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File: 1435937619966.jpg (41.5 KB, 472x472, 1435890722415.jpg)

No. 131516

No. 131565

File: 1435942317376.jpg (36.38 KB, 579x375, 267113_233212016702473_1000004…)

She WAS?

No. 131586

I fucking hate her "we all went trough our ugly phases " talk, like didn't she always talk about how her face never changed since she was 15 ??!
Oh right, that was before her damage control


No. 131621

I think she's back tracking guys
Back then: "I luv Japanese ppl! I'm Asian so I can't be weeaboo!"
Now: "Everyone has a weeaboo phase guuuuuys."
Back then: "I riiich lol"
Now: "omg u guys I'm so poor"
Back then: Photoshop to hell and back I'm so cute guys
Now: "Love yourself! So what if I Photoshop? I never said I never editted before!"

I think what she does is say everything as vague as possible so it's easy to retrace her steps, be like "shrug Well I never ACTUALLY said that, did I?"

No. 131624

File: 1435948321210.jpg (261.9 KB, 709x1231, 2015-07-03-11-31-09_deco.jpg)

She lurks.

No. 131635

lol they are talking about how they had a weeaboo phase.
hun, you're still a weeaboo

No. 131644

right?? people aren't allowed to grow up either

No. 131648

File: 1435953711571.jpg (71.71 KB, 599x1018, image.jpg)

mmmm This doesn't look like the iphone messaging ???

No. 131658

File: 1435956134188.png (48.58 KB, 608x324, burry.PNG)

She definitely does lol

No. 131685

It's her line app, she has a my melody theme.

No. 131686


everyone is a fucking weeb these days

No. 131688

It's the Line app with a special theme pack you buy separately.

No. 131748

I find it suspicious that she is always cropping the very top of her phone screen screenshots. Probably to hide the fact that she uses an android (since she recently claimed she has an iphone 6 plus kek lies) since androids top bar are totally different from the standard iPhone bars.

No. 131751

File: 1435965251155.png (306.96 KB, 517x562, lolll.png)

bitch i did this when i was like 7 lol

No. 131752

Why is she always so astonished by the most mundane things? Is she inept?

No. 131753

>i'm so rich
really that looks like an average house to me

No. 131754

So much for "I don't even care about drama"

No. 131757

Her HTC phone is in the picture too. So much for having an iphone 6+

No. 131758

File: 1435965684671.png (98.71 KB, 756x353, Screen Shot 2015-07-03 at 7.20…)

Is it possible that she was at some place that has board games?

No. 131761

who buys board games tbh…

No. 131773

people lol
stop reaching fam

No. 131776

Come on now…It's really not that absurd.

No. 131779

> I have no more time to do reviews , I'll probably quit it

yet she sleeps at 5 am after playing lots of videogames with some dude
and her bf is like where exactly????

No. 131786

well in my country nobody buys that shit lol

No. 131806

why does she have a black dot in her face in op pic i thought it was dirt in my screen

No. 131845


No one in your whole country buys board games? Jesus anon.


Nah, that looks like a house tbh.

No. 131850

This happens when you always shoop your face so much your moles are gone and you try to redraw them in PS.

No. 131964

Srry if you guys seen this already but I found this

No. 132448

it's old

No. 132500

….berry? Haha

No. 132528

exactly what i thought.

No. 132844

>If a girl has high self-esteem don't beat her down about it. It's about time that girls should be able to love themselves without permission

lmao berry retweeted this

No. 132853

File: 1436145706372.png (156.02 KB, 773x597, Screen Shot 2015-07-05 at 9.20…)

She's trying to explain herself

No. 132875

of course she is lol
too bad she doesn't have the courage to show her real face, poor thing
i can't imagine how is it to live like that

No. 132887

Could this be referring to this?

Also, I'll translate her tweet:
"I try to say things that will make me look nice and positive but it's inconsistent with my actual bitchy catiness so my hypocrisy shows through; hopefully this tweet will cover my ass"

It's not a 'change of opinion' if you write girl positive things and then turn around and say shitty things about other girls.

that's being a straight up hypocrite fake ass bitch lmao but nice try

No. 132952

you do realize that a lot of people use the term "fam"? She's not the only one.
this happened in another thread where someone said a very used word and you guys thought it was Berry…because of a word. Calm down there, lol.

No. 133074

File: 1436204516984.jpg (27.27 KB, 600x339, CJO-v7vWcAEw337.jpg)

her ankle is so fat omg

No. 133076

People that often use that word are people like berry. Try hards. This is why new slang has to keep being created because these days fuking lames make everything corny in less than a week.
Ex: bae, fam, on fleek, any fun new dance is ruined by white people on vine.

No. 133081


are you a black tumblrina? gtfo

No. 133088

I'm not black….

No. 133100

can we focus on berry? thx

something looks so wonky with this picture. why does it suddenly get so blurry around her toes? the floorboards in general, especially around her leg, look weird

No. 133126

it's not that far off to assume you're berry. afterall the past outings haven't been merely based on a word, like you think.

No. 133130


No. 133136

What's the point of bragging about being rich if it's your parents' money anyway? I don't get it.

No. 133159

even if it is her parents money, their not rich at all lol, theyre like middle middle class. not even upper middle class from looking at the size of her house and neighborhood

No. 133200

Dem cankles

No. 133217


Everything looks fat: foot, ankle, leg.

No. 133242

why does she wear so many layers in July?

No. 133251

File: 1436215879460.jpg (75.51 KB, 1024x579, CJO-v7vWcAEw337.jpg)

bigger pic
i can't understand how people think she is thin with those titan ankles lol

No. 133252

No. 133254

is it just me, or is the board near the upper-left part of her foot a little warped?

No. 133259

She probably tried to make her feet look smaller than they are which led to the warping

No. 133275

File: 1436218427117.png (1.67 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2015-07-06-17-32-41…)

"i cleaned my room"
showed not even half of her room ?

No. 133278

It looks pretty cramped

No. 133279


I bet she never cleaned it at all, just wanted to show off kawaii and her plushies

No. 133280

if thats where she plays all her vidya, i wonder where her treadmill is at that she walks on. her room seems tiny

No. 133283




No. 133287

File: 1436218880559.jpg (59.09 KB, 604x341, CjJPc7atCNY.jpg)

Older photo but shows the other side of her room. Clearly there's no space for a treadmill

No. 133296

central AC isn't necessarily indicative of wealth.
the apartments I live in are in a really classy area, literally down the street from mansions, but I'm in the middle of the city's historic district and most of these buildings are over 100 years old. The interior of these homes would have to be ripped out and rebuilt entirely in order to put in AC, so I see a lot of window units in use instead.
not trying to defend berry's bullshit, but just sayin'…

No. 133322

I thought she had an iphone but im pretty sure that's an htc

No. 133331

you have obviously never seen her neighborhood, she lives in a lower/middle middle class area with all 1 story houses and none of them are "historic", she's just poor lol her house is tiny as fuck and most of her clothes are from sponsors, shes 20 and she doesn't have shit lol but she sits there and pretends shes so rich, its too funny and pretty pathetic lol

No. 133332


No. 133341

File: 1436223625670.png (82.25 KB, 521x511, closeup.png)

berry's house is from 1954 if im not mistaken old as fuck
and a closeup of her foot

No. 133345

The iPhone was a "gift for her sister" kek

No. 133348

she recently claimed she had a 6+ didn't she? or was she actually just super vague and never actually say she had the iphone?

No. 133349

File: 1436224499063.jpg (50.11 KB, 620x367, 130501153059-htc-one-620xa.jpg)

also compare

No. 133360

she could be using her iphone 6 to take the pic
Is not that of a big deal to own an iphone…

No. 133361

I only remember her ever metioning an iphone here >>120485

No. 133363

Oops, my bad, totally missed this >>131208

She contradicting herself tho. The case is probably her sister's.

No. 133377

"my case" "it's for an iphone 6+"

so yes she did claim she had an iphone 6 (which isn't an indication of someone's wealth, berry just thinks it is)

No. 133379

maybe she's buying a phone case in advance for a phone lool i mean when i was buying an iphone (online) i bought a case at the same time and it arrived before my phone did so…

No. 133380

Is this really even a case for the iphone 6? Like the original poster said, the buttons seem to be off. And the link below is the actual iphone 6 version of the case


No. 133381

she is taking the pic with her iphone thats why we never see it .

No. 133384

That's for the 6, she supposedly has the 6+.

No. 133388

the only difference iphone 6 and 6+ have structurally is that 6+ is bigger. buttons are still in the same place, so it doesn't explain why a case for the iphone 6+ would have an opening for a top button. htc one has a top button, though

No. 133391

to add on what I just said, compare the case she bought with the iphone 6 case. if it's for a 6+ it should look almost identical, but button openings are different

No. 133393

confirmed berry has been sitting on her ass on her bed all summer

No. 133394

Hm, but that looks like a camera opening, not a button opening?

No. 133396


Drop down list has both iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+ versions.

I don't know why it even matters though?? Pretty much anyone can get an iPhone 6+.

No. 133409

You guys didn't see the comparison pic she posted ?
She placed her iphone 6 + with the cover on beside and iphone 5
since someone on twitter didn't believe she had an iphone 6+ either
Those tweets are deleted now.
Wish i had saved the pic so you can all see it fits the iphone 6 +

No. 133429

why did she delete it though?

No. 133432

why would she delete something that works in her favor? and if she really posted and deleted it then yeah a lot of people probably missed it

she has model A and it looks exactly like http://tinyurl.com/nb94yuj

and yeah anyone can get an iphone 6. there's a difference between having a disposable income and being rich

No. 133435

File: 1436233589817.jpg (114.08 KB, 1024x1024, knife.jpg)

oh my god she has a pink knife now guys so edgy

No. 133476

No. 133535

File: 1436238842940.jpg (42.23 KB, 500x667, CJRy5QJUkAE7tdc.jpg)

how to hide your fat

No. 133538


Wtf is that next to her lips?

No. 133550

100% shit chinese knife. my bf collects knives and bought me an expensive pink one, he just told me that is a piece of shit knife lol

No. 133551


whats up with the fake moles and no neck?

No. 133563

she looks really pretty

No. 133565

and photoshopped

No. 133567

File: 1436240640253.jpg (32.03 KB, 500x500, ugSWtk_X.jpg)

and the icon version she already changed

No. 133570

her brows look half photoshopped

No. 133589

it's starting to get creepy how hard she tries to hide her face shape. is there any picture out there where her hair is not covering 3/4 of her face?

berry can you just get over the fact you don't have a heart shaped face

bottom lip looks warped, as if pulled down by the liquify tool on ps to look fuller, nose lines have been blurred, etc etc. i dont even feel like pointing it out because we all know it by now

No. 133604

Bragging about having an iphone is a bit gauche

No. 133610

well berry entirely encompasses the concept of 'gauche' so it fits

No. 133621

IDK who is worse at photoshop, her or wylona.

No. 133649

I almost starting to feel like she has a giant wart or something on that one side of her face since it's always that one side of her face glued with hair

No. 133671

File: 1436253956884.jpg (45.11 KB, 228x247, Voldemort_in_movie_1_(2).jpg)

it's gotten so ridiculous the extent she goes to hide that part of her face, im honestly starting to suspect there may be another face under there (like the voldemort/professor quirrell deal in harry potter)

No. 133725

I think she's trying to distance herself from too much shooping. Afterall she didn't completely edit her mustache away in this one.


No. 133732

??? so what, she still looks pretty

celebs get photoshopped to hell and back but no one loses their shit just because someone says they think they're pretty

No. 133737

File: 1436272765088.jpg (41.82 KB, 600x600, IMG_20150613_172623.jpg)

i have screenshots and the images saved.

No. 133742

I gotta disagree. She has looked pretty in some pictures but she looks like an alien in that one.

No. 133749

>>133737 can you post them

No. 133751

yet there are pics of celebs without shop as for berry lol
and nope she's not a celeb

No. 133753

Calm down, Berry.

No. 133759

sooo basically you can't have a contrasting opinion in this thread about what you personally find attractive, good to know

anyway I never called her a celeb, I made a comparison using a group of people that are highly talked about, just like Berry (though obviously not to the same extent) being that she has had multiple threads made about her. It's even worse that people know what celebs actually look like, yet still fawn over their shoops

I know you guys are trying to argue that I shouldn't find her attractive in that pic since "its not really her," but I do find that picture pretty.

No. 133765


so do we know her current look without shoops? no

No. 133766

u mean "It's even worse that people do not know what berry actually looks like, yet still fawn over her shoops"


No. 133771


LOL its funny how the foundation doesnt match her skin tone

it obviously shows that she wants to look "pale" and "white" as much as possible

No. 133789

Is there even a photo of her where she doesn't have her face covered by hair?

No. 133801


even if there is

her face is covered by wig lol

No. 133921

I think she would look much better if she went with her natural tone. She looks like something is off in pics because of the chalky foundation/bb cream. I think a smaller lighter brown circle lenses would be better than the black soulless alien lenses.

No. 133949

Looks pretty here

No. 133954

hi korinne

No. 133958

Can a mod pls check if these people saying berry is pretty have the same ip? (not like we don't already know it's her but just to be sure)

No. 133974

File: 1436308067511.jpg (272.68 KB, 994x667, skinshoop.jpg)

I tried to edit her skin darker and less ghostly.

No. 133985

looks nice in both

No. 133987

File: 1436309464114.png (45.09 KB, 598x309, bb.PNG)

funny how these "she looks pretty" are always posted within the hours she tweets and so funny she also tweeted this

No. 134010

it doesn't even matter. all her photos are either photoshopped AND/OR you can tell how filtered her photos are. There's these camera apps where you take selfies and have the option of making your skin look super clear and smooth. And it's super obvious.

No. 134023

what I want to know is why some of you became upset at someone saying they found her picture pretty, as though they said you had to agree with them

No. 134026

hi korinne

No. 134033

idk but it was the anon that got all defensive when people pointed out she photoshops

No. 134069

they never said she didn't shoop her pictures though, thats why I don't get why people even replied with those comments, its obvious they're shooped

No. 134083

I thought that iPhones took hq pictures cause her pics are blurry and pixely af

No. 134099

File: 1436320853711.jpg (199.77 KB, 500x667, 1436238842940.jpg)

I was bored so I thought why not! This should be pretty close to how she looks like irl

No. 134101

File: 1436321108272.png (271.7 KB, 480x800, Screenshot_2015-07-07-08-31-16…)

I'll pot screenshots and the pic she posted

No. 134103

File: 1436321161660.jpg (71.28 KB, 768x1024, IMG_20150707_083623.jpg)

Comparison pic.

No. 134105

Dear lord, is there anyone still doubting the iphone thing? Let it goooo, people

No. 134106

File: 1436321373765.png (283.54 KB, 480x800, Screenshot_2015-07-07-08-32-06…)

Still in my mentions even though she deleted it? People were still faving it.

No. 134107

File: 1436321532435.jpg (89.12 KB, 768x1024, IMG_20150707_083614.jpg)

yeah im just posting the tweets etc. i dont understand why she deleted them tbh

No. 134108

She deletes shit all the time.She propably deleted those so her followers don't see people doubting her? Idk, she's dumb af

No. 134110

Eyes are smaller & the space between nosebridge and nosetip is bigger,

No. 134112

thanks, we're all blind and couldn't see that

No. 134113

Sumimasen anon

No. 134117


No I meant the eyes have to be smaller (she didnt ps it right ) and so on

No. 134131

looks like wylona.

No. 134139

why doesnt she get a snapchat?

No. 134203

is this that one irrelevant whiteknight from the last thread

No. 134207

Holy shit, this girl reminds me of Eric Cartman so much it hurts.

No. 134212

File: 1436330506452.jpg (67.28 KB, 600x800, image.jpg)

why is she wearing such a heavy sweater during summer

No. 134218

LMAO that looks fake AS FUCK. Berry if you are going to fake cuts at least do some research first

No. 134219

File: 1436331087476.jpg (2.29 KB, 79x87, T60fm.jpg)


Try again

No. 134229

That picture is so old at this point. Doesn't necessarily mean anything regarding what she looks like now.

No. 134238

File: 1436331796375.jpg (29.96 KB, 640x193, image.jpg)

but what happened to your long ass fingers ?
I guess she is back with being pink girly and tiny

No. 134240

she has one though

No. 134270

I think the sad thing about Berry is without PS she looks..alright? I mean shes no 10/10 or whatever but shes not ugly imo. Why does she lie about everything also?

No. 134275

Sry English is not my first language but I'll post. Without shoop Berry looks alright; not gorgeous but nt realy..ugly? And she surely has something interesting/constructive to say beyond "Im so RICH look at me!" Like its all the lies that make her/her personality ugly to me. If she was a normal girl who posted things that werent 50% pics of herself shopped to hell and back 50% "Im rich so that makes me interesting" she wouldnt be a lolcow I think. Kinda sad

No. 134281

File: 1436337931026.png (393.76 KB, 495x667, ew.png)

No. 134282

I think she shopped herself pretty nicely in those latest pictures. Maybe I'm bias because she kinda looks like my bae, IU, considering how flat she makes her face look.

No. 134295


she will never look as good as IU please

No. 134309

She prolly deleted them because its not her iphone and doesnt want any suspicion on it in the future. She DID say herself "she bought" an iphone 6+ for her sister. Could be sing that one and the iphone beside it could be her brother or family.

That knife cut…….. lmao

looks like she deleted her so rich desu stuff on instagram kek

No. 134334

File: 1436343645901.png (363.44 KB, 497x663, Screen Shot 2015-07-08 at 3.19…)


wat abous this
i think i nailed it

No. 134336


one can not see borry the same way ever again after they see this

No. 134337

This seems so much more accurate. Considering her diet and lack of real activities. She probably has really bad skin on top of this.

No. 134338

"IU" my azz

No. 134339



i can already imagine how she actually looks now

No. 134341

That's terrifying.

No. 134346

I think berry is the one of the ugliest lolcow ever
I don't get the "she looks alright without shopping" comments

No. 134349

but thats her

No. 134351

as if they ever saw her current look without shoop

No. 134352

Even uglier than Mira?

No. 134353


to hide fat and tan skin, obviously

No. 134354


too dumb to do that lol

No. 134355


well who knows?

only burry knows

No. 134358

tbh if she was average-pretty irl, she could do makeup and say THIS IS ME IRL WITHOUT LENSES AND A LITTLE SHOPPING (she admitted she did ps a little bit lol) and people would be all over Berry

No. 134373

File: 1436349965442.gif (100.34 KB, 300x225, 716.gif)


Good job, anon!!

No. 134403

Did she shoop her hand slimmer? Something looks off

No. 134410

There's always something off with everything she posts

No. 134411

Reminds me of an ugly pepe

No. 134445


but what if burry is actually an ugly pepe

no one knows

its still a mystery

No. 134459

File: 1436365128201.jpg (96.23 KB, 640x870, image.jpg)

She probably lives in her bed.

No. 134460

File: 1436365399198.png (1.12 MB, 1263x639, Screen Shot 2015-07-08 at 9.21…)

i've learnt her trick

No. 134469

Both images look cute tbh.
If she looks remotely close to the image on the left, I'd recommend not photoshoping as much.

No. 134475

This is good, but her lips are smaller, and her eyes too.

No. 134481


r u blind or r u her fan

No. 134482

>Tiny as fuck room
>Swamp cooler on window

Berry is ~so~ rich. :^)

No. 134484


No. 134487

I think the first one is kind of cute too. Anon did a nice job editing it, get ur head out of ur ass.

One of my friends lives in a trailer-park, and her room looks about like this KEK

No. 134508

No? I just think she's pretty shooped or unshooped. I'm not one to criticize a picture because it has Photoshop mistakes.
Eye candy is eye candy :)

No. 134509

Wasn't finished, but I just dislike her for her attitude and I find her lying lulz worthy. But if it weren't for that I wouldn't be here, and would be saving her pictures on her Twitter instead.

You can say I'm a fan, but I don't follow every little shit she takes either.

No. 134510

ok burry

No. 134511


ye u might as well marry her or make that picture as ur phone's background

No. 134512

No. 134514

got problem with that burry? lol

No. 134516


have u ever seen her current look without shoops?

neither have i

No. 134529

Kek no, wrong country sweetie :)

Maybe I will. I don't want to replace my dear Japanese giant salamander tho. ♥

Btw, are u the everloving autist samefag from /b/?

No. 134554

wtf lol

No. 134555


gtfo pls

No. 134557

You can see how fat her index finer is

No. 134571

File: 1436382932381.png (185.55 KB, 945x566, kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk.png)

she claims to have an iphone6+ but… she posted this pic and that's clearly an android screenshot

No. 134572

File: 1436383122101.jpg (63.26 KB, 576x1024, CJWiOMbWgAAoEuH.jpg)

bigger pic

No. 134581

File: 1436383757861.png (1.03 MB, 1200x607, IMG_20150708_2.png)

The program I used is shit lol but I think she looks more like this.
but still good job anon !!

No. 134582

the iphone 6 and the case was probably her sister's. No surprise there since burry's always stealing her shit

No. 134583

still cute on the left regardless, lots of Asian girls look this way

No. 134584

Where did she claim that she has a iphone 6+ ??

No. 134585

This one seems more believable. Though i don't think her face is fully round– needs more chin Good job tho.
She probably looks like an average filipina

No. 134586


I think she looks pretty average but more chinese because of the chin (left)

No. 134587



i found it for you, anon.

No. 134588


oh god bye nerd

actually don't go
your lulz are god-tier

No. 134592

Real Berry is like special taste. You have to prefer a certain look to find her attractive. I do think she's cute.

No. 134596


Imean where does she say that its
-her- iphone or case ?

No. 134597

File: 1436384347125.png (671.61 KB, 544x803, IMG.png)


she doesnt answer to the iphone question here lol >>131284

No. 134598

This bitch look like ico

No. 134612

who the FUCK is ico

No. 134613

File: 1436386827945.jpg (22.72 KB, 250x357, Ico_north_american_cover.jpg)

No. 134615

That little house icon on the top left of her screen is a android only customizing app I'm dying

No. 134616

What did you use?

No. 134629

please someone ask her why is she dressed with such heavy clothing in july lol

No. 134640

Do you what it's called anon? Her phone is a really cute.

No. 134644

File: 1436391101344.png (20.18 KB, 295x245, berry.png)

No. 134645

the house app is called dodol it is really popular

its cute i agree to that but i dont understand why she felt the need to lie about having an iphone 6 plus and claiming the iphone case is hers when she clearly still uses an android and is just using her sisters iphone 6 plus lol

i think she believes having the new version of iphone is considered wealthy. i suppose in some cases but at this point after this long of the iphone 6 plus being released it's really easy getting your hands on one

No. 134646

What's so funny? I just mentioned that Me being Berry was impossible, and that I wouldn't replace a cute salamander on my wallpaper for her….wtf?

No. 134648

yet she uses an android still kek

we cant deny that she does have an iphone in her presence (her sisters) but her need to lie about it being hers is really weird she doesnt gain anything from it because practically everyone owns an iphone

isnt compulsive liar or the need to always lie a mental disability or something by the way? i dont want to diagnose her but it seems kind of fitting considering all her lies and the holes in them

No. 134649

what if berry and her sister shares only 1 phone
because her parents arent actually rich like she makes them out to be of course kekk

No. 134654

My theory is that the iphone 5 in that pic used to be her sister's but it doesn't work anymore for calls/messaging so she uses it just to take pictures

No. 134656

Berry has a HTC phone.

No. 134663

Yeah I believe she has a HTC phone too. One of recent Hestia "cosplays" she posted on instagram with BIG BOOBS (bigger than her face & probably shooped) was there. And she even took a picture with an HTC phone.

No. 134669

she's very cute. i want her lips so badly

No. 134674

You know everything in her face is fake right… As in the pics she posts. The way she photoshops herself is unrealistic

No. 134675

File: 1436397620231.jpg (34.25 KB, 500x739, 10516765_920624361294565_25413…)

No. 134677

The way she shoops/draws in her eyebrows is good tho ngl

No. 134678

I know. They're still beautiful tho

No. 134688

shut up berry

No. 134689

I'm not berry. I find her lips beautiful. Why are you so sensitive and think everyone that doesnt bash her for stupid things is her? holy shit

No. 134690

thats what I'm wondering, this person rushed to tell me she shooped as though it weren't obvious when I said one of her pics looked nice

No. 134691

why are you even on this page ????

No. 134692

Because I dislike how pretentious she is, but bashing her for fucking stupid things "why is she wearing a sweater in summer" is stupid. Just because she's a lolcow doesnt mean she can't be pretty lol

No. 134693

right? and the way the makeup is applied looks nice too

No. 134695

Her makeup is korean inspired. You can see she has korean brows and dewy skin.

No. 134696

so you're admitting the purpose of this thread is just to bash on irrelevant shit that has nothing to do with her being a farm animal and more with you just having nothing better to do than to fap to every post that says "lol she's so ugly"

Even though you guys yourself state that you have never seen what she actually looks like without shooping

No. 134698

She looks 40 in this picture

No. 134700

yeah, I know, doesn't mean it wasn't applied well

many people try to copy it and look like shit

No. 134701

samefag is obvious.
I'm only >>134692 >>134689
>>134678 >>134669
You're really pathetic. Not everyone thinks she's ugly. There are obviously different anons that doesnt think she's ugly. just get over yourself.


No. 134704

>she has nice makeup/eyebrows/lips
learn the meaning of praising

No. 134706

are you the same anon from this thread who thinks everyone that doesnt insult her is berry? i'm sorry but you sound very insecure and jealous. Why do you get offended if someone doesnt think berry is ugly?

No. 134707

File: 1436400504505.jpg (55.47 KB, 500x383, image.jpg)

No. 134709

that anon is the one on the left lmao

No. 134710

laughing because this just proves my point. how "both of you" attacked me right at the same time. it just proves you're one person. you sound desperate as hell tbh

No. 134711

I'm only >>134706 and >>134701
There are different anons who do not think she looks ugly. Even someone on /b/ complained that anons in this thread were so fucking sensitive, they think anyone that doesnt insult her is berry herself or samefag.
you're truly insecure and that's hilarious. keep being offended though lol saying berry is ugly wont make you look prettier

No. 134712

actually you do, you want to "correct" everyone who compliments berry in anyway by reminding them of her shoops, assuming that they don't know she shoops

who gives a fuck about how a couple of people here have had positive things to say if the majority support you?

you're obsessed with hating this chick because she said she's rich when she's poor, for not having the skinniest fingers on the planet or an iphone just because she said she did

No. 134713

calm your fucking tits anon. Not everyone here hates berry the way you do. People think she's cute that's fine.
I only hate berry for her personality and lies her looks is w/e until she lies about it.

No. 134715

lol you genuinely hate berry, thats hilarious, you probably spend all day looking through her shit to find more things to hate

>a sweater in the summer time??? how could she?!

No. 134717

You're sensitive because you think anyone that thinks she's cute is samefag or berry herself. You can't accept that people find her cute. you're so insecure, you're like those bitches from PULL that think they're so much better than venus so they bash every single part of her when they're actually worst.

No. 134718

>I barely posted

No. 134719

^^^ half of those posts arent even mine i'm dead lol

No. 134720

sorry i meant to say you're a samefag.
You can ask admin-san to check IP adresses. there's different people in this thread. :^)

No. 134722

so if we're supposed to believe that then why can't you believe that more than 1 person here finds her cute

fucking dumbass, but what else is new in the berry threads

No. 134724

Could yall shut the fuck up

No. 134725

Those posts always imply we're berry, you say lol and tbh. keep denying it lmao

No. 134726

because you "all" sound like the same losers up korinnes ass unless you're her yourself

No. 134727

no one is forcing you to read any if it

No. 134729

>implying if we find someone "cute" we're up her ass
>implying if we find berry cute, we're berry
You're hilarious anon.

No. 134730

if you think she is cute
thats your opinion
now keep it
and shove it up your ass

No. 134731

alright I'll give you something new to hate about berry, at least people give enough of a fuck about her to obsess about everything she does, unlike you

No. 134732

Chill out guys.

No. 134734

Seriously it's obvious just one person is sticking up for berry here it's really sad..

No. 134735

isn't this the berry thread? I though we could say whatever the fuck we want. You talk about hating her for not having an iphone and we think she's cute

No. 134736

I rarely pull the jealousy card but you're fucking jealous that some anons think Berry is attractive. That's why you're so upset.
And we're allowed to share our opinion, just like in any threads.
We're not mad. I'm just tired of people in multiple threads being like "YOU'rE HERR!!!" if we find the lolcow cute or some shit.

No. 134737

File: 1436401333441.jpg (11.86 KB, 320x337, 7b2.jpg)

There's 2 person.
One of them is that person who complained on /b/ about you. and the another one is me. sorry for offended you anon

No. 134738


No. 134739

who complained about me? I haven't even been here at all today besides a few minutes ago lol you must be talking about someone else

No. 134740

File: 1436401472482.jpg (42.89 KB, 480x640, R9ZOlKepZ6Y.jpg)

berry is qt here although it looks like she used photoshop to add colors on her lips (why though? just use makeup)

No. 134742

You guys need to chill, specially the anon who thinks no one can find berry attractive. People have different taste in women, I've got no idea why you can't understand that.

No. 134743

You can both go lick her ass tbh

No. 134744

File: 1436401569392.png (71.8 KB, 1643x483, Screenshot_1.png)

well idk if you're the same but here.
i'm screenshotting because i dont know how to link comments from another threads

No. 134745

lord almighty

No. 134746

Maybe not the best example, it looks like she's got a 5 o'clock shadow here lol

No. 134747

keep being offended anon
haha i didnt notice it.

No. 134748

It does looks like samefagging, but you can't be sure so just CHILL

No. 134749

nah none of those comments were made by me I just got here. i wasn't even the one accusing you of being her

No. 134750

i'm sorry then anon.

No. 134752

I'm so offended
ima go cry now

No. 134753

you said the exact same thing that was said yesterday or the day before that when someone complimented though, so I, personally, am inclined to believe you're the same person

you "just got here" but are this mad about a compliment? please

No. 134755

who's mad? all i said was ya'll sound like the same person

No. 134756

File: 1436402160468.gif (203.16 KB, 262x200, Mfw i m in the car _3a6d617e2d…)

MFW farmers are moar lulzy than the cows themselves

No. 134757

thats how you know these threads are shit

No. 134758

Just like you hun
and you still lurk here in our shit anyways lmao

No. 134761

some people think berry is hideous some people think she's pretty who cares can we move on now

No. 134762

I only ever posted once in these threads before complimenting her yesterday, idr what was the first comment I ever made

I always ignored this thread because I don't know who she is. I saw >>133535 that shoop 2 days ago and though she was cute, said that and was told off by a few anons (or a samefag). I was surprised because usually people ignore an irrelevant comment like that, but they didn't here. It kept happening as more people complimented her too.

It reminded me of the thread on /b about sensitive people on this site and agreed (although that was made in reference to something else).

Anyway, what has me entertained and lurking in "your shit," is the fact that you are genuinely upset by the sudden influx in non-Berry haters.

It seems to be dying down now, so you'll be able to relax pretty soon.

No. 134763

Admin-sama can you please just start blocking people in this thread, who are getting it off-topic with their bickering bullshit.

No. 134767

No. 134776

Oh my god. What just happened here? Why are you arguing about some unimportant shit? Please get this thread back on track. Smh

No. 134785

still laughing at when korinne said ouji and some other guy had a fist fight over her a while ago

No. 134791

I can understand finding Berry attractive (and, tbh, agree), but why the fuck are you hanging around this forum if you're wanting to talk about her in in a positive light? This isn't exactly fan page, if you hadn't noticed.

No. 134793

LOL. when was this?

No. 134796

she posted it a long time ago. I think she said the other guy was her ex bf who died or some crap lol. does anyone else remember this??

No. 134833

I REMEMBER OMG I remember she used to imply things about her "ex" because back when she had her ~all natural long hair~ she said she only cut her hair once and that was when she had a "heartbreak" before she met ouji
does anyone remember that?

No. 134836

So if we think she's cute, we don't belong here? Shut up. Nobody said she was a good person. The only thing the anons said was she was cute and then some anons went apeshit over their opinion lmao

No. 134839

You can find her attractive but if that's the only thing you're gonna contribute to the thread… Hm.

No. 134844

Theres screenshoots somewhere in the other threads
Yeah I remember!

No. 134851

is it that bad considering people were discussing the size of her fingers and whether she actually has an iphone 6 for no other reason than to just know if she had one?

No. 134856

can someone find those?

No. 134863

File: 1436414665210.jpg (65.11 KB, 360x480, image.jpg)

her mikasa cosplay gif

No. 134874

File: 1436415661290.jpg (797.14 KB, 800x1204, tumblr_neje0zChRd1r3wd4to1_128…)

can we just talk about how she doesn't even look real here, it even looks like a 2D character

No. 134879

this is like 1-2 years old? Her cheeks are so chubby here she's def not skinny like she shoops herself lmao (we all know that already though)

No. 134887

Did somebody mentioned early that Ouji was part of the live streaming Berry and her friends did some days ago?

Does this prove his existence?

Sorry if i misunderstood. This subject is interesting to me.

I used to know a girl IRL who faked a boyfriend for a couple of years she even uploaded stolen drawings to "his" deviant art. I caught her messaging herself in public (forgot to switch accounts) and trying to hide it. It was all very sad.

No. 134888

I wonder how long it took her to photoshop this picture. goddamn

No. 134890

she poorly shooped her forehead

No. 134904

did she shoop a part in to make the wig look like her real hair?

No. 134918

all of the top half of that hair is shooped/drawn are you blind?

No. 134932

Thats… my point? I was asking/ commenting on her shopping a part in her hair to make a wig look like her real hair.

No. 134998

File: 1436436691875.jpg (401.01 KB, 2048x2048, maxresdefault.jpg)

There's wigs that have partings like that though. But I'm sure she shooped hers since it looks like a cheap cosplay wig

No. 135077

you asked bud

No. 135101

It is. Just popping here to say she's pretty causes unnecessary wank as seen earlier, commenting on her dumb photoshop or any other dumb shit doesn't.

No. 135109

That is only because people chose to go after the people saying they thought she looked cute. They could have ignored it, especially because the comments weren't attacking anyone.

No. 135111

I know but there are dumb people who are regulars in this thread so not "provoking" them would be nice, since everyone who doesn't agree with them is berry and they go cray cray. If you like dumb wanking then keep doing it but know they'll not stop the "hi berry" shit whenever you don't agree with them. Actually, if you only have nice things to comment about her, take it to /b/ to avoid the wank, that would be much appreciated.

No. 135118

Thats a thread to discuss and not to just hate on Berry. If someone thinks she is cool/pretty/nice then thats OK as long as they arent spamming. But going cray cray because someone wrote that he likes Berry is stupid and causes unnecessary arguments

No. 135121

File: 1436464817533.png (610.9 KB, 800x725, et.png)

haha she bought fake etude house lip tints

No. 135124

lmaooo Etude makeup is dirty cheap, I wonder how much she paid for those knock offs

No. 135125

File: 1436465543054.jpg (180.64 KB, 640x924, image.jpg)

No. 135138

The original is only $4 kek

No. 135141

one minute she's hella rich and the next, she's a cheap skate looool

No. 135162

File: 1436470735584.gif (2.26 MB, 345x352, 468732.gif)

mfw when i'm scrolling through the thread after being away for 2 days.

No. 135170

How could she know if they're better if she's never tried the more expensive stuff? Lol. Just because it smells like flowers? Also, a lot of the time the ebay knock offs are cheaper because they're made with questionable ingredients

No. 135182

Google it you gaming pleb

No. 135190

if she's so "rich" why not just get the original brand? Etude house lip tints are just $2-3 more expensive and knock-off make up is dull and makes me feel like i'm using children's make-up

No. 135194

maybe she just wanted to try the cheap one, on youtube a lot of the more famous makeup vloggers sometimes buy the cheap version of things to try it or because they genuinely prefer

though if she did buy this with the knowledge that etude house's lip tints are better and at a fairly reasonable price, she should have gone with that instead of a knock off

No. 135199


Yeah, tbh people with money are usually the ones that cheap out in a lot of places. Not saying berry is super rich, but a lot of well to do people won't jump for brand name items, because they know how to invest.

No. 135209

the thing is she is not rich lol

No. 135211

we can't apply that to berry considering she goes for $$$$iphones and $$$$$$cartier bracelets. I notice the only time she 'cheaps out' is when it comes to clothes and makeup. I wonder why that is

No. 135212

mad reaching

No. 135214

there's a difference between preferring a dupe to a high end version and what berry did. who looks for a dupe for something thats 4$? and i dont even think it's a proper brand, and the pink one even came all dried out! how is that better quality in berry's mind?

and like I said before, there's a possibility it's made with dangerous chemicals–just google "ebay cosmetics dangerous".

like, no one can really convince me something that costs $1 and arrived dried out is made with top notch quality just because it smells like flowers

No. 135215

Pmsl, they might not go for super expensive brands like Chanel/Dior/Guerlain but chinese knock offs? Really? loool

No. 135218

there's really nothing reaching about what i said…if berry doesn't own tony moly or even the much nicer lip tint brands how can she say the ones she bought work 'just as well and even better because they smell like flowers'?

and for the second part about what i said:

No. 135226

What's so wrong about trying cheaper brands? I swear you guys find the smallest things to shit talk about lol..

Most expensive makeup are a waste imo. I've tried $30 Sephora lipsticks that just fade away after a couple hours. She was saying on her IG that these cheap ones last longer. I buy a lot of Korean makeup too and their lip products aren't that long lasting either. Maybe she just wanted to try it and see how it is??

No. 135230

There's nothing wrong with trying cheaper brands. It's just that she decided to buy a $2 copy of a liptint that is normally $4. It likely has lower quality and potentially harmful chemicals and if she wanted to try it why would she buy 3

No. 135235

Well on her IG she said they were 99 cents and that she tried the Toly Moly ones too

No. 135237

$1-2 each actually

No. 135244

Hello, I would just like to weigh in on this matter.
I'm the blog mod of ichigofaker, and I'm a medical student. Also, I am on my phone so I'm sorry about the grammatical and spelling errors in my post; please forgive me.

in regards to purchasing fake makeup, it is really bad. Your lip can swell up and get infected, the antibiotics to get rid of the infection will cost WAY more than a what she purchased or should have. I've seen cases where it is eye makeup, lipsticks, blushes and foundation. I think a lot of people forget that your skin is an organ, and it is permeable. Putting fake makeup on your face is bad enough when resulting in an infection, but in a lot of cases it will usually make the patient feel unattractive because the infection is visible on their face. those areas will have heavy swelling, redness and in extreme cases skin will peel or blister.

if you're looking for makeup dupes there are great pages online which are dedicated to that purpose.
please be careful when buying makeup from eBay or even used makeup, and try not to buy it at all if possible.

No. 135245

File: 1436478271988.png (746.77 KB, 973x639, lips.png)

This was the 99 cent one I was talking about

No. 135251

omg her arm is so fat

No. 135252

Buying a cheap version of Etude House is like buying a cheap version of Wet n Wild. You have to be some kind of welfare Jew to want cheaper knock offs.

Also what she got isn't just a dupe from a cheaper brand. Its a legitimate knock off made to be sold for under a $1 which probably means there's all sorts of bad shit in it. Berry is a joke.

No. 135253

it's not that buying cheaper brands are bad, it's that she bought 99 cent knock offs from not even a legit brand from ebay where its been reported they can even have cyanide

No. 135254

I'm not saying she thinks its better quality, some people just prefer lower end make up even if they can afford higher end stuff. Same with perfume (which bother me more than the make up personally because it's so easy to tell when a scent is cheap because of all the alcohol in it).

Some cheap make up can look just as good as higher end stuff, and while etude house isn't higher end, if she thought theyw ere just as good, it may be why she got the cheaper ones. I know that when I travel, I tend to bring low end makeup with me because I have had really bad experiences carrying my high end stuff on numerous occasions.

I'm not here trying to defend berry specifically, just trying to explain why I could see why anyone may go for cheaper makeup.

Look at elf, they dupe a lot of makeup brands for about $3 even though there are more expensive ones that are better quality but still cheaper than higher end brands. Yet people loooove buying products from there.

I definitely agree with you about the safety of using these products, as well as the logic behind buying these products she did if she knew they were really low quality already.

No. 135261

Isn't Berry supposedly a med student too? Shouldn't she know the risks..

No. 135264

I think your problem is that you're confusing cheap/ drug store brands with pure legitimate knock offs. They are NOT the same thing. Drug store brands go through the same processes that high end brands as far as testing, FDA approbal etc etc etc. Knock offs are made as a cheap and fast way for sellers to cash in on the face people want similar looking packaging/ products from other brands. Because of this they don't go through the same testing, they may not even be FDA approved, and as someone else posted may have trace chemicals in them that are actually harmful.

tl;dr you're confused

No. 135270

She even said that one of them came in dry yet she still decided to test it out

No. 135287

She isn't, she just graduated HS.

No. 135293

but her parents are so rich they can afford Cartier!1!1111!

No. 135294

That Cartier bracelet thing was sf hilarious. Someone should bring it up on twitter

No. 135297

Yes, she's fat. Thats what half the fucking thread is about.

No. 135302

If she wants cheap makeup go buy from Essence lmao but don't apply shit to your face Berry

No. 135303

Elf =/= chinese knock off. Do you think there's any sort of quality control or even decent hygiene conditions in the places they manufacture these? C'mon , it's not that hard to understand the HUGE difference between a normal cheap brand and a shady ass one.

No. 135305

…. I'm not confusing them, I understand the difference between the two. I even stated that I agree with the concerns expressed here about the lack of safety in using non regulated products. What I was talking about was buying cheap products in general, though I do get how you became confused by what I said because I didn't differentiate between sketchy products vs cheaper dupes and knockoffs.

All in all my point was that she may want those products simply because she likes them, doesn't have to be about whether she finds them better, etc, though idk if that was her specific reasoning.

No. 135447

I'm just waiting for the moment her face is all beat up for the shitty ebay makeup

No. 135481

File: 1436500113402.jpg (104.73 KB, 960x640, -c2efe1a71aeaf538.JPG)

i remember people were talking about some girl in graduation pics and i found a close up of her face and it's definitely not berry (left-side)

No. 135484

yeah that looks nothing like her

No. 135556

I know someone who owns a factory making dupes and cheap skincare. They make this moisturizer that can lighten skin color. Guess what they put in it? Bleach. Everything is randomly mixed together by some workers that know nothing about the products. The guy just laughed as he told me other cheap dupes were all the same and he did not feel guilty at all cause they are all over the mmarket. His products are also sold overseas and they are on ebay. I only buy from sephora now.

No. 135569


god wtf

We know she is not ~so rich~ but etude house is cheap af, why she just couldn't buy the ori one lol. Buying wet n wild stuff is better than these fake shit

I only use high-end make-up and skincare products bcz of my shitty skin but any drugstore is better than cheap knock-off shits.

No. 135570

she's too lazy to review sponsored clothes but is happy to show off and review her fake étude house lip tints she purchased lolol

No. 135589

She's rich, yet can't afford the most cheap lip tint from etude house? Seriously I can't get the people here who support her buying the fake ones. If the original ones only cost for $4 each why bother buy the fake ones ($1-2 each) when you have money (especially if you're rich af can afford cartier, iphones and so on). The fake ones is obviously made with questionable ingredients and fake products usually might be dangerous for people to use. I don't really like how she promotes fake stuffs and people might opt for fake stuffs because of her. If the fake stuffs aren't something you apply on your skin or something you eat, it's still fine. But if you're applying on your skin or eat it, it might have unknown bad side effects. and look at her post on Twitter "If u guys want to purchase somethn for me, email me an amazon giftcard with a set amount of $$ for the gift bubblegumhime@gmail∠( ᐛ 」∠)_✧˖°" wth. this just make me really mad. Isn't that kinda like begging people to buy her stuffs? BERRY IF YOU'RE REALLY RICH, why are you doing all this? so immature af. You're actually poor af don't you?

No. 135590

Come on, even the expensive etude house lips product is $13 (princess etoinette), if she's rich, why don't she buy that one instead? it has cute princessy packaging, I bet she would like that one instead and brag it on her twitter. Stupid liar. Grow up.

No. 135592

Queen of exploitation strikes again.
Smh. Her followers are dumb as hell too.

No. 135594

Ikr. Like how can someone stop her? I feel like it's too much to ask for her followers to buy her stuffs. She's really shameless. Most of the items on her wishlist aren't that pricey, if she's really rich, she should get them by herself. I agree that her followers are dumb, they can use the money they buy stuffs for Berry for something they want or donate it instead if they don't need the money.

No. 135599

lol i find it amusing at the art she retweets, which are amazing.
and then compare it to her shitty doodles which people fawn over.

also to note, she deleted the tweets begging her followers to buy her doodles as well lmaoo.

No. 135602

Yeah I also looked at her wishlist.
She earned over $110 from her doodle commissions, shouldn't she buy those items herself with that money instead?

No. 135611

File: 1436532561104.png (652.46 KB, 1171x836, b1.png)

No. 135613

File: 1436532900783.png (635.03 KB, 955x1036, b2.png)

I think this speaks volumes about her fanbase in general…"Thanks for noticing me it means a lot"?

Dear Alyssa, what has berry ever done for you? Just having your weeb princess 'notice you' is enough to make you throw 40$ out the window? fyi, berry does not give a shit who you are, what your story is, and would most certainly not send you money if you needed it.

You shouldve spent that money on yourself, your friends, your family, or idk someone who sees you more than a $$gift card hahaha

No. 135615

File: 1436533103537.png (130.18 KB, 1922x524, b3.png)

She's has a shirt on her wishlist that she wants in Size L…why would a skinny, petite girl want a Size L shirt?

No. 135618

>Also thanks for noticing me. that means a lot for me.

could this be her posing as someone else or are her fans really that pathetic?

she'll start saying "i love large clothes on my tiny kawaii body coz it's so comfy", now that it's posted here, kek.

No. 135623

File: 1436535911727.jpg (16.83 KB, 500x222, 41mXDrpmhvL._SY400_.jpg)

Here are the shirt dimensions if any of you can make sense of it

No. 135626

Whoa that's fucking huge…Even the medium is already big enough if she wanted to wear it "oversized".

No. 135630

File: 1436538367020.jpg (45.68 KB, 557x421, wow.JPG)

lol @ her wanting to conceal her address. probably to hide the fact that she lives in NJ instead of NY

No. 135634

anyone else think this thread should be deleted to make PULL go away?

No. 135640

then delete 95% of the threads on here. no difference between this thread and the venus, dakota, kiki, lotte, etc threads, so

No. 135646

Wouldn't that just make PULL more active? lol..
No one really gives a shit about Berry over there though

No. 135649

That bag is ugly as fuck. What the actual fuck is wrong with berry and this person?? She gladly takes $40 from a stranger but also says "I don't ask for things, people just like to give me things~" Yeah bs berry wtf do you call this then

No. 135659


yeah Pullfags are all over that stupid momo girl

No. 135669

yes, those retards have taken over most threads talking about irrelevant or old bs to justify a thread about a cow who isn't providing anymore milk

No. 135672

Oh, ffs. You can have delusional fans sending you gifts, or you can have your mailing address a secret. You don't get to do both and just ask people to send you money that you promise you'll spend on what they ask.

No. 135679


Isn't this just her getting shit from a fan?

No. 135722

Why share your Amazon wishlist when you don't wanna give out your address ??

No. 135773


love how she casually says "just email a gift card"

No. 135781

She could just associate her address with her wishlist, but keep it concealed from others for privacy. You can do that on Amazon. I have a friend who keeps hers secret but I've sent her multiple gifts that way. It never reveals the secret address in the checkout process or in the order status.

No. 135786

if her bust is 54'2, then where did her HUGE boobs go?

No. 135856

She even pinned her wishlist on twitter

No. 135865

File: 1436571773140.jpg (263.5 KB, 608x538, beg.jpg)


Begging much?

No. 135866

Damn she's thirsty to exploit her followers.

No. 135874

The worst part is that her followers are dumbasses and would actually buy her shit just to "be noticed" or for temporary ass-pats

No. 135878

File: 1436572662938.png (74.62 KB, 540x542, lip.PNG)

I find it funny how she just bought some fake lip gloss for $99
When she really wishes to owns this $10 lipstick (It's in her amazon wishlist)

No. 135879

she got $200 plushies on her wishlist…why in the world would you be okay with someone buying a stuffed thing for you for that much money wtf..

No. 135880

She's fucking gross.

No. 135904

her face always look so different in every pic

No. 135907

lmao what happened to the rich berry?
first she starts making shitty drawings now she is even begging her followers for stuff?

No. 135918

File: 1436576446577.jpg (107.52 KB, 402x352, berryfaku.jpg)

Covered the basic
1) The fake fang teeth ; zoom in and u will see how she puts some blank ink on half of her teeth to make it seems like she has fangs
2) I don't even know what happened here; her mouth shape just looks so wrong in that area
3) Like always some touch up to her eyes

If anyone wants to cover the rest u can go ahead (like how her skin almost blends with the wall)
Ima stay here laughing at the badly photo shopped fang

No. 135921

again, what's with the wig covering her face all the time?

No. 135923

The measurements are just the width of a flat shirt in cm. So you'd double it to get a measurement all around

No. 135924

File: 1436577275707.jpg (244.49 KB, 500x652, Untitled-1.jpg)

Flipped it and there's something off with the way her mouth is positioned and how her face shape looks

No. 135925

such a ~gurl gamer~
also why does she look like a completely different person in every photo
if you're gonna shoop at least be consistent cmon burry

No. 135926

File: 1436577521595.png (57.31 KB, 892x502, Screen Shot 2015-07-10 at 9.18…)

Did she colour this part black to make it seem like she has a small neck?

No. 135931

Her fucking mouth i'm laughing

No. 135932

Anyone know why she always covers her hands??
Is it cause she has fat hands?

No. 135935


The few times we've seen her hands and feet they are fat AF

No. 135943

File: 1436580387475.jpg (184.63 KB, 500x652, berrytsukasa.jpg)

Neckless Berry, is that even normal or is it just me

No. 135949

She hardly ever seems to have a back because of her bad posture unless she shoops herself one.

No. 135950

her neck disappeared long ago

No. 135951

please someone ask her for her neck on twitter lol

No. 135955

File: 1436580921956.png (602.22 KB, 500x652, wakemeupinside.png)

i'm going to cry

No. 135956

File: 1436580976177.png (34.43 KB, 606x330, ahahaha.PNG)

such excuses

No. 135957

omfg im dead

No. 135958

I think that her shoulders are probably higher up since she usually tucks her chin in these photos

No. 135959

Lmao I can't with this pictures, She looks so confused like that
She just pointed out she bleaches her teeth to make them look white….nice

No. 135962

Which means she is even more buff looking

No. 135969

File: 1436582434524.png (55.58 KB, 877x597, burry.png)

close up

No. 135973

You can see the blurry spots she edited on her face even that weird mouth corner thing.

No. 135976

she always pulls that trick where the area around her jawline and face shape becomes pitch black:


or completely covered in hair. her real face shape must kill her or something like damn to continuously edit it in every shot

No. 135978

jeez it's like she's insecure about her jawline/face shape or smthing

No. 135981

File: 1436583368608.png (544.86 KB, 500x652, u.png)

No. 135983

God no

No. 135984

File: 1436583962671.jpeg (83.38 KB, 500x652, cb846103-af55-4b01-853f-a7a12d…)

No. 135985

File: 1436584334380.png (552.43 KB, 500x652, 20194.png)


No. 135987


lmao does she have a black tooth back there or something?

No. 135989

File: 1436584909835.jpg (186.24 KB, 500x652, berry.jpg)

No. 135994

This killed me

No. 135996


No. 135999

File: 1436586350476.png (540.75 KB, 500x652, IMG_20150711_1.png)


No. 136000



No. 136025

My heart rate literally went up when I saw this because it reminds me so much of a bad acid trip.

No. 136026

It looks like she has 1 tooth directly in the middle of her mouth rather than 2. Maybe that's what's wrong with her editing?

No. 136030

omg the PULL in this thread kills me.


No. 136032

File: 1436591096689.png (490.65 KB, 783x648, Screen Shot 2015-07-11 at 1.03…)

No. 136067

No. 136080

Filipino pride.

No. 136093

File: 1436599782112.png (592.98 KB, 500x882, fvxbbpLRW0.png)

The only pic where her jawline is clearly shown

No. 136095

But of course both sides are pitch black again lmao

No. 136101

Lmao i remember when she posted this on fb a lot of ppl started shitting on her dam i wish i screenshotted it

No. 136102

Also anyone notice the band on her neck? Was that her concealing her double chin?

No. 136106

You can tell she totally ps her face shape.

No. 136107

What kind of things did they shit on her about?

No. 136115

her face looks so detached from her body lol

No. 136143


too much editing on face

my eyes hurt right after i saw it

No. 136144

File: 1436616846505.jpg (81.89 KB, 750x600, full_retard.jpg)

are you being that obvious? really?

we knew her behaviour is really infantile, but in this pic she looks the part, like she is actually retarded (pic related).

no need, she lurks.

No. 136155

Just her poor shoops and how much of a try-hard she was trying to look like Erika Sawajiri. She went ape-shit and denied the parts she shoops like always

No. 136157

msg for berry idk if she lurks here or not but

the more she edits herself = the more she thinks she's ugly

She's lucky to have a face that is easy to edit
(most asians' are) and she knows how to edit herself the way she wants

What makes a person ugly isnt actually the face

its the heart

Most anons here think that she's ugly because of her personality (obviously for "those who notice") no matter how much she edits her photos and no matter how many anons praise her cutey editing

She's THAT unreal "cute" because she knows how to make herself that way (expression, photoshops, lighting, angle, etc) she gets used to it and gets pro and the more pro she gets the more followers she gets

and she takes an advantage of her followers for her own good

thats what makes her really ugly (at least, to me)

I believe she really wants to get praised by everyone to make herself happy and get self confidence in real life and is enjoying her internet fame to the max

Some anons also hate her not because they're envy it's because they see that berry doesn't actually deserve the fame and yeah this world is too simple you can easily fool people around the internet with photoshop and make up and hide secrets by avoiding people from real life

It's good to be popular but its sad when you don't actually care (or pretend to) about the people who like you and adore you from behind by exploiting them

They really want to be noticed by berry
or befriend with her
By giving her stuff and money
And they think
Thats a chance to communicate with her
and a chance to be noticed by her
or wants her to praise them
or also wants a lil of her fame
or pity her because they notice that shes actually poor and they're rich so they give her some money n stuff
(since she really likes free stuff or even beg for it)
But I feel bad because
Thats not how a "idol-and-fans" relationship supposed to be

A real idol wouldn't even do such a thing

But she enjoys and loves what she's doing and thinks that what she loves to be doing are good things and thinks of it as a positive thinking (since she still can get whatever she wants by using fame) (but she's unwittingly fooling herself too)
and still doesn't care about anything else but her own expectations, her own good

Berry lives her life as she wants it to be
Yeah thats what make a person happy
And surely you love to be happy
But still
What you're feeling
What you're getting

Doesn't actually mean a real "happiness"

That's just being "greedy" and "selfish"

And you enjoy it so much that you think you're actually happy, but are you?

No. 136163

File: 1436621607423.jpg (84.38 KB, 405x360, Ultra_Gay_Seal.jpg)

No. 136164

i actually love berrys shops

No. 136165

>>A real idol wouldn't even do such a thing

tbh if i had thousands of fans id get them to give me money and gifts. fuck morals.

No. 136166

I still think she's cute, with or without ps. Back then I really idolized her a lot since she's one year younger than me and I thought wow she's so pretty and nice. When people started to point out her ps flaws, I'd always defend her. I thought she was free from drama since even gossip blogs has nothing to say about her apart from her ps. And who cares if she ps right? Most people online do that anyway.
… and then I began to smell the stinks. I was amazed by the hypocrisy that came out of her mouth. From then on, my respect for her slowly decreasing. I lost my last respect for her when I found out that she befriended PC again.

No. 136179


betsuni lolll

No. 136189

File: 1436625389163.jpg (54.11 KB, 472x472, 1435937619966_meitu_1.jpg)

No. 136214

where are her ears though

No. 136231

These un-shoops are getting ruthless I can't take it oh my god

No. 136250

i don't understand why anyone would idolize or have any respect for her to begin with. she doesn't do anything.

No. 136253

File: 1436633513561.jpg (83.82 KB, 716x544, tumblr_nl8mj18Gk71r3wd4to1_128…)


No. 136254

this is so true..

No. 136260

True that. People prob just idolize her for her beauty.

No. 136276

ewww she only eats shit did you check her last twitter pics of food

No. 136282

File: 1436639191882.jpg (105.22 KB, 640x870, image.jpg)

You mean this one right?

No. 136284

File: 1436639318013.jpg (108.46 KB, 640x870, image.jpg)

Or this one?

No. 136287

sorry for misunderstanding anon was meaning the both

No. 136289

The only food i've seen her post is junk food and mandarin oranges

No. 136290

what a child.

No. 136291

If it wasn't for the microwave chow mein that would be the ghettoest food haul I have seen in a while.

No. 136295

Those instant chow meins are gross. They sell them at the dollar store

No. 136318

To be fair those packets of Roasted Seaweed/Gim Gui (or at least they look like them) in the first picture are really tasty.

No. 136323

i was gonna say the seaweed might be the healthiest thing in there but I just imagined her eating a whole pack without anything else to go with it

No. 136328

Many people eat them plain without anything.

No. 136329

I eat them as a snack with nothing else, something wrong with that? lol

No. 136330


Not at all. I just imagined berry eating all of those packs vehemently

No. 136347

File: 1436649810252.png (76.61 KB, 775x371, Screen Shot 2015-07-11 at 5.22…)

She's still going on about fangs + doctor

No. 136350

because having fangs will act as an obstacle to being a doctor.

No. 136354


No. 136375

we were talking of her fangs yesterday and now she makes a tweet about it lol

No. 136380

File: 1436655157136.png (70.69 KB, 667x461, IMG_20150711_3.png)

Also she's hinting that her bday is coming up soon

No. 136382

she also wrote on instagram something along those lines

No. 136384

File: 1436655424386.png (611.92 KB, 773x633, Screen Shot 2015-07-11 at 6.55…)

Does her birthday coming up have something to do with how desperate she's been with asking for gifts

No. 136391

Berrys present-fishing is getting ridicilous, she's like wylona.

No. 136393

File: 1436657612168.jpg (16.07 KB, 465x96, Capture.JPG)

loool her mom is paying for all this. surely it's time for berry to get a job since she claims she's turning 21 and buy her own shit?

and why is she getting a new iphone? i thought she had one already, what with her new iphone 6+ case that she claimed was hers.

No. 136395

lmao she's trying to say she's rich despite begging for gifts because she lurks here and we all started talking about it ahah

No. 136400

I thought her mom already bought her a car?? That's why she was flaunting that engine button starter
but also phone too she said she had a iphone 6+ stay consistent berry

No. 136406

Expect her giving 0 details about the car cause she's gonna get a super cheap one.

No. 136411

I bet it's a new car for the family

No. 136415

File: 1436663687896.png (818.12 KB, 598x860, Lolberry.png)

lol the many shoops all on one page and her fans are this blind .. ok

No. 136418

I thought she already had a new car. She made a big deal about the button. My goodness.

No. 136440

It looks like at least 4 different people kek

No. 136443

Or some of her fans (like myself) don't care that she shoops? Not like we don't see it, she isn't and won't ever be the first or last Asian chick to become popular from being cute or well off on the internet.

No. 136444

I know you guys are gonna rage but I like her makeup here

No. 136447

Me too

No. 136470

people on tumblr post their amazon wishlists all the time under their selfies that get tons of notes for whatever reason and you people are mad that berry is doing the same loool its dumb but hey, if her fans are gonna actually buy her presents let them be dumb enough to do so

No. 136478

so many whiteknights today

No. 136482

Who's whiteknighting?

No. 136484

Lol well off on the internet ..

No. 136486


Anyone who doesn't think that berry is the photoshopping satan who has fat arms.

No. 136491

thats what I was thinking, and they're people who are the most boring sacks of crap on the planet half the time, "needing" money to cover the expenses it requires them to live in their parents home where they don't pay rent and have everything bought for them

No. 136495

No. 136496

File: 1436681201793.png (610.24 KB, 573x696, kekk.PNG)


No. 136499

did she literally photoshop someone elses hands on herself??

No. 136500

Those are hand stickers from the LINE app.

No. 136501

what the fuck.. LOL

No. 136503


looks like she actually fills that jacket

No. 136504

What the hell? Who does that?

No. 136508

File: 1436686066765.jpg (7.37 KB, 283x255, 1311607728604.jpg)

Whoa, simmer down now berry. that's not a way to talk about your followers.

No. 136509

Why couldnt she just show her real hands the fuk? We already know you're fat berry.

No. 136511

Something must be really jank about her hands…

No. 136521

what exactly are you a fan of?

No. 136528

She got the idea from here , I'm laughing

No. 136551

Her face.
Irdk, I like looking at people really. As I mentioned before, she's eye candy

No. 136565


People do that shit when they want to be "funny"

The picture was her making fun of herself since she lurks here and y'all are still reaching lol.

At this point I think berry is just trolling you guys, since you care so much. Bitch isn't a cow.

No. 136575

oh but honey, she is.

No. 136583

File: 1436709801584.jpg (10.68 KB, 300x199, 1435629751290.jpg)

>berry is just trolling you guys

No. 136593

hello burry

No. 136596

Now we wait for that person to come back and rant on how they ain't Berry

No. 136609

File: 1436712458534.png (76.13 KB, 300x200, We had to do the pledge in my …)


>Sh-She's just pretending to be retarded!!

No. 136610

smh if you're a newfag don't try to defend burry js

No. 136616

I love how people decide to come here to praise berry guys I think you're in the wrong place for that

No. 136623

When you said berry's pretty

You're actually praising her photoshop skill

Not her "face"


No. 136625

File: 1436715125421.jpg (49.62 KB, 475x604, 8ukmxzuSbkQ.jpg)

i love the photos on the vk page kek

No. 136627


She was using make up at that time and still looked like this
Shit i am an asian
I can tell that our faces barely change
unless if we lose weight
and she's fat
I fucking bet she still looks like this

No. 136628

*she's STILL fat

No. 136630


ok burry

No. 136631


I was saying that she's still ugly wtf you burry

No. 136632


i dont wanna be called berry/burry

thats an insult to be her lol

No. 136634


she looks dumb as fuck

No. 136635

File: 1436715807652.jpg (705.63 KB, 920x1178, 65434567.jpg)

holy fuck, berry. it's still distinguishable which posts are made by you.
even though your idiocy is manyfold, your frequent bullshit posts on here alone are reason enough to make fun of you.

No. 136640

To all you dumb as fuck newfags who still haven't leraned how this place works, CLICK on the goddamn No. of the comment you're replying to so you're actually replying to it and we don't have to guess what the fuck you're talking about. Thank you.

No. 136664

they're not newfags, they're the same retards who have been constantly contributing to these threads and keeping them alive, wanting to talk about the same shit over and over again, especially how the vast majority of people here must be berry herself

No. 136681

>…and keeping them alive
and you want them to die? how come?

can't believe you samefagging faggot are still fucking here.

No. 136694

face it followers who buy shit for someone on the internet are dumb, why would you buy them stuff when you can use that money on yourself lol?? why exactly do they deserve it?? the world is so fucking weird now

No. 136706

Maybe they got disposable money that they don't care to throw around.

Ever went on Twitch streams? People on the internet donate like $2,000 to a streamer they don't even know personally and all they do is play games with cam on.

For what reason? Who knows.

No. 136727


How about you learn English and then come back here.

No. 136841

File: 1436760842218.jpg (33.97 KB, 500x667, CJxDyMqUsAAUcNV (1).jpg)

No. 136845

exactly, i'm not supporting berry or whatever but i think it's dumb to pull out the fact that she jumped onto the bandwagon of amazon wishlists and stuff lool

No. 136847

She looks like a completely different person in this photo

No. 136849

She really doesn't have a neck

No. 136850

File: 1436762431977.png (412.52 KB, 500x667, berrytan.png)

Lowered the brightness and increased saturation

No. 136851

File: 1436762686659.png (404.33 KB, 500x667, 2941048.png)

un-meitu'd/LINE camera'd

No. 136859

She made herself look so washed out… Fucking lay off the brightness berry

No. 136860

her Steam username is たこやき profile ID:76561198114959470

No. 136869

She even added another speck of dirt (beauty mark) to her face and it's not even consistent with her other shoops

No. 136877

File: 1436767237994.png (282.77 KB, 472x472, i-tried.png)

tried to uncover her hair-covered face, excuse the awful blending lmao

No. 136880

aside from the brightness , it looks like her.
She should take more pics like this!

No. 136881

i believe that she looks like this

No. 136882

She looks totally different- but actually looks like a real human being

No. 136887


looks pretty accurate but sadly you can't restore all the skin imperfections she blurred away. If you look closely the only parts that look like actual human flesh are are around the eyes and part of her nose bridge lol

No. 136897

She didn't even look bad.
Wtf berry. Berry, you cray bitch.

No. 136905

where are her ears fam

No. 136906

Tucked in the shower cap?

No. 136907

she filtered it 100 times

No. 136909


so that she could edit her face's shape easier
without fucking up the ear

No. 136911


ffs she edited it too bright
the brightness kills me
she really wants a bright face

No. 136914

its funny that her fans are actually way prettier than her

her face looks average and boring without makeup

No. 136916

File: 1436777909974.png (388.02 KB, 441x596, Screen Shot 2015-07-13 at 3.57…)

berry be like "i only edit my photos a little bit"

No. 136967

She looks 25-30 here.

No. 136976

Am I the only one who doesn't find it the least bit interesting or surprising that she brightens her face? Pretty much a lot of people that post selfies on Instagram use apps to make their skin look more bright or use those filters that make your skin look smooth with minimal blemishes. I do it myself too.

No. 136979


but her photo's brightness isnt even normal anymore

No. 136981


"B-but her photoshop is baaaaad"

No. 136983


who needs skill in brightening pictures?

an autism like her absolutely can do that

No. 136984


and ye becuz ur berry betch

No. 136985

Autism? Really?
Everyone is Berry in here.

No. 136986



No. 136987


for what reason is someone defending burry
maybe burry herself
even if you aren't burry
you're still in the wrong place

No. 136988


She's not a cow, and no one is even defending her, just pointing out that she isn't a cow.

No. 136989


Oh sorry

what is she again?

No. 136991


she brightened that picture much more than usual
(in order to hide her tan skin)

obviously because she wasnt wearing any makeup at that time (except the lips or she did photoshop it to make it sooo pink/red)

No. 136993


berry: "tell me im pure white!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

No. 136994

no one finds it surprising, it's the fact that she lies and says she's really this pale in person when she clearly is not. everyone knows what filters are for. if the thread doesn't interest you you could move on.

No. 136995

Some bitch with photoshop and tumblr fame.

No. 136997

Lmao defending who?

No. 136999

so much aggression in this thread. In a lot of threads, but this one and Kooter's is the worst.

No. 137004


and shitty personality

No. 137007


maybe because she deserves it lol

No. 137011

idk why some ppl get worked up over her
This thread is mainly to expose her lies and thats about it

No. 137012

If berry lurks here

I have a challenge for berry

Show your neck

No. 137013


> expose her lies

For fuckssake this isn't PULL. This is lolcow. We come here to laugh at dumb bitches, not dissect tweets and photoshopped selfies.

No. 137015

Hm, but Berry IS a dumb bitch.

No. 137017


who said she isn't?

No. 137020

Has anyone ever sent her these unshopping pictures? Curious to know her response.

Just hide the thread. Ffs

You must be new here.

No. 137021


no need to send her, she lurks here

No. 137022


Alright, provide some actual lulz.

And no, her lying about how rich she is or her boyfriend isn't lulz.
tell me, is she recording videos of herself shaking her ass and putting them on drop box?

Is she a formerly hot camwhore who gained ablut 300 pounds?

Did she scam a shitload of girls out of their money for shitty lingerie?

Is she a tranny who has been accused of sexual assult?

Is she a deviant art autist that draws herself fucking video game characters?

Is she doing anything funny? Because all i see here is bitches going "hurr durr she has a fat neck xD xD look how pale she shooped herself"

No. 137023

why are you so bothered about what other people talk about? if you don't like it, leave.

No. 137024


Tell me whats funny about her first

No. 137027

why can't you answer my very simple question? why is this so important to you? this is fucking lolcow, people don't have to have permission from you to post something nor do you set the standard to what's funny and what's not, this is a place to post dumb shit, if the dumb shit that's being posted in this thread doesn't amuse you then just leave.

No. 137028


cant you see her tweets?
she's trying SO HARD to be funny
but yeah i admit she's still not funny at all
and her fans/friends are like
"HAHA berry!!! ur funny (even though idk what you're talking about) (but i'll pretend to think your funny so maybe you'll like me and give me positive respond so that we can chat and talk and we can be friends) (notice me fucking-photoshopping-senpai!)"
I love to see someone like her STRUGGLING SO HARD
(photoshop etc) but still failed though
I think thats what make this thread about her funny

No. 137029

why do you even care if you're not interested fuck off

No. 137032

i think she's funny because she tries so hard to be what she is not and her lies are so fucking bad it makes me laugh

No. 137033


aw yeahh ikr thats what i was saying

No. 137034


or maybe we have different sense of humor

so … shoo shoo

No. 137035

lmao that chin edit

No. 137037

I agree with you anon that she isn't funny. She is just some young girl who shoops herself and people are hot and bothered by it. But thats why I don't come to this thread.

No. 137041


but you did come though

No. 137045

You only see anons fighting with each other here while Berry is chill playing video games.
Now thats funny.

No. 137048

Yep, fighting over the brightness of her pic and their obsession over her neck lol

No. 137049

why are you here then burry if you're playing games atm?

lol "fighting" what?
i think they're clearly just making fun of her, arent they?

No. 137050


and there you are sir
getting hot n bothered by anons who are making fun of her/making her as a joke which doesn't have anything to do with you

No. 137054

"while Berry is chill playing video games"
Could you be any more obvious, Korinne? lol

No. 137057


but what if one of the anons is burry

and burry's trying to fight other anons as anon

ye like you
you might be burry or her slave or just an idiot fan passing by lol

No. 137061

Mostly i come here for the ridiculous reverse shoops of berry tbh like these

No. 137065

And the only retort they can come up with is "lolol hi Berry" to any comment that isn't about ridiculing her

No. 137067


lolol hi Berry

No. 137068

lolol hi retard

No. 137069



i am berry

i came here to laugh at you guys

who care so much about my shoops

No. 137070


the purpose of this thread is only to ridiculing her of course

umm why are you still here again

No. 137072

how can you be berry when i am berry?

No. 137073

File: 1436815649511.png (354.26 KB, 437x590, Screen Shot 2015-07-14 at 2.27…)


hi again then berry

but no

we came here to laugh at your shoops

and laugh back at you who cares about us laughing at your shoops

No. 137074


or maybe you can stop talking to yourself berry


No. 137075

umm why are you alive again

No. 137076

shut up berry

No. 137080


i'm berry i'm berry , berry berry berry

No. 137081


stop being mean to berry


No. 137082


umm why are you berry again

No. 137083

Why are you talking to yourself again, Berry?

No. 137084


because im a dumb fuck :(

No. 137085


and i have no friendz

thats why i shoop myself :(((((( sorry guyz

photoshop is lyf \m/

No. 137087


don't be so hard on yourself berry



No. 137088


btw im ''rich'' ;)))) i can pay u to be my friend if u wanna

No. 137090


but i am you

omg its fun talking to myself
i thought i was a boring shit
but i was wrong

No. 137094

Berry, fuck off already.

No. 137103

this thread became so ridiculous smh this is not a fking berry rp

No. 137105


if you dont like it

dont look


No. 137113


Are you sure you're berry?

make sure to check your neck first

No. 137128


how dare you talk about queen like this fk u, pixyteri>>>>>>>>>>>>>berry

No. 137131

proof that her sister went to Toms River Highschool North, her name is presented as Michelin M. Tigno

No. 137158

File: 1436826050473.png (33.04 KB, 774x131, Screen Shot 2015-07-13 at 6.20…)

No. 137163

what butt lol

No. 137185

Her middle name is "Mirafuente" I believe

No. 137187

What boyfriend lol

No. 137222

why does she always make tweets about her boyfriend like they live together

No. 137223


No. 137232

The only person with common sense

No. 137241

>>136916 jeeze she's so ugly, no wonder with all the photoshop and make up shes gets lots of attention because she doesn't even look like her shop.

berry for real, stop thinking you're this kawaii lil anime princess because youre ugly as fuck.

please continue your ways, for confidence lol because i can see why you have 0

No. 137251

Seriously starting to believe everyone here is a jealous twelve year old pinoy.

Fucking weeaboo pinoys are the worst. I bet you guys hate Alodia as well, all for the wrong reasons.
Go back to Pull with your dumb emoticons and bitchy attitude.

Kota isn't even a cow either, I'm annoyed at the fact that you guys tend to take her unironic tweets and bend over to oblivion. It's a type of humour (unfunny) and her followers think it's funny. Sheesh, pull that tampon out and calm down.

No. 137254

>tee hee I'm such a slut uwu is kawaii ^.^

No. 137257

She says this like he isn't on the otherside of the globe.

Summerfags need to learn to hide threads or gtfo.

No. 137260

I feel like the whiteknights stalk this thread more than the people who started it lol.. they seem more angry too

No. 137261

>whines about thread instead of hiding it
>calls me twelve


You must 18+ to use this site.

No. 137264

Yeah, there seems to be a high influx lately. They've derailing like crazy. They went as far as to beg the admin to move this thread to /b/. Maybe things will simmer down once school starts again.

No. 137265


We're laughing at her. You white knights are the only ones whining.

No. 137266

Pretty sure the majority of the anons here are 13-15. If the majority here are actually adults that'd be really sad.

No. 137267

>that's sad

Most of the cows here are adults, so no, it's not.

No. 137268

personally I find her funny for the inconsistency of her lies (living in a mansion when her shipping address clearly doesn't match up to the pictures, becoming a doctor while doing junior high math, having a hot anime boyfriend, being rich, owning Cartier bracelets etc)

No. 137270

How do you know tho ?

No. 137271



Anyone know the name of those lenses?

No. 137272

You shouldn't waste your c time explaining to them. They're just going to keep white knighting regardless.

You must be new.

No. 137273

That doesn't answer my question

No. 137275

They look like Geo Angel lenses. If not that, then Vassen Dolly.

In the time it took you to reply you could have checked the other threads, it's not that complicated.

No. 137277

Look kiddos, if you are 13-15 and browsing lolcow and calling adults "lame" for doing the same thing, you are a dirty little hypocrite shit.

You live at home with mommy and daddy and don't even have a job to support yourselves. You don't pay bills and you aren't even in fucking high school yet. I think it's kind of embarassing that you are on here and spouting off about how much better you are than anyone else. You may think it makes you look cool, but you're really just pretentious and annoying.

I'm an adult who goes to college, works a full time job, and I also have my own apartment where I pay my own rent and bills. I also have a car I pay for too. So I think it's beyond reasonable for me to sit down and take twenty minutes out of my day to revisit the cows of my youth (pixyteri, CWC, kaka) while you pretentious fucks should be playing outside or doing your chores.

Berry (Korrine) is an annoying piece of shit and seeing as this is what, the fifth thread about her? I think that people enjoy talking shit about her and she's probably a fucking lolcow.

I honestly think that the one anon who keeps saying her thread should be moved to /b/ is Berry herself, trying to cover up the truth of her shitty behavior.

Sage because this thread is filled with newfags and doesn't deserve to be bumped.

No. 137282


yee that's what im talking about

but its sad that she cant shoop herself in rl

cant gain as much attention as in internet

No. 137285


i think she meant best friend

imaginary one, that is lol

No. 137292

File: 1436853461987.png (50.12 KB, 529x231, Screen Shot 2015-07-14 at 12.5…)

i cant stop laughing

why would she be talking about herself on her own twitter? LOLOL

too full of yourself betch?

No. 137295

File: 1436853554262.png (24.34 KB, 527x114, Screen Shot 2015-07-14 at 12.5…)

so are your opinions about other people's opinions LOLOL

No. 137300

File: 1436853889243.png (14.12 KB, 335x56, Screen Shot 2015-07-14 at 1.00…)

>making other ppl believe she's with bf atm ^w^

>bullying him on twitter (bcuz why the fuck not???? i make no sense :^) )

>berry's dumb logic

>imagine that situation would be awkward as fuck

No. 137334

Fucking christ why is the tv so high up and placed on a tall shelf like that? You can tell she never uses it because anyone who watches that for 20 minutes whilst constantly looking up like that is going to get a sore neck. Terrible placement and posture.

No. 137335

File: 1436871455717.png (252.86 KB, 491x497, 1e8f2e18ffad6924b165ad360593d5…)

>not a cow

she is. Imo the most lolcow thing about her is her making up a bf all coffin-like. She even used a fucking puppet for that lmao.
Plus, she clearly looks like a cow in reallife also. Cant even properly hide that fat in her pics.

No. 137340


lol what neck?

No. 137341


berry doesnt have a neck so its normal for her

No. 137348

Lol you guys are right. Forgot she didn't have one woops

No. 137356

Don't worry anon, the recent posts about her not being a cow are basically her trying to distract us from her Peter Coffin shit.

No. 137362


that guy looks like berry

but in tan version

No. 137364


not sure if you're berry or just an ordinary white knight faggot

No. 137367


because she wants everyone to believe that they live together

"they" as in Berry and the MANNEQUIN HEAD lol

she's dumb at lying and even dumber at proving it

No. 137388

I love it so much when she lurks, then gets insecure at writes stuff like "i dont know why you care so much about me" "worry about yourselves, why do you even care so much about my life" etc,

We don't care about your life berry, we just love making fun of you and its so easy because you are a walking talking fake Photoshopping joke to all of us here.

Also maybe if you didnt lie so much, it would be harder for us to talk sp badly about you, we hate you because you give us good reason to, so really the problematic person is still you and will always be you, people will always talk about others, but your nasty selfish lying attitude continues to stay. Think about it.

No. 137394



No. 137465

you make it seen as if 12 year olds can't access 18+ sites…lol

No. 137553

I dunno why she thinks we stalk her 7/24 lel. Unlike her, speaking for myself, I have a life and don't have time for stalking on someone lmao. She is 20, but she is more like 13.

Berry if ur lurking (sure you do) pls stop saying "go and worry about your life", dis bitch wishes she had our lives

No. 137557

How the hell does anyone manage to keep up such a charade. Like it has to be exhausting to edit every single picture, avoid social contact so no one sees you. It's so obvious shes not rich, she just finished high school, she has no boyfriend, I can't wrap my head around making a life up just to make people envious.

No. 137667

Agree 100%

No. 137672

Then are you also a jealous twelve year old pinoy?

No. 137673

That would include the anon who made that post :)

No. 137692

it cracks me everytime people we're jealous of berry and her fake life LOL

No. 137694

No. 137788

I genuinely think a lot of the hate for people like Berry or Dakota comes from the fact that people are jealous due to them getting what they perceive to be undeserved fame because of their shoops.

That however is different from people coming here to laugh at her lies, which the vast majority do.

I think that those who complain here about the PULL tards do so because they generally tend to bring up the same shit over and over again, specifically body image. Though not specifically people from PULL doing this, remember when people kept talking about potato noses in every thread and eventually people got tired of it because eventually 99% of people were deemed as having a potato for a nose? It can get like that here, with the same man hands and no neck jokes.

Though if thats what is found funny, then the thread is justified.

No. 137856

the only social contact she has is her family and the internet lel

it's easy befriending her tbh just play games with her or whatevs whenever she wants to play games

i think she's secretly desperate for friends and goes on the internet for it because by now its obvious she doesnt do much outside the internet

what is with her n taking these face washing photos she looks like a BOY

her swatches are terrible filtered as fk
and those 99 cent lip products w0w what is she thinking

this is a rich girl room? KEK
doubt she has her own personal bathroom

isnt this the same account that basically implied berry was stupid? its in the older threads where berry said her dog was retarded and this account said dogs take after their owner or s/t

No. 137932

File: 1436935553752.jpg (45.46 KB, 640x640, FB_IMG_1437366700254.jpg)

Myk is gorgeous omg

No. 137933

hey wait.
Actually it might be it. Does anyone remember this cap where someone called Berry retarded? I have a feeling Alyssa is one of our fellow farmers who tried to get her real address and full name, but failed.

No. 137937

>looks fat and photoshopped as hell

No. 137940

at least Myk has a neck

No. 137945

Agreed. Myk whatever her name is looks ps. Around her chin and side of face looks blurry and her nose is very photoshopped looking. I wonder berry ps her sisters pictures for her.

No. 137947

Lord have mercy

No. 137949

Badly photoshopped. Telltale blur everywhere.

No. 137962

Even if this pic is psed/edited (which almost everyone does), it still looks like Myk. And Myk is prettier than berry imo

No. 137963

I agree. At least Myk looks alive and doesn't shoop herself into an alien

No. 137979


I genuinely think people here aren't jealous of berry

We hate her because she makes use of her followers and fools them with shoops

well but her followers are dumb enough to even spend money for her
we're also here in hope to opening their fucking eyes if possible

Not to mention her shitty personalities and dumb lies
She was born to be a joke

No. 137987

File: 1436952984013.jpg (17.27 KB, 640x166, image.jpg)

This vid she uploaded is no longer available but has anyone seen it or knows wat is it about?
its in her vk page btw

No. 137994

File: 1436955171737.gif (54.08 KB, 500x282, 1435944859750.gif)

i really can't fathom why anyone would be jealous though. jealous of her dinky room? how she begs for money from her young fans using her laughable drawing talent? her collection of cheap ebay makeup? jealous of her inability to have a real life/relationships outside of the internet due to her extreme low self-esteem and fear of being caught in her lies? oh, right, and her fake boyfriend. why not meeee.

No. 137995

I think it's just a video of berry lip syncing to a japanese song

No. 138032


its about her covering up 3/4 of her face with hair

No. 138033


and not afraid to show her fat to everyone

No. 138049

>>137987 she was lip syncing "marisa stole the precious thing" I think I saw the video like last month, if you search on these blogs about "fake berry" and stuff you might find it

No. 138199

the vid was posted in one of her old threads

No. 138201

admitting to be fat again (cant screencap rn) https://twitter.com/PinkMiruku/status/621154902736302080

No. 138208

i think it's better for people not to see this vid.. it made me wanna burn my eyeballs off. Then again it's lolcow worthy. You can find it in 2-3 threads back

No. 138242

Her boyfriend is still alive??

No. 138245

No. 138260

LOL. WTF all that hair covering up her fatness tho..

No. 138264

definitely cringe worthy, but it's sad that taylors vids make me cringe harder b/c of how she went from normal to the disgusting thing she is now

enough of that, but why do girls think this is cute? It only suits toddlers

No. 138265

Well most of her folowers have the IQ of a toddler, when they see Berry they start giggling and clapping their hands.

No. 138270

Bless you
This is probably how she looks 24/7

No. 138271

That is actually more of a common Asian experience. Parents will cry that you are too thin and need to eat one moment and as soon as you eat it's "holy shiiiite soooo fat, watch out and don't eat too much". It comes off as mean but it's how they express their concern for your health and well being.

No. 138316

>that a fatty

The wig covering her head makes her head look more huge than it already is.

No. 138359

She looks average sized. Idk why everyone keeps saying she's fat

No. 138373

that video was taken a long ass time ago

No. 138375

She skyped for hours with her "friends" but the video/webcam option was always off lmao

No. 138380

why does she even bother to cover her face so much with her hair, it's plainly obvious she's very wide, showing her body at all completely defeats the purpose

No. 138402


she looks all nervous like "need to hide fat fat fat" "dont let them see my ugly face" "need to look as kawaii as possible"
i have a feeling she tried recording it many times LEL

No. 138404


thats also what she thinks
but nah thanks to her hoodie n big hair
n blur video

No. 138405

File: 1437042129942.png (210.71 KB, 528x413, Screen Shot 2015-07-16 at 5.19…)

she RLY wants to make it look like she's rich
"pls believe me that i hv so much money so i bought this shit"
but she's getting dumber
you're claiming that the picture is yours
when its obviously not wtf

No. 138407


for what reason she told the price though

"tell me im rich desu!!!!!!"

No. 138408

File: 1437042462018.png (261.67 KB, 527x322, Screen Shot 2015-07-16 at 5.25…)

no berry, all i could remember is that you're fat
and poor (that's why you're begging for your fans' money to buy those shits)

No. 138409

Yeah, she looks pretty terrible. Deep smile lines, small tired eyes, no upper lip, and waayy fatter than usual. I always giggle at how obvious the difference is between her face and her chest in tone. I can see why she deleted it.

No. 138422


is it me or her face looks very old too
like 30 trying to act 13

No. 138454


I don't even understand why she posted it in the first place… It's so off from her photos that it's obvious she looks nothing like what she photoshops herself to be like. In fact, why is she scared of going out in public it's not like anyone can recognize her edited photos to be her irl.

No. 138465


She reminds me of raven

No. 138484

anyone bugged how she applies her makeup?? it looks sloppy as time goes by…

No. 138488

raven who? raven symone?

No. 138491

raven sparks, another lolcow.

No. 138493

What is that like $45 USD ? is $45 a lot to people? That doesn't even seem worthy to brag about…

No. 138504

It's a lot for so rich berry apparently

No. 138515

I was checking the Toms RIver HS page where some people asked for Korinne Tigno and the comments were apparently deleted

No. 138525

File: 1437078133934.png (18.78 KB, 920x390, burry1.PNG)

I found Berry in another alumni website. This one seems pretty accurate and this time her name is correct


No. 138526

File: 1437078150937.png (15.44 KB, 666x583, burry2.PNG)

No. 138533

It says 4 years of hs so she was probably held back when she was in elementary/middle school

No. 138578

File: 1437083675945.jpg (369.19 KB, 2048x2048, image.jpg)


No. 138584

I like the upper right picture, what are the lenses she's wearing? Those special handmade ones?

No. 138585

Omg this

No. 138587

They are called Photoshop.

No. 138597

ok but what are the lenses called, smart Aleck, I'm fucking aware they are heavily edited.

No. 138599

It'll be hard to know what lenses they are if they're heavily shopped

No. 138600


i think 4 years of hs is us' standard?

No. 138602

If you know they're heavily edited, how the fuck do you expect someone to tell you the fucking name?

No. 138612

File: 1437091027214.gif (148.3 KB, 437x447, berry1.gif)

part 1

No. 138613

File: 1437091072508.gif (134.69 KB, 400x383, berry2.gif)

and here's part 2

No. 138619

because it was mentioned once.
Where? I don't recall. You people did your investigation and snooped through.

No. 138623


Christ, I've yet to see a chinese here in the UK looking like that. It all looks good in pictures but in person I bet she looks a right twat!

No. 138638

Yeah, four years is the standard. The only exceptions are people who are held back or allowed to graduate early.

No. 138639



No. 138656

Her eyes are so sunken in and the lines around her nose and mouth are so deep, she looks horrible.

No. 138674

She looks old and tired

No. 138678

if it was mentioned once, why not go back and look for it yourself? we're here to laugh at burry, not to babysit your ass and cater to your wants

No. 138681



No. 138682

Looking at berry her features are very plain and soft. So, with the kind of makeup she does she probably can make herself really pretty.

No. 138686

of course photoshop helps

No. 138687

She has very plain and round features which makes photoshopping herself kawaii easier. My face is very long and manish and no amount of photoshop can change that

No. 138689

File: 1437099921942.png (12.93 KB, 578x85, paint.png)

No. 138709

well i can sense a lot of hair in those snaps lol

No. 138710

Asian girl can photoshop theirselves more easily in general

No. 138712

I think that without ps she looks messy with this kind of make up

No. 138746

File: 1437105900331.jpg (116.74 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

No. 138747

File: 1437105936179.jpg (126.52 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

No. 138778

if only berry would show the originals

No. 138784

Wait..shes proud about using ps ?
I mean you shouldnt be ashamed about it but being proud ? In which universe does this logic apply

No. 138795

File: 1437112749079.gif (5.62 MB, 320x240, mj-laughing.gif)


>I'm so proud of altering my features in ps because of my insecurities!!


No. 138801

File: 1437114381851.gif (2.89 MB, 320x215, GIF--Nope-No-way-Nah-no-Richar…)

No. 138802

I think they are apparently from FXEyes, I don't know the specific name, you can find that out yourself by looking at the site

No. 138820

why does she write QURL instead of girl/gurl

No. 138825

Guess it's just internet lingo. Me and my friends use it sometimes too but only in certain "important" situations.

No. 138835


berry be like

its not like you look the same with or without shoops betch >>138578

No. 138837


this is what happens when a trash meets photoshop

No. 138838


ooh so this is how "an undercover popstar" looks like

No. 138849

File: 1437131467235.png (61.73 KB, 527x253, lel.png)

observe ur own personality btch lel

No. 138852

File: 1437131568830.png (85.79 KB, 525x347, lellll.png)

show em ur tan vag berreh

No. 138905


not sure if "godly" or "photoshopped"

umm.. shooped vajoo lol

No. 138914

File: 1437145055405.png (183.54 KB, 481x541, imaginary boyfriend.png)

so she's pretty much saying, that she's fucking a puppet

No. 138918


that ''imaginary boyfriend'' though lol

lol so true

No. 138920

File: 1437147159041.png (118.61 KB, 222x350, Screen Shot 2015-07-17 at 10.3…)

before too much shoops

am i the only who thinks shes ugly here

and still looks like this even now

No. 138921

even if berry isnt as pretty or thin as her photoshopped pictures, she could still get a bf. she should go get a real bf instead of pretending to have one. Even if this bf is real, she should find one who doesnt live in another country ya dumb fuck.

No. 138925


her personality is still shit with or without shoops
i am not sure anyone would even want her in rl
she would've already had one if anyone ever wanted her
thats why she sticks to her internet bf lol

No. 138926

exactly. there are so many guys who are into landwhales.

No. 138928


but her type of guy is hot japonese looking guize

too bad she lives in "NY" LOL _( :D / < )_ no japonese around

and also ugly, inside and outside

only a blind guy like ouji could fall for her shoops
even when webcamming she still TRIED SO HARD to look cute (make up+face covered with hair)
just show your real faisu plz burry

No. 138929


berry herself doesnt even trust him that he will still fall for her ugly face, thats why

ok i pity burry

No. 138934

i'll shit myself laughing if we actually find out that, thats her brother in the photo

"pleeeeease let me take a photo of you as my bf, or everyone online will know i'm a fucking liar!!!!
cries "i'll save up and buy you something"

No. 138935


nope thats obviously a mannequin lol

but yeah that'd be funny af
berry the beggar

No. 138936

korinne with no photoshop = average asian girl

korinne with photoshop and circle lenses = actually cute and attractive

No. 138937


under average tbh

No. 138938

ya, i actually wish i knew how to photoshop.

does anyone know what software to use?

No. 138941


are u sirius

No. 138942

honestly, i dont think so. she has a small ish face and big eyes, thats whats considered okay in asian beauty

No. 138943

yeah i am, i have tons of photos i'd love to edit, but dont worry none of them are me, i'm not an lolcow

No. 138944

File: 1437149493438.png (647.91 KB, 498x649, Screen Shot 2015-07-17 at 11.1…)

hi im burry
im cute n attractive

No. 138945


you can ask berry to edit them
im sure she'd love to have ur money

just give her a dollar and she'd be happy to do that

No. 138947

or ask berry to teach you lol

No. 138948

What happens when u dont get vaccines
Kids, get your shots

No. 138950


but her tan skin, fat body, wide&small nose are a minus though

dats why she needs shoop to cover them

No. 138951



it sounds like "get vaccines or you'll end up like berry"

No. 138972

Which program did u use anon ?

No. 138976

well generally you can spot if an aisian is east asian or south east asian by there nose. if they have a wide nose they are 90% south east asain. LOL anyways having a "flat nose" is not considered ugly, it's considered cute. thats why she shops her nose that way. yes, having a tall nose is pretty but a flat nose (depending on what the nose looks like as a whole, ie flat but not wide and huge nostrils) is considered not ugly

No. 138980

Lol that puppet has the same ratchet crunchyroll hat she was using in the pic she took

No. 138982

File: 1437156905893.jpg (45.95 KB, 402x604, o74m4Wr6who.jpg)

No. 138983

Lmao she's so broke she has used that same hair-covered hat so many times in pictures "I'm so rich"

No. 138984

File: 1437157174475.jpg (39.32 KB, 472x472, WwTKmb9vTpg.jpg)

No. 138992

scary shit

No. 138993

File: 1437158310064.png (253.06 KB, 407x408, Screen Shot 2015-07-18 at 1.36…)

she looks cuter dis way

hey berry since ur lurking here n ur an inconsistent person

you better change ur photoshop's style to this

No. 139074

i used photoshop cs6 actually lol
here's a tutorial if anyone doesn't know how to do it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ot5GwpQPjF0

No. 139075

annoying orange

No. 139086

File: 1437166251899.jpg (255.25 KB, 600x926, tumblr_nfq2krySMW1r3wd4to1_128…)

is it me or when i make the image really dark you can see wierd blemish-looking things on her chest? or is that supposed to happen?

No. 139094

what the actual fuck
dat hair

No. 139117

dat boob glow LOL

No. 139189

Even though this pic is creepy you can see her features clearer and her shoops easier. That deep mouth line tho

No. 139196

File: 1437173541508.jpg (13.64 KB, 178x275, image.jpg)

Here's the comparison pic. Was this a bathroom selfie? Lmao

No. 139210

nah that's normal, make anybody's pic dark like that and flaws will start to stand out

No. 139309

I feel like the wig was probably blonde and she shopped it for the cosplay .
I say this because the blue sticks out on her forehead when you darkened it

No. 139321

Yes. Her bathroom seems to be a mint green/blue tile.

That's how much she brightens/whitens her photos.

No. 139325

Is this her with the pic darkened only, or did you deshop?

No. 139342

You can see it in the original too on her forehead, shoulder and there's a yellow glow around the side strands

No. 139357

are those zits mark on her chest?

No. 139424

Whats Berry Tsukasas real name ?

No. 139448

Man, these threads always just repeat the same shit over and over.

No. 139451

Korinne Tigno

No. 139484

File: 1437184096374.jpg (396.71 KB, 3400x1609, ok.jpg)

When you don't know how to be original

No. 139582

idg why you guys are comparing her video where she has no lenses in with pics where she does have lenses in, compare them to pics where she doesn't wear lenses lol

No. 139605


i dont actually give a fuck if she has no lenses in vid
are you probably dumb
whats makes her pretty in pics isnt only the lenses gdi
just compare the nose, lips and those tired eyes
they look different as fuck in pics :D

No. 139606


dont sound like burry defending herself pls lol

No. 139609


berry be like
"tell me im funny pls!!! its not like i just copied this shit to be funny or something!"

No. 139610


and "i'll kill you if you copy me, monkeys"

No. 139612

it's also different makeup style, different camera quality, different lighting, different age

No. 139616


they're trying to show the power of photoshop that berry uses. even if she has lenses in the vid she still looks different af in pics (i can tell because i am not blind and not 'THAT DUMB' ;) )
even if she doesn't wear lenses in pics i bet she still shoops it to look perfect so

which pics of berry they're trying compare to doesnt really fucking matter

No. 139619


and different photoshop style and different filters and different photoshop style and different tons of make up style and and and and

it makes me wanna see berry making a vid without any make up :D that'd be …

impossible for her to do that lol

No. 139620

All her videos of herself now last less than a vine.
She doesn't makes two mins video anymore and we all know why

No. 139623


wonder why her twitter friends didnt ask her to webcam

No. 139631

They stupid

No. 139650

File: 1437215623781.png (51.91 KB, 527x210, dumberry.png)

she starts using the word 'betch' after anon wrote it here

she definitely lurks here lol and she copies

i guess ouji lurks too

if he is not berry that is lol

No. 139651


why "text" though when she wants everyone to believe that they live together? fuck logic berry

No. 139652


wait berry has no logic

No. 139658


i de-shooped aswell but i gave up and decided to make her really dark.

No. 139671

You make no sense. The point of comparing her with lenses and without lenses is to get a sense of what her eyes realistically look like without lenses and Photoshop affecting them. More importantly, what she possibly looks like in general without all the Photoshop.

I think it's just Berry pretending to be Ouji.

No. 139674

has anyone tried getting exif data from her photos to see her location?

No. 139686

Yeah pretty sure no one who actually loves with their so is texting constantly them and then tweeting them about texting them…..

No. 139688

Yeah, that's pretty desperate sounding. Lol Berry is one of the worst lolcows when it comes to consistency.

No. 139689

File: 1437230641451.png (33.93 KB, 526x160, are you serious.png)


yea maybe

i can't imagine a guy said something like this or even TWEETED this wtf this is ridiculous

No. 139693

Weeaboo alert
Berry alert

No. 139744

File: 1437240333687.gif (464.9 KB, 400x456, 1428615815966.gif)

No. 139749

Yeah, that tweet reads like a Berry tweet.

No. 139765

If you look at the video, the width of her nostrils and the bridge of her nose is way more different than what she shoops them to be.
Her nose width is wider, as well as her bridge sticks out a lot more, because she likes to photoshop it curved and flat

No. 139767


'some people' are too dumb to notice that

No. 139774


i dont see berry

all i see is photoshop

using photoshop is normal
but claiming the photoshop's look as ur real look is shit
not to mention calling urself a goddess n be full of urself
shit remember ur nothing without shoops
show us ur "goddess" face without shoops if you dare betch
if you're pretty as you claim to be, you wouldnt bother to try to photoshop urself that extreme, "lazy" burry

No. 139777

agreed, and there are so many of those tweets.
jfc, she's so bad at pretending to be a guy.

No. 139778

where is she even staring at

No. 139780

File: 1437244266477.png (33.39 KB, 505x229, oksure.png)

RTed the insecure girl who cares so much about her looks in hope to be respected and idolized by others for her looks

no self-respect?

No. 139781


lol berry doesnt care
as long as the eyes look big

No. 139783


as long as i've ever known
she likes to judge and direspect others to look 'cool' and 'im scary but im still kawaiiiiiiiiii,right?right?right?'

No. 139792

Berry, you might have big eyes but youre eyelids are fucking huge, so its obvious youre no east asian lel

She wants to be east asian so badly, i think its because east asia kinda looks down on south east asians.

Plus her nose is super fucking wide, ew

No. 139793

Omg, this girl use to follow me and tumblr! And I followed her for a while too. I always knew she didn't look like her pictures. She use to like my pics of myself haha

No. 139816

Srsly? Her nose is not wide. You wanna see wide look at micky lol. And east Asians do have double eyelid…..but yes she is philipino.

No. 139833


her nose looks wide to me in vid

No. 139835

File: 1437253235323.png (144.59 KB, 403x313, Screen Shot 2015-07-19 at 3.56…)

hi guys
i just want to tell you that.. berry has a neck.



No. 139843

Read whst i said you stupid bitch, i clearly said having big eyelids is a south east asian trait, of course east asians can have double eye lids, there eyelids are tons smalle than south east asian eyelids, want to know how i know this? I look in the fucking mirror you pleb.

And she does have a wide nose, there are tons of people with wider noses but her nose is even wider than mine. She has a wide nose, cas fucking closed you moron.

No. 139907

LMAO why are you so mad? Just because your nose is smaller doesn't mean hers is big. Damn. Think of jollibee or whatever philipinos do to calm down. These bargain bin Asians crazy.

No. 139915

chillax lmao

No. 139916

wow, go lay down for a minute with the lights off or something. J

The fucking Berry thread smh

No. 139932

what the fuck even.

No. 139967

It's wider than what she shoops it to be

No. 139968

these all seem like one poster
lmao same poster

No. 140031

>Lol same poster! XD
You mean samefag newfag? Just stop.

No. 140032

Damn. Berry thread full of psychos.

No. 140065

no ones mad here you stupid bitch, and yes, as a fellow asian (which you wish you were) my whole family has smaller nose than this shopped bitch, so yes, compared to me her nose is wide as fuck!

No. 140070

Berry is the hottest filipino girl ive ever seen

No. 140073

just because your nose is smaller doesn't mean hers isn't wide as fuck lol there are way wider noses out there you stupid cunt

No. 140076

*is wide as fuck

No. 140091

then gtfo while you can pleb

No. 140113

fucking cry me a river you twat, her nose is fucking wide, thats why she shops it smaller, if it was aleady small, she'd leave it alone. just because people have wider noses does not mean she doesn't have a wide nose in average, now piss off you ugly whore

No. 140116

Lol someone has anger issues.

No. 140130

chill and get off your high horse lol

No. 140140

File: 1437275032217.gif (875.07 KB, 178x195, confused003.gif)

No. 140151

then quite posting 3 "anon replies" as the same fucking person

you look pathetic an i aint mad, or on a high horse, just bein a bish cuz i can

No. 140160

umm the person who said anger issues isn't me lol you sound pathetic too sooo

anyways lets get back to the main topic

No. 140168

dude, her nose is very flat and wide without editing.

No. 140175

File: 1437278441312.jpg (21.61 KB, 500x388, large.jpg)

an old pic of berry i had never seen
did she use the "paint-hair-black" ahshah

No. 140185

File: 1437279936948.jpg (97.53 KB, 500x332, Untitled-1.jpg)

She might've. I tried some things on PS and it looks like she outlined the side of her face with black

No. 140193

File: 1437281418428.jpg (47.24 KB, 640x526, image.jpg)

apparently berry works kek

No. 140205

lmfao doubt it. Unless she's making a joke out of >>139689

No. 140207

the pic is kinda filtered so it could also be a filter js

No. 140244

Wtf type of comeback is that? Off yourself you ugly ass bitch, stop trying to defend her when you probably have a beak on your own face

Lmao lmao lmao lmao stupid ass bitch is fucking stupid

No. 140247

File: 1437292094772.jpg (75.8 KB, 560x539, 8765432.jpg)

oh, welcoome back, berry.

don't you think it's a bit mean to drag your sister into it?

No. 140249

that's just berry being insecure about her looks. that comment about her nose set her off apparently.

too bad it's against the rules to post IPs :^)

No. 140252

File: 1437293200776.png (364.34 KB, 1119x635, Screen Shot 2015-07-19 at 3.04…)

have u guys seen the vid "has photoshop gone too far"?

reminds me of berry smh

No. 140254

Shame! Shame! Shame!

No. 140255


are you offended because your nose is as wide as hers AHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA

No. 140256

File: 1437294279529.png (558.48 KB, 528x715, Screen Shot 2015-07-19 at 3.22…)

it smells like you're getting fatter burry

No. 140257

File: 1437294464948.png (202.07 KB, 527x535, Screen Shot 2015-07-19 at 3.25…)

LOL apparently berry admits that she's trash as anon said >>138837

No. 140262


huh?? berry is filipino????

i thought she was an alien

No. 140274

no one gives a fucking shit if you're Asian or not. Go work some more in the ricefields.(RACIAL COMMENTARY IS BANNED IN /PT/)

No. 140330

Awee because thats what we actually do? Bitch GTF outta here, we pay mexicans and berrys kind to farm that shit. We asians over here are slowly but steadly destroying the economic market and becoming so fucking wealthy while your parents cant even afford to buy you a proper fucking education to sort that stupid fucking brain of yours out, now you sit at home crying your eyes out, eating frozen fucking dinners and working at a fast food or retail job that pays $7.25 an hour.

Be fucking gone you stupid ass pleb, and come back when you werent such a fucking weeaboo(RACIAL COMMENTARY IS BANNED IN /PT/)

No. 140334

sperg alert
calm down young grasshopper
contrary to your internalized angry belief, no one actually cares
but if your parents are so rich like berrys they should probably sort out your anger issues

No. 140335


lmfao calm your tits honey :^}

No. 140337


I can't help that your parents cannot buy you a proper education or get your anger issues fixed.
I can hand you a $100 bill to dry those angry, angry tears of yours.

No. 140339


why do you sound like berry

No. 140342


for what fukin reason are you defending her nose?
its not like her nose is your nose
or is it?

No. 140343

File: 1437320624864.jpg (11.27 KB, 251x242, 1437176314747.jpg)

No. 140344


this sounds like berry too

No. 140345

i is right :D
berry is not only lurking
she's trying to defend herself
as anon

hi berry >>140343
nice "pepe"

No. 140348


actually, I'm Dutch. Nice try though.

No. 140349


hi dutch berry :D

No. 140354

File: 1437321221561.jpg (105.61 KB, 1024x683, Paris_Tuileries_Garden_Facepal…)


holy shit are you retarded

No. 140356


lol why so offended?
you sounded so much like berry so i felt like calling you berry

No. 140362

If it was just a filter, there would be other parts in the picture that have the weird outline as well, but it doesn't.

No. 140363

Why hasn't anyone in this thread been banned yet, there's a lot of people who are arguing and throwing it off topic with their stupid fights
Can someone contact a mod or tell me how to because this is ridiculous

No. 140369

What is that on?? A puddle of oil?

No. 140398

You need to get out more.

No. 140496

and get some real friends lol

No. 140498



No. 140510

I'm starting to think this thread is pretty much angry 12 year old pinoy weeb girls. This is ridiculous.

No. 140513

File: 1437338612787.png (30.17 KB, 575x104, what.png)

wait. I thought she said she's in college now. Wtf does she mean we will suffer during med school? Didn't she even say she has one more year till she graduates.She's Clearly a highschool student.

No. 140516

pfft berry in med school

No. 140526

Pre med school ( around four years)
Med school (depends)
but since she just left high school,
She will start pre med school now
Thats why she keeps talking a lot about it recently

No. 140527

fukkin lel

berry is going to be in for a rude awakening when any admissions committee googles her name

No. 140528

omg thats actually true

No. 140564

I hope she realizes being in the med field isn't all fun and games like she says it is. Coming from a girl who thinks basic algebra is einstein level let's see how long she lasts when she starts her classes

No. 140567

she's always saying that her bf is annoying, if you think he is so annoying why the fuck you are still with him omg

No. 140602

Her boyfriend is herself, of course he's annoying.

No. 140645

File: 1437350900963.jpg (1.28 MB, 1080x1524, 20150720_010814png.jpg)

What about this

No. 140658

Just looking at that makes me nauseous. I never understood how people could be this unhealthy and downright disgusting to their body.

No. 140665

LOL https://twitter.com/PinkMiruku/status/622932390701342722 (cant screencap right now someone do it)

No. 140668

File: 1437354820636.png (469.77 KB, 641x659, just why.png)

what a fucking tard

No. 140670

berry did you know you cant carry yourself

No. 140672

OMFG. XD I can't…

No. 140673

lol @ the way she always makes it seem her bf and her live together or smthing.

No. 140684

So shes saying she IS indeed fat.

No. 140685


No. 140691

(not the same person but another person who agreed with this)
not defending berry, it's just that her nose isn't huge and that person is pissing me off with their elitist attitude about their own nose lol they can go do some nose modeling or some shit if they have such a great nose

No. 140714

lol Aly would die if she ever came near this much oil

No. 140718

this made me lol

No. 140832

no 1 curr

No. 140835

You can't bargain with the farmers in this thread. Their minds are already made up about everything.

No. 140860


i wonder what "the real ouji" would react

"eww wtf my fucking ex, she makes everyone think i live with this dumbitch?? are u insane shit ew leaves internet"

No. 140861


berry be like
"but its K!!!! im a A+++++ student!!! i can play games all day and still get A+++++++!! im a genius after all!!!"

ye go back to elementary school dumberry

No. 140862


give that imaginary BF a cookie for carrying a fat whale

No. 140942

File: 1437407192233.png (19.61 KB, 599x240, sameperson.png)

this tweet kinda confirms it, lmao.
bf's money=her money
because bf=her

Small nose or wide one, your face still looks fucked up, when unshooped, berry.

No. 140944

Stop saying everyone is berry dumbass

No. 140952

can't bargain but i can still put my opinion out there
i only reply to them because they keep replying to me lol

No. 140956

Yeah, true. Just be prepared to be called Berry and chased out of the thread with pitch forks and torches. js

No. 140969

apparently it's ouji's birthday and almost all of his birthday retweets mention berry

No. 141055

File: 1437423411666.png (201.62 KB, 758x552, Screen Shot 2015-07-20 at 4.15…)

posted shortly after this comment was made

No. 141059


ahahaha kek

I will go and buy topkeks from outside and ate all of them for "ouji"s birthday adsjhjsaf

No. 141073

no joke this sounds EXACTLY like korinne..because it is cough>>141055

No. 141074

I love how she keeps going about 'if I were in japan I would do this and that' but she has never been even once in japan. If she was rich asf like she claims to be then why doesnt she just go there? and I remember her saying once on twitter or tumblr that she's gonna attend university in tokyo but that was like years ago lmao

No. 141080

File: 1437427610078.png (5.56 KB, 587x190, ouji01.png)

No. 141081

File: 1437427644694.png (11.5 KB, 573x301, ouji02.png)

this is the best in my opinion lol

No. 141082

File: 1437427701235.png (5.14 KB, 568x186, ouji03.png)

here's a proof that berry had his tumblr account back then so she can have the others and is much likely posing as him

No. 141087

File: 1437427941211.png (3.39 KB, 336x223, ouji04.png)

personal fav lol

No. 141089

No. 141099

File: 1437428890257.jpg (103.85 KB, 640x938, image.jpg)


No. 141101

File: 1437429026673.jpg (68.34 KB, 640x898, image.jpg)


No. 141104

The fuck? He's calling her his sister?? That's Berry isn't it? I'm so fucking confused.

No. 141109

File: 1437429704926.jpg (53.24 KB, 510x456, 348902952c.jpg)

Well, the "girlfriend" he was bitching about seems to be a real person.


No. 141118

File: 1437431488756.jpg (100.69 KB, 640x936, image.jpg)


No. 141119


No. 141125

What if this is the real ouji (doubt it)

No. 141128

No. 141129

who posted this and where did you find it? Please state it when you post because it just looks more confusing; sorry if that's rude sounding in advance

No. 141136

here >>141089
it seems to be someone posing as ouji but i don't know what to believe at this point

No. 141143

Same tbh
I am confused

No. 141145

File: 1437436583980.jpg (85.53 KB, 640x946, image.jpg)

More from the" fake Ouji" this is all so confusing

No. 141172

File: 1437438253717.png (38.73 KB, 769x142, Screen Shot 2015-07-20 at 8.21…)

Is she referring to this pillow. She apparently ordered it but hasn't bought it yet???

No. 141196

She likely pre-ordered it, and the store won't charge her until it releases/ships.

No. 141198

or she compulsively lies so much even SHE can't keep up with it

No. 141208

That pillow doesn't release until September.

No. 141250

I don't think so as it is nowhere this expensive.

No. 141257

5,780 yen are $46.48

No. 141267

I could see it being that expensive if she used a shopping service for it or if it's EMS shipping

No. 141273

File: 1437442742704.png (22.16 KB, 616x275, dank.png)

If Berry denies living in NJ ever again just remember this. From Ouji's old spring.me lmao

No. 141281

lmao at the screenshot name

No. 141399

SOMEONE. PLEASE. Explain this to me.
Which blog is this from???

No. 141401

Ouji is her…Brother? …umm

No. 141403

http://vampprince.tumblr.com/ it's apparently a fake ouji blog but who knows

No. 141405

Who said it was fake? Berry herself?

No. 141406

The anon who posted it

No. 141407

I don't see how it can be fake…Well maybe except for too-perfect English. Why did anon labeled it as fake?

No. 141419

They've been in a relationship for 5 years (fake or not)
The posts on that blog are from 4 years ago
It should be fake because those posts would be overlapping with the relationship time span…it wouldn't make sense

No. 141422

http://room401.tumblr.com/ found this while browsing through ouji's tumblr archive. It's apparently another account he made

No. 141425

It also links to a tumblr account that's called vamprince (probably an old URL). The fake had two p's

No. 141434

File: 1437457391372.jpg (99.02 KB, 500x554, tumblr_lr82p94uib1qc5lj4o1_500…)

So much hair and brightness

No. 141435

berry looks cute in the profile picture again she is hiding her entire body/face but :/

No. 141437

File: 1437457609654.png (18.09 KB, 1058x205, Screen Shot 2015-07-21 at 1.45…)

berry went batshit crazy because an anon said this

No. 141442

i think this is actually really cute tbh, they look adorable

No. 141446

…. What if Ouji is someone related to her……. She could easily have many pictures of him..

No. 141476

Yo guys, the account is fake. "Ana" aka the ex-gf herself probably made the fake account pretending to be her bf, remembering he used to be famous in facebook before and she used to be a weeb with an asian fetish. Ouji never claimed to be speaking japanesewith his father before. And ofc berry and myk will be his "sisters" even tho they don't even look alike because all asians look alike right??
The picture posted were old pictures and some from his webcam days w berry.

No. 141478

Also, i vaguely remembered berry complaining about this before. I seen the screenshots.. berry threw a tantrum bc "ana" made her his "sister" lmao

No. 141525


why didnt she show off her boobs

No. 141526


why didnt she show up her shoulders like ouji ? why hiding your fat burry

No. 141535

msn webcam days

No. 141537


what is with asians and that victory sign tho

ugh it isnt cute

No. 141563


cuz ouji probably never even knew what she looked like, kek

No. 141587

File: 1437488574271.jpg (16.48 KB, 236x190, image.jpg)

Berry reminds me of this

No. 141686

I'll be waiting for her response to this

No. 141743

"she looks so nice in here"

No. 141746

I believe this is true lol

No. 141780

a LONG time ago berry was tagged in webcam pics with her, ouji, and michyuu
she didn't hide her shoulders in there i believe lol but they all deleted/privated the pics so i can't really get them…

No. 141820


still way prettier than berry

No. 141822


so how did her shoulders look?

No. 141828



webcamming with bf
shared the printscreens to the world
(look at us!! arent we a cute couple!!???ARENT WE FUCKING SWEET??)

making it seem like they live together
somebody asked for a pic
"sorry!!!! i'd rather not to share my PRIVACY!!! :^)"
im like:
but aren't you an attention whore? why not use the chance?? oh nvm i frgt that you're a dumb liar :^D

No. 141868

and that side position too awkward did they really webcam like that?

No. 141874

they didn't look huge as far as i remember? she was wearing one of her hoodies, a gray one. it didn't look baggy and myk was also there with her

some people probably don't trust me bc it's from memory though lol i wish i could find the pictures somewhere

No. 142118


"i only look good in this angle i shouldnt move too much"

No. 142152

File: 1437557405834.jpg (31.29 KB, 350x555, 10624834_1460842154201782_5459…)

hiding her arms and feet
why though burry?

No. 142153

>Expecting us to believe a baggy shirt just magically pulls in at the waist


No. 142158

>censoring your feet

No. 142160

File: 1437559714841.jpg (9.37 KB, 262x279, 10781_889465324410469_12411281…)

no one will be able to find/recognize you then

No. 142165

File: 1437560966950.png (307.69 KB, 350x555, wonk.png)


No. 142170

Why'd she color over her arm?

No. 142176

Even with all the shoop, she still has to conceal a lot of her body. Does she really look that bad irl?

No. 142182

Well, I for one don't believe you, not because you lack proof but because you appear to be the same poster, posting bs in this thread and in previous threads as well.
Too bad people aren't allowed state your IP on here, berry, since apparently a lot of farmers can't tell it's you.

No. 142205


she was trying to show everyone that she "has" thigh gap but….

No. 142207


an anon once said "she also pigeon feets her legs this is a trick people use to create a thigh gap or thin leg sort of effect"

obviously why she censored it

No. 142209

>tries to prove thigh gap
>stands with feet and knees apart
I guess if she had them together she wouldn't have any gap at all to work with and widen on PS.

No. 142212

File: 1437567779690.png (31.4 KB, 527x114, Screen Shot 2015-07-22 at 7.17…)

im not laughing because she's funny

but because she's still bringing up her "bf"

No. 142213


"just focus on mybody!! and my forced thigh gap!! dont notice the messed up background!!"

No. 142215


the more she tries to make everyone believe they live together the more i believe they already broke up

who knows if ouji leaves the internet and dumped her
and berry's all like "i wont let them know i just got dumped! more likely i'll make them believe we live together! ouji wont find out my creepiness anyway!"

No. 142218


changed all his passwords and pretends to be him

No. 142270

Tbh this is kinda sad like she literally has to censor her arms and feet and then edit the photo just to maintain the body she claims she has. She probably feels like shit about herself irl, and keeping up this facade is probably just gonna make it even worse.

No. 142299


to cover her fat arm, obviously.

No. 142330

File: 1437584341806.jpg (94.25 KB, 783x436, image.jpg)

She got one of those cheaps old looking chinese headphones

No. 142341

i'd let you expose my ip if it was allowed on here lol i want to get the proof but how do you hack into someones fb??

No. 142342

i don't blame you for not believing me though, i expected this.
if i ever find them (somehow) i'll put them here for you all to analyze or whatever

No. 142345

You can most likely find them in taobao

No. 142352

Sades is a US company

No. 142354


They are also on Amazon for like $30. I like larger headphones and was curious but the reviews seem a bit "eh"

No. 142365

They make rip offs too

No. 142416

Why are the color combos so ugly though. Anyone know of better big ass mecha looking headphones?

No. 142450

File: 1437595892935.jpg (62.08 KB, 350x555, 1437557405834.jpg)

No. 142451

File: 1437596077856.png (51.69 KB, 608x355, burry.PNG)

lmao what boyfriend

No. 142458

Does she ever post anything that's not mad weeby or about wishing to be in an anime?

No. 142464

well her twitter consists of her bragging, begging, sucking up to japanese people and acting like a sjw.

No. 142523

Wow this is just sad. Looks like badly drawn legs. Doesn't even look like how real thin legs look.

No. 142543


dem fake () legs

No. 142779



just because- u cant kiss invisible boyfriend burry

No. 142796

whats funnier than her shooped legs is her shooped tiny waist
and the fact she covers her feet yet you can still see she doesn't have her ankles together kek
dat pigeon toe

No. 142811

how would u hide ur face then tho

No. 142859


make sure you've considered the best angle and brightness when kissing him burry, dont ever let him notice how ugly you actually are or else ur imaginary bf will be disappointed

No. 142906

I love how we never see photos with both her "skinny body" and her face. Always either one

No. 142927


she only looks good in certain angle
its also hard to edit her face if its not close up

No. 142929

now shes posting old ass pics of her "boyfriend" omg

No. 142932


why does she want every girl to envy her shooped body LOL

No. 142946

File: 1437666199339.png (1.57 MB, 1170x864, Screen Shot 2015-07-23 at 11.4…)

She can't even shoop her eyes consistently

No. 142969

I'm wondering if she shooped her brother too. Lol

No. 142971


yes i noticed the blur around her brother's nose

and she shooped his skin also
just look at the difference between his face n his arm

No. 142973


her brother used make up? lol

No. 142979

She also forgot to whiten a part of his face kek. Look at the different between her face colour and the little bit of skin you see in the second photo

No. 142981


yes i can see that

shes trying so hard to look white kekeke

No. 142988

File: 1437667904319.jpg (29.03 KB, 480x424, 10624758_882917755065226_20700…)

"The only no makeup you'll ever see of me
minus the lenses ya"

"the only no make up" though
only 1/2 of the face though
still shooped though

make me even more curious of your real face

No. 142991


wonder how ugly can she actually look

No. 142992

wtf dat hair.
Her skin and eyebrows look blurry as fuck compared to her circle lenses.

No. 142997


ikr lol blurry all the way

and look at how messed up the background is

No. 142998

i kinda remember ouji's ex named miyuki

she's far more beautiful compared to berry

No. 143009

To be fair, whoever is running that exposé tumblr is almost as much if a cow as this nyan nyan kawaii ichiro pinku miruku desu chan girl. Their writing is comically pseudo-stoic, like they're trying to sound like some kind of high strung internet vigilante.

No. 143014

File: 1437669027315.png (322.18 KB, 339x567, Screen Shot 2015-07-23 at 11.2…)

well at least i tried

No. 143023

omg hahah good job anon, I think you went slightly overboard with the skin darkening though.
The eyes look like they could be accurate.

No. 143024

File: 1437669666990.png (328.03 KB, 473x414, Screen Shot 2015-07-23 at 11.3…)

well shit

No. 143027

File: 1437670015489.png (278.84 KB, 339x567, IMG_20150728_1.png)

Too funny

No. 143028

Oh shit lmao

No. 143031

whats up with the different hair color ?

No. 143033

File: 1437670610979.png (392 KB, 351x364, borry.png)

Can't stop laughing… I know she lurks here so I could only imagine her expression when she sees us trying to figure out her skin tone and wide nose shape. She's probably over there rolling around in her insecurity, let's not forget her fat greasy hands due to all the junk food she constantly shoves in her pie hole while claiming to be so skinny desu.

No. 143043

Well shit lol.
I doubt her skin tone is this dark though, probably a bit more lighter with a warmer undertone. Like her really old pics you'll find on vk but just a bit lighter since I doubt she goes outside, and non Brown-smoker esque lips.

But probably we should use her "candid" or webcam/video pics for reference, since all we have to do is turn down the brightness, and if she didn't go outside then, she wouldn't go outside now.

Other than that, this looks like if Dora la Explora had an internet presence and found the kawaii ulzzang scene.

No. 143088


sorry lol i just cant

the more she wanted to whiten her skin the more i wanted to darkened her skin even more

No. 143109

File: 1437675464384.png (449.35 KB, 400x664, Screen Shot 2015-07-24 at 1.15…)


No. 143111

File: 1437675519249.jpg (88.11 KB, 1080x857, Screenshot_2015-07-23-14-15-54…)

Why is she like imitating the new annoying anime character?

No. 143114


cuz she wants to be animu but failed

No. 143121

miyuki photoshopped herself to hell and back or something lol

No. 143123


but i've seen her video though

No. 143125

really? how do you know it's not edited though?

No. 143126

File: 1437676098590.png (375.76 KB, 379x625, Screen Shot 2015-07-24 at 1.25…)

so, i found her pic without lenses so i thought
why the f not?

No. 143129

File: 1437676199896.png (390.48 KB, 400x664, IMG_20150728_2.png)

No. 143131

This is pretty good, anon

No. 143133


because the vid is kinda long unlike berry's

that'd be such a pain in the ass to edit

No. 143134

thank you, anon

No. 143135

ah i see, for a moment i was thinking that ouji had a thing for ps'd people lol

No. 143175

Link that video

No. 143176


Now you made her look like this Haitian girl I know kek

No. 143189

File: 1437683345258.jpg (151.25 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

thought this was ouji but apparently it's her brother

No. 143192

File: 1437683612616.gif (3.72 MB, 347x244, dofRBEl.gif)

You just can't get enough of this site, eh.

No. 143194

File: 1437683870207.jpg (142.26 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)


No. 143196


How come every time people post phone caps their phones are almost dead?

No. 143207

cause we be browsing lolcow all day

No. 143212

no it is ouji. Her brother is the guy with the black hair that she took a photo with

No. 143256

How come people pay attention to something like that?

No. 143321

guess she finally spent the money people gave her lol

No. 143323

File: 1437694358306.png (55.62 KB, 763x256, Screen Shot 2015-07-23 at 7.30…)

berry please, your bf is either non existent or on the other side of the world

No. 143331

File: 1437694999667.jpg (16.46 KB, 180x296, image.jpg)

Erm why does Ouji's "sister" look like berry

No. 143337

because it's a fake acc

No. 143338

Oh that's not even news considering Ouji isn't real lol

No. 143339

i meant the tumblr acc where the person said berry was his sister is fake lol

No. 143345

Oh I know. It's just that Ouji already screams "catfish"

No. 143346

At this point I would only believe she is dating ouji if she posted new pics of him. But even when she did that "beauty" shit she used a really old pic of him because she doesn't have new ones lol

No. 143348


ummmn actually this pic is a bit weird. I know she is trying to cover her face in both pics buuuut. If that is Ouji he has all the same facial features as she does. In this pic it just looks like Berry without her stupid fake eye lashes and maybe a wig?

1- I'm a crazy bitch and I need to stfu
2- they have similar facial features because they really are brother and sister
3- Berry is currently pretending to be Ouji and covers her face and wears a wig

No. 143359


OH SHIT. Anon has a point. The guy doesn't look like Ouji, the nose makes me think it isn't berry either. Maybe her brother?

No. 143360

File: 1437699426317.jpg (53.92 KB, 180x296, wtf.jpg)

No. 143362

compare both

No. 143363

or maybe it's myk? she cosplayed guys before

No. 143364

Whoa the noses do look the same shape and size wise. And it is pretty weird that they both HAPPEN to be covering half of their faces.

Or maybe it is myk and that is why "he" is covering up

Honestly why pretend it is a fake boy friend? Is she obsessed with the idea of Ouji? Why not make up another fake boyfriend so people wont say shit like "Hey that guy looks nothing like Ouji!"

No. 143365

the background looks the same though

No. 143366

Guys, thats ouji. I can confirm it. You guys are taking it way too far, berry lurks here and must be laughing so hard right now :/
Ouji is a real person and they dated, he probably doesn't take much pictures now since he's started working. She did posted a new pictures of him in adidas track suit a while ago. Now, can we leave this matter? I'm tired, its getting repetitive since a few threads ago.

No. 143368

i meant to reply to >>143362

No. 143369

Forgot to add, there's a ton of screenshots of berry with ouji with this hair color. If you follow them from 2009/2010,you know thats him allright. Also a few threads back i posted his pictures with his irl friends during the same time span and his hair was blonde.

No. 143371

I believe he is a real person. I don't believe they are dating. I believe they broke up at some point and now she uses the old pics she has to pretend she has a bf. Why is so hard to understand this? And tbh I don't really believe in anons that come here saying "I know Ouji, he's doing this or that" because there's no fucking proof you know him. I can also say I know him.

No. 143373


I agree. Sides I known a couple of girls who were dumped but the boys of their dreams and still pretended they were together. It could be a rare case that Ouji did indeed started working and does not want to keep track of his crazy ex.

No. 143378


You are this gitl who knows ouji in rl , right ? Do you think they are still dating ? Does Ouji talk about having a gf ?

No. 143386

No. 143402

she is shaming a girl who forgot to wear underwear whilst dancing she needs to shut the fuck up because i assume it was not that girls intention to show her vagina she cannot claim women power and then shame girls for making mistakes, she is a woman hating piece of shit

No. 143405

Love how she is more concerned about showing she is playing videogames than actually play it. C'mon gurl, we all know you don't even know how to play, it's just cool to be gamer lol

No. 143408

Honestly this all just seems like Berry trying to subtly make us think he's real

No. 143409

But srsly, for people talking about her nose and skin color.
I get her nose and skin color (oh and the fang thing too)
I'm not saying she doesn't photoshop but I get how her nose could look smaller without too much edit. My nose nostrils when I smile become wide or even when I simply grim too wide, if I do some tricks with my mouth it can appear smaller, I do a kind of duckface but not so obvious by example to make it unnoticiable. And skin color… She obviously edits it BUT I don't think her skin is too dark. She is mixed just like me so I kind of relate. I'm mainly spanish and indian. But I have dutch, portuguese and italian blood as well.. so my skin is.. complicated. If I tan I can be a litte dark but if I don't tan for months my skin is yellowish, depending on the camera and light it's kind of white (not that suuper white like her photos but more white).
I myself don't know if I'm white or not, maybe since white is cute she is trying to bring out her whiteness more.
Sorry for the bible, I have trouble getting people to understand me in english.

No. 143412

File: 1437708243849.jpg (83.95 KB, 720x720, 20150723_202012-kdcollage.jpg)

No. 143414

i don't think this is from her lurking her it's from the person who replied to her tweet on the vag

No. 143415


>t-totally playing video games and not arguing

She's not a good liar at all.

No. 143416

idk why but it kinda irritates me how she always say "videogames." Anyone else agree? o. o

No. 143417

Who? What? What comment are you replying to?

No. 143418

dont really see anything wrong with that in particular

No. 143420

"videogames" instead of "video games"

No. 143427

Anyone know what video games Berry likes to play?

No. 143429

No. 143448

does anyone find ouji REALLY weird for dating berry in the first place, especially if he only knew the photoshopped version? he was romantically/sexually interested in someone who looks 10 despite him being in his late teens (?). like i know some people look younger than they are but berry literally portrays herself to be a child.

idk man seems like a bunch of red flags to me. (this counts for anyone who calls berry 'hot' tbh.)

No. 143474

They used to be friends before dating; and ouji used to be really popular with girls online cause of his cosplays he would post online. Berry was one of those fangirls and luckily got enough of his attention and she prob drove away the other girls. All this is in the earlier threads.
Also after they started dating I bet they also went out for the reputation due to their unrealistic/photoshopped fashion pics.

Either way Ouji deleted his fan accounts for Berry etc etc until he pretty much turned into a nobody+berry's minion– they probably broke up or maybe Ouji is just busy living his normal life now but I still have a feeling berry controls his twitter acc

No. 143476

File: 1437719558525.png (69.28 KB, 763x284, Screen Shot 2015-07-24 at 2.31…)

Who says this shit?

No. 143490

Honestly irl she probably looks fine, maybe a bit chubby but nothing abnormal. Thing is though, she never uploads normal pics of herself. She always uploads shooped pics to try and make herself look perfect. So while she probably isnt awful irl if she uploaded a pic of her ACTUAL face/body at this point people who somehow havent caught on to her shit would be like "wtf"

No. 143498

Why does she try so hard to look white? I genuinely dont get it. For such a weeb youd think shed be flaunting the IM SO AZN card

No. 143510

She's "not like most girls", anon. Burry's a gamerqurl that's 3edgy for this world

No. 143520


cod lol

maybe she will start to play minecraft too

No. 143523

Been friends with Berry for a few months on Facebook already and can I say, she kisses ass a lot. All she ever talks about when we do hold a conversation is "wow you're so pretty. Have you seen my new cosplay/photo?" Gurl. I have. They're everywhere on my timeline. Then she goes bragging about her video games and how much views they're bringing in while streaming.
When I ask her about Ouji, she just goes "offline." Bitch. Please. I'm not someone you can go to just to brag and then leave when you're anxious.
Berry, if you're lurking here, get off your fucking high horse. I only put up for you the same reason you suck up to me.

I'll provide chat screenshots if anyone wants them.
Now that I said that, I'll be waiting for you to spam your Twitter with your asshat tweets.

No. 143525



No. 143535

Plz do

No. 143536


No. 143544

Do ittttt

No. 143556

File: 1437733431565.png (32.36 KB, 577x164, Screen Shot 2015-07-24 at 5.21…)

No. 143559

The topic of the girl who shows her vag is Kpop marketing, she is so stupid even using common sense lol

No. 143563


she was so sure her opinion can be heard by kpop marketing then lol

No. 143619

Omg post them

No. 143650


even her online friends secretly hate her

lol no wonder she doesnt have any friends in rl

good thing there is photoshop berry
or you will never be able to make them have a little bit interest in you

No. 143651

File: 1437752692398.gif (4.94 MB, 245x256, 98765432.gif)

you're a true hero.

No. 143655


Are you sure you're planning to show us?
She will find out who you are since she's lurking here
She will call you backstabber etc and brainwash/persuade her dumb fans to hate you
hope you don't mind since she cares a lot about her fame/reputation despite her shitty ass personality :D

No. 143657

Pretty sure Berry isnt gonna bash her.She'll just shut up or make some vague tweet like "why do people care so much about others"

No. 143658

File: 1437753322972.png (43.42 KB, 530x203, Screen Shot 2015-07-24 at 10.5…)

not sure if berry disagreed because she has a ugly fuck vagina thats too embarassing to be shown in public and nearly possible to shoop or
she just wants to show everyone that she cares about woman's pride while reading hentai mangas full of vags?

No. 143660


*nearly impossible because its hairy

No. 143680

For that vag pic, who the hell forgets to wear their panties.

Soon we'll have male idols "accidentally" showing their dick.

No. 143683

File: 1437756497237.gif (929.16 KB, 135x180, 1416416987836.gif)


>Women's rights involves being able to show off your genitals in public now

What the fuck is even going on anymore

No. 143699


lol maybe because berry always talks about women this women that

No. 143708

Nahhhh she didn't forget to wear panties, she forgot to wear pants lmao

No. 143768

lol we speak about ouji and the bf tweets and "proof" chats start appearing hello blurry

No. 143776

File: 1437769306505.png (38.65 KB, 768x167, Screen Shot 2015-07-24 at 4.20…)

I find this so funny since she's always lurking and tweeting things relevant to what being pointed out here

No. 143785


lol she brings up the "i don't care about what others think" in a different way

yet still tweets it like she cares so much lol

No. 143786


thats actually berry chatting to herself lol

No. 143789

File: 1437771154322.png (28.93 KB, 525x155, Screen Shot 2015-07-25 at 3.49…)

LOL "dont give a fuk"

but still lurking on lolcow

icant stop laughing

No. 143791


you sure you wouldn't read them and cry over it and ask your dad for an advice? lol

No. 143792

I always wonder why people do this, they say they don't give a fuck but have to constantly let the world know how much they don't give a fuck by making statuses every day.

If she really didnt give a fuck she'd learn to do what other online personas do and just don't acknowledge it. it's like people who constantly tell everyone they are smart, if you're smart people will realize it.

No. 143810

File: 1437774965720.png (284.18 KB, 563x542, borry2.png)

Yes, Berry. Tell us more about how you don't care yet continue to hide behind all those lies. You have to be some kind of fucked up to keep pretending you have a boyfriend. That is so pathetic. Whenever you talk about Ouji, you sound so nervous. You're afraid of people finding out, but guess what? They already know. That veil you're hiding behind is coming off whether you like it or not. You're so transparent. Your words reek desperation. You're in your own hell. You're suffering for your lies. Spending each day trying to live up to the person you created. That's your own hell, and one day I will witness your nervous breakdown. Accept your fate, Berry. We're watching you.

No. 143812

Ew, she looks disgusting.

No. 143860

No. 143863

she looks like a young man trying to trap for the first time

No. 143870

that mustache

No. 143889


why she has a mustache tho

pls remember how her asskissers always say "you guys are jealous of her"

yeaah we are jealous of a girl with mustache

No. 143901

lmao so dramatic

No. 143905

If she was old enough to take a picture topless, then shes old enough to wax the stache

No. 143915

The mustache and face expression is a great combo lel

No. 143920

Berry I mustache you a question , who has more facial hair, your fake bf or you? :{D

No. 143922

I'd say korinne lol

No. 143940

it's funny because the amount of tweets of her stating that she doesn't care contradicts this.

No. 143944


No. 143950

someone should comment facial hair pic on berrys tweets lol

No. 143967

is this anon being a no show loool

No. 143987

She is streaming
everyone should go again on twitch and say hi korrine

No. 143988

wow she sounds like a 12 year old

No. 143989