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File: 1630049750791.png (54.05 KB, 403x420, derp.png)

No. 893228

Dare to be stupid.

Previous thread >>>/ot/880117

No. 893229

is it illegal to offer more reward money in a missing persons case?

No. 893231

to the nice anons in the last thread who were trying to help me with my speakers- I've tried everything, I think my speakers just gave out lol but the earphones still work at least

No. 893232

Tea drinker anons, how do you keep your teeth stainless? I feel like even whitening toothpaste cannot help me

No. 893233

I don't

No. 893239

Illegal how? Rewards are often increased with time in these cases

No. 893261

Aww still hope a miracle happens and it starts working again?
Usually the stains are on the back side of my teeth but recently I’ve gotten stains on my front teeth and it’s so embarrassing but I can’t help it I can’t live without tea. Im gonna go get whitening stripes and mouth washes etc. and hope it goes away

No. 893383

I don't. Are you American or something, their white teeth obsession is weird.

No. 893384

I don't but my sister would drink tea with a straw lmao
Dunno if that helps anything though

No. 893386

I've heard that you can drink lighter teas like white tea or green tea without staining

No. 893390

Drinking tea through a straw helps, along with swishing well with water afterwards. To lift any existing stains, crest white strips are safe and work really well - if you go this route, make sure to get the supreme professional kind (these are the type they have at the dentist's office) and use sensodyne to prevent excess sensitivity.

No. 893394

I don't. You need to go to the dentist and get them professionally cleaned in order to get them clean again. Or you just don't drink tea, but I personally can't live without it lol

No. 893413

I don't because nobody cares that I don't have fluorescent white teeth

No. 893420

I drink espresso daily and dark sodas occasionally. I was thinking I should get some white strips or something but when I went in for a cleaning last month the dental hygienist asked if I whitened since my teeth are white in her opinion. Now I just don't care about it. If they get yellow like corn then look into it but you're probably fine.

No. 893486

Anyone else that LOSES their appetite before/during their period?

I'm sure it's normal but I can't find much information on it.

No. 893490

I do, I get nauseous and get a sensation of fullness quicker, as well.

No. 893491

i'm usually ravenous the week leading up and then when it starts i can barely choke anything down the whole week

No. 893498

Yeah, I'm always nauseous too, certain foods are awful during this time.

No. 893500

Yeah, it's not that I'm less hungry though it's more because I try to avoid having period diarrhea too often. Having stomach aches doesn't make me want to eat as much as I usually do anyway.

No. 893512

Someone here has to have worked at Starbucks. Can you please tell me in precise terms how to make the basic iced black tea?

No. 893523

It's always different, sometimes I binge on stuff, sometimes I have a feeling of fullness in my lower stomach area and cannot even think of eating

No. 893526

I'm Eurofag and don't like the American style blinding teeth whiteness either, but mine are super yellow and slightly translucent at the edges from enamel erosion

No. 893557

You can get a remineralization tooth paste to build your enamel

No. 893564

Have you tried getting your teeth cleaned at the dentist? Made a significant difference for me, I'm also a chronic tea drinker.

No. 893571

The tea is made at double strength and brewed in a 2L container. It's a big satchel of tea (predetermined size, not sure how many it would be considered). The black tea is from Teavana. On the box it is called Noir Glace but I'm pretty sure it's the English Breakfast tea. The recipe: put tea bag in 2L container, fill container with hot water (boiling) to 1L line, steep for 5 minutes, pull teabag out (do not crush, it will give a bitter flavor if you do), add a large scoop of ice, and finally add cold water to the 2L line.

Been awhile since I worked there. Kek.

No. 893578

Have men conditioned themselves to like plastic women from jerking it too much or has it always been a strong preference and it's just no longer shameful to admit to it? I can't believe how attracted they are to botched tranny looking messes. Not too long ago men like this were spoken about as if they were degenerated fetishists and openly mocked by their peers. They were embarrassed to be seen with a woman like that. Now 'normal' men will parade about with and marry these freakshows. Half the women in my area look like trannies now and men don't seem to mind one bit.

No. 893582

Does that actually work?

No. 893584

Men don't see appearances tbe same way that we do. They see the heavy plastic surgery, big lips, and painful pillow face, and they like it because that's what "sexy" influencers, "hot" pop stars, and porn actors do. There's no "ew this is kind of freaky" it's just "wow just like a model"

No. 893587

File: 1630095383122.jpg (Spoiler Image, 34.29 KB, 310x588, victorian_lingerie-7941.jpg)

The particular taste for hard, collagen-filled bodies is definitely modern. You can look at victorian erotica like picrel and get a sense of just how much more natural men's preferences used to run.

No. 893590

It's depressing how different beauty standards are nowadays than how they used to be. Fuck plastic surgery and fuck drag queen makeup on ordinary women being expected and ESPECIALLY fuck porn.

No. 893592

I really think this is porn sickness rather than lusting after models. Most of the women in popular porn videos are super botched and fake looking.

No. 893593

Mens sexuality is easily conditioned and influenced. They like the balloon doll look because that's whats in porn, and their orgasm conditions them to like it.
Also they probably get off on the fact that a woman permanently changed her body just to pander to mens dicks.

No. 893596

I'm convinced men's sexuality is as mallable as fashion is. Like how during the 10's everyone was shiting on 00's fashion for being fucking ugly as shit and now everyone loves it because of the exposure to it by the fashion industry. See something in a postive light often enough and you'll start liking it.

No. 893738

File: 1630118973102.jpg (Spoiler Image, 56.28 KB, 537x508, 1477_3186_1o.jpg)

Agreed. Men are just disgusting. Looking at older photographs like this makes me feel better though. Natural should always be the most beautiful.

No. 893741

Tired of taking notes on a paper. Shit is annoying. I'm going through apps for my iPad that I can use during class. Anyone have apps they used free or paid? Thanks.

No. 893750

I used evernote a lot in college. Microsoft word app is also free on ipad and don’t need subscription for it (but I think you might need a free outlook account? I forget)

No. 893751

File: 1630122598064.jpeg (140.86 KB, 750x750, D81AC92B-B2A1-40D3-880A-411379…)

did anyone else feel horny and very attracted to hamlet when you read it in high school?

No. 893753

Why is there so much emphasis on little to no stomach fat on women when it’s such a common thing?

No. 893760

hamlet’s rant about his incestuous mother had me feeling some sort of way

No. 893767

i don’t know if you’re being sarcastic but ikr anon? like goddamn he’s such a whiny moody submissive moron throughout the play it was super attractive to me and no irl man has ever truly captivated me like that

No. 893772

File: 1630126060013.jpeg (100.07 KB, 540x960, CE35C0A6-892C-4E87-BAB8-D37CA1…)

What do you call it when you’re laughing at a joke about a disadvantaged group because you are part of that disadvantaged group, but it pisses you off to see the advantaged group laughing at the same joke?
Like, when it gives you that “The fuck YOU laughing at, bitch?” response,

No. 893782

File: 1630127291659.png (193.58 KB, 500x500, cheeeeetos.png)

has anyone tried this? is it any good? if not i'm just going to eat and egg and bagel. (i need to grocery shop wahhhh)

No. 893786

irl men are already like that by default

No. 893790

Plz don't anon. Care about your health.

No. 893793

Anon this looks like it'd give you the shits.

No. 893796

anybody else watching the paralympics and thinking about what a lazy loser failure they are compared to these people? like i’m literally a potato on a couch right now with full mobility watching people with cerebral palsy run a fucking triathlon.

No. 893798

samefag forgot to add

No. 893813

I've had it anon, it's not very good. I actually tried all three flavors and this was the best one, but I'd still suggest an egg bagel instead. add ketchup and youre in heaven…

No. 893823

Thank you for your sincere and honest words. Egg and bagel was pretty good, steamed up some frozen veg as well.

No. 893850

How is JK Rowling's last name pronounced?
I heard two variations, but not sure which one is correct, one is where the first syllable rhymes with 'out' and the other where the first syllable rhymes with 'flow'. I'm ESL

No. 893861

Is it sensitive of me to be disappointed over one of my closest friends not wishing me happy birthday? I would be fine and give her the benefit of the doubt but she’s done this before and she’s very much an astrology person so she’s quite familiar with my birthday and my birth chart and all. I feel like she just didn’t give enough fucks to do it. I also don’t get gifts from her but that’s completely fine with me especially since we don’t really meet anymore to celebrate because of corona, but even before I didn’t get any. She doesn’t do this to her other friends. We haven’t talked for months due to break and it’s always me initiating a conversation.

No. 893863

For anons who like Degrees of Lewdity, Why? I like some pretty weird (and degenerate) things myself, but I can't figure out what's appealing about that game or how someone could get off while playing it

No. 893864

Because you can choose the main character's and the NPCs' genders and I set them all to male kek. I have some degenerate fetishes but in all the NSFW games ever you're only allowed to abuse women which is horrifying to me. Haven't played it in a while but when I did it was literally all I did for a few weeks. I still miss it from time to time, it was a fascinating experience to be able to play a porn game without any female characters being mistreated and ruining my immersion.

No. 893883

It's not sensitive at all. It's like the least a friend can do for you and you're right in realizing that means she doesn't care about you.

No. 893886

Are kitten heels harder to walk in than regular high heels?

No. 893920

File: 1630145584820.jpg (35.39 KB, 505x505, b4541ce191711ab294dda2843abb10…)

Is anyone else constantly aware of their heartbeat? I just found out this doesn't happen to everyone, but I can always feel mine especially in my chest and stomch, sometimes fingers too. If I'm distracted I can ignore but sometimes it bothers me.

No. 893941

You mean a pulse?

No. 893947

Why can't we minimize videos?

No. 893975

File: 1630154456188.png (145.99 KB, 300x299, Tonberry_Creeper.png)

just got my first pair of docs, they are comfortable but is it supposed to be a pain to put on/take off?

No. 893980

Lol no

No. 893989

yeah but not trying to feel it with your fingers, constantly feeling it in the middle of your chest

No. 893996

File: 1630158166403.jpg (169.64 KB, 720x990, Pretty-Small-Office-Design.jpg)

Tips on how to make a small corner into a cozy home office?

I'm starting WFH in about a month and I need/want to prepare.

Also do wifi booster/expanders actually work?

No. 893998

We do have a wifi range extender and it works really well.

No. 894006

File: 1630159883554.jpg (295.58 KB, 1589x1192, Tunnel_Schloss_natur_I2A0355.j…)

WFHer for 3+ years now: get a footrest. Trust me. Also all your wires and charging cables are gonna be an eyesore so either shell out for those custom tabletops with grommets that cables can pass through or you can do what I did which was get a small wooden "tunnel" (I got lucky and found mine in a thrift store) that they all pass under. Mine looks kind of like picrel except stained dark. I put it behind my computer setup and put plants on top to disguise it too. And seconding anon above; my wifi extender works great.

No. 894007

Nta, but such a great idea! Thank you anon!

No. 894018

Thanks anons!

No. 894027

like could someone offer a large amount of money without having the resources or intent of actually paying out

No. 894040

Happy to help! My office is my favorite spot in my home. Hope the same for both of you.

No. 894057

network person here. wifi repeaters/extenders work but they are not my preferred solution. from best to worst pick based on budget or convenience: run a cable > move access point/router > get another access point (not an extender) > directional antenna on the aacess point/router > proper mesh wifi > range extender

No. 894091

German farmers, is there a way to find out someone's personal information (other than their city/region) through their car plates? The car is from Germany but we're in another country

No. 894120

german law enforcement can find out who is the registered owner of a car but since that violates data privacy laws, they can only do so when the car in question is involved in some sort of violation of the law. you can't ask for that kind of information if you're just curious.

No. 894122

What are some ways to improve my memory, mainly visually?

No. 894127

File: 1630173328385.jpg (28.06 KB, 370x560, 507315_97f.jpg)

What is this color called? I mean the color of the shirt. It's greener and darker than turquoise and it's not teal either

No. 894133

peacock blue maybe?

No. 894135

Its possibly a stalker. Other neighbours noticed him too. But I guess that's not enough

No. 894137

Petrol blue?

No. 894139

Petrol blue seems right, thank you!

No. 894228

What does it mean when a genderspecial is 'nonbinary' but chooses to go by he/him or she/her? I thought non-binary meant they don't identify as either male or female? I know the easy answer is retards gonna retard but I'm actually curious about the excuse

No. 894251

What I've seen in genderspecial spaces is that pronouns =/= gender so you can be a trans woman with he/him or they/them or nyan/nyanself pronouns for example.
Nothing makes sense anymore

No. 894253

why do people really love the Scott Pilgrim movie? I understand liking the comics, but the movie seems forgettable. Is it because of the editing, there being 1 or 2 funny jokes, and a theme of 'grow up'

No. 894258

Well, I have an enby friend who I listen to when she rambles about what makes her feel enby, so I kind of get it.
When it’s a girl who goes by he/him pronouns, it’s because, as far as I get, she doesn’t know what is supposed to be “feeling like a woman” so she goes for the opposite which is “feeling like a man” but she still is like, conscious of her biology and how it will never change how it makes others men and pickmes perceive her.
So it’s basically like, because of the gender brainfog that has been polluting the air for so long, an insecure woman who has been always reduced to her body parts my friend is beautiful so everyone will always verbally dissect her will prefer being considered a “non-woman” rather than a gender-non-conforming woman who isn’t really into being the center of the attention and has insecurities that she hasn’t been able to workout so she can accept herself as she is and not as some object for the pleasure of others.

No. 894304

That makes sense I guess. Thank you anon

No. 894315

Why are horror movies so misogynistic? Not just in the final girl virgin way. I was watching V/H/S and it gave off such a horrible vibe, the way women’s bodies and stuff are used is so disgusting and depressing

No. 894323

Scrotes world, unfortunately. I hate realizing there's casual misogyny or female sexualization in places that I never registered it before too.

No. 894328

File: 1630197690066.png (Spoiler Image, 32.46 KB, 1066x608, whitney.png)

I feel mostly the same as this anon >>893864 and play my game with all males too. I toggle off all the really gross stuff like the parasites, vore, etc. Plus in a weird way I'm kind of interested in the backstory of the characters and the actual plot kek. I really enjoy the romance sim aspects (even if it's kinda underdeveloped at the moment), to the point I can overlook all the really weird fetishy stuff. I also like that you can set the game to text-only, as I don't really like visuals and stuff when I play these types of things, so it's nice to see that in an NSFW game. But yeah it's a weird game anon kek.

No. 894332

If you want the excuse/reasoning for that it simply boils down to the whole genderspecial movement being based on "you can't police other people's identity", hence why every year "non binary" becomes more and more meaningless

No. 894336

I have half a carton of oat milk that’s gonna go bad soon, what can I make that’ll use up a lot of it?

No. 894340

Anons what does being "fruity" mean? I've seen it on some zoomer pages and they'll say like "I'm so fruity" or "Non-fruits won't understand…" (that one is kind of true I guess kek). It seems so silly so I am curious what it means.

No. 894343

It means gay

No. 894352

Anyone else have an involuntary bad memory about the way you were treated? I always have it about the time when I only worked somewhere for two weeks and I was treated horribly there and now I’m very afraid to try another job because I feel like it’s just going to be the same thing?

No. 894358

dumb tattoo anon from previous thread. just got the tattoo done, took 50 minutes according to my timer. since i was quoted it would take 2 hours at $200 an hour, i asked to get the other $200 refunded. they said they don’t do refunds. i asked if i could put the extra money towards my next tattoo if it couldn’t be refunded. they also said no. i paid with a card. would i be an asshole if i chargebacked the other $200? i don’t think a 50 minute tattoo should cost $400 (unless it’s by an extremely talented artist which imo mine wasn’t).

No. 894366

File: 1630205226012.jpg (115.82 KB, 1080x1135, 70489438_p0.jpg)

My best friend faked his own suicide online to get away from a shitty friend group years ago, and only recently decided to start using the platform again under a different name. I did a 5D chess move and baited to see if his old mentally ill pals still lurked, and they came right out of the woodwork.

Am I a terrible person for gaslighting them that he really is dead? One of them genuinely put out an overly gushy "if you're still out there" post, and I crushed them ​completely and told them to go get therapy.

From my understanding, this group created constant drama and a couple of them suicidebaited on the regular.

I know I can't fight his battles but buddy, I hope you appreciate what I've done for you tonight in the long run, even though you'll never know it was me trying to look out for you… not wanting you to get trapped in the cycle of abuse… even if it was the wrong thing to do…

No. 894372

if you have any receipts that it was originally 200 an hour, i’d charge back. if not, i’d ask, in writing, why you have an extra 200 in charges or you’re doing a chargeback on your card. they either have, in their opinion, a good reason, or they’re hoping that you’re a sucker.

No. 894374

The greatest horror of all is how sucky reality it.

No. 894387

unfortunately it was word of mouth from the tattoo artist. the first thing i asked at the appointment was “how long will this take”. he said something along the lines of “oh this is real simple, probably 45mins to 1hr”. i said “oh that’s not what they said at the consultation. how much do you charge per hour again?”. he responded that he charges $200 an hour for tattoos. i asked what to do if it doesn’t take the full 2 hours since i paid the whole thing upfront, and he told me to talk to the front desk about getting a refund, which they obviously refused. i’ll try a chargeback, worst thing they do is say no.

No. 894389

I don't get it either, my friend told me soft bellies are great for outercourse because the skin squishes around his dick while flat hard muscled bellies don't do that and don't feel as good. It made me feel better about myself, yet I still see anime shilling the flat belly joke.

No. 894391


No. 894392

I'm not, but it is inspiring to see those people making it in life.

No. 894394

Rowl-ing, kind of like toweling even though toweling is 3 syllables.

No. 894396

I would recommend flash cards with pictures. Practice is mainly what will help you with that.

No. 894402

I don’t want to start belly fat discourse (bc I’ve seen it before and it’s dumb lmao) but I like mine… or I try to but it feels like a cope for not having a flat belly lol. I don’t mind it on other women, and I remember reading an article from a woman who said she was hyper critical of her own body and when her girlfriend asked her “do you not like my (xyz feature)?” and the author said “no of course I do” to which her girlfriend said “ok so why don’t you like it on yourself?” and it made something click in my head. Flat bellies look undeniably nice, or maybe I’m conditioned to think so, but I don’t care if someone has some belly fat too because it’s stubborn and hard to get rid of and most of us just lost that round of the genetic lottery. I like mine as a reminder of being soft and feminine (no I am not fat either, just regular ol stubborn belly fat lol)

No. 894404

Because it’s “exotic” or “rare” otherwise people would be shilling fat bellies or anything else that isn’t common, like, why seek for the attainable, which is right there next to you, when you can look for something that you’ve never seen before or that you’ve only seen a few times?
It’s kind of why you see people from places that commonly has curly hair looking for ways to straighten their curls, while the people from places with usually straight hair are getting shilled perms and “beachy waves”.

No. 894445

Update, there is definitely someone still trying to stalk him after all these years. I have done my damnest to call them a creep and stomp them out. They even made themselves out to be a schizo without anything from me. I'm even telling other people to avoid his main abuser in hopes that we can have peace.

This is all wrong, isn't it?
I'm scared that I'm making everything worse.

No. 894474

I’m writing a story. How do I know if I’m being too derivative?

No. 894480

depends on the topic, but having someone to read it and give you feedback on it will definitely help

No. 894624

File: 1630231705570.jpg (167.85 KB, 997x1295, apollo knot.jpg)

How did women with wavy/curly hair historically achieve the hairstyles at the time? I know most women had straight hair and (during the early part of the 1800s) women would only comb their hair and not use any products, but what about white women with 2A-3A hair? Most seem like,if they tried to do historical hairstyles, it might look frizzy or not as 'neat', but maybe they could be achieved if they ironed their hair every time

No. 894638

Did one of the oneyplay boys really fuck a tranny porn star ?

No. 894646

i have a pimple on my chin and it hurts. what do i do

No. 894648

Don't. Touch. It.

Just wash it with lukewarm water, keep the area clean, and if you have sudocrem just dab a little bit on and leave it

No. 894650

Get a pimple patch or pop it, but you'll probably get a blemish.

No. 894651

acquire a leech and let it suck the pus out

No. 894719

ok but would this actually work

No. 894720

Which is the least misogynistic Asian country?

No. 894735

She's spoken about it before. She'll answer to both because Americans usually mispronounce it to rhyme with howling but her name is supposed to rhyme with bowling.

No. 894736

Simplify the plot and then see if any other known story would fit into the template you've created.

If you barely have to simplify it at all for another story to fit, it's derivative. If you have to break it down to bare bones to get another story to fit, it's not.

No. 894737

It depends on what aspect of misogyny you focus on and I’m sure no matter where you are poor women are treated horribly since they’re the most vulnerable, and if there are more poor women that compounds. The Philippines is ranked high for female involvement in the workforce compared to men and wage equality but trafficking is still rampant for example. A country like Japan might be considered “safer” since trafficking is less of an issue but sexual harassment and abuse are still high, plus the gap in work and education is pretty bad.

No. 894771

How much time has to pass before a post is too old to respond to?

No. 894775

is going off the grid a good idea? has any of you tried it? i spend too much time on social media and i feel like i'm getting dumber and dumber as i age i could do more productive stuff with my time i guess, i'll still use youtube and imageboards ofc just not social media

No. 894784

I need Adobe Creative Cloud for uni. Should I just say fuck it and pirate it or is it smarter to pay 128 euro for a license?

No. 894787

How do I permanently receive UK google results without having to specify for the region every time I search? The US hits are almost never relevant to what I'm searching for, yet I get them anyway.

No. 894798

If you can pay for it then pay for it. If you can't pay for it or there are other things you'd spend that 128 euros on, then pirate it

No. 894801

I don't understand when men come here and make stupid dumbshit troll threads? It makes them look unhinged and insane, not us.

No. 894822

does anyone else drink hotsauce to clear their throat?

No. 894828

No. 894839

Is it fine for my body to eat lentils every day?

No. 894841

I know there are several other maladaptive daydreamers here - did you guys have any traumatic event in your childhood? You don't have to say what exactly it was, just if you had any at all

No. 894842

File: 1630259965103.jpeg (1.45 MB, 3464x3464, 26E27609-3C12-4155-A2A5-0DFC23…)

Is it bad to pet your pet for a really long time? Is there such a thing as too much petting?

No. 894844

Bad for you or the pet?

No. 894845

Lmao okay anyone know where I can pirate Adobe creative cloud? I haven't pirated shit in ages and I can't find it on the piratebay or by googling for a torrent.

No. 894847

Nah, the animal always lets you know when enough is enough. Health wise? I don't see how it would effect the animal.

No. 894856

The pet.

No. 894859

The only thing I could imagine is that it could make your pet very clingy and expect that kind of attention all the time, even if you're working or have to leave the house for a few hours. But otherwise, cuddle away!

No. 894874

File: 1630262925562.jpg (211.58 KB, 842x1191, d751c799b8b7d51181d0e7a71e4f9e…)

European women who have visited or lived in the States, where did you go and what did you think of the relations between the sexes? Some European women on reddit said US women are made to feel 'separate' and friendships between the sexes are not as common or as relaxed. US nonnies who have visited or lived in a European country do you think this is accurate? Where did you go?

No. 894877

Kek jugoslavia lives on in this map

No. 894880

Kek sorry. I didn't even bother looking it at it. Like a simpleton I picked it for the colors.

No. 894883

No it's understandable, all the words would never fit in such a tiny space I just think it's funny. Anyway I am from europe and my friend had an american boyfriend and visited him, she says men are way more horrible there. From what she talked about I understood that men expect more from women yet do less. Sorry I don't have an answer to your exact question but I didn't want to just do nothing about your question

No. 894885

rag curls, usually. also not washing your hair everyday makes straight white hair "gritter" and easier to style.

personally, i was a weird lil sperg with no friends and the middle child of my family who was often spoken over and ignored, so i spent a lot of time alone and the habit just formed. (there was also some shit that happened that only made it worse, but that's how it started for me)

No. 894886

i'm an american that lives in america (haven't visited europe, sry) and my friend groups have always been mixed genders. i think it varies from person to person, as with anything else.

No. 894890

I have nothing to contribute other than that is a darn cute map haha

No. 894898

This has been my experience as well. I felt like an extra in a movie starring them as the main character whenever they spoke to me.

No. 894904

Are you supposed to wash chicken? The CDC says not to but I've seen people online having fucking meltdowns about how dirty it is to not wash chicken

No. 894908

Internet randos calling you dirty to shame you into being more like them is common but that doesn't make them right. Baking until the chicken is done kills off any bacteria that may exist on the meat, and tap water might have god knows what in it that just contaminates it. If you're scared of antibiotics or something in the meat itself, you can't wash that off, it's already been treated.
So TLDR: it's pointless and unsanitary.

No. 894910

Western women don't have time to keep up with female friendships (school, work, western men being babied attention whores) and society is structured to discourage any deep friendship (no living with extended family so have to do more housework and grind for $, female friendship being ridiculed as childish and being pitted against eachother).

No. 894911

the thing that people don't get about rinsing chicken off in your sink is that you basically need to decontaminate your sink afterward too. what possibility there was of you getting salmonella from uncooked chicken is now splattered all over the inside of the sink.

No. 894917

I've never read Anne Rice's books, are her books erotica or horror?

No. 894918

No. 894923

lmao love this pic

No. 894924

Use duckduckgo or find it on youtube

No. 894931

No, you shouldn't. People on the internet just want everyone to do what they do to validate their own lack of knowledge.

To clean up every droplet, you'd also have to decontaminate the counter, floor, taps and any appliances or tools that were within 3 feet, which I doubt the people that wash their chicken do. In my experience, the people that cry about others been dirty usually have the dirtiest habits.

No. 894935

Why do men come here and post troll threads? it just makes them look unhinged

No. 894940

their brains only operate on the most basic caveman level so even negative attention from women excites them

No. 894963

Do you mind the porno banners? I hate them. One of the reasons I want to be in a female space is to get away from shit like that. Why can't the banners be funny and cute, like about us as a community or something?

No. 894964

create and submit some?

No. 894965

I don't like the porno banner either, but lolcow is first and foremost a board about lulsy people and not about being a funny and cute community. That being said , we actually have some pretty cute banners (like the cow bumping nose one) and some funny /ot/ related banners.
Crystal.cafe's banners are exactly what you mentioned though, I do really like their banners in general.
You could also be the change you wanna see and create banners and post them to the /meta/ thread

No. 894966

i hate them. i'll literally refresh just to get rid of that stupid "daddy's little porkchop" banner.

No. 894968

I've been refreshing the page for like 2 minutes and haven't seen any "porno banners". This is a gossip board first and foremost so most of the banners are going to be about the cows.

No. 894973

I might just be unlucky then. My most commonly seen are pork chop, the psuedo blowjob, some woman with "I don't think what I do is porn" and the bouncy boob santa claus girl. I don't know their names sorry kek. I stick to ot/g/m.

No. 894978

you don't know momokun???

No. 894984

I seriously hate the recent banner of a person milking a cow in a wig. I don't want to see porn, especially that weird transformation stuff

No. 894989

>you don't know momokun
sorry nonners but it has to be said: lurk more newfag

No. 894990

File: 1630271653666.gif (1008.32 KB, 300x100, cow.gif)

doupleposting. This is the one I'm referring to

No. 894991

isn't this from like a year ago

No. 894992

I know the name because she's mentioned a lot but haven't read her threads. I don't know what she looks like.

Yes I hate that one too! I don't get it that often, thankfully.

I've been here for over a year. I just find them boring. I stick to ot.

No. 894994

Being fair, current momokun looks so much worse than the ones in the banners

No. 894995

i'm watching a storm chaser drive around in this hurricane in louisiana and i'm legitimately scared i'm going to see this man die

No. 894996

Is it normal to eat one big meal once every two days and not have anything in the period between? I've been doing this for about 2 years.

No. 894997

No. 894999

that sounds like an eating disorder

No. 895002

A scrote definitely made that because the udders look like a penis. I’m so sick of the racist and horny scrotes from KF invading this place and no one ever cares

No. 895003

nta but it might just be disordered eating, rather than an eating disorder, since anon doesn't seem to do this based on weight. It sounds like she has maybe an aversion to food normally, but then craves food (possibly due to hunger). Though this might be my assumptions

No. 895004

blame admin for not vetting the banners better honestly. she's the one that adds them i think.

No. 895005

I think this one was made a loooong time ago before new banners were added, and even back then people complained (check banner thread)

No. 895006

She adds the ones she likes I think or the ones anons like the most

No. 895011

>but then craves food (possibly due to hunger)
lmao you don't say? after not eating for a day and a half?

No. 895015

kek. I guess I should've phrased it as 'definitely' instead

No. 895022

So glad this admin is leaving, literally did absolutely nothing for this website except for being a pickmeisha and getting into off-site drama, pathetic. I want an admin that fucking hates men with actual conviction and passion for once

No. 895024

Me too, except that I don't want my autism to look like I'm a scrote when I'm just an extremely dumb woman into dumb anime

No. 895040

I do the same thing and I never pay attention to my weight. I just don't feel hungry most of the time.

No. 895044

Is Pink Pill Feminism active? What is the verification process? I'm OK with sharing my voice but not face.

No. 895047

Girl shut up, she keeps the cock roaches away that's more than 99% of admins.

No. 895057

idk.I'd prefer a mediocre admin than a potentially awful/bad one

No. 895078

>cock roaches
Kek, I love you anon

No. 895167

File: 1630288681804.jpeg (128.56 KB, 500x474, B3F3ACD3-E566-4A17-97C1-5C8F46…)

TMI but my ass hurts on the right side do you think I have an inner hemorrhoid everything else is camp though

No. 895170

Can you suddenly have stage 3 or 4 cancer with no warning signs or pain or weight loss or anything? Scan showed “metastasis”….very confused and scared

No. 895175

Yes. Sorry anon, I hope it works out.

No. 895176

what was the test for? metastasis for cancer means it moved from its original location in the body to another location (another organ). also I don’t believe when you can have diseases without symptoms, some people think that ordinary ailments aren’t “symptoms” but idk what do I know I’m just a fat bitch with a hemorrhoid

No. 895192

Is it pancreas? That’s the one where it can go as far as stage 3-4 because you usually don’t have symptoms till later stages and it’s harder to treat. I’m sorry if it is.. good luck.

No. 895196


Thank you girls…it was for back pain. I hope this isn’t a death sentence. Epidural metastasis and some talk of maybe a tumor. No symptoms of anything else. Im terrified. Crying nonstop. Cancer treatments have come far I think….trying to be hopeful and not continue to panic.

No. 895199

File: 1630292985658.jpeg (168 KB, 1080x1080, 9B5A0F6B-0D9B-45A7-BA10-C9C4CF…)

anon, i’m so fucking sorry and this might not mean much coming from a stranger on an image board, but i’m thinking of you and sending all the good energy to you right now that i can. it must be so scary especially when your doctors are speaking in vague medical terms. cancer treatments really have come so far and i have faith there will still be a positive outcome for you here. try to find some support groups online for young women going through cancer treatments, community will help you through this journey more than anything. one of my friends went through stage 3 her2+ er- breast cancer last year at 28 and is now in remission and said her biggest challenge was finding YOUNG women to relate to.
i hope you keep us updated and i seriously wish you the best. your fear and anxiety are 100% justified, but it’s okay to still have hope.

No. 895204

aw anon, I’m sorry, you have every reason to feel deeply scared. hopefully the doctors will finally have a thorough diagnosis and more treatment options, update us if anything else happens!

No. 895205

File: 1630293715553.gif (312.65 KB, 112x112, 1614574038872.gif)

Hope everything turns out as well as it possibly can. Dunno what living with cancer is like, but if it makes you feel any better, it's surprisingly not too bad to live with even severe spine/spinal cord damage.

No. 895208

File: 1630294091719.jpeg (30.83 KB, 522x478, FA714003-1656-4C29-AA0D-80AB58…)

Any alternatives to this expensive ass shit?
I know there are plenty, but people aren't saying they are as good as the OG shit. Should I just spend 100$ on thsi crap

No. 895209

Holy fuck, yes, and it freaks me out so much. I feel all the time like I'll die from an aneurysm in one of my main arteries. It doesn't help I occasionally get atrial fillibration episodes. But yeah, I get aware of it and it sucks.

No. 895210

apparently it’s trash and honestly you can find better cheap ones on amazon

No. 895213


Both the OG and Amazon alternatives are trash. I initially liked the feel of it, then my pleasure quickly wore away when I realized A) the texture makes it difficult for me to accurately see small details in art, B) there is a slight iridescence that makes it hard to see the actual colors of the screen, and C) it fucking wears down Apple pencil tips after just a 2 hour session. Thought it was just the fault of the Amazon dupe - nope, the original does it too. Waste of money. Don't do it.

No. 895226

Try changing your region settings

No. 895228

When you get your college ID do you take the picture and get it the same day? I’m in my second year, but I was remote so I never received a student ID. On the new student schedule it says “pick up ID @ this place” but idk if I go there to get one. I’m looking for someone online to email about this, but I can’t find an email

No. 895232

yes. They take your picture at that place and you wait for like 10min for it to get printed. I suggest you make an appointment if you can because it gets super full at the beginning of the semester. But at my uni it was just first come first served and the line went up the hall it gave me anxiety just looking at it.
You might also have to pay for it

No. 895235

Thanks for sharing the review, but holy shit is this scrote loud and annoying. Why is he yelling?

No. 895243

Thanks for the input
Any recommendations ? I use my iPad for not taking but I really like the paper feel of writing with a pencil.
That's how m*le YouTubers are like.

No. 895247

File: 1630300752866.jpeg (55.06 KB, 640x693, EAFBCA1B-48EC-4D5F-94CA-5C2C23…)

Where did scrote originate? Just saw Cindy mention it in a plan with me video

No. 895252

I honestly thought it came from /r/FDS, but then I saw farmers on here using it here earlier than the creation of the entire sub, so that's not it. Urban dict also has an entry from 2005, so it didn't originate from here, either. My theory is someone used it offhandedly on FDS -> it caught on in-sub -> FDS gets more popular by the day -> it enters mainstream.

No. 895254

Who is Cindy?

No. 895258

I will be pissed if scrote gets ruined.

Someone in the planner community who got popular by cussing and having relatable plans as a mom and chronically ill person.

Don’t get excited, she’s a sex pozzie libfem with a thembie kid. I really wonder where she heard scrote and why she feels cool to use it. She loves men.

No. 895283

File: 1630308942939.jpeg (498.09 KB, 1058x623, 39CBB540-8D17-41A2-9AD4-A9AE83…)

I’ve noticed that ostensibly every non-white girl fetishizes and idealizes white men like crazy. Trust me, they’re not saints. I too prefer white men but that’s normal for a white girl. Why is it that non-white girls see them as preferable? Why is it that, as soon as you stray further than the most normie social media sites, every girl/woman on the internet only wants to date white guys?

No. 895293

Fuck, I mean to say “Ostensibly every non-white girl ON THIS WEBSITE”

No. 895303

Best desktop app for audiobooks? I find Audible membership too pricy and am ok with buying audiobooks at full retail price since I don't buy them that often anyway.

No. 895306

Which words or phrases are commonly condescending in your culture? In the UK, quaint and adorable. I usually have to reread things written by US nonnies to work out whether they're mocking someone or not kek.

No. 895308

samefag. There's been some awkward moments when Americans have visited and described English homes as quaint. It has a negative connotation here kek.

No. 895312

I think they think white men are easier and will give them a better lifestyle. A lot of black men are broke thugs who cheat constantly. Asian men are feminine manlets with small dicks but still think they are better than their women. White men are the best by far, so I don't blame them for wanting white men.

No. 895313

Can you use yukon gold potatoes to make gnocchi?

No. 895314

File: 1630316412078.jpeg (847.18 KB, 828x1236, 87F42120-C25A-4A98-A14D-A87F85…)

Would it be weird if I wore this skirt irl? Is it too costumey?

No. 895318

alright, I know that white western men aren't perfect, I know they can be awful and degenerate but most of us in Asia and Africa are aware of the fact that men of our communities are so so much worse, some worse then others but its not a even question about their horribleness
I would average prefer an average western moid over any moid in my country, cause the moids in my country on average have equal chance of being porn addict degenerates and so what do they even offer, when you've lived though such extreme forms of patriarchy anything looks better in comparison
even an American GI from the 1950's would probably more progressive then most third world scrotes

No. 895339

It's cute, just make the rest of the outfit really plain so it's not OTT.

No. 895348

Does weed cause bad memory issues? I've never smoked it myself, just noticed that literally every single person I know who smokes it have a shitty memory. Barely any of them even know they have a bad memory and think I'm straight up lying when I tell them we've had the exact same conversation multiple times before and they always think it's the first time. It's not like they were high at the time of the conversations either, they're fully sober at those points. The ones that admit to having a bad memory denies that it would be related to weed in any way, but the ONLY non-user I know with an equally bad memory is almost 70 years old… it's so incredibly frustrating to have the exact same conversations again and them acting like I'm the crazy one. Only good thing is they now think I'm super smart and intuitive because I "somehow" always know what they're thinking.

No. 895352

+1 to this
Yes, it has a very big negative impact on short-term memory. Not so much on long-term memory.

No. 895353

I think it depends on how you treat yourself otherwise and how you stimulate your mind. I smoke like a chimney, but I eat well, try and exercise every week and read about a lot of shit. I can remember shit people told me in 2006 like I had it written down. But my stoner brother on the other hand, he eats like shit and never gets enough sleep and he can barely remember what he had for breakfast.

No. 895354

It also varies depending on the strain. Strains with more CBD than THC don't impact short term memory the same way, and the impact is seemingly temporary. There is still research being done on this shit, so look at the information that's out there and make your decisions based on those facts, not what LC users say.

No. 895357

>I can remember shit people told me in 2006 like I had it written down
That's long term memory. The two types of memory are completely different things happening in deffernt regions of the brain. Your short-term memory is impacted, and is certainly worse than it would have been have you not smoked.
Please don't fall into typical drug denial. Whatever you do, do it informed. Just be aware you're losing memory when you smoke, then keep smoking if that's an ok sacrifice for you to make.

No. 895358

Yes, especially for people who started smoking young.

No. 895359

I know the difference and didn't ask you. Thanks anyway.

No. 895380

not her but lmao how insecure are you

No. 895390

Also, insecurity. Wanting to assimilate, to not feel like a minority anymore. Which I get. Tinfoil and stupid question. But why is dishonest race reporting and promotion of interracial couples so common in the West? Are elites really so naive to believe it will solve issues arising from a multicultural society? Reporting of poor quality surveys saying nonwhite facial features and dark skin is more attractive to white people. There are hundreds of quality studies on pubmed contradicting this, yet never reported on kek. The opposite is stated too which is also bullshit if you dive into pubmed. Neither living in the West nor exposure to western media ("eurocentric beauty standards") results in greater attraction to white people/features. Poc prefer their own race and rate them as much more attractive than us kek. However, most of this bs is specifically targeted at white women with attempts to play on our anxieties; reports that mixed race children are rapidly on the rise (not true) and "science says" our children will be more attractive, with a higher IQ, have fewer mental or physical illnesses, be taller, stronger and happier if racially mixed and fully white children will struggle in this Brave New World. None of that is supported by evidence kek. It's fucking creepy with a constant fear mongering vibe. "Don't be left behind! Think of the future! Don't harm your children! Don't be white!" In my country, there was a trend at one point of newspapers basically saying white women needed to prove they were not racist by taking a brown dick more often. Around the same time, some Western dating app company was exposed for tinkering the algorithm so white women were matched with nonwhite men. It came to light because most women stated a preference for white men yet never matched with them. Confused by the results, they talked about it online and realised it was by design, which the company eventually admitted to and they asked for a refund. Woke commentators slammed them as racist (again) and said it plainly this time, "you SHOULD be fucking brown and black men!" White men lost their shit kek.

We're talking about 2nd or 3rd gen woc living in the West anon. A better cultural fit with men of their own race, preferring many things about them including physically and disliking a lot of things about white people yet are desperate for a white boyfriend. Why? They have a lot of issues with white women in particular. Again, why? It's a different phenomenon from what you're describing, which is completely understandable.

No. 895397

nta but i think its because once again white men can be seen as individuals. Racism for black, asian, and hispanic men for some reason makes them more hostile to the women of their own races.
Exampole: Lots of american black boys/men will degrade and humiliate black girls 24/7 and brag about wanting to fuck/rape white women but turn around and cry when black women wont date in their race + the domestic abuse rates that they have in their households.
So some women will bet on finding a nice guy of a different race(usually white) over risking being subjected to what they saw their mothers, grandmothers, aunts, and sisters experience.

No. 895464


No. 895472

Are you supposed to use the StairMaster with or without holding the handles?

No. 895481

I can't remember where but I recently watched a vid where they said you shouldn't hold onto the sides of the treadmill (doesn't build balance, reduces effects of an incline if using one, reduces calories burned, and ruins posture/body alignment), so I think it's the same for the stairmaster

No. 895482

Interesting, I’ve had the opposite experience (I’m a burger). White female + nonwhite (usually black) male is encouraged but white male + nonwhite female is encouraged way more. That would make sense though if NW female / WM is far more common and white males run the entertainment industry I guess. Sucks for nonwhite moids I guess because male love interest = white usually.
I wonder if this contributes to white men’s shitty behavior though, if all women are competing for them leaving them spoiled for choice. I don’t know.

Personally I think all moids are subhuman and I have an easier time relating to a woman across the planet speaking an entirely different language than a moid of my own ethnicity.

No. 895501

Update: going into hospital. Admitted. Getting 900 tests done tonight. Very scared. Terrified. Can’t stop crying.

No. 895503

what should I do to get slightly sick and be excused from going to a certain place this wednesday? I really need to escape this shit but I think just making a excuse and pretending to have a headache won't work.

No. 895505

in american movies, kids always get picked up by the school bus and it stops right in front of their house. does this really happen irl? doesn't that take forever? i'm from a rural european area and if your tiny farmer village is the first stop on the route, you might have to be at the bus stop at 7 am even when classes don't start for another hour because it takes that long to pick up all the kids. also, what if you're new in town? do they let the bus drivers know that there's a new kid that has to be picked up? sorry i'm just very intrigued by school buses.

No. 895507

Could an elderly person who's vaccinated but has a weak immune system get the delta variant of Covid if he's continuously exposed to it in a hospital setting? A family member is in hospital and visiting has recently been prohibited due to a sudden delta outbreak in the hospital wing he's in. I'm worried

No. 895511

Maybe but I think the chances are small since they had the vaccine. Even if they got it I think they'd have less of a chance for it to turn into something deadly.

Hope you'll be okay anon!

No. 895513

depends on the school district but ours only did personal stops when it was raining or too cold.

No. 895514

Is findom real? Like is there really a significant amount of men who get off on paying women for absolutely nothing?

No. 895515

how is bitcoin anonymous when you give wallets your photo ID

No. 895516

dude we're in a pandemic, just say you feel like you might be getting sick with a sore throat or something. Even if it's nothing the responsible thing to do is stay home alone so no one should be questioning it.

No. 895520

Why aren’t people allowed to be miserable anymore? Why do we all have to pretend to be like sims where our emotions don’t even matter anymore?

No. 895521

yes it is. i did it on twitter for a while and only met up with a man once. at a bank, where he took out money, got on his knees, and gave it to me and my friend. then he jacked off in his car.
i really don't understand the psychology behind it, but the one summer i did it i made $1k. i'd get a bunch of DMs on twitter but mostly guys wanting to roleplay it. there are some serious ones out there willing to spend big bucks.
i've only ever gotten on the bus at bus stops in my neighborhood. sometimes a stop would be in front of someone's house just by coincidence. when you enroll in a school you give them your address for them to pick you up

No. 895522

Where I am kids who lived in the suburbs would all walk to a bus stop and when I drive in more rural areas I see them go to their houses for safety reasons I guess. Even though I lived in the suburbs I still had to ride the bus for 1 hour, at one point it was almost 90 minutes.

No. 895525

in the southern US, "bless your heart." it means they're pitying you

No. 895532

File: 1630338284787.jpg (20.22 KB, 500x490, ba.jpg)

Kek I've responded to a two-month-old post before.
It's pretty nice. I feel like I have more time to learn a new language now. There's a couple threads about this topic.
This one is locked but just in case you would like to browse: >>347877
Recent: >>837722
Seconded >>895525
I also feel like "Honey", "sweetie", and "dear" could be added to the list. Though not always because it's normal for Southern women to call you those it just depends on if you're interacting with a nasty or not.
Omg no anon, I think it's so cute.
My aunt who smokes pretty regularly will sometimes talk about a story or juicy gossip as if she didn't already tell my mom the day/two days before, so I think so.

No. 895555

Bc most ppl are miserable but can't show it because bosses/customers/rich ppl don't want to have their mood brought down, so we have to plaster on a smile. Especially as women.

No. 895568

i can't figure out what 'narcissism' truly means. the way it gets used online, (including lc) it seems like almost everyone is a narcissist? or i guess anyone who acts shitty, but even in non-shitty contexts i see it used. i once saw an anon claim that self-inserting to imagine being with or having sex with your husbando, is narcissism.

so my question is what does it really mean?

No. 895581

File: 1630343473760.jpg (331.94 KB, 1080x1501, 57853478843.jpg)

Just read some scientific articles on NPD. Don't listen to people online because narc is quickly becoming just another buzzword to slander anyone you don't like.

No. 895601

File: 1630344838052.jpeg (54.23 KB, 800x800, d4136d7c54af44e3ce5e6c14a44b16…)

Do those pimple patches actually work? Do anons have any specific brand recommendations? I'm going crazy over my sudden break out that's happening for no apparent reason.

No. 895609

COSRX pimple patches worked on me, but you need your pimples to already develop a white dot (not sure how to call it in english), but I wouldn't invtest too much money into it or depend on them, they'd still keep acne looking pink but would suck off most of it.

No. 895610

they only work for me on pimples that i've already popped. however they are like a miracle patch after that imo and heal up in about 2-3 days afterward.

No. 895612

Why is it only possible to clone females and not males?

No. 895613

They work but cutting regular hydrocolloid patches up is cheaper. You pierce the half developed pimple wipe it and then put on the patch so it can suck out the puss. If you want to get fancy you can put a bha over the flat pimple the next day to heal it quicker.

No. 895617

Females have all the genes necessary, while males sperm is basically a parasite that clones itself and doesn't contribute much. Even the sperms swimming instructions is stored in the X chromosome. Sad.

No. 895621

Men really are worthless creatures with nothing but tard strength. No wonder they’re so angry.

No. 895631

I'd be bitter too if my existence was only allowed to continue because of censorship, murder, and totalitarian regime type shit.

No. 895639

Thank you anons!! I'll keep all these things in mind!

No. 895642

>the planner community
the what now. how do people form a community out of writing down their personal daily schedules? that's like making a community for grocery lists

No. 895644

But since male is XY, wouldn't the clone just be XY? Or would it come out as just Y or YY and die of retardation? Sorry nonna, I really don't get it

No. 895646

How do I abandon my more distant family? I'm not close with them but I'm still expected to take time off and go visit them a few times a year. I don't understand why they even want me there, I just spend 3 to 4 days awkwardly at their house, having shallow conversations and talking about career stuff. They are mildly religious so they have this idea of family being sacred and they bring that up when I don't contact them as much, but family for the sake of family without real connection is completely meaningless to me. Going there every Christmas gives me such a sense of dread. Not to sound like a cringey radiohead song but it's just suburban fake happiness, fake christmas tree, and gifts that clearly indicate no one has any idea what anyone else truly likes or wants.

No. 895647

The most simple definition would be someone whose self-esteem depends on what others think of them and who cannot empathise with others. Any kind of flaw they have is projected onto others, they cannot bear the idea of being flawed. They have a false, ideal self who is perfect and cannot do wrong and they usually are this version of themselves in public but their real self is ridden with self-doubts and insecurities that they try to cover up by exaggerating the importance of their achievements. There's also black and white thinking ('those who are not with us are against us', 'my way or the highway'). Watch interviews with Trump, he's a prime example

No. 895648

I'm not white, but I am dating one for a specific reason. Brown men are socialized in a narrow conservative mindset, while modern day white guys are more "loose". Once you date one brown guy, you've dated them all in my book. They can be charming, funny, and very attractive, but you can't be anything other than a cookie-cutter of what their parents want if you actually want to get serious with them. Not only that, at least in my culture of brown men, they are all mama-boys. They do everything their mother's want and at the same time are misogynistic about it. God forbid you want shorter hair because apparently every brown man has the same taste as the other and will reassure you that you are ugly for simply having shorter hair. With white guys at least, you are given more freedom of expression and more options in life rather than pop 10 kids and slave your days away being a "bitch" to his parents. It would be a blessing to find a brown man who's worth the effort, but no, they make themselves so unstable and emotionally absent. With that being said, I don't think white guys are worth being worshipped. They're pretty lazy and they age tragically. They're also kinda corny, but it beats being stuck in the same marriage situation as my mother's.

No. 895650

nta, Eurofag here, does brown mean Indian or Hispanic or both?

No. 895652

Do non-white women who are into white guys see the white guys as nothing more than white dicks to duck or do they see these guys as people first? Because when I picture white guys into women of my ethnicity usually they don't see us as people and they won't stop calling us slurs while bragging about having sex or watching too much porn. Meanwhile all the non-white women I know irl and online who are more into white guys than any other guys tend to respect them as people first and then they fantasize about these guys being the prince charming who will treat them better than the guys from their own ethnicities. The word fetishizing seems a bit too over the top to describe the situation.

No. 895653

Samefag, forgot to add: you can spot this rigid clinging onto the false self for example where he basically mantras that 'people said that I'm a supergenius'. An actual 'supergenius' with healthy self-esteem would not feel the need to bring this up. This kind of talk is a band-aid for a fragile ego and self-esteem that they are trying to overcorrect

No. 895654

I'm indigenous mexican that moved to America, but before that lived in a rural community in the middle of nowhere Mexico. I say brown as in any conservative-traditional non-white community, so both to answer your question. Funnily enough, I can relate to Indians and Muslims for having similar systems of marriages/families.

No. 895656

>they are all mama-boys. They do everything their mother's want and at the same time are misogynistic about it.
yeah one of my big issues as well, I think almost 99% of men in my country including my own father are just huge mama boy's, its just a weird and cringe inducing thing to witness and you never get used to it, I don't think westerners can even comprehend this borderline incestuous relationship that's the norm in our society and a man whose independent is considered a weirdo

No. 895657

It’s actually pretty wholesome and positive, if you don’t get into the weird washi tape drama.

The planning isn’t just about a to do list, it’s about long term goals, productivity, and trying to just be a better person who enjoys life more. It’s especially helpful for certain kinds of people who need to direct themselves at work or even NEETs who want to take steps to help their situation or mental health.

It’s pretty easy to make friends in the planner community and get to support each other

No. 895658

I see, thank you

No. 895661

Pretend to have a busy career that works holidays.

No. 895662

Let me guess, Italy?

No. 895670

Mamas boys are universal anon, it's how most women in history despite having no rights wrangled food and shelter in old age. Make their son emotionally emeshed so when the hubby goes to get a 2nd wife, her son can take care of her.

No. 895671

I don't know about dick size(still a virgin) but I know white men tended to look better, when I went to Germany it was just awe inspiring for me to see men who weren't all majority skinny fat cause that's the norm for men in my country, pudgy bellies, moobs and weak arms is what I see everyday, to see men who were skinny or fit as being the norm was revolutionary, also I think height maybe a factor, average male is probably 5'7 in Pakistan, which is my exact height, I've talked to Arab women online who told me similar things, that the men in their scrotes have horrible pudgy bodies as the norm and its accepted
again that's just the physical aspect, even though I know from experience the misogynist right wing is still super liberal by Islamic standards

No. 895673

File: 1630349181935.jpeg (305.29 KB, 810x1920, 6062B4F7-2280-417A-BFE2-13037C…)

Does anyone have any information about this…organization? They were stationed next to the entrance in our student hub handing flyers like picrel and had this creepy excited look on their face when being ecstatic. They saw me as a target based on how young “weak” I look (I look younger than my age) but having researched on cults and shit for 10 years; I’m on to you, fuckers!

No. 895675

I know what you mean and you shouldn't feel bad about not wanting to go. I know the feeling of being a stranger in your own family where everything is about appearances.

Make up an excuse: your partner's family insists on you spending Christmas at their place and you already said yes, or your friend went through an epic breakup and they are feeling depressed and you promised you'd spend time with them and help them with moving out or you adopted a cat with feline leukemia and it needs constant supervision and attention, or you could just say yes to coming to their place for Christmas and then phone last minute that you're not feeling well, it could be the delta variant and you don't want to risk it etc

No. 895676

I've seen mama boys in the west and I swear to god its different, the relationship between desi men and their mothers is borderline incestuous, if you've seen it action you will know what I'm talking about, I'm talking about men who sleep in the same bed as their mothers, men who rest on their mother's stomach, men who act out romantic movie scenes with their mother's

No. 895680

Whether men are fit or not depends more on countries than ethnicity I think, because each country has different food, local dishes, diets, laws about the food sold locally, etc. Men from my ethnicity where I live tend to be either a bit shorter than average or way taller than average, there are a lot of fat, skinny, fit, etc. guys too but what turns me off the most is their behavior and the fact that they're moderate but very hypocritical Muslims who want kawaii submissive waifus or a free baby-sitter. White guys where I live tend to not have these expectations on average, some of them are attractive and nice, a lot more really aren't, but I'd be too worried one of them would call me the equivalent of a "sand nigger" behind my back to date just any white guy.

No. 895682

It's more than just that. Their mothers want you to do their bidding as well as be a mini-her. He will suck on her tit as she makes every decision for him. There is no pleasing the mother-in-law, she will consider you a whorish peasant who stole her baby boy. To live with the constant humiliation and degradation from the in-laws is to be expected. It's more than the average lazy male who's given everything while the daughters are ignored type of situation. I feel for these mother's though, they are often paired up with men they don't really love nor feel attracted to just because their parents are pushing them out the nest as soon as possible. So they often raise their boys as if they were the man they always wanted. It's quite insane and kinda gross. You have sons still living with their mothers well into their adulthood and the mother's are hesitant that their sons ever leave because they have this strange relationship of babying their sons. More often than not, their sons don't even work. It's not like the sons have anything to offer their mother's other than be their overgrown baby obsession of knowing that it's the only control they have in life.
I so know what you mean.

No. 895684

File: 1630350056539.png (3.12 MB, 1332x1328, Screen Shot 2021-08-30 at 3.00…)

the ones i use work for pimples that haven't been popped. it still leaves redness i think.

No. 895685

Diet plays a huge role. western fast foods mixed with oiled desi food, but there's also a fact that there is aboustetly no culture of exercise of self improvement in our countries, a small minority will go to the gym for their flabby biceps but that's where it ends
the concept of Personal exercise started in Anglo countries and spread to the rest of Europe, it never gained traction in the third world

No. 895686

File: 1630350436895.jpg (602.32 KB, 2000x2000, kitteny_natia-dress_white.jpg)

Anyone know where to get a similar cheaper version of this dress ? $88 feels a bit overpriced

No. 895687

>the concept of Personal exercise started in Anglo countries and spread to the rest of Europe
Utter bullshit.

No. 895688

hate to be this person but thrift

No. 895689

weird sperg but it's not overpriced if the fabric is decent quality and the workers were paid a decent wage

No. 895694

File: 1630350923838.jpg (69.71 KB, 670x350, pak-wrestling-afp-670.jpg)

Its not, the only who exercise regularly "Kushtibaaz" but that's a full time career and they use mostly outdated training exercises

the whole concept of "Physical culture" in a post agrarian society was developed in the western world in the 19th century

No. 895696

you can find it on depop under 'milkmaid babydoll dress'

No. 895697

That's an article about one particular movement. You really think people didn't exercise until the 19th century?!?! Where do you think the Olympics come from? Have some common sense

No. 895702

Where do you think the word "gym" comes from? "Gymnasium." Every dude in ancient Greece was lifting big rocks in his spare time, naked with his other dudes, centuries before the time of Christ. We literally have Platonic dialogues that took place while a bunch of greasy, hairy naked Greek dudes were lifting kettleballs and talking about philosophy because iPods didn't exist.

Exercise wasn't even exclusive to men since women had their own class of athletics. Especially the Spartan women were extremely physically fit and almost always trounced the Athenians. Why do you think that is? They exercised more!

We literally have Galen's dietary plans for an athlete.

You have made me so mad that I am going to eat yogurt.

No. 895704

Of Course exercise for athletes(mostly wresters) but not the common man, who was a peasant farmer and the Olympics were only restarted in the 19th century
You do know this was only practiced a small minority of free born men and women in Greek society, the vast majority of greek society were either slaves or serfs

No. 895706

Just stop. Take this as a learning opportunity, not an opportunity to keep making an ass of yourself.

No. 895707

nta, but are East-Asians similar? In the sense that the parents are overly involved in their children's lives?
>a bunch of greasy, hairy naked Greek dudes were lifting kettleballs and talking about philosophy because iPods didn't exist
nta but I really enjoyed this sentence kek

No. 895710

…you know farm work is very physically demanding, right?

No. 895711

Anon was most likely talking about men from her specific country given the context.

No. 895715

I didnt react to anything she said about her people, I reacted when she said Anglos brought exercise to the rest of Europe. Which is patently wrong.

No. 895717

i'm not apart of this argument, but just because the word originated some place at some time does not mean the concept hasn't existed prior.

No. 895718

You wouldn't consider pre-19th century farming as exercise?

Physical culture =/= exercise in general. The The Indian Charaka Samhita calls for exercising for personal health and predates this movement by centuries. Traditional Chinese medicine has a variety of exercises.

Of course slaves, serfs, manual labourers and farmers wouldn't come home and exercises, they'd have done enough. It's not a cultural thing, it's because they would have spent their whole day completing physical tasks.

No. 895719

Nta, but good point, similar things probably existed even before the Ancient Greeks. It's just it wasn't recorded in writing.

No. 895722

Yes, but right now the average person lives a fairly cushy life

No. 895723

it's just pakistan-chan, she's always autistic about these sort of things

No. 895725

nta but you were saying that Anglos started the idea of exercise, which is false. Stop moving the goalpost

No. 895727

Anons who have a last.fm account, can you see if someone's visiting your profile? I kind of like to stalk several profiles but only because I'm always on the lookout for new music recs but sometimes I wonder if they can tell that it's always the same person going through their scrobbles.

No. 895728

TIL ancient Greece was an Anglo country

No. 895729

iirc, yes

No. 895731

Woooow, I forgot that exists. Um, 10 years ago it didn't, does that help?

No. 895732

F-fuck. I want to die. I know they know it's me.
I really hope so. I'm so confused.

No. 895734

File: 1630353799473.png (166.09 KB, 1398x250, Screen Shot 2021-08-30 at 4.02…)

hope this helps. i was using it when you could see it. at ease now nonnie

No. 895735

I promise you 10 yrs ago it didn't, people would put these "profile counter" apps in the sidebar, and they would log the number of daily visits by country. But last.fm didn't have the option itself and you could see just a number and flag, not who it is.

No. 895738

Thanks anon! Whew, now I got that off my mind.
Thanks! I don't know, I was looking about it online and read some contradictory info but what made me curious is that the person I was sort of stalking contacted me right after visiting their profile. Must have been pure coincidence, at least I hope it was.

No. 895745

should i go to burger king even though it's raining out and kind of flooding my street which might get worse and also my car battery is dying.

No. 895747

no, wait until the rain has stopped

No. 895757

anyone know of any good white noise machines for sleep? this is a long shot but i love laundry white noise

No. 895761

Have you tried using mynoise.net? They even have a generator for a laundromat on there, you can find it easily by searching.

No. 895762

File: 1630356525009.jpeg (436.74 KB, 750x662, 932EB80F-9FC0-4400-A691-A75EC6…)

i use one with a physical fan in it and it’s been going strong for like 5 years now and i love it. i personally think all the apps/stereo-generated sounds are trash.

No. 895841

God I wish I looked like her

No. 895921

My dumb half asleep ass read this as
>Soothing Sound of Moving Air Blocks.
>Disturbing Noises.
Was so confused, had to read it five times to get it

No. 895955

File: 1630372591070.png (485.31 KB, 506x1028, alexa.png)

In your opinion, has Alexa Chung had a nose job? Old pic pre-fame.

No. 895967

File: 1630373738986.jpeg (195.69 KB, 750x706, 6671E12B-624D-46BB-BC3D-117C08…)

What the fuck are red/blue pages??? Am I missing something? I can’t find any more tweets about the supposed library fire, and there’s no replies to this tweet. Is this supposed to be a real incident or some inside joke sort of thing??

No. 895978

for sure. similar shape, but it's thinner now

No. 895992

I feel like I’m in the minority here playing as a female character with mostly male NPCs, but that game was definitely fun to binge. I made mine as vanilla as possible, but obviously there’s still that heavy layer of degeneracy. Still enjoyed it, and the animations aren’t atrocious to me. I also really like skill grinding games so that helped.

No. 896010

How do I motivate myself to keep a journal?

I got a note taking app for my computer that i can use a drawing tablet with to write a journal (this sounds pathetic but writing on paper always makes my hand feel weird/raw) but I'm really having trouble keeping up with it every day. This is partially because my life is immensely boring and I also get distracted very easily due to ADHD, especially with it being on my computer. It also just like .. kinda makes me cringe to have to write what I'm thinking down.

Are there any prompts or exercises I could try to keep myself interested?

No. 896027

Are mono and strep throat common in America? Also do people get their wisdom teeth taken out as a precaution or only if they’re impacted?

No. 896040

I think like 95% of adults have the virus that causes mono. Also depends for wisdom teeth, myself and most people I know got them out before they started to emerge so that our orthodontic work didn't get ruined. Most everyone I know has had their wisdom teeth out, a lot around the end of HS

No. 896044

I see, thankyou! I always wondered because people on American TV shows would mention mono/strep quite often but it’s never mentioned here & im not sure if it even exists. I wondered why the wisdom tooth thing isnt as common here, I think maybe orthodontic work in general just isn’t as common as in the US.

No. 896061

In school I only knew one girl who had legit mono, not everyone gets the symptoms of it but most people catch the virus in their school years. You have the virus your whole life and there are rare instances where if you're going through something extremely stressful, it can be activated. Strep is more common, especially among kids. I think sometimes strep is also used as a catchall for a sore throat. There are variants of strep that are more common in the US, and depending on the climate of where you live I guess it's possible that it doesnt exist

No. 896062

Why do I feel like killing myself all of a sudden? Nothing bad even happened today.

No. 896065

What time is it where you are? I feel like after 1am sometimes that happens and you just have to go to sleep.

No. 896069

Around 11 pm but I've been feeling like this since 7 pm. Strangely enough I took a nap a bit after that time but nothing changed.

No. 896078

Do you also reply to people who ask "why do I feel like killing someone suddenly" with "it's monday"

No. 896094

PMS? Lately I've noticed I get really depressed and suicidal and just in general I feel awful the week before my period. I already struggle with depression daily, but it gets so much worse during that week.

No. 896108

I said the concept of Personal exercise, the idea of an average man who isn't professional idea conditioning his body was invented in anglo countries

No. 896111

Are you allergic to learning?

No. 896134

Is it possible to flatten a high foot arch?

No. 896137

Anyone here also gets super sad during ovulation?

No. 896140

Be hikki and barely wear shoes for a year

No. 896161

Would it be retarded to buy puzzles for myself? Do adults play puzzles at all? I have no visual-spatial intelligence and want to improve it

No. 896165

A bunch of adults do play puzzles, try and find the ones that feel right for you

No. 896188

I heard that OnlyFans originally banned porn because Mastercard didn't want to be associated with porn or something. But I find that hard to believe because I found out OF is owned by a camming company. Which is like, why are you trying to get away from porn when you're literally OWNED by a camming company? But that's not even my question.

My question is, why is it just OF that was supposedly being effected by Mastercard not wanting to be associated with porn, and other porn companies didn't seem effected by it? Like, there are a ton of porn subscription services, not to mention you have to pay for camsites. I feel like there was really another reason but Idk.

No. 896223

Do you guys believe that Covid came from a Chinese lab?

No. 896230

Yep, I was a conspiratard in the kf thread from the very beginning.

No. 896231

And how did you think it happened? And was it for monetary gain?

No. 896246

I don't think it was spread intentionally, some retard working at the Wuhan lab probably forgot to wash his hands or something.

No. 896252

File: 1630408984693.jpg (108.27 KB, 1000x1000, 342-1.jpg)


No. 896288

I think the issue was that OF was hosting illegal type of porn (rape, cp, animal sex etc), not porn in general.

It was definitely a lab leak but not an intentional one. Chinese labs are notorious for their shit hygiene practices and overall half-assed security measures.

No. 896291

It was leaked from their lab which engineered viruses for study and/or bio warfare.

Whether it was intentional or not…well, who knows. I'd guess not considering the Chinese government either killed off or disappeared a lot of the original lab scientists, which was to cover the details of the leak so they wouldn't be embarrassed.

No. 896324

File: 1630415028798.png (87.94 KB, 324x341, stretch.PNG)

What's the goal behind this stretch? I always thought I had to push my elbow towards my shoulder on the other side, which never did anything for me, but I have weird joints because of hypersomething, so maybe it's because of that. Or did I do this wrong all the time and I have to push my elbow back? Because here I get some resistance for once.

No. 896331

Adjust until you can feel the stretch, it's meant to stretch the underside of your upper arm, ie where your "chicken wings" are

No. 896359

What do anons believe is inside of a black hole? Do you think there is something, or nothing?

No. 896362

All the good straight men

No. 896397

Magic and soccery

No. 896398

if you HAD to make a DNI list, what would be on it?
mine would be DNI if you have BPD, are bisexual leaning straight, live in England, like Dorian Electra or charli xcx, or daytrade

No. 896400

How can I tell if I have a horrible personality? I'm in my mid 20s and I see girls much uglier than me (sounds smug, but it's true) with boyfriends all the time and I've barely ever even spoken to a boy/man in a private/casual manner, and never for longer than like 2 minutes. Although I was never officially diagnosed, I used to be an isolated ana-chan so I missed out on a lot of development.

No. 896408

File: 1630421865881.png (979.97 KB, 1413x1001, ida.PNG)

Can't believe this shit really gonna make it's way all the way up here to NYC. Should I just work from home tomorrow? My boss made me and another coworker switch to an online meeting because he doesn't feel like coming in tomorrow kek. The rain can't be THAT bad but now I'm wondering if I should just stay home too since he won't be coming in (and maybe go out with my parents lol)

No. 896411

didnt some counties middle tn just have a really bad flood recently? thats fucked

No. 896412

DNI if you're BPD-chan or ana-chan

No. 896431

Can someone tell me what accent this Youtuber has?
To my ESL ears it sounds like a mixture of Canadian and Irish/Scottish or something. The way he says 'account' is so unusual (to me anyway)

No. 896436

Dni if you have a twitter and use it for any political topic, go on escalators to use them like stairs anyway, answer yes-no questions with a verbal version of your biography or claim 1-day-old microwaved food doesn't loose flavor at all.

No. 896440

DNI if you live at home over the age of like 25 and spend your days rehashing every mundane household argument that you have with your 'narc mom'

No. 896442

DNI if Italian, have pronouns in title/bio/whatever, watch Controonpoints.

No. 896445

File: 1630424624616.jpeg (191.49 KB, 827x817, 19CBFC4D-D6F6-4F0E-8E45-772CEC…)

what is the name of this photo editing app that has this type of brush?

No. 896446

Ugh, this would've been me if I didn't move out at 18.

No. 896447

horny people, redditors, women who never masturbate during their period, weebs

No. 896476

Where can I get a jacket/coat like this?

No. 896478

I'm interacting anyway.

No. 896482

How many calories are in a breakfast consisting of bread with cheese, butter and an omelette? I'm not an anachan i swear, I'm trying to gain weight actually

No. 896486

Use myfitnesspal or just calculate it from the calories that are on the package. It depends on what kind of bread/cheese/eggs you have and the amount of it.

No. 896487

this DNI makes you sound like a bigger cow than anyone you'd ever potentially interact with kek. that being said my DNI would include people who chose louis as their favourite member of one direction

No. 896492

>women who never masturbate during their period
why these women specifically

No. 896495

DNI if you think Skyrim or Genshin Impact are good games, think that animal crossing animals are cute, like kpop or kdrama, or if male

No. 896497

they're cowards

No. 896500

I get 100 times hornier during my period so there's no stopping me

No. 896508

>under 20
>take fandom seriously
>politics/discourse sperg (as in can't talk about anything without bringing politics into it)
>pronouns anywhere
>male coomers (this includes transwomen lol)
>non-black with "BLM" or "ACAB" anywhere
>have onlyfans
>obnoxious dog lover

No. 896514

sounds like you have BPD

No. 896515

DNI if under 25, male, nonbinary, troon, asexual, call yourself a theatre kid but only like musicals, call yourself a history nerd bc you like Hetalia, Hamilton fan, furry, or BPD

No. 896516

File: 1630429259104.jpeg (58.04 KB, 640x360, D8A87EBE-7694-4153-8CA9-129B34…)

>dni if you think animal crossing animals are cute
Wow, which animal gave you a trash can as a gift, nonnie? They’re all cute, except the obviously ugly ones, look at Goldie, she’s the cutest.

No. 896522

Is it cringe/a waste to take up a Japanese language course at university?

I don't have much self-discipline unless I have to meet educational deadlines so I thought if I was ever going to learn it, here would be the time. Ideally I want to at least learn enough where I can read untranslated manga, doujins, fanart and games and understand most of it.

No. 896529

Smug bobblehead looking play-doh bitch ass

No. 896536

How is it possible that a fly can get slapped in mid-air by a human and live? Wouldn't that proportionally be like a human getting whacked across a city block by an apartment building? How does that not just instantly kill them?

No. 896540

they’re invertebrates and have an exoskeleton anon

No. 896543

More like a human getting smacked by a semi truck–not many live, but those that do had some luck and other variables that made the hit less extreme than typical.

No. 896555

Does anyone take vitex/chasteberry for their PMS/PMDD symptoms? What was your experience with it? How does it compare to antidepressants?

No. 896576

cringe, yes. but do it. you'll always want to pick up the language so this is a good vessel for it

No. 896669

Even ITT nobody wants to talk to me lol

No. 896680

I think it's trying to imply that Iran was more liberal back in the 70s when it came to how women dress themselves then in 2019?

No. 896701

I have a coworker who will not stop gossiping about me to other coworkers. She also keeps encouraging other people who I work with to flirt with me even though she knows I have a boyfriend. I want to go to HR to see if I can be moved to another department but I am too scared to name her because I’m terrified of her and her husband harassing me. If I do go to HR will they force me to name her?

No. 896717

Underage, male, a degenerate into any form of BDSM, a cuckquean and/or simp for ugly men, a gender stan. I could go on but I think I'll stop.

No. 896739

File: 1630440761428.png (60.05 KB, 512x512, 160.png)

if i'm not as ugly as i think i am then why do strangers irl make fun of my face, right next to me? and other times they'll stare me right in the eye for a full minute with either a scared or disgusted look on their face. do i smell or something? or maybe it's my giant eyebags? maybe i look like a druggie to them? cause idg what else is there for them to make a big deal about. i don't dress unusual or anything.

No. 896740

What kind of people? All sorts of people or just some specific people like male teenagers? Because those can be asshats for no reason to try to make people mad

No. 896741

DNI if you are in the gender fandom, have your pronouns in your bio or support troonery of any kind.

No. 896743

what is the gender fandom? this sounds like a hilarious concept

No. 896755

DNI if:
You support the porn industry
You support prostition and sex trafficking
You support trannies, nonbinaries and "neo-pronouns" or love to talk about muh gender shit
You have a tiktok or actively use tiktok
You have a twitter
You follow "influencers" on instagram
You live your life through social media validation
You actively partake in any kind of discourse
You constantly talk about political, extreme conspirational, racist and delusional bullshit
You consider yourself "woke"
You think being a "slut", "bimbo" or whoring yourself out is good and empowering
You discuss feminism without even reading a feminism book or talking to/learning from actual feminists
You dress in an attention starved manner (e-girl/kawaii gamer/alt fashion)
You dress in a "sexy" way or upload "sexy" or nude pictures online (includes ass shots in yoga pants etc)
You support eating disorders
You support extreme body modifications and obvious plastic surgery
You unironically consume subliminal or hypno videos
You unironically defend any religion that kills, enslaves, or harms women in any way
You hate women, have misogynistic ideas, or think women are in any way lesser
You think women from x background or x country don't face discrimination
You unironically believe being a "trad wife" is a good thing (housewives are ok, you know what I'm talking about)
You defend men from their vile and ignorant acts
You think men are innocent, misundrestood, or poor creatures who just need guidance
You unironically believe you """can't get along with other women"""
You are pro-life, anti abortion
You have NPD / BPD or similar
You don't treat others with basic respect
You watch rupaul dragrace or support drag queens aka mockery of women
You listen to songs that degrade and objectify women
You let your kid watch youtube from an early age
You hate kids or want to harm them in any way

No. 896757


No. 896763

teenagers are the ones who'll actually say something, but people who've just stared weren't part of any specific group or age, it's been kids, people older than me, near the same age, etc. not all of them though.

No. 896764

DNI if
>You have pronouns on bio
>You have a penis
>You believe fictional males have rights

No. 896773


>you are a pick me

>you use your sexuality to get money from men
>you dress sexually to get attention from men
>you think you're smart with no concrete proof like an IQ test or life achievements
>you are a modern liberal wokeist
>you like breadtube
>you like Hasan Abi
>you support the sex work industry
>you're a right winger

No. 896776

No. 896780

People that are obsessed with gender shit and seriously think they can disregard their sex to be their fae/fae pronoun bullshit their bpd told them they are.
They will basically wear pride stuff or stuff announcing everyone that they go by “fox/foxes” assuming they go out at all.
On the internet, they have random flags that after a few days are considered twansphobique, they use picrew to make characters with random colorful flags to express their “identities” pst, it means who they want to fuck and spend their days preaching about gender bullshit and talking to the mentally ill about turning into another colorful soupletter friend.

No. 896785

Why does that Timothy Chamalet something guy look so much like a young Eric Zemmour.

No. 896787

French duh

No. 896791

constantly talk about politics
"lesbian" but the only thing you talk about is fujo ships

No. 896805

What do freemasons actually do?

No. 896811

DNI if you
>defend pornhub/porn/sex industry
>unironically get angry about other people's ships in fandoms, fujoshi, etc
>are obsessed with having a gender identity
>diagnose strangers with BPD for arguing with you online
>stan any celebrity
>are obsessed with k-pop
>want to suck on "man titty"/"bara titty"
>are attracted to Harry Styles or Ed Sheeran
>think Ted Bundy, Richard Ramirez, Dylann Roof, etc are/were attractive
>are a tradthot
>are a pick-me
>get mad at women for not wearing makeup
>think women should dress any one way or the other
>think feminists should be in service to MRAs
>like Vaush, ContraPoints or any other breadtuber
>are a male in his 30s
>think fatphobia is a real issue
>are a prison abolitionist
>think women are responsible for men's issues
>are constantly seething about bisexual women
>try to "cancel" women for things you let men get away with
>are obsessed with how much you love kids and want to have them (or hate kids and don't want to have them)
There's probably more

No. 896818

Would you date someone like you? I used to ask men this a lot and it was like the light went on in their head for the first time (not accusing you of being a moid just maybe narcissistic and spergy).
>I've barely ever even spoken to a boy/man in a private/casual manner, and never for longer than like 2 minutes.
Just talk to men kek download Tinder and practice on some fuckboys. Do you go to school or have a job? Hobbies? How have you never spoken to boys or men before? I'm honestly envious.

No. 896851

This is a special kind of ugliness though. The average ugly French guy doesn't look like this racist old bitch.

No. 896853

How do you hack into a tumblr account? There's an inactive account with a shit aesthetic that hasn't posted anything in like a year and I want their url.

No. 896855

File: 1630446989564.jpg (46.93 KB, 625x450, Reptilians-LostTapes.jpg)

ugh.. nothing, nothing to see here

No. 896856

Create an account with the same url but with a random number at the end, then reblog everything they have.

No. 896857

Tumblr normally changes their url automatically when a blog is inactive for a while to free up the name. Maybe they're just using their likes/the chat?

No. 896865

Is there anyone here who hasn't had their first kiss?

No. 896867

Yeah it looks like they have to be logged out for a year. Or I could just change their url to something else and take it before they can change it back, I feel like that's less douchey if they're still using the app. I mean, it's douchey either way, but ya know

No. 896877

No. 896880

There must be a way to report them. Even though the "report abuse" form doesn't list URL hoarding as an offense, it's in the community guidelines and they do enforce it.
Personal experience: Tumblr got me for "URL hoarding" and made me release all my URLs, only for them to be snatched up by other URL hoarders running empty blogs, lmao.
I asked them how to report URL hoarding when I see it, but they haven't replied. I kind of wonder if one or more of their mods just wanted some of my URLs, can't lie.

No. 896882

>Or I could just change their url to something else and take it before they can change it back
How would you do this?

No. 896891

me! im 69

No. 896895

DNI if you
>are a male
>are a tranny, they/them or neopronoun sperg
>are a weeb unless you watch any of the anime I approve
>use reddit
>use 4chan
>use excessive memespeak/unironically call yourself a memelord
>watch anitubers
>watch minecraft youtubers
>watch vtubers
>like kpop
I'm not asking much.

No. 896901

DNI if you unironically use DNI lists

No. 896925

If you had a thread on here, what would people make fun of you over?

No. 896926

Sorry nonnie, there’s already a thread for that, the “cow yourself” thread.

No. 896934

Are men legit when they say they "don't want to go too fast/rush"? What are your experiences on that?

No. 896972

I feel like men say things just for the sake of saying them sometimes or men have a weird thing with trying to bait women into "chasing" them

No. 896974

im not a man but i'm like that. usually i mean that i honestly don't want to go too fast because i don't like them that much yet. i can see myself liking them but i'm not entering anything serious

No. 896981

They want sex and to waste your time lol

No. 896995

In my experience it means they want to fuck around with as many girls as possible or they think they can get a better long term gf than you. I dated a guy like this in my early 20s, “I don’t know what I’m looking for, let’s just see where this goes” etc. I got tired of being in the talking phase after a whole month of us acting like a couple so I dropped him. Maybe 2 months later, I found out he was ~serious~ with someone new. Guys who recognize your worth aren’t going to beat around the bush and wait for you to get bored with them.

No. 897015

Dating men fucking sucks because they're too sexually aggressive or suspiciously dodgy if they don't want it. Like other anon said >>896995 it can be sign he's fucking around with other women.
Men in relationships either want sex as soon as possible, or if they say to take it slow what they mean is they're not very interested. It's up to you as the woman in the relationship to steer it exactly as you want. Basically, ignore what he says. You are the gas pedal and the brakes in the relationship, not him.

No. 897062

Is it normal to feel lightheaded and jittery after drinking nearly a whole (or at other times a bit over half) cup of sweetened iced tea? It usually happens like about an hour or 2 after drinking it. This doesn't happen when I drink other sugary drinks though, only iced tea.

No. 897088

are you sensitive to caffeine? because that sounds more like a caffeine thing than a sugar thing. I get very jittery and sometimes lightheaded if I drink even a little bit too much coffee.

No. 897089

That could be it..I forgot that tea has caffeine in it.

No. 897139

Blood tests came back mostly normal….lymph nodes look normal too. Took a biopsy of a lump in the left breast….still very worried this is cancer and that oncology will take over from here. The metastasis (allegedly) in the spinal epidural was concerning but …I have hope since lymph nodes are clear and if there was an infection like cancer….you’d think maybe it would show something. Idk I’m not a doctor. Still scared but slightly more hopeful now. Thank you kind anons for your words the other night. It made me feel better about everything. Even just a little.

No. 897158

Is it safe to take my birth control pills if they are past the expiration date by a year, m I'm not taking them to prevent pregnancy, I'm taking them to manage my shit hormone levels. Will taking the expired ones still help with my body hair and acne, or is it gonna kill me?

No. 897204

Hope you have the same thing I did and it’s just shotty nodes and not a cancer cell to be seen anon! holy shit that’s scary, you got family or friends around while dealing with this?

No. 897243

me three

No. 897289

File: 1630497574766.jpeg (34.02 KB, 591x291, 6D0492D8-C12E-4078-BCFD-F1B26C…)

What does it mean??

No. 897291

Anons who have work laptops, do you use it for non-work stuff? What do you do on it?

No. 897298

"Metal will never shine, If you don't spit on it first" -Confucius

No. 897335

Do you shower in the morning or evening?

No. 897347

Evening. I can't stand the idea of going to bed dirty

No. 897379

any anons ever successfully thirst dm a celebrity? i don't mean sperging about what a fan you are, just purely sexual. what did you do that got their attention?

No. 897389

Who are you targetting Nonette

No. 897403

Have of you anons gone through a legal name change? If so, why?

No. 897407

File: 1630508215481.png (339.82 KB, 1010x630, 0F75C60C-ADBF-4A53-8E28-A3B9A5…)

Have any of you ever taken a guy’s virginity?
Have any of you ever taken a HOT guy’s virginity?

No. 897417

Virginity is a scam and there’s no such a thing as an actual virgin guy that has never masturbated.

No. 897420

File: 1630508856503.jpeg (81.82 KB, 1080x843, 423287AA-B833-4403-843F-F95158…)

When writing a CV, do you put what are you currently studying or only the stuff that has diplomas and certificates?

No. 897427

Only way is to kidnap an Amish boy and keep him locked up both in dick and house (no internet too). At this point virginity in men is more rare than in women. And I'm using the same logic they have for virgin women, "never touched own vagina and never had sexual thoughts".

No. 897428

File: 1630509149673.jpeg (226.74 KB, 2048x1646, 5730D66D-B197-4D4C-BE40-C70710…)

what is this from? I saw it posted in the ftm thread and it looks exactly like a local nobody Elvis impersonator. I kinda want to send it to him using a fake account claiming it's legit fanart of him but want more so I can have a whole lot of pics kek It's hilarious to me to think this dude would either get weirdly proud of himself and really try to break it as Elvis in showbiz or get really creeped out and send some kekworthy reply telling me to fuck off. no opinions on my plan, just tell me what this is from thank you nonneies

No. 897432

Exactly, like, those self-proclaimed “hurr durr virgin loser at 30” are not virgins, they’re disgusting coomers with 3000 different fetishes due to porn overexposure, they just never put their flappy dicks inside a real, breathing human being.
The moment a moid puts his dick in a plastic pocket pussy, jar of something or a Mchicken, they stop being pure virgins.
And when they jerk off, they’re basically taking their own virginity and innocence by acting like disgusting monkeys.
Males don’t know what’s purity and will never know because they exist to coom and stroke their chodes.

No. 897433

i don't want to say but he's older, not hugely popular or insanely handsome either. I'm thinking that might give me a slight edge in him responding.

No. 897436

he ain't gonna fuck you

No. 897437

How much tuna does one have to eat to get mercury poisoning? Is one can a day too much?

No. 897440

It's from a defunct comic called Blackgrass about a priest who meets and falls in love with a ghost who died in the 50s. The artist, Kinomatika is a cow, and ended up just drawing a bunch of porn of the characters instead of finishing the comic.

She's a themlet who calls herself a lesbian despite being married to a man and being in a "polycule" with him. She used to chimp out and e-beg a lot on Tumblr.

No. 897451

you know, I knew this is what you all would think but I just don't want that

thank you for the info. I should have guessed it had such a backstory but still I;'m a bit surprised. I'll be sure to do this cow's work justice in my fruitless scheme

No. 897457

Why do some anons struggle to ignore male posters? I don't get it. I'm reading the old manhate threads and it's pretty embarrassing how they'd enable a single moid to fuck up the conversation for days on end.

No. 897485

Is it worth calling my health insurance and fighting them to give me this month's premium payment back? It's only $10. I'm enrolling in my employer's plan and I cancelled last month thinking I wouldn't be charged for this month… I don't know if it's worth the hassle to fight with them over $10 but it's still $10 lol

No. 897546

Acute mercury poisoning is not the concern, that takes a way higher dose than you could ever get from eating fish. I think it did happen to some Inuit from eating seal livers actually, but that is way higher than what's in tuna, and not a fish anyway.

The concern is chronic exposure, which you will not feel the effects of, but which will make you slightly dumber for each atom of mercury that enters your body. At a rate of a couple cans a week it probably won't affect you noticeably in your lifetime, but I mean, why would you risk that. Just eat canned mackerel instead, it's better for you (low on the food chain so not much bioaccumulation of pollutants) and the environment as well.

No. 897556

I took my boyfriends virginity. He is hot to me but he's a skinny nerd with a good jawline and some people might not be into all of that so it's kind of subjective.

No. 897569

Worth it anon this is how they scam you, if you don't fight it then they'll just do something bigger later on.

No. 897607

File: 1630519972469.png (2.44 MB, 750x1334, 1630476491831.png)

I didn't want to derail the Mikan thread but I saw this picture posted in it and personally find it cute and don't see a problem with it. What is wrong with it? I can be oblivious to these things so I appreciate learning it.

No. 897624

the socks don't match and look quite obnoxious

No. 897642

Weird combo of socks and upskirt pose

No. 897688

Is a full-body workout 3 times a week practical for losing weight? I feel like most people target specific areas each day

No. 897700

>Dumbass pose trying to make it seem like she will show her underwear
>The socks don’t match anything of the outfit
>School girl-like style with the cardigan and skirt, probably to seem smol uwu
It’s kind of sorta pedo-pandering tbh.

No. 897714

Yo cuando hago mi CV le pongo muchas cosas, por ejemplo:
1.Mi experiencia laboral
Pon lo más relevante y lo que aprendiste del puesto en el que estuviste, no importa si el trabajo no tiene que ver con el que estás buscando, mientras haya sido un trabajo digno. Por ejemplo:
>Ayudante en x supermercado
>Aprendí a trabajar bajo presión, compañerismo, etc

2.Lo que estás estudiando actualmente
Incluye en qué grado o semestre estás y en qué año entraste. Igual yo lo dejaría breve, pero podrías poner una pequeña frase de por qué elegiste tal universidad o tal carrera.

3.Los lugares en donde has estudiado antes
Puede empezar desde el kinder o la primaria. Si tienes otra carrera o una maestría, ponlo como lo principal, e incluye el año en que entraste, el año en que te graduaste, la carrera, el título que te dieron, y si te graduaste con honores o cualquier otra cosa relevante sobre eso (ejemplo: si fuiste parte de la sociedad de alumnos etc).

4.Certificados oficiales avalados por la autoridad de tu país o universidades especiales. Aquí donde yo vivo solo los certificados que son de cierta dependencia tienen la validez oficial. Todo lo demás cuenta como diploma, aunque diga "certificado".

5.Tus habilidades
Pon todo, toooodo lo que sepas hacer empezando por las cosas que creas que podrían ayudarte en el trabajo que buscas y terminando por las no tan relevantes. Por ejemplo: si sabes ser cajera, o si le sabes a los programas de office, o si le sabes al photoshop, si sabes manejar redes sociales, etc tu ponte a pensar.

6.Los idiomas que manejas y qué nivel de de habla, lectura y comprensión tienes en éstos

7.Todos los diplomas que tengas
Y con éso me refiero a TODOS, no importa si en primaria te ganaste un diploma por haber hecho x cosa. Intenta ponerlos desde la fecha más reciente hasta la final. En esta parte pones todos los diplomados, cursos, concursos y cosas de las que tengas un papelito que te diga que lo hiciste bien.

8.Cualquier otra cosa que quieras agregar
Ahora sí todo esto va a tu criterio. No hay CV que tenga demasiadas cosas, entre más completo mejor.

No. 897751

File: 1630522846437.gif (205.89 KB, 238x212, 6594DE94-ECF9-4936-AC5C-B9D878…)

Muchas gracias, anonita! Eres la mejor!

No. 897949

Can someone tell me about the manifesto anon?

No. 898043

Diet is more important for weightloss as you can't out-excersise high calorific excess. Any excersise on top of that is great, working out three times a week sounds good.

No. 898054

A based nonnie that posted some manifiestos about trannies in the mtf threads, I think she also posted a few times on /ot/ but I’m not sure.

No. 898063

It's very sexually suggestive (the upskirt pose exposing her butt, legs strategically placed to cover her parts, possibly hinting at wearing no underwear). Which isn't a bad or wrong thing per say but the pose in combination with her wearing a (sort of) girls' school uniform and pigtails, generally items associated with young girls, is probably what anons though was wrong with it. (I don't frequent the thread)

No. 898065

Thanks anon, and you were right. I did call them but now I'm being made to jump through a bunch of hoops to get the refund back and the state market place gave me that "well I don't want to cancel it this month for you in case you still need it" because I'm not technically enrolled in my employer's health insurance (just got the papers to sign up today). I'd give up but now I'm going to get my $10 out of spite for this annoying bitches.

No. 898087

I think my diet is alright but I plan on trying new healthier dishes anyway more for my mother's health than anything else. Thanks anon! Just wanted to make sure I wasn't being inefficient by not targeting different parts each day.

No. 898139

I know a girl who has. If you actually want to fuck them IRL you have to chat for a while and have an established social media presence to convince them you are not a psycho, stalker, catfish, blackmailer, scammer, reporter, private investigator, sex worker, troll, ect since they get so much "text me ur dick lol" spam.

No. 898175

what does soykaf mean?

No. 898189

what language? And where did you read/hear it?

No. 898191

File: 1630536097884.png (322.79 KB, 539x539, Screenshot (1271).png)

could i buy one of these butt electrical muscle stimulators and use it on my face like a diy NuFace microcurrent alternative?

No. 898192

makes sense. was it an actor she hooked up with? and do you know how she initiated the conversation? i have my eye on an older musician, which i think are generally easier to fuck.

No. 898194

No. 898196

why not? doesn't it work the same way?

No. 898197

You have more fat/puffer-zone in your but than on your head, this just sounds like a good way to give yourself seizures or other subtle brain damages.

No. 898198

i would only want to do it on my cheeks which yeah theyre not as fat as my butt but still pretty fat, not on my forehead or anywhere else. but now that you mentioned brain damage i'm scared lol nnvm

No. 898199

why do I still get periods when I'm underweight?

No. 898200

probably not underweight enough. I'm also underweight but on the higher end, close to normal healthy weight aka not really anorexic so still get my period. It's normal

No. 898201

Nta but it was constantly said in that thread from lain that was posted in the tinfoil thread, it’s about the weird shit going on with the cp raids.

No. 898207

is it normal to get a sharp pain on the left side of your chest that makes you hunch over and makes it difficult to stretch back to straight position once a year? i had an ecg done last year for the first time and it showed up as normal, but should i be having another test done to make sure it isnt a heart attack or anything? i'm only 21 which makes it very unlikely but it scares me

No. 898208

I know women can have fluctuating interest in sex because of hormones and all, but is it possible for males to have it also because of that? Or are their levels too consistent for that since they don't menstruate? (pls don't worry nonas, i'm not asking because my moid isn't doing it with me anymore and i refuse to see his growing porn dependence or anything, i'm just shit at biology and curious)

No. 898209

I think it's just an automatic word replacement for "shitpost".

No. 898221

What's your opinions on gnc women who chose to go by male names (while still identifying as women)?

No. 898240

is it bad to be in your late 20s and have never dated a man? i'm bisexual and have dated women but i feel kind of guilty about not dating any men because i worry people judge me for it. i don't really want to, i don't want to be straight passing and i'm very afraid of getting pregnant, but at the same time i feel a lot of pressure and like a "loser" for not doing it.

No. 898261

I honestly don't know but I have this happen to me about once a year as well. It was worse when I was teenager tho

No. 898262

No, that's called being fortunate. But being in your late 20s and so needlessly insecure is concerning, would you consider another woman a loser if she hadn't dated a man?

No. 898280

Nta but there was an anon in an old Stupid Questions thread that called someone a "loser" for not having sex in highschool lol

No. 898281

What is lainchan and what is the purpose of the board?

Is it coed like kiwi farms or ladies/scrotes only?

No. 898284

So? Honestly by your mid 20s you should really be able to ignore retarded opinions like that, I don't get people who have such a weak sense of self that they would take it seriously and let it influence their opinion of themselves.

No. 898285

It's themed around the cyberpunk anime Serial Experiments Lain, so the users are usually interested in the deep internet or vintage anime and it skews older. Co-ed but afaik everyone assumes everyone else to be men however transhumanism links to trans ideology. Lain as a character attracts both geeky women and paedophilic men so there is a wide scope of users

No. 898295

what is the deal with feeders and feedes? i just came across some before and after pictures of a girl's belly after gaining weight and it rekindled my bewilderedness about this fetish. when i first came to know about it i thought it was innocuous but then every time after that i would learn something else until now it just seems like there are some really sinister undertones to it, especially on the feeders' part, like a lot of coercion is involved, idk

No. 898340

They like ruining the girls health and making her immobilized from the obesity. The feedee likes it bc junk food and their parents used food to show love.

No. 898352

fine, it's the pronouns and whole thinking you're not a woman that has its issues.

No. 898412

Why do anons use the term 'Nigel' when referring to a boyfriend? Is there a specific Nigel it's referencing?

No. 898416

No it means nicest guy that ever lived

No. 898420

Lots of sadists getting off on the idea of murdering and destroying women

No. 898423

It's specifically used for posts where someone gushes about how their scrote is so respectful, amazing and not like other scrotes

No. 898439

I thought it was Nice Guy Everybody Likes

No. 898459

Ayrt and honestly I think that makes more sense, but I remember reading the definition I wrote somewhere else. Maybe it's a potato potahto situation

No. 898460

I thought it was just because British terves came up with it and the name Nigel is more common there.

No. 898462

Why do so many troons pick the name "Jessica" or "Jennifer" or some variation of them? I'm an ESL-chan so I don't know why they consider them some quintessential female names.

No. 898472

I actually wasn't aware of that, most of the times I've seen MtF troons they seem to like hyper girlie sounding names like "katie" "maddie" "gigi" etc

No. 898484

They're millennial teen movie Stacy names.

No. 898490

It's co-ed but generally a lot kinder and less edgy than other imageboards. Due to its nature (technology, cyberpunk, transhumanism like the other anon mentioned) it's common to see trannies mentioned. I've seen tranny hater /g/ types on there too so it's mixed, however generally everyone is more well behaved there compared to 4chan for example.

No. 898494

This is a genuine question and not intended as a topic for debate, I really want to hear what other people have to say.
If someone is cis gendered and they identify that way - why are some people putting their pronouns in their bios? What is the point of that? Is it a cool thing to do now?
I guess from one perspective it normalises it in a way if everyone’s doing it, but I just think it’s unnecessary and a little bit cringe. I can’t compare it to anything but it would be like putting your hair colour or height in your bio?
Educate me anons for I am an old hag.

No. 898498

It's "to normalize asking people their pronouns" i.e. pandering to trannies. The logic is that if everyone puts their pronouns on bio troons don't have to break their cognitive dissonance when they realize what an idiot they are for demanding people to address them by their "preferred pronouns". Which is fucking retarded because nobody is being asked to put their sexuality on bio and gay people are just expected to deal with the fact that they're assumed to be straight unless otherwise stated.

No. 898511

I think it kinda makes sense to have pronouns in your bio if you don't show your face. I've seen some people do that and I always just assume that that's why.

No. 898515

I have never seen someone do it for that reason. I just think it's very common that trannies don't use pics. However, if people do do it for that reason I don't get why they care. I don't rea;;y care what pronoun people use for me and I think most people without gender dysphoria don't.

No. 898552

When you're in the bathroom and you use the air freshener, where do you point it while spraying? Up in the air or down at the toilet?

No. 898555

Or just in front of you? kek this might be the stupidest question I have ever asked

No. 898565

I spray it in the air. If you spray it on/near the toilet it leaves a residue

No. 898599

Here's my stupid question, what's the slang word for euros? In the us we have "bucks" or whatever instead of dollars. I'm traveling in Europe right now and saying "euros" seems long, I'm wondering if there's a shorter term or slang word. I don't wanna sound like an American retard saying "dollars"

No. 898604

Just say euros. Maybe some countries have their own slang based on their language, but that wouldn't really translate between countries anyway.

No. 898607

in italy we say "euro" without the s but that's it

No. 898611

What websites sell cheap but good quality glasses? And by cheap I mean like less than $100. I checked out Firmoo but a lot of people have said that their frames are flimsy and break easily.

No. 898617

Won't work in English but in French we say "balles" which can mean bullet or balloon. It's all timey slang we still use all the time so it's not specific to euros but to any French currency. More rarely people use "boules" which means balls.

No. 898625

That's way too familiar, she better not use these terms with sales associates or waiters in France.

No. 898642

File: 1630591895554.gif (1.16 MB, 220x391, 4C446F9F-B1BF-46E6-8A24-F89CF1…)

French anons, I need some help. I have a new job working a bit with French clients. What are some nice “customer service” type reply’s that I can give to them, when thanking them? Any recommendations on learning resource?

No. 898649

Why do women go through menopause but men can possibly father deformed, retarded children at the age of 80?

No. 898654

I'm guessing it's because we can die giving birth or just pregnancy strain is too much past 50. But it is retarded, men over 40 are so many times more likely to give you a tisty kid.

No. 898658

Women start developing sooner than men. Also because of this, their body start "deteriorating" sooner than them. Carrying a human being inside of you for 9 months is an amazing feat that only gets harder and harder the older you get.

No. 898661

does barnes and noble put security tags in their books? im trying to get manga

No. 898663

I got something that might help you with that https://www.wikihow.com/Get-a-Job

No. 898665

I imagine you wrote this quickly on your phone while shoving several mangas in your trenchcoat and making your way to the exit of Barnes & Noble kek…

Which one are you interested in? Can't you find it and read it online?
https://mangakakalot.com/ has a lot of mangas

No. 898666

File: 1630594992027.jpg (119.44 KB, 1242x711, 3827166162.jpg)

Women are already born with all of the eggs they will ever release through ovulation, we don't "make" our gametes throughout our lifetime like men do. They should still be heavily discouraged from reproducing with their retardo sperm.

No. 898674

What is this?

No. 898675

nta but I'm guessing the different ways sperm can get mutated?

No. 898678

did barnes and noble write this

No. 898679

Why do so many art students leave with worse art? I've seen it in a few friends and heard it mentioned on some e-artist threads. Does complacency kick in hard there?

No. 898686

Some troons throw tantrums if there's no pronouns, they have harassed actresses over lack of pronouns before even though it's obvious the actresses are women.

No. 898687

It makes sense that people that can't draw very well go to art school in which they believe they will improve. Most people who go to art school will tell you it's a waste of time and a scam. Art school is an expensive course where mostly everything you draw is validated unless it's a prestigious school. Meaning, most people who finish will likely have learned pretty much nothing nor will improve due to lack of criticism. Burning out and lack of practice also play into the degradation of a skill. I think the people who attend art school are also more likely to regress is because of their peers influence and social media. A lot of art spaces online are left-leaning and a lot of performative art gets attention in these spaces. It's easy to become influenced to feed into attention rather than practicing what you are weak in. Just like it's easier to do something that sells, rather than hone something that might not. That's my take on it since I have some experience growing out that kind of mindset.

No. 898691

Probably because it benefits bullshitters more than it benefits talented artists. Every person in art school is one of two - either they're extremely talented but don't have the gift of the gab and don't overhype themselves and get no benefit from art school connections or they draw absolute dogshit but they're mouthy little fuckers that want to tell you about the meaning and intention BEHIND the work and thrive within the network they create in school.

No. 898694

File: 1630597896871.png (772.12 KB, 562x860, laa.png)

I've never seen a young white woman/old man couple in real life, but have met a dozen young black and asian women with old white men. I stumble across it online too picrel. Are these the 'secure the bag' girls or something? I find it hard to believe they're physically attracted to wrinkly old men, especially the white ones kek. Insight?

No. 898695

File: 1630598079074.png (646.74 KB, 518x820, laaaa.png)

same couple.

No. 898697

I don't know but damn they are fashionable good for them

No. 898699

Lol they're at pitti uomo. Check it out.

No. 898704

File: 1630598673793.jpg (5.65 MB, 2601x1682, 170210202642-anna-nicole-smith…)

They're just more likely to be poor. How uncharitable do you have to be to see some nasty old white guy dating a young black/asian immigrant girl and think "ew, these minorities must be greedy or have a fetish for elderly caucasian dick."

Also there are plenty of white girls who date old white men; remember picrel? If you live in a world where Melania Trump exists and you still think this is a non-white phenomenon, it's probably on you.

No. 898707

>I've never seen a young white woman/old man couple in real life
Lol on what planet

No. 898708

can you see who viewed your gofundme? like account name and ip? i know this is ridiculous but im doing a detective work here and i cant risk this one..

No. 898713

These are just sugar daddy relationship, and most rich and stable older men tend to be white
its not that deep

No. 898714

We all know the whore and millionaire white couples, they're extremely rare and motivation is clear. Who said anything about migrants? I didn't. They're normie Western couples with an age gap, which is very rare judging by stats, yet I've met quite a few and they've all been IR. I wondered if anyone knew why, maybe someone who had been in one or considered one. You're the one who's assumed nasty shit. I don't get why this has offended you so much.

No. 898716

samefag. 'By secure the bag' I meant woman who prioritize traditional, stable relationships. That's what that subgroup recommends women do. It's not about being a greedy whore like Anna whatsherface.

No. 898717

While on the subject, do you guys know any younger man/older woman couples? Even if it's just like 8 years or something. What are they like?
there has to be someone here with an embarrassing cougar mom

No. 898720

File: 1630599889630.jpeg (49.09 KB, 600x450, 5e83581b2d41c146033ff645.jpeg)

a lot of my friends' single moms always go for younger guys. like guys around the age of their own child.
i always come back to thinking about sarah paulson and holland taylor. 32 year age gap. they look like mother and daughter

No. 898721

File: 1630599909875.jpg (190.23 KB, 804x1390, tilda-swinton-and-sandr.jpg)

Tilda Swinton is married to a kiwie whose 18 years younger then her

No. 898723

samefag but for my friends' moms, they're like late 40s, early 50s. They go out with people around 25 at most

No. 898725

If it's just random people you've met in real life, why assume that there's even a unifying theory? Knowing 3 couples like that doesn't make it a wider phenomenon. I could probably pick out 3 white girls who date old guys from the cows on this site alone, and I wouldn't claim that white girls show an affinity for hooking up with the elderly.

There's been a lot of weird retardation about all forms of white male/nonwhite female relationships recently. Apologies if your original post was a genuine question, it just kinda sounded like an excuse for another round of circlejerking about how any white man who would date a minority is sick in the head.

No. 898727

Isn't she poly with him and her first husband?

Wow really, like half their age? That's more than a little weird, especially if they have children that age. Where do they even meet those, insta DMs lol? I don't know anybody like that here, what country?

No. 898750

Are same sex couples more likely to have an age gap? Being open to it must increase odds of finding a compatible partner.

Oh ok, I'm sorry too. I wasn't aware that was a thing and I would phrased it more sensitively had I known. I meant it teasingly as white men age like shit. I notice the traditional and secure the bag communities have a high proportion of black and asian women. These couples I met were not sugababies or migrants, they were married Westerners. Age gaps are very rare in the West, so it was memorable. Maybe it's a cultural influence from parents? Was anyone advised to find an older man? I understand why a man would want a younger partner, that's why I'm not focusing on it.

No. 898759

does anyone have the youtube link to that video of that scene of yoko's intro from love exposure

No. 898901

File: 1630619344894.jpeg (57.23 KB, 600x330, DCC4B506-4B32-45EC-8877-603C72…)

Does anyone have the recipe, or an approximate recipe for Denny’s 9-grains pancakes? They’re amazing but I don’t live in burgerland so I can’t just go to a Denny’s to buy some.

No. 898940

Where can I learn delicious healthy recipes from? The only place I know is cookingnytimes

No. 898943

Why must my cat push his face into me and bite to say hello?

No. 898958

Because it works? You feel greeted, don't you?

No. 898961

I don’t know shit about wigs but I know a lot of nonitas do, where would you recommend looking for a natural, normal age appropriate looking wig for a late 50s woman? A friends mom has cancer & I’m helping with the search. Obviously budget friendly is nice since cancer is expensive in burgerland.

No. 898977

File: 1630627228469.png (4.82 MB, 1514x1498, fghjk.png)

Yotam Ottolenghi

His book "Simple" is the best resource, but his Guardian column and Instagram are also great if you don't want to spend money.


No. 899004

I'll try his stuff out anon, thank you. I was feeling really overwhelmed looking for recipes and being hit with so many articles

No. 899048

This is a great starting point if you like pasta and aubergine. You really have to roast the shit out of those aubergine slices though. I alternate between the highest and lowest row in the oven, so they get crispy and golden from both sides. You're only doing it right if you're constantly scared you might burn them. I swear, the recipe stands and falls with how well you roast them (+ Parmesan)

No. 899072

Is it possible to receive too many letters and packages such that a postal service will ban you?

No. 899076

not really, it's really rare to ban someone from using postal services (depnding on what country you're in, it might not even be possible) and usually they'll only refuse service to fraudsters or people who don't pay.
they might investigate you tip off law enforcement if they think something's fishy about your activity tho

(source: am a postal worker)

No. 899089

I got two pair of cute glasses from Zenni a few months ago for a total of abt $28, then again I'm a poorfag

No. 899091

should i volunteer at that charity shop? talking to people will probably stress me out but im really lonely and literally don’t do anything.

No. 899097

what about volunteering with animals?

No. 899098

this is an animal shelter/charity, maybe i will be able to work with the animals in the future when they need volunteers for that again? idk

No. 899102

Is softening the "y" in words like "everything" and "anything" (so they sound like "everihthing" and "anihthing") a uniquely British thing or do some American accents do that too? (See: Emma Watson saying "you ruined everihthing" in Half Blood Prince)

No. 899133

some older types of southern US accents will do this but it’s not common anymore I don’t think. I associate it most with the old-style antebellum accents that rich southern families used to have, but those are basically dead in modern day.

No. 899141

pretty much all american accents including my own eliminate the second e, so it's like "evreething" or "evruhthing" for hicks. I think most americans say every as "evry" all the time actually…never thought about that before. It feels very wrong to me to actually say "ev-er-ee", like im trying to sound like a cartoon gentleman.

No. 899156

File: 1630656756036.png (1.21 MB, 1280x837, tumblr_inline_o498wwoxHi1r93es…)

Did Soren really die or were her rich parents able to pay their way into giving her a fake orbituary so she could live an internet free life? Really hope it's the latter tbh

No. 899157

This makes me sad. I love genteel southern accents.

No. 899158

I'm american and I've never heard an american do that, one time I was watching a movie with daniel radcliffe where he was american and his accent was really convincing until he said "evruhthing" and I was like yep there it is

No. 899183

Nope. She ded.

No. 899184

File: 1630662027893.jpeg (1.15 MB, 1053x2332, 127AACFC-BB2A-4F38-9FBF-0CCB8B…)

Who actually is this that got posted in leftcows is it just an old pic of Shayna?

No. 899185

Low-key, I think her family did let her fake her death. An anon posted in the last thread that her mom was posting funny memes just a week after her passing, and there were no "RIP"/"Sorry for your loss" posts on her page from family members or friends.

No. 899190

That's not shayna

No. 899191

Sorry someone in the thread said it was her, I guess it’s just some random person

No. 899197

I'm sorry I can't help you more, but the image is titled Heavenly so that is maybe her username somewhere. But I'm sure it's not shayna, her face is way different

No. 899207

that is actually an ancient pic of shayna nonnies, i don't blame you for the confusion though literally nothing about her looks the same kek

No. 899211

No way!! Sorry for saying the wrong thing then. But I am schockedtdt

No. 899212

Is Shayna like a leftist or something? Sorry I don’t follow her thread but why did they post her there?

No. 899225

Most likely just trolling

No. 899234

Retardo sperm

No. 899292

File: 1630679234937.jpg (83.9 KB, 677x712, b27dc328d421b3c84b472a08a40344…)

Are there any biological advantages that women have over men, for e.g I just learned that women naturally have higher color perception then men and I decided to test it out with my brother, dad and husband and they all seemed to fail with regards to being able to see different colors
I also know we have higher pain tolerance

Is there any other stuff that's less well known

No. 899298

We store more fat, which is useful if food is scarce.
Women are also better at teamwork and communication, but that is also due to socialization.

No. 899299

At a certain time of the month our ability to smell gets sharper

No. 899303

Samefag, also the language-associated cortical regions are proportionally larger in the female brain than in the male

No. 899309

IIRC we get hernias less because men have the internal space where their testicles used to be

No. 899310

For some reason I puked my guts out last night and since then my teeth have had a weird feeling despite having brushed them at least twice, are they permanently fucked up just from vomiting once?

No. 899315

Women live longer than men and are far less likely to have a variety of genetic defects because of their two X chromosomes

No. 899318

Is that because of the chromosomes though? I thought it was because women are much more likely to seek medical help/less likely to take part in high risk behaviour/ less likely to do physically risky jobs

No. 899322

nta but:
>Men’s hormone testosterone is linked to a decrease in their immune system and risk of cardiovascular diseases as they age. It is also linked to risky behavior: smoking, drinking and unhealthy eating habits.
Source: https://www.voanews.com/science-health/new-study-looks-why-females-live-longer-males

No. 899324

There's growing evidence to suggest that women can outperform men in utra-endurance sports.

No. 899326

File: 1630681334860.jpg (156.91 KB, 1000x551, huntergatherers1.jpg)

All of this makes sense with regards to our evolutionary history, we evolved to be Hunter Gatherers, in those societies males don't live long and often die in in the Hunt, women were the gatherers and were the ones who passed down the wisdom and all that the tribe had learned to the next generation

No. 899329

but aren't women more predisposed to have Alzheimers/ dementia? If so I rather die younger than having any of those terrible diseases

No. 899334

You can reduce your likelihood for those with things like reading and writing a lot!

No. 899336

Yes also supposedly by learning different languages…but my grandmother did all of that and she still got Alzheimers so I guess I'm fucked (especially since I heard it "jumps" a generation). RIP me

No. 899340

There are a lot of contributing factors to the lifespan thing, it's probably a blend of lifestyle and genetic factors (you could argue that a natural predilection toward taking care of your health counts as an inborn trait though).

With two X chromosomes, you have a lot more protection from any X-linked genetic defects because you have two "copies" of each sequence to work with if one is faulty. An example would be red-green colorblindness - men are 16x more likely to be afflicted than women.


Higher rates of Alzheimer's and dementia in women is actually strongly tied to the fact that women just live longer overall. Diagnosis rates in both genders are the same until 80-85, after which women become slightly more at risk. This relatively increased rate makes sense because in general, men have to be way healthier to even make it past 85.

No. 899345

A bunch, actually. Obviously we have more fat which helps during famines, but also, in combination with the fact that since our bodies circulate blood in the torso more for reproductive purposes, therefore storing heat mainly in the torso (while in men it spreads out evenly) - that helps to survive and work more efficiently in severe temperatures that help protect the body from extreme cold. So an additional protective layer of fat is super useful, like Lynne Cox, the swimmer who swam the Bering straight in 6-7 degrees Celsius water.
Plus, we have much better balance, a field of vision about 15-20 degrees wider than men, better agility and flexibility (look at women's gymnastics) and better endurance/stamina. Basically, traditional sprots are rigged in men's favor, considering how women's strengths are focused on survival and being aware of your surroundings. There's actually much more i haven't mentioned, but women have so many advantages that men gloss over because they aren't showy and you can't tard strength yourself through winning them.

No. 899351

the acid probably wore down a bit of enamel, completely normal, give the enamel pores some time to chill bc theyll be sensitive for a bit. they have close connection with the teeth nerves.

No. 899361

Wow all this makes me feel happy, Its kinda arbitrary but It knowing that I can do so much and that I'm not just baby incubator makes me smile, I'll remind my self about all these facts when I'm feeling down about the patriarchy

No. 899370

Is there a way to not be gassy after eating? Other than taking charcoal tablets before a meal?

No. 899381

how can i get over my aversion to creamy textures? yogurt makes me gag like a motherfucker even if i like the flavor. idk why but anything “creamy” gives me that reaction

No. 899382

How do they view traditional Chinese medicine in China? Is it the standard there? Like if someone feels sick, do they turn to 'traditional' Chinese stuff first like acupuncture and herbs, or do they go to a Western style doctor?

No. 899394

It probably depends on the location. Rural areas typically rely more on traditional medicine in every country.

No. 899405

In terms of city dwellers, most people I've known kind of treat it the same way people in the west treat supplements or herbal remedies - something you can take if you have a light cold, but not to be relied on if you're seriously ill.

No. 899409

From what I've seen, everyone goes to the regular doctor, and then people who believe in traditional medicine go to the traditional doctor as well. It's not quite the same thing as in western cpuntries where alternative-medicine people are often actively anti-modern medicine. They just see traditional medicine as another thing that might also have a chance of helping. Or they might go to a traditional docotr if the modern doctor didn't/can't fix the issue like with chronic pain or fatigue, where having a "traditional medicine" placebo can be a good thing as long as it isnt actively harmful.

No. 899415

I had this as a kid, sort of. I would occasionally gag eating yogurt, I think because it would kind of form a membrane in the back of my mouth, sort of like the membrane that bubble soap makes in a bubble blower, just due to the consistency of yogurt. So I would kind of yawngag and stick out my tongue to break the membrane. I didn't really find it unpleasant so I would sit there eating trix yogurt and occasionally gagging, and my parents would be like "are you ok?"

I think this happened because I have a relatively small mouth and a thick, fat tongue; this made it easier for the membrane to form. I think I stopped it from happening by "chewing" the yogurt more instead of just trying to swallow it like a liquid, in order to mix in saliva and reduce its viscosity. But again this only happened to me with yogurt due to its specific viscosity, never with ice cream or a milkshake or anything else, so idk if it's the same issue you have.

No. 899425

thank you anon! i’ve never put that much thought into it, but i’ll try chewing it to see if that helps. sometimes if i keep the yogurt in my mouth too long trying to swallow it, i gag hella hard. something about that fatty, sour consistency just gives me that reaction. so weird, i dont dislike yogurt.

No. 899429

Is there a thread for Shy anons?

No. 899457

Yes. Every thread

No. 899516

Was there a mad scientist resurgence in the 80s or is it confirmation bias from the three things I watched today?

No. 899581

I mean the origin of that trope is 1930s Frankenstein but tropes usually come and go when it comes to popularity, so there might have been a resurgence in the 80s. What did you watch?

No. 899631

Lolcow is fairly dead but how many more lurkers do you think we have? I read for several months before posting anything.

No. 899666

Nonas, can I just put my hair in a ponytail, part it in several strands and straighten them like that? I will keep wearing the ponytail, so not like I'm going to open up my hair afterwards or anything. Never straightened my hair by myself, and I don't have the time anymore to learn to do it properly by the time I need to have it.

No. 899675

I mean, probably, but I think if youre able to do it while it's in a ponytail you can also do it normally, it'll just take a bit longer

No. 899681

Which diet is best for losing weight: keto or being vegan?

No. 899685

Keto but it's not sustainable, people usually gain the weight as they eventually re-incorporate more amounts of carbs into their nutrition.
When I went vegan I didn't lose any weight kek

No. 899697

depends what's more sustainable for you imo. I love carbs and fruit and don't like meat very much so keto would be much harder for me

No. 899711

If you do keto, really do be sure to monitor it closely with your local doc. I did it for 10 months and I'm pretty sure I permanently fucked up the way my body digests high fat food.

No. 899715

healing your relationship with food in therapy and also exercising every week

No. 899817

How do pubes know they have to grow again after you trim them????

No. 899833

How do I find good lesbian porn that isn't made for males?

No. 899837

How do people who are schizo realize they need help? Or is it usually family who pushes them into getting the help they need?

No. 899846

They always grow, they just fall out when they reach a certain length (this goes for all the hair on your body).

No. 899864

nta but I wish someone could cook healthy meals for me, changing your whole diet is long

No. 899920

they keep height charts

No. 899986

eating less and moving more

No. 900012

is there any news about the future of lolcow or it will get closed?

No. 900017

DNI if you are under 25.

I hate 'early twenties' people

No. 900025

DNI if you
>talk too much about your sex life
>use pronouns
>are a tranny
>are a handmaiden
>are bisexual
>watch real pornography
>have waifus
>think karen is a slur

No. 900038

>however generally everyone is more well behaved there compared to 4chan for example
i literally saw cp the first time i went on there, me thinks youre a scrote.

No. 900041

NTA but CP sometimes gets posted on here too, something that blatantly illegal is almost always posted by outsiders for whatever reason. I barely spent any time on lainchan and it seemed incredibly boring and scrotey but hardly a pedophile ring.

No. 900050

DNI if you
>like anime
>like korean media
>like japanese/east asian fashion and makeup
>like e-girl fashion and makeup
>use tiktok
>you claim yoga pants are "comfortable"
>are a tradthot
>are pro-choice
>are pro-porn and sex "work"
>do your makeup like a bimbo/drag queen
>are a libfem
>think bullying skinny women/girls is okay
>are edgy/like "dark humor"
>play visual novel games
>play weeby games
>play mobile games
>you have no hobbies outside of being terminally online
>are a tranny
>are nonbinary/use pronouns
>you post your personal life and info online for all to see
>you use your name for your username
>you feel the need to have your name anywhere on your profile in general
>support blm/antifa
um, cant think of anything else but theres prob a lot more

No. 900055

>are pro-choice

No. 900061

you interacted with anon's post, you are going to lose subscriber

No. 900062

>no tradthots
>no pro-choicers
anon what demographic is even allowed to interact this makes no sense.

No. 900063

The hell are you talking about

No. 900064

I know it sounds gross but it's actually better not to brush your teeth right after you've thrown up, since the stomach acid gets rubbed all over the gums. I think you should wait around half an hour or a little longer before brushing your teeth, maybe drink a little water in the meantime

No. 900068


No. 900069

Ooooh I get it, sorry anon lol.

No. 900071

It's ok silly

No. 900079

No. 900087

why are all imageboards besides lolcow uglier and clunkier to navigate or is it just me that thinks that

No. 900089

So I just bought one of those plastic/PVC skipping ropes but it has kinks/coils in it that make jumping difficult. Is there a way to straighten the rope? I read online that you're supposed to boil it in a pot of water but I don't want to do that…unless some has done it and it worked for them?

No. 900096

i personally feel the reverse, most of the style themes here are ugly, catalog and threads take longer to load plus the catalog has no search bar, and you can't upload multiple files at once. i only like lc more for the lack of males.

No. 900097

I agree, but I also don't browse any other imageboards so maybe I only feel like LC is better because I'm used to it. CC in particular feels very ugly to me.

No. 900111

I think you should do that. I didn't do that myself but my brother boiled a bent slinky toy in hot water and it fixed itself. So I think it will work

No. 900146

File: 1630751023155.png (318.96 KB, 612x612, 50faaea2-ad3d-4033-bdba-4904dd…)

What do you eat with papaya? Do you just cut it up and enjoy? I bought a papaya to try, but I have literally no idea what to do with it. I really just want to see the boba-looking seeds

No. 900149

yeah, i just cut the fruit and enjoy it. parents told me to never eat the seeds, still not so sure why tbh

No. 900158

Why do I feel the urge to throw out all my clothes and shoes? Would it be wrong to throw out shoes I never wore?
I would give my stuff away but I literally just moved to a new country and don't know anyone.

No. 900160

my mom is 9 years older than my dad, they're pretty normal people. my dad wanted to settle down early and was a bit awkward with women his own age, but he got smitten with my mom and theyve been together since. my mom is outgoing and flirty, my dad is a shy musician.

No. 900161

I mostly eat it when my stomach is fucked, it helps a lot with that, probably because it’s so, I don’t know, soft or mild?
But when the rare case of me feeling like eating it because it’s tasty happens, I like to mix it with blueberries, melon, strawberries, cherries or peaches.

No. 900163

It happened to me as well when I moved to another country, you can just find people that needs shoes and clothes and give everything to them, it’s better than throwing it away because you’re not really sure if someone will actually pick those items up from the garbage bin.
If the country you’re at has a donation center or something like that, you can also give your stuff to them, and if someone were to ask why, just tell them that you just need a change of pace or something like that.
I don’t know why that need of changing your whole wardrobe happens, but as long as you just don’t throw everything away in a trash can, I don’t see why it would be a bad thing.

No. 900164

Leave them outside by a dumpster so somebody takes them

No. 900168

Why do I never know someone who wants to dump all their good clothing on me smh

No. 900209

Thank you nonnas! I will leave them where someone can find them, or I’ll look for a donation center. The language barrier is very real.
I totally would, I love giving people things, it makes me happy.

No. 900294

how many eggs should i have left if i started puberty at 12 and am 21 years old now?

No. 900297

plenty to release every month until you hit your menopause at 50

No. 900298


No. 900304

Anons who use tampons/mooncups, if you need to change in a public bathroom and there's no sink in the stall, how do you clean your hands before changing? Do you carry wet wipes?

No. 900314

why is there always 1 cunt everywhere i go who is angered at everything i do?
i changed my appearance to be basic. i no longer talk about my special interests. i constantly try pick up normie interests to have something to talk about. i do my job conscientiously.
should i try harder just so they get off my back?

No. 900318

How do they do it? What do they look like? Stereotypical cougars?

No. 900319

What kind of music does he make?

No. 900330

Wash your hands before getting in the stall and take out your cup before doing other business.
Then use a water bottle to rinse the cup and put it back.

No. 900335

Talking about cups, I can't figure out why mine keeps leaking. I swirl around the base to make sure it's opened up properly and I make sure the suction holes are properly clean and open. What do I do wrong? I gave up last time when I bled through while wearing light coloured jeans. Even if I didn't leak through, I still find it difficult to clean (I guess I could carry wipes but that seems to defeat the purpose of using it to be more sustainable) and slow to change when I'm not at home. I want to get in and out of the bathroom quickly when I'm at uni and have people or class waiting on me.

No. 900344

Is it too small? When they get filled up it clogs the holes and the suction is lost.
I also had troubles with mine for a long time because it didn't unfold properly. When it became softer from months of using and cleaning it it became much easier to put in quickly. Try different folding methods maybe

No. 900346

Is there some deeper explenation on why men have a harder time spotting filters and photoshop? That should be studied on a medical level

No. 900351

Folk music from our country

No. 900366

File: 1630772778748.jpg (54.03 KB, 952x476, fat-dog-952x476.jpg)

Is there a nice way to tell your friends that their dog is fat? I'm a vet tech, and it's one of those hills that I'm willing to die on, but it seems that it really offends people. I don't want to lose friends over my crusade, but like there is no excuse for your pet to be fat. My friends dog can barely walk now and at this point it seems like animal abuse. What do I tell them?

No. 900368

I would just be honest with them, maybe as a vet tech you can suggest them a diet brand food or something your clinic would recommend?

No. 900369

Why is it that whenever I’m really starving and I get food that is probably really delicious but I take a bite and I immediately feel disgusted? The food is really good but I feel disgusting.

No. 900370

I mean, you’re a vet tech. That should be proof enough you’re not trying to be mean. Maybe try have a sit down and try to be cordial about it.

No. 900373

There was this study they did with male penguins to examine how visual stimulation affected their mating habits. They first used a stuffed female penguin posed in mating position, which the male penguins happily copulated with. The penguins eventually destroyed the stuffed specimen with their forceful mating though, so the researchers removed the head and put it on a stick attached to a rock. The male penguins were once again quite eager to mate, covering the rock with their semen. The research team then went one step further and replaced the head with a white, ring-shaped object that abstractly resembles a penguin's eye. This did not deter the male penguins, who happily continued to fuck the rock.

It seems like the male brain isn't particularly detail-oriented when it comes to attraction. That's why they can look at someone who's been photoshopped into michael jackson with a centaur horse ass and still get horny.

No. 900375

The chromossome Y has this defect called Extremissimis Burricis, so everyone born with it have a hard time separating reality from fiction.

No. 900380

File: 1630773979483.jpg (293.44 KB, 1500x1000, 1403885130066.jpg)

I used to be so shy with it and carried wipes, now idgaf. I wash my hands, take it out in the stall, exit the stall and wash the cup in the sink (a rinse is fine). If people see, whatever it's just blood

No. 900383

I mean either directly (just straight up tell them that their dog looks dangerously overweight and if they want to lengthen its lifespan, they'd better give smaller portions and walk it more often) or in a passive aggressive way (keep steering the conversation to the topic of their dog-feeding habits and what was the last time they have been to a vet and if the vet made any remarks about the dog, etc. Maybe after a while it will click for them)

nta, but I guess then the wise 'males will fuck anything' saying is literally backed by science

No. 900384

To add with the other anon, it could also be too big.

No. 900424

My sister-in-law is a vet tech and pointed out how overweight my cat was in a very blunt manner. Honestly it made me feel so embarrassed and shitty but my cat is a healthy weight now still years later and I'm glad she did it.

No. 900446

Anyone else with a parent who is just…dumb? Like, literally possessing very little intelligence. As I grow older I’m just realising more and more how ignorant my mum is. She went through high school and a bit of training here and there for a few years but she doesn’t understand the simplest concepts. Just overall she has very limited knowledge of how basic things work and how things are to the point where it’s fucking abnormal. It’s shocking really . She was very sheltered and shy but is that a reason to be that ignorant?

No. 900454

My mom dropped out in 8th grade and has never held a job in her life. She refuses to learn anything new and spends literally all her time playing candy crush equivalents. I've felt smarter than her nearly my whole life.

No. 900470

yes, mine was raised in an extremely religious, almost trad-like lifestyle. she mentioned how she didn't watch much tv growing up and how she never went to the doctor until she got pregnant (and even then still didn't/doesn't go until she got pregnant again). she at least has some education tho but that hasn't had a huge impact (nor stopped her schizo rantings)

No. 900471

Thanks for answering! Maybe I'm a germaphobe because I'd definitely want to wash my hands again after touching the stall door and rummaging through my bag for tampons.

No. 900472

File: 1630781438487.jpg (889.32 KB, 1600x1600, disney-cinderella-princess-hd-…)

Mines the same, probably brain damage from all those sleepless nights raising kids. She refuses to learn technology and makes me help her with documents and basic computer things. (Not a scrote, lookism is just real) She thinks life is easy and I'm just lazy because she's been handed grades & jobs, and people always jump to help her due to her looks and cute accent. Lectured me about how getting a job is so easy so stop being lazy, when I asked her how she got her jobs she told me an old man chatted her up on the street and said to come work at his jewelry store. Another few times she got hired on the spot for customer facing jobs bc she was apparently "so charismatic". When I went to an interview and didn't get it even though I was qualified, she said "of course they didn't hire you, your shirt is ugly". ????
It's like she lives in an alternate universe. Listening to her is so tiring and confusing.

No. 900475

My parents believe in so many retarded and elaborate conspicuity theories and its impossible to talk them out of it, cause I apparently get my knowledge from one source "the Internet"
>they believe America just randomly attracted Iraq when I tried to tell them Iraq had invaded Kuwait they claim that's just online information
>they believe Saddam Hussein was an ultra Islamic leader(he was the exact opposite)
>that America, France, Germany and the entire west all work together to keep Muslims down
>that the entire Invasion of Afghanistan and 20 year long occupation was all part of a masterplan to weaken Pakistan somehow

No. 900483

>when I asked her how she got her jobs she told me an old man chatted her up on the street and said to come work at his jewelry store. Another few times she got hired on the spot for customer facing jobs bc she was apparently "so charismatic". When I went to an interview and didn't get it even though I was qualified, she said "of course they didn't hire you, your shirt is ugly". ????

Sounds like shit my mom would say to me on a PMS day kek.


You're supposed to be smarter than your parents, if you're not they fucked up somewhere. But yeah, my main thing is that I wish my mom would read more? Like she's one of those people that doesn't believe in follow recipes for the most part. Brags about not doing certain steps in cooking and just "winging it" and mocks me when I try to be precise? She's not dumb but sometimes I wonder

No. 900484

my mom is super dumb and ignorant, can't speak english well, is an anxious oversharer who tries to manipulate everyone she talks to. my dad is an inadequate adult who is a homeless pervert. they're just really broken.

No. 900485

My mom is incredibly sheltered, gullible and lazy.
She's actually a wonderful person and funny as hell, but she was raised in an abusive household and trauma-bonded with my grandma to a point where she never escaped her learned helplessness and arrested development. She hates sex and has only had sex twice with my dad, both times falling pregnant with me and my sister, which was the intended outcome. She blindly believes the weirdest shit she hears on TV, doesn't trust computers or technology, doesn't have any hobbies past watching women's talk shows and gossiping over coffee, doesn't want to improve or learn anything new, doesn't know much about anything.
She loves kids and is brilliant with them but it's almost as if she's a big kid herself. The only reason she wants to be with a man is for company because she's scared of being alone, usually that ends in cheating or getting dumped because she won't have sex with them. She loves her friends but always bitches that they're too busy with their own families and can't hang out like they used to.
Lads I think my mom has autism.

No. 900498

samefag but she believes in so many strange things it's almost too much too list, like demons and angels (and tends to blame every problem on demons), won't even let you buy certain things if she thinks it might be demonic lol, /pol/-tier ideas about other races, etc

No. 900499

My mom is incredibly smart and kind, I wish I could get to her level of emotional intelligence some day.
My dad though, when he was younger he had a lot of street smarts and was super charismatic. I remember being a kid and seeing how everyone in the town loved him and knew him, I'd be proud when someone asked me if I was his daughter. And then suddenly, out of nowhere, he turned into a big manchild that reads extreme conspiracy theories all day and has 0 friends. He rarely gets out of the house anymore. It started in his mid 30s. Just the other day he was putting a magnet on my arm because I got vaxxed. And to think he used to make amateur movies and had a semi successful youtube channel when youtube first became a thing. I don't know how his brain degenerated so much, but my mom said he changed a lot as well so it's not just me growing up and realizing he's a retard.

No. 900506


Sounds like mental illness and I don't mean this in a meme-y way. Adult onset type stuff.

No. 900535

are you the anon who said lads in the other thread too? you should stop doing that, it makes you sound like a scrote

No. 900543

Are there apps that filters that collects news articles from different websites?

No. 900570

Approximately what UK size is a coat that has an 18 inch pit to pit measurement?

No. 900576

Why was op of newsstories that fuck with you banned?

No. 900577

she filled in the name or email field by accident I think

No. 900583

She filled the name field instead of the subject field, and the "#2" created a tripcode

No. 900591

How can I cure anemia and regrow my hair as fast as possible? I used to have really thick, wavy and shiny hair and I really get depressed thinking about the fucking heap of straw on my head.

No. 900602

Eat lots of iron-rich food, with an emphasis on eating foods high in heme iron like liver, shellfish, and cold water fish. Non-heme iron (what's found in most plant based and fortified foods) is way less absorbable by the body, so you'll have to eat about twice as much to get the same effect.

You can also try an iron supplement - if you do, make sure to look for one high in "elemental iron", as this determines how much of the iron your body will absorb. These always give me a stomach ache, but taking them with a meal helps.

No. 900605

Why the hell are iOS files so fucking big?

No. 900615

lots of water, scalp massage, esp in the shower. I also do garlic pills and use argan and peppermint oil on my scalp and rub it in. Just a little bit. i bleached my hair to death in my early 20s. Just cut the dead ends off and be patient. As long as your scalp is good, your hair will grow.

No. 900619

vitamin D

No. 900622

This. Also keep in mind calcium interferes with iron absorption, so try to avoid dairy if you are taking supplements. When I was anemic my physician recommended to drink orange juice with it, since vitamin c increases absorption.

No. 900693

Is it understandable to end a friendship because I wasn't wished happy birthday, or am I being insane?
This is a friend I care a lot about but my feelings are hurt a lot. There were other disrespectful things on top of this that have added up…but I'm also recovering from being unhinged about all relationships, so I'm unsure.

Alternatively, my next instinct is to just bluntly say I was hurt by this the next time we talk so all feelings are on the table.

No. 900699

if it’s photos then it’s probably because it’s a higher quality image or you don’t have enough storage on your device to sustain the hefty amount of stuff

No. 900704

As someone who also has friendship issues, and I think there's a possibility that you might be reading too much into this. There's a good chance that it just slipped their mind, which is annoying but probably shouldn't be a dealbreaker.

If it's weighing on your mind, I'd go with directly telling them that you feel hurt. At the end of the day, there's no downside to choosing that first, since you can always end the relationship later if they're still being disrespectful.

No. 900707

Anons often say that having abnormal fetishes/tastes is usually a result of pornsickness, but what if you were into certain things long before knowing what porn was, like since early childhood, or don't even look at porn in the first place? then what's the cause?

No. 900712

No, you’re crazy.

No. 900713

Sometimes brains are just miswired. For instance, it’s thought that foot fetishes are so common because the section of your brain devoted to your feet is right next to the section of your brain devoted to your genitals. Some wrong misfires and someone suddenly get turned on by feet pics.

No. 900714

don't be too harsh on bpd chan anon

No. 900723

File: 1630812651141.png (97.23 KB, 1334x750, 413E705D-8A6D-4D9F-8B96-66F2C7…)

I think it’s a lack of maturity, like, when I was a teen I used to be into bdsm bullshit and I would only look for characters getting spanked or I would even have rape and step-bro fantasies.
But when you grow up, you understand that those things are fucked and you get to stop feeling turned on because of them, and you also manage to feel repulsed by them.
Also pic related, the fact that there are communities out there in which dumbass kids and dumbass adults can freely talk about deranged shit, makes people feel like they’re the normal ones when no, only being able to cum while looking at a video of a woman getting slapped and spat on, is fucking retarded.

No. 900724

How do I get or bully a scrote to sleep with me?

No. 900725

do you mean in general or a specific one

No. 900727

Help me out anons. Is it possible to get wheezy and feel ill because of a glass of red wine?

I had about half a glass of a dark red blend. It tasted horrible but I drank it anyway, and about 30 minutes later my nose is runny, I'm wheezing and coughing, and have stomach issues/diarrhea. I'm terrified it's COVID, but at the same time I feel the red wine sitting in my stomach like a brick. I took an antihistamine and I'm not coughing or as wheezy anymore.

No. 900730

A specific one, a man of short stature

No. 900747

No. 900766

Thank you, anon. I think I'll just mention it calmly when we see each other. He has admitted guilt after being thoughtless to me in the past so we both need to work on things. Meet in the middle between sensitive sentimentality and average moid obtuseness.
Above all I know silently stewing and ignoring it is the worst course of action.
Kek this post helped honestly.

No. 900786

is there any tinder/bumble type app where ypu DON'T have to swipe on people before they can message you? I want to have a profile just to see if anyone cool contacts me but I can't be bothered to spend time swiping all day, and frankly it depresses me. I know they mostly require matching first hecause otherwise its dick pics out the wazoo, but I'm just not gonna do swiping, so I'll live with that if it happens.

No. 900788

Isn't that how old-school dating sites basically used to operate?

No. 900793

Thank y'all! I just tried it and tbh I was kind of let down. It wasn't very sweet, so I probably will mix it with other fruit. I saw someone say papaya tastes like coffee creamer and I agree. The seeds taste like dish soap. Also, the papaya was kinda stinky.

No. 900796

Is it dorky for women to wear transition lenses? I feel like i’ve only seen males wear them.
My glasses and sunglasses look almost exactly the same. Would it be more stylish to get prescription sunglasses?

No. 900810

Yes it is. I used okcupid for a while years ago and liked it a lot more than tinder/other swipe apps. But it seems like they've mostly made okcupid match-first as well, as far as I can tell anyway. Maybe it's just the app version. But I don't hear people talk about okc much anymore so I assumed there aren't many people on it.

Thinking about it, I also miss the match% element from okc which nothing else seems to have; I feel like this explains why my tinder matches all seem to have about three collective brain cells. If there was a match% I'd have known if they were a nincompoop or not before swiping.

No. 900830

every time I buy dried papaya I'm like "Oh right. Papaya sucks." and I'm steamed I didnt get dried mango which is off the wall balls tasty

No. 900850

I loved OKCupid. Met some nice people on there and ended up with my bf who I now live with. Together 6 years and it is working out great so far. I would have to have to do OLD now. It all seems too focused on looks and not your interests which is where OKC had the edge for me when I was dating.

No. 900862

Thanks, that question has been haunting me for years

No. 900871

this is exactly how I feel. Anyone who had a 90%+ match I knew I would at least be able to have a conversation with. And you would actually know about some common interests from the profiles. And while I'm at this, I also really miss that okc had screen-names rather than just your regular first name. Screen names are very revealing; worth a thousand filtered pictures really. Tinder feels designed by and for sociopathic men who hated having to make profiles because they have no personality. Fuck it, I'm going back on okc just on principle.

No. 900934

Red wine is actually high in histamines and can cause reactions in people who have allergies already. This goes for other alcohols too but histamine levels are generally higher in darker alcohols.

No. 900938

What is the point of music

No. 900943

I'm the same nonnie, I have a week leading up to my period where I want to eat everything under the sun, drink a lot of alchohol, smoke a lot of cigarettes/weed, and jerk off constantly, but then when I finally get my period I'm pretty clean, my appetite is literally gone, and I recede to my usual level of horniness.

No. 900945

Why aren't nicknames Betty or Peggy common anymore? They were cute.

No. 900953

Depends on what kind it is, but primarily to listen to it and enjoy what you hear.

No. 900973

Will musicians run out of tunes at one point? I mean musical notes have a limited palette

No. 900977

Considering there are currently so many covers or whatever (no idea what they're called) topping the charts, I think they already did.

No. 900979

iirc Peg(gy) was short for Margaret? where did that come from?

No. 900980

Your oat milk is probably off by now nonnie but with any kind of milk (i usually have soy around) I use it in a roux for any sort of pasta bake. Just throw in pasta with the roux (flavoured with cheese or nutritional yeast) and some veggies, throw it in the oven and you have a bake

No. 900984

My family is italian so I have the genes for good gnocchi making, and I actually have some home made ones in the freezer atm.

You can use any sort of white potato for gnocchi reallllyyyy, they'll just provide varied textures for the gnocchi. I usually use just the cheapest, white brushed potatoes and they've held up pretty well.

Also huge tip, and the reason I'm writing this post, is to NOT over kneed it. It'll come out chewy. You want to mash the potato as much as possible and then just fold the dough in before rolling it out. This will create a soft, melt in your mouth sort of texture.

No. 900986

Yes, BUT:
>It's an over saturated market.
>Most of them will only like to play with the findom fantasy instead of just handing you money
>most twitter sex workers will lie about how much they're getting
>The fetish itself isn't that popular
>You only really come across them if you're already a Dominatrix, and findom goes hand in hand with other play

No. 900987

The famous ones at least, hence why a good chunk of the popular music in the later half of the past decade either barely had varieties in melody or was basically just melodic talking (think of Billie Eilish for example).
The amount of effects and ways to arrange are pretty much endless though.

No. 900988

Anons who use Notion, what template do you use?

No. 900990

Epilator or electric shaver for shaving my pubes?

No. 900994

Depends on your pain tolerance. If it's high, then epilator. If it's low, electric shaver

No. 900996

Sorry for the impending autism.
I'm surprised how many questions I can answer in this thread.
>why is it just OF that was supposedly being effected by Mastercard
They weren't, multiple sites were affected. The only reason OF is being talked about is because they're so popular.
The reason MC is cracking down is because they're now requiring 2257 records for any sort of adult media posted online. If there is a person in a video, they need to be identified. This practice has been around for years as a result of FOSTA/SESTA, but now they're cracking down on it hard. For clip sites this means every porn video you upload has to have this record of everyone in the video.
These records have to be kept in a physical file at an actual address, and that record has to be easily accessible. This gets messy when you consider a lot of sex workers do so from their homes, which means they have to pay someone to store that info, which can be expensive.
SO in terms of onlyfans, this means that every creator will (if not now, in the coming months) get this done and it's a LOT of work and a lot of policing every single one of their creators.
Instead of doing all this, OF just took the easy way out and banned porn.
Now, even though they've reversed this, I'm pretty sure they're still going to heavily crack down on it in future.

No. 900999

why asexuals specifically nonnie? It's not like they're going to rape you

No. 901001

NTA, but social media self-identified "asexuals" (the vast majority of them not even actually asexual) are annoying and obnoxious

No. 901033

is it normal to develop crushes on any well mannered guy who comes off intelligent no matter what they look like - this something freudian or what?

No. 901037

Their obnoxious but most of them are just young people who were either molested as kids and or were degusted by seeing pornography and turned away from sex, thats most Asexuals

No. 901038

ok say my iq is genetically low but i still manage to increase it despite my genes putting me in a disadvantageous starting position, will that new higher iq be hereditable? or only my genetically low one?

No. 901044

Kek of course anon. Everyone has at least someone who might not be their type when it comes to looks but their personality and education wins them over

No. 901059

Am I really an asshole for declining invitations to hang out with a friend circle, because their "main guy" is literally a neckbeard incel that stans Vaush and other weirdos, including Elon Musk. I don't want to spend any time around a person that supports these people and aggressively likes and RT their bullshit.
My friend thinks it's rude that I decline their invitations but I just don't feel comfortable even being around such person, it's a massive walking red flag to me.

No. 901074

Denying that sounds like a self defense mechanism if anything, but then again I'm an asocial freak

No. 901077

you should start going to these things and bullying this guy and anyone who shares his opinion. even if they don't fuck off they'll learn to shut up around you and your other friends will get off your back

No. 901101

I want to get organised because I desperately need to get my shit together and want to do either a bullet journal type thing or do it in an app (tried to get familiar with Notion and so far it's a little too complex for me). Which should I pick?
I need a daily to do list, a monthly calendar and some lists (reading and movie list) and also a general journal part. Since I'm trying to curb my Internet addiction and also trying to just use generally less digital media, so far I'm leaning towards a physical notebook but an app seems more simple (you don't need a pen to start writing stuff you can just type right away)

No. 901131

Is it nasty to skip vacuum cleaning and just go straight to mopping? I hate vacuum cleaning

No. 901132

File: 1630857655312.png (512.68 KB, 1000x1000, Daily_Log_fa67df44-c02b-4912-b…)

A bullet journal is quick, easy and customisable to your needs if you use it how it originally was intended (not with all the intricate drawings and tens of supplies)

There's also a bullet journal app but idk if that's useful or handy.

No. 901143

Thank you, I decided to join the bullet journal club (cult?) kek. The other thing that made me pick it other than the fact that it is a non-digital activity is that it has been showed by studies that writing by hand activates certain parts of the brain that deals with memory and also….just for the writing part itself. There's something really nice about just writing on paper with a pen as opposed to just tapping stuff in an app

No. 901180

A little, yeah. Wet dirt that glues to the floor unless you do another few passes with the mop. But you do you

No. 901188

personally that would gross me out because my long hairs get all over the place, hate pulling hairs off a mop it makes me gag

No. 901197

Nonnas, how do you manage your finances? Do you write everything down or use an app? How do you keep all your financial stuff organized?
I never really learned how to do this stuff but now that I have a bunch of credit cards, I really need to keep track of what I spend, the balances, etc. I’m thinking about getting a little journal for managing my accounts.

No. 901204

Is azalea banks really BPD or whatever people on here say she was pls answer can’t seem to find anything on google…

No. 901209

I honestly just use the notes app on my phone, plus my phone calendar to keep track of due dates and to jot down where my next paycheck should go. It’s organized chaos and I keep it contained by having only one active credit card and a few easily track able debts (two student loans).

No. 901220

Is the 'pimples around the mouth means you have issues with your digestive system' thing true or is it just an urban legend perpetuated by people who believe in holistic medicine?

No. 901223

I really doubt it's true, you'd see it somewhere other than in infographics and articles titled "Here's What Your Face Acne Is Trying To Tell You" then.

No. 901254

I use an app on my phone.

No. 901261

On workdays, when do you anons go to bed and when do you get up?

No. 901267

How often do you guys read or watch the news?

No. 901284

Can I write a dumb highschool tier math equation that asks to be simplified?
I don't want to get ridiculed.
I got all the other ones correct, and this one I cannot get correct, however it's a holiday tomorrow and my teacher is slow to respond already as is it.

No. 901285

Go for it, math is hard. If all else fails, you could use wolfram alpha

No. 901287

I go to sleep anytime between 11:30pm-1am, and get up anytime from 7:30am-8am. It’s not enough sleep for me— the perfect amount for me would be 10 hours. I think I might be mildly narcoleptic. I also can’t really push my bedtime later cause my body just sort of shuts down lol. I once hosted a house party and was like, ‘okay guys it’s time for me to go to bed, ya’ll can stay for a little longer or whatever’. My friends still tease me about it

No. 901293

Never. I just don’t care. There’s almost never any positive or inspiring news, just horrifying depressing shit.

No. 901297

Yes ask me I'm solving problems right now I'm all warmed up

No. 901306

Fellow anons who are trying to do digital detox, do you have a system for it? Like no tech stuff after 8pm or at least 1 hour every day where you don't use any sort of digital media?

No. 901307

or things like these

No. 901310

File: 1630871120131.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 24.72 KB, 610x218, D8CB4B0E-71E4-4831-887E-F17500…)

Screenshot from my ipad so idk how the quality looks like, sorry in advance.

They want you to simplify with positive exponent only.

No. 901311

anons how do you get white deodorant stains out of the armpits of black tops without using white vinegar?? I don't have any white vinegar in the house

No. 901316

I should mention that I have the answers available to me, however, I keep getting wrong and it's hard to ask wolfram alpha to simplify.

No. 901317

File: 1630871674007.png (35.46 KB, 1043x780, Untitled.png)

Is this right for the second one? I hope you can read it

No. 901320

File: 1630872104875.png (39.76 KB, 954x962, Untitled.png)

And this? I hope that's right and I don't embarrass myself

No. 901329

Hi anon. You're on both answers. I'm just figuring out HOW you got to the answers.
It all goes smooth and easy then the (-ab^-2)^3 how come the one in the bracket did become a negative, but only the one outside of it? Thanks again,
it helps a lot

No. 901330

Do asexuals masturbate? If yes, what do they think of while doing so?

No. 901334

Some do, some don't, it all depends if you are the type of asexual that doesn't have any sexual attraction or the kind that doesn't have any sexual feelings/needs

So the first type might just do it for the feeling of the orgasm, but don't necessarily think of anything/anyone during the masturbation session. I've heard some doing it for the results as well, like feeling more relaxed or calm, feeling more sleepy, etc etc

No. 901341

(-ab^2)^3 is equal to (-1)^3 a^3 b^(2*3). So that is -1 a^3 b^6. Whenever you have something negative to an odd power it's negative because -1 to an odd power is negative. And if you have it to an even power it's positive. Good luck

No. 901345

Samefag I have to go to sleep now but if you don't understand something I will tell you tomorrow

No. 901380

File: 1630875750421.jpg (377.49 KB, 1200x900, collage (1).jpg)

I was talking with my boyfriend about how beautiful some women are and how desirable it is for a commoner like me to look like a doll and showed him some instagram girls that I think look absolutely stunning. When he saw photos of these women (picrel, just created a collage of them to compile some of the pictures I showed him) he was weirded out and said that ''yeah they look like dolls but that is absolutely not desirable, they are weird to look at''. I was shocked to hear that since all of these women are absolutely stunning and I bet most of women would trade almost everything to be as pretty as they are. I also showed him some average/above average women and he agreed with me that they are indeed pretty. When I asked to rank picrel women from 1-10 he said that they would land on the 5-6 scala since they are weirding him out and that its not a good look to look like a doll. When asked to rank the average/above average women he replied with 7-8 since ''they arent weird looking''.
My question is: Why does he find average women more attractive than 10/10 beauties? Why did he find them to be weird and doll-looking and why is it negative to look like a doll for him? Wouldn't anyone want to look like a doll or is it just me?

No. 901385

it's sad when your scrote has a better facetune radar than you do.

No. 901389

Most men internally panic when their gfs ask them about other women's looks, they think it's a trick question and will try to answer with whatever they think their girlfriend wants to hear. Not saying this is 100% the case with your bf as I don't know him, but it's possible he was just trying to answer in a way that wouldn't make you feel insecure or mad at him

No. 901393

These women in the photos are pretty, but some of these have very obvious photoshop anon lol

No. 901397

might be because outside of top and bottom left they all look like they come from the royal instabaddie academy

No. 901399

was this written by a scrote? are you a scrote pretending to be a woman and trying to get validation? something about this post screams “i told my gf these severely filtered insta thots are 10/10 but she said that they were strange looking and that the average woman is much prettier and i think she’s wrong and should look like a doll for me. lolcow validate me pls”
if not seek help anon
i don’t like this post

No. 901401

Thank you anon, rest well!
I'll also rest and show you my work. You've been more helpful than my actual teacher

No. 901402

The amount of makeup and editing looks scary.

No. 901406

Using Instagram filters, lip fillers and making a thotface is the opposite of attractive. I don't think that look is popular at all outside of coomer communities that look for sex only.

No. 901417

File: 1630877929693.png (Spoiler Image, 174.65 KB, 500x827, rule-30-there-are-no-women-on-…)

really living up to the thread name here, but do men (apart from trannies) really pretend to be women online? And if so why? Is it always sexual? I've never seen this happen first hand because I've been on only female dominated websites most of my life

No. 901421


why the fuck would you include an image of a guy with a bunch of dead strangled cats

No. 901422

sorry that you had to find out this way but any website that caters to women will always have 30% of role playing scrotes trying to either cope with their existence as men or want to find a victim

No. 901424

nta Oh my fucking god i didnt even notice

No. 901425

fucking christ. it's awful but I kek'd

No. 901430

omg anon I didn't even notice the picture, it's one of the first examples of the "there are no girls on the interent" meme I found on google. I'm sorry kek

No. 901433

He's just saying what he thinks you wanna hear

No. 901436

Men only feel joy when they are attacking something. Not rocket science, anon

No. 901441

ayrt, i's just a label that attracts annoying whiny snowflakes

No. 901442

Believe it or not but some scrotes can also sense when something is off. Some of these girls are kinda uncanny or too fake looking.

From what I've seen they either do it for fun or attention.

No. 901452

I'm note really sure, but I assume you mean antiperspirant stains, which are usually from aluminum. I think the vinegar works just due to its acidity, and people use white vinegar because it has no color of its own. So I think anything else acidic and colorless has a chance of working, like sprite or seltzer/club soda, but as these are weaker acids than vinegar you may have to soak the stain longer or multiple times to see results. It's also possible that the aluminum has reacted with the dyes, though, in which case it won't go back to black even if you get the aluminum out. If you don't use aluminum-containing deodorant then idk, try any cleaning agent you've got that won't bleach the fabric (rub in dish soap/laundry detergent and let it sit a couple hours then rinse out).

No. 901455

what the fuck does "comphet" mean

No. 901458

compulsory heterosexuality

No. 901471

these girls are pretty but they look like some baddie bitch alpha cc in sims 4

No. 901519

How do you dance without looking like a straight up retard? (at clubs and concerts and what not) I seriously have no idea

No. 901528

does anyone else have a fear of growing too tall? ive been 5'4 since 8th grade and i feel like i just grew 3 inches overnight

No. 901548

It depends of the genre and tempo/rhythm, some genres have specific moves and choreos too

No. 901554

Idk how scrotes see it but women have a natural charm to them and fillers/heavy makeup diminishes that imo. Maybe that's just my personal preference but I prefer "real" looking women with their own natural quirks and individual tastes. Also stop asking your moid to rank random internet girls that can't be good for your self esteem

No. 901558

He's lying to you

No. 901569

Has anyone been upset or let down that you didn’t get a “cool” rh-negative or rare blood type? Idk my blood type and would like to know someday whether it’s positive or negative blood; I do know my sister is O but is not sure on which side which might be closer to the truth for me in regards of identifying one.

No. 901571

There's no way to get comfortable other than throwing yourself into it. I never danced at all in public past the age of like 6 until some years ago I decided to try to get more comfortable dancing in public so I went to a couple lame ass dubstep shows at clubs across the city from me, where I probably wouldn't know anybody, and just, idk, probably flailed like a retard, but I feel like it broke the ice for myself. It was dark, I wore a hoodie, I didn't gaf about the music, I didn't want to meet any of the people there, it was kind of fun. I probably still look like kind of a dancing sperg but I can just be kind of goofy about it and I'm fine with that, I'm not trying to be some kind of sexy person.

No. 901583

I started dance classes when I was young and it took me a year before I stopped being totally awkward and unco, idk how most people develop body awareness without regular lessons but I'd say you just have to practice on your own. Maybe learn dances on youtube, obviously you won't be doing choreo at the club but you can learn some basic moves and get used to the timing. Or you could take actual classes if you're that dedicated.

No. 901588

lol I used to have the same thing when I was a teen, along with being sad that I didn't have a cool eye color (weirdly enough, I got my my blood type complex from a manga about bread). Having a common blood type is actually really advantageous though, it means that it's way easier to match you up with a blood donor.

No. 901607

why exactly are designer label clothes so much more expensive? surely all clothes are designer in that someone designed them. I genuinely just don't understand what drives the price up

No. 901611

It's a couple of factors - the textiles are higher quality, the fabrication of each piece takes longer, more design and research go into each piece, and workers at all stages are generally better compensated. All that aside though, the primary reason designer clothing costs more is because they cater to a small and wealthy clientele.

Because there are fewer pieces sold overall, relative price per piece is higher because they don't have access to the economy of scale factor that most large clothing makers have. More importantly though, they want their clothing to seem more exclusive and therefore more desirable, and keeping prices high keeps designer clothing out of the hands of customers they don't want to be associated with. That's why designers are currently throwing a fit over secondhand luxury retailers like the realreal - they never planned for products from past seasons to end up on the secondhand market, and they're afraid that it's going to affect the perception of their brand, as well as their reputation as the sole provider of their brand's goods.

No. 901614

Scarcity and reputation that the brands have. Depending on the item only a certain number of it will be released and only for one collection. Reputation has to do with getting celebrity and upper class people to wear it so that the prices can be jacked up out of reach for middle-lower class that they dont want destroying their brands image. They will even burn old or slightly damaged product rather than sell it because it should always have a prestigious image instead of allowing common people to have it. Some brands genuinely make their stuff in-house which raises the price instead of hiring third world factory workers and usually those brands focus on good construction with the best products. In my opinion that's the only sort of "good designer" compared to the sweat shop producing peace of shit ones. Outlet stores also supposedly produce lower quality lines compare to the official store versions. This happens a lot with purses.

Ok now my stupid question if you had a blonde with a redhead would their kids only come out as either color or is there a chance hair colors mix? Can someone with blonde have a kid with a brunette then the kid comes out dirty blonde? Asking because of character design stuff between two parents.

No. 901659

i have a rare blood type and i get HELLA mosquito bites. not worth it kek

No. 901666

Are you AB negative? I'm AB negative and I'm eaten alive by miskeeters all the time

No. 901667

How can you literally maximaze your beauty in every way possible? Are there also secrets like what specifically wear or what color?

No. 901671

O negative! The skeeters love that negative blood.

No. 901676

our negativism can attract a swarm!

No. 901680

Would be hella funny if I had rh blood as those are my initials but I wouldn't want it because of the problems it can cause during pregnancy, even though i don't particularly want kids. Would be cool to have type O negative though, I could say goth runs through my veins.

No. 901697

am I still a lesbian if at 28 I discovered that I would probably suck Andrew WKs dick

No. 901706

No. 901707

is "fam" just another way of saying "guys"/"y'all"?

No. 901708

It's short for family, just a casual way of referring to people you're close to.

No. 901713

I mean I know it's short for family but I've seen people people on the internet saying fam like "how's it going fam"

No. 901717

That just means it's overused.

No. 901741

So yes, it is used in the same way as y'all, like anon said in the first place. Thanks for playing a stupid little game.

No. 901808

I hate that show What Not to Wear, but they're right that silhouette is important. Framing your face shape, your head shape, and your body shape. Also, just copy girls you think are pretty.

No. 901817

There's definitely types of clothing that look better on your bodyshape than others and colours that look more flattering on your skintone than others.

No. 901819

You could have a mix of colors. Read here, it's explained https://genetics.thetech.org/ask/ask189

No. 901820

Why do so many people obsess over made up relationships between fictional characters someone else wrote? Why do they write long fanfictions and essays about it? And why is this a cornerstone of most fandoms. I never got the appeal.

No. 901829

File: 1630933294811.png (550.67 KB, 719x624, gqpkgh6vcif71.png)

They're usually horny and emotional young folks, who're figuring out relationships. Fictional relationships are a safe, personal imaginary testing ground for that, but with poor self-regulation shit gets too personal. They're taking their perceived romantic needs and putting them into relationship dynamics and characters that they find interesting. Think about it this way: It's a bit like having imaginary friends all over again but this time you have a basic grasp of romance and sexuality. Fanfictions and essays are an expression of that, and people know that if they execute them well, they get validation from like minded people who seek comfort from these fanworks.

No. 901831

which means they attach a lot of emotions to all of it and every bit of disapproval feels like an extremely personal attack (samefag)

No. 901838

Do you think I should leave my job and pursue a career in art? I’ve been drawing since I was little but as things came up in my life I started drawing less and less but I still doodle and come up with ideas for things. I’d like to take a year and just completely take art seriously and put myself out there but the problem is I live with my parents and I don’t believe they’d let me stay without a job for a year. The problem with my job is I work long hours (basically sunrise to sunset) and on my days off I just want to catch up on sleep. My house can be noisy at times, that also makes it hard for me to focus on drawing. I have over 10k in savings and I thought about going somewhere else to do this but I’d like to save as much money as possible. Any advice is appreciated

No. 901841

That makes a lot of sense anon. Although there are adults like this too. I tried to discuss a tv-series with some grown ladies recently and it devolved into them going on about the possible romantic relationship between two charactersin the show and one started talking about how she wrote fanfiction about them. All other attempts to discuss the plot was shut down after this. You can't escape shipping anywhere it seems.

No. 901842

Anon, try to find a part time job instead if you really want this to work. What exactly are you hoping to do with art? Are you going to open commissions and sell merch online or are you going more traditional and trying to sell paintings? Do you have any previous experiences and do you have a sizable fanbase already? If you're just trying to git gud it might be best to just find a less taxing full time job and get the practice in rather than dropping everything just like that for a risky endeavor. I work as a part time graphic designer and sell merch on the side and it works very well for me plus the skillset I learn from my work benefits my merch store. Something like that could work without you dipping too deep into your savings?

No. 901845

Is there a phenomena of lesbians going for straight women like there is with some subsets of gay men going for straight men?

No. 901858


Hoping to improve, build a fan base, then sell merch. I took down my Instagram a while ago because I wasn’t consistent so im starting from scratch and rebranding (didn’t have that many followers anyway). A part time job sounds good. I’m still not confident enough to do any “professional” work like graphic design cuz I don’t have experience and or a degree but practicing through work would be great.

No. 901864

some certainly do, but I doubt it is as widespread

No. 901865

Any sleep meditation videos/podcasts that anons here have found effective? Particularly when my insomnia is anxiety-induced?

No. 901868

I have a lot of dvds I want to get rid of but a lot of the cases or covers are slightly water damaged so I don't think charity's would want them, do you think my best bet is to put them for free on fb marketplace and hope someone wants to take them off my hands? I feel like if I throw them in the black bin the bin men will be angry at me

No. 901871

I might actually buy a cd sleeve case thing and store them that way

No. 901877

I bought plastic sleeves for a 5er and will store them in a shoebox, just need to bin the cases now.

No. 901909

Orange juice, apple juice, or grape juice?

No. 901911

Orange juice babeeey

No. 901916

Grape juice, it makes everything taste fancier, now I also want to get some grape juice.

No. 901924

Grape if it is whole grape juice, otherwise orange

No. 901927

How/why do I have stretch marks on my tits even though i’m basically flat chested?
Could I have got these when I was chubby as a little kid?

No. 901932

I believe it is more a matter of how fast they grew, I am only a B cup but I have some, my breast developped to their current size super fast once I hit puberty

No. 901935

Orange juice. Apple juice is sickeningly sweet, same with grape juice

No. 901936

what caused the recent uptick in interest about amberlynn reid? I didn’t hear about her for years but have seen her mentioned a bunch of different places the past two weeks

No. 901940

probably her getting cancer

No. 901942

She got dumped by her gf of 4 years (they'd even been engaged) she cried hard for a few days and then started calling some online person her new 'wifey'

It came out that her and the ex never had sex in their years together and now she's rushing into securing this new person that people think is some hypersexual tranny. It's a fun shitshow right now

No. 901944

Is Utena streaming now or something? For some reason it got super popular in the last couple months with normalfags

No. 901946

When you cheek-kiss someone, which cheek do you go for first?

No. 901950

Left, but it doesn’t matter because there’s always going to be a few awkward moments in which you do a face dance to figure out which cheek will be given to you to kiss.

No. 901956

the butt cheek

No. 901959

kek so it's not just me

No. 901969

I just don't kiss people like that. I think when I was a kid my grandparents did this at family reunions and that was the last time I experienced it

No. 902029

If you publish an ebook on amazon what kind of communication do you get when someone buys it? if any

A friend published a small poetry book so when I had a prime trial I read it for free using that. I can imagine only a tiny number of people have read it but I read it a day after she told me about it… and I don't really want her to know I read it. Would she already know?

No. 902032

is possible somebody buys your internet history? there a stalker who keeps copy pasting things i wrote on other sites to wherever im commenting. i use antivirus and there been a trojan that is in quarantine, can that spy on me?
sorry im esl

No. 902041

What happens if a scrote pees inside of a vagina?

No. 902072

I like this one, it's kinda cheesy but usually works for me when i have anxiety.

No. 902076

File: 1630952559531.jpg (16.49 KB, 425x428, 9653246887.jpg)

No. 902081

Does an unshaved bush make swamp crotch worse? I'd imagine the hairs would sort of preserve the sweat

No. 902087

I tend to sweat from my thighs down there so the bush acts like a barrier.

No. 902093

I feel clammier when I'm smooth, I notice it in the morning in particular. Someone asked this same thing about armpits before and it was 50/50 but hair helps me feel dry

No. 902094

Is there any chance I could ever find a handsome bf whose dick isn’t crawling with STDs from the thousands of women he has had sex with? It seems like every handsome guy is a massive manwhore who fucks everyone and everything he can. Are there any handsome men with some grace and a sense of class who just had long term relationships instead of a history of mansluthood?

(Sorry forgot sage)

No. 902095

This is when a handsome virgin man would come in handy.

No. 902098

Getting tested at the beginning of a relationship isn't uncommon.

No. 902102

Hair helps wick away sweat, unless you're very hairy (which just keeps in heat) then it wouldn't help to shave.

No. 902104

Yeah you kidnap them from the amish community

No. 902106

How do you know amish men aren't secret sluts?

No. 902109

Someone's always watching in the community and they get worked too hard to have energy for it

No. 902110

I've met some pretty cute mormon guys who were intensely virginal. They tend to have that ben shapiro look and are trained to be very courteous and friendly so they can go on their missions to convert third worlders. They also tend to be off the wall misogynistic though, in a weirdly naive way.

No. 902111

Aren't they into polygamy? No thanks!

No. 902112

amish men are kind of inbred-looking

No. 902113

I bet there is a lot of secret dicksucking going on since men and women work in seperate spheres all day.

No. 902127

how do i find a microwavable bowl that doesn't come out extremely hot

No. 902146

Do horses actually enjoy when a persone rides on them? Every horse rider or owner seems to go on and on about their magical connection and how they (the horses) have fun running with them, but I can't help but think that the horse does enjoy running around, but hates that a human is on their back and puts all that harness on its face and body and keeps pulling a it or whatever. Don't they fucking despise it?

No. 902163

In general how much time passes between meeting a potential bf/gf for the first time and having sex with them?

No. 902165

it depends on the situation but i would say anywhere from a few weeks to a few months. if i fuck someone right away, theres no way we could have a real relationship.

No. 902178

I've had bfs where we hooked up right away and had nice long-term things and have dated where I waited and things didn't work out so idk! I would say not on the first date at least if you can help it kek, knowing what I know now I'd probably hold off a monthish.

No. 902186

Whatever the standard amount of time is, it tends to get shorter the older you are.

No. 902190

I really don't think the horses like it at all. I was obsessed with reading about equestrian sports for a while (just because I love the clothing and gear), and the people in those communities are always trying to create this artificial dichotomy between their own inhumane practices and other slightly different inhumane practices utilized by "bad" riders. Like "oh, isn't it awful that so-and-so was using a curb bit? You could totally see that her horse had all this bloody froth around its mouth, unlike my horse who I use a snaffle for and who only produces huge amounts of regular colored froth."

There's also this creepy fascist-feeling dog training aspect that really emphasizes dominance on your part and complete submission on the part of the animal. I understand that you need to exert a certain amount of control over a large animal that can hurt you, but the whole keeping your horse in a state of sedate confusion by constantly making it second guess itself so it'll relinquish control of its body to you feels weird and a little sociopathic. You really can't bring this kind of stuff up around horse people though, because they'll instantly accuse you of not knowing what you're talking about (as if it takes an intimate knowledge of horses to see that an animal that's frothing, tossing, and rolling its eyes isn't happy).

No. 902218

How easy is it to work as a pro domme?

No. 902229

6 months. If he can't keep it in for that long and be around you without trying to do anything but fuck then it's useless.

No. 902238

Why don't gypsies/romani people stay in one place? Or do they do that in modern times?

No. 902241

Most of them do, especially Sinti.

No. 902243

Stay in one place, that is.

No. 902245

maybe the bin men will take them

No. 902251

In the past gypsies were forced into social housing while some of them bought land and moved into static caravans. A lot of them still travel and there's also what's known as new age travellers who are basically hippies that travel around to different places.

No. 902252

If I have a 25 inch waist will 25 inch low waisted pants fit me? I mean technically yeah, but they dont sit at the waist but the love handles which isn't the same size as my waist. So which size should I get? Size up or is it still my normal size?

No. 902261

I live in northern europe and most gypsies here seems to be beggars living in camps. I don't get why they don't try to settle down, it doesn't seem like a great lifestyle.

No. 902262

Why does the saying "the perfect crime does not exist" exist when there are so many unsolved crimes? Shit like DB Cooper is basically a perfect crime.

No. 902264

They don't like it, they're "broken in" to obey humans. Ie tortured until they submit.

No. 902269

unless the description for the jeans specifically mentions that the size given is the waist measurement (like if it lists the size as 25"), I would go with your normal pants size/the size that best fits your hips. At most retailers, the denim sizes only roughly line up with the actual numbers - like size 26 jeans might actually have a waist size anywhere between 25"-31" depending on how they're supposed to sit.

No. 902271

That's really sad. I get that they were an important transportation method in the past but horse racing and such sports just seems cruel now.

No. 902276

I don't know much about horses but I think if you actually tortured such a powerful animal it would probably kick the shit out of you

No. 902278

it doesn't count as the perfect crime if all of the money is washed up unspent and you probably die on the way down

No. 902296

Horses are powerful, but they're not very smart so humans can control them by exploiting certain physical reflexes (like their tendency to go in the direction their head is turned). Most modern-day breaking doesn't utilize actual beatings anymore, but they do rely on putting horses into a state of discomfort and confusion by making them do stuff they dislike, like walking backwards or turning side to side rapidly. The horse is subjected to this until they eventually get so tired and overwhelmed that they kind of just shut down and become obedient. It's all pretty sick if you think about it.

No. 902341

I keep crushing on cute boys and it's becoming a real problem.
I work as a waitress in a tourist area so I see new people every day, and I get totally distracted when I see cute boys, wondering whether they think I'm cute too and trying to give them the best service possible. My chest gets all fluttery when I talk to them!!
I want to stop it; I know there's no point in crushing so hard on random boys who probably don't notice me, and that men in general are not worth paying much attention to.
How do I stop it!! Please help.

No. 902357

How do I find out online whether or not someone is dead?

No. 902361

type their name into google and add "obituary." find their family's social media. i want more info im nosy

No. 902392

is picrel a new term? i've never heard it until a couple weeks ago

No. 902394

No. 902411

it's an imageboard term, it's been around for like 10+ years

No. 902428

Are you new?

No. 902430

no ive just been reading it as picrew and kept scrolling

No. 902467

Also having lurked various boards for 10+ years, "pic related" is not new but I’ve only seen "picrel" in the past year

No. 902483

What happened with the "lolcow is dying thing"? I don't want to read 100000 posts of fluff from that thread but i want to know if the site will die

No. 902487

File: 1630987856843.png (160.97 KB, 568x294, 6545345678.png)

It's been around for forever, picrel kek
I think I first read it in 2013 or 2014

No. 902507

did you see the /meta/ thread or the op for it? but basically if admin doesn't find a replacement by the end of this year, yeah. she hasn't updated on that yet, although she now has enough money to keep the site up for about another year thanks to rich nonnies

No. 902543

Do illustrators work only on a contractual basis? Or do they get sometimes employed longterm?

No. 902547

One of my pals is working full time for a production company illustrating backgrounds for cartoons, she's been with them for like 3 years.

No. 902549

I have a number of friends who are employed as full-time illustrators for publishing houses. I also know some who are employed in an illustration agency that gives them client/contract work.

No. 902571

WOW that second image! I remember the shitstorm that it caused years ago.

No. 902596

Why does chrome for mobile sometimes show the wrong favicon for a website? For example, google has the adobe favicon on my phone

No. 902599

I have a leather bag and the inside of it keeps peeling tiny leather pieces. Is there a way to stop this? Should I wash it?

No. 902621

Damn those are some very helpful answers anons, thank you. That's all very sad and it's kinda weird that such practices are romanticized to this day (the frothing and constant discomfort sound especially awful). I used to think that it was a bit like training a dog for agility or other sports (not in the dominance way and not sighthound races, which are both bad and idiotic), where the latter mostly thinks that its playing and just uses insincts it already has (running, jumping around, chasing things, sniffing, hunting etc.) but then I realized that it's completely unnatural for a horse to carry someone on its back and being led by them, it probably doesn't even understand what its doing and just physically obeys because its restrained.

No. 902631

Anons with AvPd, have you made progress becoming less avoidant? What helped you and how much did you change?

No. 902635

definitely do not wash it. i’m not sure how you’d go about fixing it but google ‘how to take care of leather bags’ - there are tons of guides from people who tend to collect real leather/designer bags on care and upkeep.

No. 902636

After an unexpected break up I uncharacteristically just up and bought a house at the opposite end of my country, I still don't socialize much but the move forced me to do all the adult things that I'd been avoiding or getting others to do for me for years. I've no fallback here and that makes me face shit when I need to.

No. 902665

if you were a (pre)teen during the Bieber craze, were you pro or anti Bieber? same question for Twilight. i was pro Twilight and anti Bieber

No. 902667

Anti-Twilight, Bieber Neutral

No. 902668

anti bieber and anti twilight because I was KOOL and not into girly things and when my friend had a birthday party and everyone watched twilight I played with the dog for an hour instead out of principle

No. 902673

pro-twilight & anti-bieber when i was a preteen and then also anti-twilight when it got too popular because i was not like other girls.

No. 902677

i liked twilight and hated bieber like he was the most despicable person ever though i secretly had a crush on him

No. 902681

My mom never let me watch Twilight because she's a twat, so I was anti twilight because of her. Beiber was my guilty pleasure but I would have never admitted that. Honestly I still haven't watched twilight.
My mom never let me enjoy things other kids liked, she always shat all over anything popular

No. 902682

Why do people stay in contact with their exes? Low self esteem?
I'd rather choke and die than speak to someone who hurt me.

No. 902683

Anti-both and extremely smug about it. I feel vindicated now with Bieber, though I respectfully keep my mouth shut on Twilight.

No. 902684

anti both because i was an easily influenced pseudo edgy emo kid who thought she was above everything mainstream while also being… you know. an emo kid, which was super mainstream. i was a horribly insufferable teenager.

No. 902699

Bieber neutral, had a crush on the Jacob actor (but only with long hair) and disliked Twilight. Still dislike Twilight, it's objectively badly written.

No. 902708

anti-Bieber covert pro-twilight

No. 902714

>There's also this creepy fascist-feeling dog training aspect that really emphasizes dominance on your part and complete submission on the part of the animal. I understand that you need to exert a certain amount of control over a large animal that can hurt you, but the whole keeping your horse in a state of sedate confusion by constantly making it second guess itself so it'll relinquish control of its body to you feels weird and a little sociopathic. You really can't bring this kind of stuff up around horse people though, because they'll instantly accuse you of not knowing what you're talking about (as if it takes an intimate knowledge of horses to see that an animal that's frothing, tossing, and rolling its eyes isn't happy).

These are really good points, anon. Thinking about how it's stereotypically sort of a "wealthy person hobby", I guess you could also say it's a pastime that keeps those types well-practiced in how they deal with others.

No. 902720

I didn’t like both, my mom loved twilight though, but I refused and I still refuse to read it because I really don’t feel like it. I like the parodies, they’re fun.
I don’t mind some Bieber songs though.

No. 902730

pro-twilight, anti-bieber (like, militantly anti-bieber too kek)

No. 902739

is it not kinda shady and against the ethos of 70s anti-capitalist punk for vivienne westwood's clothing to be so expensive?

No. 902742

Anti-Bieber pro-Twilight because my older sister's friend lent me her books and got me into the series. I was hesitant at first and I think I only watched the first two movies, maybe the third I don't remember much. I've seen a few clips online and I don't I can rewatch them now as an adult without cringing, it's like comically bad. I know teen girl interests get disproportionately shit on most of the time but that still doesn't make it any good.

No. 902749

I always thought that was weird too.

No. 902750

anti-both. not to be edgy I just genuinely couldn't get into either.

No. 902751

When I was on my early teens I used to have this thing where I would look at the mirror closely on the eyes and the reflection didn't feel like myself. It felt like someone else was behind the mirror, and it was an evil/scary person even tho there was nothing physically different. I don't think I've had this in some years but has anyone else here had similar experiences?

No. 902758

I don't know about the evil part, but sometimes I would do the same thing because I would forget what I looked like and then be surprised since I have never seen my body as the "me" it was always that the me was inside of the body

No. 902762

why does avocado make me feel bad? i ate avocado on bread for lunch for the past three days and i always feel weak afterwards, like i have low blood pressure.

No. 902766

I had this too but I blamed being on antidepressants. I still don't fully feel like my reflection is me but the eerie or creepy feeling has stopped happening

No. 902829

Is Bumble good for friends?

No. 902832

I think it's weird we never see how we actually look like to other people. We can see how we look in the mirror and in pictures but that's about it.

No. 902896

Maybe you're mildly allergic?

No. 902981

This just sounds like a certain subset of the horse community tbh, a way of thinking that certain older generations had that still influences some younger people. Those annoying 'I control a 1200lb animal give me attention' horse girls for one. There is a spectrum between 'force free clicker trainer' to 'pile on severe equipment and teach learned helplessness' with most horse owners falling in the middle. Just like dog people really. Consistency in riding is important for safety- the horse is getting feedback and learning from the rider constantly. Many riding instructors for beginners will say 'make him listen' meaning the rider needs to correct themselves and therefore the horse, to get the correct response so that the horse doesn't learn dangerous habits. Instead, this often leads to new riders fighting with an unsuitable for beginners lesson horse and having a terrible experience. There are shit hole riding places everywhere that do this, have kids kicking and pulling at either totally checked-out or agitated horses. Good riding is about timing and constant little feedbacks between horse and rider.

A lot of horses are in living situations where much of their exercise comes from riding and they seem to enjoy interacting people if they associate it with going out, especially in groups, and getting food. A lot of people say riding is like a fart, if you have to force it, it's going to be shit. The body language you all are describing sounds like bad riding- the head tossing, hollow backs, wringing the tail and wild eyes. Horses have very expressive body language. A small layer of 'froth' is normal though, it lubricates the bit, which is often a metal blend chosen for a zany, sweet taste just for that reason. If a bit is even used.

Breaking a horse in modern times is just getting the horse used to stuff, 'breaking in' like wearing a shoe to wearing the saddle. Its more a western (cowboy riding) term. Idk if used to mean breaking the spirit in old times or not. Most people just call it 'starting under saddle' now.

Also leading and moving a horse around with body language, driving away or drawing the horse towards you, and simple (not harsh) pressure and release is very understandable to horses because they are herd animals. Herd animals move eachother around in the same ways. If you watch a group of horses you will see it, either subtly (body language, some veryyyy subtle) or not so subtly (hooves, teeth, charging).

No. 903088

He’s from Northern Ireland I believe anon, it’s not a strong accent but I also believe accents vary a huge amount in Ireland as a whole.

No. 903100

How can I explain that I just want money for my birthday? People always buy me shit that clutters up the apartment and I'd rather very much prefer if they'd just give me some money Instead so I could put them to savings or get something myself later.

Should I just tell them to buy me a gifting card to some store instead?

No. 903110

I was anti-Bieber, because I found what he said about Anne Frank to be disrespectful (now that I think about it, I never looked up if it was a fake quote) and found him gross when I saw him say in some interview that he wants to have fun in his life and date a lot of girls (I was still in the romance-is-icky-and-so-are-boys stage of life). I liked One Time before that, though. I was too young for Twilight

No. 903118

Strongly anti-both, I even hung out on anti-Twilight forums for a bit kek. I didn't go into interne spaces to shit on Bieber but staunchly refused to listen to any of his music. I still don't care for either, but I do like Bieber's Purpose album, and I like his song Boyfriend, but ever since I noticed the high pitched sound in the background (one of the first things you hear), it takes the forefront of the whole song and the song has become unbearable for me to listen to.

No. 903121

I tried to stay in contact with my exes but it was terrible for my mental health in hindsight. I do have a friend who stays in contact with most of her exes, but she's an older, no nonsense type of person with a very outgoing with a really magnetic personality, so I guess she's able to stay friends with them as long as they didn't wrong her (and maybe she was the one who broke up with them so it doesn't bother her to still talk with them lol).

No. 903127

I'm suddenly very happy that I never got to ride on horses. Is there any way I can connect with them without being a rider? I've always loved horses and wanted them in my life somehow, but never got the chance…

No. 903132

>and the people in those communities are always trying to create this artificial dichotomy between their own inhumane practices and other slightly different inhumane practices utilized by "bad" riders

Case in point. This post just proves what anon above said.

No. 903134

I feel like just caring for a horse would be enough to connect, right? Feeding it, brushing it, petting it's nose, spending time with it just chillin in a field or some shit. Horses are so beautiful, no wonder unicorns are just horses with a weird spirally thingy, they just seem magical all on their own.

No. 903141

Maybe I should look for a horse sanctuary, though I imagine they have a lot of volunteers already, kek. Taking care of horses is insane, they have so many possible health issues

No. 903164

How do I stop feeling so heavy and sluggish throughout the day?

Even while sitting my limbs feel heavy and tired. I get approx. 9h sleep per day so it's not sleep deprival

No. 903167

File: 1631044136166.jpg (758.22 KB, 3439x2579, horses-eating-hay-549499867-57…)

Yeah you would definitely have to have the means to actually take on the responsibility of legitimately owning a horse. I love driving through the country and seeing all kinds of horses. Especially if it's rainy out or winter time and they have their jackets on, so fucking cute. If I ever have the opportunity I'd love to care for a horse, it would be worth it imo. I think I would choose sheep over a horse though because I could process the wool and that would be so rad. Ideally I'd have both heh.

No. 903194

File: 1631044927443.jpg (14.31 KB, 300x300, nameless.jpg)

What would you name this plush?

No. 903203

is there a legit way to unlock/jailbreak my iphone? or do i just have to get a fucking new one?
i cant unlock my phone from the carrier because i dont have access to my account, dont know the security question, and im in a different country so i cant use my old phone number.

No. 903248

Too poor to go see Twilight in the cinema but I found Edward hot, so pro

No. 903270

Helen or Maleena.

No. 903277

Dixie, for sure. So cute.

No. 903288

Do they like it though? Or do they just tolerate it? Riding isn't essential to be with your horse and form a connection, and I'm sure that it would be happy to just run around with you by it's side rather than on it's back, but I guess being on top of it and showing off that your horse obeys you feels good to a lot of people. If you have the space to ride a horse, then you have the space to let it walk normally. And no, don't compare it to proper dog training because it's hardly the same.

Honestly I think that if someone is caring for a horse and the horse is really comfortable around that person, it would probably let them be on their back for a short while and then that's it. But no horse enjoys painful harnesses, riding and being led around to jump obstacles or run races.

No. 903292

Thoughts on Cory Kenshin?

No. 903296

Can someone tell me why the Philly Kensington Avenue streets are like that? I'm watching videos from that youtube channel and I can't understand why nothing has been done about the filth AT LEAST

No. 903299

glad I'm not the only one nona

No. 903307

I like him but I don't watch him that often.

No. 903373

Damn, didn't think my hometown neighborhood would gain so much notoriety, kek. By my mom's accounts, 30-40 years ago it was nowhere near this bad, maybe a couple of bad drunks around at most. Even in the late 90s-early 2000s I remember it being pretty clean and safe for me, a child at the time, to go shopping there. It didn't get that bad until the 2010s. But it's had a bad rep for a loong time.
It's probably the largest outdoor heroin market in NA at least. I assume that it's also a sort of Skid Row situation, since Philly is such a hotspot for drugs they can't really have (or dont want to/like to have) drug trade moving around the whole city if police decide to clean up just Kensington. It's more conventient to give the junkies their own spot and try to cut down the market slowly from the main valve, i guess.
Besides that, local authorities just dont give a shit about the area. It's "the ghetto", it's where poor, puerto rican and black communities live, so ofc police dont give a shit unless pushed to. It's hard to crack down on such a large place, yes, but it's literally the US government, it's not like they dont have the recources. But if you actually visit Philly, the difference between Kensington and downtown, for example, is pretty much like night and day. That's my uneducated, anecdotal opinion from a sort-of-local.

No. 903386

Do most people do anything to keep their feet soft/maintained or no?

I feel like I must just be prone to getting hard skin. I deal with it and it comes back in no time. I've never seen partners or relatives do anything to keep theirs soft. Am I making it worse when I think I'm tackling it?

No. 903405

I think it may have to do with the shape of your foot/toes, the side pads (?idk? Like near the pinky toe) on my feet are always calloused no matter how much I scrub, scrape, moisturize, get pedicures. However the rest of my feet are fine, my heels dont get hard or cracked.

No. 903406

I don't see the point, unless your bf is a foot fetishist.

No. 903428

nta but I used to not care either, until I realized after seeing a post on here that there are female footfags, which basically guarantees that some percentage of normal women notice fucked up feet. Now I moisturize my heels if I wear sandals lol

No. 903432

Null doesn't. He has "gnarly feet". Why do I know this? Because I subbed to MATI to listen about cows. Bing a cow himself, Null couldn't resist sharing.

No. 903435

Honestly as long as your toes look okay nobody would notice dry/hard feet. Toes is toes

No. 903436

I don't date men or want my feet touched by anyone but there's a health point to it. If you start to get cracks in the hard skin it can get serious. I eased up on my routine thinking I was maybe overdoing it but then I started to get painful cracks. The type of thing they warn old diabetic people about.

No. 903442

File: 1631052064269.jpeg (28.9 KB, 340x328, better nun.jpeg)

looking for a post. I think it was posted a couple of months ago. It was describing how, in their workplace, the moids that work under her, so she started manipulating them. One way was going to them after they had obeyed her, and saying something along the lines of 'hey, I appreciate your contributions, not many people here are as hard-working as you as a way to get them to view obeying her as 'compete with each other, rather than obeying a woman. I also recall she would try to scare them by calling them to her office, making them fear that they did something wrong, but then just seem empathetic towards them

No. 903449

I think it was moid management? Something with management.

No. 903455

File: 1631052872806.png (422.19 KB, 521x490, 201662829_942030366597468_7401…)

kinda wanna find it myself lmao sounds amazing

No. 903526

I was also pro Twilight and anti Bieber. Tho I'll admit a big part of why I got into Twilight was because of my mom. We were at Blockbuster not too long after the first movie got released to DVD, and she decided to rent it and we watched it together. We then ended up seeing the rest of the movies together in theaters (aside from the last one, which I saw with my best friend) kek. I'll admit I kinda liked the song Baby for a hot minute but I jumped on the hate bandwagon to be cool.

No. 903578

Why are my hands, feet, and tip of nose always so cold? I don't think I have that Raynaud's disease because they don't change colour, they're just cold everyday.

No. 903583

File: 1631059636547.png (186.62 KB, 400x750, cf5.png)

Do people still pay for music? I heard pirating isn't exactly popular with zoomers so I'm curious

No. 903600

I get spotify for free and I use youtube vanced for music that's not on youtube. Fuck paying for music unless it's a really small band but then you can just buy their merch to support them.

No. 903601

*music that's not on spotify. Sorry

No. 903604

You don't move enough?

No. 903676

File: 1631066457785.png (152.29 KB, 500x374, 1588326401321.png)

Philly local here. A few reasons:
>kensington is a dope tourist destination
We have the best heroin on the east coast lol. People literally travel here for it and then they stay
>locals don't really care enough to clean it up
Any pushes to solve it gets pushback. Safe-injections site proposals, cleaning up the trash, police involvement, etc, locals complain about it one way or another. The result of this is nothing gets done. Throw in some suburban hippies who try to "help" but ironically make things worse.
>it's isolated and conveniently located
Unfortunately, Kensington ave is also out of the way and easily avoidable. A good chunk of the avenue is under a major transit train that runs though the majority of the city. If they need to beg for dope money, they just hop on the train. Our transit shut down one of the major stops for a month earlier this year because of this shit: https://6abc.com/septa-stop-closed-market-frankford-line-mfl-kensington/10420216/
>kensington was always kind of unfortunate
Low-income demographic, it's under a long train overpass so it always seemed really sketchy. It has gotten terrible pretty quickly, I'd say in the last five years because of
>homeless camp cleanups
The city has been ramping up on cleaning out homeless camps but these junkies don't just disappear. So where would they go where the police won't bother them?

Anyway it's pretty terrible. Feel bad for the businesses and families still living there.

No. 903677

I have a Spotify subscription because it has a decent amount of artists and I can use it at work. Before that I would pirate everything tho

No. 903678

File: 1631066491148.jpeg (389.94 KB, 750x490, 4A5CA991-E5C7-4C63-80CF-105B12…)

How do you guys feel about this

No. 903679

what am i looking at

No. 903680

male taylor swift looks on the spectrum

No. 903681

top from left to right: taylor swift, rihanna, katy perry?, beyonce
bottom from left to right: lady gaga, ariana grande, nicki minaj and adele

No. 903682

Spotify lets me download my podcasts

No. 903686

Very nasty gross would not touch any of them

No. 903689

Wow I recognized all but Gaga. Hers is particularly convincing but probably because it's a casual pap pic and she's not dolled up like the others

No. 903691

why does nicki look like a mexican uncle

No. 903696

why do intelligent, beautiful, talented women go for condescending sexist, ugly, greasy scrotes? like girl you have everything going for you and yet you still pick Dickwad McStinks instead of a guy who at least washes his hair and can speak to women without mansplaining?? why is this, i don't get it

No. 903702

Maybe they aren't as intelligent as you thought…or they're mentally ill

No. 903731

where to buy dildo and lube online that's not amazon?

No. 903732

File: 1631074573507.jpeg (984.88 KB, 1242x700, B0E894D7-83ED-43F4-BDBD-922C82…)

I know about apps like snow and b612 but what the hell are these Russian girls using?

No. 903740

Pirated Photoshop, they don't play around

No. 903741

Check local sex shops if they have online webstores

No. 903742

Low self-esteem, negging by parents and 'friends' into 'giving him a chance', being told they're stuck up if they're picky, lots of reasons.
My older sister is the full package and ended up having some retard's baby not long ago, after which the retard promptly left her. She got pressured into settling down ASAP now that she's early 30s by our parents who broke her down over time because she was being 'too picky' and 'was going to die alone'. Which IMO is a lot better than raising the child of a balding degenerate with awful genetics. It's not like I didn't try to talk her out of it, but I'm considered the outcast loser of the family so it's not like anyone listened.

No. 903747

>if you don't get married and have kids you're worthless
>if you don't get married and have kids asap you're never gonna find someone
>if you have any standards at all, you're gonna get cheated on and you'll deserve it

These are the messages society sends to women constantly, and the perceived urgency + necessity results in women dating way down out of fear of becoming a pathetic old spinster. The nuclear family was a mistake, women who want kids should raise them with their female relatives.

No. 903785

Low self esteem and judgment from other people

imo I think women who don't want anything to do with men get shat on waaaay more than women who don't want kids.

No. 903844

File: 1631090506078.jpeg (158.21 KB, 600x853, AD07B3CE-5B16-4C52-A4FA-B33CF8…)

Are there anymore purikura aka print clubs/Japanese photo booths left in Southern California? I want to take silly over the top edited pictures again, they were so fun

No. 903846

id smingle smongle a maleor swift and a gentleman gaga, everyone else is a no. probably helps id smarsh magarsh them as women in the first place

No. 903850


No. 903861

I have been suffering from an allergy that causes blisters/ wounds on my hands but I can't buy steroids so it never heals, could that cause irreparable damage to my hands or is it not that serious?

No. 903903

File: 1631094373937.jpeg (77.44 KB, 750x386, 6A1BC637-E0AE-43EC-8486-7B9E71…)

Am I missing something or did Youtube forget to add back the “save to playlist” button on videos for mobile?? I have to minimize the video and press the three dots to save to playlist, which is an annoying extra step considering that creating shorts is useless and unrelated and honestly doesn’t fit in with the rest of the functions I should see when I’ve clicked into watching a video…

No. 903908

File: 1631094781478.png (12.46 KB, 720x152, Screenshot_2021-09-08-01-50-21…)

You have to scroll to the right and click "save"

No. 903914

oh ok I am just retarded. But youtube is also retarded because wtf this is a terrible design choice.

No. 903922

Probably a retarded question but if I'm using a work headset at home on my own laptop, can my company track what I listened to or watched?

No. 903928

What brand is the bra that you've had for the longest time? As much as I love shitting on H&M for their shitty materials, my longest lasting and most comfortable one is from there

No. 903932

Up to recently I would have said my VS bras. But last week I was having brunch at a fancy place and went to the bathroom and I had a big ass stain right under my boob. And it was greasy as shit. I googled it and seems like after some time of wearing one of the push-up bras, they start to leak. wtf man. It was super embarrasing. Fuck you VS!

No. 903933

Mine was a couple of Maidenforms I bought for half off at an outlet mall on a trip to the USA once. I get why they're so sought after by my friends (the brand's not available here in my country), wearing them feels like butter

No. 903934

I want to start an Instagram dedicated to vintage illustrators and their works. I would write a bit about their lives and share a few images of their work and I would focus on both famous and unkbown ones. What should I name it? 'Vintage illustrators' sounds lame

No. 903949

When you write it out I only realized now that scrotes never get those sentences said to them

No. 903952

Has anyone else tried tampax compak (or any other compact style tampons) and found the applicators place the tampons too low down?

No. 903955

It's gross when even people who should know better (should be wiser) push women to marry really young. I mean look around at all the unhappy or barely civil co-parenting relationships that it ultimately results in.

I never had kids but I married at 22. I was so insanely flattered that a guy was proposing to me and telling me he wanted me forever. It gave me a sense of worth that I never had before. I should've had a sense of worth already if I was raised better.

No. 903957

is it considered gross/ugly to grow your natural nails out long?
i used to grow my nails out really long in highschool, but now for whatever reason i dont like the way my natural nails look. i prefer acrylics but im broke

No. 903958

are you still married anon? my mom met my dad at 19 and spent 30+ years with him and then i guess decided that she was miserable the whole time and walked out on our family.
because of this im really hesitant to get married before im in my 30’s, or even at all.

No. 903960

It's not gross, especially if you keep them clean. Not any less gross than fake nails.
Although funny thing, recently on tiktok I noticed zoomers have an aversion to natural long nails. They're simply so accustomed to acrylics they can't comprehend people used to grow their natural nails long and paint them. When I was a kid all the women around me had longer natural nails and nobody thought it was weird. Acrylics took off in my country only like a decade ago.

No. 903962

Married at 22, seperated at 24 lol

No. 903963

It's not raggedy or disgusting if you keep them clean (and clean-looking), the shape is consistent and if they have good texture, healthy color, are strong and so on. My personal bias is that longer natural nails are actually pretty, and that they're even prettier with no or just clear nail polish on.

If your nails grow well then go for it. Not everyone has hair and nail privilege.

No. 903967

Shit gives me anxiety because I got married at 22 as well and last year was rough as hell. We don't even have kids yet. I want to get things to work out like they used to, but I don't want to use no damn baby as a tool to 'fix' a relationship.
Sometimes I doubt men even understand what they're getting into (or what they're about to put their women through) when they say they want a wife and a family. And my man is not even among the stupidest or clueless of males, I can only imagine what it must be like to get involved with an actual legit obtuse dumbass of a guy.

If a woman thinks they're being picky they should just go ahead and be pickier. Men can either improve themselves and get better at meeting women halfway, or they can perish mad and without offspring.

No. 903971

They do, when they start nearing 40, and even then it's "Sweetie have you maybe thought about getting a girlfriend? Is there any girl you like?"