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No. 347877

Have you quit social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, tumblr, etc.? Have you detoxed for a few months at a time? What has your experience been? How has this impacted your friendships?
If you haven’t quit social media, what would be a reason for you to quit? For example, people who only post themselves smoking weed on Snapchat or any other pet peeve.

No. 347887

I stopped posting on fb in late 2016 and in early 2017 I deleted my Facebook and haven't looked back. I had my profile since 2005 when I had to use my college email just to be able to register. I would say I was a very active user, sometimes hours a day. I nuked my insta shortly after fb and I stopped using snapchat when they did that UI overhaul I just really didn't jive with it. So, anyways.

I will say things are different now for me socially, but in a good way. I know this is not everyone's experience, but for me it really stripped away this vain/superficial later from my life. I no longer care about sharing whatever latest shit I bought, made, found, or new place I visited. I just have those experiences without the attached urge to "share." When I finally decided to quit, I remember looking through the feed and just feeling so.. I don't know another word besides pathetic, when I thought about how fake everything looked. I would think about how the person posting maybe framed everything in their picture "just so" and spent time writing a few drafts of their post. Or checking back to see their "likes" and just how sad that seemed to me. Again, it may have been just my perception based on the fact that sometimes I did those kinds of things, but the attached shame to it was just too much lol.

Also I can't remember exactly when it happened for me, probably around 2016, but suddenly all selfies became incredibly cringe to me and still do to this day, for the most part. Just kinda started seeing them as wholly representative of unchecked narcissism and it made me sick, especially anyone who posted more than one a month or so.

Privacy and data protection also became a huge concern for me over time, so that's obviously incompatible with fb.

This was just a few of many reasons, I won't get into them all here, but suffice to say I feel like I live a much more authentic life now without social media. I do miss updates/pics from the people I truly care about, but I see them irl and still sms text so it's okay.

No. 347888

I quit social media (mostly facebook) like 6-7 years ago, a few years after leaving school. I definitely don't regret it, I waste a lot less time and it has been great for my self esteem since I neither compare myself to others nor rely on likes or compliments on the internet to feel good about myself. I also really, really like the privacy, I hate the idea that anyone could look me up or that info about my life is easy accessible.

It has been terrible for my social life, it's very easy to lose contact with people. But I'm really socially lazy and put zero effort into maintaining friendships, and it might have been inevitable either way. I do miss people hitting me up, sometimes I wonder if there are friends who've wanted to reconnect with me or were interested in me and had no way to get in contact. I've run into old friends who've said as much on occasion.

I do have an insta but I only follow my immediate family and a couple of close friends, I don't use it except when I'm on holiday so my family know what I'm up to.

No. 347896

I gradually stopped using Instagram when I started going to a therapist. My issues weren't related to instagram/ social media but as my therapy sessions progressed my way of seeing and living life started to change and I found it more and more pointless to use it. Nowadays the thought of me using it again feels weird, even kind of juvenile.

I still have my facebook profile but it hasn't been updated in more than a year. I use facebook mainly for messenger and networking and I hardly ever open the news feed.

Other than that, never had twitter (it was never popular in my country) and my friend circle doesn't use snapchat (snapchat is more popular with middle and high schoolers)

No. 347900

I still use my Facebook and I have thought multiple times about deleting it due to privacy concerns. Now I don't use my full real name but I have been having this Facebook account for a really long time and I have classmates from high-school in my friend list and some friends/other people from my hometown. I don't want to delete it because it's the only way I actually contact people as I only use the messenger app from my phone.
I check my timeline once every few days for memes and I actually find it quite refreshing as I find a lot of them really funny.
I have an Instagram account where I do not post pictures of myself nor do I follow people I know. I only follow painting tags as I'm interested in art.
I agree that social media is swallow but I guess it has it's positive aspects.

No. 347904

I've deleted them off-and-on again over the years. I stopped using social media to communicate with people I knew in real life years ago. The only reason I keep making new accounts is because I want to view things, and most sites force you to sign up for them.

No. 347906

I quit using facebook when I realized that no one really gives a fuck about me or anything I post. I rarely check it now and don't really post anymore.

It didn't affect my friendships at all, because I have no friends and literally everyone on my friends list were people I haven't seen in years, if ever. Most were people from my high school whom I haven't seen for a decade or more, whom I weren't really friends with in the first place, anyway.

Couple years ago or so I had a meltdown and posted about how I wanted to kill myself and the only comment was from a girl I used to hang out with in high school making a dumb joke. That kind of made me realize nobody really cares, and I didn't really care either so I abandoned it after that. Comparing my useless NEET life to my old high school classmates who were graduating uni, hanging out with friends, travelling, starting great careers, getting married, having children, etc. was also depressing. Well, it's still depressing but at least it's less in my face now. 90% of what all my facebook friends posted were dumb memes so there's that also.

I also have a Twitter for posting art but it's been over a year and a half and I've been stuck at 10 followers(most of them bots) and I'm not much active so I'm thinking of just deleting it.

Maybe I'm just getting old, but I'm kind of sick of social media. I had a lot of fun on deviantart when I was a teen posting shitty art and making efriends but it all seems tiring and pointless now. I don't know why I was ever into broadcasting my boring shitty life and retarded opinions on the internet in the first place as if they mattered. It might be fun if you have some close IRL friends to do it with but I don't have that. And thinking back on some of the dumb shit I posted is just embarassing.

So I just mostly lurk on lolcow now. I feel like I have merely replaced one bad habit with another but at least it's anonymous and a bit less lonely here.

No. 347907

This is all super insightful! When I was a teen, I used to have every social media.
I had a tumblr blog that was so tacky looking.
My Twitter was pretty active, but I was letting the “fame” get to my head so I deleted without looking back.
I had a Snapchat, and I loved it at first, but I found myself over-broadcasting and not really enjoying myself when doing activities because of it. I also realize a lot of people on Snapchat have a tendency of repeating spontaneous moments irl when something funny happens so that they can record the moment and post it. This leads to fabricating moments that were genuinely great without a camera filming. Someone irl does this, they literally yell “Do it again so I can record you!!”
Facebook has always been my downfall. I used to have a full friend list! It was impossible to use the site like that because my newsfeed refreshed every few seconds. Also, my inbox was perpetually full and it was physically impossible to respond to so many messages. I loved the validation though, a little too much. I deleted that account and opened a new one with not even 1/5 of the friend list from the old account. From there, everything felt better.. until I realized that social media is just so overwhelming in general for me.
Even with my new Facebook, I found myself taking every interaction (or lack of) a little too personal. I’d become hyper-fixated on a person’s every interaction. I felt like I was micro-managing all of my “friends.”
I made an Instagram later on, which also ended up getting deleted because it just felt inauthentic to me and a bit overwhelming as well. People from my past were suddenly springing up, and I noticed everyone seemed to always be online. A fresh post garnered a lot of likes in just a few minutes.

Overall, I’ve just stuck with Facebook, but I need to come off it for a long time. I think social media can be cool, but I also do think that if you become codependent on it, it’s time for a break.

No. 347908

What does everyone consider a reasonable size for social media connections? Like how many people is “too many” people for you personally? What does a “good size” Facebook friend list look like to you?

I saw this video about how we are only meant for 150 people in our “circle”—which encompasses close friends, a romantic partner, family, acquaintances, coworkers, people from extracurricular activies.

No. 347912

I still have fb but never post, only use messenger and the marketplace function, which is pretty great to be honest. Also events in my area. Once a year I post something about where I am (I tend to travel and move because of my job) so it keeps everyone in the loop so to speak.
I'm highly considering deleting fb but I still have old friends who only use it, and I'm managing a few work pages with that account so eh.


I made a point to never post my face because who cares ? I only post places or food. I actually like looking back on my little diary of pretty pictures, that's it. I'm thinking of creating a pro one to share my drawings though as I'll probably get back to doing work for magazines.


My dirty pleasure. I love seeing my international friends do random stuff. I like the fact that people will send me pics of their cats and it won't bother me because there's no obligation to answer on snap, or save pictures.


Tried to connect with people there when I was job hunting. It was moderately useful. It's nice to have a pro feed that I can browse at work without feeling like I'm not doing anything.

No. 347915

I deleted the ig app and deactivated my main account for two weeks now. I use an app to anonymously watch/download stories tho.
I rarely post on fb because nobody cares, but I still use it on a fake account because I like lurking groups. And with a clean personal account I get summer jobs.

No. 347929

I deleted my tumblr account not long ago because of the TOS update. I used it for fandoms and art before, made a few friends on there but I'm not friends with them anymore because they became annoying SJW.

I use twitter for that instead but I barely have followers and I barely post anything myself. I have a few rl friends who are mutuals but they tend to send me links on our group chat to funny tweets instead of rting tweets so I'm wondering what's the point of using it. Once I replied to a post and a friend decided to give her opinion on our group chat which was annoying because of notifications.

I've been shadowbanned several times for swearing and I'm wondering if that's still the case but there's no way for me to check anymore. There's no point in using it anyway because I get likes on my tweets but nobody replies, and I don't like having monologues.

I use fb and instagram to keep in touch with people from college but I want to delete my accounts. They're full of ads and my friends' posts aren't even showing up on my tl as they should. I wish forums and imageboards were as popular as they used to be, at least people used to directly communicate in a non-awkward way instead of liking each others'posts.

No. 347930

I deleted my tumblr account not long ago because of the TOS update. I used it for fandoms and art before, made a few friends on there but I'm not friends with them anymore because they became annoying SJW.

I use twitter for that instead but I barely have followers and I barely post anything myself. I have a few rl friends who are mutuals but they tend to send me links on our group chat to funny tweets instead of rting tweets so I'm wondering what's the point of using it. Once I replied to a post and a friend decided to give her opinion on our group chat which was annoying because of notifications.

I've been shadowbanned several times for swearing and I'm wondering if that's still the case but there's no way for me to check anymore. There's no point in using it anyway because I get likes on my tweets but nobody replies, and I don't like having monologues.

I use fb and instagram to keep in touch with people from college but I want to delete my accounts. They're full of ads and my friends' posts aren't even showing up on my tl as they should. I wish forums and imageboards were as popular as they used to be, at least people used to directly communicate in a non-awkward way instead of liking each others'posts.

No. 347944

File: 1546431581887.jpeg (201.98 KB, 900x674, 023C5E3F-1145-421A-B80C-C6E960…)

I’ve been wanting to unplug for a couple of years, but I’m torn because I live in another country and social media is the easiest way to stay connected with friends/family (because only my parents or people who also live abroad have WhatsApp, and only a handful of my friends use chat apps like Line.) I mostly use FB to keep utd with events in my city these days. Maybe when I finally feel secure with everything here, I’ll delete everything. All it ever does is make me sad, anyway.

No. 347947

I use to be on everything, but have been without fb for over a year and haven't missed it. Haven't had insta for about 6 months and feel better. I keep twitter I like on that platform that there's less of having a profile and just more interacting about thoughts and issues. I'm jaded posting to social media and then people wanting more information and the gossiping and the weird comments people leave under photos and on your wall etc. I like twitter is limited. Also now if people want to gossip they have to text me directly for my take or info and it has just reduced the amount of bitchiness I constantly felt like I was dealing with on insta and fb. Idk. Not sharing photos online but still taking them to share with friends and family just feels more fulfilling than trying to show off online.

No. 347953

I haven’t had any social media accounts for a while, but I have to make a Facebook account for a college class. The professor said that Messenger has been the best system to use for communication and we have a fb group. I’m kind of skeptic about how that will go, like getting friend requests from old acquaintances and family unless I go crazy on the privacy settings.

I deactivated and deleted my original Facebook a few years ago because I never had anything to post on it. I’m 26 now and barely ever talked to any of my friends post-highschool. I guess it’s kind of sad but most of them moved out of town anyway.

Even though I don’t have any social media accounts I would still consider myself an internet and phone addict, I read ebooks and browse other sites for hours.

No. 347958

I use my facebook rarely. Never add family to any of my social media, as well as coworkers/employees. I only use IG for mainly public random shit. FB only had older friends who have families now and it's best to keep in touch like that. i have under 30 friends and i like to keep it that way. i can't do social media too much. I come here and watch random shit on youtube and that's it.

I would love to unplug for a month with my spouse and just go on vacation.

No. 347966

Mid last year I realized how negative my use of sm really was. I had people I wasn't very fond of added on fb, or people I didn't care for who interacted regularly with people I didn't like that I would see, and I think I reached a point where my own pettiness and negativity started becoming a burden.

On top of that, I was dumb and posted my art IG to a public FB group and some people on my friends list noticed, and up until that point I had kept my art and rl separate. It probably sounds dumb, but I just wasn't ready for it, and as my mental health plummeted, I stopped feeling confident enough to post art knowing people I saw every day would see it. So instead of just not posting what I drew, I stopped drawing for months.

I started with unfollowing people on fb which helped a lot, but abandoning it altogether was honestly one of the best things I did for myself last year.

I made a new IG and Twitter for my art that I kept separate from rl save a few close friends. I barely use IG, I never liked it very much anyway, but I actually really like twitter. It feels a lot more genuine than IG ever did.

No. 347984

I want to quit social media but I literally have no friends that live close to me anymore. All I have is my boyfriend. Everyone else is high school classmates, which I never want to see again lol. My closest friend lives a half hour away but she's a bit of a shut in like me.

No. 347986

I don't have social media anymore.

My experience has been I've found out alot about myself without others influencing my likes and dislikes or even my time. I put more time into hobbies like music and reading into my other interests. I'm able to be more ambitious whether it be with hobbies or life in general. There's no drama in my life anymore too so that's fantastic. I'm really at peace without it. Although whenever I talk to people in person they are glued to their phones or looking on Facebook. Which is annoying. Can't really have a conversation. That'd be a con I guess but I don't let it bother me too much, I carry on.

This was only easy for me because I simply have no more friends holding me down to it. Being a recluse in my teen years I think helped the ease out of it.

No. 347987

I've deleted FB and my personal IG/Twitter. I still run an activist IG/Twitter and a Tumblr page that I basically use for saving useful links. I still have a Pinterest but never use it so might delete that also.

Honestly feel like social media, for most people, is an overwhelmingly negative thing. There's a reason you don't keep in contact with 99% of people you meet; if you wouldn't give someone your email/phone number to contact you on, then you have nothing to say to each other and therefore seeing each others lives everyday is purely an exercise in voyeurism. I don't miss personal social media at all, and if I didn't need it for activism I wouldn't have it at all.

No. 347990

I want to delete my facebook but I'm afraid it will fuck up my spotify account because it's attached to it.

No. 347991

I have never partecipated in social medias. I just have a twitter account to follow profiles that post cute animals.

No. 347995

Email the spotify team and tell them you want to delete your facebook. they can make your Spotify accessible from the original email account you use to log in. That's what I did when I deleted my fake acc.

No. 348002

i remember deleting facebook when i was in high school. I have a twitter account, but mainly use it for following artists and i have two friends on there that live out of country so i'm able to actually communicate with them. other than that i have snapchat, but i don't look at stories/news feeds and only open it when i get a message on there.

No. 348004

Does anyone that uses LinkedIn find the site useful regarding job hiring?

No. 348006

Yeah. Helped me get a good job in sales a couple of years back. I just use it for networking now, and as a nice complement to my CV.

No. 348008

I have a love/hate relationship with social media. I think it's a huge time sink and the main contributor to shrinking attention spans and thirst for instant gratification, but it's a necessity for my job and I wouldn't have most of my clients with out it.

I have an old blackberry that I'm not going to replace until it literally dies (I love it so much) but as it's been off contract for a couple years, the OS isn't up to date and facebook instantly crashes it so I got rid of that and it was weird at first because I realized how I would automatically go to FB when I was bored and suddenly it was gone. I've been much more conscious of how much time I spend on any socials and have instead started scheduling time where I have to actually turn on my computer and sit down to post/engage. It's not personal anymore, I use it exclusively for work now and my head feels less foggy and I can focus on my tasks for longer periods of time because I have set limits on myself and use it as a tool now instead of entertainment.

No. 348009

File: 1546445062751.png (32.26 KB, 555x242, Skärmavbild 2019-01-01 kl. 16.…)

>What would be a reason for you to quit?
Pic related. I want to draw more which I did before the social media era.

Haven't used Facebook for years. I'm on instagram 30 min a day which isn't much anyways. Deleted twitter a year ago.
My Tumblr is kinda popular though and honestly I think it's super boring but I feel obligated to be active for my followers.

What really is time consuming and truly addictive to me is Lolcow and Youtube. I'm on lolcow several hours a day. It's such a nice escapism but I know it's an unhealthy addiction. Honestly help me anons how do I stop?

Also, I have a youtube videos playing 24/7 as background noise and I'm incapable of sleeping without listening to a certain youtuber. It's fucking crazy and I've been doing this for 6 years now. I wish there was some hardcore therapy for this shit

No. 348012

I felt "forced" to abandon social media because ex-friends and people I didn't wanna associate with any more kept finding my new accounts and harrassing me. Got rid of Insta entirely and blocked a ton of people on FB and I only have its Messenger app to talk to my bf.

A lot of the other people have my actual phone number still but the harrassing ones seem to forget real texting exists, so that's good.

Insta was honestly for the better because I was huge into posting the most mundane crap in Instastories and it was a drain on everything I did and made me look stupid and pathetic. Nobody cares about the new thing I bought and I shouldn't care about treating life as a show-and-tell.

I spend most of my online time on YouTube now because it actually makes me happy/laugh while being able to get other stuff done too, and I don't have to worry about upholding some pretty account or talking to anyone.

No. 348038

I stopped going on tumblr about 3 years ago and felt so much better for it. I wasted hours on that stupid site. A few weeks ago I logged back on and it was kind of sad to see the same people that I remembered posting the same junk over and over again.

I'm on FB a lot though since I have a boring office job and a lot of time to kill. I spend a lot of time here and on reddit too.

I have an insta but I only check it every few days and it's about a 50/50 chance that I'll just get jealous scrolling through my feed. I post maybe a couple times a month and part of me is like "be more active so that you can get more likes" but why bother? I spent countless hours on tumblr seeking validation and what did it get me?
I'll start to get jealous over how many likes/compliments my friends get on social media and it doesn't feel good. it's nice to look back on my own photos on insta as like a digital scrapbook but I hate how I get wrapped up in envy. It feels so petty and I'm getting too old for that. I've entertained the idea of quitting social media altogether but I don't know. Maybe I'll start with just a week and see how it goes.

No. 348041

File: 1546451498786.jpg (38.39 KB, 540x695, tumblr_p80kmeMEI41vkcieao1_540…)

I only have lurk accounts on Tumblr, Twitter and FB.

I would delete FB as it the only one under my real name, but i use it for Ads Manager and messenger.

I use Discord A LOT though.

No. 348084

Has anyone deleted someone off of social media, and have them ask you why you deleted them?
Or even worse, have a mutual friend ask you why you deleted that person? It’s fucking annoying

No. 348098

I quit social media because I felt I was putting myself on display for everyone to see, I never really enjoyed social media to begin with, so it was pretty easy.
First, it was Facebook, which my family actually forced me into (weird, IK, but I’m from a region with ~family values~, and I was young so I had to listen to them.) to keep in contact with extended family abroad, so it would be this constant circle jerk of saying “Merry Christmas”, “Happy New Year” “ILY, I miss u”, etc., etc. My feed was also just full of lame memes and straight up propaganda from my country, very low brow content all in all.
After that I looked into newer social media like insta and snap, and got pretty sick of it too, and now I only have a private snap which only close friends know about, and some people I met online. It’s more refreshing that way.

No. 348117

ive been trying to quit social media for years, it took until 2018 for me to delete facebook, twitter, etc. even though i was using them less often than before, id just replaced them with game apps and my time was just consumed with those instead. i deleted all game apps and even my instant messengers, replaced all of those with mmorpgs and old habits of staying up late into the night, isolating, and barely sleeping. removing social media from my life confirmed to me that i have a bad gaming addiction and was only replacing it with social media to convince myself i was "healthy" and "social" and "had a life." now i actually know what i need to work on in therapy.

No. 348118

Please don't take this the wrong way anons, but holy hell I need to quit lolcow. I spend too much time lurking on here for infrequent updates and rage.

No. 348123

I've grown tired of social media simply because the people I follow are boring as shit, I'm not interested in mundane details of their day, selfies or stupid, immature SJW-slanted clap backs for RTs. Everyone is too busy with trying to be popular and racing for the likes, so they rarely pay attention to what other people post so there's zero interaction too. They burn themselves out and either overshare or simply fabricate things to be more sensational. I definitely did it myself as well, and part of why I detoxed from social media was the thought of people reading what I'm doing in detail starting to scare me. Lolcow definitely did a number on me in that sense, the anons here can be massively nitpicky and catty about the cows' posts on social media. Third reason was the introduction of algorithm feeds. Posting hollow content continuously and jumping through endless SEO hoops is ridiculously retarded.

I prefer to talk to my friends via private discord servers and chats, and only follow accounts actually posting interesting content such as art, photography or sharing news for my favourite franchises. I miss the time people actually had websites and blogs.

Happened to me too. Linkedin can be actually useful, especially if you work in the business/sales/media/tech field.

No. 348196

File: 1546473025996.png (191.45 KB, 500x281, 1418806750991.png)

The amount of time I funneled into tumblr is downright embarrassing. I would go to work, come home, and go on tumblr for hours and that was my life. I ended up deleting my tumblr a few times, but after I remade it the last time, I have barely used it and am far better for it.

Recognizing I have an obsessive personality has made it much easier to avoid things which I can immerse myself in. I have a FB but I pretty much don't use it other than a means to organize get togethers and browse sale groups for collectibles I'm after. No snapchat because I barely have any friends to use it with, and I would rather fling myself off a bridge than go on twitter. The only one I actually use is instagram, but it's very casual and something I don't do more than 15 minutes at a time.

My interest in lolcow comes and goes. I can go months without going on it only to come back and browse 1+ hours a day. But as >>348117 realized, these sorts of habits are symptoms of bigger problems, and I've gotten good at reining things in before I get in too deep.

I do miss connecting with others, especially via fandoms. It was always kind of hit or miss, but once you clicked with the right person, it was always so fun. Even so, I'm so much happier out of the spotlight and keeping to myself and close friends. I'm hoping to eventually delve back into hobbies more after years of obsessive internet use.

No. 348207

Based on these posts, there seems to be a correlation between drama + not having hobbies in regards to social media. Many of you have said there is zero drama in your life now, or that you’ve picked up hobbies again.
I can definitely see the drama aspect. I’ve heard of people feeling left out after seeing their friends with other friends on Snapchat. I know someone who constantly overshares every single weeb/nerdy purchase they make. They constantly post about the game they’re playing, or anime they’re watching. That gives me second-hand anxiety, is nothing for our own consumption anymore? It’s amazing how much social media forces us to be a performance.

No. 348209

I hardly use lolcow anymore personally, this place has gotten way too aggressive and pointless in recent months.

No. 348216

I deleted FB in 2009 and twitter in 2014. I have a tumblr, but I don't really consider it social media because all I do is scroll through video game gifs and art while I'm on the train or something. I never post and have no friends.

Dropping social media was pretty easy for me, I moved a lot the last few years for work and was never in one place long enough to put down roots, and I don't care about any of my high school peers. My family is pretty unplugged as well and I just call/text/email if I want an update.

I now live overseas and due to that I kind of wish I had an easier way to keep up with people, but I honestly don't have many friends back home to keep tabs on, so I just message them.

No. 348290

Haven't had a Facebook in years, i got threatened by a douchebag ex in a really bad way and with all the privacy controversy and getting tired of being forced in a weird way to acknowledge my family i didn't look back. Its nice. I have to use a lurking account for if i ever want to look anyone up though.

I have tumblr but I'm just not using it as much anymore. Went from sort of sjw to kind of radfem and i can't be bothered with the opinion policing anymore. I just use it for my dumb ass hippy shit.

I don't get all these new social medias. Tumblr i got into a little late but it was familiar enough to me. Now i feel like an old person just like what is this instagram and snap chat shit. Never really liked twitter.

And then lolcow i just come and go. I can't spend hours on it like i used to though.

I used to be a pretty active kiwi. Faded away because i never could get down with the edgy bullshit. Now i just browse. I don't necessarily hate them but i have mixed feelings about the way they do things sometimes. If it takes down some child abusers and shit though I'm down.

I browse reddit but i can't be fucking bothered a lot of days. Tried to interact on some communities of interest lately and tbh for every decent conversation you have the occasional pedantic as shit nitpick or try hard asshole and they are way stressful and lame.

I feel like I'm growing out of the internet in general lately and i guess that's a good thing since i need to stop being a NEET piece of shit.

No. 348291

Now that I'm on the subject, I think I need to go to my accounts and delete. I haven't used them in a very long time and they add no value to my life anymore. I know it's popular to hate the internet/social media because you "waste" time, but I enjoyed it up into a certain point and learned a lot from the conversations and reading. I'm autistic, the internet helped me improve my social skills and find resources to deal with my mental illnesses. If not for that, I may have already attempted suicide. When I couldn't leave the house or find a therapist, the internet connected me to the next best thing. That being said, I'm moving on with my life now and finding better ways to manage. There's only so much that reading can do for me, and now I need to actually apply what I've learned. I'm thankful I was born in a time with a resource of all the world's libraries at my fingertips.

No. 348296

It's dumb as shit when they're so wrapped up in it to where they even notice and get bitter about it.

Even worse when you delete your own account and people fucking come at you as if you blocked them or something and immediately assume there's a feud between you two now. They're exactly the people you should be blocking in the end…

No. 348312

I stayed off of social media for a couple months in 2017 due to being lazy about posting and keeping up with people. It was only ever for my shitty drawings anyway, but I was in a bad place emotionally and took a break, only reconnecting with old mutuals recently.

Never got the Facebook trend since I didn't make one until I was 18 to contact my coworkers when I needed them to cover shifts. Even then I've never used it, although my mom posts vids on my page and I love her so keep it up for that as well as to search for men before hitting on them lol.

I currently use twitter, tumblr as an archive, and instagram to share with normfags I befriend at uni (that I also only post art on…which may be a bad choice but I see it as a test to find out whether they'll put up with my nonsense). Oddly not really addicted to any of these, the biggest time sink for me is imageboards. One of my resolutions is to stop visiting this shit so often (I say while wasting time on lolcow).

Anyone else also a selfie virgin? Never posted a picture of myself anywhere.

No. 348414

People should seriously delete all of social media and only use burner accounts.
Not to sound full unibomber here, but it's really depressing there isn't much concern here for personal data security and safety.
The number one reason for quitting social media shouldn't be to rid yourself of drama, it should be for protecting your personal data and to limit the amount of information you give to corporations/government.
It's so unbelievable that people will willingly give up where they're going and and what they're doing 24/7, what interests they have, what they buy, read, cook, talk about, fucking anything, but have "concerns" about privacy in public places.

No. 348567

Honestly as soon as I graduate I'm deleting my facebook account. I'm using instagram to stay in touch with friends though, and since it's owned by facebook now, I guess there's no point in doing that anymore.

No. 348577

tbqh I don't really care. I'm not doing anything illegal and am a mostly honest person.
Couldn't really care less if zuckerfuck or my government knows I like watching femdom reverse gangbangs and spend too much time on imageboards whining about having no boyfriend while rarely leaving my house.
(Although I don't really want my family to know that kek, but hopefully that risk is low)

No. 348580

agreed. it's wild that a decade ago we were encouraged to NEVER share private, personal information online. now peopl just literally dox themselves on a daily basis and think nothing of it.

No. 348615

besides an instagram where i follow family i got rid of all my social media accounts.

i hate how freeing it felt tbh. i didn't realize how much i felt i "needed" to be caught up on everyone's lives. it did put a dent in my social life. it's like i was forgotten about once i wasn't engaging on social media lol. but my closer friendships ended up stronger for it since we check in with each other more.

it's nice.

No. 348617

Parents are the worst for this. I remember the first time I used a chatroom. My mom was so sure my identity was going to get stolen. A decade later and she's posting full names, many many pictures, and saving ecommerce information on public computers. They're the ones that skipped the whole username time of life and just went straight from not using the internet at all to posting their full name online.

No. 348756

I want to quit social media now that callout culture and stuff has blown up so much. Around 2016, embarrassingly, I would retweet from Shoe0nHead, Blaire White, Milo Yiannopoulous, and other things like edgy jokes. I've apologized for it multiple times, even though I haven't been called out for it, and have changed so much from those beliefs. I was so young and stupid. Now I panic that one day it's gonna catch up to me and I'll get “cancelled” or whatever from it. I'm not even famous, obviously, so I have no reason to worry but I still panic way too much about it. The funniest thing is now I come to lolcow to shit on June and Blaire. Feeling like this sucks though.

No. 348773

It’s okay anon, I used to be the same way in the past. I was 13-15 though, and my ~problematique~ past is all in deactivated accounts. I think what you should do is publicly announce you no longer think this way. If people are still mad at you for it, then that’s on them, even though they probably fuck up from time to time too themselves.

No. 348789

This is what I'm scared of. Since I've moved back home, I had to ditch all my old friends here for various (upsetting) reasons. I have absolutely no friends here anymore. I only see people when they visit or when I visit somewhere else. I use it to keep in touch with friends who are far away. I feel like if I deleted it now, I would be completely forgotten about and that it would actually make my depression even worse. I mean I don't know what would actually happen until I did it, but the fear is very real.
In the future I would love to delete it, I fucking hate what social media did to society.

No. 348790

I really want to delete all of my social media but studying abroad and previously having a job that moved around a lot has forced me to use it to keep in touch. I've slowly used it less and less, in 2017 I was constantly posting memes and silly stuff to facebook and tumblr which was really gratifying because I would get so many likes and comments on my posts compared to before. Then I realized social media is really the first place employers look to gather information on you, so I changed a lot of privacy settings and started to tone it down. I realized I had more time to focus elsewhere and may have turned to this site for a bit but I'm also starting to visit here less and less as well. This thread has prompted me to purge a lot of people from my accounts that I don't talk to and I know don't actually care about me, so thats good I guess.

No. 348824

I used to be very active on Tumblr from around 2011 to 2016 but have deleted it. I don't have any other social media accounts except for Facebook, which I haven't updated in several years and has no personal information other than my name and face. I've thought about deleting it but I am still friends with a couple of dead friend's accounts and want to keep access.
Keeping up an image on Tumblr could be exhausting at times, especially during the rise of callout culture so it's a relief to not have it and not have any posts to curate on Facebook. I used to have a snapchat but lost interest and deleted it. >>348414
This, I don't understand when people put full legal names on everything. They dox themselves then post stupid shit that reveals when they leave their houses for extended periods of time, leaving them open to burglars/stalkers. I also see a disturbing number of photos posted with full exif data included. When people do use usernames they often don't even change them across accounts too, leaving a trail.
It just makes me sad that little kids are posting online with personal information and that will still be there when they are adults. If I had internet access as a kid I would have royally embarrassed myself but the evidence never left my cheap point and shoot camera.

No. 348827

How do you delete an Internet presence? Is it really impossible? When I look up my online username for stuff, I find so many embarrassing posts. Only my first name seems to be attached to it, but I still communicate to my friends via this specific username. If I were to ditch the username would it just end there? I've been having unnecessary anxiety attacks over this lmao. I wish I never joined social media.

No. 348829

I think it's mostly hard for people to delete their past online presence because there might have been positive memories in there somewhere they don't want to accidentally get rid of

No. 348845

I feel like I may be one of the very small percentage of farmers here who admits I don't want to delete my social media because I'm a nosy fuck lmao.
I don't have anything but facebook, yet still I would feel very left out of the loop and like I would miss certain things if I got rid of it.
I don't post much anymore besides major life updates and photos from occasions like hanging with friends on nye. It's come a long way from when I used to treat Facebook like an everyday blog. Cringe.

No. 348858

if you don't want to be looked up you should stop using that username; over time its relevance will show up further and further down on google search results. i did this with my old username and thankfully only like one or two connects to my past are still up… like delete whatever you can and over time it'll (hopefully) go away

No. 348861

If you have used your Facebook account to log in to other sites, remember to change those log ins before you deactivate and delete your Facebook account!

Has anyone else had their account suspended for not using their real name?

No. 348900

There are websites that can show you every account associated with the email you enter (like justdelete.me) if you remember your old login passwords it should be easy. I did it a few years ago and it felt good.

No. 352085


I hate how this comes across as such a fake fucking ploy of an advertisement for this air head's IG account/blog rather than what it could've been- a message about the dangers of getting too involved with "social" media. She could've downloaded her pictures on to an external hard drive and deactivated her account instead if it really caused her a mental breakdown.

No. 352120

I have a program that lets me control what sites/apps I can visit on my phone and laptop but Apple banned pretty much every iPhone blocker app, including this one. I have to make sure not to upgrade my phone’s os so I can keep using it but it’s really helpful.

No. 352135


Anon don't panic! I think most of the people cancelling are only focused on public figures nowadays for the attention. As long as you’re not rich and famous, you should be okay.

But I get where you’re coming from. My last true social media account was my Twitter from 2017. I put it on private after a while because I couldn’t delete it for some reason, I finally deleted it last month. I hated my time on Twitter. It’s all political, petty, racist, and attention whorish. All people care about are getting as many retweets/likes as possible, being tagged by media outlets, and taking down anyone who is even slightly successful at their job for something they said 20+ years ago.

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