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File: 1637319652387.png (1021.79 KB, 736x736, imagen_2021-11-19_050036.png)

No. 972163

A thread made as a reminder for everyone this next townhall is probably the most important one we'll have in a while. It's current admin's last townhall and it will talk about the future of lolcow

Date: SUNDAY, Nov. 21th 2021
HOUR: 8PM GMT (20:00 hrs)


Check your timezone here

Discuss the townhall here, also made this reminder because past townhalls have notoriously gone under the radar even though there's a clear message on the top of the page. Be sure to mark your calendars and get your alarm clock ready!

No. 972172

File: 1637320292421.png (1008.82 KB, 680x680, imagen_2021-11-19_051122.png)

don't forget it's literally this sunday anons!

No. 972176

Is there a list of points that will be brought up and voted for?

No. 972225

File: 1637324595556.jpg (44.37 KB, 1024x1008, cheems happy.jpg)

I will doompost.

No. 972247

Not sure if admin has said anything but I for sure want more banners added

No. 972249

Same, the ones waiting in the thread right now are solid gold

No. 972299

File: 1637331111661.jpg (49.47 KB, 700x467, BY1Fi62FCiZ-png__700.jpg)

Bumping images off of front page, porn spam below

No. 972301

bump for scrote spamming porn

No. 972391

Bumping for the porn spam

No. 972393

I thought it was all gone?

No. 972500

Ladies, whatever happens, it was a pleasure to share a space where we can be as unhinged as possible. Bless you all.

No. 972552

File: 1637342826878.jpg (52.51 KB, 518x480, sadfuckingcow.JPG)

Can't wait to attend, Godspeed you goddess.

No. 972559

File: 1637343144933.gif (1.81 MB, 180x320, cows.gif)

This is going to be my first town hall. I'm so excited. Are there any concerns regarding scrotes invading the town hall? I know that the mods will probably ban it in seconds, but still

No. 972571

There might be covert ones

No. 972584

ive never attended before tbh i dont get how…

No. 972586

this may be a retarded question but how do we get the link for it? I filled out the form a while ago.

No. 972597

I never filled out a form, did we have to?

No. 972616

nta but no, that was just for collecting date and time preferences

No. 972634

File: 1637347224536.png (318.72 KB, 600x335, DE3149A1-1A77-4A0C-8521-034657…)

I will be very upset if you don’t show up anons. Idgaf if u have work or whatever.

No. 972652

I'll be there bitches.

No. 972684

File: 1637349483541.jpg (76.09 KB, 700x385, 59d490ce0fb07_mjpxF6A__700.jpg)

No. 972695

Seconded, just how in the fuck do we attend?
Also I remember anons saying it was "pretty chill"

No. 972719

Someone awnser this anon's questions I'm too retarded to know

No. 972752

Last I remember they will post a link to a chat room thing? I was zooted so don’t quote me on that

No. 973154

Can admin pin this thread for us?

No. 973504

File: 1637420856615.png (82.98 KB, 275x275, ot-2.png)

The townhall is tomorrow girls!

No. 973508

Now that I mention it, did anyone notice the original pinned OT thread is gone?
The one that said what /ot/ is and said "/ot/ is closed until further notice"
Please tell me I'm the only one who noticed

No. 973512

Bumping cause scrote posting, MODS WAKE THE FUCK UP

No. 973515

Yeah, it was unpinned a couple months ago. Not sure why.

No. 973542

File: 1637422275762.jpg (715.29 KB, 1170x869, animal crossing.jpg)

How many hours do townhall threads last? Is it until the thread reaches its bump limit?

No. 973547

It's held on an off-site chatroom, at least it was last and only time I attended. I think it lasted about an hour and a half?

No. 973581

>off-site chatroom
I thought it would be on lolcow. Will the link be posted during the time of the townhall

No. 973583

That's how it usually is like.

No. 973609

is it still anonymous? really havent done this before so i dont know what to expect tbh

No. 973637

mods where are you?

No. 973728

the number of newfags itt not even knowing how the townhall works tells me i shouldn't even bother attending

No. 973732

In their defense, I think the last townhall was like 4 years ago.

No. 973741

no it was 2019

No. 973765

Remember to check your timezone nonners!

No. 973766

Been here since 2015 but never bothered attending any townhall because I did not fucking care
Now that lolcow is maybe kill I want to be there

No. 973767

Not many people showed up in the past ones because people miss the date and time
Let them be

No. 973790

same, I remember farmers complaining that only 5 people joined that 2019 lol

No. 973804

I'm pretty sure there was one last year around the time /ot/ was closed

No. 973919

File: 1637448160405.jpeg (108.38 KB, 660x880, B8D4FABB-3193-4D7A-BAF0-000ADA…)

i mightve gotten up too early for townhall

No. 973922

considering it's still almost 24 hours away, yeah

No. 973923

Aw, the cow has earmuffs

No. 973924

>almost 24 hours
??? nta but isn't it only like 9 hours

No. 973927

Nta, but I guess it depends on where you are. It's 5 pm November 5th where I am, but maybe it's already the 21st where you live

No. 973929

wtf it's like 20 hours away from me, is that normal?

No. 973932

if you live on earth yeah

No. 973934

File: 1637449253516.jpeg (165.64 KB, 660x880, 7EB596A3-CD62-4D9E-848F-E96952…)

same anon here, and whoops it seems that it will be 22nd when townhall happens in my timezone, i will be going back to sleep, nighty nonnies

No. 973936

no… it's at 3pm EST on 11/21. it's currently 6pm EST 11/20. kek.

No. 973938

Don’t fucking do this. I might actually be too stupid to understand time zones. Someone get a countdown timer please!

No. 973940

embarrassing. just google GMT conversion.

No. 973958

NTA I googled so I know I have a lot of time but I'm still freaking out when anons say shit like 'it's in 4 hours!!!'. What the actual fuck, shit drives me insane

No. 973966

Literally HOW can OP have a whole list of timezones in it and you are still confused what time townhall is? You don't know time zone converters exist?

No. 973970

use your brain and learn to ignore retardation??

No. 973975

Why are you bitches like this


No. 973976

Yeah I think so too. It was the one that barely anybody attended right. I remember /meta/ getting bombarded with complaints by gc and pink pill autists and when that actually could’ve been discussed in a civil way during town hall they didn’t show up. Then got mad at the results after the townhall. Unhinged newfags.

No. 973979

Bruh we gonna pretend that there wasn't a poll in which majority was in favor of keeping PP/GC but they got nuked anyway???

No. 973980

tbh last time I showed up for a townhall, not all of the discussed and voted on changes were put through. Like I'm pretty sure we voted for /w/ to be removed/merged with /snow/ and that never happened, among other things.

No. 973983

why are we stupid?

No. 973988

yep this is accurate

speak for yourself

No. 974077

Ok sorry for retard question I’ve been here since 2018 and should know the answer but do we just come to this thread when it’s town hall time?

No. 974134

No I literally just made it as a reminder
This is the first thread that has been made as a town hall reminder ever
When the time comes we'll know what to do I guess

No. 974139

anons fighting for their lives to figure out how the townhall works

No. 974140

File: 1637464599436.jpeg (91.89 KB, 750x520, 2AEAEC6E-30A7-4DB7-884F-B60ED6…)

I’ll be at work but I can sneak my phone to check up

No. 974144

>what is a cow person called
Cowgirl/cowboy, duh.

No. 974169

same kek

No. 974282

Tbh there's some clear lack of communication between admin and the website
saying "LURK MORE NEWFAG" doesn't help in this case

No. 974283

File: 1637486500913.png (430.72 KB, 624x468, imagen_2021-11-21_032142.png)


No. 974293

it'll be like, 4 am where i live and i've got work tomorrow, hmm

No. 974298

sage for retard and sorta-newfag but how exactly do townhalls work? i started lurking summer 2020 and have never seen one happen
where is it held, on lolcow as a new thread? or is it on a separate server

No. 974299

You will see the announcement on top of the page

No. 974324

My udders make BLACK MILK for you and it’s like a lock that will never be UNCHAINED

No. 974332

anon who posted this, turns out i confused AM and PM due to being esl (and also severe retardation). i'm sorry for the confusion i caused kek

No. 974342

I'm ESL and we use am/pm in my country too, do you use the 24hr system?

No. 974354

yes! but i have been taught the difference between am/pm and thought i understood it, guess i just scrolled past it pretty fast and didn't pay attention to which one it was

No. 974357

12hr system isn't exlusively North-American.

No. 974359

Dw anon, glad you saw the difference!

No. 974360

And? We know anon

No. 974361

The ESL comments seemed to imply otherwise.

No. 974367

I'm one of the anons that you replied to and I'm from Mexico so it was pretty obvious to me
Is this the hill you'll die on? because it seems dumb

No. 974376

No? It's fine, just a misunderstanding then. I was just replying to you/anon whoever it was.

No. 974378

Alright anon see you at the townhall!

No. 974401

on top of this thread? or on top of any page on the website

No. 974407

File: 1637506028841.png (479.18 KB, 720x1560, Captura de pantalla_20211121-0…)

Here I think
Hoping some anon that gets the link posts it here too

No. 974426

top of the page where the regular announcements are

No. 974474

File: 1637511773889.png (305.1 KB, 400x398, imagen_2021-11-21_102255.png)

Three hours left!!!

No. 974478

File: 1637512424815.png (633.47 KB, 900x523, BC0E1401-3EE8-4730-BE50-9445D3…)

I’m terrified

No. 974481

you're making it a way bigger deal than it is if past townhalls are anything to go by kek.

No. 974486

Let me remind you not many people assisted to the last one. And this one was made to literally to talk about the future of the website.

No. 974488

File: 1637512878334.png (202.16 KB, 435x543, ihiuh.PNG)

she's bringing shit moid mentality from 4chan
we should be nice to one another. if not nice, at least helpful

No. 974494

i agree

No. 974496

File: 1637513358483.jpeg (145.79 KB, 888x1080, BBF4C526-868C-42F0-AC4B-EFF7E1…)

Let’s gooooo

No. 974515

File: 1637515836200.jpg (43.81 KB, 564x414, moomoo.jpg)

First townhall, no idea what I'm doing

No. 974527

nobody's obligated to be nice to each other just because we're all girls. come on now.

No. 974542

File: 1637518707352.jpg (141.73 KB, 720x960, Here's a little moo to brighte…)

Admin made an official thread on /meta/

No. 974555

File: 1637519914657.png (354.47 KB, 372x354, imagen_2021-11-21_123837.png)

Be sure to enter at the right time!!!

No. 974566

Please provide a rundown for us who won't be able to attend this time.
In the last one which had like a dozen farmers at most, a scrote outed himself and then the admin banned him, it wasn't much of a big deal.

No. 974574

Is there a way to chat as anon? I only see the guest login option

No. 974575

The names are anonimous don't worry, just chose a random one

No. 974576

Thank you, anon

No. 974579

I probably won't be there for the entire townhhall tbh

No. 974581

File: 1637523006431.png (1.26 MB, 1242x1645, imagen_2021-11-21_133005.png)


No. 974589

File: 1637524375366.png (111.64 KB, 208x243, imagen_2021-11-21_135248.png)

GET IN THERE NOW!!!!!!!!!!!

No. 974595


No. 974605

I can't really attend since I'm doing someone's nails right now, but it doesn't seem like Admin is there anyway

No. 974606

admin forgot about us

No. 974607

Its a sign

No. 974608

she's there now

No. 974609


No. 974611

File: 1637527014735.png (3.05 KB, 370x36, 1.png)


No. 974612


>The new board software allows for ranged bans and for SHA bans

>ranged bans will help with the ban evasion problem

No. 974613

god help us

No. 974614

I don't think she said new admin is GC

No. 974615

the post you responded to didn’t say that either

No. 974616

File: 1637527479093.png (4.72 KB, 384x46, 1.png)

With unlikeables she means reddit/twitter

No. 974618

File: 1637527646254.png (12.07 KB, 532x184, 1.png)


No. 974619

I know theres no need to post here since there will probably be a recap but, radfem anons can use /xx/ to make threads until new admin shows up

No. 974621

It's over, right? Because the links don't work

No. 974622

no its still going

No. 974623

No, it's still going, admin was like 30 mins late https://cytu.be/r/townnhall

No. 974626

File: 1637528507091.jpg (102.54 KB, 1080x1838, Screenshot_20211121-215947_Fir…)

Yea, not working for me, guess I'll just wait for the announcement/recap

No. 974628

Are you using a vpn? If you are maybe turn it off, and if you aren't, try one and see if it works then

No. 974630

Nope but I'll try, thanks

No. 974631

File: 1637528695942.png (3.43 KB, 378x42, 1.png)

We can remake friend finder thread!!!!!!!!!

No. 974635

File: 1637528920821.png (375.02 KB, 1304x610, 1.png)

meeting is over bitches

No. 974636

Here we go again. It’s gonna infiltrate so many other boards and threads now. >>974631
Yeah that made me happy! Those threads were always so wholesome

No. 974637

Tsundere-anon btfo

No. 974639

No. 974640

>It’s gonna infiltrate so many other boards and threads now
it already happened tho

No. 974641

Man I hope not, or at least it shouldn't while they have their own space + maybe they'll get banned for sperging. The current situation isn't great either, almost all threads have some trans related shit in them in every possible board

No. 974642

Yeah and it isn't a bad thing at all. Only trannies complain.

No. 974643

Not if they spam unrelated thread with those topics

No. 974644

No. 974645

the reddit hate thread is pretty much the radfem sperg general

No. 974646

Will it not be visible on mobile?

No. 974647

Anon terfs have been very vocal these last months, are you dumb? and they don't even get banned anymore. Your loss

No. 974648

Adminines' fav cow is Terry Davis

No. 974649

It's not going to be visible ever. The link has never been posted with the other boards

No. 974650

Yes lol. It's just a hidden board, you have to type the URL yourself to get there

No. 974653

ok? i'm just saying wtf

No. 974655

By having dedicated board you can start banning derails in ur precious billie eyelish seethe session. So it's good.

No. 974656

the townhall was really fun! thank you for the fun anons

No. 974659

File: 1637529598181.jpg (110.82 KB, 800x600, img_3803.jpg)

That was the best turn out I've ever seen! Good shit

No. 974661

File: 1637529622639.jpg (102.42 KB, 726x480, 1620096928491.jpg)

that would be nice. too bad i'm too socially anxious it carries to online chats.

No. 974665

I will be extremely autistic first so you feel comfortable

No. 974666

we hit lucky number 111 at some point too!

No. 974669

People we're still hanging out in the chat here
if someone wants to hang out!!!!

No. 974671


No. 974672

>These might be the new condensed rules:

Do not say, do or threaten to do anything illegal under United States law.
You must be over the age of 18 to post here. If you give off the impression that you're underaged, don't expect to stay long.
Adhere to board culture and the culture of this board.
Stay anonymous at all times.
Contribute in a constructive way and refrain from posting low quality comments and images.
This site is run by women for women. We have a zero tolerance rule for maleposting, this isn't limited to asking for nudes, posting revenge porn, or asking for dating advice. Feel free to contribute to gossip boards but understand that you are a guest.
A-logging (wishing bodily harm on) subjects and all forms of hate speech are prohibited.
Do not attempt to use lolcow.farm for attention or profit.

No. 974673

This is more comfy than any discord has ever been lulll

No. 974675

Lol remove hate speech

No. 974676

Anons who know about 2X have been here long enough to know and post on all other boards anyway. Nevermind manhate is already all over the other boards.

No. 974679

File: 1637530192802.jpg (48.8 KB, 500x651, 51091a4b24b8d1f0b1cded4cf8dce1…)

does hate speech involve misandry ?

No. 974684

Misandry is common sense not hate speech duh

No. 974690

We're still rolling here

No. 974700

I hope there is a dark kuromi, bad badtz, Chococat, etc. theme and a pink hello kitty, my melody, etc. theme. Maybe a combined one.

No. 974703

This is the chillest chat I've had with nonnies ever

No. 974708

The chat was very hard to read because of all of you dumbasses saying useless crap

No. 974714

Wait until admin announces the summary of what happened this townhall please

No. 974715

my bad, sorry

No. 974721

if you're illiterate, just say that

No. 974722

>reads chat

No. 974726

This site is run by women for women. BASED

No. 974727

I'm on mobile. Stop being so retarded

No. 974736

people were using emojis. anon might've thought they were hieroglyphics, duh

No. 974738

I honestly thought the pace of it wasn't bad. Twitch chats are 100 times worse in comparison.

No. 974742

work on your speedreading. That's the stacy thing to do

No. 974749

File: 1637535760912.png (11.86 KB, 518x164, 1.png)

results of the poll

No. 974751

Where can I see them?

No. 974752

Posted it in /meta/ too but IDK where you gals will be reading.
>During the delightful townhall, we came up with an idea of monthly farmer movie nights. Are you guys in and how do we deal with the technicalities (streaming/chat site)?

No. 974755

??? You listen to chat?

No. 974757

still hanging out watching videos if anyone wants to join

No. 974760

Thanks nonnies for making this thread I would've missed it, and it was the best chat I was ever a part of

No. 974777

we're going to watch the COMING OUT AS DID video from Pixielocks in a bit if you want to come and watch it together with us!

No. 974794

After watching ten minutes of this delightful video(!) with anons I think there should be more lolcow watch-throughs, movies could work if people could figure out how (there are older movies legally on Youtube like musicals and stuff),
The short video clips queued are too annoying for me though, but I like some focused content to react to.

No. 974799

There is some discussion starting in the townhall /meta/ thread on organizing movie nights

No. 975014

Admin never said she was banning terfs or radfem discussion on the rest of the website, she only said xx was open in the meantime before she changes places with the new admin

No. 975017

File: 1637573264186.jpg (1.31 MB, 1200x1200, image.jpg)

Made a thread on two exs. Pls nooners check it out!

No. 975023

only if you say that my shitty edit on pepe make 2x great again is good.

No. 975030

Sure! Post it
Also the thread I made is on the catalog, doesn't show on the main page

No. 975032

its in the crying cat thread on 2x

No. 975042

Townhall was funny af, thank you for all the kek's in the chat. Def down to watch movies with anons somewhere, as it was suggested yesterday.

No. 975047

File: 1637575206564.png (93.96 KB, 275x275, imagen_2021-11-22_040003.png)

kek I saw, love it

No. 975055

ty nona.

No. 975072

I'm a stupid cunt and I missed it and I'm legitimately really upset. God I'm such an idiot.

No. 975074

I hate my stupid fucking self god I should just be dead

No. 975075

no. You would miss lolcow's movie night

No. 975092

Are you for reaaaal right now?

No. 975110

NTA we want to make it a reality, the only problem is organising (how do we stream and chat and where). I suggest we make the first one a Christmas party kek (23rd? 25th? A weekend before Xmas? IDK, just an idea). Any suggestions welcome

No. 975112

It’s ok babe we missed u, just remember to come watch movie
I want this sm!!! Idc if it’s scuffed, I’ll research around

No. 975115

I think I know a site we could use but idk if we can private our room. Gonna check asap. Btw, the christmas movie night sounds amazing.

No. 975117

Yess yes yes yes, I need this to happen

No. 975118

samefag but I think we could use the site we used yesterday for the townhall chjat, people stream movies there all the time???

No. 975122

File: 1637584010227.gif (7.07 MB, 497x280, garbage-day-top-five-movie-dea…)

My Christmas movie suggestion is Silent Night, Deadly Night 2

No. 975123


No. 975124

Do they? Then I guess that's no problem, I liked Cytube too but was worried about the stream getting cancelled in case it's copyrighted material. Can you also add more than just youtube videos?

No. 975126

File: 1637584250421.png (39.83 KB, 300x100, meta-5.png)

Since Admin said she will remove some banners and add others we should go to the thread and tell her which ones we want removed (the porny & ugly ones) and which ones we want to add!

Example, this one comes from a hentai manga (also someone poste did manga on the thread) and it's a scrote milking a woman

No. 975127

Samefag, should we have a separate thread about a lolcow movie night so we can organise there, or do we continue discussing here?
Please let us know! I think rabb.itt may be good, but I only used it a few times with an internet friend.
Apparently it's dead, but here is a list of alternatives:
I think the problem is that a movie would have to be on YouTube, no? So no illegal movies. IDK if we could upload something, private it and stream like that?
OMFG I want it, never watched it and it looks like a perfect bad movie!!!

No. 975128

samefag, yep it's from the hentai Moomoo stole her oc cow from lol

No. 975131

just look at all the channels streaming files from googledrive I think?

No. 975132

Seconded on this, I've never been a fan of this one

No. 975134

File: 1637584539127.png (68.87 KB, 300x100, meta-7.png)

I think movie nights once a month are fine- as long as people don't start name fagging or stealing each other's names and creating drama. Just look at what happened with the lolcow discord shit

Let's do it
I think that one and the other hentai cow one could be well replaced by this one. Same concept, less hentai

No. 975151

You mean namefagging on the farms, right? Using regular names on the chat should be fine. Same as in discord. If people start being retards, we quit or use some site with account creation so there is no skinwalking
The Google drive streaming sounds good if their anti-piracy measurements still allow for it. Personally I like having subtitles since my hearing isn't perfect, idk if that would be possible

No. 975154

we could use files with captions already in so even ESL anons can get evrything said in strange accents

No. 975156

Subtitle anon here, only bad side is that subtitles often ruin comic timing so maybe it would be better to be able to turn them on/off – but that's probably only possible on YT or if streaming from some Putlocker type site. Otherwise I'm all for subtitles so nobody is excluded (including me, kek)

No. 975164

It’s best we don’t assume the same names are the same people lol I like the feeling of chatting with “new” anons

No. 975175

You're right anon. I do adore nonnies in chat, but I wouldn't want to border on namefagging
A dream would be a plugin to give out one-time random names for anons joining chat, but we don't even have a platform chosen yet

No. 975181

what if we all pinky promise to change username everytime?

No. 975184

we can do that kek, i just hope no impersonation happens

No. 975189

We will find out if namefagging on movie nights really is a problem, or not when we organize the first one. For now I wouldn't worry about it too much, nonnie, I do trust us not to abuse it like that

No. 975212

The website we used for this town hall was perfect for me. I don't think we should change it, and there's plenty of movies on YouTube anyways.

We can also just use a variation of the name anon everytime, or something like "anon8" "anon9" "anon11"

No. 975264

could movies from private links be streamed? If nobody knows I will check. IDK if >>975122 is on YT

No. 975288

Alright nonnas, I made a thread for movie discussion

No. 975303

Thank you, anon, the talk was happening in 2 threads

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