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File: 1629449846207.jpg (613.32 KB, 1080x1290, 1623667249026.jpg)

No. 886828

Containment thread for all the art salt you could imagine. And sometimes, people ask for help. Stop getting pissy about that.

Discuss the shitty art and even shittier attitude of artists

-Talk about Art Youtubers

-Ask about art supplies

-Discuss trashy art trends

-Instagram bullshit

-Art theft!

-General Art Bullshit

-Fandom and Shipping Discourse!



Recent Art Milk:

Like nothing of note. Feel free to link highlights yourself but nothing sticks out to me.

Articles about useful resources for improving one's art:


Tried and true books on perspective, anatomy for artists, etc:
1. Perspective Made Easy by Ernest R. Norling
2. How to Draw by Scott Robertson
3. Framed Ink by Marcos Mateu-Mestre
4. Figure Drawing by Andrew Loomis
5. The Atlas of Human Anatomy and Surgery JM Bougery
6. Drawing the Head and Hands by Andrew Loomis
7. Figure Drawing by Michael Hampton
8. Force by Michael Mattesi
9. How to Render by Scott Robertson
10. Color and Light by James Gurney
11. The Skillful Huntsman by Scott Robertson/Mike Yamada/Khang Le/Felix Yoon

Previous Thread: >>820866

No. 887183

File: 1629476803218.jpg (214.62 KB, 1280x640, escher.jpg)

i have an art question about drawing from imagination, not from observation, so the "use your pencil as a ruler !" trick that i've been getting in every Google result doesn't work here :
say i want to draw a box in perspective that has a certain ratio, like length 6cm, width 4cm and height 3cm.
how do i keep those ratios when putting it in perspective ? because yes, i can place a vanishing point, but how do i know how deep the box has to be so that the proportions are maintained ?
i saw this, and it works really well, but sadly only for a square tile on the ground/the square basis of the box : https://drawingacademy.com/how-to-draw-a-square-in-perspective

please help it's driving me mad.

No. 887191

You should try drawing it and use your personal judgment to determine if it looks fine. I know that's not really a good answer, but there's not much you can do. It depends on your "camera"'s focal length, the distance of the object from your vanishing point on the drawing and the angle at which the object is placed on the ground. So usually just use your judgment and if you really super importantly need the proportions to be perfect make your scene in a 3d modeling program.

No. 887206

thank you for your answer ! i was indeed wondering if those who are better than me eyeball it.
it's that i'm trying to make a box and cut in in 8 to place a character inside, but the end that's far away seems to really dwarf the head or the feet in a way i doubt is natural/realistic. and so if i had a way to be SURE that the character box is indeed character-sized, it would help me.

No. 887220

Has anyone tried using the Bridgeman anatomy book? It’s really…..I don’t know, I don’t find it very useful. I’ve found other artists’ anatomy studies more helpful.

No. 887299

The Constructive Anatomy one right? I have tried looking at it myself and the explanations make it one of the most confusing art books I have ever read. I don't think it does a proper job of explaining how to look and see the human body rather I think he just put his own short hand notes that aren't useful to anyone but himself. If you found another artist's studies more useful anon I would recommended going with that than trying to figure out Bridgeman's book. It's easier to find something that works for you rather than try to force to understand it. Hope that helps!

No. 887510

The youtube channel moderndayjames has an amazing playlist on perspective that I feel is the best free learning material on youtube. I feel like his videos are very clear and give practical exercises to follow. They really stretch your brain a couple videos in. I think you would benefit, considering you're looking for a very technical and almost mathematical approach, anon. Pic by Krenz

No. 887511

File: 1629491702628.jpg (89.26 KB, 500x707, 2.jpg)

I forgot with embed no pic. Here is pic.

No. 887522

Bridgman was completely unhelpful my first few years drawing but as I grew a stronger grip on anatomy/forms/plane changes, his books suddenly became completely decipherable. It was like a switch was flicked on. I feel like a good stepping stone to understanding Bridgman is Glen Vilppu.

No. 887694

going off the previous thread,

Why do REDJUICE and Paco's vtuber designs suck so much ass? Their art is god-tier otherwise. Is it the process of creating a moving image that take away from their style? shit baffles me

No. 887845

File: 1629519197878.png (468.65 KB, 1922x752, your oc ain't worth shit.PNG)

imagine being harmonyskish, thinking that your generic ass oc that has been done before is worth $100-120.

anyways, here's a link to the oc that was done before harmony's to show you what I mean.

No. 887872

Oh lol that's my screenshot, that's kinda cool ty op

No. 887884

File: 1629527184207.png (246.73 KB, 566x617, norling.png)

yes that might be it, right from the beginning he talks about my issue, thank you nona !
also i found this in Norling, that's a bit complicated to understand but it solves the issue for 2-point.
good luck to everybody !

No. 887900

File: 1629529467064.png (1.88 MB, 1726x827, E860L_zUcAgTBxh.png)

I love when an artist posts their art progress over a period of time as if its some motivational thing but you struggle to find exactly what's improved. I'd be embarrassed if after five years my hands and faces are pretty much the same.

Well I guess it's motivational in a way. Please don't let me end up like these people.

No. 887950


it was the funniest/most horrifying thing in the past thread anon youre welcome

No. 888073

yeah the sad part is that she doesn't realize how little changed… i would have expected the caption to be "drawing just for fun is OK, don't grind if it makes your hobby not fun anymore".
also, idk why her recent drawing has so little contrast between lineart and coloring that it makes the picture less readable. she didn't have this problem before.

No. 888410

File: 1629575769195.png (575.93 KB, 1970x1055, 6142062251.png)


Greetings /ot/. I've compiled a document detailing the ties between former FGC artist Shunao and her vtuber alt Furuya Mari as well as her past actions as both a rape accuser and an assets theft. I hope this can find its way to the public.

No. 888425

File: 1629576230515.png (45.01 KB, 1108x536, 0063214560 - Copy.png)


For those of you who are disinterested in reading, I have also retrieved the breaking point between her and Corimon (her former FGC friend who retweeted her own vtuber debut) which features odd behaviors such as
>The use of the words "It wasn't my intention to hurt you" even though those exact words got her cancelled last time
>Believing that Corimon's vtuber assets are so "correct" that she needs to steal them even though she's the artist whose been to conventions for 7 years while Corimon is just a random streamer
>Repeat instances of stealing despite being confronted about it

No. 888513

imo her choice of colours is more pleasing in the second pic (even though I agree with >>888073 when it comes to the line art)

No. 888548

From one fgcfag to another, please shut the fuck up about Shunao. No one here gives a shit about her, and anyone who wanted to unfollow her has already unfollowed and anyone who wants to keep simping for her is still simping.

No. 888599

Please tell me that by diploma they mean like high school or middle school and not college

No. 888729

we've talked about her already in an older artist salt thread anon. she got her own thread at /w/, but it's been locked likely for stale milk. is there anything recent?

No. 888769

File: 1629608890915.png (266.14 KB, 1101x705, _11123021.png)

NTA but from the artist side of things there's rearing her face into Lunarcon, unironically deciding that MinoMino would be a good new mantle to have, and constantly retweeting her own store announcements when it's made clear that no one cares.

As for Mari there's streams with 30 viewers at most and her old fans like Sutocayo, Okotomi, and ModernHyrulian unknowingly dox the person they simp for. Personally I think putting Mari out of her misery is a favor more than anything.

No. 889057

New Helluva Boss episode is out. The animation is very good mostly, I wish Viv didn't feel the need to shoehorn her passion for musicals into something that doesn't go well with it. The cool fight scene is dragged out and overall I feel like this is getting boring. Also, the deep and serious moments get cringy fast in an "adult" show that's full of juvenile zoomer humor.

No. 889259

File: 1629654608119.png (2.38 MB, 1920x1080, #holoCouncil.png)

This is Namie kun in the year 2021, say something nice about her!

No. 889269

Christ I normally love pako's art and character designs but he failed hard with this one. Its like he just threw his hands in the air and said "it's a foreigner, they have shit taste anyway".

No. 889279

the stars in her tan are cute if that's what they are. her skin is nice

No. 889299

Her face and design looks utterly fucked because they were too focused on making her breasts look like inflatables.

No. 889304

is that really her? I like the base the design but I'm not a fan of the dress. The little animals seems kind of random too

No. 889334

Yeah that aussie accent gave it away. Once the SJW twit finds out an East Asian girl is LARPing a brown girl, she’s going to be unfortunately cancelled so hard…

They fucked up her character design I feel so bad for namie

No. 889390

keep it up, love to see a person RPing as a japanese girl get fucked owned

No. 889488

I think they're supposed to be like the zodiac signs?

No. 889545

File: 1629682466902.jpg (1.11 MB, 1125x1276, sana.jpg)

Damn it's kind of insane how there's articles already out about her

simps are scary


No. 889564

File: 1629684668526.png (957.82 KB, 1805x640, 1629670029651.png)

Nature, space, chaos, time, civilization

Her Twitch streams might have been scarce (and unarchived) but her voice leaves an impression so I'm not too surprised.
The owl on the other hand has thrown /vt/ in a loop as for whether she's Shachimu or not because of some tweet mentioning a bf.

No. 889595

File: 1629687271814.png (813.65 KB, 825x1309, Screenshot_20210822-225413.png)

Namie confirmed.

No. 889604

their colab stream was a fucking mess it was incredibly cringe and a lot of their designs and outfits are just… lackluster… feelsbad i love hololive en

No. 889606

File: 1629687889883.jpg (359.67 KB, 500x647, __rosa_pokemon_and_2_more_draw…)

Namie loves pako so I think she's happy with it. Also I wonder if the hair is inspired by Rosa from pokemon? Namie used to draw her a ton.

Their synergy is really disappointing. The collab stream felt painful to watch. I hope Sana and Ina do cute art collabs though

No. 889610

I think it's based on her pixiv fantasia character with lulupantsu. Namie really went on DFE spree so it's hard to find now. I remember someone last thread mentioned she deleted her deviantart, now we know why

No. 889617

File: 1629688703880.png (297.79 KB, 550x757, __brionne_pokemon_drawn_by_nam…)


kinda funny enough one of her pixiv fantasia characters started out tan but became pale over time. She didn't mention anything about art on stream. I wonder if she will even stream her art?

No. 889627

File: 1629690287653.jpeg (1.99 MB, 1250x1027, namie alette.jpeg)

If I didn't know they were Hololive, I would've thought they were indie vtubers. They all have those trying-too-hard-to-be-unique clusterfuck designs that a lot of indies have.

There's a vague resemblance but not enough to conclusively say it's based on her old oc.

Doesn't Namie only do commercial work now? She'll probably be bound by NDAs and have to do something like Ina where she only streams warmups and exercises.

No. 889652

I keep seeing something like “don’t heavily reference my art” by people online and I have no idea what the fuck this means. Don’t try to imitate their art style? Their.. generic dime a dozen art style?

No. 889662

Is there any place to talk about vtubers on lolcow? Can someone link the thread if there is?

No. 889666


No. Those threads are banned because it was filled with nitpicks, doxxing and 4chan invasions. There’s a vtuber general in /m/.

No. 889667

The mods have deemed vtuber threads on /w/ as a waste since no major events happen to chuubas like Kiara. Not even the indie side like Artemis or Domo have an apocalypse happen. Try putting in legwork next time.

No. 889668

they're banned because it attracts scrotes and vendetta chans airing grievances about their close friends

No. 889703

File: 1629703125632.png (567.07 KB, 512x724, S276_Stage1.png)

I don't get it, he created some of the best designs in FGO and here it looks like he went in the opposite direction. He was probably given some directions and guidelines to follow, but it's very disappointing.
Speaking of FGO, am I the only one who thinks the rat girl is just a recolor of Sei Shonagon? I know they are both drawn by Mika Pikazzo, but they seem to have the same kind of obnoxious personality.

No. 889706

I immediately thought of Sei Shonagon when I saw her, it literally looks like a recolor. But I can't wrap my head around that pako design and how bad he failed at that because his characters for FGO have been one of the best in the whole game, I want to believe that it's some severe outside intervention and not his own vision.

No. 889721

File: 1629705123663.png (2.08 MB, 1408x1746, Untitled2.png)

I like how he calls himself a professional, but draws like this, lmao.

No. 889723

>106 watchers
This is just a literal nobody, why do you give a shit?

No. 889732

File: 1629706856245.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 192.53 KB, 1600x1600, 5924F53F-F23A-4050-8003-307538…)

Part of me wishes they weren’t banned. I was just forced to see art of this bug eyed loli and I wish I had a place to talk about it. It’s hard to be able interested in the art of vtubers when this pedoshit is around every corner.

No. 889734

Jesus please tell me that's not a real vtuber, coomers are a disease

No. 889739

It’s a real vtuber, nonnie. Their twitter handle is @kyuotto and they offend my gaze everytime I accidentally come across their fanart. I try to avoid loli/shota shit because I fucking hate it but this person managed to gain 15k followers with their avatar and so you see this coomer nonsense if you’re not careful.

No. 889741

I think a good place to talk about them is the ugly art or the shitty design threads on /m/ since most Vtubers have look like shit.

No. 889751

Basically using the art/drawing as a model to "copy", remember when we all used to do that in primary school when we started drawing. (for me it was manga covers)

No. 890557

Did you guys hear about the ABO racist High School RolePlay Group Someone made

No. 890563

No and I don't care. This is the artist salt thread, not your Discord server. Provide screenshots and summarize the drama instead of expecting someone to do it for you.

No. 890568

File: 1629780248230.png (746.03 KB, 584x859, E7q0uOwWEAUExdR.png)

I hate Twitter art raffles. Yeah no shit nobody actually likes your art, but if it's free why not, it's literally two seconds effort on their part for something you'll waste hours of your life on.

I don't even get why people are so obsessed with followers. A mutual follow from an artist you actually like and respect is worth 1000 nobodies.

No. 890602

I know about it, was just wondering if others had so I could post things to discuss since the drama goes deep

But sure I won’t post about it lol

No. 890879

God it pisses me off when artists get butthurt about not getting commissions and attention on posts, you’re just drawing no one owes you anything for it. I managed to get a fine following never guilt tripping people who follow me, crazy!! No one likes a whiner.

No. 890883

man those are the official designs? they all look like ass save for like two maybe. i like kronii's design but her titanic tits just look out of place.

how did hololive en manage to fuck up so badly on the designs? >>889259 the one made my pako looks almost laughable if it wasn't incredibly sad considering how pako is an excellent character designer.

No. 890922

When artists are constantly telling me how to interact with their art in the captions it just makes me keep scrolling. Even “likes/reblogs/retweets are appreciated” comes off as annoying. People already know how to use social media, if they want to engage they will. No one owes you popularity.

No. 890994

I remember she was talked about in a first thread. TBH its fair and good that vt threasd are closed, half of the retarded wojak spammers and baiters are from vt-tards that still got lolcow living rent-free in their head, claiming its the place where they only shit talking their mentally ill vtubers. I do not think it should have a thread because the amount of gore from, for example k*ara WKs (the people who also always mention lc) back when this thread was a thing.

On top of that VT community is retarded and obviously full of fake people and drama tards, it's basically the same as vocaloid community thread. I'd rather suggest some weird 'typical pickme coomer' thread, because there are many pathetic people like picrel.

Her design is actually stolen from someone as far as i remember and she scammed some artist at the beginning.

No. 891023

Does anyone have good advice/books on how to draw hair? I struggle a lot drawing hair if it's in a realistic style. I'm trying to learn how to draw portraits.

No. 891092

i don't mind "likes/rts appreciated" when it's a shop/pre-order or commission post. but if it's just a normal drawing post it's annoying

No. 891095

What grinds my gears the most are POC/LGBT artists go post normal ass (sometimes mediocre) art and go 'omg it costs nothing to support a poc/lgbt artist!!! give this some love guys!!' it's just such blatant begging.

No. 891126

>Depressed enough to let numbers overshadow the self-growth part of art
>Not depressed enough to sulk in their own mind and question how likable their art actually is and what to do about it
I swear numberfags are beyond help

No. 891189


I don't see art raffles as a really big deal, if they're done sparingly (like for some relevant milestone) they can work to lift some engagement (although yeah it will always attract people who just want free art)

What I do hate tho is artists who keep doing raffles and only care about numbers n shit, then start whining that they don't get commissions and ppl don't rt their art. Those are annoying af.

No. 891205

File: 1629840485475.png (417.7 KB, 1920x1080, E9Epz_HVEAoguzC.png)

why is iofi's concept 'artist' if this is the best she can do?(she drew the 2 bottom ones btw)

No. 891269

This again? Nagu's entire popularity is because she draws and those chibi still suck.

No. 891279

Anon-chan that's drawn by a literal who IOFI from holoID.
Stop bringing this shit up, it's stupid and there's no milk. It's just a doodle fanart of one of the holoIDs. Are you seriously trying to build theories over it? Please gtfo to vt

No. 891329

File: 1629851815250.jpeg (524.44 KB, 1924x1216, 2D2D0FDA-D34E-432B-B13E-2721AF…)

No. 891332

All the context is in the docs. RP community has been talking about this non stop for two days now

No. 891348

can you guys shut up about vtubers unless there's actual relevant art drama lmao

No. 891458

>why doesnt my art get likes or retweets?
>maybe its bland, uninspired and forgettable that people just scroll past it?
>no, its the algorithm!!!! #FiXtHeAlGoRiThM

No. 891495

Damn this brings me back to cringy middle school days on DA. Something about the way she draws eyes makes all her drawings look very hollow.

No. 891497

File: 1629869246180.png (548.78 KB, 597x921, 25156.png)

Why tf does she have so many followers? And why won't she go away?

No. 891589

Who?? Context, nonnie.

No. 891606

his style doesn't really align with my sensibility, I find it too baroque and OTT and just kind of unpleasant to look at - for the constructive anatomy approach I prefer Bammes /probably being german

No. 891626

retarded but accurate tbh

No. 891739

Have you seen this mega hoarder? Wouldn't be surprised if she was talked here already.. Of course her art is sub-par (her last insta post was from a month or two ago), yet she's showing off more than $2000 worth of art supplies here.
I notice a pattern with some youtubers, they hoard more than draw and somehow seem to think having expensive shit makes them better artists..

No. 891830


It‘s a phase I think. Such artists are on a level where they still need to experiment with several mediums bc they have not found their medium yet. Living in a consumerist culture plays a role too.
Usually, I enjoy haul videos as background noise but this lady is absolutely boring and her camera is shaky af, not to speek of that ugly cloth (she removes it at some point but that doesn‘t help much). Better to watch people like Natasha Newton. She buys a lot too but it‘s always stuff that fits her needs or if it‘s new for her she doesn‘t go overboard with it (and sticks to her usual color range too).

No. 891870

No. 891888

I've nothing against big hauls if the artist is actually productive and using them. Hauls are super relaxing, I usually put random ones on background when I'm trying to nap lol.

No. 891909

Half of those chibis are drawn by nagu/ina. Her signature is right there, and the upper 3 chibis are made with a completely different style than Iofi's. They're both ugly.

No. 891953

File: 1629918049822.jpg (142.74 KB, 960x933, OWViV5T.jpg)

check out Draw A Box! It's a free course on perspective. I think you will particularly find a huge amount of value in the rotated box exercise (pictured) which is further into lesson 1. I do recommend doing all the exercises that lead up to it since the whole structure of this course is a slow build-up on each prior exercise, plus there are some other exercises that you'd probably find beneficial as well. The course as a whole is really fantastic, it teaches you not only to pull shapes out of stuff, but how to manipulate them as well which ultimately aids greatly in drawing from imagination.


Regarding your question on the boxes of a specific size, once to do the rotated box exercise and really get the hang of it, you might find it worthwhile to do it again but instead starting with a box dimensions of your choice. Changing the size/shape of the boxes for a second round of the exercise is not something he covers in his course, but he at least gives you the tools to get you started with it. Good luck!

No. 891957

File: 1629918231311.jpg (654.75 KB, 1600x1600, Whatarewrists.jpg)

Coomer art really is a lottery of luck and connections huh. And her constant cycle of depression/suicide baiting is annoying as fuck

No. 891971

So what? Is that supposed to be milk? Bring something actually controversial.

No. 891980

No, I don't give a fuck about it either. Anon's been schizo about it since last thread.

No. 891987

what is it about vtubers that has attracted so many schizos so fast? I don't watch any of them, I only look at these events from afar and they're crazy. People are actually mad a character design is not totally original? Why and who cares?

No. 891989

animu waifus with trope-y personalities playing normie games + parasocial relationships with fans. that's pretty much it.

No. 892013

It's just twitch e-thots under anime avatars, same fanbase. Targeted to lonely incels that go tfw no gf 24 7 and depend on a content creator. But somehow it's totally okay if everything's done under drawn/3d avatar

No. 892038

>follow an artist’s personal account
>art account has over 100k followers
>they make sad posts about how a drawing they worked so hard on “flopped” because it didn’t hit 10k likes
>2 hours after the drawing was posted
I know social media artists deal with anxiety and low self esteem, but really?

No. 892051

Who is it? lol

No. 892081

this is why vtuber discussion was banned off of LC, cus autists like you

No. 892133

File: 1629938949209.jpg (40.28 KB, 673x266, x.jpg)

idolomantises. I always tried to feel sympathetic for their earlier “my art flopped :(“ posts but this kind of talk just tells me you need to take a break from twitter (and also drawing because you shouldn’t be breaking your back for twitter likes).

No. 892140

when you have 100k followers 10k likes is on the low end. it's like having 100 followers and only getting 10 likes. it's annoying when anyone complains about likes though, artists who tie their art's value to how many likes they got are just hurting themselves.

art that goes viral is more often than not because it's a relevant or popular subject matter, not necessarily because it's drawn well

No. 892143

yeah there are "art" youtubers who's hobby seems to be collecting art supplies, not creating art. nothing wrong with that i like watching haul videos, but idk any professional artist that are spending thousands on every type of art supply just to experiment. even low-tier artists like baylee jae stick to markers and watercolors and aren't buying hoards of random supplies

No. 892182

File: 1629944522851.jpeg (451.41 KB, 750x973, 5F7BD172-B903-4D35-A959-4A2714…)

White washing is an issue, but sometimes these fuckers annoy the hell out of me because how righteous they are. they just won’t let people draw what they want because it isn’t in their eyes it’s not enough, and yet, the hypocrisy in this case is that most of these fucks only draw African Americans in one skin tone and that’s the stereotypical dark brown

No. 892187

>most of these fucks only draw African Americans in one skin tone and that’s the stereotypical dark brown
I’m not sure I’ve seen anything like this, can you give an example? What’s a stereotypical dark brown?

No. 892188

Nah, this one is true. Why do most artists pick ugly shades of brown that no human has?

No. 892325

this person befriended women who worked on rise of TMNT just to get into their personal server and leak their nsfw drawings, made a list of them and called them pedos, trying to ruin their career. Why the fuck do you follow this lard of poison, anon

No. 892359

idek a) skin doesn't look like solid objects and brown skin often doesn't even have that kind of saturated color overall and b) perception-wise we're way more sensitive when it comes to humans and faces so it's easier for thingd to feel off - and when you have a style like in the pic that relies on outlines a dark skin tone can indeed require new drawing solutions - lots of people learn to draw by copying other drawing so you can indeed "not know" how to do something

No. 892364

is this the person that got called out on tumblr for being into 'problematic' kinks and being an 'abuser'?? I put into quotes because i'm not sure of the veracity of the claims.

No. 892565

File: 1629991748196.jpg (430.22 KB, 750x881, 072927.jpg)

This person always makes like 4 posts a month that each get 20k-30k likes by the way

No. 892647

anons, do you have any tips on how to draw from observation? as in, real life environments like cafes, subways, etc. i can never grasp it because my subjects move too much or are distracting

No. 892653

>camera constantly shaking
>adjusting the table cloth after every segment
>pronounces “d” instead of “th” da, dese, dey, dis
>gets 7 versions of basically the exact same products
>never saw her face but you can tell she’s fat from the absolute sausages she’s using to open everything

Usually I really enjoy these types of videos, but there’s something about this person that really rubs me the wrong way

No. 892772

hmmm maybe it's just a fucking dumb idea

No. 892787

I went to art school (public not private) and there was someone I knew there who drew even worse than that when we graduated. Throughout her degree, she refused to do anything in class other than shitty anime no matter what professors said to her, claiming it was just her preferred “style”. So she graduated with a portfolio full of middle school tier art and now all she does is cry on Twitter that no one will hire her even though she’s “professionally trained” and has a degree in art

I could be wrong because this is about Twitter and I’m more familiar with Instagram, but on Instagram anyone with a 1k-100k follower count should have around 10% likes based on their count (although the % seems to be lower now that ig wants to be tiktok)

No. 893097


the art is mediocre at best. what an egotistical piece of shit

No. 893110

How in the world was the design for the Galaxy tanned girl approved? It's just all over the place. And here I was thinking Kiara's first design was lackluster

No. 893180

I haven't kept up with ava's demon in a while but Michelle C-whatever tf is now Michelle Fus and a theybie??? What the hell did I miss during her long ass hiatus?

No. 893192

anyone have any recommendations for small art commentary channels to check out? after everything that's gone down, i'm looking for new youtubers to fill the creepshow art-sized hole in my heart.

No. 893266

It helps to go in with a clear idea of what you want to focus on, and choose your subject matter based on that. Do you wanna practice drawing objects accurately? Maybe do some still lifes in your own home for practice, and then work your way up to drawing larger environments in public. Do you wanna practice drawing people? Doing lots of figure and gesture studies can make drawing people in public easier, and when drawing people in public don't be afraid to go loose, or even work from imagination/your artistic knowlege to fill in details when the subject moves and cant be used as a ref anymore.

No. 893287

dont forget the hairy hands, ugh

No. 893361

>Random literal who weeb girls aged 20+ having a degenerate fantasy harem RP community for fun
>Someone puts together a huge, terminally retarded google doc full of out of context discord screenshots calling them racist pedos based on the biggest reach you've seen
>"here are all their twitter handles but pls people remember not to harass them nudge nudge wink wink!"
My god how embarrassing. Crybullies like this are the autistic kids nobody wanted to spend time with because they would throw a temper tantrum, tattle on everyone out of spite when they didn't get their way and then wonder why nobody wants to hang out with them.

No. 893717


Wtf? How does this shit even get popular? It's so mediocre and shit. Twitter when it's used as an art platform is generally confusing as all hell

No. 893871

File: 1630139690238.jpeg (719.57 KB, 4096x1931, E9zzYiNWQAkQMzG.jpeg)

ValiDate announced that they're changing the artist to be one artist and honestly consistency between all the characters makes it look so much more visually appealing than before when they were each done by a different artist.

but also cannot get over how weird that square hair guy's hair looks like it's just flat black squares

No. 893875

kek I like how the tranny character looks now literally like a man in a wig. Nice touch.

That said I agree that it makes much more sense to have just one artist taking care of the artwork, while the designs are still disastrous it still looks way better visually.

No. 893876

Hey that looks pretty good, good move

No. 893878

I haven't been following this game at all so I can only speculate that it's dumbass tranny shit, but this art style is awesome. It's nice to see natural hair drawn like… ever. That said I wish they had a girl with box braids or something, anything more afrotextured than whatever the weird tumblr-looking bitch has going on. Doesn't really matter though, I'll never play it lol. Just from the title I can tell it's utter trash.

No. 893882

Whatever, the game is still gonna be a SJW crap. Have you played the demo? The writing is atrocious

No. 893897

Do newfags know about all the drama and trolling in their development? These are literal trolls scamming people with Kickstarter and tbh, good for them.

No. 893898

The writing is ass and I'm never ever ever going to play it, but I'm in love with the guy in yellow lipstick so I'm taking him.
>It's nice to see natural hair drawn like… ever.
Big agree and is the big reason why I'm sad this is the game that's gonna supply the afrotextured hair visuals. Begging, maybe some day someone non-smoothbrained will make a good game with proper things like these

No. 893904

I pray that they are trolling, but it seems to me that they are as obnoxious as possible because they know their audience. Like the 'if fundraising reaches X thousand over goal, we will add a white person!!!' thing. You are welcome to explain I'm wrong, I'd honestly prefer to find out it's high-level trolling and not a peak SJW tumblr game.

No. 893940

Kf has a thread about them, half of these Devs are LARPing as a different nationality and giving themselves a pass to shit on different countries, etc. It was discussed here long, long time ago.

No. 893949

Ooh, I need to check the kf thread then! I do remember Validate being discussed on lolcow, but it didn't go beyond 'lol this shit ugly', so maybe I missed that discussion. Thanks!

No. 893956

Yup, you sadly did. Enjoy reading the obnoxious scam train. Idk who takes this "dating sim" seriously when it's obviously a joke

No. 893960

I'm so sad, cause the milk sounds amazing, but I hate kf. Google searched the farms, but nothing came up for 'validate'. If someone remembers when this trainwreck was discussed, please give me a link!

No. 893966

No. 894146

lmao are there seriously zero women who don't need special pronouns or hrt in this pic

No. 894156

File: 1630178140307.jpeg (108.68 KB, 749x760, C12D0ED3-3FDE-4FBB-B7BB-198DC8…)

I’m sick of struggling with my art. I’m only going to use a round airbrush until I finally learn how to draw in the way that I want. It’s so annoying to see 13 year olds leagues ahead of me but I know I can do it too.

No. 894164

File: 1630179206555.jpeg (270.56 KB, 1010x1010, 75F89D89-ACC2-4604-BEC9-5173FE…)

Not a game but Biji on Twitter does nice art of original characters with natural hair (mostly locs and afros iirc). I think she’s working on a comic but I think her designs have nice character to them instead of just being nine thousand identity markers shoved together.

No. 894168

File: 1630179366770.jpeg (54.59 KB, 900x466, 231B0815-E7E7-44EE-8ECE-6D9CD2…)

No. 894262

I know some of the people who work on the game, its not a troll. They just are so blindly insensitive about other cultures. Especiallt with the one black character who works at popeyes, is a baby daddy to multiple women, only wants to fuck and not date, and hands out mixtapes. The lead dev is also tied to current Homestuck so make of that what you will. Most of the team is also pretty antisemetic.

No. 894271

Is it even possible to make a living from art without relying on internet clout? Like, not even posting art or having an active social media presence?

No. 894273

Art, no. Graphic design, yes. Unless you're creating concept art for game studios or something you're shit out of luck trying to make a living besides freelancing company illustrations or something. Most artists who find the social media game too exhausting just to graphic design as their day job and take freelancing gigs when they can. I guess you could make a living out of art alone but not a decent one, it would be living from paycheck to paycheck.

No. 894274

Depends on the art you make. There are plenty of jobs at companies like graphic designers, photographers, videographer, concept artist, video game design, etc. Fine artists can sign with galleries or agents. Ceramics, sculpture, jewelry all have tangible products that can be sold in a physical store. There are plenty of options beyond clout chasing

No. 894279

File: 1630191760091.png (502.58 KB, 800x1160, D2BE46B8-F00D-4F4C-ABA2-C7B16B…)

How has this webcomic existed for years and this man’s art style has not improved in the slightest.

No. 894291

How is that shit still a thing? It’s not even funny.

No. 894301

File: 1630194218390.jpg (49.61 KB, 1000x553, E0LlF7BXoAMwgQt.jpg)

iirc graphic designer here, going from illustration to graphic design isn't a walk in the park and you'll notice most star-studded graphic designers can't draw for shit, being decent at drawing helps a bit but it makes mostly no fucking difference in the most profitable areas of graphic design, a lot of people in my college class were typical tumblr fanartists who really got knocked down a peg when they realized the trust fund bby influencers were actually better than them at this.

No. 894308

Isn’t NFT supposed to provide a way out of this?

No. 894313

File: 1630195788626.jpeg (66.89 KB, 1284x471, 69D3AA1B-B5D0-46D0-93A9-A984BC…)

No fucking clue but this dude is make at minimum 13k a month to publish this shit comic. I don’t know if I should be repulsed or applaud the hustle.

No. 894322

File: 1630196837427.jpg (136.77 KB, 958x1196, EwXHLdiXEAshNSv.jpg)

No, NFTs are basically all shitty business (pyramid scheme, blockchaining, etc) practice in one garbage thing.

No. 894354

>All squares of the same size
Well that checks out, you just know anyone who dares to say these comics are flawed will be immediately painted as the bad guy.

No. 894361

It’s not that hard.

No. 894368

do you have a link to this original post? I'm very interested in reading more about it

No. 894369

No. 894370

>Art, no. Graphic design, yes.
It's harder than you might think mate

No. 894371

File: 1630205470875.png (271.01 KB, 472x560, 3fgpih3hgppho3.png)

thanks! I think cryptoart=pyramid scheme makes so much more sense

No. 894375

because it’s become oversaturated with artists switching majors

No. 894380

Wrong, it's saturated with graphic designers themselves and businesses who don't want to pay what graphic design is actually worth, you basically end up working too many hours in a very fast way to churn out something that won't be paid that well even if you are a good graphic designer. You have to know how to advertise yourself or chase the good jobs to get the money that actually pays the bills

No. 894545

if you ever check this comic's thread on /co/, you'll learn that people stuck by because they've been following the story for too long and can't let go. It's one of those webcomics that started almost 2 decades ago, like vgcats

No. 894575

Sometimes it’s okay to let shit die. They need to let it die.

No. 894588

File: 1630227778045.jpeg (352.84 KB, 2048x1385, A44A6F3C-84E3-4F4A-8BB4-5D2C83…)

OT but I can’t be the only one who thinks artists who price things like this are delusional considering the quality of their work right? I understand you shouldn’t undervalue yourself as an artist, but if you’re going to be charging this much, at least know basic anatomy. Though from what I’ve seen this artist does have a bloated ego. The worst thing about this is that this is some of their better work, everything else I’ve seen on their twitter is extremely amateurish

No. 894599

That’s obscene. Their art is definitely not worth that much.

No. 894604

If this artist is popular, it kinda makes sense that they would price this much. Sometimes commission prices aren't just about the quality of your work. I can't really hate on artists that price themselves super high, even if I don't think their work is worth it. If someone is actually willing to pay that much, then why not have those prices

No. 894609

Honestly these artists can charge as high as they want as far as I care. All I’d think is “hey, maybe I can have $200 commissions without people getting on my ass about it”

No. 894623

God, we're bitching about commission prices again? If you put 20 hours of work into one fullbody drawing (consulting the client, sharing WIPs to get their opinion, actually working on the drawing) that's only around 17,5 dollars per hour which is a pretty standard wage. If anything I'm glad that people are asking for a reasonable rate instead of just continuously opening up an endless list of $30 emergency commissions they never follow up upon to plug whatever arbitrary money sink they have this month. You can tell people posting in this thread are teenagers as they think $350 or $250 for a drawing is a ridiculous asking price for something completely tailored to your wishes. If you're so mad about it just start charging similarly instead of being so mad over someone else having the balls.

No. 894632

Nta but I think anon is saying you should be good at something and be able to deliver quality before you sell your work. Like as a seamstress or a jeweller or whatever you can't sell a custom piece for 500$ even though it's completely reasonable in hourly wage and materials if it's of subpar quality. So why is digital art, when pieces like this are clearly fundamentalaly flawed, getting a pass?

No. 894647

Not sure why you’re taking this so personally anon, and I DID say artists shouldn’t undervalue themselves, but charging $350 when you have an inconsistent art style and don’t even have a basic grasp of anatomy is ludicrous. My point is: why spend $350 on a subpar artist like this when you could have an artist that’s actually skilled do a much better job for the same price?

No. 894655

File: 1630239858700.jpeg (352.37 KB, 1268x2048, 2EA8D3F7-9349-4BEF-A310-E45D95…)

NTA but I don’t get the big deal. The art isn’t great but not that horrible, just looks like mediocre anime art so normie customers definitely aren’t going to care.

Judging by the artist’s media, they’ve made at least $3000 in the 3 months since they’ve made their commissions post so clearly people like the art enough to buy. From the artist’s pov it may seem like there’s no issue at all with the prices.

No. 894662

No offence but 150$ a chibi the fuck lol

No. 894667

This. The value of something is exactly how much people are willing to pay for it. If it's being sold, it's good pricing. End of.

No. 894677

It's fully colored, clean and rendered. I don't get anime but there's a market for this stuff. I charge around the same prices now and it has helped me a lot; I take less than half the amount of commissions, have more money with less fatigue, and all the pictures come better.

No. 894681

My only pet peeve is that they are charging 140$ for a generic Chibi. Everything else is whatever, of course it's a generic anime artstyle and Ganyu art looks like shit, but it's your choice whether you'd want to pay this much money or not.

No. 894685

It’s not classical elitist art but would you rather this person be on the fucking streets? Who cares if they get 3k a month, there are other people who waste other people’s money (ahem e-celeb streamers), at least this person does put some work and effort into their art even if it doesn’t fit your idea of what marketable or beautiful art should be. I know exactly what you’re trying to do but it’s not going to create justice, you’re trying to bring every artist down because you’re an asshole.

No. 894731

when i see people who have high commission prices like this i dream about the day where i can charge this much. it's encouraging to see

No. 894770

If some retard pays $350 for shit, that just means there’s another retard out there who will pay You $350 nonnie. Stop being a salty cunt, people charging high benefits everyone

Unless you WANT to be underpaid for good work

No. 894811

I've seen much worse art being sold, I would fully accept a $350 price tag on a piece like this even if the anatomy leaves much to be desired, especially if the artist has limited slots for commissions and people are lining up to buy art from her. Like >>894677 mentioned it's clean, fully colored and rendered fullbody piece that takes hours to finish so I'd say people got their money's worth. It's not up to the artist to be humble and ask for something a salty anon on an imageboard finds appropriate, if people want to pay them for art then that's what they're going to ask for. If someone wants to pay 400 bucks for a stick figure, I would sell it even if someone thought it's "immoral".

No. 894825

>B…but I need to make my dream of being a full-time artists a reality even though I can't be bothered to have streams, speed, or merch to compensate for the fact that my prowess can't solo carry projects! Fuck getting a job that can save up for 2 kids, muh dreams!

No. 895088

anyone else notice in one of BananaJamanas latest videos "someone told me to hate myself' she has ablack eye? i recently discovered her and she seems so sad but that video is something else.

No. 895093

For the millenials here who grew up with deviantart, oekaki, etc. Who were your favorite artists? how are they doing know? have they improved or stagnated? are they normal or a trainwreck? did they drank the gender kool-aid?

No. 895109

File: 1630281993783.png (1.79 MB, 1080x1481, bleedman.png)

I was really into Bleedman comics on deviantart in 2007ish. His art was always really cool but it's improved a lot over the years and his compositions and character art is just totally amazing. His instagram only has like 3400 followers which just boggles my mind because he draws a lot of fan art.

No. 895113

Nta, but that looks honestly neat! I didn’t know he was still drawing and such since his weird comic was cringecentral.

No. 895117

Man, I got onto deviantart late during my creepypasta phase, right before deviantart “died”.
Despite it being a big part of my younger life, I barely remember all of those I followed. I just remember the biggies like Fukari, Loish (still love her old style), kastoway, Madam Macabre and SuchanARTIST13
I don’t think any of them, besides Loish, really post art anymore

No. 895124

File: 1630283085208.png (1.3 MB, 1080x1401, tailsbleedman.png)

Haha yeah I was in jr high when I was reading the Grimm and Mandy and power puff girls shit. He doesn't really seem to draw any of that stuff anymore or make comics, that I'm aware of anyway. His insta is all fanart. This picrel of Tails is is cute.

No. 895126

Oh shit, Bleedman was a big one. I didn't follow his words directly, but instead I followed an artist that really had him as their inspiration. Too bad that artist was a piece of shit. Their name was Renee or something, used to be really big in the MLP/Undertale/FNAF communities on DeviantArt.

No. 895127

(same anon, typo)

No. 895128

File: 1630283286113.jpeg (118.44 KB, 798x975, 2CFEDC7C-1D15-4489-AF6D-E5E386…)

Loved and still follow artists like ChanCake and Ameru. They still post art. and both stream on twitch too. Chan works as an illustrator irl now and I love her style and use of colors, Ame left her job at a stationary store and is focusing more fully on her art now I think. I used to follow Lavender-ice and she went from my most beloved artist to my personal cow for a while (bf broke up with her and she went full on bpd crazy but then eventually had the brains to remove most people off her priv twitter). I think she still posts art but I don’t care for it so much anymore. Picrel is Chan’s new url, awdeko

No. 895130

emperpep, endling, john-su, vaporotem, and kuitsuku of Suta-Raito. I guess they're all doing fine. I frequented another popular oekaki and I believe only one of our artists (graveweaver) is notable now.

No. 895133

She has a job designing merch for Disney and is married with a kid but lots of similar artist are just doing furry porn with lots of mental problems

No. 895134

ops, i'm talking about Kuitsuku

No. 895135

Wait does lavender have a thread? I thought it was weird she was obsessed and drew youtubers but didn’t know about her boyfriend

No. 895138

Stop being a sperg lmao, the fact you’re freaking out over this shit art means you probably draw worse than them.

No. 895157

I don’t think she does! I managed to remember her ex’s handle, which is now yuganshen on twitter. I think his real name is Curt or something. She used to allude to him by his name a lot but I didn’t find his twitter until around the time they broke up since she never linked it. IIRC, she is actually diagnosed as bpd. He (physically) cheated on her once before already, and then what made them break up was him emotionally cheating on her and according to her, he didn’t seem to think what he was doing was wrong (but if he’d already cheated on her before, then fuck the guy). A lot of her tweets were self loathing and questioning her worth and generally just very depressing stuff, I think she wanted to move out West after the breakup. He has one of her cats since that cat was technically a gift from her to him (I think). She’s since deleted the priv (maracuyass) and I’m not sure if she has another atm and I don’t even follow her regular accounts anymore but she just doesn’t seem to have too much of a presence online compared to before.

No. 895159

>the fact you’re freaking out over this shit art
>this shit art
You seem to forget that prices like these are commonplace across Twitter. Convention artists already lead a shaky life so the rung below is simply delusional for thinking that mooching off of fans is a healthy way of being an adult.

No. 895195

I haven't finished the graphic design career yet and everyday I'm more confident I should had have studied to be an accountant kek

No. 895197

Getting into graphic design can be one hell of a trap if you don't know what you're doing/is only doing it as an alternative to work with art. The market is seriously bloated and most design agencies operate on crunch and have a really shit turnover rate. Whenever I see people saying "go into graphic design instead of art as an alternative" I need to physically hold myself from groaning.

Source: Someone who did graphic design in college because I wanted to work with art since I like drawing and was on their last year before graduation but then got to see literally all of their classmate end up on the same shit (either getting no job, a shitty job as social media post maker or got into an agency but got spit out months later). Switched majors into something that still has to do with design but brings other things to the table, more stable.

No. 895227

> mooching off of fans is a healthy way of being an adult.
Ntsa but You act like earning money or living on commissioned works with bad art is the worse thing an adult can do kek
They’re being transparent with their art, I really don’t see the issue here

No. 895253

What’s everyone’s opinions on artists that replicate famous manga/anime artist styles? Some common ones I see are people replicating the JoJo style and the Persona style. And I don’t mean one or two pieces copying these styles, I mean every artwork they have is in this style. Personally I find it a bit uncreative, especially when the artist is talented enough to not be copying other art styles. Wouldn’t this become an issue if they want a professional career? I don’t see a lot people looking down on this the same way they look down at people who copy the style less popular artists.

No. 895256

> mooching off of fans
Why feel bad for idiots spending money? No one is forcing them to spend it on shit commissions.

No. 895260

File: 1630302741781.jpg (130.09 KB, 576x399, ninamatsumoto7.jpg)

I liked Space Coyote/Nina Matsumoto a lot in the mid 00's, at some point she went viral for her anime-styled Simpsons fanart (picrel, sorry I couldn't find a better quality one) and I believe she's still around. Ironically enough I also liked Dave Kelly's also known as Shmorky's work back when he wasn't a demented tranny outed as a pedofur.

I had more but I just can't remember their handles or names anymore, and a lot of them have removed their accounts years ago.

No. 895262

I know some people are really repulsed by this but honestly, I've always been impressed by artists who can replicate someone's style 1:1. It takes a lot of studying and being perceptive to reach the level of your art resembling your idol's, and I'm talking about not tracing but just knowing the style so well you can draw your own pieces. It's definitely not sustainable in the long run but a lot of these people end up developing their style past this to a more original direction later on.

No. 895266

It really depends on what kind of graphic design you're doing. If you're just working on company flyers or something then yeah you're SOL with that career. But if you're doing things like designing web interfaces, style guides, vector graphics and whatever is needed in brand design then you should be fine. People aspiring to be one should learn that being a designer isn't just about drawing pretty pictures but actually understanding how design affect our psychology and how our eye naturally reacts to certain visual layouts.

No. 895268

File: 1630304365654.png (133.08 KB, 400x700, Cd2jGbXWwAAIBqC.png)

Vaporotem who's still active but haven't seen her art until today.

Mintchoco. She was a cunt to her audience (she blocked people for not following her after faving or if they didn't fav ALL her artwork and sometimes just randomly blocking out of nowhere even after you do as she says), but her art was pretty cool.

She nuked her deviantart but she's still around on tumblr and twitter but less active and under a different name. Her art style hasn't changed much but she mostly focuses on Pokémon fanart now.

No. 895271


Controversial but yeah I 100% agree with this. There are many artists I deeply admire, specifically painters but it is unfathomably difficult to figure out just what they have done to get a specific result when you have no tutorial or insight from them. As much as I think people straight up copying is a bit shitty, I still am quite impressed when I see it. It's like replicating someone's handwriting perfectly and it IS a useful skill for industry jobs that require style chameleons. The younger the artist the more impressed I am because it's clear they're very observant.

No. 895276

File: 1630306081931.jpg (8.28 KB, 300x250, tumblr_6696e88a66f9f6d5efc2cfc…)

I really hope this doesn't sound very whiny but I don't know what I'm supposed to do anymore anons, I just don't know why I kept taking these long hiatus, came back drawing for a bit, and then stop. I don't want to give up just yet but I just don't see the point of continuing…It's been like this for a couple of years now, my art isn't beginner tier but it's not too mind-blowing either. I just don't know what inspires me to draw again because I need it so badly.

No. 895284

I think it takes talent to perfectly mimic one's artstyle especially when the original took years to find it's way but making it your entire marketing point is a bit iffy to me, again I salute the effort but it's much better to twist it with your handprint rather than being a 99% conform copy.

No. 895286

>I just don't know why I kept taking these long hiatus, came back drawing for a bit, and then stop.
Here in your same situation right now. Been trying to call back to the reason I started drawing in the first place and trying to get back that childlike creativity and joy in just creating. I never drew for numbers or anything like that but I find myself constantly uninspired and unmotivated. I only ever find the energy to do small doodles and always leave things unfinished, and rarely if ever finish an illustration.
>The younger the artist the more impressed I am because it's clear they're very observant.
It's true, but also in this day and age there are a lot more resources and digital art isn't seen as negatively. That isn't a dig at you, I'm genuinely happy for these kids to be able to make art and be supported the whole way. It's not very healthy to compare yourself to child prodigies(?) in fuck-knows-where anyway.

No. 895294

I personally think people with generic, simple anime artstyle need to chill tf out instead of screaming how everyone copies eachother when you can find similar or the exact artstyle of them once you scroll a few pages. One of the artists is my personal cow and they'd go to a point "u draw similar eyes u steal my artstyle" of thinking, trying to passively rant about these topics on Instagram and Twitter last year.

No. 895407

File: 1630324577833.png (96.17 KB, 591x983, Screenshot_1.png)

I'm sure you ladies have probably seen some semblance of this game that's going around. Your Boyfriend, the yandere dating sim. It's been making the rounds on TikTok and to no surprise is popular with edgy teens even though this has been marked 18+.
There was some controversy and a callout post made on the creator of the game and her husband. Allegations of grooming, rape and such–the usual for callouts. However, in this particular situation, OP claims that the creator groomed them for their husband when the OP was – wait for it – 17 years old. Almost 18 and only persued a relationship with the OP after they turned 18–so keep in mind throughout this entire callout post, OP was 18 years old.

Yes, a 30+ year old dating an 18-year-old is weird as fuck but not illegal. The OP was a legal adult throughout the entire thing. Leave it to Twitter in the replies to refer to the OP as a "child" even though they're AN ADULT.

Give it a read, I found it pretty amusing honestly. The way the OP writes the beginning makes it pretty obvious that they're trying to make the situation worse than it seems. It is also 90% about the HUSBAND, and not about the creator of the game at all. Only the grooming and some other allegations, which are just word of mouth and nothing substantial. It seems like, at this point, another case of someone seeing another person's popularity skyrocket so they decide to ruin their lives with POSSIBLE false allegations (or things taken out of proportion and twisted to fit a certain narrative).

No. 895423

I didn't read the entire callout post because I don't know these people, but if the creator of the game invited the OP into some kind of poly shit as soon as she turned 18 then that is weird.

No. 895428

File: 1630326696895.png (1.24 MB, 1290x694, screen-shot2_orig.png)

Samefag, I just googled the game and ngl, it doesn't look great. Is the boyfriend supposed to be blank so the player can project their ideal features onto him or something? I don't see how this is hot

No. 895433

women who draw coomer shit are bathed in the putrid masses of numbers on twitter. ive seen talented female artists fall into this trap of drawing coomershit to gain more followers and its depressing

No. 895437

Its actually really cool looking through old DA accounts and seeing the artist do this. Like go from copying another artist's style to evolving into their own.

No. 895439

File: 1630327924254.png (200.51 KB, 323x647, 42424235241341.png)

No. 895447

wtf is this. it reminds me of countryhumans or some shit.

No. 895458

Oh Nonnies you have no Idea about this fucking fando

No. 895471

is it bad that I can slightly do this but I still suck at having my own style and I’m still garbage at drawing? I really don’t have my own style because I’m so obsessed with copying other people’s styles because they’re so good, also art styles aren’t copyrighted it always makes me laugh when loish got very annoyed by lotusbubble like why would you be angry I would honestly be impressed that someone was straight up able to copy your art style, she should have hired lotus instead of being a big hard-headed bitch about it.

No. 895477


Styles aren't copyrighted, artists who reeee about people copying their style are stupid and entitled.

But on the other hand if you prioritize learning how to copy people's styles rather than learning how to draw by yourself and subsequently developing your own style naturally through that, it just makes it seem like you're lazy and uncreative, and that you're barely trying. You can copy aspects of people's styles and blend it all into something that's yours, it happens naturally, but if all you do is copy without even trying to learn then you might as well just buy a printer.

No. 895498

nta and completely ot but I showed my sister salad fingers the other day and she barely reacted or cared. smh

No. 895509

there’s only so much art styles that can exist in this world. my art looks very generic regardless so I don’t think being an artist means being creative, there are people who are very technically skilled but not creative?

No. 895534

I've seen artists like KunoMD thrive in it though. He does Persona styled art.

No. 895556

Yeah but lots of pros started copyng other styles, look how may japanese mangakas and game artist tried to imitate Toriyama's style, now all of them have their own style

No. 895561

Fukari is still around as makabrotka on ig where she draws her human ocs and fukari_art on Twitter where she draws furry stuff. She also has an onlyfans, which is… Unfortunate. I used to love her stuff on deviantart.

ctchrysler/dCTb was a huge inspiration to me back in the day, I think his style really influenced how my art is now. He’s still drawing his ocs and has improved a lot over the years, and afaik is working in the animation industry.

No. 895593


>now all of them have their own style

that's kind of what >>895477 meant, though. you can copy stuff as long as in the long run you end up developing something that's your own. just relying on copying and never developing something that's yours some way or another is the problem.

No. 895594

And that's why you gotta practice and learn, dude. Everyone's art looks generic at first, it's just how it is because you don't have enough skills to pull of stuff that differentiates your art from others'. From what you're saying, it almost makes it seem like you just want an easy shortcut to create without having to bother learning. Don't let copying become a crutch.

No. 895665

As much as I love Guilty Gear (and even Jack-o herself), I would love my timeline to stop being flooded by that damn "jack-o challenge" art.

No. 895678

How is this supposed to succeed exactly? Don't reveal posts like this need a broadcasting tower via a 10K followers person to work?

No. 895823

File: 1630361710574.jpg (126.82 KB, 641x1000, 20210830_181428.jpg)

Yueko is still supporting NFTs. She listed this one for nearly 10k USD.

No. 895831

I unfollowed every artist that starting selling NFTs, they've got no respect for their audience or for the world

No. 895848

Just asking, why do you think selling NFTs is bad?

No. 895853

Ah yes, she is drilling away her following by continuing to support NFTs. No wonder her views on twitch are stagnating.

No. 895874

they are selling a digital copy that you can get for free, i think.

No. 895876

It's also destroying the environment

No. 895877

But if someone still wants to pay, what's your problem with that? It's not your money. There's other media available for free while some still choose to pay for it and I don't see the same reaction.
That's the case with most products you buy, many of which you don't actually need. Again, why is this singled out?

No. 895879

oh my god please not the whole nft debate again, it'll fill up the thread with bitbros.

No. 895882

No offense anon, but this has been discussed so many times. Here's two posts >>758565 >>758559

No. 895888

paying for a digital copy that you can get for free is pretty dumb tho.

No. 895895

People are dumb, what's new? I'm sure all your purchases are totally "intelligent". Anyway, other people's mental capabilities are not your problem even if you wish they were.

No. 895897

I still don't get it, companies and factories are consuming tons of energy and resources that are screwing up our planet, so why is cryptocurrency only the problem?
If cryptocurrency is a problem, why not get rid of all clothes, cars, all things manufactured by the manufactory and go to the forest and live "eco"? All the things we buy every day, water and energy consumption are much more dangerous to the environment.

No. 895907

The warehouses with computers running 24/7 to mine bitcoin consume more energy than all of those things in a shorter timespan, THAT is the problem. I'm not saying that factories and etc are innofensive to the environment, because they sure aren't, but crypto manages to do more damage in less time.

No. 895909

No offense, but this is definitely one of those things made for a young (or at least mentally young) audience with a "for adults" sticker thrown on so they can make it as edgy as they want. Of course Tik Tok kids are all over it. Hazbin Hotel is similar.

No. 895912

Yes I am sure this is the total truth and holders of established currency did not influence public opinion with hit pieces and smear tactics at all

No. 895919

NTA, but at least clothes and cars are useful. What is NFT for? How does it help humanity in any way?

No. 895927

All things you buy help humanity? Gimme a break.
All your complaints about nfts are illogical, hypocritical, and confusing.
Until you follow the money. Stop being naive. You're being played.

No. 895930

Most people don't believe in or like NFTs, it's not trendy anymore, whatever yadda yadda. If NFT is so great then do us all a favor and leave to mine your stuff instead of clogging the thread with bitbro propaganda.

If you have no milk about art, leave.

No. 895931

Hahaha no.
You get to read things that irk you or close your eyes/tab.

No. 895934

Oh, now I remember you. You're the NFT sperg from months ago who got destroyed by multiple people. You must still be broke. I mistakenly thought I was talking to someone who might have a reasonable argument for/against NFT (just seems like a frankly worthless pyramid scheme to me), sorry and bye.

No. 895936

I have no idea what you're on about, but whatever helps you sleep at night.

No. 895948

Also, I challenge you to "destroy" me now. Go ahead, address my arguments.

No. 896003

Not even the same Anon, but Kek

No. 896007

NTA but as a third worlder i dont give a shit. the scene seems interesting, it’s mostly scammy rn though, really fun to watch in online spaces and communities. lots of people cashing in these past months. also if any third worlder girl can cash in and use that money to escape the shithole she’s from, then good for her. people aren’t going to stop doing it because we’re complaining about it, so if you’re poor and you find yourself at an advantage…..why not? that girl who lives in europe or the us lecturing you about the planet (sometimes rightfully so) wont be there to help you when you suffer because of where you are

No. 896019

Kek is not an argument. Do you have anything of substance? Why are you guys even trying to shame me with ridicule like you, drive me away by telling me to leave like that other anon, or pretend I'm someone you "owned". Just talk to me. Address my points.

No. 896031

NTA but kek

No. 896036

Omg pwnd!!1(infighting)

No. 896039

But seriously, why are you caping for people holding traditional capital so hard? With no other arguments than kek and go away? You're weird.

No. 896348

That's the issue, no third world person is ever going to "make it" with NFTs. That's all a lie. No actual poor person has the money, time and fame to be successful selling NFTs. Realistically, where will a poor person find money for the gas fees to list their artwork? Where are they going to get enough cryptocurrency to invest? How is anyone going to buy their work if they're not tied to any brand and aren't already famous? Do they even have the right set of skills? Will their work appeal to the bitbros? And if no one buys anyhing then it's just a big waste of money and time. NFT's are made for rich people.

No. 896353

I think NFT is a huge scam personally but I cannot imagine paying 10k for an anime catgirl jpeg. It has no tangible value where are you even supposed to display it in your Pictures folder? At this point, I have more respect to people who pay thousands on shit like gacha games because at least they have something to show for their spending albeit in a game.

No. 896356

You claim to be a "third worlder" but if that's the case then you're a rich, oblivious one. Like >>896348 stated, NFTs are pretty much gambling for rich people. You seem to have forgotten that it costs quite a bit of money to mint an artwork, and that it's not guaranteed that it'll get bought. So there's a chance that you literally threw money in the trash for nothing. A real poor person would rather use that money to, you know, buy food or make sure they have a roof over their head or electricity. Even more a "third worlder", considering currency changes. Real poor artists resort to regular commissions and patreon because those mean at least SOME sort of guaranteed income. NFTs aren't sustainable, be it ecologically or financially.

No. 896413

>No actual poor person has the money, time and fame to be successful selling NFTs.

it’s not easy, true. it needs skill and smarts. being terminally online, learning a second language, observing retardation unfold in the virtual world. if you go into it, you need to understand that you’ve sacrificed your money, it’s lost now. i agree

>no poor person would lose their money

wrong, poor online urban people who have a basic safety net of food and shelter can and will. its even illegal, and ive seen some kids from villages get around it.

>but poor people don’t have internet connection!!!!! they don’t even have electricity!!!!!!

now you’re just retarded

oh spare me the american/european/ive never seen a massacre in my life that was funded by the US attitude. i know most of you have pretty myopic views of third world countries that alternate between “poor starving kid eating his own shit” and “rich oil prince”, but that’s not the case

No. 896425

i'd believe you if i had seen regular artists using nfts. not just one or two oddballs, but a good chunk.

but the only people i saw supporting and working with nfts were either terminal bitbros or established artists with either a stable industry position/job or a fuckton of money. not once i've seen a "poor artist" or even a regular middle class-looking one doing nfts. if the only people in the playground are the bigger shots in the industry or the richies then the message is pretty clear.

nft may have worked for you, if yes then fine good for you mate, but for the majority of artists it didn't and won't. just get over it. nft isn't that revolutionary.

No. 896467

Most of you have probably come across the retarded " You shouldn't compare X and Y character or artist to me, it hurts my fees fees" critic and I don't know I felt like being salty about it.

They clearly don't know how creativity works.

No. 896488

Why are you making shit up? I didn't say the last two greentexts and I didn't imply them. You really have to sperg to make your argument seem valid?

No. 896588

So is class101 the new skillshare? It seems like every single artist on instagram is being approached by them these days.

No. 896746

I hope the artists are paid well because it seems like a lot more work than skillshare from what I've seen

No. 896803

Eh, I can see why it would bother artists when people point out that their character or style is similar to someone else’s. It can feel like an insult to their creativity, or maybe they don’t want to be accused of copying someone. But I do think most comments like that are meant to be an innocent observation or even a compliment. One day I hope people can just accept that you’re bound to have a similar style or character design to someone else since there are so many artists out there.

No. 896910

I remember this person legit has constant mental break downs over follower counts when there personal acct was public, is paranoid everyone who follows them hates them, even though draw generic oc art

No. 896937

I saw that angle my self but I do think it can still be something to get pissy or try to police to be stupid. It's not worth having call out posts and meltdowns over it.

No. 896992

anyone else find it uncomfortable how much focus on nudity kasey golden does in her art?
like im not against nudity in art since the natural human form can be very beautiful, but….i wouldn’t say her art is anywhere resembling a natural human at all

No. 897000

Only thing I remember that person for is for getting angry at another artist for referring to them as a guy, which I guess is offensive despite them being a he/they

No. 897156

I'm sorry if this is a stupid question and if it has been asked before, but what's the best resolution for a regular illustration? I found out that I've been using the standard photoshop res which is 72 and it's apparently bad. And why does the print size go down if I increase the resolution? I'm dumb and I can't grasp this concept for some reason.

No. 897163

300dpi if you plan to make prints.

No. 897173

That's because it's often genuinely used as a backhanded compliment or a disguised insult to embarrass someone. I can absolutely see why it's viewed as inappropriate when it usually sounds like
>Gee anon, great picture! You know your style/design looks just like this the work of this popular artist that I know! Catch my drift? About how I'm implying you're uncreative and stealing ideas like the lazy fuck you are and that I'm onto you?

No. 897210

The print size goes down when you raise the resolution because it's trying to protect the integrity of the picture's information IN PRINT.

Normally printers print to a 300DPI (dots per inch) so that's why if the original file is 72DPI, printer program will have to either stretch it out (tries to guess the missing dot information poorly by blurring/pixelating the edges) OR force the size to be smaller (more accurate to the original).

Most programs will go the second route because a crispier smaller printed image is marginally a better option than a blurry regular size one.

The 72DPI default in Photoshop comes from the 80s. It used to be the standard screen resolution so the point was to keep websites graphics to a minimum load time. Internet used to be slow and if you worked with higher res no one would be able to see it anyways.

Nowadays computers and phones have way higher DPI so the 72DPI standard is completely obsolete, work with at least 300DPI so it looks decent in screen and print and it's not too heavy.

I draw better than I write so don't judge my poor explanation haha.

No. 897271

I'm sorry, but why would it need to stretch it if the file is already quite big in size? I really appreciate your explanation and whether or not I completely understand it, I will start to work with higher resolutions. I just hope I won't get fucked if I will start to print my illustrations in the future.

No. 897311

File: 1630500721890.png (5.17 MB, 2690x2700, Shitnigami Art.png)

Brace yourself girlies because I am saltier than the goddamn entire ocean right now.

I have came across this type of "artist" for the past few years but I have been silent I can't take it anymore.I can forgive if they're children learning to draw but most of these people are adults plus they're selling and taking commissions of their supposed "art".All they do is exactly copy official art or worse other's digital art but drawn digitally.The most popular guy doing this type of crock of shit is Shinigami Arts.

I knew of his existence due to "drama" that involve Sasuchi95.He copied her Sakura fanart from 2017.
You can read Sasu's twitter thread,I am not gonna spoon feed you since it's not related.

The worst thing he's not the only one.Tiktok and Instagram is filled with these people and the all have big followings.I spent my shitty time practicing,selling my soul to go to shitty art college and engaging with my followers when I could've just post glorified colouring book and get thousands upon thousands of retards praising me like I am the next picasso.

Warning if you do decide to comment that their drawings are traces of other people's art they would loose their shit."I WORK SO HARD ON IT,I SPENT LIKE 9 HOURS TO BASICALLY COPY OTHERS ART LINE BY LINE" The fact that youhave to make an effort to trace means you're shit artist.

AND MOST OF ALL.WHY IN THE ACTUAL LIVING FUCK WOULD ANYONE FALL FOR THIS?You can take a glimpse of their insta page and just see that it is basiccally official poster of anime drawn and paper.It is another thing if they draw realism and trying to copy photography since realism actually take some talent but this?This is what I used to do when I was a dumb child to practice drawing.

No. 897314

Aaah the good ol' "I am an artist, I can draw, look! (proceeds to copy official art and anime screenshots)". I like to call these people "printers", except the printer at my office room doesn't talk or posts on insta claiming to be an artist, so it's leagues better.

No. 897322

Unless it's a popular series with easily recognizable marketing, nobody is an autistic database for official posters to suss when an IG artist traces.

I personally don't know what the fuck that is from in your picrel.

No. 897324

This type of art appears to noobie/normie anime fans. Violet Evergarden is (or was) the type of anime that would also impress noobie/normie anime fans, so a regular anime fan could easily tell that this was traced or at least heavily referenced official art. The apparent heavy work with pencils though is enough to put stars in their eyes.

No. 897329

>so a regular anime fan could easily tell that this was traced or at least heavily referenced
Heavily referenced isn't tracing, which is likely what most presume even if they do recognize the anime because, again, not everyone is an autistic database of promotional art.

No. 897467

Does anybody use istebrak's photoshop brushes? I like them, but they kinda lag when brush size is at 500px or so. That's the only custom brush set that I have installed. Default kyle's set doesn't lag at any size

No. 897516

There are 3 parameters in sizing standard image files.

Physical size: How big it is when printed (real life inches).

Pixel dimensions: Width and Height. Pixel "proportions" if you may.

Resolution/DPI: number of dots or pixels per inch.

This is how they work together:

-Physical size = resolution x pixel dimensions (don't ask me to do the math in this one, it's awful)

-Resolution = physical size / pixel dimensions

-Pixel dimensions = physical size / resolution

Let's say you have a 3000x3000 that has a 72DPI.

We multiply the inches and the pixel size to give us the total pixels there are in your image.


That's 21,600x21,600 pixels in total.

Now you have a 3000x3000 that's at 300DPI.


That'd be 900,000x900,000 pixels in total.

It's a huge difference in pixels/dots/color information.

It's unnoticeable in a computer screen because they are small and have lower resolution than real life (for now)

But the printer needs the DPI information because it's literally printing 300 dots per inch of paper and if your file is only telling it the information of 72 dots per inch it has to either resize it or pixelate it (which is just the program's guess work).

Even if your 72DPI file is huge, you'd still have to print it 3 times smaller to match that pixel resolution in a 300DPI printer.

Hope this is a bit more helpful?

No. 897635

NTA but here's a reply for dummies (like myself):
72dpi canvas that's 3508*2480px is the EXACT same thing as 300dpi A4 canvas, because dpi is only relevant for printing. So just use 300dpi and don't worry too much about resolution unless you're given specifications. 600 dpi is overkill but I've heard b/w manga artists work with that resolution.
Not saging to drown retarded scrotes posting in board.

No. 898330

File: 1630551210867.jpeg (50.92 KB, 474x567, CE29B285-0BFA-43C0-AA06-F5EB74…)

I used to follow Phobs and it looks like they became a comic artist in their own respect, the art was already really good but does suffer same face sometimes and I think they’ve improved on using colors but the people they draw isn’t much different. I really miss their LOTR stuff. I also used to follow Emmy Cicgeria and loved her stuff but since she’s become a storyboard artist she doesn’t post anything much anymore and it makes me sad especially since I noticed that she became more “woke” as soon as she started working on gravity falls. I loved her monster girls and her atmospheric art really miss her as an artist

No. 898336

Emmy was sooooo good back in the day

No. 898339

Emmy was goofy and fun before everyone else started doing it

No. 898367

Phobs' art is still amazingly good and i'm glad she got a legit career out of it but i din't really care for the main comics content-wise.
i miss when she used to draw content for that one extremely niche historical period tat i love (oprichnina). her tolkien art was also so based

No. 898380

i charge the same for fullbody and my art is worse, i also get regular comms, just depends on your audience and who you know really

No. 898427

Is it just me or does that face of the anime girl in the half body pic look weird

No. 898452

I recently got laid off and want to open commissions, do you have any tips on pricing or where to sell? I know my art is around the same level but I have no socials and I’m starting from scratch

No. 898469

File: 1630566363624.png (632.32 KB, 955x522, Untitled249.png)

God, what's with harmonyskish drawing almost mlp Ahegao?

No. 898478

File: 1630568446697.jpeg (48.21 KB, 1058x1080, F238FD2E-DB42-4314-8831-EB5537…)

Is drawing over 3D models you pose yourself cheating? Yes or no?

No. 898482

yes. also they always look unnatural and janky as hell

No. 898485

you're only supposed to use the frame, genius.

No. 898488

That’s what I thought. I use 3D models a lot because there are poses I can’t find and some idiot ranted about how it’s cheating but then their anatomy and positioning of their own drawings looks like ass.

No. 898493

That's like asking "is using models cheating?" – nope. Plus it requires actual skill and knowledge of anatomy to make it look good, 3D models mostly help with general proportions and foreshortening imo.

No. 898537

It's not cheating, and I assume you still use lines of action and build the skeleton rather than directly trace the lines of the model to make it look good as well. It's a learning tool like everything else, when it's used right, you're eventually going to get to a point where you don't need it anymore and can speed up your process even quicker. Have fun, anon!

No. 898603

Anon, the most I've seen personally is artist saying it reminds them of X artist in a sentence and them getting mobbed for pointing it even though its one singular comment. Id get if it was spammed across the board or if it was always as a backhanded way of saying you are ripping off X character or Art style, but often times I see it isn't the case so it can feel a bit like a petty complain.

No. 898605

I won't deny it doesn't happen though but most cases I've seen were amateurish immature artists getting pissed that there not as special as they thought they were; though it could have started as a legit thing that spiralled out of control

No. 898657

Both of these replies are very helpful, thank you so much!! It was confusing to me because you really don't see any difference on the screen and I just assumed that the print was going to be the same, but now I understand it much better.

No. 898786

File: 1630606087423.jpeg (79.77 KB, 828x762, 5CECA757-8074-4387-86F1-52735F…)

I’m so fucking sick of seeing other artists feel entitled to good reviews and taking anything vaguely negative super personally. Pic rel was posted on the shop owner’s Facebook.
If one person doesn’t like your product, there’s nothing you can do about it. It’s not a dick, don’t take it so hard.

No. 898805

Late but even if she’s hemorrhaging twitch views, it doesn’t matter to her. I don’t like her as a person and disagree with the use of NFTs, but she has enough clout on Twitter from horny NFTbros and is friends with a lot of famous streamers and artists so she can keep her gig going.

No. 898883

She looks so unhealthy. I really hope she's ok.

No. 898891

File: 1630618413459.jpeg (364.61 KB, 828x1362, D6C25E15-B297-48C7-B699-657D05…)

Webtoon, come get your social media intern. What an autistic response to a single piece of criticism.

No. 898991

What is this? Is Webtoon trying to be sassy like Wendy's? Cause I hate that shit

No. 898999

What’s the context for this anon?

No. 899045

NTA, but the tweet was made in response to this article -

>TLDR; OP basically wrote that Line WEBTOON is full of substandard, amateur content, since it allows anyone and everyone to publish without regulation.

WEBTOON Original creators (e.g Snailords, creator of Nightmare Factory and Freaking Romance) started talking about how many awards WEBTOON Originals have been nominated for and won, which they say to be a testament to the quality of their comics.

No. 899115

have you seen the comments on popular webtoon comics? they’re just appealing to their main audience

No. 899119

>Snailords, creator of Nightmare Factory and Freaking Romance
Pretty funny to see this guy attesting to the quality of webtoons considering how laughably terrible the writing in Freaking Romance is.

No. 899239

i've noticed that a good chunk of webtoon creators who have with a sizeable fan amount always end up kinda entitled and thinking that their work is better than average. Even though it's mediocre at best.

No. 899280

Sperg, but Webtoon creators were so salty about this the other day. They must be new at their success because most older webcomic creators remain unbothered by these sort of articles. If you're going to make webcomics, you're going to have to make peace with the fact that people will look down on your specific medium because it isn't published by the big 2. The people who were whining about it are usually the ones who stay in their hugbox of fans who tell them they can do no wrong, then the moment someone criticizes them, they take to Twitter and cry about it. I've found webtoon creators, especially ones with larger audiences to be very, very sensitive to this kind of crap. Heaven forbid someone doesn't think the ground they walk on isn't gilded.

No. 899955

>What's on forefront of Webtoon anyway?
>Garbage like LO

No shit. Oftentimes a webtoon's success is just because it panders to the lowest common denominator.

No. 900027

This honestly makes me laugh bc just scrolling canvas proves what that article said was true.
A majority of webtoon fanbase is literal children anyway, and children have mediocre taste.
I hate how webtoon has been slowly trying to change its image to that of a bigtime professional comic publisher when it never was, and frankly hit it off with being exactly what it is: mediocre.

No. 900028

I'd also attest that there actually were good quality comic creators on there, but they left the platform really quick when they realized what kind of environment they're working in. When you're trying to push your more professional made content alongside amateurs you start to really think about what you're publishing that shit on.
I had a couple of comics saved where the creators actually worked at serialized comics before, and webtoon was a chance to publish their personal content with the hopes of hitting it off, but they've never uploaded in years, and some just deleted their content altogether.

No. 900052

Agreed. It’s also just unprofessional to respond like that. Either don’t say anything or respond with something like “I’m sorry to hear you didn’t like it” or “dm me to let me know what you didn’t like about it so the feedback can be used for future projects”

No. 901719

File: 1630912923671.jpeg (627.28 KB, 828x1441, B3C84F39-E8A8-4F00-8477-404C46…)

I don’t have a strong stance on nfts but it’s weird as fuck that Yueko is selling art of other people’s ocs as nfts. Pic rel is Kaneblob’s oc iirc.

No. 901728

What's up with her chest area

No. 901733

I'm impressed Rae managed to make a 17 minute video about those pencils. "WOWe the box has A DENT?!??" She's acting like she's never seen pencils before, lmao. (just like with her gucci pen video).

Btw, does anyone else think her head looks giant in this video? I swear it keeps bloating in each new video.

No. 901780

File: 1630923422509.jpeg (103.88 KB, 1125x1125, C3A3E276-FD0C-4300-BDDF-56EF85…)

I feel like it’s hard to build up a platform sometimes but I won’t stop trying. I just want to share my art but maybe I’m too fucking stupid to figure out how to push my art out there. Fanart seems to be the optimal way from what I’ve seen and consistency.

No. 901798

it's shoulders, anon

No. 901814

maybe she's buddy-buddy with that plagiarist and agreed on a split

No. 902004

I wonder if Tapas is any better to publish then Webtoons

No. 902064

Kaneblob plagiarized? Any examples?

No. 902331

File: 1630969796954.png (3.42 MB, 1697x1200, EB9BB349-A61D-479F-ABDD-F689C2…)

She traced a background by another artist for the Pixiv x BNA collab. Her art was put up for display in an exhibit and sold on can badges before she got caught. Her apology was basically “I didn’t know this was a bad thing to do. Sowwy!”

No. 902460

Did she plagiarize anything else, or was this an isolated incident that never happened again after she apologized? People are allowed to learn from their mistakes.

No. 902464

File: 1630984584155.png (1.97 MB, 700x1613, 1599882469301.png)

Is it really that hard to use Google, anon? Like seriously.

Kaneblob herself admitted to doing all of those things, but like >>902331 said she played the innocent naive role and got away with it.

No. 902468

>>902464 None of these other than the directly ripped background are even remotely plagiarism. People don't own concepts or compositions.

No. 902477

Anon, you’re nuts. None of these are even remotely plagiarized. Don’t water down the meaning.

No. 902478

These aren’t plagiarism.

No. 902484

Nta, but how are they nuts when anon asked for the photos? Those were already discussed months and months back.

No. 902493

NTA but are you people samefags or just being obtuse on purpose? Do we really have to get into the nuances of "sure people don't own concepts or compositions or color palettes but when you take too much inspiration and reference someone else's art too heavily in one place it's still Bad"?

Especially since in that collage she repeatedly took ideas and compositions and color palettes from the same few artists while changing very little. You can argue it's technically not plagiarism because she's didn't just straight up traced but I think we can all at least agree it's egregious to take this much and create such similar looking pieces again and again from the same few artists, she knows what she's doing, which is why >>902331
ended up happening.

No. 902806

File: 1631028290420.jpg (373.44 KB, 896x1110, wtf.jpg)

uhm, wtf is wrong with these artists.
is she serious

some of those artists need hard slaps.

No. 902915

Look at the third drawing's bird. It's literally traced. Stop breaking your backs supporting kane.

No. 903003


Not a fan of the artist and not the person you were responding to, but I honestly don't see what was traced. Could you circle it?

No. 903056

Uh, no it isn't. Might want to get your eyes checked, anon. Was the bird copied from the first image? Yes. Traced? Not even a little.

No. 903057


I wouldn't say that the bird was traced (although kaneblob has admitted to photobashing other people's artworks in order to make hers so I wouldn't be surprised if that bird was just copied from some other art and warped with a transform tool) but it was at the very least very heavily referenced.

No. 903066

Kaneblob isn't a tracer. The only tracing she has done was in >>902331 but as far as I'm aware there haven't been other cases in which she flat out traced.

She DOES however copy/heavily references other people's works to the point it looks like the same picture drawn by two different artists, which is just as bad. Her artwork might as well pass off as those "do it in your style" hashtag memes because she literally copies the composition, color palette, pose and concept.

No. 903124

File: 1631042382130.jpeg (903.32 KB, 3120x2611, 995D2522-F33E-4344-9178-10E465…)

So @02png accused @nibeul of copying them. I’m not a star wars fan but according to both of them, it’s popular to draw fanart of Anakin crying.

02png made a callout post, but ended up deleting it. Nibeul also explained they used different photo references for their art: https://twitter.com/nibeul/status/1434298957908299778 https://twitter.com/nibeul/status/1434653464550850570

Both artists couldn’t reach an agreement, but decided to drop the conversation.

02png’s thread with screenshots of everything from both sides, including 02png explaining why they still don’t believe nibeul: https://twitter.com/02png/status/1434656321702297600

Nibeul’s thread with almost the same thing, just screenshots of the conversation: https://twitter.com/nibeul/status/1434653087138975744

No. 903126

Okay ladies, what is the best website to sell prints?
I saw INPRNT, and they require an application. I looked through the other artists’ work and it looks like I could get in, but what about other shops?

No. 903160

inprnt has a nice gallery layout and looks more professional than other print on demand sites like society6 and redbubble, there's also a higher percentage of money you make from each sale, BUT you only get paid every $100 you make. It's really shitty if you're a smaller artist that barely gets sales online, it took months before I saw any money. If you don't already make sales go with redbubble

No. 903175

i really don't see how it's copied. angsty anakin fanart is a staple bc the character is melodramatic as hell. it ain't that deep

No. 903312

These two pictures look nothing alike other than the right arm being in the same pose. Even if the second artist did reference the first picture, there's nothing wrong with that. People need to chill out.

No. 903317

at least now she tries to make them longer than only 10 minutes i guess… and she's finally drawing in her videos again and not just talking until the adsense kicks in and then leaving "because of time constraints". that being said, she's getting more boring with every upload

No. 903354

Someone really needs to slap it into these artists that similar common poses aren't owned by them. Stealing a concept, story, or character design would be understandable (especially if they were acquaintances) but not the everyday pose of a hand on face….

No. 903403

This is a long shot but does anyone know what happened to @viibean/vii?

They were run off social media by Marie Lum + omocat&friends after being falsely accused of being a home wrecker. When in reality Marie’s bf was scum and preyed on women. I sympathized with vii before, but especially more now since Marie is a clear munchie, lying and begging for donos.

I just really miss her splatoon art and hope she’s doing well. If she has a new art platform it would be greatly appreciated

No. 903616

Oh wow her last post was from 2019 I remember she was like a child prodigy when I first started following her. That's too bad that she got burnt out hopefully she comes back. She was really talented.

No. 903704

can you explain more about omocat's involvement? i love their work, and didn't realize they had been shitty

No. 903718

Depends on which format you're planning to publish anon. I and my friends are more graphic novel types and we just publish on Gumroad, Itchio, and even on our own Patreon.
I haven't been to Tapas since forever (their type of comics aren't our taste to begin with), I remembered getting quite put off by one of their TOS - "Don't upload all comic pages all at once, just post a page weekly or daily for better audience engagement hint hint cheat the algorithm".

If you're serious about making comic/ graphic novel and possibly making (healthy) connections with other comic artists, consider checking out comic jam here and then. Definitely a good learning experience too.

No. 903719

I’m so fucking sick of this shit, you can’t copyright or be the first to something that has been an art trope since forever. Someone crying in a painterly fashion isn’t new or original, these idiots seriously need to get over it.

No. 903724

You can find it in the past omocat threads in detail but here’s a quick rundown:

>puccanoodles starts making a shit ton of vague tweets, implying her boyfriend cheated on her

>their mutuals and friends, who also happen to be in omo’s group, started vague tweeting about a “home wrecking bitch”
>vii remained quiet and tried to contact marie but marie ignored her
>in reality, Marie’s boyfriend was deeply unhappy in their relationship because she would constantly threaten suicide. Instead of these two retards talking it out, he sought girls in the art scene and tried to pursue them
>vii had no idea what was going on and just wanted to go to art school, she wasn’t looking for a relationship

The saddest part is this Los Angeles group of “progressive, feminist, SJW” men and women immediately attacked a girl with little knowledge of the situation, instead of rightfully blaming the cheating man.

No. 903737

File: 1631075234899.jpeg (332.95 KB, 1077x845, 13815A57-3755-4EED-84C8-E0B5A9…)

Following up on this, out of curiosity I went to see if puccanoodles cut her ex out of her life, but it looks like she’s forgiven him. I didn’t think it was possible for me to dislike her more after faking a suicide attempt and using a mass murder to farm donos but she’s continually being massive fucking trash

No. 903768

Honestly I can't stand these popular Twitter artist that think they're more important than they actually are, this is a really generic pose and both pieces share barely anything in common. Though I'm glad to see that @02png's follower count is dropping and people are rightfully calling them out for their bullshit, while @nibeul is gaining more, considering most popular Twitter artists tend to have rabid orbiters

No. 903779

Gender fandom membersthink being called a woman if you're actually a woman is dehumanizing and degrading

No. 903818

wow damn. I haven't been to this thread since forever and I always thought it was cute_hospital that started all that cock drama with vii. So it was cute_hospital rebranded herself to puccanoodle? (and iirc she was viet american before but now she's claiming chinese?!) Correct me if I got this info wrong because It's been ages and I haven't been keeping up with virtual signal thots.

No. 903836


NTAYRT but cute_hospital =/= puccanoodles. those are two different people

No. 903871

Bump for gore. DON'T SCROLL DOWN

No. 903941

I think it's just because she's trying so hard to be ~relatable~ to zoomers despite being closer to 30 years old, I assume, it's just cringy to me at this point and I don't resonate with her content anymore. If she matured up her content I would actually watch her vids regularly, now they just show up in my recommended and I'm like "ah, let's see another trainwreck from Rae lol".

No. 904217

cliques in the art community are the worst, it's the outcasts in highschool who finally have some power so they become the bullies they always wanted to be while still maintaining their giant victim complexes

No. 904250

eh, the similarity of the caption makes me think it's likely the arm in nibs' picture is referenced from the anakin drawing, it's very similar and doesn't make much sense in the new context. and if that person is also supposed to be anakin than the whole drawing is a knock-off, yeah. I wouldn't make a fuss over it since the idea is so basic and this kind of heavy inspiration is super common in the fanart (and art) community but i don't think 02png is crazy.

No. 904336

Why is the "art style theft" discourse getting big again?

No. 904350

Where? Links or something

No. 904366

File: 1631130144197.png (1.32 MB, 1280x880, Naoki.png)

The west will never acknowledge the ideals that make Pixiv artists better than them on average. If you let people see your brushes and your process is easy to follow along to then it's entirely deserved.

No. 904728

File: 1631147309586.png (1.97 MB, 1672x2048, IMG_1979.PNG)

i need some opinions from some artists on here. I think the top artist painted over the bottom drawing. What do you think?

No. 904730

File: 1631147412673.jpeg (260.59 KB, 750x1096, 53454C24-2EE5-4A53-BC4A-F767D4…)

from what i can tell, this seems to be the tweet that set it off

No. 904734

Wow, it takes some serious audacity to get defensive over something that generic. The kids are out of control.

No. 904739

>Omori style commissions GOOD
>Looking like me BAD
Why are people like this?

No. 904764

No doubt it's heavily inspired/referenced, but it doesn't seem to be a paintover. Overlay them and you'll see they don't line up

No. 904844

These look nothing alike.

No. 904851

the arms on the bunny are very similarly positioned, but its onviously so drastically different that even if that person was inspired by bottom picture it still looks like shit

No. 904964

Lol, I've never heard of this person before and I've made doodless like that. Very unique snowflake indeed.

No. 904971

Trying to claim stationary doodles as their art style? The nerve.

No. 905080

File: 1631191995679.jpeg (86.28 KB, 668x1024, 624FD817-25EE-4C16-AAC2-A41E92…)

Artist here, Don't see it as paint over or heavily inspired.

This series is famously known for the wolf and the bunny having some self-discovering consensual heterosexual furry sex and I can already imagine there are shitloads of fan arts gravitate towards that.
The bottom pic really gave me a chuckle considering the context is Glorified Furry Sex

Another example is Devilman Crybaby is when every kept making Reconnaissance paintings of the spoiler ending. (pic as an example) I saw the similar motifs all the time when the hype was all over the place. No doubt if there were infightings over Stealing ideas lol

No. 905300

how do you artists do it? pull you out of the depression and blockade when you just get overflown with self doubt?

browsing the net, so many cool art styles and things to try. so much cool things like 3d and the whole vtuber thing.

so many better artists…
suddenly the rush to create and push your dream along gets silent again.
how can i still push forward? time ticks i only get older. i can never keep up with these posting paces, no one knows me if i don't put out content.

no one will support me if i don't show genuine interest and that i continuisly learn and practise.

now i feel bad again, i feel useless again.
i never make it. stuck. so i feel unable to start, no doodle no sketch…head full of ideas, pc full of wips.

this sucks. no art friends that pick you up. not even myself can pick me up sometimes.

even though i know i want this so much, it's what i'm good at? it made me happy to draw for myself and people back in the day.

am i too burnt out from normal dayjob?
am i just too stupid?

any tips, how do you push yourself trough it?
yet i still don't want to fully give up…

No. 905417

what truly got me started illustrating (not just doodles and practice) is getting into a fandom and creating tons of fanart. you NEED something to inspire you. just mindlessly doodling without passion will get you nowhere. just wanting to be better just to be "good at art" will get you nowhere (unless you are aiming to be a teacher)

start thinking about what you really want to draw, stop thinking about popularity online or getting art friends. those things will come naturally when you honestly and skillfully express your ideas through your drawings

No. 905548

nta, but damn nonnie are you me? it really be like that sometimes.

No. 905608

File: 1631222409000.jpeg (21.32 KB, 407x577, 0fb26790-8e7d-4fa9-b088-95be5b…)

I swear to God harmonyskish's human drawings are the ugliest shit I have seen, no wonder her human drawings don't get as much likes as her pony drawings.

No. 905612


They don't line up enough for that. I would think that the picture on top would look… Better if they traced it.

No. 905618

Anon are you me? These are my exact sentiments lately and I feel so frustrated and lost. I keep drawing because it's the only thing I kind of know how to do and I still get joy out of it. If only we were in some of the same fandoms, maybe we could be friends. Keep on going anon! I believe in you.

No. 905656

Litteral nobody, get lost.

No. 905657

As someone who has been working professionally for 13 years I can tell you something important: No one really cares about the progress except yourself.

Social media really ruined people's perceptions of art and its value. So if anything, take a break from it. Create an entire new account to draw small doodles that doesn't take so much of your time. You can then eventually move onto illustrations that can take more time to finish.

I've strictly militarized of how I consume arts online for a couple of years now. I don't care much about fan arts, I've looked more into industry artists & studios (not every of them have much presence online, but have more influences on local gallery). Pay attention to credits more than twitter/instagram's suggestions.
I have only few art friends & acquaintances, and I don't talk to them as often as my normie friends and family. I do get lonely and MOFO occasionally, but with time I got used to it, and feeling much content with my works since.

As for my advice about dealing with WIPs, I tend to just put them in a backlog and come back to whichever when I feel like it. For example, I'd set deadline for a certain project (2 months or so), if I'm not finishing it by that time, I can rightfully take a break from it and work on something new.

Hopefully this can help. Best of luck anon.

No. 905659

FOMO* not MOFO, sorry for typo
I hope this reply didn't come off as condescending. I wanted to provide a perspective which got me to draw for long term now.

No. 905758

Anon, why do you hate this person so much that you keep spamming them all over the thread when not a single person gives a shit?

No. 905827

File: 1631237797422.jpeg (433.64 KB, 1125x1156, 6646BBC9-E705-4949-B59F-5FE4B4…)

Comic community drama

I believe she’s talking about @cuttimecomic? If so, very disappointing behavior

No. 905870

I'm so fucking sick of anime wolves

No. 905888

I don't know either of them, but callouts like this always come across as so self-absorbed. Having to read something this retarded already puts me on the accused side since people who write giant-ass paragraphs like this are always doing it for attention and validation.

No. 905900

File: 1631244392462.jpeg (1.58 MB, 2880x3840, 07F745E8-7AF0-4550-81DC-83AD9E…)

They’re both equally retarded I guess, judy threw the first stone tho

No. 905936

I used to follow Judy/Juby years ago. I remembered her randomly earlier this year and looked her up. Her timeline is full of crazy passive-aggressive shit. She seems unhinged so I believe it.

No. 905951

I'm not aware of this artist nor their involvement with Juby, though I've heard enough infamy towards Juby and her work ethics (extremely unprofessional behaviors) from other comic peers. So I'd prefer to trust this Jayd person than her.

Probably will type more later on if I ever get to recall anything I was told about her.

My strongest impression is that she shamelessly sucks up to any art director she ever worked with, despite her role was minor as fuck. In recent years I noticed her more often due to constant twitter ass kissing with some of the artists I've involved with in the past. Needless to say, I'd be more worried for this Jayd person since her current friends are more vicious than the surface. Hopefully this gets some traction and more people come to speak out.

No. 905968

File: 1631253825475.gif (1.95 MB, 500x250, Kaiba.Seto.full.3030628.gif)

to those of you who have patreon and the like, what kind of rewards do you offer and how do you price them? i've looked up a couple dozen guides and looked at popular patreon pages, but i don't think i can keep up with that kind of workload that most patreon creators have. at most i could possibly do two patreon-only drawings a month on top of my huge workload of commissions and the occasional personal art.
i'm thinking just basic discord roles and polls for "drawing of the month" kinda thing to increase interactivity, but i have no idea what else i could offer.

No. 905971

> her work ethics (extremely unprofessional behaviors)

Really? I remember being a kid following her stuff on dA and she seemed more mature and professional than most artists. If you remember anything please do spill.

No. 906100


Patreon only drawings aren't necessary imo. Just do your usual work, but offer much more of them; speedpaints, step-by-step, WIPs, high quality/non watermark, different variants (not NSFW if you'd like, things like different eye expressions or added glasses, that kind of things).
If you have a store, open polls about what they'd like, offer patreon only merch or discount codes, 2x1 offers in stickers or whatever, limited enamel pin colourways, stuff like that.
Don't do anything that you feel forced to do, since you'll end up dropping it if you're not motivated.

No. 906539

Hey nonas. I come in time of great need. I'll give you a bit of background: I've been doing commission for around 4 years now, even tho I don't have many followers I have a quite lot of clients, most from dnd groups. Anyways, there's this dude who contacted me asking me if I would do a drawing for him for a NFT collection he's working on, and also asked if I work on equity/discounted price, I did not know what to answer, so I told him I don't for now. I'll be honest I have little to no fucking idea what's he talking about, could some of you explain it to me if you don't mind? Thanks.

No. 906583

Basically, Was asking if you’d draw for him an NFT (idk your stance on NFTs) & if you’d draw for him for a discount price where instead of paying you full upfront you’d get a share of however much he sold your nft drawing for

No. 906662


Whoa anon, are you me too? It do be like that multiple times recently bc knowing the fact that reality sucks and its inevitable. Theres nothing much to do no other than always trying your best that ended up to exhaustion or worse.

My advice is not the best but what you can do to cope with is try to limit your social media activity by open the app whenever you want to post, only interact with several friends/mutuals. If possible, dont open social media at all then focusing on studies, practice, dont focus on getting popularity since the sad fact is most popular young/minor artists tends to abandon improvement to get more clout iirc.

Speaking of getting art friends it does sound intriguing however dont put too much attachment to them which only few of them are actually supports you then the rest never interacts with you in any way. Those things comes naturally once you have appreciated yourself and your progress.

Social media is draining our braincells, you better not frying your brain looking at cool artists to constantly guiltripping yourself.

No. 906665

File: 1631327683542.jpeg (641.22 KB, 1284x1602, 39725E98-2BC1-4E6E-91E5-A62A1A…)

This artist has no idea how to color skin color and yet decided to make this post. Most of their art is shit. It’s most likely they made this post to get attention. I don’t see them caping this hard for Beast Boy to be green.

No. 906667

I can't take this seriously when the darker skin looks like a weird shade of green. He is right that Starfire is an orange alien, but I honestly don't care if people draw human versions of her with those skin colors

No. 906672

Concerning INPRNT I’ve been using it for a while and while you only get an option on the website to deposit after making $100 you can just email them ask them to deposit any smaller amount and they’ll do it no problem. It’s annoying but INPRNT really does have the best $$$ percentage and it has a professional set up.

The only thing is since Covid they’re a lot slower at responding than before.

No. 906673

File: 1631328773280.jpeg (7.46 KB, 280x180, black starfire.jpeg)

This chart wouldn't even make sense anyways because Starfire has been potrayed as black and white

No. 906712


Brain damage. Minors shouldn’t be on Twitter they should be playing hopscotch and running around with scissors

No. 906716

Does anyone know how to go about trying to get an art agent/agency? I've been playing with the idea of trying to commercialize. Is it even worth it? For example, I'm thinking like the kind of generic patterns and art on products they sell at Target.

No. 906740

That's to keep minors out, anon

No. 906750

Minors are a scourge on the internet. They don’t know how to mind their business and SHOULD be reading a book or some shit considering how they act online.

No. 906765

its the new way for shit artists to get interactions plus they know anti sjws love racebait. minors dni just means they fight genshin stans over ships

No. 906881

Pretty much the only thing you can do to save your skin is to plaster "minors dni" everywhere you can so that kids can't default to "duhhh you exposed me to nsfw/whatever questionable content that made me uncomfortable" for being unable to curate their own internet experience.

No. 906965

Because I have certain projects/stories I want to tell and I need the art skills to convey them. Gonna sound cheesy, but its a matter self-actualization; I'm doing it for myself, and when I obtain the skill level I want, I feel that I'll be able to focus more on growing followers. For now its incidental and I just want to get to that point where I can be as great as the artists I follow. So stop getting jealous and put in the work so the dream isn't as distant.

No. 906967

>I've heard enough infamy towards Juby and her work ethics (extremely unprofessional behaviors) from other comic peers
Please do share. Its unfortunate bc she's clearly talented, but now I'm curious what happened.

No. 907256

i was the anon who vented here, sorry for doing that btw. felt really lonely that day.

i read trough all of the answers and i really take them to heart, thank you all for answering me!

No. 907300

>complains about skin tones for a fictional character
>doesn’t know the first thing about undertones
Both the black and white skin tones look atrocious. Color theory really isn’t that hard to learn about

No. 907820

idk how to explain it but, whenever someone has "minors dni" on their account they're always weird. the more normal artists put "18+ only"/"r-18" or use the 18+ emoji

No. 908148

Took me awhile trying to recollect bits and pieces, I never had direct involvement with her but rather with her husband JC. I was among the animator friends that often got into collabs on Newgrounds at the time.
There's not much to say about her in terms of being "unprofessional" besides constant bitching and trashtalking about our friends. I'd say 99% of JC's friends absolutely hated her.

I had a friend come vent to me about he had quit being in her chat group after she openly badmouthed a friend of his. For context, his friend was known for drawing rule 34 of underaged characters and often got harassed online because this job. She was saying in the line of "he deserved it" when he was receiving explicit death threats and suicide baits. Netherless, none of us believe she has any shred of empathy in her since.

During a convention I can't name here, she wouldn't stop berating the younger staffs for not meeting every of her needs, then turn around spinning a fake ass story about how the event was too underfunded to host her (which was a load of craps considering they had earned enough to donate to charities for years).

I wish I could say more of the recent things I've heard but it may cost careers of those still works under her. Most of them wouldn't want to speak up because they knew fully-well how Juby is talented at controlling her narrative. So the original twitlonger I saw actually didn't hit the mark when it comes to her pattern of behaviors.

No. 908157

It's got to the point you have to put minors DNI in your bio to get kids to leave you the fuck alone though

No. 908171

I followed her a few years back, but her constant passive aggressive tweets were so exhausting to see. More so when you realize her followers all blindly coddle her despite clearly being in the wrong.

But wow never realized it gets worse than that!

No. 908190

I'm pretty glad I only use tweetdeck so I never have to see non-media posts. Not that I support this artist being shitty, but it's nice that I never have to see it tbh. I get really fed up with the petty drama in the art community and the canceling shit is even worse.

No. 908223

File: 1631418732185.png (453.94 KB, 730x582, hmfyuil900.png)

So, NIXEU got into selling NFTs and the techbros are aready hounding them with their fake ass support and cult-like behaviour.

A shame, I was a huge fan of NIXEU's work.

No. 908232

I saw someone describe NFTs and cryptocurrencies as just MLMs for men, and that really could not be a more accurate description. The brainwashing is real

No. 908259

starfire has orange skin in the tv show tho, so drawing them as white or black would be inaccurate

No. 908261

they don't have boundaries either. The amount of times I have minors leaving inappropriate comments under my drawings is disturbing, and those drawings are completely pg too!

No. 908272

File: 1631425600439.jpeg (674.81 KB, 1125x1825, D2708E5D-FA0D-4DC3-B7F5-746F35…)

NTA but adding onto this, I remember she documented her first meeting with JC and said how dark he was lol I don’t think she’s racist, just extremely sheltered

I mean i guess it doesn’t matter now they’ve almost been dating for a decade and living together.

No. 908282

….why is she talking about him like he's some kind of exotic animal. Sheltered or not, that was cringey to read.

No. 908297

>MLMs for men
I still don’t understand the appeal of putting value in a digital object, not even a service.

No. 908298

Internet 20 years ago was “XD lulz random you lost the gaem!1” culture, so this behavior was normal

No. 908299

Lmao, this is what I imagine Bible-Stans will say when the messiah returns.

No. 908321

It pains me that I can’t provide caps bc I don’t wanna id myself, but I used to be a mutual artist friend of Juby’s. Unfollowed her on twitter and her personal FB because of shit like this, she’s easily riled up and constantly complains. Just a very bitter person beneath the asskissing online. She’s lost friends for some pretty retarded and trivial arguments and I’m not surprised it’s happening again.

No. 908363


Isn't nixeu that scammer clamychan?

No. 908409

Holy kek, it’s too long ago to matter of course, but I can only imagine the shitstorm that would happen if this screenshot was unleashed on twitter

No. 908415

No. 908483

this ones easy to take care of just block them. if/when anyone gives you the work over it say you don't like suggestive stuff on pg work once, max two times then never engage anyone on it again and they'll stop even if a couple fuss abt it. kids are dumb and over the top especially dorky ones into anime but it's not hard to cultivate a reputation where they know they can't be like that on your stuff

No. 908665

She's not milkable imo but still it's refreshing to see some of her laundry aired out. The reasons why she has gandered so many fans is because they're largely impressionable teenagers. And she behaves just like her audience.

There's a reason why no one in the industry wanted to work with her. The hissy fits she threw in public for one variant cover she made for marvel was absolutely hilarious/cringey to watch lol.

No. 908705

File: 1631466464327.jpg (355.61 KB, 900x1401, 2020615_xl.jpg)

The Silk one, right? No idea why she doesn't pursue legal action if its truly that bad. People that always talk about drama on soc med are always sus

No. 908720

…why are the eyes so weird. The coloring choice on the cape is botherline rei_17's color palette too. Tbh I haven't looked into her recent arts but this is nothing like I remembered.

No. 908772

Wait, what? Since when Nixeu is a scammer? I haven't heard of this.

No. 909008


Tsubakie = MiuMiusArt = ReiraSeo = Hinahara = Dekomory = clamychan = numyumy = ciolphe = yoyosketch = wooneul = zeromika = lil.milkyskin = nixeu
Amongst other names.
Same girl from Spain who has traced and filtered other people's art for years, makes Instagram accounts gets money for commissions and prints with stolen art and then ghosts and starts over and pretends she's someone different every time, pretends to be different ethnicities.




If you search any of the account names you can find more evidence. Also try the ZeroMika deviantart account comments

No. 909024

Also to add to this but I heard from someone who knew her more closely that apparently the whole nixeu account is in fact a project of her and her BF, so it's not even 1 person ran operation like first thought.

No. 909196

>The hissy fits she threw in public for one variant cover she made for marvel was absolutely hilarious/cringey to watch lol.
What's the context on this?

No. 909207

oh my god I had no idea??? i thought NIXEU was one of those mysterious super skilled asian artists or something. what the fuck??

No. 909283

Honestly, if these picture examples in links people call tracing then 90% of art is traced.
Just take anyone you don't like and you would also find evidence if you search good enough.
Also, can you call pic rel as tracing?

No. 909292

File: 1631487838969.gif (8.5 MB, 800x840, dao9trj-4cc565cd-ad78-4e8d-a85…)

Jesus I forgot post pic/gif I'm talking about.
Tbh I'm not talking she's not a tracer but we can find that kind of evidence for anyone's art.
It's scary to be an artist these days.

No. 909301

The artist may have done the face and hair by themselves, but you can easily notice how everything below her neck lines up completely. So this piece is, at the very least, partially traced.

>"It's scary to be an artist these days."

It's one thing to use a picture as a reference, where you can notice similarities but you can still identify that the artist drew everything by themselves, and it's another to spot entire areas of the drawing that line up perfectly to another artwork or photograph. When you're using something as a reference your lines shouldn't be a perfect match with whatever you used as a ref. That is, surprise! Tracing.

No. 909314

Same anon, just adding to my post.

Tracing doesn't mean that the entire picture is traced. Most skilled tracers (or at least the ones with a partially functioning brain) will trace only some parts of a drawing, usually the face or upper body, and then do the rest by themselves so that it becomes harder for others to identify the traced bits.

No. 909322

>When you're using something as a reference your lines shouldn't be a perfect match with whatever you used as a ref.
I guess you're right. I'm just afraid that one day I will be accused as a tracer just because someone has found artwork similar to mine, even though I have never seen this artwork in my life.

Well, if the lines don't overlap then I'm safe, but who knows what people came up with …

No. 909324

File: 1631489059175.jpeg (682.35 KB, 1125x1667, E0E6F5C5-A329-481A-BE0A-F578E6…)

NTA but I looked into it and it looks like she bashed Marvel in public bad enough that she deleted her tweets

Didn’t she used to be a dentist? I can’t believe this level of retardation. Even when I have issues working with companies, I’d vent to friends, but NEVER in public wtf that’s just asking to be blacklisted

No. 909325

File: 1631489094589.jpeg (656.99 KB, 1125x1856, FFA090D9-90A0-404D-90C2-20F6FB…)

The end of the 4 deleted tweet rant…. What could she have said…

No. 909328

File: 1631489214443.gif (495.24 KB, 264x148, 3720FAFA-D240-45CB-9341-0754A2…)

Hard concept for some to understand, but we’re talking about a fictional character, which means they aren’t real. No one cares about “accuracy”
It’s a fucking comic book character, people can do whatever they want with the fanart

No. 909331

Like I said, using references is fine, everyone does that. We all end up drawing inspiration from other peoples' works or end up wanting to create something similar to a concept you saw because you found it cool. It only becomes a problem when parts of your drawing overlap perfectly with someone else's piece- and if that happens, then it's most likely because you traced those parts, and that is the problem.

People nowadays bitch about anything and everything though, and some have the gall to claim that shit like "style theft" is a thing.

No. 909405

Wtf, was she?

No. 909428

I almost thought that gif was Illya Kushinov’s drawing from the thumbnail. Fanart is soulless

No. 909725

woah what? I figured for someone with such a large following and a solid portfolio, she'd be getting jobs left and right– this definitely brought new perspective for me.

No. 909743


how come there are 24 QRTs and all of them are from private accounts LOL, so many people secretly talking shit about her that's insane

No. 909762

There seems to be evidence linking all the other accounts except to Nixeu's, perhaps any evidence has been deleted? I wonder if anyone has screenshot evidence

They have a yt channel too showing the drawing from scratch, i wonder if that's been edited

No. 909856

why would you talk shit about marvel in your tweet showcasing the cover you made for them?? i followed her in high school and it looks like she hasn't changed at all in her manner of speaking, she talks like a whiny teenager. it's weird how some people never grow up

No. 909887

File: 1631518344888.png (1.21 MB, 2018x743, nizeu is wooneul.png)

Here's an old post that I found explaining the account hopping and if you look at the other screenshots and google around a bit, you can see they all link back to each other. W00neul no longer exists but if you search "him" on twitter you find tons of replies to yoyosketch (confirmed), and if you google w00neul "his" artstation link redicts you to nixeus.

No. 909960

she has about the same vile energy as jen bartel honestly lmfao

No. 909983

File: 1631529833270.jpg (274.06 KB, 1550x930, n-i-x-e-u-vr.jpg)

That makes a lot more sense
It seems like they are getting better at hiding their evidence of tracing, it such a shame that they make a ridiculous amount of money on their patreon scamming people. They even go as far as having a chinese version of patreon which has chinese likely translated in google translate.
I hope someone calls them out publicly
Pic related, looks a lot like a wlop piece but I can't find the original

No. 909996

File: 1631531918719.jpg (44.86 KB, 551x375, larping.jpg)

Oh definitely, she's gotten so much better at hiding her tracing, like you see even in her current pieces the style and skill jump around a lot, makes it very obvious she traces, probably from asian models and cosplayers but how to find them is a different story.

Honestly it would be nice but unless you get hardcore proof that it's very hard to do, just exposing her as Numy/etc is not enough even if you can easily prove that part. You'd need to prove that she was scamming people right now.

Also here's some extra proof they're larping as chinese.

No. 910045

How can someone own a color palette? Now you'll be talking about "artstyle theft" next….

No. 910061

you get all the tax evasion and money laundering benefits of bullshit art speculation without any storage and handling costs

No. 910064


man now that's what i call some fucked up dedication. i was a follower of nixeu and i was completely sold on the idea of her being some asian artist. now that i think about it, a bunch of her art looks an awful lot like wlop's, so i'm wondering if she's tracing his stuff now.

No. 910077

random salt due to something I saw today.

Major eyeroll at minors who build their entire platform on drawing trashy nsfw of their gay ships act all coy and surprised when they hit a new milestone, as though they had NO idea that horny people are the easiest kind of folk to cater to.

The ones that let their "fame" get to their head have the audacity to talk down on actual talented artists who happen to have maybe a quarter of their follower count.

If you wanna draw nsfw go right ahead but if you start talking shit about other artists just because they have less followers than you then you can fuck right off.

No. 910116

why so butthurt anon? i was commenting on the art and how unoriginal it was that it borrowed a popular color pick from one of its originator. No one mentioned art style theft here. UNLESS it was what you did.

No. 910173

Those minors will learn eventually how building a platform on horny audience isn't something to brag about. That's why their sense of boundaries is broken as hell when their horny audience are the only people they've interacted with. They will have a harder time in society once they finally turn into adults.

No. 910183

^^agreed. They forget that followers don't mean anything, but I guess in this day and age they cling onto it cuz it measures your self worth.

No. 910201

I'm not Juby… wtf? I honestly still don't understand what you're trying to say about color palettes.

No. 910202

That's like that Tuna/Tina01 chick.

No. 910214

No one owns a color palette. All arts are derivative. What I was commenting here was how it's impossible to recognize it was Juby's art and the first thing was to notice was a popularized color palette (in which why I mentioned rei). How is she a veteran and still so Unconfident in her arts so much the only signature of her art are the dead fish eyes.
Whichever marvel agency that got so unlucky to work with her couldve hired one of rei's copycats to do the work and they wouldn't bitch about late payments on their weewee followers cry zone.

No. 910241

You all have never heard of stylized photo study? Silly amateurs trying to find the Crime of Tracing everywhere.

No. 910265

File: 1631554159765.png (115 KB, 738x690, Screenshot 2021-09-13 132941.p…)

Who tf is she talking about? She mentioned a Genshin fanartist

No. 910266

"Study", not selling prints with sakimichan's faces cropped onto them.

No. 910275

no idea who she's talking about either, but I agree with her opinions about the DNI minors folks on twitter
it reminded me of this youtuber who made a two hours video literally slamming those proshippers and Minors DNI people.
Like listen I do get annoying minors trying to bait ask me and making dumbass callouts on my art mutuals. But the behaviors of those greasy adults that make tweets like "uwu we need more proship minors! b proud of liking incest guys" are just Creepy and should not be allowed near a human being, let alone a kid on the internet. I'm team Fuck them kids but adults like these are detriment to the next generation of artists.

No. 910281

you smell like the type of artist that paints over a photograph and then goes around calling it a "study" when all you did was overrender the face and modify it slightly with a blending tool and liquify. sorry mate but a "study" is using a photo as direct reference, not drawing over said photo and tracing the bits of it you're not interested in drawing by yourself.

No. 910282

You did not even look at the archived journal, half of those "studies" are literal photos with smoothing filter on top of them and few added brush strokes and some are painted over other artist, mainly sakimichan.

No. 910292

God I'm living for this Joodlez milk, I was a big fan of her 10+ years ago but even then she seemed horribly cliqueish.

So she got with her friend JC? And yeah last time I checked on her she was in dentist school but I guess she didn't continue

No. 910297

As a fan of her arts for 10+ years, what's your opinion on her art development? I used to have a neutral stance on her but now not so sure anymore.

No. 910298

Weren't Joodlez and Juby in the same circle at same point? Could I get a run down? I followed both back on DA, but no idea what drama they've gotten into

No. 910299

Ah, I'm stupid. Meant Joodlez and JC

No. 910307


lol you're quick anon, I was in the middle of correcting you that joodlez = juby

From what I remember from dA days, they were good friends, tagging each other in journals, mentioning each other, drawing together etc.

Seconding the request for a gossip update lol I have no idea


AYRT. Hard to say because I haven't kept up with her all these years. I always thought her sketches were full of life and I like how expressive her characters are, but I'm not really a fan of this type of art in general anymore.

Taking a quick glance at some of her current works, it doesn't seem to have changed much over the years. I think she's a rather fast drawer so some pieces look rushed and you get wonky proportions that way, or compositions that aren't so good (in my eyes). But otherwise still looks mostly clean, fresh, lively. I guess you can say she "hasn't improved" but I don't really look at things that way once an artist reaches a certain point.

Does this answer your question. What are your own thoughts

No. 910339

File: 1631559596355.png (69.52 KB, 635x654, juby interview.png)

She was a dental hygienist. Basically an assistant. You can find some info about it from an old interview. Picrel. https://tumblr-arts.tumblr.com/post/8509343787/name-judy-jong-aka-juby-tumblr

No. 910380

>>908223 NIXEU is just coasting on being a wlop clone anyway. Nothing about their art is original or interesting.

No. 910384

I thought the same thing, they're just like your average sakimi clone such as zumidraws. the fact that they do nfts now only makes me happier that i muted them, though.

No. 910478

Debatable, horny artists make more money regardless of quality and have stronger fanbases

I’ve done family friendly art and have a good following but they’ve never thrown money at me like people do for nsfw artists

No. 910480

Thank you for the input! Honestly my first exposition to her arts was during deviantart time and I saw her arts circling around some folks' favorite collections. I was impressed with how she represented her characters and comics. I just saw her as another webcomic 'biggie' at the time such as fightbeast or hamletmachine.

Now most of the deviantart big comic artists I used to watch go completely MIA online. Idc much about hamletmachine since I grew out of her style of smut. last time I ever saw Joodlez's art getting viral was one of her study drawings of people dancing. (2015-2016) She only came up on my feed more recently because of her obnoxious tweets and nothing else. It's the personality ruining the art for me.

No. 910507

Haven't heard that name in forever. Starfighter aged like milk.

No. 910526

AYRT. And yes, definitely would love to hear more opinions on this.
My stance is more on individual growth as an artist. You can choose to do sex work (art) but it should be contained in a space where your identity and profession are protected.
I've been to a space where people only saw me as a porn vendor machine and it was… quite dehumanizing to be seen that way. I've come to learn that I want to be surrounded by people can understand my crafts, and I want to communicate better through art.
Here are some of my personal beliefs: Capital can protect your livelihood in short term but your choice of profession will affect your soul in a long run.
Fanbase can feed you and enable you, but can also be easily manipulated and will turn around when your time is up.

I hope this doesn't sound slut shaming or degrading any hardworking nsfw artists out there. I believe this path of career should be considered more thoroughly by anyone who participate in it, that's all.

No. 910716

>Act all coy and surprised when they hit a new milestone, as though they had NO idea that horny people are the easiest kind of folk to cater to.

I thought I was the only one who had this specific pet peeve lol. Idk who they’re trying to fool but that fake act is just plain cringe at best

No. 910742

You didn’t come off as slut shaming at all, what you said is true.

Personal experience in fandoms have proven time and time again that porn (even tasteless ones) easily triumphs over everything else. And if you’re making porn exclusively of a popular gay couple? Congrats! You’ve earned a cult following of horny sods overnight.

It’s definitely discouraging for artists who aren’t into doing explicit content or if their work focuses on exploring character dynamics. But I also think that’s why you see a lot of minors draw nsfw in public spaces like twitter, they know that the gratification is instant and we all know getting validation is one addictive drug.

No. 910790

>And if you’re making porn exclusively of a popular gay couple? Congrats! You’ve earned a cult following of horny sods overnight
…Yeah. Mini vent here. Honestly it ruined some of the muses I've worked hard on, headcanons and NSFW prompts I wanted to play around and flex my storytelling ability. It has been years since but everyday I'd wish to turn back time drag my past self to Not make porn of That popular gay ship. Or at least I wish I had published them in a close, invite-only space where people don't constantly seek out my professional name for that One specific gay ship they wanted to fap to bad. This very experience has made me empathized badly with doujinka that really, really don't want to have their old works being published and circulated on the net.
It really hurts that none of my friends understand this, and one of them even expressed envy that my arts got Traction when I'm absolutely loathed of looking at my own works.
Right now I'm just going hermit and taking my time to create the works I want to take pride of.

That's all of my mini-vent. I don't know if other NSFW artists feel the same way, or that they're already happy with their occupation and audience. I may be coming from a place of an East Asian artist mentality where being discreet is prioritized.

No. 910807

and if that popular gay shit is a lesbian one, you get extra points. one because you'll attract horny lesbians, and two you'll attract horny incels and normies.

fandom spaces is all about port nowadays. i never drew porn myself, but back when i was in a particular fandom from a popular anime game my sfw artwork would get almost no recognition, but the moment i bothered to draw one of the female characters in their skimpy swimming outfit with their nipples perked up and a bit of side or underboob people would flock to it instantly. it was frustrating as hell because i always put more effort in my sfw stuff than my more risqué art. i'm pretty sure that if i were financially struggling at the time, i would've become a nsfw artist because the difference in numbers is just too big.

No. 910808

You're absolutely valid, anon. I'm glad you're taking time away from social media to do what you like.

I'm currently going through something similar adjacent. Pandemic has me locked up at home for months now and the internet/drawing is all I have. I've become reliant on getting strangers' validation (it's bad, I'm fully aware of it but god I cannot stop).

Started recently doing nsfw on a relatively popular gay ship, and let me tell you my follower count skyrocketed overnight. I'm talking about getting 200 or so new followers, all from posting a half-assed doodle of two guys doing the dirty.

It felt good for a while? And then the realization hits me. 'Oh my other stuff aren't good enough then. It's my nsfw that's worthy of a follow then.'

No. 910844

Thank you for listening. I don't have much to add to the conversation. I think the validation I got back then wasn't coming from numbers, but from being recognized by peers that I absolutely admired.
It took great efforts for me to quit that world entirely, and even forgo the bonds I had at the time since the memory just sucks so much for me.
I hope that you remain vigilant and never got to fall into that pit I once was. IMO I still love drawing smuts a whole lots, but I'm still not emotionally ready to attach my name & finance to those kind of works yet.

No. 910927

God, you can't go into any fandoms these days (even kids show) without seeing porn, esp porn of ships. Some of us want to explore a character's personality, their dynamic with other characters, draw headcanons–only to get overshadowed by some horny art that completely throws the character's agency out of the window.

No. 911049

Do you guys think artists becoming a vtuber are sellouts?
Most of my mutuals are one or associated with them. Vtubers everywhere and it’s annoying.

No. 911056

i personally feel like the meaning of 'becoming a vtuber' is now blurry as fuck. originally vtuber was a virtual YOUTUBER who made videos on all kinds of stuff, for example one of the ogs kizuna ai, but now apparently you can 'become a vtuber' just by getting an avatar and streaming games or drawing. i just find it annoying that people see it as a special label when actually most of the time they're doing nothing but roleplaying with a fancy graphic.

No. 911064


I'd noticed a handful of my mutuals had switched to vtubing because their art, while good, wasn't getting the attention they wanted, so now it's all vtubers schmoozing and promo, and I've since had to unfollow them. It was irritating.

No. 911066

its bottomfeeder scrote pandering

No. 911069


Fuck Fandom, honestly. I know that that's the way every popular artist says to gain followers, but it's almost never worth pandering to such a capricious crowd that will drop you the second you decide to do something different, have a different opinion on a character or in some cases go 'sfw'.

At this point I advocate for people making their own shit. Sure it's hard to get a foothold because no one will fucking care for a really long time, but I'd rather build a foundation of a smaller group of people that actually like what's going on in my head than waste my time catering to trends an algorithm deems worthy. You're all more creative than that.

No. 911121

A good number of people do fanart and engage in fandom for the sake of getting commissions rather than numbers though. And unfortunately original content can't give you much. I myself don't really care much about my follower count for as long as I have a good number of commissioners under my belt to help pay my bills, and well, I can only attract those people thought fanart and fandom garbage.

Don't get me wrong, I hate fandoms because they manage to ruin entire series just by bloating it with porn and discourse and they're more often than not filled to the brim with stupid children, sjws and fujos, but if you want to gain money through commissions and illustrations then that's unfortunately the quickest and best way.

No. 911122

File: 1631592426464.jpeg (28.04 KB, 307x353, 70B4A77C-1890-4D52-8D37-8AA875…)

Thoughts on art center’s illustration major? Are there still good opportunities from being in their entertainment arts track though they accept so many people? Seems like newer top graduates from the grad show don’t have much on their resumes and are searching for jobs still

No. 911126

I'm kind of a boomer here and have been avoiding social media altogether for 2-3 years now (all before the pandemic).
My current clients tend to commission me to draw their own vtubers or other established vtubers (Hololive i think?).
I'm really muddled with all this since I haven't found one research or document when it comes to Virtual Youtuber's patent (does the IP belong to the agency and which one and such). When I looked into vtubers drama such as using stock assets or anything related my head just went ??? altogether.

It's painfully annoying considering I've had disputes when it comes to clients' OCs before and having to exclude the commissioned arts from my portfolio because of their breakups drama. My head hurts. Maybe I should just go back to mid century being paid to make painting of Saints instead.

Some my questions if anyone's kind enough to answer:
- Are vtubers like Pop Idols? Like an agency with their Personalities/Performers that signed a contract to stream and perform under the pre-existing avatar. What happens once they're graduated (end of contract)? Does this apply to publishing house only?
- Are vtubers are like… streamers? I'm most familiar with Gamegrumps and Vinesauce where the streamers are all under a group/household. In any case they are Real People celebrities to me and I usually just avoid that ground.
- Thoughts on rule 34 of vtubers??? Are they celebrities porn?? Please send help.

No. 911137

honestly lol agreed. I keep getting FFXIV commissions constantly to the point people assumed I also played the game. In which I do Not.
Much to anyone's surprises a lot of them thought I was among Seasonal Anime Bros because I'm paid to draw their new favorite waifu while in reality I only watch one anime (episode) a year.

It does keep me from befriending with my audience but honestly, it's better to keep it professional. If art is a job then I'm allowed to have hobbies unrelated to it. I don't feel necessary to draw fan arts of the things I'm into either, it's nice to appreciate them as they are.

No. 911145


i'm not the vtuber expert but i think i can help with some of your questions

1. yeah, the "official" ones (like hololive) work similarly to a pop idol industry. they work under under an agency and each vtuber's voice actor is handpicked, they have managers, all that jazz. when they graduate they can go on their merry way, but i'm pretty sure they can't use the vtuber avatar they used to have after graduating. so for example if the vtuber peko graduates, then the va can't make any more videos as peko and the peko character won't gain another va, as if the peko character itself left the industry.

2. the majority of what vtubers do is streaming yeah, usually gameplays. sometimes they do collabs with other vtubers in which they play a game together or just talk. some vtubers, like ninomae inanis, are able to draw, so they also stream their art process. vtubers do a lot of stuff but a huge part of it is streaming.

3. i don't watch any r18 vtuber, so idk. i don't think they're necessarily porn celebs. like an anon said before, vtubing is pretty much roleplaying.

No. 911162

Hey show some respect, don't go posting Nicki Minaj's cousin's dick

No. 911170

i relate to you anon, i drew a ton of sfw and nsfw of a ship that is now pretty problematic in 2021 and i hate when people repost my old ship art and tag me or seek out my new account hoping to find that ship art. i hate looking at the art i made back then, and it's sad because drawing that art gave me a lot of confidence in my abilities. the community surrounding that ship is trash nowadays and thank god i didn't sign my professional handle on any of it, just a fandom name.

i hope people stop bothering you about your past art anon, block button is your friend

No. 911183

Words can't describe how much I hate horny people, especially artists who reduce a well written character into a fuck toy for their quick clout chasing schemes.

Seeing the same character getting banged seven days to sunday gets boring so quickly, but for some reason that's what the majority are into.

No. 911199

Same anon with the artist vtuber question.
Is it best to leave twitter completely or keep trying? I feel like I’m doing everything wrong to have an active following?

No. 911213

Thank you for your answers. There are a few things I'm still puzzled with but this is probably something that may take longer for me to research.

What's your definition of being a vtuber = sellout? I'm not sure how much a person can earn from being a twitch affiliate and I'm assuming that's what artist vtubers are aiming for. (Monetize Attention at all costs).
I still keep my twitter and other platforms running as self-promotion. I can't really give advice of running them in this current age, especially how tech companies just want to fill their sites with Influencers as their favorite cashcows.
Beside self-promotion I think twitter is still salvageable as hobby-social site. What do you mean by you're doing wrong by having an active following?

No. 911219

>You are asking vtuber questions on LC of all places
Honestly my only pet peeve is that Everytime my favourite artist will turn into a vtuber, they would always stop drawing streams at all. Same goes with drawing in general too, and they would just shit up their social medias with vtuber stuff or start pandering out of desperation. Shit sucks.
Also you don't need to have twitter or spam on it, vtuber is literally just streaming stuff or making videos like Kizuna AI with anime avatar but more dramas that happen daily there. The end.

No. 911282

I fell for the trap of "just draw porn, you'll make bank!" and found out the hard way that… it's not actually true? It's a super saturated field because every mediocre artist and their mom flocks to it. You still need to hustle, and the fact you have to churn out art constantly means you often won't have the time or energy to focus on sfw portfolio pieces or anything that can help you get an actual career. Plus, it's hard to have any real growth (more followers doesn't equal more commissions, for instance) and being exposed to pornography all the time really fucks with your brain. You're drawing all the time, all your fans are coomers, you can't use anything you draw in your portfolio, and you often make barely over min wage.

No. 911283

Idk if any of you nonnies can answer this but it’s worth a try

Anyone currently working in the Japanese anime industry willing to share your current average pay rate for assets?

I used to work for various companies years ago but stopped because of the low pay and demanding HQ work. The only plus side for accepting these projects was “name exposure in Japan lol” and networking. None of my current acquaintances that used to do the same work are in the industry anymore, so they don’t know either. For reference, back in my day a company would request an image set of 5 variations of a character and they’d pay on average 15,000 to 30,000 yen. Because of Japan’s archaic paper system, I would get paid sometimes 6 months later(longest being a year). This is all from established companies with good reputation shueisha, Sony, tora, etc. too, so not a shady unprofessional group.

I’m curious to know if they changed their ways since more and more non JP artists are being used for official work. Hoping they’re paying them what they’re worth.

No. 911287

This. If anything, the large followings you've accumulated are just there for the free content most of the time. If there's anything people love more than porn, it's FREE porn.

No. 911388

In conclusion: Porn in any form is never worth it. Making it big is an anomaly so unlikely one would be better off putting their effort into something else.

No. 911416

>wanting to work in Japan
Unless you're a gacha artist for one of the major games (and even then), I don't see how any pay would be sustainable

No. 911432

File: 1631630023758.jpg (100.96 KB, 1200x675, E0jIAGmVEAcBg9a.jpg)

Any time I see an ad for Webtoon, it's for amateur junk like this. This comment is hella late but it's so funny Webtoon wants to simultaneously pander to the lowest common denominator and be taken seriously as a professional publisher. You only get one.

No. 911443

I think this looks cute, way more appealing than most of the woke pandering shit you find on webtoon.

No. 911494

All my works for Japanese companies have been paid 1-2 months after finishing the work. It's not as much as 6 months, but it's still a lot. I'm surprised they don't even do half-half, and just expect you to do all the work 2 months before seeing any cent.

No. 911506

nta but this is "uwu gay soft beanss~" the webcomic, the artstyle may look cute but by briefly looking through it one time I can confirm that it's nothing but cringy gen-z fakeboi shit. So yes… this does in fact pander to the lowest common denominator

No. 911511

the "goth" boy is a troon

No. 911521

I actually checked it out once because the art style was cute but it was pretty much soulless uwu softboi fujobait polyamory stuff. Now I cringe whenever I see an ad of it.

I have mixed feelings about Webtoon in general because I’ve always been into webcomics and this is where everyone’s posting nowadays, but only because there’s nowhere else to go (except Tapas I guess, a lot of artists post on both). So since it’s THE big webcomic site, it has to appeal to both high and low standards in order to appease everybody. And there is definitely high quality stuff on there, but since everyone’s allowed to post their comic there’s always going to be more garbage than gold. Also, I don’t think it’s always a bad thing to enjoy the “lowest denominator” stuff, sometimes you just want to turn off your brain and enjoy something, but it is a little weird that it’s treated equally by Webtoon to the high quality stuff.

No. 911709

I don't have the answer to your question, just curious. Did you guys have to report your tax numbers to the company even when working as a contractor? How did the application work?
When I was outsourced we only had to sign contracts like use of assets and NDA and that's pretty much it. From what I heard that if a studio was outsourced, the procedure is much simplier too. And being outsourced from Japan always has dirt pay with huge quantity of projects unfortunately, so we usually don't look forward to work with them.

No. 911731

Hey y'all, thank you for the replies. I was a bit hesitant in sharing my experience with nsfw arts in here but it has been cathartic to hear your thoughts on it.

No. 911757

I dated a very popular NSFW yaoi artist for a long time and I can confirm that >>911282 and >>911287 are the comments most true to life. The kinds of messages she received daily from deranged coomers was enough to never make me want to start. You don't want these people to be your community.

No. 911936

I was only a temporary resident in Japan being contracted for work so I paid taxes in my home country.

I just remembered, payment was painful when I was working a continent away. They only did direct deposits into JP bank. So even when I did get paid, accessing it from my JP bank account was a whole nother shitshow

I've heard Chinese mobage companies paying and treating their guests artists good compensation compared to Japanese ones. Don't know by how much though since everyone is hushhush about direct numbers.

No. 912247

I came across some relatively old zine-related drama on twitter, something about a zine demanding applicants to show photos of their IDs to prove that they're not minors (apparently the zine had a NSFW section).

What do you anons think about zines as a whole? I myself find them fun but I think some are a bit too "tryhard" and trying to be too fancy and professional for no reason.

No. 912289

It's so weird. Major emphasis on minor artists too being surprised that their audience is… surprise, coomers. Twitter seems to turn a blind eye to this shit or just doesn't care. They already don't care about kids being able to freely look at accounts marked as mature. You can draw either fujobait or booba, I don't care. But don't be surprised when your following is "freaks"

>they're more often than not filled to the brim with stupid children, sjws and fujos,
Hard agree anon, it's been especially bad lately. Made the change to curated discords or groups that are heavily moderated all the discourse/politics/salt and obviously nsfw channels are age gated to deter people from pulling victim cards or starting shit. It's been comfy. All of the arguing channels tend to be gated by a point system so you're only let in to argue and be salty if you've proven yourself not to be a shit-stirrer and an active user.

No. 912298

I've seen many who are actually openly proud and happy that their nsfw has garnered them a large following, like they have to know who they're catering to at this point but they strive off of the validation. It's concerning.

No. 912304

Oh yeah, I've seen that going around too. Tbf considering the amount of dumb minors drawing nsfw for attention I'd be strict about it too. Although I think they should reconsider their screening method or switch it to invite-only.

As my opinion about zines, they are a whole lot of fun to participate only if you know the contributors/organizers of that zine. I've completed a bunch of zines with friends in the past and most of the time it's for niche fandom or ship we wanted to celebrate. We did have our own dramas though, hell, I've lost friends because the lack of transparency. That's why zine can appear too formal during application process.

Talking about zine drama. I remembered a few months back there was this one zine running group that got called out for rejecting someone's full illustration, even when they were ok with the person's wips before.
I'd say the finished art is atrocious to look at but lol what is even standards these days. No matter how much a mod can dress themselves with business jargons, they can't get away from being called "abuse of power" when rejecting an application.

There are definitely zines that just want to profit from fads though. And zines that do too much flashy promo are such Huge turn off for me.

No. 912356

Same. Actually one thing that really annoys me even though I know it's necessary for sales is how every contributor is """heavily encouraged""" to promote the zine in their accounts and post previews n shit. Idk, I know why it needs to be done but at the same time I don't rly want to turn my account into some zine ad space.

No. 912365

File: 1631677033089.png (322.76 KB, 893x829, New Canvas 2.png)

Not the full image, but genuine question: why do artists think it's quirky to say things like the above 'omg I'm so cringe and hate myself for doing this' etc after posting cringe shit, /knowing/ it will get them shit ton of traction.

No. 912405

File: 1631679796474.jpeg (387.93 KB, 1125x929, D67B88C7-936E-4D31-85DE-A85009…)

depends on the context. this is from poipiku right? as far as i know most users on their are korean and japanese, and these days I've noticed a few JP artist twitters really want to speak "casual" twitter english and they can come off really… awkward like that.
Personally I don't think it's for attention. Self-deprecating can really put people off.

picrel on jp twitter attempting 'twitter english'

No. 912408

What does this mean

No. 912417

oh I'd understand if it's say east asian artists who do this. But the ones I'm specifically talking about are english speakers (including the screenshot), and they always do this when posting croom magnet materials. It's very 'pick me' vibes

No. 912424

Honestly, I would love to participate in one. But seeing how the vast majority go to shit really puts me off. You either get the ones where the organizer ghosts or there isn't enough scrutiny so quality is too all over the place. I've noticed Ace Attorney is at least a fandom that has had many successful ones. Genshin Impact and Dangan Ronpa are unsurprisingly ones where I've seen the most drama in.

No. 912427


i never thought fandom zines had much drama. ive been in quite a couple (more than 10) and never came across drama. maybe i was just really lucky, but i think it depends on the fandom too. usually the main discourse i see in zines is ppl complaining that the mods show favouritism when picking artists or that the standards in some are "too high".

No. 912430

Link to the original tweet if you'd like to read the replies and QRTs lol. For context, this dude is a famous jp gamedev and twitter has been teaching him garbage english. It's hilarious to see how it has ruined the man himself.
Ah that makes sense. Then yeah, I don't understand the appeal of those captions either.

No. 912431

Might be a generational gap anon

Most zoomers excessively use self depreciating humor, which centers around low self esteem, apathy, and lethargy

No. 912432

No. 912509

Don't be such a weeb. Art style theft isn't a thing, and even if someone riffs off someone else's style wholesale, then they'll be looked at as nothing but a cheap imitation.

If you take a good honest look at DA and Pixiv, the average % of good to mediocre to bad artists is about even. There's loads of dogshit and autist stuff on Pixiv. Pixiv just likes to shove the quality stuff up front.

>If you let people see your brushes

Brushes do not make or break someone's artistic skill. If a beginner gets their hands on their favorite artist's brush pack, the beginner won't suddenly draw any better. The artist who share their resources tend to do better by the community. Resource hoarding and keeping proprietary secrets just screams insecurity.

No. 912531

For me I only started drawing nsfw a few months ago solely because I wanted to "catch up" with my mutuals (looking back, "catching up" with their follower count was such a stupid thing to do). It worked a little too well, but now I feel like I have to periodically post porn in order to maintain the brand that I've come to established.

Now anytime my sfw drawings flop I start to doubt my own skills.

No. 912538

I saw this twitter post and they got roasted to shit. Zoomers are a cancer.

No. 912603

File: 1631698740216.jpg (52.61 KB, 550x413, person-drawing.jpg)

I have a question to you tilt your page/sketchbook when sketching traditionally or you try to keep it straight most of the time? (except for details and stuff) I don't know if my posture is a bad habit

No. 912610

You would want the page parallel with your eyes so that a slanted angle doesn't distort your perception of things like proportion or perspective

No. 912662

>the average % of good to mediocre to bad artists is about even
This so hard. Sure you find artists that are either god tier doujin artists who may enter the industry officially, but there is a lot of weird fetish stuff that wouldn't be out of place on DA.

No. 912918

I own a few zines and I'm disappointed with them. Truth is most popular twitter artists aren't very good at art. When you compare zines to their japanese counterparts, they're usually just a scheme for money and clout.

No. 912927

This. In most zines I participated in a good chunk of the artists were picked because they were popular in the fandom, but their art was kinda shit. Mods like to pick artists judging by follower count rather than art skill because the popular ones bring in more sales.

Japanese zines (at least most of them) feel like they're done out of love for the fandom or series, without really money in mind. I mean I'm not japanese/can't read japanese so maybe I'm spewing bullshit but that's how I see it.

No. 912969

I wouldn't look at japanese anthology through rose colored glasses though. I've been a few and with time you can see them behave in a very cult-like. The amount of speedrun doujin and skipping sleep was too unhealthy for me to look at. They have the tradition to hoard all official merch at all costs and building shrines off their faves.

Don't hesitate to apply to zines if you wanna flex your skills though, dramas can happen once in a bluemoon and you don't have to do all the promotion by yourself. As long as you turn in your submission in time, it's all good and dandy.

No. 912985

Before getting a zine I'm interested in I always scout thoroughly the artist list to see if it's worth it, I remember when the Houseki no Kuni anime was released a ton of zines were produced but it was obvious it was made by people who jumped on the bandwagon and you could see the participants were all in the same cliques of art/animation students, initially pretty to look at but boring in the end (and now there's no more HnK zines kek).

No. 913004

While on topic, thoughts about zines that have… a hundred of merchs attached to them?
They were listed in different tiers and the most expensive one would have so many merchandise (I'm talking about 10 different types of keychains, 20 different sticker sheets and enamel pins etc)
I can already imagine package would be monstrous to look at.

No. 913039

I participated in a Hnk zine at the time! Although as a guest artist, no app needed. I wasn't the most active in the server but I befriended one of the mods after I got in. It was easy to notice that a good half or so of the artist lineup was chosen based on fandom popularity and some were close friends of the mods. That one mod I befriended later admitted to me that the rest of the mod team did secretly reserve a section of spots in the zine for artists that had a big following regardless of art skill, just to guarantee some sale numbers and that their stretch goals would be all met. It was funky, some of the best artwork came from the artists with the smallest following while the popular ones delivered some nice but underwhelming pieces.

No. 913076

Is it still possible to get studio jobs without college training? I want job stability…

No. 913078

I usually get the plain version of the zine without any merch, I tend to find it tacky and it's often the less interesting part, especially the stickers, I never know what to do with them, a lot of them are just ugly chibis. I'm kinda frustrated when there are stretch goals with the preorders and merch gets added, I end up with trinkets I never wanted in the first place.

No. 913165

File: 1631739703041.jpeg (71.99 KB, 265x275, 1627825807608.jpeg)

Anything you can rec anon, or a place I can search to find what you found? I've been searching for decent art communities for so long and I just haven't been able to find any. I just want a chill community to grow my art in (and later post on twitter), do fun stuff with, etc.

No. 913310

Yeah I see Twitter people complaining about westerners being sjw Karen’s but Japan doujin scene is more mean girls cattier.

Yes, college isn’t necessary unless you’re trying to work and live in America. It’s hard to gain visa with no higher education.

No. 913335

oh god, I don't know much about the japanese doujin side of things but I frequently hang in the taiwanese (and other mandarin speaking communities) and let me tell you they are not above shit talking and singling out an artist for not fitting their standard.

While they may not vague in public (because hello gotta keep their image clean and all that) but the cattiness is so apparent in group chats.

No. 913437

File: 1631757835297.jpg (72.08 KB, 781x335, fairyaurora.jpg)

I am simply amazed by people who can (eh) draw but have zero imagination nor are interesed in improving.
This girl almost posts every day and somebody posted her months ago in a thread, I followed her for a bit, opened today deviantart and holy fuck, take a look at her drawings from 2012, they're the same, ever, with different oc that look the same


No. 913443

Yeah I think it’s just human to be a cunt when in a group lol.

Like way back in a Hong Kong event, I remember ippus caused a stir online because she and her friends were bullying/crowding around another artist’s table for drawing a ship she didn’t like. Imagine being this fucking retarded

No. 913494

File: 1631762849492.jpeg (158.46 KB, 920x1300, F5D8CED7-5E62-410E-AC7D-D27690…)

if any of y'all have interesting east asian artist community drama please share. I've stopped tabling since covid happened and I don't get to indulge into convention gossips that much anymore. And hell I'm having withdrawals.
I'm less interested in online discourse because it's usually just genz using incomprehensible slangs that my boomer brain cannot keep up.

No. 913505

Eh, yeah. Some of my clients are like this too, low efforts but large quantity of "designs" that are the same sprite and… uninteresting. I'm fortunate enough that most of them are pretty nice & chill and let me do whatever I want with their pre-existing designs. Basically being told "do your magic!" when they commissioned me.

Sometimes people just want to believe that they're more creative than they truly are.

No. 913586

Eh, I get it. As long as these people are having fun and don't try to start shit they're fine in my eyes. Plenty of people have hobbies they never intend to master, and for some people that hobby is art.

No. 913598

random salt but any artist here is annoyed with the whole 'art tutorial' beggar?

I turned off my public inbox since forever but sometimes I see my art mutuals still get the same asks. Basically begging the artist to demonstrate everything in details about their illustration progress and such. To me it's like the second evolution of "what's your brush" type of asks and I'm just peeved.

No. 913603

I have absolutely no problem with hobby artists this, it's just a person having fun drawing. It reminds me of how my grandma likes to doddle little drawings of people wearing our country's traditional clothes, they are no masterpieces by any means but it makes her happy to draw them and it makes me happy to see them. I actually love that about art, anyone can do it for fun.

No. 913677

Same with KnY after it came out, there were like more than 5 kny-related zines throughout 2 years ago to 2021. The bandwagon was very cliché where the participants or the artists in the zine are popular on the fandom which one of them has mediocre art style or the mods have befriended the participants for obvious reasons. Nowadays, never heard of kny zines kek

No. 913687

Wait for the second season and maybe they'll make a comeback. From what I've seen the current hot topic is Jujutsu Kaisen, it's probably going to follow the same trajectory as KnY.
At this point I mostly get original zines or those dedicated to older/less popular franchises, at least you know they are made by people genuinely interested by the project.

No. 913750

Sorry if this isn't directly art related enough but I don't know where else to ask, does anyone here run an online shop? I've been having a lot of people lately ask if I can ship to the UK, but it seems like a huge pain in the ass to worry about VAT. Do any of you still ship to the UK? Is it difficult/worth it? I see a lot of artists won't right now but I feel bad not offering it.

No. 913872

Use etsy

No. 913887

That makes no sense, the art scene in the US and Europe is completely different. The US has artists for every single fandom making merch, Europe isn't like that. Also, in all honestly, as someone from Europe, there isn't as many good artists living and selling their merch here.
"They can buy from a local creator" is like saying people shouldn't buy stuff from Japan.

No. 914045

How long (in hours) does it take to complete illustration for you anons? Let's say, a character with background?

No. 914057

Depends, eg if it's a close shot from hip then probably three days or less. If it's a full body then it can take longer. You have to take into pose, perspective, environment coloring too.

Are you pricing your commission anon?

No. 914058

Almost forgot, I timed myself to draw only 3-5 hours a day. So probably 15 hours for a finished illustration.

No. 914069

>Are you pricing your commission anon?
Not really, I just draw very slowly and I was wondering what the "norm" was. Though I am still learning, so it's obvious to be slow.

No. 914105

According to procreate, it takes me 2-4 hours to finish a picture, but I take lots of breaks, so the actual time is longer.

No. 914107

If I don't take any breaks at all and just marathon the shit out of it, I can finish a full illust (fullbody + background) in 4-5 hours. A lot of people say that I draw unbelievably fast, which I guess it's true, but it really takes a toll on my body. I can draw fast but it gives me a lot of muscle pain, mainly in the shoulder area.

Nowadays I try to finish my pieces in two or three days instead to let myself rest.

No. 914194

Usually about 4-8 hours for a fully painted illo with BG, depending on complexity.

No. 914321

I'm so fuking sick of beastars and how much people salivate over that shit. It's just a pathetic excuse for people to make yiff and post it on non furry platforms.
That bottom image is going to be burned in my brain from now on.

No. 914326

File: 1631838892805.jpeg (433.41 KB, 750x899, 6FD5DB4C-D9B9-40B5-B466-706D74…)

Does anyone know what’s going on with clammyheart? She’s suddenly selling 3 of her big machines, and also moving out of her studio. I thought her business was going pretty well but apparently not?

No. 914341

Eh for the most part its pretty good. Nothing inherently wrong with anthro media.

No. 914344

No shit, what the hell she needed 4 offices for. Also buying such expensive machinery when you can barely break even is really stupid, just get them on alibaba. I don't understand the need of doing everything by yourself, it's so time consuming.

No. 914349

5 hours is super fast! i notice that people who really plan out their pictures with thumbnails and accurately drawn sketches before jumping into lineart/color end up working faster, is this the case for you?

No. 914355

Well it was to up her production speed but I think even with more machines the turnaround time was still over a month, and now they handfelt the berets at the final stage. It’s nice to have something so intimately handmade, and she still sells out pretty fast even though they’re $80 a pop. I wonder if she’ll stop making berets and just switch to stuff she can order from a manufacturer, like her bags and stuff (although honestly I loathe the designs of them). I don’t have access to her private twitter but I was going through the interactions on search and it seems like she considered another job and moving, but didn’t she just purchase her home less than 3 years ago? Or was she and her ex just renting? I guess he’s fully out of the picture now and maybe she’s struggling with rent/mortgage and her business.

No. 914357

(Same anon as >>914107.)
Yeah, that's it kinda!

Before I even sit down to draw, I try to get my idea as solid as possible. I do spend some days or so thinking on a single piece and how I want it to be, so that the moment I sit down to draw my first sketch will already come out somewhat accurate, all I have to do next is polish it a little bit (usually just fix up the anatomy) and then start lining.

One thing that really helps though, is exercising to make your hand (and fingers!) steadier. I do my lineart with very quick and long strokes, and my hand is steady enough that I manage to get the line right on my first or second try already. It does take a while to get there and the process is tedious, but it's really worth it if you wanna speed up your process. Lineart is still what consumes most of my time drawing.

No. 914571

checked her twitter and there's lots of crying about how hard her life is and her financial situation, apparently she overspent (she also mentioned an expensive holiday visiting her family). Can't say I understand the move towards producing in-house but idk maybe berets are too tricky for companies where you'd usually order machine embroidery?

No. 914579

She’s been making berets in house since day one. Not sure why she won’t move it to a manufacturer because I’ve been seeing other artists sell berets for a while now (and for significantly cheaper). Maybe she doesn’t want to give up letting customers mix and match design to beret color, but it doesn’t seem worth it since her turnaround time is so fucking long.

No. 914581

Yeah ok in that case I would only get not outsourcing this for a shorter turnaround but if the orders take forever anyway what is the point. And like… if you scale your business you need to let go of customization that isn't industrialized yet… just provide the most popular combinations.

No. 914872

I have seen many artists jumping from 10k to 20k twitter followers quickly,does it get easier when you reach 10k followers or something?

No. 914923

It could be a snowball effect but sometimes it's just one piece that takes off. Initially, I would post things and get maybe 3 or 5 followers occasionally until I hit about 700 followers, then something blew up and I got to 2k. Then same little drips of followers for a while and sometimes nothing at all, then I posted a piece and I went from 2k to 5k with one piece that blew up. Now I'm getting less impressions than I ever did though, less than when I had 2k. Social media is weird. I don't want to be all "muh algorithm" but it certainly feels confusing sometimes.

No. 914944

10-20 hrs. I charge $330 per full body character with bg, set price

No. 915004

thank you for sharing. I never think about what I want to draw for days unless there's a prompt or assignment I have to draw for. When I'm just drawing for me the bulk of brainstorming happens staring at a blank photoshop canvas which not only adds hours but reduces my patience to slow down and plan, wanting to get to the rendering phase as fast as possible. I'll start brainstorming away from my computer next time and see if that helps!

No. 915238

I remember her, I used to love her art so much as a wee lass. Since she's a hobbyist and doesn't really care about becoming a "great artist", who cares?

No. 915388

Thanks anons for all these answers!
I know I draw REALLY slow, but it comes to a point where I don't want to draw anymore. I can draw one "full" illustration (without bg) 60h. I was drawing my first pic for around 120 hours. It's frustrating. But if I draw faster picture looks bad. I can only draw really well if I spend half of my life on it.
Any tips on how to draw faster? Especially if chara has fuckton details?

No. 915392

60 hours… I think the only time I reached that milestone was when I worked on a video game's cover, where all the characters are included and I was specifically requested to fully-render every of them for promotional assets.

I have to ask, what's your file resolution? I know that one of my art friends does draw too slow when they worked on a 5000px illust. When the picture itself looks really bare when finished.

No. 915402


1. Set time limit for your drawing.
2. Cut down the amount of layers you use to as few as possible, start by redusing them bit by bit.
3. Learn to judge where’s the images focal point and spend most time and detail on that. Leave the rest less important details simple.
3.1. Do NOT spend equal amounth of time refining each individual area.
4. Do studies with an hour time limit that forces you to prioritize important areas, if you can’t finish in an hour, observe why and what you need to do to make it.

These are some of the ways I used to cut down my drawing time. The most commonly I found that the reason people take so long is because their process is very inefficient. It’s like trying to find a single colored pencil out of a pile where they’re all mixed up together, compared to if you organized the colors neatly. This involves too many layers as if every stroke basically needs it’s own layer, wasting time on refining details that are barely noticeable in the picture, etc.

No. 915405

>I have to ask, what's your file resolution?
I draw on 4000x6000 pixel canvas size, resolution 72. idk if that's what you asking for tho.

I tried to set a time limit on the pic I am drawing right now but I failed already lol. I was in rush with the lineart so it looks messy and I couldn't draw half of the details on chara clothes. Lord help me.
Still, I'll try my best.

No. 915412

Same anon asking about your resolution spec here.
And yes that's huge, I have to point out that 72dpi isn't ideal if you're planning to make printed illustrations later on. Set it up to 300dpi when you can.

No. 915418

To add to previous anon, set your canvas resolution from anywhere to 2000-3000 pixels with 300 bpi, there's no reason for you to work with such a huge canvas unless you're trying to print a wall sized image out of it.

Also from the sounds of it, it sounds like you're still pretty new (?) to art and seem to have trouble with prioritizing your tasks. Try doing few studies off of photos etc and focus more on getting it done in time, rather than getting it to be accurate or look good, if done enough the quality should naturally increase as you learn more efficient methods to work with.

No. 915658

Why do you give a shit about people using the same color palette, kek

No. 915660

heres the answer >>910214
unless this is a rhetorical question, uh, go fuck off?

No. 915871

You seem mad

No. 916083

File: 1631990981064.jpg (165.38 KB, 636x636, catss2.jpg)

I was thinking why I draw for so long and realised that my perfectionism is getting in my way. Basically, I can't make anything less than perfect. Also, I focused only on the details of the illustration rather than look at it as a whole.
Perfectionism manifests itself in all areas of my life, if I could overcome it through art, it could help me in other areas of my life.

Thanks anons for all your tips, I'll keep these in mind and keep practicing again with time limitations.

No. 916153

To the earlier conversation about NSFW art, I'm finding that it's better to go with the SFW but sexy route over full-blown porn. It's something I genuinely enjoy making. I still get a few creepers, but subtle pinups (in the classical sense, not ass and tits in face "pinup") go much further.

It's funny to see coomer artists complain about how popular softcore artists are. I don't understand their anger. What else did they expect?

No. 916204

oof, same here, I've always admired artists who are able to draw tasteful suggestive arts, in sort of Appreciation for the body and such. I must admit that drawing ass and tits are therapeutic to me.
Coomers dont have standards and they are Everywhere. Hell, I've seen them spammed art hashtags with their gross porns.

No. 916223

I'm facing a dilemma, I want to make an art profile online and do comissions. I am familiar with a lot of stuff in the trade, that isn't the problem. The issue is online identities.

There's me under my real name that people could see on paypal, there's me that has online friends and casually posts about games and artist me. Which do I keep separate and what kinda problems could I run into? Like, I don't want to do anything that could put my real identity in danger (do furry porn comissions for absolute nutjobs), but I also see the benefit of having more personality as an artist and interacting with people with the same hobbies. Or do you just go full silent artist route, no drama but harder to sleaze people up?

No. 916236

You can make a business account on paypal. I have one with my business name.

No. 916245

Here are a few tips:
1. Set your paypal account to business (it costs nothing), you can then change to hide your real name and address during transactions.
2. Set limits when it comes to commissions (so you dont end up with some weird furry porn request). People put Do and Don't in their commission sheet, such as "I don't do nsfw, furry, mecha, etc".
3. Socializing under your pen name is well-appreciated in art community, getting to be inclusive in a the right niche can land you pretty good & loyal customers for a long time. You just have to choose not to be Too personal in your hobby/art clique.
4. You can choose not to mention your online artist identity to your personal circle. I mean, I do get a few irl friends who are curious about my occupation, I've learned to just throw a loop at them, or deflect convo. You always have your art circle to rant about art-related things imo, so it's not like you're keeping to everything to yourself.

And yeah, I don't think anyone will hunt you down and over analyzing your personal life. There will always be weirdos who are desperate to befriend with artists, block button is your tool. I've chosen to not stand out too much in art community so it's been good to me. I did get a stalker here and there, and had to lock my personal facebook for safety measure, but otherwise it's been peaceful.

No. 916248

Thanks a bunch for the responses, especially for the extensive tips, anon!

No. 916442

File: 1632013624692.jpg (123.62 KB, 1200x1600, E_mrdgAXoAMnMEr.jpg)

So is MSZ-006 Kyou @Iuciferic a straight up lolicon/brocon? She's posted questionable things before too… (Also I think she commented about comments on these threads before, so hi if you're reading this lol)

No. 916453

>I think she commented about comments on these threads before
>She's posted questionable things before too

No. 916463

Don’t even try, the reality is that everyone is competing for attention and money and commissions are impossible. Don’t fall for your art dreams, don’t be a dumbass like me and find another hobby or career.

No. 916512

Literally a nobody artist just wants to pander to coomers. Why bringing this here?

No. 916535

>everyone is competing for attention and money
This is literally every career
You're delusional if you think art is the most competitive field and blame your choice of career for your lack of success.
The reality is everyone is competing for attention and money everywhere, so you might as well compete in a field you actually like

No. 916536

Shut the fuck up, this shit happens in real life too. Stop being a smooth brain.

No. 916539

>this shit happens in real life too
Size difference? I'm aware, but she has brought up "imouto" specifically multiple times in a plausible deniability context with horny content
Just curious

No. 916543

I agree with >>916535
It's not always about the competition once you find your own customer base. I've been doing for years, and even do referrals to my other art peers when I'm too busy to take up more commissions.
IMO if you're not a total bitch to everyone, artists will signal boost your commissions quite often. That's how I found my success too.

No. 916549

I think >>916536 meant "posting problematic things in the past".

No. 916553

threads? It seems like he's this guy pretending to be a girl.

No. 916556

anon you just gave me a great idea. I'm gonna try and do softcore stuff, so far the nsfw has been taking a toll on me so I'll go that route. I feel it might actually be more enjoyable for me.

No. 916557

File: 1632019892198.jpeg (718.51 KB, 1125x807, 8A4378FA-1C60-4B87-88BE-383180…)

1.7k watchers
whomst even is this

No. 916561

He's one of those people who pay others to draw his OCs

No. 916562

Interesting, I hope she keeps good rates for commissioning artists!

No. 916568

I'm pretty sure this artist is a guy, anon

I agree that them mentioning the imouto thing a couple of times in the past is kinda odd though

No. 916586

File: 1632023344967.jpeg (456.86 KB, 1125x1278, A44D1763-3A27-4C82-814B-7A793D…)

Does juby get an n-word pass if her husband is black

No. 916589

she absolutely does not wtf
she's not black, why tf is she using another race's slur? the braindead of this girl….

No. 916592

That's 6+ years ago though. If they're not saying it now, then it's dumb to go after them now imo

No. 916603

She does not get a pass for being non-black. Still these tweets are way too old to bring up, I don't remember she ever adheres to the sjw crowds so it doesn't matter to them (or her) to bring back these tweets. I applaud the sleuthing effort though.

No. 916675

hey nonnies, I am in need of help in uploading arts on twitter.

I upload through web browser, and my upload resolution is often around 2000px and up. My art is considered to be intricate in details, and even with PNG upload, twitter butchers the quality so bad it really demotivated me from making any updates on this website ever.
I've tried 1:1 kind of upload where the first picture is a crop, the second picture is the full illustration. Still the picture tweet itself looks Far from Ideal.

Should I stop caring about twitter upload quality? Y'all got any tips on uploading on twitter? I still find tumblr most reliable on uploading HD arts and it's pleasant to use it for blogging.

No. 916700

then cross post on both sites and just leave the meh quality one up on twitter… link people on twitter to your tumblr, put your tumblr in bio, and then you'll get crosstraffic on both sites? easy

No. 916729

black men in interracial marriages let their wives call them all sorts of shit so its possible he lets her sling the nword all the time at home, still funny shes so socially stunted

No. 916738

sometimes I gotta wonder if JC has a really bad case of yellow fever if he's willing to marry someone as ignorant as juby. if so… lmao they're perfect for each other.

No. 916788

Are some suggestive pin-ups that hint at nudity still considered 18+? In fact, I am rebranding my account from NSFW to semi-nsfw Monster Girl Cheesecake. However, I do not want to be found by Horny teenage boys.

No. 916800

What is mintchoco’s new username? I’d love to follow

No. 916803

Oh, are they? I thought they were a chick lol'
Yeah that's a huge phenomena. People in IR relationships thinking they get afforded the same privileges by proxy just bc they're taking another race's dick. Disappointing how often the partner will not call it out.
Pretty damn big case. Not surprising.

No. 916805

Has she gotten called out for this?

No. 916848

Nonitas i know tablets are the new fad just like watercolor and copics but as someone that lost their pc I'm seriously thinking of buying one. Is 1 inch size difference noticeable when drawing? One normally think bigger is better but idk if theres much difference between 11 inches and 12.4 when drawing.

No. 916860

Trust me Anon, you will always be found by the hornys

No. 916882

considering juby said this >>908272 and jc still went and married her means that mr. jc really wanted an asian wife that draws anime i guess lmao i would block anyone who talked about my race/people like this, jc is just as pathetic.

No. 917131

The hashtag spam is so bothersome because a lot of the coomers think they're normal. I wish there was another level of rating for their gross shit beyond just NSFW or 18+.

I think you'll appreciate the connection that seems to thrive from softcore work, especially if you make it so it flows well with your non-sexual work. It's also more challenging; coomer work is literally a reskin of the same thing. A lot of good softcore work can tell a story. With softcore, you can have more room to appeal to yourself. A lot of coom art feels like a mass-produced product as it is.

I'm making it sound deeper than what it really is, but I've put a lot more thought into a pinup of someone relaxing and looking at the viewer than I have POV Fuckfest #203084984.

Speaking from experience, I was on a see-saw. I started out doing softcore, decorative art, joined a hentai community, and did harder stuff to flow in better. I got more enjoyment and versatility out of the former while burning out from the latter. I took a break from all of it and now returning to softcore art. Even if I draw sex, it's more implied than anything.

Basically this >>916860 You can do 100% SFW stuff and coomers kids will still follow you. You can use subtle cues to make them feel unwelcome and keep them in check and quiet.
For example, you can still label your work as 18+/Adult Only/Mature Audiences Only even if it contains no nudity. You're the artist and you can brand the rating as restricted as you like. That won't keep them 100% away, but they'll look a hell of a lot more stupid if they choose to interact with you, especially in a negative light.
Also, be assertive on your branding. Some people think 18+ ALWAYS means nudity, when it can just imply the audience you want to cater to. Pinup art definetly counts as 'mature themes.' Some kid trying to interact with you can be brushed off as them being too lazy to pay attention.
It's not perfect, but it's what worked for me in the past.

On a random note, Kinktober is coming up, and I plan on doing softcore but sfw stuff that suggests kink. Not in the "SFW DeviantArt fetish sense," but something that is, hopefully, clever.

No. 917203

Are you stupid?

No. 917235

File: 1632082138632.jpeg (142.35 KB, 750x822, 39860D17-6526-415B-B9EC-8EB971…)

Ok, got me looking up her tweets too. This shit is hilarious

No. 917249

The only trans character here is the brown and yellow guy and hes ftm

No. 917253

File: 1632083654287.jpeg (985.78 KB, 3258x2253, 039AD0F4-C82F-4836-BC8D-78F2D6…)

One more, not as weird other than odd wording about organically appreciating black people. Just interesting because I used to read her comic.

Personally I never had an issue with her webcomic having no black people(more like the thought never occurred to me) but it’s good to see her being a bit more self-critical. I wonder if she’d change anything now or what the reaction would be if she posted this more recently.

No. 917261

>It'd have been shallow of me to make my chars black just for the sake of inclusivity or aesthetics
Despite her other cringy tweets, I can agree with her on this. I think it's better to just not have black characters rather than throw in black characters that are poorly represented and look/act like caricatures.

No. 917269

>Personally I never had an issue with her webcomic having no black people(more like the thought never occurred to me) but it’s good to see her being a bit more self-critical
please gtfo

No. 917282

I just sent this to an Korean American friend and they just keymash-laughing at it. Juby did you not even talk to other black people NOR other asam folks. I can believe she's older than me and this is from 2016, all the race tension was already alot during that time way before the trump election.
Thank you for sharing these we all have a good laugh from this.

No. 917283

and this is a good lesson as to why you should probably delete your twitter archives every few years. otherwise they will come back to haunt you

No. 917308

I’m not asking for her to get cancelled I just thought the tweet was funny lol

Anytime someone comes up in this thread I do a quick search of “@artist + n-word” just to see what shit pops up

No. 917310

File: 1632087375250.jpeg (220.63 KB, 1125x738, A23FE27A-760C-4F89-AF44-6F6883…)

Fuck I keep digging, this is so funny

No. 917322

we get it anon, I suppose some of us are skeptical about callout culture. But these tweets are hilarious to look at lmao I think there's something visceral about "professional" artists that are just plain ignorant and socially deaf. IIRC her comic's protag is a disabled girl right? come oooon
LMAOOO keep them coming

No. 917342

File: 1632089250128.jpeg (110.04 KB, 750x467, AA084E45-750B-49E0-AC32-069A98…)

For someone who “had no connection to black people” she’s sure talked about them a lot.

No. 917349

Shes literally retarded

No. 917421


i recommend going with the bigger size. i'm using an ipad pro 12.9" and honestly after a while i wish it was even bigger

No. 917423

Isn't the pink hair gamer girl also a tranny tho?

No. 917438

I use 11" and it's quite comfy for me. I can draw on my bed and having less backpain these days. I tend to zoom in a lot when I paint, so I suppose getting a desktop graphic tablet should be more efficient (though more expensive because you need to upgrade your computer's specs too).

No. 917452

now why do I get this feeling she's ostracized by her own people. Does she repulse korean guys? Is this why she's trying so hard to appeal to black people instead?

No. 917492

Eh. It's not that deep. Korean and other asian communities living in Canada already has to deal with their own kind of bs beside the discrimination. I'd say she's sheltered and very "banana" kind of asian (yellow outside, white inside).
She met JC through online so I'm pretty sure it wasn't racial motivated. Alot of black folks are into anime too. Most of the dudes I meet through FGC are dark-skinned.

No. 917551

Don't think so, just asking a question

So alongside people saying she's been hard to work with, is she getting work in the industry? Or is she blacklisted?

No. 917589

It is not necessary for every work to have black or gay characters in it. Especially if the story doesn't call for it. I'm black, and I'm tired of the woke bs.

No. 917648

I did it, I made my first softcore nsfw, and the reception has been amazing. Clear as day that the drawing is about sex, but no genitals are exposed and it focuses more on expressions and body language. I'm glad to say that it's become more well received than the nsfw these coomers in the same fandom I'm in lmaooo

No. 917657

No. 917707

Thanks. So no Twitter? Just tumblr?

No. 917747

original anon here, there's not too much activity on her twitter but here: https://twitter.com/spoon__mage

No. 917760

Thanks, I’ll follow anyway since I only browse Twitter

No. 917774

yeah ofc

No. 917868

File: 1632145209723.jpg (316.67 KB, 1080x1243, 1626561369347.jpg)

last thread had people talk about how funky her art looks nowadays and she tried to do a "i'm not owned ofc i fetishize lmao!!!" picrel. i'm not surprised she draws this kind of stuff since she heavily appeals to the FGC community and their track record isn't the best

it's the artist salt thread anon

No. 917873

naur but why do I see so many female artists act this way. 'I'm going to make the male chest look even MORE anatomically weird lol' Edgy much?

No. 917875

my guess is that they see it as some form of counter to the amount of huge tiddy females male artists sometimes draw mainly in the industry, so they think that doing it too but to male characters while calling them 'daddy' or 'malewife' is funny.

No. 917895

File: 1632147953835.jpeg (801.02 KB, 1564x2213, 2F8ED939-BDB2-41F0-A731-0F2DF8…)

gay bara artists have been doing this for decades, where's all this "uwu don't fetishize men" came from considering they're the first starting this type of art. It's okay to admit that this style doesn't appeal to you and move on
I'm surprised to see this kind of panic masculinity in a forum that's dominantly female. You girls doing okay?

No. 917898

art nonnies, I wish I could take human figure drawing classes with live models but that is, at least for now, not possible for me, what would you suggest to replace that?
>You girls doing okay?
I guess they just find it ugly

No. 917899

In the name of feminism I guess

No. 917900

"Panic masculinity" anon we just find it fucking weird. Chillout.

No. 917904

Terrorize your friends into being live models.

No. 917905

I hate men, I just find this gross and unappealing

No. 917906

most of these girls don't seem like feminists, I think they just copy shitty tastes and meme themselves into liking it
like male chests don't even work that way

No. 917907

Um… this is a salt thread lmao
also gay bara artists can do what they want considering it's their gender and sexuality they're portraying. We're specifically talking about coomer female artists who think they're doing something revolutionary by drawing pecs that look borderline troonish.

No. 917909

also see: cheap and quick ways to build an audience

No. 917910


Not everyone likes seeing male characteres being draw with chests that look like early 2000's computer monitors. Just like how not everyone likes seeing female characters being drawn with breasts the size of watermelons hanging from their chest.

No. 917918

They're just horny and have bad taste anon.

No. 917919

how did you know these were drawn by women? people like you are reasons why queer men can't exist on online to express their sexuality. if you find them ugly Then they weren't meant for you. There are other artists out there who can cater to your tastes, why don't you spend time from learning from your favs than picking from an anomaly? embarrassing.

No. 917922

…cuz they be saying so on their profile? duh?

No. 917923

I think you're the one being embarrassing here with your lack of reading comprehension. chill

No. 917924

What parts of "this is a salt thread" and "this is about coomer female artists fetishising male anatomy for lols and not about the gays" you failed to understand, anon?

No. 917926

No. 917927

>queer men
nice homophobic slur there anon

No. 917932

I have to ask again which part of that artist's profile was claiming they're a woman? Y'all delusional

No. 917937

Ayo, we're talking about these SPECIFIC types of female artists in general. Who's delusional now?

No. 917943

why's that anon getting so defensive and worked up for, this is some clownery you'd find on twitter.

No. 917944


honestly at this point i think you're either some whiteknight of kyou or kyou themselves for you to be complaining. kyou's art served as the start of the discussion, we're not even talking about them anymore. nobody cares about their SUV chested male characters.

No. 917945

which Specific Women Artists? your imagination? this cap >>917868 wasn't coming from a woman.

No. 917947

bro we ain't even talking about Kyou at that point?

No. 917948

We've got ourselves a whiteknight here folks. Or some lost sjw.

Like the nonnies above mentioned, this is a salt thread, what are you doing going so hard for? If it's brownie points you're looking for, try twitter or tumblr instead.

No. 917953

I'm going to be honest. It gets on my nerves whenever criticism towards male bodies arts. I'm going to repeat myself: if you find them ugly, Move On. The moment anyone draws Differently y'all just cant handle being spoonfed with same vanilla shits all the time and Have to make excuses for your own distaste. Are you all closeted transmen? Seems like to me.

No. 917955


No. 917956

you will never be a male, aiden

No. 917959

go back to twitter

No. 917960

get well soon. exit door from room 'This Is A Salt Thread' is right next to you.

No. 917961


>It gets on my nerves whenever criticism towards male bodies arts.

literally who cares. again, this is a SALT THREAD. if you can't handle criticism on how some people draw male bodies then just close the tab and go back to twitter. jesus.

No. 917963

I find it strangely funny how every time Kyou's art is mentioned in these salt threads they either immediately react on their Twitter saying it was a "friend" who saw it or someone comes here trying to whiteknight them and their fetish art.

Lurking much?

No. 917965

So… you're gonna be white knighting like your life depends on it as though you're some twitter sjw, only to make assumptions about people's identity of being trans men? What kind of tomfoolery–

No. 917967

maybe the real treasure was our secret transman self all along

No. 917969

holy shit they went quiet

No. 917970

>queer men
>you're all trans men
Yes this exactly how you fit in on LC, masterful integration.

No. 917981

Does anyone have any good recs for procreate brushes?

No. 917985

No. 918038

Why do You capitalize Like this?

No. 918049

holy shit anon

anyone wonder why when artists who "find out" they're being discussed about in these threads either respond in thread vehemently or feel like they have to make a snide comment on twitter. not saying this was kyou but idk if i was getting discussed i wouldn't even say anything. if anything i think it just makes shit worse.

No. 918057

File: 1632157688743.jpeg (51.79 KB, 484x450, 550A2F83-FE0F-40AB-8C50-5A0057…)

why are you typing like that?

No. 918061

late but art pricing like this should be the ideal but all the cheap art sluts who sell themselves cheap ruin it for evryone. fuck you all.

No. 918062

>'daddy' or 'malewife' is funny.
I hate these terms so much

No. 918065

Remember that time that hyper muscle bara artist pretended to be the "queen of bara" then later admitted they lied about their gender and persona?

No. 918080

the what now?? ok this I've never heard before. do you have any tea on it?

No. 918105

My guess is that they're always so desperate to come off as this cool badass "I don't give a shit about people to talk behind my back because I AM CONFIDENT AND STRONG AND UNBOTHERED" but it often just makes them look like a child lashing out.

And same. If I ever found out that people were talking about me in here I'd just be quiet. Not because I'm afraid or shit like that but because I have better things to do in my life than to try to roast people in an anonymous forum lol.

No. 918117

Anyone paying attention to the Nillo drama?

No. 918125

Female coomers who think imitating homosexual scrotes is "feminist" are an embarrassment

No. 918156

update: my softcore was so successful that this one coomer nsfw artist got so intimidated and jealous of the attention that they drew a hasty yaoi dick-in-hole piece (with so much anatomical errors) a day after I posted mine.

For context, they usually draw nsfw once a week. They posted a new one the very next day after their initial piece flopped lmao

No. 918173

No way anyone would be intimidated and jealous of someone posting life updates on lolcow.

No. 918179

hey man lemme gloat lol previous anon's advice actually helped me out in a sea of coomers

No. 918184

File: 1632164986905.jpg (10 KB, 365x365, image_1.jpg)

No. 918253

Proud of you, Anon! I'm surprised that happened, let alone so fast. I don't know why coomers are so threatened by softcore work nowadays, especially to this level. I think it's from realizing all the shit they learned from /ic/ about how you HAVE to draw absolute coom to succeed is total bullshit, but they're so far in, they're running on sunk cost fallacy.

what is it with bara and aidens? seriously. I still don't understand. Their bara is even worse than bara by gay men. Their bara actually looks so grotesque, like something out of homophobic propaganda.

No. 918402

Cuz its softcore of a really popular gay ship in a big fandom. I honestly wasn't expecting much considering horny girls would much rather drool over straight up gay smut than anything tame, I was pleasantly surprised by the outcome lol

No. 918428

File: 1632184365950.jpg (904.55 KB, 1890x1181, dfff5340-ez4al5vu4ae7ayj.jpg)

I bet they made the goth one trans to hide the fact that the nerd is the real self insert

No. 918431

What do you mean aiden?

No. 918436

Exactly this. It's the same reason they call pecs "tiddies"

No. 918437


Ah, refrainbow. This is the annoying cunt that flexed being able to attend a kpop concert on previous years when the idol group's company announced they won't be having another concert in her country in the foreseeable future. Congrats, I guess??

No. 918438

Actually no. The pink girl is cis. The artist just has "has only drawn men" syndrome

No. 918441

File: 1632185008803.jpg (31.51 KB, 400x400, qHrQWhIF_400x400.jpg)

They literally have nerd as their pfp lol

No. 918498

Is the newest mini ipad good size for drawing for a casual? I like the small size and powerhouse behind it but I stopped drawing years ago and I wan't to get back to into it. The ipad seems like a decent journal size which is what I used to draw in. More advanced artists here, is that a size I might regret? or should I go bigger? Also good ipad artist accessories? This is my first ipad in over 10 years. No idea what else to get for it. (im not an advanced artist in anyway but I hope to get a lot more serious about it, especially digital art i also did order some basic painting supplies)

No. 918504

aiden is a term for transmen bc the names they decide to use often are like the name "Aiden" or something similarly dumb

whenever i see bara depicted by these types of people there's such a large emphasis towards the chest and tbh it's skeevy (this is even moreso if they character they drew is a transman). anons on here hate it when someone draws balloon tits on a woman too so idk why there was a shitstorm earlier from that one anon. we should be allowed to say the art is ugly and if you're worried about random anons on a lolcow thread saying something "mean" about art you like then maybe you shouldn't be posting in the thread

No. 918515

Funnily enough she made the nerd one her profile picture, but projects what she wants to be onto the “goth” troon character.

No. 918523

File: 1632192196161.jpg (48.84 KB, 449x604, 85cb9ec9dc6bf51885dd6256e9b68b…)

Hey, from one artist to another "artist", if you can't take the criticism, get the fuck off the internet. Go buy an adult coloring book and cry into that.

No. 918527

Yeah, like these specific type of "baras" are just tall men with a snatched dorito torso, super dehydrated six/eight pack abs and a disproportionately large rack. I think it's justified that we criticized that shit.

No. 918577

>Not comfortable enough to put black people in her comic
>comfortable enough to refer to Koreans as the "black people of Asia" and go around talking about black people
I'll say she's extremely lucky this was before the Tumblr migration, because folks would've eaten her ass up and I would not have blamed minded one bit.

No. 918735

It's not about receiving feedback, I think she was talking about narrow perception of what is acceptable as "visually appealing"

No. 919029

I think that the popularity of coom on faster moving art channels has skewed things because I thought the same thing. Women still appreciate being able to fill in their own blanks. I've actually gotten mini-fanfics from my softcore art. It's kinda cool.

I agree. It's a salt thread, etc. etc. I don't like bara art, but I come across it a lot on Pixiv during my indulgences. The kind gay men draw is exaggerated, but clearly made for enjoyment. The exaggeration is all-around, and they tend to opt for cute/handsome faces.

The kind made by transmen looks like deliberate monsters. The artist put an emphasis on how uWu cute their masc boy is, but have a yard ape that seems designed from a well of absolute hatred. Someone theorized it could be from the 'embrace physical ugliness for sake of liberation' mindset. Either way, they always look unwashed.

Gonna guess the people getting defensive about it are either these exact kinds of artists, or connoisseurs of the niche.

Welcome to Lolcow. Why is what we like here being policed? People are always ripping on real women in the other threads, but quelle horreur we go for the weird fake tiddy men.

No. 919063

So anons, what are your thoughts on drawing fanart of vtubers? Does it worth the time and exposure to build a quick audience?

I've seen a lot of mutuals that are leaning to vtuber focused fanarts mostly Hololive or Nijisanji lines. I've seen some of my mutuals got over 500+ likes and 100+ rts on their art. I usually ignore engagement like those but i'm quite tempted to try…

No. 919076

File: 1632249163407.png (3.92 MB, 3020x3311, GuraKlaius.png)

For every art that's in their likes there's 10 more that flop.
Ignore stories such as Klaius since you must be there from the start and focus entirely on the output rate so you can cheat your way to milestones

No. 919152

Anon, it's nothing but a russian roulette. I fully agree with >>919076
Easier way to get some "exposure" if you really need it is draw shit like Genshin Impact

No. 919162

It'd be better to get into a fandom you actually enjoy and hope for your chances there. That way, even if you lose the roulette, you create something you still like. Personal connections and high engagement always beats numbers unless numbers are your goal.

No. 919181

File: 1632257038880.png (611.82 KB, 747x556, e75bb11df216622ee1a5455d762065…)

Literally what is the point of this tag

No. 919183

Celibate artist awareness.

No. 919184

Why the phillipines part though? Might as well make #Artistsbornonmarch14th awareness tags too

No. 919187

Because all mediocre artists on twitter need their own little hashtag so they feel IncLuDeD and use it as an excuse to promo themselves. Like you said, might as well make a #Artistsbornbetween5PMand1AMonOct6th

No. 919210

Ugh I used to follow this artist but I had to unfollow them because they would constantly tweet ~artist advice~ and how theyre improving so fast

No. 919212

But-but ace people can LOVE sex and have sex ALL the time and still be ace!!1

No. 919229

File: 1632260030549.png (246.59 KB, 799x832, EgM57D8U8AMUPSM.png)

Pretty sure Nerd is still the projected elf insert, but to hide the fact that he is the self insert, they made the Goth trans. Refrainbow uses nerd as a pfp for all social media, their artsona looks suspiciously like nerd (pic related), and both love kpop which the majority of cis Male weebs dont really like (most actually hate it)

No. 919260

not worth the coomers it will attract imo
scrotes are attracted to girlgroups

No. 919446

do people actually draw fanart of stuff they're not into just for exposure?? i can understand drawing popular things for money, but who cares about likes and rt, they're useless numbers.

draw fanart for things you like, even better if it has a niche audience because you're actually providing content that's missing. if you draw vtubers (and aren't a fan) your art will be looked at for a minute before people move onto the next art, just like all popular fandoms

No. 919461

Only people who put high value on Twitter fame, which we know isn't worth it.

I think if someone wanted to draw fanart JUST for likes, they should re-evaluate what they're doing. Chasing likes will kill an artist's muse.

No. 919490

Kind of incidental to this, I used to be in a small Discord server with a bunch of people I met on this online multiplayer game. I didn't show my art until maybe a year into it and I kind of regretted it cause suddenly I felt the dynamic between me and the other people on the server changed a lot? It definitely felt like they started sucking up all the time. Weirded me out. Learned to separate different identities from that experience.

No. 919520


man i'm SO tired of these promo hashtags. it used to be a nice thing for artists to have a little day for themselves to show off and all, but now there's a new hashtag almost every day each for a specific segment of society because some people can't help but add more labels to themselves than a ao3 fic with a wall of tags. it feels so meaningless now.

No. 919581

File: 1632294364359.png (465.02 KB, 397x718, help.PNG)

What, you don't want tips from this guy?

No. 919690

Its fine to have confidence in your art, but I hate when people post to fish for compliments in such an overt way

No. 919692

Targeting the coomer market when you don't understand sexual attraction is galaxy brain level

No. 919694

call me an aphobe or whatever but I really can't take ace artists seriously when they're out there constantly drawing horny shit

No. 919695

"aphobia" isn't real and 99% of people who claim to be asexual really aren't anyway

No. 919697

Literally. Just say your sex drive is little to none, no need to create a whole new label for that. Not to mention the amount of ace folks I've seen thinking they're superior than gays/lesbians just because they're not interested in getting laid is cringe.

No. 919700

but anoooon, everyone needs a label to identify with nowadays! just saying your sex drive is low doesn't give you any social brownie points!

No. 919769

I wonder if people even know what it means to be asexual. There's this woman who claims to be asexual but is also married/has a girlfriend. Does being asexual mean no sex drive at all (doubt) or do people just not want to pursue relationships which is fine?

No. 919772

I've used the asexual label before because no one understands what it means to have such a near non-existent sex drive to the point of not even masturbating for literal years if you just say you have a low sex drive. I still wouldn't "identify" with it the way people do with sexualities, that just seems dumb and frankly embarrassing. Like am I supposed to go around and identify as a non-vegan because I don't eat vegan food? Fucking pointless

I 110% believe anyone who draws sexy art isn't asexual, that's some massive cope from those people to express their sexual desires in a "safe" way

sage for sperging

No. 919773

from what I know, asexuality is just having no sex drive at all. you can still fall in love and experience romantic feelings, but no libido. which is…honestly, seems very abnormal. i think many of the twitter people who use that label just haven't experienced a situation that awakens their sex drive or just have very little sex drive. having literally ZERO sex drive sounds almost like some disorder, it doesn't seem natural at all.

sage for no milk.

No. 919778

Telling people 'I'm gay' makes sense, they'll think 'oh you like someone of the same gender'. Telling people you're ace = 'Hi, I don't fuck' lmaooooooo

No. 919781

A lot of them are also either depressed or on medication, which lowers your sex drive, but to be honest most of them probably do have sex drives, they just don't match their chosen labels and would make them Problematic, so they bury those feelings deep down and they come out as badly drawn horny art kek

No. 919789

Honestly I think the popularity came from teens on tumblr who saw some of their classmates dating and/or hooking up, or trashy TV shows where teens are constantly having sex, and figured that’s just how teens were “supposed” to be and that they were broken somehow. I even thought I was asexual for a bit but I was just an autistic late bloomer.

I don’t really see the logic in horny artists calling themselves ace. Maybe they think they’re “above” being horny over their art unlike those other icky porn artists and are trying to separate themselves somehow.

No. 919793

Damn, the original 'pick mes'

>unlike those other icky porn artists and are trying to separate themselves somehow

They see shame in admitting to being horny which is… weird. I remember seeing this post on tumblr years ago about how ace people could rule the world because they aren't horny, which is you know.

No. 919796


To me an artist claiming that they're ace and drawing blatant nsfw at the same time just feels so off. How can someone who experiences no libido AT ALL be able to draw…well, sex? And by "be able to draw" I mean something that looks tasteful and enjoyable, and not stiff and impersonal. I too can draw a stickman with a dick, but these people draw actual porn that others can fap to. I always imagines porn drawn by a true ace person to just look off.

It only strengthens my theory that indeed these "ace" nsfw artists are just people with either a low sex drive who want to fit in, or they think they're ace because the world around them is too sexualized and they see themselves as an anomaly, or their fetishes don't fit with what the social vibes around them accept so it's easier to claim to be ace and then secretly draw the stuff that makes them horny.

Ugh, labels.

No. 919810

I have a feeling that most ace people nowadays are just girls who are disgusted by their own body (aka most fakebois) so they don't want to imagine themselves in sexual situations. But they will still drool over hot anime boys fucking

No. 919814

God the amount of ""asexual"" girls I see on twitter who draw shitty yaoi porn…Who the hell do they think they're fooling jfc

No. 919840

>Am attracted to guys and chicks on a visual stand point
>Have little desire for a relationship (I acknowledge I don't feel its worth the energy)
>Watch porn but don't masturbate, just get turned on
>Could see myself becoming a spinster and it doesn't depress me at all
Am I asexual?

No. 919844

Why would you ask this to an anonymous board about insulting artists.

No. 919859

You’re just depressed yo

No. 919875

File: 1632327841327.png (183.5 KB, 459x483, E_5t6NpVcA85Wxd.png)

Also see: drawing pecs like female tiddies
Yes, this was supposed to be a 'dilf' male character

No. 919880

>To me an artist claiming that they're ace and drawing blatant nsfw at the same time just feels so off

Yep. What doesn't sit right with me is how LGBT artists who express their sexuality through art get criticized for "shoving it in people's face" all the time, but I hardly see ace artists getting the same treatment?

No. 919883

I personally have nothing against it but. I just find it weird. Like come on, if you're gonna draw him like that then call it a trans hc already. Men have different bodytypes yeah but no fit muscular male body will have pecs that behave like a woman's breasts unless purposefully modified to be like them.

This only makes me think about how common it it nowadays for artists to grab male characters say that they're "trans males" but never do the same for female characters (i rarely ever see people grabbing a canon female character and saying 'oh shes trans fem' it's always male characters being trans male while still having female body parts). It feels more like the artists want an excuse/brownie point to draw big male characters with a vulva. Which…just feels kinda fetish-y and not in the good way.

No. 919889

>grab male characters say that they're "trans males" but never do the same for female characters

Yeaaaaap. A lot of times these men drawn with large ""titties"" aren't even transmen. But for some reason (almost always) female artists will purposely do this shit? It's not that hard to differentiate pecs and boobs, god.

No. 919890

>i rarely ever see people grabbing a canon female character and saying 'oh shes trans fem'
really? you've never seen all the canon female characters drawn with dicks? god i wish that was me

No. 919892

those are almost never called "trans" though. 99% of the time if a female character is drawn with a dick the artist is a coomer male calling it a "trap" or "futa". I've almost never seen those woke artists drawing a female character with a cock and calling them trans.

No. 919893

Futanari =/= trans fem headcanons

No. 919895

>I've almost never seen those woke artists drawing a female character with a cock and calling them trans
again, god i wish that was me

No. 919897

ask that on /g/.

No. 919922

artists who hop on a trend that's going on in a foreign fandom without knowing the basic context ends up butchering the whole concept altogether just cause' they want that sweet sweet clout is a special kind of cringe.

No. 919942

Any examples?

No. 919960

Personal petty win moment, earlier this year my ex started catching up to me in twitter followers, they started as an art account but went full on sjw posting and got an influx of followers from that. I went from posting less than once a month to multiple times a month, JUST art posts, no retweeting or memes or anything else, and I doubled my follower count and I'm about to hit 1k. 1k may not be a lot in the grand scheme of twitter clout, but it's a start, and the reception on my art is strong, so I'm happy. My art has improved a lot along the way.

No. 919962

Yesterday was mid autumn festival, a lot of east asian fandom artists drew their faves doing stuff one would typical do during the occasion e.g having rice cakes (mooncakes for chinese community) and tea while moon watching, playing with sparklers or lanterns.

And because the jade rabbit is an important mythical being in east asian folklore for this particular festival, a lot of fanart also features characters with rabbit ears.

Then there's non-east asian artists (mostly white ngl) who decide to hop in on the bandwagon without knowing jackshit of what's going on. They see the bunny ears and just started drawing their fave characters and ships in revealing bunny suits.

Like man if you're going to join in on the fun at least do some basic research so you don't embarrass yourself. All that for some clout and approval.

No. 919968

Good for you nonny. I'm guessing your ex realized just posting art wasn't enough to garner a following so they pandered to sj twitter

No. 919975

western artists love to hop on hashtag trends created by asian twitter for aesthetics and clout, mainly the ones created by japanese artists in particular. from pocky day to art trends that are tied to specific cultural things such as tanabata.

No. 920030

Its not like those are some obscure cultural things. Do you get mad at Japanese artists drawing characters eating burgers or wearing Victorian-era clothing? Who cares?

No. 920033

I hate that distinction between muscular men, amazonian chicks, and transmen are so blurred in fandom. And the overuse of "tiddies" is gross tbh

No. 920034

Not really, doing well over all

No. 920035

No. 920038

…eating burgers and victorian clothes aren't trends, though? it's one thing to draw a character in a kimono, which is fine, but it's another to draw something for the sake of a trend that's related to a cultural festival that's not even native to you. it's like white americans drawing pieces based on dia de los muertos because it's trending and they like the aesthetic.

No. 920045


art twitter is obsessed with breasts and vaginas, they'll slap them on anything and call it a 'trans hc' if it's convenient to them. feels fetishistic as fuck.

No. 920047

I'd argue that pocky day is a cultural thing for the japanese and koreans.

No. 920048

Hello anons! I'm trying out for an art scholarship and I have to submit a portafolio for it, any advice? I know that you have to focus on one thing and not too many, but I don't know my strengths and what i want to work on. Truthfully art isn't my passion, and I'm mediocre, but I'm absolutely retarded so I can't do the decent jobs kek.

No. 920050

If I can get an aneurysm every time I have to see some subpar twitter artist yell about booba and milkers, I'd be dead within the first 10 minutes.

No. 920056

File: 1632335492604.png (240.18 KB, 360x450, Boohbah.png)

I really dislike when I see boobs spelled like this.

No. 920086

to be fair who the fuck wants them to start turning female characters into moids? let them keep their fat tit males as long as they let us have normal women characters, please

No. 920089

well for people who love to policy others about being fair to all genders and that all genders and bodies and whatever are valid they sure love to rely on double standards. drawing males as trans fems is nice but drawing females as trans men is not? lol

No. 920092

some of us want normal male characters anon.

No. 920095


You do know that people who like males with accurate male anatomy exist, don't you? Not everyone is obsessed with girls like 80% of artist twitter is.

No. 920096

apologies to all you fujos and/or husbando lovers, but you do actually HAVE normal male characters. perhaps stop following so many they/he/bun/star/fart ass bitches and you’ll realise it quicker

No. 920102

you act like female characters are a minority kek it's the exact opposite nowadays. if people get to whine about wanting better female characters than i can wish for actual male characters that aren't disgustingly designed or hyper feminine.

No. 920104

dude why tf would we follow them if we don't like seeing that shit lmao? Not our fault that shit is so popular that it keeps plaguing our time on the internet against our will.

also see

No. 920109

…there are guys who want to see male characters drawn like men too. You know how like girls want to see female characters who look proportionate and not hypersexualized?

No. 920113

honestly anon that's easier said than done considering so many of these types of people are in these art/fandom spaces already and flood it with the depictions we're criticizing about. i don't even follow that kind of crowd but every now and then the twitter algorithm exposes me to art like that. these people also do the same thing to girl characters as well and i hate it just as much.

i'm just tired of the hypocrisy. they aren't doing anything revolutionary by drawing such hypersexualized depictions. idk why they can't just be out and say "i'm horny". it's always some virtue signaling

No. 920114

Did anon just assume anyone who wants better drawn male characters are fujos kek

No. 920116

fujos don't add boobs to the super feminine uke of the ship, that's enough manly for anon.

No. 920117

>they aren't doing anything revolutionary by drawing such hypersexualized depictions

It's coom behavior, and unfortunately twitter is full of them enabling those artists. They could try learning how to actually draw pecs instead of feeding validation off of their horny followers.

No. 920128

this man boob discussion reads right out of an artist rant thread from /trash/, jesus christ what is this autism

No. 920169

Wholly agree, there's no specific thing you can be into regarding the art community where you don't eventually see this type of stuff

No. 920297

There's a female artist I consider a personal lolcow who won't accept yaoi for her commission requests, but is completely fine with het and yuri and it somehow rubs me the wrong way, am I wrong for thinking like this? I know everybody has their hard limits and you can refuse a commission for any reason, but I can't help but feel it's a bit odd (and I'm not even a fujo).

No. 920303

That really depends how they come across. Like, what is their attitude towards not drawing Yaoi?

No. 920323

I've thought about doing commissions and saying no yaoi. My reasoning was that there's and abundance of women that can depict men in relationships with men respectfully since it's not something men often ask for art of as most gay men want bara, while most relationship art with women are drawn for moids tastes and end up coomer-ized. I thought the yaoi women have way more options, while straight and gay/bi women who want women based relationships have a lot less choice for non scrote-centred art and that I could fill that gap.

No. 920388

>muh misandry
who gives a fuck? women don't have to enjoy drawing or looking at ugly men fucking, even for money

No. 920390

She never said anything about why she wouldn't draw any yaoi but she's the kind of obnoxious anime fangirl who likes basic ecchi stuff and says shit like "I love drawing women because they are soft and curvy and have big boobs lol", and her f/f stuff reminds me of Sakimichan's, as in women vaguely touching each other while moaning in pain. So she's kinda NLOG-y and I can't help but feel not wanting to draw yaoi comes from homophobia (she said in private that the guys from Sengoku Basara and Touken Ranbu looked like fags).

No. 920391

they didn't mention misandry anywhere in the post though? lol nice stretch

No. 920398

>waste my life drawing a thing
>post on social media for visibility
>get quick engagement
>engagement turns out to be from bots trying to sell you promo or nudes
>every single time

anons what am I doing wrong(wrong thread)

No. 920406

I'm starting to get really sick of all the ~aesthetic~ studio vlogs on youtube. I genuinely like a lot of these artists but the vlog format just seems so very much the same from channel to channel. I don' know what could even change to make me stop being so bored as I'm not well versed in video editing styles. I just wish some of them would do something… different? more exciting? I'm very quick to skip past a 5 minute order packing compilation set to lofi music.

No. 920408

Try clicking on something besides gouache-weeb bullshit

No. 920435

Sounds like.a bad case of NLOG syndrome AND homophobia. Either that or they think it’s super woke and feminist to uplift women while shit talking about men/mlm.

I’ve met a few female artists who are like this, aggressively loud about their love for wlw and women in general while constantly putting down mlm for brownie points. Usually they’re teenage lesbians or adult radfems, cringe either way.

No. 920438

File: 1632359192961.jpeg (481.94 KB, 586x915, 9AC09012-3A3A-48D8-99DE-88A81A…)

This is literally so stupid, why are social media artists so egotistical? Is it because the people who can successfully copy your art style~ is able to steal away your dopamine numbers and likes? Kek

No. 920459

Waste of damn time when you could be taking commissions or building up a portfolio.

No. 920460

I always laugh at shit like this, as if any one artist now is truly original and unique. Look at how many artists in this thread have ripped off Rei17's style, for example.

No. 920500

why is it always the people with the most bland, easy to emulate art styles are the ones who get so up in arms about this shit

No. 920602

"tiddies" is always gross to me

No. 920608

Neither of these things are mutually exclusive. Actually, designing vtubers is where big money is right now. People who look for models also like to commission from people in the whole vtuber circle, it can be a good in.

No. 920659

i say no to yaoi because i try to avoid drawing men as much as possible. why even bother

No. 920752

thoughts on artists constantly talking about how much they love their (evidently more successful) mutuals for retweeting their art?

No. 920756

Personally I think it's natural to gush about someone you admire, but if they're constantly doing that then it just comes off as using your more popular mutual for views.

No. 920777

Reminiscing about artists I use to follow on tumblr in HS. Anyone know what happened to Kelpls? I can't find them on Twitter or anything.

No. 920910

It's not homophobic to not want to draw yaoi because drawing men is boring. You guys reach over anything

No. 920919

File: 1632417901795.gif (916.95 KB, 500x333, giphy (1).gif)

I agree it's not homophobic to not want to draw yaoi, but drawing men isn't boring kek. Like, tell me you can't draw dudes without saying it

No. 920925

Drawing women is really just more fun, helps that I think all dudes are ugly. Sorry if it hurt you.

No. 920932

That's a you problem.

Other anons are right about the NLOG vibes though.

No. 920933

Well I mean if you think they're all icky then that's totally different, who wants to draw something they think is gross?

No. 920943

I agree. I don't think that all dudes are ugly, but drawing women is just more fun to me I am more physically attracted to women than men though, so maybe that has something to do with it. I also don't really follow artists who mostly draw men. I like the occasional hot guy art though.

No. 920960

I just don't like it when artists who are obviously lesbian or female-inclined keep saying like 'men are boring to draw' and 'men are icky' and 'who tf would ever want more male characters', Like fine, if you don't like dudes that's alright, we don't have to like the same things.

But as an artist who enjoys drawing both males and females and IS bisexual, it just feels a bit unfair? Social media art spaces nowadays are all about women, which is great, but at the same time now there's much less variety for male character designs (designs that are actually interesting and not just Pretty Anime Man no.59384947 with a suit or blazer and Regular Bara no. 238903 flashing his abs).

No. 920964

maybe if you're a lesbian

No. 920967

I think it depends on what kind of people you're following. It's not unfair that people don't want to draw what you would prefer to see. I follow an artist who creates a huge variety of male characters, in different races, body types, personalities. If you want varied male characters to enjoy, look for them. No one is going to spoonfeed you the art that you want. Either make it or go find it.

No. 920976


just because someone complains that x content is hard to find in good quality doesn't mean we want to be spoonfed smh. are there artists who draw good male character? hell yeah there are. but trying to find them in spaces like twitter which has an art community that 90% of the time draws nothing but girls is still frustrating.

No. 920983

probs a horny man-hating lesbian. they're especially vocal on twitter.

No. 920985

How is it unfair to say drawing men is boring? It's not like artists who say that are forcing other people to stop drawing men. It's just a personal opinion. If there aren't any good male character designs then that's the fault of the people who drawing boring male characters, not the people who don't like drawing men.

No. 920986

Don't get pissy with me, you literally said it's unfair that people don't draw what you want to see. Get over it.

No. 920995

anon was giving a concise explanation that's actually rational and you call em pissy kek

No. 920999

Okay, keep complaining.

No. 921002

>as in women vaguely touching each other while moaning in pain
Gross, I doubt this is a real lesbian.

No. 921006

Not the same anon as the two others, but man why the anger? This is a salt thread, let people complain. Just like how the other anons before expressed that they don't like men due to personal preference, the others get to express that they don't like how female-focused some art communities are…due to personal preferences also. No need to get this angry about it.

No. 921016

Discussions are illegal, no more disagreements.

No. 921017

something tells me that anon is personally offended that there are people who enjoy drawing men and seeing drawings of men.

No. 921020

Such a generic style as well

No. 921027

kinda bad timing though she just nuked her whole gallery

No. 921034

Anyone can say whatever they want. You're acting like they wish death upon men and not just stating their opinion.

No. 921053


>"You're acting like they wish death upon men"

??? where did you even get that idea? that anon just said that the lack of balance in the art community was unfair, not that artists who like women are instantly misandrists.

No. 921059

man, the lack of reading comprehension on some anons is truly a sight to behold

No. 921064

Of course artists that like drawing women more will state that they like drawing women more than men. If you don't like it as harmless as it is, just unfollow them.
I don't follow yaoi artists and complain about the lack of balance of women/men art ratio lol.

No. 921138

Genuinely who cares what you draw, doesn’t mean it’s magically going to make me want to draw men or include them in my art all the time, there’s also other things you can draw besides people

No. 921354

Genuinely curious, what’s up with the gouache comment?

No. 921360


I was also curious, but didn't wanna be the first to say anything.

No. 921759

I think anon means that youtubers who do that soft, relaxing style of vlog tends to make anime-inspired gouache paintings. I see them using a lot of watercolor/ink too, but it is always vaguely anime. I'm so tired of the studio ghibli fanart in these, to be honest

No. 921841

…this is the kind of generic art style seen on hallmark holiday cards and inspirational instagram posts. Girl you are not special.

No. 921842

Can you go back to Twitter?

No. 921847

What's wrong with anon using those terms? Nitpicking at the weirdest shit

No. 921848

This is an obvious male/tranny. Got cancelled for grooming minors on discord, and posts like a scrote. Are people this stupid??

No. 921849

I don't trust any artist who calls herself a wlw unless she actually has been in relationships with real women. I feel like most of the wlw artists I encounter are clearly solely attracted to men and usually have boyfriends and think that performatively thirsting over female anime characters and calling them mommy will give them an interesting label to add to their twitter bios

No. 921850

Wait who is that? Never heard of them before

No. 921851

just look up his name on twitter and browse his feed idk, the callouts were popping off a month or two ago.

No. 921856

His stuff is so bad how the fuck does he have almost 200k followers?? This what people are into??

No. 921857

Because the only people who use those terms are trannies

No. 921868

how would you even know who they’d dated in the first place? do you require all artists you follow online to post their Extended Dating History.docx file in their twitter bio before you decide they’re legitimately qweer enough to follow? more importantly, are you autistic?

No. 921870

Still don't see the problem with that. Nice slur though.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 921876

kek are you offended by anon saying trannies? Welcome to LC.

No. 921879

>tranny is a slur
You have to go back

No. 921882

No. 921884

I mean what was anon supposed to use, seemed fine to me? They got the message across either way.

No. 921886

Do artists think they're quirky for constantly apologizing for drawing something? Example: omg I'm so sorry for drawing this… But I really wanted to draw it so I went and done it anyways lol.

Feels like you're just fishing for compliments

No. 921899

They’re just fishing for compliments, I just think most of them don’t know that they’re doing so because of insecurities, it’s pathetic either way.

No. 921903

yeah def because they think it's qUirKy, it honestly just comes off as being trying hard more than anything.

No. 921949

What's wrong with gay, lesbian, and bisexual? Are those words too "dirty" for you? lol

No. 921954

How are y'all so focused on something so insignificant. Who cares what word is used? lmaooooo the autism and lack of reading comprehension.

No. 921955

We know you're the same person who had a meltdown about people thinking mantitty bara drawings are ugly. Just go back already.

No. 921958

Uh, anyone can use 'y'all'? lol? This is hilarious.

No. 921960

No we can tell, tranny.

No. 921962

File: 1632490652404.png (260.62 KB, 899x679, 23845874.png)

and if they use the pleading emote too
double the quirk

No. 921963

Your unsaged sperging and tantrum-throwing makes it really obvious, it's embarrassing. Also, I'm surprised you used "autism" an insult. Very ableist of you, better hope you don't slip on main and get cancelled the next time you're crying about the t-slur, kek

No. 921964

I guess asking questions is considered throwing a tantrum now. Good to know.

No. 921965

You will never be the gender you want to be.

No. 921967


there are more than two people posting in this thread, non. the one that's starting to look embarrassing is you now. just let go, jfc.

No. 921970

Yeah, multiple people have been telling seething Twitterfags and troons to go for days now.
>reddit spacing
No one even needs to say it at this point, the attempts at integration are non-existent.

No. 921981

Don't you have any moobs to draw or lurking to do.

No. 921986

It's like twitterfags come to the site specifically to shit up this thread

No. 921997

It's not uncommon for cows to be summoned to the site by the threads discussing them.

No. 922152

it's hilarious how people from twitter hop onto this thread and think they're able to hide. it's so obvious by the typing style
>unironically using the terms mlm/wlw on lolcow
like who do they think they're fooling

that twitter anon needs to stop trying to psychoanalyze other anons in thread for criticizing bad bara art that their friend made or smth. discussions on here literally come and go yet this shit somehow always stirs up the most conflict

No. 922244

No, not really. I like yuri and het more than yaoi, and I'd be the same way only for the fact I don't get as much joy out of drawing yaoi, and that there are better artists that could handle it. Seeing your context in >>920390 just makes her sound like a dumn NLOG

This is my stance, too. The female-focused het and yuri markets are horribly underserved. The yuri one is especially low-quality.

NTA but I've come to cringe at anything labeled 'wlw' because it usually leads to someone who's either making it to farm woke points or attention. They don't really like lesbian shit, just this weird take on it. 'mlm' tends to be a bit worse since it comes from people demonizing the word 'yaoi' and finding it more inclusive of their fakeboy headcanons. Sounds like a stretch, but I've yet to come across any exceptions. Maybe they use it because they know damn well non of what they make won't appeal to actual gays and bis.

They also tend to be the ones who draw straight-looking couples and call it 'wlw.' I don't mean like an actual butch x femme pairing, but they literally draw a whole ass dude. You've seen it, I'm sure.

The Twittertards to take their own advice and touch grass instead whining about people not liking their friend's bulging moob art.

No. 922468

They draw a lot and pick the flavors of the month to fuck their weird self-insert OC. I only came across their art bc I kinda liked some of their Guilty Gear art (non-NSFW stuff), but they are unbelievably annoying and thrive on the "I'm a coomer girl teehee" persona.
I mean, I def would not be surprised. But is there any evidence about their identity?

No. 922469

Oh fuck is that the cookie game? Why did that become so popular? I mistook someone's admittedly well-draw human version of a character for an OC and fell in a rabbit hole of all the Korean artists obsessed with it.

No. 922482

I wanna know how Cookie Run got so popular out of the blue too. It's not even a new game, I used to play the old version years ago and it was fun, but I never expected it to blow up so much. I suppose it's the cute character designs?

No. 922519

I think it has to do with Cookie Run:Kingdom getting English VAs recently, many of which are streamers or youtubers. But it could just be the cute desings like >>922482 said.

No. 922522

I've been seeing the fanart for years now, and they were mostly Korean. So it has little to do with that. I'm just talking about the series at large and its popularity.

No. 922593

It's just another run-of-the-mill gatcha game, but I think the building and rpg elements of it are what's appealing so I guess a lot of people have been on board with it. It seems like it's come out of nowhere but it's just been gaining momentum this whole time. It's been getting a lot of tie-in brand deals too lately.

No. 922715

Its cuz cookie run kingdom's gameplay is more similar to your average mobage gacha, which I think is the main reason people flock to it. That, and also the game exclusive characters who aren't originally from the og game.
But let's be real it's definitely also because the fujos saw these two male cookies being shipteased constantly and went wild. And I mean constantly. Even the devs have been pandering to them with official art.

No. 922721

>>But let's be real it's definitely also because the fujos saw these two male cookies being shipteased constantly and went wild
Oh god I've been seeing those two particular cookies everywhere. The blonde one and this other guy with glasses I can't remember their names. I mean some of the fanart are really good, but the more common ones are horny coomer shit like >>921962 kek

No. 922757

File: 1632555575909.jpg (506.73 KB, 1660x2140, 20210925_142857.jpg)

I hope mods don't ban me for race baiting. For black anons here, what is your thought about the toxicity and pro harrassment in your art community? Also some unpopular opinion, I also think that american african always outshine native african creative in their thoughts and opinion in art community.

No. 923109

Generally I don’t mind getting social media artists trying to get clout from artist hashtags like “#[x descriptor]artists” or whatever, but sometimes it gets a little annoying? I’m pretty sure I’ve seen this 20k+ artist jump on at least 10 hashtags at this point, including various nonbinary/trans/ethnic minority hashtags and random shit like #fixthealgorithm and #idontsteal (in response to the Butch Hartman drama).

No. 923266

Artists with huge followings or that are already in the industry love to jump into those hashtags, even ones clearly meant for smaller artists. I barely try to use those hashtags nowadays because it'll be flooded with artists with far over 20k followers. They just keep grasping at any chance of promotion even if they have a solid fanbase.

No. 923628

File: 1632649166699.jpg (118.26 KB, 511x584, messageImage_1632646924549.jpg)

on the topic of stealing, this artist just up and copied w whole scene from a manga and changed the charactrs to genshin dudes for clout
someone found out and called them out. after a few peopl commented the callout the artist deleted the post and privatted ther twitter n instagram, kek
someone doesnt want to be found out I guess

No. 923630

File: 1632649249560.jpg (143.28 KB, 384x2048, FAMFJmJVkAInFQl.jpg)

this is the original scene
no doubt about et

No. 923633

File: 1632649399932.jpg (83.91 KB, 518x732, Screenshot 2021-09-26 114001.j…)

its still up on the genshin forums and they enjoy gettin buttered up for their fresh ideas and hard work

No. 923649

File: 1632652321777.jpg (335.55 KB, 1080x1858, Screenshot_20210926_040529.jpg)

I'm sorry I'm too late for this but I will never understand and I will always hate these asexual people who love to draw porn and remember this artist who was made popular by the genderbend of lady dimitrescu, her art will not be the most sexual (soft nsfw I guess) and her twitter is full of art nsfw, She claims to be asexual but she's just a cis heterosexual girl (I feel like an idiot saying that haha) which is clearly a label to not look so boring
(And to add a little more, She says she was sexually abused as a child so I don't know what to really say here.)

No. 923652

KEK they stole it from a bl manga of all things

No. 923654

The fact that she still puts a rainbow flag in your bio while claiming she's asexual is funny to me.

No. 923673

File: 1632655657814.jpg (321.88 KB, 1080x1727, Screenshot_20210926_051420.jpg)

"Even at first I came to think that being asexual made me less LGBTIQ + when what we are most open about is sexual teme"

Okay She wants sex but is so traumatized that she can't do it

No. 923676

>"Even at first I came to think that being asexual made me less LGBTIQ + when what we are most open about is sexual teme"
what the fuck does this even mean HOW can asexuals be the most open about sex? You know, the thing that they claim to be repulsed by/have no interest in. Do words not have meaning anymore?

>Okay She wants sex but is so traumatized that she can't do it

That wouldn't make her asexual then, if she WANTS sex. I fucking hate labels.

No. 923688

There has been varying types of "asexual" since the 2010s.
Don't wanna hump everything you see? Don't wanna have sex with someone without an emotional connection? You feel arousal but you don't feel like acting on it? Congratz, you're part of the ace spectrum. You can put a nice little flag on your pfp now.

And no, words don't have meaning anymore.

No. 923745

Anyone here uses photoshop? I started using bigger resolutions lately but now I have the issue that every text I add is gigantic even at 14 px. Same thing if I drag and drop a reference picture or whatever into the canvas. It doesn't get pasted with it's real pixel size and I'm not sure how to fix it or why it does so.

No. 923766

Hello anon, can you screenshot this so we can have a better idea what's going on there?

Just a heads up, you can use ctrl + t (or command + t on Mac) to transform/resize an element to your liking.

I'm sure there's some correlation between the resolution/dpi you're using and the elements not looking right to you.

No. 923767

Can you open your usual canvas size now, press ctrl+alt+i and post a screenshot here?

No. 923819

File: 1632669797136.png (2.82 MB, 1672x957, screenshot test.PNG)

It's like this. I use 350 dpi as resolution, canvas size is 2000x2000. The aaaa text is set as 14 px, but that's clearly bigger. The picture also appears big but it's only 893x590. It probably has to do with a difference in resolution, even if some pictures show up fine, but I can't figure out how to make photoshop work with the real pixel size of things. I didn't have this problem before when I used the default 72 dpi resolution.

No. 923842

Also the pictures look fine if I open them in another Photoshop tab and duplicate the layer in the other canvas. The problem's still the text, I have to set it to something like 3px to have a medium-sized watermark that doesn't take over the whole picture.

No. 923944

Honestly I feel like some of these terms can do good by explaining a person’s interaction with relationships(when asked for), but god, some people put too much identity in these labels. Like, it’s ok to experiment, to not be 100% a way of expression- I know I’m beating a dead horse when I say that it’s like a fight to see which “minority” have it worse

No. 923974

File: 1632674867250.jpeg (56.94 KB, 750x255, D464E6C5-2E91-4103-B25F-4A5163…)

Reminds me of this tweet I recently had the misfortune of seeing

No. 923991

I see their pfp perfectly captures their clown core. Just missing the white face paint.

No. 924035

It's sad that most of these self proclaimed ace artists seem more like cishets who wanted to fit in with the LGBT+ community in some way and get some minority points. Because then people who are actually ace will get clumped in with those idiots and won't ever be taken seriously.

No. 924134

That’s pretty much happening to every identity label, my first instinct now is to not take any artist too seriously when they say they’re this or that sexuality or gender because I don’t know if they’re telling the truth, confused, or just trying to not be a boring “cishet.” Same thing with race labels until I can see a picture of them.

No. 924297

File: 1632701304088.png (2.15 MB, 1800x1233, A43D4980-76F0-420E-87D4-B7815A…)

If any anons feel bad about their art, just know this guy typically sells adoptables (usually with the same level of detail) for bank. Like, good for you if you can shit these out and sell them for up to $200 but to me it looks so low effort and basically an afterthought.

No. 924322

coomers really see anything relatively female shaped and click add to cart

No. 924325

This looks like it was drawn in less than two minutes without even sketching, what the fuck. I mean people can spend their money however they want but come on this looks like the guy barely gave a shit while drawing.

No. 924329

Oh god I really can't imagine anyone spending a whooping 200 bucks on this shit. That said, the artist's own narcissism is phenomenal.

No. 924335

This one is priced at $45 (I’m assuming just to be rid of it) but literally all of their adoptables are just as low effort but priced ridiculously high for something that looks like it was shat out in a matter of minutes. Fucking coomers…

No. 924794

I noticed that many artists have a different twitter account for each fandom.. Why? I feel the need to do this too but it's so troublesome..

No. 924800

This is from my own personal experiences, people are more inclined to follow an artist for one specific fandom/ship. Unless you're really talented with a distinctive and cool art style, people don't tend to stay for multi-fandom twitter account.

No. 924842

Pretty much what >>924800 said, although I've seen some artists do it to keep their main art/personal accounts clean from RT bombs for certain fandoms and such.

No. 925065

File: 1632781323033.jpeg (1.18 MB, 1284x2208, 704235F6-7D23-43D1-9CE3-000B89…)

i’m half convinced that most of the people doing this trend are lying. the humble bragging of it all is so stupid, nobody cares if you’re good at art and 14. why is this a thing?

No. 925072

I used to think they all must be lying, but after being in a discord group with a lot of 16-18 year olds, they constantly bring up their age and humble-brag and call everyone old. It’s kind of hilarious watching the 18 year olds coming to terms with the fact that they’re adults now and having breakdowns about how they’re running out of time and their life is over. It’s a sick culture that the Internet brewed up.

No. 925076

It's gross. I'm so tired of people sharing how old they are as a humble brag. It feels like such a dick move towards people who are either learning or older than them. I have blocked every single person who uses this sound for this reason.

No. 925077

They're not lying, which only makes it funnier and more eyeroll-y. It's really a bunch of 14-17 year olds trying to make themselves seem like abdnormal art geniuses and humblebragging about their age and skill when actually it only highlights how immature and childish they behave.

No. 925084

Age doesn't matter. Art is a skill.

No. 925098

It amazes me that teens today think 18-23 is like suddenly becoming 30 or 40 and are too old to explore their life without parents. Everyone around 26-30+ will think of them as young while the teens are essentially babies. Admitting they're a teen really only highlights how immature they are especially when digital art was nowhere near the availability in the past 5-10 years. All tablets were 100-2000 with less options, almost no screens, and definitely no portable ipad to take everywhere.

No. 925119

someone must tell them how good many masters were at or before their ages to humble them.

No. 925134

>Admitting they're a teen really only highlights how immature they are especially when digital art was nowhere near the availability in the past 5-10 years. All tablets were 100-2000 with less options, almost no screens, and definitely no portable ipad to take everywhere.
For real. Digital art was practically a privilege when tablets and photoshop were hundreds of dollars each. Now anyone can find a cracked version of Sai/CSP/PS and a cheap Chinese tablet

No. 925154

how are these kids going to behave when they actually turn 30, are they going to roll over and die because they can't say they're gifted for their age anymore. most of these art kids are perpetually online and don't realize the true masters of their craft are all past the age of 30

No. 925155

Not even 30, since they think that being 18-20 is already "old". They'll just turn into insecure young adult artists.

No. 925202

seriously i remember when i had to scan in my smudgy pencil art on office paper with an old and noisy scanner, meticulously go over the lines with a shitty mouse on a bootleg version of illustrator while poring over some 'photoshop for dummies' book i lugged from the library for instructions. now it's just so much easier when cheap tablets are so prolific and you can watch actual professionals do illustrations from start to finish on youtube or whatever. these days i draw on an ipad pro and it feels like magic

No. 925214


They're not going to be able to cope with the pressure of aging if they measure all their skill on how old they are. They'll probably become complacent and then later on realize they haven't progressed at all because they thought they were hot shit in their teens/early 20s.

No. 925353

It's always so funny watching them claim to be "burnt out gifted kids" the moment they react 17-18

No. 925382

I remember being a kid/teen and feeling so distraught that I wasn't as good at art as people who were my age. Caring about age is so toxic, for a lack of a better word. Art is one of those things that you can only improve while ageing, unlike sports where you're done and over at like 30. Anyway I'm literally a professional artist now and those people have boring day jobs while begging online for anime furry commissions to pay their bills, and that's my humble-brag.

No. 925394

I also want to add to the topic, that the depth of though and maturity that comes with age only adds to art, it's not just about the skill but how good you can communicate certain things. Not everything needs to be polished if you have a clear and mature view of the world and your craft.

No. 925433

god i remember getting a bamboo fun back in like 08 for a bday gift and then only using open canvas 1.1 for years bc i couldn't afford any drawing program. it's understandable why teenagers nowadays can push out more polished stuff because they have access to that kind of tech. i've seen teenagers use their phones to make art whereas smartphones were only becoming a thing by the time i entered high school

No. 925435

hot take: a lot of time these teenagers aren't even that talented. They just abuse the assets and shortcuts like crazy. Not to say using references makes you a bad artist, but you can't deny that a lot of young artists these days heavily rely on them (this applies only to digital artists, esp ones who use csp)

No. 925442

>abusing references

You can’t overuse references no one can draw anything off the top of their head unless they’ve built up enough visual memory to do so, also shortcuts and assets are only used to cut down own time, doesn’t necessarily mean that the person who’s using them is talentless.

No. 925451

I can't get over how she wrote "push" "grab" "lift" instead of using onomatopoeia. Like who does that it's so funny

No. 925454

While I 100% agree age doesn't matter unfortunately some people care about it, enough to look at our very own bad art thread on /m/ where we have pretty regularly posted something mediocre with "WOULD YOU BELIEVE THE ARTIST IS 30" as if it's in any way connected to expected skill level.

No. 925553

Being good at art while you’re a teenager isn’t going to count for anything once a few years pass by and you’re suddenly a regular young adult with a hobby. I really hate this culture of thinking people in their 20s are old. As an adult it sounds stupid, but as a teen I really was so depressed that I dreaded reaching 20 without any real accomplishments and thought my life would be over. Now I realize how bullshit that was and how much time I actually have, and I’m not even sure I want to be a professional artist anymore because I have the option to explore other things.

No. 925730

To be honest, most of these self proclaimed "gifted" teen artists do nothing but overrender their pieces and then call it a "masterpiece" and going on about how "skilled" they are. The thing is, overrendering =/= skill. Looking at my art from when I was 13-16, I was the same. I'd overrender everything, try to add the most amount of detail to every little thing and abuse textured brushes and shortcuts while not really knowing how to use them correctly, and then the final result, an overly crowded, unnecessarily detailed artwork with broken anatomy and perspective and too many overlay layers, would be called a "masterpiece" by myself and others (mainly those who were as young and as impressionable as I was). I believe these young artists, mainly those that do digital art, don't value true skill (anatomy, perspective, the "boring" basics) that much or at least don't see it as essential, instead thinking that just knowing how to use layer modes and cool brushes is enough and a representation of "skill".

Saged for the long sperg and no milk, just adding my cents.

No. 925741

I think I understand what they mean, though. A lot of their work looks very strained, and they ape from other creators without branching off because there's more incentive to do so. I don't mean in terms of style, but in terms of tools, subject matter, narrative, and approach.

Using references is never a problem, same with assets. But you see a lot of these artist using them as a crutch, and not a time-saver or like a garnish for their work.

No. 925745

yeah at the end of the day, people who become professional artists are those that didn't give up. if the only pleasure you receive from art-making is the fact that you're a teenager and better than art compared to your peers, then that well will dry up when you turn 18. you can't rely on outside validation to drive you

No. 925801

Can you give an example of over-rendering?

No. 925837

File: 1632875600292.png (1.11 MB, 821x1252, image_2021-09-29_100201.png)

I've been seeing this a lot as well. There's a tiny bit of jealousy, because a lot of these kids' art looks great, honestly, and I love the fact that these artists have the tools to hone their skills and create art they're genuinely proud of. But, I mean, >>925730 is pretty much right. They all share the same flaws as each other and they're sharing techniques which makes their art begin to feel dime-a-dozen, and makes me wonder how many of these artists will continue to draw after they're back at schools and aren't bored out of their wits in quarantine and desperate for social interaction online.

NTAYRT, but picrel is probably what I'd label "over rendering". The artist is also 14. It's probably in the same vein of when anime artists had awful anatomy but vibrant colours that distracted you from the fact the art had no coherency. Sakimichan also comes to mind. It's just a lot of filters and abuse of colour adjustment settings. The perks of digital art, I guess.

No. 925854

File: 1632880917171.png (82.23 KB, 895x487, 356546546.png)

coomer behavior is relying on cheap fanservice to get more followers when their sfw drawings don't work kek

No. 925856

well at least they're honest about it lmaoooooo

No. 925858

What the fuck is 'sexy brain check'? This isn't some genius moment. Coomers are embarrassing good god

No. 925865

They are always terrified of touching a traditional medium, or make excuses that digital is “their style” because traditional is “too messy”

No. 925872

ayup, this is the style I keep seeing teenage artists go for. The anatomy is janky, but they overcompensate with rendering and then call it a day.