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File: 1622870296326.jpeg (76.5 KB, 500x500, 845FC1B1-315A-4716-858A-EC212D…)

No. 823177

welcome fellow forty niners to another installment of dumbassery

previous thread >>>/ot/813802

No. 823182

all of the booktubers I watch have recently started reading manga and graphic novels, and I just can't bring myself to give two fucks those things, never have and never will. except one youtuber who has gotten really into wokeshit which is even worse. I just wanna hear people have discussions about regular books goddamnit.

No. 823184

File: 1622871683273.jpg (153.23 KB, 675x1081, 1622859368656.jpg)

repost from the last threa
this is literally me, ha ha ha ha I wanna fucking die rather then live in my fundamentalist Muslim country

No. 823185

I hope you can one day escape, nonnie!

No. 823187

hm made the connection that foodie beauty reminds me of my mom

No. 823189

kek the most relatable thing ive seen on here. i feel you, fellow thirdie.

No. 823195

I look so much better without glasses but I'm incredibly squeamish about getting anything in or near my eyes I can't deal with contacts. Maybe one day I'll completely give up and get Lasik.

No. 823196

Maybe after quarantine, I'm thinking of using a Christian refugee program that can smuggle me out, I'm not actually Christian but I am willing to pretend for my entire life if it means escape
what are you plans if any for escape

No. 823199

It's always the ones who clearly have the most internalized misogyny who call other anons handmaidens.

No. 823206

i don't have any yet, we barely make ends meet as is and it's hard for me to think about leaving my mother alone here while i migrate somewhere else. i fantasize so much though, about moving somewhere where i can wear a damn tanktop without being though of as a whore lmao. i hope you can get out asap and with little trouble because i really, really get you. how suffocating and unbearable it is.

No. 823208

I'm sorry for you, noonie.
I don't understand how some white women are obsessed with wanting to date a Muslim. Keep seeing these kinds of people lately.

No. 823214

Where do you live?

No. 823233

File: 1622878830438.jpeg (46.88 KB, 640x480, 9B187384-FC5E-4755-9F5A-3B60BB…)

For the past few days I have an urge to say “oh my sputnik” instead of oh my god like a tourettic tic

No. 823236

I wish there was an irl lolcow convention

No. 823237

lasik makes people blind

No. 823238

this made me laugh

No. 823239

wish i never got into anime tbh. my taste gets shit on so much or is unpopular at best. i can't even enjoy the series or simp over the characters i want to anymore without feeling ashamed. and it makes no sense cause none of the characters i like are even poorly written, it's like some opposite day shit.

No. 823242

File: 1622880040105.jpeg (271.14 KB, 1117x700, 0B2A6D57-1ED8-4E7D-8C5B-33520E…)

kek what the fuck? Anon wtf it’s just cartoons. Stop caring about what other weebs say. I promise there’s bound to be plenty out there with shittier taste in
trashy anime than you. You’re probably fine. It’s not like you’re a bnhafag or cooming to hisoka.

No. 823245

im into video games and I feel the same way. I wonder if its because the vocal communities centered around nerdy interests are so dominated by scrote discourse that thats why we find opposites in everything from the opposite opinion. Cause I know when I talk to female fans privately about my opinions or come across them the rare times I do they tend to agree with me, but its not common. Dont know if thats your experience.

Also generally, I hate what most nerds like and find their tastes shit. They tend to be mega coomers and dislike actually interesting stuff imo

No. 823248

when I was a weeb I loved purposely stringing coomers along and insulting their taste in discussions, knowing they'd explode. I also had a grand old time trolling coomers when interspecies reviewers was removed from streaming. most anime fans are gross men with general shitty taste. I'm sure there's someone out there who you can discuss series with who's not a complete idiot, don't be discouraged

No. 823252

File: 1622880871172.png (2.14 KB, 320x256, 0221.png)

>It’s not like you’re a bnhafag or cooming to hisoka.

No. 823263

File: 1622884618899.jpg (79.37 KB, 597x746, there_there.jpg)

Are you the anon that cried over character ranking charts?
For me it's easy to visit anime tags or look up art, because I have absolute ground level basic bitch predictable taste and I like the most popular male characters.

No. 823273

When I realized that men go on the internet and lie about being women a lot of dumb shit I read from "women" on the internet during my teenage years suddenly made sense.

For example anal orgasms, masturbating infront of the mirror, going out without panties and flashing people etc. I honestly believe that stories like that are completely fabricated by men.

No. 823279

Dunno, I've read of masturbation in front of mirrors from actual female journalists. But it's cosmopolitan level of journalism, the same creative writers who want you to put ice into your junk.

No. 823282

It's not exclusively men and coomers doing the shitting although they're part of it and sometimes nonnettes too. Tbh I care more about farmers opinions than scrote's. Also the only people I've encountered with the same taste are tumblr/twitterfags and they tend to add their gender autism to everything so

No. 823283

File: 1622890238299.jpg (174.77 KB, 1024x1024, YROJINUM8kQP-_port.jpg)

I'm having so much fun with this.

No. 823285

File: 1622890288784.jpg (28.54 KB, 1080x1080, 1567223334893.jpg)

it's this pic

No. 823289

File: 1622890694339.jpeg (152.04 KB, 1300x1124, 7278AC8D-6318-4EB1-BC18-D663A6…)

KEK I was right!?
>none of the characters i like are even poorly written
Assuming you ATA, the feeling of shame is you being self aware nona. Picrel.

No. 823290

Well I didn't say which. personally I'd put aotfags in the irredeemable range.

No. 823292

samefag also orochimaru(?however it's spelled)fags

No. 823305

File: 1622893877164.jpeg (90.62 KB, 500x500, ADB3EC0A-EBB7-4125-B455-4E926A…)

Sure, I don’t really have a leg in that race because my husbandos are 100% all immaculate 2D and TV examples of literary excellence. But I wish the infighting thread was still around. I would write 3 spergy paragraphs explaining how Reiner the ptsd insanity war criminal is a better fictional character than at least half the hxh fags. Hisoka is low hanging fruit because he’s just that bad. Togami is better than him, but he’s also the best male character in dangan ronpa by virtue of being highly entertaining with low annoyance value. But all scrote characters in that series are weak and or lame. They’re all written pretty shoddily, but it has many really interesting female characters though.

No. 823309

File: 1622894606485.png (Spoiler Image, 2.56 MB, 825x2841, imageonline-co-merged-image.pn…)

Does anyone here know of the tumblry photographer Laura Makabresku? I had a love-hate relationship with her art, since while it was beautiful, it sometimes veered into 'this is art because the subject is pale, thin and self-harming uwu'. The prose that she posted along her photos also was extremely pretentious.
Anyway I decided to check on her after a few years and turns out she became a giant Christian sperg in the meantime. I would say good for her since she admits that she used to be extremely unhappy and mental before she became a born again Christian (as if it was not clear from her edgy photography), but tbh she also doesn't seem quite sane right now. I have read a few of her interviews (most of them done for niche Christian websites/magazines) and she legit sounds like she's been indoctrinated by a cult. Maybe I should give her props for knowing the ~deep lore~ of her chosen religion, but it's still super unsettling.

No. 823312

File: 1622894786542.jpg (4.95 MB, 1860x9300, merge_from_ofoct.jpg)

The one recent interview that was translated to English

No. 823338

I'm so glad I didn't throw out my crop tops from college. I lost 30 pounds and I am ready for hot girl/crop top/single girl summer!!!

No. 823345

I was video chatting with my family overseas and my mother (lives in another state) when my cousins gave the phone to an older relative. When she came on, my mother and one of my titas started rubbing and pointing at their nose aggressively, and that’s when I realized I had my nose ring in, and my older auntie was probably offended kek. I ran to take it out, and when I came back on camera without it, my mom and tita started laughing. I’m 27 yet very much know that age means nothing when it comes to Asian Elders.

No. 823346

File: 1622900983414.jpg (56.89 KB, 583x438, IMG_5176.JPG)

Decided to dip my toe in survey-answering for some shopping money and it feels, idk, impenetrable? I don't ever seem to qualify for any surveys. Am I supposed to be the president of an IT company that buys/leases cars every year or fucking what?

No. 823349

Had a dream that me and my fiancee made some sex tapes an I was momokun sized, it was horrifying

No. 823356

File: 1622902594711.jpg (12.37 KB, 739x415, dashcon.jpg)

Just imagining it makes me laugh

No. 823372

I just remembered that there's a LC twitter account. It was updated last year, actually.

No. 823376

How did you do it?

No. 823382

File: 1622906434698.jpeg (24.81 KB, 400x300, 3246EB5F-A85F-44E0-BED4-9E0768…)

I wonder how many ppl are out there manifesting y2k energy today. how many people will don their bucket hat and look up at the blue sky w/fluffy white cloud. how many will adjust their tiny headphones secured to their head wi/metal band while they listen to BLU CANTRELL

No. 823394

god, i wish it were me

No. 823404

File: 1622909334197.jpeg (99.05 KB, 373x396, 308CA31A-C14B-45B2-B0B6-6C8530…)

Trust the process nonnie. It’s part of a weeb life cycle to lament their shit taste. And then one day we wake up and embrace ourselves fully.

No. 823426

My only experience with online surveys was an endless loop of surveys linking to other surveys that I was never able to complete any of them to get any rewards. I was a little less internet literate at the time though so who the fuck knows what questionable survey sites I was using.

No. 823431

File: 1622912962763.jpg (94.65 KB, 700x700, 921940.jpg)

I love it when I decide to listen to an album that seems like something I wouldn't like from the cover and it turns out amazing
Similarly I hate it when I listen to an album with an amazing cover and it sucks

No. 823435

File: 1622913319785.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.61 MB, 2480x3508, junji-ito.jpg)

I usually stick to regular books too but I just started reading this horror manga by Junji Ito and I really like it. Picrel is an example of the art.

No. 823437

File: 1622913618434.png (7.45 KB, 216x233, images.png)

Anons help, I was sitting at a red light at a busy intersection and this teenager came up to the car(he was standing in the middle of the road) and did a hand motion for me to roll down the window. I inched forward a bit and locked the doors because it was scary and he like…smiled and waved it off then walked away. What the fuck did he want?! I kind of wish I would've rolled it down because now the mystery is killing me

No. 823439

seriously some of you like the gayest shit and kind of expose that you’re a eurofag. this is something a smelly frenchie would like

No. 823447

She's Polish and so am I, IDK what shit you are on. She has some following here, her prose has been aping locally famous tragic artists etc. IDK what France has to do with it? I'm honestly not even sure if I ever liked her, but she sure is talented and her photos were circling around tumblr (in fact, I remembered she exists because a calf reblogged her). Anyway wanna tell me more about what frenchfags are like?

No. 823457

File: 1622917135318.png (716.85 KB, 1024x684, 781xuw945zs61.png)

I live in Pakistan but specifically northern Punjab and so instead getting acid attacked we get mostly shot here cause the quantity of guns, so If I die at least It will be quicker then most women

No. 823459

Wow are many pakistani women armed? Are women encouraged to use guns for self-protection? Wish I could green card marry anons but I also live in a shit hole.

No. 823460

My grandmother kept a TT(Tokarev) Pistol but its not too common, its mostly a thing for men in Northern Punjab, Balochistan and KPK provinces, the latter two are semi-lawless provinces and barely governed

No. 823464

Thank you. Stay safe ♥ We will all be liberated one day..

No. 823465

all of their cuisine is carbs and cholesterol and their cities smell like new york, polish anon

No. 823467

The fact that creepshow art was outed as a selfposter is so fucking funny to me. Like I always knew she wws unhinged but goddamn.

No. 823469

Anon I'm a realist, there's no chance of that ever happening in Pakistan
people here literally believe a man who raped a 9 year old girl, had a sex slave and 13 wives was the greatest human being who ever lived and will ever live and his state where he was priest king was the greatest society on earth
Communism may have been our only hope and now that's dead, so things won't get better for women in Pakistan or any Muslim nation

No. 823475

…You're probably right, for any foreseeable future anyway

No. 823480

File: 1622919136628.png (37.75 KB, 454x331, rip snail.png)

No. 823483

She responded to so much fucking bait it's insane, I'm living

No. 823489

Even when I used to watch her videos it was pretty obvious that she was very weird and unhinged. It took me awhile to finally figure out what she is, she’s the epitome of that white trashy friend you had in middle school/high school that you barely remember who learned all of their narcissistic attitude and pathological lying from their equally shitty parents

No. 823493

>tfw you have no idea how New York smells like
Are frenchfags anachans? That seams plausible from all the self-help books like 'how to be thin and beautiful like a french woman uwu'

No. 823505

File: 1622921030702.png (73.22 KB, 275x192, sadcat.png)

As a Burger, I seethe whenever someone outside of the U.S. tries a PB&J or mac and cheese and says they hated it.

No. 823508

File: 1622921307584.png (775.91 KB, 444x596, 07a7474370011e90b8e9648989082c…)

Used to like her 2deep4u tumblr pale blog stuff when I was younger, especially since she's schizophrenic like me and it gave me hope that I could make something of myself despite it. Totally unsurprised that she's currently taking the unhinged Christian route

No. 823514

I get the mac and cheese part I'm southern, so soul food is very near and dear to me, but pb&j's fucking suck.

No. 823520

the only good pb&j was potbelly's toasted one and they discontinued it. sign I eat out way too much I know

why must every sandwich place discontinue my favorite sandwich

No. 823521

She's legit schizophrenic? I had no idea, but it explains a lot. I didn't follow her, just checked her artwork a few times, so I assumed she's 'just' a self-harming ana-chan with depression and main character syndrome. Did she confess to her mental illness somewhere? IDK if you could point me in the right direction.

No. 823522

how does one even develop good taste anonas? i try to read/watch/listen to things that are considered good and high quality but they don't click for me the same way trash made for children does.

No. 823523

The existence of pb&j proves to me that people like some foods only because they're used to it and not because it's actually good
The first time I heard about it I thought it was done kind of Disney gross joke food

No. 823526

Why do you even need "good taste"? Kek, just enjoy whatever you want as long as it's not degenerate. Media made for children is quite solid if you ask me anyways and it can be "high" quality and objectively good

No. 823528

The majority mac and cheese sold in Europe is probably nothing like the authentic American mac and cheese. Mac and cheese is usually sold here as cheap microwave meal and it's like eating pasta and slime. The M&S mac and cheese is nice but it's more Italian influenced with cream and vanilla.

No. 823529

what do you enjoy about children's media? don't worry about having good taste, but there's a lot of stuff out there.

No. 823536

i'm too desperate for approval. sometimes i pretend to hate things i like just to fit in
i don't know i guess the art styles and how silly and exaggerated it is, it seems more relaxing and fun. but some people are like "designs are too silly/tacky=bad" "names are silly/obvious=bad" "not realistic=bad" etc.

No. 823539

Apparently the average BMI of French women is 23.2, which is slim but far from anachan territory. They’re just thin compared to other western nations.

No. 823559

if you like cartoons try more adult swim type of content. variety of art styles and scenarios with older audience in mind. Liking cartoons isn't just for kids. Have you seen Tuca and Bertie? and maybe check out more manga and indie comics. i think a lot of those can be goofy but have serious themes as well.

>but some people are like "designs are too silly/tacky=bad" "names are silly/obvious=bad" "not realistic=bad" etc.

don't let other people dictate whether something is meaningful or quality to you. for me, a mix of comedy and seriousness is important to any work to have a full emotional impact. cartoon designs are obviously going to be goofy a lot to make characters and their personalities easily identifiable and that's to be expected ; what matters is if they convey characters well in their setting. The whole not realistic part gripe people can have is dumb to. Fiction required suspension of disbelief in first place; what matters is if the contrivances make sense for the plot and follow the logic of the universe.

No. 823573

WHat's that pic from? Kek

No. 823581

File: 1622929894880.jpg (49.97 KB, 720x1093, 0p1r5s2k8v.jpg)

I just realized.. how much of an ABSOLUTE crackhead I look like, even when I put effort in my looks. It makes no difference.

No. 823585

File: 1622930743504.jpg (58.24 KB, 564x677, 776a230667ae7698f405bc153e6305…)

Anybody know good sites to post nsfw art? I like to make woman x monster/demons erotica. lmao
Besides twitter, I hate twitter

No. 823588

Pixiv? …And drop link

No. 823598

i wanna get over my twitter addiction… my account is private and i only follow online friends and jpn artists of my current weeb interest, but i feel like i'm blaring out every single thought in my dumb brain. how do i stop sharing my thoughts all the time??? it's so unnecessary. i feel like it makes me a genuinely uninteresting person because everyone always knows everything about me.

No. 823605

File: 1622933548359.png (109.13 KB, 230x349, babe.png)

i like my ladies unhinged and with honkers. she caters to my tastes. whisk me away

No. 823607

Maybe you can write them down instead of posting them? I've started doing that to get over my lolcow posting and it has worked for me

No. 823611

God she's so hot

No. 823612

make a priv with no followers to sperg on. also maybe try to label each tweet with a number so you see how many times per day you're tweeting.

No. 823613

I have many drafts of unpublished lolcow rants kek

No. 823618

Don't know what thread it was in, but some time ago a farmer asked if there was a way to specifically forget something, and another farmer said that, when you remember it, immediately redirect your thoughts to something else and don't allow yourself to dwell on it. I didn't think it'd really work (just seems too easy), but it does. I legitimately can't remember that one critical detail that tainted the memory of a situation that has been killing me for quite some time before that, so if you're still here, another farmer-sama, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

No. 823621

File: 1622935885624.gif (20.09 KB, 112x112, 1611914165543.gif)

Today was a good day. First, I got to spend a lot of time with my crush and it turns out we have a lot in common. Second, I picked some flowers and made syrup and cookies from them.

No. 823629

File: 1622937340703.gif (3.08 MB, 300x225, 01CA15CE-6F63-4BD8-82A4-405DA9…)

billie eilish is sneaky little queerbaiting queebie because she knows the only people listening to her music are the lesbos who would even make the lesbos in the lesbian /g/ thread vomit and zoomer genderspecials spamming “HOT OMG KICK ME MOMMY” Under her social media posts (someone kill me for typing this)

No. 823632

expect me to forget my identity and life experiences away now that I have the power of this knowledge

No. 823634

File: 1622938039396.png (61.13 KB, 240x143, goaway.png)

YT please stop recommending me these two. I have nothing against them but I really don't want to see their awful thumbnail faces again

No. 823640

I can't get "If You Seek Amy" out of my head now thanks to the Shannon thread

No. 823641

Good to hear anon! I'm happy 4 u

No. 823642

you should have posted this in an absolutely retarded shitpost thread

No. 823645

This is sweet. Glad you had a good day nonnie

No. 823647

I actually think sherliza is kinda milky

No. 823653

i know she apparently dies near the end of the manga for no good reasonbut i will pretend that never happens and that she is happy and also my wife

No. 823654

i think i have a bartholin's cyst and i have read some people's nightmarish expiriences online and now i freaked myself out

No. 823663

Anon I had one last year and it literally just went away on its own after like a week. I didn't tell anyone about it or talk about it, I feel like people only talk about stuff like that when it escalates into a medical issue or is extremely painful. I'm sure it'll go away soon! Don't freak yourself out

No. 823665

i wish she was real so fucking bad it’s not fair

No. 823666

Thanks nonnie! ♥ I only told my mom and she thinks she had it too and it also just went away.
I've never had any issues down there so i don't know what to expect

No. 823668

Same experience here! I've gotten a few, but they always go away without any issue. Hopefully all goes well.

No. 823701

I cut out sugar and processed foods and started intermittent fasting. It wasn't hard, thankfully. Look at a lot of vegan recipes and meals on Instagram - that helped a lot, in terms of recipe ideas and satisfying cravings by looking at aesthetically pleasing healthy meals.

No. 823715

I thought I was just making this up but there really were Bratz music albums in the 2000s. I swear there were Barbie albums too and they covered 1985 by Bowling for Soup kek

Change the username/password to a random keysmash and change the email to one of those 24hour temp emails. Then deactivate, if you try to reactivate it before 30 days you won't even know your credentials to login anymore.

No. 823723

I don't care what anyone says the Barbie Diaries OST slapped

No. 823737

this is my song, I had a gamecub emulator and I played this game on the Game cube, i still listen to this song on youtube.

No. 823743

I physically cringe whenever I click on a pic from the homepage and it turns out to be Kisame's thread

No. 823745

I just popped a bag of what I hoped was butter popcorn only for it to end up being kettle corn. That was a surprisingly huge disappointment.

No. 823752

I got cucked by a semi truck simulator tonight

No. 823783

It really did! “Real life” by skye sweetnam was a great

No. 823786

misread that as "fucked" and got jealous

No. 823792

I thought it was just me omg. They both look like such attention whores. I blocked them both recently kek

No. 823794

File: 1622965414600.webm (247.61 KB, 1480x720, 20210606_033910~2.webm)

This is my first oc webm.

No. 823795

kek me too (minus the jealous part)

No. 823802

my jealousy wasn't too related to the truck simulator, mainly just the fucked part (i hope)

No. 823812

and with that, anon goes to watch this video and realizes this is her equivalent of bl

No. 823815

god, i love that song. maybe i am a truckophile. what a terrible realization to start my sunday.

No. 823851

i have a thread idea, but i won't make it cause i'm no smart

but you know those hotel and club roleplaying threads, basically that but with different decades/time periods. and since nonnettas are getting more into 2000s things there could be a "ITT it's 200X" one first.

No. 823865

I'm having a dinner with 2 work friends turned maybe actual friends and I'm so fucking anxious. Not to be NLOG or whatever but I havent had girlfriends and they start a conversation with "hey girls" and it feels like I kind of need to perform, you know? I need to leave in about 40 minutes and my nerves grow by the minute. I felt nauseous when applying makeup. I feel terrible. I know it's for my own good to do this but I wish it was easier.

Christ and I haven't even picked out an outfit. In the past this is when I'd have a shot of whisky to calm myself a little, but I don't have any to hand. What do I doooooo

No. 823866

I like this.

No. 823868

Anon, chill! They're just people, you're people. Pick something yoi feel comfortable in and go have fun!

No. 823874

I know you don't have whiskey but can you have drinks at dinner? I'm a seriously shy, quiet person so ngl alcohol is my fav way to become comfortable with people and make proper friends.

Last time I was in a situation like yours I also focused a lot on how I wanted to have fun by kinda visualizing it I guess? I've had fun hanging out with people in the past obviously so I just think of situations like that but with the new people. Probably sounds retarded, but I surprised myself by how easy it was to act more outgoing than I usually am solely because I wanted to have a good time.

No. 823876

using laser pointers with cats should be considered a form of gaslighting cats

No. 823879

File: 1622976286962.jpg (12.13 KB, 365x287, EBEZ3PaXoAA0gYT.jpg)

I swear anime servers are filled with no fun allowed kind of people

No. 823894

Waluigi is so fucking fine. I'd love to fuck the shit outta him. Dream man.

No. 823933

Anon, he would literally diddle you with that chin.

No. 823942

You say this with such certainty. What is your source

No. 823947

Saw the live action mulan and I love it!

No. 823949

Late to the party but legit I was scrolling through that meme last thread thinking "centered on their Western userbase, won't apply to me, nbd", then reached that and I put my head down on my desk KEK

May we find our way "home", fellow thirdie

No. 823962

I've been thinking a lot about how no one in Europe washes their legs and they pee in the shower, sick

No. 823966

this is so autistic and so am I for wanting to actually wanting to say it ironically

No. 823971

come to liverpool and say it to my face yeah? swear down i will steam you like gran's broccoli and dont think i wont. you know nothing about us and you probably fart in bed like an amerifart and then a laugh track plays or the seinfeld theme, so dont act like you're all that on me, ok?

love sandra xx

No. 823975

Wait what? Oh god, I thought it was just that one euro anon in the stupid questions thread who doesn't wash her legs Peeing in the shower is cool tho.

No. 823977

shut up and kiss me already, you damn scouser

No. 823978

Huh? I didn't know we weren't supposed to wash our legs here. I do pee in the shower though.

No. 823990

i thought that nonnie and nonny were just some british insults like plonker or twit or something

No. 823993

Maybe you're thinking of nonce?

No. 823996

no, I think nonnie is thinking of ninnie

No. 823999

My mom sent our family group chat a photo taken today and I look so ugly, deformed and straight up retarded. Why do I never look good pictures

No. 824035

just ordered my Peepy and some peanuts we're gonna post on lolcow together

No. 824042

I do be feeling bad like no baby you definitely got it. You caught the red dot!!

No. 824048

I listen to a lot of US-based podcasts and sometimes it drives me nuts how many subscription services you guys have. I /sort of/ understood Blue Apron, but it's getting kinda weird with stuff like MeUndies. Who needs new underwear every month?? Why do people fall for that sort of thing? Wtf?

No. 824051

>New underwear every month
That and things like stitch fix or thread up or whatever its called, I don't understand. Why do these people want monthly clothing additions that they didn't even pick?
Americans are insane and their insanity always spreads to other anglophone countries, I hate it

No. 824056

Honestly never understood the MeUndies shit, how someone can maintain a subscription there for longer than a few months is beyond me, no one needs a monthly supply of new underwear wtf

No. 824094

File: 1622996278916.jpg (1.08 MB, 1280x946, Tumblr_l_1202563679049505.jpg)

I want to make stories and I have so many ideas but I never know how to finish them

No. 824101

It's cause americans are constantly blowing their underwear out with their shit diets

No. 824107

File: 1622996908633.jpg (8.62 KB, 235x231, 6ad7bfcea4ea36751b1df66ef33ce2…)

It might not be you, I know a girl who looked like a meth goblin in many photos but it beautiful irl, cameras are just like lolcow users as they both exaggerate bad features

Um… hehe queefs nervously sounds top notch anonsenpai

No. 824113

I bet you're an Amerishart go shart in walmart.

No. 824114

Thanks, I had a beer eventually. I chilled out but left probably a touch too abruptly. I was also very boring because my nervous nxiety ran out and I was left with nothing. But I'll build up resistance to it with practise I'm sure!

I think a lot of people are rustier than they think with social interactions after the lockdown.

No. 824119

Anon we wash our legs in the shower wtf are you on and peeing in the shower is fucking gross but american men probably do it too

No. 824140

Gimpgirl just responded to a reddit post i'm lurking rn and the urge to engage has never been so strong….

No. 824144

Say hi to her from me

No. 824157

I'm studying and there's this abrreviation A.C. for absolutely continuous or something but I think it's anal cunt every time I read it

No. 824164

Fuck these are so good still. I rediscover it every few years and go on a nostalgia trip kek

No. 824169

I want to fucking kms, the cat ate half a clove of garlic because it smelled like fish. I'm the only one freaking out and there is no vet nearby who works since it's Sunday

No. 824174

I’m sure you can find emergency vets. Please calm down and try to find a vet. I’m sure other anons would help

No. 824185

just realized the "limited edition" on the can actually meant something and no, it's not just out of stock everywhere…i can never drink one of my favorite drinks again

No. 824223

File: 1623006504216.jpg (139.51 KB, 1280x720, tumblr_a648c06781d40a017423e37…)

My Japanese isn't really good but I'm practicing every day and being able to read straycatj posts in the original moon runes faster and understanding them more is a source of increasing joy for me.

No. 824227

Preparing beets always makes me feel hardcore. Anyway come over if you want some pickled beets.

No. 824249

hey wyd can I come

No. 824253

I think most of the disagreement with the “I don’t do this for men I do it for myself” thing about conforming to beauty standards comes from the fact for some reason people interpret it extremely literally as meaning doing it to impress like specific individual men on an interpersonal level opposed to doing it because in society women’s value is largely determined from their beauty. Like in the sense it’s often interpreted, it’s true I don’t do it for any individual man or “men” so I get why women reject that and I don’t think they’re delusional or lying to themselves, but I still don’t do it for “myself” which I think a lot of women who say they don't do it for men/do it for themselves would agree with if it was actually explained. Idk I think most of it is just rooted in misunderstanding by people speaking about the issue too simplistically.

No. 824255

Laser pointer chasing works on young children, too.

No. 824258

I think this maybe won’t make sense to people but I feel like everyone has two personas, the person you are when you are inside some kind of enclosed space like a car or building and the person you are when you are walking around on the street or in a field or something.

No. 824262

Peeing in the shower is gross, don't even try to change my mind because you can't.

No. 824265

i got around to watching bo burnham's new special on netflix and while i don't think he's super hot i really appreciate how he's half-dressed or in his underwear for a lot of it.

No. 824266

At first I thought you were kind of slow for not thinking that the idea of a public and private persona is a known concept, but actually I'm the slow one because I just didn't read your post right

Interesting, there are many people I know who I have never seen in an open field

No. 824271

no I don’t think you’re slow bc I don’t think what I’m talking about is really something many people think so I get why you would think I was talking about public/private personas at first, but yeah for whatever reason I have just always felt like I am a fundamentally different person the moment when I step into a building and notice it with other people. I feel like whenever I have spent time with friends in a field or going for a walk it feels like a different person compared to being in an indoor space.

No. 824273

i am deeply attracted to the woman who makes these sims videos, she is so damn clever and funny underrated as well

No. 824277

thank you nonny. we need more men to show skin to make up for women always being hypersexualized and you have to love a self-starter.

No. 824280

I'll enjoy thinking about this now that you brought it up. How we interact physiologically with natural settings differently than manmade ones.

No. 824281

I had a dream last night that I woke up in the middle of the night to record in my notes app bc it must have seemed important I guess and I read it this morning and all I wrote was: “I believe that eugene try guys invented sigma male and had been intending to ‘come out’ as a sigma male and then covered up his involvement when it got made fun of.” Which I guess must have made sense in the dream but like ? I don’t remember what actually happened in the dream.

No. 824282

my cat will get really excited when she sees me bring the pointer out and get ready to play cuz she knows the red dot comes from it, if i stop she will come paw at it for me to turn it on again

No. 824286

I definitely notice I get a lot more whimsical, for lack of a better term, being out in empty streets or fields. I get a lot more creative with how I just move around and feel a lot more perceptive and interested about everything going on around me. The only exception is if I'm alone in my room and pacing around from thinking hard I pirouette a lot.

No. 824289

Yes that’s actually the exact difference I mean, I feel like outside people seem to think about things in a more abstract, open way and seem more free in their thoughts and ideas. There’s often almost a hazy/dreamlike element to it to me. People seem more in the moment and detached in a way. Inside I think people seem more pragmatic and logical, like they think about things more realistically and are just more tethered to reality. Inside encounters feels more linear and normal whereas outside encounters seem less real and like isolated to that specific moment in time. Idk it’s really hard to explain I’m not sure if this makes sense. Maybe if there’s anything to it, there’s some subconscious effect on us symbolically being in an enclosed space making us also feel “enclosed” mentally in some way.

No. 824291

Fucking sick of khaki and blush pink clothes these colors are not trendy or nice anymore please make garments in decent colors stop wasting everyone’s time and money

No. 824292

Enough crop tops. I feel like this trend has been going on for at least 5 years now I’m bored of it.

No. 824296

My fat cat loves it and it's the only way I can get her to play for more than 30 seconds but I end the session with a specific treat every time (Lead the laser into a treat stash) otherwise yeah she will continue to look for it and stress herself out if she doesn't get to "catch" it

No. 824297

I think I was literally too autistic to pick up on 99% of “female socialisation” like when women talk about it, it feels very alienating to me. Most of these things I didn’t even realise were expectations or just didn’t care about.

No. 824299

No. 824300

For the past week I've actually bothered to get at least 8 hours of sleep every night and I have never been more tired.
Like, wtf.

This sucks.

No. 824301

Same, maybe it’s something you have to do for a certain period of time to adjust to before you notice any benefit? Idk I feel so much worse since doing it.

No. 824305

Aw anon, sort of me when I was younger. Female socialization is kind of like that though and it’s deadly because not a lot of women are aware of it because it is like psychological warfare and gaslighting. I used to think it never applied to me but when I think about it it’s so true. We just aren’t allowed to be angry, to express our emotions and it’s sad because as I said that women aren’t aware of this they usually also tell you that you’re just being sensitive or a hysterical bitch. They adopted the strategy and script of natural misogyny without even fully knowing its impact on other women. Finishing my sperging because tl;dr but I will never understand why people think feminism is a widespread phenomenon, it really isn’t unfortunately

No. 824315

Hopefully. I'll give it another week and then go back to my random bedtimes.

Best of luck to you, fellow anon. We'll get it figured out!

No. 824318

In my case I did realize they were expectations, but I have always had a problem with authority and automatic disdain for peer pressure. I'm not sure whether being like this is any better, but I don't feel guilty about it either.

No. 824324

I was aware of them, but felt isolated from them in a sense since I always had a large group of close girlfriends along with somewhat absent parents (not really their fault). There was/is a strong mentality among my friends that we were really lucky and unique to stick together so much and we all kind of embraced that mindset growing up. It's hard to shake it and tell yourself you need to start acting 'normal' when it just seems to lead to more loneliness and unhappiness.

No. 824325

Eight hours of sleep is exactly in the middle in the cycle of sleep stages. We feel rested when we wake up after ending a cycle, which lasts 90 mins. You might wake up feeling better if you sleep six, seven and a half or nine hours (four, five and six cycles respectively)

No. 824326

File: 1623017588165.jpg (134.92 KB, 750x705, tumblr_ae91f05a58b63bb30229539…)

Yes, the point is that women rarely are aware of all the things that make up female socialization. One might say that they grew immune to it but the truth probably is that they just don't recognize the patterns.

No. 824332

But “all” of female socialisation isn’t what any one person would necessarily experience. I feel like I see that idea a lot here but that’s not how socialisation works, every person doesn’t internalise every aspect of socialisation for their gender, and when they do it is to varying extents person to person. Obviously it would make sense for autistic people to be less affected because they are less aware or less likely to conform to social rules in general, let alone gender specific ones.

No. 824339

>Obviously it would make sense for autistic people to be less affected because they are less aware or less likely to conform to social rules in general, let alone gender specific ones.
You would think so, but no. There are multiple studies regarding how autism goes unnoticed and largely undiagnosed in young girls (Google "autistic girls go undiagnosed" for plenty of resources) because of the female socialization they are put through that forces them to hide their traits that would check the boxes for autism. It's called camouflaging because they're essentially performing learned behavior through mimicry to better disguise their own autistic traits and pass as a neurotypical person.

No. 824343

The last two sentences hit too hard. She's a genius

No. 824347

Yes that is true, but I’m saying it affects them “less” not that it doesn’t impact them at all ever. Also like you said, some element of that is that they are mimicking what is “normal” for their peers, it is obviously not internalised for them in the same way it is for the peers they are mimicking whose actions are usually less intentional. There are also documented significantly higher rates of gender non conformity in autistic girls and autistic girls tend to “identify” with womanhood significantly less than their autistic peers. I don’t think you can say female socialisation affects neurotypical girls and autistic girls in the same way.

No. 824350

reminds me of the time I socially sabotaged myself by saying I had to consciously remember to stand up straight in an office full of tiny shorties because it's human's instinct to fit in with the herd. the person I said that to took it to mean I was desperate to fit in at work and started coddling me and I just wanted to kill them for their retardation

No. 824354

File: 1623019802764.jpeg (109.35 KB, 625x973, AE7276DC-60B8-452E-9156-8E985A…)

lorelai gilmore had the best fits. i was watching this show and oh my god I saw one of her shirts and it was sort of tie dye but it had muted colors I wish I could find a shirt like that. i hate that fashion from that era is being revitalized into pieces of clothing that looks like one of the anons here who have digestive problems ate jolly ranchers and shit all over it. lorelai core needs to come back pronto I want normal clothing I don’t want to look like an industrialized whore

No. 824355

what would be considered female socialization? I'm trying to make up a list so I can break every rule of it.
>you feel more powerful conforming to beauty standards and by looking better compared to other women
>subconsciously trying to improve your appearance when a man enters the room
>calling other women we don't like "bitch" "cunt" etc;
>actual sex being reserved for men jacking themselves off, where you actually cum is from foreplay (sex is one-sided?)
>wondering how you would look like, if you would look ugly in another person's eyes
I'm wondering if more could be added to the list, I don't experience the same as other women since my mother raised me fairly neutral when I was younger, so I wonder if other farmers could add on.

No. 824364

File: 1623020455240.png (884.02 KB, 800x1221, jyswezqt6q441.png)


No. 824367

anon we aren’t missing anything from these books especially the heterosexuality and misogyny

No. 824368

It’s not that simple like
>calling other women we don't like "bitch" "cunt" etc;
Your desire to do that could be rooted from female socialization pitting girls against each other or you could genuinely have a reason to view them that way. Or it could be a mix of both, to varying extents. You could make the argument about “bitch” being a slur but that’s not really related to specifically socialization as much as just general misogyny.
>subconsciously trying to improve your appearance when a man enters the room
>wondering how you would look like, if you would look ugly in another person's eyes
Again could be a result of female socialization, or just insecurity (like a man could do this with women), or from an attraction to that man. Or it could be a combination, or that the extent you care about it is more driven by female socialization than the desire itself. Or that the extent physical insecurity matters to you is driven by some degree of female socialization etc. These things aren’t this black and white where there’s just a list of traits that are universally “female socialization”. There are consistent things but the ways that they manifest in your actions, and to what extent, will vary a lot by the individual. All you can do is try and be aware of your actions and understand yourself, interrogate why you do certain things, why you think certain things etc.

No. 824369

>Using speech modifiers "a little" or "maybe"
>Letting names used to shame women influence your behaviour or whether you speak out "Karen", "bitch", "sensitive" "emotional" or "basic"
>Being ashamed of having hobbies associated with women and having to downplay them
>Not asking for things or taking up too much room
>Laughing at unfunny jokes
>Questioning whether you're dressing 'your age' showing too much or too little skin, standing out too much, trying to be different, being too basic, or being too feminine
>Acting like your opinion doesn't matter

No. 824370

I actually love those cheap looking romance novel covers lol. They have a certain charm to them

No. 824392

It's not about the books it's the art

No. 824408

>never have and never will
omg you're so cool XD

No. 824411

Nta but
>constant apologizing for minor inconveniences or for no reason at all, really
this one ties into your taking too much space theory

No. 824412

same, while watching my thoughts were with the one anon who is really into him. WTF was that white woman's instagram song? I was confused in the end what was the intent.
>anon we aren’t missing anything from these books especially the heterosexuality
And what's wrong with that? We can't all be lgb sis
this, especially everyday new shitty romance books get published. maybe even more than ever since self-publishing and ebooks exist

No. 824413

Nta but I know that feel, I hate how that was so accurate and how
> centered on their Western userbase, won't apply to me, nbd
Is also extremely accurate. Maybe we’re the same person, anonita.

No. 824418

File: 1623024200458.png (557.5 KB, 641x574, goodreads.png)

I liked the old painted covers too. These days romance books all have these flat art covers which I don't like, but at least they aren't as embarrassing to read in public.

No. 824430

Is it bad that I really love the colors in those new book covers? They just look updated even though it looks like it’s millenial pandering. I can see the nostalgia appeal for older book covers but goddamn I can’t stand the tacky soap opera covers lol

No. 824434

File: 1623026149143.jpeg (138.84 KB, 960x960, EDFC3FE8-D8D1-40E5-967A-3F058C…)

I'm about to make something to eat that is Very American. The eyropefags who piss on their legs in the shower will cower before my chopped up grilled hamburger in a brioche bun, ketchup and pickles interspersed

No. 824436

Why do visibly deformed people seem to love the attention they get on social media? Specifically tiktok. I see so many livestreams of people who have these crazy deformities and the only reason they get viewers of is because people feel bad or disgusted.

No. 824437

>aren’t embarrassing to read in public
anon i have some news for ya…

No. 824438

It makes me feel unwell when people have extremely thin hair, I used to not be able to read Dakota’s thread for this reason.

No. 824439

I think a significant number of people just love attention/want a large social media following and for them that’s the only way they can really get it. It probably seems more than it is because it’s more shocking and sticks in your mind more than regular people looking for attention.

No. 824440

everybody likes attention and since they have long known they will never get attention the basic easy way (being attractive) they go the other easy way (showing off how much of a circus freak they are).

at least that is my hypothesis, it’s about getting attention in the laziest way possible, like any cow. its a biological process for survival that has gone haywire via tech (social media).

No. 824444

So sick of hearing about grimes

No. 824445

File: 1623027336419.png (1.06 MB, 1062x1783, Screenshot_20210605-131945(1).…)

You just reminded me of this girl who popped up in my insta feed

No. 824448

nonnie I want to date you

No. 824473

Lol I feel like should could look normal with bangs and a proper angle

No. 824484

File: 1623033157780.jpg (3.14 KB, 200x150, orz.jpg)

I've been accused of being underage so many times on lc despite being in my mid-20s

No. 824486

same lmao

No. 824493

File: 1623034871056.jpeg (479.13 KB, 750x701, 986D3A41-245C-4996-8B12-124E1C…)

holy shit youtubers are streaming the creepshow drama and they’re looking at the threads live right now. It’s going to prompt more lurkers and trolls like holy shit don’t come here we don’t want anymore newfags

No. 824496

idk if it's just me but these posts always come off like wishful thinking to some extent to me. I really do not think there is many men who regularly post here genuinely trying to blend in.

No. 824497

File: 1623035515235.jpeg (41.17 KB, 480x319, 26801D3E-8F3C-447F-9F42-97A58D…)

I can already sense the gore and cp that will get spammed like whenever we get a new influx of outsiders, so bye bye for a while, nonnies, hopefully the newfags and retards will get bored if nobody responds.

No. 824508

File: 1623039140597.png (116.65 KB, 800x600, 1622579640326.png)

im so sick of twitterfags not sageing in threads but i think this will be a good opportunity to stay away from the website for a while.

No. 824529

I used to like reading true crime and scary stories but once it dawned on me how 80-90% of them are "man abuses/kills woman for sex/fun" it stopped being interesting

No. 824540

i have something against them: their shit makeup.

No. 824548

I never bothered with true crime because I knew that would be the case. And even if I could cope with reading horrific stories about women being hurt, I cannot cope with people refusing to acknowledge men as the problem and that still seems to be the case. The popularity of true crime is fucking worthless unless it starts widespread, open discussions about the reality of male violence, otherwise it's just using women's suffering for entertainment.

No. 824554

Who up playin' with they worm?!

No. 824562

basically this, true crime is so depressing. the only true crime stories I find interesting are the ones that are really mysterious, and even those I feel bad for enjoying because someone went missing/died. better to stick with fiction

No. 824566

Chewing gum makes me burp.

No. 824568

Me too. Had TC phase as a teen but now it's just endless blackpill.

No. 824572

File: 1623050153436.gif (1.34 MB, 330x200, Jodi Arias.gif)

My first encounter with the girl on the left was when her first eating flowers asmr video popped up.
That's why pic related is my queen.

No. 824574

Bruh that's Eggwoman

No. 824583

My queen, my muse

No. 824586

Same reason why ages ago people would pay money for a ticket to a passing circus to see a bearded woman or whatever. Pity / curiosity / boosting their own ego for "at least being normal" besides having other problems etc

No. 824590

Not a day goes by that I don't think of her.

No. 824594

File: 1623052675448.jpg (14.25 KB, 225x225, 4.jpg)

100 messages of infighting about whether marinas boobs are real or not in the stacy thread

No. 824600

fucking beckys amiright

No. 824602

put your wallet where your mouth is and buy her art, you cowards

No. 824604

ntayrt but God I want to so bad. I've considered writing her.

No. 824607

I can't stand this right girls makeup, everytime i get a rec with her she's always doing some clownish makeup for attention and talks about drama shit

No. 824613

Fuck outlook and their fake tab notification.

No. 824637

How did goth fashion degrade so much since the 1980s, what a shame

No. 824647

I'm 29 and my experience at the bar last night really showed me that men are such pedos. I wore my hair in pigtails becuz I dont associate it with being a kid? I mean obviously I look 30 And I was wearing this white button up crop top. I havent been hitted on more in my life. There was this guy who was a middle school teacher who was drunkenly telling me how I remind me of his students and he was asking me to come to his house. I was getting complimented and touched all night becuz i guess it was bringing out the pedo in their drunken scrote brains.

No. 824651

I went ti the beach a few days ago and had this gross fat old man staring at me, debating with the little boy he was with whether or not I was over 18. He came over to me immediately after seeing me vape, which really bothers me since predatory people will go for troubled youth. Like it didn't really matter if I was still too young and vaping underage, because I vaped I was fair game. Sick.

No. 824690

songs played relentlessly in elementary school:
cotton eyed joe
the macerana

No. 824705

For a slow-ass thread that I contribute absolutely nothing to, I sure check the webtoons thread an autistic amount.

No. 824710

Drinking black coffee makes me feel like a cool adult but I mostly do it because 1) I'm lactose intolerant but also can't be assed to care about getting non dairy milk for my coffee and 2) am trying to avoid unnecessary sugar so I don't add any sugar to my coffee. I also do intermittent fasting so no extra calories allowed at this time… Black coffee isn't terrible though, I don't like coffee to begin with (unless I can dump a massive load of sugar in it lol) but it feels like the taste is significantly less bitter than before to me.

No. 824712

My neighbours always blast the radio like its some type of flex. Wow bitch! Play that commercial contrived shite, you're doing a wonderful service. It's not like I too can access the free radio, I choose not too because it's pure shite. Fuck off

No. 824751

Our agents of y2k are everywhere

No. 824755

I remember some vampire flash game that was just a bunch of black squares or something and depending on the square you either got a ton of blood or would lose it all. Played it all one night in 2009 or so then didn't bookmark it like an idiot. I still think about this retarded game.

No. 824762

Someone I know has someone close to them who just got in a car 3(!) Days ago, which is one thing but they've been doing nothing but capitalizing on their relatives accident? Like they make 30+ posts a day, are already selling shirts and ebegging despite being on medicaid and not paying anything and already have had several events not to mention taking pictures of the injured in the middle of treatments and posting pictures of them and their mom crying on Snapchat

It rubs me the wrong way by a lot ngl, if you're so worried about them why do you need to focus so much on the aspect of getting everyone else's attention?

No. 824793

File: 1623084319566.jpeg (21.34 KB, 182x274, 0436F53C-8484-43A2-BC88-B64F4E…)

benny havana, anona. Ntnl. Keekweek Theme Day a.k.a. Y2K RISE AGAIN will be held on June 10th. Refer to post >>823386 for all information

No. 824834

I did some very basic googling and found a game called High Stakes by Krystman that seems most similar to what you're describing. It might be a more recent game though. It mentions having been on newgrounds though. but I know the frustration of searching for a game you've lost so I wanted to give finding it a shot for you

No. 824840

File: 1623089368637.jpg (246.64 KB, 1080x1339, Screenshot_20210607_200934.jpg)

obsessed with how people go on twitter and just say things

No. 824845

My boss is out of the office for a few days and so now I'll just be alone with my already abysmal attention span. Pray for me nonnies kek

No. 824998

you can always poop on their desk while they're gone. that way when they come back they will be focused on that instead of whatever you didn't get around to doing

No. 825011

My favorite personal cow got their twitter suspended and now I have no idea how to find them again. Thank you for many years of cringe.

No. 825018

people can be so unhinged in the internet, i'm trying to imagine someone saying this irl in a normal setting and what the reactions would be

No. 825031

Damn i really enjoy blocking unhinged people on social media, it feels almost orgasmic.

No. 825039

This cute girl I know is back in my city and I want to see her but I also feel weird about where I stand in her life so I guess I’ll just quietly view her stories like a weirdo and say nothing lol

No. 825045

File: 1623105484399.jpeg (31.46 KB, 275x260, 1600794984139.jpeg)

The Shannon outing made me think that if I was the one with my post history exposed, not only it would be in the fucking 15 hundreds (considering they go back to 2015), but it would be mostly hornyposting, venting, shitposting, dudefagging and the rare, eventual actual useful post. Especially in the last 2 years or so that I've been using the ot boards heaps more often than the main ones.

No. 825072

likewise. this is like the repository of a site for my repressed self I can't show to most people in public

No. 825080

I've been with my bf too long and no longer find him tall enough I have to go larger

No. 825087

File: 1623109422120.jpg (236.76 KB, 1536x2048, 20210607_164310.jpg)

Not my pic but I just for this shit in the mail. Apparently it's Fortnite related? Wtf

No. 825088

You got nice fingers nonna

No. 825089

anotella that’s not her hand

No. 825093

Fuck I hornyposted on lc again

No. 825094

File: 1623109804405.jpeg (100.69 KB, 570x760, F0AFB737-A2FA-400E-9353-7FD207…)

get him ramones, they make you taller.

No. 825098

Hype for Lorde but seeing her asscheeks out when she wasn't about that life before is a shame. I hope the music bangs at least.

No. 825154

File: 1623117821821.gif (6.47 MB, 480x270, AAAAAAA.gif)

The longer I'm on the internet, the more my grammar skills and the ability to speak properly seem to decline. I only speak English, but sometimes I realize my sentences come out like I'm just learning it. My brain is actually rotting.

No. 825168

Same holy shit. I unironically type like an ESL now. I always triple check and reread any post I make that's longer than 2 sentences from fear

No. 825174

Im seriously thinking of treating life like a game, figuring out my stats and giving myself exp points for doing stuff. Is this pathetic? I feel like it could maybe motivate me to do stuff.

No. 825179

File: 1623122521274.png (214.23 KB, 416x500, berni.png)

I'm in the same boat. The only thing letting me know that my brain isn't fully gone is that I haven't completely bombed learning anything for my courses. Being terminally online is a disease.

No. 825181

does there exist a picture of a woman eating food (chips and salsa for example) out of her bra cups? (not while wearing the bra but holding it) I randomly thought of that and now I wish it existed as a cursed image. but my boobs are too small and I'm too private to make it myself

No. 825190

There's an app called Habitica that's essentially this concept. It's pretty cute, and useful if you keep up with it.

No. 825196

There’s some fucker in the creep show threads that keeps referring to newfags as newfriends and I hate it.

No. 825216

what a faggot

No. 825220

up until a few days ago I thought the chorus in "move your feet" was sung by a woman and that the song itself came out in the 70s or 80s. didn't even know the damn name of the song until it was posted here.

No. 825233

I think we deserve financial compensation.
That's how I'm living. When I'm cleaning or walking to the bathroom to take a shit, I'll lag to make the experience feel realistic.
I swear I've seen something like that, but it was a very long time ago. Was she white?

No. 825249

foundation is a scam compared to other makeup, unless you have extreme redness or something you want to cover up it barely makes a difference and it feels like you have gunk all over your face

No. 825258

I feel like blush, mascara and lip colour have way more of an impact on how pretty I look than foundation. The exception is if I have blemishes, then concealer is the GOAT.

No. 825269

I agree, people tend to use it excessively. I think the possibilities for colour transfer bother me more than the feeling of foundation on top of skin. I hate seeing marks of foundation on shirt collars and masks and stuff. To me the look of healthy skin with some imperfections is more beautiful than full face coverage

No. 825273

File: 1623142741008.jpg (76.16 KB, 750x737, IMG_20200424_154715.jpg)

most of the scars on my left hand are from cutting bagels/english muffins

No. 825275

File: 1623143309658.jpeg (601.56 KB, 828x785, 1820377F-8926-4169-A886-2D45E4…)

See you later.

No. 825276

take me with you

No. 825278

i had a dream that i met up with 4-5 farmers from the vicky thread. we saw vicky in the wild while it was dark outside, so we quickly laid down in the grass so we wouldn't be seen. vicky was having a photoshoot with "frankie" and doing crazy poses, like putting her hands down to the grass and sticking her butt in the air. some of the farmers were taking pictures of her so we could laugh at her candids later. we all tried not to laugh in the moment but still ended up laughing really hard from her poses. she saw us lying in the grass laughing and she just got really embarrassed and dissappeared

the farmers and i ended up in a barn attic to chill around. i wanted to go downstairs for a moment, but when i was there, i heard someone approaching, so i grabbed a nearby baseball bat. vicky appeared, she also had a baseball bat. all the farmers upstairs got quiet, so i had to confront her alone. i was terrified because suddenly i was really tired and i couldn't stand on my legs unless i held on to something. so vicky was behaving really hardcore, obviously ready to beat me up, and i was just trying to calm her down because i knew i wouldn't be able to defend myself. she decided to go for the farmers upstairs and walked up there with her bat. that's the last thing i remember, but later i was running away with the other farmers and we were all intact so i guess we survived

that's not the only sort of scary vicky dream i had, i wonder why my subconscious is so scared of her kek

and i just slept for 21 hours, what's up with that

No. 825279

reminds me that until earlier this year i thought tracy chapman was a man. only really knew fast car and the cover photo from that song. not dissappointed though, i love butch women

No. 825282

there is something inherently unsettling about american suburbs

No. 825283

I want a funny boyfriend to be in love with and have sex with

No. 825285

File: 1623145688656.jpg (110.26 KB, 770x1155, Børns.jpg)

i had the opposite thing happen with børns. i thought he was a lesbian even after seeing pictures of him (i admit i wasn't looking very hard)

No. 825286

Yesterday was my day off and I played Dragon Age for 12 straight hours

No. 825297

Sometimes I miss doing this

No. 825315

File: 1623150137424.png (200.59 KB, 389x477, D_8XE0sXsAEDraR.png)

I logged back at Feh after a year (Fernand oblige) and the game sucks so much, my barrack is so cluttered, there's too many modes I don't want to touch any. At least I have two nuke units ready but where's the fun in this game anymore lol.

No. 825321

I can't help but see half of the "lesbian fantasies" thread in /g/ as larping trannies. Something about the way a lot of posts there are written scream pornsick scrote to me. Some of the fantasies are wholesome or genuinely hot but then you get these "I want to suck on juicy lesbian tits while she eats my pussy and doms me oohhhhh lord im cummiiinnn" tier posts. I often read that thread and the "fetishes you're ashamed of" one just to have a laugh at them kek

No. 825322

same and i feel the same way about waifufags here too. but they're gonna get mad and go on about how "women can be pornsick too!" "you're just a prude!" etc

No. 825323

No comment on whether their trannys
Anon but some women are pornsick. I know I started watching porn way to young and now my minds kinda fucked from it.

No. 825334

agree. i used to wear it all the time and it looked so cakey and gross. it clings to the hairs and and scars/bumps and just makes everything look worse. tbh wearing mascara with a good lipgloss and nice eyebrows is enough, and concealer for any pimples.

No. 825335

Theres never any fucking seeders for the stuff I want to torrent. Whats the point of piracy if you can only get popular shit

No. 825340

Really? I almost never have this problem when using tpb and/or rutracker. Okay, maybe I have in 1% of cases and my interests aren't exactly popular. Have you tried rutracker? Contrary to the name, it has A LOT stuff in English (Russian is optional)

No. 825361

Rune Factory 4 spoiled my ass. Nothing else compares.

No. 825366

Fucking same, love that game sm

No. 825384

Irony was a mistake, it poisons the mind perhaps irreparably

No. 825415

agree. i have slight ironycel tendencies and its very annoying, especially in the past i constantly ended up dismissing my feelings by turning them into jokes

No. 825420

Why do people on KF post long-ass essays full of social and psychological analyses and blogging in like every other post. At least they acknowledge most people don't want to see it and spoiler most of the time but it's still cringe

No. 825421


No. 825430

Autistic neets who read Wikipedia articles and two open access pubmed articles then suddenly become the expert in that field. That site is ridiculously funny considering how most, if not all, posters are large cows themselves. Some of these chronic NEETs need to get jumped so they can learn to shut the fuck up

No. 825436

If I have to read a KF thread, I just read the "highlights."

No. 825488

It's always such a slog to read, especially the autistic blogging. It's such an embarrassing site full of try-hard cool kids. I get annoyed just thinking about it lol

No. 825504

I'm starting to think "american outrage" in SM - as in, some american person calling out someone non-american on something that would be problematic in USA - must be an anti-american psyop sometimes; i've ran into an article showing some people criticizing Manesking for a song titled "I wanna be your slave" for romanticizing a word slave that has a heavy anti-black connotations; like… this can't possibly not be a provocation of some sort, no?

No. 825559

Try prolific! They have a browser add on that alerts you whenever a survey comes up, I got 70 quid over 2 months, but thats when I was unemployed and had 0 self worth so could sit matching up bullshit shapes for 20 minutes for 3 quid. Anyway, try it!

No. 825581

Tf is happening on the deerhoof thread in /snow/
Is it shizoposting or spam? I don't know anything about that thread so I don't understand

No. 825589

oooo boy. i'm bored at work and reading the ed thread on snow for the first time in a long while and MAN i am so glad i got my shit together/don't make my mental illness as public as i used to when i was in my early 20s (still too old i know lol) cause i could have easily been a cow out of lonliness and wanting to "connect"/over-share. feels good knowing i didn't go down that path lol

No. 825592

Sometimes I post the same things on here and my other social media and I”m afraid someone is gonna recognise me kek

No. 825593

I do this and was actually called out on here once lmao

No. 825594

lololol I literally just deleted a post off reddit because I wanted to post it here instead.

No. 825597

Similarly but I see anons post about really specific things sometimes and I worry that it looks like I wrote their post, like there was one anon who turned the same age as me on the same day who posted about it
I don't understand why people post identifying information like mentioning both their city and job at the same time

No. 825605

I'd be mortified, but I'm just glad this is an anonboard so they couldn't see my other posts. I'd probably get a 30k word callout post just for some of the men I've posted on the unconventional male attractions thread kek
There's better discussions on here anyway
I guess the sense of anonymity these boards have gives people confidence to post identifying info.

No. 825622

Struggling so much with whether or not I should reach out to someone. We are both autists who hate confrontation so I feel like when we had our first real stand still we both felt embarrassed and just ghosted rather than communicating through the first big fight of our friendship. It's been around a year now which isn't an insane amount of time in the grand scheme of things but I think about her a lot and a second round of rejection/ghosting feels like it would be a lot. We've known each other for about 10 years and I know people drift apart… Maybe I just need more female friends in general.

No. 825634

americans are really fucking annoying to deal with, especially the terminally online ones. nobody cares

No. 825644

nah, it’s just yank exceptionalism making them think anyone but them gives a fuck about their disgusting shithole of a country tbh

No. 825650

That wouldn’t be necessary. There’s enough people genuinely coming out with those takes (see: twitter).

Recently I checked out a book on goodreads. An Indian woman had asked if she got a “bad” copy as hers contained Spanish (the book was about Latino families so was sprinkled with very basic Spanish that I’m guessing burgers would generally understand). Several people attacked her for implying that Spanish was “bad” even though she was obviously asking if it was a printing error. Can’t decide if they were looking to be offended or if their brains are truly fucked at this point.

No. 825665

File: 1623187549806.jpeg (835.85 KB, 653x960, 6C4A3A81-CBB0-481C-9D3C-2D5D82…)

Could have sworn I posted about this a few months ago but I’m even more tempted to reread this, bet it’ll feel comfy seeing one of my childhood obsessions again.

No. 825667

yoooo I loved those books in middle school! I remember I used to draw shitty stick figures in that style all over my notebooks to be like her kek

No. 825669

I had such a crush on Brandon when I read this

No. 825670

I still remember the time some Americans ganged up on a Croatian woman on Twitter because she didn't have #BLM in bio or tweets about BLM. She said she did, but as she mostly tweets in Croatian they probably didn't notice.
Some dumbass then goes to google translate, tries to translate black lives matter to Croatian, pastes the result in the search bar and screenshots the 0 results she got. Americans continue to gloat and bully the woman, accuse her of lying and tweet "ooooh you got her" to the girl who posted the screenshot.

Except the translation made no sense and was something like "black colour living material", so of course there were no results.

Anyway I hope someone comes and unplugs them from the internet soon, I can't deal with their one digit IQs any longer.

No. 825672

In my country it's a common sentiment that Americans live in a bubble, shit like this confirms that for me. How can one be this dense.

No. 825683

If I were an artist that was a cow, I'd just take random anon posts and draw the posters in really humorous or gross situations for practice. I'd let them be vulgar at times, but never truly malicious, and eventually I'd start drawing "wholesome", nice art of the anon comic characters. I'd keep it up until anons were like "Do me next!", and it'd just be like a fun, interactive game for everyone involved.

If I was a musician, I'd literally just lift lines from people's posts and put them into my songs without making it too obvious how I feel about the lines themselves. I feel like this one would irritate farmers a lot.

No. 825698

Flo Milli isn't all that, she's literally the same overdone shit, i don't understand why my friends were so excited over something so predictable.

No. 825703

>I'd keep it up until anons were like "Do me next!", and it'd just be like a fun, interactive game for everyone involved.
Anon, we're more likely to make fun of you for lurking and pandering to farmers than to do this
She is generic as hell, but I like her music. I feel like Beef was better than all her other songs though

No. 825707

golden kamuy and yakuza hetshippers and especially selfshippers are so funny and by funny i mean pathetic and borderline homophobic! imagine not seeing or downright ignoring the inherent homoeroticism of these two series to turn them into your painfully straight girl schlick material! go jack off to something else like 50shades idk idc

No. 825712

Twitter is a few webpages down fujosis

No. 825716

Same. I mainly post on here and two other social medias and the things I post obviously overlap sometimes so not only am I terrified of being outed as a farmer but also that my followers on social media X realise what I post on social media Y

No. 825718

File: 1623192130220.gif (2.92 MB, 480x285, giphy.gif)

Absolute shenanigans, anon.

No. 825724

File: 1623192402050.jpeg (28.58 KB, 500x375, 76F65916-D4A0-4E1F-843C-B50659…)

tinfoil: all lolcow users are the same person but from alternate universes

No. 825729

unironically internalized misogyny hating other girls for enjoying self-inserting or relating to female characters instead of being a fujo voyeur

No. 825732

> This anon never consumed anything outside yaoi or anime

No. 825734

About to wear my retainer for the first time since like 3 years. Pretty sure I am going to spit it out 30 minutes after falling asleep.

No. 825739

unironically supporting homophobes straightwashing implicitly gay media just because they're women like there isn't a ton of explicitly hetero shit out there for y'all to self insert in. also don't call me a fujo again ew

No. 825740

Does it even fit still? I didn’t wear mine for a couple months and my teeth already moved too much.

No. 825742

explain to me who the fuck cares except twitterfag autists? it's just fanart for personal enjoyment because they crush on a fictional character (translation: not real) it's not a homophobic statement.

No. 825743

Nta, but how is it homophobic to like a straight ship? Wtf

No. 825744

it's homophobic to weeb twitter shippers who are new to lolcow

No. 825745

It's uncomfortable but it does fit. Tbf I only decided to try again because I saw my older brother's teeth move A LOT, then he started to wear it again and they're better now. For some reason it's the lower small ones in the front that start going their own way

No. 825746

Why do men get so upset if other men are attracted to women with features they don't personally like? Seriously, I've not once seen women fight each other over what male body type is better and attack anons for liking black/white/asian/skinny/fat/fit guys, meanwhile tell a man who claims to like one of those things that you personally prefer the opposite and watch all hell break loose

Is it because men's attraction relies on what whoever around them likes as well and if someone does the opposite it fucks with their mind and leaves it up to themselves to figure out what they find attractive instead of having people tell them what they find attractive?

No. 825748

reminder that fujos and yumejo uniting is what will let us know peace in this world

No. 825749

we are like pokemon cards to them just like their waifus

No. 825750

It's must be either that or a bait also fujos on this site are too proud of being fujos to say "ew" at someone calling them a fujo

No. 825751

I am one of the anons and I'm actually both those things but I'm sick of fujos acting like enjoying gay pairings is a moral stance

No. 825753

They don't want any woman they consider unworthy (aka unfuckable) to have options. They want them to be as lonely and pathetic as men who aren't attractive to women, and when they hear that other men would happily fuck them it makes them rage.

I think it goes deeper when it comes to racial stuff though, men go fucking nuts over comparing and ranking women by race. I think that's a tribalism thing (eg natsoc psychos obsessing over white women in wheat fields), and also an attempt to control 'their' women by triangulating them against other races. Eg white men comparing white women unfavourably to asian women so that they act more desperate and submissive.

No. 825755

File: 1623193955891.jpeg (104.81 KB, 452x394, 8034DE7E-3544-44A4-A5B5-E28559…)

omg anons I’m reading it again and this shit is so based

No. 825756

Everything men do is to impress other men, not even women. For example, some of the men who end up with thin women secretly want fatties, but choose not because they don't want to get bullied by their friend group for dating a fat girl. But also this >>825753

No. 825757

fiction does affect reality and pairing a gay coded man with a woman is homophobic
both are the two sides of the same homophobe coin. in this house we stan healthy and respectful portrayals of gay men

No. 825758

are you figuring out that all heterosexual men are fruity as hell and probably love men more than they will ever love women? lol ily

No. 825759

File: 1623194061744.png (54.45 KB, 800x585, 1725D68A-96B9-406F-827B-D9B697…)

okay this is definitely bait

No. 825760

I agree. Fortunately on lc fujos and yumejos get along for the most part but it's a shame I rarely see it outside of here. I could go on a rant but don't want to s

No. 825763

Learn how to sage you retarded twitter newfag. You're a fujo whether you can accept it not, stupid self-hating bitch.

No. 825764

Show me a gay man who cares about yumejo and I'll show you a fakeboi.

No. 825768

Men are almost absurdly hiveminded. I unironically believe if you were that good at LARPing a fellow farmer could probably get any male-dominated circle to vehemently believe something if you really tried. The definition of braindead apes.

No. 825771

Men also see women as sexual beings first, before as a regular person. In their minds we're automatically slotted into "would fuck?" "wouldn't fuck" categories. I doubt the same could be said about women on average.

No. 825773

File: 1623194744210.jpg (4.87 KB, 236x236, aaaaaa.jpg)

One of the Twitch streamers I like to watch answered my ask on Tumblr.

No. 825774

i wish there were more drawthreads in general, but they'd be dead. OC is one of the best parts of board culture

No. 825779

File: 1623195503764.png (58.75 KB, 595x303, Screenshot_20210608-163458.png)

Reminds me of a text my bf sent about his coworker today. He works with almost exclusively men and will tell me some of the absurd shit they say. The coworker is like 55 btw.

No. 825794

>and will tell me some of the absurd shit they say
Moids in their circles are their true unfiltered selves, it's kind of scary when you think about it

No. 825795

I kinda wish I had no sex drive at all

No. 825799

That wrinkly balled pensioner would be fortunate to even have a 1 on his scale look at his direction. I can smell his decaying flesh from here.

No. 825814

Sometimes I do a really really long pee and then after I wish I had some way of knowing how much exactly came out. I dunno why.

No. 825818

File: 1623199689806.jpeg (34.33 KB, 388x600, 36623D26-7586-414B-BC00-559DC7…)

there must be some magical qualities from the unconventional male thread that grants everyone who posts in there funnyjuice because that thread makes me cackle harder than an escaped salem witch

No. 825825

I finally spent enough time on here that I'm starting to assume the default user on the web is a woman. In another, far reality…

No. 825827

it was obvious from the start. that post and the ones following it is the most blatant, in your face, basic baby-bait I've seen this month (so far). I'm honestly disappointed that so many nonnies kept responding.

No. 825834

Fujos and yumejos should co-exist in harmony.

No. 825835

the redtext in the kpop thread kek

No. 825837

File: 1623202708806.jpeg (212.33 KB, 1161x1548, i have no idea what thread thi…)

call me old fashioned, but i was raised to serve my queen. clean for her. cook for her and everything i do is for her. and if she cheats? that is on me! she caught me slipping and i will apologize and do better.

No. 825843

File: 1623203146756.jpeg (42.13 KB, 163x468, 80310192-A922-4F27-B52C-4A0533…)

I think my bff thinks I know Japanese but I’m just good at assuming stuff, I barely understand some random words because of the funky Japanese cartoons and comics that I consoom.

No. 825864


No. 825917

File: 1623214005993.jpeg (39.56 KB, 540x540, 40F8BBED-650F-4D9B-8472-9224E2…)

abandon ship that kpc is ever coming back to lc. if only the crystalcafe thread were active

No. 825929

File: 1623215823417.jpeg (100.19 KB, 750x745, 4CF3A226-EEE1-4D33-91E5-806B1D…)

What if I’m both

No. 825932

File: 1623216277805.jpg (30.42 KB, 680x763, d0zq95s67do61.jpg)

It's called being based

No. 825941

>Anon, we're more likely to make fun of you for lurking and pandering to farmers than to do this
Maybe but it'd be fun. Like if gimpgirl started drawing farmers out of boredom, I'd be entertained.

No. 825944

File: 1623217923392.gif (3.91 MB, 540x360, 5B404743-97C8-4F98-A72B-30D8BF…)

I’m kind of embarrassed that I like Bo Burnham

No. 825945

the avatar

No. 825946

much as I despise her i love the idea. her art is cute. it'd be funny to see her imaginings of what the various characters on lc look like. I've sent caps of her comic panels out of context to people for the hell of it for the memery

No. 825947

ntayrt but my personal tinfoil is that she hams it up to get reactions out of farmers and queerbaits the lesbian tinfoilers

No. 825952

in other words I can see her doing what you said someday

No. 825972

Okay seriously, what part of evolution has made men feel the need to try to make everyone carry on the exact same genes?(as far as females go). Like how dystopic would it be if every single female to walk the earth just fit the moids personal preferences and just all looked the same? There would be absolutely no generic diversity and nobody would be able to adjust to whatever climate they live in

Exclusively being attracted a certain phenotype of woman, harassing men for not being attracted to that phenotype, encouraging other men who exclusively breed with that phenotype. Did evolution fuck moids over so badly that they've all become complete smooth brains who think there's no consequences to anything in nature?

No. 825973

Ok hettie

No. 825979

nta, I agree with you and that's part of why I think it's cultural not biological. I think men are very influenced by our culture and what the media/porn shills to them as attractive

when they argue over preferences of women I think it is nothing more than a circlejerk where they can enjoy treating us like possessions or products they can pick and choose, something like that.

No. 825985

File: 1623223240350.jpg (34.57 KB, 500x500, cri.jpg)

I'm out of the loop with the Creepshow drama and I reported an Amy namefag because I didn't know it was a meme in that thread
Sorry jannies

No. 825988

File: 1623224621724.jpg (162.98 KB, 1913x1073, art.jpg)

i think a husbando/waifu edition of the mspaint thread would be a fun idea. maybe anons can even try to guess characters. but idk how to make good OPs so i won't make the thread lol

No. 825991

i like this idea a lot! there seems to be a lot more husbando/waifu/yumeposting in general here lately which i enjoy and am taking advantage of to be blissfully cringe

No. 826002

i almost did the same thing lol

No. 826003

Hell no, how they engage with the material is too different.

How does that even work, depends on the characters or are you a wierdo who ships your husbando with other guys.

No. 826014

everyone who complains in the shay thread about "bleak" was clearly not around for the "musty" era. newfags.

No. 826019

i am both

not her but i ship my husbandos and waitus with me and other male chars with male chars. i like other ships too but i go crazy for fujobait

No. 826020

>How does that even work
m/m/f threesome

No. 826029

oh shit same I just hoard my husband in my resort… it's gotten stale which makes me sad since I've played since day one FEH pls

No. 826030

Are there any songs where the music video for them changed your opinion on them? Like you didn't like the song until you saw the video or where a terrible video has ruined a good song for you?

No. 826033

I don’t think a video could ruin a song for me but there are some that made me view songs more favourably, Beyonce 7/11, MIA bad girls, Mariah Carey obsessed, probably others I can’t remember. I still don’t like, love those songs but the videos made me like them somewhat when I initially didn’t at all.

No. 826034

The only thing that has actually triggered me on this website are the pics of Luna’s room. How can someone live in that much filth

No. 826039

Ikr. That towel on her rack was the worst. Looks like it was used to mop a public restroom floor.

No. 826040

Maybe not exactly what you're asking, but I watched the mv for The Less I Know the Better by Tame Impala a bunch of times and could never understand the hype because I found the song boring and forgettable. But when I tried listening to the song on it's own I loved it immediately, and realized the weird ass video was distracting me like crazy. No wonder I found the song forgettable when I wasn't even listening to it. WAP is another song I didn't like until I listened to it without the distractingly sexual mv.

No. 826045

File: 1623233336299.gif (942.11 KB, 220x220, eeeeEEAAAAA.gif)

>mfw I had to go /g/ for tech help

I wish we had a tech thread here so I wouldn't have to ever visit that foul place again.

No. 826046

why do tards keep making new threads for banned subjects? don't get me wrong, i wish we could have pp/gc/kpop threads but it's obvious jannies won't let us, so why make one just to get redtexted?

No. 826049

I think they think it will wear them down and they'll eventually just give up and allow it but imo it probably has the exact opposite affect

No. 826054

All my bullies were legit ugly af and I'm happy no one that would make me feel insecure actually bullied me because now as a young looking gorgeous 30 year old I will always feel superior.

No. 826057

I admire the sheer twitterfag energy that radiates from these posts

No. 826059

I think it's rude when people quote your post and don't correct an obvious typo/spelling error

No. 826069

One of my bullies was shorter than me and pregnant in high school. Should have told her I could ruin her whole life with just one kick to the stomach.

No. 826070

Yes, 100%
Although I worry that it looks smug when I do it

No. 826071

One of the pregnant ones from my year started on me too lmao. Sorry you ruined your life hon!

No. 826073

Adding details to my months old negative review of a mechanic because remembering it made me pissed off. Got my angry hat on today who's next

No. 826074

What on earth, why? If they understood your post well enough to respond, obviously a typo isn't a big deal.

No. 826075

File: 1623236189391.jpg (69.79 KB, 680x1020, ffd.jpg)

I really do wish the Celeb thread wasn't moved from snow (it shouldn't have been moved from /ot/ in the first place, but oh well)

No. 826078

File: 1623236518745.jpg (67.74 KB, 799x960, 94378945_10215821284144252_357…)


No. 826087

They are literally dehumanizing and humiliating me. Extremely hostile and sinister.

No. 826089

File: 1623237312485.png (1.16 MB, 1002x1425, 107446ea222571fdcf753df8511186…)

Posting the best Golden Kamuy ship.
please tell me you're trolling

No. 826098

File: 1623237855075.jpg (4.88 MB, 2658x2197, bat.jpg)

I don't know what's wrong with me. Every time I see a human picture I think eugh, but I never think this irl when I see someone. Nonnies, am I online too much?

No. 826099

I think a lot of the men who refer to themselves online as autistic have incorrectly self diagnosed themselves and have bpd

No. 826106

cruella deville was a girlboss and I'm tired of pretending she wasn't

No. 826108

"oh women say this then wonder why men don't open up blah blah" ok like am I the only woman who has literally never wondered this. I see this all the time and it's just like…"I wish even more men would "open up" to me about their "depression" over not getting tinder matches" or whatever is not a thought I've ever had. Also in my experience it isn't even true. You could just smile at a man one too many times and he thinks he's in love and is desperate to tell you his life story.

No. 826109

I think when men say women dont let them open up they mean we dont get on our knees and suck their cock every time they complain about something

No. 826111

yeah most of them are actually cluster b for sure

No. 826116

No you have the correct reaction, I’m kind of realizing that most human faces are repulsive to look at and I sadly realized that I’m probably hotter than most of the anons here and that doesn’t say much.

No. 826133

I've seen so many nonnies reference a lot of my fav games and shows and stuff recently and it makes me so happy every time, I want to be friends with all of you. Ily.

No. 826135

Online is full of uncanny edited images. I went to one of the test centres for covid the other day and saw so many attractive looking men I was overwhelmed. I thought they went extinct. Even the woman looked better than the online counterparts we are inaudated with.

No. 826137

Do you think it's just more ugly people online and the beautiful ones get their validation irl? I'm starting too.

No. 826141

Makes sense because men can't take flattering photos to save their lives
And this!

No. 826143

File: 1623241678080.jpg (24.69 KB, 250x250, 1531873289463.jpg)

i once posted in the dumbass questions thread because i didn't understand a meme and someone replied "i know this is the stupid questions thread, but you sound so fucking autistic."

No. 826158

By and large it's yet another problem men inflict on each other and then expect women to fix or outright blame us for it.

No. 826173

I can do both sweaty

No. 826174

I had stomach pains waiting for a phone appointment only for it to be cancelled and changed to face-to-face for tomorrow
Thx for nothing another night of no sleep

No. 826186

File: 1623247582201.png (650.51 KB, 828x1792, ACACA1CA-42A4-45B2-A8AC-9BEFC5…)

I think about Pitbullanon a lot

No. 826189

First class since last week when I left the online conference open too long because I left to do something else before it ended. I hope the teacher won't bring it up, I won't recover from it if he does

No. 826192

I would say it’s a mix. Lots of attractive people are attention whores on normie social media like Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. Most average-looking ugly people browse here and the average looking ugly people who larp as beautiful normies are in /g/ so

No. 826196

I don't think men truly cared about biology or evolution for the past 20 or so years, just look at how they run most societies, as they love to brag about how they "made everything" but next minute bitch and cry about how hard it is to survive in their country that's ran by men. Don't even know how women allowed men do all this so for the longest time

No. 826200

I cannot wait for masks to stop being mandatory where I live because it’s too hot to have half of my face covered every time I leave the house. It’s suffocating.

No. 826207

I think I'm retarded, I'm filling out paperwork and I have literally no fucking idea what some of these questions are asking.

No. 826213

Slow days at work the the best. I'm gonna be browsing LC while taking my sweet time putting this report together.

No. 826243

Thinking about this gerard way ig fan account I used to follow in 2016, the owner was a 3edgy5everyone 16 yo croatian girl who my retarded sheltered 15 year old ass thought was the coolest person ever, she had all the best rare gerard pics too. She'd have great farmer and/or cow potential today. What's up L if you're reading this i hope you're doing well, hope you didn't start doing drugs or become anorexic or kys like u wanted to

No. 826247

My husbandos are mine only but I enjoy fujo stuff too with different characters separated from my husbandos

No. 826252

I started a diet a while ago, and now my skin is oily and I'm breaking out. Wtf.

No. 826255

Agree, same

No. 826258

File: 1623253407352.gif (56.97 KB, 275x275, 1621362261079.gif)

He didn't say anything! Yes! I truly am God's favorite little princess after all kek this made me nervous all week.

No. 826264

People have always found me pretty pathetic I think. Like, if someone bullied me for the first time they would immediately apologize upon seeing my reaction which was head down, holding back tears. Even as an adult workplaces always coddled me, friends and family tiptoe around me. I've never had a violent outburst and hate confrontation so it's not like they're walking on eggshells. The worst things people have said to me happened on this website. I don't think anyone would describe me as fragile or anything either.

No. 826274

Lmao this coworker that likes me! Walked by my area and I could see from peripheral vision he's looking at me, I look up and he switches to looking intently at the wall next to me. What's so interesting about the featureless, white wall dude? Kek, just hurry up and ask me out man.

No. 826287

>My husbandos are mine only
IDK why but this post made me long for a dumb bitch meme proclaiming something like that kek

No. 826299

File: 1623257129931.png (668.82 KB, 834x808, Memegenerator6-9-2021.PNG)

It isn't exactly a dumb bitch meme but i was thinking about those anime girl impact font memes you see on tumblr

No. 826305

Omg love it! wouldn't mind one of those memes with a cute girl pointing pistol and sthg like "back off you fugly slut, my husbando is
/is mine only" (maybe not exactly in those words kek)

No. 826308

Do we have to call each other fugly sluts? Let's just fight with honor

No. 826316

More like I’ve had dinner with your favorite fictional man and he’s never heard of you

Based honor anon

No. 826318

File: 1623259271708.jpg (37.62 KB, 600x400, MonkaS-Emote.jpg)

my eyesight went down from minus 6.25 in both eyes to 7 and 6.75 in the past year… anons wtf i thought it was supposed to stabilize by now (I'm 20)… maybe spending literally every second of my free time in front of a screen since quarantine wasnt the best idea

No. 826321

Aren't dumb bitch memes offensive on purpose sometimes? I wouldn't seriously call another woman that, but it seems okay to me in a deliberately bitchy meme because it's supposed to be tongue in cheek. They thrive on clashing stereotypical mean girl behavior with weeb shit, mental illness etc. I 100% understand if anyone disagrees and I may be off the mark anyway.

No. 826322

I think they set up society to benefit them in a way that's actually opposed to biology and evolution, in other words prioritizing pairing up ugly shitty scrotes with beautiful wives when otherwise these men wouldn't have reproduced.

No. 826325

>More like I’ve had dinner with your favorite fictional man and he’s never heard of you
that's good tbh, I would change fav fictional man to husbando for brievity's sake though

No. 826326

oh and making it like women have to compete for and present ourselves favorably to men (makeup, fashion etc) when in reality it is women who need to choose the most fit father, and men who are naturally made to compete with one another for our affections

No. 826331

The screen can be blamed too but your eyesight stabilizes only in your late 20s, nonna. Not at 20.

No. 826336

File: 1623260265258.jpeg (169.85 KB, 1280x1566, 36640A09-EA4A-402B-949D-B1B394…)

why would I lie anon? lying isn’t in my blood, therefore I must tell you the truth that you are a dirty, dirty, slutty conniving clever girlbossing southern belle fugly whore

No. 826337

women are the original sexual selectors, men are naturally ugly as fuck when you evaluate them away from societal norms and standards. the only stable way that men and women can coincide is if we have low sexual dimorphism between the sexes, sadly that wouldn’t have benefited the patriarchy as much

No. 826342

File: 1623260683332.jpeg (588.37 KB, 1242x1808, 40DA522E-CA49-454E-B1D2-C6704F…)

please be patient i have autism.

No. 826345

yeah, and I mean even aside from looks, who you choose to bear the kids of and who is gonna have to stick around and protect/support you while you're pregnant and then raising kids is really important for the offspring's survival and their eventual reproduction as well. so I can't see it any other way than women are the selectors. plus men naturally are very competitive with each other so it also supports that

No. 826347

When I was really young, the first time I watched Fullmetal Alchemist on adult swim I was fucking obsessed. I found this website called NotAShrimp that was an Ed fansite, and I would spend hours on it. There was a Dear Ed section and I would read through it thinking it was actually Ed replying lol. I would wander through the website creator's personal websites and blogs too and in the early 2000s, the idea of making your own website and PC (she had a post about how she built her own PC and named it Mustang) was fucking mindblowing, even moreso to a 10 year old.

Once every few years I'll remember the site and visit it for fun and relive my childhood, but I just went to check it out today and it's no longer an FMA fansite and I'm so sad… I found the owner's twitter and she's made no mention of it, and it makes sense why she probably let go of the url and maintaining the website since it's been well over 10 years and she's into different stuff now. Still a little sad though lol

No. 826364

Use wayback machine, maybe it will work

No. 826369

No. 826384

it annoys me when American/English speaking rightoids attribute distinctly American phenomena/problems to "the west". I've been seeing this a lot with that drag queen pride song for kids, I see people sperging about "the downfall of the west" left and right, but it's really not the whole "west" that's like this, just the US and the more americanized countries. Even the UK has a signifcant presence of based mainstream terfs who are fighting back. I'm from a country that's played a huge role in European history and culture and somehting like that would never fly here, gender shit has never even taken off at all with anyone besides extremely online zoomers. It's a western country but it shouldn't be associated with all that. It's like they think American culture=western culture

No. 826400

File: 1623263356084.jpg (21.87 KB, 366x460, 8beacaebfb560f7ea1cb2cd0d18846…)

Marlon Brando was one odd-looking old man. He looked like his younger self stuffed in a budget fat suit.

No. 826404

File: 1623263587783.gif (73.69 KB, 460x340, giphy_s.gif)

samefag. Also TIL he had no Italian ancestry.

No. 826405

the absolute nerve of moids to say women aren't funny when half of them repeat variations of the same 5 edgy jokes over and over and think "cum" is a punchline

No. 826408

Kek I love this one nonny, this is how I feel wearing my itabag

No. 826409

I just got a message on instagram. Some stranger giving out to me for drinking energy drinks because somewhere in the background of one of my pics someone else was drinking one.. You could just about make it out. I was sent a bunch of spammy links about the monster symbol being devil related and when I replied 'lol' I was very quickly told that LOL actually stands for something like 'lucifer our lord' and she sent me a bunch of links on that too… holy fuck. Literally a holy fuck. She demanded that I never say lol ever again. Checked her account thinking she can't be serious and it was all just anti-pride posts.

So that's what happens when you actually answer those rando message requests on insta. I always wondered

No. 826414

Thank you anons!!!!! It looks like the owner finally let it go in the summer of last year… it was a good run.

No. 826421

This is fucking based

No. 826422

Semi unrelated to your post but I miss the age of personal blogs. I know there are still some nice ones out there but it's much less frequent now. Having personal blogs is still a thing in Japan which is kind of funny

No. 826434

Make one on neocities! I have one and it's really fun

No. 826444

nta but what do you post about on those? just your day?

No. 826456

Random thoughts, character/series shrines, photo dumps, sperging/theories about anime and video games and stuff like that. Neocities is kind of a rabbit hole of a site, there's some absolute schizos on there for sure.

No. 826469

Mine didn't stabilize until I was like 27/28 but the change was pretty minimal after I was your age.

No. 826495

does anyone remember that girl Rebekah who used to make those >1 hr long "TJLC Explained" videos examining bbc sherlock episodes and retracing every little detail to johnlock? literal god tier schizoposting, i'm so sad I didn't appreciate it properly at the time

No. 826597

File: 1623274787054.jpg (52.45 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Help I ate a bowl of fruity pebbles and it was good so I went to get another bowl and I took a single bite before realizing there was a fucking dead bug in my bowl.

No. 826613

Good times.
That and impersonating women. Fucking grown ass men. And the women who eat that shit up are just as retarded.
Kek that reminded me of this lady.
Bottoms up. And the devil laughs.
That's very common! ..Unfortunately. If they're little brown bugs they're called weevils. I'm sorry that happened, nonny.

No. 826639

Good idea. Why neocities and not wordpress or blogger though?

No. 826641

Sometimes I think back to the time when Endgame came out and everyone went absolutely apeshit over spoilers. Apparently some people even got into physical fights because they talked about the movie and some others who haven't seen it yet overheard it. Weird times.

No. 826648

I remember when the last Harry Potter book came out and I saw someone get punched for spoiling it while standing in line lol

No. 826655

One of the main reasons I stopped dating is because unless you look like a super model scrotes believe you shouldnt have standards at all. Even something as small as a mcdonalds meal or asking the guy have a car is a lot for them. If you arent extremely beautiful they believe you should just open your legs and shut up. Especially if you're over 25 the first thing they're going to expect is you should just be happy with any man.

No. 826656

That's the vid I thought of too. I thought it was somebody trolling me with an outdated joke..but she was serious and everything is linked to the devil somehow!

Just let me drink my energy drinks and have my gay sex while typing LOL at the end of all messages, those are some of the few pleasures I have in life

No. 826659

I miss when we could vote on Mtn Dew flavors. Poll advertising is always fun and the only true form of democracy in the US. If I can't cast my vote for Mtn Dew Retard Juice then why live?

No. 826660

Does anyone else experience the phenomenon where you hear music much faster at night? Like you put it up in 1.2x speed?

No. 826664

Well anon it's not even about attractiveness. I'm attractive and I know plenty of better looking women who have been expected to date down. If a hot/successful woman dates 'up' then everyone freaks out at how much hotter/richer her bf is than her and debates whether or not she deserves him. I'm guilty of thinking that way too, I think it's because actually attractive men are so few and far between whereas we've become accustomed to beautiful women in our faces 24/7.
What it comes down to is the expectation that women can't have standards to begin with. They can't possibly want a moid who earns more than them or is better-looking even though hypothetically if you take on a man who is worse-off than you, that's objectively going to make your life worse than it would be if you're single. Speaking in terms of cost-benefit analysis, it's a net loss to be with a man like that. You're better off single. All hetero relationship dynamics can be described as being unpaid female labor when you consider how many women are caretaking for men and receiving nothing in return except for lessened life spans, worse health, worse finances, and lessened life satisfaction. Stating that you want a man who is better off or no man at all is the most practical standard but it's too ~demanding~.
If a man doesn't make your life relatively better than before then he's absolutely not worth your time. Alright I'll stop pinkpilling in here.

No. 826665

My dad went to the premiere of one of the original Star Wars movies and someone was running up and down the aisle in the waiting line outside the theater screaming "DARTH VADER IS LUKE SKYWALKERS FATHER!" over and over. Insofar as he was aware nobody beat the guy up though.

No. 826668

Hey anon I'm a day late here but I'm really good at larping as a moid, any suggestions of which group to infiltrate? Kek

No. 826673

Thanks for the spoiler warning, nona

No. 826677

File: 1623282060668.png (427.36 KB, 613x361, 20090217033207!Strawberry_Shor…)

Looking back it's crazy to see how much influence this Strawberry Shortcake had on my childhood (to be fair I was obsessed with it).

I loved strawberries because of Strawberry, baking because of Angelcake, books because of Blueberry, gingersnap cookies because of Gingersnap, cargo pants because of Orangeblossom, and Huckleberry was literally the first crush I ever had.

Kids today are missing out man

No. 826691

I'm wondering if you can do a combo of 'dedicate your life to humbly and silently benefiting the women around you' with 'just leave women alone'. Maybe make them think eating pussy will make their dick bigger. Make them think Elon Musk, the Rock, and Joe Rogan have dedicated their lives to leaving women alone. Whatever you do, you have to write your manifesto in the reddit style: half motivational TED talk (designed to appeal to the unfounded confidence of the average male by vaguely waxing poetical about human potential), half bro science YouTuber (omg this guy is so confident and saying big words but i feel like i could have a beer with him and ask him about his pecs! I don't need to see his sources haha i trust him), all bullshit. Contains the phrase 'Think about it :', at least one reference to shitting, and some awkward 2010 phrase like 'sirs' and 'twas'.
I hate male Internet so much

No. 826699

I suggested Neocities for that old web feel and the html customization options

No. 826702

Oh my god I still have the movies. I love them.
This completely. You could even add in Keanu Reeves. Men will listen to any man screaming or using big words.

No. 826711

>feel lonely and depressed just need attention
>download tinder
>read messages
>"I need to empty my balls" "some gross sex joke" "wanna go for a walk date at 12am?" "Some profile with no photos and some guy trying to cheat on his wife"
>*deletes app and cries alone"

No. 826720

File: 1623288185521.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 380.48 KB, 750x1101, D6BCA442-34D2-4CA5-9CBE-E9465D…)

This era of Strawberry Shortcake was the best. The character designs were so cute! Picrel of a newer (the newest maybe?) design makes me want to throw up. It’s so hideous.

No. 826724

Wtf is that????

No. 826725

It looks less like Strawberry Shortcake and more like a smurf.

No. 826736

File: 1623289571478.png (Spoiler Image, 188.58 KB, 328x640, vanellope.png)

jesus wept, this looks like a twitter tranny's picrew icon. Did they really need to make her thighs so exposed? Obviously they were going for a budget version of picrel and failed hard. Disgustang!

No. 826739

File: 1623290765318.jpg (11.57 KB, 236x285, ohfuuuuuuuuuuuuck.jpg)

I am a chronic farter, so whenever I'm with my bf lounging in the couch I have to put on a blanket, put my hand down my pants and spread one ass-cheek so my fart comes out as warm air instead of making a loud sound. He still hasn't noticed I am stealth farting the entire time I am with him.

No. 826745

File: 1623291943503.jpeg (13.94 KB, 224x224, 49740B89-02DB-417D-865B-BAE388…)

mine knows I do it but he never knows when

No. 826746

You cowards. Let it rip like a real woman would. My bf has gotten used to my wet (sometimes crunchy) farts. He'll even rate them.

No. 826748

Does fashion matter to you when it comes to a man nonnas? It's never at the forefront of my mind with requirements but I realize that it's something that can turn me off if I see something off-putting.

If so, what style do you like? I realized moids don't have as many cute options as we do

No. 826750

but I do it even when I'm alone. I just don't want to BRRRRAAAAPPP

No. 826757

Quite important, it can make or break a man's attractiveness to me.

That said I have no clue about men's fashion and can't explain my taste in words, I just know what I like when I see it. Definitely more on the street wear side though, not suits and button ups and shit like that. I like youthful, casual fashion.

No. 826759

What does crunchy mean in this context?????????????????

No. 826765

File: 1623297203467.jpg (210.94 KB, 1599x1200, 164c8bcb0c692673ddfee52cc9497a…)

Wtf is that nooo

One of the main reasons why the 2003-2008 version outfits were so good was because of how close they were to how kids actually dressed then. Picrel was literally my everyday fit as a 7 yr old minus the hat ofc. What kid wears leg warmers with a mini skirt? Gross

No. 826769

> realized moids don't have as many cute options as we do
They have plenty of "cute" options nowadays, especially when shopping online so no excuses there, most of them just don't bother or give it a thought beyond jeans + shirt.

No. 826772

You know, like, crrruuunncchhhh.
Reminds me of when a moid told me that women have more fashion choices and I didn't know what he even meant because I guess I've seen a lot of guys online with their fashion Instas and stuff. He is just lazy.

No. 826779

smurfberry trollcake

No. 826785

>leg warmers
Those are… socks

>mini skirt

It's just a shorter skirt, not mini. She's even using shorts underneath it.

I mean, it's ugly, but to call it inappropriate is a reach

No. 826786

I think I got an older design with leg warmers mixed in my head

No. 826801

File: 1623302526635.jpg (134.89 KB, 582x581, hggggh.jpg)

I have become a woman possessed with learning how to draw. The only problem is I have no idea what the fuck I'm doing, so I'm literally just drawing things around me and random images. I have some books on drawing, but I don't have all the materials that it requires and the other one is basically like "just draw shit around you lol"

I'm having fun anyway, even I feel like I'm failing at studying

No. 826803

I’m almost 30 and to this day, my mother will never allow me to watch Maria La Del Barrio, even when reruns aired on TV back in 2013 or when I secretly tried to watch on the internet a year prior. All because I scared my entire kindergarten class by threatening to kill them using Soraya’s lines when it aired in the U.S.

I was five, move on!

No. 826804

>eat big plate of spegetti
>stomach starts starving and growling MAD 3 hours later
why is this allowed. i fed you bitch what else could you possibility want

No. 826807

File: 1623302912568.jpeg (46.14 KB, 335x475, 51eTucg4jYL.jpeg)

Some anons are angry about this design, claiming it's "inappropriate" with "exposed thighs", but that's not what I'm about.
I just think it's fucking ugly with the bulging eyes and shit. All the older designs were so much better.

No. 826830

File: 1623305509824.jpeg (192.8 KB, 1012x1448, F985AD33-BCC1-4DF3-A757-D211D2…)

I think if the internet went down for good, be it from a bad actor or pure misfortune, I would be glad.

No. 826843

Who in their right mind would want to live on this planet without google maps

No. 826852

man otk socks have gone way mainstream if kids characters are wearing them

No. 826868

Thanks anons, I appreciate the suggestion! I'd love to make a discord group where we could scheme this without moids seeing it. I have a friend who helps with ideas for my trolling but that's pretty much it. Occasionally I ask my family for ideas. I feel like I'm missing out on so many great ideas that other women would have. Larping as a man is so fucking easy too btw, more women should do it so that we can infiltrate and overturn their communities like they constantly do to us.

No. 826870

File: 1623310790636.jpeg (114.74 KB, 980x1024, 4F3FA03A-F55B-4C9A-9B2A-9FFC2C…)

based 10th dimension boys farmer

I wanted to respond to bait so fucking bad but even giving nona a (You) would fuck the thread up. So I ignored her. Even when anons are unhinged fibbers and batshit insanely autistic, shitposts sprinkled with infighting is sometimes fucking fun. I wish the thread was unlocked.

No. 826880

yes!! i've never seen anyone talk about this, it's weird. it doesn't always happen though, so i just assumed it's because im tired or something, never bothered to research it further

No. 826881

Personal blogs are super fun nonny. I personally really love customizing profiles, so modern social media formats that basically only allows a profile pic + header layout is so restricting to me.
If everyone could suddenly move to older internet forms like blogs or livejournals it would be a blast. If enough of your friends do it everyone can do it…

No. 826883

heres a conversation i just had
coworker, aj: do we have any Comrade Cluck back here?
me: i always misread that as "Comrade Cuck"
aj: funny you should say that, ive been really into cuck porn lately
me: hahaha
aj: yea but like a month ago, i was into tranny porn
me: oh dear christ youre being serious

No. 826889

Someone tried to log into my google account with my password… I changed the password but I don't know if that's enough. Something similar has happened with my Instagram account before so I guess this is a wakeup call to not be so retarded and start caring about my IT-security more

No. 826890

File: 1623316000815.png (447 KB, 602x522, 456.PNG)

I figured out why I find board tan so cute she looks just like Faye

No. 826894

It should totally be enough to change password, make sure you follow all the tips for safe passwords (15 characters, lower and uppercase, symbols, numbers) and theres just no way you'll be hacked unless your password leaks somewhere.

No. 826899

Anons please be punk with me and watch this punk documentary

No. 826901

All the men and women are very hot fyi

No. 826988

this website has gone to shit

No. 827003

The thumbnail is the second time this week I've seen nirvana associated with punk, has grunge been reclassified recently or is this just a coincidence?

And yes I know it's weird Al yankovich dressed as Kurt Cobain.

I saved it to my video playlist for when I'm done studying anon, thanks.

No. 827015

I don't really like nirvana and was surprised they were in it but it makes sense. They only touch on some acts these days very briefly at the end and one of my personal dabs didn't get mentioned lol, but it's still interesting and good. Explains the differences in the England and American sound, the style and political movements that influenced the sound.

No. 827016

>get home from work
>time to read about some cows and shitpost on /ot/
>blank screen with red text

No. 827020

File: 1623334994969.jpg (166.88 KB, 915x960, 1394067252551.jpg)

Trying to call my local Planned Parenthood is the worst experience. On hold forever, call gets dropped after waiting a long time, and when I do get someone on the line they act like me calling them is a personal affront.
>pls I just want to schedule for July
>Currently on hold for 15 minutes so far

No. 827024

Is it because of the "unprecedented times"?

No. 827036

Well shit, that didn't take long! He asked me out and I've been so hyped all day at work I think I've given myself a headache.

I need to look at some men-aint-shit content to stop being so nervous about this cutie, good lord

No. 827048

No matter what I do I'm underweight and it makes me feel like I look like a little boy, I wonder if I have a tapeworm

No. 827080

I am obsessed with blood of kingu, when I can I listen to blood of kingu and when I can't I hear the riffs playing over and over in my head. I need more blood of kingu. 3 albums is not enough. I am going to sacrifice a goat to marduk

No. 827083

File: 1623341808420.jpg (27.43 KB, 360x450, 95106CF5-C94B-4D38-92E7-297332…)

Kingu = King Pingu
noot noot

No. 827105

I want to buy some pretty clothes but I don't have anywhere to wear them. Only reason I miss going to uni.

No. 827144

File: 1623346137085.png (Spoiler Image, 552.75 KB, 816x579, blood of pingu.png)

How did you know I always imagime it says Blood of Pingu I even made am image

No. 827146

Today I dreamed that lolcow had made a con, and we were all wearing black hoods covering our entire body, and the threads were anons sitting on desks and you'd go to the desk and talk to the anons there. When you got banned, the hood and your body would disappear, leaving just your underwear. I was in a thread (don't know which one) and suddenly someone made an absolute terrible "post"… and then they were banned, leaving just a pair of male underwear. I think I might be using this site too much.

No. 827165

Damn, they were banned for being a scrote in your subconscious

No. 827167

Anon that's so fucking funny, I love it.

No. 827170

File: 1623347703642.png (119.42 KB, 720x420, Screenshot_20210610-105317.png)

Where my Canadians at?

No. 827177

What the fuck is the difference between the mundane shit thread and this one

No. 827181

Nope, it's always been like this even before COVID. The doctors/nurses there are super nice but reception is the absolute worst.

I gave up and am going to use their shitty online booking once July 1st rolls around

No. 827183

going to shower, make a banana milkshake and eat raspberry yogurt chocolate while watching a movie. probably mean girls kek i unironically love it and have seen it multiple times, or something from my long list of movies to watch. then listen to new lorde when it drops. have a good night/evening/day nonnies!

No. 827208

I made a funny post today and no one reposted it in the caps thread this is so fucked up

No. 827211

I hate /mu/fags so much, for retards that take themselves and music so seriously they have the shittiest taste and takes.

No. 827226

i made a post so embarrassing and retarded that i hope no one posts it on there. im actually kind of ashamed of it even though this is an anonymous website

No. 827295

File: 1623357874087.jpeg (14.75 KB, 138x138, 1406368D-1DD3-4F33-A17F-0D98C3…)

>mfw I could be talking to any of my old friends on here without ever knowing

No. 827298

File: 1623358057171.jpg (8.94 KB, 500x300, 4732045834056.jpg)

No one will know if you post your own post anon (except the mods)

No. 827309

go away evil kermit, i refuse to stoop that low!

No. 827313

File: 1623359243843.png (96.43 KB, 2000x2000, 1412730794906.png)

>watching The Nanny and they make a crack about Princess Diana's bulimia

No. 827316

File: 1623359443757.jpg (67.98 KB, 400x600, gits-innocence-deconstructed-g…)

no anons, I am definitely not googling how to deal with a sudden urge to cut your hair right now

No. 827320

Every time I am on my period I want to do this. Sometimes I go through with it and I regret it every time. Anyway, I'm on my period and I think I'm gonna do it.

No. 827335


Just remembered a girl I used to talk to on myproana (I was a retarded teenager) who admitted to me that she'd bought tapeworm eggs off the deep web and intended to consume them so she could eat a lot and still be skinny. I'm pretty sure that was the day I deleted my account.

No. 827338

File: 1623361129369.jpg (4.52 KB, 229x220, images (10).jpg)

You made me google the picture (on my phone it looked like a kigurumi) and damn, now I kinda want this Kotonoha Katsura figure JUST for the yandere version. Too bad it's been released forever ago and it's probably too expensive second hand for me to bother (School Days is a garbage, but an enjoyable one to me and Kotonoha was absolutely the best)

No. 827350

That's fucking repulsive

No. 827374

File: 1623362747265.png (177.78 KB, 1080x1790, Screenshot_20210610-224800~2.p…)

I saw this dumb incel pasted the same exact victim blaming statement under several different comments on a true crime video so then I wasted my dumb time looking through more comments to see how much he had done it, and then wasted even more time looking to see his profile to find out he does this a lot
This brought nothing to my life, and now I'm telling you about it, why do I waste my time like this

No. 827376

The mundane one isn't dumb stuff, it's just boring every day life
>I made cereal
The dumbass shit is dumb stuff that may or may not be mundane
>I spilled my cereal
>And then I licked it off the floor AWOOOOOOO

No. 827439

I've made crunchwraps like 4 times, and God I have so much more respect for Taco bell workers. Those motherfuckers are so hard to fold and keep closed. Sometimes they even open back up after toasting. they're so good with chorizo though

No. 827441

I can't eat chorizo I'm Jewish

No. 827442

File: 1623367226342.jpg (388.85 KB, 1323x683, Soyrizo_BrandRefresh.jpg)

It was vegan chorizo.

No. 827443

Phew that's a relief. I'll eat it now, phew.

No. 827448

I hate when men give their opinions on women's looks even if I agree. Why are you even on twitter talking about some ethots appearance. Go build something

No. 827449

File: 1623367979071.jpg (32.94 KB, 567x393, 1610728451976.jpg)

I think it's funny when underage anons are caught posting and they act like 2018 and 2019 are years long passed when to me they feel like they just happened. Still not entirely convinced 2020 even existed, just woke up one day and it was 2021.

No. 827454

Time flow was so bizarre because of the pandemic and all the lifestyle changes that followed, it does feel to me like 2019 was forever ago too but at the same time just like how you say, it feels like 2020 didn't happen at all.

No. 827457

Had a co-worker tell me "don't go falling in love me" ????? Sorry I was smiley and friendly around you? Is this a neg? because I know he thinks he's hot. Kek and I was only so happy today because my boyfriend bought me weeb crap, fuck you!

No. 827462

I would've been too tempted not to respond "That's an easy one." Scrotes are so fucking pompous

No. 827463

Ew, even if it was supposed to be a joke it's awful, especially since I assume he knows you have a bf? I hate it that as a woman you can't just be happy around someone without people implying it's a crush or whatever

No. 827470

File: 1623369864850.jpeg (308.73 KB, 750x801, D0BCB95A-DF63-4C34-A92A-855B9E…)

what the holy fuck is going on with gordan ramsay’s editing team kek

No. 827471

my mom has an internet boyfriend and she's acting like a stupid teen with her face on her phone all day, it's pathetic holy shit

No. 827475

Get that dick momma

No. 827488

Whenever I hear about stuff like this, I wonder if it's one of those things where older people are letting their internet bfs/gfs that they've never met scam them out of thousands of dollars.
Anyway, it's kinda cute that she's so happy to talk to him.

No. 827490

Social media manager(s) trying to appeal to the younger audience.

No. 827557

Reminds me of when I was a teenager and my mom got an internet boyfriend from the UK. It took up the time I needed to talk to MY internet boyfriend.

No. 827558

File: 1623378128928.jpeg (13.55 KB, 275x263, D37840FC-87B6-4506-9D44-F351B1…)

I just realized I’ve been using this site for 4 years

No. 827574

File: 1623379555218.jpg (280.26 KB, 1125x836, wacky.jpg)

>enjoys packing for a trip
>it's like a puzzle! it's fun!
What kind of psychopath wrote this?

No. 827576

I've posted about them before but I miss my friends who were a couple. They were cool and rich and dragged me everywhere with them. Trips, dinners, whatever. You'd think they would have tried to fuck me wanting me around 24/7 but they were always chill and friendly even if we got wasted together. People in my life thought it was a weird relationship because I slept there more than I slept at my own apartment.

No. 827578

lmao did I write this? Sadly I moved away for work, I still visit them a couple times a year. Legit the best people I know and I consider them my family, ten years on. Gonna see them this summer and I'm giddy about it like a little girl w/ a crush.

No. 827582

I can relate, partly it's fun because planning for an upcoming trip keeps you excited and anticipating it, partly because I just like organizing stuff. There's something satisfying about putting together a capsule wardrobe and trying to keep the luggage weight down by packing efficiently.

Wouldn't say I'm a psychopath but I am on the uptight side, I like being prepared.

No. 827583

oh okay that's fair. respect that. I am a bit too stressed since I haven't gone on a trip in a while so I was really baffled at first lel. if I weren't this anxious I think I'd be similar

No. 827584

I genuinely cannot always tell the difference between the momokun, shayna, and pixielocks banners, they all blended into the same cow

No. 827588

Face blindness is a condition of austism.

No. 827590

sorry anon but you're austistic.

No. 827591

I think most people would agree that it's weird and delay packing for as long as possible, but I legit have nightmares about forgetting to pack and having to do it last minute lmao must be like a type a vs type b thing

No. 827592


You got me

No. 827599

Wait a second, nta but is this why I cannot comprehend what Luna Slater looks like? Even after seeing countless pictures and selfies she's like an eldritch being, I can't describe her except that she has black holes where her eyes should be
But not for any other cow, just Luna lol

No. 827602

Any anon that uses “nonnie” immediately comes off as underage to me

No. 827604

no that's just her shit make up and ugly hair cut. Shayna, momo and pt looks significantly different from each other, but if anon couldn't pick shayna out of a crowd of fat white girls in oklahoma that'd be less concerning. I was half joking abt autism, it's likely anon just doesn't look at them or follow their threads too close to bother.

No. 827606

I've been seeing similar opinions lately. Idk I think it's cute. You're a nonnie too.

No. 827617

I'm 25, born in 1995, scorpio, and I use nonny

No. 827621

We are only about a month apart in age nonnie

No. 827622

The "kpopsperging" and "driversperging" redtext in the unpopular opinions thread cracked me up

No. 827624

I'm 28 and I like it
Plus nonna and nonette and nonita

No. 827626

i wish it was a bannable offense

No. 827628

>no fun allowed

No. 827629

nonners gang rise up

No. 827630

I think people who use nonnie are faggots and I have fun saying that.

No. 827632

okay nonnie

No. 827633

I'm sorry you feel that way nonacita nonnaquita banananonna estebanona nonjulio anoncardo anontoya de la nonnarosa anonamírez

No. 827636

File: 1623387288900.jpeg (40.88 KB, 600x440, 5bb56a422100002501c84ff9.jpeg)

No. 827638

File: 1623387503204.png (202.66 KB, 500x498, 3B939B50-06C8-40C4-B6C4-21046A…)

I am packing early but it doesn't make it less stressful sadly

No. 827639

that's right, grow up

No. 827643

>she said on lolcow.farm

No. 827644

File: 1623389131497.gif (781.77 KB, 400x225, sip.gif)

lc is a sophisticated and refined council for discussing taxes and bills. smiling and happiness is for children.

No. 827678

if you're an ausfag it's probably a definite

No. 827688

Sorry I'm 23
I also love saying nonatella, jail me!

No. 827717

Fuck it, I'm buying that sickeningly sweet perfume that I'm probably too old to wear. May the people around me choke on it, I don't care, I love it

No. 827724

File: 1623401283832.jpg (259.54 KB, 1408x792, war-table_orig.jpg)

We must summon the high war council, for that twitterfags are invading because of the creepshow art thread.

Nonnies will defend the battlements by shouting big meanie words like 'retard' and 'fag'.
Nonacitas will share their based TERF ideologies in the bailey.
Nonnettes shall sperg near the drawbridge with copypastas alongside overusing 'kek'

The one who stay will be kept as prisoners in the dungeons and will end up joining our forces, as we did during the Great Pullfag Invasion

No. 827737

I feel this way about a cotton candy perfume I've seen around since I was 15

No. 827747

File: 1623404908029.png (170.62 KB, 366x239, 183749836590435.png)

A day may come when the sperging of lc fails, when we forsake our nonas and break all bonds of fellowship, but it is not this day.

An hour of minors and invading scrotes, when the age of cows comes crashing down, but it is not this day!

No. 827782

hate when men use the term art hoe, most of the time they're just the obnoxious male version of it. no self-awareness. grr

No. 827826

Is it a horrible idea to go clubbing alone? I don't have friends but I want to dance

No. 827828

I wouldn't do it because I get bored without friends. At the end of the day, if you go just to dance and can have fun on your own I guess it's fine. Still wouldn't go alone to a club in my country though

No. 827844

I just moved to a new city and I joined a group on meetup about going dancing. It feels weird at first because making friends as an adult is annoying but it’s better than going completely alone imo since several people know where you are and who you’d be with if you respond on the social page.

No. 827858

This weekend my family was driving and there was some guy pissing in the middle of the freeway divider, in plain sight, no effort to make himself subtle.
My mom says
>Men are so weak
Dad says nothing. Based family.

No. 827859

File: 1623418590780.jpg (214.68 KB, 1069x1049, 8bc.jpg)

My family recently got netflix and there's literally nothing remitely interesting on it.
Do i really have to get a vpn to see something decent?

No. 827862

File: 1623418673516.jpeg (79.26 KB, 630x330, 6143C670-8A34-4ED0-88C2-C3E415…)

No. 827866

Depends a lot on where you live. Some places are safe for a woman to go clubbing alone but other places not so much. Be extra careful about not getting drunk or spiked, go to the staff if anything seems wrong
I have done it before and felt cool and independent but also other times I felt like a friendless loser lek

No. 827871

Should I install my own lock myself or call a professional

No. 827872

it's happening nonnies

No. 827874

File: 1623419876568.gif (1.92 MB, 500x190, youhavemysword.gif)

No. 827876

Tamarins are the best

No. 827878

It's not terrible as long as you take the obvious precautions, just to be safe. Make sure someone knows to what club(s) you are going, don't leave your drinks unattended, maybe let someone know what time you plan to get back. There are some clubs that are shadier than the others so do your research but ultimately, while uncommon, it's still something people do and have fun with! Maybe you'll make new, more party-going friends when you start doing that and you won't have that dilemma anymore.

No. 827882

Nonnies here only get defensive about humblebragging/anons talking about their body because they think their chan tard boyfriends will read it and wonder why they don't have 39-22-45 proportions, triple G perky tits, the face of a child and a pussy that tastes like honey

No. 827887

What do you want to watch? They have many hidden gems

No. 827890

i was kinda hoping they would have more older movies that i never got to watch. like the original alien and so

No. 827895

File: 1623422544269.png (287.45 KB, 500x606, me rn.png)

i just spent an hour typing up a huge autistic post (in notes not here) analyzing my own preferences and realized why i'm so picky when it comes to husbandos. probably THE most autistic thing i ever typed. dare i post it

No. 827898

Seriously if my boyfriend and I don't work out I'm going to become a pharmacy technician and become the sugar mommy to the first girl I fall in love with. It's my turn to simp

No. 827903

Recurring nightmares of momokoo pulling that crusty nasty brownish red stuff out of her pussy ACK!!!!

No. 827911

File: 1623423762108.png (24.63 KB, 107x199, 1614983973742.png)

I feel like such a nerd but whenever my bf wears a polo

No. 827915

I wanna see it anon, post!

No. 827918

ok so as much as i post about how great husbandos are there are way more 2D guys that I hate than like. and the handful that I do like only get like 5-10 minutes of screentime. i'm not trying to be contrarian on purpose it just so happens that the super popular characters have personalities I hate (with some exceptions). it's like some mangakas are trying to make the most unlikeable character imaginable while passing them off as "heroic" at the same time

assholeness and aloofness itself is not the issue, even some characters i consider husbandos have those traits and are sometimes seen as "edgy", but i prefer a more tone-downed or nuanced variant or the type that has something to make up for it. unfortunately it feels like extreme ones are a lot more common and popular. i only tolerate that type if it's done for comedy.

like the neets in OsoSan are assholes and have personalities taken to extremes, but they're funny to me so i end up liking them anyway, and i can relate to them a little.
suigetsu from naruto shippuden is an asshole, but he too is funny and has something charming about him. compared to sasuke, who is also an asshole but gives off a 'no fun allowed' brick wall vibe and is kinda boring in general tbh. if you poke him he'll get annoyed or maybe ignore you at best. whereas suigetsu is the kind of guy who'll poke you right back. he seems like someone you can banter and have a drink with, those are the type of 2d assholes i like.

now with aloof guys i prefer if they're the kind who is socially aware, knows how to have a normal conversation and emote but just chooses not to or doesn't feel like it all the time. but some aloof characters seem so cold to the point of being autistic or having no personality, like you'd have to teach them how to feel and i'm not into that shit. i can't be assed to post more examples and this post is already too long so yeah. so i think my types are:
>charismatic/funny/smug assholes
>kind of mild assholes
>someone to relate to to some degree, or someone who's more on my level?
>non-autistic/not dead serious/laid-back introverts (ironically enough i'm the autistic type)
>(not mentioned) sleepyheads, slightly gloomy guys, mild edgelords

No. 827919

Wait what? I don't read Moo's thread anymore, but when did that happen? Why would someone post something like that?

No. 827921

I like when my pimples feel hard and kinda pointy

No. 827922

Interesting, I like your taste anon! I have a similar taste to you and I agree on the autist thing, personally I find those characters really endearing in fiction but they would be a nightmare to actually date. If I think of any characters that sound like your type I'll try to add on.

No. 827930

File: 1623425969741.gif (3.61 MB, 498x498, Tumblr_l_209117608293299.gif)

After hanging out with a nerd friend I will allow one scrote to live once the racialgenderpaleontologist war begins. All other men can go to hell.

No. 827940

File: 1623427773659.jpeg (14.85 KB, 263x192, EB08C66A-05CE-43F9-8970-2B465B…)

I know this is being disrespectful of boundaries but I will not know peace until I know the details of Simon and Martina’s (of EYK fame) divorce. I hate that they don’t intend on giving anymore info I mean I understand their decision but as a curious, albeit nosy onlooker like how do you go from being such an over the top lovey couple to being totally split up in (seemingly) under a year? Also would be curious what Simon’s perspective of his tattoo sleeve is now. Ugh I just have so many questions

No. 827941

I'll come pop them for you

No. 827945

It was for her only fans or something. She was fingering herself and dipped her finger in and something brown/red came out with her finger. Why she would share that with fuckers is beyond me

No. 827949

No fucking joke, the plot behind LazyTown is cool as fuck. I miss being a child

No. 827950

you and me both especially because of how creepy and cultish simon has been acting as of late. Thanks for reminding me of this anon.

No. 827951

I only brought soup for lunch and I'm thinking of getting a kid's meal from chipotle for something a little more filling but I'm a little scared of being judged for ordering a kid's meal as an adult… but man who cares lol I'm ordering and paying online anyway, so fuck it.

No. 827954

Me too anon! I'm a nosy ass bitch, and yes people change, but they would go on and on about their relationship constantly. I remember old clips where they said Simon was learning how to apply make up and do hair so he could eventually do them for Martina, how he was working out more to help Martina, and one podcast that was titled "We are not soulmates" is such a stark contrast to what has now happened. Of course I want to know what happened, how do you go from devoted to one another to suddenly ending it all?! I'm sad they don't really warrant another thread but they haven't really posted much of note to even post them into the youtubers general thread for discussion.

No. 827955

>something brown/red
sometimes I can't tell if there are more men larping on here than I think or if there are farmers haven't gone through puberty yet kek, literally what could it be other than blood

No. 827963

I know it's blood, retard. But saying "blood" wouldn't necessarily do it justice now would it? I needed to add the description, so that it sounded gross because it was. Go fuck yourself and your tinfoil hat.(infighting)

No. 827968

someone forgot to take their mood stabilizers this morning

No. 827977

they're back? Where did they go? I don't watch tv anymore

No. 827978

lmao I love your mom anon

No. 827980

>Girl fingers herself on her period
>Omfg worse thing ever like what even is that
Newsflash - sex is gross, porn is gross, periods can happen unexpectedly, momo is obese so she probably has irregular periods too. I don't know why you would even watch a gross girl do gross porn and then act shocked when you find out she has bodily functions. Do you bitches get suicidal anytime you change your tampon or pad?
Also if you "knew" it was blood you wouldn't play mental gymnastics to act like she had some crazy unknown disease for having her period. Some of you are worse than scrotes

No. 828011

Girl, calm down, I don't care that much. not even gonna read your shit

No. 828014

samefag, but you honestly must be new here if you aren't aware that we nitpick mariah. chill out.
btw i don't get periods anymore due to my IUD so… you're fucking gross kek
if you are still getting mad at this, you should take a break from lolcow.

No. 828017

Based. Put her in her place.

No. 828018

File: 1623433939122.png (257.45 KB, 502x492, 4fb18a12-0706-4da0-8ed6-24f014…)


No. 828020

Anons here can truly infight about anything. Even some obese cow's period blood.

No. 828022

File: 1623434179456.gif (3.27 MB, 480x270, tWL8ys.gif)

The berleezy discord server is having a night for fangirls and I honestly want to join but also I'm so fucking awkward.
yeah it's berleezy anon… still not over him…

No. 828025

Whoever the two anons in the Unconventional moids thread were that said Kate Winslet's body was bangin', you 1-2-K.O.'d my body dysmorphia today and I'm indebted to you both.

I'm unironically thinking of making this a server on discord. Seems fun. Should I?

No. 828026

That's what I'm saying. Stupid sped should've just let me sperg about it instead of "WeLl AcKUaLLY its PeRIOd BLooD, SCROTEEEEEE!!!!!!" Fucking embarrassing for her, it's the dumbass shit thread where we say dumbass things

No. 828027

File: 1623434415550.gif (2.27 MB, 498x278, tenor (1).gif)

berleezy sperging…
aaaa i just want to wake up in his arms. I feel like I'm cheating since I have a bf it's so not fair for him that I'm so in love with this stupid fucking youtuber. parasocial bullshit.,…

In other news, CallMeKevin is adorable is really seems milkless. I'm going to post him in that other thread.

No. 828040

Maybe they'll think it's for your child anyway, depending on how old you are.

No. 828041

The only thing that's going to comfort me when my mum inevitably dies is the fact that I loved every fibre of her being and I helped her as much as I could even when the work was difficult and a man probably should have been doing it, or at least helping me. If my dad hadn't died I'd still be doing that work because I couldn't imagine seeing him do that either though. Fucking brutal! But god, I also would do anything for them including sacrifice my own life. I love my parents holy fuck

No. 828048

I just grabbed some scissors and cut some of my hair. the blades came back red I thought it was blood since some retards here think people can't describe things without actively saying what it is…. and I thought "holy fuck did my hair just bleed, is this now a japanese horror manga?" then I remembered I cut open a popsicle packet last night. it was tasty

No. 828056

>you're gross because you get periods and I don't
troon much?
>no ones gonna read except for the fact I double responded to you to tell you how mad you are
?(hi troon)

No. 828057

I genuinely hate drag queens, not just for their misogyny and sexism but because their makeup genuinely terrifies me. It's human nature to be more afraid of things that have small or dark eyes (no whites in their eyes). Their heavy overuse of mascara and fake lashes is disturbing.

No. 828058

There we go, I was waiting for the "TROON!!!" card to come out.

No. 828062

I hadn't had burger king for years but because of work I was nearby one all this week. I got kids meals on 2 different days, ate my kiddy meals while in public and nobody gave a fuck. I gave the toys away to passing kids

No. 828066

anons I love Bill Skarsgard

No. 828068

Are you having an episode?

No. 828069

yes and super excited that it's friday and I get to smonk weed tonight with my bf and watch youtube

No. 828070

Everyone's on their period today. dw so am I.

No. 828071

hi period bestie

No. 828078

File: 1623438466473.jpeg (30.1 KB, 500x501, 1623390709204.jpeg)

Fuck, me too.
Worst part is that I planned a romantic date with my boyfriend tomorrow and was expecting some railing, but I got my period yesterday.

>Inb4 you can still do it

Too messy, too painful,

No. 828080

Is it cringe or bad if anime is my only hobby

No. 828081

imo yes. branch out into something creative where you make something, just consuming isn't good!

No. 828093

I would consider it an interest not a hobby

No. 828095

fuck yeah jannies are finally handing out bans for reddit spacing, yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah

No. 828098

I want 2016 back

No. 828105

Cringe? yes. Bad? no. Hobbies exists for your entertainment and relaxation, not to be something productive or whatever.

No. 828109

Ever since I installed images on/off I've
a) not been paranoid about scrote spam while clicking any new thread/board
and b) had lc load much faster than the usual
So thx anon who suggested it a few weeks ago

No. 828150

Have any of you guys tried alligator meat? I really want to have some and I’ve had the opportunity while in New Orleans but I didn’t take it and I regret it.

No. 828163

Makes for a 4 out of 5 sausage

No. 828173

I have! Down in the swamps of FL I had the option at a restaurant, and sorry to give a stereotypical response, but it really does taste like chicken. Briny chicken. They say tuna is chicken of the sea but I think gator is chicken of the bog. It wasn't terrible but can't say I was a big fan.

No. 828209

I had it in Florida too, how did you eat it? I had gator nuggets they were totally like chicken. I've had frog legs and I'd kind of compare them to each other with the gator meat being tougher

No. 828219

Speaking of periods, who else just got off theirs? I know two people that got their periods just this week as I got off I feel alone

No. 828241

I'm maybe a few days away from ovulating. I fit in nowhere

No. 828249

Now that I think about it, a lot of the "male Joker" movies dudes like to rave about, I've fallen asleep while watching or downright did not enjoy. I think that says a lot.

No. 828252

Same here anon, they were lightly breaded on a bed of fries. Very redneck chic. Haven't had frog yet but that's interesting to hear. I think my favorite unconventional meat is snail. People seem to either love or hate "spongy" texture like in clams and octopus, but I enjoy it and they were in the same camp. Flavor was pleasantly earthy and took on a lot of the butter sauce.

No. 828256

Ikr I made a confession that I report them all like a year ago and everyone went off on me kek

No. 828269

I posted an art piece I made sorta as a joke and as a nod to a game my brother and I played as children, and was slammed with strangers finding my account through the tags. A bunch of people are asking if they can buy it, so now I'm spending my evening making more of them. Nice turn of events, if you have an urge to do something stupid sometimes it turns out decently. If you read this, it's your sign to do whatever the fuck you want right now. Any urge.

No. 828276

beautiful, thanks. Hope you make hella coin

No. 828280

Damn, nona, this is the sign i needed. Best of luck with your art endeavours!

No. 828304

That's awesome nonny, that had to be such an encouraging and pleasant surprise. Enjoy the unexpected pay day

No. 828306

Mine just ended

No. 828321

The word retard is in every other post on here today. That's alot, even for here

No. 828322

I seriously want to fuck to the track Dance of the Dream Man from Twin Peaks' OST

No. 828323

this is the second time today a bat sneaks into my house, and my fucking dumbass cat got his paw stuck on the radiator trying to catch it before I could put him in another room. I'm never opening the windows again.

No. 828329


No. 828345

My pronouns are tard/tardself

No. 828360

I hate myself for not waking up to look at that eclipse

No. 828361

i've noticed an influx of retards on here this past week so i think it's warranted

No. 828363

Happy that I've evolved from a horny self-hating scrote pleaser to a misandrist who couldn't care less about simple-minded biological afterthoughts. tried very hard not to use the retard word for you guys xx

Which one babe?

No. 828365

File: 1623450772895.jpeg (55.06 KB, 776x600, Partial_Solar_Eclipse_(NHQ2021…)

There was just a solar eclipse yesterday morning

No. 828366

I feel like the new influx of tards are the ones calling everyone else tards tho

No. 828376

Because Twitterfags have been holding it in over there. That's all I can think of kek

No. 828386

this is true, redditors and twitter users get excited to be able to say naughty words without consequence for the first time, especially the younger ones. I swear this is the case for half the people in the artist salt thread, idk how to explain it they just give off that vibe

No. 828400

I don't think many will stay if we get hit by a raid from autistic troons again.

No. 828407

watching all this creepshow shit unfold is weirdly more of a cautionary tale for me than anything… like not to give her any credit it's not like she was a celeb but still, if i ever gain a single crumb of fame or relevancy i am literally never posting on lolcow ever again. i'm nowhere near her level of retarded to where i'd out myself that obviously but why would you even risk your mild success and the entire platform/ fanbase you've built just to talk shit on here??? it's wild to me

No. 828416

I want it all back. I want to start over in like 2003 or some shit

No. 828426

Just the way she sperges out in her vids exhausts me.. how much extra bitchin and sperging could you even have left over after that?

No. 828443

1996-2003 seems like a nice range of years to go back to, but if I'm going back there, I want to be reverted to my 2015-2017 hotter selve's body

No. 828450

Woman in a discord server announced she was "greysexual" aka only aroused rarely. Little does she know, she posted stuff that led to her nsfw reddit account and it was literally her and her husband looking for threesomes nonstop. Who are you kidding girl?

No. 828454

I'm going to eat a bit of dinner, take a smonk break, work out, and then down some sleeping pills and shower before going to bed. I wish I could do something fun tonight, though, maybe a show or movie rec would be nice so I don't sleep at like 7:30pm today.

There was a cute fairy girl at the drugstore I go to who smelled of strong weed and was looking for waxing kits to use on her coochie. I wish her well.

No. 828482

Restarted antidepressants, they giving me MANIA instead of ANGER. I'm ready to make every decision I wouldn't had I been in my right mind. LETS GO

No. 828488

I just wish I had a bunch of other artist friends to sperg about our husbandos and self-inserts with

No. 828497

We could be friends, nonnie. I love sperging about my husbandos and sometimes I tend to write dumbass short fics.

No. 828502

same anon. i'm so angry the discord thread got shut down, but it's even more unfeasible with all the newfags. ugh
i can't help but wonder how long the ban for posting contact would be… n-not that i'd do that, of course, pls no ban

No. 828503

File: 1623466792513.gif (2.56 MB, 498x280, bopbopbopbobp.gif)

Mods assemble!

No. 828504


No. 828512

File: 1623467325669.png (69.59 KB, 273x259, alpaca.png)

Here's to all the anons whose waifus/husbandos die in their source material, have shitty writers, get used as holes without any of their charm/are unfeasably ooc in fan content, or don't have a lot of alternate outfits. May you get good content or be blessed with the ability to create your own.

No. 828514

im' going to eat the one and only alpaca crepe in the world.. and No one can stop me

No. 828517

Tell me about how it tastes. I haven't been able to stop thinking about it.

No. 828518

File: 1623468407126.jpg (20.43 KB, 400x372, stupid fujgin idiiot.jpg)

We might not able to stop you… but he can.

No. 828519

sorry to burst his bubble, but i'mnot afraid of Jason R Womack.

No. 828520

why am i creating scenarios in my head and i get upset over them like I'm borderline crying over SOMETHING THAT ISN'T EVEN REAL.

No. 828596

File: 1623488422214.png (370.69 KB, 587x511, 1621193704039.png)

I don't expect or ask for males to have builds like Chris Evans, cause I know that shit is immposble for most people but they can alreast try the bare minimum for physical health and not be skinny fat, chubby and deathly obese, picrel is very doable for the average male with moderate exercise

No. 828600

Give me a skinnier athletic body with decent abs please

No. 828601

heheheh I'll take the chubbs.

No. 828605

I hope to god you're trolling, I feel fetishing people's body types to be wierd asf, I want both men and women to be as healthy and fit as much as an average can be
I mean we all can't have our ideal physiques and body types but we should try to be fit and healthy

No. 828606

I'm sorry I just really like the chubb.. mixed with some muscles.

No. 828609

Ohhh know what body type your talking about, a little fat cause he doesn't have enough time for cardio but he still continues lifting at home when he can, that was my bf when he was starting his Job, now he's got more time to do cutting and has a more stable muscle to fat ratio

No. 828612

File: 1623492910048.png (1.18 MB, 1225x869, based.png)

based eighties anime. Would be a controversy if said now

No. 828613

you made this exact same post in the previous thread. or someone is copy pasting posts

No. 828621

Name of this anime pls?

No. 828623

nta but creamy mami

No. 828625

Just found out an old shitty flame has been gaming with teenagers this past year. I feel a visceral disgust. Before this, he was emailing a literal highschooler. I fucking hate him.
Based. It would only be controversial on leddit and chans. Someone make this a banner kek

No. 828628

Oh, and to elaborate - he's infiltrated a teenage girl group that probably vc and play L4D on the regular. From what I can tell, he's pretty cozy with them.

No. 828636

The true and proper male physique is one sculpted by various manual labors and a good diet

No. 828658

"Haha when you're 30 no ones going to want you! You should have picked a guy at 19"

Idk why scrotes think women have tons of good options when we are young. When I was 19 all I got was time wasting scrotes who felt like they were better than me or pedophiles trying to fuck my life up.

Yeah, I would have been thrilled to get married at 18 and build a cute little family but no scrotes wanted that.

No. 828660

>You should have picked a guy at 19
Guys at that age are closer to animals than actual humans

No. 828662

Every time Chris Evans is mentioned I get a 'Nam flashback of his dick

No. 828663

Exactly lol and any guy older willing to date someone so young is usually going to be an abusive ass.

No. 828668

I made SUCH a sick beef with mustard sauce and basmati rice. It's DELICIOUS. Suck it Gordon Ramsay you have nothing on me

No. 828681

I actually fell for that advice and got married at 19. I lost 6 years of my life to a pathetic incel. At that age you have no experience, no standards, and your mind still isn't done developing. The only people that benefits are losers rejected by anyone who knows better, which is why they prey on young girls in the first place.

No. 828695

So many people say periods get easier when you get older but it's literally the opposite, mine just keep getting more painful to the point where I vomit and the diarrheas increased despite no major change in my diet. Also painkillers do fuck all beyond giving me chest pain, ear ringing and dizziness.

No. 828724

File: 1623508681748.jpeg (62.22 KB, 600x588, F6EBDC29-8362-45BA-9809-CC6C11…)

I kind of wish there was a moetron created for each decade of popular anime, it would be neat.

No. 828726

Same. Not as bad as you but I've gone from completely pain-free to I need painkillers to live

No. 828728

no let her die already

No. 828732

It’s just a popular and effective method of E-commerce that people have picked up on by watching how streaming media services make money. You get someone to try a monthly plan of something and usually they’re so complacent and lazy that even if they try it and don’t like or use it, they probably still won’t get around to canceling right away.

No. 828740

I wake up every morning continuing the timeline where I live with my husbando in my head before I have to crawl out of my bed and face reality someone get me out of this 3d world aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa I am filled with longing

No. 828778

After watching I am not an easy man on Netflix, I now want to live in a female-led universe where men are objectified and submissive. I know the point of the movie is to show scrotes what it's like to be treated as a woman and that men and women should be equal, but I couldn't care less. It was based

No. 828782

File: 1623514404798.jpg (26.93 KB, 306x475, 150874._SY475_.jpg)

I randomly remembered this book that I read a lot when I was learning English. It's this choose-your-own adventure style book about a female pilot whose plane crashes and you have to survive until the rescue team finds you. I loved it so much and wished it was twice as long

No. 828786

I traveled to a nearby town today and there's only one store there that has public toilets. After arriving I headed straight there to pee and found a queue for the ladies. Woman ahead of me said she'd been waiting ten minutes already. Then someone finally came out and the next person in the queue went in and immediately out telling us the place was destroyed and she needed to get staff.. I waited for the coast to clear and just slipped into the mens. Its a single stall cubicle anyway.

3 hours later I return to pee again and the ladies was still blocked off. I again went to the mens cos fuck it. Nobody else would though?? Its a single private toilet and there's no other choice. Why not? How did one old lady destroy a toilet that badly? How many women nearly pissed themselves today from that locked toilet..or got utis from holding it? Questions.

No. 828793

File: 1623515643362.gif (858 KB, 178x128, mfw.gif)

i've capped so many emails that newfags put in the sage field that it's turned into a whole collection at this point. and this was only in a span of 3 days

No. 828796

oh man lmao

No. 828800

Any plans on how to use them?

No. 828803

idk what to do with them, but it's funny seeing so much dumbassery all at once

No. 828807

Based, nonnie.

No. 828809

Hairy chests sicken me. What do you guys think of them?

No. 828819

Ugh same. It's the only kind of body hair I seriously can't stand. Oh, and back hair too, ew.

No. 828820

There’s another bitch on here with a “cute guys crying” fetish and whoever you are, I love you

No. 828823

It grosses me out.

No. 828824

Loooove em but only if I find the guy hot

No. 828828

I don't mind it if it's just a little, but super hairy is gross

No. 828855

one of the neighbors kids has the same name as me, and i can hear all the neighborhood kids playing from my room if the window is open. surprisingly terrifying to hear 8 year olds scream your name like theyre being stabbed and then cackle.

No. 828861

File: 1623523796914.png (2.84 KB, 164x39, windows.PNG)

windows update added this to the taskbar, it's cool I guess

No. 828877

File: 1623525473035.gif (3.02 MB, 400x225, community_image_1419085616.gif)

>tfw no cute cuddly himbo bf

No. 828881

doesn't show to me but then again i use classic shell

No. 828915

File: 1623529595737.jpeg (312.3 KB, 828x725, 870F4831-363F-4055-8AD9-5179BB…)

A while ago I posted in the question thread asking if anyone remembered the anon who said she faked the Taylor swift 4chan photos and I found the post!

No. 828919

I remember that night!

No. 828921

I hate it, it makes my taskbar so unnecessarily crowded and I can LOOK OUT MY FUCKING WINDOW

No. 828922

Damn, I don't remember this at all. I love when farmers admit to things like this though. Reminds me of the anon who said she was the person in the meme of a girl eating spaghetti out of a bag.
>>>/ot/514629 (linking this for myself)

No. 828923

All you have to do is left click on the task bar, go to News and Interests, I believe, then turn it off. I'm not on my laptop right now so I can't remember what it exactly says but it should be something along those lines.

No. 828924

KEK I remember that, too. Should we believe?

No. 828927


No. 828929

Hairy chests make me drool they're so hot

No. 828949

File: 1623533318590.jpg (58.59 KB, 600x600, shoe-in-pro-finish-spike-shoes…)

My dad used to physically and sexually abuse me so much i dreamed with crushing his dick and balls with these bad boys and making him scream helplessly, i was 6yo and it was a very recurrent thought.

No. 828958

File: 1623535108217.jpeg (64.3 KB, 620x877, F62BC7AF-F980-4D39-A593-242890…)

ok so we will stop talking about dad bods. anyway how is the weather it is fine here smile I hope every one has had a nice meal today, if not please try to eat something. thank you. enjoy the weather however bis

No. 828971

One time I was 110% sure I saw my friend, exact same unique face, only older, with longer hair, kinda odd clothes and with a kid. I waved to her from the other side of the road and she bolted away with the stroller, almost running into people. I still wonder if that shit was me being in some form of mania psychosis or did I saw my friend but in the future lol

No. 828973

i'm starting to really hate the word "wholesome"

No. 828977

I thought it would be nice to take my cat outside on a leash but he got all angry and starting spraying fucking everywhere. He's neutered too what the fuck

No. 828978

If Adam and Eve weren't allowed to eat apples then why are we allowed to eat apples? Do some Christians abstain from apples? I don't get it

No. 828979

imposter apples

No. 828980

they weren't allowed to eat apples from a particular tree, all the other apple trees were fine

No. 828983

I'm a fujo because I will never understand how any woman can find het or yuri hentai enjoyable (IRL porn is a disgusting, exploitative industry altogether but that's a can of worms for another time), I'm actually shocked when I see anons on this site admitting to it. I'm too distracted by the intrusive thought of some terminally cumbrained scrote masturbating to it and I can't bear seeing women objectified and sexualized for the public eye like that, it's like being bared and violated myself. Fujoshit is literally the only thing moids haven't soiled with their greasy dicks.

No. 828984

this makes me cringe so fucking hard

No. 828986

The actual fruit mentioned in the story got mistranslated several times so we don't know what it was. Might have been more like a fig or date, but who really knows what a fruit of knowledge looks like. There are plenty of things banned in the bible that aren't 'fruits that look like a sacred forbidden fruit', so even if apples/figs/dates were banned, would anyone listen? Also, god is dead

No. 828988

i usually prefer self-insertion to voyeurism but not enough yumejo hentai out there

No. 828996

I agree entirely but it is hilariously ironic that gay male erotica is actually the most pro-female and least harmful porn out there.
But honestly I feel smug as shit knowing I can get off without ever giving a single scrotoid any sexual pleasure.

No. 829006

File: 1623543033508.jpg (Spoiler Image, 198.49 KB, 1237x1500, 1616778823956.jpg)

Good point but tbh there is good stuff out there. Problem is you have to make a huge effort to seek it out. Fujo stuff is fine but sometimes I do crave something more relatable.
I'm not into femdom really but things like pic related are refreshing.I also hate how in Hentai and pornography in general the men are ugly as fuck.

No. 829012

bih vacuum your carpet

No. 829014

I think what's throwing it off is the top, although I can't say for sure since I can't see all of it.

No. 829016

This has to be bait

No. 829017


Your face is visible in the photo frame on the right.

(Also clean your room)

No. 829018

Even with their face, they read genuinely mascu.

No. 829019

I don't think that's them, look at the difference in arm size

No. 829021

is this a transginger

No. 829023

File: 1623544340109.jpeg (100.89 KB, 828x407, B52226AD-24FB-4AB4-82CC-64259C…)


No. 829024

File: 1623544389134.jpg (247.79 KB, 800x600, Magictown.jpg)

My heart belongs to sims 2 but i really love the spooky vibe sims 1 had. Even before pic related expansion pack, how the house you played was in a grey void, the prank calls, and the fire that looked more like lava.

No. 829025

Oh that ain’t me, it’s my brother’s gf. We all share the room together; myself, my sister and my brother.

No. 829028


The prank calls with the scream mask used to shit me up as a kid. And the creepy messages.

And when aliens used to abduct your sim and they'd run around screaming terror

No. 829029

File: 1623544717423.jpeg (2.48 MB, 3088x2316, 114C7827-8965-4E03-96AF-E61DEA…)

Not a guy nor troon(stop attention whoring)

No. 829030

What the fuck?

No. 829031

bih are you for real? delete these while you still can

No. 829032

There's a high school / college lanyard in that photo. You trying to dox yourself?

No. 829033

Ah, I still remember their screams. Especially the children's.
They were so loud.

No. 829035

No. 829036

Now this is some dumbass shit

No. 829038

Is her arm amputated at the wrist? Why does it look like that?

No. 829039


Fuck the outfit. Anon, the state of your carpet is far more concerning. It's a legit shit pit. I mean the furniture is crusty as a motherfucker but that can wait. The floor is just a mouse / bug trap. Get off the internet and grab the damn vacuum. Jesus christ.

No. 829044

I have watched the James bonds involuntarily so many times and I could not name any of the films or tell you who anyone apart from James bond is.

No. 829056

File: 1623546751229.jpg (72.25 KB, 425x600, 4ce6063adf6b819cc58ad5c8a8ae77…)

I want to start working and learn how to fend for myself in case the unthinkable happens out but I don't know where to start

No. 829062

If I was American, I'd get a gun licence and tell no wan. And I'd learn to shoot it good. Although I've shot a rifle before and was frightened by the recoil.

No. 829063

Thinking about the one Double D anon and how I've seen them in like three threads. Still confused.

No. 829065

This is an actual struggle I relate to, anon

No. 829098

I'm pretty sure there's more than one anon who wants to fuck Double D but honestly they confuse me less than the forbidden man spergs. At least Double D has double the D if you know what I mean.

No. 829103

kanye is such a piece of shit why does his music have to be so good tho

No. 829126

i wish my anus liked spicy food as much as my mouth does

No. 829129

example? because i'm not seeing it

No. 829130

File: 1623553497218.gif (286.54 KB, 360x360, ohhye.gif)

he has two dicks? count me in

No. 829136

File: 1623555906730.png (68.08 KB, 279x207, meat berry cant know pain.png)

If the Edd nonnies keep multiplying I'm going to turn into one of these to forget.

No. 829139

I feel you anon.

No. 829160

File: 1623559601509.jpeg (407.21 KB, 1280x1280, 949A1B08-517C-49E8-8650-C338A6…)

i dont know if its because of quarantine induced autism or if im genuinely retarded, but i’m in a real life club with people for the first time and I’m on lolcow. I can’t even say I wish I was home because I’d still be doing this, just with the added benefit of wearing sweats and drinking in bed.

No. 829170

I fucking love being single. No compromise, no putting up with anything you don't truly want to, etc.
Yeah, I do want to meet my "best friend," but until then I'm going to have fun doing me

No. 829172

Sign them up for spam

No. 829179

send them pictures of men from the unconventional thread

No. 829218

I just heard Ben Shapiros voice for the very first time, and he does not sound like I think he should sound like.

No. 829220

People talking about Jerma got me watching him play power wash simulator while grinding Destiny. At least this is better then yesterday when I was listening to ero situation CD's while doing the same.

No. 829221

I purposefully damaged something at work so I could take it home. Does the fact that it's 2.99 make it more excusable or less?

No. 829223

KEK, what did >>829029 originally post? a mirror selfie of her outfit in her room? does anyone still have it

Based & hot although i don't like his facial expression

No. 829227

File: 1623573415142.png (141.27 KB, 833x340, ot Dumbass Shit Thread 49.png)

No. 829228

There's NO WAY that's not a tranny.

No. 829229

lmao now every time I play any matchmaking activity I'll imagine one of the players listening to ero CD's while we try to win that gambit match or whatever

No. 829242

>See a GoFundMe someone posted saying "Consider donating to help my wife pay for her surgery!"
>Oh that's awful, what kind of surgery does she need? Let's check this out
>It's a troon who wants a penile inversion because "I've been dreaming of a vagina since childhood"
>The 12k goal has been reached
>At the same time there are women being denied breast reduction despite crippling nerve and back pain
It's so, so hard not to hate them and their sycophants.

No. 829245

dios mios…of course a troon would take a pic and post it for all to see

No. 829250

Why is heterosexual female gaze fictional porn so bloody uncommon?

No. 829253

I have mixed feelings whenever I see shit like this. Being in a country with free healthcare here..I still see alot of ftms begging for money to go privately and get top surgery without the 'torturous' 2/3 year public wait list.

In a way it saves the taxpayer and means that the only ones funding it are fully supportive of that decision anyway. But then I also wonder how many end up regretting their surgery and could've done with a 2 year waiting period to think about it. I'm saying this as an ex fakeboi who abandoned ship 1 year into hormones.

No. 829254

cause guys are content with faceless men and floating dicks as long as the chick is hot.
There's a nice thread going on /h/ though if you can ignore all the other shit.

No. 829255

I also live in a country with free health care and this is how the process goes:
>E-beg to book an appointment to a private clinic because you can't wait for two years on public healthcare to make a life-changing decision that will irreversibly alter your body and its functions in a surgery that could go horribly wrong
>Regret it a few years after
>Demand public healthcare to fix the damage you did to yourself during your gender psychosis out of taxpayers' pockets
This is what happens and why I can't support trannies getting frivolous work done, it'll end up costing everyone in the long run.

No. 829256

Lawsuits seem like a blindingly obvious outcome to me and I'm astonished doctors are willing to carry out unnecessary, likely harmful surgery on healthy bodies. It might make them a buck but it's also a class action suit waiting to happen, and frankly they deserve to be sued. They should be a voice of reason instead of enabling this shit.

No. 829257

Why did none of you anime bitches mention how hot howl was it had taken me 30 years to find out

No. 829259

File: 1623583214546.jpeg (32.69 KB, 470x459, B9D0C5CB-2B39-42DA-9A4F-21F048…)

why am I even more bored than usual, nothing fills with me joy, food disappoints me like what the fuck

No. 829270

Because most of it is made by men, for men.

No. 829292

i don't want to update my fucking windows 10 yet again eat shit willy

No. 829298

I'm going to start inserting a double space randomly in my posts to upset the janny with ocd

No. 829307

File: 1623593788490.jpg (Spoiler Image, 23.62 KB, 385x576, right2remainsexxy.jpg)

I got sucked into the police impersonator rabbit hole kek I can't stop watching videos about them

No. 829325

File: 1623596422889.jpg (228.9 KB, 1600x1062, Gorbachev_Honecker_kiss_1986.j…)


No. 829332

File: 1623596806276.jpeg (101.38 KB, 640x640, 54338832-DA01-43EE-B3B4-73F82E…)

Accept the truth, nonnie, Achilles was head over heels for Patroclus.

No. 829334

Is it retarded that I wanna throw out all my old clothes and buy new ones? Nothings wrong with the they just remind me of the person I used to be and the trauma connected to them

No. 829338

File: 1623597150034.gif (656.7 KB, 500x282, 1456084234471.gif)

I CAN'T STOP BURPING JESUS CHRIST MAKE IT STOP. i don't even drink fast so wtf

No. 829340

I lean towards being the hoarder type but I think replacing your wardrobe sounds like a great idea. It's not like you have to do it all at once and it's not illogical, the clothes make you feel bad so why keep them? Shit doesn't have to be so complicated

No. 829348

most achilles could've been was a bisexual

he had multiple wives SHUT UP!!!!

No. 829352

achilles isnt real

No. 829354

No but try to put the old clothes towards something good (give them to friends, sell them, donate them or whatever).

No. 829363

Yeah, yeah, but he still went psycho when he knew Patroclus died, did he do the same for his wives? Of course not, he loved his bff so much that he only wanted to protect him and he felt actual despair when he lost them, I would’ve known, I was there, sweaty xoxo

No. 829368

Am I the only one who doesn't find this story as romantic and "optimistic" as this video makes it out to be
First off she's caping for her deadbeat Dad, who abandoned her and her mother and never gave any sort of child support despite likely having considerable wealth
And secondly a lot of these African kings/chieftains are not as Nobel as people think, like best scenario the role is just ceremonial and has no real authority, just some one for local ceremonies and tourist but a lot of times these are just feudal landlords who make sure that their people stay underdeveloped and have access to higher education

No. 829370

Anthony fantano is the male version of june

No. 829371

I talked with a person who was into a similar game and then told them i was gonna go to bed. Why did they message me really snottily when they saw me online later " "probs going to bed" btw." Like what the fuck I do not owe you any attention. They of course backstepped and apologized when I said why I was awake after (legitimate reason why I was awake, not that it even matters really.) Its just really fucking annoying how some men think women owe them attention.

No. 829372

Unless you're able to provide some milk, he's a embarrassingly woke, yeah, but not to the same level of cringe as june

No. 829373

File: 1623602666081.png (309.94 KB, 1100x619, 500800-youtube.png)

this is your brain on tumblr

No. 829375

I saw this video on my feed but never watched it bc I figured it'd be the woman caping for her deadbeat dad (and mom, possibly). Glad to hear it was a waste of time I didn't spend watching, thanks anon.

No. 829378

File: 1623603159158.jpg (159.15 KB, 1080x1026, 20210613_195238.jpg)

Same energy

No. 829380

Fuck it Im gonna start roleplaying again. Once I break free from cringing at myself I’ll feel the same joy I did in elementary school making warrior cat ocs.

No. 829381

Omg same anon, warrior cats made my life happy for once.

No. 829383

my friend is accusing me of being a liar because I told her I can orgasm just from having penetrative sex.. like she legitimately got mad at me for saying it and called me a pick me while we were talking about sex last night. she said it was impossible and that it's just a lie made up by men kek

No. 829388

File: 1623604320137.png (479.18 KB, 720x1323, Screenshot_20210613-220853.png)

My God, her twitter and Her Instagram is under "Princess Sarah of Sierra Leone" when she's basically just the child of a single village chieftan

No. 829393

Try closing your mouth (if you're a mouthbreather) and avoid talking too much.

No. 829396

Eh, I can too. But that’s cause of the friction on my clitoris I guess.

No. 829397

File: 1623605065120.jpeg (59.02 KB, 326x400, BEB89750-5AB2-4204-852D-400DDE…)

oh my god the outside newbies, stop turning this into PULL. the ugly typing styles and moralfagging is getting on my nerves and I guarantee the new posters are minors who are so fucking stupid and don’t read the rules

No. 829398

i already do that

No. 829399

I had a friend accuse me of lying of that too! And like lucky for me because any direct clit stuff is too sensitive it's almost painful.

No. 829406

Me too, anon. Like, instead of eating me out, my bf just drips lube on my clit because that alone makes me cum. He can eat me out but it's super delicate, I love penetration the most. Cowgirl is fun if you rub on your clit lightly. My clit is stupid small, it doesn't pop out of the hood at all and it almost looks invisible.

No. 829409

are you drinking alcohol or soda?

No. 829412

nope just water

No. 829415

It really did help me hone my writing skills too. I would have been hobbyless now if I wasn’t writing then.

No. 829419

I think following and commenting on specific cows for years and years is gay

No. 829425

File: 1623607305005.jpg (51.7 KB, 1024x425, 8765.jpg)

every time I come here nonas are always horny and able to coom from the slightest breeze but i can't. just how?

No. 829426

It was the "fruit of the knowledge of good and evil" and it was metaphorical obv

No. 829427

have you ever tried using the clitoris

No. 829436

Would I look stupid if I used a rain umbrella as a sun parasol? I don't feel like tanning this summer

No. 829442

I want to make a candle out of earwax and gift it to my piece of shit high school teacher

No. 829456

But how will you collect enough ear wax for that

No. 829465

why do people try to shame women for liking true crime?

No. 829466

or rather being interested in it?

No. 829468

Yes lol people will look at you like you're nuts if you use an umbrella when it's not raining. Tbh even using actual parasols to block the sun isn't really done outside of Asia so that would probably attract attention. I'd recommend getting a nice wide brim hat with a high uvpf, that will work better, look better, and be much less clunky and inconvinient than an umbrella or parasol.

No. 829469

people shame women for everything

No. 829470

I think we mostly corelated with the weirdos who find serial killer and maniancs attractive, those people deserved to be Shamed by everyone IMO

No. 829472

Loll okay! I'm not really a hat person so I guess I'll just wear a lot of sunscreen

No. 829474

Girl wtf, use the umbrella if it would be convenient for you. Who cares what people think?

No. 829475

File: 1623611471114.jpg (7.73 KB, 216x233, Umbrella hat.jpg)

Wear this

No. 829479

File: 1623611968203.jpeg (730.38 KB, 1200x870, C455922B-2A87-472C-A2BD-300E69…)

this scene is the first thing that comes to mind whenever i see one of those fucking hats

No. 829482

Ahh thanks, I just don't wanna look like a weirdo

No. 829488

File: 1623612950901.png (319.07 KB, 720x514, Screenshot_20210614-003535.png)

I'm not a Muslim Anymore so both of these are retarded for me but this is straight up factually wrong
The design on the left came from Saudi Arabia in the 1930's, then spreading to Egypt during Islamic rivalism before finally being enforced in the wider Muslim world
My female ancestors (who mind you were Muslim for 800 years) would have worn clothing similar to the pic on the right then left, as they were peasant farmers who wore practical loose clothing for labor

No. 829497

File: 1623613472118.jpg (85.28 KB, 750x500, 415094b23b0950cf6b63659a6555c7…)

This is more or less what most women in greater Punjab region(which is mostly still rural) dress like, they literally would not be able to survive and do essential work if they wore those trahsbags

No. 829509

File: 1623614468391.jpg (50.17 KB, 309x400, 9c01ebd29d52767f0b26d5b3646244…)

Buy a sun parasol. We are making them trendy again in /g/.

No. 829516

I'm a married woman in her late 20's with two kids and a loving husband yet I think I might be a closeted lesbian or something. Sometimes I feel like I chose the harsh, real world and I keep daydreaming about my first sexual experiences with my best friend. I'm still deeply ashamed of all of that and left the town long ago. She still lives there with a great career and a good bf.
To me, she made all the good choices in life while I struggle everyday. We didn't meet in 7 years but I just want her to hold me once. I wonder how she feels about me. I would never leave what we built here as a family but I'm just sad, idk. I love my kids more than anything and yet I can't help but feel Im just not strong enough.

No. 829522

That's the number 1 thing people mention about Howl's Moving Castle, that one's on you

No. 829533

A family member just reshared a social media post from last year showing his 10 year old daughter in a bikini, fake tattoo sleeve, and visible abs. He even remarked on the abs.
Sorry but that's WEIRD.

No. 829539

Would recommend! Even better is those rain/sun combo umbrellas. It has a thick black layer on the bottom to block out ALL sun. Great because you can create your own little shade and keep it with you.

Usually I'll just wear sunscreen because I find holding an umbrella in all sunny weather a bit of a chore, but if it gets super hot or I forgot to bring sunscreen then it's good as a backup.

No. 829542

his 10 year old daughter has abs? wat

No. 829571

Such a boring day. All I'm doing is my basic fare of hobby-related stuff and reading, and then I did my whole olaplex treatment and I'm ordering more skincare. I would like to use more expensive brands, but I'm stuck with the Ordinary and the Inkey List because of my price point. I'm going to try out voulifine , too. I like skincare in that it is the thing that basically molded me into a routine based, functioning person, but it feels shallow at times.

That's also why I'm not completely sold on doing cosmetology school. I know I would enjoy it, but part of me wonders if I should go for a Master's or phD in philosophy of science or something like that which is related to my niche major I graduated in.

No. 829578

Lol I watched it again today.

No. 829579

Samefag, I just wikipedia'd it and the author of the book wrote a dog's body another work of art. Omg I stan!!

No. 829580

Does the PS5 even actually exist

No. 829581

I never graduated the PS3

No. 829589

File: 1623624995148.jpg (33.92 KB, 228x228, 20210604_230011.jpg)

Just saw someone refer to K farms as "the fruit forum" and it's waaaay funnier than it should be to me. Did I wake up high?

No. 829606

I might move in with 3 guys, but we're good friends and I hang out with them every day and sleep over pretty much every night. How bad of an idea is this?

No. 829619

if you already trust them enough to sleep over every night that's a good sign. just never ever clean up anything after any of them, ever, never think "oh I'll do it just this once to be nice" or you're signing your contract to be their live-in maid.

I shouldn't have to tell you not to fuck any of them, that's just roommate common sense, but seriously being the only girl moving into an established man house, you have to put your foot down as you walk in the door that you won't be their mommy or their maid.

No. 829627

File: 1623630030510.jpg (299.68 KB, 1080x1573, Screenshot_20210613-191936.jpg)

My male celebrity face matches.

No. 829638

I feel happy everytime I get the cute banner with the puppet cow bonking colored buttons with his nose at the top of the page

No. 829640

No. 829644

File: 1623631698819.jpeg (232.79 KB, 1242x1242, 86ADCFFD-EBE0-45A9-98D4-4A17D6…)

No. 829663

Has any one encountered people who were PC/Woke but also anti Semitic ?
I know a very annoying couple, who are both very politically correct, their an interracial liberal couple and will lecture you, if you make any sort of edgy joke, the black girl is especially extra woke BTW but their also huge anti-semities

They mention the "Jews" Casually and seem to blame all societal vows on them, I mean you wouldn't expect that from a liberal PC couple

No. 829672

I was at the county fair earlier and saw some deathfat and roasted her to myself and then it turns out she won the biggest pig competition and I had to walk out the livestock ring so no one saw my cry laughing

No. 829675

File: 1623635097575.jpg (11.83 KB, 292x250, thumb.jpg)

Sage for the samefag but by biggest pig I mean she owned a literal hog that was in the livestock show not that she won as a pig

No. 829682

File: 1623635317690.jpeg (466.06 KB, 1170x663, 79392336-95C8-4118-900D-56A836…)

I’m high as balls haha big funny

Also yes, ik what you mean nonnita. can’t elaborate atm but yes

No. 829710

>Also yes, ik what you mean nonnita. can’t elaborate atm but yes
You can't leave us hanging, just give a few more details

No. 829739

Watching a Korean cooking YouTube channel I like and couldn't help but think "wow this video is super quiet compared to usual" but it was because I forgot to put the subtitles on! (The channel only does subtitles and music with no voiceover and the subtitles make no difference to the volume idk if this makes sense lol)

No. 829750

File: 1623645207523.jpg (99.6 KB, 640x805, 1589383598438.jpg)

Anyone tried the "gamer" dating apps? I always get ads for them because of my hobbies, but haven't tried them because I'm pessimistic and have an aversion to online dating.

No. 829753

>actively going out of your way to date a male gamer
Anon… reconsider

No. 829757

why do fakebois bother coming here, a female-only site, if they see themselves as men hmmm?

No. 829764

Normally I could but since im high, I may not be in the right state to make cohesive statements on a subject like that without sounding like a complete retard. Sorry nonnies & hope ur all having a wonderful night. Cringe but I love u guys

No. 829768

I know and then they complain about seeing women talk about their bodies like stfu and turn off your device, you complaining sack of lard. No one asked you to be here on this website.

No. 829784

I love crocs more than flip flops but that might just be because of my weird insecurity about my toes

No. 829786

where do they post? i was lucky enough to never stumble upon them, but im cirious now

No. 829798

The most recent one was in the pride thread

No. 829812

File: 1623654018704.png (1.17 MB, 1512x720, Screenshot_20210613-235859.png)

watched a recent tasty video and did not regret it after seeing this face

No. 829826

File: 1623656770316.jpeg (182.11 KB, 1080x1266, fairytopia magical mermaids.jp…)

I went to the store and stopped by the toys section for fun. The dolls were so tacky and ugly. There was a mermaid and she was all neon rainbow and her tail was plastic. It really sucks man, they used to be so beautiful. I have this purple doll on the left and she is so beautiful and her tail is rubber so she can move. I put her on my desk for old times' sake. Her tail is all broken and patched because I played with her so much and her hair is a little frizzy but she is still beautiful

No. 829830

saw these on the front page and had flashbacks wtf

No. 829831

Is this the kind of doll the tail of which changes color if it is put in lukewarm water?? I had this when I was a kid but it looked slightly different

No. 829833

File: 1623657504211.jpg (60.54 KB, 543x1235, 61nUyr-BhLL._AC_SL1300_.jpg)

It's not but all the mermaid barbie designs are similar, is it this one

No. 829867

Maybe lolcow should start giving out gender-affirming bans.

No. 829869

i wanna live with no shame, just good vibes in assorted treehouses. i want to have a weekly uniform where its all one colour, one week yellow one week green. i want to roll down a hill like a wheel of cheese. let me eat sunlight and piss lambrusco. I'll take a whoole bite out of the moon then ask if it likes it.

No. 829890

Playline Barbie dolls are done as cheaply as possible nowadays. There was literally a series of basic dolls with a painted on costume. Plastic, unremovable corsets and dresses are also common. Sad.

No. 829895

This is both odd and poetic. I like your ideas nonny. Manifesting a cozy, happy, decadent little world for you.

No. 829896

Am I the only one whose never had this problem, like when I was younger I just used to read self insert ships with my husbandos and that would well satisfy me, eventually this led to self insert ships with 3D IRL males that I found attractive
I'd I avoid the noncon, sub/dom and ddlg shit, I never read hentai or BL cause it felt kinda ridiculous basically

No. 829897

i don't mind written smut but sometimes i need something visual too. plus sometimes i can't picture things well enough in my head

No. 829905

This shit, THIS SHIT. I cannot be online friends with men they ALL do shit like this

No. 829907

I can get that to an extent but there's this disconnect for me between drawn stuff and actual sexuality, Its hard to explain but I feel like I have a primitive sexual attraction, e.g I find a lot of kinky stuff kinda funny, I mean abuse aside
A grown woman calling some guy "daddy", men and women in uncomfortable looking leather clothing, women wearing Victoria's secret lingerie and other "kinky" and sexual shit, isn't erotic or even disgusting for me, Its just kinda dumb and stupid looking and I'm left with a feeling how anyone takes this seriously

Like I just have sex, I dont shave or wear goffy looking underwear, But I'm fit and I like having sex with my husband whose Also very fit, we discuss what were gonna do and what were feeling for and capable of doing and make sure we both have enjoyable time and that's sex for me

No. 829909

My period has been sponsored by unemployment and studio ghibli this cycle. I have enjoyed kikis delivery service, howls moving castle, spirited away, castle in the sky and now I am watching Princess Mononoke. Howl's Moving Castle has been my favourite so far. Sophie is a feminist icon

No. 829914

File: 1623669328205.gif (91.5 KB, 360x360, A1973CB1-F9B7-4EC4-81EA-50AD1D…)

>tfw I won’t be able to get a character for my stupid gacha game because of the covid vaccine
At least it will be less probable for me to die, and I will appreciate the exercise since I won’t be able to play my dumbass game for hours like I’ve been doing so far.

No. 829915

For a short amount of time I used to work as a hostess at a hotel and my mother always mixes up the word hostess with escort and sometimes she tells people with a straight face that I used to work as an escort lmao

No. 829931

congrats on two culkins

No. 829942

I thought they did the pledge of allegiance in American schools like annually, not every day. I'm kind of surprised you don't hear about it more and there isn't more controversy around it

No. 829950

I was playing guitar hero and singing and then my mom came home aaaaaaaaaaaa I'm so embarassed she says she didn't hear me but I'm still embarrassed I slayed it on blood and thunder though

No. 829951

I dont understand people who cant go long periods of time without sex. Havent had sex in 3 months and I dont miss it.

No. 829952

i suppose everyone has different needs but same, i haven't had sex in 2 years actually and i don't really miss it. sometimes i think i wanna do it but the feeling passes and i'm quite happy this way.

No. 829957

psychology is shit, don't fall for this.

No. 829959

I'm coming up on 3 years and I'm not feeling any need yet

No. 829960

Nietzsche was right, psychology is a vice

No. 829976

Most people (westerners) see sex as a status symbol for relationships and attractiveness rather than actually enjoying it. Most western men have been proven to have low t on average, which would make them not as horny but every single one of them swears up and down they "need" sex daily lmao

No. 829977

File: 1623677607651.gif (214.42 KB, 638x360, 8f8cbd26043239e5ae4c8ddec67bea…)

just found out that decriminalization of same-sex marriage in my country predates women's voting rights

No. 829986

I really want to read the creepshow threads but I'm also too lazy to. I just wanna have some context to her being outted on here lol

No. 829991

Believe me anon, the males in my country are just as horny if not so, however if they ever have pre Marital sex they'd have dishonored the girl's family and would probably get beaten near half death by her family
India BTw

No. 829997

The amount of documentaries and shows I've seen where men have blamed a lack of sex for them going out and killing people. If a kind woman had just thrown me some sex this would never have happened… what??

In between relationships I've just gone years without sex and without giving it much thought. Sex is not a god given right that people owe you. You can get yourself off just as easily. You have porn, toys, your own hands. Sex is nice but nobody should be losing their mind over a lack of sex when orgasms can be achieved solo. They can fuck off seeing themselves as deprived victims.

No. 830002

and my bad, that was for all women.
before that, only educated ones over the age of 30 were allowed to vote

No. 830022

Why do land whales think being fat is a class and being told you're fat is a hate crime?(bait)

No. 830024

A lot of them have mental illnesses and food addiction issues. They would rather be fat and keep their addiction than quit and lose weight. So they make up that bodies are just different and fat people are an oppressed class.

No. 830031

tips on being a good girlfriend/wife/mother that is actually legit and not some misogynistic bullshit like "lol just be a chaste virgin"?

No. 830049

I'm not a mom myself, but I think a good parent should be patient. I know that seems obvious, but I see so many parents lose their temper easily. I also think a lack of patience/gentleness is part of the reason why so many people think beatings/spankings are an appropriate punishment. I'm not saying it's bad to get frustrated sometimes though, parents are humans.

No. 830050

Whenever I read original work on AO3 I always have to immediately close a story if the characters names are Japanese. I can't do it, I don't care how potentially good the story is. Maybe it's just me hating the weeb that I really am deep down lol

No. 830055

They beat the guy too? Hmm well that's better than some countries ig

No. 830060

-be prepared to work on your relationship with your husband and spend time together
-have balance in the relationship. Your husband should not have power over you and you shouldn't have power over him, you are equal partners
-have a satisfying sex life that you both enjoy
-hold your husband to a high standard. To keep the perfect wife, he has to be the perfect husband
-have a shared life goal that you both want to make happen
-accept the curse of the straight woman. You're husband will always have lower emotional intelligence than you. He will say stupid shit and do stupid things. No matter how many times you explain he will never understand because it's like trying teaching algebra to the mentally retarded

-provide a stable loving home
-learn about health and mental development to give your children the best start in life
-spend time with your children and take an interest in their lives
-teach them new things and show them the world around them
-be patient and understanding
-display temperance even if what they've done has pissed you off
-do not fight or argue with your husband in front of them
-contribute to their future financially and by giving them the belief in themselves that they will need to succeed

No. 830067

File: 1623687980595.gif (128.24 KB, 256x224, 3185de812f7a27745727650bfeb6c8…)

So one of my favorite games growing up was Earthworm Jim 2, loved its humor and its surreal, trippy quality. Recently, driven by my fondness for the game, I Googled its creator out of curiosity, thinking it would be some weed smoking, chill dude and it turns out the creator Doug Tennapel is an alt-right, Bible thumping, Trump worshipping madman who believes in transhumanism and one of the walls of his house has the American flag painted on it. Wow

No. 830088

File: 1623690050659.png (597.98 KB, 720x564, Screenshot_20210614-220114.png)

Okay imagine the worst attributes and stereotypes of western men, now imagine that but combine with worst attributes and stereotypes of middle Eastern Muslim men and finally combine that with worst attributes and stereotypes of Indian men and you get the men of my ethnicity, Urdu speaking Punjabi's
I'm not exaggerating when I say that I hate them and am also so ashamed of them, I mean their misogynistic shit heads but even the other shit heads mock cause how pathetic they are

They watch porn and have sexualized degenerate fantasies, 99% of them are mama's boys who were raised as princes, their Muslims who basically suck up to Arab and turks and pretend that their actually somehow Turkish or Arabic cause they curse their real ancestors

No. 830092

I'm craving strawberry whey so much

No. 830104

recently i dreamt that i was about to fuck the grinch so he could stop throwing a tantrum around the house. why do i have inane bullshit dreams like this but not a single dream about my husbando. not one. barely a crumb.

No. 830109

File: 1623691992681.gif (1.03 MB, 400x224, heartbreaker.gif)

I was obsessed with this music video when I was a little kid and I finally taught myself the very short, simple but cute choreography from the lobby scene.
>in b4 Mariah Carey can't dance
That's exactly why this choreo was so easy to learn.

No. 830110

File: 1623691995037.jpg (37.78 KB, 500x579, hlpsag3gyql51.jpg)

I was listening to music on Spotify and I was like "wow, this song is sooo noisy I love it!" and I went to go like it when I realized I also had a youtube tab up and had been listening to two different songs at the same time for like four minutes without realizing it.

No. 830111

oh anon…

No. 830114

that's adorable

No. 830115

File: 1623692336385.jpg (62.5 KB, 822x748, FB_IMG_1619503641102.jpg)

Lol this has happened to me before too

No. 830116

This happened to me too! I had Payday 2 running in the background while also listening to music on spotify and the songs lined up so well I thought it was a totally different song. It was great.

No. 830117

I've always been surprised that anons here don't follow his antics. He really is a cow(ba dum tss). He gets into it with twitter sjws every week like clockwork

No. 830123

I wanna troll 4chan but I don't really wanna troll 4chan

No. 830127

Do it. They troll us daily

No. 830130

Problem is none of my IPs are working there and I don't have a VPN. I keep trying different mobile IPs and it says "this range of IPs is banned". Like just let me fucking post something you moronic hellsite

No. 830135

What board are you trying to troll?

No. 830136

No. 830137

My trip to the national park this Saturday got cancelled and I'm fucking sad. I travel anywhere now until like August thanks to work. Fucking shit

No. 830149

I'm so MAD. I was about to enjoy some delicious food, but I was forced to see that shit on the front page and now I don't even want to eat

No. 830221

Figured out what was making me self conscious about my hair and thinned the front and top layers and gave myself a more flattering hair cut and I feel gorgeous. I drove to a new town to get groceries because that's all I've got going for me and I turned a lot of heads even a group of teenagers stopped being obnoxious and all smiled at me. I'm 30. I feel nice. Lol

No. 830222

I'm red in the face right now because I had a long masturbation session tonight and that always tends to happen to me and linger for a while afterwards. Just spent 20 mins at my front door talking to my neighbor and hoping he just thinks I'm red because…well any reason that's not me fucking myself right before he knocked!

No. 830232

I don't suffer from constipation yet I'm always getting microtears in my perineum from shitting. They're not abnormally large shits, idk why this happens all the time. It's like I need to get a new asshole or something.

No. 830233

happy for you, nonnie!!!!

No. 830234

File: 1623701940130.jpeg (199.51 KB, 1100x899, 70A21DF5-5CDE-4387-9977-4C21E9…)

if you never did it you gotta try once in your life

No. 830235

File: 1623701988610.jpg (68.91 KB, 720x720, tumblr_e860e0cb8e75fb2a766e82d…)

Ate the last pizza part my brother wanted to save that'll teach this little shit

No. 830249

Teach him to never trust anyone again

No. 830268

Good, assert your dominance

No. 830272

my eyes are almost black from crying. i look like a demon

No. 830284

Maybe you're dehydrated nona

No. 830305

Jacob Black from New Moon is making me want to act up and go seduce a hot young man

No. 830310

I just think it’s a bit rude that being productive for one day doesn’t automatically mean my brain is now cured and I magically become the hardworking Stacy I know deep down I’m meant to be

No. 830315

I have a suspicion that your advice may be good. I also like to read and write, maybe it would be better to connect with people on those fronts?

No. 830316

File: 1623708233036.jpg (650.85 KB, 1080x1522, Screenshot_20210614-180220_Chr…)

Great, can't wait for all the troons to buy up UV stock. Not that I want MLP stuff.

No. 830324

I noticed that a lot of white scrotes think they're doing non-white women a favor being attracted to us, even if they are disgusting. I've had so many random repulsive scrotes ask me on the street to come to their house with them, you just know they're thinking I'm gonna jump for joy just because a white man paid attention to me.(racebait)

No. 830326

5'7" pudgy white men smirking at you from across the street while their wife loads the kids into the car doesn't make you feel on top of the world? Isn't it earth shatteringly amazing when they throw in a "hey baby, learn to smile"?

No. 830327

File: 1623710002263.png (224.65 KB, 460x436, onefear.PNG)

My bf's brother just had his first daughter born and my bf seems so amazed by the kid, forwards me photos of her all the time; now I'm worried he's changing his mind about having children and I'm most certainly still not interested in parenthood… hopefully he'll get pissed at once we go to visit and be reminded it's not all that cute

No. 830329

It looks like as if this model is wearing diapers…

No. 830330

My bf occasionally gets baby fever and when he does I invite his relatives with young kids to come visit us. Later in the afternoon on a day that he works is ideal. Chat with the parents til the kids get restless, take them out to dinner at some spot with an ice cream shop nearby, treat the kiddos to a scoop or two. Shuts that shit down real fast.

No. 830331

File: 1623710457704.jpg (123.01 KB, 580x580, m_5b2a9496a31c339f96d7eb11.jpg)

I think she's supposed to be wearing those puffy 70s shorts.

No. 830351

Good idea, I'll borrow it in the time of need! Should keep him grounded for sure

No. 830355

File: 1623712940587.gif (1.45 MB, 320x240, dhad10989_21.gif)

I've been making a lot of friends lately and it's been great since I lost contact with a lot of people throughout covid, but in doing so I lost a lot of free time with just myself to draw and relax. I'm an introvert so my social battery gets drained really easily and I like having a lot of time to myself, but in having such a busy friendgroup I've been nonstop hanging with them every day for the past week and a half. I'm more than grateful to have friends I can depend on and relate to again and I'm also so glad I'm spending less time on the internet but I won't lie, I'm ridiculously exhausted from the constant hangouts. It's just too addicting to stop though since I haven't had such close friends in a while. It's more good than bad though so I hope I don't sound ungrateful, I'm not trying to complain.

No. 830386

Can anyone fite with me pls im bored

No. 830387

File: 1623717548048.jpeg (123.57 KB, 720x962, DCFDECAE-A963-4139-8F25-F9CF9B…)

>blocks your path
Be afraid because I won’t hesitate luv.

No. 830390

File: 1623717770404.jpeg (604.37 KB, 750x938, 1603250834498.jpeg)

Just imagine how many newfriends are here after the latest drama. Welcome("newfriend". okay, newfag)

No. 830391

My friend is being weird on Twitter and trying to fish for compliments by saying shit like "I wish I was attractive enough to make an onlyfans….." I want to smack her lol

No. 830392

File: 1623717929289.png (506.47 KB, 1215x1079, 1616376466974.png)

t-thanks, anon-sama! I hope I will live up to your expectations!!

No. 830396

I can finally comfortably hula hoop to the right. It still is wonky, but I can pretty much keep the hoop up for a while. Now, onto the left direction! I want to learn how to do tricks so bad, but I know I have to spend lots of time setting a foundation for myself.

No. 830398

File: 1623718566171.jpg (21.99 KB, 750x407, DiAwfhYXkAA0-pi.jpg)

First of all, don't use this image

No. 830400

File: 1623718913953.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 95.01 KB, 499x532, 1616860227965.jpeg)

sorry!!! is this better?

No. 830401

I took 2 benadryl for allergies and I feel so fucking weird. I know that's not enough to get you loopy but I feel fucking loopy

No. 830407

male ahegaos will always be superior

No. 830414

File: 1623720961097.jpeg (911.02 KB, 1821x1821, AA589F2B-8982-41D8-9B3D-55EDA1…)

I posted my own Peepy music video on sm today and no one liked it, I cry
This is dumb to say but this little stuffed animal totally brought me out of a pretty bad depression and made me want to create again, so I did my best with the video
I won't let it get me down though, I really enjoy Peepyposting so I'll keep doing it quietly in my corner of twitter even if no one likes it.

No. 830423

im sure you and your peepy are very talented, anon
pls post peepy pics

No. 830424

I swear everyone in the comment section is likely a straight girl, like fucking hell being a lesbian isn't an "aesthetic" or any other bullshit, it's your sexuality but these twitter tards are just as fetishy as AGP males

No. 830447

File: 1623724601781.jpeg (951.59 KB, 1440x2160, 4B6A7324-4131-49CA-8926-D28178…)

!! Thank u for encouraging me anon! Peepyposting for you

No. 830448

File: 1623724612835.gif (699.05 KB, 500x372, 483D74D6-C16F-40AB-923F-EE620E…)

It makes me almost piss my pants in laughter when anons say they’re going to go to another site if their complaints aren’t dealt with. Wtf do you expect the jannies to do? Cry a river over your precious absence? Like damn bitch just leave

No. 830450

west elm furniture is so cute but so expensive and it drives me crazy. i'm a mid century modern kind of gal so naturally it shows up in the results of any furniture i search for but its SO FUCKING EXPENSIVEEE.

the worst part is that i'm not even a poorfag as i saved up quite a bit before i got my apartment and could probably actually afford certain pieces as i'm good with money and have done pretty well for my age compared to my friends, but i'm stingy and hate spending money.
that being said if anyone has cute 47" desk recommendations help a girl out

No. 830451

File: 1623725619697.jpg (31.92 KB, 500x281, 33.jpg)

The more anons complain about hornyposting and shipping, the more I want to post it. But I'm not creative enough beyond "dick make pussy brrrr"

No. 830453

lol I didn't know the word 'newfriend' made mods so angry, I'll think I'll use it more from now on.(ban evasion )

No. 830454

Newfriend sounds cringe af, newfags need a lesson in lurking

No. 830456

Newfriend is an old ass meme from like 09, funny when newfriends are telling people to lurk moar.

No. 830457

The biggest cow quality is actually running this website

No. 830460

Fucking shanon

No. 830461

It was never a meme on lolcow. Which you would have known had you lurked moar.

No. 830464

File: 1623727507149.png (36.76 KB, 632x304, smellsslikescrotum.png)

imagine thinking 4chan is better then lolcow. brain damage

No. 830471

NTA but it's been used here and there before, it's not a new addition by any means.

No. 830478

well lolcow is for women and isn't troon friendly, 4chin has a whole bunch of weirdo troons.
Thats the only reason why they hate us. We don't welcome men in any form.

No. 830482

I made cookies for my family while they were out of the house but I just realized I'm an asshole because my dad and mom are on a diet. Frowny face with a nose.

No. 830484

My boyfriend does not know what this site is actually called but he calls it "follow the milk" based off how I talk about it and when he says that I think it's nice to have such a himbo as a bf. Never change.

inb4 cringe, yeah, I'm cringe.

No. 830486

>uwu owo
Angry tranny angry tranny angry tranny

No. 830491

I got the chickpea farts right now and it doesn't feel greal

No. 830492

I’m glad you have a himbo bf anon

No. 830493

File: 1623731895689.jpg (90.67 KB, 640x932, 1621438823624.jpg)

someone please come knock me the fuck out I need to get up tomorrow

No. 830495

I mean it’s easy to condemn this site publicly but you know these rats are out here posting anonymously too. They’re no better than the people here because they flock to the drama too.

No. 830498

This site isn't full of moids who post revenge porn of their ex gfs or wives and drawn cp, but yeah, we are the worst, I guess.
You should tell her she isn't. Keep her away from there, lol. Most of my irls end up regretting and deleting their accounts.
I read this as Jack Black…

No. 830506

>there are boards on 4chan that aren't dedicated to bullshit
…We like to talk to about anime and male genocide to uwu
>4chan actually done something good for the world

No. 830509

kinda cute

No. 830527