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File: 1637305716459.jpg (717.15 KB, 2700x1800, 1636820174361.jpg)

No. 972087

Let's fix the formatting this time, shall we? And stop infighting and sperging so much, you retards. >>963442

Asstroworld and KarJenner BS
Travis Scott's Astroworld crowd crush has now resulted in ten deaths. Many concertgoers still remain in critical condition and have sustained injuries.

>>961506 After the tragedy, Travis Scott's history of poor conduct at his shows is brought up
>>961692 Known clown and underage girl enthusiast Drake ignores Astroworld tragedy on Instagram, instead goes to stripper bar
>>964492 noticing his mistake, Drake puts out a flimsy statement a few days later
>>964696 When Drake was at the stripclub, Travis was at Dave and Busters
>>962374 Travis releases drunken apology with black and white filter, says thoughts and prayers for everyone
>>962436 Travis's arm candy Kylie J says she did not witness an ambulance in the crowd when she clearly posted (and deleted footage of it) on her instagram story >>962438
>>962584 Kanye tries to be a Good Guy and dedicate his "church service" to the deceased at Astroworld. Nobody is buying it.
>>963505 Tinfoilers cross over into Celebricow territory, claiming Scott's edgy 666 satan imagery meant Astroworld was actually a human sacrifice ritual
>>963532 Lawsuits pour in against Travis and Livenation
>>965432 In the other neck of the Karjenner woods… Kourtney and Travis macking, in an effort to out-PDA MGK and Megan Fox
>And Pete Davidson in a PR… or possibly real relationship with Kim.

Usual Suspects
>>962553 Voice judge and board favorite Ariana Grande is a fragile, photoshopped anachan
>>962178 Speaking of anachans, it's time for Billie Bsperging Bossa Nova. We get it. She's FAT.
Oh when, when will the spergery cease? >>964700
>>963253 Ariana drops r.e.m. beauty to lukewarm reviews
>>964536 packaging is accused of plagarizing another burando
>>964392 Anons sure love their Jim Carrey x Ariana Grande ship
>>968558 But some are still skeptical…
>>963375 Themi Lovato scores a vibrator sponsorship
>>966454 And then a sponsorship for a tinfoil site, the irony
>>965992 Billie's diet is brought into question. Fat vegans exist. Just ask Lizzo
>>961800 Hollywood's Worst Chris is depressed. Am I supposed to feel bad?
>>961573 Joe Budden is bisexual
>>963491 Vin Diesel shades The Rock, basically calls him Candy Cane Anus
>>963904 Jeff "Dr. Evil" Bezos takes a whack at Leo DiCaprio
>>964722 Bella Hadid posts crying selfies
>>964911 The Hadid sister's narc mother is brought up. Maybe Yolanda really is a Dutch shit.
>>966450 Freed Grimes reveals she had a difficult pregnancy
>>966809 Olivia Munn is sued for wrongful death by dead roofer's family
>>967012 Nonas discuss Taylor Swift's hypocrisy and her relationships
>>967172 Billie Eilish drops perfume. Anon orders it. Reviews say it's saccharinely sweet. Anon agrees.
>>967255 Paris Hilton weds, Themi is there. Paris and Themi seen out together multiple times
>>967290 what does "extreme gay face" even mean? Is that you, Lesbian Paris sperg?
>>967779 Alice Evans, ex-wife of the guy who played Mr. Fantastic in the 00s Fantastic Four movies, publicly flips when she catches her husband cheating
>>968604 Everyone's favorite childhood werewolf Taylor Lautner is engaged
>>968718 Pufferfish Chrissy Teigan throws a Squid Game themed party. Completely missing the point of Squid Game
>>969157 Greasy Styles to release a beauty line. Would you like to buy a $65 pack of nail polish today?
>>969748 Based Pinkpiller Marina
>>970449 Melanie Martinez sperging begins
>>970991 Camila and Shawn call it quits. Cue the fujo fuckery
>>971036 Oh no, Britney, stay away from Jeffy Star

>>962582 inept mama Emrat releases a memoir about how hard it is to be rich
>>964672 …and did we mention how hard it is to be beautiful?!
>>963095 House of Gucci drops another trailer, anons loathe Gaga's accent. Dr*verfags probably quacking in their clown shoes.
>>964991 another ugly man in a skirt. Make it stop.
>>965963 Said ugly man in a skirt really wants to show the world what an inclusive dude he is
>>965885 Chloe Bailey plunges further down the sexpot image hole in an effort to possible outdo her sister
>>966373 Taylor Swift releases Red (Taylor's Version), to unimpressed anonnery
>>966419 Ageless wonder Avril Lavigne drops a track like it's 2007
>>968916 Speaking of greasy men in androgynous outfits… Harry Styles DAZED shoot. Rocking looks like Mad Piero and Grinch Skin.
>>968997 Nooo… don't remind me of Ezra Miller's andro phase. Nooooo
>>969204 Rolling Stone mines LC for milk to write an article about the abuse of Marilyn Manson
>>969751 Make Harry (and his PR team) stop
>>970138 side hoe Olivia Munn does not want to be known as a homewrecker!
>>971357 TIL ricky gervais was in an 80s music duo
>>971653 J-Lo's generic Marry Me trailer drops. Yawn.
>>970588 Finally some milk, an article about celebrity hookups is posted, naming two allegedly abusive, cheating, disease scattering male celebrities: "David", and "John".
>"John" is all but confirmed to be BJ Novak of The Office fame. In a cow crosspost, he approached known leftcows Dasha and Anna.
>"David" has more speculation on his identity. Bill Hader? Jason Segel? Jim Carrey? Fred Armisen? Who is this bastard, and why is he so protected? Are the stories even legit? More to come… for now, speculation reigns.

No. 972088

previous thread >>>/ot/961495

No. 972093

File: 1637307609440.png (1.08 MB, 1217x1023, Rick.png)

How do you go from this

No. 972094

File: 1637307634084.jpg (14.59 KB, 600x400, Ricky.jpg)

to this

No. 972095

he really was kind of cute wtf

No. 972101

anon half his face is covered and his body is turned away kek. He's always been an ugly little piggy. He got the trannies mad on twitter though which is the funniest he's been.

No. 972102

File: 1637309550660.jpg (117 KB, 640x809, 1637306304028.jpg)

Not always

No. 972106

love yourself

No. 972107

I'm sorry but these have to be the most bland and boring looking men to grace the cover of a magazine lol, but you do you Nona

No. 972109

Ricky Gravis was cute when he was young and I will argue that till I die

No. 972111

File: 1637310751509.jpg (81.39 KB, 982x726, newFile-14.jpg)

Good for you Nonnie, no one can take that away from you. I unironically find him more attractive like this and I don't care who thinks I'm insane.

No. 972114

this is male psyop trying to make us believe little fat men are cute

No. 972116

File: 1637311514530.jpeg (Spoiler Image,70.77 KB, 750x421, 26B2F841-7BC0-4397-A8A3-4FB960…)

i learn something new everyday thanks to you bitches. the ricky gervais thing was the creme de le kek of the last thread

so anyway… manifesting "david"

No. 972118

I hate fat men and believe they should all be killed, I'm talking about young Ricky Gravis being

No. 972121

he was cute for a very short time so when that went away he had to become funny. It's either cute or funny you can't be both just like you can only be good at either math or languages sorry i don't make the rules

No. 972125

what did he say?

No. 972148

File: 1637317190286.jpg (85.77 KB, 890x681, FEe6StTUUA4FTSg.jpg)

anyone got anything on king princess? also, what the fuck: https://twitter.com/PopCrave/status/1461341442563997712?s=20

>Sophia Urista apologizes for peeing on a fan's face during performance:

>“I have always pushed the limits in music and on stage. That night, I pushed the limits too far,”

No. 972152

File: 1637317666187.png (67 KB, 593x669, ricky.png)

he said picrel was "a joke" but he left the tweets up.Also someone made him aware of Jon Yaniv and he tweeted about that here which made thee trannies chimp out: https://twitter.com/rickygervais/status/1201952293014376450

No. 972159

I love Ricky. I hope he doesn't get bullied into changing his views on this matter.

No. 972167

File: 1637319913644.jpeg (290.12 KB, 634x1052, 2CA2F542-FEEE-4E5A-9DFC-2F9643…)

houseofeffie is saying "David" is Jason Segel

No. 972170

Who was Segel's girlfriend in 2018? And what was the show he helped start in 2018?

No. 972171

Kek he's so right
trooned out men are like

No. 972174

File: 1637320515112.jpeg (198.09 KB, 828x528, AFCC0141-FC62-4005-BEB3-10FAC3…)

>from December 2013 to April 2021, Segel dated photographer Alexis Mixter.
The only show he had come out around that time was Dispatches and that's 2020. Doesn't really line up.

Bill Hader: Divorced his wife in 2018, Barry released the same year
Jim Carrey: Dating a woman from 2018-2019, Kidding released in 2018
Fred Armisen: Dating Natasha Lyonne, not sure about the tv show hed be involved in

No. 972178

Sage for no proof but I used to know this girl who did catalog modelling in Serbia and once ended up at the same party as him. Apparently he went up to a bunch of different models asking "do you know who I am?" and being all coy as if he was such a big name they we're supposed to be impressed that he was there. Apparently a lot of the models didn't even know who he was and found him too pushy. This was probably around 2013/2014.

No. 972181

File: 1637321292805.jpg (850.46 KB, 2768x1920, InShot_20211119_062430682.jpg)

Fred Armisen did have a couple shows start in 2018

No. 972182

File: 1637321306445.jpg (388.57 KB, 2560x1440, GettyImages-1202995936.jpg)

I believe it, he seems like he could be a rapist

No. 972183

I could believe it. But I still have a hard time believing it's Hader although…that's dumb of me. They could all be scum

No. 972184

he's in a few decently known comedy movies and does a lot of producing stuff but he's not exactly a-list. the idea that women would be scared of him seems a little laughable for this reason. looks can be deceiving but he's the one I believe the least out of all the guesses. if models found him annoying and big headed why would a group of fairly normal women presumably non famous or industry behind people be afraid of him? segel just does not give off a manipulative and intense vibe at all to warrant the alleged level of fear implied in the article.

No. 972185

I'd be sad if it was Hader, I mean there's no reason for me to suspect him less then Armisen and Segel, Its just I like him more, I don't even find him attractive I just think he's funnier

No. 972186

I also don't find Armisen handsome or charming like the description says, is he known as this? I buy Hader, Carrey and Segel moreso.

No. 972187

Do you think his physical stature plays into this though? He's 6'4" and that, combined with how he's acting, could definitely be intimidating.

No. 972188

I mean if we compare him to top hollywood stars he doesn't come close but compared to Bill Hader and Armisen, he's probably more famous then both of them with his work on HIMYM
that could also be a factor

No. 972194

not necessarily, I'm just throwing what I've seen thus far at the wall to see what sticks. are there any a-list actors who aren't inherently known as comedians who'd fit the bill to where they act in comedies but are not a comedian specifically? it's likely it's a higher list actor. could be in that ballpark and maybe not someone who started off as a comedian but does comedies. if anyone can think of a high list actor whos done both tv and film, who'd fit the description, feel free to throw out more guesses

fair point, I don't find him scary. but if he's as tall as armie cannibal (funny that Effie first exposed him and is now hopping in here) his height is likely intimidating irl

No. 972198

I don't find him scary either, but he is the same height as Armie and I don't trust comedians anymore. I also feel that men really do find ways to physically intimidate women when they're that tall. Comedians are so often two-faced that I wouldn't be shocked if Segel's good-natured persona also had a dark side. Comedians are always the most fucked up …

No. 972199

If were talking A list starts as of now I don't think Jim Carrey should count either, maybe in the 90's but his fame has decline radically, he isn't even 1/10th popular as he was in the 90's
the only A-list comedian star I can think of is Kevin Hart

No. 972205

What about Jonah Hill? He did Maniac 2018.

No. 972212

kek the pain and understanding in not being able to trust comedians. ehhh I won't rule him out then I guess, look at how the other ones have deceived me. im waiting for something terrible to come out about hader and bo burnham assuming the comedian curse befalls them

he was rich and famous enough to be able to slip out of a messy lawsuit, and continued working even after a career slump and said lawsuit. the sonic movie role did give him a resurgence but it's not like he was forgotten

didn't he lose a lot of weight for manic? Did he have a known gf during that timeframe as well

No. 972213

Interesting…sidenote, I just read he's being cast as Jerry Garcia in Scorcese's upcoming Grateful Dead biopic…. interesting

No. 972214

Am I mistaking him or isn't that the actor who stopped being an actor after starring in Himym and moved on to writing books for children? His book got mini show adaptation a year or two ago.

No. 972215

File: 1637323412318.jpg (235.72 KB, 1200x1200, 6bfb73e50a43499c6c6d7184a30a89…)

No. 972216

Yes and he's always been into the muppets and did that whole muppet movie

No. 972220

File: 1637323754233.jpeg (4.44 KB, 151x101, images (2).jpeg)


Quick lazy research, but he was engaged until last year and is now dating a 25 year old (he is 37).

No. 972221

File: 1637323985268.jpg (132.98 KB, 634x793, 4F8DDE5B00000578-0-image-a-41_…)

I can picture him being abusive, insecure men have the worst tempers. I know someone just posted this photo but I already had the pic ready and it's better quality.

No. 972223

Fat men are so disgusting

No. 972224

Yeah imagine trying to get wet to that. Couldn't be me.

No. 972227

This thing is only 37? How

No. 972229

To top it off he's a smoker. What a winner

No. 972230

File: 1637325422696.png (1.1 MB, 1318x858, Screenshot (4311).png)

Wait Nona, I think that's one of his exes, this is the woman he's with now. And she's 24 not 25. What a creepy fucking scrote, he'll only date fit attractive women fresh into adulthood but he himself looks like a moldy sack of mashed potatos with shitty gumball machine tattoos, the audacity of men.

No. 972231

Jerry is still pretty beloved (although many forget he was, in many ways, a huge asshole), I wonder what the fans think of this casting

No. 972234

File: 1637325764827.png (629.78 KB, 536x860, Screenshot (4313).png)

This is the brunette.

No. 972236

So, he basically dates Emma Chamberlains

No. 972256

Jesus christ but men age like milk. He was never attractive but he looks like a 45 or 50 year old man in these pictures. Rode hard and put away wet af

No. 972263

File: 1637329122344.jpg (71.02 KB, 634x676, scrotevibes.jpg)


No. 972265

He looks like an angry father who just picked up his daughter from a rowdy high school party when she's supposed to be grounded.

No. 972270

he's friends with leo dicaprio so it isn't that much of a surprise. i still think jonah is way uglier though

No. 972276

So is Jonah the type that women may fear? I mean he looks fucking scary in those pics but I dunno, he's like a fat manlet

No. 972283

I mean just cause he's a fat manlet doesn't mean he could be scary if he wanted to be, especially to women

No. 972358

File: 1637332366744.jpeg (59.68 KB, 700x395, 1585642449337.jpeg)

No. 972359

how sensitive are you if seeing porn offends you this much? just ignore it, at least it isn't cp

No. 972362

File: 1637332434944.jpeg (65.5 KB, 640x640, 1581146821327.jpeg)

No. 972376

What i don't understand is he gets so salty when tabloids bring up his weight but only dates women in their mid twenties? Wtf

No. 972379


No. 972380

Samefag but it makes no sense if that's the only type of woman you want to pursue I think people discussing your looks is fair game

No. 972381

nta, no but really, you guys overreacting like it's cp or gore. It's porn. He is literally getting off to you all reacting like this so just stop, holy shit. ignore it.

No. 972386

It's gone, stop talking about it

No. 972395

I don't think it's wrong to have a type, but it's funny he seethes about it bc most of his SOs seem to look the same. The word "presentable" comes to mind. Thin, young and not like Stacies or whatever, but they clearly care about their looks and fashion. I feel like he's the type to bank on their little insecurities and give lots of mixed or backhanded compliments that they'll overthink for the rest of the day, and then he reels them back in with lovebombing. Like they call him a "teddy bear" or something but he's just a gross strange man. He probably doesn't like when the tables are turned lol
I wonder what they see in him. Is this the "I need to date a big ugly man to feel tiny, pretty and delicate" thing?

No. 972404

Isn't he British? show me a man from that island who kept his good looks with age. they all go out sad.

No. 972415

File: 1637334225420.jpeg (297.04 KB, 827x1466, 9955836E-B1C9-4634-8CEC-878B27…)

i don’t understand

No. 972420

sophia urinesta

No. 972430

is ariana going to seethe?

No. 972432

dont be dense, all men age like spoiled milk

No. 972436

Big dick and has money. That's it

No. 972442

Doubt, she probably mailed him to her

No. 972448

He doesn't exactly fit the "handsome" descriptor though kek I'd more believe the tall guys over the fat manlet

No. 972456

Found the dumb anon

No. 972471

I think maybe anons want him to be the sexpest cause they find Hader, Segel, Armisen and even Carrey too likeable
I mean who even fucking likes Jonah Hill

No. 972474

Out of these men….Hill is the grossest, Carrey is the creepiest, Armisen is the scariest, Segel seems the rapiest, and Hader is seemingly the one with the least issues. Wonder what he's hiding…

No. 972476

Also, remember, the descriptor also says this comedian has herpes. I remember Armisen getting treatment for sex addiction in the past too

No. 972480

The only one who's confirmed of the bunch to have herpes is Carrey, but it wouldn't be surprising if they all did because of their sex habits

Likability and looks is exactly why men get away with this for so long kek. The way the internet is going to break when Jared Leto is exposed. It's open secret he's an abusive shithead but nothing happens to him. When you're well connected and pretty, or average to ugly and know the right people, you're considered invincible

No. 972490

File: 1637339670984.jpg (1.69 MB, 2779x2238, Fred_Armisen.jpg)

again I have no proof but I get this feeling that just tells me he's a sex offender, I know its shitty to judge people on looks but I mean just look at him

No. 972496

File: 1637340188980.jpg (284.13 KB, 1306x1122, sexpest.jpg)

fred is a known sex pest and sociopath. theres a bunch of allegations against him in this article:

No. 972497

he doesn't exactly fit the "handsome" descriptor in the article. he still makes more sense than jonah hill. elizabeth moss a stopped scientologist clock is right once a day said he was abusive to her when they were together. more scared of carrey than him, but he's a close second

No. 972501

File: 1637340394019.jpg (848.3 KB, 2554x3000, 136461660.jpg)

I thought he had a "woke" representation, I mean he's friends with a feminist

No. 972528

He was sleeping with prostitutes when they were together

No. 972529

She's still around??? don't tell me she fucked this one too. Madness

No. 972531

Holy hell, based.

No. 972534

Seemed like people were into it. Her mention of her family makes me wonder if her wife told her to apologize lolol.

No. 972536

I'm sure she did! She loves tall men with BiG hAnDssss remember? God what a twit.

No. 972545

She would have been 10 years old when Superbad came out. Ugh

No. 972550

wonder if she knows anything or she's just going to stay mum. the most widespread guess is Segel. so she could be mimicking the massses and not know anything. she loves the attention

No. 972555


No. 972560

fucking kek i am from singapore and only leanred who he is today from this thread. i don't think he's very famous.

No. 972562

that's the point retardo
i would let it screw me, but it is

No. 972568

she's always been massively insecure, neurotic, and verbosely overthink-y. she's unable to be alone and in her head probably has a 20,000 word npr-worthy essay justifying their friendship. it's also very easy for people like him to fool people like her with an act. he's having no trouble hiding his creepy shit from her.

No. 972569

Same, I'd let young or old Jim Carrey rail me

No. 972581

and this is why he makes sense as being the guy in the article. off kilter "attractive" enough and manipulative, has enough status to pardon his abuse, plus years of pr pushing as a 'good comedian boi'. people still defend him constantly and talk about what a good guy carrey is with a minority of people who think he's a creepy asshole

i guess i wont rule out segel either but i think it's carrey, i love him but half reason i love him is intrigue and disgust

No. 972600

I don't find him all that funny tbh, I just like him cause he's a tall, dark, skinny man with a good face I'm into that(derailing, no one cares, take it to /g/)

No. 972605

damn i hate being sexually attracted to someone but also wanting to see them cancelled as hard as possible

No. 972666


No. 972696

holy shit what is wrong with straight women
are you all sitting at the same table at a starbucks in cleveland taking turns getting your ombré touched up before you go shopping for light-coloured jeans together? there's a big world out there, nonitas. go see it sometime

No. 972715

completely unrelated but when i was a kid i used to be so mad when cartoons and shows would describe a guy as "tall dark and handsome" and it was some pasty looking white dude. It was then that i did some googles and it means "dark hair" eyeroll

No. 972740

Hehe I love this post

No. 972750

anon i think you should be able to tell the difference now by the autistic /pol/ males who troll here and actual straight women.

No. 972769

what could possibly be appealing about old, post-2000s era carrey

No. 972786

File: 1637355037558.jpg (680.04 KB, 1356x2048, sudeikis.jpg)

wild card suggestion for David, Jason Sudeikis?

No. 972791

Fuck, marry kill:



No. 972796

File: 1637355283829.jpeg (592.94 KB, 828x1442, CAF4D47E-61EB-4B95-9B2B-215E03…)

some of us are bisexual you know

Moving on. I like Kstew's mindset. The awards shows are a paid circus anyway.

No. 972801

fuck pete because he apparently has a huge hog
marry kim for the money
kill kanye (sorry ye)

No. 972808

File: 1637355727532.gif (671.21 KB, 220x293, kawaii-kanye-west.gif)

>Fuck Pete, he might not be my type but I still wanna see what all the fuss is about
>Marry Kanye, idk I honestly kind of like him and relate to him as a BPDfag
>Kill Kim. I don't like the Kardashians and think fucking her could be weird cause of all the plastic

No. 972821

Fuck Kim
Marry Kanye
Kill Pete (he's contributed nothing to my life, I like early Kanye)

No. 972828

>married lesbo
>pees on man's face in front of a whole audience

No. 972833

I read somewhere that said fan had a go-pro cam on his face and wanted to film this but it fell off and idk they still did it.
Her band actually lost followers because of it because they are now disappointed that it isn't part of future shows.

No. 972860

she has mania-face. girl's got the erykah badu crazy, for sure. take some seroquels and watch tv with your wife, sophie.

No. 972863

i am guessing many of us had the same experience kek
for some reason when i was a small kid i thought of prince when they said "tall dark and handsome" because as a child i only knew of him as the disney-prince-looking clothes guy from tv. so i thought he was the mysterious man that everyone loved

No. 972868

Just got here. What on earth is happening in this thread?

Anyway, thread OP, if you're reading this, thank fuck you fixed the formatting for this one. I did one a while back (not the last, that was a mess) and couldn't be fucked going through the sperging again.

No. 972879

can't believe there's that many kanyefags here lol. he's a crazy pornsick freak. anyway
fuck pete
marry kim (for money)
kill kanye

No. 972889

I love Kstew

No. 972908

File: 1637362096235.jpeg (318.51 KB, 828x860, B60ADD7A-8FAE-43B8-88F9-FA8715…)

I could see it being him although he and olivia wilde didn't end their relationship officially until 2020. he was exec producer on a show in 2017-2018, so the timing is a bit spotty

No. 972916

File: 1637362772769.png (789.68 KB, 720x1269, Screenshot_20211120-095720-839…)


I feel vindicated, I always thought it was an insane theory rooted in misogyny.

No. 972917

Damn I wish she killed him, but good for her

No. 972924

Sudeikis actually gives me the same vibes I get from Segel, but magnified. It's the extreme good guy image that seems to be plastered to every aspect of them, and marketed to us…the roles they're casted in…the whole Ted Lasso happy-go-lucky moron shit…plus, I always noticed that Sudeikis has that thing with his eyes that I sometimes see in actual diagnosed psychopaths- too much white shows above his irises. That can mean there's a lot of pressure behind the eyes which is never a good thing. Specifically, watch some scenes from Ted Lasso for examples about his eyes. I hope that doesn't sound too tinfoily but I've had those thoughts about him for a bit and anon who mentioned him just ignited those thoughts.

No. 972938

Man, what about Chris Pratt? A list, considered handsome, divorced Anna Farris recently and is making a series about a 2018 book… Is it too much of a stretch?

No. 972942

File: 1637364562195.jpeg (56.71 KB, 325x550, 22FB0926-BDA1-410B-9EEC-45C617…)

You talking about this chart, anon? Sanpaku eyes? Come to think of it, a lot of comedians have extra white eye space

crisp ratt didn't have any tv shows or producing credits in 2018, the tv show in question already aired around 2018-2019, it's not new. but maybe MCU is right direction, Chris Evans doesn't correlate with the clues but if anyone wants to peep the other MCU actors with funny leanings, wouldn't hurt

No. 972952

File: 1637365742777.jpeg (1.33 MB, 1170x1452, 4F3ECC35-E174-4A09-9B9C-F9F884…)

Forgive me anons for I am late but this meme just had to be posted

No. 973019

they both have the same reputation of being mean to their partners

No. 973027

This doesn't include any sort of proof or outside verification. She just says Homeland Security found him in Costa Rica but she doesn't know how? Why HS? And why would they tell her? Did they explain more in the show? Haven't watched the second part yet.

No. 973037

Tbh this reads as fake, and if you've seen the video they only held hands for a split moment. I don't put it past Kim to just jump on the bandwagon to stay relevant.

No. 973052

>costa rica
>why HS
anon have you ever heard of drugs? the man was deeeep in the business.

No. 973092

>fuck kim because i want to know what she feels like.
>Marry pete, will probably find him really annoying though.
>kill kanye because I wouldn't be able to deal with his insanity.

No. 973106

where is this from ?

No. 973112

What ? I'm assuming this meme is from ftan Twitter which is filled with Sub-IQ undesirables that really should all be shot

like there's a whole lot of ocean Travis Barker and Pete Davidson

No. 973123

i mean the meme isn't wrong about both guys being skinny and tattooed, i thought that was the joke?

No. 973126

File: 1637379576302.png (249.36 KB, 381x502, 1.PNG)

No. 973127

File: 1637379629987.webm (2.4 MB, 480x480, EAq1yylsn8aLWN8a.webm)

heres the video

No. 973128

File: 1637379712363.png (416.76 KB, 399x589, Capture.PNG)

Xtina tweeted about brit's situation in June

No. 973130

File: 1637379772607.png (54.23 KB, 443x558, Capture.PNG)

No. 973136


fellow ontario nonny spotted

No. 973138

Okay but that could apply between a large% of people, seriously these people are morons

No. 973175

File: 1637382745725.jpeg (697.76 KB, 1125x1140, 19C2C809-D266-4DF2-922E-DC8BDB…)

came across this.

No. 973188

are nonnies too young to have seen mean girls? this meme is a scene from that movie, but is not used as often as "get in losers" or "glen coco" so you might not know of it unless you actually watched the movie.

No. 973194

I know about mean girls, I don't care to remember everyone line of some vapid movie that for some reason monkey brained retards decided is "iconic" for whatever bullshit reason

No. 973208

anon who posted >>973123 here. i was just referring to the fact that whoever the kardashian girls are dating are both skinny and tattooed. didn't feel like i needed to say i watched mean girls & understood the reference, but yes, i had… when i was a teenager

No. 973212

sage but fuck travis and fuck blink in general. unwritten law and sum 41 were/are better than those bitches

No. 973214

Anon, to sage you write the word sage in the email field.

No. 973217

No. 973218

Thanks for the heads up

No. 973219

People like the movie because it's funny. Not everything has to have some deep ~philosophical~ meaning behind it to be enjoyable.

No. 973266

File: 1637390020917.jpg (139.57 KB, 1183x664, frankay.jpg)

same vibe as frankie from skins

No. 973270

holy hell those deep creases. guaranteed this guy doesn't drink water because "it tastes like nothing" and also he's never worn sunscreen in his entire life ever

No. 973428

i'm retarded and would fuck and/or marry all of them. i'll see myself out

No. 973447

Good. I hope it totally ruins them and they’re in debt for the rest of their lives scrubbing floors at Wendy’s. They’re both scum.

No. 973448

we can only hope

No. 973489

Kylie Jenner hasn't posted on Instagram since November 5. You just know it's killing her to not flaunt her bucketful of filters every day. I wonder how long she'll be able to resist, though I'm pretty sure Kris has a tight grip on that.

No. 973608

Drake may have to sell his collection of women's designer shoes..

No. 973612

anyone who tries to use this chart to diagnose anything is a retard

No. 973657

found the sanpaku eye haver

No. 973658

No one attempted to diagnose. Anon responded to me with this chart because I referenced it in my post, that's all. Its called discussion anon

No. 973746

File: 1637436973330.png (1.42 MB, 764x836, 1635543290114.png)

Apparently their making a prequel film to the 2009 film Orphan.

Isabelle Fuhrman will reprise her role as Esther,
Filmmakers said they used a combination of makeup and forced perspective shots to allow Fuhrman to again portray Esther.
Two child actors also served as body doubles for Fuhrman.


No. 973763

is this the makeup that's supposedly making her look as young as she did in 2009? i hope not….

No. 973768

She's only 24 too, but is looking older here

No. 973769

File: 1637437743230.jpeg (31.82 KB, 400x400, ulsCY294_400x400.jpeg)

I guess she looks younger than she normally does but she has pretty minimal fat on her face which is essential to looking childlike imo

No. 973772

has her chin always been that pointy? feels like her face really thinned out

No. 973775

This makeup ages her way too much. I was assuming she was in her late 30s.

No. 973777

File: 1637438117134.jpeg (32.73 KB, 600x315, sVTX0MgOwOOhfay9QLchP1MHSEUwUq…)

No. 973780

kek was just asking nona a question

I'm the one who posted the chart and have slightly sanpaku eyes myself


No. 973781

She looks so old, and that movie doesn't need a sequel

No. 973783

She looks so old now. She's only 24, what happened?

No. 973784

File: 1637438631322.jpg (78.34 KB, 800x1200, https___hypebeast.com_wp-conte…)

speaking of christina, anyone seen how absolutely fucked her boobs are now?

No. 973785

she looks like an older bella poarch after a bunch of plastic surgeries

No. 973849

She definitely looks older but the lighting washes her out and the low camera angle doesn't help either. Seems like it’ll just be a rehash of the first one with ~details~

No. 973913

They seem to like reviving and rebooting old shit, turning other forms of media into live action, etc. I agree with you, I don't see how that movie needs a sequel or anything. Some things really should be left alone. Like we saw what they tried to do with things like Gossip Girl, Heathers, Winx Club (sorry that's all I could think of off the top of my head that became worse kek) It's like they don't know how to be original.

No. 973920

Media execs now to scared to take a financial hit since movies make more now, so a good financial performance in past years is now considered a terrible one in the modern era. People use to want sequels or remakes because they were rare, now they aren't, and everyone is sick of it, but taking chances with potential loss is scary for greedy business men.

No. 973956

Which celebs do you think secretly support Kyle Rittenhouse?

No. 973974

That, but also I just think they're often too lazy to put in the work to come up with anything new, so instead of creating something to appeal to a potential new group of people, they want to capitalize on something already existing and make a quicker cash grab out of it. Oftentimes now though they butcher the original content and what made it so beloved in the first place, I'm tired of seeing decent original content being turned into a pile of shit to pump out a soulless reboot/sequel. Personally not a big fan of attempting to turn things forcibly woke like the Heathers TV series (for example) supposedly was. I'm kinda glad that one fell flat.

No. 973984

chris pratt, most definitely.

No. 973985

File: 1637451917086.jpeg (99.83 KB, 640x911, 566F863A-A7E2-49F4-8878-31CC07…)

I get that the Friends cast really enjoyed their time on the show and are still friends and all but why can't they and everyone else just move on from an average TV show that ended 17 years ago

(I will say that this particular thing is supposedly for a cause and that's not wrong, but whenever I see anything shared from these people it's usually Friends related…)

No. 973992

I'd put $5 on Lana saying it for edgy points

No. 974002

They've got the same problem as all the people from The Office. Jesus christ we get it you all love your own show. Why do they all have separate podcasts about it? Sitcom stars are the acting equivalent of peaking in highschool.

No. 974019

Christ I saw that podcast was shown first the other day when I opened up Spotify and cringed. I don't listen to podcasts or like the Office much kek. I know this bit isn't really related to celebs but I don't get why Spotify is really pushing this podcast stuff to people who have no interest in it

Back on the topic: I don't think either the Office or Friends are that good to warrant spin off content, I'm sorry.

No. 974071

So is his piece of shit family gonna apologize for running that pathetic ad during her run on whatever reality show she was on? Because they were convinced she killed him when the truth is he didn't give enough of a shit about them to let them know he was ok.

No. 974092

imagine not only forgiving a man for ruining your family to run off with some young TEENAGE girl, but also defaming her at every turn after the dude clearly ran off yet again to do whatever the fuck he wants.

if i was his kid or ex-wife, i would have fed him to the tigers myself.

No. 974107

File: 1637459367974.jpg (634.7 KB, 857x1227, Isabelle_Fuhrman_(Headshot).jp…)

She was a really adorable 13 year old! I think she just doesn't hold a lot of fat in her face which is what ages her. Hopefully it's natural, I'd hate to think she got buccal fat removal so young to age herself so poorly.

No. 974113

is it just me or was xtina's reaction not bad? seems like her manager was pushing her to not comment on it at all to prevent her getting into shit but she still said a positive comment about brit? what was the correct response?

No. 974117

Just found out Ricky Gervais once said a good thing, shoutout to Ricky for that one good thing

No. 974124

i'm confused about that too, and she did speak up about britney's situation a while back as posted earlier. maybe britney doesn't know that she did?

No. 974131

kek i love this post

No. 974146

why does it seem like her face shape changed? I hope she didn't get surgery

No. 974149

>why does it seem like her face shape changed
She was a kid, anon

No. 974157

My guess is that it helps them keep their revenue up. If they post something nostalgic, it'll inspire people to go back and watch the show. For most of them, those respective shows were the peaks of their careers. They want to keep the hype up as long as possible, or else they fade back into obscurity…this is moreso for The Office than Friends tho

No. 974159

nta but I always assumed they had a young female actress playing the role, I was actually disturbed to learn they got an actual 13 year old

No. 974183

File: 1637469385976.png (1.54 MB, 850x872, bel.png)

Why does she look so old? I know an anon here gets triggered anytime you speak of her but seriously there is no way in hell this child is 19 yrs old??? Was she a meth baby?

No. 974194

i feel like the friends cast is just as bad for this… out of curiosity i checked their respective instagram profiles and all of them milk it and constantly throw out friends references when acknowledging each other online. it's really cringe. i initially thought some of them weren't so bad but they all do it.

i don't disagree with you, but those feeling nostalgic for the show are probably already watching it. recent stuff shows them promoting merch with show references that were sort of funny as a kid… not so much now. it's just tired and they're not really that funny, but i feel like they and brands are trying to push some weird friends-related resurgence even though there's really no reason to. like i keep seeing friends merch pop up in stores for some reason and i can't imagine who would still have that much of an interest today when the content really wasn't that groundbreaking.

No. 974205

This probably repeated information, but honestly I think it's a combination of the following:
- Shit diet (junk food vegan)
- Lack of drinking water
- Bad styling/makeup
- Lack of moisturizer
- Lack of sleep
- Genetics (called a lottery for a reason)

Could there be other possibilities? Sure; however, cleaning up her diet and drinking more water would be a big step in the right direction.

No. 974208

styling is a big thing. Her hair is fucking horrendous. She looks like she brought a tiger king wig from walmart I fucking can't I want to puke anytime I see her hair

Also why HAVE celebrities been getting these ugly ass mullets lately? Miley, Demi and Billie??? Who is trying to trick us into thinking this looks good?

No. 974212

Some people do. Look at pictures of a teenage Britney or KT Tunstall who has always had an old lady face.

No. 974220

My guesses:
Miley - currently taking inspiration from the 80s
Demi - she's just deluded, maybe did her own hair and clearly doesn't know how to do it, who knows
Billie - someone made a comparison between her and Courtney Love somewhere in these threads at one point, probably also taking inspiration from pin up girls given her attempted recent styling (sometimes vintage-ish, most times all over the place)

No. 974222

File: 1637476217600.jpeg (79.02 KB, 640x641, FC9ADE92-FA80-41DC-AE07-D3585A…)

I'm probably blind, but why the fuck do I see similarities between Phenis and Billie's boyfriend in this photo. Saw someone share it but it's on his Instagram.

No. 974224

Billy Ray sported one so possible homage to her father.

No. 974229

Pin ups don't have mullets though and she's been dressing nothing like a pinup outside of one photoshoot. Everything she wears is just baggy or vomit colored trash to stealth a corset

No. 974314

Damn, I hope it's true, really hated it about tiger king how they make her a villain, of all the disgusting people shown, Joe Exotic included, just on the basis of "i bet she killed her husband", no actual proof. Felt super misogynistic to me too.

No. 974417

File: 1637506728941.jpg (86.32 KB, 1296x730, 1637470078325.jpg)

You think Finn Wolfhard is aware of the fact there are rabid Fujocoomer who write extensive gay erotica about him and or desire to be him

No. 974418

he kinda looks like adam driver but more inbred

No. 974420

Why would anyone desire to be this ugly

No. 974424

File: 1637507291106.jpg (545.93 KB, 1144x2144, 1633190768724.jpg)

Fujos and Aidens love the "soft masculine/non-threatening/ Jewish boy/pale skin, dark curly hair, and built like a stick" look.

No. 974436

ew he aged so badly.

No. 974441

>Two child actors also served as body doubles for Fuhrman.
Hopefully there won't be more pedophile fanservice scenes.

No. 974444

I can honestly see it, in the face for sure. Also the moustache and they're kinda the same body type and weight. It's just as disturbing as Phenis's gf who looks exactly like brunette Billie. That family is a whole lotta gross

No. 974448

File: 1637509565369.jpg (585.04 KB, 1332x1998, 00-promo-claudia-sulewski.jpg)

Claudia Sulewski, Finneas's girlfriend, for reference

No. 974459

I want him to put the nail in the coffin and get a girl who also has Billie's body type. How sweet home Alabama are you willing to go, Phenis?

No. 974466

File: 1637511104836.jpg (142.62 KB, 1200x675, Billie-Eilish.jpg)

At this point it would be less weird if they just dated each other I'm joking

No. 974485

she looks nothing like billie

No. 974528

anon are you blind? they have similar proportions and features.

No. 974530

idk i just dont see it, they have a similar fashion style so maybe anons are mistaking that for facial features.

No. 974545

NTA but I can see it. They both have thick lips and brows, deep set eyes and a small, straight nose (albeit not quite the same).

No. 974582

She looks more like penis than billie lol.

No. 974586

Most young rich LA white girls look the same now via plastic surgery (hence Billie's big nose and thin lips before surgery)

it wouldn't surprise me if they just took trips to the medical spa and hair salon together

Absolutely not, incest fetishists have limits and unattractive things remain unattractive once the spark of incest goes away (the same reason why men who fetishize everything else will accept things that are ugly in the woman that they are fetishizing but any other woman with that same feature is just ugly)

Claudia has a similar body to billie pre weight gain, pre push up bras and corsets. I also have a strong feeling that Billie is jealous of Claudia

No. 974633

> I also have a strong feeling that Billie is jealous of Claudia

why do you have that feeling

No. 974652

I thought anons calling him creepy was a bit of a stretch but damn, he’s really dating a doppelgänger of his little sister. I guess it could just be a coincidence but I couldn’t date anyone that looked even remotely like my sibling.

No. 974657

kek their managers/sm people are definitely telling them to do that. their marketing team or whatever knows way more than we do about who exactly to squeeze money from and how.
i'm not glued to social media or tv or tiktok/youtube so i don't know what's trendy right now, probaby none of us do because we're not zombies. but i bet outside the lc sphere there are idiots more than happy to spend money on friends merch

No. 974660

rihanna did it first and i guess there are somehow women out there who haven't yet realized they are not as pretty as rihanne.

No. 974668

oh my god this picture made me realize i've become one of those sad old ladies who doesn't give a shit about kids once they're over 12.

No. 974691

I agree with that. Couldn't ever date someone that looks a bit too similar to someone I'm related to. The more I read of Billie and her family the more creepy it seems, it feels like I'm at the point of tinfoiling. Remember Phenis liked his own sister's lewd pics promoting the perfume on Instagram (example in last thread) it just feels weird.

No. 974699

File: 1637531605642.gif (520.85 KB, 240x180, She Had Man Hands-max-1mb.gif)

No. 974710

Holy fuck I can't unsee it

No. 974729

File: 1637533783479.jpg (174.37 KB, 1080x1350, f33976a9a6895fc12bbf27dd821923…)

I thought he'd grow up to be handsome, wtf happened

No. 974731

File: 1637534076934.jpg (405.31 KB, 1176x1764, Finn-Wolfhard3.jpg)

damn he got so ugly

No. 974733

Its like all the features on his face matured but the proportions didn’t. Super uncanny

No. 974740

File: 1637535112489.jpg (25.55 KB, 476x612, gettyimages-1195279086-612x612…)

I did not expect to see this, he was just like 10 years old a minute ago.
Anyway, in all fairness he doesn't actually look that bad, I guess.

No. 974741

His head looks squished and square in every photo.

No. 974756

File: 1637536150674.jpeg (Spoiler Image,251.87 KB, 640x711, 59048710-AC78-49CB-A74D-3154C6…)

Spoilered because awkward/disgusting scrote pose but it's the worst best example of the creepiness this guy exudes IMO so view at your own risk.

But out of curiosity does anyone else think Vin Diesel has cow potential? A friend mentioned him and I was bored so I thought I'd look into it. Fucking weird. Picrel is recent and he keeps talking about his F&F character's "state of mind". Has a shrine dedicated to him. Obsessed with the franchise and spits out off kilter stuff like claiming Charlize Theron enjoyed their kiss on screen and was "the biggest moment in trailer history" when she fought back laughter and said his statement was insane. There's not much else I know but the guy makes me feel creeped out. His weird feud with the Rock aside, I have a feeling he's somehow a very milky person.

No. 974758

oh yeah, he's a major autist who lives from chimpout to chimpout and can't function in a group situation. this is widely known. i think he's a cow.

No. 974805

He's a mess. He was saying on insta the other day that it was gods will for the rock to return to fast and furious kek. I think he's mad because Hollywood only needs one big bald brown man and it chose the rock. Which was the correct choice.

No. 974811

this is a great video on how weird and gross the dude is.

No. 974832

File: 1637547719702.jpg (81.8 KB, 586x521, 1618452296821.jpg)

If you ever actually wondered what it would be like if the average autistic 4chan poster somehow got jacked and started starring in action movies, Vin Diesel is the answer.
He's a fat, videogame obsessed chuuni lunatic stuck inside a chad body.

No. 974917

That chart, what an assortment of hot bullshit. Are we back in the Third R.?(But I'm loling at the fact that the first set of eyes are young-Ricky-Gervais-eyes)

No. 974942

Ayrt, thanks for the video nonny! Didn't realize things would turn out to be even more disturbing. Weird videos, making an interviewer uncomfortable by hitting on her, yuck. It also seems like he's kind of dumb.

No. 974952

>videogame obsessed
he's into video games? didn't think he would even have the brain power to play them.

No. 974958

>he's the kind of guy who tells you not to self harm when he sees your stretch marks
i died at this comment

No. 974971

File: 1637566215859.jpeg (395.57 KB, 640x636, 9A86987D-EFEE-4645-A3DB-8AEF3B…)

AMAs tonight. Curious to know if anyone's got any thoughts?

Picrel: MGK attended with his daughter, no Megan to be found. I've seen people comment on social media if she's his new girlfriend, not knowing that's his kid… Yeesh. She looks very pretty though.

No. 974976

File: 1637566983690.jpg (350.66 KB, 1500x1124, 1618501827462.jpg)

He's a huge tabletop roleplaying nerd, he's produced and stared in various films based on OC DONUT Steal DnD characters
The Chronicles of Riddick
The Last Witch Hunter

No. 974979

Holy shit I would not have pegged that, how old is she?? He must've had her really young. I absolutely assumed they're a couple before I read your post, they look nothing alike and close in age.

No. 974984

Apparently she's 12? I was wondering who she was, but didn't want to assume so read up and turns out it's his kid. Just makes reading the girlfriend comments feel icky, even if they had no idea, just because of her being his daughter. I don't blame them or you anon though - she does look older in the photos than she apparently is.

No. 974987

Samefag, turns out she's 13 sorry. He had her when he was 18.

No. 974990

File: 1637568370444.jpg (71.03 KB, 650x618, emma-cannon.jpg)

she's only 12, I'm unironically an MGK fan so I can know that this is very recent for her, she's been only doing this "look" for a couple months and its really disturbing
If you look at pictures from just one year ago she just looks like an average, mixed 12 year old girl
The girl's mother(Emma) and MGK were together before he even became rapper

No. 974994

The DND stuff I guess does kind of make sense, I think I saw that even mentioned somewhere at one point. Note that idk anything about DND apart from it being a table top role playing game. The anon before mentioned video games though, a totally different thing. He doesn't seem very tech savvy honestly.

No. 974996

She looks so young in your pic but she looks and dresses like she's in her late teens in >>974971, she could give Millie Bobby Brown a run for her money.

But I guess lots of young teens would love to dress up super glam for an awards show and would be mortified if they looked like a kid, I'm not surprised she's styled so much older.

No. 974998

please don't get mad at me, I was kinda disappointed that MGK didn't end up with a nice DS black girl(this was during his rap days)
Its just super rare to see a single young rapper with a phenotypically black female partner

No. 974999

Oh okay just thought she was 13 because one of the articles that come up when you Google MGK and his family state that she's 13 instead. Not that it makes much of a difference anyway but she definitely is younger than people think she is in the AMA photos and it's off putting people just keep commenting thinking she's his "new girlfriend" before looking further into it. I'm guessing it doesn't help that he sometimes behaves immaturely compared to his actual age as well. Sorry anon I don't mean offense by that, I know you said you're a fan.

No. 975006

File: 1637571395675.jpeg (439.56 KB, 1217x1080, 9C0E45EA-1CA7-482C-B179-69C8E4…)

Some of the outfits from tonight. I'm not actually sure who some of these people are, I only know Cardi B, BTS, Olivia Rodrigo, Chloe [?] Bailey, Maneskin, MGK in this collage. Just wanna hear critiques on the fashion. Like what is the third to last one kek

No. 975012

File: 1637572678773.jpg (122.91 KB, 727x1131, http___cdn.cnn.com_cnnnext_dam…)

Oh shit, I completely forgot the AMAs was happening tonight! Wish we could've watched it together I even meant to find and post a link to stream the show once it started, but I was doing something else lol.
I think whoever the first woman is (Cardi?) and Brandy look really nice. Chloe also looks nice, but I hate when people wear dresses with slits so high that it exposes a little bit of their crotch. The red suits her. Is the last woman Jojo Siwa?

Picrel is Winnie Harlow.

No. 975016

File: 1637573246672.jpg (132.74 KB, 634x958, 50796703-0-image-a-1_163754368…)


No. 975021

File: 1637573468710.jpg (226.36 KB, 817x1222, halle-bailey-cutout-dress-amas…)

Halle Bailey. This dress is ugly.

No. 975022

File: 1637573495214.jpg (437.7 KB, 620x930, Olivia-Rodrigo-AMAs-Red-Cartpe…)

Olivia was already posted above, but here's a bigger photo of her dress. I actually don't think it's terrible but it doesn't work for her, imo. Whoever her stylist is should stop putting her in these sheer dresses. also, nitpick, but the detail around her waist made me think her dress was scrunched up

No. 975026

Ayrt, unfortunately I didn't watch it because I was also busy! So I can't really say what happened, I just saw photos of the outfits. First pic is def Cardi because I saw someone share a pic from her page. I didn't know which one was Brandy and wasn't sure if the last one is Jojo Siwa or not, but looked it up and it's certainly Jojo, and I think I can see where Brandy is. These pics I compiled didn't have captions or tags.

I actually like that dress. Why do I feel like people dressed better here than the Met Gala kek

No. 975029

Yeah she seems to keep being put in sheer dresses for these events and I don't know if that seems right.

No. 975033

File: 1637573749387.jpg (55.25 KB, 634x1024, rs_634x1024-211121163515-634-j…)

Jojo Siwa. The last time I heard about her was on here when she came out, but I didn't realize she actually started dressing different. She looks really nice!
>I actually like that dress. Why do I feel like people dressed better here than the Met Gala kek
They did! A lot of the looks are boring, but they look ok, at the very least.

No. 975034

I know that we have currently a early 2000s revival but everybody just looks so random? Ugly shapes and cut outs, or it's just super boring. Olivia looks cute tho.

This dress ain't fit her tho. Looks like she will burst out of it in any moment. She also looks sweaty and greasy af.

No. 975036

I agree. I'm actually really glad that for a maturing child star she doesn't seem to be sexualized.

No. 975038

File: 1637574129971.png (718.73 KB, 640x1136, 5C814B02-DD17-4B7E-87BB-B6D1E9…)

What I'm wondering is what kind of outfit this is supposed to be or who this is kek

No. 975039

At first I thought this was kanye kek, idk who this is (drake?) but it looks like it is inspired by the "2001: A Space Odyssey" movie?

No. 975045

She looks so nice! I feel like a proud older sibling watching my little sister go to prom kek. I know it’s probably just for image reasons and putting her in a super sexy dress would conflict with her family-friendly brand, but I’m glad that she’s bucking the trend of hyper-sexualised child stars.

No. 975051

File: 1637575413315.jpg (906.65 KB, 1200x800, COMP-SKC-KIMK-BUTT-V2.jpg)

People are thinking Kim Kardashian had a butt reduction. It could just be photoshop, the way she's standing, and all those things, but I hope she got it fixed

No. 975058


Dunno who that is; but that's a full runway look from Undercover's Autumn Winter 2021 collection and it's a collaboration with Neon Genesis Evangelion:


See look 12


Funnily enough, Undercover also did a 2001: A Space Odyssey collaboration for Autumn Winter 2018:


No. 975059

Looks like a shitty dress you can buy on AliExpress.

No. 975067

So she started dressing like that when he started dating Megan?

No. 975078

IIRC he was already styled like how he currently is today by the time his beef with Eminem was a thing. Could be wrong though.

No. 975079

File: 1637581584850.jpg (582.02 KB, 1600x2400, GettyImages-1354766841.jpg)

This dress looks uncomfortable and ugly as fuck.

No. 975080

File: 1637581670530.jpg (464.83 KB, 1600x2400, GettyImages-1354779769.jpg)

No. 975083

File: 1637581824025.jpg (563.17 KB, 1600x2372, GettyImages-1354777412.jpg)

No. 975084

Kali uchis looks so beautiful!!

No. 975085

what's up with the ugly clothes?

No. 975086

Who are they? I may know but for some reason I can't identify them here.

No. 975095

File: 1637582481353.jpeg (356.06 KB, 940x1255, 5C9EB6B9-D891-451F-94C8-650DFA…)

I wasn't sure who it was so I had to look her up. I think her black outfit looks okay in the photo that was part of the collage because it probably looks better for a photo shoot type of thing but I'm not as certain for the more candid angles in picrel. As for her pink outfit, it's okay. Not the worst thing I've seen IMO.

No. 975097

I would throw myself out of the window of a fast moving automobile rolling down a cliff into the ocean get eaten by a shark get eaten by a whale get shidded into the atmosphere for Kali Uchis.

No. 975100

Niki Demar, Madelyn Cline, Liza Koshy

No. 975101

I think that’s Bad Bunny

No. 975105

File: 1637582999952.jpg (59.89 KB, 970x546, GettyImages-1354790510 (2).jpg)

I wanted to post the same thing, yeah it's him.

No. 975111

I feel so out of the loop, turns out I don't know who they are except for maybe Liza. I've seen her name pop up now and then but I don't really know any of them.

No. 975136

This is way better then the tragedy that was the Met Gala, its not great but its not horrible either

No. 975146

File: 1637585874823.jpeg (19.68 KB, 372x344, 9Y7bo7e-2I7z7D2jsW8_ngNr0GLgu1…)

omg its liza the cringy vine girl who dated cringy david dobrik. tf is she doing there. i know kids follow her but cmon. most people 18+ only know her because she made that cringy breakup video and everyone clowned her. she even later admitted the relationship was very short, that they didnt even have sex, it was basically just a glorified friendship. so now even more the video seems unhinged and unnecessary.
and they invited her to a music event because…? again i know shes an influencer but her audience has always been super young and young people literally do not give a shit about music awards and bringing them a d-tier vlogger isnt changing that. seems very out of place. and of course shes dressed like shit cause shes a youtuber and this is what they think rich people look like. influencers were a mistake.

No. 975149

I mean if Logal Paul made it to the mainstream I think any youtuber can

No. 975215

File: 1637594130527.png (166.25 KB, 840x934, 49-495427_are-you-still-there-…)

lol my first thought was this

No. 975232

>I'm guessing it doesn't help that he sometimes behaves immaturely compared to his actual age as well
And the fact that he literally said he's attracted to teenagers

No. 975236

Didn't Liza get a late-night TV show that commentary channels on YT liked to laugh at, or something? I'm not sure what her audience is anymore, but I guess somebody must think she's relevant enough to have her own show and attend music events. I mostly forgot about her though

No. 975252

File: 1637595821753.png (293.68 KB, 680x459, 1a6.png)

No. 975253

Megan Fox is so pathetic, ever since she’s had enough money to use spray tans again she’s all over instagram. She should go back to looking like a young Bruce Jenner, she’s even more annoying than the Kardashins now.

No. 975256

She lost weight, she’s quite slim now. Left is obesity + shape wear. Look at the rolls, a tale tel sign someone’s stuffing their hamflaps in tight fabrics.

No. 975257

File: 1637596009133.jpg (175.05 KB, 960x1440, MV5BNzQ0MmFmZWYtYjBjZC00MzA1LT…)

I think that was IISuperwomanII
Anon pls

No. 975266

Remember to include their name anon

No. 975272

Everyone looking completely busted

No. 975278

the met gala outfits were ugly but in an amusing way, these are just boring-ugly

No. 975315

that show was weird, cause it was like IRL woke twitter humor about being a "Queer WOC" who was smashing the glass celling against sexist white males, when she made her entire Youtube career based on "brown people" stereotypes and also it was pretty clear what her preference was

No. 975317

Is that Arca?

No. 975327

File: 1637599473100.png (859.3 KB, 870x866, fd34994c2ea1ca60900950c38cc3a4…)

It's Kali Uchis lol. I love her last album so fucking much but her style is tragic. When she was promoting picrel on insta I thought it was fanart at first but no, this is her offical merch lmao. https://kaliuchis.shop/products/kali-uchis-x-sza-fue-mejor-l-s-tee

No. 975338

Why is there a woman who looks like a young halle berry almost named like her??

No. 975378

holy shit did they of all people go into those shit boring outfits to the AMAs? I just watched their performance and it's great but you'd think they'd go for something more daring considering the outfits they've sported before

No. 975400

I confused her with a tranny too, this style is atrocious and she shouldn't be wearing these kind of outfits if she has almost no waist, it does her no favors

No. 975401

On first glance bitch looks like Malibu Halsey™. How does Niki complain about copy cats when she skin walks so hard?

No. 975405

File: 1637603690593.jpg (438.35 KB, 2048x1536, b3feeabb5f80de26a5e0de324e22fd…)

i feel so sorry for young women (myself included kek) that this is supposed to be seen as peak young male attractiveness

No. 975409

Damn they look so short here. Just how tall are these guys? 5'5?

No. 975410

Why would you let them style you like this baby sis?

Nothing is about this is doing anything for me. The color washes her out and it's overall ugly

No. 975412

pictured is an absolutely tragic assortment of midget men

No. 975414

>those oufits
>that orange dye
>everyone looking botched asf
This is a disaster

No. 975416

All those fugly plastic faces. Bitches out there really simp for that shit? The blonde one looks especially tragic.

No. 975417

i am looking at this in pure horror. the fact that i used to love bts is weird just looking at them now. looking especially botched here…

No. 975418

Kek anon

No. 975419

Jungkook is cute, but those piercing are so painfully ugly.

No. 975420

They forget to sew the skirt on or something? It looks half finished. Winnie deserves better.

No. 975421

The blonde one is rap monster, he was never a looker but surgeries really are highlighting his worst features

No. 975422

If google is to be believed most of them are around 5'9" or 5'10 so average height I guess. I think they just look so short because that awful tailoring makes them look like pre-teen boys wearing their father's suit.

No. 975424


Google wants me to believe that these men who look lilee jean height are 5'9 and 5'10? Ok lol

No. 975426

File: 1637604864785.jpg (299.56 KB, 908x1222, beyonce-billboard-awards-perfo…)

Her look actually reminded me of picrel (for whatever reason. Now that I'm actually looking at it, they're not similar at all), but I do agree that it looks unfinished. The top half is really pretty though I also thought her midsection was invisible.

No. 975427

why do 5 of them have the same off white suit, its creepy

No. 975428

fucking hell they look creepy
I'm not into k-pop, didn't realize they looked this plastic irl, it's uncanney

No. 975434

shit bait or bone rattling either way get a grip

No. 975440

So much wrong with this kek

No. 975455

They don't look that tiny in other pics, the thing is that oversized clothes can make you look shorter. I'm telling you who ever tailored those suits must despise them.

No. 975457

the clothes are from louis vuitton.

No. 975469

left kinda looks like that black tiktok guy with the contacts and hat you know the one

No. 975484

Kek and what does that have to do with the clothes not fitting them?

No. 975487

bts are all short af. all idols are short af they just lie on their profiles then wear chunky shoes with lifts. peep their shoes.

No. 975489

I feel like such a fucking boomer but who the fuck are these people? LOL

No. 975496

This is one of the moments where Americans and Europeans don't realize how fucking tall they are compared to the rest of the world, I'm from an Asian country and a man who is 5'10 is considered tall here, It would be the US equivalent of being 6'2 in America

No. 975498

I don't know who they're either, bunch of nobodies

No. 975499

I guess LV gives no fuck about them how stupid they look. At least they get those manlets to parade their overpriced clothes for everybody to see.

No. 975501

Billie body shaming and throwing shade at girls who get plastic surgery just seemed so off to me. Claudia has small boobs and plastic surgery, why would she bash things that her closest friends have? It also makes no sense since how would she even know the boob size of people showing their opinions about her music unless she chats with them directly? Usually unattractive women with bad bodies and big boobs will automatically use this as their first response anytime they do not like a woman with smaller breasts

Their family are just trashy white hicks who got famous really

No. 975510

I come from one of the tallest countries in the world and I know some 5'9'' men that absolutely don't look that compact kek
It's about the proportions which can come naturally but can absolutely be altered with clothes, and those suits they're wearing make them look horrible. What were they think with wide pants that get even more tapered at the bottom? It's so unflattering

No. 975513

telling from the logo, the camera seems to be compacting them which is why they look wider as well

No. 975537

im not a fan of her music but i hope she gets out of Disney's hands trauma free. i get the vibes that she's not in control of her image all that much.

No. 975539

this girl needs to stop trying so hard to have sex appeal.

No. 975545

I thought that was the other sister. Isn't this one Halle?

No. 975566

oh. yeah you're right lol. they're both way too baby faced to this asethetic

No. 975572

The far left one is the only one I find attractive and it’s solely because I’m into women and men who look like women

No. 975576

Thought you posted a bunch of children from the thumbnail. Either the cameraman is a tallfag who needs to bend down, or they're ridiculously fucking short lmfao

No. 975579

lol at Jojo Siwa mogging every girl there. Her styling was some of the best of the night, from what I've seen. She looks radiant! I am sure she's so happy to not be in some stupid rainbow getup with a too-tight ponytail.

No. 975581

I also didn't know who they were kek. People have answered this already though, just look through the earlier replies. Eg >>975100

No. 975587

I never liked her… I (only barely) remember coming across one of her YT videos when I was younger and I just remember she lied in it about something she made out to be as fact. Maybe I'll look for it.

No. 975588

yeah who is this lol? I thought it was Camila Cabello but it's not…?

No. 975591

>samefagging lol but
it's Tate McRae also feeling like a boomer because I don't know who the fuck that is lmao

No. 975620

LMAO literally who??? I had to google and I guess they're youtube/tiktok 'stars'? What a fucking world that that's considered a celeb now

No. 975630

She reminds me of a lol surprise doll. Makes me sad.

No. 975634

burger children often look up to 10 years older than they are. plus makeup really ages anyone under 18 for some reason.

No. 975635

whoa i guess 2006 is back??

No. 975637

Ayrt, hey I still don't know who they are either, but those are their names I guess and people keep asking? I also hate that being an "influencer" or a tik tok person or Youtuber is all it takes to be a celeb now when they're just made famous by people who are Extremely Online because they have nothing better to do.

No. 975638

they are all about 5'6"/5'7"

No. 975642

Honestly can't believe more and more of these influencers/tik tokers are showing up to celebrity events. Makes me feel old because I have no idea who half of these people are showing up to the AMAs. Dread thinking of those kinds of people taking over the celebrity scene because they all seem even more cringy and shallow and yet… bland. Like they have zero personality outside of the internet

No. 975643

Which one is Jimincel

No. 975644

Their names sound alike but their faces look nothing alike

No. 975650

fugly one in the middle wearing pink

No. 975652

Britney Spears is the non cringe (non-lolcow) version of Venus Angelic.

Hope they both fuck off.

No. 975655

>fugly one
this isn't helping
>in the middle wearing pink
oh, thank you kind Nona ♥ very happy to finally see the cryptid in the flesh

No. 975656

No. 975675

Has anyone seen those things holding those belts up? Why were they left there? Some of them are bright green and pink.

No. 975699

She's always been sexy

Why would anyone get implants at such a young age

>mfw short, androgynous, not hot

Perhaps there's hope after all

No. 975705

Used to be trapped by crazy parent, both make weird instagram posts. Venus also used to make those weird attention seeking cryptic posts.

No. 975709

Placement of makeup can have that affect as well as wearing a lot.

No. 975720

I was wondering the same thing. They also seemed like they matched the button up shirts until you get past the middle towards the right. Should’ve done that.

No. 975726

File: 1637627505247.jpg (941.18 KB, 612x657, lol.jpg)

i guess this freak got his wish, he really does look like another botched blobface like his idols BTS

No. 975731

they are so fucking ugly jesus…feels like i’m losing my mind when ppl try to convince me that these creatures are in any way attractive

No. 975732

also this has thread pic potential

No. 975738

Like I get if it's to hold up the belts, but they're very visible. Why were they styled like this kek

No. 975743

he fits right in lmao

No. 975748

that's most kpop moids they either permanently look like they're stuck at 17, plastic melting monsters, or both

No. 975749

How. Why. They never/hardly have been talked about in the celebs thread? No one except koreaboos care. The only reason they were posted is for their outfits for the Amas they were, for some reason, invited to.

No. 975750

i have noticed the same thing my whole life kek why do americans always look much older

No. 975776

File: 1637635936814.jpg (29 KB, 660x354, 247604.jpg)

oli london is definitely a cow but he isnt a celebrity

No. 975779

File: 1637636521765.jpg (64.91 KB, 720x897, 1628226057312.jpg)

>woke woc
>lusts after white men
And your surprised how ? its the default assumption

No. 975780

They probably have hundreds of custom costumes and yet they couldn't tailor the suits before an award show? they're so damn baggy and probably contribute to the guys looking short. Maybe the company said fuck it we in burger land we dont need to try hard.

No. 975782

Why the fuck would you bring him up then? I would say the exact same thing about him but idek if he was invited to the amas because he’s even less of a American celebrity than bts. What even is he, a youtuber? He belongs in that thread then. That’s why he’s not been commented on here. What is your point?

No. 975784

I feel like people forget Korean/east Asian men in general also Photoshop to hell and back to the point where they're practically strangers irl. This would also explain why being introverted is so common in their culture since you have to suck it up and go out if your pic says ulzaang but your appearance ulugly

No. 975798

South Korea has a pretty extroverted culture though?

No. 975800

File: 1637638553707.jpeg (39.09 KB, 636x611, 7F73A1CD-2405-4BAA-9CA0-370D61…)

I fucking died

Who are these gay fish in their dad’s suits?

No. 975802

it was a pretty funny comment nonna. sorry you didnt immediately know who we were talking about, but this thread isn't just for you so maybe write your sperging in a journal next time

No. 975804

File: 1637638751045.jpg (67.7 KB, 587x195, cabbage.jpg)

also you can't figure out why they were at the fucking AMAs?

No. 975811

There's a reason most kpop groups only last till their early 20's, you can only pull off the pretty boy schtick for so long

No. 975814

>”If you look at pictures from just one year ago she just looks like an average 12 year old girl”
>posts a picture from 2017 when she was 8
Yeah no shit she looks a lot younger there compared to now. It’s called puberty

No. 975816

she's 12 retard, she hasn't been through puberty yet.

No. 975818


Google is free

No. 975823

File: 1637641085398.jpg (350.92 KB, 958x596, 33333.jpg)

Vin Diesel is so ridiculously ugly he barely looks human

No. 975825

You can definitely go through puberty at 12, anon. You can even start before that.

No. 975827

The only hot one is the one on the far left. They look really creepy and also this was my parents introduction k pop. This fucking image.

No. 975829

At 12 most girls have already started puberty.

Anyway I don't think she looks old, it's the styling. Take away that dress that's hardly appropriate for a 12 year old, put her in jeans, graphic tee and sneakers or whatever tweens are wearing in 2021 and no make-up and she'll fit right in with her peers.

No. 975831

does the confucian ideal includes looking plastic? ew.

No. 975832

File: 1637642342378.jpg (20.75 KB, 216x233, vinspiration .JPG)

Very true, but he is still so powerful. He does have the most famous jeans pocket.

No. 975834

Kek which one is supposed to be the visual of the group?

No. 975835

File: 1637642765656.jpg (25.71 KB, 736x308, d80390f76876508990b65fb292d1da…)

No. 975836

As the youths say, tell me you were not old enough to remember 2006 without telling me you're too young to remember 2006.

Idk how their careers will have any longevity. Like I could be very old and wrong, maybe they will randomly acquire some skills, but I feel for the zoomers a bit. They get a trashed planet and economy and no idea what an entertainer is suppose to do or be.

No. 975840

so use it?

No. 975841

He looks like a guinea pig with cancer.

No. 975842

no kid has gone through puberty by 12 unless it's a hormone issue. It can start around there.

No. 975843

File: 1637645010729.png (814.99 KB, 1242x2688, 978BC142-57E4-49CA-B230-955BD3…)

Since some of you refuse to take two seconds to look. Can we move on now?

No. 975866

File: 1637648801027.jpg (39.88 KB, 700x438, Vin-Diesel-Paul-Vincent.jpg)

what's weird is that his twin brother looks completely normal, yeah he's not handsome but he looks like a normal looking normal, healthy 50 year old male while Vin Diesel looks like a boiled potato

No. 975868

He has a twin brother???

No. 975869

his real name is also Mark Sinclair

No. 975882

Idk I think he’s kind of cute.
Twins doesn’t always mean identical but still…they don’t look related at all.

No. 975884

Nta but I've known plenty of girls who got their periods between 9-12, along with the other usual changes. It's not uncommon at all but maybe it's cause I'm in burgerland.

No. 975894

Their dad was puerto-rican and mom was white, sometimes genetics are a crap shoot cause the brother ended up looking completely while Vin was more ambiguous
He even made a produced and wrote a short film about his struggles as an ambiguous actor and this film ended up being a popular enough that Stephen Spielberg saw it in a film festival and cast him in saving private ryan which was the real start of his career

No. 975895

I always thought Vin Diesel is white. Learn something new every day

No. 975906

>"Couldn't it have been a little less offensive? I mean, they probably think I'm some misogynist homophobic guido."
I'll be honest I haven't watched all of it yet, I only got up to that part. But what I'm gathering is he put thought into writing and directing this in 1995? And this was how he ended up being cast in Saving Private Ryan?

Imagine if he'd done more serious roles like this than being stuck in roles like his character in the F&F franchise. Might be totally different today. Though there's no denying he seems very strange and awkward in real life currently.

No. 975916

File: 1637655453782.jpg (72.15 KB, 1086x733, timbiebs.jpg)

Are you ready?

No. 975937

>And this was how he ended up being cast in Saving Private Ryan?
Yes, he based the film on his own experiences as a struggling mixed race actor, he funded the film with his own savings of 3000$

No. 975943

File: 1637658186604.jpeg (91.46 KB, 542x319, 159AB16F-4687-46F7-86DD-BF8B5C…)

I haven't seen anyone write like that since 2013 Tumblr.

No. 975944

Holy shit… they aren't even subtle about it. They are rubbing belonging to satanic Illuminati in our faces. NWO coming and Biebs is ushering it. What has the world come to?

No. 975962

hello dad what are you doing on lolcow

No. 975990

the photoshop on the pic is more criminal than this reply

No. 975993

I am kekking so hard I love this image it's so innocent

No. 976002

File: 1637665697036.png (688.77 KB, 700x874, Screenshot (4408).png)

Anyone remember this "nonbinary" actress Lachlan Watson? She's the one known for getting top surgery at 18 to try to look more androgynous.

No. 976003

File: 1637665753813.png (Spoiler Image,655.14 KB, 790x874, Screenshot (4407).png)

Well look at the creepy photoshoots she's doing now, it literally looks like a child in lingerie. Spoilered for nippies.

No. 976012

File: 1637666400622.png (1.41 MB, 882x881, Screenshot (4322).png)

And look at the gross scrotes she hangs around. I don't know how people look at this situation so fondly, it's like watching a child being groomed in front of everyone's eyes but instead of being concerned they're applauding it.

No. 976021

You will not be laughing when Drake pops up to sacrifice your child

No. 976024

>magazine title is French for "she" and "her" because of the readers being mostly women
>"THEY/THEM" written in caps and bold on the cover, refering to a female celebrity
>on a magazine that's written in Spanish or Portugese, correct me if I'm wrong
wtf am I looking at?

No. 976028

she's so embarrassing.

This shit is so embarrassing and why gay people who just want to live normal lives will always be hated

People need to stop hanging around gay men, acting like they're not predators and groomers, same as straight men

No. 976032

kill me.
I like alt looks but that photoshoot felt… creepy.
it's spanish.

No. 976033

I find it really funny that those people who want to be as ~different~ as possible, all look, act and dress the same. It's always the same type of faces that you see related to the they/them retardation. See Demi and such, they all end up with those type of people. You really have to look as ugly as possible to be part of that club, uh?

>This shit is so embarrassing and why gay people who just want to live normal lives will always be hated
always makes me wonder how many people stay in the closet because of people like this. I wouldn't want to be connected with those idiots as well tbh.

No. 976036

File: 1637668593099.png (1.09 MB, 1323x868, Screenshot (4410).png)

Whatever scrote is behind her wardrobe decisions really likes putting her in bondage gear. Where are her parents?

No. 976039

File: 1637668967584.png (502.54 KB, 508x895, Screenshot (4412).png)

Just dancing shirtless in an elevator with a man three times her age before going to dinner alone with him, totally normal and non predatory behavior.

No. 976066

>they/them in english while the rest of the cover is in spanish
fucking hell, why do they do this

No. 976089

>it literally looks like a child in lingerie
I think that's the point, young TIMs and TIFs are just an extension of the pedo in Hollyoowd

No. 976092

ahhhhh what the fuck. literally looks like a pre pubescent little girl. I hate the antichrist

No. 976110

File: 1637675302884.jpg (75.18 KB, 680x340, e18ojc5rr9451.jpg)

gifts to the planet

No. 976115

You know out of all the horrible, illogical violent shit scrotes do, I still don't understand why one group of Islamists or White Nationalists haven't burned down hollywood yet
Its the one worthwhile act they could do

No. 976124

I’ve had the hardest time finding styles I like for the past year or so. The 2020s fashion cycle can’t make up its mind yet I guess

No. 976126

File: 1637676070045.jpg (142.49 KB, 900x506, male.jpg)

Sam "I'm non-binary because I'm a bottom in gay sex and that's what women do" Smith has successfully got the Brit awards to scrap male/female categories.
Of the 25 mixed sex award slots the Brit awards had last year, only 1 nominee was a woman, but let's go ahead and make sure Sam Smith feels included.
This is your daily reminder that gay men hate you as much as the straight ones.


No. 976129

File: 1637676253430.png (24.74 KB, 780x351, lol.png)

This headline lmao

No. 976130

why is this shit included in the LESBIAN, GAY AND BI label. you know the sexualities that are dependent on gender just like being straight??

No. 976135

reason #9837385643 why people do not take award shows serious anymore. Can't remember the last time I've watched one or even bothered who won. This shit deserves to die, fuck that.

No. 976136

This is so real

No. 976140

I always assumed he was half-black half-white haha

No. 976142

A similiar festival but for movies in my country did the same this year. The result? Every. single. prize went to man. And people kept saying "Well the men just acted better!" but that's now how it works when the best roles are still written for men. I hate this world and I hate gay men.

No. 976147

I want to bring this up the next time I see a fag hag anon defending gay men and saying that if anyone doesn't like them, they're just using it as a way to sneakily start attacking lesbians next. What lesbian does this?
So many gay men have the same mentality as HSTS troons, it's fucked

No. 976150

Because they're too busy jerking off to the soft core child porn Netflix pumps out, men don't give a fuck. If Hollywood burns it'll be by pissed off women who've had enough of this fuckery.

No. 976160

File: 1637679239645.png (474.92 KB, 530x943, iuytredfghjklmnbf.png)

While we're on the topic of pedowood does anyone else find it weird Netflix had Millie Bobby Brown do a scene where she was changing into a corset in that Enola Holmes movie.

No. 976162

File: 1637679362351.png (554.37 KB, 523x925, iuytredfghjklmnbf(1).png)

She was only 16 here. And they had her cup her boobs and turn and wiggle her butt, it was bizarre.

No. 976169

he looks so incredibly ftm

No. 976171

Was there any backlash at all? Or does everyone support it?

No. 976175

I hate netflix and pedowood so much. How are parents still so delusional and literally prostitute their children for a bit of money? Blackpilling

No. 976189

This is the funniest interaction I have ever seen on lolcow

No. 976192

Dua Lipa and others have come out supporting it, but ONTD & reddit's popeads, which are full of libfems & gay scrotes that support non-binary/trans shit, are surprisingly against it.

No. 976194

i genuinely thought this was a woman cosplaying bieber

No. 976205

oh come on you had to pick someone uggo to sacrifice my nonexistent child?

No. 976234

>How are parents still so delusional and literally prostitute their children for a bit of money?

It's worth it. It's awful and disgusting but some revealing outfits and flirting with old scrotes is worth earning many millions and staying rich for life. Except for those who literally get raped, I doubt any of these girls/women would go back in time and grow up to slave away in an office like the rest of us.

No. 976260

Nona, you still have 10 minutes to delete this absolute moronic scrote-like sperg, please use those minutes wisely.

No. 976263

why? she’s right.

No. 976265

If it gets deleted, there's always someone who screencapped it kek

It's the photoshop disorienting it. The photoshop on that pic is so bad, and it's rare these days not to see him look like an unwashed hobo

No. 976268

Lol, "There's no psychological ramifications of being sold by you're parents to companies to sexually exploit and use for masturbation fodder before the age of 17. Rape is the only thing that causes damage!" Please tell me you're male, I refuse to believe two women could be that stupid.

No. 976282

Do you really believe these people in Hollywood only have to wear revealing clothes and flirt with old men? Don't be naive.
>Please tell me you're male, I refuse to believe two women could be that stupid.
They're probably not, anon. This thread brings out the retard in some people.

No. 976297

nobody’s saying sexual assault doesn’t cause damage. just from my point of view, so many women get sexually assaulted and raped, most women do, but we get nothing out of it. so if you’re gonna be sexually assaulted you might as well get some money out of it. the rest of us get nothing and can’t even afford to get mental help for the trauma.

No. 976332

this is literally something a groomer would say. please never have children

No. 976341

This is literally the same mentality of "Women get sexualized anyway, so we might as well make porn and get money out of it". Some of these women and kids would have never been sexually assaulted if they didn't enter Hollywood in the first place, dumbass.

No. 976352

>so if you’re gonna be sexually assaulted you might as well get some money out of it
Yeah what a great take, "Hey Millie! Just take the abuse now so you can have a bunch of money later on to pay for therapy that won't fix the trauma or give you your childhood back, but hey at least you're getting lots of money for your parents to steal and then leave you to waste the rest on drugs and alcohol to cope!" Go back to Tumblr or Twitter or whatever dank herpes infested crevice you came from.

No. 976356

No. 976363

Oh so based means uneducated and unintelligent now? Good to know

No. 976383

why are you so mad? you need to touch grass

No. 976399

Not really mad, just kind of confused as to why there's so many women who don't understand how sexual assault impacts you, but I'm still not convinced some of you aren't scrotes. Although it's not rare to see retards in the celebricows thread and here you are, in all your naive, retarded glory.

No. 976468

look nonny I'm sorry you don't get big bucks for dealing with degenerates sexually assaulting you on the regular but this nasty twitter thot e-whore mentality is not it. Self respect and a healthy life will always win over money.

No. 976487

you’re projecting hard

No. 976491

Right? I hate that mentality and the fact that so many women and even young teen girls think like that today. Is it really "empowerment" if you're just feeding into the ever increasing demand of pornsick scrotes?

No. 976511

Apologies for no pics provided but been seeing theories go around saying the Kim and Pete relationship is just a distraction from the Astroworld tragedy and Kris Jenner is really working at this. I truly hate talking about either Kim or Pete, but I hate it more that if it IS a distraction, it seems to be working on the general public… I'm seeing too many people and pages with big followings talk way too much about the relationship now even though there are probably other issues that could be talked about.

No. 976520

File: 1637695944794.jpg (165.2 KB, 962x962, 5085903.jpg)

What kind of sick publicity stunt is this?

Maybe they have a point. A lot of people would want to believe Pete is better than that though, me included I guess.

No. 976526

God that really is one ghoulish looking man.

No. 976530

I don't know how good of a person Pete supposedly is, but the fact he dated Ari tells me enough. None of these people would be above publicity stunts. Or I guess if people still want to think the better of him maybe he's genuinely super into Kim for some reason and is going along with this even though it's bringing them a lot of publicity right now.

No. 976531

I truly didn't realize people over the age of 18 gave hickeys. This looks like some desperate stuff

No. 976533

Hot tbh

No. 976537

That makes sense. Who gives a fuck about Kim K dating some ugly man? She's been married to one for years, it's not interesting

No. 976540

Kim is fucking gross too. She looks like a lumpy trash bag with an uggo face, her ass is the grossest thing ever too. I don't think people talk ab her grossness enough tbh

No. 976543

Probably because the woman that people keep weirdly fawning over has just gotten out of a marriage and Pete supposedly keeps dating women "out of his league" (I feel like they're probably all on similar ground in terms of personality but I digress) so it keeps generating talk even though it honestly shouldn't. If Kris is behind it like the theories are saying, I guess she knows the audience and how to bring the attention of the masses right back around in their favor. And they're wealfhy.

No. 976546

Anon please no

No. 976548

ew he looks ill, those dark circles are so bad. looks like a drug addicted raccoon

No. 976552

>supposedly keeps dating women "out of his league" (I feel like they're probably all on similar ground in terms of personality but I digress)
He's way uglier when it comes to looks. Not saying kim or current ari look good but comparatively speaking

No. 976570

Oh yeah I agree, much as I find Kim and Ari annoying. Their personalities and the shitty things I've heard about them overshadow whatever looks they have to me though. They're greatly overrated.

People are really liking making a point of how Pete must have a big dick to draw them in though kek but it's getting tiring to read about from those IG accounts who were supposed to report on actual issues. I'm fine with discussing milk on here, but this "news" is invading other places where it doesn't really have a place.

No. 976601

Gosh kimberly love yourself this man is absolutely disgusting

No. 976617

She's a vile person who even cares, she doesn't deserve anything or anyone special

No. 976625

get help anon, pls

No. 976627

I believe this 100%

No. 976673

remember when he threatened to kill himself on twitter and then hid in the SNL changing rooms while Ariana Grande walked the SNL lobby below tweeting she was "there for him" and instead of letting eveyone know he was ok he had her kicked out? He's an abusive, attention seeking, BPD-having scrote.

No. 976674

All three of these people are garbage tbh. I don't know why anyone idolizes any of them.

No. 976730

Men who hang out with TIFs have as many red flags as a CCCP parade.

No. 976731

I want to be sandwiched in between them.

No. 976785

i was only 8 when i first got my period but ok

No. 976796

Precocious puberty isn’t normal tho

No. 976797

Precocious puberty is before 8.

No. 976802

Up to 8.
Comment you replied to literally said for people without fucky hormones and you’re right on the cusp of fucky hormones. It doesn’t mean puberty is normally started or half over by 12.

No. 976807

Ayrt, I'm not this >>976785 person. This is an anonymous site.

No. 976814

>It doesn’t mean puberty is normally started or half over by 12.
Depends on where you live.

No. 976825

What do you people think normal and average mean?

No. 976828

very confused as to why anons feel the need to hornypost here

No. 976846

She can fix him

No. 976850

Always the ugliest men too

No. 976880

what the fuck do they have meth in the centre or something?

No. 976882

Seriously you're not wrong. Remember when a few threads back someone said Seth Rogen looked like a sexy dad? Kek. Also anons expressed interest in some mediocre looking guys in the last thread too… yikes

No. 976883

not really. i think her team is trying to do a gradual shift towards "grownup actress" rather than the sudden shock like miley cyrus or billie eilish.

No. 976890

File: 1637728958360.png (51.87 KB, 600x378, 4534543.png)

Saw this tweet and its probably the most realistic explanation of what celeb women see in him
just the right combination of traits

No. 976893

NTA but was there any man ITT or the previous one that wouldn't give you that reaction? I genuinely don't remember anyone conventionally attractive

No. 976900

This is stupid but I understand. Pete has no cheating scandals, no child abuse or grooming scandals (which would especially be ideal for Kim since she has kids) and nothing too crazy outside of just looking goofy. Women like Kim and Ariana are probably just tired since men in the community they date in are usually serial cheaters and/or pedos so they will just snatch whoever they can get that won't molest their daughter and cheat on them with 16 yr olds

No. 976902

this is lc anons are either obsessed with 11/10 chadlets, drawings they can't touch, or weird cryptids, there is no normal here

No. 976913

Honestly, none. Not really any I'd waste my time lusting after or anything especially since you never know what they're hiding. Which makes me feel all the more baffled that some nonnies are sharing how they would let an average to mediocre John sit on their face or something. But I don't remember any conventionally attractive celeb guy that anyone hornyposted about.

Kek I really was expecting higher standards considering the amount of shit we talk about celebrities looks.

No. 976935

This greasy looking scrote is absolutely hideous with those asshole eyes

No. 976959

Id rather her date an uggo than a pedophile, a man with ego issues or someone abusive.

No. 976969

a bpd male isn't that much better

No. 976989

File: 1637738948898.jpeg (125.37 KB, 1125x1399, 2B6CE252-14FD-4FAB-8022-402A45…)

welp I wonder if this is a reference to the "David" article or not. But do any of the guesses thus far really have a "clean" image kek

No. 977006

this is the funniest and truest shit I've read lmfao. I don't think it applies to me, but it does according to many farmers so I see myself in this picture and I like it
I think weird minds find weird things attractive

No. 977023

File: 1637746448794.png (353.35 KB, 382x601, werwer3425.png)

Kim getting dicked down by a hot younger man while kanye out here in wellington boot crocs

No. 977026

File: 1637746816671.png (Spoiler Image,307.76 KB, 391x582, absolutelygorgeous.png)

>hot younger men
nonnie pls, Kanye is gay anyway, as if he cares

No. 977027

File: 1637746903050.jpg (16.62 KB, 250x250, 3679744578997533.jpg)

No. 977029

They only have high standards when it comes to women's looks. They will simp for any ugly old scrote who reminds them of their emotionally absent father.

No. 977030

I don't think he's gay more of porn rotted pseudo-bisexual who would probably have sex with a tranny if given the opportunity

No. 977032

he has regularly had sex with young male models he orders up to his hotel room, and anyone who has worked as his security will know this

No. 977048

Kek I appreciate you anons.

Anyone who announces that they're hot for a weird celeb scrote will result in scrutiny nonnies, just know this before any of you start hornyposting again kek

No. 977056

>listening to a moid on twitter's opinion on what women are attracted to
ok anon kek

No. 977058

right?! Pete is a BPD riddled mess with a good publicist. But scrotes want to believe him fucking Kim means a rich, successful woman might also fuck their unemployed ass if they just have a few good attributes (which is always height because scrotes are fucking OBSESSED with height and try to play it off like women are).

No. 977064

All he's saying is that Pete Davidson has the right combination of physical and personality traits which makes him attractive for certain successful women but never for a long term relationship
I think the women that date him also know that the relationship won't last and they prefer it that way, It's nice, fun but safe relationship for them

No. 977071

File: 1637757897155.jpeg (566.31 KB, 1955x2282, shutterstock_editorial_9795338…)

pete davidson also legit admitted that he was a cutter. i remember it in an interview and it caught me off guard. like he is the perfect example of a borderline male. like dude high school is over no one cares. few stories are known from the ariana saga but im sure in a few years more will come out. he is enabled by everyone into being a whiny manchild just cause hes tall and isnt deformed.
i found the interview where he said it again but i cant find good pictures of his supposed self harm scars. like its so small. he is so borderline the man complains about cutting and cries when he has chicken scratches from 5 years ago. the man is a walking red flag its crazy. he is absolutely not hot enough to pull this type of unhinged shit.

No. 977078

why is there a ring around his mouth like that? it looks like he put his lips in a vacuum cleaner

No. 977079

>isnt deformed
He isn't? Either way, what gets me the most is that he looks like a particularly dirty hobo, like Vin Diesel looks like a thumb but at least he seems to shower

No. 977088

He looks disgusting.

No. 977093

ugly guy

No. 977104

no he's not lol, he's making broad generalizations on women based on his own moid brain. "She just wants to fix him" is some projection, the woman is in her 40s and has one of the tightest PR games in hollywood. She's not trying to fix him, she's trying to make Kanye mad. Why do you think he's being photographed with hickeys on his neck. He's not even a celebrity and idk why he was posted here, unless that was a self post.
He has been dragged up by every woman in his life. He's disgusting and his weird-ass oversized veneers are the funniest thing he's done.

No. 977107

It literally looks like he was doing the kylie jenner lip challenge

No. 977121

Let's guess about some stories from the Ariana and Pete saga…
I remember hearing that her apartment in NYC that they stayed in was basically like a 24/7 rave/drug den. Then the whole Piggie Smalls thing, god what a shitshow

No. 977160

File: 1637779277676.jpeg (Spoiler Image,48.52 KB, 700x446, pete-davidsons.jpeg)

well, I don't know that guy, never heard of him, but went looking for a picture where you could see possible scars. That one is the only one I could find. I've never seen a worse case of self-harming in my live, totally understand that he needs to be covered in tattoos to hide those amazing amount of obvious self-harm scars (sry, sarcasm). You also can't see scars beneath his tattoos, which is in most cases of visible, live long self-harm scars possible. Wish he could tell me his magical trick for the lack of scars after cutting.

No. 977183

She does love herself she’s just copying kourtney and megan since men like that are vogue again now. They will no longer be in a few months and then they break up. We all know Kimberley loves chocolaté.

No. 977188

I don’t care for him but the bpd hate people have on here comes from literal projections and ignorance. It’s kind of pathetic to read and that comes from a celebrity hater.
Selfharm comes in many forms. Maybe he thought saying cutting would sound less insane than punching your own face. Maybe his scars are on his legs. Either way self harm scars are not that noticeable and may fade.
I mean this dude lost his father due to 9/11, he has fucking ptsd too. Y’all assholes.

No. 977198

I'd take a moid who was emo and suicidal years ago than a pedophile
Also I see you nonnies spamming lolcow talking about how your own current boyfriends do even worse shit than just be suicidal/a cutter. Unless your own mans has a perfect track record none of you are in any place to bitch about how other women's boyfriends aren't prince charming, seriously. Practice what you preach

No. 977210

>a-at least he's not a pedo!!!
the bar is on the floor. also not everyone here dates men or is the same poster

No. 977211

>Piggie Smalls thing
Wait, what?

No. 977213

>than a pedophile
Wait, who's a pedophile?
>bitch about how other women's boyfriends aren't prince charming
No one is bitching about other women's bfs, we are bitching about some ugly dude, there's no middle man

No. 977220

lmao when did we get actual unironic pete WKs. I honestly have more respect for horny posters who just want to fuck him than this hand wringing "uwu stop being mean to the poor innocent scrote" bullshit

No. 977222

This. It always makes me curious if the same anons nitpicking Pete Davidson and Shaun Mendes are also anons in the vent thread venting about how their boyfriend manipulates them daily and gets off to teenagers

No. 977227

It's ariana's lipgloss, they must have been kissing at some point before this pic.

No. 977229

I'm one of the "nitpickers" and never dated a man in my whole life. try again.

No. 977230

he stated in his interview that he would cut his chest. And believe me, I know how self harm scars work and many will never fade. I'm just so sick of the constant connection from bpd and cutting, it's not the same and there can be many other reasons behind self harm. Other then that, I don't care for that guy, he doesn't seem interesting and I had my share of bpd friends, never again.

No. 977235

Hollywood is filled with pedophile men who are abusive narcs, I'm just happy she Kim has a guy with no grooming allegations, cheating scandals, abuse accusations, etc.
>No one is bitching about other women's bfs, we are bitching about some ugly dude
I'm referring to anons who bitch about other women's boyfriends over every little thing. Pete's biggest sin is being ugly and being depressed years ago, that's literally nothing compared to the type of shit to come from average Hollywood dudes.

No. 977241

Most anons here have cut themselves or have been suicidal before, idk why anons act like it makes him bad and it seems like he's gotten help for it
No one said you in particular (and you can claim anything without proof since this is an anonymous board)

No. 977242

With the context of this and what the anon you were replying to said, that conjured a ridiculous mental image

>ring around his mouth
kek sorry nonnies

No. 977243

why can't we hate pedos, abusers, cheaters, and ugly BPD-kuns all at once?

No. 977255

I'm a bpdfag and I honestly am tired of the callousness as well, but mentally ill men drive me insane as they have a different form of dealing with it and expressing it. Even those with the same issues, bpd men are going to be different from bpd women. I do appreciate that he owns having it and talks about it openly, though his acting and comedy is hit or miss for me. There's so many other comedians who obviously have similar mental issues to pete who won't get diagnosed or talk about it. The thing is he's still very young. People see him as this genuine starry eyed hopeful, unlike many established comedians who are knowingly drug addicted, depraved, women abusing pieces of shit who've long distanced themselves from humility. Yet to be as poisoned by the entitlement of the industry. I can understand why people like him, but I'm disappointed and saddened that he'll probably drift away from his roots and end up like his contemporaries if his career keeps climbing.

No. 977262

>and you can claim anything without proof since this is an anonymous board)
you're kind of doing the same thing by assuming posters in one thread are the same posters in another

No. 977269

For a moment I thought Kim had dated a pedophile or something, truly the bar is on the floor

No. 977398

You are sick.

No. 977404

>hating disgusting men is sick
wrong site or never been around a mentally ill scrote?

No. 977406

i refuse to believe his father died during 9/11 when Steve Buscemi is alive and well

No. 977413

File: 1637798223241.jpeg (48.74 KB, 1000x562, 19801.jpeg)

Piggie Smalls was the pig Pete and Ari got together and kept in her NYC apt. Never to be spoken of again post breakup lol

No. 977437

because you're ruining the definition of what a disgusting man is + scrotes will use people like you to water down insults and accusations

No. 977439

This is a very small imageboard which somehow has hundreds of posters always saying their boyfriends do unspeakable things throughout the years I've been here, and also nitpicking womens boyfriends for doing normie level mistakes. Obviously it makes sense that they would someway intertwine + the anon you originally replied to said "I wonder" not that you, or anyone for fact is doing that, it's just very likely considering how many people use this board

No. 977440

all of this happens just from hating an ugly, unfunny, bpd man on a chinese cow herding site?

No. 977446

File: 1637801378832.jpeg (36.03 KB, 275x144, red_pilled_lesbian.jpeg)

It makes me remember this martyr

No. 977451

Nayrt but what’s wrong with being mentally ill? He harms nobody. SNL is a fun show.
>that pic
God I love me an Ellen Degeneres kinda girl.
Y’all humans are for the most part fucking ugly lesbo or not, but it’s cringe how selfhating bpds hate on randoms who claim to have bpd.

No. 977454

Any sort of social interaction even on sites you consider small could create a lot bigger domino effect than you'd think. 4chan is small and retarded but a lot of men who believe disgusting things root from there. On top of that just telling women all men are stupid is just telling straight women who unfortunately need men in their life that men being gross is just part of dealing with a man and if you want to be with a man it's just something you need to deal with

No. 977457

File: 1637801983049.png (28.4 KB, 570x274, Screen Shot 2021-11-25 at 8.57…)

What a fucking joke.

No. 977461

>SNL is a fun show.
I think I have only ever seen one funny SNL sketch but ok.

No. 977463

now that's a tinfoil I can get behind

I just get more and more annoyed when these threads derail more and more into "x celebrity is so uggo and fat and busted" territory. first it was lana, then it was billie, and now the threads finally picked a scrote target? there has to be some milk out there to counteract all the appearance sperging that's tripled over the months, talking about someone's appearance over and over just gets boring

No. 977464

>Nayrt but what’s wrong with being mentally ill?
basically what >>977255 said, men are way worse with it. it's more obvious if you lived with one
this sounds tinfoily, i don't see how it's telling women that's it's something they just need to deal with, it's usually saying the opposite that they shouldn't have to deal with it

No. 977466

File: 1637802450874.jpeg (135.22 KB, 828x1399, 06E6FBEF-D70D-492A-9CB4-473332…)

Will Smith and Oprah?

No. 977467

all of the nominations are "happier than ever"?
she didn't even sing in this song at all, she just sounds like she's drunk whispering to a baby. It's not catchy in the slightest and it just doesn't seem to be liked anyway, beats are a mess too

the fact she sung it on sesame street is just…

No. 977490

She posted a photo of it all grown up earlier this year, it probably lives in one of the animal sanctuary/shelter places that her friends have.

No. 977494

File: 1637804909693.jpeg (180.83 KB, 640x771, C628B0F0-E2F7-4AF8-A8BB-9F783A…)

I hope this is milky enough to stop the discourse over butthole eyes Pete.

Louis CK, Marilyn Manson, Kevin Hart, Chelsea Handler, amongst others who have experienced backlash, have still gone on to be nominated for the fucking Grammys.


No. 977512

you don’t have to like the song but the bridge of happier than ever is definitely catchy, which is the popular part of the song

No. 977525

there's no cancellation there's just temporary vacations at this point unless you're both ugly and the evidence is overwhelmingly so against you that you can't refute it and i'm not even sure weinstein is still in jail at the moment, cosby walked free on a technicality, i hate this country

No. 977550

Disappointed but not surprised that the nominees consist of a bunch of awful people. Louis and Marilyn are pretty gross imo. I don't fucking get it. I thought Louis was done.

No. 977558

File: 1637809661940.jpeg (850.69 KB, 1604x935, 4B749625-14E3-4217-80C2-F4FF20…)

What celebs can you think of who have been truly “canceled”? The best examples I can think of are the Dixie Chicks and Sinead OConnor.

No. 977562

only women truly get cancelled anon. Only other person i can think of is Chrisette Michelle in the black community anyway (i doubt white people or anyone under 50 really know who she is) after she sung the national anthem for Trumps inauguration i believe. Meanwhile kanyes been practically sucking trumps dick since he got elected but is still a "genius" Doja cat definitely wouldve been cancelled too but women started realizing that men in rap get heralded and they do way worse than simping in chatrooms so we uncancelled her ourselves.

No. 977578

Natalia Kills. I don't think this video was bad enough to cancel her, but it is still cringy as fuck and some of the backlash was reasonable.
There is also that Playboy model, Dani Mathers, who posted a picture of a naked old woman at a gym without her consent. I don't think she was super famous in the first place, but she got sued and I remember the controversy when this first happened.

No. 977580

File: 1637812140126.jpg (239.65 KB, 1265x1035, Dani-Mathers-Nude-Gym-Photo-En…)


>The model posted a picture of a naked 70-year-old lady inside an LA Fitness changing room on Snapchat along with the caption: “If I can’t unsee this then you can’t either.”

>Dani claimed it was an "accident" and she meant to send the picture to just one friend but was forced to apologise.
This makes it worse tbh
>The glamorous model tried to evade court by arguing that the woman in the picture was too far away to be identified
>The Instagram star, who has reportedly been banned from all LA Fitness gyms
>Mathers will be on probation for three years and must not take photos of people or post them online without their permission.
>Her attorney Thomas Mesereau said outside court: "She really apologises from the bottom of her heart for what happened. "She never thought this would come out like this. Never intended to hurt anyone."

No. 977586

Griffin McElroy lol

No. 977589

I remembered this stupid bitch. She deserved to get dragged for this illegal and immoral shit.

No. 977601

I feel like he's too much of a nobody lol. Maybe bo burnham?

No. 977604

>y'all humans
what did she mean by this

No. 977609

Charlie Sheen? his stunt was almost too much to come back from. he's an even bigger piece of shit than that and has a history of DV, I don't think people know, but didn't the tiger blood breakdown bury him well enough for the sheer grandiosity?

and as anon said, women get "cancelled" over slights and have a harder time coming back from it

No. 977612

I think she's of a different species

No. 977615

ah yes, the southerner

No. 977626

Not that anyone cares about the Brit awards anymore but scrapping male and female categories to be more lgbt+ inclusive
lesbian, gay and bi people are female or male. This is more trans inclusive and which trans popstars even exist in the UK? Obviously cis people claiming nonbinary because it's trendy doesn't count.

No. 977633

Are you retarded? That guy is not 60 and he is clearly gay

No. 977641

>Never intended to hurt anyone
God what an evil cunt. It’s disgusting enough to take naked photos of someone without their consent, but then to post them and act like you didn’t even know it was wrong or fucked up is unbelievable

No. 977652

kinda late but she is kinda a villain they all are i mean think about it she is super into noone should have tigers as pets while having tiger as pets if she really wanted to help she would also give up her cats to a preserve

No. 977659

anon what are you trying to say? i feel like i had a stroke reading this

No. 977684

Are you retarded? She doesn't have tigers for pets, she runs a non profit rescue sanctuary which I assume is what you mean by 'preserve'. They don't breed them, they don't allow petting, the tigers are treated ethically. The men on the show do breed them and allow petting and are profit driven, on the other hand, which is why it's so infuriating that the one decent person on the show was vilified like she was.

No. 977700

Pretty sure it's Kelsey Grammar.
Semi related but apparently was a raging cokehead during Frasier and people described him and his character as a Jeckyll Hyde thing because he would throw tantrums and break shit but when the cameras rolled he was so believable as a classy softboy.

No. 977715

Fuck, he looked terrible when you saw him through the lens of Camille on RHOBH season 1-2. Even my partner who is a fan of his acting was like wow that’s a fucking asshole move to basically cheat on your wife and then try to take custody of her kids. What a freak.

No. 977727

>Wait, who’s a pedophile?
Obviously it’s Kim Kardashian herself who’s a pedophile, isn’t Pete in his fucking 20s? This bitch and Megan Fox are no better than Leonardo diCaprio’s creepy behavior. Yikes. They both need to date wrinkly old men like Kanye and the likes.

No. 977729

Op here Oh wait MGK is 35 lmfao I thought he’s 12 or something, he sure acts like a retarded kid.
But still my point still stands, it’s weird for a 41 year old to date a 28 year old, I hope this is the last time after this publicity stunt she does it though I’m afraid she’ll have many toy boys to come.

No. 977742

Is not ideal but is not weird, grow up anon

No. 977745

People like you are so lame. Go back to your containment board, I heard it reopened.

No. 977749

File: 1637838611282.png (82.71 KB, 560x315, Sarcasm-header.png)

Pretty sure she's sarcastic

No. 977753

Some of us don't like him because he spent his time talking about how good it felt to fuck Ariana Grande and how he has to think about his dad dying on 9/11 to not cum too soon with her, and other moid brain stuff that he was still going on about at his shows months after they were done. He has 0 respect for the women in his life. He cheated on Larry David's daughter to get with Ariana in the first place. He's been fucking his way up from day 1 but it's ok I guess because he's a man and sad sometimes so we should be nice
Being suicidal doesn't mean tweeting about it publicly then going dark. That's manipulative bullshit and cows get called out for it all the time here. I don't believe for one second this man is depressed, anxious or has self harmed. He's an attention whore. And like another anon said, men with BPD are WAY different to women with it. BPD + the entitlement and narcissism most males have is way different. More males would be diagnosed with it if it wasn't seen as a "womans personality disorder"
Grow up. A patten of behaviour over a decade =/= dating one younger man.

No. 977756

Natalia kills was just playing it up for the camera because the show’s team told her to. It’s like people forget that reality tv is staged.

No. 977771

What’s the board called?
And what’s with the influx of perverted women who hate men all of a sudden?

No. 977777

I'm not a big fan of large age gaps but I will say that even though it's weird, at least a 41 and 28 year old are both consenting adults. There would be an issue if the 28 year old was groomed by the older person from a young age but that's not the case here.

No. 977778

they hated anon because she was right

No. 977784

>talking about how good it felt to fuck Ariana Grande and how he has to think about his dad dying on 9/11 to not cum too soon with her
Ew wtf? I hate hearing celebrities give details like this about their sex lives.

>cheated on Larry David's daughter to get with Ariana in the first place

Even more disgusting. And with Ari. I'll never understand.

Also didn't Cazzie behave kind of weird about it afterwards? The stuff I read about it made it seem like she was really heartbroken and sobbing over this bland ass man apparently. I mean it's normal to be hurt by a cheating partner but… Pete…

No. 977846

Disgusting inside and out.

No. 977875

File: 1637859342308.jpeg (290.88 KB, 827x1551, A0EE9559-6488-490C-AA6A-A735D7…)

the quote and the outfit kek. she is insufferable

No. 977878

Even overlooking the vacuum seal level stomach sucking, that outfit is trash.

No. 977879

>vacuum seal level stomach sucking

No. 977880

>I kNew my obvious disordered eating and attention seeking would be CoNtReVErSiaL

No. 977896

I agree that the song doesn’t flow very well but as someone who currently watches a lot of Sesame Street, this was actually a pretty cute performance. Most of the celebrity songs are really annoying.

No. 977901

File: 1637862482213.jpg (240.2 KB, 918x1197, Screenshot_20211125-114329.jpg)

No. 977903

i hate musk so much

No. 977926

File: 1637864900295.jpg (Spoiler Image,220.61 KB, 1338x1825, ElongatedMuskrat.jpg)

Have I got a perfect gift for you, anon!

No. 977940

>those shoes

No. 978001

I feel like this is an old photo I've seen before. Or am I just confused? Is this new?

Nayrt but why

No. 978003

I ship it

No. 978030

File: 1637873705902.jpeg (43.34 KB, 640x172, DEDC09D8-98F9-4F5A-805B-33A4D1…)

If this was originally written on her Instagram post she's already edited the caption kek. Should have never written that part in the first place, now other parts of the internet know the unedited caption.

No. 978035

boys asking for their turn on the xbox

No. 978053

it's old, like 2 years or so

No. 978057

Thanks anon!

So >>977901, why are you posting this with no context when it's not recent milk

No. 978120

>talking about how good it felt to fuck Ariana Grande and how he has to think about his dad dying on 9/11 to not cum too soon with her

So Ariana probably does anal.

No. 978130

The two on the left look good. Better than some of our celebs such as Harry Styles (i still don't understand the hyper he's so ugly)

No. 978140

ew no i wish you'd spoilered that anon. not a big fan of anal or ari or the mental image that created kek

No. 978141

why was this posted

No. 978143

She probably bleaches her butthole.

No. 978144

My god stop talking about anal. Her and Pete are obviously both degenerates we get it

No. 978146

ok so what i'm gathering is you have a weird fixation on ari's asshole. good to know, nonny

No. 978148

File: 1637884257493.jpeg (Spoiler Image,103.87 KB, 524x675, 3767A228-550C-4BFB-8891-5AB3DD…)

This thread's going downhill so I guess if talking about gross celebrities sex habits is what we're doing:

No. 978153

File: 1637884722515.jpeg (143.03 KB, 1242x2688, 86AA4175-E1FF-4C0C-A5CE-27CCC9…)

Will and Jada's oversharing is too fucking much.

Also this was the blind I was thinking of that was Will Smith and Oprah, I posted the wrong one kek

No. 978158

Ayrt, thank you for clarifying anon, was a bit confused with that blind posted earlier because it didn't exactly match the description.

But yeah I agree with you they've been sharing WAY too much lately. Like who's asking? No one really has them as "relationship goals" anymore or anything like that.

No. 978165

isn't that a given for pickmes? still, i would rather avoid thinking about it. thanks anon

No. 978169

Honestly, it's probably a scrote, troll or weird stan. There's no reason for any of us to be so invested in Ari's literal shit.

No. 978172

This thread is full of weird ariana stanning summertards

No. 978174

ikr? their delusion is astounding.

No. 978184


No. 978190

i'm glad that personal trainers/nutritionists ar de rigeur for celebrities now because you can tell this kid is going to get fucking FAT in 10 years.

No. 978196

oh shit that was literally me! someone capped me? i fel so based.
sometimes i say "they all have the same picture of steve from blues clues" that they show you after talking about their super hot boyfriend

No. 978202

I thought it was a bit much at first but I'm starting to think you might have some point in there somewhere, based on how many anons have previously (unnecessarily) posted about how they find a bland average male hot, including in the last few threads: Seth Rogen, a pic of a bald bodybuilder at 16, and Connor Kennedy.

No. 978203

this just in: lesbian isn't attracted to men

No. 978207

because it made me kek and this is /ot/? I saged it anyway so report me if you're so bothered

No. 978225

Sorry if I sounded hostile anon, was just confused if you were trying to tell us something since it was old kek. They both look ridiculous in that photo though

No. 978238

Haven’t you heard of time zones

No. 978248

File: 1637899787073.jpeg (38.67 KB, 640x480, based retard.jpeg)

i love that you think you're clever but you've referred to a differentiation in longitude not latitude.

No. 978254

Nayrt but thanks for the cute cat, where's this from

No. 978257

the toilet

No. 978259

Sorry I meant if it was from a video or something kek. I love cats doing stupid shit

No. 978281

Ariana is dead

No. 978282

tell the class how it happened, anon.

No. 978284

Ariana grander died

No. 978285

She choked on a frootliop

No. 978295

File: 1637907789869.jpeg (133.28 KB, 1440x810, mgid_ao_image_mtv.jpeg)


apology for poor english

when were you when arina grandi dies?

i was sat at home eating american made doughnuts when pete davidson ring

‘arina is kill’


No. 978298

That’s adorable aww

No. 978316

File: 1637914343172.jpeg (1.44 MB, 2048x2048, F40C98F4-60D7-447B-8A95-2206CB…)

Has anyone seen her ana shoot kek the proportions look like from fucking alice in wonderland

No. 978336

anorexics heads are always massive like a friggin tranny. uwu so small dainty fail

No. 978339

they absolutely want that look, basically you are complimenting them

No. 978358

flowers in the attic lollipop head twins lookin ass

No. 978359

She looks fucking gross now, who the fuck would think of that as attractive? She looked fine before. What an idiot, hoping she gets bashed on for being this ugly.

No. 978361

The pig is still featured in her REM perfume commercials

No. 978518

This looks like the fucking tall guy from It Follows or some sort of wendigo sleep monster crawling through the doorway

No. 978575

File: 1637955937347.jpeg (Spoiler Image,338.75 KB, 1281x797, 6BED330B-CF7E-4525-A5ED-FFDE8A…)

Madonnas ass implants are fucking nightmarish

No. 978576

File: 1637956032620.jpeg (283.25 KB, 1152x939, B5F3BB87-185F-44E0-BA07-796827…)

Almost as scary as the contrast between her 63 year old lady hands and uncanny facetuning

No. 978589

She wishes she was still in her 20s and relevant. I'd love to see the unshooped versions of these.

No. 978597

Where are her muscular arms?
Madonna Kardashian

No. 978651

File: 1637962372692.jpg (346.59 KB, 1379x1872, 20211126_214234.jpg)

It cant be anything but a publicity stunt at this point

No. 978660

This is the definition of pathetic. That picture on the right is actually retarded. There are ways to age beautifully and this is not it.

No. 978710

File: 1637966112233.jpeg (448.7 KB, 750x913, E50F8C75-8A21-41A5-99BF-BEC76D…)

getting offtopic but can we talk about how madison beer kind of skinwalks ariandur?

No. 978715

Marge is mentally forever stuck inside the "justify my love" music video.

No. 978727

Oh god I literally thought this was ariana

No. 978751

I thought this was Kylie

No. 978764

It’s a tired subject, of course she likes Ariana and takes inspiration from her and then stans think that’s the biggest sin other people could commit. How dare some other celebrity wear a ponytail!!! Her image and music as a whole is quite different

No. 978780

not everyone making comparisons is a ariana stan that accusation is about as tiring as anorectal kun’s asshole. their music and branding is about the same with the soft-gurl pastel outfits, dreamy visuals vocals and ponytail like why am I even going to fight with you on this madison and ariana’s music can both suck my fermented pussy because they suck but use your eyes pls

No. 978805

Again with the ‘arianas asshole’ posts lmao, please fixate on anything else
>my fermented pussy
Someone come get their ostrenga

No. 978809

>pete davidson ring
>arina is kill
fucking hell I laughed

No. 978813

I mean no their music and branding is not really the same at all and musical similarities in pop are because it’s a trend. Artists get influenced by each other and follow certain styles all the time, especially in pop shit where right now it’s mostly all soft whispery shit. When you say someone is skinwalking someone else there should be more behind it than oh they both have the characteristics of cutesy pop girl and current styles. Ariana also has dozens of phases from retro to girly to promiscuous to black fishing badass to uwu sensitive princess so how can anyone avoid copying her

No. 978823

Found the stan.

No. 978833

who cares to rehash some random C list singer controversially “copying” Ariana from like 2 years ago as if it’s relevant beyond the sphere of 13 year olds on Twitter who fight about their favorite celebrities all day? If she did anything skinwalking or milky lately that would be great to know

No. 978840

Ya think? When will we stop giving attention to those whores

No. 978934

File: 1637993283471.gif (6.14 MB, 480x270, D47D5157-6632-4D81-986D-350270…)

Kanye is so mad kek

No. 978936

You're the one acting defensive over someone bringing up pop stars in the celebricow thread. If you don't find it interesting, you don't have to comment.

No. 978951

It’s just a useless comment to say when they don’t post any example of the skinwalking, I’d love to know more if there is any but just wearing a similar hairstyle and making similar music isn’t special especially for singers, they all copy shit from each other

No. 978962

Your derailing commentary policing on topic posts is pathetic and weird. There wasn't even a chance for a conversation, like 2 people clearly agreed with OP before you came in on your white horse for Princess Grande. Get a life. Every post does not need to meet your standard of interesting to be valid.

No. 978973

People agreed with what? That a ponytail means you’re copying Ariana? Ok, and I thinks that’s retarded and doesn’t constitute skinwalking.

No. 978980

You don't need to keep posting dumbass wk, twitter is right there.

No. 979051

The difference is, tho, that men hate women because they have no interaction with them, and will believe everything another man tells them. While women hating men, do that because they had to interact with them. And still every other woman thinks, that their man is/will be the exepection.

No. 979061

This looks like one of those stupid clothes modelling pictures on the Zara website.

No. 979365

Oh yeah, Jack Black is such a softie masculine guy he bitched and seethed over Britney Spears being successful. Imagine being threatened by a teen girl and trashing.

No. 979374

I never really listened to her songs and lyrics, only new about the "look what you made me do" and the one where she asks the guy on a prom on something, so I decided to check her out to see why everyone says she is such an amazing lyricist and genius of our time. I was fucking memed, what the fuck is that trash, how is anyone unironically listening and enjoying this shit? Somehow she also has unhinged fanbase?

No. 979377

He is bipolar so falling head over hills right away is kinda his thing

No. 979401

Taylor Swift being marketed as a great American songwriter has never made any sense to me. Like just say you like bland pop music sung by willowy blondes and go.

I think her best writing was Blank Space because it seemed like some rare self awareness and not trying to frame herself as the heartbroken uwu dainty victim. Most of her catalog is cringe.

No. 979462

This is so idiotic because outside of a small niche they're nobodies but I'd love to see it.

No. 979480

Serious question but if Meat Davidson is so hung why is he a BPD-kun? Aren’t small dicks what make men insane?

No. 979485

He thinks it's connected to his dad's death. Likely just all the drug abuse fucked him up

No. 979490

isn't this whole meme about his dick just a joke he did that got out of hand. could've sworn it was a confirmed joke in one of the previous threads

No. 979506

I'm pretty sure he downplayed it at one point… But that's exactly what a confident guy with a big dick would do. Where there's smoke there's fire, I doubt it's a joke.

No. 979562

Pretty sure Ariana started it by always talking and hinting about how they have so much sex and how his dick is sooooo big teehee wink face cloud emoji, afterwards he denied it and said of course it’s big to her because she’s smaller than him. Their whole relationship was a strange saga of high school shenanigans

No. 979670


Yep. He joked that she'd only said it so women would be disappointed when they saw it

No. 979721

I wonder if she’s wearing these ugly gloves all the time now bc she’s embarrassed about her tattoos. Sad lol

No. 979782

File: 1638074346512.jpeg (190.87 KB, 863x962, ADCC7C94-A836-4B19-90B1-3050B4…)

Every time you stop running, she only gets closer(off-topic, non milk)

No. 979785

File: 1638074594984.jpeg (119.1 KB, 426x362, 55682F4A-4860-44BE-A48F-CAAFDC…)

An additional photo for you, anon

No. 979791


No. 979793

she isn't a decent person she may be in comparison

No. 979796

I hope she sues for defamation and libel. I remember companies spreading memes about her killing her husband when that garbage show blew up.

No. 979798

>Hiding her beer gut jiggling
Kek I fucking can't

No. 979838

File: 1638079900482.png (822.08 KB, 532x768, stevemadden.png)

honestly thought this was a steve madden ad at first

No. 979922

File: 1638101540199.png (210.16 KB, 796x647, ariana-grande-symbol-tattoo-le…)

I'd hide this ugly shitmess too ..it looks like she drew them with a pen. It's an embarrassing bpd statement

No. 979957

wtf she's rich, she could just remove those tattoos

No. 979974

File: 1638109691517.jpg (229.33 KB, 1200x900, ari.jpg)

Her latest IG posts make me think of exactly that. Idk why she's been covering them up lately (besides the fact that they look shitty). She hasn't posted pics with her arm tattoos since august but idk if she got them removed or if she uses makeup for tv appearances and photoshop to cover them up in pics.

No. 980116

She really did get the most generic looking butterflies. No imagination or creativity there.. I think she just went through a body mod phase because she's likely very impulsive, and now regrets it

No. 980118

What is that tatt on her right middle finger supposed to be? A caterpillar?? Jfc they look bad.

No. 980168

File: 1638123955195.jpg (56.68 KB, 480x479, rihanna-torso-tattoo-162462874…)

A lot of her tattoos seem inspired by her Rihanna skinwalking. Or wanting to be seen as kawaii loli Rihanna after her team literally based her tour looks around Rihanna's a couple years back. Not an original bone in her body.

No. 980215

File: 1638127134169.jpeg (457.91 KB, 828x1176, 4612F896-CECF-4130-AAB0-217C28…)

virgil abloh died…i wasn’t a fan bc he seemed quite obnoxious but damn. you guys might remember him from his blm “donation” and his airplane bag

No. 980222

the fashion world is going to pretend to be very upset for a while

No. 980224

File: 1638127917684.jpg (15.73 KB, 250x250, I don't have a reaction image …)

c'mon, anon. We both know that Virgil probably donated more than $50, and just wanted to match the amount his friend donated for the same of an insta story. And he was probably doing some other charity work behind the scenes

No. 980245

File: 1638130237351.jpg (387.25 KB, 1080x1485, Screenshot_20211128-105237.jpg)

Everyone in the comments is telling her how buff and hot she is. It's fucking sad and so is she.

No. 980246

Shinji needs to stop taking sad selfies and just get back in the robot already.

No. 980249

Wonder how tilted that mirror is to give the illusion that she’s more than 5 feet tall

No. 980255

the truth. same with olivia rodrigo.

No. 980261

File: 1638131127014.jpg (14.24 KB, 258x264, ikari-kun.JPG)

I kinda feel sorry for her

No. 980263

I hope she gets better soon. Seriously.

No. 980267

Damn those abs are tragic. No way she looks so wide and fridge-like while her face looks underweight.

No. 980271

I don't like her music and know nothing about her but least she's good looking and stands out. Unlike the ambiguously brown copy and paste cookie cutter bitches you usually see in the pop industry today. Hard to tell them apart because we have like 30 of them.

Aw she used to be so cute. Now she looks like she went through hell and back.

No. 980274

it looks like she drew on abs with brown eyeshadow. anyone who says she looks good is straight up lying to her.

No. 980277

She looks miserable even though she is trying to show everyone how happy she is

No. 980284

but that’s not exactly true. taylor started out as a country singer where skinny blonde chicks are the standard. carrie underwood, miranda lambert, the dixie chicks, leann rimes, even dolly parton. she may not be in line with today’s pop stars but she was absolutely a cookie cutter female country star.

No. 980292

Her body looks like those fake latex body suits or whatever that you can put on. It looks bad and she knows it, everybody knows it and the dead eyes of her shows it. All sort of light and happiness is gone. She always looks like she is screaming on the inside but everybody around her is telling her how great everything is.

No. 980308

Quite obnoxious is an over exaggeration. He had a couple of misses but otherwise he was a good man, husband, and inspiration to everyone who doesn't fit the mold of what it means to be a fashion designer for a major luxury brand. His style might not have been to everyone's taste but it was fun and different, and that's the core of fashion.

No. 980317

Those are 1000% implants right? I actually like Elliot and genuinely want them to be okay but feel like there must be so much body dysmorphia going on there. Are they still exclusively into women aka pussysexual?

No. 980326

are you lost?

No. 980327

You sound insecure. None of those women are even popular today. And carrie underwood is some white chick who has dark hair.

No. 980335

You still have an uterus and female dna

No. 980337

ellen is 4"11

No. 980338


No. 980340

That's a weird way to say lesbian.

No. 980347

You can say lesbian anon, it’s not a dirty word I promise

No. 980348

File: 1638137827769.jpg (56.22 KB, 414x552, ellenpage.jpg)

No. 980349

Woke idiots call themselves lesbians all the time when they aren't. I just wanted to be clear what I meant.

No. 980387

File: 1638143177024.png (2.2 MB, 1098x2048, lolhuh.png)

NTA but they were absolutely popular when Taylor came out, which was their point.
>carrie underwood is some white chick who has dark hair.

No. 980393

I feel like many lesbians who are exclusively attracted to women exist . Even the "bi" and "pan" identified women always end up marrying men.

No. 980394

I meant to say *dont exist

No. 980413

It's a miserable lesbian woman, please gtfo

No. 980430

I hope we look back very soon and see this as the mental illness, sexism and struggle this shit is. This is very sad.

No. 980432

File: 1638148647498.jpeg (45.86 KB, 546x695, b338bd6b7aa03023e4a422f078b35b…)

She looks like those old Steve Madden ads from 1999 with the big heads and crazy warped bodies

No. 980435

lmao, insecure about what exactly? and taylor swift debuted in 2006, when carrie underwood, miranda lambert and leann rimes were absolutely popular which was my point. taylor rose up as a generic country star. also carrie underwood is and has always been a blonde so what are you smoking, anon?

No. 980445

Someone already made this exact comment.

No. 980449

File: 1638150586348.jpeg (1.66 MB, 2000x2000, 6D946D96-3A4A-4CB7-A5E4-2679E4…)

anon might be thinking of Kacey Musgraves? Or maybe Marren Morris

No. 980498

File: 1638155249433.png (473.29 KB, 980x400, image_2021-11-28_220254.png)

There are plenty of paparazzi pictures of her lying around that have been unedited, my gift you nonnie.

typically when you get an ass job, you are meant to do the thighs also. I wish she would give this shit a fucking rest, it's so embarrassing for her to try so hard to be 20. What ever happened to her Madame x eye patch aesthetic? That was far more age appropriate and flattering. She used to set trends and now she is just following them.

No. 980574

File: 1638166517347.jpeg (286.02 KB, 828x1015, 180B7086-63DF-420C-ABE3-7D6440…)


No. 980589

File: 1638171208391.jpeg (228.65 KB, 1151x1512, FFVizREWYAgxp3n.jpeg)

The way Megan Thee Stallion looks more masculine than all of btsincels combined

No. 980590

File: 1638171282568.jpeg (55.86 KB, 720x404, FFVupfaX0AEdlW3.jpeg)

Samefag, different angle, she can step on all of them.

No. 980592

she has 10x the stage presence, I wouldn't say she looks masculine, they look boxy and limp compared to her

No. 980595

She makes them look like scrawny little boys, but that doesn't mean she looks masculine. She's just tall, but still girly bc she's curvy af, pink outfit, long hair, etc.

No. 980599

I'll never understand the appeal of these diminutive men

No. 980600

What’s with so many anons recently calling certain women masculine or saying they look trans? I’ve noticed it a lot and it’s super annoying. You probably didn’t mean it to say she actually looks like a guy but more as an insult to BTS, but can we let women have strong features or bodies without calling them troons for the love of god.

No. 980601

Lesbians barely exist. But there are hoards and HOARDS of faggots. It's tragic. And men still believe the meme that women are more likely to be gay and bisexual when it's really the other way around.

No. 980603

She's like 5'10" and probably wearing 6" heels so that's to be expected. I'm not sure what part of her is supposed to be "masculine"

No. 980604

I just think men are more attention seeking and loud about it.

No. 980605

I think some of just come from places where the average woman is "traditionally" feminine. Most American women dress and act kinda butch to us and would be easily identifiable as lesbian pretty much elsewhere. It doesn't help that you're tall and big boned on average.

No. 980609

Anons have to stop calling women who are clearly feminine this. She's not masculine, even next to BTS.
Anyway, I really don't like this stage outfit. I feel like it would have been cuter without the bows.

No. 980611

Lesbians exist. Wtf are you saying?

No. 980612

Masculine how? Her body is curvy and her face is pretty. If she was white you wouldnt say this shit

No. 980613

Megan is obviously dressed very traditionally feminine though, and even if she isn't short and petite she still has a curvy body.

No. 980614

Tall wide white women always get called masculine sweetie

No. 980616

She was always ugly

No. 980617

But her body is feminine lol big boobs and big butts are feminine. Masculine is being flat.

No. 980618

Thank god. He ruined lv lol karma

No. 980619

No one gives a fuck about how Megan looks. Check your body dysmorphia. The real tragic things are the malnourished manlets beside her.

No. 980620

That clearly isn't the case for Megan tho. I imagine it's that she looks 'womanly' rather than neotenous and childlike and this place is full of retarded weebs who think that's peak femininity. Also racism lbr.

No. 980623

She has feminine and masculine-leaning aspects in her body, it's not always black and white anons. Not every woman can be a curvy smoll fluffball.

No. 980625

So many assumptions. Megan looks like she can defeat all of them in a fight so yeah she looks way masculine than them. Stop blaming everything on racism, most tall and big girls are called masculine regardless the race, you are not special.

No. 980634

So what's masculine about her body other than the fact that she's tall?

No. 980635

i actullt thought this was timmy chalamet at first

No. 980636

Bpd men deserve hate

No. 980642

File: 1638181783468.jpg (104.57 KB, 1440x810, Paris-Hilton-Did-she-narrowly-…)

Paris Hilton looks very masculine these days with her square jaw and weirdly muscular body, I think. It's unfortunate but she somehow looks "stronger" than Gigi Gorgeous, or like an older version of Kim Petras. I personally think Megan looks soft and feminine though. Not a race thing, just features
I know some posters here would be very angry if I had said this before, but since we're doing some selective "brutal honesty" now, I feel free to say it lol

No. 980644

>wider shoulders than hips
>wide bones especially ribcage
>big hand and feet
>ugly russian kolya bangs
Gee I wonder what
Agreed on Paris, she even reminds me of Caitlyn Jenner

No. 980655

File: 1638183218301.jpg (115.88 KB, 539x809, 130723030_742808959662668_6964…)

Megan has very feminine features imo, she only looks masculine because of her size (not just height, if she lost some weight she'd look much better) and the retarded drag queen makeup they put her in

No. 980662

wut? she looks like a normal woman and they look like washed up aliens.

No. 980670

she needs to gain weight. plain and simple, it would soften every one of her "troonish" features

No. 980681

File: 1638188992567.png (343.93 KB, 452x577, paris_hilton.png)

Lmao, she really doesn't, but the entirety of the world needs to drop the drag queen make up

No. 980711

cope lmao she looks great

No. 980719

not even gaining weight would help, kek. she is just ugly.

No. 980722

Uhhh ohhh you wouldn't say that about a black woman!

No. 980723

Even Megan Thee Stallion is more masculine than her >>980590

No. 980725

yes i would. i'm not black if that's what you thought

No. 980726

Burger standards sure are sad

No. 980739

But people have in these threads lol. What are you talking about?

No. 980802

File: 1638198828770.jpg (65.08 KB, 740x1110, ellen-page-36.jpg)

FtMs are fake bc if any man was born a cute girl, he'd just stay that way, tomboymaxx and be a lesbian. Literally no man would willingly choose the life of a shriveled, scarred, dickless (or arm/thigh-flesh-"dicked") "man" over a conventionally attractive gnc woman

No. 980819

>Check your body dysmorphia
Do you even know what this means?

No. 980846

is there any reason why she always has her hair so lank and greasy? she has time and money for all those unnecessary surgeries but washing her hair is just too much? She truly looks dead behind the eyes too, she needs proper therapy, with someone who isn't just gonna tell her she's uwu stunning and brave

No. 980866

It might be the testosterone screwing them up, but honestly I wouldn't be surprised if she's not caring for herself properly.

No. 980875

thanks I hate it

No. 980932

She means this >>980612 and >>980620

No. 980939

This is it. Lesbians just want to be left the fuck alone for the most part, and the gay people we see the most on the internet/tv are attention-seeking men who want to be famous.

No. 980956

She literally ruined herself. No wonder she looks like she's dying inside constantly.

No. 980964

Nta but lesbians are a very small percentage of the population, that's a know fact

No. 981016

File: 1638208149833.jpg (339.08 KB, 683x1024, gettyimages-106144998-1024x102…)

the weird things about madonna compared to other celebs, is that typically other celebs have a mid life crisis in their 30's meanwhile madonna was okay with aging until she reached her 50's.
She looked very natural in her 40's her face was skinny and she had wrinkles and then she reached her 50's and suddenly wants to look ageless.

No. 981021

She looks like a busted Kylie Minogue

No. 981023

No. 981024

American women are barely over 160 cm on average according to wikipedia. That's not tall anywhere outside of like Guatemala.

You're really on to something there. No het man would choose being a 3/10 manlet over an 8/10 lesbian.

No. 981028

I thought she actually looked beautiful here. I wish women were actually allowed to age. fucking depressing. look at her now.

No. 981034

Anon her handler probably made her do it bc the tranny cult hates lesbians. She has way less freedom than you think she does.

No. 981038

File: 1638210105506.gif (1.61 MB, 275x155, 1638192128169.gif)

Wtf is with "these women look masculine!1" sperging lately. Go fucking dilate you'll never be a woman.

No. 981043

her handler? she's under someone's thumb and they forced her to troon out? sounds insane.

No. 981051

i dont know if its a larper or we actually have some shcizo radfem anonies.

No. 981052

She had surgery in that photo

No. 981053

But why would radfems sperg about shit like that? But this masculine shit is retarded. Aging/muscled = masculine? gtfo

No. 981054

did you even see to what i was replying to?

No. 981059

No. 981060

the average american woman is like 5'4 lmao that's not tall unless you're from japan

No. 981069

No. 981075

File: 1638212661453.jpg (25.58 KB, 563x541, 7687789.jpg)

>megan stallion
>literally calls herself a horse
>nooo what do you mean she is masculine and big she looks like a normal women you are a racist
No one says Rihanna is masculine because she actually looks feminine.

No. 981080

this is what I don't get about her name. like I thought she had some gender issues or something

No. 981083

Stallion is a slang term for curvy and tall women. Please stop being retarded about this and move on.

No. 981099

is this thread filled with faggots, /pol/ men and white radfems?? Because Megan is obviously a woman and has feminine qualities to her.

No. 981105

I'm just socially illiterate and thought she was calling herself a stallion because a stallion is a powerful figure with deep symbology that represented her shallowly repressed gender issues (don't know, was projecting that because stallion male horse)

No. 981112

Wonder why you weren't posting this when they were saying it about Megan Thee Stallion lol. The fake feminists are boring

No. 981116

stallion is literally a slang for tall curvy women from where she is from.

She names herself stallion because that was her nickname in school, its not that deep, moron.


No. 981124

I can't imagine simping a horse woman this hard and seething at everyone who dears to disrespect their studhorse ridgling

No. 981129

she's cute and I love the hottie sauce at Popeyes. don't call me names

No. 981134

File: 1638216247511.png (529.35 KB, 594x550, megan-rapper.png)

Peak masculine form. Maybe I can forgive Y chromosome havers after all

No. 981141

File: 1638216481814.jpg (28.03 KB, 453x603, 1446123711-stovdlsvavw0wnmstin…)

on the internet whenever i see someone calling megan masculine its always some really ugly short man,
so there is a chance of those posters being scrotes especially with all these raids. ignore the moids/males

No. 981142

File: 1638216512094.jpg (911.29 KB, 3554x2000, megan-thee-stallion-throwup-ma…)

Meg has an amazing body only fags think she looks like a man and that's only because of the weight gain.

No. 981144

>thinks it proves she looks feminine
>pic showcases how wide her shoulders are compared to her body
>even photoshop can't help that

No. 981147

She's very tall, very heavy and has a big skull, doesn't matter how big her tits are, people are still gonna perceive her as more manly than an average height woman.
Saying this as somebody who's also 5'10.

No. 981148

atleast learn how to sage you stupid fucking male

No. 981150

>really ugly short men
This didn't click for me before, but it makes sense. Of course manlets would insist tall women are "masculine", they do it IRL to non-celebrity tall women all the time. Pathetic honestly

No. 981154

You sound like one of those skullcel troons lol. YWNBAW, you will never pass, don't try to equate yourself to Megan or any other tall attractive woman bc it is delusional, ty

No. 981156

>everyone who doesn't like my horsechan must be seething manlet scrote
Not everyone is a horsegirl like you, but we are still women with different opinions.
>she has amazing body I swear
>keeps posting photoshopped pics and she still doesn't look that "amazing" in them
Fucking Azealia Banks has better standards than you.

No. 981157

File: 1638216886369.jpg (Spoiler Image,47.93 KB, 615x756, 0_Screen-Shot-2021-03-22-at-22…)

real girls have small shoulders like picrel!

No. 981159

sage retard.

No. 981160

File: 1638217017903.png (Spoiler Image,1.12 MB, 1080x1674, Screenshot_20211129-201050~2.p…)

Butteyes Davidson tongues some ice and thrusts a bit in a recent Moose Knuckle commercial so I think there is a genuine effort being made to market him as some weird sex symbol

No. 981161

it's not about the height, but the shoulders and how heavy she is like you said. to look good with that body shape you need to be a lot thinner.

No. 981162

You can't even disagree so you start blind seething.
Are all terfs this delusional?
See, you agree small shoulders like that on men look awful but for some reason I should delude myself like you to think women that calls herself Stallion is peak female body?

No. 981164

She has normal shoulders, sperg.

No. 981165

we found the troon. Does megan make you feel insecure?

No. 981166

He sperged about terfs in the post right above you, it's a seething tranner lol

No. 981169

The bitch who keeps a little girls skull in her home and sacrifices chickens in her closet has better standards? God you are retarded. Even in her videos Meg has a nice body and can dance. Her name is retarded as fuck though. Idk who's more retarded the guy who called her that as a compliment or her for thinking it would be a great rap name. Go be a fag somewhere else also type "Sage" where it says email next time

No. 981170

I'm just annoyed at the fact that there are women who'll suddenly start calling him cute and defending this because he got in with a Kardashian and Ariana Grande. Every photo of him either looks like a mugshot (and not in a hot way) or images of an escaped meth head running loose

No. 981173

>The bitch who keeps a little girls skull in her home
What the fuck, I thought Azealia only kept her cats skull?

No. 981176

She did both

No. 981178

File: 1638217543853.jpg (87.12 KB, 640x960, megantheestallion-7-11-19-002.…)

megan has shayna's body and wears just as little, only difference is she's rich kek
the people praising her should google her pics when she was young, she looked amazing when she had a normal weight, non-pornified body

No. 981179

File: 1638217549296.jpg (32.47 KB, 615x662, 2_Azealia-Banks.jpg)

she has a skull of some child who died from head trauma/

No. 981180

Are you blind? You can clearly see how her shoulders are wider than even her hips.
Don't you think it's pathetic that you have to turn into transophobe to defend your horse? As a bio women being attacked and called a troon for having a different opinion is retarded, you just sound like sctotcels throwing around trans accusations at everyone.
I know and thats why I said you horsegirls sound more schizo than her.(lrn2sage megansperg)

No. 981182

Samefag she bought the girl's skull off some website and kept it for energy or some shit Idk if she still has it

No. 981187

She needs to stop wearing all that drag makeup she's fucking stunning here

No. 981190

>megan is masculine sperg turns out to be a tranny
You cant make this shit up lmao

No. 981191

She looked great before she gained weight. But she did lose her mom and grandma recently so I don't blame her for drinking or whatever. I believe she's trying to lose the weight

No. 981192

I literally have no words. If I could find that picture of Board-tan vomiting I would insert it here. This is sick.

No. 981193

>only one person has that opinion

No. 981195

she's been obese since years now, those good pics are from when she was in her late teens - 20 at most, after that she ballooned up

No. 981197

actually multiple anons do, dilate

No. 981200

slightly overweight = is obese

No. 981201

>megan has shayna's body
ehhh meg at least has ass, hips and boobs

No. 981202

Still doesn't look like a man

No. 981203

It's funny because they cry about transphobia but call actual women "masculine". You're doing a "transphobia" too honey, what do you think insisting actual conventionally attractive women who are a bit taller/thicker "masculine" will do for the average, literally male-bodied troon? Lol

No. 981204

File: 1638218280500.jpeg (149.91 KB, 1360x1622, CCB249D0-5CE6-4DBC-A749-AB563B…)

Why are anons caping so hard for her? she is huge and broad, which makes her look more masculine. Do they look like her or something?

No. 981207

learn to read dumbass

No. 981211

Go back to twitter where you dont need to worry about scawy terfs. Btw you will never be a woman
He is so damn ugly, i hate having to see his face everywhere. Does he not have a make up team to cover the dark circles?

No. 981216

I just want to know where it is that men look like this >>980655 so I can live my best straight life

No. 981218

File: 1638218684744.jpeg (133.19 KB, 1300x957, A887CE32-FF6B-477B-83E4-FEB8AA…)

Heres one(racesperg bait)

No. 981219

ladies just stop taking the bait over the megan stuff. i swear it's her and billie eilish every thread.

No. 981224

I post while blindfolded too sometimes

No. 981225

i miss the lana sperg

No. 981227

File: 1638218943598.jpg (155.6 KB, 634x922, 15024270-7162035-image-m-13_15…)

i think her main problem (apart from her weight) is her huge head, that simply always reads trannyish
see here, or in the bts pics too

No. 981229

lana and stallion have the same body so what's the difference

No. 981230

Her gay stylists and whoever's cooking her meals def hates her. It's just like with Billie Eilish and the painful tit-pushing and eating 1056094964mg of sodium. Hollywood hates natural beauties and destroys them whenever possible so they'll get surgery

No. 981231

File: 1638219154365.jpg (83.59 KB, 640x785, rmf49zo62zj51.jpg)

her head looks normal, is it supposed to be tiny for her to be a woman?

No. 981232

it's normal for women to have much smaller heads than men

No. 981234

File: 1638219271662.png (255.77 KB, 530x634, longlivethequeen.png)

No. 981235

lana sperging is funnier

No. 981238

her head looks normal though, you are a weird nitpicker……

No. 981249

File: 1638219584820.jpg (45.96 KB, 497x659, af9a92899188ebc621beceab87e3df…)

I kind of wish Lana was actually pretty and not just the "memed as pretty no matter what by girls and gay men because her music is enjoyable" thing. She could've had a whole Anna Nicole Smith era

No. 981250

megan theee stallion is simply a big bitch who does not know how to dress properly! also has terrible drag queen makeup almost all the time
she's like a younger serena williams, but the thing with serena is that at least she is an athlete and those are not known for being pretty in the first place

No. 981254

Where are her eyebrows? She looks like that bitch from Splice

No. 981255

File: 1638220034367.jpg (730 KB, 2000x1331, Megan-Thee-Stallion.jpg)

>slightly overweight
girl is a 300 pounder soon(go eat ana-chan)

No. 981256

Damn, Anna was one of my first crushes and now I'm sad. I wish we could hype up natural beauties, but that probably won't be on trend for another decade.

No. 981257


full stop meg is beautiful but i agree her makeup is too much. She is one of the few people who actually looks worse the more makeup she adds on. She is just naturally pretty. If meg still had the body she had before she blew up no one would mistake her for a man. Its just that for a woman you have to be super skinny if you're tall. If you are thick or fat and tall people will call you a man. There's a reason why Zendaya who's the same exact height as Meg doesnt get people sperging about whether or not shes a man.

No. 981258

wouldnt be surprised if she was in the 190-220s lb range tho

No. 981264

File: 1638220295172.webm (2.97 MB, 640x478, 1622088453266.webm)

>the number of midget anachans seething over Megan's weight and the barely concealed racebait of her being called a tranny just because she's tall

No. 981265

She is well over that range nonnie

No. 981272

even if she was "only" 200, which she's not, that would already mean she's obese.
just admit that you like a singer who's plain fat

No. 981273

File: 1638220715634.jpeg (58.41 KB, 643x622, 73A31067-A429-4443-8820-64CE6D…)

wdym? she looks good

No. 981274

One anon already basically admitted to being a tranny, can the Megan discussion end now

No. 981278

File: 1638220928253.jpg (151.87 KB, 1080x1351, 888bbe3.jpg)

>lana isn't actually pretty

Kek. Does she still look like this? No not really (natural aging, weight gain, unfortunate fillers ect) but it's pretty disingenuous to pretend like she was an ugly/plain woman. She was a cute kid and she was an objectively beautiful and interesting looking woman for most of her adult life. I personally still think she is lovely now but I digress. Inb4 reeeing about Lana sperging begins

No. 981279

she actually looks better after she gained. She kinda looks dull before.

No. 981281

>>using the most photoshoped filtered photo to prove that lana is pretty
Bless your soul.

No. 981282

she's hot the girls are just mad that when meg gains weight it goes not only to her stomach but her ass, tits, and thighs too. A lot of nonnies cant relate because when they gain weight it all goes to their guts and kankles. SO they just end up walking around with a booty do (stomach sticks out more than their booty do)

No. 981284

nona, I'm gonna be honest with you

To me, MTS is just facially plain. At most, with minimal makeup, she can be cute. She has no standout features, good or bad. Her nose is lowkey too small for her face, but I think that is due to weight gain/booze bloat, so that can be easily remedied
i.e. she could be an around the way type of girl if she tried

No. 981291

normal people simply find obese people ugly

No. 981294

The pic is more of an example. Anyone can find a great or terrible pic of any celebrity it doesn't mean they are actually ugly or actually not. There are plenty of pretty candid pictures of her out there too. You can literally find photos of her as a teen and pre-famous adult where she is genuinely pretty

No. 981296

luckily meg isnt obese so my point still stands.

No. 981298

I know that there's multiple people here with the same opinions but I swear some of these read like the same anon replying to themselves

No. 981299

Here comes the "memed as pretty no matter what by girls and gay men because her music is enjoyable" brigade lol

No. 981300

then stay delulu

No. 981305

nta but I feel like people would nitpick her 100000 times more if she had a larger nose

No. 981306

tranny detected, seethe and dilate and 41% you ugly sperg

No. 981320


She has a lot of misses in Reputation and Lover, they were shocking albums to me lyrically considering that she sole-wrote Speak Now at 19. That alone puts her at well above average (the bar is set low) compared to other popstars who cowrite a few tracks on their albums and don't really have that much else to compensate (e.g. voice). Better Man for example is a song I'm surprised that a 22 year old wrote and due to the leaked recording of it, we have proof that she was around this age when she wrote it. Other songs like Forever Winter and Nothing New are also very well written but I don't know how much they've been tweaked for the Red Rerecording.

Folklore and Evermore are outstanding albums lyrically, it's ridiculous that she put out two disappointing albums like Reputation and Lover which are so lyrically stupid in many parts. I really recommend listening to those two if you're a fan of folk pop. They are a pleasant surprise.

Taylor is pathetic compared to legends like Mariah Carey and Aretha Franklin. But I do think she is extremely good at what she does, not just in terms of song writing/production but on the business side of things. She managed to move from country pop, propel herself into stardom after the Kanye thing and now she's managed to maintain relevancy and dominance into her 30s, and that's really special for someone like her who is a meh singer.

No. 981327

File: 1638223556462.jpg (122.08 KB, 909x1390, lana-del-rey-performing-at-the…)

Sure. She was stunning and still is pretty. Could look amazing if she gave the fuck about that nowadays

No. 981328

Megan and Chloe Bailey are very average facially to me, average cute girls. People over do it though, she's not ugly, she doesn't look like a man, she does look bloated sometimes, but she's only human.
Though, there's smaller girls on here who get called fat or bad bodied, MTS photoshops a lot and her weight is up and down.
But she's a cute woman with a nice body in my eyes, it's nice to have an around the way looking girl make it big.

No. 981329

she literally looks like michael jackson here, why would you choose this picture lmao

No. 981334

Do all pale women with dark hair look like Micheal Jackson??

No. 981337

No. 981338

What are you talking about? This is the first time in a while MTS has been mentioned and Billie was barely mentioned throughout this thread and the last. Is any sort of talk about Billie or Megan "everything" apparently?? Sorry you can't just completely delete celebrity cows outs the celebricow thread

No. 981340

it is and always will be the nose job. nta but i've always hated it so badly and i'm shocked she never got the weird tip revised.

No. 981341

This is something a troon would say

No. 981350

Cute women are always torn apart in Hollywood though, most beautiful women have crippling body dysmorphia since they're always torn apart. It's no wonder why Ellen would rather live like a man than a woman. I remember when Juno came out she was relentlessly called ugly, plain, flat chested, etc and now she's a man no one shut up about how beautiful she use to be? Yeah right, maybe stop tearing the ever-loving fuck out of all attractive women's appearances and we wouldn't have this issue with all the hot girls trooning out

No. 981354

Is this a real picture??

No. 981361

No. 981464

File: 1638232891395.jpg (7.55 KB, 279x160, jesynelson.jpg)

now THIS ladies is a Real Ugly Bitch that we can all agree on!
litcherally looks like qausimodo

No. 981500

I'm a tranny but the spergs calling all tall women masculine are totally legit bio women. Sure lol(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 981502

You're free to your opinion anon lmao, I and others are also free to disagree

No. 981590

>[celebrity] is ugly/not ugly

No. 981609

File: 1638247361290.jpeg (495.91 KB, 828x845, 5F293278-E8DC-4A21-9FBB-9BFDD3…)

The funniest part is they’re not even together. She got too comfortable when they were out with mutual friends and he curved her. The dude is a serial dater and even he wasn’t after any lmao

No. 981610

god it's nice to see a woman who actually looks like she has stomach fat in the industry

No. 981613

File: 1638247463362.jpeg (114.39 KB, 828x785, 1D4A4A6B-B421-4768-98D2-E89873…)

>if only you knew how bad things really are.

No. 981651

Now you say "let's agree to disagree", but
>Here comes the "memed as pretty no matter what by girls and gay men because her music is enjoyable" brigade lol
sounds like a bizzare pseudo-objective statement.

No. 981652

It's okay if that's how you want to take it, remember this is an anonymous board

No. 981664

Billie? Lizzo?? Pre Adele? Girl do you live under a rock? Fat singers are nothing new

No. 981680

troon spergers go freak out somewhere else, and start discussing some fucking celebrity gossip

No. 981744

Yikes you can see the ‘oh no’ from the back of his head lmao

No. 981940

Aw I feel bad, she seems really sweet and funny. But she should stop trying to date gross fuckboy scrotes who only fuck instathots. And maybe lose the drag makeup.

No. 982085

Please someone explain to me what the fuck is so special about fucking Zendaya, because I don't see it. Uninspiring and ridiculously overhyped face,insipid personality and no acting range whatsoever. The fact that she is surrounded by mostly trashy celebricows (plus child star fame winning her some nostalgia points) doesn't mean she's all that, just that she's lucky she hasn't been swept away by a bunch of actually charismatic, talented and beautiful people.

No. 982095

She talked how he was purposefully stealing roles from "white girls", black community ate it up and yass queened her. In reality she a diversity cast member stealing roles from dark skinned black girls. She literally looks more Spanish than Black.
Also she has support of white girls thinking they are doing activism by supporting black queen,they simp her skinny body, long legs and light skin.

No. 982105

yeah how sweet of her to hit on her ex bandmates ex boyfriend and then get curved. so adorable and funny of her.

No. 982109

uhhhhh we just like zendaya because she is cute and seems chill. In fact the black community often uses her as the first example of the whole colorism and stealing roles from monoracial black women debate. I think people started stanning her really after that giuliana rancid statement where she said her faux locs makes her look like she smells like "patchouli oil and weed" and the black community sensed the racist undertones and called her out. Thus zendaya being a household name. Is she the most talented, most beautiful actress, hell no. But she stays out of trouble so i guess thats all it takes nowadays.

No. 982117

she is a mix of muscular + with some fat, no clue how any of you think she's on her way to TLC's 600 lb life

No. 982118

She doesn't look spanish at all. Unless you mean she looks latina. I'd say she looks like the average pretty girl from my ethnicity, which is why when I first saw people calling her black I was shocked. It didn't even crossed my mind that she could be considered black because she really doesn't look the part at all. Anyway, I hate Zendaya because my little sister forced me to watch her shitty disney show when I used to babysit her, just thinking about it makes me want to shoot myself in the head, it has one of the worst dubs I ever heard in my life, the Naruto voice acting in my country sounds like art next to that shit. I just can't unsee that shit ever again.

No. 982120

you mean she mentioned how she auditioned for roles that specified white women? jfc enough with the subtle race-baiting shit

No. 982122

I'm pretty sure colorism discussion was at play even before Z was born. Halle Berry went through it. Even girl that played young storm Alexandra Shipp got called out for being lightskinned.
Keep deluding yourself, she is stealing roles from dark skinned girls.

No. 982129

Not sure what makes you think I'm deluded, unless you confused me with another anon.

No. 982130

Latina is not a race

No. 982135

None of the anons involved in this discussion and not an expert in hollywood so correct me if I'm wrong but isn't the casting issue also the fault of whoever's in charge of it too? I'm assuming the people in charge could reject lighter actresses or specify for darker actresses if they wanted to but they're choosing not to.

No. 982140

I did confuse you for this anon >>982113

No. 982145

Hollywood being racist is not a news, but her acting as if she is stealing roles from white girls when she clearly gets parts meant for POC actresses because she is lightskinned and fits eurocentric beauty standards. Disney and WB acts as if by hiring her they are nailing diversity when she is in no way representative of dark skinned community that is marginalized the most on screen, especially in terms of female lead actresses.

No. 982146

I know it's not, but people use it so much to mean a specific type of latina women that I used it anyway to see if that's what anon meant. Saying she looks spanish when 99.9% of spaniards look pale like ghosts was even worse.

No. 982149

Makes sense then since I didn't post anything before that. btw I really don't have an opinion about whether she steals roles from anyone, I don't care enough about movies to know about how casting actors and actresses really works anyway.

No. 982150

File: 1638305882716.png (56.32 KB, 611x326, zendaya.PNG)

>She talked how he was purposefully stealing roles from "white girls"
Auditioning for roles that are written for white women, and stealing roles are two different things.
repost for replying to the wrong anon

No. 982162

Yeah you are deluded if you think she is stealing "white girls" roles and is not instead used as a token black actress by producers to show how inclusive they are. They hate how real black women look. I mean here you are defending and following hollywood's narrative.

No. 982194

>real black women
Kek. Go to Twitter if you want to nitpick who is a fake black or not black enough.

No. 982347

anon is completely right, she’s the acceptable kind of black simply bc she’s only half black + lightskinned. that’s extremely obvious

No. 982662

File: 1638362670936.jpg (108.62 KB, 634x980, bella.jpg)

Bella Thorne is looking a little weathered lately, she's got that alcoholism bloat.

No. 982663

File: 1638362736920.jpg (292.06 KB, 1280x1792, bella2.jpg)

Her face looks so puffy.

No. 982673

WOW. she’s gained so much weight. she’s looking rough, i guess all the drugs are catching up to her

No. 982700

File: 1638367175815.jpg (540.13 KB, 2148x987, 2.jpg)

There's nothing really naturally "masculine" about Megan's appearance imo, the problem is with rap music, for low IQ rappers and even lower IQ morons who listen to that shit, Megan has the ideal bodytype, a type that no sensible or normal human being is attracted too naturally

It is disgusting to look at really but that's her bodytype was "created' for that demographic of losers, its sad really((c)rapper sperg)

No. 982710

File: 1638368595581.jpeg (101.82 KB, 634x789, 2751D810-A297-44EA-ABFB-9DB6BF…)

I worry for her sister kaili too, she’s absolutely overdone it with the fillers. I thought she was the mother in this pic at first. She’s the blonde

No. 982712

Drugs, alcohol, shitty food, staying up all night partying. I'm seeing it happen to a lot of people around me now that they're entering their 30's, and Bella's probably partied way harder than them.

No. 982730

at first she looked double the size due to that unfortunate shadow.

No. 982760

File: 1638375333585.jpeg (17.84 KB, 266x189, 51E627AF-4738-4E47-9597-4D3E21…)

i keep seeing the new trailer for west side story and can we all agree that ansel elgort is ugly as fuck? i hate his stupid face.

No. 982793

UGH. WHY are they remaking West Side Story???? He's def a poor choice.

No. 982835

File: 1638380752207.png (276.96 KB, 590x376, cool.png)

"might fuck around and date the ugliest scrote of all time" - bi women

>inb4 fat dyke, i'm bi and do the same

No. 982841

So where does Billie Eilish fit in?

No. 982876

File: 1638383340180.jpg (356.64 KB, 572x788, fgfhgfh.jpg)

The Euphoria troon is getting more and more scrote looking as time goes on.

No. 982888

Oh fuck, I didnt even recognize it as hunter schafer, just a big bulky troon

No. 982923

Did he get his tits done? They look bigger. And lol at his awkward attempt to force his shapeless man foot into a "feminine" pose.

No. 982930

no offence but looks like a child who went in their moms closet

No. 982932

what child has these bulging arm veins and grown man body?

No. 982935

To me this is really just a gay man.

No. 982941

He calls himself a lesbian so… a straight autogynephile.

No. 982945

Maybe he's detransitioning?kekidk This photo is pretty nice, wish he just loved himself and played the androgynous card instead.

No. 982948

Is it just me or does it look like they put contour makeup on his clavicle?

No. 982949

File: 1638386538510.png (177.4 KB, 398x276, sm00ch.png)

give it a lil kiss nona

No. 982957

File: 1638386808079.jpg (194.28 KB, 1200x1470, wp-content.jpg)

Yeah idk, I feel like the LGTV community gets passes for shit that women are shamed for. Picrel bc a woman would never be able to show nipple on a major magazine cover, but a trans man, sure!

No. 982959

a lesbian or bisexual actual woman wouldn't be allowed to show a nipple either, idk why you had to bring the whole community into this

No. 982960

>LGTV community
Fucking kek

No. 982966

he made this really retarded and Really misogynistic list of his identity and how it changed through the years on instagram - he's basically just a gay man whose super obsessed with the most men being attracted to him. Even tho he calls himself a lesbian now, he doesn't actually feel attaction towards women - he's just trying to get men with lesbian fetishes to want him. Unfortunately for him, men with lesbian fetishes are the straightest men alive, thus don't like dick in any form

No. 982967

or maybe he's a pseudo-bisexual agp?

No. 982968

No. 982976

I wish him and his old school buddy timmy tim charcuterie board would fuck off already

No. 983009

not really
pseudo-bisexual agps are pornsick men who originally claimed/believe themselves to be straight as men and then they try to become lesbians as wannabe women, Then they start fucking men because, to them, women are meant to be fucked by men. Hunter's basically an inverse of this, he originally id as a gay dude, then he bacame nonbinary, then (not really)bisexual nonbianry, then heterosexual tranny to finally transbian. Throughout his instagram post, he repeatingly mentions how much he wants men, and only men,to like him. He never actually talks about his attraction to the female sex in any way. He is pornsick tho, he straight up said he ids as a women cuz he's submissive

No. 983030

She has that puffy cat face look that women get when they’ve been injecting constant fillers for years and years

No. 983044

lmao what even is that pic

No. 983091

kek anon my sides

No. 983107

File: 1638397350349.png (410.09 KB, 573x343, unitled21.png)

do you think they fucked?

No. 983112

I dunno who awkwafina is but no one deserves that

No. 983118

Only way ellen passes is when she's covered head to toe in thick puffy clothing. Even then she's probably short kek.

No. 983119

She deserves worse for appropirating blackcent for years and dropping it as soon as she got bigger success

No. 983124

Not even when she's covered, one look at her eyes and I can tell she's a woman

No. 983128

tbh I would probably mistake her for a teenage boy.

No. 983173

She's not even 5'1"

No. 983218

You can still tell she's a woman by her eyes

No. 983266

the movie was produced before the allegations dropped against him so it's really unfortunate for the portion of the cast who are relatively new to film acting

No. 983283

These clowns lmao. Ellen's tiny head, that dude's linebacker shoulders… you just can't escape biology no matter what chest surgery you get.

No. 983348

I don't think its fair to use typical troon categorization on him or people like Jazz
he was transed when he was a kid, he's been told by his narc parents that he was actually a girl and also special
also his body is just permanently fucked up dot to

Its a wonder he hasn't either killed himself and or killed his entire family

No. 983364

Sage for OT and blog but growing up I was best friends with a Spanish gay guy from Chile who became a weird bisexual agp from an obsession with anime and Ariana Grande during highschool. He wanted to transition to basically skinwalk her but he was an obese man so he quickly realized what a pipe dream that was and went back to hentai and Grinder. Some troons break the mold.

No. 983396

File: 1638431975086.jpeg (161.46 KB, 828x996, C2A53C5A-3DAF-4A9A-B3B2-0F7540…)

Ariana Kawasaki

No. 983404

botchedness aside this is one of her better outfits in a while, though it probably looks ridiculous irl

No. 983406

first she tries to change her race to black and now to asian?

No. 983418

Lorri Hill Manitoba’s she got a ponytail facelift from dr Kao same as Bella

No. 983420


No. 983426

i thought this was kyle from real housewives (?)

No. 983444

This is mental illness on the same level of that guy who had all those surgeries to look korean. Idk why more people aren't talking about it. This is disturbing. She's had an entire face transplant. See looks NOTHING like she did before. But Ariana seems to be untouchable and above criticism.

No. 983452

Idk why, but it’s still kind of unbelievable to me that Shinji Page trooned out. Is it because she was kind of gender non conforming in Hollywood? Like, this whole thing confuses the fuck out of me. Watching Juno, I would’ve never guessed this would be her future.

No. 983461

File: 1638445192428.jpeg (75.14 KB, 604x340, 376C94BE-7D46-4762-80B2-B52157…)

>She literally looks more Spanish than Black

No. 983480

File: 1638447949667.png (727.7 KB, 602x772, jesy nelson.png)

People in these threads always bash Ariana and say she's blackfishing/latinafishing/asianfishing, but then they defended the woman in this image and insisted she wasn't blackfishing
Is it because Ariana's skinny and actually pretty? Lol

No. 983496

File: 1638450102220.jpeg (98.76 KB, 544x680, 911B40F5-057C-4165-B202-5614AB…)

just seeing this moids estrogen induced tits makes me uncomfortable

No. 983497

File: 1638450174633.png (543.7 KB, 922x702, 343434.png)

The way I see it she's a lot like Dojacat, not in personality of course but rather same demographic marketability
she appeals to colorist black males but also has "woke" appeal mainly towards dumb white girls who a stan her as a "saphic queer woc"
Its all fake though, I bet all these celebrities and Idols would be far more interesting and likeable then the dumb personas they use

I think the saddest and funniest thing about this is the amount of underage kweers(and even some users here) who genuinely seem to believe that zendaya is challenging the Industry as a "queer woc" when we all know she's most gonna end up marrying a guy(likely white), I mean I still remember the meltdowns on twitter when the kweers learned Anya Taylor-Joy had a boyfriend, creating theories rivaling even the most ambitious Larry shipper

No. 983503


Ariana stans seething lol

No. 983507

implants, henny, but keep selling them the horse piss dream

No. 983509

Thats surgery induced tits, they wish they could naturally grow tits that don't look like ice cream cones

No. 983516

Zendaya appeals to men? I've only seen other women talk about her.

No. 983520

I don't listen to Ariana and I'm not a gay male so not a stan, but I did say that because she's attractive. I simply can't see any other difference between the two, except Jesy is more tryhard. What am I missing?

No. 983540

they both are black fishing idiots but ariana has since moved on to asianfishing. keep up people!!

No. 983561

awkwafina is not a tranny lmao

No. 983565

I think she meant Hunter

No. 983585

Ariana hasn’t been pretty since 2 nose jobs ago

No. 983654

Same. I think she has mannerisms that make her appear somewhat GNC, even with a full beat face she sets off something in women imo.

No. 983671

>actually pretty

How do we define actually though? Like if any uggo pays enough for 20 surgeries they too can look like Ari

No. 983816

She's a dragon in that one movie about dragons or something, I don't remember the plot, but people hated it because she is the single most bland choice for a dragon ever

No. 983833

How tf does she look asian? Red lipstick and cat eyeliner is asian now?

No. 983835

File: 1638474322222.jpg (288.84 KB, 1920x1629, Expressionless_Creepypasta.jpg)

Holy shit. Ew

No. 983845

Her eye shape

No. 983850

No? Her eyes just look like that due to the pose, she's been tilting her face like that in pictures forever. I guess we need to stop making certain poses now lest we asian fish

No. 983853

She’s literally gotten surgery to elongate her eye shape farther, she used to have big round eyes now they’re cat like and slanted, it also took away a lot of her eyelid crease depth.

No. 983860

She got a pony face lift and her eyes are pulled back to the extreme just like Bella ha did. She used to have very open round eyes

No. 983864

File: 1638476834007.jpeg (345.43 KB, 827x1445, E01AC777-84AD-4F90-AAC5-AF12BA…)

why does bella hadid post shit like