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previous thread:

No. 1025566

I’m first fatties

No. 1025567

froggo time

No. 1025570

File: 1642051763667.jpg (54.85 KB, 960x960, c4823fe27ce4cd567f4140a5b5d780…)

Thread #69 letsssss gooooooo

No. 1025579

Every time I got into /pt/ or /w/ I can literally smell the thick dust and cobwebs. And that heavy floral dust smell, just like your granny’s old perfume. Ancient bonerattlers wandering the desert looking for milk, gone mad from delirium and hysterically posting. If you even stay there long enough, I swear, you’ll hear it…clink clink clink rattle rattle rattle

No. 1025582

File: 1642052471262.jpeg (127.55 KB, 1242x699, D9C3C1C1-637B-4671-91B1-FAE212…)

>mfw I finished trimming my bush.

No. 1025587

File: 1642052838819.jpeg (295.59 KB, 700x1000, 48B1A976-6205-4252-A564-B5A1A2…)

What in the ghetto are these scanlations… did we really have it this bad back then?

No. 1025588

File: 1642052986399.jpg (45.04 KB, 490x368, kontake_160517flog01.jpg)


No. 1025602

File: 1642054064647.jpg (27.12 KB, 640x413, bc0b5c49a4ce1cc07eb2cf81117726…)

Would you eat it nonnies?

No. 1025603

File: 1642054482905.jpeg (50.81 KB, 320x401, B55F7CF8-CC7D-44FF-8079-F0BBBA…)

Kek so true. How can you retain interest in a person for 5+ years? After a long period of cow behaviour I tend to just write people off as terminally autistic and lose interest.

No. 1025606

id eat it and become a listless meandering soul foreber forsaken to wander the swamps and find a leaf syurdy enough for my forsaken form but there are none. there are none and i will fill the hole with eating little bugs and such but it will never be full enough as i will never find my flower strong enough to support my slimy decaying form. and in the despair i will eat ever y frog the horrorific amalgmation will come upon, continually expanding upon the wreckage of a soul i once did own. i expect the innocent amphibians to pop like fresh boba. and they do. they always do.

No. 1025615

File: 1642055522729.jpg (50.73 KB, 500x500, yum.jpg)

yes just have to cook it correctly

No. 1025629

File: 1642057151721.jpg (308.02 KB, 836x1237, Shin Pet Shop of Horrors v12 c…)

shit sucked

No. 1025631

this makes me want to go back reading old shoujo manga

No. 1025650

No. 1025700

jewel is a higher thinker than nietzsche and socrates combined

No. 1025701

You mean resorting to using the chinese scans? Those were the good ol days

No. 1025702

this is not a dumbass thought this is a fact

No. 1025724

Which manga ? I read marmalade boy again. It was fun.

No. 1025726

I used to talk about my bf here but now I can't

No. 1025728

Who is Jewel??

No. 1025731

international pop superstar who use to live in her van, duh

No. 1025732

Why? Does he lurk?

No. 1025734


No. 1025738

please don't insult jewel this way

No. 1025742

She wrote with such casualty

No. 1025744

File: 1642069392242.png (192.12 KB, 1500x1200, 1633096186814.png)

KEK that's one for the real jewel fans

No. 1025748

Holy fucking throwback

No. 1025761

No. 1025796

jewel wrote a poetry book way way way back and used "casualty" wrong (in the same way as the poster above) so she got blasted by an interviewer about it

No. 1025809

My cousin planned an epic 1 month trip to South America but she got Covid a week before the trip. She said she'd have someone else take the obligatory PCR test instead of her because she already booked the accommodations and she really wants to go on this trip

No. 1025824

If that works, I will be impressed, but not surprised.

No. 1025825

File: 1642076517293.jpg (51.92 KB, 490x470, tumblr_84956d3532de48c3b306c94…)


No. 1025828

a shit here we again

No. 1025855

I can't get over how much she looks like Kyle Maclahlan's (Agent Cooper's) ugly ginger sister

No. 1025857

i don't see it. i see a lot of sissy spacek tho

No. 1025858

I sit in an isolated corner at work so usually when there's nothing to do I just scroll through LC on my second screen; just now there was a new employee coming over for introduction and I didn't realize I have LC still open, such retarded situation, what if she thought it's 4chan and i'm a degenerate?

No. 1025862

File: 1642079725736.jpg (192.65 KB, 699x1037, 65fd6457602fb08995565382ad2988…)

It's all I see kek. Something about her eyes and smile??? IDK

No. 1025874

girl wtf. i browse lc on my phone at work but never on my computer. i’m too nervous about what info my company would be getting from the website plus the potentiality of some raid happening and cp or gore showing up on my screen makes me nervous. when i attended uni i wouldn’t go on lc on the uni’s wifi also. don’t know if this is being too cautious though

No. 1025877

in the mood to rewatch nge

No. 1025878

Do it on your own phone, some anons here post weird shit and the IT guys of your companies could potentially know what you're doing on your professional computer. That's not even taking into account that some weirdos or bots post gore and pedo shit sometimes.

No. 1025891


No. 1025892

nta but neon genesis evangelion

No. 1025895

I get you, it hits me every year or two. It's the only anime that I've rewatched beyond Utena

No. 1025910

Always tough to realize I'm retarded but it's a good lesson, typing this message on my phone now like a good smart person, thanks nonas

No. 1025937

File: 1642087000992.jpg (56.11 KB, 612x933, 8719.jpg)

Was anyone gonna tell me that donna tartt is hot as fuck!???

No. 1025939

File: 1642087300164.jpg (442.1 KB, 690x1867, yep.jpg)

from tumblr

No. 1025959


No. 1025968

love that threadpic, good choice op

No. 1025974

File: 1642089841867.png (1.21 MB, 830x832, A468BFBA-CA7A-4F79-9491-8B4EF5…)

kek this is one of the best napoleon memes i've seen

No. 1025976

Why is kanye shilling himself in the unpopular opinions thread

Nothing better to do mr. West?

No. 1025983

God, I wish. My life resolution is to meet Mr West

No. 1025989

in what way kek

No. 1026094

File: 1642097471613.jpg (35.86 KB, 480x542, e07.jpg)

I'm this close to getting myself a nendo for my birthday, but they are so expensive where I live

No. 1026111

yes and it's charming and has way more character than those perfectly 1080p scanlated scans

No. 1026126

lmao /g/ trying to start a war with /ot/ just cause some of us aren't into ancient dinos or lardasses

No. 1026127


No. 1026168

Bitch it's not charming when half the screen is blurry and you can't even tell what's going on!

No. 1026169

Can you really trust people who find it ok to "stay hydrated" to the point you piss completely clear urine?
I'm gonna say the answer is no.

No. 1026185

Why wouldn't you trust a person who is completely purged of any toxins? I'd say they're the most trustworthy of them all

No. 1026208

you were the ones who were shitting on them unprovoked, they barely talked about /ot/ in their board

No. 1026230

My ancestors are smiling at me because I have dry mouth and can drink an infinite amount of clean water. Can you say the same?

No. 1026236

I just had an episode of shaking, sweating and then vomiting.. I gave up vaping for a while and guess I can't handle nicotine anymore. I only went back on it after something really stressful happened to me earlier this week. I feel equal parts dumb and ill.

No. 1026267

File: 1642106234982.jpg (73.67 KB, 800x682, creek-or-puddle-5-moistens-tee…)

Some people just wanna piss, anon. 30 bottles of water a day, no recycling, I will interrupt any baptism, bar mitzvah, or funeral to yell "STAY HYDRATED". I like being the paragon of health and wellness and I will make sure you know it. My piss sparkles in the sun, vitamin deficiencies be damned. If I'm telling you to stay hydrated, I did you a favor and is proof that I should be trusted and respected and given access to your banking information. Even my vomit is clear.

No. 1026272

This reminds me when your elementary school teacher would give you a thrice-photocopied assignment that was barely legible

No. 1026275

File: 1642106628648.jpg (47.92 KB, 720x1080, zztl8kly5xh76xyal6rl.jpg)

?? Someone's been watching too much Reno 911

No. 1026277

nonny u got me, I was supposed to post it in the stupid questions thread and when I realised my mistake I tried to delete it but accidentally reported it. Then I dirty delete it.

No. 1026280

File: 1642106986418.jpg (79.9 KB, 500x375, sun.jpg)

I miss this one friend I had. We stopped being friends over stupid shit and I can't reach out to her without my best friend feeling like she's being backstabbed so to keep the peace, I won't bother.

I want to post on the friend finder thread to maybe find someone who will vibe with me on the same/similar instrinsically retarded level but all hope is lost and I'm really uncomfortable making friends online now. I think anons will also hate the way I actually type when I'm messaging someone (many abbreviations and I don't fix my typos, no capitalization on anything ever, lots of all caps yelling, keyboard smashing etc) kek

No. 1026281

File: 1642107003852.png (1.23 MB, 996x1200, 09E2B522-779D-4B11-A084-3BCB30…)

which one are you nonnies

No. 1026283

>Accidentally reporting your own post
Don't worry about it, I intentionally report my own posts when I'm lonely and want mods to give me attention

No. 1026285

File: 1642107135135.jpg (70.44 KB, 686x609, Screenshot_20220113-145140.jpg)

>Sickle weapon

Sickle girls rise up

No. 1026295

I find it pretty amazing how pyrocynical bounced back from being outed as a furry fart roleplayer honestly if something like that happened to me I would just kill myself.

No. 1026298

File: 1642108062502.jpg (24.6 KB, 450x330, 5506ffe53cdce42215a3a0eb7558df…)

No. 1026307

File: 1642108796597.jpg (149.9 KB, 1024x608, EGFSfJMU0AIbBaV.jpg)

I will always be sad I ended up not ordering anything from this Pokemon collection. It's so fucking stupid looking I love it.

No. 1026308

I know he played it off as purely role play that stayed online.. but we all know his gf must face fart him.

No. 1026312

def A and ! but i'm not really feeling any of the outfits

No. 1026319

The first time I saw this style I thought it was dumb.. it grows on you though.

No. 1026325

Buy second hand

No. 1026327

File: 1642110138698.jpg (13.28 KB, 300x300, downloadfile.jpg)

Reminds me of these, glad a friend got me a keychain from it

No. 1026349

File: 1642111803659.jpg (170.67 KB, 1242x1134, original (1).jpg)

So many video games tried to make me play poker but I don't know how to play poker but I win anyway

No. 1026354

Fuck me I missed first post

No. 1026360

File: 1642112897239.png (550.89 KB, 750x422, crazy-Spiderman-Pointing-Memes…)

A young woman got murdered in daylight nearby where I live. A random attack. 'Not all men' is trending because men feel offended by the wording of some news coverage on it.

Word then got out that the murderer is from another country originally.. so men are quick to blame his crime on his nationality. Not all men.. except men from other countries? The irony of how quick they jumped on that. He's not even from a country with some drastically different culture or set of beliefs to ours.

No. 1026361

The way fujoshits and husbandofags will cling to the shittiest scrote media just because it has "hot" men in it is so embarrassing. Most of the time those men aren't even hot to begin with.

No. 1026362

File: 1642113068879.jpeg (26.23 KB, 500x500, 2C0B394D-8E77-4360-A599-2A9B65…)


anon who is she

No. 1026369

>Not all men.. except men from other countries?
Yeah that's always the case. Men are enraged and offended when women use crime stats against them, but suddenly believe data and studies and generalizations are perfectly fine when it comes to blaming other races/nationalities.

No. 1026377

File: 1642114082484.png (65.73 KB, 371x348, naps.png)

No. 1026385

Word. My dream is
>women re-popularize works aimed at women and only watch that
>there is now a large audience who wants good bl/josei/shoujo/otome series and games
>influx of creators making relevant media to capture that audience
>lots of attention, pandering and competition in the female media circle
>in the midst of being overfed content, a couple of classic gems are born
A lot of the time I'm guilty of finding myself in smaller female circles of a male-aimed show/game so I am also the problem. I just want us to have our equivalent of shit like eva, steins gate, madoka, KEY's retarded melodramas, bebop, etc where money and time and talents are poured into the works. Then maybe one day male character fanservice will be normalized the way retarded boob physics are normalized in many other shows.

No. 1026387

I don't remember the character's name but it's from the Battle Royale movie

No. 1026401

the character is mitsuko souma from the movie battle royale! the actress' name is apparently ko shibasaki

No. 1026409

Ppl who ask "why isn't this song on Spotify" seem so stupid to me. Like bitch if you can't find it download it and listen to it on your phone.Also imagine paying for a subscription to have songs available everywhere and not being able to due to obscurity/copyright

No. 1026418

Shut up broke bitch

No. 1026420

I've always downloaded all of my music and it feels a lot better than using a subscription service. Maybe I would have liked Spotify if my music taste was less weird (since as it stands nothing I listen to is even on there), but having my music downloaded and backed up feels more permanent and secure. I do the same with TV shows and movies.

No. 1026423

Lmao that's what you got?
I didn't even shade people who pay for Spotify since there's a reason for it but really,FOR ME, it isn't convenient since stuff I like are likely not to be found there.And I don't even listen to much music lately to justify paying for a subscription. I was talking more about the people who are bothered so much by being slightly unconvinienced to find the songs/albums they like elsewhere.

Also this

No. 1026425

Nona, do you own anything you use?

No. 1026429

This, hell yeah mp3skull

No. 1026436

That's why you have pirated copies or alternate links on YouTube, Soundcloud, wherever, for what's not on Spotify

No. 1026443

Kek, underrated

No. 1026444

I found a half gram of coke I'd forgotten about and I thought 'hey what if I could use this to curb my appetite and overcome depression fatigue?'
The bump in the morning was great and I got some stuff done but the bumps later just gave me a headache and I ate the same amount as usual. Guess I just have to take the long route for everything huh???

No. 1026458

My sister sent me a text message that she needs to talk about something important, but I haven't spoken to her since she got knocked up by a rando 1 year ago

No. 1026462

did she say whether or not she had the kid?

No. 1026479

She's about to dump a whole load of baggage into your life

No. 1026484

nothing about the guys, stories, or artstyles in shoujo/josei/otome stuff appeal to me, sometimes they're worse.. idk where else to find my types

No. 1026489

None of those people or companies deserve money anon

No. 1026496

No. 1026508

File: 1642123338894.png (189.14 KB, 355x308, dream.PNG)

This recipe name is so funny to me

No. 1026520

Yeah, he's about 2 months old and she's of course super happy to her boyfriend.

That's all i can think of. Kinda wanna ghost

No. 1026524

Is there a keyword I can use to search for these??

No. 1026537

NTA, “24 hour Pokémon chu”

No. 1026539

called someone on Instagram gross because their page was all rape joke memes and some random woman starts tagging me and saying my empty profile is literally just as much of a red flag. Ok you fuckin weirdo

No. 1026547

idk why but im kind of in love with you for using the whole internet as ur own anonymous msg board

No. 1026548

best girl

No. 1026549

File: 1642127284670.gif (1.44 MB, 500x375, tumblr_ndcqmypcye1r72ht7o1_500…)

thanks nona

No. 1026551

D, 6 and giant scissors

No. 1026557

They're mad they couldn't use your looks and identity against you. Ad hominem denied. Was probably his e-gf defending him too kek.

Same thing happens on Twitter each time I make a case, Twitter goons will emerge like roaches, retweets ready, butthurt that I don't post my name, face, and taint online like they do.

No profile pic, no tweets, only comments master race

No. 1026572

Rosemary tastes and smells so much like soap

No. 1026576

I feel like my fag friend is catching on that I don’t like gay moids

No. 1026582

B, 2, *

No. 1026588

D, 5, @.

No. 1026595

I overeat when I’m not doing my best so I ate 3 pieces of pita bread some lentil soup two pieces of hamburger (just ate them with a fork at 1 am like a proper nonny and 2 pieces of honey lemon chicken. And 4/5 cupa of black tea (i will soon drink my 6th) nom nom nom

No. 1026596

Thank fuck I'm not the only one who can drink 5-6 glasses of black tea everyone else seems to stop at 3

No. 1026598

Girl's nights are super fun and important so plz nonny's make sure you schedule a girls night with your friends sooner than later.

No. 1026599

No. 1026600

I’m dying, I hate romanianon for cursing everyone, I think I will throw up, I don’t know how I got so sick eating a fucking salad.

No. 1026603

Did you get salmonella from the lettuce? Hope you feel better anon

No. 1026604

I hope not, it was from a restaurant that sells salad, it should be clean, right?

No. 1026605

maybe it's e. coli

No. 1026610

I literally have no clue on what looks out of style or not. I've seen people saying over-ear headphones and zip-up hoodies are dorky and I keep wearing them. I don't care; I'll still wear whatever I want, but it's weird to me that things go in and out of fashion so quickly.

No. 1026624

black tea is so delicious anon, glad to fine a cultured fellow

No. 1026628

Same here, I've never understood the concept of fashion trends. When I'm in public and look around I feel that people dress pretty much exactly the same as they did when I went out 10 years ago, it doesn't feel like anyone is following any kind of trend (though admittedly I'm not hanging out in fashion-conscious places). I honestly doubt most people even register whether someone's clothes are in fashion or not, but maybe I'm just oblivious.

No. 1026632

For all the Spamton fuckers

No. 1026635

File: 1642134132164.jpg (14.1 KB, 260x325, 41U C iXJ-L._SX258_BO1,204,203…)

I totally forgot that newts existed. I'm having so much fun reading about these crazy guys.

No. 1026636

File: 1642134224377.gif (5.7 MB, 566x640, peepeepoopoo-scary.gif)

People simpin' for pixels smh

No. 1026658

Whenever I go to the mall it's insane how everyone has their hair styled the same way and is wearing similar outfits. I don't really notice it in places like the grocery store or DMV though

No. 1026714

File: 1642143611574.jpg (72.01 KB, 564x1002, 1641813284040.jpg)

Some pixels are pretty damn simp worthy tho

No. 1026718

Who is this and why I see this motherfucker everywhere now
Did we really replaced komaeda with an even worse drawn ugly little man?

No. 1026755

'Bad foreign man' has now been eliminated as a suspect… here we go. How will men recover from this blow?

No. 1026757

by blaming the victim, of course. first step (if possible), blame male foreigners, next is to blame and shame the female victim

No. 1026798

I’m going to have to become a girlboss nonnies……it’s the only way i will afford retarded shit

No. 1026808


No. 1026809

He’s looks british m8 he’s name is Jez I can tell

No. 1026811

Jez m8 it’s enyff ere have some naan bread NOOOO JEZZA I SAID NO don’t get all up in my face m8 bcoz Chelsea lost m8

No. 1026818

>get notifocation
>panic because holy fuck it's 3am
>"tee hee anon, can you please reupload this? Thanks in advance"
>15 min later
>similar message, different person

God sometimes I hate timezones. The thanks in advance pissed me off so much so I just deleted the thread

No. 1026819

it's some dude from tiktok that makes that face all the time, it's his thing

No. 1026830

File: 1642154682699.jpeg (57.26 KB, 662x497, 6AE658B9-A2AF-4B03-BA75-F4659F…)

These were invented in France and are most popular in Japan and Australia

No. 1026841

Man, the French are a bunch of fucking weirdos.

No. 1026842

what are they used for?

No. 1026845

Breaking waves

No. 1026846

would be a good song name

No. 1026853

The anon(s) posting about "rodent features" sound so weird, I'd sooner call somebody a rat-face or something but I keep seeing this "rodent features" thing.

No. 1026858

You shoulda expected it from a place where smile lines are always called "nasolabial folds"

No. 1026859

My country banned both 4chan and Tumblr this week

No. 1026860

what country is it?

No. 1026864

The one that has a literal death penalty for insulting Muhammad

No. 1026866

based forbidden romance

No. 1026874

I only ever used /co/ and /lit/ on 4chan but I can bare that loss but I needed tumblr for art resources and fandom discussion
like I don't know what to do without it, it was the only real place for somewhat decent fandom discussion

No. 1026880

I don't know how it works in countries like yours but what about VPN change, could it be used?

No. 1026881

The VPN sites are also banned and also it would probably make my parents suspicious(I have a strict allowance)

No. 1026883

Damn, that's awful. It's crazy that by some government one decision you can lose access to what you've been accustomed to using daily just like that. Do you ever consider moving to a different country?

No. 1026885

i just want my exams to pass so i can get them over and done with and allow myself to watch films and play games again ree

No. 1026886

Delete this

No. 1026903

I have already planned it with my cousin, though I'm leaving not cause of the website censorship and more the death penalties and even increasing Islamism

No. 1026904

ugggggh I ate 1/5 of a loaf cake and it's making feel acidy in my belly. good stuff

No. 1026922

Found karate instructional videos so i guess im learning karate now

No. 1026924

i dont see any of it on the news, rip

No. 1026932

File: 1642165947407.jpeg (47.35 KB, 640x416, B715BCBF-2306-45D0-A8C3-833C40…)

when i was in highschool a teacher paired me w/ my crush and made us draw each other. it was mortifying. and i’ll probably never experience such bliss again.

No. 1026933

File: 1642165981709.png (9.38 KB, 376x302, onze20110725-22047-3fjt7t.png)

No. 1026942

Sometimes i feel like a basic bitch for perfering nero

No. 1026945

stopp kek

No. 1026947

File: 1642167470121.png (1.38 MB, 758x906, louis 14th.png)

that moment when you love long hair on men but all the long haired men you see online these days are troons or femboys

No. 1026974

I don't really like how Louis XIV looks in that painting but I wish there were more long haired masculine men too.

No. 1026976

did metalheads die out

No. 1026978

I think rock is dying out in general

No. 1026980

I don't know about America but metalheads still exist in EE country and I see plenty of guys with long hairs

No. 1026984

yea its more common in east europe and even some of west europe (prolly not in england tho) but it's gone in the us lol

No. 1026998

I feel so beautiful today I hope you have a beautiful day

No. 1027000

can't believe this lol-IQ subhuman music is really being shilled in the US
do Americans really think this is "music"

No. 1027005

did you quote the wrong person?

No. 1027006

Fashion trends are so stupid and the people who pay to keep up with them are retarded. Before I deleted tiktok I remember seeing so many videos from people talking about how the way they dressed 6 months/a year ago was super cringe. Like, no shit? You’re constantly changing your look on a stupid whim. Just having your own style is way more important, imo.

No. 1027012

I thought it was like 1pm for the past while, just watching the day pass me by so quickly. Meanwhile it's not even 10am yet. Feels like I just unlocked extra time to waste

No. 1027015

Hell yeah anon, enjoy it.

No. 1027016

File: 1642172231260.jpg (372.01 KB, 784x954, 454gyve.jpg)

No but the guys I've met who havent trooned out over long hair aren't metal heads
This style is everywhere here for preteen-age 21 it seems. Baggy pants, platform shoe, cropped shirt or tucked in "thrifted 90s-2000s random band shirt" with medium to short hair and you will fit right in. We also still have a lot of athleisure women and instagram overly done everything types.

No. 1027029

I never thought the day would come but I made a discord account cause I've been feeling extremely lonely. I wanted to make some rad leaning friends but now I kinda don't wanna do it cause it seems like there's always some drama, and I don't want infighting. I don't feel like talking to extremely out of touch people and discuss politics all the time either so I guess it was a dumb decision

No. 1027041

you could stick to 1 on 1 conversations with people, that way you can't really get into drama.

No. 1027053

tbh it's one of the worst places for fandom discussion

No. 1027092

Post reddit meet up pics they can't all be that tragic looking. Please.

No. 1027138

File: 1642177639924.jpg (Spoiler Image, 856.87 KB, 3068x1444, 8y76t786c436.jpg)

No. 1027141

File: 1642177761528.png (1.16 MB, 811x547, 68es530ymz911.png)

No. 1027155

File: 1642178049933.png (82.88 KB, 174x185, wake me up wake me up inside.P…)

No. 1027157

kinning her on the far right who clearly doesn't want to be there

No. 1027164

I have a strong need as a Stacey to befriend them and make them buy me unnecessary shit

No. 1027168

File: 1642178367853.jpg (136.29 KB, 960x720, EfCB29gXoAAMkH7.jpg)


Incel meetup

No. 1027171

This is horrible why do reddit women feel the need to be such pick mes in front of a bunch of internet losers. It's even worse with the post menopause outfits I don't even know how I would react if I saw a picture of my mom doing this foolery

No. 1027178

I would really love to own an akita dog

No. 1027182

All the azns r cute tho

No. 1027192

I was about to say this too

No. 1027195

Yeah, the tits out women are terrifying, I had to double check if there's a troon there because that's peak "give me validation" behavior.

No. 1027204

only the one in the red shorts is salvageable

No. 1027277

Maybe my own age is showing here but the sad thing is they nearly all look young enough for it to be perfectly normal for them to be virgins.. like they've crossed over to that bitterness at such a baby age

No. 1027295

which subreddit is this?

No. 1027298

having seen reddit and 4chan meetup pics, i hope no anons here ever get together for a meetup and post cringe pics of it

No. 1027302

File: 1642181514569.jpg (24.46 KB, 1200x630, pixel-6-group-image-teal-orang…)

I hate myself for looking at new phones because it's making me want a new phone lol. The older I get the more reluctant I am to upgrade phones because of cost and adjusting to new hardware. My iPhone 7 works fine and is just a little slow, which kind of sucks but I only realized it's slow because I got a brand new iPhone 12 Pro from my job and use that occasionally.

Before anyone crucifies me for being an apple whore, I was a long time android user and only have had the iphone 6 and 7, the 12 is a work phone that I had no say on, and I originally switched only for battery reasons. I stopped liking iPhones after they came out with the X and don't really care for the 12. Outside of work, it's basically just extra storage for more dog photos and games kek.

I'm looking at the new Pixel 6 now but uuuuuuuggghhh. I don't want to pay for a new phone when mine works perfectly fine. I honestly could probably just pay for a battery replacement and squeeze a good couple more years out of this phone too. Temptation is dumb and I hate myself for even looking. Also the Pixel 6 colors are so fucking cute too UGH.

No. 1027303

This gives me PTSD from working in nursing home. Why do so many young American women nowadays have the tits of literal 90 yr olds?

No. 1027311

I would demolish the one in the red flannel he looks like hiroyuki

No. 1027337

hiroyuki who?

No. 1027344

File: 1642182549156.jpg (494.76 KB, 2048x1536, wx5ubhnmh2621.jpg)

4chan /pol/

No. 1027348

>Be me
>Go to museum
>see sculptures
>fall in love with one
>be me
>go home
>look for pictures of the sculpture I liked
>fall out of love
Why am I cursed like this? Are museologists arranging statues perfectly so we go there to look at them like autists? Because the pictures really don’t make him justice. I’m suffering, nonnies.

No. 1027350

These have the identical vibe to those guys in uni math/engineering classes that don't shower and you can feel their reek from a distance.

No. 1027358

What is the logic of the black guys hanging out in a group like that

No. 1027359

I like the nerd doing a peace sing

No. 1027361

the owner of 2ch and 4chan

No. 1027363

They’re self-hating guys who just want to be accepted because they’re uwu not like other black guys and they’re super trad and want a trad mommy gf.

No. 1027366

At least Brittany Venti isn't in this one.

No. 1027367

They could be immigrants from other countries that hate black americans. Yeah that's a thing and it's very stupid.

No. 1027368

File: 1642183106927.jpeg (196.25 KB, 678x1339, 6227D30F-507A-4699-B9C1-8951A5…)

This ugly bitch looks photoshopped in the picture.

No. 1027370

File: 1642183161082.jpg (71.04 KB, 680x510, c10.jpg)

No. 1027375

File: 1642183242116.png (55.36 KB, 625x605, E78BDEA1-7D3F-41D9-9273-0FD5FF…)

Something like this

No. 1027381

Stonetoss is the embodiment reddit/pol/ mentality

No. 1027389

be based baby be based

No. 1027390

Hey, that's one based poc guy

No. 1027392

File: 1642183792979.jpg (65 KB, 640x427, cpt6aor9d51z.jpg)

4chan /fa/ I had to post it for the guys mega neck.

No. 1027394

i get bombarded with kawaii sugoi galaxy z flip3 ads every where i go

No. 1027395

shopped in dylan roof

No. 1027398

No his apparition appeared in the photo after it was taken, the spirit of Dylan Roof lives on in /fa/ to this day

No. 1027400

Holy shit you're right wtf

No. 1027404

Dude in the middle looks like a ftm, second-to-last could get it

No. 1027405

I see 2 females here for sure

No. 1027407

File: 1642184390751.jpeg (646.08 KB, 1920x1280, 88BA5A33-55B5-45A9-8FB7-231B3D…)

The best

No. 1027412

Kek they all feel like a Choose Your Character situation.

No. 1027421

I'd fuck 4 out of the guys here
unironically would fuck 4 out of the males here (including Roof)

No. 1027422

Iconic on so many levels.

No. 1027429

I get more horny looking at 1600s aristocrat paintings than these niggas

No. 1027431

women who'd fuck anything skinny tall and pale are just like guys who'd fuck anything petite and homely i swear

No. 1027433

how is homely a good thing? are there guys specifically into it?

No. 1027438

these guys aren't even tall kek

No. 1027443

It gets worse the longer you look

No. 1027453

2nd from right is the only one I'd want to fuck and he probably hates his skin tone and filters it to white and ups the brightness in selfies

No. 1027460

Ahh nice to see the fit meetup going well

No. 1027464

desperate whore

No. 1027467

File: 1642186181942.jpg (159.74 KB, 683x683, 7363109776_c0f24eb239_b-5842.j…)

You mean have taste, I'm into fit guys as well but sometimes I want to fuck a scrawny guy
their bodies feel nice and the way they react is also interesting

Honestly better then skinny fat normie subhumans who are "lol wacky" or shit

No. 1027468

If I was a man and that short I would simply kill myself. Imagine that thing spreading his genes.

No. 1027469

File: 1642186247066.png (753.46 KB, 420x1176, Screenshot .png)

built like a damn dachshund

No. 1027474

>Not the one next to him whose hi-top sneakers make up 1/3 of his leg

No. 1027475

You think these moon faced faggots are cute? The state of yellow fever white bitches on lolcow amazes me every time

No. 1027476

wash your balls

No. 1027482

File: 1642186612938.jpg (80.7 KB, 600x600, 1639163205044.jpg)

not desperate, just have taste in men

No. 1027486

eh, only other dorks think dorky looking men or women are attractive. i wouldn't really call that taste even if your pic here looks more trendy

No. 1027487

more like antisocial bored girl taste ngl

No. 1027488

yes, shit taste. at least post a cute scrawny guy

No. 1027490

He looks like he has crotch nits

No. 1027491

File: 1642186730856.jpeg (135.62 KB, 750x1017, 4C1E532A-60E1-4A94-BB3C-80D795…)

Nice. Picrel is 6’5 and I would take him over a man built like a Donkey Kong funko pop any day

No. 1027492

You can sense this one would be a bad lay and generally insecure fuck

No. 1027493

anon please give names asap

No. 1027495

I like thin athletic men but still don't like those skinny depressed hippie looking types only nerds like

No. 1027503

eyeing that chick in the back…

No. 1027510

Aren't you that autist that got called out for posting that image in every thread? Either way he looks like he stinks

No. 1027511

Yeah same
They're nice to look at and romanticize… but scrawny guys doing sexual motion look uggo and like they're going to break lel.

No. 1027513

File: 1642187129636.jpeg (160.67 KB, 703x909, B4723841-0FF3-4BF0-8DCD-17F371…)

He pretty one tho

No. 1027516

File: 1642187149411.png (330.33 KB, 473x650, VG.png)

okay what about picrel
Johnny Hobo but he also goes by Pat the Bunny
You mean women with actual taste who aren't into subhuman troglodytes

No. 1027518

i remember you anon. you're the one that likes oogah boogah men.

No. 1027519

kind of meh, needs to shave

No. 1027521

File: 1642187272458.jpg (74.56 KB, 382x682, Chubby-guy.jpg)

t. never had good sex with a good looking male, enjoy your skinny fat bf

No. 1027524

No. 1027525

File: 1642187327084.gif (2.76 MB, 435x213, A71DC119-057D-46F2-A99B-E6A9BB…)

Bitch I’m under him getting my pussy pounded I’m not fuckin ganalyzing his damn tendons goddamn. He’s 6’5 with the voice of an angel

No. 1027526

File: 1642187337549.png (17.31 KB, 66x114, fa.png)

you're good anon because I think I read once on 4chan that she was indeed one, trying desperatly to teach men good fashion advice, maybe a more knowledgeable anon could confirm this

No. 1027527

Hey that's better than a skeleton. I like muscled and well fed men, not bones to pick my teeth with

No. 1027529

alright post what you consider an attractive male and please don't post some steroid ridden gym monkey that isn't even built for manual labor

No. 1027530

File: 1642187563661.png (318.54 KB, 1143x720, Screen-Shot-2015-11-11-at-3.50…)

I thought everyone knew swimmers have the ideal body type

No. 1027532

I’m on team Gangly but this is good too

No. 1027533

their arms always looked odd to me

No. 1027537

File: 1642187677016.webm (2.52 MB, 480x853, 1599985412833.webm)

Alright you've officially proven that you shouldn't be allowed to bare children or be around children for danger of contaminating them
enjoy your subhuman skinny fat bf

No. 1027538

skinny or not, the men in those meetup pics are still ugly and men in general should shave

No. 1027539

>women with actual taste who aren't into subhuman troglodytes
>subhuman troglodytes
That literally describes your taste in men tho.

No. 1027541

would fuck the yellow shirt guy

No. 1027542

Nonnie, you seriously think bony men are superior to sturdy ones?? What?? Contaminating?? Children?? Do you mean that I prefer doughy soyboys? Who the fuck wants that??

No. 1027543

File: 1642187867557.jpg (119.28 KB, 1260x840, im-380769.jpg)

Wrong it's track runners. Look at that dick print and thank me later when he runs to get plan b at the cvs 4 miles away in 50 seconds

No. 1027544

File: 1642187892858.jpg (237.65 KB, 1209x606, both.jpg)

I can be attracted to multiple body types
I'm into skinny men of average height
Skinny men with tall height
skinny athletic men
fit men who are built for manual labor
these are acceptable human male body types

Fat men, Skinny fat men and steroid ridden gym freaks are all sub-humans and should be killed and women who are into men with these body types should be sterilized

No. 1027545

The one on the right IS WHAT I LIKE.

No. 1027546

No. 1027547

fuck off fuck off fuck off with that awful picture, how many more times are you going to post that shit here? Is that all you have in your collection? my god

No. 1027553

Excuse me for not creating OC every other month, I have suitable content that I reuse for the specific occasion

No. 1027554

She's a digital minimalist and autistic so she can only have 5 images saved on her computer at a time don't be ableist

No. 1027555

Twittertard alert

No. 1027558

nta but you're basically avatarfagging at this point

No. 1027563

If you would fuck anyone in this photo you need to re-evaluate your life choices.

No. 1027566

File: 1642188343038.jpg (22.16 KB, 275x275, 1642186612938.jpg)

No. 1027568

File: 1642188414378.png (93.74 KB, 200x275, 1642187149411.png)

No. 1027569

lmao i love when you post this pic

No. 1027571

File: 1642188433514.png (444.26 KB, 1168x603, cvv.png)

>so she can only have 5 images saved on her computer at a time don't be ableist
kek nope

No. 1027573

File: 1642188474042.jpg (68.15 KB, 979x347, Screenshot_20220114-142553_Ins…)

I spent my whole morning trying to scheme a way to obtain a roomba without paying. Like saying it wasn't received in the mail or revoking my purchase after it's been mailed or someshit. Basically, everything was too illegal and I'm not good at scheming. My boyfriend just called me and told me he just got me the big tower/self emptying one for free. His boss called, and he asked him if he would ever be interested in selling his and he was like "What? Just have it. It's yours." I could literally do a cartwheel. Like two hours ago I jokingly messaged a friend about manifesting a roomba. I feel so HAPPY! Because I would NEVER pay for one. My vacuum is too good to warrant it. Manifestation is bullshit and I don't actually believe in it but it made me laugh. Minicow when?

No. 1027576

Is it a full moon? Why are nonnas acting fucking nutso today?

No. 1027577

File: 1642188582844.jpg (18.86 KB, 354x500, 1640805259874.jpg)

No. 1027579


No. 1027580

id that the stranger things kid cosplayinh snape

No. 1027582

Post the troon at the bottom and the dear sisters image

No. 1027583

learn to type lucinda jfc

No. 1027584

magnificent and elegant, great taste anon

No. 1027585

exactly, you understand me! i like elegant looking guys not when they look like unwashed pol shitposters

No. 1027586

thing is my typing is so advanced I don't bother watching the screen or keyboard

No. 1027588

She is, reminder to report avatarfagging

No. 1027589

>infight in a thread ends
>anon posts about how entire thread is now shit as if no one can move on
Is this autism? I never understood why anons get so dramatic about posts they can just scroll past and not read. I see this happen a lot.

No. 1027593

She has posted that pic at least 8 times

No. 1027595


congratulations nonna, I wish you a small cow in the future to come

No. 1027596

please change your writing style. please

No. 1027598

better than the animu rightwing serial pedo rapist husbandofags imo

No. 1027599

please never boast about your taste in men if you're attracted to vincent gallo. this goes for everyone

No. 1027601

I'm sure you're the same person who insists that men shouldn't smile, keeps posting that royal tenenbaums drawing and talks about smoking all the time too. Are you necessaryspeed4? Stop it

No. 1027605

What have I missed?

No. 1027606

say please first
I'll admit prey cute

No. 1027608

the what what whatwhat what?

No. 1027609

i'm sure your mentol illness loves thinking about TikToks

No. 1027616

It totally is, same obsessions and retarded typing style and never taking the hint when she is banned.

No. 1027617

File: 1642189346589.jpg (29.46 KB, 567x471, bcf11fc80dc0c93adbd9afb0ac79e2…)

There's a lot of MENTO ILLNESS on this board today, I'm thoroughly entertained.

No. 1027618

File: 1642189363407.png (369.03 KB, 550x425, zzzdfkew.png)

get in the mech s h i n j i!

No. 1027619

File: 1642189406844.jpg (757.36 KB, 990x1443, 842796347884.jpg)

Anyone simping for this greasy looking motherfucker has to turn in their misandrist card. I don't make the rules.

No. 1027621

Why is he yellow

No. 1027622

File: 1642189540747.gif (2.29 MB, 480x480, tumblr_01229ff392e9de3960a91e9…)

No. 1027623

this one is cute tho, i would fuck him relentlessly until i actually kill him

No. 1027624

Disgusting. Every non-athlete male posted so far looks like he reeks.

No. 1027627

File: 1642189655479.jpg (51.53 KB, 736x720, couple_3.jpg)

He looks bad now but he looked divine when he was younger

No. 1027628

File: 1642189706160.jpg (215.39 KB, 1080x1309, Tumblr_l_72326833016419.jpg)

No you wouldn't

No. 1027630

File: 1642189720330.gif (296.09 KB, 220x128, laughing-hysterically-dying.gi…)


No. 1027631

You seem unhinged.(newfag)

No. 1027633

cackling at this gif, ty anon

No. 1027636

All I see is a cute girl and a tired scrote with a hand hinding his face

No. 1027639

File: 1642189861310.png (178.26 KB, 333x273, 89034254.PNG)

No. 1027640

File: 1642189864877.jpg (171.02 KB, 1280x720, image-w1280.jpg)


No. 1027641

File: 1642189884789.png (1.05 MB, 720x1537, Star_b_heath_pc_cut.png)

That reminds me of a chic I saw on twitter who simps for an anime guy that looks like a gijinka of the trash can guy from seasme street

No. 1027642

No. 1027643

I can find you some fine gentlemen hanging out under the highway that look just like him

No. 1027644

still looks smelly and unwashed

No. 1027645

reminds me of being paired with the most popular girl in high school and she drew me like the ugliest beast ever meanwhile i drew her prettier than she was

No. 1027647

okay now we're entering dumbass territory keep it up nonnas. im entertained

No. 1027648

File: 1642190025197.jpg (26.05 KB, 236x556, dfca31fd4ba8f31865718be73a0631…)

No. 1027653

You can find a man who looks like this at any gas station.

No. 1027654

og femboi

No. 1027655

I would, he's a manlet, i can easily kill him with my pussy

No. 1027657

File: 1642190198479.gif (2.94 MB, 540x250, entering-thread.gif)

Let's get retarded, in here…

And the base keep runnin' runnin', and runnin', and runnin', and runnin', and runnin', and runnin', and runnin', and
runnin', and runnin', and runnin', and runnin', and runnin', and runnin', and runnin', and runnin', and…

In this context, there's no disrespect, so, when I bust my rhyme, you break your necks.
We got five minutes for us to disconnect, from all intellect collect the rhythm effect.
Obstacles are inefficient, follow your intuition,
Free your inner soul and break away from tradition.
Cause when we beat out, girl it's pulling without.
You wouldn't believe how we wow shit out.
Burn it till it's burned out.
Turn it till it's turned out.
Act up from north, west, east, south.

Everybody, everybody, let's get into it.
Get stupid.
Get retarded, get retarded, get retarded.
Let's get retarded (ha), let's get retarded in here. Let's get retarded (ha), let's get retarded in here.
Let's get retarded (ha), let's get retarded in here. Let's get retarded (ha), let's get retarded in here.

Lose control, of body and soul.
Don't move too fast, people, just take it slow.
Don't get ahead, just jump into it.
You all hear about it, the Peas'll do it.
Get stutted, get stupid.
Don't worry 'bout it, people will walk you through it.
Step by step, like an infant new kid.
Inch by inch with the new solution.
Trench men hits, with no delusion.
The feeling's irresistible and that's how we movin'.

Everybody, everybody, let's get into it.
Get stupid.
Get retarded, get retarded, get retarded.
Let's get retarded (ha), let's get retarded in here. Let's get retarded (ha), let's get retarded in here.
Let's get retarded (ha), let's get retarded in here. Let's get retarded (ha), let's get retarded in here.

Runnin' runnin', and runnin' runnin', and runnin' runnin', and runnin runnin' and… Come on you all let's get…Oohhoo!
Aha, let's get oohhoo… in here (right now yeah.) Cookoo, aha, let's get, cookoo, in here… Cookoo, aha, let's get,
cookoo, in here…ow, ow, ow…
ya, ya, ya, ya, ya, ya, ya, ya, ya, ya, ya…

Let's get ill, that's the deal.
At the gate, we'll bring the bud top drill. (Just)
Lose your mind this is the time,
You all test this drill, Just and bang your spine. (Just)
Bob your head like epilepsy, up inside your club or in your Bentley.
Get messy, loud and sick.
You all mount past slow mo in another head trip. (So)
Come then now do not correct it, let's get ignant [ignorant] let's get hectic.

Everybody, everybody, let's get into it.
Get stupid. (Come on)
Get retarded (come one) , get retarded (yeah), get retarded.
Let's get retarded (ha), let's get retarded in here. Let's get retarded (ha), let's get retarded in here. (R-E-T-A-R-D-E-D)
Let's get retarded (ha), let's get retarded in here. Let's get retarded (ha), let's get retarded (woah, woah, woah) in here.
Oohhoo! Aha, oohhoo… in here… Cookoo, aha, cookoo, in here (R-E-T-A-R-D-E-D)… Cookoo, aha, let's get, cookoo, in here…ow, ow, ow…
ya, ya, ya, ya, ya, ya, ya, ya, ya, ya, ya, ya, ya, ya, ya, ya, ya, ya…

Runnin' runnin', and runnin' runnin', and runnin' runnin', and runnin' runnin' (fade)

No. 1027659

That's the point, while I still love polished good looking guys like >>1027577
I think there's something well "divine" about a beautiful guy whose unwashed and dirty, to me it represents a primal state of male human beauty that will exist eternally regardless of trends and era

No. 1027661

File: 1642190265483.jpg (49.6 KB, 1080x936, Screenshot_20220114-135658.jpg)

What anime character is this

No. 1027664

Who brings a whole jug of milk to a restaurant

No. 1027665

la humanidad…

No. 1027667

junjuku kaisen or something

No. 1027669

File: 1642190418674.jpeg (63.81 KB, 780x438, A4C884AE-9048-482A-ACBD-616495…)

Yuji Itadori?

No. 1027671

File: 1642190453054.jpg (41.9 KB, 750x599, 20220113_141904.jpg)

No. 1027673

hello lisacartercat@gmail.com

No. 1027675

File: 1642190555741.jpg (18.58 KB, 500x295, a1e5ba7616fdad452c7b1b7ec396d4…)

No. 1027676


No. 1027679


No. 1027681

I have the fucking plush of this abomination

No. 1027683

why did you buy it?

No. 1027686

I saved that pic because I saw someone on twitter who wants it and tweeted about it

No. 1027688

Because I like the show and think the plush is amazingly ugly-cute lol

No. 1027689

we don't talk about bruno

No. 1027690

Yeah I’m terminal. Even the vaccine couldn’t save me now. I can’t help but stare at the waiters when i go to the chinese restaurant

No. 1027691

No. 1027700

sukuna from jujutsu kaisen

No. 1027704

he looks disturbed by >>1027661 kek

No. 1027707

he is constantly lewded by the author in my opinion so i guess something like that wouldn't be such a shock for him

No. 1027709

When did he get lewded? Being shirtless doesn't count.

No. 1027712

Going on /g/ and scrolling past some of the threads there really reminds me that some anons are just larping as misandrists.

No. 1027715

i wish they were more honest with themselves tbh

No. 1027718

Do you guys think I could file off my leg hair? It's super long right now.

No. 1027719

File: 1642192130742.jpeg (111.65 KB, 498x335, 37DDFDAE-970A-4C3D-BB83-FEA760…)

No. 1027724

i hate how this is one of the few specs on earth to be fine with criticizing and/or being misandrist but most of /g/ feels like male worship when they can gush anywhere about their fetish, celebrity, ugly man, bad dating

No. 1027725

i was just joking nonnie, i just like how gege makes all the male characters do subtle fanservice intentionaly or not. But yeah things like refusing to wear his shirt, the open kimono for women, the nails and all those details. I also like how the female characters in jjk aren't overly sexualized compared to most media and it also showcases the contrast to characters like toji or sukuna

No. 1027726

kek, right? their preferences/desires in men are abysmal to the point where it's actively depressing. you just know they're probably decent looking girls shamelessly validating psychotic uggos irl. damaging for all of us, really. as if we don't have enough of that with typical women irl

No. 1027730

I've never liked direct nipple stim. It's too intense. I also never thought much about it. I assumed people just vary on that. No biggie.

Then my last bf cheated on me and before I could move out he just had to randomly mention that the other woman loved nipple stim and could nearly come from it… now nipple stim reminds me of that. Thanks.

No. 1027732

>American fat fetishizing isn't that big of a deal!

No. 1027734

only thing i gush about is wanting to fuck a car cut me some slack

No. 1027736

I completely agree and enjoyed all the nude Mahito scenes in the anime.

No. 1027738

right is so hot if you remove the chest hair
also the skinny cavemen you're into are also subhumans who aren't made for manual labour too

No. 1027740

what if someone used your computer and saw your folder called TERF and lc memes, what would you do

No. 1027745

You guys would fuck literally anything, no different from r9k incels

No. 1027747

It either doesn't work or you need a good technique because all it did was irritate my skin a bit just now.

No. 1027748

But incels don't actually get anyone to have sex with them, that's the point.

No. 1027751

god i wish all muscular anime characters were drawn like this

No. 1027757

Ok so, it didn't work with a hand file, but I was able to get a couple hairs off with an e-file. I have to hold the hairs up though. Overall, not the best hair removal technique.

No. 1027760

why don't you just buy 3m superfine sandpaper or the ones meant for it on amazon? do you guys remember those sandpaper mitten things meant for hair removal and exfolation? it was literally just a sticky 3m piece of sandpaper, they're cheap now for the refills without buying the actual brand of the tool too

No. 1027762

File: 1642193780689.png (39.76 KB, 633x174, Screenshot 2022-01-14 3.55.38 …)

I thought this said Solanas instead of Soliana at first. Should have known reddit women would never be that based.

No. 1027763

Me on the other hand? If I even look at an ugly man I have to wash my eyes out with holy water. I only willingly gaze upon pretty-faced, bara-titted himbos because I am truly about that misandrist life. Men are just ornaments to me.

No. 1027764

Soliana is the name of the town in sonic 06 kek I wonder if that's the real reason why she wont

No. 1027765

are you being sarcastic or just a genuine husbandofag? i can't tell at this point but i see nothing wrong with husbandofags. it's better than women desiring old ugly men no different than your average gas-station patron with toxic personalities

No. 1027773

the husbando threads are fun because they have an inherent autism level needed for entry.

No. 1027778

I was joking about the holy water, my hatred for ugly men is genuine though.

No. 1027780

Ayrt, I don't really have an issue with them liking ugly men (everyone is attractive to somebody, I guess) I just don't get why some of them go out of their way, fighting tooth and nail, to defend their favorite scrotes when they do something bad.

No. 1027782

I have a very specific type anon, this guy is just lucky he fits in
yeah i dont get it neither

No. 1027784

File: 1642194828308.jpg (101.18 KB, 600x800, khaki-pockets-draped-high-wais…)

I love long skirts with tucked in loose shirts/blouses. It's so comfortable too, it's my favorite outfit combination.

No. 1027786

there's nothing wrong with liking ugly men, the issue is that ugly men usually have ugly personalities. they're not like women who have varied and usually fairly nice personalities irrespective of their appearane. they're usually even more bitter and abusive because they think they are "owed" a hot girl for their "suffering" and "intelligence". decades of popular media hammering home this idea doesn't help, either

No. 1027787

Anon let's be gfs. Where do you get your skirts? i thrift most my clothes but i wanted some well made skirts with pockets

No. 1027793

File: 1642195566035.jpeg (135.82 KB, 750x549, 0121AEBB-2E46-448C-B88B-D78B64…)

they sincerely think that liking 2d men is better like no girl, it’s just a drawing you look incredibly desperate if you fall for motion pictures. i think the problem with a lot of de/g/enerates (including myself) is that no one is dying to date us or choose us as a partner so we retreat into fantasies of other people deluding ourselves that we ever had the choice to reject romantic attention. not everyone is gonna find love and lots of nonnies are avoidant so they rather create a fictional connection in their own heads to avoid the risk of sex and dating

No. 1027796

File: 1642195731609.jpg (22.24 KB, 563x324, 0d8eb529ed6e93bd84eba4e4068ecd…)

No. 1027797

at least the drawings can't hurt women. so yeah it is better.

No. 1027798

or plenty of us have been drained and exhausted by men?? some of just can't afford to allow men to suck us dry and ruin our lives. at least your fictional men won't make everything constantly about them, nitpick you relentlessly, and ask for more and more while they know you're struggling. they are all risk and no reward, it makes no sense to get involved unless you find a needle in a haystack

No. 1027799

All straight/bi women, even those in happy relationships can find 2D/fictional men attractive because they're SUPPOSED to appeal to us. I've only known one serious husbandofag irl and she swapped to a new character when she got bored after years lol

No. 1027807

Ayrt, I'm talking about real men nonna. I have husbandos and waifus myself (I don't post about them in /g/ though).

No. 1027808

I have a longterm boyfriend and I'm still a huge husbandofag kek, my bf even indulges me in my obsessions. It's fun.

No. 1027809

there's a group of anons that have talked about only/mostly feeling attraction to 2d since they were young that don't fit this at all.

No. 1027813

I understand, agreed.

No. 1027814

>i think the problem with a lot of de/g/enerates (including myself) is that no one is dying to date us or choose us
I'm sick of men being gross creeps to me, that's why i have husbandos and avoid 3DPG moids on purpose. Shitty scrote bait

No. 1027816

File: 1642196448458.jpg (308.36 KB, 1242x1481, 1642113122285.jpg)

I don't care about your dislikes and likes about men and scrotes.
Anyway, my job makes me want to kms. That's all.

No. 1027817

Hmm hmm tss…hmm hmm tss…hmm hmm tss…hmm hmm tss… hmm hmm tas… Hmm hmm tss…hmm hmm tss…hmm hmm tss…hmm hmm tss… hmm hmm tas…Hmm hmm tss…hmm hmm tss…hmm hmm tss…hmm hmm tss… hmm hmm tas…Hmm hmm tss…hmm hmm tss…hmm hmm tss…hmm hmm tss… hmm hmm tas…Hmm hmm tss…hmm hmm tss…hmm hmm tss…hmm hmm tss… hmm hmm tas…Hmm hmm tss…hmm hmm tss…hmm hmm tss…hmm hmm tss… hmm hmm tas…Hmm hmm tss…hmm hmm tss…hmm hmm tss…hmm hmm tss… hmm hmm tas…Hmm hmm tss…hmm hmm tss…hmm hmm tss…hmm hmm tss… hmm hmm tas…Hmm hmm tss…hmm hmm tss…hmm hmm tss…hmm hmm tss… hmm hmm tas…hoo.

No. 1027818

Then why is 2D sexy? Checkmate, anon

No. 1027820

Nope, I date irl people, 2D is a comfort to me during hard times though. The pandemic for example.

No. 1027825

Same, it's a lot more fun to be open about your preferences

No. 1027839

Shit bait and being a husbandofag is objectively better than licking old man taint.

No. 1027847

Ahahaha, jfc I am just watching a video about how there was a german show called "train your baby like a dog" and a lady told parents they could train their infants with clickers and rewards and rightfully got massively cancelled by normal people, what a shitstorm

No. 1027857

File: 1642198689899.jpg (Spoiler Image, 44.57 KB, 879x1056, Arcane-League-of-Legends-Haile…)

I want to suck the blood, sweat, and grime out of her disgusting bandages.

No. 1027858

Is that something you can do?
I imagine yes, and at first I was like oh wow how cool and handy! Will do that
But then I thought… What if another person uses the clicker and makes them do something bad? What if they grow up and someone uses the clicker on them as adults?

No. 1027863

Anon that's like oldschool Pavlov conditioning that's considered inappropriate to apply on children. Also that was originally a show in Britain that got cancelled after one episode, whew.

No. 1027868

File: 1642199547151.jpeg (442.3 KB, 750x839, E4A95B2B-32C9-481A-9F27-8290CC…)

Ah yes squirrel privilege is something I need to be concerned about.

No. 1027869

But is it super inappropriate? Is it abuse?

No. 1027870

Are they serious…

No. 1027872

File: 1642199826539.jpeg (168.62 KB, 522x727, 93B55304-A586-433B-BF92-B7231A…)

We can be the cutest gfs heh. I get a lot of my skirts from Uniqlo! Not all of them have pockets but quite a few do. My favorite skirt ever is a skirt from their IDLF collection a few years ago that looks very similar to picrel (and it does have pockets). My other favorite skirt from them, the long pleated chiffon skirt, doesn’t have pockets but the similar looking gathered skirt does! I also have a knee length circle skirt, a wool pencil skirt, and a linen a-line skirt from their marimekko collection, all with pockets!

No. 1027876

Nonny this is the cutest shit i've read today. Ily

No. 1027927

I remember being so obsessed with club penguin as a young kid and I desperately wanted to play the old penguin chat version so I would email the club penguin team threatening to commit a mass-hack on the users of club penguin. They definitely knew they were dealing with a retarded kid though because they emailed me back some tree analogy about growth and change.

No. 1027946

I got pretty sick in the beginning of 2020, and I've been thinking about it a lot these past couple of days. I rarely get sick so it's genuinely crazy to me, and I haven't even caught anything after that. I'm pretty sure it was just food poisoning or a virus though.

No. 1027953

post more cringey internet meetup pics pls

No. 1027961

Children's website support teams are the most reliable of all for some reason I have found. I mailed several ones several times when I was like eight or nine, and I even got replies from actual humans instead of some canned response.

No. 1027964

Tfw I would love to dress in loose tops and skirts like this, but I haven't worn a skirt in over ten years. Just gonna continue wearing hoodies and jeans like a wuss.

No. 1027970

File: 1642206507572.jpeg (190.8 KB, 1169x827, 1AB507D8-3DF4-41B8-B83C-7E2A11…)

Hehe yup

No. 1027991

Gonna make a Venetian Snares t-shirt to wear out so I can tell anyone that likes it that their taste is shit, VS suuuuuuuuuucks

No. 1028004

anon some of us are legit toonfuckers and always have been, just leave us alone….

No. 1028009

File: 1642209707026.webm (690.77 KB, 480x270, it was the beit.webm)

No. 1028026

tbh i feel like the consoomer thread has derailed into vendettaposting already
>look at this room i happened to randomly find haha how gross!
and it’s your average vintage or weeb room KEK

No. 1028029

I just unlocked an old memory. When I used to watch old cartoons as a kid where they would play the credits before the episode started, I would decide on one of the names or whatever as they changed thinking as if I was somehow setting or picking what the episode would be based on just focusing on random names in my head kek. This was before I could really read too so the words on the screen were completely meaningless to me.

No. 1028033

you sound a Troon

No. 1028060

File: 1642214536361.jpeg (508.7 KB, 750x849, 2F5C7B7F-097A-40A3-91D9-16B054…)

Be free nona! Be your most beautiful, skirt wearing self!

No. 1028062

File: 1642215200143.jpg (196.72 KB, 1280x1280, 7ab58_1280.jpg)

i bought my boyfriend a pair of thigh highs because he said he'd wear them for me. idk if it's a degenerate move but i'm excited to see him wear them

No. 1028063

I pray the lord for thy niggas leave me alone. Amen.

No. 1028067

It is degenerate, he's going to be trooning out a couple months from now

No. 1028069

anyone else look retarded with their hair up? this is a horrible affliction

No. 1028070

Do it nonna, skirts are very comfortable and practical tbh. Once i started wearing skirts i can't be bothered to wear jeans or any other type of pants unless it's a specific occasion for such items.

No. 1028080

HELLO! I am Nonnie, and I’m here to help YOU find out: is your Manny a tranny? Well, no need to worry, you’ll eventually find out, but there are little clues here and there, and I’ll help ya find ‘em!

Is he hyper-rational? Likely to aggressively sperg? Neurotic, prone to emotional outbursts - especially when challenged! - during discussions? Hyper-fixates on a physical trait like a feature? Or another trait - for example, like his voice? Does he have extreme sexual fantasies that swing wildly in either direction? Does he enjoy video games? Does he have a questionable relationship with his family? Does he engage in self-mythologizing behaviour or speech? Is he self-mythologizing at all? What are his hobbies and what does he do for a living? And lastly, can you tell me why he doesn’t have many friends, if he truly has any at all?

No. 1028081

I'm the anon that complained about being a blind bitch and having heavy glasses. I've looked up the requirements and my budget and it seems that I should be able to get the surgery in mid-March.
Best of luck to me nonnas, I've only wearing glasses for a year, my right eye only slightly near sighted but my left eye is fill astigmatism fuck-zone that has been a burden of my entire life as an artist. Hopefully this surgery will improve my life just a little bit.

No. 1028088

Is your Manny a tranny?
Hey, hey, hey
Is your Manny a Maggie?
Hey, hey, hey
Does he like to wear those long, long socks?
Hey, hey, hey
Is he desperately growing those long, long locks
Hey, hey, hey
I bet he’s an real angel (uwu uwu uwu)
Hey, hey, hey
A Kawaii princess, a witch, a priestess (uwu uwu uwu)
Hey, hey, hey
But oh, Manny, look at ya, what mess is this?
Hey, hey, hey
Is your Manny a tranny?
Hey, hey, hey
Aw, what a whammy!

No. 1028093

The picrel is literally what i said when i read your post

No. 1028102

Those giant robots are too hot for my sanity.

No. 1028105

i hope i don't troon him out i just thought he'd look cute in them. i have questioned many times if i'm more of a lesbian than just bisexual so maybe this is a sign for me i think it's more of his way to please me. he's very calm and is alright with differing opinions. does meet the video games part and he's a developer in a company. he has a solid group of friends though that openly dislike trannies

No. 1028109

Men can never look cute or feminine the way a woman can
If your into feminine man then your a woman simply into feminine men, not a lesbian

No. 1028122

File: 1642220392675.jpeg (100.1 KB, 1350x583, 6D9BD03E-4FB6-46F6-9F0C-D427B4…)

Jesus, this shitty drama that I’m translating is getting more and more retarded
>moid main love interest sees MC and her cousin hugging in a heartfelt moment
>he leaves with his numb leg like a retard with his stupid shoes and long ass dress
>he falls in the most retarded way
>throws a temper tantrum like a fucking toddler
>this is a serious moment with serious, dramatic music in the background
>she mommies him
>he still throws a temper tantrum
Why are Chinese male characters particularly retarded? I’ve watched and read different romantic stories, from different types of writers from different countries, but Chinese male love interests are always fucking vile.

No. 1028123

this is like all men but none of them are actually rational, kek. they just like the aesthetics of rationality

No. 1028128

Every moid and his dad claims to be a Stoic

No. 1028134

I know it's not Chinese but this post reminds me that I thought The tale of Genji was boring and stupid

No. 1028149

dont listen to other anons! let your man wear cute high thighs. Experimenting with fashion choice doesn't hurt nor it has anything to do with genders, they're just clothes. Terfs nonnies are reaching

No. 1028152

kek anon you sound hilarious to watch movies with

No. 1028154

I went on a date tonight and the scrote said he was surprised at my conversationalism because he said I was hard to text. I take that as a huge compliment.

No. 1028155

File: 1642222601521.webm (2.94 MB, 800x450, 1534274743324.webm)

I'm just gonna drop this here for some of my fellow farmers of good taste to 'mire. You're welcome.

No. 1028162

Yes nonnie! He’s gonna experiment his way into some estradiol Inshallah

No. 1028173

It's degenerate, but treat it as an every once in a while thing if you really like it. Promise me if he likes it more than you do that you'll break up with him immediately.

No. 1028176

I mean who wants to see shapeless hairy man legs in thigh highs
it sounds the opposite of sexy

No. 1028177

I agree with you nonny. I personally think it's extremely unattractive. But people are into weird shit. I know I am. Just not moids in thigh highs.

No. 1028184


No. 1028187

Cheers to the freakin weekend bitch
>clinks glass of Dom Perignon

No. 1028191

File: 1642225876451.jpeg (63.45 KB, 750x378, A2DF801F-BF02-447B-9037-EC6720…)

I find hrh collection to be too much of a tryhard sometimes but it’s funny how she freaks out zoomers whenever she says retarded, kek.

No. 1028198

I wish it was more socially acceptable to insult people with eugenics based slurs, like calling people
"Low IQ Subhumans"
"Shouldn't be allowed to be breed"
"Shit smearing Mongoloid"
"Should be sterilized"

but you get racist or ableist for these insults

No. 1028209

multiple people once got mad at me for saying that abusive parents shouldn't have had kids

No. 1028215

trigger problematic nonny TERFs oof

No. 1028218

File: 1642228844623.png (134.97 KB, 1048x189, terf-nonnie-triggered-oof.png)

It goes exactly as you expect it to. Unsubbed

No. 1028220

Knights are sexy but only if they're obedient

No. 1028222

ty nonnie i appreciate it

No. 1028223

The best was people posting huge collections of useless shit that will get spoiled

No. 1028235

BASED. A bastion of sanity kek. I still love my de/g/enerate harmless husbandofags.

No. 1028241

File: 1642231325436.jpeg (40.45 KB, 561x705, 123_1(4).jpeg)

No. 1028247

Reminds me of some article years ago I read where a girl would wake up, go to the bathroom, fake masturbate on camera in her room, eat maybe 2-4 items like bananas, strawberry, maybe a potatoe, go to the gym, go home, maybe watch something and then go back to sleep. It sounded so bleak and obviously lacking in food because she had to keep her toned or ana body.

No. 1028265

File: 1642236008066.jpg (188.2 KB, 960x1279, xvxcv.jpg)

>I'm a queer, non binary, light skinned femme with a Muslim background who is now more spiritual, Oh and this is my boyfriend who hates Jews and supports Assad
say something nice about us ?

No. 1028273

>I'm a retarded, retarded, light skinned retard with a Muslim background who is now more spiritual, Oh and this is my boyfriend who is retarded and is retarded
you'd be out of his league if you were less retarded

No. 1028304

For anyone wondering this is one of stonetoss acquaintances RubenCat, he's an edgelord movie reviewer/"cultural critic" with a podcast and youtube channel and the girl he's dating is one of his fans whose a former femcel
she claims that she's "blacking" her bf by sleeping with him, so she's not really a woke WOC but she is an ironic misandrist, so yeah this is the type of male I assume most of you all are dating

No. 1028308

Those who voluntarily do sex work should be shamed and called whores. Sorrynotsorry

No. 1028325

I dont date men

No. 1028330

Omg Nona you're still lurking this thread, seeing you post the same photo for months and months even with people begging you to stop is so comforting to me for some reason. Please never leave ♥

No. 1028332

Once when I was 11 and hanging out with my friend in school, these girls in our class came up and started twerking on us and I was so horrified by it I just ran away. Why were girls at that age so horny and strange in my school…

No. 1028387

File: 1642247930721.png (181.21 KB, 653x519, 7684a079f1afaa9cfe31190d602587…)

My friend has aspergers and one of her favorite things to do whenever someone is being ridiculous online (like when she was used the term "picky" and someone told her to not use that word because it could be trigger to someone with an ED) is to just drop a "sorry, I have autism. I don't fully understand" and watch them squirm and/or backpedal, and I love it.

No. 1028426

A few years ago I started pretending that I'm autistic any time a man tries to randomly chat me up in public. I would just switch into an ott version of what I think autism is.. I'd snap into it suddenly and announce my tism and nobody can question it right?

Only had 3 chances to try it out but the last guy dropped that he works with autistic people.. did I fool him? idk if I did but he didn't say anything lol

No. 1028467

Talk to her, she's your family.

No. 1028472

Check out VPNgate, some of the VPNs from there aren't banned from posting on 4chan.

No. 1028477

*also the VPNs are free and require no accounts for registration.

No. 1028491

I just checked iknowwhatyoudownload and some scrote near me downloaded uncensored Ai Shoujo. I wish there was either a game like this for women, or a mod that replaces girls with hotmen. Though I guess it's difficult, since if you wanted to go all the way, sex scenes also would have to be modded…

No. 1028498

what is that 'ai shoujo'? and although idk what you're talking about exactly, i hope you develop your version

No. 1028522

No. 1028525

Critikal is so annoying and inwardly obsessed. Why does he bring his sweet girlfriend out on stream only to answer every single one of her comments/hypotheticals with "I don't know".

No. 1028526

I saw that too. Why is he so fucking weird to her every time she's there while they film? He treats her like he's annoyed with her presence.

No. 1028531

Thats the exact impression I got. I don't understand why he brings her out at all if he's so annoyed with everything she says?

No. 1028540

Maybe they had an argument or something going on behind the scenes that she's better at brushing off or not showing ass hurt over. That's probably just wishful thinking, but damn. He acts somewhat emotionally invested in that normalfag couple, only to shut down her attempts at normal conversation during stream, and I shouldn't care but that irks me too

No. 1028570

I'm kind of struggling with the concept that my worth doesn't have an objective set value (except that it's the same value as any other human).

And it's more about who you allow around you and how they treat you. Like with bfs, I think i'm pretty standard. Anyway, last ex treated me with complete indifference in the bedroom, not much foreplay, not much desire and it shook my self confidence a little. This current one gasses me up to no end, is in disbelief of how attractive I am and will full-on worship my body any time, fully dedicated to my satisfaction. And that's made my self confidence skyrocket. And I didn't undergo some miraculous change, I only changed the male.

And then with friends, I recently got new ones and they gas me up too, they compliment my looks, my fashion and tell me i'm funny, sympathise when i'm frustrated and just generally feel like they're in my corner, and it's my pleasure to be in theirs. My bffs of 2 decades? They hold my characteristics of when I was a teenager as current, play devils advocate constantly and assume in any bad situation i'm in that I caused or exacerbated it and am the awkward, angry girl I was 15 years ago. The contrast has really made me tired of my old friends, it's just seen as banter and like "we know the real you" but it's consistently negative. Like I bought a fancy wool coat that's not my usual style and the positive people in my life were like wow, I think this is your look, it's great! The old friends told me I looked like an immigrant and it just doesn't say "anon". Like do I need that, really?

It's struck me that if I made the conscious decision to just cut anyone who's apathetic about me out of my life and stick with people who like and admire me, then maybe I would actually become the happy, charming girl I always wanted to be? Or maybe I'd turn into a psycho surrounded by sycophants IDK.

No. 1028581

you should always cut people out of your life if they're generally not bringing you much good/satisfaction but you can't just strive to ONLY have people who gas you up in your life.

No. 1028596

Why not? Really?

No. 1028671

I know I still like anime but it's getting harder to start new shows. I blame my tolerance for scroteshit lowering severely in the last year or so. Maybe I should get into games or something

No. 1028676

Maybe your old friends don't like seeing you change for the better, like crabs in a bucket.

No. 1028713

Read a book like a normal grown ass adult. And yes, cut the coomer shit.

No. 1028723

literally every time I need advice and want to post in the vent thread it's full and the new one isn't made yet or it's almost at post limit, every motherfucking time. so fuck it I'm waiting until the next thread is made so my comment is seen and the vent-chan cunts can give me some advice.

No. 1028727

Rec me a fantastic book then

No. 1028729

>do my work for me
Well uh what interests you?

No. 1028735

I thought the vent thread said something about not replying or some shit along those lines. Why don’t you use the advice thread?

No. 1028738

Momo by Michael Ende

No. 1028761

It's always interesting to see how autism can manifest itself so differently in people. Like you could end up quirky and loveable like Reviewbrah or just totally unhinged and uncomfortable like Chrischan.

No. 1028936

forgive me for this sin but why is it so hard to find fakeboi/cuntboy art or fics where they're paired with regular women? like 95% of it has them paired with males and the rest are t4t (at least in that case they both have coochies)

No. 1028938

Because they are actually heterosexual women who think that having short hair means you are a man and also like the attention and oppression points that come with it. or they are fujo-aidens that self insert as seme or uke

No. 1028939

>someone near me downloaded bizarre chinese? porn
i don't like this knowledge

No. 1028941

i mean… i still see a lot of lesbians/bi women thirsting over ftms yet 0 content reflecting that

No. 1028954

I would actually like to see material like this holy shit, would also love to see transbians lose their minds over lesbian porn they can't fetishize

someone has a pent-up vendetta kek

No. 1028960

File: 1642281372151.jpeg (759.91 KB, 1668x1096, 4C4FAD3B-8182-431E-8F9C-BAD4F8…)

Hey so following a discussion here, i went and looked at wedding venues in Japan. It looks so peculiar, anyway here’s my research

No. 1028961

File: 1642281405357.jpeg (621.71 KB, 1668x1108, 58886181-8C4E-4BE1-8FF8-A537D7…)

No. 1028962

File: 1642281491252.jpeg (802.05 KB, 1668x1092, B9F2D2D2-02C4-42CE-B1FF-83E258…)

No. 1028963

File: 1642281546462.jpeg (432.82 KB, 1668x1104, AE6F5BA0-9576-4EFD-8D49-9DF169…)

This one is aesthetically pleasing

No. 1028964

File: 1642281612046.jpeg (400.26 KB, 1581x1002, 17A1A83C-DA86-44BC-A454-289CC7…)

This one too though the ""church"" facade is a bit plain

No. 1028966

File: 1642281708617.jpeg (560.07 KB, 1668x943, 0DC162DB-AC12-4B96-B644-BA9375…)

This one would’ve almost fooled me if it wasn’t for the weird fake brickwork

No. 1028967

man i wish the social media/forums women are active on weren't so shitty for sharing information. why can't we have something with a clean and simple format like reddit instead of having to go through 25 shittily written posts to find out what someone is talking about? i also want to look at random pics (like mildlyinteresting) without seeing braindead porn jokes and dad jokes in the comments

No. 1028968

File: 1642281874320.jpeg (993.5 KB, 1640x1784, 1AAD853D-AEC1-45B7-B5D7-CE7051…)

I think they were going for a greek vibe here

No. 1028975

you don't want a format like reddit for discussion, the upvote system promotes group think and basically censors unpopular opinions. Imageboard/forum format is better

No. 1028986

A bunch of japs larping as europeans, no thanks.

No. 1028987

anons help I'm listening to a manly man podcast for based conservative manly men only and the host is unironically arguing that it's normal for straight men to watch porn and self insert as the woman KEK who's gonna tell him.. oh and he's doing this to defend some guy who claims to jerk off to lolicon not because he's a pedophile but because he self inserts as the little girl

No. 1028990

is this about digibro

No. 1029037

yeah lol, I was listening to old mati episodes and ended up on an episode of the dick show that null appeared on. He (the host) is now genuinely arguing that jerking off to lolicon doesn't mean you like children because it's ~deeper~ than that. I hate it here who the fuck are these people!!! What I really don't understand is why this degenerate coomer with a sissy fetish who uses jesus to defend a pedophile tranny feels the need to larp as some wholesome christian conservative. it's so pointless and retarded

No. 1029043

If he's conservative, I can't imagine that going over very well outside of the troon or pedo crowd. It's a crying shame that men like that aren't publicly noosed.

No. 1029064

reddit's format is hideous, one of the many reasons why i refuse to use that shithole

No. 1029065

>someone has a pent-up vendetta kek
I don't see how she's wrong. Why else are they paired up with males?

No. 1029073

I unsubbed him several years ago when he started being a full-time youtuber and started hosting podcasts with his disgusting moid friends. Hell, last time I wanted to look up what's the Mr Beast controversy about (i dont know about Mr Beast and just wanted to see whats the kids all riled up over), Cr1tikal's vid was first on my search and the entirety of the video is just full sheer shilling on another rich white dude. I hate this climate. I miss it when he made deadpan jokes about bad video games.

No. 1029076

i see this a lot on here, you guys seem to act like conservative men would not welcome pedos with open arms as long as they are conservative and it's bizarre. they repeatedly vote for pedos ffs. wyoming republican state senator anthony bouchard impregnated a 14 year old at 18 and poses it as being romantic, he's supported, roy moore was supported pretty massively by conservatives despite his pedo shit, etc etc. you guys are totally out of touch about the actual way they feel about them. as long as they are in their camp they will absolutely defend it and they WILL use shit like "teens are more fertile and attractive" as one of the reasons, or any other possible reason they find suitable

No. 1029103

I underestimated how much pasta I needed so now I have a bunch of extra cooked pasta. Can nonas link me their favorite pasta salad recipes, or any other recipes where I can use cooked pasta without reheating it?

No. 1029125

I just grab my leftover tuna salad, add some cheese, mushrooms, cashews if you’re not allergic and put it in a tiny oven until the cheese melts. Then mix it all again and put some lettuce for the extra crunch and voilà.

No. 1029128

just mail it to me nona i'm pasta-less and in dire need of some

No. 1029137

fuck me my left ear is clogged as fuck and i have a Dire nicotine withdrawal. I'm not stressing out or anything, just shuffle through a bunch of emails and I'm just dying to light up a smoke so this process is easy to get over with. My ear hurts but my body screams "inhale lungs cancer"

No. 1029152

Not sure where else to post this I just wanted to express how much I love seeing men wearing their wedding rings, it makes me feel warm whenever I notice them. They could be cheating assholes for all I know but still… it's cute.

No. 1029161

Sometimes I wonder why people call themselves fans, entusiastics, or claim to be into a thing but not being able to do anything other than complain about that thing. I understand having complains or negative opinions about something you love, after all you never want to be a blind follower, but it's just weird to me meeting, for example, someone who claims to love love being an artist, mostly basing their persona on it, and yet hating every aspect of doing art. If you hate something so much, you can't say a single honest good thing about it, why are you doing it while claiming to be a fan?

No. 1029162

lately whenever i visit this site i sense an increase of twitterfags and possibly incognito men.

No. 1029165

I argue you don't have to enjoy something to be a fan. I have spent years of my life watching Shayna live hers and I do not like her

No. 1029179

I'm inclined to agree with you but I'm like this about the Pokemon franchise

No. 1029180

File: 1642304095000.png (137.66 KB, 405x356, Screenshot (5875).png)

queen terf

No. 1029191

I want to suck on Ymir's cheeks so hard it removes her freckles.

No. 1029205

I said just go again
Maybe I'm too ambiguous, the supreme subject of your distress
And it's not so hard to be aloof
Brain on my sleeve, this abrupt mess that I get into

We go on all the time
Maybe it's hard today but it's still better than the rest
When we're both so far away
I'm stuck with a depleted brain or a heart repressed
And I wish you were here with me
Because I'd hide behind you shamelessly
At least tonight

I said just stay a while
Maybe you appear stoic or more stable than I could admit
Fluorescent margins, we're born on edge
Formally brain-dead
We reside behind, forget ahead

You won't, you won't, you'll never say
What you're thinking about most everyday
And your function masks your sentiment
Your laugh conceals your discontent

No. 1029215

They made this look like an epic tale of territory protection. So many sperm owned

No. 1029230

File: 1642309254654.jpg (369.81 KB, 680x618, Tumblr_l_5218637526613.jpg)

I was out with a friend and had to pee so fucking bad but there was no bathroom available and so when I came home and finally peed I started crying because it was such a relief.

No. 1029232

but it means you enjoy reading the threads itself tho doesn't it? what would being a fan mean then

No. 1029256

i really hope cluniac doesn't turn out to be a conservative GC content creator. there are already far too many of those and even the ones that start out initially allegedly leaning to the left veer off.

No. 1029257

i dont know who that is but cry more libtard

No. 1029266

nta but which vpngate? there's multiple kinds when i search on google play

No. 1029274

Ok tradthot

No. 1029316

why does politics matter that much. Just enjoy the content ffs

No. 1029368

File: 1642323969298.jpeg (43.54 KB, 326x297, 01D9E9AF-D088-4E6E-9B02-DA0BA9…)

I had the bright idea to smoke a couple of cigarettes after having fast all day, now I feel like I lm going to vomit and I can’t focus on my assignment

No. 1029370

never smoke on an empty stomach nonnie

No. 1029373

lesson learned, albeit a little late

No. 1029400

File: 1642327508989.jpg (362.99 KB, 1242x1537, Tumblr_l_2261809226159632.jpg)

No. 1029470

File: 1642335545340.jpg (441.31 KB, 1280x960, 1530969278944.jpg)

This period is not hurting at all. It's almost pleasurable. I love me some soft joint and internal organ sensation in the pelvic area. It's like when I put preassure on my gums, move slightly the tip of my nose off its place or pinch the skin under my nails. I feel good. I like it.

No. 1029489

the fuck is a nendo?

No. 1029494

This seems like the type of recipe Kathy would love lol.
>retarded looking

No. 1029498

Girl like, just force one you like (and with no reciding hairline) to grow them. That's what I did. Now he has hairs so long and beautiful and he loves them too. He is now able to experience the bliss of having strong wind blowing through your hair in the top of a mountain.

No. 1029507

i guess she means a nendoroid, it's a type of figurie and it is really cute but expensive

No. 1029508

I love finding people online who are unhinged and don't realize it. In current times, due to mental health awareness, everyone seems to at least accept their mental illness, sometimes even flaunting it in a very showy way. So, when I see someone online so organically insane, untainted by the internet in a way, displaying their unhinged traits with no awareness, I like it. Thinking about this girl right now, posting very obsessive, schizo-tier posts on a forum.

No. 1029535

I don't remember which thread in it but I miss the Clown Komaeda anon, I miss her "… take my bloon" following post. Idk I should've capped it, it was funny as fuck and makes me smile and everytime I remember it.

No. 1029548

Does this game have to do the sex scenes? I like character creator games and this one looks nice but if I cant just build an island with my own npcs, that for some coomer reason the game makes you have sex, it's pretty ruined to me.

No. 1029583

File: 1642346443928.jpg (117.58 KB, 624x609, neanderthal.jpg)

The average neanderthal female was stronger then any human male who has evet existed
Muhammad Ali, Bruce Lee and Mike Tyson would all be torn apart by a neanderthal woman

No. 1029585

Is that shakira?

No. 1029587

And I'd love to see that happen. Too bad they died out.

No. 1029594

them biceps don't lie boi

No. 1029598

sadly its likely cause of there large builds and superior muscles they died off, they needed far more proteins then us to survive and during the end of the last Ice age many of the large terrestrial herbivores died off in Europe

No. 1029621

Fucking Europe.

No. 1029642

File: 1642350410162.png (8.66 KB, 240x240, main (1).png)

Please vote for the Lolcow Awards 2021 Edition here
Due: One week from now! Or so.

No. 1029645

File: 1642350546599.jpeg (23.32 KB, 400x400, 1617496537083.jpeg)

MY SIDES, don't let Shakira see this

No. 1029651

I was just feeling sorry for myself and wishing I had someone to hang and snuggle with.. then I got hit with period poops. I'm glad I live alone.

No. 1029662

I would give it all up to be her

No. 1029796

I occasionally have to deal with this guy who's just got total reddit-brain and he's really bad at telling when people are fucking with him. I like to bring up stuff that the hivemind has an opinion on and watch him go off about it, because I really never have to say anything and he gets so worked up. Idk. Most recently, I sent him "gamer time" as a reaction gif; he sperged and sputtered about Pewdiepie I just pretended to not know who it was. It's so easy to get a reaction out of him with like, no effort; every time he takes the bait it's like a little mental mini-golf hole-in-one.

No. 1029829

File: 1642359728993.jpg (124.79 KB, 1200x1930, jane-eyre-collins-classics.jpg)

I was in the bookstore the other day and saw this cover. Lmao seriously?? They put a girl with lip fillers and 90s pencil thin eyebrows and blush on the cover of Jane Eyre?? Literally why

No. 1029832

the state of "graphic designers" peep the overlined cupids bow too

No. 1029834


No. 1029843

I made a weed sweet potato and it's hitting me fucking hard I am honestly scared of what's coming up but I'm prepared to take it on when it comes. the future and the past and all kinds of variables between are swirling around me. this some kind of space drug. it's not really weed. I lied., it's something else, and it's. the new mkultra. there's something to =be said about it all, ad if I'm going to die it's not my Tim,e. the one percenters and all kinds of Biden affiliates are searching for me. the weed sweet potato might be clouding my reasoning but I believe it 100%. no call schizo, it's fact now that it's on the iternet

No. 1029845

do redditors like pewdiepie?

No. 1029852

im appalled they would do something so horrific to such an amazing booK

No. 1029854

im hiding in ur house watching you, waiting for the right moment

No. 1029864

File: 1642361465615.jpeg (68.42 KB, 299x450, 0562A816-87DC-48BB-9783-DB23B8…)

This one cute

No. 1029871

oh this is lovely

No. 1029875

im sold i need this on my bookshelf now

No. 1029877

File: 1642362221504.jpg (63.49 KB, 540x720, Tumblr.jpg)

I'm about to get box braids, please pray that my scalp isn't too tender afterwards nonnas! I have hair oil in the fridge just incase.

No. 1029879

I'm wishing you good luck nonny!!

No. 1029889

File: 1642363570430.jpeg (89.8 KB, 746x663, 1639195354220.jpeg)

today is a GOOD day i just drank so much preworkout im gonna go climb a rock and hurt myself in a constructive and socially acceptable way!!!

No. 1029893


Yahs Queen, pop off!

No. 1029923

fuck I forgot what I was going to say lol, onto another thought

Anyone else not like weed? I made a whole cake so have been trying edibles a few times. I don't like how it changes my perception of time, how my face gets hot and how lazy I get. I just recline feeling a bit annoyed that I can't be bothered to do anything. It feels like it numbs me more than anything, and it's like why do that. I thought it was supposed to chill you out, not incapacitate you. All this media and otherwise buzz about weed being so great has led to feeling almost let down by it.

No. 1029928

File: 1642366642426.jpeg (68.68 KB, 529x529, 6CCDFBC2-C9AD-493A-B6E1-162528…)

I bought a pound of blueberries from Kroger for $2.50 and they literally taste like pears… am I having a stroke or has science gone too far?

No. 1029931

File: 1642367082700.png (152.29 KB, 500x374, 1588326401321.png)

This is how I feel about weed a lot of the time. The only way I can take them anymore is in edible form, but even then I can't eat some the next day or I get unpleasant. Having nothing to do and no upcoming commitments is the best time for weed (ie in college), otherwise I'm just annoyed.

No. 1029959

Every post on g where an anon says the dirty things she would do to some guy, I imagine it's me and my husbando, thanks anons

No. 1029961

My neighbor is listening to Biggie Smalls and my grandmother asked if that was house music kek

No. 1029988

No. 1029999

i love when my cat steps on me and then the keyboard. "cn m,]'" is right girl!! you're so talented!!

No. 1030056

File: 1642383006913.gif (360.53 KB, 200x267, 200w.gif)

Dumb movie rant but She was way too good for Lucky, and her initial impression of him being a bum was correct. She shouldn't have forgave him after that lousy apology.

No. 1030062

Don't mean to racebait, but these kind of "love stories" are very typical of any movie with a predominately black cast. In the 90s they LOVED showing black women getting tortured and in turmoil over shitty moids because black love is so amazing.

No. 1030068

The twittertards have really taken over huh

No. 1030069

i've been here for years, apologies for the tardspeak

No. 1030080

I can't stop making guttural noises and confessing my love to my boyfriend. I just feel so goooood, I never feel this good! Everything is so cozy and warm tonight. Big snowstorm starts this hour!

No. 1030102

She was so beautiful in this movie, even though you are 100% correct, this still is one of my favorite movies. I found out that the woman playing Luckys baby momma is/was accused of being one of Doctor Dre's many mistresses. Apparently his ex wife called her out last year lol.

No. 1030106

just dont do drugs

No. 1030117

File: 1642387736263.png (20.74 KB, 918x376, cxcc.png)

okay even the tumblrsexymanpedia got banned in my country

No. 1030140

thinking about male nerd thighs….

No. 1030148

Based, me too

No. 1030154

watching a gaming video and the guy is wearing shorts and he's got some creamy white male nerd thighs

No. 1030159

God didn't give us many things but he did give us onions, with which we make caramelized onions. For that, I am grateful.

No. 1030167

If I had one of those sticker printing machines I would print this post and paste it on my rock climbing gear

No. 1030169

File: 1642391039064.gif (1015.4 KB, 540x382, quagsire-Tumblr.gif)

when i feel really comfy and alone, like irl or even when watching a movie or playing a game, i have the urge to poop.
is that weird?

No. 1030178

Well, they do say there's a gut/brain connection. So maybe that has something to do with it. On a different note, I have to say: genius pic attachment. It's like the quagsire represents your turd, about to travel down the poop chute. The island even has a butt shape. Bravo.

No. 1030190

anon wtf…

No. 1030228

>It's like the quagsire represents your turd, about to travel down the poop chute. The island even has a butt shape. Bravo

No. 1030246

I hate when no Nonnie responds to my posts.Esp. when I spent more then a few seconds writing it

No. 1030252

me too

No. 1030260

I keep the tab open waiting for a response. When o see that (1) I click only to see someone posted a cat picture. Then I forget about it and when I go on the thread two days later it loads up where I made my post. Nobody commented either. I need to get a life kek

No. 1030292

File: 1642400917327.jpg (17.2 KB, 680x665, popcat.jpg)

Ily anon

No. 1030307

you can pause this documentary at any moment and find a moid for /g/ to crush over

No. 1030311

tempted to order some makeup from Avon, when i was young my grandma would give me Avon lipsticks and lip glosses she bought from a catalogue or something

i really miss her, it’s hard to let go of these super old lipsticks she gave me years ago

No. 1030317

File: 1642406660874.jpeg (60.1 KB, 383x482, 0E2A9175-0636-4130-9E69-386EF8…)

Umineko music is too good I can't take it

No. 1030469

your average /g/ user irl

No. 1030490

accurate tbh

No. 1030497

Is this some retarded stan twitter meme

No. 1030519

She's so chubby

No. 1030524

nonas can you all pray that the store near my house is open in this snowstorm and i can go get beer and day drink today…. i haven't had a beer since november (previously had a drinking problem but ever since i had the coof cant really drink anymore so dont think it should be a problem) so i think i deserve to get plastered off cheap beer today!!!!

No. 1030535

Please god, just one week until I'm on holidays. It's been 8 months since I had my last holidays and I'm about to have a mental breakdown if I don't get a break soon.

No. 1030541

can you fake being sick ?

No. 1030542

i wished she'd belittle the troons instead of watering down the butch lesbian label. but shes refreshing lel

No. 1030552

I'd rather not, I just told my manager that I don't have covid (unlike two of my coworkers) so if I fake being sick right now nobody would believe me. My usual doctor is on maternity leave and the one that replaced her didn't even want to put le on sick leave when I was throwing up an entire week so yeah. I just need to stay focused for like 3 more days, and my manager always begs us to not look at our emails or answer calls from clients during our holidays, but I couldn't use all my paid holidays from my previous job before starting my current job.

No. 1030611

got my beer and now im getting zooted and listening to morrissey sunglasses emoji

No. 1030636

i want a boyfriend with psychicpebbles voice

No. 1030672

File: 1642440825690.jpg (116.91 KB, 1280x720, milk OD.jpg)

Long may "the sims community" exist as a flaming dumpster of inane and petty drama.

No. 1030679

File: 1642441023782.jpg (2.5 MB, 4032x3024, PXL_20220112_181449935.jpg)

Back from my week-long vacation at Death Valley/Las Vegas. Honestly should've stayed at the cabin the entire week and chilled out in the silence/gorgeous views. LV was trashy and expensive as fuuck. Omega Mart was okay. We had a really nice hotel suite though, I'll miss that
>Pic related, caught a couple of Instashits with blaring music on the mesquite dunes

No. 1030689

That sounds amazing, I can only imagine how relaxing the quietness in such place must be. Were there places where you could be completely alone in the nature, no other person in sight?

No. 1030691

Spill anon! We need a sims community drama thread tbh

No. 1030699

Is it your first time? I've been wanting to try them but I'm worried about how my big forehead will stand out kek

No. 1030708

has anything particularly milky happened recently?

No. 1030710

I just ignored a delivery driver cause I'm high and in my jammies. Disconnecting my buzzer the first week I moved in was such a good move for me. Unless you call me you won't get in and this guy be did call and he did leave a voicemail but meh. I'm not putting a bra on or changing out of my slanket

No. 1030712

It was amazon, I didn't refuse food fyi.

No. 1030717

I feel genuinely thankful that I don't have a mindset where I feel I must settle down with someone, marry, and have kids to become happy. The internet, even LC, made me realize how prelevant this mindset is, how scared people are to ""die alone"". Maybe I was just lucky to be raised without that expectation. I feel so free. I'm not purposefully looking for a relationship because I'm totally cool on my own but if someone awesome comes along then I'm totally open to that as well. I'm free to do as I want and either way I find happiness and fulfillment.

No. 1030724

Good job for wasting his time. Damn anon, you suck.

No. 1030729

I have deliveries coming this week and two of them are coming via couriers that I'm not too familiar with. I know some companies are just dropping stuff at the door since covid started but not all… I'm trying to just get over my issue with answering the door looking like shit. My period is due and I'm off work.. it's gonna be sloth mode this week.

My regular mailman has seen me at my worst and is always really cheerful and polite no matter what greets him. I'm a fan. I kinda want all my parcels coming through him instead.

No. 1030730

Whatever bitch, he can take it back to depot

No. 1030731

stoners are such fucking scumbags. kys honestly

No. 1030734

Lmao. This isn't America. He doesn't get a fucking tip for delivering a package. My 2022 planner can wait.

No. 1030735

nta but its mostly filled with genderqueer autistic girls, its gonna be a dumpster fire one or the other

No. 1030736

what does being american have to do with anything? you wasted his time, and he or someone else is gonna have to come back some other time and waste more time giving you the package you could've just received now. why would you even need to put a bra on for getting a package for 30 seconds from a delivery guy. you honestly thought it was a good idea to post that as if anyone was gonna think you're not a scumbag.

No. 1030737

I ordered two perfume samples and soo excited

No. 1030739

He's a fucking courier he gets paid regardless. What if I wasn't in? What's the fucking difference

No. 1030741

but you were in, you're just a lazy stoner that couldn't get up to walk the 10 metres to get your package lol

No. 1030742

Also I'm illegally high and cannot be assed to traverse the apartment building to go greet him. You do it

No. 1030745

kek at you for embodying every stereotype lobbed at americans as if your lazy ass is any better than anyone BUT AT LEAST YOURE NOT A BURGER. euro-egoists are among the most delusional

No. 1030747

>cannot be assed to traverse the apartment building
You write like you have crumbs in your fat rolls

No. 1030749

I thought only Americans had some weird hang ups about delivery drivers. I hope you and God can forgive me for not wanting to change out of my pyjamas and being high.

No. 1030751

You write like you need a reefer

No. 1030788

File: 1642445784647.jpg (246.73 KB, 1009x757, PXL_20220112_001510716.jpg)

Yes! Not even the sound of wind, it was amazing. There were long strips of road where there were nothing but dirt, desert plants, canyons and mountains for miles. We also hung out at Darwin Falls for about an hour before we saw another human. Definitely going again
>here's a pic of donkeys licking the salty dirt near a ghost town

No. 1030804

So cool, you're definitely making me want to go there someday too, such a perfect getaway. So all that white on the ground is salt? My initial thought was that it's just frost but then I remembered it's death valley of all places, not very likely to be frosty haha

No. 1030851

I did see a lot of snow(?) on mountain tops, they definitely get some sort of frost in the winter at least! The salt is abundant in some of the land, I literally thought it was human-laid poison or something lol but the locals said yeah it's just salt. I definitely recommend staying in the cheaper Panamint Springs, not the boujee Furnace Creek btw

No. 1030883

I'd post this to the unpopular opinions thread but i think it's not unpopular here.
I've seen so many girls on social media wk non white men telling other girls and women to stop fetishizing these poor men but the guys are always silent and don't complain or "joke" about how they do wanna be fetishized, which i absolutely believe cause they don't have to deal with the negative aspects of it, as it would be the case with scrotes doing the fetishization. It just means they get easier lays. the majority of young women really have no idea how dudes operate. They don't have the same lived experiences as us stop wasting your energy.

No. 1030889

Same, I think a lot of that comes from my mother and aunt. When people like other family members or family friends come up to my mom like "You know, when you were her age, she was already born… aren't you worried?" and the like, she just tells them I know what I'm doing and to please let me do my thing. Even when I was a child and in typical fashion said I'll never ever in my life get married I never got dismissed with You'll Change Your Mind When You Get Older but instead got told that's only my decision to make. Factor in that I've been idolizing the both of them ever since I was small, their words held so much weight for me.

No. 1030896

File: 1642451505707.png (363.38 KB, 524x550, Untitled.png)

i dont bother with kpop much anymore but i saw a video about 2ne1 posted and clicked it. i saw dara and was shocked with her change and sent it to a friend of mine who used to listen to it too and she said she sees no difference. im fucking sure she shaved her jaw and fucked up her nose and i think that maybe many people dont see how fucked up idols look for whatever fucking reason so they keep finding them attractive

No. 1030903

bf and i took this dumb couple personality test and we got ryan & kelly from the office. i am ryan.

No. 1030910

this is just dumb and pick-me behaviour. fetishizing a woman isnt the same as fetishizing a man since men are the porn consoomers. they like to get fetishized bc it gives them an opportunity to be whores.

No. 1030918

i don't even know who this is but you can clearly see an indent right underneath her nose

No. 1030924

File: 1642452350946.jpeg (13.55 KB, 275x263, F271DD75-E97B-4688-9E8F-FAE6BE…)

I said “mcgruff the crime dog” out loud yesterday and today youtube is recommending me a mcgruff video, even though I have never looked up anything related to it ever

No. 1030925

I don't even notice stuff like that but this is an obvious example of shitty kpop nose as I call it kek.So many idols have it

No. 1030928

looking like hyoyeon from this angle

No. 1030968

Not me. You will never catch me caramelizing onions.

No. 1030998

Las Vegas is a place to spend the night on the way to a vacation spot that’s actually exciting.

No. 1031006

clicked on a recommended nijisanji en video out of mere curiosity and i had to close the tab as soon as this grown man said "what the heckie"

No. 1031007

File: 1642457151034.jpg (46.02 KB, 500x747, 55b8e81f4f371.image.jpg)

Dude if you said that anywhere near your phone it will remember it and start recommending stuff to you

it fucking freaks me out if I think about something and suddenly start seeing it appear in ads

No. 1031010

Went to the store tonight and I bought pads and 3 types of chocolate. Aw yeah

No. 1031014

Ayrt, definitely agree. Never spending a night there again lol, not worth it at all. If I want the experience, I'll just go to my nearest casino

No. 1031039

yoo one of my friends just asked me about my opinions of porn and she seems doubtful about her own opinions of it (she's usually very "sex positive" etc), time to educate

No. 1031056

So, like, what is everyone doing now

No. 1031063

I hate dating apps, I hate getting likes from 190 cm hairy rapehon polyamorous "lesbians", he/him mutilated TIF pooners, obvious bots and unicorn hunter trash, I just want a relatively normal actually female actually lesbian girlfriend but I am literally 30 this year and feel that ship has sailed a long time ago. Also, I got myself stuck in a homophobic semi-shithole yuro country because of a job lmao but it's not like my own country is any better for finding even lesbian/bi friends let alone a relationship. "The scene" over there, too, is just troons, troon bootlicker "wlw" wokesters and 16-year-old TIFs. I know I sound mental here but I'm just so tired and need to let it out somewhere before I burst and match a troon only to message "fuck off scrote ywnbaw" and get banned forever.

No. 1031066

I'm sure you've thought about it already but even if you have a contracted job, you can very easily save up money and do a work exchange program somewhere else to a place where you might have an easier time finding what yo want.

Though, I'm in a similar boat as you and I live in a big city in NA and everyone here is looking for a unicorn to match for their gross polyamo threesome.

No. 1031069

File: 1642461540094.jpeg (1.58 MB, 2723x3999, 4E1DCA4B-8B0B-4273-9396-B6E655…)

NTA but there’s always something going on in The Sims community kek. Simblr is full of trannies and other assorted genderspecials so of course there’s terf accusations and asexual discourse and other shit. Then you have scrote modders making mods for things like necrophilia or beastiality or “anatomically correct toddlers”. Fucking vile. There’s always discord drama too… picrel is the most recent. I don’t know much about it but there’s a whole comment thread on it in the most recent simsecret post on livejournal.

No. 1031075

File: 1642462068426.jpg (70.42 KB, 700x700, black-rain-frogs-2-5edf2a036a8…)

I don't like when people post serious/sad shit in this thread, i thought it was for fun and shitposting

No. 1031092

Don't be sad froggy-chan

No. 1031094

File: 1642462857072.jpg (39.74 KB, 640x451, EHMxzE-VAAAB6N4.jpg)

No. 1031107

Wow, what happened anon? I watch PleasantSims on youtube only and dont have discord or other medias so im always not knowing whats going on, i only know shes on hiatus. Is this recent?

I figured a while ago people would kill her channel because shes not constantly pandering to sjw and their hate gets tiring after a while. Also im so glad i stopped playing sims and was never part of a community, especially since a bunch of them are disgusting shameless pedos like you said. Trannies will end the next sims games because they have no option to get sex change surgery and dilatation on the game and thats twansphobic to them.

No. 1031108

File: 1642464038321.jpeg (122.41 KB, 1443x1082, 477655874577.jpeg)


No. 1031118

File: 1642465010524.jpeg (640.8 KB, 1125x1810, 3AD6821C-A756-4106-B8A6-68D1CE…)

Yeah, PleasantSims’ statement from the caps I shared is from a few days ago. I did a little digging after I posted and, from what I understand, she was recently “exposed” for things she said in her mod channel on discord. The main thing everyone is talking about is PleasantSims deleting someone’s picture. They’re saying that by doing so she was BuLLyInG a CHiLd, even though that user was literally 17 at the time lmao. Besides that, people on her side are saying that this person literally posted the same selfie multiple times so PS was well within her right to delete it if she wanted to. Personally I don’t think it’s that milky, but like you said she doesn’t pander to SJWs so she’s basically already a villain in the court of public opinion so it was only a matter of time before people turned on her for some dumb shit.

No. 1031127

Thanks for the response anon, after you posted i found her tumblr and she explains she is leaving youtube. This whole thing is so ridiculous, apparently all she did is find someone annoying. Honestly i think she should have simply blocked everyone and went on with the discord server and deleted other medias honestly. Yeah she would be creating an "echo chamber" but pleasing those people is impossible, they are so into social media they actually believe normal humans arent constantly shit talking eachother. Its part of life and its really not that serious. Hate to be "that person", but there are people getting murdered, tortured, raped, going hungry in the world and it comes across as so detached from reality to cancel her because she finds someone annoying. This is probably a blessing in disguise for her though, she probably will go on to have a healthier life away from the crazies.

Also, i cant help but think everyone involved in these petty fights are older than 15. I remember being in this type of drama discussion in forums back in the day and by the time your entering highschool you get tired and grow out of it.

No. 1031158

I'm curious, what about her doesn't pander to SJW fags? I don't know anything about her but like the Sims so im gonna take a guess and that she doesnt show lgbt pariings or something

No. 1031166

I agree, it’s stupid. I understand why she might want to take an indefinite hiatus though. The community is incredibly toxic and things constantly get twisted. God knows what kind of asks and messages she is getting behind the scenes. Also, as someone who was briefly in a sims discord a few years ago, I can tell you it’s not just 15 year olds. So many of them are terminally online 20-something neets who get cliquey and power trip. I’m not active in fandom spaces at all anymore so I’m not sure if a lot of them are like that or whether The Sims just attracts the worst of the worst.

I think she has been called out before for not having enough LGBT sims. I’ve definitely seen her play with gay sims before but knowing zoomers if every other sim isn’t some kind of genderspecial it’s not enough REpReSEnTatIoN. The main thing though is that she isn’t overly sanitised and “politically correct” or whatever, which is a rarity these days. I feel like most popular content creators over-censor themselves for fear of offending someone but she doesn’t seem to care.

No. 1031176

The main milk from this is not from Pleasant Sims. Cindy has had a dedicated stalker trying cancel her for a while. The simsecret mod worked out that it was Savannah Chapman. She's a low level cow that not many people have noticed. She harasses sims youtubers and already has a restraining order taken out against her by one of them. The simsecret mod worked out that it was her and another person who have been spamming shit about Cindy for months. This included pasting Cindy's face on gross sims porn from Lovers Lab and claiming she abuses her husband. Savannah Chapman isn't who was banned from the discord, she took advantage of the autist redditor to drive Cindy out of the community and tumblr fell for it. Another small sims youtuber, unintentionally blew it up on youtube by posting an out of context tweet that she wasn't aware was about Pleasant Sims. That youtuber has since removed the post and purged most of their channel.

Link to the sim secret mod's tumblr for more info

I think it's because her content is apolitical and it's part of why she was successful. It seemed to upset a few people that she became popular from doing Pleasantview lets plays when people have done far more and failed.

No. 1031180

She does have lgbt pairings, but the fact that she is not constantly kissing lgbt and woke ass is enough for her to get called ableist and whatever. One of the things i liked about her channel is that it wasnt overly political, because who cares, its an escapism game. Apparently nowdays you cant even shit talk someone with your personal friends because its literal violence (and she didnt even shit talk anyone, just blocked a spammer). Why everyone bends over backwards to those people is beyond me, they are so entitled…

I remember seeing a video about her pcos where she got very personal about the struggles it brought her, feeling unfeminine because of facial hair and hair loss struggles, and of course in the comment a man in a skirt has to make it about himself and talk about how he relates because hes a trans women. Those people are so damn disrespectful, taking a problem that is exclusive to women and making it about themselves, and then you have to bend over backwards for them and their feelings. Her live will probably improve being away from those narcissists.

No. 1031181

Jesus christ, I didn’t realise the whole thing ran that deep. That’s so fucked up. Thanks for the info, anon.

No. 1031187

>You will never catch me caramelizing onions.
Lame, dumb and stupid.

No. 1031191

Wtf, i wasnt aware of this, i legit only followed her youtube so all i saw was the community posts. How is not this sexual harassment? Plastering her face in pornographic material. These are the same people that are crying over her calling someone annoying.

I wasnt aware of this SimSecret blog, i guess this is where PS was talking about when she said people were making fun of her for her hair loss. Honestly, looking at the tumblr of the owner of the site, the owner is right, Cindys mistake was being too nice. I feel like she should have blocked people that were bothered and simply said "if your feelings are hurt, watch another channel".

No. 1031233

Yeah your right, but hardly anyone replies in the Vent thread so for attention we use the dumbass shit thread

No. 1031238

JFC this story is fucking retarded
>Madame from a brothel is presenting a young girl
>Male lead is at said brothel with his friends
>ML is married and has like 3 concubines already
>the new girl looks depressed as fuck
>background music is all quirky and funny trying to make this look like it’s just some haha funny joke
I hate Chinese dramas so fucking much.

No. 1031239

I can't be the only person who gets really cuddly when high. No sex, fuck that
Pillows, blanket, the cat, my boyfriend. Whatever is close by, snuggle time

No. 1031240

No, you’re the only person in world who wants to cuddle when stoned. No one else has ever wanted that

No. 1031246

Haha no way, that's incredible??

No. 1031250

It’s true. It’s only you. You’re destined for something great, I can feel it.

No. 1031268

File: 1642478884164.png (1.44 MB, 828x1792, 12D5AD6A-A68D-4161-B33F-8DA736…)

nonnies im high as fuck and so confused, is this real? i cant find anything about it on the internet and it sounds like cheap youtube music but
>my bloody valentine
i feel like im being bamboozled this cant be real im serious is this just some remixed youtube music

No. 1031276

I’ve 100% had experiences of being recommended things I’ve thought about, but haven’t said aloud. I get collecting data via audio recording, but the coincidences in these other scenarios are…concerning to say the least.

No. 1031282

i'm consistently impressed at how many of the characters in the husbando threads that i've liked in the past have been posted. most of them aren't even "attractive" in the normal sense. i feel understood.

No. 1031312

Are you asking if My Bloody Valentine is a real band?

No. 1031314

File: 1642484267063.jpg (555.65 KB, 2000x2400, susie.jpg)

Idk how many anons even watch this show, but I love her and I need season 4

No. 1031353

why are so many nonñas high today

No. 1031375

samefag also can someone explain what the girl in >>1030469 is saying i can't figure out a single word what's the joke

No. 1031378

>did you guys see on twitter that mutant child? that little mutant child? he was like a little retarded mutant child
>YES I CAN SAY THAT WORD, YES I CAN, SHUT UP [referring to "retarded"]

No. 1031385

got made me ugly from the side because i'd have too much power if i was pretty from profile view too

No. 1031401

drew monson is so hot now

No. 1031411

I just had a dream, that I did it with a creature with red glowing eyes and it had a swirly purple galaxy for the mouth with a super long purple tongue and it was amazing.

No. 1031413

Reading “invisible women” is so upsetting. I can’t and won’t ever understand how scrotes
became default humans when their balls are so fragile that it literally fails them when exposed to heat. They’re weak in every sense but the physical strength. Am I supposed to think this is the superior sex? I’m not upset about their misogyny I’m upset about the audacity. It’s insulting to even imply we’re on the same level.

No. 1031416

I cant sit through anything he's filmed in the last few years. His head is so fucked that it's painful to witness.

No. 1031425

who's drew? why is this head fuckeD?

No. 1031451

idk i find him amusing

No. 1031455

I made up a song, it goes like this:
nona, nonita nonellita nonacita
That's it, what do you think?

No. 1031473

File: 1642507489365.jpg (4.27 KB, 225x225, download (8).jpg)

well, i love it

No. 1031480

/g/ users freak me out. Should be tried at the stake

No. 1031483

kek, i love this retarded rivalry between the boards. /g/ users take it seriously. i think it's hilarious. they shouldn't take themselves and their fugly, badly behaved men so seriously.

No. 1031503

I'm beggin you please don't steal my bread

No. 1031526

Its very interesting how similar the origins of Percy Jackson and Harry Potter were
J. K. Rowling had never written fantasy before and didn't have much interest in it, she wrote proto-Harry Potter for her daughter and son as bedtime stories before it spurned into a a manuscript to what would become the foundation of the Philosophers stone
similarly Rick Rordan was a school teacher who had only written detective fiction previously, he wrote Percy Jackson for Dyslexic son who also had ADHD and had an interest in Greek mythology

I think that's what ultimately gave the series more originality then most soulless cash grabs that would come later, created out of love

No. 1031534

I'm not a big Harry Potter fan but I did enjoy reading the books when I was a child and teenager. I would agree that there is something organic about how the series came into existence and while it's not the greatest prose ever written, there's something about the way she writes that makes it so easy to sink into the story and spend hours reading it.

No. 1031544

Adam Dancy could take them out easy

No. 1031562

I want permanent weekend status granted to me and my loved ones

No. 1031569

Sometimes i go on sperm bank websites for window shopping

No. 1031574

File: 1642516493859.jpg (1.87 MB, 2400x1200, canned-tuna-today-main-181203.…)

I always think canned tuna is gross, but it's actually really good. I finally bought some yesterday for a pasta salad I made, and it's good. Canned tuna always reminds me of when I was studying abroad and my host mom would sometimes add a little canned tuna to my breakfast salad. It was my favorite.

Whenever I think of tuna melt I think of that one cosplayer who was posted on cgl wearing blue body paint and who left a discharge stain on a hotel lobby chair or whatever, and they kept calling her tuna melt or something because she smelled fishy. Sucks that it's ruined the term for me because I think I'd actually really like a tuna melt sandwich.

No. 1031581

i remember that thread >>168004

No. 1031584

File: 1642517693136.jpg (78.26 KB, 1080x1620, 65-UNAS-ORO-1_aptzgv_1024X1024…)

these rings are dumb, never comfortable hold your phone or a pen again

No. 1031586

These rings were made for chewing

No. 1031587

And that’s just what they’ll do

No. 1031593

They also keep constantly falling off

No. 1031594

One of these days these rings are gonna
Slide down your throat and choke you

No. 1031620

File: 1642520155910.gif (357.52 KB, 245x129, tumblr_n11y0e25Be1qd2k1no8_r1_…)

>Adam Dancy

No. 1031621

Thank you God or whoever for my tiny tits. Help my fuck thank you so much for my tiny tits #blessed

No. 1031635

Whenever I make tuna melt sandwich I also think of tunamelt-chan lol

No. 1031636

Posted by pixielocks

No. 1031659

Just got back from work and the delivery I ignored last night as I was too high has now been delivered when I was absent from my accommodation. Thanks God for forgiving me and giving me the go ahead to go ahead and get high now.

No. 1031676

File: 1642523930472.jpg (15 KB, 247x250, downloadfile.jpg)

But /ot/ /g/ and /m/ are sister boards

No. 1031686

This but unironically. Love the fact that I don't need a bra at all lol. My tits don't sweat and are always free yay
>inb4 semi-transparent clothes
I don't wear them

No. 1031688

File: 1642524559428.jpeg (31.05 KB, 528x528, 61df08bf4ed66d573ff84fe2_528_5…)

Was finishing up a call when the other person went "have a nice day" and I wanted to say both "thanks, you too" and "have a nice day yourself" but instead it ended up with me shouting "YOURSELF! THANK" and ending the call there

No. 1031692

No don't do that

No. 1031694

I post in all. I thought most anons did, sometimes.

No. 1031706

Well yeah me too, but g is last

No. 1031714

I have days where I randomly get hit with this feeling like I've some stimulant in my system speeding me up… but I don't.

No. 1031721

i hardly use /m/ cause i lost interest in weeby stuff but even when i was into it most of what i liked was considered shit so i felt to embarrassed to post anything. if there was more time in the world i probably would've spent days furiously defending characters being shit on, art styles being shit on, and all my other shit taste i would've ruined the board tbh

No. 1031724

File: 1642526541134.jpg (38.13 KB, 720x890, Tumblr_l_8437246815817.jpg)

Please tell this creature to visit me tonight. I will be waiting. Thank you.

No. 1031726

I love /ot/, browse /snow/, /w/, and sometimes /m/. I honestly wish fashion, hair, and other stuff were in /m/ because i just dont give a shit for all the men fictional or not in /g/. i also wish there was more milk these days for cows other than twitter updates and instagram posts. depending on the cow video milk is gone i want it BACK.

No. 1031733

I wish /m/ was as active as /ot/

No. 1031741

>cut finger, won't stop bleeding
>go to hospital and get stitches
>finger is swollen from wound and anesthesia
>iodine mixed with blood is building up under and around fingernail

Still prettier finger than Shaynas

No. 1031744

Same. Some anons have really cool interests and I want to discuss more with them, but then they reply like 7 days later or never.

No. 1031746

Scrotes are just tards with tard strength who like to larp as women's superior in a desperate attempt to cover up their biological disability. Also they're spiteful parasites who burn anything that isn't male centered.

No. 1031750

File: 1642527924270.jpg (2.16 MB, 4160x3120, bigboigarlick.jpg)

Look at this big boi garlick my mom grew! He had a twin but I used him in my soup.

No. 1031753

File: 1642528102438.png (445.81 KB, 456x431, 1622153529857.png)

The painful truth every woman has to realize at some point in her life.

No. 1031762

He's precious what a beauty

No. 1031766

I think that anon was asking if my bloody valentine actually collaborated on some youtube remix music.

No. 1031782

Same I post in every cool board aka the non drama boards

No. 1031784

Yum!! I love garlic

No. 1031804


ya'll are based as fuck. Thanks for existing.

No. 1031822

File: 1642533350245.jpg (129.63 KB, 836x1200, EUtGhIAWkAELOPS.jpg)

Thank you nonna! Sorry for the late reply, I forgot I posted that. My scalp is sensitive and it's been a while so I'm a little tender, but it's not too bad.
Nope. You should try them! I have a big forehead too but I just rock it. I know some girls use their edges to hide their forehead, but I don't like super long edges and I don't feel like doing them all the time

No. 1031824

the demon i got jiggy with in my dream was invisible, i'm envious

No. 1031833

File: 1642534164787.jpg (50.09 KB, 376x594, 1621481030568.jpg)

You too, nona!

No. 1031901

I will tell the creature to visit you. If you have to play a murder mystery game in your dream and there is a person next to you covered in a grey blanket that is the creature

No. 1031913

You too!

No. 1031927

VPN. Proxy. Tor. There must be a way nonnie. I was in the ME once and they banned Lolcow lmao, I circumvented it using Tor
>inb4 Pakistan's authorities have already banned Lolcow and anon never sees this

No. 1031931

Me too please, actually give him all of our astral numbers

No. 1031940

Nightmar fuel, I hope you can access it with Tor. Literally human right to view the abomination tumblrfags want to fug

No. 1031946

File: 1642539796545.jpg (160.63 KB, 800x600, igr7z21lfzv51.jpg)

I miss playing MMOs. I used to play maplestory as a kid for years, and to this day I still don't like any other MMO because I just like 2d/side scrolling graphics. I always want to play it but it's lonely and I cannot, for the life of me, memorize the post-big bang map. I know it's been years since that update but no matter how many times I try to play MS again, I can't remember where the fuck anything is. I also miss all the friends I made on there.

No. 1031966

tbf mcgruff the crime dog entered in my recommended too, even though I had no clue it existed. It might've just been a coincidence

No. 1031971

L>HS will leech

No. 1031974

tell him you'd dump him if he were trans

No. 1031985

doesn't she go on giant tirades when it comes to dieting? Like, I remember a vid where she was screaming about how you should not eat when you're hungry

No. 1031988

File: 1642541566604.jpeg (135.35 KB, 542x648, 5a7f7f4a27c7c (1).jpeg)

my ESL coworker is slowly making my own ESL behavior worse

No. 1032025

all those hairstyles black women do, especially the ones that tug on your hair/scalp look like a fucking disaster. they look like they make your scalp so tender and sensitive that you're gonna have a receding hairline or downright bald in a few years.

No. 1032027

This belongs to the unpopular opinions thread, but it's dumb and it's shit, so I'll let it slide here

No. 1032029

File: 1642544534326.jpg (365.44 KB, 790x1164, FeynmanCov1.jpg)

Whos your favorite superhero, mine is uhhhhh Feynman

No. 1032066

I kinda laugh at the post a troon made where he believes autistic women are one in a million with gifts. By this logic most of LC is probably amazingly gifted in something. Probably just selective subjects we all have a major interest in.

No. 1032071

Anime boys

No. 1032073

I wish she’d use her manic 40 year old botox addict energy to destroy troon ideology and further melt zoomer’s minds. sigh

No. 1032087

kek there aren’t enough black women on here to tell you that you’re a fucking retard anon, get better at your bait

No. 1032089

i'm an esl so the word retarded has no emotional impact on me (didn't know i'm not supposed to say it until about two years ago even), so if you didn't do the square brackets i would've legitimately thought she meant mutant child because it still made sense to me

No. 1032090

okay but rip to my hairline

No. 1032099

How is it bait, if someone as rich as Naomi Campbell has a wrecked hairline then it's obviously an issue

No. 1032121

File: 1642548174681.jpeg (340.16 KB, 750x808, 40F7DE93-17A1-4723-B023-BC5BC4…)

>>1032090 if those hairstyles hurt your head a lot maybe you’re braiding or tugging it too hard when you put it in a bun or ponytail? especially if you have black hair and it’s incredibly thick and coily, even women who don’t have our complain about getting headaches from buns and ponytails when they wear it too long. also with braids you can only wear them for a few months preferably 2-4 depending on what kind of braids you get. whenever i get my hair braided it fucking hurts like a bitch because i have a sensitive scalp, but there are a lot of reasons why those hairstyles could be hurting you lmao poor nonna

>wrecked hairline
>naomi campbell

I’ve never seen her with a protective hair style at all, all of those years of her wearing bone straight weaves and extensions of course ruined her hair anon. Picrel is good enough info

No. 1032125

I will. I remember falling asleep while laying on my stomach maybe that helps too.

No. 1032129

I already have

No. 1032240

ok it’s a little autistic but I love when niche things from your childhood get a little popular like it feels so cozy and you want to snuggle

No. 1032242

does getting horny activate other peoples GERD or just me?

No. 1032244

File: 1642556397936.jpg (97.29 KB, 1200x675, amy-schneider-jeopardy.jpg)

I kek'd so hard when my ederly father saw the jeopardy champion tranny and said, "god, that dude looks like a woman! he's strange". He was horrified.

No. 1032248

My mom thought the same. She said his voice was ugly but didn't want to be rude.

No. 1032290

What? Please stay away from me

No. 1032310

File: 1642560815824.jpeg (36.01 KB, 720x684, 61c5e91f2cb8b541ed9255a2_720_6…)

Fuuuck sis, I remember being in Windia and in one of the most popular guilds at the time (HeavenBound) until it imploded due to petty drama. I obsess and reinstall it once every few years but it's never the same. Dope soundtrack tho, sometimes I look up Ellinia or Ereve bgms too.. god please let me resist the urge to download this shitty game again

No. 1032318

File: 1642561040986.png (31.6 KB, 300x235, C1E77EA9-48B6-4EFE-89D4-63FF0D…)

Today I went downstairs to the kitchen to eat chips, went to my room, then went back to the kitchen for more snacks. Somehow, between those two rooms, I lost my phone and it’s been gone for five hours

No. 1032320

Kek this is what finally got me ranting to my mom about troonacy and she’s on my side

No. 1032322

I'd never think these things were related but now that you mentioned it… For years I've been taking antacids whenever I thought I'd have sex kek

No. 1032327

Under your bed. Or you put it on a shelf while in the kitchen and its sitting there

No. 1032332

I have a loft bed with a desk and I’ve already checked the cupboards…but one more peek can’t hurt. Thanks for helping out nona

No. 1032351

If your phone is Android you can use a web browser to ring it

No. 1032361

Use google find my phone from your pc

No. 1032367

File: 1642564696958.png (25.07 KB, 200x201, B4729C91-0DA4-4112-B053-B795CD…)

Nonas, I found it! It had fallen inside of a box somehow. Thank you both so much. Now I can go to bed at ease

No. 1032477

File: 1642576243610.jpeg (758.66 KB, 1500x1875, C6634EC5-9668-4F31-AD11-F38C7B…)

This is an insane lineup. I’m about to be so fucking financially irresponsible! Anons come with meeee

No. 1032479

nona I wish I weren't poor I wanna go

No. 1032480

I am too poor for this. My heart breaks. I hope you have a good time nonette.

No. 1032482

it's like 10 months away why have they released the lineup already

No. 1032484

I have some good Warped Tours under my (studded) belt but I really wish I was American right now

No. 1032497

Goddd that line up is stacked wtf, I would've assumed most of those bands were disbanded by now

>I really wish I was American right now
Same and teenage me would've killed to go to warped tour, did you travel for it?

I actually have MCR tickets rn and they were meant to play in March but they fucking delayed it for a whole year!! I'm seething, how tf is anyone supposed to know their availability in a year time, and how is it ok for the ticket company to just keep our money for such a long period of time?

No. 1032503

It's so cringe when women here refer to as their boyfriends/husbands as their moids ("my moid"). You're literally a straight woman in a heterosexual relationship with your little Nigel, you let him fuck you, and he's on your brain 24/7, he is most certainly not "your moid" lol. It just reeks of "I'm one of the cool radfems too! I hate men too!"

No. 1032509

I agree. Just call him your bf/husband/etc.

No. 1032516

That lineup is too good and way too big for one day. There are only three stages. Are the bands just gonna play their one good song and get off? Nobody is gonna get to see even half of them. These are prices for 3 day event bruh.

No. 1032523

I thought we grew out of this in like 2018 but a friend of mine still says "my nigel" unironically. Whenever I bring up my bf I make sure to emphasize "BOYFRIEND" but maybe she just ignores it.

No. 1032527

At some point in my late 20s referring to my boyfriend as my boyfriend felt cringe idk why. I like to say partner but then people have said it made us sound like a same sex couple

No. 1032529

File: 1642581321615.jpeg (122.38 KB, 1300x866, C175A1E8-3675-47C8-BB62-8E68A6…)

Like seeing straight radfems posting picrel with the caption “me after a long day of man hating online” or “me while shit talking about men online”. It’s not fucking cute, it’s retarded. Dump the scrote or just love men and stfu

No. 1032531

Yeah lol I feel now that I'm over 30 boyfriend means I am looking for attention or drama if I bring the term up in a casual setting

No. 1032532

I like using the term SO or significant other because it’s not as infantalizing as boyfriend but doesn’t come off as potentially misleading as the term partner. This seems to not be a popular thing yo do though but that’s my suggestion.

No. 1032542

Women with boyfriends who talk about living on female only communes and talking about killing moids but not their Nigel are trifling as fuck and I would like to slap them all. They have no business trying to larp as a hardcore feminist, stay on the side-lines whore.

No. 1032552

NGL seeing rad women seethe about something this inconsequential is always kind of amusing. Like I get it but who actually cares

No. 1032553

Found the scorned femcels.
>stay on the side-lines whore
Our "hardline radical feminists" y'all! Much radical, much feminist.

No. 1032555

My mom and apparently a lot of other older women call their bfs their "friend". I like that.

No. 1032564

They have a point though. A lot of you just come on here to LARP as misandrists only to vent about your Nigel's shitty behavior that you still tolerate for whatever reason in the next post. If you're gonna talk about it be about it.

No. 1032566

The retardation of this post, do you really think hardcore feminism is about killing all men? Also
>side-lines whore

No. 1032569

Ok and? So they don't hate every man as much as you do. Who devotes time to being angry at this?

No. 1032571

Konichiwa ese

As a Mexican, my weebness is justified.

No. 1032572

Nah it's always the LARPers who spew the most hardcore misandrist KAM shit online but in reality they're their ugly bf's doormat. Sorry you got called out.

No. 1032576

Probably because we love our Nigels and want them to change for us/get consequences for their bad behavior instead of helplessly leaving the relationship. Why it always women who should go away or "dump him" when there is a disagreement in the relationship, meanwhile scrotes always get the chance to stand up for their interests and enforce their will in a relationship? Sheepish behavior tbh. And loving one man doesn't make you less of a misandrist. Look how many misogynists have a woman (sometimes women) they love in their life and yet still feel disdain for women as a whole.

No. 1032577

This is literally regarding your complaint

No. 1032584

>get consequences for their bad behavior instead of helplessly leaving the relationship.
A contradiction. That just shows him that he can do whatever the fuck he wants because at the end of the day you will still stay with him regardless. You literally can't force anybody to change for you if they don't want to, that in and of itself shows how little respect he actually has for you. Women like live in delusion and refuse to grow a spine.

No. 1032608

>want them to change for us/get consequences for their bad behavior instead of helplessly leaving the relationship
wtf do you think you're gonna accomplish by enforcing 'consequences' on moids? Are you gonna argue them into caring about you? Force them to love you by punishing them if they don't? Nag them until they reluctantly give in and do what you say? Respect and 'good behaviour' should occur naturally in a relationship if you love the person, if you have to make your dumbfuck moid change then he just doesn't love you enough to change of his own volition.

Anyway >>1032584 is right. If you stay, he gets away with his bullshit scott free. The only effective consequence is leaving.

No. 1032638

i asked my ex if he'd still like me if i shaved my head, he said no, i dumped him, shaved my head, a few months later i met my now husband. never settle for less

No. 1032644

good for you anon

No. 1032645

File: 1642592538980.jpg (864.5 KB, 1920x1080, pt-thumb-v2.jpg)

Grant from 3Blue1Brown is so fucking cute. Something about the positive, earnest, down-to-earth demeanor just gets me. A literal angel. He's so cute it upsets me. No I will not fuck off to /g/, never been there and never will.

No. 1032649

Kek so true, it’s almost like that meme where it shows a feminist talking shit about white scrotes while dating a white scrote because they clearly need validation from one, it’s super pathetic. But I think you’re mistaken in thinking the KAM anons are even feminists, they probably just hate men a tiny bit more than they do women

No. 1032724

File: 1642599953302.jpeg (52.26 KB, 548x560, 48DF690A-E0C2-4AD0-9DAA-4FE27C…)

I just want to be someone’s favorite cow

No. 1032726

>the failed transparent image
You are mine now.

No. 1032727

File: 1642600164393.jpg (59.9 KB, 735x496, c42aa756141bc50649cc1f6566fa6b…)

Idk where the high thread is but I wanted to post this there. I'm not high btw lol

No. 1032729

File: 1642600214607.jpeg (40.31 KB, 594x516, 6293A560-11FC-4A2B-9BA8-5C59D3…)


No. 1032731

For you, m'lady: >>542085

No. 1032736

File: 1642600450088.jpeg (107.7 KB, 900x820, 67AE211F-76B6-424F-BFF4-44D40E…)

No. 1032737

File: 1642600457212.jpg (29.98 KB, 500x375, 1579959062146.jpg)

I've been waking up at 7:50am for two days and honestly, it hasn't been awful. That however could be attributed to me not having to work for a few days due to an online work conference, though. Anyway, I've been waking up to good but tired moods.

No. 1032738

File: 1642600500417.jpg (10.72 KB, 232x293, 1641852365874.jpg)

Thanks nonnie

No. 1032740

File: 1642600663406.jpg (156.48 KB, 750x972, 2ad826e13116bbb00835d7502a0269…)

No. 1032741

Whenever I buy a mango I'm so excited for it to ripen so I can eat it but my desire to actually sit down and have a mango never lines up with the time it actually becomes ripe

No. 1032748

Because a man will never do the same for you as you would for him. Women are socialised as well as actually being human beings with empathy, while men are not. Your nigel and others will never put in the same amount of effort to fix a relationship as a man. That why its pointless for women to stay and try to fix the relationship, as their moid partner will never put in the same ammount of effort. In the rare occurrences that a moid realises and cared about having fucked up, the relationship can be fixable as all problems in a relationship is usually caused by the man.

A man in a failed relationship with a women can get it together and stop fucking up his relationship, a women in a failed relationship can't make her moid better.

No. 1032752

Literally the only relationships I've seen where the man respects and loves his wife is if she literally saved his life like from addiction or something, and he knows he'd be dead without her. And even then most men would take advantage of the free therapy then bounce when he's all better. So idk what kind of couples anon sees that she's convinced men put in the same effort in relationships as women. Men aren't even expected to have money or a job or be handy in today's society, why would most men try even.

No. 1032779

>Why it always women who should go away or "dump him" when there is a disagreement in the relationship, meanwhile scrotes always get the chance to stand up for their interests and enforce their will in a relationship?
Because women will change for their male partners, men won't change for their female partners.

No. 1032784

>Probably because we love our Nigels and want them to change for us/get consequences for their bad behavior instead of helplessly leaving the relationship.
I can only speak for myself and what I have observed, but there are other factors at play when it comes to trying to "fix" relationships other than continuing to love an ingrate.
Contrary to what the radfem NEETs here believe, sometimes living situations are just as important to try to keep even if your love for someone wanes. It's not always a realistic nor wise choice to dissolve living arrangements because a scrote chronically doesn't do dishes. It is in fact easier to do the dishes and grumble than having to pick up an extra 20 hours per week at a second job to be able to afford your own place. Scrotes think the same way, which is why so many continue on with relationships with women they don't love or find attractive. It's preferable than dealing with the awkwardness and embarrassment of living with family, roommates, or as a couch-surfing vagabond as an adult woman if you can't hack it on your own. With the additional caveat that being a woman in unstable living environments is statistically more dangerous for us. If men are allowed to take advantage of women until their dream woman comes along, then why can't women be allowed to get our ducks in a row until we can monkey branch into a better situation too?
Heaven forbid if you have kids, because as a woman you will always be shamed and guilted for not making the relationship with the sperm donor work by both strangers and your children. Even if people come to understand that the relationship couldn't work, they'll still blame the woman for choosing poorly as if all scrotes start out as abusive, lazy bums during the honeymoon years of a relationship.

That's why I hate "dump him" because it's impersonal and completely disregards the circumstances. It should only be reserved for outright abusive relationships or anons who say they are able to do better but are sticking around for libfem reasons that they were brainwashed into. Not everyone who posts relationship problems on the internet is a student who can go back to mom and dad or receives supplemental income from the government for loss of income to not matter to them. There are real consequences to deciding to just pack one's bags with no plan, savings, or a place to go which is why even women who are being abused only do it as a last resort. I wish the retarded assumptions would just stop.

No. 1032787

UGHHH guilds!!! I made so many friends from my small little guild in Bera! Unfortunately I lost touch with a lot of them… I remember the day everyone seemed to just leave my guild, and it was because I logged off early that day to do homework and then a new member (who I was wary of because I didn't know her and she was invited by a friend who was a jr leader) got into a fight with one of my close friends (also a jr leader) and then shit just went down and I logged in to my guild almost completely empty because the new girl drove everyone out. Absolutely broke my 11 year old heart.

The BGM absolutely fucking slaps, glad to see someone with superior taste kek. Whenever I do go back I usually end up playing private servers. I quit gms when my e-bf on there invited me to a pserver and from then on I've only ever played pservers. I actually found my "dad" on a random pserver and we reconnected for a bit! Funny shit.

No. 1032804

Nah women should dump him and move in with eachother. Not waste their lives being mommy for a scrote.

No. 1032805

Yeah idk why these women don't just move in with a female roommate. Do they think someone will only want to split bills if she's fucking them?

No. 1032807

File: 1642605943951.gif (261.43 KB, 220x220, marijuana-weed.gif)

is it time to stop my somewhat self-induced dissociation from my daily life and actually be in the moment instead of constantly consuming media? it is but do i have the power to make it last???

No. 1032809

samefag despite what the gif says,it doesnt have to do with drugs just my mental state kek

No. 1032810

Can we split the bills and fuck? I make great pancakes btw

No. 1032813

I'm really curious about this exceeding availability of mentally sound, responsible, and nice single women looking for roommates in their late 20s and beyond.
>can female roommates really be as bad as living with male partners?
Yes, and worse because you can't even fuck them to alleviate the tension.

No. 1032815

Tbh it’s weird, if you move in with a female roommate, even if it’s obvious you’re just friends, everyone will assume you’re dating. Specially if everyone notices that you just don’t want a boyfriend/haven’t found a nigel.
And if you move in with a male roommate, it’s almost expected that you fuck him or date him unless he’s fucking hideous.
Being alive is tiresome, these mental gymnastics are the kind of shit that I’ve heard from a bunch of people talking about friends/acquaintances.

No. 1032820

File: 1642607319422.jpeg (207.46 KB, 828x818, 9554C0F0-6E63-4B93-9CDF-00C632…)

No. 1032822

I don't need drugs to be high, I'm naturally high. Fellow dissociator

No. 1032831

why would you want to fuck an unstable/irresponsible/mean roommate anyway

No. 1032837

Why do scrotes fuck women they find ugly, irredeemable, boring, and don't see a future with?

No. 1032843

lol female and male sex are two completely different things. that male roommate that hates you can still fuck you and ejaculate, are you saying that male roommate you hate is going to make you orgasm and generally have pleasant sex?

No. 1032850

>want a slow burn friends to lovers bisexual friend
>imagine her as fit, into contact sports, talented at her non-desk-job, trouble maker with good intentions, could drink me under the table, she's the one who suggests skinny dipping or climbing onto the roof for stargazing
>obviously she doesn't care about the internet, social media or gossip
>keep refreshing the lolcow friend finder until I find her

No. 1032851

Men just like to have bragging rights tbh. A moid I know likes to find girls on tinder and he goes for anything. Overhead him talking about one hook up, and another guy asks what the girl was like and he went "ugly as fuck but she let me do whatever" so there you go

No. 1032853

Smells like scrote

No. 1032856

read it and weep all ddlg, sex workers, and diaper fags. this is how you reclaim control over trauma

No. 1032875

there's a cow troon i follow and he drew his shitty tranny furry self inserts cosplaying as mj and prince it's like this man was put on earth to trigger me as much as possible

No. 1032917

the principle is the same though, it would only prove the point of ddlfags (I do not agree with it)

No. 1032973

File: 1642616025920.png (Spoiler Image, 25.47 KB, 140x107, hee hee.PNG)

I thought this was michael jackson from the blurry ass thumbnail

No. 1032981

No. 1033003

who is it supposed to be tho

No. 1033024

File: 1642617964598.jpg (64.75 KB, 564x947, c1b2573afd2ec3ee6abce77d12b198…)

nta but I think it's Aizawa from boku no hero academia

No. 1033054

Yeah, it's supposed to be him kek

No. 1033057

File: 1642618936358.jpg (37.88 KB, 600x337, tumblr_inline_mz03w40s8T1swymc…)

I thought that was Jesus from Saint Young Men at first kek

No. 1033060

why would you even fuck someone you're pissed at

No. 1033062

Oh my anon where can I see the full pic?

No. 1033075

No. 1033085

Thanks nona, the ugly cat underwear kinda ruined it though.

No. 1033192

thinking about that one old polish movie where women decided to get rid of all men and achieved lesbian utopia.

No. 1033197

fucking shit ass Surfshark VPN randomly signs you out so you disconnect in the middle of a session, I was torrenting too. Hope my school doesn't punish me for it. Do not download this shitty VPN

No. 1033199

You need to tell us the title.

No. 1033201

File: 1642625299716.png (342.64 KB, 641x524, abort.png)

I'm honestly convinced that most of the men posting memes about being a "based chad Christian" aren't actually properly religious, or even truly believe in God or Jesus. It just happens to be the current trend among "based" conservative scrotes to justify their misogyny and homophobia with religion. I remember years back when being an atheist and dunking on religions was trendy on the internet, if someone was posting memes like this on major online platforms they most likely would've been made fun of. If a scrote spends his days posting shitty chad/wojak/whateverthefuck memes, browsing /pol/ and ranting about how abortion and homosexuality is a sin, I genuinely think the only reason he claims to be a "Christian" is to just seem cool and based and to have an excuse for some outdated conservative opinions.

Though I have to admit, banning porn would actually be pretty based

No. 1033205

God that manga is so cute.

No. 1033206

nta but it's "Seksmisja" and it's not a happy ending though.

No. 1033209

tbh its not like they had any qualms about killing males before. they can just use the infants for organs like they planed with the protagonists.

No. 1033211

My vet told me to throw out the whole litter box every 3 months, but that seems so wasteful. I wonder if she is sponsored by Big Litter

No. 1033214

File: 1642625917341.jpg (171.49 KB, 800x1173, saint-oniisan-4053183.jpg)

Hell yeah it is

No. 1033233

I'm so fucking lazy, I don't want to do anything.

No. 1033243

Same but we have to get off our asses

No. 1033248

Yes, I'll go do the laundry and wash dishes.

No. 1033259

File: 1642630682443.jpg (411.6 KB, 1366x803, u cannot handle my most kawaii…)

i have been a chronic forum lurker for like 10 years but now i have gotten over my post anxiety

No. 1033260

The fact that the "mento illness luv" woman isn't actually British at all is still so hilarious to me.

No. 1033263

So proud of you nonacita

No. 1033267

She is the first passing transnational

No. 1033269

Do they still exist?! I would like to be in one, as a kid I spend so much time in forums. Social media is cancer.

No. 1033286

Same, but I always end up adapting a persona or style whenever it's an un-anon one

No. 1033294

Sexmission??? I found it a decade ago on the Wikipedia article for the best films of every country, surely Poland has produced something better though lmao
Plot iirc is two guys get cryogenically frozen and wake up in the woman-only future where women have to take anti-horny pills

No. 1033340

I REALLY want to live in Gensokyo…

No. 1033345

You and every weeb tranny alive

No. 1033355

The fighting in the genshin thread is so amusing, I knew this would happen after the second short post about Diluc being straight. I wanted to respond then but thought that no one would take such obvious bait anyway kek

No. 1033397

You can use litter box liners. When I lived in a house with a yard I hosed the litterbox out periodically but I can't do that anymore because apartment so I get liners

No. 1033409

I don't even eat meat, but I've heard people say that cleaning chicken with salt and limes makes it taste better and it makes me want to try it.

No. 1033422

Why would you clean chicken. Doesn’t already come clean

No. 1033423

File: 1642643630437.jpg (191.26 KB, 1024x1024, 5d6f6926ca89d47a751157d3344872…)

i was looking at clothes in shopee and came across an ad for these and this picture is confusing and slightly haunting me

No. 1033424

File: 1642643641207.png (257.53 KB, 860x787, 339-3392056_zun-reimu-hakurei-…)

I'm so mad that trannies appropriated Touhou, i liked it since i'm 8yo because i was happy there was a videogame with a bunch of girls like me, they also wore cute dresses and were magical, but NOOOO trannies had to fucking ruin it, right?

No. 1033425

Me too anon, they can't take it away from us

No. 1033429

Probably more suited for /m/ but why does the script in Don't Look Up try so hard to force the "sexy" scientist thing onto DiCaprio's character? He looks like old shit and not sexy at all, that would literally never have been memed naturally about this movie kek. He must have begged them to add that in. Lmao.

No. 1033430

A female-only alternate universe with pretty dresses, neat magic and all conflicts end with teatime? I'd love it

No. 1033431

i have been thinking about this again lately kek

touhou nonnies, lets band together

No. 1033457

File: 1642646261771.jpg (45.35 KB, 960x640, 160922050846966287360766730212…)

late reply, but wow were guilds just timebombs for hormonal preteens lolol. I dated the guild leader and friended him on Facebook after we fell out of Maplestory (ie he ghosted me after we got in-game married to go play WoW but we tried to reconnect years later. I eventually unfriended him without saying anything). I'm still kind of in touch with one of my guild mates, but I'm a burger and she's all the way in England. I really hope I can visit her one day! I was on private servers too but for some reason whenever I download MS again I just stick to the main game, reasoning that I want to interact with more people– even though I immediately switch channels whenever I see anyone else lol.

No. 1033550

Well it's satire, that might be the point? He's not sexy at all but I absolutely believe if those characters got spotlight irl Jennifer's character would be ridiculed while Leo, as the male, would get plenty of unwarranted praise. People love to pretend old men are hot because it lets men perpetuate the 'men age like fine wine' meme and women with low self esteem can fawn over attainable men in their league.

No. 1033554

File: 1642652781453.jpeg (133.14 KB, 687x505, EF1B352F-66BB-4229-9F27-294A33…)

How about just not let trannies ruin things for you

No. 1033556

Damn these are all the big shots. Are they missing anyone big that I forgot?

No. 1033557

File: 1642653052247.jpg (75.73 KB, 350x525, the_witchs_house.jpg)

The twist ending to this game still lives in my head after all these years

No. 1033558

File: 1642653134602.png (16.54 KB, 509x386, 1602346069404.png)

I love Touhou, the gross side of the fanbase sucks but the fact that the actual games are totally devoid of sexualization thanks to ZUN's artstyle makes it easy for me to forget about them and just enjoy the series.

No. 1033560

damn i forgot how good this game was

No. 1033569

Whats the twist ending?

No. 1033587

na but wikipedia has an entire plot description, sorry won't copy paste cause I'm on phone

No. 1033599

love u fellow touhou nonny

No. 1033603

this but lain and yume nikki

No. 1033607

new minecraft villain in 3, 2, 1…

No. 1033619

I want a full Brazilian wax again. I tried to care less about my maintenance down there but I want to rip the hair out so badly. The funny thing is that I wouldn't mind if I had a girlfriend with a bush but I can't stand hair on myself. I'm not looking forward to how long it's going to take to shave but I hate the hair more than I hate shaving.

No. 1033661

i read this is financed by the same people who did astroworld and that the tickets are $225. likely being used to finance their fight against the people who are (rightfully) suing the shit out of them

No. 1033684

File: 1642665377690.gif (232.25 KB, 160x84, FC6FFF8A-917A-4DF4-A4F2-E8F02F…)

This is old as fuck and I haven’t watched Naruto since 2009 but this gif is still gold

No. 1033732


No. 1033772

File: 1642669874145.webm (3.79 MB, 576x1024, 08b169152ea55c0628e7abd79766c1…)

i don't know what's going on with me right now but ive been crying over how much i love women and how glad i am that all my friends are women. it may have been spurred on by watching this

No. 1033778

I can't remember where, but I think I saw this video a while back as well. They're all so beautiful, real works of art.

No. 1033784

can people stop derailing topics just to prove they are better to each other ffs. dunno if it's because i didnt follow threads as closely as before, but it seems to be happening more. let it go and stop trying to prove yourself to another anonymous person geez

No. 1033838

File: 1642676021771.jpg (143.74 KB, 1079x1079, 243265806_409719840587666_3560…)

The fact that male identifyed hoes like ashnikko and doja cat are considered femninist icons when this queen exists

No. 1033847

she is really cool but i can't get into her music. no reason why people who like ashnikko don't prefer her though. she's a much, much, much better version of her

No. 1033851

Why won't you tell me her naaaaame

No. 1033854


No. 1033862

Skater bros always have the highest, most unjustified standards in women. I don't know what raises their egos so much or gives them the impression that their smelly hobo looking asses deserve the toppest tier chicks, but every skater and skater group I've come across (in multiple countries) always has this phenomena. Yeah where there's skater bros there's also the stupid little skater groupie girls, but is that really enough to raise their egos monolithically?

No. 1033864

Oh shiiiiiiiiiiiiit I'm gonna play some Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2

No. 1033887

idk where to post this but does anyone know the youtuber heyparis? i've watched her for years at this point and she recently posted this video talking about how her mac pro got hacked because she downloaded a fake nike catalogue from a scam email. apparently the hacker had control over her mac, being able to open photobooth and take pictures of her, all the while emailing the photos for her and blackmailing her into giving them money. she said she took the mac to apple service and they couldn't find anything on the computer so she just bought a new one. does this seem kinda fishy or fake to anyone else? i had a macbook in the past and i know it's pretty much impossible for someone to gain access to it so easily, and viruses don't infect macs the way they do other pc's.

No. 1033905

File: 1642682715297.jpg (116.45 KB, 500x815, a8e47474cccc38054d8a3752a5962d…)

I, too, want to merge with alien hivemind garden and peacefully cease existing, Annihilation is such a great movie

No. 1033907

that movie was crazy

No. 1033912

Took me forever to finally watch it because it had such poor reviews when it came out, but it lives in my head rent free ever since I did, it's so unique; I guess it's can be polarizing because of that

No. 1033915

I was engaged to a skater, but I was never part of the girls that followed them about. He referred to them as skater hags. Ime skater dudes were the better pick of moids to date. Generally they were easy to get on with and didn't discriminate against others unless they tried to stop them from skating. There usually doted on. And athletic without being like team sport moids and skip out on all that locker room chat shite

No. 1033925

Scanditard is shitting up the relationship advice thread in /g/ again.

No. 1033927

File: 1642684113645.jpg (120.46 KB, 683x1024, ww.jpg)

She has that Wendy Williams physiognomy, and is a YTer. Probably exaggerated something that actually happened (or almost happened)

No. 1033942

it's funny how she's so obvious and she gets clocked for being scanditard every time she posts

No. 1033950

File: 1642685014899.gif (236.18 KB, 220x177, emoji-open-eyed.gif)

>She has that Wendy Williams physiognomy
i just find it really weird since even apple themselves told her it's impossible, it's definitely exaggerated

No. 1033962

eurofag thread: most active, actual eurofags talking about interesting or disturbing things about their countries

amerifag: inactive, depressing, isolating just like america

No. 1033966

As a euro i was very curious about reading the burger thread, hoping for insights, but whenever I glance at it I find nothing interesting and i stopped even glancing at it now.

No. 1033989

Sometimes I see something so cringey I cease to cringe and just admire it for what it is.

No. 1033999

There is far more discussion on Our Queen, and many other of our cows, on KF than on here.
Lack of moderation and admin participation lately has had visible bad effects. Who's going to peruse the infighting shitshow that is the Luna thread here when they can have a nice chat about her in the Beauty Parlor.
If we continue like this, the site will die.

No. 1034001

I wonder how many traffic here is actually about cows and how much isn't.

No. 1034003

File: 1642688562958.jpg (82.59 KB, 605x414, unnamed.jpg)

I've never bought clothing patterns since I started sewing in highschool, half because I was cosplaying so patterns weren't really available for what I wanted to make, and half because I couldn't justify paying for them when I could just figure that shit out myself. I just got used to having to make my own patterns. Now I'm an adult with a job and I'm struggling to convince myself to just buy these cute patterns I found because I'm tired of staring at stock photos trying to figure the pattern out myself. I hate my cheap ass self.

No. 1034005

I posted a review for a facial soap bar on a small bussiness' website I ordered it from. I gave it 2 stars but was completely respectful and objective, nothing rude. It had to be manually approved, two weeks later and they've still not posted it, but someone's 5 star review was posted. Thanks I won't be buying from you anymore.

No. 1034006

Idk I've never seen any analytics
But if it's not about cows anymore, let's rename the website to just "lol"

No. 1034064

I wish the historical costuming community drama was more entertaining. But it's mostly americans accusing each other as racists…

No. 1034081

Anon I highly recommend going on Groupon and getting a set of laser hair removal appointments

No. 1034254

I just bitched on the vent thread about being terrified of driving, and I was telling my boss that I finally called to find out about prices and he told me to save the receipt so I could charge it to the company… Yeah it means that I'd make myself available for them to ask me to drive around for work but I know it'd be rare (my boss only does it on occasion) and in exchange for getting my driving lessons paid for?!?!? Fuck yeah time to not be such a pussy. God I love how nonchalant my boss is about spending our department's funds kek

No. 1034262

File: 1642700234083.png (145.67 KB, 256x256, Toast with chocolate spread, m…)

Getting closer

No. 1034263

That's awesome!

No. 1034268

Please stop, NTF.

No. 1034309

i want a man who will let my weak ass hit and throw a tantrum when i'm tired and angry. is this too much to ask for?

No. 1034317

Why the fuck was my zoom class cancelled because of the weather, it's virtual

No. 1034323

Is that Shayna

No. 1034329

why do these mindfuckphoniablobs always physically hurt my brain? why??

No. 1034345

Internet and electricity can fail in case of thunder, storm, strong wind etc

No. 1034408

What are you referring to nonna

No. 1034416

I mean it makes sense. Most of the internet and the website is Amerifag anyway, meanwhile finding other Euros especially from smaller Euro countries is rarer

No. 1034424

Just found out the teacher of the feminism class I signed up for is a she/they.

No. 1034425

Nonas, what are your favorite NDS (gonna repeat it for emphasis, NDS, not 3DS) games with no story?

No. 1034428

Crafting mama kek

No. 1034436

shit like the reddit hate thread being derailed by women who shit on each other about wedding rings, genshin thread(it's the one I read)being derailed by heteroshippers and fujos about which is better to ship , the unpopular opinions thread being derailed by women arguing about husbandos and real life men (it's still ongoing) and similar examples.when i see this shit i realise it's time to log off and maybe the ones who argue should do the same

No. 1034445

File: 1642706930108.png (891.3 KB, 538x868, Untitled.png)

samefag, i actually forgot why i came back and it was to post this cute lady

No. 1034454

No. 1034456

Are you surprised? Kek

No. 1034469

File: 1642707504065.gif (12.11 MB, 410x499, 1642707086519.gif)

GO MAE E!!!!!!!

No. 1034475

The amerifag thread had the potential to be interesting, but it immediately dissolved
into endless psychotic seething about "coastal elites". Just like the tinfoil, coof, and consoomer threads, it was ruined by a couple of schizos who don't know how to shut up.

No. 1034480

File: 1642707752281.gif (246.06 KB, 370x300, Kirari_LINE1.gif)

wrong gif but let it stay

No. 1034483

File: 1642707772696.jpg (70.44 KB, 640x627, prr3.jpg)

>I'm so mad that trannies appropriated Touhou
What? They did?
Thanks god I'm not on social media I would probably rage if I see trannies into Touhou.


>touhou nonnies, lets band together
I wish I would be in women only Touhou group sigh

No. 1034485

you forgot to add that amerifags are trying to make thread about themselves on eurofag thread

No. 1034489

I'm so fucking jealous, one of my friends got her noir on the free rolls.

No. 1034492

Why do you want to let trannies ruin shit for you? Stop letting men have their way and be less weak minded.

No. 1034495

File: 1642707946628.png (667.45 KB, 4026x1695, d660q4q-dffa896e-26dc-4ebd-8a4…)

nayrt but they did and it makes me feel horrible. they are labeling that 2hu made them realise they 'liked girls' (wow! a straight man…liking girls! who would have thought) and there is A LOT of sjw posting on 2hu twitter of all places.

No. 1034499

yeah idgi, why not just enjoy it for yourself

No. 1034502

File: 1642708273934.jpeg (51.26 KB, 462x431, 870BBCD4-612A-4026-985A-EBD9F2…)

More people need to learn this. I hate when interests I've had since a child are labelled for moids/trannies, especially by other anons here. I like what I like and I don't care who else likes it. I'll never let internet strangers ruin things I like for me.

No. 1034503

when i was in elementary/highschool i followed all the characters, some games, the music very closely! i still love everything about the series even though i am kind of out of touch lol stupid to say, but i think it would be cool to die and reincarnate and hang with fellow immortals or something! every touhou character is pretty cool and i still love the music!

No. 1034509

people can't ruin for me what I already ruin for myself anyway! that's my motto and I'm stickin' to it!

No. 1034516

I like watching weeb music where it's just a car driving on the road.
I'm just sipping coffee depressed refreshing lolcow.
Join me, nonnies.

No. 1034518

i remember people would make fun of koge donbos art but its so cute to me still

No. 1034521

this video was one of my lockdown favorites

No. 1034522

File: 1642708875561.jpeg (24.15 KB, 540x317, 1C82ED26-964D-43A7-871C-3F89A8…)

No nonnie don't be depressed cheer up sweet nonnie

No. 1034524

File: 1642709109199.jpg (35.8 KB, 460x435, gdd8.jpg)


Well, I won't lie, the male Touhou fans have always been the weirdest.
I remember weebs in my country used to call Touhou fans pedos. And from what I saw, I'm not surprised they called them that way.

> i still love everything about the series even though i am kind of out of touch
Same anon, I still love this series to death. I like Lost Word game and read all these stories. Dankagura is also good.
I still play the original games but I'm not as good at danmaku as I was in the past.

No. 1034534

you are right about the men. they ruin it all and as a kid i would be confused as to why most fans seemed to be men when its such a fun thing to like as a girl, imagining kickin it back in gensokyo lol

i am guilty though because i only got to play the games a few times back when i had windows xp. i gave my family computer and my laptop lots of bad viruses after downloading touhou game torrent. where do you read stories? personally my favourite thing was just monitoring whether new characters were coming, getting to know their songs and then listening to diff arranges.

No. 1034538

File: 1642709591618.jpg (1.1 MB, 2500x3420, xxza.jpg)

bug eyes hater gtfo, we appreciate bug eyed anime girls
if you have more, please feel free to post em, they're dumb comfy
thank you nonnie, kisses for you

No. 1034542

No. 1034544

Tumblr sjws making dni graphics as a part of every photoset they post piss me off. I hate having to see it, especially when they list literal pedophiles with terfs, fujoshis and shippers. And let's not forget the "'anyone can interact blogs' dni" kek. Who they fuck wants to write a list of everything that they hate for every post on their hobby blog.

This was so many weebs Deviantart webcam back in the day

No. 1034547

I always fear being hated because of my opinions because a big percentage of the people I know are against them. So,, this is just a bunch of random rants I've accumulated over the past month or so.

Trisha Paytas is an attention seeker and bases her content on the dumbest shit.
Omg, shocker, but it's just surprising how much people are willing to forgive a white woman who cried crocodile tears after being racist, homophobic, and overall, a terrible person that tries to attract views in the worst ways possible. The fact she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder is not an excuse, regardless of how much her fans try to say that it is because of her diagnosis.

No. 1034548

Fuck up newfag

No. 1034549

she's based and like a roach she'll be bacc

No. 1034551

>where do you read stories?
I mean, I have read all the main and events stories on Touhou Lost Word game. You can easily download it on your app store.

>personally my favourite thing was just monitoring whether new characters were coming, getting to know their songs and then listening to diff arranges.

Yes, I still do it today.
I have fuckton arrange albums downloaded that I listen to this day. Now downloading these are bothersome because most sites that I downloaded from are dead now sigh.
I especially listen to Akatsuki Records, stack voice is pure heaven.

No. 1034556

All the anime nostalgia reminds me of how good slice of life or SoL romance anime used to be like. There was never really any need for fanservice back then, and you could still find some genuinely nice titles without wiggling boobs.

No. 1034585

No they don't "ruin it all" you're just letting them live rent free in your head unironically. Stop giving men power over your interests you dumm dumms.
Or let them ruin your fun, it's only your loss.

No. 1034589

The SoL genre is generally light on fanservice even today, it's mostly the haremshit that ramped it up - plus there were tons of shit coomerbait shows 10-15 years ago, they've just mostly all been forgotten now about in favor of the good shows. Though I do have heavy nostalgia for the stuff that aired in the 2000s/early 2010s.

No. 1034590


No. 1034624

Almond milk so good. Candy apples are a scam.

No. 1034632

Hi I'm a lolcow feminist and I sperg at other women for watching cartoons instead of dating men. All women should be barefoot and pregnant and married to a scrote. I also really can't stand those ugly bitches with nasolabial folds, saggy tits and imperfect vaginas, time to make my 15th post of the day in Shayna's thread talking about the wrinkles in her pussy. That bitch Olivia Rodrigo is so plain too, ugh. Every so often, I might start an argument around whether or not men of other races like me, as women of other races are just jealous because their scrotes like me more (btw I hate scrotes). Later in the day, I might have a well-deserved, very justified vent about scrotes of my race worshiping women of other races. No, I'm not a pick me, and I don't care about men or dating. I hate pick mes and I am actually misandrist, why would you think otherwise? I despise zoomers btw, here is my 900th essay this month about why people born after me are actually cancer (especially other women and girls). No I'm not bitter or insecure about my age at all. Another thing: Women who wear clothes I don't like, or have hobbies I don't share are nothing but consoomers and possible fetishists. Btw I don't like prostitution or trannies, so I'm actually progressive and a radical feminist. I am very pro-women's rights. I only ate 500 calories today. Time to text my /r9k/ boyfriend, I can fix him (do not call me a scrote - I am simply logical and you all need to grow up)

No. 1034633

thank you i should give you money for that

No. 1034634

File: 1642714691750.jpg (368.2 KB, 1500x1500, P7730_701-29237_02.jpg)

I didn't give a fuck about squishmallows but I just saw this Pikachu one and now I desperately want it UGHHHHHHHH

No. 1034635

File: 1642714721880.jpg (42.63 KB, 625x626, IMG_7437.JPG)

No. 1034638

KEK this is great anon

No. 1034639

One of the topics listed was something like 'the conflict between liberal politics and feminist politics' so I was hoping she'd be a terf.

No. 1034642

No. 1034644

My brain is so dumb. Ever since I was a kid I always felt so attached to inanimate objects, like if I saw a jacket abandoned on the street or something it would just make me sad. I dropped the little fabric cover that goes over my umbrella and I hate losing my stuff but then I got weirdly sad thinking about how its probably gotten trampled on and super dirty by now. Why the fuck am I like this lol

No. 1034645

I like you and you make really great points but you need to let things go and shut up sometimes srs

No. 1034652

I'm the same way. I keep my closet tidy to make a good "home" for new clothes.

No. 1034659

I kind of want a Banette plush. Maybe I'll make one myself.

No. 1034678

It's still kind of crazy to me that CCC was apparently created because of the KPop threads here getting shut down, because I don't remember it being mentioned at all after that whole thing happened. I guess cause advertising is against the rules.

No. 1034679

its overwhelming presence of boygroup stans makes it a magnet for cringe

they have okay content every once in awhile, what's the point if you either like girlgroups or want to be critical, it's mostly them circlejerking over the talentless moids and their noise music

No. 1034683

File: 1642716587758.jpeg (54.32 KB, 640x641, coffee-bar-ideas-1620838970.jp…)

I'm building a coffee bar for some guests nonnies and need suggestions. What do you like to put in your coffee?

No. 1034688

Can you add a decaffeinated option? I can't consume caffeine because of heart problems but I love coffee.

No. 1034703

Honey, almond/cashew milk

No. 1034706

condensed milk pls

No. 1034723


No. 1034743


No. 1034758

Its so funny that there's 13 Things You Hate threads, but the Things you like thread is still on it's first installment.

No. 1034768

My loneliness is humbling me. Maybe I'm not the greatest bitch ever. Maybe there's a reason no one is calling to hang out.

No. 1034770

A certain bitch is about to get the Pilot Juice Up pens a random nonnie in another thread mentioned

No. 1034783

As much as I hate the metaverse concept maybe it would be cool to play dress up basically like a vr doll divine that would be nice

No. 1034790

Omg yeah let's do it we need to make a game like that VR chatroom game, but with a built in character creator, and with pretty built in maps like a cafe or a field in the mountains or a forest to go exploring with friends in our pretty dresses. And maybe if you have those gloves for VR or whatever I don't know how that works,you could design your own clothing, draping cloth on a mannequin

No. 1034794

I have the 04 black one it has a tendency to smear depending on how fast you draw or write.

No. 1034807

Nooooo! Well, fuck. I got the pastel set in 04. I usually don't like anything that isn't an 07, but I'm a pen whore and really wanted to try them.

No. 1034813


No. 1034839

Done! Anything else? Half n half? Syrups? Oat milk?

No. 1034864

File: 1642725757391.jpeg (213.55 KB, 750x952, 1528A007-A80B-4B67-8EB3-6F5EBF…)

Bump to hide gore

No. 1034954

>t. tiktok zoomer

No. 1034973

chocolate syrup would rule

No. 1035061

i don't understand why there needs to be a fujo vs yume thread. it's clearly just a few tards consistently fighting (and the recent spammer?) while the rest of us are chilling with the sexualize 2d men glasses on.

No. 1035069

Mocha and hazelnut syrup! Maybe peppermint syrup too if you can find it. Peppermint is one of my favorite coffee flavors, but I only get it as a creamer during the holidays.

No. 1035072

Be the change. Start sexualizing 2d men in there.

No. 1035074

don't worry nonnie, i'm already looking at my husbando like a piece of meat and finding doujins where his friends are having gay sex

No. 1035081

File: 1642737984611.jpeg (370.34 KB, 828x2606, 7273B35D-0DB4-4CF6-AF5D-87592A…)

I fell down a rabbit hole of listening and reading transcripts of the Nixon tapes and I don’t know why but picrel is making me lose my shit. He’s so homophobic but listening to the actual recording is even funnier than reading it. He’s such a cow.

No. 1035086

File: 1642738324052.jpg (132.38 KB, 885x614, Screenshot_20220120-221134.jpg)

He's right

Pic related

No. 1035092

File: 1642738683644.jpg (29.16 KB, 375x295, nixon.JPG)

Based and Pinkpilled

No. 1035093

Never thought i’d say this but pretty based of Nixon

No. 1035113

Nixononny, so true!

No. 1035115

This fucker…

No. 1035118

Here is what else he had to say about gay people. Given that this was 1971 I’m actually kind of shocked by how progressive (for lack of a better term) he is being. He also kind of reminds me of what farmers in the mtf thread say about gay troons when they infight about how glorifying gay men in the media has led to all the handmaidens we have today. Something like that.

No. 1035119

I hate this nigga too nonny, I-N-S-U-F-F-E-R-A-B-L-E

No. 1035125

He gets 1 nanometer from the truth and backs off, it's "scrotes will groom boys into gayness bc men are naturally pedoes". And pretty sure those societies fail bc the scrotes are too busy indulging their dick to keep things running or have a family.

No. 1035133

He is 100% right. Males will sacrifice anything and everything for their perverse fetishes and desires, while it’s not only a “gay” thing like they make it seem it’s more of a male thing, gay or straight or whatever moids are pedophilic and gross. The romans and greeks were the worst of society and I hate how these zoomers make them out to seem like some sort of gay utopia when it was little boys being abused and groomed into becoming abusers themselves.

No. 1035155

I fucking knew it
This is why women’s pants don’t have pockets

No. 1035158

Who is this?

No. 1035198

File: 1642746614075.jpg (73.21 KB, 634x634, 45D3BEA700000578-0-image-a-5_1…)


No. 1035224

File: 1642747824298.jpg (53.68 KB, 960x604, FB_IMG_1490375796944.jpg)

Don't scroll down.

No. 1035236

looks like it's all been cleaned up, here and on /pt/, so should be safe until his next spergout
thank you for that picture I love it

No. 1035245

File: 1642748808820.jpg (122.8 KB, 1007x749, 80e661dd4049687ef21067f0fe9d2c…)

No. 1035247

I'm going to be laughing at this for years

No. 1035248

File: 1642749024435.jpeg (25.64 KB, 557x550, 70099E97-448E-43B8-B867-A89F0A…)

I love Swans. They make good music and there are some unsettling parallels between my life and Michael Gira’s, so it’s even better. This is why I can’t understand the Michael Gira poster. How can you listen to Love Will Save You and then write about the possible sexual habits and behaviour of Michael Gira? The man’s hands are firmly tied to the sinking leadweight and you’re wondering whether he’s asexual? He can’t even elegantly bleed out the poison blood of failure and you’re wondering about his preferred pace during sexual activity?

No. 1035251

File: 1642749148837.jpg (114.63 KB, 640x640, e02fe27b57f92bcb927e04fe1b1eb9…)


No. 1035253

That's how it is on this bitch of an earth

No. 1035279

File: 1642752103377.png (50.15 KB, 594x461, 5EF29702-3C38-448F-B644-347F7E…)

No. 1035281

File: 1642752234220.jpg (13.56 KB, 559x423, mmnah.jpg)

No. 1035383


No. 1035398

which one of you just used nonnie in the im@s thread

No. 1035439

Can anons please keep this shit in 2X or twitter hate thread

No. 1035443

i just wanna live in the woods so i can go outside and scream hysterically when i want. tho tbh i wont have many animal friends if i develop that habit

No. 1035450

the bump scrote types just like this guy that simped for me for a year before I graduated uni. I don't find him bumping threads in snow nearly as annoying but reading his comments in /meta/ does trigger the urge to check the locks on my doors. maybe this all could have been avoided if I'd agreed to play civ with him… I'm sorry I wasn't strong enough lad