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No. 140079

yeah I get that this slowed down it's steam but I promised you guys I'd post all the texts that spookylifting/monica alejandra lira-gonzalez sent to me plus other info, so whatever, here it is, and the lulz still goes on (but slowly!)

pt 2 >>104195
previously >>98777
first >>95985

put an x through these lifters:
pink-lifter/mckenna colette waller
ogechi iheduru/heisttheory/thievescourt
kleptobunny/emily cross
candylifter/(caught, but name kept from us)
some other small time lifters

keep on advisement:
madison griffin/liftingbunnies/liftingfox (have emailed school, called police, but have yet to call house)

plz note: board rules have now lowered to 16. MOST LIFTERS ARE FREE GAME. and yeah lol 14 year old lifters sit your ass down in school.

(sauce for comic: plebcomics)

No. 140082

File: 1437271147427.png (75.15 KB, 1377x679, screen1.png)

No. 140084

File: 1437271183120.png (73.45 KB, 1365x683, screen2.png)

No. 140087

File: 1437271215544.png (85.44 KB, 1377x684, screen3.png)

No. 140088

File: 1437271272323.png (78.36 KB, 1368x691, screen4.png)

No. 140093

File: 1437271414719.png (71.17 KB, 1341x669, screen5.png)

No. 140094

File: 1437271445108.png (68.72 KB, 1352x684, screen6.png)

No. 140096


monica fucking sing already and tell us about your shoplifter friends

No. 140098

oh she does. gimme a sec. but it's only moderately useful

No. 140099

File: 1437271555417.png (61.21 KB, 1359x670, screen7.png)

No. 140100


No. 140101

I hope you tell her family anyway. this milk is too delicious

No. 140102

File: 1437271590935.png (63.65 KB, 1368x676, screen8.png)

No. 140103

she didn't carry through on her promise. so yeah, she's getting her family told.

No. 140104

Heads up – the lifting community is now using "secret shopper" as code for shoplifter.

No. 140105

She needs to post Tumblr usernames of shoplifters and their usernames and other identifying information outside of Tumblr.

No. 140109

File: 1437272270509.jpg (40.29 KB, 638x1007, mallfood.jpg)

mallfood has a LOT of other stuff about her still lurking around on the interwebs. she's canadian and in toronto, i'm pretty sure. i'm going to dig up some other stuff about her

No. 140110

File: 1437272320770.jpg (34.9 KB, 631x1000, maiessalous.jpg)

lol idk i mean i was super pissed because monica alejandra lira-gonzalez gave me the EXACT same information (save for one) that another lifter gave me which means i'm super pissed at that other lifter.

No. 140111

File: 1437272354804.jpg (37.82 KB, 630x1003, vanlifter.jpg)

No. 140112

File: 1437272386675.png (65.81 KB, 1316x681, callmestickyfingers.png)

This is even worse than lifting, ugh.

No. 140114

File: 1437272510241.jpg (85.25 KB, 640x1061, vanlifter2.jpg)

andddd that's about it bc she baww'd, gave me cell phone numbers of lifters we already had and then finally promised me she'd give me liftinglolita + other lifters in texas' info but didn't respond JUST LIKE pink-lifter/mckenna colette waller

No. 140115

that's a notorious troll blog.

No. 140119

http://littlemisslift.tumblr.com/post/112754716145/mallfood-mallfood-hey-yall-if-you-have (https://archive.is/mddN7)


K, do you want to tell me exactly why you've been out of contact w/me for a month, and that monica alejandra lira-gonzalez/spookylifting/spookybabe has given the EXACT SAME LIFTERS that you've given? i'll wait! it's not exactly like I'M the one who said that i'd changed and that nearly being doxed had shown me the light, and not like I'M the one who committed a felony!

No. 140120

Great work. Make them squeal.

Not saying you're wrong, but on some less-savory parts of the Internet I've seen large mail scam/Amazon scam threads that discuss those exact techniques. I would not be surprised if Tumblr shoplifters are into that stuff.

No. 140122

addendum: there's a lot of lifted bra pics of mallfood out there that i tracked down but didn't dig up the link for. apologies to everyone that i was late delivering the product bc of my shitphone fucking up

No. 140123

The people who reblog that post, though, will be worth keeping an eye on.

No. 140124

moved. again? lol omg.

>future MD Skyline '16

okay guys! who wants to contact the school about her previous habits?

No. 140127


salt lake city? fits her last description on twitter. i'd say tell her parents, but…..no

No. 140132

Contact the school first, then her parents a few days later.

No. 140135

her parents were already contacted and the police at her old home in texas, judging from the last thread. considering she's still kicking about online, i think her parents probably are like "omg my special baby the big mean nasty people on the internet are just saying horrible things about you!!!! i won't do anything" and the mckinney police…you know…had to answer to their pr

so idk how much telling the parents would do

No. 140136

File: 1437274625631.png (24.01 KB, 582x84, mckennaisridic.png)

did anyone tell you it's because you steal

No. 140145

File: 1437275282270.jpg (77.81 KB, 616x398, 222046206.jpg)

What a great way to spend a Saturday night. Please post what you tell her family and their ( if they do ) responses.

No. 140146

Lolcow wins another one. After a Long hard shift, seeing these privileged little brats squirm is so fucking satisfying.

No. 140779

duuude no 9/11 memes seriously

i know this is lolcow but just no

No. 140780

No. 140781

don't mean to be an sjw but come on

No. 140782

fuck off

No. 140784

I agree tbh

No. 140786

Out of all the things to get offended by on this god forsaken, demon infested website you're getting 'nam flashbacks from a 9/11 Pepe meme? How do you navigate the Internet?

No. 140791

No. 140792

hurr hurr fine i'll see myself out

No. 140796


can we be done with this now

No. 140802

I'd take it to /b/, a farmhand blew their horn so you've been warned. I'd hate to see someone who offers such intelligent, non-b8 contributions to this here elite establishment get banhammered.

No. 140836

I figured you guys might find this post helpful/useful if you haven't seen it already.


No. 140849

Vomits because tenaflyviper.
That fuck-nugget needs to choke on her thesaurus.

No. 142244

nice. good quality content. maybe don't blackmail and threaten though… i'm pretty sure that's very illegal

No. 143398

tumblrsnatcher please check your email

No. 143422

I made a fake lifting account a few months ago and would make stupid text post about lifting and getting 'caught' for the lolz. if anyone wants me to get some info tell me :)))

No. 143463

I don't know if she's been mentioned here before, but lillypulifter has posted apparently real photos of herself and her kid, says she lives in Kansas and goes to school at University of Kansas. She's "not scared" that anyone will dox her. Just putting that out there.

No. 143512

File: 1437724761036.jpg (233.68 KB, 750x1194, image.jpg)


No. 143513

could these people be more stereotypically tumblr

No. 143515

omg thank you snitchnon

any more gems? i'd love to follow up w/ you

No. 143534

can someone reverse Google image search that?

No. 143543

I was just about to say the same thing. I mean, they both have shaved heads even. geez.

No. 143566

>girl with nasty eyebrows, unnatural hair color and "pastel goth" outfit
>genderspecial person with a septum ring and the style of a 13 year old boy
yep that's a tumblr couple

No. 143593


please please tell her parents about the incest shit at the very least in detail and post the milk. I have been waiting for this moment

No. 144433

I'd just like to know where all those cute cartoonish Tumblr avatars come from.

No. 146312

File: 1438136658606.jpg (141.84 KB, 640x852, image.jpg)

andliftoff's lifting partner/gf

No. 148496

got some pretty good info on andliftoff, anyone interested? :)

No. 148498


No. 148499

please and thank you!!

No. 148534

andliftoff consisted of two people running the blog. Their tumblrs are mahouboy and jellybeeb. Instagrams are mahouboy and b_mblebee. Their names are Kai? and Cayli? not too sure. 'Kai' dropped out of art school but is employed. I'm not good at digging up info lol you guys go from there :)

No. 148541

Post links before they delete and run away. At least we'll have Ot archived before it happens.

No. 148547

No. 149023

Arizonafag, here. I went through their blog and they definitely live in the metro Phoenix area. They were posted in the last thread because an anon said that they stole stuff from K-Momo (a ghetto clothing shop that only has stores in AZ). Plus the mods on the blog said shit like "oh we live in the desert" so it's pretty obvious.

They've stolen from the Chandler Fashion center, and I'm pretty sure they've stolen from the Fiesta Mall as well. I want to say they are currently enrolled at (or used to be) at Mesa Community College because it pretty much fit the description of some of the stores they stole from. Could be wrong, but a lot of the info matched up for me.

No. 150031

File: 1438591578263.jpg (184.94 KB, 750x1091, image.jpg)

who wants to bet this is all stolen

No. 150144


lol omg. thanks for being so helpful.

i still haven't gotten around to writing that email for monica because lol shit happened, but if callnon for emily's still around and tumblrsnatcher, i could totally use your help verifying a lead i have. i'm still at fliquor at mail dot ru also would love to know if anyone else got around to writing an email bc her university is obviously university of el paso tx so idk what anyone wants to do with that

also i have all her incest shit saved, so if anyone wants.

also kr, time's more than up. you're getting your info dumped. i've only talked about this for the last forever but i think a two month long delay's a bit excessive + providing me with the EXACT same info as monica alejandra lira-gonzalez/spookylifting.

No. 150145

bet you free point 99 dollars it is

No. 150147

TWO MONTHS ARE UP, allyson michaela hamilton/southernlifter + sarah thornley/liftinggold should have some sweet, sweet milk from them extracted. did anyone call recently or?

No. 150157

This pisses me off so much. Once I bought a (fairly cheap) wig off of eBay that was described as a medium brown. The wig I received was very much black. I contacted the seller and they didn't want to give me a refund because they thought I was trying to pull a mail scam. Only after I sent many proof photos to the seller did they refund me

No. 150165

File: 1438613344936.jpg (135.78 KB, 640x853, image.jpg)

kawaii pastel princess uwu~

No. 150185

I'm not going to lie. I shoplifted a few times when I was 16 ( i was young and stupid trying to impress some older kids. I'm 18 now and have stopped). But I wasn't stupid enough to post on tumblr about it and post photos of what I stole along with the retail value. Do they realize that this just makes it so easier to prosecute them when they get caught? They're providing evidence for their own trial. Even worse are the ones who post their faces. That makes them more identifiable

No. 150407

I uses to steal food all the time. I was in a bad place and I was in an abusove relationship. I dont feel so bad about food but I could never steal anything else. My ex would steal clothes, video games, random shit we dont need. I didn't like that

I stole a watermelon once.

No. 150413

File: 1438633104192.png (310.06 KB, 500x374, https://40.media.tumblr.com/a7…)

How the fuck did you steal a watermelon? Never mind. I found this picture on on lifting blog. This… is just obscene. Who needs that much eye-shadow? They're probably going to resell it, this is pure greedm this isn't even all of it

No. 150430

dem eyebags, oh man.
please tell me this woman is like 30-something, this is horrifying.

this amount of excess is just disturbing.

No. 150437

I buy all my naked palettes with the money I work hard for at my job. This pisses me off. How do you even shoplift THAT MUCH? HOW?

No. 150444

A blog called liftbeauty or something like that. It's sinxe been deactivated
More disturbingly this was done in all one day (although the post said they had a partner)
Eyeshadpw pallets seem to be one of the most commonly stolen items

No. 150525

File: 1438638596435.jpg (336.63 KB, 1280x960, https://36.media.tumblr.com/d3…)

This bitch stole a pair of uggs? First of all why. They're fugly
Second of all, how the fuck did she manage to get them out of the store without arousing suspicion?
(Tequila-thief is her tumblr)

No. 150533

I work in a shop that sells large art prints and someone managed to steal one. I have no idea how or when, but Uggs are a lot easier than that.

No. 150542

File: 1438639371537.jpg (545.93 KB, 1280x956, https://36.media.tumblr.com/76…)

How large are we talking, anon?
Also more grossly large hauls
How many eos are these two bitches stealing? (liftinglesbians)
Also do these blogs claim to be roleplay blogs so that they can go "lol we r just pretending" if tumblr staff or someone else gets on their ass

No. 150623

File: 1438646666174.jpg (99.57 KB, 500x375, gross.jpg)

This is over $1000 of makeup

No. 150653

Idk about that girl but Im 19 and have horrible eye bags :( if I dont take extremely good care of my skin they look bloody awful, I think its just a genetics thing (for me anyway)

No. 150675

>stole a pair of uggs
because they're all basic af.

No. 150678

What is the deal with roleplay blogs? (like legit ones) Do they steal haul photos from actual lifters? Or do they go & buy a bunch of shit & pretend they stole it?

No. 150687

why would you steal shitty products if you were going to steal

No. 150722

I was just wondering this myself the other day! So mysterious.

No. 150804

liftbeauty tried to transition into a pure sugar blog whose url I forget now.
They were friends with liftingvet and a couple of other blogs that were fucking hilarious in how transparently they pretended they weren't lifting blogs. Also she came from the Michigan area. I've got some stuff on her but I'm waiting for more.

Lift beauty also captioned all her pictures when she changed her blog to a sugar blog with "sugar yes please" so if you're on any basic hoes sugar blog that's who it is

No. 151048

lol could you stop wallowing here for your pity? you stole your ex stole. let's hope you didn't start a blog with it but if you're looking for someone to pet pet you on the back and say it's all okay for being tragic and heroically suffering. you're literally fucking butting into a thread so that you can get some bawwwwing sympathy points. no1curr bout you or your ex.

No. 151055

Does anyone actually roleplay this shit? Like, is there actually a group of people who take photos of their legitimately purchased possessions and pretend they stole it all?
I can't think of any other way the whole "It's an RP!" excuse would fly.

No. 151056

>yes kai neptune prince is my actual legal name

No. 151092

File: 1438695683132.png (96.66 KB, 583x486, screenshots2.png)

Have you contacted her school already? It looks like she's still in good standing with them judging by her new twitter because she's going to be football coach? I know there's proof in the last thread but jesus do the police move slow as fuck.


No. 151094

Also lmao original anon, if you're going to write a letter to the police, let me know so I can get in contact with you somewhere, one of the liftanons snitching is still in semi-contact with her and received packages with her end of May start of June when she started moving, so I can provide you proof if you really need to sink her boat.

No. 151101

File: 1438696852586.jpg (419.79 KB, 720x1280, https://40.media.tumblr.com/6d…)

Can we talk about this? Over $5000. That's grand theft in most (if not all) states
Also with mom? Their mom is a thief too?
Dox this fucker

No. 151995


>steaking MK shit.

Uhm, ew?

No. 152050

a lot of those clothes looked pretty fug ngl
because basic bitches

No. 152187

The majority of shoplifters on tumblr are average white girls in their late teens/early 20s. Of course they have bad taste

No. 152795


i'm at fliquor at mail dot ru.

No. 152796

For anyone who cares, Emilia/Emilija Kairys/liftinglily looks is going to be attending UGA orientation from her Facebook, which lolllll. She did get in great deal of trouble with her mother though (luv ur panicked snaps, babe!) and I know for sure she got into big shit, so I guess UGA's just loves felons or the court system hasn't gotten around to her, GR8 LOLZ

No. 152798

ORRRRR I mean I'm the last person who's going to defend these bitches but here's an idea lol maybe you could help instead of yelling your outrage (I mean lifters are pretty shitty scum anyhow) AND ACTUALLY HELP WITH DOXING? fucking revolutionary, I KNOW.

No. 152924


Last night I replied to the email you sent me 2-3 days ago. The tiny clue lead to a treasure trove.

No. 153393

i'll reply to you soon, but u are truly based non. i've got more stuff from lifters, including the new gen.

No. 155631

Thought you all would find this interesting. I work at a certain super center, and it came to our attention that most of the ripped open packages (like underwear), bras, and clothes stolen… wait for it… Were plus sized things.
so we decided to pay closer attention to fat girls who would come into the store.
In this month alone we've already caught 3 shoplifters. All hamplanet teenage girls (like 15-18). They were also the ones stealing all the make up.

No. 155646

I want her to imagine for a second that it wasn't her stealing, but her mom, and she got caught.
Imagine the humiliation. Now, think how worse it is to be her mother in this situation and getting caught with your daughter stealing $5000 worth of shit from some basic, shitty store.
These people are selfish cunts.

No. 156346

its because they feel entitled to it. its disgusting. they say 'oh woe is me, im being fatshamed, the world has only done me injustice therefore i have the right to lift because i deserve it after being treated so badly by society for not working harder to obtain a healthy body weight for my age, height and gender.'

No. 156353

Good job catching those assholes!! I hope the theft has gone down quite a bitch. I hate thieves and hate these bitches even more who feel so entitled.

No. 156354

Do they hide the stuff inside their fat folds?

No. 156355

I wouldn't put it past them. So glad I'm not a fat piece of shit. I enjoy seeing my feet when I look down.

No. 156372

ot but those purses look like cheap chinese freebies

No. 156401

they're fanny packs too

who the hell wears fanny packs as a fashion statement

No. 156404


No. 157102

fuck my only friend just asked me if i want to go lifting tomorrow. what the fuck do i do?
i have a really hard time making friends so i don't want to lose her but damn i did not expect this

No. 157105

Is she fat

No. 157109

I understand those feelings, but is it worth it to be friends with someone who does illegal things that hurt others for shits and giggles?
I'd drop friends with her immediately and tell her EXACTLY why. Maybe not that you dox people like her, but explain how wrong it is.
Friendship isn't worth becoming a criminal.
I'd be your friend.

No. 157114

say you're busy if you really dont want to lose her. i'd say its not worth losing a good friend if they do something illegal. and then tell her why its bad at a later date.

No. 157124

nah she's like half german(?)/asian so she's petite. I've already told her i'm shopping already and to meet me. i do really need to go shopping for food so this blows

No. 157126

Not worth your future, anon. Don't participate.
You'll make more friends in the future.

No. 157128

go with her & when she goes to take something out of the store yell really loudly "WHERE DID YOU GET THAT? DID YOU JUST STEAL IT!?!?!!?"

No. 157130

i should have said right away that i'm not doing it obviously. i'm just meek as fuck so just going to stay in tomorrow

No. 157799

> legit roleplay lifting blogs

Come on, anon.

No. 158726

anyone find info on andliftoff?

No. 158736

Lol. "Legit" roleplay blogs do not exist. They're actually stealing all that shit. They think saying it's roleplay gives them legal protection, because they're 14 years old and retarded. Reminds me of how people on drug forums will say stuff like "So SOMEONE WHO ISN'T ME just took some LSD"… Always so fucking stupid

No. 158739

File: 1439504493583.jpg (83.63 KB, 500x375, tumblr_n9h4u6mqNS1tc84f9o1_500…)

Anyway here's some vintage lifting content, someone earlier in the thread was wondering how you could get away w/ lifting a watermelon so here's someone who stole live lobsters.



idk about yesterday’s total. Maybe like $150 with the 5 pairs of earrings?

Yeah I lifted a vibe from spencers too. A label on the side said there was a security device enclosed. That was a lie."


No. 159030


Yes x 3.

No. 159694

File: 1439607177172.png (964.01 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2015-08-14-22-52-25…)

They stole… A hamster??

No. 159699

PIECES OF SHIT STOLE A LIVING CREATURE? I want to know who these pieces of shit are and i want them arrested. seriously, that's just awful.

No. 159709

Wtf this is still going on?

No. 160491

You must not have been around for the first thread.

did you see that post where someone lifted a kitten

No. 160732

I saw that one where that crazy bitch lifted a lobster but a whole kitten???

No. 160743

I love this.
>a whole kitten
As if it'd be less horrible if they just stole half of a kitten.

On another note, I imagine if the kitten was small, it'd be easy to tuck into a jacket or sweater and walk out. They fall asleep easily and then they're quiet.
I've joking with my friends about stealing their kittens when the kitten falls asleep on me.

No. 160744

*joked oops

No. 162003

File: 1439836213087.png (298.92 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2015-08-17-14-27-20…)

what the fuck
i thought all shoplifters were upper middle class to rich white teenage girls? and a whole fucking vacuum cleaner??

No. 162009

File: 1439836317668.jpg (450.02 KB, 512x512, https://api.tumblr.com/v2/blog…)

And the dumb bitch has a photo of herself as her profile picture. It's gonna be fairly easy to track her down

No. 162061

Oh, please, fuck her up.

No. 162086

Reverse image search on Google and tineye is yielding nothing
Her niece is lady-lifter-lacy/cardorcash if that helps

No. 162093

There are a few kinds of shoplifters. Most are the spoiled, entitled brats that have the money, but dont want to spend it. Some are the ones who grew up poor and feel entitled to what they lift. and then the rare few who actually steal because they have to (or whatever.)

No. 162101

i used to shoplift for the rush but i cut that shit out when i turned 14 (21 now) if i had a tumblr back then, i could totally see my dumbass self bragging about "hauls".

No. 162294

I shoplifted a few times when I was 16. I'm not sure why. At first it was because there was this pair of panties I wanted and it was a 2 for $1 deal (or $1 if you bought them by themselves) and I couldn't find a second pair that I liked so I stole a pair. Then I realized I loved to the rush and stole a $9 ring that I didn't even like
I cut it out after that. Something compelled me to stop. I did have a tumblr at the time but I wasn't dumb enough to post about it

No. 162320

Of everyone I've ever known who claimed to only steal out of necessity, only one person actually did. Everyone else just whenever/whatever they wanted regardless of if they had the money.
>i thought all shoplifters were upper middle class to rich white teenage girls
Is your only exposure to this scene from Tumblr? They come in all different demographics. Most shoplifters I know are trashy project kids and teenagers trying to be cool and edgy.

No. 162321

Having a profile pic doesn't really make a person that easy to track down unless they repost it other public places.

No. 162347

most people are ashamed to admit to stealing.
i've stolen in the past before, it was at a time in my life when I had absolutely no money to my name and I had to choose between purchasing medicine and purchasing food. I chose to steal the medicine and got caught. it was incredibly humiliating. haven't stolen sense.
store pressed charges and a $4.25 bottle of medicine ended up costing me over $150. the worst part was that I had to visit their headquarters to pay the fine. all the dirty looks…
anyways, most normal folks are not proud of stealing.
the only reason these tumblrinas brag about it is the good feedback they get from other blogs congratulating them on their 'hauls', and the feeling that they're ~sticking it to the man~ by refusing to pay for their goods.

No. 162355

What store? Was it a chain? IDK man, not condoning what you did, but going that hard over someone trying to steal less than $5 in medicine is fucked up, they could have just banned you or had the cops scare you. It's not like you were trying to take a fancy handbag or some shit. The punishment should fit the crime and that's overkill.

No. 162358

Did you leave the store with it? Maybe it's state by state, but I've never heard of a place where they can successfully charge you if you don't leave the store, since technically they can't prove you were stealing it, even if you just straight up put it in your bag or hide it in your shirt.

No. 162517

That's really shitty. Usually when you explain about the situation in that case, they tend to drop the charges and just let it go. That store sucks.

Medicine is a thing a lot of people struggle to afford.

No. 162518


No. 162537


Uh, here in the US, any fines you'd receive from shoplifting are payable to court or law, not the hq of the store. Sob story sounds suspicious.

No. 162538

It was a local 'discount' grocery store. They have multiple locations, but I don't think they operate outside of my state. They sell items at cost value with 10% added at checkout. Being local, I can understand why they chose to enforce that policy.

I know that hitting up local businesses is lowest of low, but at the time it was either walk there or pay a bus fare that I couldn't afford, either.

There was a security guard at the door who literally grabbed me and handcuffed me as I walked out. Apparently he was watching me the entire time, and even chided me for not being stealthy enough while he was escorting me to the back office. They handcuffed me to a chair and called police.

the store manager claimed that if I had come to the office and 'explained my situation' he would have simply offered me the medicine for free.
Privately, I kind of thought that sounded like bullshit, but I guess it made him feel better about the situation…they probably thought I was lying to try to garner sympathy, after all.

No. 162544

idk how the legal system works, I'm just stating facts from personal experience. in my state they made me show up to court, explain the case, admit my guilt, and then said I had to pay money to the company. the company is local, the HQ is about an hour's bus ride into the swanky area of town. I guess I could have mailed it in, but I didn't know that at the time, so I just showed up.

No. 164451

any new info on the lifters we caught?

No. 164460

Nope but I'll keep looking. And I'll find some new potential targets

No. 165149

lmao ok. this thread makes my day better everytime I read it

No. 165739

File: 1440111008518.gif (122.96 KB, 300x168, What s 4chan built upon quot g…)

Ah yes what a beautiful way to spend my night bless this thread.
>tfw i was bullied by basic bitches in high school
>tfw they were shoplifting bitches
>one of the fatty tumblrina basic bitch got caught stealing at Claire's once once
>so much satisfaction
>mfw it makes the whole thing even better now
Please more milk anons. It's delicious.

No. 165787

That's some next level shit

No. 165797

can one of you niggas help a brotha out and tell me what the fuk is going on
thx fam

No. 165820

we're doxing people who are stupid enough to shoplift then blog about it on tumblr
mostly average teenage white girls in the upper middle class so they shoplift ugly shit like pink and abercrombie

No. 166044

me again!
caught about 3 more people. 2 of them were together, when we stopped outside the store, the bigger one pushed the other one down and ran. She was slow though and we caught her easily.
Lesson to lifters in this thread, don't expect your friends to bail you out. you're all liars and thieves.

No. 166119

>she pushed her and ran
Wow. They are double shit.
Please tell us more anon.
>fatties stealing
Why am i not surprised? Well, skinny/average girls steal too but…

Also i have a problem. One of my friends is shoplifting. She has a stressing life atm and is super frustrated to have no money i can understand it's fucking annoying but that doesnt mean shoplifting is ok. Especially on top of that she shoplifted a choker when me and a friend were with her. Like if she got caught we could have been in trouble and I am an adult technically so i could have been is some extra shit. Idk what to do. She tells me she is addicted and cant stop and i was the same at her age but once i got caught i stopped.
I am scared for her what should i do. She is underage of one year before being adult.
Anyway what do you thing "trigger" a shoplifting addiction else than those self entitled retards?

No. 166418

I'm gonna be working retail over winter break at a certain fast fashion chain that is very popular with the lifting community and I've spent a lot of time reading the blogs of these entitled brats.
Watch out you edgelords I know how to catch you now because you were retarded enough to post your tips online. I shoplifted a few times as a dumb 16 year old but I have no mercy for you

No. 166419

It's because they don't look suspicious with lumps under their clothing because they're already lumpy.

No. 166421

Next time she shoplifts when she's out with you, say really loudly, "I CAN'T BE YOUR FUCKING FRIEND IF YOU STEAL THAT."

No. 166758

Shoplifting storytime! Sage for personalblog no1curr non-doxxing-related shit. Anyway, this incident fucked me up, and to this day I cannot go into a store without getting super paranoid that people will think I'm shoplifting when I'm not. I don't know why it freaked me out so much (well, probably because I'm a gigantic pussy and am extremely timid and risk-averse), but I guess it's a good thing that I'll never, ever consider shoplifting now.

>be an ugly, awkward-as-fuck 14-year-old hanger-on and a NO-RULE-BREAKING-ALLOWED autist

>get bullied by all of your "friends" but somehow don't get the message that they don't actually like you and are making fun of you
>tag along with some of these "friends" to dinner one night, then stop by a drugstore on the way home
>"friends" go into the makeup aisle and start blatantly shoving cheap makeup into their pockets and bags
>have a panic attack, NOPE the fuck out and chill in a different aisle
>meet up with said "friends" on the way out of the store
>take two steps out of the door and get stopped by a hardass bitch of a cop (or private security, it was dark and I didn't know the difference 10+ years ago)
>errybody has to empty their pockets and bags, and out spill the loads of shitty makeup they so ineptly "concealed"
>get taken into a creepy back room in the store while the cop/security guard calls the parents
>sob like a pussy because you legitimately didn't steal anything and are terrified of cops, while your "friends" try to act all cool and tough
>get released fairly quickly because you quite obviously didn't attempt to steal anything and weren't even in the same part of the store as the rest of the group
>as soon as you're gone, your "friends" tell the cop you were the ~evil mastermind~ behind the whole plan and were telling them what to steal
>cop doesn't believe a word of it and they all get slapped with fines (for like $15 of shit-tier nail polish and lipstick, kek) and are banned from the store premises
>their clueless, rich, suburbanite parents refuse to believe that their upstanding daughters could be capable of committing such heinous acts, call your mom, tell her you're a "bad influence," were responsible for the whole thing, and should have to pay for everyone's fines (can't remember the total, but I'm pretty sure it was over $1000 for everyone combined)
>mom shatters their delusions about their perfect little girls and tells them to go fuck themselves
>we sit back and enjoy the sweet, sweet taste of these bitches getting their comeuppance
>goodbye fake friends, never talked to you again
>hello sinking realization that you are completely friendless
>hello paranoia and OCD thoughts and behaviors wrt being accused of shoplifting…that have continued for over 10 years
>hello Jennifer if you're out there, go fuck yourself

No. 166808

no one cares

No. 166841

Up until the very end, it was a good story anon.

No. 166854

I'm glad you didn't have to pay the fines or get blamed for something you obviously didn't do, but also sad that you ended up so mentally fucked by the whole ordeal.
I'm sorry, anon. You are innocent.

No. 167028

Do these edgy fags not realize that by posting how they get away with this online, they're only making it easier for sales associates and loss prevention to spot them? I've been working loss prevention for the last three years and I've caught a lot more shoplifters now that I've read their blogs and understand their thinking and their methods of concealment. It also makes it ridiculously easy to spot them. Just follow teenage white girls carrying large purses

No. 169614

File: 1440557107393.png (29.8 KB, 465x417, vomits.png)

… :/

No. 169617

Get a fucking job holy shit, that money isn't for you. As a former sb employee I am triggered. Nah but that's lame af

No. 169620

This shit is so rude to low-wage employees who can get their pay docked for things that are stolen even though it's not their fault. Ever since finding out about this stuff I purposely try to stay plain in sight of employees and all that just because now I know there are people who will cause them stress, sneak around, and steal from their stores. Materialism at its finest.

No. 169783

Thank god that that's a troll blog
That's a new low, stealing from a tip jar

No. 169888

Story time gulls (and other farmers)!
I had a roommate my freshman year of college (a certain popular art school) who shoplifted. She was one of the tumblr types who said "only steal from big businesses because capitalism!" but I caught her stealing stuff from secondhand, small, antique, and even charity shops (the town the college is in has a historic district with lots of antique/vintage shops). It was just greed. These girls don't care about "dismantling capitalism" or whatever. They just are greedy

No. 190964

when you check onto old lifters and see they ain't in jail yet

No. 191087

bumping for more milk

No. 191093

OK, I used to role play on Tumblr and if you're gonna RP, you do more than just post stupid pics. You actually INTERACT with other RPers. You make a starting RP post for them or they do the same for you, so then you finally have a role-playing thread going. A typical RP blog has a bunch of thread posts along with reblogged pics that relate to their "muses".

A legit RP blog will also have a rules page, so that Mary sues and whiny people and shit don't ruin the threads or cause drama.

They would also have a page that describes more of the character they're RPing as, aka their " muse". Their muse is separate from them, and if the RPer wants to post pics of the person behind said muse, they do so accordingly.

Looks like these shoplifters won't even bother to use a character to hide their real faces should they BS and say "that's not me; that's my character", and know Jack shit about RPing. If anything, they should be exposed to the Tumblr RP community because the comm will sure as hell signal boost that shit and report their asses.

No. 191270

These threads are so fucking stupid. You all sit here and say it's not personal and how you "just want to see the lifters chimp out" and yet somehow, most of you have posted some fucking sob story about how you stole as a kid and got caught. This shit is hella personal. You're just mad they aren't getting caught and you did. Also, how fucking full of yourselves are you? You act like you've never stolen anything, yet I promise half the songs on your harddrive were pirated. But whatever you're *~*totally not hurting anyone*~*. This is the part where you say you only listen to cassettes from the 90s. Fucking get over yourselves, jesus. I'm not defending what they're doing because posting pictures of the shit you stole online is really FUCKING STUPID, but don't sit there with your smug sense of self importance acting like you're some fucking hero when really, it's just out of spite. Jesus.

No. 191274

tumblr please go

No. 191275

Have you been stalking lolcow waiting for this thread to become active again? Man, that's some serious self-obsession you got there.

No. 191276

Are you mad that I made a good point? :^) >>191275
Nope. Didn't even know this thread was a thing until yesterday. Not a lifter, just someone pointing out your hypocrisy. How does that taste going down? Bitter? Hard to swallow?

No. 191277

File: 1444595339488.gif (1004.92 KB, 500x281, bawwmoar.gif)

No. 191279

>most of you have posted some fucking sob story about how you stole as a kid and got caught.
u wot. Like what, 3 people have done that? You're fucking retarded. There are also stories in these threads of people getting in trouble at work or even getting fired because some fat cow with sticky fingers or bratty 12 year old who thought they were hardcore and fighting "the man" by shoplifting couldn't keep their hands to themselves. Like it or not, your shitty actions are affecting innocent people in negative ways.
>You're just mad they aren't getting caught and you did.
More like when you mature, you realize stealing is wrong and not cool or fun. It's probably unreasonable to expect a selfish piece of garbage to understand that, though. :^)
>B-But you pirate music!
When you pirate music or other media, you don't "steal" it, you make a copy of it for yourself. People will still buy the thing you pirated, because you aren't literally taking something out of the hands of someone who would/could have actually paid for it and draining the company. On top of that, if you like the product enough, you can easily buy it and give the creator the money they wanted/asked for in the first place. Or you can buy merchandise that still goes to the creators/company. If you had more than one brain cell, you would realize this.
>muh spite!!!!
And you posted this stupid rant out of what, a sense of justice? Fuck off, you're just mad everyone's exposing you and your retarded shoplifter friends as the trash they are.
>Not a lifter
Sure Jan

No. 191299

Holy shit you're so fucking stupid. CLEARLY everyone that disagrees with you MUST be a part of the group you're harassing. Please don't reproduce.

No. 191301

Did you get doxxed or something? Why so upset about people getting in trouble for lifting? They deserve it, don't be retarded.

No. 191302

Regardless of whether you're from that group (and you obviously are, anyone who's not a faggot who supports babby shoplifters would literally see no issue with any of it), I'm right. Deal with it.

No. 191303

Kek, that anon is just butt hurt because they don't have an intelligent reply to your argument.

No. 197298

As a retail worker that has to deal with theft and stupidity like yours, I have every right to take this personally and justify that it is out of spite… Out of spite for them taking away my salary, my bonuses, affecting dividends, raising prices, etc.

Whatever justification shoplifters have for going against the "big corp" and helping the 'little man' out by stealing our profits, they are doing the exact opposite and just making workers poorer and everything more expensive to buy. Thanks to asshats like you with your whacked sense of self-righteousness, I could also be fired for someone shoplifting on my shift and failing to catch them when I have to deal with a hundred other customers at the same time.

So thank you for taking away my paycheck. I really, really appreciate all the efforts that "lifters" do.
>eye roll

No. 197303

This has been said time and again, but how are shoplifters surprised doing something illegal has consequences?

Just because someone managed to get out of the store with stolen goods doesn't mean that owning these things suddenly becomes legal.

I also firmly don't believe anyone who goes on about fighting evil corportations and supporting small shops. Things get stolen from both places and you can't just say you're different from the other thiefs when you are commiting the same crime.

Whereas this should be basic common sense, I am still honestly surprised this simple concept can't sink into the mind of people who come up with all kinds of ideas to get things out of places illegally.

No. 197320

Hey dickhead, I don't steal. I just think ruining peoples' lives over stupid shit is… sad. Like I'm sorry you're too fucking stupid to go to college and get a BETTER job than standing around letting teenyboppers steal, then that's on you. Stop ruining peoples' lives just because they have all the things you WISH you had.

No. 197361

File: 1445991155155.jpg (66.11 KB, 623x626, 1395084024834.jpg)

No. 197362

File: 1445991249971.jpg (96.36 KB, 734x805, 1335418855757.jpg)

No. 197381

>that reach
Lol did the thought of anon being a full time college student not cross your mind? Or on work study? One does not magically get a better paying job straight out of college. You're not even guaranteed a better paying job simply by having a college degree.

>they have all the things you WISH you had

Ummmmm 30 naked palettes, low end makeup, and shitty Michael Kors fanny packs? Lol k.

No. 197520

>"It's other people's faults if they report me breaking the law!!"
Whew, so this is the entitlement mentality I have to share a planet with. Fuck.

No. 197576

Anon, are you saying you don't want 60 packs of granola bars, 10 eos chapsticks, and 43 pairs of ugg(ly) boots?

No. 197628

I like eos but the wallgreens brand is pretty good I have found. I keep hoarding cute lotions and balms….. it's a curse.

No. 197655

This, pretty much this, anon >>197320. How old are you, 12? You must think it's so easy to catch every single thing that shoplifters take when you're on the floor cashiering, running back and forth dealing with customers service,etc.

And kek, as mentioned in the anons above…I did graduate college, jackass. You must think it's really easy to get a job straight outta college these days with zero experience. I learned that the hard say and I am working my way to a better job, slowly but surely.

Gonna stop feeding you now, since you have no qualms in justifying shoplifting in anyway whatsoever. Yeah, I wish I had 30 UD Naked palettes for free that I probably will never use and end up wasting anyway, LMAO

And I already have that junk anyway, which I paid for with my hard-earned money.

No. 197656

Who the hell needs 43 pairs of the same ugly boots?

No. 197658

> It's not my fault that I steal all of your hard work while doing absolutely ZERO part on my end to get a job that allows me to hoard all of this the legal way! Instead I'll be edgy then whine and justify myself to hell and back when I get caugt!

I hope that asshat anon is just being a troll, seriously

"Edgelords" like those deserve jail time.

No. 197762

>>I trolled so hard and got so far. But in the end. It doesn't even matter.

No. 197787

Holy shit this is rage inducing. Have had this a lot, don't work in retail but in a bar. More than often people come in and try to get free drinks and food. Accuse you of a variety of different things.

90 percent of the time it's people in their 20s. Luckily we can prove it in most cases at least when people try to claim we charged them the wrong amount and so on. Fucking despicable behaviour. Also had our tip jar stolen three times. Like come on. Idiots.

No. 197814

You should get a BETTER job than standing around and letting people steal your food or tip jars! I'm sorry you're too fucking stupid to go back to college and work somewhere else than at a bar, because clearly no one steals at places that require a 4-year college degree! No one steals equipment from hospitals, or at banks, or even school! So stop ruining other people's lives because you WISH you had the couple measly tip dollars that they stole from you.

No. 197816

Can you guys stop replying to the shit tier bait in this thread?

People on this site take the bait every fucking time, whether it's "if you think shoplifting is bad you're just bitter bc you could only get a job at walmart" or "if you weigh over 90 pounds you're fat" or "nigger nigger nigger lol". It's embarrassing. Ignore them.

No. 197819

B-but they come in different colours and some even have shiny sequences on them!

No. 197836

No. 197837

Stop feeding the troll. Someone is obviously trying to make this thread active again.

No. 197963

I dunno, man. Some of the ana-chans on here are legit delusional, which makes them even more obnoxious when they post ana-logic in a Tess thread or fat thread.

I personally think they should GTFO and seek therapy. It will make the farm a better place.

No. 197980


I agree with you but arguing with them doesn't work bc you know.. hangry mentally ill people aren't really the best @ logic obviously and it just derails the thread even further

No. 198476

>twitter description is "I gott pocket full of sunshine"
Yeah, because you stole it

No. 256250

just doxed a lifter
allicodie / babylifterr / alli kirk

No. 256256

Will you contact her father? Go on - make the little retard get a pommeling.

No. 256257

at first glance i thought this was about doxxing people who get swole

gosh i forgot about all this debacle

No. 256373

tbh if i knew how and would be willing to put the effort in i would love to just send college's and uni's pics of their students stealing shit :)

No. 261120

I know the conversation has since moved on re: why would someone steal fugly Uggs but I used to work for Ugg's CS department and those things cost around $200 per pair.

I'm assuming stealing them = returning them for profit because the return process is extremely flawed and easily exploitable. A lot of newbies to the CS department got the wool pulled over their eyes and the cases they were assigned got forwarded to myself and other supes.

Or I mean maybe people who still Uggs are seriously the type to wear them for flaunting wealth because I had some cunt call me up once screaming up a storm because "her daughter didn't have the latest Uggs to wear to school". Damn, bitch, wish I had money like that.

Thanks everyone in this thread for doing what you do.

No. 261728

also, they might steal the uggs to resell them to other girls. my younger sister's best friend did this for a while with lulu lemon and other name brand clothes or shoes or makeup. she would steal multiple
e copies of one thing and then sell them to girls at her school or in the city. she had everyone fooled for a long time before she was caught, and when she finally was, I was pretty shocked. she made off with like. half of Sephora. I wonder if she had a lifting blog..

No. 263307

No. 276488

I just found out that liftinggold/Sarah Thornley is now a makeup artist, kek.

No. 279461

lmao lets make it fun for her

No. 279462

monica alejandra lira-gonzalez aka incest lifter takes pics next to bernie signs now? also the lifting community has regrouped, lots of fourteen year old new bait and flesh. lets start some new shit.

No. 280596

Ay i'm up to it.

No. 280658

what is their new tumblr tag?

No. 280659

kek it's now private

No. 283020

sorry about the long time it took to reply. lets do as the edgelord lifters do and start an email group to coordinate (i'd suggest kik but well you know….easy to infiltrate)

No. 283022

also as far as i know they're not back on tumblr but check their FB

No. 283090


I had a look around and it definitely looks like they're worth another smack. It only took me like an hour to get dox and a money shot of one of the bigger blogs.

I think we should do it differently this time around. Last time the first 1-2 weeks were non stop lulz but then they all ran for cover and there wasn't much fun left. There was also lots of lifters we were very close to uncovering but just couldn't find the last piece of the puzzle and we couldn't ask for help on lolcow because of the age rules. So for this reason we should definitely do what >>283020 says and setup a group of some sorts.

No. 283104

Agreed. I definitely want to get back into this again, but it needs to be done privately.

No. 283167

Is that you skynet anon bc if so its me, call/scan non. I followed up on some old doxxed people a year later and got some bits of info. Let's figure out a way to get it moving

No. 283174


Yeah, I still have access to that old email address if you remember.

I think we should use whatever is easiest for people to start talking and not worry about being infiltrated.

My main worry is that there maybe still isn't enough big lifters to focus on. The little lifters run too easily and don't post any salt.

No. 283176

Yes I still have access to it. I'll send you an email with my new follow ups in maybe half a day and let's carry on there. Good to see you around.

No. 283190

File: 1466485920958.jpeg (34.03 KB, 512x512, image.jpeg)

liftinggold Sarah Thornley liked a Bernie post on Facebook, too.

No. 283192

File: 1466485968754.jpg (43.81 KB, 626x626, 13343019_10206682980340919_537…)

No. 283193

File: 1466486008251.jpg (36.84 KB, 960x960, image2.jpg)

No. 283210

I already got a doxxed lifter to contact someone else in an official position to email her parents, report her to the cosmetology license board and call SFSU police. Please keep shaming her though.

No. 283211

No sarcasm intended because shaming her and her stupid self is hilarious. Can you believe bitch tried to get cocky when the other lifters cornered her? Hilarious

No. 289159

Lol allicodie posted a new video on her youtube channel.

No. 289163

She has a vlog chaneel called alli vlogs too. This girl is shameless.

No. 289200

I have been working since the age of 14 and have never stolen anything in my life, but most of you posting in this thread are obsessive and beyond butthurt about this trend, and it's mildly pathetic.

No. 289218

Hi there tumblrite. Go back from whence you came.

No. 289232


i bet your "holier than thou" attitude serves you well at the mcdonalds you work at anon

No. 289241

Its mildly pathetic how you're attempting to defend shoplifters and comment on a month old thread.
Posters just want justice served.

No. 289287

I feel like its ok if a young mother is stealing baby stuff for her kid from a big chain. Anyone else agree, or is it just me?

No. 289292

young mother getting irresponsibly knocked up without the capability to provide for a child and continues to be further irresponsible by stealing items she can't afford from being irresponsible in the first place.

Trailer trash.

No. 289322

not really. for a woman in that position it's better to sort your fucking life out and ask yourself why you are letting tumblr dictate your life's direction. I say that as a former (pre-tumblr) shoplifter.

No. 289324

If she somehow fell into that life suddenly and unexpectedly without any other help available and the theft was just a minor one off thing, then maybe. In some places, they'll accept circumstance like that in court. But if somebody irresponsibly gets pregnant and makes no attempt to make a better life for themselves because they're happy just stealing shit then maybe they just shouldn't have a kid at all.

No. 289348

File: 1468608504426.png (119.63 KB, 487x328, 1448937712852a.png)


No. 289349

You Sound insufferable

No. 289374

File: 1468616474979.jpeg (129.44 KB, 750x990, image.jpeg)

Sorry, that was my first post ever on lol cow, I don't use social media, so I don't really know how I'm supposed to write my posts, I didn't know if long posts are looked down on, But I just don't fucking get it, for the past 2 hours I've been reading these lifting blogs, didn't even know this shit was a "thing", I don't get it, they're all "poor" and need to shoplift out of necessity bc they're "broke". ITS ALL MAKEUP AND CLOTHES. That's it. So much makeup, 90% makeup. Like whut. Can someone just explain this to me? And why they're saying the "lifting community" is great bc it supports PoC, lgtbq, religious groups, fat/body positivity? I don't get it? Is it because anyone can be a criminal regardless of race, creed, or sexuality?

No. 289409

I think it depends on the person's history. A lot of these kids aren't getting enough attention at home, and shoplifting may be a way for them to "act out," essentially seeing how much they can get away with before someone notices or cares. Others may come from very authoritarian, sheltered families, and shoplifting is simply just an act of rebellion for them.

Then again, surely a rare few are actual sociopaths who just do it because they can.

No. 289443

It's just a bunch of kleptos circlejerking and trying to justify their actions to moralfags who happen to stumble across their blogs.
They obviously aren't stealing out of necessity. They just want attention and a cheap thrill.

No. 289901

Please, my act of rebellion was to get my nipples pierced and a tattoo. Doesn't hurt anyone else's life, like shoplifting does. Only person impacted is me.

No. 290381

Ripley anon reporting. I'd be down to come back for this.

No. 290383

Cool blog. Not everyone is you, though.

No. 293143

File: 1469903263428.jpg (287.62 KB, 1280x1280, tumblr_nw50ijpdIG1uazyfso1_128…)

Tumblr: tocatchakitten

Large hauls, has lifted for 9 years.

No. 293144

No. 293190

These blogs always make me kind of jealous. I know it's wrong, I've never done it, I never would, but I feel like such an idiot for saving up for months to buy stuff and working my ass off while others just get it for fucking free.

No. 293203

How do they even get these though? Aren't they usually locked in a cabinet?

No. 293207

A few times I've seen the Kmart and Walmart electronics cabinets hanging open with no one around. I'm wondering if it happens in other places too. If you were trying to pick locks you'd have to be pretty inconspicuous. So many shops are badly understaffed now. Especially the larger retailers. It might be easier now to lift than ever before.

No. 293213

I just read a ton of this chick's tumblr because wtf they take so much I don't get it.
BUT I am 90% sure she lives in Orange County, CA and some of her stealing is at South Coast Plaza. It's pretty obvious to anyone from the area based on what stores she's stealing from (Marukai/Daisos aren't everywhere, she mentions both Marukai and Mitsuwa, of which there are only both in a few areas including Costa Mesa, and she mentions being in CA).
Not sure if anyone wants to go after her, just what I noticed while reading.

No. 293246

Can't anyone report her to the store?

No. 293290

That would require knowing who she was. Going in to the store and saying "Someone is coming in here and stealing stuff! She has a blog about it!" without anything to identify her by would be completely useless.

No. 293311

Maybe it would to catch her specifically, but the stores could also tighten their security on those particular items she takes generally, to deter her/other lifters.

No. 293314

maybe you could tell them what she stole and when (if she said on the tumblr) and they could check the camera footage

No. 293330

I feel like I'd just be laughed at honestly… Like, technically there's no proof and no real information. I also don't live in the area, just know it. So it would be a bit out of my way. I was more sharing what I noticed in case anyone was trying to collect info.

No. 293651

File: 1470171330370.jpg (98.51 KB, 730x960, FB_IMG_1470170673973.jpg)

A friend signal boosted this today for a shop owner/friend in Portland - I don't follow this thread closely but thought maybe someone in here will recognize something/someone

No. 293694

They look like teenagers and are probably locals. I'd say tell your friend to look for HSs in the area and email them the photos to see if they recognise the girls from their own student body.

No. 293745

jesus, house of vintage? seriously? why shoplift from a local small business that deals in cheap used clothing? these girls are clearly not broke enough to justify stealing from what is essentially goodwill for hipsters and old people

No. 293793

You can just tell that these two have tumblr.
Like, I would say they probably have an "art hoe" main blog and maybe a shoplifter side blog, If they are retarded enough

No. 293796

uk fam here so i can't really help with this but just looking at them and you can tell they're at least comfortably well off kek. i bet it kills them too

No. 293797

that dumb kid would probably post a stupid bragging tumblr entry of her encounter with a nosy woman and how she pwned her by smashing her phone to the ground. much hardcorexoxo

No. 293799

Who cares if these people shoplift. People who shoplift aren't monsters and most of the places they lift from are big companies… so it really isn't an awful loss.
I will agree posting their loot online with the prices and being extremely boastful is annoying. Otherwise, I support shoplifting. You guys have probably downloaded music, movies an add tv shows. How is that any different?

No. 293806

I can see your point annon. However I think most ppl are just upset at the fact that these tumblr idiots aren't necessarily stealing for dire needs,
but to showcase and glamorize theft.
It's funny tho that ppl are quick to attack petty thieves in general when this capitalist nation along with major companies are wage thefts and steal more from workers and the economy than these thieves ever will, but all backed legally. Prior to this year, up to $50 billion dollars have been stolen from workers from wage theft alone. Lets not even get started with tax consumption, and the super rich who gets wealth through capital return without labor. Holy shit

No. 293807


I don't really "support" shoplifting, but I agree that people who get seriously bent out of shape over shoplifting have a personal issue with it. And by personal issue, I mean it's abundantly clear that most of you are insanely jealous that you don't have the skills/lack of conscience to do what these girls do.

Because, let's face it: paying for merchandise sucks, and 90% of these companies are overcharging you as is.

No. 293808

I hope you guys understand that companies sometimes take the money from their workers if there's stuff missing. Idk if that's how it works in other countries, but here it does. So they're not just stealing from "the big companies" but also the store workers.

No. 293809

It might not hurt the corporation as a whole, but it sure as fuck hurts the people who lose their jobs because the shrinkage of a particular outlet cuts into profits so much that management decides to let people go.

No. 293826

This, pretty much. If someone needs to steal to eat or get essentials, that's one thing. If you shoplift something once in a while, eh, it's not great, but everyone has moral lapses. But these girls are literally stealing SO MUCH. No one needs 34 Naked Pallets. No one needs 12 Michael Kors/Kate Spade wallets. No one needs 5 iPods. They're just stealing because they can, being greedy. And then acting all high and mighty like "these are big corporations!" but it does raise prices and gets hours cut/ workers lose hours. So it comes back to hurt everyone.

No. 293827

File: 1470235741933.jpg (32.27 KB, 500x501, nbv4xlqXxy1r7f335.jpg)


Obvious bait, but fuck it. I'm triggered. TL;DR: Shoplifting hurts the employees working at the bottom of the chain the most.

It's pretty obvious that you guys have never ever worked retail or grasped the concept of sales, ever.

Let's say a product costs $x amount of dollars to make but the company decides to sell it at $x+y amount of dollars. Yes they are charging you more than what it did to make the product, but the surplus amount of dollars goes into various places other than the pockets of the company. In addition to paying it's workers for selling the product, the company also pays for things like retail location, how much it costs to be at that location, things that are needed in order for a store to be run, and so on.

When shoplifting happens, that money that was accounted for to help pay for all of the above is gone. And when the store doesn't make money, guess what? The store can't afford hours to give to their employees. To cut their losses and in order for the store to keep running, people just don't get called into work to be paid. You can also argue here that since people aren't working, the store is also not maintained such as new products gained at shipment aren't being put out since there isn't anyone to do it, making it harder for sales to happen.

We're all well acquainted with the entitled teenage tumblrellas who steal name-brand shit to emulate their ~~~aesthetic~~~. But there are well known theft rings that steal product only to resell for profit. That's what really hurts.

No. 293872

>tldr: doesn't it feel good to stick it to the man?

Sure, the assholes who are making top dollar and decide the market price for their goods. But you're seriously naive if you think isolated instances of thievery influences the top.

"Shrink," an encompassing term for product losses in retail, almost never will hurt high corporates. It usually equates to more pressure put on low tier employees re: sales reps, store managers, loss prevention associates, and at best regional managers. These are the people who are then instructed to perform circus acts that really don't deter the best thieves since they can't outright detain or fuck up a person for stealing.

I'm not saying there's no place in the world for stealing because it happens quite "legally" everyday. But I do have a problem with people who make it harder for the poor and working class who don't deserve, or even get paid enough, for such a harsh treatment.

No. 294080

Getting a little triggered by bait here but

There are so many entitled stealing assholes who always hide their shitty behavior behind "b-b-but I'm fighting the BIG BAD CORPOSSSS" when in reality they don't give two shits about who they might affect. Do they honestly think the CFO or share holders take the hit when a $1000 worth of makeup suddenly goes missing? No, it's always the lowest ones on the foodchain, who often have it worse off then the thieves themselves.
The same shitstains soon turn on small businesses and artists, if only they deem them "too profitable". Except, y'know, they have no fucking clue what their production costs and profit margins are. That hand-embroidered antique lace corset is 200 bucks? TOO MUCH FUCKO a chinese company on aliexpress sells their shit for $20 so you deserve to get robbed lolololo

Even worse, they routinely stuff other thieves pockets by buying recasts, bootlegs, stolen artwork - while simultaneously crying about how "poor" they are. Bitch fuck you, you think that because you can't afford every single item you want (which btw is NOT the definition of "poor") you have the right to bring misery or even poverty on others?

There are people who steal because they otherwise would genuinely starve, but guess what, they don't lift eyeshadow pallettes or uggs and they most definitely don't fucking blog about it in a smug manner. It's a normal human reaction to get angry at those prolapsed rectums of humanity.

No. 294344

Sweet pea, don't pretend a needy person can't receive government assistance or go to a local food pantry.
There is no reason anyone needs to steal in a first world country.

No. 294345

>you're just jealous

Crazy idea, but if you don't want to buy an expensive product from a company you feel is overcharging for it, you simply find a similar product that is cheaper.

No. 294351

but these people don't qualify because they're all middle-class boring girls with inattentive parents the need to invent reasons to seem interesting/troubled.
I'm sure they wish they were poor so they could claim some sort of victim points.

No. 294453

all the makeup and skin products she steals and still is ugly

No. 294727

When you download a music, movies or TV shows, you aren't stealing it. You are making a copy for yourself. You are not snatching it from the hands of someone who would've bought it and depleting quantities without giving the makers their rightful gain.
If I could make a copy of food from the supermarket instead of stealing it, I sure would.

No. 294733

I know right ?! why risk being arrested for something as nasty Michael Kors ?? Lmao at girls who wear MK

No. 294739

It's always ugly girls like this who have to take from local businesses kek

No. 294774

They need to steal some decent haircuts

No. 294953

i thought shitty haircuts were portland's "thing"

No. 294995

But the people who produced the music, TV shows and movies did spend a lot of money making them, intending to profit off it or in the very least make up for what they spent. Sure you aren't taking it away from someone else, but you're still obtaining a product you didn't pay for. Still theft. >>294727

No. 295060

FWIW theres a marukai and daiso right next to each other in torrance (LA county)

No. 295085

Chances are if you like a work of media, you'll buy merchandise of it (or donate to the creator if it's an indie work). If the company has enough to shell out on the product, no doubt they're putting out merch/promotions/whatever. Not to mention the "general public" will still buy the product because there's a ton of people who are too lazy to go out of their way and search for a torrent/download when they can just buy it where it's most readily available.
Plus, like >>295084 said, there are other ways to make money, especially through publicity alone (funnily enough, that very publicity is what usually makes a popular product available for free online). I don't even want to talk about those of us who have literally no other way of accessing a game/movie/book/etc in their countries other than through piracy, either. That's so far from theft it's ridiculous.

No. 295087

Gonna be devil's advocate here.

But they do. There are other ways to obtain profit when you create music/shows/movies other than cd/single or dvd sales. For example, say a movie features a certain song. When the movie receives, let's say ad revenue from featuring their ad on a youtube video, a portion of the revenue goes towards the producers of the song and vice-versa. This is called cross-promotion – and it works (see: the song 'Heathens' by Twenty One Pilots. It was features in the movie Suicide Squad and it is currently the #3 most purchased single in the iTunes store).

Or you could not be a sellout and create music/shows/film as art for art's sake and not care about profit.

No. 381882

anything new in the past year?

No. 381890

File: 1494179948505.png (696 KB, 633x758, 1456662164991.png)

>tfw no public nuisance gf

No. 381896

Jesus christ what a cringy bitch, if you get caught, just own up to it, jeez. I would have smacked her silly, that guy is showing some mad patience with her.

No. 381900

i know that lady in the bg is maybe just trying to save this guy from looking bad on camera, but when she said "be a gentleman" "don't hit her" etc i wanted to punch her lol. crazy bitch was kicking and swinging at this guy, she kinda forefeited all etiquette when she did that shit.

No. 382049

>cracks a hell of a drug
literally what. that kid is a retard and so are all the people in the youtube comments who find a 30 year old joke funny.

No. 384157

the sound their shoes is making is so fucking annoying. And the guy's accent is pretty annoying too. But this girl is a nutjob.

No. 405598

If she spent more time lifting instead of (shop)lifting she could have probably overpowered him and gotten away, look at those chicken legs.

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