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File: 1633661486016.png (279.2 KB, 480x240, imagen_2021-10-07_215119.png)

No. 163333

Let's discuss squid game: the good, the bad, whatever you'd like to talk about.

No. 163334

File: 1633661575087.png (748.18 KB, 640x640, imagen_2021-10-07_215300.png)

A temporary replica set of Netflix original drama series “Squid Game,” installed at Itaewon Station in Yongsan, central Seoul, closed earlier than scheduled after doubts over violations of quarantine rules had been raised."

"In response to the growing concerns of the public, the Seoul Metro announced that it will close the operation of the set, Ogame World, on Saturday, a day earlier than the expected closing date."


Putting this here because it's a shame but better not be infected.

No. 163335

File: 1633661763539.jpg (23.22 KB, 200x329, 242118167_875217749766992_2648…)

I deleted because I accidentally posted a spoiler image so I guess I'll post this here. Idk if this is unpopular because I haven't talked to anyone about Squid Game yet but he really annoyed me. He reminded me of a puppy but a puppy I want to kick.

Also what was everyone's favourite game? I loved the tension of the glass hopping game, and the twist in the marbles game with only one person from each team getting to survive.

No. 163336

Sangwoo was my favorite, I also thought Ali was kind of annoying. The glass hopping game was probably my favorite, after the honeycomb game.

No. 163337

it's shit

No. 163339

I liked the three female characters, surprisingly. I ship San Beyouk and Ji Young, thought they looked cute together even before the marbles episode. The MC is undeserving of respect or love and should have offed himself from the beginning though. I hate the whole "worthless deadbeat scrote with a heart of gold" trope.

No. 163341

The guy with the face tattoo made me rage so hard, couldn't wait for him to die

No. 163342

File: 1633664893998.jpg (17.89 KB, 480x320, squidgame-unit-107-0013-163233…)

Femcel sperg ahead

There were only 3 relevant female characters. The cat looking one who is a literal top model, and her marble game partner who's gorgeous too. Both in their 20s. They were given only perfect personality traits. Everyone else is sperging out about dying but these girls are too cool to care, make great sacrifices and have fucking supervillain backstories. Then the third woman who looks closer to average and isn't 19 years old gets all the bad traits. She's made to be the biggest sperg in the show and no one likes her.

Alright bye just had to defend my queen

No. 163344

I agree with you, nonnie. She was so weird and interesting. Unhinged queen.

No. 163345

I think the show was good. It got kind of splotchy inbetween, mainly when the organ harvesting subplot began but it was more enjoyable towards the beginning than towards the end. If you like Gantz, Battle Royale or any other survival anime/show you'll like this show. I just wish my dude didn't dye his hair red? He would've made a good Iori from KOF but no…

Favorite game was the glass floor game by far.

No. 163348

>I just wish my dude didn't dye his hair red?
he wanted to be a kpop idol I guess

No. 163350

I'm pissed off they didn't give her any screentime or backstory outside the venue like the other characters. Would've loved to see her past. She's fucking crazy but I'd watch an entire episode surrounding her kek

No. 163351

I liked until she got with that shit head but she was one of the more entertaining characters.

No. 163357

I liked Sae-Byeok her death was bullshit btw, she should've won and her friend, but I actually enjoyed whats-her-name despite the fact that she had a bunch of negative traits, that bathroom scene with 067. I feel like she was a good match for all the other selfish players except for when she literally killed herself just to get revenge on that dude, but I guess that fits her brand of crazy, and the game probably wouldn't have progressed if she didn't.

I get why Sangwoo did it, but Ali's death made me really sad. When I saw so many farmers saying they didn't feel bad for Ali, I was like damn. As pathetic as it sounds, that marble game episode is the one where I cried. Anyway, I saw a lot of people saying MC is a shithead for choosing to go after the game creators, and while I agree that he's a huge unlikeable dumbass, I kind of understand why he did it. They were still watching him and knew that he was going to travel to see his daughter, so it kind of makes sense that he would want to end it completely. I just hope he's doing it to protect his family and not for selfish reasons (he probably is though, who am I kidding)
Anyway, I'm sorry for the long post.

No. 163360

File: 1633673661353.jpeg (666.83 KB, 1610x721, 893B6FE3-463A-47B8-81AB-EF600E…)

Sangwoo was hotttt, he was refreshing to see in a cast of random average old dudes . Ali was cute too . The guy who slapped those people was aight

No. 163361

Battle Royal wasn't the only inspiration he had. He also mentioned Kaiji which has the main character going back over and over and over. It's a gambling addiction and the want to finish the game and the creators, for him. I don't know about the SG MC though. I don't think it's about his daughter. I think it's just about stopping these rich assholes from taking advantage and using debt riddled people as bait.

No. 163362

I thought he looked the most attractive when he was scruffy towards the end. The police office was really cute imo.

No. 163369

Whenever he was on screen I would internally say LOOK ITS JOJI

No. 163370

korean actors are so much better looking than the plastic ass kpop idols.

No. 163372

File: 1633683793055.jpg (106.41 KB, 900x642, 86436886643.jpg)

The cop is hotter.

No. 163374

File: 1633685732907.jpg (53.07 KB, 740x370, Squid-Game-VIP-2-Daniel-C-Kenn…)

>rich ppl in meme tacky animal masks
>basically hunger games capitol people but shitty
>the common horror media trope of the evil ones listening to classical music or jazz while watching people die (really spooky)
His greasy Dylan Roof haircut had me dead all along the show. The show was alright. It was cheesy and predictable, laughed out loud when the Front Man identity was revealed kek
I liked her a lot, I think the reason behind it is because her unhinged personality contradicted well with the general show's predictability. She's the only memorable character of the whole show imo. Also HoYeon Jung is way too pretty, she stands out way too much

No. 163377

i'm solely not gonna watch this because it seems like it's being unnaturally shilled

No. 163378

i'll give it a few months like i do with every "WOW THIS NETFLIX SHOW IS SO GOOD TOP TIER BETTER THAN ANYTHING EVER" thing that comes out.

No. 163381

It's giving me the same vibes when that Olivia girl was new and came out of no where.

No. 163383

Lol she’s been getting nothing but criticism lately. The adoration that was around her is gone

No. 163386

Will the same happen with this show? Maybe.

No. 163391

It’s so shit and boring

No. 163392

I generally enjoyed the show especially for how short it is, but I am still shocked that people are hyping it out so much? Is that all because no one ever watched Kaiji or similar stuff? Are normies that limited?

The show is nice but it's also way too overrated. It has some plot holes and stuff too.

Couldn't stand him as a character either, his 'arc' was also pretty rushed. Really thought this character was just forced by Netflix, after all they add trannies and other shit in every new tv show, whether writers like it or not. Same with the sex scene.

No. 163395

>Are normies that limited?
it happens every time something gets hyped to death. normies get obsessed with it while a better version of the thing has existed for 10 years or so

No. 163396

>Are normies that limited?
Yes. Squid Game is an anime-tier plot TV show for netflix crowd and koreaboos

No. 163397

Samefagging, but I'm never going to critisize the show in public because I know I'd get shilled as the "person shitting on popular media just because it's popular" kek

No. 163402

Highly doubt it.
Unfortunately normies are too scared to criticize something from international countries. If this was a American or western show it’d get clowned to death lol. At the very least there’d be a wide range of opinions regarding it.

No. 163431

I hated the lame plot twists and decisions towards the end.
All of these I predicted that'll happen:
>The Front Man identity
>old man being a VIP
>old man dying at the midnight
>MC's mother being dead when he arrived back
>Sangwoo being scheming and evil, killing the main group

MC's red hair made me cringe a lot.

No. 163443

File: 1633733233488.jpeg (1.73 MB, 1736x2048, 54F11032-587B-4E62-A0DD-130DBF…)

I liked it but I don’t think it’s the greatest show ever made like some people are pretending. These two were a cute ship though.

No. 163445

This fanart is so cute anon…I just wanted them to go out and get mojitos together.

No. 163447

So glad /m/ agrees with me. I can’t stop hearing about this underwhelming pile of cliches. Got me thinking I was contrarian for a sec.
Only time I was even remotely intrigued is when they’re interacting plus the crazy #212 lady antics

No. 163451

It's also literally a rip-off of kaji even down to the games, characters, and shots.

No. 163452

anons annoyed with the popularity, what the fuck did you expect. This show isn't some epic, it's just the casualnormies dangan ronpa.

It's a netflix original production. Them dubbing and subbing it into multiple languages was purposely engineered to make this into a success.

>MC's red hair

same but it's supposed to be symbolic with the whole red/blue teal/pink throughout the whole show.

No. 163453

I think number 212 was supposed to be a foreigner because at one point she says "you koreans

No. 163459

File: 1633738364509.jpg (26.04 KB, 590x350, squid-game-player-212-honeycom…)

Based and pinkpilled. I loved Mi-nyeo too, she was way more entertaining and likable than half the cast. More shamelessly unapologetic manipulative queens, please.

No. 163463

File: 1633739132291.jpg (Spoiler Image,56.45 KB, 1174x660, E_e6M6eVQAApO28.jpg)

Sangwoo was the best character imo. He wasn't the typical deadbeat with a heart of gold, he felt like a real person that was pushed to do terrible things for someone he cared about. My friends disagree, but I think Sangwoo was playing purely for his mother, so him purposefully trying to get his "friends" killed wasn't THAT bad.

And I feel like the show was being extremely hypocritical in trying to portray Sangwoo as a bad person. Hi-gun also "killed" someone, and if Sangwoo didn't push that person they all would have died. A thank you would have been more appropriate than accosting him. /sperg

Also ddakji-guy was hottest, Sangwoo is second

No. 163464

She was legit best girl imo
Went down like a badass too.

No. 163469

I recognized him from my old coffee prince days lmao, god he’s ageless

No. 163474

The voices of the VPS were so cringe..you’d think it was a Korean voice acting an American, but it was just middle aged white dudes. Felt so off

No. 163475

Sounded like Scandinavian accents.

No. 163476

I was OBSESSED with Coffee Prince. He really didn't age.

No. 163477

File: 1633750408260.jpg (76.41 KB, 736x547, 48a2adb338af550078dd91650ec0db…)

I was very excited to finish it because it catched my attention but it's like it didn't really left a mark on me like all the series I watch do, probably because it's not an original concept and predictable. However it's so perfectly done to be so popular and mainstream, the formula is just exactly as it has to be. I read that the creator spent six months to write the first two episodes and he lost six teeth (how?) while producing it because of the stress, crazy.
I liked the acting and the music, as well as the production of course, it was amazing. I would have liked a background on the workers, soldiers, etc (the guys with the red tracksuits). There was a theory going around that if you chose the red paper while playing with the guy on the train, it meant you were going to be one of the red guys but it's not possible because we saw people who were participants and chose the red paper, would've been very cool.
Sangwoo was the most interesting character for me too, he was the only one with some kind of complexity and contradictions like an actual human being, I really liked his smart takes as well
Which one was your favorite game? To me the tug of war, the marbles (because they confronted someone they had affinity for) and the glass bridge were horrific to watch but they were also the best ones

No. 163481

The plot was pretty predictable and I knew he was going to find his mom dead but it still made me cry.

No. 163495

Yeah I thought their acting was terrible. But usually white people in Asian movies are terrible actors, I've never seen a decent one kek

No. 163499

the part of the show that stuck with me the most was when jiyoung sacrificed herself for saebyeok. it was so touching and tragic especially because of how they talked abt hanging out when they got out of the games, even though it wasn’t possible. they had a short lived but very impactful bond.

what struck me the most about this show was the production value, coloring and over all aesthetic of the show. it’s the type of show someone can make endless tumblr aesthetic posts and gif sets about lol

No. 163507

Agree on the formula part, that’s why I was so surprised by people acting like they’ve never heard of the “abducted to play a deadly game” concept.
Wouldn’t be surprised if in 10 years we have an Isekai type of Netflix show.

I know it’s a sort of Sci-fi type of show but there were so many parts that didn’t make sense to me.

>The staff

Who recruit those people? Clearly they need people with some firearm knowledge and diving knowledge (Potentially a doctor onsite). Sometimes people can slip out unnoticed and sometimes the cop can switch costumes and nobody notice, but also they record everyone and make sure everyone is accounted for. Plus the people driving the boat, etc.

> The (hot) cop

Mate maybe leave a note to your boss? Get a geotracker tag on you? Maybe don’t rely on getting some 4g in the middle of nowhere to send your texts?

I also felt like everyone besides Sangwoo was pretty 1 dimensional. I wish they showed the 2 girls friendship growing more along the episodes than quickly within like 2 games.

No. 163562

I agree with this video so I'm posting it here

Also I oddly enough like the deadbeat dad as a character. I mean, I know he's a piece of shit. But he feels human to me and he kinda grew on me. I don't love him but I kinda like him a lot. I just hate the ending so much, holy shit. Just go to your daughter idiot. Way to ruin the entire series

No. 163586

File: 1633817255605.jpg (428.94 KB, 1500x1500, 20211007_133650.jpg)

It's already a little mysterious how the staff in the game is so obedient in mowing down people to entertain the rich but recruiting people into a death game is also quite odd.
I hope season 2 is going to tell us more about him.

Also he's cute, 10/10, would let him slap

No. 163587

File: 1633817403718.jpeg (58.73 KB, 1024x523, AB86A3A3-39C1-4B42-A69D-D69022…)

i want to fuck this ugly pos so bad it’s not funny

No. 163588

she's probably my favorite character. she killed the worst guy and her revenge feels satisfying, she's the best comic relief in the show, and i just kind of ended up loving her.

No. 163597

She was definitely entertaining, but her personality is really shitty.

No. 163602

Tbh I couldn't feel much about it because they didn't even show us any development in their relationship

No. 163603

He seemed like a stereotype to me. Show is filled with cliches, lazy writing.

No. 163604

but why???

No. 163605

I think he is cute.
Her wife and child worry me greatly

No. 163619

must be a yakuza fan, his thug appearance reminds me of a yakuza character

Ali was a lot less fun than other characters. While I was rooting for him, felt bad when he died, his nature is so naive. Morally dubious characters like crazy gal and Sangwoo are so much more interesting because they're not goody two shoes, or even flawed characters with usually good intentions, like the main character. Ali played well off other characters dynamics but as an individual character he's pretty bland

No. 163642

The two young women look very average to me so I was happy they chose non-beautiful women for once LOL

No. 163644

ironic since once of the young womans actresses is also is a model

No. 163645

File: 1633848392708.jpg (52.26 KB, 960x1281, 7054529.jpg)


Stop scrolling IG 8 hours a day. Do you know what average means?

No. 163647

Idk where you live but that’s what most Asians look like. I do agree she’s model material but that’s mainly for her body shape and height.

No. 163651

No. 163659

Look at her facial proportions and symmetry. Nothing average about that.

No. 163663

>what most asians look like
>model material
????? what

No. 163680

>that’s what most Asians look like
my fucking sides, nonnie I wish.
She was so pretty she stood out like a sore thumb in most scenes, despite them trying to uglify her by giving her a britbong shag kek

No. 163710

I was born/raised in CA so maybe my perception of average is skewed idk, I grew up around people who look just like her

I’m not trying to say she isn’t attractive, is my point. Also I’m not the OP of the first average post, sorry for the confusion lol

No. 163731

As some one watches a lot of asian movies I 100% agree, Asian actors tend to look like real attractive human beings while kpop idols look and act like mannequins

No. 163746

NAYRT, but I also grew up in CA, wtf are you on about

No. 163758

File: 1633923613870.jpeg (37.08 KB, 400x540, bae suxy.jpeg)

Models are chosen because they photograph well and make clothes look good. They don't have to be beautiful themselves, they should still have the "look" thought
I don't even have IG nonnie lol. She seems like a very nice girl but I think she's just not what I think of as beautiful. She's tall and more stunning compared to the average person person, but she is not the typical kdrama lead that I think are really beautiful, like Bae Suzy for example. Plus her character in the show was very grungy looking so perhaps it was the styling I didn't like.
I agree with this, I see more beautiful Asian people in the mall and at my uni any day

No. 163761


Sorry I thought nonnie was an endearing term when I used it, ignore that pls

No. 163763

I liked Sae-Byeok but hearing the writer say in an interview that she was originally written as a male is annoying.

No. 163771

No. 163781

But nonnie is an endearing term.

No. 163832

Okay phewww, searching it up the opinions on it are mixed that's why I took it back

No. 163835

Because we can never just have non sexual female characters that were meant to be written that way.

No. 163851

Why did the main character dye his hair red in the end of the last episode?

No. 163864

I think it was supposed to be symbolism, him deciding to live his life instead of moping around like a dumbass. But tbh it was just kind of stupid and looked really bad on him. Also it was a cheap ass wig, so that didn't help.

No. 163910

I really like the main character, he feels real and the more I think about it the more I feel like I somewhat can relate to him because I'm a poorfag retard.

Unrelated but this meme just reminds me of that one lolcow

No. 163935

I read a theory that he chose to be an aggressor like the staff by imitating the colour of their uniform. But the uniforms are pink lol so idk how close this is.

No. 164405

I was super hyped because I love death games and I would love this genre to get more popular so my favorite mangas can get animated. That being said, I really thought Squid Game got super silly towards the end. I think people paid so much attention to this because it is edgy and is very pretty looking with nice actors and nice colors. But god the games were super boring.
Correct me if I'm wrong but is the glass bridge a children's game? They didn't explain it and I can't relate it to a kids game, I just don't get why only one game isn't a stereotypical kids game, it could be something I don't know though.
The twists were extremely boring, fucking "Oh money can't buy happiness we need to watch people dieee" was so stupid, the gamemaster reveal was stupid, the Westerners' dialogue was EXTREMELY stupid. I cringed during all of the English dialogue. I think the series dipped hard after the marble episode.

No. 164769

I liked him but his writing frustrated me. He's obviously not a doormat and doesn't take people at their word (like how he stood up to his boss to try and get his pay) so I wish we'd seen more of that in the games.
Don't be retarded. Migrant worker abuse is a huge issue in East Asia and the guy who wrote the show tried to get it made for ten years. There was no agenda.

No. 164770

Hes so attractive wtf

No. 164786

I thought it was meant to be kinda funny and pointless, all of the games so far have been pretty random and the glass game takes that to the extreme. I also don't think that the old mans perspective is meant to be "the moral of the story" it's literally just what he thinks.

No. 164795

File: 1634460879947.jpg (334.96 KB, 2048x2048, FAu19JUWEAcngcQ.jpg)

Ali is so cute, sweet and kind. I'm so sad that he's been done dirty but it's a last man standing game. Should've known better.

No. 164824

I think the glass bridge game was like an extreme version of hopscotch, or like a stepping stones game. Or maybe like how kids pretend the floor is lava and they can only jump on pillows

No. 164825

A good writer shouldn't have to like, just let their audience make up shit for what they couldn't explain themselves you know?

No. 164852

i’m not a stranger to death and survival games probably cause i watched a lot of anime and japanese movies similar to that but this show really had me hooked for some reason, i think it was the first scene in episode one with fly me to the moon it excited the edgy teen in me kek
The glass bridge game… so unfair

No. 164915

Butterface to the max.

No. 164983

i think it was based off a korean kid's game involving stepping stones

No. 165000

I thought it was ok and the ending was kinda bad, but I truly think the art direction and aesthetic made it popular in the first place. The other Asian (albeit Japanese) death game show, Alice in Borderland, didn't even reach a portion of its popularity and it's probably a combination of that + less shilling. Or maybe Squid Game was the exception. Anyway the final lesson made no sense: what's equal about crossing a bridge that can crush under your feet if you go first? what's equal about a tug of war game where young men are at advantage? Meh. At least in the first two games it only depended on you.

No. 165028

The show isn't subtle about being a critique on classism and capitalism so I think the inherent unfairness of a lot of the games is part of the point. It's a metaphor for how capitalist values shill hardwork and equal opportunity when in reality some groups of people have advantages over others that contributed to their success. I also think that the front man character was intentionally written to have fully bought into the bs that the games are supposed to be equal and fair since he was one person out of hundreds who got lucky and now he perpetuates the cycle after becoming rich and powerful.

No. 165047

File: 1634585947840.png (1.74 MB, 1280x959, DD0A380C-84FF-447E-83AF-271940…)

Best boy. He was my favorite right away.
I’m still absolutely seething over his death. I adored Sang-woo and thought he and Ali were an amazing duo up until that happened. I’m so upset.

No. 165050

File: 1634587305409.png (352.82 KB, 586x384, caca.png)

This tweet doesn't sit well with me for some reason.
Also she's very cute but that's besides the point.

No. 165067

Is the English dub decent? I struggle with subs but really want to watch the series.

Sorry if this has already been asked, I only skimmed the thread in case of spoilers.

No. 165069

Unpopular opinion but Ali irritated me lol

No. 165080

Yes! I liked the dub.

No. 165096

The rich degenerates hamming it up were the worst parts of the show and made me cringe, not gonna lie. They could've showed them without any of the dialogue, it would've been more effective. Also agree about the stupid front man plotline, it was so predictable and cliched it actually made me groan out loud.

Nevertheless I really liked the show and the people scoffing at it because of muh intellectual Kaiji and Battle Royale need to take it as it is, survival games are an age-old trope and at least the writer had the balls to admit that he drew inspiration from manga and movies instead of autistically denying it like the author of Hunger Games.

No. 165099

>The rich degenerates hamming it up were the worst parts of the show and made me cringe
Same except I wanted to see the police guy sucking dick

No. 165102

All of this. Even the mastermind in the end congratulates Gi-hun for his good luck and hard work, not just hard work alone. So I still think it's safe to say that the games weren't supposed to be seen objectively fair from the viewer's point of view because like in a capitalist society in general, some people have natural advantage and some things are simply based on luck. When you really think about it, none of the games were fair and equal, all of them had some handicap to them.

This is pretty damn disrespectful to me. Her looks were absolutely not a defining trait for her character and she was written to be a jaded, traumatized, desperate person who still wanted to stick to her morals with no tolerance for injustice. It really bothers me when a role like that is treated like a yass kween gorgeous k-pop doll. Also why the fuck is an account for a kids' doll line tweeting about a violent, TV-MA rated show?

No. 165104

Me too. He's like a retarded baby the whole time. I don't get what's so endearing about a grown man with a family acting like a child.

No. 165111

File: 1634597196443.jpg (880.55 KB, 2048x2048, FBib3QvX0AIxupK.jpg)

Same here, he's just so precious and a hard working husband/father. He also saved mc on the first game.

No. 165112

her performance really lacked imo

it's clear as day she was only cast cause she's good looking, it's south korea after all

No. 165114

anon he's fucking dead and the mother of the son will probably get beaten to death when she goes back to pakistan.

No. 165116

No one was talking to you, anon.

No. 165119

just sayin

No. 165131


No. 165208

some people do not seem to realize he isn't fluent in korean language and that's why he asks so many "stupid" questions because he doesn't understand the words

this (lack of understanding language barriers) seems like a monolingual problem mostly

No. 165215

i kinda thought that maybe then being like cartoon characters was the point, that they have become so rich that they don't seem fully human anymore but act more like characters because they just have all the fuck you money in the world so why not waste it in stupid masks and all that over the top hammy shit

it's what i thought gi-hun dyeing his hair was about, he has so much money that he could just go ahead and fuck with his appearance for shit and giggles because why not? he can do anything now

No. 165245

She doesn't even come close to fitting SK beauty standards

No. 165246

File: 1634633408380.jpg (34.76 KB, 1200x675, wall punch.jpg)

>no big strong sweetheart south asian bf

No. 165249

If Malala was an Instagram baddie do you think the Bratz account would post her too?

No. 165271

caca indeed nonnette.

No. 165501

File: 1634738151292.gif (2.12 MB, 616x300, C1E58076-44DB-4B9A-A738-B03BBC…)

Gong Yoo as the salesman was my favourite character despite only having like 3 mins screen time. I think they are going to explore his character in S2!

No. 165503

The fujo in me wanted that so bad.

No. 165504

File: 1634739137045.jpeg (52.97 KB, 640x797, 0dc10d165a0e26c83ed770bca4de44…)

I wanna horny post so bad.

No. 165505

thank god i’m not alone on that holy shit

No. 165511

No. 165512

Definitely. That old american fuck got great taste in curated meat.

No. 165527

I would let him slap me

No. 165529

File: 1634744006271.jpeg (796.02 KB, 1204x1215, 6E1451E0-315C-4F44-BA06-BF9EF3…)

Best part. Apparently they will explore his characters origin in S2

No. 165532

I would rather watch intense gore than that fat american fuck lol

No. 165545

I really, really don't see the appeal. The cop I definitely do but this guy must be top tier in Korea or something.

No. 165550

File: 1634748230030.png (76.88 KB, 220x330, imagen_2021-10-20_114344.png)

Lee Jung-jae used to be a fashion model

No. 165551

also honestly he isn't that ugly when he's well dressed and groomed

No. 165555

he was a real qt when young. Very masculine

No. 165556

File: 1634748765375.png (962.11 KB, 1142x750, dwwgfr.png)

one last pic of him

No. 165558

File: 1634749794744.jpg (Spoiler Image,133.14 KB, 794x1134, the housemaid.jpg)

hey, it's those abs from The Housemaid

No. 165559

File: 1634750090090.gif (965.98 KB, 536x251, laiebjrv;aev.gif)

I also like the cop. But I love him, he is top tier over there. I'm not Korean and I adored him in Goblin. He looks so handsome, he is in his early 40s too.

No. 165576

File: 1634755770712.jpg (61.33 KB, 735x491, 54769f75f0a3dc243fa2ee5ebe2bf5…)

Viejo sabroso. He's a great actor and apparently is a descendant of confucius? That's funny

No. 165577

Fuuuuu I'll be his maid

No. 167195

File: 1635300912949.png (499.31 KB, 526x582, imagen_2021-10-26_211512.png)

for fucks sake lmao

No. 167197

I hate this. When will Pop figures die? I'm so sick of seeing them everywhere for everything. They're literally the toy equivalent of someone who has a really punchable face.

No. 167207

I bet by february Squid Game will die.

No. 167208

Yah and like imagine buying a fucking ugly ass plastic figure of the deadbeat dad. Who the fuck wants that? none of the characters are likable enough. They're whatever. From a whatever series. This anti-capitalistic shit show is ugly and then… they release figures? lmao. The message didn't matter then I guess.

No. 167210

The jokes write themselves omg

No. 167252

That's inevitable for any tv show. Season 2 won't reach the popularity of the first one but it will most likely be a success again.

No. 167503


My work friend regularly argues with me about this and says she's not a bad bitch because she fell for a douchebag. I beg to differ, Mi-nyeo was perfection and I'm glad that she got to hug him at the end and take him with her, little shit.

No. 167577

i will not watch squid game. i will not watch squid game. i will not watch squid game. i will not watch squid game. i will not watch squid game. i will not watch squid game. i will not watch squid game. i will not watch squid game. i will not watch squid game. i will not watch squid game. i will not watch squid game. i will not watch squid game. i will not watch squid game. i will not watch squid game. i will not watch squid game. i will not watch squid game. i will not watch squid game. i will not watch squid game. i will not watch squid game. i will not watch squid game. i will not watch squid game. i will not watch squid game. i will not watch squid game. i will not watch squid game.

No. 167611

My favorite character was the old man. I knew he was gonna end up being a bad guy, but that didn't stop me from loving him. I love old person characters, I always get attached to them. I love the mothers of Sangwoo and the deadbeat as well. Lovely old ladies.
I have to admit I don't hate the deadbeat dad either, mostly because I love the trope of shitty people with hearts of gold. He can also be seen as a symbol of working class people being perverted by vices, or something like that, but I'll leave the pseud analysis to the pseud analysts.
It wasn't a great show, but it did what it was meant to do -entertain- pretty well.

No. 167629

..aaaand nevermind I got subtly persuaded into watching it anyway.

I agree, he seemed way too over the top polite and kind and innocent to be a real person during the game and it became annoying real quick. Which, like the other anon said, is a shame because the work scene was more interesting. You'd think he'd have a strong opinion after getting bullshitted by his superior for 6 months while he and his family wete living heavily impoverished despite him working hard.

>My favorite character was the old man. I knew he was gonna end up being a bad guy,
I'm only at Ep 5, but that short off-hand "I used to beat my son too tehee" comment was so weird, I didn't get why he was displayed as poor senile man otherwise. So I'm glad it might be intended and not some cultural or quirky punchline

No. 167646

No. 167658

While I personally still found Squid Game to be an okay watch, neither really good nor bad, I also found those things they pointed out to be iffy when I first saw it. I remember feeling so uncomfortable about the necrophilia that's been mentioned off-handedly, and 212 having to use sex to ensure her safety but thought that might have been realistic enough in these situation because moids are disgusting. The decorations in the VIP room I found completely ridiculous, and here I couldn't even tell myself that they might've done that for the realism, I'm just convinced the prop director (or whatever you call it) was too horny for his own good lmao. Also hated the portrayal of 456 being treated as a good person even though he's a horrible son and a dead beat father, but I thought this was just a main character problem, where most people sympathize with him just because they're forced to see everything from his narrative.

No. 167662

one thing that bothered me was the bridge game. those glass panels seemed to be placed too far apart from each other, i would have fallen off after jumping. how come none of them got dizzy from the height or slipped off? why aren't more people annoyed by it??

No. 167663

I was so disappointed when there wasn't a single death because of a slip up, because that's what definitely would've happened to me.

No. 167673

Korean feminists are so based, I wish they take over the country
Exactly. The necrophilia (and all the stuff you pointed out) made me want to break the tv, it wasn't necessary at all, just using women being violated for shock value and entertainment like all types of mainstream media. It's depressing and something we can't ignore

No. 167683

just finished it here are my small brain thoughts
-sangwoo was my favorite at first, I rooted for him up until he killed sae-byok. He did what he had to do bla bla idc that was too mean
-the two young female characters were beautiful and had potential but they made them boring and 2d, shame. the crazy lady was a cool, interesting character but insufferable. Can't have shit in detroit
-the ending was sad and weird but ok
-I agree with >>163335. I don't like characters who are so morally perfect, they take me out of the story because I can't empathize with them like real people
-that kpop looking cop mf is hot. My biggest gripe with the ending is that all his efforts were seemingly in vain. I hope he's still alive somehow and plays a bigger role in s2
-none of the players were really likeable to me (except for the mary sue girls) but out of all of them I liked the main chacter the most, even thought he's kind of dumb. Ig I relate to him because I'm a lazy disappointment to my mother too

No. 167691

She was my favorite character by miles, I thought her final line was especially based. I also think we should have gotten more backstory on her, I want to know more about all the crazy antics she was known for on the outside of the game, she even mentions having a reputation far and wide. The actress did a great job and made her both a complete wacko and a likable underdog at once

He really does look like a Yakuza character tbh

No. 167916

The thing that bothered me about the bridge game was that I kept wondering why nobody just put one foot on each of the centre beams and attempted to walk across that way. iirc it was never explicitly stated that they were only allowed to jump?

No. 167918

is it me or the bathroom scene with sae-byeok going into the ventilation was a subplot that went completely forgotten? or i'm just an air head and i didn't see anything from it?

No. 167932

i guess it was to show that she saw them preparing the honeycomb beforehand which she then told sangwoo about. because he clearly had some idea of what the game was about before they started but still let his bestie pick the umbrealla shape ie the hardest one and didn’t try to warn his team it was just hinting towards his cunning nature from the very beginning

No. 167934

I loved Saebyuk and the unhinged older woman but I don't see the appeal of Jiyeon at all? I guess it was nice that she sacrificed herself for Saebyuk but she reminded me of annoying ~cute criminals~ like Yuka Takaoka. I couldn't take her seriously

No. 167938

I see. Nevertheless I thought at least she would have find more secrets or maybe show more scenes, since the last shot show us the vent focused with a loose screw…

No. 167941

Agreed. Or at least they should've made it another character do it. She wanted to continue the games from the very beginning and her only goal seemed to be to save her family, so it doesn't really make sense for me why it's exactly her who wanted to find out why and how the games were done. 456 or even 212 would have seemed like the better choice. If it were Jiyeon who did it, it could've served as a better introduction for her and may have been an opportunity for us to bond with her too, rather than her just being part of the team now.

No. 167965

why didn’t Saebyok just tell the guards she was stabbed, they definitely would have tried to do something in the name of that “fairness.” seems to go against the principles of the game and also the fuck did they expect blowing up GLASS?

No. 167967

the blowing up glass thing was probably a measure to ensure the remaining people after the clock ticked its last second were killed. They got to safety on the very last seconds so they couldn't prevent the glass shards everywhere, I bet that if the game had gone as intended (jump jump jump) and they were the first ones to survive, they wouldn't had been harmed by it. I guess this was also intended to harm the last participants that barely made it on time.

No. 167968

its bad writing.

No. 167989

>she reminded me of annoying ~cute criminals~ like Yuka Takaoka
bpd bitches love Jiyeon, they see her and think "that's totally me!

No. 167993

File: 1635706284859.png (1.29 MB, 2048x1669, tumblr_23ea9a8ec0ea304221e8ecc…)

i loved all the female characters so much. best ship pictured here

No. 167994

i think something is wrong with you if you felt no emotion during her sacrifice

No. 167999

NTA, we've known her for like 5 minutes, what was there to feel?

No. 168056

i’m not sure if this was intended by the writers but i feel like it could have been a ~metaphor~ for capitalism. like the old guy wanted the games to be as fair as possible but even in those conditions capitalism isn’t fair and people can suffer through no fault of their own. also the games weren’t really fair like how they purposely restricted the food of certain contestants

No. 168075

She didn't have any character depth, we barely knew her lmao

No. 168270

File: 1635887221060.png (173.93 KB, 450x253, imagen_2021-11-02_150716.png)

>The fraud of the cryptocurrency inspired by "The Squid Game": falls from $ 3,000 to zero and its creators flee with the profits

Speaking of crypto being gambling and a fraud

No. 168572

Squid Game really took too much inspiration from Kaiji.

No. 168754

That glass panel game looks like child’s play after watching that

No. 169367

File: 1636520539626.png (156.53 KB, 400x400, imagen_2021-11-09_230242.png)

No. 169368

File: 1636520637804.png (892.94 KB, 2048x2048, imagen_2021-11-09_230418.png)

No. 169439

I don't know if that was supposed to be intense but it was funny as fuck.

No. 169495

The hype and sudden popularity of this show made me sick of it real quick, like honestly it’s not even that good or original

No. 169753

Those links you posted are from a month ago. The hype for this show is already dying off.

It was all in the marketing. I heard that Korean conglomerates funded that btw

No. 169754

to me it was just very annoying, I'll never understand how people can take anime seriously as adults lol

No. 169759

I assume it's because it was based on a Kaiji game where the beams were electrified, but that detail got lost in the shuffle. The show has a handful of odd contrivances where characters just don't think of things, like how no one guessed that the marble game was going to be 1v1.

No. 169773

What's even worse is when real people act like anime characters. That's one reason I couldn't finish SG. The unrealistic overacting is so cringe.

No. 169805

I'm happy the quick lived hype for this shite is over, fucking insufferable

No. 169838

It's gonna get a S2 and it'll turn into another Kaiji ripoff

No. 170095

File: 1637036011572.jpg (980.9 KB, 1397x814, Tumblr_l_655639847745361.jpg)

Squid game haram, confirmed

No. 171784

All without a slick of irony. This some we live in a society shit.

No. 171793

oh shit I clicked on this video by mistake yesterday and from his tone I thought "oh this is a video for little kids" and clicked off lmao. I hadn't noticed the thumbnail KEK

No. 171994

>P-People willingly chose to participate the Squid Game, it's not Oh Il-nam's fault
No, idiot. It's not a choice when your other options are abandoning your mother in another country and having to give up your little brother's custody or when a loan shark is after you. Oh-Il Nam took advantage of poor helpless people, all because being rich doesn't excite him enough. He's no different from those VIPs. I can't believe people are defending this scumbag, fuck him

No. 172052

Kind of OT but i'm so fucking annoyed by this guy. Especially since any kind of criticism whispered towards him would result in his redditfag fanbase to be all "but he's so wholesome and a nice billionare!!! He's literally the nicest and best youtuber evah!!!" Like no him making a parody of what was supposed to be social commentary about the very thing it's portraying is still fucking ridiculous even if he found the cure to cancer and saved dead puppies.

No. 172075

charlie/Cr1TiKaL has been ridding his cock so hard lately too

No. 172862

As soon as i saw this shit, it made me roll my eyes so hard. Faggot ass youtube really missed the purpose of SQ. Also, he says it costs like 3mil to build this fake set?? wtf

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