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File: 1628000856355.jpg (Spoiler Image, 55.93 KB, 564x564, c5231228f16c4a53b9095dc30b3ad4…)

No. 870927

Previous >>>/ot/864288
Oh god, not another relationship rant please…

No. 870929

Pic very scary, I press hide.

No. 870934

The pic should have been a babushka…

No. 870936

So true, so true

No. 870943

Medusa will scare away the knuckle draggers currently lurking

No. 870946

I made a vent thread with a babushka pic. This image is vile
Come here: >>>/ot/870942

No. 870953

Babushka thread is locked, mods confirmed Medusa simp.

No. 870959

Wish based banushka thread was unlocked. This OP sounds scrotey

No. 870970

For real, this thread is trash, I'm just going to vent about how much I dislike this thread.

No. 870975

Stop archiving when you're blocked by a paywall you fucking idiots!!!

No. 870978

File: 1628005769362.jpg (Spoiler Image, 31.39 KB, 345x685, IMG_20210803_174848.jpg)

Not OP, but leave Medusa ALONE

No. 870979

We should be archiving babushkas, as many as you can carry

No. 870980

This is ELEGANCE and GRACE, unlike OP image. It's not Medusa's fault I guess.

No. 870983

Dude i really needed to vent but i hate this thread and that fucking pic is not it

No. 870988

i like medusa but i want cuter thread images! babushka medusa when?

No. 870999

File: 1628006872681.jpeg (12.73 KB, 205x246, download (1).jpeg)

Babushka Medusa is actually the name of my new band.

No. 871013

Why make her nude tho? Scrote alert

No. 871021

If they won't let you make another vent thread, just make a new one and call it something else like rant & gripe thread, and i think everyone will go there instead, because that medusa up there is some bad comic book art shit.

No. 871025

You know what to do, nonnie

No. 871028

get him OUTTA HERE

No. 871030

There's already a rant thread, newfag.
Just fucking deal with it. You can't get everything you want on lolcow.farm

No. 871040

I'm going to fart right in your cereal and there isn't fuck all you can do about it you cranky little bitch

No. 871138

The thread pic is spoilered already. Just get over it.

No. 871158

Because a scrote made that statue and despite being a nice message and (rightful) reversal ending of the actual myth, a scrote can not ever let go of the coomer in them staining their creative though process.

No. 871173

Idk, I don't mind the nudity, a lot of greek statues were like that after all, and it's not like she's sexualized either.

No. 871179

Ikr she was cursed with losing her beauty. All the art of her is sad/vaguely irritated, never angry or scary. Bring back Eldritch women.

No. 871202

femcel sperging beware
I honestly can't understand how men are able to be so full of themselves to think that their opinions matter (esp when it comes to sex issues). they can't even reproduce by themselves and are eternally dependent on us for it. women create them, give them mitochondrias (the power houses of the cell, in case anyone forgot) and the first cell of their body, nurture them from nothing, and yet they still have the gull to assume their opinions are in any way important. honestly when a scrote says some misogynistic shit (for example that all women are sluts, dumber, weaker, worthless, whatever) I become enraged not because I am insulted at the misogynistic shit itself (its too easy to disprove to care), but because I hate that he has the nerve to say this about people who are inherently more important and valuable than he is. And the most impressive shit is when you put their stuck-up asshole tendencies down, they don't become more adequate - they actually manage to get even a bigger ego. If it was just individual men and individual cases I wouldn't care, but this so widespread and systemaric that its unbearable. These retards are absolutely unfixable and I am tired of dealing them

No. 871208

I love the lack of objection to the cereal farting

No. 871217

i'm starting grad school in less than a month (masters, not phd) and am so scared anons. i haven't socialized in forever and i haven't dated in like 2 years and my only relationship was utter shit. i'm really scared esp because my solar return chart for this year is indicating the start of a new relationship and as an asperfag i'm scared to be vulnerable w someone new. and honestly im so disappointed in myself since the whole fear of vulnerability is something i could have improved in the 2 years i've been single but nope still as afraid of people as ever yay.

No. 871262

My boyfriend won't stop making jokes about my anorexia and eating habits. It's nothing I ever shared with him but I it was pretty clear that something was off with me in regards to that. It didn't really bother me at first because I laugh at myself a lot but as of recently I've been really struggling. I'm at a point where I'm just so depressed from this and and my body has been struggling really bad too. I tried to share this with him and his only comments were "well at least your hard work paid off, you're not fat anymore and your body looks great." And I mean to to be fair, I was fat at some point though he didn't know me at that point and has only heard me say it from my month and not seen it. But it still hurt a lot, I feel more alone than before and I guess I'll retreat more into my inner world because obviously it doesn't matter that I feel so terrible because at least "I look good." I just want to die from this.

No. 871263

My friend went on a date with a transwoman to see what it would be like (she tends to be curious about different kinds of people and is willing to try and go out for a coffee even with types she isn't into just to widen her views) and he wouldn't stop talking about his silicone boobs and cleavage, and kept asking my friend what kind of cleavage she likes to wear. My friend was absolutely fuming and has definitely peaked since, and my distrust for mtfs have only increased.

No. 871288

File: 1628021853195.png (1.87 MB, 1052x590, xx.png)

I think it's such bullshit that we are supposed to make such a big deal out every shitty thing that happens and we have to over analyze and make it part of our identity like, it's impossible to get over something if you make such a big deal out of it. I also hate how we are encouraged to play the victim and blame everything on our parents yeah they're people they fuck up, sometimes bad and there's no excuse but there's absolutely no reason for me to sit here and be a little bitch and whine about oh how could my parents do this to me boo hoo hoo. Like why are we letting our parents mistakes and retarded decisions affect who we are as peolpe and how we live the rest of our lives? Why should I be that girl with the issues who can't form meaningful relationships and why should I be that girl who hates men and can't trust them just cause my own father is a piece of shit? I hate the term daddy issues it's like you're doomed to be somehow fucked up just because your father decided to not give shit about anyone but himself. I refuse to let shit like this affect me, and I hate that it has affected me before. I realize I took that shit personally when in reality it has absolutely nothing to do with me. It's like they want you to be like this. At the end of the day who your parents are is just luck and just because I happened to be born this person's daughter doesn't mean that should dictate how I live the rest of my life and who I am as a person. Vent over

No. 871330

I know ppl get angry when the victim mindset gets brought up but it's partly true. Yeah we now are able to talk about the shit that ppl do to us, but because most women are still running on the "self harming/victim/etc" programming that society drills into us, nothing ever changes. For example abortion rights, why would we need to constantly beg for abortion to stay legal and safe. Just get rogue gynos to teach doulas, normalize del em machines, fast and accessable online birth control/abortion pills.
So focused on what's been done that some just sit in that despair. The more you seek out traumatizing things online the more you get traumatized, realized this when I got more depressed after reading radfem stuff. Anyway shitting on scrotes and smoking fat blunts have done more for my mental health than talking about my troubles to a therapist.
>It's like they want you to be like this.
Point blank men get off on women who talk about how women are suffering all around the world. Everyone knows women are treated like shit, saying it out loud won't change mens minds. And yes they want us to be traumatized no matter what, easier to control.

No. 871361

I'm not sure if I'm just getting older or if the average userbase on here is becoming significantly more retarded and I'm too afraid to look at old threads again and compare

No. 871369

Everytime I've had sex in life it always felt like an obligation.
>if I dont do it hes going to break up with me
>if I dont do it hes going to ruin our trip
>if I dont do it hes going to be passive aggressive

I remember I went on a trip to japan with my ex and we got this really nice traditional hotel for the night and all i wanted to do was goof around, watch some japanese tv together, eat interesting snacks and get drunk. What did he want to do? Fuck all night and then when I didnt do it he just went to the other room and sulked. Even when I did give in and give him sex it wasnt enough because he wanted to fuck all night. I've never had a scrote who just wants to enjoy my company. It's always about sex. This is why I cant even have sex anymore because it's never really my choice.

No. 871395

I feel like my body is not allowed to be mine. If I want to get into shape, it's for other people, it's for society, it's never for me and it weighs me down and I self sabotage myself from working out. Even though I'm at my most emotionally and mentally stable point in life, this still weighs down on me. Even though I've minimized my social media presence, no longer post any kind of photo of myself, and wear loose flowy clothing that I like but also hides my body shape, underneath I still feel insecure about my body. I want to do it for me, I want to be as physically healthy as I can be in body as I am in my mind, but I can't bring myself to just do it for me.

To a larger extent, if I ever have a long term partner, I don't think I'd ever be able to have sex with her. I'm so used to only being attractive to men because of what I could offer them in terms of sex, but the idea of engaging in sex with a long term partner who loves and cherishes me and does it out of love as much as out of pleasure, feels so foreign. I think it would also start fucking with my head again. I'm not asexual, I enjoy sex very much, but doing it with another person brings too much up for me that I'm happier off masturbating because then I know it's solely for me rather than feeling used. It sucks lol.

No. 871396

I didn't even read your post before I posted mine but fuck I relate so heavily to this and hate it so much lmao

No. 871400

You're being an asshole to yourself if you keep dating him. Holy shit, he's such a dick. Vastly below average scrote, you can do better.

No. 871402

Anon, I would advise you to work on your boundaries. Don't have sex if you don't want to have sex. You have sex if you and your partner are horny, not because you are afraid of losing something or are feeling pressured. Sex should not be tied to a relationship in that way or be transactional - or it would be considered as abuse. People are in mature relationships because they enjoy each others company - you could see sex as the cherry on top. I hope that you broke off all of the engagements with the horrible sex obsessed man-children that were your boyfriends and you should also work and focus on yourself and your confidence. I hope for the future that you will either lead a fulfilled life with yourself or that you will find a nice partner that is with you because he or she enjoys your company - never settle for anything less. Stop having sex just because you want to please someone. You, your body and your feelings should be the number 1 priority to you and not the sex drive of another person. If he breaks up with you because of that then I say good riddance bc you can do much better.

No. 871411

Major red flag. Anorexia literally kills people and this is what he has to say to you?
Now I'll give him the benefit of the doubt, maybe he doesn't understand that he is hurting you, or he doesn't know how serious anorexia is. Defnitely talk to him again. He needs to understand that this is dangerous and that your really struggling. Your feelings are valid. (also tell him to quit it with the stupid jokes)

No. 871418

God, yes. There are a lot of reasons I don't date (as a straight woman), but one of the biggest is that I just can't fucking deal with the constant, constant, constant badgering for sex, the knowledge that NOT giving in will result in him having pissy feelings I'll have to manage for him, the running tally in my head of "ughhh have we done it enough for me to have earned a night off," the anxiety of performing it well enough to keep him interested, the knowledge that in his mind, the best version of ANYTHING we could do together would involve fucking. I like sex, and I guess there are probably men out there who wouldn't pull this shit, but the idea of meeting a man and beginning the long fucking process of "okay, what weird shit are you into. how much will you sulk when I don't want to fuck. is "I don't want to" going to be a reason you accept at all." is exhausting to even contemplate. Even a couple of years after my ex and I broke up, I still find myself relishing the absence of that shit in my life. I know how bs and unfair it is now, and I just don't think I can go back to living that way, which ends up meaning I don't date. And I just don't really feel bad about that, because the alternative is such a fucking nightmare.

No. 871424


This was me and my ex. The more he bothered me about sex the less I wanted to sleep with him, ironically. Sex with him turned into a daily chore. I felt no pleasure and immediately went to the bathroom to "clean myself".

And it was literally an argument Everytime we went more than 2 (sometimes 1) day without sex.

"Oh so you're everyone else's hoe". No, you just literally turn me off with your sex pest ways. I do not miss sex with him at all, he wasn't as great as other women hyped him up to be in the end.

No. 871438

My mother accused me of biased research because of my radfem beliefs, when I know for a fact I've spent more time reading dry medical papers and statistics than she has. Of course, she's not a stupid woman, but I know she's never had the interest in biology or psychology that I've had. If I get in too deep to feminist theory, medical science, or psychological studies, she's quick to try to subtly "gotcha" me with questioms that could be easily answered by Google, if she actually wanted to know the truth. Who knows, maybe I am wrong? But it's not like she'd know, unless she actually bothered to research any pf the things I say that she claims to be so bothered by.
She accused me of intentionally cherry picking evidence to support my worldview, as if I haven't changed many of my views when presented evidence or admitted I was wrong more times than I've ever believed I was right. I'm not an expert, but to handwave my views as cherry picked because they conflict with how she's seen the world is extremely childish, and it's a notion I'm either too cowardly or too generous to suggest to her. I don't want to be mean, because she's been through a lot, is going through a lot currently, and actually bothers with listening to me sometimes (unlike my male relatives), but I do find it incredibly grating and patronizing to be treated like an ignorant child, when I'm an adult who she raised to be thoughtful and careful.

No. 871473

Secretly planning to pack my things and leave the country next year. I'm 23 and feel like my life hasn't begun yet because all I do is work and occasionally go to the store. I wanna enjoy my youth and do SOMETHING interesting while I'm young and finally be independent. Probably not the smartest idea to leave without another job but I just wanna be on my own and live somewhere cheap and quiet to clear my head.

No. 871476

File: 1628031510724.jpeg (29.87 KB, 356x360, 1608403311798.jpeg)

I hate seeing people from my country claim they're 1100% fluent in english, perfect even, no one ever could claim otherwise!! They keep making silly mistakes that would be okay and absolutely no big deal if they didn't always make such a big fuss over being so excellent. The mistakes are always something like: saying "They hit me always!" instead of "They always hit on me!". These kind of people never seem to know when to use "much", "many" or "a lot" correctly and I end up feeling like an actual grammar nazi for finding it obnoxious as hell.

No. 871477

This makes it look like I mean everyone from here, I mean a selected few assholes around me

No. 871490

What's the point of telling me how good I'm driving and then in the next sentence telling me how scared you are. I'm grateful that my mom's taking time out of her day to teach her autistic adult daughter how to drive, but man, it feels like shit knowing my mom thinks I'm putting her at a gigantic risk when I take her on the road.

No. 871497

I know everyone thinks they're a great driver, but _I think of myself as a good driver, never had issues_ yet my mom still acts scared when I drive, she on the other hand sucks at driving. It's more of a mom thing, I think. Good luck learning, anon!

No. 871503

Omg so much this. My mother drifts into other lanes and I find myself trying to evade traffic while in the passenger seat. The amount of near misses I've witnessed she's oblivious too but she acts like I can't drive.

No. 871522

I always side-eye it when people from my country claim they spend sooooo much time online, they're speaking English better than our native language now. Always littered with mistakes, too. I'm definitely not saying my English is perfect, but at least I'm not delusional enough to claim the few hours a day I spend in my online bubble are going to overwrite living here and interacting with our language for the past 20+ years like they do.

No. 871586

File: 1628039788889.png (2.08 MB, 810x1440, b3d.png)

>tfw just spent $109 buying bulk spices for my stupidly overdone cabinet

No. 871588

I really do not want the covid vaccine and I hate thats its being implemented everywhere

No. 871590


Well think about it from her view, she changed your diaper and taught you how to walk… Now you're driving her around lol. Like another Anon said, it's a mom thing.

My mom also sometimes scares me when she drives, and I'm sure I scare her too lol

No. 871591

Have you actually read studies into mrna vaccines or are you letting people scare you of the risks that are no less than most medicine sold otc(>>>conspiracy thread)

No. 871601

>bored and horny
>want to ERP freaky things with strangers
>remember I ghosted everyone on my Flist account
>feel too guilty to log back in
Fuuuuuuuuuck. What do I do? What do I say to them? I feel so bad, nonnies, but ERPing more than every once in a while just isn’t sustainable for me. I don’t get how these coomers do it. Some of them are literally online every single day at all hours of the day and a lot of them don’t even type anything particularly hot. It’s so overwhelming.

No. 871609


I don't trust any of them.

And I don't see why everyone needs it? The virus is legit bullshit and it's just elitist control to enforce a cashless world completely, a new government within time and ID everything on us. I don't want it. And not everyone can have it due to whatever is wrong with them.(>>>conspiracy thread)

No. 871612


And also, everybody is different anon. Everyone may be fine but I don't want to wake up blind or have a heart attack just to get a shitty QR code telling me I can go grab a drink. Fuck no.

No. 871613

File: 1628041065759.png (784.87 KB, 1024x862, F42F7827-C54A-4765-8D60-B192B2…)

My friend and her kids are about to be homeless because she made mistakes (long story short, she attempted to buy a home and spent her savings on a binder, assuming she was getting proceeds from a will that was still being contested in a court case that had not reached a final agreement)
She keeps asking me what to do and I just have no fucking clue what to tell her. I feel awful because she has literally nobody—dead parents, dead baby daddy, nobody but I don’t know what to do for her. She has to find housing for her stupid fucking shitbull, a husky and three bratty unruly kids by the 15th and I’m so frazzled over it.

No. 871644

File: 1628042583990.png (1.03 MB, 707x1249, 271264540011211.png)

My partner is a terrible narcissistic man child, but I'm pretty much settled with him because he's a.) The only person I've ever dated, and we have for 10 years b.) Hot and sometimes pretty cool. There are other reasons, but he's so explosive and emotional. He had an outburst today after a long day of brooding and ended up telling me he's extremely close to leaving the relationship. I'm too disrespectful, I don't try to get interested in his hobbies or work life when he tells me about it. And I also don't dote on him like when we first started dating.
We had a kid a few years ago who I pretty much am entirely alone taking care of. Between that and dealing with my partners emotional needs/outbursts I'm so spent on loving him. I dont want to waste his time anymore. He always talks about seeing other people when we talk about splitting up. I imagine he would like to meet someone new while he's still young and can start another family.
It would break my heart in an enormous way if he did do that. But this guy has pretty much turned my heart to stone. I know I won't be able to give him a nice loving relationship for a long time.
I have no options as far as where or what I would do if we did split up. I'd certainly be taking care of our kid probably 100% of the time.
I'd miss the security of having another reliable parent. But other than that I think I could manage being apart. I could distill all the pain from this relationship, and abuse and trauma thats come from it into some crystal-clear, cold heartbreak.

Either that or crawl toward our child's adulthood and therapy together into whatever unknown oblivion of togetherness that looks like.
I feel so messy and bpd as fuck tonight.

No. 871651


Take the kid and go Anon. Don't let him threaten you like that, you and the kid don't need that toxic bullshit.

Maybe he'd be better at being a co-parent, but from the sound of it, he seems too immature.

No. 871659

Can you help her monetarily nonny? She porbably wont ever pay you tho

No. 871666

I’m so bored.
I’m bored of life. I work an unfulfilling office job. I come home and eat dinner and do nothing and then sleep until I have to go to work and do it all over again. I’m almost 30 and I don’t know what I’m doing. What am I going to do for the next 5 years? 10 years?Is this really it? I left my home state a year ago and moved somewhere else. I guess I’m lucky since I don’t have kids and I’m not married. I’m not so sure I even want that. Being tied to a man for the rest of my life? Maybe I’m just fucking miserable no matter what. I just want to feel useful. Like I matter. There is no hope in this world. Everyday is the same. I regret all the choices I ever made. I feel like they were not the right choices. I’m running out of time but I don’t know for what. I’m getting an IUD soon and I heard it’s painful but I don’t care. I don’t want a baby. I don’t want to ruin my body and my mental state just to take care of some screaming shit covered thing. Only for it to grow up and hate me. I just want to stop feeling this way. I don’t want to be anxious all the time. I need to lose weight. I don’t have anyone to talk to. I’ve been holding all this in for a while.

No. 871675

Noooo wtf why??? I was playing my 3DS and the game crashed. When I booted it back up I was missing 10 hours of gameplay. I had definitely saved in the time frame multiple times but hadn't turned off my 3DS or game in a few weeks? The system and SD card are really old. My system is modded (and gave me a crash related to that) but I was playing with a cartridge. Goddamnit. I was having a good time but I am not motivated enough to play those 10 hours again

No. 871694

File: 1628045004404.jpg (169 KB, 638x476, bang.jpg)

I’m a female SWE at Snapchat and need to vent. I just went on a date with a guy who is working as a SWE at a no-name tiny company…

He gave me a speech the entire time about how I was only hired at Snap due to affirmative action. WTH? Do guys actually believe this, or they just say it to stroke their egos?

He then asked me if I can actually code, since he’s never met a girl who did Then challenged me to a DP and Trie LC question… then said he believes Damore and that women are less fit to be SWEs… I said good night.(emoji use)

No. 871706

this is the most comforting conspiracy theory. people in power do not need to invent a virus to get what they want, anon.

No. 871711

He is a leech and you and your kid would be massively better off without him. In every possible way. If nothing else, leave for the kid's sake. Growing up with a man like that in the house is poisonous.

No. 871713

File: 1628046094367.gif (1.05 MB, 112x112, test.gif)

i don't know who else is college age but I'm about to be 23 here soon and still haven't graduated. i did a gap semester and also changed majors so my credit hours are all over the place. i feel incredibly burnt out already and just want it to be over with but I don't even like what I'm studying lol. i don't even like to work but I'm a people pleaser and a pushover so I'm a 'good' worker. i feel like shit for not being graduated and having a real job like people my age

does anyone have advice on landing internships? I have an interview for a library desk job position (basically ur paid to babysit the school's printer). i was excited to have a mellow job for the semester but i was scolded for not getting a 'real job' internship. i just know if i work an internship and do 15+ credit hours I'm just going to get burnt out so quickly. help

No. 871714

sounds like a charmer, why didnt you sleep with him right then and there?
tech nerd dudes are stuck in 2009 when it comes to dating, they still think negging is a viable option when interacting with women. fear not, with that attitude he will die miserable and alone

No. 871716

I dated a dude who went to school for Computer Science, don't even bother. They all have the emotional maturity of a toddler and will cheat on you in an instant. Ex cheated on me the whole time with his ex and I only found out after he's fucked dudes and trannies before me. Glad I came out clean with my STI test but just avoid that bullet while you can. Give a dude an ounce of confidence he will take advantage of you as much as he can.

No. 871720

Software engineers aren't human and if you need proof go to somethingawful and count how many histrionic morons are also swes
You post here so you're one of the good ones

No. 871721

I wanna be you when I grow up

No. 871735

>be average weight
>finally become skinny after years of trying to lose weight
inverted triangle

kill me

No. 871746

If they don't understand that sometimes real life keeps people from being able/feeling up to playing, they're not worth your time. I go for weeks without logging on and longer without actually playing, but my partners are always glad when I pop on even for a quick hello, and every time I've given an excuse for not being around much, they're always understanding and say they can relate. If they whine like children, block them.

I feel your pain. I can't do note RP anymore because I fall behind on replying and get overwhelmed, and my mood for IM RP is so fleeting these days.

No. 871775

I feel like im being punished for having a sexuality and enjoying that aspect of my body. every time i jerk off even after peeing, showering ,etc i get a bartholins cyst. last night i pushed my intrusive thoughts away and tried to feel good for once and now i have three ant or mosquito bites from my hip bone to belly button huge burning insect bites. its like im physically not supposed to ever enjoy this body in any way at all. im not religious/never have been/ not raised with any sort but it must be some sort of devine punishment

No. 871792

Girl if you don't shut up and do some squats/quads. You will easily get that figure back.

No. 871803

I wish that buff girl would get off my feed. She’s a butterface

No. 871822

I'm allergic to wheat and I gave in and had a pizza after years of not having it and now I'm suffering the consequences of having this terrible rash all over my body. It takes great mental power not to start scratching.

No. 871826

I have one of the shittiest apartment in this city and have to move because it's being sold. The amount it sold for makes me want to throw up, I'll never be able to afford anything here. Even if I managed to land myself the best case scenario job I would never be able to do it.

No. 871863

This is a small very specific vent but I hate how fast my ears get oily. I wash them when I shower but hours later they are already oily/waxy (and not just the inside, the outside too). I used to clean them with a cotton pad soaked in rubbing alcohol but it just made it worse

No. 871870

Have you tried fat head pizza? It's a low carb recipe but it's wheat free and easy to make.

Try cleaning you ears with sodium bicarbonate mixed with water before you get in the shower.

No. 871885

File: 1628070734127.jpg (20.52 KB, 500x389, 546456456.jpg)

Used my friends PC (with his permission)and found a folder about me on there. Recordings of me and my voice, pictures I've sent him and ones he's got from elsewhere as well as ones he's taken of me (whether I'm aware or not). I'm not exactly as spooked as I thought I'd be, because the pictures etc aren't explicit or creepy, moreso me just doing every day things like cooking, out walking, chilling. Most of them are from when he lived with me briefly last year during lockdown.
Anyway I'm gonna ask - why do you think he's doing it? How should I approach it? He's never expressed interest in me, romantic or otherwise & like I said none of the pictures are explicit or creepy (upskirts or cleavage shots). So just like.. why? Is this friendship ending behaviour?

No. 871886

that's fucking weird as hell even if it's not sexual, most likely he's into you but is too afraid to say it.

>is this friendship ending behavior?

I'm not telling you what to do, it's your decision. but I don't think could ever be friends with someone if I found out they were doing that about me.

No. 871887

>Is this friendship ending behavior?
Don't be retarded. Don't even ask about it and ghost.

No. 871890

I hope you deleted the files. It's creepy either way imo. Doubt he's making a scrapbook or something

No. 871899

Alright girlies I admit I'm being too optimistic. I'm gonna talk to him about it, as much as I'd love to ghost and forget about it there's extenuating circumstances that doesn't make that a possibility. Wish me luck!

No. 871904

I had a friend take pics of me without my knowledge before. He was showing me pics on his phone and I scrolled too far and found several pics of me taken while we were out shopping together. Nothing adult, mostly my face but still creepy that he did that. Fapping, I think it's for fapping and obsessing and cooming tbh. Cooming to your face is still a thing.

No. 871913

Men dont usually hangout with women they dont wanna fuck. Idk why women keep thinking they can be friends with scrotes.

No. 871915

You know if you tell him about it he might kill you.

No. 871940

File: 1628075690150.jpg (52.24 KB, 366x366, MV5BOWJmZDI0MzYtYmU0OC00ZWU2LW…)

Run anon and never look back, regular guys who are interested in you don't do that.

No. 871941

That's such a bizarre thing to say. You know, some men are actual human beings, it's surprising I know, but the guys I became friends with at work definitely do not want to fuck and it's not from lack of hotness on my end. They're just normal dudes who want to play Smash Bros and eat chips. Sometimes I feel like you guys just need to socialize some more.

No. 871943

Yeah that's really strange. I have a folder for pictures of my pals, but it's like an all encompassing folder for every friend I have a photo of, not dedicated folders. With voice recordings?? That's weird af.

No. 871946

He's obsessed with you, so obvious

No. 871949

Very helpful given the current context nonnie, ty.

No. 871954

>you guys just need to go outside men are human!

Lol this is why women like you will keep ending up in stupid situations like this.

No. 871956

this is literally a plot point in the netflix show you to show how insane one of the characters is kek. he’s mad weird and you should probably be more creeped out honestly

No. 871984

File: 1628080714822.jpg (49.98 KB, 828x810, 774_88303.jpg)

Lately I've been obsessed with this one guy, I've never felt anything like this before, I can't go on with my day as usual because he keeps popping up in my head. I get the impulse to contact him multiple times a day and always want to hang out with him. I feel completely bewitched, it's driving me insane. I've been into many guys in my life, but never in a way that it literally pollutes my brain and prevents me from focusing on my own life. I just want those feelings to go away, but it feels so nice being around him, it's intoxicating.

I'm already in a relationship btw

No. 871995

Are you me nonnie? Because I’m going through the exact same thing right now as well, I feel like a silly teenager who just had their crush kiss them. If you hang out some more and you’re still interested and he’s reciprocating then go for it and break off your current relationship. That’s what I’m going to do anyway so I’m not a hypocrite. (I swear)

No. 872006

Follow your hearts, I'll be hoping for the best for you booooth

No. 872015

I wish you the best anon! I'm personally not gonna do anything about it, he's moving away by the end of the month anyways and I'm actualy happy in my current relationship, I'll have to mourn this non existent love story on my own.

No. 872032

I'm in the exact same situation, three years later and I'm still hung up on him, my life is on pause whenever I'm not with him because I'm just counting down the hours until I'll hear from him again. I love him, my life would be meaningless without him but I don't want to date him, I'm happy with my boyfriend.

No. 872034

This is actually really interesting, would you mind sharing why you don't want to date him? Personally it's a mix of the fact that he's leaving soon and that he's quite younger than me, I wouldn't want to date him during his experimental years.

No. 872035

My bangs look like long ass baby hairs. That’s it, thats the vent.

No. 872090

I’m still salty that there’s a tranny flag emoji but no lesbian flag.

No. 872127

I read that as "baby ass hairs" and I'll honestly be laughing at that for ages.

No. 872129

unfortunately if they did add a lesbian flag someone out there will whine about it being "problematic" for some lame-ass reason and demand it gets replaced with another version, then the new one will also be considered "problematic" for another lame-ass reason and so on. don't understand why troons have to have their own pride flag emoji though, i thought the rainbow was supposed to represent everyone lgbt. now i've even seen asexuals piss and moan about not being included.

No. 872185

>the guys I became friends with at work definitely do not want to fuck and it's not from lack of hotness on my end.
This is delusional lol

No. 872205

One of my male friends came out to me as trans yesterday. He wants me to go fucking dress shopping with him and help pick out a new name, is this what I get for being nice to pornsick scrotes?

No. 872248

drop him Now "dress shopping" is just fetish play for him.

No. 872256

God damn I feel lonely again.
I don't feel so terribly lonely all the time like it was in past but it still creeps up on me from time to time…
I have nice family but I don't have friends. I just cope by imagining myself hugging my waifus or just doing stuff to be busy and don't think about it.

No. 872262

>some men are actual human beings
This is where i stopped reading

No. 872264

I just got a flashback to being in a similar situation years ago. While we were out shopping one day he popped into a bathroom and took forever. It was weirdly long but shit happens so I didn't ask..a little while later while in a store he tells me he'd been wearing a butt plug the whole day and had been in the bathroom having trouble with it. We had plans to go back to mine and even though I had housemates I honestly felt like I'd be assaulted if he thought behaviour like that was OK. I made excuses and cut contact. Really thought I had some camp harmless friend where I could shop with them like you might with a gay dude.. he was getting off it. Maybe even literally getting off while I spent a half hour waiting outside a public toilet.

Oh how dumb I used to be

No. 872266

Said in the middle of a discussion about a man taking secret photos of a female friend…Great timing.

No. 872269

File: 1628099223285.jpeg (82.13 KB, 1280x853, 8692B821-E2DF-4628-B843-91BD57…)

Why the fuck are men such babies when it comes to pain? They can’t tolerate even small levels. Every man I’ve ever known has been like this. I’ve been through child birth, repeated staph infections, fucked up broken teeth. Never once have I been rushed to the ER. Never taken any sort of prescription pain medications. My brother and husband, though?? Let them get a tiny cyst, a cut, anything and they’re begging for any relief. And they get it. Doctors don’t believe women can even be in severe pain, it seems.

No. 872271

Well it's time to stop being nice and cut contact. As others said, this is fetish play to him.

No. 872277

It's weird how women are stereotyped as the sensitive, fragile sex when it's the opposite. As a group, we certainly don't get coddled. Reminds me when I had a broken appendix and the doctors told me I was probably just constipated at first.

No. 872282

It's always funny to me to see videos where they're using a tens unit on a man and a woman's abdomen to simulate period cramps and the woman doesn't even flinch while the man is writhing on the floor in pain

No. 872301

Ugh, that's so beyond fucked. At the risk of sounding like captain obvious, leave a documented paper trail of sorts and make sure you tell all your mutual friends that you're not on speaking terms anymore so he knows they know and would be discouraged from lashing out further. Stay safe, anon.

No. 872354

I hate my family, my coworkers, my boyfriend, myself so fucking much. I don't want to fucking drive or listen to another scrote in work telling me how to do my job. The more I strive to achieve happiness the more empty I feel.
Everything cost money, my time and effort and none of it is worth anything and nothing brings joy anymore its all just a never ending miasma of shit with everyone's shallow unwanted opinions just crawling and festering beneath my skin like maggots.

No. 872367

Anon don’t forget to update us if you’re not dead

No. 872378

can you guys please tell me everything will be okay and everything will work out, im so stressed and have no reassurance. everything hurts

No. 872381

Everything will be ok nona, take a deep breath it will be alright

No. 872382

Just a heads up there's gore in /g/

No. 872386

Thank you nona already had enough of that earlier in snow

No. 872391

File: 1628106370621.gif (970.7 KB, 400x224, EnergeticAdmirableIrishwatersp…)

daijobu nonna

No. 872393

File: 1628106501731.jpg (78.31 KB, 640x640, Flowers-on-head.jpg)

You'll make it through, anon. You can do this!

No. 872399

File: 1628106686079.jpg (77.29 KB, 700x882, dog-took-silence-schnauzers-01…)

Everything is gonna be alright! Take deep breaths and stay hydrated. Things might be tough right now but this will pass.

No. 872400

Nta but my life's been horrible lately and this gif improved my day.

No. 872415

That gif always calms me down! it feels like a hug.

No. 872440

File: 1628108573102.jpg (63.86 KB, 895x1024, D7AXdqNWkAAbBxn.jpg)

I unfortunately saw it just now. Over the years I've been lucky and avoided seeing most of this shit here, but today was an exception. It's even worse because today was really bad day for me. Seeing that dragged me even further down. I genuinely feel bad for all mods who constantly have to see all that crap. Sorry for making some stupid reports sometimes too

No. 872450

File: 1628109316428.jpeg (51.99 KB, 674x674, received_392959138030632.jpeg)

Raccoon update:
RIP little guy. He's still in the hull of the boar and STILL chittering. My ex has been dragging ASS and making every which excuse to not save the critter so I called the rehab center and got transferred to the only biologist in the county who handles these cases. He's yet to call back. I texted ex allllll day yesterday about it (his day off) and he STILL didn't get it done though. He did manage to peel back all of the carpet though and he mentioned probably having to cut down into the boat and make his own access hatch to reach it. But apparently he got tired because it still hasn't been done. I texted him this morning and he said "I wish I didn't have to work, or at least had my dad's help." Nonnies he's 38. He also works 8am-2pm it's not like he is too busy.

I can't believe I was with this guy for over a decade. This really was the straw that broke the camels back which feels pretty pathetic because I put up with a lot of abuse that any sane person would have ran from. I can't believe how worthless he is still, even when an animal is actively suffering in such a terrible way. No sense of urgency AT ALL. I feel like I'm finally seeing him for who he is and it's so ugly.

Pour one out for raccoon nonnies. I almost want to tell him to put my breaking up with him aside and let me into the boat so I can get the damn critter myself.

No. 872464

I'm not putting up with mean girl bullshit from thirty five year olds. I'm not babysitting you, I'm not holding your hand and teaching you a skill I went to school for and takes years to get consistently good at. Dude told you to hurry up and quit fucking off on your job, deal with it. You're not moving to my side of the department. She thinks she can be a pick me to all the guys meanwhile talking shit about me when I've done nothing but be nice to her. I've worked here years, I'm very quiet, coworkers will tell me all sorts of things, I don't know why she thinks bad mouthing me will stay a secret between her and these bozo dudes. If she wants to do shit like that I'm not helping her at all. I know lots of people see me doing my job and think they can do it because some girl younger than them is doing it, sure that's what she thinks too. My supervisor favors her which makes me think he's going to actually make me teach her. Small part of me hope he does ask me so I watch her cry, complain and give up, just like she's doing right now over her super easy ass job.

No. 872465

im so boring that i can't even have fun in an rp game dedicated to being whatever you want. fuck me in the ass i'm miserable

No. 872472

My new coworker sounds exactly like Jerri Blank

No. 872480

We have reached a point in society where bfs/husbands can do a anything as long as they're not sticking their dick in another womans pussy/mouth, it's not considered cheating. Call him out for having a work wife, watching porn, having female "best friends", purchasing women he knows onlyfans, cuddling with female friends and you will be called insecure.

No. 872482

>girl comes into a channel for venting on discord, clearly upset about being catcalled and we all try to comfort her
>says she wishes she could be a man or transition and pass as a man
>local mtf with anime pic says she is being twansphobic and that trans people have it worse
>completely derails the conversation and insists the girl is being dramatic and bigoted, atacks anyone who dares say anything else
I dont want to leave the server since the other women are nice but this fucking guy… i hope the mods find an excuse to ban him someday, it was disgusting

No. 872484

File: 1628112784323.jpg (66.13 KB, 550x412, 1503653497911.jpg)

I feel like I peaked. Not in the form of some retarded scrote "wall" shit, but my brain capacity and creativity. I look at various ideas and stuff that I wrote when I was 16 and feel like I must've had some kind of brain damage since then.

No. 872486

poor little guy, i hope you get a call back from the biologist. and im glad hes your ex now anon, what kind of psycho can just sit idle when a creature is suffering and they can easily do something about it?

No. 872487

Coming from someone with a tranny family member, best response is indifference. Don't want to get cancelled and lose job or some shit, those scrotes are the most unstable. Just say you aren't into fashion so don't want to shopping, say "I don't know just pick anything" for the name. Give them any strong reaction and they latch onto you like a leech.

No. 872493

They're coddled from day 0, honestly I sometimes wish shtf would happen because then these useless fucks would be eliminated. Women are used to pain, hunger, and grueling work. How many days would it take for the average scrote to give up and die in a shoot out for a porn mag? They're so whiny sensitive and chimp out at the slightest inconvenience.

No. 872506

Maybe you're just burnt out?

No. 872511

File: 1628116471805.png (1.97 MB, 1232x1394, 056ED9B1-EF8A-49E3-A219-AA971D…)

Moids under 40 (specifically white moids although idk if this disease has spread to other demographics, I just don’t have experience) have such horrible nonexistent social skills, it’s so frustrating and pathetic. I like to sit in parks and read and I always have rich older lonely boomer/genx men with cute dogs try to chat with me, even if they’re old and physically unappealing they aren’t usually creeps and I’ve realized this is just normal behavior for people pre-internet to be able to successfully come up to and start conversations with women. Meanwhile I’m going out if my way to message with millennial scrotes on apps/dating sites and I get passive “lol yeah I guess” answers in return or weird inappropriate stupid jokes, maybe I’m not understanding something I assume if they just weren’t interested, they just wouldn’t reply at all. I’m the one who is high functioning aspergers, but at least I’m trying. I really can’t wait for the “epidemic” of white millennial men dying alone complaining about how women don’t care blasted all over shitty daytime talk shows.

No. 872512

>smash bros
Like those aren't the most autistic of all scrotes and won't obsess with any women who gives them the time of day.

No. 872516

>rich older lonely boomer/genx men with cute dogs try to chat with me
That sounds annoying even if it's supposed to be normal.

No. 872518

>"epidemic” of white millennial men dying alone complaining about how women don’t care blasted all over shitty daytime talk shows
You know theyd rather rot alone than actually read an emotional intelligence book.

No. 872519

I had my first real conversation with a man (who was not family) when I was SEVENTEEN. I am not joking. He was a Swedish guy visiting a friend of mine and he walked into the room, formally introduced himself, sat down and maintained eye contact while we had a full, relaxed conversation full of laughter. It really blew my mind lmao. I'm not making the case for Swedish males or anything, he's the only one I've met. But it was that experience which led me to fully realizing just how awful the men around me were, it was not my imagination after all kek.

No. 872521

I'm so useless and dumb. I wish I could do something right. I'm a shitty neet. No matter how hard I try to change, I'm just fucking stupid and lazy.

No. 872524

to the one anon who was concerned with me over my vagina mole, i have a good update: it is a birthmark.

No. 872531

my mother is truly retarded. gives off a nasty fart, no warning no motion to be polite and get the fuck away. I swear she must have some kind of disability with how slow she is.

No. 872544

mine does that too, help

No. 872558

My mom farts everytime, she snezees, or laughs, or coughs, or do anything that requires physical strengh. She never warns me and if I complain she says it's bc by birth ruined her asshole. Hate it here

No. 872564

I met someone very friendly and talkative at the dog park. Usually I'll just chat a bit with other people but nothing more, but she seemed interested in me. She said she was grateful to talk to someone nice after being isolated during lockdown. I was surprised I made that impact on a stranger. We talked for a while and she asked for my phone number. Few days later she calls, and it turns out she was running a mlm and was trying to recruit me. I had a weird feeling about her but I didn't want to be pessimistic. Kinda sucks that people are willing to prey on strangers and go to that length to dupe them into a shitty pyramid scheme.

No. 872627

File: 1628127682833.png (270.85 KB, 354x566, ebbvbfef.png)

I just saw the STUPIDIEST SHIT EVER shared by someone on instagram. Basically, a man with painted nailpolish saying that kissing, touching, messaging and doing similar stuff with someone else when you are in a relationship isn't cheating because "it doesn't involve genitals". CLOWN WORLD I WANT TO FUCKING HIT SOMEONE IN THE FACE
pickme libfems and narcissistic degenerate scrotes please die challenge

When will people wake the FUCK UP

No. 872631

Based, men deserve to die alone, I want pre-internet manners to come back in style, fuck everyone

No. 872661

File: 1628129869015.jpg (108.13 KB, 800x532, 800px_COLOURBOX2284291.jpg)

One day I'm going to snap and go feral bc of family's nagging. Reminded me today 4 times to water the garden, and two more times while I was in the shower. I think they find it funny to goad me, like little fucking children.

No. 872664

I guess it should be but I don’t mind, most of them just have dad energy vs gross creep energy, like they make me think of the kind of dudes that patiently send money every month overseas to Ukrainian women they find on dating sites and don’t see anything suspicious about it. Usually it’s the dog that approach’s me first because I have to make eye contact with every dog at the dog park.

This may also be a factor in that they’re obviously lonely and unmarried in their 50s+ but I can’t help but think a least one younger scrote out of the 8m people that live in this city should also be lonely and think I’m cute but I’ve been approached in public exactly once in my entire life by someone my own age, in a huge metropolitan area. It’s depressing, fuck the 21st century, just take me back to the 70s-90s when people actually lived life.

No. 872692

There's a "mental health" Instagram that has been gaining traction lately that is giving out improper information and it's really bothering me.

The page is marked as a "mental health service", the creator has himself listed as a "pyschoeducator", yet he is only a 23 year old communications major that admits he's using the account as an experiment in "social media growth".

Mental health is already poorly handled… the fact that pages like these are allowed to exploit it is sickening. It was bad enough we had sKiNfLuEnCeRs giving out shit advice, now we got to deal with this idiots giving out potentially dangerous information to those struggling.

No. 872694

File: 1628132449487.jpeg (218.74 KB, 750x905, 65CFC097-63A8-4619-986C-065D15…)

If I had the ability to the destroy the world I would. I remember someone telling me that I wanted to punish the world and that’s pretty accurate and shameful but I don’t care anymore. I will never find solace in myself and I will never believe that you can because it’s impossible. There is no sole instrinsic value you can find in yourself, people seek extrinsic rewards and belonging. It’s all so tiresome, I’m literally wasting my life on this shitty website where you put strings of text into the void and gets lost forever, desperately trying to feel like you belong but you don’t, constantly interacting and getting no attention I thought it would be easier anonymously. Fuck you horrendous ghosts and phantoms behind a screen none of this shit matters

No. 872728

File: 1628134155194.jpeg (328.75 KB, 934x740, EA886DF1-B960-4AF3-9F0E-71715F…)

I saw some art that a friend of mine made and it’s plunged me into such a terrible mental sludge. It was just a few hours ago and yet I still feel shit. I wish I could look at the wonderful art my friends make and not feel bad and yet I just always do. I wish I was never proficient when I was young because it just turned it into a novelty. I always saw it as a hobby to downplay myself, and after a breakdown in high school, I stopped drawing as frequently as I did. I really don’t draw or paint at all. I used to cry when I was younger when I would have a funk, because I always felt like my skills were a gift that could be taken away. Now I just feel a solemn emptiness and that’s how I know it’s truly gone. I feel like I’ve stagnated so hard while everyone’s caught up. I was usually highlighted for my art or just known as that one girl that draws and people would hype it up, and I would always feel uncomfortable about it. I was always oblivious (because I can’t tell) to how others saw me because of this, but I’ve had one friend in the past (middle school) tell me how she felt overshadowed by me, and I felt terrible. Now I just envy how people can just make art and brush it off. People effortlessly make art and I can’t. I don’t mean effortless as in, no work put in, but in the sense that they can just sit down and begin without second thought. I think I take it too personally because art was everything to me, so I just don’t know how others do it since I’ve always been so in my head about it. People make art, they’re in the right drive, have the discipline, and creativity, and make it. I think I just need to come to terms with the fact I’m not as good as I thought, nor an artist. I get so embarrassed when I try to do anything art related because.. well I don’t know why really. I just feel really ashamed. Sometimes I don’t know how people do things because I don’t even remember how to.

Anyways this friend of mine told me “you’re not the only person here that knows art” and it was said jokingly but still. I’m not even an artist anymore so it’s like how does it correlate. We’re catching up after 3 years apart but still. Made me realize I need to do something to step it up.

No. 872757

I'm so sick of kink shit and the sexual degeneracy that bleeds into every aspect of modern culture. I'm about ready to convert to Buddhism and move to a female monastery.

No. 872762

I hate when girls pretend to be into each other/into women, but then I feel like a mean, bitter bitch because maybe they are attracted to each other and I'm just… insecure? It all seems like a weird performance though. But then again, maybe I'm bitter because I live somewhere extremely conservative and get jealous. They all adopt the same coomer language of 'milkers' and other dumb shit, but then, am I policing/hating on female sexuality by being this way? They could all be geniunely attracted to women and I'm just seething. Maybe I'm not attracted to women and it's all fake that's why I get so weirdly prickled by it?

No. 872783

File: 1628139037484.jpg (19.63 KB, 400x400, 1trCw37.jpg)

Is my Youtube recommendation page trying to annoy me these days? I keep getting pushed the video of this kid that someone posted on the Twitter hate thread less than a month ago. I just looked at her Youtube channel for less than a few seconds and now no matter how much I keep pressing the "Stop recommending this channel/video" option, it keeps appearing on my recommendations. Now it's spreading and I got more videos recommendations of the same style of kids' drama.

It took me so long to take away the video of the mental illnesses OCs out of my way, I don't know how long it will take for this to disappear.

No. 872788

Shut up, anon. There’s your attention. Your post wasn’t lost this time.

No. 872797

File: 1628142403449.jpeg (64.96 KB, 680x485, E57PfDRUUAMtKg6.jpeg)

No. 872805

File: 1628143656396.jpeg (383.79 KB, 2048x1461, E5D2875D-A748-4817-B36F-C69463…)

No. 872816

No. 872829

solid gold

No. 872835

Tried to kill myself again a couple of days ago but I wasn't counting on the medicine I ODd making me delirious. Apparently I was found going nuts over being covered in insects and shouting about a mouse mocking me from behind the toilet. I still side eye that fucking toilet, I feel like I can see a tail or a little hand every now and then even now I'm mostly better. I have been out of it for the best part of two days hallucinating. I got sent home last night, only just remembering some things that happened. Apparently I attacked a nurse. I feel like shit for doing that, the records said I punched her for taking my temperature. I only remember being super scared and confused and getting cross when I was put in restraints. The porters made jokes about Hannibal Lecter and Muhammad Ali which made me rage even more. The surgeon was very angry at me and threatened me with a section which made everything worse.
They didn't send me back to the psychiatric ward in the end, I begged them not to and I'd mostly stopped hallucinating. I'm at home now in bed. I had a big sleep. I'm very sweaty. I've been trying to remember my husbando and listen to ASMRs to calm myself down and daydream but I can't remember anything about him. I keep drawing blanks and picturing Bakura instead. I miss him.
I feel so guilty for doing this to my family anons. Why have I done this? I don't remember. The liaison worker said I have problems with dissociation but I think it's just what happens when you take a lot brain frying medicine. I don't want to be awful and I don't want to ruin everybody's life anymore, I just wanted to stop being a mentally ill burden.
I tried to apologise to the nurses when I calmed down a bit but they were all a bit scared to come close which is understandable. I am nice usually, it felt really disgusting to be the scary arsehole patient everyone dreads.
How can I build a good life back up out of this and become somebody my family can be proud of? I'm so overwhelmed. So disappointed in myself.
My sister took a recording of me saying something about house prices and "Pinot grigio is a scam!", topless in A+E with "DNR SORRY MUM" written across my chest backwards in shaky black writing. ECG stickers and cannulas left right and centre. It would almost be funny if I didn't think how fucked up it was for my family to see me that way.
What do I do nonnies how do I come back from this? The guilt is swallowing me up

No. 872839

Find a hobby anon, and I'm not saying this to be condescending, I genuinely think it will help you

No. 872851

I understand not wanting to live, but why would you want to destroy the whole world too? Some of us are managing to find solace in this shitty existence.

No. 872854

I have finally worked up the courage to tell my mother that maybe we are a bit too physically close and that we should keep a distance since I'm not a child now, and it's fine and I'm actually very, very happy about it, she's a bit unconvinced but I think she got where I was coming from. But she's blaming it all on me, like, I'm always so cuddly or whatever while it is her who makes me sleep with her and gets sad when I'm not on her boobs every second of the day. When I'm alone enjoying my time alone, she gets upset at me. When I'm around her, she needs to have her hands somewhere on me. And due to years of being physically close to her while I was younger, I'm used to feeling comforted when I'm laying on her arm or on her lap and now, since we're trying to 'keep a healthy distance' I'm trying not to do that and it's making me antsy. I feel like a little kid. I know I'm not supposed to feel sad and I'm supposed to be grown but I like feeling like a little kid when I'm around her and she has always encouraged it, I mean, it's so embarrassing but I talk in 'babyspeak' sometimes with her and she does too with me. I know it's probably not normal, since my aunt has scolded my mother for it a few times, that I'm very grown to be acting this way with her. And I also feel like it's finally time to stop because it makes me embarrassed to admit I like being squished in my mom's boobs and how it makes me feel like a baby, it's still hard. My first kiss was her when I was 13. Whenever I'm near her I just want to lay besides her while she strokes my back and kisses me. But I need to woman up. It's very shameful and I want to feel like a grown up now, I'm in medschool ffs, I should act mature and grown and not still seek comfort in my mom's arms every single day. It's a hard transition to make, with my mother pouting all the time when I keep a distance, and her feeling like it's because I'm angry at her, when I'm not. I have talked about this before here and my feelings have shifted on it a lot, where I sometimes feels uncomfortable with her, but most of the time, it makes me feel soothed but I know I need to stop.
Repost, sorry.

No. 872855

I think moving out would be beneficial for you, sounds like you'd want to

No. 872856

Kek whatever scrote wrote this really never even talked to a woman

No. 872857

I genuinely wish all men would just fucking die. Just leave me the fuck alone I don’t want anything to do with any of you

No. 872858

I would like to, but moving out is basically unheard of here, and on top of that, super dangerous. It's not a safe country by any means. Women only move out when they get married and into their husbands home. If I could, I would. But it's not an option right now. I applied for dorming, but the process is so convoluted for my college and since I lived pretty close to it, they didn't accept me. Plus, it was a bit costly and I can't afford that since my only means of income is beginner freelancing. I wish I could create healthy boundaries without bad feelings on either side but it's very hard. I also feel extremely uncomfortable talking about it with anyone, you can imagine.

No. 872862

File: 1628154175176.png (1.61 MB, 1000x792, 18405.png)

I just want to say, I feel you anon. And there's so much pain in your post I can definitely resonate with. Part of you probbaly already knows it, but there's no such thing as "gift" or "being an artist" as a predetermined "quality" of a person. There's something that's blocking you from commiting, maybe too high expectation you've put on yourself given your past when it all came to you more freely; and now something is holding you back. You ARE as good as you thought and can always be better and all you need is to push agains the insecurity blocking you, and shake off the expectation. It's really hard to do and I know it but from your post it's clear to me you need it, and eventually you'll find a way to do it. I wish you well and will keep my fingers crossed things will work out for you.

No. 872863

Jesus how the fuck am I supposed to keep my mouth shut when my libtard male acquaintances are circlejerking over how TIM trans athletes pose no threat to women and their protected category. I literally want to eat a bullet.

No. 872867

Don’t keep your mouth shut kek, lately I’ve been going on crazy rants at my handmaiden friends and have managed to at least get them to agree with some of my points

No. 872868

Holy shit, I could have written this! I also stopped drawing in high school because I constantly compared myself to others. Since it was one of my main forms of self expression it felt like I cut a limb off or something. I was also obsessed with the idea of talent and was constantly questioning if I had it and if I didn't then what's the point of drawing anyway?

I recently picked it up again and my perspective completely changed. You have to be kind and patient with yourself and allow yourself to make mistakes. That's the most important thing. You cannot improve without making mistakes. The other thing: talent doesn't really matter in the long run. It gives a small advantage to people but 'less talented' people can catch up with practice and work. Also, the best thing would be ditching 'talent' form your dictionary altogether, because what is talent when it comes to drawing? It's spatial awareness, the ability to think in 3D and see how forms relate to each other in space. And these are all skills that you can improve! Also imo the word 'artist' is completely overused nowadays and lost their meaning. Nowadays everyone is an artist who traces something and puts it on Instagram.

I'd advice to stop thinking in categories such as talent vs absence of talent or artist vs non-artist. Try to cultivate a growth mindset and believe in yourself. Good luck!

No. 872871

File: 1628155451302.jpg (43.42 KB, 666x417, Growth-Mindset_Copyright-Big-C…)

Samefag, I recommend checking out Drawabox videos on Youtube, he made me have many art related epiphanies

No. 872872

No. 872877

I would do it if it was handmaidens but it's literally men and I don't want to deal with their aggressive shitty mansplaining and scrote whining. I'm pretty sure most of them are AGP eggs, chasers or both.

No. 872880

Samefag, just one last thing: those artists you admire seem effortless because they have built muscle memory. The more you draw, the more those movements become familiar to your body and you have to make less effort to make them

No. 872881

this is gonna sound stupid but wear something repellent to make it easier to enforce boundaries. Wear a goopy facemask or something like lip gloss so she isn't trying to squish hug you. Do you hair all nice so she can't cuddle you without fucking up your hair and get visibly upset when she ruins your hair style. Wear a perfume you like that she doesn't. Use fake tanning lotion so if she tries getting handsy she ruins your tan and gets it it on herself and her clothes and looks all fucked up and patchy. I think you will need to get creative and make her not want to be so physical, talking to her wont work.

No. 872888

Kys tranny larpers

No. 872889

Breakups are so fucking hard. I've been crying so many tears. My muscles are sore, I can barely see straight, I've taken 3 naps today. This was an almost 7 year relationship. All gone, because he couldn't actually get help for his sex and porn addiction until I told him I didn't want him in the house. He has been texting me how much he loves me. He calls me an angel and he wants me to be happy, the best for me. He wanted us to get married, or wants us to get back when he's better and get married. I don't know if I can do that. After going through all this, I don't want to get hurt by him again. I was so patient, but I had to put my foot down, kinda. I think it's over for good, he left believing this is a temporary leave. I want to be alone. It's good he's getting help, finally, but I don't want to hold this over his head. I was crying so badly in front of him and I told him, "This is what happens when you don't get help for your addiction. This is what you get. I need to be alone." I honestly don't think he's seeing how severe this is. I think he's only getting help because he just doesn't want to lose the relationship, it's not for his own well-being. If I didn't say anything, he'd continue fueling his addictions to this hour. It's not just sex and porn, he was addicted to alcohol and smoking weed. I'm done helping him out. I can't let him pick and choose which addictions are acceptable. He has to stop doing all of them, on his own. I'm done. I can find someone else who doesn't have addiction. I need stability in my life.

No. 872902

I have to preface this with I love what I do and wouldn't trade it for much else but I still need to vent.

I'm a designer/creator in a not so niche industry that does more niche but still-within-the-same-vein-as-usual projects on the side. This said side niche brings to me a certain type of entertainer that I absolutely HATE dealing with, let alone working with.

My rates are high and I don't just work with anyone for several reasons but that does not stop these entitled twats from sending in outrageously ridiculous requests and then getting mad when I decline them. Typically you can not loop together a group of people but in my experience with these ones, you absolutely can. The audacity is remarkable. The lying is infuriating. I'm finally in a position where I can turn down work but my heart goes out to those who can not because these people are awful.

No. 872903

I'm so proud of you anon for putting yourself first. Many people wouldn't be strong enough to make that choice and make it final in such a long relationship. Hope the worst pain will be behind you soon.

No. 872919

…this is the vaguest post I've ever read in my life kek. Mind to tell more? Is this something you do online? Is it sex work related?

No. 872920

NTA but my guess is rigging and/or designing VTuber models. I would imagine it's absolute hell to work with them.

No. 872923

AYRT… It is neither of those things. I don't want to get too specific because small world lol but it's under the fashion industry umbrella.

No. 872928

A year ago I ended a 6 year relationship and my ex was abusing substances and would even get fucked up and put porn on in front of me. The last year we had broken up got back together ad nauseum. For a few months he was just love bombing me and hiding his addictions. It's not worth it. After being single for a year I don't miss him, I'm just angry at the years I wasted on him. You don't get that time back and I didn't learn any amazing lessons I was just a dumb ass bitch that didn't see him for what he obviously is. I was delusional and I only hurt myself. My misery was never a factor to his decision making and I doubt he to this day has ever denied himself a drug or drink in my memory. In fact I've been told he takes heroin now.

No. 872930

You needn't be specific about your work, it's the type of entertainer we're interested in.

No. 872947

It has to be drag queens if it's not sex work or vtubers

No. 872950

File: 1628162375992.gif (1.37 MB, 500x236, giphy.gif)

So fucking sick of scrotes acting like their dicks are the best thing in the world. It makes me kind of happy to tell them that I'm bisexual because some of the dudes I've dated seem to get in their feelings when they find my world doesn't revolve around their dicks.
A lot of the time when I invite my scrotes over when I need attention (or sex) I'm on here, talking shit about dick havers (or hadders).
I wish I didn't prefer men, because women are a lot more attractive in every way, but it's how i'm wired and I hate it.

No. 872958

I'm so fucking sad, you spend your whole life trying to seem fine and just deal with it all, seem normal and then you come off as too well adjusted so you are denied help. I got told it was such a long time ago I last tried to kill myself that I am actually okay now, okay thank you Miss, that must be true then. I am pathetic.

No. 872960

>you spend your whole life trying to seem fine and just deal with it all, seem normal and then you come off as too well adjusted so you are denied help.

I'm sorry, I'm not trying to hijack your vent but I find this so relatable. anyway, I really hope you can get the help you deserve someday anon. if a therapist told you that you're okay now because when you tried to kill yourself was so long ago…. please get another therapist.

No. 872961

Nta but you saying that brings to mind when I used to work in fashion and had to deal with a lot of drag queens ordering very unusual, hard to create pieces from hats to custom boots. They always tried haggling after the work was finished or flat out refused to pay, and these were quite successful queens, they did have the money and even if they didn't, they shouldn't have ordered that shit. And that is why you make people pay shit upfront, but the first times I was in a pinch, young and stupid. Surprisingly the most polite and nice celebrity customers I have had were singers and actors who could have the biggest ego imo

No. 872962

Completely fine anon, I think it's a cliché many people can relate to, unfortunately. It's a long story but it wasn't a psychiatrist per se who told me that, it was the head of the psych hospital that was supposed to assign me one. I know I sound like a flake but there's a lot of stuff going on and I really thought I deserved the help this time, they even told me I needed that but now after months they just declined.

No. 872970

File: 1628164895108.jpeg (106.09 KB, 1080x991, A320F354-B4FF-481F-9DB8-065AD9…)

Tiktok is the actual scourge of the universe. Asian Americans who aren’t even Japanese are trying to cancel anyone who likes JFashion. These people are so terminally online, it’s nauseating.

No. 872974

5 bucks says they're 3rd generation American Chinese or Pinoy teenagers who don't even speak their grandparents' language anymore trying to dictate what weebs can wear because a pleated skirt is literal Asian American genocide.

No. 872993


That’s exactly it. They’re all either Chinese, Filipino or 3rd generation whatever trying to say that liking kawaii fashion is killing Asian women. On top of that, most of the people making these posts aren’t even Asian themselves? It’s so mind numbing that people are so obsessed over gatekeeping JFashion to the point that they’re the ones that look racist for implying that it’s pure nippon culture.

No. 873047

This reminds me of the video where they did a panda express taste test and all the older chinese people were honest and either had valid criticisms (a little undercooked) or said they enjoyed the food and the asian-americans were saying tHiS iSnT AuThEnTiC Ew DiSguStInG

No. 873199


This is so embarassing. The older people don’t mind but the second gen who doesn’t even speak their language kept insulting the food?

Another video of a chinese american who speaks only english talked about people who “asian fish” and only referred to a weeb who clearly only likes Japan showed up on my FYP. Do they think they’re superior and like they can call people out just because they’re asian? Lol

A fun fact about these people is that all of their videos get no views but the moment they try to cancel someone for circle lenses, that have 200k+ views. If that doesn’t scream clout chasing then I don’t know what does.

No. 873277

I always get the vibe that they have a huge identity crisis about what they are, they're Asian on the outside but born and raised in America, live by the American culture and are much closer to an American young adult than someone who's a Chinese (or other Asian country) native by their manners, morals, ideals, fashion and so forth. They're constantly being shamed by their older relatives for not speaking Chinese well enough (if at all) and probably don't know any native Chinese people outside of their family and the American identity politics brainrot just adds fuel to the fire so they just adopt this vague "Asian American" label and start calling teenage girls colonialists for owning a Rilakkuma purse or something. It's stupid.

That video is dumb anyway, of course shit like Panda Express would be the bottom scrapings nobody would consider "authentic Chinese food". I don't know about all the melodramatic Asian American teenagers talking about muh authenticity, they give me the vibes of people who wouldn't enjoy organs on the daily. They seem to just rate "greasy fast food that tastes bad", I'm sure you could get that at places in China too.

No. 873305

finally got my period. christ.

No. 873343

File: 1628187466831.jpeg (43.21 KB, 563x425, 7261B251-6FBF-4A93-911E-921290…)

lugubrious to think that I am honestly not afraid of death and that it is living I am afraid of

No. 873355

File: 1628188450480.png (95.23 KB, 275x272, 1534518606313.png)

I'm so done. Done with my friends, my ex, I'm done with my family, my father and brother, I'm just so done. I want to hole up in an empty cozy flat, watch TV, play vidya, browse Internet, read books and never come out. Fuck uni, I wish I could have online classes next semester because I'm done socialising. People just fucking suck a lot of time and I don't want to talk, say stupid shit and have to think it over and over, or have someone be shitty and rude to me and feel bad about it. No. I'm just not gonna anything anymore.

No. 873391

It's weird, I have gotten a few interviews and I have a bachelor of science, 3 office jobs, my resume isn't bad. But they never say yes to me. I think because I am a shy woman and not very attractive they don't want to work with me. Ew, why hire HER when we could hire one of the hot Stacies that interview here? I'm not going to lie I really think that is why I don't have a job. It doesn't matter how much I prepare days before, how professional I dress, how polite and friendly I am. I am ugly

No. 873393

>fails FEW interviews
>blames Stacies
come on anon, stop being a baby. getting a job very often required much more than few interviews.

No. 873404

thank you guys. i think you sent me some good energy, things are already starting to feel better

No. 873411

Ew, did I ask?

No. 873440

If you don't want criticism go write in your diary

No. 873459

This is the vent thread.

No. 873461

Well it’s no wonder you didn’t get hired. You’re a cunt!(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 873482

>I'm just angry at the years I wasted on him
This is how I feel. I caught him several times and the first time was less than a year into the relationship. At the time, I really didn't have anywhere to go. I should have left. He helped me be an escape from my abusive, narcissistic family. He was meeting with escorts, and I caught him other times afterwards still seeing escorts and wasting money on camgirls. Over time, he stopped seeing escorts, but even a few months ago he almost hit up a local girl asking for nudes, I caught the draft email. His intentions are still there, despite him saying it's because he's stressed and that's not the "real him". I've presented him with so many outlets and he still returns to these actions and attempts to do them in secrecy. I, mentally, cannot be around addicts anymore. It makes me feel anxious and paranoid, and like I said, I don't want to anticipate catching him again, whether he calls it a relapse or not, I just don't want to witness it. Period. It sucks it took so long, but I'm more secure and independent. It's funny, he has told me I'm "too independent" recently, which means he can sense I know my self worth.
I just feel stuck now. He's still texting me every couple hours asking me how I'm doing. He still loves me, but I don't think I want to go back. I feel so weird, but I need to move on.

No. 873497

File: 1628195144718.jpg (68.62 KB, 1200x675, Dmc_uu5WwAE_GvL.jpg)

Me, a month away from receiving medical attention but in pain and slowly withering away as I wait for my doctors' appointments.

No. 873505

This is so fucking stupid especially since the chinese have their own questionably authentic "western" food. But I have yet to see anyone get upset about that.


No. 873506

I've had like 8 seizures this past month or so after nearly 5 months without them, I fucking hate it. I just wanna be normal and play vidya or watch tv with my fiancée without spazzing out. I feel so isolated when I'm cocooned in bed with the lights off for hours at a time.

No. 873509

awww it'll all be okay!!

No. 873510

I grew up in a rough area and went to a rough school. My mom always nitpicked things about me where she didn't want me to say pick up the local accent for example. A couple of her sisters are the same, posh even though they don't come from money. Weirdly fake and judgey. I never understand where it came from.

As a 30 year old I still get hit with memories of it and just think…ffs don't raise me in a shit area and expect me to pull a posh accent out of nowhere. Buy a fancy house in a fancy area if you wanted fancy sounding kids. Not my problem lol

No. 873515

I'm really enjoying having debilitating menstrual pain along with emotional turmoil! I also really like that when I look for help with period symptoms that every article has to helpfully point out that I am actually a Uterus Haver and not a woman! Maybe now that men can have periods we can start being taken seriously when we have health issues. Fingers crossed!

No. 873516

have you heard of or tried a TENS unit?

No. 873518

Holy shit anon, be careful, even one seizure can mess something up in your brain permanently, as many as 8 a month raising that risk significantly. No video game should be worth it. Are you taking any medication and seeing a neurologist?

No. 873525

I waited too late to make plans for my birthday and now I am going to spend it alone

No. 873531

File: 1628197475480.jpeg (86.05 KB, 500x747, B8D064BE-35FA-4E17-B0F0-EA3963…)

I hate that stupid fucking “goth gf” meme so much. I could just dress normie but men harass normie women all the time so it makes no difference, so I guess just fuck scrotes in general. Just let me be an edgelord in peace ffs
yes the Shayna thread set me off

No. 873532

I'm medicated and just finished undergoing treatment. It's partly the stress of treatment causing the uptick in seizures and partly me over estimating my ability to carry on as normal. I'm being safe now though, black and white mode, low light settings, etc. I just miss the little things in life like video games and binging bad tv with my partner, y'know? But my situation is getting back under control so I shouldn't complain. Thank you for caring though, nona. ♥

No. 873533

I want to chloroform alternate-reality-me and then silently switch dimensions with her. I want to get out of here but it's like running a marathon with burning iron shoes

No. 873541

I'm feeling extra protective because I know exactly what you're going through having epilepsy myself. It's so sad that there are some simple activities we just can't safely engage in, there's always this little worry something may go wrong. I hope you'll be able to get it under control fully soon and please be safe!

No. 873568

i'm so fucking weak y'all, i got yelled out by one single stranger for not playing well enough and now i feel so bad i don't want to play and our team even won the fucking game

No. 873570

You said that beautifully anon.

No. 873574

anon I was the dumbass who made that rant and I can’t stop laughing, I sounded so stupid last night

No. 873577

File: 1628200671409.jpeg (25.17 KB, 600x600, haha wonky steev.jpeg)

Why is everything today 'post-', 'meta-', or an analysis of something? Am I just ignorant or is there nothing new going on in culture at the moment? Am I stuck in a loop of looking back at the past and hearing nothing about the present or is society doing so? Yeah, hollywood making endless sequels to successful franchises and nostalgia bait is not a huge problem, but who cares about Hollywood nowadays? I want to know why is one of the more popular genres on Youtube bad media analysis video essays, talking about how great something was, instead of making something good that is? Is this making any sense? Yeah, there probably are some good things on youtube happening right now and my algo is just really crap, but it seems to my stupid brain people actually made shit that was good in the past and didnt just talk about good media that happened before like now. I'm trying to make something of my own right now, so dont call me out as a hypocrite here either. Youtube itself is now just a corporate shitplatform that lets almost no one have their crative stuff seen. Where is the good shit, like, where's the fresh, new creative brain-produce!? This time in art history fucking sucks major donkey dick to me, idc if im stupid and biased and dont like anime or vidya or whatever, what happened to literally every other creative outlet? Fuck this timeline's lame.
In short, it just seems, key word, seems to me that in the past, things - mostly creative things - happened, and right now, we're just talking about the "happened". Please, correct me if im wrong.

No. 873582

>where’s the fresh new content

post-monetization youtube has ruined its own site

No. 873619

File: 1628203905753.png (33.26 KB, 249x309, bagel.png)

i took a zinc supplement and now my stomach is being fucking ruined as a consequence. it hurts so bad, never taking one of those shits again. pic unrelated

No. 873622

not trying to racebait but it's absolutely bizarre how south koreans have basically deluded themselves into thinking they are whiter than white people (in terms of skin colour). all that white washing and makeup is NOT reality.

No. 873626

Nothing's wrong with you, it's mostly people trying to be elitist about something. The only "post-" words I like are post punk and post hardcore music, and even then, they are totally separate from what they were influenced by. It's just good music people made that the listeners categorized into a group for their comfort. It's like the people who have to view a videogame as "the dark souls of x" like nah bro it's just a game.

No. 873635

I lost a friend recently to their boyfriend and it fucking sucks. She’s with a guy who’s really insecure and he recognizes that he’s a mental health mess but it doesn’t matter. She has some kind of borderline personality disorder traits so I’ve always been very patient and sympathetic with her and her anger/freak outs when she has breakdowns. Sometimes I’d say something not helpful or she’d say something personally mean but we always reconciled and talked it through with our honest feelings, either in person or over a call. Her partner never liked me because he’s so insecure and worries about peoples influence on her. Unfortunately last time she had a big breakdown it was fuelled by HIM having a breakdown, so she was at his complete whim and went with whatever he said would fix it. He insisted she cut off people close to her. suspiciously all her female friends because they don’t truly care, they are the source of her stress not him, they arent good people like he is etc. He’s seriously poisoned her personality and she thinks she can’t survive without him, when in reality he’s the one who can’t survive without her and forced her in to being dependant and making sure she can’t have friends while in a relationship. She’s so far gone, the only way she’ll be herself again is if they break up, I don’t think he’s going to magically fix himself and go to real therapy because why would he when he’s never a problem.

No. 873668

Thank you nona ♥️

No. 873673

It actually makes me seethe with anger that Americans are stupid enough to wash their vaginas with any kind of soap (this includes unscented and Dove)

STOP TAKING HEALTH AND HYGIENE ADVICE FROM TIKTOK!!!!!! Do not wash your pussy with any kind of soap. No not even the outside of it. JUST WATER is enough for the outside. God fucking damn I hate you how is a country full of retards this powerful.

No. 873677

I use a wash cloth with body wash on the outside of mine all the time in the shower and the constant running water makes it rinse off. Never had any issues. Even soaping your asshole and cleaning that area would have a soap runoff.

No. 873679

I've seen anons here say that you're supposed to wash the outside with soap tho

No. 873683

You're really not. There is absolutely no good reason to. The closest you could get to it with soap is just the crotch/pubic bone itself, aka where the majority of the pubic hair grows.

No. 873692

Idk I have an innie I guess and I soap around the pubes.

No. 873695

Some ppl have more gunk buildup and need some soap on the lips. When I don't wash with soap I get itchy.

No. 873696

Kek, this reminds me I smelled awful down there until I was 19 or so because I thought you were supposed to wash with as much soap as possible. When I was little, my dad would literally squirt a handful of body wash in his hand and wash me down there like that. For so many years I thought that was the correct way to do it.

No. 873700

…your dad what now?

No. 873704

Anon that gunk is called smegma and you can easily wash it with water.

No. 873706

The world isn’t an ultimately good and beautiful place like in my favorite books. There’s no code of honor and morality, love doesn’t triumph over evil and there’s no purity in nature or people. It’s just disgusting sexual perversion and chaos, sometimes I cry because it makes me so sad.

No. 873708

There's a very dedicated incest larper camping in the thread, see >>872854 . Just ignore him.

No. 873709

The latest set of pictures posted in Shayna's thread made me realize I have her exact body type, and seeing it in the cursed angles she gets in her videos is killing me. I'm not fat at least but the broad shoulders, no waist and narrow hips are the same. I'm thinking I should end it now tbh I'm a mike wazowski shaped bitch

No. 873715

File: 1628210478369.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.28 MB, 3323x3115, CE89301B-4C28-44ED-9A21-3FE3B0…)

considering you browse shayna's thread i can only assume you have bpd and nitpick her to make yourself feel better like every other weirdo that browses her thread… but i'll make you feel better anyway. if this body was on any other person, nobody would bat an eye. really the only thing that sticks out is how fat she is. if she lost weight, even with the exact same structure, it would be fine. sure it's not some ridiculous standard that people feel they need to live up to these days but most bodies naturally aren't lmao. the fact that this body belongs to shayna means that every hidden quasi-cow on this website will nitpick it to DEATH.

No. 873720

File: 1628211536443.png (10.15 KB, 297x238, rpiyaso1_400.png)

There's a bait poster in the MTF thread again. Hoping this retard doesn't post gore again for the 5th time.

No. 873725

But you're not wrecking your life selling your body to disgusting males. At least I hope not, for your own sake.

No. 873726

don't understand how /pol/ types and just incel-tier tards can have such retarded opinions when it comes to tattoos but it's totally bizarre and i'm starting to think it's some elaborate long running joke. the fact that they unironically use words like "peacocking" is just too much for me. some freaks are just so desperate to be purist neo-boomers where even something as benign as tattoos is a sign of a "mentally unstable person" to them.

No. 873735

It's so fun to bait them with larping as the perfect tradwife and then pull out the 6 figure 6ft 6" standard.

No. 873769

File: 1628217484343.jpeg (36.84 KB, 256x256, 3AD3CFB2-80A4-4D50-87D6-1BB349…)

oh my god I keep realizing that eventually I’m going to have to work and give my energy to a job and it’ll continue to suck the life and energy out of me until I die just like my mother. i have no problem with working but there really is no good rewards to it nowadays, you get $10 an hour for what? making ceos even more rich and hiring as much people as possible so they don’t have to pay a fair and livable wage? god I think that is one of the reasons why I am definitely considering suicide there is no way to make a difference anyways.

No. 873773

I feel depressed again, like I want to feel suicidal, and it's fucking sad.

No. 873792

people need to stop sending me job listings where the main tasks are making/taking phone calls. i fucken hate talking on the phone and i did not mention anything about looking for a job, i have one already. they probably think they're trying to be helpful because it's a higher paying job but the phone then fuck that shit.

No. 873795

I hate that the first place you lose weight/fat is your tits. I used to be a DD but I’ve lost ten pounds and I’ve noticed a gap on my bras now and it fucking sucks.

No. 873800

Bobona. Do like the rest of us and put in only the bare minimum in effort. Found a comfy job and since the pay is whatever I only do whateve. My dad is full of diseases BC of overworking and I swear I will never get myself to that degree

No. 873807

Based not putting any effort, hope this whole system crashes down

No. 873822

Trying to learn about female autism and it appears to boil down to this.
>signs of male autism
being a huge fucking shit flinging monkey retard with no empathy
>signs of female autism
be slightly different from the normiest of normies

No. 873823

Shatna's problem isn't her body shape. It's the self neglect, alcholism and impending obesity. It doesn't matter what body shape she has, she would still look like a pork roast and get dragged for it. Having an hour glass figure would not undo years of not exercising, excessive cheemsburger consumption and sitting alone drinking cartons of Stutter Home.

If this is regarding the tattoo discussion in the other thread, maybe there are people that just don't like tattoos? Some people like something and some people don't. It really isn't that deep.

No. 873844

Even if you're fairly normie you could just be masking very well which female autists do a better job of than male autists. I guess it makes sense because ime if you're a woman who avoids social interaction you're assumed to be a stuck up bitch but if a scrote avoids social interaction (even if they're outright rude as fuck) that's just how they are and they should be accepted for it.

No. 873864

I hate everyone. I hate my ex gf for being happy with a mediocre scrote now and for having treated me like shit and still treats me like shit. I want to rage and vent.

No. 873913

File: 1628234540368.png (85.81 KB, 264x282, dgct.png)

Hair is still falling out like no other. At this point, my hairline is looking like a scrote's from how much has been lost. My medicated shampoo might not work, so I'll have to get my blood tested again. I'm starting school in a new college this semester after transferring. This just feels terrible. How the hell do I cover it up without looking embarrassing. I don't even want to see my friends with it this bad.

No. 873917

That's because women are expected to perform socially to the point they just toughen up and learn to live with their autism until they grow up, break down with severe depression and anxiety and finally get an autism diagnosis in their 20's, after decades of being told they're innately dumb and worthless. Male autists are always coddled and pandered to, always excused from the smallest attempts at being a normal human being. And this isn't just pinkpilled tinfoiling but an actual scientific fact that a lot of studies regarding the subject have proven.

No. 873922

My piece of a shit garbage scrote that I have the unfortune of calling my father has been leaving dirty dishes behind during my mom's week's abscence. He does it intentionally in the most greasy and dirty possible way, using as many dishes and pans as he can. I asked him to clean up after himself before mom comes but he passive aggressively said he will the day before she comes and something tells me that won't be the case. I don't want mom to face the kitchen that's really disgusting looking atm but I don't want to clean after his mess either. I can't use the kitchen but that's the least of my problems. I kind of wish I could pour boiling hot water with sugar all over his slimey face but going to prison because of his trash subhuman ass would be too much. And it's mentally exhausting coming back from work knowing what kind of shit will wait for me. God I hate him.

No. 873926

File: 1628235617971.jpg (107.59 KB, 800x800, New-Beanies-Women-Rabbit-Fur-H…)

I'm so sorry anon, that sounds terrible. Did the doctors discover what causes it? If you dress in an alt-ish way, you can get away with wearing a beanie all the time

No. 873928

Im going to a concert tomorrow and I got invited to pre drinks somewhere. But I gained so much weight recently and I don't feel like I'm able to be myself when I'm fat. So as much as I wish I could go, I just don't feel confident and I feel ashamed of myself for being this weight. Idk if I should bother going because I'll feel embarrassed

No. 873931

I appreciate it, nona. It's freaky, but I hope if any other anon has the same thing that she can know another farmer is having to put up with this bullshit. My derm said it might be sebderm, but I can't tell if anything I'm taking for that is actually helping. If it's even worse by October, I'm getting vitamin D, testosterone, and a CMP test blood lab done. A beanie would work, but I unfortunately live in a really hot area. I think I might try to get away with wearing a hat 24/7 if all fails.

No. 873962

Don't let your weight rule your life. If your actively trying to change it, it doesn't matter. You still have to live in between this time until you reach your goal weight. Think about when your older, would you rather these nice memories or remember not going because you felt bad. Just wear something you feel comfortable in and have fun! I've avoided lots of events because of this in the past and always regretted it.

No. 873964

My god the low IQ tinfoils in the covid thread refusing to take the vaccine and calling it "gene therapy" make me want to rope myself.

No. 873965

Lmao same

No. 873966

In my country recently some retards burned down a vaccination center; I get it that people are dumb and usually I'm just able to accept it but antivax crowd makes me so angry; be it about covid vaccine or any other. All of them idiots with too much free time to spend online and read unsourced articles about a person who knew a person whose cousin heard of someone young dying after vaccination.

No. 873971

Congrats you fell for the us vs them brainwashing. Vax or antivax there's dumbasses and rational ppl on both sides.

No. 873972

>b-both are dumb and irrational!!!
No. The other one is literally elongating the pandemic and causing deaths and disabilities by denying scientific research and evidence just because they saw a youtube video of some jackass telling them the gubment vaccinates them poisonous gay microchips or something.

No. 873973

Ah yes so rational of antivax people to reintroduce illnesses that were no-issue for decades because they refuse to vaccinate their kids or whatever, truly two sides of the same coin

No. 873980

And pro vaxxers literally want to make it illegal to not be vaxxed with a non FDA approved vaccine. Violating the basic medical code consent.
>denying scientific research and evidence
Scientific research and evidence that seems to change every next day. Wear mask no don't wear mask get vaccinated but oh now you need boosters too. Oh what women are reporting period troubles? Censor and ban those groups off Facebook and Instagram.
>they saw a youtube video of some jackass telling them the gubment vaccinates them poisonous gay microchips or something.
No, outside of the internet, where real ppl are, most are suspicious of the vaccine because it's a new medtech, not FDA approved, has new studies every week finding horrible side effects like heart inflammation, and gov making it so you can't work to earn $ to eat without getting a vaccine.
But I guess go on, you'd fit perfectly in Naze Germany, exactly the sort of black and white thinking they love.

No. 873981

Especially since to them "goth" means a girl with black hair wearing dark clothing and maybe a pseudo occult or Iron Maiden shirt. They would shit themselves if they saw a real goth like Siouxsie.

No. 873983

If you treated your mental illness with modern medicine and not sucking on a tree root or something you wouldn't be writing shit like this

No. 873984

The Pfizer vaccine will be FDA approved in a few weeks, and then you'll whine how they're only doing it for profit too.

No. 873988

They hate you because you're right

No. 873992

No. 873994

Must be way the unvaxxed are proportional dying more.

No. 874000

File: 1628243123647.jpg (7.6 KB, 256x270, f86552ecef0bf955aa6f5b28f32d29…)

my work team made a fucking whatsapp group and added me without my consent. i told them i would decide by the end of today, but they still added me. my manager said "if i refuse they will have to rely on outlook and teams for me". that's the fucking point of our work related outlook profiles the fuck?? i'm only willing to interact with them through work accounts and socials and i refuse to give them my time outside of working hours. is this even legal?? it's my personal number and personal whatsapp account the fuck i'm livid aaaaa

No. 874004

block the bitches. I would be furious

No. 874009

Idk if it's legal but you can mute the chat

No. 874014

File: 1628243910211.jpg (5.58 KB, 225x225, 1595943290010.jpg)

I vomited yesterday because of mentrual cramps and I got glands in my throat I feel them whenever I swallow something, this is the first time. Should I be worried?

No. 874015

File: 1628244022848.jpg (17.17 KB, 340x284, 1627245306086.jpg)

You're right anon, thank you for the reply. Going to go and try to leave those thoughts on the backburner and have fun

No. 874017

Where is DONDA??! I also got woken up on my day off so I'm going to smoke a fat one here, hotbox my bedroom and hopefully pass out for another 7 hours

No. 874027


Do you think FDA approved actually means anything? Most makeup isn’t FDA approved. HFCS is FDA approved despite the amount of evidence that shows its absolute poison to our bodies and contributes to obesity. Artificial colorings that are banned in nearly every other country are FDA approved, as well as a bunch of additives that you won’t see in the same foods sold anywhere else outside of the United States. Trying to hide behind an FDA approval for your irrational thinking behind a vaccine is fucking annoying.

No. 874065

File: 1628248672724.jpg (425.92 KB, 1042x1082, Screenshot_2019_Firefox.jpg)

>leave tumblr because ugly men kept sexually harrassing me
>join ig, women keep sexually harrassing me

It's a much much less frequent but what the actual fuck? So far all of the profiles have been real women, with their relatives tagged in pictures/following them.

It's the purple hair isn't it? Idk what else would attract people like this honestly. I'm going dark brown next time, fuck this shit. Keep your ass and genitals in your pants.

No. 874070

TF are you doing there anon, no one ever messages me on ig except bots. Im genuinely curious lmao

No. 874078

I follow local lgbt people/women on ig and I guess looking alt to them might mean I'm more open for casual/kink stuff? That's really the only thing that comes to mind because all my posts are my dox and like 2 selfies

No. 874085

Ah, that would make sense. Your theory too, people tend to assume that you're into kinks if you have anything a bit less-normie in your look

No. 874169

We have an agreement with my mom that we visit her ex husband in the hospital on certain days. Today it's my day and afterwards we planned to go a store and buy paint. Right before I left home I got a call from a company asking if I'm available for a short interview, as I'm looking for a job rn. Did the interview then I phoned my mom telling her that I'm gonna be 15 minutes late from the hospital. Imagine the most flippant fucking voice, saying 'alright' with an audible irritation. Then she calls me, still irritated, saying that since she's already there, she'll go to the hospital instead of me. I get it, I'm often late but still

No. 874173

I wish I had a close female friend again. I have female cousins and some normie friends whose company I really enjoy and I love very much but it's not the same as getting high and reading fanfiction to each other

No. 874174

just lost my grandmother who was like a parent very suddenly and ever since life has been turmoil. a lot of overblown conflicts that i havent created nor been able to stop but always right in the center of. now even though everything is calming down i cant stop self sabotaging. i just keep shoving people away from me. i dont know why im like this i want to be normal. right now my pain is sharp like a knife and im scared ill hurt somebody with it.i cant handle another fight. i want to die.but cant do fhat to my mom. i utterly want to die. it doesnt seem so scary now that grammy did it so i feel like i could actually go through with it. i just cant hurt anybody. no matter what i do someone gets hurt so i havw to carry this pain around everywhere and work and act normal

No. 874176

I wish I could explore myself more, experiment with looks and styles. But my household has been pretty restrictive all my childhood and so is where I live. Simple things like wearing shirts tucked into jeans gets me shouted at and I get called a whore by my fam. I wanted to cut my hair short and it got me slapped. I just want to have fun with my appearance and try out different things while I'm in college before I go all conventional for my professional life, but I can't and I'm bitter and angsty about it.

No. 874177

I just finished knitting an entire cardigan out of 100% alpaca wool and while it didn't bother my hands while working on it, when I try to wear it it itches so badly that I can't stand having it on for more than a few seconds. All that time and money wasted. Fuck. I also have a big stash of the same yarn in different colours that I won't be able to use now, either.

No. 874178

get a faux fringe off amazon, they make some that clip back farther in your scalp so could be effective

No. 874183

can't you use it for something that you don't have to wear?

No. 874184

That fucking sucks nonnie, im sorry that happened. I have really shitty allergies so I also can't wear wool, which sucks cause a lot of the nice and warm winter stuff uses it. I have a wool coat with a liner inside but if the outside touches my skin even a little I get really red and itchy all over that area. I hate not being able to wear cool wool clothing.

No. 874189

yeah, sometimes I feel like I will never be able to have the connection I had with my old friends with new people but this thought is so depressing

No. 874191

Sell it for money! I'm really sorry that happened, but i dont want your efforts to go to waste. Fall is coming up in some parts of the world, so someone would buy it

No. 874193

My coworker literally told me her boyfriend did the most 'valiant' and amazing thing ever for her and paid for her birth control. Why are picks mes like this

No. 874218

If he came up with this idea without being prompted it's indeed rare which doesn't change the fact the bar for men is literally below sea level

No. 874230

>Found a comfy job
What is it? What field?

No. 874234

I agreed with you until thr retarded nazi germany addition.

No. 874236

She said he did it because she ran out. Probably just wanted sex. Men should be paying for 50 percent of bc anyway since they always pressure women to take it instead of wearing a condom.

No. 874240

FDA approved means ppl can sue them for adverse reactions. So yes it means something.

No. 874247

Me too anon, I think about it so often

No. 874249

File: 1628261968296.jpg (103.18 KB, 640x828, Tumblr_l_37725575154417.jpg)

I love being a snake, befriending trannies and trainwrecks just to keep a VERY close eye on the shit show is my fav new thing to do. I've read and built everything and every kit in my house a million times. Watched all my movies. Everything. There's quite literally nothing else to do now with COVID and mandates constantly flopping back and forth. This is the only way I get my social fix aside from the discord with my gals. I know what I'm doing isn't really befriending and its just me getting my foot in the door to stalk but I'm having a great time nonetheless. Feels good to be bad, man.

No. 874253

You're literally right, thank you anon.

No. 874259

so what's the long con, nona?

No. 874263

This scrote I know will never stop being retarded.
>Starts talking about fucking this or that girl
He’s fucking ugly, he talks about being this some sort of stallion that gets a bunch of women falling for him to the point that lots of them leave their boyfriends, which are friends of my brother.
>says that he never wears condoms because “muh it doesn’t feel the same”
>says he got a few scares
>tell him that he should just get a vasectomy if he doesn’t even like the idea of having children
>HUrrr durrrr i can’t because It’s not reversible and what if uy wont a kid in 10 yrs
>tell him that he’s getting old and that the possibility of him getting a woman pregnant is reduced by how fat he is and how old he’s getting because he will hit the wall in his 30’s
and I’m actually being nice because he already hit the wall in his 27’s
>But i will want to get married and have kids anon!!!
>tell him that he just told us he doesn’t want to get married nor have kids because he doesn’t have the will
>but what if!!!!
Oh god I hate him so much, i hope he never manages to make a woman bear his children because they will have to take care of a dumbass retard who can’t live in a society.

No. 874265

good point. if she doesn't have one she's liable to get fucked up in some way

No. 874266

lmao except it’s absolutely reversible. men are so fucking stupid.

No. 874267

karma will come eventually. he'll end up being the unwilling baby daddy, he obviously doesn't care about protection that much if he's had multiple scares. sad for the kid though

No. 874275

I've definitely gained weight and I thought it was period weight gain but no I think I've just gained weight. I shouldn't let it bother me but it's like a worm digging itself into my brain and I feel like I'm just barely holding on to not fucking spiral out of control

inb4 ok anachan

No. 874276

I've been coughing for a month and it feels awful. (Swabbed and not covid) I just want to stop coughing and get better.

No. 874280

Saw my gran for the first time since I left the hospital for trying to rope again. She was furious at me and said "what am I supposed to do without you here? I need you"
I already felt guilty but that really made me feel rotten to the core. I said I was so, so sorry and that sometimes I can't control myself as well as I would like to. She just grabbed my hand and said she'd never let me go.

I feel alien in my body, I'm way skinnier than I remember and moving around I feel so strangely light. I wonder if it's just my fatigue lifting from my nerve injury/long COVID, but can't be sure. It could just be the residual mania. I only lost ~2kg while I was in hospital but I look very haggard and drawn.

I'm convinced now that there's no way out. The lady who spoke to me in hospital said something about this attempt completely resetting my brain, and she's right - I do feel very different. I think I proved myself right. I feel strangely peaceful; I can't die, so I have no choice but to find out what my purpose is.

My psychiatrist wants to try ECT and I don't know what to think. Will it make me stupid? I'm not the brightest anyway but I make my living as an academic, so I can't afford to lose any more brain cells.

I bought some reasonable quality acrylic paint, gloss varnish, etc. so that I can get back into painting for fun. I prefer oils but the drying time is often a problem for me, and it's hard to get a nice even finish. Gonna test them out by painting a portrait of my dog. I'd like to start selling my paintings because I used to be good at it, but I don't know what people want to buy. It would be a nice and productive way to recover from the latest psychotic break. I thought maybe mythological figures, like Medusa or Hecate. Or the local wildlife, foxes and deer, swans, robins and stag beetles. I don't know.

No. 874283

I drove 6 hours to visit my friend and I've just been sitting on the couch by myself while she sleeps in

No. 874285

damn right after I posted this I went to the bathroom and puked my guts out. feels bad

No. 874287

I literally can't with lolcow sometimes, it feels like I can barely vent about anything at all without being called a scrote, even if it's unrelated or nowhere near anything that would be considered male to a logical person. Sometimes I feel like it's actually scrotes who get off on emotionally traumatizing women who come into here and see women in weak spots just to push them around and say that they're male. This doesn't even just apply for me I've seen anons here claim posts that are the complete opposite of what a scrote what do, are scrote. Absolutely ridiculous

No. 874288

Reading this I felt like I've got an opportunity to peek directly into someones mind and listen to completely raw trail of thoughts. With your need of creative expression I imagine you could create some really fascinatic artistic journal of some sort. Hope you have great, new life ahead, after, as it was put, "resetting your brain".

No. 874293

What threads are you venting in because the only ones I see on ot or g that get called out are scrotes lol

No. 874294

I agree. I don't understand why report and ignore is such a difficult concept.

No. 874315

The irony in anons that say "don't want to be called a scrote ? Don't talk like one" You would think they wouldn't police every single thing other women on here say.

No. 874317

For trannies: gathering evidence of sexual misconduct and degeneracy, I have a feeling I will find zoophiles and pedos in the mix. For anyone else, it's simply for my own satisfaction. I only break my silence and release caps when I feel someone or something is in danger (animals, children and women.) I just kind of collect screencaps and lunacy to keep in my personal milk vault. Unless someone found me, found the physical HD, copied it and posted it with my info, I don't think anything will happen. I realize that the deeper I go in this the more I absolutely have to be locked up and careful of who tries to talk to me and how I browse. Also what kind of info I keep. If it's something only I know obviously I can't squeal. I'm pretty good at keeping to myself and not letting on though. I mean, shit, this is the first time I've ever even admitted to this weird hobby. If it's even that. Kek.

No. 874329

Stopping women from talking by shaming them is extremely male behaviour. It's truly bizarre.

No. 874336

I’m so fucking lonely. Everyday just goes by in a blur. I no longer take joy in anything I previously liked. I no longer enjoy hobbies and when I force myself to do them I feel like it’s pointless. I feel worthless. Everyday I silently hope somthing tragic happens to me that ends my life because I’m too much of a pussy to do it myself.

I just dont want to go on anymore. “It gets better” is such a crock. I’ve been waiting my whole life for it to get better but it’s the same cycle of rejection I’ve felt since I was a fucking child in elementary school. It’s not getting better. It won’t get better. I just want it to end already.

No. 874339

File: 1628267676681.png (169.15 KB, 249x309, q.PNG)

samefag I'm fine now

No. 874340

I doubt this happened, the only time I see anons call others scrotes is when they say something misogynistic or fetishize women.

No. 874343

If the only reason she's taking it is because he wants to hit it raw, he actually should be paying completely for it.

No. 874346

Most scrotes plan on getting married when they're so old that they need a card giver

No. 874372

I've been locked out of my unemployment for days and I feel like it's because my ex somehow got access to either my social or account number (I left him pretty dramatically and I used his laptop before to do it) and got me locked out.

I don't even get a lot of money but I was going to use that payout to get my first RSO dosage legally. Never mention the fact that I actually do need the fucking money.

I'm so annoyed and I had to go through so many hoops to even do the ID.Me bullshit. Now I have to sit her and wait on the state to maybe verify me. I can't even call because they didn't hire enough no habla englais mothefuckers to run the call center, so I get disconnected Everytime.

I just want my fucking peasant change.

No. 874384

I feel you nona. I have a blackmail file myself, granted it is rather slim and I'll probably never need it.

No. 874392


Anon, things don’t get better without you putting in the work to get better. See a therapist, get medicated, do something that gets you out of the house even if it’s for 15 minutes.

No. 874405

I'm depressed as shit but I don't wanna go back on SSRIs because then my clit will become useless again and idk if i can handle that.

No. 874409

File: 1628273084364.jpg (160.41 KB, 1080x1020, 1623870692269.jpg)

I hate my stupid period brain. I always end up obsessing over some stupid shit, usually some scenario I've completely made up. The worst part about it isn't "wah I made myself sad over nothing" but the fact that I feel like such a traitor to my sex when I realize that "oh shit my period made me a retard." And in some cases I feel like I should apologize for my retardation when it effects my loved ones they're so sweet to me when I open up to them about my feelings, ask what they could do for me to help me feel better or feel loved, even though they tell me and show me they love me all the time and they didn't even do anything wrong so I have to admit that my period made me act retarded, and they are always so understanding and fucking nice they literally treat me like I was a sad kicked puppy they want to give all the love in the world even though I'm the one who kicked myself. God I hate myself for being a "tee hee brain no worky cuz woman" stereotype and it was a hundred times worse on birth control so I guess this is terminal retardation.

No. 874410

I get so annoyed by people who have no life apart from their spouse/partner. It seems like everyone I know has to constantly bring it up. People bring their partners to outings or are glued to their phone to text them while they're away. I also work with mostly Gen X who have kids and grandkids. It feels very isolating to be single and alone among these people. When people talk about weekend plans at work they usually say they're going to hang out with their friends or go on an outing with their husband. I'm a friendless antisocial autist so I'm already afraid of trying to make friends, when they see I don't have any it'll probably scare them away.

No. 874413

kek cry harder and look for a job

No. 874431

I just found out I can't book off any days for the rest of the year. Worst part is it's my fault. They asked if I wanted days off when I first started back in April and I refused because I thought that I couldn't get any until I worked here longer. So now I guess I need to injure myself or something if I want a break in the next 4 months.

No. 874437

File: 1628275292815.gif (332.32 KB, 220x220, tenor.gif)

I just get horny.

No. 874438

Ayrt I get horny too so I get to be both horny and a blubbering retard

No. 874441

File: 1628275776061.png (2.32 MB, 932x1422, Untitled1.png)

Acceptance is key. There's worse crimes in the world nonita!

No. 874449

It’s getting harder not to alog other farmers

No. 874482

I got married at 22 and we seperated very suddenly at 24. Looking back I wish my dad was the type to pull me aside and ask if I thought it was too soon. The guy I was with rushed into commitment… and rushed back out of it again. I was young and naive and weirdly flattered by the thought that someone wanted me forever. I believed that but then they walked at the first sign of a relationship being work.

I wonder what my life would look like if I never married them. The sudden end of that marriage sent me into a depressed and tbh humiliated state that lasted years. I could be in an actual functional marriage right now if I hadn't gone along with it.

No. 874511

You will learn from it and it will get better.

No. 874521

real sad about the friend finder still being locked because i made a terf server and it's really nice so far but i want more lolcow users in it…

No. 874547

File: 1628282943153.png (40.68 KB, 500x300, Untitled-3.png)

Tomorrow I go for the first training in almost 3 years since pretty serious injury, I missed the sport terribly in these three years but now that it's scheduled and imminent I feel really stressed again all of the sudden… any of you experienced something similar and if so, how was comeback for you?

No. 874562

Drop the link

No. 874564

i think that would get me banned

No. 874565

Drop the link and take your ban like a woman

No. 874566

Yea nvm don't do it. Servers like this get raided by moids all the time unless they have the strictest vetting system in the world. So many terf servers have insane questionnaires you have to fill out to even be considered to get let in

No. 874571

I have to move out at the end of the month, but I didn’t know until this week when I could move in so I couldn’t book movers. My mom thinks everything I have is going to be too much for me to move by myself so she wants to me post on Facebook to try to find people to help me move and I really don’t want to but ig I don’t have any other choice. As if I’m not already stressed out about moving now I have to think about having to interact with rando (probably) men off of Facebook to help me move shit and they probably won’t be creeps but I can’t help but be jaded that they will be.

No. 874572

NTA but at this point I'd probably be ready to fill in a 10-page application to exist in a server with only terven women. After having to witness the tranny nonbinary shit in mine all day long I want to eat a bullet.

And honestly it's not even the raids that are the worst because it's just the dumb moids being dumb but when gatekeeping fails and insufferable spergs enter, the kind who use "gendercrit" as an excuse to be homophobic or racist. Or the really deep end polilez schizos who can't have a discussion with nuance to it.

No. 874575

where do you even find terf servers? The only vaguely terf adjacent one i found was the lolcow discord, because it has voice verification

No. 874576

I think the most extensive one I've ever seen asked you to put all your gendercrit social media, had questions about second wave theory, asked about your sexual history with men and also, which I found hilarious, asked you your favorite radfem tumblr and if you answered with a blog the server owner didn't like she would delete your application. I saw her blog about this. Like the applicant answered with some blog owned by a gay man or something and the owner went "nope"

No. 874589

I grew up with a father who would hit my brother, wreck things and threaten to hurt someone whenever he was angry, and I've always had a hard time accepting that as a woman I cannot physically overpower him. I just want to fucking beat the shit out of him with my own hands and make him submit to me.

No. 874594

Honestly anons who act like that are truly the ones letting males one with that attitude, not allowing women to speak ever or have anons walk on eggshells just so they sound uwu feminine enough to appeal to anons is ridiculous, especially anons who seem to be deeply traumatized or struggling with something. At that point you're just allowing farmers to suffer and moids get to watch as we eat each other alive in our weakest moments

No. 874602

File: 1628287277124.jpg (88.15 KB, 1643x1232, 5f29df8acaff3.image.jpg)

there is a way, anon

No. 874606

Where does that happen though? The only instance I saw anons being called scrotes for their writing style is when they spam wojaks and pepes and write with the usual 4chan incel lingo.

No. 874609


what do you think I do when I file unemployment?

No. 874616

that anon was really rude for no reason. I'm sorry and i hope everything will turn out ok for you

No. 874620

My fucking vent just disappeared when i tried attaching an image, cool. I am sick of this time of the year, having flies everywhere, loud ass, weird touching ass shit bugs I wish they all died

No. 874622

You can if you sneak attack his eyes/neck/balls.

No. 874624

I would always spit in someone's food and drinks as revenge. Or put dirt in it or something

No. 874627

then you don't come here enough since several anons and even mods have pointed out this has been an issue
>Using 4chan memes and lingo is scrotes
What? Anons don't get called scrote over stupid things but then they do, wym

The best ones are anons who admit they know that the anon most likely isn't a scrote but then continue calling them it anyway just because, like why even waste your breath or start infighting? Half the time anons will literally start infights over things they agree on as well it's ridiculous. I need a break from this place it's like being in a mental hospital

No. 874642

You sound like a scrote yourself

No. 874650

I don't think you're long enough here yourself and need to integrate if you can't tell what I mean with 4chan incel lingo.
But yeah, it does sound like you need a break if anons trying to gatekeep lolcow from scrotes on the expense of accidently getting accused of being one is that terrible to you.

No. 874665

>need to integrate if you can't tell what I mean with 4chan incel lingo.
oh? I remember once I got called a scrote for saying waifu… when I was mocking something a scrote would say
>gatekeep lolcow from scrotes on the expense of accidently getting accused of being one is that terrible to you.
sure but scrote accusations do not belong to anons in distress. we literally have an almost non existent scrote raiding problem and I promise you that the anon venting about how unrealistic porn is in the dumbass shit thread isn't that, neither is the person calling shaynas vulva a vagina going to do anything and it's letting scrotes win. On top of that you act like I'm the only person on lolcow who ever had this happen to them when several other anons had this happen and it's become a bannable offense to accuse people of being male for no reason

anyway - the real scrotes are the ones who keep trying to make anons walk on eggshells or act like we're being plowed with scrotes daily, it's terrible to tear down people who are in a weak spot and literally giving scrotes the benefit by destroying lolcow

No. 874679

>we literally have an almost non existent scrote raiding problem
This is why you get called scrote, anon.

No. 874688

why do you type that way?

No. 874694

show me where scrotes are raiding constantly enough to the point where witchhunting anons to keep the scrotes out is totally necessary


No. 874698

sage for samefag but to top this if you show me hard evidence that there has been 2 or more major scrote raids in the past 3-4 weeks I will paypal/venmo/cashapp whatever you 200$, but what do I know I'm a scrote apparently

No. 874710

One has literally been sperging out and spamming gore here yesterday (for the third time) with ther 4chan tranny thread friends joining in, the entirety of chrischan's thread quickly became a scote containment thread with them openly admitting it and kiwifags got so bad with their lack of integration even the banner notification recognizes it. If you regulary visit lolcow, there are several bans and garbage threads made by them within every fucking week. Stop with the retarded gaslighting already.

No. 874718

File: 1628292923065.jpg (71.8 KB, 1024x1024, 3852thtvxso61.jpg)

>mfw I've been on lolcow for 6 years by now and I've never been called a scrote

No. 874726

they were spamming the 'things you hate thread' a few days ago but jannies deleted it, although some of their earlier posts are still there and redtexted. there was also self-admitted male in the last confessions thread and a "guy here" post in the stupid questions thread.

No. 874729

My youngest sister used to be babysat a lot by this one woman over 10 years ago when she was 4-8. I recently came across her social media where she is still constantly posting pictures from that time saying she misses my sister. Not just a one-time throwback picture but there are 7 references to my sister in the last 2 months. My sister doesn't follow her on any social media either. I asked my sister about it and she said she blocked her a couple years ago because she never stopped talking to her. Wtf why is this woman so weird. Should I confront her and ask her to take them down? She's saying she misses her fake daughter in the posts. (Also she doesn't live anywhere near my sister thank god)

No. 874734

……..can we see censored caps? that's insane

No. 874750

File: 1628294735908.jpeg (108.14 KB, 720x788, 73F241B3-F2C8-4E1E-BB40-75741C…)

I can’t even go anywhere on the internet without being shit on for being black, but no I’m the bad guy. Rather than take my side people love to play centrist. Fuck me

No. 874751

She sounds batshit, but maybe she lost a child and is clinging on to those babysitting memories as some semblance of motherhood. Doesn't excuse making your sister uncomfortable but I've known women who had a miscarriage or lost their children who end up being babydoll obsessed whackadoodles or obsessed with mommying their friends kids and such because they were traumatized by it. Just a thought. I think it's worth having a serious talk with her. She could just be creepy but there's a possibility she may be suffering and desperately in need of a wake-up slap.

No. 874766

So if males are raiding and spamming gore explain to me why it would be appropriate to claim venting anons are male

Also caps or it didn't happen

No. 874770

my parents have been arguing over the same fucking thing for two hours now. my narcissist mother is constantly bringing me up by name and outright lying about things i've said and done to make herself sound better. it's past midnight and I'm in my twenties laying with the lights off pretending to be asleep and blasting music with my headphones in so they won't come up and try and force me to get involved. love it! very cool

No. 874775

I really hope my thredup order has stuff that looks good on me, I’ve been wearing the same crew or vneck shirts every day for a year or so now

No. 874777

File: 1628297172457.png (56.18 KB, 720x411, Screenshot_20210806-204501_1.p…)

Here you go anon, rein in your reddit vibes before larping.

No. 874778

To be fair, you do type like a scrote… or to put it in simpler terms, youre just kind of annoying

No. 874779

told my boyfriend during a huge fight i laugh at male suicide rates, his dick is crooked and bent from too much jerking off to porn, said he can go rot away watching his incest shit forever in his parents trailer, called him a cunt retard whore brain rotted scrote moid told him to die blah blah the whole nine yards, fucking scrotes. i'm glad i let it out. i have no regrets. he's all butthurt about the crooked penis comment kek. sick of this shit, no way i';m going to pander to his shit. i'm aware i'm dumb for even staying around but there's reasons for that, one being that he lets me say man hating shit and doesn't freak out TOO severely and always lets it fly. i do kinda miss the days of not talking to a single scrote though.

also now i'm kind of scared this could be labelled radfem bait but no i'm just angry and hate (most) scrotes

No. 874781

God just go back wherever you came from.

No. 874782

sorry I'm not uwu feminine for your liking pickme

No. 874784

Learn what terms mean before you use them and integrate better.

No. 874785

I am the fucking living embodiment of a piece of loser trash Lost and Trashed, alone and smashed. so very smashed

No. 874786

Cringing so hard at my past relationship and listening to this… mmm perfect friday night

No. 874787

It's that unhinged aggressive scroteness that just jumps out

No. 874788


It's okay, I realize this website is full of teens and edgy idiots who don't understand how life outside the internet works. Thanks anon

No. 874790

Im actually cackling that you called me a pickme. Funniest thing Ive seen all day. I guess men can be funny sometimes

No. 874792

how is "I don't think we should call women in distress scrotes" unhinged???
It just seems like you're trying to nitpick women who don't have feminine typing enough, it just reminds me of trad pickmes in the tradthot thread who would mumble on about how every movement of yours has to be feminine. At this point it just seems like you're trying to get vagina or boob pics in order to "verify" that I'm not a scrote… just because me venting about how anons who need help get called scrotes is just ruining this place and allowing actual scrotes from 4chan to laugh at us

No. 874796

Again, learn what pickme actually means and then go away. The repackaged "akschually it's other women who are the problem not us men" shit doesn't pull here.

No. 874799

I'm too hot to even acknowledge a scrote itt or irl. I like to think about the virgins that use to buy me gifts in highschool and college for just talking to them. Simp on you fucking pussies lol

No. 874801

>you didn't use it in a term that's acceptable for me therefore you didn't use it right
you are hilarious, anyway, attacking other anons will get you nowhere but screenshots on 4chan of men laughing at us about how "their plan worked"

No. 874802

Go back already

No. 874805

Isn't 4chan that website incels upload their manifestos on before they go shoot up places that rightfully hosted people to bully them

No. 874806

File: 1628298369895.jpg (269.09 KB, 1500x1500, dry shampoo.jpg)


colored dry hair shampoo
i'm so sorry to hear what you're going through anon.. do you have discord? drop a throw away and i'll add ya


No. 874807

Honestly, you're right. Forgive me Stacy

No. 874808

Did someone say something? It didn't register for some reason.

No. 874837

You can tell it's a scrote bc they get super defensive. When I get called a scrote I move on.

No. 874840

i work so much that i just feel empty most days and i dont look forward to the next day or anything at all really

No. 874843

I have hairloss as well. Usually sudden loss is telogen effluvium whether thats from stress or an illness. It's supposed to recover in about 1-2 years. I'm 1 year in from "recovery" and I haven't recovered at all.

No. 874852

>when I do it i do this therefore its a scrote no other way
I swear to god i will post my vagina but then you will all be pissed because "hurr durr i didnt mean it like that" while doing fbi level "investigations" to prove if an anonymous poster is male or female

No. 874856

I guess but still, stirring up shit for no reason only benefits them, continuing to attack other anons you admit yourself are most likely female doesn't do anything, they came here to shit up this place and by calling anons who clearly aren't scrotes, scrotes you are helping them and no one seems to understand that. If you truly, down to gods earth, believe someone is male without them outright saying it, ignore, report and mods will check their previous posts to see if they are larping, if not you are giving them exactly what they want, which is anons tearing each other down while they get to watch it all. Embarrassing behavior

No. 874858

oh and before the "akshully it's you and you're proving yourself to be a scrote" posts will come since all of you apparently can't listen and just scream into the oblivion like a bunch of hysterical looms, ffs read my damn posts for once in your damn life since apparently anyone saying something you don't want to hear automatically makes them wrong, gross, a scrote, retarded, etc

No. 874862

>they came here to shit up this place
You said they don't and wanted "caps or it doesn't happen" literally an hour ago kek. At least be consistent with the larping

No. 874865

File: 1628302683896.jpg (7.66 KB, 258x196, images (1).jpg)

>tfw I wanted to buy a cute tiffany floor light for my new living room but it's actually way too fancy and out of sync with the furniture styles I ordered
I know sometimes people can get away with pairing antique-y with modernism, but this isn't gonna work. My sectional just doesn't jive that way and the giant tv just kills the tiffany vibe. I'm so upset, I'm really struggling to find a floor lamp that "fits" the room. Oh fam, why is the lighting being the most difficult aspect of this damn room?! I hate being so retarded.

No. 874868

>You said they don't and wanted "caps or it doesn't happen
I said they haven't came here recently or as frequently in order to be going on a witch hunt. I know scrotes come here, but it's not as often to be witch hunting a bunch of poor randos who don't type the way you want them too. and then ofc female verification pics would be considered ridiculous but you'll probably just keep rambling on about how I'm male but I don't even know what it is you want me to "prove" to you. We all know damn well how you'd react if i posted my vagina with a timestamp so unless you wanna see that shit then leave it and deal with the fact women aren't all perfect little angels who act exactly how you want them to

No. 874871

also if one scrote coming here weeks ago is enough to set off a male witch hunt then you need to seek therapy
>inb4 nouu
>inb4 yOu UsEd 4ChAn LiNgO!!!111!!

No. 874873

If you're not a scrote then you just sound severely autistic,in which case, take a break from posting, observe and integrate.

No. 874876

nta but the fact that you're still mad about this for hours means you need to seek therapy tbh

No. 874878

I can say I've seen it happen every single day since I've looked at reports. Anons love reporting other regulars as scrotes over arguments. It's severe enough that we had to start banning "hi scrote" because it clogs up dozens of threads. None of the attention farmers give moids rent free benefits the site in any way, it doesn't remove gore or spam and the scrotes get what they want.

No. 874880

You can post your tag in here and add people one by one, anon

No. 874888

File: 1628304816791.jpg (81.78 KB, 751x775, Screenshot_16.jpg)

after years of putting myself into horrible relationships with toxic men i finally have something nice going on. hes very polite, communicates well, and most importantly he actually cares about how i feel. sometimes i get really worried that if he ever sees me without clothes he might get grossed out. been talking for 4 months getting to know each other and hopefully we might start going out next time i see him! its long distance but the feeling is mutual and ive seen him in person several times already

No. 874893

I bet beside some of these scrotes there are pickme girls abetting and enabling!

No. 874922

ayrt..thank you nonas so so much, I’m truly taking to heart these genuine responses. Thank you >>872862 for being so heartfelt. >>872868 I’m going to try to be more patient with myself, usually when I try to start again I start to scorn that I’m not like my past self, and don’t let myself have space to flounder for a bit. I will also check out the vids. We’re gonna thrive nonas.

No. 874939

anons I am so drunk and I cant stop thinking about this guy, I think we are meant to be together. I can just feel it.

No. 874941

No. 874961

File: 1628315332733.jpg (22.76 KB, 340x270, il_340x270.2476570165_dz4x.jpg)

I always scroll past the vent thread accidentally now because someone just had to use a spoiler-worthy image..

Also a part of me feels bad that I tend to like the 'annoying' characters from tv and movies, realizing this probably speaks to my own annoying personality…but moreover how people must hate me too.

No. 874966

I'm bored to death of my life. Humans must trully be cursed, I've been trying so long to have a stable, healthy lifestyle and now that I have it, I hate it.

No. 874994

My rabbit is sick and I'm stressing the fuck out, she seems to be improving a bit but I still can't stop worrying. I'm also pissed off that it cost $75 to put some water under her skin and the vet nurse put the needle right through her skin?? Like actually punctured right through it. I'm just so upset over today.

No. 875003

File: 1628323244943.gif (895.38 KB, 360x202, 1625238098647.gif)

>women are expected to perform socially to the point they just toughen up and learn to live with their autism until they grow up, break down with severe depression and anxiety and finally get an autism diagnosis in their 20's, after decades of being told they're innately dumb and worthless.

No. 875006

Some days I just wake up and I want to die. But not really, I just don't want to exist in this life, in this place and in this body. I wake up and everything's wrong, I realize that I'm a piece of shit no one will ever love, I'm dumb, autistic, ugly and talentless. There's nothing going on.

No. 875010

put laxatives in his food until he cracks

No. 875038

Watch movie titled Chernobyl, 70% of the movie is about a retarded dude trying to force himself into the life of a single mother despite her telling him to fuck off multiple times. Oooooohhh myyyyyyyy goooooooooood how boring and annoying, hope he dies in the fires or some shit, he deserves it

No. 875068

My mother is hospitalized more and more often because she's feeling even worse than usual, I'm tired because of my shit job with a super weird schedule and I still have a few weeks of work until I can start my new, better job at another company. I can't even get some rest at home because my family is super noisy and my little sister is super clingy and doesn't take "no" and "leave me alone please" for an answer because of how my parents spoiled her. So now I'm on sick leave for just a few days just to get some rest from the stress and headaches I'm suffering from but I literally can't get some rest at all.

No. 875074

kek reminds me of when I was a teen and used to do pushups in my room after a spat in the hopes I could knock my 6 foot 5 father the fuck out one day.

I also did the same in my early 20s, when I went to the gym I'd use the dream of being able to fuck up my friends' shitty boyfriends who they refused to leave. Just give 1 good punch. Was still no match though.

No. 875083

My coworkers are going to bring my mental health back down, I know it.

They're so damn negative. And externalise it. Everyone is incompetent, everyone wastes time, everyone is stupid. Of course i'm likely counted among those when i'm not around them.

And i've went through this whole journey at work where I've learned not to take it personally. If someone asks me to do something and I have the time and it's not intense, I'm happy to. If it becomes a pattern sure, bring it up that it's not my responsibility, but I won't be foaming at the mouth at the prospect of helping someone. I used to get caught up in all of that but I've found letting it go has me much more relaxed once I leave work at the end of the day. It's not for the people pleasing aspect, it's just…I can do it, otherwise I'll just be on my phone so OK, you know? And it's put me in a much better headspace.

Anyway, my coworkers aren't the same. The guy was fucking banging his fist on the table, yelling at the screen that they can fucking do it themselves when asked to do something that would take <5 minutes. He was glued to his phone for hours before this. Someone from another department makes a mistake in our paperwork when taking over our tasks and it's "are they retarded??". Like no, they just don't know the niche thing we do as well as us. Have some empathy, dude.

They're really bringing me down. I kept asking my coworker to chill out today because his yelling about how this and that was bullshit started to really make me uncomfortable.

No. 875092

Got banned by a tranny off of ask women on reddit because I made a satirical post about men's ridiculous standards for women and they can't wash their ass. Go and dilate your open wound you freak

No. 875096

well that's where weapons come in anon, pepper spray

No. 875100

I'm so fucking over non-binary being treated like it's a real fucking thing. When will people understand that you can be male or female but express or not express it in any fucking way you want and that expression isn't gender in itself like how are people actually this retarded? Can't wait for gen z / next gen to revolt and turn it back to science and fact

No. 875101

aren't gen z the ones buying into this shit?

No. 875116

I'm so fucking stupid. I have a total of three tries for an exam and I'm going to waste one of them because I didn't know you could register yourself seperately for every try. Fuck, it was possible to cancel until just a few days ago, if only I had known then… I'm so annoyed at myself and the fact that no one told me until now, I already knew then that I wouldn't be able to study enough to pass the upcoming first try. Why am I so unlucky, damn

No. 875118

nta, but millenials are as well. i am nearing my 30s and i know a handful of people i grew up with calling themselves nonbinary because they're not cookie cutter feminine females / masculine males

No. 875121

There's an autistic married 40 year old on my fb that has decided she's now non binary and also bisexual. I'm sure her husband is thrilled lol

No. 875126

i fell on my fucking ass yesterday and it's bruised. it hurts so much. i'm at work right now and every time i have to get up from my seat, i'm in pain. i can't wait to go home and apply ice. i hope it's nothing too serious. i can fart fine lmao.

No. 875128

File: 1628344818810.jpeg (94.27 KB, 1200x949, EUkNVInWsAAFqhs.jpeg)

I've been using topical minoxidil 5% for 4 months, my doctor prescribed it to me after I got diagnosed with androgenic alopecia. My hair stopped falling out as much as it did before, but minoxidil caused terrible flaking of my scalp and what's worse, I noticed I have small hair growing under my nose and even inside my nose. I know all women have some hair on their faces but my hair was always very light since I'm a natural blonde, and that new hair is darker and thicker. At first I thought that maybe I'm leaving some minoxidil on my cushion and when I sleep I just rub my face into it. But then I noticed new, dark hair in places I never had visible hair before, like on the top of my palms, and the "happy trail" on my stomach. I also have a lot of new tiny hair on my cheeks and even on my forehead; thank god it's so light you have to get a closer look to notice it, but I'm scared it will get darker over time. I read that in some rare cases minoxidil can cause generalized hypertrichosis in women and it looks like I'm one of the unlucky ones. I don't know what to do. I don't want to stop using it and have visible balding spots on my head, but I also don't want to grow a fucking mustache and a beard. I hate my body so much, I feel so ugly. I just want to sit in the corner of my room and cry

No. 875129

nona ily pls stay strong i care about you even if i'm a stranger

No. 875133

it's mostly millennials and older gen z, but i've started to see pushback from gen z which is why the younger ones give me hope.
remember the super straight guy, he was gen z and did get people his own age to agree with him too

No. 875135

ive posted my tag there for any anons interested

No. 875136

put laxatives in his food and then get him while he's weak and dehydrated from shitting all night

No. 875140

I hate how my cousin thinks he's naturally superior to me, when in reality his parents are just putting shitton of effort and money into grooming him to be talented smart and stable. He gets constant love and validation at home (meanwhile I was always ignored invalidated and the emotional punching bag).
He's bought anything he wants and always encouraged and praised when he does anything computer/sciencey (meanwhile all I got was being told to get good grades or no internet. no help or praise).
He has childhood friends and aquaintences because he never moved around and his parents set up playdates and drove him around (my family moved so many times that I just stopped trying to make friends).
He gets piano lessons and swimming lessons (my parents were content to let me spend all summer on the computer bc it kept me out of the way. they didn't let me stay after school for clubs and didn't want to drive me around).
He really does live in a bubble believing everything he accomplishes is from his natural superiority. I wonder how great I would have been if I too had that sheer level of support? I honestly wish his parents would go bankrupt so he's ripped out of his delusion. I bet he would off himself if he experienced just 1/10 of what I go through.

No. 875141

I guess it's more that I wanted/want the visceral satisfaction of my fist connecting with their face, driving my heel into their stomach, you know?

No. 875142

>I cannot physically overpower him
Wtf is with multiple anons going "I want to beat men but I'm too weak uwu" these past few days? Men are weak pieces of shit they have a KO between their legs and are too naive to guard their food from laxatives, tranquilizers, etc.

No. 875144

Have you told him?

No. 875146

That's exactly what I meant in my original post (I'm the one who wants to beat the father). I know weapons exist, but somehow it wouldn't feel as nice to just use them when his guard is down. It would be great to deck him when he's angry, ready and stupidly sure of being the "dominant" one and then just watch his sudden change in behaviour as he realises that he's a little bitch.

You know, I feel like in reality that wouldn't really work. The adrenaline wouldn't make him feel the pain, and if it doesn't do that then a man will just be even more angry and he'll break your neck.

No. 875147

Overpowering men is pretty easy. I’ve definitely had to do it to a few boyfriends when they got out of hand lmao. Definitely get them in the nuts first.

No. 875148

So when I was younger I had posted some nudes of myself online just because I could. My boyfriend kinda knew about this but not really, I had only told him a part of the truth.
One day he came across a 4chan thread where someone had posted old pictures of me at 15 years old where i spread my butthole for the camera and did ahegao faces.

He was really disappointed, left and called me the next day saying that he can't handle dating a slut and that he wished that he could.

I love him to death I just want him back

No. 875152

Anon I practiced self defense, its actually pretty difficult to kick a man in the groin, You have to get close to them which puts him in your range(which is something you wanna avoid) and unless you can do a perfect front kick you're likely not gonna be able to hit him

No. 875155

Sorry but how old are you? Has ahegao posting been a thing for years, never knew

No. 875158

this sounds like a lie lmao

No. 875159

File: 1628348819635.png (41.34 KB, 1124x579, hmmm.png)

ntayrt, but i was confused on anons age as well…

No. 875161

Nta but according to Wikipedia, the trend started in 2018 being the earliest and the peak was in 2019, so anon is either 16 or 17 years old and shouldn’t be posting here.

No. 875163

Which makes her "old pictures" cp.

No. 875165

I just don't understand how some anons could want these scrotes back and still think of them lovingly. Regardless if the post itself is underage or even true, I've seen these types over the years; their boyfriends will do something egregious to stab them in the back then leave, and yet they'd take them back. I want anons to have healthy self-respect.

No. 875168

This could've been written by my partner but about her much younger halfbrother. Exact same dynamic of never lifting a finger to help her do school stuff, never giving a shit about her interests, never spending a dime they didnt have to and sometimes still not. And then her halfbrother gets literally everything, toys, computers, every effort to get him into activities, etc.. The worst part is that kids who are more stable & mature and don't complain that much about being denied stuff (in my partners case she assumed her parents actually couldbt afford stuff, which turned out to be NOT true at all) just end up getting ignored by parents. While little shits that threw tantrums in the lego aisle (me, not really but more than her lol) got everything they screamed for.

To some extent its definitely unconscious sexism (sort of like "girls should be content and balanced with what they have, boys need stuff to do"), but also i think attitudes toward children have become more permissive over time, which is good in some ways, but i think can lead to emotional immaturity as you described when they never have to deal with being denied something.

No. 875172

Exactly my tinfoil

No. 875175

>I want anons to have healthy self-respect.
considering she posted underage nudes of herself… it's too late for that

No. 875180

Yeah but 15 year olds are retarded and most are pickmes. It's never too late to learn.

No. 875190

Yes, he just said I'm looking for excuses for being a failure and to be lucky that my parents fed and housed me. Literal brain worms.

No. 875202

I’m so fucking tired of the mini mods in the snow threads . They literally ruin the experience for everyone. They feel the need to micromanage, and for what? Because someone shared a different opinion?
they are worse than the cows the threads are about.
Like ffs you assholes need therapy and something else to do besides micromanaging a thread. If someone is derailing or whatever, let it be redtexted and move the fuck on.
The cows are tragic and deserved to be roasted, absolutely. But I have real concern for some anons mental health.

No. 875203

Idk about being more permissive (for girls), I got treated the same way as my mom and grandma and older female relatives. Just a convenient house slave with more energy to drain, who should only speak when spoken to and and be pretty. The older male relatives weren't raised permissively but they still have a false superiority bc they can boss the women around. But the younger male relatives are raised VERY permissively, they never get punished for anything, and if they do it's a few hours without games until their whining and annoying everyone makes parents cave in. Honestly I hope porn and videogames just takes them out. At some point they will be too spoiled to even care about studying and working without constant praise/immediate reward, and just stay on the computer in their parents house.

No. 875204

wow what a colossal asshole. he might be a bit spoiled but that seems like the least thing wrong with him lol. his parents got him FUCKED up. I guess at least you know he will never have a real friend.

No. 875213

He does have friends, tons of them, just as privileged and spoiled as him.

No. 875226

File: 1628352332217.jpg (29.1 KB, 229x259, 1555468944482.jpg)

>Me joining a discussion between my moots about gender roles, they agree with my cryptoterf views only to turn around to talk about how they don't "feel" like a woman because being called a "lady" or "girl" makes them uncomfortable, they hate their body being sexualized and they don't want to be a man either so fuck the gender binary!!!111
mass peakening can't come soon enough

No. 875229

are people not allowed to make mistakes and then improve themselves? prove to me right now everything you ever done when you were a teenager was absolutely perfect

No. 875234

mini mods in every thread kek. the paranoia of most anons, the "that doesn't happen" anons, the "everyone is a scrote" anons. I'm glad mods are starting to make those anons a bannable offense though, they're really of their rocker and then completely ruin this place

No. 875242

this is weird cope tier logic but I can see it comes from something relative to the truth.

No. 875247

Anon im so sorry, hair loss is fucking awful. Are your hormone levels ok? if you have any undiagnosed hormonal issues it could be causing this sudden body hair growth too

No. 875254

I had my hormones checked in march, sex hormones, thyroid hormones etc. Everything was fine except for DHT which was above average for a woman.

No. 875262

I wish I could get a decent job without having to rely on nepotism

No. 875271

I’m so tired of living in California. Between August and October it’s just a constant stream of shit air quality from the state burning down or my home county burning down. The last 4 years have been an absolute nightmare. The smell of smoke and seeing it rain ash triggers my ptsd so bad.
Ever watch a town burn down? Shit is wild.

No. 875277

Isn't california just slowly sinking in hell? The news I hear about it enviromentally culturally and legally is just… wow.

No. 875280

File: 1628356070249.jpg (57.91 KB, 749x694, 2988fj.jpg)

I was supposed to hang out with two of my friends today - one of which I haven't seen in over a year. She cancelled because she wasn't feeling well or whatever. I thought maybe me and my other friend would still do something together but she hasn't said anything about it so seems likely I'll just be at home drinking now. It kinda sucks extra as well because I dropped going to my boyfriends place with his support to spend some much needed time with friends. Now I'm just laying here battling bad thoughts again feeling like the world is against me. It was hard to reach out to friends again in the first place because my self worth is so low.

No. 875281

no, yeah, those people all have lots of "friends", but theyre all spoiled little shits with no love in their hearts. They're all so on edge with being envious of each other if one has "better" stuff…basically stuck in keeping up with the joneses mentality already. Frequently these people end up in massive credit card debt trying to outdo their friends-they-hate even as adults. I have an uncle exactly like this. Very republican, very much in debt.

No. 875282

File: 1628356183238.jpg (62.4 KB, 474x711, download.jpg)

If it's not getting better you're going to have to bite the shaved head bullet anon, I'm sorry. It's not worth getting hirsuitism (saying as a naturally very hairy person). A high quality wig and headwrap (picrel) looks really natural I know an older lady who uses that method and I couldn't tell until she told me her hair is fake.

No. 875284

Idk I think this is a cope. Privileged people do have close friendships if they grow up togeather. They have love for eachother just not for blue collar/bad circumstances people.

No. 875289

Yea basically. I’ve lived here my whole life (with a couple out of state moves) and it’s frustrating to see how it’s turned out.
I have kids, a house, generations of family and my best friends. The fuck am I supposed to do? Move to Idaho or Vegas like everyone else?

No. 875308

Serious question, why aren't people like, hanging politicians on the street right now? There's only so much you can achieve through peaceful means, it's clear none of them give a shit.

No. 875317

I finally received my new bookshelf from Ikea and one of the parts was faulty, first time it happens. Hopefully they'll just give me a spare part for replacement, I really don't want to plan a new delivery date and give them back the whole Billy.

No. 875318

We are recalling the governor but not sure how that will play out. I’m not a republican but honestly I’m almost willing to vote for one because they seem a little harsher when it comes to peoples fee fees kek

Between the government and PGE’s failing electrical equipment that is causing most of these huge fires, I feel like we should just let the whole state burn down and start over. I think most of us just don’t know what to do. Like how do you clean up pig shit without a shovel. Everyone says “vote!” But the measures are jokes and basically force your hand to vote one way because the other option is worse. Or the wording is confusing as fuck.

No. 875326

Theres 2 sides, one side lets women have rights but also lets men drive the society into the ground with their greed and depravity, and the other side doesn't let women have rights and has more freedom for men and less open depravity. Theres no winning… I've been a sharp incline of interest in off grid living, even normies are looking into it.

No. 875337

File: 1628358615298.gif (3.27 MB, 498x278, tenor (4).gif)

Ladies I'm at the end of my rope. I am almost at full capacity in every instance of my life. I can't socialize anymore, just ditched my boyfriend and his sister's friends in order to be here. I have 3 external harddrives and almost all of them are full. My desk area is really messy and I feel overwhelmed. I want to lay down and cry but I can almost feel nothing. My ex confessed his love to me and I feel nothing towards him and I don't know how to tell him without destroying and semblance of friendship we had.

I fucking dunno what to do but goddamn it I'm so tired.I'm gonna try to clean up… but I feel like I can't do it…

No. 875342

Privileged is not the same thing as spoiled and you know that. Spoiling is material but also emotional in terms of rewarding positive attention for bad behavior without any sort of delay before it or consequence afterward.

No. 875344

Not going to argue over semantics.

No. 875349

Anon, I am here with you! Try breaking it down into bite size goals instead of thinking about everything and feeling overwhelmed. Let's start with cleaning your desk so you feel a little better, get a plastic bag and start throwing trash/anything you don't need/expired into it! You can do this.

No. 875357

ty anonny. I took your advice and started doing really short and small increments as best I could. It's already looking better! thank you again

No. 875358

Ugh not to be a bitch but just got back from seeing a friend I was out of touch with and Omg I remember why. Like people are lovely and such, but in my free time I don't want to use my customer service voice around people to force rapport. I've tried to mold my mother into being a more tolerable friend by like the activities I suggest we share and I sort of did that today with this friend but it just wasn't fun? So annoying how genuine friendship can't be forced when the hell am I going to have a best friend? The closest person to share my interests and enjoy them how I do is a sibling and that's just sad. Might try bumble to find friends to go to gigs with at least.

No. 875361


Am I ugly or something? I always seem to end up w pornsick scrotes who'd rather jack off and play vidya I'm somehow always the one begging for sex and it feels really backwards tbh

No. 875362

So many important things just slip by me, I don't understand how. It genuinely feels as if I'm half-asleep most of the time. Today I realized a big mistake I made through careless slacking and it was the first time in weeks that I felt awake and alert. It feels like there's something wrong with my brain but I'm probably just really stupid.

No. 875363

Good job nonny! After your desk is cleaned out you'll probably feel a bit better and if you're feeling up to it you could wipe the desk down, take a shower and start clearing your hard drives if you have to. I hate cleaning up too but having a clean desk and taking a shower after I'm done cleaning always makes me feel better. You'll be okay nonna.

No. 875366

Another anon here, gonna clean my desk too right now! let's go motivation gang

No. 875368

Don't give her bad advice nona squats are a fucking meme

No. 875371

That's why we need to burn it all down, in theory

No. 875373

Here, I cleaned my desk to this song and it's so happy it made it easier to get it done. Enjoy!

No. 875376


No. 875377

Yes which is why if I ever bother dating again I reserve the right to collect free oil changes, meals, and weed from simps and let my "male friends" hang out with me because I refuse to participate in the double fucking standard.
They are ALL whoremongers

No. 875381

Probably dissociation, anon

No. 875385

nta but that's probably a male who can't help himself but come over and explain how to work out to le women.
Anyways, ignore it. You can do squats, leg raises, hip thrusts or whatever you want and get a nice ass.

No. 875390

I fear that my boyfriend's OCD might end or at least strain our relationship really bad.

No. 875392

I looked up the symptoms, and some sound familiar but others don't. I've been to a professional and I told her about my troubles focusing and remembering and how I don't know what I'm even doing most of the time but I also start to cry whenever I talk about myself so it was all jumbled and she just told me to look into another major or maybe even a trade.

No. 875407

It could be brain fog. There's various reasons it occurs such as inadequate nutrition or food allergies. I found that once I got into my 20s I started suffering with depression and brain fog. I was active and went to gym regularly so there wasn't an obvious health related reason for it and my GP's solution was to give me anti-depressants. I refused and changed my diet to low carb which worked for me.

No. 875419

File: 1628364644349.jpeg (277.27 KB, 724x723, 6672AE85-7892-4D7B-AB27-E27928…)

everyone is lying to me. jesus fucking christ. lie after lie. im the one taking all the punches. life is a mindfuck. hell is other people.

No. 875424

such a fucken waste of money. just spend 7 bucks paying for my moms medication that she never fucken takes. fucken shit pisses me off so much every month. yet this bitch has the audacity to be all 'you wouldnt even care if i died. if there was something wrong with me and i had to go to the hospital it would be too late." and all this fucken bullshit. all because i said it's a fucken waste of money paying for pills shes not going to take. it's a fucken waste of time going to the doctor when her bitch ass is always 'dont trust the doctor. western medication is bs. theyre just trying to get money out from us. theyre a load of bs'

yet every fucken time she insists we schedule an appointment. insists we refill her medication. all for her to bitch about the same shit every month that i have to fucken listen to and waste my time and money on.

its only 7 bucks but at the same time, that shits gonna go in the fucken trash only. i might as well wipe my fucken ass with it.

No. 875529

File: 1628375494946.jpg (30.64 KB, 450x324, c71f4367ba45bac1a01f4ee6bf5cbb…)

I've felt like I'm faking my mental illness for a long time. This week I survived a suicide attempt, and once I'd stopped hallucinating, I tried to just discharge myself. The ward consultant went nuts and kept shouting at me, "you just tried to kill yourself!"
(so much for patient confidentiality)
I think being online has desensitised me to how big a deal that is. It didn't strike me that it was something significant until that point, a real life doctor getting really stressed out over my decision to refuse treatment.
I had to explain my process to my case worker afterwards, how I'd looked up fatal dosages of obtainable drugs by bodyweight and taken twice that for good measure. How I'd looked up the most lethal and easily obtainable drug according to UK A+E statistics. How I'd sourced the drugs from dodgy online pharmacies and ordered in small batches over a couple of weeks to avoid suspicion. How I'd emptied the drugs into a chewing gum case and disposed of the wrappers in a public bin days earlier so that A+E wouldn't know the drug or dosage I'd taken if I was found. How I'd written DO NOT RESUSCITATE on the places medics would go to first (my inner arms, across my chest). How I've been seeking a Do Not Resuscitate order through the NHS's specialist solicitors over the last few months. Putting all these things together, it starts to sound kind of extreme. Like I started to wonder if maybe I am actually too mentally ill to be making rational decisions? They like to interpret my behaviour as impulsive and emotional but this attempt (like the last one) was the result of at least a month's prep. I don't know if that makes me more sane or less sane.
I don't know how I feel about the fact that I failed. I expected it to happen because I was busy thinking about timelines and how your current consciousness exists in the universe with the greatest probability of you being alive. I don't know how it works yet but I think I'm just irritated. I haven't found what I'm looking for yet, and I think some anons warned me that I wouldn't right before I did it. Should've listened.
Anyway, I'm glad they didn't section me but I don't know what the fuck I'm supposed to do now. Do I just keep trying to find new ways? Or is there really such a thing as fate? Something I'm fated to do? I want to believe in that, but I'm so tiny and useless in a huge universe, it's hard to believe in that.
What is it that keeps us alive?

No. 875543

Listen, anon, I understand what you're going through. You're not getting any acknowledgement for taking care of your mother and you're right, it's terribly unfair!
Some advice (that you didn't ask for, but I'm giving it anyway): try to trick your mum into taking her meds. Either ground the pills into a powder and put that in her drink, or tell her they're vitamins; anything but avoid arguing with her, as you will always lose.
I'm rooting for you!

No. 875547

samefag but in addition to this, a very large spider has moved in to my room and I hate that for me

No. 875583

I am in not much better shape and no doctor, or anyone really but I hope you stop feeling this way, I hope it gets way better for you. I hope you do one nice thing for yourself today, see a weird looking cloud and fall asleep comfortably.

No. 875651

My friend came crying to me that her autistic boyfriend told her he hoped she would be making more money, and berated her for not choosing a high-paying profession. I told her that he doesn't deserve her and she should dump him. Guess what she told me? That I'm ableist and he didn't mean to hurt her, he just needs to explain her ~feelings~ to him and he'll understand! Okay bitch I warned you, enjoy your crappy relationship.

No. 875672

God what possesses women to get with retarded men, hope she realizes soon that hes only looking for a caregiver.

No. 875688

Lmao he's only pissed because that'll influence his funsies money if her salary is less and he'll be expected to contribute equally or more sometimes.
I dated men like this, they weren't autistic but they were greedy and selfish. Couldn't have given a fuck less about my personal development, creativity, or happiness. All they cared about was that I would be a domestic and career workhorse for them so they could go fuck off playing videogames or other escapisms. Men just hope for a second mom who they can also pretend to be better than in adulthood. That's why they're so jealous of "trophy" women who they perceive as doing nothing to be living cozy off their man's dime–because that's exactly what they'd do if they could–except those women are expected to look good and be entertaining as a minimum.

Your friend is just stuck in the delusion of being a "good" woman as society and men have conditioned her to behave. Let her graduate from the school of hard knocks. She'll learn.

No. 875689

As the child of an autistic man, I will tell you: it does not get better. He will not understand. It’ll be like this over and over and over again. Autism doesn’t go away or get better. My mom still has to fight my dad to take her seriously and to stop being a piece of shit. It’s embarrassing and pathetic. The moment I sense the tism, I run for the hills.

No. 875703

File: 1628387642668.jpg (11.69 KB, 224x224, 412F14505B69412FBD9FE91E5D8C72…)

Why are my only 2 modes of socialization 1. dead silent to the point people think I don't like them or 2. sperging way too long when something I like gets mentioned and not realizing no one gives a fuck

No. 875706

So I went out last night with my partner and a group of people (there's no covid in my country) and I feel so upset today. This girl in the group was grinding on every guy (not mine, thankfully) but I felt like she was flirting with my partner. All of the guys were so nice to me but I felt so excluded from the girls. And I felt like they were trying to make me feel excluded. Why are people still like that now? I thought that act ended in high-school. But yeah they'd grab my partner (they've never met him before) and bring him in for a group hug and ignore me, and I tried to talk to the girls a few times but they would barely speak to me. It was so weird. So yeah now I feel upset because my partner is probably going to hang out with them a lot and I'll probably not. I'm mainly upset because this was a chance to make friends and I felt like a stranger. And now I'm just questioning what it is about me that makes people not like me.

No. 875731

Exactly, if a woman said this to her bf everyone would just call her a gold digger/whore. Yet men are allowed to get away with this and many other asshole-ish things if they play the autism card. Funnily enough I have met men and women with asperger's who acted very thoughtful and even over-sensitive, in fear of saying or doing the wrong thing. In other words, they had EMPATHY, even if they couldn't pick up on certain social queues. People who think autism is a free pass to hurt people need to fuck off.

No. 875733

spoiler because gross my cheap ass dad got the cheapest flight for our vacation (annoying but not end of world) but also a motel and I saw a huge roach. I thought it was kind of crappy before that, but manageable but after this I'm so disgusted.

No. 875749

My house has an ant problem that has been slowly getting worse, I always get rid of them whenever I see them (usually with a torch/lighter, throwing them away or by drowning them in cleaner/wiping them up along whatever surface they were on with a disinfecting wipe) & clean up any food/trash they get to, but they’re so fucking annoying and I have a few bites on my body now, I’m just fed up and grossed out. A few times I’ve felt one crawling on me and now I constantly feel like my skin is crawling and am paranoid about it. My boyfriend and I have both been working every day and I don’t have time off until Monday to go get stuff to try to get rid of them. I’m gonna get peppermint oil and ant traps, ugh. Can’t pay to get an actual exterminator because rent/bills are already late. I kind of miss living in an apartment where the pest control was completely taken care of and I never saw ants or bugs even when I left food out. I’m appreciative that these ants have made me better about leaving food/drinks out and closing things up, but I get pissed every time I see any of them. It makes me feel so dirty.

No. 875781

I’m convinced that people who try to cancel others for mundane things are just jealous most of the time.

No. 875785

I purchased a highlighter from a brand that I’ve purchased from before and had a terrible allergic reaction to it. I swatched it on bare skin so I know 100% it was the highlighter on it’s own. It’s marked non-returnable because it’s a licensed product so I thought at the very least the company could let me exchange it for something else or store credit… nope. I get told it’s my fault and I shouldn’t buy items that I’m allergic to. It’s not food idiots. We don’t always know what we’re going to be allergic to especially when you’ve never had an issue with a product or brand before. Going to do a chargeback because fuck that.

No. 875810

Hey anon, that sucks and I've had the same issue too before. I managed to solve it with three ingredients: borax, sugar/peanut butter (some ants like different things), and a flat, nonporous surface like an expired credit card. Ants love sugar. Borax kills ants as it is a poison to them and it slowly dries out and cuts their exoskeleton. Be careful if you have pets, though, as it will upset their stomachs.
Mix two cups of sugar, a tablespoon of borax, and enough water to melt down the sugar borax together but not so much that it's runny. Get your nonporous surfaces out (I cut up my old plastic cards and business cards) and dump a teaspoon of the mixture onto it. Wait a bit until they harden a bit. Put them around places that you see ants, such as a corner near the kitchen or washroom. They'll slowly come to the source of sugar (or fat if you used pb), eat, and take some of the mixture to their nest where it'll slowly kill the colony by poisoning their food source as everyone shares the food. The method is a bit slow, around two weeks, but after that, I saw way less/no ants and even queens (!!!) come out of their colony. Kill the queens if you see them and keep checking the areas of the problem for a bit longer to see if the ants have been eradicated. Best of luck, anon!

No. 875824

I used to be a major meme edgelord a few years ago and I’m so ashamed of it. There was even a groupchat with slurs in the title. I feel so awful about it and really wish I had never said those things. I feel so sick thinking about the dumb shit I used to post. I’ve been trying to go through my accounts and do some damage control and it’s just made me feel awful. I really wish I had never said any of those things.

No. 875827

I just saw/read something so disturbing that I felt I needed to report it to law enforcement anonymously. I hope I'll never have to be contacted about it, I saw it randomly and never want to think about it again.

No. 875835

I loathe islam. I hate it with every fiber of my being. It is literally 90% of the reason my life is ruined as I live in a shithole muslim country. I hate that people still believe in the pedo prophet. I hate it when people call me a muslim because of my ethnicity. I hate islam so much it is unreal why the fuck does anyone believe in "god told me to have 4 wives including a 9 year old, allows me to do incest and have sex slaves also I rode a pegasus one time, beat your women" religion in 20 fucking 21? Why are western liberals defending this shit and calling me racist for speaking of my experience? I have zero sympathy for muslims, if you're brain damaged enough to believe in pedo dude just to get some rivers of honey or whatever the shit in after life I don't think you deserve respect, like every fucking tool in my country.

No. 875836

well as a fellow closeted ex-Muslim I have sympathy for the rural illiterate peasants in my country, I hate the entirety of the middle class though

No. 875907

My crush is heavily addicted to weed and I don't know how to help him. He's been smoking since he was like 15, and he's 28 now. We're not anything serious yet, we've been on a couple of dates, but today is the third time he didn't come to meet me because he got stoned and he's sleeping the whole day. He doesn't eat either. Last wednesday his coworker told me he ride to a coffeeshop during a fucking BREAK at work in order to buy weed because he couldn't make it without smoking, as he supposedly screamed. It was pouring rain and he had 30 minute break. He lies to me he could stop smoking whenever he wanted, but situations like this show he's emotionally dependent on it. We both live in Netherlands, well, he's been here for 3 years and I've been here for 2 months only, I get it's legal to smoke here, and I don't know much about weed and addictions, but it's clear to me he is addicted and he lies to me it's ok. I don't know what to do with him. Can you even go back to normal after smoking weed every day for years? I read that those people need to be put on anti psychotic drugs because they may experience hallucinations and shit after tossing weed away. I know he would laugh at me if I even mentioned some form of therapy, he thinks anyone who's against weed is close minded.

No. 875909

Anon …is he really that worth it? Being with addicts is nothing but a pain in the ass if you like getting cucked or playing the mommy role. You can do better, I believe in you.

No. 875911

Thank you anon, I really appreciate that. I'm sorry you're in a similar way, I hope you're having a gentle day too with no angst or distress, only the nice comfy brain-empty moments.
Everything is so confusing, isn't it? I just want to h•ld h•nds with somebody and feel safe and like I'm not going to evaporate or glitch out.

No. 875913

He sounds dependent on the weed and I have been there, actually around that age too. I would scream and throw a fit if I couldn't get any, but it was a cope to fix the rest of my life I was miserable with. There comes a point where you realise you're not even enjoying the high you've just developed a habit. The worst thing about it is you usually have to get to that point yourself. I still smoke weed almost daily, but I don't skip out on other things for weed anymore and I don't get high for everything anymore and make a point to be 'sober' for certain people and things. It's sort of like showing up drunk everywhere. I mean yea there are a lot of times I'm high in a supermarket but I would like to think no one notices.

No. 875921

Nonnies. My ex just came round and basically told me that he hates how weird I am, and that he cant stop hating it. I want to die.

No. 875923

>I hate it when people call me a muslim because of my ethnicity.
This reminds me of how retards in my country conflate islamophobia with actual racism. I've been raised by my very moderate and open-minded muslim mother and my father who's super fucking weird in terms of religion, and I don't see myself as muslim, but I've had several times when people assumed I was one in ways that fucked me over, and I know that in theory, if someone decides to physically or verbally assault me or to discriminate against me because I'm north african people would treat it as islamophobia like it's a specific form of racism and not its own thing. I also had my little sister telling me that me saying I don't believe in god is islamophobia when I just think the religion itself is dumb as fuck and not the believers. At this point the word islamophobia barely has any meaning.

>Why are western liberals defending this shit

Because they're not affected by it the way you are and, especially if they're Americans, ost muslims they know keep their beliefs private and don't believe in the most extreme parts of Islam. I said my mother is pretty moderate, for example she thinks the inheritance laws that discriminate against women are fucking trash despite believing in god. A bunch of people in the West think that way, regardless of religion, they'll pick the good parts and pretend the bad parts don't exist because the bad parts are beyond fucked up.

No. 875925

>brother talks about the transgender weightlifter saying that's not okay to everyone else, he has an advantage, it's unfair and unsportsmanlike
>calls him she
Goddammit, yes "tolerance" and all, but why would we have to be tolerant of sexist cheaters

No. 875927

a relative of mine is smoking weed & cigarettes at 16 despite a history of severe mental illness in the family, he said he won't go to college even though he's been admitted to good ones (he wants to save money working small jobs even though he's never worked, can't wait for him to give up after one day), he & his friends are spending the summer with a 22 year old woman from the other side of the world that sexted with one of them & fucks another one

when does this shit end? he's already so fucked in the head i'm tired of this, the teen-fucker should fuck off & i hope he doesn't end up being a schizo

never date out of your class

No. 875930

He sounds weird as fuck himself, ignore him and tell him to fuck off if he does it again. If you can, cut contact because you don’t need that shit in your life.

No. 875931

I just hit bmi 19,9 today which was a goal for me to finally get out of the 20s. I don't think I'm satisfied yet. I can see the difference clothes off, there's definitely less chub around the stomach and hip area but I don't think it's noticeable clothes on. I want to look skinny in clothes. Blah, I don't know where I'm going with this vent. I guess I'm happy I reached a goal but simultaneously annoyed that I'm not satisfied.

No. 875935

Are you short?

No. 875942

no, 1,74m

No. 875943

I prevented someone from committing suicide a few days ago and I'm still a little bit fucked up about it even though I essentially rescued him. He was trying to jump from an overpass bridge onto train tracks. Me and another guy who happened to be there managed to restrain him long enough to call 911 and for the emergency services to come.
I keep having intrusive thoughts about the situation but instead of saving him he falls to death in front of my eyes. I feel guilty for being so traumatized by it when it wasn't even my suicide attempt. Like I'm making it all about me by whining about it. I also feel guilty for not handling it better, I keep thinking of things I should've said to him and that I should've escorted him to the police car instead of just letting the police take him away but the situation was so hectic and over so fast that I was just on autopilot the whole time. When I think about it now it feels like a dream rather than something that actually happened. Idk. It's just a lot and I'm having trouble coping with it. I've already talked to my friends about it and I don't want to bother them with it anymore. I should call my therapist tomorrow since my next appointment isn't until wednesday.

No. 875948

It makes me sad how sexualized goth fashion has become. You literally can't go into any related tag without seeing some ugly ass selling their OF. I hope the shit will pass within the next 2-5 years

No. 875954

File: 1628430658971.jpeg (104.99 KB, 938x528, F3174785-6324-4B51-93F4-452062…)

I think my RBF is worse than I thought. I’m used to people telling me in the past to smile more, but recently I was looking at a photo with my reflection is visible in the background and I look miserable. In the photos where I do smile it has that forced, half-raised look. I don’t want people to think I’m angry or nervous all the time so I guess I’ll try to find some tips about expressions

No. 875958

Feel the same, anon. I'm the same height and I reached BMI 20.7 recently which used to be a comfy "healthy skinny" looking weight for me, because I have a really big skeleton. I know that I am very lean and I'm a UK size 10, but still I saw myself in a full length mirror in a shop with overhead lighting and looked so dumpy and blobby/soft. Irritatingly, at the same time, my face looks a bit too gaunt and old. I guess losing weight and exercising can only do so much for us, the rest has to be done with styling.
Try to accept that there are some things you cannot change about your body shape or fat distribution, and make sure diet and exercise are part of a wider, happy life. If you're younger than 25ish, you might find that a lot of fat and plumpness drops away from your bod soon anyway (not in a bad way, it's just a second puberty thing I think). We'll be OK.

No. 875960

I'm just so fucking ugly, weird looking, tall, and autistic. There's no point in trying to live, because I can't fit into society. I have zero friends and nobody cares about me, they can smell the desperation and find me off-putting as I have no social skills and have a monotone, quiet, sad voice. I really do look like shit, almost deformed. The looks I get while out and the reactions from men over the years have more than proved it's not "insecurity". What's the point in living if you can't connect with others? As soon as things get harder, nobody would protect me. I'm just a genetic failure consuming resources while feeling sorry for myself and fleeing into the internet, which is progressively making me worse.

No. 875975

File: 1628432223047.jpeg (337.65 KB, 750x1206, D5E445CF-8A07-4EC8-BA6D-5EC26C…)

Idk where else to put this but I’m greatly saddened by the news of Trevor Moore’s death. For anyone who doesn’t know, Trevor from the skit show Whitest Kids U Know died at 41 a day ago. I know life isn’t fair, and you never know when your time will come, but this just feels so wrong.

No. 875992

There is no helping him if he doesn't even see there's a problem. That needs to be a change that he actively wants to make if his addiction is going to get any better, otherwise he'll just come to resent you for trying to ~change him~ or something. Plus that's really not a position you want to put yourself in. My ex was just like that, we got together when he was sober after having a similar background of smoking basically since he was 13 and he started smoking again a few months into the relationship so I saw firsthand how much it changed him. He went from a normal functioning human to having his life revolve around smoking, it got to the point where he couldn't handle not being high even just for a few hours. Everything was about weed with him. He spent 90% of his paycheck on his addiction and then when he ran out before his next paycheck he'd throw temper tantrums to his family until they gave him money so he could buy more. He got angry and violent when anyone tried to get him to quit again or even just suggested a tolerance break. And he surrounded himself with similar people so I know this kind of behavior isn't too out of the ordinary. Weed can be just as bad of an addiction as harder drugs and alcohol, it just seems harmless because the effects aren't as harmful to your body and because you can't OD on it. Once you have a physical and emotional dependency on it you're fucked. Not to scare you but sounds like that's the road this guy of yours is heading down if he isn't careful and it's not a situation you want to put yourself in if you haven't already. It's exhausting and emotionally draining and you don't deserve that kind of pressure. You can't fix him and you shouldn't want to. I know it can be hard to watch but you deserve better.

No. 875994

I’m really hurt because my best friend has been tweeting stuff about being invalidated as an NB person when they NEVER came out even to me! I’ve been jokingly calling them a girlboss and making references to them being a woman this whole time because how was I supposed to know if no one says anything like this is my best fucking friend I didn’t want to hurt anybody but I’m not a mind reader

No. 876005

they sound hungry for attention tbh. if they're doing it over the internet and no towards you, it's obvious they're tweeting towards their online friends, who are likely equally attention hungry.

No. 876024

File: 1628435545082.jpg (138 KB, 853x642, a.jpg)

Only just read about the Chris Chan troll's animal abuse and I feel awful. I haven't even seen the pics and don't plan on looking at them but I hope her life is destroyed over this shit. Imagine harming a living thing that depends on you just for the sake of impressing some discord scrotes.
I used to have a strong stomach for gore etc when I was an edgy chantard teen but I just feel so shitty even hearing about it. Maybe now that I'm an adult it's not just le gory shocking image but it actually sinks in that someone/something had to suffer so horribly idk

No. 876025

nonbinary isn't even real lmfao

No. 876070

File: 1628438680266.jpeg (1.72 MB, 1284x2372, 97603DBF-18BD-4EB8-B477-EB4D6A…)

The amount of discourse I’ve been seeing on tiktok about obvious white girls dressing in JFashion is so nauseating. On top of that, it’s not even Japanese women calling them out—they’re all Asian Americans who feel like they should be allowed to gatekeep fashion and keep insisting it’s ~Asian Culture~ like it’s some closed religious practice. Zoomers really have brain rot if they can’t tell people apart because of their makeup.

No. 876075

Do they not know that the Japanese basically did the reverse on a nation wide scale by adopting Western, especially American, dress in the 20th century? Going by their own logic Asians need to stop wearing denim jeans because it's ~not their culture~ lmao.

No. 876088

it always had bdsm stuff as accessories tbf

No. 876093

File: 1628440348289.jpeg (1.53 MB, 1284x2211, 6C26763B-B79F-4680-BD4A-731D61…)


You’re asking critical thinking questions that all these mouth breathers would never consider. I just want to know who the fuck looks at this girl and thinks “ah yes, she’s trying to look like an asian woman”.

No. 876094

True Japan copied the shit out of Western(specially British and German) art, architecture, styles(both clothing and styles of government) but they made it their own and created something unique, which is what sharing and adopting culture is supposed to be about

No. 876096

The Isabella Janke and her lowlife friends thing grosses me out in an interesting new way, and I am quite desensitised to online shit on the level of Nikocado's asshole.

Incel killers and autistic online creeps? They are so asocial and distanced from society that you almost feel like they're not part of your world, especially in my small European country where there's never been serial killers and people only use the internet for facebook and YouTube.
These kids? They're younger than me, barely out of their teens and use the same zoomer meme lingo I see from my little cousins but they've been so fucked up by edgy internet culture that their discord looks like /b/ meets /d/ meets /trash/.

It mostly feels weird because seeing hundreds of lines of discord logs full of zoomer slang talking about degeneracy is different from reading an objective news article about a teen who did horrifying shit.

No. 876099

Are these the same TikTokers who think white people shouldn’t be allowed to listen to Mitski?

No. 876101

What the fuck kek, this is the makeup that every girl did in 2012 after watching like one Venus Angelic video, how is that "asianfishing". Reminds me of tik tok kids saying wearing hoop earrings or gold jewelry is cultural appropriation.

No. 876102

dumb white anons always making false equivalencies and thinking its possible to be racist to whites

No. 876104

Ask me how I know you're American.

No. 876108


Most likely. Most of them are Asian Americans or Performative activists (read: Weebs/Kpop stans) that think people dressing like this is what encourages violence against asian women. When are we going to stop blaming women for shit men do? lol


Anonette, don’t you see the very culture rich circle lenses and falsies she’s wearing to look like she’s asian? The way they talk about her is as if she’s pulling an Ollie London.

No. 876123

this has the same energy as random American white people(likely descended from English settlers like most white settlers) LARPing and saying their Heirs of the Roman Empire or claiming the symbols and aesthetics of the Spartans and other ancient Greeks, these girls are likely from non-Japanese East or South East Asian groups, their peoples all have incredible histories and vibrant cultures of their own but they can't be bothered to open a book or watch a documentary about that, so they cling on to Korean and Japanese culture and claim it as their own, I might have somewhat ended up like this with regards to being South Asian or Desi but my family were fairly nationalistic and taught me about the heritage of out specific people, The Khokars and that's how I identify

No. 876142

Asians in Asia seeing white people across the globe adopt their styles: "omg this is so cool, we love it!"

Asian-Americans who have never set foot in Asia nor invented the style seeing white girls adopt the styles the girls in Asia invented: "this is so racist to ME (and all asians but mostly ME) how could you steal this from ME u racists"

No. 876144

They're so annoying.
>waaaaah I was bullied at school for eating dumplings so now you can't eat them, waaaah!
Like, I was bullied for having bushy brows and freckles but now they're trendy, grow the fuck up.

No. 876180

It's hard not to be a little jealous when a friend's parents gave her the 6+ years of rent she paid them and my mom was stealing the money I made from my first job and kicked me out the day after my 18th bday lol

No. 876193

No. 876208

perpetually online diaspora kids are usually unhinged

No. 876214

>>waaaaah I was bullied at school for eating dumplings so now you can't eat them, waaaah!
I love how that reads like a hyperbole but I've seen way too many American-Asians unironically saying classmates would sometimes say their lunch would smell weird or bad and that itself is racism and bullying. Like, that's literally it, they never mention receiving insults about themselves or racial slurs or being treated like a leper or whatever. Man I wish I suffered from that kind of racism and bullying when I was younger, life would have been way better.

No. 876217

I dont know who this is, but that post a year before he died is even sadder.

No. 876220

What kind of spices, anon? And i love that pic so much

No. 876237

I'm sorry your feeling like this anon but
>Monotone, quiet, sad voice
You're kinda my type lol.

No. 876286

File: 1628453795388.jpeg (45.6 KB, 688x514, E7tFwdJXoAA3qFd.jpeg)

everyone on the celebricows thread keep insisting billie's tits are ugly cause theyre fat girl tits. it reminds me of being younger and checking scrote communities they also always said "remember fellas, big tits on a fat chick DONT COUNT". personally my fat distribution has always gone to my breats since i was a child (i was a very fat child). i lost weight through CICO years ago and maintained it till covid hit and i pulled a shayna. im currently losing weight, and actually have been doing really well. but im still on the heavy side so i absolutely do COPE with bringing attention to my cleavage. like its all i can do for now i dont want to lose weight too fast and look ill cause of it. i also just want to be healthy and not "thin" the way i used to be. i had no tits or ass and i didnt care cause i was a dumb ana chan. but now i actually like my tits mostly and want a healthy bmi where im not flat.

i dont know i just feel weird cause everytime billie gets mentioned everyone yells SHES FAT SHE USES HER TITS TO COOOPEEEE. like i do agree shes doing that, thats like the only COPE you can pull when fat. i dont know, im doing way better than i thought i could with eating rn. but i am absolutely in COPE city and i feel shitty thinking everyone sees me like that. i knew some men did but women too i dont know messes with my fat head. its the one thing i can hold onto till im at the bmi i want i need to COPE and i feel self conscious know about it.

No. 876296

Every day my body feels terrible and I can't stop thinking about death. I'm afraid to die every day. I can't plan anything or be excited about new things because I immediately think that it doesn't matter, because I may die and everything would be useless. I even wrote a document on my computer telling whoever finds it what to do after my death and I get anxious if I don't update it. I fucking hate it. I hate going to bed sometimes and getting a panic attack because I don't want to fall asleep, because I'm afraid I won't wake up. And if I allow myself to be happy, I'm afraid that something bad will happen to me or who I love when I least expect it… so I always expect it.

No. 876297

don't listen to anons, it's dumb af. it's okay to love yourself, even if you are on the road to improvement. goddamn, it's okay to be proud of your tits as a fatty! you know that scrotes are coping because they are still attracted to large breasts and fat chicks. obviously wouldn't say their opinions have any merit in the first place, but since you brought it up…

No. 876298

Cute cat!!!
also honestly, I think Billie's boobs are fine. They're round and big, I think that's nice. But I don't wanna sound creepy

No. 876299

Anon, as cliche as it sounds, it's really never to late to get into or back into art if it's one of your passions. Being known as the artist or the painter as a kid can be a mindfuck when you hit your 20s and develop other interests because you have "artist" wrapped up in your identity and the checklist of milestones that comes with it. THROW THE CHECKLIST OUT. Can you still "see"? Do you look at objects and think about the form, the light, the shape language, the color etc. regardless of intention to draw the thing? I went to art school, dropped out when I lost financial aid and stopped making art of any kind for 7 years because I was so embarassed that I couldn't find the money to finish school and "be a real artist". The problem tho, was my mindset which was self-critical and full of toxic expectations. I had to let it go, accept that my skills had backslid, and just focus on having fun making pictures like I did when I was a kid. Curiousity is key. And you know what, it didn't take long for my skills to come back because even though my muscle memory was gone, I was still "seeing" the entire time and I understood forms and value better than when I was in school because it was always there lurking in my subconscious.

If you decide to pick up art again, in any form, spend some time journaling or list-making about why you love and want to make art (to remind yourself when you're feeling down) and focus on improving your creative process over the success of individual pieces. The mental/emotional battle and relationship one has with their own inner critic is the most difficult part of making art and all the people you see on social media either hide it or have learned to develop a healthy relationship with their process which is why it looks to effortless, but it's not, for anyone.

No. 876300

File: 1628454649743.jpg (472.35 KB, 1100x1700, DRB-AQ8XUAEETsT.jpg)

literally this entire comic

No. 876302

wtf does this mean lol

No. 876312

that fucking stupid farmer or moid or whatever in shayna's thread who spammed her GRANDMA with links to her twitter on her private, personal facebook has pissed me off so much. how much of a fucking absolute dipshit do you have to be to think it's appropriate to involve a random, totally uninvolved old lady in the degenerate shit her fucking grandkid is making? it's just making me so sad to think about it. i hope the comments get counted as spam or something, or that she doesn't see them. i know it's stupid to be so mad about this, but what the fuck.

No. 876317

Not sure if I'm the one that's bad at communicating or if my best friend is just dumb.
>> She makes a 3D printed thing and sends me a photo
>> I say it's cool and ask what she's going to use it for
>> She tells me what it is
This happens often, where I ask her a question and she gives me a answer that doesn't actually answer the question. It's driving my crazy because I think I'm being clear and specific in what I'm asking but then I get the non-sequitor answer and end up either just dropping the topic in frustration or having a long drawn out discussion where I have to explain the point I'm getting at to her like she's a 5 year old. This only really seems to come up for more mundane or crafty type discussions, our talks about serious things are very much in sync.

No. 876320

File: 1628456212680.jpg (71.79 KB, 640x750, ssRLXPDNLkoNhG05DA4j6qmVCzIFhX…)

Getting vaccinated tomorrow and all of the paranoia and doubts are making me feel crazy. I will still do it because I need to visit my grandparents. I have not seen them in three years and their health keeps being worse.

I think I am more scared of regretting not seeing them rather than taking the vaccine, even though I do not know how my poor health is going react to it.

No. 876321

If you know what it is, you know what she's going to use it for, right? That's probably her train of thought.

No. 876328

That makes sense. What is obvious to her is not to me, which is why I'm asking. And she probably doesn't realise there is a distinction.

No. 876338

I sent my clothes to an an online consignment store thing and they did such a shit job. Some of the brand names are spelled wrong, some of the items were buttoned up or tied in the wrong way and they left this gross strand of hair in the photo of a pair of shoes. How is anyone gonna buy my stuff like that

No. 876341

Was it Sellpy?

No. 876346

constantly switching between caring a lot about my job and thinking about how my life shouldn't be all about my job. It's my first job ever and I'm just so overwhelmed, scared and feel like I'm going to get fired. Just ending up a stressed out mess and having intense anxiety about coming into work even though my job is relatively easy - my managers are awful and I can't rely on the wider team for support.

No. 876347

I'm an amazing drinking buddy but pretty shy and awkward when sober… It just sucks so much to make friends and great impressions when drunk, get people really eager to meet me and then I disappoint them when we meet up sober. I can almost see their affection for me disappearing because they get so bored with me. I don't know why, I just can't speak normally, my words suddenly don't come out naturally.
I get anxious days before meeting up people that like me because I always end up being weird. I don't drink much luckily because I don't like the taste of alcohol and I know that socialising isn't worth becoming an addict.
But sometimes if really feels like I only have a choice between being friendless or an alcoholic. I don't know why alcohol makes me so much more likeable, feel more like myself and less awkward… I wish I could speak my mind, connect with people and have confidence by default. I used to be like that up until middle school, then something changed and now I can only achieve it by being under influence. Pretty sad.

No. 876357

I want a black cat aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

No. 876375

Kek do they call out karaoke for cultural appropriation too?

No. 876382

Me too, I feel like they're the calmest and cuddliest ones (out of all non-specific breeds, that is). Mine definitely was, and the one of my friends, too.

No. 876388

No, it's a south american one

No. 876409

File: 1628463094164.png (162 KB, 309x303, killme.png)

For the past couple of weeks I've been having an allergic reaction to something in my diet. My throat swells right up within a couple of minutes of eating/drinking and no one could work out wtf was causing it because it was being triggered by everything - hot, cold, sweet, savoury, homecooked, purchased, healthy, crap. So I got an allergy test done at the doctors and it turns out I am allergic to fucking CAROTENOIDS aka the naturally occurring chemical compound that gives things colour.

I can't eat carrots or sweet potatoes or shrimp or butternut squash or peppers or melons or salmon or broccoli or tomatoes or lobster or corn or ANYTHING with any fucking colour.

I'm gonna be stuck eating white bread and water until the day I die, I guess. This is so unfair. I am a good person. Why am I cursed like this???

No. 876485

File: 1628471138539.jpeg (29.73 KB, 408x352, 10929136-57B7-4CF9-95A5-CDC0DB…)

This super cute girl I’ve been talking to for months finally scheduled a date with me last week…then cancelled because she was tired from a trip. Understandable, we reschedule for the following weekend. I’m so excited! I’ve been telling everyone about it and it’s honestly the highlight of my shitty week. I didn’t hear from her for a bit, so I checked in with her yesterday about our date was tomorrow? She says yup, we’re still on! We’re supposed to meet in like 30 min and she asked to cancel again due to her period. Again, understandable but I work all damn week at 2 different jobs that exhaust me. I feel like she doesn’t like me as much as I thought she did. Ugh. Cancelled plans with friends and shit for this. So frustrating!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No. 876489

Anon I am genuinely so fucking sorry. Is there any way ur body can re-acclimate to colorful food or are you going to be f’d for life

No. 876491

It really makes me sad when I remember the times I tried to seek help by going to a psychologist when I was around 15, which led to my family making fun of me and basically downplaying my issues, completely unaware of how their daughter has been self harming ever since she was around 13. They made a huge joke out of me and they still mention it to this day as if it's really the funniest shit ever. I'm an adult now, but I still suffer from the aftermath. All of their mockery led to me developing a huge fear of expressing my feelings and problems to anyone ever again, so I don't think I could seek help ever again. It's too uncomfortable, too personal, too distressing. What if they don't understand me again? What if they don't get where I'm coming from again? Back when I talked to one, she asked me if I was getting hit at home and I told her no out of fear that she was going to call CPS or something. I opened up about my self harming to her, even showed her my cuts and then she came to the conclusion "I might have a bit of depression" even though back then I knew I had something more than that. I know I have issues, I'm still self harming and I don't like to self diagnose but I'm sure I have some fucked up shit going on in my head all thanks to my tiring, toxic family I still live with. I get suicidal too quickly, I get the urges to self harm almost every day but I'm trying to stop that now. I just don't think I could ever talk to anyone ever again. Fml.

No. 876492

This is a stupid question but can you develop allergies later in life? You never had problems before? I'm sorry nonnie, this is shit. You can eat green, white and blue/purple veggies right?

No. 876501

Women can be so fucking evil and psychopathic look at that bitch Isabella Loretta. I hope she rots in hell, but there's no hell. I hope she meets someone as crazy as her that will kill her. I'm 10000% convinced Loretta made Chris chan rape his mom or attempt to. Chris chan was the perfect victim for psychopaths like her and in the last years he has lost his mind completely. You could have convinced that man to do absolutely anything.(male)

No. 876504

that's the worst feeling anon I'm sorry! I'm wishing you the best tho, maybe she's just someone who cancels a lot lol

No. 876506

your friend has narc tendencies

No. 876507

not saying that she's innocent but there has been incestuous tones between chris and his mom for years now and he's also a disgusting piece of shit for raping her no matter what. if he really needed some convincing to rape his own mom then it means he was going to do it either way because how the fuck do you convince somebody to fuck their own parent in the first place. both of them are horrible and deserve to rot, especially how she refused to call the police or anything while being fully aware of the disgusting shit chris was doing on that poor woman

No. 876510

ntayrt but same, op hmu

No. 876524

Also reading Bella's thread and am ashamed to say that I started getting upset because…. If she's behind the KF DDoSing or it's related, then she could try knocking lolcow offline too and then I wouldn't be able to read about Shayna or Heather (who now seem so harmless by comparison) and that would REALLY piss me off.

No. 876526

I don’t know with all the ongoing sperging it seems anons could use a break

No. 876528

File: 1628478661947.jpeg (22.67 KB, 480x360, 6748EE8B-D4FD-4603-A9C8-D7B996…)

This news really upset me too, anon. If I smoked I'd 100% be getting high with dinosaurs tonight in his honor. To this day my siblings and I shout "MISTER PRESIDENT" whenever someone is being too loud and ruining everyone's nice time, or "IT'S SATURDAAAY" on Saturdays/whenever we have our bows out. He left some really good stuff behind. RIP Trevor, you'll be missed.

No. 876531

Thanks, nonita. Tbh I used to cancel a lot too, so I’m sympathetic lol. Shegets a pass until next time bc she’s so dreamy!

No. 876547

Thank you for posting this anon. I felt the same way when I found out. I didn't cry or anything, but I felt so deeply hurt by the death of one of the men that basically shaped my humor and personality.

No. 876548

I hate, hate that I'm not attractive. Like, I want to be goodlooking but I'm average-to-ugly. If I dress up a bit nice, I can look passably good but most of the times I just look 'meh'. I mean, I don't wear makeup at all or do much else to improve my looks because I know it's futile, I'll never reach the otherworldly gorgeous status I so badly want to. And I know that's how most people look but I don't want to be like that. I want to look so good people compliment me on it. I'll never have that, most people won't. But I will always, always crave it.
On the bright side, because of my general gauntness, I can sorta pull off eccentric fashion.

No. 876554

File: 1628484987479.jpeg (940.6 KB, 1242x1241, AFEAD7C9-DBFA-4831-A61D-C26ED1…)

you sound like a cutie tbh

No. 876555

I have calves like billy eilish and want to kms.

No. 876558

Aw, haha, I'm extremely and painfully average, but thank you.

No. 876567

File: 1628487652758.jpg (112.25 KB, 615x922, 0_Billie-Eilish-is-dressed-dow…)

I don't get it her calfs look normal.

No. 876569

out of all the lc nitpicks, i'll never understand calves and cankle spergs

No. 876575

I always laff when I see this pic lol

No. 876579

I'm trying not to simp for one of my friends but I just can't stop. I have extremely stringent standards of attractiveness for men and he hits practically all of them, but he also made out with my sister right in front of me, is hopelessly obsessed with his ex, and still sends me horny femdom shit that I'm really into when he's drunk. We text constantly and he always asks about my day, and he genuinely listens and cares when I tell him how I feel about things, both good and bad. On the other hand, he's been dumping a ton of stuff about his ex/his horrible dating life/his fucked up childhood trauma on me lately and I'm torn between wanting to tell him to fuck off and wanting to hold him close. I hate how heartbroken I am over this clingy, immature dumbass who's blatantly using me for emotional support, but I hate even more that he's somehow really fond of me and is actually a good friend when he's not being a drunk weepy mess. I know I should really cut ties, but I'm so pathetic I'd much rather continue this mess than not talk to him at all. Why the fuck am I like this?

No. 876585

File: 1628490260037.jpeg (1.07 MB, 1284x1446, B1C9B4D4-AF24-4DCE-BAE4-1AB5E6…)


Borderline. This creator in particular was taking such a hard stance against Asian Fishing but is now calling herself a gaijin gyaru with this shit makeup and educating the weeb masses on how to learn Japanese from a Genki textbook and duo lingo.

They legitimately went against some tiktoker who speaks fluent Japanese and said she was profiting on “Asian culture” when she’s lived in Japan and speaks the language but made the mistake of wearing a very obvious cosplay seifuku. Now they’re posting shit like this. How can they walk and breathe at this point?

No. 876588

I have chest & arms like Billie and I want to kms too

No. 876589

File: 1628490682289.png (903.58 KB, 600x859, imagen_2021-08-09_012938.png)

Honestly this wave of stupid teens come of as jealous and they want to make others as miserable as they are and that's why they do this cancelling shit. They'll cancel anyone and everything anytime and they'll find some weird excuse for it. It's dumb. Back in the 2010's we didn't have any problem with anyone (except fatties) who wear jfashion and want to do japanese makeup UNLESS they started saying they were half asian or whatever. We had so many threads on cgl sharing makeup tips and japanese magazine spreads.

I know egirls now do have an extreme way to do makeup now that makes their eyes look more almond shaped and pretty, and I think that's stupid and ugly when they take their makeup off and look like a whole 'nother person with a white trailer park hick face, but come on. It's just makeup. Let them be cringe and have fun.

No. 876590

Please no, I think you're alright and pretty. Billie just looks ugly because she has that stupid ugly bored man face.

No. 876591

Most pathetic thing I've read in a while.

No. 876592


Yeah, exactly anonette! I don’t understand why these Asian Americans and NLOGs are out here gatekeeping makeup and JFashion, especially when they’re not even Japanese. It’s so annoying to see a girl post some cute shit and then half the comments are “she’s asian fishing, she’s east asian baiting, you were cancelled”, just because they’re too stupid to know what an actual asian person looks like. On top of that, their obsession with gatekeeping Japanese stuff is weird. I even saw someone say manga is Japanese culture when it’s literally just a comic book. Let people be cringe and enjoy shit without trying to say anyone who isn’t ~Asian~ is perpetuating some fucking stereotype.

No. 876593

Thank you anon, that is really sweet of you to say. I guess we don't have her face so that is a step up.

No. 876596

I'm gonna be that person, but most asians who complain about these looks are actually ugly as sin. Of course they would complain about girls who are cuter, no matter the race.

You know what they could be doing instead?
They could talk about how China is killing some asian minorities. They could talk about how in some asian countries they kill female fetuses. They could talk about the pornsick prostitution problem in asian countries.
But no, their ONLY concern is people making their eyeliner too long and acting cute. Are those people who want to act like anime characters cringe and retarded? yes, they are. But do they deserve all this attention and complaining? No. It's not as big of an issue as they make it to be. It's just cringe retards being autistic and doing dances on tiktok. Literal 30 second dances. Just swipe on your screen and boom, problem solved.

It's almost like they only care about east asian and japan stuff. Eating pocky and ramune is problematic now? I don't see Glico or Lotte, the japanese candy companies, complaining at all. They want to extend their business. Next they'll say we can't play Nintendo games because they're for japanese people too. Why the stupid ass segregation? Why regress like this?

Seriously, they all come off as jealous. I bet they're all big weebs into Japan as well and just want the attention, and what other way of gaining attention than to claim this or that should be cancelled. Meanwhile they'll do this while eating nissin or maruchan and listening to BTS's new single. It's all so tiring.

No. 876599

File: 1628491941771.png (88.38 KB, 504x233, babies.png)

I didn't realize how out of touch zoomers are until the whole chris chan debacle.
Was hanging out with my friend when I mentioned that I find it frustrating that there is put more empthasis on Chris' gender identity than it is on Barb as the victim and that it feels like she is being relegated to being a side note in all this. Of course her little brother had to chime in that whether or not you should respect someone's pronouns just because you don't like someone is an important discussion. I admitted that, sure, it's something worth to be discussed but should really someone raping their own mother be the trigger for that?
Kiddo just left the room in a huff and I didn't see him for the rest of the night.

No. 876602

File: 1628492457983.jpeg (944.78 KB, 1284x1486, 930BC563-5C44-42F8-99C7-001D32…)


> Seriously, they all come off as jealous. I bet they're all big weebs into Japan as well and just want the attention, and what other way of gaining attention than to claim this or that should be cancelled.

It’s true. Look through the people who are “calling out” Asian fishers and they’ll look like this or they’re every other race but Japanese. It’s all performative activism considering that none of them talk about the actual issues going on in these countries and instead are hyper obsessed with someone doing eyeliner. Not every single person who wears winged eyeliner is Ollie London.

No. 876603

Oh, how I miss the magazines

No. 876604

It's funny because zoomers will say how in touch with political and social issues they are. But they're all so fucking out of touch, it's incredible. They only care about acting woke to fit in. Worst generation we've had in a long time. Boomers used to complain about millenials but millenials are pretty okay compared to zoomers.

I wonder how will the next gen will act like when they grow up. RIP the earth.

No. 876607

The obsession with gaining internet points through slacktivism has really rotted their brains. Internet was a mistake I swear to god

No. 876609

File: 1628493229956.png (360.84 KB, 500x391, imagen_2021-08-09_021401.png)

this ugly as fuck "makeup" look would be torn to shreds on cgl back on its hayday.

Have one more!

No. 876611

File: 1628493644209.jpg (86.96 KB, 400x570, MG-Child-CTIP_cover2021.jpg)

This girl is Mongolian and she's never ever discussed or brought up any of the actual issues in Mongolia, the massive pollution and air poisoning, the epidemic of children being kidnapped and having their organs harvested, Mongolian girls being sex trafficked and being sold as "brides' to Chinese men(this is currently going in my country as well), the one time she ever brought up Mongolia was in relation to how certain steppe people occasionally get portrayed as the "bad guys" estern media, which is a negative stereotypes but historically that's what happened, Steppe people invaded, raped and destroyed settled peoples in Europe, China, Iran, India and Arabic, in my country(Pakistan) the word for Barbarian is still Tatars

No. 876614

File: 1628493899778.jpg (70.54 KB, 1280x720, Q3Iqgk0.jpg)

>Be me
>Casually see the Art Salt thread
>Read recent posts
>Anons remembering artists who disappeared
>Artist comes to mind
>Porn artist who deleted all accounts but a Twitter one
>New Twitter account is not porn but One piece and RWBY trans fanart
>No explanation
>Decide to dig into artist's mutuals' accounts
>No one knows
>Find one of an ex Discord friend
>Artist became a TiF and drank the moralfag kool aid
>"Never felt attached to his art, just projected, I'm sorry anon"
>Artist is now hidding from her fujo past

This is what I get for checking the art salt thread.

No. 876617

File: 1628494187464.jpeg (1.27 MB, 1284x1403, D5198579-8253-463B-BA3B-A44E3A…)


Don’t worry Nonny, have some more of her Gyaru looks. The only views this girl has on her videos are the ones where she’s doing her performative activism (and b4 being called a vendetta-chan, her face pops up most frequently in the gyaru tags I glance through).

No. 876622

File: 1628494913267.jpg (49.21 KB, 400x544, 8c9ac3cccfe8a13bd139d778f15a3d…)

wonder how these tiktok Asian activists would feel about the Gyaru style, as the aesthetic was primarily a form of rebellion against Japanese sexism as well as beauty standards, embracing dark skin as well dying their hair and getting perms, to counter the traditional Asian beauty standards of having straight dark hair and white pale skin, but technically it was "apportion" of various western styles without any attempt to learn their history or nuances of these styles, they just liked cause it was cool

No. 876625

Not from Tik Tok but I have seen people calling it modern blackface.

No. 876627

File: 1628495454390.jpeg (21.74 KB, 739x415, 1620648551288.jpeg)

Imagine thinking white people going to an Asian restaurant in itself is racist. Imagine being told that a full restaurant is full is racist. I'm repeating myself but I wish that were me, I'd rather be told that curry smells weird while I'm eating it rather than being treated like an idiot at work and being discriminated against while job hunting because of my race.

No. 876629

Buying items from another country benefits that country more than empty virtual signalling ever will because it redistributes wealth and helps NICs in Asia grow their economy.

No. 876632

this is the stupidiest thing to complain about, jesus christ.

No. 876633

File: 1628495756178.gif (3.51 MB, 320x214, 5FPn.gif)

istg thesimsressource has the absolute worst search and sort system in this entire universe. I just want to find those few dresses I had downloaded six years ago again. I'd go into my download history, but I'm locked out of my account and I'm not getting any mails when I click on I Forgot My Password, so that's out of the window, too.

No. 876634

this girl looks adorable

No. 876635

What game? If it's for TS2 or TS3 it should be on the booty.

No. 876636

These zoomers are unknowingly copying tumblrinas that were already annoying SJWs but even these people were more aware of political stakes than these kids.

I've already seen people shitting on obviously Japanese video games like JRPGs but I'm not sure it's the same people who do that.

No. 876639

File: 1628496072141.png (1.38 MB, 1200x800, imagen_2021-08-09_030036.png)

Look, as a mexican living in mexico that eats very smelly food with tons of onion and cilantro everyday, I wouldn't care if they said my food is smelly. I would be like, yeah man it is. Like menudo is very smelly and condimented for example, and as a kid I hated it. But if I see americans at a mexican restaurant I would simply not complain, I would be like "oh cool! they like my food" "finally someone likes this even though it's smelly" etc whatever.
Exactly, I feel you. Discrimination comes in all forms but thinking white people at a restaurant is racist is such a weird thing.

No. 876640

Didn't they have some rules about not reposting from TSR? I'll still try looking there for it, thanks, didn't even think about it.

No. 876641

File: 1628496171139.png (421 KB, 550x433, 2-5.png)

Do they not understand that it wasn't ever about black people rather as an "FU" to centuries of colorism in East Asia

No. 876642

File: 1628496225135.jpg (157.35 KB, 582x506, 1628454649743.jpg)

is the girl on the left supposed to be black ? cause the hipster guy is clearly a white guy but he drew the girl really ambiguous looking

No. 876643

>chef jeff
But what if Jeff lived in the Philipines all his life? and what if Jeff has a Philipine parent or grandparent?

No. 876645

I think that street looks similar to any other european street so why would a restarant full of european white people be a bad thing? it's not like they're being denied access just for being asian. The restaurant is full according to this comic. Plus it's not like these restaurants aren't visited by all kinds of people including asians on the daily… weird

No. 876646

File: 1628496444206.jpg (884.07 KB, 1419x1600, o_a_51dd9d34c8550_1600.jpg)

No she 100% looks like one of these white girls. That very specific type.

No. 876649

Seems it's the asians trying to replicate white feature imo

No. 876651

Wanna kms, I overshared way too much.

No. 876652

Should be praised for growth and becoming more openminded as adults

Lol I feel you anon, you'll cringe for a bit and then it will pass and you'll be ready to overshare again

No. 876656

When I remember the shit I went through I get so upset even though it's been years. I need to just move on but I am emotionally stuck back then. I'm sad that things happened the way they did. How can someone go from being the most beautiful and important person in the world to being your worst enemy and treating you like you're nothing so quickly? It traumatized me and nobody gets it

No. 876660

File: 1628498518714.jpg (615.69 KB, 1100x1700, EOsrfNcWAAAciYH.jpg)

that could be the case, but the artist has made other comics about WOC dating white men before so It wouldn't be too out of the question
anyway this is a comic of his that never fails to make me rage, I don't know what his issue is, modern realistic art and techniques that we still use to this today came out of Western Europe, realism and actual artistic sciences didn't exist anywhere else, that doesn't make other traditional art styles lesser but if you go to western art school this is what you will learn, in other countries they do teach the native artistic history as well as the technique's pioneered in western europe(by yes dead white guys but also some white women) cause you wouldn't have modern art without them, even the style he uses was cause of dead white guys

No. 876662

I get where you're coming from but that comic looks like it's complaining more about who gets drawn, not the style they're drawn in or the techniques they're using. If it was about the art style, the final panel would have been done in a different style, but instead it's the same style portraying a more diverse array of people.

No. 876663

idk if that 's even your issue at all, but i fucking hate how breakups are downplayed and you're just told to get over it and find someone else when a person you love turning on you can be so deeply traumatizing

No. 876671

According to a recent pew research panel, over 50% of leftist women have a mental illness. I find it frustrating that this number is so high, it makes me feel like there is something wrong with us. Why are scrote chuds so much less likely to be mentally ill?

No. 876672

Every time I see this guys comics about how he always has it the worst I just want to say "oh boohoo."

No. 876673

I think leftists (and especially women) are more likely to seek out help and be open about mental health. Men hate going to the doctor and admitting that there's something wrong with them, especially if they're more conservative.

On the other hand, the extreme annoying woke lefties love wearing and collecting mental illnesses like a badge so they probably skew the statistics with their munchie self diagnosing.

The Internet alone should be enough proof to you that an insanely high number of rightie males are degenerate and mentally ill.

No. 876674

The majority of the left acts like it's mentally ill so the the only surprising thing about this is that the number isn't higher.

No. 876676

I googled "Josh Luna" and found he's the author of the comic "Girls" which is the most misogynist published media I've consumed in my life. It's about aliens that look like the same vaguely asian looking naked young woman that want to seduce all men to birth clones of themselves and kill all women. All an excuse to show gross old men getting laid, women getting torn limb from limb and then naked women getting blown apart by shotguns. And the human woman based enough to just castrate the boomer still knowingly impregnating the aliens is framed as a crazy feminazi battleaxe. Not surprised he's also the author of these webcomics that often descend into r/asianmasculinity "I'm entitled to asian and white women" incel type content.

No. 876679

and what are you, some kinda right wing tradwife? feminism is a left wing ideology

No. 876680

Every time I see this scrotes art I get the overwhelming urge to shove him in a locker.

No. 876682

nta I'm a socialist and a feminist, but you are mentally ill if you try to mix wit capitalism with feminism, socialist feminism is the only based ideology for e.g if men disappeared and women ran the world, if we followed a capitalist system there would be still discrimination, abuse of power and poverty, women would still starve and corporations would destroy the world

No. 876685

I think both sides are retarded.

No. 876687

He's a cow. I think there was also some messy twitter feud between him and his brother. Shitter was also outraged when he included a black person in the "white people hating on asians" site in one of his many comics kek. Another good one is his "comicsona" with chad jaw that basically looks nothing like him

No. 876691


but if there were no men i couldnt stay up all night watching frasier

No. 876696

File: 1628503124042.jpg (105.92 KB, 540x790, 9191919.JPG)

I wish I hadn’t looked into the Furry thread that got necroed, oh god oh fuck

No. 876699

File: 1628503764968.jpg (18.24 KB, 427x239, 56857857.jpg)

>when the gender war is happening and you gotta kill the cast of Frasier

No. 876700

File: 1628503906499.jpg (47 KB, 833x768, feels guy hug.jpg)

I've been there, anon. Morbid curiosity is a curse. I hope you feel better soon.

No. 876702

File: 1628504329354.jpg (144.15 KB, 680x1051, 004.jpg)

I'd love a thread on this whiney 3 incher.

No. 876703

File: 1628504366465.jpg (127.45 KB, 680x1051, c3b.jpg)

No. 876704

I want to trip him as he walks by.

No. 876707

File: 1628505010171.jpg (917.19 KB, 968x1573, Eh-gCjsWkAEnX71.jpg)

He draws every white person as ugly, blond, haggard and smug and every asian a composed, rational, victimised supermodel. Asian men are all chads and Asian women have curves to rival Hendricks. He might never go outside, but we do.

No. 876710

These comics are so tryhard and retarded. I hate this guy. Someone make a thread on this retard

No. 876712

File: 1628505330799.jpg (560.27 KB, 968x1573, tumblr_8b7e3801d1b293468db8f42…)

This is the female version.

No. 876713

his older brother admitted that he was a abusive egomaniac that always wanted to get his way

No. 876714

I'm a centrist gender critical radical feminist who believes capitalism should be reformed with a mix of the things socialism does good. I would never opt for full on socialism, not even if I got to live in a free and peaceful womens only commune.

No. 876715

Damn, I thought he was retarded in a normal way.

No. 876716

Can someone edit this and add some based manhating shit please

No. 876717

Jesus Christ does he not realize that have complex histories with others(good and sometimes bad) my family hates dozens of other groups in Pakistan for various reasons, even in the UK various Pakistani groups fight the Mirpuris(about 90% of Pakistani in the UK are of Mirpuri descent)

No. 876718

He puts too much effort into what are very boring, predictable comics. He's not only a complete mediocrity, but mentally ill. I would love a thread.

No. 876719

>the masters
>dead white guys
that's retarded and insulting to the cultures they're from
>white man is ugly but white woman is beautiful

No. 876720

But are these recent comics? The last time these could have been relevant were the 80s or 90s

No. 876722

WW are all blonde Karen right wingers or culture-vulture bimbos in his comics.

No. 876723

Anon he made these comics all with in the last 4 years

No. 876727

Dont you love when men use misogyny for woke points.

No. 876728

File: 1628506129056.jpg (199.67 KB, 720x1113, 26233473_954751388014481_43873…)

After reading all his whinge and cringe seeing that little kid get kicked in the back gave me quite the thrill. Get that fucker!

No. 876731

File: 1628506342509.jpg (66.09 KB, 351x353, 1628506129056.jpg)

You had one semi-famous comic that was basically a porno, you wrote every female character to be neurotic and or completely selfish

No. 876732

I hate being a drunk piece of shit. I've spent the past 4 or 5 years waking up and immediately thinking "I need to stop." Now I just wake up and pour the next one. Life is passing me by and it hurts.

No. 876733

In more liberal circles there's less of a stigma about going to therapy. If you bring up the topic of mental health in conservative circles, it conjures up images of lunatic asylums and shock therapy. Also it's viewed as shameful and weak to seek help

No. 876734

File: 1628506490543.jpg (129.98 KB, 485x750, tumblr_pu11za3Myj1vpevljo1_500…)

He is mentally unwell. Who the fuck thinks like this? picrel.

No. 876735

omg kek. Someone make a thread for him

No. 876737

Wtf kek

No. 876742

josuke is just trying to break out into the mangaka scene with his super secret fifth pillar man design. leave him alone to speak exclusively Osaka dialect nihongo and his true and honest language of nahua, colonist

No. 876743

wait is he saying its racist to be made to learn "Spanish" in school

No. 876745

Some people will really yell racism for all of their (personal) problems. You can tell that he's an insicure manlet who has a shit personality but instead blames it on muh white ppl and he's not the problem, everyone's just racist. And he obviously uses misogynism for woke points.

No. 876748

The Philippines were colonized by Spain. He’s saying that being forced to learn Spanish in an American school is triggering his tragic epigenetic PTSD.

No. 876750

wtf? seriously?

No. 876756

you just know he wanted to say "rape"

No. 876759

WHy did you have to write this I almost spat out my tea

No. 876763

i'm super fucking sad, nonnas. I've been pretty much isolated since the pandemic started,just a few months ago my grandmother died and then my dad died. I was fired.

I miss my best friend, she's the best. My boyfriend is a nightmare at times, he doesn't want to get the vax and he's mad at me because I already got it. He thinks i'm priviliged and that I don't understand him.

I started living again with my mom and my brother. I love her but I feel like a failure sometimes. I'm afraid of my brother.

I'm slowly starting to get back into making art but I'm just so fucking sad and somedays I don't do nothing and it makes me so mad at myself. It freaks me out because my anxiety is acting up more than ever. I miss sharing my art.

I just want to be me again. And get out of here. And get better.

No. 876772

File: 1628509680633.gif (1.83 KB, 40x40, angry.gif)

my city is in lockdown for almost a month now. our neighbors are a bunch of assholes. these nasty bitches be gossiping and making up rumors about others ppl. so fucking annoying

No. 876777

File: 1628510002852.jpeg (95.31 KB, 750x750, E15309FD-3B30-4F3E-92E6-BCA1CC…)

I feel so frustrated that no matter what I’ll do, they’ll always be bitter out-of-touch millennials who truly don’t understand anything at all. They’re allowed to have race discussions about Asians in here, but if I were to ever give my opinion that is against there’s I’m going to be slapped with racebait. I’m starting to realize this place is only for certain kinds of people and I’ll never fit into it. It’s so exhausting seeing this everyday and no one cares, this place will always be a deluded and ignorant wasteland who literally think that racism is from the 80s and 90s and totally in the past! I’m so exhausted seeing that if you call a racist woman out, it’s misogyny instead. I’m so exhausted that everything is boiled down to be a woman when there’s a lot more problems that can affect people at the same time. I’m just so tired of trying to explain myself and it revolves into infighting and getting banned, while other people get to say the n-word because the mods and the admin rather ply favorites with their favorite scrote imageboard and gossip websites. I’m so fucking tired of all of this.

No. 876783

Holy shit now that's hilarious.

No. 876788

Are you posting this because of the recent posts about "asian-fishing" makeup trends? I'm sure nobody thinks racism is a thing of the past and doesn't exist anymore, there are a lot of anons who are minorities where they live and suffered from all kinds of -ism irl and we can all say that bitching about makeup trends originating from Japanese pop culture is pretty weird when there are a bunch of people, Asians included, who suffer from actual discrimination on a daily basis.

No. 876791

Are you the psychotic anon who keeps having meltdowns everywhere about imaginary racist huwhitey anons constantly attacking you while racebaiting yourself every given chance?

No. 876797

She probably is, which is why I just deleted my reply. No point giving her attention.

No. 876805

Deleted milk because I realised I got the brothers mixed up. Josh was trying to cancel Jonathan. Sorry!

No. 876818

File: 1628511606065.jpeg (52.4 KB, 572x331, 02D31659-8F22-4189-8AF3-591349…)

>imaginary huwhitey racist

Are you blind anon? Have you not seen what was in and is still happening in the celebricows thread? Scrotes are racist but we really need to understand that the anons on here can be just as ignorant as them because they’ve unfortunately have brainrot from browsing 4chan or KF. Picrel example, this isn’t “imaginary” this could actually just be a racist woman, have you ever considered that it’s not always scrotes who believe this? Your mindset is actually super dangerous and it upsets me.

No. 876830

You're right about the racism problem here getting swept under the rug and blamed on so-called scrotes, but celbricows always attracts the worst anons to be fair. But people are laughing at Josh Luna because he's a delusional misogynist, not because he's Asian American. Same with the tiktok zoomers gatekeeping fucking makeup. Criticising non-white people is not always racism, you brainlet. inb4 you call me white. I'm not but nice try.

No. 876831

Yeah and you see the red text there? The mods don't condone this kind of behavior, it's not acceptable here, anon is acting like being a poltard is totes lolcow culture.

No. 876846

File: 1628513267725.png (698.28 KB, 602x1214, wut.png)

yeah this man is a deranged moron

No. 876848

File: 1628513375312.jpeg (49.27 KB, 748x570, 24D7F98C-AFB4-4A71-9BFA-21890A…)


What is this.

No. 876849

Not an American but aren't east Asian guys stereotyped as weak and wimpy? Literally no one would have that reaction lmao. His strawman arguments are so painfully bad.

No. 876852

jojo bazinga-fagging > komaeda-fagging

No. 876856

File: 1628513711445.jpg (262.74 KB, 900x1273, Redpillcomics2.jpg)

>The bamboo ceiling
This guy is fucking hilarious. His comics are like a sanitized version of Redpillcomics. They are both insanely preachy and have the same projection and victim complex going on.

No. 876861

KEK, the fucking similarity is killing me. He has to be an incel on the quiet.

No. 876862

I'm so fucking angry at you, I'm so tired of leaving every interaction with this uneasy feeling in my gut because there is always SOMETHING, usually two or three things, that you had to sperg over and get upset about in our conversation. And you make that shit everyone else's problem, you treat us like fucking dirt because you CHOOSE to interpret every casual fucking thing in the worst way possible. It's like you're lying in wait for someone to do ANYTHING to piss you off, so you set up these precious house of cards scenarios that everyone has to tiptoe around. I'm SICK of you looking at all of us as if we're malicious cruel people that you deign to hang out with. Gee I wonder why you have no other friends? Could be you've alienated fucking EVERYONE in your life with your purity obsession? Oh sorry, I forgot you're perfect and a perpetual victim of God and this cruel world. Fuck I really miss who you used to be. I miss when you would BE with me instead of treating me like a shameful shitstain too far gone for re-education - then again, maybe you always thought that, but your old cult said you should keep it to yourself so you pretended to accept me in hopes of later conversion? Who the fuck knows. I can't believe you went from my closest friend to an obligation I can't wait to be free of. You make me feel bad, like I'm disconnected from you and myself and everything that actually matters to me. I hate that you're pretending to be my friend because it's convenient and muh conflict avoidance. If you're so fucking pure then just fucking add me to your list of untouchables and be done with it, bitch.

No. 876863

stupid and unfunny as fuck

No. 876864

File: 1628514274866.png (78.98 KB, 830x500, 89F.png)

The thing is, that thread is teeming with scrotes. There are definitely some actual racebaiting anons, but some of this shit just gets too obvious. Come the fuck on.

No. 876865

I hate being here for 12 hours. By 5pm I have to ask myself why I’m still here. Can’t wait to leave this job next year and hopefully travel if COVID doesn’t fuck everything up

No. 876866

Those are some extremely male posts. Report.

No. 876877

This post is a shitty racebait but iirc it started because there was a black anon randomly sperging because someone wrote a white girl had 'plump lips', saying that no white person can have plump or full lips kek

No. 876879

He's never heard of attention whore and wannabe badass Asian engineer Don Henrie then, head of the modern Vampire movement. He tried to turn himself into a reality star and whored himself on chat shows for a bit. Tyra Banks was suitably unimpressed kek. Anyway, vampirism has roots with dangerous, repressed sexuality. Nothing intimidating or even lustful about these Asian manlets. Who feels the need to resist this dork?

No. 876886

File: 1628516071960.png (95.23 KB, 275x272, 1628188450480.png)

i got a B on my final thesis and i know that's still a good grade and everyone is happy for me and proud of me, but i still feel shitty because i always got As. i know it's my own fault because i got lazy towards the end and just wanted to be done with my thesis. i hate that i feel like i've given it my all in the moment of me turning in my work. and then, when i look back at the situation, i know that i've barely put in any effort.

No. 876892

Not just a stereotype. I watched a compilation video of recent Asian hate crime on some Asian site (so no reason to select clips to fit a narrative). The victim was often an old woman being viciously attacked by a single Black man and there would be about several Asian men standing literally two feet away and they'd be terrified, keeping still and doing nothing but look around. No joke every single person who rushed over to help and put themselves in danger was a young Asian woman. I was beyond sickened. No wonder they fuck Chad.

No. 876893

File: 1628516582201.jpg (55.86 KB, 900x900, me.jpg)

sick of being so fucking obsessed with my boyfriend. i got into the best skl in my country, im healthy and moderately cute, have friends, but all i can fucking think about is him. hes an addict with charges for selling drugs, not even that cute, kind of an asshole and im so obsessed with him. everything i do im always thinking about him

im obsessed with comparing myself to girls hes been with and i have stopped eating bc he used to talk to a girl somewhat skinnier than me


why am i wasting so much mental energy and time on him. radfem anons pls save me.

No. 876894

>tfw i have memories about my dad having me seated on his lap/cuddling me while he watched some kind of playboy channel where pornstars had their tits exposed
>i was 3 or 4

i only re-remembered this recently and i’ve never been sure how upset i should be about it. but trying to justify it to myself doesn’t work either because who tf does that?

No. 876895

You'll cringe at the memory of this so heavily in the future, hopefully not too much time will be wasted on him

No. 876896

File: 1628516753759.jpg (85.91 KB, 700x804, 5c33a8112a510a0542498d03fc50f7…)

How is winged eyeliner synonymous with east/southeast asians now? Ancient egyptions are the ones that started it so this is all so stupid

No. 876898

its never too late to change anon
no time like the present
i believe in you

No. 876899

Where I grew up that winged look was called Egyptian liner. No association with asians.

No. 876901


wrong reply im a retard

No. 876906

I'll be your chadette if you just do my dishes. I can even take you out to cute places. but we're anonymous so I guess that can't be

No. 876907

Where can I get that Sims 4 cc anone? It looks cute

No. 876909

nevermind I didn't notice the writing on the picture

No. 876910

You have BPD, don't you? Get help. If he hurts you I'll have no sympathy.

No. 876912

I've seen some of those clips and they make me so mad. Who tf wouldn't rush to help out an elderly person getting viciously attacked? Even my crippled ass would try. I understand that the guy might have a gun or something but I couldn't live with myself if I didn't try to help.

No. 876915

Honestly white guys who date asian girls 9/10 times are creepy as hell but asian guys who complain about this would just as happily date a white girl while calling all asian women white chasing sluts. Lmao, i wouldnt date a white guy but I know people who live in area with like 1% asian population, wtf are they supposed to do?

No. 876917

I doubt it has anything to do with guns because they approach after the woman does. They're just huge pussies. I'd be sympathetic if it were a lone bystander or multiple attackers, but one attacker and 5, 6, 7 of you? WTH get your ass moving!

No. 876918

Nta but you can find really cute maxis match cc on cc finds pages and tumblr. Try

My fave cc creators I could recommend that are mainly on tumblr are kumikya, dogsill, clumsyalienn, marsosims, aharris00britney (they make incredible clothing collabs with ayoshi), imvikai, ridgeport’s old cc, greenllamas (they make good hair and great clothing too, they even made a maxis match bratz collection), pixelunivairse and others I can’t think of.

No. 876920

I dated a Chinese girl for a few years and she got a lot of shit for being both gay and having an Arab gf. It was funny watching men seethe over her sexuality but then contradict themselves by implying it would be ok if she dated another Chinese girl. Men will fuck anything that moves but love telling women to stick with their own race, fucking hypocrites.

No. 876922

Look, I know racism exist and it's absolutely not a thing of the past, but I'm so tired of people (especially zoomers) saying that all white people are the devil and that they stole everything from minorities. Sometimes literally making shit up or rewriting history, making it seem like european and other "white" cultures don't exist. Like I get it, bring attention to minorities and their struggles, but there's no need to shit on everything that's good about "white people" (which is a stupid ass burger term, since white people aren't all the same in culture) to lift others up. So now if your eyeliner is pointy you're imitating asian eyes, if you get curly hair you're stealing from black people, if you get tattoos you want to skinwalk indigenous people, and I've seen people getting angry at white people wearing kimonos or cosplaying anime characters (because anime = japanese, probably). Also, scrotes are scrotes, no matter the ethnicity.

No. 876923

File: 1628518073402.jpg (173.18 KB, 680x1456, eb4.jpg)

Exactly. And ime quality Asian women prefer their own men anyway. A lot of these guys are bitter they can't skate by with little effort while still retaining a laundry list of requirements for their female peers. Why should Asian women prioritise them because they're of the same race?

No. 876933

Also true, I don't trust white guys who only date Asian women, I mean if I see a white guy with an Indian, Hispanic, black girlfriend I really just have neutral opinion of them, but if their dating an Asian I instantly view them as creeps

No. 876935

File: 1628518787651.jpeg (38.67 KB, 324x459, EF708D15-B571-45C8-8F23-5F640F…)

>saying that all white people are the devil and that they stole everything from minorities. Sometimes literally making shit up or rewriting history, making it seem like european and other "white" cultures don't exist. Like I get it, bring attention to minorities and their struggles, but there's no need to shit on everything that's good about "white people" (which is a stupid ass burger term, since white people aren't all the same in culture) to lift others up.

can’t. make. this. shit. up. also reply to the right person, moron.

No. 876936

I don't know, the doctor just told me to strictly avoid them and gave me an epipen to carry in case I accidentally put an apricot in my mouth or something. I asked if there was medication (like those lactaid tablets) I could just take and she looked at me like I was a retard lol.

Yeah, I was absolutely fine with all foods up until a couple of weeks ago. Like not even lactose or gluten intolerant or anything common like that, I was 100% allergy free, and then BAM my throat starts swelling up out of nowhere. I can supposedly eat the veggies outside of the green-yellow-orange-red spectrum but I'm so paranoid about everything that goes in my mouth now omg. Might just live off crackers and pray to the veggie gods that I don't get scurvy.

No. 876937

Quit bitching and posting twitter reaction pics and form an actual response that isn't pure bias or racebait then.

No. 876938

>>876923 >>876935
The fetishization of asian women leads me to be wary of any white guy. If they watch anime, mention anything about “loving asian culture”, make remarks about asian women, call you small/obedient, or even mention japan they’re a creep. Honestly there’s a whole laundry list that just makes it not worth it to date white guys. It’s not even a race problem. With the exception of nlogs and a small number of white women who are obnoxious about culture and often hate themselves for being white, asian/white lesbian couples seem to not have have this problem at all (at least from what I’ve seen). Lolcow anons who like asian culture are totally chill, vs when you look at anime board on 4chan, for instance.

No. 876939

Also, just curious, but do black/hispanic women have this issue as well?

No. 876940

File: 1628519672413.jpg (180.84 KB, 1080x1400, E8SoCpqUUAA3mSE.jpg)

You need to be wary of the skin walkers too. I'm noticing more and more white trannies posting their inspo goal pics of Asian women.

No. 876941

No I don’t think I will. You already exhibit signs of a person unwilling to listen and very comfortable in being ignorant so I don’t give a shit anon.

No. 876942

File: 1628519726527.jpg (376.41 KB, 700x1000, E8UJMnjVcAQRygz.jpg)

Here's the inspo. Literally me!! lmao.

No. 876944

My fucking eyes

No. 876946

File: 1628519834131.jpg (Spoiler Image, 159.2 KB, 1080x1400, E8QfBZuVIAMlzl8.jpg)

oh it can be worse.

No. 876947

I'm not the anon you quoted, I'm just sick of your sperging. Be a grown up and put forward your opinions using logic not bias or stfu.

No. 876948


No. 876949

The Asian girl of your dreams. Isn't this what you've been waiting for?

No. 876951

The face he is making….

No. 876952

Took a pregnancy test…. I'm pregnant for my abusive ex boyfriend.

Fucking kill me. (Like I'm killing the cursed fetus)

No. 876953

File: 1628520221268.jpg (147.27 KB, 1080x1400, E8QtDfEUcAY6h3P.jpg)

Yeah he does it in every pic.

No. 876955

This legitimately makes me want to move out of the west
Wtf why

No. 876957

Anon, I am so sorry! Are you safe from the ex bf? How far along are you? What are your plans?

No. 876959

File: 1628520558425.jpg (211.54 KB, 700x1000, E8Um__YVgAApRgO.jpg)


No. 876960

One obvious /pol/ scrote trolling and even getting redtexted for it isn't much to stand on, anon. Get a grip and don't bite the bait.

This guy is unbelievable. He's like some alternate timeline Elliot Rodger if instead of becoming a fullblown delusional incel he became obsessed with identity politics.

No. 876961

File: 1628520594858.jpg (148.3 KB, 1080x1400, E8O0azKUcAYOj6o.jpg)


No. 876962

is anyone calling out this kind of trannies for Asian-fishing?

No. 876963

Trannies can do no wrong, silly.

No. 876964


I'm guessing 2 months, my last period was in June. He's in a different state. I'm getting an abortion as soon as possible I do not want this child. I hate my fucking life. I was on birth control but I suck at taking pills. I had an IUD but he made me take it out because he didn't like feeling it. The BC also fucked with me immensely.

I'm on the phone with planned Parenthood trying to get the abortion pills. Idk how I'm going to tell my mom. Just when life was supposed to be ok this shit happens of course. I don't want this child at all.

No. 876966

No, I've seen a lot of asspats from liberal Asian women who complain about muh appropriation and muh representation. It's pretty funny. They're almost always married to white men too. It's mental illness all round.

No. 876968

Do you really need to tell your mom (or anyone) anything? I feel like it would be less stress inducing if you didnt.

No. 876969

Is he seriously saying that Asian women have "hurt Asian men" by fucking white chads instead of him? Holy shit this guy is a seething incel if I ever saw one. He needs his own thread, please. I need to cringe more.

No. 876970

samefag. It's funny because they complain about ebil white men/culture yet they always have white husbands and are embarrassingly thirsty for mediocrities like adam driver

No. 876972

I am 20 and haven't finished high school. It's not like i am going to need the title since i don't plan on working and college life in my country isn't interesting like in the USA. But it makes me feel so dumb, i dropped off in 2020 with the rona shit and now i can't go back because i am too ashamed to. I am such a failure, fuck.

No. 876974


This is true. I feel so fucking stressed like I left him and now I'm supposed to suffer carrying his hellspawn? Of course the shittiest guy I sleep with is the one that knocks me up. I hate it. I want it to be over with I don't want this kid.

I'm half a mind away from wire hangering myself I'm freaking the fuck out. I hate him so much and I know it's not all his fault because I fucked up with the pills in the end but I still blame him. It's like I'm cursed. I want this thing out of me and I won't be able to smile until it's gone.

No. 876976

>had an IUD but he made me take it out because he didn't like feeling it.
Girl what, fuck your scrote's dick feels. And fuck your ex scrote. I'm glad you kicked his ass to the curb and that you're taking the steps to get the hellspawn out too. I'm really proud of you for taking the steps nonna.

No. 876977

It will be over soon, also you have every right to blame the guy, like come on, he made you take out the IUD?? If he didn't like the feel of it he should have get a vasectomy himself. He didnt therefore it's fully his fault. I hope once it's over you i'll be able to forget about him and this awful situation you found yourself in will be a thing of the past.

No. 876979

God that is fucking awful, fuck that dude. I really don't think you should tell your mom, or at least if you want to I think you should give it a lot of time if possible. Sending a whole lot of love your way anon. If possible I'd recommend just getting the arm implant for bc so you don't have to worry about timing and taking pills.

No. 876981

>Grabs the opportunity to divert obvious from insecure American-born Asians to bitching about foreigners marrying native Chinese and criticizing the CCP's inhumane actions and severe xenophobia
Nice try Mei Ling

No. 876983

>noooo people shouldn't be allowed to post le evil n-worderino to an imageboard
underage b&, go back to tiktok

No. 876984

There’s fucking tons of vampiric folklore in Asia. This freak is just pissed that he’s not the sexy, pop culture Western version.

Instead of doodling shitty political cartoons, why not do something productive, like writing comic about a bloodsucking aswang who terrorizes the Filipino diaspora in California or some shit. If he’s that angry about shitty/lack of representation in Western media, he can do his literal job and create something that isn’t some piss poor impotent incel manifesto.

These comics are a sorry attempt to cover up the fact that he’s not talented or clever or creative enough to actually do something meaningful and engaging.

No. 876985

a few months ago, I had the dosage of one of my medications upped (it impacts my appetite and eating), and since then I've lost 12lbs. I've been working very hard to gain weight for a while now, and this has basically stomped all over my efforts. I just want to be at a healthy weight ugh

No. 876986

File: 1628521878649.jpeg (1.76 MB, 1284x1603, D85F6680-C1C2-4F7F-A888-E8E541…)


I don’t know if I want to keep the topic going because people are derailing it a lot but go through the #EAbaiting or #AsianFishing tag and you’ll see that they’re trying to crucify anyone who happens to look like this just because they like kawaii shit. Then they say THIS is what’s perpetuating stereotypes when this girl doesn’t even say she’s Asian and mentions time and time again that she’s white.

Their argument is that she’s “racially ambiguous” but the girl looks like every other white e-thot with heavy eyeliner. The comments on her tiktoks alone are filled with angry and jealous weebs seething that she ~sexualized~ sanrio because it’s allegedly aimed at kids.

No. 876987

Please don't do anything impulsive. I expect everything will go fine with Planned Parenthood and it will all be over soon. Is there anything we can do to help? Need help researching anything? Want some relaxing music or cute vids to distract yourself with? Let us know.

No. 876988


Thanks you guys. I'm panicking and crying. I don't have a car so I'll have to Uber to the center and my mom is usually home so I'll have to come up with something to tell her when I go…

The IUD was only for 3 years and I was going to get a new one but yeah, he bitched about it so I took the pills instead. I should have never listened to him. Now I have to go through all of this shit. I'm so fucking stupid and stressed out and mad.

I'm never letting someone fuck me over like this again. He literally ruined my life I hate him so much

No. 876990

File: 1628522080474.jpeg (245.03 KB, 750x599, B85FF75B-17B4-4940-9D7C-C16688…)

>mei ling from shit bland game that no one here plays or cares about

Go back to /pol/, failed woman.

No. 876994

how would he even know what the iud feels like with his micropenis

No. 876995


I feel like I have to tell her because I just set an appointment and she's going to want to know where I'm going and why the toilet is about to look like a hell scape when I come back. Fuck fuck fuck.


Sorry for derailing I guess?

No. 876996

NTA but chill the fuck out.

No. 876997


Woah woah, not you sweet Anonette. Your posts aren’t what I was referring to. Please take care of yourself. <3

No. 876998


thanks for that one, I chuckled. I still hate my life though. I'm praying I don't have to get a surgical abortion and I'm not farther along then I think.

No. 877000

Is PP near shops? You could leave early, maybe buy something inexpensive/small and say you spent a long time window-shopping and came home because you felt unwell (explains the bathroom).

No. 877001

I’m assuming there’s only one toilet in your home?

If so, you can claim diarrhea. Like you had some bad fast food or something.

No. 877002

We're here for you nonnie. Soon all of this will be behind you and you can continue with improving your life. You deserve someone way better than that shit bag and he should have never pressured you to take out your iud. Just calm your nerves as best you can and see what your best options are.

No. 877004

… I didn't reply to anyone though, and I didn't mean to. And what's so wrong with what I said?

No. 877008


Yeah. Only one bathroom. She asked if I was pregnant because I couldn't keep food down and was going to buy a test for me, but I stopped throwing up as often.

I went and bought the test today and low and fucking behold. I am pregnant. I'm sure if I told my stupid ass ex he'd be happy. I have an appointment for Thursday and I want it to hurry up and get here already so I can officially end the nightmare of him. Fuck.

I'll probably tell her I'm headed out with a friend or something. This is such bullshit I'm so mad at myself for getting pregnant by him. I already felt stupid because of all the money I wasted on him and his stupid user mom, now this?

Muslim men are cursed.

No. 877012


Thanks anon. I'm so scared and literally have no one to talk to because he isolated me so bad… I lost my discord friend who I knew since 2018 or earlier because he made me delete it.

I want to call him and curse him out but I don't want him to have my number.

No. 877013

Do you know what her reaction might be considering she was already going to buy you a test? Like what would happen if she found out he got you pregnant and you don't want to keep it? Does she know how abusive he's been towards you? Sorry if this is way too intrusive, but it's best to get whatever support you can find asap. You shouldn't go through this alone

No. 877015


I already told her I'd get an abortion and she didn't seem too happy. She knows how bad he is. She's the reason I got away. I would have been barefoot hating my life and stuck in a kitchen.

She's religious, but agrees a baby is the last fucking thing I need. So I can't really tell how she'd actually feel outside of disappointed that I fucked up this hard. So stupid of me to not tell him to get over the feeling. My other ex did. So fucking dumb. I fuckin hate him so much.

But I'm glad we broke up because he probably would have tried to convince me to keep the hellspawn. I'm grateful I'm not with him at least.

I really don't want to have to go through this alone I can't stop crying. This is the worst news of my life so far.

No. 877016

Ntayrt. Do not contact him! Why don't you want to tell your mom?

No. 877021


I'm tired of being a complete flop in life. I moved out to become better at this life shit and I came back with nothing. I had more going for me when I was living with her, but I met this guy and ruined everything.

Now it's literally everything and I don't know how to react. I don't know if she'll want me to keep it and I'd rather not find out. I think I'll end up telling her when it's over. I really don't want anyone trying to convince me to keep it.

No. 877024

Are you Muslim? I don't really understand the pressure and not sure how to advise. Normally I'd recommend telling your mom. Are you at risk of being kicked out or anything like that?

No. 877026

>came back with nothing
If you keep the child, you come back with the prospect of 18 more years of having to put up with your ex-boyfriend's shit. If you have the abortion, then you come back with nothing. Sometimes nothing isn't so bad.

No. 877027

I think it'd be best to tell her afterwards, and I obviously don't know your mother but I'm not sure she'd really try to convince you to keep it if she's been at least somewhat supportive in helping you and knows you don't need a child right now. If you really need someone to talk to we can bop over to Crystal Cafe and exchange discords on friend finder. You're not a disappointment and you're not a flop, that dude made you feel like shit and manipulated you, it is not your fault. This is absolutely one of the worst things he can impose on you and you don't need to be stressed out about something this scary

No. 877028

Mei Ling is a generic Chinese name people use to refer to CCP shills, anon.

No. 877040

How is this anything to do with Asians? It's basic alternative bitch straight out of the mid 2000s.

No. 877043

samefag, just got my meds changed to one that doesn’t suppress appetite so hopefully it will get better

No. 877045

If that doesn't do the trick you can try maca root supplements. They're suppose to help increase your appetite and help maintain your weight. You can pick them up easily at the grocery store or Walmart.

No. 877046


Not Muslim but christian. I just moved back with her last Monday, I'd hope she wouldn't kick me out…


I'm definitely getting the abortion. 2 years of his shit is enough for me.

Yeah, I could really really use a friend. I'll have to make a discord. I didn't know CC was still a thing. When we had the what if talk and I said I'd get an abortion, she wasn't really supportive… When I was younger she said she'd never let me get an abortion and honestly I don't have the mental strength to have that talk for real. My life has fallen apart enough already. Now pretty much all of my energy is focused on making it to Thursday and getting this curse lifted and out of me.

No. 877049


Samefag, he's the one with the Muslim background. Which made him feel more justified in the way he treated me I guess. I wish Thursday would hurry up.

No. 877053

Good luck anon & stay safe

No. 877055

doesn’t that also strengthen sex drive and similar things? that’s definitely not something I’d want

No. 877061

lpve maca root powder so much. it tastes like a New York cheesecake. I put it in plain yogurt with fruit and brown sugar

No. 877068

File: 1628526861234.png (273.2 KB, 680x383, 172629938_252926179903654_9763…)

aaaaaaa I want a cute room I want to feel inspired in it but I'm too poor to renovate!!!!

No. 877090

Never date muslim men unless you are a muslim yourself and even then I wouldn't recommend it. They don't even see kafir women as human.

No. 877092

Yea its still fairly active and they made a new FF thread. I can put my discord on there if you wanna talk, no pressure of course. And I get how that'd be a huge pressure you, especially when you're an adult and should feel in control of your own decisions. The last thing you need is someone making you feel bad about a decision you made with only one realistic solution. You can't raise a child you've never wanted and is a constant reminder of someone you hate, its not healthy.

I get that. There are some other natural otc meds you can take that don't work in that regard though, if you're interested in it.

No. 877094


Thanks, I'm trying my best to stay sane.

No. 877096


Lesson learned. He had me under the impression that he wasn't actually Muslim because he smokes weed and was a pimp. (Yeah bad calls all around, thought I could ~change~ him or whatever). But instead of being a secular guy with a Muslim mom, he might as well have been a practicing one with his dress code rules and the way women weren't even human to him.


>You can't raise a child you've never wanted and is a constant reminder of someone you hate, its not healthy.

This is why I'm so gun-ho about getting his DNA clusterfuck out of me. I know I'll hate it and that's really not fair for a poor baby. God forbid it's a girl. One time he told me if I ever got pregnant with a girl he'd try to kill us both. He of course ~apologized~ but that sealed the deal on ever reproducing for him period. I told mom he said this but I still think she'd want me to keep it because religion or something of that nature. So definitely just going to have to tell her after the fact. Probably way after the fact. Sorry God or whoever is judging me right now. I'd probably try to kill the baby myself if I carried it to term. I get how some of those homicidal new mom's with PPD feel on a new level.

No. 877099

I’ve done some shitty things in the past at an age where I should’ve known better and I feel awful about. I feel like everyone thinks about it all the time and that I will never be redeemed and able to move on with my life.

No. 877101

totally never date an Arab Worshipper(was he Arab, non Arab Muslims tend to be super insecure and have a massive inferiority complex)
>Lesson learned. He had me under the impression that he wasn't actually Muslim because he smokes weed and was a pimp.
Technically speaking both those things are allowed in Islam, both smoking pot and having sexual brothels, Muhammad himself was given a sex slave from Egypt as a gift

No. 877107


pot smoking is allowed for them? I wonder why his mom made such a big deal about not smoking before prayers then…

That was pretty informative actually, explains why he always acted like god's gift to earth

No. 877111

This has got to be the most annoying video in existence. Who the fuck edited this? I am too crabby today, cannot put up with this shit! Is this supposed to be artsy? FFS.

No. 877127

Depends on the sect, some sects of Islam allowed certain Alcohol made from rice for e.g cause the Quran specifically forbids Alcohol made from millet and wheat

No. 877138

i hate being retarded someone kill me i can never escape myself

No. 877144

retards can't use computers anon, you are at most a dumbass

No. 877148


Chris Chan can use a computer too Nona.


Sounds like the fakest of the big three monotheistic religions. This just fuels my hatred even more and he didn't even practice, just had bizarre insecurities and standards for me he couldn't even hold himself too.

No. 877149


It's ok to be a tard anon, as long as you only embarrass yourself on occasion.

-am also a tard

No. 877152

As someone who spent time in a Muslim country I can confidently tell you that pot smoking and even cigarette smoking are NOT allowed. Any substance that hurts your body (alcohol, cigs, weed) isn’t allowed. You can check multiple fatwas from multiple sheikhs on this. However, cig smoking is somewhat socially acceptable, while drugs and alcohol are considered taboo. That son of a bitch was lying to you. I’m so sorry, anon.

Hopefully by this time next week you won’t be as worried and anxious. It’ll all have passed by.

No. 877155

I keep getting days off when it's scattered thunderstorms out and I never check the weather. So it'll be sunny when I fill my stupid $40 pool up and then by the time I get ready it's raining. I haven't used it yet and I bought it at the end of May. My job is really stressful and I only get one weekend off a month and I just want to sit in my stupid fucking pool.

No. 877157

Don't muslims have a culture of tabacco bongs?

No. 877165

Do you mean shisha/hookah? If you do, then yes they do have a pretty big hookah/coffeehouse culture. I’d say it’s the Arab/Muslim equivalent of English pup culture. However it is also not religiously allowed, nor is tobacco. This something that any Muslim knows.

It’s also not considered a big deal, much unlike alcohol and drugs. Oh, and it’s only not considered taboo when the men do it. A woman smoking hookah is considered very taboo—but that doesn’t stop upper middle class women form doing it anyway.

No. 877178

File: 1628536366452.jpg (54.03 KB, 640x358, 1628362483475.jpg)

Alright, the mods really need to figure out something with this disgusting porn/CP spam shit. It's embarrassing that this still happens

No. 877184

File: 1628536793668.jpeg (28.66 KB, 640x350, BA7E292D-6CAF-43F6-9FEB-D3C279…)

Saw that post too. On the front fucking page. My week has been shitty enough, I really did not need to see that.

No. 877189

it's still on the /ot/ page, too. i know mods are shorthanded right now but come on, dude.

No. 877191

Nothing will most likely be done about it. You should stop enabling the posters by giving them a reaction

No. 877196

I've been curious, why is it so difficult to find new stafF?

No. 877198

they're going to do it anyways, anons are allowed to express disgust.

well first and foremost you aren't paid, privacy issues, the works…

No. 877206

Let’s just keep reporting it. I really don’t wanna have to look at that image anymore, though.
You’re absolutely correct. It’s fucking awful, but you’re right. We should just stop posting about it and keep reporting until it’s gone. There’s nothing else we can really do, unfortunately.

No. 877237

File: 1628539062405.png (58.31 KB, 500x399, 7545678545775.png)

Earlier I was listening to my Spotify likes on shuffle and a song came on that I thought my husbando would really like. I forgot that he isn't real for a second.

No. 877240

I’m a receptionist and the assistant head of the company came by and I waved at him and he said “you don’t look so happy. “ Gee thanks.
I thought I smiled at him but apparently it wasn’t enough cuz he went on about how I should smile and be thankful for being alive. I’m not even sad this is just my normal face! I hope he doesn’t tell my boss but I’m more annoyed that stuff like this keeps happening to me. If I’m not smiling I’m angry or sad. I can’t smile 24/7 and I’m not going to. I’m human.
I like my face how it is thank you and I find my dead stare to be sexy.
This isn’t the best position for me cuz I’m not a super smiley person but I need the money until next year. Also a coworker tested positive today and I only got one dose of moderna.

No. 877246

>A woman smoking hookah is considered very taboo
Where'd you hear this? The women back in my parents poor arab muslim country smoke hookah all the time and nobody gives a fuck besides the extremely religious people (but they're against all forms of smoking for both men and women anyways)

No. 877248

I moved back with my family after 4 years in a foreign country because I hate living away from them. But holy shit, my country is a hellhole. The streets are constantly covered in dog shit and trash piles, and people regularly fight and burn down bikes and garbage bins. Two people got stabbed to death in my neighborhood this month. And that's not even getting into the abysmal covid response.
(surprisingly, it's not brazil)

No. 877250

I hate this corporate mentality of 'We're paying you so you should look like you're having the time of your life being here. But also don't look like you're having too much fun either, because that means you're not working'. Fucking hell

No. 877252

Kek I was gonna ask if it's Brazil then I read the last sentence

No. 877254

depends on the country. i know in syria women smoking is completely socially acceptable but in libya where i’m from it’s a massive taboo

No. 877260

They do. I never click the main page, keep all threads minimized and scroll down slowly. So far, I've avoided seeing what I think might have been cp or gore this way.

No. 877263

File: 1628540122045.jpeg (51.03 KB, 400x400, 379A3D68-601D-468E-A03A-A1EF66…)

the “spotting for up to 6 months” I’m getting from my copper IUD is not blood as much as it my literal uterus wall shedding here and there.

Kinda gross but stains way less than blood I suppose

No. 877312

I hate men. and the men who are slightly redeemable but still obviously corrupt I hate the most because they manipulate you into thinking they have a secret heart of gold but they just want to fuck you

I wish we could all just accept men as degenerate dildo machines and use them as sperm depositors but raise any resulting babies with our girlfriends

I hate being straight and I hate being human when so many aspects of society are animalistic but we act like having 'morality' and 'intelligence' makes us more than animals
we just wanna bang and beat each other to death

No. 877314


All I have to do is make it to Thursday and I can smile again. All I have to do is make it to Thursday…

It's hard though. Thursday seems so far away I almost regret taking the test. But I know I had too. I'm so mad at myself. But once it's over with on Thursday maybe I can start to forgive myself. So until then I guess I'll smoke myself into a coma and try and pretend everything is ok to the irl people…


No. 877315

File: 1628542413725.gif (982.34 KB, 500x360, 6A43A093-EA57-476F-869D-F8AB13…)

I’m coming to a fact that there’s no way I can live in this world for very long. There’s nothing physically wrong with me (nothing I’m aware of anyways), but I genuinely feel so tired of the prison that I know I will be in until I die. There is no getting out of it and that was just my fate unfortunately, I’m not meant to live in this world at all and all of its hidden rules and soul-sucking activities that you’ll eventually regret and the suffering you continuously have to suppress in your mind to get through the day. I will never have a good life and being drowned by wishful thinking and optimism is dumb. Lots of people in this world have to fulfill he position I am, there is no way I can change it and no control I have. It’s over, knowing I’ll never live long enough relives my anxiety. Knowing that I can leave a job because I don’t even care and want to live is relieving. Being in nature reminds me how nothingness is soothing and none of this truly matters.

No. 877325

IDK what to say beyond that I hear you and feel every way that you said… I'm so tired of trying to fix myself, nothing works.

No. 877352

Trying to buy weed off my friend’s boyfriend is the stupidest fucking experience. I’ve been trying to buy that shit for three days and finally they have a gay ass fight so he’s certainly not going to sell me shit now. I could have gone to the dispo days ago but I wanted to avoid the taxes.

No. 877373

I rushed the decision of going to uni because my parents wanted me to and I didn't know what else to do. Getting into a trade or something seemed below me, because then the years I spent in my country's equivalent of high school, crying every day and forcing myself through it, would have been totally wasted. And my grades afterwards weren't even good enough for most things, so I was too scared to apply anywhere, I didn't know what to do, who to ask and no one told me. Now I'm just trying it out, hoping for the best I guess. I'm scared that I'll fail this too and will have to apply for a trade anyway, but after having wasted my early twenties and so much of my parents money. I wish someone would just tell me what to do or that I don't need to meet any expectations and that it's fine to let things happen around me. I want to make enough money to get a nice apartment and a cat, I want enough free time to draw what I'm interested in. A job that doesn't require a degree should be sufficient for this, but for some reason I feel like I need to be better than that. Like someone is going to look down on me if they knew how much time i spent in higher education only to end up somewhere where it's completely meaningless. I'm scared of the future. I'm not suicidal, I think, but ever since I was 14 I just assumed it would end soon. I didn't plan for any of this and none of it feels real to me. I thought about getting career counseling again and telling them this time that I want to drop out and try something easier and more practical but I don't know how my parents would take it. They would probably encourage me to finish the degree first and search for something else only after I have failed. Which makes sense, but I want everything to be clear and easy now. Above all I just want to live as a shut-in neet if I'm being honest

No. 877424

i remember when i would be unhappy in my relationship with my ex i'd get anxiety/panic attacks out of nowhere related to it. ofc it had to do with feeling like he barely gave a shit about me, and he never verbally or otherwise expressed that i meant a lot to him (spoiler: i didn't mean jack shit). so whenever i'd end up getting anxiety/panic i'd attempt to get him to make me feel better or at least just fucking react in some non half-assed way, i'd call him and tell him i'm not feeling well and in my head i'd think "this time he's gonna actually care and try to make me feel better and act like an actual boyfriend" (spoiler: he never did). i just can't believe how someone as unremarkable and undesirable as him that also isn't humble and down to earth even exists as a person. seriously humble yourself you weirdo.

No. 877426

You are retarded

No. 877433

>Getting into a trade or something seemed below me
>because I actually work hard

Fuck off

No. 877434

>below me
Say no more, that's dumb af

No. 877436

anon this world why am I here like why are parents so dumb and just not have children end the suffering

No. 877440

I went through similar shit years ago, told I was “too smart” to learn a trade and should study at university. Years on and the “dumb” kids who learned trades are successful and even have their own businesses. Many of my university friends are earning less than them, often in an irrelevant job. I’m going back to school to learn something practical because fuck this life.

No. 877447

I want to be a normie who works hard in life so fucking much. Did some stalking on LinkedIn on my old HS classmates and they all became so successful and achieved even more than I could’ve predicted from when I knew them. I’ve already made changes to improve my life now but the fact that my tastes, hobbies and personality will never fit in with people like them kills me. Sure I enjoy what I like but what’s the point if I only do it alone and have to hide the fact. I wish I could restart my life. Ideally from 12 years old but even the last 6-7 years will do.

No. 877450

I wish my parents had divorced when I was a kid instead of "staying together for the children" and spending the rest of their lives being passive aggressive to each other and using me as emotional dump

No. 877463

File: 1628557379131.jpg (16.66 KB, 225x225, index.jpg)

I'm sure this has been ranted about 1000x before, but i keep seeing stupid facebook posts about it and it's making me angry. fuckin' johnny depp! I see friends who share shit like picrel, also crying about johnny depps dumbass, likely just cause they want to fuck him. He dated winona ryder when she was 17 and he was 27 and had already been married once!! he took her virginity!! and since then it's been pretty much a constant stream of women at least 10 years his junior. He's a fuckin creepy moid in his 50s who married a girl in her early 30s, why should I give a shit he got rekt? I think amber heard is based af and It's making me angry that my friends would think he was a huge creep if it weren't for the fact that he's their childhood crush that starred in all their favorite edgy movies. Have some fuckin' conviction.

No. 877472

My dog got groomed today and he looks so fucking bad. His ears are so short and he just has a random chunk missing out of his back. My moms dog got groomed at the same time and she had cuts on her feet that are bleeding. I feel like attacking someone

No. 877477

Leave them a bad review that's fucked up. We had one dog get shaved because the new girl didnt feel like dealing with the fluff, the whole damn point of spending that money to make the dog look nice. She also cut off the dogs 2nd coat which isn't supposed to be cut into for no reason.

I just wanna rant that I'm jealous of healthy cheap foods in some of Asia and the large amount of public transport with buses, trains, even boats. Sounds like a dream to just pay for a monthly transportation card instead of buying the car on top of insurance fees each month. The fact you can get onboard while tired instead of worrying about your driving at 6am, damn. I keep watching videos about how lobbying ruined many health and transportation things in the 60s-80s for burgerland it sucks. You have to go so far out of the way to be low sugar, PFAS contamination free, low sodium jesus fuck. Guess it makes sense why some of my family died early.

No. 877478

my sex drive is gone and it's ruining my relationship. I love my bf but I have some sort of mental block around sex for the past couple of months. I tried to have sex tonight even though I wasn't horny but he noticed and got really upset, he's starting to think I'm not attracted to him at all even though thats not true. Im going to buy some sort of libido pills and if that doesnt work idk what im going to do

No. 877482

Johnny Depp is a loser and it came out in court he fucking cut his own finger and tried to make out it was Amber. He's a druggie ugly loser

No. 877486

Might be the downfall of my relationship. Boyfriend declined my advances for sex tonight. After all the things I do and sacrificed to be with him, and he can’t give me dick? Sounds ridiculous but it’s been happening these past few weeks. I don’t feel like he’s into me anymore. We communicated this, but he keeps playing these same games. I want to end it if it keeps happening and get a plane ticket back.

No. 877493

my doctor really put the pressure on for me to get a pap smear, and I knew it wouldn't work (weird hymen issue) but I gave in just because I didn't want to be even more difficult than I know I am, and then the time came to get it and I wanted to puke from anxiety and I tried to go through with it but surprise, she couldn't get the stupid thing in! I already cry every time I go to the doctors because of bad experiences and shit and I was really happy to find a doctor that still seemed to listen to me but now I just feel weird about scheduling an appointment with her again after it all. I know it's her job and all but I feel like such a nuisance.
She said I would need to see a different doctor who can try with the pediatric speculum and I wanted to fucking die

No. 877504

I don't know where else I can post about this but here goes. I've been trying to get pregnant with my husband for the past few months and nothing is working, and it's starting to affect how I feel about our relationship, and I guess about myself in general.
>inb4 it's me
Nah. I'm younger than him, get my periods, and I've been pregnant a couple times before–but ended in abortion. It would be so easy for him to just go get tested, but each time I ask he bumps me off and never does. He's never gotten any exes pregnant before, not even the one he was with for 10 years, and apparently she recently got preggo/had an abortion with a hookup so it ain't her either. Perhaps he's scared to find out the truth, he probably is infertile and would need to make lifestyle changes that he wouldn't and probably couldn't stick to in order to have a chance. He's been taking maca root powder, but that hasn't been successful and he doesn't stick to the routine long enough for it to work imho–I know some nonnies take maca root and believe in it but the studies are pretty shaky about it actually being beneficial for male fertility.
Of course he feels bad about it, but it's hitting me a certain way. I guess because of the fucking irony. Like of course now when I'm in a good financial place and in a healthy relationship where a pregnancy would actually be welcomed, it isn't happening. I'm angry and I don't know what to do with these feelings. He said if he winds up being infertile that I could go the surrogate sperm route but idk that's really gross to me. I'd rather adopt if it came to that but it's a huge can of worms, and all I wanted was the nice experience of reproducing with the guy I married. It hits different when you don't have a choice in the matter anymore…

No. 877513

File: 1628566706438.png (200.75 KB, 529x303, chuckysmee.png)

I'm really worried about my dad. I just want him to go to the doctor to check what the fuck is up with that weird ball he's got on his back. I nag him every day to get it checked, I wake up and tell him the same phrase every day "go to the doctor" from breakfast to dinner. He's had it for 2 years and my dumbass googled it a year ago and it said cancer. Look, I know I'm being somewhat paranoid, but like he's a bit older and I don't want him to die. I was also hoping it's just a weird hard cyst and not a tumor. I know to a certain degree that his refusal to get it checked is because of our lack of funds due to my shitty expensive uni my dad wants me to attend. How do I make this stubborn old man go to the doctor.

No. 877517

My friends are going to go to an event at a business where the owner was a major dick to me after I almost got injured there a couple years ago. The owner treated me like a Karen for informing him of the hazard and at least asking for a refund on my drink so I could at least go home. Nevermind the bs entrance fee I paid to get in. The event organizer invited me but I didn't accept, and didn't notice my friends were going until I saw the online rsvp. I had the suspicion to look because they mentioned this event and acted like it was something new, when really it's just the same repackaged shit in this dingy hole in the wall place. It's the only game for the alt scene in town so my friends eat this shit up.

It feels like a weird betrayal. I know my friends are going because covid has made them thirsty to join any social event and they probably don't remember or give a fuck about what happened to me, but I wish they cared. Not only that, but if something does happen to them at that venue the owner certainly isn't gonna give a damn. If they get fucked over…I can't say I'll feel sorry for them. Well, at least for one friend who has a track record of not giving a shit about me unless the same shit happens to her and then everyone's gotta feel sorry for her but not me. I really need better friends, but it's hard.

No. 877519

Tell him we're going for ice cream and then drive to the walk in clinic kek.

No. 877521

>inb4 it's me
Sis idk where you think we are but this is one of the few places on the internet that understand scrotes can have trash sperm and won't immediately assume you have no eggs and are solely responsible for fertility

Anyway he needs to go get fucking tested. If he can't even do that, how would be cope with being a parent? Either he doesn't care enough, he's a manchild who won't go to the doctor, or he's letting his pride get in the way of your future. Put your foot down.

No. 877543

I was watching this interview program and the guest was this guy named Pedro Gonzalez (some Californian journalist with conservative/all-over-the-place views). I've seen him in clips a few times before and he seemed pretty based. But I'm 20 minutes into this interview and he's discussing feminism and abortions and marriage and raising children. I'm all for people raising their kids with at least one parent home. But then he started talking about how his wife doesn't have to work, and can focus all her time on raising their 10-month old son. She sometimes volunteers at a church-run preschool group, but she doesn't have to, he stresses. Then he talked about nutrition being important to children, and how grateful he was that his wife took an active interest in making sure their son ate organic foods, etc. It just… annoys me. It annoys me that he wants his wife only raising their kids or volunteering at a preschool. It annoys me that he's grateful that his wife knows more about nutrition than he does. It annoys me that he probably knows fuck all about raising a child, so it fell to her to do it all. It annoys me most of all that he's on this interview spouting some NYT article about bad chemicals hurting kids, when he probably doesn't cook a single meal in that household. Fuck. I'm gonna try and watch the rest of this interview but I'm just ANNOYED.

No. 877549

File: 1628572120351.jpg (412.85 KB, 1080x1056, 20210810_070529.jpg)

>I'm so successful! I moved to a new country and started my own business, it's so easy!

You moved to a third world country and kept your first world salary. Stop trying to shill your shit here. I'm getting tired of the digital nomads.

No. 877554

Man, I'd give him an ultimatum: get tested or get a divorce. He doesn't care about something that's incredibly important and special to you, not even enough to entertain the possibility of getting tested? Fuck that. And he'd rather take some bullshit snake oil rather than take an actual medical test with actual results? Anon, I'd be just as pissed off as you are. The surrogate option sounds fucking PATHETIC. It just sounds like he wants you pregnant but it doesn't matter who from. Disgusting.

No. 877572

I do scientific research and my cowroker in the project has been consitently miserable to work with. She talks so fucking much and constrantly dumps her trauma on me, and yammers on so constantly I can hardly get a word in and I'm forced to just listen to her. She nitpicks and gets into my personal space, she doesn't listen to any of the advice/suggestions I give her but is constantly forcing me to do things her way. I didn't want to work with her on this project and basically begged her not to join (especially since she wouldn't have a lot of time to do it), but she instsed on helping anyways. And now since she has little time she ends up nagging me to do her share of the work for her too.
Just today she talked to my supervisor about how some of the samples became unusably moldy blaming it on me, even though she's the one who kept holding off on doing it even when i warned her she should do them soon. This is my first real-ish job and I almost wanna quit now, even though I want to follow through with this.

No. 877579

>Sounds like the fakest of the big three monotheistic religions.
100% its literally just non-Trinitarian Christianity with a shit load of Arab paganism, so much Arab paganism

No. 877587

File: 1628575374753.jpeg (371.98 KB, 1284x479, 09E95242-7742-42E2-9606-6F8CC7…)

This comment fills me with so much rage. If you don’t SHARE your culture, then how the fuck do you preserve it??

No. 877594

Because they're privileged kids living cozy lifes and only getting to cherrypick their ~culture~ in the form of cute clothes, food and some exoticized traditions like muh sacred sugar skulls. It's always 2nd/3rd gen immigrant kids saying this shit because they're so far detached from their parents'/grandparents' original culture that they consider it some private family ritual without realizing that there are probably millions of native people who are looking forward to introducing their culture to other parts of the world.

A good example would be kimonos, kimono designers in Japan are absolutely desperate to spread the appreciation of traditional kimonos worldwide to keep the culture alive and developing but then you get American-born Asians (3rd gen SEA immigrants and Chinese trust fund kids) throwing a screeching fit about whitey's dirty gaze being laid upon the holy nipponese garb. I will never get that photo of aforementioned "Asian American activists" yelling at a bunch of old Japanese women for holding a Kimono exhibit for westerners out of my mind.

No. 877596

My family is watching the news and it's about climate change right now. They're not arguing but they're shouting and it's making my anxiety spike.

No. 877598


What the actual fuck. They yelled at old Japanese women for .. holding a kimono exhibit? How is anyone supposed to appreciate your culture if you’re screeching and demanding it to be locked only to your communities? I’m so sick of these American raised idiots who don’t know what the fuck they’re talking about.

I mentioned this in another thread but, the funniest part of these performative activists is that most of the time the stuff they’re gatekeeping is from Japan while forgetting wtf Japan did to their Great Grandparents. Lmfao

No. 877599

The thing is that it wasn't even "their culture", none of the activists iirc was of Japanese descent. It was just a bunch of spoiled "we're Asian Americans and this is Literally Killing Us" kids attempting to be woke.

>most of the time the stuff they’re gatekeeping is from Japan while forgetting wtf Japan did to their Great Grandparents.

Asian countries historically took turn fucking each other up in general and currently China's fascist government is dominating the whole continent but reee how dare you wear a hello kitty shirt

No. 877615

You don’t have to answer if it’s too personal, but are you on antidepressants by chance? I had the same thing happen when I took prozac. Im sorry you’re struggling anon

No. 877626

I hate the news, especially how my family watches it multiple times a day every single damn day. It's not healthy at all

No. 877627

Honestly I can't speak for everyone but I would love to share aspects and history of my people's culture, the Khokars, we had nice colorful clothing, beautiful poetry. dances and an Epic history

No. 877628

It's always the priviledged white or mixed kids who spout this nonsense. They grow up with a middle class american upbringing and never set foot into "their" culture's homeland but pretend that they're experts in said cultures and know what the people of that culture actually want. In truth they just want to feel special.

No. 877629

>Doesn't look at asian-american part of tiktok
It's tragic how tiktokers keep trying to put their hands on jsf

No. 877631

>3rd gen Asian-American dunking on da whitey on tiktok
>Meanwhile gets yelled at by grandma for not speaking Chinese or liking her traditional Chinese dishes and cousins in China consider you an American because you only visited the mainland once anyway

No. 877632

Share it to me nonna. I can tell you about northen mexican culture if you want too

No. 877633

File: 1628581247209.jpg (327.35 KB, 1100x1700, CmNUMSuXEAAbDqj.jpg)

Even they themselves admit

No. 877635

woe is me

No. 877636

I feel like an influx of LSA posters has made /ot/ unbearable as of late. Every thread dissolves into inane racesperging at the slightest provocation because they can’t hold it in for more than five minutes at a time, and are happy to go back-and-forth with a troll for hours at a time, shitting up a thread with their cringey twitter-tier ok yt clapbacks.

I can’t really prove that these posters have anything to do with LSA, but the language they use and the particular circlejerk they have about men and other races definitely feels familiar. They (possibly one person?) tend to also use black anime girl images for every post, which feels very LSA-y. Maybe I’m being paranoid, but I’m so sick of seeing constant white people blah blah asian people blah blah posts nonstop.

No. 877640

Of course this cow is a pinoy, how is it that they always have a gigantic inferiority complex and are desperate to prove themselves as t-totally true master race east azns? I don't see Indonesians or Malaysians pull this shit.

No. 877642

>Black anime girl images
>Tightly typed paragraphs full of psychotic racebait meltdowns and unfiltered stream of consciousness
>Obvious insecurity about being a black (mixed?) girl and unnecessary hostility using slurs to refer to herself as a defense mechanism
Yeah it's the same anon at it every time. She can keep at it for 3 days straight replying every 10 minutes. She needs professional counselling.

No. 877643

well as a race our mentions go back to antiquity, the first mention of us is the Vedas(over 3000 years ago), where we are described as one of the illiterate and immoral meat eating barbarians, that women of our tribes are viewed as immoral and unchaste and we are used as an example of what not be like, then Arab Invasions came that we fought back, then we got in a war with the Sindhis and then got invaded by the Arabs and then various fights wit foreign peoples, some won and some lost
we have had our own kingdoms here and there, some lasted centuries and some decades, one unique cultural tradition that we maintained up until and during the colonial period was this system of how to deal with widows, most widows in other South Asian ethnic groups were expected wear white, never look another man again and continuously mourn their husbands and some were burned alive, in our culture the widow would marry the younger unmarried brother of her deceased husband and he would adopt his brother's children as his own, if he didn't have any unmarried brothers then she would be wed to his male cousins but it was a practice that helped protect widows from social isolation, everyone considered this weird and would claim it went against Islam and Hinduism
cause Islam forbids adoption and traditional Hinduism forbids remarriage

No. 877646

Indonesians and Malaysians are mostly Muslims, so I guess they identify more with Islam than with being Asian

No. 877649

I agree so much! Noticed the same thing, and it always turns into racebaiting infighting.

No. 877659

I've personally noticed an influx of "y'all" posters lately. Are these LSA anons too or just twitfags and zoomies? I've been wanting to propose an extension of the "learn to integrate" ban to include not just "y'all" but "dead ass", "chile", and I can't remember what else. Maybe that would. The only thing stopping me is I don't know if other anons would care or if I'd be autistic to point out the unfunny slang that seems to be so popular these days.

No. 877661

*Maybe that would help

No. 877664

I keep thinking about my grandma's tumor and I can't sleep
I could distract myself earlier because I'd just talk to people, but since everyone is asleep it's the only thing in my mind, currently. I love her too much

No. 877666

File: 1628585576990.jpg (990.08 KB, 962x1560, EMfn1PDW4AABX9q.jpg)

This guy's inferiority complex comes up every single comic

No. 877668

I am freaked the fuck out. There are bags in this house and in the walls. Woke up at 3 am to hear the sound of them pattering through the walls.

No. 877669

Everytime they start this shit of deciding my hours on a daily basis I always end up late at least once. Make a schedule and stick to it because I'm bound to be busy and very tired one day and forget to change my alarm times. Now this is going to be held against me to not get my raise despite being worked to death while we're understaffed. Fuck work.

No. 877676

what the hell

No. 877679

I just remembered the last time my uncle and aunt visited and when they asked me how far I am with my university degree they looked at each other and laughed since I am getting a sociology degree.
My grandpa then said that I should get married and have grandchildren since my degree is basically worthless and that I will never make money with it anyways. I hate my relatives.

No. 877681

Kek’d at the jingle bells bit. This man is deranged.

No. 877685


Earlier there was a bat in the basement. Managed to free it outside, but it was a fight. Going to have to call pest control. Moved to the living room because I could hear the pattering of the bat through the closet walls. RIP…

No. 877688

Good example of how people are literally looking for problems to victimize themselves and will pull every straw to feel offended over nothing and shift the blame onto anyone but themselves. This guy is a cow

No. 877689

I was picturing schizo anon waking up to a house hallucinating about all kinds of sentient demonic bags (handbags, shoulderbags, purses etc) hanging on the walls and loudly moving inside them tormenting her until I read the follow up post

No. 877699

I can't stop anxiety crying

No. 877704

What is it with twitter tards assuming all white people just eat mayonnaise all the time? I have never seen it IRL

No. 877706

File: 1628589021712.jpg (17.59 KB, 773x572, for nonny.jpg)

You'll be okay anon, get some water and take some deep breaths, I'm here for you!

No. 877711

working in the mental health sector whilst also actively wanting to kms, im a hypocrite.