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File: 1639848478411.jpg (20.04 KB, 300x450, a-borzoi-by-a-chair_u-l-pk8mnw…)

No. 998509

Post random things you hate and why. A picture of the thing you hate is always appreciated. Please don't vent about your life here. For venting about your personal life, your family, neighbors, boyfriend, coworkers etc use the vent thread. For minor annoyances in your very personal daily life use the annoying thread. Thank you. Commentary is fine (positive, negative or neutral) as long as you don't come here to start a retarded infight with your personal issues. Keep the borzois in mind.

Previous thread: >>971272

No. 998516

The drink at the very beginning of the video made me want to throw up, what the fuck is this.

No. 998525

Man I have borzois better than both of you, we should post some suggestions at the end of a thread instead of competing for who shits theirs outs the fastest.

No. 998530

File: 1639849512398.jpg (23.66 KB, 1076x94, okretard.JPG)

Anons with either zero reading comprehension or interpreting posts in the worst way possible on purpose to look good in comparison instead of arguing against actual points.
No I am not against CP only because it's illegal, go fuck yourself for ever thinking and posting that

No. 998532

Yeah, what an outrageous reach. It's absolutely baiting.

No. 998534

It's creepy to defend anything with "Well it's not illegal" anon

No. 998537

File: 1639849847835.gif (2.42 MB, 755x443, jorshu10x.gif)

No. 998538

I'm glad you're back this gif made me kek

No. 998541

Yeah that was retarded.

No. 998543

I didn't really follow the whole argument but I never clicked on the /extreme/ link in fear I'd find weird, disgusting shit, guess I was right. I'll go back to that imageboard once shota shit is forbidden.

No. 998544

You forgot the text
>female coomers explaining why their child husband/little brother is valid actually

No. 998545

You got it right the first time retard, now it sounds like you're saying having a little brother (kid) is weird and coomish, which is weird and coomish

No. 998547

Yeah I forgot to add the text "fantasy" at the end, my bad
You're all still degenerates though

No. 998548

Is it the same person doing the fujo hating every week, give it a rest. Only fujos I've seen into shotas are dumb kids who like to self insert or scrotes.
>rapey and unironically abusive most of otome stuff is towards the female protagonist anyway. But those disgusting fujos need to be stoned!
I don't get the superior attitude pretty sure it's some scrotes trying to stir up shit, woman degens usually just stay in their circles and leave eachother alone.
Definetly a scrote, "ok bc it's legal"

No. 998551

As an outsider to this argument I'd like to just say, yes fujo pedos are gross but they're infinitely less dangerous than any regular male, and therefore I don't really care, as long as they keep their Black Butler kawaii desu away from me

No. 998557

I'm really disturbed that someone from LC made a spin-off ib and posted cp art on it.

No. 998564

Doesn't it get tiring to propaganda women to seem just as bad as scrotes, I don't get your obsession. Women will never be as pedo and depraved at men, deal with it.

No. 998570

Since the new thread is already derailed, whatever happened to 'don't like, don't look' and the ability to separate fiction from reality? I don't like shotashit and the toddler tier ones disgust me to no end, but I think it should be allowed to exist. Once you ban something like that that technically isn't hurting anyone, it starts a slippery slope, next it's going to be
>this character looks too young TO ME!
>these two anime characters that look like adults are canonically 14! You pedo!
>general muh minor entitlement retardation that goes on on twitter
How would this work? no shota shit but anime teens who are technically still minors are ok? Set an age? It just doesn't seem like it would work to me.

inb4 'nice try shotashitter'. I'm just really against censorship in general. If you enjoy shotashit unironically, especially toddler shit, get some help, please.

No. 998576

What the fuck did that have to do with my post?
I wish all cp was destroyed, including hentai shit.

No. 998577

Go touch grass no sane (aka no scrote) person stans anticensorship so much that theyre ok with loli/shota.

No. 998579

nice try shotashitter

No. 998580

It literally contributes nothing to society and IS harmful. You people are fucking stupid.

No. 998581

>Doesn't it get tiring to propaganda women to seem just as bad as scrotes
how is wanting women to keep doing better than men ever did "anti-women propaganda"?
>Women will never be as pedo and depraved at men
pedo and depraved women are the ones enabling and helping depraved pedo males though so
ok libertarian

No. 998584

File: 1639852610675.jpg (69.93 KB, 735x1041, b6ea122f7173275c1e3cf1dfe684b0…)

No. 998586

I strongly believe in the fact that women liking shota, no matter how depraved and horrible, will never be as disgusting as scrotes enjoying it. No matter if you're a yume or a fujo, there's a 100% chance you're not an IRL child abuser unlike men who are into loli/shota porn. And as a retarded disclaimer I don't like shota and find it disturbing myself because the overwhelming majority of it is made and enjoyed by scrotes and not women you fucking idiots but I'm also not a retard drawing false equivalencies. You can't get upvoted on an image board so no need to pretend like women are just as bad as men here kek

No. 998587

I hate apples.

No. 998588

You're (kind of) right, but people won't like that fact, and it's also just easier for most to fixate on cartoons than to try to stop the real shit. I kind of get it, literally no one wants to ever be exposed to actual CP or deal with it (except pedos or people who are paid by the government), while seeing a drawing is gross but less mentally damaging and easier to "fight". You just click "report" and don't have to deal with it in your mind and that's that. It's kind of a paradox, because drawings are harder to stop at the same time (people will always be able to draw whatever), while jailing actual child rapists is more immediately difficult, but also more possible when it comes to stopping abuse as a whole
Idk, I wish these people and this level of passion were around when I was actually getting groomed tbh lol. At the same time, some of them are creeps in hiding themselves, I can't imagine obsessing over that shit daily

No. 998591

Ideally, loli will be banned (because of reasons >>998551 mentioned), but as long as shota is around, scrotes will use it as reason that loli should be okay even though the average scrote is way more degenerate and can do more damage than a pedofujo could ever do.

You could say that about a lot of things. Specifically harmful how? You have to give me examples, anon. That pedos will use it to groom children? That pedos will consume tons of it and then end up touching real kids?

>pedo and depraved women are the ones enabling and helping depraved pedo males though so
I can see how this could be true, I can agree with that.

I honestly just want a real discussion on this without resorting to the usual name calling or retarded snark that comes across as a handwave dismissal to cover that you don't have actual arguments. I'm open to changing my mind, it's just that whenever this comes up, it just turns into shit flinging, and people who are deathly against shota without giving reasons sound like twitter retards, which I imagine fuels the fujopedo's anger even more.

No. 998592

How is this even a debate, no one needs to see underage cartoon boys, just cause you've coomed yourself and get off on it doesn't mean its a normal reaction

No. 998593

File: 1639853053003.jpg (186.51 KB, 720x720, 52731d31433bbff06a1a61a0cf612b…)

No. 998594

File: 1639853073005.jpg (520.08 KB, 1920x1280, washing-brussel-sprouts.jpg)

I hate brussel sprouts. There is nothing you can do to them to make them better. They're the worst and I don't know why people force themselves to eat this fart vegetable and try so desperately to tell themselves it doesn't taste awful.

No. 998595

That just means there are more for you

No. 998596

??? Just put salt

No. 998597

They're a christmas staple here but I've given up on them. OK if it was your only available source of vit C but we live in modern times.

No. 998598

Just salt, are you kidding me? Have fun eating farts, kid

No. 998599

File: 1639853293548.jpg (117.48 KB, 1300x957, portrait-middle-aged-man-beard…)

I hate men that look like this

No. 998600

File: 1639853315361.jpg (44.19 KB, 293x470, portrait-of-a-man-in-his-forti…)

Example number 2

No. 998601

Your reply makes the most sense to me, thank you, anon.

No. 998603

sorry for your bad taste buds, but they're delicious

No. 998608

You've been conditioned to enjoy the taste of fart. You need to eat some real food instead of novelty miniature cabbages

No. 998609

No amount of condiments or roasting will make them taste good. It's like kale. No one actually likes them, but got meme'd into liking them.

No. 998611

This girl gets it

No. 998612

I liked them since the beginning. I'm also curious about how you know how farts taste like

No. 998613

>I honestly just want a real discussion on this
Go back to purple pill debate

No. 998614

Its like a figurative fart, and your ad hominem about my fart sensing abilities won't make brussel sprouts taste any better sweet cheeks

No. 998616

You only think you like brussel sprouts, you've been internally conditioned since birth to think you like brussel sprouts.

No. 998617

File: 1639854017245.gif (1.69 MB, 500x350, ezgif-5-21b5002a47.gif)

>nonners explaining how adding salt makes their garbage more delicious

No. 998619


No. 998626

File: 1639854296122.jpg (107.75 KB, 1300x1300, coriander-leaves.jpg)

You're right, I don't think this is the right place for it either.

To contribute to the thread, I hate coriander. It doesn't taste like soap to me, it's simply a shitty subpar herb.

No. 998629

Fucking kek anon

No. 998630

I agree, FUCK coriander.

No. 998634

File: 1639854790610.jpg (7.18 KB, 256x256, 36e0f0170368bb423ebc910088bc02…)

Since we're on this topic


No. 998635

Everyone who consooms this much is mentally ill

No. 998636

carrot & coriander soup is pretty top tier tho

No. 998637

brussel sprouts are the best vegetable, they have a nice texture and taste almost buttery. You guys' taste buds are just fried by sugar and processed foods

No. 998639

This is the things we hate thread if you love fart veg so much why don't you marry a bunch over seas you degenerate tiny cabbage eater.

No. 998640

File: 1639855182348.jpg (209.3 KB, 900x900, rosenkohl198_v-quadratl.jpg)

Are you sure you didn't just eat rotten ones? I heard certain countries with a high percentage of burger-fans aren't too serious when it comes to fresh vegetables.

This, but regarding disliking them.

For me, it's peppermint.

No. 998641

I am not a burger, I am a being of higher taste. Just because I don't like your low tier veggie doesn't mean I don't eat vegetables, I just eat the ones that actually taste good.

No. 998643

And those are?

No. 998644

File: 1639855351865.png (1.82 MB, 1440x1440, mark-forster.png)

for me it's young men who look like this.

No. 998645

File: 1639855367448.png (112.5 KB, 1024x724, Chemistry-of-Brussels-Sprouts.…)

Don't fight everybody the truth is some people have taste buds that can taste the bitterness of some compound in brussels sprouts, those people won't like them. And others can't taste them so they can like them.

No. 998646

File: 1639855386581.jpg (3.74 MB, 2725x4088, IMG_4168 (1).jpg)

I hate cake. I don't hate ice cream cake because it's not even cake. Cake sucks.

No. 998648

Oh shit that's actually super neat.

No. 998649

I really dislike these types of 'lo-fi hiphop beats to study/ relax to'. For some reason they make me feel more impatient and anxious, and I hate the faux-authentic vibe it gives. idk if I'm the only one that feels this way

No. 998650

Is he bald under there?

No. 998655

Which cake hurt you, nonnie?

No. 998656

I enjoy them as mindless background noise, but I know exactly what you mean. A lot of them will never measure up to a beat made by a real hip hop artist because a lot of them are made by hobbyists on garage band.

No. 998657

Dry store bought birthday cakes :(

No. 998659

sort of agree. I grew up eating shitty, cheap cake every birthday, and I resent that sort of cake, but I feel like a good carrot cake, or just a homemade cake, is great

No. 998660

I'm the same, anon, they don't make me anxious but I've been conditioned to associate them with shitty aesthetic vloggers and youtuber with garbage, empty content, so I hate it too kek

No. 998662

Oh you know what yeah, I'm going to change that, I actually love carrot cake. I've had a really good carrot cake.

No. 998663

what's wrong with you? are you eating them raw or something? put them in a curry

No. 998679

This thread is full of the worst opinions. How tf can you hate cake? What's next, hating smiles?

No. 998722

The only thing I like is the frosting. When I feel like eating cake now I just get a tub of frosting instead.

No. 998733

File: 1639859859070.jpg (301.14 KB, 1986x1117, EOcFCWeW4AAqlqJ.jpg)

I can't even escape him here, fuck you nonita
Of course he is

No. 998739

And I hate the channels that make those videos

No. 998741

Male YouTubers that are clearly performative in their feminism. This guy, Nickisnotgreen, One Topic at a time are kinda insufferable, though Nickisnotgreen at least has content that doesn’t just revolve around proving himself to his sooner audience. I also get the vibe that Noah Samson (and some other guy I don’t remember) is secretly a creep

No. 998783

kek sorry nonny. also why does he look like stromberg in that pic, i'm even more disturbed now.

No. 998784

Riding off this post to bitch about "feminist" men who are only interested in feminism when it's about them and are quick to divert all discussion regarding gender equality back to their needs.
>Yeah I know it's horrible how men rape and murder women but as a man I also hate how men are never allowed to be sad! Isn't that awful? I'm depressed yet there's nobody patting my back and bringing me tendies because I'm a man! I think feminism should also take this into consideration, it's about gender equality after all, isn't it?

No. 998816

File: 1639866407027.jpg (139.32 KB, 1200x1200, propiedades-y-beneficios-de-la…)


No. 998820

File: 1639866566119.jpg (267.48 KB, 1466x2048, FGlN8IkXwAM2uQ3.jpg)

i hate the moral purists in fandom these days. if you're gonna get pissy at me for wanting the dmc brothers to fuck then you need to get mad at everything else "bad" too kek

No. 998825

Va sa du om jordgubbar sa du??

No. 998837

File: 1639868061878.jpg (45.13 KB, 564x564, 1609524515624.jpg)

>wanting the dmc brothers to fuck
Queen of good taste.

No. 998855

What did strawberries do to you? They’re delicious and nutritious, you’re loosing your nutrients as you read this because you’re not eating enough strawberries.

No. 998863

Nta but Most strawberries nowadays don’t even taste sweet. Even farmers markets just resell store brand stuff

No. 998876

You can get good strawberries only for a few weeks in the year when there's a season for them to grow nicely outside, otherwise everything else is going to be bland.

No. 998878

lol @ nonna buying strawberries imported from Paraguay and then complaining they they don’t have strong flavor.

No. 998960

isnt he that guy from blues clues?

No. 998963

samefag but you are wrong. ice cream cake sucks, real cake is good. i think you havent tried a good cake, so hopefully one day you do!

No. 998990

I hate people who think everyone else are NPCs or that they "can't believe everyone is a real person". This notion should've stayed in retarded 4chan territory rather than normie instagram and twitter. It's such a selfish and egotistical way of thinking. Like not having sympathy and relegating everyone around you to faceless mob is legit psychopathic at most and edgy underdeveloped child at least

No. 998997

Genuinely hate the proship/anti or fandom discourse debate. It's always about shitflinging and never an actual argument. Proships will call antis secretly pedo TERFS because they're quick to call other pedos and being puritan = fascist radfems. Antis call proships scum of the earth and wicked degenerate sinners. They both accuse each other of inciting the discussion when i've seen multiple times proshippers randomly QRTing antis or the other way around, which of course makes sense because everyone says "dont like dont look" but everyone is in reality opinionated. It's literally so retarded. Not talking about the shota discussion upthread i'm just referring to the proship/anti dynamic in general.

No. 999034

how glad i am that i cannot understand those diagrams and don't need to to get by in life. are those letters atoms ? why one or two bars ? what do these funky names even indicate ? questions i like unsanswered.
chemistry is one of the limits to my curiosity and me not needing to concern myself with it is a blessing that makes life beautiful.

No. 999035

I hate that our hands are all one part together

No. 999045

File: 1639895835566.jpg (471.59 KB, 500x650, 184204.jpg)

pic related. it's by winston rowntree

No. 999052

Love this. Thanks for sharing.

No. 999095

Would you really rather we have our fingers extending immediately from our wrists? We wouldn't be able to clap and hold hands. It would also be incredibly easy to break your fingers.

No. 999104

I hate the winter and I wish I could just fast-forward through this whole shitty season.

No. 999153

Winter is now esp depressing in my country because there's no snow anymore

No. 999172

You didn't learn this in high school? I want to tell you what it means but you said you don't want to know ohhhhhhhh man I wish I could tell you

No. 999182

I wonder if nonnie knows what a punnet square is

No. 999194

no, i live in a country where you specialize 1 yr into highschool and i went the literature and math route so no chemistry for me
mayyybe i heard about it in middle school but thankfully the memories are almost gone
sorry anon, i know it's hard not to sperg about your favorite subjects you're nerdy about, i can barely restrain myself when an occasion presents itself with linguistics lmao.
nope lol

No. 999210

Honestly mood. If anything these people should be mad at the writers in my opinion. Especially in games where they know its violent but they still get pissed off by certain ships lmao

No. 999226

i hate it when I get hot and sweaty immediately after getting out of the shower. i feel dirty the rest of the day.

No. 999258

File: 1639931066948.jpg (29.84 KB, 840x561, etymology-woman-10826p_l.jpg)

I hate the fact that the word "man" will forever most likely be tied to the male human sex, cause originally is was gender neutral and refereed to a person, this distinction between sexes was through prefixes before -man
then the Norman Invasion fucked the entire English language, I just want the term to be neutral again cause man just rolls off the tongue better imo

No. 999326

When some random account buys followers and I happen to be one of them. Fuck off, I never followed you.

No. 999329

Is that why I always end up following random people whos accounts I have never seen before? I always thought I was doing it by accident.

No. 999333

huh how does that work? Like how do they get access to your account to follow someone? Do they use leaked databases for that? I always thought they made new faux accounts for that shit.

No. 999342

Had that happen to me once, i only found out because i was checking my following list because i forgot a mutual's username. Suddenly there was like 5 finance/crypto/political accounts i was following and is on mute so i have never seen their post on my timeline. It's slimy as hell

No. 999346

Those videos where people put cats or dogs or other pets together with monkeys in diapers as if they were friends. The monkey always mishandles the other animals too because it's a fucking potentially dangerous monkey. Why is it even in a diaper, idk why but it makes me want to strangle it.

No. 999349

Sorry anon, I posted that last night cause I was frustrated with trying to wash my hands with a bandaid on. What I meant is that I wish our fingers were detachable.

No. 999424

File: 1639940015237.jpeg (63.14 KB, 840x473, kokokitten.jpeg)

Reminds me of this, I know Koko was sweet and never hurt any kittens (that I know of) but this pic gives me anxiety because what if she accidentally gripped it too strong and strangled the poor thing. Same with handing small animals to kids even if they don't mean to hurt it I'm always afraid they will grab and squeeze them too hard

No. 999464

it's still neutral in normal, not politically-infested contexts, like mankind, snowman, no man's land.
i too want it to be neutral again and so i've been using it this way.

No. 999589

"something i wish neurotypicals understood about my adhd is that it makes me……"
shut UP!! everyone fucking bounces their leg when they're bored or gets distracted when a subject is uninteresting to them!! you are not special and life is not magically 10x easier for "neurotypicals" except in the way that they don't have a giant chip on their shoulder about something as tiny as adhd

No. 999674

I agree with your point, but
>something as tiny as adhd
depending on the subtype and severity, it can wreck your life when undiagnosed and/or unmanaged

No. 999922

i hate when people are called cis, neurotypical, allosexual, especially when it's a noun ("neurotypicals"). the words healthy or regular both do the job of covering all of those.

No. 999950

I hate that spotify forces me to listen to an ad with the excuse it will give me free 30 minutes of music without interruption but then after my 30 minutes are over (and I counted, it was less than 30 minutes when the ads restarted) it throws me 4 unskippable ads. Idk if there was more coming, after the 4th I closed spotify because last time after 2 unskippable ads I got 3 more that were skippable right after them and while they're skippable you have to wait like 5 seconds before skipping. It wasn't like that before.
I hate spotify and I'll never be paying for it just out of spite.

No. 1000702

They're always loud as fuck too so they can get your attention. Hate that I'll listen to some relaxing music and then it's just someone screaming in my ear

No. 1000932

File: 1640069956344.jpeg (1.39 MB, 1192x1977, 03743BFA-7559-4E48-964C-D56CFF…)

I fucking hate cosplayers like this. I get pushing the boundaries a little bit but if I have to see this ugly shit at cons, I’m going to scream. I would rather have people using their real hair with pre made costumes than this garbage.

No. 1000967

File: 1640077482862.jpg (41.16 KB, 640x523, Koko-a-gorila-mais-famosa-do-m…)

i agree with you. koko was so good with those kittens though, to a degree i'd not think possible. poor koko. poor kitties. i know one of the cats escaped and got hit and her carer said she was inconsolable for months. apparently she would try to nurse the kittens to her chest. monkeys and gorillas are very different though and i think the tempermentality varies wildly from individual animal to animal, even w gorillas. koko was so beautiful tho

No. 1001036

Vtubers, they have these cluttered/edgy designs and convoluted backstories and all they do is play mainstream games, I will never understand how people have fallen this hard for them. The humor and the memes around them are painfully unfunny too.

Also people who brag online about getting their COVID shots, bonus point if they are wearing mask on their profile pic, this is the most low effort shit and they act like they are some kind of heroes.

No. 1001046

Holy shit I hate /cgl/. As if all the moids spamming OF ""cosplay"" girls wasn't enough, these troglodytes can't seem to go one thread without wk-ing for trannies and making sure they don't get "misgendered". Since when did 4chan become so full of faggots? Oh wait…

No. 1001049

File: 1640090035028.gif (9.5 MB, 640x610, hololive-anime.gif)

I fucking hate the way the avatars move and make faces, something about them jittering, bouncing and making the same kuhhwaee faces combined to the sounds the VAs make is so immensely punchable, they're already visually annoying even when you don't get into the full retardation under the surface

I always thought that people who hate draw gore to troll the fans of characters were unhinged (I still think so though lol) but I feel like I understand them maybe a little bit better these days

No. 1001050

File: 1640090212671.jpg (39.09 KB, 640x349, _S_a7KxvZlxBx39bLzUxezgeJECpbK…)

No. 1001053

I just visited /cgl/ yesterday for the first time in a long while and what a fucking dump it is, even worse than before. The cosplay content is 100% just moids being moids and the rest are mentally ill lolitas. Seeing people unironically identifying as "nonbinaries" or outing themselves as trannies without being banned is jarring too.

No. 1001055

Back then I felt a little bit bad for how mean it sounded when I used "normal" or just regular people, but really it is the case kek.

No. 1001070

File: 1640091938693.png (34.28 KB, 585x545, 877e5b344f3f3173866bfc4b8eda99…)

is this chick just a turbo autist or why does she talk about herself like she's an alien life form or some shit https://listography.com/elevient

No. 1001073

That's just a terminally online zoomer, they are dime a dozen nowadays.

No. 1001084

anyone else hate lisa nguyen and all those other "foodie" tiktokers/youtube shorts-ers? it's mostly always the same disgusting boring variation of ramen noodles, steak, and half assed asian cuisine.

No. 1001087

You could try bringing back the wer- prefix for referring to males (ie woman and wereman)

No. 1001091

Idk why YouTube shorts always shits out the same Asian cooking shorts channels. They can be cool, but why always boba fried noodleshit? Where’s the fish curry, the jambalaya, the plov, the dauphinois? And I find myself scrolling just because my monkey brain says new info feed=dopamine, next thing you know I’m watching ‘Instagram Mirror Poses’ or shit I don’t care about. And if I wanted TikTok, I would’ve downloaded it.

I’ve been cutting out all algorithm based media from my life in favour of cozy magazines, movies and books. Occasionally I still get sucked into YouTube, even though it’s pure trash. I say ‘don’t recommend me news’, and it’s recommended, I get TikTok style stuff, ads for two second videos, the dislike button is gone. I am going to go cold turkey on YouTube and I hope other people do, may their platform fail once and for all.

No. 1001128

vtubers are only popular because they allow people to have a real life fetishism for an anime character that they can talk to, change my mind and it's disgusting

No. 1001494

It seems like a way to be "interesting" without actually having to do anything or know about anything. Just browse Yelp for a spot, consoom stuff there and post it on your social medias.

No. 1001572

I confess, I'm so fucking triggered by the recent trend of traditionally straight female gaze pretty boy characters being interpreted as "femboys". I admit this always existed, especially with fujoshis, but it wasn't really common amongst gay/bi men who seemed to mostly ignore these types of guys and now them, especially transwomen, are obsessed about calling any non gruff man a "Femboy". If they go as far to make fanart of this character they often portray him in extremely girly and sexually submissive ways possible in a way that feels more bi/gay male gaze. Idk really know how to explain and this is a really autistic rant but does anyone else know what i mean? It really gets on my nerves because I feel one thing straight girls really liked has been "stolen" in a sense.

No. 1001680

>I'm so fucking triggered by the recent trend of traditionally straight female gaze pretty boy characters being interpreted as "femboys"

Fuck yes I agree, I appreciate male beauty but I can't even have that in peace, either its brain rotted who have to feminize a beautiful male and have him get fucked or degenerate gay/bi males who just pedophilic and creepy towards them

Fuck Fujoshis and Faghags

No. 1001684

I think fujos on lolcow are the only normal fujos in the entire world

No. 1001687

t. meant fuck Faggots and Faghags

No. 1001697

Why does this feel like such an improper use of t.

No. 1001704

Because it is.

No. 1001765

I hate bitches who act like they are too good for pussy OR dick. Asexual alien Data looking ass isn't superior to me you are just a freak ass bitch

No. 1001799

I hate it too, scrotes ruin everything.

No. 1001830

File: 1640172329715.png (26.69 KB, 727x178, 27312a9bac5f0799ad8a74812c899d…)

i like defamiliarization and thought it was funny when people on tumblr said shit like "ugh my meat suit needs nourishment in the form of dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets" but god do i hate it now when people talk about the flesh vessel or whatever. we get it, you're terminally online and completely disconnected from your physical body and have deluded yourself into thinking you're a he/him anime boi.

No. 1001831

Imagine being attracted to scrotes at all, beautiful or not. The opposite of based.

No. 1001833

Going off this, I hate when people essentially LARP that humans are empty robots in general. I see some people go into full denial mode because it's too triggering for them to acknowledge that the female body isn't just an oven and pregnancy/abortion does take a mental toll. Some of them think they're being great pro-choice activists by acting that way, and I don't understand where that roachbrain line of thinking comes from
The mental effect of carrying a child you don't want is extremely painful, and having an abortion isn't fun or meaningless. That's literally the reason abortions should be available, because nobody actually wants to birth a child just to drown it or beat it to death. If you spam "The body is a machine" and sperg out at people for pointing out brain chemicals are real, mental states do have an effect on the body's overall state, and you can't have a child and have it all "be nothing" just because you signed a paper, you are delusional

No. 1002324

I hate the people who say that if you have an oily scalp it's because you wash your hair too much, without taking into account that some people are naturally just more oily and have different hair types from them. As a child I originally washed my hair every other day because that's what my mom taught me to do (she has dry hair/scalp), but I eventually had to start washing every day because I have fine hair and I started getting comments from classmates that my hair looked wet. Fast forward to high school I started going back to washing every other day and using dry shampoo but that shit never stopped my scalp from producing oil and it never completely prevented my hair from getting gross. The skin on my face is also naturally oily so it shouldn't be a surprise that my scalp also is, but people on the internet who pretend like they're hair care experts love peddling this shit.

No. 1002342

I'll never understand how this "Wash your hair less!! Your hair gets used to being stripped of oils" advice found itself a place in the mainstream and just won't budge, no matter how often it gets debunked. "Ohhh but I'm rarely washing my hair, and it's so healthy now!" Yes, it's obvious you're washing it just once a week, you just got used to the grease.

No. 1003002

I hate omegaverse. Not only the association between social inferiority and female biology (impregnability) it has is insulting af, also the only way a woman can be an alpha in it is when she has an ability to impregnate/is bedickened and can't be impregnated, in other words when her biology resembles the male one as much as possible (the fact that omega women basically have normal female biology is also very telling). Just how fucking misogynistic must you be to believe or, even worse, enjoy this twisted shit? The most unironically sexist people I have ever met in my life. And some of them have the gull to call themselves "feminist", because apparently women are not characterized by being able to be impregnated,even though this is literally the definition of the female sex. Even the deranged conservatives who screech about pregnant women trapping men into marriages are more original and progressive with gender dynamics than those omegacucks will ever be.

No. 1003005

my god not this shit again, this reads like an ironic copypasta

No. 1003010

This advice actually works. I wash my hair 2-3 times a month and it only starts looking greasy around 7 days.
I don't get split ends after I've started washing my hair less, so I think not washing your hair frequently is healthy for it.
If you think about it, shampoo is a modern invention. We've survived for thousands of years without it. It's just another product for you to consume.

No. 1003014

Voice acting in all childrens media. I can’t even rewatch movies I enjoyed as a child because the voices give me a headache.

No. 1003023

File: 1640289824869.jpg (Spoiler Image, 57.25 KB, 550x413, Plica_polonica_CM_UJ.jpg)

NTA, but let's say it can work for everyone. How did you start not washing your hair? Were you walking with dirty hair for a week? Is using dry shampoo permitted? Asking because I may give it a shot.
People in the past used to be fucking dirty (picrel was shilled as a legit hairstyle among aristocrats, though it first formed in peasant's hair due to lack of care), so I am not sure shampoos weren't needed.

No. 1003026

Washing your hair less will, for most, eventually lead to less oil production. That's not a myth at all. Actually I've gone through the exact opposite: used to wash my hair once a week because it was dry as straw and it wouldn't get oily until the end of the week mark. Then I started washing it more often because my waves look nice only on the first day and after a few weeks it become oily more quickly than ever before.

No. 1003032

I wouldn't recommend using dry shampoo. I'm biased because I never used it and I don't know how it works though. If it makes contact with your scalp, don't use it. If you can get it to only touch your hair strands, maybe you can try it to help with your transition. Ultimately the less processed products you use, the better.

For me, I was able to start due to my shitty job and mental illness kek. I worked in a warehouse so I had to wear my hair in a bun all the time, so it didn't matter how it looked and no one could tell if it was greasy or not. I was also depressed so I didn't do much outside of work. I'd wash my hair once a week after my work week was over. Over time, I noticed that my hair wasn't really getting greasy.
I will tell you though that without a job that you can roll up looking like shit in, this is a very long, hard process. It takes a long time, your hair will get a lot worse before it gets better, and it will feel gross. But if you can stick it out, it is worth it.
When you do wash, use super hot water. When you brush, use a boar bristle brush that also had plastic bristles so you can actually brush your hair (all boar bristle brushes are shit if you have long hair), and make sure you are cleaning your brush and pillowcases at least weekly.

The thing with not washing hair is that it's not for lazy people. It requires some work and dedication. You should take time to massage your scalp, scritch and preen so you can loosen your natural oils and distribute them down your hair shaft, and keep your tools and pillowcases clean.

No. 1003043

Some people use corn starch as dry shampoo. Never tried it because it seems too messy, but it's all natural, so maybe it would be ok?
>I will tell you though that without a job that you can roll up looking like shit in, this is a very long, hard process.
Thank you for being honest and realistic, kek. I knew I couldn't do it in elementary school (when my problem started) because I just looked disgusting.
>The thing with not washing hair is that it's not for lazy people
The irony of it kek
>It requires some work and dedication. You should take time to massage your scalp, scritch and preen so you can loosen your natural oils and distribute them down your hair shaft
I'm worried as it sounds like something that I could fuck up easily. But I'm sure there are YouTube videos about it, so I can watch and learn (hopefully)
Thank you for taking the time to reply to me and share your experience and advice, I really appreciate it ♥

No. 1003077

corn flour/maize flour works perfectly but is better for light hair colors. You are supposed to be able to mix it with cocoa powder for dark colors but that seems to negate its power. But red, blonde, and dyed colors are all fine with it.

No. 1003124

How long did it take you?

No. 1003127

i think sometimes it also just doesn't work. i saw vidrel months ago when i contemplated not using shampoo and shit during lockdown but considering that it barely worked for her i just decided against it. i think someone in the comments also mentioned that it can take months/up to a year for your scalp to recover?

No. 1003150

take with a grain of salt but I think it's probably just hard water when it doesn't work.

No. 1003155

I had that job for about 4 years so it's hard to tell. I also didn't go full cold turkey and still used shampoo once a week. I'd say I started seeing progress after 6 months, a year?
Sometimes it takes people 3-6 months. 30 days isn't enough, unfortunately.
This is a great point. The hardness or softness of your water is a huge influence. Hard water has minerals in it that makes the grease in your hair waxy. If you have hard water, you have to wash with hot, hot water. If you do warm or room temperature water, your hair will look even dirtier. It's easier with soft water.
But I have hard water and start by getting really hot water on my hair and manually cleaning my hair while standing out of the stream of water. Then I'll use warm water to actually wash and massage my scalp, and I'll end the shower with a cold water rinse. I take the showerhead down and flip my hair so the cold water never touches my skin.

Again, it's a super long, hard journey. But in the end it's very rewarding to have extremely healthy and natural hair. Good luck to any nonnys who try!!

No. 1004335

File: 1640394136418.gif (1.78 MB, 300x300, spongebob bald gif.gif)

Bald men. I think men only look good when they have a good head of hair, I can't stand the cope online from males (and some women) bringing up male celebrities who are bald, those scrotes are all ugly too. There's no way to make up for the lack of hair imo. A moid with no hair is a moid with no value.

No. 1004397

File: 1640403017693.jpg (254.07 KB, 1038x1280, crystal healing uwu.jpg)

new agers need to grow up and get another hobby so grifters have less of an incentive to butcher perfectly good rocks and minerals. seeing pictures of ''''altars''''''' with baked, dyed, etc minerals makes me want to rip my fucking hair out. just collect your own goddamn quartz it's literally everywhere you morons.

No. 1004408

The only thing worse than a bald moid is a balding moid. Receeding hairlines and bald spots are irredeemable, worse than a fully shaved head.

No. 1004603

File: 1640434209892.png (482.38 KB, 641x630, 1640432112612.png)

>They/Them pupygirl with her master who looks like he smokes meth after their night shift


What did we do to deserve this reality

No. 1004615

A lot of anime honestly gets to me for this reason. The writing, the voices, the dialogue, the fantasy elements are a beat to death horse, I cringe so hard I want to leave my body. When I was a kid, it was fun and new. I really love things like Ghibli and Hyouka but it takes a lot for me to sit down with anime these days..

No. 1004618

When two Anime/Porn addicts date… god this is so fucking cringe.

No. 1004619

These 2 are clearly nerd commers who happen to look moderately attractive and so get a pass for being total losers

No. 1004633

damn i thought it was erin painter

No. 1004651

File: 1640441111254.png (254.47 KB, 760x587, Screenshot_20211225-080044.png)

>>moderately attractive
Michael cera and picrel thank you for that generous comment

No. 1004653

Watched a clip of them a while back and of all the things to be distracted by.. it was the wig for me

No. 1004658

Shittyness aside they are both decent looking, not super great but attractive

No. 1004724

sid doesn't deserve this

No. 1004866

File: 1640472969080.jpg (34.25 KB, 394x197, Why.jpg)

People who simp for Josh need a tutorial on self love. Even as a joke it's kinda pathetic.

No. 1004882

Null is fat, ugly and i wouldn't fuck him

No. 1004894

How dare you! That is Brooke from the critically acclaimed motion picture Ice Age: Collision Course.

No. 1004924

File: 1640480217933.jpeg (431.06 KB, 828x711, 3EF7B9DC-2924-4105-8649-32EA6E…)

asmr sluts. they only exist to appeal to the lonely coomers. the sole number of these undignified rats has almost completely tarnished all respect for the art.

No. 1004933

No. 1004940

I've seen teenagers do this and it's disgusting. Its one step away from porn.

No. 1004950

the ones with the ear microphones on twitch make me want to a-log

No. 1004951

File: 1640483403227.png (5.69 KB, 422x85, g_Unconventional_Male_Attracti…)

It gets even worse

No. 1004952

I fucking hate people who say they hate cats or any animal. But the ones that hate cats are especially heinous because they always have the air of superiority for not liking something popular. They always have bullshit reasons like that a cat scratched them, and they omit the part where the scratch comes from them not treating a cat properly. Another thing is that most people do not know how to treat a cat and it results in behavior where the cat is unruly and they blame it on the animal. People are not aware that cats are highly sensitive and that they need to be played with to avoid aggression. Any person who says they hate any animal are insufferable. I just don't understand how a human can hate an animal. How can they morally judge a creature?

No. 1004955

cats are shit, worst pet ever. i'd rather have a pet rock than a cat, at least the rock has a better chance of emoting.

No. 1004957

Cats don't love you because you're unlovable. That isn't the cat's fault.

No. 1004962

rofl don't project your needy loneliness onto me. have fun being a cat lady.

No. 1004963

Unlovable confirmed

No. 1004971

>at least the rock has a better chance of emoting.
You never had a cat

No. 1004973

Nta but thank you for the well wishes

No. 1004975

File: 1640486029782.jpg (156.72 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

And their thumbnails are always so, so gross

No. 1005027

File: 1640491116102.jpg (198.08 KB, 740x1000, 7.jpg)

I hate the holidays. Has anyone mentioned this one yet? In 2018, my grandmother died and nothing has felt okay or right since then. I avoid funerals now, and cry on every holiday that passes. I still feel so alone and empty, even though I think it's been long enough that I should be "getting over it?" Anyway, bah humbug.

No. 1005050

Grief can take a long time to heal. I hope one day things get better for you…

No. 1005078

Very kind of you, thanks. I hope so too.

No. 1005103

>the art

No. 1005126

I'm so sorry anon, I hope with all of my heart that you can heal soon. I lost my grandma in 2016 and not a day goes by that I don't think about her but I finally feel like it's a little easier even though I still miss her dearly. Sending lots of love to you.

No. 1005296

you sound unhinged

No. 1005343

I'm in a country with not much murder to report on but in the last few years there's been an increase in the number of very grown men who commit murder-suicides where it's often their parents they murder.. I hate the influx of "men need extra services because they're obviously suffering, poor men are suffering in silence, such victims, no wonder they're killing their parents, can you blame them"

Men as young as 25 and as old as fucking 50 taking their parents and sometimes their grown siblings off the face of the planet for what? It's spiteful, I don't see these men turning themselves in to a mental health service and everything being fixed because people gave men all the attention they wanted. Stop blaming our mental health services for murders. These men wouldn't touch those services if it were offered on a platter to them. We have free services already.

And the fact that a murder gets forgiven and forgotten the moment you kill yourself afterwards.. Just go out into the woods and shoot yourself solo you asshole. It's already bad enough when parents take their babies out with them but you certainly do not own your parents and your siblings lives. How many men must see this outpouring of "it's understandable, he was in a bad place" and then we get copycats. It feels like the last few have been copies. Empathize too hard with a monster and see what happens. "well you've obviously never been distraught and suicidal before" yes I have. It's not that uncommon but murder is.. or it used to be rare here til this trend started. Stop turning these men into something they're not. Stop giving other men that incentive of being remembered as a tortured saint.

No. 1005345

I've never heard of anyone doing this before, only men taking their young families and wives down with them. It sounds like hateful incel types who have no family of their own to murder suicide, so take their parents and siblings down instead. This is why you cut people off.

No. 1005397

File: 1640527143123.jpg (145.8 KB, 720x919, IMG_20211226_215158.jpg)

Memes with this kind of doodle and text on them

No. 1005482

This is what happens when parents raise failsons, they pay eventually. I honestly hope this discourages women from having sons.

No. 1005500

Most recent case was a 50 year old, he was old enough to be a granddad himelf if he'd gone down that route in life.. like at what point do you stop being the bitter kid and pick yourself up?

He killed his dad, I think the dad was already widowed so no mommy murdering this time.

No. 1005523

Idk, there's something whimsical about it that I like

No. 1005645

I hate when youtubers talk in circles for minutes and don't get to the point just to pad out the video length. Even if the rest of the video is good I'd stop watching right there, what a fucking waste of everyone's time and what an incredibly annoying and shitty attempt at a script (in the event it's not intentional). Terrible! And it plagues so many actually decent videos! Learn to be concise.

No. 1005670

breast implants are disgusting
i support plastic surgery generally, but breast implants being one of the most popular and accepted types to get is terrible.
first off, its super invasive. a huge disc filled with liquid implanted into your chest is just crazy. i cant believe people just bat an eye at that.
second is, you can make your boobs look bigger, lifted, whatever the fuck you want in pretty much any garment. so basically you're just paying to look better naked. aka youre just paying so when a moid sees he can say wow big booba and coom.
third is the people who are attracted to fake breasts are deranged anyway, since most of the time they just look and feel fake.
how are breast implants so popular???

No. 1005693

Because people are retarded, and think the female body is just a machine where nothing could possibly happen if you shove things in or pull things out. Normalized depersonalization/dehumanization masquerading as progress. It's an actual belief that as long as a surgeon is accepting money for something, it must be safe, and people in the industry in general wouldn't just do things for money, without care or to keep people coming back
Most people who defend breast implants probably also think the uterus is useless except for birthing children. In general, they seem to secretly believe women's physical forms are just to please men anyway, so there's nothing wrong with it. Even if you inform them of BII (breast implant illness), they'll probably ignore it and go on thinking that way. That's why we have doctors doing shit like the "husband stitch" (google it) with no consent too. It's sad

No. 1005718

I hate anime, I don’t care about your philosophical Chinese cartoons, it’s always like

>predictable characters, black and white characters, always the same archetypes

>plain morality, good guy and bad guy
>dudes who want to shill their anime as ‘deep’ and ‘philosophical’ when it’s half creep shots of teen girl characters with stick insect legs and f cup boobs
>faces that aren’t animated fully
>the fanbase who is obsessed with it because of either creep shots or ~mystical japanesu aestheticu~
>the moms or adult women are barely human or whole characters. Like women stop existing after 21 and become either motherbots or old hags
>main characters who are average boring men but who are somehow special/chosen/unique
>girls with high voices like mickey mouse on oestrogen. Also when they are surprised or anything they make this squeaky ~nyaha~ gasp that just sounds WRONG
>FIVE MINUTE intros and outros
>general moeshit
>slow moving plots
>awkward dialogue, often lacks the charm found in western written characters

That being said I don’t think all anime is line that, but if you can recommend better anime, I’m all ears.

No. 1005724

Normally I leave anime ranting uncommented because it's got a point 97% of the time, but this time I wanna ask: Have you ever ventured outside of shounen and/or harem anime, nona-chan?

No. 1005726

I agree with you on most points but the lest point "awkward dialogue, often lacks the charm found in western written character" is somewhat inaccurate
the reason Anime tends to have weird sounding inaccurate is cause its all based on a translations of language and writing system ridiculously far removed from English

No. 1005730

A couple times lately I've had youtube on in the background while I clean muh house, had to check to see if the video was back at the beginning again because word for word they were repeating something they already said. I wonder if it's that much more common in december when their payment rate or whatever goes up for he month.

No. 1005733

I hate the buy and sell thread

No. 1005739

File: 1640552209507.jpg (28.71 KB, 625x415, youwantdrug.jpg)

No. 1005741

Fair point nonna chan, I watched shounen because it was popular at school, and it is guilty of most of the points I made, more than other genres. And having tried others, there are good ones out there, but I still see bland, polar characters too often. Now what I can say I like in anime is the artistry and eye for beauty. Animation is an art.
Same, this site is anonymous for a reason, and that thread could jeopardise the anonymity of those who post there.

No. 1005742

A lot of anime to me is underwhelming. Many series I've seen have a good idea but poor execution. Usually only a few good episodes (series finales) and the rest is pointless/filler. There's only been a couple anime where I genuinely enjoyed most episodes.

No. 1005809

Same. I don't think there's anything wrong with having a pet preference or not caring for a specific kind of animal, but the people who say they hate cats tend to come off as unhinged and obnoxious. Like you can just say something about liking cats or that you have a cat(or cats) and these people will go "I FuCkinG hAtE CatS!!1!" um I didn't fucking ask, weirdo. I don't understand why this kind of behavior is seen as socially acceptable, it's fucking weird and if you say that you don't care much for dogs (because these people tend to be dog lovers) or that you don't want one (much milder statements) these same people go apeshit and say you're heartless or evil. And don't get me started on the sociopaths who admit to training their dogs to kill cats, that's actual evil behavior. Imagine hating an innocent creature so much that you want them killed. Disgusting.

No. 1005875

i hate azumanga daioh. it's just covert haremc material for coomers. "oh look just some ordinary girls living ordinary lives, nice show" WRONG all the fans are men who wanna fuck osaka while publicly dating sakaki. prove me wrong.

No. 1005882

I hate cats because I have not been able to connect with a single cat, even ones I lived with, and nothing about their facial structure (or features that people give cringe names to like “toe beans”) sparks any sort of tenderness or emotion in my heart at all. Dogs, birds, reptiles, even close ups of spiders—all other animals have faces that warm my heart and make me want to protect and cuddle them. I dont feel anything at all when I look at a cat’s face, and I disagree that they all have the same stereotypical cat personality, but I equally hate all of their various personalities.

All of that being said, I would absolutely protect and care for a cat if I needed to and I would probably love it and become attached to it eventually, if it came down to that. All animals deserve love and care.

No. 1005886

makes sense. that's how i feel about dogs. puppies don't even look cute to me. am fine with all other animals, including cute furry spiders and shit.

No. 1005888

I mostly agree with that. Not sure if those will not be
>philosophical Chinese cartoons
to you, but how about Utena, Haibane Renmei (also liked Niea_7 for the occasional realistic outlook on student life) and Paranoia Agent? Maybe there were some newish good anime, but I'm an occasional manga reader nowadays. I would also recommend Paradise Kiss and Nana, but only if you like drama, romance, and fashion. Doesn't fit the definition of what you hate and I genuinely like it, so I thought I will mention.
>people who say they hate cats tend to come off as unhinged and obnoxious
I do not intend to fight you two, but haven't you seen lolcow's resident dog haters? Accent on haters. Absolutely unhinged. I think both groups are shit

No. 1005892

stop lurking on /a/, nonna. It's just a funny lighthearted show.

No. 1005896


Can I be filled in on the borzoi culture backstory? Sorry if it gets asked a lot, I did try to check the previous threads for it unsuccessfully kek

No. 1005905

Some time ago (last year or 2019, can't remember) there was an anon who wrote a rant about how much she hates borzois because she finds them creepy and ghastly, then another anon started spamming her with borzoi images asking what's wrong with them and the original borzoi hater anon became increasingly more irate with her borzoi hate. It was the funniest fucking shit ever watching her fall further into insanity with each reply. Wish I had caps of the original exchange.

No. 1005910

Maybe it's just that they forgot to edit retakes out?

No. 1005920

??? I love it, it's a rare anime that doesn't sexualize everything and is actually funny, and doesn't have stinky men talking.

No. 1006046

Your perception of the show has been tainted by moids, the show on its own is inoffensive* and charming, it's not the girls' fault that moids ruin everything.

*I will admit vaguely remembering a plotline about a perverted teacher who tries to take pics of the swim classes, I blame the retarded Japanese character trope for that.

No. 1006065

File: 1640572936621.jpeg (1.6 MB, 1242x2088, 1599675120977.jpeg)

i found this cap of the original post.

No. 1006075

the way so much of pixyteri's early content is completely lost to time because no one bothered to archive them

No. 1006083


I like cats, but a lot of them I meet are little soulless vessels who are only driven by food and pets. Ones that people would call "nice cats" but are really just looking to get affection for their own gain.

I know I sound like that petfag but my cat seems to be pretty emotionally intelligent and humanlike. Lots of eye contact, talks back, little sighs when he's bored, lays his head on you when you're sad, does things for the amusement and praise of others (eg, only scratches his post if someone's watching to act entertained by it), goes on hikes with me without needing to be restrained.

So many of my friends talk about their "best cat ever" and then its just a little dumbass with dead eyes who wants to be stroked, I can totally get why you haven't connected to one.

No. 1006096

Op here. I agree with your last paragraph. Yeah we must treat every animal (that is not about to kill us) with respect and care, no matter our feelings. Your reasoning for hating cats is bizarre. It's not logical to think you're going to feel something just from their face. A cat's personality usually reflects the owner. I trained a cat since she was young and she has taken care of me anytime I'd feel bad, by purposely purring (a cat's purr is to comfort and has shown to help humans in pain) and making sure I'm okay. Cats are capable of love, or at least enjoying their owner's company. My point is that people who hate any type of animal are just weirdos.. the animal does not care or even understand hate, and aren't even on our intelligence level. They live on instinct. Don't we humans know better than to hate a creature that is just trying to live, no matter how different they are from us??

So an animal has to show emotions to earn your love? What animal on earth has the emotional range of a human? Why are you asking so much from these beautiful creatures?? They're just animals, and my cat cares about me. She has purred on me to make me feel better. Idc if she'd eat my face if I die bc animals have strong instincts and who are we to judge them for it??? Get off your high horse, judging creatures just because they're different from you.

No. 1006128

So glad I was one of the anons to make history

No. 1006134


Nonnies have a right to dislike an animal because they can't connect and socialize with them, they're allowed to be autistic as long as they don't wish harm

No. 1006147

>t. never met a cat

No. 1006149

I hate the term “mouthfeel”. Makes my fucking skin crawl. I feel bad for any lesbian that has to interact with trannies IRL. Also, I hate how quick women are to defend trannies over other women, most embarrassing behavior. They’re legit low functioning retarded poo brains.

No. 1006153

Lazy villagers in Animal Crossing New Horizons have a line about "mouth feel" and it makes me cringe because I cannot undo the association of le quirky trannoids talking about their girl dicks

No. 1006188

dog haters on lolcow are the ones who also invent reasons to fight in every single thread possible, i'm convinced. they are the most delusional and weirdly passionate ones for sure. i never see any comparable cat hate on here ever

No. 1006219

If I wouldn't hate beauty surgery I would do breast implants. 100%
It is not for the male gaze, I have zero interest in dating. (and I know men have no standard and would have sex with everything, so I don't listen to the typical "B..but there are men who like woman with small breast too uwu" bs)
It is for me to look at me and feel like an adult woman, not a like a child. I know that bigger breasts don't equal beautiful woman. But to have at least more than disappointing mosquito bites would be nice. It would look better in clothes too.
But I do understand your hate.

No. 1006321

Dog haters are also the ones posting literal photos of dead dogs and dog gore in the dog love thread. I don't understand hatred of any animal, especially pets, but the "cat haters" never have a hate as visceral as dog haters do. Their dislike of cats is more similar to what >>1005882 is describing while the dog haters are psycho level schizos talking about how dogs and dog owners should be shot on sight and all the "slobbering mutts" are disgusting and vomit-inducing.

No. 1006356

as someone who loves and grew up with animals I can't fathom hating either cats or dogs

No. 1006922


No. 1006936

>Dog haters are also the ones posting literal photos of dead dogs and dog gore in the dog love thread

those were moids looking for a reaction. If we wanted to post gore we'd probably show some of the kids disfigured by dogs.

dog hate is socially very unacceptable while cat hate is understood, despite dogs being extremely disruptive to everyone who lives around you, and they're fucking everywhere irl and media. I dont wanna kill them, but it would be nice not to see makeout sessions with them in media, getting made fun of my my neighbors from running from their loose pit, and not seeing shit baking on the sidewalk every 4 steps when I walk around the block.

In short, let me hate you and your mutt in peace

No. 1006967

File: 1640648723938.png (8.87 KB, 240x240, 1625090541629.png)

Apparently some retards here have barely interacted with people outside lolcow. Irl I have literally never encountered someone who was a dog hating sperg, I've only seen that attitude on lolcow and r/dogfree, never anywhere else. Meanwhile I've encountered multiple proud cat haters irl and on various places online
You must be really sheltered kek, I've seen "dog lovers" seethe hardcore over cats, but rarely the reverse. I said this in another post but I've seen multiple moids online proudly brag about training their dogs to kill cats.
>dog hate is socially very unacceptable while cat hate is understood
Right?? This is what I don't get about the argument other anons are making. Maybe there's a cultural difference at play? I'm a burger and people here worship dogs, and if you don't care much for dogs (not even full on hate) spergs will accuse you of being heartless or evil or whatever the fuck. Meanwhile I've encountered unhinged people start exclaiming how much they hate cats when you mention that you like cats or you have a cat(s), and somehow this is seen as socially acceptable. This attitude is very prevalent in the media as well.

No. 1006979

Thanks for proving the point, schizo.

In my experience the people who hate cats on an unhinged level similar to the dog hate you see on lolcow are psychos who hate all animals to begin with, not nasty mean old dog people who treat their disgusting mutts like royalty.

I honestly don't understand anons' obsession to "prove" how dogs are "worshipped" and everyone who doesn't like them is burned at the stake. It all sounds like the perception of someone who's hyperaware of their surroundings because it makes no sense to be so fixated on this issue that shouldn't affect anyone's life ever. You can't exactly exact revenge on nature for adding so many dogs in TV commercials. I get being terrified of breeds like pitbulls but that's just common sense, even other dog owners want them banned to protect their own dogs. But hating domesticated animals is psychopath behavior be it dogs or something else. It really makes no sense to be so vocal about it.

No. 1006981

>dog haters on lolcow are the ones who also invent reasons to fight in every single thread possible
This is so true. Even after the containment thread was created because they wouldn't stop ranting about dog anal glands, they still post their shit outside of the thread. It's fine to not like some animals, but straight up hating them is just gross.

No. 1006990

Most cat/dog hate is just hatred of dumb owners. If dogs were kept on leash, trained not to bark and kept entertained so they don't want to, if cats roaming everywhere fucking shit up wasn't the default mode for cat ownership, then no one would have reason to hate an animal for doing what its dumb animal brain tells it to do. It's not like you can tell an animal to get its shit together.

That and if pet owners understood how boring it is to talk about their pets. The number of rabidly childfree people I know who complain about their friends posting photos of their kids non-stop but then tell me long-winded anecdotes about their fucking cats and the fucking psychology behind why it pissed on the floor I swear to god…

No. 1007020

I mean to be fair, they do go after the older teenage characters as well. I don’t know why but these past few years it kinda ruined the vibe of nerd spaces online. Adult fans who used to be creators and content makers in a fandom can’t even sperg in peace without being called creepy in one way or another nowadays. sometimes just for even watching a show. I myself dont get the appeal about shota kek but I truly remember back then when people separated fiction from reality. Ig its bc of the normiefication of anime and the internet as a whole

No. 1007074

I hate 90% of the posters on the Genshin general on /m/.

No. 1007076

The Nicole Eevee Davis thread on /w/ has some of the weirdest rabid anons on the entire site I swear

No. 1007087

/w/ in general is a forsaken, unreadable cesspool, it's literally where all the PULLfags migrated to after they lost their home. The anons there are obsessed skinwalkers stirring up drama over nothing and unironically caping for trannies and using their preferred pronouns.

No. 1007090

Why tho.

No. 1007117

I hate how each culture’s female body standards are different. If they're going to set a standard for us why can’t it at least be uniform? Like why am I too thin for my own culture but if I move somewhere else I’m suddenly too fat??

No. 1007136

That's how you know it's bullshit. Hell even health stuff isn't standard, victorians romanticized TB and nowadays we have ana-chans.

No. 1007138

I think your priorities are off, anon

No. 1007149


No. 1007153

nta but yes, It was considered the "true artists decease" as many struggling improvised artists would end up suffering from tuberculosis and it ended up being associated with struggling artists and so got romanticized by the upper class

No. 1007208

i think it's part of what makes different cultures interesting, and usually the culture favors their own so that's good. don't worry too much though, with globalization we'll soon all be admiring plastic tanned kim ks with grub lips and fake nails, which favors next to no woman kek

No. 1007219

This. People once fetishized pregnant bellies, fat pale women, feminine pretty men, and even today there are multiple countries that see borderline obesity as an ideal for both sexes, it was never about health or even visual "proportions" like incels say, beauty standards are extremely random and depend on the social context.

Anon this is not an attack on you, but there's nothing good or ~exotic~ about meaningless beauty standards imposed to women. Women don't have to feel insecure so a culture can be ~zomg inchresting~.

No. 1007230

File: 1640679486054.jpg (219.66 KB, 1000x523, Uroš Predić.jpg)

a consensus is needed for what is considered beautiful to the members of the culture so that the iconography can make sense and you can feel aesthetic pleasure looking at a painting and the people around you feel the same. that's the way you feel belonging which is maybe the most meaningful thing there is in life.
of course, it has to be one type, or a few types of beauty, which by definition is discriminatory, but it's not about tearing ugly people down. it's really not even about people themselves, it's about celebrating a sort of beauty whose enjoyment everyone in the culture can take part in : everyone prefers looking at beauty rather than plainness and everyone like to say to themselves, wow, this picture is more beautiful than i personally am, but it represents me in a way. it represents human beauty as we see it in our corner of the earth, and every corner of the world used to find meaningful beauty in a different way, which is really interesting. it tells you the heart of a people.
it's okay and normal not to fit the ideal, and ugly people do face discrimination (i would know). the best you can do is appreciate the value beauty has while knowing it's not the only one there is, and cultivating your other qualities.
the real pressure however and what we suffer from really isn't the existence of a beauty ideal, but the importance society places on beauty and innate qualities rather than character and hard work. that's why there is insecurity and a feeling something is imposed. it's also the normalization of cosmetic procedures etc that elicit supernormal stimuli of course, but i'd categorize that in the "commodifying human beings" drawer.

No. 1007241

I always found that dude in the painting sexy

No. 1007442

Since pandemic started, seeing scrotes just standing in store foyers, they're literally paid to just stand there and look grumpy, and yell at ppl to put on their mask. Useless sacks of flesh. Even ethots have to put in more work than that. Men literally just exist and get paid.

No. 1007462

honestly I see the worth in scrotes scaring clients into wearing masks. My mother is constantly dealing with retarded old women who refuse to wear the mask and overstay well past shop closing. The store owner basically forces her to be their doormat and not protest too much, but even if my mom was allowed to flip off, they probably still wouldn't listen to her. They sure don't when she's politely asking, but I know that they would follow orders of a rude-ass scrote.

No. 1007533

It changes rapidly in the same area too. I use to hang with a lot of religious folk and got constantly praised for being beautiful even though I'm not necessarily "special". I'm just short, pale, fleshy but skinny hourglass, and averagey doll features and just brown hair and brown eyes, then when I went to college and it's fucking wild, one minute I'm anorexic skinny and need to go get xxl implants and gain 50 lbs, next minute I'm a hambeast, one minute I'm hot, next minute I'm the ugly duckling, one minute my pale skin is great next minute I need to be orange lmao

No. 1007577

Why does this read like a fanfic kek

No. 1007589

Religious folk say anyone under the age of 25 is beautiful/pretty.

No. 1007616

File: 1640723510466.jpg (58.69 KB, 564x704, d8599a382e58011a951acb7c91606d…)

it's not a straight up bingo but pale skin check, hourglass check, doll face check. from cartoonshateher.

No. 1007620

File: 1640723811336.jpg (532.89 KB, 1688x1125, male-pattern-baldness.jpg)

Balding young men that shit is so fucking gross, when they are 20-30 and already dont have half of their hair and it's all greasy anyway, ughhhh. Balding men are physically repulsive, the small strands of hair and the skin peaking through their hair… barf

No. 1007639

lmao right??

Anyway sorry but conventionally attractive women who claim to feel so pressured by by changing beauty standards just need to… get over it tbh. Slim and healthy will ALWAYS be considered attractive and desirable in western culture at least. Thin women will never be short of attention and praise for their body, they still make up the majority of celebrities and models. If one is suddenly uwuing all over the place about not having the requisite huge tits and ass or whatever they see getting likes on instagram, they're not worried about being considered unattractive - they're worried about not being considered the absolute peak perfection like they usually are, they're pissed that someone else is getting the limelight. They feel sorry for themselves not having the most followers, and they can get a little humblebragging in while they whinge. Enjoy what you've got ffs.

No. 1007641

lmao your pic is so accurate. So many people here describe themselves like this (save for the big ass and tits), it's kind of cringe. Who knows, maybe LC actually is filled with smol babyfaced supermodels, but I don't understand what people get out of humblebragging about their looks on the internet. Not only is it weird, but doing so means setting unrealistic standards that may very well worsen your own self image and that of others reading it. Saying I'm a doll-faced loli on the internet isn't going to change my meaty jaw and prominent nasolabial folds, and it won't make my doughy ass any skinnier, so why bother? Or do these people actually believe the things they're claiming, or think they're just selectively telling the truth or something? It's fascinating to me

No. 1007689

File: 1640728669448.jpg (10.57 KB, 480x360, BEYONCE.jpg)

ebony dark'ness dementia raven way?!

No. 1007698

anon… this post… why

No. 1007731

I'm fascinated by people like this because they clearly base their identity around being attractive. I was raised to not even consider my appearance (no not in a not like other girls way), and seeing people like that is so jarring. What happens when they get old? It's a mental illness.

No. 1007745

No doubt they are just terminally online. I definitely cared about my looks a lot when I was young (still do, to an extent) but I no longer use social media and don't put pictures of myself online. I easily stopped comparing myself with perfect looking e-girls the moment I stopped spending my time lurking their profiles or seeking validation online.

No. 1007747

I don't get the problem with this post.

No. 1008057

the jumping on the post to blog about her life for 3 lines, the overabundance of descriptors for herself (despite this being an anon board), the oxymoron "averagey doll features", the fact she had to go back and add the y to average because "average" felt modest enough when she wrote it but too unremarkable to describe herself when she proofread (just like "fleshy but skinny" instead of "skinnyfat"), repeating 3x "one minute… the next minute…" which is annoying and exaggerated and tells us she thinks (or wishes) people constantly commented about her and her appearance as if she were the main character in a movie about a girl realizing she's beautiful
anyway this reads like a mini copypasta and it's really funny to analyse lmao

No. 1008248

File: 1640786827637.png (130.76 KB, 269x243, 85640376957.png)

>averagey doll features

No. 1008288

My boyfriend's parents are like this and never shut up about how they were hot when they were younger even though the mom looked like a veggie tales character and the dad looked like a complete neckbeard. They're creepy and keep trying to talk about sex with me and my husband for some reason and brag about how they go to nude beaches even though they're like 300 lbs now and bitch about aging and weight gain. Mom is weirdly judgemental and makes constant comments on boob sizes of models when we're watching TV like "oo my tits are bigger".I assume that's what happens.

No. 1008350

i hate how a lot of outfit of the day videos that get posted on tiktok are just body checking videos in disguise. like some clearly underweight girl in nothing but her underwear showing off her boney pelvis shouldn't be allowed.

No. 1008366

>My boyfriend's parents
>me and my husband

No. 1008373

I hate scrotes at the gym. They're so weird with their bestial displays of masculinity, I literally just saw a guy with a t-shirt that says "nuts"

No. 1008404

I'm sick of the racially hyperspecific emojis! This is not a Sephora!! I cringe every time my coworkers emoji react to messages work messages and there's like 4 different colors of the same thumbs up

No. 1008407

I've never been to a gym, but I played on schools sports teams and I can only imagine that the gym is full of all those sporty ones from school plus all the nerds that want to beef up and think they missed out on top bants.

No. 1008513

Agreed. Just keep them all traditionally yellow ffs.

No. 1008552

when couples bring up their "love language" and somehow, magically, the man is ALWAYS without fail physical touch. how about i smash your fucking moid face in?

my ex was the exact same thing, too.

No. 1008568

i saw one with a shirt that said "ARE YOU MAN ENOUGH TO TRY"

try what white boy? drink milkshakes and pick stuff up?

No. 1008587

Say that your love language is getting presents on the first date so you can weed out the lazy bums that will get fat and bald at 30

No. 1008590

I don't get it, what's wrong with physical touch?

No. 1008592

Are you kidding me? Where I live fake tans and stuff always seems to be forced down my throat and I get told repeatedly to tan. I have a combination of "doll" features and average features and what's wrong with having an hourglass? At least I'm not like anons in 2014 lolcow claiming to have 43-23-46 proportions. Not all hourglasses are extreme or anything
Venus is a good example of what I mean. Doll like doesn't necessarily mean fake or artificial/unattainable looking, it doesn't even have to be "pretty" to a lot of people

No. 1008594

they mean sex and just sex, no other effort.

No. 1008710

I hate childish narcissistic mind games.
My mother consistently excitedly says
>you've lost weight anon! You look good
When I've actually gained weight. I used to think this was a weird quirk of hers but now I've realized how much of her remarks are strange narcissistic moves. She hates when I lose weight or achieve anything healthy or positive, and I wonder how many years she's been slyly trying to encourage weight gain in me by praising me when I've slipped into bad habits.

No. 1008723

I complained about this several times already, but the author even specifically excluded sex from physical touch, but muh love language is still scrotes favorite argument as for why you should fuck him more.

No. 1008862

This kek. It's major cope. It's always so funny seeing women complain about "my boyfriend is distant and disappears and doesn't talk to me for days, never buys me anything but that's okay because that's not his LoVe LaNgUaGe", like no you're not understanding his language and it's that he doesn't love you. I couldn't imagine being in a relationship with someone who refuses to get intimate with me on emotional levels but some of you will complain about how your scrote doesn't text you back and forgets about you and still date him kek. I wonder how many of these men who have an emotionally distant love language towards their actual partner will magically change and be all cushy and sweet when the next girl comes along

No. 1008881

File: 1640817738586.jpg (44.79 KB, 500x617, tumblr_ac890f7ca1ecd4938ad4461…)

zoomers combining pickmeism and "adulting" memes

No. 1008887

They blame feminists because zoomers are usually financially reliable on their girlfriends and wives now instead of the other way around, and since cost of living is higher women need to get educated to get good money to support their man-children as well as do chores. They should be blaming men for not stepping up and working more.

No. 1008915

guys i don't wanna invalidate your feelings but these "i hate equality cause now i have to do ____" tiktoks are jokes. none of the girls actually mean it, at least i haven't come across one who does

No. 1008921

This is stupid. People "joke" about things they genuinely believe all the time

No. 1008966

whats gonna happen when the equilibrium shifts? just curious

No. 1009046

This "muh love language is physical touch" shit really makes me want to make a "basic scrote dating profile" starter pack.

No. 1009141

I despise being treated like a dumb woman child for not bothering with doing hair/makeup/fashion/etc. It's fucking tedious and costs $, leave me tf alone!!

No. 1009294

ginger male market failure representation <3

No. 1009328

File: 1640840372631.png (60.15 KB, 225x350, The_Chad1.png)

Do they wear t-shirts that say "ouch" by any chance?

No. 1009373

File: 1640845986541.jpeg (108.42 KB, 1200x800, Screen_Shot_2016-08-01_at_12.3…)

When people switch accents mid-sentence to sound quirky

No. 1009391

Man I hate how quickly any mildly offensive word becomes a “slur” nowadays. I saw people on Twitter talking about “the B-slur” and I was so fucking confused until they typed out that it was fucking Beaner. I get not saying “f-slur” or “n-word” cause of the historical baggage but literally why are people so afraid to say words like “retard” and insist on saying “the r-slur” instead, like speaking them aloud will kill autists on the spot. I’m not even an edgy person who normally uses terms like this but it’s so silly. Especially with how stuff like “bitch,” “cunt,” and “whore” gets thrown around all the time still, like people still don’t give a fuck about women as a group.

No. 1009406

Feeding children candy and processed foods, dressing them in synthetic materials, spoiling them with plastic junk, showing them brainless cartoons. Just giving children a bad start at life and failing in your role as a parent, imo. Please spare your sperging about economic factors, by the way. That's an obvious variable and I'm not blaming people for getting by with what they have. But it's your responsibility to raise a child well and these little things are so (negatively) impactful.

No. 1009409

To those disagreeing with OP, it's not intended with full earnesty of course but it definitely isn't harmless nor respectable. It's disappointing.

No. 1009414

I mean, beaner certainly sounds like a racial slur to me, just not quite as heavy or stigmatized as some others. Or are you just annoyed that people are calling it the b-slur instead of spelling the word in full?

They'll have to pry retard from my cold dead hands though, no other synonym for dumb has such nuance and impact.

No. 1009424

After almost 2 years of full remote working I'm so tired of my coworkers having their kids come on camera and yell shit in the background. It isn't cute and I hate pretending that it is. I want to just tell them to shut those kids up or at least have the courtesy to go to another room for the meeting or at least mute the mic but instead I'm stuck there faking a smile and pretending it's quirky and funny because I don't want to be the uppity bitch. I wish they were pets instead.

No. 1009429

the term "they/them pussy"

No. 1009435

I worked a service industry job with single moms and they'd regularly bring their screaming tax deductions to meetings. I feel you nonnie

No. 1009452

medieval fantasy fucking sucks

No. 1009460

never even thought of kids and candy as an issue until i was the one who handed it out during halloween. i couldnt believe kids under 6-7 were allowed to have it. those poor 2-6 year olds are just going to fuck up their teeth then get hooked on sugar. no wonder us burgers have so much obesity the kids don't get restricted early on and learn self control.

No. 1009606

File: 1640872443258.jpg (45.71 KB, 1080x418, Screenshot_20211230_035130.jpg)

whatever this is

No. 1009608

Gross lol

No. 1009625

watch her become an actual "terf" in a few weeks… or whine and moan about actual radfems being "too mean!!"

No. 1009629

I hate long fake nails. it looks trashy as fuck, on the top of being extremely unpractical. Why do women insist on willingly pornify themselves ?

No. 1009635

What's the username?

No. 1009636

I've seen parents put soda in their kid's bottle before. Bleak.

No. 1009638

how the hell do you be a radfem lesbian while also going by he/him?

No. 1009666

File: 1640875799120.jpg (407.67 KB, 1080x2240, Screenshot_20211230_154943.jpg)

No. 1009751

File: 1640880085478.jpg (67.22 KB, 1038x576, indie1-1038x576.jpg)

> it definitely isn't harmless nor respectable. It's disappointing
true! sometimes I think we forgot how far we have come. Men won't be able to see that it's a joke and I hate it. I don't think a working women who just entered the workforce in the 80's would ever make this type of joke for exemple, same with calling themself "bimbo/slut".

No. 1009756

Kinda related to this, I know women who don't have alot of money to spare, who could really do with saving in some areas to improve other areas of their life… and yet they spend on nails and lash extensions and various other treatments that last about a month and need re-doing. Then it becomes the standard and they can't live without it or they feel.. less presentable I guess.

Like I'm all for doing what you want with your own money but when they're your friends and you know they constantly complain about money being tight? I don't do any of that stuff myself so I'm opposite land over here and I don't know what to say when I see it and hear the money vent that soon follows. I don't get it. You can't afford to go anywhere or do anything but your lashes are strong, like why would you sacrifice being able to go out and have experiences just so you can stay home looking ever so slightly better?

No. 1009772

trans inclusuonary red fem?

No. 1009774

One of the worst current trends. Long nails are so fucking inconvenient, I just can't understand these girls voluntarily handicapping themselves and making life and its simple tasks harder.

No. 1009779

>write a 10 page essay
Lmao poor widdle student!
She'll beg for these days back when her parents/loans were paying her way in order to bitch about having to write a simple paper.
Life only gets harder after graduation and there's only so much blane you can push on other women.

No. 1009791

Long fake nails are absolutely disgusting and I hate the ugly "hump" they have. I keep my natural nails fairly long and I'm always cleaning underneath them with a brush when I wash my hands. People with acrylics can't even clean between the nail and the acrylic so bacteria gets in and turns their nails green. Not to mention the absolute fucking time and money sink over something so dirty. I don't mean to be an elitist about nails of all things but I really don't understand why a person would get acrylics, just keep your natural nails filed and moisturized and it'll look leagues better than a chunky dirty piece of plastic sitting on top of your fingertips.

No. 1009805

There's not a word in this world that invokes utter digust and vileness besides "boipussy" than "himbo"

No. 1009808

i hate how "himbos" are now considered "heckin' wholesome" or something, yet "bimbo" is still a literal porn term

No. 1009817

Wait is boipussy man ass or ftm pussy?

No. 1009819

I've heard the term "herbo" before to refer to..a female himbo? Makes no sense.

No. 1009824

because "bimbo" is too pornified so zoomies need a new meme name for "dumbass woman"

No. 1009830

also fun fact: bimbo originally was a term to describe men

No. 1009831

You need to understand that you can't degrade men, because people have a subconscious preconception that men are cool and women are losers. That's why calling men himbos or sluts will never work. And that's why "reclaiming" offensive words (slut, bimbo) in terms of women will never work either.

No. 1009971

File: 1640886563176.jpg (78.45 KB, 642x494, ghjhg.jpg)

Men who grow beards that can't connect
Seriously it just looks awful and you can't grow that much facial hair in the first place so why do you even bother

No. 1009990

Bimbo is literally just the Italian word for baby. Idk how it became a porn word, idk how it came for blonde dummies, and I idk why people are trying to cancel the word as a racial slur on Twitter. It's insane that the Italian word for baby has mutated into a these things

No. 1009994

Anon…do you mean bambino?

No. 1009995

kek my roommate is kinda like this. she's one of these people that want to save money on everything, even if it's just 10 cents. then she brags about saving like 3 euros off of an item. i get it when the item in question costs 6 euros, but 3 euros more or less on something that costs 60 euros really doesn't matter. but then she goes out and gets a lash lift or whatever because she saw it on ig or tiktok. it's not like anyone spares her a glance, she's an absolute hamplanet and looks like a female dudley dursley.

No. 1009999

Lol i have one of these

No. 1010005

File: 1640887758707.png (632.47 KB, 624x518, Screen Shot 2021-12-30 at 1.08…)

bimbo is such a funny word, its so cute lol

pic related is the bimbo bread company which apparently was named to be a combination of the words "bingo" and "bambi"

No. 1010009

samefag but bimbo is supposed to be slang for bambino

No. 1010065

I always assumed it had always been a word used against women, it's very jarring reading books written in the 1920s and seeing it used to refer to dumbass male characters too lol

No. 1010163

I used to love effeminate anime twinks because I'm a lesbian and they are practically women but without moids fetishizing and drooling all over them, but now all the pornsick coomer scrotes are obsessed with that type and are larping as "IRL femboys". Fuck you, you look disgusting, gangly, hairy and generally like a brutish ugly male would look like. You're not a cute anime boy. Why do men always need to fucking ruin everything girls have for themselves instead of disappearing off the face of the earth?

No. 1010176

how long until moids get a hold of yaoi

No. 1010179

Scrotes hate yaoi unless it involves "lmao totally not gay no homo" femboys.

No. 1010186

This will never happen. The few men who actually seem to care more or less about BL are gay or bi and respect female fans from my experience so they're a minority within a minority.

No. 1010195

Mental illness

No. 1010211

The anon who is avatarfagging with tiny (reaction) images.

No. 1010221

what? give me an example post, please

No. 1010243


I've been seeing these tiny res or pixle art images and some others lately. At least I assume it's the same anon

No. 1010253

File: 1640898868675.jpeg (17.54 KB, 218x250, 52101705-84F2-4D7D-AA20-A61AB0…)

men with hairlines like this. just shave your fucking head

No. 1010273

That's an above average hairline for white men in their 30s.

No. 1010283

that man is 20 lmfao

No. 1010329

anons that humblebrag about their bodies… bitch i don't fucking care. nobody does. makes me wanna a-log. so you have an "hourglass body"… AND? and?

No. 1010364

yeah you sound jealous.

No. 1010373

Nta but you sound like you post in /g/

No. 1010399

is that a bad thing? because i post both in /ot/ and /g/!

No. 1010406

Most French and Korean people

No. 1010408

when people ask me over and over if i’m mad/annoyed about something. if i was, i would have said yes the first time you asked me. if you ask me again and again, you really will piss me off

No. 1010412

Yes, regular /g/ posting is bad. All the warped BDD-chans, bold unashamed fujos and sleazy BDSM freaks go there

No. 1010415

I wasn't aware that it had some sort of reputation. I thought /ot/ was the retarded one. eh I dont post much anyway.

No. 1010418

Fujos and femdoms are okay I'm my books, some of these anons are not having any action with men anyway, i don't give a fuck about whatever they post if it's just fantasy. Also, besides shotacon, why fujos should feel ashamed?

No. 1010422

No. 1010423

Just look at the fetishes you're ashamed of thread. The "unconventional male attractions" (I hate that name) thread is awful too. Crushing on scrotes with one foot in the grave, pedos and straight up murderers like Chris Watts, incels etc.

No. 1010426

Is this a copy of a different post? I'm getting deja vu

No. 1010429

Lol no. But people have probably said it before.

No. 1010453

and you sound BPD

No. 1010463

Raging because one anon said she had an hourglass a day ago seems pretty BPD to me. Why are you so stuck on it? This site isn't meant to cater to you

No. 1010469

/ot/ is the fun type of retarded but /g/ is the pathetic and sad type of retarded. It only became browsable when I hid all of the coomer threads.

No. 1010483

no one raged rofl. it's the shit you hate thread. i don't spend every fraction of my time on here like you, i saw the post (which isn't even that old) and it reminded me of something i hate which i see happen quite often here. perhaps remove that stick out of your hourglass ass?

No. 1010484

Guys stop fighting you're breaking my heart I'm sensitive

No. 1010491

Agreed, we should all defer to >>1009074 when anyone gets fussy

No. 1010494

When people say 'mento illness' or 'Pepperage Farm/lolcow/anyone else remembers'. It actually makes me angry kek

No. 1010497

You need to learn to live, laugh, love.

No. 1010506

No. 1010539

File: 1640925334195.jpeg (650.09 KB, 828x1200, 47D9C204-27B6-4A0D-9E21-623F54…)

I don’t hate women but I hate this very specific type of woman. Women who indulge that stupid bimbo porn pedo edgy ~*aesthetic*~ are a cancer and I hate seeing them on Pinterest and on tumblr.

No. 1010541

People who throw around words like narcissist and sociopath like they're personality traits that describe a slightly selfish person

No. 1010543

from my understanding they tend to be underage (like the one in your screenshot) not that it will make you feel better

No. 1010544

/ot isn't even funny anymore unless you're a toxic bitch, just a bunch of endless infighting
>/g/ is the pathetic and sad type of retarded
imagine feeling this uncomfortable around female sexuality

No. 1010545

That’s even worse considering how much degrading porn there is spliced in.

No. 1010547

>muh female sexuality is simping for old men, pedophiles, serial killers, and having borderline deranged BDSM fetishes
Literally all of those things are criticized commonly on LC outside of that cesspool. Go back to your containment thread.

No. 1010550

This is why I don't like Halloween.

No. 1010552

Why let moids ruin things for you? Why are so many anons here like this?

No. 1010564

"I wish being lesbian was a choice"
"Being a lesbian seems so much easier"
Shut up reeeeeee

No. 1010574

File: 1640931098627.png (122.33 KB, 1292x710, 7ytr345567.png)

the average /g/ sexuality everyone, and that's not even getting started on the sick fucks posted in the unconventional thread, especially nullfuckers

No. 1010581

I suspect at least 90% of posts there are either scrotes or bored anons making shit up who want to get a reaction out of people
hell I made a post once about being into piss play just cause

No. 1010584

Never understood this at all. Nearly every single lesbian friend I have is terminally single and suffering. The women saying they wish they were lesbians have no idea how hard it is.

No. 1010597

I hate whenever I see someone on the internet writing something like “should/would of” and instantly know they’re from the UK. Using the preposition “of” makes no sense, why can’t they write it in the correct way?? Surely you should have learned the proper spelling in school.

No. 1010599

I hate most UK slang.
I hate when they say 'dead' instead of 'very' too.

No. 1010600

Is that a UK thing or just an uneducated thing? I feel like I see it often in the US…maybe the UK has more people who are uneducated yet online, idk.

No. 1010601

Since when is that a UK thing? I see it from english speakers all over, it's common shitty grammar

No. 1010603

I’ve only seen UK people make those mistakes, that’s why it feels UK specific to me. They probably infected other english speakers with their incorrect spelling

No. 1010610

I saw an anon say straight women are attracted to the sex that sees us as no more than cattle the other day, that mostly sums up heterosexuality. Men are scary pieces of shit who are violent and hard to deal with if not dangerous. It comes from frustration. I know being lesbian has its hardships, but it must be nice to get with someone and not worry about them being violent or rapey, Inb4 “women can be rapey, pedo, or murderer!”but men are so much worse that it shouldn’t even be stated, so yeah I do envy lesbians. Also lesbians probably know how to pleasure you better sexually so there’s another thing you have that us evil straight women do not

No. 1010613

I hate polfags. I wish more people were able to find a middle ground with one another.

No. 1010615

I swear to God some of them will mock women for their heterosexuality, but also get triggered when someone says she wishes she were a lesbian. Is the hettie supposed to wish she was an asexual to not offend lesbians? Ridiculous

No. 1010616

Imagine taking any post from there so seriously kek, some are even bait

No. 1010621

You keep mentioning Bdsm, what thread are you talking about?

No. 1010622

how do you know it's bait? sounds like some "merely pretending" excuse

No. 1010648

I go on /g/ and 90% of my posts(about my relationships and crushes) are made up and I assume everyone else makes up shit as well

No. 1010666

It's just you, get some hobbies btw.

No. 1010709

>some of them will mock women for their heterosexuality, but also get triggered when someone says she wishes she were a lesbian.
How is this some sort of an incomprehensible paradox? Lesbians who "mock" women for being straight mock them for having the entitled, clueless heterosexual attitude blind to their own privilege, not for being attracted to men. And heterosexual women "wishing they were lesbians" come from a place of "gosh I wish I had a cute talented pussy eater gf to bake cookies and pick flowers with instead of my abusive Nigel uwu" putting lesbianism into the category of super secret politicized female club for femaleness instead of a natural form of sexuality that's largely oppressed and attempted to be erased. Something a person of the mainstream sexuality is entirely oblivious to because they don't generally have to live in the fear of being disowned for their partner or beat up on the street for kissing them.

No. 1010722


No. 1010745

i hate the hate towards tempcow. it wasn't even bad and was fun. how people can shit on tempcow while even allowing for the idea of a discord server or matrix server is incomprehensible to me

No. 1010766

Sad I never got to see tempcow. I think I was a newfag at the time.

No. 1010782

I really enjoyed tempcow. It was more dynamic, more chat-like than posting on the boards. It was also amusing how you could see the process of typing.

The only bad thing about tempcow imo were the Laineybot spergs. OooOo look at her eYeBroWs

No. 1010797

>more chat-like than posting on the boards.
>could see the process of typing
I definitely would've hated this kek. Already hate discord too.

No. 1010800

As an oldfag who experienced tempcow it was horrible. Cringey underage farmers with their LoLsOrAnDumBXD shitposting were having a field day.

No. 1010802

I kind of pity these girls, they're going to have some insane quarter-life crises. What happens to nymphet larpers when they turn 30 anyway?

No. 1010807

Ayrt, as someone who also hates chat, I thought I'd hate it too, but I gave it a chance and ended up really liking it. Keep yourself open to trying stuff out.

No. 1010813

At 18-22:
>Call every woman over 25 a haggard granny to feel better about yourself, brag about how dada loves his lil girl, expect your issues to just all magically work itself out as you age
At 23-27
>Realize you're still a fucking mentally ill degenerate and your issues and depression just stay there, but your beloved kinky dada is starting to move on to younger girls because you hit ~le wall~ at 25, panic over losing your only conceived value (your adolescent youth and neotenous teenage features)
At 28+
>Attempt to hastily try to become a little girl again, lie about your age, photoshop like crazy, filter your selfies to look like you're 16 again, end up being ridiculed by a new generation of 19-year old nymphlets who took your dada and are now calling you the haggard granny they think they will never become
At 30+
>Get the first man that accepts you and make babies because your life depends on being adored and admired not for your skills and achievements, but your value as a woman in the eyes of men. Stay unhappy and bitter forever with kids that you neglect and either a cucked husband that you cheat on all the time or one that sends dick pics to teenage girls and sits on his ass playing video games.

No. 1010827

Refer to June/Shoe for a play by play of this phenomenon in action.

No. 1010831

File: 1640943626935.gif (5.43 MB, 640x340, twitter moment.gif)

No. 1010834

>spamming this gif all over the board to own the libz
For your next fresh take you're probably going to rip on feminists like an epic troll straight outta Reddit.

No. 1010838

>Lesbians who "mock" women for being straight mock them for having the entitled, clueless heterosexual attitude blind to their own privilege, not for being attracted to men
Are you new here?
>putting lesbianism into the category of super secret politicized female club for femaleness instead of a natural form of sexuality that's largely oppressed and attempted to be erased. Something a person of the mainstream sexuality is entirely oblivious to because they don't generally have to live in the fear of being disowned for their partner or beat up on the street for kissing them
Pretty sure everyone, including those women you complain about, know about it and don't think it's okay. See >>1010610

No. 1010845

I can't believe I live in an age where heterosexual women are claiming to "ackshually be just as oppressed, even more so than lesbians" because they're attracted to the "oppressive class" and "lesbians get better sex". My god, what the fuck is this. Do you really think lesbians are just wholesome smol beans who are experts at pleasuring other women? A lot of lesbians are traumatized and depressed due to their status as a sexual minority, most likely been bullied and ostracized, even disowned for it. This creates a ton of strain on their relationships because of their personal issues, a lot of them are even virgins far into adulthood because first of all their dating pool is a puddle and a lot of them are afraid of living out their sexuality. This all around ignorant bullshit just exhibits how straight people have no fucking idea how it is like to be gay and how far lesbians in particular are fetishized.

No. 1010846

I don't get why this post is creating an issue? It just sounds a little insulting and trivializing what it is like to be in a lesbian relationship I don't even necessarily mean homophobia, but other stuff as well. Dating a woman doesn't automatically mean it's easy or great, even if it may seem like it compared to men

No. 1010847

I didn't say that heterosexual women are just as oppressed, but keep reading bullshit I didn't say into my post. Its just that it would be nice if lesbians didn't say shit like "lel what did you expect" to abuse victims (yes I've seen it happen, even here) or "just go celibate, idk what's the problem". Both sides have their unique struggles and should have empathy for each other. You mocking heterosexual women for their awareness of men being oppressors is what I am talking about.

No. 1010851

>keep reading bullshit I didn't say into my post.
Just because you don't explicitly write it doesn't mean the thought isn't there loud and clear. Sorry a mean lesbian tired of hearing about your shitty Nigel told you to go celibate, it must be hard.

No. 1010855

NTA but I feel like "lesbians" who say that shit are just low-empathy political lesbians telling on themselves. Some of them really do see being a lesbian not as a sexual orientation, but a sekrit political club, and they'll balk at you if you remind them of the truth because they know they're LARPers. I've seen it happen here. Lots of straight women with zero sex drive and bisexuals in denial trying to "pass" as a group that's actually like 3% of the planet. They don't love women (and that's why they victim-blame and attack them), they just hate men
If you're an actual sexual minority, thinking or saying "just don't have your sexual orientation anymore xD" whenever anything bad happens is the most low-IQ thought you could ever have in your head. Think gay scrotes say that to straight incels? No, because males haven't politicized being homosexual like neurotic women have lol

No. 1010881

when I have to go out with my sister and i ask how long she'll take to get ready and she fucking LIES every time and if I press her (because I know she's lying) she says "I'd don't know". how in God's name do you not know MORE OR LESS how long you'll take to get dressed? and if I ask her that she just gives me the blank chris chan autism stare or LAUGHS like I am the ridiculous one holy shit. she said she needed "five to ten minutes" I've been waiting for almost half an hour. what makes unironically cope and seethe is that she genuinely does not give a fuck about it and thinks it's ridiculous when I get mad. She genuinely thinks it's normal not to be able to estimate time at all and that I'm the weird one for getting upset. this happens every single time we do anything by the way

No. 1010928

I don't have any delusional beliefs about how dating a woman would somehow be perfect, or that it would even be slightly better then dating a scrote
however at least I'll have a guarantee that my partner can't ever physically beat me and I couldn't do anything to stop them or that they have just one bad day and beats me to death

that's the most important difference, Its not about how men act or behave or any other shit but the fact that in any Hetorsexual relationship the male partner can just waste the woman If he wanted too with his bare hands, Its a biological reality
a lesbian might be a shit partner but I don't have to be physically cautious around them like I would be men

No. 1010932

>I want to date women because women can't beat me up
Good god straight women pick up the bar from the floor already. Also if you think another woman can't fuck another up either by bare hands or weapons you'd be surprised, sure they probably won't be able to kill you with one punch like men but have you ever actually fought a woman or gotten hit by one? You're equals, not two dainty princesses having a slapfight. I know one that almost got hospitalized after being beat up by her mentally ill girlfriend having a psycho fit.

No. 1010940

i genuinely hate people like you

No. 1010943

hey I post in the crushes thread and conventionally attractive male threads as well and those are all genuine

No. 1010974

Tbf, anon probably means won't get beat up as in has a fair chance against them, not that they literally can't hurt them.

No. 1010981

this >>1010974 + you're objectively less at risk of abuse at hands of your partner if she's a woman. No one can deny men are significantly more agressive than women are.

No. 1011059

Plus lots of them are transing out and abolishing their health. Ffs there's literally a type of lesbian (stone cold butch) that doesn't want to be touched.

No. 1011072

I dont know who the hell needs them other than a 500 pound woman but lately new kinds of pads I've bought in heavy/overnight size have been longer than my underwear or doubly long. I just wanted to try different ones but apparently heavy also has to mean long enough to fold into diapers rather than a thicker pad. The diagrams on the packaging will even look normal enough until it's actually opened up.

No. 1011092

Because when women sit or lay down with a heavy flow the blood travels up the front via the labia or to the back via asscrack. The length compensates for surprise blood gysers in anyplace that's not directly below the vaginal opening.

That was my struggle before I said fuck it and started using tampons.

No. 1011093

i love those pads, there is zero chance of leakage from any side.

No. 1011148

This. During the beginning of my period I have a heavy flow where I bleed more than pads can absorb all at once. I need that full coverage or else it just drips off the edges of the pad and ruins my clothes.

No. 1011211

Ayrt, I still stand by what I said about people trivialising lesbian relationship. I'm not saying straight women aren't allowed to complain, but my point is just that saying stuff like "being a lesbian seems easier" is ignorant.

No. 1011241

I've used tampons for years but lately I was sick of them so I slept overnight in a pad.. I forgot how much you just can't forget your period for a moment when using pads. I would almost need a full nappy to sleep well and not have leaks on the brain

No. 1011250

This might sound weird, but I have seen a lot of woman with heavy flows swear up and down that they use depends overnight and it’s much more comfortable than using pads.

No. 1011254

Some pads have the shittiest tiny wings and coverage of the crotch area while being a foot long, I wear comfy brief style underwear usually and these fancy cotton heavy flow pads I got once had the smallest useless wings that I would bleed from the sides onto my underwear each time. Waste of 8 dollars, I’ll stick to the ugly plastic ones that at least absorb my blood and don’t assume the crotch of my underwear is 5 cm across.

No. 1011271

I hate this trend of young girls oversexualizing women and treating them like objects and trying to act exactly like horny moids. It's so jarring, i don't understand who are they trying to impress and it's worse that they think that it's actually feminism

No. 1011318

Even if I use one of those XXL long ones, I always end up bleeding through my pyjama pants or even the sheets. Maybe I need actual diapers lmao

No. 1011354

Middle and upper class zoomer/millennials who read the communist manifesto.

No. 1011364

This. I’m a zoomer and I have a friend who constantly talks about women with big boobs by calling them “mommy milkers”. Makes me want to barf.

No. 1011369

Back in my day we'd put a bitches head in the toilet if she was exuding such massive amounts of cringe

No. 1011371

and you know damn well at least 95% of those girls will never go near another vagina in their lives

No. 1011445

"mommy milkers" might be the worst term that i've heard recently and it's so odd that it's mostly used by other women, not even scrotes say it

No. 1011450

>not even scrotes say it

wrong, my ex (male) used it. I've also seen it used on various male forums.

No. 1011459

I've seen it used by men 9 out of 10 times

No. 1011461

well that's awful… i've mostly seen it used in female fandoms

No. 1011464

I was just thinking about this the other day, I constantly see zoomer girls talking about women like they were pieces of meat and it's disgusting. Usually they're straight as an arrow too but claim to be "pan" or whatever to justify them being gross bitches. I don't even understand why, I guess it's some warped take on expressing female sexuality as in "if I act like a disgusting scrote degrading women I'm being woke because feminism". The worst part is that lesbians have to take the fall for their bullshit too because it gets pinned on them, as if it wasn't already shitty enough to deal with the predatory homosexual trope.

No. 1011475

mommy milkers is something I expect to come out of a deranged coomer scrote who spends too much time online… jesus

No. 1011479

Porn rotting their brain so early

No. 1011537

File: 1640995314537.jpeg (1.01 MB, 2048x2048, EB503EAF-7BAF-46BE-A8CD-7BE5D3…)

can’t stand the current mainstream female rapper aesthetic…ugliest thing i’ve ever seen. majority of them are eye sores, their makeup is troonish, the colorful wigs are so tacky and always feature those crusty baby hairs, they try so desperately to have fashion moments by shoving their silicone asses in pvc and poorly made latex superhero costumes & it’s legitimately hideous. not the mention the constant prostituting they promote to young black girls… we are doomed

No. 1011552

It makes me especially sad to see on Megan, she's quite beautiful without all that drag shit

No. 1011553

There's anons in the celeb thread who won't let you shit on Megan thee stallion but fuck me… she's pure trash in terms of styling, and hell lyrics too. She's selling herself as the same ole trash.

No. 1011555

Totally agree, to any person who doesn't consume media (if they exist..) this would look so bizarre, the ps is getting more and more extreme and the outfits make me think that soon they'll normalize all female singers being completely topless on stage.

No. 1011561

Shit, you're right. They're giving off drag queen/tranny prostitute vibes with the shit makeup and sad excuses for outfits.
The hairline on the third pic is unintentional comedy.

No. 1011566

They look like troons

No. 1011592

the name josh(ua). very ugly and guys with this name are always the worst. good thing it doesn't exist in my native language

No. 1011596

File: 1640997704471.jpg (61.44 KB, 1920x1080, 1217459863210.jpg)

I didn't find an active thread for decoration, so I'll just post this here instead. I hate how minimalist decoration is white. Just because you're not a consumerist, doesn't mean your house has to be boring. If you don't want to buy useless decorative objects, than make the essential products interesting instead. Bitch, paint these walls. Buy furniture with pretty or fun designs.

No. 1011606

That's one of the few male names I like. I always named myself either Joshua or Michael in Harvest Moon.

No. 1011621

when you share a friend's dumb political opinion on the internet and someone asks "why are you still friends with them???" because having she/they in bio isn't more important than years of friendhsip you miserable retard

No. 1011622

File: 1640999236213.png (39.51 KB, 389x285, lyrics.png)

I hate songs where there's some guy singing about/to a random "she" character. It just makes me uncomfortable to listen to that. This might be autistic but whatever.

No. 1011624

>having she/they in bio isn't more important than years of friendhsip you miserable retard
disagree. she/they types tend to be miserable retards anyway

No. 1011626

idk I think it usually works fine, but I can see where you're coming from

No. 1011630

the girl I was thinking about writing that post is genuinely a great person, she's just gnc and grew up surrounded by gender ideology. she doesn't actively talk about it or bitch about pronouns or anything

No. 1011681

Speak for your fucking self. I could beat my ex boyfriend in a fight no question. Not that we ever would physically fight kek. I also know many a lesbian who could beat the shit out of me if they wanted to. There's no guarantees that your partner will or won't hurt you no matter their gender.

No. 1011686

> the fact that in any Hetorsexual relationship the male partner can just waste the woman If he wanted too with his bare hands, Its a biological reality

I hate retarded radfem doomerism

No. 1011689

life, living.

No. 1011701

No. 1011706

How is recognising domestic violence largely affects women doomerism?

No. 1011714

she's probably fit

No. 1011718

radfem doomerism unironically starts sounding like male incel copium in a nihilistic, deterministic kind of language.

No. 1011731

idgi do you guys think there's no biological physical differences between the sexes? there's a reason why men aren't allowed to compete in women's sports, and why most DV are committed by men

No. 1011740

are no anons going to mention this is a picture of parsley??

No. 1011754

Wow your post actually made me think of something I could post on here!

I hate children's shows nowadays and how they've become total brain rot. A lot of the shows I watched as a child were so wholesome and sweet, the animation was quite pretty and they generally have good little lessons in them which I think is good for the brain.

I'm talking things for toddlers btw, young kids. If you're going to plop them in front of a screen while you regain a small semblance of peace the least you could do is put on something that's mildly educational and has some heart and soul breathed into it.

I don't know what's on TV now but from what I notice most parents put things on from youtube and it's this gaudy soulless shell, some eye candy for the child to watch. It feels dystopian tbh. Do people realise these kids brains are growing and need to be nourished mentally with the things they watch and interact with? No?

No. 1011755

File: 1641016495476.jpeg (436.38 KB, 828x608, 646142BB-6CE4-4A0D-A4AC-8F96D0…)

No. 1011760

I'm not a radfem doomer, I'm just acknowledging the physical reality of being with a man
Its not about their attitudes but the fact they can kill you

No. 1011781

Any able bodied adult can kill any other adult using a knife or when they're asleep. If a woman who was close to you was really set on killing you, it wouldn't be difficult for them to do so.

Men are indisputably more violent than women, but it's mostly a disposition problem. The fact that they're physically stronger amplifies the effects but the root cause is that they're largely incapable of controlling their emotions. Look at dogs - very large dogs like saint bernards and great pyrenees hypothetically have the greatest ability to overpower and kill a human, but they're very unlikely too compared to the smaller but more aggressive pit bull.

No. 1011785

So the Manlet Menace are big Chihuahuas that can actually kill you, and normal size men are shitbulls ready to snap at slight movements (disagreements) women willingly let into their homes thinking they can change. Pitmoids, if you would.

No. 1011792

File: 1641021693028.gif (1.42 MB, 540x412, 1613350182812.gif)

2020s+ weeb culture is a mockery of its earlier versions
It's so performative and shallow

No. 1011793

I agree, we should breed the aggression out of moids like we did with dogs.

No. 1011794

What the fuck am I looking at?

No. 1011796

Its only 2022, we don't have any idea how it will develop in the next few years

No. 1011797

I honestly don't see it getting better. Maybe if the way we use social media changes.

No. 1011807

Was just about to make the breeding comment too. They should also be made obedient and kept in cages.

No. 1011811

File: 1641024601516.jpg (94.45 KB, 1440x1080, E9OJaOvVEAcY8WE.jpg)

Everything is an AeStHeTiC now. None of these TikTok weebs give a fuck about anything but cooming and being coomed to

No. 1011817

Yes and the women glamorizing being a literal hikikomori or NEET or a groomed child for likes need to be a-logged hard

No. 1011820

File: 1641025645896.gif (3.74 MB, 498x498, 3d-sculpting-daily-challenge.g…)

No. 1011822

Agree, I miss 2000s weeb bullshit, at least people got actual enjoyment from the stories and were inspired to do fanworks and sperg out in smaller groups, now everything is about social media clout and coomers

No. 1011823

It's not even the aesthetic that I hate the most. It's the hypocrisy. Female rappers will rap about being the baddest bitch and the next second the scrote they're featuring shits up the track about how he leaves her with the bill if she won't fuck, how he fucks around and clowns his woman. Then she leaps back in the track and continues.

It's a dissonance beyond comprehension.

No. 1011824

I notice that, too. I used to literally skip over male verses in rap songs because it was just ugly and annoying, and no one talks about how it doesn't match. Are they worried they won't make any money if they don't feature male rappers?

No. 1011826

No wonder girls flock to the waifcore aesthetic as a form of rebellion if this is whats promoted in mainstream media
and the real question is what type of Subhuman male is attracted to these types of women, like said person must be a literal untermench in every conceivable way

No. 1011851

I remember when of all the possible places, here on lolcow some zoomer was calling millenials being genuinely invested in the things they liked "autistic" and "cringey" and the whole argument was a pretty good window into the gen z mindset. They claim "cringe culture is dead" and "I am cringe but I am free" as their catchphrases but in the end their interests are very shallow and based on gathering clout and recognition from their peers, not something that they actually love. They save the "genuine interest" for activism, literally the only "hobby" you're allowed to be passionate about because it's ~real~. This was actually unapologetically stated by that zoomer sperg as a virtue. Even though everyone knows how consuming it is to your mental health to be angry and alerted all the time, especially when you're doing something like caping for troons that are literally battling against absolute biology and require you to change the perception of reality around you.

No. 1011857

that male rap verse in "2 on" is unironcally shit

No. 1011878

File: 1641037427124.jpeg (143.46 KB, 763x1200, tumblr.jpeg)

People who make this stuff up, can they even keep up with their own pronouns if someone called used it IRL?

No. 1011879

samefag but ignore the broken grammar kek looking at the image nonnieself posted broke the grammar receptors in nonnieself's brain

No. 1011880

I fucking hate dogs and dog owners. I was grocery shopping and there were these middle aged men talking while their dogs barked away, and instead of shushing them they just screamed to hear each other over the barking dogs. That's insane behavior to me. The only way acting like this makes sense to me is if there's some kind of toxoplasmosis-style shit worm that infects dog owners to where they're just completely unaware of how loud or smelly their pets are to other people.
Or maybe they're just entitled dipshits who don't care about noise pollution, idk.

No. 1011883

Seriously, cat lovers get a bad rep for the toxoplasmosis meme, but dog owners will bulldoze everything in their path just for their precious pupperino. No awareness or care for the smell, noise, destruction of property. Dog owners are narcissists who see dogs as extensions of themselves, so god forbid you take issue with it

No. 1011884

Go back to your containment thread

No. 1011895

I don't hate dogs or good dog owners but one thing that consistently notice is that most dog owners have no awareness over how bad their dogs can smell. At least with cat owners the smell of cat piss in confined to their homes.

No. 1011898

I love dogs and cats, and I fostered a dog for a year and loved him sm lol. I would bathe him regularly and use safe nice shampoo. He was such a silky nice boy, but yeah, some dogs stink. Although I find it's mostly elderly owners who get them groomed and bathed regularly but sometimes the dog can get smelly in between.

No. 1011905

You wish, having encountered multiple people who legitimately smell like cat piss all the time I'd like to dispute this claim. Some cat owners are just shitty like bad dog owners too, letting their cats shit and piss everywhere and destroy their property by clawing them to shreds. Don't get me started on the people with outdoors cats that kill off all the birds in the neighborhood, go to the bathroom on yard furniture and gardens and pick up diseases.

No. 1011911

anons replying to blatant malebait

No. 1011915

and anons not wanting to use 2x to post about trans shit

No. 1012001

>Dog owners are narcissists who see dogs as extensions of themselves, so god forbid you take issue with it
Go back to your shitty containment thread, you absolute spergs. I can't wait until someone claims here that supposed cat haters (which I'm not even sure exist here) are obnoxious. On lolcow it's always the retarded dog haters trying to shit every thread and pick up a fight whenever possible, even if a dog is only tangentialy related to a discussed issue.
I hate you psychos (regular people who are neutral toward dogs, aren't interested in them or dislike them without blaming the animal or seething about all dogfags: this isn't about you)

No. 1012035

Calm down. I made observation as someone who owns neither a cat or a dog that some cat owners can't smell when their home reeks of cat piss and some dog owners can't smell when their dog stinks and needs a bath.

No. 1012116

This exactly. I don't get why dog-haters have to shit up every thread instead of staying in their own thread that was literally made so they would stop being freaks on the rest of the board/site. It's annoying.

No. 1012242

I hate being a gay in the South it's hell. I put up with troons if it means ignoring straight girls but the way they always attach themselves to my interests and always look to me for whatever trendy is exhausting. Yeah I'm a black woman but that doesn't mean I have to sit here and answer your 99 questions on how to put on eyeliner correctly. Every single one of my relationships with a trans girl ends up with them skin walking me or throwing a tantrum about my preferences. Southern gays can go to hell

No. 1012244

The fact that you're active enough on social media to even know of this tells me more about you than them.

No. 1012250

What the hell did you expect

No. 1012262

well of course, it means she's the OG!

No. 1012266

Trans faggots stealing personalities and aesthetics from black women?? Nothing new here.

No. 1012280

User3773, you're lucky I don't hunt you down and gut you, you sloppy fucking bitch.(a-logging)

No. 1012309

I'm fucking tired of the 'queer culture' bullshit nonnies. I'm fucking tired of people pretending to be gay for clout and I'm fucking tired of people fetishizing lesbians. The next time some autistic themlet starts trying to explain to me how gay people really feel I am going to go fucking nuclear on their ass.

No. 1012310

File: 1641071738379.jpg (163.85 KB, 828x864, 6cd80807e9b8740b26c74e0926455f…)


No. 1012486

I don't get it. Do you pretend to be groomed children online? Why did that statement make you pissy? They're worse than Belle Delphine. I'm not active on social media at all, but I see these people on /snow/ in the thread about Instagram girls/e-girls/angelthigh etc and they're annoying. It gets bumped pretty regularly, probably by the same people bitching about the other clones in their group chat, if all the selfpost accusations were right. It's not you guys seething from your group chat, is it? Kek

No. 1012489

All ASMR sounds are rage inducing I don't understand how anyone finds that shit "relaxing". It's already bad enough irl, just hearing it makes me want to a-log the person doing it and the whole room. It's even worse when the noise is extra clear.

No. 1012490

Did you draw that yourself, kek? Kind of creepy and pathetic the amount of detail placed into a strawman, and some of it looks like projection, but keep drawing nonna. At least you're not simping for incels I hope

No. 1012497

I like that the rabbit vibe is bigger than the laptop, where can I get one of those?

No. 1012503

This is so gross. I know it's just a drawing, but I feel like I can really smell it, the pee trough, the blood covered rabbit, the pillow and blanket covered in suspicious stains. This is putting me off of my food.

No. 1012504

because it seems like a very teenage thing to glamorise being those things and no adult should care what the mentally ill do on social media. It's such an odd thing to get offended by to me, aside from glamorising being a groomed child of course that's a lot darker and another topic imo. Most teenagers will grow out of it. Tho I don't use the cow boards and don't care about them.

No. 1012506

samefag, but your post also reminded me of a very NLOG woe is me post in the vent thread I think(?) of another anon complaining about the same shit albeit in a more dramatic way.

No. 1012508

>pee pee trough
>shit and blood
>male body pillow
Is this by the same person behind the pooner drawings that get posted in the fakeboi threads? What is this, the pre-HRT backstory? Stop producing these abominations you psychopath

No. 1012512

How much of a newfag do you have to be to think that's anon's OC

No. 1012513

>Did you draw that yourself
Nta, but don't be retarded anon…

No. 1012517

I don't see how it glamorizes those things to say that people who glamorize them should be a-logged. The whole edgy mentally ill pedo loli aesthetic shit is just off-putting and nasty, it shouldn't be made to seem cool or cute

No. 1012522

Most people don't spend their entire life collecting wojaks on chinese cartoon forums, chill out

No. 1012529

File: 1641086854307.jpeg (50.78 KB, 720x657, F00AEA5C-97ED-467F-B2D0-D82B2A…)

I hate shit like this. Like just let the woman die in peace, she was 99 and probably ready for it.

No. 1012532

I feel like Betty White would laugh at posts like this, I don't see the harm

No. 1012533

kek have u been living under a rock my good sis???

No. 1012538

Yeah I feel like she would've loved this take. She was a badass.

No. 1012547

She was, but she was also a person. She’s not some character in a fantasy novel. She doesn’t belong to us. Wanting someone to live longer just to keep entertaining the public is lunatic shit.

No. 1012593

You completely misread what I said huh. Are you ESL??

No. 1012601

Nah, it sounds like you got lost somewhere. It's teenage to glamorize those things, yes. Now, could you look back at my post and show me where I glamorized them? It just seems like you misunderstood what I was saying somehow, and got angry about nothing.
Also, I'm sure you already know, but Lolcow was literally made to observe and gossip about mentally ill people, most people don't come here solely for (or through) /ot/

No. 1012608

Samefag to add that you mentioned most teenagers will grow out of it. The people I'm talking about aren't teenagers. They're adults, and one has two children, according to the thread. The whole "scene" and its proliferation are disturbing all around, an "NLOG" defense just isn't valid here

No. 1012617

The word folks. You can't say people anymore. It sounds so retarded. I'm immediately outed in far left social circles because I refuse to use the word folks

No. 1012631

So annoying when people try to hunt down anons for no apparent reason or over stupid arguments, or even better when they assume an anon discussing a common issue is the same exact anon they saw months ago. Like one anon will come in and say something like "oo I got fired" and someone will come in and say something like "are you this anon from weeks ago who also got fired???"

Like can you please explain to me why you even bother using an anonymous board if you spend most of your time trying to piece together which anons are which (and failing at it). I swear to god I wish I had a penny for anytime I saw a "are you this anon???" post kek

No. 1012648

>show me where I glamorized them?
But I never said that and that's why I'm confused. Literally where the hell are you getting that from. I'm saying it seems like a teenager thing to glamorise hikkineet shit and why care about what randos glamorise?
Of course I know why lolcow started but more anons than you'd think only visit for the non-cow boards. The thing is, lolcow is irreplaceable. True female only spaces with little to no trannies are so uncommon that I'll cling to this site despite not caring about cows. CC has too many scrotes.
I really just don't get why give a fuck.

No. 1012654

As I said, they're not teenagers. They're grown adults, some with children, and that's why it's fucked up. That seems to be where you're lost, you assumed things without knowing and went from there. You and >>1012262 and the anon who posted the drawing seemed convinced this was about "being the OG" or "only true" whatever, like you think I find those things pleasant or good somehow. It makes no sense, because there's nothing good about any of it, and I never said there was
>why care
This is Lolcow kek. People can care about things you don't care about, it happens all the time. There's no reason to get upset or aggressive about it, either. If we follow your line of logic, why do you care so much about what a "rando" cares about? Just ignore it like other things you don't care about, and enjoy this space.

No. 1012674

are you the anon who posts about this every week???

No. 1012676

>you can't say people anymore
You absolutely can nonny. I don't understand your issue with it, it's a regional/dialect thing.

No. 1012680

I sniffled . . . is it my turn?

No. 1012686

People who shit on mocktails. I found and follow a nonalcoholic brand on instagram and there's always someone in the comments shitting on them making non-alcoholic drink mixes or alternatives. It really just makes them sound like seething alcoholics who are trying to cope with the fact that there are people out there who know how to enjoy a drink or have fun with people without the inclusion of alcohol anywhere and they aren't one of them.

No. 1012693

Nta but it stopped being regional a long time ago, now most people online use it to be "inclusive" especially when they spell it as 'folx'

No. 1012702

The fact a main part of the transgender restroom argument is fearing harassment from men, as opposed to assumed acceptance from women. We need to stand up for our spaces and be vocal that it isn’t only men who don’t want troons around.

No. 1012704

File: 1641100936462.jpg (79.41 KB, 1080x1041, ssssssad.jpg)

I'm devastated that the 90's/early 00's aesthetic of fun, slime, neon, crazy art, loud music has ended. I really don't enjoy this new 'minimalism' trend everywhere with all these goddamn succulents at every corner. Everything has seemingly become so flat.
But what I'm most sad about is cartoon culture. If I have kids one day, I know I won't be able to just turn on the TV, because it's either filled with 'woke' shit or just shit design in general. PC culture has killed all fun, and all artists and cartoonists are now just enbies or filling some bullshit 'representation' quota which means that there is less focus on stories and art. My heart feels like it's slowly and sadly swaying on the swing set.

No. 1012763

File: 1641110948646.jpeg (533.15 KB, 2000x1333, FlowerAndGarden-FestivalCenter…)

I hate the extremely sterile minimalism we have now and it's offshoots (like modern farmhouse and shit) too but things left over from the 90s/early aughts in terms of design and architecture don't look good either. Picrel is from 2017 at Epcot in a building that hadn't been redone in a long time. I agree we need to go back to brighter, fun, and overall happier design but it needs to be updated. We look at the stuff from our childhoods with too much love lol Agree completely with the cartoons though

No. 1012775

are you actually that retarded?

No. 1012776

File: 1641114699655.jpg (100.08 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Reminds me of corporate art and how much it sucks. I also hate modern computer animation, I miss hand drawn. Quite tragic how it will never make a comeback and how it is now considered as "vintage" lmao wtf

No. 1012779

Just come over to the juice side nonnie. It’s liberating to go into the bar and order a big glass of banana juice.

No. 1012784

File: 1641116435080.jpg (54.67 KB, 564x554, 0a0673c516af0f93eae7d3af0285b8…)

Um, ok poser, give me the names of 5 /r9k/ tripfag then? Have you even ever made a shitty psychological horror using RPG maker? Yeah, that's what I thought. I officially changed my name to Yotsuba Lain Tomoko, you can't beat me. Currently typing this on my blackwidow Razer keyboard while wearing my Nevada-tan sweatshirt. Keksimus maximus shadilay ratioed, nonner. I hate edgy weebs, fuck them all. People are always shitting on the True Crime community women while moids have been doing that sad shit for at least a decade. Women who are into it are all sad nlogs who's only achievement in life is having 100 discord orbiters

No. 1012790

I find it funny but sad that the corporate memphis stuff is a throw back to the 80s and 90s, but it's so soulless in how it does it. And we have so many reboots too. Hollywood is trying to milk 90s nostalgia for millennials, and yet it will never be the same. Everything is sterile and blatant pandering. Very sad.

I sure miss being able to watch shows without ridiculous rotoscoping sequences.

No. 1012797

I fucking hate it how troons make everything about themselves and their issues. The discord server I'm on has an absolutely retarded non-binary identified girl who pins everything on her trannyism, to her women being objectified and subjected to sexual harassment is "especially horrible" because it "triggers her body dysphoria". Bitch no, it's because every woman feels bad being objectified and having her body treated like meat. It's not a special identity to be offended by sexual harassment. Grow up.

No. 1012808

I hate when I’m watching a show and they mention COVID, I avoid the news to stop hearing about this pandemic. Shameless was the worst one, I don’t like seeing it in Its always sunny. The pandemic haunts me in my dreams.

No. 1012818

Honestly I kind of assumed it's the same person seething. If not, that doesn't change anything since it's the exact same bs… maybe except that anon sounded like she believed every 30 years old woman into yume nikki is only pretending to have been groomed or into creepy weeb shit
reverse image search exists. also if you see those ugly things, you can be like 96% sure op didnt draw them unless they are lolcow specific
I see both sides. Those takes are cringe but also a bit funny.
Nobody wanted to force her to live despite immense suffering (like if a doctor pulled a plug on her and the public revolted), people are just sad that a cool person is out of this world. Because we don't know what's exactly going on in their lives, it's easy to be comforted by your favorite famous person still kicking. Once they are gone, it's over.
Please show us those hikkineet adults so we can see what you were talking about. I'm especially curious about especially moms.
>inb4 it's some cow on /snow/
I mostly follow some classic ones, group snowflake threads are incredibly boring to me
>I hate when I’m watching a show and they mention COVID, I avoid the news to stop hearing about this pandemic.
Kek and tinfoilers think there are no covid romcoms because it's not the agenda Illuminati wants to push rather than a risk of it not selling well due to people using entertainment to escape the shitty reality

No. 1012821

why the fuck do people keep getting mad at this? its a 4chan meme

No. 1012823

I hate that ads are taken over by 'non binary' figures. Whenever I'm on youtube I keep getting ads featuring girls with no eyebrows and men with layers of lip gloss. Ads these days are dreary, gross and everyone looks like a sci fi character from the 80s.

No. 1012826

Veganuary needs to fuck off and die along with vegans who can not shut the fuck up. Food prices are getting higher almost every week to the point that some people are struggling to feed themselves and there's entire supermarket isles dedicated to selling over priced cattle feed. I guess the only upside to this is that it doesn't sell and ends up being sold for pennies in the reduced section.

No. 1012841

File: 1641124139194.jpeg (47.1 KB, 480x640, images (3).jpeg)

I hate the picrew wojaks. I hate that western politics and memes have turned into these stupid rejects talking. I hate that people are fucking ATTRACTED to these things.

No. 1012845

why the black wojaks look like they got an insta filter on?

No. 1012855

Because other wojaks were created by people from chans and black ones by people from spaces like twitter I suppose

No. 1012865

why? shes right

No. 1012875

File: 1641127567421.png (493 KB, 1888x887, ViQhSm8.png)

This is from an old Lolcow thread btw

No. 1012878

>unless they are lolcow specific
There's literally a bald Kiki poster in it kek. It turns out it actually was made by a farmer, too. I won't spoonfeed either the thread or the group snowflake thread on /snow/, but you can easily find both. Most 30 year olds aren't self-proclaimed hikkineets or pedo-panderers, including those who like Yume Nikki, which is why that particular group stands out

No. 1012897

I want the eggman mousepad

No. 1012927

It's just their newfaggotry showing.

No. 1012932

Need a bff like this

No. 1012965

It's got to be newfags.

No. 1012975


Zoomers go back to Twitter REEEEEEEEE

No. 1012977

>reddit spacing
You have to go back

No. 1012980

It's literally one sentence, try again zoomer

No. 1012981

>doesn't know what Reddit spacing is
What year were you born? Don't lie, I'll know

No. 1012989

They're called Pretty Princess Points if you were wondering nonna and I'm sorry my OG one from my post shocked you kek, should have spoilered. We had a thread posting them I believe but I do wish a talented farmer would do lolcow specific ones

No. 1012998

>I'm sorry my OG one from my post shocked you kek, should have spoilered
no come one. Pretty sure they shouldn't be browsing an imageboard in the first place if they're disturbed by something so trivial.

No. 1013287

Period shits

No. 1013335

so which failed asian daughter poster is this? kek

No. 1013371

I hate when audiobook readers don’t match the demographic of the author. For example if a British male wrote the book then I only want to hear a British male read it.

No. 1013374

Holy fuck I know right

No. 1013378

I hate it when people assume that the zoomers that broadcast themselves online are a representative of our generation. If you broadcast yourself on a social media platform like Twitter or TikTok as a zoomer, you most likely are a retard. But obviously you don’t see the ones without a social media presence, so you assume we’re all like that. I know so many girls who dropped off it and focused on school, and try new things, who are thoughtful and kind.

I’m not even saying “guise im not laik other zoomers” I’m saying I am like the other zoomers, and we are normal people, but we are being judged because of a few. I know when I enter my 20s I won’t judge those the next generation based on annoying tiktokers.

No. 1013384

how old are you? there are one off people but i think as a generation zoomers are pretty annoying and substance-less. i was born in 97 so i think im lumped with that group sometimes, but i cannot relate at all and my age group experienced old internet, etc.

No. 1013387

Literally what every millennial used to say back in the day and guess what, now zoomers are annoying. Almost like teens are annoying by default. You'll get there kid.

No. 1013393

millennials fall for the bait way too often but I’m not surprised coming from a generation who legitimately thinks harry potter is a fucking amazing franchise written by a genius and not an annoying ass privileged hag

No. 1013404

>priviliged hag
>Reeing about JK
Kek, fuck off trooner zoomer. I’m gen z, you’re just retarded.

No. 1013435

Oh please, no one who likes HP thinks it's some masterpiece. People are just emotionally attached to something they grew up with.

No. 1013440

I’m 18 and 19 soon, I am an adult mature woman. I think you’re very lucky to be born 6 years before me, as you could have been in your teens in a much better time, before all this political and internet stuff. Everyday I wish it was 2013. And I guess 24 is a weird in between generations age, but at least you got a cooler childhood. Like imagine being 18 in 2015 compared to now, I’m seething so hard.

There are I guess, plenty of ‘nonbiney’ girls my age, consumers, vapid girls, ana-chans, and rich girls. I can’t exactly talk for guys as my school (presents as co ed) is gender segregated, like different buildings so boys and girls don’t interact. I left three months ago and there are plenty of solid people, often they’re normie girls who want to study and have father figures, muslim girls that literally barely get to use the internet, and rich but cultured/educated girls. I think it’s a total mix, as are millennials. The variables are internet usage, family structure, character and cultural background.

I am a hypocrite though. I liked to make fun of millennials for being
>smol doggo soy vegan pinterest harry potter oh my science mental health day twitter updoot adulting exposed brick wall crotch goblin raisedbynarcissists coachella tinder barcade dive bar yikes oof brunch

Even though that’s completely untrue, and millennials are just people who happened to be born in a year. Stereotypes are fun, >>1013393 made a stereotype I would laugh at.

So apologies, stereotypes are fun, I like to stereotype, make fun of us zoomers all you want and we will make fun of you. I don’t hate anyone, I just want to have a giggle.

I guess we are the new cringe. Like a torch being passed between generations. I promise to you that I will come on here in ten years to take the piss out of generation alpha, who will probably be brainwashed by Cocomelon, sterile, constantly receiving dopamine, and addicted to ‘medicinal crack’ to help them through their shifts at amazon.

No. 1013680

File: 1641183052079.png (23.59 KB, 601x282, xcc.png)

Woke WOC who call their white partners "colonizers" or some shit
seriously its just so fucking cringe

No. 1013681

File: 1641183096599.webm (836.85 KB, 576x1024, 1632626776-0.webm)

No. 1013689

Lmaaaaoo I'm mexican and I'm going to do this with my white belgian bf. Thank you for showing me this, I actually always wanted to call him my colonizer

No. 1013694

I'm pretty sure there are lots of people on this site who fall into the gen z bracket who also shit on zoomers (such as myself) so I don't really take that shit personally. I don't think the term zoomer applies to everyone who was born in gen z, just like how boomer is a catch-all term for out of touch adults and not just people who were born in the baby boomer generation (plenty of Gen X-ers get called boomers). If you act like a zoomer then people will shit on you for being a zoomer. That's all there is to it. Also I can't speak for the other anon, but being a teenager in the early to mid 2010s was its own kind of hell. I wish I was born earlier.

No. 1013698

but Belgium didn't even colonize Mexico

No. 1013707

not trying to sound mean, but i think you are definitely still growing. your twenties are different, so you saying "i am an adult mature woman" sounds funny kek of course you would think that at your age though (i felt kinda like that, but still saw myself as a kid).

you are correct! i think i am lucky for the timing i was born and everything, though just like any other teenager faces, there were diff problems at that time too. no matter what theres problems. my childhood was fun, but since i didnt have any comparison to consider, i didnt think about that ever and just saw my life as "just how life is"… the internet is like x, babies are like x, adults are like x… simple views and now i see how much things have changed and look back on how funny it was that i really didnt think things would change. funny to see you say 2013 though, i often think of 2009 as one of the best times because thats when shugo chara was out, i got deeper into anime, etc.

overtime, your views on people of all groups will grow even more for sure, might be similar-ish but sometimes you look back and its weird thinking that you kind of had things figured out a bit, but things grew some more.

to your millennial point: just like kids nowadays, that lingo was popularized online and so people just spoke like that lmao i think that cant be assigned to a generation especially because i have seen people of diff ages speak like that. never heard of some of the things u mentioned also, but many arent generation specific and idk why people talk about harry potter all the time, that was only pivotal for people who were big fans of that, otherwise its a franchise like any other which people of any age get attached to.

i dont think anyone is mad except the zoomers though tbh like i dont know what generation i am, but when making fun of them >>1013694 this all applies and i am pretty much the same. ive only seen people lately complain about "zoomer hate" so idk what to say to people who are mad, time to grow a spine and shut the computer maybe kek (not an attack on you)

No. 1013712

Ayrt and we had a Belgian princess rule over us once, actually. Her name was Charlotte of Belgium. She was married to an Austrian prince, who became Emperor Maximilan of Mexico in 1864. She later became crazy and returned to her home country.

No. 1013720

she isn't even brown, anyone who says this even as a joke is terminally retarded anyway

No. 1013725

Is it still cringe if you say you’re going to colonize him?

No. 1013726

its very cringe. maybe just stick to non-retarded lingo…

No. 1013728

Yes it is, don't bring up historical colonization in a relationship
also what If the guy was Irish or polish

No. 1013729

don't listen to that anon, I think it's super hot and we all should do it

No. 1013732

Not everyone is woke and not everyone cares, some people like to say retarded playful shit to their special someone

No. 1013734

I'm the last thing from woke but literally what about this is Woke, why would even you bring up colonization in a relationship
also its likely his ancestors weren't even colonizers or anything

No. 1013739

it sounds like something someone would say just to advertise on twitter to be quirky

No. 1013743

I mean yeah it just seems like something people twitter say to be quirky and they probably have a normal-ish relationship IRL
Its still cringe, especially the way anons here acre acting like
>>1013725 >>1013729

No. 1013744

Caught some rando identifying as a “femcel” and I really hate the idea of someone trying to make it a thing. Femcel doesn’t even have a proper meaning and I don’t know why you’d want to be associated with the pathetic incel label. Just doesn’t make sense to me.

No. 1013754

Seeing it randomly is pretty cringe. They watched nge or serial experiments once and they think they're le epic and based neet femcels because they're virgins at 21 or something.

No. 1013757

Even incels say there's no such thing as a femcel (to them women can have sex no matter what, they do not seem to acknowledge the existence of unattractive women). People want femcel to be a thing so bad to excuse incel or ree when women don't give a shit about moids. To be a femcel on the same level as incel, a woman would have to hate men, consider them retarded and hateful, but also want to fuck them, and think they should have their rights taken like the ability to learn or have a job beyond homemaker, be turned into sex slaves, provided to women like a natural resource to be owned and divided to prevent collapse of society, to get rid of/punish all Stacie's, and the age of consent to be lowered/abolished, and younger men, like YOUNGER men (minors), are the most pure men.

No. 1013775

The word incel was coined by a female

No. 1013777

*to describe herself

No. 1013778

Yeah, in its traditional 'involuntarily celibate', but it has been co-opted by moids. Funny they think there's no such thing as female incels when a woman created the word. Just no women as incel as a male incel.

No. 1013812

I hate video essays and moreso hate people who consume them non stop. Video essays are 95% of the time absolute junk food entertainment with an intellectual coat of paint. I used to watch a lot of them for bg noise until I realized all I was doing was consuming media of people talking about media I had never experienced myself. I keep getting friends recommending video essays about how problematic or interesting some piece of media is, not because they actually experienced said piece of media but because they watched a 2 hour long video about it. It’s glorified cliff notes for people too lazy to even watch TV or play games for themselves.

No. 1013818

File: 1641196486762.jpeg (864.91 KB, 1242x2152, 1CF50E87-9BB2-48CC-970F-2F4B20…)

This woman and anyone that does the same type of “comedy”. Triggers my flight or fight every single time it’s so viscerally unappealing.

No. 1013821

this might be an unpopular opinion, but not all video essays are equal. I feel like when they started out and were less common they were much higher quality, then people caught wind of how many views they could get and started making bullshit ones just overanalyzing shit for no reason

No. 1013850

No worries anon, I found that pic through a PPP thread (maybe the same one), but I hadn't seen the one you posted before. I wasn't shocked by the content of it, more the thought that it was OC (which I thought was interesting, albeit a bit too dedicated) kek

No. 1013852

Wat. Are you that one schizo racebaiter anon? I thought you left after everyone called you a troon kek

No. 1013853

File: 1641199958185.jpg (59.07 KB, 600x760, a49.jpg)

Well that's pretty much my beliefs in a nutshell lol. So no idea why do you think women who possess that sort of worldview don't exist. The world is pretty diverse you know?

No. 1013860

it's just 2021's equivalent of legbeard

No. 1013864

nta but there are some radblr radfems who somewhat fit your description
like they hate men but also wish they had a bf who loves them

Its sad really

No. 1013871

Well, yes bingo for me, apart from the "punish stacies" and the minors fixation. These two are imo inherent of the male brain/the products of how most of them are socialized to be bitter narcs with pedophilic tendencies.
I'm seeing the word femcel becoming mainstream though, especially in places like edtwt? I don't mind it, even though it's performative. Even if it's a phase to them, I'm not going to cry about women taking the pink pill kek, when you're a rad movmt you take what you can get

No. 1013877

>threads constantly get salty zoomers bitching about millenials boolying them
Come back when you have a job and earn your own money

No. 1013883

there are annoying millennials too, and annoying gen x'ers before them… every generation has its swath of unsavory pests who generalize the entire group to the rest of the world

No. 1013886

File: 1641204498097.jpg (30 KB, 660x360, images.jpg)

nta but I've never seen that, it's almost always the weird zoomer hate obsession. I'm 24 so I'm technically neither and both, but I can definitely see millenials becoming the new bitter boomers, the cicle never ends

No. 1013889

>t. salty zoomer bitching about millenials boolying them

No. 1013893

Black tory-chan, is that you?

No. 1013896

I love that picrel. Say what you want about zoomers, but at least we're above the depravity of crossing our legs

No. 1013897

>tfw you'll never be the servant of your household

No. 1013903

Oh lol the Socrates quote again. And saying you've personally never seen it therefore it doesn't happen isn't really a good argument.

I'm only technically a zoomer myself but you're crazy if you think the current woke, aesthetic, twitter, tiktok dance, consumerist, sorry mommy kids are in the same league as millennials liking books about a wizard school.

Someone else said it before but millennials had no social media and nowhere to sperg out aside from forums and MySpace, and while there was still degenerate content out there nobody had their whole identity accessible online unless they had a death wish. Plus the gross shit was still somewhat contained and you had to know where to look for it.
Now there's a million and one gross incel subreddits about torturing women, Twitter accounts retweeting woman torture "kink" content, and until some years ago Tumblr as well. Plus all of the internet is thoroughly sterilized and made into a perfect advertising platform where everyone shills everything at all times.
I don't blame younger people for being annoying but they are legitimately annoying lol. I don't even want to know how bad Generation Alpha will have it, but I'm guessing they'll use the same Socrates quote for us too, if their attention spans can handle it by then.

No. 1013916

to be fair to zoomers, all the misogynist internet playgrounds are full of old men too and 4chan has been for woman haters and pedos for more than a decade.

No. 1013917

Everyone knows that each generation has its own defining features, such as boomers being entitled and oblivious to how much more privileged they are compared to the generations before and after them. Zoomers, Gen Xers and Millenials are no different. Gen Xers are boomer light obsessed with money, pornsickness and merchandising, millenials were thrown into the stream of chaos left behind by boomers without a paddle to drown and zoomers are the bottlefed group Gen X is peddling their degeneracy and commercialized ideologies to.

No. 1013918

Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't Reddit demography primarly millenial? Tumblr as well?
To me, TikTok + Twitter = zoomer hubs but the rest is millenial

No. 1013921

> I know when I enter my 20s I won’t judge those the next generation based on annoying tiktokers.
see you in 4-5 years

No. 1013922

most of this isn't even zoomer's fault. they didn't create the environment. they didn't create all these social medias. they were born in it.

No. 1013925

By Tumblr I meant mostly how most zoomers were in their early teens and pre-teens when porn was still allowed on there, which will affect you more than seeing it in your late teens and adulthood. Also, the Reddit userbase differs between subreddits.
This is exactly what I'm saying if you'd read the last paragraph?

No. 1013926

I don't think thats true though. history is written by the winners so a lot of people see baby boomers as nothing but elderly businessmen and their own successful grandparents, but people that same age had to grow up in segregated america.

No. 1013929

File: 1641207403377.png (85.04 KB, 1024x904, lee_RE_02-02.png)

How isn't it true? Boomers hold literally all of the wealth with Gen X running behind them. Most of them are probably even investing overseas and liquidating their properties before death to live a fat pensioner life so millenials aren't getting shit.

No. 1013930

File: 1641207510450.gif (24.47 KB, 150x50, socrates.gif)

Socrates hate thread when?

No. 1013932

>he then claims that he is "God's gift" to the Athenians, since his activities ultimately benefit Athens
>he also suggested that free meals should be provided for him daily in recognition of his worth to Athens
people really quote this schizo incel lmaoooo

No. 1013933

your chart doesn't mean that the wealth is evenly distributed within. many old people live in poverty and struggled for their entire lives.

No. 1013938

I hope everyone knows this quote is misatributed to Socrates for the "gotcha!" effect. If something seems too good to be true, it probably is.

No. 1013945

Why the hell are you planning to die on this "nooo the chart lies boomers aren't actually wealthy" hill? Even if you know one boomer living in poverty that still doesn't change the big picture. It's well known and proven by all statistics that boomers are disproportionally wealthy compared to other generations. Millenials dominate the current work force yet they are 12 times poorer than their parents. There's a reason why the "my parents at 26: bought a house, me at 30: renting a box" thing is a meme. Even if their parents die and leave them a fortune (meaning they didn't spend it on themselves before death) millenials will still be spending that money on paying off the gigantic loans their parents never had to take.

No. 1013950

Yeah, if you ever stumble upon old forums and blogs you will see that there was just as much vile misogyny online back then as now, we probably didn’t notice back then because most of us were children and stuck to websites/games that other children were using not going on adult discussion forums. Also all the attitudes we refer to as manosphere now mostly started on blogs in the late 00s which was when millennials were the main internet users.

No. 1013955

I would say that misogyny was much worse back then, especially since plenty of women participated in it without recognizing wtf they are doing. I genuinely think that the social awareness about sexual assault, toxic relationships, mental health etc. has become better.
>inb4 scrotes don't mean it
IDC, just happy not to have to read vile comments while browsing music reviews

No. 1013958

>we probably didn’t notice back then because most of us were children and stuck to websites/games that other children were using not going on adult discussion forums
Yes, exactly. Now everyone is on the same website because it's the same 5-6 social media websites everyone uses. And kids not only end up seeing gross shit and pedophilia due to content cross-contamination but also due to targeted advertising, SEO and monetization since kids are basically little money making bots used to get easy clicks and views.

No. 1013959

i cringe remembering when i used to laugh at those 'le rape face' jokes because i had no idea what it implied

No. 1013964

We really didn't know any better, I had so many captions on my photos like "surprise hug rape!"
I'm glad that's unacceptable now but it makes me so uncomfortable knowing that I could be cancelled if someone finds the things I posted when I was 15

No. 1014054

File: 1641221068332.jpg (172.21 KB, 765x977, Tumblr_l_1162459331901771.jpg)

Can we make this dog the next borzoi

No. 1014055

While I would agree that wasn't good, I never felt the same level of hatred towards women back then. It was more that pedo bear and rape jokes were edgy instead of being about harming women. Compare that to now where incels threatened women without a hint of irony. /r9k/ was moot's biggest mistake.

No. 1014058

Not even ugly in a cute way, it looks like it has fetal alcohol syndrome. I hate it

No. 1014061

File: 1641221433272.jpg (13.39 KB, 248x203, borzoi power.jpg)

No. 1014087

He cute but in the normal way. Borzois cute in the monstrosity way. No comparison

No. 1014110

File: 1641225213264.jpg (43.98 KB, 250x175, white-bull-terrier.jpg)

nta but bull terriers are genetic monstrosities as well, just slightly below pugs
a dogs skull is not supposed to look like this

No. 1014144

File: 1641228312643.jpg (234.61 KB, 1599x1371, Borzoi Etched Marble Coaster S…)

both are cute, don't you dare !

No. 1014163

Yes, hate these disgusting inbreed dogs. Just watched Wrong Turn 1 and 2, and they'd fit right in with the rest of the hillbillies.

No. 1014189

File: 1641230684126.jpg (30.42 KB, 438x594, 276f273501d377e421a3c5386081df…)

I hate ugly men
Their existence instinctively annoys me
I saw picrel while casually scrolling on pinterest and it ruined my mood

No. 1014196

You shouldn't let such a fugly human being ruin your mood anon

No. 1014198

Why would you post this? Now /g/ is going to make him their new husbando.

No. 1014205

hello fellow tumblrfag

No. 1014246

File: 1641234535871.jpg (370.58 KB, 4928x3280, Bull_Terrier_2019-08-29T202924…)

It's not the dog's fault it's face is fucked up. I still think they're cute. That's subjective so don't get all up in my ass about how you think they're ugly, it doesn't matter friend.

No. 1014249

File: 1641234665760.jpg (53.55 KB, 500x500, wollsmoth.jpg)

Boll Torrier

No. 1014260

I mean yeah, but as a dog it kinda works.

No. 1014263

File: 1641235599960.jpg (33.23 KB, 700x467, a850yv6_700b.jpg)

Anyone who buys or breeds these dogs is evil.

No. 1014264

lol why even post this? to make yourself look silly?

No. 1014265

Fat men are abominations, they have Testosterone that burns fat right away, you need to be extreme lvl lazy glutton to be fat as a male. All I can think of when I see one is how much resources are wasted on him. Scrotes really can be any way and society leaves them alone. Hell they glorify every shitty male, from "drop out tech geek" to "fat funny guy" to "toothless man with wisdom".

No. 1014280

Scrolling by, I legit thought this was a weird, mutated seal on a leash

No. 1014285

to go a step further: anyone who specifically breeds domesticated animals like dogs and cats that are overpopulated and abused and in need of homes is evil, sorry.

No. 1014287

It's true. I don't feel the same way about people who take them in when they've been abandoned or abused though. That's a genuine love. People who shop for breeds are narcs and absolutely selfish.

No. 1014292

definitely. the breeders and buyers are contemptible. i wish i could save sooo many more animals and house so many more, while lazy assfucks are seriously out here trying to make a cool 5k by sitting on their asses forcibly impregnating their dogs, forcing them to suffer pregnancy and childbirth for money. horrible. yet these people allegedly "love" these dogs by exploiting them on 300 different levels.

No. 1014305

Lmao anon i love your insistent, undying hate of fat men, keep it up

No. 1014323

8-4 & 9-5 jobs. Who fucking invented this and where the fuck to they live? Because most government buildings, banks etc work 8-3, meaning that you'd need to take a fucking day off to go to a fucking bank. Or in my towns case, print something. Just in general you have nothing of your day. Who the fuck thought this was a good idea?

No. 1014329

I agree with you. I used to work with fucked up shifts in a call center but that meant I often had enough free time to plan a lot of appointments in the middle of the week. Now I have a 9-6 schedule and work full-time, and I get 2 PTO every month, but that means I have to plan everything way ahead of time. I almost wish I could work on weekends and have two free days in the middle of the week like before.

No. 1014346

Kek I’m reading this from my 8-5 job. I dunno how I would get anything done if I didn’t work weekends to get fridays off.

No. 1014356

you really had to cry about the tinfoil thread here too huh. god what a fag

No. 1014382

I kekked so hard holy shitttt

No. 1014482

File: 1641251213430.gif (24.22 KB, 150x50, 1638318012696.gif)

No. 1014490

A minimum of 8 hours working day is seriously satanic and senseless. I'm sure a lot of jobs can be done in less hours, there are countries like Spain iirc that are doing studies/experiments and trying to incorporate a 5 hour shift. I truly hope that's the next change we see in the future

No. 1014525

I hate that word, it makes me cringe almost as hard as roastie

No. 1014563

I hate anyone that disagrees with this.

No. 1014591

But then people would have time for family, friends, and self improvement. Can't have that, get back in the kennel.

No. 1014597

File: 1641258612147.jpg (115.38 KB, 600x800, 90cefa3bdce9e90170e88c25e79f07…)

Men's bodies are built for labor and service.

No. 1014706

File: 1641263860316.png (7.37 MB, 1536x2048, 3606CF76-7103-430B-BBA8-ADB846…)

I hate classical European art and aesthetics, fugliest than anything on this planet yet dumbfuck feminine~ anons and tumblr users eat that shit up like bread and butter. The art looks like really bad and pretentious bible fanart that would be posted on Deviantart

No. 1014714

File: 1641264269679.jpg (114.31 KB, 450x816, K8.7Athena.jpg)

Agree, I prefer when euros were making fanart to goddesses of war and victory, not old balding scrotes.

No. 1014716

U sure u mean fugliest? Still better than anime "art" which is akin to a 7 year old's scribblings.

No. 1014723

U need to go back

No. 1014728

It definitely isn’t kek you can put quotations as much as you want around anime kitsch queen, stylized art is still art and it will be infinitely better than to ur smelly nickel leg evaporated top-lip ancestral art. Get better taste biatch

No. 1014729

File: 1641265418902.jpg (74.75 KB, 1080x286, Screenshot_20220103-210317.jpg)

I hate Quora

No. 1014736

No. 1014751

nyart but your delusion is rich kek, you must think jojo is peak anime because bara men make you coom

No. 1014756

cook your own damn food, lazy moid

No. 1014774

NAYRT and I'm not even invested in this argument but
anon…are we looking at the same jojo

No. 1014917

NTA but Jojo parts 1-3 was pretty bara.

No. 1014940

t. retard with no taste who ruined art for themselves because they're annoyed by a fleeting and admittedly shitty ""aesthetics"" trend

t. tonedeaf anime hating retard complaining about hating anime on a website with weeb roots

>I know b-but it's been years! we must move on from the retarded weeb history!

Think whatever you want but image boards have always been and likely will always be seen a niche weeaboo thing.

Anyway, I hate when normieanons complain about hating anime and weebshit on lolcow, kek.

No. 1015038

>Anyway, I hate when normieanons complain about hating anime and weebshit on lolcow, kek.
Me too kek, the anons who have a meltdown over an anime reaction image are pathetic pretending like obsessively hating anime gives you grownup points. It reminds me of the moids who accuse anime and manga of being a globohomo scheme creating troons because they can't take responsibility for their own pornsickness.

No. 1015105

>t. retard with no taste who ruined art for themselves

classical art will always be shit and I don’t care for it

No. 1015581

My ex used to listen to ASMR to fall asleep and I thought it was really weird… like just listen to white noise instead?

No. 1015737

File: 1641335649583.png (5.3 KB, 731x49, no.png)

I hate grandpafuckers

No. 1015743

Can't speak for your ex but for me white noise doesn't always do it because I want to fall asleep to something that doesn't bore me but is still relaxing, if that makes sense. If it's just white noise then I won't be able to stop thinking but if it's someone whispering about their day or whatever then I can easily sleep.

No. 1015755

Yeah i have the same thing as the anon above, i keep thinking about stressful things so white noise is not distracting enough for me. I prefer someone talking or an amount of different sounds so i can focus on that and fall asleep. If the asmr is coomerish its weird and creepy tho

No. 1015763

more for me then

No. 1015802

I strongly do not like the degenerate coomers in /g/. Stop. Some of yous must be underage. Do not pride yourself in the label degenerate. Learn to respect yourselves, or self-deport to CC please.

No. 1015831

I thought you were talking about the odd 'advice givers' in g lately. The ones that think being wary about age gaps is fear mongering? The absolute state of it lately

No. 1015845

I wish it would close for a month.

No. 1015864

File: 1641341838637.jpeg (540.03 KB, 750x1143, 1593DC6D-2564-4972-B50A-CE493F…)

Pornstars on TikTok literally interacting with minor posts..

No. 1015872

That anon is obviously a scrote baiting ffs

No. 1015897

A little prodding and they're declaring that anyone showing concern over an age gap is…. wait for it…. jealous of younger women. Was waiting for that line.

No. 1015933

People say to support small local businesses but I live in a small town with no chain coffee place.. the 2 cafes here either open from like 10 to 2 on wed to fri or they shut up shop on xmas eve and declare they'll be open again on the 10th of jan. My god I miss just being able to walk into a cafe that's open and reliable.

Neither are purely family run. both employ people but have complicated hours and days to try and remember. I hate that I'm missing the same chain places people bitch about. WIll it be open at 9am on a monday though… cause that's all I want.

No. 1015939

Everytime I see scrotes claim that they love young women so much and anyone who says it's predatory must be a jealous older woman, I just reference the fact EVERY single relationship in relationship advice pages that involve a much older man and much younger woman is always a shit show from the man's end

They will have their ~ideal~ of a young submissive girl who is desperate to be with them but every single post relating to this is ALWAYS the man causing problems, the man acting disinterested and messing around with other girls, the man ignoring the young girl he begged for, and the girl sitting around trying to make things work. Surely if you loved 18 yr olds so much you wouldn't cheat on them so much and deprive of them affection in a relationship?On top of that it's funny because when people pull the "jealous older Karen" card, I've been against age gap relationships for the longest I can remember and I'm 22 kek

What's even the point of getting in an age gap relationship if you just ignore her, nitpick her looks and bitch the entire time? So much for "younger girls are better!" I never understand men

No. 1015943

They feel like elevator music to me and irritate me too much

No. 1015947

That's funny, the elevator mall music is one of the reasons I like this song so much kek

No. 1015962

Hate when I get banned for no good reason!

No. 1015963

Testing testing

No. 1015974

Are you getting the page error I'm getting? Seems to be something wrong with /w, haven't tried /snow.

No. 1015977

Yeah it was happening on the whole site

No. 1016013

>people bullied me so now I bully people
Okay? So you're a bitch and so are they. You deserve each other.

No. 1016073

Everything about Shantae is trash, from the games and especially to the character herself.

No. 1016193

Anons here who complain about anime imagery. It reeks of newfag, do you not know where imageboards came from? It's part of the culture.

No. 1016195

I think it's a pretty fun platformer, especially the original GBC game. What platformers would you recommend anon? Unless you don't like platformers as a whole.

No. 1016223

File: 1641364026092.jpeg (39.02 KB, 640x480, 8DE93935-391E-46C2-9E61-D52953…)

Cards against humanity.
Lame and crass at best.
Scrote brained and pitiful.

I feel like hell is an eternal game of cards against humanity with people who find it hilarious.

No. 1016233

I don’t get what’s supposed to be the appeal of the game either. It’s plain boring, you just add a bunch of random words together.

No. 1016235

I'll never forget the time I got a card that said "kids with ass cancer" during a game when my grandmother had gotten that exact diagnosis not long before. After the game was over, a friend asked why I didn't use the card because it was hilarious but he shut up after I told him the reason.

No. 1016273

I fucking hate ray william johnson getting back into youtube through shorts. His retarded 2012 le triggered karen xd moid humor should not be revived

No. 1016332

He’s alright, he makes fun of men for being gross a lot more than he makes fun of women. I see a lot of shorts of him berating men for being sexist or pressuring women for sex.

No. 1016347

There’s a porn company that posts videos on there with sets that look like a kindergarten class talking about how safe they are and how they take care of their “actors” like… are they posting on tiktok to groom girls so they can work for them the second they turn 18? It’s sinister as fuck.

No. 1016363

I hate this game for 12 year old and everyone that loves it too, Nonna.

No. 1016501

Thanks nonnies, I'm glad I'm not the only one. I had to suffer through a game of this on New Year's Day with people I previously respected and ended up depressed about the absolute state of most normies and their "humor".

No. 1016521

"You're just using that word to seem smart!" No, you are insecure that you don't know a word someone is using to express themselves. Peppering language thesaurus style isn't the same thing. This argument tactic, to propose that the words you are using themselves is an insult, is so fucking rude. What's the opposite word for poor people being rude against rich people? It's like that. They are threatened and angry they don't know the word

No. 1016534

"I'm going to break up with my boyfriend"
>ends up never doing it
>rinse and repeat for months
I know it's hard but for the love of god just pull the plug already

No. 1016539

OP is right though. It especially makes sense like if you are older woman yourself, it's conventional to be attracted to him. I think that an attraction to old man is unconventional, but the dude himself absolutely is conventionally attractive (for his age). I'm not into grandpas in case you wonder

No. 1016558

It was fun when it came out 10 years ago. I was at a gaming party and played it, but the potty humor is silly and ridiculous now that i'm older

No. 1016576

I stay in miserable relationships til they break up with me. And even then I mourn the miserable life I once had with them… I'm brain damaged

No. 1016632

Who's he?

No. 1016634

File: 1641397540400.jpg (Spoiler Image, 149.19 KB, 1066x1920, tumblr_6c589a0c5ae0dfbcdfbd76a…)

Whatever the hell this is

No. 1016638

Yes you're retarded

No. 1016644

Been single for the last few years to break the pattern, Hell I might've recovered by now. Not too tempted to test that theory out tho.

No. 1016708

I highly doubt anyone here is near is age, and no, old men will never be conventional no matter how much you try to meme it.

No. 1016724

If there are ugly old men, there also must be handsome ones, though the last ones are rare. IDK some people have a good facial structure and it shows for a long time
>old men will never be conventional no matter how much you try to meme it
I'm not trying to meme anything, it just makes sense to me

No. 1016730

It seems they only hate it because someone once told them anime is cringe and they just sheepishly went along with it. Feeling excessively embarrassed truly is a weakness.

No. 1016734

No. 1016749

I'm scared I will overstay my unsatisfying relationship. I'm preparing to end it, but sometimes I'm gripped by the fear of becoming female Daniel Johnston if I break up. This isn't unbased, I have a personality disorder that makes making friends and connecting with people almost impossible (yes, I'm in therapy)

No. 1016751

Those are scrotes, dumbass.

No. 1016753

Not everyone who has a different opinion than you is a scrote. You're just trying to stir shit up, I'm sick of anons like you.

No. 1016759

I'm not even the original anons you were replying to, but you type autistically like a scrote. People don't like anime because it is cringe and for children. If you don't like others' opinion, stop whining like a little bitch baby male and move on.
A lot of anons here don't like it because it's sexist. You're a dipshit enabler and a loser who farts while you wish you were 12 year old Himeko-chan. You're extremely new and retarded to boot.

No. 1016760

I can smell your hot cheeto breath through the screen you goofy bitch.

No. 1016769

I barely said anything and you guys are just ripping me apart for it. Why don't you just fucking calm down? Like holy shit, I only made that one reply but you're assuming I'm one of the other anons! What is with everyone lately?

No. 1016772

>What is with everyone lately?
Probably the newfags.

No. 1016773

>wahhhh I don't like when other people whine about having different opinions but I'm gonna sit here and whine about people having different opinions.
Because you're a moron.

No. 1016774

not a scrote, I just think being a sheep is dumb. t. >>1016730

No. 1016775

Go to the tinfoil thread then. You need to go outside.

No. 1016777

This sounds like a bot kek

No. 1016780

I didn't whine, I was called a retard for literally nothing. You're just acting like a fucking bully. Why? I don't fucking know, I haven't said anything to insult you! But apparently me being sick of all the aggression on this board makes me worthy of hating.

No. 1016781

nta but
kek liking anime doesn't make someone unique and different

No. 1016785

That anon said sheep because some people just go along with the opinions of all the other people who say it's cringe without having ever watched it themselves. She never claimed liking anime makes you different. Lolcow is a game of telephone sometimes jesus christ.

No. 1016793

>you're just acting like a fucking bully
Gee, I wonder why. Do you what this site is for?

No. 1016799

Ikr? Anime is such a normalfag thing nowadays

No. 1016800

I don't like all anime either.

You never watch any series or movies ever? Everything can be generalised the same way as sexism/dumb simply by cherry picking the bad examples.

Yes? I didn't claim otherwise. Like >>1016785 said. Generalising does sound like you've never actually watched anime. Some anime sucks and is coomer shit but not all.

No. 1016802

File: 1641408165848.jpg (173.54 KB, 1200x800, EPzb_KMXsAE96eB.jpg)

No. 1016803

It's for gossip, on the gossip boards. This is /ot/, not a place for you to spew your psycho babble onto random users. It's like you're proud of how you act. It's just like >>1016784 said.

No. 1016806

This is my issue, the generalization! The only anime I care about or have even watched all the way through was written entirely by a woman and has 0 sexual content.

No. 1016808

it's not because of liking anime, just the choice of words. i've never seen anyone over 16 who wasn't going through as phase unironically call others "sheep"

No. 1016814

You're a miserable cunt, leave anons alone
>it's like you're proud of how you act
bitch should be embarrassed of being this psychotic, she's for sure a newfag from twitter who is excited she can finally shit on everyone with no consequences

No. 1016823

It could be a language barrier then but I just used sheep for someone who echoes someone else's opinions blindly. I assume it's the case when someone here fails to realise females make anime too.

No. 1016827

How much anime is like what you described though? Like 5 out of thousands? So it makes sense to generalize when what you described is not the majority.

No. 1016833

File: 1641409547354.jpg (127.18 KB, 888x499, 1xdt0i.jpg)

Coof thread has alot of sheep talk.

No. 1016855

Do you know how much anime exists? The average idol anime is as tame as Peppa Pig. It's not other women's fault that the loudest weebs are coomers, so why get shitty with other women who do enjoy anime? I'm sure I could write out and extensive list of anime without coomer themes. It isn't everyone else's responsibility to spoon feed you content that fits within your values, you find that shit yourself. If you can't, if you won't even bother, oh well I guess. But maybe keep your ignorant opinion to yourself? The loudest people aren't always the majority. Until you're ready to gather a comprehensive list of every anime ever made and lay them out on a graph for me, I'm going to say your generalizations are useless.

No. 1016856

You do realize that ot and gossip boards share the audience? People here like to gossip and bully others, deal with it. I don't get why the fuck there are so many sensitive faggots lately

No. 1016864

File: 1641410600818.jpg (29.42 KB, 490x333, you.jpg)

>newfag from Twitter

No. 1016866

>But maybe keep your ignorant opinion to yourself?
No, I will shout it from the rooftops and you can't stop me.

No. 1016879

And then will you complain later about how all the threads are filled with autistic infighting? That's a great strategy. You're coming here to laugh at cows presumably, not other users. It's your own choice to be a bitch when it isn't necessary or even worth it.

No. 1016881

I mean, I could push you?

No. 1016882

File: 1641411642870.jpg (66 KB, 613x900, 1641142509954.jpg)

No. 1016884

Try me bitch

No. 1016887

She is a cow, or at least she sees herself as one, so she assumes everyone else must be. That's how all these tryhard spergs operate

No. 1016888

Okay, but turn around first

No. 1016889

File: 1641411916435.png (33.84 KB, 112x112, breadgato.png)

when nonnies are not getting along

No. 1016890

I'm sorry for letting you down, I feel awful

No. 1016894

This bitch jumps from one woman to the next with a 5 minute gap inbetween and here I am still single..

No. 1016903

File: 1641412850677.gif (9.37 KB, 80x80, 1638227829886.gif)

I guess you just don't have as big a personality as she does

No. 1016969

File: 1641416509920.jpeg (94.73 KB, 640x480, 2549C997-70D4-40CD-A779-48D4C2…)

I hate these nasty bitches so much

No. 1017011

i think it's so funny when non-americans type y'all. are these people really saying y'all irl as non-americans?

No. 1017034

a couple years ago I started to be critical of anime and now I absolutely loathe it, my years of being a pickme who consumed almost nothing but weebshit will never make me like it. can go back and watch some old series very rarely that hold up… and I still like Ghibli movies, but most of it's been realizing how debilitating and spergy being obsessed with anime was to my health and how that community damaged me and turned me into a pickme who ended up in mental ruins thanks to how weeb degens treated me

I'm sorry to any weebs who'd be offended by this. I have friends who are still weebs but I can't look at most weebshit without feeling sick nowadays lmao

No. 1017036

what the hell is even that??

No. 1017051

File: 1641418957380.png (845.21 KB, 900x1112, 67868y977676r566.png)

She hates Naruto anon.
It's fish turned into a fine paste and then steamed

No. 1017052

File: 1641418981056.png (2.22 MB, 1644x1616, Screenshot_20220105-223930~2.p…)

I hate that there are people (I guess mostly children) that think Jinx in Arcane is 14/15 years old, like, she doesn't look remotely as a child? (A writer said on twitter that she is 17/19, which makes more sense)
It makes me feel like teenagers really have no idea how they actually look like. Same with Ekko, they are saying the same thing and I swear he looks like he is in his early 20s

No. 1017079

Believe it!

Nta btw

No. 1017083

Uuuh she is clearly a 19 years old minor???

No. 1017138

I think people think this because that seems to be the most common age for teenagers in media. Makes no sense to look at her arms and think she's underage though.

No. 1017140

File: 1641423283849.png (108.67 KB, 750x750, pensivecowboy.png)

sorry for being southern. forgive me, y'all.

No. 1017166

as a esl, i don't want to say "you guys" because i hate men too much, so i use y'all

No. 1017167

What the fuck even is this>

No. 1017168

Kek wtf is this giga emoji

No. 1017170

File: 1641424712168.jpeg (731.18 KB, 2126x3000, AB030BD7-DBC0-493F-A527-35ADCD…)

I hate whores, and I know some anon is gonna reply to me telling me how I have internalized misogyny I don’t give a fuck. I hate them, they make me uncomfortable to see in public and online and I hate pornstars only fans thots. Obviously I have pity for third world prostitutes who were forced into that life, but random ethots disgust me. Maybe I’m jealous. I still hate them! Fuck em

No. 1017171

No. 1017172

So true, I ate one last night and it reminded me how gross they are

No. 1017186

Same, especially ones who pride themselves on getting attention from rando lady's husband's and then claim "WeLl tell your husband not to stare!" like bitch he's not staring at you because of your floppy deflated tits you just put 3 cutlets in he's staring because he's wondering why the fuck this bitch is walking around Disney world in a bikini kek

Anyway, I don't care if people dress slutty but I hate when women dress slutty around places they know kids and families will be

No. 1017189

that's not a "whore" she's a singer. This place sounds like /r9k/ more and more. You're honestly probably an ugly schizoid with hidden frustrations and nobody will touch you in your life or you are someone that uses her sexuality to get ahead in life

No. 1017192

I somewhat relate to this. I used to hate anime/weebshit but then I got into for a couple years through the influence of my sister. It's been like 3 years since I left it all behind and went back to my previous state of despising anime/weebshit tho and I constantly feel extreme shame, embarresment, and regret over the time I wasted on that shit. To this day I'm still recovering from that phase of my life.

How long where you into it and what kind of long term damage has it inflicted on you? And how do you cope with it?

No. 1017203

I hate when anons complain they can't socialize and no one likes them because of their autism/depression/anxiety/whatever but the more they talk it then turns out they're just stubborn edgelords with less than sane beliefs and nasty personalities.

No. 1017204

Gay men singing. Are they genetically pre-disposed to having breathy, high pitched, through-the-nose unpleasant voices? It’s even more awful when they try to cover something by a female artist.

No. 1017211

Kek I know what inspired your post and I agree, there's zero self-awareness.

No. 1017215

Anon if you really think random women go out like this everyday you need to go outside more. They don't at least not where I live. At most I've seen them go out in crop tops and shorts which isn't even remotely attention seeking or whoreish.

No. 1017219

obviously you are jealous, yes. you guys need to go through some shit in your life or something, get some priorities. idek how ariana is supposed to be a whore.

No. 1017224

Who remembers a lolcow when it was full of literal whores (camgirls)? The place felt herpey and nasty, and what’s worse is that were WAY more scrotes posting and the whores/camwhores would actually fondle the scrotes openly. If you want to get an online std just open any thread about a camgirl cow all of the posters in those threads get their holes filled with fuckmachines.

I hate whores too.

No. 1017225

Not OP but there are rumors she might've slept with dan to get where she is now. Which would explain why she was still in contact with him even after he was outed, and why the rest of her co-stars were forgotten.

No. 1017227

Animefags can't realize that there are different people arguing with them. Retarded tbh. But this is what chinese cartoons do to your brain. Also
>complain about infighting
Lol never. I am the one causing it. This is so much fun! Why would I ever complain.(idiot)

No. 1017231

What if I told you they became stubborn edgelords because they were rejected for their autism, and edginedss only came out as a byproduct

No. 1017238

if she slept with dan, i'm not seeing her as the main issue there. without dan, put all the pieces together. ariana is from a rich as fuck family, tons of rich kids have always had a pipeline to success setting them up, it's just way easier when you're part of the class that hobknobs with money men and move makers. she has an admittedly good voice and she was likely seen as a triple threat. it's not surprising she made it over her costars, victoria just doesn't have as marketable of a voice, neither does jennette. the only cast member that would've had a legitimate musical career would've been ariana because of her voice. idk between her weight loss and transformation and her voice it seems pretty obvious she would end up popular. i'd have put my money on her too despite victoria being the star of the show.

No. 1017241

Take your meds and stop ban evading

No. 1017242

I think /r9k/ is a better fit for you

No. 1017256

If you act like an asshole it's your fault, not anyone elses.

No. 1017257

>lolcow started off with camgirls as the userbase
Ik this is bait, but this is so far from the truth, it's laughable. That's why autismo weebs are still in here bitching about anime for hours. I don't think many posters really have a life dude.

No. 1017259

File: 1641429944291.jpg (24.04 KB, 498x400, 764.jpg)

No. 1017264

This, almost everyone knows that /cgl/ is the origin of lolcow

No. 1017276

I hate the current trend of e-begging, especially when it involves people asking for money when it’s obvious they don’t need it
>help I need money to pay my phone bill and get food
>post from two days before is about them playing a new game on their PlayStation 5

No. 1017287

I do feel repulsed bc they're basically grooming young girls into looking and acting sexual for scrotes gaze/benefit. Especially on TikTok where egirls and pornstars literally larp about how easy it is and how much money they make to their audience of underaged girls. It's so much worse than just 10 years ago.

No. 1017292

I hate mom's who only have sons. They all tend to have terminal brain rot and cannot see the reality of what their sons are really like. It doesn't help that their sons always turn out like fucking demons. I also hate emotional incest.

No. 1017301

Shut the fuck up about big ed’s sweet mother.

No. 1017306

Their sons xy cells literally invade her body and stay there even after he's born. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4712643/
Boymoms might as well be scrotes to me, they can never be trusted bc they always pick their son over other women no matter what. I swear most women just marry to have a son so she can be his life partner, not her hubby's.

No. 1017310

my least fave are people who ask for money as reparations or because theyre a poc. why on earth does that mean you need money???

No. 1017348

I know exactly what kind of responses this one's gonna get, but the use of KEK.
It started as cute but the overuse of it has diluted to annoying over the years.

No. 1017352

Even mothers with girls tend to favour the boys to my experience. Girls get yelled at about anything and boys can be terrorising 24/7 and get coddled doing so.

No. 1017382

Aside from boymom brain worms, it's also because those women have deeply internalized misogyny and want to live vicariously through their son since they hate other women and themselves.

No. 1017384

My mother capes for my ex boyfriends so much you'd think she wants to fuck them herself. Every time I break up with some ugly, mopey whiner, she asks me what I did and why I broke up with him when he was such a nice boy. Every time. One of them literally raped me and she said he didn't mean it. Go fuck yourself, lady.

No. 1017404

100% my little brother would swear at me hit me and slap my ass but if I said or did anything back I was literally aBuSiNg him. My mother died to me, she's just an xy vessel now.

No. 1017417

I work in medical and guess who is bringing in their elderly parents for their appointments and advocating for their care? Their daughters. The scrote sons do shit all.

No. 1017419

Daughters seriously need to stop doing all this shit. If they want to invest so much in their sons then they can lay in that bed.

No. 1017429

I just google imaged “whore” also go back to Twitter if you wanna hear about some whore empowerment. I’m sorry we’re not screeching about girl empowerment on a girls only gossip forum.

No. 1017433

Now I’m scared to ever have children in case it’s a boy like wtf do I do if it’s a moid?

No. 1017435

Whoring wouldn't be the profitable nor attractive option if it didn't work. It must suck for you to feel that women are getting ahead with sexual merits that you find invalid.

What you actually hate are the men who encourage this behavior and the societies that enable it, but you choose to attack the women because you're weak and covertly as competitive. Only insecure biddies think about whores and let the subject bother them as much.

No. 1017446

>expecting strangers on an anonymous gossip site to be nice

No. 1017456

Why would anyone be envious of people degrading themselves? Get help

No. 1017458

>but you choose to attack the women because you're weak and covertly as competitive.
Moid mentality right there + overall over explaining and preachiness. Comment discarded.

No. 1017460

Why would anyone of a sound mind be jealous of women who exist to be wank fodder for men?

No. 1017461

right? i'm jealous of daughters born into super wealthy families though… i don't even care if their uber rich parents were absent, like boohoo. not like they have been present in my current life. man, i wish i was born into wealth, made a consoomer-tier youtube/tiktok channel and had a gay old time. got art lessons from bigshots… fuuuuuuuuuuuck

No. 1017474

I really do think that /r9k/ is a much better fit for your mentality and obsession with denigrating women that do not act as you want them to act and that feel good in their skin. You sound exactly like a moid that hates women merely for existing in a form that you do not deem acceptable. You're mysoginistic and this isn't about twitter or whore empowerment (twitter being the place you're coming from probably). I don't come to lolcow to hear /r9k/ tier meltdowns about "whores" which happen to be singers or entertainers. If you want to hate women and be a pick me, go hang out with scrotes because they hate "whores" and whine about how modern women are ruined. You sound exactly like that. You newfags have no idea how /ot/ used to run years ago before the influx of frustrated and mentally ill ex twitterfags that have turned edgy. This place literally isn't about being an edgelord. Fuck off to 4chan and hang out with nazbol scrotes since you share the same opinions

No. 1017475

no, you're just a raging narc literally gaslighting her and using feminist arguments when you are a raging mysoginist piece of shit she's a moid because she does not agree with your /r9k/ tier opinion

No. 1017489

Go back to killing cats and camwhoring. And learn how to spell, you're clockable from miles away. Retard.

No. 1017494

I doubt it's her

No. 1017507

Why do you doubt it's her?

No. 1017511

Because it doesn't sound like her

No. 1017514

Blood test at 2 months to check if it's a xy, then abortion pill. Eat low cal and vegan when trying to get pregnant bc xy can't survive without lots of nutrition.

No. 1017516

both 'mysoginy' posts sound literally exactly like her. like exactly like her.

No. 1017526

different anon the post doesn't sound like her at all

No. 1017527

I almost found this wrong then I remembered the millions of selective abortions against female fetuses around the world, which caused a dearth of women and led to Chinese men kidnapping and trafficking women from other countries, even as far as eastern Europe. I wish they'd all kill themselves.

No. 1017528

what part doesn't sound like her? when she's more composed she is capable of writing like the above. she has also mentioned almost every single topic in the above long post.

No. 1017535

you're a schizo being followed by the camwhore boogeyman. Go to 4chan and hang out with nazbols, they will agree with you on the topic of whores and there won't be any camwhore boogeyman on there disagreeing with you.

No. 1017536

If in real life I stay quiet in the background, I don't act like an asshole, dumbass. The normies just read it as personal attack because you're not hanging out with them.

No. 1017540

nromies are insane narcs they take everything as a personal attack and if you don't act like a little monkey that entertains them they take it personally and destroy you

No. 1017596

When youtube recommends you a vid on a topic you've been interested in for years.. you click on it and quickly realise the youtuber did all of 5 mins of research before covering a serious topic. Might even be speading info that was disproven years earlier. No biggie, I'll just exit, might check the comments real quick tho..

>Girl your vids are all so well researched! Like I don't know how you find the time in your life to bang out all these amazingly in depth and well researched vids. You're amazing, don't ever stop. Nobody researches as well as you do.

Not talking about one particular youtuber, it's just a thing in general and when you see them responding and eating up all that praise that's the cherry on top lol

No. 1017600

Nta but based opinion and >>1017536 is right, a lot of normies have undiagnosed mental illnesses and personality disorders that make them insufferable because they hide their bullshit under a veil of normalcy. You wouldn't imagine how many of them carry the retarded "let's bully the silent kid who's not giving me attention" high school mentality far into their adulthood or generally treat other people like garbage if they're not exactly according to their own tastes. A lot of normies lack legitimately empathy and are ridiculously judgmental and shallow, it's just a fact.

No. 1017601

it's so very true. the bar is so low. it's even better when they're legit word for word from wikipedia and people are still giving them this 12 star treatment dicksucking session.

No. 1017609

feel like 2379874 anons have said this but male gamers are the most spasmodic and annoying breed of males they are. no one gives a fuck about you, please let others just enjoy the fucking game you retards. holy shit..

No. 1017612

This is why I avoid youtube videos for the most part and continue getting knowledge from in-depth books, documents etc.

No. 1017847

All of you should go to therapy before you try integrating back into society. I can't imagine why other people don't want to talk to you. Every normal human in a 10 feet radius can sense your bitterness and superiority complex.

No. 1017879

The same could be said about you kek

No. 1018047

this is definitely a literal child

No. 1018051

yayaya everyone here has mental illness

No. 1018052


No. 1018058

File: 1641492533673.png (523.13 KB, 1800x502, be.png)

Cope posts like this. Having to imagine somebody with a whole different eye color just to try and "downplay" their looks is miserable

No. 1018059

Noooo anon kek please not this debate again. Eye color discussions should be counted as bait now. Can't we all just admit every eye color is pretty and unique on all kinds of people?

No. 1018061

File: 1641492752699.png (12.52 KB, 694x121, Screenshot 2022-01-06 18.45.40…)

Should have hidden their name, reposting for that reason. While I feel concerned about their mental state, the comment reminded me how much I hate that everything experienced needs to be -core. I remember stressing out about not everything I like fitting the image of a subculture I belonged to. The whole aesthetic thing is this except to the nth degree, and kinda worse since it puts look before everything else

No. 1018064

They're right though. You'd get someone male or female with weak chin, big ass nose, shit body, shit hairline but if they have the right coloring they think they're a gift to the world

No. 1018065

This anon is weird, that girl is prettier with brown eyes

No. 1018067

That's what blue eyes incest babies say to cope lol

No. 1018074

The way people (mainly R*dditors) are proud to celebrate the death of someone simply because they weren't vaccinated. It's so odd.
It'll go something like "X died? I'm so sad.. wait they weren't vaccinated? Good they are retarded!"

No. 1018075


It's what ugly sexpats visiting my country would say to random women on the street, "you want blue eyes baby?? Hehehehe"

No. 1018085

>striking features make people more striking
What a shocking revelation. Anyway, all eye colors are pretty!

No. 1018100

This is just proof that brown eyes make someone plain

No. 1018126

Aye I don't understand why this is even a topic. Different eye colours from our own are oo so special and same eye colour as our own feels nicely familiar but ultimately most people dgaf in the end.

No. 1018143

People who spell fuck as "fck" "fcking" etc. What, you think you're gonna get in trouble for spelling the whole word out? Especially here of all places.

No. 1018174

Lol no cope

No. 1018178

I'd take it over lol and lmao any day. It's always the most annoying people using lmao.

No. 1018182

NTA but lolcow isn't just a gossip site. That's what it started as and most of it is yeah but am I wrong in thinking that's simplifying it? For those of us who don't care about the gossip there's still no replacement for a mostly female only TERF anonymous imageboard. No CC does not count and never will.

No. 1018186

You sound offended. Do quiet people who want nothing to do with you bother you anon?

No. 1018190

agreed. With blue eyes she looks more tired, older, dead inside and uncanny and it washes off her features

No. 1018192

Let me guess, you have brown eyes and are butthurt?
It’s okay anon, most people dont care about eye colour, its just an extra oompf.

No. 1018199

Someone please sage the blue eyed demons

No. 1018202

I did sage plainjane

No. 1018217

When gay men call any woman “bitch”. Even in a playful “Hey bitch” way.

No. 1018245

please fucking stop with the eye colour sperging. If I could, I would fucking pluck out all of your eyeballs and make a smoothie then force all of you to drink it. Fucking stop.

No. 1018290


No. 1018306

Its funny because we have these types of eye color discussion every 6 months

No. 1018311

>every 6 months
I stg we had the exact same discussion a week ago

No. 1018323

I hate the words gal, folk, folx, and any other 'x' added to words because somehow adding an x is now inclusive on words that don't need it like latinx. Censoring words by cutting them down or adding x is retarded too. I feel if someone is going to bring up serious topics like suicide, self harm, anorexia, addiction it might as well be said.

No. 1018325

Adding an x to shit makes no sense to me because you're excluding exactly those people people from the "regular version" of the word, which is like the opposite of what they wanna achieve.

No. 1018327

Same anon, I also hate the faghags that defend that behavior. I especially hate gay dudes who make “sassy gay friend” their entire identity. You don’t need to act like a catty piece of shit to fit in with women holy shit.

No. 1018334

I never understood any of this. Like why replace the k in folks. What about the letter k is not inclusive. What did k and s ever do to anyone.

No. 1018344

But folx is sooooooo muuuuuch more punk

No. 1018351

when I see someone seriously use folx, I immediately see a fatass with a shitty Manic Panic pixie cut and pronouns

No. 1018386

Have you watched eizouken ni wa tewodasuna? I really recommend it.

No. 1018421

I somehow rly wanna know the story of these people, any idea who they are? I wanna know if the kids are ok lol

No. 1018439

The whole SSSniperwolf thing has reminded of how much I hate self righteous "call out" youtubers because I'm already seeing people posting videos about it. Idk if what she did was really that bad or not because I've heard different things and I don't care enough to look into it, but anyway.

It just reminded me of how every time a creator does something mildly problematic a bunch of these drama, tea and """commentary""" channels make videos dragging them, acting like the world is ending or something. An example of this is when Bunny (graveyard girl) uploaded a really entitled rant about Starbucks, and how she was mad they weren't giving her unlimited refills on sweet tea or something. It did come off as "really entitled rich girl who is overly sheltered and out of touch with people" but still. It wasn't THAT bad. And so many youtubers made videos being like "IS THIS THE REAL BUNNY???? IS THIS WHAT SHE'S REALLY LIKE??" and basically turn it into a witch hunt. It makes me so fucking annoyed. It's not that I care about the creators, I don't really. What annoys me is how fucking self righteous these youtubers are for calling out some thing that's not even that bad.. as if there aren't actual problems in the world. I just don't get what the point is of getting mad at something so retarded.

No. 1018441

I grew up using y'all and folks because I am from the southern trailer park kek. I never use Twitter or Tumblr so it's so annoying when me or someone else uses y'all and a bitchy anon comes in to bitch about "Go BaCk To TwItTeR" even though you said nothing remotely twitter-ey
Also "integrate better" is stupid since we have people from all different walks of life here and of course their real life persona will leak into their internet speech

No. 1018453

>Also "integrate better" is stupid

I don't understand this. every site has it's own etiquette and rules for various reasons, I don't think asking people to follow them is stupid. another reason is that this site is anonymous and when people type in a really distinctive manner it's easier to identify them which goes against the point of an anonymous board. twitterfag and reddit behavior are annoying but I also hate it when people type like facebook boomers (ex: he looks so stupid in that hat…. LOL!!! XD"

all that being said I don't think saying "y'all" is exclusive to twitter and shouldn't count as not integrating

No. 1018456

People are weird and you'd be surprised at how many people can go from sounding ghetto, sounding like white trash, Tumblr, or a Facebook boomer all within the same week. A lot of peoples typing style can dramatically change as well, I have friends I text whos text style changes within the day. I feel like anons who try to investigate which users are which really underestimate how many people change their typing style a lot.

It is realistic to ask people to integrate better but some anons here consider something they just don't like to not be integrating, which blurs the line for a lot of anons of if they truly aren't going along with the culture here or the fact anons are batshit crazy and will use one liners that make zero sense (saying no1curr to a post that got 5+ replies, calling people scrotes who say nothing close to what scrotes would say, claim "tinfoiling" and "strawman" over things that aren't remotely that)

No. 1018458

it's not your fault nonnie you own it, but if some anon calls you out on it she will assume you're one of those girls that have nothing to do with southen culture but still use "y'all". There's a very annoying type of individual that says y'all without growing in the south

No. 1018475

I'm from the south and I can guarantee that it's used a lot by people in the suburbs too, it's not just a poor people term. people who have native country accents or grew up with aave influence in their household love their yall and aint.

No. 1018483

the people on twitter that use it are rich northerners

No. 1018498

I hate when males get praised at work. Blood boiling shit.

No. 1018534

husbandofags and waifufags. the way they talk about people and characters creep me the hell out.

No. 1018542

>saying no1curr to a post that got 5+ replies
kek this has happened to me before, im convinced anons just say it just to hear themselves talk

No. 1018703

i hate when men are existing can they just stop it

No. 1018708

People love drama, and when there's no drama they'll make drama out of nothing.

No. 1018782

these "fashion" videos that have nothing to do with fashion and are blatant body checks/body brags

No. 1018787

No. 1018806

i can't believe it… wojak segregation

No. 1018820

For sure. Anyone crying jelly fatty is either trolling or retarded because there's so many hot fitness influencers who talk about and show off their body in a non-braggy way, you can clearly see the difference.

No. 1018894

i hate that zendaya and the troon are hyped as lgbt rep and a sapphic couple by social media

No. 1018916

This but with the “please don’t perceive me” memes. idk why but I absolutely despise them despite being an anxious person.

No. 1018949

File: 1641554854688.jpeg (1.01 MB, 1170x1298, E004DBFC-416D-4898-A650-DF8188…)

I found a new thread pic for you guys

No. 1018956

File: 1641555500857.jpg (497.79 KB, 540x600, Tumblr_l_1351662394931481.jpg)


No. 1018972

God I love both so much. The bulterrier one is so aesthetically pleasing, while the borzoi is hilarious and cute (and in accordance with the tradition).

No. 1019023

i hate that fucking cunt margaret thatcher

No. 1019032

I like the consoomer threads but I hate the autism that comes with it. Not just here but even on kiwi farms, there’s always stupid arguments over what is and what isn’t consoomer behavior. It’s always
>poorfags complaining they want excessive things
>richfags calling everyone poor for whatever reason
>retards saying they want a disgusting cluttered garbage house
>retards arguing over brands
This shit has a real grip on everyone

No. 1019033

>calling any random item consoomer shit

No. 1019050

Same, love the thread, thought it got way better, then the Great Fridge Sperg happened

No. 1019071

Same, they want to sound so quirky, and I've noticed it's generally the step before calling yourself nonbinary for girls.

No. 1019082

Sarcasm. It's the absolutely unfunniest type of humor, even less funny than poopoo-peepee humor.

No. 1019084

File: 1641566695910.webm (1.94 MB, 576x1024, VID-20220107-WA0010.webm)


No. 1019088

I feel it's often self-serving. you need a bit of context to understand that it is sarcasm, which is partly why the internet went to shit. so people who think they're the next Oscar Wilde, studding every interaction with irony and sarcasm it tends to just become in jokes with the JoKeStEr and themself.

No. 1019091

how insecure do you have to be to make a video about that ? i hope she realizes soon she can quit prostitution

No. 1019104

Sometimes, i understand why some girls have such deep hatred towards other women, she grosses me out

No. 1019118

Really, I don't hate or dislike prostitutes and whatnot. Like, whatever, we all survive one way or another. But God, I want to hit this bitch so bad and those worthless men deserve to die alone and miserable. Can't believe I'm actually angry at some stupid internet video but I really am.

No. 1019127

some of those fridges aren't even bad. they're just organized?

No. 1019128

I don’t get these types of prostitutes that just do it for the “easy” money, they will get doxxed at some point and their lives will get ruined, unless they already have an extreme amount of money to fall back on.
Something tells me that she used to get bullied and now this is her “payback” some people surely never grow up.

No. 1019136

this is some petty shit but i hate listening to certain female streamers using that weird bbgirl voice. i like plenty of female streamers but it feels like the bigger ones all have terminal male-pandering syndrome, which i guess is why they have a bigger fanbase kek. cutesy overly sexual personas are such an obvious fabrication but males fall for it easily and women defend it as empowerment. i feel like i have to stick to sub-100 viewer streams to find women talking in a normal register.

No. 1019146

Dude I hate supporting small businesses. The town my sister lives in basically gets robbed by them. They charge far too much money on essential goods like diapers like a 100% markup. You’d think they’d have a Walmart or some shit cheaper but every cheaper place is 3 hours away by car. The small business owners are all on the town council as well and know they’ll be absolutely fucked if they get a Walmart or something similar. God I hope for that day to come because they deserve it.

No. 1019197

literally living in a damp infested shithole, on what looks like an air mattress.

No. 1019413

File: 1641581931533.webm (2.47 MB, 360x640, 1639095258403.webm)

No. 1019415

i thought it was against the law for underage girls to have onlyfans?

No. 1019422

Why is she struggling so much with that sweater?

No. 1019428

She;s a 1000% trolling

No. 1019443

Went to the original video, yes she used to get bullied and she's taking revenge doing this, indicating she wasn't any better than her bullies, you could say she's even worse

No. 1019451

No. 1019453

File: 1641583605680.jpg (46.21 KB, 640x744, absolutegalaxybrain.jpg)

No. 1019455

Men die challenge

No. 1019456

File: 1641583738344.gif (142.74 KB, 219x149, 2D13A966-CCCC-4B8C-AC39-8F99A1…)

Damn right.

No. 1019489

I hate the comments in all police dispatcher videos. While I do think some can be rude or it sounds like they don't care, I can't imagine putting myself in their shoes or the callers shoes.
I just have sympathy for them and I feel like people don't understand what they are trying to do. They can't be crying and freaking while they are trying to get information. I notice with kids they do tend to change their tones but how are they supposed to sound?
IDK maybe I'm wrong but I feel like people constantly try to put themselves in the Dispatchers place not realizing that their emotional response may not be whats best for the person in need either. Theres def. some shitty inexcusable PD calls out there though.
I hope this makes sense.

I hate the Sim community. I hate how there's people in it who just sit around all day shitting on Sims 4, buy the new DLC just to shit and whine about it some more. Or the people who don't even play Sims 4 anymore but will always be in sims 4 discussions like, "Thats why I play Sims 2/3"
Like okay those games are better, go play them. Make a thread or Reddit post talking about it. Stop shitting up every single sims space bitching when you don't even play the game. I hate people who act like they HAVE to buy the new DLC, "I've been playing the game since launch it's so boring, ugh I hate EA, ill just buy this new DLC in hopes it'll make my game better". Then whine about how it didn't.
I also hate how people who have thousands of hours in the game, brought it years ago and act like they haven't gotten their money's worth. Like you've been playing since 2015. I'm pretty damn sure you've gotten your use out of the game & DLCs unless you just buy them to NOT play them. Stop giving EA your money.

Sims content creators who just recolor EA Meshes or slightly alter them and then want you to pay for them on Paetron.
The Sims community is such a shitty place and always has been IMO. I don't even get into discussion anymore. It's full of negative weirdos. The sims youtubers all go through the same cycle of "New thing WOW, New Thing FUn! Let me make 20 videos milking every single feature of it and then!" then a month later it's like, "Maybe New thing wasn't as fun as I thought?"
Yeah, you being burnt out on a game you play for views and sometimes base your WHOLE channel around is going to burn you out.
Fuck EA and Fuck the sims community.

No. 1019766

i wish my dad would just leave the room and let me listen to my lewd music in peace
i don't want you to be able to hear my sexjams through my headphones weirdo

No. 1019771

… what is a sexjam

No. 1019775

Put horns on her

No. 1019788

music that you'd play during a makeout session or during sex, usually has suggestive lyrics

No. 1019807

It's because youtube drama is monetized

No. 1019808

Nta but I can’t seriously imagine putting something like vid related and not feel utterly awkward.

No. 1019827

Talk for yourself, i would gladly put this timeless masterpiece while making out with my husbando

No. 1019907

File: 1641611111844.jpeg (310.41 KB, 960x1280, 4F35A726-8910-4420-9C2D-159E54…)

I hate alt hair colours. It’s a pain to maintain and lots of people just let it fade to a disgusting puke colour.

No. 1020042


It's horrible. I can't believe they had publicity shots of that troon in op ague underwear showing his dick. Fucking degenerates.

No. 1020051

Aww. I at least try to maintain my blue hair. It never gets to the faded swamp-water level. It’s fun to have and makes my blue eyes pop even more. It’s also been healthier than any point in the past five years ++ because I’ve only had the roots bleached versus getting highlights/all over lifting to keep up the blonde level I had as a child lol

No. 1020084

pls share a playlist or something nona, I'm not very knowledgeable about that kinda music but I want to sexy stuff to play in the background while I draw lewd stuff with my favorite characters

No. 1020099

File: 1641627065761.jpg (91.01 KB, 736x981, 14ccc849bb3ddeff86a518720903b1…)

>Pain to maintain

I have a collection of such styles

No. 1020104

NOW THIS i want. fuck the mullet trend. make this the hot trendy thing to have

No. 1020115

File: 1641628910811.jpg (138.18 KB, 736x948, edb59c76fed3a85e63424b81013b9a…)

Yes I think it's very cute, looks like hard mode maintenance, so I admire it for that

No. 1020146

Anon this was clearly made by some 13 year old, if that kek

No. 1020188

People should honestly just prefer wigs if they want an alt hair colour because it always ends up looking like your picrel. I cringe every time someone I know "gets wild" and decides to dye their hair to green, blue or pink because that's exactly the result no matter how well it's done.

No. 1020209

File: 1641640298467.jpg (270.07 KB, 1200x675, tco_-_2021-10-29T115223.372.jp…)

I hate "somebody's daughter" memes like picrel; I know it's just a meme but somehow this one makes me so annoyed every time I see it, the choice of words make it seem that the point of the joke is that another man's property is getting defiled, so disgusting

No. 1020216

the weeknd

No. 1020219

I know few people who pull it off and take care of it extremely well but yeah natural hair looks always healthier. Just the ratty ends put me off. But then again, all dyed hair looks ratty if I look at it long enough kek

No. 1020225

IDC, I still hate that picture. He should have beeen taught better. So many moids never change that belief.

No. 1020233

it's pretty fucking gross.

No. 1020250

File: 1641643051971.jpeg (66.24 KB, 1010x754, 1652506B-BF0D-4460-A232-4848F5…)

True feminism is having deep hatred for James Charles

No. 1020271

File: 1641644774883.png (583.75 KB, 613x405, 100gecs.PNG)

I hate 100gecs. They were a funny meme for like two seconds but it's just hot garbage tranny noise. Bonus points that every tranny "wow literally me"s about the lead singer

No. 1020340

Who is he and what he did

No. 1020383

File: 1641654124320.jpg (289.69 KB, 1080x1585, Screenshot_20220108_160043.jpg)

I think I posted this already but one of the most egregious things he's done imo was normalizing facetune, and actively encouraging his teenage fans to shoop their pictures. being constantly bombarded by heavily edited pictures of women has a profound impact on young girls, he's a man so for him it's just a game, he can take the makeup off and those beauty standards he's setting for others don't apply to him anymore

No. 1020481

>hating men is the same as racism!!!1
>ackshuyally hating men means YOU'RE a man

No. 1020532

File: 1641661603162.png (209.43 KB, 746x1437, 35075AD1-EA56-42BA-A08A-21305D…)

James Charles also has a predator scandal towards young straight boys every few months but yet still has a “career”. It’s fucked.

No. 1020622

i hate this fucking song so much the weebs ruined it for me

No. 1020659

Right? There's so many better songs in the game. I especially love the creepy dungeon sounding one. Forgot what its called

No. 1020665

Men are so evil when it comes to them trying to "own" people who reject them/feel uncomfortable with their advances. No idea of that drama in specific (and experimenting doesn't automatically turn you bi, you have a lot of women who larp as bi, try it, then only date men afterwards bc it wasn't for them), but this made me think of a gay photographer who groomed all of his male subjects who he deemed "gay" (Carlos Müller), forcing himself on them and then telling them they were gay bc they were inexperienced and shy about being molested by a man. A lot of them ended up being gay and breaking up with their gfs. No kidding it was so bizarre to read, but it was noted how muller insisted on making them feel they were truly homosexual. Sage for random&autistic sperging. Seeing charles insisting just like him truly paints him in a darker tone in my eyes.

No. 1020675

When parents have the mindset of
>the world is dangerous with dangerous ppl
>but we won't actually teach you how to deal with them or make you confident/skilled to avoid them
>have a computer and stay inside be quiet and just study
>what do you mean you can't socialize/find a job?!?!

No. 1020677

Same, I even saw a drama channel using it for their intro/outro
Like Fuck off already.

No. 1020678

Steep Hill supremacy all the way. I got this song more than a decade ago in either WW or CF and still sometimes sing it all by myself while cleaning or similar.

No. 1020683

A tall masculine straight guy I followed online just trooned out. He always seemed really nice and chill. I had to check that it wasn't first of april. Fuck this trendy form of mental illness.

No. 1020703

Goes to show you, any cute masculine guy you know may be secretly masturbating himself into wanting to be a woman.

Name one tranny who isn't addicted to porn

No. 1020720

And when they have coomed so much to degen porn that they're ready to live their mentally ill rp lifestyle 24/7 and get bodymods, they also get a lot of sycophants online telling them how stunning and brave they are. Shit this dude will look like an ugly neanderthal when he goes further into his trooning.

No. 1020726

File: 1641671884934.jpeg (310.64 KB, 1125x598, C7361C4C-E22A-41AA-A57B-1FC9F4…)

>makeup fag who rose to fame for no deserving reason other than being gay I guess
>is shit at makeup
>was on Ellen show, lied about bringing a ringlight to his prom photo that went viral
>harasses straight guys, had explicit convos with minors
>is very ugly

My own reasons is that I fucking hate gay men with flaming assholes and no talent that waltz into the makeup industry and think think they gets to teach women about makeup

No. 1020734

what the fuck is that pregnancy video? That has to be a weird fetish right?

No. 1020735

James is giving me tranny vibes

No. 1020737

You forgot to add that his voice sounds awful.

No. 1020751

Not specifically the sims but I also hate when people dislike the newest game in a series and just constantly complain about it. The older games aren't going anywhere!! Play them! The devs aren't going to listen to your complaining!
It's already a niche series but Rune Factory 5 included gay marriage for the first time and now almost every thread I see on it is either complaining about the gay marriage or complaining about the people against it… I don't care I just want to talk about the game. Nobody gives a fuck if you're against gay marriage in a light hearted anime game.

No. 1020787

File: 1641677170547.jpeg (590.44 KB, 1125x551, FA64CAD5-EF73-4B87-9711-8ADD21…)

He does troonlarp all the time in an attempt to pull the straights

No. 1020884

File: 1641684777725.jpg (83.28 KB, 940x510, yikes.jpg)

I hate Shodan's redesign. She looks like an instahoe. All the menace she had in SS2 (and SS1 to an extent, her appearance here is just not as iconic as the one she has in the sequel) is gone. They have also made her a caucasoid for some reason, she looked asian before.

No. 1020892

File: 1641685035698.jpg (25.45 KB, 250x269, GODDESS.jpg)

For comparison this is her in SS2. I think if they simply removed the brows from the new version it would already get 100x better. Shodan is not supposed to look humanlike, quite the opposite - she must have that uncanny valley look. Removing the brows, exaggerating facial features and giving inhumane expressions is the proper way to design her.

No. 1020908

James is such a sad man, I hope he stops being retarded before he troons out. I mean, since his goal is being fuckable, why doesn’t he just goes outside and gets a boyfriend? He’s not ugly, I’m sure some men will be into him.

No. 1020912

when overly nice white men who obviously browse reddit say "homie"

No. 1020922

i'm gonna add on: those female pickme bootlicker friends who are near impossible to see once they enter a relationship yet as soon as their moid cheats, fucks them over or is just being shitty they waste hours or days of your time talking about him and bitching, then after they've let him get away with it, poof they vanish again and ignore your existence.

No. 1020932

nta but my god am I happy to hear I'm not the only one with a friend like this. I absolutely fucking hate it and I got so sick of this bullshit that I just ended up not talking to her at all in the end. After 3 times of being ghosted because she got a new boyfriend and reappeared only to bitch about the drama I had had enough.

No. 1020942

this makes me want to browse r9k

No. 1020953

There was an escort-anon like this
She said something like "I'm fucking all your husbands and boyfriends and there's nothing you can do about it", but then said she "respects other women". Like pick a side lol

No. 1020961

Christ, they really are fucked up looking

No. 1020973

the way she mocks women for being heartbroken… so awful.

No. 1020975

Why are people more angry at a mentally ill woman getting validation from the wrong places than the men in committed relationships paying to fuck other women?
If men weren't pathetic and awful then prostitution wouldn't work.

No. 1020979

assuming she's mentally ill. they're annoyed because it's just nasty to mock hurt people to flex how much of a ~~bad bitch~~ you are. obviously the men are the problem. it goes without saying, but they're not on the ones on the video in question bragging, are they?

No. 1020984

>more angry
don't pull this overused deflection lol. every time. if the scrotes were retarded and posting giggling about it, we'd go after them way harder. this little pickme blatantly takes glee in essentially collecting worthless men that she knows are local in order to hurt her uwu big mean boolies, this is not simple validation. she and her scrotes can die and make the world a slightly better place!

No. 1020989

>don't pull this overused deflection lol
No, I'm going to quote bullshit when I see it.
>this little pickme blatantly takes glee in essentially collecting worthless men that she knows are local in order to hurt her uwu big mean boolies
They seek her out and pay her. Maybe the b00lies should thank her for opening their eyes to the fact that they're with worthless men. The pickmes are the ones acting like other women are worth attacking over the scumbags who actually betrayed them.
>but they're not on the ones on the video in question bragging
No, men prefer to brag to their peers on places like 4chan and r9k where an anon upthread said she wants to browse now. By all means, leave.

No. 1021016

The men are at fault, and women should also take responsibility for their own actions. It is not good to be a whore, and you can't expect other women to act like cucks and thank you for sadistically laughing at their pain lol. It would be silly choose the loud, misogynistic pick-me life and then get mad when other women won't support you

No. 1021083

Sage for a-logging and late but I once got kicked out of a woman's group on facebook because there was a thread where they were frivolously talking about breeding, what breeders are out there in their area, etc and I just said that there's really no ethical way to breed animals when there's so many animals out there, and if you really wanted a pet for pets sake you'd just go to a pound and adopt one. Cue seething soccer moms and
>nooooooooo but I breed my doggies and they alll live on a nice faaaarrrrmmm and have a goooooood lifeeeeeee reeeeeeee

Missing my point entirely, idk why breeders need to die on this hill. You're literally forcing birth on animals for profit, when there are animals out there who need loving homes. There's no way around it. Regardless of if you have a 5 star hotel for them to get pampered in, the practice itself is inherently unethical

No. 1021167

you know why breeders want to die on that hill. the $$$ will always be more important than the animals or the truth for these people. they want to sit on their asses and pump out babies while perfectly adoptable animals are being put down.

what is REALLY concerning are breeder capers who allegedly "love" these animals so much. the "b-b-but it's responsible breeding!!! they aren't making them rape their sisters or mothers!!". the bar is so low that they're really out here acting like anything outside of incest/inbreeding is ethical, while tons of dogs and cats face disease and fatal hardship. i can't with the capers who have no actual skin in the game and don't even have the profit motive. just admit you don't truly care about all dogs or cats and go, liars.

No. 1021169

I hate that y'all isn't more universal in the english language tbh. I'm not a burgerfag but I think it's such an easy way to address a group of people that's ~gender neutral~ so you can use it for mixed groups, but saying "you all" feels too formal.

I don't use it myself because I'm white/not southern/not a fag moid so it sounds weird coming out of my mouth, but really it's a good contraction to use.

No. 1021186

Thing is that most dogs in an animal shelter are not easily adoptable. I worked in one for years and the truth is that the majority of dogs that come into shelters have specific, often serious issues - it's pretty rare to get a dog who is well-socialized and problem-free, and the waitlist for these 'easy' dogs is a mile long. The rest of the dogs require specialized homes with highly experienced owners who can deal with their issues effectively; adopting them out to just anyone who wants who wants a dog will only result in the dog getting taken back to the shelter because they couldn't handle them. And if those people who can't get a non-aggressive dog from the shelter are going to go somewhere else, I'd rather they go to a certified breeder that follows standardized breed health regulations than a backyard breeder or a puppy mill (personally I think that those people just shouldn't get a dog to begin with and nobody 'deserves' a pet, but the reality is that they will, so harm reduction is key). Cats are a different story though.

No. 1021187

it's fine, very useful, just feels a little retarded for those of us that have grown up alongside southerners. hearing "y'all" and "fixin" together will never be uncoupled or unseparated for my brain. i just really need to hear a foreigner say "y'all" though. i keep seeing people who are not southern or black burgers write it and i must hear them say it.

No. 1021189

plenty of us have volunteered enough to know that more than enough dogs are surrendered that are well socialized and this is not true. they may not fit everyone's needs (not cat friendly, not always kid friendly) but low risk breeds are often well socialized. the truth is that people want certain pigeonholed breeds for their alleged attributes or for their aesthetics. that is the real truth.

No. 1021198

I'm sure it's location dependent but where I was, well-socialized dogs did not remain at shelters for a long time, they were adopted almost immediately and the ones who stayed for long periods (and were often the only dogs available for adoption for weeks at a time) were the ones that required a very experienced home. I don't even disagree with you or that anon that breeding is unethical, but I think the idea that you can just walk down to a shelter and pick out the perfect dog for you isn't especially practical, and shelters need to be picky with who they let adopt or else the dog will just end up suffering more.

No. 1021282

Tiktok is fucked and I hate it. I go to the website to look at some cringe DID profile someone mentioned, and the first video I'm recommended after checking out the profile was of a clearly underaged girl in a slip that's basically see through, lip syncing to a song and how hot she is and hiking up the slip and pulling it and stretching it against herself to show off her body. How many videos like this are on this site? It had 2.3 million views. She had to be at most 15.

No. 1021291

Yeah.. Tiktok is the most pedo site out of them all. I tried tt when it became popular but seeing the depravity made me really angry and sad.

No. 1021292

This is exactly why I bought my dog, thar plus insane adoption requirements ("do you have a 5 room flat or a house with a garden???" when looking to adopt a small dog. "Are you at home 24/7???"). I had specific requirements (IE I wanted as young as possible, since I already was horrified of ticking time), so I went for a fitting dog. I help abandoned/sick dogs in another way, and that's how a lot of other owners are… by which I'm saying that just buying a dog doesn't make one a "narc", as some anons claimed in the past. Is adopting more ethical than buying? Sure, but it isn't always for anyone. It should be always deeply considered first when someone wants a dog.

No. 1021294