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No. 932175

Discuss dreams/nightmares you've had, recurring themes or symbols, lucid dreams, your interpretations of other anons' dreams, etc.

previous thread >>>/ot/10376

No. 932181

Last thread pic was cute but this is better. Finally no 6 years of sonic.

No. 932183

What the fuck why two, do I have to respost my dream or what

No. 932186

you should if you want, i would rather post here tbh, this pic is so much more dreamy and welcoming

No. 932240

in my dream i was traveling somewhere, on an airplane, and my luggage got ripped open somehow. all i had in it was makeup, which got destroyed, and for some reason my passport got all fucked up looking like someone put it in a blender. then i walked super far, and went skinny dipping in a lake for some reason.

No. 932302

Lolcow dream thread gods please give me dreams of my husbando. Thank you. I'll say tomorrow if it worked

No. 932409

Oh, thanks for using my pic! I don't know which thread is going to be the definite one, but I appreciate it.

No. 932417

how common is it to have kind of "meta" dreams? like instead of dreaming of somehting you're dreaming of talking/reading about something?

No. 932587

I am so sick of dreaming about dating my ex best friend who I haven't even seen in almost 10 years. I don't even talk to the guy! Leave me alone in my dreams

No. 932630

Can we have some prophetic dreams in the discussion? Damn, the amount of times i had these kinds of dreams is really alarming.

No. 932641

File: 1633580220284.jpg (36.56 KB, 500x333, 3eaac42b19e0746b59bf661f141305…)

Yeah, I don't see why not. It's not like as if this thread is super crowded anyway.

My boyfriend always have prophetic dreams, but it's always: 1- some very mundane shit 2- He only remembers as it happens, so it's even more useless lol Like I'll sneeze and my cat will meow loudly and he'll be like "HOLY SHIT I DREAMT ABOUT THIS EXACT SCENARIO"
I wish I had dreams that would manifest into real life, that never happens.
The most common themes in my dreams are weird liminal spaces (especially bathrooms for some reason), that I'm running away from somewhere or someone, the classical falling teeth… At least they are very cinematographic.

No. 932652

I wish i had artsy dreams like you lmao. Im quite similar to your boyfriend, i only dream about very mundane and innocuous stuffs and the occasional deja vus, nothing to life-changing. I sometimes have weird dreams that predicted some certain part of my life but they can be very cryptic and need to be interpreted.

No. 932653

the only prophetic dram i ever had was in middle school when i dreamed that eastpak put out a line of backpacks with an animal prints. and a couple months later they actually did. i got a cool snake one that i still have 15+ years later but still, some prophecy

No. 932665

File: 1633584446298.jpg (48.68 KB, 474x327, magicschoolbus.jpg)

alot of people online were having apocalypse dreams back in the summer, including me-had this 1 apocalypetic dream twice, which has never happened to me before

1st dream, im in my mom's car that's driving on the bridge to visit family when suddenly an uncertain amount of ufos come out the sky and start destroying fucking everything in sight. there were also these laser beams shooting down that you couldnt be able to tell where exactly they were coming from, just seem to be coming straight from the sky. a lot of explosions etc. bridge is destroyed way before our car can cross to land and the car sinks all the way to the bottom of the ocean(?), however we are actually completly fine and continue driving to our destination, new york

2nd dream, i am instead on a bus, a school bus maybe, heading to new york. just when we were about to hit land, a humongous wave, basically a tsunami, hits and completly destroys the part of the brigde we need to drive over and the bus goes sailing through the sky and luckily makes the landing clean and we keep driving on

i always took these dreams to mean i, personally, should be careful of new york, that the road to new york was damned for me in particular, yet i also warned my mother about going, just in case, and wanted her to postpone the trip. she still ended up visiting on scheduale, however she took a plane rather then travel by car, so it was all good. the bridge is still here un broken. new york did have a giant flood like a month or so by the time she came back though

No. 932723

Here I am, I wouldn't say it worked, I mean he was there but he was too busy breaking someone's bones to notice me

No. 932757

in my dream, i was staying at a hostel, and a russian man was in the room with me. he had a big glass gar of weed with him, and i asked if i could buy some, and he said no, i’m selling it all to someone else. he didn’t speak much english, but he spoke finnish so we were switching between the two languages. this man ended up being my boyfriend, he was cute and nice to me. he took me shopping and did mundane everyday things with me. he was also a musician of some kind and the locals seemed to know who he is.
these romantic dreams always make me feel weird, i want to find love but i don’t think i ever will. it’s nice to have a lover in my dreams sometimes though.

No. 932940

File: 1633623333744.jpeg (53.13 KB, 440x330, 440px-MMEA_STAR_with_Red_Beret…)

Dreamt about a terrorist attack on a bank. The man said he was from Yemen (I think), and he had pretty young girls with him that were suicide bombers. Which was pretty sad, one of the girls looked as young as 9 and the other one was abou 11 or 12.
I remember him dropping the bombs and yelling whatever while one of the girls smiled as she accepted her death and as he ran to drop more bombs somewhere else. He was dressed like this, sans the balaclava. I remember his red beret being very eye catching since he was wearing mostly black.
I kept running away but it was so hard for dream me to find the front door of the bank, I was very lost and running in circles.
I remember that when I got away, there was this Korean/Chinese looking dude in military garb that looked me up and down and followed me for a while, and then he look to the other side while gesturing his hand to pass him something, which I obviously didn't have. He noticed this and fucked off, but I was scared and it was very weird.
Also one of the detectives that went to investigate the bombing was identical to young Sam L Jackson lol
Also some dreams subplots: my SiL had cancer which I hope never happens, my MiL died of cancer when my fiance was a toddler and I finally told my sister why I strongly disliked her.

Lmao thanks anon, I wouldn't say they are very artsy but they do play like movies. But shit gets really weird sometimes.

No. 932949

I had a sex dream. It was nice and now I’m sad that I will never have sex again, let alone with the man I dreamed about.

At least I wasn’t lost in the mall walking down the same hallway multiple times desperately trying to find an exit that I know should be there.

No. 932975

I just had the worst nightmare where I was shooting at my cats with semi automatic guns and I am just so upset and confused! What the fuck was that???? Holding one of their tiny bodies saying "just die" as I'm crying and he's purring in pain. That was the worst dream I've ever had in my life and I feel like I'll never forget it. What a stupid awful dream. I love my babies so much, I'm going to go hold them and cry and give them some squeezable treats.

No. 933024

I wonder whats up with that. Years ago I had a similar nightmare where I was killing my dog with an ax. It freaks me out to this day and I never told anyone about it because it's fucked up. I really loved that dog and was very sad when I had her put down (she was very old and had throat cancer). Why the hell the brain does that

No. 933029

All I can think is that maybe it's guilt of some kind? I've been working a lot and haven't been seeing my boys as often as they're used to and they've become very demanding of my attention. I'm going back to my regular schedule in a few days and will be able to be home with them again. Hopefully I never have a dream like that ever again.

No. 933057

you’re not alone, i had a dream i broke my cat’s legs somehow and buried him in my front yard. it was horrifying… i love my pets so much

No. 933071

While horrifying at first, it's all about symbolism in dreams, anon. Often even people we know (or pets in this case) just symbolise parts, thoughts, values, fears, hopes or feelings of ourselves. It's more about what they represent to you.


No. 933078

>Killing your animal means that you may suffer due to negligence. The dream reveals an area in your life that is neglected which needs to be looked at. It is an important area that cannot be left unattended since it carries weight in your career path. Failure to correct that area will lead to constant worries that will lead to humiliation. This will lead to a stressful life that cannot be avoided unless a change is made to your lifestyle.

Wow that's actually very relevant. The whole reasons I'm going back to my regular schedule and leaving this job is because I've been ignoring my health and nearly passed out at work last week. I'm neglecting myself and I'm seeing my boys less.

No. 933100

I had a dream all of my art was posted in shitty art thread.

No. 933190

O lolcow dream god, please grant me a dream of my husbando touching me lovingly. Thank you in advance

No. 934228

I want this but with my celebrity crush
But probably gonna be another nightmare cause I ate too much
Will report back tomorrow

No. 934253

have you ever had a nightmare of your celebrity crush? they're the worst

sweet dreams nona

No. 934261

nta but, i recently had a zombie cannibal apocalypse nightmare, and my celeb crush was also there, so i kept going back and forth between being scared of the zombies and thirsting for this dude, it was fucking wild

No. 934262

Whenever I have unresolved issues in life they show up in my dreams in unpleasant ways. Years ago when I ghosted a friend I kept having painfully realistic dreams in which I'd run into her unexpectedly while going about my day. Lately I've been really upset about my relationship (normal stuff like miscommunication, not getting to see each other enough, etc.) and I've started having dreams about my bf sexually assaulting me.

No. 934266

Had a dream my boyfriend cheated on me in front of me and then tried to make it my problem that I was just mad he had "a satisfying orgasm" and then I legit beat the shit out of him and said I would ruin his life if he didn't continue to support me by sending me money every week. We've been together so long and this is nowhere close to a fear of mine but the dream still felt so cathartic.

No. 934313

I dream a lot (and remember having dreamed after waking up) when I'm going through busy or stressed phases when I have a lot on my mind. Which is right now, I hate it. I hate waking up tired because I dreamed, it's like I can't get a break from my damn mind even during my sleep. Is there anyway to stop or lessen dreaming? I just want to have quiet, dream-free sleep.

No. 934364

Don't eat at least 3 hours before going to sleep. And make it more of a light snack than a full meal. I never dream on an empty stomach.

No. 934591

File: 1633798262879.jpg (173.47 KB, 650x1246, eb2017e67830fc66c98ec4d8ef8f7b…)

I don't think I have had nightmares about him, but I've dreamt about him being a bit of an asshole lol

I didn't dream with any celebrity crushes, but I had my second (or third, maybe) real lucid dream! I was talking to a friend of mine about it yesterday so I think that influenced it. I wake up early in the morning to feed my cat and when I went back to bed, I was in the same dream, but it was a first person POV and lucid. I remember being super giddy, I looked around to make sure of my surroundings and be aware of my "body", and I decided to try flying because some nonnie said in the last thread it might work without waking you up. And it did! For about one second kek then I started falling and I thought to myself "shit, this is gonna hurt.. wait, it won't. It's a a dream, but probably I'll wake up in that jerky, spasmy way". And the spasm did happen as I hit the ground, I didn't wake up. From that point on I decided to let my subconscious take control again, because it was a bit tiring to lucid dream lol

The scenery that I was in was very Portugal like, btw. Sometimes I dream about Portugal, especially monasteries and such, but I've never been to Portugal and I barely look Portugal up. Maybe my subconscious wants me to go kek

No. 934595

I forget under what context this was happening, but I dreamt I was in charge of protecting someone. I had a rifle with me. A grizzly bear showed up and threatened to attack the person I was protecting and myself. I tried to aim and fire the rifle but forgot how to use it. The bear encroached closer and closer in rage until someone else shot it. I felt so fucking stupid for thinking I had any power with a gun I didn't even know how to use.

No. 935714

I had this weird sex dream in which I was working at an airport as security staff, a crush i had in high school was also working with me, and he was actually better looking in my dream than how he surely is in real life, there was also some random guy who wasn’t probably security but was still hanging out with us for some reason.
The weird part is that I had cat ears and a tail, and I was at this weirdly small staff room with a glass door from which no one could see us.
I was basically getting naked, I think I was waiting for crush or just changing my uniform to go back home.
The random dude thought I was inviting him to fuck but then crush got in the room and told the dude to fuck off because we were on our break.
It was so awkward when crush started fingering me and calling me “miss police officer”.
We fucked for a while but I woke up.

No. 937926

File: 1634166530943.jpeg (19.71 KB, 225x225, D4CA9268-716A-44D6-9B42-D8F3B8…)

I was with my old friend who I used to shoplift with and she randomly handed me $50+ dollars and I verbally said, "EZ Clap."

No. 937987

this was forever ago but once after about a month of trying to get into wicca/witchcraft I had this dream. Bascually I was laying down in bed and there was this thing in my hallway. It was all black and I could instantly tell it was bad news/malevolent. It asked to stay in my house and I was so angry at it I screamed no. After I said no though there was this loud pop, and then a sorta sucking in noise. idk how to explain it but it was really scary and LOUD. After like 15 seconds of it I woke up. I distinctly remember opening my eyes and already looking at where it was in the hallway. I don't think it was sleep paralysis because I've never experienced something like this before or after. Plus I remember opening my eyes. idk if it was really supernatural but after that I stopped doing anything witchy

No. 938060

I use to dream about a guy so often it was weird like him giving me flowers and such. for years almost every dream revolved around him …he got married so i never spoke to him. one dream that stood out was the day i saw a picture of him and his wife happily holding each other in real life……..so i went to sleep. Then I dreamt that i was scrolling down on facebook seeing him and his wife post pictures of some drama between them in the end the guy posted a picture of there bed all ful of blood and him crying. It was in a timeline of 3 month posts. three months later they divorced and the guy would post pics where his eyes were puffy from crying the girl seemed fine. I would always dream of him bleeding from his whole face too.

No. 938193

I had somewhat of a “racial” dream:

I dreamt that I and my mom were working in a segregated factory during ww2 (we’re Mexicans), wearing dark blue uniforms and red lipstick with our natural haircolors. This black lady was harassing my mom about how she was doing her job and my mom had trouble understanding her as the woman belittled her so I called the lady the n-word and swung a pipe or crowbar at her. I ran away from the lady and stumbled into a corporate meeting with older white dudes without getting caught then tried to find my way back and that was the end of that.

No. 940184

File: 1634387984569.png (214.78 KB, 500x650, BCD51C17-4A20-453D-8793-EDBC01…)

I dreamt that I was a really cool magical girl, maybe too OP for a cool series though, and a bit cringy with the references, it could be changed of course.
At the beginning of the dream I was shopping with one of my closest friends, she got a whole ass rack of really cute accessories and purses, they even let her take the display which was a huge table with wheels.
I told her that they wouldn’t let her take the table in the plane, so I took a bunch of plastic bags that they had and followed my friend while laughing because we were having an amazing time.
Then at the plane, my friend took my hand because she was nervous, It’s was weird because she’s not the nervous one, but I still took her hand.
Then I found myself holding the hand of this random Asian girl, she seemed really scared of something.
We were standing on the aisle, I was looking for something in the overhead compartments and so was she as well, she was like 2 seats away from me and my friend’s seats.
I held that girl’s hand as hard as a could when the door of the plane suddenly opened, only she was being dragged out of it, she ended up dying in a really horrifying way.
I was furious, so I was then walking with my friend at another mall, and she told me that I could do something.
Somehow I had these bunch of Knick knacks in a bag, they were from magical girls’ shows, and I could use their magical powers.
I went to this military base full of people, I was using some invisibility thing and another that let me run really fast, nobody noticed me until I reached a place where all the soldiers were lounging around.
One guy saw me and I used something that would reflect back anything he did to me, and another thing that would kind of do the same stuff that the spy’s dead ringer’s do.
He shot me on the chest and he fell on the ground.
A woman ran towards us, everyone respected her, she had really long black hair and a mole near her mouth, she also wore glasses, maybe she was similar to Bayonetta but with her hair down.
She asked me what happened and how I got in there and I sheepishly told her that the, now dead, guy shot me.
Then everyone just forgot I was there because I turned invisible again, I went to the kitchen and used another girl’s power to get the lunch ladies to give me some brownies.

No. 941844

I dreamt I went to a concert where a ton of my favorite bands were playing at (but only one song each to fit in an evening), the acoustic was so good you didn't even need earplugs, and as the night went on I kept running into people I knew in college, and we all ended up drinking at the venue's bar. I haven't gone to a concert since January of 2020 (thankfully I'm going to one in a few weeks) and I've been feeling pretty isolated these past few months, it was probably a dream of frustration.
Btw I feel like I remember my dreams much better ever since I got a weighted blanket last week, is it related? They are also less chaotic.

No. 941853

Dreamt of being in a hospital for an operation and being hooked to a machine that connected with a tube to the top of my head and into my brain. I was propably having a headache in my sleep and I could even feel the pain. My father was sitting next to my hospital bed and was telling me that everything went well but that there was still another operation to do and then I was free to go. I remember seeing the black machine's cables moving around as I turned my head or sat up. It sounds stupid now but it was scary. Being stuck three weeks with a feeding tube in a hospital doing a different test every day was all it took for me to develop a fear of hospitals and hospital machinery/tools.

No. 941871

Do you ever wake up to find yourself grinding against the bed? It happens to me sometimes and I'm never sure if I really was doing it or if I was imagining it in the haze of waking up. One time I remember dreaming a boy with red, red spiky hair in a fancy school uniform with a velvet blazer laying under me, and I was sitting on his crotch grinding against him, and suddenly I woke up. I wish that dream lasted a little longer but I only remember that single scene

No. 941999

It happened to me when I was dreaming of my husbandos fucking me, it was nice.

No. 942110

I remember being near the sea with my mom and friends from the dream. I was out on the sea at night, close to the shore though, when the water started to get rough and I felt the presence of something under my board but wasn't sure if it was just human fear from being in danger on the water. A bit later in the dream my mom and I were reviewing some of the footage from that moment, and we used the newly unveiled irl zoom and enhance technology to make the waves around my board crystal clear. There was a giant fish underneath my board but it didn't appear to be doing anything dangerous.

No. 942139

I was watching some keemstar video where he was on a mission to teach the younger generation of men to disrespect 'females' at every chance. He was walking them through all the situations where they could insult or talk down to 'a female' basically telling them to harrass every woman who works in a store or is stuck serving them at work. "make their lives hell"

He was going to change the world and he was confident he was 100 percent in the right about women being lesser and deserving constant reminders of it.

No. 942141

Sounds pretty realistic

No. 942207

Sounds like he collabed with Onion

No. 942345

I keep having dreams about one old college classmate being in love with me. Sometimes the feeling is mutual, but mostly it isn't.
Blog: I've been in a relationship for almost 8 years now and that ex classmate also has been a relationship for a while and even have a son, I actually worked under him for a small period as he was helping me out, but I had no feelings for him at all.
I think I may have these dreams because when I got to college at first I was kinda infatuated with him cause he was very charismatic, even slept with him (literally, we slept together at the same time, no sex), but then his personality got a bit annoying really quickly. Still a good friend, but not someone I wanted to get involved romantically. I think he also had an interest on me for a while because he was flirty, but eh.

I think that since our relationship had no closure, I keep having these dreams with him from time to time. I wish there was a way to stop it because they can be kinda annoying, like I feel like my dreams need to move on with me.

No. 942413

I had a nice cosy dream where my scifi waifu was hanging out in a mall with no aliens to fight, like a little AU fanfic in my dream, she seemed so happy and carefree. It gave me a warm fuzzy feeling like having a successful interaction with your crush lol. I love that lingering warm feeling, it somehow feels more real than reality.

No. 942417

He sure didn't like it when Shad "disrespected" his daughter. If only he had an ounce of character fitting a man his age.

No. 942423

had a dream my childhood crush came to my side during a dramatic moment in the dream and confessed to always loving me. and then we had a romantic dream montage. pray for me ladies.

No. 942460

Why'd you put disrespected in quotes? Didn't Shadman literally draw inappropriate pictures of her?

No. 942496

wow I feel bad for his daughter

No. 942498

samefag I just realized what thread I'm in kek nvm

No. 942502

I dreamt last night, me and my mom were on the train, sitting near an ad and talking about visiting friends on the other side of the country. Then some old woman comes up, violating our personal space and starts licking the ad. Woke up with a deep sense of disgust, and gagged a little taking the train this morning.

No. 942554

I have dreams about sex with women almost every night and I have since I was a teenager. I've almost never had pleasurable sex dreams about men. Am I gay? Wtf

No. 942558

File: 1634610534869.jpg (15.23 KB, 204x247, 1563233567185.jpg)

Fuck anon what? If it makes you feel better I've had dreams of being pregnant and in love with a man or a few times being raped by one but I don't see them as attractive or they're disgusting to me. That's really interesting though have you ever just tried going out with a girl no kissing or sex involved?

No. 942621

File: 1634616987397.gif (208.34 KB, 220x165, kitty-good-night.gif)

I had a dream the boy I crushed on elementary school called me beautiful. Not only that, but he also said I was "so pretty" later on in the dream as well. It felt so nice, I struggle with feeling that way about myself. It was a strange dream as well because we were in the classroom, but we were both adults. My mind had aged him and I don't know if it's accurate because I've never looked him up, but he was pretty cute!

No. 942641

My dreams have been too abstract to remember lately, or rather, I can't write about them coherently.

Really wish I could remember more about the one I had last night. It was like two separate dreams were happening at the same time. One part involved time travel in a desert region, and the other half was checking out this huge, airy apartment that had it's own elevator. The design was slick and modern, lots of white + matte black + dark woods incorporated into the design. I accidentally selected the wrong floor and went up to the glass ceiling. It was really comfortable, you could see the surrounding buildings and whatnot from there. After checking that out, I was teleported to the other dream and was running down the side of a highway at night time.

No. 942773

I dreamt a bunch of abstract scenes last night, but one that stuck with me was I had a small hole on my chest and I could see a bit of my ribcage from it (just bare bones, no muscles or blood) and I was about to go to the Stupid Questions thread to ask if it was possible, I think I was preparing myself to be called a skelly kek.

No. 942782

kek "you can LITERALLY see your ribcage? ok anachan"

No. 942792

This made me lol

No. 942810

This is precious, anonita. I always wonder why I have similar dreams about people I hadn't thought of in years

No. 942813

File: 1634644657718.jpeg (136.47 KB, 371x869, 6A60208B-7198-446E-8D9A-348B5B…)

I dreamt that I was at some mall with my brother, I don’t remember what I was doing, but I remember that my brother told me
>don’t forget to bring water!
And I just took my huge ass Transformers’ water bottle and filled it with like half a gallon of water.
It was amazing, I wish I had a huge ass transformers’ water bottle, it was purple and tacky, with G1 and BayBoom’s bots.

No. 942817

>G1 and BayBoom’s bots
At the same time?? I don't think I can handle that level of epicness. I feel like the water inside would boil. whos your fav transformer

No. 942823

Jazz, he’s best boy and he deserves more screen time, do you also have a favorite one?

No. 942832

hell yeah, Jazz is dope, I love Hot Rod and Starscream. Basically the goofier the character the more I love them.

No. 942842

based taste nonnie

No. 942880

I keep having dreams where I’m running late and I miss my train or my flight, or I’m on a bus and I miss my stop. Most of the time when this happens I’m in a bizarro version of my city, so everything looks vaguely familiar but it’s totally different, so I end up getting lost, or I don’t pull the cord on the bus in time because I can’t quite recognize my surroundings. I’ve been having dreams like this for a few years, what does it mean?

No. 942887

File: 1634651248318.jpeg (472.68 KB, 1242x1262, 1557843646823.jpeg)

I keep having dreams with my alt-right pedo pandering ex e-crush in them and it's making me so uncomfortable knowing my subconscious reminds me of him when i litteraly have a healthy stable relationship i would die for right now…

No. 943007

File: 1634663177834.jpg (151.46 KB, 1284x1031, tumblingdown.jpg)

i'm having this fanfiction-depression phase right now so i basically just read fanfics all day and night barely leaving my bed. yesterday i read this tom riddle x harry fic and i dreamed the exact same plot and i was harry. this is the universe's sign to get my shit together

No. 943019

File: 1634663633762.jpg (84.55 KB, 600x600, cf068de1f808f0b4a8de408a6b97cd…)

At the very end of my dream I had to shower/clean a lot of dogs and my cat and it was very messy and some animals were clearly not into it, but still, it was oddly relaxing and satisfying. Some dogs were also very thankful after their showers. Especially the older dogs, maybe the hot water was good for their joints.

No. 943076

I had a dream where I was on LC, but you could add a secondary image to your post by uploading it where the name/subject is and it would appear as a smaller image above the main image. I posted an image of something random, but also accidentally uploaded a secondary image of a discord screenshot between me and my friends and them calling me "onee-chan". A while later I realized I did this and none of the discord usernames are blurred out. I go to delete the post, hoping it hasn't been over 30 minutes, and when I try to delete it brought me to the "You're Banned!" page, but instead of being banned, it was a mod sending me a message that she was in the groupchat where my friends were trying to call me onee-chan (I guess it must've been a sever with randos in it too) and she had been trying to find me, and left her discord handle. She also messaged me on discord now that she had my username again, and I replied to her. She didn't reply before I woke up from my dream, but I remember in her messages she said she was doing laundry so that's probably why she didn't reply immediately.

No. 943078

anon how do you feel knowing LC and discord have invaded the depths of your brain folds

No. 943113

Honestly I'm surprised I don't have more LC related dreams considering how much time I spend here kek

No. 943118

I just woke up and remember the end of my dream, I asked this young girl I barely know about opening a horse ranch together, as far as I know she has no connection with horses. I was like
>I have to be clear about this. I don't know how to ride horses, or how to take care of them, or how to run a business. I doubt I can do any of it and am probably greatly underestimating the difficulty. What do you think?
And then I woke up so I never got random girl's opinion on my business plan. I'm just surprised at my own self awareness in a dream, I must've been a little bit awake already.

No. 943150

File: 1634669003638.jpeg (277.79 KB, 1280x2272, 20161213-wceKBUfd6npfr0b2CRmD.…)

I will start a ranch with you nonnie….

No. 943414

I don't want to type out all the details of the dream, but I just woke up from a dream where these infected girls were spawning from some kind of plant and attacking/infecting my family. My mother was killing them with a chainsaw.
Don't know what could have made my brain make this dream, some details were really weird. I was thinking about Resident Evil yesterday, so maybe it was that.

No. 946905

careful scrolling, cp below

No. 948345

I had so much fun with the neural blender website yesterday that I dreamed that I wrote naked handjob penis sex or something like that and the site banned me for being depraved.

No. 950462

I just remembered I had a dream about my glasses being ready and it was horribly tacky, pink, with a big heart in the middle. It literally looked like a child's glasses' frame, nothing like I asked for. But people kept complimenting me on it.
Also, there were some gross guys that kept cat calling me and asking me my age and I was ignoring them, until some said something like "Oh, she likes the attention she's getting because we think she's underaged." and I got so mad and flustered, I just yelled at them that I was fucking 28. I never got confused as underaged, so I was just really baffled.

No. 950475

Last night I had a dream about snuggling with my sister's old kitty cat and loving on him. Then today, I found out her cat has died just a few days ago (not close with my sister so I didn't know). I also had a very vivid dream about my grandma after she had died, she had come to visit me because she wanted to share stories from her life that she hadn't thought to tell me when she was alive, although it was things I'd heard before I was happy to listen again. I don't believe in heaven or ghosts but I find both of these dreams very comforting because I got to meet with them and share sweet memories with them after they had passed on.

No. 952145

File: 1635422824173.jpeg (68.87 KB, 850x563, 193F4809-BD7D-4E7C-9709-C05500…)

I dreamt that I was a cute inkling, kind of like pic related but with long hair.
I was with my brother too, we were going to enter some competition to win some really nice prizes like money or something like that.
The thing is that it was some sort of race where you are on a water slide and you have to sit next to someone to participate.
Some girl, I think it was my best friend or another girl who seemed to be close to me, she wanted to sit next to us but it was already crowded.
There was some nice music, splatoon music, maybe because I was listening to the splatoon music on ultimate, I’ve never played splatoon.
I could even hear the other inklings and octolings talking in their funny gibberish.
I didn’t win but I made some friends while racing against them and I actually got along with my brother so that was nice.
It was great to talk with him without us fighting because if his immature stupid ass.

No. 952157

holy shit this is a very cool dream, mine are so shitty

No. 952189

I had a really eye-opening dream last night or at least I thought I did. I realized that sex was not equal to love and I had to let go of a bunch of people I knew. I woke up and realized those are people from my past not who I'm currently seeing. It was strange because I'm a person who can't let go of someone if I believe we had something for a long time. The fact that I accepted that so easily was kind of enlightening. Although my current rl situation is good so, very odd dream to have.

No. 952250

My dreams are insanely vivid and really quite intense.
I had a dream I was on a train with my bf and we got separated. A bunch of his coworkers, one of which was an older fat bald guy, came on the train. The old guy sits next to me and starts to make really sexual comments and touching me. I specifically remember being distraught and saying that my body was the least interesting thing about me. He kept laughing and saying cruder and worse things. I tried to get my bfs attention but he wasn’t able to hear me. How do I even interpret that?

No. 952252

dreamt I forgot to put yeast in the bread dough

No. 952287

dreamed I grew jowls and had to get buccal fat removal

No. 952308

File: 1635436107526.gif (1.58 MB, 640x640, adopt-me-play-adopt-me.gif)

Had a dream that I became a jannie during lolcow's birthday and that everypost I made was tagged (for me and other farmhands and stuff) with my name and a silly duck drawing. I loved the duck, not so much my name

No. 955732

I had a bad dream, I was talking to a professor and said something funny and he laughed and said "you're the best" and stroked my cheek. I was very disturbed, I backed away from him and stood in the door frame and said "you're making me uncomfortable, if you don't stop I'm going to leave." I wish I just left, because he kept talking and I kept standing there and pretending everything was ok, it was really uncomfortable. And then when I left for some reason I thought what if the professor disguises himself as my boyfriend (I don't have a boyfriend but in the dream it was my husbando) and tries to take his place and I don't notice. Then I told my mom what happened and she stared at me wide-eyed and just said "son of a bitch". I was still uncomfortable when I woke up but that was the first time I dreamed of me and my husbando together so it's not all bad

No. 957023

does anyone have tips for inducing lucid dreams? i've had two but they were 5 years apart. today i took a nap, and was dreaming a different location when i realized i knew i was dreaming, i could only kind of move my body around but not change the surroundings. i woke up very quickly too. i really want to figure out how to be able to control it better.

No. 957028

Dreamt that I met a cute bi girl who ghosted me after we met. She was so cute, I was actually sad when I woke up. Can’t even get a girl in my dreams, ouch man.

No. 957039

This dude is a bit of a prick but he gives good advice on the topic.

No. 957061

File: 1635835825837.jpeg (30.83 KB, 480x360, 5FB7FAA4-81D6-494D-B1DC-94E5AD…)

I made out with a guy at a party over the weekend for the first time in months and that night had a dream about trying to get a girl to let me eat her pussy. Wonder what it could’ve meant.

No. 957106

My dream reading expertise tells me that the meaning of your dream is…
you went to bed horny

No. 957194

I had a ton of very disturbing dreams last night

>go into a very small elevator in a building

>the door shut
>can't find any buttons inside
>it won't move or open
>know it's going to fall or I'm trapped
>try screaming for help many times and it's hard to scream and get afraid of the air running out

>shifts to another dream

>an evil molester rapist has me kidnapped and is fucking with me
>tied down and being taunted
>feel pure terror, fear and disgust

>next dream, I win a contest and I'm the new cast member on Floribama Shore

>I used some weird bodypaint a week prior that made my skin faintly blue, still
>didn't realize I was still blue until I was on the show
>I acted boring and cringey too
>know everybody is going to talk shit about my online and I can't get the produces to not put me in the show because I signed paperwork

The last one was the most upsetting. I have cluster dreams like this when I have something stressful coming up, interview is today

No. 957449

ty nonnie this a good video. i do feel a bit wacky doing reality checks during the day but i'll just get used to it lol. gonna take a nap rn and try again

No. 958196

I dreamed that I wanted to paint Jens Kidman (meshuggah frontman) and I was messaging my friend and asked her if I'm supposed to ask for permission to paint his likeness, and she said I don't have to because he's dead. Then I googled it and saw that he died the day before because he got stuck in an elevator and when he tried to fix it, the cabel holding the elevator snapped and it fell to the lowest floor and killed him. I was thinking about how horrible that is and then I messaged a friend from highschool and found out the same thing had just happened to him too but he survived.
How did your interview go

No. 958197

I dreamed that my best friend had sent me some troon manifesto and he had signed with his two new preferred (female) names, and when I woke up I had to think long and hard that it definitely did not happen. Hopefully it's not a prophetic dream.

No. 958248

I had a weird dream where everyone was being too mean to me on Bimboland, I was sad because I was starting to make progress in my game, but people got mad at me because I used my free senator thingy to join the PrimeBimboFashionContest and won, they said I cheated for doing so and had to delete my account while crying because I finally had a bunch of cute outfits that I love.

No. 959082

File: 1635996862333.jpg (Spoiler Image, 36.52 KB, 735x523, hurtcomfort.jpg)

Yesterday I dreamed about my classmate. It was getting dark outside, and he was at my door cold as hell with no warm clothes, on the verge of getting frostbite. I specifically remember his knees being red/purple. I let him in and that's where the dream ended. When I woke up i fantasized about letting him lay on my couch and making him tea. Nursing him back to health basically. Why am I like this

No. 960912

I've had two dreams about my brother dying, first one he died of an overdose and the second one actually spooked me with realistic it was, I'm scared of was a premonition or something.

No. 960914

I did a quick google-fu and dreaming about your brother dying can signify a lot of things that have nothing to do with him, mostly about personal growth and change. Does that ring true for your life right now?

No. 960922

Thank you anon, and yeah I would say so! I really am trying to break free from my neet life style, I didn't even consider the anxiety from such a huge change giving me spooky dreams

No. 960944

Today I dreamed that I was some sort of royal guard for some foreign queen. Her people didn't like me, they thought I would stab them in the back the first chance I got but I never did. I did instead stab my own people in the back, condemning them all to eternal suffering I'm not certain how it works but I was pretty sure it was because I changed sides, kinda unleashed some supernatural being or whatever. Anyway, I had a prisoner who was also a member of the royal guard, the only survivor besides me and the dude hated my guts, which was fine because I was using him as a way to prove my loyalty to the foreigners. The queen was really pleased with me and she didn't let them lay a finger on me. There was this dude who I think was into the queen and I think they were sleeping together. From all the foreigners in the camp, this was the dude that hated me the most. I think he thought the queen was into me.. I think he was right, too bad nothing happened.
So.. we decided to set camp and rest before marching to the new lands where this new queen would make her domain but loud noise outside woke me up before the sun rise. I went to check the commotion and my prisoner was just outside my tent, holding a golden knife but he was frozen like a stone. Someone said he was cursed by the force that was actually trying to kill me but it somehow got him thinking it was me when he was coming to my tent to kill me (dumb supernaturals). I remember thinking "thank god I brought him with me" laughing and going back to my business..
We arrived this weird forest where the grass was very tall and the trees were huge, we were so tiny we looked like ants. Then for some reason a fairy that looks suspiciously similar to billie eilish appeared and told us to be aware of the giant, which was just austin powers. He smiled as he smashed the fairy like a bug and I woke up.

No. 961029

I hate this kind of dreams because they are often prophetic are horrible shit bout to happen, like when I dreamed my dad got killed there was a series of terrorist attacks in my country the next day.

No. 961083

I have vivid, semi-lucid nightmares every single night. I'm always aware it is a dream, but cannot choose where I am, or what other people do. They usually start in the middle of a hectic event, and I come to feeling drunk, people screaming at me that I did [something bad], or something similar. My dreams take place in a DreamWorld, which holds many places & groups of people that are to varying degrees traumatic or panic-inducing, from what I know there is: a large, flat sandy space that looks like a canyon, or Dante's long winding staircase to Hell, but brightly lit & like the Australian desert; this connects to on one side, to a rocky area, then eventually a secluded beach, and after that, a beachside town. Then there's a highway that leads one way to a more civilised, city-like area with strip clubs & a pub that is extremely tall but only about 10m wide at its widest points (in the bar, downstairs), it's often under construction & is a hotel or abandoned school at the top sometimes; there's a decrepit hotel that is sometimes a theatre, it is plushy red velvet & carpet everywhere, and when it's 'open' there is a confusing shopping mall in there. If you take the highway another way, there is a waterpark, race track, festival ground or camping area, depending on the dream. I think they are interchanging, but they might all be there individually. If you go another way off the highway, you get to increasingly butt-fuck-nowhere, then suddenly there's a small town, this is where the there is an op shop (charity/antique), dirt roads, a servo/local store, and a shopping centre (there's probably 4 shopping centres in the World). If you leave the beachside city strip you come into the city (where the old hotel/theatre/hospital is) then further out are the Suburbs, which is where the Sharehouses are. I hate the Sharehouses, they are filthy, in states of decay, disrepair, despair. There's always fights, too many people, cheating & drunkenness there. Worse than the Sharehouses is the Old House past the stupid, dirty little town. You pass a forest, a wallaby farm that is also some sort of science lab warehouse to do with plants & animals, it feels like a slaughterhouse… anyways, you eventually get to a long twisting road in the bush that leads to a wooden, falling apart house. The Old House. There's often parties on the slanted lawn, but more often then not I am frantically trying to bury my kitten (who in real life got hit my a car & died after his first birthday, in December last year). I've usually killed him in my dream. In the Old House I often have murdered, before the dream starts, someone like my mum or my childhood cat (who is still alive today). I hide their bodies in the trash & old wood. I hope they cover it all, or I plot to burn it down. Or I plot to move the bodies. Sometimes the Old House is near the SHarehouses, and when it's nearby there are Neighbours up a hill from the sharehouse whose house I sneak into for some reason. There's such a pull, and I'm almost always caught.
I am simultaneously distressed & enthralled with the DreamWorld, I want to live there & sometimes stay asleep too long as I feel like it's the only place I feel real emotions, which isn't true - it's just the DreamWorld is always hectic, so I feel a lot more intense shit than my day to day life.

No. 961758

I thought I watched the first episode of an anime. I felt in the mood to watch episode two but I realized I actually just dreamed watching the entire first episode. So I want to watch something that doesn't even exist.

No. 961765

I hate those kind of dreams, I often dream a lot about playing a The legend of Zelda game that’s utterly cool, or a modification of a real Zelda game, but when I play the game again, after a long time of not playing it and basically forgetting everything, I feel underwhelmed because it’s not the same as the dream I had and it will never be the same and those dreams.

No. 961987

Dream brain is so fucking weird, I had a dream years ago that I was in a small burned village – I walked to the remains of a bonfire and picked up a little burned wooden totem from the fire and then woke up. Nothing about the dream was that scary but I woke up terrified and have thought about the dream a couple times a year ever since. Last night I dreamt that a dude shopping at my workplace got mad at me, shoved me to the ground, and started aggressively dry-humping my face and screaming at me, and all dream-me thought was "oh no I can feel his penis and its so small lol unsurprising". Not until later in the day when I remembered the dream was I like what the fuck? That's horrible.

No. 962513

Straight up dreamt some kids from the neighbourhood dragged my dogs to death behind their bikes. Heard them scream and cry..

No. 963106

I dreamt that I was at some sort of party/getaway with lots of strangers in a house. It looked like my house but in the dream it was a random ine. After some time the hot popular people were having sex in a bedroom (actually my bedroom irl) and me and several other girls were in another room just hanging out and trying on Halloween costumes. Sometimes I looked across the corridor and I could see the chads and stacies (cringe I know) having sex. It was weird. Last time I browse /soc/ before going to bed

No. 964257

Had my first sex dream in a loong time. It was nothing out of the ordinary, but I came twice and it was nice.
The only thing is that I could see my reflexion on the window and I got pretty self aware of how fat I've became and how my gut was hanging (we we're doing it doggy)

No. 966743

I had the most disgusting dream last night. I was having sex with my mom and it was a very vivid dream. I just want to scrub these images from my mind.
I can still picture my mom eating me out and fingering me and me fucking enjoying it.

No. 966788

I dreamed that I was on some website like neuralblender that created images but also gifs. I saw a gif that was made on the site and it was a man laying down and a woman riding him, seen from behind the woman's back. It was glitchy because it was computer generated. And I thought "oh I have to try this with my husbando next time" as if he was my boyfriend. I'm glad, I used to dream of random people when I dreamed something sexual, now I dream of my husbando. Now if I could only actually dream of being next to him and not these dreams where he appears only tangentially

No. 966954

something similar to that happened to me when I was 14/15. I was in a jail cell with Sakuya (picrel) and we were about to get it on and she's between my legs when I suddenly realize it's my grandmother. I woke up from the shock though

No. 967087

I dreamt I got pregnant by this dude I slept with a while back and it was scary. I always use condoms with guys (no condoms, no sex) so to feel that I was pregnant was scary as fuck. I recall crying and saying I should have got an abortion, which is ironic since I live in a country that has full abortion rights. Somehow I'm transported to my parent's home dining room where I'm about to give birth, only to be told I have to wear a swimming bikini bottom for an epidural. To get that bottom, I go to my room and see the dude who impregnated me just playing video games and ignoring me. What kind of dream is this, wtf. I don't want children.

No. 967205

This morning I dreamed that I was still in high school and I was getting ready, and I was running late so I had to rush with my breakfast and putting on my uniform, then I suddenly realized that I didn't do any of my assignments that I sat on for a month during the school holidays. I think I actually had a heart attack in the dream and that made me wake up lol

No. 967208

I keep dreaming about my apartment flooding lately

No. 967215


users obsessed with "husbandos" r pathetic why would u admit this

No. 967223

Lately I can't stop dreaming of being with this guy I almost dated, leave me alone ffs, why can't I just dream of my husbandos instead?

No. 967331

You are the minority here.

No. 967358

My dream last night was that I thought it would be funny to post my pet in Shayna's thread and leave it for long enough that some people would see it and then delete it really fast. I posted it with some dumbass caption like "Shayna could never match the beauty of my baby" with an emoji, I left it for 5 minutes and deleted it but I got banned indefinitely and I was like NOOOOO and freaking out. I texted my boyfriend distraught and he replied "why did you do that idiot hahaha" but then I was thinking about it and the ban message and post button looked different and I was like "phew oh my god this is just a dream" but I didn't gain awareness to control my dream, then I woke up

No. 967372

LCF dreams are always the best ones itt.

No. 967374

Kek so cute

No. 968331

File: 1636929152251.jpg (29.01 KB, 474x474, 7d4bd434964bc47c564443e3e2be75…)

Been having dreams about elementary/middle school and friends from high school. Might have nostalgia and missed the joys I have in my school years.

No. 968343

Go wash your bf's underwear

No. 968404

I have dreams about lolcow too kek.
I dreamt of accidentally uploading my face here and the classic "can't do anything right in dreams" thing happened when trying to delete it. I got roasted pretty bad by anons and it made me so anxious even in sleep. These dreams made me think about how some cows can continuously embarrass themselves and over-share online without a hint of stress or regret, and I have nightmares about internet strangers getting any info about me at all.

No. 969555

I was taking a bath with my cat and when the water reached his head he didn't move and got completely submerged and for some reason I couldn't get a grip on him to pull him up. Fuck I hated that.

No. 969582

I was on an underwater tour inside a submarine made out of glass. I was floating around in there as if there was no gravity and looking at all the whale-sharks surrounding me while some classical piece (I think it was Mozart) played in the background. Most relaxing experience I've had in a long time.

No. 969607

In my waking life I rarely think about school but most of my dreams are school related. How do you feel when waking up after having one? I always feel… odd/off.

No. 969722

Lastnight I dreamt that a rough looking teenage guy in a tracksuit approached me and asked for a lighter, I didn't have one. He asked if I'm interested in some drug and I lied and played stupid and innocent and said I didn't know know what that even was. He walked away and I immediately regretted my choice to play naive like that.

He walked over to some other rough looking teens and they were looking back at me like they were planning something. They then approached me as a group and I felt like they were either going to assault me, rob me, both? I snapped out of my iniocent act and I put on a really thick accent. I'm from a pretty rough area originally and irl I can go into the accent sometimes depending on whose company I'm in. It's a weird defensive thing I do around dodgy people. Anyway I did it in the dream and I laughed off my previous comments about not knowing what the drug was.. of course I know.. I say in the thickest rough accent I can manage. It worked and they left me alone.

No. 970621

I had such a weird dream. I was going to this guys place who had dark hair and was really beautiful. I don't remember too much of that part but we had a good casual date basically. He was really nice to me. He lives with a blond guy who was his brother, I believe. Also really goodlooking.
At some point the blond guy starts flirting heavily with me while dark haired guy is busy or something. Me and blond guy start fucking and then dark haired guy walks in on us and gets upset basically. I don't remember exactly what happened after that lol.

I take this dream as a representation of my fear of potentially failing at good things that come my way or whatever lol.

No. 970955

i was in prison and onision and lainey were in the same prison. i got into a huge argument with onision over some stupid shit. then i lied about what happened and onision got sent to a maximum security prison far away. lainey stayed in the same prison as me she had short blue hair and was always by herself once onion was gone. she always had this stupid face like shes way too good to be there like. bitch you in jail too fuck off.

No. 971130

Same here, I rarely think about school but I have dreams about it. I too feel off and odd after having one but I do feel a little sad or have this some sort of regret. Mostly dreams about old freinds. It's like I want to go back and experience it again but to the fullest. I missed enjoying my youth at school with some nice friends though I haven't talked to them since we graduated and went our separate ways. I'm too afraid to talk to them even if it comes off out of nowhere. I don't want to be a bother to them especially when I'm currently irrelevant to their life and don't have much to say just to feel awkward in the end. I just missed the good old days. Just going to school and hanging out with friends.

No. 971150

I was on the computer in my dream and I heard some music but couldn't find the program it was coming from, I checked so many of them, I kept fiddlin with it for a whole minute until I opened my eyes and saw it was my alarm on my phone

No. 973419

I dreamed that I was with a guy who looked like my husbando, and I was feeling happy and put my hands on his cheeks and he smiled at me, but the longer I looked, the lesser the resemblance was. He didn't have the same facial hair, his smile wasn't as charming, his cheeks were fuller and he was a bit chubby. Then I got sad.
Also I dreamed that I was in a supermarket with my mom, and my cat was with us too. She was very smart and she walked by our cart all the time. Then a worker in the store appeared and I asked her if my cat is allowed to be inside, if not I will take her outside, the worker said there is no problem. Then I tried to lift up my cat but she stood on her hind legs and nibbled my fingers. I was so happy, I love when cats and dogs nibble my fingers.

No. 975951

What the fuck. I had a dream that was at first kind of cute. Just me in high school, having friends instead of being a loner and talking to my high school crush. It was like young me physically with current me brain.
Class was over for the day and crush asked if I wanted to share a coffee with him, so I of course said yes, in the end I couldn’t go with him to buy a coffee.
So then I’m back the next day and he fucks me in the classroom because I promised to buy a coffee with him and that he really wanted to share it? It was so fucking weird.
I hate having dreams about people from my past because my crushes from back then are surely ugly as fuck nowadays and I never really liked anyone from school.
I just want to have dreams about my husbandos.

No. 976841

A few months ago I had a dream about being in a position where I needed to hide a dead body. I woke up with so much anxiety and it stuck with me for a couple days. Last night I have a dream continuing it? I guess I never got rid of the body and I found it wrapped in a carpet with a huge blood stain and flies all over it. I didn't feel as anxious in the dream because time had passed and the police had never come to question me and the body had decomposed enough that it would be easier to deal with. I buried it in a hole I dug in a patch of trees in the middle of a field near my childhood home. Still kind of felt sick when I woke up.

No. 976986

File: 1637738393349.gif (421.71 KB, 500x281, cc4.gif)

Yesterday I dreamed that I knew this guy, he was some type of inventor or something, though not very good, I worked for him selling his inventions. Been a while since he made any good and actually useful invention and he was complaining about these headaches and how strong they were that he wasn't even able to think and that's why he couldn't come up with anything knew. So he went to this doctor to solve it. The doctor was.. weird. He solved the inventor's problem by replacing his entire head with a huge copper ball. It was so big idk how the guy could balance it. His new head had a dent, the doctor told him 'It will heal by itself eventually as long as you don't touch it.'
The inventor was satisfied with his new head. Told me he never had clearer thoughts and he would babble about all sorts of weird stuff about the universe and things he shouldn't be able to know, like he could feel our thoughts and feelings. He was always scratching that dent on his new head, I could see it even change colors, like when skin is irritated. We noticed where the dent was now had a little hole, and his head was leaking energy, like it was full of light, idk how to explain. When checking with the doctor he chastised the inventor 'I told you to not touch it!' He said, muttering something about consequences I didn't quite catch but it seemed serious. The inventor didn't care though, he later showed me his latest invention.. little marbles filled with the most beautiful lights I have ever seen. I figured it came from his head, from the leak, he confirmed it and I asked if that wasn't dangerous since the doctor seemed very pressed about him constantly opening that wound instead of letting it heal like he said it would but the inventor wasn't concerned. Told me to go and sell it to someone who would be interested. Said it was a truth drug that would take me to "the edge of infinity" whatever that meant. I didn't wanted to test it though, and since he said it was a drug I figured I should sell it to the junkies in the vicinity. I tried some but they looked at me suspiciously and didn't wanted to swallow that crap, one told me she didn't want truths, she wanted good. No one wanted to buy that so a friend suggested we sell it in the richer area, cus for sure the rich want some truth, it made sense. So we got there but before we got out of the car we noticed a police car driving very slowly, probably looking for someone or whatever. I told my friend to stay calm, stay in the car and wait for them to go away. She panicked and started driving, saying we should get the hell out of there and how it was a bad idea but the cops noticed us, signal us to stop but she didn't and we got chased but didn't go far. They asked why we run and my friend spilled we had drugs with us. We were arrested for light marbles of truth possession, which is apparently very illegal. I woke up then.

No. 977024

File: 1637746463228.png (291.35 KB, 400x400, 4541e72bc593386be66f8da1b082ed…)

Dreamed of a really cute guy I think I pinpointed my type yeah he looked like picrel

No. 977033

That's sooooooo cool

No. 981357

i had a dream i was back in high school riding the bus home except the windows were bigger and it was like a more spacious tour bus. We went to an underground tunnel area where the bus driver told us to get out. it was like a parking garage except there weren't any cars just people in suits or medical scrubs standing around. one area was conned off to make a path for us to follow out which we did. for some reason we each tried different school uniforms then were given little sword necklaces as a way to make us feel special i assume. they took our hand print because it was going to be put on a card or in a database. they walked us into a medical bay looking area where i saw some other girl in the group getting each of the vaccine shots one after another. two nurses were holding her shoulders down while it was happening until she had a seizure or something. i was horrified and about to run but the two other nurses tried to reassure me, or they tried to just grab me so i wouldn't leave. the whole thing was a way to force vaccinate kids then use our hand prints for ID. i woke up though so i guess i got away.

No. 981362

hello 12 year old me, what are you doing here?

No. 981403

I don't think about or remember my dreams much, but there's this one very specific dream I keep having that I thought I would share.

It usually happens when I'm dealing with a conflict involving my boyfriend or a family member. In the dream, they will bring home a giant snake and let it loose. The snake right away tries to attack and bite me, so I shut myself in another room screaming and begging them to remove the snake as it tries to tear down the door. In the dream they always yell at me to stop being so dramatic and that the snake just wants to play. Sometimes it breaks through and starts tearing up my arm, and my family member or boyfriend will just stare and laugh as I'm panicking.

I feel there's an almost too clear message here of not feeling heard or seen when I'm having an issue with my relationships, to the point it's almost a reminder that I need to speak up and deal with the problem irl. I like it for that reason. Thanks, giant dream snake.

No. 981764

last night i dreamed that i had a new car but it used to belong to ellen page and she cornered me in the parking lot and wanted her car back. i just started crying and called her an embarrassment and that i used to like her before she became a shinji clone. she got flustered and ran away.

No. 982378

I dreamed that there was a tf2 world in kingdom hearts. I was Sora. I was disappointed that it was in rottenburg instead of some classic desert map, even though it was nice and peaceful, it was like real life rottenburg. And the medic gave me a quest.

No. 984373

File: 1638540211014.jpeg (130.93 KB, 604x900, DC5919CC-6029-45A5-956E-BC310D…)

I keep having dreams about this old crush of mine, it’s annoying because he always looks pretty and sometimes even ethereal but in reality he must be fucking ugly like all moids over 25.
I dreamt that I was in a bathroom, my grandma’s bathroom precisely, there were lots of candles and the bathroom was bigger than it really is.
I was trying to fix some shovels, some of them were colorful and others just regular shovels. And he came into the bathroom dressed up like a prince, he told me that we were supposed to go to a ball and that he wanted to know if I remembered how to waltz.
So I stopped fixing the shovels, dressed up in a flimsy sleeping dress, barefoot, and started practicing waltzing with him.
At first it was awkward, but he was laughing in a really nice way that just reassured me, I felt like it was just fun for him too. Then we started to pick up a nice pace and we finally got how to dance properly, we kept avoiding the shovels and the candles as we danced, I was looking at him in the eyes and he was looking at me as well, he was smiling actually, we were really happy.
Then my brother opened the door and told me that he was hungry, I was annoyed but my crush closed the door and told me that we could keep dancing for a little while because he was happy to be with me.
>tfw I will never dance with a cute guy in a bathroom full of candles and shovels.

No. 984413

Kek, I love weird celebrity dreams

No. 984718

File: 1638568945544.jpeg (64.5 KB, 768x768, 388B200F-FF2D-4EC3-ADFD-9C380C…)

I bet a dream journal would make a beautiful bunch of art, do any of you anons have that?
And what do you anons think about dream interpretations?

No. 984769

I don't have one but after seeing your post I just made one on my computer, it's going to be fun. I don't believe the dream interpretations because different ideas represent different things for all people, like a horse may represent one thing to someone and something else to another, but things that are shared across all people like physical feelings such as falling or having your teeth fall out, they probably mean the same thing for everyone.

No. 984845

File: 1638577163751.jpg (32.76 KB, 736x488, sweet dreams.jpg)

I used to but now I just write my dreams on my phone as fast as I can and later fill with the details I remember. My notebook was very messy. I wish I had the patience to write my dreams in a nice notebook and fill with little drawings. Maybe one day.

>dream interpretations

I love dream interpretations, specifically based on repeating themes.
A few repeating themes I get:
being lost in a big city, usually it's dark, there are lots of people around and cars and I'm running from someone or something that wishes to harm me, and although there are lots of people around, no one ever helps me and it's like I'm invisible. Sometimes I'm also almost run over by a car because they're always running fast, they never stop.
I interpret it as being afraid of connecting with people, my own feelings of inadequacy, feeling like an outsider everywhere and the fear that everyone is out there to harm me one way or another.
I still have lots of these but now I get help of some nice strangers and sometimes they reappear in different dreams, it's nice.
>Another theme is time travel.
It's always an elevator that goes up to numbers that don't exist in the small building, and then we're back in time and I always have to fix something but it always goes wrong, leaving things worse than before.
I interpret it as the fact that I dwell too much on things of the past and I should just let it go, there is no fixing for things out of my control.
Been a long time since I had a time travel dream but it used to repeat a lot.
>Trains, caves and enclosed spaces
Honestly idk what the hell these mean but I'm guessing it's about being afraid of things I don't know.. maybe?
Sometimes I'm in long caves with so many passageways and I don't know which one to pick and if I'm with someone I just follow their lead, and when I'm alone I don't go very far because I know there is danger ahead and I'm afraid I won't know how to go back if I need to. Trains are the same thing as the caves, it's like being locked in a maze but the maze moves.
In these dreams sometimes there are tiny spaces only I am able to get in but there are very few dreams where I actually get in these spaces, usually only when I'm in danger or something.
Sometimes instead of a cave or train is a locked building or a place underground, like a garage, but it's full of monsters or zombies, it kinda feels similar to the big city dream but the monsters are not actively chasing me and there are few people around.
Still have lots of these but now I take more risks like, deciding to do stuff and giving orders but still don't go far if I'm alone. The friendly strangers usually reappear in these.

Interpretations are very specific to each person because you have to take into account your own experiences, but I like reading about what one specific thing means and what other people think, sometimes it helps me develop my own interpretations and understanding myself better.

No. 984922

File: 1638586618700.jpg (368.12 KB, 542x373, Illustration.jpg)

I keep having dreams about being in bed, needing to get up (bc I'm being called, or there's something happening outside my room, etc) and not being able to, like my body is locked up. I'll be laying there, desperately trying to move or talk or open my eyes, and will struggle for what feels like around 20 minutes, before waking up breathing wildly and absolutely drenched in sweat from mental exertion and stress.
The first few times I had these dreams I thought they were real and I was having sleep paralysis, but after a while I realized they're actually dreams after I started having them about bedrooms from my past or bedrooms in other people's houses. They seem to always occur right before my alarm is due to go off, like my body is anticipating having to get up and overreacting. But functionally this means I lose out on like 20+ minutes of restful sleep and wake up absolutely exhausted and stressed.
Has anyone experienced this or anything like it before, and if so, how did you get it to stop? It's seriously affecting my life as I'm waking up always stressed and fatigued.

No. 984932

Goddammit I guess I've been posting my dreams on the wrong imageboards because this is the only one I've seen where people actually comment on each other's dreams

No. 984941

I just had a dream that someone in the vent thread complained that you have to be constantly moving to jump. They attached a photo of people jumping on trampolines.

No. 984959

I keep getting horrifying, slightly-lucid, incest wet dreams and it's actively making me suicidal. I just want it to stop…

No. 984973

I keep dreaming of my estranged childhood friend. Nothing too special lol she's just there as a minor character in whatever crazy adventure my brain is making up. But it makes me feel like shit when I wake up.

No. 984987

Go to therapy, the more you try not to think about those dreams, the worse they make you feel

No. 986002

I dreamt that my mom had an art gallery, she was very happy with it, she had lots of paintings, pictures and even interesting sculptures. It was a big gallery.
My mom took some pictures of me naked, with my current age, and I was annoyed because I didn’t want anyone to see me with my tits out, but mom said that it was a beautiful picture and that she wanted to show it to the world.
Then, I don’t know why, I was being asked by someone I don’t remember clearly, I think it was my aunt, about who I like and if I’m a lesbian.
And I was like, duh? Of course I’m not, and took some compatibility tests with some of my friends’ names, I noticed how many maria alejandras I’ve met, that made me feel like chewing a whole package of chewing gum.
All of the compatibilities with them were of 30% or even 15%. Then I put “Harry Styles” 40keks and it was a 100% compatibility, I was pleasantly surprised, then I was really happy because he invited me to go with him to his house and to marry him.
It was a nice dream.
I’m remembering something about that genshin impact Albedo short man, he was in the gallery of my mom looking at the sculptures, he tried to flirt with me but I’m too tall and he was too embarrassed because of that.

No. 986076

last night i dreamed i ordered a dog online, he arrived at my house in a cardboard box. he was a big, fluffy, white husky dog named Ghost. i wasn’t sure how to tell my parents i got a dog so i put him in the closet for a few minutes, but then i felt so guilty about putting him in there

No. 986086

I sometimes dream about estranged friends too, dunno if I really miss them or it's just a fragment of my subconsciousness

No. 986297

I think I just had one of the worst dreams in a while, at a cost of taking a surprise nap in a middle of the day and neglecting my supplements.

Anyways I've been in hiding from my friends and peers for a long, long time now, even before the pandemic. There were some people I had drama with and it worked in a ripple effect where you had one person you have a problem with in the industry, you'd see them everywhere.
In my dream I kept seeing her, and her friends, talking to people I'm making new connections with, basically sabotaging my relationships and career. It carried from online conversation to literally one of her new "minions" started moving in my house as new residents, they wanted to kick my family out, and they started spreading rumors to our neighbors about my mental health, and that I was secretly a psycho.

It felt so fucking real, I woke up having my chest tighten up and had difficult breathing for a few hours. I think my worst symptoms with nightmares were when I'd started crying/sobbing when I woke up, so that last one wasn't the worst Yet but I really wished I didn't get to witness all of that all at once, fuck my peaceful sleep.

No. 989443

File: 1639042214220.png (174.1 KB, 465x598, wpwmbf8n9d451.png)

I dreamed that I was watching a cartoon. It was about team fortress characters, they entered a map by falling through some hole into a huge dark void with only water at the bottom of it and a totem-like structure at the center. A red demoman and sniper and a blue spy fell near to each other, and the demoman brandished a knife at the spy. I thought "oh no he is outnumbered they are gonna kill the poor spy" but instead they all started hiding together. Then I saw that the rest of the teams were female characters so they were hiding from the male characters because they were naked and didn't want to be seen by them. I don't know why the male characters were hiding too, because they were clothed, but they didn't want to be seen by the women anyway. So they all snuck around circling the totem thing and somehow didn't see each other. Then Wolverine appeared and light was radiating from him and the male characters stared at him like at god, because males are stupid and caring about stupid superheroes is what they do. Then Wolverine started stabbing demo and sniper in the face with his claws and they called for soldier for help and warned him not to attack wolverine because he is invulnerable. So soldier started shooting at wolverine's claws instead. And then I remember the female soldier talking about something, she had a very cool voice - by the way this is apparently the scrapped valve female soldier model, she looked like that - and she was talking about a dream she had. She said the dream was ridicolous and lovey-dovey so she imagined even more ridicolous things and they appeared. Then I saw her dream and it was her prancing about naked through a field with a crane bird and a baloonicorn beside her, and with rainbows everywhere. She wasn't as insane as the male soldier, but she was crazy, but the fun crazy and not fear for your life crazy. I am so glad I met her in my dream I wish she was my friend

No. 989489

I had a dream that I posted on the vent thread about using laxatives because of my IBS constipation and I got hundreds of furious replies saying you aren't meant to take laxatives with IBS because it makes it worse.

No. 989611

I had a weird ass dream in which sobre ugly ass man wanted to kill me at 8 pm because I didn’t let him in a house that wasn’t even mine. It was so fucking stressful because I made my parents get me some bodyguards and all that stuff. We were hanging out at my grandma’s house, and the fucking idiot came out of the kitchen with some random heavy shit, he threw it at me but I woke up.
I wish I could go back to that dream so I could beat his ass.

No. 989749

this is so hilarious to me but please don't overdose on laxatives you will shit yourself to death

No. 990208

Today I dreamed I was a teen in a lab with other teens. Dunno what they were researching but we were part of it along with the zombies that stayed locked in a huge room.
It wasn't so bad, we could walk around and do whatever and I remember reading a book about a girl that saved a gigantic fish and used it like a mount to reach some new continent, but I couldn't remember any experiment, just knew they were done and we were part of them.
We could go downstairs too but the scientists rarely spoke to us and we wouldn't be able to get inside the rooms to find out what they were doing cus they had authorization cards.
So, downstairs was where the zombies stayed. We could see where they were locked from our floor because their room had no ceiling and it was like in the center of the building, so all the other floors could see it. It was protected only by some machine that create this energy shield, so no zombie can go up and none of us can jump down.
There was a ghost.. or maybe it was a zombie too, idk, but we could see her sometimes on our floor and she only appeared when no scientist was around. She tried to speak to us but there was no sound and she did weird gestures that took us long enough to realize she wanted us to get inside the zombies room. The other teens were scared, with reason, the zombies that we saw near the glass walls were weird. There was this one zombie whose face was disfigured because she regenerated it countless times.
The room where the zombies were kept was just to store them until they were needed for some experiment but the scientists started using it as some arena where they would shoot the zombies and boast about how many they took down. The zombies couldn't be killed and this zombie girl was always shot in the face. She was the easiest target because she always stayed near the walls.
So she was always there looking at us and she did this thing where she stayed still and then did a jumpscare by kind of opening her face in a bunch of pieces and then restoring it again to the original form. Ugly shit, looked like her head exploded. Everyone said she was really dumb but that ain't dumb to me.
Anyway I decided to go there, passing through this part of the shield that was broken, I went down when it was dark and everyone was asleep using many sheets as a rope. Woke up before I could talk to the asshole zombie girl or the ghost.

No. 990211

I had a dream my "real dad" found me and had a pile of evidence a private investigator found to prove I was his daughter and amongst the evidence was screenshots of lolcow posts

No. 991067

File: 1639172988698.png (1.19 MB, 1152x648, dream.png)

I haven't met my bf's siblings yet, dreamed this is what he and them all looked like, they were arguing about some millennial/zoomer divide shit and then wobbled around the apartment looking for horcruxes

No. 991076

I dreamed that I was back in college and a big storm was coming so classes were dismissed. The sky was all green like it is before a storm, but there was no rain or anything. I usually didn't leave that class to go straight to my car, so I was pretty lost trying to find the parking lot. It was especially confusing because in this particular building, floor 2 was at ground level and floor 1 was underground, and I was having a hard time finding the exit on floor 2 and somehow ended up on an escalator to floor 1 and with no up escalator in sight. I met up with a group of 4 classmates who were also lost. One of them found a door that had another door and a stairwell going down behind it. I told them it was the wrong way because we needed to go up not down, but two of them took the door behind the door and two of them went down the stairs thinking there was a parking garage down there. I followed the group that went down and two walking skeletons came out at us. I ran up to tell the other two to get out of there because there were skellies, but when I got to the top there were three more skeletons. I punched one and ran out the door, then I woke up, and in that brief moment between sleep and wakefulness I felt like the dream was Satan communicating winning lottery numbers to me, here's the retardation my groggy brain came up with: 3, 12, 21, 32, 53. Now if any of you wins the lottery with these numbers, you're welcome and just know you owe one to the big red weirdo downstairs.

No. 991079

File: 1639175001651.jpg (39.38 KB, 564x1002, 35a2d7319f334d6c70730531a9d406…)

I keep having these awful dreams that I am drowning.
Usually I am involved in a traveling accident: Car falls into river, airplane falls into the sea, last night it was a ship wreck…
And it's always so dauting and vivid, like "Oh shit, this is just like my nightmares but now it's happening for real!". I am starting to fear it may turn into a phobia, I don't know. Why is it always drowning?

No. 991080

I dreamed i was being inteviewed and they asked me what kind of men i found attracted but i was too shy to answer.
After that i dreamed some alien family was dying underwaterd and the last dream was about going in to an unisex public bathroom i think? And a guy i know was there and there were a Lot of men but i assume it was unisex because three old woman were waiting… Wonder if anything meant anything!

No. 991134

File: 1639181145168.jpg (93.03 KB, 500x673, 8526568392.jpg)

I had a dream I was in the library with some friends and we were talking about a horror novel called "Dark Pitchy". Suddenly the dream shifts into being a visual of that novel instead. I feel like more things happened, but only thing I can really remember is waking up on a small island that was just covered in dead bodies. Everything was sort of wet and gross and there was this feeling of absolute dread. I get of the island and swim for the shore, but as I get near it a pack of horses appear and they jump off the shore and into the water on top of me. At that point I wake up in a panic.

Not really sure what it all means. Past couple of years I will occasionally have these dreams that have a lot of blood, gore, and gross horror imagery. They freak me out because it feels like they don't come from my own brain, I don't know why I would think of these things? This dream wasn't the most horrible, but there was just this dark feeling over the whole thing. Decided to share it here to hopefully get it out of my head.

No. 991388

File: 1639215402613.jpg (21.52 KB, 259x484, 41-Xjzy1ddL._AC_.jpg)

Dreamt that I ordered a blonde version of a monchhichi on amazon. Them minutes after ordering it I looked again and realised it was some ugly shade of either yellow or orange, definitely not the colour I saw earlier.

You can usually cancel an amazon order if you're quick about it so I went to go click into 'my orders' and for some reason I just couldn't navigate amazon. Was pounding on the screen all frustrated trying to get it to respond.

I became the monkey lol

No. 993279

I dreamed that I was passing by my old highschool and there was an ambulance vehicle entering the yard, and a man exited it and puked and I asked him if he was alright, he didn't say anything and then I saw the body of some white haired boy all bloody on the floor, and I thought "That guy looks like komaeda I should post about that on lolcow but wait maybe I shouldn't because that would be insensitive." And I also dreamed that I went to a show by some made up slovenian black metal band and it was held at a park in the forest at night and I was sitting at one of those tables with benches connected to it, there was nobody watching but me so I became buddies with the band

No. 993291

I never have sex in my dreams but sometimes I'll have sexual themes or the dream will be about the lead up to sex or the moments after sex. No idea what's up with that.

Lastnight I dreamt that I was back with my ex and he was sitting on the couch after nutting. Then next thing he got up off the couch and his cock and balls were detached from his body and sitting on the chair like a realistic dildo. In this version of reality mens penises just detach after they nut? Disembodied cock world. That was the whole dream. The end.

No. 993481

Dreamt I was on a date with some guy and we saw something on the drink menu called “The Captain and the Skipper”. The “Captain” would order 32oz of some type of strong booze, and the date’s (Skipper’s) drink would be half the price, but only if they both finished it within an hour. Stupid and makes no sense, but I want to try it now.

No. 995230

nonny can I steal your idea for my bar eventually

No. 995316

Maybe some of you will make fun of me for this , but I keep dreaming about lolcow and I need to share somewhere. In the first dream there was a huge building just for us, each floor was a board. I went to /m/ and it was a giant cozy library full of plants. I sat down and picked up old obscure manga to read while drinking coffee, but heard a commotion outside. Some scrotes came and started to attack the building, it was violent but I woke up mid fight. Second dream we shared a intricate weird house. It looked like any other house form the outside but it had escher inspired architecture inside. There were hundreds of rooms, even different kitchens, gardens, living rooms, but somehow I knew where to go without any issues. I don't remember much, just that we found out someone was murdering girls and admin (who controlled our security system) wouldn't answer our calls.

No. 995351

I keep having dreams where i’m back in high school, to the point where I think it’s all I dream about. I had a dream last night where this popular girl befriended me but one day I walk into class and she’s being weirdly mean, after class ends we are walking together and go to these creepy stairwell and are leaving but slowly it gets more empty and eventually it’s just her and I and the stairway is all creepy with this weird greenish lighting and the walls are all moldy and falling apart and I look at her to see if she notices it but nothing and eventually she just says bye and leaves me alone while I keep trying to find a way out of this stairwell but no matter how much I walk I can’t find an exit. It’s weird because the other night I also had a similar dream where some friends from high school and I broke into a house and went down to the basement and found a king graffitied stairway leading down and as we walked down it just didn’t stop.

No. 995407

I have been having lots of crazy dreams, lately. They have to do with my unemployment, poor sex life, anxiety over upcoming events, trauma from bad events. I will have multiple dreams in a night and wake up multiple times a night and sometimes I just stay up because I don't feel like having another crazy dream. Dreams about
>romancing or reconnecting with old friends
>driving my car from the backseat
>all my teeth get loose and fall out
>go to prison and get bullied
>man on a four wheeler chases me in a field screaming he's going to rape me
>cuddle and make out with bf's best friend
This was all one night

No. 995410

I can't make fun of you, I have lolcow dreams too but yours is way more complex and fun.
>someone was murdering girls and admin (who controlled the security system) wouldn't answer our calls
This reminds me of Aoi House with the secret person controlling the house, that would make a good story

No. 995426

Me and my boyfriend haven't had sex in a while but last night I finally had a sex dream. My dream boyfriend finished too fast but I was ready for round two, but then suddenly my irl boyfriend woke me up in real life to ask if I had booked my covid booster. I shouted at him for cockblocking me kek I've been in a bad mood all day

No. 995514

That is both based and terrifying

No. 995535

I know that in one of the rooms there was going on an orgy with the forbidden man

No. 995587

In my dream, I was walking around my irl neighborhood when a woman who clearly wasn't from around there came up to me. She seemed distressed and timidly asked, "Do you know where the Kingston Apartments are?" I didn't, but I told her I could look it up for her. I spent quite an amount of time trying to find the location with no luck. She stood next to me anxiously, watching me search. It was quite evident there were no "Kingston apartments" but I kept scrolling the results purely to spend a sufficient amount of time trying to help her. Thats when, however, I land on a strange article at the bottom of the first page of google. A photo of the exact woman standing next to me and the headline: KINGSTON APARTMENTS MIND TRICK. The moment she saw me land on this search result she walked away wordlessly and got into a car. I kept reading the google blurb for the article. It went something along the lines of "Hypnotist woman is poisioning the minds of people around the world with disturbing psychological trick. Don't help her answer her sick question,"where are the Kingston apartments". It then went on to explain how this woman had a goal to hypnotize as many people as she could into what she herself coined "kingston sickness", which was described similarly to psychosis. I immediately felt sick and horrified. I knew the moment I read it that it had worked, my brain from that moment forward was damaged in some strange and unchangeable way. And this immeasurable dread felt so heavy on me that that alone woke me from the dream.

No. 995591

DAAAAAMN, this needs to be a short story

No. 995618

I went to a tropical island with some family and on the island there were sunset looking cherries, lemons,pears. I was picking some to take back on the boat but I went into an abandoned rectangular building in the middle of this island. There was like a stone birdman guard laying asleep on a cot while the other side of the room had a table. On it was a bunch of historic coins all in bunched up groups. I took a stack even though the Egyptian stone bird man started waking up from me taking his treasure. I hid underwater around the other tourists until we left back on the boat. It turned out it wasn't some ancient guard but a guy in his 20s-30s who had some sort of anime video game series going. One of the coins I took was actually a leg model, or whole model, of an upcoming character in his series that wasnt released yet. So he essentially was trying to chase me down in a VR-land to get his characters model back. The work with the character ended up getting published and others online noticed I was her. It got to the point a made up gf in the dream switched models with me so we could drop the guy's model off in his online vr store. Once it was dropped in the store so he would stop harassing me I gave my gf a bunch of random parts for her model. She didnt really like how it looked so she dropped me at a virtual mall with her credit card but left her vr headset on while she went to real work. I was basically allowed to put her model/avatar together with her own money.

No. 995809

I've been masturbating to sleep for two days straight now, and the porn I watched have become desensitized for me, it took longer for me to cum than usual.

Somehow my dissatisfaction with my selection of porns has carried into my dream last night, in which it had really interesting plots about the characters, and made it felt more stimulating and hornier for me. However at any point I was able to rub myself I'd get interrupted. It got to the point where I almost had it, I almost got to relieve myself, I woke up, with my guts begging me to shit.

I don't remember the details of the dream anymore, my subconscious must have been trying to remind me to read erotica again instead of relying on porn for quick relief.

No. 995925

Shit anon I don’t wanna freak you but are you sure it was a dream? It sounds so vivid besides where Im from it’s pretty common for sketchy looking old women in streets/markets to do these tricks and you wouldn’t even remember the interaction
They usually do it for money though

No. 995998

I'm certain it was a dream lol, it happened last night and I woke up in a cold sweat. But that's scary as hell, do you mean they pickpocket people?

No. 996019

It happens a lot in old traditional markets like there’s always some weird old ladies lurking it’s not exactly pickpocketing, one irl said she felt like she was hypnotized (just like you said) and that she felt like her body wasn't in her control & kept following the old lady until another woman grabbed her away

Honestly I don’t even know it its legit but the old ladies look creepy and it’s a known thing lol that’s why your dream sounded terrifying to me

No. 996284

I have body horror dreams almost every night, beyond just the usual teeth falling out like myself/other people being hacked up, horrible deformities…I'm more or less used to it because it happens so often but it's also disturbing and I feel like there's got to be some underlying reason why my brain is fixated on this. Any anons have similar experiences and any ways to combat it?

No. 996291

I'm so disturbed, I had not one but two separate dreams about my dog getting molested. One was with someone I know, the second time was bringing him to the vet and the vet just starts fondling him. I literally just stood there in shock like how could someone do that to him?! It's so horrible to think about, its on the same level of people who do stuff like that to kids. I wonder if this is my brian kicking up some bad memories of similar events that happened to me, put in the context of it happening to someone else, and having the bystander effect. Please don't let it happen again

No. 996310

That's an awful dream, sorry that happened nona. It probably was your subconscious & trauma projecting those feelings because your doggy is like your child, if that makes sense. Like you feel the same sense of being unable to help this defenseless creature, in the same way no one protected you. It doesn't mean anything bad about you, trauma is just weird like that. Sorry not trying to like Freduain analyse you, I just relate because I have a lot of PTSD related dreams, and that's the vibe your dream gave me.

I had a really bad upbringing as well. My parents were insane & drunk hoarders who were really abusive. They would always get pets they couldn't take care of, and the kids would watch them die in the filth, or they'd run away, or be killed by wildlife. I found a few of my pets dead from wild animals when I was little, among other bad things.

Now I'm in my late 20s and I still have weekly dreams of my own pets being killed or running away, that kind of shit. That's what I came ITT to post. I wish I could have just one week without weird nightmares. I always wake up with my heart pounding, there's no way that can be healthy for my cardiac health. Thankfully my pets are all healthy, safe, and happy in my own apartment.

No. 996584

File: 1639658015848.jpeg (21.12 KB, 739x415, 0B4C2A53-9E88-4226-85BC-EA8C66…)

I just had the worst nightmare I’ve had in fucking months and I have no clue what set it off.
The worst thing is since I turned 18/19 my nightmares have been very convincing and vivid but about super plausible stuff.
Basically I woke up from where I’m laying in bed, picked up my phone to check the time and I noticed my wallpaper had changed. So I opened my phone and all my apps were gone and replaced with knockoff Trojan apps, and the keyboard and system were running like a shitty dollar store phone, but the worst thing was that my background photo had been changed from the default to a group picture of my whole family, so my phone has been remotely hacked and whoever did it had been through my photos and knew what my family and I looked like.
The strangest part was it was like my brain was fighting to convince me to stay in the dream. I tried reaching for the light but earlier in the dream it had been established that the power was out, so even when I got my arms free and switched it on nothing happened. And i know logically that most modern smartphones can’t be hacked like that, but even when I tried to type ‘can iPhones be hacked’ on the new tiny keyboard it was too small for my thumbs and I couldn’t get anything in.
Even though it was nothing serious I’m just feeling super freaked out over how real it felt, like I felt like I was moving and reaching and looking at my screen, which is really scary for someone who is usually quite a lucid dreamer. All I know now is that if I ever end up in one of those sci-fi brain hacking machines where you’re put in a dream state and your brain is ransacked for info, I’m not lasting two minutes kek.

No. 997181

Stressed out because I didn't want to go to work today, go to bed, have bad sleep dreaming I'm at an uncomfortable holiday family dinner. That wakes me up too early, fall back asleep and then I dream I'm at work sorting shelves. What the hell man…

No. 997268

My brain supplements are officially run out, and they're way too expensive for me ($30 a bottle). I don't know, maybe I need to find affordable options instead of buying supplements based on Brands.

I had another bad dream yesterday, no, honestly I have bad dreams everyday because of my depression, but yesterday once again I woke up in a middle of the night crying and sobbing. The dream was something about me being wronged, being misunderstood, and having others spoke over me, accusing me for things I never committed. I hate my brain. I don't remember happiness. I don't remember having "normal" dream. It's always something about the past, it's always about something that hurts me.

If I have one more fucked up dream that caused me to wake up feeling like shit again, I will have to cough my money. I hate this. I hate not even have a basic privilege of a normal, good rest like any mammals should have.

No. 997362

I dreamed that I was living in some alternate world. I was walking through the city streets and wearing bell bottoms and a tank top. It was summer and I was looking for a job, I found a job at a market stall where a woman in a diner uniform stood. The job was to take a bucket of chicken eggs from her stall and bring it to an alien's stall where I got a bucket of alien eggs and brought it back to the woman. The alien eggs were all gross slimy and glowy green. The alien was black and slimy without a face and with a green glowing chest. I felt so carefree in the dream, like it was summer holidays and I had to get a job just to have more money to spend on things I want and not because I needed it to survive

No. 997590

File: 1639763203857.jpg (120.31 KB, 727x804, sickabdlers.jpg)

I was back in the house of the first man I ever slept with. IRL it was a no strings thing that lasted a few months and faded out. In the dream I'm guessing a few years had passed (just like irl) and I somehow reunited with him. I was at his house and for some reason we had a fucking abdl thing going on? I felt like my life was empty so I was having these conflicting feelings where I didn't want to be abdl but I knew he wanted it and it was my only way to stay there. I really wanted to make it work.

He had a display of pacifiers in his living room, still in their packaging, displayed as if it were a store? Some of them had winnie the pooh on them, some had snoopy. I spent alot of time trying to pick the ones I wanted.

He had aged well over the years and had somehow become better looking than he was before, I kept trying to have normal sexual interactions with him but he wanted this baby thing and it was pissing me off.

No. 997723

Dream last night was a series of vignettes:

>Chip and Dale defeat a giant lizard and stick it in a dehydrator while it's still alive

>I have to eat raw slices of a giant tapeworm like sashimi (it's brown and slimy)

>All my teeth start falling out while I'm on a walk with my mom, I say "maybe it's still my baby teeth", she says "you lost all those a long time ago"

>My grandma sinks into a pit of depression and starts wearing long wigs and drinks herself into a stupor

>I'm still with my old bf (2 partners ago) and I fucking hate it, I forget that my current bf exists and am like "shit if I leave this idiot I will truly be forever alone, there is nobody out there for me". I'm trying to explain a joke to him and he doesn't get it, also he sits in my lap and crushes me because he's fat as shit

No. 997732

I keep having that dream where I find out I'm not going to graduate highschool because of two classes. I usually get it when I get really stressed/right before one of those life changing points. Does this mean I'm failing myself? It's usually because I didn't want to go to P.E or something easy like English

No. 997734

What a wild night

No. 998225

File: 1639811951682.jpeg (48.01 KB, 930x558, 41a2cd9b-882e-4d73-8d63-4a347b…)

I was at a family get together at a bar. My mom who irl passed away years ago was still around. I was sitting on her knee joking with her for a moment before heading back to my own seat. Someone asked about what the next round of drinks should be.

I dont usually drink but I look over at someone elses beer and it looks so good that I say I'll have one too. They shout for a round of 5 pints for our table. The barman points at me and shouts "only if none of them are for her" I get up to look at him. I ask him if he thinks I'm under 18 and he says yes. I know I don't have any ID on me so I just repeat that I'm obviously in my thirties hoping he'd look closer, feel silly and laugh about it. He says I'm no more than 17? He then gets weirdly aggressive and belittling with me. Shouting over me, stuff like "look you're obviously just a kid!" I can't get a word in edgeways with how loud he's being so while he's still screaming I pull my top up to show him tattoos. On seeing them he quickly relents but doesn't actually a word. Just hands it over silently. I make eye contact with my mom, wanting someone to back me up that he was being weird right?.. she gives me the look I was hoping for.

I then woke up with a crazy dry mouth

No. 998268

Relatable also a good ending.

No. 998763

Just had a dream where I went to this apparently prestigious university and over time (a few months?) and I had begun to visit this one building, it kind of felt like a library but there were still classes being held in certain rooms. There I had started to read books about religion and ancient civilizations and I would just read and then leave at a certain time. Also at this place I started to make friends relatively easy for an anxious retard like myself. Wtf does any of this mean? I'm not in school anymore.

No. 1001152

I heard a piano version of a song in a dream, but I can’t remember what it was and it’s driving me crazy. It was so beautiful and made me wish I had stuck with playing the piano when I was younger.

No. 1001155

I had a dream about Jerma, which was weird since it's not like I thought about him at all before I went to sleep. A few times per year my brain likes to pick the most random men and then randomly make me dream about them.

Anyway, I was on a road trip with my whole family (which hasn't happened since I was a kid) and we were sitting in the back seat and there was a blanket over our legs and we were joking around and complaining how hot it was that we were sharing this blanket and sitting so close to each other (but not really doing anything about it). And I fell asleep against his shoulder (which now that I'm thinking about it would probably have been uncomfortable because he's my height if not shorter but it was so comfy nd relaxing in my dream). And when I 'woke up' it was night time and we were going to make a pit stop for dinner. 10/10 comfy dream.

I had another dream that same night about hiding some guy in my house from the police and having to talk to the police to distract them so that he could leave and when he managed to escape he left me a cute note, so I guess my brain must have been pretty generous to give me two cute dreams in a row.

No. 1001157

Whenever something like this happens to me, I always wonder if I actually heard something in my dream or if my brain just sent signals to me like 'in your dream you're going to hear the most beautiful, moving song' without actually coming up with a song for me to hear… If that makes any sense.

No. 1002574

I posted in the last thread about how I have recurring dreams that I'm at the mall and I've started having them again! I don't know anything about dream interpretation or if this means anything, but I've been having recurring dreams that I'm looking for something at the mall and in the dream I'll just be walking around going in different stores and onto different floors. It's not really distressing, in fact they're pretty pleasant because the (fictional) mall in my dream is really nice and all of the stores are way bigger and fantastical than in real life and the food court is always bangin (though I never get to eat anything from there). Very strange.

No. 1002581

I dreamt I was Naruto

No. 1002595


I have continous dreams that continue over a few weeks. They normally take place in different houses, ones I've visited. Normally there is a sense of panic to these dreams like I am running away from something. Often my friends or family are there but rarely my partner. These houses become inescapable mazes and I often wake up unsettled and unable to go back to sleep. I never see or at least remember what I'm running from so the dreams are ambiguous. I've been having them for like 3 years now. I wish they would stop.

No. 1002817

I dreamed one of my friends had started posting on Lolcow, for some reasons I knew it was her. I've talked about it to her irl without name-dropping it, just saying it was an image board for women.
I also woke up dripping wet so I guess I had a sex dream but I unfortunately can't remember it, I hope it was with my husbando lol

No. 1003984

It's been literal years since I saw him and talked to him but I sometimes have dreams about this one guy from university. I graduated two years ago with my master's degree but we only studied together during our bachelor's. We weren't even close and barely talked to each other but my dreams with him are all very different, sometimes they're wet dreams. He's not even that good looking and he's kind of an asshole and a slut as well. What's wrong with me. Am I retarded?

No. 1004010

File: 1640369727535.jpg (569.89 KB, 2592x2592, duckduckduckgoose.jpg)

I dreamt a duck bit me. I panicked because I was scared I have duck aids or something now, so I tried to go to ER but I couldn't remember the way, so I just entered public transport randomly, hoping that I'd remember it when I drove past it. I didn't exactly remember the way, but I did notice that I took the bus into the exact wrong direction. I then remembered that I also still have PE lessons that day, so I told that one girl from class (who sat behind me in the bus) to please tell our teacher I couldn't come because I had to get tested for duck aids. I got off the bus and ran into the opposite direction because as far as I remembered, ER closed at 5pm, but when I finally reached it, they were on lunch break because apparently they got new opening hours. Lunch break was from 5:30 to 5:80pm now. I had to wait until it opened again, but before I could get myself tested my teacher came and dragged me into the gym hall because my classmate didn't tell her yet I have to go to ER and now she thought I was skipping class. Then I woke up.
I never found out if I had duck aids, but I don't think I did because a duck actually bit me once in real life and I don't have duck aids (as far as I know).

No. 1004035

File: 1640370414266.jpeg (130.87 KB, 1090x1080, 9CF536FF-E92F-4E1F-A085-16A003…)

Kek, you really got me googling if there’s such a thing as avian immunodeficiency virus

Dreamed last night that I googled what the most expensive poppers were, and it was a brand called Valentin Toretti. They were sold in these tall different-colored cases with multiple scents per case, the color of the case corresponded to the color of suit jacket that came with the bottle (it was Calvin Klein x Valentin Toretti). I picked out a scent called Negro Las Vegas which was a pun on Viva Las Vegas I guess? (before bed I was thinking about that 4chan post with the drink called a “nignog” that’s part Hennessy part eggnog)
Also I drank some poppers by the capful and I think googling whether that will kill me is what woke me up

No. 1004045

samefag, said googling thrice bear with me I’m still sleepy

No. 1004088

File: 1640373124545.png (321.01 KB, 998x937, glum.png)

I dreamt some black kids were bullying me on the back of the bus and at one point while walking to the bus, I called one of the kids "boy" because he was younger and he thought it was because I was racist. I don't know. Maybe I was racist in the dream. In the end, I decided to sit up towards the front to avoid them.

No. 1004109

Kek I love your brain anon

No. 1004173

This thread is for me. I dreamt about a cute 14 year old kid and we were skateboarding and playing outside. He was adopted apparently and only at the end I realized he’s my son.
I’m baba vanga I can read all of you losers’ dreams

No. 1004385

File: 1640401886998.jpg (39.76 KB, 600x499, babi.jpg)

My roof was gone and it snowed in, so I built an igloo in my house. Then a baby seal came to cuddle with me, and we stargazed and watched the northern lights through the hole in my roof while some penguins were annoying, but I can't remember anymore what exactly they did.

No. 1004388

I am in my mid-20's and definitely was not someone who peaked in high school, in fact I was constantly waiting for it to end. But for the last year or more I have been back in high school in my dreams every night. There are a lot of common themes, like me skipping class, missing exams, and having a super messy locker to clean and therefore missing class/homework time. I didn't do any of these things when I was actually in school, in fact all of them are things that would have made me super stressed out. I tried to apply dream interpretation to it and that suggests I have unfinished business there, but why? I have no conscious regrets from then, I like being an adult and rarely revisit school memories when I am awake.

No. 1004443

dw… dreams are like.. very random and not that important at all. If you dont wamt to have such dreams, or your dreams are stressing you, just smoke a little weed before bed and you genuinely wont have any dreams at all. I do this sometimes because i tend to have scary sex dreams.

No. 1004626

I had this weird ass dream, I was at some Christmas party, trying to get some sleep.
It was like a hallmark movie kind of house, I was surrounded by these strangers treating me like I was their family, I tried to fall asleep again and they told me that I should get lots of sleep because we had to wake up early.
It was supposedly midnight, but it looked more like it was midday, I was wearing some cute pajamas and I was laying between two couches that they put together so I could sleep comfortably.
They were having some movie like Christmas dinner with Turkey, ham, salad, a pretty cake and other sweets.
The music was “all I want for Christmas is you” and I actually felt quite comfortable.

No. 1004745

I usually do vape a bit of it before bed but I have never found it stopped my dreams, interesting. I guess you're right that the dreams aren't meaningful, they're just weird and annoying

No. 1005934

I used to have dreams every night, but for the past two years I've been dreaming very rarely. This year I've had like 3 nice/neutral dreams, and four or five terrible nightmares, some are tolerable although very stressfull, like the one where I was choking with blood or having my teeth rotting and falling out, but some are so shocking, disturbing and draining, I struggle to recover from them even after I wake up. I understand the stuff involving teeth and mouth since I'm super sensitive about that parts of my body and I often worry about illnesses involving them. But I totally don't get the other ones, because they're not only shocking and disgusting, but also don't seem to bo connected to literally anything. I had dreams about animals being abused and killed in various ways. I love animals and I don't have a pet I could be currently worrying about. Last night I had probably the most disgusting dream ever (tw for rape and animal abuse). There was a bunch of random animals being raped by men. I saw a small labrador puppy being raped by a man which lead to his death. The most puke inducing thing I saw was like a corpse of a dog that was cut in a half, and a man was raping its stomach or lungs, idk, but then it turned out the dog was still alive. I remember crying and puking in this dream but there was nothing I could do. It almost felt demonic in nature. I woke up terrified and I wanted to cry. Why the fuck I had this nightmare?

No. 1006062

Do you feel (given you're on this site and presumably at least aware of other imageboards), that your general exposure to scrote depravity might be related to some of what you mention? We absorb all sorts of things by osmosis, and allegedly we dream to prepare ourselves for our surroundings

Not related but when I was 11ish years old and playing a lot of ratchet and clank (3), one night I dreamt that ratchet could walk around freely in the sewers if he had the magnet boots equipped. When I woke up and checked, this proved true. 300 years prior that could have been a symphony, an artistic epiphany - but instead I got ratchet and clank info. I think about this sometimes.

No. 1006436

Anyone else have dreams where you suddenly can't drive? I have dreams where I'm driving on the wrong side of the road, or I can't reach the breaks, or my car starts swerving out of control. I always wake up paranoid I somehow forgot how to use a vehicle.

No. 1007463

Yes nonnie all the time, it’s definitely worrisome but I think it’s most likely a common manifestation of stress, kinda like dreams where your teeth fall out

No. 1009479

File: 1640860226887.jpg (1.23 MB, 300x300, 6151b.jpg)

I had a dream last night where I was in high school again and randomly got myself like ten chinchillas without my family's approval. I didn't have a cage so I had to keep them in my room but they kept escaping because my door would randomly open by itself and I had to run after them. Soon the whole fucking house was full of chinchillas. My family got mad at me and had to help me find them all and then my dad made me sell them. I asked him if I could keep just one but he wouldn't let me and I started crying and woke up kek

No. 1010434

I keep having these romantic dreams about people in my life that I’ve never had those feelings for, or at least as far as I know. One was of this (admittedly very lovely) girl that I’m not actually that close with, and one of someone I was inpatient with for a while, whom I’m pretty good friends with still. It’s very weird, I never get crushes outside of these specific dreams. I remember in one of them I was carrying said girl on my back while she was half asleep, and thinking to myself, “Am I in love with her?”. Idk, brains are weird. I guess I subconsciously have a thing for redheads, tho, since both people are.

No. 1014966

I dreamed Maneskin the band or however you spell it was making a movie, and it was boring and I couldn't remember the name of the band in my dream so it was called something else, starting with E, which was the singer's surname and he was middle eastern in my dream and in the movie he was at a new year's party and there was gold confetti and colorful balloons and burgundy curtains on the walls. And he was saying something to the camera but I didn't care so I wasn't listening to what he was saying. And I asked my dad is that the people who won the eurovision? What are they called? But he didn't know either.

No. 1020902

Why am I such a shitty person in my dreams? Dream me is really rude and sometimes even violent to other characters (people, including children and sometimes animals too) in a way that I never am in real life.

No. 1021392

I dreamt I was in bed with my beautiful gf and then I woke up and she wasn't real. Haha

No. 1021524

Ugh I just realized I had a dream about Shayna last night where I was trying to teach her about portion control and told her to buy a kitchen scale kek. I need to log off this website.

No. 1021667

File: 1641758013829.jpeg (106.97 KB, 799x781, download (10).jpeg)

last night i had a string of dreams (same one kept happening after i'd wake up and go back to sleep) where i had adopted tons of birds. there were some sun conures, an eclectus, an african grey, and like 4 other different kinds of parrots. i had to keep running back to take care of them all but they made me sooo happy they were so cute. first time i've felt a positive emotion in like a week was petting my parrots in a dream.

No. 1021719

Your dream sounds lovely. Would you be able to have a bird in real life?

No. 1023175

Last night I dreamt that I was making out with one of my personal cows, worst things being 1.it's not the first time it happened and 2.it actually felt good.

No. 1023179

dreamt there was a digital banner in the sky (like marquee banners on older sites) - it was flashing text information on every illness I have, then it listed cancer? I remember thinking "oh for fuck sake, not cancer" and when I checked myself over in the morning I found a gravel-like lump in my fucking face. Wtf

No. 1023181

Are you okay anon I hope you are okay

No. 1024082

I never have dreams about people I know but last night I dreamed I was having a big extravagant wedding, getting married to my friend's husband, who I haven't seen in years and am not the least bit attracted to (and in fact think he's pretty annoying). I'm just glad it didn't involve anything sexy. Said friend in the dream was happy and supportive of us though!

No. 1024173

I loooove parrots. What an amazing dream. If you live near a bird or parrot shelter, they often need volunteers. I have the time of my life feeding the birds, spritzing them, and singing with them. And cleaning, though that is less fun.

No. 1024190

Any other anons with chronic nightmares? They were always bad for me but at one point I had nightmares just about every fucking night for about 2 years straight. If I dreamed it all, it was a nightmare. I smoke weed daily now and I don't dream anymore and I don't miss it.

No. 1024196

Samefagging to add anon please go get checked out. I've heard of this before, people having dreams of an illness and then being diagnosed with it soon after. I'd go just for peace of mind

No. 1026788

I was having really bad anxiety yesterday morning but was trying to get a little bit more sleep and ended up having such a strange experience. I'm prone to sleep paralysis in the morning and if I try to nap, usually I'm aware but paired with my anxiety it felt like I was dying in my dream. I couldn't breathe or speak and started to collapse. I could feel and hear my heart. At first I felt scared and desperate but it quickly turned into acceptance and understanding. Weirdly comforting but something I NEVER want to experience again.

No. 1026790

I so wish I dreamt of this >>1026508
But I had some stupid dream I don't even remember

No. 1026795

I dream a lot lately about having too many pets I can't take care of and they go missing or get hurt. My parents allowed us to basically live in a hoarder's nest for a few years with multiple animals inside and outside with no vet care or proper cleaning. Sucks to feel residual stress 20 years later.

No. 1026831

I dreamt my boyfriend was going to propose and I knew I was going to say no. Ive been sad since I woke up because I know it's true. Usually I can brush dreams off as meaningless brain processing but this is different. We've been together for so long and he loves me so much. I hate that I can't be the woman he sees when he looks at me.

No. 1028061

I have dreams like this often as well (even though I was never in a hoarding situation) I think it has to do with stress about not meeting responsibilities. At least that's how I want to view it

No. 1029109

File: 1642294358826.jpg (239.7 KB, 750x1000, flat,750x,075,f-pad,750x1000,f…)

my gf and i met in middle school but didnt become friends till we were like 19. she just had me on social media cause we had mutual friends. anyways we are 23 now and started dating few months ago.

>she tells me there was a guy in middle school who sexually assaulted her when we were like 12

>obviously very traumatizing for her
>its the guy who used to bully me in elementary and middle school and i hated him already but he never touched me
>feel odd and guilty for not knowing or helping her at the time but we didnt really know each other
>yesterday i had a dream i was back in middle school
>the bully who assaulted her started telling everyone he was actually the one who got assaulted
>everyone pities him because male
>kill him
>night time
>i dont actually remember if this was before or after but something about a lake in the nighttime

No. 1029139

File: 1642296851969.jpeg (38.82 KB, 540x532, images-14.jpeg)

Last night I dreamt I was making out with Spike from Buffy. I don't know what's gotten into me lately, but I have this thing going for fictional bad boys from the 90s. Specially Spike, because he's a thirsty vampire in so many ways. Btw, my dream of banging him was almost coming true. It was when Odo, from Star Trek DS9, knocked on the door and cockblocked us. I woke up underwhelmed! Like, why didn't Odo go read criminal activity reports or keep an eye on Quark?

No. 1029140

I don't know why, but when I watched Buffy in high-school, I thought Spike was best boy. Never liked Angel

No. 1029143

I love your dedication to pretending the past ten years never happened

So many thought that too, I believe the reason Joss Wheedon wrote that nonsensical episode where spike tried to rape buffy was because he was jealous that women liked the bad boy and not his canonically chosen make love interest or any of his nerdy self inserts

No. 1029155

I don't deny that I like Angel since I'm kinda fond of the misterious guy trope, but I still like Spike better because he's not melancolic and always depressed like Angel.

I've been binge watching 90s TV shows recently and they grew on me, I regret not doing it before!

No. 1029159

I keep dreaming up movie-lenght plots and forgetting them within 5 minutes, it SUCKS.
I tried dream diaries but by the time I pulled them out, I only remember like 5 vague details max.

No. 1029194

likely true, Spike's actor was literally threatened by Joss for being too "romantic"

No. 1029600

While I was smoking weed with Pixielocks I was overcome with an uncontrollable urge to chew on the blunt. Just put the whole thing in my mouth. When I took it out it was all wet and gross and tiny. In my regret I ditched Pixie to go to the mall with a moid.

No. 1029652

Dude I had a dream I was gonna do cocaine with one of my husbandos. I woke up before I actually got to do it kek

No. 1030031

I had a dream that the US and China were about to enter a war with each other or maybe it was even a Cold War situation. But things took a weird turn because all the EU countries sided with China and so did most other countries. The only country that allied with the US was Canada and it was only because they had to bc they live next to each other. It was such a weirdly realistic dream I’m still dazed by it a few days later lol.

No. 1030214

Do any anons have experience with astral projection?
I started trying to project last summer, but never got anywhere and gave up.
Recently I'd remembered it's something I've wanted to do. This morning I was still pretty tired, laid back down and started to count backward from 500. At some point it started feeling tedious, so instead I focused on my breathing. After what felt like 15-20 minutes, I suddenly felt like a rocket taking off. Whole body vibrating, my heart beating out of my chest. I'm assuming this would have been the point of separation. Then, I realized that I kind of had to pee, and lost it, kek.
Got up to pee, tried again, 10 minutes later started vibrating, but once again fell out of it.
Anyone have any tips for breaking through? I feel so close yet so far. I just want to find out what's on the other side.

No. 1030394

I saw my husbando in my dream, he was putting on a double breasted coat and buttoning it slowly, I was trying hard not to squeal, he was so handsome and the way his hands moved made me go crazy.

No. 1031109

Last night I dreamed that I bumped into my best friend in the bathroom at my school. I lost contact with her over a year ago. She seemed so much happier and confident than the last time I saw her. Not that she had particularly low self esteem or anything. We immediately hung out like old times. The dream was short, it felt like we only spent ten minutes together, but I was praying that it was real and not a dream. Then I woke up. Last time I talked to her she didn't respond to my email. Which is really unlike her. I've been afraid that something happened to her ever since. I'm too scared to send another email because I'm afraid I won't get a reply and then I'll know that she must be dead or something. She was the only friend that I could really be myself around, and I honestly didn't appreciate her as much as I should have. She was so good to me and I love her and miss her.

No. 1031142

File: 1642467202014.gif (25.33 KB, 210x150, Wagging[1].gif)

You need to vibrate higher so you can capture the opening of the portal that connects this Earth of 3D to one Earth of 4D or 5D. Going to the 5…

No. 1031362

I gave up a lot of money to have 28 seconds with my ex, who was my first real relationship. All I did was cry until he turned to smoke lol. We broke up over 10 years ago and didn't keep any sort of contact. He ended up being my younger cousin's grade 6 teacher (he used to help me babysit her) so we had a small interaction last year and now I dream about him like once a month.

No. 1031383

I dreamed that I was riding a horse and possibly running away from the police

No. 1031418

Dreamt that I was living in my current home but with my ex from years ago. I own this home by myself but when he cheated on me in the dream and left to go live with his new gf.. I kept overhearing my neighbours saying that I'm selling the house now, that I couldn't possibly stay here by myself. I was eavesdropping on all these conversations and in my head thinking 'this is my house, why the fuck would I sell it just because he up and left?'

I eventually confronted a neighbour who was outside my door loudly stating to another man that my house is up for sale. I was calm but they both looked at me like I'm crazy.

No. 1031437

i was friends with this guy who wanted to date me but i didn't want to date him
but then i kept dreaming horny shit about him and i got horny for him irl and now we're dating
this isn't even the first time this has happened, do other nonas start seeing people or things in a whole new light depending on what they dream about them?

No. 1031696

I had a dream I was playing Princess Maker but it was a Prince Maker instead and 3D and he almost turned into a serial killer but I had to try very hard to stop him from being retarded like that. This says a lot about men.

No. 1032688

I dreamt I was back home and sitting at the table with my mother and she asked me about how uni was going and I told her I was having doubts and thought about dropping out before I could get more bad grades. She told me it would be fine if I did, as long as I had a backup career plan and that money wouldn't be an issue. She continued to say that she always thought this major was just a stand-in until I got accepted into an art school, that it's a waste for me not to go.
I don't remember much else happening, but I've never had a dream like that. I never actually considered applying to art schools because I don't have the personal qualities needed to be successful in that field and I have no other hobbies, so making it my job would have probably killed me. The business degree is just to hopefully get a stable job later and keep drawing what I want in my spare time. Though it's interesting that I dreamt of something like that right after writing an exam that fried my brain so badly, I couldn't bring anything to paper. Just thinking about how I felt yesterday makes me nauseous

No. 1034324

File: 1642702969485.gif (2.06 MB, 640x640, CE83D97F-F20D-4736-AC8E-1D33F7…)

I legit had a dream of me being sexually assaulted or groped and trying to get home from school without anyone picking me up and some scrote sprayed a bunch of semen on me, wtf does any of that mean? It disturbed me

No. 1034349

File: 1642703685053.jpeg (47.12 KB, 554x554, 0BB88A0A-E948-4BB3-A268-DD1138…)

The summer after high school/one year into college my good friends exiled me from their circle, with the nail in the coffin being me sending the ringleader a massive text about how much she hurt me and how I never wanted to hear from her again. It’s been a few years and every now and then I get nostalgic and think about being the bigger man and trying to rebuild our friendships. Not any fucking more.
Last night I dreamt that they threw a party and invited me as an olive branch. But over the night I noticed them telling me things and giggling about it to themselves, like they used to when they lied to me or were about to set me up. Sure as shit, at one point they convince me to go into a little closed of sunroom, and once I was stuck in there they sprayed me down with foam(?) and laughed and pointed.
I didn’t even respond. The old me would’ve freaked out or stated crying or even tried to play along, but I was just so past whatever little game they were playing that I just stood there looking at them, and that unnerved them more than anything else I could do. I literally just stood there a until they all walked away embarrassed (some of them got really uncomfortable and tried to deflect and tell me that it was just a joke and I was taking it too seriously by just standing there and not responding kek). I let myself out not long after, but not before I broke a nice tile in the bathroom wall and sent a photo of it to the airbnb host to rat them out. I woke up with a massive grin on my face.
I spent so many years letting these girls control my mind that it feels amazing to feel like I’m finally free, and that literally nothing they do can hurt me anymore.
It’s also nice that I no longer feel the pressure to be a bigger person if I have something to really fuck them over with. I’ll find peace in Hell.

No. 1034354

I had a dream I was Erika Furudo from Umineko and I spent my entire day as her just going around offending as many trannies as I could and made this one cry because I kept pointing out his 5'o clock shadow and comparing it to 'me' (Erika) who doesn't have one

No. 1034397

kek this makes me wanna actually finish that VN

No. 1034656

The great detective knows

No. 1035376

I dreamt that my mom came out as an MtF troon, I was horrified and wondering how she could have had 3 kids, I really need to put down KF and LCF kek.

No. 1036979

File: 1642874061387.jpg (223.01 KB, 2161x2161, jnndx7pdrq911.jpg)

I have this recurring dream that feels too specific and too frequent to not mean something. It's usually a dream where my current pet becomes incredibly tiny and hard to manage due to being so small, OR I've somehow acquired more pets that are also extremely small. I'll walk into my bedroom and have to find all of my pets (usually snakes, spiders, or reptiles) and try to not step on them. It's like this overwhelming amount of anxiety that I'm either going to accidentally kill, forget, or lose them, and this guilt for even having them in the first place. Usually at the start of my dream the animal will start out normal in size and eventually start shrinking to the point where I start loosing track of them every few seconds. This feels like it goes on for hours.

No. 1037131

Are you at a point in your life where you need to make bold moves or important decisions? My interpretation is you are afraid that you are "too much" and just being yourself and following your instincts will destroy things you care about.

No. 1037412

File: 1642892096012.jpg (18.82 KB, 354x480, bigpig.jpg)

Anon I have a similar recurring dream where I have a pet that I forgot I owned, and I left it chained up in the laundry room and I find it and it's on the verge of starvation!

Last night I dreamed I met a guy with two "Angora dogs" which really looked like giant guinea pigs if anything, very soft and silky. He told me it's a Korean breed, I looked it up and found nothing, but there was a Wikipedia list of extinct breeds of Korean and Vietnamese dogs, and it had a cause of death for the last known specimen for each breed, but the causes were all like "he fucking shat himself to death"

No. 1037946

i wish i had crazy dreams like i did in high school. i often had dreams where i would fall through trapdoors and find myself in layers upon layers of dreams, none of which were nightmares but all just strange and fascinating. and then i would "wake up" multiple times in the dreams until i actually woke up. i never get those now, just mundane shit instead.
i also miss having more apocalyptic dreams. i always loved dreams about the end of the world

No. 1040160

File: 1643072633106.jpg (25.39 KB, 612x444, centaur.jpg)

Dreamed that I was this hot dude and I had magic powers but I got arrested and sent to mud prison which was a prison made of dirt and guarded by the sand men (dudes made of sand) and they wore metal armor. I was naked because my powers came from my leather jacket.. and writing that now I realize it makes no sense the fact I was completely naked instead of just stripped off my power jacket but I assume it's a sand people thing.
Anyway some fellow prisoners that were also naked and happened to be weird ass centaurs (their horse part had human skin and no tail) were beating me up cus they didn't like my face? Also I think I put a spell on one of them before we got arrested. But it was fine, my dream girlfriend invaded mud prison and killed everyone with her huge ass sword and she even brought me my magic jacket… and nothing else, but somehow I got my other clothes back after putting back my jacket. Dream logic I guess.
It was a nice jacket and a nice girlfriend, I even liked the mud prison, very homely. I'm usually sent to sand prison, it was nice for a change.
10/10 would see centaur buttholes again

No. 1041841

I dreamt I went shopping with an old friend then I kind of lost her in a big store shoplifted a bunch of things (?) and then I met another old friend who brought me to a park and her and all her friends were there and they gave me hugs and one of them said I was like Quinn from Daria (?) and then my pants were covered in grass and I woke up all happy and then realized I got to go to work lol

That was cool tho I've been feeling shit the past while and it really cheered me up, I was gonna talk to my manager today tho about how I'm not feeling well so I have to act like I'm sad when I'm not really right now. That's bipolar for ya

No. 1043753

Just dreamt that I was trying to climb a flight of glass stairs that everyone else was navigating no problem, but they were super slippery and I was dizzy from the height and how narrow it was and eventually fell of the side and woke up just after landing on the ground where I started.
Tried googling interpretations but half of them said that it was a sign of growth and positive change and half of them said it was a sign of negative energy and bad things coming my way. Woohoo.

No. 1043767

you sound boring.

No. 1043770

At least she knows how to reply and sage newfag. Go back.

No. 1043772

Ignore idiots trying to start infights in a goddamn dream thread of all places.
Anyway, I keep having dreams of being able to fly. I could get to places super fast and it was so fucking fun. I hope all of you have dreams of flight, it's genuinely fun as fuck, anons.

No. 1043776

lol anything is labelled as infighting now. damn how do lolcow users manage to be bitchy and oversensitive at the same time

No. 1043779

Dirty delete wasn't a dream, it was whinging into the void about why anyone cares about dream interpretation

No. 1043780

Flying dreams are absolutely the best. I always have dreams where I'm being chased, but it's a lot of fun, I rarely feel stressed out in my dreams. It's like a chase in a Disney comedy kek.

No. 1043783

yep and im right, dream interpretations are bs. imagine taking random answers on google about dream meanings seriously. there is no hope for you

No. 1043785

Ahh mmkay, I'm gonna delete my accusation heh

No. 1043790

Kek that’s not stairs anon dumbass

No. 1043792

wasnt claiming that they were, dumbass

No. 1043793

I had a dream I farted in your cereal, you ate it and had no idea. Totally disgostang

No. 1043794

cant believe this place could get any worse… fucking tragic

No. 1043799

I had a dream you left and didn't come back, no one noticed or missed you.

No. 1043801

high quality post. i wouldnt want to leave this place if it means i have to miss out on these gems

No. 1043806

No one is here to impress or entertain you, and you certainly aren't sending me to the burn unit with these limp noodle replies.

No. 1043811

leave if you don't like it here unsaging newfag.

No. 1043812

Homie I love you but we don't have to sage here in /ot/land

No. 1043817

Love you too homie, but this newfag is deliberately unsaging.

No. 1043818

again, never said that and im not trying to diss ppl online lmfao i cant believe i offended so many ppl for saying that dreams have a specific meaning for each individual. crazy

everyone i disagree with is a moid, a troon, a newfag, etc etc
and no need to sage in /ot/ retard

No. 1043821

these mfs will tell u to kys if u tell them that astrology is bs too. funny how users here hate bpdfags and yet behave exactly the same(loser)

No. 1043824

anyways report me for samefagging idgaf i came back after a 2years hiatus and all i see is trash. literally nothing reedeming about this place, all the good ones left now theres only twitterfags, kpoppies and radfems rip(don’t let the door hit you in the way out)

No. 1043827

File: 1643311113698.gif (523.19 KB, 330x186, 30a.gif)

Quit shitting up the thread. Why come to a dream thread and shit in it? Go back on hiatus anon.

No. 1043840

File: 1643311515860.gif (5.42 KB, 159x200, 1323123arf3qp06nf.gif)

Any nonnies here offering dream interpretations?

No. 1043886

I dunno what happened here but anyway, today I dreamed I was ellen page before the chop and I was in the alien apocalypse. I had to go to china cus my parents told me before they died that I had to activate chinese weapons that would destroy the aliens, but I met this group of tards that were trying to destroy the marvelous anti alien chinese weapons…
I invaded this office to search for something related to the weapons and it had these long tables with peoples names written on them and for some reason they were all japanese names. Anyway I hid in this room the aliens couldn't get in because I locked everything and the only passage was a tiny window, but since I was also tiny I was able to come and go using this tiny window. I had to go out to listen to what the aliens were saying, they called me a bitch and danced tunak tunak tun to teleport to their ship. When I was heading back to my hideout I met the group. They were able to open my little room and were messing with my stuff and I decided to stop them. I don't remember their resons to want to destroy the weapons but strangely enough they decided to help me when I convinced the leader he was my long lost brother who I've never saw before that very moment.

No. 1044613

File: 1643362352999.jpeg (18.8 KB, 253x160, 37B527B2-B46F-4B54-B751-FEFAED…)

So even after all that infighting nobody wants to discuss my weird stair dream with me

No. 1044620

>I was trying to climb a flight of glass stairs that everyone else was navigating no problem, but they were super slippery and I was dizzy from the height and how narrow it was and eventually fell of the side and woke up just after landing on the ground where I started.

Take this with a grain of salt but to me this screams that you're feeling behind in life. The fact that everyone else was navigating it perfectly fine but you were slipping and having trouble maybe means you see other people moving forward with their lives and you feel like you're struggling to do the same. I feel like the stairs being glass also might mean something, like you're not sure of your path (because glass is see through) or something about fragility (because glass shatters easily)

No. 1044980

File: 1643393291841.jpg (674.07 KB, 998x1723, 20210219_180553.jpg)


Yes! I love doing this. Share away. I might ask some follow-up questions.

No. 1044991

I dreamed that I outed a tif when she showed pictures of herself cosplaying anime girls and saying she was crossdressing/a femboy, she got mad and tried to hit me but she only scratched my hands (I was holding hers so she wouldn't come closer). What's funny is that it's something I would do

No. 1045117

When I woke up I felt like my husbando was present in my dream but I couldn't remember any part of the dream so I don't know if that's true. All I remember is I had a dark blue glittery lipstick and was putting it on my lips and also eyelids for some reason

No. 1045352

I hate how I almost never have vivid dreams anymore. I'm wondering what I could do to have them… spicy food maybe?

No. 1045359


No. 1045376

I currently have short hair (think Jean Seberg) and I keep having dreams where my hair is back to my precut length, brastrap length. Everyone was telling me how fast my hair grew and I remember being excited that it was long again. Hm.

No. 1045380

seems like you subconsciously miss your old hair?

No. 1045433

That would be about right. I’m in a super precarious place right now with work and my social life, and I’m scared that if I don’t make a move soon I’m gonna fall behind my peers. Thank you for this, I was so fixated on the stairs that I didn’t think anything of everyone being able to get around them but me.

No. 1045609

Maybe. I do like my short hair because it makes me cute and stand out, but long hair is definitely easier to maintain. I think long hair elongates my face a bit, though.

No. 1045687

File: 1643442022308.jpeg (56.17 KB, 588x500, 4868B663-1EDE-4379-9D4C-4CB2F8…)

to what extent is it normal to be regularly distressed because of dreams? my most common ones are
>my mom falling from somewhere and dying
>my mom turning into an evil monster
>the world ending in existential dread inducing ways, making me feel like i’m floating in the afterlife the next day because of how realistic it was

also one oddly specific recurring scenario where i commit some crime like murder and then manipulate/provoke someone into killing me because of guilt, then just lie there and wait until i die from injuries for an uncomfortably long time. are these normal nightmares? can it be an symptom of other problems?

No. 1045707

These would be scary as one-offs or occasional reoccurring dreams, but it sounds like you’re having dreams like this pretty often. Frequent nightmares are a reliable indicator of high stress/anxiety or other mental distress. If you have the chance it would probably be worth speaking to a professional. If not try doing a daily reflection journal and a dream journal, and see if you can find a connection between what happens during the day and what you dream of.

No. 1045719

Long hair is easier to style in a way. If you’re not feeling it, you can braid or bun it and it’s out of your way for a day. What do you do when you cba to style short hair? When I had short, layered hair I would get the most hilariously embarrassing bedhead kek.

No. 1045960

I had a dream that I decided to meet up with a depressed farmer irl so she could have a friend, but when I got to her house she was some 30+ underweight mentally ill lolita living with her mom. She immediately attached to me and started trying to convince me to dump my boyfriend and have a lesbian relationship with her instead. I felt bad for her, but eventually started getting the impression that she was going to poison or stab me. I was trying to find a way to sneak out right before I woke up.

Her room would’ve been comfy if I wasn’t so uncomfortable kek.

No. 1045972

I wear a hat, like a baseball cap or a beanie, to hide it! I've got slightly coarse, super straight hair especially when it's short. Wearing the hats actually helps it flatten it down and makes it look decently decent, surprisingly.

No. 1054937

File: 1644196392373.jpg (20.32 KB, 495x620, whatever this is.jpg)

Dreamed I was the Mulder guy again today and I found this portal that would send me back to the 90s, it was like a crack on a wall in the middle of a busy street, it was big and anyone could cross it but somehow I was the only one who noticed it. I tried telling Scully but she didn't believe me, she was always busy with some office job I guess, so I decided to go on my own and it was amazing. I used my knowledge of the future to change some stuff and it reflected on the present when I came back, so I kept doing it because I wanted the perfect life. So I went back and forth and everytime I did I would vomit so much. I thought with myself that's normal, it's just time traveling juices getting flushed out of my system (whatever the hell that means). Scully noticed some stuff was different and I tried telling her again about this and she told me to take my meds, so I insisted that I wasn't crazy and took her to the time travel hole and as I stepped inside the crack with her, we just appeared on the same 2022 reality. She then told me she was going to divorce me and at this point I was crying because I knew I would never find a woman like her again and told her I loved her so much and I asked why she was doing this and she told me it's because I'm never home and I stink. She really emphasized the latter.
I asked her please to not do that, I would never cross the time traveling hole again but then she was gone. Some cartoon character (I think it was skipper from penguins of madagascar because he always drive me to places in other dreams) told me it's all right, he would drive me to the therapist and we all could talk about it, he told me "I'll never abandon you" and honestly that made me feel much worse but I said nothing because that would be very rude, he was trying his best.

No. 1055000

I had a dream about the 'forbidden man' a few nights ago that must have been because of this site because I've never seen any of his movies.
It was like a movie trailer, and he was playing a demon that was trying to seduce/trick this blonde religious lady. There were some really pretty scenes.

No. 1055021

File: 1644203536514.gif (461.16 KB, 500x375, 284815f79d432394e713d3667daed8…)

I used to have a dream journal but I've fallen out with it. I should post here more. My dreams have been coming back, and of course they take place in underground labs. I have no idea what kind of labs they're supposed to be but I work in them and there's no windows for sunlight. Sometimes the "labs" which is a word I don't want to use because it's vague, are hidden inside of commercial buildings like a massive hotel. Think liminal spaces I guess. Also the lab is more like a bunker, sort of? It's like Black Mesa in my dreams but worse. The walls lately have been dark green, same with the bathrooms. Sometimes the bunker's green but sometimes I am in a very white, sterile place where I know there are dead bodies and shit, it just gives me that unsettled feeling that I'm handling things that have to do with experiments on the human body. It reminds me of the series of dreams I had when I was younger, which resulted in me dreaming my escape which was to use the elevators to get to the higher floors that went above ground level and then I entered an office and went past the people and opened the window to a rainy city and just jumped out of the window and woke up. But then in these dreams I'm back, but in a different underground bunker. I hated the ones with the shitty bathroom situation. The sterile bunker's bathrooms were red with no doors or anything, just some toilets and red lights that made everything red and I honestly think the lights were obscuring the fact that the bathroom was disgusting and dirty. What's the weirdest about these dreams is that I'm not the age I am now, I feel like in those dreams myself and others are 12-15 years old. I hate these dreams but sometimes they are familiar because my school friends are in it. I was all alone in the white laboratory though which is probably why I had to kill myself in the dreams to escape them. Except I feel like I was brought back once to be shown a downward spiraling centrifuge that resulted in the victim aging to a natural death before reaching the bottom, somehow. Not to mention they put bumps in it so that while you're spinning downwards you almost fall off into the black pit but just miss it. It's good to write this down. I also have dreams about forests, specifically one forest, and it honestly feels like a real place that exists in my mind that I can go back to. Each time it's a little different because I've been away for however long. Sage for retardation.

No. 1055179

Elaine hacked into my e-mail and bank account.

No. 1055187

I dreamed that I was a little girl from a rich family. I found two square metal plates that were engraved with "PLEASE SAVE MY DOG" and I saw some tags on the plates too, like tags that are used in filing evidence. Then I had a vision of some fashion show or commercial where there were models walking around on a stage and among them were cats and dogs. Those cats and dogs were all stolen. Somebody was stealing pets and selling them away but it was all a secret. The metal plates were engraved by some factory worker whose dog was stolen too. So I ran away from home to do something about it, I knew I couldn't show anyone the plates because they wouldn't trust me or someone who wanted to cover it up would show up and hurt us. But also I saw an alternate ending to my dream where I asked my grandfather to do something about it because he is some business magnate so he has lots of resources but I didn't trust him to do it right.

No. 1056079

I woke up at 2am and wrote
>When instill partied One girl wakking dow;street comes a whute van with a dude the stranger and the. theres her mom they ruch and then girl forcing liquid down throat do guys from do this and surprise kiss i can treest her better style,
Which translates to
>Within a dream of having a gf, the scene of our meeting comes up. She was a party girl and we were both walking down a bridge. A white hummer rolls up from the opposite direction. Her mom catches up to her on foot, she looks like a black kim k. The white hummer’s side opens to reveal a shining golden logo of a reality show. A good looking rapper dude is inside. Her mom is like "how long are you gonna run around partying?? You have to settle, you should go on our show to date him" and the guy waves at me and says "dont you think she should" so i laugh and walk up to her and say "do guys from your show do this?" And I take a swig of my (real life) nasty bourbon coffee mystery mix (only way i can cope) and spit it in her mouth while kissing her (ew) Then I tell her "See I can treat you better" (wut??????????) and she falls madly in love with me (how) flash forward we are happily sleeping together and I woke up to write it with my eyes closed

No. 1056186

are you sure it was a dream

No. 1056912

please spend my money wisely, Elaine

No. 1058501

Had a dream where me and a couple of random guys were frantically cleaning up after a party, and for some reason I kept finding hypodermic needles everywhere around me and in my bag and pockets. And there was popcorn everywhere and the television was broken. Then afterwards we were outside in the backyard and I started singing "I Know It's Over" by The Smiths really loudly, and a couple of kids and other people had gathered around us in a circle, then we started singing old commercial jingles while standing around a huge pile of boxes of biscuits and crackers we put in the middle of the circle. Anons what on earth does this all mean

No. 1058506

I dreamed I had a shiny pokemon, I don't remember which, I don't remember how, but I had one

No. 1058521

File: 1644406949093.jpg (80.86 KB, 640x920, IMG_20220114_160728.jpg)

I had a dream that I was on a bus to somewhere with my estranged mom and she was, as ever, being incredibly annoying and arguing about a sandwich with me or something?

I'm the type of person to watch my volume and tone in public especially if I'm bickering or arguing with someone because I dont like or want other people to hear. Very strong believer in not airing dirty laundry in public and HATE when people do it.

The entire dream was just us two on this horrible rural rattling bus we used to go on and she was raising her voice at me, speaking loudly and arguing with me for everyone to hear over this fucking dream sandwich.

I woke up so angry and I've been in a mood all day so thank you brain for reminding me about all the times I was humiliated in public by her.

No. 1059896

I was a teen and together with a bunch of other unknown teens we were brought to this sandy beach with coniferous forest. We were given boots and windbreakers and told to prepare for war. together with some brown haired guy and a blonde girl i was joking around when suddenly the planes started coming from the sea side. we were running away deeper into the forest as they were throwing grenades on us. Blonde girl got hit. Suddenly enemy soldiers started appearing. One of them nearly caught me but i managed to roll over and get away. Together with brown hair guy we run into some university and then into some class. we were about to lock the door when enemy soldier started banging into it. after few tries we managed to lock it and he gave up. Sometime later my dad rescued me and we were running back to the beach. Dad was already halfway in water while i was only feet deep in the shallows when to my left i noticed the moon was gigantic and blue. Then i noticed it wasnt actually moon but a giant blue spehere of energy. i knew the moment it touched anything there would be a giant explosions so we dived into water to hide but then a nuclear weapon went off a few kilometers away from us. i thought that oh se we are gonna die anyway but still tried diving deeper but the blast wave reached us turning all water red. my vision went black on the sides (like vignettes in photos) and i felt very warm. i felt slowly vaporizing/melting away, then there was darkness and i woke up.

No. 1060087

I had to retake my third year of uni because "it wasn't counted" the first time. I also tried to film a sex tape with Goro Majima to get back at my parents for some unknown reason. He was very annoyed because I cared more about how I looked on camera than actually having sex with him.

No. 1060089

Do you ever see phones in your dreams anons? I stare at my phone for hours every day but I can't remember a single dream including it.

No. 1060521

yes, I got messages on tinder in last night's dream, from several troons I had encountered irl previously in the dream (the fact I would have had to swipe on them was not taken into account)
they had mistaken me for one of them because I have a deep voice and was wearing a denim skirt with pokemon patches on it, and then later one came up to me and told me he had just given birth and tried to sell me on an MLM branded beast pump, then acted like I was stupid for "not recognizing" him when I was really just listening to be polite

No. 1060528

picrel is from Ma, right? what did you think of the movie? I was curious but never checked it out, is she ultimately sympathetic? sorry about your dream sandwich, hope you're feeling better

No. 1060857

File: 1644543389674.jpg (44.26 KB, 572x373, ded sunbathing.jpg)

I don't remember seeing phones in my dreams recently but years ago I had a dream where I repeatedly looked at my phone to check the hours. I remember it because the phone part stood out as I had no phone at the time and it was so vivid, like a movie. Also I was keanu reeves for some reason.

I remember my wallpaper changing at nightfall. It was an wallpaper of a typical giant carnivore plant from the desert where I lived in the dream and it changed to a penguin around late 18h.
I was waiting for my friend to come home so we could travel to the past together.
I had this little tree, like a bonsai, and when I watered it, bugs would come out of the deep green foliage. They would glow in many colors like little light bulbs. They were synthetic, little robots.
The insects would help transport my mind to the past once I fell asleep. So I would always have the same dream where I tried to kill this king because his death would somehow change the present. I think it had something to do with our living conditions. I remember being upset that I could never leave my house during the day for some reason. I had this feeling of dread that the sun would burn my skin deep and I believed it was the king's fault.
In the dream inside the dream I would become this guy in some weird armor, something that resembled roman armor but not quite right. My friend was a guy in the dream of the past too, a fellow soldier, we looked like normal people, while outside of the dream we were not entirely human. I had these little horns I covered with my long keanu hair to pretend to be a normal keanu, and my friend had way longer horns than me she couldn't hide and she also had something different about her feet and she never wore shoes.. I think she had hooves instead. I remember being deeply ashamed of my horns and that my friend had a different opinion about her looks, she didn't disliked it like me and was often insulted when I would suggest we looked like that because of some sort of godly punishiment, so we didn't talk much, we just lay down until sleep came. I don't think she really believed we could change anything by dreaming.
Anyway, in this dream of the past I just had to go up to the mountains where the king was hiding under his big walls and kill him. I was some type of rebel I guess and I failed repeatedly, always getting myself killed which made me wake up. Most times I would die before even reaching his walls, by the sword of opposing soldiers.
The king had superpowers and I remember at some point him telling me I wouldn't succeed no matter how many times I tried and it was obvious he knew about it, that I came from somewhere else. My friend was tired and went home saying we could try again the next day, so the dream was mostly me looking at my phone waiting for her to come to my house again so we could try to kill some dude in my dream inside a dream.
After so many tries the king killed my friend and I was able to hurt him by breaking the windows of his castle when the sun was rising. He burned but didn't die I guess, then I woke up for real as I felt my skin burning too.

No. 1060890

You often can’t read letters of numbers easily in dreams so that’s not surprising

No. 1061048

Yesterday I had one of the oddest dreams I've ever had in my life. I live in the US, and in my dream, I saw an image of the US, all 50 states, and the current year written above it. Then I saw the years start to fly by. Suddenly, at one point, the states themselves divided up into like… a checkerboard pattern. It was no longer 50 states, it was like 250. Then the years keep going, and suddenly Florida is no longer a part of the US. Like it had eroded away. Then the checkerboard states became grouped up into big clumps of various new states. Then on the west coast, southern California popped out as its own state, surrounded by smaller states on top of it, and a big "territory" to the east of it. By the time the years had stopped, it said something like "2557615". I woke up feeling very weirded out.

No. 1061108

not necessarily a dream but do you ever have that weird thing happen where you blink once and it's been 8 hours? like i lay down in bed, close my eyes for a nanosecond then my alarm goes off, and whenever that happens i have trouble remembering what exactly happened in the day before. my theory is when i fall asleep i have a dream of a regular day, and when my dream version closes her eyes to sleep i wake up in real life which is why i mix up details of the day and it feels like a second has passed.

sorry for schizoposting i haven't slept in days

No. 1061160

There's an interesting theory as to why people have trouble using their phones in dreams, like they're incapable of texting or even holding them. Since phones are a relatively new invention, they haven't been "encoded" in the collective human psyche, so our dreams don't really know how to interpret them. That makes a lot of sense to me personally. Recently I had a dream where I got lost in this village and I knew my family was worried and wondering where the hell I was, so I went into someone's house and asked to use their phone (it was a huge Indian family and they were super sweet to me kek) but it was impossible to move my fingers on the screen and I couldn't hear the other end, like the voice was fuzzy and muddled up.

No. 1061161

huh I have dreams all the time where I can read texts or the time on my phone. often they are even very close to a real text or time when I wake so it’s kinda spooky

No. 1061192

I keep having dreams about Chris Broad putting out new videos. 3 different times now. I'm not even invested in Chris/Sharla speculation or find him attractive.

No. 1061220

Yes, only once ever. That's how it feels when you don't dream at all when you sleep.
If you keep having dreamless sleep, you might want to check with a docotor. We don't know why but we know dreaming is an essential part of brain health.

No. 1061223

wait really? i had a friend who said dreaming was uncommon and i thought that was crazy

No. 1061225

i think we forget most of our dreams so maybe they are dreaming but don't remember it at all.

No. 1061228

>i have trouble remembering what exactly happened in the day before.
Samefag, what we do know is that dreaming helps in forming memories. It's no surprise your memory is shit after no dream. Have that shit checked please

We dream every night. It's really uncommon not to. When you sleep and don't dream it feels like you just blinked and it's another day. It's weird.

No. 1061270

I've dreamed that I was in HS and it was the final day of the school year. There was an event where people from all over the world came here to sell proucts. Every classroom had different types of products. I bought a lot of things but I especially remember this sparkly eyeshadow.

When we all went upstairs, on the hall, a man started to follow me and say creepy/mean things to me. I stabbed his eye with a pencil. He was silent for a few seconds, then started to harass me again, and I stabbed him in both eyes. A stranger was looking and called me a psychopath. We entered the classroom, and a man told me not to listen to that guy.

We sit down at our desks while a corporate person gives a speech. I've heard two classmates in front of me talking - apparently we were in 12th grade and I wasn't going to graduate that year, and they were wondering if I would go to school the next year or drop out. They turned around and asked me what I was going to do, but I don't remember what I replied.

After the event was over, I went home and listened to music.

No. 1061477

Superman and Speedy openned a barbershop and Superman employed Michael Rosenbaum's Lex Luthor to clean the windows but Lex Luthor used this silver spray that turned the side he cleaned into a mirror so the shop had this police like mirror window. Lex Luthor was apologetic and Speedy thought Lex was acting too out of character and threatened to kill him for messing with the mirror on purpose but superman was understanding and said this could be good to the barbershop, we just had to put the chairs in front of the mirrors, "just be careful to not let Shayna scare the clients." Superman said, but it was too late, Shayna Clifford was already masturbating in front of the mirror.

No. 1061620

took a nap and dreamed that trans was over and terminally online people would now proudly declare themselves to be transphobic and make fun of trans shit, and they kept reposting text posts from radblr blogs and act like terf was the new aesthetic and bought "i stand with jkr" stickers off aliexpress. and there was a thread on lc about farmers trying to gatekeep being transphobic because they were transphobic before it was cool.

No. 1061640

File: 1644601079139.jpg (18.23 KB, 474x424, manifesting.jpg)

that wasn't a dream nona, but a premonition of a better society

No. 1061648

File: 1644601347728.png (1.42 MB, 1010x1364, 7870317.png)

it all makes sense…

No. 1061671

>and there was a thread on lc about farmers trying to gatekeep being transphobic because they were transphobic before it was cool.

No. 1061888

Manifesting this anon. Kek, I would be mad the assholes who pushed this shit suddenly pretended they came to light the moment it got popular to not be retarded too.

No. 1062047

i’ve been having recurring dream themes about asking for help and it bothers me because…
>something bad is usually happening
>i am screaming for people/someone to help me but something stupid happens where i can’t help
>1st dream our christmas tree caught on fire and i was trying to put out the flames
>grandfather was on the phone ignoring me while i was screaming at him to help me
>the flames were really vivid orange and hot
>next dream, an old couple was being murdered by these anarchists
>tried to call emergency but they hung up in my face and then i kept pressing the wrong buttons trying to redial
>i was watching from my bedroom window
>the old lady ended up surviving but her husband died protecting her, and i found their bloody clothes and cried so hard
>most recent i was watching a beautiful sunset after a storm
>a big white dove flies up to me
>dove gets attacked by demons and i am screaming but cannot help him as he is being torn apart and i feel so terrible

wtf does this shit mean? i can hear myself screaming, i can feel my fear/frustration, but i seem unable to help somehow but i desperately want to.

No. 1062852

Last night I had my weirdest lolcow related dream. I was staying at some kind of cabin in the woods and was on my phone lurking Elaine's thread and while I was in the thread she started posting pictures of me on my way to the cabin and personal information about me, and somehow she had this picture of me that I really hate from a family member's wedding and posted that in her own thread too

No. 1063985

man what the fuck. i have vaginismus and had a dream last night that i was gonna have sex with this guy i'm somewhat attracted to but even in my dream it just wouldn't happen. he tried a few times but couldn't get it in and then he just gave up and it was all disappointing. can't even get any in my dreams wtf

No. 1064004

I dreamed I was smoking cigarettes.
It's been years and years since I quit and I don't crave them at all. But like once a year I'll dream I'm smoking.

No. 1064024

damn what a bitch

No. 1064698

Yesterday I spent the day drawing naughty pictures of my husbando and I dreamed of him jacking off and touching me inappropriately so I think wasting the day away yesterday was worth it.

No. 1069552

I downloaded a Pokemon rom and it asked for my first and last name. I thought it was weird but I entered it anyway. After the second battle with your rival, he backed away and said "I have all your information now. Your life is over". And it turns out the rom like, doxxed you and gave all your information to null, so he could post it in the "Pokemon rom rekt" thread.
Fucking stupid. I need to get off the internet and touch grass.

No. 1070667

Do you believe dreams could be a visiting gateway into the afterlife? I had a dream that had a relative that recently passed away in it, but bizzarely I knew in the dream they had already died and they were just walking around like it was a normal day for them. I wish I had been more conscious in my dream I could have asked them questions. Probably just my brain coming to terms with it but it felt really bizzare knowing they were gone in the dream.

No. 1070704

I had so many dreams of my grandpa for a few years after he died, and I don't think I was ever lucid enough to consciously remember that he's dead but I was always so happy to see him. He even showed up one time to scold me and tell me that me and my sister have to stop fighting and get along. Idk, something in me feels like it was really him dropping in to say hello.

No. 1071188

File: 1645883068984.jpeg (96.56 KB, 700x1050, 82AE95A1-06B4-4C7B-A336-2C7936…)

I had a premonitory poop dream.
I was at some party in a really simple church, I think it was a wedding or something like that, they had some delicious banana sweets, and an amazing banana chocolate, it was huge, like the size of a hand, and was wrapped in golden tinfoil, I had one and I could taste it, it was milk chocolate with hints of ripe banana, I wonder how I could make it because I think it’s a neat idea.
But the chocolate made me want to go to the bathroom and I was there in a weird open stall trying to poop in a church where everyone was having fun at the way too quiet party.
When that was over I went to the table to have another one of those chocolates but I felt sick.
Then I woke up and had to run to the bathroom.

No. 1071352

Hold on, did this actually happen or was it a dream? Sounds scary tbh

No. 1071448

Just a dream thankfully but I had that weird thing happen where I woke up inside my dream and tried to convince myself it wasn't real, but it was real. It took me like 10 minutes after waking up for real to come back down to reality and tell myself I was fine kek

No. 1074318

File: 1646012098713.jpg (34.35 KB, 640x576, 1580059131779.jpg)

I've been having a lot of sexual dreams recently but mostly with women. I haven't dated a woman (only time was in middle school so I can hardly count it) and I've been a little curious about whether or not I might be into other gorls but I don't really have the opportunity to explore (already in a very happy relationship). But I swear it's like every other day me and some cute unknown lady get it on but when I wake up I never remember who they are or the events leading up to it. This last time it was in the back of a car. Idk nonnitas I've just been wondering about my sexuality a lot more recently but never know what to make of it. Maybe it's starting to seep into my brain at night too.

No. 1074344

I had a dream where contrapoints detransitioned and was dating me

No. 1074425

I dreamt that I had a boyfriend and that I left the delivery dude finger me while my boyfriend was in the other room. That was hot.

No. 1074466

This anon again, they appeared in my dream again, this time sitting at the table having breakfast like usual. I don't remember the conversation we had but I still had that gut wrenching feeling like I knew they were gone irl but I somehow couldn't bring this up to them in my dream. I was happy to see they were in a healthier state than how they were before they passed. I hope this is a sign they are okay now

No. 1076464

File: 1646087850832.jpeg (40.56 KB, 640x589, 3FF1B554-3273-4048-AB93-64C6EA…)

>be me
>on vacation, in the country, chilling with my grannies
>turn on the news
>some random star system just collided with the solar system
>it fucked up the outer planets real bad
>neptune got knocked out of orbit
>they calculated the trajectory and it’s coming straight for earth
>we’re toast
>grandma #1 just continues solving crosswords, appears to be in denial
>mathematician grandma gets recruited by the government to design rockets to try to divert it away with nuclear bombs
>she says it obviously won’t work though
>i’ve always wished i could witness the apocalypse but this feels wrong, too sudden
>pretend everything is normal while everyone around is having mental breakdowns, contemplate killing myself
>ancient mayan rockets get discovered in some crypt
>the mayans predicted everything
>no one knows myan so they can’t figure out how to fuel the rockets or power the superweapons
>it’s too late, it’s getting closer, we can see it
>everyone gathers in an observatory, neptune takes up like a fourth of the sky now
>everyone counting down to collision
>they get out their phones
>they are taking selfies with neptune??
>they finish counting down and chant “till next time”
>i hear rumbling and close my eyes
>after a while it sounds like it’s over
>i’m probably dead but i don’t feel dead
>finally decide to open my eyes, it’s dark, but i’m awake
>nothing feels real anymore

No. 1076474

I didnt notice this was dream thread and thought something actually happened to our outer planets KEK

No. 1076534

I keep dreaming about having children, and each time I wake up I miss them. I want kids some day but now is not the right time. I'm only 18.

No. 1076602

That must have been so scary jajaja

No. 1078131

I keep having this recurring dream that I’m in a giant mansion or palace filled with people and I’m trying to outpace and hide from some rando older man who is trying to fuck me. The man and the mansion change every time but the general theme is always the same. Big house > guy after me > I have to get away or hide.

No. 1078454

File: 1646168116463.gif (5.55 MB, 450x249, me rn.gif)

I thought that one Bob's Burgers episode was just Tina being Tina, but I dreamt I shaved my legs and when I woke up I was (surprisingly; I didn't expect to feel like that) disappointed in myself until I realized it wasn't real.

No. 1079543

I had 3 strange dreams (loosely interconnected), I'd appreciate any attempts at interpretation. First, mom had a new baby boy while I was my current age. Second, my family and I were on a plane coming back from Asia. In the back of the plane, people were offering up food as a sacrifice to this bodyless, mostly face of a creepy woman. I said I was too anxious to do make one because I was scared of messing up, but she still cursed me. I can't recall much after that but I believe I made it to the flight landing, and the curse would affect me after getting off. Last dream, I had a goal to clean and fix up the rooms in this bizarre and creepy mansion, the residents were a strange mix of older people. There were strange artifacts scattered throughout one of the older women discussed as if they had supernatural power.

No. 1080959

It's probably because I've been watching Big Love (abouts Mormons and polygamists) but I keep dreaming about my bf being in a relationship with another random woman who lives with us and I beg him to only be with me but she's also my best friend and I don't want to hurt her. It's kind of a fun and dramatic dream tbh, nothing like this going on in my real life.

No. 1080962

I had a nightmare that I had a miscarriage. It's weird, I have no reason to think I'm pregnant or to be thinking about miscarriages. Do any other anons have chronic nightmares? I have them every night, I can't remember the last time I had a nice or even neutral dream. How do you cope?

No. 1080969

File: 1646289273139.jpeg (25.09 KB, 500x443, girls-school-uniform-set-500x5…)

I stayed late at night watching videos of lost media and pilot episodes that never made it into a full show, so I had this dream:

>Be me

>Searching information for a mostly unknown cancelled cartoon
>Have vage memories of it
>Find many articles about the show (Don't remember much about those anymore)
>Finally get a file of the pilot episode through some sites
>Pretty sure my computer got virus, but I don't care
>Play the cursed thing
>Flash animation style from the 2000s
>The main character is a redhaired mean girl, her name is Narcy Narcissist
>She wears a british school uniform and a headband, her whole color scheme is red
>She has to make a science project with some short blue girl with glasses, I don't remember her name
>Blue girl is scared of Narcy but they are somewhat friends
>The episode is about Narcy not working on her project
>Blue girl is freaking out because the deadline is coming
>Narcy doesn't care and keeps procastinating
>Both girls are in Narcy's house
>Her mother, single parent, isn't there but she expects for the project to be ready the moment she arrives back home
>Narcy tells the Blue girl that she is going to scape away from the house for a while
>Blue girl doesn't even reply, Narcy left quickly
>The scene cuts into a 3D squence from Narcy's perpective going through the streets
>The sun is setting, her walk begins to speed up
>She gets inside different houses and stores without people
>Eventually she sneaks into a scientist's lab
>Pieces of meat are hanging from the roof
>Scene cuts
>Back to Flash animation
>Fast forward until Narcy is back home
>Blue girl is angry, she lashes out towards Narcy but she has a very ASMR voice
>Narcy doesn't care, and shows her what she got as a last minute project
>She stole an unfinished male android from the lab
>The guy looked like a teen emo guy's drawing, he had a swasticka symbol on his left arm
>Blue girl is freaking out but she still decides to go along whatever thing Narcy tells her to.
>They begin to mess around with the android's cables and wires
>The mom gets back home and doesn't seem to be surprised by anything
>Cuts to the presentation day
>The girls even dressed the Android with a black and gray version of the school's uniform
>They turn him on
>He wants to kill Narcy
>He can't kill her because she added an auto destruction button onto him
>She describes to him how much she wants and can kill him too, but she wants someone to worship her as her servant boyfriend
>No one reacts to what's going on, everyone claps at Narcy and Blue girl for "creating" an android
>Some teacher, like the one on Invader Zim, gives them a good grade and then forces the Android to be a student
>He swears that he is going to kill everyone one day, but goes along with it
>Blue girl is shocked and tired, she is kind of like the straight man of the show
>Narcy just laughs and is happy that people are cheering for her presentation
>Pilot ends
>"Wtf was this?" I said to myself
>I still feel like I have seen this before
>I finally wake up
>Doubt for a while if what I saw was real or just a dream
>It was just a dream

And that's how I became the MC of a lost episode creepypasta, it's cringe, I can't tell anyone, but now I miss Narcy.

No. 1080988

If you are feeling anxious, stressed or uncomfortable as you go to sleep, you will probably have stressful dreams. Improving your sleep routine can help immensely. Try to make the place you sleep in as relaxing as possible. Ditch your phone and tv at least 30 minutes before you plan to sleep and do not look at either until it's time to wake up. Do pre-sleep activities that relax you, this could be anything like light stretching or breathing exercises, reading a (paper) book, taking time to do some skin pampering, listening to relaxing music, journaling or doodling (on paper), drinking a warm (non caffeinated) drink, or some hobby of yours that you find relaxing and does NOT involve you interacting with or watching a screen. Keep the room as dimly lit as possible at least 15 minutes before you go to sleep. Set aside all worries for tomorrow. Basically just give yourself time to consciously put yourself in a relaxed state before you lie down to go to bed. Also make sure your bed and pillows are comfortable and the room you sleep in is tidy, so you won't get stressed or frustrated looking at messes around room as you try to go to sleep. It's also nice to have some comfort items displayed nicely in the room you sleep in, these don't have to be items tied to memories, they could also be things that make you happy to look at because they're pretty or whatever. These habits will set you up to have more good or neutral dreams than bad ones.

No. 1081701

File: 1646311425569.jpg (298.95 KB, 1536x2048, 76bdbd2de2d756683a465d2b89181f…)

I had a beautiful dream where not only was /m/ fixed, but the old movie thread had been unpinned. Just when I thought things couldn't get any better, I go to /m/ and there is a whole thread JUST FOR MY HUSBANDO. I cried in the dream, I made a long post about how much I loved him, and I saved all the pictures being posted of him. Ahhhh, how I wish this dream was reality.

No. 1081894

other night i had a dream i got the most hideous back tattoo - just a large hideous, totally blacked out letter in an ugly typeface like 12 inches long across my left shoulderblade, and for whatever reason tattoo removal did not exist in my dream world. i love tattoos on other people but this was a legit nightmare for me on par with my nightmare pregnancy dreams.

No. 1081918

I dreamed that I was wearing a cute outfit and my right arm below the elbow was gone

No. 1081921

File: 1646320942003.jpg (17.52 KB, 240x275, 1605286959507.jpg)

Had yet another dream of some sort of demonic entity/spirit in the house even though our house isn't even haunted - I've had these dreams consistently no matter where I've been sleeping.
Right before I woke up (or fell asleep, I was in a weird half awake state) I heard this huge BANG and it could be that exploding head thing but I was so convinced it was in the house. My cat didn't freak out and my bf didn't hear it obviously but he got out of bed and searched the house with a machete kek and it took me a while to get back to sleep. Fuck I hate this. Why can I never have nice dreams or just a peaceful happy sleep.

No. 1084083

I dreamed that I was in a big modern house and I was a sniper and I was being hunted by another sniper. I was inside and there were some people I guess they were my family and I told them "don't follow me, I might not come back but it's important that you stay here, if you don't I'm doing this in vain and you will be shot too". So I went outside and tried to sneak away but the other sniper kept seeing me and every time I managed to stand still for a second and try to aim at her she was already doing the same so I had to run. There was a soldier walking around and I somehow used him as a distraction. I hid in some bush and shot the other sniper while she tried to hide from the soldier. I didn't feel anything about it

No. 1084118

File: 1646399040838.png (131.87 KB, 281x348, 1629392297005.png)

Dreamed of geeting nuked, burning to death and falling in our collapsing building, all in a ridiculously slow tempo and long timespan, then woke up in the dream, then witnessed the same scenario again and then actually woke up.

No. 1084127

I once had a nightmare of being in this huge warehouse building thing hiding on these big shelves under one of those potato sack things as there was a man with a gun. i remember being shot in the back of my head and woke up and had a weird sensation on the back of my head. It was so unsettling and I always remember it. So weird anons.. have you ever had an experience like that? I feel like my nightmare followed me into real life

No. 1084434

I just had a horrible nightmare in which I opened the door to the balcony (it was a house based on the previous one where I lived with my parents, but still very different and slightly bigger) and saw a black-and-white cat running (at first I thought it was playing). That made me think about how much I'd love to adopt a cat, partly in the dream (because a few moments earlier I had argued with my dad over that) and partly in real life. It was getting dark. But then I saw a narco-looking man carrying a weapon and walking towards the house to the right of ours. Unfortunately he saw me so I was scared shitless, and asked him what he wanted from me. He wanted to know if the neighbors were home and I said yes, then went back inside and closed to door as quickly as possible but carefully. After answering his question, I expected to hear gunshots and screams next door, but fortunately that didn't happen.
I went inside my parents' bedroom, and it was bigger than it is in real life. The lights were off. I was looking for the phone to call the police. Meanwhile, I could hear the guy and the neighbor talking. It seemed like I had found the phone even though it was dark, and went back to my room on the opposite side of the hallway. But when I opened the door (while crawling desperately to avoid being seen through the balcony's door), I realized that he was there, outside the neighbor's house, looking at me opening the door to my room, where the lights were on. So I panicked and quickly went inside and closed the door, and tried to dial the right number. That's when I woke up (and pretty early for me).

No. 1085709

File: 1646466305745.jpg (77.78 KB, 1334x750, blankstare.jpg)

i just had a dream that i had a boyfriend/husband(?) whom i was living with(?) that loved me and we had sexual intercourse under the covers which lasted very very briefly and i watched in third person. it wasnt a wet dream and i felt nothing while simultaneously feeling really scared at the once but i knew he wasnt going to hurt me because he loved me, i cant remember why ithought this or if there was a reason to begin with. i dont think he even went in because my mind either skipped the scene ( its not just me forgetting i was confused even in the dream ) or he stopped mid way. i have never experienced thoughts about men like this until now but i wasnt attracted to him or aroused by what was happening. it felt like i was an object of sorts but i could still feel fear and for some reason i wanted to make him feel happy because i "owed" it to him. really confused right now honestly disgusted too but at least he liked me. also he had no face or distinguishing features or at least i cant remember what even his skin color looked like.
does this mean anything for me ?

No. 1085981

I had a bad dream last night. It was about my female ex-best friend that betrayed me in highschool very badly. In the dream she was apologizing to me and trying to reconcile on Facebook (I don't have one) and I wasn't having it. Later in the dream I broke into her house and was looking at stuff on their home computer, and right when I was deleting the history their front door opened and her mom and sister came home. They were like uhh Anon, why are you here? I told them I was meeting ex-BFF here and I would call her and see what was taking her so long. Then I went into another room and realized I didn't have her number because she messaged me on Facebook and we weren't friends anymore. Also we are in our late 20's and neither of us live at home anymore. Makes no sense

No. 1086160

I've once again dreamed my teeth were falling out, but it was some kind of stress response, somebody informed me I was going to meet up with a dude I ghosted years ago and I spit out chunks of teeth as a reaction. The weird thing is that I can still feel my tongue going over the teeth and feeling the bits I was going to lose. Ffs can't I just dream of my husbando?

No. 1086168

in some cultures losing teeth in dreams is associated with impending death or misfortune around you, and if it hurts in the dream then the event will emotionally hurt you, if they fell out without pain then you will not be hurt by the event

No. 1086191

Ayrt and I think I dream of teeth falling out when I'm under a high amount of stress, it's tue most reoccurring kind of dream I can remember.

No. 1086342

File: 1646495142014.gif (935.02 KB, 621x651, tumblr_o543a1z0EL1uf5j8co1_640…)

I had a dream that was part of a team that was trying communicate with dolphins, so we used EDMs to play back rhythms to the dolphins and they would click notes back to us. In the dream it felt smart bc we were first were trying to understand their version of communication and work with that rather than making them learn an entire new form that we could understand. Anyway now I can talk to aliens.

No. 1086365

What a cool dream

No. 1086526

File: 1646504002771.jpeg (92.34 KB, 721x803, 13697C3F-0CF5-49CA-860B-BA9F91…)

Dream sperg:
First dream I was in a busy classroom full of mostly men, a vtuber was there and she was uncomfortable from the men too so we decided to sit on our own table and just play on her switch which had orange joycons
Then when it was break time there were these gates outside that had like, bars, and some were higher up than the others
And there were a bunch of trannies outside so I told them "if you can walk through the lowest down bar fence you're a real woman"
And of course they all tried and couldn't fit in because they're MEN and tall and wide but one manlet who wasn't a tranny just a short boy could fit through
Second dream that same vtuber was there too was there too so was Mion Sonozaki and we were all working at this Subway-like place in an airport, I had to make sandwiches and the vtuber was very nice and helpful and Mion mostly just stocked up the aisle thingies
Then it was over and I was very sad
Then I met up with my dad in a train station and he was dragging me around an adult sized one of picrel inside a train station because I was autistic and "didn't want to touch the ground" and we even got to sit in the disabled area because of me kek.
Third dream I was on a tour bus and was touring this neighbourhood and there were this man and woman that got recently divorced and hated eachother but accidentally got on same tour bus
So all tour they were arguing and then we got to this garden place in the tour and they both went out and started arguing yadda yadda
Then they both disappear and we are all confused so we go in the garden and we see that both have been turned into concrete statues inside a pond…
I like to think that she murdered him and was just pretending to be a statue to get away with scrote murder

No. 1087446

File: 1646569341107.jpg (3.56 MB, 2273x2841, jjk.jpg)

I was sitting in a bus behind some guy. I heard him talking with someone else. I butted into the conversation, which then went as following
>Mike Tyson is so cool!
>I thought it's Jujutsu Kaisen and not Mike Tyson

No. 1087449

I dreamed that I had a little chick but it grew up to be a moth instead of a chicken so I released it

No. 1087450

I dreamt I went on a date with a guy I went out with a year ago, he almost became my boyfriend but the prospect of being in a relationship gave me anxiety so I ghosted him. In the dream he was so happy to make up with me and we were so relaxed. I was so certain I made the right decision by not dating him but now I'm not so sure, damn.

No. 1087720

Does anyone else have the most random cameos of people from your past life and you feel bonded to them, then when waking up you have this urge to reach out to them?
I'll dream about people I haven't known since like elementary school. I imagine how awkward it would be if I reached out like, hey I had a really great time in my dream, let's hang out. It feels so real though. Strangest feeling.

No. 1088802

File: 1646652881491.jpeg (174.71 KB, 700x888, E1E85178-063B-46CC-BE8C-FB75AA…)

I keep having dreams about being in an stablished relationship with my best friend, I’m not a lesbian and she’s too tired to even pretend to be interested in anyone.
The dreams are just so realistic somehow, I have a hard time figuring out that it’s a dream, I only notice if I kiss her or someone says that we’re girlfriends.

No. 1090048

a wise old man came to me in a dream today and told me that i shouldn’t feel bad about letting myself be childish every once in a while, because we all have an inner child in our heart. thanks old man.

No. 1090054

I think your mind is telling you to go for it

No. 1090090

Late but thank you so much for all this good advice anon, I really appreciate it. I do get stressed and anxious when I'm alone with my thoughts and that makes falling asleep hard. I've been reading a book before bed the last couple nights and notice I feel calmer, like the transition from awake to asleep is a lot smoother. I'm going to keep doing this and add other low stress activities to my routine ♥

No. 1090465

It's so silly. I dreamt that I was a bassist in a band but I was in a wheelchair. I tried to stand up but I couldn't. We were going to compete in a "battle of the bands" kind of competition and my bass was broken (the headstock was chopped off and the body was damaged, though the fretboard and strings were fine) but I still thought I could play it? Then my band members and I tried to get to the auditorium but we kept getting lost in hallways. When we reached the auditorium we were around 15 minutes late to the event and I woke up. I think it's all a bunch of metaphors for what I currently feel.
Yes! Frequently. I don't actually reach out to them (I wish I had the courage, really) but it feels nice. Like a reunion. It would be nice if dreams actually bridged people together for a brief moment, like an ephemeral meeting place. But I guess dreams are often one-sided.

No. 1093822

File: 1646980749918.jpeg (109.46 KB, 750x1215, EE3DB594-F111-4489-B5FC-9EBC44…)

The other night I had a really creepy dream and it’s sort of stuck with me so I thought I might as well get it off my chest. I was visiting my friend and staying in her apartment, she has a studio and it’s pretty tiny so you can see the whole room from the bed. We were sleeping and I was on the outer side of the bed facing the night stand and my friend had her arm slung around me. At one point I can sense that’s she’s awake and breathing kind of shakily but i’m completely paralyzed and unable to move, and she whispers something along the lines of “don’t say anything” into my ear and she sounds scared. Im super confused at this point but get a really bad feeling in the pit of my stomach as well as that sensation you get in dreams where you can feel something is wrong. On the nightstand for some reason there was a landline like the ones you see in hotels and my friend grabs my hand and guides it to dial a number on the phone. I still can’t move and my friend puts the phone to my ear and I try to speak but I can’t get anything out except a weird shaky noise no matter how hard I try. My friend then whispers “there’s a man in the room” and that’s when she yells something about having security on the phone and that he has 10 seconds to leave the room. I’m super confused at this point but that’s when I see the silhouette of a man get up from under the foot of the bed and dash for the door. I woke up after this super anxious and scared and it left me feeling super paranoid which sucked because it was only like 3 am.

No. 1093824

Damn nonnie, that is an intense dream.

No. 1093842

Lolcow invaded my nap today. First was that I fucked up the doodle board and the other instance was me snuggling up to Chris Broad only to have him reject me kek

No. 1094918

apologies in advance for the extreme autism and cringe but i had a dream unlike any other i've ever had. i don't really dream romantically about men, but i had a worker come to the house, like, a regular looking younger dude blue collar guy, but just a bit chubby with a bit of a beard and trucker hat. i accidentally left the door half open to my room i guess and was getting changed super quickly like before he was set to head up the stairs and into my hallway so he saw me mostly naked, i noticed and he noticed but it was like an embarrassed exchange and we both apologized, i at least was pretty flustered. then i guess at some point later we were talking and we spoke about something on his shirt that was political in a few ways that we both liked. he was just being soo kind and sweet, just very gentle. somehow we end up talking on my bed, then i just remember at some point taking off shirts and laying on my bed together cuddling and having him hold and kiss me. i dont even like chubby guys at all but the sweetness just felt so special especially after being cruelly mistreated so long by an ex that is the complete opposite of this type in every way, it was just hot to me

No. 1094967

KEK Chris Broad. Sorry nona that's just so random, but also wholesome that you dreamed of him.

No. 1095022

sorry, i meant to say "we spoke a bit in bed and then at some point ended up taking off our shirts to lay in my bed and hold each other"

No. 1095401

File: 1647105696436.png (56.45 KB, 300x298, reeeeeee.png)

I was catching up on some sleep I missed the last two nights earlier this morning, and it was ruined by what has to be the worst and most retarded dream I have ever had. I dreamed I was visiting home and had to carpool with Jillian and some random man who was maybe supposed to be her dad even though I don't remember what her dad looks like? And we had just listened to news on the radio and heard a cellular tower fell down and killed a bunch of people, which I think was the story of the dream I had before that. But even though we were hearing about something so disturbing she started squawking like a bird and she and the man tried to justify it by saying one of her alters was a goose so she can't control it. No, I am not embellishing that. Yes, that was in my dream. Dream me became super annoyed that a bunch of people were dead and they were still focused on this validation nonsense, so I said so, and that it was all an attention thing for her anyway. Then she turned into the emo boy alter and we started fighting and I kept thinking in the dream that this was going to ruin my blood pressure(?) but then the man stopped the car at a Walmart in the middle of nowhere and told me to get out and that they would never see me again for the rest of their lives. I was happy to get out of the car but also really angry about the fight and being stranded. For some reason even though the disaster in my dream took out a cell tower, I was able to call my mom and tell her what happened and that I was stranded. I went into the Walmart and it was packed with people and the power was out. And then I woke up, still super pissed off at the goose and emo boy alters for destroying dream-me's blood pressure and what was supposed to be a restful sleep.

No. 1095904

It's so weird nonnies. A few months ago I had a dream that I was staying in this apartment building I've never seen before. I navigated the inside and outside, got familiar with the outside view and hallways. Then just now I was recommended a dormitory to stay in just in case we stop doing remote classes for college and guess what?? It's the exact building in my dream from months ago! Same exterior, interior, and view. I don't know what this means lmao. Just feels surreal. I swear I never knew this building existed until now.

No. 1096008

The worst kinds of dreams (aside from nightmares of course) is when you get something you realllyyy want inside of the dream, but then you wake up and of course said thing is gone!
I had a dream that I went to this cool store with my dad and I got a ton of cool things like a very very small Mudkip plushie and figures of characters I like. I was so happy and excited to place them in my room and show them to my friends. Now I wake up and boom it's all over

No. 1096120

The flipside of this is the relief of having a fussy admin-filled dream of having to deal with some stupid task like pack up my mom's house because she went on vacation when she was supposed to move… Then waking up and realizing it's not real and I don't have to worry about it!

No. 1096211

That's so eerie anon, report back if anything strange happens there

I have dreams like that all the time kek, I love and hate them. I will be in the dream buying clothes and accessories that I want, some that I could either never find or can't afford in real life, and just as I bring it all home BAM I am awake before dream-me gets to enjoy any of it

No. 1097124

Had a dream I started growing chest/boob hair ftm style. Horrifying.

No. 1097148

Had a dream that was funny because I knew it was a dream but the people in it didn't (usually they acknowledge it if I do). It was a horny dream that got awkward because the guy's family barged in. They started grilling him and I saw there were baby toys in the place and reached a conclusion saying "I thought we were married so what is their problem?" but he said we weren't. Which confused me for a sec because I thought this is a dream so he should've went with it. Then I realized oh I'm the only one who knows and sees this as no big deal. Worst of all I was still horny the whole time they questioned him. He was trying to tell them we only did some passionate kissing. Overall it was weird dream logic, I wonder if his family is still giving him trouble in their world

No. 1097198

I dreamed that I am having a conversation with this guy and he starts talking about "pure" people and "impure", and the "pure" ones have the same accepted ethnicity and ideology, and in the dream it is our new political reality everyone subscribes to, and of course I'm not one of the pure ones.
Basically, I had a nightmare about everyone becoming Nazis.

No. 1102286

Dreamt i was helping Lillee Jean to be an actual sociable independant adult and helped her getting a job as a secretary but Laur forced me to become the next Lillee and i had to make videos and photos with ugly outfits and live with her

No. 1102347

Had a dream a little barbed serpent worm thing was wrapped around my ankle biting me and I couldn’t get it off. It hurt a lot and didn’t stop even after I woke up.

No. 1103343

File: 1647676775770.jpg (106.37 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

i had a dream that i was from a huge, happy, loving family. we lived in a huge house with many many rooms. my family was throwing me a birthday party, and lots of people came. i was having so much fun but i decided to crash some other party that was happening close by. in this dream i am underage. i ask if anyone want to come, and no one seems to want to until one girls comes forward, not sure if she's supposed to be my sister or friend. we start to leave, but we have to be sneaky so the family members don't see us. we start running down the stairs of this big house and we run into locked doors as we go. i am nervous and fumble the keys but my sister/friend is more collected and gets through the locks quicker. somehow as we run down i become younger and younger, which becomes noticeable when we get to the final door. as we do, the girl is unable to unlock it and we start hearing footsteps from above, my older brother is coming down. we quickly hide under the stairs, and apparently he's found a ripped piece of a blue and purple umbrella that he holds in his hand, not sure how he got it, but he goes on to hold this monologue, of how he's scared his little sister has left this wonderful party, and is afraid for her and he goes on. it's difficult to listen to as i just want to be rebelious and go to the party but he eventually leaves. i am about the age and size of a six year old at this point, and i start to go to the main door to leave, but as i do, i am not quick enough to hear some lady coming in through the door and we bump into each other. she's polite enough but obviously doesn't recognize me. i wanted to use this situation to leave, but as i do the family cat runs up to me, sniffs me and starts to leave, i cry her name and as i do the cat recognizes me, runs to me, licks me etc! someone, almost like a narrator (maybe my brother just pretended to leave) says, you became so unrecognizeable even your cat almost forgot who you are, and what would you do then?

this dream is like everything i never had in a way, but it's interesting how there was a plot and an ending like an episode of a show. usually my dreams are more nonsensical.

No. 1103756

File: 1647709108422.jpeg (136.82 KB, 576x606, 287277B0-FF0B-44EC-98BF-8B5FF0…)

I had a dream that was so bizarre and cray cray and degenerate
>be me coming back from work mad at bf around late afternoon.
>why am I mad? He uploaded a video of himself fucking a dead baby pig that was supposed to be cooked to a porn site (I didn’t actually see video in dream)
>I’m not even mad because that shit is disgusting I am mad because the cops are “after us” now
>we wait the whole day out in the house, he keeps telling me the cops aren’t coming, I keep saying just wait.
>finally it’s bed time and we’re laying there, I’m just anxious about the cops, not even mad about how gross and black mirrorish his video was.
>were talking like it’s a normal night
>suddenly we see red and blue lights outside
>we leave the house from the back and run into the wilderness (we live in an isolated area)
>we come back to the house the next morning to grab things and officially run off
>while we have our bags the neighbors (some old white hillbillies) yell at me
>”You are not a nice girl!” They’re all shouting at me at once.
>they’re mad because I had sex with their teenage son (didn’t actually see myself doing that in the dream)
>the son sneaks off to see me and begs to run away with me and my bf
>this is a lanky white dude who is obviously underage (14-17)
>I decline but while I’m talking to him I kiss him
>we take off in the car and head to Mexico(???)
>neither me and my bf feel guilty about what we’ve done we just avoid the cops
>ffw to some time later we have been caught and we are in jail or perhaps some mental hospital place, me and my bf barely talk
>it feels like I’m in elementary school, bland cafeteria food, pastel colored walls with drawing hanging up and people walking in line
>me and my bf sneak to see each other
>we talk about everything that went wrong that made us get caught
>I ask him if he’s mad that I had sex with our neighbors teenage son he said he’s always known I was like that.
>he asks me if I’m grossed out by him I say “I’m more let down”
I’m not even sure how my dream ended but I’ve had dreams of my bf cheating on me before and I’ve woke up mad, this time I woke up feeling disgusted. And I am grossed out by myself like this might just be an OCD thing but I think I might be an ehebophile.

No. 1103758

Samefag we do not actually have those neighbors btw.

No. 1105334

I found 27 duck eggs and hatched them. When they got out of their eggs, I was the very first being they saw, so naturally they all thought me to be their mama. They kept following me around, and at one point I had to transport all the 27 of them from one end of the city to the other, using public transport. It was so, so very cute, but also so, so very exhausting.

No. 1105586

dreamt last night that i was max from stranger things social worker and billy tried to strangle me to death but i got away

No. 1105621

I read this nonny! Now it’s like I had this dream, pretty complex. Thanks for sharing

No. 1105659

Had another dream about a celebrity I don't care about becuase of this site…
It was almost a lewd dream about a husbando, but it was full of dumb dream logic stuff. Like I could hug him but he was in some pause state and wouldn't react back, and I had to keep my eyes closed or else the illusion would break.
But then I looked anyway and he turned into RPatz, but I looked down his pants anyway and his dick was a broccoli… but I concentrated and it turned into a real dick, but then the dream shifted.

No. 1107613

File: 1648016326369.jpg (354.14 KB, 1500x1001, slideshow-1583408503.jpg)

I'm ESL and this dream doesn't make sense. Hopefully it's readable.
I was living in a gated cyberpunk city where nobody was human, we were all mutants — some of us looked human (incl. myself), others were half-human and half-animal, others were cyborgs. My best friend was half bat. We were all servants there but we had never met our leaders.
We were at a party that took place in a huge pool, with a bright and colorful aesthetic. We all had to perform (my friend and I had to dance). We weren't dancing very well, so we were sent to a place that served the role of a prison. It wasn't exactly a prison, it was the top floor of an old victorian house. We were left to fend for ourselves. I found a package of sliced bread on a table, which belonged to a dog (probably not just a dog) that was also a 'prisoner'. He was dangerous, but I took it anyway. I threw a few slices to the dog, then I gave the rest to my friend. She was scared but she said she could defend herself and that I could go back. I left her in there and went back to my room.
The next day, a few citizens showed up, friends of my friend, and they all seemed sad and worried. I immediately guessed that my friend was killed by the dog. I was ashamed. Everyone was nice to me though.

No. 1107697

>My best friend was half bat
Also called a vampire.
>a dog (probably not just a dog)
That's a werewolf.

No. 1108745

File: 1648093044671.jpeg (169.92 KB, 1242x717, 51BEBB9E-2094-4315-9E80-9D41F5…)

Stop appearing in my fucking dream already! You hit the wall at fucking 20 years old with that stupid, ugly ass beard, fuck off, I don’t want to dream about your idealized version anymore, I don’t want to pretend I like you, I don’t even remember your last name, fuck off from my subconscious and let me dream of fucking my husbandos already. I’ve given up on 3DPD the moment I saw just how hard you hit the wall, stop trying to make me think there’s hope, fuck off.

No. 1108787

I keep having dreams about hunting monsters/demons or at least protecting myself from them. When I kill them it's extremely visceral and satisfying but kind of gross. Drove the bottom of a chair leg into a grapefruit sized eye of a void demon while my boyfriend held it down.

No. 1108828

That sounds metal as fuck nonnie. Give me some of your dreams

No. 1108833

you know those characters are meant to be actual white people, rather asian guys with dyed hair

No. 1108834

Reword that nonna it's unclear

No. 1108849

I've had some of those where I'm accosted by troons that look like Junji Ito's Fuchi. Maybe malevolent troons are attacking me in my sleep? It's satisfying to let er rip on em nonetheless.

No. 1108930

Literally every single time I dream of playing Sims it's always horribly scarily corrupted

No. 1108946

Nonnie, what do you mean?

No. 1108960

Nayrt, but I think they meant that most anime characters are supposed to be white and not actually asian.

No. 1108961

File: 1648117568303.jpeg (166.09 KB, 996x1184, uee.jpeg)

I keep having dreams about my boyfriend cheating on me with other women. It's a reoccuring theme in my dreams that I have had like 4 or 5 times since the end of the last year and I am not really a person who remembers her dreams so it's really suspicious to me why I am dreaming and remembering that. The storyline is kind of confusing to me but follows one specific pattern being that once I found out, I go and talk about it with him and that he won't acknowledge my presence and ghosts me completely while I am often standing next to him or literally before his eyes. It's also a pattern of me kind of catching him doing those things or him prioritizing other woman instead of me like example him cancelling our meeting completely out of nowhere in an instant while a woman (I don't like in reallife, will call her woman 1) walks in and they talk and hug and do stuff and I am just standing there crying and trying to get his attention back and wanting him to acknowledge me. Another time it was that he started talking about other another woman (this time a different person I dislike in reallife, will call her woman 2) in a very thirsty-horny kind of way with his friend who stood with us. When I talking and saying stuff like: 'What the fuck [redacted boyfriends name]?' he didn't even acknowledge or look at me and continued his disgusting talk while I stood next to him. It's so bizzare that this a theme constantly reappearing in my dreams and as someone who is anxious and often overthinks stuff like this it's kind of alarming to dream that shit. Some more info to this is that in all of these dreams these women had names and were perfectly visible with their face and outfit etc. but I already forgot the names & looks of the first 2 dreams woman and can't remember while on the other hand the women in the latest 2 dreams were people directly from our uni and kind of the circle of acquaintances my boyfriend is in. I don't like woman 1 because she is a literal whore living inside this hook-up culture only to get scrotes attention and purposefully trying to steal other peoples boyfriends in hopes of destroying their relationship and making him her new found boyfriend. She only hangs around some weird fucking shady ass drug dealers that are retarded enough to deny the happening of holocaust and are bottom barrel scrotes that only want sex and nothing more. Woman 2 is a person who used to bully other people and was (probably) groomed by her boyfriend and used to parttake in hook-up culture too but is not involved with us and we quite literally both have never talked to her or have even courses with her and just know her because she is one of the most famous and well known persons in our uni. Woman 1 on the other hand is a acquaintance of my boyfriend and is sitting in most of his courses next to him and keeps texting and calling him when she needs him example being her calling him and asking him to checkup on her back and ask something for her or to send her 10€ for food to buy something with her new scrote that she would give him back soon. My boyfriend always replies to her favours and actually talked with the bank she asked him too but I was physically with him when she wanted money and told him to tell her that she should fuck off and stop annoying his ass to which he told me that 'its not a big deal' and instantly went to his PayPal account wanting to send her the money. I was so fucking flabbergasted and told him to stop that shit because it's just a random girl, he isn't obligated to do that just because she asks him too and the other point being that this bitch is broke as fuck and has no money so he won't be getting it back (I know it's only 10€ but why the fuck would he do that for some random ass bitch?) He almost went through with it but his PayPal couldn't transfer the money because of an error code. He told me that he does these things because he in his nature is a nice and generous person but like won't buy me flowers or other things despite buying things like cookies when she asks him to. Is it why my fucking brain keeps repeating those dreams? I swear he isn't the type of person to cheat because he himself makes fun of cheaters and is disgusted by the behaivor of woman 1 and calls her a whore too. He wouldn't be even able to cheat because he has no time and always goes to the gym and uses the time to meet or talk with me. Anons is my brain trying to tell me something or am I just overly anxious about this and overthink all of this? These things are just dreams but it really odd to dream that. I really dislike woman 1 and wish I could just tell my boyfriend to stop fucking talking and engaging with her because I am scared of her doing a move on him or trying to seduce him like the rest of the guys because that bitch does literally not care. Should I take these dreams as a sign or what the fuck am I supposed to do? How the fuck do I tell my bf to stop talking with her without sounding insane or controlling? Could these dreams really mean and allude to something more deep? Am I overthinking this?

No. 1108974

Oh okay, well, I kind of know that, I just wanted to pick a blond anime guy.

No. 1110069

Dreamt they modified the oscar's statuette to be more inclusive and it was the same except now it had giant bolt ons

No. 1110104

comedic genius

No. 1110254

You're just predicting the future now

No. 1110336

File: 1648197089755.jpeg (98.84 KB, 496x617, 6A23D554-37E4-4378-9231-029909…)

I am horny and guy crazy all the time while having zero social interaction, this manifests as horny dreams every night but they are fun at least

No. 1110503

I dreamed that I was watching a motorcycle race and in it was the scout tf2 but he was on a bicycle so he got run over by everyone else right in the start and he was scout_painsharp02.ing and I saw miss pauling on her moped drive up to him so I yelled to her "Miss pauling! Help scout, he's been run over!" And she looked right into my eyes and drove her moped over scout's face, back and forth, back and forth

No. 1110590

File: 1648219985425.png (42.11 KB, 500x500, lukanka.png)

All I dreamt about was lukanka. It was flying in front of me and glowing. I wanted the lukanka so badly. Anyway I have to be near a major city if I want to find a place that has Bulgarian food, darn.

No. 1111403

I had a dream that Hellboy had a surge in popularity again and they were doing a reboot with tranny rep where they transed a lot of characters but not Abe, and I spent the whole dream outraged that no one clicked Abe as a FTM

No. 1112221

i once dreamt i was in a polycule with my top 3 (shameful) celebrity crushes. i birthed identical sisters from the top guy and a daughter each by the other two, all close in age. the men's egos were insufferable, which befit their alleged personalities. i one day manifested and wished at least two of them would vanish, they were verging me on suicide. some progression and the girls were toddlers, and I was at my mental wits end. my husbands ended up killing one another in a torrent of bloodshed, and I thought I was relieved of my suffering. not so much. fastfoward fifteen years later and my daughters all start infighting like their fathers, and i try to push them into acting, art, anything to stop them from replicating the trauma of their ancestors. they just weren't having it.

this wasn't as bad as the other dream I had where I had children with one of the dudes, he killed himself, and the three daughters I had ended up jeering and mocking me as adults for my incompetent existence and his absence.

I hate polyamory and I'm not ready to have children, I don't know how to interpret this

No. 1112243

why is this so funny to me, your brain is producing telenovelas as you sleep kek

No. 1112262

I have lucid daydreams and story ideas that are about as off the wall as this all the time.

The problem is I can never execute them. If I did, then I would probably have written something comprehensive by now kek

It's actually annoying, reality is so boring and all my untapped potential is laid waste to my cheesy dream visualizations.

No. 1113079

I remember I had my period and went to the bathroom, but when wiping some things came out of my vagina and they were bug-like creatures but all meaty. They also had these long antennaes made of flesh.

No. 1116027

File: 1648570679424.png (55.84 KB, 1280x373, 1280px-GabrielHorn.png)

Nonnas help, I binged Evangelion around the time I stopped consuming the jazz cabbage after a period of hitting it harder than usual and I keep having weird apocalyptic dreams of a decidedly kabbalistic flavour. This time I ended up dreaming about an apocalypse timeline presented as a 3/4 view of one of those stupid iceberg memes, with normal shit like societal malaise at the top and some horrifying cosmic horror at the bottom, like something that looked like a bunch of cube cross sections that would cause extreme mental anguish if you looked through all of them at once and another image that was this enormous, amorphous thing half the size of the Earth labelled 'hairball' that emitted a vertical, needle-like laser that sheared through the planet and rearranged it into fucking Pangea. Then it jumped to me in church, where I haven't been in years, trying to decipher some colour-coded sheet music the priest dug up where the colours corresponded to the vocal ranges of a bunch of angels, which were mostly in the bass clef so I guess they're all men kek. The one most similar to my range was magenta and weirdly in the shape of picrel, the geometric figure known as Gabriel's Horn, only it was in 2D. A few more nights of this and I'll have enough material to start a doomsday cult.

No. 1116072

So I guess it's just a form of "sleep walking", but I sleep-sob. Like full-on breakdown crying like you're watching a shitty drama film. It used to freak my boyfriend out because he thought I was having somesort of super horrific nightmare, but the dreams are always super blasé. Like in one instance where I freaked him out and couldn't be woken easily, I had dreamt that my crappy purse was falling off a small fishing boat. Didn't even go that far in the dream and I still knew like "Oh, I can get that back."
Well last night, closer to 5am, I had one of those crying-fits and the dream was equally as lame. I had a dream that my friend didn't want to hang out with me even though the plans were vague in advance and the hangout was gonna be pretty boring. I apparently cried SO HARD over this slight rejection that I woke up to a soaked pillow and a swollen face. Feels so dumb.

No. 1117345

I walk around my familys backyard and I notice a lizard running from a paralyzed wet dog. I take the dog inside the garage to keep it safe. There's a cat I never noticed inside as well. There's a million flies coming from the garage closet and as I look closer it's a skinny ginger cat eating the corpse of another cat. The dead cat falls to the ground half eaten and the ginger cat starts growling at me. I wake up feeling distraught at the thought of those cats.

No. 1117370

that's horrifying and i didn't read that this was the dreams thread until i fully read your post. thank god this was only a nightmare.

No. 1117373

Embrace it nona. That sounds like a fun dream.

No. 1117403

My husband and I were visiting Portland to see if we would like to live there. We were walking around in the evening looking for a food truck and my husband saw a van and asked what they were making. They gave him a free Texas sandwich which he accepted because he wanted to see how Oregon people think a Texas sandwich tastes, but then once he had sandwich in hand, the guy dictated a review that my husband should leave on Instagram in exchange for the sandwich. He said "sorry to have to do this to you, but business is business." We don't use social media so my husband begrudgingly made an Instagram account while holding a fat sandwich in one hand so he could make the comment. Then the guy says he has another cool surprise for him, and had my husband place his hand on a cold flat object for about a minute. My husband said it was pretty cool. The van owner asked me if I wanted to try and I said no thanks because I don't drink. Then the guy in the van told him to check out the other van behind him, there was something even cooler back there, so we went to check it out. A green cartoon lady appeared by the trunk of the van and started to talk to us, which creeped my husband out but I thought it was kind of cool. Then the trunk flipped open to reveal a really fat white neckbeard that said "BOO!" My husband ran away like a chicken shit and both vans sped off. Since I was now alone and without sandwich I figured I'd check out some little stands nearby that were selling stuff on the street assuming my husband would come back when he calmed down. I was really disappointed in their selection because it was all the same Chinese garbage products with different branding the shop owners were trying to pass off as collector items or artisan made. I saw my friend in the crowd and asked her if she found any cool toys. She said nah everything she found was all bootlegs and that's why she doesn't shop there, nevermind the fact that none of us are from there. My husband found me and asked where I went, I told him "you're the retard that ran off!" But it was all good and we decided we were not moving to Portland. I never got a chance to try the Texas sandwich.

No. 1117608

>we decided we were not moving to Portland
Good call. I know it was just a dream but holding a sandwich captive for a review is a mild scenario compared to real Portland. Absolutely full of trannies, they/thems, diseased polyamorous freaks and the homeless population is out of control. Not only are the massive encampments an eyesore but they often harass people and act violently, and it's only getting worse.

No. 1118383

File: 1648737169359.jpg (18.99 KB, 640x640, tooth.jpg)

I finally had the tooth dream, dreams where your teeth fall out, but it was only one tooth, my favorite one. I felt like it was weird, my gums were itching and wiggled it & it came out in my hands. I woke up and had to check to see if it was real or felt loose irl. I think this was a wakeup call to visit the dentist

No. 1118387

I read this whole damn thing and didn't realize I was reading the dreams thread.

No. 1118429

You have a favorite tooth? What makes it better than the others?

No. 1118579

My bottom canine tooth is pointer than all my other teeth for some reason, I like that one. So I freaked out when I list it in my dream kek

No. 1119094

File: 1648783244476.jpeg (93.19 KB, 720x865, 4693F419-C6E7-489A-9066-33F1B8…)

i dont rlly remember this at the top of my head so i'll try to keep it as lightly as i can. just a few days ago, i had dreamt that 3 different people (don't remember any of their faces) shot me and it actually felt like it fucking hurt, like i could feel the back of my head in pain and i felt bullets that were lodged between my brain and skull, but for some reason it didn't kill me. i hated the thought of being kept alive in such an awful state so i begged someone to shoot me and they did and…i died? everything went black for a moment, then i stood up and saw my gorey, blown off head and my souless body. i think in that moment i was a ghost or some shit bc literally no one "saw" me after that lmao. i dont believe in the afterlife or any of that but now im paranoid as shit nonnas. are 3 people trying to plot my murder?? am i going to die soon?

No. 1119336

I dreamed that I had little bugs eating my feet, making holes in them. I looked closely and saw a bug in a hole and I screamed and I panicked and I tried to pry it out and then I woke up thankfully.
Then later I dreamed that I had a boyfriend and it was weird because he was asian and he was short and muscular but shaped weird, and he had long hair and a goofy face. But I thought he had a nice butt so I walked beside him with my hand on his butt? I didn't really like him, I was trying to convince myself I liked him.
And then the last thing I remember is I was washing my face and for some reason I was asian too. And I put on a cream on my face and it gave me blackheads and they grew bigger and bigger until they were each half a centimetre in diameter. I freaked out and I tried to squeeze them out. They leaked a grey goo. I yelled to ask my mom what's happening to me. That's all.

No. 1119785

File: 1648840995330.jpg (101.22 KB, 600x390, 2-ocelot-leopardus-pardalis-st…)

I had this little cat like creature, sort of looked like an ocelot but all black. I had to set it free in some field, maybe we were being chased but we had to run through the field really fast. As we were running it grew bigger and I could keep up with it. I wonder if this what people feel when they have familiars, though I'm not particularly attached to cats irl

No. 1120490

I had a sex dream with a coworker which really weirded me out because I'm not attracted to him, the dream was very detailed and for some reason a friend of mine was filming everything wtf. When I saw my coworker this morning I didn't feel anything for him which was relieving.

No. 1121138

I met Oli London in a large city in my country. He sounded really fucking retarded and gay.

No. 1121141

I was playing Yakuza Like a Dragon and Ichiban was literally one (1) meter tall.

No. 1121157

FYI that's like 3'4

No. 1121162

I fell asleep reading the Harry Potter thread on /m/ and dreamt of being bffs with Luna Lovegood.

No. 1121478

Had a dream that I was back in middle school and very deep into my emo phase. And my dad came to see me for Christmas and he said "uh, your sister told me you really like this band" and gave me a gift, and when I opened it it was the MCR binder. And I had to wear it to school to be polite because he was extremely proud of himself for getting me a thoughtful gift and I didn't want to hurt his feelings.

No. 1121535

File: 1648941472662.jpg (151.91 KB, 900x643, destert-bighorn-sheep-5028-ron…)

I've been too lazy to recall and write my entire dream lately, but today's dream ended with me leaving some house that resembled mine and my grandma's, and then riding a really cute and docile bighorn ram that was white with big reddish-brown spots (like cattle).

Also two of my husbandos appeared in the dream (or two people who looked and acted exactly like them) and someone (a friend?) asked me who I'd choose and I got legit upset and even wanted to cry, it was really dramatic for some reason, and I remember saying "because they're not real!" kek. I think it's the first time they've appeared in one of my dreams in some form.

No. 1121975

I dreamed that I was watching a movie about my husbando except because it was a dream I was seeing it from his eyes at one point, and he was in a supermarket, I think stocking up supplies for his next mission, but then I was back to being myself and I was watching the movie on youtube except youtube was like a place outdoors in the desert, with a screen that the video was being projected on, and the comments were people beside me commenting out loud. And the movie was now about my husbando's relationship with some lady that my brain made up, I wasn't jealous because I was happy to see him being romantic with someone, and because the lady looked like this lady that I look up to. I remember just one scene where the lady was kneeling in a forest amongst moss and dressed in clothes like mori-girl clothes, and my husbando kneeled in front of her and stroked her cheek, I thought that was so sweet and I wanted to post a link to the video on lolcow to sperg to my other husbandofags

No. 1121997

I just had a dream where the euphoria troon was saying he supported female separatism

No. 1122002

Did he include himself as "female"?

No. 1122004

No. 1122009

I believe so yeah, I was quite confused I think I asked how that would benefit him and if he imagined it would be "like a harem anime" where he would have many boyfriends. I have never watched anime. I think I need to spend less time on this site.

No. 1122010

As in when I asked that I was implying he would be with the men

No. 1122041

seeing from his weaboo cosplay pics, his overall disconnection of reality due to his trannyism, AND his homosexually male obsession, your dream really feels like something hunter schafer would say/do

No. 1122296

File: 1649006526720.jpeg (57.52 KB, 719x720, images.jpeg)

I had a dream where I was naked in a kitchen and there was these small ceramic cats. I put some oil in a pan to fry them. As I fried the ceramic cats, they started to come to life. Some turned into small turtles. I tried to pick one up, but I accidentally broke it tail and I thought I killed it. So, I started crying holding the cat near my chest. When I set it down, it started to breathe again. I gently placed it back into the oil to continue to fry it because apparently thats how they come back to life. After all of them started to wiggle, I put them on a paper towel covered plate and they ran off in a rocking motion. Afterwards I found myself realizing I have no idea who's kitchen I am in, but it's connected to the outside. When I looked up to the sky it was purple with clay pink stars that would move like one frame per second. There was a satyr playing a flute alone on the top of the hill. I looked back inside the kitchen and I noticed some of the ceramic creatures were crawling into my hair to sleep in. Then I woke up.

No. 1122491

File: 1649018992523.jpg (189.45 KB, 800x1131, __original_drawn_by_reengirl__…)

I dreamt I was living at some friends' house and the city was slowly sinking underwater. I kept begging my friends to get the car and drive up the mountain so we could be safe, but they just kept going about their regular life. Everyone in town only seemed mildly inconvenienced at not being able to leave the house to do stuff, even though the city was going down almost a whole storey a day.

No. 1123211

i smoke cigarettes in my dreams

No. 1123228

I wish i had dreams like yours

No. 1123269

I caught my boyfriend jerking off while calling some cheesy 1-800 number and he was all "but anon it's not porn, right? smirk smirk" kek it was so dumb.

No. 1123734

File: 1649107555677.png (178.25 KB, 540x540, tumblr_ec448206b7d4cdc50f9c73b…)

middle school friend and I were going on a trip and some creepy older guy sits next to us and starts flirting with her.
I try to shoo him away but things only escalate from there and we end up having a pokemon battle.

No. 1124110

File: 1649151886976.jpg (32.8 KB, 620x330, image.jpg)

I keep having this recurring vertigo dream where I'm at a cinema with a really steep seating arrangement. It always starts with me either at the bottom or near the bottom of theatre where the screen is and the floor slopes downwards. I'm trying my best to leave but every time I attempt to climb the stairs I get really dizzy and my body collapses under me. In the dream I keep trying again and again but any progress I make I always stumble back down the steps again.
Does anyone else get vertigo in their dreams?

No. 1125423

i had a dream last night that someone made a lolcow thread about me. it was in depth it had receipts it was EXTENSIVE. the the girls were ripping me apart i woke up so scared and had to check that it was in fact just a dream.

No. 1125477

Reoccuring incest dreams are happening again and it is making me suicidal. I wish my brain would stop. Worst thing is, I feel like I am at least half lucid in them. I want to kms.

No. 1125555

I've dreamed about being talked about here, too. It was scary.

I suggest taking it easy, it's just a random dream, right? There's nothing wrong with you.
When you stop worring so much about it, surely those dreams will stop. If you keep feeling like this they may not go away.

No. 1125662

damn.. i'm sorry for you. I have talked to my psychologist about nightmares, and he suggested rewriting the narrative. Try to search for it on google. I haven't tried it myself, so I don't know how it works. But it's worth trying at least.

No. 1125695

I dreamed that I was on a date with a friend, I keep dreaming romantic things about him, I don't like him he severely annoys me and I would sooner beat him up than be his girlfriend, but I've just never had a slightly close male friend like him so I dream about him.
I wish it could have been my husbando. I did dream about my husbando touching me once when I was on my period, he said it'd help my pain go away, god I hope that happens again best dream ever

No. 1125945

Dreamt my dream boyfriend gave me a call telling me something that was so boring I simply let him talking on the phone while I was doing something else, though I was still listening, just not responding. Then he started talking slowly, chanting some incantation in a language I don't understand in a very deep voice. I stopped everything I was doing and shouted at the phone "Jesus, thats demonic" and hung up.
Later I got a message from a guy that was way out of my league and he was clearly desperate, sent me a hundred messages asking me if he could be my boyfriend and why he would be a good boyfriend. I wrote some big ass text that made me look like a dork but didn't send, halfway through it I thought, "nah, that's definitely satan tempting me". Scary shit.

No. 1125979

File: 1649302138042.jpg (63.4 KB, 500x500, artworks-000182099593-cbrjk1-t…)

Update on this, had another tooth related dream, again involved loosing only one tooth. I unscrewed it from my head and screwed in another tooth in it's place. What does it mean?

No. 1125996

It mens brush your teeth more often

No. 1126798

After really long days of studying or studying right before bed I have dreams where I "am" the study material. I will be the lines in the text book or the lines of the graphs/diagrams being drawn down onto a notebook. The whole time there is just this feeling of unreleased tension and anxiety but I feel like when I wake up I've "processed" my learning more. This got really intense when I was studying japanese before bed because I would feel my dream body turning into kanji characters in a really painful and stressful way, lol

I've had this exact dream before! The whole theatre will start tilting downwards, sometimes until its fully vertical and I'm hanging on the seats with my hands. I think it's just stress.

No. 1126828

I had a dream today where we lived somewhere close to a river, I didn't want to talk to my mother and wanted to be alone, so I got as far away from her as possible even though she told me it was dangerous. I saw this hot tall purple-haired guy with his girlfriend. Then, next to some trees there were a bunch of animals that weren't real animals but still looked pretty similar. Some of them were birds and others were like goats or something (almost all of them white/gray). I took out some sort of device, a small white thing with light blue buttons, and with it I started to take photos of these animals like in Pokemon Snap. I even had to point that thing at the animals for a couple seconds for it to identify them, and try to take photos when they were doing something interesting.
Then I tried to go back home but I got trapped inside a small room with stairs outside. like a mini-fortress, and there were small houses surrounding it. This time I felt like I was inside a 3D Zelda game. Then, when I got out of that room, I tried to jump from its roof but I couldn't see where I would land. I landed between the ground and a slope, which caused the game to get stuck. I realized that no matter what buttons I pressed, the game would remain frozen, and that I hadn't saved since before I took the animal photos.

I raged so hard that I woke up, kek

No. 1127365

Now I can’t stop trying to picture what it would feel like to turn into kanji. That’s a really fascinating kind of dream.

I went to bed with a sore throat and it ended up in my dreams where it turned out my throat was sore because I’d been force fed insect eggs and at some point I felt them hatch, crawl through my throat and out of my mouth. I had tiny white soft bodied crab-like bugs climbing all over my face. I actually felt relieved because when it was over my sore throat was fine again.

No. 1127488

I dreamed that I was at the zoo next to some aquariums and there were rocks and pebbles on the ground, and someone was picking up the rocks and throwing them at the animal cages, and I grabbed them and told them to stop and pushed them against the wall, they hit their head and dropped dead. I called some of the staff at the zoo to tell them what happened and I was crying. Other people told me no, we will just say they tripped and hit their head, don't do this, and I said I don't care what anyone says, I will do what I think is right, I am prepared to go to jail. Then it ended

No. 1128232

Last night I dreamt lolcow was a physical place. It was like a cheap café mixed with a senior common room. I reconnected with an old school friend there(/here) and told her I was so happy she was a part of this.

If you’ve seen the Daria episode where she inadvertently starts an (OG) red scare at an internet café – the dream felt like the feminist version of that. There was hope in the air. Woke up feeling wistful.

No. 1128968

Last night I dreamt that I lived in a really large house with a bunch of people that I understood as my family (they didn't resemble my real family at all– not even by race) and Destiny was part of this family. I thought something was suspicious about Destiny. I tried to confront her in the upstairs living room, there was a balcony it was attached to that no one in the family was allowed on the balcony because the railing was too short to be safe. She kept gettign near the balcony doors, showing a clear desire to break this rule.
Before I could figure out exactly what she was hiding, several small fires had started around the house.
I grabbed a bucket of water and was able to ration out the water correctly so all the fires could be put out. However, the smoke coming off of the now smoldering spots was way too white and thick for a normal fire. By the time I had deduced that there was something chemically significant about these fires and that I should tell my family to evacuate the house, Destiny walked by me with a plastic bag over her face. The perfect gas mask.

My muscles were starting to become tense and wouldn't move as easily, so all I could say was motherfucker over and over again as she exited the house. The rest of my family was done for (I knew it wasn't fatal, but they would be knocked for a while), but I was able to break out of the back of the house despite my muscles burning in agony. In the part of the backyard I was at, I could crane my head and see the front yard. Destiny was walking away, trying her best to put on a wig with really long hair and gaudy highlights– her disguise –as casually as possible. Apparently the bystanders walking along the street couldn't tell how fake it was, but I could and that meant that I would have to be the one to catch her.

I need to stop watching Amberlynn reaction videos

No. 1128980

File: 1649519538187.jpg (28.42 KB, 400x612, b48f7defe843d1ec0f464a84b0eda4…)

Last night I dreamed that Spike was my boyfriend and I let him suck my blood

No. 1129965

Thought you were gonna say he sucked sumthin else..

No. 1130086

Dreamed Grimes was my friend and we had many pics together in ridiculous weeb clothing doing silly poses and I wanted to talk shit about her in her thread but I knew I was gonna get doxxed as soon as I posted the pics even if I cut the part where I appear because some of you fuckers reverse search every little shit we post here so I knew I was fucked either way because I wanted to talk shit about her so bad, it was stronger than me so I simply went "fuck it" and put all the trash I knew about her in her thread, along with pics none of you would be able to find in our secret instagram account if not for reverse searching, and I got the exact results I thought I would.. I got a thread about myself kek. I think it was called "grimmy grimes friend".
I don't even like grimes, so what the hell was that.

Also there was something about the yellow m&m's commiting suicide which made me very sad

No. 1130088

KEK I wish. But it was still a pleasant dream

No. 1130120

I dreamed that Gabe Newell finally confirmed that TF2 Pyro is and was always intended to be a cisgender man just like all the other mercs and said that flowery hats and purses don't make one any less of a man. Twitter took offence to that and called him a TERF and "Gabe Newell TERF" was trending and gendies asked for the boycott of Steam kek

No. 1130181

Best dream one could ever have! I’d let Spike suck my brains out

No. 1130466

I dreamed that I had lots and lots and lots of cheese at home, all sorts of varieties of cheese, and I was sad that it would expire before I could eat it, then I was in a city outside then going somewhere by train, then I exited the train and almost got run over by another train, then I came up to an animal shelter or something and there was like a chicken coop outside of it but there were strange creatures in it, I don't think they were real animals but I don't remember what they look like. Then I saw a table with clothes strewn over it and teenage girls looking at the clothes, the animal shelter was selling donated clothes to raise money. I dug through the pile and saw a shirt of my favorite band so I grabbed it like crazy and went inside to pay for it. Inside it was neat and white and pretty, while it was old and ugly outside. There were two ladies at the counter, and they started giving me money but I said "but I want to buy this I have to pay you money" and they said we're just joking, then I paid for my shirt and wanted to exit the building but I didn't because there was a guy … vacating his bowels in the way and I didn't want to be rude by looking at him so I entered another empty room and stared at the walls pretending that I was interested in looking at the walls

No. 1132044

File: 1649738965961.jpeg (132.57 KB, 540x781, AA61CFC3-A474-4958-BC2F-9EFD77…)

I love dreams, love dreaming, hoping for fun dreams tonight. Dream journal anons, what about parts you'd rather not write down? Do you skip an entry, censor details, or power through? For me, some things I don't want recorded. Additional info about journalling methods is welcome. Do you draw things from your dreams?

No. 1132047

>flowery hats and purses don't make one any less of a man
how I seriously wish people would say this

No. 1132048

that pic is so cute, source

No. 1132050

Boku ni hana no melancholy (apparently. I found it on pinterest)

No. 1132084

i had a dream that i could float and there were some mansions which were cut into mountains. the only thing showing were the various sizes of glass windows with some curtains open. i got curious and floated up into an abandoned one. it was where a small group of video game devs had been working. they were anonymous and in one small jewelry chest were various necklaces symbolizing who they were. they also had a food order slip of their favorite dish, with a somewhat cryptic paragraph of themselves. all of them were nice…except the last one. the last one admitted he raped his little sister and cut her arms off later to continue to do so. i woke up after that thinking what the hell??

No. 1132253

>be me
>fall asleep
>dream is nothing but trying to not fall down to gaps on stairs
>or get lost on the subway
What is my brain trying to tell me?

No. 1133933

File: 1649895705355.jpeg (54.42 KB, 750x473, 031DB783-79DA-46CD-A5FA-C6A336…)

Had a dream where I had a small white dog almost exact to picrel and I had some friends over at my apartment because we were getting ready to go out and we leave and as we’re in the elevator the dog comes running out of the apartment and barking at us which I thought was weird because I had locked the door. I go and put the dog back in my apartment and make sure to lock the door and as I head back to the elevator same thing happens, it comes out yapping and i’m getting frustrated because I know i’m locking the door. I walk back into the apartment and to make sure it doesn’t follow me anymore I throw what I thought were snacks on the floor and then realize they were coins so I start picking them up before the dog can get to them. As i’m picking up the coins I look up and realize the dog is barking at this one corner of my living room where I have this lamp and i’m very confused so I go and stand next to it. It keeps barking very aggressively and loud at that exact corner and then the dog fucking speaks in a deep male voice and says “Get out of this house” to the corner. I freaked out and woke at this part and for some reason I woke up feeling freezing cold. Very weird dream. Now that i’ve had time to think about it it’s kind of funny imagining this tiny white dog speaking in the deepest most intimidating male voice you can imagine.

No. 1133980

I have a dream journal in my notes and it’s filled with descriptions of dreams I wrote when I just woke up, I’ll copy and paste one here.
Had a dream that I was at Walgreens but the bag was a little aquarium in the middle section had all the devices and we accidentally fucked it all up. I was really really Emo and I was with these other two emo girls , we were going to go get something to eat but this weird guy kept following us. So we went back into Walgreens and ask this really cute emo guy to take us to Kroger. He ended up running over the weird guy and then crashing the car into a rock and me and him die. But we become cool ghosts

No. 1134070

I’ve been having dreams a lot where I’m trying to fly somewhere and get to the airport before they close the gate, or I’m at a theme park trying to get on all the intense rides. What’s wrong with me, nonnas?

No. 1134071

Is there something you're aiming for that you feel cut off from? A goal you want to reach? Or maybe, you lack one?

No. 1134073

Interesting dream, nonny

No. 1134074

or maybe, you have FOMO?

No. 1134095

My cat is a bit overweight (she's on a diet) and I had a dream the cause of her weight was that she was pregnant for months longer than she was supposed to be and gave birth to two fat 3 month old kittens and because of their size my cat died. Like I already feel bad about her weight gain but c'mon brain kek. She gained weight by pretending she couldn't jump on the counter anymore, she's old so I believed it. Then one day I come home to see her on the counter eating my younger cats food!

No. 1134186

File: 1649917840059.jpeg (18.3 KB, 275x183, 1D0AD6A6-B6A9-4EBB-9E0E-D8F7D2…)

Please don’t Read further if you’re not ready for a explicit dream scenario with JEFFREY BEZOS.

I just woke up from a dream where i had a thing with jeffrey bezos. But hear me out, it was so good in that dream. I currently have covid and my dreams are so wild i actually enjoy it because it’s so far off anything that i can ever imagine. He looked younger, less wonky eyed and basically his character was hot??? I swear this is the weird shit i love dreaming about. He was wearing a louis Vuitton perfume that doesn’t exist in real life UNFORTUNATELY but his smell was amazing. It started in a big room where i fell asleep and he woke me up saying its okay no worries in a very soothing voice, for some reason he was wearing a pastor outfit which was #hot and there was like a table he was sitting at and he said „come here“ and i sat on his lap, he chocked me slightly and teased me with a kiss. We’re still talking about the bald man jeff bezos. His outfit changed into a basic shirt and jeans, The room kinda warped and turned into a bedroom where we were in bed, fully clothed but like ready to get going. It went all very slow and he touched me very gently, no hands down any pants yet but it was very intense with kissing and all, i suddenly snapped and was like NO i have a boyfriend i can’t have sex with you that would be so weird but at the same time i thought well… but nothing happened. Then a blonde woman entered the room screaming, it was probably his wife or gf and i tried explaining why i was in bed with her man and i kinda ran out of there but jeff came out a few minutes later and drove me home and that’s it the rest isn’t as interesting. I woke up with that jeffrey bezos song by bo burnham in my head playing on repeat. I love my dreams, they make me feel something. Also it made me aware that i really still do like older men. Little daddys. Ugh. Now I’m thirsty for a rich old man.

Holy fuck i just searched jeff bezos hot on google and picrel came out of it and now i know why i think bald men are hot, i used to date one who ended up being a business man ugh.

No. 1134234

I dreamed that I painted a seriously epic painting and I was so proud, in the background there was a cliff of rocks all turning to magma so they had a faint red glow, and in the foreground there was a big green dragon lying down, its scales glowed red reflecting the light from the rocks, and its wings had a pattern like the sierpinsky triangle if you looked closely at them, and it looked so realistic that it was like a photo from far away. I took a photo of the wing of the dragon and submitted my image to a painting contest and I won, and suddenly I was mad that I took a photo only of part of the painting and not the whole thing for some reason

No. 1134238

ANON…… I wasn't ready

No. 1134245

come on Jeffrey you can do it pave the way, put your back into it!

No. 1134248

That sounds like a really scary dream, but I love that your cat is so crafty kek. Clever girl!

No. 1134956

File: 1649963853740.png (229.98 KB, 565x385, bezo milkers.png)

i think he has sensitive nipples. why are they erect with nothing touching them but the fabric of his sultry shirt

No. 1134962

Don’t steroids give you constantly hard nipples? He has gotten really buff lately in a short space of time.

No. 1135413

Had a dream I was a cult leader even though I only had two followers, one of them looked like paul dano. I’m not even a danofag, i think it was just a result of seeing him a lot around here kek. I knew how to levitate somehow and had my own helicopter. Woke up to the depressing reality, take me back

No. 1136417

Dreamed brendan fraser was fighting evil with some crazy withcraft, he was going to some sort of temple made of ice and porcelain, I think mickey mouse was helping him to get there cus mickey has keys to everywhere cus he is fucking rich and owns everything. anyway I was on my phone as always, and was checking on brendan fraser sometimes because I was officially a witch so he kinda had borrowed my powers to fight evil, cus only him could save the world cus… he fights mummies I guess so he is well versed in the occult and I didn't want to do it cus I didn't have my sword.
So, my phone starts making calls on its own. I caught my phone calling some french service idk what it was about, then my phone called someone in zimbabwe and I was getting worried at this point so I searched on google "my phone is making calls on its own" and other variations of this, I got results that said my phone was cursed, so I thought about calling brendan so he could help me but I gave up on the idea cus brendan just sent me a message about how he is stuck in the porcelain temple thanks to the zombies and how mickey is fucking useless, so I had to fix it on my own. In the end I figured my phone wasn't really cursed but some moid had remote access to it and was pranking me and that was paul dano. I told paul that brendan was coming to get him and I threw my phone at him. Damn you paul dano.

No. 1138025

Trevor Philips was my yandere boyfriend. He did look cleaner and claimed he had improved and that he wanted a family with me. It was however one of the best resting sleeps I've had in days.

No. 1138046

>levitation & helicopter
I like that dream you had options.

No. 1138095

File: 1650207421138.jpg (38.7 KB, 567x453, ErRj60GVcAAhIYB.jpg)

Dreamt I was at a guys house looking to get laid. This guy seemed to be heavily based on a guy I see irl around my town sometimes. He gives off the vibe of having something a lil off about him but not in a threatening way.

In the dream I bump into him at a nearby bus stop, somehow end up back at his place. I haven't had sex in so long that I just want to get it done so why not with him? But his house is like crazy hoarder chaos. I start to notice the things he's saying sound schizo too. He outright tells me he's had episodes in hs past. Tells me his life story and it's alot. I'm trying not to judge. I still want him to just shut up and get me laid before I change my mind. I butt in and tell him I want to fuck. End scene.

Gonna feel weird the next time I see that guy around town.

No. 1138347

File: 1650228112450.gif (967.42 KB, 500x300, tumblr_mtcvie2Epu1rcdt8so1_500…)

I had a dream I was in a relationship with Ezra Miller. He was his current age, but still looked as good as in picrel. Maybe more mature.
I remember constantly hugging him because I was in love and couldn't believe that he was with me, that he was real. It felt so warm. I turned into my needy and clingy self. DreamEzra made me promise him that if he breaks up with me, I will not kill myself (I have assumed that if it happened, he would be the one to initiate the break-up due to his Hollywood career and needing to travel). I asked him if he's planning to break up with me and he said that no.
I trusted him for some reason.
We have visited my parents, ran some errands for my grandma and it was sweet. Then I have noticed that his right hand is fucked up. He only had three fingers. My parents felt bad for him and mentioned some car crash he was in. I felt weird about them knowing about it and not me. I was spooked but didn't care about the deformed hand, I just decided not to look at it much. Then it hit me that I've read about him choking the woman and terrorizing Hawaii and I ended up feeling horrified. He was kind to me all the time and extremely patient, but I knew that there is this monster on the inside. I was paralized by fear, and yet I still loved him. I wanted to believe that the violence wasn't him, just some bullshit gossip.
The dream/nightmare ended up before anything has been resolved. I 100% blame the celebricows pic that I see every night before I fall asleep.

No. 1138352

i hope this isnt one of those prediction dreams and ezra actually gets into a car crash irl.

No. 1138355

File: 1650228771998.gif (390.13 KB, 300x284, C47874C2-9013-4FE7-9A82-C42647…)

Anon I want a dream about being in a relationship with Ezra when he looked like this too

No. 1138372

apparently teeth falling out is the most common dream. I've never had it even once. what does that say about me?

No. 1138375

I've had it a few times and it's meant to be about insecurity, stress, fearing our own mortality, aging, vulnerabiliy.

You're either feeling secure in life or you might just not remember your dreams on those nights. afaik we only remember a small number of our dreams.

No. 1138409

God I hate those dreams. It’s always my front teeth too kek

No. 1138425

File: 1650232368336.jpg (219.79 KB, 1422x750, Timmy!.jpg)

I dreamt I was in the Witcher universe, and Timothe (sp?) was his Dune character who warped space & time and ended up in my universe and we fell in love.

Now I simp for Timmy.

No. 1138442

Not the bezo milkers Fuck
Yeah i still think about that dream and won’t delete that jeff pic fron my phone

No. 1138451

My dream is old but it's my most memorable and i'm not sure what to make of it. In 1 dream I fell in love over the space of about 2 weeks with someone who looked like Benedict Cumberbatch (who I didn't have a crush on at all, but he was popular at the time). We had to spend time together for some reason (I think project partners?) and he slowly grew on me. He was cheeky and charming and the weird thing was that I really felt that passage of time, one day turning into another, my feelings changing. The dream felt like reality and slowly as I got to know him more my heart grew fonder. Then once I was fully in love and I looked at him and I knew he was the one, and I knew he felt the same, I woke up.

And it was like a full on shock to the system. It felt like I had awoken from a coma, not only did this really detailed environment not actually exist, but someone I loved didn't exist. I was just stumbling about trying to process it, it was like he really died and I felt the absence, I was crying because my heart really hurt. I thought I could transplant it onto the real Benedict but obviously he was very different from the persona I had created and I felt nothing.

I suppose the whole dream was so extended, mundane and cohesive that I never questioned it wasn't reality for a moment and I fully fell into it. I've never had anything like it before or since and I'm wondering if anyone here has ever had the same.

No. 1138493

I dreamt that a troon caught me smoking native cigarettes and reported me to the police. A policeman then tried to arrest me and take away my phone to have proof of being a transphobe. I managed to run away home and tried to discard all the evidence.

No. 1138497

I also always dream about Timothee Clamidya. Always a sex dream too. Lol

No. 1138685

I can't remember anything, but I remember looking at my right hand and there were little spikes coming from it. I touched them and I realized its was like a thread/cable and I plucked them. It didn't hurt at all, but I was confused.

I still can't understand it

No. 1138749

I was on the official forums for a nonexistent Ryu Ga Gotoku MMORPG in the middle of a massive playerbase backlash because SEGA had just confirmed that none of the canon character NPCs would ever be sexable.

No. 1138940

I dreamt that JK Rowling got stabbed by a crazy troon, I'm pretty sure I made a mix between the constant tranny shit and a famous guy in my country dying by stabbing in prison recently. I still went to check KF when I woke to see if it really was a dream kek.

No. 1138976

I have recurring nightmares in which either there's a thread about me in /snow/ or I doxxed by lolcow discords. This is despite me having 0 internet presence aside from a discord account. I love you nonnas, but fear you just as much it seems.

No. 1139088

File: 1650294239990.jpg (17.36 KB, 300x300, s-l300.jpg)

I had a dream I went tp the dollar store and found these really fucking cute mugs with like 3d character faces and themed tops to match. I couldn't believe they were only a dollar so I got a bunch of them. Now I'm awake and sad they don't exist and can't find anything similar

No. 1139135

I've had a couple of dreams about being doxxed or just discussed here on lolcow, on 4chan or on another imageboard I've been to. It was horrible, I felt like they were going to bring up old drama or start new drama at any moment, but it never happened.
>SEGA had just confirmed that none of the canon character NPCs would ever be sexable.

No. 1139627

When I took a nap in the afternoon I had a dream where I and some fucking nerd were rivals and I wanted to hatefuck him. He hated me and I hated him so I hit him a lot and I think we were about to kiss. After that I was inside a weird trippy videogame.

No. 1139663

File: 1650340624064.jpg (128.91 KB, 1500x1398, 6000200339632.jpg)

Kind of like this nonnie? But like her hat would be a lid hehe

No. 1140273

Kinda, one was like a hamster thing and flowers on the top. I will have to make them irl now, I neeeed these cups so bad

No. 1141863

Had a dream my bf started hanging out with some troon that started turning him against me (kek I was reading mtf thread before I got ready for bed.) The troon was in our house and wouldn't leave and my bf said it wasn't up to me and that he was his guest. It turned into a huge fight and to calm down I took a shower. I had to call my bf to bring me a towel since I forgot and when I opened the door the troon was standing behind him smirking and trying to get a peek and they both threaten me with violence. I called the cops and my bf left and then the cop tried to fuck me and wouldn't take any of my complaints seriously. My boyfriend proceeds to just ignore me after that. Won't help with rent, cats, anything. I'm going BPD desperate in my dream trying to get him to acknowledge me and get closure but he keeps blowing me off and then I woke up feeling sick to my stomach.

Without the ridiculous subject matter the dream really reminded me of when I was a kid and not having any control or having anyone believe me. That's what the feeling I felt in my stomach when I woke up.

No. 1144019

I slept from 11pm to 4pm. I dreamed I was with my bf and we got to sing to Britney Spears Break the Ice, the floor was like a gym mat but cushier and I was in socks and couldn't walk well? My bf got to do a singing part and I had to go up on this cushy platform and do the moves while watching this Just Dance type screen telling me what moves to do. And they noticed I was slipping before I got near the stage and they asked if I was ok and I said yeah but I fucking wasn't, I botched the routine so bad and they even ended the song early and hustled us off but we still got to meet Britney and she was really nice to me

No. 1144458

I dreamt that I was on some kind of large cruise and there was a party going on and my sixth grade class was all there, but grown up even if I haven't seen them in absolute years. I ended up crashing the party with some teachers, and for some reason we found a dusty old box in the corner and it was filled with old CDs from the 90s. So we started shouting "hey who wants these" at everyone and waving them around and everyone looked at us awkwardly and were getting really irritated because we were killing the vibe. I think we wrecked their party kek

No. 1144956

Dream 1: chasing Paul Dano in a mall, he would be playing a different role each time I saw him (I'm not even that big of a Danofag). Wanting to keep my hands clean to eat some plums while I try to climb up a ladder to peacefully eat my plums in a small "cave-like" room in the walls of a clothes store.
Dream 2: an evil creature, coffee, a talking cat, my aunt trying to criticize something I did. Then playing Pokemon irl with some girl, we were pretending to be trainers in Galar and having a Pokemon battle on a stage. Then we had to stop for a while to look up what the ability "Synchronize" did, although I was sure that it passed your pokemon's status condition to the attacker, I just wanted to make sure (my team's first Pokemon, Gardevoir, had it) but on Bulbapedia every generation's description was completely different, and the article was full of references to competitive Pokemon memes that I didn't understand. It seemed like the page hadn't been updated in more than a decade.

No. 1148687

For the second time in my life I dreamt about being a man and having a dick. The first time I just jerked it, I guess? and woke up feeling annoyed about the needless clean up and this time I dreamt I slept with a skinny dark haired woman. I don't know what to make of this, I'm repulsed by men and I'm fine being a woman. I've already had many dreams about women, just sleeping with and being in love with ones I dreamt up, but this is the first time it's been like that

No. 1150571

We're driving to a new place. I'm not sure if it's a holiday, or we're moving house, but my mum is driving in the front, telling me that we're having a new start, and I feel hopeful as the sparkling ocean is rising up into my field of vision. We are driving along the edge of a cliff fringed with dark forest, and rocky spikes like towers interrupt the soft lapping of the waves. It feels like a new, peaceful chapter.

Then I notice something swaying in the trees, in the forest it's almost too dark to see it's form. From tree branches a couple of corpses are swaying from a noose. A blonde woman, and a man. I want to tell my mum that the corpses are there but it doesn't really come out of my mouth and I feel like I shouldn't mention it. I choose to pretend they're not there. And then again, after driving along a bit, another corpse is hanging from the branches- as if a small gathering of the dead has come to give me a ceremonious and eerie greeting.

No. 1150805

I dreamed of being with my brother in the forest and I saw an old abandoned stone house and said "Wow I would love to have a house like that, let's go inside!" The house was covered in ivy and moss and the door was very big and art deco style, inside there was a hall with stairs, a cozy kitchen to the left, and to the right there was a room with a water mill wheel, and everything was dusty and ruined, there was a bowl with trinkets in it, and I pulled two brooches out of it which looked exactly like two brooches I have except ancient looking, and I was telling my brother this is amazing we have to tell some historian about what we found, this is how people used to live hundreds of years ago, then I saw a bottle with 2019 written on it, and then there were some people outside and now the house was on the beach instead, and the people were telling us "What are you doing here? This is our neighbors' house, they left on holiday, why are you inside?" And I said "We thought it didn't belong to anyone, it's old and ruined, we were just looking around" and they said "You probably took their food, let's call the police" and then I woke up

No. 1150854

File: 1651081136511.png (247.39 KB, 420x334, prophecy.png)

I dreamt I woke up to LC having a board-wide spam party posting celebratory gifs with posts like ''24-25 new admin new server'' or something along the lines of.

No. 1150889

This is the prophecy. You are the chosen one.

No. 1150895

File: 1651082545189.gif (4.92 MB, 498x278, confetti-celebration.gif)


No. 1153537

File: 1651156575065.jpg (24.96 KB, 486x434, 645.jpg)

I had a dream I was talking with someone from here (maybe from the FF thread?) and she posted a little collage of all the stuff I told her about that I liked & wrote 'This is for my LOLCOW girlfriend' I thought it was so adorable but kinda cringe and now I'm sad I have no lolcur gf

No. 1155939

Today I dreamed that my neighbor had three horses, two were light brown and small and had hair poorly dyed magenta, and they were ornery, one horse was like a friesian but dark grey with a white stripe on the nose. It could do tricks and it was wearing a white wool coat, you know like those medieval knights' horses had, except it was white and thick wool, and the lower edge was serrated, but not like a saw, like a square wave.
Yesterday I dreamed of a black star shaped flying object, and I ran outside to see it, but it was gone and the sky was all dark cloudy purple and orange, and there were flakes of ash flying around, and there was purple lightning, and my neighbors were plucking chicken.
I also dreamed of some woman trying to sell me some awful, awful ugly dresses, and my roommate being sad because she spent fifty thousand dollars on a handbag and now she was in debt.

No. 1155968

File: 1651325629094.jpeg (61.17 KB, 440x641, kdlang.jpeg)

I have this reoccurring nightmare about this guy I used to know hunting me down and murdering me. It always follows the same formula. I call the cops and they don't believe me, run outside and scream for help and everyone ignores me, then I start banging on doors but nobody answers and then he gets me and stabs me to death on some random doorstep.

BUT lastnight when I knocked on a door this woman who looked like young KD Lang answered and she was very concerned and invited me inside. She sat me down on her couch and called the cops for me and then held my hand while we waited. She told me she wasn't going to let anyone hurt me and then I woke up. It was nice, kinda felt like a guardian angel or something invaded my dream because I've had that nightmare dozens of times and it always ends with me dying.

No. 1157022

Today I dreamed that we had like 2 new cats but this time I didn't feel any sort of guilt or sadness over my two cats that died, I had fully moved on (sometimes I dream that my first and oldest cat is still alive and fine and I'm surprised and cry when it happens in a dream, she died in my arms).
Then it was three cats. I was feeding them all, their food also had little flower-shaped freen/white/blue things that looked like candy but apparently they were treats for the cats, I still wasn't sure if I should give it to them because I was afraid it would be harmful for them, so I took them out.
Anyway, later a bunch of other cats started appearing. Those weren't supposed to be our cats, but I was super happy there were so many cats around me and started feeding them.

No. 1157245

I envy that you have a KD Lang guardian angel

No. 1159699

Some time ago I had this series of crazy dreams that feel like they should've been one long story and I have no one to tell about so here it comes a bunch of shit that I hope makes some sense:

In the first one I was from this elite swordsman group and we were a very old group, like something that existed for hundreds of years and we initially served these people that got mad powers, like, they were really powerful, could make things out of nothing, some reality altering powers I suppose and they were supposed to serve humans and keep the peace. Think of the last airbender, and just like the avatar there was just one of that type of person each time, so when the person with said powers died, they would almost immediately reincarnate and we were supposed to find them and keep them safe and train them until they came of age to "serve humans", which was basically protect us from the monsters and other races (giants, elves and some weird ass people that looked like aliens with animal parts) who were way more powerful than us and also not let us destroy each other.
So this powerful dude got all weird one day and started erasing everyone that opposed him, reshaping the world, dunno how to explain that but it made things awful, like, he created a bunch of new types of monsters that were completely unnatural to our world, they didn't even looked like they belonged that reality, so, the other races got really mad at us for "disrupting nature" or some other bullshit and told us to do something about it. I think they were just envious they didnt had a chosen one and this was the perfect excuse to get rid of it, but alright, the guy was crazy and after some really cool battle we defeated him and he was reborn.
We knew where to go because after he was slain there was this beautiful light in the sky travelling to where his "soul" or whatever would be born again, something like that. So we just followed the light and asked around.
The people in the dream, the other swordsmen never said anything about killing the kids, they called it something else but I don't remember what, but it was quite obvious what we were doing.
So the sky would get these nice lights every now and then. There was passage of time because some kids were older than infants, I remember seeing a pre teen girl. Anyway, we had some really nice armor, blue and silver, really cool and I got a sword that looked like it was made of gold and it had some type of stone that would change colors sometimes.

Second dream had me waking up in a swamp in the middle of a very scifi looking town, with flying cars and all that shit but people dressed looking like that typical medieval crap you see in the movies but everyone wore nowadays drag makeup. The sky had what looked like many colorful shooting stars leaving a bright light trail after them.
I had this huge cut in my stomach but I was bleeding dirt. My hand was like, fused with this metal glove I had that didn't match my armor and my sword was corroded by rust and I found it stuck in mud not very far from where I was laying. The metal glove had a stone but it wasn't round, looked like some common rock with all the edges, very uneven and it was dark green and purple, very beautiful. I had a creepy silver mask and I don't remember how I was able to see my reflection but my face was half decomposed, there was some dirt mixing up with my skin and the parts that were just my skull. I woke up for real shortly after that.

The third dream was about this witch that could change appearence by kinda possessing other people, dunno how to explain but it was disturbing as hell because the other person would get very skinny and look.. idk.. liquified until all it was left was skin which the witch would wear. She did it mostly to men, so every now and then she had a different appearence but we knew somehow it was her.
She was like the president or something of this place since like forever and the place was very high tech, flying cars, weird metallic structures that would move by themselves shaping the town in different new ways every time we were there. It looked very futuristic and magical at the same time. I wish I knew how to describe everything.
So we went to this crypt to help this dude who had magic powers.. many people had magic powers, I had too but mine were shit, but this kid was like the chosen one or so we were told, he saw a statue of the old chosen one in this high tech town and kept saying it was him in his past life. The witch president told us to go to the crypt so he would be able to get his full powers or something like that. She said the crypt was sealed but we opened easily enough just by touching it.. so once we were in there we got separated and someone was locked in a room with a bunch of stone golems, someone was in a room that had some type of puzzle and they had to solve it so we could get out. I got locked in a room with the chosen one and the room was flooding, so after we gave up trying to open the door we swimmed through this tiny passage and we found this other room and a kid sleeping in what looks like the most uncomfortable bed ever, all made of stone and it was the chosen one kid from the statue. He woke up and started fighting us without saying anything but we managed to calm him down and leave the crypt with the others. The crypt kid said it was impossible to have two chosen ones at the same time and we were lying about everything. This kid was very old, like, he looked like a teen, about 15, 16.. but he talked about stuff that didn't exist anymore and would get angry everytime we told him some person was probably dead cus he was talking about shit that happened like, hundreds of years ago. The witch president was probably his mom because she treated him in a very motherly way but she was that type of mother that doesn't like seeing her son getting a 'no' and she later sent us to prison for the heinous crime of upsetting him kek

No. 1170378

File: 1651923617619.jpg (80.76 KB, 600x849, fa285f34b433320621952f1556625f…)

You know you're a bit too much into Golden Kamuy when you dream about your siblings fighting over the "family heirloom": An Arisaka Type 38, original from the turn of the last century.

No. 1170418

I dreamed this combo on LC, specifically on the Positivity thread:

>"Do you guys want to see something fluffy?"

>Well yeah, post it
>Nonna proceeds to post a pic
>It's a pic of a very round, small fluffball, no eyes, no nose or legs, just fluff
>"It isn't cute??"
>Anon wtf is that
>Nonna gets defensive
>"THAT?? What's wrong with you?? Rude"
>Anon…It literally has no eyes, for real, wtf is that thing?
>Nonna loses it
>Starts spamming more pics of that thing but photoshopped in different settings, like a beach or New York
>Gets banned by farmhands

No. 1171093

File: 1651964534574.jpeg (34.04 KB, 253x320, 2B62130D-6F64-409A-9DD0-B7BBD3…)

You weren’t dreaming, you were astral projecting into another dimension where the conversation took place.

No. 1171266

I just had a dream half-asleep, where I was reading a thread and watching videos about an old incident during a competitive Pokemon tournament final, in which someone accidentally showed a sexual message to the whole audience live. It said something about sex toys. I thought it was hilarious.

No. 1171581

That's so cool

No. 1171662

File: 1652011398007.jpeg (218.15 KB, 1100x800, DE487C31-8C5F-4081-AD44-F186A0…)

Sounds like a Tribble

No. 1173222

I had a dream with lots of stuff going on. In no particular order I remember being in a motel with my husbando and we were sneaking around as I was trying to take my laptop back from someone's room who I lent it to (is lent the past of lend? I hope so), then I was lucia from KMFDM and sascha and I were playing villains in some very cheap movie, then I dyed my hair blue with pink streaks, put on a black beanie and sang "I'm blue dabadi dabadie"; then I was riding a fantasy steed on a mountain, I had to climb up the north side of the mountain, and I saw a mother and daughter with their steed of a different fantasy kind, it was lying down as if in pain and my steed started licking its face to ease its pain. Then I realized the steed wasn't hurt, the mother and daughter brought it here because they wanted to set it free. Then it spoke to the daughter: " I will stay here, as long as you arrive here every midnight and I get to see your delicious naked body" and the women were like yes yes of course and I was like EEEWWWWWWWWWWWWWW fucking pedo creature, then I was in class except there was some different teacher and the subject was not something I study, the teacher was a bit sleazy and I hated him and how he hovered over me, I couldn't solve the problems in the workbook, one question was "what substance is found as solid, liquid and gas in nature? But not viscous liquid." and I said isn't the answer water, and the teacher said no it's lithium. Then he touched my cheek and I tore his hand away angrily. Then I remember being home and seeing a mountain close by, I was amazed and decided to go to the mountain, and I passed through some beautiful modern houses on my way, as I was inside one house I imagined my husbando and me living there, except I couldn't quite imagine him, he was like a ghost. Then a child who lived in the house appeared and I took care of her, and when her parents showed up I realized I was a ghost because only the girl could see me, but not her parents. Then the last thing I remember is my hubando lying down as I lowered myself onto his cock and I was a bit apprehensive because it was my first time but I moved around a bit and it felt really good and I woke up to find myself grinding against my bed. Goddammit

No. 1173252

I don't recall the exact circumstances of how we ended up working together but I was travelling between safe houses with this dimension-hopping schizoid bounty hunter guy and we went around shooting these weird zombie like creatures that spawned whenever reality started to warp too hard. He taught me to look for slackjawed people who were shuffling around with an odd, purple bruise/burn on one side of their face. The way to tell if it really was one of them was if no one reacted to them being shot, because they were just outside of most peoples' perception when they spawned and we had to take them out before they became a bigger threat. They showed up in one of the safehouses where we were staying while he was in the middle of explaining how our weird futuristic milsurp kits were supposed to work, so we followed their trail to some upscale mall where a bunch of them had already spawned. I ended up shooting what I thought was a civilian because people were horrified at her being shot, but he reassured me that it really was one of 'them' that was just further along and was starting to become noticed by people. He must have been right because we managed to leave the scene without being apprehended by the police. Afterwards when we got back to the safe house he was so shaken up he started eating raw protein powder (apparently the flavours get weird for a while after 'they' show up) while watching TV to recover. In between all this weird dimension-teleporting zombie shooting shit were some honestly cute scenes of me bonding with this bounty hunter guy, including him being mildly impressed I already know how to shoot pretty accurately, taking me to this cool outdoor bouldering spot because I mentioned that I missed climbing (which is something I do irl), and letting me fall asleep with my head on his shoulder while we waited for reality to return to normal after the last incursion of the things. He kind of looked like that one photo of younger Henry Rollins with long hair, so my subconscious has good taste I guess.

No. 1173258


No. 1173268

Don't go to page 2 nona!

No. 1174985

I had a dream that I bumped

No. 1176662

I dreamed that I cuddled a lioness because it's basically a big kitty. She purred, she was soft and warm. I was still pretty afraid.

No. 1176706

I had a nightmare about a pedo I've dealt with in the past. He was such an annoying pedantic prick and I'm sure he was a 4chan scrote, but I didn't know what 4chan was at the time since I was just a kid. Why did he have to invade my dreams?

No. 1181090

Lori Lewd rang the call center where I work. She wasn't mean, just pathetic and lonely and entitled. Over the phone I taught her how to torrent and explained browser cookies. She downloaded an expansion pack for The Sims. The next days she came to visit me at work, and it was so awkward to have her sitting around distracting me, but I felt sorry for her and didn't want to turn her away. Then when my boss found her loitering in the office I got in trouble.

No. 1184488

I dreamed that I was humping 2x's thigh and groping elsie's thigh. I'm not gay so I didn't do it beacuse I wanted to or enjoyed it I just thought I have to do this so I don't disappoint everyone. What does this mean.

No. 1187800

I had a dream of going to the supermarket and encountering Christoph Waltz, of all people, getting a blowjob from my former male classmate, right in front of the tomato section (!). After that, he went around bothering people, reciting poetry and blowing up at the customers telling him he's not a real actor. He was having a complete breakdown. He looked botched as hell, too, even though I dont think he's had that much plastic surgery.
This was all pretty funny since irl he's probably one of the chillest actors out there imo.

No. 1189458

I dreamed that I took my computer to my aunt's house, and some fucker (my cousin's husband/fiancé, who doesn't exist irl) installed Microsoft Office 2025 on it, even though I already have LibreOffice. That pissed me off so much. It took me a while to uninstall it.
I also saw a very early version of SpongeBob, in which he went to normal school with human kids. Before all of this, I trespassed on some private property, and tried not to get caught. That was exciting.

No. 1189671

I dreamed that I was painting with oil on canvas an anime looking wizard guy with pink spiky hair, and he had a purple-yellow cape with the collar standing up like vampires have, and in front of him were floating mice glowing pink and the painting was all full of levitating mice because he was a mouse wizard and his power was levitating the mice, and I thought this is great this painting is gonna sell for so much money.

No. 1189875

I dreamed that I was renovating a house when a hobo came scuttling down the chimney. I screamed and he wriggled back up again fast like a salmon demon. I'm pretty sure this has to do with seeing a mouse in my apartment.

No. 1190765

Dreamt that there was an austin powers sequel where scott evil was behind the transgenderism crap in order to destabilize the american government and become president of the world, though that was all number two's idea (the hot one). Austin powers didn't do shit but "yeah baby" me and frau farbissina had an airship for some reason and was yelling like always (best part).

No. 1191252

File: 1653147899064.png (475.89 KB, 622x386, dreamyocean.PNG)

i keep having dreams that occur in the same house in the same place, but it's not a real house and it's not a place i recognize. the house is at the end of a street near the ocean (the dream house is the closest one to the ocean), and the street goes uphill towards the ocean. the beach itself is much steeper than a sand beach can be and the waves are incredibly tall. you can see them from the road that the street comes off of if you go past the street to the left (facing the ocean), to where the beach isn't blocked by the houses anymore.
dream usually starts out as something else, but then at some point i'm walking through the house looking for something or someone.
the house is always different. one time it was all made of wicker (like the furniture material), another time it was more like a boring burger house (plaster walls, gray/beige carpets, white trim and fixtures).
traveling through the house is like going through a magic carnival fun-house. it's much bigger than it could possibly be, with many rooms and stairways that join at weird points. sometimes i go up a stairway and have to crawl through a tiny door, or i find a toilet on a pedestal in a hallway, or there's a sitting room that curves like a wrap-around porch, and the "sitting area" collection of furniture (sofas, tables) is repeated a bunch of times.
if there were other people in the house, they all seem to disappear once i start the "searching" part of the dream. it's just me in the house, wandering aimlessly.
the house and the beach always feel intensely familiar when i'm awake, and in the dream it feels like "i live here" or maybe "my very close friend lives here."
the reason i know about the beach and the layout of the streets outside the house are because in some of the dreams, i arrive at the house from somewhere else. sometimes walking up the hill the street is on, sometimes riding in the passenger seat of a car (on the house/ocean-side of the car). from the outside the house just looks like a normal beach-adjacent house.
also, occasionally, (maybe this isn't the same dream, but the house is in it, so idk) instead of wandering around inside the house, i go past it and go to the beach instead. the ocean terrifies me but i go swimming anyway because everyone who is seems to be doing ok. the house looks tiny from down in the water.

i wonder if i'm remembering a place my parents lived when i was an infant but i don't know if that's possible. i also have dreams that take place in homes i did live in at some point, but they're not as consistent.

No. 1191298

File: 1653150347939.png (234.43 KB, 810x848, imageedit_1_5825268414.png)

I dreamt that I had to write my math finals again (or rather, for the first time, because I didn't have to take math finals due to my school subject combinations). Enough students had to re-write their finals to fill up an entire class. A girl from middle school sat on my left and had to re-write English, and a guy from my high school class sat to my right, but I have no idea what he had to do. The girl next to me forgot her entire pencil case, so I lent her a pen, and I forgot spare ink cartridges, so the boy next to me had to lend us some. They were giant, and I struggled for a bit to even put them in. Then I started to take my math final. I got a text about some lizard and had to calculate everything in it's life, starting from the amount of flies it'll eat over its life span down to the volume of it's entire body (with and without its tail). I'm terrible at maths, so I failed and instead just colored in the lizard (there was a picture of the lizard). In the end I was embarrassed about spending all 270 minutes on coloring in the lizard, so I tried to hide what I did. I tried to get rid of the color by using ink eraser, but it didn't work, and using a normal eraser didn't work either, because I realized Oh right, I used felt tip markers. I tried to erase it with the eraser once more, because what else was I supposed to do, but it obviously didn't do shit, so I slowly had a mental breakdown and started crying and hyperventilaing. Everyone else was done and going home while I was trying to de-colorize this stupid ass lizard. My math teacher (it was my math teacher from middle school, though during the test we got supervised by my pedagogy teacher) judged me for coloring in my lizard when I handed her the pale-green work sheet with nothing but that on it.

No. 1191330

Had a bizarre dream where it was like I had a band on the back of my head. Felt like wearing a head band but as I went through (I guess I worked at retail store) it got heavier and warmer and became clear it was coiled under my skin.
Towards the end I started digging my hands in my hair only to find this hot metal wire running fused along the base of my skull.

No. 1191350

I'm always having dreams about-
- My mom trying to kill me
- My brother bullying me and my mom not doing anything about it.
>> Disgusting sexual dreams
>> Dreams about me taking care of a cat or fish, them being killed or treated badly. I had one dream where I had three cats, two of them just disappeared and the other one, a orange one was like a matted sticky mess. Hiding under the dresser.

When I tried to feed it, it kept running away. I also have dreams of dirty fish tanks that I don't want to clean but my fish are suffering. These dreams happen constantly and I wonder what they mean. I don't own a cat or a fish. I love cats.

No. 1196119

I wrote a long ass post yerterday venting about my ex, getting things off my chest from ages ago. I never had anyone in my life I could confide that stuff to at the time. Well I went on to dream about him for the first time in ages lastnight so fuck me that backfired lol

I was still with him in the dream and we were still having the same issues. The power dynamic between us was way off being healthy or balanced and I was walking on eggshells afraid to open my mouth without carefully thinking everything out first. We were out somewhere like a conservatory style cafe with glass ceilings and sunlight shining through. I was stopping and double-checking everything I was thinking of saying to make sure it wouldn't set him off. Then for some odd reason I was thinking about pregnancy trapping him and playing dumb when it happened. Like I was planning on lying about beng on the pill still and I was going to initiate alot of sex. Now irl I've enver wanted a kid for even a second and especially not with him. Even when we were at our best I was acutely aware he's not someone you want to parent with.

So I was just sitting there thinking about this pregnancy plan while also thinking "what's the liklihood that he'll quite literally murder me if I get pregnant"

No. 1196247

Had a dream last night I was watching the Disney channel for the first time since 2006 or smth, and they were playing episodes of Skins. I was really confused then I found out they were heavily edited episodes of Skins, which made me even more confused.

No. 1201971

Had a dream where there was a tiktok trend where people cried in different situations, none of it was real it was all just for the aesthetic, like 'crying after you got your grades for that test you studied so hard for' and 'crying because it's 4am and you've run out of cheetos'. There were whole sets and costumes for these and most of them had a really high production value. There was drama over the 'holding back tears' community being included because they weren't actually crying. I forgot most of what happened after but I remember that several people were forced to resign from tiktok, like you'd resign from an actual job, and one of them cited roaches as her reason for leaving. One of them filmed a goodbye video where she mimed something while her living room caught fire and finished by eating one of her rivals on camera.

No. 1202603

they made apple honey soda but the new limited edition coke will come in a blue can. maybe it's polar themed

No. 1202615

File: 1653917804527.jpg (732.68 KB, 1000x668, shutterstock_1054817495.jpg)

That sounds like an awesome soda flavor. Polar soda sounds cool as well
>the secret ingredient is the tears of polar bears and penguins as the polar icecaps melt away

I had a dream I was learning everything about beekeeping for some reason? It was never something I was particularly interested in but now I am questioning if I should change the trajectory of my life and become a bee farmer kek

No. 1207596

I dreamed that I was living with some girl that really loved spy tf2, and since I really love the sniper I grabbed her by the shoulders and said "Come here, you've GOT to see this!!" and dragged her out to the balcony and showed her this huuuuuuge mural that some girl was painting on a high rise building of the sniper and the spy. The sniper was shirtless and sitting in a fancy velvet armchair. The spy was leaning against the back of the armchair and wearing a beautiful silky crimson mask and suit. It looked like one of those weird fancy perfume ads. And then we both started screaming in excitement and jumping around.
I also dreamed that I was playing Kya Dark Lineage but there was a "fire tea dragon" enemy which was a big red dragon that breathed flames and threw huge cups of boiling hot tea as an attack and then I saw the reviewbrah guy and he was talking about how the reason he realized he has autism was because he identified with this fire tea dragon so much, idk I've never seen a video from that guy

No. 1207618

I want thisss

No. 1207729

I was entertained. Mild smirk/10

No. 1208672

Last night I replied to a friend I hadn't talked to in two years (I just saw his message, I had abandoned that account) and he replied pretty quickly, which was nice. So then I saw him in my dream where he had an office job and his coworker, forbidden man was sitting right behind him. For some reason, that guy got really annoyed because I looked at him once (thinking "wow it's that guy, I can't believe my friend works at the same place as him, that's pretty cool, I bet some nonnies would love to hear this"), and left. I'm not even a Driverfag

>I dreamed that I was living with some girl that really loved spy tf2, and since I really love the sniper I grabbed her by the shoulders and said "Come here, you've GOT to see this!!" and dragged her out to the balcony and showed her this huuuuuuge mural that some girl was painting on a high rise building of the sniper and the spy. The sniper was shirtless and sitting in a fancy velvet armchair. The spy was leaning against the back of the armchair and wearing a beautiful silky crimson mask and suit. It looked like one of those weird fancy perfume ads. And then we both started screaming in excitement and jumping around.
Holy kek. This made me genuinely happy, how I wish to have a friendship like this

No. 1208766

File: 1654226568113.png (458.72 KB, 600x568, 28a.png)

I dreamed I visited a Junji Ito art exhibit, it was called something like 'You're Next' and everyone had to stand in a line as they would show you through the 3D sculptures of his works. But during the tour they would do little fucked up things to scare you, when it was my turn we sat on some seats and hands started coming out of them so I stood up and tried to squish them back in the cushions. You were supposed to get something if you lasted the whole tour but then I woke up

No. 1208771

Hmm I just realized the prize at the end could have been YOU becoming one of the exhibits…

Would not be out of place for his works

No. 1209616

tw rape

had a dream that i turned into a man, a father of a family. i had grown a penis. coming back from work, i greeted my family at the door, ate dinner, went to bed with my wife. but in the middle of the night i got up and snuck into my daughter’s bedroom and raped her. the sensation was strange because i have no idea what a penis feels like. i remember being fascinated with the insertion of the penis into her vagina. i don’t know why i did it, but i think it was because i had grown a penis and i wanted to use it. but why didn’t i just use it on my wife instead of my daughter?

btw irl i’m a virgin and i’ve never had sex, nor any kind of romantic relationship really. my period just started yesterday tho, so i think maybe it has something to do with the weird ass dream

No. 1209624

What the fuck

No. 1209899

File: 1654281979845.jpeg (111.59 KB, 1300x956, AE9C33E3-46F7-49D0-BB32-1A3BF0…)

anon what is your relationship with your father like

No. 1210315

normal, my entire family is normal. i've never had any kind of childhood trauma.
also the family i had a dream about wasn't even anyone i could recognize. partly felt like i was the father but also i was watching the a movie or something.

i think another thing that maybe influenced the dream was that i started watching paranoia agent recently and got to the episode where the girl discovers that her dad installed spy cameras in her room
that episode/reveal really freaked me out ngl.

literally thats what i said verbatim when i woke up

No. 1210335

Ntayrt but that makes sense if you watched a show with abusive or incestual themes recently. I've had some weird ass dreams and they're always influenced by random shit like that. Your brain's just ruminating over what it saw that day and throwing scenarios together.

No. 1214002

I had a dream I accidentally posted something with my tiktok username in the corner and then someone replied to me using my full name

No. 1217181

I just had a dream where LC had an April Fool's joke where /m/ was changed to look like Steam. There was a counter for the number of threads about anime/video game threads, and a live stream of some bizarre Snoop Dogg thing. Everybody found the joke hilarious.
That was the reason /m/ had been broken for so long, because the tech team and mods were working on that.

No. 1217212

File: 1654738055083.jpg (136.64 KB, 1015x866, reaction-meme-sad-emotion-Favi…)

i thought i healed from dumb teenage bullying but i guess i didn't? i had a dream about it for the first night in years and then cried after kek. it was basically a precise 1-to-1 recollection of a shit day i've tried to bury away.

>friend invites me to an amusement park

>2 days before we go her other ethnic majority friends want to tag along
>they tell her they don't want me to go, even though she invited me first
>we all go together anyways
>everything seems to be going ok
>in the line for the ride they start talking badly about me in their mother tongue while my friend and i play mobile games
>i understand everything, they assume i can't because dumb minority
>they spend a good 10 minutes talking about me and other girls in our class
>"she's trying too hard to fit in"
>"she looks even uglier today"
>"why is she wearing that it doesn't suit her"
>i'm matching with my friend
>"seriously why did she have to come"
>after the ride they go back to pretending to be nice to me

it's been ~5 years and clearly i still can't get over it. why am i retarded

No. 1217241

File: 1654740662815.png (159.9 KB, 396x410, heard u were talkin shit.PNG)

nonny, i'm so sorry you had this dream. fuck those assholes!!! ignore file name cuz i'm a lil too baked to change it, imagine its me omw to give you a big hug

do you feel a bit better writing it out?

No. 1217372

I got a really mediocre One Piece tattoo (I THINK cause I don't watch the show) and the rest of the dream went on as my every day life but with the heavy regret of my bad tattoo.

No. 1217442

n-nona… i had a dream about my middle/high school bullies last night too… what the hell kek? internet hug my friend

No. 1220101

I dreamed that my parents called me and said I am getting another brother, they adopted a little boy, he was maybe 9 years old and he was black, I live in a country with 99% white people so I wondered where they found a black boy. I was excited to have a younger brother. He was cool, he loved Spyro just like me and my older brother, and he liked to draw just like me so we drew something with crayons together and I felt a little sad because my older brother and I live in a different city so we couldn't spend much time with our new brother and teach him stuff
Then I dreamed 4 other dreams, do you often find yourself dreaming lots of short dreams? I do

No. 1220120

thankfully I'm confident that I can 1)kick my bully's ass cause I'm way stronger then and 2)live a happy and successful

No. 1220924

i had a dream where i saw some nuclear missiles being launched and that made me feel nothing really but when i saw a walmart/target/apple logos on them it filled me with existencial fear i cannot explain why but i think it would be terrifying

No. 1223002

Dreamt some dude was getting handsy with me and scaring me, I got so angry I turned into a vampire and killed him.

No. 1223009

Were you reading the monsterfucker thread before bed? Based dream

No. 1223013

No, I've had a few other dreams like this since I broke it off with an ex (anxiety about dating again I guess) and they always end the same way with me going apeshit. I'm a bit more lucid when this happens, I distinctly remember thinking I wasn't going to allow myself to be victimized in a dream. It is an all encompassing rage.

No. 1223469

I keep dreaming about my stupid ex-boyfriend from back when he had hair kek trying to get back together with me, even though in reality he was a disinterested, abusive fuckwit. In the dreams he's always the one visiting me, when in reality it was the other way around (it was an ldr). We broke up nearly two years ago and I haven't seen him since, but I've been having these stupid dreams consistently despite being in another relationship. I don't even miss him, just a version of him that never really existed.

No. 1223485

File: 1655100479581.jpeg (308.78 KB, 1500x1151, C3D11C98-8B5F-4F56-836B-B0453E…)

While sitting at church today I briefly dozed off and dreamed I had a toolbox. When I opened it, the box wasn’t full of tools but with menstrual cups. All different shapes, sizes, and colors. Or at least there were supposed to be all different shapes and sizes in it, most of the cups had been taken and their cubby holes were empty. I remember feeling robbed by this.

No. 1223506

File: 1655103363130.jpeg (16.04 KB, 360x360, 5975753794744.jpeg)

We threw a huge party at my house, and for whatever reason someone brought bunnies. They were so cute and incredibly soft, I could feel them in my dream. Thank you brain for a good one this time

No. 1223529

That's so pathetic

No. 1223533

>be really into a fandom/ship recently
>intentionally daydream and fantasize about them before bed to avoid dwelling on stressful things like work
>finally have my first dream about that fandom
>it's about a random side character filing an insurance claim for a car crash
>my role in the dream is being an office lady dealing with the claim

Fuck me, is this what a decade of wage slavery has done to my subconscious?

No. 1223544

I had a dream my husbando appeared to whisk me away from the boredom of my brothers wedding, and nobody noticed how completely out of place he looked.
He princess carried me and his shirt was so silky soft, but then halfway through walking somewhere it seamlessly transitioned into me walking along and holding my cat instead…

No. 1227579

I had a bad dream I was in a breakroom with other women and I had fake nails on, but they broke off. I was embarrassed so I shoved them in my mouth to hide then then I almost swallowed one so I spit them out and they went all over the floor and the women looked at me funny

No. 1227808

File: 1655397911713.jpg (61.71 KB, 736x736, f2cd15b416b8468558aede66d4a9d7…)

I had a dream about Charlie beginning to eat me out and he was so good to the point the I came in seconds. He was interrupted for whatever reason and I kept trying to find him again because it was just that good.
It's been a while since I last watched any of his videos so I really don't know where that came from.

No. 1229518

I dreamt I made a post on lolcow but instead of saging, it autofilled my email, which is my full legal name. Scariest dream I've had in a while.

No. 1229629

I had one of these before as well! Kek it's very scary indeed

No. 1230327

I had a dream that a tall balding arab man who owned a cornerstore was dating me. I wonder if that means something. The relationship was "Cute" for the 20 second it lasted. He even picked me up and was nice. I often think dreams like this mean something, and I wonder where I've seen the guy and why it'd even came up.
Like do you nonnies feel like every person in your dreams is someone real? Or someone your mind just has made up? I've never seen this man before but then again, the type of man it is could be ANY man. He wasn't really unique.

No. 1230348

I had this dream I was dating a serious dark haired guy with glasses. He was really specific looking which is uncommon for my dreams. The next day I was looking at yearbooks from the 1900s because that's my autistic special interest, and I saw him. I had already looked at the yearbook before so it's not that special, but the funny thing is that as I was looking at him, I thought something like "guys like this wrote poetry for their girlfriends", and then when I looked him up on google, he actually was a famous poet. oooo weeee oooo

No. 1230376

This faggot pissed in a woman's mouth and I'll piss in yours if you bring him up again.

No. 1230384

Ew source?

No. 1230394

File: 1655589642165.gif (595.12 KB, 362x300, exactly like this.gif)

I served several people a "drink" mixed with water and flour. In the process of everyone drinking it, it turned into dough, so everyone scolded me like "Anon, what the fuck", to which I laughed all grossly like "kekekekeke" with no remorse at all. Then I woke up because I had to pee, but went back to sleep, and then I dreamt my boyfriend smooched me all over my face. Seems like my dough drink wasn't half bad.

No. 1230397

>I had this dream I was dating a serious dark haired guy with glasses.
God why can't I have dreams like these

No. 1230456

File: 1655593036737.jpg (36.8 KB, 471x264, 40998c87e73ec1660a810eaafb99d4…)

I had a dream that i was in a hot tub that was in some spa with Hyunjin and it wasn't even sexual for some weird reason we were just together in the hot tub naked and i thought ''he is pisces'' and that was that lmao.

No. 1230483

File: 1655594325595.jpeg (77.19 KB, 1600x896, worm.jpeg)

I had a dream I was running through a field and Big Ed was chasing me. I lost my shoe, and I had to keep running without stopping to pick it up. RIP my cute shoe.

No. 1230489

thats scary

No. 1230528

this egg on tiny tiny legs? he's like 4'2. come on, you can easily outrun humpty dumpty here

No. 1230663

File: 1655599771084.jpeg (542.75 KB, 1170x639, 7CE0E31C-B408-4429-91D8-007E1D…)

Had a dream last night that I was at some big fancy Christmas/holiday party and said hi to Justin Trudeau (?? Note: I’m American and don’t really follow politics at all)

He was really nice and friendly, and as I was about to leave the party, this random group of men and women in blue suits pulled me aside into a room for a serious meeting. They told me that Trudeau really liked me and that meant that we had to date and I’d have to marry him “Because it would be great for American-Canadian relations”
I said “Oh, uh sure, I guess he’s pretty cute” and then woke up

No. 1230686

I saw this on the front page and knew he looked familiar. I’m Canadian and people say he’s like the “hot bad guy” lmao

No. 1231520

I had the most vivid dream ever of me and this girl in my class (not actually in a class and I don’t actually know this girl ) and she was kind of dressed like the mom from Matilda, anyways after class, it got dim in the classroom and it was just me and her. The classroom was kinda loungey looking with a foosball table and a sofa. I don’t know how it escalated but she took off her buttoned leopard shirt and bra and sat on my face. So like that happened and then some time later I see her again but she’s dressed differently in athletic clothes, things escalate again but with us just making out and her sitting on my lap but then I call her by the wrong name and I realize this isn’t the same girl from earlier and she gets upset and says that this was a bad idea and leaves I’m like “wait!” I already forgot her name. The other girl in the weird dated outfit is around and she tells me we should
see each other again. I’ve never been with a woman irl.

No. 1231524

Sounds great, I'm jelly

No. 1233869

Mildly disturbing but cathartic dream I was in a mansion/hospital on a cliff by the ocean (it was storming outside and you could feel the building rocking against the rocks on the waves) It was dimly lit and the rooms in the building kept shifting but there was this dude in there looking for me saying he was going to stab people. I was trying to get away from him and hide but I couldn't remember what rooms I had already been to then I said fuck it, found a knife and started hunting him. I eventually got to him and started stabbing him repeatedly all over his face and body as he begged to stop because I was getting blood stains all over his bootleg pikachu shirt (kek) I woke up with the sensation of me still stabbing him in my body it felt like when you're cutting melon and get the knife stuck in it for a second. Now I want watermelon

No. 1233958

I dreamt I was stalked real bad. I may have slept all night, but I did not rest at all.

No. 1234041

I have had a really similar dream about him before, except it wasn't a party but in a big train station or something. I actually find his mannerisms annoying when he's on tv or something but he was nice in the dream

No. 1234051

File: 1655837119561.jpeg (29.57 KB, 670x648, 3D97474E-BE69-4D90-B710-F97B1E…)

Just had a dream Justin Whang was getting plowed by some tall, bear guy. Anons, I don't even consume fujo shit or gay porn in general. Wtf man.

No. 1234106

No. 1234117

My two cousins and I crashed a celebrity/rich person's house party and were allowed in because we told the guy that we were the Blue Man Group. We weren't even in disguise.

No. 1234168


No. 1234309

I have so many dreams about people killing themselves. Last night I had a dream I shared an appartment with a friend (no one I knew in real life). She was acting all weird and jumped out of the window. I looked down and she was laying there lifeless, with a puddle of blood. Had the exact same dream several months ago, just different visuals.

Usually I dream as if it was a movie, not kidding, with soundtrack and shit and REALLY LONG too. Super cinematic. I need to start writing dreams down again, I completely lost my connection to dreams when I smoked weed a lot and couldn't remember any anymore.

No. 1235065

I dreamt about the mutated flowers in the lolcow caps thread.

No. 1235257

I had a dream that my sister and I were with our mom and she got this huge box of donuts and crumbl cookies. And she was yelling at us about something and we were walking down the street and I was telling my sister about how things were warping around us and mom was weird. And then I was sitting in a truck with some dude and my bf and I was singing the song on the radio and then the guy turned it off, he dropped us off at the PUBG bridge. We were just waiting there.

No. 1238547

My dream was pretty long but I'll write about the very last part.
Due to some circumstances, I was wearing almost nothing, practically just in my underwear, in class. School (college?) was more like someone's house, so the "classrooms" felt more like parts of a house, they were small and there were few students. Anyway, my last class before finishing college was some kind of music class, I think? My teacher (a relatively young guy, probably based on two teachers I've been attracted to that were geeks and young) played a cover of a song by my favorite band. You could tell I was his favorite and he was my favorite teacher. My classmates weren't paying much attention to him, but I was. I felt kind of uncomfortable in those clothes, however, so I tried not to make it too obvious how I felt about him. I was also attracted to my teacher and wanted to flirt with him or talk to him about this after class. I wanted to hug him before leaving that place forever (and I was desperate to leave that hellhole, I really hate school in real life and was happy to finish college and never come back, so this feeling is often reflected in my dreams). He sat with me on a couch just before the class was over, which I liked at first, but could give it away that there was something going on between us. Apparently he wanted to tell me something, too. He showed me his Facebook name on his phone, which meant that he wanted me to send him a friend request. So I looked him up on Facebook, but at first I couldn't find him. He saw the search results, and showed me some stupid Pokemon ad for the new generation that I didn't give a fuck about, but I tried to smile politely and tell him that I'm not interested in that, he was a bit annoying. That was a red flag. When I finally found his goddamn Facebook profile, where he had a name like "Danganronpa ~ Vanessa (something something, some weebshit I forgot)". I typed that in, and the first thing that came up was a profile called "Danganronpa ~ CP ~ Vanessa…" so I looked at him, visibly shocked and angry, and asked him what the fuck "CP" meant. He didn't say anything, or at least I don't remember him saying anything, but he looked nervous. I took a look at his profile and not only did he openly talk about anime incest shit on it but also he posted hentai. I expected to find some loli shit too but those two things were disgusting enough. (Imo he was using "CP" here in a slightly inaccurate way to refer to drawn anime kid porn. Since it was clear just from his Facebook name that he was a weeb and our first language isn't English, he was likely using the term to refer to loli/shota crap, like how annoying weebs call any kid a "loli/shota". But of course I understood that shit is a gateway to the real stuff and a sign that he was not right in the head so it was twice as disgusting.) So I started packing my backpack, trying to fit my countless books in it, which was a pain in the ass, and went on a rant about him being a disgusting pornsick scrote and how all men (or maybe 99.999999% of men, kek) are the same. Meanwhile, he lay down on the couch and closed his eyes, as if he was trying to sleep to avoid crying from the humiliation. He reminded me of my first boyfriend, who was also a gross coomer failure and a coward. At that moment in my dream, I gave up on real men, lmao

No. 1243913

I’ve been consistently having really vivid ptsd related nightmares/night terrors these last few days. The one I just had was so symbolic and obvious about my past trauma to the point it’s embarrassing to even explain but it was just reliving part of the experience then running away crying. Then I see my ex and confront him screaming at the top of my lungs “you’re a rapist” while everyone and his gf who defended him starts screaming and drowning me out. Usually in nightmares where I’m angry I try to fight people but it does that slow motion thing. This happened like 8 years ago as a teen and I’m over it, it really wasn’t some huge deal at the time because I loved him and he apologized but now my unconscious brain is literally making me scream the truth. Of course I become a bit triggered after waking up from that. Most of the time I just have random nightmares unrelated to my experience where I’ll get stabbed or something and wake up instantly.

No. 1243917

All my nightmares keep repeating the same things. Anxiety about my pets, trauma and shame, fear of death and being killed. But I have a new one, where I am very sleepy in my dreams. In them it's sometimes so bad where I fall asleep inside my dreams repeatedly and I'm upset about it. Also I wake up tired a lot and sleep more than I used to

No. 1243938

I had a dream I was in a parade and I was like ok follow after me with my crew who were all uneasy. This crew included me, rob schneider, my old best friend and someone I already forgot. We hadn’t come up with choreography yet and then in my dream my mom came up to me and start undressing me in front of everyone I was like still 21 in the dream so obviously I was resisting. But idk maybe this dream means I’m gonna be vulnerable in front of a bunch of people if I’m not prepared?

No. 1243956

can't remember much of it but I saw Kendrick Lamar drinking frosé at a cafe and thought "that makes sense"

No. 1244428

File: 1656463354985.jpg (317.3 KB, 1220x1760, 1-zoom-desktop.jpg)

Don't remember all of it but part of my dream last night included me having bizzarely long leg hairs (like longer than my head hair) It was kinda cool because I didn't have to wear pants kek

Then I went whale watching

No. 1245029

Today's dream was pretty long but segmented, so here's the earliest part I remember.
There was a rich bastard, an extremely annoying and smug asshole, who I, my father and a couple other people were talking to about a possibly underage girl and her mother who were poor and practically having their lives ruined even more by this scum. Then he whispered something about "nudes" to one of his assistants/minions, and he didn't mean to be heard by us, but I heard him. So I lost it and beat the fuck out of him until he was a bloody mess (he still lived tho).
Everybody looked at me like I was crazy but I just reported to someone (a woman, might've been my mother), trying to ignore everyone's looks but still indignant, while doing a salute and referring to her as "Lieutenant", kekk

No. 1245034

That's cool. If humans were hairy like apes we'd have all sorts of body hairstyles.

No. 1245166

File: 1656519866601.jpg (31.25 KB, 500x370, ancano.jpg)

I finished a quest for the college of winterhold and savos aren was murdered but I found him before he actually died and he told me that ancano was the killer and also part of a political group trying to avoid the peoples uprising against the magisterium, but savos aren was bugged so his lips moved but his voice was delayed so I only heard him telling me to escape cus I was framed when ancano was on me screaming to the other students to get me to justice, so I was stuck in the college with lots of hostile enemies I didn't want to kill but it was fine cus I had high sneaking so people just walked past me without noticing I was there.
I was crouching behind some curtains in the arch mage quarters waiting for people to leave then this guy who hated me stopped in front of the curtains.. I knew he was looking at me but I thought he hadn't seen me, so he just asks the students "what you looking for?" And they say they're looking for me, and he just goes "oh, she's crouching behind that curtain." I had no choice but to run away and ignore the amount of lightning bolts I was taking, just had to find the door back to skyrim and fast travel away from my problems.. but I never memorized the layout of the college so I went to the arcanaeum, accidentally let loose a troll when I opened the wrong door then found my way to the fairy dorms.. they were having a wild party but that didn't stop them from chasing me. Then I found a door leading to outside of the college but it wasn't skyrim anymore.
It had a long stone bridge that was mostly broken and I had to avoid stepping on the stone faces etched on the floor. They bit and spit and talked shit and some would simply tell me to help them and that freaked me out, so I jumped down to the sea of mud. It was just mud, I thought it would just destroy my shoes but then some stone face told me to come back up before the mud worm ate me.. I saw the mud worm, it was a giant worm with many sets of teeth, so yeah the stone faces seemed much better. So when I went back to the disturbing bridge and crossed it I found the town striken with poverty. They were planning an uprising and some keanu reeves knock off told me to get in his car so we would invade the parliament and kill every politician with our mind magic (dunno what was that, I only had fire spells) so as we were driving up there I saw some of the other students of the college inside a bus and was certain they saw me too, I warned knock off keanu but he was worried about this car in front of him going too slow.. then the car stopped in front of us and the bus on the back so we couldn't move our car.. and the students of the college of winterhold got off the bus and started unloading their machine guns at us, effectively killing knock off keanu. Ancano's disembodied voice said "you fool, you don't stand a chance".

No. 1246251

I had a dream where I was in prison with Shayna, only it was ok because I had an Apple laptop from the 90s that I could use it to provide milk for the thread. The cook was Mexican and would make beef tacos dorados which was really tasty.

No. 1246266

File: 1656600705890.jpg (907.05 KB, 1600x1067, Japanese-pampas-grass-of-Sengo…)

I dreamed about her again nonas, I dreamed we were on a school trip and we went to a white field. We followed some foxes into it and then lay next to each other on our stomachs laughing and giggling until the teachers said we shouldn't be laying next to each other like that, but we didn't care. I miss her so much it's crazy, I haven't seen her in years so my brain is just projecting this relationship like we still are best friends even though I have no idea if we'd still be friends as adults. I have dreams like this every couple of months I think I'm longing to reach out to her but I don't know how.

No. 1246321

That's so sweet anon. I'm in the same situation, sometimes I still dream of having fun and being carefree with my "best friend".
Reach out if you build up the courage. She may be happy to see hear from you again, you never know.

No. 1250419

File: 1656918080007.jpg (86.73 KB, 607x1080, diddl-diddlina-fountain-pen-se…)

Dreamt of finding these pens at a flea market and buying like 10 of them out of nostalgia

No. 1250577

This is the second time I dream about a Malcolm in the Middle revival. What does this mean

No. 1250583

One day you will direct it

No. 1250616

it's been 6 months since my bf and I broke up and last night I finally dreamt of another guy.

I think I am finally getting over him, yippie!

No. 1250766

Those stupid rats turned European primary school girls into the biggest consoomers I've ever seen in my life. And that's taking Disney adults and Funko Pops retards into account.

No. 1250955

kek i still have a full drawer of diddl notepads and stickers. i never wanted to use them and saved them up for something special. my friends and i spent afternoons just exchanging them like pokemon cards
i had one who would have a scent if you rubbed it and i feel like it still works

No. 1251167

had a severely unsettling dream that went on way too long. cw for rape

basically i was raped by someone and got pregnant and found out they were twins. i was terrified by all of this, and i was denied an abortion. then after having the babies i tried to give them up for adoption. there was no way i could take care of two babies on my own. but everyone around me was gaslighting me and trying to tell me that i can't put them up for adoption, it's immoral, it's too expensive etc

clearly this was inspired by recent events, and i feel such horror for women who are actually experiencing these situations right now. it's a living nightmare.

No. 1252842

Dreamed that I published a text game in this forum I go and got a decent following on tumblr because of it even though the story went nowhere but later they started rumors of me being a terf cus my game wasn't nonbinary inclusive. Later I reposted that death note terf meme where light goes "thats right, I'm a terf" on some thread on ot and my readers found it somehow and that got me banned from the forum where I posted my game for "cow affiliation".

No. 1252877

Dreamt I was a detective tasked with finding the motives of murderers. Was sitting in the back of a car with an old man who nonchalantly explained he had stabbed someone as he found them disagreeable. He then grabbed my arm and making cuts down it, said in the most flat yet haunting tone “this is how it was supposed to go”. thinking back on it I had wanted to sh a few days before and didn’t, is this some sort of sick part of my subconscious telling me I should have? Gross.

No. 1252878

I had a dream there were a bunch of Sailor Moon dolls I could choose and I wanted Pluto cuz she's my favorite but they said I couldn't until I read the Sailor Moon manga in full or else I was a fake fan. So it inspired me to start reading the Sailor Moon manga kek. I had only watched the 4kids dub of the show when I was young

No. 1253003

I was applying for a passport and for some reason the process included using a live chat online to answer questions. It started out normal and then the guy on the other end started asking rude questions or dropping sexual innuendos. I need this passport so I'm just sucking it up and trying to give smartass answers instead of fully losing my shit. He's ends up sounding like a teenage incel and I'm like.. is this really happening? Then I wake up lol

No. 1253082

File: 1657134903714.jpeg (139.01 KB, 483x465, 99EC8533-485F-448F-991C-A7F225…)

I’ve had two almost identical dreams about doing hallucinogens in the past month and I’m really scared they’re premonitions. Both times I was sitting in a room full of bunk beds (youth hostel? Backpackers maybe?) with a bunch of people and smoked what I thought was a normal cigarette, only to finish it and find out it was laced with something like LSD. I spend the rest of the dream panicking about when I’m going to start feeling the effects, but before that happens I wake up, because I’ve never tripped and my brain can’t fill in the blanks of what a trip would feel like. If I ever find myself in a room full of bunks with a nice view over an old fashioned European town I’m gonna start crying. I’ve had premonitions before but never this vivid or lengthy.

No. 1253099

Damn anon, you gotta hit that J now, this is your brain telling you how you'll realize you're the Messiah.

No. 1253679

Does anyone have any advice on having more vivid dreams? I used to be able to lucid dream very often but now I can’t.

No. 1253742

i took intellect tree seeds for a bit and had some coolass dreams. i normally never remember my dreams

No. 1253752

Very detailed dream about having a hot teacher and flirting with him. The teacher responds in a joking but evasive way. I dreamt myself getting increasingly frustrated and jealous at him interacting with other students. I ended up drugging and taking him home in a car trunk. He was making pained and disgusted faces at me, and then slowly succumbing to Stockholm. It was so insanely hot I almost came even though it wasn’t even a sex dream. I also don’t have this sort of fetish irl.

No. 1253807

When I was younger I would try hard to lucid dream. I had limited success. Tbh at one point I was in hospital getting help for my nerves.. they put me on some psych med and just like that I was lucid dreaming like crazy from whatever was in this tablet. I was only on it very short term during the hospital stay but I can't say I've tried lucid dreaming since because.. being able to chemicially just forge my way into such a crazy trippy level of lucid dreaming made all my previous efforts seem very anticlimactic by comparison. Not saying to abuse psych meds obviously but if I were to attempt it again I'd probably look into natural options like >>1253742 mentions. Something to give you a bit of a shortcut there.

No. 1259798

I don’t know why, but I had a dream where my ex (who has trooned out now) was so angry with me, that he told a bunch of zoomers on a discord group about how horrible I was and that I was transphobic. All of those discord zoomers started sending me hate messages, hacking into my accounts, and blowing up my social media that I was a “terrible person”. I call my ex, who first says “it’s what you deserve” (he cheated on me though, not my fault). I start crying and suddenly he changes his mind and says that he wishes he could call off the people harassing me. I just had to get this off my chest because this was such a strange and chaotic dream. 2nd dream this month that included my ex.

No. 1260338

I dreamt that I went to see my favorite band with my best friend and he was visibly cringing because he hated it (they are a weird avantgarde band) while I was delighted by the setlist. I told him my dream today and he answered that I should really bring him along next time I go see them to see if it would happen like that lol.
Btw I love when dreams are somewhat grounded and have recognizable things (like in the dream I "recognized" one of the songs being played), much better than the nonsensical ones, they are too anxiety inducing to me.

No. 1260689

File: 1657672384616.jpeg (5.65 KB, 256x197, baba.jpeg)

Not recent but the most vivid dreams I ever had were a series of dreams about gray aliens. They were weirdly emotionally charged dreams.. given the subject matter idk why that'd be emotional. I dreamt of a ufo crashing in my garden and I saw dead grays crushed after the accident. I was in a panic at the sight of them.

I had a seperate dream where I found a grays body in the kitchen. It was dead and just jelly like and limp. I felt this need to hide the body. I put it into a black bag and walked with that bag on my shoulder in the heat to find somewhere far away to dispose of it. I was upset about its death but knew the body couldn't be left in my house. I felt responsible.

I had other dreams about aliens around the time and they all are in this category I've never experienced since. These are 15 year old dreams right now and I still feel a lil bit of the emotion that was attached. I have a few mental still frames that are very vivid. The location of the dreams was my childhood home and it was very realistic compared to what my mind typically manages dreamwise. The road I walked up with the alien over my back was wierdly realistic. The heat on my back was realistic. The bus that passed by.. everything, I could smell hot tarmac.

My dreams have always been the most boring shit and this handful of dreams just crashed through and felt different. I don't know why. Why aliens? Why would I be emotional about them? Why were they often dead? I can't think of what put that in my mind or kept it there for about a year. There were a few more dreams that followed that theme. The final dream was me waking up surrounded by statues of their heads. My bedroom was small and these heads filled it. I was laying in my single bed and just taking in these four stone heads. A man was sat the the end of my bed. He'd been in previous dreams too but my mind never came up with who he was. He was this background person who bugged me because who was he. A witness to the crash too. He'd been on a fucking sunlounger in my garden when the crash happened right in front of him. And he didn't react as I freaked out. He didn't do much of anything

No. 1260801

File: 1657680897898.jpg (58.81 KB, 338x450, georges-barbier-autumnal-symph…)

I was taking a short post-masturbation nap and I had a dream that I was walking through a grocery store and all the aisles were full with employees stocking the shelves, so I went into an aisle that had a lot of people with dogs and stuff. We were all walking to the register and then this big long-haired white dog comes up and I pet him before realizing he's dirty and probably a stray. Then I have to pee so I go to the bathroom area and there are two bathrooms. One is a women's communal bathroom and the other is a single bathroom. I go into the communal bathroom (the single bathroom was open so I don't know why I decided to go for that one) and it's weird. The bathroom is all beige, it's huge for a public bathroom, everyone is staring at me, there's cigarette smoke all around the room, and most importantly there's no fucking toilet stalls. So then I leave to go the public bathroom and I have to wait since someone's using it. The woman standing in line for the bathroom with me was wearing pink and I got the vibe that she was sad.

Anyway, I think it's actually great that I didn't pee in the weird dream bathroom because I had to piss IRL. I think that was my body doing me a solid. Also, the dream felt very realistic. As I was waking up I had to tell myself that I didn't go to the store and that I was not wearing shoes. It literally felt like I was wearing shoes until I moved my legs. This all could have easily turned into sleep paralysis and I'm glad it didn't.

Sorry for shitty grammar anons, I was rushing to write this before I forgot it.

No. 1261474

I had a dream that we were watching a Ghibli movie about a little girl who runs away from home and goes to the ocean, she is helped by some dude who is like the dad on Ponyo, and the mom and older sister finds them somehow. And then the little girl is like mute I think it’s a plot twist that the little girl has cancer, she wanted to stay in the ocean and wanted her mom to leave so she could just die. It was so melodramatic and depressing, and then I opened Google and it’s layout looked like Facebook.

No. 1262242

The dreams about school are coming back
I don't know if I should call them "nightmares" but they make me a bit anxious, this time I just decided to go to class despite not knowing my fucking schedule and therefore not having any of my books, because I didn't give a shit, since I'm an adult I can now do what I want, but I still hated it (hated being there, hated the fact that I was a bad student)
What are your theories on school-related dreams like these?

No. 1262487

I dreamt about my awful ex 2 nights ago, he apologised for the way he acted and I found it hard to respond to him. today I found out he is engaged. I don't miss him or like him in the slightest, but this has made me feel sick.

I also dreamt about another ex a few nights before and woke up to a really out of character message from him after not speaking for a long time. I don't know what's happening but its extremely unsettling.

No. 1262494

All I’ve ever heard is that the stress of school makes it a lightly traumatic experience for most people, which dreams are a common symptom of.
Incidentally, I’ve dealt with pretty severe anxiety since I was a tiny kid and have only ever had one classic school nightmare in my life that I can remember.

No. 1264532

I had a fever dream that I was at work and I got so stressed out i, became a blob like rita Farr from doom patrol it was a weird feeling. The Tylenol wore off and I could t wake up but I could feel myself burning up and I was shivering too. I’m still feeling disoriented what with walls moving around and dizziness. I’m just riding it out rn but I couldn’t sleep anymore I got like 5 hours of sleep last night I couldn’t take any moar

No. 1264660

ive been having reoccurring dreams where im responsible for a new kitten or puppy but i LOSE them and the entire dream is just spent looking for this tiny animal and being inconsolable over my failure to protect/take care of them
as far as dream interpretation goes i think its pretty obvious what this means but like irl i dont have any concerns about my ability to handle my various responsibilities or take care of my real pets. i know what the dream "means" but idk what its got to do with me. ive had this dream easily 10 times now

No. 1264741

my constant nightmares have subsided slightly (only thanks to weed, and it's not easy to obtain here) but I keep having these recurring bad dreams centered around moving. I'm moving out of a dorm, an apartment, a house, I''m getting kicked out, whatever it is I am taking too long to pack shit up and get out. panicing because I don't know how I'll ever be done but it's always like I have to leave now or the next day. I dream I'm up all night getting distracted and unable to complete certain tasks. I'm so sick of these dreams. they're stressing me out. my abusive mother is often there. I hate this.

No. 1264908

i recently dreamed that gerri rom succession ofered be a job in their super evil corp and i agreed bc it had a 220k salary
ngl i hope it's some kinda prophetic dream

No. 1266781

I kept having dreams featuring the same impossible girl over and over. It’s very nice because it’s the only way I get to interact with her but it’s also very pathetic.
I also had almost-sex dream about a scrote I don’t like, disgusting.

No. 1267996

I was cutting through a field that I remember from my childhood and a woman in military gear emerged from the woods behind the barbed wire fence with a gun pointed at me. She shot an empty round I guess? Idk how guns work but all I heard was a loud click of the trigger. I thought it was a joke and kept walking but she kept her gun on me and firing empty shots. I felt scared she was messing with me and was actually going to shoot me on the last round. I have never woke myself up from a dream faster. That dread was intense.

No. 1272098

I just woke up from a dream about fire emblem. The final boss was a guy in a motorcycle mask called "the man from the future", and he appeard irl not in game. You had to fight him with a gun. He was really hot beneath the mask. In the same dream, an owl was trying to eat my cats, which I don't have unfortunately.

No. 1275170

I dreamed that my boyfriend was pregnant & I told him that I wasn't ready for that much responsibility

No. 1276144

I had a dream that I attended a former friend's wedding. I went with my cousin for some reason. I was curious about the bride's dress and the bride and groom were behind a curtain, then came out in a dress and tux but then it turned out that those were fake dummies! The real bride and groom came out and surprised everyone and were dressed up in fantasy costumes. The bride was in a sort of fairy-ish outfit (but glammed up since it was her wedding) and I forgot what the groom wore. The bridal party was all in themed D&D outfits too. I was like 'haha that's pretty cool' then the dream took on a different plotline but it was really nonsensical and only vaguely related to the wedding and I don't really remember much of it.

No. 1276206


No. 1276218

Dreams about pregnancy can mean a new beginning, is your boyfriend getting a new job or starting a new pursuit? Maybe you’re embarking on something new together?

Once I had a dream I was pregnant and then I gave birth to a baby but it turned into like a cat human hybrid…the weird part was I breastfed and it felt so real. Like the ~~super bonding~~ that breastfeeding is supposed to enable I really felt. I had terrible baby fever all day once I woke up.

No. 1276226

I had a breastfreeding dream like that too once, but with my dog. Felt weird the whole day.

No. 1276411

Yooo nonnie i am doing this for my wedding that’s so wild like imagine the wedding jump scares you could do kekek

No. 1277429

I gave a young Keke Palmer one of those Japanese snack box subsciptions

No. 1277432

I had a dream I was a kid and my mom asked if I wanted a little brother while she was pregnant, like asking if she should abort or not, but I said sure I want a little brother then he proceeded to become an asshole while my parents ignored me and my thoughts were "I cant believe I agreed to letting my mom have a boy"

No. 1280128

File: 1658983562938.jpg (38.03 KB, 616x477, original.jpg)

I had a dream I was 14 years old and killed my mom, then ran away in the woods with a creepy old man who had sex with me, while trying to hide from a detective and destroy all the evidence

Also I was a boy and a girl at the same time

What does it mean, nonas?

No. 1280247

i had sleep paralysis felt like i was being strangled so hard but the positive side is i didn't open my eyes

No. 1282056

I was at a movie theater in the hallway and some tall white dude in glasses comes by I start and I’m like soops horny so I grab his dick and start rubbing it through his pants and he tells me he knows I have a bf and it would be wrong ffw us talking later and I’m still horny 4u longdickman. We’re watching Star Trek and I suck his dick and he fingers me and then MY BF COMES IN he’s oblivious to what has just gone down. Does anyone else’s bf ruin their horny dremez

No. 1282089

File: 1659112457928.jpg (22.61 KB, 640x558, dasha.jpg)

Had a dream where I met Dasha while I was working at a bakery and we started dating. I thought she was really nice, really interesting, the sex was great, and it was exciting dating an older woman. I didn't really know much about what she did for work other than she was an actress in indie movies. And then one day, I looked her up online and found the Red Scare podcast, found out she was an insane catholic, and that she was cheating on me with a man.

No. 1282093

I would love to study you anon

No. 1282099

I'm pretty sure I just have dreams like this because a) I spend too much time on here b) I have trust issues

No. 1282102

To be honest I have lolcow-related dreams too, as embarrassing as it is to admit

No. 1282127

Omfg same wtf

No. 1282142

I had one of the most intense, bizarre dreams last night. I was hanging out with people in 18th century clothing by a shoreline. There were these very odd structures off in the distance, in the ocean, that I can only describe as stalagmites connected to stalactites. Like two spiky puddles connected to one another. And they were all painted in vibrant, striking colors. Honestly it looked like something out of an AI generator. Everyone was commenting on them, being very distracted, but then all of a sudden we saw this huge wave out at sea forming. It came hurtling towards us faster than we'd expected, it was a giant tsunami. I remember being hit by it, being pulled under, but I somehow survived. I then later heard other people mention how this was all the work of the CCCP, and that the stalagmite things were just meant as a distraction while the tsunami killed us. Someone even said they had explored one and found it to be hollow, made out of cardboard and white paint, or something like that. It was such an odd dream, one of the oddest I've had in a long time.

No. 1282188

This is so bizarre and cool I feel like those structures on the water would make a cool illustration. Glad dream you survived the wave kek

No. 1282193

I can’t stop having dreams about being either sexually assaulted, coerced into sexual things, or doing something sexual with someone just to realize I have a boyfriend. It seems there’s nothing I can even do to try to stop them. Every so often it’ll just happen every night for a while then calm down again.

No. 1282199

I had a dream where my preferred scrote spit in my mouth during sex and I'm concerned

No. 1282210

Well… did it turn you on?

No. 1282222

File: 1659118435054.jpg (25.42 KB, 474x266, romancing_the_stone_still7-102…)

You should definitely try to watercolor that one, nonnie. Sounds weirdly beautiful.

I have very vivid dreams, ever since I was a young child. One that was recurring involved the skinny villain from Romancing the Stone. I was maybe three when I first had this dream? My grandmother was obsessed with the film… anyway. The pic related villain would be attempting to break into our home, my family would be completely useless. Leaving doors open, crying etc. My tiny self would run about trying to close curtains, lock doors, both terrified and angry at the same time over the audacity of those creepy cunt. He never says a word, just dons a creepy grin and looks about like one of those Felix the Cat clocks. At some point, I open the freezer and low this fuck is folded up inside with the same blood chilling grin. He climbs out, I somehow manage to shove him down while a family member lashes him to a chair. He's still grinning, eyes steadily moving side to side. I'm livid, my tiny toddler frame just overcome with rage. I grab a large kitchen knife and threaten him. He doesn't respond, so in a fit of rage I stab the right side of his rib cage. The knife goes in surprisingly easy, I pull the knife downward to open up his side, and realize there are no bones. Tossing aside the knife, I reach into the wound and start pulling out what appears to be tangled rubber black tubing coated in an orange tinted slimy substance. I keep pulling it out, screaming at the man and saying horrible things. He does not react, just keeps smiling and moving his eyes. I am beyond livid and shocked that my mutilation has had zero effect on this maniac. Then I wake up.

No. 1282530

Concerned that you're a bottom?

No. 1283286

I was in a bus with my little sister and shayna called her peasant looking so we exchanged fists and I made a twitter callout.

No. 1284194

I had a dream I posted my bf to lc in one of the attractive guy threads and everyone made fun of me

No. 1284573

That would probably actually happen LMAO

No. 1284643

Schizotroon posting

No. 1284674

The transgender goon infested this site in june

No. 1284711

I was super popular on Deviantart and one guy kept commissioning me hundreds of dollars to draw (poorly at that) DaleXHank KOTH yaoi. It wasn't even good I mostly took screenshots from episodes and modified them and eventually my whole account was flooded with examples of these. But it was making me a lot of money and when my family asked me where the money came from I was like 'uhhhh…'

what the actual fuck brain

No. 1284730

I wish this happened to me irl, I don't even care kek

No. 1288763

File: 1659601290839.jpg (784.54 KB, 1728x2770, Marching.jpg)

First time ever in my life, my dream featured a child!
I dreamed a small boy stepped on scissors left on the ground. (He wasn't hurt)

No. 1292877

I had a really bad and detailled dream last night that I crashed my car drunk driving. It was so realistic I feel guilty. I busted my car up and semi-flipped it but was able to right it and I did a hit and run and drove home. In the dream my mom was covering my ass and told me to park the car behind my dad's shed to hide it and when I went to drive it around it was so fucked up from the accident. FYI I would never drive under the influence EVER so this was a huge nightmare for me. I have had dreams before where I am controlling my car from a computer, or I'm in the backseat and can't steer. I have a lot of car nightmares

No. 1292891

Has any other anons met characters through dreams that have just stuck with you? Usually it feels like characters are just reading off of a script and you don't pay much attention to them, but every once in a while I get characters that cause me to become emotional during the dreams and more importantly, when I wake up. They just feel wayyy too real, and the more I think about them the more I realize they represent a part of me in a way. I met them when I was getting into lucid dreaming and have since fallen out of it, but I've recently got back into it so I hope to be able to speak to them again. I hope I don't sound like a spiritual schizo kek

No. 1294536

File: 1659986260903.jpeg (19.35 KB, 688x445, 0FE14816-E484-4EF3-BF9F-90975D…)

Dreamt my ex was back in town and I took him home after he flirted with me, but he told me there was someone else and I kicked him out. Now I’m in a bad mood for my morning because I hadn’t thought about him in so long, but I’ll take it as a good sign that I’ve moved on that the loneliest mort hormonal part of my subconscious remembers him as a flake and doesn’t want him anymore

No. 1294595

I've been dreaming about my favorite band lately, I really hope this means I'll get to see them this year

No. 1297455

I dreamt about an open world 3D version of the tokimeki memorial games (the galge and otome games merged into one) for android phones. Android phones also had a physical keyboard and a small joystick. A translation of these games became popular online among zoomers because they thought it was cringe/meme-y like Hatoful Boyfriend, it attracted the ironic "dating sim" audience. this was a translation from a japanese version, the translator replaced a line of dialogue with "i'm so glad I never got to play this autistic game (colon and lowercase v emoticon)" that's how little he cared about the games he was translating. It was separated into three games, each about a different school, but I use the singular here to refer to all of them. The game had almost nothing to do with the real version, the only thing they have in common is the city and schools and the characters but even the characters had different personalities than their actual one. I thought it was so cool that you could explore the schools in 3D at your own pace. Kinda like Yandere Simulator ig, but actually well-made. The graphics were super simple though, like PS1 tier for Android phones.
Before finding the character I was looking for i somehow activated a minigame that had absolutely nothing to do with tokimeki memorial, you controlled a chibi anime catgirl in a platformer type of game but at first it seemed so simple and lazily made that it was boring. i had no idea what the objective was at first, and just kind of assumed it was just a matter of reaching the end like in all platformers. but as I progressed with me jumping higher and higher for longer periods of time, the level got more and more difficult, and it was actually kind of fun. so i reached outer space and it ended where i reached "deep space", basically space but darker and with heavy rain for some reason. then I realized this was one of those games where you have to jump as high and far as you can. i have no idea how I activated this minigame but after playing it I went back to the main game.

No. 1297461

I think I can only vividly remember one of my dreams ever, it was many years ago but I remember it being this beautiful small house with an old man living inside of it, and he had all these globes where different worlds would be inside, they were all extremely vivid like a world with purple grass and pink trees, or a jungle world with crazy creatures, next to the house was a river and I remember going into to see these two lizard heads that looked like they were from a really old video game making out with each other with really long tongues, kinda took out the prettiness of it kek but it's stuck with me to this day

No. 1297998

File: 1660222634566.jpeg (175.95 KB, 459x600, BDAE5033-529C-4D72-93BD-CCC64C…)

I keep having weird dreams in which I'm in a relationship with women.
Last night I dreamt I was at a school presentation, I was a kid as well, and a girl that looked a lot like a girl from one of my old schools was supposed to sing.
I was excited because I liked the way she sang, so I was basically hyping everyone, during that moment I basically only knew her name.
Then there were some trials and the teacher of the other school in charge of the music was disappointed in them, and she couldn't be found.
So I took the chance to help and started looking for her even though I'm pretty sure she also didn't know who I was.
I went out of the school at some point and found myself at a really old and abandoned place, it was full of spiders that looked like skulltulas with red details, they were huge, but I was ready to risk all.
I think I've been playing too much gayshit infact so I had to pick a team of people to help me out, then we went inside and there were weird ass traps that could electrocute people and such.
I quickly avoided them and we reached a beautiful part that was somehow still inside of the building, there was a church inside the building, a blue sky with some fluffy clouds, a garden and old decorative marble columns.
I managed to found her but she was a fucking reptilian and was wearing a kimono for some reason??
I tried to sing to get her attention but she was avoiding me, then I hugged her and told her that I was glad I found her, I kissed her and she kissed me back.
She told me something about being a fool and that she loved me.
Then I woke up.

No. 1298454

This is so cute, anon!

No. 1299619

I had a dream where Chris-chan tried to flirt with me, a lot, and made a halfway compelling argument for putting me in his "love quest". Nonnies I don't even read his threads wtf.

No. 1299793

My dream began in middle school as usual where there are no classes or children, but it's a building that is always prominent in my dreamworld. Next to it was an ice cream shop i frequent. My eldest sister asks me to go with her to get ice cream and as we go inside we realize there's like a bar fight. They weren't making ice cream that night. Two guys were creepy towards me and I manage to escape without my sister being in sight. Then as I make my way back to the school, I find myself entering the wrong building which was a casting for modeling. I didn't know where the exit was so I sat down anywhere empty until somebody escorted me out. Being there made me realize that im not that pretty like im the only non-blonde woman in the whole room. A lady then told me "out" as she pointing who stays and who leaves. As I walk out there are a bunch of other rejects moping and crying saying it's unfair. In that moment I felt like I had more in common with ugly women than I thought. Either way this tunnel led us to a open world Walmart. For some reason I had a shopping bag already in my hands. This black guy stops me to rob me and as I give him reasons not to, I said something that might have offended him which got me mugged indefinitely. So as I lost everything I had on hand for being autistic, I see a bunch of small houses built in a jungle much like sims houses. I go inside and it's empty. A dinosaur monster jumps out and starts trying to hunt me and these other people. I crawl inside a narrow entrance that was like a cave and I am stuck having to kill giant bugs. I come out and notice that I'm all alone. I wander around and my vision goes bad as if I took off my glasses. I wake up feeling like I've accepted im meek, ugly, autistic, and that im honestly all alone.

No. 1299959

last night i had sleep paralysis where i heard a a lot of jumbled political speeches, woke up and went back to sleep, had a lucid dream and every single lucid dream of mine begins with me beating a family member up, jumping off a balcony, flying and realizing i am dreaming and can do whatever i want. i went to restaurants and caused chaos, lost control of the dream and then had 3 separate sleep paralysies back to back with jumbled talking wasps buzzing and a demon strangling the hell out of me but that's the usual kek i rememmber one of the voices said something really fucking profound i wanted to put it into a song but i forgot what it was whatever

No. 1299975

Gee I wonder what they are saying kek

No. 1300049

had a horrible dream tonight
>be me
>going to my maternal grandparents house with family
>have to pass through a pool
>see a classmate from grade 5
>we stand around this window/box on the roof on opposite ends just staring
>thinking she'll say something time goes she doesn't
>leave and go to mother
>she for some reason is deciding names
>i pick a name that i can't remember
>mom is acting annoying about careers or svool can't remember so go back to the place with my classmate
>still stare no response
>look around
>see my highschool friend
>she's naked for some reason just moving around
>go to her and again we just stare no one moves
>go back to mom
>she's talking about some thing i can't catch on
>now we pass through the place where my classmate is standing
>stare at her and finally go up to her
>heyyyy 'name' it's been a while how are you
>she seems fine and we shake hands and smile
>friend passes through
>yooo 'name' come here
>haha oh yeah she comes and greets classmate like they've known eachother for years
>say bye because we have to leave
>get into dad's car
>mfw we owned this car when I was in highschool and this was another country ?????
>it starts raining
>dad starts speeding
>roads are completely new none of this is the way to my grandparents idk this place
>we have to park the car early and walk to the house
>still raining
>at some point the water reaches as high as my knees and then by the time we get to their house its gone
>they're in the house opposite to theirs but the inside is their actual house????
>go in greet aunt
>she mentions my clothes i tell her it was the rain
>she's talking to mom
>she's worried about the electricity
>doesn't know what the quantum effect will be (???)
>call her
>what does she mean
>thinks the generator will explode
>it's supposed to be far away at the end of the road but some how is inside the house???
>can't you change it?
>no your grandfather won't
>so you'll just let it blast??
>shrugs and smiles
>I look inside
>some extended family is there (specifically one aunt and her father)
>go from other door/room
>people here too
>Greet my aunt and her fiance
>her mother comes and pulls a white lice, looks like a naan flake(?) to me but she says it's rice
>lastly greet my grandfather's uncle who died around 5 years ago
>this entrance was his room but looks nothing like it
>he's on the bed using a laptop
>wtf he's never done that before
>the room reminds me of a hotel in another nightmare i had
>force myself to wake up because i'm panicking
>wake up

I wish I could remember more details, I have the full image in my head but I somehow can't explain it. I don't know why this dream happened or why it seems to have such a huge impact right now.

No. 1300068

What else can you tell from it? (also where did you start learning this hobby)

No. 1300128

Woah anon you're good, this describes a lot of my personal feelings day to day. All of what you have said fits perfectly bless you nonna

No. 1300162

I regret to inform you that you were talking to the tranny

No. 1300163

Regret after the moid race-baiter is dealt with.

No. 1300220

Fuck she deleted it, I was just about to reply and say what the fuck

No. 1300232

KEK sorry I got really embaressed. It was the ugliest dream I've ever had

No. 1300238

Nonna it's okay I understand, I posted an embarrassing dream in here before and had to delete it kek

No. 1300239

Then you shouldn't feel bad that was tame, dreams are hella weird

No. 1300748

We were standing in front of a big Catholic Church and there was a man inside that was talking to us but we didn’t see him and he said gauges in the ears are against god. After that my friend ran hundert meters against a six year old boy and lost. I don’t know what that dream wanted to tell me

No. 1300958

File: 1660385412707.jpeg (38.5 KB, 464x351, 1648920115397.jpeg)

No. 1301434

Lately my dreams have had the same setting and characters but slightly different plot, it’s like each dream is a new episode of a tv show

No. 1302510

had a dream i was going to hang out with an old friend i hadnt seen in forever, but then a doctor put a screw in my chest and i had to go into immediate surgery to get it out and i was refusing the gas mask because i didnt want to miss time w my friend and then they finally got it on me and i woke up. pissed.

No. 1302515

prolly just means i gotta quit smoking

No. 1305077

I was being stalked, he came to my job and literally parroted a status I posted on my facebook. Then somehow he knew I was a farmer and he did raids on here where he’d post my name at first (a really common one) and farmers responded like “yeah and?” Then he posted my face on here no farmers really cared they were just selfies I had posted on my thing. Then there was a picture sent to my number and It was a candid of me walking, then I was so scared cause he was outside the house and I was telling everyone he’s outside and idk what to do and my MIL was all small talking saying that he’d do some work for her. And my bf just talked to him like he was catching up with an old friend. I also had a dream I was in a hospital or mall hallway and I saw my stepdad and he was all smiling at me.

No. 1305142

I just had the most terrifying dream in a while that I hooked up and developed feelings for a 16 year old. I learned of his age afterwards. I really like more docile type guys which is why I have no problem with dating younger but him being underaged made me feel so sick and disturbed.

No. 1305211

in a dream last night i was a bird in a forest and talking to this other bird. the other bird was a "flatface" bird and i had a more pointy face and beak for pecking into trees and getting bugs that way. i caught a stickbug-like insect and was really down eating it but then saw the other bird was eating a fat grasshopper and was jealous. please explain

No. 1305266

Your subconscious is telling you that you don’t know enough about birds, insectivorous birds have very pointy beaks.

No. 1305272

i think my subconscious knew that, but was mocking me that the other bird still caught a fatter bug than i did

No. 1305584

I had a dream where something had happened to lolcow and one farmer had somehow found my super obscure and abandoned imageboard with zero posts. I was happy but also panicked because I wasn't planning on "revealing" it yet. I thought that people would start demanding I moderate my site and I didn't have time to do that. Then more people started posting in the off-topic board seemingly ready to migrate from here.

No. 1308942

Super late but I will join you anon bc I also had a sex dream of charlie today, don't remember much of the sex but but I had the feeling that I really enjoyed it. I woke up very confused about this kek

No. 1310795

I dreamed that the tips of my fingers were a horizon's vanishing point and that my entire body was surrounded in a bounding box. Every time I tossed and turned in bed, the dream vanishing point would match my hand and the bounding box would change to fit my new position. Sincerely cannot tell whether my brain is telling me to do more art study or take a break.

No. 1313191

I had a bunch of skulls, like owl, vulture, bobcat skulls that i was cleaning and going to display on a shelf

No. 1317016

I had 4 separate nightmares last night about a scrote climbing through my bedroom window, which I opened to deal with the heatwave. I woke up like every two hours. If this keeps happening I'm going to end up installing bars or something in front of it just for peace of mind.

No. 1317220

Had a dream that Sugimoto Saichi from Golden Kamuy was in love with me and we rode a ferry but when we reached our destination he fell in love with another woman. I bet it was one of you /g/ … you took him from me

No. 1317242

Kek that's so sweet, nona hope it was me

No. 1320255

I keep having dreams of mundane things turning absolutely awful and it's giving me psychic damage. It'll be just like I'm living day to day life, then in my dream I think a dark or disgusting thought, and it happens. Some examples from last night.

> see bath tub

> decide to take bath
> it would be embarrassing if my family saw me naked
> suddenly bath tub is in living room of childhood home in front of big window with parents on the couch
> look out window
> see neighbor's toddler looking at me through open window next door
> i hope that kid doesn't fall
> kid falls out window and starts screaming
> get out of bath
> go outside (naked of course)
> watch police arrive next door
> cat with collar comes out of house
> casually lays in road
> God I hope that cat doesn't get hit
> ex brother in laws red Honda coming up the street
> jeez I hope he sees the cat in the road and doesn't hit it
> runs over cat

It was so gruesome and I woke up really disturbed. It was my day to sleep in too fuck

No. 1322461

I'm straight but I'm having PG rated lesbian dreams. A few days ago it was me and a frenemy rivaling over our love for our so fucking cool friend. At some point, she had to go to Taiwan for her studies and we went to see her off at the airport. Frenemy-chan couldn't keep it together at all, which set me off, too, and we both cried for Taiwan-chan to please not go. She had to hold back her tears, hugged us both real tight and then told us she had to go no matter what, and that she knows she could only come back when she knew we've gotten over her, anyways. Then, tonight, I was chased by a wasp (I'm scared of wasps) and clung to my girlfriend while panicking. She smacked it away, hugged me back, smiled "You're so dumb" and then kissed my cheek. She was Indian, had a long black braid, wore a red sweatshirt and had the brightest smile I've ever seen.
I know none of the women in my dreams in real life.

No. 1322576

My brother having sex with my mom. He molested me as a kid and my mom mega defended him irl. I hate how this shit kicks you 15 years later.

No. 1322580

I'm so sorry nonna, I wish you healing and a good life.

No. 1322586

I dreamt that I went to the bookstore and they had a Billie Eilish autobiography and when I opened it, it was just a picture of Peppa the Pig and then the rest of the dream continued in the Peppa Pig house somehow

No. 1322596

No. 1322614

Two days ago I dreamt a really disturbing dream.
> In the hours preceding the dream I was violently suicidal and wanted to buy a gun to kill myself with. I cried and screamed, I then got over it as I became tired.
>The meltdown was over some loser guy who enjoys manipulating me and comes back to talk to me only when he's horny. I was also sad at how people treated me, remembering how they would laugh at me.
>I was so distraught that I fell for the guy, and at the fact that everyone views me as a loser. I felt that he was my only "safe-haven" when the people around me treated me like shit, called me a liar repeatedly, and willfully misunderstood who I was.
>I then fell asleep and began dreaming that he was being beaten up and humiliated by a gang of men, while being taunted with insults
>In the dream, he had a pained expression on his face and I felt bad for him. I felt like this was my fault, because I would call him on a phone number he told me not to call (obviously, it's likely because he doesn't want to get caught cheating)
>His face was bloodied and bruised, and looked he like he was on the verge of tears.
>Though he didn't seem to notice my "presence" in the dream at first, it seemed like the gang of people beating him up knew I was there and were doing this to freak me out.
>I really thought it was all my fault. I wanted to help him, but couldn't. We were both stuck there.
>There was a girl there, jiggling her tits probably there to taunt me as well.
>It ended with what looked like an Instagram story of him taking a mirror selfie of his bruised face, with barley any expression on it.

Weird as fuck. Could my feelings preceding the dream have influenced these events?

No. 1323156

I have nightmares about car accidents frequently, and I swear to god I can feel the inertia.

When I was young I had dreams like this, but more mild, like the car going too fast down a hill with no brakes or the driver disappearing, but it got so much more intense after I was in an accident a few years ago (my ex's dad picked us up from the airport my first time in this state moving here permanently lol, and did not tell anyone he was on Vicodin + benzos and nodded off going 103 in the left lane and we hit the barrier about 2 minutes after I put my seatbelt on because I was one of THOSE people) and it's been a few years and I feel like this shouldn't still be happening.

I feel pretty stupid for still feeling this fearful of a normal thing, even in my sleep. I went on a roller coaster for the first time in a long time and I cried and had a panic attack because the feeling of the drops was SO dead on what I feel in my nightmares, the feeling of picking up speed and being thrown around and jolted.

Wtf do I do about this

No. 1323490

i'd like to point out this is the best dream listing i know. most fucking suck. look at reddit's. i don't remember them, but i wish i could cuck my dreams online too.

No. 1324608

I watched an animated music video from the 30s. There were four anthromorphized ducks in bikinis dancing synchronized Keith Haring style at the beach. At one point they lifted their arms/wings and you saw hair, and I remember thinking about whether women really didn't start shaving in the 30s yet (which googling says to be wrong, apparently US women started around 1915.) Same night different dream I dreamt I started giving absolutely zero fucks and told my best friend, who's a pretty hard TRA, that I post here and sent her funny posts from here.

No. 1330088

I had a dream that my mom, who I am not close with, decided to troon out and become a fakeboi. I’ve been feeling weird about it all day fml. It was such an absurd dream but it felt so real in the moment.

No. 1330527

I love dreaming about flying so casually, like it's becoming easier for me to do it in my dreams, it doesn't require a lot of mental effort anymore.

No. 1330534

the box i keep my birth certificate and other important papers in was full of sand and giant worms. I had to transfer the worms out because I wanted to use the box for papers again. dream was mostly figuring out where to put them and how to move them without touching them with my hands because i though they might bite me

No. 1334215

I saw someone in the distance and started running toward them because I thought maybe it would be a nice dream and the person would be someone important to me. Suddenly I find myself lying in bed like I am except something lifts the covers and starts absorbing my soul from my body like a fucking dementor. And I can’t move so I just lie there while this aggressively tries to suck my soul from my body. Then I woke up and I was lying in the same position as my dream. Feels like I was visited by a demon in my sleep or something

No. 1334311

Sounds like sleep paralysis

No. 1334373

Yeah I think it might have been. I’ve had sleep paralysis experiences before where I know I’m asleep and can’t move so I knew how to deal with it, but it was the first time I had an experience where I felt as if something was there.

No. 1335520

I dreamt I visited an old town in Brittany, it was beautiful, there were ruins everywhere and it was so clean, I was there with a friend but she was whinging there were no fun places like clubs to go to (she's not like that irl), we ended up taking a train back home. These are actually two regular staples of my dreams, going to a beautiful city surrounded by water (kinda medieval fantasy style Venice) and riding the train.

No. 1336573

File: 1662967446175.jpg (135.31 KB, 1000x667, baba.jpg)

I was in a park overlooking a small lake, I think it was the same park I visited during my childhood. I'm looking at the lake when I notice a family of 3 otters on playing on some rocks. The rocks are raised out of the water. The otters are light brown and with the sun shining down on them they stand out like crazy. Theres 2 large ones (larger than I think otters get tbh) which added to how visible they were and a lil baby thats playing, moving around like crazy. Since when are there otters in this park? I'm looking around to see if anyone else is noticing them but everyone is just carrying on as normal. I'm like… this is a rare sight here why is nobody else seeing it? Someone comes close with a dog and I know the moment is about to end. They scurry away and I'm thinking.. you all could've seen otters up close if you'd slowed down for a second and noticed. A fucking baby otter playing in the sun and you guys missed it.

No. 1336747

I had a dream about a sexy mailman, thank you The Good Place

No. 1336749

Brooke from one tree hill set up a big bash party for most of the cast to kill one by one hunger games style. At points in the dream she was skinning them alive and cooking them. Good dream. I hate most of the oth cast!

No. 1336777

It was like an out of body experience, but I was watching myself having a conversation with an old man. Every time the conversation came to an end, it'd start from the beginning again. Over and over.

No. 1336787

had to go back to take a class in my old middle school as an adult. in the dream, it was normal and something people did as adults. did they mess up my grades and realize i needed to retake 6th grade maths or what?
i felt nervous and struggled to find my classroom. when i did, i felt slightly less weird as i recognized a few old classmates.
i noticed i dream about the 'absent professors' board often; i guess i did check it multiple times a day, every single day for 4 years of my life.

No. 1336839

was in a shop of some kind, or maybe i was watching someone else in my dream like a movie. anyway, she was undercover and apparently deep undercover–there was some kind of heist to be pulled and two of my spy colleagues came into the store acting normal. also the undercover aspect of the dream was a twist and i didn't even know it was happening until i received intel from the other spies.
then we were all going on a mission somewhere, in a school bus. we ended up on this hiking trail/beach and got off to go to the mission location. there was normal people there, but also lots of undercover agents. also an ambulance parked on the sand.

on a rock and saw a man holding a dog sitting adjacent to me, it was my dad but i didn't recognize the dog. he told me something, correcting me or something idk. and then i noticed he was having a heart attack–so i ran over to the ambulance and said he needs to go to the hospital, but it wasn't a real ambulance, it was a front for our spy operations. i kept yelling for help but couldn't get any since it wasn't a real ambulance and the spies were trying to keep their cover for the mission, then i woke up.

No. 1340550

File: 1663232341029.jpg (4.98 KB, 320x180, mqdefault.jpg)

When i was falling asleep i saw some reddish version of the backrooms so i jumped into the dream and then i ran through the rooms. Then i realized that there can be demons in the rooms and i found one. It was a 40yeraold woman with short black hair and i started hitting on her because i though she wont attack me if she likes me. But i got a bad vibe from her so i ripped her to pieces like you do when you meet demons in a dream.

No. 1346964

There were images/gifs circulating the web of Prince Phillip getting dicked down by a horse. Even if you looked up something completely unrelated you would still see memes of the horse and him

No. 1350573

I dreamt an app called "LGBT McDonald's" was forcibly installed on my phone. I don't have an iPhone irl, but, in the dream, I had one, and I also had the McDonald's app installed before the lgbt McDonald's app randomly appeared, and I couldn't delete the latter. I figured it was kind of like how some phones forcibly install Facebook and don't let you remove it.

The next day, the app logo changed to resemble that of the original McDonald's app, and the caption changed to just read "McDonald's", like the original app. But, when you opened lgbt McDonald's, it was like a much shittier version of McDonald's, with a smaller menu and worse selections. And the weirdest thing was, it was if my phone was trying to trick me into opening lgbt McDonald's instead of the real app.

The third day, I went to the mall and realized a similar thing was happening with the storefronts. I kept on trying to go to Chicos, and every hallway I went down, I kept on ending up at a shittier, lgbt-themed version of that store called "Chicxs", as if the mall itself was trying to get me to go to that store instead.

No. 1350577

Mandala effect alternate dimension U2 album

No. 1350632

I had one of those If You Pee Now You'll Pee IRL dreams, and I was just about to start until I realized that I don't have the little step ladder I always have by my toilet, because the toilet is a bit too high for me to sit comfortably on, so I went out to look for my step ladder. I couldn't find one, which means I didn't wet the bed, but I walked in on vidrel, the worst victorious song, at one point.

No. 1358141

It was super weird but I dreamt I was in my room using my laptop, for some reason I went on 4chan and there was a thread on me. The OP had a picture of me that only one of my friends could have taken but I couldn't guess which one of them posted it despite looking for clues. There was no text but the replies were a bunch of racist insults toward me. It was posted on /d/ except the /d/ here meant "dumbass". I woke up before knowing who did all of this and it pisses me off. I read long ago that it's impossible to read texts inside your dreams but I guess not.

No. 1358911

A new son was born into the Kennedy family, named Leon. Capcom sued for copyright infringement.

No. 1358924

Anon I'm crying. Your mind is hilarious.

No. 1359111

File: 1664592028577.jpeg (7.61 KB, 194x259, carpeted.jpeg)

i once had a dream where i was cooking some weird ass food in a carpeted kitchen while having a mental breakdown at the same time.

No. 1359116

I was completely exhausted when I went to bed last night so I had this dream where something weird was happening to my hands - like the skin wasn't there, just meat - and I started losing conscious, falling down and hitting the floor with the back of my head, a few times for some reason (like my head jumped a bit like a ball or something). It was realistic and scary, felt like everything in body was gradually stopping to work and I was going to die. And I tried to explain to my mom so she would get me some help but she said she didn't believe and that I love to make things up.

No. 1359177

I am on a party in a big mansion. Suddenly I see an older lady with my purse and confront her that this is my purse. She says its hers. She puts it on a table and I open it and there is my stuff inside. I try to calm down and she tells me: I will ask the angels to whom it belongs and pulls two teeth out of her mouth and put them on a table. I agree and smile in her face. In this moment I grab the purse and run for my fucking life because this lady is insane. I find my friends in the mansion and tell them the story and we giggle the whole evening about it.

No. 1359181

It wasn’t a dream

No. 1359189

I moved into an older house a couple years ago and had 101 things to do to update it. I ripped up all this nasty lino flooring that needed to go and I ended up temporarily putting down carpet tiles in the kitchen. If nonnies are having nightmares about carpet in kitchens I should maybe take this as motivation to get working on that. I'm weirdly used to it now though.

No. 1359394

Shiiiiiiiiiiit. Halloween comes early for me

No. 1359953

I keep having dreams where I have to be back in school but in this last one I realized mid-dream while arguing with a teacher that I didn't have to be there because I was an adult and it was great. God I hated school

No. 1360532

File: 1664675720472.jpeg (225.79 KB, 736x1230, 85F5CE00-3F62-4211-A993-16F9F6…)

I had a cool dream and I'm manifesting for it to happen.
I had woken up from sleeping in that dream and my arms were toned, I had amazing muscles and my shoulders were so defined, I went to see my nutritionist and showed her and she told me she was proud of me and that I looked amazing with my toned upper body, like I looked like pic related, it's so cool.
Now I'm even more excited about working out, I can't wait to look like in my dream.

No. 1361708

I was with my family fighting off something with ridiculous fantasy weapons, then one of them points out that there's like baked beans all over my shirt. And I look and apparently I was injured at some point and the baked bean something or other was leaking out of me and I suddenly slowly fall over and start dying. Then I woke up.

No. 1362095

I keep having this dream that my boyfriend has urges to buy another woman's nudes because he is too curious about it. Its seriously daunting at this point if any of it is slightly true.

No. 1362098

im constantly dreaming im back at school and in the dreams im panicking bc i haven't studied for all this time and exams are coming up. its so silly considering it's been years since ive been in any school setting, but yeah same as you when i wake up im so so glad im away from that kind of stress

No. 1362100

i had the funniest fucking dream last night. i was on a deserted island and a t-rex kept chasing me. i obv tried to run away but in the end, the rex caught up with me. NOW, rexie didn't eat me, instead he turned into a hot dude in front of me and tried to court me. but like seconds after he changed into a t-rex again and kept chasing me. if anyone has an idea what this means i'd die to know lmaoo

No. 1363363

I went to an indoor mall-style flea market to get my hair done and while I was waiting for the lady to set up the area, this dude who was her supervisor comes out and talks to me for awhile.

I don’t remember what started the conversation and only remember pieces of it like he knew my ring came from one of the jewelry stores here and how supposedly you show it off on business meetings or something. Then, he told he knew that I had a difficult life and tried to persuade me to blame God for it. Afterwards, he pulls out a monitor out of nowhere for a PowerPoint presentation about how God doesn’t exist and the documentation from the 1490’s-1950’s proves it as well as everything else is just scientific reasoning. I woke up and started praying for forgiveness for almost immediately falling for it. I understand that everyone has their own beliefs but I still believe He exists and it was probably the devil trying to deceive me into atheism.

I do wonder if this or other means orchestrated by him lead to others becoming atheists though, but it’s sad to think about.

No. 1363659

But if the devil tried to make you an atheist, you would cease to believe in him, so why would he want to do that? Atheists are his biggest enemy.

No. 1363789

This is a weird one but no one reads this thread anyway so here goes.

I had a dream that I was in the movie room and someone brought up a condition called "mangina" (pronounced similar to meningitis) where when a woman is pregnant, the babies head will come out to the vaginal canal so they can defend themselves against anyone talking shit in my dream, apparently there was a case where the baby ate the mother's cup ramen. One of the anons in the room said they wanted mangina (for whatever reason) and everyone tried to give them advice.
It was actually a pretty cool dream for me because it felt very detailed. I could even somewhat imagine what the movie was about even though I'm now mostly forgetting it. Anyway, the dream was really unrealistic because not only did someone want mangina but also the movie was about a drag queen.

I need to stop browsing lolcow. I don't want anymore dreams about trannies or manginas.

No. 1363804

File: 1664910487507.gif (Spoiler Image, 1.5 MB, 365x201, 9K1s.gif)

sorry but immediately old gregg
I also thought I was on discord for some reason

No. 1363831

I see, damn. Good luck, nonna, hopefully it was just a dream!

No. 1363867

Kek. Well in either case I hope you're having some good luck too, even if the devil isn't trying to give you a powerpoint presentation in your dreams.

No. 1363939

Nta, but video game dreams are so nice.

No. 1363955

Dream. Is HOT

No. 1364030

I always seem to have have bizarre dreams, some follow on from dreams I’ve had in the past like my subconscious has it’s own life.
I dreamed I went on a date with someone, then days later I dreamed that I had not contacted them for an entire month and had forgotten I was dating them, but I only remembered because a youtuber told me. Also, I am straight but in most of the dreams about dating or relationships I’m always with a girl. Im sure that’s just because I have always been bi curious and have never had the opportunity to go for it though.
I often wake myself up laughing or crying, sometimes not even remembering the dream. Maybe I’m a sleepwalker type? Idk. I am intrigued though

No. 1364213

Doubt it, he relies on people losing their faith and relying on materialism, science itself and the belief that you are your own god. LaVeyan Satanism goes hand-in-hand with these beliefs, but it’s still Satanism regardless.

No. 1365337

Had a dream last night where I was swimming with my cat in the ocean at night. She swam ahead of me and a shark appeared. I saw her little ears poking out of the water and I started panicking. I remember feeling actual real world fear. In the dream, I yanked her leash and swam as fast as I could to the shore. I don't know if I did make it to the shore or not because another dream started. It was movie-like about a man planning to kill another man while they're in a ship's cabin. The murder did happen, but I don't remember seeing it. I just remember there was a hallway with yellow-green lights and damask pattern wallpaper on the walls. Weird to have 2 sea-related dreams in one night. I did make sure my cat was ok after I woke up and she was just her normal self.

No. 1365509

Been having depressed my whole life, i've finally experienced killing myself in my dream. I usually just imagining in rage about how gruesome can i make my suicide but never dreamt actually doing it tho.

No. 1365711

Did it influence in any way the way you feel about killing yourself now?

No. 1365716

I have dreams that follow on from other dreams sometimes too, first time hearing someone else gets that too. Not with the waking up laughing or crying though you are right that does sound like a sleepwalking/disorder thing. As long as you aren't having night terrors or anything and you feel rested I bet you're good

No. 1366295

I haven’t had a nightmare since I was a tween but a few nights ago I had an extremely distressing one. In the dream my brother, his wife and their newborn were killed in a mass shooting. I woke up and was massively freaked out and wasn’t able to sleep for the rest of the night. I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it since and my anxiety has been awful. My retarded anxious thoughts keep telling me that maybe this dream was somehow a premonition. Nonnies is there any way of bouncing back from this?

No. 1366668

Just had a sex dream for the first time in my life. and it was right after me crying about whether i'd find another hot bf again and debating if i'm asexual. it's like my brain told me stfu bitch there's nothing wrong with you, here's a hot fake moid for tonight to cheer you up.

god i loved it

No. 1366681

I used to have ‘everybody dies’ dreams a lot. I’m sorry it’s been weighing you down this much.
Write fanfiction. I’m not having a giggle, but write out your dream, and change the ending, alter the stressful details. Maybe the shooter had a t shirt cannon instead of a gun, and the shirts were just really ugly. I hope you sleep better tonight.

No. 1366718

I dreamed the girl I used to love was completely uninterested in me and set up a hammock in my parents living room and took a nap. I wanted her to leave if she wasn't going to hang with me. Then I woke up. I had this dream because I'm obsessed with hammocks and really want to lay in one. I will get to soon

No. 1369664

Someone showed some intentionally crappy llama drawing of mine to her hotel manager friend and the hotel manager told her she's no longer welcome to her hotel. My crappy llama ended their friendship.

No. 1369704

I had a lucid dream last night. One of my dream characters got angry with me and I asked her why she hated me so much. She told me that I took my sister away from her. Earlier that night I had a dream that I saw my sister and she didn't recognize me, but I hugged her and told her I loved her. When I woke up I immediately thought of all the ways I've compromised my relationship with her. It's not uncommon for dream characters to act pissy when they find out you're lucid dreaming and I'm starting to think these are parts of your subconscious shadow self who are angry at you for neglecting them.

No. 1369709

UH duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh

No. 1369717

I dreamt the world was ending. Again. I've had a dream like this for so long. The country starts flooding, and people start freaking out. I was in a grocery store reading the news on my phone, and this super tall cute guy was like "oh, I'm working on that.." And I said "I've never kissed a scientist before." And I stood up tall and smooched him. Funny because I'm getting married this Friday, and I was sad that I wouldn't get to live as a married woman. Then I saw the sky crack open