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No. 1026761

Post random things you hate and why. A picture of the thing you hate is always appreciated. Please don't vent about your life here. For venting about your personal life, your family, neighbors, boyfriend, coworkers etc use the vent thread. For minor annoyances in your very personal daily life use the annoying thread. Thank you. Commentary is fine (positive, negative or neutral) as long as you don't come here to start a retarded infight with your personal issues. Keep the borzois in mind.

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No. 1026767

the fact that anyone believes erika gerardi. sarah paulson went on wwhl saying how she totally believes her and it's totally believable and she's trustworthy. respect for her lost immediately, not that she was any great talent, annoyed me because people are always acting like she's so wise and talented. only possible justification is an attempt to avoid litigation but i get the feeling some people genuinely believe her

No. 1026771

I hate the borzoi thread pictures even though I know the origins and why they're a theme!!
This one is the least offensive one so far though, thank you OP.

No. 1026780

File: 1642149105511.jpg (158.83 KB, 696x531, dontcomearoundhere.jpg)

People who dress up animals. Unless you live in Siberia and your dog/cat needs to keep warm, don't fucking do it. It's degrading and stupid. Your pet's an animal, not a Barbie doll.

No. 1026792

I will treasure the photo of my cat with a tiny santa hat forever - but you're right.

No. 1026797

Agreed. Also:
Saw a woman the other day walking her poodle with its tail dyed pink. No lady, it doesn't make the dog look cute, it makes you look like a looney.

No. 1026821

File: 1642154240070.gif (879.2 KB, 320x240, lol.gif)

I really hate how divisive online communities have become and how easily salty users are over the slightest disagreement. They're extremely thin-skinned but also really aggressive which is the most insufferable combination in the world. Something I noticed that's gotten bad by 2016 and magnified during the pandemic in particular:

If you express a slightly unconventional opinion people will gang up on you over like you said the worst shit imaginable. Not even necessarily something about religion or politics, just simple opinions deviating from the norm like saying you think the dog is blue when another user thinks it's green. Internet assholes have always existed but it has been extremely amplified in recent years to such ridiculous levels that if you're not completely conformist to a particular community culture you might as well be a sociopathic troll to them. I wouldn't be surprised if they start doxxing people from making different opinions (on non politics or religious stuff) in a year lmao.

People are bullied from making deeper observations because "bro it's not that deep, you're weird" brainlets bullying users for using internet discussion for more than just cooming, shitposting, or hosting witchhunts. Of course, they're free to analyze why something is bad based on some outrage culture/puritan politics bullshit but if you act sincerely passionate about something it makes zoomers extremely uncomfortable and I can't figure out why.

Another one that pisses me off but is entirely related, is how people (mostly zoomers) will only have the last reaction if you give your sentences proper captialization and punctuation but will not be on your ass as much if you write in shitty grammar, slang, with all lowercase. Again, this is almost as if zoomers can't read anything that is written in proper English and lash out like retards if you're not talking like a braindead baby.

No. 1026823

My damn self

No. 1026827

I hate the way people parrot each other on social media. Phrases like "Gorgeous gorgeous girls ____" that will be out of use by next year. Every unfunny Youtube comment, every tweet using the same template, every instagram caption where they think "they ate that" (kill me)

No. 1026828

On social media, the hive mind is in full effect.

No. 1026834

Every man, except mr adam dancy.

No. 1026837

The man who designed his own web crawler to find any mention of the Terminator/Matrix spanning all across the web no matter what language it was posted in? THAT Adam Dancy?

No. 1026851

So much this
>'heal' and 'soothe' used everywhere
>everyone suddenly calling attractive people 'stunners'
>white hipsters in their thirties using ghetto speak like 'she ate y'all UP'
>'ok but can we talk about how/when…' [some mundane thing a character did in a movie]

No. 1026855

you forgot
>so much this

No. 1026862

Shout out to all these white gays I know irl and online whose first language isn't even English and who try way too hard to talk like "sassy ghetto black women" (their words, not mine). I can't stand them, I want to beat their asses. They think they're so clever because they copypaste American slang in their tweets and pronounces them with their most disgusting French accent without a ounce of sarcasm.

No. 1026893

>when X said Y and A said B

No. 1026895

Same, I hate how quickly they go out of fashion too because everyone will use them until they get bored of it. The fucking "No one: Absolutely no one: X: [stupid phrase]" and "laughs in X" format ruined every comments section on Youtube.

No. 1026897

I hate it when ppl don’t know how to organise a fridge (meat on bottom shelf etc.)
Today my roommate put poorly wrapped bacon on top of my candy stash. I know it technically didn’t touch but man that’s nasty what if meat juices leak down!

No. 1026938

I agree anon. Erika's instagram posts, her refusal to express sadness for the victims, her getting caught lying several times on RHOBH. Anybody who believes her are braindead.

No. 1027004

How were the painted pics offensive?

No. 1027008

They were offensive to my eyes because they were ugly.

No. 1027036

No. 1027055

Anyone who thinks bullying helps build people up to be stronger. Ah yes. Victims of bullying are truly known for their emotional security.

No. 1027058

>but if you act sincerely passionate about something it makes zoomers extremely uncomfortable and I can't figure out why.
This is true and I hate it.

No. 1027064

you need to be bullied lol

No. 1027076

File: 1642175900958.jpg (409.94 KB, 2128x1507, hatt.jpg)

>be most financially successful author in history
>be only author to become a billionaire
>be only billionaire in history to lose your billionaire status not cause of bad investment or squandering your money but cause of how much you give to charity
>constantly reassure your liberal fans and bend your story for their demands
>disagree that male rapists shouldn't be allowed in sensitive women spaces
>suddenly your the worst person to exist and now these troglodytes are bashing your work and you personally

God what happened to JK just will always make me angry, she's not even anti-trans compared to most people here but her "controversial views" that maybe rapists shouldn't be placed with women and that underage children shouldn't be placed on hormones and have their bodies mutilated somehow mark her as the anti-Christ

No. 1027081

File: 1642175991889.jpg (22.5 KB, 720x188, kek.jpg)

zoomers acting like basic english words are some otherworldly shit only weirdos use kek.

No. 1027087


No. 1027090

Fandom puritans are the worst thing to happen to art. Seriously

No. 1027096

I hate that there are entire websites dedicated to collecting pictures of famous women’s feet.
Would a woman do this? Nope.

No. 1027097

NTA but bullying just turned me into a weak coward tbh

No. 1027105

I hate my country and its people but everywhere else is somehow worse. What a timeline.

No. 1027107

I saw some post recently about a woman who dyes her dog red to prevent him from being stolen. I don't see the logic really, but I guess some people do dye animals for more than just aesthetic reasons

No. 1027114

That explains why everything zoomers create is so soulless, they lack passion, creativity and only like things for clout, its like they're jealous of people who invest their time on things they genuinely love

No. 1027119

Absolutely, glad you said it

No. 1027123

>Would a woman do this? Nope.
Wikifeet unfortunately exists and features a ton of men.

No. 1027124

They only joy they get from anything is either clout liking stuff (where they then forget about liking it a few months later) or policing people and telling people what to like or dislike. They identify as liberals but are as every bit of repressed and joyless as the puritans who went to the Americas in the 1600s except now with a coomer twist!

No. 1027126

No. 1027128

No. 1027140

>Wikifeet includes men’s feet
>somehow that means it’s women doing
>forgets about the gays

Anyway straight women usually drool over a man’s hands or arms

No. 1027144

those pictures are by and for gay men anon

No. 1027177

Yeah but is there wikihand?

No. 1027179

Gays and incels and gay incels need to stop LARPing and just recognize that male bodies in their entirety are unattractive even to straight women.

No. 1027203

Exactly the point, anon, exactly the point…

Heterosexual women are real

No. 1027224

Female heterosexuality is vastly different from male heterosexuality or male homosexuality. We don't mindlessly lust like men do, we want a man that makes us feel beautiful and desired, even if he is not necessarily "fuckable" by your homosexual male standards. In fact, most straight women would never date a man more attractive than them because it makes us feel ugly.

No. 1027226

I mean it gave me horrible anxiety and depression but it taught me how to pretend I'm normal and interact with people better. You win some you lose some.

No. 1027233

You will never be a woman

No. 1027234


No. 1027237

>most straight women would never date a man more attractive than them because it makes us feel ugly
i don't know about this…

No. 1027244

What are you talking about? Male bodies are attractive if well-taken care of. It's only dicks that aren't IMO

No. 1027247

Go back to LARPing as a woman in /g/, faggot.

No. 1027250

Troon-san, can you just fuck off already? Straight women like male bodies, we aren't agps like you are.

No. 1027251

kek are you retarded? straight women do exist and not all women are foaming at the mouth with hatred for them

No. 1027259

Bro really said (slightly long English adjective)
I'm dead brruuuhhhh

No. 1027269

Never said they don't, retard. I'm just saying we do not mindlessly drool over male bodies like men do (straight over women, gay over men) because women are not the same as men.

No. 1027273

Fuck off

No. 1027275

This is so petty and minor, but I hate when people call fan edits as "fancams", especially if there's no actual camera involved. Bitch how is this a "fancam"

No. 1027297

We do drool over male bodies. Go fuck yourself, tranini. More to the theme of the thread, I really hate how people like to propagate that women don't care about male appearance. No, we fucking do, in fact we are just as visual as they are. Stop trying to lower our standards faggots.

No. 1027313

File: 1642181898559.jpeg (1.8 MB, 1500x2000, 1498154800234-In-Defiance-of-t…)

based. 10/10 or fuck off

No. 1027316

wtf why is my stuff being posted here

No. 1027318

Nonnie, who is that hot man?

No. 1027331

pls stop tone the self-objectification down and start loving yourself nona

No. 1027343

I know you're kidding but I wanna believe as a fellow Koito enjoyer

No. 1027346


No. 1027353

>We don't mindlessly lust
Sorry about your lack of knowledge about female heterosexuality.

No. 1027356

File: 1642182846455.jpg (751.39 KB, 1920x2560, daniel-williams-daniel-william…)

Apparently is an statue called "in defiance of the perverse" by Daniel Williams

No. 1027364

nta but how is that post 'femcel' when >>1027224 exists

No. 1027369

"objectification" is a cope for ugly women who can't get boyfriends.

No. 1027383

File: 1642183371686.jpg (64.89 KB, 780x438, proof.jpg)

Nta but the ugliest women on earth can still get bfs.

No. 1027385

They're both with feeders

No. 1027403

>made by a man
Only proving my point, gay boys.

No. 1027406

I'm a woman and i liked it, you didn't prove shit

No. 1027410

Stop falling for bait ffs

No. 1027418

The smaller one is dropping weight and on her second pregnancy isn't she? She's doing pretty well.

No. 1027423

The fuck is that on his head

No. 1027434

looks like spinach

No. 1027440

male anatomy looks so fucking weird, like a pile of shit and muscle intertwined and made of hard plastic. men truely have defunct genes that society is intent on whorshipping.

No. 1027445

Getting ot but I've never liked muscle on men, even that slimmed down muscle body. I blame it on the fact that my brother would always watch wrestling and these gay cartoons with muscle men in them and I got sick of the sight of it pretty early on.

I mean I do drool over men, just softer bodies.

No. 1027449

My panties

No. 1027457

File: 1642185878963.png (73.21 KB, 300x409, 7D80001F-86B6-4465-98F9-194A6E…)

So what you’re saying is you would fuck this guy if he called you beautiful. You would let this man on top of you and stick his penis in you just because he made you feel desired. You would probably let him cum inside too. Disgusting

No. 1027515

File: 1642187149057.jpeg (135.08 KB, 500x657, 3A001B15-0438-4087-8BD8-0023CD…)

Except for sphinx cats, who need to wear clothes during winter

No. 1027517

No. 1027534

File: 1642187658735.jpg (25.06 KB, 650x366, external-content.duckduckgo.jp…)

I empathize, I don't think a lot of women drool over men's bodies. Not because we wouldn't, but because we can't. If more men were hot I'd probably be horny for them more, rather than now where 1/50 look attractive.

No. 1027535

Kek please nonny…you just made me sick

No. 1027574

This. Even the guys who work out tend to look like Joe Rogan type muscle chimps

No. 1027663

File: 1642190315964.jpg (64.1 KB, 640x857, 1641745173418.jpg)

If he doesn't look like this then his tongue should be taken out tbh

No. 1027670

They don't work out for beauty though they work out for intimidation.

No. 1027678

File: 1642190608673.jpg (182.59 KB, 860x600, soyboy.jpg)

I think part of the problem is that there isn't body diversity among males any more. In years gone by nearly all men would have been a variation of fit and healthy. Now it's skinny soyboy, ring-wing gymcel or obese basement dweller.

No. 1027680

i hate that you people unironically use the term 'soyboy', it's cringe every time

No. 1027682

Just quote her you coward

No. 1027684

it's a great descriptor, seethe more

No. 1027685

How else would you describe them?

No. 1027687

This. I moved to a new town a couple years ago and then covid happened so I've rarely left the town since.. I've only had these local rural men to look at. I thought my sexuality had just died. Then 6 months ago I met a man, one fucking man who looks decent and fuck me I'm a teenager again.

No. 1027692

i hate my country's inclusive language to accommodate the feefees of girls who think they are NLOGs and men who can't stand not being mentioned (first) anymore. imagine reading a text and you constantly see asterisks and words like "actor*ress" to be InClUsIvE. just say "actresses and actors" nobody REALLY takes enby shit seriously.

No. 1027693

File: 1642191209245.jpg (24.75 KB, 300x244, 300px-Dying_gaul.jpg)

I think a lot of those bodybuilder types are also pretty disgusting looking, I prefer males with the life natural muscles over the over pumped gym muscles

No. 1027696

Yes we know you like celtic barbarians, necessayspeed4

No. 1027697

i enjoyed it a lot actually nonnie, thank you

No. 1027698


No. 1027703

this. greek statues are my pron.

No. 1027708

My area has been pandering to male feminists too much it's fucking exhausting. The last 3 cities I've lived in there were much more housing and help options for men. The current city I live in has several men's shelters with no restrictions and all the women's shelters you need to be a certain age + meet requirements such as being addicted for their long term program. Despite this most women are currently financially supporting their boyfriends or husbands and men can always cry abuse/ false rape accusation/ etc and NO ONE questions it, if you try to report abuse and you're a woman you have to jump through hoops to prove you're not lying, even then it's brushed under the rug because of stupid thing (example: I had a neighbor who repeatedly watched me shower and reported it to the police who said they couldn't do anything because I only rent and not own the property)

No. 1027716

This 100%. I also feel like a lot of men need to realize they aren't genetically blessed and just accept it. I dated a guy who was fit but had wide hips and a narrow chest but would workout his legs and looked grossly pear shaped. I thought I leaned towards girls but I started dating a basketball player who had a masculine frame and was very aroused by his body alone

No. 1027717

god i miss necsped. when was the last time she was seen?

No. 1027722


No. 1027731

File: 1642192675239.jpg (70.94 KB, 381x377, pic.jpg)

I think blaming genes absolves too many males and can they use it as excuse to be lazy, I feel like most modern males should at least bother to do is stay fit and remain clean, sure some males would be genetically too ugly for most women but I'm sure they'd find some wierdo who'd be into their weird bodies
I mean hell picrel is what our ancestors likely looked like for 90% of their history before farming and civilization

No. 1027739

She is in this very thread nona.

No. 1027742

you sure? a lot of anons seem to share these sentiments. her posts used to be much, much more distinguishable and more fun

No. 1027753

Pretty sure she is Boudica56 on Ovarit at least, and posts the same shit both here and there about the ideal male body and how she hates fujos.

No. 1027756

i don't have an ovarit acct so sadly i can't judge. is there any mention of her perfect militaryfag/country husband and his family? it's the only way to know for sure imo

No. 1027771

File: 1642194450749.png (44.93 KB, 976x477, boudica56.png)

Of course there is a mention of the husband.

No. 1027776

File: 1642194604532.png (59.49 KB, 1000x457, boudica2.png)

More sperging

No. 1027795

Anon you've articulated everything I've been having problems with. I really think this is the reason I have trouble making online friends. Telling people you don't want to interact with anyone under 25 (the younger they are the more likely they are to be like this imo), also makes everyone fucking rage out unreasonably. Maybe I'm just tired of typing in all lower case like e.e. cummings and spamming emojis to look approachable and friendly. fuck

No. 1027841

the "netflix: are you still watching? someone's daughter:" jokes

No. 1027850

Nonny. I thought it sounded retarded when I first saw it used and then it slowly grew on me, but now I hate it again. Nonna is okay though.

No. 1027859

God so many things wrong with this

No. 1027871

Call me your precious cow instead

No. 1027874

I hate when black anons go "white womyn white womyn" like this is the incel subreddit

No. 1027877

Same it's so stupid

No. 1027892

Commit suicide right now please thank you.

Yes, these people are sociopaths and should be shunned from society. I don't get how bullying is seen as completely acceptable for this reason between minors when the exact same acts between adults in the workplace or in private would end with a prison sentence and a restraining order. All because retards think this builds character or this is cute kids just playing together.

No. 1027901

File: 1642201557589.gif (3.23 MB, 640x640, awkward-side-eye.gif)

No. 1027980

>People are bullied from making deeper observations because "bro it's not that deep, you're weird"
>if you act sincerely passionate about something it makes zoomers extremely uncomfortable and I can't figure out why.
My fucking god I felt these sentences. Moderating a Discord server infested with zoomers I'm constantly being subjected to people with zero understanding of cause and effect and even less willingness to gain any. People just want to sperg and be outraged for the fun of it, creating a destructive environment full of hostility and quick fixes, not a layered understanding or a discussion that you could actually learn something from because "I'm not a fucking nerd bruh that's cringe". It's because they're passive and apathetic about anything else but an immediate dopamine rush a snappy lower case callout tweet brings them.

>Again, this is almost as if zoomers can't read anything that is written in proper English and lash out like retards if you're not talking like a braindead baby.

According to studies their ability to read longer sentences is deteriorating at an accelerating rate so this isn't just in your head nonnie. They've been conditioned into reading 280 characters max and preferably with lots of emojis and reaction gifs. I hate that so many millenials with a middle age crisis are sucked into this stupid shit too.

No. 1027993

This is slanderous. Literally never said that in my life so. Maybe i will start to piss you off.

No. 1027994

Venetian Snares

No. 1028040

"Blackpill" radfems

No. 1028073

I hate the myth that girls “grow/mature faster” than boys… it sounds like a perverted excuse to groom them and put many expectations and standards on them. I can’t tell you the amount of times i’ve been side eyed by both kids my age and adults for acting my age aka watching cartoons, being silly etc etc when i was 13

No. 1028076

File: 1642216339602.jpg (32.98 KB, 500x768, e22772e38e438ca5717f9f9a397819…)

I always thought that it referred to the fact that girls do seem to grow bigger then boys earlier before boys suddenly sprout up and become giants
that was my experience anyway's

No. 1028078

I hate this so much because it's always an excuse for mens retardation and they feel so mighty and proud about being stupid

No. 1028085

I can't tell if you're a scrote or just convincing yourself of this for low self esteem reasons. I find (the right kind) of man very physically sexy.
Sure het women find different parts of a man sexier than het men find in women but your generalisation makes me think you're seething because a chad rejected you.

No. 1028089

And the worst is then that becomes the basis for their whole "boys will be boys" stuff, and why girls are expected to understand, tolerate and forgive all and any shit that comes from boys the exact same age (or even a bit older[!]).

No. 1028092

pretty much this. When I go on dating apps I see a fair few men that could be super hot but instead they dress themselves entirely from the bargain bin of an op shop and are so skinny because their only exercise is the couple afternoons they have at the skate park. Malnourished, sad looking.

No. 1028100

File: 1642218717972.png (Spoiler Image, 974.39 KB, 1366x653, Despair.png)

I hate when I'm trying to find information about a topic that has the same name as a piece of media. I tried to find information about the 7 deadly sins and I just find pictures about some anime (Pic related, I spoilered it because it has spoliers from the manga), I tried to find images about classical jokers (From real life monarchies) and I just get results about the Batman character. I'm so mad.

No. 1028107

I hate white worshippers
I hate self hating hapas

No. 1028108

Women do, on average, experience puberty much younger than men, we get our periods, our boobs start to grow, we start to sweat more and grow pubes around 12-14. Boys start going through that process around 14-16. But it shouldn't be an excuse for grooming/general older scrote behaviour. I mean we were all still children, and should be treated as such.

No. 1028142

This pisses me off too. Wish anime and capeshit was locked away in its own basement of the internet.

Maybe try searching the term in latin

No. 1028146

I also hate it, even if I look for it in Spanish, it brings me up anime shit or capeshit. You have to then specify shit like “religious seven deadly sins” or “medieval jokers” and the sorts. This happened to me while looking for Astolfo imagine how utterly annoyed and disgusted I was.

No. 1028153

>You don't want women to be sexualized every minute? Ackchyually that makes YOU the real misogynist, checkmate
and other reverse-uno tier arguments

No. 1028208

Yeah, I enjoy many anime stuff, but I'd really love if most "nerdy" stuff could be contained inside sites like DeviantArt or Tumblr while Google and DuckDuckGo had the actual stuff I'm looking for.

I feel so sorry for anyone who likes history and decides to search him. I did it, heavily specified that it's the real man and even blacklisted all keywords about that character and I still got many cringy trap memes.

No. 1028217

yt is the worst imo, I always confuse it with YouTube

No. 1028224

File: 1642229702280.jpg (269.95 KB, 1080x1650, Screenshot_20220115-005305.jpg)

How dire

No. 1028242

Toonami Ruined a Whole Generation of Manchildren

No. 1028257

No. 1028260

on the topic of things that we hate, I fuckingg hate this incel group. Their music is so shitty and retarded.

No. 1028270

File: 1642236780960.jpeg (59.38 KB, 452x678, images - 2022-01-15T114939.481…)

It is very annoying when you're searching for something but sometimes it breeds funny situations. Also amazing how you cannot search for knuckles (the body part) without getting pictures of sonic's knuckles. I think the funniest one of these is how most country mash-up names are forever tainted by hetalia ships meaning they can never be used in official things like cultural events (Like USUK aka US/UK)

No. 1028288

Also reminds me of how the eunuch sisters art comes up for a bunch of historical figures, absolutely cursed

No. 1028290

>absolutely cursed
weird way to spell based1

No. 1028291

They're part of a misogynist cult anon. Not based

No. 1028298

retarded and naive (or just purposely disingenuous) anons calling other anons re-posting their posts to correct their typos "spam". im an oldfag and i don't remember anons being so retarded about this but maybe it's because they used to refresh the page kek

No. 1028301

I hate this video, I find it painfully unfunny and the dude makes me want to barf.

No. 1028303

Yes, I read their threads. I support sexualised art of scrote historical figures triggering scrotes and making normies go wtf

No. 1028307

Dumb newfags should be told to lurk moar before they post and be hazed until they integrate

Hey newfags, read the posting guidelines for new users before fucking posting:
>4. Deleting
>You have 30 minutes to delete a comment you've made. You do not need to enter a password; one is automatically assigned and saved in your browser. If you've made a typo or want to correct any part of your comment, copy the text, delete it, and re-post it. Do not double-post to correct yourself. Do not ask mods to delete your post if you missed the 30 minute window.
(Emphasis not mine)

No. 1028315

yaoi shit has to be the most scrote centric crap there is

No. 1028318

mfw im newfag

No. 1028320

lurk moar post less eedjit

No. 1028328

nta but
>Sexualizes and puts men in a vulnerable positions available for the female gaze
>Has male characters completely controlled by the female creator and subjected to whatever they want by the other female-created male characters
>Allows women to be degenerate without sexualizing female characters for moids to exploit
>Triggers scrotes because of this
>Pisses pickmes off because it ruins their self-insert fantasies
>99% of all participants in the fandom are female, around half are lesbian or bi
>Male troons hate it too so they stay away
>b-but it's not based its so scrote centric!!!!

No. 1028333

Except the historical figures they like to draw as yaoi shit are always little boys who were raped and/or castrated, so I wouldn’t call it based. If they did it to idk fucking Caligula I wouldn’t give a shit but that’s not what they’re doing. Not to mention that they edit the wikis of these figures constantly to fit into their “yaoi” narratives, which is super fucking harmful.

No. 1028334

File: 1642242403850.jpg (2.96 MB, 4288x3216, 4 of 5 two.jpg)

Why are moids obsessed about watches?
For all their hate for women's fashion and jewelry, they crave the
same shitty trickets that perform worse than the basic model and not "functional" or "utilitarian" at all.

No. 1028339

I just find it awkward to delete posts to fix minor typos, rather doublepost than do that tbh. I did it before and some people answered to the deleted post which looked really uncomfortable to me.

No. 1028341

Most are not, Watches are on the higher end of "luxury". normal people don't go out and drop 10k on a rolex or omega or patek or any other high end brand.
Most normal people are more than happy with a Seiko or Casio because its cheap and tells the time.

No. 1028346

File: 1642243350469.jpg (255.33 KB, 925x701, 1574240398419.jpg)

>vulnerable, sexualized males
Can't you just write femdom then? The only reason why normal women have issues with you fujos is that you erase all female characters from your works (or slander them in it) and then try to justify it by pulling out the "b-but muh sexualization of males and 99% female fandom!!!" Stop it. You know you are not doing it out of super feminist reasons, in fact you are just like yuri obsessed males, who ship female characters only because they fetishize lesbians and are too much of a cuck to self-insert instead of imagining their waifus fucking each other.

No. 1028347

File: 1642243534099.jpg (79.15 KB, 458x750, sexy.jpg)

Let's all lewd Napoleon Bonaparte instead

No. 1028348

lmao so wanting to see female gaze straight lewd is "pickme" shit now? peak cuckoldry

reminder, scrotes also don't like het stuff when it's showing them as hot and having to do all the work cause they're lazy and self insert as the invisible man or fat ugly bastard

No. 1028350

exactly, also its boring. its already bad enough all the heterosexual shit is just the same moid gaze crap that is ridiculous looking but you cant even get female gaze heterosexual art save aside very few fan works?

No. 1028352

We need more of this. I vow to draw more femgaze art 2022, who is with me?

No. 1028353

THIS I can get behind

No. 1028356

please stop trying to pretend that ruining your brain by cooming yourself into ever liking 2d anime boys fucking each other is somehow feminist
its pathetic and sad

No. 1028358

File: 1642244822064.jpg (32.21 KB, 133x133, stancemaxxing.jpg)

I don't know what a man is. Sounds like a type of fruit.

No. 1028365

i used to like meyoco's art but then she got insanely popular and a ton of people started copying her style/vibe. i used to like catcrumb's low effort paint doodles and weird jokes but then a ton of people started doing the same low effort paint doodles with weird jokes. it's so annoying that everyone always copies each other in the most blatant ways. it's not inspiration or anything, it's just copying someone and then changing one thing to get a crumb of their popularity.

i'm not an artist and i don't care if they lose out on profits or whatever, and i know that nothing is really original anymore. that's not the point. i'm just tired of seeing the same shit over and over again and how everyone trips over themselves to try and be cool. i hate the internet as it is right now.

No. 1028374

Preach it. I’m so BORED. Why must everything be an iteration???

No. 1028377

big surprise that the same gen that spergs out when you have sincere interest in something and not just clout chasing has absolute zero creativity and can only completely rip off of other people's styles

No. 1028379

based take. sad that women think peak female sexuality and having power over men is cooming their way into chronic androcentrism and androphilia.

No. 1028388

It's no wonder a lot of fujos become aidens.

No. 1028394

They come off as zoomer wannabes

No. 1028434

File: 1642251292648.png (269.34 KB, 720x641, 1574935685315.png)

>has been indoctrinated to hate women
>self-insert as fantasy eunuchs instead
>makes art hating on women and glorifying males
Yeah, super based anon.

No. 1028442

it's not that serious

No. 1028443

Finally someone says it. Absolutely based take. They also always hate on any kind of female protagonist even though we women had to fight a lot to even get represented as a main character in less than 5% of games. In a lot of games the female character and the female perspective are still treated as an "option" and the male one as the canon one or the default. We women deserve to be the default, we are not an option. Backstabbing fujos can go and eat shit

No. 1028448

I'm late but the whole thing with drake putting hot sauce in condoms.. the way men are reacting to it like he's a genius and a hero is gross. I hate that people think fucking someone you already actively distrust or dislike is cool as long as you're planning to also fuck them over in return. What a great sex life that is. I know it's a scenario where everyone involved is shit but… just stop fucking these women? Has he thought of not putting his dick in women he already knows are crazy or users? And in general men do this and somehow jusify poking the crazy.. They know a woman is full of shit or a lil loopy and they fuck her anyway and then complain when they find out she's everything they thought she was… but them using her is all a-okay. They can see the warning signs a mile off and still dive in. Nobody ever points out that it takes a fucked man to involve himself in all that.

I'm using you but you're using me, it's all a gross game but somehow it's cool for guys to make those sexual choices. Yay for men using women! But boo for women using men. The whole thing is just ugly.

No. 1028453

Based. But fujocucks will tell you that they are escaping theoretical scrotes fapping to their femdom comic which is somehow a valid excuse for giving up your voice as a male attracted woman when it comes to depicting heterosexual relationships as you would like them to be. Somehow they don't worry about gay men fapping to muh hecking ukerinos. Imagine centering coomer scrotes in how you create and consume art. Pathetic, avoidant behavior (if that even is the true reason)

No. 1028456

ily movienightfag

No. 1028461

Yeah men hatefuck women they don't even like or aren't even attracted to and yet somehow women are coded as the "users" all the time.

No. 1028475

File: 1642254324988.jpg (915.41 KB, 904x529, stancemaxxing2.jpg)

ily2 fellowfilmfag, i would jump off a bridge if you left me

shoplifts 4 u because im le troubled bpd lesbian

No. 1028482

goddamn, I wish you were stancemaxxing outside my window RIGHT NOW

No. 1028485

Look outside ur window nonnie wink wink

No. 1028495

>We women deserve to be the default, we are not an option
Preach sis.
>Imagine centering coomer scrotes in how you create and consume art. Pathetic, avoidant behavior
I agree. Scrotes coom to just about anything anyway.

No. 1028501

>drake putting hot sauce in condoms

No. 1028503

True, especially compared to how much women are blamed for their male partner turning out to be nuts.

Also, I doubt it ever actually happened. Why wouldn't he just flush the condom down the toilet? He conveniently uses the one substance that would cause extreme pain if put inside a vagina rather than anything else that would damage sperm? She's admitting to something that'll get her inundated with death threats from psycho stans for a lawsuit she'd never win? No one's found her name yet?

It reeks of contrived scrote revenge fantasy against something that probably doesn't happen at all since in reality you'd just get sued into oblivion by his hotshot lawyers for trying to steal a celebrities sperm.

No. 1028543

No. 1028552

I am sorry but what the actual fuck

No. 1028573

kek anon, I can understand. I love dumb/funny dance videos, but having only one camera angle is making it kind off borig. video linked is the chad version of all of those type of videos

No. 1028626

I hate it when youtubers make a half effort documentary about a topic and then conclude it like its a fucking disney movie.

No. 1028640

I hate youtubers who make documentary or rant reviews but can't be assed to actually put together footage, pictures, some transitions, and overlap their voice over it or at least put that effort in 2/3 the time. No, I don't want to stare at your face the entire time even if the persons a 9/10. It doesnt surprise me when I find youtubers get 500k instead of 100k views because they actually learned how to edit and collect imagery that proves what they said.

No. 1028699

I hate it when they have a furry rantsona

No. 1028774

File: 1642272073952.png (249.27 KB, 680x1046, 68e5f359d9d5c28ef272cc699bbfac…)

I hate it when I look at gamedev teams to see a sausage fest with one woman only, first of all it's shit to be the only woman in a male work environment (would know, been there), second of all, seriously, there are enough women in gamedev at this point to seriously go a bit above… this. Not even asking for 50-50, but seeing theres only one feels just weird.

No. 1028784

File: 1642272658653.jpg (30.98 KB, 450x302, 40ce3cd80ee61f9acdead167a82d57…)

even worse, they're all french…

No. 1028787

File: 1642272812125.jpg (481.99 KB, 1456x2048, 1642125981674.jpg)

I cannot believe there are hoards of fan-girls who want to fuck a 50 year 5'5 manlet who doesn't bathe and lives in the basement all cause he's "le quirky"

No. 1028790

Canadian even!

No. 1028791

That's how women are. Same way they sexualize Osomatsu-san characters and shit

No. 1028793

File: 1642273060937.jpg (303.26 KB, 1409x2048, 1642221626865.jpg)

he's not even good looking in canon, like WTF is the appeal

No. 1028803

This shit ruffles my feathers as well. There is definitely more than enough women game devs out there, but a lot of there end up leaving due to the rampant sexism and harassment they face, so all we get are ugly white men and troons (more men.) with the one actual woman having to pander to them all to keep her job.

No. 1028804

People are shipping that guy with his niece? Where is the incest brigade?

No. 1028809

It's not that serious. Some women just want to write porn with men x men.

No. 1028812

File: 1642273811622.jpg (60.69 KB, 284x730, Bruno.jpg)

He maybe a manlet but he's cute
also he isn't a recluse because he is scared of people like most neets, he is a recluse to protect his niece

That's what makes him attractive when IRL loser hermits aren't

No. 1028813

I thought that was maribel from encanto

No. 1028816

There absolutely are. Bigger companies are more open to diversity (or, have more pressure to have their team more diverse) but with indie devs there's a lot of "no girls allowed" mentality and choosing between male and female candidate they're always more likely to pick a dude because "the woman will not get along with the rest of the team", making it a vicious circle of never ever giving any woman a chance.

No. 1028821

The vibe I get is:
"hEhHehe I simp for old ugly fictional dudes uwu, not like those other basic, no taste, girls with their effeminate bishies."

No. 1028836

There's no such thing as femdom, it's always pandering to male gaze and they will always find it hot because they know they're not fully submitted to women.
> in fact you are just like yuri obsessed males, who ship female characters only because they fetishize lesbians
lmao no

No. 1028841

Oso-san characters are cuter imo
I wish I had normal bishie taste like everyone else. There's a reason why I never post my husbandos…

No. 1028848

File: 1642276671265.png (174.54 KB, 500x375, nononono.png)

Oh god the fujos are here. God halp us all

No. 1028863

They might as well simp for old ugly real men. What is the point.

No. 1028867

These guys have such soyboy faces theres not enough testosterone between the lot of them to produce half a fakeboy pill

No. 1028877

Real men could kill you, i swear some of you love being obtuse for no reason

No. 1028880

blessed pic

No. 1028883

> don’t manke fun of ugly old men, we can kill you
Incel anon has arrived. Don’t worry, we know men are violent chimps. Still doesn’t mean they aren’t ugly and should be settled for.

No. 1028888

absolutely based

No. 1028893

You really think they're making content of this dude purely out of spite towards other women? The simpler explanation is that they just want to fuck him.

No. 1028898

i'm sure there are some that are misogynistic and avoid straight pairings for this reason,but maybe they just like two male characters? and imo yaoi is excused due to the fact it pisses off men royally for no reason and it's hilarious.

No. 1028901

>Pisses pickmes off because it ruins their self-insert fantasies
You think someone can be a pickme for anime boys? Wtf

No. 1028904

He is achingly ugly. I weep at what women find attractive today.

No. 1028906

No. 1028908

nta but it does piss off pickmes, maybe not for that exact reason but same difference. for whatever reason they tend to go on bizarre rampages against fujos.

No. 1028910

No. 1028917

I've had way too many literal scrote-whiteknighting pickmes go off at me for fujoshit and actually getting mad for "making everything gay and hating women" because I prefer the male/male ship over the sexy coomer trophy waifu to know that this happens.

No. 1028919

In fact, one might say fujoshi are the ultimate pick-mes for anime boys. They worship them so much, it makes them seethe to see them with other women, even 2D ones
Men are safe due to lack of pussy. Other fujoshi are safe because they can't cross the 2D/3D barrier and are just other devotees (ie harmless). 2D women? Reeeee delete those whores lol, or make them cut their hair and turn into lesbians (but no one cares about their les relationship), or let them just realize the true love between the fujoshi's husbando and another man, and stop pretending they have a chance/turn them into other fujoshi
I actually don't hate fujoshi, but I think the wars between them and yumejoshi are kinda funny. You're all obsessing over cartoon erotica/romance in the end

No. 1028921

>Reeeee delete those whores lol, or make them cut their hair and turn into lesbians
KEK this is the biggest scrote-aligned "achsually fujos are the misogynists turning all the empowered sexy waifus into ugly manface dykes" mental gymnastic shit I've seen yet, like fucking clockwork >>1028917

No. 1028924

??? I'm basing it off actual manga, like that's word-for-word something from an actual manga page parodying fujo-written content you sperg. IDGAF about anime boys and I like BL because it makes scrotes seethe, keep projecting and 2D cock-worshiping

No. 1028925

This reminded me, a thing I hate is the word pickme. I didn't used to hate it but it's lost literally all meaning at this point, I've seen it applied to every kind of woman out there. To me it kind of feels like the female equivalent of the word cuck, since nowadays men just use that as a generic insult for any man they don't like.

No. 1028926

In fact they worship them so much that many of them decide to become kawaii gay bois themselves and try to date irl gay scrotes.

No. 1028945

it was kind of revelatory for a while, like the popularity of the word seemed to pull some women out of "pickme" behaviour and gain some self awareness about it. the same with nlog. it's unfortunate that it started getting used so much, and so inappropriately

No. 1028949

File: 1642280568429.png (385.05 KB, 1438x2042, fj.png)

Posting it so that retarded newfags will learn. And who the fuck said "empowered sexy waifu" or "ugly manface"? Stop making shit up monkeyjoshi

No. 1028952

File: 1642280610306.png (419.09 KB, 1438x2042, fj2.png)

No. 1028971

I mean, liking ugly male characters isn't as dangerous as dating real ugly men, is really not that bad

No. 1028973

File: 1642282140503.jpg (196.16 KB, 640x640, gay nigga.jpg)

Retarded ass moids who try to make small talk about "MUh heAVieSt MEtaL" and then show me shit like "Ghost". keep your weak ass scrotal music taste to yourself faggot.

No. 1028977

I stand with you

No. 1028981

Fucking lol. Their music is okay, but his voice sounds like Weird Al Yankovic did edgy pop metal. How that speaks as the heaviest metal to anyone is a mystery

No. 1028982

File: 1642283113770.jpeg (87.78 KB, 1200x692, FExgaLOUYAMiDBi.jpeg)

This reminds me of how I was watching the show Succession earlier and in one line the writers used the word soyboy. I hate how the writers on HBO shows try too hard to insert interne/meme words into their scripts. It's not just on Succession but some other HBO shows I've seen too.

No. 1028983

The whole idea of IVF and willingly single mothers. I support 100% abortion but IVF is just next level capitalism. ''To buy sperm'' sounds inocuous but we all know what you're actually buying and all those kids have psychological issues by default. I just can't stand it. I hope this is all a generation X thing.

No. 1029004

They have to put on over dramatic theatrical shows because they are absolute shit. Tobias is also a pudgy manlet fame hungry genre hopper that fucked over previous bandmates because of his greed.

No. 1029006

Kek, I get you, I’m still looking for really heavy metal yet the shit that any moid has recommended to me so far sounds like some boring ass we came as Romans.

No. 1029007

I hate that, but I find it's more common in shows I actually like and find funny otherwise. I guess it shows they've got a handle on what sort of humour is trendy at the time of writing, even if they tried too hard by including it. I was watching an Always Sunny ep recently and Dee called someone a soyboy beta cuck, I remember Mac pronouncing diabetes like that old af diabeetus meme. It's cringe af.

No. 1029009

In 2019 a scrote told me Pierce The Veil was "heavy shit" and I still haven't recovered.

No. 1029013

most popular letterboxd reviewers. annoying as hell, whether it's lazy meme reviewers or ones who take themselves too seriously while saying nothing new or thought-provoking

No. 1029017

LMFAO what? It was literally a band for whiny "emo" girls

No. 1029021

I hate people with tons of moles on their face for no reason. They look nasty and the sight of them, especially the ones with confidence enrages me to the core

No. 1029022

im obsessed with the kind of 'moles' that are a patch of short, thick black hair growing. It looks so gross but they seem so fun to pull out for my trich brain (i wouldn't do that to anyone)

No. 1029030

God I have moles and I fucking hate them. Fortunately nothing prominent on my face but I must have like 60+ on my body and it's the reason I never show any skin. I don't really care about them much on other people though since it's not like they can do anything about it.

No. 1029031

is there supposed to be a reason? it can't really be controlled lol. i mean i'll still wear sunscreen regardless but mine were there since toddlerhood..don't know how to remove them

No. 1029034

People who naturally breathe loudly really bother me.

No. 1029048

I don't understand the autism here, anon is mad because fujos hate 2D women and want to make them into matchmakers and lesbians because some parody manga said that about fujos? I really don't get it but either way the fujo in this manga is based kek

No. 1029056

I'm not mad, but someone got mad at me referencing the manga because they're retarded and thought I was making up an ugly dyke(?) boogeyman lol. Can't be helped

No. 1029217

I hate when men exhibit self-mythologizing speech, their behaviour and traits dripping so heavily with the insecure little need to be seen from a certain angle and a certain light. It’s so funny how they toil so hard to be read a certain way, but by doing so, they are read in another. No one wants to hear about how getting your finger caught in Shrek’s asshole when you were 16 taught you true stoicism, no one wants to hear your shitty origin stories, and and the light you try so hard to paint yourself in casts an ugly, ugly shadow that any sane person should stay away from. An insecure, spiritually shrivelled graceless pagliaccio.

No. 1029224

nta, I've never even heard of this manga but I've experienced this phenomenon first hand, fujos make the female love interests into lesbians just so they could be removed from their m/m ship
So yes Fujos actually do this

This wasn't even with an anime show, it was with Star Trek

No. 1029238

>it's not like they can do anything about it.
You can get them removed, it's a pretty minor procedure. My sister got a few removed from her face and she's very happy she did so.

That said obviously nobody owes it to other people to look a certain way, it's just an option. Anon isn't weird as hell to be 'enraged' by people's faces.

No. 1029241

Meant to say anon IS weird as hell

No. 1029297

It just creeps me out x1000 because sometimes they force the egg to be fertilized by nonviable sperm. If something can't even be born naturally then don't fucking make it, it goes against the laws of nature. It's rapey too.

No. 1029302

Men need to be told to shut up more. They monologue with main character syndrome and always have to fucking sperg about their opinion on everything. Nobody fucking cares shut up already. Mothers stop treating your boys like princes and tell them to shut up and do housework.

No. 1029305

I don't get it, are you guys conflating IVF and sperm donation? OP is talking about single mothers by choice 'buying sperm' aka using a donor who obviously has viable sperm, and the reply is talking about infertile couples getting IVF. They have nothing to do with each other.

Anyway I'm 100% pro single mothers using sperm banks, it's the way of the future considering the state of moids. Single parenthood only has poor outcomes for the kid when the parents split as a result of financial hardships and unstable home lives, not when single women with their shit together make the decision to do it alone when they're ready.

No. 1029313

>How? Don't the mothers choose to go through IVF? I'm not trying to argue with you guys, I just don't really get it.
It's taking the egg out of the body and forcing it to be fertilized by shit sperm which can't even swim then injecting it back in. It disgusts me on a visceral level. It's removing all female biology's safeguards to ensure a healthy kid.

No. 1029321

I've never thought of it that way. But all of our body, even our mind is tuned to that purpose: keeping out shitty sperm. We are the catalyst of the evolution of this species and men would gladly see that end just for "muh seed muh wild oats"

No. 1029322

>we all know what you're actually buying
What? What am I missing here
Sorry for reposting anon. I don't completely agree, but I do appreciate your answer.

No. 1029343

it costs 300-400$ to get them removed, you only get free removal if they are cancer detected and shit, and you need to get face ones done at plastic surgery clinics for no scarring and all that

No. 1029426

shut up shut up shut up SHUT UP

No. 1029562

>my moid
>my scrote
something about that rubs me the wrong way.

No. 1029607

He looks like he smells like ball sweat and diarrhea. He's not even attractive in latino standards. Also i hate how ugly almost everyone is in encanto. If you told me they were Colombian i would have never guessed because they are not known for having huge ass noses.

No. 1029610

It's literally just an AMV

No. 1029619

Shit take

No. 1029620

NTA but I like sexy anime women idgaf

No. 1029625

Whats latino standards ? Out of curiosity

No. 1029670

I don't know what she's talking about, latinos and specially Colombians are very anal about beauty standards, Bruno doesn't have any chance here neither and if he appeared on a telenovela/movie he would get meme'd to death kek

No. 1029696

Every place has their own standard of beauty for both sexes. You know how a lot of white men delude themselves into thinking they're hot shit in poor asian countries because they think they fit their standards? Kinda like that. Bruno is not hot in any culture except in frumpy fandoms full of people who draw ugly for uglies in the name of diversity.

No. 1029729

That Mariano dude fits the Colombian beauty standard, he looks like an actual telenovela actor. Don't get me wrong not everyone has to be attractive and i like Bruno a lot, but I'm surprised Mariano wasn't a main character/more relevant at least to cater to Colombians

No. 1029731

OP here and to my understandmend women that don't have partners AND who also can't naturally concieve need sperm beforehand. There are couples who use their own eggs and sperm, some only use sperm etc but single mothers need to obtain it somehow to begin the process. That's what I'm referring to.
>Anyway I'm 100% pro single mothers using sperm banks, it's the way of the future considering the state of moids. Single parenthood only has poor outcomes for the kid when the parents split as a result of financial hardships and unstable home lives, not when single women with their shit together make the decision to do it alone when they're ready.
That's not true. You don't know how effort it takes to raise a child and how important it is for him/her to have both parent figures. Of course IVF and single motherhood is aimed towards high income women, but still, money and a uterus aren't the only two things you need to raise a child. Single parenthood will never be enough for the child for a lot of reasons, and here I speak with some experience, there are/were severalsingle mothers in my family (my own mother included).A lot of paths can lead you to that terrible position (loss, divorce, abandonment, literally completely emotionally unavailable and inmature fathers…). I just can't picture a future of rich single mothers with only childs. Is that what families will evolve into? I agree that moids these days are at the worst state (emotionally undeveloped like boomers but without the skills or the jobs) but IVF is just not the solution. If having kids is s expensive that we need to wait until we have secured or jobs at our 40s then prices need to be lowered. And if moids don't make good fathers we'll have to teach them and they will have to learn. Stop with this individualistic shit.
They are buying babies,do you get it?

No. 1029743

single motherhood IVF isn't that common and if a woman wants to do it, so what? heteronormative relationships are still very much the standard for relationships, it's not like its going to change, so why fault a few women who want to have single motherhood IVF? a nuclear family household does not guarantee a baby will be nurtured or abused any more or less than if it was brought up in a single household. when 50% of marriages in the US end in divorce, the child will face the inevitable separation when half of marriages fail and over half fall into chaos

No. 1029745

I think everyone is forgetting the fact that Bruno was not supposed to be attractive, he's supposed to be weird and kinda sad but ultimately a good guy
he was not supposed to be lewded
also sadly he does have a "stans" in Spanish speaking online spaces, mostly due to the fact the Spanish voice actor is also the main voice actor for Joker in LatAM Dub

No. 1029780

You sound pressed because women are having babies without men. Nothing wrong with IVF, esp if you can pick and choose. You can be screened too, so you get the best chances at a healthy child. I am doing IVF with my wife. Been married 12 years now. I'm happy with my choice and happy for the women who choose IVF if they can and want a healthier baby. I dont know about the ones who have defective moids like Taylor R and her husband Tom, but i like my choice

No. 1029830

He is still very ugly.

No. 1029837

File: 1642360193478.jpg (77.79 KB, 904x864, exh pepe.jpg)

>And if moids don't make good fathers we'll have to teach them and they will have to learn.

No. 1029860

Kek hispanic Adam driver

No. 1029861

kekek perfect

No. 1029866

So whose nut did you buy

No. 1029872

Men have had millennia to learn how to be good fathers, and yet they're still trash. What makes you think it's possible to train them out of being deadbeats?

No. 1029873

File: 1642362059511.jpg (1.59 MB, 2095x2419, sdd.jpg)

yes but unlike Adam Driver he's also 5'6 and 50 years old

No. 1029881

I think nonnies do that to show they're still part of the club, like they don't want to give their bfs too much credit

No. 1029884

You find that annoying and not all the KEK posting?

No. 1029891

This is an imageboard

No. 1029898

kek stay mad

No. 1029902

File: 1642364520568.jpg (102.42 KB, 1423x1294, sprouts.jpg)

Sprouts. The taste of them doesn't bother me, it's preparing them. Cutting them from the main stalk, chopping the end off, peeling them and then cutting a cross through the bottom so that they cook evenly. What's the point when cabbage tastes the same and has virtually the same nutrition.

No. 1029904

i just throw them in a steamer and let them cook for 10 minutes. or cut them in half if i'm feeling fancy kek none of the stalk chopping and peeling

No. 1029915

File: 1642365581368.jpg (229.85 KB, 1500x1125, more sprouts.jpg)

I grow them in my garden, so that's why I need to do all the stalk removal.

No. 1029933

is the pic real??

No. 1029957

t. american who buys everything pre-cut, pre-peeled and ready in a little plastic baggy

No. 1029974

god i wish that was me

No. 1029981

Peeling keeps them from becoming bitter as fuck. I never knew why my brussels never turn out as good as my ex's uncle's or various restaurants despite the amount of bacon and butter I lob on them, until I got this tip to simply peel away the outer dark leaves.

No. 1029982

File: 1642372057823.png (Spoiler Image, 305.8 KB, 614x535, coomerposter.png)

This shit. No wonder these people always lose.

No. 1029987

Youth are being fucked over on the housing market on a massive scale everywhere, clearly the Danish have reached a point they don't wanna ask nicely anymore. I stand by some shock tactics.

No. 1029990

Why didn't they draw a guy or yaoi instead? It's always women's bodies they use to get attention lmao

No. 1029994

I’m with the anon replying to you, why not draw a guy fucking a building?

No. 1030083


No. 1030090

File: 1642385629919.jpg (19.44 KB, 428x368, tiredpepe.jpg)

You peel off the outer leaves, cut off the bottom stalk bit, chop them in half, roast them for a few minutes until browned on both sides, throw in a chopped shallot, steam them, then serve with balsamic vinegar and salt and pepper. The pair of you need to learn proper cooking.

No. 1030104

This is so gross. Wtf

No. 1030113

Dehumanizing, they should had drawn a guy getting pegged by a building instead.

No. 1030114

File: 1642387579792.jpg (35.02 KB, 392x612, gettyimages-177740399-612x612.…)

Bruno mars is 5'6 and Taylor swift is 5'10, with heels she goes up 6'2-6'3

No. 1030133

If you think that sucks try having to work alongisde a troon in gamedev and feel forced to put up with that shit. Also I'd love to know how long you worked in it, anon, I'm just starting out.

No. 1030147

He's cute tho, i think being short fits him but only him

No. 1030149

File: 1642389709642.jpg (33.15 KB, 500x375, MV5BMTg.jpg)

I agree, him, Prince and Charlie Day are the only men allowed to be short

No. 1030153

He/Him lesbians
Fuck you, you are not a lesbian, you are not a woman if you claim this, eat shit and die

No. 1030170

anons who make a big stink over saging in /ot/ /g/ and /m/

No. 1030314

Maybe I'm just lazy but I hate having to specify that I'm not a certain anon when it should be obvious, or when anons assume I'm some other anon just because I agree with her. Do I really need to start almost every reply with "NTA but…"?

No. 1030315

They are boring retarded minimodders who need to integrate

No. 1030322

>common issue most people agree on
>make it as repulsive and as cringe as possible
>wonder why nothing ever changes

I know how to cook sprouts. I'm in the UK where sprouts are boiled like cabbage which is why I'm comparing it to cabbage. Cut main stalk off from the root, wash, cut sprouts from main stalk, cut end of sprouts, peel off tougher outer leaves and then a cross is cut into the end so that the sprout boils evenly. I'm asking what is the point of this when I can pull a cabbage from the ground, wash it, cut the end off and then slice it which is far quicker. Boiled sprouts taste like boiled cabbage so why even bother with spouts?

No. 1030323

>Boiled sprouts taste like boiled cabbage
No they don't. They're much sweeter and butterier. They don't have that stinky cabbage note.

No. 1030326

Because you're fucking BOILING them, of course they're gonna taste bland and flavorless like cabbage!! If you ROAST them for a few minutes, that'll caramelize them and cook off some of the water inside the sprouts, releasing more flavor. Also if you throw a bit of orange juice over them, that'll improve the flavor, as well.

No. 1030396

Why is she black? Nice racism, woketards

No. 1030416

I don't really feel strongly either way but I'll say that using a woman's body is more "politicised" than a man's hence why it would draw more attention. Women's bodies have been policed over centuries with who we can marry, fuck, if we want to abort, etc. I don't agree with women's bodies being inherently more political but the overall symbol of "woman" draws more sympathy and attention than "man"

No. 1030512

Lmao, gringos are so funny, someone let me know if they accomplished anything (also, gross)

No. 1030571

>and if a woman wants to do it, so what?
What kind of question is that? I believe it's unethical, that's my reason.
>so why fault a few women who want to have single motherhood IVF?
Because children need both parent figures, specially mothers but fathers as well. And IVF it's increasing. If you read my post you would have seen that I pity a future of rich single mothers and only childs, it's unsustainable.
>a nuclear family household does not guarantee a baby will be nurtured or abused any more or less than if it was brought up in a single household
IVF babies aren't your typical single household, it's has an specific impact on one's psychological development.
> when 50% of marriages in the US end in divorce, the child will face the inevitable separation when half of marriages fail and over half fall into chaos when 50% of marriages in the US end in divorce, the child will face the inevitable separation when half of marriages fail and over half fall into chaos
There's definitely a problem with human adult relationships and marriage, but the solution isn't IVF.
>You sound pressed because women are having babies without men.
This whole ''without men'' is not entirely real. You need sperm and only men produce sperm. At the end of the day it's not ''women having children without men'' but ''children being born without fathers and half their identity robbed''.
>Nothing wrong with IVF, esp if you can pick and choose. You can be screened too, so you get the best chances at a healthy child.
Literally like buying any other thing. Sounds souless and you seem pressed to justify the terrible mistake you payed for.
Pepe is the worst image you could have used to try to make your point.
Did they? They were never explicitly obliged to because they knew they would be fathers and have descendents anyway, we weren't in a position to choose for ourselves another future than being mothers/caregivers. But know they are learning it the hard way, most of them think they can forget about it, reach 40 and only then marry a 25 year old who will be interested in being the mother of their children. And that is simply not happening for the average joe.

No. 1030580

i fucking hate how so many people into animated entertainment fiction are fucking unironically communists or anarchist retards. trannies and gays are also attracted to headcanoning EVERY character as troon or gay as well

No. 1030582

samefag, but just saying i don't like nazi and alt right fags that are in some anime fandoms either kek
it's like you can't win no matter what

No. 1030597

> 'children being born without fathers and half their identity robbed''.
Not really? You can just tell the kids the truth of how they were born and that’s it, as long as they have a parent, they’re happy.
And isn’t adopting kind of the same then? You pick the kid you prefer and “rob” their identity because their original parents aren’t in the picture at all.
So what’s the solution? Marry any moid to have a kid and then have a miserable life in which the kid will suffer because of it? And never adopt a kid and just let them rot in an orphanage I guess.

No. 1030602

You're unironically advocating for turning men into projects that you "teach" to be good fathers, so you'll essentially be raising two children at once (except one will be arrogant, because he believes you taking his sperm makes him an authority in the household). Inevitably, in the process of "teaching a man to be a dad", the child will have to be sacrificed on the pillar of both you and your chosen man's mistakes, and you already know that would have horrible consequences in the future
If we're going to do this "Teach them to be fathers" thing, we might as well start marrying/reproducing from 18 rather than mid-to-late 20s and early 30s. That way, we can acclimate males to fatherhood properly because they're at a more teachable age in life. The thing is, most women also aren't ready to get pregnant at 18, so what is the solution?

No. 1030613

Back to 4chin muh kids need fatherzz

No. 1030615

>You need sperm and only men produce sperm.
Males are worthless

No. 1030620

You clearly haven’t tried to date a fatherless man

No. 1030622

As long as the kid has more than 1 adult in their life it's fine, why not just raise a kid platonically with another woman. Take turns having a kid. Ppl only get so fucked up from "not having a daddy" because society misplaces so much importance on getting older males approval, and has retarded gender roles.

No. 1030625

They do, lmao.

No. 1030630

Children with a male and female parent do better in life that children with samesex or single parents. Women and men aren't interchangeable.

No. 1030634

So it’s better that the kid has an abusive or neglecting father rather than just a loving single mother or two moms that love the kid.

No. 1030635

>Children with a male and female parent do better in life that children with samesex or single parents.
Do you have a source for that? I actually recall a study that stated children raised by lesbian parents end up better off

No. 1030639

Why? Lesbian couples just fight and fight and fight and fight like 2 cats on acids. With a scrote the cat usually gets killed before it escalates. Don’t date don’t get kids let humanity die out.

No. 1030640

I second that, I remember that study too. Based lesbians

No. 1030642


No. 1030643

Yes, that is exactly what I said, please pursue a career in law.

No. 1030651

Oops I meant woman. Tho I wouldn’t be surprised if scrotes kill cats too.

No. 1030707

You’re just a tradthot, enjoy having a kid that will continue the cycle of abuse and will expect women to be their mommy because you failed to be one by being your hubby’s mommy.

No. 1030746

Don't project your personal experience for every lesbian lmfao

No. 1030760

This has been said over and over but I truly cannot stand generation arguments anymore. Everyone shut the fuck up, the people participating in the arguments are the most cringe of all.

No. 1030762

You got me pinned. You know my life story because everyone who disagrees with you is identical to one another. Bravo, anon

No. 1030769

Funny how none of you have found this particular study yet but continue to spout bullshit

No. 1030778

The whole generation bullshit is the same stupid shit as zodiacs and personality tests, those who get too carried away with them really need to develop their own personality.

No. 1030780

I'm asking for yours because you made a claim to begin with. I didn't mention seeing the study to debunk your claim, I mentioned it to help explain why I personally feel skeptical and would want to see proof
So, do you have any? Or did you pull it out of your ass?

No. 1030781

I’m just saying that it’s idiotic to think that a single mom is worse than an abusive father with a mom who is a victim.
So according to your logic, a kid would be an even better adult if he/she grew up with two dads instead of a mom and a dad, since moms are just baby carriers I guess. Oh no, don’t tell me you believe in
>uwu, moms bring the fweelings and nurchuring and daddies bring the uwu money and bread uwu

No. 1030782

I'm a different anon from the original one who mentioned the study. I'm just reading what you guys wrote and noticed nobody posted this magical study.

No. 1030783

idk why you're pressed when it's nature's blueprint nonner

No. 1030784

NTA but how is it "magical"? You can easily find it yourself if you know how to work Google, or ask politely kek

No. 1030785

I never said anything about the study, I still consider a huge retardation how having a shitty father is considered an option at all.
I’ve only replied a few times because this conversation with the unhinged anti-IVF nonnie has been going on for 2 days.

No. 1030790

ayrt, oh sorry for saying you're pressed. i wasn't aware of the context.2days??lololol

No. 1030818

No they don't, seethe harder, scumoid. Literally all our closest primate ancestors' family unit consists of a single mother and her offspring. Fathers are unnecessary.

No. 1030821

For the tradfilth itt: http://www.thelizlibrary.org/liz/017.htm
Read and die from butthurt, motherfuckers.

No. 1030837

Anyway, I have found the study about lesbian parents being better (and additionally an another one that concluded that children raised by lesbian couples are less likely to experience abuse):

No. 1030839

I hate ryoma or whatever the fuck it’s called. There’s something so sinister about people being into watching a bunch of young anime girls being killed/brutally beaten. It genuinely makes me want to retire from being a weeb and live life as a normie

No. 1030840

kek the liberal lezzies are livid

No. 1030841

NTA but they posted sources, while you haven't. Projection much? Kek

No. 1030842

I would rather have 2 fathers than 2 mothers.

No. 1030847

it's an observation dumbbell i'm not here to prove anything to anyone kek

No. 1030850

Clearly you are. Anyone just observing would keep scrolling. Keep seething though lmao

No. 1030852

they always are on the lolcow dot farms

No. 1030855

Can't help but notice how the comments on that publication from other academics are pointing out a bunch of flaws and that the authors jumped to conclusions.

No. 1030857

m8 ur the one seething u accused me of projection…while projecting waka waka bitch

No. 1030859

Accused where? Are you schizo? Do you need to take a nap? Please calm down lol

No. 1030861

One of the comments: "The study conclusions were based solely on the parental responses to the Child Behavior Checklist. Parents who complete CBCL's on their own children for a study that could potentially report negative findings on the outcomes of children raised in lesbian homes have a clear, self- serving bias. The fact that the study chose not to include the self reported CBCL or the teacher CBCL is mentioned, but it begs the point? Why? Were the results contradictory? On the surface it appears that the study authors are only reporting data that supports a specific, predetermined view-point. I will not be referencing this article or results as valid until ALL of the data is made public for review." - Daniel Trementozzi

No. 1030862

The thing that fucks me up most about that is the fact that it apparently got more popular the more women started to enter the work force, mainly offices.

No. 1030863

omg i feel gaslit luv the anger in ur words(infighting)

No. 1030865

Yea that's yr mento illness luv get well soon x

No. 1030869

I hate IVF and I came here just to say that, I have no more intention to reply to anyone adressing my posts, wich are only these:
>The average cost of in vitro fertilization in the U.S. is currently about $11,000 to $12,000.
I have no sympathy for rich people that want to buy a pregnancy, no matter how sterile or lesbian they are.

No. 1030871

"Only gender and group (NLLFS vs.Achenbach Normative CBCL Sample) were used as predictors. I can not understand wny the authors did not make proper adjustments for other factors. They do mention it as one of the limitations of the study. It would be very easy to match the study population with the appropriate control population.Also, I am surprised that the editorial board and reviewers did not pay attention to such an obvious deficiency of the study. "
- Alex I. Kartashov

"The relatively better adjustment of the children of lesbian parents may reflect, at least in part, higher levels of education or different sibling constellations relative to heterosexual parents rather than parental gender or sexual orientation per se." - Walter R. Schumm

"The article raises an unusual methodological problem for surveys. There is a well known strong tendency for subjects to volunteer for surveys which show them in a good light. In this case there is an enormous political incentive for mothers to volunteer for such a survey and ensure upbringing is exemplary." - Neil E. Whitehead
All are moids though hah.

No. 1030875

>Just fuck some random dude if you’re a lesbian so you can have a kid lol.

No. 1030965

Do you feel the same way about people who get surgery to remove uterine fibroids/fallopian tube blockages?

No. 1031016

people with intense physical insecurities who are too stupid to sense that the way they view people's bodies and faces is warped, or they know but don't care and would rather publicly seethe and perpetuate their issues in themselves and others. them insulting very normal/average looking bodies and faces, or even attractive ones and being totally serious about it. keep that shit to yourself and get help

No. 1031120

Agreed, I don't go on any of the cow boards much anymore because the extreme scrutiny of their faces/bodies started making me insecure about shit that I had never even thought about before. Probably just me being oversensitive but still, I have to convince myself that most people don't think about appearances like that.

No. 1031287

Fucking hell
I fucking hate scrotes so much, especially weeb scrotes.

No. 1031297

Ikr?! Today I caught myself checking whether or not I have cankles after I read a few posts on a certain thread in which they were pointing it out on someone else. Gonna keep it at arm's length for a while.

No. 1031304

This is 100% true coming from a such a faggot herself.

No. 1031313

Fibroids usually cause pain and can escalate into different things if not treated. IVF is useless and overpriced because selfish ass people just ~must~ have a crotch goblin when there's millions of kids waiting to be adopted.

NTA but I struggled with infertility but IVF would be my last case since it's way too much effort and money for something that's not even guarantee, if I hadn't got pregnant on my own I would have happily adopted, in fact I probably will adopt in the future. It's hard to believe that doctors don't bother putting a stop to this when overpopulation is a thing

No. 1031349

File: 1642490235048.png (462.72 KB, 859x513, salami.png)

i hate this guy i just found on youtube. i know next to nothing about him but every one of his lame, retarded features is repelling and disgusting. i want him to never reproduce, entirely out of the gene pool but i'm also sorry he exists. on top of that he isn't particularly insightful or well-spoken either, breadtube won't save you my guy. i had a look at his videos, every one of them has the word "so sad" or "miserable" or "unhappy". he's just so limp and soft and he makes me want to workout.

No. 1031536

I hate super all or nothing arguments around drinking like the recent one from the Jill thread, I notice them on here a lot but have met people who love to start arguments with this irl too
>If you drink even once a week you are an alcoholic
>If you drink while doing something fun it means you can't have fun without drinking!!1
>I don't drink, so…
etc. I personally don't even argue with people like this anymore but it's still annoying. Anyone who grew up around or knows anyone with a drinking problem would be able to sleep a lot better at night if that person they know wasn't like that and only drank a bit once a week or had a glass of wine with dinner instead of a full blown addiction, but go off about how it's all the same I guess. I'd be the first person to say that advertising around alcohol and glorifying it is dangerous and shitty, but this self righteous bs is too, they only bring it up to get in some line about how they are better for being so different and never drinking. It reminds me of Onion every time.

No. 1031811

I hate how everything I like, including my ethnicity and sex, gets constantly shat on the internet. It's like i'm in an abusive relationship or family every time i browse and read comments kek (but i can't stop help)

No. 1031834

Same. It really feels like you live in random people's heads rent free lol

No. 1031900

oh yeah salari. I found him through the Why Japanese People Is Lonely, I was put off as the topic being covered by another white guy but it was insightful and well edited for me to sit through. I thought the Queer Eye vid was good too. Until I recognized his pattern of videos are pretty much Doomer type of content and eventually unsubbed him.

No. 1031925

saw a scrote today in one of my classes with the mullet and upper lip pedo stashe look that's popular right now and by god why does anyone think it looks good

No. 1031943

I hate when you email someone and they respond almost immediately. I wanted to screw around for a few hours and not actually work but no you had to go and respond to my question

No. 1031944

Kek I feel this

No. 1031999

I hate the last 30% of most movies. Even when the first part is filled with immersive cool character moments and world building, the tail end is just the plot Lego's clicking together. No more jokes, fun tangents or new information, just a boring plod through the screenwriter's template for a resolved story.

No. 1032023

I liked 2 of his videos but the moment he started saying anything about "queer" and lgbt but mainly troon ideas I left immediately. He also tried to speak for feminism or said that he was one, what a joke, he's a man he'd never actually care for a womans full autonomy rights.

No. 1032040

its so rare to see a movie plot finish in a satisfying way anymore. it has to be adapted from a book to really have a shot at that and even then its a tossup, it sucks.

No. 1032136

I hate almost all movies nowadays they've all gone to shit. Forever just rewatching old movies.

No. 1032147

File: 1642549810656.gif (1.76 MB, 500x384, blacknarcissus.gif)

Same. Also rewatching old good TV series. Picrel is a fantastic old movie.

No. 1032202

How anons here have a weird mindset of blowing other anons' posting their uncommon opinions out of proportion and treating it as some invasion or troll (not talking about bigoted opinions btw, just uncommonly expressed ones for the board culture) like someone not being the hive mind offends them that much. It's really petty and stupid.

No. 1032232

Ikr?? glad i'm not the only one who finds it annoying

No. 1032251

Men on other imageboards have admitted to posting bait on this site many times so the reaction is understandable.

No. 1032253

samefag and also screencapping posts here and posting them on other boards

No. 1032257

I make your words my own, nonas. I'm completely out of the loop with every series and movies young adults have been watching. Everything utterly sucks. And also I love the 80s/90s/00s ambience and aesthetics.

No. 1032355

File: 1642564139788.jpg (104.35 KB, 1860x750, Slider_STABILO_BOSS_Pastel_186…)

These motherfucekrs. They looks so ugly, cheap and seedy. Every time I see them I'm reminded of the USSR oblasts and their sad painted homes and bars.

No. 1032545

I'm getting so fucking tired of those "vocal coach reacts to" videos showing up in my feed. What is even the point of those? Ive only ever watched one and it was stupid and pointless.

No. 1032570

Watching this now, thanks for the cool rec nonna

No. 1032590

God I fucking hate those. Get a real job. No one needs your “expert” opinion, retard, and they’re always sucking the artist’s dick so far up their throats that discharge is coming out of their nose, all for fear of the terminally online Twitter catamites attacking, like one big mentally ill swarm of bees. One of the worst trends to emerge, this “expert reacts” trends.

No. 1032593

They always say the exact same thing and their reaction is soooo exaggerated, major cringe. And like OG anon said, click on one video and you're swarmed with recommendations for days

No. 1032609

I don't get them either, when I first saw them I thought they would offer good insight on how the voice actually works and break down the vocalist's technique but in the end it's just them pausing the song every 2 seconds to say
for like 5 minutes.

No. 1032612

Normally as a millenial boomer I'd say that you're all just zoomers who have no idea how shitty the time was but honestly I agree about the golden age of Hollywood movies being 80's-90's. I just can't find myself be interested in movies nowadays since they're often filled with product placements and Current Trends instead of trying to keep you engaged in the story. I'd honestly prefer a bad script with shitty actors than just a 1.5-hour length advertisement using tropes from the puddle of an idea pool that's allowed between American woke ideals and the Chinese government's requirements.

No. 1032623

Movies are bad nowadays because once the 2000s hit, people were extremely over critical of movies, literally the slightest flaws in the script meant the script was shitty and the movie was shitty, one or two bad actors was easily blasted, people have been easily offended so director's need to tip toe around everyones feelings in order to not lose business. I don't usually agree with the idea the consumer makes a product bad but when it comes to movies and shows it definitely applied. If mean girls, 13 going on 30, sleepover, etc had been made recently it would be relentlessly nitpicked and bashed because of the script, cheesiness, "bad" actors, and not being inclusive enough

No. 1032632

I hate how in the 2000s people suddenly got way more critical of the entertainment they consumed and frankly sperged out and overreacted to the slightest of possibly problematic material. It was the era when nasty media tabloids, trashy reality TV, and trashy beauty standards prevailed too and overall the 00s was a mean-spirited shitty era. I'm guessing 9/11 did that.

No. 1032817

File: 1642606468789.jpg (33.66 KB, 704x264, gaming.jpg)

I hate the over-abundance of gaming platforms. Super autismo sperg incoming so beware. Oh you purchased a game on steam? Too bad you have to download this buttfuck app ubisoft didn't update since the crucifixion of jesus. You purchased gamepass well too bad to play this shit you have to download EA's app that doesn't work so you have to download the game 6 times becacuse the program just fails to work. Also they're all selling your data btw. Spend 70 GB free diskspace so you can download 50 gameplatforms to play 5 games. And make accounts on all of those. But not with the same passwords because they get constantly leaked or sold. You want to stick to one platform but well your favorite game is leaving there because the company had the brilliant idea to become the next steam even though they won't. God I just want to support the gaming industry not download more apps for downloading games than the games on my PC.

No. 1032821

Movies are trying way too hard to be multifaceted and few directors and producers can actually pull it off. Most of it comes across as shallow pandering. There have been few funny comedies since the 2010s hit, and that's a real shame as someone who used to consider it one of my fav genres. I'm at the midpoint between millennial and gen z and there's seldom anything that I can actually focus on anymore and enjoy. Film and television has started to take itself too seriously, and it's not doing it well.

No. 1032833

Nta personally I can't get into either old or new comedies cause there's always too much poop/vomit jokes and weird sexual jokes.

No. 1032844

Ugh I feel you. I remeber forgetting what game is on what platform and the shit took ages to boot up.

If you use a PC, get GOG Galaxy, it lets you link all the platforms together so it's all in one place.

No. 1033001

Fujos. Especially the ones that inhabit the genshin thread. Literally the most retarded ones I have ever seen.

No. 1033247

I hate the absolute retards who make shit up and blame them for everything more. Also dilate, seethe and dilate again.

No. 1033403

Being mid-shower and the hot water running out is instant suicide fuel.

No. 1033421

not to be a tankie but most movies now are run purely for profit, whether is mindless action pandering to chinese audiences or the next remake that people will purchase tickets for so their kids can see the soulless shell of a film they grew up with.
Profit will/has always driven films to be made, but studios and directors have realised the bar can be set so low and people will still buy tickets.

No. 1033493

Cool fujos are cool but mentally ill fujos are a different breed. Just ship your faggots and leave non-fujos alone.

No. 1033502

anytime someone uses a fucking sink in my house and the shower turns cold

No. 1033503

I'll throw in my own opinion into the mix and say I hate that women cant be tired of shipping husbandofags without someone having a histronic fit that the fujos are being persecuted and derailing the thread

No. 1033576

This, and I'll freely admit it's only the gay shipping ones who annoy me. They think every and any guy should be gay and add fuel to troon and gay/bi men who think they should "own" any attractive male character. At least the zoomer fujos. The gen x and older millennial fujos pissed me off a lot less

No. 1033585

File: 1642654933672.jpg (127.09 KB, 690x1052, FGXJV9-WUAYO9M4.jpg)

Like how i just saw this rn and had a reply "for other women to peg it." I get that this character was straight and got turned bisexual in the Netflix adaption sadly but I'm tired of "sharing" with faggots like it's normal for me to expect a male character to get pegged or anally fucked as if that adds to my fantasy around him

Basically what I'm saying is non fujo male attracted women don't get shit.

No. 1033608

File: 1642656979761.jpeg (160.4 KB, 750x987, 7434700E-FE88-412C-8A54-E2E1A6…)

I hate the top part
Leave feminine male characters alone already

No. 1033609

You’re right and you should say it

No. 1033610

Kek yeah I don’t think the fujos are the problem

No. 1033617

bruh one of my least favorite things are the enby/troon freaks of today using the androgynous performance art philosophy of the late 20th century to fuel their delusions

No. 1033626

yumejos victim complexes

No. 1033627

god hes beautiful

No. 1033630

I hate being alive. 9/10 sensations are pain or discomfort. It's just constant pain and discomfort and worry. Being alive is stupid.

No. 1033633

I fucking despise car dealerships. Scumbags!

No. 1033636

shut up fag enabler

No. 1033638

feel this very hard, anon. sending hugs.

No. 1033683

File: 1642665370250.jpg (355.23 KB, 1216x1216, tumblr_ccc185ccda6677ba13e9ce7…)

me n u

No. 1033701

Link doesn't deserve this

No. 1033746

>They think every and any guy should be gay and add fuel to troon and gay/bi men who think they should "own" any attractive male character.
This weird, projecting mindset seriously has the same energy as "so you don't like sexy female characters, do you want to dress them all in burkhas??" or all the moids who blame anime for trooning out instead of their own enabled pornsickness and male entitlement.

No. 1033763

You know I'm talking about the enby pro troon fujos and not just the regular ones right?

No. 1033775

Don't blame the trooning out of young women on fujos, anon. They decide to become so called gay men because society in general hates women and in the current era of social media woman is synonymous with "being sexually available to men and being empowered by it", it's no wonder that zoomers seek solace by larping as t4t gay aidens. It's a wider societal problem that's not solved by pointing the finger at the brainwashed pickme troon bootlickers who are just doing what they have to in order to survive.

No. 1033777

Fair enough

No. 1033799

They all have a mental breakdown if they see a pic of their husbando with a male. Imagine being so pathetic over fictional men who won't fuck you.

No. 1033807

..As opposed to the fujos having a mental breakdown over fictional women.

No. 1033873

Idk about that, I almost never see fujos having meltdowns, maybe because they mostly stay in their lane. Yumejos often go out of their way to bitch about their straight fictional husbando even in fujos' spaces.

No. 1033879

Ever see the reactions to certain ships becoming canon and writing fics where they kill off female characters for 'getting in the way'? Kind of weird..

No. 1034225

File: 1642698035719.jpeg (142.97 KB, 828x804, EC0A64B4-A446-4E7C-B0A5-4EC8D3…)

Men and their [words in PornHub font] humor. It looks extremely childish and I can't believe they still find this creative and funny.

No. 1034229

File: 1642698373534.jpg (26.88 KB, 990x732, newFile-1.jpg)


No. 1034231

maybe take the bus??? have you ever tried that

No. 1034241

Some of us dont care or think it's hot.
I've seen more breakdowns by fujos over hetero content on LC.

No. 1034260

That's a small mentally ill minority anon. I guarantee you that yumejos and other husbandofags are just as bad sometimes.

Literally where? Responses to moids shitposting don't count.

No. 1034269

The one(s?) being offended that farmers were lusting heterosexually over characters she had decided were gay, it happened multiple times.

No. 1034275

kek that was hilarious (probably a troll tho) and i hope it keeps happening, yumejos bitch all the time about fujos making their husbandos gay, serves them right

No. 1034333

Everyone just thought it was funny, hope no one actually thinks it's a hatecrime to fuck a guy someone thinks is gay in your mind.

No. 1034335

kek stay mad yumejo trash

No. 1034339

well it should be

No. 1034348

No. 1034350

so yumejos shut the fuck up

No. 1034353

If you check the horny husbando thread farmers are actually posting bl ships too and no one is complaining.
Meanwhile fujos are like >>1034339

No. 1034373

In the husbando thread you can also post hetero content and no one aside trolls fucking complains. Stop acting like yumejos are poor victims of the evil misogynistic fujos when most fujos are lesbians or women who also consume het romance. >>1034339 is a shitpost/bait and as always you feel the need to act like someone's threatening your poor 2d straight guy by making him gay.

No. 1034386

>>1034373 I'm
>>1034241 and I'm just pointing out that from what I've seen fujos seem less chill about hetero content than yumes about gay content on this site.

No. 1034387

heterophobia isn't real becky

No. 1034392

because hetero ships are boring and played out what's not clicking nonnie!

No. 1034395

Dangerously cringe

No. 1034396

Ironic combo kek

No. 1034398

>>1034392 is right and heterophobia still isn't real becky

No. 1034399

and if you go to the how to devote urself to ur husbando thread on g u find yumejos crying about fujos whats ur point

No. 1034400

NTA but The worst fujos do is just shitpost banter about your ship being shit and hetfags take it as a real threat like a bunch of autists and start sperging full speed about being opwessed by meanie misogynist fujos.

No. 1034410

Yeah we get it, fujos are the biggest victims and never say anything bad about yumes.

No. 1034411

you're right but i actually do believe yumejos should be bullied more

No. 1034415

when have we ever said anything unprovoked lmao and no, trolls don't count and you know it

No. 1034423

NTA but the most annoying fujos are in the Genshin thread imo

No. 1034429

its bc everything about genshin is shit so the fujos are as well

No. 1034432

File: 1642706702418.jpg (69.28 KB, 800x800, the fate of all twitterfags.JP…)

Ladies I'm smelling a twitterfag up in here, quick! Lock her up!

No. 1034439

when you're a homophobe and mad about being called out

No. 1034440

You know you have a point

No. 1034441

nta but how does it make her a twitterfag im confused

No. 1034448

File: 1642707006876.png (167.92 KB, 265x287, 1609874324689.png)

all this shit is so dumb why can't you guys like both

No. 1034460

As a lesbian fujo I would date a yumejo but she would only be allowed straight towards 2D anime men


I'm not going to read all this shit but I'm sorry that happened to you anon

No. 1034461

Yeah so it wasn't just me, it smells underage twitard itt
Plenty do as has been said upthread, but some fujos here are hellbent on seeing yumes as the big enemy apparantly.

No. 1034464

>Reeee homophobe!! IM CALLING YOU OUT
Lmao we are on a imageboard who gives a damn? Fucking crybaby

No. 1034465

how is saying "at least i dont get abused by males" wishing harm upon someone

No. 1034466

those who "like both" are just yumejos who also fetishize gay male sex not unlike scrotes who fetishize lesbian sex and let their wives/girfriends cheat on them because "it's hot" and "it doesn't count". they also think they're better than actual fujos for also liking hetshit so no, fuck you.

No. 1034467

Most stupid post ITT. I swear this is the same sperg from the unpopular opinions thread. Shut up retard.

No. 1034468

>yumes are bad for thinking gay content is hot
This is hilarious.

No. 1034471

No one in this fucking shitshow of a site is lesbian, and the 0.0001% that are actually homo aren't fighting over fictional boys

No. 1034472

Twittard, no fujo here ""fetishes"" real gay men. Hot anime boys aren't real. Your newfag is showing. Cry about it.

No. 1034473

Don't you have gore to spam or something?

No. 1034474

Fujo, yume or cartoon hater, we should all unite against underage twittards.

No. 1034476

Oh my god you're all so autistic by being so obsessed and offended by what some insecure women jerk off to

No. 1034484

actual fujos (most of them being lesbians) actually care about gay relationships and don't fetishize gay men, no. it's those who claim to be "both fujos and yumejos" because "man on man is hot" who do

No. 1034486

Ayrt i only posted that because i keep seeing post where fujos and yumes infight for no reason! It's kind of annoying but My post is retarded and most likely
directed at like… The same 5 spergy anons

No. 1034487

I'm not that moid you retard, I'm just sick of every poster pretending they're gay just because they feel bad about being fujos when there's nothing wrong about it

No. 1034497

kek it was a true red flag! someone had to sound the alarm!

>>1034464 ill bet u its the twittertard doubling down with the "calling out"


ngl i noticed this. irl i used to be friends with someone exactly like this. obsessed with yaoi, openly talked about jerkin to anime boys and the like, but would then turn around and call herself "bi/lesbian/pansexual" (constantly changing obviously dont want to be straight because thats not speshul enough) yet has never genuinely been interested in any woman aside from thinking theyre beautiful

No. 1034501

Women like the one you described pain me. I knew a girl like that too. It's okay to be straight!! It especially hurts me because I always hope women like that don't lead any actual bi/lesbians on.

No. 1034504

what's wrong with fetishizing gay men or any other man for that matter. the real ones don't even care so who's being protected

No. 1034513

This makes no sense
also maybe this is new for some anons but you can separate IRL gay moids from 2d fujo shit because they don’t really act/look like real moids. Also fundashis don’t give a fuck about muh fetishization because the more gay porn existing the better. Women aren’t a threat to gay men, except for maybe ftms and even then it’s debatable. What gay moids do hate is tranny shit and PC culture. They’re not much different from straight moids as far as porn goes.

No. 1034515

kek she was a complete twitter/tumblr commie type though and she and the rest of those related friends dropped me (i dont miss them). i think she was trying to hard to be "alternative" and true to her poc roots or something so she could never admit she was just into white men and get on with it

No. 1034570

the worst kind of fujo is the one who goes down the coomer pipeline and starts consuming extreme content like shota, and yes, I have seen this happen. most of them don't end up like this but there's a subset of mentally unhinged ones who do. i could care less about most fujos, although i fucking hate yaoi and m/m pairings most of the time, but fujos who consume pedo content and go down the coomer pipeline are scum and should be bullied off the side of the earth by everyone, including other fujos.

No. 1034579

self proclaimed lolicons, and i'm glad i've seen normal people just call them out and say they're creeps and question the fact that they get off to little girls

No. 1034606

Pro-life activists. How the fuck do people honestly want to control womens' bodies to the point they want to ruin her entire life just over a clump of cells? The mother has to carry the pregnancy to full term and give birth, already a huge risk to the mother, and now she just has a full living human being in her arms that she resents and never wanted in the first place, being an unfit mother and raising a dysfunctional child. How devoid of empathy you have to be in order to put her in that position?

No. 1034611

agreed, cannot stand them. interesting that these people are vehemently against social safety nets that would help to support these women (and girls) and their children. it's just all about making women suffer for having sex, or even for being raped. they just don't give a shit and are truly evil people.

No. 1034617

I hate childfree men who berate mothers and women who want to have children or body shame mothers. I also dislike the childfree women who mock and hate on mothers but for some reason never on fathers even though the mother suffers the most by their logic.
I also dislike pro-life men. Men don't get a say about women's bodies.

No. 1034619

Pretty sure it's about control for many of them.

No. 1034621

tbh you're choosing to get potentially fucked very hard by life by having a child as a woman. i can understand why women are critical of women who choose to handicap themselves so severely when they have the option not to, but it's ultimately largely not their fault because they are not warned of the downsides and women are pressured to ignore their concerns about having children and are made to feel abnormal or selfish for not having children

No. 1034631

Waiting for oatmeal to cool down. If you have any tips for getting oatmeal to cool down faster other than putting it in the fridge and stirring occasionally to release steam please let me know, I'm desperate.

No. 1034636

I hate people who ask the viewer to subscribe to their channel in the beginning of the video. I'll subscribe if I enjoy your content, bitch.

No. 1034640

Put the bowl of oatmeal in a bigger pot that has cold water in it. Change the water as soon as it warms or put icecubes in it

No. 1034662

Women's choices shouldn't be policed so much. Having children is handicapping yourself and being selfish, being childfree is again considered selfish for some reason. I just dislike both sides that judge women no matter what they do. It's women's choice to decide what they want to do with their life and it really doesn't affect other men or women so their judgment is pointless.

No. 1034669

a lot of these women are brainwashed into thinking it's good to serve men by their religion and that childbirth is one of the few joys in life. a good part of extreme right wing religious rhetoric is convincing women they must hate other women in order to succeed in life or be a good god fearing christian, and it's very sad

No. 1034670

>it's just all about making women suffer for having sex
Fucking bingo. Their reasoning every time is just "you should've thought about that before having sex", even if it was rape.

No. 1034674

Same. Ultimately people don’t like being controlled and are gonna do whatever they want.

No. 1034676

women giving in to the demands of men to their detriment affects other women though. and btw it affects everyone in general, ever notice how men and governments lose their absolute shit when the rate of childbirth goes down and they attempt to make it more feasible to have children? you're giving away all of your power to negotiate a better life for everyone and for yourself by doing what men want, plus it fucks women individually so hard

No. 1034677

Abortion is already traumatic enough, these pro-life fuckers whose only mission is to make women feel bad about a choice that's already hard on its own are pure evil.
If they really cared about the children, they'd adopt kids instead of supporting unwanted children being birthed.

No. 1034684

I'm not going to have a child with a man. I'm not straight or stupid enough to do that but if any woman wants to, I'm not going to judge them and pretend some random pregnant woman is the one in fault of sexism and all of my issues. By your standards any woman who does anything a man wants is in wrong, it makes no sense because that's like any straight woman doing small things for their bfs, which round up to %99 of women.

No. 1034695

Based post

No. 1034721

Great post anon.

No. 1034760

Anon that was 7 days ago you alright?

No. 1034835

I hate men
That is all.

So? It’s still a good post

No. 1034840

Oh anon, you literally posted this on site full of lolicons.

No. 1034867

are there really that many female lolicons here, I see tons of anons trashing it and like 0 approving of it except someone one time who got banned immediately

No. 1034891

you have to be 18+ to post here

No. 1034918

are you lost

No. 1034966

File: 1642730315037.gif (101.15 KB, 220x165, spit-fighting.gif)

The influx of nasty cunts on /ot/ that have cropped up in the past month or so.
>replies to anon in aggressive way that baits a fight
>anon replies annoyed and asks wtf
Fucking trash. Hope you're underage and hormonal.

No. 1034991

Anyone who defends industry plants

No. 1035027

No. 1035217

So cringe. I know a famous indie rock band… The singer's dad managed one of the biggest rock bands of the 90s grunge scene. But because they're from my podunk midwest city they must be homegrown heroes, right?

No. 1035219

Gore below, don't scroll.

No. 1035223

again? jesus imagine being this pathetic

No. 1035226

It's either this or kill himself and the latter would take actual balls.

No. 1035230

People who think just because I don't respond immediately or with full-on enthusiasm of their presence there seems to be a personal problem. Bitch I'm busy with work and school, on top of that studying for everything and maintaining my own free-time. Half the time they're just using me to vent or bitch to anyway. Go write in a diary. Moids are especially bad at this.

No. 1035237

File: 1642748350851.jpeg (348.37 KB, 1539x2048, 50BD8977-0D48-452C-9A44-2FA08D…)

I hate the anime car trend
Some were kinda funny at first but now I think it’s just awful. Especially when they have several different anime stickers going on

No. 1035252

Why would anyone do this, for reactions? Just buy regular merch if you wanna look at anime characters

No. 1035254

File: 1642749472529.jpg (94.93 KB, 1023x628, E5AciTxWEAIwJ-l.jpg)

the new lazy ones with window peaks are stupid. at least have one cohesive franchise or character who isnt a sister/brother fucker, lolicon, shota, or obvious coom waifu. pic related to me is fine but the ones with her bent over showing panties are gross.

No. 1035288

the men that do this think it's a flex to plaster their expensive cars with their anime mental illness.
>you see that 3D women? you wish you could have me and this car! it belongs to my waifu!

No. 1035312

all I can think of is video of the tranny who crashed his anime car and was screaming at the paramedics trying to help him

No. 1035319

Why do i feel like everyone who sexualizes sailor moon like does doesn't know how goofy and silly she is in the series kek

No. 1035320

*Like this (like the way you described with her panties)

No. 1035346

wait really? i heard from a guy whos majorly into cars that putting anime on expensive or rare cars is considered a waste and trash.

No. 1035361

kek i wish they hadn't even helped him

No. 1035530

Normies are so self centered & entitled… I've found it's mostly men, and moms. Moms at my work places would see a young woman and immediately think "oh free therapy! What you don't want to listen to my vent? You heartless bitch! I thought we were friends!".

No. 1035541

I remember that, such angry male screeching, not grateful at all.

No. 1035927

When anons accuse someone of samefagging and get it wrong. Major second hand embarrassment. Sometimes two people just agree and share the same opinion.

No. 1035949

i'll let you in on a secret, it's usually shitposters or baiters doing it

No. 1035991

No pls let me live in my delusion that lolcow is free from shitposters and baiters and that 99% of active anons here are nice and smart

No. 1036078

I hate when people take their arguments from one thread on /ot/ to multiple other threads, and seethe even harder about getting called out. It's like they're seeking validation on infighting when there was no need to start shit in the first place

No. 1036111

I'm praying scanditard stays in /g, it would be a shitshow if she finds out about /ot

No. 1036127

What's the Scanditard?
t.non tard Scandi

No. 1036142

An anon in the relationship thread. It began a few weeks ago with her arguing for days that flirting with friends etc is normal and healthy if you're in a relationship, and to expect your partner to not do that is childish, until she revealed a few days ago that she's a polyfag (Or some poly lite? I haven't had a chance to catch up properly with this arc yet). She hasn't left the thread since.

No. 1036149

She's a reddit pickme who somehow got onto lolcow. She shitposts in /g/ threads and gives horrible advice like saying dating older men is good, being jealous of your boyfriend when he's clearly hitting on other wome is bad, women should marry before 30 or end up alone, etc.

No. 1036152

She sounds almost like gimpgirl, maybe it is her?

No. 1036162

doubt it, scanditard tries to present herself as 'feminist'

No. 1036165

She hasn't called us "shefags" so no

No. 1036168

That sure takes me back

No. 1036185

Damn, that's a real tard right there.

No. 1036199

beggin but only by maneskin
Madcon's version is the fucking best

No. 1036204

No. 1036269


No. 1036274

maneskin in general fucking sucks

No. 1036427

Especially people who jump from the vent thread to unpopular opinions just so they can win their arguments

No. 1036500

File: 1642831776756.jpeg (285.19 KB, 828x871, D4D9EE8D-6DEE-4F9C-AA0C-AD0524…)

I hate these pants on head retarded mutant bodies that moids make. It barely even looks like the OG character anymore but maybe that’s a good thing. I’ll never understand the appeal of these coomer monstrosities

No. 1036505

Her shirt size is xxs but her pants size is 4x

No. 1036506

File: 1642831994513.jpeg (399.25 KB, 1114x2048, 29CA0980-EDC0-4909-B8DF-35CF4C…)

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a disproportionate “sexy” male anime figure that was marketed towards women. Imagine if they just started giving male figures giant bulges? Fucking hell

No. 1036508

what the FUCK is going on with her ankles and shins? literal treblinka victim lower legs paired with amazonian hips

No. 1036510

I've noticed this since nier automata came out: coomer aesthetic is simply taking the upper half of the female body and shrinking it until she has the chest capacity for maybe one lung.

If you shooped that figure to increase her size above the navel, you may get human proportions.

No. 1036516

The lower half is enlarged too, her fucking kneecap is the size of her breast

No. 1036518

everything below the top fold of the boot is skeletal

No. 1036527

I hate how all drawn porn has become this or the proportions of zelda above this because what the fuck regular A-DD cup wasnt enough, a 10in waist hip difference wasnt enough, god forbid there be any woman with regular proportions or even skinny pear shape which then coomers just make a straight up kid-teen.

No. 1036548

Yeah, the hips-knees are huge but the stuff below that is tiny. It's fucked.

No. 1036593

They hate women so much that they see us only as body parts.

No. 1036598

Reminds me of that beetle study where male beetles chose to mate with beer bottles because it had exaggerated beetle like features (a massive horn like the beetles have aka the bottles neck). Wouldn't be too bad if coomers bred themselves out of the gene pool.

No. 1036639

How the fuck can people even fap to this shit…?

No. 1036709

I fucking hate that so many younger millennial women are so obviously desperately in denial of aging and clinging so hard to trying to appear young, and shallow for some reason -that thing Gen Z does where it is uncool to actually have intelligent discussions or unironic expressions? The insane face tune and filter abuse of Gen Z but without the prowess, would be hilarious if it weren't so pathetically sad. Dressing in shitty ill fitting Amazon egirl outfits and trying to shill their aesthetically horrific free fap bait (often bragging about shitty junk food diets and hiding behind body positivity to rationalize the effects of a proudly sedentary lifestyle) and doing "ahegao", "no thoughts head empty!! am BABY!! uwu weeb thot lyfe"…when they are on the cusp of 30 or even past it. Following the most gaudy trends of ignorant, terminally online Gen Z social habits and politics. To top it off, in private they confess they feel insecure, empty, and fiercely hate their appearance. Jesus christ, you don't have to base your sense of self worth on looking and acting "young" to an increasingly disinterested audience (because your simps have moved on to younger dumbasses or grown the fuck up). But even if you wanted to look younger, caking on mask like foundation with scene girl black eyeliner ain't it. Do some fucking yoga and eat a vegetable, stop spending your whole paycheck at Sephora and calling it self care.

No. 1036712

is this particularly common? i don't really see it that often.

No. 1036714

God yes, especially since Quarantine made everybody age 5 years from stress and sprouted extremely unflattering zoomer styles.
My 30—something friends are drawing retarded eyeliner scribbles on their faces, putting those chunky Rogue streaks in their hair and dressing like 90s toddlers, thinking that they/them pronouns and tweeting about Lil Nas X will cover up the fact that we're not "young and figuring it out" anymore, this is just life and our tits are getting runny.
I don't hate it but agree it's extremely cringy.

No. 1036715

Why should the young and dumb be the interesting people anyway, as you grow older and have experienced more you hopefully have some more interesting things to say and contribute.

No. 1036729

Rouge streaks are cute though.

No. 1036753

>our tits are getting runny
a-anon, please don't phrase it like that

No. 1036756

I know what you mean
At the same time I’ve seen a lot of zoomers purposely go out of their way to call this group of people “old”. I think it’s just the typical never ending cycle of ugh you’re 30 or getting close to it? You’re an old hag. And I only imagine that tik tok makes their insecurity so much worse.

No. 1036773

How people who got fat during the rona claim everyone got fat, they're just like everyone else EVERYONE GOT FAT HEY!! I lost 30kg, speak for yourself fatty.

No. 1036780

What is even the point of tik tok, seems like a hell site.

No. 1036785

File: 1642865198684.jpg (54.12 KB, 561x680, FFsw8StXwAcu3WH.jpg)

I'm tired of moids shitting up the site, pretending to be women and bumping threads in /snow/ to get attention. They can't even blend in when they want to seem like "one of us". There's just something in their ape brains that makes them incapable of not talking about women's vaginas, calling them cunts, sluts, bitches, etc and their main triggers are literally always things like women not wanting to get married and preferring fictional males, not liking coomer hentai drawings, not letting their boyfriends flirt with other women or not wanting to date older scrotes. I guess banning them is pointless since they come back, but that doesn't make them any less annoying

No. 1036827

>putting those chunky Rogue streaks in their hair
all of the baby crap mentioned above is insane but i will defend chunky highlights. anyone should be able to indulge in them. highlights are highlights and people who actually lived through these trends should be able to get them, and plenty of millenials were unable to dye their hair when these trends were popular and can only do so now.
>our tits are getting runny.
and honestly not even true, i see plenty of women who are actually older, like, 40s and 50s, with attractive breasts.

No. 1036844

Why are moids so obsessed with us? like, we don't really discuss anything they could be interest in, there's no porn here neither, i thought "females" were boring and their little cum-stained imageboards were better

No. 1036847

because if they're not creating misery for others, they're not happy

No. 1036879

They're not obsessed, lolcow's just an easy target. Slow forum that gets it's panties in a twist every time a ScRoTepOsT happens. Easy pickings

No. 1036883

I'm sorry lol I heard it first on lolcow and it's just the perfect way to describe the way they change with volume loss.

>i see plenty of women who are actually older, like, 40s and 50s, with attractive breasts
Hey boobs don't have to be perky Belle Delphine bee stings to be attractive, I'm just saying they change as you get older. And I'm morbidly curious what you mean by seeing plenty of 50 year old boobs? Because clothed doesn't count and porn boobs are usually fake. You a gym creeper who takes 40 minutes to get dressed or what?

No. 1036892

kek based reponse

No. 1036953

I agree otherwise but I think the e-thot behavior you described is cringe at any age, not just millenials with an age crisis. But there's a certain difference in tone, with zoomers it's disturbing and worrying to see them pulling ahegaos and unironical dumb bitch memes, with young millenials you'd expect them to know better.

No. 1036965

That and how they think it is normal to have gained 20 kg in a 6-8 month period. that is not normal nor something to shrug off

No. 1036968

Men making random comments about my looks or giving random weird compliments.

No. 1036969

That's the only time they're going to get attention of that many women in their lifetime. Kek.

No. 1037003

I hate male chavs with a passion, I swear they have to comment on everything and always have attention, always catcalling, I HATE BRITISH MEN

No. 1037005

If I'm 25 and my tits look the same as they did a decade ago how would they suddenly change, unless I have kids or something

No. 1037008

Makes me sad because I love Nier and 2B despite her being coomerbait. Her boobs aren't even that big ingame yet almost every fan""art"" of her gives her giant ones

No. 1037012

I was sincerely asking

No. 1037049

File: 1642876499416.png (328.83 KB, 687x1194, retard.png)

Why are retards translating anything when they can't even understand the fucking language? On top of that, why admit it? I don't understand. This is rampant in webtoons/manhwa as well, and the shitty fucking ESL translations riddled with grammar mistakes and/or 0 effort in typesetting is actively destroying the source material. Why would you destroy something you enjoy, like this, for other readers? And the fucking retarded, unnecessary translation notes under every 4th panel that AREN'T ACTUAL NOTES, just stupid asinine commentary on what's going on or shitty attempts at jokes. Stop this unbecoming behaviour. The worst part is if anybody complains about it they get all upset and uppity like, "WELL I'm doing it out of love and for free! So you can't complain! You're being ungrateful!" like that means anything when you're doing such a pisspoor job. You're ruining the author's works by doing this. Awful.

No. 1037059

Bless your heart

No. 1037064

ohhh i hate this too. especially during sex scenes. it absolutely destroys the mood when there's a sudden comment in malay or whatever their native language is, or broken engrish. and almost always it's shit like "i wants to licks his nipplez"

No. 1037074

I wish they at least asked someone proficient in English to proof read their shit. I'm not as offended by small translation errors but when the text reads like a schizophrenic word salad because it's an ESL running it halfway through a machine translation it really ruins the whole experience.
>stupid asinine commentary on what's going on or shitty attempts at jokes.
I can't believe people are still doing this kek. It reminds me of all the 00's translations that had "EEEEEEEEEE HE'S SO SMEXEYYYY" or "DAMN YOU I HATE THIS CHARACTER" notes as if anyone gave a shit about the translator's commentary on what's going on.

No. 1037085

I hate the term "sex-worker" so much, a probably irrational amount. I came across some lefty anime journalist site talking about some episode of Demon Slayer where they disguise themselves as "sex-workers" and how great it was. I hate that they use this term like it's so empowering and great when women were literally sold into prostitution to pay off family debts. Hearing the term synonymous with bored e-girl with a webcam pisses me off. Just fucking say prostitutes.

No. 1037100

Feels like this is like that "your metabolism will slow down" meme

No. 1037101

I think "sex worker" is a good catch-all term for e-whoring but calling actual prostitutes "sex workers" seems to imply a lot more agency in the prostitute's decision to whore herself out. idk maybe just me

No. 1037104

Skin changes over time, loses elasticity, starts sagging

No. 1037112

Samefag but also, putting e-whores and prostitutes in the same category has seem to had this effect where e-whores act as if their lives are as difficult and dangerous as actual pimped out street-walkers, and prostitutes are perceived as having a lot more control over the situation than they really do.

No. 1037116

NTA but tits starting to droop and sag takes a bit longer than just one decade. Especially if you haven't been pregnant you can wait until your menopause to see actually visible changes.

No. 1037122

What's this bitch's first language if she doesn't understand Thai or Japanese, yet she translates a Japanese manga from its Thai translation? I'm so confused right now.

No. 1037128

AYRT, yes I agree completely. It's such a larp, and insulting to women who have been forced into this life and traumatized by it

No. 1037140

So are women past 25 not allowed to experiment with their looks and follow trends?

No. 1037141

No, it can just be cringey at times.

No. 1037150

When you're 30+ you embrace the cringe anyway so comments like >>1036714 don't matter much

No. 1037157

Or you develop taste which helps you swerve cringe trends and instead allows you to experiment with age-appropriate fashion/style that doesn't draw attention to the disparity between the outfit and the person who wears it

No. 1037187

This. You are no longer a teenager. Get a grip and embrace your age.

No. 1037199

why do i feel like you're the same type of anons who shit on other anons for liking plushies, anime, calico critters, and halloween

No. 1037200

File: 1642881357247.jpeg (206.76 KB, 750x1136, 576ECE3B-41B2-4B2E-B05B-166001…)

No. 1037202

No clue, I'm talking about clothes. Maybe you're insecure about that stuff or something.

No. 1037206

All this proves is that people who feel the need to defend playing games/reading comics/watching trash tv have no idea how other people spend their time

No. 1037209

So only low register entertainment is fun? (speaking as someone who likes video games and cartoons).
There's also exercise, dancing, listening to music, researching things, history, drawing, literature, ect

No. 1037212

How on earth is listening to music not low register

No. 1037216

Music fans actually come across as more intelligent than video game and cartoon fans

No. 1037223

Who are you to decide what "embracing your age" looks like to individuals?

No. 1037231

imagine being so concerned what society things it's appropriate for you and what's not, you'll be the most bitter grandmas out there

No. 1037242

Yeah true. Taylor Swift, Kpop and Travis Scott fans are all highly intellectual.

No. 1037243

Wearing clothes designed for bodies half your age is unflattering. It's not a matter of "society" or whatever you're rageposting about, it's about what looks good.

No. 1037245

Enough nagging. We'll all be in the grave soon enough

No. 1037251

what do you consider flattering? mumus?

No. 1037253

why are you talking about (still young) women dressing weirdly when the real issue is that everybody makes them feel so old an ugly that they get desperate and try to look like kids…

No. 1037254

Are you lonely? What a stupid question.

No. 1037255

answer the question

No. 1037258

Would you like to give an example for this kind of style?
I see more and more teenagers and young adults dressing like grannys or business women when they are barely 14, I just can't imagine which type of clothing we talk about.

No. 1037274

NTA but I'm pretty sure the comic's referring to the unironically NPC normies who have no hobbies at all because they consider all but shit like yoga or running immature.

No. 1037320

File: 1642886573893.png (7.75 MB, 3795x2350, az7r72vdxpr31.png)

I hate this company (Illumination), and the garbage it produces

No. 1037336

File: 1642887640977.png (645.04 KB, 990x842, CFF949DE-4B9D-4AC7-9E4D-96C5C9…)

I hate watching girls, especially teen girls tell they/them moids in bad makeup that they look so much better than them. It’s honestly no wonder why trannies/fags have giant egos

No. 1037379

Stale take. I'll be the happiest gam gam, thank you very much.

No. 1037426

File: 1642892782029.jpg (24.27 KB, 407x612, istockphoto-505602837-612x612.…)

I love how the anon never responded to this, she realized herself that all she can come up with is picrel

No. 1037431

Says a lot about what music you listen to when you only think about pop released in the past 10 years lol

No. 1037670

ok lorax wasnt too bad though

No. 1037685

beg to disagree, lorax undermined the environmentalist messaging it could have had by portraying the society basically thriving despite its conditions, making the natural world out to be just a nice thing we would miss but could ultimately do without. ps are you a onceler fucker/nostalgist

No. 1037690

no i just thought it was kind of cute

No. 1037691

ayrt the one thing I like is danny devito doing his own lines in all the foreign languages for dubs for some reason

No. 1037696

Danny Devito is a little goblin treasure

No. 1037723

File: 1642912770362.jpeg (31.58 KB, 702x811, de9enfe-bd8935c5-63ca-4651-b49…)

black and white thinking dumbassery. i started reading consoomerism threads and i see absolute retards going
>actually no one should wear makeup ever. no fun allowed.
>money shouldnt even exist!
like, GIRL, you can make an argument about shit like Colourpop and fashion nova being cheaply made garbage. but instead your mind goes to, NO ONE can enjoy makeup cause i dont like it! and money is stupid actually!! get that treated for fucks sake i dont want to live in your lame ass dystopia.

No. 1037741

Some of them are like this with weeb merch too, they're too fixated on 'usefulness' and meaningfulness' of items that they act like people shouldn't buy anything at all just beyond bare necessities which sounds kind of bleak, some people just buy things cause they like it but apparently that's not a good enough reason. I also notice that black-and-white thinking in celebricows too (though I guess that should be expected lol) regarding debates over certain celebs.. all I'll say is, not liking someone's appearance isn't the same as thinking they're hideous or ugly unless they actually say "x is hideous/ugly/". Too many posts there in general think if you don't hold one opinion then you must believe the opposite even when the opposite was never implied.

No. 1037742

I hate how no one reads anything

No. 1037744

Anons were literally explaining their reasoning lol

No. 1037774

i hate child molesters and i think they should all be set on fire.

No. 1037775

i agree anon

No. 1037788

File: 1642919656676.png (29.42 KB, 602x311, dfdf.png)

as a WOC in a relationship with a white man, I really hate when other WOC play into racial fetishism, especially if the guy's not into it in the first place

No. 1037790

people on twitter need to be a humbled

No. 1037795

I hate the FtM or MtF or ANTM or whatever thread. You ask a valid question and then get redtexted? Thing is, most of the girls screeching in on there aren’t well acquainted….with, well, anything. You have to give them a historical/political/philosophical background on every discussion before attempting to discuss anything. It’s like they love to wrangle their own ideological laundry (or lack their of, kek) just to get it wet again. Circlejerk, as most online places are.

No. 1037801

File: 1642921040222.png (290.76 KB, 500x462, sss.png)

most of these stories are made up in the first place and its mostly a dumb unfunny joke with WOC on twitter, "Um actually I let white guys cum in me sex as revenge against Colonialism, I'm not some boring white girl in a stable relationship"

No. 1037808

radfems that don't care about abortion rights because by their logic we shouldn't be having sex with moids anyway. actually insane.

No. 1037809

some of these folk go right back into being extreme misogynists. what's new.

No. 1037810

Those are just men larping

No. 1037812

>People are bullied from making deeper observations because "bro it's not that deep, you're weird" brainlets bullying users for using internet discussion for more than just cooming, shitposting, or hosting witchhunts.
This is so true. Like, if you sound even a little invested or interested in something beyond the surface, you're immediately regarded as cringe. It really fucks me up because, discussion is considered weird now. Out of everything, this one aspect of the developing internet culture rubs me in the worst way.

No. 1037816

A lot of radfems seem to have this perception about themselves, that they are more liberated then other women because they know the "truth" about how the world really works(cause they read some tumblr blog about the writings of a university professor in the 1970's)
Its like how 4channers believe that because that since they're redpilled they understand how the world truly works more then stupid normies

This leads to certain young radfems to not take many women seriosuly and label them as handmaidens

No. 1037826

This doesn't really strike me as being anything related to actual racial fetishism. I seek that stuff out every day so I can report it. The kinds of keywords they use like WMAF or WMBF give away what's going on there. It's almost always about the WM being the superior and degrading the female they see as inferior, or the males of that race as well. This is just kind of a goofy attempt at a joke that isn't really funny. Black people calling white people the n word both negatively and positively is pretty common. Only the dumbest white people would think that gives them the right to say it back. I'm pretty sure if you asked her if she allows him to say it she would say no, but I can't say for certain.

No. 1037830

Friends who go off and have babies, and pretend like they enjoy it, who lose all of what made them fun. Having a baby ruins your life and your body.

No. 1037831

Again I know its a joke, I have acquaintances who make similar comments to make their white boyfriends uncomfortable
calling a white guy a nigga in Bed is still just super cringy, even if you are black

No. 1037833

I've never met a radfem who didn't care about abortion rights. How is this even a thing? They must be larping tradthots.

No. 1037842

It’s their fault for having sex with a man.

No. 1037843

File: 1642927092756.png (Spoiler Image, 67.12 KB, 728x606, race fetish cringe.png)

I'd say it rates like 5.5/10 on the cringe scale. This is what 10 looks like.

No. 1037844

What about rapes? Underage girls?

No. 1037847

>having a baby ruins your body and life
I hate it when people day this. Getting a bit saggy and gaining weight doesn't drastically ruin a woman's beauty or life, stop having scrote-ish standards for female beauty.

No. 1037851

See this a lot with WMAF relationships, more then any other tbh
I think its a case for both sides fetishizing each other, it happens similarly with BMWF relationships
both sides view each other as a fetish rather then a person

No. 1037860

NTA but why are you assuming she was talking about beauty standards, as opposed to like… incontinence and tearing and separated abdominal muscles or scar tissue or the countless different post partum health issues that are extremely common yet rarely discussed.

No. 1037861

Reminds me of another thing I hate seeing a tiktok of some mom like “my stretch marks lul.” And then seeing girls comment “omg this is why I’m never having kids” it’s so mean.. like damb it really is brutal out here. First we have to deal with men nitpicking our bodies then the fellow women. Fuck that , I think hatred and bitterness for mothers and is internalized misogyny.

No. 1037862

yeah, I don't want my vulva/anus torn up. Fuck that shit

No. 1037866

Nta, but honestly whenever anyone talks about how pregnancy affects the body it's usually physical appearance shit (which isn't necessarily bad).

No. 1037871

Those complications aren't common if you have good Healthcare. Sadly in places like America where you have to pay very high amounts for a good hospital or care, the complication rates for any surgery is going to be quite high.
This was what I meant. Calling mothers who already have a lot of stuff to do and kids to take care of bad words and insulting their appearance is misogynistic. Girls who boast about how they're going to have great bodies because they won't have kids are also delusional, no matter what you do you won't look like the scrote ideal past a certain age. You shouldn't let those ideals dictate your lifestyle because of that.
They make a small cut and sew it back up so those kinds of tears aren't going to happen unless you give birth at home.

No. 1037883

Oh fuck off with that 'just don't be a poor American and you'll be fine' shit. There are so many things that can go wrong with your body during pregnancy and childbirth, not all can be predicted or prevented or fixed, and it's absolutely valid to be afraid of it no matter what healthcare you have.

No. 1037893

It is ok to be afraid or not have kids. Not ok to shame women for making a choice you disagree with and telling them they ruined their lives and bodies.
Also Americans seem to think outside of America and cry about Healthcare, that's why I gave the America example.

No. 1037894

I hate that I predicted everything about the current atmosphere and how I can read the mind of internet commenters before I go through a thread because they're just THAT predictable.

No. 1037902

>no but-
>Not me-
I hate the amount of twitter faggotry that's been present recently.

No. 1037935

but go off i guess

No. 1037937

It's givingggg

No. 1038039

not you generalizing a website with millions of users–

No. 1038052

with this site's pace? probably 10

No. 1038334

File: 1642957577455.jpeg (52.03 KB, 800x800, 2EAE9756-765B-416F-80E3-FFDBDB…)

I hate these ugly ass gnomes I see everywhere. Seriously who thought these were cute?

No. 1038336

she's obviously joking but she's talking about twitter, not lolcow

No. 1038338

I think they’re kind of cute.

No. 1038342


No. 1038360

I don't get why they're gnomes.
Feels like a forced meme unless there is christmas gnome lore I'm unaware of.

No. 1038362

They'd be cuter if they were little babushkas.

No. 1038374

I like the way you think, nonnie, having cute Christmas babushkas would be great.

No. 1038384

Was watching a Korean dating show, and I really hate how the confident, womanly, sporty, and capable one gets completely ignored for the plastic surgery addict dressing like a toddler who says "oppa?~".

No. 1038417


No. 1038443

That's how it is in any country

No. 1038448

That's hoe it is for every shallow dating show or online dating app. People who meet and date irl through friends and such won't be like that.

No. 1038497

Well, when the men are running around like impotent little sissies of course a woman who doesn't appear chemically lobotomized would be a source of intimidation for them.

No. 1038508

Watch Love Wagon instead, far less frustrating. I couldn't finish last episode of Singles Inferno because these people were so shallow it was infuriating, and while it's true in these kind of shows people are shallow I really think this specific show was worse than others. Maybe because they were together for just a little over a week so didn't have time to get to know each other any better really

No. 1038542


Minor nitpick, but I hate it when we call people with strange beauty standards "shallow". Two beautiful women with one fitting an ideal that's more immature and fetishistic (like heavy plastic surgery, unnatural behavior, ect) means that the person preferring the idealized and unrealistic version is delusional, not shallow (as that implies that they only care about beauty, but it's not solely about beauty itself in such cases)

No. 1038565

File: 1642968093525.jpeg (399.5 KB, 741x1063, 92594949-DC35-4080-ADB0-08032F…)

I hate youtubers and their dumb forced thumbnails. Especially this bitch putting social media attention over her son. It disgusts me so much as someone with a kid. These people aren’t really even there.


No. 1038574

>two minutes into shopping at the store and then suddenly an immediate urge to defecate

No. 1038580

that video was horrible. she is horrible.

No. 1038582

>not ok to shame women for making a choice you disagree with
I can shame anyone I want for making shitty choices that negatively impact both the environment and the human they brought into the world against their will who will have to live in that environment

No. 1038584

>muh environment
Then you should absolutely be shaming every single woman who ever brought a kid into the world just to put it up for adoption. Adoption and the system it creates should piss you off just as badly.

No. 1038586

ayrt, it does piss me off! if they had a choice in the matter ofc. but yeah the adoption industry is fucked

No. 1038597

anti-natalist always projecting their rage for living on everyone else on the planet lol quit the fake empathy act freak

No. 1038603

I hate all the garbage they make for pets. Especially the clothes. I understand if they need another layer for warmth/medical reason ,but it Seems so wasteful especially when my cat is the most comfortable being completely naked and free.

This is retarded, If it bothers you so much then literally just get other friends.

No. 1038604

Do you shame your own parents too?

No. 1038610

I shame my dad because he went above the replacement rate after divorce

No. 1038613

+ it looked a little less bleak to have a kid back then than it would now, as far as quality of life expectancy for the kid

No. 1038774

File: 1642978682819.jpg (64.82 KB, 1242x1057, IMG_20190703_012410.jpg)

I hate myself

No. 1038787

No. 1038906

Thinking about a former friend who spammed discord during discussions because she "literally can't 'just wait to compose [her] thoughts into a paragraph'" because muh autism and muh ADHD. I would hate to be in the same Slack environment.

No. 1038914

The fujo vs Yume thread. Both are on lolcow defending who their 2d men should like kek, there's no winning here.

we should band together and laugh at scrotes instead

No. 1038917

This is the correct opinion. I never understood the feud. Scrotes are the enemy.

No. 1038967

I hate anons crying and pissing about homophobia, sometimes you’ll find them in fujo and husbando threads. So damn annoying

No. 1038973

BPD and HPD are the modern versions of hysteria: sexist bullshit created to dismiss women's feelings and shut down our voices. Males are the most unstable and attention-seeking beings on this planet, yet psychology claims women are the most affected by those mental illness. Fuck off.

No. 1038974

File: 1642991088809.jpg (107.5 KB, 543x510, berry.jpg)

I know this is a weird thing to be annoyed by, but people who think every plant being sold in grocery stores is GMO. I just saw someone say something about GMO strawberries, but afaik there aren't even any GMO strawberries being sold in the US.

No. 1038975

i agree, there are many things beyond psychology that are like that too but i’m not gonna get into them because im not that well researched. Its mostly gut feeling

No. 1038984

Woman complains about something or has emotional dysregulation due to abuse? BPD!!

No. 1039013

Bananas are GMO fruit and nobody bats an eyelash.

No. 1039025

Someone can feel free to correct me (I'm no horticultural expert at all) but I think bananas are GMO free.

No. 1039083

tbf if you read it online, there's no way of knowing that person is in the US. Unless they mentioned it when talking about vegetables lol

No. 1039092

File: 1643000884654.webm (4.87 MB, 576x1024, video_twimg_com-GIxryscKhQwVfT…)

The world could have ended up a million different ways just based on this past century alone, somehow we end up in a reality where this is allowed to be made

No. 1039096

File: 1643001138568.gif (1.63 MB, 268x150, nervous-laughter-what-the-fuck…)

No. 1039101

horrible. even worse when you consider that these men are almost certainly hideous enough to induce immediate retinal detachment

No. 1039116

That isn't even the worse video on her account either unfortunatelys

No. 1039130

That's true! I don't know if other countries have GMO strawberries. I still stand by my point though.

No. 1039135

Yeah I know, she has others about sleeping in a dog cage, or drinking starbucks as a dog, its all cringe
similarly related, a They/Them pupygirl with her master


No. 1039145

You're right but I didn't mean that. I meant that in dating shows most people don't ever care about personality, only about looks that's why I said they were shallow. My point wasn't natural vs artificial beauty

No. 1039190

File: 1643012533097.jpg (214.82 KB, 2045x1792, IMG_20220122_131807.jpg)

i hate art regression and whatever the artist did with the new lips

No. 1039206

How is this regression though? She went from generic "painting my portrait in middle school" to actually creating something out of her own head with more fluent use of colours and linework.

No. 1039217

The new one as more interesting shape design in the hair and overall silhouette, but that's it. The 2020's face has more interesting brush work, better depicted forms and the existence of a philtrum gives structure to the face. The 2022 version is egirl middle of the face blush and standard twitter pretty girl artist stylization. It's fine if you like it, but it clearly is regression or at least a lack of growth when the 2022 version's lips looks like it's melting off her face.
>She went from generic "painting my portrait in middle school" to actually creating something out of her own head
What? What are you even trying to say with this?

No. 1039221

Yeah I agree with what the two anons said above. The artist went from playing it safe with a style that isn't really theirs to more so finding their own. Just because there is not as much "fluff" doesn't mean it's regression.

No. 1039223

People who let dogs sleep in their bed. People who let dogs lick their face. People who dont wash their hands after touching animals. Disgusting.

No. 1039227

It's obvious that the 2020 image was copied straight from a reference photo and the 2022 looks more like it was based on her/his own imagination.

No. 1039232

Jeffree Star telling his followers that dog saliva has healing properties so he lets them lick his FUCKING EYEBALLS is charred into my brain

No. 1039241

And that's an improvement? Using references is a not bad thing, in general, and I get that you may be saying that maybe this person copied their references too directly without changing enough (to you, because pink skin isn't imaginative enough I suppose), but saying a drawing is better purely because it's based off their own imagination is just dumb. I'd venture to say this artist could have benefited from using more references for drawing, because in the 2020 version she remembered to account for the thickness of the lower eyelid and drew in the waterline, while in the 2022 version the pupils are of different sizes, and she still hasn't figured out how to keep the same distance between the eyebrows and eyelids for both eyes. More 'style' =/= improvement. It's just the same mistakes in a different flavour.
Anyway, don't take this personally, it just really grinds my gears when people think style changes = improvements.

No. 1039247

i agree with you, but i do think the 2022 lips would've been fine if the top was not so heavily feathered. it doesn't match the style of the bottom lip at all. the bottom lip looks pretty good.

No. 1039255

No, there's a difference between using references and straight out photocopying. Checking references is when you want to see how the proportions of a face work or how to arrange all the elements from an angle which is what's being done in the 2022 image. The 2020 looks like it was just directly painted from a photo because the lines are there but they don't come together as well.

No. 1039257

File: 1643018261272.jpg (412.58 KB, 2000x2797, FFKI_uYVEAcCXmU.jpg)

>it just really grinds my gears when people think style changes = improvements.
Nta, but the artist of that pic you posted didn't say it's an improvement. Also, while I agree that the 2020 version is better, they didn't really have an art regression. Picrel is another recent piece.

No. 1039260

the thing one anon said about the philtrum giving shape to the face is really apparent here, the blue-hair girl looks way more like a flat mask to me while the squatting one looks vivid since you can't draw that expression without putting at least a little philtrum and nasolabial fold for light to catch

No. 1039261

You're giving this artist way too much credit if you think the 2020 version is on the same level as 'straight up photocopying', even the 2020 piece is has obviously stylized anatomy that doesn't look like they was trying to do a 1:1 photo study. There's more than one way to use references. Also, that wasn't what the discussion was about, it was how using references are not bad and do not make a piece inherently worse than something based off pure imagination.

I meant >>1039206 's comment, not the artist themselves, but to be fair that anon didn't claim it to be an improvement either, so you got me. I don't think they regressed, maybe just stagnated.

No. 1039282

sorry to derail but what series is this?

No. 1039300

AYRT, Monotone Blue. It's BL. I would wait until chapter 8 comes out, it's kind of on a cliffhanger right now.

No. 1039307

idk shit about art but the old one looks overly rendered. i dunno i dislike how it's colored, new one looks better and less splotchy.

No. 1039318

Anons moralfagging over the pwoor hypothetical menz in a fucking fantasy

No. 1039333

I'm 22 and my boobs look perkier if anything

No. 1039355

when burgers (and other westerners too, but I mostly see this shit with burgers) write fanfic for Japanese media set in Japan (and other non-western, have seen this with some Russian games too for example) and make the characters act either just like burgers or stereotypes from burger memes. please, do at least a little research. it's even more jarring when the characters are also older and burger zoomer fic writers make them act like retarded social media addicted burger zoomers.

No. 1039358

File: 1643027115892.jpg (49.1 KB, 616x699, 1615218207540.jpg)

Same, I hate it so fucking much. Especially when that's 99.999% of fanfics.

No. 1039361

punching holes into walls, when the story is set in a country that where people don't live in cardboard boxes

No. 1039372

found fics for this game where the main cast discuss pronouns. apart from the idiocy of having people in their 30s, 40s and even 50s sperg over genderspecial shit, the Japanese language doesn't even work like the English language does, and these characters most likely don't speak a lick of English anyway (at least the main guy is shown to only know like one English phrase)
lmao yes! these may seem like small details, but can make or break the immersion

No. 1039378

>the Japanese language doesn't even work like the English language does
These people must legit think a man using "atashi" is a tranny, I definitely see the type of people who would write this kind of fanfic already.

No. 1039389

Fanfiction needs to be banned in the west since no one seems to know how to write anymore. I used to love search for stupid shit in 2006 and so but now everything is genderspecial cringe.

No. 1039391

i miss the days of crackfics that were supposed to be just mindless fun

No. 1039398

Looking at places like Wattpad I think fanfiction now is dumber and more mindless than ever actually

No. 1039404

yeah, but crackfics are self aware about their cringe factor. wattpad fics never are.

No. 1039420

File: 1643033035698.jpg (53.26 KB, 1000x460, women-height2-1501177576 (1).j…)

so there's this weird trend with zoomers in my country where girls who are like 160+cm calling themselves "Short", See I'm from an asian country and being 5'0-5'3 is average height for women here, this height range might be considered short for women in Europe but not here
so these dumb zoomers are starting to play into these dumb memes about being "smol babies" and "cute girls" but they are still very much considered average height here, It would be like a scandinavian woman whose 5'7 calling herself short, It's just fucking stupid alright

No. 1039435

are you mad that you are not the only one who uwus and claims how smol you are anymore?
cant stand people who spreg about their height for attention in general, even worse if they do that for attention. i usually met asians that are obsessed with anitubers do that. they always play the 'who is the midget' competition which is downright retarded.

No. 1039438

I'm actually considered tall in my country 5'5 (taller then at least half of scrotes here) just think its dumb for girls who are very much average height to be "uwu I'm so short"

No. 1039450

>dumb zoomers are starting to play into these dumb memes about being "smol babies" and "cute girls"
First question is why are you on TikTok?
I'm shorter than average in my country and nobody gives a fuck, height doesn't come up until maybe you can't reach something on a shelf in the office? or if you're skinny and under 5' you need to shop at petite stores. This is literally a non-issue in the real world and the fact that you're exposed enough to this smol girl thing to be annoyed by it means you're wasting a lot of time online.

No. 1039453

160cm is tiny

No. 1039456

Im an American around 158cm and I think its the shorter end of average

No. 1039459

90% of women in my country are that height, Its average height for women here

No. 1039469

samefag but i meant art regression in general, but i also hate how this specific artist changed how she draws lips though ik she changed her styling to be simpler purposely to save her wrists

No. 1039478

I hate furries. And no, not in a yiff in hell 4chan way. Some furry art is very cute and animal characters are appealing.
I hate their community. It's dominated by degenerate troons and gay scrotes. They have no interest in being your friend unless they can fuck you or if it will benefit them climbing the social ladder. It's an entire community run on narcissism and sexual deviancy. It's rarely about obsessing over fandom characters or media, it's about obsessing over yourself and self inserting your ugly, Western style, cereal box mascot OC into every possible scenario and spending your paychecks on coomer art so you can masturbate to yourself. I'd argue that furfags are the worst consoomeerism fandom out there.
I hate gay men enough as is, but combine their cattiness and clique mentality with a community that feeds into narcissistic tendencies, you get some of the worst people to walk the earth.

No. 1039482

No. 1039649

Hard agree, and the same goes for bronies. I will never forgive them for grooming me and my friends when we were just little kids who wanted to enjoy our cute technicolor anthropomorphic animals in peace. So many of them who always wanted to "roleplay". I even remember one of my friends who posted her mlp fan art on twitter would constantly get approached by coomer trannies who wanted nsfw commissions and shit from her, and yes, they knew she was like 14 at the time. Sorry for blog.

No. 1039660

File: 1643047238910.jpg (96.67 KB, 960x960, 8ed.jpg)

No. 1039867

People who give their children old people names.
t. cursed with old lady name

No. 1039870


Awh, I've always been in love with the idea of naming my first girl Gloria

No. 1039878

I usually hate this but if the name has the possibility for a modern-sounding nickname it's tolerable.

No. 1039880

I've got one too. I'm finally changing it this year, even though everyone keeps giving me shit like "Why do you hate it that much? I can't imagine ever wanting to change my name, it's not what defines me" said by person with non-retarded name, or "It's a pretty name, my grandma/great aunt/favorite teacher was named that. Are you saying she has an ugly name?" And who could forget, "Are you trying to hide something?" Yeah of course retard, I'm trying to hide my shitty name and yes your grandma's name sucks and she probably hated it too.

No. 1039902

Who cares about your country? Are your tiny citizens gonna March over to America and be like “ACKSHUALLY WE ARE THE SMOL BEANS”

No. 1039911

Sorry to hear that, Agnes.

No. 1039933

I hate how exaggerated female bodies is so normalized in anime now but the second a male character has "yaoi hands" or big shoulders its weird. Both can look weird but only 1 has infiltrated day-to-day seasonal anime.

No. 1039938

No they're just saying being considered short or whatever is relative to where you live. If 5'3 is the average height for a woman, 5'5 is going seem kinda tall. If 5'7 is the average height, 5'5 seems kinda short

No. 1039945

where are you from? it's average here (southern europe)

No. 1039950

Pls do not bully Mildred
But seriously why can't people pick old lady names that are still pretty, like Evelyn or Rose?
My pet peeve is in my country all the middle class are naming their kids burger names like Riley, Brody, Austin and Sienna which have nothing to do with our culture and sound horrific with the local accent

No. 1039977

It makes me laugh to think that in 60 years, those stupid white upper middle class names like Brayden or whatever are gonna become classic old timey names kek

No. 1040361

File: 1643087021436.jpg (14.9 KB, 600x431, 76e.jpg)

I hate when both gay men and women refuse to support actual gay and lesbians artists and instead insist that Taylor swift is a lesbian or that Shawn Mendes is gay or whoever. Like they have both publicly said they are straight we should not be harassing them about their sexuality

No. 1040362

No. 1040363

It would actually be incredible if we could support actual LGB artists rather then headcanon random x celebrity/pop-Idol as being gay or a queer icon

No. 1040374

Why do anons on /w think 25 is some age where you just deteriorate? It sounds so scotey… a girl will just have her picture taken at a bad angle or unedited and they’ll attribute it to her being 25. And yes i’m talking about venus. It’s still weird and has “hitting the wall” incel energy

No. 1040381

I just assume they're young and entirely depend on men for self-esteem

No. 1040383

i think caring about singers sexuality in general is cringe

No. 1040384

It’s just so strange to me that anons post that kind of rhetoric here, If theyre truly young women then i really feel bad for zoomers, they’re adopting all the wrong damaging kind of belief systems left and right.

No. 1040567

Erect penises disgust me so much,they look so agressive and animalistic.

No. 1040604

True, but I also just get the urge to squeeze and twist them, and not in the sexual way

No. 1040605

the fact that they twitch and move on their own is so creepy like some alien parasite. though the flaccid ones are gross too, they look like deflated maggots.

No. 1040615

File: 1643113327962.jpg (47.05 KB, 200x420, 1531508892158.jpg)

I've never had sex because the risk of being honor killed is too high so I can't really understand what you mean by "aggressive", please explain I'm morbidly curious.

>the fact that they twitch and move on their own
How and why?


No. 1040644

It makes me think of that one anon bragging about her metalhead boyfriend's dick twitching when she pulls on his braid. I almost vomited

No. 1040652

Anon I asked questions and instead of giving answers you're going to give me nightmares.

No. 1040655

Nta but yes, the dick can twitch up and down when the male is aroused. Can be disgusting, I find it funny-looking. And I guess anon called it "aggressive" because it can be used as a rape rod, they get erect and reddish and well… not a good sight in most cases.

No. 1040684

People that use the word umami

No. 1040688

is there any other word for this though?

No. 1040703

Umami is just faggotese for savory

No. 1040705

ahh so you hate it because you can't tell them apart

No. 1040714

Triggered umamifag detected

No. 1040727

File: 1643123074522.jpg (48.98 KB, 554x438, VQAUE9at.jpg)

Look at you using the word umami… who's the faggot now?

No. 1040795

I hate how disgusting most rap is inb4 someone tries to accuse me of being racist.
Nah dude I hate that excuse too, literally most popular rap songs involve some form of sexual harassment, getting girls drunk or high and then using them for sex, talking about women in the worst most objectifying way,

Dont even get me started with most modern female rappers like Cardi B and Doja cat, pornstars essentially all they rap about is how men think they’re such hot shit. I like 90’s rap because while it talked about sex, it was a lot less gross seeming.

No. 1040808

I like some 90's rap but overall if the genre didn't exist It would be better overall

No. 1040818

One time I told a scrote about how rap has no soul or substance, and he had me sit through a 10 minute long rap about a gang member who was initiated by being told to rape and kill a random woman in the middle of the night and it ended up being his mother.

He was acting like the guy was a victim and how deep that was.

No. 1040823

Dancing with the Devil or something by Immortal technique, ew I hated that shit too. Such an ugly, vile song. Men are subhuman.

trigger warning : disgusting song about a hood raping his own mom

No. 1040825

What the fuck?

No. 1040828

Wtf so did he rape his mothers without realizing? How retarded is that of a storyline??

No. 1040834

>because it can be used as a rape rod, they get erect and reddish and well… not a good sight in most cases.
I didn't see it that way, this makes sense though.

>the dick can twitch up and down when the male is aroused

Is that supposed to feel good for anyone involved? It's just so weird, I can't even picture that.

No. 1040844

Yes, also if his penis is on the curved side it can move inside the vaginal canal and simulate good spots in there more easily

No. 1040887

You are

No. 1040891

lmao i remember when i was 10 i found shit like this ''deep'', i preferred the animated version though,
apparently the message of the song is that man ''dances with the devil'' by joining a gang and doing horrible things and doesn't realize how bad the things he is doing are until his mother is one of his victim, then it ends with him killing himself.

No. 1040956

File: 1643132971747.jpg (103.47 KB, 720x1210, god kill it.jpg)

my fag cousin is a furry. He's publicly into puppy play, pretending he's a fox, unironically wears a collar/ears & tail to family gatherings, and posts his degenerate shit like this all over facebook.

No. 1041013

the jumping to conclusions and tinfoiling people do about taylor being lesbian is funny. the shawn mendes shit was cringe, it was only based off of his mannerisms.

No. 1041019

Love how the only woman men care about is the one that gave birth to them. Men are narcissistic to the core, kek.

No. 1041029

So if he had murdered a woman that wasn't his mother it would have been okay, seriously it would have been an unrelated innocent woman he would have killed and raped her

No. 1041034

Yep, when I was in high school I switched towns, went from ghetto to upper middle class area, and one of the similarities the males had despite different race and social status is the use of the line "all women are whores except for my mama". I've been hearing that shit since 8th grade.

No. 1041035

They dont even care about their own mothers lol

No. 1041069

I hate seeing a drawing i like only get a hundred hearts. I love this artist. They deserve millions of heartsies.

No. 1041076


No. 1041156

the fact than anyone can have kids and do whatever they want to them

No. 1041213

>he had me sit through a 10 minute long rap about a gang member who was initiated by being told to rape and kill a random woman in the middle of the night and it ended up being his mother.

that synopsis is so fucking retarded I can't stop laughing

No. 1041215

I'll take the ban for racebaiting, but I hate indian moids.
ESPECIALLY the ones in customer service.

No. 1041269


No. 1041281

Fuck this song kek. My first encounter with it was when I was in an outpatient program for teens and we had a music sharing session. Some girl addicted to coke put this song on and was trying to convince us how deep it was. Stupidest shit ever.
It seems like everyone has the same story about it, just awkwardly being forced to listen to it while the person tries to tell you it's god's gift to rap. 2deep4u starter pack shit

No. 1041288

get a hormonal IUD nona! I was having insane periods from psych meds and got a Liletta, no periods now and feeling just dandy

No. 1041291

I hate that there's no verse structure with the randomly changing rhyme scheme

No. 1041301

File: 1643147461296.jpg (67.04 KB, 527x622, dance with the devil.jpg)

samefag but there's even a meme about it

No. 1041404

File: 1643152514361.png (836.28 KB, 820x1352, 138691c0380b46cd61b874543632f.…)

>this article
>whoever wrote it

No. 1041407

people who sing to themselves when it's quiet. it makes me really uncomfortable and irritates me and i dont know why. i just hate it

No. 1041552

No. 1041573

sounding like (c)rapper anon lol. There are good, "soulful" hiphop out there. You just have to sort through the genre like any other music.

No. 1041580

Old men always sing and whistle to themselves I find, like they have to make everyone aware of their presence.

People who talk to themselves annoy tf out of me. Not like schizo talking to themselves, like coworkers who mutter comments that aren't quite loud enough for me to know if I'm meant to reply. If you want to talk, fucking talk to me properly. If you don't want to talk, stfu so you aren't bothering people around you for no reason. I just don't get the urge to vocalise a running commentary on whatever you're doing.

No. 1041583

these were screened at the MoMA

No. 1041657

Pop punk was always trite, calculated, misogynistic white male garbage and I don't understand the zoomer girls' obsession with such a dusty moid ""aesthetic". Most of this y2k shit should just stay in the early 2000s for a reason, it's not like these little wokies would have survived a day without getting triggered to death during those times anyway

No. 1041659

agreed 100%

facts, umami is genuinely one of the most reddit soylord words ever, right there with heck, doggo, pupper, etc

No. 1041661

Notice how its “men and women” and when talking about troons it’s “trans women and trans men”… interesting

No. 1041662

this is true kek

No. 1041667

cause anon its genuinely better then 99% of current modern music, yes its generic and cooperate backed but its still more bearable then most rap and I won't have to encounter twerking as much
I mean tell me if you had a choice would you prefer blink 182 or some some low IQ music about bitches and hoes and how much "gangster" those faggots pretend to be

No. 1041668

i was saying that about the wokie part lol thats mainly what i paid attention to sorry

No. 1041669

>I don't understand the zoomer girls' obsession with such a dusty moid ""aesthetic""
Zoomers love retro and y2k, but i'm very sure this whole "pop-punk revival" is kinda one-sided and shilled by the industry

No. 1041679

This is the worst. Especially when it's just "hmm hmm HMMMMM hmm HM hm hm" like they're not humming an actual tune, just humming to fill the space with noise.

No. 1041700

File: 1643176782623.png (57.03 KB, 1001x919, you guys have no idea how hard…)

you got it

No. 1041705

I LOVE the 50s to 90s era of contemporary pop but there's a lot of songs made 2015 to now I'd rather listen over the fucking 2000s pop punk. Sorry but it's completely trash and ugly to my ears.

No. 1041713

I give you the singing part, it can be annoying. But humming random melodies that don’t exist? Don’t be so mean, some of us need to hum some notes so we can focus, my friend.

No. 1041716

File: 1643177993473.jpg (27.9 KB, 852x480, qqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqq…)

Lol, my name is fucked up but I'm happy I'm not an Agnes I jest, rock your old lady name nonna

No. 1041774

I will henceforth steal every single red dog I gaze upon

No. 1041781

someone recommended me cupcake as a "based feminist" rapper and if this is what feminist rap is like, I don't want any part of it and believe It shouldn't be allowed to exist, on some level its honestly worse then male rap cause its women and girls deluding themselves that this is somehow in their own interests
Its not simply disgusting, It actually makes me wanna hurl and the fact there are are human beings who think its good or decent music fills me with sadness really, sadness about the state of world, of women, of feminism and the human race as a whole
I genuinely believe that people who find music such as this as well as this >>1040795 should not be allowed to have children or be allowed to influence children, they have proven to be unworthy in the eyes of any and all gods and humanity to be unworthy to pass on their genes

No. 1041785

90s rap was filthy as fuck too, tho generally i like how it sounds better… usually more chill overall.

No. 1041787

Decent rap is hard to find, even when it's not cockrap a la Megan, it can be lyrically narcissistic like the typical male rapper (i don't listen to male rappers)

And then balancing that with finding someone who actually sounds good: cadence, tone wise, quality beats, etc… It's tedious

No. 1041791

"Feminist" rap that isn't libfemmy isn't really a thing because it's such a male dominated genre and the few women who are in it try to emulate moid bravado. The closest you could probably get is Little Simz or The Buttress. Cupcakke has some decent bangers out there but she pigeonholed herself by making so many gross, over-sexualized songs that no one really takes her seriously.

No. 1041795

man what the fuck happened to the guardian? I used to really admire what they did when I was younger. I wanted to be a journalist because of them. And now they're like an embarrassing parody of what they used to be.

No. 1041797

This isn't really rap though, its more spoke poetry(like real not the excuse Idiots make)
Yeah this is still shit, everything about this Shit, I'm sorry if you like this then you are sadly a subhuman, not as subhuman as a cupcake fan but still a lesser human being overall

No. 1041799

So I always call penises either "welcoming" or "aggressive" and it really depends on the sort. Imo, the aggressive ones are usually circumcised, get rock hard when erect, are very veiny and throbby. The more welcoming ones still remain slightly soft when erect, are usually uncut and aren't too big/veiny/throbby.

No. 1041801

No. 1041844

By what some anons on here complain about, they give off the impression of being elderly women with bad nerves

No. 1041865

Here is how you can tell real journalism nowadays: their journalists get murdered.
Everything else is clickbait and propaganda.

No. 1041873

Do circumcised dicks feel different from uncircumcised dicks?

No. 1041875

nta, but at least during intercourse, they don't.

No. 1041882

I hate rooibos. It smells and tastes bad. Its tiny brown leaves are the worst when it comes to cleaning filters. It's ugly as well, no matter how many flowers or pieces of dry fruit they add. Fuck off rooibos, you aren't even real tea.

No. 1041890

>so we can focus
Nta but wouldn't that have the opposite effect? stuff like that is distracting even if I'm by myself

No. 1041892

Yessss I agree 100%. Worst tea

No. 1041972

when links to picrew games 404, especially when I haven't played that specific one yet

No. 1042009

that one anon whos obsessed with the word faghag

No. 1042017

they are pretty annoying. It's weird, I've only heard moids call women faghags before. I'm not saying she's a scrote, it's just such a scrotish insult imo. maybe it's the hag part.

No. 1042031

Nta but I was thinking the same, but at the same time even in the male dominated spaces I frequent, it's not used nearly as much, not to mention her definition of faghag is pretty lax

No. 1042041

its kinda a boomer ass insult i dont remember the last time ive seen anyone use it before this

No. 1042043

could be the same anon who kept derailing the mtf threads complaining about everyone loving hsts troons and unfairly targeting heterosexual agp troons. they would call you a faghag for the crime of stating that gay men rape fewer women than straight men do.

No. 1042055

i've said faghag before as an insult (not seriously) but never mentioned anything about HSTS troons being worse lol. Anons often just start latching on an insult once an anon first says it but farmers think it's always the same one person, I don't get it

No. 1042065

is it really that confusing? it's an anonymous site, if a couple spergs talk similarly, some people might wonder if they're the same person. you're right that people start copying insults and the like though.

No. 1042259

I hate all moids, but I really hate when moids share their unwanted opinion on entertainment made for women. Especially when they demand that it should be "more inclusive" for a male audience.

No. 1042572

File: 1643230220359.jpeg (13.01 KB, 186x271, D4A9D789-8FB7-4A03-9D44-2E1FCB…)

I hate kpopfaggots and redditspacingfaggots so fucking much. Holy shit. The fact that new admin and the appointed mods are in collusion with these filthy zoomtard newfaggots makes me unironically ironically seethe. Integrating is a thing of the past! Only oldfags bother with the rules. Mark these words, reader:
>The degeneracy is rampant; the fall of /g/ will be soon. By April 2022, this place will be undeniably unrecognizable, because by then, the filth that was allowed in will be an impossible stain to scrub off.

No. 1042579

File: 1643230336583.jpg (159.63 KB, 819x819, original.jpg)

L + ratio + take your meds

No. 1042581

>L + ratio
Is this some twitter language?

No. 1042582

Go back

No. 1042583

No. 1042584

Finally some good schizoposting. It's been getting kinda dry here lately.

No. 1042591

Proved her point

No. 1042592

kek I love this

No. 1042594

you just hate to see people call you out huh. I see you lost the argument in /g/ so you are coming here to bitch.

No. 1042595

File: 1643230713878.jpg (29.5 KB, 448x299, grandma_at_computer.jpg)

>sweet heaven jesus, is this what the younglings are up to these days?

No. 1042598

File: 1643230796620.jpg (26.63 KB, 540x284, angrybabushka.jpg)

Get off my lawn

No. 1042607


No. 1042609

No. 1042614

this is the worst post on this site.

No. 1042617

Who on Twitter told kpop fags about this website

No. 1042619

ive had this same feeling lately. also in the past two weeks ive felt like moids were posting.

No. 1042620

Someone is just trolling us right? …..right?

No. 1042625

I think it's like three spammers, I really hate the gif of the kpop factory produced moid acting like a dog, who finds that sexy? The posters are also probably underaged

No. 1042629

File: 1643232279590.jpg (119.3 KB, 663x407, 72790592.jpg)

>who finds that sexy?

No. 1042631

I'm, here cause discord is down and I'm drunk. bored and abt to stick n poke myself a new tat if possible

No. 1042636

yeah that was ugly

No. 1042640

yeah i hope they don't post him again

No. 1042641

pretty sure the idols are also underaged
fucking hate male idols, the majority of them are so youthful and childish looking. it disgusts me

No. 1042646

File: 1643233049367.gif (1.32 MB, 405x304, anigif_optimized-4155-14523760…)

stop contaminating the thread

No. 1042647


No. 1042649

please stop posting this nigga, i feel bad for him already

No. 1042652

wait what's happening? it looks chaotic

No. 1042653

File: 1643233282002.jpg (31.65 KB, 512x512, 069c4100c9f283853da9b5b4d01354…)

Kawaii des

No. 1042655

he deserves it don't worry

No. 1042658

File: 1643233358555.jpeg (156 KB, 750x750, 5F02F2B8-4567-40E7-BE51-1D69AC…)

rogue seasonal choachan migration, watch for dropping of photo cards and hazardously sharp idol jawshaves

No. 1042665

File: 1643233614137.jpg (142.51 KB, 1080x423, Screenshot_20220126-153621.jpg)

Why are women always the one donating a kidney? I never see a man donating a kidney. Stop giving them organs. Start taking them.

No. 1042670

what a little bitch, i wish i could make him my slave to berate him and make him eat my pussy while doing those silly faces

No. 1042675

girl in the pic is the most annoying kpop idol the industry has ever seen

No. 1042676

typical anon who posts in the femdom thread

No. 1042684

File: 1643234204595.gif (1.68 MB, 275x155, 1643229621053.gif)

No. 1042685

File: 1643234208595.jpg (48.17 KB, 735x754, 35fd66607928b3cafd1dd15544fa09…)

I posted the gif a few days ago(?) on /g/ after checking out choachan for the first time and was like "fuck this I'm too old to get back into kpop shit". But not before clicking on the cringe thread, and saving that gif because it made me laugh so hard I was coughing up spit I accidentally inhaled.

So no there's no invasion, don't like kpoop, the more you react to the gif the more it will be posted (I only posted it once, no one's spamming it, this is pure 100% organic meme growth nonny)

No. 1042687

Why are people having arguments about race though

No. 1042689

File: 1643234362183.png (705.9 KB, 901x574, why.png)

These scary secondlife(?) models I see all over flickr. I use flickr all day for work and I'm bombarded by so many images made by people who have literal fetishes for ugly people. As a side note: for some reason flickr attracts a lot of pedos and people who have fetishes for disfigurement and objective ugliness.

No. 1042692

nta but some anons said stuff like "asian men look feminine/people who like kpop boys are closeted lesbians" and kpopfags are posting out of spite now

No. 1042693

wtf why is this on flickr? second life characters dont really belong in photography

No. 1042695

Second Life is still a thing?I know it was a pedo haven like ten years ago.

No. 1042696

>Why are people having arguments about race though
Well that's just an average day on lolcow, one day it's thin white boy lips and the next day its angrily casting hexes at asian males

No. 1042697

Yes they've been posting baits and spamming gore, insults, etc. lately. Wonder if lolcow was mentioned somewhere since there's been a flood of weird posters lately.

No. 1042699

File: 1643234743765.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 112.83 KB, 828x691, 354A1C5E-7523-4103-BFBE-BD0580…)

oh good lord

No. 1042703

The goreposters were from another imageboard, they were hyping each other up when the thread spamming was going on.

The general bitchyness has always varied but overall worse, not that it's a new development

Bait, depends on what kind, can be some of the most entertaining posts.

No. 1042777

I've done this. But in my defense it was to a Chinese webcomic that the Chinese hosting site cracked down on fan translations for. I managed to download the chinese raws and was using Google translate app to translate them, and replacing the text with english text using the built in photo editor on my phone.

No. 1042787

Low-IQ-(c)rapper-subhuman sperg. It was one thing when they were staying in the blast zone but it's being spammed in every other ot thread now.

No. 1042793

oh no, why did you point out "low iq rappers"? It will be harder to spot her if she stops using that kek.
I haven't realized she's also responsible for that

No. 1042820

File: 1643237995717.jpeg (410.17 KB, 1170x1786, DF674A76-34DA-49CB-9ABB-D8EB7C…)

This shit. I don’t even know what this tweet is trying to tell me. Capitalism is when you work a good service job? When you’re tired at work? Working in general? Can anyone explain the overlap between twitter commies and the anti work ‘movement’? Even if we did reach a communist utopia wouldn’t people still have to work, even if it’s food service?

No. 1042822

*food service

No. 1042837

I'm sorry to say that you already put more thought into this than the person who posted this tweet.

No. 1042850

File: 1643238468669.png (28.64 KB, 949x206, Capture.PNG)

No. 1042851

I think she'd stand out even without her catalogue. That kind of autistic fixation doesn't lie down lightly.

No. 1042861

Lol way to leave out the context >>1042850

No. 1043043

I fucking hate the word “netizen”

No. 1043173

all the /g/ sperging reminded me that i hate how most men are so fucking ugly whether they're dancing wax figures or 50000 year old beat up leather couches

No. 1043188

So you just don't like men and/or reality. That's ok

>Even if we did reach a communist utopia
In that case people wouldn't have to work like this for pennies, and this kind of shit >>1042850 wouldn't happen because things would work efficiently enough to help people survive in the middle of a storm without having to rely on acts of charity (from overworked wagies or otherwise).

No. 1043328

seriously i feel so bad for straight women and their pickings, but god damn can you stop lusting after neotenic men with playdough faces and leatherface mcgee over here and pick an actual husbando that isn't so ugly he's painful to behold

No. 1043386

File: 1643279506366.png (107.38 KB, 547x279, ezgif.com-gif-maker.png)

This print mislabled as sweet chestnut when it's clearly horse chestnut makes me sad

No. 1043403

The expression "brain fart"

No. 1043404

those shameless frauds!

No. 1043410

It's obviously horse chestnut, what kind of scam are they running??

No. 1043411

Netflix shows

No. 1043416

But there is like, a bajillion

No. 1043420

and not a single one worth paying for

No. 1043515

I'm sure she means she hates all these shows tbh.

No. 1043882

I hate that this furry-and-otherkin-conflating fake news piece about school litterboxes is going to be used to paint terves as hysterical yet again

No. 1043905

I hate liberal moids online and their obsession with age and age consent laws and witch hunting 18 and 19 year olds for acting their age aka acting like retarded teenagers because it ruins the image of the mature 18 year old thats totally morally okay to chase after and date. Like imagine wasting time discussing teenagers psyches when you could just cut it short and date people your age

No. 1043908

Second Life shit is all over flickr for any search term you type in. I think some people have asked the flickr team to make a search filter in the past and they refused.

No. 1043923

"i have a praise kink uwu" you don't have a kink, you have a tiny little shred of self respect left that refuses to die, but you're doing a pretty good job at slowly killing it by making wanting to be talked to affectionately something extraordinary

No. 1043937

Women thinking that they need to frame their emotional needs as sexual needs in order for them to be attended to. Sad!

No. 1043966

I'm still not sure what a praise kink is or how it works despite seeing it in fanfics a lot. It looks like just someone giving a lot of very forced compliment to the other person, idk.

No. 1043972

>TFW I have a KiNk for men who bathe and are financially responsible

teehee uwu

No. 1044016

I've mostly seen troons list it as their "kink" and it's always along the lines of
>I want mommy to pat and pet my head and tell me I'm a good little cute catgirl and mommy loves rubbing my tumtum and giving me cummies tee hee! uwu
But in the context of fanfics I guess it's more like the "good boy, you served me well" style dirty talk.

No. 1044022

Cummies is such a disgusting term

No. 1044079

Lmfao I had the same confusion when I read tags of some fics, it’s like saying kissing is a kink or holding hands. Praise/encouragement is a normal part of sex and relationships so idk, I guess it’s just there to show that it’s not going to be degrading “who’s a little slut” dialogue that’s so common now

No. 1044100

I'm just really fucking tired of how SJWs get mad at women for "fetishizing" gay men in romance novels or elsewhere but never care about how straight men fetishize lesbians. And no I'm not a fujo, I just find this shit really annoying.

No. 1044113

The word "comfort character/youtuber/musician" etc and everyone who uses it.
Those are people, not fucking kiddie blankets and you're a grown ass adult, not a toddler.

No. 1044115

I'd understand comfort show/game/movie/book but comfort character is weird

No. 1044116

I get it if it’s “comfort youtuber, person, celebrity” buf character and music?

No. 1044122

ikr? i mean is not that bad but it sounds so weird

No. 1044123

It's not that deep. People have comfort foods too, it's just something that makes you relaxed and brings you peace. Like watching a certain youtuber's videos or listening to certain songs or browsing fanart/fanfics of a character that make you feel comfortable for one reason or another.

No. 1044133

Then just say you enjoy or like them? "Comfort person" sounds like a comfort blanket you need or else you throw a crying tantrum. Nevermind youtubers etc aren't objects and I hear this term the most when fans of person xy are bitching because they dare to say, do or think something that doesn't fit into the fan's very narrow view of said person.

No. 1044145

Is it that weird? I consider Moominmamma my "comfort character" because she's everything my mother wasn't to me, and everything that I want to embody. She genuinely brings me comfort, I feel warm and happy when I watch/read her. I've never actually used the term comfort character, mind you, but I think if I needed a term for it I would use that. I would use that term rather than "favorite" because she's not my favorite character per se.

No. 1044175

Personally I don't think it's that weird, it's pretty harmless. Unless it's used to unhealthy levels of skinwalking and obsession like kinnies I say let them have their comfort characters even if the term is cringe.

No. 1044181

I get disliking the term but "comfort person" gives more information and is more specific than just saying you "like them". Lame as it is, "comfort person" accurately describes their relationship to the subject

No. 1044185

Kinnies are on a whole other level, but sometimes I wonder what it would be like to be so out of touch with reality that I could just LARP all day, because the concept sounds fun. But the reality is mental illness and poor hygiene. Find a kinnie with a clean apartment, haha kidding, you won't.

No. 1044261

Parasocial relationships

No. 1044383

'comfort person' sounds creepy especially when you don't even know the person and their job is just making poopoopeepee jokes or some shit like that, and the fans get upset upon realizing that they're not an idealized character

No. 1044445

ppl who actively sweet baby talk at their dogs even when they're badly misbehaving, like the dog ISN'T gonna fuck you shut the fuck up GOD.

No. 1044562

>'comfort person' sounds creepy especially when you don't even know the person and their job is just making poopoopeepee jokes or some shit like that
Are you talking about Brittany Broski? She gets called comfort person more than anyone I've seen.

No. 1044579

File: 1643360748670.png (550.3 KB, 752x432, tumblr_26f11c93a639fd778f36646…)

the evil energies radiating from this youtube thumbnail

No. 1044586

>We need to talk about the "I'm not like other girls" problem in historical costume dramas
does she not understand why NLOGs (to use her term) in classic novels are so revolutionary? girl needs to take an english class.

No. 1044587

Idk if this is exclusively an Emma Chamberlain term, but I binge watched her videos cringing every time she talked about having diarrhea and did those big rancid bulimic burps - then she had a tangent in a video where she said
>people keep asking me to edit the burps, farts and peepeepoopoo content out, but guess what, you're still watching so you think it's a little funny!!!
I never watched her again lol.

No. 1044591

Meanwhile being a video essay girl is the NLOG of youtubers. Complete with terrible Lindsay Ellis lipstick

No. 1044595

This reminded me, I've come to despise the term NLOG cause I'm seeing It used everywhere, it seems like its just used to insult women or girls who have alternative interests and try to insinuate the reason for their interests is purely misogyny and its ridiculous, Its like saying that Metalheads are misandrist and secretly hate other men cause they don't like mainstream music

No. 1044603

i really hate her an her content, she's just cringey to me….and also a huge hypocrite, after the whole juneteenth situation i really could watch her videos anymore….

No. 1044623

ugh abby cox has always been the worst of the historical costumer youtubers. she's just so… midwestern mom. any joke she makes sounds so stilted
what was the juneteenth situation?

No. 1044626

It really fucking sucks that when people started out criticizing/making fun of NLOGs it was because NLOGs think they're special snowflakes for having quirks that most women have and/or adopting scrotish behaviors like watching porn to impress men. Now it's just a way to shame women for not conforming to feminine stereotypes and gender roles.

No. 1044630

the funny thing is this is literally 'im not like other girls, i LIKE being feminine and wearing corsets!'

No. 1044632

I've had people call me a NLOG because i said I liked something lol

No. 1044640

I've gotten to the point where I don't even want to share my interests with people because most of my interests are not stereotypically feminine and therefor will get me labelled nlog. I've never been smug about them, they're just what I'm interested in. but saying you don't like pop music is enough to get you labelled nlog now.

No. 1044648

Agree. NLOG was originally used to call out girls who put down other women to gain more favor with men or characters who are underlined to be better than those brainless, vapid cheerleaders but it was co-opted to mean "a woman with a non-traditional, non-genderconforming interest" even when they're not acting smug about it. It's clear that the pickmes took the term and started throwing it around to fix their own insecurity regarding their gender-conformity.
>H-how dare this bitch like (masculine thing) and dress in (masculine clothing), her whole presence is making me feel guilty about being an effeminate woman effeminate interests because there's literally no correct way to be a woman since you get shamed regardless! fuck you you stupid NLOG!!!111
It's especially painful when it's done to ree at women who are already insecure about not fitting in with "other girls" and are constantly self-conscious about themselves having unconventional interests or ways of presenting themselves. That's literally how troons are created.

No. 1044670

I was just thinking about this today, it really has become "see I'm not like those other girls who say they're not like other girls!" It's just another way to divide women and make us hate on each other and think one 'type' of woman is superior to other 'types'

No. 1044679

I hate how any GNC man is trooning out because he's forfeited his masculinity to become a fake crab imitation woman. Are the conventions of modern masculinity really that toxic and regressive that even a slightly GNC man thinks he doesn't deserve to be a male at all?

No. 1044684

when her ex boss lauren from AD went to colonial williamsburg in costume the week before the juneteenth celebration, she got on tiktok/insta to rant about how inappropriat it is to cosplay as slaveowner on an old plantation bla bla…while having had a plantation wedding herself and cleary not having an issue with it on other occasion…it was cleary just used to dunk on lauren, not to put light on costuming in places of historic trauma

No. 1044685

I think the "doesn't deserve to be their gender at all" logic applies more to women who troon out for feeling like a failed woman due to how vigorously women are standardized and mocked. For men it seems to be either a fetish (AGPs), the need to be desired by other men (HSTSs) or the ones who were groomed into thinking that their underlying mental illness is actually gender dysphoria manifesting instead of something deep-rooted that needs to be addressed.

No. 1044690

I don't think its even about having masculine interests now, It seems the "requirement" to be labeled a NLOG is not having libfem political views and not being into mainstream media and music

No. 1044691

I understand how it's a AGP fetish for the basic Contrapoints or Chris Chan types who likely had conservative upbringings and were fed crap about what man and a woman are supposed to be, but..
Those types in artistic and music subcultures? A man experimenting with his more sensitive or unconventional side was never deemed "girly" there (to the same extent you'd get from normies or even nerds from fictional fantasy communities) and it actually helps with getting girls to become more attracted to him. It's also more accepted that a guy could act masculine in his own way still while wearing makeup, having long hair, flamboyant clothes, (think Goth and Emo boys as the most recent example of this type) so becoming trans identified actually works against this. Most of the trooning out artsty guys I've seen are female attracted too which is a real head scratcher.
It's like that subculture of acceptance around men who act GNC but still remain a "cis" masculine identity is gone for some reason.

No. 1044701

This is the problem with these terms, sometimes they genuinely refer to things that do happen sometimes and then moids and women who are seething start using them to police other women. I feel like this is how religions start

No. 1044732

I'm tired of shows and movies where the dialogue is overly fast-paced and every character has a snarky one-liner, like chill out.

No. 1044777

The way some anons can't fathom that some people don't want plastic surgery even if they have ugly features, it literally seems to confuse them that not everyone is as obsessed with looks as they are. I just hope these anons are 10 out of 10 in the looks and body department because that's sure how they act.

No. 1044783

It's vindictafags. They shame women with unconventional features but also shame women with plastic surgery or bland features. They're projecting their own insecurities and most are either unattractive or have body dysmorphic disorder.

No. 1044821

Is that really the case? A lot of vindictafags are scarethots so kek if true

No. 1044830

The way companies try to affect your emotions with their retarded marketing stuff. I unsubscribe from an email list, next I get an email that they 'miss me and hate to see me go'. No you don't and fuck off.

And this has been increasing in the last few years, companies trying to make the customer-seller relationship appear as if it was more than just exchanging money for a product or a service

No. 1044934

File: 1643390690471.png (757.28 KB, 769x1052, nlog videos.png)

How many video essays about the "not like other girls" phenomenon do youtubers need? This discussion went viral 10 years ago on Tumblr and every woke youtube essayist makes a video about it too. I think there is still room for different perspectives about this topic but they don't provide them, they all say the same shit which they just copied from Tumblr posts.

No. 1045002

Why do these zoomers think they're smart for stating the obvious shit that were already explained over and over again by other people on the exact same websites they use? They always make their videos so long for something that can be summed up in two or three sentences. And is that a fucking guy talking about girls and the NLOG thing in the second thumbnail? Can he commit suicide already?

No. 1045014

Pretty sure they're just terminally online. Go to Walmart and you won't care if your foreheads too big.

No. 1045021

this content works because people want background noise. constant background noise. no one's actually watching this shit with full attention. so the subject doesn't really matter that much.

No. 1045026

I especially despise the commercials that legit try to traumatize you into donating/not drunk driving/etc. I may be too sensitive but I stopped watching tv and got AdBlock for computer because the invasiveness of ads. Also billboards and bus stop ads should be illegal.

No. 1045048

Those people clearly aren't zoomers. Stop seething hag.

No. 1045051

Haha just wait until we all live in ar and they’re everywhere

No. 1045067

Yeah sure. Don't get upset because I stated a fact.

No. 1045073

NTA but Kurtis Conner and Sarah Z are almost 30. I don't know the other ones.

No. 1045908

File: 1643469611808.jpg (54.84 KB, 600x331, eca.jpg)

>translating stuff
>look up a phrase in quotes on Google to only get results with exact matches
>one of the 9 results is a comment on a porn site about wanting to experience being assraped before dying
>another case of pornsick scrotes ruining my fucking day by popping up in the most inappropriate of times and places
Is there a way to block porn shit from Google results entirely?

I remember a PETA YouTube ad that started with the horrifying screams of owls being tortured for research
I got that ad pretty frequently for a while and no matter how many times I refreshed the page (which surprisingly worked to skip ads without having to wait), it wouldn't go away.
(At that time I was browsing the 'net on private windows only on a computer that wasn't mine so I couldn't use an ad blocker.)

No. 1045966

I hate when women stop liking something just because men do. Absolutely pathetic letting men have that much control over your own enjoyment.

No. 1045984

I hate when anyone suggests Grimes gets a nose job because of this.

No. 1046093

File: 1643481628793.png (192.35 KB, 800x514, rumic.png)

Ok so I know harem as a genre isn't anything to write home about, just to get this out of the way, but I hate what has become of it (or rather, the protagonist) if you consider that Ranma of Ranma 1/2 was the first harem and thus, basically the prototype. With Ranma you could still at least get in some kinda way why four girls were after him – I know he's an ass and has a bad mouth, but other than that he's strong, confident, popular with others and has helped the love interests in one way or another. Maybe my memory is just failing me, but except for maybe the first episode he didn't seem to land in any lucky sukebe situations either, and even that he tried to avoid. So how (this is a rhetoric question; I know how) did we end up with helpless good-for-nothings as protagonists that would throw each of their love interests in front of an actual bus if it meant to save his own pathetic ass?

On a related note, I hate how you can't seem to mention any of Takahashi Rumikos works nowadays without at least one person going "Yes, I agree, marry me/No, I disagree, consider killing yourself, and also, Pedomaru." especially considering she's only responsible for the character designs of yashahime, and if you think about how strict she was to keep the original anime as close to her original as possible, it's not unlikely she doesn't approve of this, either I hope this will get better again after Yashahime has run it's course.

No. 1046106

Pretty sure the first one was Urusei Yatsura, but it's by the same author. I haven't read it though so correct me if I'm wrong, and Ranma 1/2 came out very soon after that one I think.

>So how (this is a rhetoric question; I know how) did we end up with helpless good-for-nothings as protagonists that would throw each of their love interests in front of an actual bus if it meant to save his own pathetic ass?

Same shit as other trends, future mangaka liked the first few manga of the genre, saw it was getting popular and tried to mindlessly replicate the tropes. I said it in another thread but the exact same shit is going on with isekai and "otome" reincarnation shit. What could have been seen as isekai before was shit like Magic Knight Rayearth, The 12 Kingdoms, Kyou Kara Mao, Vision of Escaflowne, etc. but now it's shit like retarded Dragon Quests parodies made by people who probably never played Dragon Quests. Or with otome shit the first one was a parody of a specific game, Angelique, and other authors who never, ever played otome games, let alone Angelique, decided to make their own parodies.

By the way, is it me or are harem shit more and more inappropriate these days? Even Love Hina seems tame compared to some of the screenshots I see online sometimes.

No. 1046109

I fucking hate animal research, I'm traumatised by your mere description. Makes me want to kill myself. No living being deserves such fate, especially innocent animals

No. 1046127

I always hear Urusei Yatsura being called the first harem too, but for me the most defining trait of a harem is the protagonist being chased by multiple love interests, and since Ataru only got chased by Shinobu in the beginning and it being Lum-only afterwards, calling UY the first harem didn't feel quite right. Especially agreed on the inappropriateness getting out of hand, with some screenshots and clips I'm seeing I'm not sure if I'm watching an actual series or just a hentai.

No. 1046163

Based take nonnie, I remember that reading Ranma you could absolutely believe that all these girls and boys found both male and female Ranma attractive unlike in today's harem series. The Harem genre used to be a fun slice of life thing in the 90's that had you rooting for your favourite couple but now it's literally just a protagonist made as boring and flat as possible just for moids to self-insert and the girls are constantly sexualized and violated but also written to be tropey and void of actual personality besides being obsessed with the male protagonist. Tsunderes used to be a motivator for the male character to improve himself, now it's just the girl being bullied into admitting that this stupid moid is actually the love of her life.

No. 1046164

Same. Even thinking about stray animals trapped in storms makes me agonize. I just want people to care, ugh.

No. 1046828

File: 1643555699682.jpg (39.08 KB, 474x316, downloadfile-2.jpg)

I hate the vanilla part in Neapolitan ice cream. Strawberry and chocolate are way superior. Who else agrees?

No. 1046830

Me too and I feel really bad about it. Everyone else eats the chocolate and the vanilla gets left behind so I eat it so it doesn't feel bad all alone. But I like the chocolate part best too.

No. 1046834

I only like the vanilla part, we would make the perfect trio to share neapolitan ice cream

No. 1046835

Give me the vanilla and strawberry anons, I'll take it off your hands because I think the chocolate is the weakest link. Chocolate flavored things always taste weak and waxy to me. But artificial strawberry and a creamy vanilla? Heaven

No. 1046845

ME, I have some in my freezer now cause it was on sale and I haven't even touched the vanilla kek

No. 1046848

This but switch vanilla and strawberry

No. 1046849

You would be useful to have around. You can eat all my discarded pizza crusts

No. 1046858

I rather eat pizza crusts than vanilla ice cream…
Team strawberry btw

No. 1046859

No. 1046866

How did you know I love pizza crusts, I will come help you get rid of them.

No. 1046877

I like my whole pizza to be like the crust, crispy, chewy and slightly singed. Crust abandoners should be jailed for liking sloppy wet pizza where the toppings slide off when you pick up a slice

No. 1046890


Gimme all your vanilla ice creams to me, anons. I genuinely love vanilla ice cream.

No. 1046984

I hate when people project their own personal issues on others. I'm currently looking for resources, personal advice and experiences about avoiding being online too much and almost all the bullshit blogs I can find will always say shit like "social media is bad because it WILL give you body image issues and lower your self-esteem", like no? That's your own personal issue, not mine bitch. I got over my own body image issues long ago and they started when I was a kid because racist classmates would bully me non-stop in primary school over my skin color and how short I was, if you feel bad about your waist because you can't even notice when pictures are photoshopped you're retarded, plain and simple. Or I keep seeing guys bringing up their porn addiction and implying that this applies to the vast majority of people when they explain why they try to limit their time on the internet, which is, once again, their own personal, retard problem.

No. 1047073

File: 1643574638261.jpg (46.27 KB, 600x468, abcdefg.jpg)

I hate when games with romance have majority ugly male options, but all beautiful female options. Then when you or somebody complains about it, everyone says to just marry the female options. No, I want to be mad at the coomer devs who decided to make a game "for everyone" but balk at the idea of designing more than a crumb of eye candy for their female audience.
Picrel. My Time at Portia might be the worst example. Although there is less of them, every single one of the female love options are very cute and pretty. Whereas nearly all the male love options are so goddamned ugly and disgusting, save for a few. People say Mint is the best looking male option, but it takes a while before you can even meet him. And did they really need to include 5 copy-pasted fat guys?
I'm not saying all male love routes need to be some flavor of anime hot man and I don't even self-insert. I just irrationally seethe whenever I see this.

No. 1047079

This is criminal

No. 1047131

god thats disgusting, there's even an aiden to add insult to the injury

No. 1047132

File: 1643578562828.jpg (20.26 KB, 433x286, D-ffwbGXUAIoWCL.jpg)

This reminds me of how even in Harvest Moon there's usually an ugly joke character or two you can marry if playing as a girl but never for the men. You can marry the Harvest Goddess in every single game but the Harvest King doesn't even exist in most of them. And a lot of the time if there's a good looking character he is arrogant and insufferable.

No. 1047145

>all this shit
>And a lot of the time if there's a good looking character he is arrogant and insufferable.
How is this not propaganda? Like is this not at least a little bizarre? And it happens with multiple games? Handmaidens and "egalitarians" please explain to me lol
Btw don't try bitching "It's just video games" when most of you kept your mouths shut when your scrotes reee'd daily about any game having sexualized character designs toned down, and/or bitched about Lola Bunny and the fucking green M&M not being sexualized

No. 1047154

I agree with you
>when most of you kept your mouths shut when your scrotes reee'd daily about any game having sexualized character designs toned down
farmers would never, libfems though…

No. 1047159

What is this ugly ass art for a game with romance options. Even the women characters look diseased.

Not sure about western games, but JRPGs like this usually have a decent selection of guy options, and maybe a couple uggo joke options, enough so I usually have a hard time choosing and want a harem option instead.

Western games usually feel like propaganda, but honestly it can be hard to tell because they just choose ugly ass art styles in the first place.

No. 1047194

I hate the pants on head retard logic people pull out their ass when it comes to “gender non conforming trans women”
That’s a whole ass fucking M A N and I’m so embarrassed that lesbians have to listen to some other women explain how a mentally ill man pretending to be a “butch woman” should be allowed in their space. Their arguments are complete circles.

No. 1047270

It's insane because they expect you to take the complete lack in difference to any other man as some kind of post-post-human rationale for why no sexualities should exist. All because they can't cope. Every "butch" male comes to the conclusion they look like the stereotypical man who jokingly calls himself a lesbian but do they realize they're deluded and stop harassing women? No, the real reason is that women should be available to all people at all times if they want to be good people.

No. 1047275

>I hate when games with romance have majority ugly male options, but all beautiful female options.
Too realistic for your tastes?

No. 1047302

>video title: overanalyzing barbie movies with queer marxist theory

it’s sad that there aren’t enough good female friendship representation in media so when people see two female characters having a good time with one another without bickering about men or “trivial girl shit” it must mean they are both bisexual lesbians (with a preference for men) queerbies who are desperately in love with each other because their friendship transcends bland and restricting expectations of IRL camaraderie. god I fucking hate these people so much

No. 1047305

Holy shit you just explained why I get annoyed when people ship every female friendship as lesbians.

No. 1047310

Its a videogame, is not supposed to be realistic wtf

No. 1047318

I commented something similar to what you said on that video when it first came out and it was deleted within seconds on me posting it. Echo-chambers only!

No. 1047334

I hate people who pretend that the reason they aren't having kids is because of the climate change or capitalism or whatever Noble Cause. No, you are just not having them for ordinary selfish reasons like the rest of us, but you are so narcissistic you need to make it about how you are morally superior to others. The reasons are stupid too and it's always obvious these r/collapse types have never read a single serious book about these issues, they are just joining into social media mass hysteria because it brings excitement into their boring lives.

No. 1047336

noo why are they touching my favs?? why cant they analyze the microbiome of their ass-cracks instead!!

No. 1047344

I hate all those fucking weirdos that pedo pander and have user names like “toddlerbimbo” or some shit. Seeing all those grown men in diapers also makes my skin crawl

No. 1047357

I fucking hate what bullet journalling has turned into. Watch a man glue two pictures to some paper, but it takes 9 minutes!

No. 1047363

Honestly I've always found journaling, stationary consumption, sticker collecting, etc really tedious and a waste of time and creative energy. I didn't even take notes through college (all that shit was online and writing during class distracts me). It's just painstaking effort making pages aesthetically perfect for no reason and to never look back on them again.

No. 1047398

same. doing picture journalling or scrapbooking alone seems like a waste of your creativity, you stash your hard work in a little book you look at every now and then instead of displaying it. was too tedious for me to enjoy. doing scrapbooking with a dozen old ladies at a party every few weeks, thats fun as hell tho.

No. 1047402

what if i don't want to display it

No. 1047408

You don’t really waste creativity, the more you practice the more you get. If you like to create a lot, journals are good as you don’t make a ton of shit no one wants to use or display. And some people do flip through their stuff sometimes!