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File: 1631929988270.jpg (990.73 KB, 3080x3464, SIMU-LIU-AMWF-REDDIT.jpg)

No. 915429

Thread containing the recent scandals of Marvel actor Simu Liu - Shang Chi) being an Asian incel and crowd funding AMWF porn on his account
Here we know for a fact that he used to browse the Asian incel subreddit with the username "nippedinthebud"

Here instead he is listed as contributor of this clickbait article
In a supposed "Porn War"

This porn was modeled after Twitch steamer and YouTuber STPeach, who felt disgusted after finding out about it

No. 915430

Holy shit is this real?

No. 915431

Wrong board, dumbass. Jesus christ lmao

No. 915432

Did he simply make the article or did he actually spend money on this?

No. 915433

In what board does this need to be?

No. 915434

File: 1631930259718.jpg (59.27 KB, 810x746, nippedinthebud.jpg)

Possibly both

No. 915437

I guess we now have an incel superhero

No. 915439

we aren’t boys and we don’t care this is so stupid

No. 915440


No. 915441


No. 915442

hardee-har lolcow is such a female site, mmm yes go get them queen

No. 915444

Chang Ching

No. 915447


As a 100% woman, I'm totally disgusted by this

No. 915449

Are you lost?

No. 915451

Obvious scrote aside, CONTEXT PLEASE cuz I'm lowkey interested

No. 915454

Still, who? How is this guy relevant and why should I care? I ain't clicking these links. Lazy thread.

No. 915455

Moid from the new CCP-funded Marvel movie

No. 915456

Idk how he's incel I think he looks nuce

No. 915458

>what is irony

No. 915460

Why would 4chan care?

No. 915461

Post the article where he acted as a pedophile

No. 915462

Cry about it

No. 915465

4chan didnt care, the whole thing is just butthurt concocted by asian men who are mad white guys were fucking asian women, they got laughed out of the place

No. 915466

Kill yourself male
Also I hope this is real, I hate this guy the moment I see him on zoomer social media doing ~fellow kids~ shit
He'll be outed sexting some underage girl soon enough

No. 915469

there was a lot of people greentexting

>having to pay for sex

that day

No. 915472

Didn't know who this guy was until someone here mentioned him defending pedos. Found his Twitter account, thought "Is this guy gay? Yeah…I think this guy is gay" when I read his posts and saw some of his stock image poses, then I found the pedo thing and thought "Yeah, gay men are like the first to whiteknight pedos. Like Milo Yiannopoulous. Wbk", and now this thread is here.
I'm a little confused. You mean to tell me this man is straight, and he crowdfunded porn? Isn't he a Hollywood actor?

No. 915476

this guy annoyed me so much on tik tok with his "no one knows how to pronounce my chinese last name therefore they're racist" shit

No. 915477

>"Screenshots from an old Reddit account"
who cares?

No. 915479

Scrotes getting shit on is funny. This guy is cringe as fuck. He got one mediocre movie and already acting cocky af.

No. 915483


No. 915495

Lame board

No. 915550

why the fuck couldn't you just make a new celebricows thread instead OP

No. 915641

File: 1631946348542.png (1.16 MB, 768x1152, 210405-mh-liu-shot08-1519-rgb-…)

what a waste, dude is cute. Nothing more unattractive in a guy than insecurity, and the dude's twitter is already full of it

No. 915836

File: 1631973603133.png (990.65 KB, 1252x1174, whiteladyhater.png)

our fave lady who shamed that one white girl for making a chinese cookbook responds….

No. 915844

I side-eye women who judge only men of their own race and roslyn has a record of doing just that, with her trying to cancel joshua luna and everything
it's a particular category of pick me

No. 915851

Sage for my stupidity; but don’t all perspective actors for marvel or Disney go through a review before they are casted? You would think with all the money the marvel series makes alone; there’d be some background check

No. 915856

To be fair, that is an understandable reaction, everything about this is stupid. With that being said, roslyn, get off twitter and go practice your noodles you bitch

No. 915859

He kinda looks like that one hairdresser YouTuber, I can't for the life of me remember his name though kek

No. 915863

Guy Tang?

No. 915880

Men are so retarded. "women are worse at sports". Go compete in gymnastics against simone biles then. Or do you only count the sports that use physical strength, the easiest attribute to gain compared to balance/discipline etc.

He's got a good body but an ugly face and ugly asian men like that are always obsessed with white women and shaming asian women for "dating outside their race".

No. 915897

>ugly asian men like that are always obsessed with white women
Who wants to bet he also gets bothered by women being into asian pretty boys like kpop idols?

No. 915934

>that one anon constantly saying he's hot

I remember that China and other asian countries were pissed when he was casted because according to their standards he's fucking ugly, while the white (and black) actors cast in Marvel and other action movies are considered very attractive (meaning Hollywood is deliberately making Asians look bad by choosing a "bad" exmple of them) and then all of twitter jumped to his defense…and now this kek
Imagine making it as an actor and getting asskissed by blind women despite being a fugly midget and then still thinking you're discriminated against.

No. 915936

azidentity is very pro-kpop. I had my eyes on that sub for a while now, it's not outrageous (there is some legit talk about asian women and their experiences) but it is weird; they think white girls wanting an asian bf because they like anime/kpop is a net good and they glorify china's power (which is such a "grown in west culture" thing, every non-chinese asian hates china)

No. 915951

i think that was the least questionable thing he said honestly, its obviously stupid, but the most questionable things are the pedo stuff and the porn article he wrote

No. 916076

i went to sleep after seeing "liu said pedo shit" and woke up to this trainwreck
forty keks. stupid harbin russian-ass woman hater gets what's coming to him

No. 916082

he is not hot to us at all. americans think of asian men as unsexy/nonsexual/nerdy so they don't think hot ones exist. they have chinese face blindness. it is retarded

No. 916114

The point is the white Marvel actors are mostly steretypically handsome while the asian actors aren't, which seem to be on purpose, to make non-Asian viewers think lowly of Asians. Asians in Asia have also already always complained about the type of asian models that get picked in the West, most of them look exotic/weird instead of beautiful, while white models picked are beautiful.

No. 916127

I'm waiting for Shang Chi and Doctor Strange to fight the Scarlet Witch

No. 916150

True, there was a separate Korean Nationalist subreddit set up cause they simply couldn't stand the PRC shilling and weren't fan of their countries being colonized by China

No. 916170

Roslyn also started squabbling with someone in the ONTD livejournal comments thread so she knowingly lurks gossip sites kek. She wants so badly to be famous herself but is so far from it that it's painful

No. 916182

They're totally right tbh, asian beauty standards are super high and they have a massive number of extremely good looking actors and actresses. It's jarring to see how ugly the asians casted in the West are, and a total waste. I said this about John Cho as Spike too, but it's like casting directors never considered that a western audience could be attracted to an Asian guy no matter how he looks so why bother getting one considered hot in Asia?

No. 916308

File: 1632004859902.png (279.8 KB, 804x338, Screenshot.png)

her number of tweets is telling enough, seems like several 100s per day

No. 916445

ayrt and that is what my post said too. you didn't have to repeat it

No. 916448

that's stupid bullshit because he grew up from age 5 in a mostly east asian part of canada. he is from mississauga, a part of the GTA that has no white people. there are a few serbians and some poor white trash, but that's it.

No. 916485

lmao a fellow ontarian?? funnily enough i went to highschool with someone who was into film/did some film stuff (i last spoke to her in highschool and its been many years now so no idea what really but) and when simu got the role, she made a big post congratulating him and being a great friend since she worked on the set of something with him… its weird when canadian ppl get famous and u dont live far from them or you know someone who knows them lol

you are correct though, theres barely any white people there so i think hes just starting shit

kek, its because her work on the toronto star doest get the attention she hopes for (no one reads that newspaper)

No. 916517

i moved here from china(well, hk) too, and i'm the same age as him. went to high school on the border of mississauga and toronto and know EXACTLY every part of the city where he grew up. will point out if he says any more fake bullshit.

No. 916518

who has the time?? i know self-employed people who don't make it onto social media for weeks at a time, and their schedule is totally up to them. the fuck does this chick do all day

No. 916581

sounds good!! thanks anon.

No. 916613

complain and whine and pick fights on the internet, of course!

No. 916967

The white people considered attractive in the East are often weird/ugly to us too tbf. Beauty standards can vary wildly. I'm not sure it's deliberate.

No. 916978

She has elderly parents and lives at home. She probably doesn't need to worry about bills. She had (has?) a Texan boyfriend and would stay with him sometimes too. I don't know what he does.

No. 917052

Is he "Lewis Parker"? lol. If so, how embarrassing. Nothing from the account since August 2020, now all of a sudden LP has logged on because he found the Simu debacle too 'annoying' to ignore lol. He's strongly defending him, trawling through his reddit account to refute allegations, providing screenshots and explaining what Simu must have really meant by x post. Who else would do that? https://twitter.com/LPCantLose/status/1438708937562464258[A

No. 917136

It's a paid shill or it's actually him.
I don't think Disney is gonna drop him, but if he continues doubling down…

Btw, your link was broken.

No. 917156

Ah living the life. Is her colonizer bf cute?

No. 917175

File: 1632076850027.png (174.91 KB, 1036x1132, simuhonkinog.png)

He called his 2015 gf honkin. She doesn't look it to me…

No. 917176

File: 1632076894295.jpg (385.67 KB, 989x660, tx3uN18.jpg)

No. 917180

samefag. Hopefully it was sarcasm… I've checked the archive btw and he's dull as dishwater and says a lot of cringy stuff, but he's clearly not a bitter incel or racist. He's probably a cunt in real life and someone is trying to get revenge because his reddit posts are not that controversial.

No. 917182

>his reddit posts are not that controversial.
Did you miss the pedo sympathizing ones?

No. 917286

he's clearly just a retard trying to be so open minded his brain fell out, he probably has the cleanest posting history of any moid in hollywood

No. 917812

Whats with all the asian/white people threads that have been popping up these past year? Not just in /ot/ but elsewhere too. Its suspicious.

No. 917820

there's nothing "clean" about saying pedophilia is the same as homosexuality. And the way he said don't watch child pornography even though it feels innocent made me shiver. There's nothing innocent about kids screaming while getting raped or little children being drugged out of their minds while being gang raped. He's a disgusting scrote and there should be larger consequences for him. Female celebs get cancelled for the smallest things.

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