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File: 1633395121348.gif (540.49 KB, 768x768, begone.gif)

No. 930681

Go bonkers, go nutters, go absolutely fucking dumb as shit

Previous avatarfagging:

No. 930683


No. 930686

I enjoy OP pic, it's cathartic

No. 930687


No. 930691


No. 930692

Chris Redfield from Resident Evil…mmm I want a piece of that

No. 930694

File: 1633396712462.jpg (56.25 KB, 540x446, tumblr_nvb9h3Fnsy1tz1weuo1_540…)

No. 930695

Whoa you posted this right after I got done checking his fanfiction tag. Spooky.

No. 930696

File: 1633397085398.jpg (132 KB, 500x500, 31245819.jpg)

I used to be so obsessed with piers nivans… he was so cute kek i loved fandom piers

No. 930701

File: 1633397886516.jpg (257.91 KB, 1000x1000, 57994463_p0_master1200.jpg)

Good taste anon, Piers is adorable! I don't ship these two together but I love all the artwork of them.

No. 930702

Thinking of the anon whose idea got stolen by a scrote in some programming competition. Did he win any money? If you didn’t do anything about it I’m gonna punch you

No. 930709

File: 1633398866588.jpg (26.26 KB, 500x375, Tumblr_l_509257668136565.jpg)

I hope she stood up for herself. When in doubt, what would an obnoxious scrote do? Probably ree and threaten him

No. 930710

File: 1633398869217.jpg (343.64 KB, 1000x1415, 31530280_big_p6.jpg)

The art is so cute! This is my favorite artist because their art is the perfect mix of funny and cute (they were my all time favorite re6 artist for a while kek)

No. 930717

Same. I played this game with my mom and we both loved him. Fuck that ending.

No. 930727

File: 1633402617260.jpeg (108.76 KB, 2208x1242, norm.jpeg)

i fucking miss him nonnies. i can't hear anything about 9/11 without hearing him say "9/11" followed by insane laughter

No. 930732

I want to get that sky nebula star projector thing to put in my room because it’s so otherwise boring. I’m also just impulsive about wanting to buy things because I’m bored and I think it’ll transform my emotional state seeing pretty colors

No. 930734

"Murder is now legal in the state of California!"

No. 930735

It's not my place to judge what others do with their bodies or how they choose to practise their faith or whatever. But it's weird when muslim women wear a hijab or other hair cover for modesty, yet then paint their faces to look like Kim Kardashian. Or style the hijab to look like pigtails and putting on so much make up it looks like a drag queen farted on them.
Like if you're gonna wear religious garb for "modesty" or something, isn't doing all those things counterintuitive

No. 930737

File: 1633403985426.jpeg (71.89 KB, 500x500, CD603956-CFA0-4945-8E64-0B2FCF…)

>the fact that i got used as a practice sex/girlfriend by a terminally boring fat manlet with ego issues
fucking embarrassing

No. 930738

I drew a self-portrait of myself and I had the weirdest out-of-body dissociative episode, I could not believe what I was looking at I can’t believe I’m a real person that’s living I can’t handle this.

No. 930739

I love the thread pic so much, thanks OPy chan

No. 930742

Maya, is that you? kek

No. 930743

File: 1633405515418.jpg (38.2 KB, 750x665, Tumblr_l_517007711991526.jpg)

Time to ascend

Find a practice husband

No. 930744

File: 1633405537061.jpeg (67.52 KB, 640x550, A183ED84-AF48-4030-9E80-01EDD9…)

This bitch is a tranny I can feel it. Look at that awful wig

No. 930746

OPy gangnam chan

No. 930748

Opa homeless style

No. 930749

File: 1633405947926.jpeg (64.79 KB, 650x366, 1EE6F6BA-9972-4700-B854-5C4885…)


No. 930750

File: 1633406085296.jpg (24.9 KB, 300x300, e605174dd8304c5f3b3ce8016e301b…)

Opa (brazilian-portuguese)

No. 930753

sonic is banned, you have an hour to delete that photo or you will be permabanned for 7 days

No. 930755

Whats that? sonic super saiyajin?

No. 930757

I hate their fucking round generic emoji faces ugh

No. 930797

File: 1633417227281.gif (971.36 KB, 493x345, giphy.gif)

No. 930827

File: 1633423872398.png (2.67 MB, 2044x1564, E-naezvXoAAn8UF.png)

gangam style

No. 930842

body made entirely of tumors but comfortable. I'm pleased for him

No. 930843

is this official mlp? it's hideous

No. 930845

I had an awful sex dream last night, I will spoiler the details but basically it involved attempting to have sex with this very sickly, skinny young man. his skin was a greyish hue. his penis was long but thin and had a huge bulbous head. he couldn't stay hard either. I was doing all the work and he was just sort of writhing about underneath me and making sickly noises. it was absolutely disgusting and I resent my mind for making me dream such a thing

No. 930854

Don't worry about it, plenty of young women dream and fantasise about Timothee Chalamet.

No. 930864

No. 930870

I could go on for a solid couple of hours about everything wrong with the new MLP and how they set it up. It's not terrible, it's just not good and makes no sense and is kind of ugly.

No. 930873

Wait, really? Please tell me more, I’m curious, i never really watched the other ones but I got to read a lot about the lore because I’m a fucking retard.
But i don’t know if I want to do some research about this new mlp.

No. 930883

So like, to start off I think it was a big mistake to try and link G4 to G5. They made G4 "ancient" in this generation. So like, as far as the movie establishes, there is hardly any written text from the time of the mane six, yet Sunny (the protag of the movie) has hand carved dolls of the mane six and mentions the elements of harmony while playing pretend.
Literally the entire movie is her trying to convince other types of ponies that all ponies used to be friends. So why not show them the stuff about the elements of harmony? Because apparently there isn't any actual record of it, just vague ideas of it through random pictures of cutie marks.

Speaking of cutie marks… Oh wait, no one did! Not once, the entire movie, I didn't know what Sunny's cutie mark was. Cutie marks are a big deal, as far as G4 goes, so why no mention? Sunny's cutie mark btw is literally a lop sided star with some blue streaks.

Back to the plot, apparently there is no magic now. It is never explained why there is no magic, it is assumed that its because the different ponies aren't friends anymore. But it's never explained WHY the pegasus, unicorns and earth ponies are afraid/dislike each other. We spend the entire movie running after macguffin crystals to get the magic back all while learning nothing about the characters or what makes them special. I know nothing about Sunny and she's the main character. She's.. Determined? Kind hearted? Okay?? So is literally everyone, what is her special talent?? I can't even remember the lesbian haircut pegasus pony's name. We go through a whole bunch of pointless shit to get these crystals, and they do nothing, because the whole time it was the magic of friendship despite having learned nothing about each other or establishing any unique qualities or skills in the ponies.

The stupidest part? Sunny turns into a fucking mystical light alicorn or some shit, it's ridiculous. I don't know if it's permanent.

It's never explained what happened to the princesses that literally move the sun and the moon, and other species such as Griffins, or even Crystal ponies are mentioned. It isn't established where in Equestria we are, but it's assumed to be the same province as Canterlot because there is a technology company called Canterlogic. Even so, some cities are apparently just gone, like Cloudsdale, since the pegasus ponies now live in "Zephyr Heights" the new capitalist city of Equestria. I guess you could say that's because Cloudsdale is "ancient" in some unestablished and undocumented way. There's so much shit wrong I can't even keep up with it, I'm sure I could think of more random shit that just feels wrong and off and is totally unexplained and thrown away by the end of the movie.

I didn't even mention the side plot, about two boys. It's pointless, boring, unfunny and cliché. There is one meanie boy, and one sweetie responsible boy. Meanie boy wants to be in charge when he grows up. They grow up, sweetie responsible is sheriff, meanie boy big mad. Sweetie responsible goes away after protag, while he's gone big meanie takes his place!! Uh oh, chaos ensues. Thanks, I hate it.

No. 930887

Samefag but being told the mane six are in the ancient past in the first minute of the movie is like waking up in a dystopian future where all your friends are dead.

No. 930891

File: 1633434101297.jpeg (37.13 KB, 233x250, 81D1855E-7AD4-44A4-A349-81B1EE…)

That’s so shit, I’m not even a mlp fan and I’m pissed, it’s basically the kind of dumbass fanfic that everyone skips because nothing makes sense and the characters are a bunch of nobody OCs.
I thought it was a series when I first saw some random pictures on Pinterest, the fact that this is a movie makes it even more pathetic.

No. 930895

Thanks for writing all that. Aw man I feel sad, what a failed opportunity
It's funny how the bottom three have the exact same face

No. 930899

File: 1633434626764.jpg (63.43 KB, 749x1026, Alicorn_Sunny.jpg)

I'm glad you noticed because it irked me the whole movie, all they had to do was change the eye shapes.
I guess the movie is coming first and it's like the introduction to the series. I'm going to watch the first few episodes to see how they clean up their mess but I don't have high hopes. Hopefully different writers? They'll definitely be more time for character development, but G4 managed to establish character traits and qualities in all six in the first 2 episodes which is only 44 minutes next to the movies 120 minutes.

Picrel is Sunny becoming a weird pseudo alicorn thing, I wish someone would shoot her down

No. 930903

They're all fugly

No. 930906

I hate how she has glowing wings and a horn to represent an "ultimate pony". This is earth pony erasure. She should have glowing hooves too, to represent earth ponies; now it looks like she just got the appendages she was "missing". Earth ponies are not missing anything they are perfect as they are. Sorry for autism

No. 930908

Fuck yeah, tell it like it is. You don't see Pinkie Pie and Apple Jack growing freakish glowing appendages. Twilight Sparkle had to work for years to fulfill her destiny of becoming a princess and Sunny gets to super saiyan without even trying.

No. 930917

It’s true, nonnie, and from a consoomer ebil capitalistic point of view, they could’ve made some sort of pony toy with her hooves glowing, glow in the dark hooves plushies, dance videos like “dance like a pony!!!1!1!1” and so much more.
Focusing on the wings and horn is so boring nowadays that the market got over saturated.
Also, they could’ve made her just capable of jumping really high or like, being able to float with magical hooves. It’s a fucking magical world, it could’ve made sense.

No. 930922

File: 1633437660259.jpeg (893.48 KB, 2018x2018, Sing-n-Skate-Sunny-Starscout-A…)

Nah she wears roller skates because she wore them for like a minute and a half in the movie.

Also the music in the movie fucking SUCKED and I was really looking forward to it too.

No. 930956

Can't believe it really is sonic super saiyajin what the fuck
If he doesn't get fused with knuckles at some point then it's trash

No. 930975

File: 1633443135859.gif (1.43 MB, 498x280, anime-sneeze.gif)

got a mail TODAY that I start irl lessons tomorrow but I have a cold(not rona) and I don't think it would be appropriate for me to go there coughing and sneezing

Not that I'm fond of irl lessons but I'd like to see how things are going to be

No. 931103

I always have this terrible mental block before I start drawing, it takes me so long just to hype myself up enough to start sketching. I'm such a stupid bitch!!! How can I expect to make a living as an artist like this!

No. 931142

I thought the mob song was hilarious, but everyone is shitting themselves over the “great music” and I’m like did we watch the same movie?

I think the hive mind decided they don’t want to be “stuck up purists” so now you aren’t allowed to have any criticism or dislike it

No. 931149

>befriended irl a fellow coomer husbandofag
hasta la vista hags, i dont need you anymore

No. 931150

there is this extremly hot and pretty trainer at my gym and i caught a whiff of him and he smells amazing i literally cannot look at his face because i find him so pretty like jesus he does things to my ovaries

No. 931151

Lucky, wish I had an irl friend to be a degen with

No. 931168

just fell into the tradthot loophole and i dont think i want to know any more about the internet than i do right now. even though the trad shit is a surface level community it still smoothened out my whole brain

No. 931250

Islam would actually be a cool baby name

No. 931257

I'm so happy for you anon! How did you meet?

No. 931259

It is actual a boy's name. Don't name your daughter that.

No. 931264

I watched about half the movie and it was soooo forgettable. the mob song was kinda cringe to me like they’re really trying too hard. The whole movie just felt so fucking stupid, mainly the animation, their ugly faux Disney emoticon faces look dumb as hell and not even horselike except sometimes you see the ears so that just distracted me most of the time. the social media influencer pony thing annoyed me like um alright that’s very dated but I’m sure kids are obsessed with social media parasocial relationships and will enjoy the reference. And I expected people online to rip it apart but most are like wow it’s actually good!!! Bitch where? I’m not even a brony but I watched most of G4 because it was very pleasant and enjoyable and regret seeing this new pile of shit trending on Netflix.

No. 931269

File: 1633466933883.gif (1.76 MB, 250x250, FirstEarlyBlueandgoldmackaw-si…)

Fun fact, Sunny is voice by Vanessa Hudgens and the movie has a brief High School Musical reference when the social media pony does the warm up exercises Sharpay does in picrel. I love HSM, but I didn't even laugh. I didn't laugh once during the whole movie. I also didn't even notice it was Vanessa Hudgens until I looked later.

No. 931281

I think everything about Sprout was meant to be over the top and embarrassing. I imagined that they took inspiration from QAnon and the Capitol riots and they want to show that those kinds of people are pathetic and unhinged. No one wants to be like Sprout.

I actually like how they showed that corporations put these retards in power too because it means more profit

No. 931298

File: 1633469158848.jpeg (303.16 KB, 1242x1388, 1629218729422.jpeg)

Reminder to not respond to scrote bait in /g/

No. 931319

>"lesbian" being called out out for harrassing women
>"btw she's trans!"
So predictable. I knew from the start.

No. 931321

I hate this. Almost every single piece of discourse focusing around a woman being creepy or grooming someone online, turns out the "Woman" is a troon. And then people use it as part of their narrative "L-Look, women can be predators too!"

No. 931325

Seems like they're actually a woman who's a newfag from some other imageboard. Should be ignored either way.

No. 931348

File: 1633471740287.jpeg (37.17 KB, 480x358, 1625899488486.jpeg)

Why does this picture make me burst into tears of laughter whenever I see it? Iirc the purple powerpuff girl was a mutant that creeped out the girls and was super aggressive.

No. 931355

✘ Save file in appropriate folder now
✔ Save it all over the fucking desktop you spent time making look nice

No. 931356

File: 1633472119995.jpg (32.13 KB, 853x480, joker.jpg)

>Let me get this straight, you think trans women are men?
I do, and I'm tired of pretending they're not.

No. 931360

To no woman's surprise. Not our crimes. Fuck off.
The linebacker shoulders and stature and everything lmao

No. 931364

she was literally retarded, as in mentally disabled

No. 931385

File: 1633473584383.jpg (56.96 KB, 783x391, batshit insane.jpg)

Man I hate this movie so much I think I never hated a movie like I hate this one it makes me boil with rage

No. 931387

I was so disgusted and unimpressed with it during my viewing of it in the theater I almost left my bf to go sit at the theater bar but I didn't. I was so upset about it I literally wanted my money back

No. 931389

Why specifically? Just curious. I enjoyed watching it but didn't think it was that amazing or terrible.

No. 931391

It was repetitive and self-indulgent and certain scenes just stretched way, way longer than they needed to. It was so corny, especially the subway and naked underwear dancing scene. Hamfisted as fuck, I about rolled my eyes straight out of my skull

No. 931396

Interesting. I get what you mean about the first part, lots of it was stretched out. Since I don't watch a lot of movies though (and generally avoid seeing violence lol) I felt nervous and filled with suspense so I guess that's why I didn't hate it.

No. 931404

File: 1633475011008.jpg (76.47 KB, 902x750, ESQ8FMHWsAAaYQm.jpg)

this video game was fuckin sick all I wanna do is be nine years old playing this on my ps2 for hours and hours again. when I die work some black mirror shit and allow my consciousness to live on in the bratz mall

No. 931407

Loved that game, loved rollerskating
And the music

No. 931408

File: 1633475318255.jpg (32.3 KB, 960x640, Bratz.jpg)

Ugh love this game. I even had it on Gameboy Advance.

No. 931465

File: 1633480526538.jpg (165.29 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

If I knew how to make plushies, I would make the penguins from Cuphead

No. 931466

The tinfoil thread is a good reminder of how mentally ill some farmers are

No. 931469

*every thread tbh (i'm including my posts too dw)

No. 931480

honestly if I wasn’t mentally ill I wouldn’t be cute, I’m such a cute little insane bitch

No. 931491

There 10x more mental illness in /g/

No. 931502

I love Aaron Carter

No. 931508

File: 1633484527509.gif (535.02 KB, 200x149, C3A8E7E5-A652-4D1C-B43F-684F57…)

mentally ill but correct

No. 931533

my boyfriend looks like a male version of my female best friend and i don't know how to cope with this. how do i make this less weird for me

No. 931539

The only time you’re allowed to like Aaron Carter is if it’s 2001 and you’re 8 years old.

No. 931544

File: 1633490083853.jpg (89.35 KB, 1001x1001, parka.jpg)

>tfw really like this jacket
Yes, it looks like ali express tier shit (with the price to match) but could the quality really be that bad? What do you guys think?

No. 931552

the bad news is that it's definitely gonna be shit quality. the good news is that there are a lot of decent stores that have functional, actually warm puffer jackets that will be more or less the same look. also I do agree that it's adorable

No. 931555

reading some backstory on this song and lmao
>Tori fought hard for the whistling that comes in over her piano at the beginning of the song. Everyone else - including her then-boyfriend/producer Eric Rosse - was in favor of a mandolin line that guitarist Steve Caton came up with. "Everybody really liked that," she told The Baltimore Sun in 1994. "And even in the mix studio, I was screaming at the top of my lungs that it had to be a whistle. I want the cowboys coming over the hill. Eric was laughing his head off, and the mixer, Kevin Killen, said to me, 'This whistle is naff, Tori.' And I said, 'Well, guess what, Kevin. When you make your own song, you can put your own mandolin on it. This is a whistle. F–king put it in. Put the sample in.' So I got my whistle, and I'm happy as a clam to this day."

No. 931569

This was probably made in jest but I’m genuinely tired of people saying this type of shit all the time. I get it, you and all the other people that say the same are so well adjusted and awesome. Take meds schizo x2 wash rinse repeat.

No. 931580

File: 1633492687926.gif (91.78 KB, 275x275, 33B9D649-C0F5-43F8-9C8F-9E3D7E…)

Men saying women can't have autism is obviously bad for autistic women but, I find it kinda funny that they wanna claim that for themselves. Gatekeeping autism because it's your thing that only the guys can understand. kek

No. 931649

File: 1633501097703.jpg (18.89 KB, 415x479, 68f5453b528b9df48aca2de5f913bc…)

Shout-out to the spergs in the tranny threads saying that straight women should all be volcels.

No. 931650

Shout out to straight women blaming radfems for talking about male violence instead of blaming males for being violent.

Sometimes internet radfems are autistic and inflexible but if you want to talk about how women NEED a man to be happy just go outside, that's already the dominant cultural narrative. Males are statistically a massive threat to females, stop shooting the messengers.

No. 931661

>women NEED a man to be happy
No one in the thread said or even implied that, though. There's a big difference between saying, "A man isn't required for a woman to feel fulfilled in life" and "straight women should all just be volcels."

Some women have deeply internalized the idea of needing a romantic relationship that they'd probably never be able to be "volcels," even if it was for their own good. And that's just one example of a person for whom volcel isn't feasible. You can't ask something like that of an entire subset of people as if emotional needs don't vary widely between individuals.

There's also the implication there that straight women (particularly ones in relationships) aren't feminist enough. It's possible to love someone while also acknowledging that they belong to an oppressive class with a level of inherent bigotry. It's something that people in interracial relationships often have to confront as well.

No. 931662

preaching to women about whom they should/shouldn't fuck (and in a /snow/ thread of all fucking places) isn't just "talking about male violence", stop being disingenuous

No. 931673

File: 1633505424812.jpg (74.4 KB, 900x900, download (1).jpg)

Should I cop? I'm not trans, but it fits my sense of humor

No. 931674

Get a fabric marker and write your own for probably 500% less money

No. 931675

yes it's amazing

No. 931677

as a radfem I would wear lmao

No. 931678

Yes. I would buy this shirt too lol

No. 931679

would it be weird if I still ate chicken, turkey and fish but no mammals

am starting to feel really bad for eating pigs and cows as they are really cute

No. 931680

Don't listen to this anon, fabric marker sucks. Go to a local screen printing place and they'll do it for super cheap

No. 931681

Nah, you're fine honestly, lots of people do that

No. 931682

I feel like birds are basically mammals

No. 931685

Fabric marker is awesome, maybe I just used a good kind and you a bad kind. Anyway I recommend Marabu fabric paint

No. 931687

Not at all, that's basically what I do. Red meat is a carcinogen anyway, so it's probably for the best.

Also I hate that thing red meat does where you burp like two hours later and your throat tastes like dogfood. I've noticed it's particularly bad after eating really processed things like hotdogs or bologna.

No. 931688

i don't like it sorry. but i dislike these type of shirts in general

No. 931689

Mammals are literally reptiles

No. 931691

File: 1633506664220.jpg (35.49 KB, 480x640, 91062a7d6c0a6a61fe1dabebdb0912…)

Gecko… soft. Honorary mammal.

No. 931692

awwwww cute!!

No. 931695

I know you're making fun of me, but you cannot tell me you have ever looked at a chicken and thought they were that different from other mammals, like goats or cows. They're basically the same thing, there is no separation between birds and mammals in my mind.
This is so correct

No. 931697

No I'm not making fun of you, mammals are literally reptiles

No. 931701

File: 1633508467063.png (5.23 MB, 2048x2048, 1614649442130.png)

It's blowing my mind that there's a six year span of dreams in the dream thread.

No. 931731

File: 1633512148320.gif (647.3 KB, 220x286, wink nudge.gif)

I found the perfect reference image for my drawing and now my drawing is so freakin hot I'm feeling a bit flustered. I can't wait to show you

No. 931732

File: 1633512172732.jpg (72.69 KB, 632x624, crabeater seal skull.jpg)

I can't keep to my diet augh
Just feed me krill

No. 931741

I don't see the problem with the Sonic OP pictures. They're cute
It's probably not even the same person making all these threads, so why call it avatarfagging?

No. 931745

File: 1633514707692.png (253.17 KB, 500x375, E0414A6A-9112-4408-9BDA-E72F42…)

Do you anons remember these phone cases that were popular in like 2015? The kawaii decoden ones lol

No. 931746

Yesss I used to want one so bad

No. 931749

Yes, I miss these! I still have one on my DS. The only downside is that they're a bitch to clean.

No. 931766

I had a dream that I was back in Japanese class and in our textbook was Ebony Darkness Raven Dementia Way’s name in Japanese but it was significantly longer with only kanji and I posted a photo here for guys and we all had a good laugh over it.

No. 931771

Sorta agree. I think they're okay and not worth sperging about. The Braco-fagging that was going on a year ago though… I'm still salty that anons and mods let that slide.

No. 931774

There should be a BMI limit for men to use the internet, watch tv/movies, anything that isn't cutting wood and doing physical labor

No. 931777

File: 1633517581465.gif (106.33 KB, 450x338, 974367886543346.gif)

You sound like you could benefit from his healing gaze.

No. 931778

sonicphobic double standards

No. 931779

File: 1633517669901.gif (1.82 MB, 223x200, D90329E5-AC04-48CA-9041-B38FDD…)

Fuck you and your trips.

No. 931780

File: 1633517724494.jpg (240.91 KB, 797x840, sonic.jpg)

It's just rude of them to make sonic the thread OP it makes it harder for me to shitpost at speed and differentiate between the threads

No. 931784

yes and muscular guys should be shirtless all the time so I can look at the muscular manboobs

No. 931790

Saw a comment yesterday where a man was saying single fathers don't get enough credit… yes they fucking do lol. They're treated like saints while single mothers are called whores and blamed for their own abandonment. Women are expected to sacrifice everything and its no biggie. Men doing the same is applauded and seen as going above and beyond.

Parallel universe commenter shit

No. 931800

I saw a comment on a youtube video rec i got with a single dad taking his daughter to an amusement park and one of the comments was 'omg what a hero!!' and then people roasting him for doing the bare minimum.
Women are expected to be a wife, mother and have a job/career, but a man brushes his kids hair and he's father of the year. The bar is so low. Women do so much, especially all the single moms out here. I was raised by a single mom while my dad was literally absent until i was 11 years old. He got butthurt because i wanted to spent more time with my mom.

No. 931803


No. 931807

It was genuinely so fucking boring. Boo fucking hoo a mentally ill moid gets boolied by other moids. Muh society. Muh evil mother. Muh stacy who won’t fuck me. Wanton violence upon fellow working class people is therefore justified.

No. 931826

My French language teacher is surprisingly okay. He said that men should just focus on sports and hard labor while women engage in politics and other things that needs people who can use their brain.

No. 931827

showering together before sex or after sex?

No. 931829

Either or. Before personally. After sex I had better be worn out and just want to be clean before cuddling.

No. 931830

Before, that's when it matters.

No. 931831

File: 1633522239226.png (567.7 KB, 976x1514, Screenshot_20211006-130521~3.p…)

Gen z are keeping chainmail alive and strong and it's so dumb
If gender politics mean so much to them why is bitch okay to use?

No. 931835

Before, reduces a chance of UTI and makes going down on each other less stressful for everyone

No. 931838

黒檀闇認知症烏道 ngl looks fancy

No. 931840

Actually showering before, and very briefly afterwards with only water

No. 931915

File: 1633530141674.jpg (29.14 KB, 400x399, tumblr_e0debedea3caa9ebdcaf26c…)

This picture of Tears For Fears with an old synthesiser is extremely aesthetically pleasing to me. I think I'm in love with it

No. 931918

You don't just pass out asleep after sex?

No. 931925

File: 1633531035647.gif (9.46 MB, 384x247, FA67FC6E-9518-4F13-9E7E-92D9A3…)

us beating up sonic-chan for being such an insufferable retard, they are never gonna stop

No. 931931

File: 1633531443998.png (10.74 KB, 654x229, ebony.png)

Translator tries to read it aloud as Kokutan Yami Ninshishō Karasu Michi but I wonder if it could have an alternate pronounciation as a possibility or if the characters could be rearranged so the name could sound like something different. Looks like a fun challenge tbh

No. 931940

File: 1633531654300.png (421.57 KB, 672x518, pnyuwa1qy7uz.png)

just wait for a wild shadow-chan to appear and take sonic-chan's place

No. 931943

File: 1633531833844.gif (336.91 KB, 480x360, 3B1139D2-59CA-4869-B137-8F6544…)

if you don’t take your aiden ass back to kiwifarms

No. 931946

i like sonic and i'm a terf

No. 931947

File: 1633532239979.jpg (162.48 KB, 970x766, ES1yH29XsAAV7aA.jpg)

No. 931948

File: 1633532279196.gif (529.39 KB, 498x498, 14846a304dc47e04006de67ff9fb8a…)

Yes please

No. 931949

Then can't you go spam him in some radfem forum?

No. 931955

send me an invite code to ovarit and i will

No. 931956

why are some radfems like this? kek

No. 931957


No. 931959

Girl don't go there. Ovarit is full of crazy

No. 931960

I wouldn't even mind the sonic shit (I like the og games and Sonic mania) if it wasn't for the avatarfagging in every thread, it's annoying as fuck and I wish jannies would lock these threads

No. 931961

yeah, the only thing that's missing from there is sonic autism

No. 931962

I tried making another vent thread that had the correct number, but the jannies banned my thread and kept the incorrect one up, mods are literally hitler

No. 931966

But that was kinda stupid too

No. 931977

In which way?

No. 931980

The sonic sperging is starting to grow on me.

No. 931995

What if there's a compromise: Anons use different Sonic characters for different thread OPs so we can differentiate the threads?
There's still Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Cream, Rouge, etc

No. 932004

No fuck off

I miss cute and relevant OP pics. If sonic were real I'd push him through a meat grinder.

No. 932006

Sonic is cute and forever relevant you flop ass bitch

No. 932009

Can we not? Even the animal spammer is better than you lol

No. 932011

File: 1633536127704.jpeg (424.73 KB, 1228x1523, 658F23C9-077E-49B2-824D-39F4D9…)

liquify him

No. 932014

I have this really weird neighbor. She is like 40 or something and gets disability checks so she does not work. The buildings we live in are connected by this big parking space. Her bathroom window faces the parking space. Every time I come home from work and want to park my car I see her hiding behind the window watching me and my car. Sometimes she is completely naked. Today she was naked again and I made eye contact with her because I saw her hiding and watching me again and she fucking waved at me. Is there something mentally wrong with her? Why cant she wear a shirt? Is this sexual harassment because I feel kinda creeped out.

No. 932016

File: 1633536213353.jpg (599.05 KB, 2048x2048, collage16306212080444.jpg)

>Chris chan posting from the phone he snuck into jail via his ass

No. 932018

Nta. One Sonic universe-related pic at a time is enough. Not everyone likes or cares to see Sonic, allow room for a variety of different types of threadpics.

No. 932024



No. 932033

No.. monster energy drink is the mark of the beast.

No. 932034

No. 932036

New concept: Pokemon images. Specifically Pikachu

No. 932043

File: 1633537966496.jpeg (9.92 KB, 259x194, images.jpeg)

No. 932047

File: 1633538140545.jpeg (234.5 KB, 1125x900, dumbdumbmon.jpeg)

samefag, ok I'm on the fence

No. 932060

Being mature and my own best friend is inevitable but when I was immature and young it was nice having male orbiters to boast at about my life as the main character. Anyway I had one of those days where I was the main character and rather than bragging I'm going to try and channel it into something productive instead.

No. 932064

It is normal and healthy to have friends and to want to talk about the victories and exciting things that happen in your life, anon

No. 932065

>I had one of those days where I was the main character
I've seen talk like this lately.. I'm old and dumb and lost. Someone tell me what this means?

No. 932074

File: 1633540869903.jpeg (539.92 KB, 952x1280, BF4E171D-814C-4E93-9D14-8BF455…)

I just spend so much money on Etsy on dumb but cool horror shirts and Harry Styles prints, plus had two custom posters made one being picrel and I’m so mad about the money but too excited to care honestly

No. 932092

My friends don't want to hear about all the men hitting on me today and how I was the center of attention today and most days.

No. 932094

it's called having fun and enjoying things

No. 932103

I want a bf for period sex and pretty much no sex the rest of the month. Is that too much to ask for?

No. 932119

Hard same

No. 932127

No God no

No. 932128

Anon, the incorrect thread had already been up for a while. Having that other thread up would've meant having 2/3 open vent threads. You should have just waited to make that thread.

No. 932134

what's wrong with pokeymans

No. 932138

Pika pii!

No. 932144

This wouldn't do much unfortunately because so many of them are skinnyfags without trying.

No. 932154

File: 1633546541278.jpg (37.13 KB, 640x480, sukamon.jpg)

Whats not wrong with them? It's as autistic as sanic
And digimon is better

No. 932156

2020 39% of people worldwide were overweight though, so it'd still get rid of a good percentage though.

No. 932157

but all the bestest and most funnest things are autistic that's what makes them fun and the thing you posted looks like a golden turd

No. 932161

That's one of the ugliest designs I've ever seen

No. 932165

It is a golden turd, kek

No. 932167

File: 1633547148726.jpeg (842.85 KB, 1280x1748, 107B1384-F890-498B-B951-E7C07E…)

Pokeymans are great but pikachu is annoying. Give other pokes a chance

No. 932193

File: 1633548202920.png (241.48 KB, 875x875, 264Linoone.png)

My favorite pokebaby, Linoone, he and I beat the elite four by ourselves because FUCK EVERYONE ELSE. Our bond literally makes him stronger, Return is such an OP attack when you take good care of your babies. Plus he can use cut and surf, how sick is that? Like, badgers can swim that well? Okay whatever you say!

No. 932249

File: 1633550000970.jpeg (103.64 KB, 640x645, 3016BC5E-51C5-411D-A96E-59BB10…)

that healthy glow

No. 932256

File: 1633550191173.jpeg (168.87 KB, 775x934, 51FDAF8C-E839-456D-9C8F-99AF0B…)

I got this yoyo from my aunt for Christmas in 1998 and cried because it wasn't a meowth one (he was my favorite)

No. 932261

File: 1633550376232.jpeg (66.6 KB, 328x500, 9DE314F5-9465-4F57-95AC-1B9713…)

samefag. I wasn't sure if a meowth one actually existed but for the first time in all these years I looked. Lo and behold, Vintage Meowth Yoyo

No. 932306

File: 1633551252114.jpg (53.21 KB, 768x400, chiro.jpg)

Today has been such a whirlwind. Found out my that the chiro I was planning on seeing today is a fucking old creep and a snake and actually had a sexual harassment case against him (but he forced the other person to drop it) because one of my current coworkers used to work for him. I cancelled the appointment, and found a last minute one with another one near my job but it was in the middle of the work day. My boss was out for the day so I just hopped on over there and had such a pleasant experience. Unfortunately it was a male doctor, but he was a younger guy, very nice and easy to talk to, and not creepy at all. The facilities were very nice and the physical therapist I worked with was into the hobby I'm trying to get into so we spoke about that while she guided me through workouts and stretches! A very pleasant turn of events. Good thing I just happened to mention the guy I was originally gonna see to my coworker… Also, as I got back to my office I ran into my boss and just said I had stepped out for a bit and he said "oh it's ok!" kek little did he know I just spent like 2 hours at the chiropractor.

No. 932311

Chiropractors aren't doctors, it's not a real practice, it's not regulated, be careful. There are other options that are not based on quackery.

No. 932339

File: 1633552239151.jpg (172.84 KB, 917x1200, EvxUuESUcAA0jZx.jpg)

I used to use sonic reaction images, mostly because of the sanic trips thread, but now I feel like the tone has shifted against him because of the sonic overload
It's sad, I like the guy

No. 932342

Chiro feels good and bone goes plop though

No. 932343

I feel so sad for you

No. 932345

Sonic is my fren, I will always accept him

No. 932347

Well when you say it in such an adorable how can I deny you?

No. 932348

Sonic meme is lazy and irritating now

No. 932351

I'm sad because my chiro said bone cracking wasn't necessary for me today lol

Meh, my health insurance covers it and my company gave me money to spend on qualified medical expenses so why not? I've had lower back pain for years and usually doing yoga helps, but I figured seeing a chiro doesn't hurt.

No. 932352

I got a cheap salted caramel ice cream that wasn't salty at all, so i licked it all over and cracked rock salt over it, it was incredibly tasty after that. I often wish salted caramel things were saltier so I don't know why it never occurred to me to do this before, definitely going to season my sweet treats from now on

No. 932353

File: 1633552846513.gif (2.29 MB, 498x437, 1653729.gif)

I've just gotten my exam results and from my understanding I did everything wrong, the prof pointed out a bunch of points I could have explained better, and I fucked up a quotation once. Yet at the end it says that I passed, I wonder if it was a mistake but I don't dare to ask.
College is so stressful, I wish I could go back to neetdom.

No. 932354


No. 932355

sonic is a better komaeda

No. 932356

Salty sweet things are so dangerous for me, I could keep eating that shit forever. Perfectly balanced harmony in my mouth.

No. 932358

Now this I can agree with.

No. 932374

who would win in a fight

No. 932379

File: 1633553814162.png (102.25 KB, 270x301, 1626554479386.png)

@everyone samantha is back. Get in here

No. 932380

thank you for alerting me!!!
this is meme worthy, based and sociopathpilled

No. 932390

They locked it fuuck

No. 932392

kek, love it

No. 932393

A fashionable and cool 21 year old lady thought that I was 24. I'm 31 hehe and then later that day at a different place a 60+ year old lesbian kept chatting me up and calling me young which is maybe not a flex considering 50 is probably young to her

No. 932400

This, as far as the spamming is concerned

No. 932425

I can't believe I missed the second coming of Samantha!!

No. 932443

It's not even a competition, Sonic would absolutely stomp that crusty twink out. You have to have strong legs to be able to run that fast.

No. 932459

I would agree but the other day I saw sonic feet and that leave a bad taste

No. 932479

>be me
>almost 21
>enrolled in university for economics, way behind with my exams bc lazy unmotivated retard
>have the possibility to drop everything and go work as a flight attendant in the uk
I'm very tempted to do this because I know I'd love that job while I don't particularly enjoy what I'm studying now. If it weren't for my parents I probably would tbh, however theyre unfortunately here being annoyingly right about how important it is to have a degree. For the first time in my life today i heard my dad say something insightful so you know it's serious. please yell at me to not be a retard and get this degree thanks. ugh i'm gonna turn down the offer and spend every second seething that i could be living alone in london working a job i like instead of studying boring shit in this fucking house with my sister pacing around 24/7 and my dad existing

No. 932484

Why can't you take a gap year? Be a flight attendant for a year, save up money, then come back to school (or don't) with more maturity and a better sense of perspective. Your credits will still be there if you want to come back.

No. 932490

I've done so much stuff that would warrant me catching a ban, but surprisingly I haven't gotten banned in months

No. 932491

have you ever expressed a Sapphic desire toward the mods? it might be the reason why

No. 932492

Not that I can recall, but jannies hmu wink

No. 932493

File: 1633563078244.png (413.71 KB, 498x598, psychopathy.png)

this dude is a psycho. all those normie girls in his comments section creaming themselves over the opportunity to dumpster dive with mr reptilian over here. please…. gain some self respect ladies. what am I kidding though that's the state of heterosexuals! can I get a rimshot, drum man?

No. 932498

I'm already way behind, I was supposed to be graduating in 2022 but it'll take me 6 months to a year longer than that realistically. it's like i basically took a gap year already in 2020/2021 (combination of being lazy+golfish attention span making it hard to follow online classes+working). Regardless I don't think those are a thing in my country, never heard of anyone taking one. Graduating a little late is common but two whole years is too much.
I will say this situation is giving me more motivation to study than ive had in years, out of pure spite

No. 932500

File: 1633563456384.jpg (119.58 KB, 1200x1680, 1627072938152.jpg)

Last time I got banned they told me to take my ass back to Twitter and learn to integrate. I don't have Twitter and Ive been here for years, mods are just discriminating against spergs and won't let me do my thang.

No. 932502

He looks like he skips wiping as long as it was solid enough.

No. 932511

I'm happy to announce that I am no longer going to let perfectionism hold me back in making art. I accept that I'm a mediocre artist and I'm going to subject the world to my creations!! You're all going to look at them!

No. 932515

wouldn't doubt it tbh

No. 932524

File: 1633565988968.png (1.33 MB, 1378x1070, hair trigger.png)

No. 932527

File: 1633566163179.jpg (55.49 KB, 640x640, XD.jpg)

I got banned the other day for posting a fucking emoticon as a joke
And once for 'lack of self control' because of 2 posts making fun of that anon whose boyfriend likes crossdressing during sex "but it's totally not a fetish guyz", kek. I guess I deserved that one but not the fucking emoticon

No. 932529

Ayrt, damn I also replied to that anon multiple times on more than one occasion and never got banned for it lol. Most of the time I know when to pull myself out of a derail/infight so maybe that's why

No. 932550

noo please spare me sir

No. 932557

I don't know your situation, so do what you think you need to do, but just remember that it's not a race. It literally makes no difference in the grand scheme of things what year you graduate in. On the other hand, you'll probably still be able to find a flight attendant position in a few years if you still want it.

Good for you! I hope you make lots of okay art.

No. 932577

We have poverty, inflation, corruption but our congress (who are always fighting and can't get anything done) just declared the national kimchi day! We're in South America, have like 10 koreans living here and maybe other 10 persons who know what kimchi is because we don't eat it. This is hilarious, are our politicians koreaboos? Can't wait for the k-pop national day

No. 932583

Do you post in the MTF thread or say tranny? The current mods tend to be ban happy if they see it in post history ie >>932527

No. 932603

I love this woman. One of the most important daily actions you can take as a feminist (in the first world) is to show other women that not having relationships with men is possible and superior.

No. 932604

Is this the dude who catches the pedophiles? I think he's actually kind of cute, he's just kind of eccentric kek.

No. 932608

The fact that he is a gun nut is also a major red flag. In fact, most pedo hunters are psycho, the video linked goes into detail about this, granted anxiety wars js one of the better ones as he actually tries to get the people he catches.

No. 932614

I wanted to look like them in my fakeboi phase. I still kinda wish I could pull off their hairstyles.

No. 932621

my aunt and uncle got together the day I was born. they text me extra cute messages on my bday/their anniversary to tell me how my birth is the reason they're together and they're still grateful 30 years later.

No. 932623

File: 1633579019505.jpeg (46.93 KB, 900x450, E8_7noXWYBQXmUZ.jpeg)

I don't follow Lori's thread super closely but is it just a coincidence that she's starting to look like another Trigger character (for Star Wars Visions) or what?

No. 932632

He always looked kinda inbred to me

No. 932633

Also I hated that pic he posted exposing his gf. Really weird

No. 932638

File: 1633580052941.jpg (168.94 KB, 1080x1080, yesssss crack for my eyess.JPG)

Aaaa I was just feeling nostalgic over these and was actually going to make one soon. I remember being so obsessed with decoden, around 2015 I made decoden shoes. I took old converse and glued 5 flip flops to them and covered it with decoden. I used a weird paste and not silicone which was my downfall, because I took them to school and they near disintegrated. My mom threw them away shortly after kek.

No. 932645

No. 932649

>guest calls the front desk because there is a bear outside their lodge
>page security
>the girl down there tells me "im not animal control" and there's nothing that we do in these scenarios

sooo….. wtf i just call 911 once it actually gets yo attacking someone? tf

No. 932660

I was banned for literally no reason like half a year ago. Like the message had no stated reason. Inshallah, jannies.

The tranny threads ruined this word for me rip

No. 932698

shouldn't you just call animal control then? I agree with the security girl tbh, it's a bear!

No. 932718

File: 1633592392791.jpg (67.02 KB, 450x382, Tumblr_l_649378839085825.jpg)

This lady keeps posting these edits of herself and every time I see them I can't help but laugh a little. She seems nice.

No. 932735

this is a good video so far. I agree he's one of the better ones. I got into the predator poacher videos right before lockdown and they sure are a trip

No. 932740

I think he's fucking crazy but is cute when he laughs at his own jokes

No. 932751

This video stressed me the fuck out

No. 932764

I wish hamsters were as big as cats. Mine wants to free roam but she'd just get lost in the sauce. I found her inside my fridge one time

No. 932767

it was all fun and games until the last two

No. 932772

Idk a grown man speaking to a little girl freaking her out and telling her to break things in the middle of the night, probably making her feel unsafe even in her own room for years to come, is pretty dark

No. 932795

maybe the fact I find humor in that is a testament to my own childhood

No. 932797

File: 1633603869441.jpeg (68.2 KB, 1280x720, 9019A9E3-36CD-49FE-BF91-24F3EE…)

tie a balloon around them

No. 932807

I thought the guess anna nicole smith collection was going to have like og denim and gingham but no… it's mostly crap for men.

No. 932874

File: 1633616098692.jpeg (8.73 KB, 225x225, 443880A1-FDB6-420E-8714-7F51BF…)

I just want the cherry blossom pochette in animal crossing because it would look great with my pink piggie Lolita coord.

No. 932885

Cherry blossom piggie, that's cute

No. 932893

my naevis we <3 u!

No. 932911

That's it then? I got a 2 hour ban for using an emoticon because I go to the mtf threads? Lmao tranny jannies confirmed

No. 932912

File: 1633620789735.png (349.38 KB, 2063x521, fat!! she fat!.PNG)

Wandered in /w/ and saw this and it reminded me of why I shouldn't take anons comments on people's bodies so seriously.

>She really gained some weight. It looks like you could grab a big handful of fat from those thighs.

They look like perfectly normal thighs to me? I only go into w for a small handful of threads but there's something about that board that I just don't like kek. I feel like it's also where newfags from twitter tend to congregate and badly integrate as they try to shit talk or whiteknight their asian vlogger/cosplay idols.

No. 932913

I hate this about the /cow/ boards in general. If you dare to say that a cow has a perfectly normal body or looks average/fine in a photo, you get dogpiled for "WKing". It's particularly bad on /w/.

No. 932936

næbis cult

No. 932938

Do you hear that? I hear bones rattling because it’s a board preoccupied by a bunch of unbanned rabid scrotes and anachans trying to relive the /cgl/ glory days by calling every woman with a normal BMI a fatty and playing their bad regina george larp. It’s the worse board on here and arguably very dead, barely anyone on here goes on /w/

No. 932943

Be fair or god forbid positive and they remind you "lolcow is not a hugbox! GO BACK!" Whatever lol. I've never felt female spaces are that disingenuous re women's appearances actually. I honestly can't get over how unlikeable many farmers are. Average women don't notice or give a shit about the stuff they make a big deal about. They're the type of person who claims they're only expressing what everyone is secretly thinking but too timid to say out loud, when in reality they're just a big ol bitch lol.

No. 932945

My favorite manhua seemed to be dropped by the translation group and someone else picked it up, but now whenever a different person picks it up and uploads it on batoto, they keep creating a new fucking page for it instead of uploading it under the original story so chapters 1-25 are under one link, 25 and 26 are under another, and 28 and so on are on ANOTHER one. God what the fuck. The author said renta and lezhin were going to release it in English back in April or May but it still isn't out yet, and every day I beg the gods for them to finally fucking post it so I can just have it all in one place (and with good, consistent translation). I mostly read off of free sites and don't care but damn I love this cheesy fluffy love story and its art so much, I'll fucking pay for it, just give it to me!

No. 932948

I used to take some farmer's comments about certain cows bodies to heart (in particular, everyone dogpiling on Margo's nasolabial folds) and it did mess with my head and body image for a while but now I read them and realize how unhinged some of these people sound.

No. 932959

>they're only expressing what everyone is secretly thinking
The reality is that they're obsessing over shit no one else notices or cares about. They must have really sad lifes. I've sad it before, at least obsess over something that brings you joy, like capybaras or Adam Driver.

No. 932977

LC isn’t a hugbox but it isn’t entirely morally deficient like places where scrotes run rampant sending unsolicited nudes and talking about how they want to chop some random girl’s body up, a lot of farmers are actually decent people it’s just the internal imageboard anons who need to go outside, eat a banana, and stop alogging their insecurities.

No. 933007

File: 1633629060784.jpg (524.46 KB, 951x548, troon crime&makeup.jpg)

I had to unleash my photoshop autism somewhere, might as well do it in this thread.
Words can't express how cursed Ellen Page has made herself look. She looks like an obscure Ukrainian serial killer from the 60s that some dumb bint in 2021 would make an awful "true crime and makeup" youtube video about. Don't change my mind, you can't.

No. 933012

KEK I scrolled down and was ready to click this and watch, good job anon!

No. 933017

File: 1633629467366.jpg (1.27 MB, 2976x2651, saltybrain.jpg)

Chubbyemu sempai noticed me

No. 933028

I mentioned I was going out to a thing with friends this weekend and a coworker was like "oh! that thing!" and without thinking I invited her but now I'm nervous and kind of regret it… It's not like I don't like her or anything, or think she's annoying. She's a perfectly normal person and the only other young person in the office, but it just… feels like it might be awkward. The persona I have at work is only a smidge of what I'm like when I'm with friends- loud, crass, and really bitchy when I start talking smack with friends. At work I can still be kind of loud, but I keep my bitchiness in check as much as possible.

Fuck why did I have to open my stupid mouth ugghhhh.

No. 933030

I'm howling anon thank you for making this

No. 933032

I bet it will be a great time, and you'll see a new side of her as well, and you guys will become closer! You'll have more fun at work because you guys had this time together to get to know each other.

No. 933033

Then fuck off back to twitter you retarded leech, people like you destroy any board culture.

No. 933038

That's either one ugly bitch or some man in a dress.

No. 933042

File: 1633630620395.jpg (52.84 KB, 564x557, shiba-inu-meme-5.jpg)

Thanks anon! I hope it'll be a good time. My friends invited their friends too so there's gonna be a lot of people I don't know but it's basically gonna be a big, big picnic so I hope it'll be fun!

No. 933063

File: 1633631939005.png (283.67 KB, 524x593, Sin título.png)

I just found a boomer meme about squid game for fucks sake
I'll just copy and paste the translation here:

IF YOU Bump into them, STAY AWAY………………EVERYONE! At some point we run into a 218 in our path/life, it is that friend or even family member who is always with you, even helps you and supports you, shows their affection. But it will always be the typical… I want you to be well! but not better than me
-I want you to shine, but not more than I do.
-I want your plans to be fulfilled, but not before mine.
-I want you to do well in your business, but better than I can do.
And so the infinite dilemma of life, to be able to open your heart and trust and not know at what point you will run into a 218.


No. 933066

Board culture is being a retarded scrote or a tranny. Do you want that?

No. 933074

I can’t believe you dumb cunts take everything said here seriously

No. 933077

No it's not, the fuck do you mean

No. 933080

File: 1633632801676.jpeg (17.31 KB, 300x300, apm.jpeg)

thats no cunt

No. 933098

those anons probably shit on everyone who doesnt look like belle delphine or anything that pedophilic 4chinners dont want

No. 933099

NTA but it's pretty obvious that some of the posters on cow boards are very serious about their opinions, given the lengths they'll take to defend their stance on a cow and post their retarded three paragraph long tinfoils. That or they're very devoted to shitposting.

No. 933111

As a complete outsider, thank you Ponyanons for your insights
I haven't felt so well read sand interested since the thread where anons discussed the Cars universe and related philosophical debates

I thought this was a real video, I don't know what that says about your Photoshop skills or the state of YouTube today

No. 933114

Jenny Nicholson, is that you?

No. 933121

idg why those other two anons are so angry about this post

No. 933124

I agree many of them are serious, ditto BDD celebricow anons. A troll tries to be provocative and original. They write the same tired shit over and over again. If >>933033 is serious, she has it wrong. The quality of cow and poster has definitely decreased. Farmers used to be held to higher standards. There's more to boards than trolling, nitpicks and a-logging. It used to be more heavily moderated because it makes threads dull, it has absolutely nothing to do with wanting them to be "kinder". I moved on from cow threads because few cows are even half-way interesting now and wading through the low quality, repetitive "observations" and baiting/shitposting to find the milk became tedious.

No. 933136

It probably is a very integrated tranny or male, ignore it. If it’s being overly aggressive because it’s genuinely angry and calling everyone a twitterfag like a spaz just don’t reply, they’re an absolute weirdo

No. 933148

File: 1633636225586.gif (2.25 MB, 853x480, tumblr_n6w0qfbjsF1rcsx3uo4_128…)

God I wish, that horse desk in her room is one of my pieces of dream furniture.
You are so welcome, it felt good write that all out and even better that people enjoyed reading it.

No. 933179

you're not wrong about this but I dunno if you follow lori or not, she was a huge anachan and CONSTANTLY shit on everyone (including underage girls) calling them obese/fat/whales, and would brag about her 'vampire genetics' and how thin she was etc. She recently has gained a lot more weight since her anachan days, so the people following her have been commenting like that due to that reason.

She 100% looks normal now, but she follows her own thread like a hawk, and it triggers her to see people call her out on her weight gain, hence why they're saying that shit about her.

No. 933205

Because I already saw these exact kind of "I hate this website and its posters and will shit on it wherever I go but I'm still gonna hatelurk, post and leech all its resources" outsiders fuck up entire boards I liked and completely ruin the board climate with their attitude.

Go back already.

No. 933209

Lori's thread is honestly the worst offender when it comes to bone rattling. Every time I open /w/ it's at the top of the list with more ana-chan hijinks. I mean even if she was photoshopping herself to be thinner she still wouldn't be fat or chubby in any way, even in her candids she's quite skinny. It's frustrating because there is so much about Lori and Kevin to consider milk but anons in her thread make the conscious decision to sperg about her body instead. I hope they're all undercover scrotes because I don't want to believe even weightspergs being so shallow as women. I don't care if she's a bad person or you're "joking", you're still feeding insane body standards set for women. And obviously it's not all in light humor due to the level of dedication and obsession of zooming in to skin folds.

holy shit anon I spilled my drink laughing at this after I realized it's not a clickable youtube link

No. 933217

ON THAT SUBJECT, me and a new friend were talking about real life crime videos since we were both into them, and she kept trying to push me into those 'crime and make up' youtubers. That combo sounds dumb and weird, also, lowkey rude to the victims? Can someone explain to me the reason into their popularity

No. 933218

While nitpicking is annoying, it's a gossip website. What do you expect? Gossip doesn't just swerve around the appearance.

No. 933220

>fuck up entire boards I liked and completely ruin the board climate with their attitude.
are you sure it's not the ana-chans doing that? pretty sure they've always been looked down upon

No. 933222

>The quality of cow and poster has definitely decreased
Yes because every few months we got waves upon waves of twitter, pull and god knows what else people coming here and bothering less and less to integrate or lurk before posting.

>Farmers used to be held to higher standards

Begging you to go take a look at the threads from 4-5 years ago with endless sperging about nasolabial folds, nose shapes and not so subtle racism and then say that again with a staight face.

No. 933223

Yes, I am sure, as you can read in the rest of the sentence.

No. 933225

Thank you for saying this, because I feel the same way. My mom is always pushing Bailey Sarian. I feel the same way about those podcasts where the hosts make goofy jokes and small talk while talking about this horrible thing that happened. I liked watch Stephanie Harlowe a lot but even she can be a little much with her hot takes and tangents sometimes. I really like Kendall Rae right now.

No. 933226

I don't like the posters who say they want LC to shut down, but you act like it's wrong to criticize posters at all. So what if someone wants to complain about the retarded ana-chans and nitpickers? Get over it.

No. 933227

I've been measuring my feet and each time it's a different number and I'm so mad. Please I just need an accurate foot size so I can order the right size shoe online because the only site that has them in stock doesn't have free returns and has a restocking fee for returns too and I'm being a cheapo since I'm about to splurge $250 on this shit UGHHH

No. 933233

No, criticizing behaviors you don't like or find ridiculous is fine but when someone comes here and says "I honestly don't like most posters", then it's better for them to go back wherever they came from instead of inviting more people like them to poison the well.

No. 933247

yeah my friend was pushing bailey as well but I just can't, it seems so disrespectful and weird. I wish I knew why she was popular.

Personally I like coffeehouse crime, mr ballen and kendall rae (and of course JCS too).

No. 933254

File: 1633641645985.gif (711.29 KB, 480x363, 1103.gif)

you guys hear something? must be the wind

No. 933259

File: 1633642068618.jpg (46.11 KB, 640x480, tara3.jpg)

just dropped 300 qtips in 300 thousand different places in my bathroom and i'm considering just allowing nature to take its course.

No. 933261

My friend did this once but with toothpicks and in the kitchen

No. 933262

This made me remember that one time someone on tumblr (iirc he actually even has a thread over in /pt/) said that a girl was fat because he could pinch the skin on her rib cage. Made 13 year old me pretty self-conscious, and while I know now that this is bullshit, I still think about it whenever I touch my rib cage lmao.

No. 933271

Oh man anon I lived through the early 00's when being a skinny shapeless bitch with bolt ons was the vogue and I remember all sorts of retarded "rules" like that from my adolescence. I'm in my early 30's now and it still affects my self image like you wouldn't believe it, after surviving the ED inducing fashion of those times I have a bone to pick (no pun intended) with ana-chans. It's absolutely heart wrenchins to look back on photos from that time and realize how much I was preoccupied with seeing myself as a fatty boombalatty despite being skinny as hell. Fuck ana-chans and fuck everyone who larps as one.

No. 933278

must be in your mind since no one denies ana-chans are delusional, but so are the twitter whales

No. 933285

idk there's some weird aggression towards the posts criticizing nitpickers. i heard that eating something can make you feel less cranky

No. 933288

No. 933315

I'm watching a video by Christina Randall about The death of a little girl abused and killed by her Stepmother, and the dad doesn't seem to give a shit. Like when the step mother told him there was something wrong with his daughter, he didn't even leave work, he finished his shift. Then went home, saw her having seizures in the bathtub, moved her to her room, said she couldn't talk or use the bathroom on her own, then he went BACK to work. When she later passed he didn't leave work either, his wife texted him saying she was gone. He finished his shift first, went home and the wife told him that they'd go to jail, so they couldn't call the police. So the dad HELPED Her hide the body, he went to walmart to get a trash can, lighter fluid and all that to BURN her body. Her body was sitting for a few days at this point, they then put her body in the garbage can, then drove the body around with their other kids IN the car with their dead sister, so they could find a place to burn the body. The body didn't burn, so they put the body back in the car, the dad went to work with his daughters body in a garbage can in the back of his car, then ASKED his bestfriend what he should do. His best friend told him to call the police.
Christina then talks about how women can be so manipulative, that she talked to people who worked at prisons and they said, "Women are worse" in jail, but has the nerve to say she felt kind of bad for the father. That he thought he was doing the right thing for everyone and he was "Manipulated"
Mind you the Step mother was on probation because the step daughter accused her of abuse and she was obviously telling the truth because she was punished for it with probation. The dad wasn't manipulated by some woman, he just didn't give a shit about his daughter and he's a fucking retard. His wife killed his daughter and he helped her cover it up. He's a monster just like she is. Then Christina asked why didn't the daughter tell her dad, uh the wife was on probation for abusing her! Her dad knew something was up, he just didn't care.

No. 933316

I have to assume my best friend at the time (early 00s) was hanging out in weird places online and not telling me about them, because she was obsessed with being skinny. She would brag about being 96lbs, how you could see her ribs, and how she could still eat chips and stuff and not worry about being fat. Once we were eating at a burger place in a mall and she was pointing out girls who walked past saying they were jealous of us because we were tiny and cute and could eat burgers and fries. I always thought it was so bizarre and had no idea where she was getting this behaviour from.

No. 933346

Young anachans have severe main character syndrome. They have really delusional fantasies about being fragile delicate fairies that everyone is jealous of and/or worried about, you'll see them write hilarious imagines about everyone whispering behind their back on the first day of school after they lose weight and shit like that.

I want to be skinny, I do actually get jealous of skinny girls, but like… celebrities and models lmao, not average random girls in public. I've known a million skinny girls irl I wouldn't look twice at or think of them as particularly attractive.

No. 933420

File: 1633654111584.png (1005.21 KB, 884x921, 861B0E27-A851-4C6F-B482-15C3FF…)

>goes into MTF thread already upset
>sees oceans of ugly ass balding men trying to pass as dainty little flowers
>immediately wants to kill myself

this is why you don’t make mistakes like I did

No. 933421

kek same. I feel you nonna

No. 933426

I am craving bread so bad right now. My fatass self had a bagel for dinner, but I want more carbs. Spaghetti would be awesome.

No. 933434

File: 1633655124051.jpg (55.58 KB, 735x593, akiyamaaaaAAAAAAAAA.JPG)

Courting of a real life moid has turned out to be a failed mission. Time to return to my trusty 2d men.

actually the reason it failed was that my parents didn’t approve of the relationship and they gave me such hell that I have no interest in still pursuing it. I kinda feel bad because the guy still likes me but I’ve kinda moved on now and I just feel safer obsessing and pretending to date someone in my head because that’s what I’ve done for so long.

No. 933441

god I love dating people in my head it’s so much safer, enjoy yourself nonna maybe it just wasn’t right in the stars

No. 933442

Is the joke that this toy was a "hooker"?

No. 933447

Hell yes, I got the bag I wanted in animal crossing and now my character is absolutely adorable.
Now I will obsess with the other bag I want and the caps.
I’m so autistic.

No. 933474

The soundtrack of my life, my theme song

No. 933480

Your life must be an absolute trainwreck

No. 933485

Nta but oh god now I see it lol
it never registered in my mind before you mentioned it now

No. 933491

File: 1633661831698.png (466.08 KB, 426x597, imagen_2021-10-07_215731.png)

I made a squid game thread for squid game haters and squid game fans, to talk about squid game things and squid game news


No. 933495

squid came. squid saw. squid conquered.

No. 933499

No. 933518

File: 1633664403185.jpeg (171.98 KB, 750x1331, A1ADC680-333E-46B0-89A8-75059F…)


No. 933521

No. 933562

File: 1633667935902.jpg (Spoiler Image, 372.64 KB, 1458x1722, 20211008_012903.jpg)


No. 933573

congratulations you were able to spoil a picture of raw chicken

No. 933574

Lmao I don't wear makeup or shave and someone asked if it's because my boyfriend prefers a natural woman. Even if you put no effort into your looks it must be for a man I guess!!!

No. 933581

Is that lucinda

No. 933582

Nicotine gives me the shits but it does help me concentrate. Even if its placebo, idc, will take anything at this point. Maybe I will emerge from this streak of school assignments as a skinny legend.

No. 933584

a smelly, dead, skinny legend

No. 933587

Relax kek, it's nicotine lozenges. Minty fresh.

No. 933591

just makes me loopy lmao I wish that shit suppressed my appetite and made me shit

No. 933595

there's shit in that hand

No. 933598

what the fuck fuck fuckinhell is this

No. 933605

some unicorn tiddies

No. 933606

I actually saw the tiddies and they're cut off
dunno that anon is probably an attetion whore

No. 933607

File: 1633673222076.gif (34.71 KB, 90x90, i-love-you-i-love-you-very-muc…)

lick my pussy like this

No. 933612

I heard smoking curbs appetite but didn't want to start smoking. But I didn't know it was the nicotine that does that, maybe I will try some lozenges

No. 933631

File: 1633676100538.jpg (77.17 KB, 921x499, Tumblr_l_673998177899211.jpg)


No. 933642

Love it

No. 933647

is this from the paper mario cat game?

No. 933649

someone posted the full picture on /m/ (don't remember what thread) and even said who the artist was, it is really cute

No. 933653

I just realized I've been eating expired chocolate chip cookies.

No. 933660

Artist is called demian and also draws very pretty boys

No. 933663

File: 1633679278325.jpg (46.4 KB, 540x540, kitties.jpg)

No. 933697

Where in the FUCK is my android sexslave? For all the technology and society-building men claim to build I don't see that shit in my shopping cart. A fucking doll with functional sex parts, perfect voice acting and taking up any shape or form (human) is all I ask for, is that so hard???!

No. 933700

File: 1633689810697.jpg (187.72 KB, 1280x1113, the ascension begins.jpg)

I'm doing it, I'm making the change. I'm evolving. I'm reaching the next level, I'm on a new path, I'm going to ascend. I'll be Jenny on the block, I'll be what the Rock is cooking. I have the touch, I have the power. I feel it in the cockles of my heart (that's the ventricles), a new beginning, a new me. I'm a different gal now, I'm totally rad. I'm totally fucking rad. I'm totally sick as fuck bad ass super cool oh wow she's such a nice person she really makes me laugh and feel good about myself very awesome.

No. 933714

I went to Popeyes last night and was literally dumbstruck by how beautiful and sweet the girl at the window was. She cheerily handed me my food and I just stared at her for a second because she was so perfect.

No. 933717

I did not know Aerith works at Popeye's now

No. 933740

File: 1633695906331.jpeg (94.93 KB, 1440x810, 50982049-91D9-4E71-9D8F-DB7C94…)

I miss this crazy biatch.

No. 933758

My mom watched a russian documentary about cats and learned that in Russia they call a cat koshka, and now she calls our cat koooooooooshkaaaaaaaaaa but koshka is for female cats and ours is male.

No. 933768

>koshka is for female cats
Not necesssarily! Koshka can mean female cat but is typically used as an affectionate name for any cat.

No. 933774

Thank you for telling me, now I learned something

No. 933780

Samefag, but it also kind of reminded me how people assume that Vanya is a female name (bc of Umbrella Academy I think) when it's short for Ivan lol

No. 933808

About to buy my new rollerblades, absolutely fucking terrified about the sizing even though I have measured my foot multiple times, looked up other peoples experience with the skates, and asked for advice. Only one site has specific model I'm looking at and actually available in my size, but they won't accept it as a return because it's on sale. Fuck me fuck me fuck me, please pray for me nonnies, it's $250 I'm risking.

No. 933810

I think westerners automatically assume any name ending with -a is feminine (Nikita, Nika, Ilya, Pasha, Tasha, Tonya, etc) and some have been feminized outside of Russia as a result

No. 933814

anything fits if you only believe

No. 933816

I just got really high and immediately got my period. It's very euphoric and I'm no longer liable for when I show up late to my plans. No one could reasonably expect me to remain normal in this situation.

No. 933823

You right anon

No. 933827

Are you afraid they'll be too big or too small? Because if the former, you can buy insoles to make them a little smaller. If the latter, they might stretch a bit with use and there are even special sprays for stretching shoes. Don't worry anon.

No. 933829

what happened to the chaotic fun of this place. does all of the interesting shit happen more on the discord?

No. 933831

I actually don't even know haha. Maybe too small! I'm going a half size up from my regular shoe size, but based on the length of my foot and their sizing chart, the half size up is good. I've read the half sizes and full size under it share the same shell, it's just the liner is thicker so I'm hoping that even if the liner is tight, it'll mold to my feet eventually. I guess a thicker liner would be better since there might be more leeway to mold to my feet as opposed to a thinner liner… I've read people often will heat mold their skates a little bit too so I might try that if worst comes to worse! They run narrow but I think my feet are average width (but still small, so maybe I can get away with it).

Thanks nonas! I'm gonna hope for the best.

No. 933899

I got really high before coming to my parents and I got here and they're out but will be back so to mask how high I am I've decided to drink various alcohols really quickly (it's Friday night bitch!) and now I'm really drunk and high and can't stop doing my high beavis laugh and my inhibition is lowered but not masking the high. I hope 8 pass out before they come home

No. 933910

File: 1633717916535.jpg (550.78 KB, 946x1024, __gloria_and_piers_pokemon_and…)

my heart skipped a beat because i thought people were talking about piers pokemon at first. why do cute characters have to have such an ugly name

No. 933911

File: 1633717970469.jpg (45.24 KB, 700x415, _700x415c__MG_3754.jpg)

AAAA I DID IT!! I put in the orders for my stuff. Now I have to wait in a constant state of anxiety over the fit and also feel bad over how much money I just spent on a whim of wanting to rollerblade again. I hope it's going to be as fun as I imagine it to be. I'm watching lots of tutorial videos but also still trying to find more videos of people teaching themselves and seeing them have fun despite wobbling around and I just think "that's gonna be me soon!!!!" and I get so fucking excited. Not a lot of time left before it might get too cold to skate but I'm gonna try to make the most of it. Here's to nyooming like a pro one day.

No. 933915

So happy for you Nona!! Are you near a big city? A lot of them have regular skate nights around town or in an indoor arena. Go have yourself a good time and hope the fit is the one for you!!!

No. 933922

Yeah! My city has a skate night every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday coordinated by different groups! Only the Tuesday skate does their weekly skate past October, so I have the option to join that one if I start feeling confident enough to join after this month. Thank you nona!!! I'm so excited to practice at my local park!

No. 933925

I woke up at 4 this morning after 4 hours of sleep. It's only 21:00 on a friday night. Should I just say fuck it and go to sleep? I'm tired

No. 933929

go to sleep now so that way you can wake up earlyish on saturday, then you’ll have the whole day to do stuff

No. 933930

Another friday will come nona, stop forcing yourself.

No. 933932

sleep! sleep! sleep! get cozy in bed, we'll see you in the morning nonnie

No. 933939

File: 1633721304015.png (339.17 KB, 701x702, 57A3E437-4CB6-4F6C-B0C7-D047E3…)

people do this? how the fuck do you hug someone taller than you over the shoulders?

No. 933940

>opens yt
>this video looks interesting I guess
>closes video

I've seen it before, but why is the reason? Does she tell in the tiktok?

No. 933942

I'm retarded, what is this even implying? I have a manlet and I hug him over the shoulders or on the waist but with no particular motive other than having a good hug.

No. 933943

I stand on my tiptoes and reach up and force those tall fuckers to bend down to hug me. Not sure what she's implying though. Sometimes I just wanna hug someone over the shoulders.

No. 933944

I don't get it, explain?

No. 933953

it's so when you hug him over the shoulders he has to hug you on the waist or ass (vice versa if you hug him over the waist/chest he has to go over YOUR shoulders)

No. 933956

I live above a bar and it has a disco night tonight and it's giving me good vibes! They just played the conga song.

I would be miserable being actually inside the bar, but I enjoy hearing it through the floor and hearing people cheering and clapping and shit. It's like experiencing a night out without any of the exhaustion. Just a reminder to me that people are out there having a good time, and it makes me happy.

No. 933958

Big kek at how people were going crazy for maneskin for like 2 weeks and it’s been crickets since.
I just remembered them because I saw them in new music friday

No. 933959

Wait so it's so he can't put his hands around your neck or what? Why would you hug someone if this was a concern

No. 933972

I am a trainwreck

No. 933978

File: 1633724890947.jpeg (468.21 KB, 1242x1955, 6E45C812-5245-4C3F-9337-1D0A8E…)

I just started Shining Nikki. Not a very good first impression…

No. 933981

This is the only time they mention this, it's basically an obligatory "pick your pronoun" that the localization team decided to add so that twittards don't go apeshit when Nikki says "she."

No. 933982


No. 933989

I'll never understand how non binary crap gained so much traction. Shit isn't real

No. 933996

Shayna's new boo looks so much like Samantha, I have to do a double take every time I scroll past her thread

No. 933997

File: 1633727157624.jpeg (521.77 KB, 750x915, A9C64EDD-B8B0-4670-873E-2170DD…)

i try not to be jealous of women like this but i must resist, that’s what the world wants you to do to be ashamed of your natural body i simply won’t fall for it anymore, i’m fine with my body no matter how ugly and imperfect it looks compared to picrel

sincerely to no one asked

No. 933998

Why does the swimsuit look photoshopped onto her body? This looks like a pic that would be on an aliexpress item

No. 933999

yeah what are you on nonnie this is photoshopped to fuck everything about it looks fake

No. 934001

The weirdest part in this context is the game only refers to you with the third person pronoun in maybe one or two lines of dialogue and then never again. It's utterly pointless but companies will gladly cater to that shit because NLOG are notorious impulse consoomers.

No. 934002

This part of a song has been repeating in my head, it goes "Gnawed and spat out, still good enough for lowbrow vultures" but after a while my mind started saying lolcow instead of lowbrow.
I saw an ad for underwear today, it said "accept yourself" fucking hypocrites you are the ones making us feel like there's something wrong with us, now you say accept yourself as if there is something wrong with me that I need to accept if I don't fit into your standard. I do not need to accept anything, you need to accept me

No. 934003

File: 1633727550649.jpeg (509.38 KB, 739x1034, E71F2FFC-6D25-4B6B-9471-A4171D…)

she is naturally beautiful though nonnies

No. 934005

What part of that person looks natural to you

No. 934006

I am starting to think the whole political spectrum is just bullshit. My mom is religous, homophobic (she straight up said once that all lesbians are lesbians because they have mommy issues) and pro-life yet very supportive of the trans movement (including letting men play in women's sports) and supports other leftist things. I think partly it's because she's a boomer and doesn't fully understand those things but I have shown her infinite screenshots of TIMs saying they love being choked and how being sexually degraded is what being a woman means to them. I also told her about how Contrapoints mocked Syliva Plath's suicide and showed her screenshots of all the death/rape threats that TIMs send to "terfs" on twitter. And when politicans were trying to change "mother" to "birthing person". She wasnt bothered by any of this and just thinks that it's like .01% of trans people saying/doing this stuff and that the rest are really sane well adjusted adults. I stopped talking about it with her because I've grown tired.

No. 934007

exactly NONNIES she is CGI level pixar character fake i checked her insta

No. 934008

>Potato quality image and nose blurred to obscurity thanks to the filter
>Very obvious and overdone lip filler
>Full face of makeup
>Still doesn't look like the swimsuit picture

No. 934009

the no-fun-alloweders scared off the fun-alloweders over time

No. 934010

Conservatives are usually much more supportive of trans bullshit because it's better than being gay to them and it enforces sexist stereotypes.

No. 934012

So ready for abusive girl autumn. Gonna go gaslight a man rn

No. 934013

I've finally decided i'm going to go to Japan! Maybe next year, maybe the year after that. In springtime, spending my 31st or 32nd birthday there.

Nothing is booked, I just spent the day thinking about it and will research the technical stuff much more. But I think it's time now, soon. I had a lockdown 29th and 30th birthday and it just feels right.

It's also significant for me because I used to heavily dream when I was a weeb of visiting Japan. I thought I'd go in my 20s, but up until very recently, I've been spending 80% of my income on rent and bills, I've been poor as shit this whole time and figured it was a rich persons thing to travel to other continents and it kind of got moved to "maybe some day" territory.

Now I've had a decent job for a year, only 50% goes to expenses and I can feasibly actually afford this, and I'll make it a reality. It's no longer a DREAM dream to go, but I feel like I don't have those anymore anyway. But I am very excited at the prospect!

No. 934014

I kind of want to get one of those cringey weeb ass/tits mousepads (with a male character ofc) just for the novelty of it, but I'd have to hide it all the time and that's impractical.

No. 934017

Kek I've thought about getting a bunch of degen naked anime men to decorate my house too just as a big fuck you to scrotes who have their walls plastered with cringe ahegao prints and loli posters, but I'd never want such a scrote in my home plus I'd start to die inside

No. 934018

File: 1633728788589.jpg (124.94 KB, 720x1280, tumblr_pe5hd54eV31w14na0_1280.…)

I don't want one, but then I imagined one with the medic on it and maybe I changed my mind a little bit. Who would you get on it?

No. 934026

File: 1633729202946.jpeg (269.06 KB, 1242x1669, 7D1D5289-74CF-4411-A1B3-BD97AD…)

Losing weight in a healthy way takes too long.

No. 934028

I know. I fuckin hate it

No. 934029

File: 1633729735219.jpeg (97.95 KB, 750x952, B499AE8B-71E4-4EB2-A062-AEB5FB…)

i love this crazy bitch

No. 934049

File: 1633730944487.jpg (35.95 KB, 408x612, internet explorer.jpg)

I miss old social media so much
I miss interacting with other strangers and customizing my page and making some dumb character my profile pic and keep anonymity.
I just can't get used to facebook and instagram and fucking reddit.
I love lolcow but I wish I also had other places to go where I could make friends.

No. 934062

I feel this. I wish I had the money and the courage to develop a cocaine addiction.

No. 934063

Kek. This post has dumb bitch meme energy.

No. 934072

NTA but same anon, I would become so addicted to crack

No. 934074

I would try crack if it was sweet

No. 934075

My brain keeps reminding me of these old ass vocaloid songs I used to listen to.

No. 934076

File: 1633732323998.jpg (38.12 KB, 800x450, elmo.jpg)

No. 934088

File: 1633733224372.gif (437.98 KB, 477x267, 200yen.gif)

popipopippopopipo popipopippopopipo popipopippopopipo popipopippopopipo popipopippopopipo popipopippopopipo popipopippopopipo popipopippopopipo popipopippopopipo popipopippopopipo popipopippopopipo popipopippopopipo piiiiiiiiiiiiii

No. 934090

File: 1633733401978.gif (327.62 KB, 240x184, 6B2FF01A-5AE5-4E50-BD71-1B11F0…)

I raise you:
Ahhh, BOKU no utagoe ga
yami o terasu
hikari to narimasu you ni
Ahhh, BOKU no utagoe ga
minna ni
egao o todokemasu you ni
i didn’t care about the video, I just loved that part of the song and felt like my singing voice could change the world into a better place

No. 934109

File: 1633734344035.jpeg (60.4 KB, 1299x811, E9Kvmd0UUAEz192.jpeg)

surrender to it, you know whose world this is

No. 934114

File: 1633734724560.jpeg (27.69 KB, 509x395, 234AFF33-32CF-42CE-A965-E2D377…)

Why does Ryder Carroll look like Gollum suffered 50 years of crack abuse and smoking

No. 934131

Can someone please offer me sound advice on what to do about my roommate?

I live in a college dorm and the roommate in my room is unnecessarily and extremely loud for no reason from 8 am - 3 am
From talking on the phone loudly, moving around stuff for no reason, messing around with these extremely loud snack bags for hours, even when I think she's leaving she shuts the door like she's leaving and then comes back in for no reason like 3-4 times before she actually leaves. The other night she had a DISGUSTING binge where she sounded like a dog puking and I legit thought something was medically wrong with here but she was just binging at 3 am

She's also morbidly obese and of course breathes extremely loud, snores at an obnoxious sound, leaves the gross smell of fast food everywhere and stinks of the bathroom to nauseating smells to the point where me or my boyfriend have to wear a mask to use it.

I've also been suffering from loud noise-triggered seizures and about 3-4 times I've woken up and seizured from how absolutely loud she is being. For a while I thought I was being dramatic but my boyfriend stayed with me in the dorm for a few hours and basically confirmed she is being extremely loud for no reason constantly

What can I do about this? It makes it impossible to study, I'm constantly getting headaches and feeling extremely sick all the time. What do I do? They're very strict with roommate transfers

No. 934140

Even if your college is strict about transfers, it sounds like you have a legit medical reason why you need to transfer. Try it and if they refuse threaten to sue or something. Make sure you keep a record of the days/times you have seizures from the noise.

No. 934174

File: 1633743421602.jpg (133.57 KB, 1200x900, Tumblr_l_8593426677448.jpg)

i MISS ms paint animations about like cats and weeb shit, FUCK

No. 934187

You're not being dramatic, she's a detriment to your quality of life. You have rights. You don't have to put up with that shit. Ask for a transfer. It's far enough into the year you might even score a room to yourself.

No. 934221

File: 1633752734749.jpg (114.58 KB, 1242x1140, 20210216_143614.jpg)


No. 934230

File: 1633755709460.jpg (16.87 KB, 300x300, ready to run.jpg)

Boy, nothing dries my cat faster than Hal kissing the drug kid. I just wanna see the ugly fellas

No. 934231

and fuck this ending too!

No. 934232

i cant believe berries and cream lad trooned out

No. 934234

File: 1633756103365.jpg (16.98 KB, 473x476, 176.jpg)

if i'd run to sangwoo i would fuck him

No. 934246

>google some random shit
>find some message board with posts from 2003
>spend next 20 minutes wondering about the posters and how they’re doing and if they’re still alive
Why am I like this

No. 934267

ain't ever watching this show but every character pic i've seen posted from it looks so ugly, why do people talk about wanting to fuck them all the time

No. 934285

because they’re perfect people, don’t you understand? asians are perfect and have no flaws!!

No. 934340

Dreaming, waking up, and then falling back into the same dream is FUCKED

No. 934355

The fuck is wrong with you

No. 934366

I really don't get that whole "lol boomer music" joke for any album that's over 30 years old. Yeah, and? People then and still now listen to it, so what? If it's good music it's good music. Should we stop listening to Beethoven and Chopin because their music is over 200 years old? Of course not.

No. 934371

anon i dont think the people who laugh at boomer music are listening to classical

No. 934373

Literally nobody
Mgtow niggas for no reason at all: there was a female existing in my eyesight, MGTOW!!!

No. 934382

Just saw the term "dogcel" in the dog hate thread. That's enough internet for today I think.

No. 934383

No. 934393

Teenagers being retarded like usual, what else is new.

No. 934410

There's this white girl in one of my classes, she makes frequent videos about how "asian" she is, and idk it's just so hilarious. Obviously doesn't look asian at all, but she makes constant videos about her "korean" mother who is half asian. Every tiktok with her mom is "eating with my KOREAN mom" or "that's how KOREAN room looks like" (showing her own room). Rare vid with her white dad doesn't mention his ancestry and of course she always covers most of his face. That bitch is 21 too lol.

No. 934430

i met this white fakeboi who claimed to be part Japanese and Korean who tried to pass her white dad as her stepfather and made up stories about how her mom forced her into plastic surgery at a very young age to erase her "Asian features" because she hated the supposed "deadbeat biological father"

No. 934432

The fact that it's a fakeboi means she absolutely started claiming that to win arguments about kinning kek

No. 934433

surprisingly no, she was just a J-pop/K-pop sperg

No. 934465

Ugh same it’s so cringe too.

You know, it’s so weird to see everyone and their mother sperging over asian shows, their looks, sub vs. dub, and etc now. Back when I was a teen I used to be a little asian-obsessed and was considered a total weirdo for it but now the tables have turned and once again I’m the weirdo for NOT being obsessed with them. Life is crazy

No. 934466

It's honestly fascinating how widespread koreabooism is, they won the cultural war

No. 934468

Sk is the new America lmao

No. 934469

100% straight girl physiognomy

No. 934471

Kek, now we have the "korean dream": moving to Seoul, marrying an oppa~, working of being a model or english teacher, living on a small, expensive appartment (but with cute decorations!) and eating kimchi at every meal

No. 934505

I think it’s because it’s somehow more intimate? I prefer hugging my tall friends by the waist though, and they hug me by the waist as well, so it’s not like it’s impossible to reciprocate a hug by holding the waist of one another simultaneously.
Unless you’re both deathfats of course.

No. 934507

File: 1633791604043.jpeg (59.5 KB, 304x376, 676A85C3-FEC6-43DB-BF8C-44C7D6…)

What’s the difference between the physiognomies of straight girls and non-straight girls?

No. 934521

of course there isn't

No. 934533

File: 1633793129583.jpg (2.23 MB, 3984x2988, 20211009_150245.jpg)

Was watching a good tv show and it was so good that it overwhelmed my sperg self. Felt the urge to pause for a bit in order to compose myself
>composing myself involves running up and down the stairs because I'm unhinged
>gets stuck in a sperg loop for 1h because of it
I'm gonna have to cut it and look stupid. I don't have the heart to resume my show anymore

No. 934535

Do you have any superglue

No. 934536

I only have washi tape

No. 934537

SIP (sperg in peace) nonnie

No. 934538

they're straight if they look like they just smelled shit

No. 934541

Right in the feels nonette, when that happens to me I feel like I have to start over so I wind up clipping them all. The superglue trick never turns out well for me either. Usually it unglues in about a day or less and it gets more annoying to fix than to just cut em all back. again.

No. 934580

File: 1633797092129.jpeg (286.76 KB, 750x729, C15880E0-07A7-4413-9562-28E329…)

Saying that Komaeda has a micropenis is slander. I appreciate your creativity and imagination and it's clear that you've thought about it and paid attention to the source material, but you're fucking wrong.

I have revised my views on both his dick and balls in the last six months:
His balls are probably a bit saggy and dark pink. Proper man balls, but still not hairy. The odd sprouting hair at most. I imagine the skin texture on them to be that of a plucked goose.
As for his shaft, I have reason to believe that he does in fact have a large penis, in contrast to my original vision of a 6.5in length. I think it's probably about 8 inches erect, and not a skinny dick either - nicely girthy. The reason for this is that in-world, other characters find him creepy and repellent despite noting his physical beauty (e.g. Genocider Syo calling him a pretty boy in UDG). It would be just Komaeda's luck for him to have a beautiful, perfect penis but nobody who wants to go near it. Another cruel joke played on him by fate.
I still picture his cock to be a beautiful pearly pink which gets progressively darker towards the tip. Delicate blue veins. Slightly curved upwards in a way that nudges against the g-spot.

No. 934588

What's worse: A badly drawn psycho albino micropeen or a blue chinchilla's stomping on us or a loser dad kissing a wannabe mafioso or a stinky dorito smiling

No. 934600

when in doubt always pick the genitals

No. 934655

File: 1633806426231.jpeg (8.89 KB, 228x217, 608ad93837dc30d31427f52b_228_2…)

A friend invited some of us girls in the circle for lunch, we were having a great time and when I praised her for the initiative she just looked at me and said "honestly? I just wanted to get day drunk like they do in sex and the city"

I love my dumbass friends

No. 934668

File: 1633807870883.jpeg (61.59 KB, 688x691, 8B996F07-7780-4C0C-85A2-909877…)

I wish I was a nun so I have an excuse to seclude from society

No. 934694

just become one?

No. 934703

>some incel claims "women don't actually like x, they really like y"
>some woman chimes in "no woman actually likes y, we really do like x"
>tfw actually like y
but seriously, everyone should stop treating women as a monolith. and no, being a woman yourself does not give you a pass to do so. not everyone is like you.

No. 934707

Who gives a shit what incels say or think

No. 934716

Women like big butts and they cannot lie

No. 934717

tbh it's actually even more jarring when women (even worse when they claim to be radfems) treat women as a monolith. i'm tired of the "no real woman would ever do/say/like that" shit because it's almost always factually untrue. some women are spergy, some women are violent, some women are narcissistic, some women are degenerate and unfortunately some women actually really do downright hate women.

No. 934720

You have no idea how much I love you because of this post

No. 934721


No. 934744

>unfortunately some women actually really do downright hate women

anon why did you describe me so accurately?

No. 934746

Has any one else noticed more men have been trying to better their appearance? I browse the SkincareAddiction subreddit every now and then cause I have shit skin, and there's constantly a bunch of men posting pictures of themselves and nitpicking their own appearances. I remember also watching a video online about how a lot of men in China are choosing to get plastic surgery, and one of the surgeons said something like: "if you don't give them what they want, they can be more demanding than women" kek. I feel like we're gonna see a men's makeup trend coming soon.

No. 934748

>idk who needs to hear this but asexual does not mean “i don’t want sex” asexual means “i don’t feel any or i feel little sexual attraction.” ace people can have sex, ace people can be hypersexual, ace people can be sex repulsed, ace people can be sex indifferent and still be ace
>ace people can be hypersexual

Apparently words don't have meanings anymore

No. 934750

well no fucking shit, especially if someone says it here.

No. 934753

How I wish moids would learn how to exfoliate their crusty skin or even wash their faces daily with plain water. You're just looking at a small group of guys anon, the average scrote will never look after his skin.

No. 934754

File: 1633817562536.gif (326.73 KB, 299x200, ac647e6a258d367b11d67ea7c1b77a…)

>raising a glass to the based Cascada anons

No. 934760

it really grinds my gears when the things i used to get made fun of for liking suddenly become liked years after i stopped caring about it. naruto was universally considered the worst anime in existence back in my day, couldn't even utter the name without causing a shitfest or getting banned depending on the site, now suddenly tons of people like it? but i've lost all interest in the series several years ago even characters i used to like so it doesn't matter anymore. where were all these bitches a decade ago (outside of deviantart and fic sites). i wonder if the same thing will happen to current ongoing anime in 10+ years after it ends.

No. 934765

I feel the same way, got bullied for being an edgelord way back when and now being "alt" is popular. Now I just get called a gatekeeper because I say there's more to subcultures than wearing a shein skirt with a pleather choker. Or how people get bullied incessantly for liking anime but now it's cool to like shounen now. I wonder what currently "uncool" things are going to blow up in popularity in the next few years

No. 934767

My thoughts whenever someone here says women getting aroused by their bodies is tranny cope. Guess I'm just a hot outlier.

No. 934771

God I wish that were me

No. 934772

I know that feel, nonnie, I used to get bullied for wearing pigtails at 16 because I was “too old” for that hairstyle.
Now everyone be in their mid twenties using pigtails and braids, for which I also got bullied for wearing at 10 because I was, again, “too old” to be wearing braids.
It was also the same with the big ass bows, I loved wearing huge ass bows during my early teens, and got bullied for that because I was also “too old” to wear huge bows, but when we reached our late teens, everyone was wearing huge ass bows.
Like, just say I’m too ugly to look cute with cute shit and leave.

No. 934784

i WILL continue my celibacy
i WILL continue my creepy parasocial relationship and i WILL continue to imagine us as paul sheldon and annie wilkes

No. 934785

Naruto is having a bit of a renaissance but in a kind of ironic way, like the people who enjoyed it when they were young can finally admit they like it even though it's not high quality. Also normies are getting into anime more and it appeals to them. But in any 'serious' anime discussion you'll still see people shitting on Naruto and using it as THE example of a bad battle shounen. And back in the day Naruto was super popular with tonnes of fans, hence the Naruto running weeb stereotype. You can't say it was universally hated, it was huge.

Maybe it's more about the sites you frequent than widespread opinion of Naruto changing significantly. Some places are just harsher with their criticism than others.

No. 934788

i'm gonna go on imaginary date with my imaginary gf brb

No. 934789

it's ok you looked stupid with those claws intact anyway.

No. 934806

the people from squid game are so ugly, i swear i have to be the only person alive with working eyes and a vision

No. 934814

They just look more like normal Koreans and not like kpop idols. It's like people are shell shocked that the men outside of the kpop plastic surgery bubble where they're all under the age of 25 don't look like girls although I actually find some of the men and people of squid game attractive

No. 934835

File: 1633829402573.jpeg (49.97 KB, 739x382, 346E06A2-E37E-4254-BBB3-F3EB99…)

Going on a diet where I just drink one of these every 2-3 days

No. 934840

It’s not just you. I think the main guy is fug and the rest of them are meh.

No. 934848

I've got to stop eating so much junk food.

No. 934850

File: 1633832646036.jpg (118.72 KB, 1200x630, 33adde5d84974a66e42d24ecd7.jpg)

These are the fingers that typed this post.

No. 934863

cope you drag queen

No. 934867

I have short nails anon, I just though it was funny how aggressive you were over something as mundane as nail length.

No. 934869

File: 1633837301077.jpeg (61.59 KB, 300x166, 4A65390F-9A1F-49BD-AC03-266447…)

None of you will never achieve this.

No. 934873

I like snake bite piercings. I know I'll never get the piercings, but for some reason I like the look.

No. 934900

File: 1633844024225.jpg (79.09 KB, 750x920, ca1e94b12f6f4d7d1de29d02743859…)

I don't give a fuck about superhero shit, but I love her.Specifically the 80s version

No. 934903

No. 934904

File: 1633844819223.jpeg (244.02 KB, 1455x828, 9E3CC259-75E8-4758-9115-933676…)

I would attempt but after they reach a certain length I get annoyed by my fingers and end up trimming them.

No. 934907

File: 1633844996501.jpg (113.17 KB, 497x750, EuYg88ZXcAA4139.jpg)

Samefag, 80s Raven was also cool, not as cool as Starfire though. This poster is so badass.

No. 934934

File: 1633853557666.png (716.7 KB, 960x720, 244767947_4418905831562028_545…)

Feeling like an inside out butthole rn ngl.

No. 934977

Can I sniff?

No. 934982

I'd say they're starting to learn, based on the increasing number of male oriented skincare products appearing in my local drugstore chain (I live in Europe). Companies don't like to throw their products into the void so I'm guessing there must be some demand for skincare among younger moids. I'm okay with that.

No. 934995

File: 1633863241624.png (838.27 KB, 1080x790, Screenshot_20211010-025105(1).…)

I can't tell what's supposed to be serious or a joke anymore

No. 934996

File: 1633863282917.jpg (153.69 KB, 1024x1018, 1585491595197.jpg)

UwU I lov my bf, he is so tal and make me fel so smoll.

No. 935009

File: 1633866178231.jpeg (31.95 KB, 280x194, 1F89C2B6-F3BC-4A25-A0EE-6A6AF6…)

No. 935015

Her video titles might be ridiculous but she makes really great content anon. Give it a chance

No. 935017

How do you treat the mental illness that happens during a period? Tired of being a slave to my emotions.

No. 935090

File: 1633875962500.jpg (253.51 KB, 1024x682, istockphoto-1214907564-1024x10…)

Last week I got found out that my work announced that masks are no longer mandatory. This is starting tomorrow and while I could be happy about this that I do not have to wear that thing anymore, I'm also kind of annoyed by this because I thought we will have to wear it for a bit longer until my vocation days, so I planned to go to the dentist when I have my days off because my teeth ain't looking nice due to my tea drinking habits (I know it's gross but idk). Wearing my masks made it for people impossible to see them anyways so I did not bother to have my appointment now but next month, but when we have to stop wearing the masks now, what do I do? Knowing my dentist, they will have an free place for me in like two weeks but showing people my teeth at this stage isn't an option either. I guess I will see how things will go tomorrow. I assume I get asked all the fucking time while do I still wear a mask when I do not have to.

No. 935105

They said it's not mandatory, not that you had to stop wearing them.

No. 935111

I know, but knowing my work place, nobody will wear it tomorrow. I already see myself with it being the only one wearing it and on the top of that, most of my co-workers are nosy af they will sure want to know the reason why I still wear mine so I will have to them tell something. For example, when somebody gets a new haircut, most people also flock to them to know why they got this cut or this color. It won't get unnoticed when somebody stands out for whatever reason and you get punished with weird looks for a while.

No. 935116

I'm one of the few people who still wear a mask at my work and idgaf. Just tell them you're wearing it because you want to, end of story. Don't let your coworkers influence you.

No. 935132

True! I'm def overthink this situation.

No. 935134

File: 1633881104930.jpeg (272.59 KB, 600x600, 6a00d8341c18b253ef026bdea7bbba…)

whats everyone being for halloween? picrel is always my go to

No. 935155

Now what the fuck am I supposed to do with my ugly face now?

No. 935164

File: 1633884191075.jpg (17.67 KB, 395x87, bobdylan.jpg)

kek this Bob Dylan song fits in here

No. 935170

File: 1633884980972.jpeg (324.16 KB, 750x888, 3E075CFD-2A31-421F-8209-EAAB08…)

inexplicably based

No. 935172

can't wait to throw out these panties when I take a shower. they're so old, from 2014, and have finally taken their last trip up my body. they're not gross but they're a little torn. I got 12 new pairs in the mail so it's like letting go all those memories

No. 935193

Goddamn fruit flies all over my apartment and won't go in the damn trap, reeeeee

No. 935211

I was watching some tiny commentary type channel the other day and I thought the guy was obviously trying to mimic this critikal dudes voice. I think it was teen too tbh. Like it was painfully put on and unatural sounding. When I scrolled down to the comment section people were pointing out his cool voice and noticing the simularity.. he liked every last comment that said that. They were the only comments he was liking.

No. 935213

this really spoke to me, i agree

No. 935215

All of the commentary channels ran by men do this to make it seem like they’re the voice of reason, I don’t think I should take someone’s word as the truth when they abruptly add a forced sex joke inbetween their opinion to appease their reddit fan base

say what you about the fatty, he will die for his craft

No. 935218

>creates original provocative content
>videos consist of complaining about other youtubers content

No. 935220

I don't have a proper signature I just write my name fast

No. 935230

I'm out of the loop, who is samantha?

No. 935236


No. 935239

Isn't that what signatures are?

No. 935240

How did he gain and sustain popularity for turning his channel into opinions on internet drama and his opinions in general? It's not like he was ever the good takes guy. It's so low effort

No. 935241

No. 935244

Basement heightcels project themselves into him. His viewership is all dudes it’s kinda gay.

No. 935285

Dangerously based

No. 935299

I like the idea of notion but i don’t like the idea of notion watching me

No. 935301

You mean the app?

No. 935304

He was more entertaining when he just posted gameplays. I tried to watch some of his more recent commentary videos and they're just so boring and unfunny.

No. 935310

File: 1633897157084.jpg (20.99 KB, 286x286, 1633888662433.jpg)

>send funny deltarune image to bf
>"wait who is the original drawing guy, he looks familiar" he asks me
>my brain whispers: Rudolf Steiner
>who tf is Rudolf Steiner
>google him, nothing similar
>reverse image search the pic, it's Max Stirner
>read Stirner's wiki article
>at the bottom of the article I see a name
>motherfucking Rudolf Steiner and his influence
How did my brain know this, I can't read two sentences of philosophical text, I am absolutely uninterested in politics and I don't live in a german speaking country.

No. 935345

File: 1633900781713.jpg (73.74 KB, 368x589, hllblzr.jpg)

No. 935374

The abscess in my mouth is super inflamed right now. Kinda scared it's going to burst. It doesn't hurt though.

No. 935378

Where is it in your mouth exactly? If it doesn't hurt it might mean your tooth has died

No. 935381

The only thing I now about this is that every youtuber started shilling it at around the same time

No. 935384

File: 1633905862515.jpg (Spoiler Image, 48.64 KB, 652x627, Untitled.jpg)

chupapi munyayo…

No. 935392

let me French kiss you so I can pop it with my tongue

No. 935393

File: 1633907326497.png (1.59 MB, 1352x1328, 2F15AD90-8DFC-475D-97F0-4ACA4E…)

Hiding in my gf’s room like a fucking goblin because her family has nvited themselves over and I’m in full depression gear I haven’t showered, I gained weight and quit my job. Wtf please leaveeee. It’s over I’m so embarrassing.

No. 935394

I hope it hasn't. I'm getting a root canal soon anyway.
Please don't…

No. 935397

Just finished the 3rd episode of alice in borderland and damn I don't know if I want to keep watching, this shit is too depressing

No. 935399

The 4th episode is crazy. You should at least watch that one. I don't know if this is a spoiler but That episode made me cry, which was surprising to me because I wasn't invested in the series at all until that

No. 935402

File: 1633908001799.png (Spoiler Image, 43.88 KB, 200x200, 233630.png)

Samefag, but on the topic of Alice in borderland, picrel annoyed me so fucking much. The stare he did in basically every scene was probably supposed to make him look super pained but aloof or something, but he actually just looked like a retard. It genuinely worked my nerves.

No. 935409

I'm probably going to finish it but I think I need to watch some videos of puppies or whatever now because I'm disturbed I was so rooting for the group of friends and the girl and seriously thought they were going to find a way

No. 935411

Oh wait, I just realized episode 3 is the one I meant in my post. I thought episode 4 is the one where Karube, Shibuki and Chota die, my bad! I still think you should keep watching though, the last game they play is entertaining, and the next season looks like it's gonna be good.

No. 935426

Thank god, if they had done two very depressing episodes back to back I'm losing my humanity. Will continue watching, thanks nonnie for answering

No. 935436

File: 1633910508271.jpeg (305.89 KB, 1242x1587, 099AC1A9-712A-4E28-8D8B-F825B4…)

Pic related is amazing for my period, I tend to have really heavy periods that are probably like some sort of incontinence trailers for when I get really, really old or ill.
They’re so comfy.

No. 935437

File: 1633910584445.jpeg (328.42 KB, 750x722, FB035126-3147-40BF-A2A7-8BBB07…)

me as fuck

No. 935449

ecofascism is kind of based

No. 935451

File: 1633912747053.jpg (96.6 KB, 720x960, FB_IMG_1633912729602.jpg)

I love him

No. 935453

I can respect that.

No. 935474

File: 1633914165825.gif (5.35 MB, 640x640, dancing-tomato.gif)

The pomodoro technique is really good. Thanks, Italians.

No. 935492

literally who

No. 935496

the most beautiful man in the world.

No. 935498

He looks like Jonathan Joestar

No. 935500

Yesterday I was at a birthday gathering for a close friend who had shown his artist friend some stuff I drew on the fly. Two characters from some anime who's names I don't remember. The guy said he liked my line art but I can't tell if he actually meant that or was looking for something nice to say. I got introduced as the person who drew those characters i showed you so it would only be polite to say something like that right? I feel like it's so generic to say something like that.

No. 935502

File: 1633915943849.jpg (464.5 KB, 1200x2257, Front_views_of_the_Venus_de_Mi…)

If this were still the beauty standard my life would be much easier

No. 935506

Is this the guy who got banned from Iran for being "too pretty"?

No. 935512

he looks like a sims character

No. 935513

you me and every other one of these pre raphaelite motherfuckers too

No. 935516

File: 1633917007719.jpg (33.3 KB, 481x640, e90a3e9217302b307a4860bda2c314…)

No. 935519

File: 1633917582905.jpg (352.71 KB, 3441x2293, Q_JN1xwV5vrPrp4ptQ57rdVpDCpobK…)

The abscess is going back down. Crisis averted. I'm kind of paranoid that it popped and I somehow didn't realize it, so I'm gonna cleanse my mouth

No. 935537

I'm reading fanfiction again and I can't stop help

No. 935541

File: 1633922297918.png (461.7 KB, 1405x764, 57521AD3-CBA8-4E59-98B0-A9F3EE…)

I wonted to go to sleep early but nooooooooooooooooo I have to send a dumbass useless paper to my teacher at 00:00 hours because he’s a fucking retard.
I just want to lay on bed and daydream about my husbando of the week cuddling with me.

No. 935553

File: 1633924741476.jpg (74.52 KB, 539x680, Tumblr_l_1007408284580651.jpg)

Sitting with my legs elevated as high as possible

No. 935558

Why are most pussy-doctors male? Aren’t there any female gynos?

No. 935583

toastin dat marshmallow

No. 935598

File: 1633934645692.png (755.75 KB, 786x576, noscrotesallowed.png)

I hate men

No. 935679

File: 1633949802514.jpg (55.56 KB, 889x828, 02908402902y4.jpg)

he reminds me of my mother…

No. 935717

Aside from the jaw, he looks like an amalgamation of all the women on the Persian side of my family. You could tell me that was my long lost cousin and I'd just accept it.

No. 935759

File: 1633959263486.png (79.68 KB, 448x450, 34893482847.png)

why do men genuinely believe that you are interested in them if u smile at them? i usually smile to ppl i regularly see when i'm at work (i have a customer service job and am nice to everyone!!!) but a lot of the men get soo cocky. like, they start ignoring me on purpose. hello?? all i did was smile @ u?? or, at most, say "good morning" or "good bye"?

this drives me insane, mostly because i don't want to give scrotes ego-boosts. it's the worst thing ever, seeing their inflated sense of self worth growing right in front of your eyes.

nonas, this genuinely baffles me. i'm good looking and put effort in my appearance, how can a guy mediocre guy who wears the most basic ass clothes think i'm into him omg….?? women always smile back and maintain eye contact it's just the men.

No. 935789

>but a lot of the men get soo cocky. like, they start ignoring me on purpose.

Yeah instead of being polite back and having normal social skills, scrotes will think of themselves as the prize pimp daddy if a woman gives them positive attention. Yet complain when no one does. Male psychology is fucking cringe.

No. 935802

Men are so embarrassing lmao

No. 935815

I'm about to turn 33. I got a 'hey babygirl' message request off some random guy on instagram lately. I looked at his profile and if I'd been a teen mom he could actually be my son.

No. 935818

teenagers have no self-awareness lmao

No. 935820

Men are self-centered retards, the gap between your looks means nothing because they think you put effort for them

No. 935834

I like posting on incognito so if I'm second guessing whether or not I should've posted something, I can just close the window and lose my ability to delete it.

No. 935884

How do I start a group for women who like to get stoned after work as a main hobby

No. 935888

the dog hate thread is giving me stomach exercises it’s such a fucking mess kek

No. 935890

File: 1633974501024.gif (6.58 MB, 640x400, F164DD36-C430-4B7E-A385-DC500D…)

if it was hasan piker i would jump across the crying little kids, over the fat karen constantly whining about why her eggs are overcooked, over the loud ass dennys band kids yelling about big chungus and let him have sex with me on a customer’s dining table right there right then right now I hope his titties SLAM ME IN THE FACE AND KNOCKS ME OUT

No. 935891

you know he has stds right?

No. 935895

I’m fully aware nonnie, actually I’m actually pretty sure a lot of these streamers who hang out and fuck each other like it’s a typical orgy at epstein’s island all have secret stds it’s disgusting

No. 935897

Hasan has STDs? Crazy.

No. 935898

File: 1633975940757.jpeg (109.61 KB, 750x280, 7C2411C5-F000-4EEF-B4B4-BF3C20…)

Isn’t it obvious? You think that big fat piece of red sore on his forehead is just acne? Lmao, he’s casually admitted to dating a pornstar and having constant hook-ups, his dick is virtually radioactive and repellant to any self-respecting woman

No. 935901

i thought these were my eyebrows.

No. 935905

It's just male projection as usual. They're assholes to women they don't want to fuck (basically act like they don't exist) so interacting with them even on the most basic level makes them feel like you want to hook up because that's how they think. Seriously though men are only friendly with women they find attractive and hope they may be able to bang one day: https://www.livescience.com/20119-men-women-sex-friendship.html
>The results revealed that men are more attracted to their female friends than their female friends are to them.
>Such overestimating of women's interest is not unusual for men… Men over-infer women's sexual interest in a variety of contexts, Bleske-Rechek said (relevant)
>Men who were romantically involved were no less likely than single guys to say they found their female friend attractive or to say they'd like to go on a date with her.

No. 935911

he’s a brown scrote but I bet your eyebrows look beautiful anon

No. 935929

I’m not like the other girls I’m like the other anons

No. 935942

it's mental illness. last year this one guy purposefully ignored me and looked really cocky when i said "bye". i know he did it on purpose because he was smirking while ~ignoring~ me. this actually cracks me up, the absolute retardation of it all. like bro how is breaking social norms making you feel good?

>prize pimp daddy


thank you for the link nonita. this article is so depressing. i've never been close friends with scrotes, and thanks to lolcow and the wisdom it has given me, i never will be. so many times i have seen men crush on their female friend and get really jealous and possessive whenever she interacts with another man. it's super creepy and gross, like the entitlement is out of this world.

i genuinely do not understand what women get out of male friendships. other than male attention i guess.

No. 935962

File: 1633981199199.png (Spoiler Image, 289.03 KB, 768x719, 2319 - clothes ear flag hair h…)

>trannies bad even though they regularly make a mentally ill freak die of heart attack due to uncontrolled seeth-ACK!(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 936004

The unconventional male attractions thread is one of my favorite ones to read. I'm a lesbian but there's something so endearing about anon's shame and defensiveness, reminds me of my forbidden crushes as a teenager. Unconventional females thread is also great but they are rarely actually shameful.

No. 936032

>>Men who were romantically involved were no less likely than single guys to say they found their female friend attractive or to say they'd like to go on a date with her.
is the reason why I'll always roll my eyes at moids who say that of course it's possible for a man and a woman to be friends, just look at him and his lot of female friends! And then pretty much always followed by "If any of them were open to a relationship though…" with no shame at all, because you know, they're still all attractive women after all wink wink. You're not friends bro, you're just pining after her and begrudgingly accept your fate in the no-fuck zone (if you have the decency to respect even that).

No. 936071

File: 1633991012686.jpg (165.76 KB, 1080x1080, 1558896852124.jpg)

I have to lead what amounts to a public speaking engagement for some of the most senior people in my fuckhuge company this week. I am prone to public speaking-related panic attacks. Please pray for me nonnies

No. 936106

File: 1633995531594.gif (632.03 KB, 498x374, squirtle-pokemon.gif)

good luck anon! praying 4 u

No. 936125

My lower back pain has been so fucking bad this weekend. It was minimal when I went to my chiro, and it was minimal in the days following, then suddenly over the weekend the pain shot up. Today has been the worst. No matter if I'm sitting or standing, it aches. When I walk, I have to take short steps otherwise it'll hurt. Sometimes my knee gives out just a little bit and bends in while walking. Putting on pants fucking hurts. I had to skip the exercises my trainer assigned to me because it just hurt too much, but I at least did the stretches. My next appointment isn't until Friday and for now I'm just doing anything I can to alleviate it (massaging tiger balm into my back, heat patches, simple movement). I fucking hate this, I haven't done anything different, I just woke up and my back just hurt like a bitch. I started sleeping with a pillow under my knees too, isn't that supposed to help?! It didn't help me.

No. 936137

thanks anon, ur prayers are much appreciated.
herniated disk?

No. 936144

this song straight up made me cry damn marina knows how to make songs for women

No. 936190

I don't think so, when my chiro did a check up on me he said everything was fine, and I didn't have any long lasting damage from a fall I took two years ago that hurt my back. I do daily yoga and it's helped my posture and back pain but fuckkk I've never had it this bad before.

No. 936209

File: 1634004697268.jpg (217.17 KB, 939x1039, Screenshot_20211011-210912.jpg)

Why tf was concealment of birth a crime. As well as a disorderly houses

No. 936212

Your chiropractor won't be able to diagnose your issues. If you have severe chronic back pain (especially if it's extending to you knees) then you need a real doctor and an MRI

No. 936235

File: 1634007929220.jpg (32.28 KB, 585x360, 8ddf95687b0e7a254f3ac024796bc9…)

all my old fave cows are inactive so I'm just wandering around at this point

No. 936258

Keeping a disorderly house usually meant you operated a brothel, gambling den, speakeasy, opium den etc. It meant your house was a source of public disorder, not taht you didn't do the dishes.

No. 936278

which ones?

No. 936328

Why does everyone on lolcow hate Ovarit? What did I miss??

No. 936330

I want to know too. I've never been there but people here keep talking shit about it.

No. 936331

It’s like the late years of GC (in other words, nothing but racist libfems whining about trannies) only somehow worse. I heard that they banned women for dumb shit like being anti-makeup or pro-separatist, too.

No. 936350

What the fuck. I hate libfems. They think they can hate men or trannies and become radfems out of that. But they still support shit like makeup and the sex industry. Fuck them.

Unrelated but separatism is good. I obviously don't feel like we should be like that one antinatalist anon who was a hater of pregnant women and wished them to abort. But separatism is good. She kinda ruinned it to me imo, she was like "IF YOU BIRTH HUMANS YOU CANT BE A WOMAN SEPARATIST" or some shit. Fuck her too for being a retard

No. 936385

Wtf since when are they libfems?? I used to go there from time to time and I've never seen anything close to promoting sex "work", kinks, makeup, shaving etc. On the contrary they were very anti-makeup, some were even adamant that women reasonably into fashion and makeup were brainwashed, so as someone into feminine/j fash that threw me off a bit. Also never seen racism, unless you count calling out transactivism infiltration of BLM racist? There's so few radfems and TERFs, if we actually want to destroy patriarchy and the gender ideology we should unite instead of being on civil wars.

Anyone got screens/links as proof that libfems took over?

No. 936397

>Anyone got screens/links as proof that libfems took over?
There's no take over, idk what anon is on about but it sounds like a massive overreaction. There might be some off-brand libfemmy posts here and there but it's overwhelmingly, explicitly opposed to liberal feminism and frequently discusses it's faults. If someone's getting banned for being anti makeup or whatever it's more likely they were just sperging and aggressive.

There is a bit of contention about race, occasionally there's a post to discuss white feminism/white users talking over non white users. Which is barely racism lbr it's just mild tension and those posts get plenty of support.

No. 936402

File: 1634029453237.jpg (247.78 KB, 1080x1206, IMG_20211012_114926.jpg)

They're comparing cp to "transphobia" now

No. 936421

Why would a feminist website ban people for being anti-makeup? I think you are full of it

No. 936433

What in the actual FUUUUCK!!!

No. 936434

Nta but libfems think it's empowering and kill anyone who doesn't think the same

No. 936593

File: 1634046919044.jpg (30.55 KB, 460x390, borzoi_snow_dogs.jpg)

Bumping for gore in dog love thread

No. 936606

File: 1634047632454.gif (2.38 MB, 640x640, 19dollar-fortnite-card-among-u…)

I may have just snapped in the comments of some random ig reels video and unleashed my inner terf. I commented from my personal art account for some reason so I hope no one I know comes across it.

No. 936652

I don't hate Ovarit, it just sucks as a place to hang out. You didn't miss anything besides that a site whose userbase is only united by hate is bound to be full of unproductive drama, infighting and bullshit. And no I don't mean capital H hate crime hate, I mean Ovarit users have no unifying values besides hating troons. Ovarit never said "this is for radfems and our values are XYZ, if you don't like it this isn't the place for you." They try to be everything for everyone.
So instead of doing anything productive or entertaining, the site is constantly fighting with itself over philosophy, politics, and the fundamental nature of reality. It's not fun because some users get butthurt about their opinions, sperg out and call everyone who doesn't recite the SCUM manifesto at their lesbian commune before breakfast a dirty libfem, see >>936331
I was excited about Ovarit and used it regularly for a few months. But it got boring because every thread turns into a tranny hateboner circlejerk. The average off-topic thread looked like this:
>oh look a puppy!
>please be careful when posting pets, the TRAs are always watching and waiting to dox us
>Aw what a cute pup, I wish I was that ignorant of the terrible crushing weight of the patriarchy
>This reminds me of the time I was walking in the park and a man spat on my dog. Life is hell for women.

No. 936659

File: 1634052090599.jpeg (174.66 KB, 1280x1280, CF2426C5-1E88-4A92-A5C2-04F386…)

to be eating this while wearing a nice fleece pullover and watching some trash. good tuesday

No. 936675

Kind of annoyed I'm not at work tomorrow since I have developed 5 work crushes. I'll miss them.

No. 936677

one for every day of the week

No. 936680

That's pretty much what happens every time somebody creates a community over ideological or moderation-related conflict with a larger one; it gets populated with extremists who for some reason need to spend every waking hour letting everyone know how much they hate their target of choice.

No. 936681

I'm going to be such a slut at the Christmas party.

No. 936760

Not to bully Kylie Jenner but in season 9 of kuwtk she is so fucking ugly. There is a reason she got so good at makeup. Great body. Did not need any surgery. The face. Yeah. She made a choice and for her it was the right one.

No. 936777

She really was. Rich girls used to stay ugly. Historically, many noble uggos had to resent their prettier servants. Now their 3d printed, GMO faces combined with the impending agelessness of the elite means the world has no justice. Therefore, Kylie Jenner is to a certain degree guilty of crimes against humanity.

No. 936808

File: 1634060411563.jpeg (229.94 KB, 750x1125, B817EF83-541C-49D9-92DF-35E55D…)

I miss her 3edgy4me phase and her cosmic black hole lips, truly iconic

No. 936812

My cell provider gives away free shit every Tuesday and sometimes its good shit but mostly not so I don’t ever check but today they were giving away a blanket and I was too late to get any ugh lol. I don’t have a shortage of blankets at home but I won’t say no to free one, yknow?

No. 936834

File: 1634061520319.png (126.55 KB, 460x516, POOOOOOOOOOP.png)

Finally a thread for me. I am insane as FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK

No. 936844

Decided to take a quick break from all this dense paperwork I am doing by hopping on lolcow, decided to open /meta/ first, now trying to read like 100 posts about some dog gore redditor

No. 936849

I have an app on my phone where once a month you get either a free coffee or a snack. You have to use the offer within 48 hours and I was kicking myself when I had conflicting plans and couldn't grab it last month. It bothered me way too much

No. 936859

>dog gore redditor
What? who?
the anon who constantly bitches about dogs calling them "mutts"?

No. 936860

Yes, there have been anons going back and forth about it in /meta/ for hours

No. 936868

File: 1634062962104.png (1017.9 KB, 1300x1065, imagen_2021-10-12_132251.png)

They're about to kiss

No. 936872

Yes they are since, both are Homos

No. 936873

File: 1634063136521.jpg (106.74 KB, 1080x774, 382727262738383.jpg)

Yeah I did a google search of the dogfree subreddit and found a poster who types in the exact same syntax as the deranged dog gore spamming anon. He was revealed to be a man into transvestigation shit and other unhinged conspiracy theories.

No. 936874


No. 936876

Holy fuck. Tell us more milk
This is unhinged as fuck, no wonder he's a man. No woman would talk the way this insane psychopath does.

No. 936877

Did I stop taking selfies because I became more confident and started liking myself or because I hate myself so much I don't want to look at myself or others to look at that mug. Hmmm

No. 936883

The tinfoil thread pic reminds me of those word bubbles you could make on Facebook, it takes a tally of every word you've ever posted on Facebook and makes them large or small depending on how frequently you use them. Back in 2012 I made one and the biggest words were 'fuck' 'man' 'dude' and my best friends name and that still makes me laugh. My speech pattern has not evolved since then, I have no word bubble to prove it, but I feel it in my bones, duuuude.

No. 936887

File: 1634063778534.jpg (324.69 KB, 1080x1772, 3827262894837262.jpg)

His YT account where he posts transvestigation videos calling basically every famous woman a tranny. We know it's him because he posted his videos on reddit. There's even one where he theorizes that Elliot Page was actually a man all along who detransitioned kek. He has other accounts linked on his YT. Picrel is from his Minds account where he admits to being a single father. Oh yeah, and he's an anti-masker.

No. 936911

Holy fuck lmao
Someone make a thread about this retarded idiot man please

No. 936914

He had no problem sharing links to nudes of young women on his reddit, women the same age as his kid is.

No. 936941

Why aren't scrotes like this in mental hospitals?

No. 936942

The bio of a porno twitter account that he shared a few times onto reddit reads
>I only post pics of the most exquisite ladies. I detest tattoos, fake boobs & not fond of bush. Natural & perfect women in their nude glory as they should be.
(ah yes all natural but no bush lol) It's an account that lists every body measurement of a woman alongside their nude pic. Objectification beyond even the normal objectification of porn. He shared their links a few times and fought with scrotes about it weirdly. It appears he likes em 18 and skinny as fuck but here he is bitching about women not wanting to be pregnant because they need good nude bodies to post online.. the fucking irony. We all know men posting these shit opinions are fapping to girls of just barely 18 but it's always fun catching them at it.

No. 936945

Because of the stigma from society of "uwu protect mentally ill people assylums are not needed uwu"

No. 936948

i want to, but i'm not sure there's enough content to keep it alive. he doesn't seem to be very deterred by getting banned though so he might continue to sperg enough across the internet to keep it going.

No. 936978

hahahahaha the transvestigation guy has been posting here? he's been a minor reddit cow for quite a while now. the problem is that now that he's here he's probably never going to leave.

No. 936982

I can't imagine all your coworkers would judge or hate you for having stained teeth. What country is this?

No. 936985

File: 1634069420012.png (59.24 KB, 1454x536, transvestigation.png)

top kek. thank you for your hard work, nona. his comment section is absolutely insane, like this man clearly puts effort into these troon truther videos. also, i love how he uses mutt as a slur when talking about dogs it's hilarious.

No. 936986

How is one meant to reply to someone telling me I ate a lot of snacks? Yes, I did eat a banana, a piece of light cake and a yogurt. But it's not even that much, or unhealthy. I have never had someone tell me I eat a lot before in my life (I'm skinny) so I'm not equipped to tell them to fuck off I suppose.

No. 936989

Am I nuts or did deadwingdork do a stream on this guy? Or at least part of a stream focused on him

No. 936990

deadpan "yeah I did"

No. 936992

Who are they in relation to you?

No. 936995

my flatmate
yeah that's what I ended up doing but it felt so awkward

No. 937025

File: 1634073866561.png (391.45 KB, 728x610, 1630125617670.png)

my grad school classmates are so nice and we're hanging out every day after class, but now i have no desire to talk to my terminally online friends anymore. i love them and i still message them, but they just seem less interesting than irl people now. feels weird, i never experienced something like this.

No. 937028

Irl friends are always more interesting than online friends, nonnie.

No. 937030

File: 1634074160479.jpeg (531.56 KB, 2048x2048, C2F15609-57B5-4641-AE9B-68CE43…)

I was looking up whether cleft chins are dominant or recessive and I saw this in the image search. It’s dumb but it made me sad. I love my butt chin.

No. 937047

File: 1634076184382.jpeg (177.79 KB, 464x424, 34656644-ACCB-430C-866C-9A7CDA…)

This is a picture of my current boyfriend and I’m quite honestly embarrassed… my friend’s constantly tease me for wanting to date him but something about his squidward’s nose makes me want to stick it in my Pusey like a dildo. We’ve tried that over and over again while attempting sex but I think it’s criminal trying to fuck something that looked like it went bad and moldy under a classroom desk. Anyways I can’t help feeling alone in this situation anons he just makes me so wet I can’t stop he makes me so so wet the rotating on his fat rocket top cock tops the cake I’m experiencing ugly guy autumn

No. 937053

i'm noticing this too now. i always wondered how people who have no online friends survive because online friends were like my only friends ever since i was a teenager. i still have friends from undergrad time but only a handful. now i actually have to juggle them and my classmates because we spend so much time together. i feel like this is healing my depression too kek like i suddenly feel so much better about everything just because i have so many people to socialize with.

No. 937057


No. 937058

File: 1634076855525.png (661.54 KB, 732x709, russian jacket seller.PNG)

No. 937061

holy shit i wish i was illiterate

No. 937062

thats crazy have you tried killing yourself about it

No. 937064

File: 1634077332934.gif (2.39 MB, 498x270, please-say-sike-eric-andre.gif)

what a horrible day to have eyes

No. 937066

kek anon nice joke story, totally true

No. 937069

I always read TiM as "tranny is male".

He looks like he's 50, this better ne some unapologetic larping.

No. 937074

>not making a mold of the shape of his nose to create a dildo

No. 937078

File: 1634078209127.jpeg (173.55 KB, 342x611, 7AD600E0-62D2-449E-8C14-1DA053…)

who can resist having sex with such a beautiful specimen?

No. 937084

File: 1634078686776.jpeg (188.7 KB, 438x797, 2218F1FC-63F4-438D-BB26-E708D6…)

why is he online exclusive only I want to go to build a bear and fill him manually baka

No. 937092

Sometimes I'm a little harsh on myself, see I feel like I easily get a double chin going on in pics .. >>937047 someone kill me if mine ever reaches this level

No. 937101

My boyfriend saw that I had been reading x reader fanfics with my husbando. I'm so embarrassed.

No. 937102

Last time I went to build a bear my bf (at the time) ruined the experience by trying to make me feel self conscious about being an adult in there .. the woman stuffing the bear told him they get lots of adults coming in, its not unusual at all. Dude you're paying for this plush so you should maybe try and earn maximum brownie points by just not ruining your gift to me lol

I still dream of a future date with someone who won't shit on my BAB experience

No. 937125

butt chin gang rise up

No. 937128

I hope you find someone you can go to bab with who will support you

No. 937130

his fashion sense is an atrocity

No. 937134

What did he say kek that's like one of my fears

No. 937160

He just laughed and shrugged it off since he's well aware I've always been a husbandofag. Still embarrassing though lol.

No. 937224

File: 1634094060580.jpg (40.24 KB, 720x577, bob.jpg)

Temperatures are starting to cool down where I live. Smells like hair straightening season…

No. 937246

I'm so tempted to take shit in my pants right now. Why do I have to poop EVERYDAY

No. 937262

File: 1634100321657.gif (16.33 KB, 300x100, cutecow.gif)

I made this banner, I hope admin adds a couple more before she goes

No. 937277

Very cute anon! You should post this in the banner thread though. I hope admin adds it!

No. 937285

File: 1634104671020.jpg (42.24 KB, 600x592, my mom.jpg)

Last year my family got two kittens, the first one being a female we named Bella. Today, after nearly a whole year of having her, my mom saw Bella on her back exposing her belly and figured out that she was actually a he, his penis was on full display. My whole household is shook. I never noticed any penis on him before, nor did anyone else (but the woman we got Bella from said that he was a girl, so it's also not like we thought to check), and he doesn't have any balls. The weird thing is that we've taken both cats to the vet telling them that Bella is a girl and they never said anything, and when the time came to get them fixed the vet didn't see ovaries or a uterus inside Bella and was confused, she never said anything about Bella actually being a male, she was confused af and said she never had that problem before. The vet also said that it was strange that Bella hadn't gotten pregnant since we ended up taking them to get fixed after the time they could start having kittens. There are some ways in which the revelation does bring some clarity tho, like sometimes Bella mounts our other cat, Bruno, and humps his back. Which we obviously thought was weird, but according to Google female cats do sometimes do that so we didn't think much of it. Bruno would also try to have sex with Bella, which solidified our belief that Bella was a girl. Them both being fags? We never saw it coming. Anyway now we want to rename him with a boy name. My mom suggested Bruce kek but if anyone has any serious suggestions feel free to give them

No. 937290

Radfem Black, Lisa Michele, I think Dworkin’s Ghost all got banned

No. 937298

File: 1634105818056.jpeg (526.2 KB, 2400x1350, 210903-stern-Cobie-Smulders-te…)

Cobie Smulders playing Ann Coulter in American Crime Story sounds exactly like Safia

No. 937311

ok the way you described your cats as covert fags took me out. it sounds like maybe his balls never dropped? in which case i propose the name eunice (get it its like eunuch lol)

No. 937312

Samefag maybe it was another ghost actually

No. 937326

File: 1634109328243.gif (483.96 KB, 275x183, 1596547371132.gif)

We had the same thing happen with our cat. We thought it was female, nope, male. He's black so we never saw his balls because they blended in with the rest of him.

No. 937339

File: 1634112982193.png (732.82 KB, 860x1579, 1634110420566 (1).png)

hunf, so this is the transphobic website my sisters were talking about….. truly pathetic, don't you low life forms have anything better to do than obsesses over transgender people? well, this is my only warning, leave them alone.

No. 937344

Nothing personnel, kid

No. 937345

is this a really common thing? same thing happened with my 1st cat, they told us she was a male so my mother named her Lucas. A few months after, when my mother was playing with her, she noticed she was a girl, but she stayed with the name Lucas kek anytime someone asked about her we had to explain the whole story.

No. 937359

I'm rewatching a livestream and someone just sent a superchat to ask the person to stop using the phrase "oh my god" as it's offensive..

No. 937362

It's happened to me too. We had a lovely black cat we took in, I called "her" Ellie. After about a month of having Ellie when she was washing on my bed she started washing her bits and the next thing I know "she" was sat there with a huge boner. Without thinking I shouted "ELLIE'S A BOY, SHE'S GOT HER DICK OUT!" and it's something I still haven't lived down. In the end we just said Ellie was short for Elliott lol. To this day I wonder what my neighbours thought if they heard me shout that.

No. 937396

shadow is definitely transphobic

No. 937397

I hope you're being a good LGB ally nonny

No. 937398

File: 1634122524151.jpg (330.27 KB, 2048x2048, e71jfcgkx3k41.jpg)

No. 937427

File: 1634132613840.png (99.44 KB, 561x851, Screenshot 2021-10-13 094150.p…)

What the fuck is this, lmao? Men can really write anything and people will praise it

No. 937428

File: 1634132735282.jpg (118.62 KB, 596x824, suzie-text.jpg)

No. 937432

one thing I don't understand about white(and some black) men who fetishize women is that they do have any idea they will end up with kids who will look pretty much asian

No. 937434

She dodged a bullet.

No. 937440

I unironically think the latest CWC's letter is written more coherently (even if not by much)

No. 937444

men out there spouting shit like this and still demanding that women think of them as the smarter sex

No. 937446

white men don't care. and blasians are nearly always treated more as black than asian

No. 937453

I wish I could lean into my Ketamine addiction without building a crazy tolerance and destroying my bladder. Unfortunately I value my ability to pee.

No. 937457

File: 1634135299225.jpeg (52.97 KB, 480x471, AA4523B8-6DB1-4FEE-8AA3-DCE0A3…)

No. 937463

seriously though I always wonder if I could get away with murder or planned assault If I ever needed too

No. 937469

I love love love being able to make people laugh it’s like my source of happiness it actually makes me not want to kill myself kek

No. 937478

File: 1634136584944.gif (1.21 MB, 750x500, A14AD8EE-F397-43D9-911E-1FE33F…)

aw lil flappie-chan is back with her sanic obsession everyone do a little happy flap with flippy

No. 937480

that's not me, i'm genuinely and proudly transphobic

No. 937484

same lol

No. 937502

Nta but the second hand embarrassment I get from this gif and similar happy flappy online tists is exactly why I'll never go get my autism assessment. Happier staying in denial

No. 937506

I just tried this and oh man it was sick, like my hands were dead appendages. won't do it ever again

No. 937508

Every day I'm more and more amazed at how much of a pos I am and how I landed such a good bf. Told him everything shitty I did before we started dating because I'd rather be upfront than leave skeletons in the closet. Yet here we are, almost 2 years later, him hinting at proposing. He's an angel, I swear.

No. 937510

Good on you for being upfront at least. The amount of people who'll rewrite their own history and then you waste years slowly finding out how much they lied about their past.

No. 937512

i have the toots today and it's so bad and my tummy hurts agggggghhhhhh

No. 937516

File: 1634140586330.jpeg (177.26 KB, 640x1136, 9AB6520B-65FF-421C-A7C2-454E3E…)

No. 937521

File: 1634140967579.jpeg (15.07 KB, 318x159, 2F4DB09C-7E40-4BCE-A7EE-7BCA09…)

Let’s be alone together, nonnie.

No. 937525

File: 1634141458187.jpeg (108.38 KB, 508x743, 7CF34467-166E-4798-A5CD-142F17…)

ily ♥

No. 937527

Sometimes I'm like I bet being promiscuous is fun but then I realise I haven't kissed someone in over a year because I still cringe about how awful my last kiss was imagine what I'd be like if I had a disappointing one night stand like that time I had one in 2010 and it took me a decade to stop cringing over it.

No. 937529

nta but omg, i love titi monkeys so much

No. 937534

sometimes i think about how (apparently) 2/3 of people have herpes, then i think about how many people i’ve kissed which is a lot, and it gives me a panic attack like holy fuck…….. i’ve never had an outbreak but i probably have herpes and it makes me wanna kms

No. 937539

Around 7 years ago I left my fiancé of 8 years (highschool sweethearts #cringe) after living with him for 4 and while I have forgotten a lot of it (praise God!) I've retained enough of it to be like hmm, don't want to do that anytime ever.

No. 937541

I get way too much enjoyment out of prank calls.

No. 937553

Kylie Jenner has actually had so much work done to her face, kendall too, because they both look so different in season 10 and they've already had work done. Mental.

No. 937615

File: 1634149603892.jpeg (533.18 KB, 750x712, 32579ED0-6027-43AD-929B-624A1A…)

I remember that anon from the confession thread who saves pictures of random men because they look funny and uncanny and picrel really made me understand why KEK

No. 937622

I just realised a guy I used to have a huge crush on but never confessed to is now trying to hint that he's into me and idk how to feel

No. 937650

fucken hell i don't want windows 11 can't i make the update optional like why does a brand new system have to be forced idgi. im gonna see how many times i can pause updates

No. 937653

File: 1634152312840.jpeg (956.65 KB, 2828x2828, 1DB394EF-D240-4CD5-B171-64A0EE…)

Since I saw this I decided to make a collage of some of my most recent saves. I must add there is an art to collecting these men, because being typically ugly isn’t the main appeal, it is this bizarre aura they all eminate. Usually found in lookism corners of the internet.

No. 937663

Any time I see a woman on the internet fawning over her 10/10 man and berating herself for being a 4, I know she's a hottie and her man looks like these ugly weirdos. Why is that?

No. 937664

Jesus Christ, this is like looking at a collection of pictures of thumbs.
I can’t find the collage of thumbs, but like, looking at pictures of males without context really makes them look monstruos and truly ominous.

No. 937668

File: 1634152999751.jpeg (57.36 KB, 629x623, 72001E97-600B-4478-876F-CA77E3…)

shit nonny, these are excellent. yeah a lot of men are absolutely terrible at taking photos of themselves and i don’t know why, they always look like deranged serial killers who just murdered their someone like damn crack a genuine smile you autistic freaks

No. 937669

You could look into the system settings if it's possible to deactivate automatic updates until the update option runs out (if it does run out, not sure about that). That's what I did when I got win10 forced onto me.

No. 937676

File: 1634153986929.png (236.84 KB, 352x343, 2EC34746-D63D-438C-8BDD-9E3868…)

why do scrotes always insist on taking pics with their hair like this? kek

No. 937680

>know a qt has a crush on you
>not really that into her
>still like the attention
>qt suddenly stops liking you
>wtf i miss the attention
>gain crush on her

No. 937684

I went on a date with my hs crush a while back after he did this and it really sucked. He was 10x uglier and 10x more autistic than I remembered.

No. 937685

the receding hairline …. let me guess he's 25 or younger? tragic

No. 937688

The guy on the lower left looks like a plastic surgery abomination. He almost resembles a woman, but in the worst possible way. I fucking hate his lips.

No. 937703

File: 1634156157996.png (43.25 KB, 1366x730, ww.png)

couldn't find anything like that unless i'm looking in the wrong place. also
>only goes up to 35 days
>"When you reach the pause limit, your device will need to get new updates before you can pause again"

No. 937743

All the things I bitch about always get solved.

>wahh I'm broke

Have a good chunk of money saved, money in retirement, and some money invested.
>wahh I have student loans
Paid that shit off asap.
>wahh I have no health insurance
Got a salaried job with good health insurance.

I'm happy I solved my problems eventually but kek can't a bitch just bitch about some shit?? Sometimes I just wanna complain into the wind!!

No. 937754

How much were your student loans for you to be able to pay it off? By the time I graduate I'll probably owe like £80-90k

No. 937755

File: 1634158453028.jpg (275.42 KB, 720x1244, IMG_20211014_044941.jpg)

What if Joshua Conner Moon aka "Null" has a side hustle of drawing NSFW porn

No. 937763

isn't windoze 11 optional tho? at least now. iirc you can choose between 11 and another 10 update. my laptop doesn't even qualify for windoze 11 anyway

No. 937764

Only $16k. I was also admitted into a state school through a special program for kids from financially disadvantaged backgrounds (basically for people both poor and stupid and couldn't afford tutoring lol or had to work so their grades suffered) so I had extra financial help that meant less loans. My parents let me live rent free and I paid my shit off in 2 years with a minimum wage retail job because the thought of the interest payments made me so angry. If I didn't get in through the program, well I wouldn't have gotten in in the first place, but I estimate my loans might've been anywhere from 30k to 50k. That's how much my friends ended up with (one with regular financial aid, one with none). Also, surprisingly enough, studying abroad made it cheaper for me.

Godspeed anon, I hope you'll be able to land a cushy job and pay that shit off quick!

No. 937768

That sounds so awesome anon, not having that weight of debt hovering over you must be great. I'll work hard to reach there too!

No. 937773

It's absolutely such a huge sigh of relief! It was ass having to pay it off, but it taught me some financial responsibility and how to prioritize my spending/saving habits. A necessary evil, I guess. I've also gotten used to having a lot less money, so I put what used to be loan repayment money into savings/investments instead.

If I can do it, you can do it too nona ♥! Study hard, and good luck!

No. 937776

File: 1634159421599.jpeg (363.91 KB, 660x484, B52D0D04-1E07-469E-BDB4-BACB50…)


No. 937828

Is this photoshopped or does Ed Sheeran really have such a big face?

No. 937829

I want to be a pro in Excel I feel like that such a cool skill to have. Not even for employment reasons but for when you need to organize or plan literally anything

No. 937847

File: 1634162933526.jpg (53.9 KB, 600x600, vomit-chan2.jpg)

today is a bad day to be literate

No. 937923

Has anyone heard of Selena’s Glamorous Dollhouse on YouTube? She is my own secret cow. I can’t believe I haven’t been able to find any gossip about her. Lately the drama is so retarded

>bipolar drunk boyfriend treating her like shit a couple years ago

>he gets deported, they get married either shortly before or after deportation
>he cheats on her while he’s out of country
>She’s moving on, getting meds and therapy for her BPD and anxiety. Generally doing ok aside from occasional retarded sperging at Internet randos
>she lives with her mom, who it turns out is batshit
>One day puts up a video of her mom screaming at her calling her a bitch and a liar and mom wants her out of her life
>apparently this is happening because Selena confessed that her step-dad/mom’s bf was making sexual remarks toward her
>she starts talking about her husband cheating on her and talking shit about the other woman in live streams
>her husband is stalking all of her videos and streams and continues to pop up in live chat to shit talk her back
>She’s doing a live stream one day and someone puts in the live chat asking for info about her husbands passing
>She tells thats a fucked thing to say and to stop trolling, but ends the livestream soon after
>Supposedly her husbands family confirms his death
>But her issues with her mom is forcing her to find a new place ASAP
>a male friend who totally wants to bang her offers to rent an apartment with her
>She moves in, subscribers send her lots of new stuff for the apartment
>plot twist, hubby is alive!
>not even a month after moving in with this guy she’s flown off to see her husband
>they’re getting back together even though he’s slimy piece of shit who obviously didn’t care about her and just wants his daddy to give him money again
>made a whole 2 hour live with him trying to get sympathy for him and how baaaaad he feews that everyone was rightfully calling him an asshole. Supporting his lies that contradict everything her subscribers have seen over the past several months and acting like his aggressive and jealous (projecting) behavior is so cute

She acts pretty embarrassingly on a regular basis, too. She started fetishizing some asian stuff lately and thinks eating packaged “asian noodles” is healthy. Talks about how young she looks and her beauty as if she’s drop dead gorgeous when she’s pretty average. Essentially says “age is just a number” and then talks about how there are 11 year olds watching her. Since she started talking to her husband again she keeps calling her subscribers “my public” and is acting more rude/high than usual.

I’m not sure how much of this stuff is orchestrated for attention but it’s been a fucking ride kek

No. 937932

File: 1634166685924.gif (13.29 KB, 50x50, 8902E2AB-169F-45F6-A71A-40BC45…)

Hello everyone I am here

No. 937933

File: 1634166728503.jpg (199.38 KB, 800x800, H17b90747bd284759bcd9fa1709c2b…)

I know that if my dad started playing Call of Cthulhu with me and my brother he would like it, cause he loves making up some crazy stuff (like when I mentioned he could make a pianist in the game he came up on the fly with him having a piano-gun that would shoot whenever he played a key, so a symphony would be a blood bath lol) and he likes horror/schlocky stuff. But he dismissed it when I invited him because "he doesn't have time to play silly games", which is a fair argument, but I think he won't even give it a try because of the big character sheet and because he saw mostly kids on movies/tv shows playing tabletop rpgs and now he thinks that it's is too childish he's not above it though, he loves some childish stuff

No. 937938

I've always wanted to get into TRPGs but never had someone to try with. The big bang theory gave me the impression that only dorks are into them, is it true?

No. 937961

>big character sheet
Tell him you can roll up a character for him and take care of all the fiddly stat-based stuff so all he has to do is roll dice and come up with the creative side of things. I think if you explained why you want him to play like you did here nonny he would give it a try. I'm sure he'd be touched that you enjoy his imagination and that he can make you laugh, especially if you said it would be nice to enjoying more time with him. No one is ever to old to have fun and play games

No. 937965

File: 1634167980724.jpg (45.97 KB, 564x564, c56304e29b6178913d76b0b0c2cbf3…)

Honestly it can be pretty diverse, since there are a lot of types of TRPGs (Star Wars, Star Trek, Zombie/post apocalyptic stuff, Call of Cthulhu, capeshit stuff, Vampire stuff, etcetc), but in my personal experience is a bit hard to find people that plays stuff other than high fantasy stuff (which I personally dislike a lot). So it's kinda a niche within a niche kek Usually people that play the other types also play majorly D&D and stuff like that. So I'd say they are usually nerdy types, but it's not like everyone is the TV stereotype of a nerd, like in Big Bang Theory. I've seen lots of married people playing, for example.
That being said, you have to let a bit of a silly side take over, at least in my opinion. Because it's basically a play pretend game with rules to avoid those kids that would go "no but I didn't die actually, I became super powerful suddenly because at every wound I get my Chi to be higher, yeah" kek That's why I personally prefer to play with people that I am very close with, because you're going to get a bit silly and dorky, sometimes. Some people are just so comfortable with playing that they don't mind playing with strangers.
Also a sidenote but personally, I hate when people take it too seriously, like dressing up and never breaking character ever, I don't know. I am not one to say how you must have your fun, but honestly, the "Lord Paladin McDickinson" voice some pull is annoying, and some people taking it too seriously was the reason I gave up on trying to join one of my uni's rpg group lol

TL;DR: pick a TRPG with a theme you like and play with a group of like minded people if you ever find one, it can be fun even though it is a bit dorky by nature

No. 937971

Big Bang Theory is… not a great representation of geeks. Some, sure, but the sort of people into rpgs is much broader these days. I've played tabletop stuff with everyone from uber nerds to normie coworkers and relatives who have never touched a game in their lives and everyone has always had a blast. Although to be fair I think that's because I've always had the fortune of having a good DM. I would definitely recommend looking into any local game stores in your area, since sometimes they will have have D&D (or Pathfinder, whatever system to ease people in) nights where anyone can take part in a one-shot and you'll be introduced to the game. One of my friends volunteers to run these and he's really good at making people feel at ease and creating an immersive feeling so you can just kick back and have fun.

No. 937974

samefagging, I only saw it after I wrote this >>937965, sorry!

>I think if you explained why you want him to play like you did here nonny he would give it a try.

I tried, but he was a bit dismissive. Kinda like a dad does when a little kid is babbling about their cartoons, you know? lol I did offer to do his character sheet for him as well, but again, no cigar.
I'll try to lure him in by playing with my boyfriend and my brother one day, close-ish to him. I think that if he watched, he'd feel inclined to give suggestions or comment on my brother's actions (it has happened before with video games), so then I could go "Dad, why don't you join us with your character instead?" lol maybe it's a lame plan but I'll give it a shot

No. 937978

Ugh sorry to hear your dad is being such a spoilsport! Hopefully he will come around, and I think your idea of having him play by proxy is clever. At least parental meddling is something you can always count on kek

No. 937985

That is really his cursed face

No. 937990

I'm listening to a Nanami Kento ASMR video right now. I've never been this desperate before ever in my life.

No. 937993

File: 1634169055107.jpg (133.54 KB, 1236x795, 09de7f7435667c2fb59f1a85595997…)

>At least parental meddling is something you can always count on kek
Kek true!
I'll report back if that works, cause I think he'd love the monsters and the sanity loss. It will take a while though because I am still learning how to be a DM

No. 938002

File: 1634169713614.jpeg (47.13 KB, 828x775, 92DC1174-1DE3-41BB-ACFC-0FCF1A…)


No. 938004

who tf is that

No. 938005

No. 938010

Is there anyone present who is keeping their mouth shut, could be in agreement

No. 938013

File: 1634171078179.jpg (126.8 KB, 1290x2048, nanami.jpg)

Anime character

No. 938046

OP here, kek this kinda ended up being the case, my mom actually found his balls but they were barely visible partially bc he's super fluffy in general, especially in the ass area, but he's also mostly black

No. 938091

File: 1634178344512.jpeg (28.75 KB, 400x300, 0AA37ADE-3447-4450-B32B-1FC59A…)

I can’t stop sperging about rollerblades but my best friend said I could spray paint in her backyard AND she’d use her cricut to help me make sick vinyl cutouts for my rollerblades!!! I’m wanted a cute pastel look to imitate the impala skates, but the liner is black and that can’t be changed unless I buy a new one (I don’t think they sell in white) so the purple/green/yellow color scheme of unit 01 will still look good with the black. I’m thinking either a small EVA01 and Nerv logo on the back, or a bigger one on the side. Taking inspiration from the eva sneakers! I’m so excited nonnies and my skates haven’t even arrived yet.

No. 938094

wtf ugly

No. 938095

oh sorry I mean… glad for you nonna! bet they'll come out super cool!

No. 938098

Yeah the sneakers are ugly as sin but I love Eva a lot so I don’t care lol. I was nervous about a bright color palette but rollerblades are rollerblades and they’re clunky pieces of rolley plastic on your feet so they kinda don’t look good anyway but at least I can make them unique and in tribute to a series I like!

No. 938102

>tfw you actually like these ugly ass sneakers
I'd probably have them in my hypothetical weeb hoard rather than wear them, because how the fuck would you even come up with an outfit for these things without it looking like an absolute mess.

No. 938111

I feel this. An old coworker would always say “oh anon and her spreadsheets!” because I’d use excel whenever possible. I can only do basic shit but it’s insane the kind of shit you can do on excel, it’s amazing and I love it. I love making stupid spreadsheets, it makes organizing my thoughts so much easier and also feels cool to look at.

No. 938114

I got noise cancelling headphones and I legit wear them all day, tonight I put off washing my face until I was about to pass out bc I didn't want to take them off and hear all of the white noise in the world. Thinking perhaps I have undiagnosed autism

No. 938115

Got into an argument on the phone, wasn't even being that loud but was using some choice words when some little girl knocks on my window and tells me to stop swearing. I apologized but then heard her mom coaching her and yelled at them to go away and mind their own business. If it was just the little girl, fine, sorry you had to hear my shit, not my intention. But for someone to send their kid over to try to guilt me? Fuck off.

No. 938119

I'm disappointed because I opened some almond butter today, and it was super juicy so I couldn't even use it to dip fruit in. I have it flipped upside down now so I'm waiting for the oil to distribute.

No. 938122

Nice!! I support

No. 938123

the neon genesis evangelion shoes

No. 938135

just mix it with a spoon or knife, that's much faster

No. 938157

Right? You're supposed to mix it?

No. 938171

I have received 8, eight mosquito bites in the past two days despite not leaving the house for months and the temperature dropping down to 60 degrees

No. 938172

File: 1634191829614.jpg (60.8 KB, 1003x529, Screenshot_6.jpg)

I rewatched some Gilmore Girls clips on Youtube and it's funny how different I feel about the show and Rory especially compared to when I watched it as a young girl. Back then I saw Rory as an ambitious, intelligent person who was everything that a teenager should strive to be. Now I see her as a spoiled, entitled, immature person who failed to grow up to be an independent adult. The contrast is almost comical

No. 938215

Oj Kosovë o djep lirie
Çdo kulm shpie nji bajarak
UÇK-ëja t'paska hije
Për atdhe po derdhed gjak

Po luftojnë djemtë e Kosovës
Prej Drenice n'mal t'Gjakovës
Për atdhen lokja m'ka le, për flamurin kuq e zi
Jam ushtar në UÇK do ti sjell vendit liri

Brez pas brezi në k'to votra
Jam i lashtë sa vet Evropa
Jo se l'shoj oo asni pllam toke
Dy gisht bar te arkilotes

Se k'tu jam dem baba dem
Për Kosovë jap shpirtin tem

Qofsh i pushkës je shqipëtarë
Ta mbrojmë vendin g'llav për g'llav

Se k'tu jam dem baba dem
Për Kosovë jap shpirtin tem

No. 938242

Same. I then stumbled across a whole bunch of youtubers who made videos saying the same thing. 30-something year olds rewatching it and seeing shit that just never registered with them before.

I had a bit of a negectful childhood so I weirdly watched it through this view that she was smart and just inherently a superior daughter who deserved the world and could do no wrong, born better than most?? I mean her mom thought so highly of her so it must be true right lol. Now I realize life just isn't fair, good kids get parents who look down on them for no deserved reason, other good kids get ruined by being spoiled to death and never taught hard life lessons. So much of that went over my head. Especially in the later series when they were very much trying to show us a realistic outcome of spoiling your 'supersmart and everything is about you' kid. You've farther to fall when you were never prepped for normal failures.

No. 938281

I bought a plush penguin today. I want to call him Peter Penguin but then my ex who broke my heart is called peter… Fuck you peter. Fuck all you peters out there

Name suggestions anyone?

No. 938288

been waitin

No. 938290

File: 1634214111740.jpg (124.34 KB, 680x715, Screenshot_20211014_141548.jpg)

What really pissed me off about Rory in the later college seasons is that she suddenly became just as charming, scrappy and resourceful as Lorelai overnight, even though her character was originally a foil to Lorelai because she was spoiled, quiet, sheltered and had everything handed to her while Lorelai had to bootstrap her life from nothing. I love Amy Sherman-Palladino but the last few seasons of GG got away from her because someone like Rory may be a cute teenager but doesn't grow into a charismatic 20-something,she just becomes a plain Jane, quiet, bookish adult and that's pretty boring on screen.

No. 938299


No. 938300

Purgatorio the Pengy

No. 938311

File: 1634215301897.jpg (98.18 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (1).jpg)

first 2 seasons are my comfort series, but then it just goes to shit really quickly, it's so sad. the writers really started to fuck up since they made Jess go to California (he was meant to have his own spin off, which in itself was a shitty idea). They made a poor job with Rory imho I would have loved it if she just became the plain Jane she was supposed to be, sigh

No. 938315


No. 938320

File: 1634215923395.png (64.97 KB, 300x300, 1614723191165.png)

No. 938326

I think Amy Sherman Palladino was too similar to Rory and it became too difficult to write her as an adult.


No. 938328

Never watched this, can someone explain to me the appeal of the series?
On another note, I've been on some subreddit about toxic parents (bpd or narcisstic, I think) and so many people claimed that the relationship between Lorelai and Rory seems toxic as fuck and not goals. Wonder if farmers agree

No. 938340

For starters, Lorelai kind of sheltered and coddled Rory, probably explains how she became so unlikable and annoying in the last seasons. Lorelai and Rory’s mother-daughter relationship functioned through a best-friend parenting style, and for some people on Reddit I guess that’s toxic because it promotes codependency or whatever

No. 938350

Nta but lately a cow that I follow said that she'd "have a best friends type relationship" with her daughter if she ever has one… and everyone went nuts saying that's just further proof she's a narc lol. Weirds me out when people who haven't even gotten pregnant yet are planning out the teenage years where they get to be a cool mom to a near grown up. Skipping ahead quite a few steps there.

No. 938351

Samefag, meant to tag >>938340

No. 938355

for once i’m dating a normie chad, muscular 10/10 soccer playing guy, but lmao… i gave him a bj for the first time yesterday and after it was over he was like “while you were doing that i started thinking about how you like video games and it was making me hornier… so i started imagining us in a video game…” and then he was like “how did you get so good at that?? are you playing some kind of blowjob simulation games?” i think this is the dorkiest shit ive ever heard a man say after i gave them head and ive dated some weird dudes LOL he’s nice tho

No. 938358

>best-friend parenting style
It is toxic

No. 938368

File: 1634219826976.jpg (57.47 KB, 1335x201, let them eat pussy.jpg)

Dear UK,
I miss your casual French bashing and the smell of your disgusting food, I’ve always found your culinary retardation to be endearing. Sure, Germany invading our untouched virgin fields and thrusting in our Marginot line was kinda hot, but nothing can compare to what the two of us have going on britbong-chan. Our retarded rivalry and love-hate relationship makes me horny. I wanna mommy dom you, that’s what you deserve and I think that deep down you know it and feel the same way. But you left. You tragically left. You think you can get away from me by just leaving Europe, you slut? I’ll Norman Invade your ass and force you to speak French like in the good old days. Hearing your moronic little accent when you try speaking French makes me wet. Even your language bears the marks of France’s belonging, you’re mine forever britbong-chan.
With all of my angsty love,

No. 938372

Kekkkk I love you

No. 938376

Is this a Hetalia fanfic from 2009?

No. 938378

I fucking love Gilmore Girls, it's witty, clever and comforting. It's plots remind me of a slice of life anime, where there doesn't need to be some big sitcom tension in every situation, things just flow most of the time and when there are conflicts, they are usually light hearted. Obviously later seasons are weaker and have heavier moments but the early ones are a perfect little bubble of safety. If I go into a coma I hope my coma dreams are in Star's Hollow.
As for the mother daughter relationship… I don't think it's actually toxic because Lorelai does have boundaries for Rory and genuinely loves her instead of just seeing her as a trophy, but Rory is such a picture perfect "easy kid" that they don't have tension and distance over normal teen girl stuff like drinking, dressing slutty, going out, her being too lazy to clean her room etc. Of course it's unrealistic.
It's a dream world.
Why does Reddit call Lorelai a narc? Because Reddit hates women and sees any character that might be a little self involved or well groomed a narc. These are the same guys who will write essays about why Don Draper was actually a sweet baby angel.

No. 938384

File: 1634220694022.jpg (74.25 KB, 1240x700, back pain.jpg)

Anons who keep telling me to see a proper doctor for my back will be happy because I managed to get an appointment with my primary care doctor on Monday. I feel bad because I already asked to work from home next week/take some days off for some shit the week after/taking a long lunch break for another appointment I had set up this week, and now I have to come in late after my appointment on Monday. Oh well, what can I do? I tried to get a weekend appointment with any other doctor at that hospital but the receptionist double booked my primary care doctor for me instead. I hope that I'll soon stop hobbling around while holding my back like a grandma.

No. 938386

File: 1634220846423.jpg (109.61 KB, 768x1024, lxutfvfk93431.jpg)

>when reality is for once better than fanfic

No. 938388

File: 1634221055025.jpg (219.2 KB, 1151x1390, john-bull-uncle-sam-D88774.jpg)

Honestly I prefer this as the more classical national personifications

No. 938390

File: 1634221170767.jpg (126.55 KB, 855x768, 111.jpg)

You know what just gonna post all the classical Post National Personification art I have
This is Italia and Germania - 1928

No. 938391

File: 1634221223606.jpg (164.21 KB, 578x851, 112.jpg)

Portugal and Brazil restart relations

No. 938393

File: 1634221246206.jpg (691.76 KB, 1200x672, UNE_def.jpg)

based marianne

No. 938394

It's really doesn't take much for a woman (or just female characters lol) to get labelled as narcs. And it's other women doing alot of that labelling too. Getting ot but I watch some true crime vids here and there and lately I can't get over the same theme across all comment sections. People finding excuses for shocking male behaviours (blaming his mom for his violent actions at like 40) and women not getting any of that slack. Even when women are the sidekick during a crime or if they stood by too scared to stop him.. the comments rip into her and not the main (male) killer. She's the psycho?

No. 938398

File: 1634221472443.jpg (342.93 KB, 870x644, 113.jpg)

Italia acquires Libya from the ottomans

No. 938402

File: 1634221617010.jpg (69.58 KB, 220x670, 114.jpg)

Spain and the Philippines

No. 938404

and the poor uwu male character often got that way bc his evul mother/ex-wife/gf/sister was mean to him lol. it's always women's fault somehow

No. 938406

File: 1634221744712.jpg (596.23 KB, 394x800, 115.jpg)

personification of the Brazilian republican

No. 938407

File: 1634221773559.jpg (28.5 KB, 300x524, 116.jpg)

Bangamata, the national personification of Bangladesh

No. 938408

File: 1634221850521.jpg (665.05 KB, 1143x1515, 117.jpg)

Germania looking like a boss

No. 938410

File: 1634221942982.jpg (360.58 KB, 834x1390, 118.jpg)

Northern and Southern Italy kicking out the Bourbons

No. 938413

File: 1634222061627.jpg (87.13 KB, 444x688, 119.jpg)

and finally the gayest for last, Italia and the free state of Fiume unification

No. 938415

All 100 of my work crushes were in today and I was over stimulated. Sad to be off for the weekend.

No. 938420

File: 1634223071737.jpg (185.07 KB, 683x1024, 8129413002_ac0a79f526_b.jpg)

Her valkyrie cousin, Sweden (Mother Svea)

No. 938429

Can't believe I woke up to see some lesbian hetalia
Life is good

No. 938438

File: 1634224719748.jpeg (351.36 KB, 1280x791, E47F4ABC-A081-4ED3-8F31-C270EE…)

I hope you got your star projector nonnie

No. 938446

File: 1634225345739.gif (722.54 KB, 320x180, VW5Bo1.gif)

I want to fuck Jamiroquai but like Jamiroquai from 20 years ago and definitely not the current day Jamiroquai.

No. 938448

I like those paper bags goldfish come in

No. 938451

Me too nona. I feel like I could squish them and listen to their crinkling forever

No. 938455

Now why would you do that to yourself

No. 938457

File: 1634226215054.gif (23 KB, 220x220, pingu-slapping.gif)

I like but I think I'll go with >>938299 just in case it gets awkward introducing him to people. I hope you understand

No. 938459

File: 1634226381470.jpg (14.85 KB, 390x280, norfolk-terrier-dog-watching-l…)

No. 938463

File: 1634226556121.jpeg (32.3 KB, 1080x720, 2.jpeg)

I used to love this pale aesthetic, from like 2014?

No. 938471

theres this one anon in the celebricows threads who always jumps in to say that all rap music sucks and i just wonder what's up with them. its gotta be the same person because there's just been so many random unsaged posts across the threads about how bad rap music is. its like some personal vendetta against it

No. 938478

File: 1634227229808.png (1.47 MB, 1182x858, Screen Shot 2021-10-14 at 11.5…)

same. it's nostalgic. on a similar tumblr note, picrel

No. 938480

Is that what you keep in your bag sort of thing? Why is this girl carrying around some extra jewellry, some stones and valuable items in a tote bag?

No. 938497

CP below, don't scroll nonas!!!

No. 938504

thank you

No. 938522

I love you anon

No. 938529

File: 1634229182395.gif (1021.81 KB, 500x280, original.gif)

why did grimes every change her style from this, it fit her so much better than whatever the hell she's doing now

No. 938530

Nta, but tbh, sometimes I need extra jewelry in case of not being completely sure of what I’m wearing, or in case what I got on is somehow damaged, so I put on the other pair of earrings or the other necklace.
And the perfume, well, the whole bottle is overkill, I prefer keeping the smaller version because it’s more practical.

No. 938532

ugh my favorite grimes era. we didn't know how good we had it.

No. 938534

Kek would love to see nonnies replicate this. I've always liked what's in my bag tags and shit like this. And yes, I loved pale wave/pale grunge too.
I bring a full perfume bottle too, just because it's either that or samples and I hate samples. Always manage to poor it all over myself or close them badly

No. 938555

File: 1634231420668.jpg (847.34 KB, 1920x1080, Screenshot_20211014_190855_com…)

Gonna tell my kids this was Lucinda the unicorn

No. 938556

she's hot now nonny

No. 938565

Might make a season 10 kuwtk tumblr because there's so much content from this season. It's the best season. This season actually defined the trans movement. You can fuck off if you think otherwise.

No. 938566

Season 10 gave us Kylie Jenner mental lips but hadn't fixed the rest of her face and it gave us Bruce being a cross dresser to transsexual. It also did the episodes better. Kind of since Kim got married to Kanye. Kanye influence. Anyway. Bruce spent sooooo much money to become Caitlyn. He's actually topped the Kardashian sisters of reaching New unrealistic standards.

No. 938578

File: 1634232993291.jpg (9.29 KB, 218x218, 1631060997001.jpg)

>make thread about game on /v/
>thread turns into black/tranny hate thread within 5 posts because a minor character is a black woman

No. 938581

You didn't expect that or…?

No. 938582

Well, i thought 4channel was less hostile than 4chan

No. 938583

File: 1634233389464.jpg (24.04 KB, 415x283, OWUXR7W75P6L2FPAMURPNUDG7I.jpg)

Those UPS bitches pulled that "sorry we missed you shit" again and the website wants me to pay $5 for them to leave it at my local pick up point. I don't know why they didn't just leave it there when supposedly no one was at home? They do that randomly with my packages and I hate it, at least be consistent! The packages I'm waiting on require a signature so I signed for it online, I hope they'll see it and just leave it by the mailboxes inside my building like normal. I'm nervous about them potentially leaving it outside my building since I've seen some delivery men straight up leave it outside the front door instead of at least just opening the door and throwing that shit in so it's inside at least, but I hope they're not that fucking dumb. The packages are expensive and heavy, so I'm equally worried about it being stolen or being sent back and having to repay for shipping.

No. 938586

Why is the dude in this pic giving me attitude?

No. 938588

File: 1634233534140.jpeg (1.45 MB, 1260x2099, C1-B551-FD-D18-D-47-BE-917-F-C…)

idk about that

No. 938589

These make me want to carry more stuff, I have a wallet, my phone and some chapstick usually, plus my keys clipped to me. I only use a small crossbody if I don't have pockets. Carrying around a journal and lipgloss and mints would just make me feel more put-together somehow.

No. 938591

Ew. Why didn’t she ever go for the nose job?

No. 938594

which game

No. 938598

Her nose is the least offensive part of her face. Her lip filler throws her proportions completely out of balance and she has dead eyes.

No. 938607

her nose used to look cute imo but it doesn't mesh with her new style

No. 938608

>>"Kaczynski […] lacked even elementary social skills. Russell Mosny recalls one of Kaczynski's rare dates. [He] borrowed his parent's car and took a girl to a movie. A half hour into the show, he excused himself and walked out of the theater, then returned […] thirty minutes later he left again, then returned. He repeated these mysterious exits twice more. But the last time he did not return. After the movie was over, the girl found Ted waiting for her on the street. "Where have you been?" she asked. "I parked the car at a thirty-minute meter and had to keep putting nickels in," he explained. […] "I ran out of money for tickets to get back into the theater."

No. 938614

you missed his delivery, anon. time to pay up.

No. 938617

File: 1634235182377.jpg (38.25 KB, 618x597, b57.jpg)

I am really sick and binged today on sugary shit. It was "healthy" sugary stuff I guess (like Larabars but I still ate a lot of cornbread). Anyway, that's all. So much for my diet.

No. 938644

One cheat day isn't going to kill you, just don't use it as an excuse to keep binging. If your overall calorie intake is in a deficit by the end of the week or month then you'll still lose fat, you don't need to look at dieting as a day to day thing.

No. 938655

thanks for reminding me to get more sweet cornbread to eat too much of in one sitting

No. 938656

I am one dumb bitch. I wish I was smart.

No. 938676

You know that thing they do on TV where after a bath they be rubbing their ass or back on a towel. I started doing that recently and it’s not bad. Not bad at all.

No. 938680

kek I remember doing that as a kid and feeling very sophisticated for it.

No. 938686

well how else are you supposed to dry your back

No. 938702

People don't want interesting or challenging female characters. If a female character acts selfish, she has to be punished by the universe constantly to offset it or she's a mary-sue.
The way scrotes love Dale Gribble but hate Peggy Hill burns my ass, they're basically the same character, thinks highly of themselves, easily tricked, not as smart as they think, occasionally has moments of brilliance, but every Peggy moment on youtube has a comment section filled with scrotes who don't understand her character and the fact that it's a sitcom. Hank Hill is the biggest Gary-Stu ever

No. 938710

File: 1634241816538.jpeg (61.05 KB, 176x261, F1178600-5406-457C-B418-B30ADC…)

He’s such a cute lil retard awww who’s a cute little broke ass retard? He is!

No. 938713

immediately clicked to see which thread this was posted in. god i want to fuck him so bad

No. 938723

Who is this, what school did he shoot up?

No. 938725

he would give you the zuckerberg stare during sex nonnie if that’s what gets your kitty wet then so be it
that’s clearly dylan klebold

No. 938728

What's with all the pepe reaction images?

No. 938737

They're males. Just report them.

No. 938741

The Kaczynski thing is a 4chan copypasta too, idk if I'm being schizo or what but it sure does smell suspicious

No. 938743

nta but men making blank emotionless expressions is hot for me
So yes

No. 938744

nonny that would be perfect. you don’t know how many times i’ve thought about it.

No. 938805

>women don’t enjoy pepe! women don’t enjoy memes!

give me a break not everyone is a scrote, sometimes anons are just literally masculine or autistic

No. 938816

It's your first time on imageboard?

No. 938863

I spend honestly too many hours on this godforsaken site every day and I hardly ever see a pepe and suddenly today there's a shit ton of them. I can understand one every so often but the frequency seems suspicious.

No. 938875

Probably just some anon who got into a Pepe folder and wants to use it. I do that with Kermit memes every once in a while. Don't worry anon.

No. 938881

There is a very vocal minority of paranoid people on this imageboard.
Please don't join them. They suck.

No. 938883

I took a trip down nostalgia lane watching Free S1 ED and man… we don't have nearly enough detail on male anime bodies like that EVER. Bless the animators who knew exactly which spot to hit. Kyoani really put some soul into the first 2 seasons even the op/eds were fresh and cute with characters dancing or dressing up differently. I wish we got more frequently popular female-targeted shows with effort put into it like that like moids do

No. 938888

it's probably jsut an avatarfag, there's always one of these shitting up the boards at any given time. calm down

No. 938950

File: 1634260817343.webm (1.2 MB, 640x360, 1407607810668.webm)

It's a shame what happened to the series after season two. Seeing both the art and the plot degrade in quality was truly devastating.

No. 939027

File: 1634266836008.gif (1.39 MB, 245x221, E049186D-499C-4E62-BD6E-250B13…)

Went to the girl who ruthlessly bullied me for being a lesbian’s Facebook page today out of curiosity. Saw she was married to a woman and I was like wow she must’ve bullied me for being gay because she was repressed. Clicked on the wife's name.

It’s a fucking troon

No. 939031

Venn diagram depicting people who gaslit themselves into thinking Megan Fox was a feminist icon until recently and those that stan Paris Hilton = circle.

No. 939043

File: 1634269470446.gif (753.66 KB, 149x175, 1376016817472.gif)

Tfw I ate two doughnuts and also a carby dinner despite not being hungry and I stood around in the bathroom wanting to the purge but I ended up just leaving it
>One year of not purging, yay

No. 939044

File: 1634269751519.jpg (1.58 MB, 2846x3444, jichan.jpg)

Hiya nonnies. Haven't been here since July? after a raid. Any funyumejo/fujo arguments? Pathetic men that the thread has been thirsting over? i miss this place so much

No. 939045

lmao. Dunno if I should cry or laugh

No. 939047

>Any fun yumejo/fujo arguments

No. 939049

File: 1634269995862.webm (462.64 KB, 960x720, evacar.webm)

No. 939051

>Any funyumejo/fujo arguments?
Don't go poking the bear, anon.

No. 939058

My voracious PMS appetite has finally cleared up and I feel so fucking liberated

No. 939059

Do you have a link to the ones you're using?
Been trying to find some good ones myself

No. 939062


No. 939067

It took me until five minutes ago to realize that Jay Sean and Jason Derulo aren't the same person.

No. 939072

Me but with Chris Patt, Liam Hemsworth and Ryan Gosling

No. 939077

Nothing says "I'm a retard" like using tone indicators. You're only making it harder for yourself if you never fucking learn to tell.

No. 939091

I wish I could get waterproof earbuds, I literally put off showering because I can't stop listening to music and don't want time take them out.

No. 939094

Just play music from the phone speaker…?

No. 939104

Because it's not the same. I also don't want the whole house to hear my music and I don't want to listen to it quietly.

No. 939120

wait so eating more when you menstruate is normal? I want to eat a fucking BURBER

No. 939122

File: 1634279633819.jpg (130.49 KB, 960x960, Cat with curly fur.jpg)

I get so fucking excited when I'm detangling my hair and I get one section done

No. 939127

File: 1634280761698.webm (11.77 MB, 576x1024, tumblr_r0xqpaeuN21sp741r.webm)

Imagine getting a tattoo here
>we're all autistic
>we give bravery certificates
clic to play nonnas

No. 939130

>we're also all autistic
in that robot voice made me cackle
Helix the dinosaur is totally based though.

No. 939133

Children shouldn't get tatoos.

No. 939137

>everyone welcome
>no terves

No. 939142

So, scientifically speaking, there is so much fucking space and bugs are so fucking small the chances of a bug being on me or in my space should be so little, so why do bugs just APPEAR on me?? At work, bug on my leg when I'm trying to dump one out, at home, on my shirt when I'm trying to dump one out, on the town in my shoe while I'm trying to dump one out YOU HAVE ALL OF THE WORLD AND YOU CHOOSE MY PERSONAL AREA. I will smash you and I will feel no guilt.

No. 939146

I saw this earlier today. No way I'm getting a tattoo in a place that looks like a little girls bedroom.

Seriously, what is with acting like everyone is four years old. What are we suppose to do, hang up our bravery certificates? That shits going straight in the trash, you know

No. 939148

It also looks like poke n stick tattoo which is like… why even pay for that???

No. 939172

It's like autism is code for fat adults with acne

No. 939173

I love when people are always on the ready to show their aposematism. Even if someone wasn't a raging terf they could see the bpd and drama radiating from this place. How long until a theythem or mentally unwell man makes a fuss for feeling threatened by something here, even after all the accommodations?

No. 939177

It's always the people who say they're super inclusive and go out of their way to seem like kind and compassionate people that are actually narcs that start shit. You just know they constantly talk shit about each other and each others work.

No. 939180

No. 939187

#FreeHelixTheDinosaur their terf hostage

No. 939208

File: 1634292468666.jpg (173.24 KB, 1288x594, FBLPlxmWEAMRKs3.jpg)

Don't they know that dinosaurs are terves?

No. 939233

File: 1634295627048.jpg (18.27 KB, 473x574, 1622725050670.jpg)

as much I despise most of this I hate the fact that I personally love the aesthetic their using, as well as their musical tastes
I don't hate myself for this, I hate these assholes for appropriating my pastal /alt/ aesthetic

No. 939236

File: 1634296697105.jpg (484.95 KB, 1333x2000, eastbound12_05.jpg)

A Danny McBride series never let me down. I don't think I can choose a fav between Eastbound and Down, Vice Principals and The Righteous Gemstones

No. 939239

>we also tattoo black skin and scarred skin!
That's literally what the job requires, if you're boasting about that you didn't put the hours in for your apprenticeship. Fucking retards like this are ruining the tattoo industry, thank god I'm out of it. I just like making cool art, don't talk to me about bwavewy and troons. Predictably their tattoos all seem to be basic ass blackwork with no originality.

No. 939262

File: 1634300179128.png (1.48 MB, 1080x1541, Screenshot_20211001-165024~2.p…)

Reminds me of pic related
My support goes out to all autistic nonnies that have to exist with the same label as whatever weirdness is happening over at tiktok

No. 939263

File: 1634300286827.png (275.7 KB, 464x454, 47D72FB4-38ED-42D1-ABB4-C12B2E…)

>But you don’t look autistic!

No. 939265

their shirt says "A A A A A A A A A" in Japanese, short for.. you guessed it. AUTISM

No. 939268

File: 1634301302488.png (319.34 KB, 683x511, hsdffhfh.png)

this is just the absolute most what the fuck
thanks for your sympathy I guess
honestly, what's going on over the internet and these apps has really taught me to shut up even harder about my acoustics
it's the screeching lmao

No. 939275

I've said this before but we autistic people should be purposely kept away from the Internet, other then tools for research, Internet culture is our bane and we get sucked into it
I've met autistic people who grew up with parents that limited their Internet usage and they grew up normal unlike most of us

No. 939278

If you had to explain what a millennial is, this is pretty much it. I also love how they have pretty much rid of the gothic/grungy aspect of tattoo shops and made it into a soft-pillowy “comfort zone safe space”, the most uncomfortable thing is that normal and nice people don’t constantly have to brag about the nice things they do or have, something here seems very narcissistic and overbearing.

No. 939283

File: 1634303906220.jpg (110.26 KB, 820x1384, FAJRRnhX0AIl0j9 (1).jpg)

No. 939286

why is james x sname not a more popular ship? it just makes sense

No. 939290

File: 1634304492179.jpg (120.18 KB, 650x536, true love.jpg)

oops i meant to say snape

No. 939293

delete this ugliness anon

No. 939298

File: 1634304912130.jpg (80.82 KB, 900x675, true love.jpg)

No. 939299

They should relocate to Detroit and see how things go lol.
Anyway, I'm not against this as a concept. Their actual tattooing skills seem kinda basic and the aesthetic is a bit cringy (reminds me too much of Pixielocks), but who doesn't want free treats, their favorite music playing, etc? Some of you guys are way too harsh lol

No. 939300

File: 1634305000101.jpg (473.8 KB, 1080x2072, Screenshot_20201021_145254.jpg)

kek reminds me of this
same, I love that cavetown song fml

No. 939301

I also think it's cute, except for the 'everyone welcome! terfs fuck off!!!!' virtue signaling (couldn't they just stop at 'everyone welcome'? Though I guess good for any reasonable woman who would want to support a female-led business otherwise) and retarded bravery certificates. I do not need that. If they want to have something like that, maybe a tongue-in-cheek sticker would be better.

No. 939318

I know you are probably joking, but I feel like research on the topic would be interesting. From my observation as someone who is lowkey into the snapedom, a lot of his fans relate to his difficult upbringing and the bullying he went through. So a character of a one-dimensional bully whose supposed redemption arc we never even saw doesn't exactly sit well. Especially since many characters in the book glorify James. I have also noticed that snapefans don't seem to be as much into fujoshit as other parts of HP fandom. They seem content appreciating Snape for what he was rather than shipping him with whoever. Platonic relationships (like his friendship/rivalry with McGonagall) are given more attention instead.

No. 939327

Cecelia (or whatever) from the proana thread has this aesthetic. It's for dummies with no personality.

No. 939331

File: 1634308095769.png (117.36 KB, 1588x223, jism.png)

Exactly. Very hot.

No. 939337

File: 1634308701553.jpeg (211.96 KB, 1242x1126, DE39E104-196E-4A59-A00C-BA22C0…)

I think my neighbor finally threw away her stupid scrote, yesterday they had a fight that I could hear while I was cooking and it was utterly stressful. Today she told him
>Se me va para la mierda
And she seemed pissed, I hope she’s okay and that she never lets that faggot in again, he was fucking annoying, whining all day and being mean to the kid they had in their apartment.
Yes, I could hear all of that, even if I didn’t want to. And forgot to attach happy picture.

No. 939345

Weird ship but is it bad that I can see the appeal? Won't try reading anything about it only because I'm too invested in another ship from a different series

No. 939350

File: 1634310095084.jpg (31.07 KB, 564x564, baragon_e2.jpg)

Late, but the fact that some dude who got jailed for stealing in 1872 was called Baragon gave me a much needed dumbass lil' laugh.

No. 939373

i was actually serious. i got tired of all the popular ships so i tried to find some jamesxsnape content but there is barely anything. weird considering snarry is so popular, but i find that ship gross for some reason

No. 939433

she said what everyone else was too afraid to say. my hero.

No. 939438

I'm happy for your neighbor, anon. I hope she and the kid can move on without that guy and that you don't need to hear any more fights through the walls

No. 939451

i don’t enjoy blended iced drinks because i feel the need to chew the ice, i can’t just swallow it idk

No. 939461

File: 1634316888842.jpeg (124.74 KB, 529x697, sTRUvOc.jpeg)

i wanna buy a rocking chair or something so i don't spend all my time in bed for gaming, watching movies or reading books, but i'm worried that it'll break under my ass because i'm a fattie.

No. 939471

File: 1634317903475.jpeg (44.12 KB, 425x425, C14D3432-140F-4B47-A048-33683F…)

Maybe you could get something like this? It looks sturdy, am also a fatty-chan, and I was also thinking of getting comfy stuff for the living room so I don’t stay depressed in my room forever.
In any case, instead of rocking chair, look for “Rocking sofa recliner” or something like that, the results look sturdier.

No. 939508

I got my period for the first time in like 6 months. I went to a movie last night and I was wearing a pad but when I got home it was completely soaked in blood and so was the crotch area of my pants. didn't care until I realized I probably got blood all over the movie theater seat and now I'm embarrassed.

No. 939517

omg nonna your picrel would be my dream… i just found an affordable rocking chair that is supposed to hold up to 330 lbs and i weigh much less than that so i might give it a try. i will report back.

No. 939521

Well, this american guy who was travelling in my city years ago now who I hanged out with for one night only texted me a few weeks back when I posted a selfie. Apparently his girlfriend thought I was so cute and he finds me attractive clearly as well. He suggested I download whatsapp to talk more but I couldn't be bothered. Was hoping we would have just that one fairly nice conversation catch up and that'd be it but now he's texting me again.

No. 939535

File: 1634322389855.png (1.47 MB, 1080x1073, What if this goat was a person…)

When "niche memes" were popular on instagram in 2017ish I decided to do some shit posting and I still find them hilarious

No. 939538

File: 1634322448438.png (1.41 MB, 1080x1077, and her name is dixie.png)

Very a e s t h e t i c

No. 939539

i don't think i can get psychologically addicted to anything i'm built different.

No. 939541

File: 1634322707286.png (2.4 MB, 1080x2184, comment below where you hide y…)

No. 939545

Any other tattoo parlor can offer free snacks and music or movies you like, actually that's been the case for me before. Their presentation and making it all childlike, woke and cringe is what makes it look disgusting. It's all about presentation, think about how many other brands do the same stuff but change their image according to their customers. Example: coke vs pepsi. Imagine if pepsi was this softuwu kawaiiwokequeeruwu noterfiesallowed!!!uwu brand. It would be pretty pathetic.

No. 939546

i've never seen a parlor do snacks or movies, is this a thing?

No. 939547

>Se me va para la mierda
basada, todos los escrotos se van para la mierda

No. 939548

Here in my country (mexico) being "SEX POSITIVE" is still a big thing. God it makes me SO FUCKING ANGRY LIKE YOU HAVE NO FUCKING IDEA! People defend mysogynistic shit so much just because a woman is twerking to it. GOD it makes me go fucking feral

No. 939554

File: 1634323690001.png (4.28 MB, 1880x2032, imagen_2021-10-15_134817.png)

Idk, I think millenial's spotlight is over, this video feels more zoomerish.
>nice people don’t constantly have to brag about the nice things they do or have, something here seems very narcissistic and overbearing.
Exactly. This is why I fucking hate pixielocks, same aesthetic and all. Nice people do not have to scream to the world how nice and accomodating they are. It's like a cult tactic to me, I always think anyone who does this is an abuser. They think they can conceal their shit with pink and hugs. Sad, scary, and quite pathetic…

No. 939555

i'm jealous

No. 939556

Wish that were me

No. 939566

Not even lolcow/the internet? I don't believe you.

No. 939567

kek anon i read this one in that robotic female tiktok voice

No. 939569

okay you got me, the internet. alcohol, smoking, and drugs my mind is too strong for

No. 939574

File: 1634324401749.jpeg (23.8 KB, 226x219, 2061DE54-349B-4352-A9ED-29B585…)

Link’s new smash voice sounds more like
And not
Like it used to sound, I don’t know, it feels kind of weird? It’s cute but hitting motherfuckers with his new voice isn’t as delicious as doing so with his other voice.
I love him so much, he looks unhinged without gloves.

No. 939575

TVs for clients aren't too uncommon now. When I worked in a shop that specialised in doing Irezumi tattoos we had a TV hooked up to Netflix and a bunch of DVDs too because sessions for those tattoos are typically very long. Snacks are a dumb idea though IMO. That shop is knocking out basic, small to medium sized tattoos. The only people taking breaks will be newbies or wimps. I don't get why anyone would bother to stay to eat after either; it just feels like an extra "LOOK, WE CARE!!!" thing to show off on tiktok. By the look of the staff I don't think the snacks will end up in the bin though kek.

No. 939604

>no gloves
It feels so weird, like he's not wearing a condom and is about to finger me raw. I don't like it

No. 939606

Nta but I hate being addicted to masturbation so much, I wish I knew how to stop, like, genuinely

No. 939608

kek what the fuck

No. 939609

I got distracted and now I forgot what the fuck I was about to write here FUCK

No. 939610

damn that blows. does it affect your social or work life?

No. 939611

File: 1634326469019.gif (250.55 KB, 360x360, 1625408268191.gif)

anyone else getting nostalgic for cable TV ?

No. 939612

It affects it greatly. I guess masturbation just calms me down and stops the constant thoughts. I wish I was kidding but I'm not

No. 939615

I'm gonna make every attempt in the upcoming weeks to fix myself and keep deadlines, be tidy, not be forgetful, and create and STICK to habits. If I fail, I'm finally going to get checked for ADHD

No. 939616

Cable tv nowadays really sucks, so not really. I do miss certain channels/shows though, the way they used to be. I think every went to shit after 2008 with the edgy fake science stuff. Video related, nobody needed those pseudocience shows, nobody needed shows about teen pregnancy and shit like that either.

No. 939619

What do you miss in particular anon?

No. 939625

idk jus sitting on my couch, channel surfing and finding shit I didn't know I even had
playing around with the language settings was also fun(you can't do that on streaming service for some reason)

No. 939653

You actually found the perfect analogy, that’s exactly how I feel when I look at him without gloves, it feels forbidden, almost dirty.

No. 939663

File: 1634328491565.jpg (96.56 KB, 1002x564, dba8438b393feda08db73bf4468f29…)

this made me look up hp art on pinterest and i ended up stumbling over marauders art with fucking pride pins. picrel is supposed to be lupin and sirius.

No. 939669

It snowed last night. It snowed back in September but it didnt stick. It looks like its gonna stick this time though. Which sucks ass because I didnt want fall to be over yet. Fuck

No. 939671

File: 1634328699350.png (612.4 KB, 500x500, imagen_2021-10-15_151115.png)

You can really tell it's a friday because anons are more active here than usual. All this week was freaking boring and inactive, and then suddenly we have an influx of stuff. It's great.

No. 939674

It has always seemed to me lc is more dead on weekends

No. 939683

i always thought this too!

No. 939696

That cow makes me want some Ramen

No. 939712

File: 1634330398844.jpg (76.09 KB, 700x385, 59d490ce0fb07_mjpxF6A__700.jpg)

Oop time to post baby cows

No. 939713

File: 1634330419389.jpg (49.47 KB, 700x467, BY1Fi62FCiZ-png__700.jpg)

No. 939720

File: 1634330572065.jpg (84.25 KB, 750x843, 1611679929297.jpg)

There is nothing more autistic than trying to show an autist they're being autistic. Love yourself

No. 939723

Fintech bro is the lovechild of a tech bro and finance bro and I hate them all

No. 939734

I’m literally on the verge of tears. Look at those earnest, stubby little legs. The cute tongue. I just want to stack them like baby cow jenga- even better, to watch the cows play and then wash the mud off their fur. Incredible.

No. 939738

not really. A youtube show I was watching went on cable tv for a season recently and I instantly regretted turning on the damn tv. 3 or 4 5-minute ad breaks for an hour program + product placement vs 2 ads before and after the video on youtube without adblocker. Cable tv is terrible, it's literally paying to watch ads.

No. 939740

File: 1634331375886.jpg (184.67 KB, 1024x681, 9431697926_55c26e004a_b.jpg)

Just chillin

No. 939741

>baby cow jenga
well that's a combination of words I didn't think I would ever encounter

No. 939748

File: 1634331715244.png (226.29 KB, 994x1162, tweet31793.png)

No. 939752

File: 1634331969802.jpeg (122.51 KB, 750x1000, EC8B21C2-E1FE-43C1-8C97-CE5C06…)

I tried to draw cows from memory

No. 939759

File: 1634332274542.png (149.02 KB, 923x915, Terry Davis cow.png)

So photo realistic! And of course using that solid 16 bit color system because who want to draw with 3584935739 colors?? You know what's better than a cow? A cow with BLUE EYES.

No. 939761

Kawaii, I love how exquisitely square they are! Good job anon

No. 939765

File: 1634332535805.gif (2.65 MB, 640x632, 38487140-4A81-4B93-9837-5667C2…)

my sides

No. 939788

This is goin to be a very short game of jenga

No. 939803

I enjoy reading memoirs but I hate reading the beginning parts about childhood. Unless something really significant happened to the person in childhood I don't give a fuck and mostly skim it until I get to at least high school.

No. 939847

hello kk slider fans. i need help remembering one of his songs because my wifi won’t load the animal crossing wiki. it’s upbeat, but it isn’t kk bubblegum, kk cafe, kk aloha, or kk cruisin, and i don’t think it’s any of the songs that don’t have kk in the name. it goes: du dududu du (duduDUUUduuuduuuduuu) DU du dududu (DU duuu duuuu duuu duuu duuuu) dududuuu duuu duuu duuu duuuuu (lower pitch) du duuuu du dudu DUUUUUUUU dududuUuUuDUUUUdududuuuu dududuuuu du duuu dudu. thank you

No. 939851

i wish i could help could i have more hints

No. 939852

vocaroo pls

No. 939854

File: 1634337661843.jpg (117.85 KB, 1125x855, fj4k7hjp8c151.jpg)

Here you go. Seconding the anon who said to give a vocaroo tho.

No. 939860