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File: 1622313192457.png (56.77 KB, 776x377, 1.png)

I can see now why so many japanese artists/twitter users just straight up block western users,

in this sitation what's happening is

>this person runs an account with a bot that distorts images

>the bot also does it to artists posts
>bot starts distorting japanese artists artwork
>them not understanding english think it's someone insulting them
>posts being shared around jp twitter urging artists to block the account since they assume it's a troll
>japanese user brings this up to the owner of the account
>owner asks "why haven't I been emailed then huh??" because most of them only speak japanese retard, i've also seen multiple comments in japanese or broken english asking the account to stop distorting their art
>the owner of the account basically ignores these japanese users and also starts tweeting in japanese most likely to mock them

No. 818912

File: 1622313237676.png (320.35 KB, 809x557, 2.png)

No. 818913

File: 1622313363148.png (66.12 KB, 792x435, 3.png)

No. 818958

>a bot that distorts images
What is the point of this? Is it supposed to be funny? I’m glad he’s getting blocked.

No. 818961

File: 1622317398853.png (285.59 KB, 786x695, 4.png)


Yeah people can tag it under posts, also this guy is fully mocking japanese artists now

such a good look to make fun of someone who can barely speak english

No. 819028

That bot is dumb but jesus Japanese artists are dramatic as fuck.
Basic-ass animu girl is 'illustration I drew with all my heart'. They're acting as if it's a painting of their dead mother.

No. 819035


they don't realise it's a bot because of the language barrier though they probaly asume it's bullying also

>translated from japanese

who knows what it was originally

No. 819055

yeah the Japanese artists are acting like idiots too. mocking them isn't right but the fact of the matter is the person who's running the bot account is using a bot in the first place to do these things so it's not like the bot can distinguish between who wants their art distorted and who doesn't

No. 819335

This, sometimes Japanese artists are such crybabies. I get that being dogpiled by SJW Twitter minors over a ship or something is obviously distressing, but they get so dramatic over the slightest cultural misunderstanding. And then all the self-hating american weebs eat that up and bend over backwards to praise the Japanese for their kaweewee politeness, cuz they dont know any better u guizzz, stop making them cryyyy

No. 819642

Pride month is around the corner, it's gonna be a shit show again.

No. 819653

>They're acting as if it's a painting of their dead mother.
How do you know it isn't though?

No. 819664

There's so much about it everywhere already that it feels like it started a week ago

No. 819808

File: 1622440202305.jpeg (82.82 KB, 1141x876, Eui8fnSUcAE6N8g.jpeg)

"Weaponized" has to be the worst woke term

No. 819813

>the ratio
my god he brought this on himself. a man posted this, you know that means something is off with him

No. 819824

File: 1622442371389.png (96.71 KB, 720x313, Screenshot_20210531-112235.png)

I think we've discussed this before, but no one including POC like self deprecating white people and or men, its kinda off putting and cringy
Think of the lesbian ally Thor meme, the reason that meme was popular was cause no one liked some annoying woke feminist dude and would want to hang out with him but rather spend time with a great guy who you know supports you and is cool.

No. 819829


No. 819851

Yeah, pride discourse even started around the 20th, it's like Christmas now, starts the month before

No. 819856

what the fuck am I reading

No. 819911

File: 1622455711711.png (253.29 KB, 719x534, Screenshot_20210531-150757.png)

When blaming the Pakistani perpetrators for grooming young girls is just not Social Justice enough.

No. 819933

Oh my god I hate when people do these absurd mental gymnastics to defend any uwu poc in spite of all reason. I was talking to a very liberal friend recently about a talk we both listened to and I ended up asking her "do you really think men of color are less misogynistic than white men?" and she straight up said "yes" even though you could tell she didn't know why she said it (and it's esepcially idiotic because we're in a euro country where most men of color are from extremely sexist patriarchal cultures). Obviously when I asked her why she didn't know what to say

No. 819935

I'm sorry for this but ((()))

No. 819940

I had an argument with a woman on FDS about this a couple weeks back, she claimed that white western men were the worst sexist and misogynistic group of males on the planet, I told her that this thinking is fairly offensive towards non-White women who deal with the extreme misogyny of the men of their communities and she just get kept on replying "well try dating white men and you'll know what I mean"
Like I'm sure white men suck just as much as Pakistani men, but misogyny is nowhere near fatal as what I have had to deal with my entire life

No. 819972

Holy fucking shit does this make me rage. I grew up near Telford and I had to deal with these men. It wasn't white men calling me a whore and making sexual suggestions to me as walked to school. It was white men and Sikh men that got me out of some potentially unpleasant situations. Islam explicitly condones taking non-muslim women and children as sex slaves, that's why it happens all over the Islamic world.

No. 819999

I live in the balkans and it's totally an everyday thing for muslim men to harass you [non-muslim, mostly christian], be sexually inappropriate, etc. But if you go to the muslim areas of the city, you'll notice they don't do that shit to muslim women wearing the headgear. It's fucked up.

No. 820018

meh as someone who also live in balkans i call bullshit on that. Id say the level of christians and muslims harassing women to be almost the same.
Also orthodox men there are just disgusting.

No. 820062

I'm from the Balkans and I've never been catcalled or harassed, neither have any of my classmates, relatives or female friends. It's not something men here do, even though they are gross in other ways.

No. 820094

Okay well you don't get to "call bullshit" on my experience and the experience of thousands on women here lol. And you're probably from Bosnia or Albania or Kosovo something, I live in a majority Orthodox country and it really does happen a lot.

No. 820101

ive literally lived in a orthodox country, why else would i mention orthodox men, moron.
Also im not calling bullshit on thousands of women im just saying that all men do it no matter the religion. so dont project.

No. 820105

Okay well the topic of discussion was literally about muslim men sexually harassing women out of their own religion, whether it happens in the UK or Balkans it's no different, so I don't understand why you're virtue signalling and caping for muslim men and being all "ACTUALLY ALL religions do it!!!"

No. 820109

>call bullshit
as anon said you don't get to just call bullshit on people's experiences like that, wtf? Im from a non balkan european country and I've also been catcalled by Muslim men as a teenager. Some cultures and religions are more misogynistic than others anon, I'm sorry twitter lied to you

No. 820114

sex is still taboo in balkan so of course people are not going to talk about sexual harassment or anything like that so it makes it look like it rarely happens but in reality its not like that.

well time to tell my fellow christian friends who were creeped on by creepy old orthodox men that it never happened even though its common.
me saying that all men are creeps no matter the religion is not virtual signaling, im sorry that orthodox men are pigs (sometimes literally) and you want to defend that.
im not calling bullshit on their experience, im calling bullshit on the fact that >>hurr this religion creeps, and this religion saints.
Twitter didnt lie to me i just have enough experience with people of all religions, im sorry that pol lied to you.

No. 820119

Muslimas are easily triggered. God the shit they say about non-muslim women, even western libfems would have their heads spinning. It's the biggest pickmesha club on the planet. She's probably seething at the fact that her brethren are known perverts and sex pests so has to do a nice little bullshit call and reverse uno to keep the cognitive dissonance from blowing away her headscarf.

I will now take my ban.( racebait)

No. 820124

im an atheist, but whatever helps you cope fatty.

No. 820127

>me saying that all men are creeps no matter the religion is not virtual signaling
The point is that as bad as orthodox or any chirstian men are muslims men are at least 10 times worse in every case. Especially to non-muslim women

>calling bullshit on the fact that >>hurr this religion creeps, and this religion saints

Again, that's not what that anon said at all

>sex is still taboo in balkan

No. 820128

You sound underage

No. 820153

File: 1622482581864.png (538.21 KB, 589x703, hfw.PNG)

My twitter wall was 70% covered with people discussing this post over the weekend, check the quote tweet number; so I wonder what you anons think - was it a provocation or is he retarded?

No. 820160

No. 820165

It's hilarious how men don't understand what women look like while not wearing makeup. They literally cannot perceive a female face where there isn't makeup on it.

No. 820170

Left is better, she looks like a normal woman i would talk to in the street, i like her relaxed look. Right is very uncanny.

No. 820174

Oh god don't even get me started on this. It's so fucking retarded. It honestly makes me feel pity for these men that their brains work like this because it must be a huge limitation in life to have your mental faculties constantly clouded by thoughts of the coom. I can't imagine being such a slave to my genitals that I have to relate every insignificant detail of the media I consoom to my sexuality and femaleness. "Um excuse me why does Mario, the male protagonist of these video games, have to be a fat working class manlet??? This is part of the fat manlet agenda to make us lady gamers settle for fat manlet foreign plumbers instead of Chad!! Look at this modern day au fanfiction where Mario is a 6'3 buff lawyer!!! Hire fans!" like can you imagine. Absolutely deranged

No. 820175

Both are ugly as fuck but not for the same reasons. Who cares, western AAA games are trash anyway regardless of whether the female characters look fuckable or not.

No. 820177

Scrotes are so triggered for no reason

No. 820181

Why do all our digital fictional dystopias always have to have women with access to drugstore makeup and dental grade tooth whitener?
Don't even get me started on the fucking fancy hairdresser tier styles they somehow manage to give themselves.

Gamers are fucking stupid.

No. 820182

File: 1622486218894.png (776.41 KB, 1190x1124, Screen Shot 2021-05-31 at 2.37…)

kek look at the guy's twitter account he's fully lost it. most of the replies were just people roasting him for being an idiot and he's taking it way too seriously. bizarre because before he posted this his tweets were extremely benign

No. 820190

File: 1622487081074.png (342.27 KB, 734x594, samsung.png)

Lots of people on twitter are currently simping over this Samsung mascot that they designed to look like your average pedobaiting e-whore aka the Belle archetype. Gross.

No. 820193

Nta but she looks really scary in a few of those angles, except for first pic. That dorito chin is so sharp

No. 820198

I agree she looks like a weird caricature of Korean beauty trends but
Not what anon? Did I miss something?

No. 820199

File: 1622487625771.jpg (194.55 KB, 1627x960, E2sGpRyXEAIUFZu.jpg)

Her expression looks so off in the mid one; in motion she is just slightly better than Sims models

No. 820202

The open-mouth pose is frightening but the others are kinda cute.
I like Dorito-chan but knowing she's designed for teenage males is kinda meh.

No. 820203

Looks like Doomer chick to me. I don't want to live in a world where wojaks inspire actual advertisements.

No. 820204

File: 1622488090982.jpg (Spoiler Image, 62 KB, 800x688, FYYZ5OVI22KDMEY.jpg)

She reminds me of the other mother from Coraline.

No. 820205

She is literally designed for coomer-cattle consoomers and for men to draw porn off and promote Samsung by jerking off.

Late stage capitalism soon our ads will just be flat out camwhores shoving products up their snatch. Give it a couple of years.

No. 820225

If it really is designed specifically for teenager coomers, that’s quite creepy, she looks like a mom or a teacher in her 30’s.

No. 820238

looks like they ran a sim through meitu

No. 820253

I hate this endless infantilising bullshit. I've always found it ridiculous, but the older I get the more it creeps me the fuck out. Why are so many men retarded?

No. 820262

this "fix" is way too uncanny valley but I've seen replies to the discourse pointing out that it's not very realistic for a survivor to have full poofy cheeks and that's the most solid criticism of the left image. She does look like a cosplayer rather than an warrior

No. 820282

File: 1622494413266.jpeg (237.91 KB, 1318x1318, 71247264_1852546118224206_7983…)

>barely no curves or rough non feminine features like TLOU2's Ellie
What is wrong with this man's brain? Is this advanced coomer disorder in action?

No. 820289

>Um excuse me why does Mario, the male protagonist of these video games, have to be a fat working class manlet??? This is part of the fat manlet agenda to make us lady gamers settle for fat manlet foreign plumbers instead of Chad!! Look at this modern day au fanfiction where Mario is a 6'3 buff lawyer!!! Hire fans!"
This but unironically. I don't understand why western video games have to be full of ugly and/or below average men, but beautiful women. Like, Princess Peach is clearly multiple steps up, but everyone ignores it. It really is an agenda IMO. The mediocre neckbeard agenda, hoping to convince women it's how things should be.
At least JRPGs like Final Fantasy tend to make all the main characters attractive, regardless of sex.

No. 820291

File: 1622494935619.jpeg (119.71 KB, 1018x1017, E2pLRWzXIAcaqdB.jpeg)

I mean, that's just her skull shape…

She looks very pretty in the game, I don't understand how they can complain about this. She's as feminine as a post apocalyptic barbarian warrior can be. Long hair, basically minimal makeup look with dark eyelashes and eyebrows.

No. 820294

File: 1622495181322.png (556.67 KB, 1182x960, Screen Shot 2021-05-31 at 5.06…)

No. 820298

Lmao anon I'm sorry but
>"haha imagine if someone said something this retarded"
>someone immediately shows up agreeing with that thing unironically
reminds me of tumblr comment sections kek

No. 820301

Yeah why I said "this but unironically" kek. Either all video game characters should be team ugly or average, or none of them should be. Choose one. I'm tired of the double standards.

No. 820310

File: 1622496230724.jpg (269.99 KB, 1024x1015, aloy.jpg)

She could be more muscular if anything; her face is fine, it's not fat but just the way her skull is like, just as other anon said.

No. 820311

NTA but I get your point. Almost all the female characters in video games are pretty damn attractive, the fact that the still-pretty women just aren’t considered pretty enough anymore if they don’t have ridiculous porny proportions and full makeup/bedroom eyes is very telling. Male characters in any media are so diverse, they’re not created with beauty in mind. Back when Mirror’s Edge came out I remember a lot of men complaining because the MC was “ugly” but she was cute as hell, she just didn’t have huge eyes/boobs. The double standard is tiring for sure.

No. 820313

full cheeks aren't based on skull shape. When you look rough and lack fat on your face it dries up and makes your cheekbones more prominent. ours is a much better photo of her though

No. 820329

>I don't understand why western video games have to be full of ugly and/or below average men
Because the male characters in western games serve as power fantasy self inserts for male gamers instead of eye candy for the female audience. They unironically believe that women are the same and only want female characters to be "strong wommyn role models" instead of beautiful men to admire. Female sexual autonomy is degenerate and disgusting to them.

No. 820335

Something seems off about it to me but it's nothing to do with make up. Her forehead and eyes are to narrow for the rest of her face.

No. 820344

File: 1622498595722.png (923.45 KB, 928x600, tumblr_pg3jt5z7NL1rqlw0lo2_128…)

her face model kinda looks like that

No. 820345

Let's agree to disagree, I still think it's mostly about your skull shape, especially the cheekbones. She just doesn't look that anglo, she looks kinda celtic.

But even if it was not about the skull, Aloy has no reason to look really rough. She is a fighter, yes, but nothing in the story of the game indicates she doesn't eat and rest properly. She's quite rich and stays in various cities all the time.

No. 820395

>my 2 fashion tastes arguing over what i should wear
why do people post this joke every month, ive seen it 100 times

No. 820552

Men can't comprehend that a woman is still a woman and feminine even without lipstick, smoky eyes, foundation and groomed eyebrows. They're so retarded that they believe that the porn actresses and photoshopped models feeded to them are the standard "average" women. Right looks like absolute shit.

No. 820569

Three things wrong with this: 1. The genetic difference between these two groups was miniscule (emphasis on 'was', I'll get to that). They were separated by a few thousand years, which is nothing in evo terms.
2. A small proportion of English ancestry is Anglo-Saxon, the rest is "Celt". (indigenous), what makes Anglos anglo is a mix. Only 10-40% of 100% English people's ancestry is Anglo-Saxon (this is research done on elderly English people who have no Irish/Scot/Welsh ancestors, to determine "english" genetics).
3. Since the industrial revolution, ramping up post war, the so-called neighbouring "celt countries" mixed with English a significant amount. 1 in 4 English people have Irish ancestry, with 1 in 10 have an Irish grandparent, for example. In fact, 1 in 10 have a French or German grandparent. Post-war immigration was intense. There never was this neat divide of celts/saxons or english/irish/welsh/scot. The very idea celts are a "people" and are round-faced and Anglos are "saxons" are angular and you can just pick them out from a crowd is incel racialist bullshit.

No. 820718

Jesus I just meant that she looks more like people from my country than your average game protags.

No. 820954

File: 1622578273190.jpeg (340.54 KB, 1195x1887, FA94D8BF-70EC-47E7-862A-FB9E4C…)

Pride month also is ebegging month

No. 820959

But they already do that all of the time, why is it more special now?

No. 820962

this time they're proud of it

No. 820967

File: 1622579342598.jpeg (458.49 KB, 828x1313, AC0442DC-16FD-4532-AC44-88160B…)

Sick of reading gay men's opinions on female pop stars. I think everyone one of them should shut up. Did any of these people actually listen to TFJ or EH…

No. 820988

What is he even referring to? That lyrics are not about teenage angst primadonna girl anymore? How dare Marina an adult woman talk about bigger topics I guess.

No. 820994

Fuck it, I'll take my ban for this. I hate seeing this shit as a moid, because I know women see it and think most of us think like this. Pathetic.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 820995

Kill yourself

No. 821002

>Male here, and as a male I…
This is why scrotes are banned. Go milk for good boy points somewhere else.

No. 821005

i don't have anything funny or witty to say i just really fucking hate twitter and am glad this thread exists. thank you, op

No. 821006

fiction is for escaping reality, i want to see hot people only
this type of shit seems like tranny pandering anyway

No. 821008

>designing a female character with anything less than a full face of makeup is tranny pandering
Whatever you say, retard.

No. 821015

yes, glad you agree

No. 821027

>muh escapism
>gnc woman? Must be tranny pandering!
Female protagonists in almost every other game meet your standards. Try playing those. Trannies love bimbofication and hate gnc women so I don't see how it appeals to them at all.

No. 821035

>escaping reality by entering a virtual world full of ugly bitch males surrounded by hot women
Nah, fuck off. That's just real life x2.

No. 821093

even the character is looking directly at the viewer all confused like "you realize I'm a post-apocalypse robot hunter, right?"

No. 821157

god i thought i was the only one creeped out by her. her nose is so small

No. 821182

Fuck it's just like I predicted, capitalism is entering waifu mascot mode and life is about to get much WORSE

No. 821186

I hate it too nonnie. That style legit creeps me out. I don’t mind anime/cartoon style faces because they’re obviously stylized, but the CGI style where they look human with cartoonish proportions (huge eyes, tiny nose, dorito chin, etc) just creeps me out. I seriously don’t get the appeal, it’s like if you shooped a real face to have those proportions. It just looks wrong and uncanny.

No. 821191

bitch looks like a rejected character design from the bee movie

No. 821195

It reminds me of like a Pixar mom crossed with a League of Legends character. Creepy

No. 821212

No. 821249


No. 821263

Lmao these are my feelings exactly

No. 821267

Just following after Japan's footsteps. The West is already on cultural decay for so many reasons now imagine how worse it'll get now that the antisocial autism coomerness is actively being fed.

No. 821270

Tbh Sonic the Hedgehog wasnt much better, yeah you had Sonic who didnt look particularly ugly but he was just some hedgehog running around jumping on robots getting with a Stacy princess chipmunk that was more compentent than him in every way possible.

Interestingly you never see a male prince with a regular girl though, even Disney girls end up being "actually she was a princess her whole life" tier.


It gets more annoying when you realize pretty boys are disappearing from media while coomer shit made to pander to men is increasing. So much for a post feminist and gender equality era where the media apparently ignores female sexuality even more lol

No. 821274

Amy also looked better than Sonic since she had hair and clothes. Her personality was being a Sonic waifu and nothing else. Big yikes

No. 821276

Coco Bandicoot and Candy Kong are some more examples. Like wtf.

No. 821279

>Ugh people grown up in a culture where conflict is avoided get SO unnecessarily anxious over a bunch of aggressive Americans screaming at them in a language you barely understand or speak, taking away your ability to defend yourself against their accusations!! god those nips are such crybabies lmaooo we just playing
God I hate amerifats. Japanese people legitimately don't understand western sphere jokes, it's not just some meme made up by weebs. As an ESL myself I was hurt many times by "innocuous" jokes made by native English speakers before I became more proficient with the language as I didn't have the cultural context to process them as humor instead of malicious personal attacks. Those PSAs about not sending Japanese artists "DELETE THIS!!!!" memes to show your "appreciation" are not for coddling but to spread awareness so that people would rather just comment with heart emojis or something largely universal instead.

No. 821286

I also realized that Rouge from Sonic is an even better example than Amy. She's literally a bat sexpot with tiddies out and a husky voice of a chain-smoking protitute (in the anime). Where is the male equivalent? Her LI (?) Knuckles looks as nondescript as Sonic.

No. 821295

I mean, the sonic universe could be classified as "hot chick heaven" because it has such a mess of very beautiful and tough women. It makes me love the franchise even more!

Sonic is one of the most attractive characters ever thought up

No. 821297

Both Americans and japanese are on the same spectrum on opposite sides with their nerdy autistic personalities coming from capitalistic societies that enable their mental illness.

No. 821301

File: 1622624991458.gif (924.24 KB, 496x450, Shadow.gif)

>Sonic is one of the most attractive characters ever thought up
He is pretty cute and I thought he was even more cute with a cowboy hat in the movie. But for me, Shadow is probably the best looking male hedgehog.

No. 821302

Coco bandicoot is even more retarded. Those fanzine styled furries with the human hair on top of their head and curvy bodies while their male counterparts are just goofy blobs makes me angry. Lola bunny, Krystal the fox, and Minerva mink are other examples. They don't get roasted like they should be because so many moids brag about getting their first childhood boners from them

No. 821303

After posting this I just had a deja vu moment. Nice to know I've dreamt of autistic posting at 4 AM.

No. 821304

We will never be free.

No. 821308

I like the design of Lola, Minerva is pretty but could be less sexualized. I just want male characters to be handsome too. Kinda like in Bojack where all anthros are on the same level of looking human-like (altough varrying level of attractiveness among both genders).

No. 821314

Link and Zelda, mamoru and usagi, inuyasha and kagome, are the few pairs where they're about the same attractiveness. Can't think of more atm

No. 821315

Anon… it is time to put the phone down

No. 821319

Not all english speakers are American , also if Japanese artists don’t like dealing with Americans then they can stop using an American website, they have alternatives they can use. I’m tired of people who cry and bitch about Americans constantly all while using an American website. I wouldn’t expect Japanese people to stop using their jokes on their websites for the benefit of non-Japanese users and Americans shouldn’t have to either.

No. 821325

File: 1622628956970.gif (787.57 KB, 500x281, romance.gif)

I will not be silenced.

No. 821334

I dislike memerica as much as anyone else but this isnt a good take.
You're absolutely right nonna. It's like coming to lolcow and expecting everyone to be nice to you just because you're new. Nah.
>I wouldn’t expect Japanese people to stop using their jokes on their websites for the benefit of non-Japanese users
Exactly this. If someone complained about that they would get ridiculed.

No. 821342

Kek nice assuming I'm American, I'm not and I spent part of my life in Japan. I speak Japanese well and they can be mean as fuck to each other, Japanese YouTube and twitter is nasty. Overreaction over a distorted picture of anime waifu is still an overreaction.
Distortion is also nothing they ~culturally~ wouldn't get, that dumb troll bot is pretty much same shit I'd expect from Japanese trolls.
I find the fake innocent way some Japanese people interact with 'westerners' really cringy.

No. 821345

But most major websites on the internet are technically "American" and anyone who wants any kind of audience has to use them because that's simply where most people are active. If you go by that logic only Americans would be allowed online. If Americans didn't want foreign users on their websites maybe they shouldn't have pushed their social media down our throats so much.
Lolcow is a niche website. Twitter is one of the largest social networks globally. Apples and oranges.

No. 821360

>use other sites instead
we really gonna bring this shit argument here? Most of the internet is owned by a few american companies. We would be more than glad to go back to our spaces if they weren't getting killed off by silicon valley monopoly.

No. 821376

NTA but you do realize that most of these websites are actively marketed to users outside of the US/NA? So the "This is an American website, go back to your own" doesn't really work here when it's not intended to be exclusively for Americans.

No. 821379

File: 1622638206392.jpg (67.77 KB, 598x751, 3-852.jpg)

I hate subtle manipulation like this on social media; she makes it sound like it may be a recent thing but doesn't say it happened now in the main tweet; and these people she mentioned were probably fired but it was not during pride and it was not because they were trans and or gay but because they've tried to organize an union. It fucking sucks that google doesn't let people unionize but it still is not a story of poor LGBT being fired for being LGBT during pride month.

No. 821399

kek sorry to burst your bubble anon but I'm SEAsian. Not every english speaking person is an american and not every non-american is obliged to hate americans. saged for absolutely zero contribution

No. 821432

Because Twitter has the shittiest and most annoying sense of humour ever

No. 821483

Pinoys don't count, out of all nations they're the ones constantly drinking the American bootlicking koolaid and forcing American-based politics down everyone else's throats in Asia. That's what being colonized by westerners does to you.

Most of the Japanese speaking artists have already abandoned Twitter in favor of Pixiv so yeah they're doing exactly that. Which sucks for the civilized foreigners who just want to be able to access their art and appreciate it instead of being a fucking ogre in the mentions.

No. 821542

Not only the case in Europe but people here bend over backwards as well to defend muslims
And for what, minorities I understand

No. 821544

What? Japanese artists have been on pixiv since absolute ages ago. On the contrary, lot of them are on twitter now. Anon it sounds like you really don't know what you're talking about.

No. 821549

It happens here as well
Actually it was leaked that local imams give prize money if muslim men can get a Christian or a hindu wife and get her to convert to islam
There's hierarchy for this Christian/hindu
Other communities

It happened to my Christian friend sister, he was initially nice and showed her that he was liberal, educated and owned a jewellery business store somewhere in middle of the city (got some people/muslims to help him out) but after marriage she got to know that he only was a worker there and house wasn't his, she converted to islam and now she couldn't even contact her kuffar side family
Somehow got hands on a phone

No. 821564

I don't know
Reddit seems worse

No. 821570

>Lol, it's America's fault that we use their social media platforms so much!

God, you guys are such spergs. It's not that hard to not use a website/app. Just ignore it.

No. 821827

>speaks english
>from SEA
>ahh, must be pinoy!

What? kek are you American anon?

No. 822430

idk dude a lot of people have legit addictions to social media it’s like a drug to them they can’t just stop it sounds stupid but it’s true

No. 822937

File: 1622836176787.png (88.47 KB, 597x619, ss.png)

posts like these always make me cringe like she's talking like she isn't also a white woman? people in the quotes are mad at her for implying crime never happens in the suburbs I guess

No. 822938

File: 1622836229139.webm (1.59 MB, 480x852, Ym__THXr5ZK0FJ6_.webm)

the video she's quoting

No. 822941

That might be true but in this case, anon sounds retarded and pulling excuses out of their ass to justify their sperging.

I feel like Twitter uses "white" a lot to get away with misogyny.

No. 822948

File: 1622836794934.jpg (29.67 KB, 342x480, Sarah Everard.jpg.gallery.jpg)

oh so now it's just white women who can't be in danger? so disappointing to hear that from a woman on twitter, does she not know that sarah everard, the case that ramped up the push for women's safety, was white? why bring race into this. i hate twitterfags.

No. 822962

All the things she said to do 'by all means' are 'planning for your own kidnapping'. I don't even know what her point is, she knows how being white doesn't stop you from being a target. If you're not white and you live in a more dangerous area, is that the only time you're allowed to take steps to make yourself safer? People will say any bullshit to get cred on twitter

No. 822971

I don't get it. So, because she's white, she's wrong for taking safety measures? Why? How does this harm anyone?
I'm a "POC" and I don't get this. And the OP bashing her is also white. What's wrong with these people? Are they actually a bunch of rapists/human traffickers annoyed that it's getting harder to get targets? That's the only way this makes sense to me.

No. 822992

I assume they say she's causing moral panic over a non-existent phenomenon, but A, it does exist B, even if she's a low risk demographic, why shouldn't she be able to give out tips to other women?

No. 823004

As awful as peak tumblr was, I remember viral posts giving safety tips to women while still advocating against victim blaming. Compare and contrast to ‘woke’ twitter just pointlessly sneering. This is not progress.

No. 823010

right, because white women have never been killed while out running right - tell that to the families of mollie tibbetts, sydney sutherland, janell mora, vanessa marcotte… shall I go on

anyone saying this is an overreaction does not run, lmao. being honked at and yelled at from cars is enough to make you fear for your safety, and yes it even happens in suburban areas

No. 823018

This seems like a leftthot account. It's funny how the video claims she lives in a rich suburban neighbourhood despite nothing in the video pointing to that. They're "anti-idpol" and "class first" but think all white women are privileged rich bithces and no working class white women exist.

No. 823020

I run and never really experienced anything besides a few inappropriate guys starting while I ran past them. But I also have the luxury of being able to run in broad daylight, so if I had to run at dawn or night I'd certainly follow at least her earbud tip.

No. 823041

>don't be safe lmao
>never be aware of your surroundings lol
>trust every man you come across rofl

No. 823042

>me me pick me guys!!

I don't subscribe to the paranoia of the tiktokker but she just opened this conversation up to a bunch of scrotes for attention via dunking on da ebil wyte wimmin and shut down any constructive criticism lol

I fucking hate women giving the "free pass" to misogynists with dumb shit like this. We can have fears and concerns and we can discuss that w/o men and pickmes declaring us dumb by reason of pussy.

No. 823094

poor woman just wanted to give tips

No. 823602

File: 1622932914573.jpg (298.08 KB, 1080x1109, IMG_20210606_003023.jpg)


>Men will harass you and catcall you but wanting to protect yourself from a potential attack is a fetish!!!11

Pickmes are fucking braindead, I swear. This one doesn't even have the excuse of being sheltered / not being catcalled because she usually goes outside with her boyfriend or whatever, she knows what being sexually harassed by men is like and she still goes and posts this shit take.

Men could start saying tomorrow that pissing and shitting on women is their biggest turn-on and she would call herself the #1 scat fetishist (which would be funny considering how she accuses other women of exploiting their fetishes for wanting to defend themselves).

No. 823696

okay but is her avatar her real face because if so, her lip fillers are tragic

No. 823853

I don't know if it's still popular, but there was an opinion going around that kidnap cases only get mayor attention when it's white women, so I wonder if this discourse is a continuation of that opinion. I don't know why it's automatically white women's fault that american culture still see them as fragile and more innocent when that's a remain of old school patriarchy.(racebait)

No. 824161

The original shoop was created by some redditor as a parody how "he made her less political", but that guy took it seriously.

No. 824193

Gaming nerds are the most autistic of anyone in the world

No. 824207

Absolutely true

No. 824218

Is there any proof to your claims ? I have not heard of this ?

No. 824226

She's trying to be the token antiracist who makes fun of her own race for doing seemingly normal things. Not even just her own race but arguably the weakest link of her own race (which she also falls into) who definitely will be mocked bc white women are seemingly hated by everyone. But not her guyz, she's unlike the other white women!

No. 824228

It's because of people like this that women ignore their intuition regarding dangerous men and end up getting raped/killed. Read the Gift of Fear and carry mace, a taser, and whatever self-defense weapons are legal in your area. If you're in America then get a gun (more women need to be doing this).
I've seen botched kidnappings of white women all over the news and tiktok, it's not like it never happens. Plenty of white women have gone missing while running in daylight, just look up Meredith Emerson. You never know when it'll happen to you but you can bet that the threat is there if you're a woman. It's not like kidnappers or rapists ask you what tax bracket you fall into before they attack, otherwise rape wouldn't happen to rich white women.

If I ever see this bitch it's on sight. But I don't think I live near her nor do I want a lawsuit as a broke white woman (kek) so let's hope someone else sets her ass straight and that it's not some dodgy kidnapper after she took her own advice.

No. 824240

File: 1623009286984.gif (3.39 MB, 280x229, DC432830-6F32-475A-BEA6-0F84B7…)

I’m with you, let’s fuck her up on sight nonny.

No. 824303

What the fuck? This is absolutely reality for women of all ethnicities, how does being white exempt her from potentially being kidnapped or raped? Imagine being so hungry for clout you'll shame a woman for taking safety precautions and call it "actively planning for her own kidnapping lmao" instead of addressing WHY so many women have to walk with their keys squeezed in their fists and pulling their hoodies over their heads to hide their long hair. I legitimately can't tell the difference between tradthot pickmes and woke twitter libfems anymore.

No. 824468

I can tell she's a self-hating white woman. All of that lip filler and desire to be seen as the "hip white friend" is really clouding her brain.

No. 824934

File: 1623097466889.png (356.52 KB, 478x650, films.png)

Ladybird is the same thing as the Joker apparently.

No. 824939

What does this list even mean? If you like these movies then you're the female version of guys who like the Joker? idgi

No. 824941

Easy A being on here is so baffling. It's literally just a teen comedy, nothing remotely edgy about it.

No. 824947

Heathers? What? The message was more or less 'cliques suck' and 'don't date psychos just cause they're hot'. How is this teen dark comedy a female joker movie?

No. 824949

how is Perfect Blue female Joker??? Unless it means "movie about societal and mental health issues that only women get". In this case, I agree

No. 824966

These are all based along with Joker

No. 824967

Ah wait, didn't see Cruella there. So, all of them except Cruella

No. 825246

File: 1623137923819.jpg (275.11 KB, 1080x1658, 20210608_014100.jpg)

i am just so fucking tired of the genshin twitter community. it's literally full of 12 year old gender fucksters who refuses to block and move on with life like a normal person.

if it wasn't for all the japanese fanartists in here, i would've abandoned ship just like i did with tumblr.

No. 825253

Remove Cruella.

No. 825447

The hand coloring in the redraw is tragic. Have the artist ever actually met a black person?

No. 825451

I remember this being discussed at length in another thread. Probably art salt. I think they're trying to represent the palm usually being a slightly lighter shade.

No. 825479

It's not that bad. Black people do have lighter skin on their palms (and interestingly enough, I've seen people draw black people with hands the same color of the rest of their body.). They could have actually made the palms even lighter. I don't get why they look so red though.

No. 825880

File: 1623209206286.jpg (106.18 KB, 933x1061, 20210608_222357.jpg)

found this screencap again and felt compelled to post it somewhere

No. 825896

>>825880 Kpop fans genuinely need extended hours of therapy

No. 825900

as a rule, I assume kpop fans are scarily successful trolls. I wouldn't like to consider the alternative.

No. 825910

ratmys really are aptly nicknamed, they are a plague even in a sea of delusional kpop fans

No. 826121

I can only assume she means this in a negative way since she included Cruella, Gone Girl, and and A Promising Young Woman, but Perfect Blue doesn't deserve to be a part of whatever point she is trying to make

No. 826176

sad that the original artist deactivated their looks cute. what was the point of even recoloring other than to cause drama?

No. 826219

File: 1623249945130.png (148.12 KB, 541x681, b1.png)

No. 826221

File: 1623249989780.jpeg (263.74 KB, 1916x2048, b2.jpeg)

He posted a different version of the story on Facebook but that didn't get enough attention I guess

No. 826227

Another day of

No. 826231

>calling a woman selfish for not wanting to drastically alter her life and risk her health (even her life) purely for his benefit
>not seeing any irony in this
Men are truly retarded.

No. 826240

No credible reason…yeah an affair baby with some guy who doesn't mean shit to you, sounds like 20 years of co-parenting bliss! I'm sure he would've stepped up and been perfect for those 20 odd years. What a safe bet lol

No. 826275

I hope all the women in his life abort his children. Men enrage me in a new way everyday.

No. 826363

Sometimes I wish we could tattoo social media posts on people’s foreheads so every woman he comes across can see exactly how he feels about their bodily autonomy before they ever decide to have sex with him.

No. 826580

File: 1623274048405.jpeg (272.31 KB, 828x1792, 6B41DC6B-912C-4BAB-85D8-6AEAFE…)

I think we should make a carrd cringe thread one day

No. 826583

Tag yourself, I'm
also, why did they put "loona fan" and "orbit" twice? Aren't they the same?

No. 826587

Kpop zoomers are fucking insane

No. 826588


I dont know shit about Kpop but I do know that Im ~ i t a l i a n ~

No. 826589

I have to wonder if the order this was written in is more meaningful than the bold text.

No. 826595

>DNI if into femboys/catboys (ur fuckin weird)

No. 826601

Samefag, what the hell is "fart twt"? These are so oddly specific. Is it common for K-pop fans to also be a part of Twitter fart communities?

No. 826604

>do not interact if italian
what the hell happened kek

No. 826617

tagging myself as "think ur music taste is good when it's actually shit"

No. 826643

>weird kinnie

No. 826644

"it's kpop it's not that serious" the irony

No. 826650

I'll give them respect for hating 99% of twitter

No. 826652

probably a French "person" smh

No. 826723

>DNI if U coon over Kpop idols.

No. 826758

>think that by being european u less white somehow
People think this? I thought the meme was about USA not being white.

No. 826996

>speak on rap music while being nb

Enbies need to diaf, but what

I do agree on aces here, tho.

I actually assume this thing is Chinese. Nobody else gets so butthurt about Uyghur camps.

No. 826998

i think nb in this context means nonblack

No. 827049

this is probably about those europeans who think racism doesn't exist or isn't as bad in europe

No. 827051

either that or a tankie/turbowoke that whataboutisms any criticism of the chinese government into "you're contributing to xenophobia and violence against AAPI people!"

No. 827079

File: 1623341255870.jpeg (181.78 KB, 797x988, ADAF5912-C4FE-44CF-932C-075A5E…)

Man, Carrd really is a shitfest. Just look at this. (If you’re wondering what does this have to do with twitter, kids or overgrown cows always have these things on their twitter websites)

>>Hates nonblack people

>>Has a nonblack asian girls dancing all kawaii while literally above the text
>>Also, this person is 16 years old and has a borderline nsfw boob gif

No. 827367

File: 1623362480762.png (169.73 KB, 583x635, god.png)

I'm sick of these freaks.

No. 827371

"Likes: milfs"? Is this a moid or is it a sad misguided pickme?

No. 827380


>>Bi Lesbian

i may be straight as an arrow, but i know for sure that it doesn’t work like that

No. 827383

I would absolutely love a carrd thread, the people who use it are almost guaranteed to be batshit. But to be fair a lot of them seem to be underage which explains the idiocy and they couldn't be posted here anyway.

No. 827384

>trans bi lesbian
every time

No. 827390

samefag, I think milfs are twitter's retarded meme of the hour. last year it was catboys, now it's milfs, place your bets on what will come next

No. 827392

Tranny coomers have been all over milfs (or "mommy gfs") for ages. That's why big mommy milkers is a meme.

No. 827398

We've been through goth gfs, catboys, himbos/bimbos, dilfs, and milfs.

No. 827406

File: 1623364507922.png (464.93 KB, 764x739, absolutely CURSED.PNG)

I have no words…can we get a twitter sex worker cringe thread?

No. 827409

true but op from the carrd is female, you can tell by her interests

No. 827417

gross. there's a mother and daughter one as well on twitter, i would post it but i don't want to look that up

No. 827434

Do you mean this one? >>566294
I swear there was another one, but I can't remember.

No. 827435

Samefagging but kek their accounts got suspended.

No. 827447

yeah this one, i forget i saw it here. i really don't understand how could you even bring it up lol

No. 827460

For curious anons.
There's no other one… I hope.

No. 827697

This reeks of sexual abuse and incest

No. 827702

Dont you know korean stars are an exception because i find them pretty and at least they arent white

No. 827712

File: 1623400406803.png (82.39 KB, 1080x550, Screenshot_20210611-080747~2.p…)

Can't coomers just shut the fuck up for one minute about this broad and not spread their shit to other fandoms please?

No. 827750

File: 1623405179171.jpg (127.56 KB, 728x750, notakinbtw.jpg)

carrd is hilarious

No. 827772

File: 1623409303459.png (281.49 KB, 588x878, sibling.PNG)

Weird if true, probably fake though bc I can't imagine talking in such an official way with my siblings

No. 827776

I can totally see it happening between terminally online zoomers siblings, but the speech is very pompous, and couldn't they just say it face to face instead of through text messages to earn internet points?

No. 827786

This reads like a template titled "How to talk to your siblings abiut gender pronouns"

No. 827850

Aren't most K-pop stars racist?

No. 827904

well im just explaining their mentality, they like them because theyre asians who are pretty. theyre not white people "at least"

No. 827924


>>i’m akira fudo and also a vampire

no. no, you’re not. please go outside and touch grass

No. 827982

Oh, I get it now. I hope they wake up soon. They're underage so I doubt it'll be anytime soon.

No. 828002

File: 1623433231242.jpeg (25.59 KB, 275x208, C52C3A5C-DCDD-4367-A535-27176A…)

saw this passing through /snow/ and man, what a narcissistic viral tweet. I hate twitter. I hate social media and how it's amplified self-centered useless thoughts

No. 828036


twitter only became bad when tumblr fucking banned porn. what’s worst is that it became worse than tumblr because text central social media = loud stupid motherfuckers. i’ve been on twitter since 2010 and it was a safe haven.(reddit spacing)

No. 828053

Tbh any time I read a story shared online this kind of crosses my mind, that there's somebody out there telling the same story but with a whole other twist on it. You'd have to be pretty young to not have that already be obvious to you though.

No. 828059

I agree with the tweet though the persom that retweeted that is am awful person. You ever see those crazy ex girlfriend stories on reddit/online? After learning about shitty things that men do to women, I questioned the men who posted such stories and wondered what the women would think.

No. 828417

File: 1623455453115.png (374.76 KB, 585x514, ok.png)

No. 828430

How is Doki Doki still popular? It’s a game that can be completed in a few minutes, if only the autistic idiots could just stay in their own app, the would would be amazing and society would progress.

No. 828440

Same, I lowkey want these idiots to have a new social media website just for people like them. A place where no "cishetties (derogatory)" exists. I really want these freaks to move out of Twitter, because my brain is losing way too much IQ from these batshit insane idiots

No. 828451

Maybe it's because it just got a new game(? A revamp with extra content I think) accounced

No. 828476

Natsuki may be a scrote-tier waifu but she's my scrote-tier waifu and the troons can not have her

No. 828480

File: 1623463953557.jpeg (157.11 KB, 728x1054, 1CAA1EDB-7107-4ED2-9257-6A4286…)

That's how I feel about Riamu Yumemi. Disgusting, greasy-haired troons don't deserve her.

No. 828554

File: 1623475194601.png (614.54 KB, 613x620, Based.PNG)

I'm not going to bother looking at the replies

No. 828558

>Men FIGHT BACK against nasty women!
Korean women remain based but did a male write this article? How the fuck does one 'build a reversal' like what does that even mean

No. 828559

File: 1623477158021.jpg (27.78 KB, 282x548, 19e7f332-78a9-42c1-af02-45d923…)

pathetic males

No. 828560

>women are fueling anti-feminism
>this is all your fault

when will scrotes drop dead

No. 828562

I hate how Twitter forces you to look at stupid articles like this, usually woke garbage. Why can't they just leave the sidebar as the trending topics like they used to? It has to be the worst thing about the site hands down. I really want to know who thought this feature was a good idea.

No. 828563

File: 1623478330900.jpg (96.13 KB, 960x540, heh.jpg)

Good for them. Now all of a sudden men want women to care for their feefees.. Do they acknowledge our feelings when they talk about women's appearances in private with their "boys" or on social media/forums/IBs?
>did a male write this article?
Apparently it was her: https://www.latimes.com/people/victoria-kim

No. 828564

Babby's first VN, since it was free it reached a wide mass appeal, this is basically the zoomer version of Katana Shoujo (which still has megathreads on /vg/).

No. 828572

Ah, I see now the article itself isn't titled that way, just the twitter blurb. Thankfully the top replies on that tweet are women pointing out how idiotically it's worded.

No. 828576

The men are "fighting back" against an emoji? When will they fight back against the Nth room shit and trafficking affecting their daughters, sisters, mothers, etc?
They're so fucking pathetic.

No. 828599

i mean, isn't this game literally about committing suicide? it's fitting i guess

No. 828604

No. 828620

worst thing is it's an adult

No. 828637

Men will never understand body shaming the same way women do because their worth isn't tied to their appearance the same way a woman's is. Also the men in question are pathetic and should kill themsleves

No. 828700

>throwing tantrums over an emoji
Wtf is up with korean men? I feel bad for the women there

No. 828706

File: 1623504178158.jpg (514.66 KB, 972x1666, Screenshot_20210612-151519_Twi…)

i thought she was talking about racism or something. nope, it's bopo shit.
it's literally violent to make clothes that fit normal people!!!!!!

No. 828739

File: 1623509770309.jpeg (83.25 KB, 1080x924, E3q1knaWUAAXrfE.jpeg)

No. 828745

Pretty sure this is a joke

No. 828751

I trough that too bet OP was retwitting whiny post about not being mean to people who say ignorant shit. You never now with Americans

No. 828753

File: 1623511151140.png (392.22 KB, 720x862, Screenshot_20210612-201713.png)

I have mixed feelings on this(I swear this isn't what your thinking) hating men as a class will always be based and justified, but hating specific ethnic/racial groups of men is a lot more complex

Most women will signal out the males who directly oppresses them and so are often the males from their socio-ethnic group, so Asian women will call out Asian men, Black women will call out black men and White women will call out white men and that's all well and good but troubles start arising when you think other males are somehow better cause their not the males oppressing your group
It can lead to actually problematic and offensive situations like a White woman in the west saying how the western world is the most misogynistic place in the world and how misogyny in other countries didn't exist before evil European colonizers or recently black women insulting black men calling them ​"conquered males" as well another slurs like calling them bullet bags(picrel)

megalia the Korean radfem group has a wierd history of "fetishizing" white men and also less frequently black males and I'm never like "oh poor males getting objectified or whatever" but fetishizing people for racial reasons is always wrong no matter the context, that includes fetishizing white, black and Asian males
So yeah my view on this whole thing is a bit mixed

No. 828829


Don't know much about Korean culture but from what I heard Korean men have a reputation of beating their women? Correct me if I'm wrong. But it's also ugly to throw your own people regardless of gender, under the bus like that. A lot of WoC obsess over white men not realizing many white men still actually prefer white women and the ones that don't are usually weirdo fetishists or bottom of the barrel divorced boomers (let's be real, look at 90dayfiance). Yeah they might have sex with you, but they don't respect you.

No. 828832


Really ironic considering what white men in Asia have done.US military bases around the world always have brothels created around them. Do they really think white men would respect them even more?

No. 828835

you gonna get banned beloved. but i do always tell people all men are trash no race of man is better or worse its all the same shit but just a different coat of paint. but they dont hear it so…whatever

No. 828836

Its not just about white men, its regarding men as a whole from different groups and the racial fetishization of others just cause their not your direct group of oppressing males, lots of girls racially fetishize Korean guys cause of kpop and that's wrong as well

No. 828837

its what men deserve lol. women have been fetishized enough for the race its time for men to feel that same ickiness. LMAO jk

No. 828838

Also American white men are the absolute worst when it comes to fetishizing east and southeast asian women. The absolute worst of any ethnicity on the planet and this is a FACT.

No. 828839

I actually disagree with you, I do blieve I know all moids are bastards but are some worse then others, there's never going to be good or decent men in any country but there are cultures that don't belong in any time period
Like I get what your trying to say, but its kinda privileged and in a way very insensitive, see western men aren't inherently better but it is just incredibility insensitive towards women who have suffered at the hands of their males to pretend like its somehow equal

No. 828842

Please let's not, its cool to objectify men in all aspects but racial fetishization is disgusting and 99% racist
Believe me Its not just white men, member's of my family talk about how "hot" east asian women are, and how their so "submissive"

No. 828845

Its also just Americans in general, East Asian women are really popular on dating websites and Asian porn is always the top searched terms in the US. Now I always wonder why American men, being as loud and stupid as they are, have such a creepy objectification towards EA womeN?ù

No. 828848


Yeah kinda frustrating to explain this to others and they dismiss it or brush it off by saying it should be taken as a compliment or some shit. As if sex trafficking fueled by these nasty creeps should somehow be flattering to a woman.
They don't even see asians as people but as robots void of individual personality. It's fucking gross.

No. 828850

because of the vietnam war their ugly ass grandaddys would come back home from these war torn asian countries after raping and impregnating the women and brag about it to their sons about how "easy" and "submissive" they are. not to mention the stereotypes are all over the mainstream media. its gross.

No. 828852

listen i never said its equal obviously there are more severe cases if you go from developed country to less developed countries. Any underdeveloped country treats their women worse no matter the race. It just so happens that most underdeveloped countries are filled with minorities because of imperialism and colonization.

No. 828854

for some reason never put that together but its true. its where the me love you long time sucky sucky thing comes from, an american movie about vietnam. i wonder if east and southeast asian women should avoid american scrotes altogether

No. 828857

its so embedded in america its fucked up vietnam vets are not hereos they are disgusting rapists and losers. thats my unpopular opinion though.

No. 828858

>listen i never said its equal obviously there are more severe cases if you go from developed country to less developed countries
>Any underdeveloped country treats their women worse no matter the race. It just so happens that most underdeveloped countries are filled with minorities because of imperialism and colonization

Anon this sounds like a twittertard opinion, poverty and colonization isn't why the males in any country view women as subhumans, like the English ruined a million things in the Indian subcontinent but it didn't make any group more or less misogynistic culturally

No. 828860

I think theyre getting it from how in africa female rulers, female warriors, ect were common place in some regions. Was it commonplace in Asia or just Africa?

No. 828885


i am not saying its the only reason why i am saying that underdeveloped countries don't have the luxury of hiding the gross shit men do to women like more developed countries like america does. I was going to expound on my point but i was scared of getting banned lol

No. 828887

I've lived in Pakistan, In Bradford and I've lived in California and shockingly Pakistan was the worst place to live as a woman

All Men suck and im sure white men suck as well, and if society broke down then they would act just as cruel as men from say Iraq or any warzone, but there is something very privileged about a white Western woman saying that the men of your country are the worst in the entire world

I grew up in Lahore, Pakistani men are worse, we have literally thousands of honor killings here and most of the middle class males are also porn brained commers

What you're saying is High key offensive towards women of color around the world, I would deal with the misogyny of Korean men, American men, Chinese men, Mongolian men or British men then deal with Pakistani men, who will throw acid on me cause I hurt his honor or members of my own family who want me dead cause I'm no longer a Muslim

No. 828894

File: 1623527062268.png (625.24 KB, 1242x2208, 8EBA888E-CD84-41E5-8310-F8B2C2…)

While this person isn’t entirely wrong (especially regarding Jeffrey Dahmer) I hate how these extremely dumbed down takes are accepted without question. It wasn’t just racism or homophobia. Cops in the 70s/80s (whether corrupt or not) just were really inexperienced in dealing with serial killers in general because the concept of “serial killer” wasn’t as well known.

Not defending cops because they did fuck up a lot. I just hate how a complex issue gets dumbed down to “lol cops and white people” all the damn time on Twitter.

No. 828907

NTA but arent those countries you listed (except the European ones) coloured too? Also I would take an Ethiopian male over a Pakistani male too

No. 828913

Non white people aren't a monolith, there's huge differences between different cultures and religions

No. 828928

Well yeah but the person said it was offensive to coloured women worldwide implying that all coloured men were violent

No. 828936

File: 1623531556179.png (389.51 KB, 543x676, lines.png)

People in my local Twitter are so smug about everything. If people want to go to go to this store after a long lockdown and are following the social distancing rules then what is the problem? Comments are full of people jerking each other off and calling anyone who doesn't want to be a hermit for 2 years straight selfish.

No. 828938

Thats not what I'm saying, I wasn't even taking about white people, I just that women in the west to deal with misogyny and western men(immigrant and native) will never be perfect or decent but there are certain countries where women are treated like literal donkeys and its shouldn't be divisive to say those countries are worse
Afghanistan for e.g is somehow even worse then Pakistan and that's how they will stay, Communism was the one hope for the women in Afghanistan and other Muslim nations, but that's gone and now there's no option
Islam can never be feminist and will never die out unless its suppressed

No. 828975

These people constantly fucking act as if big tech doesn't constantly bend to their will. It's fucking bonkers.

No. 829185

File: 1623566856180.png (17.6 KB, 440x300, moid nonsense.png)

Yea, the gender that never takes care of themselves through good grooming methods and skin care suddenly gets good looking at a much older age just because might have more money

Why does no one tell these delusional moids that they look better at 18 than 35? Yeah, people do roast them but all they call them is delusional, not actually tell the truth of how men at 18 have higher testesterone, fuller hair, smoother skin, more beautiful faces, more innocent and masculine personalities, ect than wrinkly, out of shape, grumpy, less attractive, ect, 35 year old men. So many of these retards got their ideas of gender roles from 1950s Hollywood movies and LARP like its "traditional"

No. 829187

they're saying that because men gain resources/money as they age, and men don't care about women's money and resources only their looks and youth. but women care about looks more than men are willing to accept. do they seriously think that a 20 year old woman would rather be with a rich 40 year old who is probably going bald and prediabetic, or a sexy, tall 20 year old?

No. 829189

Not only are standards for men much lower, but they also ignore the fact that those few men who are still considered attractive at 40, 50 or even 60+ were already very attractive at 20. None of the weak-jawed fat losers I’ve heard parrot this “fine wine” nonsense are going to suddenly blossom into George Clooney when they turn a certain age, they’re only going to get fatter and saggier and go bald. If they do manage to get a younger gf when they’re older it will be solely because they’re in a better economic position than her, not because they as individuals are actually desirable.

No. 829190

>george clooney
bad example, dude was average looking even in his youth

No. 829191

I agree, but he’s the example they always give for some reason.

No. 829193

NTA, but give me someone who looks like Prince, young Johnny Depp, or one of the guys from Milli Vanilli any day of the week. Unpopular opinion here

No. 829205

Not looking forward to the inevitable slew of middle aged incel shooting sprees when this generation grows up to realize the manosphere lied to them about ~aging like wine~. How will they cope with the reality that they wont actually be knee deep in teen pussy the moment they hit 35, and that 30+ women wont die alone and desperate as punishment for rejecting them lmao.

I, for one, would happily die alone if it meant not having to marry a balding wrinkly scrote. I'm too vigilent about my skincare routine to tolerate their aging.

No. 829265

The thing is, they do know the actual truth. This man is not looking at his bald-ass head, ugly body and wrinkles and saying "I am truly more attractive now than at the prime of my youth".
They need to keep repeating this lie on sites like Twitter and Reddit, because the alternative is suicide. They even know to tack on that it's because of money, rather than beauty, because they're not really as delusional as they pretend to be.
Even the "more money" cope is ignoring the fact that if you're only "more attractive" because you have money, that still means you're unattractive. Any woman who's with you is just powering through it all, thinking of all the things she could buy with your money. You can only pity them.

No. 829291

Homesense has great finds this person has shit taste

No. 829308

File: 1623593856462.png (164.44 KB, 1071x508, untitled4.png)

I found some more loonies getting angry about this yesterday. People (women) legally going to a furniture store will cause the downfall of society apparently and these twitter users are such special angels for not wanting to go to Homesense.

No. 829367

These people are so fucking dramatic holy shit. It's like their entire existence is based around being bitter that other people do things (safely) that they don't like. I've seen people practically make their entire existence about this during the pandemic. Even when people are taking the correct precautions (masking, distancing), they complain. I get it when it comes to people doing shit that puts others at risk, but going to a store because stores are open again…?

That second tweet especially reeks of that kind of bitterness. Oh no, you had to deal with a halfway renovated kitchen for the first wave of the pandemic? Your life is so fucking difficult, you must have especially suffered eating takeout for weeks. It must have been so hard to not have dishes to clean up and getting to eat yummy food made by someone else and not having to work to make it yourself. Touch grass, become grounded with reality. Susan from Homesense isn't the threat you think she is.

No. 829443

I think the reason we seem to have less serial killers nowadays is that it's much harder for them to evade capture long enough to get a high body count now that DNA evidence is used in law enforcement. Collecting fingerprints wasn't even a thing until the late 80s, let alone identifying suspects in a database by a hair they left behind like we can do now.

Plus, it's all about mass shooters now. They get the most attention from the media and are virtually guarenteed a high body count, so that's the route angry young men with violent impulses go for nowadays.

No. 829460

No. 829537

File: 1623617994073.jpeg (192.83 KB, 750x1022, DC4520F2-181C-4EB4-A706-33021A…)

Ah yes so much better than getting exploited by McDonald’s.

No. 829538

I fucking hate Twitter

No. 829541

My god I want these people dead. Absolutely brainwashed.

No. 829551

because sex work is always stable and never backfires. right.

No. 829554

I found the thread and all I see is this weirdo talking, I hate when people do that. They just start spamming their thread defending themselves so you barely see what anyone else is saying and they can get more likes.

No. 829563

Twitter has gotten even more unbearable since the pandemic. So many smug assholes sniffing their own farts. As long as they’re social distancing, wearing masks, and following general protocol, who the fuck cares?
Minimum wage jobs are horrible but I would much rather do that over sex work any day of the week. At least my dignity is intact.

No. 829599

Blue checkmarks always have the worst takes these days, but this is truly vomitous

No. 829641

File: 1623631328017.png (8.54 KB, 345x152, thas mento illness luv.png)

twitter needs to be nuked

No. 829647

Dream fans need to be nuked

No. 829684

Read this as "SNP" and thought "tf does Scotland have to do with this" kek

No. 829691

Can this motherfucker and his fucked up fans stop trending for 5 minutes

No. 829729

like to see they can, hope they don't expect anyone to do anything about it

No. 829778

File: 1623649405531.png (314.39 KB, 533x536, 123.png)

A mind completely destroyed by porn

No. 829780

Oh god, this DID shit will seep into the mainstream won't it? Fuck.

No. 829872

I guess it was supposed to be a joke but I'm so tired of internet's collective cumbrain i fucking hate it

No. 829912

File: 1623669109646.jpg (243.16 KB, 720x788, closeted pedophiles or somethi…)

Apparently not liking "lolisho" is a red flag nowadays? There's another QRT of the tweet with a similar sentiment.

No. 829921

Aggie as in Matt? His disgusting ass can get fucked, even Shannon doesn't owe him an apology. I don't get why lolifags always pull out "it isn't real kids! It doesn't literally hurt anyone!" yeah fucking obviously, but it's still degenerate and nobody needs to hear you justify what you get off to all day.

No. 829924

Man fuck those weirdos, ideas can be just as dangerous. Fantasising about a kid is still fantasising about a kid. We as a global society should be sterilising pedos.

No. 829937

I think it's because a handful of very vocal anti-loli guys were found with CP over the past couple of years like that neogaf mod and a few others. There was another one within the last month but I don't remember the details so I can see how someone could use it as some weird gotcha against people who are very anti-lolisho

No. 829968

File: 1623676714041.jpg (98.59 KB, 828x817, 20201113_192643.jpg)

As fucking usual Aggie's comics should be wiped off the face of the planet followed by lolifags too. Anyone with half a brain thinks that shit is weird.

No. 829987

>Heh… you're calling me out for being a lolifag? Well, that's pretty sussy of you. Brace yourself… I think it's actually YOU the pedo! Hyuck hyuck… gottem.(wojak spammer)

No. 829993

were 13 year olds always this moronic or have we somehow evolved backwards

No. 830066

File: 1623687925937.png (308.28 KB, 1180x1301, EE53C044-8CFC-49B6-BBCC-4C066B…)

kek, i’ve looked up the hashtag and found the funniest tweet i’ve ever seen in my life. apparently, identity theft is okay as long as you’re a sis tum

No. 830074

How is this not something that they should be ashamed of? Does this retard wakes up everyday reciting the same chant hoping to wake up in a fucking Minecraft YouTuber’s body?

No. 830082

i know, right. to be honest, i’m so used to seeing kids kinning characters or some psychotic shit, that i just didn’t care about their lala bs anymore. but i refuse to believe this kid is serious. nobody in the world can be this fucking broken to believe they’re a real life person

No. 830085

its just kids larping thats it. theyre trying to make it sound a lot more serious but its just a larp kek

No. 830160

they’re not. check this guy’s twitter account, or don’t if you want to save your braincells. it’s a literal circus

No. 830161

This is psychotic af. These kids didn’t get drugged enough by their parents.

No. 830186

File: 1623698866812.jpg (58.38 KB, 500x617, 1121581f0c5cc534f131cd3d296177…)

Did moids coom their braincells out and forget that Photoshop existed? They keep reposting photos that are extremely photoshopped and claiming them real despite the fact there's like a million pictures of the same photo unphotoshopped

This is a popular one, these girls were photoshopped with their tits and thighs/hips to be huge and the photoshopped version is constantly being reposted and branded as real and "why don't women look like this and their 36-22-45 proportions?"

No. 830189

File: 1623699064120.jpg (69.06 KB, 640x731, 6760370ad92ca29fde4f07808daf6e…)

No. 830194

Sometimes the watermarks are just as retarded as the content they throw at the web.
I’m amazed at how there’s so many people out there believing whatever is on the internet, and it’s so fucking creepy to photoshop students to make them look “sexy” those are the kind of people that need to be put on a list.

No. 830205

I like how the middle one was left untouched what the fuck kek

No. 830215

And they broke her leg trying to Photoshop the girl on the rights leg too kek. Unreal how men believe the most obvious photoshop

No. 830247


>i get harassed everyday

in her dreams lol someone is delulu. those lip fillers are a nightmare.

No. 830251

File: 1623703336574.jpg (90.52 KB, 750x750, eti-topkek-cake-with-strawberr…)

No. 830269

>slaving for 40 hours a week on your feet for min wage for a greedy employer who treats you like a subhuman who you are expendable to

>thinking being an oppressed wagie makes you better than a sex worker

okay hun x

also where is your proletarian/female solidarity? this is a misogynistic and hateful thing to say. are you a pickme?

No. 830280

How is sex work guaranteed stable, predictable, high paying and not exploitative?

The majority of sex workers globally will not make a lot of money and will face abuse. Plus the more there are the more saturated the market is and the less they will be able to charge. Coomers don't give a fuck, they'll ditch a sex worker for someone cheaper, younger, newer, different, etc.

Take Belle Delphin, who had them buying her damn bathwater at one point. She finally did a porn video and a ton of them bailed purely because they'd gotten what they wanted and thought less of her for it. Even poor Moo had to get more and more explicit to stop them from leaving her, despite her always saying she'd never do porn. Relying on fans like that for your income is more dangerous than relying on contracted work.

No. 830296

You just know a man did this based on the fact the editor couldn't seem to decide whether they were adding on hips or saddlebags.

No. 830319

>They won't make a lot of money
Can we please cut this bullshit? The entire reason why a lot of women get into and stay in sex work is because they make a lot of money. What exactly would you say to women who do make a ton of money in sex work in order to convince them to stop?
>Belle Delphine losing fans
The girl made a million a month, eventually sex work dies but if you save and invest you're practically set if you know what you're doing

Neither of these are good defenses outside of sex work being exploitive to women and encouraging bad fantasies and unrealistic body expectations from men to women I wouldn't point the finger completely at women, especially ones who are just desperate and really need money

No. 830339

File: 1623711140557.jpg (73.71 KB, 640x640, 155ad145b3f2fc5d866707779954.j…)

I don't want to be a zoomer anymore. I feel so fucking alone and crazy. Living in a libtard college town I'm surrounded by people who are like this unironically. I get more blackpilled everyday. How can the "progressive" western world brainwashes young women so hard in 2021.

No. 830341

Correction. Many women get into sex work because they THINK they can make a lot of money because they have been mislead. Most women only make 400$ per scene for hardcore porn. Even porn producers will say you cant make a living off of doing porn. Then when they learned its not as glamorous or lucrative as they thought, they're more or less stuck there because a lot of other employers don't want them. Idk about escorting though.

>slaving for 40 hours a week on your feet for min wage for a greedy employer who treats you like a subhuman who you are expendable to

Yeah because showing your gaping asshole to moids paying 5$ a month and doing emotional labor for them is so much more dignified than waiting tables.

>but where is your female solidarity??

Yeah people teaching men that women are a commodity to be bought and sold, but we're the ones who lack solidarity.

No. 830344

this is mostly terminally online shit that caters to out of touch, desperate, and deluded and targets the most vulnerable young women. current status quo like this is all for show and plenty of the women supporting this shit will never be forced or need to go into prostitution or sex industry to survive, just shilling it for poor women out of the loop.

No. 830345

90% of OF whores make minimum wage retard. Belle Delphine is literally the 0.0001%. Twitter whores are selling children their version of the american dream by telling them they can make SOOO much money, whic is blatantly false. Even in big cities where scrotes have money to buy women, full service is so fucking competitive and oversaturated that 18 yo are taking cock up their ass for $200 + a meal. Don't pretend you know what tf you're talking about.

No. 830349

It's surreal and dystopian when your schoolmates casually say shit like Omg my crush looks at my OF. I KNOW these girls aren't poor. They're middle class driving daddy's car.

No. 830350

And dont they get money if other people sign up for OF with their referral link? No wonder they shill it

No. 830352

A lot of troons and enby weirdos have an OF . It's not purely for money, it's for attention and validation. Being a SW is the new drug dealer, like it's a ~cool~ thing now to be a fuckin lowlife lmao like how rappers brag bout selling crack, these hoes wanna be part of a marginalized group thats why they got a checklist of pronouns, made up genders, LBTQ identity and purple hair.

No. 830356

File: 1623712947248.png (Spoiler Image, 2.93 MB, 2048x1431, 8FAA27AF-CC9B-4F70-80F6-257C51…)

I hate these exhibitionist weirdos so much,I fucking despise the anti vs proshipoer shit so much, these peoples go to is “fiction doesn’t effect reality” and, yeah?Then they go and do shit like this.Go draw shota incest in your room not around people you freak.

No. 830358

File: 1623713059766.jpg (790.27 KB, 1080x2005, Screenshot_20210614-162422_Sam…)


Appalling this bitch is indigenous and promoting sex work when aren't majority of trafficked women in Canada native?

No. 830371

Cockbreaths do not care for other women, she got hers. I'm sure she's VERY respected by her peers.
Not to mention she's comparing being a stripper 10+ years ago to prostitution and archiving your holes in 4K on the internet forever.

No. 830389

i’ve seen way too much loli/shota/incest porn on pixiv (and hate every one of it) that it doesn’t tilt me anymore but what the fuck. more importantly, why the fuck are you being rude to a stranger over whatever weird shit you’re drawing.

No. 830397

The filthy keyboard…

No. 830402

Sounding like lana, kek. No one views your crusty arse as innocent and fragile anymore.

No. 830405


Tbh white women are seen as whores in most countries and by a lot of conservative immigrants.

No. 830416

I have talked about this before, In my country which is sexually shut off, men and boys only outlet is porn or American sex comedy films, due to this they see white women as extreme nymoho sluts and whores
Its a fetish and desire for the most part

No. 830455


The Neogaf mod(he wasn't a mod when he got caught, he was removed because he used to edit other user posts to win arguments) wasn't really an anti Loli person. He was just an asshole loser who used to beat his mom an used her to scam people and was a general asshole to everyone, the reason why people say he was anti loli is because he got into Twitter fights and called people who disagreed with him pedos bc they had anime avatars

No. 830462


Are you Arab? Maybe that's why there's allegedly so many rapes in Sweden and Germany by refugees, they think the west is like a live action porno.

No. 830468

Pakistan but its the same mentality, its also why you have the phenomenon of Indian and Pakistani men sending weird messages to White women
They really do think that well their sluts who will sleep with anyone

No. 830480

Fuckin weird that men fetishize asian women as being virginal waifu when asian porn is like the second most popular genre. Is it because asian women always look like they're getting raped while white women have the audacity to act like they're enjoying themselves more?

No. 830483

Its the second most popular genre because a lot of Asian countries watch it. The only western countries that has asian porn pop up in its categories often is AUS/US where all the yellow fever fags come from so there you go lol

No. 830485

Oh yeah and Canada.

No. 830499

Asian men hold that belief too, that their women is pure compared to white women. They treat them just as poorly if not worse. Sometimes they think white women is a status symbol. Asian porn popular with south america too. I guess the closer you are the Burgers, the weeb-er you incline to be.

No. 830501

Men will call themselves superior but can't fucking tell when an image/video is photoshopped or when a girl is wearing a "no makeup" makeup look. All they are are braindead coomer monkeys. It's comical.

No. 830503

Honestly might not even be about weebs, might just be a cultural thing with how that ethnic group is viewed France is weeb nation yet Arab and ebony porn appears before asian in those lists lol

No. 830505


That's literally only Japan. They're like the top producers of that shit right next to western countries. I envy North Koreans for not being exposed to this shit.

>>830503 France has a lot of immigrants from Africa.

No. 830507

Idk how to tell you this but North Koreans watch porn, they're probably even more repressed and degenerate than South koreans.

No. 830508


I got many Pakistani porn blogs following me on Tumblr. I think many of them must be bots or something because all of them usually have the username "mazhabi" and they always have sacrilegious content like sexualizing hijabi women and mocking the Quran.. then again, maybe it's a hindu/sikh plot against Muslims I'm not sure..

I think internet access in Asia was a mistake.

No. 830510

>France has a lot of immigrants from Africa.
Isn't the same true of South America?

No. 830511


Maybe, maybe not. I'm sure it's very rare though considering their internet is heavily regulated by the government. I heard something like there's only 10 websites accessible in North Korea. Also many people get married younger in North Korea and rural villages of China and the rest of Asia. "Repressed" is only 30 year old basement dwellers who haven't touched a woman's hand ever. Believe it or not, the world existed before porn.

No. 830512

South America is a whole ass continent, you gotta be more specific. Which country we talking about? Because Argentina has a lot more European immigrants than Africans.

No. 830513

Brazil has the highest Japanese population living outside of Japan.

No. 830514

>Because Argentina has a lot more European immigrants than Africans.
This is technically true of France as well, wtf anon lol

No. 830516

And? Did I deny that ? Still doesn't change the fact there's a whole bunch of Senegalese, Moroccans and Algerians living in the slums of Paris. I'm telling you that's probably one of the explanations.

No. 830523


Really stupid assumption to make. DPRK only has 28 websites. They live under a dictatorship and sanctions, many are survivors of famine. Most if none at all can communicate with others outside the country. You have never contacted a North Korean but think they'd be just as much of a coomer as South Koreans are?

No. 830525

Not proud to say it but I've seen JAV before and that shit is weird asf. Really shows not all of sexuality is innate like people think being "kinky" is naturally part of their personality when nobody is actually born with having a fetish for tentacles, getting choked, bondage etc. You grew to like that over time due to whatever trauma fucked up your cumbrain.

Shit, most cultures didn't/still don't even French kiss.

No. 830526

Your logic is just erratic, demographics are obviously not the main/only explanation here

No. 830530

You don't think the porn bootlegging trade is poppin off in a place like that? You don't think the men working for the dictatorship, men in power, participate in underground porn consumption and smuggling? Under oppressive regime, cooming probably is the funnest thing they can do. Come on anon, believing NK dudes are wholesome is NK propaganda.

No. 830531

I literally just told you the demographic lmfao. Like the fact there's a big Arab and West African immigrant population isn't at all an explanation for why ebony and Mia Khalifa is the top searched? Did you even pass high school?

No. 830532

Reread >>830514 and drink some water lol

No. 830533


I'm not a tankie or NK supporter. It's common sense, retard. Many North Koreans are in poverty and most families share 1 TV. Are you trying to make yourself feel better for being a cumbrain moron by saying North Koreans jack off to hentai too?

No. 830537

Bro there's a big population of arabs and blacks in countries like Canada and USA as well (and ebony is top searched in the us but still beaten by asian porn categories). Also there's way less black people in France than in the us

No. 830538

Did you forget physical porn is a thing or? How tf am I a cumbrain for refusing to believe that NK men aren't coomers. Poverty has never stopped men from being degenerates before?? From historic trends, the more oppressive a society is, the more likely they are to fall to sexual deviancy.

No. 830539

Ok so why isn't ebony porn more popular than asian porn in the us despite having a much larger black population than France (by 2x or 3x) unless you're implying black men just look up porn in France much more than other races of men for some reason

No. 830542


Sounds like you pulled this outta ur ass, dipshit. I didn't realize u were data analyzer of Xhamster dot com. France has the highest black population in Europe.

Also these statistics are not set in stone, I gave u a possible answer but u decide to argue as if I told u Germans won WW2 or some shit.

No. 830547

What site did you come from? Can you go back?

No. 830553

First, it's easily available on pornhub stats and second, doesn't the UK have a higher black population? France's black estimation is set to be at 7 percent tops. Also I actually live in France.

No. 830555

You know we just don't live in slums and most of us arent immigrants but born and raised in France, right? And you know that Maghrebi =/= Arab, right?

No. 830561

How did you get that estimate? It's straight up illegal to make studies and surveys in France regarding race or ethnicities so if you saw one it's probably not completely accurate and based on other criteria like who has dual citizenship.

No. 830563

NTA, but if that's the case, where did the "France has the highest black population in Europe" claim come from?

No. 830568

Non french who went to Paris and said damn there's too many blacks here

No. 830569

Anon isnt wrong when she says there are a lot of Black and North Africans in France but since it's not possible to know the exact number it's just something you notice yourself if you live or visit one of the big cities.

No. 830571

There is a lot but it's not higher than the UK or US, that's just nonsense.

No. 830572

There’s way more black people in the UK and even other parts of Europe in my experience lol

No. 830574

Non-asian men are likely more open to watching asian porn than Asian men are to black, brown porn. So correlating porn searches to ethnic groups is probably highly inaccurate.

No. 830582

idk about that, I live in Pakistan but we have an ethnic minority that looks very East Asian looking the Hazaras, Hazara's suffer numerous hate crimes and ethnic cleansing campaigns by either the ethnic nationalists or the Jihadists
But I've never seen Hazara women be fetishized, their viewed as Kafir Subhuman Mongrels and foreigners(global rule #7)

No. 830584

File: 1623741203403.png (21.69 KB, 821x246, hmmmm.png)

No. 830586

I must admit I do not know much about Pakistani men's taste in porn. But I'd argue that porn is not always about how much they like its subject as people, a la white supremacists obsession with black/raceplay porn.

No. 830598

Well Pakistani men can take what they can get, Porn sites are blocked here so I'm sure most just google porn, there's also the factor that Hazaras ancestors the Mongols subjugated Muslims which is why their hated, honestly a lot of people openly will state they wanna just genocide them or kick them out, this is a racial dynamic that isn't in most other counties

No. 830599

Yes it's a pol stereotype, by Americans projecting despite their black population being far higher
and having far more higher crime rates. They also say shit like black men cuck french men in France despite black women white man pairings being just as common if not more (unlike USA)

No. 830602

Its probably because of Paris, tbh. I live in a neighboring european country and when I went to Paris for the first time (as a child like 10 years ago) I was shocked because I had never seen so many black people in my entire life. You go to Paris and you expect white people with barets, not african men trying to tie bracelets around your arm and scamming you at every corner.

No. 830606

Refugees are locked up most of the time in centers and unfairly focused on. Police meanwhile doesn't care about solving the pedophilia/incest rings in small villages, because that could upset the local conservative (Christian or nationalist socdem) politicians. Also from what I've noticed, the 13th warrior is a popular movie with Syrian refugees, they want to larp visiting the vikings, not so much assuming that it's like American sex comedies.

No. 830610

Stfu whores, I wanna cringe at tweets.

No. 830616

Yet I don’t see you post them faggot

No. 830617

Men unironically don't care if it's real or not. I have tried to show several men the difference between photoshopped and unshopped their reaction is always "eh, as long as I can jerk off to it it's real to me!".

That's as far as their minds go.

No. 830630

No. 830649

idk know much about specifically Syrian men, but I know about Arab men, I live in a Muslim country and they view as subhumans
In Gulf states Pakistani workers are abused and Pakistani female workers and maids are raped without any sort of consequence, and when Arabs come to Pakistan they do what they do
Which is being assholes, shoot guns, buy heroin cause its cheaper here and well rape Pakistani girls
They do this to us and were fellow "Muslims"

No. 830651

Fix your reddit spacing, newfag.
Also yes, having actual skills and not being only good at getting fucked by cumbrained scrotes makes a person immensely above pathetic sex workers.

No. 830670

File: 1623751452407.jpg (88.59 KB, 510x545, beware_the_nazifem.jpg)

European racists don't see or care about the difference between Arab, Pakistani, men, women etc and pretend that we didn't have rampant misogyny and (unprosecuted) rape cases in the heavenly (nonexistent) ~before~ times. Northern European scrotes have done the exact same things you're describing historically and stil do so to this day. Don't fall for the enlightened west narrative, it's very superficial. There are some anons on here who are unironic nazifems (referring to actual racism, not ~transphobia~) and constantly race/ethnicity-bait.

No. 830673

I'm sure European raicts are very bad anon, but last time I checked its not European racists that have tens of thousands of Pakistanis in indentured servitude and its notb

No one has ever said that Europe is perfect and has no misogyny or anything, but as someone whose lived in both Pakistan and Bradford, I can tell you that I'd prefer living in country where I have substanially more human rights and dignities, you literally get killed in Pakistan for converting out of Islam
So comparing slight racist remarks to the extremely rampant misogyny, Violence against women and the lack of rights that we don't have on paper is offensive and kinda privileged

No. 830677

We're in a twitter hate thread, so I posted tweets to not be completely off-topic. You said Arab men go to other countries to rape girls, my point was that Northen European men do that too and have similar attitudes.

No. 830678

Usually these muh German fags think they were Mediterranean or Baltic people with kingdoms in history. Why do bantu speaking Africans (and descendants) get roasted for claiming afro asiatic and Nile Saharan african culture but this is fine and dandy?

No. 830687

That wasn't what I was trying to say, see no one I have ever met has viewerd me and my people as being so less then Arab people and I have met some pretty racist white people
For racist white people were just dirty poor brown, but for Arabs we are virtually subhumans

They view us as a slave race who can only just suck up to Arabs and be their servants, they see us weak and losers and that were just pathetic Cause our ancestors were forcefully converted to Islam
Arabs see non-Arab Muslims as being lesser then them in a way that European racism against brown people doesn't even reach, they don't wanna kill us or genocide but they will laugh at us and humiliate us and abuse us for their enjoyment

No. 830712

The Black population in the UK is under 4%. The number is so low because most rural areas in the UK are 90% or more white.

>we didn't have rampant misogyny and (unprosecuted) rape cases in the heavenly (nonexistent) ~before~ times
"Industrial scale" child rape was not happening in the north of England or the west Midlands prior to muslim immigration. Utter twats like you who scream whataboutism and how all men are the same are one of the reasons why it's still happening all over Europe. It's like some form of mental dysfunction where you are unable to distinguish the difference between being cat called or being raped, tortured and sex trafficked. Women are loosing their rights, protections and safety but according to you someone posting bad opinions on twitter is far more of a concern.

Reposted because I forgot to quote.(global rule #7)

No. 830722

Ma'am this is a twitter hate thread

No. 830734

Sage but yeah I agree, but its not about about race its specially about a religion, there are no Indian grooming gangs but there are Pakistani one's, there arent Ethiopian grooming gangs but there are Somali gangs, said gangs groom not only white girls but Indian, Ethiopian, Sikh and well all kafir girls cause Islam allows this for non-Muslim women
Islam isn't just the Quran, Its the library worth of Hadihs(saying and doings of Muhammad and his companions) and Muslims believe that Muhammad was the greatest human being who lived and will ever live cause the Quran states it, so Muhammad having sex with a 9 year old, killing a man and taking his wife as his own, receiving a sex slave as a gift all allowed and even celebrated
So as ex-Muslim I would be with any race, Mexican, Ethiopian, Russian (who all have issues regarding misogyny) Rather then a Muslim, cause even the worst male is better then the average Muslim man(global rule #7)

No. 830775

Wiat there are Ethiopian grooming gangs? I never see that race pop up in the crime stats unlike the others u listed.(global rule #7)

No. 830819

Then what would be your defense to women who do make a lot?

No. 830843


Biracial Brit here.

That is why it puts me off going to Paris. I get a lot of sexual harassment from African men here in the UK. There's ton of them here too, they're really creepy to be honest. They're almost every cleaner, every security/door man. You can't get away from them.

Going to Paris and knowing theres so many of them just knocks me sick to be fair. Because I know the harassment is going to be even worse.

When I went to Japan, Tokyo, there were piles of Africans there too. Why? There's tons of arabs working in the conbinis and then Africans handing leaflets out on Takeshita street. Super weird.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 830848


Arabs/Asians or whatever you want to call them. They're known for operating all that shit. Then again they marry kids in their own countries anyway. Doesn't surprise me.

No. 830854


"Even yalls seed is worthless" Yet these are the same black bitches who fuck these men anyway and sport their useless lives with a pack of kids who will end up in the same direction as them. Welfare, jobless, in prison or dead.

Funny how many of these girls would hop at the chance of a white sperm donator though. Jesus christ. Anything to have a white looking baby.

Black America is fucked.(newfag)

No. 830861

go back to /pol/(ignore racebait)

No. 830870

Neurotic mixed people who seethe at their own and other people’s non-white ancestry are really pathetic. Literally no one respects you, it’s just sad and embarrassing.

No. 830875

Youve been saying the same thing on lolcow since 2016. Why?

No. 830906

France has some weird stats on inter-racial/ethnic relationships, they're deliberately obtuse. It can mean a white french person with a white, French-ethnic person but born overseas, or a white "other" or a non-white French-born person (including a foreign born person who migrated in childhood for example), etc. Also, most Africans paired with white French men are North Africans. Sub-saharan African women with white french men are pretty uncommon, as they are everywhere. The UK is much more transparent with stats. US media reports confused ethnicity with race, hence the 1 in 7 stat you may have heard for the UK. 1 in 7 related to ethnicity, almost all of these pairings being a white Irish person married to a white British person. We're not as racially mixed up as people think.

No. 830909

It's funny cos this pic looks as if it's probs photoshopped too, probably by the original girls. They tend to make their hips a little wider and their legs much longer. Just a trend I've noticed.

No. 830919

I hate how many moids watch that shit. 9 out of 10 times they're being punished by the Yakuza. It's not "crazy asian culture" it's sick, degenerate gang-related culture and the girls are forced to make the videos to pay for boyfriends and male relatives transgressions. It's debt, or whatever a gang would call it.

No. 830936

I believe you anon, similar shit happens in the Western porn industry wrt to human trafficking and pimps, but do you have any sources on it? I wanna learn more.

No. 830938

File: 1623773466764.jpg (455.89 KB, 1440x2353, Screenshot_20210611-224537~2.j…)

Are you sure? It doesn't look as uncommon as you say it is (repost cause the screenshot was bad).

No. 830939

Speaking of the Yakuza, Japan's crime rite is something I wanna comment on, during my weebish years I used to go on about how functional Japanese society was, how low their corruption rates were and how they had barely any violent crimes and murders, but then looking into the actuality of it was kinda heartbreaking
A lot of industries in construction, pornography and the police are run by the Yakuza, a lot of murders are ruled as suicides

Japanese police are surprisingly corrupt when it comes to organized crime. I know higher-ups in a lot of places around the world don't want to tell so as to not cause a ruckus but the scale of that thinking in Japan just shocked me
Like I used to idealize japan back in my younger weeb days but now less so. Now i think the mentality thing of ''saving face'' is really malevolent. Here we are willing to talk openly about the things that are wrong and that is why we have progress.

No. 830962

Interesting, thanks anon! If I'm reading correctly, 99,000 "other african country" born women are in a mixed relationship. French men are about 30 million or something. So, no it's not a common sight. Question is how many french-born other african/sub-saharan women (racially) are there? Cos they'll be classed as not being a mixed couple. It's confusing. Anyway, this (other african = "black") is what's meant when US nons claim white french men + black women pairings are widespread. They're not, and I say that with some authority as someone who goes to France a lot. Paris is where you'll see them, tho, so tourists might get that impression. As I said, and as your stats show, most common interracial relationship is NA (algerian, tunisian or moroccan women) with white, french men. And most interethnic relationships generally are French people with a white "other."(racebait)

No. 830966

samefag. did you originally mean sex ratio is better in france than the US? I'm not aware of US stats, so i'll take your word for it.

No. 830977

No. 830993

oops, sorry for being so dim.

No. 830996

>low crime rate
I'm glad I never fell for that meme

No. 831001

These relationships are likely with barbers rather then Arabs, a lot of barbers despise Arabs more then any other groups and would rather associate with the French, their are also harkis native Algerians who fought or worked with the French during the Algerian war, after the war they wee hunted down and suffered extreme violence, so many fled to France
Even now the grandchildren of the original harkis suffer from hate crimes and Targetted attacks by new Algerian immigrants

No. 831006

I always thought that was very hard to believe, as women have to take special women only trains to avoid harassment from men. That and the sexualization of school girls. Such things means that there are a lot of out of control scrotes there.

No. 831011

I know lol. How does a country have the lowest sexual assault rate in the world (a claim once made about Japan) but need separate train services to stop women and girls from being groped? um. And child porn was not criminalised until fairly recently and used to be played in public, like shopping venues. I think you're still allowed to own cp as long as you don't distribute it. And ofc the legal, murky realm of gravure/JAV. A lot of their "models" start at 13.

No. 831014

Japan is a weird country, it was a feudal hereditary military dictatorship that modernized so quickly and drastically, but their officer's were still basically men who grew up in the middle ages and they had the mentality, after WW2 they took the path of ultra capitalsm and never really addressed their issues

No. 831024

Plus their Homicide rate is totally fake
In 2018 Japan had 334 official homicides out of a country of 120 Million, this is functionality impossible Even a perfect society

Ironically Japan's crime rate is so low is cause the cops can get by being incompetent. and they fudge their books by mis-reporting murders as suicides lol(stop derailing twitter thread)

No. 831042

what about it?? Other job fields are much less dangerous even if just as competitive. Why would you risk having your asshole destroyed or be forced to take drugs, be raped or blackmailed?(sexwork derailing)

No. 831377

File: 1623823332319.png (1.27 MB, 1080x1575, Screenshot_20210616-072701~2.p…)

This is stupid, they have nothing to do with each other, also we've known about irregular verbs for centuries and they happened naturally, pronoun shit is a recent phenomenon that is being shoved down our throat and we're called bigots if we refuse to call somebody a vamp/vampself. It's confusing for older people and ESLs (especially from second and third world countries), and putting multiple pronouns on the same profile will just add more confusion.

No. 831408

Also - it's not that it's confusing. It's that neopronouns are just dumb. And also really English centric.

No. 831411

lol @ this wokie english speaker thinking her verbs are difficult when they are notoriously easy to conjugate and barely change at all.

No. 831412

The Latinx bullshit is really stupid. Only Americans think it's good, everyone else wants to slap you.

No. 831514

File: 1623845877264.jpeg (208.19 KB, 828x601, 89E4B37B-31C2-47A7-BC2D-E3CAA7…)

chimamanda ngozi adichie’s recent essay about transphobia and fake wokeness has been pissing a lot of people off on twitter but this has to be one of the absolute worst takes i’ve seen. i don’t care if i’m a logging but i think this person should kill themselves for the benefit of society.

No. 831517

B-but she’s such a white feminist! Shut up Karen!

No. 831529

"Feminists" like that tell on themselves. They want to be tools of the patriarchy, but the "right" way (they think there's a right way). They're like tradthots with blue hair.
I hope Chimamanda doesn't let these people stomp her out.

No. 831589

god how i hate moids.

No. 831635

>national 'don't wear your pants to school' day in Japan
please tell me this isn't real

No. 831637

Of course it isn't.

No. 831640

I'm sorry it hurt amerifat feelings to know that each european country has it's own societal make-up and different racial issues(infighting a 6-day old post)

No. 831903

File: 1623879640312.jpeg (360.12 KB, 750x1852, 9E4B04E8-2782-4F07-8C58-CBEBE6…)

Yoinking a /snow/ post because this is equally funny and pathetic. She gets so close yet so far. Are you empowered yet Mr Crabs?

No. 831906

File: 1623879708029.jpeg (296.22 KB, 750x847, C6F256CA-ACF1-40F6-B7CB-5A54D4…)

No. 831920

The cognitive dissonance it must take to go from "I currently hate doing OnlyFans 'work'… surely if I spend the pittance that I get on an unnecessary surgery with a mortality rate anywhere between 1 in 3000 and 1 in 500, THAT will make it better. Then I'll be rich, unlike all these other broke bitches who haven't figured it out yet!"

Personally can't wait for the mass wave of all these girls who've been groomed and sold a pipe dream of making bank by posting nudes online colelctively realizing that such an oversaturated market creates a race to the bottom and nobody wins (except the scrotes ofc). Should've saved that BBL fund for some econ classes ladies, perhaps those nasty "swerfs" were right all along.

No. 831928

Or you could just get a gym membership, jesus christ. Anything besides actual hard work to get a nice body with these people.

No. 831940

lmao why are they so braindead
>men feel entitled to your body, rampant abuse
>it's a capitalist competition
yeah what the fuck else did you think the "SEX" and "WORK" in "SEX WORK" meant? how can a grown adult be this stupid I can't
over hip dips?? That's just sad

No. 831944

Onlyfans makes men entitled to women's bodies???? Who saw THAT coming

No. 831955

File: 1623887320674.png (22.96 KB, 545x232, 16048711.png)

Great schadenfreude bc this one is a whole cow. SW twitter is full people exactly like this, not a single of them who isn't mentally ill and coping constantly on main.

No. 832055

File: 1623898131308.jpg (310.17 KB, 1170x1674, 1623879235469.jpg)

Someone posted this in the current Shatna thread. If it's real, that means that only 3.7% of OF ewhores make above minimum wage.


No. 832386

I mean how would something like legal sex work and onlyfans even work in a communist state economy

No. 833138

File: 1624022090665.jpg (186.35 KB, 1178x1728, PSX_20210618_145943.jpg)

Streamer on the lower half of picrel is the same streamer that posted the tweet, 3 years and a half later.

Can't say the change is surprising tho, she even derailed from a valid argument
>You're setting a bad example for girls and teaching them to objectify themselves
to a incredibly moronic one
>We must set a fair competitive scale for men!!!111 we have to teach the girls equality!!!1

In the end she was pandering to scrotes in both scenarios.

No. 833140

scrotes whining about "muh unfair competition" like they're not the ones throwing money at those e-thots they complain about

No. 833393

it's literally always the most pathetic women who cape for men like this

No. 833441

>Feminism is equality, tweeted to the fucking gaming community itself
Dude, who tf cares, people just like boobs and ass. Nobody’s forcing you to be sexy for views. Also, little girls?? None of these women selling themselves look like teenagers, the fuck

No. 833457

Why do all pickmes become whores eventually?

No. 833461

their audience is full of teenagers. Look at all these girls like danielle bregoli who are making an only fans the second they turn 18, where do you think they got the idea?

Unrelated but I'm also tired of people prefacing any criticism of this trend with "b-but it's not the women's fault! Don't blame the women!" obviously those women didn't create the demand and didn't make men into coomers, but they are adult women who can tell right from wrong, idk why they shouldnt be blamed for what they're doing

No. 833693

Because the women men give the most attention and praises to are whores. If men sung praises about virtuous and intelligent women most pickmes would strive to be that lmao

No. 833750

File: 1624096307341.jpeg (637.58 KB, 1242x1458, E6DD74BA-260B-4F38-BB6F-EFD89B…)

Will someone please think of the poor fat billionaires?

No. 833753

File: 1624096375063.jpeg (1.21 MB, 1242x1788, 11834E98-E494-41F9-A137-D4468D…)

No. 833760

File: 1624098118775.jpg (343.26 KB, 1080x1751, tumblr_fc0abe28da74e1831be4742…)

elon musk is fat

No. 833764

No, i think this is dumb. Instead men should be more shamed for being fat than women are for being fat because men are biologically created to be thinner and hold less body fat than women so its more of a shame for them to be fat or chubby

No. 833765

The point/message of those went way over their head kek

No. 833766

>what is symbolism

No. 833770

I'm pretty certain caricaturists didn't have the fat wokesters in mind with these depictions, it's not "fatphobic" lol.

No. 833774

Elon Fridge

No. 833894

Visual shorthand is now immoral. Making a character on their knees in an act of piety is also religious discrimination and me with piles of shit accumulating in my room is spitting in the faces of the homeless.

No. 833934

When did "fatphobic" start to be taken seriously along other prejudices like racism, sexism, and homophobia? I remember it was almost universally derided, it was confined to one corner of Tumblr only.

No. 833938

>fatness =/= overeating
do they think being fat is genetic or something?

No. 834131

god twitter is such a cesspool that i can't even handle this thread for more than 5 minutes every time i try to read it. every few months i think i'll come and laugh at SJRetards and never make it past a few posts

No. 834611

File: 1624185724298.png (20.96 KB, 588x206, vt.PNG)

oh the suffering

No. 834614

I hate to sound boomerish but there really is a generation now that has to try so hard to feel victimised and can't deal with the most mundane facts of life.

An application is never a guarantee so talking about painful rejection when something was never guaranteed (was only ever a possibility) in the first place is a bit much. Shit like social rejection as a kid usually prepares you for this. Even parents telling you no helps. Between this and males complaining about 'constant romantic rejection'.. the fucking sense of entitlement that sits behind these types of posts. You try to encourage someone to not give up and they lecture you in return.

No. 834631

meh, maybe i’m just sensitive but i don’t think feeling discouraged about the ghosting aspect of job seeking is necessarily so objectionable. the power is balanced in favor of the employers and what little they do offer in light of that is demonstrably not even enough to live on (at least as far as the US is concerned)

No. 834633

I totally agree that being rejected in a job search is discouraging and feels bad but my main gripe with this post is that this person choose to complain about generally supportive advice "It doesn't hurt to apply" like it's somehow offensive because they just may be rejected if they apply

No. 834635

fair enough actually, i don’t personally have an issue w that advice bc it’s sort of true but more generally i think she’s not wrong in saying that it’s a weirdly taxing amount of work for more often than not zero return (and little/no basic human respect coming from “H”R offices)

No. 834638

This weirdly reminded me. I was watching vids discussing the gilmore girls lately. One of the main topics was the decline of rory rather than then the growth of her. The point where she started taking rejection very poorly the audience started to dislike her. She showed up with an expectation of being handed something and then broke so easily at the fact that that's reality for alot of people. Nobody is above rejection. It's a shared experience every one of us has and develops coping skills for. She was wrapped up in herself in that way.

I think as soon as you start arguing with someones simple words of encouragement then that's bratty territory. Job rejection is just sucky everyday life. Rejection in general is just part of life.

No. 834652

I mean tough shit, this is the capitalist hell hole we are living in and you gotta deal with it. I know people who have qualifications and have been looking for a job since the pandemic went off, everyone being laid off and to covid doesn't help…. but like

> spending hours on a cover letter

Is this person retarded? You just write one and then modify bits n bobs for the job advert you're applying for lmao. Even if you're writing a new one every time, hours? Come one, typical twitter hyperbole

No. 834661

God forbid people have to put in effort for a long term reward rather than a short term reward.
No one promised life would be fair. Twitter is so toxic and entitled.

No. 834692

Because there are too many fat people in America

No. 835277

This is probably why they have to suffer rejection as HRs hate overworked, long cover letters lol

No. 835683

File: 1624327310667.png (857.33 KB, 1440x1072, ugly pickme.png)

Oh to be an ugly pickme caping for predatory men:

No. 835799

I don't know, I worked as a recruiter during an internship to replace two people at once, basically if you don't send a (often useless) cover letter you'll be automatically rejected, if you send a cover letter, no matter how much relevant information it has such as when you'll be available to start working or whatever that's linked to what you studied that you couldn't put in your resume, nobody will read it. I've had coworkers being shocked I read cover letters, and when they hired me they kept asking the exact same questions that were already answered in my cover letter. Not even asking for more details, just making me repeat myself over and over again.

It was a miracle I had this internship because the manager wasn't convinced at all when giving me a short phone interview but she needed someone asap, and what actually convinced her was something I clearly explained on the cover letter and mentioned on my CV, because I got to tell her face to face during the proper interview. Honestly I can't blame her for being frustrated because of cover letters, people will tell you to customize them for each job but some won't, and some recruiters will read them and others won't. You'll also have managers and recruiters who will give terrible advice on how to write a cover letter and tell everyone to write a new one from scratch for each job you're applying for.

No. 835822

"Constant rejection hurts" girl please it's a job not a boyfriend

No. 835834

Yeah honestly, the whole process is pretty messed up. I’ve had supervisors who automatically threw out applications that they thought were too short or generic, and my FIL who worked as a recruiter for a large company advised me to write long letters that suck up to the company as much as possible e.g.
>It’s been my lifelong dream to work at [insert huge soulless company], I admire XYZ thing you do so much!!
even for bottom of the barrel retail positions.
On the other hand, at least one of my supervisors openly mocked letters he thought were over the top like that. At my last job they didn’t even read my CV, let alone my letter, and invited me purely based on one reference. Some supervisors said they thought less of any applicant who was ‘vain’ enough to put their photo on their CV while some HR people I talked to said that they throw out any CV without a photo. Some larger companies or institutions use software to filter out applications that don’t use certain keywords, so people who are highly qualified but didn’t use the right words in their letter are automatically rejected. Some places even put vacancies online that have already been filled because they have a legal obligation to make the vacancy publicly available, and then just ghost all the applicants or send them generic rejections without ever looking at their CV. I don’t blame anyone for becoming demoralised.

No. 835862

Yes, the applications being automatically processed by a bot was implemented very soon before the end of my internship and it's in theory not a bad thing because we were hiring in the health care sector so the same keywords appeared in a shit ton of resume anyway. At least in theory, but in practice it was glitchy as fuck.

>Some supervisors said they thought less of any applicant who was ‘vain’ enough to put their photo on their CV while some HR people I talked to said that they throw out any CV without a photo.

I hate that shit so much, I gave up on putting my picture on my CV because I could very easily be discriminated against for not being white in a European country where I was born and raised. The thing is, my name is ambiguous but if people looked at my name and saw my face right next to it they'd immediately understand I'm not one of them. I've had a few interviews for internships where the managers looked disgusted or disappointed when they saw me irl for the first time though, so I can't really avoid weirdos. I remember in university have a seminar with all te students and some manager who was also teaching stuff sometimes here, he was telling us to ALWAYS put a picture on our resume and when a student asked if it could penalize us because of racism or other forms of discrimination the guy was super offended and acted like we were all super hardcore SJW feminazis and our country isn't that bad compared to the US when it comes to racism, etc. I could also talk about a few companies I worked for during my internship, one of them wanted us to send him applications for a secretary who HAD to be between 20 and 25 years old, she had to look like a model, not have acne, have a cute voice, etc. Imagine being unemployed, desperate and looking for a job and your applications is sent to this kind of piece of shit.

No. 835888

>I've had a few interviews for internships where the managers looked disgusted or disappointed when they saw me irl for the first time
I am so sorry, that's so fucked up

No. 835903

This has to be France and you have to be Arab or Berber.

No. 835909

wtf anon, how the fuck did you guess that so easily?

No. 835995

NTA but the french are supremely predictable

No. 836027

The guy getting supremely offended when you called him racist and deflecting back to the us, the manager being unashamedly sexist in open ways that would make other western countries blush,and the fact that berbers/Arabs are the most hated minority in France

No. 836031

You know what? You're right lol some people seems like living, breathing caricatures of themselves in this country.

We didn't even call him racist at all, that's the worst part. The students were legit asking for advice because they worried for their future career and now from personal exp I'd say rightfully so and were polite and asking about things that could maybe happen. The guy took it personally for some reason. But yeah you're right, it does seem obvious when you put it this way. And about the sexist manager/client. We were all shit talking him in th office for it but when my own manager wanted to replace me with another intern because they're cheap bastards doing this repeatidly when you have a constant need for this job is illegal but they made sure I wouldn't have enough written evidence to report this they were all biased towards male candidates because "we're only girls here, it'd be a nice change :)" so my own company was also trash. Basically I understand why the girl would vent on twitter about her job hunting.

No. 836143

File: 1624387841931.png (1.19 MB, 1242x2208, 111C7D5B-E8BB-46E2-8A1F-E437C9…)

Why are Twitter scrotes like this?

(Also I know I need to charge my phone lol)

No. 836148


No. 836156

99% of men on the internet have these incel attitudes these days

No. 836161

Chris Brown has fans? And a career? wtf

No. 838237

File: 1624642712689.jpeg (476.11 KB, 1171x953, A056BADB-BC37-49B9-85E9-8FBA14…)

No, I won’t because I know what the hell reading comprehension is

No. 838249

the worst part is that he just got accused of battering another woman and people are still caping for him

it's been 12 years since he beat rihanna and this fuck still is in the industry

No. 838252

What a fucking idiot, tone indicators mean shit because you can write something and say it’s a joke but a sensitive bitch will always think it’s seriously like totally literally being offensive/srssx

No. 838259

honestly if you're that retarded just get off the internet
i hate these entitled kids so much

No. 838261

she looks like how Korean women shoop themselves to look

No. 838274

This. Just say It’s a joke, I’m not mad just x, or Genuine question like a normal human being. Or if you want to be an internet funny man, make decent jokes like I’m totally not being sarcastic

No. 838636

People weren't bullied hard enough and it shows

No. 838640

I unironically hope another 9/11 happens to America

No. 838646

File: 1624680000148.png (349.64 KB, 899x811, mrbones.png)

>taking it literally

No. 838663

That lawyer is Canadian anon

No. 838828

Then we need another Halifax explosion

No. 838867

i'm not even american but you're seriously fucked up it you think like that. Sad and cringeworthy.

No. 839191

anon chill

No. 840516

File: 1624903479632.png (214.05 KB, 1080x618, 072419FB-06BF-4999-8DD0-3C98D8…)

sage bc i accidentally bumped the old thread with this but ill put it here so more people can see the absolute retardation

No. 840584

File: 1624907464758.jpeg (250.57 KB, 750x1066, 23749FEF-6CBD-4FD0-B6C2-4B92FC…)

how many redesigns of the lesbian flag are there going to be?

No. 840585

where's the cis lesbians

No. 840602

>masculinity is a dark shade of brown
ngl, if this wasn't made by a black person, I'd honestly think this was subtle racism/colourism

No. 840607

What eyeshadow palette is this

No. 840610

This mess is exactly why race and various levels of transness don't belong on a flag that's about sexuality.

And where's the stripe for disabled lesbians???

No. 840631

Looks like the colors (besides white) could stand for all the shades of labia in the world

No. 840636

File: 1624910721292.png (50.34 KB, 598x495, dyke.png)

What the fuck is this nonsense

No. 840639

I know right, and where are the stripes for Muslim, Catholic, Christian, Jewish, Amish, Buddhist, Agnostic and Atheist lesbians?

No. 840643

I wonder if she calls out all the white transbiens saying dyke? Or are they allowed to say it?

No. 840648

Huh??? Because no one has ever called a white gnc woman a dyke… trannylovers are embarassing

No. 840649

No matter how many times you've been called it… that just doesn't count? Dismiss your own feelings and lived experience. It only counts in one specific context. Whaat in the fuck kind of logic is that. And they state that with such confidence!

I fucking hate these self appointed twitter educators who confidently spew (conveniently self serving) bullshit at anyone younger than them or scared to speak up to them.

No. 840651

and what is she going to do? She's a nobody, even if she was a somebody, nobodies going to stop saying it. It's just retarded honestly.

No. 840657

For real. If I had a Twitter account, I'd call her out on that and watch her BSOD, lmao.
That user probably thinks it's "progressive" to insist trannies and black women are synonymous, too.

No. 840662

I know I shouldn't presume, but I'm 99% sure she's actually straight

No. 840663

File: 1624912223130.png (686.99 KB, 1252x1226, ngiwkwg.png)

This person is 14 years old, a he/him lesbian and a k-pop stan. No wonder, it's severe internet brainrot.

No. 840676

when I say I ugly snorted at this

>"I send death threats to friends and people who deserve it"
what the fuck

>"dni if you're overly sensitive"

guess she shouldn't interact with herself then

can someone ddos and kill carrd permanently so this cancer can die for good
if you need a separate site to describe your novel of a profile then you probably should stay off the internet entirely and might be a danger to yourself and others

No. 840680

it'd be interesting to see how much damage their feeble little brains have accumulated from being stuck at home on twitter throughout the school year. i hope the brainrot is reversible somehow.

No. 840684

I'm a full fledged adult and I have major corona brainrot, I can only imagine it's a thousand times worse for a teen.

No. 840689

What are these Powerpoint-esque about-me sheets? I've seen them posted here a couple of times now, where are they from? Where are they being used?

No. 840693

oaky she's Eritrean, lives in Sweden but she gets offended if people use African AMERICAN Vernacular English, that seems really fucking stupid
Also I don't why she thinks its "quirky" or something hate white American for no reason, like she has no connection to America, she's East African living in Sweden for Christ's sake

No. 840707

File: 1624914122484.jpeg (465.93 KB, 828x1183, 842F3614-38F8-4607-9FD3-047DA2…)

It's a site called carrd, a "create your own site" builder, that's been hijacked by stan twitter users and is used to make their genderspecial bios. It's the modern day stan twitter equivalent of a tumblr about page.

they usually list it in their bios or have it as their pinned tweet

No. 840708

File: 1624914169133.jpeg (595.62 KB, 828x1115, 5C936E9E-2998-4BE1-BBB6-F26DC6…)

an example of the carrd page said links lead to

No. 840712

I strangely have a curiousity about these (and listography), whenever a see a twittard's link I want to read it kek

No. 840716

File: 1624914647114.jpeg (19.87 KB, 299x169, 1999F33F-55AB-41DC-9659-7F6261…)

No. 840719

The only thing I agree with here is disliking Minecraft youtubers and hero school characters lol, everything else is insane.
>ew yuck!…gay people, the lgbt community

No. 840729

I lurk stan twitter when I'm bored sometimes and observing these people in their natural habitat is… wild.

Sometimes it's funny to see what kind of ridiculous do not interact criteria they have

No. 840738

File: 1624916798556.png (2 MB, 1179x3400, vampself.png)

Carrd is insane, if you can read this you deserve a medal.

No. 840743

I hate myself for understanding most of this

No. 840745

We need a scribe and cryptographer to unfuck this font choice

No. 840747

why are gay people in her dni and dislikes lmao. I want to believe this is an edgy zoomer girl trolling/seeing how ridiculous she can get away with being

No. 840750

>im a fictive
>of katsugi bakuggo
but of course

No. 840773

The trick is to not look too hard and let your peripheral vision so the reading, like with a magic eye picture
Or be old school German I guess

No. 840820

what is homoflex?

No. 840825

If your child identifies as a dangonronpa character there's no saving them.

No. 840834

Zoomers have this new offensive humor movement, part of which is any time a gay man says something they don't agree with they call them faggots or say things like "maybe homophobia had a point". They're naive and think homophobia isn't a real threat anymore so they think it's fine to make jokes like that to gay men.

No. 840844

File: 1624924696859.jpeg (399.61 KB, 690x3723, 4AE07FF0-DCE2-4E3E-AEF5-CF2F12…)

anon who posted the lesbian flag redesign and apparently everybody and their mom are trying to captialize on the cancelling of the sunset flag's creator

No. 840851

I get that there are butch lesbians, but adding “masculinity” sounds such a
>h-haha boys can be part of the lesbian club too
Kind of cope, it just feels wrong and weird. Just say butch or something, all of those flags are just looking like makeup palettes anyway, and why are there not some gay flag redesigns as well?

No. 840852

File: 1624925101163.jpeg (84.69 KB, 828x952, E4wMO6OWQAMEId0.jpeg)

Samefag, found an example of what I'm talking about. They also do something similar to black people who don't agree with their SJW views and ironically call them the n-word, strange as it sounds.

No. 840853

why was the last flag cancelled?

No. 840867

I feel like such a boomer saying this but I really don't get all the gender identity politic terms, I sort of understood them at the start but they got more abstract as time went on.

It really reminds me honestly of like cliques growing up for punks, goths, jocks and how zoomers have taken gender terms as their own version of cliques.

It's like how wanting to be a nerd or geek got super popular in the mid 2000's or how everyone claimed to have a trendy illness like depression/anxiety/ocd.

its just a weird social label , like wanting to draw shitty anime oc's or chat about having a demon inside you or being so misunderstood , its just through the lense of a zoomer so its focused on gender but the girls still date guys and the guys still date girls just in a unique way you can't understand.

>it's not a trend , scene/emo is forever

No. 840895

File: 1624928146390.png (542.57 KB, 718x433, name.PNG)


No. 840897

>>840852 I've noticed this too and i hate it, i think this also fits >>831514

No. 840903

File: 1624928927413.png (106.25 KB, 825x748, 0550.png)

i don't know since when this has been a thing

No. 840908

wait when they say "d slur" do they mean dyke? white lesbians can't say dyke now? I hate these fucking idiots lmao

No. 840923

yeah. you cant even find anything or any source about it outside of twitter retards lol

No. 840937

I hate this gay earth. There was nothing wrong with the OG lesbo flag.

The new one just looks like an Urban Decay Naked Palette.

No. 840940

What the fuck is white this trend of hating "white gays" or something, honestly western gay male in general seem to be degenerate's

No. 840941

Becauase they're not oppressed enough for being gay despite majority of hate crimes being against… Gay males…. Shocker ikr? Yes they're absolutely degenerates and will have to suffer at other retards hands unless they troon out and get put on a pedestal.

Also what is the deal with the sunset flag creator? Did she accidentally say dyke 10 years ago? Did she not respect fae pronouns? What gay ass crime did she do?

No. 840947

File: 1624933137393.jpeg (260.39 KB, 750x948, 193095BC-CBA3-4030-91DD-70656C…)

her crime is having the word "dyke" in her twitter username and being white

No. 840954

File: 1624933788167.png (342.28 KB, 1184x754, 0458736847.png)


No. 840957

File: 1624933948693.jpg (64.91 KB, 720x897, 1588127801913.jpg)

I am 1000% sure this girl is gonna end up dating only white guys, I just know it

No. 840962

File: 1624934446769.png (49 KB, 907x436, 21.png)

the state pf pickmes

No. 840963

>I myself am actually part fictive of Eridan Ampora and Katsuki Bakugou
OH NO NO NO NO. Why is it always fucking Bakugou?

No. 840981

Ah, the literal incel narrative in which sex=happiness therefore women are responsible for suicidal scrotes for not fucking them

No. 840996

File: 1624939699821.jpeg (164.54 KB, 788x633, 380F5E9D-A39A-4312-8938-61BAF7…)

because he's the edgiest most annoying fuck in the show

p sure her pfp is a celeb not her

also what in the name of autism is a /genq

No. 840997

sage for old post but yes

No. 840999

File: 1624939819958.jpeg (284.34 KB, 811x1092, B70E622B-1167-458B-B2BE-6881D4…)

these people cannibalize one another more than hannibal

No. 841002

genuine question

No. 841010

the turbo autism to tag everything with tone indicators, exhausting

No. 841033

What the fuck is with black twitter and constantly labelling everything as "antiblack"?

No. 841043

No, it says dni anti she/her gays, the line broke off

No. 841053

File: 1624947406252.png (380.12 KB, 750x1334, D957FEF5-240B-4821-861B-88C312…)

the creator of the "smores" lesbian flag got cancelled in record time for having gays in her dni and for the death threat part
because apparently we don't need a stripe

No. 841080

I hate these type of people, second/Third gen immigrants who are invested in American culture and American racial views, they know more about America then either their mother country or Host country, they speak English better then any other language cause they spend most of their time consuming American media and in English language spaces
I bet this bitch knows nothing about the History of Eritrea or the History of Sweden, but I bet she'd know about Tulsa riots or Michal Brown

I've stated before that I don't hate America or Americans but American culture has infested every part of this world and its honestly making things far worse

No. 841128

What a weird concept to call someone an immigrant when they and their parents have already been born in your country and never immigrated anywhere

No. 841136

Isn't it funny how instead of trying to unite everyone as the purpose of the flag is, they're just dividing people into boxes

No. 841161

File: 1624962743665.png (646.59 KB, 1200x900, 2E6B8E5C-D3CF-401D-90F7-20B3E3…)

Tinfoil, but what if this whole thing everyone has a pride flag other than the rainbow is a psyop to make the actual lgb community dissolve so they’re unable to communicate with each other, making the killings and disappearances of actual lgb people easier and more disregarded because every normie will be like “psssh it’s just the funky flag soup people being dramatic again”?

No. 841171

I believe it 100%, it's all to destroy any unity there was in LGBT circles. Same thing is happening in every left leaning community, they fight each other more than the actual far right "enemy". Divide and conquer.

No. 841230

This is epidemic in Britain lmao. The funniest was some Brit commie Afrocentric woman who said she only dates privately-educated white tory bankers because she finds the clash of values erotic. She said the more privileged and out of touch they are the better. I wish I could remember her name, she is true cow material. I'd love a thread on these twitter activist idiots. Kelechi Okafor is another and she confirmed they date out, but don't expect to be enlightened as to what it's all about:
>"A while ago I thought, why does it seem that most prominent black female activists seem to be dating white men? Then I had a moment of introspection where I thought, hang on, I'm one of those women"

Spoiler: She never seems to come to a conclusion, as to be expected with these solipsistic morons. She says she feels most comfortable with black men, but has always chosen to date white. No explanation. She's had 2 real life white brit bfs, because i'm not counting her teenage internet one she never met, but she knows brit men are all evil racists at their core. Why? Well, because one ex felt uncomfortable adopting her cultural practice of calling her female relatives "aunty" and used their real names, and another was surprised she didn't know a goose was not a duck. She also, not so subtly, tries to stir up irish vs brit hate because as a child she had a nice irish woman babysitter, so that's evidence of something, apparently. Oh and brit men are doomed to be insensitive dolts as they're not taught britain's participation in the slave trade, apart from british children are, so she clearly wasn't paying attention at school…

Anyway, she decided to stop dating white brits and and her fiance is Polish, who she herself makes patronising observations on re his ethnicity, and tacitly admits the only real racism she's ever received has come from Poles, but implies they're still superior to brits somehow. And that's when the piece ends. So who knows why black british activists have white british partners, because she never answers it and spends the whole piece giving us a run down on her dating history accompanied by po-faced photos of herself.

No. 841261

I've read the article you're talking about, funny how you completely twist everything that was said in it. Goes to show one can never trust a tl;dr from a rando user online; here's the link for people who prefer make up their own mind

No. 841286

File: 1624971848811.png (161.79 KB, 1304x681, Why_Indeed.png)

I thought you were talking about this article

Personally I don't thing the issue is that complex, a lot of these activists come from academic backgrounds and are gonna interact predominantly with white people, especially in activist or nerd fandom spaces, so their most likely gonna end up dating a white person

No. 841289

nah, you've got to read between the lines with these idiots. i have plenty of experience, similar background. if someone can remember the name of the tory dater i'd be grateful.

No. 841290

samefag based on twitter too, they have to water it down for bbc. as for reading between the lines, example being the irish comment. sounds innocuous, but these things have subtext here.

No. 841304

> I'd love a thread on these twitter activist idiots
That sounds like a great Idea, just cause they write articles for the guardian doesn't make them any less milky then the average breadtube blogger

No. 841328

File: 1624976437277.png (293.1 KB, 640x480, 1607390995726.png)

Sometimes I have intrusive thoughts of the transbian 30 year old on twitter with a FGM fetish and drew porn of it, and then acted like women were prudes and lesbophobic for being rightfully horrified
I hope one day the advertisers sperg and porn gets banned there too, twitter users are far too degenerate to be given free reign like this

No. 841333

i notice all these twitter retards are constantly retweeting begging shit ("please don't ignore this tweet sob story paypal link") but they undoubtedly do not donate themselves lmao it's so scammy and trash, these are the same people i avoided like the plague in high school

No. 841335

some might call you over sensitive but I get it, I have been using the Internet for over a decade now and for the last 6 years or so(around 2015) The Internet started to get more openly degenerate and Vile, I mean there way always porn but now its all extreme and gets referenced even by children, Its unavoidable
My Kid is 2 years old and I'm never gonna let him use the Internet on his own

No. 841420

Wasn't that a FtM? Dunno if that makes the fetish more or less horrifying though.

No. 841466

If it's the same one who was featured in the artist salt thread, then yeah she was a FtM who wanted to have her own vag sewn shut. Incredibly disturbing.

No. 841495

Jesus christ if someone likes that seek help. Thats the making of a serial killer

No. 841595

gym wont help with hip dips though

No. 841599

Good one, anon.

No. 841670

File: 1624995768854.jpg (208.33 KB, 1125x1784, idiot.jpg)

The absolute state of mainstream twitter "feminists".

No. 841679

I forgot about Laurie, she deserves her own thread. Smug cunt. God bless Starkey.

No. 841681

samefag sorry about the source, other vids were too long.

No. 841688

>she deserves her own thread
Please do post more milk, she is embarassing.

No. 841696

I genuinely wish every "cis" adult who says shit like this would drop dead. Dangerous braindead wastes of oxygen

No. 841736

That's a pretty long-winded way for her to say that she doesn't care if a pedo flashes children

No. 841737

I agree it's dangerous, imagine telling teenage girls it's their fault if they look at a flasher's dick.
At least she is getting blasted on twitter by sane people.

No. 841741

She definitely needs a thread, total narc. She cut her hair in the middle of Agyness Deyn pixie frenzy, then when Buzzfeed made catcalling a trending issue, she posted a wild story about how she was FORCED to cut her flowing locks because dozens of men would follow her around calling her sexy when she had long hair. I know that's barely milk but it introduced me to her cowishness.

No. 841806

Not milk, but retardation: She's written about how soul destroying it was to be poor and without prospects claiming she felt suicidal over her bleak future. She was privately educated, with professional wealthy parents who own their own house, and had just graduated from Oxford. So what is this all about? She was on benefits for six months after graduating university because she couldn't find work, allegedly. I find it hard to believe she couldn't find a shop job or something for a whole six months. She probs just didn't want to work a shit job, like everyone else, and she didn't want to have to boomerang back to the family home for a bit, again, like everyone else. It's contemptible to claim she understands what true poverty and fear over the future is like. Fuck her. She's a narcissist. Every piece she writes is about herself and she tries to start fights or publicly shame people (like Scott Aaronson and David Starkey) and when she's called out she screeches about being genderqueer, a former anorexic, an unloveable teenage nerd, a former burlesque dancer and anyone who disagrees with her opinions is a misogynist and all the mean comments are making her suicidal! She dramatically leaves twitter for EVER!! aka 24 hours because she can't help herself. I can't stand Laurie, someone make her a fucking thread! The bitch deserves to be bullied back. I don't care how dry the milk is, she loses her shit over everything. There's no way she could resist posting about it lmao. Oh, and she was in awe of some vapid feminist "artist & "writer" Molly Crabapple who she met during Occupy. Molly is a cow herself, including being exposed as a major plagiarist. There might be milk there. I'll do some digging tomorrow.

No. 841856

File: 1625005830714.png (69.72 KB, 1228x218, Screenshot 2021-06-29 at 23.12…)

samefag I should add there might be milk because she lived with and collaborated with Molly (nude model turned war reporter kek) and she used to talk about Molly a lot online, but I haven't heard her mentioned in a while, there might be some behind the scenes drama. Also, weirdly, Molly's plagiarism exposé seems to have been scrubbed off the net. I can only find a few mentions of it on twitter, with someone defending her claiming "inspiration". She would steal whole fucking pieces, changing one or two words for god's sake! There's this thread but it's locked. (picrel)

Laurie milk? This guy accuses Laurie and Molly of harassing him too, including an attempt to promote his doxxing. Notice her typical gaslighting: https://web.archive.org/web/20210629222647/https://twitter.com/OLAASM/status/522474158849290240

No. 841966

So I think we all agree, we need a annoying "Woke" columnist thread or something

No. 842037

>Agyness Deyn
now that's a name I haven't heard in a long time

No. 842116

I laugh every time I see this meme lmfao

If you look real close you'll notice that all these fringe flag movements are always driven by narcissistic straight men so yes, it's true.

No. 842139

Yep. God these people are insufferable. Especially Penny thowing girls under the bus while promoting her omg feminist books.
So she can get that delicious male/troon/sex offender support.

No. 842364

The fact that I could be interacting with one of these creatures from these threads irl without ever knowing depresses me.

No. 844531

File: 1625271053228.jpeg (434.37 KB, 750x976, F88CD334-F94E-4097-A417-7C98BD…)

oh great. everyone's screaming racism when no many of these athletes probably have intersex conditions. it's so disingenuous not to mention that at all.

No. 844534

huh, intersex women can't participate in women's sports but literal males can elsewhere? i am curious, does namibia have gender politics similar to the western countries?

No. 844537

I kinda see why they were disqualified under current rules but I wish more was taken under consideration than just hormone levels, so we don't have a literal man taking the spot from hard working girls like in that case of weightlifting i believe in New Zeland? Sure his testosterone level was low but that is not all that makes a woman.

No. 844616

and some fat old man is allowed to compete as a woman in the Olympics, this is how we can be sure it's all just sexism against women, high testosterone does not a man make, endometriosis doesn't fucking make you a man, being born with a dick and balls does

No. 844721

File: 1625296001202.png (19.07 KB, 601x139, cringe1.png)

Why do people take these terms seriously?

No. 844749

>twitter users

No. 844973

ntayrt but i think she's talking about this one >>840663. The carrd for the creater of the first lesbian neoflag posted here. The dni (top left) has an if you're gay

No. 845145

File: 1625347426009.png (677.71 KB, 591x1011, young_lqbtq_person.png)

I remember in past thread (?) there was a very obviously fake letter from a young LGBT person to Disney or something, here yet another very clearly faked "note". People are so desperate for validation and attention, but it's so cringy, and even though top comment calls it out on looking very fake, everyone else is deeply touched and patting OP's back, real cringe to witness

No. 845161

File: 1625349135872.jpeg (171.58 KB, 750x1054, B3F63096-3E96-4531-A1BA-F15EA7…)

Asking for asspats for being “almost” 4 months sober, bitches about family not supporting him. There’s a reason his family hates him. I can’t stand how junkies think they deserve praise for going a few weeks without sticking a needle in their arm or stealing from family.

No. 845211

Unless this person is known for being a cow or an asshole, this seems unnecessarily harsh. Addiction is hard.

He does need to wash his hair though.

No. 845213

100 bucks says that if he didn't have the rainbow uwu flags in his name, he wouldn't get any likes or comments.

No. 845223

I know addiction is hard but it’s also a choice. I don’t think anyone deserves ass pats for “almost 4 months” of sobriety. Now years of sobriety, that’s ass pat worthy.

No. 845227

Nta you responded to. You're right, addiction is hard. But whenever junkies complain about their friends and family not wanting anything to do with them or not congratulating them, there's almost always a reason. Usually because the junkie in question has been a horrible person, stolen money and valuables and acted like a total asshole and has done this multiple times after relapsing and their loved ones are tired of getting their hopes up whenever the addict tries to get back into their lives because "hey guys I'm sober (again)"
So it's annoying to see them complain and cry as if they haven't done it to themselves by continuously fucking everyone over.

No. 845240

Even a day of being sober is ass pat worthy for people suffering from severe addiction. I know we're mean anons on a gossip imageboard but let's have an ounce of empathy here…

No. 845243


fentanyl is SUPER addictive it's fucked and it's super easy to get in America

No. 845246

ew, why have empathy for a junkie troon? if this was a woman posting this she wouldn’t have got this much support.
FUCK junkies. All dope heads and tweakers are scum.

No. 845313

File: 1625364288636.png (382.4 KB, 577x606, Screenshot (122).png)

The creator literally stated it's not a gay love story, It's about friendship

No. 845316

do you really think that twittard was going to care about this? No doubts the guy "ships" many friendship things as gay pandering, Tumblr banwaves made twitter worse.

No. 845321

I'm a fujo and I'll indulge in my pretty fictional boys being cute and domestic all I want but I know it's PURELY fantasy. Like I'll ship the hell out of almost every male fictional characters, but that's all. It's called headcanon for a reason. People need to understand that things can be interpreted almost which every way, but unless it's literally part of canon it's all just make belief and people need to fucking chill.

No. 845354

fujocide now

No. 845368

An once mentioned that it's rarely if ever gay men who care about "queer representation" or "queer coding" it's always(usually white) straight and queer(also basically straight) women who care about this shit

No. 845376

It's so interesting how these guys think America is the only place in the world when in reality North African/Southern European/Middle Eastern men are generally more outwardly affectionate with each other

No. 845380

True, I come from a deeply homophobic Muslim country, gay people can literally be stoned to death here but men are physically affectionate with each other, they Hold hand's, hug and kiss on the Cheek's, vice verse with women
Its just the general culture here for male bonding

No. 845394

The only people who care about anything anymore are white straight teenagers and people on the faggot gender spectrum. Lesbians and regular brand gay guys literally don't care about anything anymore because queers have fucked up the gay community that was built for gays and lesbians

No. 845460

I've heard "queer coding" before but never looked it up, now I'm so fucking angry
>a character might be coded as queer through the use of traits and stereotypes recognisable to the audience. Such traits are greatly varied, but traits of exaggerated masculinity and femininity, vanity, and hypersexuality are frequent.
So leaning on sexist, homophobic stereotypes is representation now? Did Disney astroturf this concept so they can keep making China-friendly media, while greasy she/they dangerhairs like this lose their shit about boys hugging as muh queer coded rainbow content?

No. 845461

>So leaning on sexist, homophobic stereotypes is representation now?
Pretty much this, any male who isn't a dudebro is gay for these people, which seems the opposite of that good representation should be and it is mostly straight white women who care about this

No. 845671

File: 1625417423502.png (71.34 KB, 590x681, sickofthisshit.png)

What's up with all these twitter "feminists" who turn around and defend violent men and sex offenders?!
I know Anita has been pro-troon for years but she has also read a ton of feminist theory and made videos about it, as well as experienced death threats from a male internet mob.
Fucking traitor.

No. 845711

>Looking up to a notoriously money-hungry, greedy, opportunistic cow as a "feminist icon"
Sarkeesian has never been nothing but a con artist and a fence sitter. If you could get money and mainstream media authority by being a raging nazi she would be one.

No. 845727

Who said she was an icon? I'm pointing out that she has experienced threats of male violence and read feminist theory about it and has still ended up as someone who defends violent men. And she isn't alone among so-called feminists on twitter.

No. 846129

She played 4chan /v/ for publicity. This was almost 10 years ago when being an edgelord troll and hurting fee-fees was an epic win, and before crybullying was an established tactic.

Don't tell me you bought into her crap.

No. 846142

Why are you surprised that a former PUA grifter who moved onto feminism and /v/ outrage baiting after the PUA money dried up has now moved onto a modern grift?

No. 846156

wait what, are you telling me Anita was a pick-me before her feminist act?

No. 846210

File: 1625467703740.jpeg (333.95 KB, 1141x825, 29442E8D-6408-432D-8C73-F741D7…)

what the fuck

No. 846213

File: 1625468046273.jpg (29.8 KB, 353x324, 1479345394753.jpg)

We really took Narutards for granted huh? Didn't think weebs could get worse than that but here we are.

No. 846214

Anita worked with Bart Baggett for years, promoting his content and managing/coordinating his events. Baggett is a handwriting analysis "expert" and author listed on Pick-up Artist directories. In his talks, he would call women "sluts" and instruct men to use Neuro Linguistic Programming tactics to have sex with non-consenting women.

No. 846217

checked her crd and as expected this is a schizophrenic autistic minor. idk why the otherkin thing is so big and unavoidable in anime circles now.

No. 846220

agreed robin, that’s why you’re the best one piece girl

man, how come every time i find weird tweets like this, it’s always from minors. i honestly feel bad right now

No. 846225

There really should be an age limit on using social media and the net in general.
Do you have a source for this?

No. 846230

>oikawa fan
my 2014 self would be so angry

No. 846234

Haikyuu fans always seem to be retarded and weirdly immersed in pushing woke shit from what i have noticed.

No. 846369

I thought the same thing. You rarely ever see gay men cheering over lesbian representation in cartoons or whatever but I see so many women squeeing over these kids. Probably because most men don't care about these movies or shows in the first place

No. 846449

Twitter is the biggest fucking hub for unchecked mental illness on the web right now. I swear to god. I can't go look for obscure art because 4-5 clicks in i suddenly am in the rabbit hole of kaliacc lolicon schizo faking rw losers. Sage for sperg.

No. 846460

Genuine question, but why the hell do people think it's cool to fake not only mental illnesses, but also race, disabilities, sob stories, and 10 billion other minority labels. I get that your parents didn't give you any attention during your childhood, but that doesn't mean making yourself a social reject into a bigger social reject is a good idea.

Also, can you believe teens and adults alike are putting more than 5 mental illnesses on their bios. This is just tumblr all over again.

No. 846888

File: 1625549660514.png (3.08 KB, 359x91, nope.PNG)

Is there any way I can just avoid twitter trends

No. 846918

Yeah, it wasn't like this before.The HQ fandom was chill before Kpop fags and tiktok teens flooded in so now it's a complete trash fire. I'm very glad the manga ended already.

Anon you have no idea. It took me just 3 clicks to run into a troon posting decapitated femboys and toddler con. I also came across an FTM unironically kinning a serial killer. It's clown world out here

No. 846943

NTA but just google "Aneeta Sarkesian and Bart Baggett" and you'll find plenty of sources. Start with this one. https://guardianlv.com/2014/11/anita-sarkeesian-unmasked-feminist-icon-or-con-artist/

Bottom line I'm not at all surprised at her defending trannies. Someone who pocketed 140k off a Kickstarter, stole footage from another person's video because she couldn't be assed to play the games herself, lied about the content and invented the tactic of crybullying would naturally choose to support a group of narcissistic men associated with big money. I hope in 2021 nobody thinks she was ever a genuine feminist.

No. 847041

I'm honestly shocked that anyone still thinks that Sarkesian was genuine. She was caught having sex with multiple journalist (so feminist) and then picked a fight with 4chan because they called her out on it.

No. 847069

Now you're thinking of Zoe Quinn, another notable target of the goobergoot movement. She was a "game developer" (i.e. co-wrote one shitty interactive novel) who slept with gaming journalists who in turn wrote favourable reviews for her game "Depression Quest". She also used her connections to take down competing game jams. I think she's a ~nonbinary~ now too kek.

No. 847098

Does her being genuine or not reduce the value of information provided in her videos though, like Tropes vs Women in Video Games? I keep seeing opinions that her reputation makes these videos automatically wrong but idk how can anyone disagree with argumentation presented there.

No. 847114

>Mr. Baggett has since contacted me and wished certain points to be amended in this article. I agreed, as the original draft failed to represent his viewpoint or portray him with adequate balance. He wished to clarify that the seminars Anita Sarkeesian assisted him with were self-help oriented and primarily [65% or more] attended by women over the age of 40, and not events purporting to offer strategies to pick up women
As much as I hate how Anita is being an anti-feminist supporter of troons and sex offenders now, I tend not to trust criticism of her past actions as a lot of this originates from guys going "boohoo she dishonoured my precious videogames by saying they're sexist"
I mean look at this from the article you linked:
>weaponizing feminist rhetoric to undermine and demean first video games, and then the people who play them.
kek oh noes poor gamer scrotes.

No. 847150

File: 1625571096040.jpg (124.52 KB, 1072x1240, 8fce6b69-15e2-5c34-b5d7-fa3f1f…)

>Over 100 Thousand likes
I truly wish queer shit had never taken off

No. 847151

Explain what? Bwuh?

No. 847154

Also for any one wondering what exactly is so "Queer" about this particular couple
Its cause the girl(jade) dresses a bit alternative, is crass and has "big bi/lesbian energy" and is supposedly coded lesbian and the boy(beck) has long hair and dresses slightly alternatively which means he also has "Bi energy"

Queer shit is super regressive

No. 847164

I've been waking up earlier and noticed that the trending topics where I am in the morning are usually very NSFW, like #dickrate or #cumtribute. Why hasn't Jack banned those topics from trending already?

No. 847231

God this is so typical, you can't have two male characters hug or smile at each other or show affection in any way without people jumping to the conclusion that omg they must be sooo gay!! Like do these morons not know how people interact in real life? Do they think two guys can't be just really close friends, they have to shove romance or sex into everything. And especially in Italian culture it's completely normal and common to see men hug and kiss each other on the cheek all the time.

Lol same, I ship two male characters together sometimes and I never care if they're actually canon or not, because it's all for fun and just a fantasy. People who take this sort of thing way too seriously and literally demand and whine for their ship to be real and even send death threats to creators are fucking insane and entitled little brats.

No. 847367

File: 1625593071319.png (2.98 MB, 1242x2208, 4FFC7ADA-A4E6-455E-A587-4A03C6…)

At least most of the people were calling out the hashtag when I clicked on it.

Although I saw this from a “trans lesbian activist” who thinks being anti meninist is the same as being anti feminist. Why are troons like this?

No. 847569

File: 1625609248324.png (402.63 KB, 592x484, page.png)

Found tons of these pages reposting women's social media pictures and asking men which one they would have sex with. That's why you should keep your profiles private.

No. 847755

File: 1625629030327.png (1.04 MB, 874x1420, ew.png)

3 years ago this dude killed a 24 years old woman and her 1 year old daughter while he was illegally racing in the streets, retarded teenage girls on twitter are defending him and saying that his sentence should be lowered. Something tells me they wouldn't give a shit if he was ugly and/or old lmao

No. 847759

Can scrotes not keep this shit quarantined to /s/?

No. 847760

>18-year-old minor

No. 847762

Hes got them crazy eyes

No. 847769

The last picture was taken right when he is told about his punishment. He doesn't have the psycho eyes usually, but at that moment his eyes really widened. Now, choosing that picture for the tweet doesn't really help convey the message that he was a good boy kek

No. 847775

>depicting him with a halo and wings
Disgusting, I don't care if he deserves lighter or not, but how insensitive can you be to the victims, a young mom and baby? He was being a stupid reckless moid, not an angel. I know it's not all teenagers supporting him but this is why they should be kept off the internet unironically. Not even gonna address the post and screenshot before this one because it's too bleak. Both men and women have been reduced to immoral coomers but then we probably always were to an extent. Now we get to see the full of it thanks to twitter.

No. 847781

>a mother and daughter died BUT
Also why did she censor “killing”

No. 847810

Twitter users often censor words like kill, death, or suicide because they worry about their account being flagged or suspended (idk how legitimate that fear is).
Prettyboy got a rough sentence, but to lose a mother and child in such a stupid accident is cosmically unfair. What a waste.

No. 847814

I mean 24 years for vehiclluar manslaughter does seem unfair but the fact he's being defeded cause he's moderately attractive is just sinfuel for this generation

No. 847817

>an 18 year old minor

No. 847849

it's a fair punishment because he was street racing. It would be bullshit if he was driving normally but he played a stupid game and he won a stupid prize of being some one's bitch.

No. 847855

Prison rape isn't really think anymore, Prison's were reformed greatly during the Bush Adminstration, and even the for profit model helped greatly
Corporations don't like their workers raping, fighting, dealing drugs e.t.c

Prison's have become just another to house wage slaves

No. 847864

This is just genuine lookism back at work again. Remember Jeremy Meeks?

No. 847866

literal conservative thought. i appreciate the fact it's not a stereotypical heterosexual couple, but that's literally all it is. the fact she's assertive and he has long hair means nothing. even if one or both characters are labeled as lgbt, the relationship is still heterosexual. kek.

No. 847880

Source? If prisons are not violent why are child predators isolated from the rest of the prisoners in many cases still?

No. 847892

Do you have an actual source for child molesters being held separately?

The whole stereotype of pedos getting rekt in jail always seemed like wishful thinking to me. The vast majority of men are attracted to underage girls, why would other criminals suddenly develop a strong moral objection to it? I'd be willing to be more of them relate to it.

No. 847896

A lot of organized prison gangs, (the Mexican mafia and Aryan Brotherhood) have explicit rules against the harming of children in any sort, they do kill child molesters

No. 847898

Often when there's a child murderer getting sentenced to jail time it's accompanied with the info that they're being held isolated for their own safety, even nowadays, and there's a lot of general info about that if you search for it on google; has to have some truth to it

No. 847904

I'm glad, it just seemed too good to be true when half the time regular men prefer to defend or ignore pedos.

No. 847909

I'm sure most of those guys didn't have the best childhoods so maybe this is their only way of doing something

No. 847949

insane how the state would want to protect the safety of child molesters, yet the state has no issue murdering at least 25 threatless dogs a day

No. 847955

I love how confident anons who don't know shit about shit are.

No. 847972

I can only imagine what the husband/dad of the victims would feel if he saw people making cute graphics of this guy as an angel.

No. 848600

Online porn-addicted weirdos and average criminals are not the same kind of male trash, anon.

No. 850380

This mental illness is also being shown by some politicians, trump wasn't the only one

Its a mob where these type of people are only a minor segment, they congregate to Bully people across social media
These people aren't any different than right wingers except they are majority on the internet

No. 850381

Oppression Olympics

Its a necessity to be an oppressed person of any sorts in life today because it adds weight to what you say or do
That's why we see labels like lesbian hijabi or depressed troon or etc

No. 850385

File: 1625915323729.jpeg (118.83 KB, 750x712, D4BEE647-3894-4AD2-93D6-54E8BE…)

I’m disgusted by the amount of likes this has, we really need a porn-free movement for women too

No. 850389

ew hell no.

No. 850390

This kind of shit has made me completely give up and decide to be celibate indefinitely

No. 850398

File: 1625917628883.png (238.39 KB, 640x674, cf4ydoa5num51.png)

It almost makes me want to break my celibacy so I can have sex and, in my own small way, counter the meme that women all enjoy being hurt and degrading during sex. Our gender is being fucking humiliated and endangered by the desperate pickmes who gloat about their nasty fetishes for male approval, it's sickening.

No. 850541

How is this a big deal… just be with a guy that isn't into this stuff then?

No. 850557

Go be a pickme somewhere else

No. 850560

It's a big deal because it's normalising women's abuse during sex and the internet is brainwashing young girls and women to see this as the normal and expected while demonizing "vanilla" sex

No. 850568

Is that the best you could come up with?
It's not demonising anything. People are allowed to like stuff you're not into. If you feel insecure because some women wanna do that and you don't then that's on you. No one is forcing you to be with men that are also into it.

No. 850571

So, where’s the app to meet normal men?

No. 850574

If you're too lazy to date around normally and not get seriously involved with someone who wants stuff you don't, that's your problem. No one is gonna magically appear in your lap (or should I say app)

No. 850576

The best you could come up with is coming in here and supporting pornsick violent sex against women and placing the onus on women to "choose" better as if it's hasn't permeated mainstream culture thanks to people like you and the whole of choice feminism.

No. 850579

Women are allowed to like stuff you don't. What don't you get here?

No. 850582

Nta and you could like being murdered for all that I care, doesn't mean it's normal and that it should be normalized or worse - expected.

No. 850691

Go cape for pornsick males somewhere else, newfag.

No. 850822

>no one is forcing you to be with men that are sexually aroused by rape and violence
Nobody is forcing us until they literally fucking force us because that's their kink, retard. Do you think they're always gonna be up front about it?

No. 850832

>shutting down social media violates basic human rights
>bans you from social media for talking back to racist tranny who insulted you first

At this point I genuinely think internet was a mistake. We can only hope it goes to hell at some point, or at least social media will.

No. 850835

File: 1625961681045.jpg (68.23 KB, 329x731, 1623026222413.jpg)

samefag, forgot on lc you can either embed a link or an image, not both

No. 851002

That's not what samefag means

No. 851051

it does sound extreme but at the same time social media is used for propaganda to favor ideologies, elections and referendums multiple times

No. 851279

>get into a relationship with someone way too quickly
>they want you to do stuff you don't want
>instead of just dumping them, you do their kinks because you're too much of a pussy to leave a relationship you feel invested in
It's literally nobodies fault but your own

No. 851284

File: 1626017565888.png (65.45 KB, 300x300, 1353713940491.png)

Why are there so many scrote defending newfags lately? Also can you please sage your shit opinions?

No. 851286

Every "it's your own fault" post that I've seen lately has been defending men and has been unsaged. Every fucking time. They just go hand in hand lol

No. 851288

File: 1626018135544.jpg (67.59 KB, 680x465, hide_bait.jpg)

No. 851295

Kek based

No. 851328

It's /ot/. Literally nothing needs to be saged. Find a less retarded way to cry about my posts.

No. 851331

based. women have become way too reliant on not being held accountable for their own choices.

No. 852277

File: 1626123892139.jpeg (177.97 KB, 828x564, 0F3989E8-0AEB-47B6-93FA-7EB9DF…)

What is this fear mongering? Lmfao it’s so fucking ridiculous some kid really wanted to be woke and just tell black people not to go outside in case a hate crime happens. This seems so stupid to me i burst out laughing imagining some grown adult deciding to stay at home because some teenager posted this trying to be a savior to black people in England. Why is Twitter like this?????? Am I just uninformed about this being a huge issue maybe

No. 852287

There's some truth to it even if its performative. It's the same reason women and italians aren't encouraged to go out right now.

Angry british men getting drunk midday or at night harass whoever they think has wronged them, such as italians because they lost to them, black people because of the penalty kickers and women because men naturally hate women.

No. 852289

File: 1626124932812.jpeg (138.59 KB, 750x713, 2A04E6B8-F4EA-4659-BF32-5917F5…)

I saw this same user asking for money due to this. I think the safety warning is fine but this is just a plain grift.

No. 852292

>donate IN CASE something happens
Can I get a million dollars tomorrow in case something happens to me too? These people are clinically retarded

No. 852297

Twitter is grift central and people are trained that it’s activism to donate to someone who’s more of a minority than them like it’s disgusting how they play up danger and sympathy just to get play money because they’re lazy.

No. 852332

>overstate danger

Standard. The thing about a don't go outside warning is every man is not a football scrote, football scrotes congregate in specific places (pubs, travelling home from matches, etc) are easy to spot (angry moron incoming) and easy to avoid. Like if you're living a regular life where you nornally don't see football scrotes, it's unlikely you face any danger.

No. 852440

It's probably true considering violence against women increases after a game too. DV increases 38% when England loses and 26% when they win. Men are truly subhuman.

No. 852683

Hey, if you're trying to groom young women into sex work, then you never had a soul to crush to begin with. It makes perfect sense. Empowering!

No. 856064


Why is this twitter full of such shit takes? Apparently they are 17 and want to make a career in shipping and fandom discourse but they are so shit at it that the only thing they have is "no U" arguments. It's like they are made of stupid.

No. 856065

Plus they think antis are all evil terfs and anyone that disagrees with her are a terf. Apparently terfs live in there head rent free.

No. 856068

File: 1626505743211.png (83.79 KB, 400x496, c59947047eeddad368f3879d237f7f…)

You know as pretentious and annoying the male rick and morty fans are, the minority of women in the fandom are worse in a different way, most of the times they are huge pick-me's trying to be "edgy cool girls" but also extreme fujoshi's who ship the old man with his teenage grandson

No. 856072

File: 1626505928494.jpg (199.72 KB, 720x1372, 20210717_030915.jpg)

They really are. Plus this person is using the whole creepshow fiasco as a gotcha to the antis apparently on there shit awful YouTube. This person seems to be writhe with un tapped milk just saying.

No. 856079

The modern Simpsons fandom is interesting as well, I'd say quarter of the people who still watch the Simpsons are just nostalgia-fags, the other quarter just watch it cause it's on TV and they have nothing better to do but there is a new part of the fandom
Zoomers who grew up with Zombie Simpsons and have weirdly latched on to Bart specifically, shipping him with Milhouse, as well Smithers cause he's gay

No. 856080

Lol thats just how Youtube works anon

No. 856153

>sad boy Bart Simpsons
Zoomers were a mistake

No. 856154

File: 1626513473312.jpg (68.21 KB, 600x556, nYUM-krF6rEFABVUmtiYJ93Yops3TH…)

Let's not pretend millennials weren't also doin this cringe shit. I saw this kinda stuff floating around in '07/'08

No. 856418

> have weirdly latched on to Bart specifically, shipping him with Milhouse, as well Smithers cause he's gay

Shipping a middle aged man with a 10 year old boy? Gross

No. 856431

No they don't ship him with Smithers, they do with Sideshow bob and Skinner though, I was talking about how zoomer simpson fans have latched onto Smithers as their favorite character

No. 856442

Why does domestic violence increase when they win? What's even the scrote logic for that

No. 856445

probably because they get drunk

No. 856500

File: 1626552596008.gif (134 KB, 400x300, thisisthelife.gif)

No. 856672

File: 1626568231254.png (100.42 KB, 592x436, Screen Shot 2021-07-17 at 5.29…)

This woman has some of the worst/most dangerous takes.

Imagine getting mad at fellow whores for wanting some level of safety when meeting up with complete strangers for sex.

No. 856680

She's not entirely wrong but being a desperate hooker for street cred/clout is literal mental illness

No. 856681

She's very wrong nonnie kek

No. 856688

You don't think rich girls become sex workers because of daddy issues as opposed to poverty? I'm not caping for sex workers but it's very much become an aesthetic for some women these days

No. 856703

>completely ignoring the main topic of the tweet and what makes it extremely problematic

No. 856731

I literally acknowledged it in my first reply nahnie

No. 856942

go fuck yourself retard. women are already blamed for everything that happens to them and u just want to make it worse

No. 857056

If it makes anyone feel any better theres only around 15 million that browse twitter with most users being americans, most posts are made by bots that advertise their products and an estimated 40-50% of all posts on twitter come from 1% of its user base.

No. 857103

File: 1626622763471.jpeg (241 KB, 747x976, 31C8D1EC-3DA9-42C4-89B1-71A539…)

Why are twitterfags always so angry about random young women just existing and being happy? They really want to sink everyone down to their miserable level.

No. 857105

iirc anon those kind of popular sorority girls tend to be quite horrible people, probably trauma from being bullied in school.

No. 857107

because they're miserable people.

No. 857118

i agree with you on people being mean to people for little reason but the post is getting at the entitled college girl stereotype. similar to the christian girl autumn ones, where people point out this type of person lives for supposed positivity but would harass two women holding hands on the street for indecency

No. 857126

except for the fact that the jobless loser man who are too busy talking about how much they hate certain women on social media dont just stop to hate on those women anon, they hate all women.

No. 857152

these were the same cunts that were horrible to people in high school, nothing has changed in college. why shouldn't people poke fun at them?

No. 857163

I think you’re right about unresolved issues with bullying. A lot of people projecting all sorts of things onto this picture of random girls.

No. 857389

File: 1626638260167.png (771.05 KB, 690x2431, CD072F34-69DC-4549-91E6-0F3F0B…)

did anyone else see this thread?

the situation is:
>people (mainly twitter teens) call out the lgbt wiki admins for claiming that lesbians can both like and be men while still being lesbians
>lgbt wiki admins lock all pages so no one can edit them, claim thay everyone against them are "queerphobes spouting TERFist rhetoric"
>lgbt wiki has a bunch of stupid, bait-like articles such as "bloodlinesexual" so this could very well be bait
>then this twitter thread pops up
>goes viral
>most people are making fun of the thread (because of how dramatic it is) and are making fun of the wiki page (because of how wrong it is)

No. 857399

LGBT fandom acting up on Twitter? Quelle surprise

No. 857639

Why? Because you’re projecting something from high school onto completely random girls you don’t know.

High school doesn’t matter, especially socially. Stop living in the past and move on with your life.

No. 857693

I hate twitter so much. How am I seeing 20+ year olds with neopronouns, masses of people taking DID fakes seriously, this shit >>857389 both for its dramatics and the people mocking it who don't want words to mean anything anymore… It's seriously mental illness. There's no way they go outside. If they do they must stay glued to twitter on their phones or maybe they have an insane in-group in college. I dont get it. It comforts me a little to compare it to tumblr, back then the stupidest posts would get tons of likes and reblogs… I'm hoping it's the same amount and this is all just tumblr re-occurring. I mean it's true because all you have to do is go outside to meet sane normal people. I only hope that other zoomers grow out of this so we aren't doomed

No. 857937

I know it gets said all the time, but all this shit is like the worst parts of tumblr from a decade ago on steroids and it's bleeding offline so easily now. It was annoying then and I can't believe it's not only still going but has just gotten so worse now.

No. 858689

File: 1626776847873.jpg (374.18 KB, 720x2300, 1626736238415.jpg)

From the MTF Thread
The woman with the baby pfp is a "puppy girl" who claims to be a "femme lesbian" but aside from her usual autism most of her posts are about sucking her femboy fiances dick and other kinks such as biting, master/slave relations and incest roleplay

No. 858779

How did you get this data?

No. 858950

No. 859177

File: 1626820021870.png (117.76 KB, 840x1194, 6D03C555-3847-45EF-AD6D-D20873…)

>22% of American adults use twitter
could've been higher at least. I wonder how many minors do though

>have higher levels of household income and educational attainment relative to the general adult population

it's so fucking funny that the oppression larpers usually have this background

No. 859192

File: 1626822392249.png (55.18 KB, 620x540, PDL_04.24.19_twitter_users-00-…)

No. 861954

File: 1627134175735.jpg (169.83 KB, 804x831, IMG_1132.jpg)

while a lot of people thought the scrote's reply was disgusting, obv other scrotes ran to justify it by saying it's a joke and that women should learn how to take them, I told one of the moids to increase the male suicide rate, based off his ignorance and he started crying about me being misandrist. Um? Get a grip. And somehow they view women as emotional… He told me to take a dick and touch grass, and he was the one with a greasy meme page. Why must males

No. 861959

Why am I not surprised? A ton of twitter users are children and it shows. They're always trying to cancel people for really stupid ass reasons and dont know how to make any real points in their arguments. I hate twitter so much. It's such a cesspool. It's probably gotten worse since covid and so many were out of school for so long.

Oh right, it's always the woman's fault. Always. ugh

No. 861967

I agree that quote is bs, but this is a bad example. Judging by the username (and that it's now a suspended account, I looked him up) that guy is more likely to be an edgelord devoted to trolling women and minorities. He probably thinks a demeaning, sexual comment like that is the most upsetting thing a Muslim woman could hear, so said it to provoke her.

No. 862035

i wish it was only trolls who acted like this. Twitter seems infested with mra men like that.

No. 862412

Yeah, sadly both FB and twitter allow men to say whatever they want to women with zero consequences.

No. 863475

Ugh,I’ve seen that Skug user before.They are/were friends with an underaged nsfw artist who draws/drew porn of baby ponies.Seeing their replies to lolicon posts paired with the pfp makes my stomach churn.

No. 863762

File: 1627300117827.jpeg (132.53 KB, 828x798, 7BC17FA8-8027-47A7-81ED-2D4BE5…)

These people are fucked.

No. 863776

what the fuck are they talking about?

No. 863784

Tagged the wrong post, lol.
river likes the ultraviolence album and zach jokingly says she should've died, but it's still gross to say, especially from a male.

No. 863790

Why do Lana stans not recognise that Born To Die was the superior Lana album? Ultraviolence had good singles. I have been unable to consistently listen to any of her other albums. They're a complete fucking mess.

No. 864106

Why is Lana herself completely unable to see that her unreleased songs are way better than anything she puts on an album? I literally don't understand how she managed to make great songs and put none of them on an album outside of Born To Die. Males have 0 taste

No. 865015

File: 1627423168170.png (15.14 KB, 594x132, 3htthethehet.png)


No. 865017

File: 1627423201408.png (11.99 KB, 562x102, ggrgggrgg.png)

this is why we can't have nice things

No. 865050

Why can't mediocre/lazy/failure women just accept that's what they choose to be and stop trying to drag all women down to their level? The celebration of mediocrity by millennials (and maybe zoomers?) is really sad.

No. 865284

and she's a "comedy writer" for Emily in Paris, cause of course she is

No. 865327

File: 1627448784938.png (308.75 KB, 640x792, dkslh1iewpc71.png)

The amount of seeting Rowling causes on twitter if so beautiful

No. 865345

don't you love it when rich women harp on other rich women, blaming "white feminism" when it's essentially commercial feminism that doesn't fight the rich class or help the average woman in any impactful way? I sure do

No. 865363

Do they even know what violence means?

No. 865428

if troons actually experienced violence maybe they'd shut the fuck up for five minutes

No. 865520


In their universe, the "violence" of someone not worshipping their girldicks (in this case) is far worse than actual bomb threats because it's "systemic/epistemic violence" which is the real kind that truly matters.

No. 868013

File: 1627682046352.png (147.05 KB, 628x1008, 0oh0fhwwf.png)

I can't fucking believe they're defending Chris-chan's PRONOUNS I'm so angry. It's peaking me all over again.

No. 868020

File: 1627682313742.png (47.34 KB, 734x514, rgbtgdrbed.png)

No. 868022

File: 1627682566843.jpeg (102.13 KB, 828x816, 1627681717951.jpeg)

From the mtf thread… If a woman did actually rape her mother you bet I'd d be talking about it and calling her she because that would be fucking insane. It's important to keep the distinction between men's behavior and women's in cases like these. But these people are probably the same who'd tell you it's misandrist to say men rape more than women

No. 868028

Holy shit. I cannot stand this bitch. She’s one of the most insufferable people on Twitter and that’s saying something.

No. 868232

Do these pronoun zealots not realize that this fucker raped his mom? jesus.

No. 868251

TRAs peaking normies themselves these days. It’s becoming noticeable. They were sperging about Lil Nas X being twansphobic for saying he likes cocks kek
I’m over here rubbing my hands together like yes, prove GC bitches right again.
They came full circle from No-true-scotsman-ing constantly to enabling rapehons.

No. 868309

I'm surprised they didn't go "they were ever really trans! don't link them to us!" like I used to see for really fucked up cases

No. 868319

>Actual fucking rapist of the elderly
>Use the right pronouns

REEEEE I hate these fuckers.

No. 868356

That's what kills me. Before they had the common decency of saying "H-he wasn't really trans, no trans woman would do something as heinous as this!" and renouncing him but now they just say "Yeah SHE raped HER senile mother but you should still respect her gender identity! It's just basic human decency!". Like fuck you could strip him of his humanity before you could even question his gender.

No. 868376


If this person changed 'valid' to 'tolerated' they'd understand the reality.

No. 868386

Do these people think normal human beings want to respect a literal motherfucking rapist to begin with?

No. 868511

I'm sure if a troon were to harm them in some way, the last fucking thing on their minds would be his pronouns.

No. 869070

I hate these second or third gens
Their parents came from poverty and made something out of themselves, all they do is ride their parents success to do something

No. 869073

They're on Twitter all day, they don't even know what a normal human being LOOKS like.

No. 869074

File: 1627799147511.png (130.48 KB, 552x345, ad07f2197aacfea6b_fd70779c_640…)

Pronouns don't deserve respect even if the person is a completely harmless individual who has never done anything wrong. The concept in itself is absurd to begin with, it doesn't become more absurd once you find out that person is a disgusting rapist.

Obviously their intention with correcting pronoun use is a scummy attempt at diverting attention and excusing a criminal but I actually share their beliefs in a sense. The validity and necessity of pronouns is the same no matter what someone does… and it's fucking invalid and unnecessary, always.

No. 869095

If anyone uses this as an opportunity to say "see? women rape too" im gonna lose it. I've already seen people say this while pulling up mtf child rapists

No. 869102

Start a hashtag like "women don't rape, trannies do"

No. 869109

Too wordy. I think the actual hashtag women have been using for this is #notourcrimes

No. 869135

Women don’t rape people, trannies do!
Sing it to this tune

No. 869148

File: 1627810811038.png (150.56 KB, 760x829, Screenshot_20210801-023844.png)

I feel like I'm going fucking insane… When the fuck did this become the definition of lesbian. Non-men loving non-men do they fucking hear themselves? Apparently you're a terf if you think lesbian means women who exclusively like women.

We're in hell world

No. 869149

it's a kpop stan they're braindead by nature

No. 869151

It's not just kpop stans saying this shit (this was just the first tweet I saw) but it is mostly zoomers so I guess I can't be too surprised. I just don't understand how you can go from lesbians love women to non-men?? When the fuck did that start

No. 869155

it didn't go from anything to anything. lesbian still means what it has always meant. these idiotic children have nothing better to do than come up with new genders for themselves and force everyone to refer to them as void/voids/voidself tree/trees/treeself xim/xims/ximself

No. 869159

I didn't mean literally anon I know lesbian still means lesbian. I meant in terms of Twitter discourse. Just the sudden jump is perplexing to me, it feels like just yesterday they were pushing the whole wlw bullshit.

No. 869222

I'm not up to date with Chris Chan lore but I read in a twitter thread that he transitioned into a woman just to get pussy is this true or is he just delusional?

No. 869237

I actually think Chris has or had some form of legitimate gender dysphoria, born out of (in his mind) relating to and getting along with women better than with men (ie girls and women throughout his life took pity on him and tolerated him while men ignored or bullied him). So to answer your question, he's just delusional imo

No. 869241

Zoomers need to be placed in reform camps since they can't think for themselves
>non men
The state of this, instead of just saying women…

No. 869246

File: 1627822272537.jpeg (255.75 KB, 828x645, 3A14EA55-D09B-40E1-8830-EB8F82…)

Mhm, that’s the tag. It makes me happy to see so many women speak out against this bullshit. I think the Chris situation has peaked quite a few of them.
KEK, I like how that sounds!

No. 869249

This is going to peak so many normies

No. 869251

And I can’t fucking wait for it.

No. 869263


"I feel it's important to remind everyone" like they're head teacher of a pedo-filled private school and everyone else is the nervous kid.

No. 869347

No it's not, you people say this all the time but the moment normies look up who Chris Chan is they're going see things references to things like 4chan, ED and bronies and immediately compartmetalise it as a weird internet thing instead of a trans thing and never think of it again
You sound like pol with how whenever anything happens they think it's about to trigger a race war

No. 869415


At this point trans is a weird internet thing. Chris raping his mom adds some more feathers to the camel's back. Do they want Christines at the wi spa?

No. 869467

Imagine being a normalfag living in Virginia. Your sat down in front of the television with your husband. You've heard about trannies and think that it's a thing for a sexual deviant fringe. It hasn't impacted you personally so you don't really understand the implications yet. Then the local news comes on and the headline is "Virginia women charged for raping HER mother". Something doesn't sound right. How does a woman rape anyone? And would a woman really do that? Then the image of the suspect comes up on screen and it's CWC in a skirt and a brony t-shirt.

No. 869555

>please don't look it up
I think I hate this tactic of theirs more than anything. Even with the innocuous like jk Rowling. You shouldn't read about something and form your opinion, you should listen to me who followed my own philosophy and got this information secondhand from another person who said it's too scary to read myself!

No. 871048

File: 1628008821636.jpg (203.58 KB, 591x1848, Joe.jpg)

So this is twitter "drama' that happened almost a year ago, joe hawley the former frontman of the 2000's Indie pop rock band Tally Hall(you know the one's that made Ruler of Everything song) got DM'd by an underaged nb Ayden who asked him if he could put his pronouns in his bio, he refused and got into argument regarding Non-binaryism and pronouns and throughout this conversation, his "#problematic" views were revealed
see he thinks Trans people are valid and believes Transphobia is totes real but he doesn't buy into that Idea that anyone can be "non-binary, he believes that children don't have the mental capacity to know if their Trans or not and shouldn't allowed on Hormones and referred to some "Trans affirming" surgeries as "multination" and this got him cancelled, like the whole of woke twitter fucking Hates his guts now for views that aren't even remotely offensive and likely what the average normie lib believes in

No. 871086

Makes him more based than his groups music already did

No. 871089

not really, he kept on insisting that he's not a dread "Transphobe" throughout this whole drama

No. 871117

nta but honestly it's this or getting death threats/harassed, doxed or mass reported by a bunch of retarded 14yr olds, It's a bad idea for most public figures to have twitter with the complete cesspool it is nowdays

No. 871146

he did get harassed by these retards and ended up deleting his Instagram and twitter with in a month, however he handled the situation well by simply just ignoring it and it died down with in a couple of weeks

No. 871194

oh my god sorry for blogpost but i literally know of these girls irl (through friends) and it's so weird seeing them in a viral tweet that is making fun of them. two of them iirc are IG famous so i don't think it matters too much although maybe this experience will humble them somewhat lmao.

No. 871472

tell us about them.

No. 871583

how come "non men" is only used for lesbians but when it comes to being straight we can say women, and how come we never say non women, just kidding I know the answer to all of this though I wish I didn't. don't they ever think it's strange how it's always lesbians being considered controversial

No. 871916

File: 1628074409128.png (2.26 MB, 1080x3288, 1628015445054.png)

I thought this was funny, white ugly fake-deaf Clown Troon that is the "Girlfriend" of Kevin Gibes (disgusting troon lolcow), makes a dumb ass tweet attacking an ACTUAL deaf WOMAN for being "White/white passing" and taking jobs from "Deaf people of color".
Then he gets called out. I wish this happened more often, these people are just looking for an issue. He's okay with white troons taking spots from POC women in the Olympics, but an death woman whose white getting attention? HOW DARE SHE? Attacking people in his own community, but ONLY when they are white & cis.

No. 871918

File: 1628074515137.png (70.08 KB, 735x483, 1.PNG)

Callout 1-

No. 871919

File: 1628074548975.png (72.86 KB, 731x491, 2.PNG)

No. 871921

File: 1628074678434.png (69.11 KB, 738x518, 7.PNG)

"You don't tweet about being deaf so you aren't!" This isn't the first time he used this method to silence people. He did it to a troon, they had a disagreement, the person said they were trans he was like, "So WHERES UR PRONOUNS IN UR BIO?"

No. 871922

File: 1628074704192.png (53.21 KB, 736x419, 8.PNG)

No. 871924

File: 1628074822867.png (59.66 KB, 762x504, 9.PNG)

No. 871925


No. 871931

File: 1628075169556.png (65.79 KB, 736x463, 10.PNG)

Cope 1/3

No. 871932

File: 1628075210694.png (51.9 KB, 747x447, mad1.PNG)

Seethe 2/3

No. 871934

File: 1628075305434.png (73 KB, 739x564, mad2.PNG)

Dilate 3/3
He also seems to be getting mad this white woman didn't sign the N Word.

No. 871950

WAP is a stupid song and even worse Music video so it really doesn't matter
I hate everyone Involved in this

No. 871963

true, I just like seeing a troon getting told to fuck off by the very people he "Claims" he cares about.
These people actively look for shit to be offended by, usually on the behalf of other people, then when those groups call them out they either start backpedeling or try to talk over them. It's my favorite thing, because you can tell they think they are the saviors using their "privileged voices" and expect asspats.

No. 871965

What an ugly fuck, I don’t understand this new trend of acting as if ASL is a protected language only to be signed by deaf trans black hijabis.

No. 871977

Because as we all know, WAP plays an integral part in African-American history. First sung as a slave hymn, WAP has evolved into a feminist anthem. It’s origins are shown by lyrics such as, “Bring a bucket and a mop.” These were items typically used by house slaves when cleaning after their white masters.

For fucks sake, WAP doesn’t need to be preformed by only Black people. Hell, better if it’s not preformed at all.

No. 872061


No. 872069

>Because as we all know, WAP plays an integral part in African-American history.
This reminds me of when Black Panther was selected for Black History Day kek

No. 872422

Did that actually happen? It was a very fun movie and I get why black people would feel represented by it since it's just a fun action movie about black superheroes and not some depressing semi-documentary about people dying, but it's not even taking place in a real country.

No. 872499

File: 1628114887420.jpeg (75.72 KB, 569x767, yqaq0lovv0e71.jpeg)

No. 872509

Firstly, can we get a complete fake history of WAP and it’s origins in enslaved people.

Secondly, holy shit, 2020s black history month and BLM needs a milk thread. Especially with the corporate driven advertising and the foundations robbing people blind, while not supporting the victims/the families of victims of police brutality.

No. 872566

also the blm activists claiming that "people in palestine probably don't support blm" and that "they are probably racist so they won't donate any money to them" despite these people being too worried about whether or not they're going to get shot to death or blown up by a soldier rather than contribute to retarded american politics online

No. 872600

this pasty faggot isn't even really deaf

No. 872602

Make the thread on /ot/ but try to

No. 872603

*try to not racebait

No. 872636

just go to /pol/ to complain we don't need some black people general thread that mods will lock within 48 hours for race baiting and excessive infighting

No. 872651

>we can't discuss cows because someone somewhere might be offended and call us racist

No. 872653

Nta, but you know a thread like that would be full of racebaiting and infighting. Plus, don't we already have a riot general thread?

No. 872742

that is not even what I said or implied, do you know what race baiting and infighting are? it will inevitably devolve into anons arguing about the veracity of some race science theory; there will be minimal discussion of specific cows and you know it.

No. 874951

File: 1628313919890.jpeg (98.9 KB, 750x310, 66950EA9-B7B3-4096-B5F1-A6BAC0…)


No. 874954

File: 1628314439567.jpg (38.82 KB, 645x361, efb332e7f11563ec38ff34f514f5ad…)

I reserve the right to misgender anyone at any time for any reason, but especially if they rape their elderly mother

No. 874956

So I’m supposed to respect pronouns when this fucking joker can’t even respect ‘no’? Yeah nah, dream on twitter

No. 874969

this asshole befriended TMNT female animators just to leak their private nsfw discord server and call them pedos for drawing cartoon turtles sucking eachother off, never learns to shut the fuck up

No. 874970

This is the hill they wanna die on, to defend a man who raped his dementia ridden mother

No. 874987

File: 1628319387578.png (105.58 KB, 491x334, zinnia-jones-zjemptv-if-hitler…)

No. 875005

Makes sense, women drawing cartoon turtles having sex is peak predatory pedophilia but raping your geriatric mother is just "problematic" and you should respect the rapist's AGP pronouns. It's only fair!

No. 875107

Trans Hitler is a comic someone should make.

No. 875108

No. 882796

File: 1629121876007.png (219.42 KB, 497x455, noodles.PNG)

I can't believe a bunch of jealous ugly bitches feel the need to pick on this woman for writing a cookbook of all things. I bet she is a better cook than them too.

No. 882799

File: 1629122540039.png (157.88 KB, 591x270, op.PNG)

every single person is dragging OP for this take and to be honest, it seems like she would be a person that likes baiting people into boosting engagement stats

No. 882801

what are the chances she's dating a schluby or average at best white man

No. 882806

Never heard of her before, she is insufferable. A cow. BPD chan. She might need a thread. Lol. Review of some shitty drama. (That last line. What planet is she from?!)
>There were so many scenes like this where I had to pause to vent my frustration after Elena’s infuriating embodiment of the Karen archetype, taking deep breaths while pacing around my living room or yelling into a pillow. This frustration pays off in an incredibly satisfying way, however, as Elena watches her “perfect” life of security burn down before her eyes in the finale. The blaze is what finally gets her to show a modicum of self-awareness and reflection, deciding to protect her children by admitting to the sheriff and her husband (Joshua Jackson) that she was the one who started it. I mean, she’s not really lying. The series makes it clear that it’s Elena’s white entitlement and massive, unchecked ego that spark the events leading up to the fire that ravages the Richardson family mansion. Through Elena’s relationships with her mother and her own daughters, Little Fires Everywhere strikes at the oppressive cage of white matriarchy.

No. 882818

she's sounds pathetic but doesn't warrant her own thread, we discussed having a Woke columnist/processional twitter activists thread

No. 882825

Why wasn't it made? Sounds like a good idea.

No. 882836

File: 1629125078705.jpg (265.87 KB, 1600x900, kihnuwomen.jpg)

>white matriarchy
So like the Kihnu?
Where can I find that place, sounds great.

No. 882847

Its not even a Matriarchy, cultures like the Kihnu have existed in small corners around the world, where men do all the physical labor and women handle the administration, while the Kihnu are the only examples left in Europe, small tribes in African and Asia still practice this social dynamic which again isn't really Matriarchal

No. 882852

Whatever nonnie I was making fun of that quote.

No. 882865

Though it is true that Indo-Europeans have historically and comparatively better track records with women's equality, from the Semites, Indians, Chinese and Greeks(who were Indo-European but took in a large amount of influence from the neighboring Semites) have all complained and completed about how loose and free the women of Barbarian tribes were, how disgusting and immoral they found it when "barbarian" didn't wear veils of hide themselves in the presence of men

No. 882872

God I didn't say "please sperg more about your view of historical equality"

No. 882880

File: 1629127855953.gif (1.93 MB, 200x200, Fqup.gif)

No. 882882

Shut the fuck up and let them speak

No. 883282

File: 1629156500982.png (117.09 KB, 538x598, dumb2.png)

12 year old girls taken as sex slaves, men most affected.

No. 883285

ffs is it so hard to believe that i hate the men of all countries no matter what religion they are

No. 883291

"you KNOW me. I'm SMART, you know? I'm a SMART person. I run my own business. I had straight A's in caaahllege"

No. 883305

>ask yourself what it is about the men of these countries that makes them undeserving of safety and protection
The fact that they don't believe women and children are deserving of safety and protection even in their own countries, let alone a foreign one they're fleeing to.

No. 883313

So many retards liking this, guess they don't live in Europe.

No. 883430

Probably a muslim feminist too who hates white patriarchy

No. 883459

I have nothing against Afghan boys being allowed refugee, even weak old men should be allowed, but the problem in these conflicts(Syria, Afghanistan, Somalia) is that its usually just young able bodied military age men who are the ones fleeing, and military service that's the one thing they are good for in society and these men can't even be expected to perform that one role

No. 883477

Maybe it's something to do with ensuring patrilineal continuation of the destroyed country's culture, too. Like a dandelion clock, the country lives on wherever its men land. They don't adapt or change, they just impose themselves on the local women and the local men do shit all.
I honestly think that this is the issue that turned much of the lower classes right wing. The women hate being groomed and raped. The men blame them for their own laziness. Labour only caters to Londoners and the liberal intelligentsia who have no direct contact with the poorer people in the country or the refugees themselves. Only the right wing parties want to control immigration. So obviously liberals, the middle classes and up, and virtue signallers (overwhelmingly Labour orientated) resort to calling all concern over immigration "racist", the lower classes become alienated by the new poshos once again.
I was raped by a Middle Eastern man who had immigrated when I was 14, on a train from Edinburgh to the Midlands. I was in a state on the platform and the police were called, it went through court but because I froze with fear, his lawyer argued that I consented and he got off. I truly believe that he doesn't feel like he's done anything wrong to this day. I see so many people saying "refugees welcome" as a blanket statement and I side eye them for it because it's clear that they've not had any significant interaction with them/lived with them/been to school with them. It's refreshing to see what a lot of women truly believe.

No. 883486

very young boys maybe but definitely not the old men. The point is to prevent them from bringing that culture over here.

No. 883488

In my own shithole Muslim country every year there are between 5000-9000 "conversation" marriages, basically Pakistani Muslim men rape the non-Muslim minority women(Sikhs, Hindus, Christians) and afterwards force them to marry them, this is considered a form of Jihad and purification, cause it reduces the number of non-Muslims in our country, which is a good thing and everyone already knows about this and our Prime Minister in his term has never even once addressed this, No Instead he's been bringing up "Islamophobia" in France while this is going on
I think the similar mentality carries over to Muslim men living in Europe, that its not just for their own simple sexual gratification, they literally view this as a Holy act, to rape Kafir women

No. 883491

saemfag if you convert to Islam in my country you can't go back, its considered a form of blasphemy to "leave" Islam and the Punishment is Death
…… I hate this religion so much, I would rather live in Mexico or Brazil then here, at least I'd have rights on paper

No. 883510

Jesus fucking Christ anon, I'm so sorry. How could a 14 year old consent to sex with an adult scrote on a train?! The system has failed you.

No. 883521

all the afghanis who rushed to get into the plane to escape are military-age men who abandoned their kids and women without a second thought lmao

No. 883532

That makes sense, the Taliban is overwhelmingly made up of rural Pashtuns, for a illiterate Pashtun the Taliban is a stabilizing force and doesn't bring that many cultural changes, the ones fleeing are from the Urban cities

No. 883535

>No Instead he's been bringing up "Islamophobia" in France while this is going on
I'll never get it, islamophobia in France is actually just good old racism against Maghrebis and Africans from former French colonies regardless of their actual beliefs because we're always treated like we're all Muslims, and obviously it's always unwarranted shit done against us like discrimination at work or when lookin for an apartment or violence against us. Why are completely unrelated countries from unrelated continents making it about themselves?

No. 883540

guilty men love using other people's oppression for selfish reasons.
theyre taking notes from troons

No. 883643

These idiots falling off the plane wheels are a few IQ points higher than the pussies who were so scared to fight they surrendered and got their heads cut off.

No. 883651

Do they not have a mandatory military service like some countries? it makes no sense to flee a country and just plant your bad seed somewhere else. The countries letting these men in are truly wanting to just give up their own culture and die. I want the women and children to be safe, but let the young, able bodied men fight for their so called home

No. 883658

I am so sorry, anon. Many women feel like they probably have to say 'refugees welcome' or get labeled a republican (for some reason??) No one, esp women deserve to live in fear. No one should fear these men migrating from shit hole countries and ruining everything they touch. How many bombing in france and other parts of europe from 'not all muslims?' When will we learn? Anyone trying to welcome refugees make me angry because it's either insane ignorance or they just dont think it affects them

No. 883689

I'm sorry anon. Use this site to discover where they live and keep distance, if you can. I live in a rural white area and we've had an influx of posh, white middle class Londoners moving here over the years, to raise families. They've wrecked the housing market and set up stupidly expensive artisan bakery shops and ugly modern art galleries etc. It's obvious why they've moved. And they'll admit it when drunk…

No. 883735

File: 1629204426626.png (522.62 KB, 1435x699, Screenshot (.png)

It only gets funnier cause turns out the ignorant white woman has been studying East Asian cooking for the past 10 years now and actually graduated from Lanzhou Cooking School in China, she was also a former cancer research scientist, while the Enlightened Asian woman is of Tagalog Philippines descent, culinarily with the exception of Chinese Filipinos the Philippines has no history of Dumplings

No. 883745

pinoys on twitter are a fucking embarrassment they're trying too hard to be white liberals. guess that american colonial mentality never really left

No. 883752

>Many women feel like they probably have to say 'refugees welcome' or get labeled a republican
It's certainly a thing here in my shithole country, where the hated leading party's main political crutch for a while has been their anti-immigration standpoint. A lot of the opposition is pretty much opposing them on every issue just to show how different and progressive they are. With the current events, this issue will be critical again, and if you agree on the anti-immigration policy, you'll be called a trad-christian supporter, but unless the oppsing parties start to speak up against letting these awful men in, they'll be losing women's support. Such a shitshow when it becomes a question of choosing the lesser evil.

No. 883753

File: 1629205947931.png (95.35 KB, 862x390, w.png)

None of that matters to dumb racists. Did you take a look at the accounts Roslyn frequently associates with? They are grotesque. And weirdly obsessed with white women, while admitting any racism they receive from whites comes from men (picrel) The person she was referring to wasn't a white woman either kek. Asian and Black men do this too, so I don't buy the whole "ur jelus!1" explanation. Somehow US media has been able to convince masses of people white American women are pathologically dishonest narcs and borderline dangerous to minorities. It's bizarre.

No. 883755

>>882796 Funniest thing a lot of white peoples cultures also have dumplings

No. 883759

She dgaf about dumplings she's a racebaiting troll. I can't believe the nasty shit they can away with on twitter. I've seen suspensions for much less.

No. 883762

File: 1629206651249.jpg (264.94 KB, 1000x1500, 28 - img_028.jpg)

I really want some dumplings and noodles now (also, she seems nice)

No. 883770

I don't understand what type of world they live where they think that non-White people aren't somehow misogynistic assholes, why can't they admit that certain cultures are actually worse then Europe

No. 883775

Yea. Rules on twitter are absurd you can get suspended for literally nothing

No. 883779

These people value culture more than human rights

No. 883823

File: 1629210665892.jpeg (278.5 KB, 1242x1242, 9AF7B9B1-CDE8-4C8E-9111-DC5759…)

And like clockwork, she’s now playing the victim

No. 883824

File: 1629210816665.jpeg (404.88 KB, 1242x773, 1C9FDCDC-7319-4169-A725-F56A3F…)

No. 883827

These left woke idiots are insufferable

No. 883828

Sometimes it's not about politics; sometimes you're just a jerk

No. 883834

You were an “Angry Brown Woman” on main and now you’re being one again. Ethnicity will never excuse shit behavior.

No. 883835

>angry brown woman
i see taking the talking points of black women once again and making it about some dubious brown

No. 883839

File: 1629211698153.png (267.9 KB, 1054x1250, cringe.png)

Head case. That last line, so cringe.

No. 883840

Your not even Chinese this isn't even your culture, and the lady literally went to a professional school in China to learn to cook east Asian style Noodles

No. 883842

File: 1629211759585.jpeg (658.77 KB, 1242x1242, C103D59C-80A1-44E3-9A5A-9FA8C3…)

Uhhhh…. what?

No. 883844

we need a thread for these people already

No. 883845

I'll help you make one. I'm shit at threads so I don't want to make it myself.

No. 883848

What should we call it "Twitter Activist and Woke Columnists General"

No. 883851

Lol the review in the link is actually a positive one that just touches on why there was some controversy around it. And why does the first part of the tweet sound like she originally wrote it from a sockpuppet account against herself?

No. 883852

So you're not a sole retard Roslyn? Congrats.

No. 883856

File: 1629212325040.png (578.82 KB, 1242x2208, F1437B14-CA18-42EE-9F69-AF1625…)

What a cunt

No. 883858

Hey retard, it’s not your culture either

No. 883860

Sounds good. It's the description bit I was confused about. Do we need a detailed one with background info and links?

No. 883862

Never play ball with these cunts. Poor Pippa. Should have ignored it.

No. 883863

File: 1629212609005.jpeg (332.64 KB, 1235x1514, FABB7153-76F9-421D-B7F2-C7490C…)

Is this bitch really this daft? YOU DID bring this onto yourself and a complete stranger

No. 883869

I read her replies. Like 0.01% were racebaiting white trolls. Very few conservatives attacking 'woke culture' either. She's one retarded lolcow.

No. 883870

> puts out racebait
> gets called out by people from all walks of life for it
> focuses only on the white ones
> ….

No. 883878

File: 1629213005639.png (66.54 KB, 1062x250, capjack.png)

And most comments were like picrel. She is lying.

No. 883883

Of course she’s lying. She has to be the victim. Always. Doesn’t matter what she did; she is the victim.

No. 883884

This. Why do all these twitter tards instigate pointless discourse and then instantly play victim when people bite back? Do they expect this woman who literally did nothing wrong to just sit there and take pointless hate because she's white? So you're not allowed to defend yourself at all…good to know.

No. 883886

File: 1629213204416.jpeg (734.32 KB, 1242x1472, A663CA07-8832-4B2B-9DF7-8106F2…)

She’s twisting everything

No. 883890

Pippy defended herself, condemned the hate BOTH of them were getting, and added on resources

Nothing she did was wrong

No. 883893

I have been on the receiving end of this type of thing before. Responding by being nice, respectful, even as a tactic is pointless and possibly dangerous re employment. The mob will twist everything you say. If you wrong foot it in even slightly, you're "own" will go hard and finish you off anyway, you just cannot win. Today, minorities can racebait and be fucking rewarded for it with writing jobs etc. It's best to ignore it, snapshot and collect evidence but keep quiet.

No. 883894

File: 1629213507104.png (540.58 KB, 1242x2208, A67DA215-46FF-4157-BA0E-409DF1…)

I don’t even know where to begin with this one

No. 883895

Funny, she said people were putting words in her mouth just a minute ago. What a nice day, to have milk from random sources

No. 883896

Oh yeah definitely. Link the thread if you make it please nonny! x

No. 883901

File: 1629213750617.jpeg (467.7 KB, 1242x890, 88B4FE91-A745-48BE-9679-9C9877…)

She got a friend involved now since no one was on her side pretty much saying white people shouldnt do anything ever

No. 883902

File: 1629213830108.jpg (144.15 KB, 680x1051, 11.jpg)

>Do we need a detailed one with background info and links?
Not for now, I think maybe by the second thread we will have enough Milk to have detailed information about the more cowish ones(A lot of people know each other and constantly overlap)
I truly believe this has a lot of potential for a lot of Milk
She and the Asian Comic guy pages should be linked thoughwhat should be the threads description though
what should be the threads description though

No. 883905

checker her twitter page
>Beijing儿 American changeling | feminist, writist, artist @theatlantic @nytimes @guardian @zoramag @mcsweeneys @grubstreet +more she/her
not even surprised

No. 883908

I don’t like calling women “jealous” just because another woman is involved but in this case, they are jealous.

They are jealous Pippy’s hard work and research in culinary rewarded her with being able to publish books while their five articles about pop culture and mediocre food blog has given them nothing. Using the race card is a total crutch.

No. 883909

Her cookbook aside, apparently Pippa is also a cancer research scientist. Jealous women dunking on those more successful and relevant than they will ever be is nothing new. What a total cow

No. 883910

This is where I struggle kek. How about keeping it simple? "Post their bad takes, shaming and calls to cancel!" I think the thread title is pretty explanatory, no? As for images you could use Luna's comic.

No. 883911

File: 1629214365714.jpeg (518.36 KB, 1231x1598, 397A78B7-B9FE-4639-AC84-9BDA1D…)

How is any of this Pippy’s fault?!?

> make rude public tweet about a rando

> get called out
> it’s rando’s fault I’m getting called out

No. 883914

This is why you must NEVER respond.

No. 883917

well a short witty description is all I need really and I can't make the thread without one

No. 883927

File: 1629215245857.png (113.09 KB, 591x647, Screen Shot 2021-08-17 at 8.46…)

It is now "grifting" to defend yourself

No. 883929

Well, I don't know kek. It's not witty, but I don't see what's wrong with my last comment. It might be better if it's "Woke Twitter Activists, Columnists and Creators" to include other things like comics. Or do you think that's too broad?

No. 883932

Apparently theres something like high fashion twitter and everyone on there is just white girls with eating disorders and obsession with lily rose depp

No. 883938

File: 1629215629913.png (126.69 KB, 600x621, 204572349673.png)

>it seems like she would be a person that likes baiting people into boosting engagement stats
this is exactly what she does, she tweeted picrel to ariana grande and then cried when her psychotic stans started bullying her - not sure what she expected to happen lmao

No. 883940

File: 1629215723588.png (101.14 KB, 601x441, Screen Shot 2021-08-17 at 8.52…)

Read through this scrote's replies for a good laugh. They just don't get it.

No. 883941

File: 1629215783758.jpeg (444 KB, 828x813, DF47EB74-20EB-447B-AA0A-CB9AA2…)

kek at rozz tweeting this like it'll protect her from her own idiocy i actually like tarot but i am laughing so hard rn

No. 883942

replace creators with journalists

No. 883943

actually sounds kinda based

No. 883944

So it's homophobic to factually say some faggots are gay but it's completely fine to call people who don't agree with you white supremacists? K.

No. 883945

>Schlubby low value bottom of the barrel white guys and Asian feminist's
name a better pairing

No. 883946

calling some of these people "journalists" is a stretch lmao, they write a freelance column for vice twice a year and spend the rest of their time victimizing themselves on twitter

No. 883949

The thread will include actual columnists like Laurie Penny, that's who that bit refers to.

No. 883955

File: 1629216382495.jpeg (348.47 KB, 828x857, 6C827336-EBF4-451C-B2A2-FA52EF…)

she also backpedalled and claimed it was a shitpost to try and save her own skin, nothing is working

No. 883957

File: 1629216403100.png (178.25 KB, 1024x718, Screen-Shot-2021-06-21-at-7.53…)

Meet Hunter Shackelford @huntythelion fat activist, racebaiter and grifter, sorry I mean activist.

No. 883962

I'd paypal her if she promised to spend the money on a Homer Simpson-esque muumuu so I didn't have to see her lard ass in such tight fitting clothes again.

No. 883964

File: 1629216768438.png (332.69 KB, 1008x1180, ashleigh.png)

Not to worry, she has more than enough help.

No. 883965

File: 1629216867494.png (184.89 KB, 1359x411, 666665.png)

No. 883967

Of course she's from Toronto, so many of these cringey journalists are from there

No. 883975

Thank you!

No. 884016

right!? when have brown women ever been stereotyped as angry LMAO. what?? i swear a lot of these other POC just take down what black people say and just change the words around because wtf!?

No. 884168

That culture is being brought here anyway
Your muslim women woke feminist does it
Maybe you are living under a rock
Its being imported at an alarming rate

No. 884173

Don't know where you're from but I'm "brown" and I'm part of a group stereotyped for being perpetually angry and aggressive. No idea who this Roselyn person is and where she lives but I'm guessing she's American?

No. 884174


No. 884180


No. 884195


I think you're the one living under the rock or whatever, there's definitely the angry latina stereotype right next to the angry black woman one. But it's far more sexualized because men.

No. 884197

No, I'm in Europe and won't elaborate.

What's the general stereotype for people like that girl on twitter in Canada? I'd like context to know why exactly her commenting on brown women is stupid because I'm not super familiar with Canada.

No. 884203

Lmao vice is 2016. They right for Washington post, nyt, Huffington post, guardian, etc

No. 884204

She's Filipina, and South East Asian women aren't really stereotyped as angry brown women from what I've seen. Filipina anons living in the West may correct me if I'm wrong.

No. 884206

No. 884240

File: 1629233249983.png (122.86 KB, 1206x534, wut.png)

i've read this like 10 times and can't understand what she is even trying to say? white people are the taliban? am I simply not online enough to get it? what do hot dogs and ice cream have to do with it?

No. 884242