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No. 153564

First Thread : >>112815

This is for diet and fitness related things only.

-Post your goals, your current state, like yout weight or measurements;
-What you're going to do to change it and your methods (Weight training? Intermittent Fasting? Running? Raw eating? MyFitnessPal logs?);
-And how to be held accountable for it, like biweekly weigh-ins or measurings.

Feel free to post charts of your progress! If you're doing daily reports, remember to sage.

Also, a reminder that we all have our ups and downs. You're human, allow yourself to fail. Just pick yourself up again and don't give up.

No ana, please.

No. 153575

File: 1601615596265.jpg (56.84 KB, 760x876, de1b23df16f4ca94d364e769a19195…)

Blogpost time to get the thread going
>-Post your goals, your current state, like yout weight or measurements;
Currently about 60kg at 172cm, started in July at ~66kg. GW is 55 at the bare minimum, it's almost underweight but I've been that weight before and still had fat legs so unfortunately I'm gonna have to reevaluate when I reach it and possibly lose more.
>-What you're going to do to change it and your methods (Weight training? Intermittent Fasting? Running? Raw eating? MyFitnessPal logs?);
Eating about 1200-1300 cal on average, I try to eat under 1200 on weekdays so I can go out for bigger meals on the weekend. No special diet except trying to cut down on sugar and bread. Doing sport 1-3 times a week and going for hr long walks on other days, and I plan on joining a gym in the next few months, I just wanna make sure I'm 100% committed and not wasting my money.
>-And how to be held accountable for it, like biweekly weigh-ins or measurings.
Weighing every day for consistency in my data, measuring when I feel skinny/try on clothes.

It's going suspiciously well so far, my hunger levels are manageable, had no real binges or serious cravings throwing me off track. But I'm only cautiously optimistic, I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop and to start binging and eating crap because that's what happened with past attempts. But I think there are some key differences this time
>found some really good low cal foods that work for me, also strawberries are really cheap atm so I'm living on them and yoghurt
>weighing every day
>focusing on overall average intake rather than trying to get 1200 exactly every single day
>eating at set times so I never get too hungry and never have to make a choice whether to snack or not

My biggest struggle is accurately calorie counting, it's almost impossible at restaurants and when other people make me food. I always worry that I'm eating more than I realize and try to round all my calorie counts up to compensate.

No. 153598

Off topic but what's the source on that art? It's really cute.

No. 153609

File: 1601636748417.jpg (Spoiler Image, 132.87 KB, 1532x950, 1.jpg)

>no ana, please
Careful there

No. 153611

No. 153612

Ana physique + gym = strong and healthy

No. 153614

go bone rattle somewhere else

No. 153642

File: 1601652390147.jpg (27.8 KB, 352x550, EWFAT.jpg)

-Post your goals, your current state, like yout weight or measurements; I'm currently hovering around 145-148 but I'm pretty short (5 ft) so it's really bad. I put weight on incredibly quickly. My goal is 95 lbs but my REASONABLE goal for now is 120.
-What you're going to do to change it and your methods (Weight training? Intermittent Fasting? Running? Raw eating? MyFitnessPal logs?); I'm eating better because I had a hard time mentally during Corona and put on around 25 lbs from depression and overeating. I'm eating smaller portions and doing intermittent fasting while going for runs/walks. I don't have a lot of time to go to a gym right now but when I do I want to do a lot of core excercises!
-And how to be held accountable for it, like biweekly weigh-ins or measurings. I weigh myself every morning. I want to lose weight but I have very bad mental issues so I can't make it my whole life or else I'll spiral out of control but I am eating much better and drinking more water instead of alcohol.

No. 153660

Is this a good general diet (vegetarian and dairy free) for maintaining average muscle mass and low weight?
Breakfast: Banana, large cup of coffee with oat milk
Morning snack: 2 hard boiled eggs
Lunch: Noodles with chopped and pan fried veg (broccoli, cabbage, mushrooms, chillis, pepper, eggplant)
Dinner: Small portion of white rice with black/kidney beans, chopped onion and tomatoes.

For something sweet or other snacks: strawberries, coconut based yogurt, almonds, rice cakes

I’m terrible with exercise but very good at maintaining a diet, my biggest concern is lack of protein. Any thoughts?

No. 153682

As you say, lack of protein is the key issue here. I had a similar problem. Do you like oats? Since having overnight oats with protein powder, I am getting 35g of protein in my breakfast which comes out to about 350 cals. I am 5'8" and 125lbs so aim for about 120-130g of protein a day. I know it's basic, but it has been a game changer. Try throwing some tofu in there. It's nice scrambled! I'd have like scrambled egg/tofu with some beans and sweet peppers. Maybe make an omelette with it? It is hard to say without knowing your build etc but maybe knock out a few of the sweet snacks in favour of higher protein foods. You will feel fuller for it and probably snack less.

No. 153726

File: 1601711601643.jpeg (34.1 KB, 648x473, images (32).jpeg)

How do I achieve this kind of physicque? She's been my goals ever since I saw that GIF of her on tumblr back then…Ive been doing some 15 minute cardio and then 20 to 25 minutes worth of strength training(or dumbbells) that I see on YT.

I'm around 5 feet tall and I weigh about 103lbs.

No. 153727

weight / strength training and power lifting.
/fit/'s sticky on 4chan has resources you might find helpful

No. 153728

Anon… you can literally see what she's doing to get that physique, and it's not 20 mins of lifting dumbbells lmao. Even normal weight lifters don't look that good, it's probably her entire life and career.

No. 153737

Thinking about maintaining muscle mass on a vegetarian diet is pretty silly, but at least up your egg intake

No. 153756

That's an ignorant take. Legumes, beans, tofu and eggs are all good protein sources and she can always take some protein powder

No. 153757

File: 1601735287237.jpg (52.16 KB, 584x335, diet.jpg)

>Post your goals, your current state, like your weight or measurements;
Currently I'm 5'2 and weigh 134lbs. I'v already lost about 10lbs during quarantine, but recently fell off the wagon when I realized I had nowhere to show off my weight loss. I'm within healthy range and I'm down to 19.2% body fat. But still that means I have around 30lbs of fat and no thanks. Ideally, I'd like to be around 1150-120 because I know once I'll put on a few more lbs of muscle mass before I start to loose weight. Ideally I'd have 10lbs or less of bodyfat.
>What you're going to do to change it and your methods (Weight training? Intermittent Fasting? Running? Raw eating? MyFitnessPal logs?);
I use FITINDEX as well as their smart scale but have been super lax about using it lately. I need back to daily morning weigh ins to hold myself accountable. I need to cut out some junk foods I've been eating and be more strict with 16:8 intermittent fasting. I also need to get back to running and weight lifting. I need to be doing cardio 6 days a week at least and weight lifting 3 days.
>And how to be held accountable for it, like biweekly weigh-ins or measuring.
Morning weigh ins every day, starting a tracking journal. I also want to put some money in a cute dress fund for when I get down under 125.

thanks for making this thread anon, made me realize I know exactly what I have to do now I just have to do it.

No. 153782

Don't forget nuts and seeds, they're packed with proteins. Many even have a higher protein content than meat.

No. 153834

What nuts have more protein than meat?

No. 153876

File: 1601815940623.jpg (127.41 KB, 1080x1350, 1.jpg)

No. 153877

Is this what Momokun thinks she looks like?

No. 153878

File: 1601817605613.png (Spoiler Image, 936.48 KB, 1698x770, 2.png)

Lose weight, fatty

No. 153879


NAYRT, I don't care about this thread, just please, please learn to crop

No. 153883

File: 1601819618158.png (Spoiler Image, 898.64 KB, 1128x400, cropped.png)

I cropped that

No. 153886

>>-Post your goals, your current state, like yout weight or measurements;

im 53kg rn, at 165cm. Wanna stay around this weight but add more muscle mass and tone my body/stomach more.
>>-What you're going to do to change it and your methods (Weight training? Intermittent Fasting? Running? Raw eating? MyFitnessPal logs?);

Doing the couch to 5k, plus some weight training as i find intense weight train more fun than cardio

>>-And how to be held accountable for it, like biweekly weigh-ins or measurings.

my gym has challenges like train once a day for 1 week and you get a badge once you completed it, im aiming to get that 3 times/week badge.

No. 153887

I'm going on a slow bulk again and I don't waaaant to, but I really wanto to grow my arms, I'm tired of those noodles. Also quads, I want big quads damn.

Eating 2.2k+ calories will be a pain in the ass.

No. 153891

This is such a misinformed opinion. Maintaining muscle, especially for women, doesn’t take mountains of protein a day. You can EASILY met protein goals through a plant based diet, let alone if you do include dairy and eggs.

No. 153893

File: 1601832840544.jpg (64.19 KB, 690x862, 71ltfjzmrvg11.jpg)

I want back like this

No. 153902

I've been trying to at least walk daily and cut a lot of shit out of my life. Getting on my doctors ass to fix my scoliosis so it's easier to get out of the house so I can start doing Couch to 5k.

I'm still overweight but lost a few inches off my waist and my family says it's very noticable. Would go full ana to speed up the progress if I wasn't being monitored for it lol

No. 153904

Sorry I don't remember for that specific pic, but if you just search watercolour food illustrations there's lots of similar art on pinterest etc. kailenefalls on insta is one of my favs.

No. 153919

I've lost 10 kgs since April.
I'm 160 cm and 55 kgs now and my goal weight is 48 kgs. Maybe it's too low for my height but I have a chubby face and I won't stop losing weight until my face slims down a bit.
Maybe face fat will go away if I focus on body recomposition instead of just dieting

No. 153947

File: 1601887849949.jpg (246.58 KB, 927x935, 1.jpg)

That's a good start

No. 153954

What's the most effective way to train your abs and back muscles? I only have so much spare time so I don't want to waste it on ineffective exercises.

No. 153959

File: 1601904292191.jpg (71.48 KB, 679x1182, BRaoIFy.jpg)

There are people whose face just remains fat, no matter what. Pic related is Sophia Thiel. Killer body, moonface. (No hate tho, I think she's gorgeous, but those hamster cheeks and rock hard abs crack me up all the time)

No. 153960

What's the point of posting non-natty figures?
Of course anyone, no matter the age or sex, can go from fat to jacked with steroids or anabolic chems.

No. 154494

I'm torn about keto. I lost weight really quickly and my body looks good now, I didn't expect for it to work so well without exercising, counting calories etc. My hair and skin also look much better. I don't feel bloated anymore. And yet I'm thinking about dropping this diet because I constantly have nausea and I constantly need to drink water (it's also too expensive for me). I don't understand how can I look so well yet feel so sick. My diet consist of three kinds of fish, chicken breast, broccoli, eggs, avocado and tomatoes. Fuck my body craves fruits. A small amount of berries is not enough.

No. 154495

Just do general low carb and stay below 50 carbs a day. I lost quite a bit doing low carb and managed to keep it off. I think that I have a problem with some grains thoufg

No. 154497

You've lost weight and look good so don't you think it's better to transition to a more sustainable diet? You don't wanna be stuck doing any sort of restrictive diet for the rest of your life to maintain your weight, let alone one that actually makes you sick. You wanna be able to enjoy whatever food you like in moderation at some point, and limiting berries is fucking absurd tbh. They are nature's delicious, low cal miracles and have been a lifesaver for my diet personally.

No. 154515

You won't necessarily feel as bloated as before when you'll re-introduce carbs into your diet. Keto may have changed your gut flora and insuline sensitivity, this effect lasts longer than the diet itself. Like above anon said, keep it low to moderate carb, it's ideal to have carbs before or after working out/moving around.

No. 154689

my dumbass brain thought her shirt was saying 'high in figer' , with the word 'fiber' misspelled

No. 154696

sometimes moonface is a sign of anavar.
Misscarriejune gets shit for it all the time

Actually, im going to go ahead after some googling of sophia and say im pretty sure it is anavar for her too.

No. 154701

Lift HEAVY. Shes a powerlifter.
take anons advice. read the /fit/ sticky, and start doing Strong lifts 5x5 or Starting strenth. Focus on more weight and less reps.
Luckily you dont have to focus on your diet that much as people wanting to be skinny fitspo/have abs

No. 154714

has anyone ever used a waist trainer? I just got one to help with my posture and to cinch me in while I diet. it was so hard to put on but it is definitely helping me from slouching while I work at my computer

No. 154716

You go into ketosis daily when intermittent fasting as well. The metabolic benefits are better if you're fasting earlier in the day too (skipping dinner rather than breakfast). There's no right or wrong diet with IF.
I also cut out gluten (because of intolerance) which makes staying low carb pretty easy, and the carbs I do get are high quality whole food carbs. Honestly if you're really craving fruit, go for it. Make sure to reintroduce them slowly.

No. 154724

It will only help you short term if you don't exercise your core muscles. Given it "forces you" to sit correctly, at the same time your muscles don't have to do as much effort to keep your posture as it should be, which will lead to them becoming weaker, ultimately messing up your posture long term (as you will struggle even more than before to keep it with the waist trainer off) and cause back pains anytime core is engaged for too long.

No. 154725

One positive of 2020 for me: I lost around 16 lbs so far during the pandemic/lock down.

In the first few months I lost weight through pure exercise by biking 2-3 hours a day, 5+ days a week. I love biking so this wasn't hard for me but my dumbass still ate way too much food so the weight loss was slow. I went from around 165 to 154 (I'm 5'8) in 5 months.

After seeing real progress I didn't want to sabotage my efforts anymore by overeating. My biggest issue was snacking, especially late at night. All my snacking would basically add up to eating a second dinner. I cut all that out but I never starve myself. It's not realistic and sustainable. If I feel hungry, I eat- just a way smaller portion. I'm now down to 149, my lowest weight in a decade. I don't have the cravings or the huge appetite anymore. It's crazy how bodies adapt to change.

My biggest challenge will be over winter. I always eat a shit ton of food when it's cold and I'll have to switch to a boring indoor exercise bike. The number isn't super important to me but I'm hoping to maybe get and maintain around 145 lbs.

No. 154746

Doesn't seem like you are in ketosis, you are eating pretty little fat. Try upping your fat intake and see how you feel.

No. 154748

>eat an entire pizza last night along with lots of chips and chocolate
>weigh myself today, lost 100g
>had a really awesome, intense exercise session as a result of the extra energy from eating so much

Time to incorporate regular whole ass pizzas into my diet kek. The one I had was 1000 cal which is not that hard to fit into maintenance day.

No. 154778

Sorry if this is in the wrong thread, but does anyone know what Brittany Venti has been doing for weight loss? I'd really like to start doing it as we have similar body types, but idk if it's keto or weights or whatever. Again, sorry if wrong thread.

No. 154782

It's probably just coke

No. 154789


No. 154790

>be alcoholic
>really want to lose weight
>have been successfully restricting food intake for months
>eat very little, mostly healthy fats and proteins
>still don't want to quit drinking
>consume 750-1000 calories a day worth of alcohol
>as a result ruin all efforts
>have been at the same weight for nearly a year because of this
If it weren't for the booze I would have arrived at my goal weight months ago. I know I'm doing it to myself and only have myself to blame, but it still feels really bad. Just not bad enough to quit drinking, I guess.

No. 154799

>Post your goals, your current state
Goal: ~59-62kg depending on muscles/appearance
current state: 5'6 ~65kg (~143lbs)
>What you're going to do to change it and your methods
Get back to regularity/3x per week weight training and count calories until im back at 61kg.
Continue the 2km/25 min walks to and from work; cancelled public transit pass
I started at 72kg in 2018, dropped down to 59kg in 5/6 months via calorie counting and using random gym machines/minimal cardio. Then told myself i would slow bulk/maintain and lift for real using a suggested plan from /fit/. I still lift but i stopped calorie counting over a year ago and my gym going is irregular. 1-2x per week. Corona stress isnt helping. My gym is open atm so i dont have that much of an excuse but i now walk way more than i did

-And how to be held accountable for it, like biweekly weigh-ins or measurings.
Atm im doing 2-3x weekly weigh ins to get a general idea im staying on track. When im going my regular 3x per week ill cut it down to 1x per week weigh ins.
Also i can gage progress based on lifts and appearance is much more imporant to me than weight.

No. 154871

Has anyone here successfully fixed the bad habit of emotional eating/eating as a coping mechanism for stress? I need to develop better self control and not depend on food like this. Wondering what you guys do that helps instead.

I saw her post that she eats low carb, eats filling food like eggs, and drinks black coffee as an appetite suppressant.

My starting weight/height before I started exercising at all was similar to you (but completely skinnyfat). In about 6 months I am down to 135 lbs which isn't much progress since my diet is still pretty poor but have had a lot of body recomp/muscle building. Which /fit/ plan do you use? And congrats on your initial progress since 2018, you sound a lot healthier even if Corona threw things off track a little.

No. 154879

Anons… Please help me.

I literally can't stop eating. It's been like this my whole life.

Do I seriously need therapy or what?

No. 154886

I would advise you to first ask yourself why you seemingly can't stop eating. Seriously analyze your mental processes and emotions pertaining to food/eating. Are you eating because you are genuinely hungry and never feel full? Eating out of boredom? Eating to cope with emotional problems? Out of fear of going hungry?
Treatments for this sort of thing are really varied and knowing what's causing you to overeat can be beneficial in finding something that works for your specific case.
I believe in you anon!

No. 154908

File: 1602492860249.png (567.27 KB, 784x690, l.png)

No. 154909

I can't stress enough the importance of drinking water if you want to lose weight

No. 154911

~5 days out of the week I can eat when my body feels hungry, but the other few days I literally cannot stop feeling 'hunger'. It's not a rumble or empty feeling, it's more of a hollow feeling and it makes my brain think about food all the time. Idk how to ignore it. Even if I eat the same amm of food as the days before/same contents, the thoughts/feeling doesn't stop.

No. 154912

Nta but sometimes there's more to it than eating healthy, drinking water and excersise. There's a mental aspect to it when you can't stop eating, there's a reason why morbidly obese people eat themselves to literal death.

No. 154914

do you have diverse diet? There may be some nutrient missing and your body needs it, so you feel hungry despite eating normally.

No. 154920

Anons, I'm in dire need of guidance. In 2 months I'll be meeting my online bf for the first time and my inner thighs are visibly flabbier than women's who are twice my size (despite not being overweight). Could anyone point me towards the exercises that would make the most difference if done obsessively for 2 months? I know next to nothing about exercise and have no access to gym equipment, but I'm willing to buy accessories if they're not prohibitively expensive. Words can't describe my desperation.

No. 154925

I would recommend HIIT (high intensity interval training). It's tough if you're pushing yourself but short and effective. If you do it regularly you can likely recomp a good amount of fat into muscle over 2 months as a newbie. LovingFit has a ton of free, good routines. You can sort by lower body but honestly you need to focus on your body overall because you can't spot reduce (your body is likely just predisposed to store fat on the thighs) and you can overtrain by only focusing on one area anyway. Just do 2-3 lower body-centric routines a week and that should serve to tone plenty. https://www.lovingfit.com/exercises-workouts/workout-routines

No. 154931


I'm doing this exercise after my daily workout to work more on my thighs and after three weeks I like the results so far.

She has an entire plan for slim thighs, maybe it's something for you.

but as >>154925 said, you need to work your whole body in order to see results. Wish you good luck!

No. 154940

Weight loss is about what you eat, not how you work out. Working out helps I guess but since you can't target weight loss, you won't really be doing much but wasting time toning your muscles under fat.

If you want to tone, yes do the exercises that those anons have provided. But if you want to shrink in size, I recommend doing Whole30 diet. Or at least something REALLY close to it. Or another diet to shock your system and cause you to rapidly lose weight in a very short amount of time.

If you really wanna do whole30 without needing to set up, buy these staple ingredients:

- coconut milk
- fruit
- potatoes
- chicken, beef, pork (NONE of them should ever have any add-ins. Get them straight from the meat locker, do not get "special seasoning" meat)
- vegetables

Eat with these foods (if you wanna lose faster, scrap the potatoes), and you'll basically lose weight faster than CICO (water weight comes off quickly).

I'll reiterate: weight loss is about diet, not exercise. Abs are made in the kitchen.

No. 154955

I can't thank you enough anons, you've made me feel like maybe this isn't such an impossible task after all. The fact that the Chloe Ting workout can yield results after 3 weeks is extremely encouraging.

Regarding the need to target my entire body to see results: would it be okay to focus on lower body exercises and just do some simple arm workouts (eg. bicep curls) to tone my upper arms? Obviously in addition to a sensible diet that burns fat so the muscle can show.

No. 154960

What would you recommend for anons that shit their brains out with coconut products?

No. 154962

I don't wanna be a ketofag, but keto

No. 154963

General low carb to find out if there's a food intolerance would probably work well with less restrictions though. It requires a lot of willpower to stay at 20 and below carbs unless you're creative as fuck or don't care about what you're eating if it gets samesy.
I hate that oat milk is so carb heavy. I guess 12g of net carbs isn't the worst for 8 oz, especially if you halve it out and dilute it.

No. 154965


As anon above said, do HIIT in order to work your whole body, then you can always follow with specific routine for the parts you personally want to work on.

No. 154969

You don't necessarily need coconut milk unless you plan on making coconut curries or need a thick cream-like product (I used coconut cream to make coconut banana smoothies). Almond milk works, cashew milk too. UNSWEETENED. Just nothing with oats or dairy. No wheat, no grain, nothing. Stay away from that shit for 30 days.

I'm not the one that recommended you keto. I would never do keto, it fucking sucks not being able to eat fruit or potatoes (for the love of god potatos). When I did Whole30, I ate potatoes almost every day and lost weight. You don't HAVE to eat potatos though and you'll shed weight faster.

If you think any of that sounds hard… Just know that I'm a lard ass who ordered out 7 days a week for lunch AND dinner and then I went to making homemade dinners and eating leftovers for lunch. No sugar, no dairy, no grains. It's only 30 days too. With that being said, even if you don't want to do exactly whole30, just try and keep a simple diet. Don't order out, make all of your meats from scratch and season yourself (do not use pre-mixed seasoning like lawrys or ms. dash).

I can list all the recipes I used and everything I did if anyone needs more info for whole30.

No. 154999

I have lost ~30 pounds since March. How did I do it? Stopped drinking alcohol. Seriously, I feel like I've discovered the secret to loosing weight. The pounds just melted off with very little work at all. I'm kind of bitter that I wasted all my good years being fat and all I would have had to do was stop drinking. I tried so many diets and other methods over the years, I could never loose anything. But at least now I feel pretty good and actually am happy looking in a mirror for the first time in years. I'm still about ~20 pounds away from my goal though so hopefully I can keep this up.

Obviously not everyone is an alcoholic like me but I feel like identifying the 1 thing that you are doing a lot that is adding calories (whether its soda or chips or alcohol or whatever) and cutting it out completely really makes a difference.

No. 155010

Congrats, anon. People never realize just how many calories are in alcohol. I would drink a six pack and that's 600 calories right there. Plus vodka… So many calories.

Congratulations. But have a white claw once in a while.

No. 155014

Can anyone think of a reason why my stomach looks flatter than it did before, but I haven't had any significant lifestyle changes? I started working out in the midst of quarantine but stopped a while ago. When I got on the scale, it said I've gained weight but my stomach looks flatter than it used to. The only guess I could throw out there is that I eat less now, but even then, I still eat like shit.

No. 155017

Improved posture?

No. 155020

No. 155025

These work wonders:
Sorry for the shitty chinese links, these excersises used to be on YouTube but the BeFit channel took them down. I've never seen such a difference so quickly.

No. 155032

File: 1602590534138.png (97.42 KB, 500x394, glass-bones-and-was-born-with-…)

Does anyone have any excercise tips for someone who is an weakling with moderate-to-severe asthma?
I haven't excersised in basically a decade because it always left me on the floor wheezing but nowadays my body is so fucking shite i feel like i NEED to do something, people always say to go for swimming if you have ashtma but alas im also allergic to chlorine.

No. 155033

File: 1602592112077.jpg (94.76 KB, 634x793, 1.jpg)

How much cardio are you doing these days?

No. 155034

Walk every day

No. 155037

ot but damn she has an unfortunate body

No. 155038

Nah, she's just gotten a bit fat but her body type is nice imo. I only feel sad for her calves.

No. 155039

I'm walking every day. I want to start running and add some short hiit routines before my actual work out

No. 155040

File: 1602597140662.jpg (65.61 KB, 500x600, weebles4_g.jpg)

americans have such weird standards, she looks like picrel

No. 155041

What makes you think that I'm American? Weird cope

No. 155042

Saying that her body shape is nice

No. 155043

i dont care where you're from anon, what i was trying to say is that that billie is american and it shows in her weird body

No. 155044

English isn't even my first language but thanks. Note that I said that she's gotten fat but her body type is nice.

No. 155045

lmao right

No. 155057

ana-chan your BDD is showing

No. 155073

not ana at all, sorry you're huge lol

No. 155090

Sorry you're never gonna hit your GW skelly, go cry into a rice cake about it

No. 155094

wtf are you referencing?

No. 155098

Nah, that's not it. I've always had pretty good posture. My mother made a comment that it looks like I've lost weight too, but I think I just look more run down kek. I guess I won't question it too much.

No. 155128

File: 1602662709830.png (718.22 KB, 725x639, 2.png)

No. 155134

Try walking or cycling

No. 155137

She looks good in the second picture, ngl.

No. 155140

Is the right one the after? She looks so much cuter in the left picture. Maybe I'm biased because of the ugly make-up and pout but I really don't think she looks that good.

No. 155142

Really? All the weight gain went directly to her gut and she still has pancake tits. Nightmare fat distribution

No. 155150

File: 1602682875823.png (629.58 KB, 711x635, 1.png)

Seems like bad diet + instagram filters

No. 155153

Jesus fuck, that underwear is so fucking ugly

No. 155164

Never seen her body shape until this pic, didn't expect her to be top heavy with skinny little legs. I feel like I would look like this if I gained weight, I detest my calves.

No. 155177

my upper-body looks just like hers right now. the fucking arms it kills me

No. 155179

I'm 5'4 and 110 lbs. When I met my bf he thought I looked skelly at 95 (I thought I looked normal rip). At first I was indifferent to my weight but honestly gaining weight has done me a lot of favors in the face and butt department in my opinion. However I'm not a fan of the fat in my gut because I have small tits. I know you can't really spot treat but my concern is that it's taken years to increase my weight to this point. My food intake is so high because I eat several times a day and eat until I'm full and I'm worried how I'm gonna change my diet to something healthier and still be able to eat enough quantity to gain? Help me anons I'm retarded. Ideally I want to be 120 but I don't want my belly to be so round? What should I be eating/not eating to accomplish weight gain without a fat gut? I guess I need to be weight training? Is there a way that I can do that at home without a home gym because I don't have a car I can use atm.

No. 155180

Weight training and increasing your protein intake, protein shakes are your friend anon, they are usually pretty high calorie and will also aid your weight gain.

No. 155181


Bless you anon for helping my stupid ass

No. 155187

Embrace cardio and lift the irons

No. 155208

What food do you guys like to eat prior to exercising? Not necessarily for nutritional reasons but just for how it sits in your stomach. I really hate the feeling of being full or bloated when I work out but I don't want to lack energy either. On weekdays I can only exercise at night and by then I don't feel my best.

No. 155211


No. 155219

Cup of sour cream or a half stick of butter with the piece of steak. Fats(not oils) are more compressed source of energy than sugars and carbs. It also helps to recover quicker.

No. 155229

Damn, grapes anon here and I might have to start that.

No. 155240

I usually eat a banana or 1/2 a banana and some peanut butter. Maybe like 30m - an hour before working out.

No. 155282


>-Post your goals, your current state, like yout weight or measurements;

Currently 57kg and 167cm, I started this year as 75kg. I aim for about 40-45kg
>-What you're going to do to change it and your methods (Weight training? Intermittent Fasting? Running? Raw eating? MyFitnessPal logs?);
I fast quite a bit, I try and keep my calorie intake under 1.2k for weight loss and then I'll adjust it to be a bit higher when I reach my goal to maintain it.
I also exercise, keep it at something pretty basic like cardio. pro tip about fasting btw, don't get carried away. I once didn't eat for a whole week because of the fact I was scared of gaining the weight I lost while fasting.
>-And how to be held accountable for it, like biweekly weigh-ins or measurings.
I had an unhealthy habit of beating myself up when I went over my limit, but now I just tell myself to do better and move on.

I don't recommend fasting in all honesty, it does give good results but you feel like pure shit afterwards. Having to ease into eating full meals or just little things after not eating for 18-72 hours is nauseating.

No. 155306

Uhh 167cm and you want to be 40kg? That’s severely underweight?

No. 155323

yup! it's just country standards.

No. 155325

>BMI = 14.3 kg/m2
>country standards
north korea in the 90s?

No. 155327

well that could work too. but i don't intend on going that low really, 40 would be the minimum and 55 would be the maximum, i'm indecisive about what i actually want and what my country wants.

No. 155330

40 kg at this height is anorexia tier, you wouldn't have any fat left on your body, or not enough for normal endocrine function.

No. 155333

really? i'm not a super big health-nut, so i don't know shit about this types of stuff. thanks for telling me, i'll watch myself!

No. 155395

File: 1602832820142.gif (1.83 MB, 498x280, tenor.gif)

Alright here's my plan.
Right now I'm 185lbs. My goal is to be in the 130s.

For diet I'm not going to track calories but I'm going to focus on fixing my eating habits. Right now I eat like an animal and if I want to be thin and stay thin then I will need to change how I eat. I actually love healthy food but since moving in with my in-laws I've been eating fast and easy food (I don't wanna be in the kitchen with them kek), so I'm going to try to meal prep more plant based meals so I don't eat like ass. For eating habits, I'm going to focus on eating slower, chewing way more, only eating when I feel my stomach growling, and leaving my food when I feel satisfied. I'm also going to stop eating at work and avoid eating food other people make.

For exercise, I'm going to bike 30 minutes a night before bed. I'm also going to go to the gym 3 times a week on top of that, honestly just to incline walk because I love it.

I started a few weeks ago but I was doing more exercise and it was super overwhelming and hard to stick to. I hope I can stick to this, it should be easy as long as I stay focused.

No. 155399

>what my country wants
What the fuck kinda dictatorship are you from?

No. 155406

Where do you live?

No. 155415

i don't really wanna give that out… i didn't expect this to gain so much traction as it was merely just me stating my goals. it's just how it is.

No. 155418

> i didn't expect this to gain so much traction
I mean you said your country demands/expects you to be severely underweight. That's bizarre so of course that's going to pique our interest and curiousity.

I hope you're safe and healthy wherever you are. Hopefully it's some sort of misunderstanding.

No. 155420

ohhh, i see what you mean now. it's just prominent to have that sorts of stuff here since dieting culture from modeling is popular here. but i am going to try and stay safe, it doesn't really demand or expect us to but it is kind of the standards most guys have. thanks anon for your worries, i'm ok.

No. 155514

File: 1602927493293.png (844.38 KB, 979x489, 1.png)

Don't smoke weed.

No. 155515

Hi !

>My goal : 56-57kg

>Current state : 161cm 76kg

I've been rebalancing my eating habits for one month and I've lost 3kgs. Can't really go to the gym since it's closed for 6 weeks, but I plan to watch some videos to work out at home. I love cardio, but body building, not so much.

Is losing 3 kilos per month reasonnable? Kinda glad with my weight loss. I'm not restrictive with my diet, just eat a lot more vegetables with homemade seasonnings, stopped eating red meat (I don't eat it that much anyway), don't eat refined sweets, and just treat myself for my cheat meal day. (on wednesday-or thursday) I'm just scared of yo-yo-ing and see my efforts going to waste

No. 155527

File: 1602947343776.png (Spoiler Image, 638.79 KB, 742x556, 1.png)

3 kg a month is the top but 2 kg a month is the most attainable with decent diet and exercise

No. 155571


That is trü tho I eat like a reasonable human being no problem when I drop smoking. Doing exactly that until Christmas to shift the last of my pandemic week pounds.

No. 155590

File: 1602995731992.jpeg (35.01 KB, 350x331, 1273893929.jpeg)

How to I curve me nighttime appetite? On most days I work from about noon to later in the evening, usually getting back at around 9-10 PM. I have a lunch break in the middle of the day, but by the time I get home I am super hungry from standing/walking/lifting things/just generally being on my feet all day. That usually means I get around to eating dinner at around 11 pm. I know its not good to be eating that late and I want to break the habit of eating so much before bed. I feel like it's already contributed to some extra weight on me but I don't know what else to do besides skipping dinner entirely.
What sucks even more is that the gym I would go to after work closes earlier now due to Covid hours so I cant go like I usually would after work.

No. 155593

Isn't "eating at certain times bad" a meme? So long as you're watching CICO and getting the right nutrients.
I eat once a day (not bc of OMAD science, I just love to consume many calories at once), and if it's late at night the only difference I've noticed is morning bloat. Bodies are different though so who knows.

No. 155600

Yeah, I doubt this person lost the weight healthily/safely. Someone with that must plastic surgery clearly has BDD. Not saying the goal you mentioned is unreasonable– just don't use BDDfags on Insta as your aesthetic ideal.

No. 155634

Eating times are a meme, you eat when you can. Yea it may fuck up with your sleep and that may fuck with your metabolism but that is not what the "no eating after 6pm" people think about when yelling about it.

No. 155690

Huh, I always heard it was bad to eat after certain hours. Maybe someone made that up so people would eat less? I want to try it to see if holds any merit.

No. 155694

File: 1603083866690.jpeg (168.83 KB, 942x770, E44A2380-8408-4465-80B5-A397D4…)

Can I trust these estimations? When I walk ten thousand steps myfitnesspal only says I burnt 43 cals but this chart says it would be much more

No. 155707

No because it all depends on you heart rate, age, weight etc etc. It might be slightly more accurate than mfp tho

No. 155724

Have you given up your alcohol yet?

No. 155725

It's a meme if it's just diet advice based on hearsay, like drinking 8 glasses of water a day.
Intermittent fasting/ time-restricted eating is legit science with benefits beyond being a weight-loss diet, although you can use it like that.

No. 155726

Yes. You have no idea how thankful my skin is for that. Alcohol really dehydrates it.

No. 155992

Any recommendations for pilates workouts? Maybe a youtube channel?

No. 155993

blogilates, the girl is kind of annoying but the workouts are fun

No. 156098

File: 1603356015886.jpg (85.68 KB, 747x921, 1.jpg)


No. 156119

how to lose weight while maintaining your boob size?

No. 156123

you can’t spot reduce, sorry anon

No. 156328

File: 1603475419643.jpg (1.02 MB, 2259x4519, kj.jpg)

I just want to be skinny as fuck. I go between skinny like Kendall Jenner and lean thin. I just want to be elegant. Elegance beats thicccc bullshit.

Unfortunately my thighs store all my fat so I have to diet down torturously unlike girls who store fat normally.

No. 156329

File: 1603475821902.jpg (156.38 KB, 1080x1080, 1455203605296.jpg)

>current state
5'5 108
98 lbs. I looked hot at that weight.
what I'm doing now. lifting and cardio, I just need to drop fat.
By Christmas. So… 5 lbs a month.

Also does hot weather seem to help anyone else drop weight? I don't change anything but spending some time in a scorching country makes me drop weight fast.

No. 156333

anon r u ok?
98 is pretty low for someone 5'5" and certainly too low to look like that pic

No. 156334

What fat do you have at 5'5 108 pounds? I'm shorter than you and was 110 pounds after wisdom teeth surgery and looked hella skelly. If you want to start lifting and gaining muscle to tone you will put on weight in the form of muscle.

Stop worrying about numbers and just be the weight you feel your best at.

No. 156336

Too chubby, I must store weight differently. I know it sounds low.

I already lift.

No. 156347

Nta but are you sure your weightscale isn't off? At 5'5 and 108 pounds you're (just barely) underweight.

No. 156357

Nah, I'm the same on every scale

No. 156359


No. 156360

take hormonal birth control so your tits stay swole from extra oestrogen

No. 156361

Big BDD energy.

No. 156369

What meals do you usually have in a day?

For me it's:
>Banana (with oatmeal once or twice a week)
>2 chicken thighs
>tea with 3 sugars (sometimes biscuits)

dinner is a bit of a wildcard since I vary my dinners quite a lot and put more effort into them than any other meal. I sometimes eat mutton with potatoes and curry, sometimes lentils and rice, sometimes fish, sometimes aloo gobi. I will admit I'm not the healthiest, but I'd like to hear about other anon's daily meals

No. 156373

The meals I have every day are
>oatmeal (135 cal sachet) with almond milk
>a fruit salad of whatever's in season (lately orange, kiwi, melon)
>100g greek (80 cal) or low fat yoghurt (40 cal) with berries
>2x coffee with sweetner and either almond or soy milk

Then I have a roster of options for lunch/dinner. A bunch are microwaveable packaged foods because I take them to work for convenience
>scrambled eggs (2-3 eggs with a splash of milk)
>ham (30 cal) or tuna (100-150 cal) on sandwich thins (100 cal)
>soup (200 cal)
>migoreng cup noodles (found a GF version for only 170 cal)
>mac n cheese (280 cal)
>various frozen meals (250-350 cal)

And I eat a lot of my mum's cooking. She's really into nutrition but also doesn't have to count calories so it's def healthy but a total gamble calorie-wise (and I'm not gonna make her count for me). Often we have
>veggie curry, usually with some variety of potato, pumpkin, sweet potato, sometimes lentils or tofu
>veggies with hokkien noodles
>zucchini or pumpkin soup
>usually cooks a tonne of sweet potato which I eat on it's own with garlic aioli

I can't be bothered counting calories for fruits, condiments, milk etc and can't count food I'm made so I need to keep my meal sizes pretty small to be safe.

No. 156381

My experience is that intermittent fasting saved my weight loss journey and mental health. Counting calories was so freaking draining, I felt depressed and hungry all the time. Now I just skip dinner and eat nutritious the rest of the day and forget about it. Has anyone else tried IF?

No. 156987

>>156381 I started IF recently and I love it. I feel like it really quick started my weight loss, more than counting calories. I highly recommend it to everyone.

No. 157395

Intermittent fasting has been really good for me - my ED left me with major insulin resistance, and good old CICO wasn't cutting it for weight loss for me anymore. IF seems to kick my insulin resistance in the taco, and it's a very manageable, no-fuss way of dieting for me.

No. 159012

File: 1604930799788.png (1.33 MB, 1352x625, 1.png)

Any progress?

No. 159253

File: 1605049488432.jpg (49.71 KB, 618x526, 85dbcb94032623f99f87fd8d385523…)

Sorry I need to vent for a second here.

>be really fit before the rona, go to the gym 3-4x a week

>still be motivated at the beginning of quarantine and exercise at home when gyms closed down
>time passes, motivation drops
>subjectively looking more doughy every week
>weigh yourself, still the same weight as before
>try on skirt today, too small, used to be too big on me

Anons, how do you pick up your motivation when it's gone? I feel disgusting and fat even though I'm technically still the same weight. Is it possible for fat to distribute this weirdly?
I'm 5'5 and approx. 123lb. Might not sound too bad, but most of my fat literally just goes straight to my thighs, which looks horrible on a short person like me.

No. 159255

File: 1605050598352.jpg (Spoiler Image, 48.15 KB, 480x640, 0ef4bff244d2c7f14dfb24073caab8…)

I'm 5'1 and 125-127 lbs and I want to be around 115 or 110. I'm trying to strengthen my core and actually get an ass.
I've been trying to workout 3x a week (tuesdays, wednesdays, and thursdays)and I've been talking to my therapist about ways to gain self control since I've been absolute shit at it.
I don't know how to measure my progress, and I kinda want to look like the girl in the photo, I've always wanted a body similar to that, or something slightly chubbier, I hate looking obese in my clothes.

No. 159259

Maybe try measuring tape for hips/waist/etc. and progress photos? Definitely better than relying on a scale! As for the general figure I think it depends mostly on genetics.

No. 159261

I’m 5’1 and I’ve lost 10lbs (from 132 to 122) from switching daily afternoon ramen diet to celery and peanut butter, with 20 hour daily fasts. It’s kinda weird how simple the change was and I’m still eating my parents cooking for lunch. I would want to lose weight but I think I’ll try to count calories a bit more. I don’t really have a goal weight but it would be nice to go from a 26 inch waist to a 24 inch waist and lose some butt and chest fat. (I know spot reduction isn’t a thing, and I understand you have to lose weight cumulatively to see results)

No. 159262

oh yeah I went retard for a whole second and forgot about that. Thanks for reminding me!!

No. 159263

anon for me I usually look at pathetic fatties in lolcow or youtube and that scares me to get my ass off the couch. Or I just look in the mirror and that usually does the trick. Also try staying offline if it was distracting you.

No. 159274

File: 1605064634814.jpg (197.9 KB, 650x610, 1581882454240.jpg)

I'm so grateful I have a fast metabolism. Im pretty damn lazy so if I didn't have a fast metabolism Id be chunky. I still want to be toned so I'm going to try to consistently do yoga+body weight excersize. I'll find a weekly routine to target all of my muscles but mainly my abs. I've been doing some yoga and its pretty relaxing and enjoyable.

Whats your weekly routine anons?

No. 159275

Monday, wednesday and friday: Legs and butt
Tuesday, thursday and saturday: Abs and arms
My routines are 30 mins or 1 hour of cardio (if I went for a walk) and 40/50 mins of functional training, most of the exercises are based from pilates and classical dancing, then I stretch. Sundays I take off

No. 159302

Isn't fast and slow metabolism kind of a myth? From what I've heard the calorific difference between a fast and slow metabolism is expendable

No. 159317

it is a myth, some people just feel the need to eat less than others or maybe they move around more in their day to day lives. Because they've eaten to or maybe slightly past the point of satiation (for them, which is lower than average) they feel like they've eaten a lot even if they haven't and so think they must have a fast metabolism. Or because bigger people who believe in fast/slow metabolisms and genetics and such have told them that.
I'll usually eat a shit ton of food early on or late in the day but then my adhd brain will get distracted by something and I don't think about eating for hours so it evens out and I don't gain weight. Like op I kinda need to tone up but I'll never have the dedication needed to get abs though lol

No. 159401

Shit metabolism would require you to be diagnosed with a metabolic illness, I take meds for mine yet I still have to eat very little kek

No. 159541

oh geez I was sure this silly random wojak I made was gone forever

No. 160008

File: 1605514701848.jpg (4.67 KB, 225x225, images.jpg)

Goal weight: 50-55kg
Current weight: 59kg, 167cm

I started at 79kg last november and lost 20kg in a year with calorie counting. I am still unhappy with my figure cause i have pretty unfortunate fat distribution and very little muscle.
I am planning on working out but it's hard to start since i have no discipline in the lockdown. I try to drink a lot of water every day and completely cut out soda exept diet coke as an occasional treat.

I weigh myself every week and use the app LoseIt. Losing weight has been tricky cause i'm autistic about vegetables but calorie counting helps a lot with portion control.

No. 160009

Congrats, that's awesome!
Since a tracking app helped you discipline your diet, maybe a fitness app can help you discipline yourself for working out? Give them a try, at least. Good luck with getting in shape!

No. 160010


have you tried the workouts on youtube? I work out with them almost every day and I am quite satisfied with the results. I recommend lilly sabri. plus intermediate fasting.

love yourself girl, you're doing great so far!

No. 160014

>eat around 2000-3000 calories for 3 days in a week as well as a couple of 1500 days
>gain over 2kg
God, I know I ate too much but it wasn't 14000 calories extra!! Hopefully it's mainly water and comes off quickly, this is the worst fluctuation I've had since I started dieting and it's really demotivating.

No. 160257

File: 1605660943577.jpg (37.31 KB, 600x600, alkalising-greens-acai-raspber…)

Is there anything in particular about vegetables? I know the texture & smell can be a big issue for people.

Have you tried a greens/reds powder? You can get some that are berry or citrus tasting so they might work better for you while boosting your nutritional status

No. 160259

>target weight is 110lbs, reach this pretty easily with your standard 1200cal a day
>stop counting calories for any length of time longer than a week, now weigh 120-125lbs

ive done this dance…..too many times over the last few years. any advice? i really dont wanna be a calorie slave for the rest of my life

No. 160263

Learn what appropriate portions for you look like (calorie count until you really know it) and make that your normal. If your clothes get tight, eat less. If they get loose, eat more.

No. 160705

It's my dream to have a toned tummy, but I remain sad and flabby because I have an irrational fear of thickening my waist with ab workouts. My hips are narrow as is, so losing the little waist definition I have would complete my transformation towards looking like a literal ruler. What do, oh toned anons? Should I just combine crunches with booty-building exercises and pray to the ratio gods?

No. 160707

Well this may not be good advice but I was also pressed with wanting to have a narrow waist which I just don't have because my ribs are wide and waist is narrow but since I started exercising I just forgot all those dumb worries of wanting to change my body shape and I just feel happy seeing some muscles.

No. 160711

Honestly, that's probably exactly what I needed to hear.

No. 160713

Well I am glad I persuaded you. Oh also I think if you really want to minimize the growth of your waist just don't do exercises for muscles on the sides of the torso. You can just do exercises for the front and back muscles

No. 160722

Sorry for the dumb question, but what kind of exercise would engage only the front and back muscles? Sit-ups?

No. 160731

Has anyone done facial exercises? Do they work?

No. 160734

Side ab muscles engage when you twist or lean your torso left or right in relation to the lower body (or vice versa). So any exercise that doesn't do that, that just goes up/down or forward/back and your body remains aligned.

No. 160739

I've gone from 71kg to 68.3 in 2 weeks. I'm 154cm.
I did a 24hr fast, then 1 week of 1000cals and now I'm staying at 1200 but eating back my cals. fasting between 7pm and 1pm. ive also quit drinking after having half a bottle to a bottle of wine a night! I'm doing the stripped 5x5 lifting plan and walking at least an hour a day. I'm feeling amazing. this is the first time I've ever "dieted" with a healthy frame of mind, seeing at as a treat for myself instead of a punishment. my goal is 65kg by the end of the year and then 55-60 eventually, depending how muscly I get.
I'll try to update weekly

No. 160747

Congrats anon! Amazing progress, especially quitting drinking, I hope you're feeling really proud!

No. 160800

File: 1606068213616.png (677.97 KB, 834x464, 1.png)

No. 160861

File: 1606107479945.png (279.14 KB, 614x1100, Screen Shot 2020-10-05 at 11.5…)

>Post your goals, your current state, like yout weight or measurements;
Currently, i'm 166cm at 66kg, borderline on healthy and overweight.
>Chest: 35 inches, Waist: 27 inches, Hips: 39 inches.
I had previously weighed 78kg and lost all the weight by eating 1000 calories a day. I plan to do this again to get down to 58kg and then figure out maintaining.

>What you're going to do to change it and your methods

I like to do pure diet, i'm not that into exercise and get a good amount from my job where I'm almost constantly walking.

>And how to be held accountable for it, like biweekly weigh-ins or measurings.

Weekly weighs and measures, as well as myfitnesspal logging.

No. 160869

thank you non. I am super proud! today was hard because I started my period so I just wanted to eat everything and do nothing. so i upped my allowance to 1500 and still went to the gym and I'm feeling much better for it

No. 160983

>current state
5'2, 135ish lbs (makes me feel less lonely to see fellow anons in my height/weight range!).
My main goal is to get a smaller waist. I've been lifting bodybuilding-style 3-5 days a week for 5 years so I am mostly happy with my physique but carry my extra weight solely in my stomach.

>what you're going to do to change it and methods

Calorie counting, cutting out soda (I know, I'm retarded), and switching my workouts to just pilates and the occasional resistance band workout to maintain some of my muscle mass. If I lift heavy and do HIIT I want to eat more, so I've learned I can't train in my favorite way if I wanna lose weight :/

Side note: I've been doing dumbbell and resistance band workouts all throughout quarantine and have actually put on more muscle than ever (fml), but for the anons out there who want to build muscle at home it's totally possible with just dumbbells and a resistance band!


I previously lost a bunch of weight by calorie counting, weighing myself once every two weeks and having one cheat day a week.

Good luck everyone!

No. 160984

I like Moving Mango, her workouts are creative even if she goes too fast for me sometimes. Blogilates annoys me too much, but her 30 minute long full-body videos are a good starting place

No. 160986

How do you get the organless look without photo editing?

No. 160991

Realise that half the people screaming about organs seem to think that they take up about twice as much space as they actually do. Having a liver does not mean it’s impossible to have a small waist.

No. 160996

Depends on how extreme you want or even can go but the easiest way is to just build muscle

No. 161012

Alright. I just have a hard time believing building muscle would flatten and reduce my waistline. It doesn't seem like the zoomer girls with these waists do that. Im at a 25 to 24 inch so its okay rn. Body weight excersize didn't have any effect on me so I gave that up.

No. 161015

they obviously photoshop, I don't really understand what you're asking. If you want to look like you have no organs, you will have to edit your pictures because human bodies..have organs..

No. 161173

anon, these zoomer girls you’re talking about are all editing their waistlines. a 24 inch waist is already trim & far below average. but reducing your overall bf% (by gaining muscle as the other anon suggested) is a good way to keep everything corseted in. try stomach vacuums and ballet beautiful (really improves your posture and gives you a lean physique).

No. 161178

>store fat normally
Gut fat is the way men store their fat. Fat storing in the thighs is the normal for healthy women. How the hell do you think a diabetes belly is more normal than thick thighs?

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