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File: 1411774551389.jpg (56.5 KB, 576x864, im scared.jpg)

No. 14997

I'm surprised there hasn't been a thread yet. (or maybe I missed it)


Psychotic and overbearingly Christian, Traci Hines (formerly Traci Oden) dubs herself as "The Real Life Ariel" and "Hipster Ariel". Traci enjoys lying to people about having been employed by Disney to show up at D23 and when she worked as a party princess, as well as scheduling meet and greets with herself to sign autographs at California Disney as well as local Starbucks. She enjoys trying to steal thunder from actual cast members, making shitty music on Youtube, shoving her religion onto you, and acting like she's the only person who can ever be a Disney Princess.

No. 14998

File: 1411774607286.jpg (198.49 KB, 1267x487, 1396492169433.jpg)

Traci is seen here trying to guilt FireflyPath.

No. 15000

File: 1411774801028.jpg (91.24 KB, 612x612, y.jpg)


Traci's husbands Instagram. Pretty sure she's a gold digger who married a much older man in order to avoid getting an actual career. Also, two years of college according to her website and this little tidbit:

"I attended Azusa Pacific University directly after High School for 2 years. I got in with a music scholarship for vocal performance, but had a heartbreaking ‘Ariel’ experience and lost my (singing) voice 3 days after moving in to the dorms. It forced me to drop out of the music program early on, though I continued to take music and art classes while I was there. My 2nd year things began to turn around and my voice started healing and returning. I took a musical theater workshop that really impacted me, and after I completed my 2nd year made the decision to move back home and work on my music. College was a great experience for me though. Regardless of classes, it really helped me become more independent as a person and helped me solidify my career goals."

More like she realized she wasn't as good as she thought she was an ragequit.

No. 15001

File: 1411774910318.jpg (23.84 KB, 280x280, yeah okay.jpg)

Here is the Cher Lloyd accusation post:

Pic related is what Traci is accusing her of "stealing".

A fucking pose that has been done for ages? Especially in old pin-up art? This girl needs to get a life, she's going to be 30 next year.

No. 15002

File: 1411775010548.png (534.63 KB, 624x503, 1387787776523.png)

Comparison between Disney Parks Ariel cast members, True Enchantment's new Ariel which replaced Traci after she left, and Traci herself.

No. 15003

File: 1411775159553.png (34.34 KB, 569x383, mmkay.png)


Traci's clothing line, which is nothing of her own creation and profits solely off of Disney intellectual property. Same case as most of Traci's shitty music, which is her leeching off of fandoms she isn't even a part of.

Pic related is some delicious irony of the entire situation.

No. 15004

File: 1411775245835.png (1.06 MB, 828x617, hooker makeup.png)

No. 15005

File: 1411775283361.jpg (62.9 KB, 545x730, CARRY ME SLAVE.jpg)

No. 15006

File: 1411775335465.jpg (120.05 KB, 612x612, the queens of crazy.jpg)

No. 15007

File: 1411775417622.jpg (8.68 KB, 480x360, de.jpg)

No. 15008

File: 1411775454012.jpg (149.94 KB, 612x612, meee.jpg)

No. 15009

File: 1411775505475.jpg (92.53 KB, 640x640, i fucking hate you.jpg)

More fandom bandwagoning? More fandom bandwagoning!

No. 15010

File: 1411775553377.jpg (561.46 KB, 900x502, mermaid3small_by_thereallittle…)

No. 15011

File: 1411775602796.jpg (53.86 KB, 612x612, hines.jpg)

No. 15012

File: 1411775669829.jpg (48.48 KB, 612x612, loveisanopendoor2.jpg)

No. 15013

Uh she'd get kicked out at my store js

No. 15018

I'm a cast member at the California Disney and I wish they'd throw her out. She aggravates a lot of the face characters because she shows up as Ariel and tries to steal the spotlight. Her friends are a pretty obnoxious group, as well.

No. 15056

I really like the way Lilyxandra made that Jasmine costume and I want to make one similar to it. To see Traci overreact like this is priceless.

No. 15062

Of course she'd work with a shit person like Doe Deere.
Traci's smile bothers me

No. 15069

Isn't it against Disney Parks policy for adults to wear costumes inside the park aside from Halloween?

No. 15070

File: 1411784598360.jpg (244.12 KB, 900x1200, hipsterariel.jpg)

It is, but she and her friends have shown up in cosplay AND the Disneybounding thing that is going on. I don't know why nobody has thrown them out yet. I had even sent corporate the link to her website to let them know she's copyright infringing and nothing has happened yet.

No. 15071

File: 1411785504792.jpg (170.75 KB, 640x640, watermark.php.jpg)

No. 15073

ew is that her attempt at dressing like a hipster? has she never seen a hipster before? she looks like a scene kid from 2005 lel.

No. 15074

File: 1411786356817.jpg (26.53 KB, 616x462, traci hines makeup tut.jpg)

No. 15075

File: 1411786514177.jpg (159.87 KB, 1024x683, meet_the_mersisters__by_therea…)

Eh, there are many, many, many other pictures of her if one were to Google 'Hipster Ariel'. She acts as if she's responsible for the creation of the Hipster Disney Princess meme.

Speaking of Scene, she was actually Scene for a period after high school when she started trying to move out of her normalfag territory. She's naturally blonde and actually looked like a drag queen Taylor Swift in high school.

No. 15076

File: 1411786827568.png (552.31 KB, 466x697, ruining childhoods.png)

No. 15082

Haha wow. Got any pics of this!

No. 15088

File: 1411790989577.png (959.93 KB, 1304x783, Screenshot (183).png)

No. 15091

Holy shit, you weren't kidding.

No. 15092


How can she be 30 next year and also scene after high school?

No. 15093

File: 1411791591460.jpg (38.66 KB, 490x275, TraciHinesAmericanIdolScreensh…)

2008 on American Idol.
Lol bitch never made it.

No. 15094

Because she was a casual all her life and after she graduated, she began to hop onto bandwagons for shit. She also attended a Catholic high school, so that obviously limited what she could do with makeup, fashion, and hair during her teen years. Photos of her didn't begin to surface until she started trying to make her claim to fame as IRL Ariel.

Lol, she's said it before. Go ask her. She'll be thirty.

No. 15098

Srsly she's ugly. Big ass horse mouth and too close together eyes ugh. They need someone cute to play Ariel.

No. 15102


But I mean, she must have graduated in 2002/3 but Scene wasn't really a thing until maybe 2007 onwards.

She must only be a year or two older than me and scene was always "lol kids" from my viewpoint.

No. 15107

From what I remember, one of her online profiles said she was born in 1989 or 1990 so there's no way she can be 30. I just remember finding out that she's a few years younger than me and I'm 26. Traci just looks old due to way too much makeup.

No. 15109

And, massive photoshopping.

No. 15110

File: 1411796759606.jpg (152.37 KB, 900x534, 1342131188165.jpg)

Why are all Ariel cosplayers so nuts? She reminds me of Mika Nightingale.

No. 15115

File: 1411799143467.jpg (27.21 KB, 508x265, Imakebabiescrytoo.jpg)

Agreed. She reminds me of Anastasia when she was trying to smile.

No. 15116

She looks too old for Ariel

No. 15117


No. 15118

More so than I realized to be honest.

No. 15119

>and I'm gonna her

No. 15121


No. 15123

Is there a video of it?

No. 15145

Tried looking for 2008 San Diego auditions online, but its nowhere to be found. Only pictures of her with the number on her chest.

No. 15148

It should be in season 8 episode 1 if you go by the date mentioned here: http://www.fanpop.com/clubs/traci-hines/articles/8681/title/traci-on-idol

No. 15155

I don't follow her drama, but I wish she would never have done this. Gross.


No. 15162

Everything about that is terrible.

No. 15164

File: 1411836488905.jpg (60 KB, 450x600, 090619010339-804-192.jpg)

Gets worse.

Part of your world:

Rip off of Lana Del Ray's Once upon a dream cover:

Her original "hit" Fantasy:

No. 15167

Part of your World would be pretty good if she wasn't trying to look and act like every American popstar on the planet. That guy is spot on. Wow.

No. 15168

I won't even comment on the videos, 'cause it'd be like shooting at the red cross. All I wanna say is that she's got the most whiny, popstar-ish and unimpressive voice ever. I mean, she's not tone-deaf by any means, but her voice has no emotion at all.

No. 15169

File: 1411838283420.png (460.15 KB, 812x506, ugh.png)

No. 15171


I agree with both of you Anons.
As a music Major, she really sounds like what I call the "casual pop star" there's already tons of singers who sing just like that, and also, she really doesn't seem to have good dynamics either, which is why she sounds unemotional. She really has a lot of work to do. Like TONS.

As other anon said, Link to video please?

>tfw I'm planning to transfer to APU
Holy jeebus, I don't even- I'm dying lol.

No. 15176

She has already been trained, according to herself. Sells shit on iTunes, makes awful songs, and everyone laps it up.

No. 15178

I skimmed through the ep and there was nothing.

No. 15186

Hmmm interesting, then that would mean that she would need to improve her technique even more bc she doesn't sound like it (pompous much maybe?). I heard all of her songs, especially her originals. She really used some auto tuning on those lol.

I believe that personalities have to do with vocal technique flaws. So, I'd say she should stop inflating her ego if she wants to succeed in the music industry.

I'm not supporting her though, she really needs to leave her ego scepter.

No. 15187

her voice has not changed in ages.
it's always the same rehashed shit over and over. she can't reach high notes and you can tell she strains a lot because her voice lacks force.

she actually tried to audition for Glee

It's just a girl who thinks she can make a living out of something she doesn't have. She just doesn't have the voice.

No. 15188

This horrible mermaid makeup tutorial gets me every. Fucking. Time. It's horrible! So much god damn cake face and those eyelashes are too over the top. That lipstick… Augh…

What I hate the most about Traci is her ego. Thinking she's the greatest voice ever when she's so damn mediocre. Getting super butthurt when Joellen makes a similar Jasmine costume for someone else. Gets angry when people make affordable versions of her overpriced shit. Then of course, the way she thinks she's the greatest Ariel ever… I'm glad she had her guest status taken away at MerCon several years back. The mermaid community has so many crazies and what makes it even worse is that so many people look up to Traci. What the fuck is up with the obsession with Ariel? She's basically the patron Disney saint for crazy women at this point.

No. 15189

Why was it taken away?

I only know of her making up stories about when she worked for True Enchantment, about how they were employed by Disney when they actually weren't and how she has lied on social media about being a special guest at D23 when she was just a regular cosplayer like everyone else. I remember when an animator for TLM said her costume was nice and she took that to mean that she was the best representation of Ariel ever and flipped a thousand shits over it.

Her ego is irritating and it doesn't help that she's quite evidently a gold digger. I'm also curious as to what happened with her leaving True Enchantment, because her and Lisa Fabio used to be super close and now they're not even Facebook or Instagram friends any longer. I had only heard tales about Traci making party princesses about herself being the princess and not engaging the children.

No. 15190

File: 1411845681827.jpg (97.88 KB, 640x640, uh.jpg)

Her makeup in general gets me. She cakes it on so thick that without it, she looks like a haggard, effeminate boy. Bags, wrinkles, massive pores, sunken in as fuck eyes. It's like shit, just wash your fucking face and wear makeup less, you stupid whore. Or, here's an idea; Stop using cheap ass Lime Crime and MAC and get something that is quality.

All makeup ages you, but fuck you at least buy ones that are better for your skin.

No. 15191

It was taken away when the organizers found out she was lying about working for Disney and such. Honestly, I don't get why so many people in the mermaid community look up to Traci and think that Ariel is the greatest thing ever. There's way more interesting mermaids to follow. And Ariel has such an ugly color scheme anyway.

Still though. I was surprised as fuck to see so many people in the mermaid community buying her shit, wtf?! All they're basically doing is paying for her name and knowing that she touched the shit lmao

No. 15192

So theres like… an actual mermaid community?

No. 15193

Sorry that just sounds so adorable

No. 15194

Oh god, do you mean those tacky starfish hair pins or her retarded clothing line she recently made?

Yeah, and like that anon said, they're psychotic bitches.

No. 15195

I think that Traci gets looked up to in the same regard that Yaya Han and other cosplay whores get looked up to. They see the lip gloss and sparkles or tits and take it at face value instead of doing any research on the person. So, they become invested in them and still stick to what they're spoonfed and when the dirty pasts of these girls are brought up, they're unable to handle the fact that they were lied to. Their illusion is shattered, but they insist upon going into full white knight mode and raging at anyone who dares to tell them the truth.

Retards like Traci give average girls with nothing to offer the delusion that they're special snowflakes, when in reality they don't have anything. Traci herself is nothing without tons of makeup and auto tune. Her voice is awful and she has such a shitty ego that it's a wonder how anyone can stomach being around her for more than five minutes. Especially with that fake voice she puts on. I mean, really, who the hell gets so asshurt about not being noticed by Disney that they schedule meet and greets with autograph signings at friggin' Starbucks OR the Disney park itself? It all screams mental issues. Was she not hugged as a child or some shit?

No. 15196


Exactly those, You took the words right out of my mouth, very well said, guys.

(And I would like to apologize for my weak English too btw, I'm bilingual)

No. 15198

Both, really. Actually, more like everything. Wigs, hair clips, those mermaid shell crop tops… None of those are even original so I don't get why she's so bothered by it. Starfish clips have been around for ages, those wigs are modeld after the Disney park actresses, and everything in her fashion line is based off of Disney rather than the original stories which Disney drew inspiration from.

tl;dr, she's unoriginal but gets angry about "copycats."

No. 15200

She stopped selling those wigs from what I saw when I checked her shop last month. The mermaid tops are terrible and shitty, what do you even wear those with?

No. 15203

Lol I've been wondering the same about those crop tops. They're so damn tacky and the only thing I can think of that you could wear it with is over a bikini as a coverup for the beach. Other than that… Wtf can you wear them with?

No. 15218

File: 1411855770203.png (300.37 KB, 480x487, Screenshot_2014-09-28-11-05-45…)

Shitty cosplay

No. 15222


Fucking hell, the first thing I found on google was this http://iamamermaid.com/

Please excuse my autism, but is that 'about this blog' ironic or is she actually fucking serious? I really can't tell.

No. 15224

She looks skinnyfat, I don't get why nerds have to worship any female that manages not to be a hideous landwhale.

No. 15233

That's Kassi Kandi, and no one worships her.

No. 15236

I watched that Kickstarter. Horrifying.

No. 15270

oh shit, is that Kassi? it looks nothing like her.

No. 15495

No. 15501

Just found her newest music video project. I've always hated this song but oh hahahaha oh man.

No. 15513

Already posted >>15155
But yeah, it's shit. I did like that song when I was 10 though. She sucked all the nostalgia out of it.

No. 15516

the last two on the left and the one on the far right look waaaaay more disney princessy than traci ever has

No. 15529

that's like one of the only decent sailor moon wigs i've seen, great cosplay too bad she's about 30 and Usagi is like 14.

No. 15549

>Got more questions and video replies to come, but here is the first part of our Q&A with Traci Hines! :)
>How far did you manage to get through American Idol? Would you audition again?

>I auditioned for American Idol a few times. The first couple times I didn’t make it past the 1st round, and back when I first auditioned, it was absolutely nuts. We had to sleep in line on the street for 4 days, they wouldn’t tell us when the actual audition was, people were shoved out of line by other wild, would-be contestants…it was madness. So much so, I didn’t try again for a few years! When I heard things had become more civilized and streamlined, haha, I decided to go back and try again. It was a San Francisco audition, and some friends and I took a road trip from LA for it. We figured if we didn’t make it, at least it would be an adventure! And it was! I had very little money so I used the last of my Little Mermaid costume fabric and made a shiny green dress to wear, rocked my red hair and matching lipstick, and walked in looking like a modern day Ariel (or what I thought to be a modern day Ariel look!) I sang a pop version of Part of Your World, and made it through the first cut! One more trip to San Francisco a few months later for the next few rounds and I was singing in front of Simon Fuller, the exec. producer, and a few other people in casting. They had me sing 2 songs for them (POYW and a bluesy pop song I had prepared) then they sat and stared at me for about 2 full minutes while they deliberated. They asked me about my youtube channel, and clearly had done some research on me. If I made it through this cut I would be in front of the celebrity judges and on tv). Simon Fuller ultimately told me that I was too “Disney” for that season, and that they were looking for someone with a breathier sound. He told me I was a bit too “High School Musical” and that he could see me in Wicked. I was at least flattered they were so nice to me. He said all really nice things, just not exactly what I was hoping to hear. Many of the others auditioning with me that day told me they only got out a few words before they were shushed and sent home. I got about 10 to 15 minutes with the producers. They still filmed those auditions, even though they weren’t the celebrity judges’ rounds yet, and when the show came on tv, I was surprised to see myself on screen for a few seconds as Ryan Seacrest described the “fashion” of Idol that year. I was hoping my voice would win them over, but at the end, it was just my Ariel look that made it onto tv screens. I never went in expecting to win or even get close, I was just hoping for some exposure, but they didn’t show me sing…just what I wore. Ah, well. It was an experience and an adventure and I still had fun! I think technically I made it 4 rounds that year, which was the closest I got. TV doesn’t show the multiple trips many of us have to take for the audition rounds (on our own dime of course!) and what you see on tv is not all it seems. From the way things were that year, I’m willing to bet every person you see singing on tv has gone through multiple audition rounds. You don’t sing for the judges until you’ve been approved over and over again through many producer rounds. I auditioned once more after that, but didn’t get through the first round. It’s such a crapshoot, haha. I feel like I’ve been through my share of Idol auditions, so I don’t have much interest in auditioning again.

Can't find the video though.


No. 15550

Really? I think that wig is terrible.

No. 15552

That wig is terrible.

No. 15553

Honestly, it's one of the worst non-eBay Moon wigs I've seen.

No. 15554

It was a really stupid idea for her to go into an AI audition dressed a a licensed Disney character. I can probably understand if it were aired on ABC (since they're owned by Disney) but FOX??? Idk, either way I think it's dumb to use someone else's artwork and trademark to try making a name for yourself. It's not original and no serious company would willingly invest money in someone trying to emulate one of Disney's most popular characters.

No. 15569

really??? that wig is pretty bad to be honest. it looks like she just put it on right out of the box and didn't even comb it or style it. the bangs in particular are super off.

No. 15573



It's like something out of an SNL skit

No. 15588


Oh, honey. You wish. You could never hold any of the notes from that musical, lmao.

No. 15590

File: 1412023120264.jpg (125.14 KB, 640x640, ew why.jpg)

I don't.. understand why she thinks black or purple lipsticks look good on her.. She legitimately looks like a drag queen..

No. 15611

She's pretentious as fuck. Her ego is off the charts thinking that a major movie company would want to cast them as the main characters.

No. 15613

Her voice is so annoying

No. 15616

No. 15619

Indeed it is. It just showcases how bad they all are when it comes to… well… everything. Only the black girl has a good voice. Doe is the worst of them all, why are we not surprised?

No. 15631


I love how she's not even the title character, but she still gets all close ups lol.

No. 15648

Ew, I fucking remember that contest. I sat there like, "Really, nigger?" She has to fucking bandwagon onto every little thing possible, despite her lack of interest in anything of the sort prior when she was just a fucking normalfag. And, feels the need to find some way to profit off of it. Mass Effect, Sailor Moon, ANYTHING Disney, Jem, and as of late she's been hopping onto Magic the Gathering only because her husband is into it. Typical fake ass whore who is as bad as those "guilty by association" girlfriends who feel the need to like whatever sports team their boyfriends do, because god forbid you have develop your own fucking personality.

But, I forget that asking Traci to develop any sort of personality is like asking for the impossible.

>Her ego is off the charts thinking that a major movie company would want to cast them as the main characters.

Speaking of.. this was hilarious; On one of her IG pictures (I believe it was the most recent Ariel ones), some follower of hers got all butthurt because she actually thought Traci was going to play Ariel in that shitty 'Once Upon A Time' series. She was like, "Oh, I was so disappointed! I thought you were on the show!"

Lol, just as you asked, why the fuck would a major company want to cast her for anything? She isn't even an actress. She has zero experience.

No. 15663

She's so god damn painful…

No. 15666

I know it was scripted and that whole video is cringey but that guy's reactions to every time she busted out in song were pretty much how I felt.

No. 15667

The only thing I like about this is the arrangement.

I really want the instrumental track though. Lol.

No. 15685

Doe Deere is so fucking awkward in this. Why don't we have a thread on her?

No. 15690

the disney ones are the more toned down 2 right? too much red on tracy's

No. 15692

Holy shit I'm going to knotts in 3 weeks lol. She looks weird imo

No. 15697

MTE. deere is such a shithead with all her attention whoring and scamming

No. 15698

No. 15718

The comments are so fucking painful to read. Nobody is ever allowed to criticize anything that Traci does without her knights appearing to cuddle her. No wonder she never improves upon anything and has such a terrible ego.

She makes me nauseous, no exaggeration. I don't understand how a person can be so content with being so fake.

No. 15720

The fake ass voice.
The bad singing.
"I've been friends with.."

That's.. That's what Disney cast members say if they play a character and don't want to 'ruin the magic'. You lying cunt, you never worked for Disney, what the fuck..

No. 15723

Every time I see this is gets worse somehow. This woman will never break out since everything she does is copying off of Disney. Companies don't want that in a performing artist (unless it's one of those princess party companies, of course).

No. 15728

Can we just talk about how Sugarpill took part in the actual movie and Doe Deere got this shit.

I love to see her fail.

No. 15746

File: 1412103896891.jpg (86.12 KB, 640x640, 1411785504792_meitu_1.jpg)

I tried to make her look more like Aurora

No. 15751

This is still horrifying.
Dear god, her face..

No. 15753

Well, she was a party princess until she up and quit to pursue her "singing career". I had read in threads on /cgl/ around last year that it was because Traci often made the kid's birthday parties about herself rather than trying to include the children in anything. I've still yet to find anything online which confirms that, but due to the fact that she and Lisa Fabio (owner of True Enchantment) are no longer friends after being super close, I have a feeling that that's how things may have ended. Traci was probably obnoxious and egotistical and got her shit set straight by Lisa.

No. 15756

I don't follow her drama, but every time I scroll past this thread I can't get over how strange her teeth look. Is she wearing veneers that are too big for her mouth or something?

No. 15757

No, those are her real teeth.

No. 15758

Yes, those would be how Disney Park Ariels look. The one on the bottom left is the new Ariel hired to replace Traci for True Enchantment princess parties.

Traci's makeup is always awful. Her brows are too high and drag queenish for a Disney Princess, her horse teeth are ew, and she blatantly looks too old.

No. 15760

File: 1412107143866.jpg (250.76 KB, 661x1000, 8367867410105.jpg)

Wow, is True Enchantment really the best/most well known "Princess for Hire" company? I don't really follow the Disney drama, but I remember reading that "I'm a party princess" Ask/Tell on the Something Awful forums a while back and she made out like the standards were really high, so I guess I just took her word for it? Most of them look nothing like the character they're supposed to be portraying and all of them, with the exception of Rapunzel and maybe that other Ariel, are very clearly far too old.

That "Belle" is a dead ringer for Kailyn.

No. 15761

Hahahaha that Belle looks about mid forties and those gums wow.

No. 15762

Wow, that Belle really does look like Kaylin. Both look really old forthwith age an pretty ugly.

And idk as much as I dislike Traci, she doesn't seem to make the parties all about her. She doesn't seem too bad in this video but then again, I've never been to one of her party events.

No. 15763

This is actually super cute, I must say her Ariel is the most shitty princess she does.

No. 15765

It's a video made by her. Of course it's going to show the most flattering shit.

Dense as fuck.

No. 15767

Who pissed in your Cheerios this morning? Most of the videos Traci uploads of herself already paint her in a bad light (ex. Jem video; she expects to be casted, Hipster Mermaid series; due to bad acting). I was just pointing out that the rumor about her making the parties all about herself rather than the children is rather odd.

No. 15776

That actually looks pretty fun.
If it weren't for her pretentious attitude all of the rest of the time, I'd say that she's great at what she does.

No. 15777

I cringed. A lot.
That wig she is wearing is so off. Which is surprising, because her hair is usually really on point, in my opinion.

No. 15778

His outfit is like a closet cosplay. It's terrible. Jeans and a denim vest..

No. 15792

she looks like a slightly deformed Lady Gaga in some shots. am i the only one who sees that?

No. 15807

Her teeth are frightening. If she doesn't want the front two filed down then she should at least wear some kind of fake teeth so they're all the same length and don't scare the children.
I kind of despise her singing. It always seems kind of rushed and uncomfortable and I honestly don't like her style or her voice at all whatsoever. It's really squeal-y and unimpressive. She's just awful but I have to agree that she did seem really fun in the kids' party video.
I'm legitimately envious of her…it must be really awesome to be all the princesses. It would feel so cool to get to play all those roles and dress up and sing the parts. I would have so much fun…

No. 15815

Did you read any of the thread? She doesn't do it for a job.

No. 15819

Yep, I read every post in the thread. Did you even read my post? I never said anything about a job.
Are you confused about my saying it would be cool to play the part of the princesses? She dresses up as each of them and does photoshoots, makes music videos, has access to the costumes…she has the chance to play those roles. Whether or not she does it in public is irrelevant. I would love to be able to be a Disney princess even in my own home. I don't know where this assumption came in that everyone has to only enjoy doing things for the attention of other people?

No. 16015

Time to offend an entire race of people by acting like a piece of shit.


No. 16040

Just go back to tumblr.

No. 16042


Dear spokesperson of the entire Mexican race,
It's a sugar skull. Literally a sweet. Not an actual human being. If I do my makeup like a Swedish fish, does that mean I'm offending the Swedes?

Traci is annoying but keep your SJW shit on dumblr.

No. 16046

GOD her singing is irritating.

No. 16064

The only thing that seems offensive about this is how shit it looks

No. 16095


If I do my makeup like a geisha, am I offending Japanese people?
Or are we only allowed to take meaningful things from Mexican culture and turn it to shit because they're Mexicans and they're taking our jobs?

No. 16096


Doing makeup like a sugarskull, the Japanese equivalent would be doing makeup like idk pocky. its a sweet. its not a person.
Sugarskull =/= Geisha

No. 16097

i can smell how doughy and caucasian you are from here

No. 16101

Those two are not even comparable. Swedish fish candy has no cultural or traditional significance.

No. 16104

Please just give up and go back to PULL.

No. 16109

Even PULL's SJW users aren't this retarded.

No. 16142

Oh shut the fuck up.
I am guessing you're either too white or too third gen mexican to understand the significance of this.

Sugar skulls are a sweet that is produced and eaten during Day of The Dead, same for Pan de Muerto.

These things are associated with a holiday, so yes, even though it's "candy" it's not on the same level as fucking pocky you fucking weebs.

By doing this shit, you're promoting the idea that sugar skulls AND day of the dead are on the same level as halloween, when they're not.

There's nothing, absolutely nothing wrong with sharing this part of Mexican culture after all, but the least white people could do is to at least show respect to something that is an actual holiday in my country and not degrading it to a mere costume.

So please keep your narrow minded view of calling everything SJW because your pasty asses can't comprehend shit.

No. 16149

File: 1412289602375.gif (6.3 MB, 448x336, url-21.gif)

No. 16150

Make me pendeja. Make me.

No. 16151


No. 16152

My issue is since when did getting offended over having your culture bastardized by rude ass crackers automatically mean you are from Tumblr? They didn't invent that shit, people have always gotten upset when a group of retarded White people take someone else's culture and try to use it to make money for themselves or just be shitheads with it. Hot Topic has done this shit before with marketing Day of the Dead and turning it into the mockery that is now Marilyn Monroe with Catrina makeup, because little mallgoths want to feel edgy.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 16153

File: 1412290483892.gif (2.07 MB, 400x300, 207502_600.gif)

>mfw this thread

Can we stop turning every single fucking thread on this board into a "what is and isn't racism" shitfest? It's happened in at least 2 other threads over the past couple of days. I feel like it's the same people doing it in every thread, too.

No. 16154

It's a thread shitting on Traci Hines and it's still staying within what she recently did to be even more of a piece of shit. If you don't like it, scroll past the posts or the thread. This really isn't that fucking hard and I don't know why this board of all places tries to act like there's some form of etiquette to shit talking.

No. 16155

Poorly done

Yeah, same with cinco de mayo.

So, let's celebrate july 4th dressing up as burgers, fatsuits and trashy rednecks?

No. 16156

omg you're a fucking idiot. Listen here, buddy. I've never met a single Mexican person who was offended by this so I'm just gonna assume you're about as white as half the members of this forum. It is indeed a sweet for Day of the Dead, but I've never seen anyone compare it to Halloween. So some people wore it as a costume, boo fucking hoo. Would you rather them put on a mustache and a poncho and a sombrero and start mowing lawns? And whoever said it was even on the same level of geisha makeup needs to get a big slap to the face.

Sugar skulls aren't racist so get over yourself.

Now stop getting brainwashed by tumblr and take a deep breath. Maybe drink some tea.

Oh wait, then you'd be appropriating Asian cultures. nvm Just go back to your bedroom and pretend to be an activist some more.

No. 16158

Gawd lolcow is turning into the same fucking hugbox that PULL is. SJW's ruin literally everything.

No. 16159

The difference? Nobody would give a fuck except maybe rednecks.

No. 16161

>I've never met anyone who got offended, so that means it's the same for everyone!1!1!!

You're a fucking retard, holy shit.

No. 16165


No. 16167

>I've never met a single Mexican person who was offended by this

You just did.

>so I'm just gonna assume you're about as white as half the members of this forum.

Mexican living in Mexico, bitch.
Now what?

>but I've never seen anyone compare it to Halloween.

Oh my God you're too retarded for this.

Did you even bother to read the caption and comments on her IG? Nah assuming you didn't because you're too lazy to open that shit I'll actually do that favor for you, I mean obviously you're too busy doing other stuff.

Traci Hines did this tutorial for Hot Topic, which uploaded a video on YouTube. Since obviously you can't be assed to look it up here:
And since I know you won't be assed to look at the description here:
>Traci Hines shows us how to create a jaw-dropping Day of the Dead look for Halloween, using temporary face tattoos and makeup from Blackheart Beauty.

Do I need to read it aloud for you or are you cool just doing the effort of using your eyes and reading it on your own? Yes? okay.

>So some people wore it as a costume, boo fucking hoo. Would you rather them put on a mustache and a poncho and a sombrero and start mowing lawns?

How about you don't do any of that shit?
How hard is it not to demonize and diminish a culture so you can feel exotic? It's not a matter of "well just deal with us doing any of these equally offensive things because it could be worse!"
That's how retarded you sound right now and I hope you never breed you piece of shit.

No. 16168


ughhh you are so fucking annoying can you take this shit to tumblr where people actually give a fuck about "IM SO OFFENDED OFMMG THIS IS MY CULTURE U STUPID RETARDED WHITE BITCH OMFG~!!!!"
you're just shitting up this thread

No. 16170

calm down white girl

No. 16171

If all you can offer as a rebuttal to shit is to scream "TUMBLRRRR", I hope you realize how asinine you sound.

People are allowed to be offended by their cultures being shit upon and just because YOU don't think it's a big deal, doesn't mean it isn't a big deal to someone else. I get that this is the internet and it's cool to be edgy and apathetic, Miss 12 going on 13, but you don't impress anyone. You just sound like a broken record.

No. 16172


not the anon you're replying to, but I'm an actual Mexican living in Mexico and the whole stupid catrina sugarskull makeup piss me off.


yeah maybe, but my point is in these celebrations retarded people tend to emphazise all the ridiculous stereotypes instead appreciating the true culture of each country.

No. 16174

Different anon
This is not the place for that shit though. This is fucking lolcow and you SJW's are trying to shit it up. If you have a problem then make a thread dedicated to the racism done by snowflakes, otherwise keep it on tumblr.

No. 16175

Why should I respect mexicans? And is mexican a race? If I eat french shit, am I disrespuctin frenchies? Bean monkey.

No. 16176

My point is no one here gives a shit, you sound like a broken record.

No. 16177


You remind me of that over dramatic tumblrina saying day of the dead costumes are like literally made from the ripped flesh of dead mexicans or something stupid like that

No. 16178


You’re allowed to be offended, just stop whining about it on an unrelated thread. There are plenty of other websites where you can find like-minded people to be offended with.

No. 16180

Mexicans already think they own my country, so i dunt curr

No. 16181

File: 1412292183597.gif (367.49 KB, 297x195, DisneyNoCurr.gif)

No. 16182

Go fold a taco.

No. 16183

>stop posting what I don't like even though it's relevant to the thread

Also, this board is slow as fuck and none of you have even been contributing shit to this thread. It's been on the second and third pages prior to that tutorial post, so no, stop acting like it's ruining anything when it's relevant.

No. 16185

Crying about what a beaner you are isn't relevant.

No. 16186

Posting stupid shit that a retarded girl does is.

Kiss my ass.

No. 16188

>>demonize and diminish a culture
You do this to us all the time, stay on your side of the boarder and we'll stop hating you.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 16190

Nah you're just bitching about beaner shit.

No. 16193

You've been sticking your fingers in your ears and yelling, "NONNONONONONON!11!!1" for the entirety of the the thread, using one word insults. And, you don't see why people think that you are acting like a child?

No. 16194

Admin they're back.

No. 16195

You realize it's like three different people, right? There's literally a thread about how stupid people like you are. Why are you here?

No. 16198

Lmao, seriously? Why does other anon not get banned for calling people crackers and derailing the thread?

No. 16199

I hate to continue the argument here, but I agree 100%.

No. 16200

Seriously though.

No. 16201

Except that the thread wasn't derailed. Just because it isn't your brand of drama doesn't mean it isn't drama, period. Traci did retarded shit, end of story.

I made this thread and if you don't like it, you can get the fuck out. Nobody is making you stay.

No. 16202

>rude ass crackers
It was, actually. You're banned for the same length as they are now. I don't care if you're the OP.

If you guys want to argue about race or social justice please do it in /b/. All bans in this thread are /pt/-only.

I was still reading through the whole thread to determine who started it and what actions should be taken.

No. 16204

I feel like lolcow admin is my new favorite. Because they actually terrify me like an admin should.

Please forgive me admin.

No. 16205

File: 1412293564103.gif (1.37 MB, 320x240, VQLGJOL.gif)

lolcow admin don't take any shit.

No. 16226

It's hard to avoid the autists that flock to lolcow boards but at least adminchan culls them pretty quickly, thankfully.

No. 18891

No. 18914

God there's just sooooo much to comment on. That hair those god awful heart freckles, that tattoo, and as always her makeup.

No. 18916

She looks mad haggard in this.

No. 18964

Wooooow, this is a hot mess.

No. 19161

It's a fake tattoo, bruh … And her entire look was for a shoot, so idk if we can even complain. I doubt she chose the look herself!

No. 19344

But what if I'm a moderate autist? My fixation is just on costuming and clothing. I know it's opening myself to being a target, but it's a pet peeve when people compare ignorant people to autists. Not all of us are scary, just mildly irritating.

No. 19424

File: 1414203273063.gif (564.64 KB, 414x444, oh god.gif)

No. 19426

"Autists" tend to be more annoying than real autists.

It's just a word. Like faggot.

I don't have any issues with people who actually have (high functioning) autism and some degree of self-awareness. In fact, I usually enjoy the company of such people.

However, I can say I've known a few people who were completely obnoxious, and had utterly no ability to detect humor or sarcasm (or to use humor or sarcasm themselves). That made talking to them very difficult.

But in general autists are good people. It's just used entered the lexicon as an insult, so sadly you just have to accept it and distinguish it when you see it.

No. 19430

For a moment there I thought I was on /x/…

No. 19431


I know it's not like full on autism, but I'm diagnosed with PDD-NOS and I use "sperglord" all the time. Yeah, it's like "faggot". There's not much of a point in getting worked up about it.

No. 19434

oh hey people using my gif! neat

No. 19435

It is a work of art which must be showcased, anon.

No. 19472

Are you mad that someone shared yor masterpiece, anon?

No. 19494


This entire photo shoot was so stupid. I don't understand how anyone in the right mind thinks that those tacky ass crop tops look good. What are you even supposed to wear with them? Just jeans? Unless you feel like trying to be an edgy hooker looking creation like some of her models.

No. 19501

no not at all! i'm quite chuffed actually.

No. 19513

File: 1414282744814.jpg (183.74 KB, 576x864, eeeee.jpg)

No. 19704

Aw, I tried to link her to this thread and she blocked me.

No. 19723

Why would you do that?

No. 19725

Whoa, I logged on to Facebook, and her wedding was one of the top "trending" links in the right column.

No. 19736

Because I'd like to see the dumb bitch make another Facebook wall post whining about how god didn't make her perfect and blah blah weh stahp criticizing meeeeee, like she's done several times before after being called out on her shit.

No. 19743

That could very easily backfire as she could send an assload of white knights to clutter up this board. Do you really want that from someone who has an annoying as fuck fanbase of idiot teenagers and creepy women?

No. 19748

More ammo for the eventual ED page.

No. 19776

This. I'd rather not have to deal with Traci's white knights.

No. 19844


Why does the dress look so odd compared to other cosplays I've seen of it? I can't really put my finger on what it is, just that she looks warped..

No. 19853

She looks crosseyed

No. 19854


I'm sincerely convinced that she's had a rhinoplasty.

No. 19860

It's those circle lenses, I think. Makes her look retarded.

Probably. Her husband makes enough money for her to not have a real job and just sit around playing Starbucks Hipster Princess all day.

No. 19881




Since when the fuck were you two ever friends? Jesus, this bitch just loves trying to latch onto other e-famous or somewhat popular people just to have connections.

No. 20166

No. 20638

so /pt/, I was wondering, how did this woman get famous?
Thanks to her youtube/shrieking songs? Instagram spam? I'm confused.

Everythings just so cringe-worthy about her, she doesn't seem attractive or talented or anything; but still sooooo many people know (and LIKE) her. I'm desperately trying to understand how she managed to get to where she is now.

No. 20647

She was a normalfag like any other for her entire life, married a really rich older guy who lets her sit on her ass all day and not have a real job, started doing party princess gigs with True Enchantment, then after Lisa Fabio and her clearly had a falling out she went on to continue her shit with her YouTube videos and terrible "cosplays".

She's just famous because she has been able to delude people into thinking that she's a real life princess, when she's anything but. She's a giant child, a brat, and completely full of herself.

tl;dr YouTube and lots of self whoring.

No. 21258

File: 1415143334173.jpg (144.1 KB, 640x640, drag queen traci.jpg)

No. 21270

Adella can't really be called e-famous at this point, more like a has-been. After her Attention (erm… Zelda) Project basically failed, she finally grew up, got married, started a family and has more or less vanished from the attention whore scene.

I think they met through Joellen though.

No. 21271

lol I stand corrected. Adella's back to her glorified attention whoring project.

No. 21674

File: 1415299602109.jpg (111.05 KB, 640x640, horseface.jpg)

No. 21705

Is she cosplaying mer-Ronald McDonald?

No. 21707

..Holy shit, it does look like that.

It's supposedly Flounder inspired, but it looks pretty shitty.

No. 21712

Lmao wow it really does look like that. She looks so damn horrible.

No. 21718

File: 1415323154730.jpg (56.68 KB, 640x640, trash.jpg)

I guess she wants to be Courtney Love.

No. 21812

No she looks more like Becky from Coronation Street.

No. 21827

Well there's a reference I never thought I'd see on this board.

No. 21911

This was fucking nauseating to watch..

No. 21950

The way she speaks just screams fake to me. Maybe it's how hard she tries to seem energetic. It just isn't genuine to me.

No. 21962

File: 1415427499205.jpg (85.46 KB, 640x640, her face scares me.jpg)

She looks friggin' horrifying.

No. 22474

what the actual shit is this lol they sound about fifteen with their whole 'I'M NOT NORMALLLLL LIKE EVERYONE ELSE' uhm, sorry, yes you are.

No. 22496

Her voice just makes me think of those people that have to get jobs on kids shows singing because they couldn't make it any further.

FURTHERMORE. That song is fucking atrocious.

No. 22534

She looks terrible compared to the actual cast members holy shit

No. 22535


No. 22565

She does, yes. And, it all profits off of Disney intellectual property aka other people's shit, despite Traci bitching about people using her photos for things and never being original enough.

No. 22566

File: 1415745093609.jpg (70.62 KB, 640x640, ew traci go die.jpg)

No. 22602

Ugh her mouth pisses me off so much. Learn to smile without showing your horse teeth ffs woman.

No. 22604

She looks so aged

No. 22742

God… I just want to wash all that makeup off her face. She'd look so much better if she wore less, like if she went for a more fresh faced look and ditched the gaudy red lipstick and went for a pink.

No. 22767

She wears more makeup than that creepy lunchlady at my old junior high school.

No. 22960

I really hope they sue her </3

No. 23081

I actually sent an email to Disney Corporate last year about it and nothing has happened.

No. 23148

Disney has bigger copyright infringements to deal with than Tracy and others like her.

No. 23195

Still making money off of their shit.

No. 24262

File: 1416104792518.jpg (143.39 KB, 640x640, you are not ariel.jpg)

>Happy 25th Anniversary to a film & a mermaid that has influenced & changed my life in so many ways. The first time I heard #Ariel sing (when I was just a little kid) I knew I wanted to be a #singer, and a voice actress. Her voice touched me & inspired me, along with her charisma, drive & passion to go after her dreams. Alan Menken's #music has moved me ever since, and the #Disney Renaissance that began with #TheLittleMermaid went on inspire me even further with my love for music, #fairytales & believing anything is possible. The biggest compliment I could receive as a kid was hearing that I sounded like Ariel, or that I reminded someone of a Disney character. There was a beauty and a positivity and a wholesomeness that these characters had that I strove for. I don't know, I guess something clicked when I connected with this film, and many other #classicDisney movies. It's become a part of me, an inspiration & an outlet. I don't by any means feel like I AM Ariel, haha, I'm my own person, with aspirations of my own, but she's certainly been a kindred spirit, #fantasy as she may be, and I'm thrilled I've been able to take on her likeness from time to time to make little kids (and maybe some big ones too!) happy. Because The Little Mermaid had such an impact not only in inspiring me towards music, but also in any success of my music on #YouTube & beyond (b/c that's really what gave me my start- doing #Disneycovers! Specifically mermaid songs) I wanted my first real #musicvideo to be for my favorite song, the one that inspired me to sing in the first place, "Part of Your World." I'm dying to get more of my original music out there; I want my own voice to be heard, but first I wanted to do my own version of the song that gave me wings…or #fins, (literally! Haha). As a kid I never planned on donning a #mermaid tail & actually portraying this character, but life takes you to the craziest & most magical of places if you let it. Never let that inner child grow up. If you believe anything is possible, it is. Thank you @disney & the Little Mermaid team, for inspiring me to no end, and for making countless others feel the very same way. #littlemermaid25thanniversary

No. 24263


All this time I thought she was a sea horse. I feel embarrassed now.

No. 24264

>I don't by any means feel like I AM Ariel

Which is the biggest load of bullshit, Traci, and you know it. The same way you didn't think you were Jasmine and yet you pulled >>14998

What a tiresome, old bitch. Glad she's nearing 30.

No. 24291

she doesn't look anything like ariel……ariel looks cute and adorable not like an fucking old hag horse creature. she looks more like one of cinderellas evil stepsisters. that's who she should cosplay as from now on.

also that thick ass cat eye. ariel never had that shit. her eyes are big and round.

No. 24292

people with close together eyes are all hideous. i feel sorry for them.

No. 24293

including miley cyrus.

No. 24300

File: 1416114944947.jpg (73.33 KB, 640x640, hell is an open door.jpg)

No. 24325

she looks like a character from how to train your dragon lmfao

No. 24327

I am more bothered by her mouth. It is so huge and wide and she always uses this gaudy and nasty looking lipstick on it.

No. 24330

Ariel is a naive, sheltered sixteen year old girl. Traci in Ariel-mode looks like a streetwise stripper in her 30's who wears heavy warpaint so that nobody will recognize her when she picks her kids up from school. I keep expecting her to sound like Nicki Minaj.

I feel the same way. It just looks so off to me. I never got the hype around Ryan Gosling because he looks like a bad caricature to me but eh, different strokes.

I'm so glad I never liked Frozen. Imagine having it as your favourite Disney move and seeing all these people constantly fuck it up.

No. 24385

File: 1416157519465.jpg (103.18 KB, 640x640, drag queen chan.jpg)

Her friend looks like she's trying to be the whale sympathizer from the all about that bass video.

No. 24388

Whale sympathizer LOL

No. 24431

Nah, it's easy to hide that with GOOD make up. Tracy's make up is shit.

Like the other anon said - I think her mouth is far worse. I often wonder what's going through Traci's mind when she smiles.
"Oh hey I'm massively horsefaced with misshapen lips and gigantic horse teeth… maybe I should paint my mouth like a clown and grin like a crazy mass murderer"

"Oh shit my make up ages me, better slap on even more make up"

No. 24432

frozen was such a piece of shit. why did so many idiots become obsessed with it? did they use some kind of mind control? i really don't get it.

No. 24437

easy to hide with makeup but still disturbing as fuck. people with close together eyes look creepy, thats why alot of "ugly" disney characters like the evil step sisters have them. it makes the main character look cuter.

also she tightlines all around her freakish eyes like a retard. just like miley cyrus does.

No. 24439


the "villain turning out to not be a villain" and "strong empowered ordinary womyn who needs no man" thing, I guess

No. 24440

File: 1416174915618.png (875.62 KB, 1286x767, Screenshot (320).png)

>maekup secretz hue XDDDD

Nigbitch, you use Lime Crime and it's never been a secret that you're weeb ass scum, circle lenses wearing self works with Doe Deere. Seriously, fuck off already.

No. 24449

Whyyyy is she going after Frozen characters now? Anyone with eyes can see Elsa and Anna have short round faces with soft, small features… not a strong jawline, strong nose, and mouth like a Shetland Pony.

No. 24450

Same reason why she cosplayed Harley Quinn, Sailor Moon, Sailor Venus, Poison Ivy, and like every Disney female; She's an attention whore. Traci has always been an attention whore. I mean, maybe she would have had some hope had she not become such a damned egoist after high school, but it's too late for her now. She has it stuck in her head that only she can portray certain characters and is the best at doing it and her white knights really don't help this delusion. Just another arrogant, attention starved normalfag who latched onto cosplay as a means for validation.

No. 24453

File: 1416176963665.png (412.55 KB, 640x640, eyebrows.png)

not even touching on her horse face, but she'd look so much better if she did a natural eyebrow arch. and ugh those eyelashes. when your eyelashes hit your eyebrow they are too damn long. god invented scissors and gave them to the cavemen for a reason.

No. 24454

You're right… I suppose I should have answered my own question. the answer is always "for attention" with these idiots.

I just looked up her Jasmine cosplay and man that ain't pretty. She has way too manly a facial structure to be wearing costumes where she doesn't have her hair at least partially down.

No. 24455

i think another one of her problems is that she draws too much attention to her mouth, which is already pretty big. she needs to tone down the lipstick in this pic in particular and go for a softer look. even if she wanted to stick with the dark lipstick color there are still ways she could tone down the horsemouth she has going on.

No. 24456

That makes such a big difference it's unbelievable..

No. 24530

this makes me hat frozen even more. GOD.

No. 24536

too much gum line i can't

No. 26055

based anon thank you
this is glorious

No. 29530

File: 1418422722624.jpg (60.61 KB, 640x640, hard knock to your head.jpg)

So, apparently this is her shit now.

No. 29531

File: 1418422782674.jpg (107.35 KB, 640x640, youre not annie.jpg)

No. 29535

I like how her friend reacts.
That's how we all feel.

No. 29566

File: 1418430461836.jpg (126.67 KB, 648x842, image.jpg)

Jesus Christ

> what is acting

> what is concept singing
> what is good singing

She needs to quit singing all pop-sy. It sounds like she's trying to be a pop star,

>dem pop squeak noises

Girl, that's not gonna get you far, you sound EXACTLY like the typical pop singer I've heard.

She ruined my favorite musical number from Annie.

(Sorry for venting, I had a bad day)

No. 29749

She keeps doing the stupid ass Miley tongue pose and it's annoying. It doesn't make anyone look cool or quirky, you just look like that autistic mushface tiger.

No. 29752

File: 1418515405339.jpg (63.65 KB, 640x640, still a stupid whore.jpg)

No. 29753

File: 1418515566622.png (1009.83 KB, 1293x769, because we didnt have enough r…)

So, she's late in doing so, but seems to have hopped onto the fucking retarded Jack Frost x Elsa bandwagon shit. Also, I don't know why she thinks she makes a good Elsa or a good anything. Her makeup is always too drastic for any of these characters. Especially here. She looks old as fuck.

No. 29758

what is this jack and elsa aged 70

No. 29770

File: 1418519073943.jpg (21.9 KB, 640x360, jessica_lange_640.jpg)

She does look like Elsa, though…Elsa Mars.

No. 29791

File: 1418528999029.png (351.31 KB, 640x480, Jack_Frost.png)

well that's unfortunate

No. 29799

This legit looks like a couple in their early 70's going to a holiday party

No. 30002

File: 1418605878441.png (974.77 KB, 1288x769, Screenshot (346).png)

No. 30008

File: 1418607510640.jpg (44.02 KB, 354x330, latest.jpg)

She's going to look retarded.
Violentchildhood said it well.

No. 30010

cant wait to see the hooker makeup job she does for this costume

No. 30027

Da fuck? This will be gloriously bad.

No. 30038

Not muh bby. qq

No. 31266

File: 1419131713320.jpg (82.4 KB, 640x640, traci just die already.jpg)

No. 31268

File: 1419131787549.jpg (121.56 KB, 640x640, haggard cindy lou.jpg)

No. 31269

iggy azalea's looking rough these days

No. 31271

No. 31272

File: 1419132120205.jpg (99.23 KB, 640x640, awful.jpg)

No. 31273

No. 31276


No. 31280


Are their noses meant to be like that? The girl on the right looks like a monkey.

No. 31282

yeah, they're supposed to be like that (watch The Grinch to see what i'm talking about), but they kinda…fucked up the photoshop and it just looks weird

No. 31744

File: 1419217947964.jpg (95.69 KB, 640x640, apparently chucky.jpg)

No. 31753

lmao. this actually works, due to her scary grin. that being said, couldn't you at least take the stickers off the hammer before posing with it? come on, girl.

No. 32467

File: 1419374813671.jpg (101.33 KB, 640x640, GAIS WE'RE A HIPSTER FAMILY.jp…)

Supposed to be Melody and Eric and Ariel.

No. 32510

I was so confused as to why they were hanging out with some random angry emo bitch.

They all look nothing like the characters they're suppose to be.

No. 32554


No. 32560


No. 32564

Jesus christ shut the fuck up. This is the most autistic thing I've read on here yet

No. 32568

I was simply being sarcastic, anon.

No. 32993

No. 32994

File: 1419471772979.jpg (109.3 KB, 640x640, gummy horse nigger.jpg)

No. 32996

Her face is so punchable

No. 33007


jesus christ set this bitch on fire

No. 33039

Her eyes are too small to have these giant fake lashes and circle lenses. They make her look old.

No. 33046

she looks like a drag queen

No. 33781

File: 1419649725445.jpg (89.68 KB, 640x640, horse.jpg)

It's disturbing how much makeup she needs to look remotely decent and even then, how she does her makeup leaves her looking like a man in drag..

No. 33813

She's so… plain. I think she'd look fine with some neutral makeup (mascara, pink tinted lip gloss, some neutral eyeshadow, and a little liner) and would look good though. I just hate how she cakes that shit on.

No. 33818

File: 1419655719417.jpg (262.57 KB, 500x700, tracibrown.jpg)

She looked really good when she dyed her hair brown. Her natural hair color is blonde, which still could have looked nice had she styled it properly. This clown red isn't flattering her, but she wants to be IRL Ariel in everything.

No. 33851

is that her hair? it looks like a wig, especially the way it sits off her scalp. either way it's miles better on her than the red.

i think she looks best as a blonde tbh. the red hair just draws too much attention to the "loudness" of her busy facial features and she looks like a clown. the brown hair isn't too shabby, but she'd need to tone down the heavy makeup to make it work best. though honestly she needs to tone down the heavy makeup altogether, it really does the opposite of its intended effect (bring out the natural features of one's face) when it's caked on in such an exaggerated way. she looks like a caricature. or a Sim.

No. 33867

Wow, she looks great as a brunette (although it's a wig)! I like her natural platinum blonde hair too but god damn, the cartoon red Ariel hair isn't doing her any favors. Her natural blonde hair and toned down makeup would work wonders on her. She'd look cute rather than plain (zero makeup, cartoon red hair) or terrifying (heaps of drag queen makeup AND bright ass red hair). Traci isn't ugly but jebus, the shit she does to her face…

No. 33881

Eh, going off of >>15011
>>15074 I feel like she's pretty unfortunate looking

No. 33887

Her eyes are awfully close together.
She really should consider some eyebrows that frame her face better. Cause the style she's got currently is way too harsh for her…

No. 34305


No. 35106

File: 1419901453446.jpg (78.69 KB, 640x640, clown.jpg)

No. 35118

Ugh god… Please tell me that's one of her wigs…

No. 35147

File: 1419906795980.png (194.75 KB, 500x280, aaah.png)

for you

No. 35149

I'm dying

Die if you try, die if you try, die if you try
Jesus, I'll have nightmares tonight

No. 35233


is that the girl from the most recent season of face off? don't remember her name.

No. 35243

Wel you see her name itt. So hard.

No. 35881

File: 1420097684168.jpg (113.6 KB, 640x640, everyone here is disgusting.jp…)

Note her Tumblrite friend with the blue hair who constantly wears lipstick shades which don't suit her, flower crowns, and has the ugliest fucking manface.

Also, that stupid fucking peace sign weeaboo shit. Fuck you, Traci.

No. 35882

Traci singing in Japanese like the stupid weeb that she is.

No. 35888

File: 1420100906900.gif (907.91 KB, 245x165, eeeech.gif)

No. 36286

File: 1420230777050.jpg (48.13 KB, 640x640, ice horse face.jpg)

No. 36295

NANA is one of my favorite series, and this horrible cover hurts me on a deeper level than most. Her tempo is completely off and she is trying too hard to sound like Mika.

No. 36303

was it really necessary to cover your face in makeup in order to film this in your living room?
also that lipstick is really unflattering and only draws attention to the weird way her upper lip moves when she's trying to create a vibrato effect. also
>trying to stare sexily into the camera @1:15 then going back to awkwardly wiggling shoulders & staring off into space (presumably reading her lyrics)

No. 36310

No. 36314

I probably have terrible taste and this'll sound stupid, but I think she looks better doing her makeup like this. (Even though I'm sure it's been shopped.)
To me it just doesn't seem so….harsh when compared to her Ariel makeup.

No. 36323

Here's a close up >>24440

No. 36422

Granny elsa top kek

No. 36780

File: 1420329440883.jpg (78.98 KB, 640x640, fuckyounigger.jpg)

No. 36793

And I take back what I said.
Those circle lenses make her eyes look scary and it creeps me the fuck out.

No. 36816

Is this her real hair?

No. 36823

She claims that it is.

No. 36828

What do most people think?
It looks to vibrant, full and healthy.

No. 36829

Excuse my faggotry.

No. 36847

She uses extensions because she has alopecia. She mentioned on some pic on instagram one time.

No. 36971

Why does this woman insist on drawing her eyebrows on a fucking solid 90° angle. I mean, fuck, I would kind of understand if they're naturally super arched but as seen in >>15000 and >>15007 they're straight as shit. Bitch straight up looks like a drag queen.

I think if she toned down the heavy ass make-up, drew her eyebrows straighter or with just a modest arch and stopped wearing bright and bold colours on her lips she might actually look not completely terrifying.

No. 36976

are her eyes migrating towards each other will they eventually just become one large eyeball with supremely arched respective eyebrows at either side of said giant eyeball i am awaiting her entry into the ripleys believe it or not museum as longest living cycloptic horse

No. 37027

Honestly? I think she looks like a teenage boy here. Wtf

No. 38635

File: 1420760278609.jpg (88.52 KB, 640x640, ew traci.jpg)

No. 38648

I swear to god, that picture just blinked at me.
Maybe I'm sleep deprived because this is my second might of mo sleep.

But I swear it did like a arrogant cutesy flutter.

No. 38649

Aaaaaand she's joined the legion of side-shave sisters. Except she opted to go against the direction her hair grows making her look like an idiot.

No. 38654

why why why why why

No. 38657

File: 1420767745809.jpg (97.27 KB, 640x640, I NEED TO BE EVERYTHINGGGGG.jp…)

No. 38679

the picture on the right is probably one of the only good ones I've seen of her. Sure, the eyebrows are a little much, but her makeup seems…. subdued? for her?? and the brown looks nice and natural with her skin tone.

However, that redness around the pendant makes it seem like the jewelry is super cheap and made of irritating materials… probably is.

No. 38683

How to make Disney princesses look like a high end hooker!

Step one: Be Tracy Hines.

Aaaaand you're done!

No. 38685

No. 38686

At 0:12, it REALLY shows how fucking haggard she looks if you pause it..

No. 38699

yeaaaa even though ariel is supposed to be young, she's not 8, and that shirt just draws attention to the fact that she has baby budding boobies

it makes me really, really uncomfortable

No. 38813

I absolutely do not understand how she is not being sued for the obvious plagiarism of intellectual property.

No. 38815

Yes I agree. She has the ideas backwards, cute phrases for kids on a tee, or cute images and a neat design for adults. Why put so much effort into a video promoting a simple text tee? It makes the production sad because the design is bland.

No. 38849

File: 1420834010242.jpg (52.58 KB, 500x479, 3282751269_0b11f033e5.jpg)


Yuuh… Ariel had shells because she had boobies… this just looks weird seeing how most child merfolk have at least a tub top, but not a fucking bra >.<
Even Disney made sure that the tube top they drew covered up most of her upper body
Also how vain is it for the shop owner to be in her promotional videos… she is even in the kids part like "Wee look at me!" I only see attention whores do this

No. 39009

File: 1420861195362.jpg (80.22 KB, 640x640, attention whoring as usual.jpg)

No. 39013

File: 1420861522960.jpg (34.83 KB, 600x600, 7de5fbf84fcdd8f4b8c245a419f3c8…)

does anyone think she'd be a really good anastasia? and doe deere can be the other stepsister

No. 39015

Yeah, someone else earlier ITT mentioned that. She'd honestly make a better Anastasia with those ugly frown lines she has going on along the sides of her mouth.

No. 39020

Fucking nightmare-inducing.

No. 39096

Holy shit yes, she would be a perfect Anastasia.

No. 39104



No. 39116

Lolol. I hope she notices that's what her brows look like half the time.

No. 39178

File: 1420922349553.jpg (80.96 KB, 640x640, i fucking hate you.jpg)

No. 39410

She looks like a clown, jesus. She and Xenia could be clown sisters

No. 39429

tbh I think this suits her waaay better than any hairstyle I've seen on her thus far. Especially the poofy mega-fringe Ariel hair. She's annoying as fuck and I dislike her, but she looks pretty here.

No. 39433

File: 1420999333550.png (407.47 KB, 422x620, untitled_by_thereallittlemerma…)

It's at least better than before
And what even she makes memes of herself lol

No. 39444

she looks like that one annoying girl with crazy hair and stretched lobes that everyone knows, but nobody wants to hang out with

No. 39483

LMAO. Perfect description.

No. 39487

She only does that to get attention. She's still a basic twat.

No. 39524

What girl

No. 39532

File: 1421036131187.jpg (42.9 KB, 500x502, 5217855 _0d3eff429d2185ec670eb…)

she needs to become a feminist

No. 39533

you don't know a girl like that? Damn you're lucky

No. 39548

Is she a Mormon? Just wondering.

No. 39549

Someone should ask her. She is irritatingly Christian, though. Randomly will shove the religion in conversations and places which it doesn't belong, used Robin Williams' death as an excuse to go preaching, brags about listening to her dead pastor's sermons every night before bed.

No. 39550

File: 1421040621835.jpg (90.81 KB, 640x640, fuckface.jpg)

No. 39553

This doesn't even make sense. Why Ariel be on a couch when she still has her tail?

No. 39556


No. 39587

If she were Mormon, she'd have gotten married at 18 and immediately been barefoot and pregnant

No. 39589

then she could cosplay snowwhite and the 7 dwarves

No. 39645

File: 1421092722835.jpg (93.5 KB, 640x640, OMG ATTENTION YES FOR ME.jpg)


Traci using a kid dying with cancer as her attention platform.

>ib4 b-but anon it SAYS to smile!1!!!

Lol nigger, it's Traci and she'll do anything for attention. Even if it means pulling a Tara Strong and milking a dying kid for some limelight.

No. 39647

What did Tara do? I thought /co/ and /mlp/ loved her.

No. 39653

Tara used to be cool until her MLP fame. Then, she just turned into a massive attention whore. Despite having a husband and young son, she purposefully takes tit shots (clothed, but still her cleavage and spams them everywhere), images and gifs of her licking her lips, her feet, poses with her mouth open like she's about to give head, and there's a gif of her pole dancing floating around. She went from a cool VA who was a part of like everyone's childhood to just a haggard attention whore at 40 or 50 something and it's embarrassing. When a kid was dying of cancer, she spammed the fuck out of her FB and Twitter feed with mushy, Gretchen Weiners style I AM SUCH A GOOD PERSUN!1!1!!1 posts when everyone and their mother could see it was just so she could get good PR.

Some of /co/ likes her and some of /mlp/ likes her, but then there are those who see through the ruse and are like lolnoew.

No. 39659

I just looked her up and… she was Presea? Nooooo

No. 39706

File: 1421122049349.jpg (75.59 KB, 640x640, grossasfuck.jpg)

No. 39739

Does she have a job or does she do selfies and bad singing all day?

No. 39761

She used to own a business with party princessess, don't know if she still does.

No. 39766

She didn't own shit. How is nobody reading the thread? Lisa Fabio owned and still owns it. Traci left to be a pop star. SHe doesn't have a degree or job.

No. 39769

Those fucking eyebrows are holding her back so hard.

No. 39927

File: 1421204972656.jpg (68.48 KB, 640x640, still whoring it out.jpg)

she still won't shut up about this

No. 39928

No. 39929

No. 39961


No. 39965


No. 39998

I have an irrational hatred for closed-toed shoes that still show off your toes. It's so ugly. Plus these looks like they would be incredibly uncomfortable to walk in because your smaller toes would keep popping out.

No. 40006

Life lessons from a delusional try hard

No. 40007

I hate shoes like that too, but IIRC, there's a clear bit that holds your toes in in that particular pair. It was clearer in the other photos.

No. 40109

No. 40130

File: 1421283733962.jpg (124.42 KB, 640x640, bagofshit.jpg)

tongue pose needs to stop. you don't look cool.

No. 40196

I hate it so much. It looks like she's holding a bit of sausage in between her teeth.

No. 40201

It looks retarded because she has a huge mouth and tiny tongue. It doesnt bother me as much if people have a big tongue and a small mouth.

No. 40212

I keep secretly hoping she accidentally bites down on it.

No. 40213

Her heavy makeup, bad eyebrows and scary smile all combine into the image of a 40 year old woman who has had surgery and wishes she was still a teen. How old is she?

No. 40221

She's 28. It was said before on her birthday comments and how she's 'older than she wants to be'.

No. 40223

When will people learn that heavy makeup just ages you more? All the lipstick, eyelashes, eyeshadow and super arched brows just make her look like an aging drag queen, not a 16 year old ~mermaid princess.

Though to be fair to her they trowel on the late 80s/early 90s beauty pageant makeup on the park princesses as well, so I suppose that's where she gets it from? It's never really made sense to me because the characters are supposed to be like 16-21 but end up looking in their mid-30's once it's all been slathered on.

No. 40325

Women lying about their age used to be commonplace, almost accepted and expected. However, nowadays its only vain women who still do this. I guarantee she does this.

No. 40335

Though to be fair to her they trowel on the late 80s/early 90s beauty pageant makeup on the park princesses as well, so I suppose that's where she gets it from? It's never really made sense to me because the characters are supposed to be like 16-21 but end up looking in their mid-30's once it's all been slathered on.

I don't get that either, it's easy to get pretty young girls for these roles, why slather on so much makeup? It looks especially bad in strong sunlight, no idea why they do that.

No. 40406

I don't think her makeup is necessarily aging, it's just not appropriate for what she's cosplaying, or even for a woman because it looks exactly like drag queen makeup. You're right in that it makes her look like a drag queen, but she looks like a drag queen cosplaying whatever character.

She's a bit like JNig now that I think about it, in that when she cosplays she looks like herself dressed as <character>, not like the character herself.

No. 40412

the jnig comparison is spot on. i've seen a lot of girls like this and i don't get why they even bother with cosplaying. i think a lot of girls, including myself at times, tightly hold onto a certain look because they feel they look the best that way, in some sort of sense that their makeup correlates with who they are inside and/or who they want to be perceived as, and/or just don't like change in general. at this point i don't get why these people insist on calling their costumes, cosplays. even if traci/jnig/etc have every detail down but the makeup in a cosplay, it'll still just be traci/jnig/etc in a really intricate costume, at least to me.

No. 40415

They cosplay because with cosplay brings attention. I mean, cosplay was arguable quite a niche hobby until JNig did her sexy Pikachu, and she and other cosplayers have gotten a lot of attention since then, and made a lot of money too. Cosplaying means girls get to dress up and get attention for it. I guess for JNig and Traci and people like them (Yaya, for example), they have a formula that works for them, and if it ain't broke, why fix it?

No. 40416

How old is her husband? he's probably similar age

No. 40434

Nobody knows. He's just old looking, ugly, and loaded. He posted their spending money for the week on his IG once, which was over one grand.

No. 40447

Bragging about just a grand means he's not wealthy at all and must have worked hard for it. I don't see them doing luxury activities or wearing designer anything on the instagram.

Just noticed that username, this woman is ridiculous.

No. 40478

Is it just me or does she sometimes look like squidward? In some lighting her nose just looks HUGE and bulbous.
Even if she did her makeup better she still wouldn't look good. She just has one of those faces. She needs help with it yeah but she still won't ever be hot.

No. 40479

File: 1421411567394.jpg (33.52 KB, 480x360, squidmaid.jpg)

Sorry for double posting but this is a good example of her looking like squidward.

No. 40508

true. but traci doesn't really have anything going for her in that aspect. jnig at least has that girl next door thing going on and a nice body. traci isn't attractive and doesn't have a nice enough body to be referred to as a butterface. does she actually get any attention while "cosplaying?" disney is incredibly popular and i'm positive there are much, much cuter girls cosplaying the characters and doing a much better job at it.

No. 40512

>i watch anniemays!
>i'm a GEEK!! teehee
>i sing in japanese!

woww this is 100000000% cringe

No. 40518

I think she has the Disney princess market covered. Admittedly I'm not hugely familiar with the cosplay community, but if I was asked to think of just one cosplayer who does Disney princesses, Traci would be the first one to come to mind. She has her fame because a) Ariel is quite a popular princess and b) she was the first (if I'm not mistaken) to do the hipster princess thing, and if she wasn't, she seems to have popularised the idea. She's got to have done something right to get to where she is now.

No. 40526

really? that's weird to me. i'm not a part of the cosplay community and was never really allowed to watch disney growing up, so i don't know much about either. also, even though i've never really been to any cons yet, i don't think disney belongs in a con. i hate to sound like an autist but if i'm going to otakon, i want to see stuff from different japanese series being cosplayed. if i'm going to comic con, i mostly want to see comic characters, but i'll let cool video game, tv, and movie characters slide. i just want to see more "nerdy" things in cons, disney is far from "nerdy." also is hipster ariel all that clever? i remember seeing the hipster meme years ago and it was never funny.

idk i don't think i'll ever get this girl's popularity.

*okay maybe disney could belong if you're cosplaying someone from kingdom hearts but that's really it imo.
and i apologize for going on a bit of an autistic rant.

No. 40557

>She just has one of those faces.

That's exactly why she's never been an official disney princess. Although the princesses have a ton of makeup on, they are casted for having very aesthetically pleasing faces and kind smiles. This chick and her makeup combined is tore up crazy.

No. 40566

>that huge patch of peeling pleather

No. 40570

They just got approved mortgage for a mcmansion, so ugly lazyboys are all they can afford.

No. 40572

I've never once seen her do anything anime or gaming related, so this is news to me.

I just realized that Tracy is trying to follow a geeky gamer cosplayer who became an official singing disney princess (including Ariel) many years ago. Tracy does similar covers to her but she sounds and looks terrible in comparison.

No. 40678

It's loaded if you're someone like Traci, who has no career and no degree. This is a woman who never worked in her life and went to a private catholic high school. They also live in Cali and I'm sure that's his regular pay, not just a one timer. Especially if Traci can afford to not to anything for a job (because let's be real, she's popular but not so much that her clothing line covers Cali cost of living) and drink Starbucks three times a day. She doesn't wear designer because that's not how she is. Traci is about buying cringe worthy, 'nerdy' clothing like HT and Castle Corsetry in order to keep up her image. She knows fuck nothing about anime, games, comics, and only band wagoner onto this for attention. Traci was a casual, once upon a time. She still is.

Also, nobody else seems to make more of how her husband is barely spoken of or shown and she does everything with her 'Eric'.

No. 40694

Former face character from 09 to 11 here.
It isn't just her face, but also the height. She's only 5'3, which they will SOMETIMES make an exception for in terms of Alice or Wendy, but they usually would like princesses to be 5'5. I'm not sure if she ever auditioned or not, but I just can't see her passing because of how.. conceited she comes off. Being a princess isn't about you. It's about those families and that child. It's about making the experience special and wonderful. She also doesn't do her makeup properly. We're given sheets on how to do makeup for a certain character and its so much more toned down than anything I've seen her in.

Our auditions were three parts; Dancing, Acting, and an acting segment with three judges who ask you who your favorite character is and pretend you are meeting them. I'm sorry if it sounds mean, but I just couldn't have seen her passing these..

No. 40718

sorry but, how do you get into being a Disney face character?
I'm 5'4", 19 but I look about 16. My hair is naturally blonde and people tend to call me cute. How does one apply to be a Disney face character?

No. 40719

Forgot to add, I have resting nice face and I don't have a huge, horsey mouth and hooker makeup skills.

No. 40724

My college campus was used for auditions years ago. Have you checked if yours does it?

No. 40745

Profit from cheap online shop clothing like that is at best 2k-5k a year. She doesn't have a huge churn of product. But they definitely aren't wealthy by the looks of that couch and cheap window blinds alone.

Half the internet who doesn't know her thinks the Eric guy is her husband because they don't read. That has to be awkward for him.

No. 40749

I did not know about her height. You're right about how she comes off as super self-centered and ambitious, rather than warm and genuine. I really wonder how she behaved to kids at the princess parties or whatevers she did unofficially.

No. 40751

She did a Misty Cosplay once but Pokemon is mainstream as fuck so that doesn't really count. I've never seen her do anything that wasn't massively popular either.

No. 40757

This is what I mean, I've never seen her genuinely interested in a niche beyond how popular it is, how it furthers her agenda, and how much attention it would garner in a short time.

No. 40805

Oh, yes. They will sometimes make exceptions, but they'd prefer princesses to be like 5'5/5'4. 5'6 can be pushing it, because they'd rather you not tower over children in photographs. It makes you appear less princess-like. Shorter girls who audition and don't make Alice/Wendy are often cast as suit characters, where it's okay to be on the shorter side. I'm from the Florida park, but I've noticed that the SoCal Disney park has always been a bit more lax with their standards. I know that there's currently a girl at their park who is Peter Pan and she's in her final stage of transitioning from female to male, they are aware of this, and there are no issues with it. The most anyone at my park had gotten away with was an Aurora who possessed a VERY thick, obvious Georgia accent. However, without all of our makeup and wigs, I can assure you that we look pretty average. It would be nice to have been born looking as exotic as someone like Dita Von Teese. There are even times where our makeup can look pretty garish, such as certain girls who play Belle and go WAY too thick/dark on the brows. That combined with the very eccentric wig (because we need to be honest, peasant Belle wig has pretty funky bangs) can make you appear.. just top heavy.

It also used to be a big deal to have your work spoken of on social media accounts years ago, but now it's either more lax with certain parks or people are better about hiding it. If anyone remembers Bri-Chan, she actually got into a bit of trouble years ago when she made posts about work on LiveJournal and was told to remove them by her superior.

As for Traci and princess parties, I don't know what happened, but I have noticed that she and Lisa Fabio (owner of True Enchantment) are no longer friends. She also has employed a former Peter Pan of SoCal, which some SoCal cast members are actually pretty upset about. While I obviously can't speak to what really happened, seeing how Traci is, I feel like she made princess parties more about herself than the child. I feel like her ego may have gotten in the way and Lisa noticed this.

No. 40806

Oh man i am 5'1 so i will never make a good princess. Sucks to be short. I tried modelling years ago, but no one wanted me because i was too short. Oh well at least i am short and cute, and not a crazy horse like Traci. I mean damn i would hate my face if i had a huge horse mouth like her.

No. 40815


>I'm from the Florida park, but I've noticed that the SoCal Disney park has always been a bit more lax with their standards. I know that there's currently a girl at their park who is Peter Pan and she's in her final stage of transitioning from female to male, they are aware of this, and there are no issues with it.

In the UK (but there's not a Disney park in the UK), young male characters like Peter Pan are pretty much always played by a woman.

So I don't know if Disney is being progressive or just sticking to theatre tradition.

No. 40821

Why would the cast members care that she employed a former coworker? Was it because it sort of legitimized her business?

No. 40843

Some of them feel as if it ruins the magic. I realize that it probably sounds ridiculous to some people, but there are people who feel that strongly about their work as a cast member. There are others who just aren't very fond of the fact that it had to be TE, where Traci herself happened to have started out. People obviously aren't able to do much about it, but many are well aware of who Traci is and they don't really like her. She's a very exhausting guest, I had been told, because she frequents the park on a nearly twice a week basis and has always made it a point to try and steal thunder from face characters. She's set up meet and greets with herself there, where she signs autographs as herself. It can be pretty frustrating when you're already working a performance job where you must be on your toes and in character at all times (until you get backstage) and then some obnoxious, glorified fangirl waltzes in and tries to be "much more Ariel than you" about everything.

Like I've said, I don't know if she actually ever DID audition (she claims in an interview in the past that she's NEVER wanted to be a face character, but I'm not so sure I can believe that given her party princess work..), but if she did and was rejected she should have taken it a lot more gracefully than she has been. She truly does seem incapable of distancing herself from the Ariel image. It never feels like her with red hair in outfits. It's just 'Ariel as a Hipster' or 'Ariel as a bride', or 'Ariel as a punk'!

Just.. she is a truly exhausting and upsetting person. Her voice also bothers me. It just seems so fake..

No. 40845

How much does it cost to go to Disneyworld/land? It seems like people who live near them go all the time but if it's anything like other theme parks surely it costs a lot especially if you're staying at a hotel?

No. 40846

Also, it was pretty low of her to go around saying that D23 hired her as a special guest when she and her friend were just normal cosplayers. She also needs to start giving more proper credit to the people who make her cosplays, because she never makes anything on her own. She's very good friends with Castle Corsetry, the aforementioned, who makes most of her things while FireflyPath makes the other, more elaborate pieces. For her to have given FP the crap that she had over the Jasmine costume was incredibly tactless. That woman works hard on her pieces and could have easily turned Traci down to take on her celebrity clients, who would further her resume much more than a YouTube blogger. I do recall a time when Traci was still employed by TE and she was making princess wigs made of real human hair, just like Lisa was, and selling them on her Etsy. They're all gone, though. They never sold and it's probably because no one wanted to pay $400 to $700 for them.

It depends, really. They have different package deals, discounts, etc. You could check on their website for quotes. People like Traci and Bri-Chan's friends (the girls who would make YT videos years ago with face characters, especially the Hatters) have VIP passes which they paid for. Bri-Chan is still technically employed by Disney even though she no longer does park work (her last project was Disney Infinity).

No. 40851

No. 40862

File: 1421508707884.jpg (33.03 KB, 500x496, traci-hines-4.jpg)

Only cosplay I like from her and I think it's because she doesn't have fuck tons of makeup on.

No. 40871

They just get annual passes and go as much as they want. Pays for itself fast. Hotels at DL are cheap. Not the Disney owned ones but there are plenty even closer than those for a good price. Most people in CA just live close enough though.

No. 40881

Do you mean the ones Traci or Lisa sold? Traci was somehow able to sell those ridiculously overpriced wigs in her Etsy shop easily. She has a really dumb fan base.

No. 40883

Christ. Bitch lies about her age. Then again, I shouldn't be surprised by how much makeup she slathers on. Somehow it all makes sense that she looks so damn old. I'm not saying that 30 is old but still. The garish makeup does her no favors.

No. 40910

>tfw when my first thought when scrolling passed this picture was "oh, he's kinda cute"
>tfw i realize it's traci

No. 40960

omg same anon. She looks much better as a dude than a chick.

I wish I could work at a Disney park.. I've always had a weird desire to go into acting (because I'm really good at being aware of what my face/body is doing/looking), but I live in bumfuck nowhere. ;_; feels

No. 40974

Adding to this, found a post where she lies about her age. http://www.ocregister.com/articles/hines-305840-yang-expo.html

No. 40986

This also comes up.


Her maiden name was Oden, according to a wedding page that also comes up.

No. 40987

I wonder if she's going to keep up this Ariel and wannabe pop star shit when she's 40 at this rate. Something just isn't right with this woman to be going on 30 and not having a single skill set or useful degree under her belt. Pretending to be a mermaid princess and using Disney's IP for financial gain don't count.

No. 41002

Anon who posted the picture. I know right, such a cute Peter Pan but than I imagine her smiling as a dude and it's ruins it.

Wait… she should cosplay the Cheshire cat XD

No. 41005

She probably is. She doesn't seem like the type who wants children, so all of her time and money can be squandered upon her useless self. Hell, she probably doesn't want one because she'd feel like she needs to compete with the kid. It wouldn't be all about her anymore.

No. 41040

> she frequents the park on a nearly twice a week basis and has always made it a point to try and steal thunder from face characters

What the hell? And aren't people not allowed to go in costume or something?

No. 41042

>Article that says she's 30

Holy shit I was right. But she looks old for 30, even. Who in their right mind would think she's under 30??

No. 41044

Tracy Hines, 22

This is funny as hell. Does her silly fanbase believe the fake age?

No. 41045

I imagine if she has a kid she would turn it into a cosplay prop. Many washed up cosplayers have done so…

No. 41052

You could tell her fans that Christ himself said that she's the most beautiful woman to have ever lived and they'd believe it. There are girls who posted comments to her, saying they CRIED when they met her at Disney. Her fans are psychotic Tumblrinas and normalfags who don't know any better and find her shit at random. Most people actually DO believe that she's employed by Disney– something she never bothers to dismiss.

No. 41132

That is true, man. I even heard that Adella plans on using her son as a living prop although she's washed up as fuck. Traci would do the same. Imagine if she had a girl… She'd dye her hair black and name her Melody.

…God, that sequel was awful.

No. 41133

>Many of the original creators of TLM have contacted me because they enjoy what I do.

Lies. All of it. That entire blog post sounds like its full of bullshit.

No. 41159

lol I'm going to be 22 in a few months and like there is no way in hell that tracy and i are even close to the same age. she looks like an old horse witch.

No. 41165

and I'm 22 already and she looks like she has at least ten years on me.
Then again, I get carded on everything and even get skeptical looks at my DL, so I'm probably not the best judge of age.
Like, I feel as though she stuck in doing stage make-up because she probably feels like the world is ~her stage~ for whatever the hell she's doing.

No. 41166

*is stuck
oops. sorry.

No. 41224

yeah i look pretty young as well but still fuck. tracy looks like she could be a grandma, there is literally no way shes 22. she needs to go to like a trade school or something so she can get a real job instead of trying to be a princess until she dies but lol she'll probably just keep leeching off old white men

No. 41225

File: 1421637022241.jpg (152.1 KB, 612x612, horsecunt.jpg)

She almost looks better here but I think it may just be the lack of drag queen makeup. She needs her teeth filed down

No. 41232

She's still wearing makeup. Her brows are filled in, she's using a bb cream (she uses skin 79 green), and she has eye shadow on. Without makeup, there's a pic in the beginning of this thread, she's got massive pores and wrinkles.

No. 41235

Right here.

No. 41244

I feel like she needs to address those eyebrows first. Cheaper and easier than teeth filing, I think.

No. 41246

Agreed. Those eyebrows make her look like some sort of cartoon super villain.

No. 41293

This is scary and sad, yet is a realistic expectation.

No. 41294

She'd make a great ursula.

No. 41304

File: 1421656775151.jpg (49.39 KB, 300x221, Evil-Stepsisters-cinderella-19…)


No. 41317

Yeah I know she still has on makeup but it's not her heavy ass drag queen shit like usual
And yeah her eyebrows definitely need some help, that alone would make a huge difference but nothing in the world can help her if she doesn't chop those chompers

No. 41348

File: 1421677174083.png (164.85 KB, 1238x778, Screen Shot 2015-01-19 at 14.0…)

feeling genuine fear she'll lie about her age even more and go in for this

No. 41350

File: 1421677313163.jpg (223.46 KB, 640x640, j895iuo2.jpg)

normally I really love heavy make up but she's someone who looks 200% better with more "natural" make up.

>drop the bitch eyebrows

>voila, look less bitchy

No. 41353

In the left pic, she looks so bad it's unreal.

No. 41356

in her old one
or my shooped version?

No. 41385

Doubt it. She's based in California and its a part-time position in Florida.

No. 41398

Why the hell are you reposting a picture we already have earlier ITT?

No. 41402

File: 1421702097866.jpg (39.82 KB, 500x655, julian_wolkenstein_02.jpg)

No. 41403

File: 1421702268322.jpg (9.78 KB, 200x186, horse-teeth3.jpg)

No. 41411

File: 1421703573513.jpg (69.58 KB, 640x640, yeah fucking right.jpg)

"Alice in Wonderland" inspired, guys.


This looks like garbage. Why the fuck does every woman need to ruin AiW with her own uncreative ~*interpretatshun*~?

No. 41415

dear god this is fucking terrifying

No. 41416


No. 41418

She's just a face model, she didn't design it. I think it's neat but she should probably close her mouth because the heart lip makeup looks like drool.

No. 41423

Nobody said that Traci designed it? Do you know how to fucking read?

The fuck is with the influx of retards lately.

No. 41424

don't you people have eyes? the 2nd picture is clearly shooped to show that a natural look is way better for Traci. fucking click on it first, then complain

No. 41446

Both ones. Just I mean I've glanced at her photos ITT and was like lel she has a manface, but goddamn I've never noticed that nose and those eyebrows and how harsh and unattractive her features are.

No. 41451

Ha teeth so big they still come out when her mouth is half closed.

No. 41728

File: 1421783646042.jpg (207.95 KB, 640x640, no no.jpg)

Alice didn't look like a crackwhore, Traci.

No. 41730

It looks like the makeup artist is really inspired by Camille Rose Garcia(who also did illustrations for AIW book not to long ago.)

I like it but fucking Tranny Tracies face ruins it.

No. 41733

File: 1421785043043.jpg (133.91 KB, 500x397, camillerose2.jpg)

Dropped pic.

No. 41739

Agreed. I like it too because I'm on a huge advant garde kick, but don't like Traci in this.

No. 41959

How on earth could she think this looks good?

No. 42352


>using the word 'literally' as any Tumblrina does

>making a shitty video for something like this

Bitch your nails look stupid, fuck off.

No. 42407

Why is there a video for this?

The thought of all the bacteria and gunk getting stuck in her scrimpy pointed nails is grossing me out.

No. 42442

File: 1421933808359.jpg (95.08 KB, 640x640, totally necessary.jpg)

She's been on a kick lately (as far back as the god awful Sailor Moon she did) with making mini-videos of her fingernails.

No. 42914


The doctor can diagnose this bitch as basic.

No. 42916

How do you even wipe your ass in a sanitary manner with that many decorations on your nails??? I hope she has a bidet.

No. 42917

OT, but bidets are the worst. They leave your ass all wet and it's an absolutely disgusting feeling

No. 42918

I don't buy Starbucks so I'm not sure, but aren't those the Christmas cups? I'm pretty sure where I live the regular cups are white and the Christmas ones are that red pattern

No. 42921

OT do you walk out with your ass wet? Modern toilets like in Japan have an air dryer and you can always use toilet paper.

No. 42925

I've only ever used on in India, so there was no air dryer (and having your ass dried like that has got to be really weird), nor was there any toilet paper. Idk why you'd use toilet paper instead of using the bidet in the first place anyway.

No. 42931

File: 1422000648830.jpg (136.86 KB, 640x640, uglytypicalstarbuckssuckingwhi…)

No. 43063

Yes they are and they generally run out by New Years if not earlier

No. 43428

File: 1422162760922.jpg (70.44 KB, 640x640, traci in utah.jpg)

No. 43446

these people, all but the one on the far left, look so ghetto

like beyond just putting a shitty costume together, it's to the point where you'd assume they found the clothing and accessories in a dumpster

No. 43537

I am laughing way too hard at this comparison because it's spot on god damn

No. 43573

File: 1422204621497.jpg (106.94 KB, 640x640, ugly clothes.jpg)

No. 43589

From the thumbnail I thought she was with Lindsay Lohan.

These make my brain hurt. I never want to see anything like these in motion.

No. 43595

Fuck, that is so tacky. And not in the good way.

No. 43616

what's the good way?

also, idk if it's a tumblr thing or not, but I've noticed so many people are into designs like these, where a shitty pattern is taken and basically projectile vomited all over some fabric and calling it fashion.

Maybe it has to do with the fact that a large portion of people on tumblr are young teens, but I detest when young adults agree with them and start donning these clothes.

No. 43642

Why did she stick that fake ass castle corsetry logo in the corner? There isn't even a corset in the picture

No. 43775

File: 1422276000754.jpg (73.95 KB, 640x640, gross creep.jpg)

her husband really grosses me out. he just looks like some old ass, greasy creeper.

No. 43783

not that anon, but i have a weird love for tacky things sometimes. idk sometimes i look at something and i'm like, "omg that's so ugly/tacky i need it in my life." i feel like most people have those kind of things for them that are incredibly tacky/ugly that they love for some odd reason.
but with traci, i think she's just tacky in general.

No. 43794

File: 1422288060452.jpg (113.48 KB, 634x897, article-2711491-20247EBB000005…)


like, look at this tackmaster fusion 5000 set of ugly dresses and ugly shoes

theyre terrible and so trailer trash (the feathers omg) but id dip my spleen in silver to get my hands on that left dress

No. 43795

File: 1422288181007.jpg (89.29 KB, 666x1000, tumblr_ne4dgjSzPT1r5jp9so1_128…)

so the photoset of her wedding came across my dash. Has the cake been posted yet? I don't remember. Anyways, it looks so… cheap. It's not even pretty.

No. 43800

While I love looking at expensive wedding cakes, sometimes I find myself being taken aback by how much people are willing to pay just for appearances sake. So in regards to this, I wouldn't fault her for getting a cheap looking cake as long as it tasted amazing. Plus, I have seen a lot worse.

On a side note, fondant is so fucking gross.

No. 43813

Oh god, I was watching this dumb movie the other day. Lol even as a child I thought those looked awful.

No. 43850

Oh man I'm one of those people that loves good tacky shit. 10/10 would wear that 90s pink dress.

No. 43996

Wasn't this photoset just a fake wedding though? Not her actual?

No. 44001

It was, and yet every single online article of it you'll find claims it was ~*her reel wedding gaiz*~.

No. 44002

File: 1422356530933.jpg (64.31 KB, 640x640, traci as elsa.jpg)


Late on the bandwagon and of course, yet another costume you didn't bother to make yourself yet call yourself a cosplayer.

No. 44003

No. 44004

>crediting @limecrimemakeup

Lol you ratchet skank.

No. 44010

shes so fucking ugly

it's so hard to know a great version of elsa's dress is being displayed on this horseman

No. 44016

This picture is so off because she's being engulfed by the ice castle instead of looking majestic and owning it. And once again her makeup is ten layers thick and clownish.

No. 44339

File: 1422481869152.jpg (75.66 KB, 640x640, stop it.jpg)

No. 44347


Goddamn her fucking eyebrows just get to me every time. She already has sharp features in her face, those eyebrows just make it worse.

No. 45526

File: 1422807224008.jpg (52.28 KB, 640x640, haggard hipster.jpg)

No. 45552

No. 45560

Christ, that's so embarrassing

No. 45881

The eyebrows, the lips, the falsies, the everything.. scary

No. 45882

How can anyone think this looks good? Seems her chola lip liner doesn't even match the lipstick.

No. 45958

This bitch is ugly. I read through this entire thread and she's just basic- like other's have already said. She's boring and has zero originality. She thinks she's the embodiment of Ariel, but my 6 year old niece of a big little mermaid fan and would never accept this creepy old hag as Ariel. Even though 30 isnt old (I just turned 29 haha, ) she looks a lot older. And seriously, how can she consider herself a princess when she can't even learn how to smile without showing 70% gums?

No. 45965

File: 1422933563984.jpg (145.1 KB, 640x640, grossshit.jpg)

No. 45966

I thought she looked pretty until she slapped that awful lipstick and wig on.

No. 45971

The thing is, she COULD look really pretty if she toned down her makeup

No. 45994

I don't know anything about this girl, but whenever I scroll past op's photo, I can't help but think she looks like a fucking lego.

No. 46074

I tried to fix her face. But I'm not sure it's possible. Does she put lip liner outside her lip line? Because they look so strange.

No. 46075

File: 1422977880186.jpg (221.67 KB, 640x640, impossible.jpg)

And of course I forget the picture.

No. 46079

That's a million times better! Her face is so much softer and young looking with out those scary ass eyebrows.

No. 46091

Anon, you are amazing.

No. 46153

File: 1423013897057.jpg (93.92 KB, 640x640, you dont look nice.jpg)

I wish she'd stop with these Lennon shades. She doesn't look zomg quirky and cool. She looks like an ugly retard. Especially with her haggard, sunken in man face.

No. 46309

No. 46326

You know, as much as she tries to project this image of a sweet innocent Disney princess, she comes off as a Disney villain.
Disney princesses (if you notice) are painted with minimal makeup and look natural, pretty, and innocent.

The villains however have dramatic makeup, sharp arched eyebrows, and over the top hairstyles.

No. 46335

I never watched her videos before and clicked on one of them in this thread, only to hear her warning that children shouldn't see the video because it would ruin the "magic". WTF? Does she think she's like an official disney princess or something? And that children are watching her shit thinking Ariel is real (and looks like that)?

No. 46337

Well, Traci does have a history of lying about working for Disney.

No. 46420

File: 1423102270284.png (21.22 KB, 499x246, Screenshot (393).png)

Oh, how cute, Traci!
You going to hop on the fake bisexual train for more attention?
Note: Yeah, I know this is fictional but its blatant gibs meh attenshun so biiiii XDDDDD

No. 46735

No. 46804

I would be embarrassed to be her. Why are they all wearing the same glasses?

No. 46808

Girls who want to kiss other girls for attention or pretend to be bi for guys to like them drive me up the wall. Traci is an insufferable cunt.

No. 46809

Her hair is gross.
Or whatever it is.

No. 46813

File: 1423174203851.jpg (166.36 KB, 640x640, muh music.jpg)

No. 46814

She looks a lot better here thanks to the rain, is it rain? It's emo and lame but an improvement.

No. 46816

She looks so much better without dark lipstick. I know she thinks she rocks a red lip but it just makes her look like a clown.

No. 46839

No. 46840

No. 46868

Her talking voice sounds so forced. Like she's literally trying to sound like a Disney princess and it's so obvious.

No. 46901

It's so fake and shrill, not melodic at all.

No. 46911

Her giant teeth bother me so much. Gods.

No. 46912

Is she trying to sound like a teenager? It's so gross.

No. 46913

Make up tutorials? Yes. that would be great.

No. 47054

File: 1423262922685.jpg (92.57 KB, 640x640, horseface and sleazy 80s lawye…)

Her husband is so creepy and gross looking. He reminds me of those sleazy 80s car salesman stereotypes or the sleazy greaseball lawyer.

No. 47067

He just looks like a normal guy to me. They just seem so mismatched to each other.

No. 47070

Are you around older men more? The slicked back hair and bowling shirt shit has always been trademark grease ball.

No. 47084

he looks like a gta 4 character

No. 47104

rofl he does. Yeah, he looks like an old creepy uncle. I would be embarrassed if that were my husband.

No. 47261

File: 1423348193875.jpg (121.52 KB, 640x640, can you stop you lame ass cunt…)

This try hard, bandwagoning bitch buying lame shit from Hot Topic trying to be nrrrdddyyyy XDDDDDD all of the fucking time. Harley is an overrated and useless fucking character. Nobody is impressed that you're yet another stupid slut who fawns over her.

No. 47262

HQ tends to attract attention whores.

No. 47304

It's so sad, but over the last three-four years I seriously have a hatred for anyone who cosplays HQ. It just screams attention whore. I feel bad for her real fans from back in the day before she became such a huge mainstream thing.

No. 47333


I don't know a non-attn whore fan of HQ. None of them gave shits about her until a few years ago, either.

No. 47342


Inb4 "omg i like harley quinn i'm not an attention whore u guiz hurt my feelings!!!"

No. 47357

Wasn't it the corseted school girl like Harley from Arkham Asylum that kicked off all the cosplaying? Not many people cared about her until they could make her sexy.

It's kind of similar to how most people cosplay the American McGee version of Alice instead of the frumpy original/Disney version.

No. 47368

Yep, that timing sounds about right.

This happens to a lot of characters, you know these bitches don't care about the characters and only wanted a piece of the attention which the slutted up design was getting.

No. 47376

Yeah that kinda saddens me actually. I like Alice (both mcgee and oldschool Disney) but the fandom attracts a lot of attention whores ever since madness returns became such a hype.

No. 47439

File: 1423417526242.jpg (103.82 KB, 640x640, tumblrtard friends.jpg)

No. 47594

File: 1423435009670.png (1006.04 KB, 1302x789, Screenshot (402).png)

And, we care, why?

No. 47612

Her eyebrows… EVERY TIME.

No. 47989

She's an uber christian too? Oh lovely.

This entire photo oozes tumblr.

No. 48599

File: 1423629175725.jpg (131.46 KB, 640x640, crooked horseteeth.jpg)

No. 48600

File: 1423629249802.jpg (92.44 KB, 640x640, TEEHEE SO 90S.jpg)

No. 48622

Is this age play shit or something?

No. 48685

Super tacky phone.

No. 49178

File: 1423784774586.png (919.84 KB, 1302x784, Screenshot (407).png)

So, looks like the bitch is still avoiding getting a real job to help pay her bills and I guess the clothing line money still isn't enough so she's bandwagoning once more and following in the steps of other attention whores by getting a Patreon.

This cunt never ceases to amaze me, really.

No. 49191

Her makeup is great for photography, esp. flash (I guess she uses a SHITLOAD of white powder) but I wonder what she looks like in a candid photo.

Real life, natural sunlight, no angles etc.

I suspect it's drag queenish, as some have suggested. She should really go for a more natural look, I mean it's like she's wearing a mask.

No. 49234

The saddest shit is people will more than likely give her Patreon money. Ugh. fuck this bitch. Just get a part time job.

No. 49243

She looks pretty gross without makeup. Post related: >>15074
I know people will say that everyone looks gross without makeup, but that really isn't the case. Some people just look like themselves sans makeup and others look like a man or a completely different person– which Traci does a great job of showing us.

She won't, because her ego is too massive and she's too good to work a normal job. This is someone who took five pictures of her FROZEN YOGURT in order to brag about how she uses five different toppings and how that makes her unpredictable and not boring. And, hey, having a husband who pays for everything for you while you live in the house once owned by his Father STILL isn't good enough! Clothing line where you rip off Disney intellectual property and profit from it? Nope! Not enough! Need more monies for that ratchet makeup she purchases from Doe Deere and more hair treatments to stipulate her already worsening alopecia.

No. 49244

She looks so different without makeup

her makeup is some high level sorcery wtf

No. 49248

Yeah, she can get pretty obnoxious with it, too. She uses anything as an excuse to talk about it on her Facebook or Instagram. And, like your typical Christian, only when it makes her feel good about herself or justifies why it's okay for her to do something. There was one post two or three months ago where she talked about how if opportunity doesn't knock then you should build a door because God wants you to and then it has to come knocking. She used Robin Williams' death as an excuse to talk about her religion and she'll randomly drop aggravating Bible quotes that look like they belong as framed, cliche decor on the wall of a retirement home. They can usually be summed up by her thinking that everything she does is absolutely perfect and God wants her to do those things. Let's not forget the story about how she listens to her dead pastor's sermons every night before she goes to bed, because she has them recorded.

There's being religious and then there's just being fucking insufferable..

No. 49264

I went to the link for this fuckery, it seems the patreons she has giving her money also have their own donate me things… so basically nobody gets money?

No. 49266

I don't see anything wrong with people having donations for content that costs a lot
If having a job pays the bills but doesn't pay for expensive shit to help you make your videos or whatever
And people wanna see more from you and are willing to help you out like… Idk

No. 49268

>need money

>confirmed for poors despite throwing up pictures of cash

No. 49270

Anon, she doesn't have a job.. that's the thing. She hasn't had a job since working for True Enchantment and then she quit to pursue her ~*popstar*~ dreams while her husband pays for her to be a giant child at nearly 30.

No. 49452

File: 1423853630335.png (1.44 MB, 1326x876, Screenshot (408).png)

Let's milk the dog's death for our own needs and make it all about ~*TRACI HINES REEL LIL MERMAID*~ instead of, you know, the owner and shit who is far more upset than you could ever possibly be right now because it was THEIR fucking dog.

No. 49454


Oh wait, she's BFFs with Doe Deere so we all know how that would go over.. :^)

No. 49539

>It was like he knew! Then he ran straight up on the rock to see me, & promptly licked me on the cheek- just like Max does in the film.


No. 49587

Why hasn't Didney sued her yet?

No. 49589

God, she's so annoying
Feel sad about the dog passing away though.

No. 49612

No idea. I was a cunt last year and sent emails to them about her clothing line, but heard nothing back. It's funny, because there's a screenie earlier in this thread of her complaining about people using her photos without permission.. yet she's allowed to profit from Disney artist's IP without permission.

>Feel sad about the dog passing away though.

At least somebody does.

No. 49648

>turns a post about a dead dog into a post about HOW SHE IS REALLY ARIEL GUYS

No. 49749

Did you mean to quote the person above?

No. 50209

File: 1424044687708.jpg (102.51 KB, 640x640, 10963982_1411975932432487_2036…)

No. 50218

>more HQ bullshit
And that denim shirt is hideous. jfc

No. 50254

wtf is this shit?

No. 50584

File: 1424128905437.jpg (102.39 KB, 640x640, hrnnk.jpg)

I wonder if she likes sugarcubes and carrots.

No. 50585

No. 50902

File: 1424211330537.jpg (114.4 KB, 640x640, lockeship shoot.jpg)

No. 50911

I like her face, to be honest. She looks like a bitchy princess who puts on her best shit-eating grin for the commoners, but constantly rags on ugly peasants when she's in the company of other royalty.
She's got that evil Barbie look on lock

No. 50928

Yeah unfortunately she wants to be the innocent girly Disney princesses. She'd make a great mother goth.

No. 51219

File: 1424301124215.jpg (103.27 KB, 640x640, gross mouth.jpg)

No. 51600

i want to see her do Megara tbh.

No. 51655

So conflicted. Megara is my favorite Disney character but I hate Traci… But she'd look good as her. Argh…

No. 52275

Nooo, Meg is my fav too. Let's not have Traci destroy that.

No. 52314

No she wouldn't.Chin, nose and eyes are wrong. Eyes too close together.

No. 52708

File: 1424562211406.jpg (146.95 KB, 640x640, IM SUCHA GOOD PERSON.jpg)

No. 52722

File: 1424563620386.jpg (69.41 KB, 640x640, uglybitch.jpg)

No. 52894

She either goes full costume makeup (which is awful) or none at all (which is equally awful). She literally never wears natural looking makeup. I don't get it.

No. 54027

File: 1424763909527.jpg (117.73 KB, 640x640, go away.jpg)

No. 54726

File: 1424903336269.jpg (111.03 KB, 640x640, traci with a beaner.jpg)

Traci being painfully obvious in light of the Lime Crime drama and wearing Cashmere on her horse mouth.

No. 54762

Is that fucking rufio??

No. 54836

Why is she hugging this random child?

No. 54837

That fucking flower crown.

No. 54848

What's this flowercrown shit about?

No. 54855

Not sure where it originated from exactly, but it's become a huge staple in tumblrtard fashion. Whenever I see flower crowns, I avoid people. I mean, I used to associate them with hippie or bohemian fashion, but not sure why tumblr attached themselves to the accessory.

No. 54907

File: 1424932763186.jpg (99.22 KB, 640x640, HAHAHA.jpg)

No. 54909

I can't breathe…

No. 54988

did u do dis?

No. 54989

Ariel after being hit in the face with cruise ships over and over again.

No. 54999

I love flower crowns with my boho and mori, but i feel so Tumblr wearing them now. I hate this stupid trend that probably wont go away.

No. 55000

I feel like it was something to do with Lara Del Rey

No. 55007

Why her?

No. 55051

Agreed. Feel bad for anyone who is mistaken for a tumblerina simply for liking this fashion

No. 55083

Uh Lana del Rey wears one in like her Born to Die music video and a lot of other times in her promo pics and whatnot, and of course tumblrinas have latched onto her because of her glamorization of drug use, abusive relationships and basically "baw my white girl life so hard" theme in all her songs

No. 55135

Ew, Lana.
Bitch is a fucking joke who got her music because daddy, literally.

No. 55136

File: 1424994718268.jpg (66.1 KB, 640x640, ew stop.jpg)

No. 55141

I agree with your filename completely. She doesn't suit the Frozen characters at all. Her eyes are way too close together and theirs are far apart. Well, she doesn't suit any princess really.

No. 55148

did she overdraw her lips?

No. 55150

& plastic surgery & the new stage name. No one gave a shit about her before lol.

No. 55302

That make up looks like it pushes her eyes closer together. Could be wrong tho.

No. 55460

File: 1425088373187.jpg (60.4 KB, 640x640, ratchet white girl.jpg)

Baaaannndddwagoninggggg everything she fucking does.

No. 55492

No. 55499

That's shitty. Her music and personality are both shit. It sucks tumblr copies her flower crowns though.

No. 56166

File: 1425294794193.jpg (63.47 KB, 640x640, yeeshung.jpg)

No. 56199

i think the bodice of that dress is most often used in the comforters of motel 6

No. 56229

File: 1425307679950.jpg (188.54 KB, 640x640, tracy.jpg)

When will she learn to draw her brows on so that she doesn't look villainous and use a tamer lip colour on her horse mouth?
She needs to stop doing that hideous fade brow too; just adds to the drag queen-ness, but I cbf shoopin' dat shit.

No. 56325

She really should do her brows like you shooped, she looks much more feminine and gentle.

No. 56332

Her eyebrows are so sinister. Seems like she never takes anyone else's advice, though, so I doubt she'll quit doing them like that.

No. 56391

yeah, she has an ok face, the drag queen makeup reaaaally doesn't suit her

No. 56396

I saw this edit first and thought wow she's really learned to put on flattering makeup and then noticed the original one. God fucking damnit, these eyebrows. >>56166

I think she's trying to pull off a quirky disney cartoon style like Rapunzel/Elsa or something and failing miserably.

No. 56408

That softens her faces and makes her look so much younger. She looks like an old washed up movie star with her current brows.

No. 56508

you softened her forehead wrinkles, too
nice touch

No. 56509

File: 1425347176220.jpg (116.78 KB, 640x640, ew why.jpg)

No. 56514

what are they supposed to be exactly?

No. 56517

Themselves. This was at the Dapper Day Expo where locketship sells their tacky ass, Lime Crime looking jewelry.

No. 56519

File: 1425348912789.jpg (47.33 KB, 321x381, plastic crap.jpg)


Holy shit, I just googled locketship and you're not kidding

>that awful colour scheme

>those cheap plastic roses
>shit's probably hotglued on
>that badly photoshopped cabochon
>that cheap metal cameo setting
>that etsy-tier everything
>20 dollars

No. 56524

Lol that dress is from hot topic's ~cinderella~ line and the straps aren't supposed to be down like that. :/ i went into their yesterday because they had that exact dress on display and I was intrigued. It's like 60 bucks haha

No. 56597

I was in the US like three weeks ago and I was just flabbergasted by all the Disney stuff in Hot Topic. It's so weird. Years ago Hot Topic was just goth punk stuff from what I remember but now it's a tumblrcore nerd haven. Just weird to me. I would have never thought something kitchsy like Disney would ever be their main demographic.

I remember my goth friends would cringe at my love of Disney stuff.

No. 56598

File: 1425374156992.jpg (494.34 KB, 2000x3000, Edna_Mode.jpg)

Shit, really? I genuinely thought the girl next to Tracy was trying to be Edna from the Incredibles…in like…her pajamas or something.

No. 56603

File: 1425376595418.jpg (595.12 KB, 1302x784, tracy2.jpg)

I know, I just couldn't help it. They were niggling at me like a loose tooth.

Did another shoop of this one >>49178
because I thought it was one of her better pictures that she actually looks nice in even with the evil brows. She has a lot of potential to look pretty, in a more feminine way.

No. 56625

i didn't read the text at first and thought this pic was legit and was like "DAMN, traci looks 900% prettier than usual, what happened?"

ugh she really needs to take people's beauty advice

No. 56637

I'm usually one to day be yourself, etc, but traci looks a hundred thousand times better with less harsh eyebrows . Holy wow. She really needs to see this thread.

No. 56639

To say. Damn it phone.

No. 56762

Ehhh, Hot Topic has always been lame pop culture shit. Idk why people think it's changed so drastically. When I was a kid my mom was a manager there for 8 years, and I had a ton of My Little Pony (the old kind) and Napoleon Dynamite stuff from there I even bought an evangelion shirt there ten years ago! I mean it's mostly disney stuff now, I'll admit,but it's always been kitchsy disposable pop culture bullshit. Maybe a lot of people had parents when they were kids that steered them away from the store which is why they thought it was sew spooky, and as their getting older they finally realize that it's not really? idk it's always been the same crap for as long as I can remember. Fun fact: Hot Topic was the first company to produce black fingerless gloves (why they even had to be produced is beyond me though lol)

Hot Topic rant end. Sorry for OT haha

No. 56764

it used to have a small anime section, but it was always mainly goth and punk stuff. Tripp and emily strange and other brands. It has changed a lot actually.

No. 56772


yeah when I was in middle school and first got interested in hot topic it was literally nothing but goth stuff, they didn't even sell like black skinny jeans just the crazy looking Tripp pants and corsets and shit and emo/goth band shit. they had pop culture stuff but it was like "pop counterculture" stuff like invader zim, happy bunny, nightmare before Christmas, etc. they would have laughed in your face if you asked an associate about some damn MLP merch. it's definitely changed over the past 4 or 5 years but I chalk a lot of that up to the fact that there's like virtually no goth kids left anyways.

No. 56777

Man, nostalgia! You must be around my age if you remember all the Invader Zim and Happy bunny stuff. I remember all of that shit.

No. 56793

Lol what? You don't have to be that old to remember that shit at all.

I bought my old MLP stuff there at least 13 years ago…

No. 56798

At least in your early to mid 20s though.

No. 56876

I was about 14 when that came out, that shit is not that old.

No. 56880

Shit was over 10 years ago. At least. I was about 14/15 during the time too.

No. 56895

It used to cater to the goth crowd up until 2007. I remember in the 2004-2005 era, my friends would go there to stock up on those filthy trip pants. Sometime after myspace crashed and goth died, Hot Topic went soft and became a place where you could buy your mainstream pop culture goodies post 2008. Of course they still got some cool, unique shit…but it has changed a lot.

No. 56899

I still hang with goths, but none of the goths I hang out with used to go there. I mean, there are mall goths and newb goths who arent really goths. I mean goths are dress all in black and listen to the music that goes with the culture. They're still around, just hidden and not really teenagers. Teenage goths are definitely dead to existence. Everyone is into J or K fashion or tumblr shit now.

No. 56930

File: 1425434255085.jpg (57.31 KB, 640x640, really drag queenish.jpg)

No. 56935

That make up is so damn harsh. Why does her lipstick look so odd on her lips?

No. 56939

File: 1425435067594.png (115.33 KB, 626x269, neigh.png)

its really too bad theres no facial shortening surgery

No. 56941

Still bad though, those scary eyes man.

No. 56943

i feel like all loudmouthed christians have them

No. 56947

I keep forgetting she's super religious. Haha.

No. 56961

Because it's Lime Crime. She's one of Doe's personal army bitches and uses nothing but her shit and seldom Mac.

No. 56982

Makes sense why it looks like shit then.

No. 57129

File: 1425466886401.jpg (16.21 KB, 236x324, 727e536efe1dd90157164a5e24d7d4…)

She reminds me of Demi lovato…but even Demi looks better than Traci

No. 57138

She does look similar but Demi doesn't have the gummy Fairuza smile which I think really helps. Traci really needs a stylist who will make her dress age appropriate and fix her busted eyebrows.

No. 57439

File: 1425536047845.jpg (70.48 KB, 640x640, amg gais new shirt.jpg)

No. 57484

Wow, so creative. Did she even try?
Literally just printed 'HIPSTER MERMAID' in black bold Arial (lol puns) on a white shirt.

No. 57626

That outfit. what the hell.

No. 57697

People actually pay money for this shit?

No. 58063

File: 1425691710713.jpg (109.55 KB, 640x640, ruining belle.jpg)

No. 58078

How in the hell is this "Belle"? Then again how in the hell is her shit "Ariel".

No. 58082

sigh Disney intellectual property…company is too big to give a shit. There is zero artist quality to claim anything other than blatant plagiarism.

See this is why I can't help laugh at this small time bitch businesses that are an extension of the owner's ego (Lime Crime, etc). If I owned a business I sure as hell would want a beautiful 10/10 modeling my products, making shit look purchasable instead of my goofy face. Aging tumblr hipster isn't marketable.

No. 58166

books + yellow-ish clothes + red roses + brown hair = belle, obviously!

No. 58167

oh sorry, I meant, hipster belle.

No. 58173

I don't get how she seems to think being obsessed with Disney is so "dorky"/nerdy or whatever. Idk, it makes me think more of old ladies that collect porcelain dolls, have Winnie the Pooh tattoos and don't talk about anything other than their grandkids than "nerd culture" or w/e.

No. 58220


>old ladies

>only talk about their grandkids
>have tattoos

what. i was with you up until tattoos

No. 58225


No. 58516

File: 1425793361948.jpg (95.72 KB, 640x640, cheap hot topic dress.jpg)

No. 58522

I can't even look at her fucking Cruella de Vil face anymore. Why does she do this to herself with those fucking eyebrows. Now that we've seen how nice she can look with normal shaped brows it infuriates me every time I see her still having those ugly things drawn on her face.

No. 58529

Because arched brows are in. Traci clings to anything that is "in", whether it suits her or not.



Nerd shit?




Sailor Moon?


More recently, Magic The Gathering.

No. 58598

File: 1425817362665.png (907.16 KB, 1300x786, basic bitch.png)

The caption is even more sickening.


Bitch, the only fucking things you read are the menu at Starbucks and any asskissing comments on your Facebook feed and your dumbass knows it, shut the fuck up already. You are not "just like" every single Disney Princess, you're a fucking lying, obnoxious, self absorbed cunt and the sooner you get your horse teeth curb stomped the better.

She and Doe make me sick.

No. 58601

>Ohemgee almost 100k girl. Totes livin da dream~~
The dream of a 100k followers. Jesus christ people like this need new hobbies.

No. 58665

But…are those encyclopedia books she's "reading." WTF?!

No. 58672


>basic bitch.png

That's exactly what she is, isn't it? She's a basic bitch that clings to the "lol i'm so QUIRKY XDDD SUCH NERD OMG" bullshit because she KNOWS she has no real creativity of her own. She's completely average in every possible way and no amount of cosplay outfits and shitty Lime Crime makeup will change that. It's almost kind of sad to see her trying so hard to be 'special' because she knows, no matter how hard she tries, her husband's money can't buy her any kind of personality and individuality.

Pretty sure we've all met at least one person like that IRL, am I right?

No. 58744

I think the shirt is really cute, but everything else is a mess.

No. 58746

Why isnt she wearing the straps on the dress properly? that ruffles my jimmies so much.

No. 58750

The saddest part is all the real nerds (men and women) are ignored while these basic bitches keep getting attention because they're loud and obnoxious "LOOK AT ME. I'M SUCH A NERD. LOL. I PLAY LEAGUE AND I READ GAME FAQS. I PLAY MY DS AND POKEMON"

I hate them all. Everything I was bullied in school for (included wearing glasses because I needed them to see) is new a trend. Fuck this world.

No. 58841

Haha, I know the topic is kind of dead, but this post is for everyone who said hot topic was supah gawthyyy and not all disposable pop culture crap. I saw this on tumblr today and it made me think of this thread


No. 58884

File: 1425865985684.jpg (92.43 KB, 640x640, traci elsa.jpg)

No. 58911

Is this even legal? Making money off Disney brands..

No. 58913

People do this princess party stuff all the time. I don't think they're legally allowed to call themselves the character names and I'm pretty sure they have to alter the costumes as well.

No. 59679


Magic? Seriously? I thought her attention whoring would stay away from one of my most beloved hobbies but I guess not :(

Magic is so obscure that most attention whores don't even bother with to it which is nice. I just want to play my cards in peace.

No. 59682

I think an ex performer told they agreed to look the other way if they didn't use the explicit names (like calling Ariel "Mermaid princess") because that did help boost sales of official Disney merchandise for the party (plates, decorations, gifts, kid costume etc)

No. 59902

No. 60324

No. 60325


She's listening to her own fucking music..

What a self absorbed cunt.

No. 60647

File: 1426115108109.jpg (107 KB, 640x640, payy atten plss.jpg)

No. 60649

*forgot the words, fml

The lardass and the faggot are wearing her clothing line shirts.

>all dat pathetic self promo

No. 60866

I know lolcow hates when people bring up noses, but that's guy nose really is unfortunate. Especially in the bottom left image.

No. 60995

File: 1426176667548.jpg (77.9 KB, 640x640, granny traci.jpg)

No. 61004

Is that woman in purple supposed to be Ursula?

No. 61043

What is this supposed to be?

Also I think Traci would make a better Ursula due to her face. That purple-shirted woman's face looks too innocent.

No. 61045

Ew, I think she's supposed to be tinkerbell. That's laughable.

No. 61047

File: 1426186746249.jpg (69.04 KB, 640x360, 7e46250ad7cf503903200e792d5224…)

The make up and contact lenses(?) are completely wrong… as usual.

No. 61072

Sorry for slight OT, but Perriwinkle reminds me so much of Suzy's face. She looks like she has FAS.

No. 61097

Suzy who?

No. 61099

I can't help but snicker that she surrounds herself with "friends" that are all more unattractive than her. Subtle, Traci.

No. 61107

She's no prize herself. Without makeup she's goddamned unfortunate.

No. 61113

Hell, with makeup she's unfortunate.

No. 61118

I' guessing OP meant Suzy from Game Grumps, also on a thread in Lolcow

No. 61235

So which one of your glorious people got even madder than I am (I'm OP) and went ahead and made this thread?


Because I fucking love you so much right now.

No. 61252

Yeah, sorry for not being more clear. Game grump's Suzy/Mort3rmor

No. 61330

Periwinkle looks better. Doesn't look much like Suzy to me lol

No. 62721

File: 1426452757765.png (959.27 KB, 1295x770, Untitled.png)


No. 62826


No. 62850

No. 62901

No. 63077

>girl got her autographed frame
Yeah, that's her fanbse right there. Also, the word 'adorkable' makes me livid.

No. 63098

i'm crying

No. 63749

File: 1426542147818.png (659.93 KB, 1285x769, ruining cinderella.png)




Give me attention! Buy my shit!

No. 63752

Oh my god

No. 64440

>>63749 Did Anastasia steal her step-sister's glass slipper?

No. 64446

File: 1426630389919.png (546.44 KB, 1291x781, omggaiz.png)

No. 64448

ummmmmmmmmm whats up w her schnoz

No. 64504

Not surprised one bit.

No. 64564

File: 1426640901049.png (474.51 KB, 425x676, 71762793558311d450ab13444c1ae9…)

Traci as Justin Bieber.

No. 64566

She looks good as a faggot

No. 64567

File: 1426641030640.jpg (77.56 KB, 640x480, 832ed1a0e35e06457b8984c073fd6c…)

No. 64600

>tfw stupid eyebrows still there

No. 64601

Is her nose messed up?

No. 64612

She's twirling, it's a piece of hair flying across her face.

No. 64687

She actually makes a good looking dude. wtf

No. 64926

Holy shit, she should just stop with the Disney princess shit and be J Biebs lookalike forever. She actually looks like him.

No. 67286

No. 67287

File: 1427142767978.jpg (81.13 KB, 640x640, hideous.jpg)

No. 67293

She's so saggy looking even though she's only 28? 27?

No. 67296

Her singing is so fucking bad.

No. 67315

I really really hate her voice and her makeup. And her style aesthetic. All so off-putting.

No. 67427

File: 1427156563180.jpg (75.03 KB, 640x640, egyehfuji.jpg)

No. 67598

And she has the perfect personality for it too!

No. 67623

Short hair really suits her. Cover the brows and she's cute. Still waiting for her to realize how much she's fucking up her face by drawing them that arched.

No. 67626

why does she smile so wide?

I know americans are obsessed with looking like sharks, but this takes the cake

No. 67632

Can she smile w her mouth closed tho

No. 67706

>>55136 >>67287 >>60995 >>47261 >>46153 >>46075

No. 67707

Why didn't half of my links work?

No. 68620

File: 1427326077351.jpg (154.34 KB, 640x640, into the woods bullshit.jpg)

No. 68979


The witch look suits her.

No. 69323

File: 1427410351282.jpg (98.07 KB, 640x640, psycho.jpg)

No. 69332

^^ the teeth are too.. Idk. Anyone else know what I'm attempting to explain lol

No. 69370

Men must quiver in fear if they are brave enough to get a gobbie from her with chompers like hers. I know I would be. >>69323

No. 69439

How long has she been married?

No. 69443

Early 20s. She's like 30 now.

No. 69453

30 this year, I believe.

No. 69455

She should just be Justin Bieber forever. Her whiny voice even matches his when he was a cute harmless kid, too!

No. 69564

I think this actually looks pretty damn good, ngl.

No. 69987

File: 1427488216499.jpg (101.03 KB, 640x640, GAIS WITCHY NAILS XDDD.jpg)

No. 69989

They are cute.

No. 70031

File: 1427490564377.jpg (96.58 KB, 640x640, hernk.jpg)

No. 70155

LOL I remember the first time I came across her, it was over a cringey Ariel video and a hair tutorial she did where she LITERALLY SAID she wouldn't be revealing the brand of hair dye she uses because she didon't want people copying her (does anyone else can find it??)

No. 70159

Knowing her, it's probably just manic panic sold at hot topic. She still technically works for them as a model.

No. 70162

I've used manic panics infra red and it's very similar if not identical to her ~ariel red~

No. 70188

Manic, because she's too cheap to use better shit like Special FX.

No. 70197

I want to see this video and spam the dye she uses. Her colorblind ass calling it Ariel red is lel

No. 70309

lmao. did she really say that? i never kept up with her but thats really sad. she thinks she owns a a character she didn't make and doesn't want anyone to use a hair color she own.

No. 70441

I was looking for it too and it seems she deleted it. Not the same anon but I remember watching it and seeing the amount of hate she got for it for being an unhelpful asshole. The amount of dislikes it had was glorious.

No. 74017

File: 1427980062524.jpg (78.32 KB, 640x640, leozomb.jpg)

No. 75830

File: 1428214924869.jpg (67.62 KB, 640x640, let the fuck go already.jpg)

No. 76053

File: 1428255031565.jpg (38.77 KB, 245x244, image.jpg)

She sounds like Tammy from Bob's Burgers.

No. 80537

File: 1428854143906.png (855.06 KB, 1317x798, this tryhard bitch.png)

No. 80543

File: 1428854530861.png (798.09 KB, 763x764, no.png)

That's too much, Traci.

No. 80545

Baphomet apparently found her phone number and address.

No. 80685

Many faces don't look the same on both sides though so if you mirrored the right side of her face, it would look different from this.

No. 80711

This is why women shouldn't be allowed in video game related videos.

No. 80717


Jesus the ego on her… Fuck off Traci

No. 80718

Don't drag poor Daniel Radcliffe into your delusional world, Traci.

No. 80719

Let's not. Let's just not.

No. 80722

Uh oh. Careful with all that edge.

No. 80725

>This is why stupid hipster attention whores who hop on every fucking bandwagon and don't actually give a shit about video games, shouldn't be allowed in video game related videos.

Fixed it for you.

No. 80739

Haha, thank you anon.

No. 88121

File: 1429916291001.png (702.17 KB, 1029x623, ew.png)

I follow traci on instagram (including most other cows) for teh lulz.
This just came up, and dear lorde she looks fucking awful. Her hair is wrecked and it's so obvious when she doesn't have her extensions in.

No. 88122

File: 1429916395248.png (599.81 KB, 1037x621, horsealien.png)

do you think if she saw ashleigh 'horsemaw' coffin she would think "a challenger appears!!"?

No. 88123

this looks so fucking stupid and she looks 40, holy shit how embarrassing

No. 88124

i thought she was 40? she looks at least 43

No. 88125

She's 30

No. 88132

what about this is spacey besides the kinda the leggings? when I think of space the first thing that pops into my head is to wrap a phone cord around my waist, just like nasa rite??

No. 88136

what about her soccer mommy hairdo and tacky rave-girl glitter cheeks doesn't scream "futuristic" to you?????

No. 88225

She's very lanterned jawed and that angle does nothing for her face.

No. 88338


Is there proof she's 30? She looks a ton older and most 30 year olds would not have given up on life like she seems to have done.

No. 88468

>She looks a ton older
This. I guess many people here are under 20 and think this is what you look like when you've reached 30 but fuck no, Traci looks MUCH older. Even for someone with bad skin.

No. 299257

>1 year ago

Why is this thread back on the front page? I'm confused

No. 299283

Wow, coming upon this thread for the first time and this is actually so sad. She looks nothing like Ariel, or any other Disney princess for that matter. Her face is just so plain and average, bordering on unpleasant. Then add on top of that the overdone makeup, the attempt at 24/7 cosplaying and the obviously fake red hair and it just screams "tryhard". I almost feel bad about how oblivious she is to how much of her delusion is seeping through. Like, it's clear that she's based her entire personality on resembling Ariel, and gets all of her self confidence from that when there's literally no single feature that they have in common.

Why would you choose Ariel out of all people anyway to mould your persona after? It's like she's aspiring to be the most generic, boring kind of girl that you could be.

lel. Gotta force that connection somehow.
The only people who feel the need to tell you about their unfinished degrees are people too arrogant to accept that their failure was caused by their own incompetence.

No. 299292

Hoo boy, I'm confused why this page got bumped to the front page too. I'm glad Traci's crazy self has faded into obscurity. You never hear anything about her weird "Real Life Disney Princess" crap. Her little T-shirt shop seems to be all that she's doing now.

No. 299295

Sometimes people comment and then delete on an older thread…I don't know why.

No. 299296

LOL she actually got wigged at Disneyland way back in the day… but refused to do her makeup like the girls there, so they didn't hire her. She was incredibly salty about it for years. She used to make it very clear that she thought she was the "real life Ariel" (her username everywhere was thereallittlemermaid or a variation thereof) and that's how I actually learned about her on 4chan. She was like the Ariel version of Usagi Kou. I guess she realized that that wasn't doing her any favors and toned it down.

No. 299304

>Usagi Kou

There's a name I haven't heard in years…

No. 299306

Were there any receipts of her actually being wigged at Disney? I feel like it's part of her own personal narrative.

>Usagi Kou

I'd kill for a nostalgiacow thread.

No. 299341

There's already a thread dedicated to her here >>76893
Please unleash your nostalgia over there. I miss those times.

No. 299450

That link lead to a old PT thread

No. 299452

I don't think she ever announced it, because she didn't actually get hired. It's well known in the entertainment department at Disneyland, where she is considered a giant annoyance. That's how I know.

No. 299633

Thanks anon. I feel like she kept perpetuating this myth on tumblr or wherever for years but nothing to show for it. A disneycow thread would be interesting though, if there was milk.

No. 299648

Eh, there's not all that much. Not enough for a thread in my opinion. It's mostly just party princesses backstabbing each other, cosplayers who have delusions of being the living incarnation of the character (like Traci), and salty girls who didn't make it as face characters. It gets really boring really quick.

No. 299677

I thinks cows that want to get attention off of their threads bump old threads in hopes their threads will die.

No. 300304

I kinda like her face but it's completely unsuitable for the innocent, goody-good princess types she goes for. She'd actually look great if she dressed up like Disney villains. Like Cruella DeVil, Maleficent, Snow White's stepmother etc.

About crazy bitches being into Ariel, this is just a wild guess but could it have something to do with how Ariel makes really retarded life choices (throws everything away to chase a man she doesn't even know) and in the Disney version she's rewarded from that.

No. 300312

File: 1473728435877.jpg (148.94 KB, 1080x1349, 14156322_1179238605472174_1736…)

Her eyebrows are basically Ursula.

No. 300321

this caused me to look up the site and holy fuck it is atrocious. Most all of there girls are painted up like rupauls drag race. It's like, all the girls they hired are people that could have been actual models … but then they ended up with one major flaw that brought them down to a 7. huge noses and big ole chins everywhere. I mean, I get it, they look great by everyday standards, but princess actors they are not … I've met women more aesthetically fit for this job at larp events. No wonder the company hired her. And yet … the new ariel they got looks somehow even less like ariel…

No. 300323

shes got one of those smiles where she tries so hard to smile that it looks like shes in pain.
She could have benefited from being one of those uncanny valley hoos and having her nose look smaller …

BTW, are all of her shirts just … putting shit on the boobs? Like … thats it?

No. 300332

I usually don't give a fuck when people smile or pull facials erratically but this chicks gonna get some nasty ass deep wrinkles if she exerts her face muscles like this on a daily basis.

Not encouraging stoneface but shit…

No. 300336

File: 1473760556480.jpg (206.49 KB, 1280x694, fhd011BTC_Lucy_Punch_028.jpg)

She reminds me of this actress at times. Mostly when she's smiling all crazy or acting psychotic.

No. 300457

Lately she be looking like a drag queen. Her "music" makes me want to barf.

No. 300989

She's already got a dramatic face so doing such heavy makeup makes her look like a drag queen. Aren't Disney princesses supposed to be innocent and pure? Why doesn't she try to go for a more understated, natural look?

No. 301032

Holyshit, what the hell is this hair?! The makeup is already awful, but that hair…

No. 301666

I went to high school with Traci and her husband. Ask me anything and I'll do my best to answer.

No. 301671

Was she this crazy in high school?

No. 301673

She wasn't crazy at all. She was actually super shy in high school.

No. 301674

Got any high school pics?

No. 301675

I would have to dig out my old year books, but I'm not entirely sure where they are. Sorry.

No. 301677


No. 301679

Not sure how you want me to prove it. If anyone can come up with a reasonable request that wouldn't give away my identity or too much information about me, I'd be up for it.

I can tell you this, a lot of the "information" talked about in this thread is false/rumors/made up. For example… her husband isn't some "older rich guy". They dated since HS and he is only a year older than her.

No. 301681


Do you post else where on lolcow? Or did you just find your way here to talk about traci?

No. 301683


You a dude?

No. 301685


Why not just answer it? Did you have a crush on her during highshool?

No. 301688


Why search for her nudes specifically? Why do you want to contribute to this thread?

No. 301690


So you know her pretty well? Did you hang out with her during highschool? Did you hang with her after highschool? Would she consider you a friend? Would you say she knows you personally?

No. 301692


Get the duck out.

No. 301694


You offer

No. 301695


You offer no proof of knowing her. No one here is going to take any of your answers as proof. Get your cuck whiteknight as out of here.

No. 301713

old pics or gtfo

No. 324065

Her and Amber Arden have a princess complex. It's like they think they are actual royalty and people are there to see them, when in reality they don't give a fuck.

No. 324069

Necromancy is illegal for a reason, anon

No. 324085

File: 1481886594246.jpg (532.64 KB, 1080x1080, 64484206.jpg)

No. 324093


thank you for bumping this 2 month old thread to provide us this important piece of insight.
next time might i suggest sageing?

No. 324138

wow, anon, you sure showed me

except wait it's actually you who is the giant faggot whoops :^)

No. 352114

that's reeeeally strange considering disneys hammer on copyright

No. 352153

she looks like gwen hartley

No. 352355

File: 1487186312887.jpg (13.36 KB, 224x216, be6.jpg)

No. 352482

What's with newfags replying in these old threads, they don't even contribute.

No. 352483

she just posted a new music video for Mary Poppins and it's fucking cancer. I don't understand how people can listen to her sing!

No. 352647

Ik it's geared towards children but I think I'd still hate this seeing it as a kid.

No. 352667

sage for blog post

Mary Poppins has been my favorite movie since I was two. I know everything about that movie, the cast, etc. I have a giant-ass poster in my room, clothes, and $200 custom MP Disney ears (that I only wear when I'm at a Disney park…). Cried at the tender age of 20 when I met Julie Andrews herself.
100% Mary Poppins fangirl. inb4 autistic but I'm not; I'm just a fuckin' weirdo.

Watching this video actually pains me. She sucks at lip syncing and it's just so utterly cringey. Her voice is not technically awful, but it's nothing special. Her speaking voice is like knives in my ears, though. Honestly I should sue her for my chemo since I got cancer from her horrible "performance."

holy shit this is so cringe I can't… just.. wow

No. 352699

>this is so cringe
>talks about owning marry poppins shit
>talks about age
>"this physically pains me"

please go

No. 352704

File: 1487275105476.jpg (72.23 KB, 400x600, bhQb1_do4uMdPSozTw0zJzq96-xwGH…)

This is fucking embarrassing. I don't know what's worse, her fake accent or singing voice.

also, for someone who only dresses as princesses, she really doesn't have a "princess" face. it always looks like she's constipated.

No. 352719


I own Mary Poppins shit and wear it to the Disney parks. I apologize that dressing in a fashion appropriate for these amusement parks is somehow a problem.

My entire life and existence does not revolve around dressing up like other characters and being legitimately psychotic like the subject of this thread. but please, stay on your high horse; if only we could all be as perfect and normal as you.

sage for derailing.

No. 352758

Dude fuck off

No. 352761

sage for being a fucking idiot actually

No. 352830

File: 1487322737959.jpg (82.92 KB, 1280x960, original_Becky-Sapp-Halloween-…)

how does someone pluck their eyebrows like this and think it looks ok?

No. 352839

Can people stop coming up with these ugly nonsensical mashups? People have put a million different spins on Disney princesses, it's tired as fuck

No. 352852

This. A couple I know is doing Star Wars/Sith Jasmine and Jafar and you can't really tell what they are. They just look like some random OCs.

No. 353076

File: 1487445855176.jpeg (156.93 KB, 1080x718, neigh.jpeg)

That shit-coloured lipstick is fucking tragic.

No. 353078

File: 1487447898612.jpg (65.91 KB, 408x473, IMG_6899.JPG)

This makes me want to commit suicide. She might as well slap Julie Andrews in the face. Her and her husbands accents are cringe.

No. 354216

As a videographer, I can't watch. Some of the shots are overexposed, they're not in focus and the color isn't synced with other shots.

As a fan of Mary Poppins, fuck no.

No. 379497

File: 1493656555427.jpg (655.15 KB, 1200x800, IMG_6295[1].jpg)

Traci did a 1920's themed Disney Princess shoot and it was endorsed by Disney. She looks nothing like Ariel.


No. 379514

ngl I kind of love these. Their hair (Ariel and Belle's) isn't great but the outfits are beautifully done and tasteful, the shoes are fitting and the makeup and accessories match. Definitely one of the better themed groups I've seen. It's a shame it's Traci.

No. 379524

I would genuinely like these if the model weren't a horse prostitute.

No. 379535

Wew, beat me to it. Poor girl really does like like a thoroughbred.

No. 379542


I agree. Would have been great if not for Traci. I particularly like Rapunzel, she definitely has the aura of a silent film star. Belle looks great too, especially considering that it's a man dressed up as her.

No. 379581

Yeah the Rapunzel has the perfect face for that era, the huge doe eyes and small lips.

The one thing that bugs me about Belle is the hair, I thought he was supposed to be Snow White for a second. I wish he had done something a bit more creative with it.

No. 379711

File: 1493690496604.jpg (528.38 KB, 1200x800, IMG_6655.jpg)


The outfits are alright but the oddly composed photos, tons of shoop and super fake circle lenses was too much at once. I have no idea what I'm looking at.

No. 379714

Scrolling by quickly I actually thought this was a cow propped up on a fence and I had to come back to figure out how it managed such a feat. I'm a bit disappointed.

No. 380691


this woman's mouth scares me a lot. i flinch every time her thread gets bumped. nice dress tho.

sage for wetting my panties.

No. 407741


No. 459961

i miss this thread(necromancy)

No. 478695

No. 691345

I'm going to bump because why has nobody talked about this video? It's just so bad! Not even just Tracie (uhg) But JBunzie is SO into herself, Amber Arden is just as bad as Tracie, and I know "Tiana" IRL and she and her whole "vintage girl group" friends that frequent the parks every other day are the most terrible, selfish stuck-up people I've had the displeasure of meeting, and almost ruined Disneyland for me
Also, Tracie doesn't seem to even be into the local LA mermaid community (I was for a split second but left after finding them all to be snobby bitches) but most they seem to worship her for some reason. Probably because little girls might buy their mermaid-y "hand-crafted shell" crap?
I miss this thread…

No. 692022


Holy cow Tracie is still just as ridiculous as ever…what is she now like 35? Her and Amber Arden are fucking crazy, like she really believes she Snow White. Girl you're gonna age and then what? Cosplay as the Witch? lol

Blog post but I'm actually sometimes apart of that vintage group and yes… Ranitra Coleman (Tiana) and her friend Star are total bitches… but not much milk unfortunately, at least online.
What is Tracie doing now, is Disney paying her???

No. 692083

File: 1566368589650.png (801.23 KB, 979x732, cr.png)

Traci gets work singing in jingles for kids commercials, she's re-posted a few that have made it onto Youtube before. Not hired by Disney directly but makes weird roundabout ways to say she's involved with companies that are licensed by them (IE: Irregular Choice shoes and Loungefly bag promos on social media, paid to do cosplay promos for Ghibli re-releases).
She released the same song twice and tried to play it off as new content for her Patreon supporters this last year ("Neverland for Christmas" or something). She used b-roll footage from the year prior and filmed a few new scenes to polish the turd. She made a big deal about having hired the original model who was Tinkerbell to be in the video; which, while cute, the woman has nothing else to do since she's retired and I'm sure was happy anyone would acknowledge her/her work. But she's def toeing that line of copyright with Disney, especially since she hired a Disney legend to participate in that project.

Is Star the girl that didn't kiss her husband until her wedding day?

No. 692085


Wow… well it seems that she's doing okay expect making herself still look haggard.

Yes, BStarfashion or whatever is mental. I was in her vintage group and at the time he was her fiance… I asked her if her engagement ring was vintage and she said "No fucking way, I demanded a blue box!" (Tiffany I assume..)
She drags him around Disneyland to take and pose in pics all day long, he seemed fucking miserable and I really felt bad for him. She was bossing him around in a bad way, poor guy. She uninvited a shit ton of people at her wedding because the venue wasn't as big as she dreamed of or something. She's a terrible person with insanely bad fashion sense (looks like a grandma 100% of the time).

No. 692119

Any milk on Amber? She doesn't have a thread but I feel like there's something off about her

No. 692323


Haha… My sister tried taking a photo with someone that was with and Ranitra and Ranitra just shoved herself right in and my sister didn't even know who she was but was too nice to say "hey stranger please get out of this photo". They're so full of themselves.
That girl Star is fucking crazy, I've heard things too. I wish there was more milk. Honestly I'm surprised none of these girl are very milky especially considering how terrible they are IRL.
I also feel like Amber should have a thread but she's just so fake online I doubt she'd make any personal drama happen. It really seems like she really thinks she is Snow White, though. It's like a mental condition similar to thinking you're a dog or baby or something.
sage for no milk but I hope we get some…

No. 692335

File: 1566447060016.jpg (116.78 KB, 640x1280, amberlooksretarded.jpg)


Amber looks special and Tracie looks like a witch. She should probably start on doing old lady cosplays like the villain, since she always looks like an evil Ariel and is like 40.
Amber Arden recently got married at some animal sanctuary, like Lion King themed, surprisingly. She had the opportunity to have a beautiful fairytale wedding and instead was full of showing off and posing with a bunch of cheetahs and other weird animals… it was pretty cringe, actually. Her honeymoon photos consisted of her posing in cosplay in front of castles, no "couple" pics… she is really in love with herself.

No. 698127

Also her husband is a lot like Traci’s husband? Very uhh…… not attractive(necro)

No. 812954

>Girl you're gonna age and then what? Cosplay as the Witch?

She's been slowly trying to be 'sexier' for a while now in her recent cosplays, so I assume she's realized that she can't skinwalk a Disney Character forever. She's also trying to do 'scary' cosplays, but those are also a complete fucking mess.

No. 812955

Also, seriously, what the fuck is up with this cover?

No. 812957

Final post, this is what she uploaded recently. She's allegedly a professionally trained singer and she still sounds the same after all these years; Nasally as fuck and no depth to her voice.

No. 813038

File: 1609737872519.png (606.81 KB, 812x402, Capture.PNG)

No. 813151

Jesus christ who chose those boots? They look like fishing waders, very sexy kek!

No. 813174

Damn a decade+ later and this bitch is still doing Disney covers for youtube. Prestigious singing career lol

No. 813264

File: 1609789528244.jpg (98.84 KB, 768x960, 133651793_10158996556094798_46…)

And, she still sounds terrible. Imagine that. I don't understand how or why she's never improved her technique. Its as if no one told her that she can't hold a note and that she sounds like a loli Fran Drescher.

As per usual, her husband has been her photographer for this entire time because no one else can stand her shitty personality.


She's going to be 36 years old this year and is still more or less a pretentious nobody who thinks everyone forgot about the days when she'd lie at MerCon about working for Disney or how the entirety of the SoCal Disneyland face characters can't stand her or her posse.

No. 813598

File: 1609891693930.png (919.2 KB, 1048x439, pennyhines.png)

all i can see is

No. 813616

No. 825187

Im surprised she's still friends with Haley Ducote. Haley and Andrew were super popular face character cast members and somehow they still associate enough with her to get involved in her projects lol.

No. 825190

Sorry, Hali*

No. 889645

Stop bumping yourself. Noonecare

No. 892437

She looks like Avril Lavigne. I think she is pretty. “Horse mouth” and all. Imo the hottest women look sort of scary like Fairuza Balk

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