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File: 1434512457983.jpg (796.37 KB, 975x739, Painting_2_Sleep-to-Dream.jpg)

No. 10376

Discuss dreams/nightmares you've had,recurring themes or symbols, lucid dreams, your interpretations of other anons' dreams, etc.

I often have dreams where I am shopping, and I wake up pissed off because
>didn't actually buy anything
>have no money to buy anything
>what I bought in my dream probably doesn't even exist irl

No. 10377

I often have dreams where I am walking home in the dark and I can see that someone is approaching me and I become very scared, yet I keep going. It doesn't occur to me to turn around and hurry back into the building that I came from.
Sometimes I will dream that the figure (typically a very troubled man) is able to catch me and I will finally use logic and escape, but they always follow me into the building.

No. 10382

Mostly dreams about being late to work or missing a test at school despite having graduated college three years ago.

Also some scary dreams. One recently included a guy picking my up under my arms and opening his mouth so that I could see the wide, white eyes of a demon glaring at me from inside his throat. When the guy put me down, he continued speaking like normal, but he looked so scared while smiling at me

And now im fucking scared

No. 10387

File: 1434523648281.png (231.31 KB, 301x387, Donquixote_Doflamingo_Full_Bod…)

a few weeks ago i had the stupidest fucking nightmare that made me have the worst/scariest reaction of my life.

one night i made myself extremely physically sick by messing with my sleeping schedule and consuming things i shouldn't have. i ended up bedridden for 2 days feeling the worst i've ever felt in my life. i couldn't eat anything for all that time except 1 fruit, literally. I felt like if i even tried to get out of bed, i would immediately faint. and i didn't even know what to focus my thoughts on because some things made it worse. so i started marathoning the anime One Piece to keep my mind off of everything. i must have watched around 40 episodes in one day.

that night, i had a nightmare that one of the villains, Doflamingo, was going to kill me. i woke up still thinking i was in the dream for at least 5 minutes. i ran to the bathroom thinking about screaming or running to somebody, but then i somewhat realized it was a dream. and kept telling myself it wasn't real. i tried taking a hot shower, cause that always calms me. and right then my stupid sister knocks on the door saying she wants to shower, while i'm in a state of literally being scared to death. imagine the feeling you would get if someone was in your house, looking for you, after having killed your family. that's the kind of state i was in. that's the sort of terrified my body was acting like. i was only able to calm myself down after i started watching videos of beach waves, waterfalls and soothing nature for about an hour. god it helps SO MUCH. i've had nightmares before, but i always just wake up from them annoyed. this was my first experience with the whole "waking up screaming and sweaty with heart pounding" sort of nightmare

No. 10397

I used to have frequent shopping dreams about 2 months ago. They would always take place in big stores and I would either buy lots of items, or end up with nothing because I lost my money or it got stolen.

It’s not often I can buy myself things irl and just before those dreams started I had the opportunity to do so but I fucked up and never got my stuff. I used to feel really bad about it, I haven’t been having these dreams in a while though so I guess I got over it.

Other than that I often dream about hanging out with my old friends from school. My current friends rarely appear, it’s always the ones I haven’t seen/talked to in 3+ years. I wasn’t very fond of them so I’m not sure what that’s about.

No. 10398

i had a dream i found evangelion cereal in the grocery store. it tasted like frosted cheerios.

No. 10402

I used to have dreams of my brakes failing in my car and I end up driving into a river, or I have to drive over a rickety bridge and end up going into a river or driving down the road that suddenly floods. Always makes me feel sick when I wake up but they've been happening less and less.

I've been able to lucid dream before and it's awesome. I mostly make myself fly.

Apparently my SO gets sleep paralysis a lot but he doesn't like to talk about it.

No. 10405

i also have many dreams of hanging out with ex friends, i really wish it would stop honestly because it makes me upset

No. 10409

Ugh, I hate that. I sometimes have dreams that my parents are still together even though they've been divorced for almost 10 years

No. 10410

Last night I was dreaming of being a VIP guest at RuPauls drag race.
I got to meet all the drag queens in a tram and we were driving to the studio. There we would do our make up.
We were joking all the time and having lots of fun.
Then I woke up.

Since I take my new pills I dream weird stuff every night. But I'm ok with that since they aren't nightmares.

No. 10438

Il have regular dreams about not being able to find the classroom, having missed most of the lessons that year by accident, not having done the homework and then making a fool of myself in class, etc, etc.
The thing is I left college FIVE fucking years ago. I guess I just hated my time there that bad.

On the bright side, anxiety dreams are the worst of it. Somehow as a kid I 'learnt' that I could escape nightmares by rolling my eyes and that would wake me up. After a few years I just stopped having proper nightmares at all. I should be thankful for that at least, I guess.

I am so jealous.

No. 10590

File: 1434594174013.jpg (Spoiler Image, 13.03 KB, 300x225, tegenaria gigantea with hand.j…)

I keep having dreams with giant house spiders.

Because my house is infested with them.

No. 10995

When I was a kid, my abusive mother still had shared custody of me. Whenever it was her turn to take me I wasn't allowed to contact home, and she would scream about how I didn't love her and how her house was my home. I would end up trapped there for weeks sometimes and I can't even explain how trapped and awful it felt.
I'm an adult now and I've cut my mother out of my life even though she still tries to contact me on a regular basis.

I often have nightmares about being a child in her care at her house, a lot of them featuring her scumbag boyfriends who were also abusive and the guilt tripping to make me stay.

Are they antidepressants? I remember when I took them I had really beautiful dreams.

No. 10999

I have a lot of nightmares:

> Getting back w ex-bf (who was a shit-human)

> Teeth decaying - rotting - falling out of my mouth
> Drowning
> End of the world - themes, zombies, aliens or just monsters in general killing me and my friends.

Those are the most common ones, idk. I'll go trough this thread now.

No. 14955

Bumping to get racewar shit off the front page, and replace it with actual discussion

No. 14994

I almost never dream. Someone told me that means I'm a sociopath

No. 15004


I guess I'm a sociopath too then. (What a load of shit lol)

No. 15032

right? as if dreams can tell you shit. It's how you treat people that makes a fuckin difference

No. 43681

I ha this ream where some trailer park meth head lady was hitting my siblings and all I could o was freeze in fear and just cry. (In real life I would've beaten her with the first thing I grabbed.) I woke up crying. I've never encountered this irl though.

No. 43682

I keep having sexual dreams and there are so many person involved in thoses dreams… I wake up in the middle in the night having big orgasm right next to my boyfriend, it's quite akward but it feel so nice.

No. 43684

I learnt to lucid dream when i was young, i would do it every night(if i have cannabis before bed) but i wake up tired instead of rested when i lucid dream… anyone have similar experiences?

No. 73532

I just had the strangest and scariest dream today. I was being chased by someone and I hide in a big cupboard in my home. He found me eventually and i began to cry hysterically, so he stabbed me multiple times until i'm dead. then suddenly i woke up, heart racing, breath hitched a few times. i automatically checked my body if there's any damage, but fortunately, my body is okay. the strangest part was, i saw the killer's face and characteristics clearly. he is a bone-thin build, and has long black hair, tied up with a hair band. eyes…not big but everytime he made an expression, they feel like they're gonna pop out. His skin tone was brown, like a south east asian man but not the sexy kind, and he has a long, maroon-ish scar on his left cheek. he wore a big green puffy jacket (the kind you'd wear when it's cold outside) and a blue-ish pants (jeans, i assume). i don't think i've seen him in real life, but it was definitely very creepy…

No. 73543

the weirdest dream i've ever had was also the coolest one. basically i went on a field trip with my class but not to a city or something, noo…. we went to the fucking moon. with a spaceship and stuff. it was so surreal. of course we didn't need any space suits or something it was just considered a normal field trip lmao. once we were on the moon, everyone put up their tents and and as soon as they all went to bed, i came out of my tent, sat in front of it and watched the earth. the silence and tranquility of this dream still haunts me today and i get goosebumps just thinking about it.

must add that i'm a sucker for space stuff… it was a perfect dream tbh

No. 73548

File: 1456503506240.jpg (250.44 KB, 1280x1440, 1456440780645.jpg)

>vivid dreams about faceless SO
>dreams where I need to do something but things keep blocking me and preventing me from doing them
>sexual dreams where I get cockblocked all the time
>occasional sci-fi dream where I can write a book about it if I can remember all the details

This is pretty much it.

No. 73550


You do have dreams every night but some of them stimulate the brain more so you remember them, that's what I read somewhere.

No. 73554

I have very strange and vivid dreams a lot; ones that make me laugh in the morning.
I cannot lucid dream for my life though. I've had a few opportunities I think, but I've never been able to take the wheel
There was a time long ago when I was dreaming I was fighting an ice dragon in my school cafeteria with Harry Potter, and my alarm went off and I smacked it and was still asleep, but was now aware I was dreaming. I couldn't do anything though and was just like watching a pov movie

No. 73575

Since about 2013 I've been having the same set of dreams almost. It's not the same plot persay-more so they feel like they're happening in the same world. I don't get it, and they always happened when I'm taking an early afternoon nap, never during night time.

No. 73585

I usually dream of cool stuff, visiting weird places, buying things and meeting people I don't know irl.
I rarely have nightmares, in the scary ones I just end up waking up or covering my eyes in the dream (lol), so as long as I don't experience sleep paralysis and/or hypnagogic hallucinations it's fine.
The real nightmares for me are the sad ones, in which you dream of the death of a loved one and similar stuff.
Some years ago I had this nightmare in which my mom died in a plane crash, the plane fell into the ocean and I was home with my sister watching tv news… They were filming the whole scene of the bodies underwater, still sticked to the seat, drowned, with their hair floating. The "final scene" consisted in me and my sister realizing that we would've been alone from that moment, and there was even music playing in the background, it was My Immortal.
That dream fucked me up, I've never been more scared in my life and cried the whole day after, I spent the month being overly attached to my mother and sister like never before. Worst fucking nightmare of my life, I swear. Even now, so many years after, I can't talk about it without crying (I'm crying even now, lol), it's crazy. I think it's because I'm scared of losing a family member and nearly drowned at the sea when I was a child, so the ocean thing scared me off. But even that, it's weird.
Ever experienced something like this?

No. 111802

File: 1475619811908.jpg (Spoiler Image, 221.54 KB, 1050x1400, scp-106.jpg)

Necroing this thread because I've had the oddest dreams lately. For the past three weeks I've been dreaming about giving birth to monsters. I'm not impregnated by monsters, just giving birth to them. For the last few they've been more detailed about why I am. Apparently, I'm conducting experiments to allow for these creatures to be born and and be alive on this plane. I'm not afraid of them, I treat them like they really are my own little babies. Freaks me the fuck out when I wake up though because they all look like progeny of SCP-106. No idea what any of this is supposed to mean.

>pic related

No. 111804

Does anybody else have reoccurring places in their dreams that don't actually exist?

For the past 5 years or so I've basically reinvented the whole area I've lived in my dreamland or whatever. And I always seem to go back to the same places, or places that don't exist in real life, but they always crop up.

I usually have dreams about those places, or dreams about my ex and his gf even though I don't go out of my way to think about them in general in the conscious world.

No. 111815

I suffer from hypnopompic hallucinations often so whatever I'm dreaming about, becomes reality for a few seconds/minutes. It's fucking terrible because I usually just have nightmares and the hallucinations are becoming worse. Usually it's auditory, but it was once visual, and recently I've began to feel things (bugs crawling inside of my face) which just so happened to be subconscious since I went to an abandoned house the previous week and there were giant, black daddy long legs everywhere. Not fun. Does anyone else have hypnagogic or hypnopompic hallucinations?

No. 111833

I used to have them when I induced myself to lucid dream. It was awful, they were occasionally auditory, but especially visual. This time I will never forget, there was this pale woman with long black hair wearing a white dress in my bedroom. She was staring at me behind my asleep sister's shoulder and her face was so scary, then she started getting closer to me with those ghostly eyes, she never blinked. I usually wake up instantly when I feel I'm in a nightmare and the monster is coming, but in hallucinations you can't move nor do anything, just wait for it to end, and this is bad.
Obviously, I stopped with that lucid dreams shit and I'm not suffering from hallucinations anymore.

No. 111844

I fairly regularly have very vivid dreams about my teeth falling out, vivid to the point that I can feel each tooth slide out of my mouth and when I wake up I can still feel it. It sounds really overly dramatic but I usually wake up from these dreams actually trembling and almost out of breath. I wish I knew how to make them stop.

No. 111845

I've had those too! They freak me out so much. I can even feel the hole where my tooth was in my dream. My teeth are healthy too, so I don't understand why this happens.

No. 111847

My dreams are 99.99% third person, like I'm just watching myself and the other person interact. Lately I've been having dreams where things are fucking up.
You know those "artsy" gifs where it's someone sitting there shaking around a lot and when it's edited, the parts they shook around become a blur? I can't find a gif portraying what I mean so I hope I explained it well.
That weird blur stuff has been occurring a LOT. The person and I will be speaking, they do the blur thing, look right at third person me as if I were a camera, say something super disturbing in a demonic voice, blur again and be right back into the dream as if nothing happened.
I didn't used to have these dreams. They're happening every night now, and whenever I close my eyes to sleep I have hundreds of images flash in front of me and it won't stop.
I have no clue what the hell is going on.

No. 111873

I also have healthy teeth, always have ever since I was a kid, never had braces or anything so like you I can't understand it either. In my dream I usually panic and try to like push the teeth back in where they should be and I can feel them twisting in the gums and sliding in and out, sometimes I can even still feel it when I wake up, it just stays with you, you know?

No. 111909

>>Constantly have dreams I'm grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning, working, watching porn (my minds version of sex dreams lol) or studying. Even taking a nap or going to bed..
I also constantly compare prices in my dreams and calculate "price per piece". I remember spending about 10 minutes at a kiosk once debating which flavor and number of tic tacs to buy.

I am so tired of it, and wake up exhausted. Also, constantly think I did something I didn't actually do (like buying berries or cleaning something). I used to have a lot of dreams I died and became a ghost, or would go on few-day camping trips. Also teeth dreams like >>111844
Now, I just bake lasagna and wash down the stove. It's very sad, guys.

>>Anyone know any medication/natural remedies to prevent vivid dreams? I've researched before, but can only find solutions for having vivid dreams. Sigh

No. 111914

I've been having a lot of dreams about a highschool friend, lately.

I haven't seen her in a while and our interactions on FB have been friendly. But in my dreams, I'm mad, I'm angry, it's like I want to take revenge on her. But at the same time, I sort of want to protect her.

I always admired her, even if she worked herself to breakdowns. Even if she had undeserved low self-worth. But I don't know why I'm so angry in these dreams.

No. 111928

Taytay's dog was in my zombie dream last night. The dream started off with me watching a jdrama with Taylor in it, and then the zombies came etc. After killing them was getting ready to leave the house but for some reason I had that damn dog and I didn't know what to do. It's such a small and pathetic dog that I had decided it would be best to leave it locked in the house but even now after waking up I still feel so bad about consigning it to eventual death by starvation. Poor Rosie.
I need to get off of this site.

Aren't teeth falling out meant to be the classic symbol of an anxiety dream though? I don't think it has to have anything to actually do with teeth.

No. 111937

I used to have weird ass dreams where I would be running during some terrible time(be it apocalypse, killers, whatever,) and I would jump over a lot of fences or jump across rooftops. A lot of the scenery would look the same no matter what direction I went but the fences I jumped over/rooftops jumped across always looked different.

I don't really dream that stuff a whole lot these days. Now I dream a lot about puffins getting sucked into tornadoes for some reason.

No. 112074

I am 23 and have very similar recurring nightmares about having to stay at my father and stepmother's house. It's always me trying to pack up my stuff and make it to my car without them finding out or me being locked in the room I stayed in over there. :(
Those dreams make me feel so helpless, I'm sorry you experience something similar anon. <3

No. 112081

9 years ago robbers broke into my house while we weren't home, they climbed up and reached the balcony of my parents' room, and entered breaking the balcony door. They didn't even make it to steal anything and ran away as soon as they heard me and my mom coming back home, leaving only a mess in my parents' room, but it's like this event left me a scar that only shows up in subconscious.
So, once in a while I still have nightmares about people breaking into my house through that goddamn balcony door and killing me or my family. Or else, I still see that room as dangerous and creepy, every nightmare that takes place in my house always revolves around that room.

No. 112105

So weird that those hallucinations come with lucid dreams. The first time I did it, I had like 3 hypnogogic hallucinations immediately afterward. The first was terrifying, I dreamt I woke up thinking of how cool my lucid dream was because I flew, then I heard whispers and couldn't move, then the mattress started shaking and turned over, throwing me across the room. I woke up like right away.

I wonder why lucid dreaming causes that kind of thing

No. 112116

Because you mess with sleep paralysis and the REM phase in order to be conscious and "awake" while dreaming. Also, lucid dreaming can induce insomnia and other sleeping problems

No. 112399

Like a week ago, but it's still stuck in my head…
>go back to my old job at the supermarket as a weekend gig to supplement fulltime income
>check schedule for next week
>only 8 hours. (this is 4 hours short per union rules).
>argue with it with the boss because union rules are important, yo.
>boss was my boss irl when i worked there, is normally a chill dude, about the same age as my parents, we're still buddies on fb.
>in my dream he's aggro tho
>tells me if i don't like it to just leave
>so i do

that's it. that's like the most mediocre dream ever and i don't know why i'm still thinking abut it a week later.

No. 112410

My little brother has stage 3 lung cancer and is going through chemo. I'm all strong af on the outside but my fear has been coming through in my dreams. Three times now I dreamed that he died. My mom just wouldn't tell me. I went through this whole weird thing of screaming crying, wanting to get a shit load of tacos (why tacos?) to eat my feelings, and wanting to be locked up in the mental ward because I was losing my shit. In the most recent one, we were trying to find a place to bury him and we accidentally walked into this Egyptian weird funeral ritual. I wanted to see his body. It's all been so messed up. I can't sleep with my anxiety meds either because they make me too groggy. I hate this shit.

No. 112413

File: 1476338866303.png (85.07 KB, 960x540, 6B65yRU.png)

Recurring themes in my dreams:

1. Trying to get to a small, abandoned island in the river in NYC. Usually via a broken bridge. On the island is "Vector gallery" (a real gallery in nyc but I've never been to it) which is usually some dilapidated pile of trash or empty houses inhabited by dangerous homeless people, every signal saying I am not supposed to be there.

2. There is some sort of sinister place I am trying to explore. It's usually a cave or an abandoned house, and is more massive on the inside then it is on the outside. I can never go deep enough to find out what it means.

3. Traveling, through an airport or going through a different country ill prepared. Often in huge, confusing airport terminals, lost passport, hiding drugs, plane is crashing, don't know what I'm doing in the country, etc. also on a large ship and it usually ends up sinking.

4. I break into this person's house and snoop through their stuff and usually have to escape as the mother gets home.

5. Dreams of me being friends with my enemies, probably a sign that I wish to reconcile but can't.

6. I'm in a large unfamiliar house that my family bought. I'm usually trying to masturbate in a hot tub without getting caught (lol?)

The most vivid dreams I've experienced were when I slept with a nicotine patch on, that shit is crazy. Pic related to #2, looks very similar to my dream

No. 112414

File: 1476340176964.jpg (116.15 KB, 921x768, chirashi.JPG)

I get these really frustrating dreams where I work the entire time to get a specific thing, but before I can actually obtain it I wake up. I think it's kinda funny so I'll post it here:

I'm trying to navigate through a big city (nyc?) w/ my boyfriend. We decide to go grocery shopping for whatever reason. We then stumble upon this huge center with a lot of culture-diverse foodstuffs. It's like a superstore with actual food vendors inside as well. Bf is shopping so I decide to press ahead to check out the food stalls because I want a snack. The smells and visuals of all the food are very appealing. I spy this really good looking sushi/poke/sashimi vendor. I see the most delicious, thick slices of salmon sashimi I've ever seen and decide to stand in line to get some. I was in a hurry because I wanted to get my food and eat it before my bf caught up with me.

It's my turn in the queue, and before you talk to the cashier you have to fill out a ticket with the item you want. The specific combo I wanted wasn't on the ticket's list, so I decide to draw a pic of a bowl of rice, with three slices of salmon topped with roe. I hand the slip to the asian cashier.
He looks at me funny, I think he was having some kind of miscommunication?
"No, no. We don't do this here. No roe only!"
I try desperately to correct him and explain how I'm not asking for roe on top of rice, but only as a garnish on top of my sashimi (like chirashi). He insists they don't do that and walks away angrily.
I'm pissed so I'm still standing at the register waiting for anybody to come back and ring my order. I'm staring daggers into the vendor workers just trying to get their attention. They start serving people behind me as if I don't exist!

I finally get the attention of a second male worker who speaks english a bit better. He grabs my ticket and starts to shake his head saying "Uh, I don't think we can do this…" and walks away with my ticket in hand. FUCK, I think to myself, I just want my damn food. Finally, a really nice white female cashier comes into the stall. She greets me with a smile and asks me what I want. I tell her. She says in the sweetest way that they'll do it for me and goes on making the bowl.

Just as they're getting my order finished I wake up.

No. 112419

1. I used to have recurring dreams about being pregnant. They were always nightmares, in all the dreams I kept thinking how my life was ruined now that I had to raise this child and it terrified me. On one dream I had a breakdown where I found out I was pregnant but it was too late for an abortion, so I was forced to give birth to the child and I was in horrible despair over it. And I've never even had sex.

2. I also keep dreaming about having lesbian encounters for some reason, with anyone ranging close friends, randoms, acquaintances, fictional characters. IRL I don't even like women even if these dreams keep making me re-question my sexuality. I don't! This always makes things so awkward with the people involved, I wish I could just forget about them but I never do.

No. 112433

Damn anon, your dream made me hungry. I wish there was a sushi restaurant near me. :(

No. 112434

Frequent reoccurring dream I have when very stressed out, having to plan for the future, and feel unsure:

A natural disaster is coming (typhoon, tidal wave, etc) and I have to round up the family pets and get them to safety.

No one will help me find them, they are lost in the neighborhood somewhere, and are often already very injured when I reach them. Sometimes to the point of being paralyzed, disemboweled… usually due to being attacked by 'some other animals' like coyotes or feral dogs.

I never see them actually getting attacked, there's no dangerous animals hanging around. They're just already dying or maimed when I find them.

Not really rocket science to figure out the symbolism going on, but these are the ONLY gruesome dreams I've ever had. It's not based on anything that I've seen or had happen irl (thankfully).

I don't really understand why, when people die or get hurt in my dreams, there is no blood/gore/actual violence. It's only ever to do with pets. Not that I want to start having even more upsetting nightmares, because the "pet dies" ones are enough to fuck me up for a solid week.

No. 112446

I'm really sorry for your situation :( I hope everything goes well for you and your family

>On one dream I had a breakdown where I found out I was pregnant but it was too late for an abortion, so I was forced to give birth to the child and I was in horrible despair over it.
I had the same exact dream once. I was already at 8th month and fucking scared because of the pain I knew I was going to experience.

Shit. I'm so glad I don't have any pets at the moment, for me also dreams about pets/family dying are enough to fuck me up for days. Last time I dreamt about my mother dying, the day after I was on my way to buy some cannabis (it doesn't make you remember your dreams, so it's like you didn't dream at all).

No. 274518

I've had nightmares almost every night since I was a little kid.

No. 274519

we have a new dream thread, don't necro this one.

No. 274585


No. 274593

go find it yourself, lazy. use the catalog or the search thing.

No. 274606

girl, bye. I did. Couldn't see it anywhere. Sheesh.

No. 275186

Ever since I was a child all my dreams were always about natural disasters. Now however, my dreams are about the “unseen” like angels and the souls of dead people, prophets, Djins…

I really can’t forget this dream I had last year. In the dream, I was chatting with my siblings in our room. Suddenly, out of nowhere, the angel of death (reaper) came to take my soul. The way he appeared was so horrifying I don’t think I can describe it. I saw him take my soul out and it was so painful, I still felt the pain after waking up.

No. 275238

Two nights ago I had a dream I was fired for a no call/no show at work, when I went in yesterday I found out my coworker was fired for a no call/no show. Felt really twilight zone-esque lol.
Besides that I’m on Fluvoxamine and I get the side effect of really bizarre / intricate dreams. It can be fun but it makes any bad dreams I have 10x worse.

No. 275242

My mom always gets dreams that predicts future events for other people, but not hers.
I don’t believe in psychics, but I wouldn’t know how to explain this “ability”

No. 275266

I've had dreams where I predicted the future, kinda.

>be 15, have a dream that my teacher had cancer and that was why he was away

>no one in admin confirmed but I wouldn't be surprised if he had cancer
>same age, dream that friend's then-boyfriend's brother got shot
>next week, he passed away from a burglar's gunshot
>be 17, dream I get perfect for a history test
>next day, write test, get perfect.
>this year, dream SK wins against Germany
>they win

No. 305666

File: 1538833066542.png (829.89 KB, 640x853, 1482446367300.png)

I had a vivid nightmare about Luna.
In the dream, I was living with my boyfriend, her and Lurch as flatmates. We were sort of on okay terms.. till Lurch revealed that a few months ago I have been flirting with him on fb (apparently before we became flatmates) and even sent him a sexy photo (JESUS CHRIST).
I did it for lulz and to extract some info out of him for lolcow, but obviously Luna thought that I was trying to get with her man. I said, 'No it's not what you think, I can explain -' but she was like 'FIRST YOU STEAL MY STYLE AND NOW YOU ARE TRYING TO STEAL MY MAN…. Nah, I don't think so'. She was furious. Lurch posted my photo all over the internet and doxed me. But the worst was the realization that I am living with robbing junkies and once I leave for work (and I will have to go to work, sooner or later) they will steal and/or ruin my stuff and I can do nothing about it.

Waking up was such a relief lol.

No. 305671

sorry for the necro, I had search for the newer dream thread but got confused as last posts were from 5 months ago while this one had from 2 months ago…. realized even if I delete this will stay bumped

No. 305839

>I had a vivid nightmare about Luna.


No. 307752

File: 1539221235546.jpeg (249.49 KB, 960x657, 75F23EAD-2F21-4E64-AE82-D9D915…)

Usually my dreams are something mundane and involve songs I’ve heard, and others are things that terrify me psychologically (e.g. being killed by looking through mirrors, being a passenger in a car driving itself, and seeing apparitions in corners). But lately, I’ve been having recurring dreams about sexual and romantic relationships with other women these past several months; they tend to stand out the most.

I’ve lately come to terms with my bisexuality after repressing my sexuality for a good part of my life. I’m grateful for my dreams because they have allowed for me to live out these experiences with other women than I haven’t been able to in reality. My dream last night started with the scenario of another girl walking in on a guy and I having sex. I suggested we have a threesome and the guy was super into the idea and agreed. The girl and I ended up having sex and the other guy got dressed and left the room lol.

No. 307756

File: 1539222385940.jpg (89.05 KB, 1029x579, 7022980848068389220486.jpg)

Noah fence, but why are bisexuals like this?

No. 307771

Because bisexuals are just confused gay or straight people. They need to choose a side.

No. 307775

File: 1539229531960.jpeg (62.6 KB, 468x510, 91796857-E6E6-4AC7-B9D5-FB6F1A…)

That's your prerogative if you believe bisexuality isn’t real, but I feel like you two are being unnecessarily rude about it. It’s a thread for recurring dreams and interpretations of it, so that’s what I contributed.

No. 307785

File: 1539231157370.jpg (41.96 KB, 500x603, unnecessarily_rude.jpg)

No. 307794

File: 1539238512992.png (138.1 KB, 487x410, 1356-percyno.png)

No. 307826

File: 1539249749286.jpg (64.67 KB, 625x626, lL68XIT.jpg)

No. 307873

They're straight especially the guys

No. 307882

File: 1539267918230.jpg (35.3 KB, 550x412, quassy-amusement-park.jpg)

Sometimes I have dreams of amusement park rides, but in a creepy way. Every single time something bad happens à la Final Destination 3.
The other night I had this dream of me at this amusement park at night, and for some reason I was forced to lie on my back under a ride like pic related. It was functioning, and I was down there having to watch it swing back and forth right above me, missing me for about an inch. It was so, so realistic, I could even feel the wind blowing on my face after every swing.
Shit was scary.

No. 307911

My latest dream was waiting in a line for a water fountain while having a pleasant chat with MC Ride and then buying wine at a hardware store (I don't drink wine).
What could it mean?

No. 307913

File: 1539272907003.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.58 MB, 4500x3000, tanning bed.jpg)

Hey anon guess what

No. 307916

I have dreams of being chased by a killer but the strange thing is I never run if that makes sense. Each time I accept my fate and let the killer kill me a few times. First time is usually a knife and it hurts a bit. The next few times painless and then they give up. I don't feel any fear but these dreams are very repetitive.

Still don't know why.

No. 307932

I had a lot of dreams about my mother killing me, almost killing me, plotting to kill me, or attempting to kill me before I finally got to move out and cut contact a couple months ago. In one I had over and over for years, I was hiding under the dining room table in her house, crying and pregnant for some reason, as she paced back and fourth right in front of it with a knife. She was accusing me of things and every time I'd try to deny them she'd come under the table and rub the blade of the knife back and fourth on my stomach or go to stab my stomach and stop right before it touched me just to fuck with me. In a few of them, she'd actually stab me and I'd wake up the second she did. I had at least 6 of those dreams starting from age 11. Most terrifying dreams I've ever had.

No. 308051

Some days ago I dreamt I was being stalked and, worst thing of them all, I found it hot. Pull the fucking trigger farmers

No. 308122

I have a lot of dreams where I have a baby and I bond with them. Then when I wake up I get really upset because I miss my baby lol

No. 308373

Has anyone ever expierience any fortune telling dreams? For me the longest one perdict like 5min when i was younger but it soon wear out eventually,now it only last for like a minute or a couple of seconds pretty much like a scene like in the movies.I never remember those fortune telling ones until it happens and my brain start signaling them to me

No. 308425

My mother does, I do too to some degree. Not as frequently and accurately as my mother dreams though. Shit gets scary real quick.

No. 308439

I have.
I knew that my mother was pregnant before she told me (I was just 8, so there's no way I could have told otherwise), I dreamed about my grandmother dying beforehand and I dreamed about receiving a strange yellow letter; the next day a yellow flyer about a new karate school was in the mail and I joined.

When I was younger (4/5) I always had the same dream, barely slept or woke up screaming because of it. My mother, grandmother and I were in a mountain and always got lost there. We tried to mark the different doors we went through but they kept changing. We always met a dragon who'd tell us which way to go, but he was only tricking us. The worst thing was, when entering the mountain I was conscious enough to remember that we always would get lost, I knew that the doors changed position and shape, I knew that the dragon was lying to us, that we would never get out and that's what made these dreams so horrible to me. I wonder what it means.

No. 308448

Ever since I started highschool (around 14 years old) I've been plagued by a whole week of nightmares that come every month or two. I'm 24 now and I figured they would stop or not happen as often seeing as im in a better state, mentally. The nightmares are usually incredibly gorey, people tend to die a lot and I get a lot of monsters chasing after me. A lot of silent hill/dead space vibes. I'm assuming this comes from anxiety and depression but it really fucks with my head sometimes. Does anyone else experience this?

No. 308463

I never realized it before that I was lucid dreaming until I told someone about it.
If my dreams are in first person, it's a dream fully. If my dream is in third person, I'm aware that I'm dreaming and usually just watch. I'm just floating around the scenery like I'm watching a movie. I never want to interact with anything except if it’s very out of character for me to do something in the dream and I make the choice to restart before I do the thing (cheating, hitting an animal, murder, etc…) A few times though when I'm watching myself, the me in the dream will do the weird super speed head blur, snap around to look at me and scream something in a demonic voice (go away, get out,) blur again and then go back into the dream like nothing happened.

Funniest transition from a nightmare to dream though:
>walking home from work, get to apartment hallway
>see a dark figure with glowing eyes smoking a cigarette outside my door
>realize it's Santa there to kill me
>ask neighbor to confront him for me
>instantly slaughtered
>get kidnapped by Santa to his giant RE7 style mansion in the North Pole
>hiding in the upstairs while he looks for me below
>while he’s checking the List, start plotting escape
>realizing I'm 3rd person dreaming and decide to change it into a video game
>tap top right of dream, quick save, make dream me stand up
>gets caught, reload dream
>gets caught again
>fuck this game, rage quit dream
>wake up

No. 308527

File: 1539346891096.gif (4.75 MB, 990x1320, 2C4362C1-3067-40E5-8472-1B1A18…)

I’ve had them on and off trought my life.

It was all cool and I actually loved it until I dreamt my personal hell

>I had 3 kids (all from different dads) and lived in a really shitty part of town.

>I was alone overweight and sad.

>all of my kids hated me and I hated them.

>Life was.. meaningless monotonous and filthy in the tiny house of sadness

No. 309913


I had a dream that I snogged Jake Paul…..I seriously need to stop watching YouTube drama lol

No. 309917

my favourite dreams I have are drug dreams, it actually feels like your on drugs and dreams when my ex soulmates is in it (not to sound corny) those dreams don't usually feel as good as I wished they did but at least I get to be with her.

No. 310275

I had a dream where I was stuck in Korea with 5 pounds lmao, I even got kicked out of a cinema ffs.

No. 316605


Has anyone experienced lucid dreaming? I had a pretty intense one last night, to the point where I could smell smoke and feel a different type of fabric.

No. 316631

I dreamed I fucked logan and it was the best sex of my life

No. 316634

I had a dream I was leaving for the peace corps. It involved me losing several items after the flight and my parents showing up to help me find stuff.

No. 316636

i'm jealous! i suck at it. the only times i've succeeded in becoming lucid i woke up pretty quickly and i'm so dumb that i usually can't realize i'm dreaming even if the clues are really obvious

No. 316638


Almost all of my dreams are lucid and I hate it, it's so stressful. The moment my brain realises we're dreaming it decides to start spawning serial killers and rapists and all kinds of other nasty shit into my dream so I just spend the whole thing concentrating on spawning them back out of it.

No. 316651

Does anyone here know what it means to keep dreaming about entering and exploring a house? I've heard of other people having similar re-occurring dreams but I can't find anything concrete online on what it means

No. 316688

The house is your psyche. The rooms represent different thoughts and memories within your brain.

No. 316701

It has happened to me a few times of dreaming of being in a place I have never been before and after a few days/weeks/months I'm right at the place I have dreamed about

I remember last year having a random dream where I was inside a car looking at the commerce around while it was moving, months later I went out with a family member in another city and I just saw the same buildings and stores on the exact same way I have dreamed of while I was in the car

A few weeks ago me and my family went out to a fancy restaurant inside a mall, days before I had a dream of walking inside a mall I have never been before and while walking inside the mall I was with family, I realized it was the same mall and stores of the dream and it was my first time there

Any anons with similar experiences?

No. 316712

How do I lucid dream? I want to spend time with my husbando.

Recently, I keep having dreams about me and other people dying in brutal ways and it's scary.

No. 316732

I get these kinds of dreams pretty rarely, but they're so bizarre.
I have bouts of deja vu, but it's an extremely different feeling when I encounter places like this.

No. 316817

Ah, as I thought then.
Does dreaming about one room in that house being inaccessible mean I have a repressed memory? And what does it mean to always feel comfortable and happy in the bath area of the house?

No. 317151

I had a bit of a disturbing dream the other night lol. I dreamt that I was watching this girl in her room like you would when seeing a movie, like the camera was on her but i could hear her thoughts, and she was thinking about how she was so jealous of her sister and she should 'get rid of her." So I see her get up and the "camera" follows her to her sister's room where she's sleeping in her bed, and the girl grabs a CD from a shelf above the bed and starts smashing it against her sister's face. And the way the camera is positioned we don't really see it but you see blood splattered everywhere on the walls and bed and on the CD. And suddenly (this happens a lot in my dreams for some reason) it switches to first person perspective so I'm the girl, and I leave the room all calmly until I get to the bathroom and I throw up and it's all gross and weird. But then I got about the day and people ask where "my sister" is but they act like they don't really care.

Really strange and disturbing, I know. I still don't really know what is was about or what it means. But what happens in my dreams a lot is that one minute I'm looking at an event like I'm watching a movie but all of a sudden it's in first person perspective, but i'm not sure if I'm someone else or if a random person from my dream suddenly morphed into me.

No. 317166

do you have a sister?

No. 318472

I had a weird dream last night.

Background: 4 years ago there was a guy that knocked me up and ran off as soon as I told him. I ended up having an abortion.This is the same guy that I confronted about a year ago when he found out that I told his (new) girlfriend about his past behavior (running away from his problems and nearly raping a different women). His gf basically brushed it off as “well he’s good to me, so why should I believe you anyways?” Even though he basically confirmed that he did what he did, but twisted it as “Well these girls are crazy and basically wanted to get pregnant/have sex with me!” And she believed him. We had a huge argument when he found out that we told her about what he did. That was the last time I ever spoke with him and haven’t really paid much attention since. That whole experience happened while living in a different country.

The dream was really weird. I dreamed I returned to and got a hotel in said country. I was about to hop in the shower but felt a presence like someone was in the room, so I walked over to the bedroom area and see him and his gf under the blankets. I freak out and tell him to get TF out if my room. Both of them are stubborn and say that its their room and they’ve claimed it. So I start going ballistic, screaming and throwing shit (which is really not like me) and I think I even starting kicking him and pulling his hair. His gf was kind of on the sidelines calling me crazing and had a “what are you going to do about it?” attitude. He then calls the front desk to settle whose room it is. Front desk tells him that the room is under my name. He looks defeated but then tries to insult me one last time and asking why I’m being such a bitch over a “miscarriage” and “lies about rape that your friend told you about”. Thats when I fly off the deep end and just shout at him that he didnt know how hard it was to have to deal with and unplanned pregnancy and an abortion in a foreign country alone at 19 years old. Then I think I slapped him one last time and woke up. Its weird because the room was literally one of those ‘family suites’ with a kids room and toiletries provided to use on babies. Thanks for being so literal, brain!

I haven’t even thought about this guy for the longest time but yet here he is popping up in my dreams?? Really ruined my morning.

No. 318494

Every once in a while I will have a dream in which I tell my boyfriend I love him. Awake, we have not said it. I've had an "I love you" dream two separate times while sleeping with him. Feels strange.

No. 318544

Does anybody else kind of hate that there's so much meaning applied to dreams? Like even people who genuinely aren't superstitious will get all weird if you talk about your uncomfortable/weird/stressful dreams.
For instance, I have a lot of dreams that involve rape or incest. They're really traumatic and upsetting but I feel like they wouldn't be so bad if it weren't for the fact that everyone seems to think dreams mean something so I end up feeling like I can't vent about them to anyone and end up overanalyzing myself.
I try to talk to my husband about them in a kind of casual way like "I had that dream again blah blah blah" but he always gets really concerned. Idk it's just frustrating because I don't have any real trauma or anything related to it, they're just dreams.

No. 318604

I had a few stupid incest dreams but those don't bother me at all as it's just a mindfart with no (direct) relationship to reality. I would not tell about them to anyone cause the mental image is gross and nobody needs that in their life. Plus I can see why someone could get the wrong idea and assume my father molested me even though it's the farest thing from the truth.

Sidenote, but people on Kiwifarms are stupid for thinking that Chris wants to have an inappropriate relationship with Barb cause he sperged about an incest dream. He was right that literally anyone had those once or twice. What was exceptional was letting the whole world know.

No. 318607

I had this lolcow related dream few days ago.
There was a desktop thread on this particular board where we posted our desktops. And I accidentally posted mine with some personal information, and somehow magically some other farmers managed to get more personal details from the image metadata.
So, soon the thread derailed into doxxing me where it didn't take long to find out where I lived, worked, social media, etc.

I remember trying to play it cool and make it seem like they got the wrong person but I was shitting my pants.

Then someone uploaded pictures of me and everyone started saying mean things about how I looked. ngl it hurt pretty bad.

Needless to say, I was very happy when I woke up and realized it was all a nightmare but I've always been super wary of any personal info online. I've been on imageboards for 10+ years and only once was I close to accidentally disclosing a personal info.

Also, does anyone have reoccurring dreams of falling into the sky? Like, losing gravity and being sucked up as soon as you look up but not before that? inb4 ayyliens. I guess it's some primal fear about the unknown but these dreams had such an impact on me that I fear looking up irl when I'm under a clear sky (cloudy is ok though)

No. 318608

I once had a similar nightmare where I accidentally uploaded nudes here on lolcow (despite not having any nudes irl). Cursed site (I love it).

No. 318631

> Cursed site (I love it).
Same here.

No. 318639

KEK I had the same kind of dream a few months ago.
In the dream I uploaded a photo from some website that wasn't Facebook to some random thread and forgot to change the image name (which I actually do in real life now because it just freaked me out)
I remember in the dream I went to go take my dog for a walk and came back and all of a sudden I saw a thread made about me with a picture I took of myself that I never uploaded online. It wasn't even a bad photo, but then looking at the thread it was filled with everything I posted online since I used the internet, even shit didn't remember about.

No. 318658

I had a lolcow related dream a few weeks ago - see >>305666. Forgot to mention that the Luna thread turned to shitting on me instead of her as Lurch doxed me kek.
I spend too much goddamn time on this godforsaken website, but I don't know any better place to speak with other women and be able to share my thoughts comfortably

No. 318986

Wait until you start getting the "Escape the Chris Chan Labyrinth" one

No. 318987

is there any better way to describe lolcow tbh

No. 319195

Apart from the dreams that are about somewhere I have never been before and days/weeks or months later I see it right in front of my eyes it happened again today when I went out with my mother and I had the dream months ago, we were entering a street and one part of it was exactly the same I have dreamed about, same stores, colors and atmosphere while I was inside the car like on the dream MONTHS ago and it was my first time at the place we went to, yesterday I had the third or maybe fourth dream when I have a very cute black dress (or suit, idk how to explain) but am never able to wear it. It starts with me being rushed to go somewhere and in a wink I remember I have this outfit that I want to wear so bad but when I'm finally able to only pick it up I'm either left behind or wake up

No. 320438

My dreams are always violent and disturbing. The one I can describe most coherently happened a few weeks ago. I was a live action version of Mrs Puff from SpongeBob and I was forced to choose different characteristics of my body to burn or cut off. It was overseen by some guy that radiated immense power and evil and seemed huge in comparison to me, since I was a pufferfish. It was so crude and menacing and filthy that I woke up and said 'what the fuck' out loud. Like I was a somewhat humanoid cartoon fish burning my weird prickly fish areolas with cigarettes and numbly waiting for it to be over. When I tried to speak I had Mrs Puff's goofy cartoon squawk as well and the shadow guy had me stark naked and made me repeat degrading things.

Also most nights I have long sequences of hazy dreams that are completely indistinguishable from reality. It's so annoying. I'll dream that we're out of butter or something or that I bought the wrong brand of olive oil and then find out later that that didn't happen. It feels like psychosis. Make it stop.

No. 320538

>When you're trying to update your GPU but it's from 1998 so the only drivers are giygas and every sound is drowned out by the soundtrack and everything starts flashing and turning into giygas
Haha what a dream mark

No. 320598

Same here anon, disturbing violent disgusting dreams as well as hyperrealistic ones that I've mistaken for real life many times before. Did you notice a pattern with when you have the first type of dreams? I realized recently that I have them when I go to sleep feeling shittier than usual.

No. 407723

A month ago had a dream where my dad was already dead.
I have been talking with my older brother who lives by himself (like my whole family btw) and asked him whenever he also feels even more lonely now after dad died. Like "now there's no one to support us emotionally".
Even if it was a dream, I stayed awake for the next hour and called dad in the morning.

This night I had a dream where I have seen my own doppelganger wandering around the town thanks to security camera. She looked terrified, even more than I usually do + she had the scarf that I no longer wear, gift from mom.

No idea what second dream is supposed to mean, but I had a personal talk with bro after first one.

No. 407886

My dreams are dumb, but extremely vivid and I remeber a lot of them. I wake up feeling very tired because I experience a lot of feelings in my dreams and I also have flash-backs of my dreams during the day and experience deja-vu like feelings or I simply confuse something that happened in my dream with something that happened in reality, and it makes me feel a bit odd. As if I'm living multiple realities at the same time.

Last night I dreamt I was in a touristic seaside resort in Japan that also had a mountain in the scenery and there were a lot of parties and raves at night and a group of japanese people befriended me. They offered me weed and I was hesitant at first but after they pursued me I went with them in the forest near the mountain to smoke weed. The police found us, we got arrested and taken to some sort of expat prison where we couldn't even leave our beds. I tried to escape but I ended up being raped by the guards.

No. 407981

I had a dream the other day about going on a trip and heading all the way to the airport (1.5 hours from my house) with a shitload of luggage only to realize i didnt have my wallet or passport. I woke up really pissed because I never do that and the anxiety felt so real

No. 407983

I have dreams like that all the time, I've lost or forgotten my ticket or something. And usually it's a surprise trip either on a plane or to a school camp and so I'm struggling to pack everything and get there on time, or I arrive and I've forgotten my bag. Sometimes the dreams end up in the airport and they're usually weird as hell, with physical obstacles to stop me getting on the plane.

I am big on planning and fussy about packing for trips so these dreams really stress me out, you know you're high strung when you have nightmares about spontaneous holidays kek.

No. 408031

I also have these dreams a lot! And I'm a pretty organized person, it never happened to me to lose a ticket or arrive to the airport late or anything like that. I started having these dreams after I started moving back and forth between two countries, so I guess it's just anxiety in my case.

No. 408049

Who else's dreams make no god damn sense? Last night I dreamt that I was on some squad team of snipers or something and I did something to betray them so they were all half-assedly looking for me. They were all on top of a school keeping watch and the twinky looking boss seemed to not give a fuck that I betrayed them so the search never found me. I was on a watch tower a few feet away from the school, laying my head in some girl's lap (felt like a good friend but she was also a member of the team). She was keeping me safe I think and she acted like she was never going to see me again and we had an emotional talk. For some reason, there were minecart tracks all around us with kids climbing on them, dodging being bombed by some italian dudes (it was far from graphic lmao all the kids were laughing) and there was a giant cartoon circus elephant in the middle balancing a ball. Then I remember I woke up feeling bummed that the squad never attempted to look in the watch tower and catch me lmao.

I have shitty, nonsensical dreams like this EVERY night. My mom and sister always talk about how they had nightmares of forgetting to file their taxes or a burglar came in the house and I just don't get it. I've never had a dream as mundane as that. I'm not even trying to sound like a special snowflake, it's just crazy to me how different people are. Wish I was as creative irl as my brain seems to be when I'm asleep lol. It feels like I legit world hop in my sleep sometimes

No. 408063

I'm the same way. I have intense, vivid, completely whacky dreams almost every night. I could never come up with the shit my unconscious brain does. they're usually not super scary, but I'm always on like a mission or I'm running away from something or there's some goal to accomplish. my sister pointed that out to me once, because I used to always take the whole drive to school to force my family to listen to the ridiculous things I saw while I was asleep, it just always baffled me that no one else seemed to have such complex and vivid dreams. they always feel like real life.

a recurring theme of my nightmares seems to be zombie apocalypse-esque. the "zombies" are always different though, once they were giant gummy monsters, once they were actual undead zombies, once they were the Slime Monster from that old TV show Ghost Writer (that was one of my first nightmares and it scared he shit out of me for months.)

once I had a scary dream that I woke up in a warehouse storing antique furniture with nothing but a blanket around me and this man in a mail truck crashed through the wall and drove me around my childhood town. there was this other evil man (whom I pictured like what I imagined the villain from books I had read years before looked like) wearing a lifejacket standing in the middle of the road singing about Jet Dry (dishwashing liquid) trying to get our truck to hit him. he chased us into a random neighborhood, the driver and he started wrestling but by touching the bad guy my friend had gotten hypnotized to also sing about Jet Dry. There were bottles of Jet Dry lying on them in the car. I ran to a nearby house where this young straight couple sheltered me and the bad guys ran across the street and found like big mascot costumes of Cookie Monster and Elmo. The guy in the house went to the computer to start researching ways to defeat them. The bad guys proceeded to stalk us around the house, at one point sending a bolt of lightning from their eyes and zapping the man and knocking him out. The dream ended with me reaching out to touch the bad guys and saying "all right, I'm done." and everything going black before waking up.

I've never touched Jet Dry in my life, and I'm still haunted by the way the man got zapped by cookie monster. it's so weird how dreams can sound ridiculous/silly but like when you're in them that shit can just have the most creepy unsettling atmosphere that leaves a weird impression on the whole thing.

No. 408087

Oh my god, so nice to know someone shares the same wacky kind of dreams as me.

>it's so weird how dreams can sound ridiculous/silly but like when you're in them that shit can just have the most creepy unsettling atmosphere that leaves a weird impression on the whole thing.

I totally get you. I was laughing at your jet dry dream and the giant gummy monsters but I felt bad because you said they were scary and I know how it feels in the moment of the dream even though it sounds dumb irl. I've had plenty of those kinds of scary dreams.

No. 408158

Like some others are saying I've always had very vivid dreams and I remember a lot every night, I've kept a dream journal for about a year now and try to write down as much as I can in it. Even though I usually always remember my dreams the next morning, it would be impossible to remember all of them forever so I see my dream journal as priceless.

I went through a phase last year where I kept dreaming about the same man. It started out he was this hostile figure, then the last dream I had a very loving feeling towards him. I think it was four dreams total in a week or two, never dreamed about him again since.

Anyone else swear they've seen a place in a dream before when they're there for the first time irl? Like intense déjà vu. Or sometimes the opposite, a place feeling incredibly familiar in a dream, but when you wake up you realize you've never been to such a place?

No. 408178

I had a dream in which I posted a selfie to the Vent Thread with a vent and was like "shit, oops, I guess, I did that" and when I checked the time stamp it was 40 minutes ago. Awkward. And I realised in the dream at some point that this was impossible for some reason and had to be a dream which was a relief. Idk being outed on here legitimately scares me

No. 408180

doublepost, I'm the same way as you guys are. My dreams are a surreal, bubbly, weird cluster-fuck but with that dream-like cohesion.
I also have that adventure-like quality.

At one point, I had a recurring dream in which I swam in an underground tunnel with relatives to somewhere. Funnily enough, it wasn't a bad dream at all. I don't remember anything very interesting or outrageous though.

A sweet friend of mine has funny fear-related dreams. I think one time we talked about relationships and diets, unrelated. He then had a dream that he had finally found a girlfriend but she became fatter and fatter with time.
We also attended a talk that featured the subject of polyamory once. He had a nightmare about polyamory that night

No. 408206

i used to have really bad night terrors and nightmares for most of my life, however i probably couldnt tell you what most of them were about because i somehow managed to will myself into forgetting them. i only remember two or three specifically, and in hindhsight they were pretty stupid. one of them i had when i was about 5 when 2 creepy looking old men decapitated and mutilated one of my friends from nursery school, and his decapitated head just kept talking on like normal. i also had nightmares about a skinless demonic dog that could talk when i was 14, believe it or not this dream actually made me unable to sleep properly for several weeks to the point where i was exhausted and hallucinated that i could feel the dog walking around my room. ive disliked dogs ever since lol. i also had this whole dream world where everything happened, it was this whole city where i knew where everything was, all i remember is that there was a war and the whole place was infested with enemy soldiers and i was always really sad when i was in this place.

i think the reason for why i remember these is because i told other people about them. ive found the best strategy to forget bad dreams is:

>immediately start thinking of something else as soon as you wake up

>dont tell anyone
>dont write it down

some of these dreams were bad enough so that i would wake up shaking and shivering and id be too scared to move and unable to go back to sleep. id just lie there with my eyes closed because i was scared that whatever monster was in my dream would actually turn up irl.

i havent had any in a while,the best strategy for me to prevent them is to stay awake until im too tired to stay awake, because this way i either wont have any dreams at all or just short nonsensical ones. another thing that helped was when i watched jojos bizarre adventure, for some reason when i watched this my dreams always revolved around it instead of whatever montser my brain came up with kek idek why. unfortunately i dont have time anymore to watch anything so i guess sleep deprivation it is.

No. 408223

When I was a kid I had a reoccurring nightmare that I snuck into my dads car to play and accidentally hit the hand break. The car starts rolling down the hill and I can't stop it. When the car starts moving I can see my family staring at me through the window and I get upset because non of them look concerned or want to help me. The car rolls into a dark forrest and I'm left alone/ scared/ injured/ etc.

I had a lot of trauma and turbulence in my family life at that time and this nightmare caused me a lot of issues with my sleep. (from ages 5-11 ish). I'm in my twenties now and despite moving on, going to therapy and feeling the happiest I have in years, I've started to have the same dream again. It's messing up my sleep pattern, makes me afraid to sleep and it's started to give me anxiety during the day. I had a panic attack in my car the other day (first one I've had in maybe 3/4 years). I really, really don't know where it's come from and I hate it. I know it's not the most terrifying nightmare ever, but it has a lot of weight attached for me personally.

I should probably go back to therapy lol…

No. 408820

Whenever I watch anything somewhat related to zombies, I have nightmares. I saw a bit of Days Gone on Twitch yesterday, so I think that's to blame, idk.

Anyway, I dreamt that there was some kind of zombie infection going around. You could identify infected with some kind of wound on the back of their neck, a raw, circular area of exposed flesh. I have no idea how, but my mum got it and I knew she was going to turn. Weirdly though, in the dream she kept getting ready for work and I woke up after giving her a tearful kiss on the cheek and saying goodbye to her at our front door.

Woke up and even though the dream was kind of stupid, I felt very tearful and had to give my mum a hug. Babyish, I know, but the dream felt so real and I really felt like I was losing my mum.

No. 409863

I understand, I don't want to be a zombie to capitalist wage slavery like my mum either anon.

No. 411098

Anyone else have sleep hallucinations? I never knew actual fear until I had one where someone came busting into my room trying to take me. I woke up so scared and shaky, I thought I hit my head or something but I don't think I did.

I don't know exactly what triggers it, sometimes I thought it was anxiety but I would have it on nights where I didn't particularly feel bad. Also it only happens so occasionally that it isn't a huge problem, but I remember a couple years ago when I visited home in the winter it happened pretty much every night that it was super disturbing. (Assuming because it was cold in my room, which can trigger dreams I guess)
Other things include, bugs crawling on my head, bugs crawling on my wall (I'm not even afraid of bugs), the roof caving in, having to get up and run away and I actually DID once or twice but the room isn't the same as what I think, and I end up on the wrong wall from where my door even is. Sometimes I see things in my snake's enclosure since there's a dim light on in there. One time it was some dead looking doll or child or something, or I'll see weird things in the backdrop I have in there.
Turning on all the lights makes it all go away, only then I realize oh, that wasn't real lol

No. 411110

Really rotten dead bodies. Every once in awhile, I will have a very disgusting/mutilated corpse in a dream. Usually one that has decayed in water. The smell is always very potent and I usually have some sort of contact with it. Wake up feeling unnerved and usually my whole day is kinda off.

I've never seen a dead body and I mostly forget my dreams but these encounters are always EXTREMELY vivid and memorable. I don't like lose sleep (hehe) over these dreams but they are not exactly pleasant either.

No. 411115

what you're describing sounds like either sleep paralysis or hypnagogic/hypnopompic hallucinations. Both are normal

No. 411118

Ever since I was a child I have recurrent dreams involving flooding waters such as a river flooding a city while I'm present or watching from somewhere higher. Or I'm inside a car, the car is crossing a bridge and it falls down to the river. I have dreamed about just watching bridges collapsing too. I'm always freaked out about those.

No. 411202

>>411098 Dude, I have the same thing with bugs and rooms not actually…being what they are, like I am laying on my bed, looking at a wall that's suddenly not there and the room is bigger. The most usual for me is the bugs on the walls, bed, curtains or under my pillow. I just wake up, throw my pillow down and bugs crawl everywhere till i jump and run away. Everytime I snap out of it feel kind of ashamed almost, even tho i live alone. I sometimes also see someone sitting somewhere in my room where you couldn't possibly sit at and I snap back after I realise I'm talking to them? Happened to me the most during my finals years ago, so stress related for me.

No. 411360

Recently I've been having nightmares where I realise I'm in a nightmare and wake up in my bed, but when a loved one (either my BF or my mother) comes in and I mention the nightmare they try to kill me because I'm still in the nightmare. Sometimes I "wake up" from the second level of the nightmare only to discover that I'm still in the nightmare. Somehow it's more stressful than the PTSD nightmare I have most nights, which I didn't think was possible.

Also last week I woke up from a dream where my front tooth broke to find that my canine tooth had actually broken in half in my sleep. Good stuff.

No. 414368

File: 1558798345243.jpeg (53.38 KB, 621x414, ED7ECA5B-0FB3-48EF-BCFA-D9934C…)

I always have horrifying dreams revolving around India. Being stuck in India particularly lol Last night my dream was about going on this worldwide bus tour with my family. There was a rest stop in India and I really had to pee, but was also really anxious about the bus taking off without me. I hurried to the ladies room but the line was super strenched out, so I had to go to another part of the station to find the mens room to pee. I lran inside because I didnt want anybody to hurt me for being a woman in the mens room. I remember there being a little metal flap on the door of the stall that was wide open and made me embarrassed so I took forever to figure to how to close it so I could pee in peace. I tried to dash out and leave and was nearly grabbed/assualted for being a woman in the mens room. I tried to run and find my way back to the bus but got lost due to the path taken to find the bathroom. I was running and running (slow dream run of course) until it finally ‘clicked’ and remembered exactly where I needed to go. But I was too late and the bus with my parents was already gone. I was crying and freaking out until I saw my SO (who apparently wasnt my SO in the dream, but a stranger who reached out from a crowd), my uncle, a few random cousins from both sides of the family, and a couple friends from way back in high school. They were all headed to California on their bus, so I figured I could just take the bus and figure out my way back home once I hit American soil. We ended up seeing some random sites in like Taiwan or something and just chilling in boats, wagons, the bus, etc. It felt so real, I kind if wish I could continue the dream tonight lol

No. 414893

Had a dream last night I was in some kind of purge/mass murder. I managed to throw two people out a window that were trying to kill me. Realized I was about to be murdered by one of the “organizers”, did the only thing I could think of, flashed my tits and said you can use me, I don’t wanna die yet. He spared me and I woke up shortly after. Haven’t been genuinely scared in a dream in a long time but that one did it

No. 414897

A few nights ago I had the weirdest dream I've had in a while. I was in a grocery store and I was on my period, and for some reason I freaked out because I thought I had left my tampon in too long. I was running to the bathroom and I felt something in my throat and I was struggling to speak. Ended up pulling out a huge bloody tampon out of my throat. Woke up feeling nauseous and whenever I think about it I shudder.

No. 414915

File: 1558921687013.jpg (51.99 KB, 700x467, 91JGXqjrBvL._SX700_.jpg)

I had a dream my city was flooded and I was walking along the edge of the water, it was dusk and there were these streaks of red across the sky, looked kinda like blood. It was reflecting into the water, I was watching the cars and debris floating by. Then I saw the body of my 11 year old self face down in the water. I didn't freak out and I wasn't sad or anything, I just sat there and stared.
I was suddenly seeing through the eyes of the young dead me in the water, and three young boys came down the hill playing with sticks. They saw my body and stared for a while, then left.
Then I was at the bus stop, the flood was gone and my body had washed up on the road. It looked like it had already been run over multiple times. There were other people at the stop but they didn't seem to notice or care. The bus came so I boarded, and the dream ended as I was bracing myself for the crunch of the bus running over my body.
Anyone have any interpretations for me? I've been thinking about this one a lot. A footnote, I was being sexually exploited at 11.

No. 414940

File: 1558931220598.png (Spoiler Image, 281.38 KB, 537x248, fdesfd.png)

Funny thing this thread got necro'ed, cause I had this weird kinda kboo dream today and I wanted to tell someone but I don't have anyone to tell it so here we are.

I dreamt that I was watching a mamamoo concert and I think they were performing "Yes I am" and I think they were in Japan, not sure.

Anyway, at a given moment of the song, everyone kinda removed their dresses in a "domino effect" way, revealing underneath bikinis, like the first pic. But then Hwasa straight up shows up in the second pic, but in red, and everyone in the crowd went apeshit, for better or worse lmao

She also had a "You're the best" era short hair, but in black, so she was looking really good.

Don't remember anything else from it, though lmao

No. 415021

I don't know but that is a very sad dream.

No. 415896

Last night's dream really gave me mixed feelings.
Before I start, I've got to say that I've been struggling with depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts lately, so that's most likely the cause.

Basically in my dream I was in my room, sleeping in my bed, then I woke up and decided to kill myself. I grabbed what looked like a dagger, and pushed it right in my heart. The dream tried to create a "painful" feeling in my chest, but it wasn't very successful so I didn't feel much physically.
I took out the dagger from my chest and put it away, and saw the blood starting to come out of the wound. My first reaction was panic and regret: I was thinking "What I've done, now I'm going to die, I have to wake up my mom and tell her to call an ambulance asap" and was facing a feeling of strong shame in having to walk up to my mom and let her see that I tried to kill myself. I was also worried for my sister, didn't want her to suffer.
Then at some point I got over it and decided to lay down in my bed and wait for death. I started thinking "How long does it take to die? I'm sick of waiting".

No. 415939

One time, I binge watched Buster Keaton stuff, took a nap right after, and my dream was in black and white. Cool shit.

No. 424172

The craziest dream ive ever had mustve been one i saw ages ago where i saw something looking like galaxies and apparently they were the final destination of everything, either i felt that in my bones or something in the dream told me that, I cant really remember. Anyway, dreams sure can induce in me a certain feeling of overwhelmedness or fear that i could never reach in real life.

No. 430940

I just had a dream that I was inside Taylor Nicole Dean's crackden. I was helping her clean up so she could move out, it was like a bomb went off inside her room. I kept finding bags and bags of "black tar heroin" that looked like a bunch of shatter (marijuana concentrate lol my brain used that to symbolize heroin bc I've never handled heroin before ofc) in a ziplock bag. I kept asking her if I could flush it down the toilet whenever I would find a new bag, and she kept coming up with excuses why she needed to keep it for a little while longer. even though she was supposedly not using anymore.

There were a bunch of little dogs and cats running around inside the house, and other people (her "housemates") high as fuck just like passed out eveywhere. After a little while of that I went downstairs to turn on the car to get ready to go and I went outside and MY DOG was out there. I guess Taylor had been watching him in the dream? But she had LEFT HIM OUTSIDE OVERNIGHT and he was cold and wet and super hungry. I fed him immediately and then yelled at Taylor for neglecting my dog. Damn I was so sad and mad.

There was something else too I can't remember if it was before or after all this but we had called and ambulance (I think maybe because someone had a stroke? or because someone was breaking in and I had hurt them while trying to stop them?) and the ambulance couldn't find the house so I was standing at the end of the driveway calling to them and waving and they kept driving by me. I think all this was before the dog situation because I remember waking up angry. Today is my dog's birthday IRL so I think maybe I was combining that with the TND threads I read before bed last night.

No. 430959

I had a disturbing dream the other night about murdering my mom, stuffing her head/body into a bag of water, and carrying it with me (dream logic: the body and head fit into a shoebox) for a while until I decided to bury it at my hometown's beach. I remember turning over the water bag with her head inside it and seeing her lifeless green eyes in the murky water. People in my dream noticed she was missing.
I actually woke up and for six seconds thought I was still in deep shit.
It's not the first time I had a violent dream about my mom. My last one she was being her typical nonsensical and hysterical self with her screaming but I had had enough. I starting slapping her and actually slapped the fuck out of her tits for dream logic reasons.

Irl I am completely estranged from her and I think I have a lot of unresolved anger towards her. She's a narcissist, so I never got any closure over the many abuses she did towards me and it always used to make my blood boil whenever she'd reverse victim when I tried to confront her about her behavior or stand up for myself in any way.
I'd never harm anyone. I don't like thinking of and no less dreaming about her at all. My brain doesn't want her erasure for some reason.

No. 431119

Does anyone else get lasting impressions from their dream? Like whatever they were feeling in their dream sticks with them after they wake up?

I once dreamt I fell in love with one of my friends and when I woke up I felt the same way. It faded in a few hours, but it was so weird because whenever anyone talks about liking him or even how I feel about him I think back to the dream and it's just so weird?
The feeling doesn't come back, but it's now in the top 10 dreams I actually remember regularly

No. 431127

Kinda. I once dreamt I was passionately making out with my Dad. Once I woke up, I was so repulsed that I began emotionally pushing my father further and further away. The relationship between us has been permanently damaged.

Every time I think about any of this, I wish I was dead.

No. 431164

Sorry to make you think about that then, that's rough


No. 431166

Yes, all the time. Sometimes through out the day I will have a recurring feeling of "something just happened earlier, what was it" and then I remember it was a dream.
And then if I go somewhere that was in my dream I get this feeling of "something just happened here" or "I was here earlier" and then I remember it was the dream.

No. 431175

File: 1562458810607.jpg (57.63 KB, 1300x650, nightmare.jpg)

i have sleep paralysis and it often blends reality with my sleeping mind. its truly terrifying. when i had my first bouts of it, i was afraid to sleep at all. i had to drop my violin lessons because i was so sleep deprived and i hate my brain ever since.

No. 431281

That sounds terrifying. I've only had it once and that was bad enough. Have you done research about why that happens to you?

I'll share my one story..
>Live with mom in duplex
>Lady downstairs has almost retarded son who is weird with me
>Mom and lady go on vacation together
>Mom tells me to keep the door locked because weird guy downstairs
>Fall asleep that night
>Fall out of bed
>Hear the door opening
>Can't move off floor, on my face
>Can't see but know he's in the room
>Wake up in bed

No. 431293

File: 1562503410757.jpg (62.11 KB, 1200x675, 2ddc5732a128cf7085d5e6ea881b37…)

So I had a dream I invited My dad over for my birthday to go to a art museum and that he messed up the entire trip for me (we where late because he refused to use a map, he got our names wrong on the reservation, he added asinine commentary to each of the paintings). The weird thing is my parents have all done this in their past. My dad's usualy an hour late to come back from work, my mom insulted all the paintings the last time we went to a modern art museum, and I don't where the name thing came from, but the point stands. The worst thing is today's my birthday and invited them to go to a museum with me. Am I being paranoid, is my brain fucking with me, why such a badly timed dream. Now I'm paranoid they're going to somehow ruin my birthday over something as petty as a dream.

No. 431337

Being on an antidepressant (Lexapro), I've realized that my dreams have become increasingly vivid, and I say this as someone who - even before my medication - had some crazy ass dreams.

For me, my dreams are so intense, I never want to wake up from them. I want my dreams to feel complete. It's gotten to the point where I find myself shutting off my alarms whenever I wake up n order to hope right back into my dream, only for it to change into a completely different one right before my eyes. This has made me hours late to work several times all because I'd rather remain in my dreams.

I've dreamt of being rich, being a celeb on red carpets, having to go back to high school, being in a zombie apocalypse, being a superhero, cyberpunk futures, having a family of my own, being in horrific accidents, and even dreamt of being killed. Yet, I'd rather stay in my dreams.

Something about knowing I'm dreaming in my dream causes such a high within me. I don't know how to stop it.

No. 431382

does anyone experience Hypnagogic hallucinations? (hallucinations at night basically) I don't really hallucinate during the day, but at night it is awful. I experiencing the bed violently rocking and I hear things really vividly. It's mostly glass smashing and people breaking into the house. I also experience chronic sleep paralysis, in which I see people who have broken into my room. I also have nightmares, but they don't bother that much when compared to everything else. I have PTSD, which is likely the cause of all of this. Right now I'm having to stay at my parents, which has resulted in severe chronic sleep deprivation. It's to the point where I am collapsing from exhaustion. Even if I take a lot of sedatives, they can't combat my fear. The only thing that really helps is having a lock on my door, which I am not allowed at my parents. This is ruining my life, as I am so tired I'm basically retarded at the point. I know I need to deal with the cause of my PTSD, but the nhs is so shit that this isn't even an option.

No. 432010

I have dreams about dead bodies and dead things a lot.
One of my worst fears is dead bodies. I have a really intense fear of dead bodies and dead things in general.
One time I had a dream where there was a 14 yo dead girl under my bed, I told my parents (who I live with) that she was there and I was really upset. They didn't care at all and were watching a movie like "oh just ignore it for now and we'll take care of it later". I was really upset.

Another time I had a dream where their pastor had died. And we were keeping his body before the funeral for some reason. And we were keeping it in our kitchen. His body was just lying in our kitchen under a blanket, and his body was also like 1/2 the size that it should be.

Another time I had a dream where a dead girl was IN MY BED for some reason and her body kept like, falling on to me for some reason? It was really traumatizing. I also have dreams about zombies some times which also freak me out.

I also frequently have dreams about the world ending and people dying/abandoning me, which I hate:(

No. 432046

I've had nightmares multiple times a week for as long as I can remember. Recurring ones include:
Teeth rotting and falling out.

Long term boyfriend cheating on me and/or gaslighting me and being abusive.

Suicide dreams in general, but I have this specific one a lot: I'm me as an adult, but back in my high school with everyone who went there with me but they are teenagers again, my friends bully me and make me cry and egg me on to kill myself, which I do as they cheer.

I've had dreams since I can remember of me and my dad having sex. Usually I'm being raped or molested, but sometimes it's consensual. These are especially disturbing to me because I sometimes wake up orgasming from these dreams.

I have weird dreams where I'm driving and I can't control my car, like the road is too slippery or the wheel is way too sensitive and I'm swerving and sliding everywhere and I'm terrified. I think I always wake up before I crash though.

I also have a vivid memory of a dream I had when I was pretty young. My family home is at the top of a big hill in the neighborhood and in my dream I was at the bottom of the road desperately trying to climb up it on all fours, but it's like it was covered in oil or something and every time I got up a little I would slip and there was a monster that was coming to the bottom of the hill to kill me.

No. 432117

I almost always have anxiety dreams where I'm late to something, have bodily harm done to me or friends, have to run from a killer, realize I can't graduate bc I forgot about an entire course (I'm so many years out of school already IRL lol) etc. It's just every night, basically. I don't wake up in a cold sweat or anything, but I know I sleep tensely and never really get a well rested feeling.

Anyway last night Alexa Chung borrowed my expensive foreign blusher and then forgot to give it back. Turns out the bitch lost it. I was so mad.

The dream also involved me, Alexa, my ex-step-mom, and my dad being on vacation and they kept going to the beach and I was compulsively "getting ready" doing my makeup and I couldn't make it to the beach all of the days. I was so stressed about not being able to get ready on time to make it to the car. Ugh.

No. 432122

I hate loud noises they give me anxiety.

My brain must hate me because I often have dreams where airplanes are crashing. Death and crashing I've never been afraid of in dreams, it's the god damn noise. You know that loud ass noise planes make. It gets so bad in dreams that my ears legit feel like they're going to explode. The only dreams worse than those are nuclear bombs.

No. 432125

I hate having dreams where I get hurt. I can feel pain in my dreams. I've been shot and stabbed and had my bones broken and been mauled by animals. I'll wake up grabbing at myself, remembering the pain, but it will be gone once I wake up. I read about this, and it's rare, and thankfully doesn't happen too often. The most recent one happened the other night I dreamed I got a scratch on my eye, and it really hurt, and I had to keep my eye closed for it to heal. Woke up with my eye-mask on and my eye completely fine. Thanks brain.

No. 432160

I had a dream a few nights ago I was being stalked by someone I couldn't reconize. He had dark longish hair and was vaguely tall, and spoke sort of akwardly. I think in the dream he was a coworker of mine and started following me after a shift. Like I was aware of being stalked in my dream but I couldn't alert 'myself'. He ended up coming into my house, and while nothing happend, he confessed he was following me but insitsted it was only to know me better and he had nothing malicious planned. Like an idiot I bought that and reluctantly let him stay with me before I woke up. I dunno, I guess this dream bothers me because of how accurate it would be if I was in this situation irl. I'm too unconfrontational to do say or do anything about it even feeling like something bad was going happen later.

No. 432606

sometimes i hear noises before i got to bed, but not any of the other stuff. it's always glass breaking and sometimes i hear a loud scream. i notice it only happens when i'm really tired/exhausted. otherwise i go to sleep normally.

No. 434154

Dreamed last night that I was in a relationship and someone actually cared for me and I wasn't embarrassed or feeling sorry for them.

Also does anyone else drive absolutely terrible in their dreams? Like, I'm swerving off the road into the trees and stuff.

No. 434173

I haven’t asked my doctor why it happens but I have a theory it’s because I’m a very anxious person who gets stressed easily and gets panic attacks a lot. Also probably because I like to sleep on my back so all the blood flows to the back of my brain away from my prefrontal cortex and towards the sensory centres.

When it first happened I thought I got possessed:
>consciousness knows I’m awake
>all I see is black like a blank screen
>hear a very scary voice
>whisperings and demonic voices blend in background drowning scary voice out
>whisperings stop. I’m relieved
>loud booming voice that makes my ears ring:
>I’m going to kill you, anon! Burn in Hell burn in Hell burn in Hell (sounds like a mad crazy demonic devil voice, very low woman’s voice)
>stop seeing black and see my room
>see a grudge-like / ring girl resting in the top corner of my room like a spider
>she starts crawling on the walls but I can’t see her directly, see her in my peripheral vision
>heart rate increases as she comes closer and closer
>somebody help me!
>I try to scream
>wake up silently with tears of terror rolling down my cheeks

That’s probably my worst sleep paralysis moment

No. 434673

a couple of months ago i ditched my ex bc he cheated on me. he was also manipulative and we'd already broken up before so there's no way in hell we're ever getting back together. Even though i'm over it I can't fucking stop dreaming about him and sometimes the mistress. they're there in almost every dream i've had since the breakup. sometimes in the dream we get back together, sometimes in the dream i get revenge on both of them, sometimes just the mistress, sometimes i become friends with her. it's really annoying because i'd never take any further actions like that irl and the whole thing is behind me, i just want to be able to forget about it but my dreams won't stop fucking with me. how do i get my brain to move on?

No. 435212

Has anyone else ever had a recurring element or object in several of their dreams? Like for example, I've had this dream for a few times (but not recently) of me and my family or friends on a highway across a large of water, but it's kinda like a rollercoaster and we have to go on a skateboard on a very narrow railway. In the dreams I'm always freaking out and scared I'll fall and die. Well last night I had a dream where me and a friend were in a park talking and we came across a huge rollercoaster with massive loops and broken parts, and the me in my dream immediately remembers the rollercoaster thing on the highway like a memory and I tell it to my friend. It was kinda like the dream and all the others with the rollercoaster highway thing existed in the same reality, like in some alternative dimension. It seems very interesting that even in my dream when I'm not awake I would remember something from ANOTHER dream I had. Has this happened to anybody else?

No. 435225

Holy shit, had minor, uneventful sleep paralysis episodes and it was hell. Can't imagine what you're going through.

It reminds me a little bit of this
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=syjEN3peCJw (Ted Talk from a schizophrenic person about their voices who sorta managed it later)

I have that, too. In one type of dream I'm climbing on a random, cluttered construction on top of my parental home that's reaching far into the sky. In the dreams I'm usually scared to be spotted/found by my father. Probably inspired by my cluttered home and my dad's crazy constructions and abuse.
And I had recurring dreams where I sometimes was "travelling" and swimming in an underground water tunnel / pipe thing with my family which were ironically kinda fun and adventurous.
I have recurring dreams where I haven't finished high school and have to resit years while fucking everything up and feeling ashamed and guilty and just pure dread. I'm never aware of that one in the dream and annoyed later when I realise I'm fine. I can also see who that connects to me current life.

Sounds like these dreams maybe have some significance.

Unrelated but as a teenager I had this vivid, intense dream where I was lying in the back of my dad's car. He was driving from village to village and mad and in an unattentive frenzy. I only remember being aware that he had poisoned me and that I was dying in the dream in that car. Never forgot that one.

No. 435230

*I can also see how that connects to my current life.

Adding to that, I think I usually pass and get the highschool bill in the dream but it's always impossible and unreal somehow because at that point I had been skipping school for like JUST half a year or something and crazy shit happened. It's unnerving. Maybe I was really panicked about school then and it stuck with me. I wasn't well then either in general.

No. 435267

Last week, I had the same nightmare twice, that I had somehow bought like 10-20 pet lizards, who were all very ill and malnourished, and living in cramped vivariums with several lizards in each, some of them dead.

My actual pet gecko was completely fine and normal, but after shedding on the weekend, he regurgitated a load of his skin and undigested worms, started acting very slow and unresponsive yesterday morning, and when I woke up today he was dead, before I could get him to the vet.

Sad and spooky.

No. 435269

Wait was the gecko dying in the dream or reality?

No. 435286

I keep expiercing a dramatic drop in my blood pressure and it's freaking me out. It's like sleep paralysis, only I'm awake. I have read that quetiapine can do that, but I've been on it for over 5 years and its now suddenly a thing. It doesn't happen every night, but at least a couple of times a week.

No. 435647

he died irl :(

No. 436202

RIP little buddy

No. 436584

I think I've developed a trauma from sleeping because I have dreamt of my father's funeral multiple times before his actual death. I never want to dream about anything ever again and especially those psychic dreams. I just get too scared whenever my body wants to sleep.
I also can't afford therapy so I will have to deal with this trauma of sleep and dreams one way or another.

No. 436596

I am currently in Africa and I’ve been here for a year now. It’s been an awful year and recently the more I’m here the more stressed out I get and nightmares I have. I also extremely miss my cats back in Canada, but in my dreams I see this really mean and snarky cat always glaring at me?? It really feels like i’ll never go back home…
The last positive dream I had I was hugging some??? Really big guy??? But i was extremely comfortable because he was really nice, caring and protective. To give context, the country I am in is extremely conservative and islamic so any forms of affection is a huge NO. Then my grandma entered the room and was just side eyeing me in disgust and i tried to tell him to stop or we’ll get in trouble and then I woke up.

It was a nice dream but ended weirdly… i just miss Canada…

No. 436656

Maybe before your father died you subconsciously picked up on a decline in his health and it manifested into your dreams? I think psychic dreams are just our mind’s way of showing us stuff we noticed subconsciously, like subtle things you wouldn’t notice otherwise. But I’m sorry to hear about your father, I hope you can find peace soon.

No. 439978

I had a dream/nightmare? I was wearing this

No. 439990

I’ve had a recurring dream for the past 4-5 months, I’m driving somewhere and everything feels normal until I realize I’m in the backseat and that I’m making everything more complicated and dangerous for myself by not using the pedals and steering from the back. Sometimes there’s other people with me, most often not. I freak out and climb to the front, trying to avoid crashing into other cars while doing so. I’m not good at interpreting my dreams but I feel like my brain’s trying to tell me to take control of my life.

No. 440067

I graduated high school in 2015 and since then I have had recurring dreams of being back in high school. In some instances there are “mistakes” someone found where I never actually graduated, so have to go back. Most of the time I’m in high school and I try calling my mom or grandma to come pick me up and they just don’t answer or I can’t reach them.

No. 440076

Does anyone else get this weird phenomenon when they wake up from a dream and you're still kinda awake and kinda asleep, and you have these strange "imagination dreams" where it feels like you're imagining a scenrio but also dreaming it at the same time? Cause it's like you're mostly awake and your mind drifts, but it's like you have no control over what your mind thinks about so you're not really imagining something, but again you're not exactly dreaming either. I hope I explained it alright lol, this happens all the time to me when i wake in the morning and spend a few more minutes in bed

No. 440456

I tend to dream a lot about fictional characters.
Either that or family members in weird situations that don't make any sense.

No. 440470

I have a recurring dream that I'm back in high school, the diploma exams are approaching and I suddenly realize I haven't done schoolwork for the entire year lmao. I find I get these types of dreams when I'm procrastinating or nervous about something.

No. 440554

i keep waking up in the middle of the night with bursts of adrenaline, so i go from being half-asleep to almost fully-awake really quickly. but i still feel kind of asleep, so i'm not like, moving around or looking around much? and i don't really feel conscious of it at first. almost as if i'm still dreaming / experiencing some kind of sleep paralysis. but i don't see anything spooky in the corners (thank god). i hope that this is the worst i'll ever experience…

No. 440604

I’ve never gotten it in the morning, but it happens almost every night as I’m falling asleep. Not being able to steer the direction of my thoughts is how I can telling I’m actually falling asleep.

Not sure if its related, but I remember pretty much all of my dreams and have absolutely awful sleep quality too. I’ve always wondered if it was a stress related thing or just some normal brain quirk.

No. 441783

That happens to me if I get those extra 5 minutes after first waking up.
It's really pleasant too.

No. 441790

does anyone else have really violent dreams about their loved ones?

i've had many but a lot recently, with me very angrily arguing with my mom or my best friend or sister over something and … we don't have any conflict irl. i care about them a lot and sometimes i wake up crying because we exchanged extremely hurtful words and sometimes started fighting. i have no idea where this comes from but it's really disturbing. tbh i wish i could turn off all my dreams, they're very rarely pleasant for me, they tend to be either horrifying or too surreal to enjoy when i remember them

No. 441794

I am in my 30s and still have dreams exactly like this! I also have this dream where I'm present age but somehow it's discovered I never actually graduated high school and still have a class to take. It's makes me feel dread. For me, I think these are both just manifestations of moderate anxiety in my waking life.

No. 442739

Last night I had a dream where I had a turtle, and suddenly a wild animal came into my garden and bit the turtle. I remember chasing the animal away somehow, but I saw the moment when it took its fangs off of my turtle's neck. It looked like a deep wound, the turtle seemed fine and was moving but I had to stop the bleeding and go to the vet asap. I remember taking the turtle to my chest and saying "I won't let anyone hurt you now".
When I woke up the first thing I thought was "Oh, god", because that dream didn't have any closure. It was sad.
Might be related to the fact that I had a turtle when I was 10-12, that died mysteriously (I still have no idea of how she died) and in some way I still feel guilty about that. It's not the first time I dream of a dying turtle.

No. 442741

Should also add, I've been thinking of getting a bird recently. Maybe my subconscious wants to punish me for that turtle, or warning me about the pain of loss, idk.

No. 447505

Last year, my mother told me she had a dream about her ex (my bio-dad) and couldn’t understand what it meant. Idk if the answers on google are legit and that revelation has been stuck with me since then (I’ve never met the guy and asshole stepfather forced him to cut off contact with me 20+ years ago because jealousy towards him and my mom).

No. 447513

oh anon, what a bitter-sweet memory! that turtle still has meaning for you but it doesn't have to be bad. things that go unprocessed emotionally for children have a way of turning into great guilt. but you need to be understanding of yourself and that child you were and also process that experience. I'd suggest going deep into your memory and feeling the love and joy and confusion and pain alike and getting some closure.
It sounds like your subconscious has just revealed an old wound that didn't heal properly. And now that you're considering allowing a new animal companion into your life, it's surfacing in a dream again.

a relative abandoned my cat far away from our home one day while I was at school when I was a child. that was a long time ago. Just this year, I realised how guilty I had felt and how sorry I had felt for the cat despite it being out of my control and I grieved it intensely but I also feel a little lighter now.

No. 449902

I really frequently have dreams about the house I used to live in. It used to be my grandparent's house and I only lived there for two years and haven't been in there in over a decade but I have so many dreams about there on a regular basis. Can't figure out why.

No. 451718

Y’all ever have a dream that you’re getting fucked so good that when you wake up your stomach hurts?

Dream dick > real life dick any day of the week

No. 451752

Just as >>407886 I have vivid dreams and I wake tired as hell. I may have had 5 or less short dreams yet I remember almost everything (complete scenarios, people, literally all).
Long af, plenty of sensations, sometimes somebody chases me or I have a girl who I like/fuck/both.
I had more dreams about me getting into a girl than being chased and it makes me feel guilty, I love my bf with all my heart.
I had secuels or "part 2" of my dreams, usually in the same week.

One of my first dreams was my aunt and mother showing me how they have sex, they used to fight a lot in that time, lol.

No. 452144

I had a dream last night that I was nude in front of my boyfriend's three male friends. Two are his roommates right now, one used to be. I've had nudity dreams before. When I started training for acting I had a dream that I was with my teacher, and then at some point I look down and see that I'm topless.

With her, it kinda made sense to me. I have told her things I've never told anyone, thus feeling "exposed"

That's not the case with my bf's friends.

It makes me wonder if I subconsciously want to be seen by them? But that feels like a hard no, just typing it.

I wonder if it's because my boyfriend has shared some details of our relationship with them, and that makes me feel naked or something

Dumb I know I just had to put it out there somewhere

No. 456589

I had a dream I was me going on a manga site to read some horror story, but the story was more text. To sum up the key points of the story
>My name is Monika
>When I was a child my fathers friends gave me dolls
>The dolls where bigger than my other dolls for some reason.
>I only played with them when my dad's friend were around.
>I got rid of them when they weren't
>I found them creepy, but I think I only thought that because I was finicky as a child
>I went back to the dolls When I was an adult for nostalgia sake
>I flipped them over and saw a tag that said 'Monika kidnapping dolls' on them
My dream was a text scroll with narration with a few creepy doll pictures dispersed inbetween. Before the dream started I woke up, but when I tried to move I realized I had sleep paralysis. I had to listen to this story half awake and immobile.

No. 456597

>Monika kidnapping dolls
What do you think that bit meant? Sorry you got stuck in such a creepy dream but your brain really knows how to do them

No. 456608

were those dolls corpses or something? Interesting…

No. 456659

Why do I always have a penis in my dreams? I'm openly bi and happy being female so it should't be any repressed sexuality/gender shit.

No. 456697

I started regularly having a penis in my dreams as a teenager, they're the most vivid dreams I've ever had, only thing I can really link it to is my often repressed attraction to women and a desire to be the top ?

The first few dreams weren't even sexual and were just me looking down at it.. all very strange

No. 456736

i've had similar things too, i think it's an insecurity thing? i'm really tall and i am dominant in my relationship and i get shit on a lot cause i'm straight and straight women are meant to be delicate flowers. i definitely don't want a penis or desire to be a man, but i think society makes me feel bad for having a man's role.

No. 458683

File: 1567783519108.jpg (31.27 KB, 500x334, 1fbiv2.jpg)

Last night I had this squicky dream about my ankles becoming really swollen? Fat? Lipedemic?
When I worked at a call center job for three years I fell super out of shape by the third year. Even the slightest twist on my ankles caused them to swell and sometimes they'd swell just from being forced to stagnate for 12 hours a day.
Sometimes I wonder if I had repressed body trauma from working that job. It was really unhealthy for me.

Another body dream I have is suddenly losing my teeth.

Anyone else have bad dreams about something drastic happening to their bodies? Immediately when I wake up I always have to remember what my body actually is.

No. 458821

anyone else sleep with the TV on and whatever you watch gets translated in your dream? I fell asleep with those let's read things playing and it all translated in my dream, it was kinda cool but spooky

it happened to the nanny, finding dory, fear factor, etc

No. 458840

Yeah, all the time. Once, I fell asleep with the tv on CNN and dreamed about the Pulse nightclub shooting. When I woke up and saw that it had happened in real life I was so confused

No. 458869

I had a nightmare I was going bald. Like, female-pattern baldness bald. My hairline has been thinning out lately because i treat my hair like shit and only part it one way. is this a sign?

No. 459010

What the fuck? Are you supposed to regularly change your part?

No. 459851

I’ve been having these weird reoccurring dreams about being ‘pregnant’ but not really pregnant? Like supposedly I’m 8 months pregnant, and doing something involving pregnancy (baby shower, labor ward, etc) but physically I look the same and I’m super confused the whole dream until the end where either it’s revealed that I was either lying or I’d had a miscarriage in the early months that nobody caught for some real reason.

Last nights dream had me actually in the delivery room laying on the bed, normal non-pregnant stomach and all, being skeptical as to why any if this was happening. Mostly it was waiting for a doctor of some sorts to show up and trying to contact my husband/ither family. I did have what seemed to be minor period cramps that I felt (not even on my period atm) that I guess was supposed to be ‘labor’. Then a doctor comes in, checks me, and tells me that while i am pregnant, the baby died at like 4 months in and just never grew from then on.

No. 459939

I'm actually pregnant now (7 months) and not once have I had a normal birth or an actual baby living inside me in my dreams. It's always shit like going into delivery and the doctor just goes "surprise, the baby is actually maggots" and then they burst out and I'll wake up screaming.

No. 459942

Oh jesus anon. My sympathies, I wonder if this is common for pregnant women.

No. 460452

I keep having dreams where people come to me and tell me to wake up because it's x hour and when I wake up it's the exact time they told me in my dream (for example some man came and told me I was late because it was 9:44 and when I woke up it was 9:44)

The latest dream I can remember clearly was the one where I panicked the most when I woke up
I dreamt that one of my friend's little sister committed suicide in her hospital room by hanging herself to the fan, and I cried so much that my soul left my body. My body started to crack up and eventually I puked my heart out and died.
Then I woke up in tears.

I often enjoy the dreams I have but I'm still shocked by this one–

No. 461634

My friend told me that when she was pregnant she had dreams about giving birth to a kitten.

I don't even have children but sometimes I have had dreams about having kids and I always end up accidentally killing or hurting them somehow.

No. 461710

I had a dream I was making a to do list for next week just to find myself making the same list I had in the dream for next week

I don't know if it was a glitch in the matrix, I'm a fortune teller, or my life is that boring and predictable

No. 461765

i had a dream that a friend who i recently ended a relationship w/ posted a thread on me on here but it was legit a big long thing on how terrible of a friend i was and she got IP banned.
it was the weirdest dream i ever had cuz i dont even think she knows what lolcow is

No. 462147

I had a dream the other night, there was so much stuff in the dream and so much happening but I remember almost none of it. it was in some kind of fictional world, seemed kind of harry potter almost? but it was really snowy as well, it reminded me of soviet russia kind of. a bit like in the cartoon anastasia (but i dont think it was supposed to be either of those things). I also know there was a train, I can't remember if I was on the train or just at the train station, but anyway, onto the main point of my dream…

I vomited in the dream, and in my vomit was this several feet long skinny snake that I found out I had accidentally ingested as an egg/tiny baby snake, that stayed alive in my stomach from eating the food that I was eating. it really grossed me the fuck out, even after I woke up. I am usually pretty good at interpreting my dreams but I can't figure out what this one means.

No. 484295

File: 1574081359246.jpg (231.63 KB, 863x752, 38a.jpg)

>In my house again
>Brother says mom and dad bought him a 3ds
>Mother says she got me money
>I looked around/tried to remember where it was
>Take to long
>Mom starts yelling
>'Anon you need to communicate what you want!'
>'Stop being so introverted and weird'
>'You don't appreciate us'
I can't even escape her in my dreams

No. 484527

I had a dream where every night at 8 pm, Satan came into my room and we had sex. He wasn't even hot, he was some weird giant monster with horns.

No. 484576


i remember watching several videos from those edgy goth witches claiming they had the same dreams of satan raping them and how thats how they became satanists and things like that, maybe you are a goth witch now, i dunno.

No. 484584

I actually managed to have a half lucid dream a few nights ago, so of course I tried to picture my husbando, but it just wouldn't come out right…
It's like when you're lucid the conscious mind is more in play so my crap visualization skills ruined it.

No. 484590

When I was a child I had a recurrent dream where I saw the devil. I remember it looking absolutely scary and nothing like any media depiction of him, but I hate that I can't remember how he looked like.

Same! I tried too and I can't visualize for shit. So frustrating.

No. 485908

I had a dream about my narccisitic mother last night.
I felt guilted into hosting a family dinner and I completely regretted it the moment she started talking, because she wanted to talk to me about how I owe her money and getting a lawyer and law enforcement involved.
I started getting snappy with her and told her to get out of my house. I pushed her out, but it turned into her standing outside my house with a megaphone. She had my cousin with her as she was yelling up and down the street. The police were called by neighbors and when they arrived, they started asking me and my boyfriend to describe her and provide a drawing. At that point, they didn't know she was my mom and the police woman was surprised I was really descriptive and I just blurted out, "yeah that's my mom." They looked at me in a way they felt sorry for me. I think she ended up getting tased to the ground, but then escaped. A lot of me was just frustrated and wanting to yell at her but it was really hard to make my voice yell.

I'm glad it was only a dream, but holy shit, it's literally something she would actually do.

No. 487621

Had a weird fucking pointless dream,where I had this huge silver nose piercing (such piercing doesn't not even exist,it was bigger than my nose)then I saw my old classmates walking around

No. 487623

Afterwards I had a dream where I saw a snake in a glass terranium or whatever it's called,and I killed it,It wasn't even harming me at first.

No. 489812

Kind of want to get this off my chest.
A friend of mine abused speed for a couple years and has been clean for about four months. We go to the same university and a week back she found out she had an exam way sooner than she thought and she wanted to get back on speed for a week to study. I recommended her a research chemical stimulant that's (subjectively) less invasive and addictive than speed and she's been taking that instead.

Now tonight I've had a dream where she came to my house with a terrifying bright red eye colour. She said something like "I think this stuff is doing something weird to me".
I know the dream is just because of me subconsciously worrying or something but it scared the shit out of me nonetheless.

No. 489880

Keep dreaming about this one guy from my class for no reason, this is like the 6th-7th time I saw him in my dreams now.

It's really starting to creep me out, because he is just some random dude and we don't even talk except for random awkward eye contact every day, but that's it. I used to think he's really cute and had a tiny crush on him, but it's all over now.

Can I please stop dreaming about him? I don't even think of him before I sleep or think of him throughout the day. It's making things even more awkward IRL, because I'm always reminded of my dreams when I see him.

No. 489894

had a sex dream about my boyfriends best friend. feels bad man

No. 489943

Was naked laying in my bathroom annd picked up a dick. Bit into it and green goo oozed out

No. 490091

Don't feel bad. One the most common male fantasies is having sex with their gf/wife's best friend and they fantasize about it willingly.

No. 490247

i was a little boy, and some time in the past my mom had killed my little sister and then herself. (none of these people had any resemblance to my actual irl family members) but my father tied their souls into these really uncanny looking robot bodies to punish the mother and to give the sister a second chance at life. but i didnt know about this, only that my mom and sister looked really creepy and i wanted to avoid them so i loitered around town to stay away from home. for some reason the police kept on arresting me for petty shit like sitting on a bench and smelling flowers. they told me that if i was caught doing anything again then i would get the death penalty, and then as i as sitting in the jail cell one of the police told me what happened with my mom and sis and i was so shocked that i got a heart attack and then i woke up

strange, cause i had one a few weeks ago where it was a similar plot except i was a teenage girl and after i died this weird doctor put my body into a doll during the day time and during the night time i had to go to this shadow realm place to search for my mother who was the godess of love but became corrupted and trapped in this other fimension.

No. 490263

I love your twisted fairytales of a dreams

No. 492014

For some reason I had a sex dream about a female youtuber that I occasionally watch. It was very graphic too- like eating her ass out and stuff. I hardly ever watch her, and I'm straight, so I don't know what brought this on. I feel soooo awkward watching her videos now.

No. 492044

File: 1575799277521.jpg (79.51 KB, 533x800, popcorntime.jpg)

I was a spectator in a dream where a woman had convinced some teenage boy who'd run away from home to live with her as her secret lover. Obvious legal issues aside there was also the problem of her having a husband and two teenaged children. So throughout the dream she's trying to covertly get him food and whatnot while preventing her family from figuring out that someone is living in their walls. Her children complain about hearing odd noises and the daughter claims to have seen a handsome boy on the property and the husband is getting suspicious that something weird is happening. The woman is freaking out that her secret is gonna get found out and she's gonna get Chris Hansoned. The boy is starting to think the sex isn't that worth it anymore because he's tired of sleeping on a concrete floor and she doesn't give him enough food but he doesn't want the police to send him back to his old family either; he wants to leave but has nowhere to go nor the resources to leave so he's feeling trapped.

And then my alarm wakes me up.


No. 492076

Lately I've had dreams where I've either watched someone get hurt without being able to do something, or hurt someone myself out of rage and immediately regretting it.

Last night I dreamt that my bf and I owned two pet foxes. My bf gave me a knife and told me to cut a piece of meat to feed them, but instead I got so beyond frustrated by my bf's request that I violently stabbed one of the foxes instead.

I then desperately tried to heal the fox's wound before my bf would see what I had done. The worst part was watching the fox suffer while I tried to stop the bleeding, until I finally decided I had to bring it to the vet to save it.

The rest of the dream was just a cluster of people yelling at me for what a terrible person I was. The vet called the police. My boyfriend was screaming in anger. I was completely dead inside, knowing I had fucked up and that an innocent animal had suffered because I couldn't control my anger.

I never really think of dreams as anything beyond my brain processing stuff. I've been really depressed and frustrated with my life and relationship lately, and I feel like this dream kinda just emphasized my emotions.

No. 492101

The young man moves to Canada before returning because he couldn't stay away

No. 492128

Maybe you watch too much porn? Or think about sex a lot

I’m the Anon who gets night terrors and I had another one the other night where I could see my room and my housemates boyfriend (I never met him but somehow I knew it was her boyfriend) came in and essentially tried to rape me. He was in the corner of my room watching me and then he kept coming closer and closer and suddenly he was ripping off my clothes. I guess my I took off my shorts in the middle of the night because I was in my underwear when I woke up?

Then my dream transitioned where I was at a fancy dinner party in an old mansion. I was at a table with these girls and we kept making fun of my housemates boyfriend because he desperately likes me and was acting all creepy and weird. He was just standing alone on the dance floor watching me with lust in his eyes. Idk why I dreamed this scenario up but like this nameless and faceless entity that is my housemates boyfriend had a face and a role in my dream even although I never met him and just heard of him in conversations? lol I don’t know if that makes sense but dreams are wild yeah?

Anyways, so then me and these girls go to the courtyard and are having small talk and sometimes making snide remarks at this weirdo creep who likes me and is watching me. All of a sudden we hear shots and even panics. This guy comes running out the courtyard and yells “someone’s shooting people with a gun! Get out of here!” So everyone in the courtyard panics even more and we’re all running to the exit. We get lost in a maze and I myself get separated and have to figure out how to leave this giant mansion while I hear gun shots and people screaming throughout my desperate escape.

I finally escape. Outside the mansion there’s chaos — police cars, people running and screaming, ambulances, helicopters etc. Some curious passerby. Somehow there’s still traffic on the road, which is a main road and kind of busy. I wave down a car, jsut running at the road and throwing my thumb upwards to hitchhike. This guy stops and I hop in his car. Another kid from the formal dinner party / dance event thing waves him down too

So it’s the three of us on the road. We make small talk. The driver drops the kid off first.

I tell him I live in the same town where the shooting occurs as we make our way out into the country. For some reason it looks like a rolling green hills of the English countryside even though I don’t live in England lol. The guy ignores me and I freak out and ask where are you taking me? Where are we going?

He says “we’re going home”

And then he pushes hard on the gas pedal and we fly down this giant steep hill

I wake up with cold sweats screaming and have a rapid heart beat

Wild vividest dream and it was really scary. I felt like I was living it. Also sorry for typos I just had to write this out kind of like a dream journal

No. 500294

i was a man somehwere in my 20s, and a creepy looking girl told me that she knows from reliable sources that i was the next victim of a serial killer called "the crucifix killer". this really freaked me out so i ran away to the forest, and avoided all human contact out of paranoia. one day as i was running away from people trying to talk to me, i fell and broke my leg. i was found by a kind looking guy who treated my leg and came to visit me every day to give me food and water and to heal me, until one day i got worse so he took me back to his house. as i was lying on a mattress on the floor, about to pass out, i looked up at his wall and noticed that the whole wall was covered in crucifixes, and that the guy was in the kitchen humming while sharpening a knife. at this point i freak out and wake up, and when i go back to sleep the rest of the dream is me trying to get away from the killer with a broken leg, while hes chasing me saying stuff like "haha you think you can get away, do you annie?" which is strange because in the dream i was a guy and my name isnt annie.

i think ive been watching too many true crime documentaries.

No. 501634

i have a recurring dream theme where i pull random objects out of my skin. most recent was color pencils because i stepped on one in my dream.

No. 502412

i keep dreaming about middle and high school and playing sports. like, any sport. football, soccer, basketball; all with people from those schools. i played sports but it's almost every night where i dream about playing sports or just walking around a high school with a mission. i can name countless dreams about all of this.

other than that, i dream about being flirted or seduced by random girls and i wake up w butterflies

No. 502423

I saw someone from my past in a dream. Spent the day kinda thinking about him on and off. I sometimes wonder what my life would have been like with him. He shows up in my dreams now and again.

No. 504893

I had the weirdest fucking dream ever last night.

Can't remember everything in it, but basically scientists figured out how to make clones of people. These clones however, were not intelligent, like they had animal level of intelligence. People began to mass produce them for labor purposes and men were producing female clones to abuse and have sex with. Said clones had very short life spans too and when they died they'd just fall apart instead of dying like regular people (kinda like in that family guy episode). Activists were getting involved trying to stop the mass production of clones for immoral purposes…

It sounds funny and weird as fuck now, but at the time the dream was super unpleasant. Haven't watched any science fiction lately so I'm not sure where this dream came from.

No. 504896

Had a dream yesterday that I was in a US city (geographically it looked quite like my hometown european city tho) with these lovely colourful wooden houses decorated in carving of flowers and pattern. It also had more modern apartments in bright blue. I woke up sad this place doesn't exist. I also went to a party in that town and had some limoncello in the dream idk why, but that's all I remember.

No. 504909

The love of my life, my dog, died in October, and I keep dreaming of him. Not only that, but I dream various animals (they always remind me of him, I suspect this is because even my subconscious is tired of the grief and wants to go easy on me), I barely even dream humans anymore.

It's a mixed blessing/curse. I love dreaming of him because it feels so real, unlike memories/photos/videos where only the visual and sound aspect is there, in the dream I get to feel the touch and smell the scent (stink, lol) as well.
But I hate waking up and being re-traumatized by his death once more. This is why I called them "nightmares" at first.

I googled around and found that this is common for people who lost a loved one. Some hate the dreams, some love them, some accept the bittersweet nature of them. Reading their experiences brought some peace to me. I don't call them nightmares anymore.

And I started calling my dog what he is - the love of my life (nothing even remotely sexual, I must clarify). I had no idea the strongest feelings I'd ever have would be towards someone who is not my own species. For a split second I asked myself "what does it say about me, how would people judge me for that". And then my soul yelled back "who is anyone to judge true love?!" What my dog and I had was the most pure and beautiful and worthy that this world has to offer. I am allowed to grieve for him as much as anyone is allowed to grieve for their lost parent or lover.

Thanks for coming to my TED talk about love, death and dreams.

No. 504983

File: 1579324138151.jpg (41.05 KB, 761x761, 67173455_711330162647228_89178…)

Anon I cried that was beautiful. I'm sorry for your loss.

No. 505063

Sitting here crying as well, very beautiful. I often dream about phoning my dead father or going fishing with him, and all the dreams are present day as if no time was lost. I always cherish the dreams in case one day they stop. I hope over time the dreams bring you peace

No. 505066

had one two nights ago that my boyfriend was following me around with a blowtorch (?) trying to kill me, so that was good. it only lasted for what felt like a few seconds before i got up. i don’t remember 98% of my dreams but it’d be cool to remember the fun ones

No. 505106

My dog was my best friend and when she passed away she visited me in an extremely vivid and powerful dream. I think about it all the time. It's so painful to go through waking up after it and realize your loved one is gone, but the dreams are a great blessing.

No. 505290

just woke up

had a dream that I'm bathing in my mom's bathtub instead of mine,
that i had this weird vagina on a stick type of genitalia,which i barely noticed at first, but then i thought, "aren't pussies supposed to be flatter?"
and that my mom kept on coming in and leaving the bathroom to tell me to get the fuck out of the tub, but i was like no! i'm bathing spiritually, don't interrupt me!!

at one point i was wearing a yellow shirt, cuz she kept coming in while i was currently bathing in the tub and i don't like to be in the nude around others, ok!!

at one point i think that i chatted with my dad, fully clothed, than i poofed back into the tub, mostly naked, to tell mom about it

this may or may not be a prophetic dream or i might manifest his death unintentionally, which would suck cuz i generally don't have an actual opinion on the guy. if he does die, than this will be my first ever prophetic dream. towards the end of the dream, my mom comes into the bathroom while im still spritually bathing and tells me that kanye west died and im just like, "isn't he in a cult", then my sister comes in the bathroom and together with my mother, they dance to good life ft t-pain to honor and celebrate kanye west life

as i said before, i don't get prophetic dreams, however i do get random thoughts about certain celebs when ive never really thought of them before and, usually, towards the end of the year, they commit suicide. it's happened twice now, so maybe it's nothing, but i will keep tract of kanye for the rest of the year

No. 505772

Most recent memorable dreams:

Fell in love with a robot that looked like conner from DBH but with blue eyes + glasses. We were spies I think.

second one I flew around on a broom, got abandoned at a convention center and cried because I was all alone.

bonus I just remembered: dream/nightmare about being thrown out a window of a hotel, catching myself, and being pulled into someone elses hotel room/saved.

No. 509959

I dreamt I had a creepy middle-aged man stalking me who had psychic/mind control powers so I was fucked. My family couldn't be controlled, but he could use other people and track us.

Looked up what it meant and apparently it has to do with some problem in my life wanting to be recognized. Bitch I'm stupid and have too many issues. Please be more direct next times, dreams.

No. 509960

Do you think you could train yourself to dream more directly?
Like–Not you specifically, but people in general?

Like, what if you made up a character that digests everything and gives it to you straight? Would that character analyze everything your brain processes in a healthy way? Do you think they'd be biased towards whatever you think, in a self confirmation way?

I'm just imagining a little japanese dude who turns his chair around, cool teach style, and just let's me know what's wrong with me

No. 509964

I'm emotionally repressed and try to push away bad memories, so I can't really tell what's affecting me the most. I don't even think I'd be able to conjure something that could straight up say what's wrong. I don't think people in general would be able to, our nature is fickle and irrational. Though if you focus I guess you could train yourself to have some control over dreams. I know I can get myself to wake up and very rarely control them. But I'm not an expert I just google this stuff, lol.

I figure dreams are emotional, so any characters like that would be biased. But they can also play roles of feelings you deny like guilt, so it wouldn't always be a hugbox. I wish I'd get a cool dream character telling me what's up. I'd probably get some creepy dude or someone from my past who I disliked like an annoying teacher.

No. 509972

I had a dream last night that was just watching different people being chased and murdered in the most hideous, graphic, goreful way. Feels bad man.

No. 510189

For years now my dreams have been mostly anxiety driven. Repetitive dreams about a family member who died or ones where my abusive ex comes back into my life to try and drive me mad with mind games

Lately I developed a celeb crush (I'm too old for this shit lol) and thanks to that crush I've had several nights of pleasant dreams. Nice break from the constant reliving of bad memories. Brain please continue with this new habit!

No. 510244

Had a nightmare about Shakira being a goddamn arsonist terrorist, and that she was trying to kill me for snitching on her. She would go from body to body while I'd try to run away.

No. 510316

I had a dream I was walking around a square in this large downtown area (but not a downtown with cars because dream people don't need to drive that much). I was walking around and I saw that BTS was in town at the local mall. I was like "man, I don't give a fuck." but this Asian (maybe Korean idk) woman was like "hey follow me I can get you into the show" and I was like "I don't listen to them sorry" and she was like "no it's okay come on" so I started following her to the mall and was like "damn this seems kinda sketch you aint gonna sell me to the black market huh? cuz I ain't got no money and this is mad sketch" and she was like "no it's okay the fans are super nice they'll fund you so you could get a ticket" and I was like "that sounds mad sketch but I'm in a dream and can't really do anything about this situation so I have to follow you because dreamlogicz lawl xd" so I did and we went through two escalators and then she led me into this broken down arcade area and I was like "wasn't there supposed to be people lining up to the concert? wtf where am I" and like she was quiet and the room was completely dark anyway my avatar passed out at that time and I woke up so I didn't get to see the bts concert.

No. 510556

I dreamed A few nights ago I found two fifty dollar bills inside my sketchbook that was a good one

No. 510558

Sorry for doplepost, does anyone else dream of mundane shit like this? I used to have some exciting dreams based on action movies when I was a kid but I don’t watch high intensity action stuff now and I have never experienced a lucid dream

No. 511315

This is hilarious Anon. It's like Fallen (a 1998 movie with a demon jumping from people to people while chasing the main character) but with a celebrity plot twist.

No. 511713

Most of my dreams are incredibly dull. Like does my brain not know that it can go wild if it wants?

No. 511746

I keep having dreams of halloumi burgers from Burger King.
Like, fucking why? out of all the things.
2 weeks ago, I tried a halloumi burger, I really liked it. Before this, I hadn't had any fast food for 3 months. I had one real life conversation about it with a friend who was curious about the taste, and I told her to try it.
Since then, I have now had 3 dreams where I sell people the idea of how amazing the halloumi burger is.

Jesus christ. Make it stop

No. 514434

I just woke up from a dream where I was spitting up parts of my spine. It was odd.

No. 514554

from dream moods

To dream about yours or someone else's spine, represents your support system, your strength, stamina and responsibilities. You need to keep your head high even in difficult times. Alternatively, the spine suggests that you need to stay true to your own convictions and be firm. The spine is symbolic of strength. The dream may be one of the contrary and thus suggests that you are "spineless."

To spit in your dream signifies an aspect of yourself that you need to get rid of. Spitting represents anger, spite and contempt. Alternatively, the dream implies that you have something that you want to say. Spit it out!

No. 519334

All I have is fucking nightmares, reoccurring ones as well. Ever since I was a child(first one was about the rugrats, I was literally like 3 or 4. Scared the fuck out of me and had another one the same night.) I don’t remember one single pleasant dream I’ve had. It’s not always the same thing, though, sometimes it’ll be a “theme” or a certain person or entity trying to hurt me in my reoccurring ones. Or my only reoccurring one as a child I was trapped in this goat McDonald’s play world and the characters from their vhs were hunting me down. That’s a tame one, they just gotten worse as I got older.

No. 519338

Have you ever tried lucid dreaming? Or filling your mind with a positive subject before going to sleep.

No. 519344

I had a shitty childhood so I would think of something I was looking forward to to get to sleep then, now I don’t really think about anything specific. I’ve never tried lucid dreaming because nothing good happens I figured it’d just be even more terrifying to be even more “present” lol

No. 519351

when i realize i'm having a nightmare i force myself to wake up, think of a different scenario for the dream, and go back to sleep. usually it works, but not everyone has time for that though. i don't think you can have nightmares when you're lucid dreaming, it never happened to me but idk about other people. if you want to try and you are still worried, don't look in the mirror or at your fingers. i did that once and it wasn't scary but still weird and confusing, especially when you wake up afterwards

No. 519374

File: 1582945792404.jpg (35.59 KB, 305x380, 041081058-06_xlg.jpg)

My ignorant old dad says dreaming about money makes you poorer
2 days ago I dreamt about finding money and coins under a tree hole
It was something like this but smaller where my hand was able to fit(my hands are tiny)
I kept getting more and more money from it like it was some kind of money machine
Weird because 99% of my dreams are meaningless surreal nonsensical movies

No. 519749

One of the scariest dream I remember I've had was when I was at my house and the doorbell rang and a friend from school I haven't seen from years was there really scared and panicked saying we had to leave right away. I was really confused but I followed her outside and suddenly I get this really sickened dread feeling that people all around me are chasing me even if I can't see them. Like I feel a massive group of people running behind me and I'm rushing to what looks like this black car so I could escape, but there was this kind of dark rushing wind noise and it was surrounding me and getting louder and louder until I was consumed in it, and it was kinda like the people were all around me too and grabbing me from behind and all I could see were dark shadows. I woke up after that scared out of my mind. People chasing you in dreams is really creepy, especially when you can't actually see their faces

No. 519750

File: 1583039894655.gif (1.28 MB, 500x280, AggressiveEnchantingEastrussia…)

Last night I had a dream that I was trying to seduce Basketball Diaries era Leonardo DiCaprio whioenwe were working on a boat and by the time I got a chance to talk to him he turned into Arnie from Whats Eating Gilbert Grape. Then I jumped ship and woke up.

No. 519751

*while we

No. 519773

Had a dream that I was running across the rooftops of Italy.
This is why I wish I could lucid dream. My dreams would be so much better if I could control them.

No. 519810

You could always try lucid dream hypnosis

No. 519924

I've tried to lucid dream at least a million times with a million other methods, nothing ever seems to work for me and I don't know why.

No. 520593

File: 1583248288469.png (402.9 KB, 540x540, tiny.png)

Last night, I had a dream I was picking off snails from my desk and putting them back outside, because they somehow got there.

I went outside only to witness a car driving into my house after losing control, and two other cars shortly crashing into the first car and shoehorning their cars into my house further. Despite how deadpan absurd it seems, I do think it can mean something, although I've never dreamed of snails before.

No. 520753

Wait. Is you going outside part of the dream? Or was it after you woke up?

No. 520763

Apart of the dream. I guess I may have worded weirdly.

No. 520786

Maybe it means you feel the need to protect something or someone fragile in your life, nurturing it and putting it out of harm's way….

…but at the same time, you have lots of pressure and threats piling on and coming crashing in your life repeatedly, and you can't catch a break ?

No. 520802

File: 1583280494104.jpeg (116.53 KB, 960x1200, F636BA1A-28C6-4F86-89F4-5E4FF7…)

I had a dream that I met Louis Hofmann, but he was losing all of his hair, and I was drowning in a lake as I was talking to him.

No. 520804

Damn he's hot.

No. 520807

I know right?

Oh and I forgot to mention the further I drowned, the further back his hairline receded… the surface of the pond was really thick, almost like a layer of skin, and I was scared to cling on to it to stay afloat because I would hurt it.

No. 520845

Not a dream but I just want to say I love and miss dark so much. Sweet Noah.

No. 521246

I don't know who this man is but I want him to kiss me so goddam much right now

No. 521247

louis hoffman from DaRk

No. 521249

the german accent sorta ruined the fantasy for me, still would do him so much

No. 521260

Same anon. He just have the sweetest, most beautiful face with this kind air to him too. Fuck he's hot. And I generally don't like blond guys but fuck look at that angel face. And this smile. This smile. Argh.
What's it called, Dark ? I'm off to watch it, thanks to the posting anon

No. 521290

I want to have Efficient German Sex with him

No. 521408

Oh anon stop that. This made me tingle.
Fuck I need to find a german blonde Louis Hoffman lookalike.

No. 523163

Same but I want him to gently dom me while speaking incomprehensive angry germany

No. 523346

I had a dream my family bought a hamster last night, and brought it to my room (first dream with hamster, and weird since my family dislikes and never had a pet).

I was scared my parents would see I broke the top of my door by slamming it in a fit of anger earlier when my mom pissed me off. I also was hoarding chocolate (hershey kisses mostly?) in my closet and didn't want to eat them, and asked my parents for more candy and they called me out for it. I reluctantly ate one after that.

When googling dream interpretations, both the hamster and hoarding can mean selfishness. I guess I've been selfish recently, waking up super late and pissing off my family. It's the first hamster dream I've had so I guess it means I'm not usually selfish?

The hamster could also mean being greedy or overtly thrifty, or I need to be more thrifty. On the other hand, one site said it means I need to treat myself. After looking at depop last night and finding a dress I wasn't sure if should buy I'm taking it as a sign I should.

If anyone does dream interpretations please give me one! This dream is out of the ordinary for me, and has interesting symbols.

No. 523570

File: 1583897096055.jpg (177.24 KB, 1242x1236, 1583658031205.jpg)

I keep seeing my coworker (and friend. And irl big fat crush) in my dreams in everyday settings, like talking, joking, making comments, and the like. Two days ago, I dreamt that I asked him out on a date and he asked follow up qhestions about it.

I'm so annoyed and frustrated that he appears in my dreams almost everyday. In comparison, I rarely dream about my closest friends. What's wrong with me?? I just want to smooch him…

No. 523580

Not an interpretation but it struck me that the whole dream was very childlike or childish. Hamsters, hiding sweets and having teen disputes with parents. You're either young or still in a very young mindset

No. 523802

Thanks anon! The childish mindset is definitely true, I got a lot of growing up to do.

No. 525159

Ew I saw Hitler and his abominable henchmen buddies on a deserted island

No. 525224

Currently preggo. Dreamt I gave birth to a baby and the baby was obviously half black. My husband isn't black and I'm not black so I spent the whole dream trying to convince people that wtf this obviously isn't my kid and they got switched with our actual baby. It was really weird, almost like I felt no connection to the kid and it wouldn't even respond to me when I tried to interact with them. I knew deep down it wasn't mine and that there surely was some sort of mixup when we picked up our kid. And then I felt really pressured because I felt like at any minute someone would call me out for 'stealing' someone elses kid and turn me into the police. So it was basically turned into a dream of proving my innocence without intentionally turning myself in.

No. 525393

Last night I had a weird dream where I escaped with a child from a house by unlocking this glass door and stepping into a verada with flowers everywhere, almost like a glass greenhouse? But minor details arent important. The interesting part was that we went on this highway and there was this area that was like….desert area. A vast field of dirt. And there was Kanye West, shooting a music video or something? I walked by Kim and she had two black kids with her I guess they were hers idk. And I went and stood where the people who were filming it were, and looked into the screen of what they were filming, and then kanye came up and shook my hands and I was disgusted because he had corona I think. So if he gets it, I called it!

No. 532387

I was a middle aged woman with very light coloured and long hair. I had a teenage daughter in this dream, who looked very similar to me, except she was obviously much younger. One day, she didn't return from school, and I got a call from a mysterious man, saying that he had my daughter, and that if I didn't deliver a ransom myself to a specific location by that evening then he would kill her, and he would kill her if I contacted the police as well. He also told me that he was watching my house so I shouldnt try anything.

So ofc I went to the location he specified in the dream, which was a bushy and secluded area next to the motorway, under a bridge. He walked out from behind one of the pillars of the bridge we were under, and told me that my daughter is already dead and that he had no interest in the ransom, he just wanted to kill me too because he is a serial killer. then, he whips out a giant knife and tried to stab me, but i managed to overpower him and pushed him out into the road where he was hit by a car going at full speed and died. ofc i didnt want to get caught so i ended up running down along the road, only to come acroos my daughters corpse. her head and limbs had been cut off from her torso, and the whole body was naked and splayed out and displayed on the motorway, which had somehow become empty.

No. 535360

I know I am stressed because all my dreams lately revolve around taking care of my siblings (I'm the oldest of 7) and trying to calm my mom down when she's drinking. I also dream about my mom changing my loved one's opinions about me which she has done in the past. I feel so helpless in all these dreams.

No. 538742

Does anyone else go through phases where you vaguely remember you dreamed when you wake up and feel exhausted? I always feel exhausted when I wake up and know I dreamed.

No. 538753

it's called sleep inertia and you probably remember your dreams better because you woke up in the middle of REM sleep.

No. 541930

I have a reoccurring theme in my dreams where I'm not dating my boyfriend, or dating someone else. Then I see my boyfriend in the dream and become extremely confused. I realize that we are together eventually, but then feel bad in dream if I kissed anyone or something before. I wake up feeling a bit silly because… How could I forget about something like that, you know?

No. 543585

I keep having very weird, very detailed dreams lately.
Yesterday I dreamt about getting sold to a sex trafficking ring. They threw rocks at me as I was walking in chains, spat at me and I also saw child there, he was getting raped. I wanted to scream at the man to let that child go but I couldn't. My mouth was sealed shut.
The day before I dreamt about being stuck in a very high building with a bunch of little kids but there was a sudden fire and we all had to jump down. I remember pushing the kids down while trying my best not to cry and telling them not to worry, it's like jumping a trampoline. I woke up when I was about to jump right after all the kids.
Today it was just so incredibly weird. I had incest sex with my brother aka I blew him because I caught him watching porn. He is 12 years old too. I woke up crying and feeling absolutely disgusted and now I cannot even look in the mirror out of disgust because I keep having these weird dreams that are always about gruesome and disgusting.
I don't even watch porn, haven't watched any in years because I hate it so I have no idea why I had a dream like that about my brother. Why do I keep dreaming like this? At this point I don't want to go back to sleep ever again out of fear that my next dream will be as bad as the last one or even worse. Does this have some hidden message or what? I swear I am not a pedophile, I don't even know why it's always about kids too. I seriously want to cry so fucking bad.

No. 543876

I had a really nice dream about my former therapist. We just had a nice catch-up conversation at a picnic table on a beautiful spring day. I miss her, I should email her.

No. 543879

Thats very dark, if you are religious pray

No. 543908

>I don't even know why it's always about kids too.
Children often symbolize innocence. Sounds like your dreams are you coping with losing innocence to a cold, cruel world.

No. 543915

Man I’m so sorry anon. I used to have very vivid, violent dreams like that as well. Are you dealing with some past unresolved trauma?

No. 544191

Try not to take it so seriously, it's just images that your brain strings together and there doesn't have to be a deep meaning behind it.
I've had sex dreams about my family members before too and it's gross and annoying, but it doesn't have to mean you're actually attracted to them in real life.
Try to clear your mind and chill before bed with things that make you happy. Or try lucid dreaming techniques to see if you can redirect if you start dreaming of bad things.

No. 544216

I dreamed the other day that I was pregnant and my first thought after finding out was "well I'll leave it to my mother to take care of, I can't take care of a baby" also I had already had one child which I also left to my mother and I just didn't want anything to do with them. I just wanted to tell someone this, and I feel uncomfortable telling it to anyone in person, because it was bothering me that, even though I don't want children ever in reality, I could be so apatethic and avoidant.
Also I dreamed of doing something together with my friend, can't remember what anymore and then suddenly I remember she's dead so how come I'm with her so she went off to kill herself in my dream lmao…

No. 548870

File: 1588450190138.jpg (553.58 KB, 1874x1054, dreamfall.jpg)

I had such an amazing dream. My brain built this amazing world with some random people that were my friends. I cared for them so intensely and I almost miss them now, which is so weird since dream-me made up those people.

How can I get back to a dream? I want to enter that world again and meet my dream friends.

No. 548875

I had two very vivid dreams years ago where aliens (those little grey types) landed or crashed in my garden. In one of the dreams I found an alien crushed and all jelly like and limp from the crash, in the other dream I just randomly found one laying dead in my kitchen. Both of the dreams then centred around me desperately trying to dispose of the bodies without anyone finding out.

I have no idea why those dreams still stick out in my mind so much but I heard lately that dreams where you have to hide or dispose of dead bodies are common and linked to feelings of shame or guilt in your real life.

I actually had a whole series of other dreams around those aliens and similarly I can remember all the details vividly ten years later. I'm usually not much of an intense dreamer.

No. 548946

I'm in a relationship so it's good this dream wasn't real.

But I had a girlfriend in my dream a year ago and it felt so good to be around her. Like the most comfortable i've ever felt. And she smelled so nice.

And I woke up and sobbed,
And i literally still cry sometimes thinking about how it was just a dream and I'll never be with her again.

No. 549362

I've had the exact same experience. It's so sad because as time g hours on I can't remember what she looked like anymore, or really anything except for the general concept that we loved each other and we were excited to build our life together forever. Waking up in a world without her is bad enough but I feel like I'm betraying her all over again for forgetting all of it.

No. 549845

I had a dream a few days back which strikes me as very strange, i met my estranged friend that i havent talked to for like…a year, she explained to me why our friendship didnt seem to work anymore and seem very remorseful about everything.
Before that, the last time we talked to each other it was a big fight and she was very mean and try to exposed me online kek. Is this a sign that i should move on anons? or its just sth that i had wished her would do and projected it into my dreams. Who knows?

No. 550119

Yesterday I had some non sexual dream, I don't think I even was aroused yet I woke up to an orgasm. Fucking weird. Last night I dreamt of smoking and being high and woke up so relaxed, nice change to my usually very much vivid and exhausting dreams.

No. 551447

had a dream of maggots, corpses, toddlers and babies being raped, faces being torn by long fingers and swirling colors. all flashing images. no ive never watched the grudge. churros to anyone who can decipher this

No. 551456

I've been getting frequent dreams about my teeth breaking for the last 4 months. I guess it is because I'm going through bad times. It succs

No. 551530

i think you're stressed out! hope this helps

No. 551645

i don't usually have sexual dreams but today i had a dream about seeing porn of my favourite character doing a nasty gay gangbang and the dream felt like a VR scene. instead of being turned on, i felt incredibly disgusted

other than that, i usually dream of realistic scenarios where i get mugged and stabbed to death

No. 552069

I dreamed that Shayna had a baby with some disgusting human being and then she went skiing immediately afterwards.
Also that picture of Pixielocks posted recently with her tongue sticking out looks just like Shayna wtf

No. 554060

Usually I can decode my dreams, but last night I had a dream/nightmare about being hunted by a religious cult.

Weird because I never think about religion and haven't viewed any religious cult hunting content lately.

No. 554065

i like using dreammoods for dreams like that. obviously not every interpretation is going to apply to you because it's dreams ffs, but a lot of symbols have somewhat universal or at least common meanings and if an archetype means something to a lot of people, maybe your subconscious picked up on that meaning too.

"To dream that you are in a cult suggests that you are in some destructive and/or manipulative relationship. You are being exploited. On a more positive note, you have the desire to strive for a better Self. It implies devotion and sense of community.

To see a cult in your dream indicates that you are lacking any spiritual freedom. "

"To dream that you are being hunted indicates that you are being overwhelmed by life's challenges. "

maybe something collective/greater good oriented is making you feel a little used or like your individuality is being compromised and you can't hide in the shadows from it or get away from it? i'd imagine that people who work in institutions that benefit humanity but don't allow for a lot of individualism might have dreams like that.

No. 554071

thanks anon, that's so interesting

No. 554103

Is there any way to induce dreams?

I read somewhere that eating cheese before going to sleep can work, but tried it the other day and did not dream anything

No. 554134

Food won’t help but various supplements work well. Melatonin is notorious for promoting vivid dreaming.

No. 554248

I had another dream tonight where admin found out my full identity, skyped me (???), was nice to me, started talking to me about kpop, and then made a thread about me.

No. 554330

File: 1589581774144.jpg (248.96 KB, 620x413, misora_courtyard-1.jpg)

had a dream i lived in a califorian apartment complex (with an outdoor pool) and i was dating this dude who heavily resembled john belushi in animal house

anyways i shared him with this black chick who was a few years older than me (and was related to a famous african queen?) and we took turns having sex with him. i literally walked around the pool and chatted with randoms, but then i came home and i saw that the other girl was done with him, so i just went to the bedroom and fucked him (rode him iirc)

it wasnt like a pick me harem scenario it was more like femdom thing which is hot to me sooooooo

No. 554419

Two things worked for me:

1. Doing something horrifying. For me it was walking in the woods after dark.

2. Disruption of routine. In my case it was a dead power supply forcing me to use my spare time otherwise.

This stuff opened a floodgate of dreams that has never stopped. The key might be never going back to the way you used to be.

No. 554450

Lest night I dreamt that a mummified corpse was found in an old friend's closet in a house she used to live in. There was news stories and TV crew coming in and out of the house too see the corpse of this woman who hung herself in the small space, her eyes were big glass like orbs while her face was contorted in fear while a thin hemp rope was around her neck. Every thing about her was horrifying but in the dream I couldn't help but feel pity since her death was most likely a suicide.

My old friend had absolutely no sympathy for the girl and she instead was reveling in the fact that so many people wanted to talk to her while she was treating the corpse as something fake and not a real person. She would cry for the camera but in private she would talk about how amazing and cool the attention she's getting is.

No. 554453

Last night I had a dream where I shoplifted dildos.

No. 554458

How did you shoplift them?

No. 554464

I had to start taking a medication to stop me from dreaming because all I would literally dream about and have dreamt about for years is murder/rape/kidnapping/wars and like monsters and aliens and shit…always so vivid and extreme I would wake up exhausted. It was almost like I never even really got to sleep because my dreams in themselves were like a whole other life I was living complete with its own emotions to boot. Sleep actually feels restful now even though it's strange not to dream, but I guess it's worth it…??

No. 554465

what medicine? My dreams are out of control and are no longer a form of entertainment. I'm literally scared to sleep now. My dreams are scary because they are realistic.

No. 554466

Topamax. It has helped a lot with PTSD flashbacks, too

No. 554471

so i've seen discussion here about what it means when your own teeth break/fall out etc in dreams, but what about when you cause someone else's teeth to be smashed, all fallen out and bloodied up like brutally or at least just causing them to somehow (dream logic) fall out? i had a dream where i got into the most stupid light argument with this chick i had major fights and drama with in fucking high school and i barely pushed her in my dream after politely trying to defuse our conflict and she was a huge nasty bitch to me and then all the sudden after my light ass push her teeth just all fell out, were broken, lots of blood, she was on the floor right below me and then i was saying sorry over and over trying to make it go away and feeling bad for her as well despite all our hatred both irl years ago and in this dream, at first she was super upset screaming, then she sort of got over it and calmed down and half accepted my apology but her teeth were still so fucked and broken and her mouth still bloody. this all took place in my elementary school bathroom, not our high school one which is also a bit odd. anyway. opinions?

No. 554701

i envy you

No. 554721

its not horror/nightmare-y, when I say realistic I mean I have dreams where everyone in my life is successful and married with kids and I'm not. Or I have dreams where I'm kidnapped/held hostage and find out that my family doesn't give a shit. That type of shit.

No. 554743

Omg, anon lmao I had the same dream where I was kidnapped and held hostage in this huge house on a big hill in the middle of no where, and my mother just didn’t care, she found where I was located and was pretending to be a guest and gave up and ran out the door ASAP because she didn’t think it was possible I could be saved. The guy would also hit me if I didn’t do what he said and each time it felt like someone actually hit me. It was painful, scariest shit ever istg

No. 554895

Almost every night I dream that I'm lost somewhere like a bigger city, or that I miss a bus I needed to take. Every damn night.

No. 554921

I don't remember a specific dream/nightmare because I don't write them down, but they are generally have these elements:
>new/unknown city
>huge complex buildings
>"secret" shop where I buy weird things
>long roads that separate two cities and where I have to walk
>being followed
>time travel

No. 554941

your dreams sound cozy and fun

No. 555035

Oh I'm late but I have the same kind of dream. I have been dating my boyfriend for like 3 years and it's rare for me to dream of him (and of other people I see frequently, it happens more with people who I don't).
In my dreams I kind of forget that I have a bf, or I know I have, but can't remember who. Then I'd dream I'm dating someone else, eventually he shows up in the dream and I feel so stupid when I wake up.

My most frequent subjects are busses, like I'm always missing them or getting the wrong bus and can't go home or get to school. Or can't find my class in the campus and end up missing the whole class. It's so agonizing because I HATE showing up late or miss classes.
Once I went to school and the sole of my shoe broke off and now I always dream I'm going places barefeet.

No. 555086

When I first started Tiger King, I had a dream Carol Baskin or something that looked like her was trying to break into my house, attack my bf, and get my car towed. I hadn't watched the episode where they talk about Don Lewis' death (and don't really believe lol) yet so it was really weird.

No. 555483

My thing is mall dreams. My brain just comes up with seemingly infinite mall designs and plops me in there to run around at night. I have dreams set in malls least once a week.
The stuff that happens in them is totally varied though, everything from bike racing to apocalypse shit to chasing a cat to alternate dimensions… but they all take place in malls. I've had them ever since I was a kid.

No. 556310

I wish there were some pills you can swallow to remember your dreams properly. When I do remember a part of it, it's always stupid, fun, crazy movieplot-like adventures with beautiful sceneries and full fledged characters I get more often than not attached to. It often feels so long too, like several days of rl activity or several dreams who all fluently merge into one another. And when I wake up, I just end up feeling tired, empty and sad.
I also noticed these kind of memorable dreams appear more often when I ate sweets shortly before going to bed lol.

>tfw qt smug but slightly schizophrenic mafiosi villian with visual kei-ish colored hair that changes its color (who previously slyly helped to get me killed by sending me on a pilotless plane with another prisoner that collided with a slow-motion dropping missle, only for the plane to crash into a main station subway tunnel where I jumped off with the other prisoner and escaped but later got shot on a beautiful flowerhill by another mafiosi anyway after sneaking into and again escaping from a "just got a baby" party by the Don and bringing an apparently wrong present but got reincarnated after answering a weird mental/3D questionnaire) finally got closer and opened up to me about his ded anorexic sister he still misses after he lost a knife-throwing duel against me that somehow finally made me more accepted by the mafiosi when I woke up after my cat started meowing because there was a 1 cm hole in his feeding dish

No. 556319

Wow what a wild ride, that sounds so exciting

I had a dream that I was an archaeologist excavating statuettes in some tomb/cave and I found a lot of them and this other archaeologist shows up in a pretty red dress like Jessica Rabbit and asks me to give my statuettes to her, we can "work something out" and presses her big ol anime boobies on me and I just felt very disgusted and wanted to punch her in the face. Does this mean I'm extremely not lesbian or I'm extremely denying being a lesbian? I think it's the former but then why would I dream of a busty woman hitting on me in the first place?

No. 556331

Because she looks psychotic and scary.

No. 556336

I have lots of dreams about malls too. As is the case with most of the locations in my dream, I've never been in a mall that looks like it, but it always looks the same. Like its a real place that exists consistently in my dreams, but doesnt exist in real life.

No. 556448

I dreamt I had a hude wolf as a pet and it ate my ex. Pretty good dream.

No. 556449

I experience the same feeling as you regarding the locations in my dreams. I dream about the same 6 places and they honestly feel so comforting to me. I prefer them over reality sometimes

No. 556846

I dreamt that I was fucking a gorgeous woman with a big dick last night.
This has weirded me out so much. I am bisexual although mainly attracted to women, but I find futas and trannies absolutely repulsive. I'm not attracted to that kind of thing at all.
Yet in my dream I didn't even give it a second thought, she was clearly a woman with incredible tits and a beautiful face, just with a dick attached I guess. What does this even mean?

No. 556998

I think it just means you're bi anon. Perhaps you have an affinity for women, but like the feel of dick more than sex with a woman? Guessing because this is my case. Don't get me wrong I love pussy but penetration is much more satisfying to me. However I find women more attractive and eye catching than men.

No. 558887

I had the most bizarre dream of how I was spending the night life with these teenage boys I have never seen before (I think we were just running around & screaming, pulling pranks too)the scenery was beautiful,it was harmless fun.although it felt so realistic at the beginning it was bizzare because I saw a robotic clone of somebody even though I don't remember anymore

No. 558956

I keep having nightmares I'm at my last shit job because I keep thinking that my next one will also be shit now that my options are limited from covid. I just want that place to burn down and never have to think about it again, if my mind would let me…

No. 560081

I rescued a dead rat from my cat and hid it away. I was upset because it was a member of species on brink of extinction and I hoped it was just playing dead. 3 days later in my dream the rat was still dead. My cat told me then that that rat was dead even when alive and "humanity's efforts are futile, you will all end up like that rat."
I try to be a positive person but I guess my subconscious ain't buying it.

No. 560414

I had a dream ~2 weeks ago, in which I was cycling up a hill in the local forest, because I was looking for something (can't remember what it was). Pretty close to the top, the path was kind of barricaded with a bunch of pillows and other random fabrics, but I decided to cycle through it anyway.
As I passed through this fabric fort, I hear a voice from under the fabrics, moaning from pain; there was a homeless man sleeping there. Upon realization, I IMMEDIATELY start to apologize. He says he forgives me, but only if I "pull on his legs". I refuse to that, since I have no idea what that means, and honestly, at this point I'm too scared to ask.
I then start backing up with my bike, running the guy over once more. As I cycle down the hill, I hear the distant sound of a spoon scratching over a cup of yoghurt.
Anyone has any idea what it might mean?

No. 560588

I had a dream about my first love, who actually passed away about 2 years ago.
In the dream he was happy and we had reconnected, and we fell in love again. The dream felt so real that I actually cried a little bit when I woke up.

No. 560591

this made me feel less alone anon, thanks for posting

No. 568697

Me and Tsubasa from Terrace House OND were best friends and played ice hockey together c: then I woke up and realised I have no friends kek

No. 573194

File: 1592752442919.jpg (535.11 KB, 1500x1101, 23.jpg)

I had this dream I was watching this Greys Anatomy episode and there was this elderly couple and the whole episode focused on them, originally the doctors think they must have unhappy marriage cause they barely express any emotion and never laugh but it turns out both love each other very much, they explain they are both are humorless cynics who fell in love at office party they had to attend mandatorily. and there's a flashback to the office party in the 1970's where the characters who are played by very attractive male and female actors, who are sitting in the corner trying to avoid everyone else, not talking to each other and the 2 leave right after that, and there's a montage of them doing romantic stuff but not showing any sort of strong emotion what so ever, at end of the episode the old man dies and old woman starts crying and I also legit started crying, then I woke up and started crying IRL as well

No. 573198

anon wtf i'm about to cry too

No. 573239

I have been having awful awful fucking dreams, first I had a dream I was havinf sex with my rapist but then he turned into my dad (I have seen my dad only once) and what the fuck? And then tonight I dreamt I fucked my sister and a cousin and I just want to kill myself at this point. Is there any way I can make this stop?

No. 573297

I dreamt some nonsense the other day but the thing I remember most was sitting at a cafe outside in a pretty town and looking at the waitress. It was more like a fashion ad than actually looking at her (you know how dreams are weird sometimes) and she was wearing flared corduroy pants, they didn't have belt loops or buttons or anything but at the front where the belt buckle would be they had two horseshoe pins. She was wearing a plain button up shirt and her hair was brown in a ponytail. Her skin was dark and really rough, leathery looking and she was looking into the distance.
I can't stop thinking about those pants with the little horseshoes. I think that could be a new trend. Instead of belts and buckles having little pins at the top of your pants.
That's horrible, if you are stressed you're more likely to have nightmares. I don't think you can really do anything besides try not to let stress get to you and not think about your nightmares.

No. 575668

I managed to lucid dream but then I looked in a mirror and ruined it lol. My eyes were two solid colors and my iris grew back into my eyes??? it's really hard to describe. I think at this point the only way I can have a lucid dream is to randomly say "Oh I'm awake now, ok I can lucid dream now" in the dream. But I don't know how to influence myself to do something so specific again. So sad.

No. 575763

I keep dreaming about letting my ex go, we just recently broke up but are still in contact / still fuck. And I keep dreaming about him finding someone else :(

No. 575791

>fucking your ex

No. 575821

I have one ex that I still fucked after the breakup (we were stuck in a lease together and bad decisions followed) hell he even kept fucking me after he had a new girl… nothing good comes from fucking your ex, cut him off anon.

No. 575856

it's like 4am and i went to bed at 1 and am working at 7 but i had a dream of someone dying and going to a funeral with my dad (who i never see or talk to) so now my anxiety is incredibly bad and i feel like something bad happened irl and this is a crazy synchronicity. idk we'll see how the day goes ig. i never wake up in the middle of the night either

No. 575865

Had a dream where I was in a room naked with a friend that I rejected some time ago. We didn't do anything because I was reluctant even in the dream. This makes me think I'm actually sexually attracted to him but him still having a gf is a no no for me.

No. 576698

Last night I watched my grandmother die, I could feel her coldly squeezing my hand and talking in a fury until she suddenly didn't anymore, and then the death rattle.
She died in 2007, but I wasn't present when she passed. My last memories of her was when I visited as she was heavily sedated in the hospital after surgery, she responded to me by loud moans and grunts because she couldn't talk.
She died while I was in school, after I got out I went to see her in the palliative facility they had transported her to where my aunt worked. I remember her stiff and blue, and then seeing her black, gangrene toes when I uncovered them in the sheets.

No. 578011

I had a dream last night that was me trying to kill a small bug for what felt like hours. wtf. woke up feeling very cheated out of quality sleep.

No. 578371

I dreamt I fucked digibro LMAO. He was greasy and smoked a shit ton of weed too yet I still found him attractive?

No. 578386

You mean digi-nee kek

No. 579714

File: 1593967229480.jpg (120.76 KB, 900x1249, dfhbdfbfd.jpg)

Had a dream last night that a new trend came out in the furry community where furries would purposefully break their legs and then stick them into their fursuits while their bones healed so they would come out looking more like furry legs.
Very morbid but I believe it would be something that happens in that community.

No. 579730

Now you gave them an idea.

No. 579769

There are people out there with amputation fetishes that cut their own legs off so as much as I want to call this idea crazy, someone out there would do it

No. 579803

I had a sex dream about Ben Shapiro last night. I wanna die.

No. 579812

I'm sorry anon.

No. 579814

I dreamt I dragged a poor friend into a shady lifestyle, and into doing this shady deal at the thrift store. Some old lady followed us into the store, and she had 5 dogs. Some weren't on leashes, so I got the store employees to kick her out. When we left the store, she tried to steal my papers (record of deal, I think it had to do with cop crimes?) and I had to quickly steal them back. She then found a cop and told him what we were doing. I quickly called a taxi (I was aware I was dreaming and hoped dream logic would let me escape because this was juicy) and barely escaped. I then woke up.

No. 579839

One of the craziest dreams I've had. My male friend got kidnapped by some woman and she fed him dog food. Idk why she did it tho but I got really mad inside the dream and beat the shit out of her lol

No. 579843

based dream kidnapper

No. 579885

I dreamt that I was having sex with that main dude from spin out and we deciced to do anal and I took a big long shit in his dick then ran away naked in a winter storm and died from exposure to the cold

No. 579896

Anon, did I know I was going to read this high af after a Sim session

No. 579897

A week or 2 ago I had a dream about frogs (toads?) that where dark green/gold skinned and I was trying to catch them.

really freaked the shit outta me

No. 580058

I dreamt that J* kidnapped me and forced me to be his maid and gardener for free. His house in my dream looked like Kew palace and had cute cottagecore furniture inside. He left quickly so i didn't do any work and just fucked around in his empty house. There also were very big pink roses in his garden that spooked me for some reason so i stayed away from them.

No. 580060

I dreamt that Lily Rose Depp borrowed my car and ended up getting a huge accident where the car got launched into the air. She walked away unscathed promising to pay me back while my car was totaled

No. 580248

I don't dream that often because I usually smoke weed before bed but the three most common dream themes of my entire life are:
> Having a pet/s out of nowhere and being anxious about taking care of it or getting in trouble for having it
> Being horny and wanting to masturbate but not being able to find a place to be alone or having people constantly bother me or walk in on me. I've seen other women say that they can't cum in dreams/while sleeping so maybe it's related to that?
> My dad storming into my apartment/life and seeing my drugs or otherwise finding out shit I don't want him to know

Idk anything about dream analysis but I think have hella subconscious guilt lmao.

No. 580283

I've started having some sex dreams, which is rare for me. Usually it's in that lazy sex position where you lay on your side and he enters from behind and you basically cuddle-fuck. Pleasant enough, nothing earthshattering but then at the end the guy will always ruin it by saying something rude or insulting.

In one of the dreams it was Gus Johnson (I don't fancy him irl) I met him at a funeral and we went home to have some sort of weird comfort sex as he was upset from the funeral. Again it was that laying on your side cuddle sex, kinda sweet and intimate. Ater sex I think he saw the tinest spot of maybe breakthrough bleeding and he screamed that it was shit on his dick?? I wanted to kill him.

No. 580463

Lately I’ve been having dreams about playing with a tiger. Last night, tiger in my dream turned into a huge dog and we cuddled. It was so nice.

No. 580983

I often get dreams where im in my previous school, outside where our garden is or even in my town, and most of the time everything looks off, out of place and kind of wonky. I usually get anxious in that dream and try to find my way home.

It is mostly linked to that im scared of leaving my home and town. I'll be moving to the UK soon with my fiance due to him studying there and i dont want to leave him all alone there. Im just scared of feeling homesick i guess??

No. 580992

I had a dream that I was trying to fuck Danny Gonzalez and he rejected me because I'm too old. He's 26 and I'm 29. It was brutal.

No. 581079

Had a dream my boyfriend tried to pressure me into sex and now I kinda don't want to talk to him. Stupid too realistic dreams.

On the other hand, I used to have recurring lesbian dreams and nightmares about being pregnant during high school.

No. 581115

A recurring scenario in my dreams (I remember exactly three separate instances) is that some man in my life whom I'm friends with but definitely not attracted to proposes to me. Dream-me enthusiastically accepts, but almost instantly I'm filled with dread and disgust. I always wake up completely grossed out. In my life I've vacillated between febfem/lesbianism so it's kind of puzzling to me why my brain keeps bringing this up.

No. 581459

I keep having dreams about kissing or confessing my love for a girl I haven't talked to in a while but am really close to. Am I gay for her or just lonely or something? I can't see myself being with her irl but I feel like a part of me wants to.

No. 581520

i'm envious, i too want weird youtube dreams.

all my dreams end up being about video games? like playing strange mario games, last night was a fighting game.

No. 581522

I've read that dreaming of kissing a friend of yours does mean you desire a closer relationship with them, but that doesn't necessarily mean a romantic one. The fact you haven't talked a while probably just means you miss her and want to reconnect. I've actually had similar dreams about friends I've drifted away from, too.

No. 581528

I dreamt I had sleep paralysis, I think. At 3 AM too. What a mind fuck.

No. 581532

Totally, I used to have dreams in which I had sex¿? with my mom as a kid, she was really abusive and always neglected me, I was either left alone most of the time and when she was present she would yell and hit me. Then I started living with dad and I have had sexual dreams with him since then until now, which is easy to tell because our relationship is really superficial, we just try to get along but there is no emotional boundaries whatsoever

No. 581563

It's weird that I keep having dreams with lots of sexual innuendo with this particular friend but I never do anything sexual per se. It's as if my mind is telling me that's what I want but my counciousness is so strong it prevents me from giving in even inside a dream. It sucks I keep dreaming about him tho.

No. 581726

Dreams are meant to be forgotten…but damn that was a good wet dream…

No. 581774

I had a dream about finding out I had a hit on me. I cried, hid, clung to everyone begging them not to leave me alone. The police were involved and supposed to keep me safe but they wouldn't do anything. I don't remember how it ended but I am still struggling to shake this terrified feeling and I've been awake for over an hour.

No. 581780

are you stressed at work? I've read that dreaming that you're being pursued means you feel like you're being stretched too thin and will be punished for not accomplishing something sooner.

No. 581793

>being killed by looking through mirrors
You mean like looking into them long enough that you see "past" the reflection to the "other side" and whatever is there kills you? Thanks, I never knew this terrified me.

No. 581803

I had a dream I was talking to my old friend whom I haven't spoken to in years. We weren't really doing anything, just walking around, talking about stupid unimportant stuff and making jokes like we used to. Goddamn I'm lonely

No. 581911

Sometimes I have dreams of being naked in public places

No. 582020

I had a dream that I was being spit roasted by my husband and brother-in-law. In the dream I was enjoying it and now I'm awake I feel disgusted with myself.

No. 582131

As a young child I always had dreams about being trapped in a moving car, sometimes in busy traffic, sometimes on long winding roads with no one, sometimes on a steep hill. In these dreams I would always try to drive/ stop the car but would wake up before I could. Sometimes these dreams would include another person like a cousin, teacher, friend who I thought could help me stop the car but never did. I stopped having this dream as I got older. Any idea what it could mean?

No. 582132

When I was a young child I would have this recurring theme in my dreams - I was trapped in a moving car and would try to stop/ drive the car but I would always wake up before I could. Sometimes there would be one other person in my dream like a friend, teacher, family member, but they never could. Opinions on what this could mean?

No. 582134

Sorry accidentally posted twice ‘cause I thought it didn’t work the first time

No. 582135

You can delete posts if it's under 30 minutes. Just check the check box and hit delete. If you want.

No. 582183

File: 1594397233769.jpg (114.22 KB, 400x300, IMG_0211.JPG)

Had a dream one of those wispy effeminate tik took boys asked if he could suck my toes and I let him I won't tell you which one

No. 582184

AuGh why do I keep having dreams about me being in the 5th grade???it wasn't that great
I talked to my crush,I sat next to him I talked to his friends but I hate having dreams like this I don't care about the 5th grade anymore

No. 582191

Had a dream where I was on an epic quest to find a dildo and just before I finished,I woke up.I think I need to get laid.

No. 582208

I dreamed about being among Sumerians and I was watching through the perspective of some warrior in a weird fencing tournament of some sort, held in front of the king and his buddies, which was rigged so the other guy (the champion) would win, and where was some very important historical figure woman who I made up that had blue clothing and lots of jewelry who was important because she outlawed child labor, she was lounging around and said "well if they want to eat the finest fruit right now they can just wait for it to grow on its own instead of forcing children to grow it!" which makes no sense but she's my queen now so I support her, and then I saw those fruit plantations and some kinda blue cat monkeys picking the fruit. Also the sumerian language was slightly similar to my mother tongue and made me think maybe we are their descendants.
tldr I am a sumeraboo

No. 582267

Good shit anon

No. 582292

At least you're dreaming about dildos, I hate dreaming about the men in my life every single day.

No. 582691

I keep having recurring dreams of interactions with old friends/classmates from school and I KNOW this is my subconscious acting up because I wanna see them and learn what they are up to.The thing is that I was distant with most of these people and even with people I was "friends" with,I drifted apart as years went by and I'm terrible at keeping in contact.I'm also not on social media and shit so me randomly hitting them up after so many years would be some major bs from my side and since I'm an awkward person anyway,even if I tried,it would probably be a disaster.

Unless I randomly meet any on them on the street or some shit,I think I will be bound to keep dreaming about them kek

No. 582703

I dreamt a young daughter of my parents' friends' came to our house, and found a bottle of old pills (adderall, despite fact I've never had that) on my desk. She took 10 pills, so I told my dad, who tried helping her get them out of her mouth?

For whatever reason in the dream I was jealous of this child getting my dad's attention, then I went to the master bathroom and looked in the mirror as ny mouth was now full of pills I was struggling to get out. I was somewhat aware this was weird in dream (how did a child get past childlock on pill bottles?) and then I woke up. I think I have a small chance of having ADHD, but haven't been able to get a diagnosis for anything.

No. 583942

sometimes i dream about this guy that i went to school with in middle school. it's so fucken weird because middle school was 15 years ago, so i'm dreaming of a 11/12 year old because he moved and i've never seen him since then.

No. 583947

Same here, except I'm still dreaming about my crush from elementary school

No. 584397

I had a dream I was fucking my best friend who's this real nerdy guy who I like don't find attractive but don't find unattractive? I enjoyed it in the dream though

No. 587817

I dreamed I was together with shoes ex skeptic. I'm not even involved in this cow. I was so proud to be his gf wtf

No. 587828

Anecdotally, I had the same thing happen to me with one of my guy friends. Then we started hanging out more and the dreams turned into actual everyday fantasies. We've been dating for 3 years and I couldn't be happier.

No. 588039

I dreamed that I "astrally projected" using this weird travelling glass shed type thing into the woods where Stassi from Vanderpump Rules was feeding a baby deer and didnt know I was watching her. Weird af.

No. 588047

The past few weeks have featured my deceased Father. Even in the dreams Im extremely aware he's not alive but at the same time, its nice to "talk" to him.

No. 588094

yesterday i lost something and my entire dream was just my entire day speedran through until the point where I “lost” the thing…turns out I just left it on a counter at work. thanks Dream Me for finding my misplaced shit!

No. 588098

I always wanted to marry and have kids, but now I'm almost 30 and haven't had a relationship in around 8 years… I keep dreaming about meeting kind and respectful men and falling in love with them, and then they either fall in love with me too, or they're disgusted by me, or they're already in a relationship and I either try to "steal" them or just accept that I'll never be loved like their gf's are. I always wake up very sad and it takes me a couple of hours to feel somewhat normal again. It's been really eating at me recently though.

No. 588492

Does anyone have reoccurring events in their dreams? Mine are really mundane but I have a pet that I feed in my dreams and a job I go to sometimes. I feel a huge sense of urgency whenever I become aware of them. I also dream of the same city a lot. I frequent the same locations too. There is a bus route I take probably every other dream. It's comforting in a way because my dreams can feel very familiar and comfy.

No. 589002

I dream of my ex quite frequently, more often than i do of anyone else in my life. I haven't had any contact with him in the past 2 years, i have no idea where he lives or what he's doing but the way he appears in my dreams is so realistic. Our relationship was very tumultuous and in my dreams he's either very stand offish or very affectionate and pleased to see me. in my dreams i'm always aware i haven't seen him in a while and am afraid of talking to him in case i embarrass myself, despite our last interaction being more embarrassing for him (he facebook messaged me a year and a half after the break up telling me he has sex dreams about us, i got mad at him for how inappropriate it was especially considering i was in a new relationship).
I dunno, it feels like weird thing to dwell on but every time i see him in a dream i'm emotionally affected for a few days afterward, like I fucked up getting him back in my life even though i've been with my new partner longer than i was with him and am a much happier person for it. I guess maybe it's a first love thing, and the fact i worry about him being happy and well a lot. since lockdown these dreams have been more frequent and this version of him that appears in my dreams feels like he's back in my life and i miss our friendship so much.

No. 589041


The closest thing for me is recurring phenomenon… like if I need to be underwater for extended periods of time I’ll find I can breathe if I do it very slowly and don’t fill my lungs past like half full.

No. 589692

One of my favorite things about dreaming is I have a lot of locations I visit in multiple dreams that dont exist in real life. But they are more or less always the same in the dreams even years later. Like I have created a world for myself.

Theres actually one thats my favorite and its hard to describe. Its a little hole in the wall in a downtown area strip mall type place. In a brick building. And the stairs twist and go up behind a hidden part in the wall that you have to walk up to go in. The inside contents can vary. Some days its just a cool hang out place. One time it was an occult store/flea market selling all sorts of ancient books and witchy things. Sometimes its like a vampire coven. Its usually lewd if thats the case. Ive had a few instances where it has been downright disturbing, such as going in and it being demons who took me as a sex slave who had to have orgies with them. Either way its one of my favorite places I hope to go when I go to bed every night lol. Also, I dream of a mall thats not a mall I've ever been to irl, but its always a certain setup with certain stores and a food court and the like. Lots of different cooll situations there too.

No. 591060

That's so cool, you're so lucky. I don't have that

Today I dreamed that my mother and I were visiting a museum so we went to a weird hotel (full of nuns and children on school trips) to sleep at and I was walking outside the hotel at night when I saw a homeless man attack the hotel owner, I was so mad and attacked the homeless man and bashed his head against the ground. Then in the next moment I was dressed in a bizarre outfit because I was at a fashion show and my mouth was full of teeth that had been busted in my fight, no matter how much I spit them out, there were always some left. And in the next moment I woke up at the hospital and my aunt hugged me and I asked her what happened, and she said the homeless man died from his injuries. I was so upset, but nobody cared that he died, everyone seemed happy, and I was crying and yelling at everyone that I killed a man and deserve to go to prison and just because he wasn't of good social standing, his life is not meaningless. It was weird

My dream yesterday was nice though, I was Jotaro Kujo and got into some accident at the park (I think I was on fire) and Jolyne and Ermes and some others (I think koichi was there too, what a reliable guy) rushed over to save me. Then I woke up at home and Jolyne was trying to make me feel less distressed about my accident by telling me about a cake she and Ermes made (they just put whipped cream on puff pastry, that's such a Jolyne thing to do tbh). It was so comfy, I wanna go back… I miss jolyne…

No. 591064

I have a reoccuring nightmare where someone is sleeping in a chair in an empty room with their mouth wide open and I feel the need to call on them and wake them up. When I do, their teeth get really big and seperated, and their arms extend 20 feet and wrap around my neck and start choking me, all while still sleeping. I've had this dream since childhood.

I also have a reoccuring dream where I sneak in someone's house and try to leave without them noticing and it's strangely really scary.

I also have a dream where I'm running for my life from someone and I start knocking on doors in my neighborhood and everyone either doesn't answer or tells me they're sorry and that they can't help through the windows.

Wtf is wrong with me.

No. 591677

I was in bus and was a doctor and I said something that made then mad and they sent me to be a prostitute on this pink sex bus full of drugs and it was full drag queens Shawn Dawnson was there dressed as peach there as a Filipino drag and she became my best friend BC my actual bestie was eating ice cream and driving a truck and the truck exploded. I ate some Asian girl out and we saw a lot of costhots on the side of the road and I went to hug then and the cops stopped us and I put a castity belt onto this cop I was going to fuck on the bus but he wanted a drag with a big dick to fuck me so James Charles gave me a makeover and then atẹ me out while everyone on the bus watched.
I started drinking some Chantilly drink and then woke up.

No. 591690

These are all such lonely scenarios anon, I want to give you a hug

No. 591692

That is too good, thanks for sharing
I dreamed that I was at the pool sitting next to a guy I like and asked him "do you like my swimsuit?" and then I said "wanna see what's under it?" and then I woke up sadly, I wish I was so confident in reality too

No. 591700

I had a shameful dream where I accidentally self-posted to lolcow.farm from my library… It was disgusting because I posted a dream video where I was platonically "kissing" a dog but it looked bad. Inb4 >zoophile it was 100% shameful and awful. Didn't help that I looked fat and ugly and had short hair in the dream vid. I proceeded to delete it asap but lolcow caught it and ripped me apart

No. 591706

I guess shame doesn't manifest as "forgot to wear pants to school and am walking around class in my undies" anymore but as "I posted myself making out with a dog to lolcow"

No. 591753

I dreamt that the Devil offered me a high paying job to me if I had sex with him. It didn't help that he was half naked with a hot, muscular body

No. 592233

The dream where I fucked Satan in the back of a car was one of the hottest wettest dreams I've ever woken up from, kek.
>Tfw good Christian girl I swear

No. 593704

File: 1596175698439.jpg (26.82 KB, 500x472, tumblr_3aac045f5ef1f4006c7f6ad…)

>tfw pic related.
Especially when you wake up in an absurdly good mood and the dream that caused it just rapidly fades from your memory.

No. 594462

I had a really fucked up dream where I did acid at some fancy hotel and while I was peeing in the bathroom I went fucking blind like I could feel the sensation of reaching up to check if my eyes were closed but the weren't so I had to stumble to the sink to splash water in them until my sight came back

No. 595197

Had a pretty stupid dream that I went to a French restaurant with some bald fucker and he asked me how I was doing in French, but not how Duolingo taught me, so I just sat there and said "yeah" in English and felt like an idiot. I also had Yakuza 0 on the Switch for some reason but that's not important lol. Idk if other language learning anons can relate or not. I just wish Duolingo would teach me more "Casual" French as opposed to one lame phrase.

No. 595204

And?? Did you get the job?

No. 595515

Think I'm seeing too many criminal documentaries and it's starting to affect my dreams, I dreamed my friend got raped inside a bathroom. For context, she's handicapped and once she fell inside a bathroom while drunk and cut her hand. I'm the same anon as >>579839 so I know it's getting more and more fucked up.

No. 596327

File: 1596534195038.jpeg (70.37 KB, 540x387, DE50DCBE-982F-4991-8770-3F3353…)

My boyfriend just woke me up from a dream where I was at a boarding school making out with wyatt shears in my room, there was more to it but he literally woke me up 5 mins ago and my memory of it is fading fast

No. 596343

I dreamed about my high school teacher, I used to have such a huge crush on her back then. Can't believe she still shows up in my dreams years later lol, teen crushes never die I guess

No. 596352

I dreamed that my boyfriend and I got some tattoos. I tattooed myself, a huge ugly colourful tattoo of a whale and some other stuff on my arm. My boyfriend got a huge black cannabis leaf on his wrist and the word “VEGAN” (he is not vegan) below it. He told me that it doesn’t matter since he probably will be at some point in his life. I wasn’t very happy about my tattoo though.

No. 596425

File: 1596550109380.jpeg (11.99 KB, 500x137, 217790A2-B623-4C51-AA67-F09D62…)

No. 597519

File: 1596654422376.jpg (65.82 KB, 400x600, IMG_9711.JPG)

I had a dream where I had a crush with a cartoonishly large and wide guy who was aloof and mean-spirited that didn't want to be with me at all (I wanted to gain his approval) but I constantly tried to force a friendship with him by having very repetitive conversations with him that always follow a formula (I think the formula was ' What do you think of X?/Do you do X?' then I'd talk about what I thought of X) that even he pointed out. What does this mean?

No. 597520

File: 1596654438129.jpg (66.77 KB, 1024x962, 1596455169056.jpg)

just today i had a dream in which i got fucking perma banned and red texted for being too emotional in the venting thread. the red texts were (problem) and (stop white knighting)
i don't even post there anymore

No. 597524

I had a dream my cat was possessed and my family and I were pinning her down and frantically trying to exorcise her. She acted liker totally normal lazy self but we were all panicking lol

No. 597525

I recently had a dream I was at some sort of spiritual camp. They gave each person a number and sent them into these rooms, which had more rooms within them, each having a number on its door. The room was dimly lit by candles and had lots of pillows and curtains and mirrors lining the walls, with incense making the room very hazy. I would compare the design to something Moroccan or Arabic with a dash of The Haunted Mansion lol. I had been given room number 7, and I was looking at the number on each door to try to find it, which was difficult with how dark the room was. After walking around the room for a bit, I found there was no door labeled 7. The doors jumped from 6 to 8, and my only options were a room without a door, and a room behind a curtain, both with no numbers. I tried to call out for someone but got no response. I looked behind the curtain and it was completely dark but I got the perception that the space behind the curtain was much larger than was possible and could hear chanting in the distance. Then I woke up. Overall a very bizarre and esoteric sort of dream.

No. 597527

I have dreams where my pets are possessed or there is some demon double of them running around all the time! Always freaks me out lol

No. 597535

I've had like 3 dreams past month where I'm having sex with my mom. It's so gross to even think about. Why would I be dreaming this fucking shit so constantly anons? I want it to stop.

No. 597874

File: 1596702804864.jpg (884.74 KB, 1200x801, night_brno.jpg)

Do you guys have a dream version of your town/city?
I was dreaming about my old high school and the pubs we used to go to in my hometown. I noticed that even in my past dreams, the town looked slightly different - more streets, more nightlife, more shops, buildings in different places… I think some of it is cross-contamination from the city I currently live in haha. It's pretty stable throughout the dreams though - the areas I've been to in my dreams maybe a year ago look probably the same as the ones I've been to these days. Quite interesting

No. 598641

I had a dream about Skeptic asking me to help him get back with shuwu. I promised I would help then stole his car and told shuwu never to approach that shithead again.

No. 598650

I saw a post on Twitter about what to do if you saw a shockwave coming toward you and last night I had a dream about it. It felt so… real? I have no idea how feeling a shockwave should feel but it felt hot and like I was vibrating and there was immense pressure in my teeth and stomach. It felt so horrifying but when I have dreams like this, dreams where I experience something "new," the feeling of anticipation or realization of what is happening affects me much more than the end result. Pretty sure my dreams have been so vivid because of stress.

No. 598664

I totally get it. Normally all of my dreams feel pretty real but at the time I was the most depressed even physical pain could be felt.

One of my best dreams that I still remember is walking up a big road with beautiful golden trees by the side and a nice view of a city on the background. There was a tall dark haired stranger next to me and I felt very strongly about him. Waking up was shitty. There were emotions I've never even felt in real life

No. 598680

File: 1596792503473.jpeg (143.59 KB, 640x504, 953E0A68-AA17-4BCB-8E0F-3B0FE9…)

I had an insane dream again.
>be back in high school
>have some sort of boyfriend
>have my friends
>but also is friends with people who bullied me irl for some reason?
>we’re all sitting in the recess area that has a roof
>we’re watching a weird ass call out video about someone in my group
>it was made by one of the ex-bully girls that stood out like a sore thumb
>weird boyfriend somehow involved in the drama
>something about doing a homework wrong and cheating on someone else
>I get in a pool that appeared in the middle of the school’s patio
>try swimming for a while
>Weird boyfriend decided to empty the pool with me in there
>sweet talks to me
>I can’t walk properly
>we hangout with the weird group of friends as if it was completely normal
>I tell them to stop being dramatic asses and start trying to solve the drama

But wait, there’s more!

>I decide it’s time for me to go home

>I pick my skateboard i never rode one irl
>and pick my half pipe to fucking go back home while doing weird ass tricks in the sky

Really, sometimes I wonder if this happens after having a heavy dinner or when I’m too tired. I feel even more tired than when I went to sleep.

No. 598719

I just had a dream of a lady in my kitchen saying that 1 pm is the luckiest hour. It's worth noting that gacha mobage has been rotting my brain for years, so I'll keep it on mind when rolling the next time.

No. 598732

I had the weirdest dream yesterday. I won a scholarship for uni then when I went home three people broke into my house and bullied me but somehow it was fine and I didn’t try to call the police or anything? Then they made fun of me for using lolcow then I tried to fuck one of them then woke up. Wack.

No. 598739

Smart move

No. 598766

When I was dumped by first Manlet boyfriend I would dream about having sex with him all the time and I would wonder why my subconscious was so intent on punishing me

No. 598804

I dreamed that I was in my neighbor's yard and decided to start a one man black metal project. I don't know how to play any instruments but I decided I would buy a guitar and learn how to growl along the way. I had an idea for a song but I just can't remember what it was about, I think it was about the pointlessness of interpersonal relationships, but I remember its lyrics had lots of big words like meshuggah's lyrics and the album cover was a figure sitting and clutching its head with a yellow background.

No. 598809

Does anyone else experience frequent reoccurring dreams or dreams in episodes?
I have them almost all the time but my latest dream was extremely similar (same place, same course of actions, different details) to the episodic dreams i had as 12/13 year old and im 28. Shit creeps me out because it's also a nightmare.

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