuckles. It was actually pretty impressive how fast she could do it without mistakes.

No. 107092

This was before the phase, you sound like a Berry thread poster.
To be fair, it doesn't look makeshift at all.

No. 108027


well ain't that some skill

No. 108032

No. 108159

Even live, they can't be bothered to seem the slightest bit enthused

No. 112020

I feel sorry for this girl, and for all of you. Maybe she's making mistakes, but you guys should feel ashamed for exploiting her like this.

No. 112026

You clearly don't know her, she's insane.
Now go back to pull.

No. 112029

Homegirl is prostituting herself online and looking to marry anyone for a visa. If anyone is doing the exploiting it's herself.

No. 112041

No. 112051

First black, actual black gyaru over there and she had to be hood as hell… oh my god

Why is she making NO effort to learn Japanese?!

No. 112058

File: 1432760200814.jpg (16.3 KB, 500x129, lmao.JPG)

>Very successful thus far
u mean being a prostitute?

No. 112060

because she's lazy as fuck and sees Japanese as an alien language that is so difficult to learn /when my cousin who's 13 is studying japanese and can handle a conversation lmao

No. 112067

File: 1432760681868.jpg (46.67 KB, 960x540, photo 2.JPG)

"itz all natural u jel homegurl"

i feel like the japanese are clowning her in some way

No. 112074

if she is there illegally, cant we get her deported if we are aware of it and have proof..

No. 112076

cause i would love to see her freak out about getting deported

No. 112109

two people wrote to the immigration about Sere. I doubt that something will happan

No. 112201

Do you not know where you are right now?

No. 112204


Asian people treat black ex-pats like tokens/cartoon characters. See Bob Sapp.

No. 112231


Coming from a half black, I don't blame the asians. When you've got barbie running around, I'd clown her too.

No. 112236

File: 1432773671668.gif (566.81 KB, 300x456, tumblr_nn6i9w4PBb1qksk74o1_400…)

>feeling bad for prostitutes

No. 113142

This is kind of off topic but I don't know where else to post it. A while back there was some drama surrounding this black gyaru who made this insane fucking post about the cannibal cop after it happened. She was saying that it was "a cure for the death penalty" and saying that people on their way to being executed should just be fed to this guy. She was justifying his cannibalistic desires and accusing his wife of shit and it was really fucking weird. Does anyone know her name? She also had a kid if I'm remembering correctly.

No. 113143

I feel like you're the Tommy Sotomayor shitposter.

No. 113147

She sounds like a troll…

No. 113157

You can always spot the nigger easily in these kind of thumbnails. sheesh. Her facial features and body are so undesirable. Pair that up with her shit personality and she's a true unwanted whore.

No. 113211


Meh, who cares. She's ghetto and ratchet as fuck. Can't speak Japanese, doesn't even put any effort in learning, prozzie, just wants to be another famous but black weeb and because she's black she thinks it's a special black within the kuro gyaru community. Rude, bitches, awful, loud… It's all a part of clowning this slapper! So when it all goes to fuck, it'll serve herself right.

No. 113213


They all look horrendous. Gyaru isn't even a nice style as it is, that's without them tanning themselves and looking like Chucky's bride.

Barbie… It's not even because she's black. She's just got unfortunate features and a terribly proportioned body. Notice how it's always the ugly black women who get this sort of attention? The loud and crusty looking ones? She's being taken the piss out of.. it's as awkward as Dakota being on the side with all the other popteen Japanese models. I know she makes an effort with her Japanese, learning it and is making something for herself. They'll both never be Japanese, they're always going to be the 'side gaijin' no matter what. Plus, I don't get what Barbie's goal is at all.

No. 113512

I don't think so, it was really long and didn't have that type of joking vibe behind it, I felt like that was what she actually believed.

No. 113672


Luckily enough for them, gyaru style is basically about being outlandish, gaudy, and imo ugly as fuck. Barbie blends right in actually.

No. 113688

I don't know what kind of gyaru you are thinking of but modern gyaru doesn't look anything like that, besides the girls in question are ganguro and mamba.

No. 113747

Those are both sub-genres of gyaru. You answered your own question, congrats.

No. 114010

File: 1433003263698.jpg (31.06 KB, 400x361, 8888888888888.JPG)


You're right. It's a ghetto ass style, she does fit right in. I always thought gyaru was like the UK's female chav style… Tan, dyed fried hair. heavy make up, foundation lips, cheapo clothing… nails.. yeah

oh and ps. welcome to the UK

No. 114057

Gyaru is more about going against normal ideas of a Asian woman post to be.

No. 114062

Oh my lord, I've never heard the term "Chav" before…These people are hilarious. This looks like the US's Jersey style from a few years ago.

No. 114068

File: 1433011792629.jpg (131.38 KB, 595x446, Tiffany-Cadillac-Katie-Pinup-0…)


Yeah, the term 'chav' is basically people on the dole or work the shit jobs here in the UK. Never gone to university, probably did a year at college, fat overweight mothers with loud mouths, men are usually jobless in nike or sports sweatpants. They usually cause most crime, scrounge benefits off the state, women tan up to high heavens, teenage pregnancies. I'm not even making this shit up because it's mostly THEM. They're the white version of the US hoodrats and similar, very similar to trailer trash.

They're the UK's trailer trash and nobody likes them at all.

You'll find tons at a local pub on some estate or outside the job center.

No. 114071


This happens

No. 114085

Don't forget to mention the Staffordshire Bull Terrier status dogs so people know they're dealing drugs. And the Jeremy Kyle Show!!

No. 114090

That's fantastic, It's nice to know they exist everywhere.

No. 114097

File: 1433014706657.jpg (178.29 KB, 451x640, il_570xN.531999238_cig9.jpg)


Oh fuck! Yeah, forgot to mention. Chavs usually cater for the rougher types of dog. Always go for the Staffordshire Bull Terrier or 'Staffie' as they're commonly called here. Sometimes they'll for for a German Shepard, Mastiffs, Rotties or some strange mongrel they managed to get off Gumtree for a fiver (£5) because yeah, that also happens. Some of them even sell their dogs for a £1 too.

You'll always find them wearing a hoodie, sweats and the dog on a chain walking in a local estate.

As for Jeremy Kyle, he also did a show in the USA too. It's a cross between, Judge Judy, Maury and Jerry Springer.

Chavs always appear on it, try to fight each other, cuss and shout. What usually happens is that the man never puts in any effort in seeing his kid, woman sleeps around with god knows how many guys and doesn't know who the dad is, guy/girl wants a DNA test to see if their exe's kid is theirs, goes on to find their long lost parent or the occasional sob story about someone with obesity. Usually, nobody gives a shit.

Crowd loves it though, you'll always catch them trying not to giggle. Jeremy who is an ex gambler/woman beater himself as the host, loves to give his guests a good stuffing and it's great when he tells them to basically fuck off on national telly.

Nobody dresses nice, everyone looks rough as a bear's ass and the british public are still questioning whether this show is a hoax because Jezzer (Jeremy) finds some real ugly looking fuckers!

No. 114099

No. 114120


That's great. They still look ghetto and rough.

No. 114210


That's why when African American girls dress gyaru, I just think it doesn't look much different in all honesty. You've got some trannys pulling it off better in Vegas.

No. 114313

That first kid really needs to employ the Tay Zonday method of singing (moving his face away from the mic to breathe) if he's gonna keep rapping. ffs. I'm feeling a bit of anxiety hearing him gasp for breath.
What is it with that one grown ass adult just hanging out rapping with a bunch of kids too? Creepy af. Is he delayed or something?

Is her face melting?

So many questions. But enough about chavs (from me anyway, iunno maybe there needs to be a chav thread just for chavs).

How has she been in Japan for so long and not know a bit of Japanese already? I don't get how someone could function like that, and not put any effort into learning either, but still intend to stay in the country because I dunno… for her what's even the point of staying except to be a whore.

No. 114579


I have no idea, the kid is called Josh Smith apparently. Got bashed all over facebook for that video and the tall geezer is called LDOT. People reckon he's either a paedophile or Smithy's older brother. The pair are like a fucked up version of Fagan and the artful Dodger.

No. 114583


That is because Barbie is a 'D&A'

Looking for 'Dick & Attention'

because she literally is, no doubt about it.

she isn't kawaii

i mean some of the other fame hungry weebs have a little dose of kawaii but barbie, for someone called 'barbie' has no kawaii

No. 114590

Can this Tommy Sotomayor shitposter fuck off? Interesting how you only seem to shit on the black lolcows, too.

No. 114644


That's because the black lolcows only seem to do this stupid shit which shows up black women!

It's annoying, I'm sick and tired of every black youtuber who goes to some asian country feels the need to make a video about being black in Japan/China/Korea or where ever else.

I get why they make those videos but I don't feel like it needs to be an issue. You're foreign and you go to another country, simple. No need to make videos about what being black is like, you're you and that's it.

But at the end of the day, I'm not surprised because when you've got people like Barbie and the other two weave-headed bitches, it's because of those nasty African Americans that people probably FEEL the need to make those videos or question "is it okay for me to be here?" because of the stupid stereotypes. All because of those type of blacks who go to Japan and show up black people. Plus, African American hoodrats in general, the stereotypes and shit.

I think it's all pretty sad.

But no, they're not the only D&As either. Most lolcows on here ARE a D&A.

Tommy Sotomayor speaks the truth about hoodrat black American women, they're an embarrassment to the black community. Infact, I don't even consider them part of the black community because they don't deserve to be. Take it how you like it, I don't really care.

This is coming from a black person by the way.

No. 114809

Not all black women, enough with the generalizations, FYI your don't know every black woman in Japan.

No. 114812

What I find annoying is that She is literally one of the only Black women posted here In Japan being a lolcow and annoying, But because she's black she defines ALL black women in Japan. When this forum is filled with white women whoring themselves in every way and that's just ok because they are white. Irony at its finest. We are to be politically correct on lol cow when It comes to gays and trans, Yet everyone has to take a dump on the ONLY ONE black woman and black people because of HER flaws. Not Just HER, all black women become ugly, ignorant, dumb, whores.

No. 114818


You're embarrassing yourself.

No. 114821

As a black person, you're not going to single handedly change lolcow/the way Japan views black women with these racist arguments. You sound like you hate other black people who don't conform to your idea of how a black person should comport him/herself. That's sad. There are embarrassing people of all racist in other countries. Why should you feel personally offended by what Delandra does?

No. 114843

I just think Delandra is a crazy dumb asshole.

No. 114854


Not all black women obviously, but the majority that DO go are African American with dodgy attitudes, weaves and loud mouths. They just show us up.

No. 114856


It's not racist though. A lot of black people actually do think African American women are literally, the worst. Not ALL of them obviously, but the hoodrats and ones like barbie do show up the black community. I mean, look at that B-style, it isn't even that popular but when that Japanese girl did that interview it was ALL about stereotypical ghetto/rappers/hoodrats. None of that was black culture, everyone more or less agreed who was black that it was NOT black culture.

I don't hate black people, I love the black community. I just think it's a pain when blacks like barbie go over and show us up.

You go over to Japan and they expect you to be a rapper, dancer, loud and vile because of fuckers in the media like that and blacks who visit like that.

Some humble black people who do go to Japan, I've not a problem with, it's ones like her.

Plus, that ALSO goes for anyone else visiting other countries of a particular race. It's embarrassing.

C'mon though, barbie isn't exactly a role model.

No. 114857

You cannot provide evidence of this. I know plenty of professional African American women that work there without this "nigrotude" you speak of. So far SHE IS THE ONLY BLACK PERSON POSTED HERE THAT DISPLAYS THIS BEHAVIOR in Japan.
Professional African american women don't need social media to announce they are in Japan Like hillbilly white women that show up there.

No. 114860


Actually, there are plenty of blacks that do go over there acting up like that. Not just African American women but the men are known for it too.

It isn't even just Japan though, so many other countries. This argument could go on forever.

I just think the hoodrats need to stay away from other countries, us blacks have a bad enough name as it is.

No. 114863

I'm an african American woman I've been staying in Japan on different occasions and I do NOT display this behavior. There are Japanese there that know blacks are not all like this. I see different Black Women there that aren't like this and some are english teachers. Just because they aren't on tumbler shouting it LOUD like white people do doesn't mean they aren't there! I am not the type of person that obsesses over myself like whites do in social media.
Japanese find themselves with different people White or black. if they are annoying race doesn't come into play. A lot of Japanese people complain that whites are rude as well, along with Chinese, Korean, and Indian people (based on my experience).

No. 114864

I meant Japanese Find themselves annoyed with people whether white or Black*

Sorry typo error.

No. 114868

Honestly, their other complaint is Philippinos they are the "Mexicans" of Asian, They are desperate to get into Japan Illegally or marriage fraud. Which is common there. Japanese think Philippinos are more obnoxious than any other ethnicity.

No. 114870


To be honest though, I've found that Japanese tend to kind of keep to Japanese. You do get the odd ones flowing out to foreigners for english help or just to solely befriend a foreigner, but most DO stick to their own.

That's the thing about Japan. I mean, I like it's pop culture and some of its history. But I just think it a very cold culture, as cold as Russia actually. I get people say "Oh well it's just how they are" but I just find it extremely reserved.

Yet… everyone raves on living there, growing old there and wanting it to be like whether they came from.

I like Japan but I'm beginning to get a little sick of how 'wonderful' Japan is. The more I tend to learn about it, the more it sort of pushes me away.

No. 114871


yeah, japan is america loving the all white and filipinos are the 'dirty' mexicans


oh great, here we go again…

No. 114872

Yup, YOU go again. We are allowed to Sh** on Blacks but can put talk about anyone else? They talk about philippinos all the time being desperate.

No. 114875

People need to break away from the 90's anime brainwashing, and realize PEOPLE ARE PEOPLE. There is NO race, culture, or ethnicity better than anyone else. We are on the verge of killing each other if you haven't noticed by now.
We can be here today and gone tomorrow WAKE UP.

No. 114876

File: 1433121111252.png (41.6 KB, 600x700, b206.png)

No. 114877

Grow up.

No. 114880


we all gonna die

No. 114881

File: 1433121436300.gif (5.94 MB, 408x208, banner-kanala.gif)

No. 114887

File: 1433122009161.jpg (11.27 KB, 235x236, 10644977_10205308255692329_106…)

No. 114891

I live in Japan and it has it's problems like every other place. Just because it isn't some weeb fantasy doesn't mean it's a terrible country.

Black women in japan aren't the ghetto ones. delandra slipped through the cracks. It's hard enough for black women to travel so do you really think a bunch of ghetto hoodrats are going to be let in Japan? No. If anything the white entitled people with fetishes and phillipinos cause the most problems here.

No. 114893

Admin, can we get this shitposter to leave and go back the comment section of World Star Hip Hop or something?

No. 114896

There are many categories of Gyaru. It sounds like you dont even know what the hell you're talking about.

No. 114904


Why are you shitposting about Delandra, a nobody? Why don't you shitpost about black celebrities who conform to cultural stereotypes since those are the people who are more likely to influence views? Like Beyonce who can't even mumble a coherent sentence, or the numerous athletes who are arrested for violent crimes? Those are the people who are doing damage to the black community, not this chick. I'm done with this discussion. You're a self-loathing black person. This isn't a Dave Chappelle sketch, you can't choose who you want to be a part of the black community based on how they act. People are people, and no matter what their race, there are going to be a few idiots who do embarrassing things and maybe people will ascribe their behavior to some small-minded stereotype and maybe not. Just live your life and focus on yourself.

No. 114969

No one gets to defend this crazy bitch. IT doesnt matter if her skin is black, pink or polkadot. She is just a nasty bitch who starts drama with everyone, tries to fuck peoples boyfriends, steals, lies, cheats, and acts like a raging cunt. NO one cares what color she is, we care that she is a nasty bitch.

No. 117453

girl throwing shade at barbie lmao

No. 117455

it makes me laugh how people are defending barbie

oh boy

No. 117496


Yeah, many different genres of gyaru… and none of them look nice. People have opinions you know.

No. 117501


Who is defending her?

No. 118144

File: 1433709941008.jpg (361.24 KB, 1024x888, gunguro2.jpg)

Ummmm is his her? She works at the black diamond cafe now? From what I've seen people are saying that she isn't popular within the black diamond circle. But this looks like she fits in just fine. Idk.


No. 118145

File: 1433709976397.jpg (338.59 KB, 1024x849, gunguro17.jpg)

No. 118146

Geez, and they were giving Ariana Miyamoto a hard time lol

No. 118147

what kind of grey sludge are they serving

No. 118148

File: 1433710790561.jpg (336.49 KB, 952x1023, gunguro7.jpg)

No. 118151

some kind of takoyaki

No. 118154

File: 1433711157467.jpg (370.07 KB, 1014x1024, gunguro451.jpg)

What have they done to this man lmao

No. 118157

Because no one actually ostracizes people to their face, silly anon
Japanese are too polite
They'll just do it behind your back :^)

No. 118160

Is the link working for others? Wont go for me on mobile.

No. 118162

Well that's just fucking stupid. Also please stop with that face. God.

No. 118163

Which one is she?

No. 118164

Wju don't they just kick her out if they don't like her? It makes no sense to keep her around making them look bad. Also is there any actual proof of the girls in black diamond not liking her? The let her I n after all.

No. 118166

looks fit

No. 118169


the mixed race half japanese/black model who was miss japan and got slandered cos she was black

we all know if she was white it'd been fine tho

No. 118171


japanese though

thats what they do

No. 118172

but she was so cute

No. 118175


U seem upset :^).

No. 118176


i know, i dont understand how they questioned whether she was japanese or not i mean how can you not tell? the eyes and sleeker hair? jfc

i think kota should enter in a few years time, lets see if nippon would accept her if she won and ofc they would

No. 118232

she slept with the black diamond organizer, some gross middle aged man. so that's how she's in the group but the other girls don't really care for her because of it. they're not going to kick her out cause they can't and the manager needs her to play the idolizing gaijin puppet.

No. 125887

File: 1435000569819.jpg (120.06 KB, 540x960, image.jpg)

No. 125890

File: 1435000607341.jpg (173.4 KB, 540x960, image.jpg)

Oh god lol

No. 125900


Honestly, I can see either scenario as being true.

No. 125901


Shit goin' down

Obv some people who are weebs will know who Venus is over Barbie lol

"Lives in Japan" Venus don't live in no Japan, on visa but doesn't actually live there. Why does everyone always assume these lolcows who go to Japan… LIVE in Japan? It's like the people who do actually live in Japan don't brag about it as much as those on tourist visa lol (APART FROM MIRA OFC)

No. 125908

File: 1435002008043.jpg (182.81 KB, 540x960, image.jpg)

No. 125910

It's sad that I can't believe either one of them

No. 125911

holy shit quit fucking reach
if you live in a place for a while, you live there. That's all.

No. 125912


Oh man this is beautiful. VA's mom was definitely offended because that pic is now long gone from her Instagram lol.

No. 125913

I think Barbie's story is more credible. Margaret's story sounds so fake.

No. 125915

Both of their stories are so different. Barbie isn't famous as she likes to pretend she is and the way she way acts is loud and obnoxious butI can imagine VA asking for a picture. They're both nut jobs.

No. 125917

I think it's the fact that Barbie assumes she's famous she decided to take a picture, and Margaret is by chance heard about her. (Or saw a weird looking Gyaru) decided to take a picture.
Why would you take a picture of a girl you're worried for in that sense.

No. 125920


To humiliate her? Margaret and Venus have a huge background on making other "well known" people look bad for their own amusement. It's a known fact Margaret is a cunt IRL so Barbie's story actually sounds legit this time.

No. 125922

i think that calinue is an aspie
she comments on a lot of peoples shit and is quite awkward

No. 125924

>Sorry again for mistaking you for a homeless
I'm dying omg

No. 125929

I'm kind of in awe of how Barbie just went off on her in the comments. That no holds barred verbal beatdown, holy shit

No. 125933

Considering how heavy Margo lurks PULL I am pretty sure she does know her.

No. 125936


Barbie needs to watch out, she made a new enemy lolol. Margaret is a nutcase.

No. 125937


Yeah but people make a big fucking deal out of living in Japan even if they're there for a BIT… you're more or less VISITING, not living there. God fuck off

No. 125939


Oh my lordddddddddddd….

Well, this is going to play out well. This is what happens when lolcows meet.

No. 125942


Yaaaas barbie fuck ha up

No. 125943


No. 125950

File: 1435004708176.png (2.28 KB, 300x180, thumbteam.png)

No. 125952

File: 1435004888634.png (225.27 KB, 500x418, victimcaremargo.png)


We may get lucky and see Margaret whip out her Victim Care Card again if she decides to make a fairytale about how Barbie is ruining her life laaawl.

No. 125953


No. 125954

File: 1435004953939.gif (713.88 KB, 275x151, 1407614960282.gif)

The one thing i like about barbie is how ghetto she gets. This gonna be gud.

No. 125956

File: 1435005070849.jpg (173.26 KB, 550x387, african-american-barbie.jpg)

yh u go barbie

No. 125957


Barbie is equally crazy

No. 125958


Even better, it'll be like watching a clash of thunder and lightning.

No. 125959

Even though I believe her in this case, Delandra is literally so ratchet and not a role model at all. She breaks all kinds of laws in japan, looks awful and is essentially a big black clown for them. Her fans piss me off because they encourage her ratchetness.

No. 125961

File: 1435005478000.png (4.69 KB, 630x192, team barbie.png)

Jumping on this bandwagon

No. 125962

I'm sure for them its like watching an episode of The Bad Girls Club or Basketball Wives. You're there solely for the ratchetedness.

No. 125963

File: 1435005691452.png (11.98 KB, 315x318, TEEHEE IS SURPRISED (AWWW GURL…)

Goddamn she is not letting this go
Wonder how Margaret will respond

No. 125964

I'm dying this is too good. Goddamn it Margaret, retaliate already

No. 125965

File: 1435006088341.png (69.99 KB, 510x387, shade.png)

This is like the closest thing we've had to a happening on lolcow and I'm just glad to share it all with you

No. 125966

I hope barbie knocks marg's teeth out with one of her giant purses.
I'd love to see them fighting it out over this.

No. 125967

File: 1435006326495.jpg (31.45 KB, 500x412, 8888888888888.JPG)

No. 125968

>Sorry again for mistaking you for a homeless. Really sorry.
Lmfao that's some great bitchiness right there. Margo is fucking nuts.

No. 125969

Would be hella entertaining.

No. 125970

File: 1435006589364.png (37.78 KB, 600x700, thumbteam.png)

No. 125971


You better watch out Margo!

No. 125973

bakurasgirl you are so fucking stupid

No. 125976

File: 1435006764219.jpg (10.39 KB, 480x360, stop.jpg)

Stop trying to make that term happen, anon. It's not going to happen.

No. 125982

So basically either:

a) Margaret took a photo of a 'homeless', 'weird' girl to mock her.


b) She did recognise her but is now lying about it.

Either way, Margaret comes off like a crazy bitch.

No. 125984


I'm rooting for Barbie to kick her ass.

No. 125987

Hush, not in this thread. We're supposed to be enjoying the ruckus outside.

No. 125988


lol she is hairhatted and a hooligan alright ;) ;) ;)

No. 125989


LOL if they ever meet each other again

No. 125990


Who'll get deported first?

No. 125991

File: 1435007248720.jpg (84.53 KB, 540x960, 10401480_10204701348426929_859…)

I don't even understand what Margo's implying when she's going on and on about Barbie 'talking to people and then running away'? Just that she's weird? Or something else?

No. 125993

I thought she deleted the Insta post, or is this from before? Either way I'm enjoying this

No. 125995

File: 1435007405174.gif (717.67 KB, 200x200, dragha.gif)

No. 125996

File: 1435007440669.jpg (105.29 KB, 500x309, 8888888888888.JPG)

No. 126000

tru though, margo is the one who posted it, obviously margo asked for the pic.

No. 126004

…as said in the other thread, Maro obviously doesn't seem to know that walking to people, talking with them and then going away is something normal in Tokyo, people do that all the time for spreading ads/flyers/whatever.

No. 126005

Barbie easily

No. 126007

it's normal in ANY city Margo probs just don't leave the house a lot

No. 126008

imo margo probably knows from lurking PULL that barbie has been selling herself and is trying to imply that she was soliciting strangers on the street, just to be a bitch. also kind of explains why she felt the need to include that it seemed like barbie was being turned down and some lady was shaking her head. shade city.

No. 126011

Er yep, I already understand that, I was just trying to work out what Margaret's implying.

Ah, I see. I suppose it's either that or saying she was begging since called her a beggar in her update to the photo caption.

No. 126031

File: 1435011116353.gif (435.53 KB, 320x240, FH46AHH.gif)


Barbie came for margo by the strands of her hair.

She ain't ready for the hoodrat. Pull out margo, pull out like Barbie's daddy should have.

No. 126129

This thread is amazing lol

No. 126150

Damn Barbie just broadcast all our thoughts
Damn girl

No. 126152

Imagine just having a group of ratchet black gyaru friends who say exactly what everyone in the room is thinking 24/7. Imagine them exploding when a bitch tries to subtly start something. Imagine the response to passive aggression being 100% aggression to humiliate and tarnish the other party. Imagine the fireworks.

No. 126166

File: 1435030274915.gif (469.24 KB, 500x281, 1363653080089.gif)

That would be one amazing group.

No. 126177


The obvious blurring on Margo while Barbie remains unshopped. I love it because it is so pathetic
Everyone knows you're old Margo. Give it up

No. 126186

I honestly hate Barbie because she's a huge bitch and she's missing a couple of screws but Margo is just as bad

No. 126189

One of her friends said it was racist for Margeret to call her a begger? As much as a crockpot story that is, Delandra aka Barbie DOES beg people for rent money to stay in Japan, whores herself put and lives in a hostel.

Barbie looks homeless too. how could you have a job with hair like that. She's a sloppy mess and I wish Japanese immigration would crack down on people like her and Margaret and Venus and himezawa and Mira……

No. 126198

They can't really do anyhing about himezawa and mira, they played the loophole fair and square. Mira is just a liar and himezawa is just shameless, but they are both still in the country legally, even if it's for shit reasons and by morally bankrupt methods.

No. 126225

Where the fuck do I sign up?

No. 126286


Margaret is a racist in the closet. When shit went down with Youtube Xiaorishu she used steretypical racial slurs as Xiao is Chinese. Her ignorant side went as far as to insulting another Youtube KimonoTime for her glass eye as she lost her real eye when she was just a child.

So Margaret is quite the cunt even if Barbie is cray cray herself.

No. 126301

File: 1435057676928.gif (581.84 KB, 200x200, 1431826247104.gif)

Dis is too delicious!

No. 126305

I wish we could pit various lolcows against each other at will. Can you imagine Peter Coffin versus Kiki? Charms versus Megan? PT versus Chris? Asha versus pretty much anyone?

No. 126306

It would be beautiful.

>Lolcow Mom Special: Margaret vs Cathy

No. 126308

File: 1435061093021.jpg (560.68 KB, 1600x900, barbiexmargoKO.jpg)

No. 126313


I feel like you're underestimating our hood rat queen. Marg is cray, but barbie will drag the bitch so hard, throw shade 24/7, basically say what we all think.

And, if marg comes out as racist, she risks losing fans, especially if Tumblr catches wind of her saying shit to black girls. It won't be good for venus.

Barbie isn't like the other people marg has cut down. She cray, she won't back down, at least for a while.

No. 126315

Tumblr already called Venus and Marg racist. Tumblr people also are well aware of Delandra's bullshit. To be honest both of them are super shitty people…which is why this gon b gud

No. 126324

You'd think with margo and venus' ~diverse knowledge of Japan~ they would know very well that gyaru often dress like that, in PJs and other super comfy clothes. lol

No. 126352

I'm on Team Barbie lmao.

As much as I can't stand Delandra, I fucking hate Margaret and Venus from the bottom of my little black heart.

No. 126377

Yep, once again they're proving they know nothing, they just hop on every fashion bandwagon.

Anyway it turns out she wasn't even wearing PJs, it was a velour tracksuit. And how could Margo not recognise Crocs?? Everyone knows tracksuit + Crocs is an outfit people wear in a lot of countries - she really mustn't leave the house much to think that's odd.

>In pyjama and slippers to appointment
Pfft, even if she had been wearing PJs and slippers, it's not like the Palermos have any room to talk when it comes to wearing weird/inappropriate outfits in public. (Also it was a freaking Apple Store appointment, Margo's almost making it sound like it could be some serious appointment that needs dressing up for.)

No. 126387

As much as I can't stand Barbie, I can't wait for this outcome. I hope this destroys whatever little reputation penus has left cause of this.

No. 126388

Did Margo respond yet?

No. 126423


Give it time, she'll probably make fake troll accounts to attack Barbie's social media accounts like she's done in the past to others who catch Margo out on her bullshit. She knows she fucked up.

No. 126452


idk she already deleted the picture. Delandra fucked her up so bad I think she will just go into "nothing happened here" mode

No. 126456

god it was so beautiful

No. 126576

yassss rooting for barbie right now

No. 126596

this is great. thank you.

No. 126631

File: 1435129251610.jpg (12.4 KB, 300x300, 7392034.jpg.jpg)

I personally don't hate Delandra since I don't know her irl or anything(Can't understand the logic of hating someone if you have never even had a proper convo with them) so TEAM BARBIE all the way for suree.

Venus's mom is псих. Hope she is reading this.

No. 126642

I hate them both. If you like Barbie for saying what everyone else has been saying for years then you're a faggot.

No. 126657

File: 1435138969493.jpg (141.57 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

um ew. Barbie is a confirmed scammer in the Lolita and gyaru comm, breaks almost every Japanese immigration law and is a ghetto hoodrats pretending to be famous in japan. Even black diamond leaked stuff about her.

No. 126662

even BD? like what?

No. 126669

I actually believe Barbie, as crazy as she is. Even if you ignore the fact that she isn't well known/recognizable, why on earth would Margo want a picture with a person who she thought was homeless (what kind of a homeless person dresses like that and has nails like that, anyway?)? They're posing together ffs. I definitely believe Margo requested that photo.
Margo likes to stalk online people too so I'm not shocked that she would recognize her. I'm willing to bet that Margo has creeped here on Venus' thread before and since Barbie has a thread here also, that is how she knew her. Why else would she act friendly and like she wanted a picture? She probably projected onto Barbie in some weird way and then decided to insult her like a cunt for some weird reason idek.

No. 126682


Margo is a piece of shit and did it on purpose because she couldn't wait to trash her online. She creeps everywhere from PULL and here to /cgl/ the works. She wants everyone to think her precious daughter is 'pure and innocent' yet this same bitch got Venus to hook up with a Japanese guy who was a NEET living doll fanboy for the sake of getting to Japan in the first place.

No. 127358


You know what's funny, everyone is all "team barbie" and then they'll be calling her rotten next week lol

No. 127375

Don't go talking shit about BD and not give deets.

I call bs on this though.

No. 127466

She slept with BD manager and paid him to get into BD, and none of the members like her. She can't speak Japanese at all. This is common knowledge guys…

No. 127476


No. 127477

I want to know where the fuck people are getting this info too.

No. 127479

The only sources for this claims are gyaru secrets and gyaru gossip sites, no single japanese one.

No. 127549


Search the goddamned thread you lazy fucking kikes. Screenshots have been posted. The only people who like delandra are people more ratchet and uglier than she is.

No. 127552

File: 1435289237870.jpg (29.49 KB, 240x360, image.jpg)

I don't feel like posting the other shots but here's delandra's prostitution ad. She also used to post on Craigslist Tokyo looking for a husband for a visa but no Japanese man would marry her. That's why she paid that army guy to and she's still breaking visa rules.

No. 127555

…there is no single screenshot or of BD girls shittalking her or talking about how she fucked their manager, try harder.

No. 127556

>mfw according to this she has a 23 inch waist
like hell lmao

No. 127557

Yes. There is. The BD girls told gaijin gyaru in Japan more than what's even been leaked. I don't know why you're taking up for this chest beating ratchet man beast?

No. 127558

Nothing unique for somebody in Black Diamond tho, the prostitution part I mean because there was some huge drama over it in 2012 when there were applications for a Black Diamond International group by their manager.

No. 127561

>I don't know why you're taking up for this chest beating ratchet man beast?
I don't but I dislike people saying here is proof when there is none, some people claiming they talked to "somebody" isn't some.

No. 127605

File: 1435297979969.jpg (78.61 KB, 555x475, yyHKy.jpg)



No. 127606


- how did margo know she was a hoe if she didn't know who she was ( well I mean, she does look like one)

- why would she take a picture of some random hobo

it seems like it was an attempt to mock her or write her as being a fan, but if she was a fan why did margo say she ran away from them

either way shes either knew who she was and did this as some kind of stunt, or she thought if was a good idea to take a happy picture with a homeless person.

also how would a homeless person know venus?

id love to see them duke it out though since they are such opposites.

I think "m on team Donkey Kong

No. 127646

Such as…?

No. 127675


Anyone else remember that Pokemon with the blonde wig?

No. 127695

File: 1435326060183.gif (7.09 KB, 169x171, pokemon-jynx.gif)

No. 127706

battle cry

No. 128010

File: 1435364511600.jpg (24.51 KB, 350x250, vagoo-reaction-face.jpg)

Still anxiously waiting for Margo to fan the shitstorm flames, or is she already on it? Creating new sockpuppets and shit…
I wish they would battle it out on the streets and someone would film it. That would be the most glorious day. Ever.
I would actually pay real money to see it.

No. 134500

File: 1436370222041.jpg (125.3 KB, 540x960, image.jpg)

Barbie is married to that army guy only for the visa all ppl know.

No. 134501

Got some nice screenshot on the facebook of a girl who used to be Barbie's friend

No. 140882

She lost her visa and is skipping around tokyo. give her another month and someone will find out this nasty bitch doesnt have a visa, and she'll get her ugly ass thrown out of the country. This is why you shouldn't be a nasty hooker.

No. 140898

somebody reported her?

No. 140912

Somebody come through with the tea

No. 140925

No. 140936

I've never seen anyone shaped like an actual rectangle before.

No. 140946

Come to the USA

No. 140971

That walk, omfg. I can't imagine what people are thinking when she steps out.

You're thinking of Mexico. In the US, we have circles.

No. 140979


She literally has no ass to fill out those shorts. What a hot mess.

No. 141507

damn she got a unlucky body

No. 200119

I didn't know she had a baby…I feel bad for her. Its just odd she was posting as if nothing happened after this

No. 200120

File: 1446691221737.png (182.56 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2015-11-05-02-32-39…)

No. 200125

Let's all act like grown-ups and not make fun of her for this.

No. 200128

Oh man, that is sad. I didn't know she had a baby either.

No. 200129


Thought she was talking about her dog :/

No. 200132


Me too

Even though she's a mother (assuming), she doesn't sound that sad about it. Idk probably is in person but it's not something I would announce right away to people, if you get what I mean?

Ah well.

No. 200133


Especially the #rip <

I reckon her dog died

No. 200136

she's probably secretly relieved now that she doesn't have to spend money on a kid.

No. 200137

is this referencing a baby or a dog

my impression is dog

No. 200143

She has a husband..?

No. 200165

I hope it's a fucking dog.

No. 200508

What a shitty thing to say.

No. 200514

The only thing that makes this weird is that she got caught self-posting on PULL recently. She's never really mentioned anything about a child so I can't help but feel this is a way to make her "haters" back off. If her baby or dog did pass away then I'm terribly sorry but until we actually see any kind of evidence then I can't really believe her.

No. 200517

caps please

No. 200520


she doesn't sound that sad about it? how is she supposed to express her grief for it to 'enough sadness'? honestly this is horrible and i'm sure she is very upset over it. how low can some of you girls go seriously….

No. 200522

Too lazy to post caps but here's a link to her profile thing. All of her posts were in defense of herself and a mod called her out for her email or something.

No. 200531


Anon, we're allowed out "low" opinions.

I meant as in she doesn't sound that assed. I mean if she DID loose her baby I doubt she'd be telling us all about it. It'd be a few days or a week. It just doesn't come across as sad. Especially the #rip < just makes the whole thing sound like it's someone she knew from a friend or off the news dying.

But then again barbie is just another BT1000 lol

No. 200550

has she ever mentioned a baby before? I looked back quite a few months on her facebook and she didn't look pregnant

No. 200572


There are plenty of young women that have been pregnant but it's never been visible. Some can go well up to near the due date and just look a bit bloated. Not a fan of Barbie but this could have been the case.

No. 200579

I am aware of this, just wondering if she'd ever mentioned a baby at all

No. 200581


You're right anon, Barbie has a manly figure kek so possible yh

No. 200582


Maybe she hid it for a while? Who knows. Rather a tragic story to tell your entire Facebook about. I see your point though, it's a bit strange.

No. 200592


anyone feel bad for barbz?

No. 200652

I'd feel bad if she actually cared about her child? I'm not a prude but all she posts about is flouncing around in flashy clothes. Lots of gyaru and models in japan have kids so why was she so ashamed? why not post a picture of her child rather than pictures of her shoes? ALso why not post a picture of her baby with the RIP post?

No. 200663

Lurking newfag here.

I'm quite sure she is lying.

My brother used to date a chick just like Barbie. She would lie on social media networks about being pregnant and for the first couple of weeks she'd milk all the attention her dumb ass friends would give her and then suddenly she would never mention a word about it. At all. Why? She was NEVER pregnant in the first place.

I'm also positive Barbie is relieved because I actually met a man before I came to Japan whose a Black Gaijin Hunter. He's looking for another green card and "love" and all that jazz and ironically he was friends with Barbie because I saw a picture of her on his profile, commenting one of his photos.

This was around March 2015.

Now of course this is just speculation, but… is she sleeping with this dude (her husband) to keep up appearances because it normally seems she uses her pussy for leverage for anything. And if so, wouldn't she be more safe about getting pregnant with someone who isn't Japanese, and who she plans on trading in for the first Japanese willing to grant her waifu status? Unless her husband KNOWS about all of this and demands no condom since they are le married.

I don't know. I just think it's all fake. If the internet wants to "pick you apart" so bad then why would ever post something so personal and can be used as emotional leverage?

I don't know why she would lie to gain sympathy… but this is IF she is actually talking about a baby like others said…

No. 200703

File: 1446779331861.png (515.28 KB, 918x582, Screenshot 2015-11-06 at 12.07…)

Apparently she also lives on base? I thought her husbando was Nipponese

Fucking this. If this child did exist, then that makes Barbie a shit mother who didn't give a rat's ass about her own infant daughter. Seriously, renting out two houses so she can run around playing in Tokyo with her gyaru 'friends'? Not even acknowledging her child by name and adding a #rip hashtag as if her goldfish had just died. Girl has no shame.

No. 200707

boohoo :'(

No. 200728

File: 1446781333525.png (169.57 KB, 497x356, bimbojohnson.png)


Yeah, soooo upset that the same day her daughter passes away, she went shopping with her friend and made sure to take kawaii purikura pictures to celebrate. Soooo sad, that she made a post the same day talking about Drake's new video and how much she's swooning for him. I don't buy it.

No. 200730

Barbie was never pregnant guys. She's just as insane as Sere and I don't understand the PULL people kissing her ass or dissing Aurie Ami and the other folks. Yeah she told of Maggie Palermo. so what. She's crazy as fuck

No. 200733


I feel bad for even considering out of care that she may have been pregnant and wasn't visibly showing or had an infant daughter that actually did pass away. Leaves a sick taste in my mouth.

No. 200748

When I read it she didn't come off genuinely sad to me either. I've seen people make posts about celebrities dying that have sounded more upset.
People whose children have passed become so obviously grief-stricken and you can really see how it has destroyed them. She sounds nowhere close to being that upset.
Also like the other anons have touched on, nobody whose had a loss like that will immediately inform all of Facebook (in such a composed [in comparison] way, no less), their family, yes. But publicly so soon, no way. They would be too heartbroken to even think about doing that.
And obviously what >>200728 pointed out. That clearly is not the behaviour of a mother who has literally just lost their baby.
I don't care if anyone thinks I sound 'low' or insensitive or whatever, but I don't believe this bullshit for a second.
Absolutely despicable, Barbie.

No. 200749

Yeah, that's what I'm thinking.

No. 200750

Ugh, I know that dude in the middle. He's the biggest fucking tryhard. He mooches off so many people.

No. 200751

Agreed. People who just lost their newborn baby would been beyond torn, and you can't see anything like that in her writing. It has to be a pet.

No. 200930

She married a U.S. military guy. Lol her "house" in Tokyo is a shitty gaijin sharehouse

No. 200949

Or a baby that never existed.

No. 201213


You sure that's a guy? Looks like another one of those weird white girls who move to Japan and pretend to be VK boys.

No. 201214


If she married an American guy, wouldn't she have to leave Japan if he gets sent somewhere else?

No. 201220

Yeah that's Ashley. Not a dude.

No. 201224

File: 1446884703992.png (1.27 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2015-11-07-03-23-44…)

Apparently she's getting surgery to achieve the "aegyosal" look in other words the puffy eye look.

Can't wait to see the results.

No. 201226

Her friend fucked up her own eyes

No. 201288

How can anyone find eyepuffs like those attractive?

No. 201290

Someone please stop this trend, it's fucking horrifying. It makes them look like they're having an allergic reaction.

No. 201708

(old reply but) Like in this one?

No. 201773

SERIOUSLY. 100% of the time it makes you look very sick and elderly. It literally does the opposite of make you look "youthful", everyone with them looks so old.

No. 201774

Seriously. It looks like you have major sodium bloat or diabetes or something. It's super unhealthy and not youthful looking at all.

No. 201782

File: 1447033139892.jpg (114.9 KB, 421x420, benefit-puff-off.jpg)

And there are SO MANY products out there (pic is example) made specifically to get rid of eye puffs. Why would anyone want to have them surgically put there on purpose??

No. 201789

OT but has anyone ever used this stuff? I've been looking for a good eye cream/concealer.

No. 201798

(also ot and saged)
I do, which is why I used it as an example, lol. It's pretty nice, makes your skin feel cool. I think it makes me look more awake.

No. 201900

I think natural eye puffs look good, because they are usually pretty subtle. It's the surgery/contouring crap that makes them look disgusting and overdone, and plus they are usually made by weeb girls who pair them with dramatic lashes and freaky giant circle lenses.

No. 202121

File: 1447117534922.jpg (20.62 KB, 311x622, zakaura.jpg)

No, 100% sure it's Zak aura/Zak Cy . this try hard white dude who does the vk fashion

No. 202124

Because Japan? I dunno. it's fucking gross and looks like a disease imo. I'm so glad my wife isn't into that Japanese fashion shit

No. 202174

Oh. They all look the same lmao I can never tell anymore

No. 202179

Has nothing to do with Japan tho, it spread from Korea to most other east-asian countries.

No. 202189

Sorry, but nothing about that face is masculine to me, except maybe how bony it is, which is a stretch. Considering how little people online know about basic anatomy and bone structure, it's not surprising how often that sort of thing trips people up. Any links/other pics?

No. 202209

How about googling his name? I provided that info enough. He's def a dude who lives in NYC at the moment and hangs with the local vk groupies here. Even has a band called d.eluge or something.

No. 202211

I found his IG if you wanna through it. https://www.instagram.com/zk_cy/ Anyway back to the thread's topic. Sorry for OT

No. 203405

ugh I hope those two see barbie for who she really is and avoids her like the plague

No. 205531

If you see her insta she has some pics of a doggie, I think that is who passed away.

No. 205544

Probably running off with that BAH money and Tricare.

No. 212236

No. 212254

Why did this warrant a bump?

No. 212798

Is this bitch still alive? How has she not caused drama in the last few weeks?

No. 212800

This is my first time seeing this thread. I legitimately thought this was Trisha circa 2009.

No. 212804

The only recent things I can think have been going on is that she had the surgery done on her eyes and I think she's still in Guam.

No. 212813

wow I actually thought she looked great when I saw her instagram photos, but now seeing her in this thread I see how ugly and boxy she is… but i guess thats what photoshopping yourself to hell and back is for

No. 212814

File: 1449779199551.png (303.21 KB, 500x500, Capture4.thumb.PNG.846c4fb5a5f…)

the surge

No. 212816


Did she get eyebag surgery or something? Gross.

No. 212817

Jesus. Hers look better than her friend's but it still looks as if she implanted two plump maggots.

No. 212818

as much as I dislike barbie I think this was pretty freaking awesome of her. Sometimes its okay not to give a shit.

No. 212819

File: 1449779618426.png (1.32 MB, 813x776, ff.PNG)

this is after the filler settled apparently and with makeup.

No. 212822

PLEASE put that lower lash higher up!! stop this nonsense!!

No. 212847

It looks a bit better now. All and all I think it fits with the overall gyaru aesthetic…not saying I like it though. Is it just me or does it seems like she's lost a bit of weight recently?

No. 212985

fuck, she's stationed here in guam too? maybe i'll see her in tumon or something.

No. 213283

What surgeon did this hack job and didn't even fill in her tear troughs??

No. 213305

Her eyelashes are fine by gal standards, iirc, she's doing that super exaggerated look.

No. 213326

It looks disgusting because she doesn't know how to style them now that she has uneven fat puches under her eyes. Right now, I'm thinking that Korea would've been a better option for her.

No. 213721

File: 1450044884083.jpg (63.27 KB, 480x480, tumblr_m96n1ir9fB1r64iepo1_500…)

Aegyo sal are cute as fuck and makes you look youthful (because babies have them)

No. 213728

It doesn't not work for everyoneand make most look tired or even hung over

No. 213730

She looks downsy but cute.wtf

No. 213748

File: 1450046584782.jpg (90.62 KB, 811x513, fasfafa.jpg)


Stop posting this stuff in other threads nobody is buying your shit.

No. 216053

How did a thread that hasn't been posted in for 7 days get bumped up to the top of the front page again.

Somebody posted in this and then deleted their post to disguise their activity; probably the girl in the OP.

No. 216483

does it even matter? She's a terrible example of a gyaru and honestly I think it's awful that she uses military men to live in the country.

No. 216485

What she is doing to stay there is no worst than what most of the other foreigners are doing to stay there. A fake marriage is a fake marriage.

No. 216489

why do you care so much? Most people see aegyo sal as cute and youthful. Just move on

No. 216495

>respond to 8 day old comment nobody cared about
>"Just move on"
Learn to be less butthurt

No. 216571

No its ugly and makes you look like a granny

No. 216575

Most people doesn't mean yourself. It looks awful, learn to accept it. Bet you think circle lenses make people look good too.

No. 216576

different anon
I find it cute when it's not forced. Different people have different opinions.

No. 216720

File: 1450835855540.png (38.75 KB, 618x166, Screen Shot 2015-12-22 at 5.56…)

A girl who is completely incapable of taking care of her own damn self wants to adopt a baby.

there's no way she'd be approved, but still. Where would the baby stay when she's whoring?

No. 216723

>>216485 Some, not all. There are quite a few who have better morals than that. lol

No. 216724

>>216720 Oh dear God. Please no. Wasn't she pregnant once? And her child died? wtf????? She is in no way an acceptable person to adopt or be a parent. Shameful.

No. 216726

Her dog died. She doesn't have a child.

No. 216727

I really should have been clearer. I means a lot of the cows/snowflakes posted here. It's just a bit bothersome that people are calling that out, when she has do wayyyyy more fucked up shit. Literally when a cow/snowflake is posted here and someone mentions marriage I usually assume it was a sham marriage.

No. 216728

Wow…I thought so from her FB page, but she has every commenter thinking it was a really child. >.>

No. 216730


please dont

No. 216731

Now that I could most likely agree with that the ones posted here are cheating the system somehow.

No. 216733

haha what? who is she?

No. 216736

What I find most interesting is that she leaves her FB profile open for everyone to take what she says and her pictures and post them everywhere. You would think she would be smarter than that……but then again…

No. 216756

Only attention whores have open/completely public facebook profiles.

No. 216803

Hah. true true. Thats a good point.

No. 217061

No she's just really naive and sheltered (married young, military wife). How she became friends with all the whores of Japan like Ariana, Barbie, Katie, etc is beyond me

No. 217097


It doesn't work unless you have a face that would work on a two year old or longer. Fuck off.

No. 217222

Whoa! Sounds like you know a lot about her. lol(awesome post! great job!)

No. 217443

did we ever find out if this was about an actual baby?

No. 217467

You must be really slow. T'was abt her dog

No. 242926

Apparently Barbie is living in the Philippines and has adopted an Asian child

No. 242928

Delandra Johnson at Fitness First, Eastwood City Cyberpark.
26 February at 10:54 · Quezon City, Philippines ·
Damn Barbie, back at it again!
It's bittersweet though……there are always creepy men following me around the gym ?
…..I wish you were here"

No. 242929

Delandra Johnson This is literally Japan all over again….. Why can't people just leave me alone???


Barbie claiming Japanese men used to stalk her

No. 242935

Wasn't she going to Mali?

No. 242960

Oh man lol how delusional
they're probably following her around cause she looks so damn weird

No. 243098

Going around boobs-out like she did is basically an indication that she's super-easy, so of course a man will talk to a girl who gives it away at the drop of a hat

No. 244101

They post makeup tutorials sometimes.

Her skin looks disgusting and the makeup is incredibly sloppy. There's no way you can have nails that long and that ridiculous without your personal hygiene suffering.

No. 244105

Everything about this is so sloppy and bad. How can this possibly be daily without ruining your skin?

No. 244109

File: 1456983002670.jpg (201.6 KB, 400x630, 8aDUstS.jpg)

I don't even care about the makeup style. The technique is just so appallingly sloppy. She doesn't even clip her gnarly hair back while applying foundation.

No. 244111

Soooo… She's left Japan forever?

No. 244113

She is disgusting. Holy fuck.

No. 244120

Wow, how disgusting. I love the part where she got fucking eyeliner in her hair because she didn't pin it back. Great tutorial.

No. 244228

Seems like it

No. 244243


Seen those knuckles tho

nazi nip

No. 244247

How much of an uneducated retard are you? The nazi swastika is running the other way round, the one she has on her knuckles is the buddhist sign for whatever I think it was luck.

German farmer here so, I pretty much know how a swastika looks like

No. 244311

I think that girl just sucks at make up. There are other videos that aren't nearly as bad.

No. 244316

Her contacts are giving her the wonkest fucking pupils.

No. 244326

her nails are amazing holy shit
i'll never understand ridiculously giant nail decals though.

No. 244329

File: 1457052069231.jpg (128.11 KB, 331x728, no.jpg)


No. 244333

I don't understand how someone who sucks so much at this needs to make a tutorial.
Everything looks/ is so dirty. Why wouldn't you clean it knowing you will be filmed?

No. 244335

Everyone in Black Diamond seems to have a reasonably fit body but a majorly doughy face.

No. 244336


No. 244337

Her nasty aegyo sal though.

No. 244345

Maybe I'm blind, but can someone point out what specifically is nasty about this screenshot? Besides her crazy nail decals and awful hair/makeup?

No. 244351

masturbating robots @ 1:01, i wonder if the girls in the video actually get what's happening

No. 244353

it's sad because Ayutama is actually pretty intelligent yet she chooses to run around like this..

No. 244361


No. 244364

She's known as the 'Kanken' gyaru because she qualified for the highest level of the kanken test while in jr high… and took it because she was bored.
(I'm assuming that's what the other Anon meant)

No. 244367

Ah, I see. If she's that (book) smart, it seems like she could have made a better contribution to society than being a Black Diamond member. Not that I judge :/

No. 244371

Agree with this.
Why is she wasting her time with this crap when she could make a real career with her wit and smarts?

No. 244373

She doesn't even talk obnixiously. Like she seems really nice and normal…

No. 244382

Why would you inject crap under your eyes like this, it looks horrible, like she has some festering eye disease.

No. 244385

yup this is what I was referring too!I hadn't seen this video so thanks for posting.

I really don't know much about gyaru but how to people maintain income as gyaru? I guess some would model and such but it isn't that big of a fashion anymore or is it? Specifically gyaru who aren't super popular or well known. It was briefly popular in my city for a while (which was strange) but most of the girls in the comms were in high school or Uni and didn't have to maintain jobs.

No. 244390

Most of them are either teen moms, prostitutes, kyabajo or shop assistants. Even some of the more popular BD members because pontsuyo doesn't give a shit about paying them

No. 244393

I wonder whether gyaru eventually take on that lifestyle, or those who have that lifestyle eventually become gyaru

No. 244397

You don't have much other possibilities I'd say. Keep your own style and work at low class jobs, become a housewife or dropping your style in order to fit in.

Anyway, since del isn't even a member of BD anymore, shouldn't we have an own thread to discuss BD, GeNEX and Venustyle?

No. 244404

…Because it makes her happy?

No. 244416

It's really easy to be gyaru and have a normal lifestyle. Just not kuro gyaru like these chicks.

No. 244448

This interviewer seems really annoying

No. 244454

I think Barbie was (rightfully) treated incredibly shitty in Japan and had no friends so she went to Fillipines. Also since she was stupid enough to marry(pay him) a military guy instead of a Japanese, she has to follow him wherever he's stationed. She's trying to make it seem like she's some jet setter when in reality she's an ugly freak precious looking bitch everywhere.

No. 244516

well yeah there's many different styles of gyaru, but I just really wonder what the ganguro/yamanba/kuro gyaru do for work..well if the more extreme are still around?

I get they can take most of their stuff off when they go to work but the nails and hair color also seems limiting.

No. 244517

dang I wish I could upload her videos from her fb.
I don't know how she managed, but it seems like her daughter is around 2 -3…but I though you have to be at least 27 to adopt and have an annual salary for 40,000 to be able to adopt.

No. 244519

A lot of kurogyaru don't have long nails. Like if you saw actual pictures of other BD members you'll see that a lot of them don't have them. A lot of them where extensions and wigs too. Also, some parts of Japan (like Osaka) a lot of people go tanning and do gyaru so it's not that unusual.

No. 244525

She's on the Philippines! A literal third world country! Shove some money into the right ass and you'll get what you want. She probably 'bought' that poor kid

No. 244531


her fake nail is actually fucking bending off her real one.

No. 244532


Looks the same to me. Not my fault you were so easily offended and that your country has a permanent scar over it. Fuck off.

No. 244534

I read somewhere that their fake nails only last for a day or something, so they can just take those off as well.

No. 244535


Who cares? The whole gyaru style is a mess anyway. It's just plain awful.

No. 244579

Fuck off, there's really cute styles of gyaru. What kind of clothes do you wear?

No. 244582

If you are going to look like a "mess" you should at least minimize your damage by properly washing your face and blending your pigments better. Then you look edgy avant-garde instead of just dirty.

Hime gyaru can be pretty cute

No. 244583

Let's hope this makes her at least somewhat of responsible adult. For sake of the kid I hope it will…or at least that her husband will make her act like a responsible parent.

No. 244587

Ahh okay, well then it makes it seem much more manageable of a style then

No. 245570

Oh fuck, I hang out near that place a lot. Will take pics if I ever spot her (not that that would be hard to do). Anyone know which base the husband is in too? My friend is a military brat so I might be able to dig up some info on him.
She doesn't strike me as having enough money to bribe [herself] though. People tend to laugh you off if your offer isn't big enough. Maybe her husband did the application?

No. 245606


Ones far better than that monstrosity of a style. I don't care if it's a subculture, it's fucking terrible. So what if some people don't like it? If you're this butthurt then you shouldn't be on Lolcow.

No. 245675

tell us more about how fashunable you are. You're not even willing to say what your other totally better than gross nasty gyaru fashions are. Did you try to be a gyaru and got laughed at? it's okay. tell us how they hurt you

In the end there are a million different styles within gyaru. Some are more intense than others and sure whatever no one cares if you dont like those but to be this vehement saying the entire fashion is bad just proves you've got major vendetta feels

No. 246285

wtf?! so she actually has a child! Someone post pictures or screenshots of the video. I'm not on fb

No. 247489

No. 247823

Demanded is nuts but the Fillipines would never give a hulking big black crazy ass looking hooch like her a baby. It's probably someone on the base's kid.

Also delandra was deported from Japan for working illegally which is why her and her husband fled to the Fillipiness base. Manila is like a 4th world country compared to Tokyo. No way in hell she left willingly.

No. 247966

>Also delandra was deported from Japan for working illegally which is why her and her husband fled to the Fillipiness base. Manila is like a 4th world country compared to Tokyo. No way in hell she left willingly.

Do you have any proof? It sounds like you're just assuming this. Japan has a track record for NOT deporting prostitutes which we know from sere who is way more open about it than delandra.

No. 248131

But delandra is black. In japan she's nothing more but a monkey who learned how to walk on two legs

No. 248136

File: 1457811126592.jpg (9.75 KB, 292x215, 1c6b54ef1d6ba10c41f7e217a2ff22…)

No. 248142

Also considering that 99% of the balck people who life in Japan either sell drucks, steal or do prostitution it wouldn't surprised me if she REALLY got deported.

Adding that yuritanu is back in bd, she only left because of barbie, but now that barbie is away she's back in the sa

No. 248341


Sere has a visa. Delandra was reported and deported not for prostitution but for visa. She didn't even come to Japan as a student she was just a freeter.

No. 248356

Let's see how long she'll still have that visa. There are lawyers after her saggy ass and she's known to immigration.

I'm not sure if she really got deported or if her husband just got stationed on another base (the one in manila). Someone on pull explained the law for military waifus pretty well, they actually ARE allowed to work off the base etc

No. 248973

File: 1457994799251.jpg (Spoiler Image, 107.13 KB, 720x480, tumblr_inline_nm9c7ypGp71r0rrj…)

Some tasty "日本人男×爆乳黒人女のハメハメ" porn barbz was in back in sushi land

No. 248983

File: 1457995758173.png (Spoiler Image, 611.29 KB, 720x480, del.png)

Our girl Del enjoying the ride.

No. 248984

Lmao how pathetic

No. 248989

why is she doing that? isn't she married?

No. 248996

Vid links?

No. 249001

Someone posted it on one of the gaijin in japan threads in /snow.

No. 249010

Another screen shot is on >>105329.
Here's the English page.
This video is on "content market", so you have to be registered to even view the sample video.
I laughed at the review of this video, and apparently this was secretly recorded. lol

No. 249020


I wonder if her saggy slice even felt his pathetic toothpick inside of her…



No. 249114

Holy shit, she really does have a man body. Her tits look like bad implants even though they're not, wtf. For a sec I actually thought the second pic was two guys.

No. 249137

Oh my god. LOL. She looks so manly even nude, holy shit. She really has no standards to be a prostitute. All to have money to stay in Japan… Wow, gross.

No. 249169

I doubt she was married in 2013.
Then again, I don't know jack about her.

No. 249281

I think you're right anon.just realised.

No. 249685

This guy is the biggest asshole you'll ever meet. No manners, a fucking creep, mooches off of everyone he knows.
It's funny how he knows absolutely no Japanese whatsoever yet he wants to be so kakkoii desu~ and hangs out with that fake Japanese latina bitch Kei aka Laura and all that bitch ever does is whine about being "agender" aka special snowflake & treats her boyfriend like a slave. She's a raging stuck up cunt who looks like a street rat with her miserable face

No. 249831


I fucking hate her too. wannabe VK piece of shit. You should see her fb she's a fucking bitch.

btw I heard at the Dir En Grey live in NY she made her boyfriend come with her but she only bought a ticket for herself and made her chink fake japanese boyfriend scalp for a tick. Major chola cunt.

No. 249834

She really has no manners. And she uses Japanese people for likes on her photos. She wants to be so かっこいい (^-^) with her photo prop friends. I swear to God she and Zak and that drunk LycheePrince bitch are some of the absolute worst people in NY. Fucking wannabe VK trash with a shit personality

No. 249849

she legit looks like a monkey

No. 249883

Her selfies are the same dead eyed lifeless cunt look. So goddamn annoying

No. 250175

Delandra is a fucking ugly slut

No. 250185

does someone have a pic of this Kei girl?

No. 250186

Can you get anymore racist. anon?

No. 250190

I dunno, man. She does look pretty chimp-y.
And this is coming from a black person.

No. 250272


"And this is coming from a black person"
Said every white kid on the internet trying to cover up their own racism.

No. 250283

You associating blacks with monkeys is really racist. She DOES look like a monkey and its not because of her skincolor, she is fat and ugly.

No. 250297

File: 1458337675048.jpeg (250.43 KB, 750x750, image.jpeg)

fucking hideous cunt

No. 250298

File: 1458337767860.jpeg (238 KB, 750x748, image.jpeg)

Kei? You mean that chola miserable fuck?

LOL her name's Laura and she has quite the reputation for being the biggest vk cunt in NY

No. 250300


No. 250302

File: 1458337874646.jpeg (152.85 KB, 750x750, image.jpeg)

constantly brings everyone down with her dead expression. Always a downer

No. 250303

File: 1458338042483.jpeg (661 KB, 749x1200, image.jpeg)

Oh for fucks sake, she's another mess produced by Haku

Do you really think you sound cool with your ig profile? You sound like an idiot.

omg Kei chan you're so kakkoiiiii desuuu

No. 250308

She has absolutely no manners nor social etiquette

No. 250477

She and all her white vk trash weeaboo friends act like they're gods and step all over people. Laura especially is the most standoff-ish bitch I've ever had the displeasure of meeting.

No. 250543

In all of Kei/Laura's photos her face is so dead and lifeless… so punchable. She's a whiney brat and a piece of shit who bragged about having sex outside. Way to go girl go be fucking trash why don't you? ^^

No. 250694

"I'm not racist! You're racist!"
- Every racist ever.

No. 251093

File: 1458491479321.jpg (Spoiler Image, 125.71 KB, 1080x288, image.jpg)

I've been following Del around for a few years now, just hoping to watch her life go down in flames!

No. 251102


Oh my god..terrible-chan do you have some context for this?

No. 251103

Are you retarded? Go a little up in the thread. It's from her porn

No. 251112

She looks like a frog ready for dissection.

No. 251117

Lmfao! I can't unsee that now.

Japanese men in porn are so weird. They're always cuddling the girl or something. Delandra honestly looks bored of it.

No. 251119

This is one of the worst amateur porn I've ever seen scrrenshots off and I come from a country which thinks that hay and lemon trees in porn are arousing

No. 251154

Lmao. Her body is like a tree trunk with tits and she looks bored as fuck. If you're going to sell your body, at least pretend to be into it, Delandra.

No. 251175


No. 251176

the name laura simply isnt edgy enough desu

No. 251502

If you've seen her posts on facebook all she does is bitch and her complaints are so cringeworthy when you going to grow the fuck up LAURA?

Even though I'm a chola I'm going to be a fake Japanese man. We all saw that wedding photo of you looking awkward af with your boobs sticking out. Can't hide now, can you bitch?

No. 251580

Del does porn. I'm not surprised. Does her husband know about this. Someone needs to post these on her facebook on tumblr everywhere. Her fans should know who they worship.

No. 251581

Some one needs to deport her ass back to Texas.

No. 251642

hahaha, holyshit. I didn't expect this bitch/fake boi to end up on here. She's a mooch like Zak and they're both trash who like to hang out with musicians. No idea why though. Seen this girl around dive bars before.

No. 251643

>sex outside
She actually bragged about that?

No. 251644

jfc her body is flabby and disgusting. Who would want to stick their fingers or dick in that?

No. 251659

It's almost sad to see her doing porn. She is further proving black diamond members are just prostitutes. Japanese men really must not have standards.. but I saw in a documentary men are just becoming socially inept… I hope the God she doesn't actually adopt. If shes trading her body for change and cheap ass clothes. She's not mentally old enough to be a mother. Take out the gross ass weave lose some weight, move the fuck back to Texas and get a real job instead of whoring around all over Asia! Or at least if you intend to whore yourself be a real ass bitch about it. Go be an AV gyaru model and make some actual money.

No. 251667

She boasted about it online and to her friends yet she says all the damn time that she hates sex and has a "Don't touch me or talk to me UNLESS you're Japanese or fucked up Haku clone" attitude

No. 251668

She prays to Japanese Jesus in hopes that she'll be accepeted by every Japanese person because she begs for validation and love from EVERY Japanese person. They HAVE to love her.

No. 251669

This bitch dragged her boyfriend to the Dir En Grey concert and only bought a ticket for herself. What a piece of shit girlfriend. She made her boyfriend scalp a ticket.

No. 251670

She thinks she's God himself

No. 251671

File: 1458665269394.jpeg (118.84 KB, 667x667, image.jpeg)

Her face is so disgustingly awkward

No. 251677

>>251668 I just died laughing omg

No. 251678

I knew she was a raging cunt, but wowwww no respect for even your boyfriend? I don't understand why he doesn't drop that piece of shit girl already.

No. 251679

praying hands emoji for her poor boyfriend

No. 251695

Laughing so hard. what is wrong with her face??

He just sounds beta as hell.

No. 251697

Can we make a thread for this bitch in /snow/? I am incredibly interested.

No. 251723

I wish I knew her husband's email or facebook or something. I'd send him her porn images and just evidence she's selling herself like a fucking slave for 100 dollars.

No. 251731

Honestly she really doesn't look like she cares in her little porn. I wonder if she is aware she was filmed…

No. 251736

Looks like a hidden camera. Is there an hidden camera porn category in Japan?

No. 251737

From earlier in the thread I don't believe she knew she was being filmed.

Isn't it more of a hidden camera porn category everywhere instead of exclusively Japan

No. 251744

Depends. Its basically iilegal in the US but its pretty hard to get caught unless you upload to a revengeporn website.

No. 251747

Honestly when has legality ever stopped anyone from doing anything

No. 251764

Wouldn't it be great if she didn't know that it existed. I don't even thinks she's that ugly. If she just stopped being insane with her clothing and hair. And didn't prostitute herself I think she could've done something in japan. Like be a gyaru shop staffattendant. But now with this news her futures fucked. Also is anyone else bothered she could get a boob job, aegyo sal implants. And I think so sort of gastric surgery. But never once considered getting a nose job. How is she supposed to be a gyaru with such a massive nose. She couldn't even work as a A/V gyaru with a nose like that.

No. 251765

Desperate Japanese dude with a fetish for black women. It sounded like that from the Google translate version of the description. I'm guessing there aren't many black women prostituting themselves in Japan and he had to take what he could get… A manly looking Delandra.

No. 251771

File: 1458696436589.jpg (83.86 KB, 960x663, 12308816_10205581740036169_377…)

Recently I graduated. But a few years back I got the chance to travel abroad in Japan. I'm not going to lie but I was very apprehensive being African-American and going there. And I experienced amazing people, the culture was beautiful and I'd love to visit again. That's why Delandra Johnson disgusts me, being foreigners in a new country people already assume American girls are easy. And for her a black American women to go over there and prove so many stereotypes true. We have to work so much harder in other countries to be viewed outside the loud obnoxious fat promiscuous stereotypes. You don't deserve to be in Japan or Taiwan or wherever the fuck you are. You have no respect for cultures! And to even believed your married and want to adopt. I'm not against a mother having loud flashy hair, or even being in the sex industry, but your literally a 100$ prostitute likely lying to your husband. You deceived people into thinking your baby (actually a dog) died. Without correcting them for sympathy. Your catty and couldn't even manage to get a proper Visa! I do intend to adopt a child one day and I believe being a parent is more than just taking pictures of your kid dressed up in goochie you payed for by swallowing some random nobodies load. It takes devotion, cleaning your self up and not posting how much cash you earned all over facebook. But you weren't serious you just said it for the lolz..Your to much of a self absorbed cunt. To really love something besides yourself.

No. 251772

No. 251775

so, i hagree with some of the things you're saying but others no. skin color has nothing to do with needing to be held accountable for her ghetto sluttiness because why would it be? we don't do that shit in the US because it's part of the 'culture' and we have people way more ignorant than her saying we're white for not being ghetto. bring that accountability over here first.

No. 251783


Okay I get what your saying anon. I definitely agree we should be held accountable in general for bad behavior overseas or not. And I may be underestimating the intellect of the Japanese with that comment as well. Because being there I was never stereotyped. Or did I encounter racism. It's just because of girls black white etc like delandra going to japan and bring so obnoxious it doesn't surprise me the country is xenophobic.

No. 251793

yea i get what you're saying. it starts at home though. if people didn't think that behavior was acceptable at all eventually it would get rid of a lot of stereotypes.

No. 251797

Oh my god she's hideous

No. 251811

I keep hearing nothing but positive things about blacks in Japan tho.

No. 251812

File: 1458710604040.jpeg (88.51 KB, 640x888, image.jpeg)

Are some of you sure she didn't know?

No. 251815


I guess if she didn't know then she knows now. She should've just embraced she's a cheap slut. What is she trying to hide everyone already knows we all know. But maybe she's ashamed of her dull bored face. She couldn't take off as a porn star with so little enthusiasm.

No. 251820

File: 1458716573979.jpg (102.82 KB, 889x713, 1458716000475.jpg)

Well I see someone's trying to expose her

No. 251821

File: 1458716706361.jpg (76.93 KB, 717x681, 1458716075565.jpg)

This Michael Todd guy must really dislike her. I wonder if that's her husband.

No. 251862

LMAO wow, this guy really fucking hates her. Posting her bored porn screen caps on that article. Hilarious!

No. 251870


who is Kei's bf?

No. 251871


they don't look bad to me? basic ok VK

No. 251893

Not even. That's her Facebook wall. It's still there too.

No. 251898

Not true. A lot of these hidden cam porn videos are acted and legal. If someone finds a video of themselves online and they didn't consent then its 100% illegal and can mean a criminal record. These laws a pretty much international in every country.

Delandra did a porn video and she thought it could be kept secret and is worried now coz someone found it. Seeing as she is a prostitute we can definitely say that this is not a hidden cam.

No. 251903

File: 1458741232273.png (167.4 KB, 1920x1056, Screenshot_20160323-133839.png)

Is this Michael Todd some kind of troll account? Why is this person going to extra lengths?

I'm not defending what she has done but its not even like she's in Japan anymore.

I doubt it's her husband as he knew about the prostitution for ages and didn't do anything about it. He was probs her pimp.

No. 251937

fake japanese boy "Takumi" aka Peter

No. 251991

It's her dead face that everyone fucking despises.

No. 251992

Just saw his ig and was at a loss for words. So. Damn. Hideous.

No. 251996

Does anyone notice how Zak writes his name as ザク "Zaku" in katakana? Like this Haku wannabe can't even spell his own name in Japanese. Like Zah-koo. Wouldn't the correct spelling be ザック? Zakku

No. 252018

>>251992 It's like he doesn't even try

No. 252027

He even copies her poses and hair. It's so pathetic.

No. 252251

And her personality is shit as well. She's a lying cunt.

No. 252252

Yeah, he's ugly as fuck but Kei acts like hot shit because she wants an asian bf so badly.

No. 252267

I've never met anyone as blatantly rude and racist and her. Major fucking cunt.

No. 252268

His eyes and smile are punchable/kickable
Why he puts up with that hideous hateful cunt I will never know.

No. 252310

Ok, i am genuinely curious about this girl now. Can anyone make a thread in /snow/ ? I want to know why she's racist and a cunt. She def looks like another haku clone.

No. 252360

Exactly someone make a /b/ about Zak and stop spamming here about him/her because I just don't care. And seriously who is Michael Todd according to his Facebook he's been on since 2008. So i don't know. Why go through such lengths.

No. 252362

True Anon.
Why is she trying to hide it. Just admit you made a porn. She could probably make a decent career in Asia. Shes not that bad looking.. but then again Del would probably lose all her black diamond friends.

No. 252375

Delandra deleted the posts but never addressed them.

No. 252376

No she wouldn't be a Maria Ozawa but she would probably be a D level amateur fetish porn actress for the Asians that are into chocolate.

No. 252377

The BD girls hate her and she looks like a frog, like she has nice boobs, also a nice face with rather small nose for a black, but she has no curves other than her boobs. And she doesn't really know hot to properly 'sell herself' not meant in the way of sex work, but in the way of how she appears to others in general

No. 252380

Her nose is enormous lol!
But yea I agree she really has no clue how to sell herself to the public. Overall delandra just is unlikeable. I actually like a lot of gyarus and overall her personality just reeks of ratchedness. Even as a porn star she probably would be very unlikeable. And talk shit about others. She has nice books but personality wise she's lacking. If I were her I'd probably make a video or something about the video. So my fans can understand why I'm in a av but instead she's already trying to sweep it under the carpet. She obviously has no respect for them or herself. There's nothing wrong with sex work. But covering it up and pretending it doesn't exist seems really… annoying.

No. 252381

Well…better than Sere who'd be like: c'mon let's do it all together, it's so much fun being illegal immigrant AND a sex worker thihihi

No. 252385

>also a nice face with rather small nose for a black
>for a black
Lmao. How nonchalantly this was worded made me laugh.

No. 252395

Sorry, I'm a eurofag. We're rather chill about things like skin color/race here.

No. 252479

>>252360 >>251996
>>252027 >>200703
>>201213 >>201220

someone made a thread for zak

No. 252572

Nonchalant racism. Love it!

No. 252595


No. 252618

I don't really know how this is racism. 99% of black people have a huge nose through genetics, just like a lot of east asians have a monolid and whites have deep set eyes. I'd consider it as a compliment, because most people, no matter of which 'race' prefer small noses

No. 252635

Eh, I hate small noses.

No. 252644

That's why I said 'most' and not 'all'. Sure there are people who love people who have huge wide noses otherwise huge wide noses were already extinct due to that thing called evolution

No. 252648

You're a minority vote, but nothing wrong with your personal preference.

No. 252663

"Let me justify my racism with science! My racism is a compliment! I'm not racist!"

No. 252679

"I'm a white sjw probably not older than 13 who needs to call out everyone and everything as racist yay"
Stfu seriously amifags are taking their racism war way too far

No. 252689

The history behind the inhumanzatiin of black features is a long story and it extended too Europe too.

That's why its a delicate subject to say a black person looks better with a smaller nose.
Its a main featured that was used to mock and saying the above is seen as a continuation.

No. 252694

I just made a compliment, wow fuck this shit never tryna discuss with sjws.

Black people with wide noses can look good too, but it's more likely that people with small noses no matter of which race a preferred. That's why we all hate himezawa

No. 252695

And I explained why someone wouldn't see it as one.

No. 252700

"I'm a racist that has to do my best to hide it by accusing people of being sjws!"

Good job! I can totally see you're not racist lol.

No. 252794

>That's why we all hate himezawa
So you hate her because of her big nose? Pathetic kek.

No. 253311

I think the term your all meaning is wide not big. Africans have different nose structures just like Asians and whites. Racially a lot of people with African decent do have wider noses which is caused from having to be capable of breathing dry air. But culturally these days suggesting everyone's traits are exactly as such is pretty stupid. Since people have migrated and moved and intermingled a lot through centuries. Their are Asians with double eyelids, white people with agro textured hair and yes even black people with small, tall noses. So please this board needs to stop being ignorant. Also why are we talking about Delandra nose?

No. 253313

When she is officially a porn star which is way more milk for lolcow.

No. 253314

Honestly I feel like she changed the topic herself. Also someone posted again on her facebook.. her clips from the porn she made. I'm surprised joined comments or asks her about it.

No. 253317

I wonder if she really got kicked out or if she was just suppose to follow her alibi husband

No. 253422

I actually do think she was kicked out of black diamonds or deported.
She couldn't speak japanese… So I'm not sure how they could have a genuine friendship with her. And she was so desperate for a visa I wouldn't be surprised if she tried to fuck one of the girls bf.
I think her fans must be really oblivious or honestly just aren't true enough fans to care about her making porn.

No. 253606

Nope, she's going back to Japan next month. Was never deported, if you followed her closely enough instead of making up shit, you'd know.

No. 253618

I don't have you on fb anymore delchan

No. 253802

I messaged your "husband" the screenshots…he told me he needs more proof to get rid of your nasty ass. Too bad the time stamp on your shitty porn clip was date in 2013. Seems like he was open to any and all evidence of your funky-ass endeavors….like I said I want to watch your life go down in flames…..

No. 253912

Del you can call these allegations and lies about how you got kicked out of Black Diamonds or deported.
But trust me we all follow you close enough to have proof that you prostituted yourself. And fucked a guy on camera. And are no longer in Japan.
Your an attention whore. But not just any your fucking lazy. You could've accomplished so much being a gaijan gyaru in Japan. But instead you just whored yourself out like the cheap slur you are.
I hope your husband leaves you because he deserves a better woman. Who won't drop him like a flie for a visa.
And I really hope you either properly do your sex work and become rather successful in it. And stop trying to cover it up.
Or go get a real God damn 8-5 job and work for the things you want!
Either or bitch im counting down the days cuz I just don't believe you'll be in Japan next month at all.

No. 253915

>>No. 253802
Be sure to link him Here to scroll and read.
I'm sure he won't care that she did something in 2013.
But no worries you have planted the seed of truth in his mind that'll grow into suspicions and acknowledgement. I wish you luck anon please keep us updated.

No. 253916

She fucked the manager to get it. But most BD member are trashy and work mizushobai so who cares.

No. 253920

I almost feel bad for her. She can't even speak japanese. Lived their and fucked some old manager with a fetish just to get in a trashy gyaru group. That is known for being full of sluts. I think she's cute and I like a lot of gyaru styles. Wish she put effort into becoming a model or store attendant. It would be awesome if she was known like a gyaru hikapu for people wanting to come see her and take pictures. I agree I think she really is just lazy tho. No talent of her own and couldn't bother to take proper japanese language classes.

No. 253921

What's her husbands contact info?

No. 253935

Not Del….but I'll never understand why people feel the need to probe a cow. Literally, this might result in some milk…then again if this did happen in 2013 all she has to say is that he taped her without her knowledge and whichever Anon brought it to her attention. What then she pulls a Kiki or a Ahri?

No. 253955

I agree. Unless she goes back to Japan then theres not much milk surrounding her. She's done the whole gaijin gyaru sex work thing and atm from what we know, she isn't doing that anymore.

I have a feeling that even if she does go back to Japan she won't go back to BD. I'm guessing that the main aim for people is to destroy her marriage because if she is going to Japan next month that means she is going back with her husband coz I'm sure as hell she doesn't have enough money for a student visa. Plus clearly she doesn't have the skills to get a Japanese husband.

No. 253991

Exactly. Interfering does more harm then good. If we leave her be then she'll probably milk herself.

No. 254135


He's says he's needs more up to date info on ridding her….I sent him links to various threads so I'm pretty sure he's doing research. He seemed somewhat enthusiastic about it. Help the poor
guy out lol!

No. 254150

It makes sense that he wants more info. It may not necessarily to be to convince himself tho. If he wants a divorce and she doesn't then the more info on her he has the better.

No. 254156

What kind of up to date info?? People only have info from when she was in Japan. Unless someone finds her Philippino prostitution page then there is no up to date info coz she's quiet now. what have you sent to him so far exactly?

No. 254165

You realize that we don't know this guy or the type of person he is right? We assume he wants a divorce but this guy could be crazy af and do something to her. I've personally seen something very similar happen to a friend. She was having an affair and hired a PI tho. The PI got the proof that she was having an affair and ended up beating her really bad. Personally I think we should stay out and just watch this play out by itself, but I guess some people are going to jump the gun with evidence from years ago. SMH I'm no moralfag but either way unless the evidence these Anons have is recent then they're just stirring the post with stale milk. Ugh I'm probably not making much sense and rambling at this point.

No. 254173

No anon I agree with you, if she's this kind of woman it wouldn't be hard to imagine that the kind of guy to convenience-marry her wouldn't be a Saint either.
We don't know this guys character, what if he beats her for disgracing him? Telling immigration themselves is one thing but even she doesn't deserve to be put at physical risk.

No. 254178

I agree with you two partially. Yes we don't know what sort of character he is and he could be volatile but the whole point is that we DON'T know. Imo no anon should feel guilty if something does happen to her because no man (or woman) should be abusive to their partner like that. It's all cute thinking that if this anon didn't contact her husband (and he happens to be volatile) that they will live happy families but that is very unlikely.

At the end of the day he is asking for more info and all of it is old info which he knows about.

No. 254196

She married a guy in the US military, the guys get a lot more benefits/pay if they have a family. So they both using each other

No. 254642

brain damaged grimey goddamned degenerate

No. 254655

omg what a shameless fat assed snowflake.

No. 254681

delusional stubby FAS enormous fucking lolcow.

No. 254684

No. 254685


beautiful grubby hands you pleb :'^)

No. 254686

Fuck off dakota

No. 254696

omg what a fucking batshit crazy weeb snowflake

No. 254913


kiki detected, smh.

No. 254942

god i literally hope she gets chlamydia

No. 254958

What the fuck did you just say to me you triple-chinned desperate thunder thighs

No. 255003



No. 255005

fuck off back to pull

No. 255006

Go back to pull hoe.

you jealous slutty pudgy twat. pullfag.

No. 255070

Emaciated alligator skinned fucking thundercunt.

No. 255454

She posts on Facebook how she's adopting a kid in the Philipines. It's not true. She works in Guam as a stripper and flies to the Philippines and takes pix with this kid, who is the daughter of some man she sleeps with. She also calls her husbands chief and has a reputation with their squad as being crazy. My friends lived with her and she would come around and blab all this weird stuff about her life. Skipped out on their rent too.

No. 255492

Wtf is this true? I want more of this

No. 255561

I smell bullshit.

No. 255576

Ditto. It kills me that people post this stuff without proof. Del is a shitty person, but with the influx of post like this without proof always make me suspicious.

No. 255577

Yeah, it sounds a bit… Much. Delandra has done some crazy shit but this story is so extravagant. I can't see her ever being hired at a strip club either with how gross she looks naked. She wouldn't be able to draw a lot of men.

No. 255769

From her post about her new car on fb:

Brandi Traynor If it's only 50.00 why go to her job? I mean, she didn't take her any of her things and she moved out without notice but maybe there was a reason why? It's catty and wack as fuck to post something like this publically.
Like · Reply · 1 · March 31 at 5:57pm
Brandi Traynor
Brandi Traynor Delandra Johnson
Like · Reply · March 31 at 5:57pm
Delandra Johnson
Delandra Johnson She's deleted. Here's it in simple
She said I could stay with her FOR FREE (even though I said I would help with utilities, she said no)
After a week she's like "oh can you start paying to stay here? From the time you STARTED staying here?" Not from the day she decided to start charging me, uhm shady?
I had that choice or be on the street,and she knew that. (What kind of friend?)
I had paid her $150 up until the time I had stayed so far…… I had no choice since she lived walking distance from my job. (This is a tourist trap and hotels are VERY expensive here.)
Soon after I was gifted a car, so bounced. Staying with a friend that lived much farther from my job.
Her house was disgusting, dishes piled up in both sinks, she cleaned the litter box out in the kitchen trashcan so the house reeked of cat urine. I was always cleaning up her roommate and boyfriends messes because I couldn't stand the mess or the smell. She was always having random noisy guests over and being a loud drunk Becky after 4 am. All while constantly eating my groceries……. Of course I'm not giving your evil ass shit else. Everyone was laughing at her dumb ass last night, posting up outside my job over 50 raggedy ass dollars, that she wasn't getting. You really looked like a strung out meth head….. Brandi Traynor
Like · Reply · 5 · March 31 at 6:41pm · Edited
Delandra Johnson
Delandra Johnson Yes I have multiple homes and a kid, but she was definitely reading too much into my Facebook. This is why a lot of you dumb bitches stay blocked. That's cool you bring that up, but NONE of that has anything to do with the shady shit you pulled and how you schemed me out of money you little Indian giver. You really did all that huffing and puffing for nothing, and the friends of yours that you convinced to threaten me over messages over $50, FIVE ZERO, y'all all just look stupid. You ain't getting shit from me
Like · Reply · 5 · March 31 at 6:12pm
Delandra Johnson
Delandra Johnson And I wasn't living with her…. I was just staying with her for a short time while I worked and SAVED. Since you know, I'm a mother now……. I had to block her on 3 social media accounts because she is that bent out of shape over money she was never entitled to. I'm just going to keep blocking you…..You know that what you did was mean and evil because you knew I was in a bind for time and had no choice. I have no sympathy for you Becky, fuck off.

No. 261305

Nah it's true. Del worked as a stripper to go to Japan in the first place.

No. 261315

File: 1461002756871.gif (998.22 KB, 500x280, tumblr_nil56wzAr31s4hjb0o1_500…)

You want me to believe that people would pay money to see her naked…like real money.

No. 261319

Are you stupid? Go to Atlantic City, Florida, LA, Detroit or anywhere and you'll see busted girls in strip clubs. Famous clubs like King of Diamonds won't let just anyone dance but for the most part if you have a pair of tits and a half functional ass you can strip. You saw she was in a porn. There are fetishes for everything. But with that said Del won't ever be successful in sex work let it be stripping, escorting etc etc. To be a successful sex worker you don't have to be a super model(although it helps) but you should look a bit conservative aka not the MLP astrocity weaves Del has and you have to have the right attitude. Delandra is hood as hell, with a busted body, horrible fashion sense and has the worst demeanor. She can make some money at a strip club but she will NEVER be semi successful in sex work. You saw her porn in Japan…you should at least be professional and pretend to enjoy it but she was texting during sex. Delandra' looks and attitude are so horrible she can't get a real job and she won't do well in excess work unless a guy has a ghetto hood rat roach infested fetish. Besides that I think she could ONLY do entertainment work and personally I could see her on Bad girls club.

No. 261321

Woah woah woah Anon calm down. It's not that serious.

No. 261322

Not angry and didn't mean to seem like it.delandra though is a nut basket.shes 27 with no degrees no career experience and is pretty horrible as a sex worker.she couldn't even do the easiest task ever–get married to a jp guy for a visa. Anyways I love this shit show train wreck. To the anon who talked about her being a stripper, I need more milk

No. 261325

Why not just screenshot that? Its so hard to read. This is obviously fake :S

No. 261967

File: 1461157881291.jpeg (305.5 KB, 750x1273, image.jpeg)

No. 261968

File: 1461157971028.jpeg (271.98 KB, 750x1257, image.jpeg)

No. 261983

Good job Anon

No. 262304

File: 1461232770645.jpeg (219.47 KB, 1080x1364, image.jpeg)

No. 262331

How long until she converts it into a traphouse?

No. 262342

At least I know it's euro trash that's stalking me :*

No. 262344

Something here is bullshit. Maybe she doesn't own it, maybe it's somewhere far from Tokyo and maybe it's just a random photo of a random house. Either way buying property in Tokyo is a fucking nightmare if you're not married to a Japanese spouse.

No. 262345

You don't buy anything when you're a penniless whore

No. 262348

Penniless? I wouldn't go that far

No. 262373

Her lies are so broad that even though you know something is clearly bullshit, there's no real starting point to picking them apart. Everything is off.

Military husband no longer stationed in Japan, questionable income. Damn, Barbie.

No. 262380

Serious question here: is it even possible to buy your own property in Japan as a foreigner??

For example if you want to move to denmark you first need to live there in a rental property for several years (5 or 7 or sth), pay your taxes etc and then you may be allowed to buy your own property

No. 262382

Where on the post did it say she bought the house? Probably renting which is still really difficult in Japan

No. 262389

She mentioned it before that she's going to actually BUY a house in Japan. There must be screencaps in this thread as well

No. 262394

Yeah I didn't see her say anywhere that she was buying either…

No. 262490

In Japan it's still very common to BUY a house.

No. 262583

It's not common for gaijin to buy houses. Especially ones who've never had a proper visa in Japan.
>She has no money
Del could barely afford her rent on her sharehouse room.
She's a chronic liar. I don't know why you guys believe her bullshit. Delandra is batshit crazy.

No. 262586

In Japan it's hard for foreigners to even open a bank account not to mention buy a house. You virtually can't do anything major in Japan with a Japanese man. If you're a foreign woman, especially one with no money or class like Delandra count your chances out.

No. 262588

Delandra most likely took a picture of a random house knowing her. She took a pic of some man's baby and said it was her adopted child and she used to claim to be an English teacher and took a pic of a bunch of Japanese kids(also proven not to be true). This girl legitimately has mental issues. I can't believe ANYTHING she claims as true.

No. 262653

It's probably her husbands. I know people that work in the army that have wives and children eventually get moved off base and into a property so their family can live a somewhat normal life. She won't have done anything to get it herself.

No. 262655

There's no way she bought this house.

No. 262673

Can someone maybe do a reverse image search of that house photo? I don't know how this shit works, sorry

No. 262675

I wonder what she covered there with the stars…

No. 262684

Probably the house number.

No. 262760

This is a screenshot of google street view…

No. 262764

To be fair, I've seen realtors use google streetview images for houses on websites before. I don't think its that farfetched, but Delandra is a shady bitch so who knows.

No. 264164

Any updates on this cow? Is she still pretending to be not banned from Japland

No. 264168

Good question! Anyone here still got her on FB or are we all blocked for being, blocked for being kek sorry

No. 266447

File: 1462313988467.png (29.85 KB, 517x120, Screen Shot 2016-05-04 at 07.1…)

she sent me a friend request ages ago but i dont wanna be her friend lol. i can still see her profile tho

is she talking about her stripper "money" ?
she lives in saitma according to her location tag.

No. 266589

Did she left Black Diamond??

No. 266608

Yes, she was posted on the Ganguro Cafe page

No. 266610

Yes, she is still in Black Diamond**

No. 267952

File: 1462656464971.jpeg (113.85 KB, 711x1242, image.jpeg)

Our fave is in Tokyo

No. 267955

YAWN. Who doesn't go to Kirari? Tell us something we don't know….. Or make something up lol

No. 268096

She got pretty fat again

No. 270597

File: 1463466143548.png (264.84 KB, 298x398, Screen Shot 2016-05-17 at 15.1…)

"bought a house"

No. 270630

If she's at kirari…will sheget in a serious fight with sere and her crew then? Kek

No. 270647

Nope, they are all friends now

No. 270651

I highly doubt that. Sere hates Barbie and vice versa

No. 271161

got she kicked out of black diamond?

No. 271164

Nice English

Sage for being a gramma nazi

No. 271166

sorry, English is only my second language, but if you were a grammar nazi you'd do your job right and correct me. Thanks

No. 274022

File: 1464519611083.jpg (19.88 KB, 356x450, bushtongueblotchy.jpg)

>saying a black person looks like monkey is racist

I think George Bush looks like chimp? Am I racist?

Making a negative remark towards a single black person doesn't mean you feel the same way about all black people. GTFO with that SJW BS

No. 274024

No. 274039

People only get rustled over shit they know deep down applies to them. That anon probably looks like chimp, too.

No. 276577

File: 1465055436024.gif (1.44 MB, 400x300, glass17.gif)

When Barbie gets more dick than you do.

No. 276786

If you post on nothing but sex oriented sites ,you'd have no problem either. Lol.

No. 276888

It's easy to be swimmin in dick, you just gotta have zero standards, anon

No. 278989

OT but who's the actor/where's the gif from?

No. 279088

It's Cillian Murphy, cap is from Batman Begins.

Also can we discuss Harutam's fucked up nose?

No. 279092

Not in this thread tho, since it's about barbs, not gyaru in general or bd or harutamu. As far as we know barbs isn't even in BD anymore

No. 279094

I'm sure you're cute, anon. You deserve better than disease ridden jap dick.

Also, Cillian Murphy is qt.

No. 284393

File: 1466967440625.png (112.09 KB, 508x536, Screen Shot 2016-06-26 at 19.5…)

lol she's getting a nose job

No. 284394

File: 1466967582991.png (125 KB, 428x584, Screen Shot 2016-06-26 at 19.5…)

No. 284395

File: 1466967623417.png (450.69 KB, 519x672, Screen Shot 2016-06-26 at 19.5…)

Anyone know who this is?

No. 284396

File: 1466967664282.png (224.62 KB, 524x706, Screen Shot 2016-06-26 at 20.0…)

Apparently she's in some movie about gal

No. 284397

File: 1466967754035.png (357.37 KB, 513x675, Screen Shot 2016-06-26 at 20.0…)

Wasn't this bitch living in the Philippines with an adopted kid?

No. 284491

Yeah, because her husband was stationed there and now he's stationed in Japan again. Strange thing in this story is, why does she keep living separate from him?

No. 284493

Not really strange when it's a fake relationship

No. 284495

Yes, but why would she spent money (at least a bit) on living in small spaces with someone else, while she got live in a (probably larger) space with her alibi husband

No. 284521

The military base is in the country, her work is in the city. She is well off, maybe that's why

No. 284523

File: 1467050063561.jpeg (188.33 KB, 1280x720, image.jpeg)

sure anon

No. 284525

Her 'work'

>sitting at kirari all day and waiting to get layed for a few bucks can't be considered as work tbh

No. 284539

this can be common for military families. The spouse doesn't always have to go with the active duty member. That's why many don't go overseas and remain in America. It works the same way. Makes the time served less too, about 1 year maybe 2 not the full 3 it can be.

No. 284635

Aaaaaaaaand I'm still a fan of her!! #teambarbie

No. 285453

Can you say–rachet?!

No. 285593

no matter what a person does if they are selling goods and/or services (no matter how silly/easy they are) its considered work.

Like that asian girl that gets paid to eat all day.
or the one white woman that is a cuddle prostitute

No. 286158


Not true. It's easy to open a bank account if you have a visa other than a tourist visa, and foreigners can own property no problem, even if they are young and unmarried, as long as they have the \\\ to pay for it. Getting a bank loan for buying a house would be what's tricky. You basically need proof of long-term, stable income regardless of whether you are foreign or Japanese. And by long-term, stable income, begging people on Facebook for money or working as a stripper don't count, so that's basically her downfall. Even if her husband is foreign he can still buy a house, especially if he is in a job that has decent income and has been there for a few years. There are also off-base homes which are sold at ridiculously low subsidized prices to Americans in the military. I'm sure she wants a house before she gets the D. And by "D" I mean divorce. Since the divorce would go through American courts it would be easier for her to claim a share of his property or earnings.

No. 286332

Also not totally true. It CAN be difficult for some foreigners. My friend who has been living in Japan for 10 years about now has had issue with getting a bank account opened at certain banks and she definitely had the money to do it. It was because she is a foreigner, that it too so long and they kept having issues with her. She speaks fluent Japanese, has permanent residency and works. So I don't know how it easy it is, but for her and a few others I have heard about it sometimes is more difficult than you would think.

No. 286335

Same anon, also the military will pay for you to have a house off base no problem. It's called BAH basic allowance for housing. You don't have to already live there for a "few years" to get this. If he was stationed there, and got married while there, he can apply for a house on or off base since they do not allow families in the barracks. His tour would go from unaccompanied to accompanied. That's how it works. So whether she actually bought the house outright or is simply renting it long term (depending on his rank and if he's getting out soon) most military members don't just buy a house in another country unless they plan on coming back to retire or stay. They could possibly rent it too. But if they get divorced she has to have a visa to stay. Military members and their families don't have a visa in the typical sense. They have orders, and a military ID card. They don't require a gaijin card at all. But if they divorce, it would be difficult for her to just stay if she didn't have a job or a visa allowing her to. Her military orders or privileges would be revoked and she would be sent home without the paperwork to allow her to stay.

No. 286427

are you fucking high? Good lord man, calm your tits!

No. 286828

Damn… Is there anything US soldiers DON'T get handed on a silver platter?

I'm so salty right now. I'm considered little more than a pest in the US even though I work, pay taxes and speak English as my mother tongue but these people are welcomed with open arms everywhere they get stationed.

No. 287223

Trust me, people in the military gets treated like shit too. It's the ones who have spouses and families that get the good stuff, low ranking singles live in the barracks (no BAH) and usually get shipped off to the shittier places like the Middle East (depending on your rate and rank ofc) but low ranking single 20-somethings don't get as many benefits as families with kids do. My best friend joined the Navy right out of high school and was completely broke and miserable until she got married, now they both have plenty of money and just bought a house (she just turned 23). Plus she got a fat separation bonus when she went on deployment too. Sooo yeah the military is a good option if you have a family, not so much are just a broke single 20-something looking for a better job.

No. 287281



They don't get handed everything. And honestly, well they are signing over their lives to the government….you don't even realize half the shit that they lose as rights by doing so. The military has its own laws and rules. Soo….getting a free house? not exactly that crazy. Besides not all the houses are amazing. Some are as old as dirt and are falling apart in other countries. If you get the chance to live off base (which you don't always) thats when you could get a nice house. There are so many restrictions though on them.
So before you go being super salty just know it aint a silver spoon at all. There a lot more to it than you know. Most times they get the shortest end of the stick imaginable.

No. 295258

File: 1470848722822.png (132.81 KB, 501x329, bKUzLzW.png)

No. 295260

File: 1470849594048.png (33.22 KB, 502x333, Y6Omp3X.png)

No. 295468

if she "only owes 50" then why is this person stalking her around for it? i mean yeah it's shitty not to pay somebody what you agreed you would pay, that's not the issue. I hate when people try to downplay a situation when they're the ones freaking over it. "Oh, she only owes me 50 lol it's not a big deal lol no big deal" while they show up at every known location.
hope you get ya money darlin

No. 295551

Idk why Ann tried to get on here blasting Barbie, she's a stripper too and fucking insane. No wonder Chris fired you, hahaha!

No. 295592

I think just hospitality alone I dont understand why delandra wont give her-her money. She housed you. And its only 50 dollars. Just give it to her… is she really so petty. Barbie this is the adult world and nothing is free. And fucking over people who help you in anyway causes burning bridges.

No. 295608

Black Diamond to Guam stripper is more like a soft tumble than a fall, tbh

No. 295630

There's always 2 sides to a story. This girl obviously has something going on. Barbie probably got out of that dump for a reason and this Ann chick was just trying to get more money out of her. $50??? She's probably a meth head

No. 295634

Barbie, stop making it so fucking obvious. Pay the chick her money and move the fuck on.

No. 295639

I agree, she does sound nuts.

No. 295658

Barbie, I have only met you once but you came off just as pathetic then as you do right now. It doesn't matter if the bitch is a crazy stripper or not, you should just give her the fucking money and be happy she isn't charging you for the fucking keys. That is theft and you could get into massive shit.

No. 295660

It's funny how obvious you made this, Barbie. I mean, seriously. If you want to be a stripper in Guam, whatever, but this girl sounds like she had every right to call you out if you weren't paying her and pulling that shady shit. It's only $50, but have some decency after she let you stay there. $10 a day is nothing, $300 a month rent is nothing. The fact you can't pay that is pretty embarrassing.

No. 295669

Wow you guys sound stupid. WHERES THE MILK?

No. 295674

… It's right here Barbie.
I'd say it's pretty milky that you are a stripper in Guam and can't even afford $10 a day rent. Your angry samefagging in the thread only makes the milk taste sweeter.

No. 295675

File: 1471079531955.png (17.03 KB, 503x150, lolwut.png)

Apparently Barbie is moving to the Philippines to adopt her current boyfriend's daughter? What?!

It's funny because she's apparently bragging about a new car recently. Bought a new "service dog" last month, all the while keeping the guise that her location is still in Japan. Is Barbie becoming black Sere?

No. 295715

Yawn. :)

No. 295719

Barbie pls

No. 295823

great now a girl will get a great prostitute stripper step mom as her role model -_- I hope delandra cleans up properly if she intends to be a parent.

No. 295932

Delandra is all over the place literally. Is the her bf some phillipino guy? I thought she has an American husband..

She is pretty much an international sex worker now. I miss black diamond delandra. It was interesting to see her in the group. If she had just learned Japanese and then married any random Japanese guy instead of an American. She'd probably be a lot better off right now.

No. 295953

She already IS black Sere. Yet, Sere is a little more amusing and I get along better with Barbie

No. 295981

She's seeing a guy who lives in the Philippines, that's why she was living there briefly at one point recently. Guy apparently has a kid, but that's all we really know rn.

It's both weird/sad to say this, but Sere is maybe sort of more successful by weeb standards than barbie. She's trash, but she did have her own bar for at least a little while and snagged a Japanese dude even if he is trash too. Sere is desperate, but Barbie seems even more desperate.

No. 295997

Nobody is going to marry delandra.

No. 296006

Shes already married

No. 296022

I heard she's getting remarried to a jp host

No. 296026

Except she's been seeing a Filipino guy with a kid for sometime now. There is no Japanese host. She hasn't even been in Japan lately.

No. 296034

Unless you're friends with Barbie, where are you getting your info from? I follow her on all social medias and she has mentioned nothing about either topics

No. 296035

Anyone who crossed paths with her in Guam will tell you the same.

No. 296074

really? Just gotta wait and see then. If she can pull that of then maybe she isn't as dumb after all.

No. 296076

Seeing as this page is mainly active when she is in Japan it makes some sense that she may hide certain parts of her life from Social media. Especially if it's a visa marriage to a host. Even just stepping into host clubs makes someone fresh milk on the gaijin in Japan thread.

No. 296081

File: 1471367007575.png (499.13 KB, 588x534, barbie.png)


This says that she is in JP atm so I'm not sure where you go that from?

No. 296086

She must have left for Japan in the past couple of days then because she was in Guam most recently. Before that she was spending time in the Philippines with that guy, but playing it off as a "stay in her vacation condo".

No. 296129

No she wasnt LOL

No. 298023

File: 1472542199972.png (538.64 KB, 931x445, 556.png)

Back in Japan. Living in an empty apartment. Still doing bad shops, seriously what is up with her thigh?

No. 298046

This photo was taken over 1year ago.

Someone on pull mentioned that her Facebook actually says that she's back to the US. Has anyone on here more info?

No. 298050

File: 1472550960192.png (310.79 KB, 505x496, 880.png)

This was posted a week ago and is tagged Tokyo… but on her personal FB there's this.

No. 298061

I don't think it's possible to 'fake' the location on FB. Also she's still tagging with BD though everyone knows that she got kicked out

No. 298064

File: 1472553618164.png (283.1 KB, 513x520, 8800.png)

Yeah, I think she's still in the states. She was posting a few months ago about a trip to Texas and being in the USA temporarily, but it looks like it's more long term.

This wall/molding seems to match the one in her latest IG selfie. >>298023

I guess her island hopping trips to Guam and the Philippines weren't enough to get her back in Japan. She really is like a black Sere…

No. 298065

What about her Military husband tho?

No. 298067

No clue tbh. There was the angry stripper who outted Barbie for not paying her rent in Guam. She said she was planning to adopt some Filipino guy's daughter back in the Philippines? Barbie was talking about visiting her "vacation home" in the Philippines around that time. I don't think she's married right now rather than hopping guy to guy trying to get by. Who knows what's she up to in the states though, she's originally from Texas, but maybe she has family in Minneapolis? Or a new temp guy till she can scam her way back into Japan?

No. 298083

You can fake the location on FB. I was on vacation in a different country & when I went back home it gave me the option to put my location as the country I was vacationing in

No. 298104

You used to be able to set your location to custom things like "outer space" or "a toaster" or "Hogwarts", so it's not impossible

No. 298136

Emotional Support Animals are not the same as Service Animals. In before she gets in trouble for trying to pass her ESA as a service animal to try and bring it everywhere with her.

No. 298159

That dog is so cute!

No. 298214

Her other leg is bent at the knee.

No. 298242

That's an awfully stumpy leg if that's her knee.

No. 298263

I see what you're talking about, she has it like propped up

No. 302493

These threads are always good until some racist shitposters come here looking for attention.

No. 302496

you bumped this thread JUST to say that?
go cry about racism somewhere else, and stop bumping month old threads to complain about it. sage next time, crybaby ass

No. 302509

Well i'm pretty sure you're a cow who learned how to talk and stand on 2 legs to everyone outside your home.
If you go outside…

No. 305468

LOL. I just discovered this thread and I've had quite a laugh. Barbie has been a stripper for as long as I've known her. She steals most of the money she flaunts all over the internet from the girls she works with because she can't make her own. She'll fuck you over in a heartbeat. Steal your clothes, belongings, money, anything worth something. I'm not surprised she fucked her way to Japan. She's not even living there. She's in the states "starting a life" with some long haired dude in a metal band. Feel really sorry for the sucker she got to put a ring on it. But she can be really manipulative and controlling so he probably felt obligated to because she's fucking psycho. I seriously cannot stop laughing. She moves around so much because she's fucked SO MANY people over. There's probably at least one person in every state that she's met online trying to befriend so she can travel and work and stay with the person just to try and recruit them to be a stripper. And to see she's even doing it other countries really isn't surprising. God, she's so repulsive. I feel sorry for her family and anyone who comes in contact with her.

No. 305469

Lol I remember DeLandra from houston in the Java jazz days back when she was a sloppy scene bitch. Everyone was repulsed. I remember someone made a shoop of her face onto the King Kong movie poster and it was floating around myspace for a while. It was pretty lulzy because I dont remember that kind of thing being common at the time so she had to have pissed someone off pretty bad.

No. 305499

All the fake hair, makeup, photoshop, and Jfashion in the world will never make this girl attractive. You can put on a wig on a pig, but…

No. 305577

Got any proof of this anon?

No. 305638

Lmao I think there's proof enough plastered all over the entire internet. Twitter says you have a new dude (poor guy). I give it a month, if even that. Screenshots from people all over the globe show how cheap, pyschotic, and thefty you are. Not to mention all your selfies in the strip club bathrooms that you claim to be "gogo dancing" (like you're any fucking good at that, you fat cow). It's pretty obvious Delandra you're a piece of shit. So to bring up your famous saying "you need to take several seats". LULZ

No. 305644

Wtf, Im not delandra anon. I should have been more specific. Im asking >>305468 for proof that of what she's doing in the states since she hasnt posted details on social media and proof of her being a stripper in the past (not that that would be surprising, but anons make shit up occasionally)

No. 305806

File: 1476322835225.png (994.79 KB, 750x1334, IMG_2167.PNG)

She's apparently dating a gamer/metal dude now & was recently at twitchcon. Still flaunts money but is extremely quiet on Facebook now. I contacted her husband &I sent him threads & screenshots. Not long after, I saw they were no longer together. Still flash with money, but seems to be nicer to ppl. Semi-regular on twitter.

No. 305807

File: 1476322883429.png (908.76 KB, 750x1334, IMG_2169.PNG)

No. 305809

File: 1476322929982.png (1.17 MB, 750x1334, IMG_2170.PNG)

She's gotten fat!!!

No. 305811

Wtf do you have brain problems? Why are you contacting the spouse of a cow? Interacting with cows and their family is frowned upon besides the that it's messed up in this case and makes you look like a psycho with a vendetta.

No. 305815

File: 1476326376068.png (2.23 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_0821.PNG)

That dog is like "bitch you know it's a stack of ones under that hundred dollar bill"

No. 305817

Whoever was asking for proof… why? It's not that hard to find. Why would someone lie about her being a stripper or any of the other stuff she does? Anon is right, it's literally plastered all over the internet. It's pretty obvious. Sheesh

No. 305819

>I contacted her husband &I sent him threads & screenshots. Not long after, I saw they were no longer together.

whoa, why would you do this?!

No. 305821

Uh… Why? Out of spite or something?

No. 305823

why did you do that????

No. 305826

Vendetta chan sounds like a complete psycho.

No. 305827

Seriously. I was going to tell them to get off the fucking internet and fix their brain problems in my original post but I don't think they'll listen.

No. 305841

I was like "omg he seems so sweet and kinda cute, why is he with her?" Then i Saw he was obese kek

No. 305842

Oh the fat guy is a different person… Why is he with her!!??

No. 305963

Actually I used to hang out with Del before she moved away, and she always had money.

No. 305989

Hi barbie

No. 306134

Yeah she wouldn't be able to travel as much as she does without it

No. 306280

Hence the stealing money from the girls she stays with. She can't even afford 50 bucks to stay at someone's place. She even stole her stuff after bailing

No. 306339

Nah I don't believe she does. Dancers do pretty well for themselves

No. 306417

Not typically for someone with that face/body combo.

Sorry barbie. We know you're broke.

No. 306420

yeah I've known of dancers who get little to nothing. It's not crazy to think she doesn't make a lot with her body type.

No. 306486

All her activities proves that isn't the case. shrugs

No. 306492

More like it just proves she has sugar daddies all over and she legit steals stuff from people or did in the past at least.

No. 306500

Hi barbie and/or Barbie stan.

Anybody can pretend to have money. She's been outed for stealing and not paying her debts. She made up some story about a "vacation home" in the Philippines when really it was some desperate dude's place she was temporarily staying at. She's been accused by many people inside and outside gal circles of giving sexual favors to get things. Barbie, let's be real here. All that money isn't being made from stripping alone.

No. 306524

Activities such as stealing, selling the clothes she stole and was too fat to wear from girls she's stayed/lived with, sucking dick, doing sad and desperate porn.. Yawn. Your metal boyfriend is ugs. Take a seat. You're just continuously burning bridges. Soon you won't have many people to fuck over and take advantage of because everyone is realizing how big of a piece of shit you are

No. 306533

Has anyone found the actual video to her porn?

No. 306594

What exactly is the Kirari thing?
I've seen it in other gaijin in Japan threads and I have no idea what it is

No. 306596

Vendetta chan is at it again LOL

No. 306609

It's a deai cafe that a lot of the lolcow sex workers frequent

No. 306705

And here you are samefagging in your own thread constantly.

It's a cafe that you go, take a pic, and go on paid dates with guys for $$$. You aren't obligated to sleep with them for money, but most cows do.

She looks like a fat lil Kim pre-surgery…

No. 306980

Who the fuck lives in Minnesota. Oh wait, people who can't even live in their own state because they've fucked so many people over. Good job Barbie. What's left in the states? Alaska, Hawaii.. even other countries don't even want you there

No. 307617

#teambarbie you are so SALTY vendetta chan

No. 307690

No. 307705

Yeah no fucking way. Delandra was always begging random ass people to live with them and money for her rent. She looks like an ape so she made almost no income from whoring herself out.

No. 307706

She looks like a ghetto mess. White clubs and high end strip clubs never hire precious looking pink haired creatures like her. If a black club hired her, she'd be a dime a dozen amongst a bunch of obese black women so she would barely scrape by. That or some biker trucker place. Either way she's a horrible sex worker.

No. 309123

Del thanks shes slick posting old ass videos of her in Japan. I'd reminisce once being in Black Diamond too. The video of her new boyfriend is sad. He already looks like he regrets being with her.

No. 311575

Hahahahhahahahaa!!!!! I said the same thing. She must have hit rock bottom if she's using 3 year old pics. I feel bad for the new bf. hopefully he'll leave her ass before she throws him under & suck his soul.

No. 320609

lmao, she has always been a fat bitch

No. 321030

Jesus, did anyone watch that video? Was she dead fishing and quiet the entire time? Her face looks turned off/bored.

No. 339412

File: 1484786925119.png (59.34 KB, 750x452, IMG_2508.PNG)

She knows damn well she's not living in Japan anymore….lying skank

No. 339659

File: 1484797873745.png (178.97 KB, 750x1050, IMG_2509.PNG)

Apparently she moved lol. I take it nobody wants her in her home state of Texas. That's what happens when you burn bridges & fuck people over for years. Plus she has a bf, so we'll see how long this one lasts lol!

No. 339881

File: 1484814016679.png (60.52 KB, 511x445, girlplz.png)

This girl is so ridiculous, it's difficult to keep her timeline straight.

Sometime before March 2016, she's working as a stripper in Guam. ( >>295260 )

It looks like the last time she was in Japan was early May 2015, when she was a regular at Kirari to scrape by ( >>270597 )
. Claiming to have bought a nice house in Tokyo ( >>262304 )
, and posting pics with some ugly dude with a mustache on the beach. ( >>284395 )

Then suddenly, she's in the Phillipines, claiming to stay at her "vacation condo" at the end of May before heading to America. (pic related)

Then she's been in America ever since. First in Texas, and now fucking off to Colorado with some new desperate dude who I'm assuming is her new splenda daddy.

What a mess.

No. 339883

File: 1484814105868.png (183.14 KB, 283x383, goodjobdude.png)

Dude looks like a real winner too.

No. 339905

I hate men with facial hair like this ugh

No. 340052

god dammit, I don't need any more homeless skanks moving to my town

fuck off girl

No. 340545

Forgot to mention that the dude works at buffalo wild wings. Delandra sure is living the life! #4properties #tokyo #gyaru

No. 343779

so barbie and her dog were on the couch for her boyfriend's run at AGDQ… near the end of the video chat goes crazy because her dog kept barking and it looked like she was suffocating it to get it to shut up

No. 343780

I honestly don't know if I want to watch this.

No. 343984

That was boring as hell, but good god, she looks massive.

No. 351364

margo look so much like venus here

No. 351365

she claims to be famous but has less than 3000 followers on insta? i made an account for a few weeks as a nobody and had half as many as her.

No. 351366

this is heartbreaking

No. 351436

That was her?! I watched that run live and thought she looked like Barbie, but she was so fat and obnoxious. I don't know why she brought that dog there either… Fucking hell.

No. 351537

No need to be sad anon, she was only sad long enough to make the posts for attention before promptly moving on… >>200703 >>200728

No. 363596

Meh. I would, hard.

No. 363620

Pls kill yourself

No. 363974

Just stop, Delandra

No. 363984

If you're gonna reply to a shitpost at least sage, man

No. 367032


Not racist, its reality. Asians are super racist for west standards, even the russians are more open minded. There's weird things like thais being racist but cool with trans, go figure


>(often with pink nipples).

Which makes you wonder if they want to fuck an actual black girl or just a white girl thats really tanned

No. 367140

>replying to two two-year-old posts with your shitty opinions

No. 367655

File: 1491850116932.png (190.61 KB, 640x901, IMG_0277.PNG)

UPDATE: Delandra has been caught illegally scalping and scamming again. She's also lying to people, claiming she has a disability and her dog is a service dog.

She's on a forum for some convention asking for people twice the price on sold out hotel rooms which is hella illegal. The forum members call her out.

No. 367656

File: 1491850204559.png (195.84 KB, 640x904, IMG_0278.PNG)

She's not telling them she has a dog and is overbooking the room too…additionally she's done this many of times before. In the Lolita comm, gyaru comm and now as her fat ass embarrasses herself in the gaming community. Which community will be next? I'm guessing YT beauty guru but she's probably too lazy to make videos and too ugly to ever become relevant.

No. 378665

File: 1493493156923.jpg (370.31 KB, 1540x1525, IMG_2762.JPG)

She must not like the way she looks now, using old as pics like we would know……I swear I've hated this bitch since high school.

No. 378743

File: 1493504161177.png (199.05 KB, 750x1334, IMG_2769.PNG)

2015, y use old pics?

No. 378850

I'm getting real fed up with people making up service dogs for tiny yippy dogs who aren't even trained in any way to be a service dog… This is getting out of hand. And of course not mentioning a dog in a hotel room is rude as fuck to anyone with allergies, as well as does who just don't want to room with a smelly mutt.

I still remember her smothering that thing at Games Done Quick last year.

No. 378888

this pisses me off. What she has is an "emotional support animal". There is a pretty big difference between that and a service animal. A whole set of different guidelines and requirements. Really, anyone can register their pet as an "emotional support animal" but licensed service animals go through rigorous training and have to meet strict guidelines through the ADA.

No. 380923

Emotional support animals aren't animals that are registered to you. Those sites and anyone who says they need to be registered had been scammed. Anyone can get any animal as an emotional support animal, and by doing so you would need your therapist/psychiatrist/doctors note, that states that the said animals helps you for you x disorder or diagnose.

No. 380924

Forgot to mention, not everyone can get their animals noted as an ESA… you have to actually be depressed, or diagnosed with anxiety or whatever disorder. Although I do admit, there's assholes that fake their way to getting a note.

No. 380925

No surprise she would lie about her dog. She obviously doesn't have a doctors note for her "mental illnesses". If she call beforehand to said places and mention about the note and the animal, depending on the place, they would be okay with it. She's such an idiot, makes people with actual service animals and ESAs look bad.

No. 382109

she's back in Japan, I wonder for how long this time…

No. 382116

Yeah, someone post caps in snow of her new escort ads in Japan. She won't be able to snag a visa, so she'll only be there three months tops. But by the looks of things on FB, she's still dating/living with that loser in the states. She's probably hooking behind his back to help pay for the trip.

No. 382130

File: 1494238119536.jpg (236.69 KB, 1076x1431, _20170505_130408.JPG)

Also back at the ganguro cafe what is even more confusing since irl all the members dislike her and she's even starting drama among the Japanese gals

No. 382255



>(often with pink nipples).

>Which makes you wonder if they want to fuck an actual black girl or just a white girl thats really tanned

Uh, not all white girls have pink nipples. I'm pale as fuck but my nips be brown.

No. 382272

File: 1494272932332.png (584.27 KB, 668x798, barbie.PNG)

I was looking up information about the GANGURO Cafe and found this. I didn't see anyone else had posted it so here you are:

It seems as though someone went to the Cafe when Barbie worked there. There are also pictures of the interviewer with Barbie, and a video.

Rough translation by yours truly:

>Barbie, a native [speaker] black Gyaru who came from America to Japan because she wanted to join Black Diamond.


Barbie makes he debut in the video at various points in the background and during pose shots. They ask her a question after minutes of her just not reacting to the conversation.

>Interviewer: [Japanese] So, Miss Barbie. Why– well, I guess I'm going to have to use English with you. Why did you come here for Kuro Gyaru?

>Barbie: [Laughs. Responding in English] I like the style. The clothing. The nails.

Now into the cliche questions for foreign people who live in Japan!

>Interviewr: Do you like Japanese food?

>Barbie: [Broken Japanese] Nabe. Nabe and Yakiniku. Uhhh, natto is gross!

And then they do not return back to Barbie. She looks pretty bored throughout the rest of the video.

No. 382278


Page 3. She's like, "High 5!" and no one high fives her.

No. 382294

The other girl clearly didn't see her? What was the point of this video? They're beating him up

No. 382581


The interviewer (the man) stated that he liked being kicked by women, so he requested it after the interview about the GANGURO Cafe.

From what I can see, the interview spans three pages (scroll to the bottom of the article, click page 2, then 3, etc). Each page has different information about what he has talked to the members of the cafe about. The first one is about the cafe, the next page is entertainment (parapara, and how to do parapara, etc), and the 3rd is the wind down.

Barbie just looks awkward and disconnected in every scene she's in. Why work there or engage in work in a country you can't speak the language in aside from, "I like ___" "I don't like ____".

No. 382593

File: 1494356487787.png (19.89 KB, 640x184, IMG_8254.PNG)

Barbie trying to leech off famous IG thots now I see you.

No. 382603

How does she still not speak Japanese?

No. 382766

She doesn't care for it, she's just in Japan to buy cute shit, and fame. Notice how she moved on quickly,once gyaru started dying out and went to the gaming community. She's just hoping on trends to stay relevant. The interview explains exactly what she thinks of Japan.

No. 382833

Or she just likes that IG'er? You must just sit around and fabricate scenarios all day
Someone's bitter about something….spill it

No. 383348

Hi delandra

No. 383349

She looked dumb asf at that interview, girl learn kanji,hiragana, or hire a translator. You should change that wig to, buy a lace front or something.

No. 383397

Not everyone who disagrees with you is Delandra, you are a bitter troll lol

No. 383425


No. 383560

Yea right delandra try again… As if you would want 'friends' more like someone to mooch off. Stay to throwing that coonta and fake frontin like bow wow.

No. 391688

is she in Japan right now?

No. 395206

File: 1497061358750.jpg (51.85 KB, 365x502, baribie.jpg)

No she back in the states.
She went to Japan to face her "abusive" ex-hubby idk why

No. 395216

Moved to >>>/snow/332213.

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