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No. 1419137

Previous thread >>>/ot/1245504

Talk shit about any-blr you please.

No. 1419183

I have seen more people complain about the Goncharov meme that people actually participating in the meme

No. 1419210

didnt expect to see goncharov here in lolcow lol

No. 1419223

I still don't understand why people are so outraged over this though, I have seen some people claim that its homophobic as well ?

No. 1419231

The threadpic? Why that one?

No. 1419238

I chose it because it's topical, easy to register as a tumblr related pic for the catalog, and it pisses some prickly nonas off.

No. 1419250

any meme that gets oversaturated on tumblr becomes annoying fast but i honestly think goncharov is funny. plus the art for it is fantastic.

No. 1419252

Could you at least put a link to this thread in the old one.

No. 1419394

I haven't seen anyone say it's homophobic, but I do think it's cringy how fast it devolved into "fanfic gay" territory. The premise is fine, it's just that most people on tumblr are too retarded to do anything interesting with it.

No. 1419409

File: 1669250479377.png (31.33 KB, 279x295, E6AA19C2-F582-45D1-B1BE-B7077D…)

This is the same person who thinks white males in dresses deserve free money btw

No. 1419427

What a nut job.

No. 1419490

File: 1669257260860.jpeg (201.15 KB, 1170x856, 86DE23B2-6AD9-4686-BE93-D0621B…)


No. 1419500

Is it me or women of color have pretty much completely fallen by the wayside in terms of such discussions surrounding vulnerability and disadvantages? Like. They're often a "token" vulnerable group but then it's troons that are actually popular to support.

No. 1419501

Fucking lol I just came to say this.
I haven't heard anything about it till a bunch of users whined about it. I ignored it at first but eventually googled it because I wanted to know what the whining is about.

Honestly how hard is it to follow the proper accounts, I always unfollow as soon as someone makes three consecutive non-topic/fandom related posts unless there is very a good reason for this. I am on tumblr since 2012 and never even saw homestuck (unless this was before 2012).

No. 1419512

I honestly love the Goncharov meme. It's definitely one of my favorite tumblr in-jokes because I love reading everyone's fake analyses and imagining Goncharov in clips like a youtube essay.

No. 1419545

it's probably because a lot of the minority women they were supporting ended up being terfs or co-signing the ebil white women they hate so much, strengthening the push back against moids. That's my theory of course.

No. 1419557

is this an autistic term for husbandos or something

No. 1419609

I think this is because of the subset of radblr whose blogs are 90% about how they want to suck old man cock but think it doesn't say anything about them.
Yes. An ESL woman I follow one time said she hates the term because it sounds stupid, and where she comes from people just call them "favorite characters." I often think about how right she was in these trying times.

No. 1419612

>subset of radblr whose blogs are 90% about how they want to suck old man cock but think it doesn't say anything about them.

No. 1419623

Some radfems have crushes on older male actors/characters. I've never seen any of them act on this because the ones i've seen seem like virgins tbh.

No. 1419627

which actors ?

No. 1419734

are you talking about the one obsessed with Silco

No. 1419768

Yes. I feel like that one is GC but not a radfem, and is likely to drop feminism if she finds a Nigel. She and a handful of other bisexuals on Radblr also start seething whenever the actual radfems bring up how dating men is an unfeminist action, and they come across as extremely insecure and weak-willed.

No. 1419769

Samefag but it's also about all of the women on Radblr who uncritically fantasize about misogynistic or violent character, or extremely unhealthy relationship dynamics. Particularly the OSA women. The Silco girl is the worst of them, but she's not alone in the slightest. It's bizarre to claim to be a radfem while actively wanting to be sexually subservient to a man.

No. 1419772

honestly they probably aren't radfems. I think a lot of women there peaked and are just doing their own thing.

No. 1419805

The one ive noticed the most is danny elfman lol

No. 1419809

Danny Elfman fucker can stay. She doesn't claim to be a radfem and is very funny, so she's not a problem.

No. 1419837

I get why someone would be annoyed by it but I don't mind the Goncharov meme, people are surprisingly coherent between the various "analysis" posts and there's some really creative art around it, also it's way better than that fucking horse plinko meme from last year or anything Supernatural related. Of course they are going to run it in the ground and it'll become painfully unfunny in a week but at least it was fun while it lasted.

No. 1419840

I feel like I need to be careful here saying this while I don't care in general if these women obsess over male characters it is weird to me that so many of them claim to love women and hate men but then for some reason can only conveniently care about men/male characters. It just feels like a lack of self awareness. I get that you like what you like but damn if you actually like unhinged women like you say you do why are you endlessly talking about men

Maybe judging them more harshly because they're GC/radfem adjacent or claim to be

No. 1419886

Its not complicated, many young overly online women hop from one political niche to another, their talking points mostly being a bag of alt-lite, pink-pill FDS and obscure 20th century political theory, these change from pagan goddess worshipping socialist to greek orthodox feminist to stalinist atheist 5 times a year

No. 1419949

Dating men and making content yearning for them is simply incompatible with radical feminism. The radfems who engage in that stuff are failing on praxis. They won't see that, the same way people identify with some religion but ignore the text, or other political ideologies where people use them as character backstory flavor rather than an actual internalized system of beliefs.

I'm only GC and not radfem though, because as a lesbian I find that radfeminism leaves lesbians on the roadside at a certain point as "fetishizers". I think radfeminism is the ideology for misandrist OSA women specifically and most fail at living by it because they are unable to give up sex with men. Which is fair, I imagine it's very difficult but idk why they bother trying to pretend in that case.

No. 1419953

You're right, but that's incredibly depressing. There was a post one of these sorts made awhile ago that summarized as, "We shouldn't accuse women on Radblr of being likely to drop feminism and enter average straight marriages, because that shows a lack of faith in your belief in our intelligence and solidarity." When I read it originally, I was convinced to give that sort a little more benefit of the doubt. But they make themselves so hard to trust.
Using Silco girl as an example, she couldn't even give up an obsession with a fictional male character after it was explained to her that his plot was absolutely designed to invoke but not outright depict sexual predation, how it's dangerous for her to continue to openly fetishize the character given that his actions bear similarities to that of his predatory voice actor's, and how the voice actor used the attraction young women had for his character as a tool to groom them. Instead, she passive aggressively explained why she didn't view the situation that way, and doubled down on her obsession. The fact that class consciousness isn't as important to her as fantasizing about fictional old man balls doesn't exactly inspire confidence in her as a feminist.

No. 1419956

you guys are taking shit too serious kek husbandofag radfems/gender criticals aren't destroying radical feminism by sperging out on their own blogs about male fictional characters. tumblr is a geek ass website for nerds, those radfem girlies are just reverting to their original selves while still being radfemmy so it's whatever man

No. 1419960

What does OSA mean?

No. 1419961

opposite sex attracted

No. 1419965

What the heck. What's wrong with hetero?

No. 1419966

i agree. enjoying male fictional characters does not somehow make someone a fake radfem. their maleness is conceptual, theyre not
real men, and the way they are written often is not reminiscent of real male nature at all. but on the other hand i do think that those "gc misandrist" blogs detailing how they want to be sexually abused are really fucking weird.

No. 1419967

I have seen many lesbians say, "I'm not a radfem because, as an ideological group, radfems often treat lesbians poorly and exclude us in not unsubstantial ways," and it makes me so sad. I'm also a lesbian, and I feel as if these women are better radfems than the polilez and other homophobic women giving them trouble. The theory and praxis available now serves better as a framework for various marginalized women to build off of, rather than finalized gospel, in my opinion. Andrea Dworkin's works, for example, are wonderful as a framework to build off of, though we do need to thoroughly discard and criticize her views on lesbianism, and homosexuality as a political choice.

No. 1419969

Feeling attacked, are we?
There's nothing wrong with being heterosexual, but heterosexual coupling is antithetical to radical feminism.

No. 1419971

Sorry, I mean why come up with a new word for hetero (opposite sex attracted)?

No. 1419976

OSA includes bi women.

No. 1419977

not really, anon, i just think your train of thought seems silly. most male characters that are popular with women are not true reflections of men, and im sure the girls youre talking about arent taking into account the flaws of real heterosexual dynamics when fantasizing about them.

No. 1419981

Kek I just realized I accidentally excluded bi men. "OSA includes bi people." That's what I meant.

No. 1419983

See the second part of >>1419953

No. 1419985

who people date or are attracted to isn't actual political action! you can criticize those actions, sure, but none are inherently feminist or antifeminist by themselves. being a lesbian isn't more feminist than being a straight woman or than being a husbandofag celebite. masturbation is as much a political action as PIV and tribbing, ie they're not! a woman who engages in PIV doesn't make her an antifeminist. i swear to god, radblr has had this whole conversation before, the needlessly politicizing every action a woman could potentially commit

No. 1419991

Oh, I see, thanks for explaining.

No. 1420000

You can't control attraction so it's not an action. Dating however is an action and it's inherently political when your politics revolve around women's liberation from male control.

No. 1420004

leave silco fucker alone!!! but honestly, you ARE taking it too seriously. you are literally calling a woman an antifeminist over her attraction towards a fictional character who you think is a pedophile, she doesn't, yadda yadda. Wait for the show to end for that confirmatin and get over your purity complex, it's not a competition.

No. 1420006

I agree. It's such a non-issue, who can possibly care. Endless nagging and arguing and drama about completely irrelevant things. "You are not completely perfect to me, therefore you are terrible and we must fight". Bah, get a life, seriously.

No. 1420010

How else are incredibly online separatist lesbian radfems supposed to feel good about themselves? This is how every single radfem discussion devolves into. It's always about how those cocksucking women will never be feminist enough and there's no hope for feminism blah blah blah like doesn't it get tired saying the same shit after a while. Go play some peggle.

No. 1420018

I feel like I'm way too third world to care about women simping for male characters in the context of radical feminism. And who is Silco fucker? Is she from here or is she from tumblr? I don't even know who silco is.

No. 1420062

Tfw I’m a 3-D husbandofag but hate IRL men

No. 1420077

File: 1669306697665.jpeg (624.6 KB, 1208x2127, C09A9586-D214-45BF-AD08-0A1E59…)

I’m not a huge fan of how the current tumblr staff act, it’s very idk childish? They’re trying desperately to appear “how do you do kids”.

No. 1420083

Grats, you're the most common kind of woman on this website.

No. 1420085

They’re trying really hard to draw more users in with Twitter keeling, and all the new features (blaze, tips, gifts, ad-free subscription) are making it more like social media than a blogging platform.

No. 1420095

Tumblr's official communication has always been like this, more or less

No. 1420156

I mean just maybe you shouldn't base your entire worldview on the fringe theories of a bunch of "intellectuals" who were incredibly out of touch with the average women and also associated with pedophiles

No. 1420244

I thought most radfems were anti-pedophilia? Germaine Greer is an outlier.

No. 1420270

many associated with people who advocated for pedophililes and were sometimes influenced by them, such as Dworkin's belief that incest taboo was also part of patriarchal brainwashing and that a mother being sexually attracted to her children was completely natural

No. 1420332

I hate this shit. I hate those who infantilize husbandos or even male characters with this "oooh my tiny lil blorbo borb borby worby blobor bimborbo borb lil borbo borbly borb blimborb borb boborb borblo borb" shit and the guy in question is some middle aged chain smoker
Shut up and stop being mentally ill and being annoying to talk to.

No. 1420342

Why are nonnas acting like people can't be a husbandofag and a feminist lmao these men aren't real, fantasies aren't related to dating

No. 1420345

It's not about purity or goodness, it's about how feminism is about liberating women from men, and committing yourself to a man is contradictory to that. Why is it that you can all understand that calling an action unfeminist isn't calling a woman evil, dirty, unfixable, or anything else when it comes to things like wearing makeup or shaving, but the second it comes to something you want to do, the choice feminist in you comes out with a vengeance? You don't have to be feminist in all your actions, or even at all. All that's being said here is that dating and having sex with men goes against the core of feminist praxis because it requires committing yourself to at least one man. Not that you're evil (you're not), not that lesbianism is morally better (it's not, that would be polilez territory), not that you have to be a lesbian (again, polilez shit), just that committing yourself to men is antithetical from liberating yourself from men. I know this is inconvenient, because most people crave sexual and romantic companionship, but heterosexual union is fundamentally tied together with female oppression. It doesn't have to be, but it is. Marriage was founded on women being property to men, sex is used as a weapon against us, and pregnancy is used to keep us trapped. You should understand all of this, if you identify as feminist, so thinking that the conclusion that it's "misogynistic" or somehow hateful to suggest radfem who knows all of this (not just any random OSA normie woman) just don't date or have sex with men is a massive cope for the fact that you know it's more likely to hurt you than not, but you still want to believe that it's possible to date a man as a woman without facing any of the complications that are inherent to heterosexual relationships in a society that is wildly misogynistic, and has been for an almost unquantifiably long time. It's not going to happen, unless you find a wild scrote on Mars and live with him away from society, and even then the ape-man has a chance of reinventing rape.

No. 1420350

Because for anons like that it has nothing to do with feminism, otherwise they would be using their time to shame other women. To them, it's about being superior.

No. 1420351

One of the girls I follow fantasizes about older men and one time posted about genuinely considering trying to seduce her professor at college. Silco fucker herself was partially fawning over his VA, too, until it turned out he was a literal groomer. "Fantasy is just fantasy, it doesn't impact people's actual decisions" is a scrote level cope, and that doesn't change just because we aren't men.

No. 1420354

>"It's dangerous to date men"
>"Obviously you just want to feel better than me!"
You are all insane.

No. 1420359

What about those who remain celibate virgins? 2 retards don't represent everyone else.

No. 1420360

Retard, we're talking about FICTIONAL MEN pay fucking attention.

No. 1420361

Then this isn't about them.

No. 1420363

See >>1420351 and >>1420361 no one cares about you so long as you're not fetishizing groomers, pedophiles, or whatever else. Being into that sort of thing makes you a way easier victim.

No. 1420365

Female separatism isn't fucking realistic and unless you're willing to create a community where women can live away from men safely, you don't get to tell any woman that having a relationship with men makes her inherently less than, because that's what you're doing. You can try and beat around the bush as much as you want and to lessen the blow of your superiority bullshit, but you're not fucking fooling anyone. Telling a woman she shouldn't even think about being with men because it goes against everything feminist is retarded and all it does is build insecurity and self loathing in women who DARE have any attraction or love for a man. You are saying "you do not have the ability or agency to pick a man who aligns with the values you have, it's hopeless" you saying that it is fundamentally impossible for women to ever be happy or safe. Even if she doesn't date a man! You're all insane. Stop blaming other women for fucking everything

No. 1420371

Heterophobia isn't real and your raging insecurity over wanting to date a man is embarrassing. Female separatism isn't realistic, sure, but celibacy for radfems absolutely is. And don't come at me with "wah wah lesbians wouldn't understand" bullshit, because assuming that lesbians don't understand what it's like to be lonely or have to give up romance is genuinely retarded.

No. 1420378

Don't fucking talk to me, no one said anything about heterophobia you fucking retard. You expect me to take your reply seriously? Go be a gold star lesbian somewhere else. All you care about is feeling superior to other women, you don't give a single shit.

No. 1420380

Can't imagine being so fucking keen on making other women feel like shit, so so very feminist of you.

No. 1420382

>You are saying "you do not have the ability or agency to pick a man who aligns with the values you have, it's hopeless"
>you saying that it is fundamentally impossible for women to ever be happy or safe. Even if she doesn't date a man!
It's not about your ability, it's that he doesn't exist. Thinking that it's about "ability" blames every battered, raped, or murdered woman for her own suffering. I guess she just didn't choose right? And no, I think it's very possible for women to be happy and safe, just away from men.

No. 1420384

>Hurting other women's feelings is antifeminist
This is literally what TRAs and libfems say.

No. 1420401

Hetero/but women need to read the Farmer and the Viper story. That's basically what being with a moid is like kek.

No. 1420407

Based. Also this derail seems fairly wrapped up. Does anyone have any milk to set the thread back on track? Train metaphor.

No. 1420429

Not anything specific but I hate how I can't look up fan art of any male characters anymore without seeing zipper tits "transboy" drawings. Even characters that aren't human or are fucking robots. It's cringe

No. 1420442

File: 1669319786240.jpeg (90.88 KB, 1011x288, 53ADA99B-2847-4398-8587-6A8B64…)

Do people actually laugh at these posts

No. 1420449

I never saw LC talking about an e-celeb that I knew. I only follow the people that produce nice art and fics or text posts for the series I like, feels good.

No. 1420450

is the the tumblr autist still sperging after the husbandofag? girl, it's obvious from her blog that she herself isn't taking the husbandofagging as serious as you seem to think she does
also, can you give any proof that radfems, the ones from the 70s or the current day tumblr kind, saying that osa women Must be celebite or theyre not True Radfems, cause you have pretty much pulled that out of your ass. There's literally a popular radfem on tumblr whose married to a man and has just had a child, were you one of those weird "radfem" sperg anons harassing her to point where she turned off anons?

No. 1420451

Same. The GOOD thing is that I have yet to see a single trans-headcanoning artists that is good. They don't exist IMO lol

Which makes me believe that people transify their characters to get attention because their art is not good enough to be popular otherwise.

No. 1420452

I don't get why it even matters.
Why are people so eager to be a true [ideology] anyway? It reminds me of the bullshit infights gender groups have that whine if someone calls them a fake-whatever.

Just live your life and do what you think is right, who gives a fucking shit if what you do makes you a feminist or not. Fuck groups and hiveminds.

No. 1420454

Yes. I imagine people who reblog it think that having such a quote on their blogs makes them hilarious.

No. 1420455

This is on twitter too, it's particularly annoying when the character is sexy.

No. 1420468

It's that time of year again! Prepare for the onslaught of "shut up about Thanksgiving" and "Columbus was a colonizer" posts amidst posts made by normal people partaking in a harvest festival or just going about their day because they don't live in America or don't celebrate for other reasons.

No. 1420478

I wouldn't consider Terfectly to be a radfem, but I'm also not a retard or a misogynist, so there's no point in sending her anon hate. Also, be real with yourself, anyone who knows tumblr well enough to be in this thread is a tumblr autist.

No. 1420487

because if radfem spaces become a general aesthetic for blogging about men and how much they hate men but need them then those spaces become commodified with women wielding feminist terms to justify their decisions and be content with squandering our new opportunities of financial and personal liberation.

No. 1420491

Imagine looking for fanart outside of asian spaces

No. 1420530

Thank you. Idk why this is so hard to grasp for these Not-My-Nigels.

No. 1420570

jesus christ I was one of the people criticizing the husbandofagging because I find it annoying but this conversation got way too serious over it lol

No. 1420590

A lot of "funny" tumblr posts sound like they're made by AI. Madlibs with quirky buzzwords.

No. 1420597

I just hate them because they are painfully autistic and cringy, simple as

No. 1420600

fair enough anon

No. 1420601

personally that's why i love them, they're fun to be around. tired of normalfags.

No. 1420610

Same anon, i can't stand serious people, they are so fucking boring. I would rather hear yume stories or some schizo shit.

No. 1420777

>see some dumb as shit take on a series I watch that reveals that the writer is incapable of grasping simple lore and plot points and discerning bad from good
>check the blog
>Pronouns: They/Xeir/Em || 20 years old Autistic/DAVE & queer
Like clockwork, really.

On the bright side it makes them easier to filter. You can basically block all of them and lose nothing. The most extreme thing a sane person would ever say is "they/them" if they don't want to reveal their gender (though personally I just don't say anything), everything more than that means that you have a person with a mental age of 6 in front of you.
Also what even is a DAVE?

No. 1420786


No. 1420798

>Also what even is a DAVE?
As far as I can tell, it's another name for ADHD that seems to have originated on tik tok. It stands for Dopamine Attention Variability Executive Dysfunction. I don't think the term DAVE exists in actual medical literature

No. 1420807

Thanks. I googled it and legit only saw some tiktok shit but I am not using that site. Pretty sure it's not a medical term, if you search the full words you only get a few matches and all of them are reddit or something.
I don't know the difference between Xeir and Em though. I guess this xir bullshit is for literal aliens and genderqueers or something but no idea what the Em is or why they would need two fantasy pronouns.

No. 1420842

Is this still a tumblr hate thread or radfem discourse thread? Anyway leave us radfem husbandofags alone. Better to be a husbandofag than to do mental gymnastics and convert yourself into a polilez.

No. 1420852

it was dropped you brought it back

No. 1420955

I hate tumblr DMs. It's such a dysfunctional, borderline useless addition to the site. All it's good for is clarifying things to strangers and acquaintances, and eventually exchanging alternative contact information with your friends.

No. 1422614

i don't care for tumblr husbandofags because i don't care for male characters period, and the fact that there's exponentially more fanfic/fan content about men than women (shipping, gen, or otherwise) annoys me, especially on radblr where i figured women would be more inclined to feel the same way. i do what i can to correct this imbalance, however i am but one woman and my time and abilities are limited

No. 1422710

The women making attempts to compensate for the male-obsessing on radblr by making content almost exclusively about women are our bravest soldiers.

No. 1423874

oh anon you and me could be friends. It feels like such a petty complaint but I agree and it annoys me especially when they come up with excuses to not like female characters. Same old same old I guess

No. 1424385

File: 1669649350130.jpg (75.69 KB, 270x608, quirkiybrittany.jpg)

tumblr users now want what quirkybrittany had

No. 1424411

This is a big pet peeve of mine too. It's always the genderspecial women scrambling to find excuses as to why they don't like female characters when it's obvious they are all just fujos not yet ready to accept the reason why they fixate on male characters (getting railed by other male characters) is because they are straight women. Because they all have internet brain poisoning they all think they're totally based biseckshual bigenders and not a single female character is written well enough to pass their test.
>noooo you don't understand I make ironic fujo shipping fanart and tumblr posts IRONICALLY it's IRONIC I don't actually ship them nooooo haha
It's so fucking annoying. I will never watch that retarded gay vampire show. I fucking hate that gay vampire show. Just goes to show that tumblr has not evolved past their fujo roots. Thank you for your service nona.

No. 1424425

Looks like it was a decoy account to catch pedos

No. 1424597

This is even funnier given the context that we were mostly talking about women on Radblr. Many of the husbandofags there claim to be bi, yet conspicuously only ever thirst over males. They really are exactly like libfems, aside from thinking that TIMs are men and TIFs are women. A stopped clock is right twice a day.

No. 1424601

File: 1669663968710.jpg (24.2 KB, 523x343, POCGxtzh.jpg)

you had to be there

No. 1425360

sounds like you need to go back. seriously though, this kind of language segregation is retarded. languages intermix and evolve, that's where english came from to begin with.

No. 1425505

I really hate this meme because, as a Scorsese fan, mafia movie enjoyer and former tankie, I would have loved the shit out of this movie

No. 1425507

>a Scorsese fan, mafia movie enjoyer and former tankie
gtfo troon

No. 1425973

File: 1669748731949.png (25.68 KB, 818x288, Udklip5.PNG)

I don't get those tumblr posts that are like "being in your 20's is about grocery shopping" and "the adult experience is using the washing machine" did these people never have chores as children?

No. 1426057

File: 1669753051353.jpeg (168.53 KB, 828x539, FFAADCB4-364E-4ED0-93A2-E0EEA1…)

No. 1426096

glad to see this thread is already dissolving into radfems talking about their shitty infights with mutuals and mutual in laws. this is why i hate tumblr.

No. 1426161

I'm so sick of all these people begging for money on Tumblr. Get a job.

No. 1426172

If you keep bringing it up it will

No. 1426184

ofc it's a tranny

No. 1426194

I know there really are stupid women who think like this, but I'm sure this person is actually a moid larping. You can see it from the uwu behavior while talking about sexual stuff.

No. 1426503

The thread is moving on, retard. Stop crying so damn loud.

No. 1426510

You're right, but I didn't even notice it until you pointed it out. I consider myself a bit spoiled when it comes to childhood experiences with chores, but I was already grocery shopping, particularly for hygiene products and ingredients for meals, quite a bit with my parents (we lived far away from any markets) and doing my own laundry in my teens. I wonder how these people who never did any work before the age of 18 fare with cooking their own meals, doing laundry, or cleaning messes when they're in their 20s.

No. 1426547

>friend can't stop shilling tumblr after musk's twitter deal
>have no issue with twitter, works like always, she claims the opposite
>claims tumblr was more active
>all of my art and art posts of friends get like 30% of the notes they get on twitter since most of the people who retweet our fanart are from Asia and they aren't using tumblr
>search for art for the series I am into, find like two pics per week (usually look ugly as sin)
>get flooded with art on twitter for the same series

I complain about twitter myself but why are people shilling this shithole so hard? Is this some political shit? It has almost zero talented artists by now, the very few fanart I see is amateurish, shitty OCs or transwashing trash.
The person that shills it herself already complained that her fandom barely produced any art but she refuses to properly use twitter or pixiv.

This reminds me of how they treat everybody younger than 35 like a kid. I legit saw tumblr posts claiming some 28yos couldn't be responsible for shit they did because they are immature and basically kids.

No. 1426552

File: 1669776350967.jpg (9.04 KB, 308x95, Untitled.jpg)

why tho?

(yes i know some butch women use male pronouns but this is not the case because it's tumblr)

No. 1426560

I think that's just them misinterpreting the "people are not fully mentally developed until they are 25 years old" information. People between 16-25 are still old enough to take responsibility for their actions (18-25 moreso), it's just that we should give them a little more slack for making mistakes when it comes to things that they're still learning and developing into (mostly in the form of how they approach complicated social situations or general "how to adult" things like managing a work/personal life balance or budgeting). People in those age ranges can and should be held fully accountable for being bigots, assholes, or outright criminals, though.

No. 1426574

The whole "some butch women use male pronouns" thing is so retarded. Butch women did that in the past so they and their partners wouldn't get harassed, assaulted, imprisoned, or outright murdered. The only women who have an excuse for doing this modern day live in places where being gay is a death sentence (like Iran), and they wouldn't be acknowledging that they're women because it would defeat the purpose. Every GNC woman living in a first world country saying "woman, but masculine pronouns/nouns pls uwu" is playing into the same dumbass genderist shit as full-blown trannies. You're not a "he" or a "gentleman" just because you wear "men's" clothes, you're "she" and "dapper" or "chivalrous." That's just another fully acceptable variety of what a woman can be.

No. 1426611

you reek of autism

No. 1426613

The way these people always simultaneously hate lesbians and aspire to be lesbian is so weird.

No. 1426616

If you think about it, it's just an exaggerated version of how men and society at large view women.

No. 1426635

I'm not a lesbian btw, I'm bi but it's so obvious how they view a woman not being available to penises as the most terrible unforgiveable thing. Especially in the uwu libfem circles where they're all about respecting boundaries and choices supposedly except when it's a woman expressing a boundary about touching dick or dating men. I don't know what the context of that anon ask was either but I thought they were against "reducing people to their genitals"?

No. 1428408

File: 1669902900443.jpeg (1.51 MB, 1170x2071, 70D0A781-F21D-4DE4-915D-31793A…)

This gets funny when you realize he’s a misogynist homophobe

No. 1428502

Conversion therapy didn't work on you, why would you think it would work on OSA women? Dating men is not a radical feminist action, but I would disagree that anyone who dates men isn't a radfem.

No. 1428521

File: 1669909146953.png (42.97 KB, 535x530, nirvana sunset.png)

I personally considered it hilarious when Terfectly blew a gasket when other radfems point out that purposely having a boy child was not a radfem action. Her hissy fit lasted weeks because she was already hormonally bonded to her fetus and couldn't stand the idea of anyone criticizing her decisions.
That's honestly one of my gripes about the radfem community. Like, every single action you take doesn't have to be a radfem action, no one is perfect. But for the love of Pete, stop justifying those actions and just own up to the fact that they aren't radfem actions.

To put this thread back on tract, I hate how you'll post something that you're an expert in the field in, and the stupidest mother fucker you've ever heard of will crawl out of the woods and try to tell you you're wrong. It was forever ago, but this guy had to be blocked because he kept blathering on in my notes.

No. 1428911

this is a tif isn’t it

No. 1428920

Always possible, but I doubt it. His blog was filled with schizo raving, misogyny, and some porn. Seemed more like an egotistical male.

No. 1429000

it's a shorthand way to refer to straight and bisexual women, just like ssa is shorthand for bisexual and lesbian women.

No. 1429018

>Digs back up a dead infight/derail
>Suggests that "dating men isn't radfem" = conversion therapy
>Suggests that lesbians are trying to convert straight women to lesbianism
>Agrees with the point being made, but wants to argue anyways
I would rather believe this is bait than think that you are genuinely this stupid.

No. 1429028

Nta why did you reply if you think it's bait, just report. Tumblr hate thread more like radfem boxing arena jfc let it die.

No. 1429064

Because I don't know what the mods would consider a vendetta report.
I feel like creating a bio this annoying should be considered an art form. How small do you think we can get while maintaining the same level of irritation, without just saying a slur?

No. 1430734

File: 1670049621750.jpg (452.63 KB, 802x1187, d1675e27be2c4f7a3af88578a083dc…)

why do I keep seeing people on twitter and tumblr try to shill this man as attractive I'm sick of it

No. 1430735

What We Do In The Shadows fujos are a special breed of insufferable

No. 1430755

File: 1670051552113.png (118.05 KB, 652x1068, CAPTURE.png)

I have noticed this trend a lot among wokeoids, they try to make it seem like that majority of us have been brainwashed to be attracted to tall, attractive non-obese men and that being tall, fit and non-obese are traits exclusive towards white people

No. 1430761

The worst part about this nonsense is knowing for a fact that a moid would NEVER, EVER cape for these pickme retards in return. That fat ugly guy would give no fucks about a woman if she was equally fat and ugly, and he certainly wouldn't scold complete strangers for complimenting her in a way that isn't 100% flattering.

No. 1430764

He literally looks like any random gay nerd/theatre kid you went to high school with

No. 1430771

that's probably what he is tbh

No. 1430774

File: 1670053940131.png (47.34 KB, 804x414, f3f0cfab8dfa3a65b1d508243dbbcb…)

this probably belongs on twitter thread but a cursory search of his name gets you this weird type of shit



No. 1430775

>Just goes to show that tumblr has not evolved past their fujo roots
ironic considering how anti-fujo Tumblr is today

No. 1430776

jfc let this topic fucking die

No. 1430873

I hate this term so much. Being gay and being trans are two disconnected things. I'm not "more trans" by being gay, nor do I look "more trans." Also, being gay doesn't determine how you look. Trans does, because trans is a consumerist/aesthetic decision, but being gay isn't. Though, TRAs would mald if you said that.

No. 1430945

only 3 words are kept from the original quote why not just make a text post at this point?

No. 1430968

Tumblr is only "anti fujo" because they all caught the tranny social contagion and want something to bitch about as True and Honest trans fags so they laser-focus on fujos because MUH SEXUALIZATION OF GAIZ!!!!! They all still cream themselves over regular guy #1 buttfucking regular guy #2 in their delusions.

No. 1430986

I think "cishet" was created because everyone knows HSTS are not the same as actual straights even if they call themselves so, as well as the gaydens and transbians liking to pretend being trans and "gay" makes them "double gay" compared to "cis" gays.

No. 1431015

Who's the ugly, obese guy? He's not even "unconventionally attractive" because that would require being attractive to begin with.

No. 1431043

Cishet was created by AGPs and AAPs to suggest that trans and gay fall under the same umbrella to perpetuate the notion that gay rights and trans ideology are one in the same. It's the same reason that they insist on using "queer" to refer to anyone who is either trans or some variety of same-sex attracted, and throw tantrums any time gay people try to make exclusively LGB-centered spaces or events. Trans ideologues rely on parasitically latching onto actually oppressed groups through comparison or inaccurate grouping, because their ideology can't stand on its own. They need to make people think that being trans is homophobic, ableist, misogynistic, or even racist to garner guilt and savior complex based support.

No. 1431251

Ever since he came out as gay he gained even more weight and started looking and acting insufferable. You bet he was the one to ask for his 'uwu totez important gay arc' of the character, and he looked so butt-ugly in his 'im gay guys, now pat my ass' interview while trying to make parody pictures of famous women.

No. 1431252

File: 1670092680044.jpg (532.99 KB, 813x1834, Tumblr_l_923445671781237.jpg)

I looked into the kokobot tag after I got messages from it and ofc some "terf" being worried about a young girl is a "groomer". Do words even have meaning aside from putting blame on someone?

No. 1431336

He looks exactly like my gay cousin kek

No. 1431813


Don't know him but he looks like a basic fat gay guy who makes jokes about how gross vaginas are. These desperate attempts by Aidens to be one of the gays are beyond pathetic

No. 1432056

File: 1670155920836.jpg (219.25 KB, 768x1024, mom-i-threw-up.jpg)

I think they genuinely find him attractive, because they think features like chubby, geeky, ethnic, short or gay (he apparently identifies as "queer," so I don't know if he's actually SSA, or if he's just a trender looking to be disarming to women) are signs that a man is "safer," because he's "less privileged" and therefore "less entitled." Of course, that's not how privilige works, though. A short, fat, geeky Hispanic gay man is exactly as male as a tall, muscular, meathead white straight man. Also, they're probably exclusively looking at flattering pictures of him where he's been styled, posed, had makeup applied, the camera was angled well, and the photo was edited, while ignoring all of the normal photos of him like picrel.

No. 1432059

File: 1670156530652.jpg (289.79 KB, 750x938, manbaby.jpg)

Samefag, this second pick that showed up while I was searching for pictures of the man of the hour is too good(?) not to share. Somehow it's both creepy and insulting, since it serves autopedo and agp, all while mocking the objectification and infantilization of a young woman (Britney Spears) in a time where most people should be in agreement that she's a victim whose experiences with fame were traumatic. She was just released from conservatorship last year, she doesn't need more Hollywood freaks pulling up imagery of her from back when her producers used her as a pedo-magnet, especially not to make it into agp adult-baby garbage.

No. 1432062

i need eye bleach kek

No. 1432065

cmon, hes cute

No. 1432067

He literally looks like a big baby. A real manchild.

No. 1432070

nonnie open your eyes

No. 1432071

Nona he literally looks like a little fat boy playing dressup miraculously aged 30 years.

No. 1432073

These two looks >>1432065 >>1432059 are vomit-inducing but I agree with you nonna, he really is cute in the show, and I'm sure his confidence plays a big role to why tumblr girls like him as well.

No. 1432075

His body proportions are all fucked up.. Some fat guys are attractive but not him. Like why do they think they have to force attraction to admire someone? Not that I admire him but you don't want to have to fuck someone to just admire them as an actor

No. 1432086

File: 1670158605524.jpg (62.83 KB, 341x514, slay.jpg)

Then you're interested in the character, not the actor. On the show he has stylists, makeup artists, cameramen, and editors all working to make him look a certain way. On the red carpet or in public? That's him. He looks like if teenage Josh Peck did a Harry Styles cosplay most of the time.

No. 1432118

I actually agree with you regarding your point that some view him as 'attractive' just because he reads as being non-threatening. I'd probably argue that makes him even more dangerous. Males are males, even if they are gay fatties.

No. 1432119

from the clips I have seen online about the character, he seems more about a power fantasy for these people, being "badass" and sexually desired

No. 1432121

Nah he's just funny, it's a comedy show, these scenes are rare and he was well liked before he became that

No. 1432157

I'm not talking about the character in the show, but what he represents to his "stans"

No. 1432170

Because nonnie the edgy TiFs need to show how much they relate to Patrick Bateman.

No. 1432274

I have seen way more women fawning over him for being uwu soft and sweet than badass. The "omg he's actually secretly strong and cool, too!" stuff comes secondary to their precious softboi fantasies.

No. 1432293

Watched a couple videos of this series on YouTube, apparently fans ship him hard with some dude and claim this series is "super gay", they also love when this fatty resents women the other guy is interested in

No. 1432310

>they also love when this fatty resents women the other guy is interested in
That plotline was so fucked up, she was brought back from the dead, got her free will removed and got discarded in the end. I like the show in general (and can confirm it's pretty gay), but it was an uncomfortable to watch mess

No. 1432406

mental illness

No. 1432453

One of my personal cows is big into the ship with him and the bearded one and I really wanna tell her to at least coom to good looking men, kek. It's pointless though, she's also into that pirate show with the annoying guy who directed a couple of Thor movies. I feel like more and more m/m ships now are about gross dudes, especially on tumblr where you're told not to be "lookist" or w/e buzzword of the week.

No. 1433098

>more and more m/m ships now are about gross dudes
Some Aidans are just being realistic with what kinds of relationships they're prone to getting in (fat needy loser x stinky older moid). The rest are full on weeaboo fujos who want to envision themselves as anime boys, like the author of that god awful Boyfriends comic.

No. 1434908

File: 1670362051812.jpg (1019.27 KB, 1636x2936, inCollage_20221120_034148214.j…)

porn sick

No. 1434928

I had to look up wtf "NTR" meant. Coomers are really fucked in the head to have this in their common vocabulary and have it be the first thing that comes to mind when reading that tweet. They are completely incapable of not injecting sex into everything they come in contact with.

No. 1436330

File: 1670441186543.jpeg (375.64 KB, 1031x1105, F735E0E2-8895-4A19-8165-100F56…)

This would have been funny without the tranny shit

No. 1436463

You can't be as fat as Pugsley and be a himbo. Himbos are strong and muscular. That's like calling Pugsley a twink.

No. 1436469

Some of us are reading this thread for the first time, I'll respond to any posts I find interesting as long as it's on topic. And if your reading comprehension is so bad that you think that I said "dating men isn't radfem = conversion therapy", then that's on you. Some lesbians absolutely try to convert straight women, you're either cut off from the community or not part of it if you think that lesbians don't shoot their shot even with girls they're pretty sure are straight.

No. 1436474

>"Your reading comprehension is bad if you think I'm saying lesbians try to convert straight women to lesbians"
>Immediately implies that a lesbian flirting with you is a secret conversion tactic by the gay agenda
>Continuing this retarded derail to make this absolute dogshit post
Turn the computer off and go outside.

No. 1436476

You are beyond going outside. You need to go foraging. And attend a literacy class.

No. 1436479

Okay homophobe.

No. 1436487

aidens and pick-mes redefining himbos to remove the hotness from them will never not piss me off tbh

No. 1436492

why is this thread full of ree-ing radblr lesbians. the tumblr hate thread is full of literally the worst kind of tumblr user.

No. 1436527

Reading this thread reminded me why I deleted my Tumblr years ago. It's full of privileged white american girls who don't understand that most women are already in heterosexual relationships.

No. 1436542

Don’t go crying to us when he cheats on you.

No. 1436591

Being heterosexual doesn't inherently mean you're a homophobe, you people are just insecure tards. The ladies on radblr also don't give a shit if random women date or marry men, they care that women calling themselves radfems do it, especially when they babytrap themselves with men who are known cheaters like Terfectly did or lose their minds about "muh evil lesbians who just want to trick me into fucking them" any time radfems suggest maybe celibacy might be beneficial whenyour dating pool is entirely comprised of rape apes qnd you're aware of that.

No. 1436600

>The straights get insecure
>They derail to cry about lesbians
>The derail leads nowhere
>It gets put out of its misery
>A straight rereads it or comes in late
>Rinse and repeat

No. 1436605

>literally the worst
Mask off moment

No. 1436612

I'm not even straight and I know almost nothing about radblr. Tumblr has always been full of people who do the opposite of what they preaches. Tumblr is full of people larping as sjws and radblr doesn't look different.

No. 1436902

File: 1670475742511.png (115.51 KB, 805x934, 3c14a1ba4c633a6db45ddb82fe15c5…)

As if the statement "men are generally bigger than women" negates the fact that there is variation within the sexes… That's a point many feminists have already made, a feminine man is not a woman lol

No. 1436903

i feel like my IQ dropped 10 points just reading this retarded shit

No. 1436904

damn can you keep on topic in this thread instead of infighting

No. 1436907

File: 1670476205493.png (39.32 KB, 745x317, 37b131d24bace02469be0978f76fb6…)

this is some of the most bioessentialist shit I've read lmfao

No. 1436914

>acted like a transwoman
So like a degenerate? That's all roman emperors, be more specific.

No. 1436917

I assume they're talking about Elagabalus who was just in general a batshit insane degen. The self own of calling him a transwoman is pretty funny though. Not the first time I've seen it

No. 1436918

she called herself pharaoh because there literally wasn't a word for "female king." the word pharaoh literally meant Son of Ra.

No. 1436920

>example 1: yeah, let's ignore the fact that she did this to conform with the extremely rigid and patriarchal society of ancient egypt

>example 2:[…]the emperor also had children tortured and sacrificed. And he was infamous for his sexual proclivities: He married a Vestal Virgin, slept with men, cross-dressed, and married a male slave. He even asked doctors to castrate him and give him female organs.

> he married the Vestal Virgin Aquilia Severa, Vesta's high priestess, claiming the marriage would produce "godlike children".[68] This was a flagrant breach of Roman law and tradition, which held that any Vestal found to have engaged in sexual intercourse was to be buried alive.[69]
I'm not surprised they're proud to claim someone like him.

No. 1436921

Emperor Nero generously castrated his slave boy Sporus to make him into the brave STUNNING wife he was always meant to be, slaaaaay,

No. 1436927

samefag but fr, I can't imagine the horror of being sold off, mutilated, being sexually abused, and then having to commit suicide in the end to avoid being tortured in a gladiator fight. And this is why we're supposed to think ancient nations had gender all figured out, unlike us? Nightmare world.

No. 1437032

Or maybe gender roles were so harshly enforced and the sexes were so segregated that to people, particularly men of those times it was a less preposterous idea that a "man" was unusually small than a woman had short hair and wore pants. Plus men are just not as good as clocking troons.

No. 1437035

oh and of course there is the gleefull fantasizing about male violence against women they don't like, trannies are always SO predictable it's embarrassing

No. 1437156

File: 1670497727306.jpg (255.08 KB, 1080x1472, Screenshot_20221208-120508_Chr…)

Why are homeschooling lolbertarians always so fucking smug about it, especially in their hatred of teachers?

No. 1437164

The difference is a parent teaching 1-2 kids and giving them their full attention is a lot more effective than a teacher trying to balance 20-30 kids at the same time. If the teacher with their teaching education were just teaching the 2 homeschooled kids those kids would do better than with the parents teaching. The parents on the other hand would most likely be shit at teaching a full room of kids.
This is also assuming the parent knows what they're talking about, and the homeschooled kids risk losing all the social "training" that comes with school and is very essential to learn.

No. 1437166

>could it be that ancient Egyptians where so sexist that they wouldn't recognize a female ruler so that's why she had to take on a male persona?
>No she was actually trans

No. 1437169

>everyone living here, including the guy who runs the gas pump, has a degree
Out of all the people I know who have decided to homeschool their kids, none of them have a degree. They also started homeschooling to skirt around school vaccination requirements during the COVID pandemic.

No. 1437173

Homeschooling is good if the person knows what they're doing. Children have so many different learning styles and thrive and different ways and you don't have to deal with asshole old granny teachers giving you 5 different calls throughout the day because Timmy used the wrong colored pen. Plus you're able to teach your kid important stuff, not overload them with homework so they can have extracurriculars, etc. The school system is fucked currently

No. 1437179

The better question is why are willing to go down screaming and crying about (horrible) fictional moids.

No. 1437196

Ayrt and I guess I agree, but I don't trust the people I posted to be any good at teaching children (especially with the way they are dismissive towards teachers), especially when they claim every parent should consider homeschooling when most people work and don't have the time nor the resources to teach their kids.

No. 1437200

Teachers, at least those in lower grades, do come across as glorified babysitters sometimes. No one is saying no adult is able to teach spelling or basic algebra at an elementary school level to their kid. But what would they do if they had 30 kids and 2 of them had some kind of learning impairment?

No. 1437214

File: 1670503580113.png (260.39 KB, 1200x662, Protective sardine_95d387_9602…)

>Women talking about radical feminism
>One lesbian comes in and declares that only she is a radfem, and only lesbians can bestow the title
>Does this only to make herself feel superior, has no interest in discussion about any other radical feminism actions

ANYWAYS. I hate how Tumblr can feel like it stopped maturing at 13. You'll have 30 year old when posting cringy shit about old gods and the magic of deer. But then you'll have the annoying know it all kid, "Uh, no, actually deer aren't gods." and that's just as cringe.

No. 1437246

You know, in hindsight… tumblr was never really that funny even at its peak.

No. 1437393

Gold medal champion in making assumptions and seething. OSA women can be radfems (I assume most radfems are; the 4B movement in Korea is fantastic, by the way), and OSA partnered women can be feminists that make some radfem points, but bein a woman and partnering with a male is and always will be antithetical from the radfem goal of liberating women from men. Just because you want to consider yourself radfem and partner with men doesn't make that false, it just means you wish it were false. It's not the responsibility of others to shoulder the burden of cognitive dissonance for you.

No. 1438221

File: 1670558262172.png (773.14 KB, 636x832, haruhi faggot.PNG)

People have mentioned this before, but seeing 4chan screencaps on tumblr is so weird.

No. 1438222

File: 1670558394702.png (57 KB, 780x651, respect pwonouns.PNG)

>Meanwhile from the reposter

No. 1438226

i hate these old weeb larpers, they would have been called faggots and told to an hero in old forums

No. 1438231

File: 1670559236495.jpg (6.71 KB, 191x263, nevada.jpg)

I just don't get what about it appeals to them, these are the same types who shit their pants over being 'misgendered' by their grandparents yet larp as 4chan/futaba channel (if they're extra weeb) neets?
Early internet was full of a shit ton of edge and tumblr can't even take stuff like age gap ships.

No. 1438299

>no transphobia, no islamphobia.
those are both good things, faggot.

No. 1438823

Why do they think being against islam is the same as discriminating against ethnically muslim people?

No. 1438961

Because they're retarded and have terminal white guilt, and insecure middle eastern people perpetuate the idea that hating Islam specifically is racist, even if you hate all Abrahamic religions (including Christianity). Never mind the fact that Islam is currently responsible for a disproportionate amount of the most reprehensible misogynistic and homophobic violence in the modern world. We're supposed to excuse it because American imperialism made it worse (which is true, but suggesting that Middle Eastern cultures weren't bigoted until America funded their already present extremist groups in a retarded fight against communism is like saying "the festering wound was fine before we put botflies and kissing bugs on it"). And before anyone gets pissy about racism: Largely (white) Christian cultures like those found in America and Russia have the same problems.

No. 1439109

If they've got to tag it "-core", the problem is already obvious.

No. 1439213

>lesbians are the worst part of tumblr
wow walk your ass back to church

No. 1439215

we need to talk more about the weird libertarians on tumblr

No. 1439232

This, and virtue signaling. No idea why, but they think questioning the gender norm and trans people being caricatures is literally killing them, and if you question islam, you hate all women wearing hijabs. Despite the fact that women in Iran are currently protesting the forced wear of them. I hate privileged american bitches so much.

No. 1439446

Call it weird but I'd love to know what this one (spacelazarwolf) looks like

No. 1439557

File: 1670656650195.jpeg (339.41 KB, 844x1425, bilbo-sam-yaoi-larp.jpeg)

Her bio on tumblr says she's a 29 year old "Italian Jew," so she probably looks approximately how you would imagine a "he/him boypussy gay gay faggot gay transman don't tag my posts with q slur or you're a yucky evil queerphobe terfy bigot" white woman would look. Which, imo, is probably like any of the white women in picrel, give or take an extra 50lbs or so.

No. 1439962

>ethnically muslim people
That's not a thing, islam is unrelated to ethnicity. And my guess is that it comes from how people from muslim majority countries got treated like garbage after 9/11, even the ones who weren't even muslims but who gave that impression to others because of their skin color or fist name or whatever. And years later people don't get that what these people went through was actually good old racism all along so they call it islamophobia.

No. 1440054

The insane thing about this is that most of the people who insist upon never criticizing Islam know that it's not just Muslims facing this discrimination, it's literally any ethnically middle eastern person. The problem isn't criticism of systems of belief or organizations that are inherently hateful or violent, the problem is when people weaponize that criticism against entire ethnicities and use it to justify racism and wanton violence. Somehow they don't face the same difficulties understanding this concept when people say things like "Christianity is regressive and hateful" or "gangs are bad," even though a lot of Christians are poor and/or POC, and gangs typically recruit similarly marginalized people. "X is bad" and "most people who believe in X are marginalized people who were born into X, and are not inherently violent, nor do they inherently deserve judgment or punishment, but they do deserve a fair chance at a normal life" are not mutually exclusive statements.

No. 1440486

I can smell this photo

No. 1440498

File: 1670722090186.jpeg (1.33 MB, 1170x1820, BB744B39-5CB4-454D-AF69-637D9E…)

No. 1440548

it really sucks that the ugliest TIF looks cuter than the average male

No. 1440556

I thought they were gonna rank them by tag popularity like the other ones KEK

No. 1440599

>italian jew

I guess that must mean she's converting and her great grandfather was italian kek. I'm sure you're right though although Noelle and Molly are probably cuter as annoying as they are

No. 1441347

File: 1670787748128.jpg (165.85 KB, 1080x1204, tumblr_dc4f4b31a477f5734c07cf7…)

the pathetic pick me from screenshot is blackfast. went to her blog for some more milk, unfortunately there's not much besides standard tradwaifu posting about her nigel

No. 1441354

Wow I'd kms if I were her.

No. 1441362

this isn't satire? jesus christ.

No. 1441412

I thought it was funny how his character was a stereotypical fat short ugly faggot seethingly jealous of women until I found it he was a stereotypical fat short ugly faggot seethingly jealous of women IRL.

No. 1442044

Context? I didn't know this guy existed until this week when I saw him ITT

No. 1442921

File: 1670869379966.jpg (546.14 KB, 1078x2590, Shutthefuckup.jpg)

Holy shit the aiden jewish converts are so fucking annoying. This has so many tumblrisms, let's count.
>jew/jewish in url
>"ATTENTION MEN" post that an actual male would never fucking make
>teehee pierced ear bisexual boyfriend sperging
>funny haha sex joke when you know this internet dwelling dork is so sexually repulsive offline that she's probably never had sex before in her life
>OP is a theythem
>aaaaand OP has "G*BLINCORE MFS AND PEOPLE WITH GOBLIN IN THEIR URL FUCK OFF", of course, because some random "core" aesthetic is the highest form of antisemitism, duh
What a shithole.

No. 1442931

Samefag; I cannot believe I forgot the fucking FRIENDLY PSA part. Wahhhhh poor men PLEASE do not piewce youw eaws with piewcing guns UWU. Bitch shut up and let men get infected ear holes, traitor of the female sex. You will never be a yaoi gay boy or an edgy hypersexual homosexual male with HPV, just give it up bitch.

No. 1442976

Jewish Harley Quinn trooned out? honestly couldn't have happened to a more annoying person
she always caped for Islam but every second post was about how "xianity"(which is what she used for christianity) is the worst and most horrible force in human history

No. 1443106

if someone gets their ears pierced at claires, they deserve an infection.

No. 1443251

Tumblr user jewish-harley-quinn apparently doesn't know that umarried women are statistically happier and live longer lives than women who marry men. Also her post accidentally suggests that lesbians will naturally live worse lives than straight women, and that penetration is naturally good (ignoring the experiences of rape victims and the majority of women who were prostitutes or porn actresses). Of course, if you told her that, she would cry something along the lines of
>"Um, actually, men are good and precious and do no wrong. Also, I'm a boy, not a girl, so those statistics don't apply to me anyways."
>"Also, all lesbians love to be penetrated, that's what the strap is for. Plus all real lesbians get every piercing they can, and they totally love tranny girlcock."
>"Btw sex work is real work and not at all traumatizing slavery. Die swerf cunt."
Anyways, Harley Quinn is canonically from a Jewish/Catholic family, so her url is redundant and shows she's just a poser, and goblincore (though it's lame, like every forced aesthetic) is so far removed from anything you could claim is antisemitic that I feel like actual Jews would resent this retard, and every tumblrtard like her, for making them look like shrill whiners with no actual problems.

No. 1443341

Aunties having some wholesome family friendly fun

No. 1443874

I've been aware of this tumblr user for a while and she's so cringey

No. 1444525

File: 1670972142071.jpeg (328.71 KB, 1170x1282, 9260803F-6A78-4112-AF72-D86F36…)

Wow making rape jokes very female behavior.
JFC save me from befriending TiFs/handmaidens, I’m stuck in a very small fandom so I’m forced to follow them.

No. 1444531


No. 1444532

Our own fakeboitherottengirl spotted in the wild?

No. 1444537

Saw an old lolcow cap the other day. Weird feeling.

No. 1444568

Nobody is forcing you to follow them, it's your choice but it sounds to me like you don't want to so the big clit energy move would probably be to unfollow and not care

No. 1444595

But then I’ll be lonely kek.

No. 1444603

Late but they don't mind it because they're focused on awareness and deception more than anything to keep the veneer of social justice. People on 4chan are openly bad to them and this is a baseline understanding, so they can engage with it. But other tumblr users can't if they're not faggot adjacent (ftm or mtf usually) and can't say the slur then they can't reblog lest you want "you're cishet right? why is the word f*g on your blog :/" as your next six reblogs. They expect more of you, you're aware and good so you shouldn't act like the channers do, but the post is funny because they're a faggot! It lies somewhere between following their status quo and knowing deep down acting the way they do is exhausting.

No. 1444606

Fuck this wasn't even your rhetorical question but I already typed it out so it stays.

No. 1444608

Touch grass maybe?

No. 1444614

I have IRL friends faggot. I’m just disappointed I can’t find any normal people to discuss my favorite media with.

No. 1444708

>"You think that black people should be slaves for white people."
>"Yeah, I think black people should have the right to do as much unpaid hard labor for white people as they want!"
Phrasing a bigoted belief in a way that makes it sound like you're fighting for a civil right doesn't mean you're actually fighting for a civil right. Also, lesbians, which is to say female homosexuals, don't like dick. A male cannot be a lesbian, and a female who likes dick cannot be a lesbian.

No. 1444715

what is it??

No. 1444984

Nooo nonnie. Said fandom is molecularly small and it’ll probably show up in the search results if i namedropped it. I’m sus already for not having pronouns in bio kek.

No. 1445167

yeah, probably mistaken for a 4chan cap. one time i saw a popular funnyman themlet reblog a lolcow cap thinking it was 4chan and i sent it an anon saying that the cap did not come from 4chan but a different imageboard full of terfs - instant delete post

No. 1445173

>Phrasing a bigoted belief in a way that makes it sound like you're fighting for a civil right
literally "sex positive" arguments in a nutshell
>"You think that women should be sexually objectified and brutalized by men."
>"Yeah, I think women should have the right to get sexually objectified and brutalized by men as much as they want!"

No. 1445181

NTA, but are SSA women really better when it comes to not cheating? I’m in a group for SSA women, and I see women flirt with other women despite having girlfriends…

No. 1445182

Didn’t you know, women who think for themselves are the REAL terrorists, not the domestic terrorists who shoot up kindergartens.

No. 1445234

As if 4chan doesn't have terfs lol. Do they think it's because of /tttt/?

No. 1445235

File: 1671017430620.jpg (236.16 KB, 1080x1461, blackfast.jpg)

Nta, but she's a personal cow now. Here's an update.

No. 1445255

The irony is that the original author of that comic is a pic me enby who's an elementary school teacher. Her comics about children are funny but I couldn't stand the constant trans stuff and threats of violence.

No. 1445256

The few actual TERFs on 4chan are outnumbered by the right wing scrotes who hate troons and women equally. Since they're politically incorrect males, the NLOGs at Tumblr love them.

No. 1445276

Ime a lot of "flirting" between women is playful and not representative of how they actually flirt with prospective partners. Even many straight women have forms of "play flirting" that they only apply to female friends, and the occasional gay male friend, which is completely different from their actual flirting, and not intended to be taken seriously. I can't say what the statistical difference between loyalty is on both axes of sex and sexuality (the data is already muddled enough when you're just comparing hetero men and women, which is unsurprising considering the topic at hand revolves around lying, and how many cheaters don't believe they're cheating), but what little data I could find suggests that lesbians are significantly less likely to consider cheating than people of all other sexes and sexualities.
I will note, data on this sort of thing will be all over the place depending on the specificity of the questions. For example: Are they separating results from bi people of either sex from both straight and gay people of either sex, or are they only dividing the questions based on a SSA/OSA binary, and are bi people of either sex answering for both straight and gay people as a result? Are they asking questions using various definitions of "cheating," instead of the morally loaded word itself (ie "Have you ever considered cheating?" vs "Have you ever considered going on dates with other people while you were in a committed relationship?" and other, more specific questions)? Are they including trans identifying people in the group that matches their biological sex, or the group that the individual claims to identify as? Are they asking if the participants consider themselves polyamorous, polygamists, or swingers? Etc.

No. 1445365

I don’t know I had female partners cheat, and my other ssa friends did too. The “fuck boi” lesbians also got weird. It’s like they take you being in a relationship as a challenge.
I think it’s more common in younger ssa couples and would be less likely if you focused on older ssa women. I think our hyper sexual culture and porn shit have affected everyone unfortunately.
Before anyone jumps me I don’t think it’s as common for women to cheat compared to hetero men. Just that I’ve noticed it more and more in my own and other lesbian and bisexual women’s relationships personally.

No. 1446628

File: 1671093037737.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 281.59 KB, 1170x783, E38EBFB8-FF5F-49D0-A513-AD499F…)

I don’t really check these threads so I’m unsure if these types of blogs have been posted before but holy shit what a fucking edgelord. https://www.tumblr.com/necroloverboy

No. 1446636

File: 1671095663590.png (232.13 KB, 502x496, owtheedge.PNG)

betting money that's a larping tif

No. 1446648

You know it. Also “all pervs are welcome here uwu” there’s not a single man in the world who does that kek

No. 1446659

probably some edgy 14 year old ftm who wants to be "one of the boys"

No. 1446712

It's a result of moving too fast and getting into a relationship from day one instead of actually getting to know each other. Honeymoon phase ends or they actually realize they're not compatible with their gf and due to not daring to break up and disappoint, they instead are looking to monkeybranch into the next relationship, which is even worse.

No. 1446782

File: 1671108598601.png (14.71 KB, 541x261, haram.png)

Is it still considered edge if he's earnest? I always considered edge to be put on. I can easily believe a man is so pornsick that he'd fuck a pile of organs.

No. 1446798

It sounds too try-hard to be earnest imho. Also making dumb "lol so randum" textposts makes me think it's a tif. A real man would just post gross gore, although that's probably not allowed on tumblr rn.

No. 1446899

File: 1671116541592.jpeg (823.5 KB, 1170x1891, 500F2ECF-10C7-4348-8200-B0350B…)

I will not a-log I will not a-log I will not a-log

No. 1446924

Are even there any real males still on tumblr after the porn ban? Except for the few with nazi/alt right blogs

No. 1446928

File: 1671117408263.jpg (1.15 MB, 1078x4264, Yeahidkboutthisone.jpg)

One of my tumblr moots reblogged this and I'm just thinking like… genuinely…. I do not think it's that serious. I am not a vegan and I probably will never be a vegan and I think militant vegans who lament how horrible human beings are all the time and argue with people about eating meat are annoying but I'd never call them fascist kek what. They're just annoying. I don't think vegans pose much of a threat at all to meat eaters. The only place I've seen people being annoyingly vegan is the internet. Terminal internet usage strikes once again.

No. 1446934

The absolute worst examples of women being gritty and evil are one talked over other people and the other had internalized misogyny? Gee, sure wish those were the only two sins men had. This guy is so male socialized he's gone galaxy brain.

No. 1446937

Sorry but she's right. Of course #NotAllVegans but don't tell me you've never seen militant yet retarded environmentalists like whats listed in the last points

No. 1446940

There's no such thing as an eco fascist. That's a word that people who don't care about the planet use in order to shut up anyone who points out that we're destroying the ecosystem with our actions. I'm honestly surprised that people who use the word eco fascists didn't pick eco nazi because they're such drama queens.

No. 1446944

When I hear ecofascist I'd rather think of the unironic neonazi blut und boden environmentalists, which do exist.

No. 1446945

She's right though. I've seen many vegans whose viewpoints align with the last 2. They seem pretty unhinged honestly, she's not being overdramatic.

No. 1446947

Blut und boden blow up oil pipelines, threaten government officials to get them to install solar, and work their way into political parties in order to impose climate taxes? Not that I've ever seen. Someone can have a capitalistic view of using nature as a resource instead of out right hating it yet still not be an environmentalist.

No. 1446953

honestly, i haven't.
the most militant vegan i ever met only ever asked me to try some new foods and didn't get upset that i didn't like them.

No. 1446954

>and work their way into political parties in order to impose climate taxes?
A right wing environmentalist party existed before a left wing environmentalist party in my country. They didn't manage to get enough votes to get into parliament, but they did try.

No. 1446955

It’s funny how people will say you need to do xyz because muh environment/climate but when they read someone saying they should stop eating meat suddenly that’s fascism and they have to write a novel about how vegans are evil white colonists who are racist and classist and whatever else. It’s your own choice to get offended over peoples suggestions just because you stomp your feet and don’t want to be called out for eating McDonald’s. It’s 100% possible for pretty much everyone to stop consuming animal products too so the “lofty goal” statement is hilarious. Admit you don’t care and don’t want to because cheese has a death grip on your brain.

No. 1446956

Which one?

No. 1446964

Maybe I'm stupid but I never understood this. Is not eating animal products a protest of the conditions they're gotten in? Otherwise, how does not eating cheese help the environment? The biggest issues do seem to be any industry/mass production affecting life on the planet too fast for it to recover.

No. 1446968

this person is so bad at debating they give up and resort to calling even their immaginary strawman a fascist rather than actually engagin with their point kek

No. 1446970

Women specially should be careful with stopping animal products COMPLETELY though. We are healthiest as omnivores, eating organ meats ocasionally was the only thing that kept me from having to live on iron, zinc and b12 supplements. Reducing consumption specially of junk food like mc donalds is good but stopping completely and jeopardizing your health while capitalists continue to destroy everything for money is retarded

No. 1446972

Women need meat more than men but men eat more of it so you're not the one who needs to go vegan. Don't compensate your health for men's sins.

No. 1446975

File: 1671120165614.jpg (11.85 KB, 546x153, image.jpg)

This is 100% a TIF, no deranged male who wants to fuck womens corpses would also post something like this lmao

No. 1446979

GreenRight, very original name kek. Funnily enough later GreenLeft popped up. There are multiple versions of GreenRight though, a new one popped up again fairly recently in 2011 or something, but the original one was quite old.
nta but my intestines cannot handle meat, it's like I'm allergic

No. 1446993

She’s right for saying this though

No. 1447006

Yes, stop eating animal products and continue to be emaciated and weak.

No. 1447037

I mostly agree with her tbh. It’s frustrating to come across so many leftists or environmentalists that have convinced themselves that humans are this weird parasitic species that does nothing good on Earth.

No. 1447615

Based post from a blog that really seems like an edgy LARPer. I highly doubt she's really into any of this stuff for real (or fake in the formerly abused coping way) and not just trying to stoke attention on tumblr.

No. 1447798

File: 1671160312585.jpg (32.47 KB, 640x361, i'm weird.jpg)

No. 1448161

File: 1671190475957.jpg (201.6 KB, 1080x1700, Screenshot_20221215-231757_Chr…)

The person who answered is 100% right, men are always justifying making sexist jokes because "come on bro it's just a joke, just dark humor" but as soon as you make one misandrist jab they are all "that's not very nice we need to get along uwu". Anyway I don't need men in my life, I was never made for them.

No. 1448166

Men: men are superior haha!
Women: actually no, they are not
Men: why do you have to start a fight? What is it with you and this gender war you crazy fucking cunt? Men and women are fucking equal!

It’s like animal farm. “All animals are equal” turns into “all animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others” when the pigs take over.

No. 1448199

Isn't the very idea that parasites are bad a self centered view? Like if herbivores or plants defined us as parasites because we ate meat and couldn't photosynthesize. Seems weird to make fun of environmentalists when you're doing the exact same thing in the opposite direction.

No. 1448203

All pictures now come with "ALT" button in the bottom left even if it doesn't actually have alt text. Is there a way to turn that off? I couldn't find it in the settings.

No. 1448207

I wouldn't call them eco-fascists, but eco-terrorist do absolutely exist. It's just that most of their actions until now were on the lower scope, but I'm sure one day we'll have someone mass murder in the name of extreme greenism too. There's probably not enough violent males involved yet, since men don't care about sustainability in general.

No. 1448272

wtf was OP's point anyway, divisive language is kind of a requirement for the sexist humor he likes so much. Is he trying to say that men can't hate women and want to have sex with them at the same time? That would be silly.
>We are literally made for each other.
sounds more like a fucking threat kek

No. 1448292

File: 1671201553525.png (344.77 KB, 1080x440, Screenshot_20221216-093200.png)

This TIF used to have funny takes, but she's just become extremely annoying and braindead over the past year. Both her and her girlfriend trooned out years ago yet she still considers herself a lesbian when she wants her opinions on lesbians respected. The other day she was groveling to her fanbase because she refers to the Finnish culture a lot, but she wanted everyone to know that Finns means everyone, even people who haven't accepted the culture at all. This is just another thoughtless take to cater to her tranny disabled crowd.

No. 1448297

Nothing pisses me off more than TiFs and assorted enbies claiming the word lesbian, you have forfeited that right when you decided to shun womanhood.

No. 1448299

They are always complaining about things but I’m sure if someone suggested writing it themselves or even commissioning it their list of excuses would be miles long.

No. 1448333

>We are literally made for each other
Female evolutions frequently are designed to protect women from both pregnancy and male aggression, whereas male evolutions are frequently designed to bypass the naturally developed defenses of females. If we're "designed" for anything, women are designed for survival, and men are designed for aggression, particularly in the form of rape. Anyway, "women and men are made for each other," is a regressive view that lends itself to pro-natalism (in the sense that everyone should have kids), traditional gender roles, and homophobia.

No. 1448349

I hate that "lesbian" is considered "cool," so long as you're not actually a female homosexual without any caveats. "Lesbian" is more or less being used by this type as a substitute for "cool girl" or "hot chick who is one of the guys," instead of for "female homosexual." It's not an aesthetic, and a TIF who's only interested in other females is a lesbian, but how many of them are actually 100% homosexual, and why are they so comfortable using a word that specifically refers to women, if they're "so totally different from women"? I prefer TIFs using it over TIMs though. A TIF using it is either a self-hating retard or a clout chaser. A TIM using it is a fetishist and potential threat in several ways.

No. 1448415

I hate to get this scrotey with my logic, but no wheelchaired TiF recovering from a mastectomy would survive in a dog-eat-dog world where peole fight for the last resources. Unless she means sci-fi, but there are plenty of amputees with weapon-legs and cyborgs there.

No. 1448486

That was my thought too which is why I thought it was so stupid for her to post this. In a post apocalyptic future, large numbers of healthy people are going to die just in the chaos of the transition. Disabled people are going to be at a particular disadvantage.

No. 1448489

Like vegans. You think those weak ass type of people are gonna survive in a dusty ass world where people are eating cans of dog and cat food to survive?

No. 1448497

I am willing to cannibalize scrotes if necessary.

No. 1448523

Maybe. I think if faced between the choice of starving to death vs maintaining veganism, the vast majority of vegans would eat meat. Most say that they are vegans because animals don't have to suffer in today's society, not because eating meat is so inherently wrong that we should murder predators. As well as I would imagine that your average vegan would be more likely to grow their own food, have more foraging skills, and know which vitamins to get from which plants compared to your average processed food eater.

No. 1448537

Basically this. There is a "as far as is possible and practicable" clause in the definition itself.

No. 1448598

Liberal speak and vocabulary did not improve men, it only made them worse. It made them more manipulative.

No. 1448906

No tif will survive anything, ever. Posting online is the only thing they can do and even that is a threat to their frail uwu health.
I'd love more post-apocalyptic stories with disabled characters, it'd be interesting to see how the characters handle things and how creative they'd need to get to overcome whatever miserable situation they're in. But you just know that anything of the sort is going to be badly-written Tiktok shite where the author gets off on being inclusive and cannot string a sentence together, much less a book. I hate how inclusivity turns everything to shit, because god forbid you have a disabled character with an actual purpose and personality. It's basically fetish fuel for tifs. Everything that should have stayed in fanfic has bled through to publishing.

No. 1449016

File: 1671238078139.jpeg (96.33 KB, 828x339, B26885B7-3116-455D-BBF1-EA55AE…)

this shit is so insufferable.

No. 1449060

I've been browsing tumblr for over 8 years and I still wonder -why- did they never stop fetishizing and idolizing obese men…

No. 1449091

The ones that want to fuck fat men are fat themselves and talk about wanting to fuck fat men as a way to uplift their self-esteem. They reblog all these YASSSS LANDWHALE MALES because it's just a roundabout way to feel wanted and sexy.

No. 1449143

never should have let men into our spaces or advocated for mainstream liberalism. men ruin everything they touch.

No. 1449161

True. Men don't have beliefs, only goals. They will use left or rightwing retoric to achieve their hedonistic goals.

No. 1449233

>your average vegan would be more likely to grow their own food
Not the Whole Foods vegans

No. 1449319

File: 1671249494517.png (33.41 KB, 433x297, i think queerbaiting is awesom…)

No. 1449325

Based on personal experience, the average vegan overestimates their survivability just as much as any other person with maladaptive daydreaming does. No, you wouldn't be able to run a self-sustaining farm in the post apocalypse (would the environment even be sustainable for that in a world that has had a cataclysmic even occur?) with little to no resources, at least not when you have bandits and god knows what else to worry about. Most of them grew up in urban/suburban areas where they could get everything they need from the work of other people, just like the rest of us. Modern society has made completely self-sustaining people extremely rare, because it's made more and more difficult to live off of as the age of companies owning and destroying everything has progressed. Ironically, most of the people I see who have experience running farms or living off the land present day aren't vegan, and most vegans I've met have never actually grown any of their own food, except maybe a plant or two on their apartment balcony.

No. 1449348

She’s based wdym

No. 1449417

NTAYRT But she lost me at "I think queerbaiting is awesome." Also, I'm not a fan of all gay representation being uwu soft and pure, but the matter of the fact is even if "edge is sexy," gay relationships have had a history of being represented almost exclusively as toxic and degenerate as a way of implying that those things are inherent to homosexuality. Now we have a choice between sickly sweet and desexualized, or abusive and degenerate, instead of representation mostly falling on some sort of middle ground between those two options (you know, like how straight relationships are commonly depicted).

No. 1449437

let me guess, fujotroon or soon to be fujotroon ?

No. 1449458

File: 1671262609647.jpeg (78.94 KB, 692x1024, 50ACACC7-827D-4F98-9539-BC47DE…)

>I feel like more and more m/m ships now are about gross dudes
Anon Superwholock was a decade ago

No. 1449484

It’s just called daydreaming you dumbass

No. 1449486

I think I believe in reptilians now.

No. 1449928

And overeating is just eating.

No. 1450448

They're the ones who turn into obese TiFs with scraggly pube beards, it's their way of coping with their complete lack of self-esteem and self-respect. Like those posts you see sometimes that say things like 'Cis lesbians can want to fuck trans women, don't be afraid to go after us uwu' when everyone knows there isn't a lesbian on the planet attracted to those men, except it's more desperate and less malicious.

No. 1453018

seriously, what's with the aiden jewish convert wave on tumblr recently? do they even know how tedious and time-consuming a proper conversion process with local religious authorities is (ex. them actually having to get out of the house)? not something you just decide one day. there's a fuckton of debate and a lot of people who simply do not accept converts as legitimate at all (or at least side-eye them)
I'm guessing it's the latest attempt at garnering oppression points

No. 1453030

File: 1671475795385.jpg (903.88 KB, 1079x3928, ohmygodshutthefuckup.jpg)

Tumblr bisexuals, or at least a certain type of them, are so fucking obnoxious. The whole "bisexual people love the opposite sex in a GAY WAY" is pure cancer. These people are so scared of being perceived as straight. This kind of feels like a LARP for spicy straights to claim to be gay without being gay at all. Why is it so hard to understand that bisexuality is just the capability to feel both heterosexual and homosexual attraction at the same time.
Bisexual men are menaces and absolutely do not experience attraction to women like a lesbian. What the fuck. Why do they woobify bisexual men so much when they are usually mentally unstable sex pests. MY SWEET BABYGIRL BISEXUAL BF!!!! I doubt these people have met a single bisexual man in their lives they talk about them like they're mythical creatures.

No. 1453040


bi scrotes find women attractive in a way hetero scrotes do, the point is women should stay away from both of them

No. 1453052


but you're on the imageboard full of man-hating women? you shouldn't worry much about scrotes

No. 1453386

i wish i was a fly on the wall in those temples, there's nothing funnier than people trying to join a religion that doesn't want them

No. 1453465

All this screenshot tells me is they don't really know any bi men. Obviously bi aidens don't count. The two bi men I know are both huge coomers who post on 4chins, nothing like whatever aesthetic Harry Styles is peddling at all.

No. 1462101

File: 1672777797849.jpeg (1.2 MB, 1170x1848, 4BF8FA75-82E7-4B04-8883-4F8A93…)

I know this isnt tumblr but I wasn’t sure where to post it.

No. 1462105

No. 1462109

wtf does this even mean? I remember when Sopranos came out and it's the biggest masc bullshit ever.

No. 1462117

File: 1672778471607.jpeg (735.71 KB, 1170x1168, 2C22BB0F-7F97-4E32-A295-ECE3B9…)

None of this is new. So what a bunch of wanna be activists are finally allowing themselves to enjoy actually good media instead of forcing themselves to enjoy soulless and empty DEI shows?
Even during the 2010’s those same people only truly enjoyed “problematic” media that weren’t diverse/inclusive (superwholock, HP, etc).
Them going “b-but Jesse is transmasc rep” is just a huge cope.
It means a bunch of people like well written shows but on add a tumblr twist

No. 1462180

File: 1672781699775.jpeg (318.76 KB, 1170x780, E92B8E8E-0DA2-4F83-A890-B981BB…)

pissvortex, a moid who got banned for telling terf blogs to kill themselves on posts where they talk about being actively suicidal and was subsequently praised by everyone for it as if it was a Social Justice Win, is back and is really fucking mad about women flirting with each other. hmm wonder why!

No. 1462182

File: 1672781757298.jpeg (399.74 KB, 1170x1147, 2CE023E1-6B7E-4924-93F1-651333…)

lesbians need to be studied in a hospital, apparently

No. 1462189

Kek this guy called me a pedo like two years ago when i said there's nothing wrong with having small breasts

No. 1462190

i mean yeah, parts of radblr are cringe circle jerks. to point out a circle jerk is a sympathetic act, but completely pointless as human beings have been forming cliques and circle jerking since the dawn of time. it happens

No. 1462192

So according to this guy I'm a child for having small breasts? I guess I'm gonna sue my employer for forcing me to do child labor then.

No. 1462506


And yet he's the one who's throwing a tantrum because women don't want to suck his chode

No. 1462523

Men think calling women incels for choosing to not have sex with men doesn’t make the man seem like an incel. It really is just all projection and cope over being rejected kek.

No. 1463421

File: 1672877867769.jpg (156.85 KB, 1079x1634, fsy0yfnmp1aa1.jpg)

If it's true then this is hilarious
Also the men in JJBA aren't even sexualized

No. 1463442

>fat assed big titted
Why do these weirdos always use these terms to talk about male characters?

No. 1463587

File: 1672892363207.png (193.84 KB, 512x288, tpm_50.png)

>Also the men in JJBA aren't even sexualized
they kinda are tho, picrel plus shit like the magnetic homo humping and the bj fakeout

No. 1463781

Them and Dio are super sexual but I wouldn't say so for anyone else really; unless someone gets flustered seeing these bizarre high fashion poses

No. 1463836

File: 1672924435854.png (649.84 KB, 1330x591, 6464565645645645645.png)

This moid got so mad over romance novels he paid $10 to tumblr blaze this post kek

No. 1463839

what is he even talking about

No. 1463841

He put it in the outlander and ice planet barbarian tags and blazed the post so I guess romance fantasy novels.

No. 1463843

He really thought he did something, huh.
Never have a seen erotica novels about young looking children being raped and mutilated by tentacles. Nor have I seen these "giant blue dog alien" he speaks of.

No. 1463846

men will feel threatened by ''giant blue dog alien'' men from romance novels, kek

No. 1463848


No. 1463868

File: 1672927127797.jpg (38.48 KB, 400x376, tumblr_56f495f7db533db3d000b0c…)

No. 1463871

This guy has been called for being a racist pos multiple times over the years btw. Not that the tras would care though.

No. 1463872

If you are starting an arguement by calling women 'bitches', your opinion is immediately invalid. Ah yes, i remember growing up and finding my mother's fabio and other romance novels and the tentacles monsters there.

No. 1463885

File: 1672928846327.png (665.32 KB, 1185x853, baldinguggo.png)

No. 1464637

File: 1672983025020.png (36.51 KB, 507x545, dumb.png)

this girl posts nudes with her face for validation but is extremely controlling and angry about the typical scrote responses she gets. she has a mile-long pinned post of all the things that are forbidden to mention, bitches in response to asks and complains every time it's a text post instead of her pudgy ass.
like evidently showing your body publicly does you no good bc porn consumers are animals that will never respect your wishes on top of the fact that you're degrading yourself for free, she has to be miserable. she probably enjoys the victim points. my money on this situation is that she was unpopular in school and tries to prove to herself she can get attention.

No. 1464638

File: 1672983293771.jpg (147.92 KB, 971x1920, fat.jpg)

she's a stereotypical fat white girl with a black boyfriend except he's also old…
that's what the libfems did, encourage awkward autistic girls to post nudes online

No. 1464645

File: 1672983532281.png (186.64 KB, 528x548, dumb.png)

No. 1464658

Wtf he looks old enough to be her dad

No. 1464664

Before reading the post I thought it was a dad with his biracial down syndrome daughter kek

No. 1464688

File: 1672988335478.jpg (74.74 KB, 540x541, tumblr_c6ccee56816a6dff49f4410…)

yup he's 49 according to his blog, where he reblogs porn gifs of wayyy thinner girls
here is open-air lillee jean gollum

No. 1464693

She gives me PT/early 2000s deviantART vibes. A relic of a time long past.

No. 1464697

Which novel was he referring to though ? I have to know for reasons

No. 1464711

Damn with all that she rivals Kathy’s instagram boundaries in /snow kek

No. 1464830

yeah me too, that's why i like her. she even does a pixyteri dance in a video, i'll make a writeup in personal cows

No. 1465048

File: 1673029022856.jpeg (593.45 KB, 1170x1944, C653D454-4E01-4E3E-9CF5-A7B720…)

tweet posted onto tumblr so idk if it counts but i am trying so hard not to alog right now kek the notes were full of coomers screaming crying and shitting themselves over this. also as if they needed your license to track your data, they were probably already doing that lmao

No. 1465051

they should have done this fr the start because porn NEEDS to be regulated since it's always going to exist unfortunately

No. 1465063

lmao imagine if this retard got to experience life before the internet. "Welcome to the surveillance state of North America. You have to be an adult to buy porn mags at the gas station."

No. 1465600

File: 1673070942129.png (60.77 KB, 579x514, Screenshot 45.png)

I don't know it this can solely blamed on Tumblr, but way too many young people romanticise Greek pederasty as some form of pre-Christian queer acceptance or something when it was actually institutionalized paedophilia with a rigid power disparity, like the only form of gay sex that was acceptable in ancient greece was between old freeborn men having sex with underage boys, it was most similar to modern day Afghanistan with bacha bazi more then anything else

No. 1465869

it could be blamed on tumblr, that's the original haven of introverted kids obsessed with greek gods etc. paederasty is just a lazy "gotcha !" for rainbow clad midwit soypeople looking to push their agenda

No. 1466037

I mean gay males and trannies have always advocated pedophilia. Which is why lesbians have pushed to have their own separate community.

No. 1466083

My favorite tumblr NEET has scurvy from eating only frozen waffles for months (her words). I won't post her url because I genuinely feel bad for her but acquiring scurvy is an impressive feat

No. 1466272

Wtf does she not have a toaster or something

No. 1466288

>scurvy is a disease caused by a serious vitamin C deficiency
>does she not have a toaster or something
Nonna, do you have scurvy too?

No. 1466311

File: 1673133141166.jpg (49.58 KB, 540x417, 7.jpg)

Wait did anon mean literal frozen waffles or is she just saying they were store bought. Maybe I really do have it

No. 1466313

>eating only frozen waffles

No. 1466341

There is almost no vitamin C in frozen waffles. Eat your orange.

No. 1466356

Yes I know that, but I'm wondering how the neet girl caught scurvy from it, and why didn't she just heat the waffles up before eating them?

No. 1466373

File: 1673135788293.jpeg (53.42 KB, 500x376, Eu4Rvcp.jpeg)

Because she only had frozen waffles and it contains little to no vitamin c. That's how you get scurvy. She did not literally eat frozen waffles. They are called like that because they are frozen and it's convenient.

No. 1466384

>caught scurvy

No. 1466389

File: 1673136374677.gif (147.06 KB, 220x243, 7f075.gif)

Oh I think I got it now thanks nonnie.

No. 1466398

You are welcome, scurvy-chan.

No. 1467450

File: 1673222080197.jpg (221.14 KB, 1080x1345, justsayingitopenly.jpg)

Over 9,000 notes for some degenerate AGP just openly stating what they've been trying to convince everyone isn't true.

No. 1467642

when and why did tumblr turn from the "cringe fangirl" and "sjw feminazi" site into a degenerate troomer and "ironic" misogyny den

No. 1467661

i hope they use this shit to track pedos faster since they would have ID linked to "barely legal" in search results. probably wont because men scratch each other's back all the time.

No. 1468679

File: 1673358021375.png (49.24 KB, 780x451, qwertyu.PNG)

Shut up lol. Women already do so much for the men they are dating and countless of studies prove that. Has this person ever talked to a woman before? They always talk about all the things they do for their boyfriends and husbands and how he just ignores it. Of course someone with url pleasechokemedaddy2 has a bad take on dating.
>Take him out to dinner and pay for his meal
The only reason men do this is because they expect sex in return. Why is this person acting like this some romantic gesture that benefits women? Most men don't even take women to anywhere fancy just some shit fast food chain and they still expect sex in return

No. 1468772

File: 1673366414141.jpg (211.56 KB, 1080x1272, tumblr_962296d171fdf83927842f3…)

female character: is aggressive
the geniuses on tumblr: that is not womanly behaviour so they are clearly not a woman but a they/them

No. 1468781

This is somewhat ot, but I always feel uncomfortable when I read that this is ‘how women are expected to be loved.’ I wouldn’t want a man to do any of this shit for me in a relationship. No hate to anyone who likes that stuff, but someone shampooing my hair for me and taking me out and paying for all my meals is so undesirable. Makes me wonder if maybe I’m just not fit to be in a relationship. Also I agree with your points. Women do enough shit already. Tumblr op has a shit take

No. 1468782

No worries if you don’t like any of that stuff, men don’t do that shit anyway

No. 1468803

what's with tumblr users constantly babying grown men this hard

No. 1468813

Tumblr at its core is a bunch of fujo-loving dweeby straight women in fandom. They read too much gay fanfiction written by refular women and fakeboi Ayyydens and so their perception of grown men is skewed because they've never been around one long enough (due to chronic internet addiction) to understand that men are retarded chimps unworthy of all of that.

No. 1468823

This outfit is so cute and age appropriate, wish teens dressed like this

No. 1468883

File: 1673374270141.jpeg (546.42 KB, 1284x1628, A9F4E39E-1038-4544-9E67-B7AB7B…)

Has anyone else been keeping up with the drama going on with straycatj? It’s mostly over now I think, but the blog redlipstickressurected, which posts art from various sources, posted a painting done of straycatj’s cats from the artist Oliver Clegg. Straycatj stated that there was no permission asked or credit given and all hell broke loose in the comments of the original post. A lot of people were coming for her for being upset or commenting on the language barrier, possible laws regarding copyright, and other things of that nature. Afaik redlipstick hasn’t said anything publically about it but has maybe communicated privately with straycatj and reblogged a photo of her cats, so there aren’t hard feelings directed at redlipstick. Just at the guy who painted it, calling for his career to end. It made me think of a male artist in another thread who painted a nearly exact copy of an Asian woman’s photograph and finally started getting some pushback. Any thoughts on all of this? Picrel a comment from another user criticizing straycatj for how she’s handled it. Link shows the original post with the painting and the pic of the cats.

No. 1468885

File: 1673374358835.jpg (49.28 KB, 283x300, hannahmontana11m.jpg)

same. When I was a teenager I followed some women on tumblr who would make fun of the way girls dressed on disney channel and nickelodeon sitcoms because it has so many layers(picrel) but I dressed like that so i genuinely couldnt see the issue and i still cant. These women would normally callout pedohilia and other creepy behaviour towards children so idk why they seethed so much over these outfits not being pretty enough. Specially when you consider how much abuse that goes on in hollywood tumblr attracts some weird people

No. 1468900

all this over someone painting some cats? idgi

No. 1468932

I think the “outrage” is due to 1) tumblr weebs really liking the straycatj blog because landlady is Japanese and writes from the cats pov and 2) the guy was selling the painting.

No. 1469036

i feel bad for the woman who runs the cat blog, she has to deal with some fucking retards tbh

No. 1469083

I don't like when people paint pictures they didn't take and then profits of it. I Have seen artists paint random photos they found on craglist or photobucket and then they profited of them and it just rubbed me the wrong way. It's not even like the artist used the picture as a reference it's legit a painting of the picture. Staycatj is not profiting of the blog she just wants to share cute pictures of her cat. She often reblogs fanart and shitposts of her cats so it's not like the paining botheres her it's the profit thing. I genuinely think she is justified in being upset about this.
She also asked people to not user pictures of her cat in their donation posts but I also would be uncomfortable if mentally ill teenagers used my pets for their ebegging
I do too. I never understood why she chose tumblr and not instagram. Pet accounts are common there and the userbase is less deranged

No. 1469093

Kids are just trying to grow up too fast now and their clothes are awful. Everything catered towards girls and women is either straight up male clothes or they're half naked/in tight stuff that you can't have an ounce of fat for.

No. 1469098

Huh isn’t it normal for women to kiss their partner’s forehead or temples, give an occasional gift and occasionally pay for food? Even letting them be the small spoon is normal. What universe are these pickmes living in? Men get this shit all the time in most relationships. I guess these women fell for the perpetual victim shtick. Shampooing someone else’s hair is weird as hell tho.

No. 1469141

Am I supposed to wash his ass hair and braid it too?

No. 1469166

I'm sure at least 25k of those 32k notes are fakebois desperate for gay men's approval

Is this a troll post or do you not know who Dan Schneider is?

No. 1469206

nta but I assume that anon knows who Dan Schneider she was just commenting on the clothes

No. 1469209

agreed, she's always been very kind to her followers, even when they were sending her asks like "j-san im suicidal what should i do" kek. she would actually try to give them advice and cheer them up, i don't think i'd react as kindly if i were her and random people were venting about suicidal ideation on the blog that i use just to post cute cat pictures. it's quite disheartening the way that people turned on her as soon as she expressed her feelings, instead of just being "the funny japanese lady who posts cats and funny broken english for me to laugh at". they're even saying she doesn't understand the situation because she is japanese, it's very strange and insulting and i hope people lay off soon

No. 1470427

Kek we have the same personal lolcow.

No. 1470977

My tumblr cow is Weaver. She's a self hating women to the extreme that she protects all of their actions, has transitioned to TIF, and thinks any criticism of men means you grew up in a broken home. I love taunting her.

No. 1471003

what is weaver's @ on tumblr

No. 1471007


No. 1471954

File: 1673634937275.jpeg (112.24 KB, 1170x543, 18924FC2-AEAD-48EE-9E6E-88A753…)

Waiting for the so-called “trans genoside”

No. 1472150

File: 1673641077636.jpg (1.54 MB, 1876x1982, 1666903850670.jpg)

>unironically praising 4chan users for being being open about their desires to fuck a robot puppet

No. 1472229


No. 1472240

this is the same people who makes fun of teenage girls for writing generic genshin bishe x reader because they think it's cringey and they hate when girls are attracted to conventional males. I swear whenever a girl or woman shows interest in a character that isn't a fat old man or a coomer ~mommy~ portrayal of a female character. I feel like tumblr was never this infested with coomers what happened? Yes there where always fujocoomers and yumecoomers but they where easier to avoid if you wanted and they kept things so they appealed to women instead of trying to gain approval from 4Chan moids

No. 1472243

Men on /co/ would literally want to fuck a cartoon rock if you drew it with eyelashes, it's been that way for years idk why they're acting like they're so ~brave~ for it

No. 1472272

File: 1673646679121.png (142.67 KB, 1165x1289, 1656869192785.png)

they want to fuck cars for god's sake, there was actually a thread where they added eyelashes to random things to waifu them

No. 1473258

does all of the infighting on radblr drive anyone else up a wall? one month later and the lesbians are still fighting with the bi and straight women about who can be a True and Honest Radfem when i sincerely believe <5% of them have ever read a single piece of feminist literature in their life. why do they refuse to care about real issues when girls are being cut in africa and women are being mass murdered in iran and we are continually losing reproductive rights in the western world?

No. 1473260

I never thought you would be able to see the decaying of the Y chromosome in an image. I stand corrected, never thought I’d see a coomerfied 4fag post (even if joking, the non joke coomified things like plans and shit is enough proof now).

No. 1473263

And some scrote probably masturbated to it as a “joke”.

No. 1473276

I've just unfollowed all of the annoying lesbians. There's plenty of other radfem lesbians who don't think they're ultra special for being born gay while considering political lesbianism "violence".

No. 1473297

>plenty of other radfem lesbians who don't think they're ultra special for being born gay while considering political lesbianism "violence"
this is why the actual lesbians hate you and are leaving radical feminism in droves

No. 1473336

Jokes on you, I'm a lesbian and I'm not leaving Tumblr until it dies.
Seriously, you're only going to drive the OSA women away and we absolutely need them as allies. Stop throwing constant shit fits about stuff that doesn't matter. Get over the fact that the mean straight girls bullied us in high school and move on. Most of them grew up and realized they were assholes and even those that didn't still deserve to be liberated.

No. 1473465

>we absolutely need them as allies.
no u dont. topkek. allies? bisexual women & straight women have done fuck all for lesbians tbh. bisexual women gave birth to comphet, they’re the reason why most people see lesbianism as a subset of bisexuality, they steal ur places & words and dilute them with man loving & their male bfs. they’re predators who seek out lesbians on dating apps so their nigels can rape them. lets not even get started on that masterdoc. straight women don’t even see you as a female bcs ur not attracted to men. they never were ur allies and they love to bring up “muh sisterhood” to shut u up when you talk about it. lesbians ideas of female liberation & straight womens ideas of liberation are completey diff to one another and that is why these fights keep happening and will continue to happen. it is hilarious to say a small community of lesbians already apart of a tiny % of the female pop is driving.. osa women away from radfeminism. you’ll live seriously, the whole world puts you on a pedestal for being partnered by men. pretty pathetic to leave radfem bcs a mean lesbian online called ur cognitive dissonance out.
as you should. reminder that its not just a patriarchy, its a heteropatriarchy. straight&bi women hate lesbians too and that hatred slips when this type of convo starts. Separatism V Reform has happened before amongst Radfems years ago, which is what lead to red stockings & lavender menace. Separatists got up & moved to their lands and well.. the state of womens rights today are what reformists have to show for it. btw have u read the “sisterhood is groovy” essay?

No. 1473525

You talk like a terminally online dumbass who’s never gone outside tbh.

No. 1474300

I do my best to stay outside the circle simply by being not active but it's a guilty pleasure of mine to see the ladies bickering lmfao. One keeps disingenuously reading the statement of another kek.

No. 1474356

Straight up infollowed most of my follow list in the past 2 days, now my dash is dead, but at least I actually like the company of two and a half lesbians and bihets left.Solidarity achieved.

No. 1474361

Reminds me of the 2010s when tumblr users places lesbians on a pedestal and bisexual/straight women would apologise for their attraction to men. I hated that culture yet I’m not surprised it got reproduced again on radblr.
It’s pathetic as fuck

No. 1474381

File: 1673867337742.jpeg (551.56 KB, 1200x1174, 2136ACEF-B245-436E-BEB3-53828D…)

I cant believe how badly the Velma show is perceived on tumblr. They really fucked up or I guess tumblr changed and is actually capable of being somewhat critical

No. 1474387

literally everyone hates it, I have never seen a show this universally disliked
black, white, south asian, men and women all dislike it

No. 1474419

Opinions change every so often on tumblr when bloggers see people expressing opinions they were afraid of expressing, I wonder if the show will eventually get defenders or fans

No. 1474560

File: 1673887806688.jpeg (121.92 KB, 1242x1064, A2EBDB82-21FE-452C-ACF7-190AA2…)

Would be funnier but if op wasn’t a gendie

No. 1474571

>the lesbians are still fighting with the bi and straight women about who can be a True and Honest Radfem
I genuinely believe that a lot of the ‘lesbians’ on radblr are polilez.

No. 1476594

File: 1674117729967.jpeg (1.14 MB, 1170x1880, DAE1A656-5309-4311-9B13-8CD655…)

Weird how tumblrinas are uwufying a group of people who a few years ago would have been torn for being coomerbrained incels
I swear the whole lesbian(sss) vs bisexual/straight (osa) women shit is the most boring get predictable discourse on tumblr. It’s so boring how these women in their 20s? No wonder radblr has no influence.

No. 1476613

File: 1674119941982.jpg (13.68 KB, 481x481, 96c926152d31cc0649d386106f0100…)

>eldena doublecast
i can't escape this rancid agp no matter how hard i try

No. 1477378

File: 1674217053416.jpg (774.29 KB, 2195x1080, lungzz.jpg)

Found her in the notes on Luna's blog. She's a junkie asshole and also a pickme (many posts complaining about "babydaddy" but stays with him anyway lol)

No. 1477384

is blorbo like the new version of ‘smol bean’

No. 1477385

samefag, sorry i forgot to sage

No. 1477390

>polilez rather than separatist
Only bi women are poli lez, unless you're talking about separatists? No need to try and use SJW language to imply avoiding men is bad. It's not the 70s, no ones poli lez, just choosing not to fuck men, which is pretty reasonable given all of human history as reference of their treatment of women. Women choosing not to live as best they can sans men for any reason, including political, is based.

No. 1477391

Yeah, it seems very underage.

No. 1477393

Samefag, especially with the "You disagreeing with my point about X group must mean you are a member of X group reee" opinion, like, they can't comprehend disagreement like tumblrfag zoomers.

No. 1477395

File: 1674219626875.png (1.55 MB, 1125x3800, FD37500D-6853-4292-901C-45C2C6…)

bizarre, even kafkaesque, seeing women with heckin-wholesome-chungus URLs and fandom profile pics advocating female submission to male authority

>it isn't meant to be about "women should be docile and obey their husbands"
these are christians, that is literally what’s demanded in the bible, i fucking hate these dishonest takes about how reactionary sexist bullshit is ACKSHUALLY progressive and woke.

No. 1477401

Yeah, it's apparently autistic tumblrspeak for husbando. It's painfully retarded, especially when it's some gross old dude.

No. 1477404

Fine to answer your question since you’ve decided to be pedantic the reason you come off terminally online is because you don’t understand this is a class struggle. I’m sorry the straight girls who confuse themselves for bisexual women and label themselves polilez bother you and chap your britches so bad but lesbians are less than 2% of the world. You want rights and change? You can’t get that fighting 98% of the world you won’t win. You think we as women across generations come together and like each other as individuals every single time? No, but the men don’t care. A women is a women. A spade is a spade. The men will always be a social class. They will always work together because that’s how society is set up to keep us down, all women including lesbians and bisexual women. You hyper focus on things that are just online which is why you sound terminally online. I say as someone who several years ago was. You’re in the woke lgbt bullshit. Leave it and hang out with real women. Stop using them as barometer for all women and society. We are not main characters who can single fight the world unfortunately.

No. 1477456

I wasn't keeping up with her and just found out she had scurvy yesterday. Kek she is my personal lolcow too, but she can be based sometimes

No. 1478522

File: 1674329367680.jpg (52.35 KB, 1080x317, lol.jpg)

No. 1478523

what's the url?

No. 1478534


No. 1478577

reads like something that would be posted in the 'rightwing feminism' thread kek

No. 1479243

>no ones poli lez, just choosing not to fuck men
Political lesbians are women who believe that sexuality is a choice and thus decide that they are lesbians for political reasons. It’s not the choosing not to date men that I’m annoyed with it’s the pretending to be lesbians part.

No. 1479291

Excuse my retardation, but I hate when the Silco obsessed chick gets on a soapbox to deliver her daily "I'm going to get serious tm and answe this anon with a bland, normal opinion on a feminist topic, but stretch it into 10 paragraphs of being demonstratively indignant". Fucking chill, no1curr that you're into a rotting bunny suit and an ugly animated dude, you don't have to compensate for it.

No. 1479899

File: 1674490178597.jpeg (217.52 KB, 1170x801, 5D9AB06B-0FF0-4057-929A-E570B6…)

No. 1479905

i feel like lolcow and tumblr are just 2 sides of the same shitty coin

No. 1479910

always have been in a sense

No. 1479917

What makes you say so?

No. 1480005

What do these people do if they misgender one of their friends? Do they write sixty pages of unhinged weeping or do other gendies get a pass? These girls' pronouns change every twenty minutes, not even their own DID headmates can keep up

No. 1480178

File: 1674519150252.jpeg (169.13 KB, 1170x577, F743F5FD-AE40-4517-B9AC-8B9927…)

What is queer discourse according to tumblr?

No. 1480204

Off the top of my head
>Is queer a slur
>is aphobia real
>what counts as a queer elder
>Cisgender heterosexual AROMANTIC men are a very real and valid part of the lgbt community.
>are neopronouns transphobic
>every identity is valid

No. 1480236

>queer is a slur
They don’t take it seriously since it’s somehow a terf dog whistle. On tiktok it’s treated as a joke or phase

No. 1480243

File: 1674525116886.jpg (153.66 KB, 1080x883, 20230123_194949.jpg)

No. 1480263

I don't even refer to people's pets as it, gen z get the fuck outta here with it/its pronouns holy shit and wait, you're gonna use "who" to refer to an it? Nah therian kitten terrorist uses which/that, shitlord.

No. 1480268

I had to read this like seven times to get "it" was a person. How can they act like this shit's not super confusing??

No. 1480310

How many of those 9 girlfriends don't have a penis?

No. 1480472

How can anybody even take this seriously when the whole passage is filled with it pronouns. Anybody using it pronouns is a red flag that they are severely mentally unwell and unhinged. Also why are 99% of the people who call themselves bi lesbians trannies? I even saw one say being against bi lesbians is transmisogynist once. I doubt he has ever been in the same room with a single one of his 9 "girlfriends" either.

No. 1481151

Apparently people on r9k are talking about her. I love her shenanigans I hope no one goes too far or harasses her

No. 1481169

I honestly think it was a moment when she did that. Quite honestly a never been done before performance, something truly real in a cyber age.

No. 1482316

I recently started using tumblr again after taking a few years off and my god, you know what I didnt fucking miss? People projecting their bullshit onto characters, especially when it goes against the actual fucking canon. I wont go into details about the specific character because I'm one of like 6 people who posts about this dude with any regularity and I'm not trying to get kicked out from the one place I can sperg about him. Dudes a weirdo and a pervert. Its backed up by canon. I'm fucking sick of people shitting up the tag talking about how hes their favourite asexual little meowmeow and how hes sex repulsed etc. No the fuck hes not. If you payed any attention at all youd know hes not. These same people love to talk about how hes trans and has a pussy too, like he doesnt have the resources to be completely indistinguishable from a biological male. I can't even get good fanfics because these peoples bullshit has seeped into the collective consciousness of this corner of tumblr. These fuckers love to take actually interesting, but unpopular, characters and strip them of anything that doesnt fit their narrative so they can project and feel a little bit better about being unpopular themselves.
Maybe its just my fucking autism but I hate it when characters are so rampantly OOC in fandom spaces.

No. 1482323

Why do I feel like this post is about Date from AI Somnium Files for some reason

No. 1482744

It's not, but is he a weird pervert? I'm always looking for more husbandos

No. 1482816

NTA but if you ever get interested in that visual novel DO NOT look for any info on the characters, you'll see a shit ton of spoilers.

No. 1482885

Nonnie, I know exactly what you mean and I relate hard. I'm a Hannibal fan and I have been since it came out almost a decade ago. Every single corner of Tumblr is absolutely infested with people and aidens projecting on the characters, it's insane. No Will Graham is not a soft puppy uwu trauma boy he's a sperg who snaps and become a serial killer, not with his "Daddy", that's an old evil Lithuanian cannibal ok he's not the Daddy you yearn for you Noah's ark acting mfers God dammit

No. 1482890

The Hannibal fandom on tumblr is either fakebois writing over the top OOC fanfiction of tranny Hannigram or the most pretentious, insufferable people you didn't know could exist.
Only tangentially related but my personal tumblr cow is a Hannibal girl who is obsessed with Ethel Cain and Nicole Dollanganger, who makes constant posts about how everyone who watches movies is a retard EXCEPT for her and says she'll kill herself if she can't become a famous movie director (she went to school for tourism management and works at a resort in a tourist town top fucking kek this woman says she'll KILL herself if she's not a famous movie director) she's also incredibly paranoid that her followers will "steal her movie ideas" and so she never talks about them. She's also a "nonbinary lesbian" (code for insecure autistic woman who wants to avoid male attention but cannot tell them to fuck off) who frequently tags pictures of ACTUAL WOMEN as "gender". Anyway I wish she was more popular because I know she'd be a great low stakes cow.
Anyway, TL;DR, the tumblr Hannibal fandom is nuts.

No. 1482921

When they slap the trans flag on every fucking character in existence. The moment something new releases there's almost a race towards who can claim the character to be trans first. Kratos is trans. Wednesday is trans. Malenia is trans. It never stops.

No. 1483197

It's been leaking into Fo4 Hancock fics over the last two years too, though not quite to the point that it's as unbearable as the situation with the characters I originally referenced. Like…… do these people trans-ify the "normal" characters too? Or is it just the "fucked up little guys"? I want to scream at them to give me back my bacon husband and seek therapy. I'm tired of wading through fetishistic boipussy bullshit. If I wanted to read smut with two pussies I'd be reading Piper fics instead.

No. 1483204

I've seen it with the entire cast of JJBA, even the more normal characters like Avdol or Josuke, they just transify their favorite characters no matter how normal or fucked up they are.

No. 1483211

File: 1674813539021.png (322.5 KB, 750x672, tumblr_78d169abe8006a173377e4d…)

>dead pretty boys
actually based

No. 1483253

File: 1674819706102.png (367.1 KB, 640x814, 4 m Young man sitting on a tab…)

That guy is probably alive though, there was an entire photo set of him alive by the Parrish sisters in the early 1900s.

No. 1483309

So pretty men really exist…

No. 1483325

transwashing broke me of my fanfic porn habit forever, which im grateful for i guess

No. 1483364

File: 1674831613994.png (2.93 KB, 536x21, NdVQWz2.png)

So…just a retarded girl then.

No. 1483576

I just went to tumblr for the first time in months and I noticed there's a shop now? Like, you can spend money on tumblr to buy shoelaces or remove ads that weren't even there a few years ago. I'm disgusted.

No. 1483803

Please bring back men that look like this.

No. 1483920

File: 1674867513276.jpeg (132.32 KB, 750x435, 1B55F918-B3DE-4DEE-9D3F-B27820…)

>women being mean on the internet is worse than the rape, murder, torture, subjugation and dehumanization men have been inflicting on women for millennia because i said so!!!
nobody on tumblr has any idea what “systematic” or “fascism” means.

i feel you nonna. i must have half the fo4 fandom on tumblr blocked at this point, if i have to see another “hancock nearly killing himself with that ghoulification drug is JUST like my le epic testosterone injections teehee!” or another fanart of him with crudely drawn mastectomy scars i’m gonna flip my fucking lid.

No. 1483925

File: 1674868262040.png (30.36 KB, 381x205, sweats nervously.png)

i normally dont find men attractive but he is pretty not gonna lie

No. 1483927

that's the good shit

No. 1483941

The Malenia one makes me irrationally angry for some reason. I think because I like women with deeper voices. Can’t have shit in the lands between.

No. 1483946

Idgi, I can barely see his face

No. 1483947

The only thing I could imagine is remotely “fascist” in radfem spaces is banning pornography, because I guess that’s seen as censoring free speech? Because men are entitled to satiate their degeneracy uninhibited

No. 1483952


No. 1483967

This guy looks like a gay Cambridge student who died fighting in world war 1

No. 1483998

>see an attractive well groomed young man
>first thought is to assume that he's gay
we truly are a ruined generation

No. 1484004

nta but to be fair most straight men don't groom themselves kek

No. 1484013

File: 1674876254471.jpg (416.55 KB, 900x1253, Lewis Wickes Hine - mechanic -…)

that's cause societal standards of moids decline, but men in the past(especially upper class men) had an expectation to be well groomed, even low class laborers are better then most men today

No. 1484026

File: 1674878092182.jpg (129.79 KB, 640x800, poet rupert brooke.jpg)

I said that because his picture reminded me of Rupert Brooke who really was a gay (or rather bi) Cambridge student who lived in the same era

No. 1484110

File: 1674892282368.png (554.74 KB, 643x811, 51 nude-man-lying-on-rock.-hea…)

Well considering that it was a woman who took a bunch of nudes like this one of him, it's possible that some heterosexual hanky panky took place behind the scenes.

No. 1484620

File: 1674948114449.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 85.18 KB, 605x833, 5352B020-06E1-4917-BEB7-DD5164…)

I fucking hate how tumblr supports “girl dick” when its just a pedo in a dress! fuck all of them. They encourage public boners and accentuated bulges. They encourage pedos as soon as its wearing a dress. The bare minimum should be to protect kids, but say that and your a terf who deserves fucking death threats .
I just wanted a sm to look at cats and fashion, but GUESS NOT

No. 1484704

Old timey moids were all round hotter in general. I genuinely don't understand what happened where they're all shit now

No. 1484719

>“hancock nearly killing himself with that ghoulification drug is JUST like my le epic testosterone injections teehee!”
The first time I saw one of those posts I saw red and had to go literally touch grass and remind myself it's just a video game. He was literally trying to kill himself. Like yeah he says that he "knew" the drug would turn him into a ghoul but there was no way he actually knew that. Not everyone turns into a ghoul when exposed to that much radiation.

No. 1485319

unironically, porn. every sallow-skinned, balding, early-20s-but-looks-like-he's-45 moid has disintegrated his own dna by cooming.

No. 1485530

straight girls have the most basic taste i feel bad for all of you

No. 1485733

Shit taste isn't exclusive to The Straights.

No. 1485734

modern moids don't shower because they think it's gay and old timey moids did physical activities ao they had better bodies

No. 1485735

File: 1675068086114.jpg (162.49 KB, 1080x911, Hes_literally_a_villain.jpg)

They're taking this "babygirl" bullshit too far. They're delusional.

No. 1485746

I don't get people who have husbando villains and turn them into softbois uwu, the dark shit is what drew me to these characters in the first place.

No. 1485800

I can't stand having to block bots everyday anymore

No. 1485806

Because the appeal of bad boys is that you are an exception to their coldness and cruelty

No. 1485808

I love these, it's not common for men to be portrayed in such a soft way.

No. 1485840

I thought the appeal of bad boys was that you can sexually fantasize about kicking them in the dick without feeling bad.

No. 1485846

I was considering going back to tumblr but this made me change my mind kek, thanks anon.

No. 1485863

the proper mindset

No. 1485880

you guys will probably think I’m autistic for this but I have like 8 different blogs and they all seem to be getting roughly 5 bot followers per day- I can’t bother blocking them anymore especially when on mobile you have to do it manually. so fine. they can track me and steal all my information or whatever they do for all I care I’m done. 40 bots a day is ridiculous

No. 1485900

File: 1675095590597.jpg (92.33 KB, 998x1024, youdroppedthisqueen.jpg)

Was just about to come say this, based nona.

No. 1485913

File: 1675096686850.jpeg (528.68 KB, 1284x1828, 3B4E3DFE-7D9B-4DA2-AE68-7AD7EA…)

These people are so annoying. I don’t want this shit. I just want to live a normal life where the general public accepts that I like other women.

No. 1485915

I’m the same nonna. I have multiple side blogs and at first I was diligently reporting and blocking them, but it’s become too much and I’m not going to spend an hour of my day doing that.

No. 1485943

They fetishize being othered. Your struggles need to keep existing for them to find fulfillment.

No. 1485995

Actually. Why do so many asexuals (usually artists or in fandoms) have like, the most degenerate kinks imaginable.

No. 1486018

Commonly porn addiction

No. 1486040

they want to be special snowflakes just like the asexual who say that they enjoy masturbation and having sex

No. 1486115

I don’t remember tumblr having these many groomers back in the day. Sure there were creepy anons but nobody was this open about their degeneracy.

No. 1486406

>i'm not like the other troons, i'm problematic

I can't even imagine what she means. Probably that she ships characters with an age gap of more than two years, knowing tumblr

No. 1486908

>teens who are trying to reinvent the hayes code
why are so many kinksters on tumblr threaten by teens? Teens hold no social powers. It's also only natural that teenagers are going to be grossed out by sex they will eventually outgrow it so why seethe so much when 14 year olds complains about a sex scene?
What really annoys me about this partuculair strawman is that there has always been a good discussion on tumblr about how sex was portrayed in movies and after #metoo it became even more focus on how female actors where exploited and abused during those scenes. Now you can't even bring it up without kinksters calling you a puritan because god forbid than anyone on tumblr acknowledge that women are seen as a sex objects by men.
>nonbinary in a weird way that scares cis gays
I'm not even a hardcore drop the t person but why are so many trans and nonbinary people who keeps complaining about le ebil cis gays but they also get really angry whenever someone suggests that we should devide the community in lgb and t because those two groups have different goals.

No. 1487829

Asexual is one of the many labels predators use to pretend they're not predators. NLOGs use it to signal they're not interested in being raped like the other girls. Words have no meaning, anon.

No. 1488655

File: 1675353969548.jpg (241.7 KB, 1080x985, Screenshot_2023-02-02-17-03-41…)

imagine being this pissed off over people being traumatized. I know complaining about slur use on an imageboard is hypocritical but this person seriously think they have the high ground here and is the most progressive

No. 1488703

If this person is over the age of 21 then I'm going to cry

No. 1488708

>Don’t like being called queer, you fucking faggot? You’re racist and oppressing me. I am literally just like a Native American and you are the white colonizer.

No. 1488731

>Thinks he's edgy but can't post the n word
What a sissy.

No. 1488766

File: 1675359294302.jpg (185.41 KB, 1079x1074, 6nj737jiobn91.jpg)

basically picrel then

No. 1488827

It’s funny since these types of guys tend to be the most misogynistic and racist too.

No. 1489005

I don’t get why they’re like “you should let people ID how they want”, but god forbid someone doesn’t want to be called queer or faggot or dyke because of bad experiences.

No. 1492265

File: 1675694407194.jpeg (353.86 KB, 1284x1742, A9EAB936-2719-4EF9-8DF9-BD3A76…)

They are so close to getting it. All this just to tip-toe around so men don’t get upset. The homophobia is astounding, as is the idea that penises and strap-ons or dildos are in any way comparable when one of them is attached to a whole ass male. I know the initial post is old now, but the fact that it’s still circulating says enough.

No. 1492548

For the life of me I don't get what's so controversial about not wanting to date trans people, everybody has preferences about who they date, I personally wouldn't date a religious/military/omnivorous person, so why is troon shit (which is pretty much a lifestyle) the hard limit?

No. 1492685

File: 1675734105968.png (42.56 KB, 540x517, liberated women.png)

Because you can't tell a man no.

No. 1492691

>Limits my compatibility with some women
KEK any notes still calling this terf rhetoric though? I thought no matter how much you dance around it, how gently you word it, TIMS and their legion of useful idiots still dogpile you

No. 1492692

Damn, that quote goes hard. I'm sick of hearing milquetoast breadtubers like Hassan and Vaush claim that "wahhh men suffer from patriarchy too" when men are the ones who benefit from and uphold it in the first place.

No. 1492723

I really hope Susan Sontag wouldn't be a gendie if she was alive right now

No. 1492860

Susan Sontag was a libfem pickme fatsoc so Its not really worth quoting her
she would, also Dworkin as well

No. 1492866

Didn't Dworkin speak positively of Janice Raymond and her work talking about the trans medical industry? Or something along those lines

No. 1492880

she said something supportive of Janice Raymond but pretty much every one of her contemporaries changed their minds about troons as well, a hedonistic like fatkin would also have supported troons as well

No. 1492900

NTA but I keep seeing anons call Dworkin fat and I'm kinda getting tired of it being used as an argument against her. Like if Dworkin said something dumb or had a stupid opinion about something (which I don't doubt she did, I remember seeing some quotes that sounded pretty retarded) then by all means bring it up, but constantly calling her a fatass? lmao who cares, like 60% of the world population is fat so what.

No. 1492905

america moment, if your that level of obese it shows your a hedonist that has no sense of self control

No. 1492906

Nice try but I'm an eurofag from one of the less obese countries in EU. It's still a shit argument. Or would you consider Dworkin's opinions to be better had she been thin?

No. 1492907

well she was equally idiotic as Judith Butler

No. 1493056

So does posting on an image board.

No. 1493649


is this meant to mean fat socialist or did you make a typo? judith butler makes me a little sad even if she's cringe, seeing lesbians cape so hard for troons is depressing knowing about all the genital preference discourse

No. 1494099

File: 1675866268218.png (30.69 KB, 540x366, miss out on men.png)

Get out of here CIA. Your bullshit class destroying methods won't work here.

No. 1494112

File: 1675866968950.jpg (96.75 KB, 900x900, DmILzlAXsAAg3Sb.jpg)

The term fatsoc first came to describe Jason Unruhe and his followers, he's an American-Canadian "activist" who claims to be a maoist, he's every negative stereotype you can imagine with leftist males
he's a fat, blading, video game addicted and lazy porn watcher who has this very pathological hatred against Christianity(like I know we dislike Christianity but he claims that Christianity is directly responsible for every modern evil the world) the term fatsoc is thus used for basically "LARPers" who talk vaguely about violent revolution but we all know that nothing is gonna happen, cause they are fat and weak and not a threat to anyone
I'm sure University professors, Journalists art critics are totally allies of women and just indoctrinated idiots who only care about their petty bullshit

No. 1494155

File: 1675870781775.jpg (323 KB, 1125x1511, Simple Sabotage Field Manual b…)

>I'm sure University professors, Journalists art critics are totally allies of women and just indoctrinated idiots who only care about their petty bullshit
What? What does any of this have to do with what I said?

No. 1494166

File: 1675871544900.jpg (156.7 KB, 600x1047, milicianas[1].jpg)

The CIA literally promoted post-Marxists cause they were aware that particular type would never pose a significant thread to the United States interests, think about it for a second what group is more dangerous, ideologically driven women who don't take part in any type of consumerism, organize themselves, engage in physical fitness and train with firearms or a bunch of gender studies major who only manage to get themselves in a state of impotent rage but not much else, they write books and articles and think pieces which is only shared amongst themselves, they disconnect themselves from the wider population

No. 1494228

I've know two gay women who renounced being gay because it's against god. Christianity is pretty fucking evil. Let's not pretend it hasnt done a multitude of harm, especially for women. I've also delt with family who didnt want to seek medical attention because it's god's will if they will live or not.

No. 1494252

File: 1675878048750.png (66.19 KB, 581x574, 4.png)

I'm not defending Christianity I'm talking about shit like picrel, even if you dislike Christianity this is simply ahistorical and unfactual

No. 1494358

this is so fucking funny, kek. Fuckin saved

No. 1494362

>'I would never date a transwoman'…is a blanket statement on all trans women, implying they are men


No. 1494422

this is actually driving me crazy because that doesnt even make sense. "'I would never date a tall woman' is a blanket statement on all tall women, implying they are men." ???

No. 1494794

File: 1675912025784.jpeg (169.21 KB, 1242x697, 11BCFC65-4ED6-44B8-950D-90E6CA…)

I’m not even straight but kek I always laugh about how the softest people who are afraid of everything are always talking about murder and violence

No. 1494799

Written by two people who've never touched the same sex's genitalia and don't want to

No. 1496037

I don’t understand people sharing spoilers about Hogwarts on tumblr yet tagging the post as Hogwarts legacy, are they that dumb?

No. 1496039

File: 1676044100145.png (219.01 KB, 543x1908, 64485BB0-3C26-45B7-96BB-A1E5E6…)

Peak masculine behaviour

No. 1496069

my sides. imagine being this fragile kek

No. 1496075

Holy shit, you can actually see her having a full blown mental breakdown from a simple reply. The "IM A BOY IM A BOY IM A BOY" part sent my sides into orbit.

No. 1496082

Zoomers really don't know how not to feed the trolls, she could have just not continued after the first reply and nobody would have noticed her, instead she went full meltdown over inoffensive statements, the absolute state of TIFs.

No. 1496394

File: 1676072686570.png (46.1 KB, 789x464, bjdconfess.PNG)

I went into the bjd tag to look at dolls and this is the first post I see. Honestly who cares about stuff like this. I don't know this person or the drama this is referring to but I'm so tired of tumblr's constant whining about terfs. It's annoying that I have to block a bunch of confession blogs and sort by photos when using the tags just so I can look at pictures on a blogging site that is designed to primarily host pictures

No. 1496413

I'm reading this in the voice of a child throwing a tantrum because she isn't allowed to get all the candy she wants in the supermarket.

No. 1496465

File: 1676077572778.jpeg (124.47 KB, 1280x906, 47B92A8A-D593-4EBB-9E8F-30C6D2…)

I thought tumblrs radfem community would be welcoming, but they are terribly judgmental. I hate trying to converse/ make friends there. I prefer here. Its still anonymous either way but i am treated much better here

No. 1496478

That is just every woman on tumblr in general. Gendie believers or radfem, the tumblr girlies are always going to be insanely pretentious and judgemental, unfortunately.

No. 1496483

Thanks nonna, that helps.

No. 1496494

I feel you anon, instead i had a similar experience on tumblr outside radfem stuff which is why i stopped going there. Here is so much better.

No. 1496500

I honestly hate most of the internet save for some very few places I frequent for very specific reasons. The only real friends I ever made on the net were people I met in forums, but forums are dead.
Don't force yourself if it makes you feel bad. Most people who are perma-online do that for no other reason than to put others down to feel better about themselves. All the ideologies, all he shipping wars, moralizing, the gender bullshit, for most this is all just a way to prove that they are better than the rest. They sometimes welcome others as a comrade in war but they will lash out the moment you give them an opportunity to do so because they cannot interact without competing in some way.

No. 1496504

File: 1676080724148.jpeg (237.29 KB, 750x986, 09F40721-9E33-4F2D-9963-385BDF…)

Thank you again, my sweet nonitas. I feel like I have friends here. In fact, this place feels like one of the last fun places to converse online

No. 1496519

Tumblr radfems are basically conservatives who make one exception for feminism. I know that's what gendies think too but that's what I've noticed.

No. 1496539

I dislike all religions. The West is not the entire world and Islam had done almost equal damage along with shit like Hinduism and their caste system.

No. 1496540

I haven't used tumblr for about 2 years now but I've been tempted to make a radblr account (or maybe radtwt) because I'm lonely and hearing this kind of thing is putting me off. Reeee I just want a community of likeminded women where I can speak openly and chill out

No. 1496548

Yeah honestly everytime I realise that someone is religious I am lowkey creeped out regardless of age and gender. Not saying that all religious people are bad because whether you are religious or not is always a bit subjective and lots of people call themselves religious but are actually just attached to harmless traditions (I mean festivities and such) or are chill and spiritual. It's dogmafags I choose to keep a distance from, that even includes the naive "finding Jesus" brigade. I don't want someone to associate with me to shill their religion and magical people or consider me a second class person because I am areligious.

No. 1496586

That's how I feel about the radfems here honestly. Maybe I haven't seen radblr posting in a while but they seemed to at least pay lip service to all sympathies for women. Around here there's too much religion and traditionalism to even call it radical most of the time.

No. 1496613

I remember one time in college a girl approached me to shill Jesus and shit, I was in extreme distress because a family member was dying of a very painful cancer so I told her to fuck off because I didn't believe in religion.

No. 1497391

File: 1676169271259.jpeg (475.27 KB, 1170x1240, A62AFC62-3558-45BB-B7FD-9E6A1B…)

It’s so weird how 10 years ago tumblr was screeching against the use of slurs but now a significant amount of tumblrinas want to call themselves “faggot/tranng/dyke/retard”. They cancelled people for using those words and are now going “oh no it’s so capitalist and corporate to say gay, im actually a fag”. What promoted this shift in culture?

No. 1497392

Why do you feel judged?

No. 1497393

isn't this literally what they were saying about queer ten years ago too and now they've got 'queer' on shit at target and everyone's 'queer' instead of lesbian or bi

No. 1497397

And now “queer is a slur” gets you branded as a terf.
They’re just want to be counter revolutionary for the sake of being counter revolutionary. They blame everything on capitalism after things go their way.

No. 1497436

They say they "reclaim" the slurs

No. 1498197

File: 1676248115098.jpeg (134.22 KB, 1217x441, C3EA4315-21E2-43BC-93D1-2CE4B9…)

I’ve been thinking about this for a bit but in another timeline where tumblr didn’t develop it’s raging hate boner against JKR, or if JKR was never cancelled, how enthusiastic would tumblr be about Hogwarts legacy?
Would the website be insufferably obsessed with it (POTTERHEADS GRAB YOUR WANDS!) will anyone care or did fandom culture die off.

No. 1498204

Don't interact with the radfems from tumblr they are batshit insane.

No. 1498216

It would be all they talk about. It IS still all they talk about now except now instead of bragging about being Ravenclaws or whatever they’re saying absolutely insane shit like this. Wokies are in a competition to come up with the most flagrantly offensive buckwild shit possible and then go “I think this is what Hogwarts Legacy really means metaphorically because it’s what I thought of.” Like what the fuck? They’re so obsessed with trying to find bigotry they’re inventing bigotry that literally no one else would even think of imagining, and in the process showing that THEIR thought process is insanely fucked up and evil. No one else is seeing green cartoon monsters sacrificing people and going “omg this is literally CLEARLY teh jooz.” And 99% of the people coming up with this shit aren’t Jewish. Their whole SJW thing is supposed to be about not speaking for minorities but HL boycotters sure LOVE to come up with ways to speak for Jews.

No. 1498260

I honestly miss the "potterheads grab your wand" era of tumblr. It was girls having genuine excitement and passion for their interests. Now everything needs some layer of irony. If you like something you either have to keep empathising how stupid and cringe it is or insist that the author doesn't know what they are doing and your version is better. And if you dislike something you gotta claim it's problematic and seek the moral highground even if it means claiming that the author is a literal nazi who wants to kill trans people.

Sort of unrelated but remember when tumblr was seen as a girls site and the majority of users where girls and women? It feels like at some point around 2015 there came so many TiM to the site and now they dominate every discussion. You can't discuss, or even vent, about misogyny without getting shut down because it's terf dogwhistle. You can't talk fandom without seeing a gazillion post about which character has girldick. Potterheads has always had a large presence on tumblr and now it's just gone. THere still are some Potterheads on tumblr no doubt(I was never active in the fandom but II used to stumble upon them frequently because they where everywhere) but you can't even mention the books or make a reference without being attacked

No. 1499533

File: 1676359992010.jpg (404.34 KB, 1080x1993, 20230214_012952.jpg)


No. 1499536

File: 1676360112039.jpg (388.74 KB, 1080x1983, 20230214_013050.jpg)

No. 1499551

File: 1676363070061.jpg (855.46 KB, 625x6615, tumblr.jpg)

Fucking hell I go on tumblr for 20 minutes and stumble across genuine incest defenders because I read some faggots DNI and had to google what a "consang" was. Is this even the right thread, do we already have an incest tumblr thread or have we not stooped that low yet?

No. 1499552

File: 1676363200912.jpg (171.74 KB, 600x960, tumblr_12fbc376da0bc33a7d7b925…)

No. 1499553

all those mental gymnastics..and wtf is with the pi flag
>comparing their fetish to homosexuality
every time with these degenerates

No. 1499566

Charles Darwin was also the first person to theorize that cousin marriages could lead inbreeding after 3 of his children died when they were young due to health issues

No. 1499572

Can't wait until I can walk into Target in 10 years and buy a polka dotted mug with trannyfaggot written on it in big ugly letters

No. 1499588

File: 1676369771887.jpg (17.96 KB, 232x257, dinoincest.JPG)

I feel bad for laughing at this but this reads like a parody. Cutesy dinosaurs telling me incest is good? Please kill me already.

No. 1499594

"Consanguinamory" is such a cool word, it sounds like some vampire sex position, I always laugh when degenerates make up pretentious words to justify their illegal fetishes.

No. 1499757


No. 1499832

>but what happens if those special feelings are felt for someone within your very own family?
then do everyone a favor and just kill yourself.

No. 1499921

File: 1676401974054.jpg (1.19 MB, 505x8576, #cousinfuckerrights.jpg)

What nonna were the ms paint dinosaurs and bright colors not enough to convince you fucking your sister is okay? Don't worry, there's more.

No. 1499933

File: 1676402266594.jpg (1006.51 KB, 504x6066, #cousinfuckerrights.jpg)

No. 1502750

Is tumblr showing you others' likes now? I saw it once on my dashboard. It's bullshit and I hope you can opt out at least

No. 1502758

File: 1676657181498.jpg (26 KB, 729x348, incest dinos.JPG)

I'm fucking howling

No. 1502759

>partners of the same sex cannot reproduce

No. 1502764

No. 1502973

t. Christine Boutin explaining why her marrying her cousin and having kids with him isn't technically incest

No. 1503007

>You have to normalize incest, otherwise people who get into incestual relationships and then want out, will be stuck from the taboo and threat of blackmail
You want to know the number one way to avoid being trapped in an incestual relationship? Don't get into one in the first place. You want to know the second best way? If the other person says they fucked you, lie and say, gross, incest is gross. And if he pulls out a video of you two fucking, call it a deepfake.

No. 1503686


No. 1503689

File: 1676757804531.jpg (151.42 KB, 1080x1164, Screenshot_20230216_185244_Gal…)

Average tumblr moment

No. 1503702

It's a setting you can turn on/off, it's under your blog settings not the general settings

No. 1503717

File: 1676759049208.jpg (39.5 KB, 558x329, 20230218_222320.jpg)

This is digusting

No. 1503719

They're so out of touch with the body and how surgery works.

No. 1503771

These people really think surgery is the same as a vidya character creator

No. 1503802

they're 10 seconds from peaking

No. 1503929

File: 1676773778292.jpg (47.77 KB, 484x425, 23232.JPG)

The notes are full of "gay trans men" lmao. I think straight women feel ashamed of their heterosexuality and now they pretend to be gay men to explain their sexual attraction to men. We live in strange times.

No. 1503969

File: 1676777002520.jpeg (465.41 KB, 1023x1297, 65699053-EFD1-420D-85B5-A4894E…)

That definitely happened

No. 1503992

I'm a pretty infamous troll blog that goes after radblr, TRAs, and conservative blogs equally and am blocked by a lot of people from all three groups, but I think my favorites to get blocked by were menalez and eroticcannibal respectively.
I find it fucking hilarious that menalez whines about me to every woman and her mother that I'm an "evil racist" because of a retarded joke I made 5 years ago, as a dumb teen. EC is annoying, a child groomer, and took her kid out of school in order to convince her to troon out. I genuinely hope she loses custody and is put in prison. She's also implied repeatedly that she refuses to properly homeschool her kid and probably needs her own thread now.
Radblr may be fucking annoying sometimes, but I agree with them on quite a few things (lesbians like me not liking penis, for example) but tucute/fakeboi blogs make me genuinely MATI

No. 1503994

this isn't a far fetched story

No. 1504098

First of all, it's so funny how many of these people claim to hate capitalism yet endorse all kinda of body modifications purely for aesthetics which only further fund big pharma and exploitative surgeons because it's so empowering to have choices and fuck the status quo for $10000! All these people know is how to consume.

Also if someone "just wants" the opposite genitalia, how does that not constitute as gender dysphoria? Nobody sane willingly wants a frankendick or a rot pocket. If they got the surgery that would count as transition, even if not completely. All of this stuff they think "cis" people totally do is everything that would make someone trans back in the day, but now since gender is what you say it is and you are only trans if you say you are, it's all meaningless and indeterminate. Nobody rejects material reality more than them. Crazy how they're encouraging unhealthy realationships with their body to everybody now, no wonder I see so many tra anachans.

No. 1504175

>a radfem who trooned out her daughter ?
that's weird

No. 1504176

I can believe it. I can see a fakeboi tumblrina reading too much crappy yaoi wishing she had a dick so she could be a kawaii uke or some shit. It's way more straightforward than womb envy from men who probably have far more nefarious reasons for that though.

No. 1504181

File: 1676806474538.jpg (222.16 KB, 720x1410, Screenshot_20230219-132951_Chr…)

On today's episode of 'what deplorable man we're comparing JKR to?' The post above this one was talking about Roman Polanski btw. At least the poster above had the decency to say it was a 'better example' for 'death of the author.'

No. 1504204

I'd forgotten I'd blocked menalez. Her constant racism against anyone not her exact shade of brown and fujo posting was so annoying that I even unfollowed people who posted her a lot.
I used to really like radblr when I found the community, but the everyone posts the same six posts over and over again and like thirty percent of them are under twenty five. Like girls, I cannot relate to you drunk posting about your struggles about getting into college, I am not here for that. I've started just following regular random women, though I followed a nun and now my feed is all messed up with cathblr's constant requests for prayers.

No. 1504218

No, eroticcannibal isn't a radfem. She claims to be FtM while admitting to loving her body as-is and having constant vaginal sex. She trooned out her daughter, forcing her to go by "it" and neo"pronouns," and took her daughter out of school in 2020, saying it was because "covid is too hard on my autistic kid!"

No. 1504375

…were you ever part of the "clitty gang"?

No. 1504381

or were you labia–menorah

No. 1504402

Nah, I wasn't clitty gang or labia menorah. I pretended to be a moid and would try to get radblr trapped in a web of hypocrisy, oftentimes revealing myself as a female either before or after I pull that shit. So many of them stopped having anons open afterwards for a bit kek. I started doing that because Menalez accused me of being rich initially, then decided it was fun to be an edgelord little shit

No. 1504460

File: 1676836432887.jpg (145.23 KB, 710x902, Screenshot_20230219-214915_Chr…)

No words, but lol. I mean what sort of response is appropriate, other than laughing at these people?

No. 1504465

god this is so retarded. goblins aren't jews and to suggest it is so fucking antisemitic. the troons are legitimately becoming what they claim others are

No. 1504476

When you stare into the abyss, the abyss stares back (or something)

No. 1504506


for how much the op tries to claim it isn't abusive, these comics read like a victim of incest defending their creepy uncle touching them

No. 1504528

File: 1676844787082.jpg (245.9 KB, 659x1061, Screenshot_20230216_103250_Pho…)

menalez might be the most annoying person on radblr so good on you.
saw picrel on my dash recently of her accusing farmers (and shayna lol) of sending porn of moids to lesbian discords. the retardation is astounding.

No. 1504530

Yeah they act exactly like lead poisoned conservative Facebook boomers “everything is actually subliminal evil supernatural symbolism about the Jews!!!!!”

No. 1504539

AYRT, I'm honestly shocked she hasn't decided to become anti-radfem and pro-troon yet. I'm not one to talk about that, but it definitely feels like deep down she's in support of trannies, instead of neutral or "TE." The "RF" part also feels faked, as she only cares about Middle Eastern women instead of all women.

No. 1504628

File: 1676856979316.jpg (Spoiler Image, 384.47 KB, 1000x1000, asr.jpg)

while I do agree with radblr on a lot stuff they do have a tendency to focus on the wrong things. Lately I'm seeing many of them critise those headles vases that looks like a female body. They say that it feels pornographic and dehumanizing of woman and I do 100% agree with them but the biggest market for this sort of art is normie women who don't even watch porn so I would rather direct my energy towards men who watch porn and men who make pronographic art targeted other men. Recently I saw someone on radblr complain about a female Instagram artist who drew realistic and non-sexual art of naked women, but she drew them headless so it felt pornographic. I just think it's weird. There are so many male artist on Instagram that draw women in the most degrading way possible so why go after a woman who makes well-intentioned but extremely bad executed art? I agree that there are harmful undertones in art like that but it's one of the lesser issues that women face.

Radblr reminds me of those infamous discourse blogs from 2015. Where its people arguing the same points on the same topic over and over again. It is hard in general to have any political discussion on social media because social media is designed to constantly have fresh content and there are only so much feminist literature and social critique. But I get the impression that many on radblr purposely provoke each other so they can go whine about how they are always misunderstood.
Radblr is good though when it comes to world news regarding women's rights and opression. Also sometimes someone posts a take regarding misogyny and then a polite conversation happens where people say whenever they agree or disagree but this is rare
>known lolcow users
am I misreading this? does menalez think that Shayna is a known farmer? Is she aware that this is an anonymous imageboard?

No. 1504631

forgot to mention that I do appreciate that most of radblr keeps it civil when arguing with TRAs and trans people even if they do get rape threats in return(which is awful). I think it can help people peak better when they see gc arguments written in a non-hostile manner. I just wish that we could have the same civility when it comes to infighting

No. 1504635

I've seen radblr users wish rape on bi girls and lesbians who disagree with them on troons, but usually it's the other way around.
Ironically, there has been a TIF who was rather well known for wishing rape & murder on radfems in great detail.

No. 1504641

>Ironically, there has been a TIF who was rather well known for wishing rape & murder on radfems in great detail.
Was it count-incel

No. 1504648

kek I would not be surprised

No. 1504652

Yep, and I'm pretty certain she was >>1504402 and she's pretty open about using LCF simultaneously.
If she is that anon I doubt she's "just trolling"

No. 1504673

whose alpha-female atrocities ?

No. 1504892

i don't think she understands anything about this site tbh considering while shayna absolutely lurks her own thread, this is an anonymous imageboard. i got a big laugh out of imagining that shayna was intelligent enough to participate in a raid on lesbian discord servers, or that she would even care.

No. 1504911

File: 1676905369534.gif (1.5 MB, 167x132, tumblr_bd2114b31cce0cf03f486f7…)


No. 1504927

there's a script that gets around that (you need to have the tampermonkey extension installed on your browser first tho)

No. 1504995

To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand discord raids. /s

No. 1505025

>tone indicator
I doubt that people think you are anything else than sarcastic when you quote a famous copypasta

No. 1505033

File: 1676918561766.gif (936.04 KB, 400x224, 3482392394239.gif)

Am I on reddit? Twitter? Fucking tumblr? No I'm on a fucking imageboard. Don't ever do this again.

No. 1505042

kill yourself.

No. 1505044

nta but its probably a holdover from the r/GC days(those were the days)

No. 1505046

You'd be surprised lol. I don't like tone indicators but I posted joke/sarcastic posts and people took them 100% seriously. They're mega autists.

No. 1505049

I just lurk radblr now and I agree, there are always arguments in circles over pointless stuff. I feel like the headless naked women dolls stems from the critique of women's real bodies being used as a prop or a frame in movies, magazines, posters, etc. And instead of pointing fingers at men or the male gaze, it's at women because women are expected to know and be better, but this time for feminism. I still would say I'm radfem-aligned or gc-aligned, but I get tired of performing ideological purity for all sides.

No. 1505063

I've seen this argument before and I see where they are coming from and I agree, but I can't help liking the knick knacks made to resemble the female body. I own some myself

No. 1505064

Yep so many of the autists here clearly need them lmao

No. 1505191

File: 1676933484347.png (37.3 KB, 768x432, delet8.PNG)

I hang out in a weird tumblrsphere where they are all against plastic surgery and highly critical of make-up and recognises those things as a product of a misogynistic society but they all also get weirdly defensive towards transitioning and will reblog stuff like this. I just don't get how you can say that it's skewey to encourage a woman with low-self esteem to get a nose job but then also claim that there is no harm in taking hormones or get ant cosmetic surgery for your genitals. Even if you support trans people you have to admit that transitioning comes with it's own risk and telling someone who does not have dysphoria(and therefore has no need to transition) is really fucked up and no different than a greedy plastic surgeon who will break down a teenage girl's self-esteem just so she will get plastic. Why would anyone who doesn't experience dysphoria even transition? This post is such a mask off moment and admits that many people only transition to be part of some cool kids club.
The analogy is also stupid. Eating something yummy once in a while to treat yourself is not the same thing has doing body modification

No. 1505217

Anon I'm in the same tumblrsphere most of my mutuals are my personal cows KEK they're fucking insane.

No. 1505223

aryt they are all women and I hope that one day they will all peak since when they notice hoe much they contradict themselves but I doubt it because as soon as they see any slight criticism of gender surgery and hormones they immediately shut it down and call it facism

No. 1505242

Usually those types do peak. It's the TIF misogynistic types (count-incel for example) that will never peak. Usually the more a TIF cares about feminism, the more likely they will peak.

No. 1507334

File: 1677179989075.jpeg (67.95 KB, 890x460, 47AD118B-6AED-4BC0-9299-37BDC1…)


No. 1507335

File: 1677180053952.png (100.97 KB, 677x803, E1A67FC7-630E-4EED-B6C2-4C7A38…)

context but sage for twitter

No. 1507411

File: 1677183488802.png (1.34 KB, 100x32, www.tumblr.com_dashboard_max_p…)

what the fuck is this?

No. 1507422

>Vagina Museum: Everyone can be a woman
>Man discovers he's intersex after many years.
>Vagina Museum: HE'S A WOMAN!1!1

No. 1507444

spicy straight
pro ana

No. 1507450

My guess: queer, intersex, asexual, pansexual

No. 1507561

kek nonny

No. 1508711

Menalez is generally annoying but she's not wrong here. I expected anons to be like "yeah she's lying about this, she's a drama starting bitch" but as far as i can see itt, no one is denying what she's saying occurred (minus the participation of shayna). In which case, that's fucked up. Anyone from here who did that should be ashamed of themselves, and you are absolutely not feminist in the slightest if you have any delusions that you are. Really nasty and I have to say I'm surprised because I thought most of the women here wouldn't do such disgusting moidshit to other women.

No. 1508719

From what I understand what happened was someone posted nikocado avocado’s asshole after menalez was witch hunting so like it was only one picture and one person did it also menalez legit looks at yuri about middle schoolers I think she’s the danger to kids here that’s not very feminist either but oh well

No. 1508993

the only "evidence" she has of a farmer doing this is that she thinks shayna is a farmer. it's probably some moid or troon doing it and deep down you probably know that already.
not surprised at all to hear this

No. 1509196

>looks at yuri about middle schoolers
There’s no way. Every time I see people come for menalez it’s because of these two things:
>she’s annoying as fuck (true)
>she had a cringe blog when she was 16
I’m willing to bet that your accusation falls under the second one. If not, I’m happy to be corrected, but if it is then it’s honestly ridiculous to hold someone to what they were like online at 16 especially when they say they’re ashamed of it and haven’t done any of it in years. I’m not even trying to WK because I genuinely find her insufferable but I have never seen a point against her that wasn’t a reach just to justify hating her for being annoying. You’re allowed to just hate her for being annoying, no justification needed.

No. 1509602

File: 1677388529587.png (83.59 KB, 502x496, menaleztumblr.png)

why is she like this

No. 1509604

She's right, Mexican food doesn't cause diarrhea

No. 1509671

i mean ive never had diarrhea from mexican food either but I wouldn't comment that on a twitter screenshot from funnytwittertweets.tumblr.com over it kek. she just doesn't seem to know that not everyone wants to read every thought that pops into her head

No. 1509885

TBH my hatred of Menalez is entirely due to personal drama that I can't say too much about without revealing who I am.
It's from 2019 and she keeps fucking dragging it out and tried to make a callout post in 2022 over it. If she hadn't done that, I probably wouldn't hate her for being more than just being whiny & annoying.

No. 1510444

did she put a gun to your head and make you read her blog? fuckin retard haha

No. 1511475

Menalez, is that you? You know that everyone on radblr thinks that you're comically "subtly" racist and makes fun of you behind your back in the discord right?
But yeah, you're right, no one is forcing her to read menalez's blog. Then again, this is a thread just for making fun of retards, so where better than this thread to make fun of menalez?

No. 1511542

Reading this thread made me curious, so I made a tumblr after years of almost no social media. It's only been ten minutes, browsing #radfem, and I have already found menalez and everyone is screaming at everyone because bi women are apparently as bad as men. They make lolcow.farm looks sane.

No. 1511561

File: 1677604499122.gif (32.25 KB, 522x337, spawning salmon.gif)

Yeah, it's discourse season. Tumblr radfems are semi normal most of the time (well, as normal as your average tumble user) except like three times a year they do the exact same three discourse fights and then they all infight and unfollow each other but then calm down until next discourse season.

No. 1511597

I'm not part of radblr but I do lurk there every other month. I feel like it's always discourse season there

No. 1511801

File: 1677620877436.jpg (Spoiler Image, 310.83 KB, 1080x1357, hatingmypointlessplasticsurger…)

Wake up! Wake up! My personal cow mutual reblogged this enlightening tranny post! The op is, you guessed it nonas, a gay transmasc nonbinary autistic woman!!! Don't you feel bad for you antisemitism? The antisemitism of uhhhhhh…. thinking tranny surgeries are gross?
R.I.P. Critical thinking. You will be sorely missed.

No. 1511805

tf not wanting women to remomve healthy body parts like uterus and breasts have to do with fascism!!!!

No. 1511808

Don't you know nonnie? Everything and anything nowadays is fascism and racism EXCEPT all but directly stating that black and brown women are masculine enough to look like men or that jewish men have transmasc (read: womanly) swag because they're short and wear dorky glasses sometimes.

No. 1511846

These days there are more people who are worried about a rise of fascism compared to the recent past. People who wouldn't normally care about x issue and aren't well educated about fascism might care more if they hear "x issue is a precursor to fascism". That's why people are attaching so many things as a part of fascism now.

No. 1512505

File: 1677706860250.jpeg (360.59 KB, 971x2566, 4854A2C3-6C9A-47AF-B260-10FA4B…)


No. 1513355

File: 1677795175460.jpeg (311.7 KB, 1170x1128, 7F9D9C9A-4F81-43CE-9C66-508A16…)

Anon is right

No. 1513366

>anime pfp

Is this a yaoi blog orrrrr

No. 1513374

To be fair she didn't mention antisemitism anywhere, she said that the idea of "pure" and "free of sin" bodies is fascist which is a weird strawman because I've never seen anyone use those words to describe trannies and their surgeries. But it is literally mutilation. She can cope.

No. 1513429

Fakeboi positivity blog but yeah that’s basically the same thing kek

No. 1514342

File: 1677893841435.jpg (209.71 KB, 1440x2109, 20230303_193603.jpg)

Hey look a troon that admits being trans and fetishism go hand in hand but why does it have 20k+ notes

No. 1514358

File: 1677895253550.jpeg (72.37 KB, 720x635, received_515317173886622.jpeg)

Any thoughts on all the posts going around with two or more of
>no nuance! none of you know nuance!
>media illiteracy
>you're all individualists with no empathy, I have empathy
>I hate my generation
It feels like there's so much of the same type of post worded with slight changes, usually with the op maligning how everyone's worse at interpersonal relationships than them.

No. 1514362

tims have just completely won in handmaiden spaces kek, they can do whatever they want short of physical violence (and even that might be handwaved away). seen so many tims be weird, irritating sex pests. seen so many tims (i include they/them moids in my definition of 'tim' btw) do insane shit like beg women for e-sex and loudly talk about their kinks.

this never strikes women as misogyny though because guess what…they aren't women, they're a they/she/he genderless gxdess and they never wonder why tim-sama isn't asking his fellow tim about an egglaying fetish

No. 1514363

I thought having genital preferences was immoral and transphobic?

No. 1514374

It’s really egotistical and appeals to people who are selfish and have poor self awareness and low empathy for others.
My friends lost interest and cut me off because of my bad behavior? What idiots lacking nuance! They don’t want to keep doing activities that make them uncomfortable? Nooo, they must be wrong because I want them to do the activity!
By framing themselves as the sole enlightened, informed, progressive saints in the world and everyone else as mindless evil idiots, they get to be as shitty as possible without actual self reflection.

No. 1514378

a week late but kek looking at yuri of fictional characters is not even comparable to sending someone unconsenting a picture of a fat moid's asshole. let's not be silly

No. 1514385

File: 1677897384012.jpeg (216.03 KB, 1125x607, DFE0F54B-568D-4068-A482-30D37B…)

Yeah what a surprise, the OP’s response to her own post is her being an NLOG and complaining about her friends, and her other posts talk about how she’s been heavily involved in interpersonal drama lately. Most popular tumblr posts like this at e just someone with a fragile ego projecting to absolve themselves of their own issues, shrouding it in woke language and moral puritanism, like “oh but I just want the best for everyone, it’s not their fault that they’re all so misguided and evil unlike me uwu.” Meanwhile her friends probably just hate her ass and don’t want to hang out with her anymore because she sucks.

No. 1514421

It's true though, zoomers do lack media literacy and can't view a show without thinking about how #problematic it might be or care only about the shipping

No. 1514820

I think that poster is correct though? They're not saying that zero nuance takes/decisions are absolutely never appropriate but they're definitely way too common. But I also feel that way about LC, just towards another extreme.

No. 1515022

Found the loli lover

No. 1515129

File: 1677987452577.jpg (91.85 KB, 1080x1003, rf67.jpg)

>second post saying not kissing moid ass enough is biphobic

so i am bi but i've noticed so much of current tumblr acts like its in some secret competition to see who's the biggest and loudest pseudo mra

No. 1515134

I bet quite a large percentage of the "male leaning bi women are soooo epic and cool and brave and swag and also face so much biphobia just existing" are straight women who know subconsciously they can't be like "hey, straight women are cool" because being gay is the current hottest fashion trend for tumblrfags and being straight is so unfashionable so they disguise it as anti-biphobia bullshit. Tinfoil over.

No. 1515141

Yeah, there are so many posts of this type on tumblr. Add "critical thinking" to the list too. "some of you have to realize", "some of you should" etc. They talk to people like they're 1st graders who don't understand 2+2=4. Insufferable.

No. 1515352

Kek it's not a large percentage, it's all of them. And anyone with a girlfriend is dating a troon.

No. 1515538

This post sounds vaguely homophobic but I can't exactly pinpoint why.

No. 1515793

ayrt honestly yeah. the fact that these are the same type of people who shit on febfems says it all. bi women are an oppressed group because of their same sex attraction, not because they like men. 10 years ago tumblr was very big on the hating moids thing and it's kind of funny how it's done such a complete 180

No. 1517023

>I'm trans so of course I know what this fetish is
but I thought implying that trans people are obsessed with sex was transphobic? Isn't statement like these ~invalidating~ towards trans people who don't have sex?

No. 1517155

File: 1678198384853.jpeg (26.4 KB, 720x347, received_2799270346870734.jpeg)

It's a kind of condescending I used to see more from those blogs like sftn or all the resident theorists and baeddels back in 2014

No. 1517182

So straight women face heterophobia?

No. 1517248

How pro-flawed real men tumblr has become was a trip to watch. They're embarrassed of their sjw phases after spending life with normal people but still need to theorize as social currency online. Then all these weird opinions about how women actually do need to accommodate everyone pop up because calming down personally made their life better.

No. 1517394

File: 1678218939627.png (18.6 KB, 775x237, asshole.png)

You are a whole ass woman with a vagina you pampered fucking princess. English isn't even your first language, why are you using the slur faggot to describe yourself? I can't even call her homophobic because she's a lesbian that couldn't face the homophobia so not only transitioned, but transitions every lesbian she touches.

No. 1517410

something something foreskin is also a healthy body part and jews do that therefore being against amputation of any healthy body part for any reason means you personally hate jews? idk i'm reaching for heavens rn but i wouldn't even be surprised if i'm even half right.

No. 1517551

hope all you miserable motherfuckers either kill yourselves or get therapy(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1517570

Menalez is that you? Kek

No. 1517638

>They're embarrassed of their sjw phases after spending life with normal people

maybe for a few of them but definitely not most or all imo. i think it's just become much more of a thing for tumblr to be edgy and big brained woke at the same time, like trying to ride two horses at once kek. i really think a lot of them would shit themselves if you said trans women are men to their faces which isn't calming down, it's just that a lot of this hardcore scrote sucking seems to come from the side who identify as gay trans men and think part of being a gay man is making everything about how men can do no wrong

No. 1517972

>see an interesting post about chronic fatigue
>it gets hijacked by one of those carnivore diet weirdos
These fuckers are so exhausting, they are exactly like vegans while they act like they are some superior beings.

No. 1518347

File: 1678305848517.jpg (54.13 KB, 533x443, nosoftpark.JPG)

I feel so old reading this.

No. 1518357

Braindead retards. They'll be the ones pissing and shitting about how video games don't cause violence and yet they're saying the same thing about South Park. Blogpost but I don't watch South Park but my friends do and they're the typical "respect everybody, no bigotry allowed" PC liberals kek.

No. 1518361

>They'll be the ones pissing and shitting about how video games don't cause violence
Fun fact! They'll also be the ones screaming that Hogwarts Legacy causes violence against mtf

No. 1518364

>Hogwarts Legacy causes violence against mtf
I wish

No. 1518464

No. 1518471

I saw this had 21,000 notes. Not all tumblr users are the same, but I wonder if they're the same people who love to reblog 4chan posts or have their blog theme look like 4chan.

No. 1518569

tumblr's disdain towards South Park has always weirded me out even back in my hardcore SJW days. The show is insanely mainstream and most people are casual watchers of it. The chances of that half of the people you interact with on a daily bases watches South Park.
Personally the show has done lots of stuff I disagree with and I do find it obnoxious most of the time. It has a tendency to kick down humor so I don't blame anyone for being uncomfortable with it but the show but shunning everyone who watches South Park is a bit much considering how many actually watch it. At the end of the day it's a show for adults who are able to form their own opinions and not let a cartoon influence their morals. Like >>1518357 said many fans of the show are your typical "respect everyone" types of people. I have never meet a person South Park fan(casual or hardcore) who didn't have an episode they extremely disagreed with.
It's not that I don't think that media can have an effect on the public's view on certain issues but South Park is either too in-your-face or has too much of an ironic distance to affect anyone

No. 1518626

>if they're the same people who love to reblog 4chan posts or have their blog theme look like 4chan.
I love that theme tbh, also I can confirm these people are the same. Not me though.

No. 1519351

File: 1678391490275.jpeg (96.36 KB, 750x434, 3BF76D59-A85B-49D4-8D5B-7CB4B0…)

People like this just honestly shouldn’t engage with media meant for people over the age of 5, go watch Bluey or my little pony.
With that being said, this blog is hilarious if you search up South Park I don’t know why these people are surprised that a show with cute chibi character designs, gap moe, a staff that actively encourages shipping male characters and some edge for ‘sad boy’ art has a large female fandom.

No. 1519432

It's really weird how they're eating up faggot and dyke after effectively shaming the internet out of using slurs

No. 1519977

is this rnortal?

No. 1520019

File: 1678458682777.png (296.71 KB, 530x2271, www.tumblr.com_dashboard_max_p…)

"allowing white people to be the main voice for female issues bla bla bla" it's men. you can say it's men instead of writing all that. not white men or black men, just men lol.

No. 1520246

there's too much i could say about this essay, but like, what do they want white ppl to do about it? roll up in a black neighborhood and start preaching to the black ppl that they need to start being less transphobic like the whites? that's not gonna go over well.

No. 1520370

Nta but damn, I haven’t heard that name in so long.

No. 1520451

File: 1678481600774.jpg (130.97 KB, 1080x685, illuminati.jpg)

No. 1520502

Nigga what

No. 1521063

File: 1678558671447.jpeg (85.58 KB, 720x925, received_571549131603894.jpeg)

To prattle about this a little more, it still doesn't sit well having all these conversations about nuance being only parroted phrases trying to demystify what's already a normal aspect of life to people who aren't internet addicts. All of you are having this revelation at this exact second?

No. 1521064

File: 1678558908438.jpeg (115.42 KB, 720x986, received_942583500092408.jpeg)

>anti intellectualism
>the death of nuance
>curtains are blue lobotomized you all
>none of you get anything but I can explain it for you illiterates
Everyone's stupid but them, they know how to engage meaningfully and with nuance(!) despite the obvious dunk on jk at the end there.

No. 1521069

File: 1678559169404.jpeg (29.39 KB, 720x334, received_769509104590800.jpeg)

This one was just funny. Is this just a culture of the month for users aging out of their slacktivist spaces and wanting to live the way they enjoy while still being able to posture? Every third post is about these things for me.

No. 1521073

Fucked up the phrasing. Meant to say there was a jk rowling made dumb boring book and is also a bad person post a few down from the one who reblogged this.

No. 1521376

It's tumblrs version of 4chaners crying about irony poisoning, they're burned out from spending years in hardcore SJW spaces that are filled with over-zealous teenagers they but still need to lecture everyone even though like the other nonnie said it's a complete non issue for anyone who hasn't spent a decade in those spaces

No. 1521449

The irony of this post coming from tumblr of all sites and being vaguely(?) Harry Potter related. Dunno if this is all from the same post but >>1521064 is so sanctimonious it's giving me a headache. Most of "the let people enjoy things crowd" probably aren't right wing, just regular liberals who want to joke about being Hufflepuff without being told they're helping commit genocide against TIMs or something. It doesn't seem to be that nuanced acting like a woman on the internet saying bio sex is real is the biggest issue of our time

No. 1521555

I know count-incel has her own thread now, but has anyone found out what to enter to view her blog?

No. 1521630

while it doesnt surprise me since i already knew about the ed edd n eddy gay shipping fandom, its still pretty bizarre. it's like if people were shipping family guy characters. although i guess south park slots in better with zoomers' generational peter pan syndrome & pedophilic tendencies.

No. 1521651

>it's like if people were shipping family guy characters.
…but they are? very much.

No. 1521690

It was deleted

No. 1521709

No, it wasn't. Tumblr has a feature only available on desktop called password locking. You have to be logged in, on desktop, and guess the password to view the blog, and it displays deleted on mobile. On desktop, it is completely visible after guessing what the lock is.

No. 1522261

I can't stand fake positivity blogs.

No. 1522416

File: 1678679324359.jpeg (279.77 KB, 1170x1678, 5C2F606C-DBE4-4252-821F-A608C9…)

Yeah I’m not reading that whole thing sorry

No. 1523196

File: 1678793931113.jpg (164.16 KB, 1080x1745, adultdaughter.jpg)

Does she have milk?

No. 1523214

>people who aren’t men
kek. how bold of this person to paraphrase the forbidden w-word without doing the same with “men”, always boggles my mind how people who larp as politically aware do this so much while thinking they’re PC as fuck

No. 1523261

In short… not all men? I mean the assumed or imagined 'mass privilege of women' has never been a more talked about thing. Thats reached new nutty levels lately. Watch any vid where a woman is being anything less than totally agreeable during an interaction and people will jump to assume she's lived her whole life on easy mode and has never been told no before. Plenty of men who drive themselves mad imagining that being born female leads to an automatic coddled princess existence

No. 1523311

>people who aren't men
You mean women?
>they think they know all about men because media blah blah blah
>but only priviledged men
No, we know all about underpriviledged men because we have to live alongside them. We know how they are first-hand, not from media. Do they not realize that not every woman who criticizes men is priviledged, and is in fact often marginalized just like the men these people love to defend?

I thought it was implying that other than women, "non-binary" people also exist

No. 1523503

File: 1678816485318.jpeg (111 KB, 1170x1102, 847619E8-DF28-4F7A-88E5-972D83…)

i hate faggots
inb4 i’m a lesbian who doesn’t want to share a community with moids

No. 1523511

is that a penis ?

No. 1523529

gay men objectifying other men is good it keeps straight males scared. we should support them

No. 1523531

based off the post it can be surmised it's a homo who has a humiliation fetish. could possibly be his own.

No. 1523541

These "I'm a hog/fuckpig" gays get so fat that their dick essentially disappears, becomes unusable and they hit a new level of depravity constantly banging on about being hungry bottom bitches. Idk if its because they can't just jerk off anymore but they're another level of desperate.

No. 1523542

Yes it is

No. 1523700

I have a feeling 99% of the people interacting with that post are just TIFs.

No. 1523750

where? neptune?

No. 1523887

first post is a tif thinking of regular old young attractive mostly straight men, second post is a gay man with a fetish, third post is another tif deciding she agrees with gay man fetish haver because he's an official gay man and not a larper

No. 1524052

no one hates women like a gay man. Most of them are vapid bitches who see women as "competition".

No. 1524463

File: 1678902268401.png (13.82 KB, 474x192, dashboard (1).png)

who says this? other than developmentally stunted adults on tumblr, literally who says this? people who reblog stefan's universes fanart? log off.

No. 1524465

it's tumblr users complaining about other tumblr users on tumblr. where else are they meant to do it?

No. 1524466

you're right but i would still like to complain about it on the tumblr.com hate thread.

No. 1524498

sounds like something shaynard would say

No. 1524570

i understand why fatties despise fat fetishists who want to degrade them and treat them like pigs and stuff but why get mad about something as harmless as "uwu sonft tummy"? victim complex?

No. 1524571

because it sounds retarded

No. 1524736

i would say soft tumby to a dog who loved getting belly scratches

No. 1524800

But fatties are the ones that popularised it in the first place.

No. 1524827

As a fat girl attracted to fat girls, I fucking hate how people like her popularized fetishizing us then suddenly don't like it when it happens to them. Although I definitely react similar upon seeing a hot girl, I keep it in my head.

No. 1528743

File: 1679299330279.png (17.72 KB, 535x332, right.png)

Saw the url and thought it was an Aiden but apparently it's a tim which makes it so much worse

No. 1529827

File: 1679424552951.jpg (55.57 KB, 1080x795, Screenshot_20230321_204625_Tum…)

People in the notes coming out as furry allies.

No. 1529838

Zoophiles are truly the most oppressed class

No. 1529877

This "non-men" shit is the woke version of redpill dudes saying "females" instead of women

No. 1529929

it's always men and non-men and never women and non-women

No. 1529937

You are so right nona. I hate this woke language that is just dehumanizing and misogynist.

No. 1531308

File: 1679591271806.jpeg (95.7 KB, 669x1032, 3ADACCFB-6B76-47D0-BB70-347B86…)

>hetshippers (at least on tumblr) have so few iconic ships that they have to use characters from fucking trolls

No. 1531315

I think the overall problem is that a large part of tumblr users are obsessed with movies made for toddlers

No. 1531322

and they're also obsessed over gay pairings

No. 1531339

i need to know who's winning

No. 1531348

stop saying "hetshippers" like its a thing, its called people who aren't addicted to cartoon gay porn

No. 1531351

You're right, hetshippers are addicted to NORMAL cartoon porn.

No. 1531354

No. 1531362

Lmao not a fujo trying to look down on other people in fandoms

No. 1531370

The Percy Jackson one
So you admit to being into trolls then?

No. 1531373

>muh hetshippers
Are you lost?

No. 1531375

I hate this term so much, it comes of as so passive aggressive it's unreal.

No. 1531379

Nta but how does what anon say imply that?

No. 1531398

>look down on other people’s fandoms
Came off as like they were mad I was making fun of trolls of all things

No. 1531419

>All the butthurt hetshippers in the replies

No. 1531420

Don't you have some boyzu rabu to be reading?

No. 1531424

i feel like they're the same people who unironically say "hettie bettie"

No. 1531448

Anon hit a nerve I guess

No. 1531451

File: 1679600760717.jpg (93.28 KB, 1079x730, unironiccatabusekek.jpg)

This cat blog run by two morbidly obese mtf trannies is offering to sell custom pictures of their morbidly obese cat for 30 dollars TOP KEK.
>Ricky also gets treats when we do this!
Yes, because that's what the poor obese animal needs, more fucking treats. Trannies are fucking insane.
Also, most pictures on the blog are nasty. Crumbs everywhere, they obviously don't clean the place up (because morbidly obese autistc autogynephiles, obviously). Bleak as fuck.

No. 1531464

Hetshipper spotted

No. 1531468

Genuinely asking, why is het shipping seen as worse than yaoi? It's cartoons fucking does it matter so much

No. 1531475

You can tell this thread is frequented by actual tumblrfags. Are we really gonna bring the tumblr gayshipper/hetshipper discourse here. Cmon ladies.

No. 1531477

>You can tell this thread is frequented by actual tumblrfags
that was pretty obvious after that big debate over husbandofags a few months ago kek

No. 1531490

Don't you know? M/F shipping is not cool and totes boring and laaaame of course unless you ship a male character and female character in a hip and cool queer way and ONLY with the tried and true girlboss and malewife dynamic.

No. 1531498

imagine memeing yourself into getting off to anal prolapse and fecal matter, couldn't be me

No. 1531508

get a life and maybe actual real life problems so maybe you wont think about fujos 24/7.
imagine getting so buttblasted by that anon trolling you.

No. 1531510

That poor baby. I hope they haven’t done anything to him but you know how troons are.

No. 1531519

Go back to writing your tradfam reylo fanfiction

No. 1531524

File: 1679604840121.jpeg (37.82 KB, 750x707, BED3FD59-93D3-42EC-A637-78BCF2…)

Speaking of Reylo, it lost to Shrek on the poll.

No. 1531526

Was a nerve struck?

No. 1531534

NTA but I just think it’s funny how easily they lose their shit, just look at the hall of anal devastation everything there is straight besides Klance (which was literally shipped by teenage fakebois since actual fujos liked Sheith) and some Tokyo Ghoul ship which has way less screencaps than everything else.

No. 1531538

implying there's any distinction between fujoshis and fakebois

No. 1531539

fujos on this site will rightfully join in complaining about cringe ass queerios who want to be heterosexual in a "queer" way, or all the rise of various "queer" identities girls on tumblr take up to avoid being "boring straight women" but then laugh about "the cringe hetshippers" without a bit of irony. Have fun with your gay fanfic tags continuing to get shat up with gendies transing your gay boy relationships into being straight by women desperate to be cool and not-straight at all costs

No. 1531540

Fakebois are usually husbandofags who are into self inserting
Fujos are observers who want to watch two guys fuck

No. 1531542

>tfw shrek/fiona is the peak hetship representation since a princess marrying a selfish disgusting fat ogre

No. 1531543

>Have fun with your gay fanfic tags continuing to get shat up with gendies transing your gay boy relationships into being straight by women desperate to be cool and not-straight at all costs
Just block all trans tags on ao3

No. 1531544

you are so obsessed. Trust me no one actually wants to be a man or fetishizes you so you can imagine yourself having anal sex as much you want with varg because i know you are a male faggot.
ignore pakichan.

No. 1531546

Holy fuck my sides

No. 1531550

>but then laugh about "the cringe hetshippers" without a bit of irony.
I never really understood this, like why be so petty and rude over what's essentially the same thing as you like >>1531490 didn't even mention fujos but was mocking how a lot of M/F dynamics tend to be postured by modern fandom and it still caused them to get riled up and say petty comments. Whether you like PiV or PiA, there's no need to be uppity about it.

No. 1531553

the indoctrination is scary and happens since childhood. You see all these movies, tv shows, shoujo anime, storys etc where the woman/girl sacrifices herself for a man and you are taught that is okay and normal and how it should be.

Now im revisiting many of the shows and movies i watches and realizing almost all of them have this theme, and if they dont then they have the theme of the emotionally abusive male lead or the older male lead.

No. 1531559

File: 1679607019253.jpg (24.86 KB, 500x366, e2fcfbac4wa31.jpg)

>Fakebois are usually husbandofags who are into self inserting
>Fujos are observers who want to watch two guys fuck
Omg i can't belive that you actually believe that

No. 1531561

Because it’s literally true? I’ve run into way more fakebois that play stuff like enstars and even traditional otome than ones that play BL VNs.

No. 1531566

I hate everyone itt right now. Why is it tumblr shipping wars fujos vs hetshippers in here? You guys couldn't reign in your tumblrfagism? Not even a little? You're just going to reenact shipper discourse on lolcow? You can take the tumblrfag out of tumblr but you can't take the tumblr out of the tumblrfag. You'll never not be tumblrfags.

No. 1531567

wtf how is fakir/ahiru so far behind? of course the Muppet ship is on the lead but I did not expect the numbers to be so uneven

No. 1531568

Ohgod, you suffer from so much gay porn addiction that your brain literally automatically resorts to gay fantasies, this really is a level of porn addiction should be studied, anyway see >>1530456 (as I don't wish to get banned over this again) and no I am not ban evading like you try to claim(ask the moderators)

but this is ironic, cause at some point you'll be a he/him

No. 1531572

When are you moving to America already

No. 1531574

pakichan how the FUCK are you in every thread on this goddamn website around the clock, you're like a spectre haunting this entire imageboard

No. 1531580

ayrt, and exactly, I have no problem with the existence of fujos, but I do have a problem with how seemingly a lot even here, on the website that can acknowledge that gendies are full of shit, continue to act like gayness is some special cool kids club that enjoying BL lets them be part of. I don't even think being a fujo and fakeboy inherently go hand in hand, but certainly jumping on opportunities to shit on other straight women (idc if you're a bi fujo either same shit) who stay in their lane because "heteroshit is inherently cringe!" comes across as very similar to the tumblr gendie mentality that you aren't cool or interesting if you aren't/enjoy things that aren't "queer"

No. 1531586

File: 1679608599701.jpg (41.54 KB, 566x663, e2fcfbac4wa31.jpg)

not really, you just think anyone who has bad English is me
you know when the horrible financial collapse in my nation ends, the one that's made 1kg of rice 3 times more expensive and the reason my father to work twice as hard as before

spoilers it seems like its not going to end for a while, but gotta play the hands we are dealt with, I'm as of now using the situation to my advantage

No. 1531589

>I'm as of now using the situation to my advantage
And this includes staying home all day and browsing imageboards talking about yourself and the ugly moids you want to fuck? Also why did you fake being a mixed black woman

No. 1531624

This sounds like such an autistic lie kek

No. 1531629

alright, there's isn't a term for this its just a "situation" that some of my relatives have found themselves in, where a daughter takes up the role of both housewife and breadwinner for her parents
never getting married and serving for her parents till they both die, cause they either have no sons or those sons are are fuck ups, like one of my relatives was just married at age 51 after both her parents finally died and she could start living her life, now I have basically nudged my parents into thinking this is the arrangement I wish to be in
as for the other thing, there was an original crap-chan that wasn't me, but she stopped posting for some reason and I wanted to test how well I could fake my English, I still didn't get how long it lasted cause I still had a lot of grammar mistakes despite being careful

No. 1531634

Autistic lie.

No. 1531641

you know what, when I do eventually gonna get out of here and go to America, I will take a picture of whatever airport I land in with that date and lolcow tag and you will feel real stupid when I have done that, cause you'll have been wrong

No. 1531645

File: 1679612762664.jpg (26.11 KB, 599x598, 1679583734229963.jpg)

you know what, when I eventually get out of my country and go to America, I will take a picture of whatever airport I land in with that date and lolcow tag and you will feel real stupid when I have done that, cause you'll have been an Idiot

No. 1531659

Paki, just drop it. Your cover has been blown, and everyone already knows you're not going to America.

No. 1531776

File: 1679631002245.png (81.5 KB, 577x584, rc1.png)

Does anyone ITT know what happened to rantingcrocodile? She hasn't seemed to post in about a year

No. 1531810

no fucking clue who that is and i live on tumblr

No. 1531895

To be fair a lot of women on Tumblr who exclusively ship straight pairings tend to be tradfags or NLOGs.

No. 1531917

As someone who doesn't use tumblr, how do they 'nlog' over something that's common/accepted?
>I'm not like other girls, I'm straight
I thought the only nlog shippers were the ones trannyfying ships

No. 1531922

so 95% of women who have ever lived have been NLOG by your logic.

No. 1531935

NLOG means fucking anything nowadays apparently

No. 1531938

NTA but even I can piece together that them being an NLOG not BECAUSE of the het ship but that the het shippers are NLOG for other reasons, what is with the knee jerk retardation in OT lately.

No. 1531939

I'm the first poster, excuse my retardation but how was I supposed to figure out what other reasons there are when I don't use tumblr kek. I'm just curious is all, because I can't understand how that would play out.

No. 1531954

File: 1679664199583.jpg (126.68 KB, 1392x1141, okmoid.jpg)

No. 1531966

NTA but I'm quite sure anon is referring to the
>Ugh ALL THE OTHER GIRLS obsess over gay ships while I'm LITERALLY THE ONLY GIRL in the entire world that likes straight ships!!! Why are these pornsick degenerates so obsessed with gayness, do they think they're better than me?!
>Ugggh these stupid alphabet people, so what if I like traditional outdated gender roles in straight relationships and think all women who don't look distinctively feminine are manlike SJW propaganda?? Us heterosexuals are being oppressed on tumblr dot com!!
people. They're plentiful.

No. 1531970

It's true tho, I am a hetshipper and everytime I see a moid I fish for their validation by telling them I ship Ahiru/Fakir, they always look confused but I guess it's because they aren't used to seeing a girl as cool and as trad as me.

No. 1531977

can you show us an example of this being a widespread behavior?

No. 1531979

adults who are in the skatepark are homosexual sissies, noted.

No. 1531981

OP here and this is exactly what I was referring to kek, I've seen some of them here too in random husbando threads.

No. 1531990

I have never seen beliefs like that in husbando threads here. Complaning about things like that most POV art is bl yes, but not things like
>Ugggh these stupid alphabet people, so what if I like traditional outdated gender roles in straight relationships and think all women who don't look distinctively feminine are manlike SJW propaganda?? Us heterosexuals are being oppressed on tumblr dot com!!

No. 1531991

No. 1532000

Kek, as if these fags ever leave their homes, let alone to a skatepark with actual people
This is just another instance of them fetishizng their ideal gf

No. 1532004

You keep on claiming this, but you don't give a single shred of evidence.

No. 1532012

trips of truth

No. 1532037

What kind of incompetent tradthot is attempting to be picked by talking about ships in threads for thirsting over 2D men in a female only imageboard?

No. 1532050

Just the terminally retarded ones.

No. 1532053

File: 1679676245046.jpg (106.47 KB, 937x1331, mean gays.jpg)

I love how a random anon completely recognized the type you were referring to yet people are fuming with "PROOF!!! SHOW PROOF!!!!!" like crazy because "I LITERALLY NEVER SEE THIS!!!!!" kek

No. 1532054

I stopped going on tumblr because the explore page and random blogs so often have these kind of weird obviously fake roleplay posts or scenarios or really bad coomer jokes that are always like “w-what if I was a cute goth egirl kawaii trans girl on a sleepover playing video games with you and you bent me over and we kissed as cute dumb girls and you railed me until I became dumber and we touched girlcocks and I wear cute socks and I have a cute butt and I’m just a dummy gay lesbian uwu” and their whole blog is like, Astolfo and coomer anime art like Fate and Guilty Gear, or other moid crap like Gundams. I genuinely hate how RPing men have swarmed the site.

No. 1532056

I feel, to an extent, there is a grain of truth to this. Definitely not as overblown as straight up bullying but you do get a slight bit of disdain of ""hetships"" from others in predominantly m/m shipping fandoms.

No. 1532057

>“w-what if I was a cute goth egirl kawaii trans girl on a sleepover playing video games with you and you bent me over and we kissed as cute dumb girls and you railed me until I became dumber and we touched girlcocks and I wear cute socks and I have a cute butt and I’m just a dummy gay lesbian uwu”
Holy shit I couldn't read through this without laughing out loud, it's too real

No. 1532090

that’s also reylo tho

No. 1532100

"mean gays", 100% looks like this was made by someone thinking fujo fakeboys are actual gay men, lmao, you aren't any kind of gay for being a fujo shipping your tododeku or whatever

No. 1532112

So both sides are retarded AND heterosexual?

No. 1532118

anon that's literally supposed to be the caricaturized poor bullied hetshipper's perception of how the heteros are being oppressed by mean gays are you autistic asking genuinely

No. 1532136

you're dumb if you think on tumblr of all sites the person making that comic put "mean gays" intending exclusively the ships and not the people themselves, tumblr is full of fujos who think they're cool gay men and all the uppity fujos on this site who dunk on any woman in fandom who isn't a fujo and then act surprised when any of us retort sound just like the tumblr fujos who think their obsession with gay anime boys gives them proximity to some special gay club unlike the cringe heteros

Yes, and I'm fine with us all being retarded and cringe together, fujos need to stop being uppity and acting like they're allowed to be because "do heteros really think they're oppressed against GAYS?!" when both sides are women talking about fictional men

No. 1532138

I wonder why the mods won't just permaban you Paki-chan

No. 1532162

File: 1679685835858.jpg (293.77 KB, 1920x1331, 3737295_1920.jpg)

>>1532136 not me actually, listen you can't accuse and report everyone with ESL(third language in my cause) and whose against porn addicts of being me, it can cause problems and confusion
next time, ask someone that you think is me, hopefully the jannies might confirm, do you understand that

No. 1532174

>"do they think they're better than me?!"
There is no "do they think", you all never hesitate given the opportunity to say that you think you're better than the cringe yumes and "hetshippers"

>"so what if I like traditional outdated roles in straight relationships"

I don't, most anons on here are conscious of misogyny and will, when discussing hetero content, express a desire for less objectification of female characters and want more equal feeling relationships. If you want to criticize specific het ships and het romantic content for being overly trad and misogynistic, maybe you should specifically refer to those and why you don't like them. But no, much easier to just universally say you think anything heterosexual is cringe and trad and that liking BL is the only way to be feminist and subversive. Maybe if you think being hetero means you're automatically cringe and trad, you should let go of your own heterosexual attraction to men, become a political lesbian, and write exclusively femslash

No. 1532175

Since when are blank tumblrs a reason for blocking? And why? I left around 2017 and have never seen that before.

No. 1532179

Most of them are bots.

No. 1532187

I wonder why the mods won't just permaban you Paki-chan(we do when we see it. stop derailing)

No. 1532217

I agree with you on that, I quite dislike the subtle disdain one will get who likes m/f couplings from those who like m/m couplings, and how commonly in fandoms the only way a f/m coupling is accepted by modern fandom is when it's done in a 'subversive queer girlboss femdommy/ malewife subby boy toy' way. It's not so much on here but on other spaces you'll definitely encounter catty comments towards hetships or even if you just prefer the fanon homosexual fandom bike engaging in hetero PiV sex. It's weird, it's not outright hatred but there's this subtle off-ness from others, at least in my fandom that is.
>express a desire for less objectification of female characters and want more equal feeling relationships
I agree with that as well! I think in some cases it goes both ways, where you have people on one side who make hetships into overtly trad, regressive misogynistic relationship with no basis or reference to canon or it goes the complete opposite and turns the hetship into some weird ultra femdommy queer fantasy relationship with no basis or reference to canon. It seldom ever falls into an equal subject where both the characters are true to themselves, and they're both on equal standing with each other. The man isn't some ultra feminine subby malewife or the woman isn't some ultra doormat tradwife. They're in a relationship of mutual respect and adoration. I never got the whole angle of BL being subversive or feminist at all, especially if those who believe that have the audacity to shit on m/f couplings.

No. 1532325

File: 1679707865007.jpeg (50.46 KB, 530x600, B4E8089C-FA9C-4EB6-ADE4-46D9F5…)


No. 1532403

I made an extremely disgusting vile "transbian he/him butch no transition" tumblr using a clearly very ugly males selfie (not even trans just a plain normal guy) to find other cryptoterfs but so many lesbians I admired ended up trying to do rape RP with him. Not even to be woke, they're just attracted to a male rapist saying he's a lesbian. Only one blocked him. I feel so nauseous and ill and miserable over the state of lesbians. I wish I never found out.

No. 1532413


No. 1532416

lmfao, yeah right. First of all, who even rps on tumblr with randos outside of dedicated fandom spaces? No one is walking up to new users' dms being like hey wanna rp rape with me? kek. And certainly not multiple people unprovoked. Your post sounds like a badly concocted troon fantasy so post proof or gtfo. You're "disappointed" in them, as you say, so expose them as larpers. If it actually happened, which i'm certain it didn't

No. 1532418

you expect us to believe that a bunch of lesbians went out of their way to to roleplay rape with your trasnbian male dummy account despite the fact that even if they wanted to (as if, fucking disgusting) no one with a brain in their head would do that with a troon who would obviously screenshot the convos and publicize them to "humiliate the bigoted lesbian terfs who actually love girlcock." Your story makes zero sense and I suspect you're due for a dilation session right about now.

No. 1532420

just-a-random-dyke, I'm going to delete tomorrow. I wish I was making this up but theyre all either very into him or very politely saying they aren't "ready for that level yet". fucking nightmare hell dimension. I feel like crying

No. 1532430

Kek, no retard. Your blog is disgusting, i don't need to see that shit. We wanted you to namedrop the "lesbians" who took the bait.

No. 1532442

I deleted it, it felt too sick. The male freak fetishist rk-ivyn0t-wą was my first follower, thanked me for the "lesbians need to be raped" post, added onto it with a rape/domination essay and then he wrote a callout post and blocked me. I don't fucking understand why dont see him as the exact same thing.

No. 1532458

that's a whole lot of talking and a whole lot of not providing any proof of your original claim

No. 1532521

File: 1679745103365.jpg (692.17 KB, 2880x2880, 20230124_222042.jpg)

They think every good person = queer, and every bad person = straight. So the straight ones try really hard for their ship to be seen as not straight, I mean look up bi4bi tag about fictional characters, its always related to healthy hetorsexual relationships being hc'd as being bi cause they literally cannot comprehend a healthy hetorsexual relationship

No. 1532524

Why no screenshots?

No. 1532526

Because it's fake.

No. 1532532

File: 1679746313772.png (28.17 KB, 445x840, e33.png)

No. 1532533

how the hell is this girl one-upping count-incel?

No. 1532569

Your message makes no fucking sense, you must be a male baiting. Why would you want to make real women feel uncomfortable just to proove a stupid point, it's disgusting

No. 1532594

I was trying to provide them with effective peak material and warn them against being so comfortable with disgusting males. it somewhat worked now that they're blocking and warning against other random males. I copied and pasted some of the same shit the ivyn0t freak was posting, he instantly befriended me last night and is now pretending hes their "protection" and doesn't have an obvious lesbian rape kink

No. 1532610

NTA, but I do not believe you. One, you need to learn not everyone will peak and two, all you're doing is actively harming radical feminists by making them all look bad. If you want people to peak, the most effective way is being polite, nice, and dropping little crypto hints until you can get them to think critically for once.
Even then, the success rate is relatively poor, but they'll (mostly) still end up hating troons in some capacity

No. 1532644

So you harrassed random lesbians just for the fun of it basically. Weirdo behavior.

No. 1532655

you know what they say, play stupid games, win stupid prizes. congrats for being a grade-a retard.

No. 1532667

I wish I used different methods (called them beautiful angels, asked what they're up to, revolting girlcock posts on the blog), but it actually worked. I made a new blog just saying I'm a "butch dyke trans woman" and was blocked on sight several times. They're getting a little smarter and aren't trusting males so easily. They don't know I'm a radfem, they thought I was a "trans woman" and mostly blocked my popular crypto TERF blog. The hints just weren't getting through to them.

No. 1532673

File: 1679762947042.png (26.05 KB, 514x530, straight people.png)

after years of rigorous research the queer theorists of tumblr have finally identified the most oppressed types of relationships: brave stunning trans woman and her vagina-having partner, she/they enby and jakey, and two opposite-sex bisexuals. all these couples are braver than any us marine and to call them anything but queer faggot dykes is literally a hate crime.

No. 1532851

>a literal heterosexual couple is not 'functionally straight' because the people in it aren't

No. 1532989

>the dreaded two cis bi people

I can't speak for bi men but the majority of bi women definitely partner with straight men from experience. Glad to see we're addressing the real pressing LGBT issues though like people not knowing what a cool alt quounter-qulture queer you are just by looking.

No. 1533295

dude shut up. you're not le epic internet troll you're just a retard.

No. 1534669

If disliking furries is a red flag then I'm a whole communist parade.

No. 1535404

File: 1680054166065.jpeg (59.28 KB, 750x697, 1679962816499.jpeg)

thanks oswald (they/it) for another nuanced take from tumblr, home of nuance and empathy

No. 1536065

isn't referring to her as "them" also misgendering?

No. 1536691

I'm so out of the loop, qrd on the pirate poll drama everyone keeps vaguing about?

No. 1536863

File: 1680195611543.jpeg (23.14 KB, 1170x283, AFC5076A-DF26-4AF4-8ACD-80B986…)

op being a minor with terfs dni is taking me out

No. 1536885

Imagine a person is shooting up a school and kills people, including kids but misgendering her is the worse part? trans activists please fuck off

No. 1537302

As someone who used to use fetlife fairly actively I can confirm that a huge amount of moids into kink are either arrogant troglodytes or drippy little fucks, sometimes both, often with straight pronoun having gfs. I don't think I'll be joining the war on their side regardless of my weird fetishes

No. 1537328

>op being a minor
bleak. me and my friends were familiar with the concept of fetish and kinks when we where teens we just didn't understand it fully. We would often joke about it("vinegar and salt chips are my fetish" and such similar jokes) but we never felt the need to defend it. For us it was just something taboo that we knew some people where into and thats why it was fun to joke about. We never considered our own fetishes and kinks. Its sad to see teen bloggers feel the need to defend something they cant fully comprehend

No. 1537378

I kinda always knew I was into chubby girls and unfortunately moids took advantage of that when I was 12.
I really hope OP wasn't groomed but it seems pretty likely, sadly.

No. 1537474

worse worst anon spotted outside of her usual ecosystem kek

No. 1537480

That usage of worse works though

No. 1537516

i don't get why kink and fetish are getting politicalized as if the members doing it are discriminated in every, or most, aspect of society when they're just kinkshamed at best when their fetish are displayed to the normies. they are throwing "-phobics" and other word salads to people that questioned as to why there's people in fetish gear in lgbt parades.

No. 1537554

File: 1680244248331.png (Spoiler Image, 288 KB, 720x458, fucking gross.png)

I'm tired of disgusting pieces of shit like these appearing whenever I search something so innocuous like "anime" on tumblr. The search function over there is the fucking worst thing I've ever witnessed. I have to report so many fucking accounts each time I want to search shit and the content is never accurate anyways. It's always either pornbots, degenerates like these, or camgirls into DDGL. Fuck you all, seriously. I'm so mad.

No. 1537952

File: 1680289035376.png (82.22 KB, 275x236, g-2.png)

I just got a message from a pornbot with a link which will most likely steal my identity if I click on it. I wish staff would solve this pornbot issue soon I'm tired of it

No. 1538039

Is that lolicon? I think you can report drawn csem under tumblr regulations but idk if they’ll care kek.

No. 1539393

File: 1680452446394.jpg (101.01 KB, 1080x1179, Screenshot_20230402_191747_Tum…)

Beyond pathetic to send yourself anon hate like this. Or are the "weird radfems" in the room with us right now?

No. 1539404

Oh, I hate that too. At least some troons get sent real anon hate and publish it with a sense of humor, it's like a 1% chance, though.

No. 1539515

This is why trutrans are at least better than whatever the fuck this is.
"Being a tranny is a mental illness"
"Yes, and I'm seeking help for it"

No. 1539516

so close yet so far away from realizing that gender affirming surgery is the actual mistreatment.

No. 1539757

File: 1680486921629.jpeg (46.63 KB, 828x468, 4A8EC7F9-5385-4B17-8EDE-285654…)

corn ball

No. 1539764

Does this terminally online zoomer know her mom is probably a terf?

No. 1539765

Normal and emotionally sound

No. 1539802

I thought people, especially women, outgrew this at 16 kek
I used to run some pretty infamous anti-terf blogs before calming down & trying to understand them around that age.
Still am not "TE" or "RF", but I do agree with them on some things, and I certainly don't wish harm on them for having opinions and wanting a better world.

No. 1539970

they are never this aggressive towards transphobic men. Even though it's transphobic men who are kiling trans people

No. 1542328

File: 1680810343854.jpeg (46.43 KB, 1170x360, DFC7CFA4-82D3-45C8-89E1-ECC8A6…)

whatever you say boydyke terfs/radfems dni

No. 1542440

same type of people who who freak out over period art

No. 1542443

why do i feel like this post was written as she was imagining rule 34 art of two fictional men fucking?

No. 1542829

>fictional men
more like mcr members by the looks of it kek

No. 1543437

File: 1680949654388.jpg (140.57 KB, 1080x1660, Screenshot_20230208_135428_Chr…)

The pickme/MRA side of tumblr is truly something else.

No. 1543442

Funny how women are either unemphatic manipulative evil masterminds who won't even look a man's way or too nice and emotional for their own good and therefore incapable of leadership depending on what fits their narrative in any given moment

No. 1543483

Now you even have to be logged in to send anon asks. You can't even scroll past TWO posts on any default themed blog without it locking the page and demanding you to log in. Even less usable than twitter, at least on twitter you can close the log in pop-up and carry on until the next one shows up five posts later and so on. Why does tumblr do this? It's horrible. Bet they're going to remove all custom themes in a future update to make sure everyone has to log in to see anything. Fucking scum.

No. 1544072

File: 1681006763879.jpeg (70.65 KB, 828x554, F1052958-1C6C-4986-9A14-EB258F…)

mind boggling how people like this exist

No. 1544075

I would bet my left kidney that was typed by an overweight person.

No. 1544081

fatties are delusional

No. 1544085

Must be nice to have never lost a loved one 2/3 decades too early due to weight related health issues. To honestly believe that people only ever care about weight as a purely vanity related issue. The health effects are of obesity aren't a made up consipiracy and healthcare won't be able to save you if you don't help yourself.

No. 1544200

Fat acceptance is still alive for some reason and has spread to tiktok kek. Fatties claiming they’re oppressed because they can’t stop eating.

No. 1547283

File: 1681314634952.jpg (38.29 KB, 1080x362, Screenshot_20230412_185014_Tum…)

Trannies fleeing to Bosnia to escape teh trans genocide

No. 1547401


No. 1547641

ot but that video comp isn't really milky. Some of the videos are just fat women dancing and some of them seem self aware like the Six flag one. The idea that fat people should isolate themselves and never film themselves until they lose weight is stupid. If the video comp only had videos of fat people calling diets literal genocide then it would be a different story

No. 1547655

I've seen more than one "anorexic" obese woman on tiktok.

No. 1547661

File: 1681330993971.jpeg (165.93 KB, 1000x750, cvarcijada-plakat1.jpeg)

Based Bosniaks would ridicule her to death.

No. 1547668

File: 1681331462583.jpeg (126 KB, 750x1032, F3A40A98-E543-4459-B4D2-465294…)

>sex work is work

No. 1547669

File: 1681331496361.jpeg (99.67 KB, 750x1096, 3DA61ED1-294C-4BF9-9955-BFE01A…)

>the work

No. 1547898

Wtf, is the OP a moid or a deeply unwell TIF?

No. 1548263

NTAYRT, and this isn't necessarily about the specific account posted here, it could be but idk who this is, but I've heard from a number of detrans women that some of them use "detrans kink" as an outlet for feelings of regret or dissatisfaction with transition because thoughts like "I'm not happy with my transition" or "transitioning was a mistake" are Haram in trans circles, but kink is seen as sacred and beyond criticism no matter what. This is obviously deranged, coomer-dominated cult shit, but it checks out when compared to other troon behaviors and talking points.
I know this doesn't answer your question, but the additional context might help you make your own decision. I'm not 100% certain, myself, but the specific way OP pathetically mewls about "creating safe spaces" in a post about exploting herself(?) both in real and imagined ways, makes me think its a TIF. But TIMs are well known for going to insane lengths for their fetishes, so idk.

No. 1548268

The biggest tell for how obviously fake this is is that OP claimed to have made an account to RP as a predatory transbian in hopes of making cryptoterf friends with it. If it wasn't fake, OP would have to have a negative integer IQ, because that plan is actually retarded on every conceivable level.

No. 1549290

File: 1681506372178.png (386.67 KB, 1160x882, sdfghjk.png)

I have nothing against fundraisers but the one I see on tumblr always look so fake.

No. 1549292

File: 1681506625123.png (15.18 KB, 563x534, fhjjj.png)

Maybe I missed something but it's literally the only post on this blog and yet tons of people reblog it

No. 1549304

Damn now I wanna do this and see if people will give me money kek

No. 1549309

we've been joking about this for ages, but women really should start posing as troons and get that money

No. 1549319

>black trans indigenous

really trying to hit the oppression jackpot, huh

No. 1549487

File: 1681518233625.png (45.26 KB, 732x777, eeaefbc952a07492ba1f6685b039f0…)

annoying people self selecting out? sounds good to me

No. 1549771

>No men
>no tifs
>no tims
>no nigels
sounds good to me

No. 1549804

i can't wait to lose 10kg lmao.

No. 1550235

File: 1681579359120.jpg (178.59 KB, 1080x1199, Screenshot_20230415_180642_Chr…)

>implying "cis" people don't have problems
Get a life dude, you chose to troon out, don't blame us for your behavior.

No. 1550241

pretty sure that's a tim and they'd beat him to death lol

No. 1550491

File: 1681598320625.jpeg (94.61 KB, 1170x674, 45B41CA6-70A1-496E-8013-6395EC…)

The best part of this is of course she’s being bullied for allegedly being a terf. Get a real job kek

No. 1550496

Oh, it's her.

No. 1552468

File: 1681762973658.jpg (160.23 KB, 1080x1269, Screenshot_2023-04-17-22-21-59…)

>I love u ass hair I love u hairy arms and legs I love u wispy mustaches
because women are naturally hairless until they start taking hormones

No. 1552469

>The average cis person
This woman has become so delusional that she forgot that women exist. All of this more strongly applies to women than it does to TIP.

No. 1552470

Why do I have to troon out for someone to tell me they love my ass hair

No. 1552483

How many people are literally calling for the mass murder of all trannies on mainstream media? Criticizing the idea that your sex is dictated by what clothes you wear or that men wearing a dress are inoffensive women and should have free access to women's private spaces… that's not wanting to eradicate anyone, it's just wanting trans people to stop pretending to be something they're not. So where did they get the idea that everyone wants to "eradicate" them? Is it because they believe not allowing people to troon out will lead to those people killing themselves? I don't get it

No. 1552580

because when girls hit puberty they dont start doing icky things like sweating and grow body hair. If a girl does this that means that she is actually male brained

No. 1552581

File: 1681771655666.jpg (83.79 KB, 750x721, IMG-20201106-WA0024.jpg)

you just gotta be stacy enough anon

No. 1552585

How about the fact that in this school year a fuck ton of schools had to introduce assemblies and special classes to combat the influence of Andrew Tate? I wish it was just news and social media for women. Girls encounter it everywhere in life.

No. 1552622

File: 1681774785082.jpg (74.17 KB, 1080x818, IMG_20230417_203923_742.jpg)

Yeah, calling someone a wrong pronoun is WORSE than threatening/doing harm to a lesbian

No. 1552634

Lmao they literally make it a competition. Trannies at the top ofc

No. 1552776

So are they admitting trans lesbians aren’t a real thing?

No. 1552971

They really think they're the only oppressed people in the world and everyone lets them get away with it.

>I love u receding hairlines
kek the cope

I'm sure anyone saying lesbophobia is worse was harrassed by troons for being transphobic because we all should know there is nothing worse than a normie stumbling over pronouns even if they're trying to be accepting. Everytime they go mask off and downplay every other form of discrimination to paint themselves as the biggest victims in the world over the most inconsequential things.

No. 1553023

File: 1681801370006.jpg (91.69 KB, 1080x870, cringe.jpg)