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File: 1637597169331.jpg (110.82 KB, 800x600, 1637529598181.jpg)

No. 975283

After the townhall stream yesterday, several anons would like to start a movie night with a chat function.

>suggestion to have a movie night once a month

>suggestion to make the first one a Christmas party (23rd? 25th? A weekend before Xmas? etc)
>movies could be streamed on cytu.be via a private link, like yesterday on the townhall, but the possibility to add videos from other platforms than youtube still needs to be tested
>another option is to host it on discord
>let's try not to engage in namefagging too much

No. 975290

I'm interested! Friday or Saturday would be best, and a time that suits many time zones, not too late or too early.

No. 975292

I forgot, previous discussion was on

No. 975293

File: 1637597755545.gif (1.42 MB, 400x261, besties fiesta.gif)

Perfect thread pic!
Same time as yesterday's townhall ?

No. 975294

Wasn't the time we held the townhall already pretty good? It was a Sunday and around 14:00 for US anons and around 20:00 for EU anons. Not sure about the other continents though.

No. 975298

Yeah it's a good time. I also vote for cytu.be, not discord.
Do we have movie suggestions?

No. 975299

Maybe to avoid namefagging/recognizability, we could find a way to randomly generated a new name every chat?
I don't know if that's possible, but during keekweek (I think?) all of the farmers got random names like "strawberry fairy deer" or variations of that randomly. If that could be done for the chat, it would be great. Make it generate variations of nonnie, anon, farmer, cow, etc

I think yesterday's time was good as well.

No. 975302

I think if we keep it like
etc it will be fine

No. 975304

idk why some anons are so worried about guest nicknames, you don't even have to register it, it's still anon lol.
Cytube vote from me

No. 975305

Oh yay! I get to hang out with you guys again. This new era of LC looks very promising.

No. 975306

same anon, I vote Cytube.

No. 975323

File: 1637599327404.jpg (46.55 KB, 650x975, SaveMeASitNextToTheCuteAnon.jp…)

Cytube could be good, it worked fine yesterday. If it fits other anons and allows a wide range of movies it's fine by me, I just want to hang out again
On namefagging rules I'll also go with the flow, just trying to help come up with ideas that would please anons, but I don't know what the preference is
Also should we keep this thread open for choosing movies later on, if it works out?

No. 975326

I'm not sure if randomized usernames are possible on Cytube.

Also supported Websites are (according to https://github.com/calzoneman/sync/wiki/Frequently-Asked-Questions#which-media-providers-are-supported):
>YouTube (videos, playlists)
>Twitch (streams, VODs, clips)
>UStream? (don't know if it still works)
>Self-Hosted content for those who can code (https://github.com/calzoneman/sync/blob/3.0/docs/custom-media.md)

I'm posting screenshots of the possible admin settings now, so I apologize for the spam in advance.

No. 975329

>This new era of LC looks very promising
I was just thinking this yesterday. With all the changes we're going to have soon (hopefully) like the new admin and interface changes, LC will probably feel new.
>Also should we keep this thread open for choosing movies later on, if it works out?
We could probably just do that on whichever site we choose to host movie nights on, but we should keep the thread open anyway.
I was gonna suggest someone start a poll to decide which site we should use, but it seems like most anons want Cytube. I think it will be a better option than Discord considering what a shitshow our Discord was last time, and this time Elaine probably won't be able to take it down.

No. 975330

File: 1637599552317.png (270.36 KB, 1919x1413, cytube 1.png)

General settings and Chat Settings

No. 975335

You could do something where we all agree to just name ourselves 'farmer' or something. Or 'farmer1', 'farmer2'.. and so on if the same name isn't allowed twice.

No. 975336

File: 1637599648824.png (216.72 KB, 1919x1138, cytube 2.png)

Admin Settings (Channel Name, if we want to list it publicly, etc)

No. 975339

File: 1637599754150.png (228.01 KB, 1919x1316, cytube 3.png)

Chat filters. Eventually we can use them for the username thing?

No. 975340

On cytube names must be unique, so if we went with this idea we'd have to do it numbered

No. 975341

File: 1637599819211.png (186.97 KB, 1919x1113, cytube 4.png)

Emotes, if anons want them

No. 975343

This sounds like a pain to manage, maybe we should all just use variations of "Anon/Nonna/Nonnie/etc"

No. 975346

yesterday we had no probs with guest names.

No. 975347

File: 1637600042688.png (200.53 KB, 1919x1090, cytube 5.png)

MOTD Editor
Not sure what this is for, but it seems like you can create headers with it?

No. 975349

File: 1637600139635.png (134.34 KB, 1919x865, cytube 6.png)

CSS editor, can be used to put a background image on the chat

No. 975350

File: 1637600157887.png (28.16 KB, 723x297, plugin.png)

Anyone knows more about that plugin?
Supposedly it allows for Google Drive streams

No. 975352

File: 1637600211806.png (132.14 KB, 1919x865, cytube 7.png)

JS editor, again for customization

No. 975353

No idea, I thought Tampermonkey was just a basis to implement scripts, I know I used it with something else to download discords chats some time ago.

No. 975354

File: 1637600358871.png (664.8 KB, 1919x3883, cytube 8.png)

Managing different Permissions

No. 975355

File: 1637600410874.png (130.59 KB, 1919x865, cytube 9.png)

Panel to add mods

No. 975356

File: 1637600444224.png (100.2 KB, 1919x780, cytube 10.png)

Panel to ban users

No. 975358

File: 1637600508641.png (132.43 KB, 1919x865, cytube 11.png)

A Channel Log, and that's it.

I wanna know what "Drink calls" are

No. 975360

Yeah my bad, they made is sound like tampermonkey itself allowed for drive streaming

No. 975361

>Do we have movie suggestions?
This anon >>975122 suggested "Silent Night, Deadly Night 2".

Maybe we should also ask /m/?

No. 975370

some anons wanted ratatouille

No. 975371

Yesterday in townhall chat someone proposed "silkwood" with meryl streep and cher.
I would really love to watch a golden girls marathon with you nonnies

No. 975382

>Golden girls

No. 975384

I would absolutely love this! I hope it thrives.

No. 975390

File: 1637602566603.jpg (120.05 KB, 736x1050, e1716458c1882dec8c345eef5ba32a…)

The problem is not necessarily with picking a name or one's anonymity due to the random username, it's to stop namefagging if the users always the pick the same username and becomes a "personality", so to speak. This never ends well

Some more movie suggestions:
Kamikaze girls for my fellow lolitas (ex included)
First wives club
Gone girl
And any shlocky movie that doesn't have tons of nudity

No. 975404

i would love to watch a hallmark movie together so we can laugh kek

No. 975408

Oh I do like that idea

No. 975415

I love those corny Hallmark and Lifetime movies! Seconding this

No. 975430

first wives club yes!
the witches of eastwick and similar vibe-movies yesss

No. 975442

File: 1637605471140.jpg (360.42 KB, 1536x2048, MV5BYjk1MDQ0MDYtNTAyMS00ZDI2LW…)

What about Nana? I think there is a part two as well?

No. 975446

Whisper of the Heart?

No. 975471

I think it was Ratatong, which would be great for the night before or after the Xmas one!
Overall I want shitty, campy or pinkpilled movies for maximum fun.
How will we protect our movie nights from scrote shittery?

No. 975472

whatever you nonnies want to watch I'm in

No. 975474

I vote this for shitty movie nights, kinda want to see it. Basically The Room: Tinfoil Edition

No. 975478

>Overall I want shitty, campy or pinkpilled movies for maximum fun.
Same. But no gore please.

No. 975480

Also would be thankful for being able to watch movies subtitled. I can work without them, but it's stressful sometimes. Plus I don't deal well with bizzare accents
Vid rel another idea
Same, I really hate gore… though the question, how much blood/violence is gore? Does a single scene make a movie unsuitable for our list?

No. 975483

kek thankyou for this amazing discovery. The ratatong imdb page has some excellent recc too

No. 975485

Such a cute thread pic omg

No. 975488

spoiler about bizzare child-unfriendliness: that Disney ripoff has the bad guy ends up in a laboratory as a test subject. Happens offscreen, but still

No. 975490

Same, would love something silly and campy. Either that or something very girly and iconic like Nana as >>975442 anon suggested

No. 975522

I second the Nana film, could we maybe watch Paradise Kiss someday (if the Nana movie watch is a success)? Never saw it. Of course if the film is worth it

No. 975548

Thanks, nona!

No. 975567

File: 1637614144924.png (2.13 MB, 1700x1600, topsters2.png)

Some general ideas (both from this thread and other threads showing other anons tastes) as well as my ideas. I don't know some of these movies, so I can't really gauge whether or not they're good or appropriate for a movie night (I think belladonna of sadness is appropriate, but whatever)

I've seen more general trends:
>studio ghibli movies
>Wes Anderson movies
>women-centric movies (for obvious reasons)

No. 975568

just realised that I accidentally put Thelma and Louise twice

No. 975571

I like your ideas, especially PB and TLU
>women-centric movies
can we have Heavenly Creatures (Director's cut) and Pin Cushion? Warning, both are emotionally hitting (more or less)

No. 975577

As you should

No. 975580

What about "8 women"(8femmes)?

No. 975582

I don't know if it's really applicable here, but I've got a proshot rip of a 2017 National Theatre production of Follies. I don't know anyone else in my circle who would enjoy it as much as I do.

No. 975585

File: 1637615131261.png (991.9 KB, 1204x464, screen-shot-2013-07-30-at-10-5…)

Love the selection!
>Last Unicorn
I cry every time.

Do you guys like sofia coppola movies?

No. 975602

hey nonnita, I doubt I can attend your movie nights but I enjoy your movie selection so far, Ive never seen these titles before and I quite like the covers already.

i know film recommendations can be found somewhere in /m/ but I hang around /ot/ way too often whoops

No. 975608

Marie Antoinette is such an iconic movie i love it

No. 975613

sharknado 5

No. 975615

File: 1637617381746.jpg (66.4 KB, 1280x544, Alien.1979.DC.Blu-ray.Re.x264.…)

>the royal tenenbaums
aw hell yeah the anon who suggested that is based as fuck. Sadly i don't have an suggestions because i like incel movies, maybe Aliens(1986) or something

No. 975646

Horrible corny films please!!!

No. 975654

throw in your recs!

No. 975661

I would prefer the actual anime, don't know how I feel about live actions

No. 975662

i just want to watch something bad so i can laugh

No. 975687

How about we have a Theme for every movie night?
Also how many movies should we try for the first time?

No. 975692

Might I suggest two movies (well, one series) we should stream that I feel accurately sum up farmers:

>Harry Potter in honor of our TERF queen

>Mean Girls (self-explanatory)

No. 975703

File: 1637625412371.jpg (101.6 KB, 564x846, 3defc58236d088a20341df55264338…)

I thought about themes, as well! Like:
>Manhating/TERF/Bechdel test night
>So bad it's good night
>Campy fun night
>Schlocky horror night
>Classics night
>Old Hollywood night

Of course some stuff overlap and all, but you know, in general.

No. 975723

I love the theme idea, anons!

No. 975747

Brilliant! I'm so giddy lol.

No. 975805

and picnic at hanging rock

No. 975896

>Old Hollywood
What exactly is the difference? Also I vote for "educational films that were so bullshit but nobody knew any better".

No. 975910

Love it. Would love a lolcow husbandos movie night too Since we are talking about nights, can we make the date a Saturday and not Sunday? I couldn't stay for the end of Town hall as I had work in the morning. Saturday most of us can fuck around until morning. WDYT?

No. 975919

yeah Saturday at the same time would be good for everyone I think

No. 976097

File: 1637674324096.jpeg (86.28 KB, 800x450, image001.jpeg)

I would love to watch Kamikaze girls! Fits the pinkpill criteria some of the anons want and it's also a throwback for oldfags that came from /cgl/.

No. 976145

Battle Royale

No. 976207

Seconding Mean Girls!

No. 976210

So are we hosting it in the same Cytube channel as last time, or will someone make a new one? I was thinking Admin might delete that channel.
I agree, Saturday is perfect

No. 976232


No. 976239

Can we also watch random YouTube vids together?

No. 976240

Yess I'd love to look at goofy memes or weird/interesting random videos people suggest together

No. 976243

Some ideas for fun/campy movies:
>But I'm a Cheerleader!
>Smiley Face
>Teaching Mrs. Tingle
>Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist
>Empire Records
>Rat Race
>Welcome to the Dollhouse

No. 976245

No. 976246

File: 1637686135941.jpg (37.01 KB, 265x374, wikipedia.jpg)

Let's watch Noriko's Table and also Tag by Sion Sono. The latter really might resonate with some farmers (at least it resonated with me, it talks about what society expects of women in an horror way)

No. 976250

I want to watch The Craft, Parasite, Perfect Blue, and Midsommar

No. 976251

Yes I like that one a lot

No. 976254

But I'll cry
Hell yeah I love all of these

No. 976273

What the fuck? I love this movie, but I didn't think anyone else (English speaking) knew it.

No. 976319

When and where are we starting?

No. 976322

Keep in mind that subtitles will likely make chat less active

No. 976335

File: 1637689775644.jpg (48.63 KB, 512x484, 2b88ad7d196104644f82add0b33414…)

Ayrt and by "Classics" I meant anything that became a classic, or even cult classic, so ranging from like Heathers and Breakfast Club to Alien or Grand Hotel Budapest.
Old Hollywood would be anything older than 50s, maybe even 60s.

Another suggestion:
>Weeby (endearing) night

No. 976353

feminist movies
>hidden figures
>portrait of a lady on fire
so bad it's good movies
>the room
>fateful findings
>jupiter ascending
>manos: the hands of fate

No. 976369

That's a good list anon

No. 976430

i second this

No. 976432

why tho? Still it's better than someone being left out

No. 976440

I don't think so, I can type without lookin

No. 976479

this and you can ignore them 8f you don't need them

No. 976581

I really wanna watch Tag with everyone!

No. 976610

My movie suggestions starring lovely himbo
Brendan Fraser
>Blast From The Past
>Encino Man
>School Ties

No. 976649

No Mummy or George of the Jungle?

No. 976720

Oh man George of the Jungle is so nostalgic

No. 977090

Volver directed by Pedro Almodóvar pls

No. 977819

We should def watch this one!

No. 977855

We doing it, girls? We should decide on technical matters and date. I propose 18th of December — close enough to Xmas for for a festive mood, but far away enough most anons will not be busy with their families. Same time as last Townhall.
Are we using cytube and if yes, us there any way we can watch the shitty X-mas movie someone recommended? (sorry, lost the post — think it was in another thread)

No. 977870

I agree with this timing

No. 977898

That's too far away and there's too many movies to watch on our queue, let's do it next week
I would also love to watch dumb youtube videos together

No. 977904

File: 1637862765952.png (370.28 KB, 517x663, imagen_2021-11-25_115240.png)

I found Nightmare Before Christmas and Coraline full on youtube, and I added it to watch right now. Get in here nonnas, let's see if this would work!

No. 977911

File: 1637863250583.png (2.27 MB, 1064x1500, imagen_2021-11-25_120041.png)

added Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue too! I'm trying to find more movies. They're playing right now if anyone wants to join.

No. 977919

It works!

No. 977920

Okay, I like the idea! I wasn't sure if other anons are up for it so early. Maybe we can have the next one on the 18th? I want to watch the shitty Xmas movie (and maybe some more)
Fingers crossed it works when needed lol. We could even add subtitles with the film file (never did it before, but it can be worked out).
I think maybe we should have a poll on what to watch next week?

No. 977927

File: 1637864900171.png (3.06 MB, 1200x1600, imagen_2021-11-25_122756.png)

added Kubo

I'm going to copy paste the links so far
Coraline: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hNxbzhxBJe0
The nightmare before christmas: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kjOHCCzaIds
Tinkerbell and the fairy rescue: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CA96N3hZo0g
Kubo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JNtAoBhaCzk

PLEASE feel free to join!!! NOW!

No. 977932

this is the thanksgiving movie night I wasn't expecting but I'm loving it! lol

No. 977959

Can we watch anime? I’d love to watch Satoshi Kon and discuss it here, a lot of his works’ themes are lolcow-adjacent. Plus, I think a lot of the farmers would find something worthwhile in his films.

No. 977961

Satoshi's works reek of japanese incel coomer that takes itself too seriously.

No. 977962

File: 1637869046919.png (1.55 MB, 1500x1120, imagen_2021-11-25_133644.png)

Girls we have decided on chat to make these movie nights every 2 weeks, on saturdays, starting this saturday.

HOUR: 8PM GMT (20:00)
-same as last townhall-
Check your timezone here:
Check how many hours until next movie night here: https://www.webcountdown.net/?a=eAqzQcf&k=JHGX



Planned Movies:
1.Perfect Blue
2.Tag (2015) -warning, contains blood-


1.Mean Girls
2.Gone Girl


1.Steel Magnolias
2.Barbie & The Nutcracker


1.Kamikaze Girls


1.The craft

I'll be sure to find all of them and somehow be able to show them on their respective day.

No. 977964

perfect blue is good and it was suggested upthread

No. 977970

Stocked! What about Silent Night, Deadly Night 2 for the X-mas watch? I like the other two, but was hyped for a bad movie to laugh at
I agree with Pb even though it's a harrowing watch. We could also see the live action one based on a novel to compare and contrast. Apparently it's very, very different than Kon's take

No. 977973

sure! we can add a third movie on xmas! I mostly added two in case farmers got bored. Please do remind me that day

No. 977974

File: 1637869663127.jpg (202.49 KB, 1071x1500, MV5BODk4MmFiMjAtZDI5NC00YWYzLW…)

I know The Craft and Midsommar are there, but we should have a horror movie night too! Also a night for the cringey/low budget movies like Ratatoing

No. 977976

we totally can!!! Please suggest some, we can do a cringe night after the dates already listed.

No. 977977

god yes please! Throw in Fateful Findings or some other bad movie. I'm not that knowledgeable on cringe cinema. I still love it tho. I hope we can find those so bad it's funny/unbelievable ones. The Room is god tier in that regard but everyone has seen it lol

No. 977979

File: 1637869895739.png (656.25 KB, 911x911, imagen_2021-11-25_135132.png)

Reminder we're also watching movies right now, Coraline is almost over, next is The Nightmare before Christmas!

No. 977980

sorry to lazy to delete but PB also should come with warnings: sexual violence aka rape, gore

No. 977981

Samefag, suggesting A Quiet Place. I'm sure I'll think of more horror movies later
We have Fateful Findings as last in the queue right now. Would also love to watch Hallmark and Lifetime movies. I know there's a youtuber that has a whole series on shitty knockoff movies, I'll try to find suggestions from him.

No. 977982

Are you going to stream all these movies tonight? I wanna watch Kubo, but it will get too late here.

No. 977983

will add the warning on saturday when we stream it! good idea to add warnings to every movie tbh.

Alright but WHEN do you girls want cringe night? can't be any of the dates listed here
>>977962 but could be in between them too.
Give me 2 cringe movies pls

No. 977984

Yeah I think we'll stream those tonight, we can stream it another time too though, link is in here >>977927

No. 977993

I also want this so I will be sure to remember!

No. 977995

January 29th?

No. 977996

*reminder to add subtitles (suggested on chat)

I think December 30th would be a good date to stream cringe movies, since it's the end of the year!
What do you girls think?

No. 977997

Oh yeah, that's a good idea! Some anons might be a little busy then, but I think it'll be a nice way to end the year.

No. 977998

The boy is an entertaining horror movie

No. 977999

My suggestion of a spooky thriller type movie romp is Triangle (2009), I'm gonna paste the link rather than embed it so it can just be copied.

No. 978000

I second Ratatong, and request Fateful Findings (same anon as before). The cringe Xmas movie Silent Night Deadly Night 2 is good too, but it would fit Xmas more. I'm looking forward to other suggestions

No. 978002

the room too if anyone is up for a classic masterpiece of the genre

No. 978005

This sounds good to me

No. 978007

Birdemic is a classic choice, and I think The Happening is pretty hilarious

No. 978011

File: 1637872390382.jpg (650.4 KB, 1464x1500, rome.jpg)

Alright so

>Barbie & the Nutcracker
>Silent Night Deadly Night 2

>Fateful Findings

Does this sound good?

No. 978013

Sounds amazing. I'm so excited!

No. 978014


No. 978017

I love it!!!

No. 978023

Can you please add George of the jungle one day kek

No. 978024

can do

No. 978027

I'm in! Can't wait for this!

No. 978029

Awesome. Looking forward to watching Mean girls with you all too.

No. 978036

This sounds great! If we decide to watch more stuff on December 25th, I can download some Hallmark movies.

No. 978037

sure!!! You can download them now!

No. 978039

File: 1637874132508.jpg (105.02 KB, 1920x1080, descargar.jpg)

Tinkerbell and the great rescue
in 10 ish minutes
Everyone invited!

No. 978047

can i stay signed in as my cytube account? my name is super generic lol. anyway, i'm so excited because i love cytube and i love lolcow.

No. 978065

Just want to say, Perfect Blue and Tag are both recommended in this thread, but they might be a bit too "dark" for some farmers (they contain blood, violence, horror, and in PB case rape) so I'm adding Steel Magnolias as a third movie if anything happens. I just love Steel Magnolias kek

Anon I'm trying to find George of the jungle and I can't find it, if you can find it please link it

No. 978066

we just have to watch marie antoinette together too, my favorite movie ever and i've seen a couple others wanting it too

No. 978069

me three

No. 978072

Love this list.
Quick question though: Midsommar will be the regular version or extended/director's cut?
Sounds great!

No. 978073

Regular version, don't know where to find the director's cut

No. 978074

Same here, I hope I can add it in february! for a spring kind of feel.

No. 978090

File: 1637878672491.png (5.03 MB, 1421x2048, imagen_2021-11-25_161627.png)

Kubo starting now
Join now

No. 978092

I love that stuff is just casually streaming, this little update is super cute anon

No. 978106

Love it!

No. 978114

I'm watching this video and I think you all should see it too

No. 978117

You can paste the video link in the box under the text box that says youtube, then we can watch the video here. I don't know what the red and blue guys with masks represent but I want to be one too

No. 978129

The man at 2:08 is giving it all he's got

No. 978151

File: 1637884417409.png (21.6 KB, 758x564, 1.png)

Bad news, google drive links don't work

No. 978152

File: 1637884589742.jpg (151.74 KB, 906x574, FE7BpfjXwAIfG6I.jpg)

Hey nonnas, I was trying to pick a Hallmark Movie, but it's kind of hard. Do any of these sound good? I just picked the first couple from a list
>The Note (2007)
After a tragic plane crash, a local journalist discovers a note that she believes was written by one of the passengers. She seeks the note's intended receiver, but the journey is more revealing of her own past.
>A Christmas Detour (2015)
An anxious bride-to-be throws in with a broken-hearted guy and a happily married couple for an emergency ride to NYC, learning about each other and themselves along the way.
>A Royal Christmas (2014)
Prince Leopold, heir to the throne of Cordinia, wishes to marry his young love Emily Taylor, a humble seamstress from Philadelphia. But Leopold's mother, Queen Isadora has other plans for her son.
>The Christmas Cottage (2017)
When Lacey arrives in town for her best friend‘s Christmas break wedding, her BFF gives her the keys to her cottage, with the promise that anyone who stays there over Christmas tends to find true love. Just as she starts falling for her coworker Roger, her ex Ean scores some brownie points with her, too. It’s a classic Christmas-themed love triangle.
>Christmas in Evergreen (2017)
Hoping to spur her longtime beau to action, a small-town veterinarian wishes upon a snow globe that this will be her most romantic Christmas ever.

No. 978154

Apparently everyone has to have this scrip to be able to watch google drive movies

So anyone who wants to come and watch movies not on youtube must do this

No. 978155

Ah yes, the long-hair inspo I was lacking today.

No. 978157

I can't stop laughing at how all they all look like the exact same movie. I want to watch that one with Vanessa Hudgens where she plays two Vanessa Hudgens at once

No. 978160

Does anyone else think that once we are fully organized we should create a new thread with the schedule and requirements etc in the OP so it's all easily accessible?

No. 978171

I'm so excited nonnies!

No. 978173

File: 1637886602934.jpg (312.55 KB, 822x1218, MV5BMTYyMjYxMjEzOF5BMl5BanBnXk…)

This one?

No. 978175

I have it, I can try uploading it to dailymotion (Idk if it still works on cytube). Or would you like a magnet link?
Like other nona mentioned, everyone has to install a script.
Btw, did admin (or whoever made the townhall channel) grant mod status to you or someone else?

No. 978176

Anyone can basically use it, no mod status required

No. 978177

I was thinking of this but isn't it against the rules to create another thread without filling this one up?

No. 978178

post both the magnet link and dailymotion link

No. 978180

Das the one

No. 978183

Ah, ok. I asked because it's good to have one mod around just in case spergs show up.
>2.65gb, H.265 video, AAC audio.
>12gb, H.264 video, DTS audio, encoded english subs.
Large files may be choppy during streaming.

Posting the dailymotion link later, it's gonna take a while.

No. 978187

File: 1637888380922.png (252.03 KB, 376x500, imagen_2021-11-25_185914.png)

Nah, I'm not really a mod just kind of organizing things for everyone. How do I grab these magnets on bit torrent?

Ok how about this:
Chose 2 or 3 hallmark christmas movies for the 24rth of December?? and where to download them

No. 978189

Just paste the link on your browser and your torrent client will grab it.

No. 978191

Samefag but if for some reason that >>978189 doesn't work, go on File > add torrent from url, then paste the magnet link.

No. 978239

dang am i the only one who can't watch stuff on christmas cause i'll be too busy on that day, even before christmas too

No. 978378

Are we all downloading that tampermonkey script or nah? I want to know if I should bother

No. 978401

i don't follow this thread so idk if this is needed or relevant but the website kosmi.io is a good platform for streaming movies. you can make private rooms, you can be anonymous in chat, and it even has snes!

No. 978411

File: 1637935416157.jpg (76.04 KB, 600x368, 2_600x368.jpg)

Now playing over at https://cytu.be/r/townhall
Moomin (1990) episodes!

No. 978420

based, im considering popping in since nothing happens at work

No. 978421

File: 1637936650095.png (1.18 MB, 1366x598, anonsSite.png)

I just checked and anon's right!
It also allows for streaming full mp4/mkv/etc files and adding subtitle files to them, so it may be easier to stream full movies. Chat is a bit small and I don't know if layout can be changed besides fullscreen on the movie tab, depending on how many anons come it may be a bit hard to read chat, but I doubt it'll be as fast as it was on townhall. I think everyone in chat can see your country location, I don't know if it can be changed.

No. 978424

wrong link? This one connects to empty room. I think it's this: https://cytu.be/r/townnhall

No. 978425

That's good news! Although I'm very paranoid I'll hit the video or mic button by accident heh

No. 978426

Oh thank you, anon! I don't know why that happened, it only has one n in it but I was sure I copied and pasted

No. 978433

Yes, everyone has to download it >>978154

No. 978441

Amazing thank you so much

No. 978443

File: 1637939822758.png (216.64 KB, 500x377, imagen_2021-11-26_091644.png)

get in there!

No. 978447

File: 1637939971783.jpg (15.07 KB, 817x1280, guestView.jpg)

I think there is an option to limit webcam and mic to admin only. Picrel is view for guest on mobile and I wasn't able to share camera or mic so no worries

No. 978448

I'm too dumb, could you please upload it to dailymotion with subtitles? I would be forever grateful anon

No. 978451

File: 1637940098811.png (187.84 KB, 500x442, imagen_2021-11-26_092052.png)

Girls this thread is a mess because we're basically trying to see what works and what doesn't but I'm glad we're doing this, maybe once we have everything figured out we can have another thread?

No. 978452

I love Moomins so much it makes me cry

No. 978453

My thoughts exactly, I don't care if we don't fill this thread to 1200, once we get organized we need a new thread with all the info in the OP

No. 978455

Haven't been able to catch up on this thread but I'm guessing because you have to download some kind of script this won't work on mobile?

No. 978457

Only if we're watching a movie linked from a Google drive, anons are looking at other options as well

No. 978459

I think that's a good idea

No. 978490

File: 1637944852510.png (1.12 MB, 1024x767, imagen_2021-11-26_104048.png)

Still watching Moomins!
Get in there

No. 978557

still here btw

No. 978605

We are also sharing cute moomin merch, get in here.

No. 978607

File: 1637958560955.jpg (108.67 KB, 577x1024, a16dc9cef012e9a5668e7c4eef49bb…)

It's a wholesome romp

No. 978729

still here watching moomins!

No. 978730

Hanging out with you guys and watching moomins has been so comfy, I really hope we can do it again sometime.

No. 978733

Same nonnie, you are all lovely ladies.

No. 978804

File: 1637977491417.jpg (259.84 KB, 621x876, MV5BNWY2ODRkZDYtMjllYi00Y2EyLW…)

Throwing Tokyo Godfathers out there for a xmas movie.

No. 978957


No. 979006

File: 1638011116585.png (10.91 MB, 2067x2773, imagen_2021-11-27_050428.png)

Reminder! Today we're going to watch Perfect Blue and Tag (2015).
Click here:

Check your timezone here:
Check how many hours until today's movie night here: https://www.webcountdown.net/?a=eAqzQcf&k=JHGX

Today we're watching two horror movies:

Perfect Blue TW: Violence, blood, psychological stuff, sexual assault
Summary: The film follows Mima Kirigoe, a member of a Japanese idol group, who retires from music to pursue an acting career. As she becomes a victim of stalking, gruesome murders begin to occur, and Mima starts to lose her grip on reality.

Tag (2015) TW: Violence, blood, there's a scene in the first third of the story where people die in a very gruesome way
Mitsuko's life cascades into chaos as everyone around her suffers a gruesome fate while she becomes less certain of who she is and her once-once normal.

Why these films go together: these films were suggested upthread, and both critizice the obsession with pure maidens / the place that women occupy in society. Mima from Perfect Blue wants to shed off the innocent idol persona to become a mature actress, but people take advantage of her vulnerable state.
As for Tag, people want to dictate Mitsuko who she is and isn't. She is a schoolgirl having fun one day, then the next she's already a bride getting married to someone she didn't agree to. There's also a bit of girl x girl undertones in this movie.
Both of these films have both psychological horror elements in them, both of the protagonists feel fragmented, and the word "mindfuck" comes to mind I guess, very interesting but not for the faint of heart!

No. 979007

also a reminder that you need to download this to be able to watch the movies (since I uploaded them to a google drive)

No. 979125

thanks for the reminder, I though it's next week! Downloaded the tampermonkey script, hope it works…

No. 979131

Is the countdown wrong? Or did I miss it?

No. 979173

File: 1638030299783.png (32.81 KB, 910x530, dcfdfc.png)

the countdown is fine anon

No. 979184

Yay so excited!

No. 979187

NTA but I checked earlier and now and it still shows 00:00:00 'The countdown is over!' too. Weird
I would be cool with switching to that site if other anons are too and someone figures it out… for tonight, cytube it is though. I'm thankful for the one anon who is organizing, you are a treasue ♥

No. 979197

File: 1638031865985.png (1.22 MB, 1920x3275, ImageLR_Merge (2).png)

Apologies for autistic post + delete, I wanted to add more screenshots of the settings, the channels, and the different streaming options. I use kosmi all the time with my discord.
You can.

This will be my last post sorry to barge in on the convo(s) but all this bullshit you guys are going thru with scripts and uploading to google drive is not rlly necessary. Either way enjoy your movies nonningtas I would love to join sometime soon!!

No. 979232

Alright!!! Thank you nonna and you aren't a nuisance, thank you for letting us know, please keep contributing!!

It's maybe too late for today's movie night, but let's implement this website next time. I would love if you could join today as well.

No. 979239

Yay, I appreciate this so much anon!!

No. 979243

We're playing some random videos before the movies
Please join and share your vids!

No. 979296

File: 1638038300473.png (450.66 KB, 630x407, imagen_2021-11-27_123757.png)

Movies are Perfect Blue and Tag (2015) both are horror movies >>979006
You have to download this to be able to play

Join now and share vids!

No. 979342

What will you anonnitas be drinking during the movie night?
I'm considering buying a beer or two.

No. 979351

File: 1638041745867.png (334.49 KB, 458x578, 11606604_0.png)

No. 979352

File: 1638041773009.jpg (96.44 KB, 736x705, 3f3a80b58a7df6ab0d468b4604626a…)

Some flavoured water nonny! But I don't know about food. What will you eat with your delicious beer nona?

No. 979359

Nice, fancy water!
Something savory, I'm thinking those japanese peanuts.

No. 979363

that sounds yummy! maybe I should get some peanuts too from the corner store before the screening.

No. 979364


No. 979366

Here's the unconsenting media page for Perfect Blue with timestamps of sensitive material regarding assault if anyone needs it. https://www.unconsentingmedia.org/items/1270

No. 979368

That's very nice of you to post that anonita.

No. 979369

No. 979371

It's a shame I won't be able to watch in mobile because of the extensionyou need, I was looking forward to the movie night since the townhall.

No. 979372

Next time we're going to use the one the other anon suggested! Trust me it's just for right now (it was too late to change platforms) please come by next movie night nonna

No. 979375

File: 1638043802408.png (2.15 MB, 1804x1143, imagen_2021-11-27_140949.png)

No. 979378

it time

No. 979381

So it begins!

No. 979385

File: 1638044183314.png (70.46 KB, 260x226, mlewl.png)

Tamper monkey isn't working for me, so I can't watch the movie with anons. I guess I'll sit this movie night out

No. 979386

Sorry nonny. Please join us next time!

No. 979388

maybe download it and I'll tell you the time stamp so you can watch along!

No. 979392

File: 1638044725398.jpg (146.63 KB, 750x937, hf1.jpg)

oh fuck it's working now!

No. 979408


No. 979423

How did you fix it? the github userscript doesnt load for me it
>Looks like something went wrong!

We track these errors automatically, but if the problem persists feel free to contact us. In the meantime, try refreshing.

No. 979430

File: 1638048655210.png (3.3 MB, 1580x2042, imagen_2021-11-27_153037.png)

TW: BLOOD AND VIOLENCE and some freaky deaths in the beginning please be careful

No. 979437

Can we please do kosmi.io for non youtube streams in the future? It'd be a lot easier.

No. 979439

seconding this! tampermonkey just does not work for me

No. 979440

Yeah I think next time will use diff method

No. 979441

try a different browser! like firefox
see >>979372

No. 979443

Yes! Lemme organize everything for the next one and we'll do it there!

No. 979444

NTART but I use firefox and it didn't work. cookies enabled, adblock off and reinstalled it a few times too

No. 979447


No. 979449

I managed to make it work, I reinstalled a bunch of times and I enabled /disabled /enabled cookies and refreshed

No. 979461

The host is a sped, why won't she just let us chill.

No. 979466

There's no host

No. 979467

I'll definitely be there.

No. 979469

Well whoever keeps telling us to shut up and watch the movie when we're just talking is a sped. Let us do our sperg thang.

No. 979471

>it's a jap movie with a million panty shots and weird pedo undertones
lol seriously?

No. 979473

Host already said it's ok to sperg and whoever is sperging about the sperging isnt even there anymore

No. 979474

This is why we can't have movie nights on here.

No. 979475

Perfect Blue also had pantyshots and no one complained

No. 979481

There were complaints but hey we'll just have better picks next time relaxxxx

No. 979483

I don't think this movie is that bad tbh

No. 979486

because you can't pick movies without pedo undertones? o-kay

No. 979487

the movie was suggested upthread retard

No. 979496


anons are actually liking it now. All this fucking complaining for nothing

No. 979502

Yea it's @menarepigs I think it's a scrote

No. 979505

The host is chilling and even said its ok to sperg, it's just that one troll. Ignore them.

No. 979508

Sorry for deleting >>979505

No. 979514

Pedo movie with too many panty shots!!!!!

No. 979521

ayrt. I literally switched to a different computer and then it worked fine

No. 979523

We peaked at 27-28 users!

No. 979527

Oh god, I wish we could vote kick scrotes like menarapig from our chat

No. 979528

That was funner than any discord movie night I've been in lol and it wouldn't be lc without a lil moid drama.
Wish anons wouldn't respond at all tho.

No. 979535

Hey nonnies I don't know if we're changing platform the next time but if cytube happens again there is an ignore option if you click on the user list I think!

No. 979539

is it for example /ignore menarepigs

No. 979540

Thanks for the tip!

No. 979551

File: 1638056658402.gif (1.06 MB, 498x375, received_347555186845842.gif)

Animal Crossing movie after party starting soon!

No. 979553

>menarepigs not welcome

No. 979559

we're watching animal crossing now

No. 979566

I think I saw somebody explain in chat but in case it wasn't you asking I'll repeat. You right click a name of the user you want to ignore on the 'user list' tab and there you have an ignore option

No. 979570

ain't watched either of these movies and never will but i'm gonna assume one doesn't present/portray it as fanservice and the other probably does

No. 979626

File: 1638065018020.jpg (373.15 KB, 2048x1152, the-love-witch.jpg)

How about the Love Witch? It's about a crazy witch who kills a bunch of men. Very campy and pinkpilled.

No. 979629

It may have been one movie having panty shots of real women who were playing students combined with the sperg energy apex of the night.

No. 979638

Thanks for such a great movie night anons, I haven't had such a good time with a group of girls in so long, probably not since I went to camp back on Jr high. It was such a chill time and you were all so funny and genuinely enjoyed the stuff we were watching. It was just so cool. I highly recommend any anons who didn't attend this movie night to attend the next in two weeks, it was a really great time.

No. 979640

I love this movie but I can predict some anons sperging out about it, not understanding the irony with Elaine's character and pickme-ism

No. 979641

File: 1638065613309.jpg (34.46 KB, 640x493, _Tk8mDMO-UgHXOhlG4e8M5xLD7guR0…)

Thanks for such a great movie night anons, I haven't had such a good time with a group of girls in so long, probably not since I went to camp back in jr high. It was such a chill time and you were all so funny and genuinely enjoyed the stuff we were watching together. It was just so cool. I highly recommend any anons who didn't attend this movie night to attend the next one in two weeks, it was a really great time.

No. 979643

Same!!! It was wonderful. Looking forward to the next one. NGL, those movie nights feel a void in my heart ♥
It's a lovely looking movie and a very fun at that, I think it's a good suggestion for someday!

No. 979644

Sorry for the double post, my phone is acting weird, embarrassing

No. 979650

File: 1638066079648.jpg (39.82 KB, 480x309, daisies.jpg)

I love Daisies but can see it being too artsy-fartsy for most anons tastes.

No. 979653

Let's do it! I think it'll be nice to watch movies some of us may not have picked up otherwise. Maybe The Love Witch and Daisies in the same night?

No. 979654

I loved that some anons were loremasters who provide context for what’s going on without at the same time not spoiling stuff!

No. 979657

I appreciate that love!! It meant so much to share favorites with you guys!

No. 979665

File: 1638066767842.jpg (8.51 KB, 236x170, 619a14fa7d9d01e5b55673a4d35ced…)

Moomins is playing in https://cytu.be/r/townnhall for any anon looking to relax

No. 979679

That would be great

No. 979881

this comments smells like
>nooo muh pantsu moviee -menarepigs

No. 979882

No. 979890

Little fat toads playing right now!

No. 979906


No. 979908

For the bad/trash movie night we were talking about I propose Hell comes to Frogtown. It is peak retarded male fantasy, no deeper meaning. Just pure shit but so shit it is a must watch . What do you think?

No. 979910

File: 1638097502919.jpg (558.79 KB, 1000x1428, MV5BYmU0ZTBiZjktMTVhYS00ZjgzLT…)

Thanks again for this amazing movie night! Was totally worth staying up late for this! Tag turned out to be interesting, even when I had no idea what the hell was going on for the most part lol. Will def try to join all upcoming movie nights as well, love the planned schedule so far.

No. 979919

Reminder there's a new more organized thread now
Use this instead

No. 980235

AYRT. I was busy with life and I come now to tell you you haven't watched any of Kon's films and if you did then you have zero media literacy.

True, the film has tons of creeps. None of its male characters are haloed in any pleasant light. You can't even identify with them for a minute; in other media, male characters might have healthy obsessions and attitudes (You, American Psycho, literally any Hitchcock film), but they possess certain qualities that makes it not astonishingly hard to identify with them – whatever you want to call that thing that makes Joe from You not make you want to immediately throw up. However, this is not the case in Perfect Blue.

PB is about identity, performativity, memories, escapism, and illusion – and our very own person subjectivity, and how malleable it can be to external influence. The incel characters are employed to illustrate the film's critique of idol pop culture, parasocial relationships, the way simulacrum interacts with identity, and most importantly the shoujo female archetype. It's her! The sweet, wide-eyed, small-limbed, high-pitched, perpetually innocent and perpetually young and perpetually accommodating girl. The last bit is important; the shoujo female figure is never disagreeable, is high conflict-averse, has no boundaries. Just like Mima when she hesitantly agrees to do a traumatic rape scene – problematic because of its implied connotations with maturation and transition into adulthood? If that was the case, a good 70% of female imageboard dwellers would have been considered "mature" at age 15 – and then goes on to cry, alone, weeping about she only agreed to it because she didn't want to "cause trouble to anyone." I would say this is the tipping point of the film. In Kon's films, there is an event that causes the heroines to retreat reflexively into some other illusion – maladaptive daydreaming, anyone? Did you notice that the subject of it has skyrocketed in the virtual online consciousness ever since the pandemic hit? – some hallucination, anything to give them escapism away from the horror of real life. Plus, if we're going to talk about that scene, let's talk about how Rumi murders the men who attempt to "soil" Mima's image by….gouging their eyes out, and how this is a direct commentary on the destructive and inherently violent of being viewed as a sexual object of desire. It's literally a female revenge fantasy! And what about the biblical reference in there?

This shattering of an innocent image, of a broadcasted and carefully manufactured identity, is considered an act of betrayal to the army of seething and desiring males around Mima. The shoujo figure, with her girlish garments and Kawaii aesthetics, and her learned mannerisms, are all the result of simulacra in a highly consumerist, post-modernist, identity-obsessed Japan, is itself a performed identity. There IS no real shoujo. Only retarded women LARPING as shoujos, ready for thousands of spectators to project their fantasies onto them, and come away with nothing but betrayal when they move on to the next identity, next rebrand, next costume. Fans will desire to maybe be with her, then possess her, and then be her. It's a cycle of overidentification and retardation.

Moreover, PB is a cautionary tale about the absence of warmth when all you do is perform a fucking identity tirelessly and narcissistically to appease a bunch of retards. She will long for any thing real and warm, like she longs for her parents calling her.(I'm betting that scene wasn't even real, just a hallucination.) But she'll never get it, because performing a persona entails a certain amount of distance and it is inherently isolating. This way, you will be stuck behind glass forever, asking people to nod along and reinforce your fantasies, but you will never be happy or content. You will never get that warmth, that connection. And it doesn't matter anyway, because any one who keeps their identity and image vulnerable to outside influences is always going to be vulnerable to those outside influences. That's how a lolcows springs from nothingness, but usually the outside influences are completely fucking retarded.

"Excuse me, who are you?" She keeps repeating this line. It's because this bitch has no idea at this point: which is real, which is illusion, which is stolen, which is learnt, which is performed, which is copied. Who's the real Mima, anyway? PB is a film about the horror of being a young woman with a shaky sense of self, her inner turf constantly being violated by those who project their fantasies on her. It's not until the end of the film until she learns to protects it.

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