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File: 1611481724488.jpg (9.31 KB, 259x194, bird hellsite.jpg)

No. 721256

Vent your hatred for this godforsaken hell birdapp here.

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First: >>529582

No. 721273

Twitter hit a new low for me when they defended Arnie's cannibalism kink. I always said these "everything is good as long as it pleases you" freaks would start excusing outright rape and murder soon. This is it if not the borderline. I can't wait for sociopathic scrotes with Bundy or Alcala esque fantasies being normalized because "don't kink shame uwu".

No. 721338

Most are paid profiles, anon.

No. 721921

I have the same kink, it's hilarious.

No. 721962


What do you expect? Half the government and world is running on peado elite backs

No. 722075

File: 1611554705232.jpeg (90.46 KB, 800x450, 0B35C56D-89DF-46AF-853A-0DF231…)

No. 722212

File: 1611573476068.png (728.44 KB, 958x1592, ebegging.png)

I will never get over these guilt-tripping e-beggars on twitter. Okay, at least it's not a tranny wanting free money for their unnecessary FFS, and maybe I'm just a misanthrope, but I don't se who would actually give money to these people

No. 722298

File: 1611588639517.png (459.97 KB, 1080x1007, Screenshot_20210125-161302.png)

>I'm disabled and my sister is the only family I have left but she abandoned me because she didn't want to take care of me anymore :(
Why do people still believe painfully fake sob stories like these?? Anyways it's indeed a scam like probably most of these stupid begging threads.

No. 724343

Twitter users are retarded. Most of the time this type of scan is accounts with less than one month of existence, literally no previous tweets, literally do not tweet about anything else other than needing money, and yet people still fall for it. The one I remember was one of some supposed trans woman with a danny phantom pfp that was getting kicked out of home and people were sharing it around , and then, just about the moment that some people were starting to get suspicious because of all the things I mentioned, but before actually getting full on cancelled, he/she just deleted the account and was never heard of again. You could make a whole living out these things just because of how retarded twittards are.

No. 724728

File: 1611854556475.jpg (35.35 KB, 499x323, Capture.JPG)

fucking cringe

No. 724730

He's literally right though

No. 724742

What is this in context of? I'm probably out of the loop.

No. 724816

File: 1611860742024.png (200.78 KB, 606x884, hyoubflij3e61.png)

GME was totally driven by incel types. Proof here.

No. 724821

>calling yourself feminist
>caping for le free market capitalism

No. 724822

I'm so pissed at how blatantly these rich shmuks are using social issues as a tool to cover up their crimes

No. 724850

Don't these people blame "male sexlessness" for everything? They were also blaming incels for the BLM protests and the Capitol riots and a lot of other events. I think it's a pretty lazy explanation at this point.

Basically saying the GameStop stock market thing was caused by sexually frustrated men who aren't in relationships to keep them stable.

No. 725207

she's not even caping for free market, she wants the government to intervene because the poors are making their bank.

No. 725282

File: 1611933249547.jpeg (368.02 KB, 828x844, CF26E822-63AD-429E-89A9-076485…)

just another case of twitter tards having no empathy and hurhurring le lulz xD at horrific tragedies because muh randumness. i’d love to know how any of these mongs would react had their family member been murdered and their death turned into an internet meme. this tweet has over 300k likes.

No. 725286

they have selective empathy lmao, they would only care if their favorite retarded celeb or a high-ranking politician who have been stinking up the trending tags on social media died
if someone has no significance to their little constructed safe space and has no visible name, they will not care

No. 725288

File: 1611934465593.jpeg (232.38 KB, 828x585, A38AB168-6305-456E-A62D-7F7774…)

linked the tweet in case anyone is curious about how low twitter tards are willing to go. pic related is one shitstain trying to turn her death into a meme. gas the whole site, i’m tired.

No. 725315

I’ve noticed that Twitter users are really quick to wish death on someone or if they died to celebrate their death if they’ve committed immature mistakes or simple asshole behaviour that doesn’t warrant full-blown death threats. For example there was recently a viral tweet about wishing death on a college student because she didn’t tip at a food truck one time.

No. 725322

I’m confused, did the Dr actually do anything? I read a couple news stories and didn’t see anything bad.

Also I’m trying really fucking hard but despite my stupid sense of humor, I just don’t get the joke.

No. 725335

No I think they’re just laughing at the weird and awkward reply, I just wanted to point out how Twitter users are really insensitive about death and wishing death on relatively benign people.

No. 725337

File: 1611939336156.jpg (249.69 KB, 720x825, 20210129_134246.jpg)

There's nothing funny about this, it's not even dark humour. The lengths these social maladjusted go just for a hit tweet are so low

No. 725383

the retards laughing at this should all kill themselves. death is just a funny joke after all so what's the harm? pieces of shit

No. 725403

File: 1611945544743.jpeg (187.17 KB, 1242x765, 657263C4-BAA2-447D-B599-B8C3C9…)

I hope that they are trolling and i’m falling for it, but coming from twitter? the nonsense there shouldn’t surprise me.

No. 725407

what happened to "nya pronouns are cultural appropriation of the japanese language" or was that a fever dream of mine

No. 725439

File: 1611949063646.jpeg (185.16 KB, 1242x423, E09D35A8-A4A2-461F-8C91-B168D5…)

That tweet wasn’t even funny? I get dark humor but what was the joke? White people look similar? I hate Twitter

No. 725448

she doesn’t even pretend to have empathy. hope this shit comes back to bite her though sadly i doubt it

No. 725570

File: 1611957220978.jpeg (369.91 KB, 1242x2208, D7C5B339-8B73-4E21-8583-34906E…)

if you say you’re trans on Twitter you get money for no reason other than being trans

So stupid

No. 726839

File: 1612089321847.jpg (186.36 KB, 1080x1245, _20210131_113247.JPG)

Some 20yo streamer implied she's 39 and people are eating it up in the comments, crazy stuff

No. 726873

I literally saw this retweeted by one of my long time mutuals… I rarely browse Twitter now but people are unhinged.
Does the bottom left actually say they want to be a living breathing monster high doll? KEK

No. 726901

is it just me or twitter is pretty much an e-begging centre now

No. 726936

This is stupid but also maybe a lot smarter than pulling the "i'm 18 uwu" but clearly look like a sagging bag of bones and skin shit.

No. 726949

That's a lot of fucking editing for 'no filter'

No. 726961

tbh, good. I'd like to see more young girls claim to be 30+ just to make the men who screech about 'the wall' cry.

No. 726973

Will just add further pressure for 30-year-olds to look like they're in their early twenties.

No. 726997

Well considering how many people believe it and retweet with a sentiment like "look how amazing a woman can look at almost 40!", it's definitely smart, if she just posted these with some basic caption it wouldn't get this much engagement. I think this is what annoys me the most about this whole thing; like >>726973 said, such weird lie just may put weird expectation on real 39 year olds, because let's be honest, no matter how well (according to society standards) you'll age, you'll never look like 20yo at 40.

No. 727125

Peak liberalism lol

No. 727309

No you're right, it's getting out of hand

No. 733004

File: 1612750147210.jpg (230.32 KB, 797x1006, Screenshot_20210207-210346.jpg)

Saw this on my tl, what do you all think abt this?

No. 733006

No. 733007

Why should hetero or cis people have a flag?

No. 733014

based Noodle pfp Twitter user who's just trying to instigate something

No. 733027

Really, this whole flag thing is just too retarded. Let the LGB people have their flags in peace!
Why does everyone need to have some obnoxious mix of colors plastered everywhere? Are we going to a war or some shit so we need flags to identify the bodies of the fallen?

No. 733045

I agree, hetero people don't need a flag.

No. 733122

Nobody needs a flag.
What we need is tolerance and knowing real gay people have normal lives lke anyone else.

Everything else is for snowflakes.

No. 733426

>nobody needs a flag

Hard agree. I hate this idea that having X sexuality is somehow an achievement you should be proud of. Like bitch you just want to eat pussy/suck dick, welcome to earth everybody wants to fuck and you're not special.

I hate looking at someone's bio and them immediately telling me which variety of genitals they want to lick.

Also the people most enthusiastic about telling you they're gay/bi are also the least fuckable ones ime.

No. 733427

ayrt and hard agree with everything you say too. Imagine telling everyone you suck manhole ass. Disgusting

No. 733433

Living in a homophobic country, I see it differently. In the past it wasn't as bad and I didn't feel any need to make my sexual orientation known in any way - it was only useful maybe in cases of hoping some other lesbian will know right away we have common interests- but latest years I started feeling it really matters on a bigger scale. So many people think LGBT are some foreign threat they have nothing in common with; visibility really matters for this kind of people to see we exist, are more common than they think, and lastly, we're not afraid to be seen.

No. 733442

I also live in an homophobic country and I think nobody should have a flag because it's peak cringe behaivor. I'd rather have rights and be treated as a normal equal person than have a fucking flag on my profile lol, if people see that shit they'll discriminate the shit out of me

No. 733445

IDK what's the basis of discrimination in your country but in mine people legit believe LGBT people don't exist and only associate it with some distant threat. There are no rights, no equality and will never be if I pretend to not exist. You're lucky if you're able to live comfortably closeted and not have to fight for anything, and I sure would prefer that for myself but being passive will get me nowhere right now. To have the flag despite being attacked and discriminated and cringed at is brave and it inspires people, despite all the conservative negativity.

No. 733446

I think it helps marginalised groups to find a community and have a token. As a hetero I can understand why they want representation since being straight is the "normal". It's usually young people that put their sexualities in their bio since it is a huge part of social identity. Cis or straights getting offended they too don't have a flag is retarded since life is situated in hetero ideals.

No. 733447

File: 1612788493414.png (2.04 KB, 275x183, téléchargement.png)

I always thought the Ally flag was the flag in question in some way? Never understood the point of the argument (in the "straight pride" way)

No. 733450

i can agree with this sentiment about the Kweer Krowd, but regular lesbians and gay men simply not being closeted on the internet is snowflake behavior now? wtf?

No. 733451

I understand your frustation but the thing is. I don't care about visibility, people will keep treating my love for women as something yucky and sinful, and I can't do anything about it. Being inside the closet is not as comfortable as you might think. And to be frank… I just don't want to make my sexuality something that needs to be political. Political shit tires me and sucks the soul out of me. I just want to suck clit in peace. Without having to make a statement or to prove that I like girls or to prove I'm human.

No. 733468

Honestly, I totally understand you, and it's hard to do any kind of activism, even the most minor. I'm not doing anything past wearing the flag and coming to protests sometimes, but I'm eternally grateful for everyone that actually does. Ultimately what would be best is to suck a clit in peace knowing no one will consider you subhuman, and for the sake of future lesbians getting that reality someone has to walk out with that flag and be cringy. LGBT community was much more quiet, much more inoffensive 10 years ago in my country as compared to recent few years and all we've seen is increasing homophobia. What I'm saying is not to convince you to do anything against yourself but it just hurts to see the "nobody should wear a flag" sentiment from another lesbian.

No. 733472

>LGBT community was much more quiet, much more inoffensive 10 years ago in my country as compared to recent few years and all we've seen is increasing homophobia
Nta, but wouldn't that just be because people are being more open about it, not because of the community being offensive? I imagine homophobic people feel more inclined to be openly homophobic is gay people are being openly gay.

No. 733474

The whole 'flag' thing is retarded in my opinion. Having rainbow was enough.

No. 733480

Disagree, visibility directly affects accetibility. Love is love, it really shouldn't be a big deal or a mystery why there's a token and pride symbol.

No. 733486

>visibility directly affects acceptability
But that's kinda what I mean. Like I know the more visible gay people are, the more acceptance they have but I also feel like homophobic people will just be more loud about being homophobic. Like, they will be assholes either way, but if there were less gay people being open about being gay then homophobic people would probably be more quiet.

No. 733490

I agree with the idea (especially since het flag was created as a counter-argument, like all lives matter), but hate the way she speaks so much

No. 733495

File: 1612792396663.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 97.94 KB, 614x812, EADD58BC-C072-44CD-B04A-5BA31C…)

i don't care that this is likely someone who did it as """"trolling"""""". twitter faggots are degenerate. no amount of irony can make this okay. it's not funny and i hope your dick gets an infection.

scrote humor is retarded

No. 733497

They really have no respect for anything in life, I swear they aren't normal people. Idk if they're human beings at all

No. 733499

The order of things was - noticeable increase of homophobia in public spaces, calm pride events met with brutal violent attacs despite never changing in intensity for years, politicians openly encouraging homophobic behaviors and so on, only then I've started noticing a change in "loudness" of our LGBT community. OFC that enrages well encouraged homophobes, but it's staying quiet that initially made the aggressive homophobic behaviors happen.

But isn't this what we're talking about? Rainbow flag? It's always been a flag, just a rainbow on the sky is not it lol

No. 733500

He's very ugly no wonder he has to fuck a dead bird and he's bragging. Good lord.

No. 733503

I don't understand how this can be treated as a joke, anons. I think it's just a random guy attempting to shock people just for his own amusement. I don't think even he thinks others will find it funny, just himself.

No. 733508

I remember this was either posted on insanepeopletweets or criminaltweets and a bunch of people were like "Wtf" so it's definitely not something the majority of twitter was laughing at lmao. I think the only reason this stuff happens on twitter is cause they allow nudity. Tell me how many times this has happened on places like instagram.

No. 733518


yeah, that's what i meant by saying it was trolling. i get that he's trying to be edgy and shocking. i get it. it does not change the fact the mad man actually did it. like you have to be retarded to do this. even for attention. you absolutely have to be on the autism spectrum.

it reminds me of the girl that went viral cause she licked a toilet seat for attention. it was obvious trolling too, but scrotes obviously did scrote shit and made it about "she's still hot/she's fucking ugly", "yada yada degeneracy" "she's literally everything wrong with the world" etc etc. scrotes who do this things for attention should be dragged to hell too and be called the end of western society regardless of intention. what he did was way worse too.

No. 733602

Looks like a deformed Michael Pitt, lmao

No. 733877

Goddamn beastiality AND necrophilia
What the fuck has to be wrong with you to do something like this,In public too…

No. 734491

File: 1612872681189.png (635.82 KB, 1001x645, ahhhhh.png)

Can anyone tell me why the smash community is infested with pedos? Like… serious question. Not even anything to do with pic related's discourse, what the fuck is happening? Is it the effect of going from no-friends turbovirgin to drowning-in-pussy demigod?

No. 734497

What I find very funny is how the people who are the most vocal about hating lolicon are pedos themselves

No. 734499

>Another "HOW DARE YOU SEXUALIZE FICTIONAL CHARACTERS" sperg gets outed as an IRL pedo and a sex offender
Whoda thunkit!

No. 734500

Both are creeps.

No. 734502

Yeah and they're hypocrital and compensating for something they know are guilty of

No. 734519

They are but only one is ripping on the other to hide his own pedo groomer tracks.

No. 734585

Smash has a lot of factors that make the community a breeding ground for groomers.
Young fans and players, high autism rate, a lot of events you can attend(pre-covid at least) are the main ones.

No. 735004

File: 1612915915336.png (754.03 KB, 1242x2208, CC4DF719-7600-4C27-B064-AFC6A8…)

This is hardly even the worse tweet of the day probably, but this seems like such a humblebrag

No. 735005

I actually agree with her but she sounds insufferable, solely judging from her writing style.

No. 735018

TBH it is kinda uncomfortable when you can't gain weight and have constant health issues because of it and everyone around is like ohh you're so lucky, I wish I was you… no you don't.

No. 735396

Honestly Twitter has proven to be a 100x times worse then Tumblr, I mean this is without exaggeration

on tumblr it was fairly easy to block and ignore users. but on twitter people have the power to actually destroy your reputation and career if you step out of line, they can screenshot your comments and take them out of context and then a horde of woke-tards will mass report your account and you could lose years of work

No. 735458

agreed x100

No. 735699

I fully agree, even when joking about it being the new tumblr and all I feel it's unquestionable that tumblr never got as bad as twitter is now

No. 736424

This actually happened to me and I lost my job due to oversensitive gen Z's mass reporting me. It's no joke. Twitter is cancer and even though I have a new job now I'm never going on Twitter again. They're a pack of wolves waiting for the next person to harass. They get off on the power of it

No. 736427


damn, please do tell more! what got you cancelled?

No. 736462

File: 1613055195761.png (308.97 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20210211-194544.png)

The justification of ruining people's livelihood's is the worst part, if you got death treats, rape threats, general harrasment, lose your Job, well its your fault for being a bigot which is saying something against the neo-liberal mainstream dogma

No. 736470

Seconding >>736427. If you feel safe/comfortable talking about it, what happened?

No. 736509

Tumblr is actually kind of chill now. Yeah, it's not as active as it used to be, but most of the people who stayed on Tumblr are chill people over 20 who just want to reblog memes and aesthetic shit.

Anon you can't just say something like this without giving context. Please share

No. 736528

it's very easy not to get doxed

No. 736533

Yeah I know how much Tumblr has improved overall but What I'm saying that Tumblr at its very worst was never eve close to being as bad as twitter can be

No. 736550

KEK, literally. who the fuck posts braindead takes edgy enough to get you doxxed by 14 year olds on fucking twitter of all places, especially under what must be your real name and probably your actual location? and then goofy ass anons on here are like ‘omg… if you feel safe and comfortable telling us about it please do…’ bitch give it a rest

No. 736583

File: 1613064166179.png (176.54 KB, 720x1057, Screenshot_20210211-222212.png)

They cancalled an actress for being "twansphobic", Its not being an edgelord online, people will find some way to either take your comment out of context or dog pile against you for daring to have a non neo-liberal approved Belief

No. 736671


Wasn't she canned for comparing American censorship to Nazi Germany tho.

No. 736698

yes, kek. once again, may i remind middle aged autists on this site that if you don’t want to lose your job by being mass-reported by a bunch of triggered zoomers with kpop stan accounts, don’t post your edgy braindead takes on your public twitter account using your real name and location. it’s THAT easy, i promise.

No. 736768

Tumblr was contained in its own teenage to young adult nerdy space, Twitter is everyone regardless of your ethnicity, region, culture, age, fandom or other category. It was bound to become a fucking catastrophe.

>t. twitter zoomers with a guilty conscience
You can get cancelled for coloring a cartoon character's skin too light these days, not an "edgy take". It can happen literally to anyone over anything because it's ignited by pure malice and hunt for social media clout over reasoning that's as stable as a dice roll result. Never, ever assume you're safe from it or that someone wouldn't leak or find out your doxx.

No. 736816


>girl lost her job over some petty twitter drama

>anon mocks her over this in the twitter HATE thread where we al agree their nuts

why are you such an asshole to anon for no reason? you kek over this? please show me how funny people getting doxxed is, i cant find it cause i'm not 15. who cares if anon "was dumb and that's why she was doxxed" the thread is for discussion about why those 14 year olds are fucking insane and we hate them. if you get so much joy from getting doxxed so much i dont know anon, hopefully after high school you'll see the problem.

No. 736841

File: 1613083347050.png (Spoiler Image, 525.24 KB, 750x1334, BBE275FC-678C-4226-A622-1459EE…)

seeing twittertards and tumblrfags sperg out over the ending of promising young woman is so fucking weird. spoiler alert obviously. the movie is made by a woman and the female protagonist wins in the end by still getting the rapist arrested, but because she dies in the end, it's apparently a movie made for scrotes by scrotes? did I even watch the same movie as these people? I wasn't expecting the ending at all but she made preparations and was smart and resourceful and made sure to send evidence of the scrotes abuses beforehand in case something happened to her? how does that make her weak?

are these people just uncomfortable at the idea of a flawed and traumatized female protagonist and not one who's uwu mary sue invincible?


No. 736853

I don’t think it’s unreasonable for them to have gone into the film with the expectation that the protagonist would overcome their teams and we’d end seeing them live a happier life. That being said, having a breakdown online about it not ending that way is classic Twitter.

No. 736856

Samefag but *trauma not teams

No. 736918

I mean sucks that she dies in the end but otherwise how is that a scrote movie kek people are so sensitive

No. 737154

Sounds like a form of victim blaming to me.

>you deserve it because you were asking for it!

Accidentally putting oneself in a vulnerable situation shouldn’t give others a free pass to exploit that vulnerability.

No. 737334

Absolutely, in fact I was thinking about this the other day. Even when Tumblr was at its worst, it still couldn't compete with Twitter nowadays. Not even close. And it's only gotten more terrible since all the worst Tumblr retards started flooding Twitter instead - on the plus side though at least Tumblr is back to being alright lol

No. 737342

this, I agree, twitter is a cesspool and the worst of tumblr just moved onto there (the sw, the attention whores, the egirls, the kinksters, the overly political, queerios etc)

No. 737375

late but I guess his problem with oppai lolis was the oppai part

No. 737378

I mean right now Tumblr is at Its peak IMO, O enjoy all the parts of Tumblr I like with significantly less of the stupid shit

No. 737383

File: 1613132904065.jpg (92.44 KB, 712x528, 20210212_132849.jpg)

Anons…im not too sure about that

No. 737385

Losers like this just get the block. Tumblr's content is extremely easy to curate and fine-tune. Meanwhile on Twitter, there's no avoiding the autism.

No. 737407

the ending is a critique of rape revenge movies of the 70s and 80s, all made by men, in which the protag lives a perfectly normal life after, as if her trauma suddently dies the instant her rapist is punished. But just like with Blazing Saddles, the meta context is completely lost in these people, even if it's so easy to search info on the net.

No. 737408

File: 1613137007699.png (43.57 KB, 602x566, retard.png)

Do american people on twitter seriously fucking think colored people only exist in america? There's a shit ton of people now getting mad over getting called westerner/gringo/bule now. I wouldn't be surprised if you could get suspended if someone reported you for calling them a gringo.
>literally haikyuu drama

No. 737420

I swear to god annoying americans think the moment they utter those 5 letters they've made a great point. Newsflash burgerfag all westerners are equally fucking annoying and your race guilt tripping doesn't work on anyone outside your cultural bubble

No. 737424

Basically what >>737420 said, the race guilt tripping power they hold over white guilt tripped Americans can't work on people from places that have their own bullshit to deal with, they still try to anyway
They want to somehow always be the victims

No. 737438

>Tumblr's content is extremely easy to curate and fine-tune. Meanwhile on Twitter, there's no avoiding the autism
True, I think one of the worst parts of twitter is how it kind of forces you to look at the most controversial content and retarded takes upfront with the trends

No. 737463

I'll just add to this the fact that it's extremely easy to comment on something on twitter and see + interact with other people's replies, which generates big arguments contained within these limited 250 characters. On tumblr in it's peak you had to reblog something and it was only seen by your followers so small accounts being idiots were ignored, which is not true for twitter. Even now when there's an option to comment without reblogging, the comment sections is not comfortable to read and not inviting to have a conversation with others because afaik you can't tag them and it will be only visible to these who scroll through post notes.
tl;dr twitter gives voice and spotlight to everyone and it sucks

No. 737481

people whine about americans because their imperialistic, invasive culture is internalized no matter their political leaning. I can understand if a foreigner gives ignorant input on trump or blm, but you know, the deal goes both way. You cannot expect to invade a foreigner's online space, dictate how they should feel about things, and not receive backlash. It rubs me the wrong way especially when this type of discourse revolves ALWAYS against latinos, arabs and slavs, who often live in very oppressive enviroment. No offense to american anons, btw.

No. 738663

File: 1613253298372.png (187.55 KB, 1080x1112, Screenshot_20210213-215331~3.p…)

Why are wokesters so tryhard yet so bad at making up insults?

No. 738669

Tumblr goo still on them and desperation to go viral

No. 738689

istg if i hear someone say "latinx" one more time i will go and set fire to the american embassy

No. 738701

I know right, every time I see a retard using latinxs makes a part of my soul wither.

No. 738971

No one in my family says latinx, thank god.

I think it’s mostly used by losers who try to pretend their parent’s struggle as immigrants is their own. Their favorite line: “I’m too American to be Mexican and too Mexican to be American.”
Cry me a damn river. Their parents are usually more successful than them despite coming to the country with nothing and not speaking the language. These people have literally no excuse to be losers. To hide the fact they’re losers, they have to harass people online and come up with bullshit terminology to pretend they’re “making a difference”
I hate when latinx people try to talk to me about their bs and think just because I’m in their age group and speak Spanish I have to have the same mindset as them.


No. 739036

why do the tween tumblr refugees all have the same uppercase @s?

No. 739394

Coming here from the confession thread: I'm the anon who complained about Twitter preventing me from using my account until I gave them my phone number "for more privacy" supposedly. I gave them my phone number to unlock everything and removed it in the settings asap. That was just a few days ago, but the exact same thing happened again. I wasn't even liking as many posts as last time, I was just on some artist's account, liked her art, and got the exact same screen. Since when is it happening? I deleted my previous account a little less than a year ago and I've never been asked what my phone number is, and never had any issues before. It's even more invasive than on facebook. My goal was to see how long I could last if I posted my actual opinions on twitter before being suspended but it looks like not posting anything at all is more than enough.

No. 739398

so what did you actually see? did you get the usual "verify your account, cunt" or have you only liked tens of posts without tweeting stuff?

No. 739410

>did you get the usual "verify your account, cunt"
This one. I've posted things three times, haven't rt anything yet, I only follow 26 accounts as of now, and I've liked 70 tweets in one week. I was going to start posting screenshots and videos from video games I play to show some friends but now I'm wondering if they'll get suspicious that I'm using my account on several devices.

No. 739423

the movie is worthy of criticism but saying you had a panic attack in the theater is dumb as fuck. i wish we could go back to discussing why we like or dislike something without validating it with identity politics

No. 739434

Twitter is a fucking hell hole.
That's it. That's my statement on the matter.

Do we have a LinkedIn hate thread? Because LinkedIn is even more retarded than shitter.

No. 739436

That has nothing to do with your content, twitter has just gotten very retarded with their confirmatio shit after the whole bots and spammy sobs, i am 97% sure you'll will be left alone once you fill in all that stuff. It will get retarded on you if you keep logging in from different devices all the time

No. 739439

I'd say linkedin is even worse than twitter. Twitter is just annoying, and if you find it that stressful to the point where it impacts your daily life but you're not using it for your job you're an idiot. Going to linkedin to look for a job and seeing rich kids who were given their jobs on a silver platter and egocentric, sociopathic recruiters/managers bragging about their "hard" work makes me physically sick. I'm seriously considering deleting my account because everytime someone tries to contact me to propose me a job they're completely crazy or they're part of some pyramid scheme and I coincidentally get bombarded with phone calls from telemarketers exactly at the same time even though I never posted my phone number anywhere on linkedin.

You or another anon said that in the confession thread but it happened twice in less than a week now and it's annoying.

No. 739483

Had a "manager" (that's being generous) at my previous workplace who unironically posts pictures of screens from town hall meetings where we did achievement recognition. She always posts the pics where she comes up (instead of when her team comes up). To brag. Like, just brag. "I achieve so much this year, look at my beautiful big number, join COMPANYFROMHELL, I'm hiring new vict, err, employees"
Like fucking bloody hell.

I loathe LinkedIn with a passion.

No. 739575

I managed to circumvent this by having a google voice phone number, but I had to connect it to my real phone. still making a google voice acc that allows for texting beats using my actual phone number and giving it to twt since I don't want those pricks accessing my contacts, which they forced upon me the last time I gave them my real number. never again. wish there was a way to do a burner phone or some kind of service that allowed you to bypass it without paying or extra steps

No. 739605

You can send them an email and say you don't have a phone or something. It should be unlocked in a few days.

No. 740533

File: 1613453513976.png (51.5 KB, 419x277, Screenshot_13.png)

This truly is the state of Twitter

No. 740539

what if they have anger issues? it's ableist to tell them not to get angry uwu

No. 740563

>remove it in the settings
That doesn't actually do anything tbh. They still have it, now. And will compare it to any other account that may use the same phone number.
Do what >>739575 does, or do what I do and get a burner phone. They're like 20 bucks at Wal-Mart and you can pay-as-you-go so you only pay like .01 cents every time you need to unlock some stupid roadblock twitter puts in your way. It's not like Walmart will give your info to twitter, but every site is starting to slowly block Google voice numbers.

No. 740566

Twitter has become like a mental asylum
All the outspoken critics of insanity have been purged, leaving only the insane and those afraid to speak out

No. 740742

People who post webcomics as a crutch to what they're saying (case in point, also that retarded strip about peasants and iphones) are a fucking cancer.

Guess what, a hundred years ago you would be socially ostracized and deplatformed if you openly supported LGB people, advocated for racial equality etc., even if your country's laws didn't penalize espousing such views. Just because something is a popular opinion, doesn't make it right, or acceptable to shut up people with opposing views.

No. 740751

every single one of these people think they are holier than thou and more often than not hypocrites, rules for thee but not for me

No. 741270

>Oh no, my retarded navel-gazing American racial politics card doesn't work with foreigners because to them I'm still a braindead American, not a pwecious bipoc smol bean who needs to be protected! Make westerner a slur!
Something something horseshoe theory, cultural colonialism etc.

It's funny how you can play anything that causes someone a very mild inconvenience as "ableist". You could trigger an infinite loop by retorting this with "QRTing causes anxiety so it's actually you who's ableist".

No. 741986

File: 1613594867129.png (27.42 KB, 595x292, 1600405474684.PNG)

I can't cope with Americas retarded takes on communism; so many comments under this tweet about "I'm standing in line for bread in capitalism too!" or "I'd happily go in line"
I'm sure it's great to romanticize the idea of "everything for everyone" but can't they read up anything on what they're speaking about? That the communism had you stand in line for one kind of poor-ass bread and oftentimes you'd actually end up with nothing / less what your family needs, no matter what, because state says so? I hate this.

No. 741991

>Because the state says so
Anon, I'm not sure if I'm reading this right but you do know there's no state in communism, right?
Sry if I misunderstood something I'm tired

No. 742002

Why is it so difficult for people with retarded takes to just look up information about communist rotten cesspools, to get that its better if we just take the good parts of communism, and the good parts of capitalism, to make something better for everyone?
It’s always a bunch of lazy bumfucks the people that preach communism as some sort of heavenly state in the middle of hell.
I fucking hate them so much.

No. 742005

I'm a burger and even I can't stand tankies and their dumbass takes. Yeah, the U.S has done a lot of bad things but that doesn't automatically make Russia/China/North Korea automatically good. Also a lot them seem to be Gen Z.

No. 742019

I meant one-party communism state like in eastern bloc communism but I might be wrong on english terminology, esl here, sorry!

No. 742037

Tweets like this are why I can't stand Twitter. 140 (or 280?) characters isn't enough for political discussions. And I bet most of the 72.1 k people who liked this haven't even researched that much into economics and politics, they're just going by whatever sounds good on social media.

No. 742040

What I often don't understand is often these piss ants who peach about communism and LGBTABCD rights seems to draw the line at anything relating to islam

No. 742042

I admittedly don't know shit about politics and barely understand it, but weren't all the countries that had communism pretty bad? I specifically remember watching a video of a girl talking about how her family escaped communist Bulgaria and for the first time being like "huh. why do people want this.". Maybe it wasn't necessarily the communism that was bad though.

No. 742048

No, communism was a shit system that you weren't even allowed to criticize. Twitterfags that bitch about every politician and choice made don't understand that you weren't allowed to shittalk leadership or say that you are struggling because of the decisions made by the ruling party. And they didn't give a shit about the poor either.

No. 742050

File: 1613598543765.jpg (90.81 KB, 936x1080, Dq0RB_lXcAA_ZcM.jpg)

No. 742057

Soviet Union was shit and so was Communism but the dissolution of the Soviet Union effectively destabilized regions of the world that the world that have yet to recover, not to mention in many post communist states became oligarchies by men who formed monopolies, that's the real problem. Young kids get these 2 points mixed up

No. 742060

Maybe bc of a little thing called sharia law?

No. 742105

>m-m-muh sabotage that's why communism keeps failing though
>anon you're south american and we commies are your allies please please please listen to us
i don't even try arguing anymore

No. 742111

>its better if we just take the good parts of communism, and the good parts of capitalism, to make something better for everyone?
It already exists and it's called the Nordic model.

I really don't understand why these twitter commie antifa cunts keep sperging about communism being the answer to all their problems when in reality under pure communism they would probably starve to death or at least have bigger problems to worry about than bourgeoise first world issues like being misgendered. Why do they assume that under communist rule they would be leading a luxurious lifestyle when they would probably be issued a factory job and a very modest ration of necessities each month as a payment?

No. 742120

Because it's called the Nordic model which means Twitter probably assumes it's racist and therefore wrongthink

No. 742121

>Maybe it wasn't necessarily the communism that was bad though.
it kind of is, cause it's utopistic, and would work only if we were like ants, who act in hivemind, and only an insane skizo would try to make it a reality, and Lenin was just that. Socialism though is a completely different thing, and existed long before marxism/communism, dating even to roman times; Europe works on a demosocialist system for example.

No. 742138

Ayrt, I didn't say anything about sabotage or even South America? I didn't even imply that. I literally admitted I don't know much about communism. I meant that maybe those countries failed because of other aspects of the gov, not necessarily because of the fact they were/are communist because I wasn't sure. What is your issue?

No. 742149

File: 1613607119947.png (70.73 KB, 717x902, hmm.png)

some troon faked getting kidnapped to get more gofundme money but that's apparently okay because they totally needed it

No. 742151

File: 1613607162280.png (684.92 KB, 680x679, h.png)

the scammer in question

No. 742157

Wtf? Was this before or after the “kidnapping” videos? That’s an absurd quantity of money. I hope a bunch of people peak after this.

No. 742168

i knew it was fake when instead of calling the police he ran to twitter instead. also wasn’t it not to long ago some girl faked being died for clout? twitter is filled to the brim with these attention whores

No. 742173

File: 1613609390513.jpeg (302.68 KB, 750x707, DE9DEB89-B438-49A5-992A-DACEF6…)

this made me lewl

No. 742177

>you can't put criminals in prison because they won't like it there!!
Lmao what are these people on

No. 742235

>has struggled endlessly to meet four individual funds.
raised a total of $86,387 through >>742151
(probably money raised during the scam, but still) that is an insane amount of money.

No. 742244

I was watching the whole situation unfold and it read as a scam from the get go. The woke crowed was getting angry at people calling it a scam and now they're sitting around looking foolish. How come when ever it's a prank or a scam that's when people trend it but when ever it's an actual issue that needs addressing it blows under the rug? I used to be okay with twitter but I'm starting to see that it really is a blight to this world.

No. 742245

@Twitter scam Anon from the confessions thread. This is it, this is the signal that you should do it too and get rich.
Unless… is this you?

No. 742248

TBF the United states didn't even give people a choice, you removed Democratically elected governments if they seemed to be too "left" leaning and replaced them with the right wing (usually Military) dictatorships
This what happened to my country, The CIA sponsored a coup against the elected Islamic socialist prime minister of my country Zulfiqar Bhutto and replaced with a right wing Ultra Ultra Islamic dictator Zia ul haq
He brought in such laws as stoning as a method of execution, cutting off hands, public floggings, mandatory Burkhas, I mean culturally the damage he did is still present in Pakistan, before his reign you will find women wearing a local scarf at most but now if you go outside you'll find quarter of the women (young and Old) wearing the black trash Bag

So the issue really isn't about communism being the perfect system rather the American government destabilizing entire regions by removing their elected leaders and officials, most of the times, that weren't even too far left most of the time, the system Bhutto wanted to implement was closer to the Rossavelt's new deal model(not a politics thread)

No. 742309

I watched some of this unfold and you could almost see these people go through the stages of grief.
At first they were being suspicious of the friends and saying you can't be sure she's 100% safe, then it became "um yeah but maybe if y'all actually donated to black trans people's gfm they wouldn't need to scam you to get attention", then when it started being more obvious that it was a scam they started saying "well it could had been real, you can't know" and started triying to dunk on the people that were saying "I told you so".
Now they're just going with "the important thing is that we wanted to help, we can't let one bad case kill our will to help trans black people and support them". Like, nah sis, bad message. Kindness needs to have a limit, y'all just willingly being dumb and asking for some more Darwin's law. Now they're stressing that this is gonna kill black trans people's credibility. Go figure.

Apparently some people were having actual panic/anxiety attacks and losing sleep cuz they were stressing for Sai's wellbeing too.

No. 742328

File: 1613631329798.png (132.58 KB, 1279x328, Screenshot_20210218-114021_1.p…)

Now twitterfags wanna cancel Mattpat for a video he made in 2013 about pyros(from TF2) gender, claiming he's transphobic, homophobic and a non-binary phobe

No. 742334

kek. put the tinfoil hat down, that ain't me, although this is indeed giving me hope my scam would work
it's from 2013, he most likely even forgot about it. anyway, tf2 pyro was always intended to be a man and the whole gender debate was meant to be an inside joke based on a misunderstanding

No. 742353

you'll always get the "b-but xyz country wasn't ACKSHUALLY communist" line

No. 742365

I fucking hate this twitter current trend of pushing the "so what if they lied!! they probably needed the money so bad they had to lie so who cares!!!" narrative. I've seen it becoming more and more popular recently, dumbasses literally defending con artists and scammers because uwu they REEEAAALLY needed the money uwu. Is virtue signaling clout that important to you that you'd sacrifice your money and self respect just so some swindler doesn't have to take responsibility?

No. 742468

Yeah it's cope and cucking at the same time.
Worst part is I remember at least one person was like "fuck y'all for being mad at her, are you seriously valuing money over a poor trans black woman's life? money is fake, why do y'all care".
If money is so fake then why do you feel the need to constantly retweet every single black go fund me you lay your eyes on and link your own cashap/kofi at any possible opportunity, huh?

>Is virtue signaling clout that important to you that you'd sacrifice your money and self respect just so some swindler doesn't have to take responsibility?

To these people, absolutely.

A lot of them are beyong saving and absolutely stockholm syndromed by wokeness, but if maybe at least 1/4 of the people involved in this actually took the reality check, at least that's minimally good

Twitter fags are freakin dumbasses when it comes to this. I've seen some girl try to "cancel" an actual pedo. bitch getting blocked by too many people isn't a punishment and the internet isn't 911, call the fucking police. the unfortunate part is I think some of them just have acab way too entrenched on their heads to the point they don't see anything wrong with it.

No. 742507

not only they finessed 80k by pulling a ridiculous stunt but they also have people playing devil's advocate for them because, being a black trans woman, surely if they resorted to this it must be because they had absolutely no other option kek. twitter wokes deserve to get scammed over and over again if they're gonna continue being this braindead so idgaf, based scammer.

No. 742563

I honestly hope the people that are currently saying "if you say you already tought it was fishy from the start that means you're transphobic and if you use this to not donate more to trans people at first sight you're transphobic" are the ones that actually gave em money and not just unwise moderate people that got goofed into it by the wokes.

No. 743016

I actually was aware of this person before this incident because I saw them constantly fighting with black feminists. Not surprised to find out they did something like this.

No. 743555

get so tired of people crying about "mlm fetishization" like shut the hell up

No. 743580

File: 1613755213649.jpeg (298.68 KB, 1242x1754, 6D8C9BA4-7BA6-4092-8C27-F41E32…)

No. 743581

Kek. So close yet so far from awareness.

No. 743587

Technically if you go around telling everybody you're non binary.. You're gaslighting them.

No. 743737

Ugh, those types are the worst and are radio silent on actual women's issues too.

No. 743917

bc usually their goal is only to make the person seem too problematic to take seriously so you ignore them. sadly it works.

No. 744862

The sai debacle was laughable, I saw people go as far as to shame anyone not clogging their profiles with RTs and posts about the situation and encouraging people to "get off twitter" if you wanted to post literally abt anything else (it was super weirdly worded too, sth along the lines of "nobody needs to hear about your stuff right now" lmfaooooo fuck off you entitled bitch). The absolute cope of everyone who got their panties in a twist over this is astonishing, they got scammed by one of their very own

No. 744945

lol yeah apparently there was also a tag of people posting selfies and some people were like "If you dare to post on that tag you are the scum of the earth!!" because they would be taking visibility from Sai

Sai made a video apologising (has deleted it since) but I haven't watched the video yet (30+ minutes lol) but I'm linking a reupload here

I also found someone summarising it

No. 745690

File: 1614000624009.jpg (19.41 KB, 352x289, 20210222_082634.jpg)

What the fuck is this

No. 745697

US in nutshell

No. 745757

What's hilarious about this is that it's never actual gay men that say it it's always FTMs that were huge fujos that say shit like that. I've even seen the argument that "lesbian" porn was made for women so gay porn should be for just men. These people have such severe brain rot that they're making us relive 2012 tumblr in a larger scale.

I thought this was real for a brief second and I was going to spend time researching what the fuck a child-mulching machine was.

No. 745769

The comments in the video keep saying how much damage she's caused to the community and stuff but this wouldn't have gone as far as it did had people used their brains and realized that nobody takes their sweet time taking a selfie and writing a while text on how they've been kidnapped instead of calling 911

No. 745773

File: 1614007122909.jpg (160.39 KB, 827x1233, 20210222_101506.jpg)

In case anons are too lazy to click the link above this was that person's summary.

Typical Twitter Troon "I deserve everything given to me because I'm mentally ill" BS. No one's even going to talk about how this black tranny blamed a Latino male? Why not a white dude or another black dude kek? Twitter loves to jump on the racebaiting discourse but apparently it's totally cool for a black transwoman to blame a Latino man for doing crimes that never happened.

No. 745774

File: 1614007206449.jpg (184.62 KB, 827x1397, 20210222_101505.jpg)

No. 745780

Christ, they should just be lobbed off a building already. Fucking useless.

No. 745911

Supposedly it was based of an actual person, but if you mention saying it was another minority is racebaiting and is kinda throwing shade at another minority some people will accuse you* of racebaiting and get angry at you for stealing attention away from black people's problems.

(*I specifically am thinking of Melonyn, she literally has an obssesion with non black minorities lmao, the CIA should just hire her to make pro-american-invasion-of-the-midle-east propaganda for black people already kk)

No. 747310

apparently someone (a teenager?) has committed suicide over being sent death threats because they wrote a goddamn…bkdk fic.

this: https://www.instagram.com/p/CLawiTwhHTN/ is their final instagram post. i wish people would stop taking fictional shit so seriously man who CARES if they're underage…they're just cartoons lmfao

No. 747442

Did they really commit suicide? From what I've seen all there was, was that "a friend" posted on their instagram an information that they've killed themselves and said information was later deleted. It sounds like it was just the original person getting rid of their online identity.

The fanfic in question wasn't just any fanfic and it wasn't about just cartoons AFAIK. It was an extreme gore/rape story about real people creating youtube content. I think with how much discussion there has been about creating any kind of fiction about real people, everyone should know it's not appropriate, especially the "ultimate boundaries pushing shock horror" kind ones. I wouldn't bully that person but by no means I'm surprised that after something like this other people would.

No. 747465

Lmao did you just pretend to kill yourself cause someone called out your creepy fanfiction?

No. 749730

File: 1614357464912.png (199.11 KB, 1082x834, 1614334435765.png)

People who use twitter genuinely seem more dumber then the average population and this thread IMO proves it, like literally how do you miss the point of these books that would have been pointed out multiple times by your teachers


No. 749757

People kill themselves for many reasons and it is no one's fault but theirs.

No. 749868

These are the same people that accuse english teachers of making up overblown interpretations of a book.

No. 749880

why are they all ugly

No. 751555

File: 1614557871134.jpg (244.07 KB, 750x751, thebarissolo.jpg)

No. 751559

ah.. fresh 'ol repackaged misogyny

No. 751560

These people literally need to be maimed and genocided. How boring must your life be in order to get to this? They talk like my fucking 15 year old sister

No. 751561

I don't even understand what this means.

No. 751562

Well, their bio does say they're 16.

No. 751564

How did we get from “respect my pronouns uwu” to “she/her gender identity makes me uncomfortable”? Someone just burn the website down at this point. I miss tumblr-level idiocy.

No. 751565

Think about it, most people who put she/her in their bio are mtf, while the she/they crowd is mostly biological women. h0nkboo is a confirmed terf icon

No. 751569

Following woke stuff doesn't benefit women. When they're not doing their woke misogyny like this, they're complaining about how women's dating choices are oppressive like woke incels.

Only teenagers and unemployed people have time and energy to care about this.

No. 751580

File: 1614559019330.png (78.99 KB, 502x361, image (1).png)

No. 751586

What's a cishet women going to do? Turn your advances down and roll her eyes. The horror.

No. 751595

Geez, I wonder why?
But seriously, it would make the platform more comfortable uwu for the theylets if Twitter just completely excluded “cis” women, like, let’s firm some petition so whenever a woman wants to create an account on Twitter, it bans the IP of said woman so the theylets can have an uwu safe space uwu only for theylets.

No. 751721

Based if true

No. 751748

File: 1614581254268.png (589.43 KB, 603x2196, 310AE89C-53C7-4811-A13A-D8BA7F…)

this whole situation reminds me of another incident on "mcyttwt (minecraft youtuber twitter)" in where a stan tweeted "cis she/hers shut up", got a ton of backlash for being misogynistic, and then went "ACKSHUALLY im not a misogynist, i just said that because one of my mutuals (who's a woman) disliked people who shipped two real content creators together!!"

only this time this person is claiming that they worded it poorly and defended the take because muh ADHD and that anyone calling them out is ableist

No. 751750

>I hate women because I hate myself
Glad we’ve cleared that up.

No. 751787

>I have ADHD!!1!!1
Ah yes, the ol' Momokun Defense.

No. 752067

underrated post

No. 752459

File: 1614683107771.png (25.34 KB, 548x296, holdthisL.png)

guys be careful the underage kinnie is gonna getcha

No. 752483

god i hope all of these people are <18

No. 752500

File: 1614693745460.jpg (167.06 KB, 720x1155, 20210302_150157.jpg)

No. 752503

I've lived in both the USA and Europe and can confirm walking in the former is hell compared to the latter. While you can walk to the corner store in the US there are usually unnecessary highways/roads built around it and car drivers have absolutely no respect for walkers.

No. 752508

>the rt ratio
kek i hope they get bullied off twitter

No. 752509

nice threat, Sasuke, what's next? you're gonna avenge your clan by posting screenshots of people shipping Bakudeku?

No. 752515

File: 1614696028864.png (1.93 MB, 1366x768, genshintwt.png)

We are anonimoose, we are legione.

No. 752518

KEK the pic of the kid on the left, oh my god. thank you for sharing

No. 752560

Somebody needs to walk it off

No. 752852

americans have been forced into a shitty urbanization system because of car lobbying and I do feel for them. But at the same time europeans wouldn't judge americans so much if they didn't invade every single space online and in media. You just end up talking about americans because they're everywhere

No. 752903

It's not just them invading online spaces, it's also a result of everyone in the western world migrating to english-speaking platforms. The euro-communities that existed in the 2000s and early 2010s are pretty much dead now. I occasionally try to chat about euro-stuff on english speaking platforms, but nobody cares. I don't blame them, but don't get mad at me for talking about American or British issues then. I will say that contrary to Britfags* at least Americans seem to appreciate the fact that everyone speaks their goddamn language.

(*minus Scots)

No. 752914

it's not that they're everywhere, it's that they're so full of themselves and every other country is inferior to them. idgaf

No. 752940

Do Brits seriously get mad because people speak English? Seems a bit counterproductive

No. 753093

I think anon meant that Americans don't expect ESL to be perfectly fluent in English as much as the Brits and they're sometimes even impressed that we speak English? Correct me if I'm wrong. But this reminded me of my call center job where a specific departments has to deal with English costumers and if you don't have a regional English accents on the phone with them they tend to sperg out, no matter how perfectly fluent you can be. Not that this is the same crowd anon is referring to though.

No. 753206

British people are racist in classist ways. Even though a lot of them have terrible grammar for only knowing one language.

No. 753243

File: 1614783196081.png (340.17 KB, 720x1099, 1614766522632.png)

Motherfuckers really trying to cancel Alice Walker of all people

No. 753247

men dont deserve opinions

No. 753248

No. 753250

i mean she is super antisemitic. she literally endorsed a guy who said that the jews orchestrated the holocaust and believes that they are lizard people.

No. 753251

damn it throw her away too

No. 753252

Fredrick Douglas was a great man but he cheated on his wife, multiple affairs with white women throughout his life, MLK also cheated on his black wife multiple times, Huey Newton murdered a 17 year old black giri

But Alice Walker having a consensual relationship and marriage with a man who was a civil rights advocate is somehow wrong
The way her daughter framed it, it seems Alice's anti semitisim came as a result of her daughter wanting to connect more with her White Jewish father rather then her black mother, and also preferring to live with her jewish and jewish step-Mother which Alice saw as a huge betrayal

No. 753253

twitard logic
i sleep
>married white man
real shit

No. 753273

>facts that kill moids
Domestic abuse/violence is largely intraracial. Most of the villains Alice would've experienced in her life fit a certain category.
Everyone needs to stop letting scrotes use race, religion, etc to deflect from their acts.

No. 753328

EXACTLY What makes it so much worse is literally no one cared back then.
i dont condone her anti semitism at all but that is tragic as fuck. But thats still no excuse to shit on jewish people as a whole.

also that dumb man's take is so dumb he thinks that black women were only abused by white men in the 1900s LMAO and that they should ONLY talk about the abuse white men enacted on them and just ignore the disgusting things men from their own community turned around and did too because "muh solidarity"?. what an idiot.

No. 753333

even during slavery black women were abused by both their owners and by enslaved black men too…

No. 753351

THIS there are even accounts of slave women after being raped and abused by the slave owners would then go "home" and have to cook and clean for their husbands because that's "women's work" and then get more beatings from them too! Like gtfo im tired of the revisionist history as if men aren't just naturally abusive as a whole, whether they were free or not. Like enslaved men literally got to complain to the masters and be afforded to not have to do some work (cooking, cleaning, taking care of children) but the enslaved women literally had NO CHOICES EVER. They had to cook, clean, take care of theirs and others children AND do the"male coded tasks like picking cotton and lifting shit and couldnt complain even if they wanted to. Because no one would listen or care. i want to fight!!!!!

No. 753354

Its common sense, women will most likely abused by the men of their community, White women by White men, Black women by Black men, Indian women by Indian men e.t.c

But with black women Its more complex, cause black men were historically abused and mistreated there was consciousness in the black community since the 1960s to lift up black men, to make them feel like real men after they had been abused so long by the white man
Its bizzare arrangement that's still going on to this day, its why struggle love gets so promoted

No. 753477

File: 1614804795468.png (912.69 KB, 1000x1450, 6E8AFC74-BF86-4D6F-ADAA-34D022…)

every day twitter reaches a whole new level of stupidity

No. 753482

How is everyone not sick of this shit yet

No. 753491


"black people do not oppress native people"

Remember wokies, black men pimping native women isn't a thing so don't snitch to the popo.

No. 753493

One mention of the Barbary Coast will send them running.

No. 753496

This is why the "BIPOC" term got me raising brows. There's been plenty of conflict between blacks and natives

No. 753504

Imagine using twitter specifically because of the character limit so you can just read short, concise posts, and some bitch tells you in your mention to read their long, useless essay out of nowhere.

No. 753566

>In May 2013, Walker expressed appreciation for the works of the British conspiracy theorist David Icke.[40][41][42] On BBC Radio 4's Desert Island Discs, she said that Icke's book Human Race Get Off Your Knees: The Lion Sleeps No More would be her choice if she could have only one book.[41][43] The book promotes the theory that the Earth is ruled by shapeshifting reptilian humanoids and "Rothschild Zionists". Jonathan Kay of the National Post described this book (and Icke's other books) as "hateful, hallucinogenic nonsense." Kay wrote that Walker's public praise for Icke's book was "stunningly offensive" and that by taking it seriously, she was disqualifying herself "from the mainstream marketplace of ideas."[44]
>In 2017, Walker published what Tablet magazine described as "an explicitly anti-Semitic poem" on her blog entitled "It Is Our (Frightful) Duty To Study The Talmud", recommending that the reader should start with YouTube to learn about the shocking aspects of the Talmud.[45][46] The poem includes the lines: "Are Goyim (us) meant to be slaves of Jews?" and "Are three year old (and a day) girls eligible for marriage and intercourse? Are young boys fair game for rape?"[47]
>In 2018, Walker was asked by an interviewer from The New York Times Book Review "What books are on your nightstand?" She listed Icke's And the Truth Shall Set You Free, a book promoting an antisemitic conspiracy theory which draws on The Protocols of the Elders of Zion and queries the Holocaust. Walker said: "In Icke’s books there is the whole of existence, on this planet and several others, to think about. A curious person’s dream come true."[45][48][49] Walker defended her admiration for Icke and his book, saying, "I do not believe he is anti-Semitic or anti-Jewish."[50]

No. 753661

Hell some black nationalists do bring up the Barbary coast, Its sorta the same mentality with the Moors (with trying to prove they were somehow black)

The North African slave traders were overwhelmingly North African Arabs and Bebrbers as well as Slavic Jannasaries, doesn't make its cruelty any worse
According to Thomas Pellow a former Mamluk slave soldier the North African states functioned soley on slavery, slavery against blacks to do the manual labor and serve as servants and slavery against whites to serve in the Harems and as slave soldiers

While close to a million European Christians were sold into slavery the number of Africans sold into slavery would have been almost six times higher

No. 753823

File: 1614862938816.jpeg (621.97 KB, 828x1269, E55C9FF8-AD42-4D0C-89EC-BB9273…)

No. 753887

File: 1614870714826.png (178.43 KB, 1080x928, Screenshot_20210304-160613.png)

How do "non lesbians" and "people who don't id as lesbian" not refer to the same group of people anyway? I genuinely don't even understand the point. Also love how op liked the reply but didn't actually delete the tweet lmao.

No. 753967

i see this constantly on left-ish parts of twitter where people actually CORRECT the OP's wording of a tweet and everyone reads like they're physically walking on eggshells by how they type and interact with each other. fuck off you wannabe-leader retard, it's my tweet and i can call you faggot if i damn well please.

No. 754123

File: 1614887154801.jpeg (260.01 KB, 750x989, 68E67175-5FCE-4DC7-B55F-963079…)

speaking of this vera person, i saw them in another bout of stupid twitter drama

for context: serena (lgbtDNI) made a bait account with a bunch of people in a groupchat called catboyinnit, then used the account to say offensive stuff (i.e homophobia, incest jokes, making fun of DID) to bait people. they then pretended that the account got hacked and eventually the account got suspended. serena and some others then said it was a bait account and got massive backlash. she then made an apology where she said that the person who was making fun of DID and incest jokes was a system and an incest victim. now people are mad because they didn't trigger tag the incest jokes (despite that tagging them would defeat the purpose of it being a bait account).

tldr we should have never given minors access to the internet

No. 754182

>it's my tweet and i can call you faggot if i damn well please.
Absolutely based anon

No. 754190

i love that she censored incest in different places each time.

No. 754500

TIL it's elitist to have no car

No. 754524

File: 1614926812039.jpeg (340.22 KB, 750x1048, 0911039B-6230-42DA-8370-7276BB…)

why do people on twitter feel the need to correct/gatekeep/police everything

No. 754545

i hate this aave discourse
you can't police language, people are like sponges and they'll absorb things they hear around them
I get it can be kind of cringy if someone misuses it but at this point aave is a part of twitter speak and there's nothing they can do about it

No. 754557

I guess it's because "identifying as" is the ultimate reverse uno card that nullifies any argument. If you say "lesbians only" that means it's what the word actually refers to i.e. women attracted to women, but if you say "people who identify as lesbians only" it can be anyone from the hairiest troon to the straightest bi lesbian nonbinary girl.
>I'm a lesbian, I can follow you!
>No you can't, you're dating a man/you're a man yourself!
>Nu-uh, see I identify as a lesbian! I don't have to be one to identify as one!

This sounds like a 4chan troll plant tbh.

No. 754624

opinion discarded

No. 754644

File: 1614945727954.jpg (3.55 MB, 1200x1458, 1538718651244.jpg)

I think this is a problem that's exasperated on the american internet, that of lacking a cultural identity and laching onto anything that can be related to it. Those who have a strong cultural identity are a lot more open to share (as you would if you were born and living in, say, portugual or columbia or ethiopia or india etc.) while those who feel like their culture is reductive or barely existent (as do americans, including its 2nd gen immigrants, because of many reasons, not mocking here) are a lot more greedy with it. You can say 'oh it's because of racial reasons, blacks don't want whites to use their culture' but really they do this against other minorities too.

No. 754659

Another fact they often forget is that aave is descended form the same dialects which would lead to the typical white southern dialects

I saw some screenshots of woketards calling out random white southerns for appropriating black speech or some other bullshit

No. 754668

No this isn’t true at all it’s because black Americans have been stripped of our cultural identity so when enslaved black Americans were freed and able to create a new culture for themselves it was villified and mocked. I’m not tying to race bait at all I’m just tired of hearing that black Americans have no culture by literally everyone just because we were stripped of it and everyone shitted on us. Tbh most black people thought it was dope as hell at first seeing other minorities and white people adopt our way of talking or mannerisms hence why “invited to the cookout” became a meme. But it quickly shifted after it became apparent that a lot (not all) of people adopt our speech patterns and movements as a way to mock us or to get clout. Take kpop for example black people love kpop because at first it was dope seeing another culture seemingly appreciate black music until so many instances of these same singers donning black face and being racist as shit kept surfacing. So I think the reason why a lot of blaxk Americans on twitter are so cringey about words is because we’ve been slighted so much. Blsck people are some of the most inviting people when it comes to sharing our culture and experience honestly I think we are a little too inviting. But that’s another story for another day . Ugh I feel like I’m gonna be banned but I swear I just wanted to explain a different point of view

No. 754671

>I didn't specify that I only hate women, so other enbygenders etc. thought it was about them, so that's why telling women to gtfo was a mistake
Truly incredible

No. 754677

Is there anything more pathetic on Twitter than making lists of users you don't like? They seek out random accounts to make a list… for what? Don't they have better uses of their time?

No. 754682

But like black culture isn't close to a monolith either, there's a lot of difference between the Cajun inspired culture of black in Lousiena then say blacks in New York
Hell a lot of positive and negative aspects of African American culture came as a result of contact with the Scottish and English descended white southerns

No. 754698

I get what you mean, but frankly, most black celebrities wouldn't be rich without 'sharing' their culture with a non-black audience. I get being hurt by people who like your culture but disrespect you. But how much is 'shutting in' realistic, when black music/fashion is so used in the mainstream?

No. 754713

how is Kpop black music? genuinely curious

No. 754717

see thats the thing black people WANT to share their culture with the world its just that people take from our culture while shitting on it at the same time. its very hard to explain. and i dont want to get banned. But basically too it seems like black americans HAVE to share every aspect of their culture with the world while other races get to have boundaries set on certain aspects of theirs. I truly believe in cultural exchange and how beautiful it is that everyone has access to everyone's culture. But it just sucks that when we speak in AAVE or dance a certain way we are judged and labeled and even discriminated in the work place, school settings or just at fucking restaurants. But when other groups do the same shit we do they are revered and get accolades. Obviously this doesnt happen all the time. But it has happened enough to where black americans anyway have had enough. Its like we are in this weird position where our culture is shitted on for being ghetto and weird but at the same time used by everyone else when they want to seem "cool" or "sassy". but then when it no longer serves them they can just denounce it and label it "cringe" or a phase in their life. (yeah they deff gonna ban me waaah)

No. 754719

File: 1614956421482.jpg (63.25 KB, 566x401, gdragon-taeyang-one-of-akind-1…)

NTA, but k-pop takes a lot from R&B, hip-hop, etc and black hair/fashion/dances. That can't even be denied.

No. 754724

Lol @ those long nails black girls used to wear in the late 90s and early 2000s that were called ghetto but then the Kardashians started doing it and now long nails are a rich bitch symbol

No. 754746

i'm ok with this, white people pretending to be black are annoying

No. 755242

File: 1614997275983.png (404.29 KB, 720x1126, Screenshot_20210305-202045~2.p…)

Men are so pathetic,a cartoon rabbit got a redesign,so what?
Why must they make it about sex and breast size?stupid creeps

No. 755247

To be completely honest, I agree with that guy, taking the sex appeal of something doesn't automatically make it better
I'm bi and preffer the previous design, although the new one isn't thaaaaat bad either tbh

No. 755248

kill furries

No. 755250

agreed. couldn't care less about who owns what slang, I just wish people didn't talk like 'yo low key we deadass got hella lit last night bruh'

No. 755251

the one on the left is fanart anyways

No. 755278

I think the new one is kind of cute, it’s definitely more appealing to look at.

No. 755292

i only agree when it comes to adult media, i.e recent video games making all female characters ugly
this is a kid's cartoon, there's no reason for her to be hot.

No. 755427

Mans is overweight with a balding hairline but wants to talk about sex appeal being erased, lmao. Look at yourself ugly.
Secondly, its a furry fictional cartoon character!! Who ultimately gives a shit? I swear the world is going fucking insane and autistic retards are becoming the norm in this society

No. 755439

File: 1615018960388.jpg (45.67 KB, 853x480, Lola-Main2.jpg)

I hate it how they always compare it to a sexualised FAN-ART. people are so used to see Lola as a gap material…

No. 755783

yeah i feel more comfortable looking at a CARTOON RABBIT that doesn't look like fucking porn, and anyone who doesn't should walk into the ocean

No. 755800

File: 1615062622362.jpeg (159.97 KB, 750x614, EA819E4A-884F-436C-88CA-262502…)

for some reason there's this rising trend on the parts of twitter that talk about mental health where people think that teens should be able to be diagnosed with personality disorders?

context: thread was the OP listing things that they consider to be ableist

No. 755807

Fits perfectly in the trend of teens self-diagnosing and wanting to be special through mental illness. Doesn't surprise me at all.

No. 755822

this is how she looked in original, right? I like it much more than the new design, sorry. I always found her very cute!

No. 755825

is there a thread on lolcow documenting the whole "proship/anti" thing? i get that only western, english-speaking communities have issues with weird shit in fiction but i still think it's big enough to talk about

No. 755828

It looks the same except she is covered up you dingus

No. 755848

this is a non-issue but it's also a straight up lie, i've known a few people who were professionally diagnosed with bpd at 16/17
there really should be, there's a lot of cows on both sides

No. 755863

It would be entertaining as hell to have one but the artist salt thread and several other threads are already overridden with twitterfags who say shit like "pedo proshipper freaks" unironically so I'm afraid that one would probably attract more.

No. 755871

god please no we have enough underage twitterfags as is. There's the artist salt thread where all the other edgy twitter refugees hang out, go defend your right to coom to incest fics there

No. 755942

File: 1615076447841.jpg (92.37 KB, 1069x1049, gato cansado.jpg)

If I'm gonna be very honest, as artist I'm tired of the art salt thread being always taken over by anti/pro shit every other day. the whole debate is so darning autistic.
Containment thread would be nice, I think (imo)

Either way, may the person that came up with the concepts of fandoms and shipping be smitten

My suggestion is to make a psyop where we conect the new lola to the tomboy gf meme so weirdos will fall into the meme and stop sperging. If they still cry about the rabbit booba then plan B is to necromance the "flat is justice" meme (would require maneuvering to dissociate from loli shit tho).

No. 755968

started a shipping thread, I've never done one before, I guess it's in wait for approval. Hope that helps

No. 755970

God finally,hope the artist threads don’t get clogged now

No. 756198

I have that breasts are either sexualized or censored, no in-between.

I benefited from seeing female characters with breasts as a part of the character design when I sprouted C cups as a 12 year old. Winx Club and Totally Spies etc were a bit gross and sexualized but ultimately watchable by a preteen. nowdays the only animation that has big boobs is supergross coomer anime, the stuff for kids is Noelle Stephenson-style no boobs allowed. No wonder little girls are asking for mastectomies left and right.

No. 756260

File: 1615138394461.jpg (498.02 KB, 3633x1913, 678f55ab705459ace30d94135365e4…)

So you're saying you're ok with little girls feeling bad for not having boobs when all of the characters were well boobied in the animations of the past, but you're not ok with little girls feeling bad because not all characters have well visible boobs nowadays? Even Stevenson's She Ra for example has a variety of chest sizes on female characters, which was nonexistent in 90s/early 2000s female character designs, as every woman had to be C+ cup and 90-60-90 body proportions.

No. 756286

I think the answer would be to have a variety of body shapes and proportions on characters.

No. 756342

File: 1615143989870.jpeg (331.94 KB, 750x1096, 849138D8-9105-4C78-A1E3-2F9CE6…)

do you think that there's a wheel people spin so they can get mad at things

i understand cottagecore being whitewashed to hell and back but… a colonialist fantasy?

No. 756360

I never understood that take either. I've seen it thrown around but absolutely no one explains how it supports colonialism and when you aske them to they just don't or they just say "in the past we had to live off the land so doing that again is colonialism" which is the stupidest argument. Soon all these "core" aesthetics are going to be problematic since people just want shit to complain about.

No. 756361

> stolen land
do these guys realise not everybody is american ? cottagecore is definitely very western as an aesthetic but accusing people who like frogs and baskets of colonization is really something

No. 756364

How is cottagecore white washed when it's a european farmers aesthetic

No. 756388

imagine being this much of a citybug/suburban leech
God forgive people feel alienated in an ultra-artifical enviroment and want a change of air

No. 756393

Americans are so short-sighted. There are forests, nature, little houses, farms, etc literally everywhere. Europe, too.

No. 756402

Every music is black music

No. 756404

I'm skinny and have no breasts and I wouldn't be flattered at all if the "representation" I had as a kid for my body type were the ugly trash you just posted.

No. 756406

You could just say you don't like this pseudo anime artstyle animation outsourced to korean studios

No. 756415

File: 1615149223828.jpeg (264.27 KB, 750x985, C4750862-468B-4119-BDFB-1E290A…)

tbf this person claims to be living in the middle east

i still think it's a super dumb thing to complain about

No. 756420

I know you're being a sarcastic asshat but k pop music is written by, produced, and at the least inspired by black american popular music. I don't know why asians and Europeans admit this but americans get extremely offended at the mere thought

No. 756422

>I don't know why asians and Europeans admit this but americans get extremely offended at the mere thought
I feel like a lot of American k-pop fans say this though?

No. 756431

They're just saying that so that people won't bother them too much.

No. 756432

I'm european and while I agree americans are always too sensitive when it comes to this topic, kpop sometimes tries too hard to sound black. All kpop songs i've heard were ruined because of the rap verse

No. 756434

In my experience asian and Europeans will say certain music is black american influenced but non black americans get very combative and offended at the thought. RnB and new jack swing are obviously black american music I don't know why there's a debate of this and why it its more racialized than if you said mexican music or japanese music ect

No. 756444

True this is why I said all music is black in origin

No. 756446

I thought her face was different? I don't care about her clothes either way but her face looked better before, unless the new one is just unflattering.

No. 756448

I think it depends on who draws her.

No. 756457

Popular music that originated from the us (99 percent of pop) is, yes. Traditional music from other countries is not though

No. 756460

Yeah that too, but like the other anon said, I'd rather have teenage girls look like healthy teenage girls of all body types than just flat chested short and masculinized girls who all look the same because some dangerhair enby director is insecure about her own breasts or doesn't know how to draw. The only flat girl I accept as rep is Lina Inverse anyway.

No. 756474

This is exactly what I meant, thank you

No. 756475

File: 1615152582366.jpg (56.43 KB, 600x536, winx.jpg)

This is your idea of a healthy teenage girl?

No. 756507

Anon, this is kinda dumb. There are plenty of short and flat chested girls out here, and I'm sure there are also girls who are "masculine". That She-ra example actually did have a couple different body types, not just short and flat

No. 756517

This is obviously not meant to be a realistic representation of young teenage girls and it never pretended to be so I don't care. I'm not the other anon who mentioned Totally Spies AND Winx, and while I also liked Totally Spies a lot back then I always disliked Winx because it's ugly.

Yeah and it looks ugly as fuck. I don't look like that, I know dozens of young women and teenage girls who fit that description and they don't look like that.

No. 756525

This is more about your personal taste in art styles than representation of different body types tbh

No. 756539

nah she's right, I hated in the mid 2000s that every singe girl cartoon was about being skinny and fashionable

No. 756541

2000s was garbage and cringe in general i hate people trying to make it out to be good like no fuck you they hated nerdy girls back then

No. 756549

>2000s was garbage and cringe in general i hate people trying to make it out to be good like no fuck you they hated nerdy girls back then


No. 756550

I meant the part where she said representation from shows like she-ra is bad cause she personally doesn't like the artstyle

No. 756825

File: 1615192361598.jpg (195.63 KB, 540x682, fwyBrdY.jpg)

I just saw this and I wanted to post it. The whole thread made me sick.

Also, apprently a few of these people have written books, which it kind of destroys my hopes of this being a troll.

No. 756826

File: 1615192428668.jpg (207.52 KB, 540x610, EC6VbOV.jpg)

No. 756837

>My suggestion is to make a psyop where we conect the new lola to the tomboy gf meme so weirdos will fall into the meme and stop sperging. If they still cry about the rabbit booba then plan B is to necromance the "flat is justice" meme (would require maneuvering to dissociate from loli shit tho).

damn that's a smart move anon ! I agree

No. 756840

File: 1615195515972.jpg (225.92 KB, 600x821, 20210308_102501.jpg)

same person btw

No. 756847

>here people think that teens should be able to be diagnosed with personality disorders?
This is common sense, people under 18 years old with personality disorders shouldn't be prevented from getting diagnosed and treated for those disorders.

No. 756851

You can suspect it and keep an eye on traits but puberty makes people act in ways they'll most often grow out of. The whole point is you can't diagnose someone that young and trust the diagnosis.

No. 756854

disgusting. literal children aren't "kinky"

No. 756866

>puberty makes people act in ways they'll most often grow out of
Puberty doesn't cause people to get personality disorders like OCD or BPD, the sooner people get treatment such as cognitive behavioural therapy or medications for these, the better. I myself had OCD since I was 15, and in the 10 years since then it's only gotten worse. If I had dealt with my OCD properly when I was 15, I would suffer a lot less today.
> you can't diagnose someone that young and trust the diagnosis
Health care professionals can diagnose personality disorders with reasonable confidence.

No. 756881

File: 1615201781143.jpg (566.07 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20210308-120654_Chr…)

Shitty attention grabbing tweet for women's day by Burger King. Look at the disparity between likes of the first and next tweets. And comment section is just full of "based and redpilled" kinda shit. Their social media interns are brain dead.

No. 756884

It’s just a joke though. Like it’s not a good joke but it grabbed your attention and that’s what they want.

No. 756885

>Health care professionals can diagnose personality disorders with reasonable confidence.
>Puberty doesn't cause people to get personality disorders like OCD or BPD
OCD isn't a personality disorder. As other anon said, puberty can make teenagers act out in weird ways. They're motivated by all kinds of things and their brains just aren't developed enough, they're still inexperienced in life and possibly sheltered and have their routine dictated by family. Kids will grow out of behaviors as they mature. Professionals worth a shit recognize these kind of things.

>If I had dealt with my OCD properly when I was 15, I would suffer a lot less today.

Everyone else is not you, anon. You're opening the door to slap any label on a kid before they've grown up enough. Vain, self absorbed teenage girl trying to get a boyfriend or seeking social validation? NPD or HPD. Loner teenage boy that just wants to play video games in his room instead of doing sports? SPD or ASPD.

>the sooner people get treatment such as cognitive behavioural therapy or medications for these, the better.

Medication shouldn't be the default or even on the table immediately, but CBT can really only be beneficial for everyone irregardless of their mental condition. CBT should probably be taught in school, as it's mindfulness and self awareness.

sage for ot/no milk

No. 756887

So what about the 99% of teenagers who are just going through a phase? Faking shit for attention? Acting out because of temporary, solvable problems? I'm sorry to hear that you've suffered from OCD for so long, but you are an exceptional case. Young people benefit from learning basic coping skills and developing a positive mindset, sure, but psych meds are basically poison. They're already dangerous as fuck for adults. The damage they do to the developing minds and bodies of children and adolescents is unconscionable.

No. 756895

This is fucked up, this type of thing shouldn't be acceptable. I unironically agree with the lady at the bottom that I won't eat at Burger King again. Not like I was anyways because their food is so shitty that they need to send out coupons 365 days a year.

No. 756897

That's the thing, we're all aware it's a joke but it's very inappropriate. Guaranteed it was a male that made this tweet.

No. 756900

They realized woke advertising doesn't work so they're moving into pandering to edgelords now. I expect more tweets like this to come, but it will only be aimed against women because race and LGBT are too sensitive to joke about but nobody cares about sexism.

No. 756907


If this was signed off by the higher ups then holy shit they failed upwards (which actually happens a lot).

No. 756908

OCD is not a personality disorder (I have it too) so I really don't get the comparison you're making there.

Teens can be helped with things like anxiety, depression, obsessive behaviours already but it is not recommended that a full on PD diagnosis be handed out before they've reached adulthood.

No. 756948

No it's not just because it's ugly, it's because the proportions aren't particularly realistic on top of that.

No. 756951

Looks like it's time for me to boycott yet another brand.

No. 757036

I see what you mean but like everyone is explaining, OCD is not a personality disorder. Kids get diagnosed with OCD, I’ve heard that some people get diagnosed as young as 10 but otherwise it could take 17 years to get it properly diagnosed. Unless you’re somehow talking about OCPD. One of the big differences is that people with OCD usually understand that their fears are irrational and a problem to some degree, they would prefer not to obsess and have compulsions but they do it to keep themselves and others safe, your danger signals are misfiring constantly. On the other hand people with personality disorders usually don’t see a problem with themselves until other people try and get them to seek help.

Personality disorders are often hard to diagnose in adolescents because teens are fucking dumb. You literally don’t think or process the same way adults do so of course a doctor is going to be careful in the way they try to diagnose a personality disorder.

No. 757417

Burger King was always shit.

No. 757458

bruh I fucking hate BK, but I didn't know that their pr was retarted in other countries too. I remember like 5 years ago their pr team in my country literally posted memes about cooming in female clients' burgers. sage for sperg

No. 757599

Woke pandering only really works in the States anyway

No. 757664

I don't get how Burger King manages to be a huge brand, it's just worse McDonalds' or KFC. No one I know goes there or would prefer it to other fastfood brands. The food is just more than mediocre. I only bought something with coupons and the portions were also so small for what it cost.

Sage for fastfood sperg

No. 758695

File: 1615415995375.jpeg (261.23 KB, 640x868, 845F31EB-9988-412C-AAD4-DCDEBE…)

Because most of them fucking well deserve it. you stupid, brainless scrote.(ban evasion)

No. 758893

File: 1615432994295.png (1.67 MB, 1808x2048, Screenshot_20210310-185604.png)

Not a fan of the constant 'please donate to me twitter' posts, but this one really hits the ball park of insanity.

Why would you foster if you cannot afford to keep kids in a safe home?

No. 758907

What country is that??? That's vile.

No. 758908

They get money for fostering kids. It's not a lot of money and is just supposed to be helping cover the cost of care for the kid, but I don't put it above people to just take in a bunch of kids just to get the money.

No. 758947

People do that unfortunately, there's even cases of people already with a kid or two taking in a foster kid, but neglecting them and only using the money to spoil their biological kid. I don't know if it still happens (the government had to have gotten wind of this eventually, right?) but it's horrible.

No. 758972

how is cosplaying as a british witch from the year 900 colonialist

No. 758998

Imagine if in black history month they tweeted "Black people belong in the fields" and followed up with "…but only if they want to! See black farm workers, they're largely underrepresented blah blah", or during pride month they tweeted "Gay people are mentally ill" and "because they're discriminated against so much, causing trauma!". There would be controversy up the ass, they would never even attempt doing it because they know how it would explode in their faces. But women? Yeah fuck women, they just can't take a joke with some good humor!

No. 759517

File: 1615513046865.jpeg (218.59 KB, 750x722, 5DF5D5FA-B879-42A5-B498-68E987…)

seriously what is up with twitter users gatekeeping aave

No. 759528


And how is “tell em sis” AAVE?

No. 759536

File: 1615514311444.jpg (53.91 KB, 496x496, wowwig.jpg)

Not to come to her complete defense but it sounds stupid as fuck and put on if you don't actually talk like that.

No. 759541

Their dumb ass profile pick isn't doing them any favors either

No. 759613

this is so funny but i promise you no normal black person actually cares

No. 759704

Is anyone still following the Burger King drama? The scrotes are about ready to go to fucking war for them. They LOVE Burger King now, because they are sexist and Burger King empowered that in them, on a day that probably pisses them all off (women’s day). Now they INSIST it is nothing short of pure marketing genius to use degrading language as clickbait. They won’t hear any sort of dissenting opinion. They are men and they get to decide how women react to a billionaire company and their mean spirited campaign.I honestly think that a lot of scrotes are going to eat at Burger King for this reason.
Not only that but they didn’t delete it, they left a space open for men to degrade and even threaten women, and left it open for hours.
It feels like corporate terrorism.

No. 760044

I'm guessing the same men who were posting memes about "the 30-year old funko pop consoomer" are eating there now because they're so based and redpilled.

No. 760165

a faction of internet edgelords keep grasping at anything or anyone deemed controversial to 'appropriate' it. Because it worked with pepe and the ok hand symbol, they try it with everything

No. 760344

File: 1615620474021.png (3.92 MB, 1242x2208, 95A9A037-2E2B-4981-A93E-B40006…)

Nitpicky but I think this hashtag is pretty dumb, and this is coming from a womanlet.

I mean, I get the #drawingwhileblack hashtags because racism is unfortunately still a thing but no one really gives a shit if you’re short and you draw. What’s next #redheadartists? #drawingwhilehavinghazeleyes? It’s definitely not the most obnoxious thing posted in this thread but still rather odd.

No. 760380

It's exactly like #drawingwhileblack, it's a hashtag to fight racism. Against hobbits.

No. 760396

File: 1615634442011.jpeg (345.74 KB, 640x742, 18E981A0-0C00-45D0-9D6D-FCEA5E…)

I fucking hate Americans

No. 760400

File: 1615634754162.jpg (148.8 KB, 1000x528, burger.jpg)

oh hey, I'm this anon >>757458 and I'm from Russia

It's not related, but if any of you still eat at bk then look at this shit. The girl whose silhouette they used for this ad/sale is a rape victim whose rape was mocked and shat on over all of Russian tv and social media, because she was a minor who got drunk at a friend's party also her rapist was praised as a saint or whatever

No. 760405

what the fuck? who approved this? that's even worse.

No. 760416

Why the fuck was her rapist praised as a "saint"? I dont fucking get these traditional countries have to go so fucking overboard with the woman hating and misogyny. Youd think theyd stick with "real" tradition like shaming rapist savage moids for being sexually immoral and abusive but its always some joke of some shit, especially in the current century.

No. 760425

This is more a specifically Russian thing. They are years behind in cultural progression compared to other industrialized countries, which amplifies the separation between Russia and the west. It's like American individualism but with even more inbreeding.

No. 760431

Its always that individualism and internet social media culture adding shit to the flames

No. 760458

Wtf anon? This is so bizarre. What does the text say?

No. 760511

File: 1615647559154.jpg (171.33 KB, 1200x628, og_og_148748836023081173.jpg)

It's just normal marketing stuff for the most part.
>Woman: Doesn't last long at all/Ending soon
>The second Big King is free!
>[Only now]

She was apparently a meme after being on a talk-show where they asked her how much she drank that day and she held her fingers up to show that "only this much" (only filled to the bottom).

No. 760520

I believe her saying “not long“ is a reference to the rapist’s prison sentence. afaik russian moids were angry that the guy got several years in jail, while obviously her side argued that it was a light sentence.

No. 760549

The worst part imo wasn't that they didn't delete it right away (they did eventually), the worst part was that whoever's moderating that corporate account stuck around debating with people in the replies. Women calling the tweet out for being tasteless and using our actual struggles to create fake controversy with clickbait and BK being all "Nu-uh! It's actually you who's against women pursuing a career in gastronomy!". Now they got brodudes applauding them for being based and redpilled and branded feminists as "crybabies" because they "couldn't take a joke". But hey at least they're handing out those two 50k scholarships for women so everything's taken care of, right?

No. 761037

File: 1615696287871.png (782.68 KB, 618x905, why.png)

why does this have so many likes

No. 761039

Man, this shit is so fucked up.

No. 761067

I don’t know that much about Russia, I mean I knew it wasn’t great for women but holy shit, I didn’t realize it was “fast food chain will make fun of your rape to sell burgers” level of bad. That’s honestly insane.

No. 761130

Yeah, now that you're pointing it out, probably. Now that I think about it, the "second one is for free" could also be a reference to her saying she was raped by two separate men in the night. Marketing people truly have no soul.

Just to be clear, it DID cause an outrage and they had to remove it, but the site administrator kept arguing with people in the comments. The horror of course is that someone thought it was a good idea in the first place.

No. 761136

More like men have no soul.

No. 761149

No. 761237

This is pure fucking evil

No. 761333

File: 1615737970844.jpeg (336.91 KB, 750x1008, C541B199-C332-4337-9039-3819B7…)

i hate moids

No. 761339

what was the topic about? not like it would help his case regardless

No. 761343

Ah yes the ol’ men are animals and have no choice but to give into their *natural instincts”. If that’s the case then maybe we should put all their stupid asses in cages and not let them have any kind of power.

No. 761346

But I thought men were logical and rational while women were the over-emotional ones?

No. 761348

Silly anon, men are logical and rational, but they’re also just animals, they have the best of both worlds!

No. 761355

File: 1615740644390.jpeg (164.2 KB, 460x1576, 0OYMx32.jpeg)

They change their stance when it suits them. When it involves things like arguments and powerful positions they say women are too emotional. When they're talking about their romantic failures, they say men are the more emotional ones and women have no soul and aren't capable of love because we can move on faster after break ups or something. Pic related is the sort of thing I'm talking about.

No. 761360

My pug is kinder and more rational than those men and he is an actual male animal. May those scrotes remain fuckless til Kingdom come.

No. 761367

The absolute gall of men who talk like pic related, what they really mean is they found a free therapist/mommy/maid/cook/fuckhole. When the woman inevitably gets irritated and worn down they move on to a younger and prettier one, and claim it's because it is their biological imperative to have sex with as many young fertile women as possible. Yes definitely the superior logical stoic gender kek

No. 761387

I dont fucking understand why Shurigina's rape got the attention and the vitriol it did, when all it was was literally just a stupid Maury-esque talk-show episode. And I fucking hate every single moid's justification of "she was lying" or "he didnt do anything wrong", or calling Diana a dumb whore in the process. Was this shilled by Malakhov to get Pust' Govoryat an audience younger than pension age?
I'm fucking leaving as soon as the borders open, god i fucking hate this huge union of villages called a country.

No. 762602

File: 1615895940289.png (356.54 KB, 597x736, clayburn.png)

Hahahahahaha holy fuck we live in the upside down

And in case you're wondering: 20k replies

No. 762606

File: 1615896133894.png (100.09 KB, 1466x563, wokeracism.PNG)

TFW you're so woke you become racist again

No. 762614

I saw this whole debacle last night, glad the woman the post was about actually weighed in and told them to shut tf up. Imagine logging on twitter to see woke kids calling you a "minority sex servant"

No. 762629

>Hahahahahaha holy fuck we live in the upside down
Couldn't had put it better

No. 762630

Men are pathetic, they have too much testosterone and they only think with their dick. They aren't rational at all, fuck them.

No. 762728

File: 1615906792811.png (19.29 KB, 591x183, ml.PNG)

in a way good for her but it's still kinda weird she jumps at every opportunity to make a joke out of her affair for twitter clout

No. 762746

Both are dumb. I thought people didn't accept the "I have a black friend" excuse so why is wife different? It's pathetic how much people want to suck Bill Burr's dick when he's such a piece of shit.

No. 762749

I don't know what Bill Burr said/did, and I refuse to learn more because he is an ugly old scrote, but "minority sex servant" really exposes the other ugly old scrote's racism.

No. 762817

Idk, he has a point, my dad and half brother are kind of racist and they married non-white women.

No. 763129

Narcissism, tackiness, and attention seeking is rewarded in this age what do you expect ?

No. 763476

Why does she have her pronouns in her name though lmao are you kidding me

No. 763574

As we've learned in the Gina Carano / Pedro Pascal twitter harassment campaign, everyone should put their pronouns in their bio so NB and trans people feel more comfortable sharing theirs uwu

No. 763930

I started using Twitter lately due to a recommendation from a friend for my art and I fucking hate how sensitive everyone is there. Hasn't even been a few weeks and I was asked to change my "tagline" name to something not in arabic despite speaking the fucking language and being arab myself because it's "cultural appropriation" this shit was a mistake

No. 763976

People like that are annoying but you can always shove their game back in their face when it's something like that. They're probably not going to listen, but other people will see you calling them a racist for trying to tell you using your own language is cultural appropriation and suddenly they're the bad guy despite trying to be woker than everyone else in the first place.

No. 763989

anon im begging you to reveal that you're arab. they will seethe when their attempt of being woke failed and made them look insensitive and stupid

No. 764006

NTA but they won't care, unless you play into their woke politics your background won't matter. They'll take a white 0.000001% cherokee American more seriously than an actual ethnic minority representative if they're vouching for the woke agenda.

No. 764009

feels like everything is backwards these days, always opposite day. the loudest anti-racist wokies are suburban white teens screeching at poc, leftists will cheer on big corps if they cater to their mantras, capitalism shutting down free speech… sorry bit ot but there's few places as concentrated as twitter where you can see how upside down it all is.

No. 764012


No. 764015

thread has been cleansed, we no longer have to worry about twitter

No. 764030

>I was asked to change my "tagline" name to something not in arabic despite speaking the fucking language and being arab myself
Fucking lol, I bet it was white americans telling you this, of all people.

No. 764223

File: 1616088669955.jpeg (319.29 KB, 750x991, B137DDC1-DB5D-46EE-9CC5-5E2EA0…)

ebeggars on twitter are a whole new level of entitlement

No. 764408

File: 1616102642719.png (38.36 KB, 262x312, 9AB9716A-81BF-45DC-AB12-884DFA…)

No. 765352

This specific dude is retarded for "minority sex servant" shit, but he's not totally wrong. Look at all the alt-right tards with Asian women. They're both racist and with non-white women

No. 765568

You are right but those Asian women who get in relationships with racist white men tend to be racist rightwingwrs themselves(I have come across a lot of them over my years) from what I've seen most bw dating wm tend to be very liberal and date men who there sure have similar politics as them

No. 765600

What you wrote is true, but that’s not what he’s getting at here. There’s a certain subset in the “woke” sphere who don’t believe in interracial marriages and despise biracial/racially ambiguous children. They won’t admit it publicly because they know it’s racist as fuck, but they definitely exist in the “upside down” world.

No. 765641

I was going to say this. Asian women are notorious for dating white supremacists, I can see the parallels in that specific context only though.

No. 765673

File: 1616261863683.jpg (27.78 KB, 640x627, hates white people gf.jpg)

interracial hypocrisy is a thing in every facet of politics. There's a reason pic related is a common meme; bashing white girls is popular now, but white men are still glorifed by every race. If I had a nickel every time I saw a pretty girl with an ugly, poorly dressed tall white boy.

No. 765703

File: 1616265299447.jpg (68.02 KB, 640x761, ab814b9ebbf88876cb5d2b1fa10e41…)

Reminds me of this

No. 765754

God this is so fucking true. They are still the most desired men esp. among Asian women. The cognitive dissonance is baffling to me and ironic to me cause those people tend to be the loudest in the sjw and woke circle.

No. 765764

There was a thread r/GC_woc thred that talked about this phemenon, overly woke liberal WOC who date very bland white men

Now the thing with Asian women is that it almost seems like they seek out the lowest of the white race, like No other group of women attract and actually go for these type of men

With woke black and Indian women its a lot different, they usually seek male Partners who are more found in upper middle class communites which these women often find themselves

No. 765771

Men can only be truly racist towards other men.

No. 765794

This is demonstratably untrue, anon. Racialized misogyny exists and impacts real women.

No. 765806

It's more misogyny than racism.

No. 766090

File: 1616298017993.png (569.73 KB, 681x1178, Screenshot_20210321-084020.png)

Imagine being called a Nazi for not use "tree" as a pronoun

No. 766091

File: 1616298150737.png (345.19 KB, 720x756, Screenshot_20210321-084029.png)

No. 766097

Otherkin and neopronouns were supposed to die on tumblr by 2015, why are they back and why are they more zestful than ever

No. 766103

How is demanding being called a tree not regarded as the same level of mockery as some alt right saying they identify as attack helicopter?

No. 766105

Seriously, how can people like those exist at all? I feel bad for anyone surrounding those neopronouns’ retards, it must be genuinely exhausting to be constantly trying to call a woman a fucking tree or a dog, like, how can you say with a straight face
>puppy would like to open a bank account for puppyself before Tuesday.
>tree told me that tree treeself went to the ER after breaking tree leg.
>unicorn is ready to testify against the person that broke in unicorn’s house last week.
It’s just so fucking insane.

No. 766108

File: 1616301111492.png (162.2 KB, 711x742, Screenshot_20210320-213119.png)

Saw this exchange in a thread asking if a woman has ever made you uncomfortable

No. 766110

They’re probably referring to a tranny

No. 766114

imagine unironically claiming that you were molested by your imaginary friend and developed trauma because of it
what is wrong with these people

No. 766117

twitter is going through the same phases tumblr did, they're currently in 2014 so i predict we'll be seeing factkin discourse pretty soon

No. 766119

kek fuck i've never laughed this hard in a whi le

No. 766121

I can’t believe this shit is still going on.

No. 766123

Honestly I'm kinda glad it took me a while to get it(means I'm still somewhat sane)

No. 766143

im sorry but what the fuck is a headmate?

No. 766144

A woke term used for imaginary friend, you know like a split personality

No. 766145


>login to twitte(dot)com

>get called a nazi because i don't want to refer to someone as a tree

KEK, this has me dying but I can't help but feel kind of bad knowing this person is saying this shit 100% unironically. true clown world

No. 766198

self post. Statistics button on the bottom right

No. 766288

Might be intentional since she has youtube channel, cringe nonetheless

No. 766330

Rose of Dawn is that troon who is friends with Blaire White, right?

No. 766547

The last time I watched a Rose of Dawn vid they were nowhere near passing but seemed to be awfully deluded about 'how far I've come in my transition' The usual. They would tilt their head to a certain awkward angle while speaking, wouldn't move much. Carefully trying to control and soften their voice the whole time and it was painful to watch. Didn't know whether to pity them. So why are poorly passing transwomen always the first to get real vocal about this. They're deluded themselvess so pot meet kettle. Sure the tree shit is worse but come on.

No. 766625

Rose, what the fuck are doing in a notoriously terf board?

No. 767009

File: 1616408597207.png (231.96 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20210322-151902.png)

No. 767109

File: 1616421367185.jpg (119.73 KB, 609x514, hh.jpg)

The butthurt reactions caused by this PSA to Japanese artists to watch out for worktards, are fucking hilarious.


No. 767116

Is it butthurt to point out that it was clearly made by an autistic /pol/tard weeb?

No. 767120

They're not wrong about any of it though.

No. 767122

So you’re ready to bootlick a weeb who warns about evil feminists and believes in Q conspiracy? You should consider setting up a Patreon for pathetic scrotes.

No. 767126

Doesn't change the fact that that behavior only comes from the described types of accounts.

No. 767128

NTA but even a wrong clock is right twice a day; the post isn't racist, antifeminist or whatever, and it actually is pretty right, unless you got offended by it?

No. 767130

File: 1616422610310.jpeg (83.57 KB, 1079x862, B8C0CBC9-0B48-4BFA-B0E0-33C3D2…)

Except it doesn’t, alt-right weebs do the exact same thing with different type of art or cosplay. You just can’t see an obvious racebaiting misogynist who spergs about political agenda by spreading his own political agenda, probably because you are a scrote yourself.

No. 767133

File: 1616422701366.jpeg (43.25 KB, 1080x394, 0E71F29D-3BBE-446A-9E23-FBC77D…)

Read it again, scrote.

No. 767136

The author being retarded doesn't invalidate them being correct in the relevant post. If you need to dig through their timeline to find damning shit then you've lost your argument.

You're actually doing things the post describes. No wonder you're offended.

No. 767137

I'm not a scrote, and I still think his post here
is still right, because troons and woke retards shouldn't be harassing ANY artist at all. He is cringe and his post is annoying, but the sentiment is right.

No. 767141

File: 1616423157467.jpeg (190.85 KB, 750x517, 0F75BC49-D9B1-4BC9-A3C0-1E7429…)

Have fun competing with sh0e and other bimbos for lowest tier male attention, I guess.

No. 767142

damn, you're worked up. must've hit too close to home.

No. 767143

Why was the post made in English? Shouldn’t it be made only in Japanese to begin with?

Oh wait that’s because this was only made for attention and this wouldn’t get even 1% of that if it was Japanese only, it never meant to reach any Japanese people to begin with. You should by now who these people are.

No. 767146

If you can’t handle milk of a retarded weeb in Twitter hate thread then why are you here?

No. 767147

judging something that is clearly right (aka, twitter fags shouldn't harass artists, specially not artist that don't even speak english) just because it comes from someone you don't agree with, is a logical fallacy. Yes he's an idiot in his OTHER posts, it does not discredit the fact he was right in this one. And I don't even know this fucking guy and I think he's stupid, it's just common sense, don't lump things with things that have nothing to do with the subject.
that has nothing to do with anything lmao you're just triggered
If you can't handle being told off then why are you here? If you can't handle being wrong then why even post? If you can't handle critizism why even use the internet? go back to your twitter clicke.

No. 767150

The way you defend yourself proves how many twitter retards lurk this website. You post something that triggers you, and start insulting everyone when they don't take the bait and disagree with you. Then you try to discredit everyone digging for receipts or calling them a slur (scrote, transphobe, homophobe, it could be any of your liking). Then when you can't win, you tell them to "have fun with x" to try to stand in the higher moral ground. And then you point fingers and say it's us who can't take the heat? Lame. Go back to calling out people on twitter.

No. 767152

File: 1616423727282.jpeg (268.28 KB, 750x735, FF86DD31-B0F5-463E-8A01-26F645…)

>watch out for these accounts: feminists
>constantly spergs misogynistic bullsht
Yes it has something to do with, it’s obvious agenda and you are a retard for not realizing it.

Also it’s pathetic to be that protective of something you didn’t even create, but that’s all capable of doing. Like you.(infighting)

No. 767155

a disproportional number of accounts that proclaim "feminist" in their bio behave the way described in the post being discussed.

instead of deflecting by having a meltdown over the author here, we could instead try to have some self-awareness and figure out a potential solution. for instance educate young feminists on how that behavior isn't helpful and often counterproductive. and A LOT of the artists they harass are women.

right now this is like gay people that shield other gays that do shitty things just because they're a fellow gay.

No. 767159

I agree that many of the artists that get attacked are women, but men have always hated women and especially feminists. They will also always keep doing that no matter how much you change your behavior, it's pretty naive to think that you believe they see a difference between someone who has a meltdown over anime pictures and someone who thinks women are human. It will always be proven again and again that they do not see this difference, so no matter how much you change yourself to please them (basically what modern feminism is all about), you will still be seen a walking womb.(ban evasion)

No. 767160

yawn are you done sperging out?

No. 767162

Yeah and what does that have to do with the fact that nobody should attack asian artists and everyone should watch out for troon accounts with animal crossing avatars? you're changing subjects

No. 767164

you've completely twisted what's being discussed. proposing that we educate young and often misguided feminists on not trying to ruin the lives of artists over dumb shit has nothing to do with caring about what scrotes think of us.

No. 767165

Sure men are trash and libfems are dumb and we all agree. Are you done? Or do you also want to add climate change to the mix? you're just arguing from a list of hot topics just for the sake of arguing

No. 767182

I've seen a lot of twitter bs unfold over random Asian artists' drawings. Whenever I look at the artists feed, it's always obviously a woman. I can only recall one instance where it was a man. And the mob going after them? All self-proclaimed feminists, lgbt, blm, disabled, etc

There's a whole discussion to be had on these people preferring to attack female creators in particular, and we shouldn't be dismissive of this just because the people who don't care if they cause a shitstorm by calling it out tend of be of the /pol/ persuasion.

No. 767192

Anon youre fucking killing me

No. 767262

You're right we don't care and won't ever care

No. 767403

They know women will double down and abuse that fact to get their powertrip rush, that's the reason and pretending otherwise is being in denial. A legitimately pedo male openly talking about wanting to fuck little girls while drawing legitimately photobashed lolishit will stay untouched. They're not even rare or hard to come by, literally yesterday ran into a bunch of them while browsing nothing incriminating. At the same time you got a female artist with 50 followers being dogpiled for drawing a ~problematic~ ship.

No. 767612

File: 1616470573141.jpeg (321.06 KB, 750x762, 57B1618C-D528-4346-8514-95FE51…)

>We’re all incels now

Um.. we? Kek

No. 769391

late but ig now we know who was sperging in /meta/ about the trans threads not taking mtf lurkers into consideration lmao

No. 770258

File: 1616783728939.jpeg (142.61 KB, 750x907, AAC79F32-A5CD-4D31-9AD4-BCEDF2…)

Lol this lady is either a lying attention whore or insane.

>KKK dad killed 30 men with a knife alone

>no record of event
>no one can find any records of father

My money is on her having a screw loose.

No. 770261

File: 1616783848431.jpeg (167.2 KB, 750x1014, 7326F006-1ACC-4BBE-9F10-DA5F3A…)

Samefag, her replies seem to give more questions than answers.

No. 770378

i can't even go on my art account anymore to do anything but post my stuff because whenever i scroll my tl it's 97% clogged with donation links, most of which go along the lines of "give me money i'm a disabled black trans queer afrolatinjewish cyborg and i need money i'm LITERALLY about to be homeless!". holy shit i just want to see people's art, i can't donate to your gringo gofundme even if i wanted to anyways because my country's economy is a shithole

No. 770396

Take advantage of twitter's mute function girl. Blacklist terms like "donate" "gofundme" "fundraiser" etc and most of that stuff will disspear from your TL, it's the only way to make browsing Twitter tolerable.

No. 770502

File: 1616811570049.jpg (74.39 KB, 828x766, ExaNqSTWEAInkEi.jpg)

Lindsay Ellis going "Asain culture= Avatar the last airbender it's the same!!11!!" like some drooling weeb retard

and when people pointed out Asians are real she doubled down and called them "Crazies"

she's since Deactivated her account kek

No. 770550

i hadn't really thought about this, thank you!!!! blacklisting rn. i can't donate anyways so it's not like anyone's losing my hard earned neetbucks

No. 770670

It's sad how someone who's actually intelligent and capable of making very good video essays about themes in film making and their history still manages to fall victim to Twitteritus and make these stupid snarky ass hot take tweets that would make anyone cringe. Lindsay really should stop chasing the cheap clout and focus on doing what she does best because every time she tries to do social commentary like this it just ends up in flames. I hope she doesn't reactivate.

No. 770679

File: 1616839849309.jpg (267.73 KB, 900x1373, d0f417cfd9f13f4c3a1ab61f4158ef…)

Not sure if she meant they're the "same" because they're both "Asian" or because they both have this "four elements and the chosen one" theme but even that wasn't something invented by ATLA so it's still cringe and half-assed take considering her profession.

She's better off making videos though so I guess it's better she deactivated for good.

No. 770682

She's always sucked at history, she gets a ton of details wrong regarding the harem system, the Islamic concept of slavery and even regarding white passing

No. 770683

watch her do a video essay on this on par of why media is transphobic or something.

Idk used to respect her, now I think she's a complete moron. I read that screenshot without reading the user and I was like "god not another retarded twitter take" and then saw it was Lindsay Ellis and was like "wat". Fuck, twitter brainrot really is something else. Being insideb all the time really is making everyone live on the internet.

No. 770699

She sucks at general world history but her knowledge over film history (which was implied here) is pretty good and she has done her homework on it. I love listening to her talk about how something came to be but whenever she takes the detour to gain libshit brownie points it's ruined.

No. 770888

File: 1616868474240.jpg (184.86 KB, 1080x660, IMG_20210327_184351.jpg)

The girl who posted this is pumping herself up because she guessed that someone on Twitter has daddy issues, as if you can't pinpoint that same shit to half the people on Twitter and still be right

No. 770892

which video is that?

No. 770896

Not the anon you replied to but I think it's this one


No. 770897

What is her username?

No. 770900

People still make tweets like this thinking their stories don't sound made up at all?

No. 770910

File: 1616870271787.jpg (110.1 KB, 933x696, ugh.jpg)

Whew, she really thinks she's smart for guessing most children have experienced traumatic events and that many women in patriarchal societies have controlling fathers.

No. 770911

oh God yeah, the Harem thing. Had the nerve to say sexual abuse was totally not a thing with harems. Imagine going to such extent to protect a misoginist practice for rich men

No. 770914

Astrology is the biggest bullshit among all ''spiritualism'' practices.
The dumbest bitches practice astrology and astrology in itself invalidates other occult practices that they do.
Im literally the opposite of everything said about my sign, everything.

No. 770951

Mad about being a capricorn, anon?

No. 770986

Astrology is like spiritualism 101. All the old gods are based off the archetypes of the planets and that's literally astrology. You're not just your sun sign anon. You've got 10 planetary placements that travel through 12 houses. Plus there's certain angles such as the ascendant that contributes to your rising sign. It's all about the energy that was present when you were born.

No. 770987

Plus jesus birth was heralded by three astrologers that found jesus under the rare placement of the bethlehem star conjunction. That's why it's known he's a pisces cause we can map the stars back due to their orbits and that's why his sign is the fish.

No. 770990

Ew the worst sign

No. 770991

Spiritual Kings

No. 770992

The bitches I know shouldn't have the same sign as jesus oh jesus

No. 770994

File: 1616881169340.jpg (250.6 KB, 1080x1227, IMG_20210327_213929.jpg)

Here's his chart if you're interested https://www.astrotheme.com/astrology/Jesus_Christ

No. 770995

I thought jesus was a libra or leo
Kinda disappointed.

No. 770996

I love how anon said she hates astrology and then you went full blown astrologist lmao

No. 770998

Well shit. I love the song "Jesus was a capricorn", now you're telling me it was wrong all along. This bothers me.

No. 770999

My dominant sagitarrius moon ass won't ever shut up about beliefs

No. 771056

the most based actually

No. 771130

File: 1616896597949.jpeg (636.55 KB, 750x1276, 1D26306E-FD61-4875-AEB8-B24CC0…)

Kek a lot of Anti-shippers and retarded children are losing their minds over this post made by Bryan Fuller (the creator of Hannibal) for posting a picture of him wearing a pro-ship shirt and drinking from a pro-ship coffee mug,

No. 771131

No. 771134

Apparently this pic contains sensitive content. kek.

No. 771140

Hannibal season 4 when bitch

No. 771143

Never watched anything he's worked on but this and the other time he enraged that crowd have both been hilarious. The people trying to tell him what pro-ship means when there are screencaps of his responses to those exact same explanations last time he started throwing shit at them is great. I do think it's cringy for a grown man to be pruposefully antagonising a group that's mostly in their teens to mid-twenties but it's fun to watch them get so mad when he doesn't give a fuck.

No. 771159

File: 1616902295697.jpg (672.23 KB, 828x1262, OuoMs96.jpg)

I don't know why but I just wonder how it should feel getting a curse by a Twitter witch over a Minecraft streamer.

No. 771162

That is legit something I want to put on my resume.

No. 771172

Not worth getting cancelled over. It's probably better that she stays off Twitter anyways. Hopefully she learned her lesson about pandering to the woke mob.

No. 771194

i’m wondering what the 17 year old twitter autists were hoping was going to happen by accusing a 50 year old gay man of being creepy and predatory or whatever else for simply liking art of men having sex. seriously think these people would have had a heart attack when the harry potter fandom was in its prime due to the sheer number of “problematic” ships and fics being produced

No. 771198

It's always hilarious to see "mlm" fakebois have a meltdown when they think they know anything about gay male representation, and then an actual gay male says the exact opposite they've been saying. It's so fucking obvious they're just fujos who are ashamed of being fujos.

No. 771201

exactly. and it was mainly teenagers who were attacking bryan fuller for this because to them sex is a big deal but they forget that for a lot of adults it’s not that deep. mads mikkelson and hugh dancy have spoken multiple times about reading smutty fanfiction about their hannibal characters so i seriously doubt they were going to be offended by bryan fuller liking nsfw art of them.

it’s just funny that because they went on this moral purity tirade against fuller he’s now become aware of the pro shipping debate and fully supports them. if they just .. ignored it and didn’t go through his twitter likes fuller would have been none the wiser about any of this.

it kind of reminds me of some tweets i saw by one of these mlm trans bois who got seriously disillusioned with actual gay men when she realised that they didn’t act like they did in her yuri on ice fanfiction or whatever. in short allowing teenagers to have opinions on twitter was a mistake

No. 771237

I'd usually agree but those teens/young-adults are flinging their shit everywhere it's not unreasonable for the creators of the show to get involved regardless of their age. These people do deserve push back, otherwise they'll grow up into truly unbearable adults who think their opinion can be used to silence anything they disagree with.

No. 771278

There's so many literal children throwing a tantrum in the quote retweets it's glorious. Don't even need to go to a daycare to see tantrums in real time anymore!
A lot of them consider actively consuming bl and interacting with other "gay men" as being actively in the gay male scene, it's really funny.

No. 771284

I'd normally roll my eyes at an adult punching down like this too, but this time it's fucking hilarious because these kids have been directly harassing so many show creators. It's about time someone put them into their places since their parents and handlers sure as hell aren't going to do so.

I sort of feel sad for the average MLM fakeboi on Twitter because they're obviously emotionally stunted autists allowed to be terminally online. They have the experiences of an average woman being sexualized and their mind literally on a level of a 10-year old, so they can't handle witnessing sex and as a defense mechanism they start screeching about how horrible it is that "gay male culture", which they believe to be a part of because autism is comorbid with transgenderism, is so sexualized and not filled with cute cuddling and hand-holding.

No. 771770

File: 1616983854522.png (89.05 KB, 720x959, Screenshot_20210329-070542.png)

Oh my god, underage woketards are really trying to cancel Lil Nas X for being "Islamaphomic" cause of some tweets he made when he was a gay teenager In the 2010's(you know the era that witnessed a paramount of Islamist terror attacks)


No. 771771

File: 1616983926581.png (172.29 KB, 720x425, Screenshot_20210329-071200.png)

The "Islamaphobic" tweets in question

No. 771772

File: 1616983957274.png (91.03 KB, 720x165, Screenshot_20210329-071212.png)

No. 771792

File: 1616986798288.jpeg (754.99 KB, 1242x1278, 1616886990876.jpeg)

I don't really care about this but on old accounts he was connected to he made fun of Nicki Minaj's abortions and made comments about Blue Ivy's genitals (when she was 3 years old). I honestly think he had problems with women considering how horribly he insulted female celebrities, but he was 15-16 when he had those accounts and people mature.

No. 771794

File: 1616987045090.jpeg (57.67 KB, 808x618, ExhqIo6XIAA5eGM.jpeg)

Samefag, another example. Forgot to mention he also made fun of Rihanna's domestic abuse.

No. 771801

Yeah but he's not getting canceled over his misogyny, he's getting canceled over mocking the religion of an Arab pedophile that orders you to kill gay people

No. 771804

he's not getting canceled at all. if anything he has a lot of people supporting him in spite of all the blatant misogyny because he's gay and they like the fact that he's pissing off christians

No. 771807

File: 1616988710678.png (175.6 KB, 720x1142, Screenshot_20210329-082853.png)

I swear the left has coddeled Islam so much, non Muslims are treated like literal subhumans in my country, there's an estimated 5000-7000 forced rape conversations of non-Muslim young girls in my country every year

No. 771819

Fuck islam, IDK why this toxic crap is being protected

No. 771861

I wish I could make an anti Islam thread but I don’t think it would go down well. Those fuckers can’t take a joke or any criticism, they are just as bad perhaps worse than white supremacists.
White peoples don’t need to kill and torture Muslims because they do it to each other

Islam is the worst religion and muslim scrotes should all die

No. 771955

abrahamic religons are all shit i can`t believe that bunch of people living in like square kilometer area in somewhere middle east managed to cause so much shit to the rest of the world

No. 772180

File: 1617048407306.jpeg (542 KB, 1125x1777, 8B7E3EB6-FB84-426E-89D4-64D961…)

Have you guys seen the tone indicator shit? I don’t care if people prefer to use them, but under every viral tweet I see lately there’s someone telling someone who made a joke to use them. People say it’s for neurodivergent people but as someone who is, it feels infantilizing. These people are so fucking entitled to think the world has to cater to every little sensitive thing, and it’s scary because not all of them are children who do this.

No. 772193

Abrahamic religions are all shit, but one in particular is especially shit and definitely deserves to be erased.

No. 772200

That's such bullshit. To me, a tone indicator is something you choose to use when you want to make sure people interpret your post in a certain way. If you make a sarcastic remark generally some people are going to think it's serious. If you're really bothered by that and want to make sure everyone gets your intent, you use a /s.
Either way, it's up to the poster. I don't get why people feel the need to force others to accomodate them when if they misinterpret a post that's really nobody's problem but their own. Like you said, it's entitled. It's like going to a family dinner and demanding that nobody at the table eat meat because you happen to be a vegetarian.

No. 772218

anyone who is actinglike orthodox christianity is the same fucking level of orthodox islam when it comes to violence and shit in general is just a delusional sperg who got raised on the extreme atheism of the 2000s

No. 772220

Islamists literally killed christians in their countries for CENTURIES. They stole so many formerly Christian lands like Egypt, Syria, Sudan, ect and turned it into Islamic hellholes. They genocided and murdered Christians in Armenia. These affect POC Christians disporportionately, yet because non Orthodox Catholic and Protestant White Europeans were assholes (the same group of people historically assholes to even each other) it doesnt matter. Fuck these people

No. 772255

>I don't understand sarcasm because of ADHD
Usually this stuff doesn't get a rise out of me, but that makes me a bit upset.

No. 772267

File: 1617055369290.jpeg (121.1 KB, 1242x1262, 4D7BB423-863C-476F-AA8C-091C53…)

If you’re this lowfunctioning you should not be allowed on the internet LOL

No. 772272

File: 1617055478619.jpeg (236.58 KB, 1204x2048, 4CB066AC-1C56-4C3C-BC70-B71E6A…)

Kys /gen /srs /li /m

No. 772295

Who will tell the retard of the tweet that the issue is not the ADHD, it’s that they failed reading comprehension? /gen/sx

No. 772305

This reminds me of our queen Sam Pratter /srs /lh ij

No. 772328

so what, literally none of those things predict your future. it's fake bullshit and i'm sick of being told i'm not feminist unless i believe in star magic

No. 772331

holy fuck you seriously think you're better than "troons" and post jEsUs HoRoScOpE with a straight face? fucking kys

No. 772332

Dilate, its not that serious

No. 772334

you wizard school fucks sure think it is

No. 772341

Lolcow ai is back!

No. 772358

Astrology makes more sense than being able to change gender

No. 772367

surgeons can at least build you a vagina or penis, sure it will be crappy but they do have some form of proof they can sexchange you. there's no evidence that stupid pictures in the sky that can only be seen from our specific position (aka constellations don't even exist. each star in one is a different distance from the earth. they're not drawn on a flat piece of paper, none of their stars even ine up with each other) are the reason i became a pastry chef

No. 772379

>surgeons can at least build you a vagina or penis
lol nope, a cut on your genitals isn't a new vagina and a tube of meat isn't a penis

>they can sexchange you

again wrong

"magic" isn't real but it is something people believe in, let them be happy like that. You're too nosy in their business.

No. 772381

it's for fun mate, I don't believe in it but it doesn't harm anyone. Honestly it sounds like a misogyny problem.

No. 772383

You are so hostile today anon, get yourself a hobby or something lol it ain’t that serious

No. 772385

>pastry chef
Isnt baking supposed to be relaxing? Why are you so angry?

No. 772386

Nta but some people use it as an excuse to treat others like shit (or excuse their own shitty behavior) or even deny basic service and decency just because of someone's star sign.

No. 772390

cause star hoes won't stfu and let me be a woman who made my own choices that don't include their retardery

No. 772398

women who use "hoes" to describe other women are so exhasuting

No. 772400

File: 1617066317928.jpeg (151.51 KB, 799x1024, C6816829-DFFD-4952-80AA-4013B0…)

Dis u in front the screen? COPE SEETHE AND DILATE.

Who gives a fuck if astrology isn’t legitimate? There’s plenty of things that are bullshit in this world such as mutilating your balls to become a pretty bratz dollie~

No. 772401

Star hoes out here being anti-abortion or what?

No. 772403

Anon that’s clearly not a woman the only people who call other women hoes are pick-me alternative girls/urban larpers who are not likely to be posting on an imageboard or bitter scrotes. It’s most likely a male poster so ignore them, they get absolutely livid when other women want to enjoy things like astrology

No. 772407

nah bro i'm a woman, i just hate witchfags(scrotebaiting)

No. 772413

No. 772417

Post hands or gtfo

No. 772420

File: 1617067786585.jpeg (66.54 KB, 687x523, 1053563D-3FF1-43A8-A436-3925B4…)

>nah bro

jannies are you seeing this lazy bait?

No. 772523

Lmao I wouldn't stress about it, no normal person in real life gives a shit /lh

No. 772524

Holy shit I think he's being /gen

No. 772600

>implying that the majority of posters are not pick mes that hate women

No. 772652

This is so hard to watch now kek

No. 772654

Reminder: They cancelled Azealia Banks for LESS than some of this shit he's said with his chest.
I don't even like her anymore, but the double standards are ridiculous.

No. 772942

Do Twitter teens know that ADHD isn’t autism lmao

No. 773211

File: 1617162276259.jpeg (793.38 KB, 1125x1520, 944397D6-590F-4EC1-B8C9-5858E6…)

The lack of empathy and try-hard edginess on this app is dystopian & depressing. This wasn’t even clever, the punchline is being a dick.

No. 773221

I do agree with you that there's a lack of empathy. At the same time, posting every single waking moment of your life on a platform where any anonymous schmuck can comment on your post should also be frowned upon. I could understand if it were Facebook or if the account was on private and this person was sharing the news with private followers but I'm also getting tired of seeing people put all of their entire life out to the world and then whining when there's a "lack of empathy" from people. In the same place where a 45 year old professor with a PhD can comment and express condolences, some retarded 13 year old can say some crafty zoomer or an 18 year old fag can post a wojak meme or whatever.

There really are no rules on the internet, not even social ones, and anyone who chooses to follow social rules online should be understanding of that. Anyone can access the internet nowadays. So act like it.

No. 773223

samefag and I wasn't trying to come ass as an edgelord but honestly, I'm getting tired of the overhearing and then complaining about trolling. Like Chrissy Teigen

No. 773354

I agree with you anon, there's no reason to live tweet your wifes miscarriage holy shit. This shit is personal and should be kept as such, I hate the fact that social media is used as a tool in which you announce your shitting schedule, nobody except your family and friends should have the energy to care.
It's a horrible thing to happen for sure, shouldn't be a taboo to talk about it but tweeting about it as it is happening is so exhibitionistic.

No. 773900

Why isn’t twitter cracking down on the insane amount of hypersexual minors on their platform, aka "nsfw twitter"?? It’s messed up and nobody wants to see 15 year olds talking about hardcore bdsm.

No. 774121

File: 1617270629520.png (172.11 KB, 960x1278, uhhhhhh.png)

I decided to play a fun prank on myself today and decided to look up what people have been triggered by lately and oh my god the americucks REALLY dislike our third worlder word

No. 774122

samefag but why the fuck did OP put her race in bio? I get she's like 15 but come on now, opening yourself up for attacks from racebaiting gringos

No. 774125

Me voy a matar a la verga si veo otro pinche gringo diciendo estas idioteces

No. 774618

Because Twitter is run by rapehons of course

No. 775236

File: 1617431828969.jpg (108.31 KB, 720x730, 20210403_083313.jpg)

Response to
> I find calm men so attractive. I love the gentle aura. A man who doesn't yell at me when he's upset, who brings me peace & eases my anxiety. I just want to feel calm, satisfy, happy & safe w/ him


No. 776150

File: 1617546054891.jpg (398.98 KB, 1080x1550, IMG_20210404_160542.jpg)

I love how you can tell that he wasn't intelligent enough for high school not only from the resentment he feels towards anyone who isn't a failure like him (while taking it out on some high school girl he doesn't even know), but from the fact that he's too stupid to realize that he should've gone to some echo chamber to say his obviously unpopular take (like users here do when our takes are too edgy for twitter and other normie/mainstream spaces)

No. 776153

File: 1617546362790.jpg (360.55 KB, 1080x1376, IMG_20210404_162403.jpg)

He even doubles down on it after people start telling how creepy/stupid that is of him

No. 776157

I get the point he's making that goth/punk movements were always pretense-conterculture; I was in metal social groups in the 2000s and it was all middle/upper class bored kids. But nowhere in the post does the goth woman claim to be a socialist hero, so I don't get why he finds it appropriate to bring this up

No. 776184

I wish I was as cool as her when I was in hs, damn.

No. 776189

same, what a queen. we can still be cool anon

No. 776196

what? don't live tweet your wife's miscarriage. fuck that guy

No. 776197

yeah she's also a teenager in the photo, and teenagers like dressing up. my high school was full of goth and emo kids because that's what was considered cool or sexy at the time, it wasn't a counterculture movement at all. just a look

No. 776252

This is so stupid, I don't even have anything snarky to say about it. One of the reasons why I ragequit twitter, I couldn't take it anymore. That girl is legit gorgeous, and he's out here trying to shit on her achievements because who fucking knows what goes through the minds of people with low IQs.

No. 777583

File: 1617752567651.png (275.83 KB, 599x871, lol.png)

Going into Twitter replies is always a bad idea but this turned real funny real fast.

No. 777617

A guy started shit talking Ireland by saying we willingly participated in England doing the England thing to the rest of the world.

He refused to understand that we were forced into their activities. He just kept saying we were willing imperialists and claimed that we never made attempts to break free from British rule (which is wrong we had many revolutions).

When I asked why he isn't calling out India for also being forced into Englands shit, he dodged. I asked him if it's because Irish people are white and if that's the real stick up his butt.

And he blocked me. Bald head, shit beard, cuck glasses frames. I fucking hate American Twitterfags who think they have the knowledge to teach people their own history

No. 777621

Samefag, I forgot to mention that he asked me why Ireland and England are cool with eachother these days. I told him that we aren't piss babies and we're capable of healing divides and growing as people, and he called me a racist.

I dont know what that means

No. 777632

Twitter is full of angry retards. Don’t take it personal.

No. 777656

Don't worry Anon, I'm ethnically Mexican and Spanish and some retard called my Spaniard grandma a colonizer, because she moved to Mexico. As if she had anything to do with conquistadors?

Woke Americans are the worst.

No. 777702

File: 1617765212894.png (22.65 KB, 566x226, bipoc.PNG)

I saw this tweet earlier, and I really do hope "bipoc" dies out. It just doesn't make a lot of sense. It's a lot more efficient to say Black or Indigenous, and the way people were using "bipoc" just did not work at all. Also, everytime I see it I just think it means "bi people of color".

No. 777703

Until you mentioned indigenous, i thought bipoc meant bi people of color. Does it stand for black, indigenous, and people of color I'm guessing?

No. 777707

It stands for Black and Indigenous people of color. I thought that maybe people use it to talk about issues that affect black and indigenous people but, that's not even how it's used most of the time. It's just a very, very awkward term.

No. 777710

It's stupid as hell, indigenous and black people come from entirely different circumstances so why would they be grouped together?

I don't have much of an explanation to back this up, just a vague impression based on a lot of tense arguments about race I've read online amongst woke types, but I feel like the term started being used so that people could exclude asians from discussion about racism.

No. 777712

>Exclude asians from discussion about racism
Oh, I hadn't thought of that. A bit messed up. Humph.

No. 777715

>indigenous and black people come from entirely different circumstances so why would they be grouped together?
I can see this phrase being useful in the context of US history, but other than that idk.

No. 777717

>I feel like the term started being used so that people could exclude asians from discussion about racism.
Why do you feel that way? I've never got this impression.
I forgot to say this in the op, but I also hope people saying stuff like "black bodies" "asian bodies" "latina bodies" goes away. It's dehumanizing.

No. 777719

Like I said, I don't really have a good explanation, just a gut feeling. Obviously BIPOC excludes every race except black and indiginous, so there's not much logic in assuming it's about excluding asians specifically. But it just feels like there's a lot of resentment from other POC towards asians because they're the model minority, relatively privileged, and considered anti black. So when people refer to 'POC' as a whole they don't feel like Asians fit what they're talking about, and BIPOC conveniently takes them out of the equation without being obvious about it.

No. 777860

The main people I see use it are weird, racist white people trying to look as "not-racist" as possible. It grosses me out, it's just not an organic or sincere term at all. It's like something a double-mouthed creature would say to try and convince you it's on your side before it eats you.

No. 777862

File: 1617786121665.png (163.74 KB, 1080x1078, Screenshot_20210407-012817~2.p…)

It may sound like I'm baiting, but what is their to be proud of being ace/aro? I could get it if it was 200 years ago when forced marriages were a thing, but not in today's America when living alone has never been easier. Also I refuse to believe a porn artist has zero sex drive, it just sounds like autism with low libido to me.

No. 777863

it was ace visibility day recently hence the post I suppose? and they could totally be drawing porn for clout, you don't have to want to have sex yourself to know what sells

No. 777865

It's one of the ways to try telling people how speshul and ~ quirky ~ you are, along with 'I am an ally!11' points.

No. 777867

Asexuality rarely seems to mean actualy lack of sex drive anymore, usually people just use it to mean for not pursuing relationships, which could be anything from low self-confidence to actual disorders. I can see why someone would want to popularize or use the term, I just don't see how it's part of the LGB movement.
The shittiest somewhat established neosexuality is "demisexual", which just means that you don't do one-night stands and want intimate love.

No. 777891

orthodox christians are some of the most annoying, hateful pieces of shits there is see: russia and how they treat women and homosexuals. people in usa etc just think that orthodox chrisians are just meek fancy christians who wear fun clothes and have big beards, damn

No. 777896

>orthodox christians are some of the most annoying, hateful pieces of shits there is
This is the truth
t. living in an orthodox Christian country

No. 777923

What even is the point of demisexual is one of the handful that people use to feel special but aren't retarded enough to claim sexualities that require a masters degree to decipher.

Bruh just say you're more interested in pursuing romantic relationships than fucking around. It isn't some kind of oppressed LGBTQ+ minority to want a relationship before sex

No. 777954

What kills me about demisexuality is that back in 2012 on Tumblr everybody was making fun of the people identifying as that, there was even a guy who claimed he made it up as a joke on a RP forum, and now it's seen as something legit on Twitter, same with kinning.

No. 777960

I have no idea how every single motherfucker on fandom twitter has ADHD or is some type of neurodivergent. At least 7/10 times they've got to be LARPing for oppression points. Something I've noticed about radlibs is that they like associating their own personal comfort level and self-esteem with civil rights and social justice, so anything that inconveniences them or hurts their wittle feewings is an oppression. I also wouldn't be surprised if a lot of them get off on whining and pestering people to unreasonably accommodate them over any little thing in some type of weird narcissistic way.

No. 777962

I'm pretty sure autism and ADHD in general are starting to lose significance as diagnoses, because it's normal for a kid to be struggling to pay attention when they're constantly connected to the whole world via twitter and are able to fight about any fleeting thought crossing their mind thinking that it's a revolutionary discovery. Also obviously makes them shit at face-to-face interactions.

No. 777993

I don't get why asians always insert themselves into topics not about them and then whine when we say it has nothing to do with you all.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 778147

I think Twitter is becoming the new reddit. I see so many similarities like the unfunny memes, MRA propaganda going viral, users constantly misinterpreting obvious bait and joke posts, noticeable population of actual incels, etc.

No. 778152

I agree, It's so embarrassing. It's always used by virtue signalers or people who just want to look cool in their bio because you can't guess if they're black, indigenous, general person of color or all at once. It genuinely means nothing. Fucking nothing. Especially when twitterfags have been trying to kick latinos and mixed race people off the label bipoc. Or anyone who's just not american really, because SEA asians (or asians in general) don't seem to count under that label because I see genuine racist hatred towards them day in and day out on that platform.
Every day I plead for the deletion of twitter and/or a voluntary region lock.

No. 778340

a combination of enlightened reddit coomers and hypersensitive sjws… truly the worst of both worlds.

No. 778993

File: 1617928695320.jpeg (141.92 KB, 827x1193, EyfcO5lWgAUtr9-.jpeg)

If there is a hell, SW twitter deserves its own circle in hell for coomers

No. 779032

I started noticing it around 2016-2017. The site went downhill fast because of the Kremlin bots that were on there pushing propaganda, especially with the US election. That really seemed to fuck with people because of how sophisticated it was at the time. Then the QAnon people moved there en masse with their satanic blood cult drama, mixed in with the Neo-Nazis who decided that they needed to do ISIS-style recruiting and racebaiting…it's unrecognizable now to what it used to be. Everyone on 2021 era twitter is incredibly disingenous, trying way too hard to out 3edgy5me one another, larping as characters, and being deliberately stupid to get more followers who just want to exist in an echo chamber.

No. 779870

File: 1618018568850.jpg (86.57 KB, 1054x259, SmartSelect_20210409-213424_Ch…)


No. 779876

What is this word salad…?

No. 779886

SWs have a special kind of brain damage

No. 779887

Her bfs damaged goods now kek I hope they have a long and happy relationship

No. 779894

No. 779943

I’m fucking crying, I can’t believe this is real.

No. 779945

this is so bad and wrong in so many levels

No. 779947

>Every day I plead for the deletion of twitter and/or a voluntary region lock.
Fucking same

No. 779949

I understand and agree with asexuality being a sexuality, but only in the case that they 100% don't feel sexual attraction at all. Do I think they're more opressed than lesbians? No.

I just think all this shit won't matter in 500 years and then I start feeling a bit better. Like, idk, maybe in the future we're all robots and biological matters don't have a place in society anymore and everything is hedonistic and fucked. Or maybe we just become a better society of humans and just look back in history and say "wow this was very fucked up back then wasn't it?" Either way I try not to care anymore and just live my life, I don't want to be a doomer, but as much as I complain about troons and """asexuals""", nothing is gonna change. Big pharma owns us. Nothing is going to change. Better just move on and live my life as optimistic as possible even if these things bother me.

No. 780023

File: 1618046662409.jpg (157.19 KB, 598x897, imgonline-com-ua-twotoone-BHXD…)

Your brain on woke twitter discourse, 2 brown people arguing that other is actually more white so that they can appear more woke

No. 780025

File: 1618046710115.jpg (171.2 KB, 598x888, imgonline-com-ua-twotoone-9fvB…)

No. 780029

It could be a stunt, a lot of these onlyfans models will make fake ridiculous tweets to outrage people and send them to their page where their onlyfans is linked in hopes of getting new subscribers. Any attention is good attention for them. Just another reason twitter sucks, so many hidden advertisements and other astroturfing everywhere.

No. 780030

its fake anon, she's incredibly sarcastic in her comments and people are pointing that thats not her boyfriends bodytype

No. 780066

Queen. You inspired me.

No. 780087

Asexuality is really weird to me because I could swear 90% of the people that I've seen self identify as "asexual" are either literal eleven year olds or girls that completely butcher the clarity of the concept by being like "just because I have a boyfriend doesn't mean I'm not asexual because I'm not aromantic, also some asexuals enjoy masturbating, and yeah I have sex with my boyfriend but I'm still asexual and…"

I just can't take it very seriously like that it's on the same level as afab girls that dress femininely go by female pronouns and don't even have dysphoria but still claim to be non binary for me honestly

Demisexual I actually haven't seen in a long time and tbf I don't think I've seen many of them try so super hard to insert themselves into the "real" lgbt community, contrary to asexuals

No. 780136

actually have spoken to a former asexual, he was just a guy who admitted he was molested when he was a kid and was sex repulsed, and told me that most aseuxals were either similarly sexual trauma survivors or were exposed to pornography as kids which made them horrified at the idea sex

No. 780159

Nta but I'm like that except I started out hyper sexual as a young adult and then through therapy I stopped denying my abuse and by my late twenties I then wanted to stop having sex altogether. Hypersexuality is a common reaction to abuse, so is sex repulsion and they often come and go and swap out depending on where your head is at.

It has to be confusing for teens now who have csa in their past to also have a myriad of labels that can cover up that issue and maybe delay them seeing a professional. Same with poly lifestyles and hypersexuality from abuse. It's so accepted now that you're almost seen as being sex-negative if you see someones worrying hypersexual habits and draw attention to a possible underlying issue.

No. 780477

File: 1618086084514.jpg (661.43 KB, 828x3099, YqAtTGs.jpg)

People in denial over how actual communism works make me so angry.

No. 780478

File: 1618086222728.jpeg (101.06 KB, 936x1080, 9C9B88E5-11A1-4959-A91D-A91D46…)

It always makes me think of this image

No. 780479

They're not denying anything? They're just jerks

No. 780494

oh is that what that is? cause it looks like a cronenbergian 4-legged, 3-vagina'ed monster with no face pulling its labiae open to shoot acid at you or something. actually brb you guys, i'm going to the tattoo shop

No. 780498

puerto rican is a race now? what? i'd like to petition to consider USian a race because they are all equally retarded, damn

No. 780504

This is so painfully try hard on both sides, christ. What are they even arguing over?

No. 780506

I know some 'asexuals'.
I have a close friend who claimed to be asexual for like 10 years. I was always low-key thinking she just isn't popular with guys and coping. But then I fully accepted it after years of 'ace aro pride' shit she kept spamming our group chat with, her meeting with other asexuals, making fun of people with romantic partners, talking about how sex, kisses and touching is nasty and so on. And of course, then she got a boyfriend and they have sex and she is a totally normal straight girl. Just really wasn't able to get a boyfriend and wanted to feel special and liked attention.
She shortly tried to claim she's a fucking demisexual because she's ~only attracted to him uwu~ and I guess couldn't bear not being special.

I don't believe in asexuals anymore. Maybe in the kind that have some health issue that results in loss of attraction or libido but honestly the ones I know are all just straight girls.

No. 780514

I have an asexual guy friend that was also molested as a child and he has no interest in ever having sex or working on it. I'm very much a proponent of using the term asexual and respecting them as a group since up until recently they used to be ridiculed as "impotent" or "frigid", and that's just piling up more shit on people who are already in a very shitty situation.

No. 780521

Same, I've never understood why people are mad at asexuals. Not everyone is interested in sex, not everyone has to be, and if they actually have some kind of health issue or trauma, you're not really helping anyone at all by trying to shame/stigmatize them for it, just being a dick. It's not like they're trannies demanding special treatment and pronouns.

No. 780532

I don't know how making a sexuality out of trauma would sit with people, as homophobes say gay people are all result of childhood abuse.
Isn't celibacy a more right term? You don't have to be religious to be celibate

No. 780560

> It's not like they're trannies demanding special treatment and pronouns.
They're literally demanding a place in LGB and claiming, or at least acting like, the "discrimination" they face is on par with what homosexuals have to deal with. That's the problem people have with them.

No. 780737

I mean is it really healthy though ? these people are often suffering from some form of trauma or another and its one thing to accept that trauma and try to work on it or even manage to live with but it seems unhealthy that its a valid sexuality

No. 780752

>I started out hyper sexual as a young adult and then through therapy I stopped denying my abuse and by my late twenties I then wanted to stop having sex altogether.
Are you me anon? If I could go the rest of my life without sex (especially sex with men) ever again it would be such a relief.

No. 780753

If they're not suffering then how is it unhealthy?

No. 780781

The concept of a low libido isn't the problem and never has been. Not wanting to have sex might be stigmatized to an extent but most people understand that people have different sex drives and that trauma, medication, etc can affect your libido even to the point that you don't want sex at all.

The problem is asexuals thinking they're an oppressed minority group or that asexuality is a proper sexual orientation. It isn't and it is obnoxious to keep shoehorning it into LGB. I have a normal sex drive but I'm (voluntarily) celibate, haven't had sex in many years and don't necessarily plan on it in the future. There is no functional difference between myself and an asexual, and it is not something I could be discriminated against or even mocked for unless I decided to make a big deal about it and tell everyone about the private, trivial details of my life.

No. 780833

File: 1618125536939.jpg (218.19 KB, 1080x1247, okzjfq.jpg)

i know people ebeg on twitter a lot but jfc

No. 780836

I'm Estonian and American tankies are the most hilarious brand of Twitter lunatics to me. It's unclear to me whether they're just larping or do they genuinely believe USA could ever become another USSR with their online activism. At least go blow up cars or something.

No. 780849

I wish I could call report posts like this to some authorities

No. 780891

Idk it isn't fun being made fun of by your asexual friend for having a boyfriend, shamed for wanting to kiss and have sex and being called disgusting 'as a joke'.
Asexuals I know are like loud vegans, they shame you and deserve special attention constantly.

No. 780892

Then they enter a relationship themselves and start having sex but still "identify as asexuals" because "asexuals can still have sex and enjoy it!!!" and keep on being insufferable cunts unable to shut up about their sex life. The loud vegan comparison is spot on.

No. 780925

Because asexual as a label is now taken up by teenagers too young to even have a proper sense of self/late bloomers/straight girls that want to join the oppression olympics instead of people that just have no attraction to people via continued observed internal experience. Asexuality had to be made also highly performative so it can be milked, because in itself "do not want to have sex" is not enough drama. So they must post on how triggering romantic content in media is, how disgusting seeing people kiss is, how oversexualized everything is (which is true, but they're annoyed even by mild sexual PG content). Not to mention fandoms. Plenty of fictional characters can be "headcanoned" into asexuality, since plenty of authors don't even bother with it, which is fine. But then they'll get angry whenever their self-insert characters get portrayed in any sexual way.

No. 780968

Twitter tankies and ancoms are just liberals who larp for attention. They don't read theory or anything. I constantly get kicked out of online "leftist" communities for not pandering to troons or bringing up total liberation (basically animal rights anarchists). They never want to come do crimes with me. Faggots.

No. 781062

Ik this is weeks old but I still havnt seen the proof this is him. It's odd he would make fun if niki minaj cause he was a HUGE fan and had like a stan account of her.

No. 781178

you sound crazy anon and I would totally commit animal rights anarchists crimes with you

No. 781474

File: 1618199502247.png (991.56 KB, 1125x1122, image.png)

No. 781476

Beautiful meme, I kek’d

No. 781483

File: 1618201536936.jpg (243.38 KB, 812x810, 1494826067539.jpg)

Am I supposed to dislike this?

No. 782820

File: 1618327917942.png (65.13 KB, 590x822, steakumm.png)

It was only a matter of miserable time before corporate brands co-opted ":a thread" culture. I hate this

No. 783146

Steak-umm should just fire the pretentious philosophybro who's running their Twitter account.

No. 783291

File: 1618375616852.jpg (90.31 KB, 729x818, 3456789087654.JPG)

Because it's definitely a transphobic moral panic and not, like, unfettered child porn that made Apple give nsfw discord servers the boot.

No. 783353

Why is it that everytime somebody criticizes something NSFW, you can't do that because it will affect kweers and troons? Can't they just get a normal job instead of living on furry art commissions and Onlyfans?

No. 783356

Seriously, I have a hard time believing this Twitter irony leads to an increased sale on their disgusting frozen meat. Not every brand needs to be on Twitter.

sweet, go to Android to share your weird hentai, discord groomers

No. 783478

I wish android would do this too, the coomer tears would be sweet

No. 783500

They're not even trying to hide it at this point.
Apple made a great decision. My next phone will be an iPhone.

No. 784082

File: 1618502390110.png (406.87 KB, 533x1258, kids.png)

These sound so fake, I can't believe a 4 year old would have the awareness to say "I'm still a little kid and I'm still learning", it's nothing outrageous like we usually see in twitter hate thread but this kind of stories always make me cringe so much
(also idk why the person who originally posted these screens tagged themselves in them, who does that lmao)

No. 784084

god this is so obnoxious
it's all "wow my kid humbled me" but they're transparently just patting themselves on the back for being so woke and so great at parenting

No. 784090

>that one about the loud voice
>the other one about the hugs
I would feel ashamed if that was even possible for a child to say, why publish such a thing that makes them look like huge bitches? These tweets are the equivalent of those “poking my dog’s face until it bites me” videos.

No. 784107

is the one on the bottom left seriously calling her kids "mini me" and "little me"? narc alert

No. 784127

Imagine thinking being a less than mediocre parent is worthy of praise. And bragging about it on social media. This is a new low.

No. 784130

So, they insist it's not a fetish, but at the same time, if you ban porn, you're harming them "the most"? Hmm.

No. 785132

File: 1618615637395.jpg (76.59 KB, 720x830, male.jpg)

This is a bit old but Turkish men have announced that (12 April) as the international rape and femicide day as a "dark humor joke". Every 4 hours a woman in Turkey experiences rape or male violence. Our lives and our pain is not your joke.

No. 785173


Men truly are a disease.

No. 787016

Question :
When will the #superstraight/L/G/B collab with #peaktrans?

No. 787027

disgusting. how long will scrotes keep getting away with disguising their psychopathy as "dark humor"?

No. 787131

File: 1618863228141.jpg (214.95 KB, 589x578, u9oxIkp.jpg)

Twitter finds out that the character desinger of Ace Attorney is a fujo.

Old debate but I think that the reactions are funny.

No. 787137

lmao based Kumiko Suekane was drawing and selling doujinshi of Kakashi fucking Iruka in the ass, single-handedly made the main Ace Attorney characters iconic AND made the trilogy devs and maybe even Hideki Kamiya read BL manga for "research" before these bitches were born.

No. 787138

based fujo queen

No. 787141

super is still a thing?

No. 787143

wtf being a fujoshi is literally based, i bet op is some he/they "mlm" straight girl

No. 787151

>I'm not letting the fujoshi shit slide
??? Who are you? The fucking police?
Why are these Twitterfags so self-important?

No. 787152

Have had many bad experiences with fujos before but any person this ass blasted over an exemplary character designer needs to git gud lul
Looks like some 17-year-old she/her lesbian. Might be a troon but if not I wouldn't be surprised if someone clogged her head with garbage.

No. 787155

Wow I didn’t know this! She sounds fucking cool. I love seeing women being recognized for their work. Twitter fags can die mad.

No. 787157

she/her lesbians are always men. at least 99% of the time. lesbians call themselves queer, nb, he/hims

No. 787165

Looks just like some misguided average girl unfortunately.

No. 787166

They think they have anything to say about Ace Attorney when they most likely played the game last year at best and were too young to play the games back when they were popular. Meanwhile Suekane is living her best life and drawing official Fire Emblem male characters with big dicks and their clothes ripped off because the video game industry in Japan doesn't give a fuck about "fetishizing" guys.

No. 787172

ah, you're probably right. looking at her profile and she's just some sjw kid, not a transrights coomer

No. 787188

it's literally always girls and 15 year old fakebois the ones whining about muh mlm fetishization. I especially love it when fakebois take it personally as if the content fujos produce and consume doesn't largely feature cis men only, so they're inserting themselves in a topic that doesn't even concern them.

No. 787197

>opposing making an old man
Based fujo

No. 787203

iirc when she argued with Takumi that the rival character should be as old as the protagonist she said something like
>why would the hero's "eternal rival" be an old man, isn't he gonna retire and die of old age soon?
A queen among queens.

No. 787208

Not only that (especially when they start complaining that “they” are fetishized as if anyone wants them to begin with lmao) but they don’t even look at or consume gay content MADE by gay men. Which tends to be very masc4masc heavy. If those evil fujos they hate so much stopped drawing anything related to men altogether they’d be left with nothing.

No. 787223

The account that tweeted that seems to be completely gone now. What happened?

No. 787286

I made a post about potentially making a “nsfw twitter” cow thread yesterday but mentioned that it could probably get super depressing precisely because of this. I just found out it existed because so many people part of it interact with normal sfw tweets and a search for the phrase “new to nsfw twitter”/“new to nsfw twt” yields so many posts by people as young as 14 who seem to legitimately think that putting “18+ do not interact” in their bios in a community that is solely dedicated to sex, porn, and depraved fetishes somehow protects them. what is probably even more disturbing is knowing that they’re almost certainly all making “content” and sharing it with each other, just not publicly. I feel like it’s insane that Twitter can’t/doesn’t crack down on this community on their site that is pretty much groomer central and not even trying to hide it

it seems like there is the potential for milk in the 18+ users however, just the combination of single-digit-subscriber onlyfans sex workers, sad baby girl nymphet wannabes, hentai addicts, fully grown edgy e-girl/e-boy types, fakebois, and antisocial k-pop stans all converging in one place means that there has to be literally endless drama.

No. 787322

File: 1618891643748.jpeg (1.07 MB, 1242x2208, 123A7F85-1229-4F1C-B369-AD8DF9…)

Why is LGBT Twitter so insufferable? It’s annoying how they insist how every fictional character is gay. Especially if said character is a child.

No. 787451

File: 1618914036517.jpg (438.96 KB, 1538x2175, 815gGdJxCDL.jpg)

> Tfw these people don't know that she also created character design for Blood+

No. 787476

IF this character is a kid why do they care about her sexuality? lol

No. 787477

No wonder why these characters look attractive lmfao. Men should be banned from designing male characters because they just self insert their ugly and oldness

No. 787485

File: 1618920212088.png (347.49 KB, 738x578, VjF9YUC.png)

No. 787492

Except Hideo Kojima, he knows what's good

No. 787497

File: 1618921485455.png (1.25 MB, 1876x888, im documenting every instance …)

All the triggered scrotes in the comments LOL.

"women y u no like us?? we are violent, mean, ugly, and hateful but why do you dislike us i dont get it youre a MEANIE feminazi"

On the side note this just reminds me women need to make seperate fanbase parts for video games outside of living simulation games, tbh. We used to pretty much do that and if we did it again it would save a lot of headache

No. 787498

I think Yoji Shinkawa designs and Kojima accepts, so they both deserve credit

No. 787538

She made the other devs read BL manga and Narumitsu doujinshi for research purposes, she knew she had to teach them how to design fujobait in case she'd leave the team.

No. 787549

File: 1618927918191.gif (285.92 KB, 450x300, 2958026F-D873-4EDA-B84F-480645…)

Why don’t they just kill themselves honestly? If all men who thought like this mass suicided the world would be a happier and more cheerful place. Where is Michelle Carter when you need her.

No. 787551

>Politics sucks

But which politics? Why less sales? If a game like this actually came out, they'll be gushing over ~So cute, waifu harem~

OP doesn't even talk about feminism in this post, it's just a small harmsless joke, chill.

No. 787575

I don't get it. Don't gamers love making "offensive jokes"? Why is this suddenly too much for them, lmao?

No. 787662

File: 1618939520197.png (29.33 KB, 731x258, threat.PNG)

Reported this totally sane gentleman to the FBI. Hope he ends up on a watchlist as he should be. Get rekt moid.

No. 787911

File: 1618964530919.png (373.7 KB, 600x675, trial2.png)

Edgelord lies about being a George Floyd trial juror for attention and tons of idiots believe it.

No. 787939

I wish people who dressed like this didn't act like huge fucking uwu triggered babies all the time

No. 788175

Retard probably doesn't know she could get beaten and/or shot for revealing they were a part of a jury for a high-profile case, truth or not.

No. 788191

File: 1619010930347.jpg (18.68 KB, 592x178, 20210421_061427.jpg)

Apparently, she was talking about a mock trial? She got doxed anyway.

No. 788195

"Uwu Im only nineteen"

No. 788197

Nineteen is still an adult, kek what a dumbass

No. 788238

Based, I love blood+.

No. 788267

>lying this hard
retard. zoomers are actually braindead and too edgy for their no own good

No. 788306

What a fucking idiot, kek.

No. 788673

File: 1619080241561.jpg (103.14 KB, 1080x347, 48c97ad6-0f2d-5e7d-83ac-a95655…)

Why must they use the real harm of Colonialism to justify their dumb actions and behaviors

No. 788788

>"Trigger Survivors"
Is this person a furry or a DDLG coomer?

No. 790119

File: 1619232531733.jpeg (215.11 KB, 1170x568, 5C2C400A-C1D6-4CF7-A11A-EB0A8F…)

why did women let men convince them that being a whore is empowering, i hate it so much

No. 790121

Since it gets them attention online.

No. 790122

It was something like about how men apparently hate Ultrafeminine women so they should reclaim the look to empower themselves, also Legally Blonde played part in this about how "femininity" is equal to masculine traits
Its very dumb and only happens when your understanding of Humans comes from libfem logic and shit

No. 790124

I hate it too. Enjoying sex = slut but only for women. If you’re a man who enjoys sex then that’s just normal. People act like we’ve been allowed to be complete human beings but we’re still only ever seen as madonnas or whores. Except now society pretends being a whore is a good thing so they can get off to us guilt-free.

No. 790217

>Legally Blonde played part in this about how "femininity" is equal to masculine traits
Would you mind elaborating on that? I'm pretty interested.

No. 790222

It championed this libfem mentality that being ultra feminine was somehow as "valid" as dressing well you know like an actual professional related to your profession, and that actually dressing with actual work appropriate attire was conforming to the patriarchy cause you were acting too male by dressing like a bimbo sex doll you were subverting it

No. 790250

Huh? Is it really only for libfems to think that common conceptions of femininity don't have to be synonymous with incompetence and validity? Especially as femininity is a construct that can be remodelled rather than seeing it as an objective reality that girl like pink skirt.

Legally Blonde seemed very anti-NLOG and therefore not trying to shit on women who do like to wear pant suits, just sticking up for the ones who don't and counteracting negative stereotypes of femininity that are designed to make women feel ashamed of things that are commonly associated, rightly or wrongly, with being a woman. That kind of thinking, the being feminine is unprofessional, is used against women all the time to try to cajole them into letting scrotes be gross unprofessional creeps all the time.

After all, if she's not working in a lab or building site, what about her clothes is stopping her from doing her job well?

No. 790314

If it was just enjoying sex, whatever, but slutty is also often paired with a certain look that just happens to choicecally coincide with what men liked on their For Him magazine covers, but now it's "reclaiming" slut to play along with male fantasies.

No. 790451

File: 1619272212836.jpg (272.1 KB, 1102x1616, IMG_20210424_154356.jpg)

"I wanna know why would a person rape somebody? Is there something we can do to mitigate this situation before it gets too far?"

No. 790459

>birdo isn't pictured
Also they keep making waifu jokes but women can't do it apparently fuck it

No. 790464

Hot pink in a courtroom, get real anon.

No. 790478

Yeah If a male lawyer wore military camo with no sleeves, I'd be stupid
I'd want him to dress like a real Lawyer

No. 790542

>A female character designer basically made a hugely successful game franchise about her gay OC OTP, drew tons of subtle official ship art and got away with it because Phoenix&Edgeworth was a relationship so natural people weren't bothered by it - a huge, iconic win for the female demographic that barely gets pandered to
Brainrot like this can't be real. But of course it's an underage autistic "lesbian" who's being troon tier gross about anime girls while crying about fujos.

What a goddess, imagine being so fucking based you force your entire team to read doujins to be able to carry on your fujo legacy.

No. 791019

File: 1619325210749.jpg (48.68 KB, 727x349, 7675697304279569832023952.JPG)

2 + 2 = 5

No. 791022

File: 1619325928017.jpeg (286.14 KB, 1242x1011, 476D81A5-3D79-4149-BC66-9EB987…)

Those pesky rules censoring tits, dicks and asses. If only we could all see such parts on a daily basis, everyone would be so happy.
>consent culture
Pick one.

No. 791023

who the FUCK cares about their stupid pins

No. 791082

File: 1619342638856.jpg (99.23 KB, 870x1110, Better-Call-Saul-Season-5-Bob-…)

I'm all for it

No. 791191

File: 1619355656747.png (746.75 KB, 1080x1124, Screenshot_20210425-133740~2.p…)

God I hate Twitter bimbos, I get that the neet lifestyle can be appealing in the current climate but at this point just stay at your parents' home.

No. 791195

Jesus Fucking Christ, do these people have any sense ?
It obvious she just wants to have a Job as well as a have responsible male partner who also has a Job, that's literally what most professional women want
its not special

No. 791230

I've seen similar tweets before and these women don't know what they want. They would be depressed as a trophy wife "who does nothing all day", people need something to do in daily life. It's no wonder that a lot NEETS are suicidal and 50s housewives were constantly on drugs. I hope no women actually take life advice from these idiots on Twitter or they're gonna learn the hard way.

No. 792089

Some people seem to buy the MRA propaganda that women make mad bank out of divorces when the evidence points to the contrary, so they underestimate the risk of trusting a scrote to be a sole income earner.

No. 792211

File: 1619449869761.png (317.59 KB, 484x918, nogod.png)

Posting here so as to not flood the art thread. One second we're all favela apes, and the next we're latam white supremacists? What's happening?

No. 792229

I fucking hate twittertards so much, they should go live in a communist hellhole if they love communism so much.

No. 792250

How is gringo related to the n word at all? gringo is usually a white american lol
My mom told me gringos have always been offended and outraged by the word gringo, it's only now that they have turned it against us as a woke thing, cause they have no other argument at all lol.
Seriously what's their problem? gringos tried to colonize Mexico and people who fought them actually came out witht the word because of their green uniforms. "Green go". Lol. If they have ever celebrated 5 de mayo (la batalla de puebla), then they have no right to get offended at the word gringo, and the last time I checked every american ever has appropiated 5 de mayo as a "latino thing" kek.

No. 792285

It baffles me how this is even a thing people believe in
It is a white person from the US, Europe (italians, british, germans mostly) and we even say it for people of our own country that have blue eyes, pale skin and light hair. They're pushing this narrative because idk, they seem bored and these people will fight everything. I've never seen anyone using it for black people, I'm not going to deny it doesn't have a slight negative connotation but what happened with the "you can't opress the opressor" these same people are always chanting?

No. 792291

File: 1619454560639.jpg (97.88 KB, 1080x864, Rare breed of people.jpg)

Don't want to try racebait or anything, but why are the loudest minorty with shitty takes are always get the most likes and retweets while the actually smart and intelligence minority are outshafowed by them.

No. 792309

gringos would shit their pants if they had to live through 5 minutes of what someone in latam has to. we'll keep calling them what they are even if they piss their XXXXL panties over it

No. 792343

Because twitter is garbage, naturally. This looks even worse for us because only the most obnoxious bunch of minorities get attention, and what are people going to think if the only minorities they see are angry, crying or both? There are millions of perfectly reasonable people that rarely get attention (or better yet, aren't on the hellhole that is twitter)
tl;dr: twitter sells outrage, you're only going to get the sewer slop of any minority group

No. 792528

I've seen it used for black people before, but very rarely, since people are more likely to just call them black kek

No. 792541

Twitter has a LOT of bots on it. You'll never guess who owns them.

No. 792635

I've never seen gringo used for black people in my life. Hell I thought it was a term latinos used to mean white people and this kind of thing was considered funny in early sjw/left wing circles? Why is it considered bad now? It's feeling like a couple of western white people got offended and spread lies that it meant black people to start shit

No. 792643

File: 1619480382590.jpeg (46.03 KB, 303x466, CEF09F65-08B4-4B28-BA71-64962E…)

Gringo has always been used to talk about the basic USA citizen that you see anywhere, regardless of their skin tone. It’s usually just a way to call them because in Spanish some people die of cancer when they say “American” and “estadounidense” is really fucking long.
Like all words it can be either a slur or even something you would call your SO, it depends on the context.
But on Twitter it’s either black or white and those bitches need to log off the internet or take some fucking course about how to talk with people because they obviously never interacted with a human in real life and are clearly uninterested in that.

No. 792697

only time I see people treat it as a slur is when woke twitter tries to accuse random people of being racist or anti black and then get called annoying gringos or annoying westerners for it

my personal tinfoil is that this type of shenanigans are actually a CIA op so they get tricked to start to cancel anybody that criticizes the usa so uncle sam can finally take over the world without those pesky anti-americans in the way

I don't even understand what that Castro comment is supposed to mean. Either way, it sure would be funny if that last comment now got him/her banned for saying the n word without even censoring it (would be pretty ironic)

No. 792747

white american liberals and white american conservatives always use black people as talking points for their chess games to get a gotcha for whatever dumbass statement they wanna make. its toxic and ill

No. 794118

File: 1619638352067.png (137.98 KB, 1080x799, Screenshot_20210428-101415~2.p…)

Doesn't she know she could do it before the pandemic or…

No. 794401

Wasn't Castro super racist? Lol

No. 794582

File: 1619706749678.jpeg (136.97 KB, 737x730, 1616766509073.jpeg)

Discovered the IRL and unironic version of picrel


>"I just don't understand how, like, people can kink-shame when you have not even tried, like, any of the stuff that you're, like, kink-shaming me for, like what? Yeah, uhm, I like getting punched in the face and it does make me wet as fuck. Like any type of pain, face pain specifically, turns me on. Like, from male or females. And it's like how is that abusive or rape or whatever if I'm, like, asking for it? I'm, like, sitting there asking for it, like, begging for it? Because for me personally, like, it makes me wet as fuck and gets me super turned on. Like, I'm sorry but I'm not. Like I just don't understand, how, why that's not OK. Why is that not OK? Like, I'm having a good ass time over here and I want more laughs" - @SubaruKaitX

No. 794583

he also paid respect to Franco when he died. I'm surprised to see he's still used as a woke socialist icon

No. 794587

God she's so ugly, it's no wonder she's such a massive pickme.

No. 794591

File: 1619708100514.jpg (111.38 KB, 720x937, IMG_20210429_165330.jpg)

These guys must have been bashing her head way too hard

No. 794595

>it makes me wet as fuck and gets me super turned on.
That's because you hate yourself.

No. 794598

holy fucking shit. do libfems REALLY???????
libfems are just pickmes for trannies. i want off this fucking planet right now.

No. 794604

how are drugs bad for me when I'm the one personally buying & injecting them?? How can I have an unhealthy addiction to alcohol if I'm asking for it in the shop? CHECKMATE YOU BORDING PRUDE

No. 794607

Looks like the brain damage is catching up to her lol. Unfortunate

No. 794626

File: 1619712448436.jpeg (290.25 KB, 828x861, 428BDDFA-6C7A-406A-B0C2-FA7DEF…)

jesus christ

No. 794634

File: 1619712869693.jpeg (266.08 KB, 828x842, 59F97B27-B4A5-4AE4-A3C0-1FF9EE…)

bitch, there's nothing empowering about allowing men to beat you up

No. 794638

I hate women like this so much, I genuinely want to fucking fight them lmao. Why am I so enraged nonnies help

No. 794641

just think about it this way, either they'll see the light or one day they'll meet their equivalent of armie cannibal hammer

No. 794643

women like this make me misogynistic, ironically. This close to a-logging is2g

No. 794651

Women like this make it easier for men to rationalise beating and raping us, whether we ask for it or not, and make it easier for them to rationalise choking us to death and calling it “foreplay”. She can do what she wants but why broadcast it to the world? I see this shit posted on incel forums, we all get tarred with the same shitty brush. I fucking hate them for it.I want to punch her in the face myself and see how she reacts to that. I don’t care if that’s “not feminist”. I have every right to punch a fellow woman if she fucking deserves it

No. 794655

I have actually heard a version of this exact phrase from my dumbass libfem sister, regarding the Niqab and women getting crippling cosmetic surgeries, her rational is that woman should be allowed whatever they want to themselves and that preventing certain things, no matter how fucked up or irrational enforces the patriarchy

all this imo is a result of the me-first western feminism,
feminism in the western world has lot virtue. No one cares about the collective, the greater good, the bigger picture for women everywhere

No. 794659

i fucking despise this line of thinking. "nothing about me, my interests or my way of communicating something can ever be criticized or labeled as harmful bc i'm a WOMAN and a FEMINIST therefore EVERYTHING I DO is #GIRLBOSS". in the past i've discussed how i think bimbofication is degrading to women and of course the pickmes had to come out of the woodwork to tell me to "live and let live" and "let them be whatever they want (because that's feminism, right?)". feminism goes way beyond "letting women do as they please", because of course a woman can choose whatever she feels suits her best but she should also be questioning the nature of these choices and whether or not coercion and/or socialization plays a part in them.

i'm not a diehard radfem that thinks that any woman who chooses do something even a little bit rooted in misogyny is doing it bc the patriarchy coerces her to; you can like stuff like ie. make-up, or high heels, or shaving, or hell, even having violent kinks and acknowledge that these things are often used as toxic standards to coerce or pressure women into looking/acting a certain way (esp towards men). thinking that just because a woman is free to do as she pleases means it's open season for everything and anything is, imho, just as harmful as thinking women should look, think and act a specific way or else they're worthless.

No. 794660

Anon no, it will make them wet

No. 794666

I can't count the number of times I've seen men claim that 95 percent of all women have secret rape or degradation fantasies and they just don't know it yet. Could it be that those men just have a twitter feed full of OF girls getting paid to do that shit and act like they just love it so much.

There's a difference between 'I'm really into this sex act' and 'If you pay me enough I could really get behind this sex act' It's always the ones getting paid that scream the loudest about it. What could be their motivation??

No. 794672

Theres also a difference between something that's within the safe bounds of being non abusive, and something that it's intentionally abusive and crosses the line from rough sex into abuse, whether someone declared they "consented" or not.

No. 794677

Ngl sometimes I feel myself slipping back into a "not like other girls" attitude when I see the dumb things women post on Twitter and Tiktok, but I remember that a lot of women are also against this and tons of women irl would be disgusted by this if they saw it.

No. 794679

I think you're looking for a self of self awareness that many people can't grasp.
I'm not even talking about narcissistic hypocrites either, many well meaning people just struggle with the morally ambiguous concept that some things they do contradict their own ideals, even if they're ruthless about other people being problematic. I wonder if people struggle with accepting their own contradictions because of how radicalised identity politics has become in this time, where you can be cancelled for any little thing.

No. 795059

I just imagine it's a man pretending to be a woman to propagate these ideas. Even if that's not literally true, you can't tell me her mind hasn't been hijacked by violent men anyway. It's like she has a brain parasite that distorts her thinking.

You're letting men off easy, anon. I could just as easily say that this attitude encourages men to find flimsy excuses for their behaviour on twitter, but really men decide to do that all on their own and men should be held accountable. Of course out of billions of women out there, they'll always be able to find someone like her who says this shit, but that's only after they've decided to be scum. And if they can't find someone they'll just make her up.

We'd be able to ignore this deranged weirdo if men weren't the problem to begin with.

No. 796076

File: 1619883343006.png (661.89 KB, 880x616, what.PNG)

#happybirthdaycharlidamelio is trending and everyone is being extra autistic and posting straight up hentai/retarded memes and telling a literal teenager that no one gives a fuck about her

I mean I don't care about her either but she's harmless and they're the reason why the tag is trending anyway

No. 796932

Nope, he was very into reformations for Afro-Cubans, was the only white person Malcom X liked (stated as such by Malcom X himself), and allied/sent aid to Nelson Mandela when he was dismantling the apartheid

No. 798612

File: 1620138431409.png (416.76 KB, 612x1164, gavemeaids.png)

I don't like paying attention to what generic yaoi ship people are throwing tantrums over this time but what the hell is going on in the genshin fandom?? So many people in it have this deep terminally online brainrot. Also, new rule: If you're autistic you don't get to use a thesaurus.

No. 798626

File: 1620139036986.jpeg (102.43 KB, 736x1200, 1A84F133-5969-492D-A65B-0D8243…)

I swear they want to cancel Genshin because of that ship, nobody really gave a fuck about Genshin Impact until Mihoyo retweeted pic related 40keks, now all the autists are going nuts over whatever picture that has Diluc and Kaeya doing whatever, unless it’s Diluc hitting Kaeya, of course.

No. 798639

The dumbest part is that they are not biological brothers (but poor english translators decided to fuck things up), but are 'sworn' brothers, stuff like in Yakuza.

No. 798644

i'm pretty sure i have even seen people claiming that Kiryu/Nishiki and the like are incestuous ships so

No. 798660

Everything is bad nowadays, I’ve been considering unleashing my autism and compiling all of the ships of Genshin and why they’re considered problematic by the majority of the crowd, there’s always going to be some angry kid getting mad at whatever is getting published.

No. 798683

File: 1620143774301.jpg (45.92 KB, 393x410, meeeeh.JPG)

wait they can't even make the difference between adopted brothers (what they think) and sworn brothers? I don't know the lore of the characters but that make the incest discourse simultaneously worse and funny.

So retarded if their relation is just a Luffy/Ace one.

No. 798783

File: 1620150848516.png (47.41 KB, 603x287, f.png)

The fact this has so many likes is sad.

No. 798793


No. 798821

That’s your brain on pickmeism.

No. 798841

Women here get called worse. I'm not sure what your point is. Am I supposed to believe women who call other women derogatory names maliciously deserve to be called feminists? I'm side eyeing anyone who does that.

No. 799134

Nonnie, not everyone here is a feminist, nor the site isn’t a feminist site like ovarit, and I’m pretty sure that there’s a bunch of scrotes posting in lots of threads.
Just because there’s a vocal part of anons getting into feminism or that there are anons that are actually feminist, doesn’t mean all of the user base is the same.

No. 799387

This is clearly a joke anons, and this is a fairly common thinking among certain women, that shouldn't be conflated with pickme-ism, basically they appreciate all that feminism has done for them and still think its needed but they personally dont wanna put in any effort into feminist actvisim and so they don't call themselves feminist

No. 799614

it is on that level of retardation, people try to explain the concept again and again and that it's just like shipping mikasa and eren or even bronya and seele but the screeching continues from those 14 year olds.

is there even a single ship in this game thats not considered problematic? lol

No. 800026

File: 1620274093007.png (179.28 KB, 720x1120, Screenshot_20210506-082842.png)

So hermione is considered a un-woke character now, and also a dredded "white" feminist

No. 800029

i think that this person who seems to think only white people read books is the REAL racist

No. 800034

Most of them do actually sorta think like this, they have incredibly generalized views about race, I mean I get that like that

Like try being a black girl whose into rock music and into alt-fashion, literally everyone loses their minds and calls me a self-hater or something

No. 800036

yeah some white wokies i'm white but from a non-white country sound an awful lot like they're overcompensating for their own reflexive prejudices

No. 800037

tbf this one was black and I've had to endure a lot of negative shit from black people as well for allegedly acting white, Interestingly enough most of the woketards who said I acted too white had white boyfriends and husbands which is interesting

No. 800041

Didn't Gita date HHbomber? it's crazy how POC like her always have so much to say about white women, but date white men (if thats the same girl).

No. 800042

wtf? why would a fictional character be solely to blame for whatever her problem is here? it sounds like she used to be as much or more of a HP fan and is projecting something. I really am glad I don't use twitter because this tweet is literally being mad about nothing real

No. 800044

I hate to say it but I wonder if it's insecurity from the very fact that they are into white men. Is it about competition? Noticed this as well with /pol/tards being fixated on black men "stealing their women."

No. 800050

File: 1620278455795.jpg (238.42 KB, 750x630, 33c4eced4a83054137a92dafdb0945…)

As someone whose interacted with these types of people, its really not even close to how /pol/tards racial fixation
These people art stuck in bizzare online liberal bubbles, where the worst thing you can be is sincere

You can't just happen to date a guy who happens to be white, it has to be layered in irony so you can justify it towards other woke folks, as for the exact reason of why overly liberal woc date white men I don't think its that complicated, these women often participte in fandom spaces or activist spaces and the men they will likely interact with the most in those spaces will be white guys

No. 800062

>that post in the pic
Yikes. I see what you mean btw but I wasn't questioning why they like white guys, but rather why they hate white women so much at the same time. But then again I think they still go off about white men so I guess it really is like you said, inauthentic posturing.

No. 800075

What the fuck did I just read???

No. 800087

Jesus christ. I don't understand how you can be black and say shit like that.

No. 800091

The mental gymnastics here… does anybody really think Hermione is annoying or a know-it-all? Does she actually have no female friends or is Gita just imagining things to attempt to make a point?
I know a handful of people like this, it's almost like they want to be degraded. Victim mentality. I know plenty of people in interracial relationships that also cringe at these weirdos.

No. 800107

I'm in interracial relationship as well and I find this shit cringe as well, I don't like him cause he's white I like him cause we have similar music tastes, shows we like and that he's a good person
We don't talk about race unless we have to

No. 800108

to me Hermione kinda is those things, but it has nothing to do with the state of white feminism. she's a fictional character in one book series who'd only be associated with feminism in a buzzfeed article for HP fans. I think Gita is just trying to sound clever by making the first argument that came to her mind, which is what most of twitter does. it's a site designed for worthless takes.

No. 800146

Why is she talking about Hermione like she's a real person with real agency? If she's a know it all without "any female friends or friends at all" it's because she's written that way. She's also ignoring the fact that Harry and Ron, on top of being equally annoying, are often undeservedly cruel against her and others. I'm not even a HP fan anymore, but this is such a braindead take.

No. 800260

She's a little kid in the first books. Kids are annoying know it alls. She matures as the books go on. She had female friends, not as close as the main two guys though. Considering Ron and Harry were both written by a woman, they think and act more like women then men in my opinion. Maybe it's a stupid opinion but I feel like they're way too empathetic and non-sexist to get upset that Hermione is best friends with them and not some girls.

No. 800467

Bookfags are mad because they like a book written by JK Rowling. I'm glad she makes money off people who hate her.

No. 800820

File: 1620351492448.png (617.11 KB, 720x1302, loveisloveisaboutlgbtnotyourpe…)

Twitter freaks piss me off the most. I recoiled in disgust.

No. 800860

it's because woc want to date cute autists and that's obviously white man's disease

No. 800866

Meanwhile we can TELL bitch was like the poster child of not having any friends and being annoying in middle/high school.
Keep seething wokies, you can't stop talking about HP because you fucking love it.

No. 800871

So ripping on a popular female character is considered "feminism" now? I knew plenty of persnickety little know-it-alls like her growing up. I think it's true to life to include a kid with that personality in what basically amounts to a book about boarding school. People are really reaching for shit to hate Harry Potter now that JKR committed wrongthink.

No. 800882

I remember seeing fanart for the top right pairing in the past lmao I didn't realize bart was such a popular character for self inserts

No. 801234

It's mostly drawn by anouying teenagers or degenerate troons.

No. 801362

I hate how so many woketard women date white guys who aren’t even that woke themselves. Double standards much?

No. 801675

I don't even know where to start unpacking this to be honest. First of all even to this day it's pretty much a fact that geeky, smart kids are left alone and don't learn social codes by interacting with their peers. Secondly Hermione had a complex over her not being from a master race wizard family which made her an overachiever to make up for being a mudblood. Thirdly how was Hermione teaching "white women feminism"? Just by being a female main character? I think this description applies more to later seasons Lisa Simpson out of all fictional proto-feminist characters. Pretty sure this tweet is just a thinly veiled attempt to drag J.K. for woke points once again.

No. 802845

File: 1620593314571.png (462.23 KB, 720x828, Screenshot_20210510-012849.png)

Well I mean does any woman wanna date a annoyingly woketard male, regardless of race
Moderately liberal regular white guy x terminally online woketard woman, was probably the most common paring I saw in collage and in most woke spaces

No. 803520

File: 1620663962143.png (140.5 KB, 536x680, m.png)

What % of the 339k do you think are actually mentally ill?

No. 803525

I think a lot of people forget that teenagers make a large percent of people on twitter.

No. 803536

I mean compared to a userbase of 350 million people 339k isn't really that much. It's more than statistically possible that most people who interacted with that tweet have genuine problems.

No. 803549

I think most people that spend significant time on twitter would self-diagnose as depressed. Depression has like the lowest criterium for qualification.

No. 803667

>Depression has like the lowest criterium for qualification
Does it? Couple years ago I attempted suicide, and psychological examination I got done like two months afterwards said I did not display sufficient symptoms to be diagnosed.

No. 803675

yeah kek, this is a symptom of being a fucking teenager

No. 803684

I think this is meant to parody pro-shippers

No. 803688

File: 1620674612704.jpg (197.08 KB, 1024x876, 1607629681257.jpg)

Not that many. The visibility of and information about mental illnesses have increased greatly over the past decade. I think this has caused a lot of (young) people to feel like their emotional or mental problems can't be that bad if there isn't a 'genuine mental illness' label attached. I don't doubt that these people have issues but connecting everything to some (more often than not self-diagnosed) DSM disorder can be a way to dodge personal responsibility and it seems like that's the case for a lot of people.
It also kind of defeats the purpose of having specific defined mental illnesses. Instead of a label being a tool to better help yourself it now seems like it only exacerbates the problems in a lot of cases. People will be like 'wow I totally relate to all these ADHD symptoms, others just need to accommodate my short attention span!' instead of trying to improve. If you blame depression for you not having the energy to clean your room, you're more likely to let it get even worse and thus sink further into self-pity and inaction.
I'm not saying they're all like that, and obviously mental illness is a real thing that should be taken seriously, but how it's being treated right now doesn't sit right with me.

Yeah, this is why they're often self-diagnosed. When you look at the DSM criteria for depression a lot of it is vague/general enough to easily identify with. Stuff like sadness, lack of energy, sleeping issues (either too much or too little) and indecisiveness is all pretty easy to relate to, especially if it's just an online quiz and not an actual psych evaluation.

No. 803708

op is white. wtf?

No. 803716

>date cute autists and that's obviously white man's disease
Could you leave some autists for the rest of us? I really don't like how woc taking all the white men.

No. 803746

nta but there's this weird complex among POC communties in America where its belived that mental health issues are a white people thing so those issues are never addressed in out community, like my brown younger brother is literally autistic and people blame It him not being in touch with his family

That said one the type of white guy I've seen a lot these woke WOC date/marry has always been the bland boring safe white guy, like its hard to describe but imagine a moderately liberal white guy whose not terminally online all the time and has no idea about culture wars

Basically the guy being parodied in this video

No. 803748

>imagine a moderately liberal white guy whose not terminally online all the time and has no idea about culture wars
Sounds great tbh, that's exactly what terminally online SJW girls would need.

No. 803758

sorry nonny we're building our harems and you can't do shit. there should still be the adhd boys and the schizos.

No. 803759

It makes sense, no one wants to date annoying woke guy regardless of race so a moderate liberal guy who you can lecture but isn't ignorant of the major societal issues would be the ideal partner for these women

No. 803761

i think one aspect comes down to men using this type of woke language for their own benefit (like male feminists) so men who are chill and vaguely aware but not deep into it are usually safer or less annoying dating options.

No. 803773

Kinda reminds me of the lesbian ally Thor meme, where he represented an Ideal male ally, not some annoying woke feminist dude but just a great guy who you know supports you and is cool.


No. 804243

File: 1620750625919.jpeg (125.92 KB, 750x355, 9B00E41E-3C3E-49E3-A5A2-9E1DA5…)

Even though I've peaked it's insane how pandering to these men actively harms women. Women being pressured to remove facial hair is not good you dipshits.

No. 804280

No it works on most countries now with sufficient political culture (enough woke/liberal population)
except muslim countries and African countries
It may not be on this level but its definitely on social level as well as pandering can be seen too

No. 804286

I think outside the anglosphere it only works on very online (ie americanized) teenagers and university students. Even most millenials don't care

No. 804299

When will these guys learn that women with facial hair are either talking about thin and short peach fuss above the lips, or in very rare cases they have severe PHYSICAL health issues that make them still was less hairy than the average male?

No. 804301

Also certain women and men are incapable of growing any body and facial hair(Africans, Certain Asians and Native Americans)

No. 804319

They forget PCOS exists, but then again I imagine they'd be jealous of women who have it because you need to have ovaries to get pcos.

No. 804328

File: 1620759429194.png (127.05 KB, 720x848, Screenshot_20210511-235341.png)

Cause Its easier to learn languages from the same family. It is not as easy to speak languages from different families
Its easier for me to learn Persian then Arabia cause Persian is more related to the languages I speak and its easier for me learn Russian and even Gaelic then Chinese cause the languages I speak are all In do-European

No. 804330

No they perfectly knows it exists, the tweet and many other mtf love implying that women with PCOS are either intersex or just straight up lesser women. The same way they love being racist and calling black women manlier than other women, and thus lesser women. I've seen the exact same racist argument used for women from other ethnicities because they tend to have more body hair and some slightly visible peach fuzz than average too.

No. 804331

sage for samefagging but whoever wrote this must be a retarded American (again), Basque is barely taught in Pays Basque as far as I know and they think it's gonna be as mainstream and Spanish or English when they're taught all over the planet at school, spoken by millions of people with minimal differences between dialects and it's easy to learn them at home by yourself because of how many text books there are?

No. 804336

Where the fuck would you even go to learn Basque or find resources for self-study? delusional. Probably written by a monolingual American

No. 804348

This guy thought some Chinese guy who only speaks his first language and maybe English from school could just instantly learn Basque by visiting Bayonne for one week or some shit. Embarrassing. Most people who know these languages are from these regions to begin with anyway and not everyone from there learnt these almost dying languages.

No. 804353

Yeah, I can’t wait to start learning Basque so I forget about it after a few months because I don’t fucking use it.
People need to let some languages go, for fuck’s sake, just keep it as an optional course for anyone who actually wants to learn about it, keep it properly archived and it will be nice.
Imagine if everyone got forced to speak Latin or sanscrit, we would have, again, even more illiterate people than there is nowadays, but of course, the retard who just discovered that some languages die over the time just decided that everyone needs to use those dying languages everyday.

No. 804423

There are a lot of countries where people are getting amercianized even not so liberal states
Only Muslim states are really free from this as they don't get this behavior, most people would avoid outing themselves as weird against islamic culture

No. 804487

Lmao, unrelated point but this artist had a callout floating around on Twitter not too long ago for antisemitism or something

No. 804513

you all sound as retarded as that americuck

No. 804520

If Latin and Sanskrit are the examples you pick to make this point, you make it really obvious that you don't know what the fuck you're talking about.

No. 804589

File: 1620789035152.png (99.13 KB, 720x550, Screenshot_20210512-004324.png)

And this is who they were replying to, like yeah some accents nicer then others and some don't

No. 804593

File: 1620789426869.png (40.7 KB, 600x326, 29586750564.png)

Twitter is having a fucking aneurysm over this tweet and misconstruing it to mean that she supports genocide.

No. 804595

File: 1620789516149.png (41.08 KB, 605x275, 456547457267.png)

Has the education system failed them or do they just go through withdrawal if they don't have someone to angrily dogpile every 24 hours?

No. 804599

both. I fucking hate twitter. where do they get all this energy to be mad all the time when they could just move on with their day? I hate these melodramatic virtue signalling fools

No. 804608

It’s okay if you like obscure languages and dialects with no practical use outside of the community that uses the language/dialect, nonnie, that doesn’t make any less retarded the idea of pushing people into learning a language that will end up as an accessory, and a waste of time, specially if you’re not even interacting with the people of that community, nor using the language even sporadically.
Unless you’re a Basqueboo who wants to only speak Basque, read Basque and listen to Basque outside of Pais Basque, like a tool.

No. 804626

dogisaga had a fucking callout? what's the point calling out someone that horrible and unapologetic about it, only takes .5 seconds seeing her stuff to know she's a nazi, kek they must know nothing

No. 804678

Learning different languages doesn't make people illiterate lol. Even developing some basic familiarity with Latin is beneficial because it's the basis for all of the modern dominant languages. Deepening your understanding of grammar systems and etymology is good for cognitive development, that's just a fact. It can even improve your communication skills in your primary language. What's making people illiterate is the lazy, anti intellectual cultural attitude demonstrated in that dumbass tweet.

No. 804685

All medical and some law professionals learn and use Latin, anon. Not really an obscure language.

No. 804712

"Cis" women need to stop coddling insane troons, these people actually envy us to the point of hatred, one minute they are all uwu to garner some sympathy and the next one they call you a cunt for not being a good enough ally.

Also learning a new alphabet and grammar system is really fucking hard especially when you get older, most grade schools can only afford to teach english+the language of the neighboring countries. I had a teacher in college who could speak something like 30 languages and understand 20 more but he was some kind of turbo autist, not everybody can be gifted like that.

No. 804726

NAYRT, pushing an obscure language is ok if you're passionate about it and want to share your enthusiasm with other people, ie genuine fondness for learning and benevolence towards other curious people. name-dropping random languages you just googled for the purpose of feeling superior and woke and fulfilling your fantasies of controlling people's lives is stupid.

i really like latin, but it is mostly dead, doctors and law people just parrot expressions and terminology, they really are not the ones to maintain it on life support (think the Vatican and eccentric spoken latin academics).

No. 804728

Am I legitimately retarded or is he saying those languages are somehow a privilege to learn and brag about knowing because they're european?
Like in the case of croatian, people probably know the language because their parents are migrants, I don't see many fancy polyglots learning croatian just for the fun of it kek

No. 804742

he's arguing against a made-up person who would claim to know "languages around the world", while actually only speaking certain major european languages. and then assuming people who learn major languages do it for praise, because no one praises basque/welsh/croatian learners?
it's a retarded critique of "colonizer mentality" in polyglot circles, i think.

the twitter OP and the anons ITT are all making a lot of assumptions on the resources available for these minority languages (spoiler: basque has a much more varied and active cultural production than some other minority languages in europe) and the language learning process.

No. 804744

I totally misread that post, oops.
I thought he said you would get praised for learning basque and croatian so it had me thinking for a moment because it would imply croatian fell into that "colonizer mentality" as you said kek

No. 804754

File: 1620818126376.png (238.21 KB, 598x581, 185506130_3743652202412551_547…)

Wonderful thread about how revolutionary new Resident Evil villain is because she's not youthful but still has an overly sexualized design AND also has nasolabial folds?? Just wow
Reminds me of how tryhard with proving deeper meaning people were when Kill la Kill came out

No. 804755

isn't that the girl who became famous with her rant video about Mulan live action and made it her personality

No. 804759

I don’t know why anons are praising the boring ugly swamp water looking game for sexualizing an elderly woman. That’s like taking the small bare minimum of having female video characters that don’t cater to the nerdy male gaze. It depresses me because it just really confirms that none of this shit will change. Even older women disappoint me because instead of denouncing sexualization/objectification of all women whether they are young and old, they just want to be picked by men who aren’t worth their attention. Makes me sick and that’s probably why people hate older women, they have an innate insecurity towards younger women who clearly need protection from older (and hopefully wiser lol) women.

No. 804760

>anti-intellectual culture

You do know that language isn’t even real, right?

No. 804761

I have never read the phrase "nasolabial folds" outside the context of something extremely autistic on the internet

No. 804765

File: 1620819709209.jpg (85.01 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

yeah it's like dead giveaway of someone spending too much time on the internet

> That’s like taking the small bare minimum of having female video characters that don’t cater to the nerdy male gaze.
Tbh she doesn't even do that, giant dangerous lady with huge tits and ass, everyone is sexualizing her, there's no way she wasn't designed with "step on me mommy" fetish in mind.
What annoys me in this thread is that this guy sounds like he legit never plays games and just says whatever sounds good. Wrinkles are not revolutionary, but if he wanted to maybe sound more genuine about his care of cool older women representation in media he could have choosen a more fitting example than theatrical sexy vampire

No. 804768

File: 1620820296273.png (121.3 KB, 1080x774, Screenshot_20210512-134450~2.p…)

On the opposite side of dumb takes regarding Lady D we have picrel, lesbian coomers on Twitter are trying way too hard to claim the character for them, she's so obviously designed as a thirst trap for whoever has a giantess milf fetish. I don't mind the character herself but I'm tired of seeing people making her some sort of woke figure when she's basically just the female version of Mr.X.

No. 804769

There are multiple scenes where the camera pans over her tits/ass for a bit in the game, she was designed to be sexualized. Pandering to men with different sets of fetishes is still pandering to men smh.

No. 804772

This bit around ~3:00 in particular.

No. 804773

the twitter thread OP posted argues it's revolutionary though because she's not looking like a teen / young adult.

No. 804775

Ah yes expanding the definition of fuckability (the only thing women are good for of course) to include ALL women this is what feminism really is.

Twitter is really braindead.

No. 804776

I don’t even play resident evil but even my dumbass knew that character was made to appeal to straight men with mommy issues

No. 804788

With the explosion of online ethots who sell their body for a few bucks and overphotoshopped instagram influencers who destroy young girls' self-esteems I really don't get why we still argue over fictional cartoon women

No. 804795

File: 1620824005731.png (211.5 KB, 720x886, Screenshot_20210512-104101.png)

yeah she's the one, I followed her on twitter before that vid though where she would tweet interesting stuff regarding Chinese history and culture, but she has some very biased and dumb takes regarding "white people" and Christians

No. 804825

>I don’t know why anons are praising the boring ugly swamp water looking game for sexualizing an elderly woman
because they want to be sexualized too. there was a tall anon in a different thread who said that men thirsting over this character made her feel better about herself lmao

No. 804834

Rogue really is an extraordinary example of a great "older woman" character in videogames, good thinking anon. He could've talked about her instead and it woud've been more on point than whatever his essay on Lady Dimitrescu was.

No. 804839

Some women don’t really care about feminism and just use it to get better dating prospects. Similar to how men claim to be MRAs but the only male “issue” they talk about is not getting enough Tinder swipes.

No. 804928

Great so scrotes could be gay and promiscous but women had to bind their feets to be considered worthy?

No. 804937

Adult landed landowner's being allowed to legally rape their slaves or males of lower social classes isn't that great look either for lgbt rights

No. 804969

A lot of those "ancient civilizations were inclusive until whities came" claims are misconstrued, most of the gay sex was between male aristocrats who practiced it as some kind of intellectual hobby, I'm pretty sure a gay farmer would have been shunned by his community.

No. 804987

hate these idiotic "people of the ancient past were living in a perfect progressive society, actually" bullshit. This isn't different from alt-right larpers praising Romans. Any time you read of ancient homosexuality, it's always an old man abusing his power over a young boy, or that society hated women so much they thought women didn't have feelings and could not comprehend love.

No. 804990

In anicent China, Greece, The Ottoman Empire(which all shared the similarity of being extremely patriarchal and misogynistic) there was a mentality that women are only for children and thet boys are for pleasure, this still occurs in Afghanistan and in Parts of Pakistan to this day
Women are locked in their homes and their only purpose Is to be baby factories meanwhile the men go out and rape little boys

No. 805059


The whole "white people brought homophobia and transphobia!!!" thing seems mostly to be coping mechanism for queer SEA/asians, especially on twitter kek. Trying to blame their ancestor's "bigotry" on the evil white colonizers

No. 805062

File: 1620845925762.jpg (214.37 KB, 1080x938, IMG_20210512_205728.jpg)

I shouldn't be surprised because it's twitter but people have the dumbest takes

No. 805071


a coomer wonders why people don't agree with his coomer tastes. the lack of self awareness is astounding

No. 805073

woah i cannot believe this is a mtf

No. 805089

it's not that boobs are evil-it's just that men are evil

No. 805099

I mean it's a problem when the fictional women's characterization suffers because they're constantly narrowed down to sex, sexy, boobies, living for men and no humanity of their own

No. 805103

>being against the objectification of women is like so sex negative uwu
A take I would definitely expect from a male.

No. 805111

File: 1620848288297.jpg (51.37 KB, 828x991, thumbnail.jpg)

I can’t do this anymore. I'm tired anons.

No. 805117

twitter & tumblr made me hate the word valid. fuck that word.

No. 805121

File: 1620848615013.jpg (125.46 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

It's funny that when the said gaze is done on men it's perceived negatively and make them feel uneasy.

Honestly not matter the take they have about it the objectification of women in media and general IS a fact, not a recent made up shit to rant at people. If only they could just be honnest about that and just go "I don't mind the sexualization and I don't want to hear about that" instead of dismissing, once again, facts.

No. 805125

it can't be valid since you have to be mentally disabled to love men

No. 805133

I can't believe Final Fantasy of all series had to tone down the ridiculous character design of one if its main male characters. You'd think by now people would expect ridiculously pretty or cute guys in tight clothes in their FF games but apparently people forgot.

No. 805150

I love you, anon. People do have to be mentally retarded to love moids

No. 805161

I frequently see tweets like this going viral (50k + likes) but I’ve barely seen any tweets saying it’s bad to like men aside from some that get like 5 likes. This seems to be the mainstream pov by now. Why do they feel so oppressed about this?

No. 805172

The narrative that men would be fine if society just let them express their emotions (mostly regulated by other men) and that it's unfair/sexist to say things like "you deserve to be a princess/you dropped this queen" without including an equal cultural message of telling men that they're kings and deserve to be pampered.

No. 805176

It is now, but I think it mostly took off after twitter abusing queen.

No. 806020

File: 1620936384510.png (329.28 KB, 720x1120, Screenshot_20210514-005036.png)

I'm all for diversity and inclusiveness but takes like these do more harm then good
This post referencing that one of the lesser known knights of the round table was a "half moor" to woketards this means full African black, but a Moor was just a term used for Spanish and North African Muslims, they weren't black by any means

I mean trying to justify forced neo-liberal diversity in historical shows doesn't do favors for anyone

No. 806028

I think I've read about this guy some time ago, weren't there some medieval fantasy shit like he alternatively changed skin color to show he was mixed? And I believe at the end of the story he turns completely white, not really Black Panther at King Arthur's court like the user is trying to sell it.

No. 806084

This is the nerdiest thing anyone has ever gotten mad about

No. 806098

>but a Moor was just a term used for Spanish and North African Muslims
I've never heard this word used for anyone Spanish, only for North Africans in a historical context. The people you're talking about are probably the type to sperg about conspiracy theories about Ancient Egypt, am I wrong?

No. 806118

File: 1620943815251.jpg (99.74 KB, 629x900, san-maurizio-31.jpg)

this is what a Moor is supposed to look like, by the way. I hate how US-centric discourse completely erases med people. There's nutsos who insist ancient egyptians were never brown/light-brown.

No. 806132

File: 1620944482674.png (1.44 MB, 908x1276, sikv1.png)

That's not exactly true. The word "moor" predates Islam by 1000 years and was typically used to describe dark-skinned people in general. It's kind of like "American"/"Amerimutt", a multiracial/loaded term.
There were Christian Moors (meaning it's not just a Muslim thing), and depictions like "blackamoors" (pic related) that clearly aren't/weren't just the pale-ish North African people some types insist solely represented Moors. Also, Roman passages like "One of them, with wooly hair, like a Moor, seems to be the son of Santra, the cook. The second, with a flat nose and thick lips, is the image of Pannicus, the wrestler . . . of the two daughters, one is black . . . and belongs to Crotus, the flute player." (Martial, VI, 39.).
I don't really know/care about King Arthur, but the word "moor" gets misrepresented a lot.

No. 806147

You are mistaken. Moor definitely meant a Muslim. With regards to skin colour the moors were Arabs or southern Europeans, but they were depicted as black because the Christian Europeans of the time saw them as evil because of their adherence to Islam.

Basically, skin colour was even back then used to imply good/evil and the same people would be depicted as white or black depending on which religion they belonged to.

No. 806149

Reminder that this person is a hypersexual fetishist tranny so there's your context. It's just a complicated way to say "I want to have my male entitlement over female bodies in peace".

You have to understand anon, for Americans there are only American people with Anglo-Saxon protestant heritage (white) and American people of African heritage (black). They can't comprehend the spectrum of different ethnicities around the world.

No. 806154

File: 1620945867150.jpeg (220.26 KB, 932x1200, Mathis_Gothart_Grünewald_011.…)

And the wooly hair, wide noses, etc? Like, pic related is a 16th century painting of St. Maurice, he was venerated but mostly kept with dark skin and features that weren't Southern European or Arab.
Also, people from the Senegalese/Sanhajalese Empire were also referred to as "Moors".

No. 806168

That's because there was no scientific precision to the term. You have to interpret it in context.
In general it is as I described. If you read wikipedia or general history of the region (I'm from there too), they agree with me.

That does not exclude that maybe in some occasions they met a black Christian and also called him a moor.

Also notice that in your picture, the African dude is more lifelike and less of a caricature, so the painting is trying to convey something different.

No. 806173

Anon, that's literally what I said, kek. There is no specific precision to the term, it's multiracial and used to refer to "dark peoples" from all sorts of places, which included black people. It wasn't solely for one group of North Africans. Not sure if you misread my post.

No. 806177

North Africans aren't Arabs, dumbass. None f you can even keep your arguments straight, it's frankly amazing.

No. 806209

Arab muslims never mixed with the people of the african land they invaded, yes. But ancient egyptians left plenty of evidence that they ethnically weren't like central africans.

No. 806218

>random egypt sperging after being wrong
Marie Cachet, is that you?

No. 806229

what the hell are you talking about? Meds and central africans are different, why is that so hard to get

No. 806234

No one said they were the same. I'm not the anon you talked about Egyptians to, you just sound like an autist.

No. 806235

you're really fucking weird, anon.

No. 806238

Uhh, sure. Please let the thread get back on track now.

No. 806559

File: 1621004850492.jpg (94.65 KB, 827x863, 2.JPG)

Liking houseplants is eco-fascism

No. 806563

>nah but
I'm not even reading the rest, that was already enough for me.

No. 806581

Im not black but I come from a Pakistani family, it sucks that you can't call out any of the shitty aspects of your culture without being accused of being a self hater/white worshipper/colonizer

Like I try to point out that most Desi food is not oiled up and not that good for you, I get accused of wanting to be white, Same with wanting to talk about mental health


No. 806586

File: 1621007148407.png (124.4 KB, 1080x786, Screenshot_20210514-173627~2.p…)

I'm starting to get sick of seeing this "do not perceive me uwu" shit, it's the kind of phrase that was funny at first (I guess) but it has lost all of its meaning due to being repeated ad nauseam. Everyone is wearing a mask, they are probably not as unperceivable (and special) as they think they are, and I don't think they'll keep it on when heat waves will hit hard.

No. 806593

We had summer on Earth last year, too, anon.

No. 806599

imagine caring this much about something so trivial, these people all have to be underage. if they're not, that's embarrassing

No. 806605

this is SO stupid. Just admit you hate looking at people taking care of their room and making it pretty but you don't have the patience for it and have to drag them down with your misery. Most people are stuck in ugly apartment buildings and are just trying to improve their surroundings, it's very important for mental health

No. 806620

seriously i feel like once something becomes popular even if its beneficial for everyone's mental health people start to act all high and mighty and shit on it with "well actually" like fuck off and let people be happy. I love seeing people with giant plants all over the house. I just know that they are doing something that brings them joy and that brings me joy. Planting isnt hurting anyone wtf.

No. 806776

Some people should just join a debate team. Clearly just want to argue.

No. 806977

File: 1621041674140.jpeg (191.83 KB, 750x538, 2737782A-AAD0-4348-A3B7-02A9FD…)

men meet the bare minimum of being critical of porn yet are still retarded. these fucking tards act like women have never analyzed or discussed the popularity of true crime before.

No. 806979

1) women arent the only ones consuming true crime content
2) true crime can be bad for mental health but it doesn't deplete your brain chemicals and distort your perception of sex the same way porn does
3)there's no predatory "true crime industry" that sucks people into it and exploits people the way porn does

No. 806982

Watching true crime as a woman only makes you more aware of the dangers of porn, prostitution, trafficking, rape, and all the disgusting and degenerate shit men do.

Literally not the same.

No. 806995

I mean the only agreement I can make with this is that their should be more effort to stop teenage girls from getting into true crime
I mean I was glorifying the columbine shooters at 13 and my group of esgelord friends were all obsessed with serial killers and murderers

No. 806998

Does this guy think all women who listen to true crime are hybristophilic? Every day I am amazed at the lack of awareness and critical thinking that men display

No. 807000

i think to a degree it's normal for kids to get into edgy shit as part of maturing and unavoidable as they learn about the worst in the world. it should be part of parent's job to make sure kids are still well-rounded and healthy.

No. 807002

Sure, let's talk about it after we see the studies on how true crime podcasts destroy your grey matter, exploit women/children by actively perpetuating the sex trafficking industry, and make people less sympathetic to rape victims.

No. 807005

Teens will get obsessed with whatever is edgy at the time if they can, i had a friend who used to be obsessed with hitler and would try to make her own nazi cult. It didn’t work, but she did everything she could to make our friends want to be into it.

No. 807029

What the fuck does this even mean? God why did the tumblrtards have to migrate to Twitter and introduce their cancerous ideology to locals.

No. 807045

I knew someone exactly like this
Having crush on school shooters shoudnt normal for a 13 year old anon

No. 807046

Actually we just need to tell women to stop watching porn too, a lot of them are also developing fucked up fetishes from watching too much of it. Not as bad as men, but still bad.

No. 807048

Excuse my lack of reading comprehension but wtf are they trying to say here?

No. 807051

They don't like how people's connection to nature is through houseplants bought from corporations and not a more "authentic" relationship.

No. 807053

Unless the two people saying house plants are eco fascist actually live in the fucking woods then I don't want to hear shit about authentic relationships with a fucking potted cactus

No. 807133

As if the worst obsessed tinfoiling spergs in the true crime community weren't males who dedicate their entire existence to victim blaming female murder victims killed by their husbands and boyfriends. I hate men more each passing day.

Exactly. I think a big reason why women are into true crime is that they feel sympathy towards the (usually female) victims and want to hear their stories to be aware of what happened to them. Men call it "murder porn" because they're used to sexualizing every single thing they consume and can't understand the fact that women don't do so.

No. 807155

you can buy houseplants from a little shop though
and if you can't buy from a little shop then you probably live in an area where big brands like walmart killed little shops, and what fault do you have in your government not having regulation against practices like penetration prices?

No. 807157

Lmao go back

No. 807180

File: 1621080225054.png (97.97 KB, 1080x423, Screenshot_20210515-104848~2.p…)

…what does that even mean?

No. 807189

What's with all these weird subtypes of asexual where some of them even fuck their partner regularly or they're sex workers or they're porn addicts? It's a club that anyone can join then.

No. 807305

It means that they detroyed their brain and sex drive by watching too much fucked up porn that now the only way they can get aroused is by doing only that specific kink.

But of course they and the other freaks pretending to be asexual will never admit that.

No. 807332

They wanna be oppressed, too

No. 807415


I've seen asexuals saying they masturbate / have sex / etc etc but they don't necessarily have "sexual attraction" to the partner, they just biologically enjoy it (???)

Apparently to some of these people sexual attraction is not the same and can even be separated from the act of sexual gratification itself. It's really weird mental gymnastics lmao

No. 807450

I think they try to say it's just a lack of sexual attraction to other people, as though people don't turn them on but the act of sex itself is still enjoyable? Idgi

No. 807458

I don't think that's asexuality. It is supposed to be the opposite, you get romantic desires but not sexual ones.

No. 807488

I tried to ask about that to someone I know to be the sjw on his curtiouscat he confirmed to me that it's perfectly possible to be asexual and still enjoy masturbation (and added "if anyone disagree you can unfollow" kek)

No. 807506

Most asexuals nowadays are just autistic nerds who are too weird to date so but they are not comfortable with that. Calling yourself ace is just a way to deflect the problem.

No. 807611

Why wouldn't it be possible? Not being sexually attracted to other people doesn't make you unable to feel physical pleasure.

No. 807891

This seems accurate. I had a short sleeping around phase when I was a young adult. Then I developed intimacy issues where I didn't want sexual contact anymore. It affected and basically ended two relationships in a row. Also coincided with me struggling with a few other issues ..and then I got a really late autism diagnosis. I mainly struggle with the sensory part of tism so it makes sense. If I were younger I might've been sucked into the asexual label.

No. 807975

I dunno about you but a lot of sexual pleasure comes from your state of mind. Whenever I wasn't in the mood or not turned off enough, I didn't really feel anything good, just movements

No. 808010

File: 1621171353644.png (152.09 KB, 720x976, Screenshot_20210516-182029.png)

Worst fucking libfem take I've ever seen