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File: 1618448118777.png (296.84 KB, 1000x600, Screenshot-2021-03-26-at-09.25…)

No. 1208650

Previous thread >>>/snow/1185010
Previously on Celebricows:
>A bunch of female celebrities wear ugly dresses at the Grammy's. Lolcow discusses
>Speaking of the Grammy's, Fiona Apple wins two awards but doesn't attend and instead spends the night sleeping. Kek.
>Rita Ora threatens to sue some TikTok dude for libel and slander. Some anons speculate that the TikTok user made up the allegations while others speculate that it's her social media manager LARPing as a lawyer. Or maybe it's herself? Idk…
>Ellen Page (now Elliot Page) graces the cover of TIME magazine for the first time since trooning out. Showcases her very greasy, school shooter haircut.
>Angel from Buffy jacks off in a video. Anons react.
>Cardi B and right wing personality Candance Owens get into a Twitter beef. Autism on all sides.
>Demi Lovato's documentary comes out. Says she was raped while working at Disney. Also a genderspecial now. Dicussion of her cow like behavior over the years ensue.
>Speaking of child stars, Alexa Nikolas of Zoey 101 fame accuses her ex husband of grooming her, starting when she was underage
>North Korea declares Kpop acts such as BTS and BLACKPINK as being propaganda and that the members are often in slave like conditions. You know what they says about broken clocks….
>The most recent season of the Bachelor has drama in which the first black bachelor confronts the winner about her racist past.
>More Grimes nonsense. Gets a shitty tattoo on her back.
>Billie Eilish dies her hair blonde. Kinda gives off Courtney Love/ Debbie Harry vibes.
>Angelina Jolie accuses ex husband Brad Pitt of domestic violence.
Chrissy Teigen (AKA the queen of these threads) post a topless photo of herself with her toddler son. Obviously catches flack for it. Then quits Twitter. No one is saddened by this. Also is People's Most Beautiful Person or something.
>Armie Hammer is accused of rape. The accusation is by none other than Effie.
>Following the Free Britney documentary and Oprah's exclusive interview with Harry and Meghan, Britney Spears is apparently considering an interview with Oprah as well.
>Bhad Bhabie/Danielle Bregoli/"Cash me outside" girl turns 18 and then joins Onlyfans. Also accuses Dr. Phil of sending her to an abusive ranch under the disguise of helping troubled teens. Also thread derails on whether she has had breast implants or not.
>Discussion of celebrity stalkers ensuses.
>Kylie Jenner shows her ass by posting a link to a gofundme for a friend, encouraging her fans to donate 5k for his surgery, despite the fact that she's stupidly rich.
>Emrata keeps posting obviously shopped, half naked pics of herself weeks after giving birth. Also posts pictures of her tits while breastfeeding her son.
>Jessica Walter of Arrested Development and Archer fame, has passed away at 80. R.I.P
>Beverly Clearly, author of the Ramona books, passes away at 104. R.I.P
>Pete Davidson moves out of his mom's basement. Also might be dating the girl from Bridgerton
Lil Nas X releases the video of his new single. Grinds on Satan. Fundies rage like it's 1988 again. Also lolcow discusses Lil Nas' past on Stan Twitter.
>Madonna still pretends she's 25 and shops her face onto a much younger fan's body. Lolcow talks about her other cringy behavior throughout the last decade.
>Discussion on Donald Glover/Childish Gambino being an incel and having a fetish for Asian women.
>Discussion on Princess Nokia and the fact that she seemingly has no set identity as an artist. Oddly enough, no anons point out that she's a grown woman who calls herself "princess."
>More Azealia nonsense. I don't even care anymore
>Some rapper named Quavo got caught beating his girlfriend on an elevator through security footage. Twitter scrotes rush to his defense.
>The Saga of Skai Jackson continues. This time she is caught sperging over her ex (who's Beyonce's nephew but that's irrelevant) and his new 14 year old gf.
>Troons on Twitter attack Sarah Paulson of AHS fame because she chose not to put her pronouns in her Twitter bio.
>An unedited photo of Khloe Kardashain gets leaked. Kardashians go full Bob Chandler and try to take it off the internet with no success.
>Adian Gallagher (idk who that even is) is a groomer apparently.
>Florence Pugh and her dad/boyfriend go to the beach for his 46th birthday
>Nev (from Catfish) and his wife are expecting another baby. Wife also launches an Onlyfans focusing on pregnancy. Gross.
>Rapper D.M.X dead at 50. R.I.P
>Actress Charlene Yi speaks out about James Franco's predatory behavior. Tells us what we already know.

No. 1208652

Whelp. Fucked up some of greentext. Idk, I'm just gonna leave it as it is instead of being a sperg(namefag)

No. 1208667

shit thread(infighting)

No. 1208674

very shit thread

No. 1208675

the thread is good op thank you

No. 1208682

shit thread op

No. 1208691

I don’t know why anons are so salty. A bit long but otherwise a fine OP with some good kek points.

No. 1208694

why can't OP ever post a link on the previous thread to the new one?

>More Azealia nonsense. I don't even care anymore

better start caring because the cow self milks.

No. 1208707

Who gives a fuck about these mainstream celebrities? They're all just props used to serve the brainless sheep masses.

No. 1208709

No. 1208711

>brainless sheep masses
Can't tell if you're trolling or a massive redpilled incel retard.
Anyways sage your shit next time

No. 1208714

it’s more like watching animals at the zoo for me

No. 1208725

You cared enough to comment

No. 1208727

I tried but it wouldn't let me because the previous thread reached max post
I know

No. 1208728

“Shit thread op”
Damn it took 2 days for a new one, why didn’t any of you alpha cows make one then?

No. 1208734

It's skim milk at best by now. AB was hilarious when she first started chimping out, then it got old and now it's far past dead horse. She needs her own thread again so her repetitive le epic trollz don't derail this one.

No. 1208737

where do you all go for celeb gossip? i don't use twitter and ontd is full of insufferable tumblr snowflakes.

No. 1208749

Damn the Satan in that pic is ugly af

Absolutely Based

No. 1208764

File: 1618457592624.jpeg (56.31 KB, 585x669, 1306001.jpeg)

he/they in bio in 3…

No. 1208773

File: 1618458098176.jpeg (39.58 KB, 660x371, 4D11F5FB-8645-4ECB-A4C3-347A66…)

thank you for the thread anon!

the guy that did that viral “welcome to chillies” vine died. idk if he’s considered a celeb but it’s pretty random. as far as i can tell they haven’t released a cause of death but i’m thinking it was suicide

No. 1208774

File: 1618458130542.jpeg (117.88 KB, 828x815, 52D3D837-E59B-488B-986F-A71510…)

Haven’t you heard anon? They’re all milk ultra projects, that’s probably why all of them die extremely early.

No. 1208775

File: 1618458234391.jpeg (249.75 KB, 827x1169, 6E2D5D7A-9ED7-448E-8F6E-40849B…)

some bachelor guy came out as gay. clown world lgbtqiaaoskjzjzzn bachelor tv show when?

No. 1208776

why are you expecting men to actually have sexy men in their music videos? even the gayest of gay men wouldn’t allow a single crumb of bouncing male asses and beautiful male faces/bodies exposed for female enjoyment, not on their watch

No. 1208777

doesn’t he have a twin?? i wonder which one of them it is.

No. 1208780

he says he wore it for kurt cobain??? and that it’s gonna be in his upcoming Off White collab.

doesn’t feel like trooning out but who knows.

No. 1208781

I saw this news, it is weird how much people fawn over some guy coming out as gay these days. I guess I understood it a bit when it was Tyler the Creator, Frank Ocean, or even Lil Nas X as hip-hop had historically been pretty anti-gay, so it was a big deal and maybe blazed a trail for gay rappers in the future. But this? Some handsome religious dude strung a bunch of women along and then realized he is gay, and I'm supposed to what? Applaud? It just seems like a total non event. I would hate to be a woman who wasted my time with him, and I am happy for him that he can now look for a real love, but that's it. What's the big "CONGRATULATIONS COLTON OMG!" from other celebs and media outlets for? Being gay in and of itself? Plain jane white gays in entertainment can definitely be gay nowadays without it being a 'risk' worth applauding.

No. 1208794

KEK I remember he jumped over a fence to run away from his romantic problems with a woman on the show. I hope the women get reimbursed not only for being on the hellscape that is The Bachelor set, but also for trying to sway a guy who was never actually into them lmao

>I wonder which one it is
The brother from the Welcome To Chili’s vine named Adam. His brother posted the notice.

I don’t think it’s trooning out on his part either. Transgenders are trendy with zoomers, Off White has been fading + declining sales since most millennials are over them with that generation of hypebeasts being a dying breed, and there’s no wrong way to get a successful career boost in terms of relevancy even if it’s under the guise of a “homage”. What better way for them to both profit than appeal to this era of retards than shrill “femboy” for their genderspecial moment of the month? He can’t even get as much flack over this because he’s paying tribute to a dead guy who’s a “musical legend” in people’s eyes. Then zoomers will love him anyways because by wearing a dress any man is “not prescribing to toxic masculinity!”

No. 1208795

he looks like he’s experiencing gender euphoria

No. 1208796

Marina released a song from her new album, "Ancient Dreams in a Modern Land". The video is kinda meh, but the song is a lot better than Man's World imo. Feels and sounds like a mix of Family Jewels and Electra Heart. Gotta hope it'll be more memorable than the last album kek

No. 1208800

pain pills is my second guess

No. 1208801

lol no, don't worry. scott just loves attention and wants an acting career (but can't act)

No. 1208839

tyler the creator is gay?

No. 1208858

File: 1618469372442.png (1.25 MB, 1742x1222, Screen Shot 2021-04-15 at 2.47…)

He says that he is, but tbh, I have my doubts. No particular reason except for that it just doesn't sit right with me. Feels like he might be kidding, but then again, the "joke" will have gone on for years now. He's never seemingly had a public relationship, so who knows.
> "Next line I'll have em' like woah," he spits on the track 'I Ain't Got Time', "I've been kissing white boys since 2004."

No. 1208859

You're not like other people. You're different. You're a free thinker. Unlike the brainless sheep masses, you go on lolcow to shit on diaper-wearing autists and drug-addicted camwhores with zero social power.

No. 1208865

God I love her

No. 1208909

Wonder if anyone's seen this. Alyson Stoner (most known for being a permanent side character in child media in the late 2000s) made this video detailing the lack of support child stars have. She mentions:

> having to audition for traumatic scenes such as being raped and kidnapped, then driving to princess toy commercials right after.

> child labor law violations. e.g. working during lunch breaks, promoting films right after sets, training, late night rehearsals etc. also being encouraged by managers to seek early emancipation to increase the amount of hours she can work

> lack of support and accountability from studios hence why there's been no improvement since child stars have been a thing.

> admitting herself into rehab due to her declining mental health and being dissuaded by her team. her team sends her auditions while she's on bed rest and they warn her that the break risks losing momentum.

> mentions culture of sexual harassment/abuse on set and from paparazzi, stolen IP very briefly.

She calls for:

> compulsory therapy and therapists on set to support actors

> more regulations, 17 US states have no regulations for child entertainment.

> mandatory basic industry and media literacy courses for parents/guardians

No. 1208917

while I feel she's doing somethings for clout she is right in many regards, child stars are unprotected and I'm sure it can fuck up your mental health

No. 1208929

I definitely think he's gay or at least bi. As much as he jokes around I think there's enough serious references to liking guys in his music and art to make it believable, and he's so specific about his preference for white twinks.

No. 1208930

I have no sympathy for Child stars who go on about how awful it is but refuse to name any rapists or do anything to actually expose anyone in the industry.

No. 1208931

File: 1618484739915.jpg (81.8 KB, 586x521, 1618452296821.jpg)

This raises so many questions

No. 1208934

yeah, because accusing someone of rape and/or pedophilia is very easy and people are always sympathetic to women, right?

No. 1208937

It's a good song, the music video was really cool, but I cringe every time I hear any artist mention the virus in their lyrics. Nobody wants to hear about it when listening to music

No. 1208940

>>I have no sympathy for child victims of rape and abuse

No. 1208941

god she's so pretty

No. 1208944

god SAME somehow, I wish it was more subtle as I guarantee in a few years no one will care and it will be even more cringy to listen. Otherwise the song is amazing, she has such a gorgeous voice, so that makes me even more sad about these lyrics.

No. 1208953

Lyrics in the verses are kinda cringe, but I can ignore them with how fast the song goes. I'm getting massive Family Jewels/Froot vibes which is already miles better than that snooze fest her last record was, glad she ditched her boyfriend kek

No. 1208958

I can't think of a single question about it, but I cringe every time Vin Diesel mentions Paul Walker, he's been milking his death for 8 years straight.

No. 1208962

no questions regarding the "Dom Shrine"

No. 1208964

File: 1618490113310.jpg (222.98 KB, 1370x847, fast-and-the-furious-9-f9-vin-…)

>I remember once we started getting closer to production, Justin (Lin) and I would talk about how harrowing it would be to actually cast a new Toretto. The brother of Toretto. There’s so many different directions you could go. And I remember John Cena coming into this Dom Shrine that I had where I would kind of go to meditate and train and start getting into that Dom state of mind. And I remember John coming in and… call this crazy, but I remember feeling as though Pablo, Paul Walker, had sent him in. I remember talking to Justin that night and saying, ‘My gut and my heart feels like this was meant to be.’

No. 1208979

This. What the fuck even is a "dom shrine"?
>And I remember John Cena coming into this Dom Shrine that I had where I would kind of go to meditate and train and start getting into that Dom state of mind
Ugh. Why are grown men so fucking embarrassing.

No. 1208987

A lot of method actors(male and female) do weird shit to get into character, but usually said characters are for like Oscar bait dramas or biopics
the fact he has a a meditation process for character which is so shallow its not even part of the kiddy pool is insane
like seriously what do you recall about "Dom" other then. Hispanic street car racer who says family a lot

No. 1209026

The question I have is how does a demographic for these shitty F&F movies still exist? They've been released since fucking 2001. Is their sole purpose to keep Vin Diesel employed? There are TWO more additional movies planned for release in the coming next two years. How many times can you make the same car-machine-go-brrrr movie? It's no different from the average Marvel fan watching the same 180-minute CGI-fuckfest-hurrr-good-guy-win movie every six months for the past 10+ years.

No. 1209046

>“I fully was a virgin before that, and I could never give anybody a good enough answer as to why I was a virgin,” Underwood, 29, said in Wednesday’s pre-taped sit-down.

>“The truth is, I was a ‘virgin Bachelor’ because I was gay and I didn’t know how to handle it.”

Unsurprising. His whole schtick was that he was a ViRgIn BaChELoR. If a man is fixated on being a virgin, it's a red flag. He's either an incel, overly religious, or– as with this case– gay.

top kek at Billy Eichner calling it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TUKvBshQhjM

No. 1209053

fuck man, I genuinely loved some of his vines, I hope it wasn't a suicide.

No. 1209055

he needs a patent on that gaydar

No. 1209066

I read some stuff about him stalking some girl named Cassie but I don't know much about this show. Seems like a good way to get press though

No. 1209071

They're funny

No. 1209080

I actually really like this. It's like what Grimes thought she was doing with Miss Anthropocene.

No. 1209082

This makes me really sad. “Hi welcome to Chili’s” and the one where he blows away the vape smoke and his brother gasps “Adam!” still makes me laugh every time. Aww. :(

No. 1209087

File: 1618501012312.jpg (189.22 KB, 1000x1281, cassie-randolph-restraining-or…)

yeah the dude is a nutcase lmao she had to file a restraining order on him after he placed a tracking device in her car, sent her and her friends anonymous texts, kept creeping around her parents house where she lived to make sure she wasn't cheating on him, was basically just a manipulative abusive creep to her. but now he gets a netflix docu for coming out…

No. 1209090

There's a rumor that it was a car accident, but it's only a rumor at this point.

No. 1209092

File: 1618501459277.jpeg (187.27 KB, 1242x1354, FE3E5A4B-20FE-4587-B2AB-15E425…)

Can’t find anything to back this claim up, but apparently he had some medical issues recently.

No. 1209110

he also stalked his ex girlfriend to the point she had to file a restraining order. I think they "talked it out" but i would'nt be surpised if she was paid off.
but this dude who is known for stalking, now has some shoes and people kissing his ass because he realized after stringing women along for fame and harassing a woman, that he's ready to come out as gay.

No. 1209111

Holy shit! What the hell?

No. 1209112

File: 1618502442675.png (146.56 KB, 640x265, 34.PNG)

"Cassie alleged that Colton sent her "unsettling" text messages, showed up at her house and her parents' house without an invitation, and put a tracking device in her car.
The restraining order was dropped in November 2020 after the two came to a private agreement.

After that, Colton went media silent until this morning, when he announced his coming out and also issued a public apology to Cassie"

No. 1209125

The series started off about drag racing but it kept on escalating and escalating, to the point where in Hobbs & Shaw they were literally facing off against a nano-machine enhanced cyborg who could destroy building with a single punch

No. 1209162

oh so this dude pulled a Kevin Spacey?

No. 1209341

File: 1618517573993.jpeg (213.42 KB, 827x933, 9BE89B21-DC23-4133-A418-A5A91B…)

No. 1209352

it wasn't a suicide/intentional. rest in peace

No. 1209356

so what happened then?

No. 1209400

>>1209356 he died

>>1209341 lmao then why deny the break up a month ago?

No. 1209466

knew it the moment he said he was a virgin. its funny billy eichner saw right through him and clocked him for a raging homo

No. 1209482

>It wasn't suicide but I'm not gonna specify the cause of death

Like either provide the milk or stop shitting up the thread

No. 1209590

He's made plenty of references to wanting to fuck women too though.

No. 1209607

opioids, calling it, american male in his 20s. if he didn't crash his car he OD'd on whatever blue or orange thing with a crazy name is fashionable right now

No. 1209708

File: 1618562567869.png (107.59 KB, 719x706, Gucci.png)

>Patrizia's complaints extend to what she's seen in paparazzi photos of the cast filming. "My grandfather was a very handsome man, like all the Guccis, and very tall, blue eyes and very elegant. He is being played by Al Pacino, who is not very tall already, and this photo shows him as fat, short, with sideburns, really ugly," she said, according to the Associated Press (via MailOnline). "Shameful, because he doesn't resemble him at all." Patrizia also did not take too kindly to Jared Leto's depiction of Paolo Gucci. "Horrible, horrible," she said, per the report. "I still feel offended."


No. 1209712


No. 1209714

I dont usually dislike people without a reason but Jared Leto is an exception to that rule. If he is in a movie, I will not watch it. I am glad this lady is speaking out about it. Surprised she never had a chance to vet who is going to playing in that movie. Ans also Lady Gaga makes movies now?? What a shitshow.

No. 1209715

No. 1209718

lmao this makes me really happy, I hate Leto's narcissistic ass

No. 1209723

>Surprised she never had a chance to vet who is going to playing in that movie.
Yeah, it's pretty slimy to profit off a movie on their family without consulting them at all.

No. 1209727

I hate woke men I hope they all fucking viola beach along with that shitty producer good riddance

No. 1209729

File: 1618566174513.jpg (45.91 KB, 615x409, 0_PAY-MAIN-Jared-Leto-looks-un…)

a pic of Leto from the movie

No. 1209735

File: 1618567893194.jpg (2.05 MB, 1440x1440, Notes_210416_201127_d14.jpg)

At first I thought "geez Louise imagine complaining about Al Pacino" but looking at https://www.buzzfeed.com/amphtml/mjs538/the-real-life-people-vs-the-actors-who-played-them-in-house I kinda get it. Everyone expects their Hollywood doppelganger to be hotter than real life.

Inb4 driverfags get mad.

No. 1209739

Onision-tier scrote logic

No. 1209743

She married into the family and had her husband killed. Kek

No. 1209768

Good for her

No. 1209776

>I dont usually dislike people without a reason but Jared Leto is an exception to that rule.
If it makes you feel any better, he's had lots of allegations of sexual abuse even if nothing ever came of it. Also there was the whole harassing co-stars and sending them used condoms. Oh, and the cult he runs too I guess.

No. 1209803

File: 1618579266522.jpg (89.42 KB, 1080x240, Screenshot_20210416-092041_Chr…)


picrel made me kek though

No. 1209855

yeah wtf every actor is twice as fat as the guy he's playing and looks like they haven't bathed in days

No. 1209857

I mean none of the original Gucci men are lookers. But driver is clearly the good looking one outta the 3.

No. 1209865

Leto looks like a fucking molester ew

No. 1209868

File: 1618588427305.jpg (16.43 KB, 314x301, Screenshot_10.jpg)

lmao I was thinking the same

No. 1209872

Lady GaGa is actually a fairly decent actress. A Star is Born is pretty good. I have no idea about this movie though.

No. 1209876

>Ends up sperging because the actor who plays your grandpa doesn’t exactly look like him

I can understand if the movie totally ruined the character but it seems so shallow to bitch about looks. At least wait until the movie has come out.

Jared Leto does suck though.

No. 1209879

File: 1618589357419.jpg (22.9 KB, 630x359, 5fe0aace2b0000ce02c37187.jpg)

The concept of someone rejecting one of the most iconic actor of all time because he is too ugly is sending me, like I know where she is coming from but damn, you've got Al Pacino playing in your movie.
Also correct me if I'm wrong, but Gucci has already a super campy aesthetic, they should just imbrace their ugly scrote actors lmao. This is just karma from building your whole brand image on quirky/ugly clothes.


No. 1209883

>so shallow to bitch about looks
In all fairness, it's the Guccis we talk about so no surprise there kek
>lmaoo guys I totally didn't have anything to do with my husband's death, the grief actually drove me to suicide!!!! points to shoelace lmao

No. 1209891

File: 1618591086280.jpg (249.23 KB, 1080x1275, 20210416_183829.jpg)


No. 1209893

File: 1618591465828.png (7.54 MB, 1242x2208, 3DCA8CEA-A8CD-414F-B5BF-E173E2…)

Kek I knew she would. Too much of a narcissist to stay away. Btw she’s back to posting with her tit almost out around her son

No. 1209895

What a shocker. Couldn't do without the external validation

No. 1209898

I know Grimes’ tik toks aren’t milk but wtf is going on? It feels like I’m watching Lillee Jean as far as “humor” goes.
Maybe she’s just trying to have a bit of lighthearted fun since Hana and (maybe) blood pop/her brother are there/recording? Like reliving the art angel days… idk.

No. 1209901

No. 1209903

File: 1618592930481.jpg (45.14 KB, 658x507, joey.JPG)


>Pete Davidson ("Saturday Night Live") will portray Ramone in the film, which will be made with the cooperation and support of Joey Ramone's estate and with the assistance of Rosegarten Films. The film is based on the memoir of the same name, written by his brother Mickey Leigh. Leigh will serve as an executive producer.

>"I Slept With Joey Ramone" will be directed by Jason Orley, who previously worked with Davidson on the 2019 feature film "Big Time Adolescence" and the comedian's stand-up special "Pete Davidson: Alive From New York".

No. 1209905

A little OT but it is still so strange that her and Elon ever had sex. Just two people who seem so asexual

No. 1209910

It's entirely possible that they didn't.

No. 1209911

Those cheek fillers

No. 1209912

Elon Musk had six children with his ex-wife (five surviving) so I'm gonna assume he really likes to have unprotected sex

No. 1209913


It's been speculated here and elsewhere that they're all test tube babies so he could ensure they all came out boys.

No. 1209914

pretty sure all his kids with his first wife besides the one that passed were ivf

No. 1209923

ayrt, that makes too much sense, he's such a fuckin creepy lizard man yikes

No. 1209941

yes, she said so in her interview with marie claire magazine
she also said he told her he wanted them to have ten sons
i think we’ve cracked the case here

No. 1209949

I’m actually shocked they didn’t consult the family or involve them in some part in the early production process. It sounds like an interesting concept but knowing that Jared Leto’s in it though? hard pass.

No. 1209951

I’m so fucking tired of Pete Davidson

No. 1209978

but…he doesn't look? or sound? like ramone?? what is netflix doing

No. 1210014

On his season, after his date with caelyn who opened up about being assaulted, he said that he was a virgin because the girl he had been dating very long term had also been sexually abused and he didn’t pressure her. So he outed this girl, or fake outed this girl, on national fucking television for false reasons.

No. 1210039

He looks like Dr Phil

No. 1210202

I hate Jared Leto but the Al Pacino comment is hilarious, I can't

No. 1210348

No Fucking God No, anyone but this asshole please

No. 1210350

File: 1618631847428.png (22.63 KB, 999x226, cxrj58F.png)

Another Queen died tragically this month
RIP Helen McCrory

No. 1210352

I think he was talking about Aly Raisman. And to be fair, she’d already publicly testified against the perpetrator the year before so he didn’t out her. Still a psycho though.

No. 1210354

Wtf weird, that really sucks. I saw a tiktok from his brother basically promoting his own album a few days ago. I don't remember if i looked through his profile, but someone asked him if he was the chili's guy and he responded that was his twin.

No. 1210356

File: 1618632469495.jpeg (23.82 KB, 715x429, images.jpeg)


No. 1210366

Why is male bisexuality so unfathomable to people here

No. 1210373

first Jessica Jessica Walter, then Beverly Clearly, even the welcome to chillies guy, like why have so many good people died this month

I'm not putting DMX in cause he was a wife beating, cheating, dog abusing, ass garbage trash human and I'm glad he's dead

No. 1210381

That reminds me if, was it 2019? Where so many good celebrities died it was concerning.

No. 1210399

Why? Is he that much of a misogynist? I’m surprised that’s not talked about more often.
Damn. Didn’t know DMX had quite the rap (no pun intended) sheet although I guess it’s not surprising. Still feel somewhat bad regarding his drug addiction but I guess I’m soft like that.

No. 1210401

The Man had 15 different with from 9 different women, psychically abused his wife and took part in Dog Fighting
I'm not gonna feel bad for him just cause he was a a druggie

No. 1210403

He doesn't claim to be bisexual though anon, he claims to be gay. And after his history of homophobic lyrics I do question if he was just kidding/trying to get out of "trouble" and now it has stuck. It also just seems odd he's never publicly dated anyone. If anything he reads as pretty asexual to me because he seems like a perma 12 year old.

No. 1210409

If you're talking about the year when David Bowie and Alan Rickman died it was 2016.

No. 1210439

Assuming he isn't one already

No. 1210576

the way I fully thought this was in reference to Elok Musk and didnt realise until 5 mins later

No. 1210950

Fair enough. I guess due to personal experience I tend to sympathize with junkies to a degree but I totally understand your reasoning as well.
Tbf you’re not to far off lol

No. 1210979

File: 1618716379343.jpeg (1002.36 KB, 1242x2208, 1BF2A1FF-15BB-4AA2-BD37-D0CC4B…)

It’s a pipe dream but imagine the milk if this happened

No. 1210994

God. They'd be lolcow's power couple.

No. 1211004

lolll Kanye doesn't date black women tho. isn't he self-hating?

No. 1211005

please milk gods let this happen

No. 1211021

Hoping and praying

No. 1211040

HAHAHAAA i called it months ago. i just won $5 from my classmate

No. 1211052

File: 1618725593556.jpeg (311.03 KB, 1125x1235, 3118A162-833B-4123-868F-04551A…)

Marina looks hot

No. 1211064

Just saying, her hair is goals. I’m still on the journey of trying to tame my curls like that.

No. 1211071

I'm aware of method acting anon, if anything I think, in most cases, actors who do it, are narcissistic/cringey cunts that become a bother to everyone onset.

No. 1211097

The memes from this pairing alone would be god tier.

No. 1211120

At least she has this going for her because the new song is ass.

No. 1211132

i like the instrumental but the lyrics are cringe

No. 1211193

she looks pretty but I think that's a wig, she made an enormous big deal on her IG about not dying her grey hairs anymore because hair dyes are cancerous or something

the song sounds nice but the lyrics are cringy, she's deliberately aging her songs with some many current year references

No. 1211206

Gucci wasn't like this before. I hate Alessandro Whatever, his homo relationship with Leto and his disgusting retarded glam horse girl aesthetic.

I have no clue why everyone hated Frida Giannini's Gucci, when it was very similar to what Tom Ford did for them.

No. 1211361

Damn she's looking hot

No. 1211372

there are vegan black hair dyes that are basically just glorified conditioner and vegetable dye, but yeah it’s probably a wig. she would look cute with a natural grey streak or two though

No. 1211476

File: 1618776502040.jpg (693.16 KB, 2846x2048, Untitled.jpg)

demi lovato is mad that sugar-free cookies exist. is she a narcissist? she seems to make everything about her.

No. 1211483

File: 1618776712568.png (629.17 KB, 854x595, Screen Shot 2021-04-18 at 4.11…)

azealia banks posted this drawing of her holding grime's decapitated head while standing over elon musk

No. 1211484

Virtue signalling about sugar-free shit, as if diabetics and people on anti-inflammatory diets don't exist. Kek definitely a narcissist. Sounds like she wants everyone to be fat and have cavities so she won't get triggelated. Demi is such a try hard.
I wish she'd use her influence to expose disney/hollywood rather than cry about food and cookies.

No. 1211486

No. 1211487

>do better pls
Bro stfu it’s cookies hahaha.

No. 1211488

>Being this much of a dumbass
Someone explain to her diabetics are a thing

No. 1211489

??? type 1 diabetics and people with pancreatitis exist, demi

No. 1211490

it would be better if she was also taking a shit on him because you know that's what she originally told the artist kek

No. 1211493

her insanity is entertaining to say the least. and the art is looking good! i hope this sooper dooper rare NFT is re-uploaded her once it's done.

No. 1211497

She should do merch with it.
I'd buy it.

No. 1211504

This is so absurd that it’s full out funny. She’s doing her bpd narc thing again against a small business over fucking sugar free cookies. As if diabetic and other diets don’t exist for life saving purposes. They must not be as “life threatening” as her mental illnesses.

This is great and she’s actually a good painter? Fucking based.

No. 1211506

Holy, I didn't know she draws so well That actually looks very impressive

No. 1211514

File: 1618780330609.png (158.08 KB, 277x600, 26945_600.png)

>>1211489 she's still going

No. 1211517

She is insufferable and exhausting. Her bpd is showing with her blatant black and white thinking

No. 1211518

>”but it’s about not excluding one demographic to cater to others”
>”not excluding one demographic”

That’s why restaurants don’t put ANY unnecessary labeling outside of “sugar free” on their fucking food. They’re not going to single out diabetics with a “for diabetics” and then exclude celiacs or whomever else. The best option is to label the food as-is and let those who need it be able to find it. Is she using again? How is she actually this retarded?

No. 1211526

So i see she's on coke again

No. 1211539

File: 1618782686744.gif (3.34 MB, 450x506, FBDE78C4-875F-4C0E-A94F-351850…)

She’s throwing a tantrum over sugar-free cookies lmfao

No. 1211548

Sis you've got drug dealers on speed dial, maybe call them out for peddling their wares before you go after the sugar free cookies.

No. 1211552

I think every actor I've heard of using the technique is a shit actor. After all, is it really acting if you've made it real?

No. 1211580

File: 1618786797540.jpg (120.81 KB, 720x637, 20210418_195244.jpg)

Method acting is overrated and actors like Leto or Labeouf have bastardized it. I've always loved this anecdote of the exchange between Lawrence Olivier, one of the greatest stage actors ever, and Dustin Hoffman, a known method actor

No. 1211596

oh my godddd the sugar free options are for vegans too! and hindus! the majority of white sugars are bleached using cow bones&i had some religious classmates who checked ingredients on everything for that reason. religious vegans will eat honey, secular western ones won't, if you are a health food/hippie shop you'll probably try to stock all those options so you can get everybody's money.

No. 1211597

i'm on coke right now and don't feel particularly angry about any desserts

No. 1211598

i loved dustin hoffman's titties in Stranger Than Fiction

No. 1211599

File: 1618788642243.jpeg (44.98 KB, 439x640, C61AD860-0616-4AFF-9513-914ABC…)

Hahaha oh fuck, here we go

No. 1211602

Christ on a cracker if you're this triggered over walking past some sugar-free cookies in the supermarket maybe you should still be locked up in the loony bin.

Tbf she does have actual brain damage from what I remember. F

No. 1211604

She’s definitely got brain damage

No. 1211607

Good. Save us all from Elon because he’s a fucking maniac who wants to burn the entire world just so he can be uwu god of Mars and grimes is his narc enabler.

No. 1211611

I hate this cunt and her perpetual victim complex. Her entire career post-disney has been milking her own trauma. Who are her fans? I can't imagine listening to her screeching and her personality is wretched.

No. 1211626

File: 1618792417474.jpg (952.92 KB, 1200x1670, 1200px-Kali_by_Raja_Ravi_Varma…)

nah she really just traced herself herself as Kali

No. 1211629

I love this so much ugh the creativity. I rather buy her merch than any other celebrity’s merch that would make me look like a misogynistic gay scrote

No. 1211633

anon do you know the difference between tracing and heavily referencing for a parody… the limbs don't line up to have been traced unless she tweaked some parts

No. 1211676

Demi lovato is basically the new Lena Dunham except way more narcissistic and annoying.

No. 1211769

Lena at least has that annoying self deprecating vibe and isn't a joyless cow like Demo

No. 1211788

Not only are diabetics around, people who just straight up don't want sugar exist too. Who gives a shit if someone else is dieting? I've never even heard of this insanity, unless the cookies are labelled "eat me to stay skinny teehee!" I don't see what the issue is in the slightest. Such a retarded LA-only problem.

No. 1211790

I've been recovered from my ED for several years now but I honestly don't understand what she's so upset about? That diet food exists? I've never heard of this place before, but looking at their website it looks like their entire brand is lo-cal desserts. Is she going to start a crusade against Lean Cuisine too?

No. 1211802

Excessive sugar is bad for overall health and many people with normal BMIs and no underlying conditions frequently choose sugar-free options just to be health- conscious, but everything is diet culture when you're fat.

No. 1211807

Who is the hero? Musk? This is great milk but get help Azealia.

No. 1211861

"tracing" is using an iconic painting as a reference for a parody and remaking the whole thing from scratch? if so, i love tracing.

No. 1211898

I cannot believe a celebrity as with as much exposure as she has would post something like this, surely her manager/handlers got mad at her for this right? Is her audience really so braindead that most of them wouldn't think this was insane?

And how does she even live in LA? Surely there's "diet culture" messaging everywhere.

No. 1211909

Seems like Demi needs attention again. Does she really think that she comes across as a hero fighting for a cause here? "omG dIeT cUlTuRe" shut up, just walk past the isle and buy cookies with sugar or none or whatever. You choose what you put on your own plate.

Celebs are really something else. You have people like Demi making such a fuss over goddamn cookies while the rest of the world couldn't give less of a fuck about such a non-issue.

No. 1211913

Maybe she's all three? The villain bc that's what everyone paints her as. The hero bc she's brave mental enough to do what no one else has before and, the goddess bc that's what she thinks she is.

I really hope there's some meta reference to PULL or something. Would be hilarious.

No. 1212162

this is so cringe wow. why is she attacking the store? why not attack the brand lol. the store can't control how things are packaged..

No. 1212169

what an entitled cunt

No. 1212377

is jack black coming out with a new movie or something? whenever my TL is inundated with sudden celebrity stanning, they have something to promote. must everything turn into giant ads?

No. 1212401

maybe he's releasing a celebrity liquor. jack black whisky? rum?

No. 1212404

File: 1618865610103.jpg (325.86 KB, 1796x1978, w36hEvDuIGvJwNK1VM4dBMDfQE8N14…)

>>1211514 she's a feminist, guys. she's just looking out for other women so we don't get taken advantage of diet culture vultures like this small business that caters to different health-necessitated dietary needs :) the saviour we need but don't deserve.

No. 1212414

The first feminist in the history of humanity, I can only feel pure admiration

No. 1212420

File: 1618866314963.jpg (167.33 KB, 750x1334, EzWvniBVgAQLBnB.jpg)

>>1212404 she's STILL going!

No. 1212425

obvious bipolar meltdown kek

No. 1212428

>Missing the point that if you were an actual feminist you'd be pleased for more people to be joining you, since that's more likely to enact social change
>but muh edgy label

No. 1212432

Talking about diet culture is such a 90s issue, women these days truly have more to worry about than diet-based advertising blurbs

No. 1212436

but if they don't pretend diet culture is an actual issue, how else will fat white women be able to pretend that they're oppressed for being obese?

No. 1212440

Telling people you got triggered because of your eating disorder…yes. All food related stuff triggers someone with a fucking eating disorder you entitled moron, waging war against providers of food is not the solution.
This is very "I insist the world revolves around my mental illness rather than trying to fix my mental illness."

No. 1212452

yeah i fully blame the "body positive" and "obese people can be healthy" movement

No. 1212454

This. I've only ever heard middle-class fat white Karens scream about "diet culture" and claim they're oppressed. The people who suffer from obesity-related illness the most (i.e. poor people in food deserts) have bigger issues to deal with than melting down on IG because they saw a sugar-free cookie.

No. 1212458

>>1212425 apparently she said in her new docu-series that she thinks she was misdiagnosed with bipolar lmao.

>>1212436 it's not just fat white women, lizzo said fat people are oppressed and she compared it to racism lmao (she said if you asked thin/white people if they would prefer to be fat/black, none of them would say yes)

No. 1212464

Was this before or after her brain damage? This is an extremely retarded thing for an adult to say.

No. 1212486

Does she know her country still runs those concentration camps for kids?

No. 1212508

File: 1618871953653.jpg (459.37 KB, 1080x2244, Screenshot_20210420_003407_com…)

i went to the ig page of that shop, and i couldn't find one negative comment. her freaking out about this publicly seems to have the opposite effect of what she intended and thank god for that. some people have also pointed put that this is a small, woman-owned business she is trying to destroy. she's a piece of shit for that. i'm happy that she doesn't have the power to ruin them.

No. 1212511

> I don't need to feel guilt free about eating anything
she needs to feel guilty instead? the brain damage is palpable

No. 1212602

File: 1618877188383.jpg (9.52 KB, 285x177, images.jpg)

>>1212458 lizzo's analogy doesn't work or me because if you're a black woman, for example, if you don't want to be black then there's nothing you can actually do about it. you can bleach your skin and lighten yourself in photos, you can get surgery to change your black features, you can wear wigs or straighten your hair, but you will always be black. but if you're fat then you can just exercise or get surgery to lose weight. i do think fat people get treated like shit but it's not comparable to how black people get treated.

No. 1212609

sidenote, Lizzo gets on my nerves. All she does is show off her body in ill fitting clothes and if you say anything (like on LSA) people will lie and pretend that, "you don't say this about skinny, fit, BBL girls" as if they don't get shit talked everyday about their real, brought or filtered body.

No. 1212611

Should vegan, religious, diabetic, celiatic, lactose intolerant, allergic,etc, etc people feel ashamed instead?

No. 1212614

>>1212609 There was an ONTD post recently about lizzo thirsting after chris evans and someone said she is "out of his league". in what world is she out of the league of a guy who is way more rich and famous than her and is actually considered conventionally attractive?? i don't think lizzo is ugly but come on.

No. 1212615

File: 1618878657106.jpg (126.74 KB, 1200x1026, average lizzo fan.jpg)

her fans are always the most annoying.

No. 1212617

Diet culture is so dumb, just exercise and put the fucking snacks down.

No. 1212618

I am absolutely sick of seeing lizzie wearing ill fitting tops and her god awful cleavage. She needs to go swimming and stick to breast stroke.

No. 1212623

File: 1618879842482.png (451.87 KB, 746x609, robertdeniro.png)

No. 1212635


Good. Women deserve it

No. 1212636

good for her

No. 1212645

I watched that deniro scene in bad grandpa with a couple of dudes a while back and it was so cringe. His wife deserves everything.

No. 1212664

>>1212420 https://www.instagram.com/tv/CN3HpwDDUuI/
she's stilll going. she's now gone on a 8 and a half minute rant about it.

No. 1212665

lmao because it's so performative and fake. you know those same posters are gonna thirst for some ugly white actor next post.

No. 1212667

File: 1618885332869.png (403 KB, 882x602, Screenshot.png)

Apparently they haven't even had this "guilt free" product since 2016.

No. 1212669

"do better" watch her troon out or come out as a they/them during her next album cycle.

No. 1212676

impeccable karen vibes

No. 1212677

File: 1618885772808.png (601.38 KB, 920x544, where is jameela.png)

fellow libfem jameela jamil has chimed in.

No. 1212684

As a diabetic this shit piss me so much but I also feel like Disney should be collectively sued for fucking so many children stars lives.

No. 1212686

File: 1618887322287.png (40.74 KB, 748x200, Screenshot_2021-04-20 gh on Tw…)

Gabbie Hanna lashed out at people who criticized her "poetry"

No. 1212687

File: 1618887375583.png (224.73 KB, 748x596, Screenshot_2021-04-20 gh on Tw…)

No. 1212688

File: 1618887474234.png (478.23 KB, 748x653, Screenshot_2021-04-20 gh on Tw…)

No. 1212690

File: 1618887604489.png (515.33 KB, 748x773, Screenshot_2021-04-20 gh ( Gab…)

No. 1212692

File: 1618887753925.png (495.71 KB, 748x770, Screenshot_2021-04-20 gh ( Gab…)

No. 1212694

File: 1618887857838.png (355.41 KB, 748x773, Screenshot_2021-04-20 gh ( Gab…)

No. 1212695

File: 1618888001699.png (71.04 KB, 748x382, Screenshot_2021-04-20 gh ( Gab…)

No. 1212699

shouldn't this go in the youtuber thread?

No. 1212700

Can’t wait for her to blame her overdose in two months on this

No. 1212702

Anon, she’s a literal who from YouTube, not a celebrity.

No. 1212706

did any of them say it's lame to sexually proposition a stranger through their twitter DMs no matter how woke of a kweeen you are?

No. 1212708

No. 1212711

File: 1618890070615.jpg (72.22 KB, 478x900, EzSYp8DUUAcYaK-.jpg)

>>1212508 apparently they are getting attacked.
>>1212667 i wonder if they could sue her for inciting attacks on them/lying to ruin their reputation/that threat ("you don't want to mess w me.")

No. 1212713

They seem like a small brand. I actually feel a little sad for them. A random celebrity really had an entitled, (actual) Karen-tier meltdown at them for no reason.
Best case scenario, "no such thing as bad publicity", I guess.

No. 1212715

is it crazy bpd bitch time or something? we got demi, jameela, gabbie hanna… does halsey wanna jump in?

No. 1212718

File: 1618890546182.png (75.29 KB, 897x573, Screenshot.png)

she was joking and he found it funny. i agree that it's lame though. the desperation is cringey to me.

No. 1212729

File: 1618890946592.jpg (98.33 KB, 750x750, 170554925_283720056698522_1588…)

does identifying out of being a woman while heavily pregnant count?

No. 1212730

File: 1618890982754.jpg (152.48 KB, 959x1016, 6f206179b745ce040e8120b713ecce…)

she's a "she/they" now rme

No. 1212734

Anon pls post this to the yt thread because I am living for this confrontation

No. 1212735

File: 1618891291985.png (586.39 KB, 594x753, b.png)

>>1212730 pronoun havers think that if you aren't as extra as beyonce was with her twin pregnancy then you're not a real woman.

No. 1212736

>bye for now
>more on the subject

No. 1212758

Like clockwork kek

No. 1212761

The only small businesses Demi Lovato supports are her local dealers.

No. 1212763

>I eat and sleep all day
>not doing anything but growing my baby
I genuinely don’t get how some of these celebs are so popular when they’re so vapid and unlikeable. There’s nothing a non-millionaire pregnant woman could get from this kek.

No. 1212764

Yes the woman who's barefoot and pregnant doesn't identify as being a woman despite wearing a bra, lace front wig and makeup. SoOOOOO relatable, Ashley!

No. 1212768

These celebs are so over-the-top with their faux wokeness. She can’t just enjoy her pregnancy and rock her lil wigs in peace - no, it has to be a CoMpLiCaTeD StAtEmEnT oN GeNdEr. You can tell they think they’re deep, but they just come across self-absorbed and desperate for relevance.(Integrate )

No. 1212774


both gabbie and angelika are fucking annoying to me. gabbie more than angelika, but

>shut the fuck up angelika, get back to law school

is actually so funny to me because of how mean spirited it is. angelika dropped law school to do full time "drama videos". and her drama videos are fucking shit, she's insanely boring. i do not see her ever becoming someone big in youtube and i think she was stupid for leaving law school to fight washed up vloggers instead. again, theyre both pathetic, but at least the angelike girl had a chance of a future but she left it to virtue signal d-list youtube drama. i dont want to sound like im in gabbies side though cause shes awful so… gabbie is a whiny bitch and her nose is ugly.

No. 1212784

She already has the looks for it.

No. 1212792

what the shit is all this, are we really moving on to acting insane over "guilt free" cookies? Anybody who feels 'guilty' to the point of pathos over eating cookies is a grade A bonafide retard, and I don't care about what they think.

No. 1212800

That would apply to the people who make and buy those cookies too

No. 1212815

The difference is most people understand a certain level of hyperbole. Marketers who are just trying to quickly show consumers a cookie is less calories than average shouldn't be held responsible for mentally ill people's inability to understand guilt free doesn't truly imply that you should be wracked with guilt by normal cookies.

No. 1212818

Marketers are targeting exactly those idiots with EDs so it comes off as manipulative… they know what they're doing. They're not thinking "we are making this packaging for sane normal people", they are thinking "anorexics will throw their money at us when they see this".

No. 1212823

Doggolescense is the most embarrassing thing I’ve had the misfortune of seeing in a long time. Of course the girl would be some dog obsessed person critiquing poetry made by a youtuber of all people. The gabbie hate train was going hard as fuck those few years so honestly I’m all for her fighting back against those people whose popularity was built from saying “wow this youtuber did not write an intelligent art piece now watch me analyze it”

No. 1212824

Not everyone that feels guilt about eating sugar is anorexic

No. 1212828

What are you on about, why would marketers focus on such a vanishingly tiny group of people?? Anorexics aren't exactly a big demographic, or an effective one to advertise food to. They will find the calories out for themselves and decide if it will actually make them feel guilty or not, regardless of a tag line.

'Guilt free' food is for casual dieters or people who want to feel better about eating junk food.

No. 1212831

Demi’s gonna have a bad time if she goes to the grocery store

No. 1212901

File: 1618922793837.jpeg (990.25 KB, 1242x1678, CF6A5472-BB18-4A62-A64E-097B87…)

(Didn’t know if I should post this in the rockstar celebricows or here, sorry guys)

So Morrissey got his panties in a twist after the Simpsons parody last night. His manager’s been going on about it on his Facebook page for like three posts now, and Morrissey wrote his own piece on his website here: https://www.morrissey-solo.com/threads/hello-hell-april-19-2021.147964/

What a crybaby and somehow totally on brand.

No. 1212903

File: 1618923396552.jpeg (506.94 KB, 1242x1167, 760F5313-D240-4140-AA37-DCB7F8…)

Samefag but to those who haven’t seen it, Lisa gets obsessed with a band the Snuffs and its singer Quilloughby, (Morrissey) who’s young, depressed, british and vegan.

Includes parody titles of the Smiths’s most famous songs like ”How Late Is Then”. Anyway, turns out he’s just a figment of Lisa’s imagination and he morphs into a meat-eating fat old man with racist views.

Picrel is the biggest issue his manager seemed to have with the depiction kek.

No. 1212906

What a big baby. Being spoofed by the Simpsons is a badge of honour for a celebrity

No. 1212909

But they missed the point of the "parody"… that real life Morrissey (british, vegan, at some point young and depressed) was Lisa's "dream guy". Idk, to me it's actually a compliment because everything they represented as "bad" it's what Morrissey isn't

No. 1212911

lmao I love Morrissey but he has the most fragile ego in the universe (unless he is just pretending, to create drama)

No. 1212913

I don't understand the whining about diet culture. Most people have the opposite problem with food, after all, diabetes, heart issues, digestive issues, etc are far more common.

No. 1212914

Morrissey is genuinely a racist piece of shit though

No. 1212915

nta, what did he say?

No. 1212916

Sounds like you have stereotypes about what people with EDs do and do not eat. Diet culture =/= an eating disorder, it's a small population.

No. 1212917

He's been flapping his gums for decades, so there's probably a lot more than what this article covers, but you'll get the gist of it


No. 1212926

That the religion that proclaims that a pedophile rapist as the greatest human being ever lived isn't all that tolerant

No. 1212928

Absolutely, he’s the biggest tosser going.

No. 1212964


he snorts his own farts and shoves his opinions everywhere when no one asks he also

>unironically supports A bunch of weird self proclaimed "far right" political parties one (For Britain Movement) that kicked out two members who were genuine neo-Nazis even though a majority of people in the party all have links to neo-Nazi groups, deny the holocaust and overall classic British racism(No Muslims, No Pakistanis, No Indians)

>Is known for being a massive Diva and shitty to work with by making concerts wait for him to show up when he can be bothered and making weird outlandish demands

>Accuses people of being "snowflakes and easily triggered" whilst massively flying off of the handle whenever someone makes a joke or parodies him, for example this recent Simpsons shit

>is one of those militaristic hardcore vegans to the point of refusing to play at venues unless they go vegan, walking of stage at Coachella saying “The smell of burning animals is making me sick. I can smell burning flesh…and I hope to God it’s human.” and generally being one of those vegans that insults and belittles others for not being vegan

>said “You can’t help but feel that the Chinese are a subspecies.” after being asked about animal rights in China

overall he constantly spouts bullshit to stay relevant whilst also being a genuine Retard with no self-awareness

No. 1212974

No. 1212978

bruh its always boomers who hate asians

No. 1212983

This is unironically based no matter what bullshit he said

No. 1212988

Maybe if you're a fat virgin scrote, kek.

No. 1212999

What a fucking dork

No. 1213002

This woman's ability to always have the most retarded take on everything is simply marvelous

No. 1213005

File: 1618940819819.jpeg (102.48 KB, 960x960, 050DD692-23AC-4E43-843A-2593DD…)

Muslim scrotes are a stain upon the Earth(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1213016

File: 1618941746686.png (Spoiler Image,927.8 KB, 927x555, screenshot.PNG)

I dislike Lizzo fans more than her. The ones who aren't fat themselves over do it with the praise, to the point it comes off fake when it comes to her looks. I went on her instagram and I know everyone is naked and showing ass, but IDK Lizzo comes off as insecure. I get the same feeling about cardi b, very insecure.

No. 1213017

I hate this shit because the same people who say, "When someone of X group says something is X, then believe them!" because they never enforce that shit equally.

No. 1213029

File: 1618943554941.jpg (84.68 KB, 1080x800, adele.jpg)

i was gonna make a mean comment because look where we are, but this is just sad. the black women in the mainstream music industry almost always sexualise themselves more than the white women. especially the female rappers. you never would've seen fat adele posing like this on her instagram. side note adele looks like a completely different person after losing weight

No. 1213032

It's so funny to me how Adele didn't get that much shit for losing weight, but Lizzo has one detox smoothie and everyone has a meltdown.
America really just wants some groups of women to be twerking clown prostitutes and/or obese mammies. It's really disgusting how it's pushed as "positivity", when really it's just turning women into living comic relief/porn.

No. 1213036

Its not that black women sexualize themselves more then white women, its that sexualized black women get more promoted then well "cute" black female pop stars

Like name one major black female pop figure in recent history that didnt sexualize themselves, that just wrote tacky cute love songs

No. 1213039

erykah badu, janelle monae, solange

No. 1213040

Adele got LOADS of shit from fat acceptance people. I guess Lizzo got more because her fatness is part of her whole shtick whereas Adele is a good singer who happen(ed) to be fat.

No. 1213050

Her face got so unfortunate after losing all that weight.

No. 1213053

2016 was her best look imo

No. 1213119

the way you had this ready is hysterical. these mentally ill rich Z-list celebs are all absolutely insane. i wonder what brand of water they drink bc there's gotta be something in it zapping brain cells

miss africana grande, of course!

No. 1213126

>>1213036 i agree, idt black women are inherently more sexual but the ones that get promoted in the public eye definitely get sexualised more than their white peers. look at taylor/ariana compared to cardi/megan/nicki/doja/saweetie/lizzo.
>>1213039 erykah and solange aren't pop. janelle is good at singing about sex without trying to appeal to the male gaze. unfortunately she's saying she's nonbinary these days. tired of bisexual women like janelle, halsey and kehlani falling for queer ideology.

No. 1213156

File: 1618953635740.jpg (94.48 KB, 615x769, 1_Katy-Perry.jpg)

I'm sick and TIRED of blonde Katy Perry. Her black wig on American Idol really did her favours.

No. 1213160

File: 1618954117061.jpg (6.49 KB, 275x183, 058943.jpg)

Please tell me that isn't an emoji dress.

No. 1213161

Are you blind? They are obviously gemstones.

No. 1213164

File: 1618954395295.jpg (286.28 KB, 1800x1200, katy-perry_katy-perry-at-jimmy…)

Is it just me or does that not look like Katy? Anyway, I agree that dark/unnatural hair colors look better on her. If she's gonna be light, I would actually prefer something like pic

No. 1213170

Yeah I think it got some Shoop on the pic. It's from her Instagram.

No. 1213177

wtf is that arm pose? she looks really uncomfortable

No. 1213207

Lmao I thought this was Demi Lovato

No. 1213218

File: 1618959784162.jpg (81.92 KB, 634x488, 3FA2CD4600000578-4449478-image…)

She's just mad because people are buying sugar free cookies but nobody used her discount code for laxative tea

No. 1213221

>promoting diet tea which is actually dangerous
>getting mad at sugar free cookies
Demi i……

No. 1213225

For someone with so much money, that wig looks absolutely terrible

No. 1213230

i still can’t believe she actually hit them with the OG Karen line “the customer is always right.” i’m so sad there’s not a video of her freaking out in the store.

No. 1213249

i guess this is not recent cause sis looks busted these days, i know the haircut is not helping but she fucked up her face with fillers.

No. 1213250


Adele did get a lot of shit. But I assume she lost the weight in a somewhat healthy manner whereas detox teas are bullshit and can actually be harmful. It’s not harmful to promote weight loss to your audience but it is to try and sell them weight loss teas that could harm you.

No. 1213258

i'd have thought the phrase "guilt-free" was more marketing towards older people

No. 1213259

wow what kind of loser doesn't even voice himself on the simpsons

No. 1213266

Wasn't she just drinking her smoothie on camera? I don't think she was trying to sell them anything, they just sperged out Demi-style because celebrities not eating McDonald's and KFC is triggering to some people.

No. 1213279

I agree but idk, Taylor and Ariana are pop stars and have always had a children/teenagers fanbase while all the others are rappers. It's a different culture. But it is true that now that Ariana has shifted to r&b/hip-hop and is 24/7 sexualizing herself, it still isn't the same perception by the public as when black women do it. Fucked up

No. 1213280

shes mad about sugar free cookies… But drinks alcohol (calories), smokes weed (increases appetite), and does who knows what other 'california sober' drugs (weight gain, hunger issues, sleep issues…) That's the most hypocritical shit to bitch about.

No. 1213285

File: 1618969664853.jpg (181.32 KB, 680x1024, Demi Lovato 2010 Vanity Fair O…)

i just want demi to lose weight, get REAL help, stop doing ALL drugs, get a personal trainer, get ride of the drag queen makeup and tan and focus on making music again

No. 1213287

File: 1618970020119.jpg (274.53 KB, 680x1024, Demi Lovato 2010 Vanity Fair O…)

also she looks so much better when she is thin or fit compared to when is chubby. Her body just isnt made for the thick look it just makes her look stocky and stubby.

Also she doesnt even have to starve to be thin, she is a literal celebrity she can hire a personal trainer and nutritionist and dietician. She is just being lazy for her weight just how she is being lazy for her addiction.
And this is why she will never be as successful as miley cyrus or selena gomez

No. 1213297

she looked so good here. now her face is thicc and it doesn't really suit her, unlike say Adele who looked better with a fuller face.

Demi now looks like Poot Lovato

No. 1213298

Kek. He should be lucky that it was just the Simpsons instead of Family Guy or South Park that roasted him. Those two shows are a lot more ruthless when it comes to making fun of celebs.

No. 1213316

I don't think her eating disorder was ever that severe. She just uses it as a cover for her coke addiction. I have never seen a recovered anachan sperg out so much about diet foods. It's sus. You can see here that she was working out a lot. Her legs are toned and she looks healthy. She gained the weight back because she was too fucked up to exercise and is blaming an eating disorder for it.

No. 1213322


Cope harder, Adele was a fatty and got in shape. She looks great now, face and all.

No. 1213323

File: 1618976743268.jpeg (105.99 KB, 555x1092, 9FA598D6-8A16-42EB-B74F-8168A8…)

I think she's just been styled pretty terribly in most of her photos post-weight-loss. In a lot of new photos, she has long, flat hair that's parted harshly and emphasizes her forehead which isn't flattering for her new, oblong rather than round face shape. She could definitely do with some tasteful facial filler to replace the volume she's lost in some places, like under her eyes and around her mouth. This is one of her best looking photos since she lost weight. I could totally see her coming for Lana Del Ray's gig now that Lana's ballooning up like former Adele.

No. 1213324

Anti-Psychotics cause very high weight gain, even anti-depressants.
I’d be shocked if they didn’t have her on them.

No. 1213326

Kel, I didn’t think I’d see morrissey here but he is such a fucking cow. The ultimate celebricow. Loved the smiths when I was younger (I think without Johnny Marr’s contributions I wouldn’t have though ). He is so sensitive/narcissistic and bitter , it’s only gotten worse with time.

No. 1213329

Depression meds had me balloon the fuck up out of no where, my diet barely changed or my activity levels. I think her disordered eating and yoyo weight is drugs too.

Demi lovato is absolutely gorgeous imo when she's healthy. I love her voice too, it's so frustrating to see what she does with her potential.

No. 1213330

Meant that Adele looked better in the face than Demi when she was thicc, stop being triggered, retard.

No. 1213335

Getting this upset over a show that has been irrelevant for years. Kek I love Morrissey. He should be happy that people still love him after all the shit he's said

No. 1213336

File: 1618979082025.jpeg (249.91 KB, 1505x1195, 806FEB8B-1B2B-49E4-9DA6-9901C8…)

The Ellenprint.

No. 1213352

File: 1618982080129.jpg (61.14 KB, 486x608, adele-ht-01-iwb-200901_1598972…)

She sure does

No. 1213371

I can’t even say I’m surprised. We all watched her be taken advantage of, how extremely she was sexualized, degraded, dehumanized for entertainment. It’s one thing when you have a career outside of that, but that was all she was known for and that’s where all of the attention she got was based on. Her humiliation. She could easily be doing this for attention (it’s hollywood ffs kek) but honestly this goes to show that nonbinary is an attempt at escaping from reality. Whether she’s trying to step away from her past or become a topic again, it’s retarded.

No. 1213372

File: 1618986418047.jpg (320.62 KB, 1280x1827, demi.jpg)

> Also she doesnt even have to starve to be thin, she is a literal celebrity she can hire a personal trainer and nutritionist and dietician.

she actually had one after she got clean and was doing interviews about it 5 years ago. and she looked great at the time, not as thin as your pic tho. granted, she was coked the fuck out in that photo, taking addy and purging.

but then in her most recent doc she explains that they were controlling her diet, not letting her eat cake for her birthday, checking her starbucks receipts, etc. which is what caused her relapse.

i think she should try again with her less controlling team but i think that's her reasoning for being put put off being 100% sober and being strict with her fitness and her diet. i don't think it's going to end well. but i don't think she's lazy for it, just childish.

and imo right now i think she looks good now, she's lost weight since the doc and it shows in her face.

No. 1213393

kek something about this picture just makes me feel physically ill, I think it is because her eyes seem to be screaming "I know I look fucked up, and I'm SO sorry."

No. 1213437

Adele and Lana are on different fields. I follow a lot of stan twitters, and they get their fan bases when comparing dumbasses. While Adele is now skinny and Lana is thicker, there’s no overlap in their music styles.

Adele turned into a fucking ‘posh’ girl and Lana turned into fat industry plant gone country. Somehow I prefer Lana’s style to the fucking Brit

No. 1213438

Kodak Black without the felonies right here

No. 1213492

someone needs to tell janelle, halsey, kehlani, courtney, and trisha paytas that you cannot they/them or she/they your way out of sex-based oppression and that not fitting gender stereotypes for women does not change the fact that you are female. no matter how you identify. you don't see famous men doing this shit as often as female celebrities do. but fthe last male celebrity to do this was sam smith and his not feeling like a man was based on feeling fat and bottoming during sex. it's all based on stereotypes.

No. 1213494

File: 1619011794611.png (342.98 KB, 600x500, adele.png)

No. 1213495

ok but the lighting and her facial expressions are not even remotely the same. her skinny pics look like someone snuck a pic and she decided they looked ok enough for instagram. she looks bad but i'm pretty sure that with good lighting and better facial expressions she could look gorgeous.

No. 1213496

damn she looks good here

it's a sad escape because everyone is going to see her and see a fucking woman, not a "they/them" but a woman. Even if they use the "they/them" they see a woman.
Sidenote, Janelle Monae was at the women march and talked about standing up for women a lot, suddenly she doesn't want to be a woman at all.It's retarded.

No. 1213497

I don't know, it's pretty obvious she's got some kind of loose/saggy skin in her face since losing weight which is what is giving her more sunken features? It's really not unusual for that to happen, especially with age and losing the elasticity of the skin. She's wealthy enough to fix it, but I kind of don't blame her for not doing so, given what horror shows celebs like chrissy teigan's face have become.

Someone does need to hire her a new fulltime stylist though cause what the fuck Adele. >>1213352

No. 1213498

Well yeah, paying for gigantic fake titties isn't exactly an androgynous thing to do.

No. 1213508

File: 1619014705066.jpeg (387.55 KB, 828x626, AA3E7684-DCB8-4456-AF4F-84FB44…)


Non binary doesn’t necessarily mean you have to present androgynous, I think that’s just the norm.

I mean look at some people like pete burns who identified as male his entire life but looked very physically female. I think for some people getting big lips, tits, or other surgery might be an aesthetic thing regardless of gender.

No. 1213510

Honestly didn't even know who this chick was and had to Google her. Had a major kek over all the website headlines bending over backward for her new pronouns. She looks very bad for only being 26. Ellenprint indeed.

No. 1213511


That’s a Kurt cobain tribute, dumbass. Men like Kurt sometimes wore dresses to perform because they knew it would piss off old uppity assholes who think dress = girl.

No. 1213525

shes that girl who married that washed up 50 year old actor when she was only 16

No. 1213529


No. 1213533

File: 1619016845422.png (611.44 KB, 1390x832, pb.png)

300 surgeries. not a typo. he even had his makeup tattooed on. he said "I was having a major operation a week for two years. What I’m trying to achieve with my surgeries is my own personal satisfaction. It’s narcissism, but it’s extreme."

No. 1213537

File: 1619017029717.png (448.75 KB, 600x500, ct.png)

>>1213497 chrissy teigen should've NEVER touched her face. and adele was styled like that (bantu knots and jamaican flag bikini) because she was celebrating a caribbean carnival in the uk (notting hill carnival)

No. 1213540

pete burns looks liek a drag queen with plastic surgery he doesn't look very physically female. How can you say you're not a woman or man, but you look like a woman?
It's all bullshit. There's no such thing as being a "they/them". It's a way for celebrities to get attention.

No. 1213546

OT but why is she famous? She's not particularly pretty

No. 1213550

do you mean chrissy teigen? ironically enough, I'm pretty sure she got famous for being a model, kek. the other anon is right though, she looks atrocious now

No. 1213566

Fwiw law in the UK is just an undergrad degree, it's not like how law school in the US, so it's really not an indicator of whether someone has "a future" or not.

No. 1213567

she always looks bloated to me with that face.

No. 1213577

>>1213546 used to be a model, married john legend, and is now terminally online (obsessed with twitter to the point that she announced she was leaving and then returned days later). the photo on the left is from 2010-ish and the photo on the right is her recently on the cover of people magazine's Beautiful issue kek

No. 1213633

I always think you could pop her cheeks with a pin.

No. 1213648


Genders outside of male and female are not just a recent celebrity thing. They have existed within multiple cultures over the past thousand years. I know this is lolcow but fuck out of here with that. If it was just a celebrity thing, why did people prefer to go by they/them before celebrities were even a thing?

No. 1213653


Oh no, it’s retarded.

No. 1213654

The only genders are male and female.

No. 1213659

File: 1619031338745.jpeg (80.85 KB, 680x680, 89AD5A92-7639-44E2-B702-0C3029…)

No. 1213668

Mental illnesses are not just a recent celebrity thing. They have existed within multiple cultures over the past thousand years. I know this is lolcow but fuck out of here with that. If it was just a celebrity thing, why did people have mental disorders before celebrities were even a thing?


No. 1213680


Oh poor bb.

Can you name one culture that has any “extragender” that wasn’t so patriarchal that any deviance from the gender binary was to make gay/intersex men into women? Can you tell me of a culture that allowed women to be men that wasn’t an escape from the horrendous treatment of women?

Can you like stop this sickening “noble savage” trope to justify your poorly informed opinion?

I’ll take a ban for the gender sperg in the wrong thread kek

No. 1213688


No. 1213689

Do you know where you are?

No. 1213697

You sound dumb. You're conflating gender and biological sex.
There are only two biological sexes, male and female. Intersex people are male or female with fucked up chromosomes. These are the facts. No matter how you identify, no matter how much surgery or hormones you take, you cannot change your biological sex. It's in your cells.
But gender is a social construct. Man, woman, nonbinary and neogenders. It's all made up and so are third genders from other countries like the hijra in india and two spirit native americans. these genders outside of man and woman are made up because people will inevitably not always fit into rigid gender stereotypes, which nonbinaries and troons reinforce and uphold every day.

No. 1213700

File: 1619034632038.jpg (124.09 KB, 1280x720, adele.jpg)

well here's her on snl last year. losing weight aged her.

No. 1213702

File: 1619034866777.jpg (201 KB, 1200x1800, lana-del-rey-outside-7-eleven-…)

la(sag)na del rey

No. 1213706

it's a photo from the 28th of July last year

No. 1213707

she still is a fatty

No. 1213715

i believe that pic is from some famous birmingham street festival where everyone's supposed to wear a wacky costume and make a fool of themselves and/or get drunk and make out with their neighbour

No. 1213716

You seriously bumped the thread for that tired joke?

No. 1213718

In the famous words of an anon in the earlier thread, goo goo gaa ga lookin’ ass bitch.

They must’ve paid people’s magazine to be “voted” most beautiful lmfao

No. 1213719

tinfoil but i think he was molested as a child. and beaten a lot by old-fashioned parents. he just acted like one of those inexplicably depressed guys who quietly an hero in their 40s leaving a short note revealing the moletation.

No. 1213721

Feed her again she looks gross and her food makes her music better

No. 1213724

She isn’t even that fat now…. like she is still heavy but this pic was her chunkiest.

No. 1213785

She's performed drag queen like hyperfemininity for so long and figured because she doesn't feel like doing that all the time, she must not be a woman. And she probably wants to distance herself from her traumatic past (her stage mom 'allowing' her to marry a 50 year old man at 16. She also mentioned being sexually assaulted as an adult).

She has clearly had identity issues for at least a couple years. She skinwalks Marilyn Monroe to a degree, she even got a nosejob to look more like her.

Wow, I always thought she looked 'off' somehow, but the before-and-after comparison makes it clear she's botched

No. 1213787

her current face looks like the bonk filter on snapchat

No. 1213788

Her whole 'ermagherd my team was sew controlling, they were making sure I don't stuff my face with junk food every night, muh abuse' is beyond childish and such cheap clownery.

Bitch, you know what industry you're in, you know what are your contract obligations. One of them, surprise, is the weight aspect.
Just the same way as actors are bind by contract to maintain a certain consistent appearance all throughout the shooting process and sometimes up until the promotion of the movie (which can also include nonsense like not being allowed to change a hairstyle), the exact same stuff applies to pop stars going on tour. You gotta maintain that same look, ain't nobody got time and the resources to adjust your outfits on the road, just because you keep getting triggered by every single thing and stuffing your face till you drop.
All these 'meanies' on your team were actually doing you a favor by babying the shit out of you, cause you're unable to control yourself and fulfill basic contract obligations. Another team would have long dropped you, because they'd be sick of this neverending shit. Sometimes the hassle outweighs the monetary gain.

This stupid 'everyone's SO controlling, now I'm finally free' story is some delusional bs for teenagers to believe. Grow the fuck up.
OR if you can't take it being in the pop music industry, just be an indie artist and look and eat and live however the fuck you'd like. You can't have (watermelon) cake and eat it too.

No. 1213790

she looks great, sorry you lost a body-posi ally though

No. 1213826

I've always thought that her whole story about being drugged up and purging all the time was way exaggerated. there's only like a few pictures I've seen of her that look reasonably skinny and I've yet to see any evidence or proof she was addicted to drugs during her disney/right after disney era. there's dozens of videos of selena, miley, and even zac efron caught slipping and high out of their minds but there's like none for demi.

No. 1213833

File: 1619047862496.jpeg (130.95 KB, 531x1055, 513C747E-B352-47D9-9DFF-29EA84…)

Saw this on Twitter kek, don’t know if it’s real or not

No. 1213839

File: 1619048351058.jpeg (166.37 KB, 1280x720, 38179313-D572-4877-A4ED-8826CD…)

She reminds me of this guy

No. 1213848

kek anon

No. 1213855

Patrizia is a thirsty rich bitch psycho (and not for her murder, just listen to her talk and some details of her early life and her relationship with her daughters now, you'll get it). So no one is consulting her on anything (except those tv stuff for re-narration of her high life and post divorce) as they should.

No. 1213865

her fans are psycho. "pure soul" she harassed a shop for advertising cookies.

No. 1213869

so i didn't know anything about the gucci family and i just looked it up. the audacity of this bitch. also, she married into the family and then divorced out of it so I'm confused as to how Aldo Gucci is her grandfather?

No. 1213873

File: 1619051446979.jpg (131.32 KB, 1024x683, 20210329_KEVIN_TACHMAN-9125-mi…)

movie is set in the 80s and 90s (with some archive pieces too). This year is the 100th of Gucci, Gucci "Aria" just last week, with references to its heritage and the usual decostruction play, also in regards to Tom Ford era pieces and aesthetic etc and even a bit of Patrizia Reggiani gaudi-opulence.
He is not styling the Scorsese movie

Btw Tom Ford brought Gucci to life and worldwide recognition as one of the biggest players in fashion. Before it was just a luxe brand mostly for leather and sellery goods.
Alessandro Michele is bringing the $$$$$ which is the main focus of Kering group. (I'm not a fan of his vision in general and haven't followed much at all in detail his collections and all those vid presentations except the most recent, and don't like Leto, but some pieces here and there are hot).

Sorry for the digression but I know a few somehow related to this shit and got sucked in.

No. 1213876

Is it tinfoil to think this is a trend in movies nowadays where they cast ugly or off-looking actors like they ran out of attractive ones lol

No. 1213882


I’m not confusing sex and gender, I never mentioned sex? And I completely agree with you, gender is and always has been a social construct, therefore it’s dumb to say genders outside men and women don’t exist because they’re all made up. They’re all social constructs. I agree with your point entirely, not sure why you’re calling me dumb if we agree on the same thing?

No. 1213883


You can be bulimic and not be super thin. In fact most bulimics aren’t super thin because they do actually eat a lot. It’s really difficult to constantly puke up everything. Some food always gets absorbed. Plus bulimia makes your face bloat making you look a bit bigger.

That being said, definitely don’t think Demi was as ill as she claims.

No. 1213887

File: 1619053344369.jpeg (234.45 KB, 1098x2048, 60DCAD03-26E2-4C62-9537-321D18…)

No. 1213895

you said "Genders outside of male and female". male and female are not genders, they are biological sexes.

>>1213839 i won't be able to unsee this comparison

No. 1213900

She's a cow.

(To be fair, someone into the family critically commented on the movie cause based off that book, and is somehow centered around Patrizia -well uh we don't wanna watch a docu- and the actors don't give a realistic enough idea of the Gucci elders. But who cares).

She didn't technically kill him, just a istigator. "I have a flaw. I don't have a good aim" lmaoo

Spent 16-18 years in prison (not El Chapo level at all. She's just delusional: jail is abject especially for her standards. Yeah she finally had piece of mind with her obsession off for good after all, fueled for years off that deep putrage, I'm guessing. Although she commanded the place and be like chilling on her yatch during the break, and some privileges like seeing whoever) always saying she felt like living in a hotel, without a worry and when asked to choose probation (with mandatory job off jail) she refused reminding everyone she never worked a day in her life so she wouldn't start now.

Maurizio's dad refused to attend their wedding, iirc was his brother Aldo "Patrizia grandfather" that later on made him change his mind on her.
I think she kept on calling him like that to the press also post divorce cause she didn't want to accept being cut off from Gucci business and family at all. So adamant about this, it was all Maurizio fault to let everything fail due to his newfound folly after his father death.

No. 1213905

File: 1619055553548.gif (1.12 MB, 498x278, music ain't.gif)

>Demi fans literally making shit up
For what purpose? Honestly, what even drives someone to be a Demi Lovato fan? I know it's not her music.

No. 1213912

Hey try responding to >>1213680 instead. Just for fun.

You're right though they keep pushing these timothy chalamet and john legend types and I'm tired of it.

No. 1213942

I don't understand how was Demi able to be so controlled she couldn't even have cake for her birthday but simultaneously so free she could go out drinking and drugging to the point of ODing?

No. 1213944

This is a trainwreck for so many reasons but it fucking pisses me off that she's framing her meltdown as her being an ED advocate/recovery warrior when her behavior is the opposite of recovery.
If you're not mentally recovered enough to handle going to restaurants/dessert shops/etc, with all the potentially triggering stuff that comes with, then you don't fucking go and you work on recovery until you're able to try again. You have to learn how to tolerate life and let go of food/weight obsession.
It's so troubling how coddling of mental illness/issues is pushed as the right thing to do by so many people.

I have no idea, but there's a significant number of older zoomers/younger millenials (maybe younger zoomers too idk) who are deeply attached to 2000/2010s Disney Channel. It fucking baffles me but I have 2 good friends who are like this and they still follow/care about certain ex-Disney celebs. I've always assumed most of her fanbase was people who grew up watching her.

No. 1213947

the delusions of a carb lover

No. 1213953

File: 1619060467312.jpg (264.93 KB, 385x406, demi.jpg)


when she was first admitted to rehab, i remember she said in an interview her diagnosis was AN binge purge subtype which my armchair diagnosis is that she was bulimic with a really low body weight from the addy and drugs she abused.

interestingly enough though, she mentions she was misdiagnosed with bipolar disorder when she went to rehab and only got a second opinion recently. ive read that bipolar can be hard to diagnose in kids/teens so some doctors dont really bother pushing for a diagnosis unless the episodes are really bad. i also know somebody who went from being diagnosed type 1 as a teen only to rediagnosed as type 2 as an adult.

No. 1213955

Kehlani came out as a lesbian but agree about monae

No. 1213956


there's this interview where she was obviously high off her mind, but i don't know of any more.

she mentioned that she was high during the whole documentary she made after rehab. i can't find any footage of it though that's not in 140p and spanish. if anyone knows where to find it in reasonable quality please let me know.

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Demi_Lovato:_Stay_Strong(Imageboard )

No. 1213960

Bulimia isn't diagnosed if you're underweight. They're either at a healthy weight or overweight, though this doesn't mean bulimia isn't serious or deadly.

No. 1213962

Part of Demi Lovato's rehab should have involved getting off social media. She's going to hot-take herself into another relapse by being unable to deal with the ensuing criticism.

No. 1213964

She looks great for a woman in her mid 40s.

No. 1213966

So if a company offers sugar-free options to their diabetic customers, they’re personally victimizing her?

No. 1213968

I think being media-addicted and staring at so many instagram selfies, shoops, and for some people porn, has made us very nitpicky to women like Adele who I would think is stunningly beautiful if I walked past her now on the street.

No. 1213971

anon, she cannot think critically. sugar-free options are totally catering propaganda to people with eating disorders.

No. 1213989

>>1213955 yeah but she's using she/they pronouns.
>>1213962 if getting the cold shoulder from nicki minaj made demi end up at an AA meeting, who know what this drama is doing for her mental health.
>>1213968 true, but i thought the point of this website was wanking and nitpicking

No. 1213991

>i thought the point of this website was wanking and nitpicking
Very true I was only pointing out that that's what is taking place and she is actually abnormally attractive, but I know it's out of place here. Carry on nonnies

No. 1214025

kek kehlani came out as a she/they lesbian after calling a scrote her one true love and having his child, she’s really no different

No. 1214037


uhh what anon? if anything the farm makes my pee pee shrink back into itself.

No. 1214038

Are you 12? She looks great for being 32 as well.

No. 1214068

nta but i think they mean in the old-school fandom slang sense, like gossip/fighting idk i havent heard that shit since the livejournal days

No. 1214135

File: 1619096714723.jpeg (828.84 KB, 1242x978, 13AB3612-15A1-49F7-B70A-5FC553…)

I find it strange that it’s always her son who is in these half naked photos

No. 1214156


Does John not see anything wrong here? It's like she sees her son as .. y'know what? I'm not going to say it.

No. 1214184

Didn't she leave her ex gf for a man and pop out his baby just a year or two ago

No. 1214224

it's like those fuckng weird asian fetish channels on youtube that have seemingly innocent videos of women taking care of their kids but they keep flashing their underwear and boobs and so on

No. 1214236

i can't believe people still get god damn spray tans

No. 1214243

If this was Trump and Ivanka people would lose their minds. Might as well be with that ugly tan.

No. 1214245

Imagine the comments. Why do her and Emrata include their kids in their thirst traps? Do they really not see how weird it looks, or is it just more of the totally fake, not-real Pizzagate shit at work?

No. 1214282

???? wtf is this?

No. 1214287

Pardon, a what??

No. 1214288

yeah i never paid much attention to what people were saying about the weird shit, but this is the second post i've seen her try to look sexy with her child.
The shit is fucking weird.

No. 1214291

There was also a story from the same vacation where she had her boobs spilling I out of her towel whilst lying next to her son, smh

No. 1214300

Is she like a nudist or something? Fucking weirdo is always in a towel and nothing else

No. 1214315

Paedophilia is rampant in the industry, but no one cares and just brushes it off as muh right wing nazi conspiracy I guess.

No. 1214349

Tbf pizzagate itself was a right wing conspiracy. Not to say that there's not a pedo problem in hollywood/high society

No. 1214363

Knowing what an attention whore Chrissy is and what Emrata is it's likely they're using their children to further their narcissism, especially in emrata's case where she's attempting to appeal to breastfeeding fetishists. That doesn't mean it's pedophilic, it's just attention whores being attention whores and probably thinking that they can try and excuse their attention whorism because they can claim it's "innocent" since their children were in the pics.

No. 1214367

nah if they're involving children in their sexy photos, it's pedophilic. they could very easily take a solo selfie if they just wanted something sexy to post, or keep those pics offline

No. 1214384

Maybe, but they were right lol.

No. 1214394

yeah, i agree. they use children to get fame and views. it's the same as dance moms or toddlers and tiaras. these attention starved women use children to get eyes on them. i wouldn't consider any of the dance moms or any pageant mom a pedophile. i would say that they don't care if they pander to pedophiles though. anything to get money and 15 minutes of fame.

No. 1214406

i don't remember who but some youtube guy exposed those channels, like there used to be a lot of channels someone uploading weird videos of women in skimpy clothes with toddlers, the comments were full of coomers and the channels kept being deleted and recrated

No. 1214408

Her meltdown has nothing to do with an ED or mental health. It's purely her shit personality.

She's happened to walk into a shop, and was put off by whichever irrelevant thing (maybe they didn't treat her like royalty like she'd expected them to, or she was just having a bad day, or low on her drug supply, whatever, it doesn't matter). And since the world wasn't going her way – and it's either Demi's way or no way – she's went by with her signature style of abusing her power to treat people like shit, drag them, why not also destroy them, just because she can. She gets off on that. And that's how she's treating everyone around her. It's her trademarked style.

If she really cared about some cause, she could've taken it to her socials in a constructive matter without naming any names. After all, she's supposedly bothered by a 'culture' as a whole, and a particular shop isn't THE culture itself.
But why didn't she do that? Because her motive was never to sjw over a cause, it was to intentionally and maliciously drag a particular brand. To show them who's boss, who has the power.

She's just an entitled bitch. People should stop writing off shitty personality traits as ED/MI as if it were an attribute or side-effect of the latter. No. It's her.

No. 1214414

Yeah, Demi saying "You don't want to mess with me" pretty much confirms what this was really all about.

No. 1214419

There is no maybe, it's well-established. And no, they were wrong all the way. Learn to admit mistakes, anon.

No. 1214422

Anon, you know damn well their comment sections are full of Middle Eastern coomer males saying "god i wish that were me" and other pedo shit. We know from Chrissie's meltdowns that they do read what people say, but she/they continue taking sexualized photos with their sons. For any sane parent, attention like that on your children would be extremely disturbing and awkward, but they basically feed into it. It's not even nearly the same as the typical gross comments toward yourself.
Sorry, it's pedophilic and gross. You can take those sorts of pics without being all over your toddler son. Katherine Marion vibes almost. I'm half-convinced they're trying to advertise to certain wealthier audiences, but I already see team "deboonked!!1" working hard ITT, so let's just wait and see what comes out.

No. 1214432

i feel like it was just bipolar crazy causing her to focus in on what, like you said, was an unrelated thing that pissed her off. like the day after a coke binge where you get randomly pissed off at whoever's texting you because they like a tv show you don't like

No. 1214435

I think Demi has relapsed and that's why she's so mental tbh

No. 1214442

it was paymoneywubby but he ended up like weirdly collaborating with one of the creepy moms?? idk i don’t remember the context

No. 1214445

yeah shes manic as fuck right now

No. 1214449


No. 1214488

There's no denying that Hollywood is a pedophilic cesspool but in the case of Emrata and Chrissy, I honestly think it's just a case of celebrities living in their own little world and having no boundaries because no one really challenges or questions them. I remember reading a story about Kate Beckinsale sending her daughter a nude photo of her dad and it was supposed to be ~*quirky but I ended up being really grossed out by it. I feel like these types of celebrities are surrounded by yes men and women so they don't have anyone to tell them "Hey, you shouldn't post a half naked pic of yourself with your kid because it's fucking weird."

No. 1214499

To that point, it could also be possible that Hollywood being such a pedophilic cesspool makes it less likely for them to realize that there's anything wrong with what they're doing, since its so standard.

No. 1214501

That's exactly how I feel about Chrissy and other certain celeb mom's that post their kids amongst their thirst traps. Chrissy came up out of nowhere. Her modelling portfolio consists of shopped photos for Sports Illustrated. She gives off escort vibes. I don't know why people find it difficult to fathom that celebrities and politicians would be involved in sex rings. Is the public only suppose to believe working class thugs only have the know how on how to traffick humans. Like we hear the stats about human trafficking, but like rape statistics the victims magically occur yet no one knows who's responsible.

No. 1214504

To piggyback off of this I think this song from Kanye is telling about how he feels about his kids in the public gaze. This album I think is pretty telling that Kim and Kanye were heading for a divorce. Shit is weird in Hollywood.

No. 1214507

I know people who legit thought she was a lady boy up until she had childern, shit i know some people who still thinks she's a lady boy escort. Something is off with her.
Because even pre-surgery she wasn't someone that was striking or stood out imo.

No. 1214509

and no i'm not saying she's trans, I'm saying people have always said something was off about her. Her "Career", some of her tweets, these weird ass pictures, her fucked up face, even her marriage. It's all so..weird.

No. 1214518

she's an escort who got lucky. someone important really liked her i guess. kate upton seemed like tht to me too, back when she was popular. she was pretty but not really talented in any way, even as a model, and there were always these videos of her being funny or doing a dance or something where she was clearly in the house of whichever photographer she'd just fucked.

No. 1214560

Except Kanye hardly spends time with his own kids…

No. 1214571

Deboooooonked by snopes. K E K

No. 1214573

File: 1619147386566.jpeg (74.17 KB, 1119x720, 93C2770D-9567-4D00-8B8D-B136CD…)

you are stupid. pedos don’t even hide it anymore. because of people like you who refuse to see what’s right in front of your eyes(pizzagate derail)

No. 1214596

Yeah it's weird timing but she mentioned it casually on a live stream and there are women who realize they're a lesbian later in life. Though this gives me the same vibes about how K stew. Cheated on Patterson with her director and is now seen as a lesbian icon when she's bisexual. No hate towards bisexuals, it's just that celebrities like Sarah Paulson and K. Stew are being erased because they avoid labels or get lumped in as lesbians when they're not.

No. 1214598

Look we all agree that Epstein didn't kill himself so pizzafags and the anons that reply to them, please don't derail the thread away from the actual point here, especially if you're not familiar with the mechanics of saging.

No. 1214603

Ellen Page trooning out apparently inspired her.

I'm the ayrt and it's so sad this statement applies to too many young women that my initial reaction was "which one???"

Heavily agree. Gorgeous before and after. Love her.

No. 1214614

File: 1619153696745.jpeg (43.85 KB, 700x465, hot-hayden-panettiere-picture.…)

All this talk of where Chrissy Teigen came from reminds me of one of my favorite celebrity conspiracies. Diana Jenkins and Room 23, a photobook believed to basically be an advertisement for which celebrities are actually escorts. Hayden Pannettiere factors heavily in this whole thing, and her story is so disturbing and sad. Here's a cool, totally normal picture from Diana Jenkin's (Bosnian 'humanitarian' who married a banker and then started hobnobbing with celebs - started a charity for Haiti with Sean Penn even) totally legit, not at all fucked up photobook about all her celeb 'friends'. Rumor is that she is the madame of Hollywood and involved heavily in the yachting culture.

Here's a sad update on Hayden anyway, the creepy boxer she was married to seems to have primary custody of her child, who tf knows why. Still with some abusive guy. I hope someday she writes a tell all. https://people.com/tv/hayden-panettiere-life-flux-daughter-lives-ukraine-dad/

No. 1214651


Because Hayden chose her abusive boyfriend over her own daughter, allegedly.

No. 1214662

File: 1619162348403.png (1.43 MB, 1228x924, Screenshot_2021-04-23 Morrisse…)

No. 1214663

I hope to see him on South Park soon.

No. 1214669

File: 1619165838711.jpg (42.05 KB, 631x680, Au7v7Nx.jpg)

what the fuck happened to zac efron's face

No. 1214670

File: 1619165961046.jpg (64.67 KB, 751x600, bog.jpg)

this is a national tragedy

No. 1214671

File: 1619166294789.jpg (30.7 KB, 480x480, zacefron.jpg)

if anyone needs a reminder what he looked like.

is it the roids? he's got the same uncanny look kumail nanjiani has with the stronger jaw and weird bloated face. ew.

No. 1214672

>who do you fink gave you the teef

No. 1214675

What the fuuuuck he wasn't aging that well to begin with but why make it worse with unnecessary ps

No. 1214676

File: 1619167157670.gif (12.67 MB, 426x240, p2A9XZz.gif)

people think it's botched jaw filler that has yet to settle

it's not bad editing either making it look uncanny, it's from a video. it's even worse in motion

No. 1214677

I fucking hate plastic surgery. It’s always so obvious that someone has it and they just look like they’re either recovering or in the early stages of anaphylactic shock. People who get it should be bullied for it.

No. 1214678

but his entire face is "bulging". weird eyebags and lips like joe rogan and such. either way he looks bad. hope he takes this general backlash as a cue to stop now.

No. 1214683

I'd say it's either obvious and unnatural, thus ugly, or it's minimal and correcting some kind of weird unnoticeable flaw the person has been fixated on and then it's basically useless. Like "fixing" a nose bump.

No. 1214695

The guy on the left is Steve Coy not Pete Burns.

No. 1214699

Spot on

No. 1214703

File: 1619171677637.png (835.39 KB, 720x1134, Screenshot_20210423-145208.png)

Speaking of roids can we acknowledge that pretty much every modern male action star is taking steroids for certain roles

I mean the results of their body transformations without substance enhancing drugs is not humanly possible and its just plain stupid to pretend otherwise that its natural

And sidenite its funny how action stars in the 70's to early 90's were muscle bound steroid freaks but In the late 90's to the 2000's action stars seemed to go for a more natural fit physiques think Bruce Willis Will Smith, Keanu Reeves e.t.c with the rise of MCU were seeing return to a muscle bound Goliaths with biceps bigger then a human head

No. 1214730

File: 1619177569298.jpeg (618.54 KB, 1242x817, 9376419B-3BEA-4386-B4CB-01F40A…)

Never forget

No. 1214734

I've always thought Brad Pitt was famous for having the same kind of cosmetic procedure

No. 1214735

I was scrolling fast and I thought this was a pic of two monkeys dressed in leather jackets jfc

No. 1214742

File: 1619180073961.gif (807.91 KB, 244x200, tenor.gif)

i-i can't believe this

No. 1214749

Samefag. Not to go all scrote but let’s call a spade a spade, they’re both just butterfaces who got lucky to get famous and they know they’re aging out too so they have to find new ways to get attention, they post half nude pics with their kids because it’s a way to stand out among younger women

No. 1214751

Zac efron has been short and ugly since highschool musical. He had fucked up teeth so he got veneers like Hilary Duff. Roids to help his small frame and now I guess he's plumping his face because he's a fag.

No. 1214756


>the results of their body transformations without substance enhancing drugs is not humanly possible

almost all the examples in that image show before and afters that are years apart though? Absolutely humanly possible when you have the best trainers and personal chefs that money can buy. Dont doubt that some actors might use them but when the studio probaby pays you for the time spent getting ripped it's probably not worth shrinking your balls for.

No. 1214757

Guy on the left was his bandmate and friend, Steve Coy, not Pete Burns. Pete still fucked his face up. He even mentioned being "addicted to plastic surgery" and "looking like a mannequin" in the 80s, way before any big surgeries. I guess he was just mentally ill that way. Otherwise, I liked his personality (and music).

No. 1214760

Chrissy was a rookie for sports illustrated. Are US laws different for certain magazines because in the UK Chrissy would be classed as a glamour model rather than a model. She's famous for her tits.

No. 1214761

hasn't he looked fucked up/botched for a while? i remember thinking he looked very uncanny valley for that baywatch movie.

No. 1214762

he looks like a Brian Jordan Alvarez snapchat character

No. 1214763

what do laws have to do with anything?

No. 1214764

File: 1619182053403.jpg (50.37 KB, 620x400, kumail-nanjiani_620x400.jpg)

It was just a random screenshot I took, I'm talking people Kumail Nanjiani and his natural 6 Months transformation

No. 1214765

SI doesn't seem to go full exposure with tits, there's lots of her wearing wet tops so you can see everything but there always obscured where in the UK glamour models can have their tits shown on page 3. Although that might have changed recently. She's part of trashy lad mags culture, that's why she's such an unbearable pick me.

No. 1214770

I mean yes that’s why I said she is a butterface? But her face means she has a hot body. She has the typical implant big boob look like most SI models. She even confessed to getting implants on Twitter lol

No. 1214779

ok but what do laws have to do with this? do you get a tax cut if you show nips in magazines or what?

No. 1214782

God this man is ugly

No. 1214785

File: 1619184136382.jpeg (1.06 MB, 1242x1621, 4EBEB5AF-D02D-4C7F-988B-E4A7D7…)

Nanjiani has been pretty transparent about his entire process. He started to work out a couple years back before anyone really noticed. Then, once marvel cast him as a superhero it was about 10-12 (not six) months of daily intense workouts where he was throwing up constantly and dissociating due to the pain. He had multiple trainers and nutritionists working around the clock, all on Disney’s dime.

I’m not saying it’s normal. Just that it’s not like he’s pretending he did it all by himself. It doesn’t seem like he relied on roids either,

No. 1214790

anon if you can't see this man is yoked within an inch of his life i don't know what to tell you

No. 1214791

Idk because the laws are more Conservative and that she wasn't classed as a porn model for the likes of Playboy/Penthouse she's been more easily shilled down our throats and why she's been able to get cosmo magazine covers. She's basically annoying and gets far too much credit for being John Legends beard.

No. 1214794

He does hgh.

No. 1214799

he does juice. no one's saying he isn't working hard as shit, but working out all the time doesn't change the way your head looks. also doesn't make your veins apparent all the time.

No. 1214800

she doesn't have custody because she's an alcoholic

No. 1214802

File: 1619185791112.png (511.67 KB, 930x599, 1559136382513.png)

You know they literally can't admit they use steroids right, cause the studios were the ones who likely arranged that shit for him

The Only celebrity I feel that was transparent about the whole thing was Rob McElhenney, In a Wired Interview he all but admitted the studio gave him steroids with a nudge and a wink

No. 1214805

kek sorry for OT but i fucking love Brian so much, his characters are by far the best thing to watch while you're pooping

No. 1214808

it still trips me out that he got disgustingly fat because he thought it would make him funnier. who thinks like that? charlie day is the funniest guy on always sunny and he is not shaped like a pre diabetic alcoholic father so im not sure how he came to that conclusion

No. 1214811

I think that's objective, I thought fat mac was really funny

No. 1214813

The original plan (iirc) according to rob was that everyone was supposed to gain weight /become less attractive and Danny Devito to lose weight. No one else wanted to do it (for good reason).

No. 1214814

Not to derail but Glenn(Dennis) makes the show for me and is the most entertaining/funny.(sperg)

No. 1214818

yeah dennis is close second for funniest for me on the show but im bias because i have strange crush on charlie lmao(derail)

No. 1214823

I know this is a women’s website so no one knows what roids look like but there’s 0% chance Kumail Nanjian isn’t juiced. The vascularity at his age is a dead giveaway. Yes he probably worked out a ton, yes he was also juicing.

No. 1214829

the traps are a giveaway too tbh

No. 1214830

People are really ignorant about how much time it takes to grow muscles without steroids + what natural muscles look like kek.

No. 1214834

a lot of it's gullibility. like when people believed kylie was just overlining her lips and not getting filler kek.

No. 1214836

Its not just women, normies in general don't seem to get it, most of my Pakistani male cousins really do think that the Rock and WWE stars are all natural

No. 1214837

he exposed a channel called Susu Family. look up "susu family" on knowyourmeme. they weren't even trying to be subtle. there's also a screenshot of the many thumbnails of the mother doing crotch shots but i won't include it

No. 1214838

File: 1619190426327.png (57.31 KB, 1100x339, susu.png)

No. 1214839

File: 1619190541301.png (700.21 KB, 1448x812, harry.png)

is harry styles bisexual?

No. 1214843

he always said that he liked people no matter the gender so yeah i guess that means he is bisexual but he doesn't want to label himself that

No. 1214844

File: 1619190876043.png (453.79 KB, 803x605, 2021-04-23 11_14_14-Window.png)

No. 1214845

File: 1619190936421.jpg (254.94 KB, 850x550, harry-styles-james-corden.jpg)

well what do you think lmao

No. 1214846

i love how everyone ignores how he caused a woman to die in a car accident a couple of years ago. Troon privilege.

No. 1214848

What is lighting, angle, pose?

No. 1214852

Yeah that's fucking creepy

No. 1214853

He's a straight guy who IRL Queerbaits for Woke points

No. 1214854

you are confusing him with ezra miller

No. 1214855

This is sad

No. 1214857

Nah, it's clearly an attention seeking move. Isn't she a "they/them" as well? She's been trying to queerbait her way to relevancy for a while. Bisexual wasn't catchy enough, they/them wasn't catchy enough… lesbian is now the next frontier to get that clout. Don't think it's going to work, either

No. 1214860

kek good luck snagging those Republican votes

No. 1214862

he def just queerbaits distract from the fact that he is nothing but a mediocre popstar

No. 1214865

File: 1619192339228.gif (1.53 MB, 245x213, harry james.gif)

>>1214845 kek this wasn't even the first time he kissed james.
i think he's queerbaiting too since lgbt solidarity is a surefire way to be a popular pop artist (unless you're carly rae jepsen or charli xcx, it didn't work for them for some reason)

No. 1214869

File: 1619192563214.png (638.96 KB, 765x722, billie eilish.png)

apparently billie eilish is dating a guy 10 years older than her (she's 19 and he's 29.) his name is matthew vorce. her ex was also older and her parents were fine with it.

No. 1214871

I’m not even surprised anymore about young girls dating old men. What happened to finding a partner your age??

No. 1214873

File: 1619193032358.png (31.5 KB, 640x640, 52854977d0f7c02c5867cc3fb66cdb…)

i dont think he queerbaits. He rarely talks about his sexuality and when he does he either rejects it or is vague about it. He also dresses how he wants. The media is the one who makes it a big deal. Also im pretty sure he has trauma from being sexualized and being shipped with Louis since he was a minor so why would he queerbait.

When i think of men who queerbait i would say that people Timothee Chalamet and Ezra miller do that.

No. 1214874

james corden seems like such a flaming homo to me. i wouldnt be surprised if his wife is just a beard

No. 1214875

File: 1619193204030.jpg (69.16 KB, 728x546, 446cc006dca2489d9811e43cc39995…)

imagine using a photo of yourself in a car for the campaign when you've been involved in a fatal car accident smfh

No. 1214876

Not to be mean but are you dumb? Think about the men your age, assuming you're under the age of 20. Do you honestly find any appeal in them at all? Mentally, emotionally. They're still under developed unless by some extraordinary measure, they're "mature" for their age which is extremely unlikely. I don't want this to turn into some age gap infighting but seriously don't try to pretend like there's not any appeal in older men that younger men lack SEVERELY.(derail)

No. 1214878

File: 1619193353975.jpg (33.68 KB, 795x413, NINTCHDBPICT000648638229.jpg)

and he's not even the least bit attractive. what a disgrace.

No. 1214879

he rarely talks about his sexuality (straight) so he can continue to queerbait anon kek

No. 1214880

File: 1619193525446.png (8.1 KB, 224x225, C0CA8928-B774-45F7-B900-F183C2…)

No. 1214881

I don't doubt that's on purpose for attention

No. 1214883

This is a pretty cool post. I remember back in the 90s/00s when celebs would all lie in interviews that they ate pizza and burgers nonstop and stayed in shape by "chasing their kids around" or some other bullshit. I'm glad they're finally admitting how much time, effort, pain and MONEY they invest into their looks as part of their contractually obligated work responsibilities. Otherwise it sets up unattainable standards that normal people with 9-5s can't reach and honestly shouldn't need to.

No. 1214884

I agree, he seems way to eager to kiss his male costars. He grabbed and kissed Daniel Radcliffe when he just turned 18 during an award ceremony

No. 1214885

ok we get it you are a male, now begone scote(hi scrote)

No. 1214886

Biphobia is real, it's crazy how many people will go out of their way to label themselves anything BUT bisexual. From pansexual to "bi lesbian" (kek) to "I don't see gender", they're never done coming up with pretentious labels to avoid claiming what they clearly are.

No. 1214887

File: 1619194128988.gif (2.84 MB, 443x387, james corden david walliams ga…)

Also found this gif where he's tongue kissing David Walliams. He seems wayyy too into it not to be gay imo

No. 1214892

God I hate this queerbaiter. I predict he's gonna come out as they/them soon.

No. 1214907

File: 1619195550080.jpg (Spoiler Image,351.1 KB, 1890x811, Screenshot_11.jpg)

Googled 'James Corden kissing' and I'm now convinced that he sticks his tongue down every single man's throat who is willing to be in his immediate vicinity in a showbusiness setting. I'm done Cordenposting

No. 1214914

It's like he thought the Gigachad meme was actually attractive/ideal. This is grotesque, lmao.

No. 1214922

Joe Rogan was a cutie when he was young, jeez

No. 1214925

Almost every single shirtless man in the entertainment industry is on gear. Unless you’re a hideous faggot like Harry Styles .

Not to fitfag but the average fat fuck (or even skinny fuck) has zero idea how long it takes to build that kind of muscle density and lean/dry look. Even then, the traps/lats do not grow like that on the human body without tons of chemical help. The anons thinking these physiques are naturally achievable reveals that they’ve never spent time in a gym or lifted more than a can of soda.

No. 1214926

Years ago when I found out James Corden had a wife I was genuinely shocked because I just assumed he was gay

No. 1214928

He has a wife?? I legit thought he was gay bc of all the times he’s gone around kissing men jfc

No. 1214938

fairly sure the ukrainian guy is nice/healthy, and hayden became an unstable cluster b drunk who can't care for her kid.

No. 1214942

guys with neotenous faces like him or leonardo dicaprio always age like shit. they turn into bloated whoville creatures, idk why though.

No. 1214946

not on the inside. he's basically always been his character from newsradio

No. 1214947

File: 1619197398841.jpg (127.92 KB, 900x760, Screenshot_12.jpg)

She lost custody because of her drinking problem

No. 1214948

Hollywood is a business. Why spend time and money on achieving a natty physique when you can just cheat?

If Chris Pratt refuses to take steroids to bulk up in time for production they'll kick him back to being comic relief in B tier sitcoms and get someone who will.

No. 1214950

fat mac was a great plot device because he got super fit afterwards nd no one in show gave a shit.

No. 1214966

I wonder if James Corden will get outed for banging a twink one day just like how Phillip Schofield did

No. 1214977

wait he's not a openly gay dude?

No. 1214987

>something I disagree with, must be bait or a scrote

honestly I was expecting to be called out as someone dating a man older than me. kek. which I am and it makes a world of a difference. Most guys under 27 are trash. They idolize streamers and cos-thots, don't have their shit together, probably don't even have a stable salary that can support a family if I wanted it. The ones that can are taken or military fags. I've dated men my age and every single time, it was heartbreak whether from overworking because they were man-babies or coomers. Younger men are trash. Point blank period.

It's okay if you both are single and cranky. When you finally do find a partner, I guarantee they'll be older, whether they're male or female.(no1curr)

No. 1214991

lmao I was thinking the exact same thing, mindreader-anon!!

No. 1214995

Charli xcx was for the girlies then the gays took her and she begrudgingly panders. I don't like to talk about it.

No. 1214997

Go on anon, I wanna know.

No. 1215001

The gays ruined her and made her name synonymous with cringe queer culture.

No. 1215009

Like the time she took a photo with some gay's doucher.

No. 1215012

File: 1619204172166.jpg (90.17 KB, 1024x731, charli_enema-1024x731.jpg)


No. 1215033

And why the fuck would an older person want to date someone so much younger if they aren’t also a degenerate?

No. 1215042

You can look up studies and statistics about marriage and age gaps, the majority of people marry close to their age. The small amount of marriages with a wide age gap often don’t last longer than 5 years

No. 1215047

Childhood is thinking Charlie is the funniest
Adulthood is realizing Dennis was the best all along

No. 1215048

dont feed the male scrote, im suspecting they are the same person who on another thread said that a male liking a 13 year old is nature and not pedophilia

No. 1215052

Yeah. Anons right when they say that older men usually have their shit together more but that doesn't mean a 19 year old should go date a 30 year old. Young women should date to have fun. Fuck the "hitting the wall at 30" shit that these scrotes parrot to make themselves feel like better catches when they're man children. Wait until your older to find a life partner with someone who isn't still thirsting over Twitter thots in his early 20s. There's no rush. Huge age gaps are usually a sign of a scrote not being well adjusted enough to date older women his age kek. Young women tend to be impressed by basic shit since men their own age suck so terribly usually kek thats why creepy men who have nothing to offer circle around them like vultures.

No. 1215115

yeah if i said "dating older men is ok" i'd mean like, a 35 year old and a 50 year old who met at an engineering conference or something. not a model with her first job out of high school dating someone whose kids are the same age as her.

No. 1215119

America is such a clown ass country

No. 1215120

>Bryan cranston

No. 1215122

Honestly, the DENNIS system is hilarious and still cracks me up every time. And the Nightman/Dayman episodes(derail)

No. 1215153

Still kind of a big gap, different generations and life experiences. Maybe if the guy never had kids and wants them but then you have to wonder why it took him until 50 to finally be ready

No. 1215155

File: 1619214438880.png (1.17 MB, 1274x858, file.png)

Sam Smith has a revolutionary new tattoo.

>the ink seems to be a tribute to the singer's non-binary gender identity.


No. 1215157

He’s a pedo

No. 1215160

File: 1619214912582.png (877.07 KB, 1019x653, j7qRvPy1qf4pl0o1.png)

It was all worth it for this one episode. But I agree with anons that Dennis is the funniest, his line delivery is unmatched.

No. 1215163

>>1215157 for real? i know he's friends with that guy Alok who said little girls are "kinky".

No. 1215164

pedo vibes. the kid absolutely had to be in his underwear. this dude seriously considers popping his first boner wearing mommys heels to be a ''deep'' and life changing moment.

No. 1215169

Kek no it’s pure speculation. I’ve no proof. The fact that he’s friends with Alok the little-girls-are-kinky tranny makes me believe my own tinfoil even more.

No. 1215174

Does anyone know about Julian Casablancas? Last I heard was that last year he left his wife of 15 years for a 21 year old (he's 42) and the gf apparently fought his other groupies

No. 1215182

File: 1619216380292.jpg (7.9 KB, 210x240, images.jpg)


There was that time he sucked her (the 21 year old) tit in a public photo booth. Shame that he's like this rn. He hated his dad for a long time, who left his mom for a 16 year old model (from what I remember).

No. 1215183

I really didn't expect this level of midlife crisis bullshit from him of all people considering how traumatic his dad leaving him and his mom for a teenager was for him. Ugh. is he still even with that girl?

No. 1215201

The Ukranian guy isn't nice at all, he's a textbook depiction of a retard and a scrote. Just an overall scumbag piece of shit.
The Klitschko brothers are a walking meme among their own culture / origin in terms of not being blessed with even a single brain cell.

They are however very successful as far as boxing goes, so they have a lot of connections among the local oligarchy, politicians, and otherwise powerful businessmen around the world.

Not saying Hayden is a goody good girl, but honesty I'm not surprised in the slightest that she's become an alcoholic. When I've found out years ago they were dating, I was truly scared for her life. Glad she's out, but that poor daughter of theirs… It's scary.

No. 1215207

Subject matter aside, why do celebrities with tons of money always get the fugliest tattoos? He could've gotten a well-done piece of art and he got this dumbass outline

No. 1215213

cuz money doesn’t buy taste kek

No. 1215241

Yes anon fully agree this tattoo is wack as fuck and total AGP shit? I truly don’t care if boys are into this as kids, and are into cross dressing as adults, but it’s not an identity and its creepy as hell to use the tableau as a tattoo. How about a high heel with a mustache or some shit why does it have to be a young boy in his underwear? I really hate it.

No. 1215244

If you follow the Diane Jenkins rumors Klitscho was just a client of Hayden’s. She’s an interesting celeb to me - stage mom, abusive dad, married relatively obscure wealthy Ukranian boxer as a young woman, PPD so severe she was committed twice and now doesnt have custody of her daughter…then being with a drunk real estate agent wannabe actor who beats her? I think she has an interesting story to tell if she ever can, and it might involve some very dark shit. She’s been an actress since she was a kid, too. She seems heavily damaged.

No. 1215249

some people never want kids lol. i dated a bunch of decently older dudes because i only care about my job and they were old enough to know they weren't looking for a potential wife/mother type

No. 1215250

AGP: the tattoo

No. 1215254

people like you see pedos everywhere because you are one.

No. 1215259

>>1215254 you can call out perverts who sexualise children without being a pedo yourself. it's not that black and white. you're using a classic derailment tactic. "if you think something is pedophilic then YOU'RE the real pedophile for even noticing it!"

No. 1215271

This is some DARVO type of thinking

No. 1215279

Sorry to derail but Sweet Dee is the best character on Always Sunny.

No. 1215301

File: 1619227324201.png (169.8 KB, 719x792, Emrata.png)

No. 1215302

model makes money off image of herself. is this supposed to be groundbreaking somehow?

No. 1215307

i’ll believe chris hemsworth’s transformation bc he’s been buff for years but I always thought Chris Pratt definitely cut corners.

no man in hollywood touches the transformations Christian Bale has undergone. dudes a psycho for destroying his body for movies.

No. 1215314

Lmao the solidarity with women sales pitch when she’s only known because she appeared in a music video about date rape, because women are totally buying her NFT. Women already own their own likenesses, they just can’t afford to fight for them which she does not relate to. Selling your image as an NFT is yet another way to commodify women no matter what language you wrap it up in.

No. 1215337

Sex pest involves self in crypto currency shocker.

No. 1215343

File: 1619232422357.jpg (85.95 KB, 720x797, meuiptev88h41.jpg)

yeah I respect him as an actor, but can't they just get someone whose already the proper weight, This doesn't seem healthy in the Long term
Like I watched Vice recently and he gave phenomenal performance but at the same time I was thinking, why not just get someone whose already a fat guy

No. 1215356

File: 1619233924384.jpeg (198.02 KB, 828x815, 79E63E72-3BB9-4DBE-B42C-70735E…)

Sia won a Razzie for her autism movie and doesn't seem to be taking it well as she's deactivated her Twitter kek

No. 1215363


No. 1215368

>>1214997 not anon but I've been a fan of Charli since the first singles for her second album Sucker dropped and the change I've witnessed since then is jarring. Back when Sucker was rolling out she used to be quite big in the indie scene, even touring with Jack Antonoff before pulling out due to mental tiredness or something. She also worked with Rostam formerly of Vampire Weekend which was a big deal in the circles I was in at the time. I checked in every so often and when Vroom Vroom dropped in 2016 that's when her whole image changed and got swallowed up by the queer scene. It's only gotten worse over the last 4 years with them hacking her and leaking an entire shelved album, its demos, concept plan and supposed photoshoot. The people over at the thread on Lanaboards where most of the leaks occur are just some of the saddest people since Charli has came out several times saying how traumatic that moment was for her and yet they're still leaking music to this day. It's just so weird and depressing to see. Sage for extreme Charli-sperging

No. 1215380

File: 1619235597081.png (1.49 MB, 1290x934, 7748295105.png)

chrissy teigen continues to animorph into trisha paytas

No. 1215383

well someone has to replace her since trisha is now a theyby

No. 1215388

No. 1215389

File: 1619236134099.jpg (52.61 KB, 663x663, uGJdA9E.jpg)

on the topic of implants and fillers, theres also rumors chris hemsworth got a jaw implant or filler, his chin is also looking a little gigachad lately

No. 1215393

Looks more like Botox

No. 1215398

Her face is so botched. She is like an amusement park artist's caricature in a bad way. "Chrissy gogurt" gives me secondhand embarrassment.

No. 1215399

i don't mind the decora makeup and wigs, it fits her. i guess it distracts from her puffy face.

No. 1215401

i legit thought that was trisha, wow they really do look alike

No. 1215402

It's always embarrassing when celebrities try to stay relevant by capitalizing on internet-related aesthetic trends. Big "hello fellow young people" energy. Who the hell would buy a tie dye robe from this hack anyway? Is this like a front for a money laundering scheme or something?

No. 1215405

File: 1619236989897.gif (485.38 KB, 220x141, gogurtheadass.gif)

No. 1215411

In your dreams, bird.

No. 1215412

Completely agree. As if it was that hard to find a fat guy. I mean I get he is an amazing actor but his not the only one. And that definitely isn't healthy for his body

No. 1215423

File: 1619238084634.jpeg (112.61 KB, 1078x629, 77CBEEA4-511D-4772-9DB5-106C70…)

I bet you’re a pedo, you better hold on to those nuts before we cut them off.

No. 1215424

God, I love Peep Show

No. 1215428

She’s being spectrally raped by us posting pictures of her bee sting lips

No. 1215431

I thought that actually was Trisha Paytas before reading any of the text in the image or your post. Creepy.

No. 1215438

you're retarded anon. fuck off.

No. 1215439

who is "we"? pizzagate conspiracy tards have a containment thread please go to it

No. 1215441

File: 1619239853296.jpeg (17.13 KB, 389x582, images (1).jpeg)

Not surprised. Don't get me wrong, the music is great, but it is written and performed by rich NY trust fund kids with parents with industry connections. Julian can hate his dad all he wants but he was always going to turn out like him.

No. 1215443

omg i thought it was trisha on a quick scroll passed until I saw your comment.
it's weird you're sexualizing a dumb picture of a kid then claiming others are pedophiles kek

No. 1215444

has this thread seriously devolved into pizzagate sperging? jannies really don't give a shit anymore, banning people for talking about always sunny and leaving this shit up? kek what a fucking joke. this thread has been absolute trash since it left /ot/.

No. 1215445

Damn there are a lot of pedos in this thread

No. 1215446

pizzagaters are the only pedos. get help.

No. 1215450

KEK, thinking a picture of a child with their hands taped to a table is inappropriate doesn’t make us full on pizzagaters. Caping this hard over it does kind of make you look like a pedo, no offence.

No. 1215471

Shut the fuck up you samefagging retard. It’s in /snow so that people will sage deranged rants like yours.

No. 1215478

Ew I was waiting for that to happen. No offense but his ex wife looked very plain compared to the front he has up. He's also been to rehab and is a druggie so no surprise. The strokes wouldn't have been successful if it wasn't for their rich daddy's money, even Albert Jr. has connections because of his dad. Anyway, Julian can't sing for shit just listen to unedited vocals lol

No. 1215492

Not really surprised tbh. He was hot once upon a time but he's crazier than a bag of cats

No. 1215501

File: 1619244898574.jpeg (90.46 KB, 800x450, 7502B02F-63F5-41EE-8B0B-986F5B…)

Ugh, I’m a Califag and while I don’t really like Newsom, I’d still take him over a Republican any day of the week? Also why is this recall shit happening? I thought we got over it in the early 2000s?

No. 1215528

Nta and kinda OT, but can someone explain to me why the kid with their hands taped to the table = pedo? Am I missing context or just really naive? I looked at the image and just thought it was some dumb joke like "harhar kids get into all kinda trouble, can't pick your nose now!" Kind of thing…?

No. 1215533

You’re both missing context and really naive. Duct taping a child’s hands to a table is not normal at all.

No. 1215541

The pedos are counting on you thinking it’s just a silly joke, like the schoolteacher picking up girls in skirts and hanging them upside down by their ankles. Like a creepy uncle who likes to tickle and play fight and pin his nephews/nieces down, etc. Stop being so naive.

No. 1215542

O..okay, but can you explain it to me? I'm not saying it's normal or not, I sincerely don't understand why it's inherently pedo. It doesn't look like duct tape either? Looks like that easy rip stuff that'd peel off if the kid lifted their arms… Painters tape or whatever it's called?

That was my first post about any of this, I'm not part of the discussion I'm legitimately confused. When it was first posted I looked at the picture and thought I must be misunderstanding something and now I'm more confused.

No. 1215545

Why the fuck would a fucking pizza restaurant make a joke about binding children by the wrists? Can you explain o me how it IS appropriate? You need your head examined.

No. 1215546

Look at the user's Instagram icon. It's a statue of Antinous, a greek "demi god". That alone should tell you a lot, once you look it up.

Kek. Sia is such a cow. I saw clips of her movie and it looks terrible. Sia is such a narcissist.

No. 1215547

I mean I can understand the examples you gave because there's a weird sexual or physical element to those. I guess I just didn't think this instance was inherently predatory or pedoy on its own to me? I don't know, it's awful if it is obviously. Not trying to argue that it isn't, either, I just don't have the same level of understanding as you guys I guess

No. 1215549

Oh, it's a restaurant? Yeah that's weird, I didn't realize. I thought this was just some random celeb family member posting their kid making a weird joke or something.

Shit, this is why I wondered if I was missing some context…(pizzagate derail)

No. 1215559

>"I know it's a weird thing when a male dad is performing in a bunch of people…"

Haha, ok yeah he was high af in this, while talking about his young family. Awkward.

No. 1215560

Binding a child by the wrists is definitely physical. It’s a sexual grey area though, which is exactly what groomers aim for.

No. 1215561

if it meant keeping fucking caitlyn out of office i'd vote to have arnie back in. you're 100% right about the recall shit being a load of it tho.

No. 1215598

kek she thinks she's the smartest person ever for thinking of the phrase "buying myself back" like she's the first model to realize people make hella bank off pictures you didn't get paid very much to pose for

No. 1215600

damn looks like his natural weight is only 150/160lbs! getting jacked is even harder if you're a naturally skinny person. his liver must be very tired and/or sad.

No. 1215601

that's just a dude on coke

No. 1215750

File: 1619285889672.jpg (144.57 KB, 656x1200, sia.jpg)

sia really is a cow. this autism movie, her sleeping with shia labeouf, having maddie ziegler sleep in bed with her, etc. the autism movie and her response to the criticism before it came out is definitely what made a lot of people turn on her though.

No. 1215839

Are there ANY celebrities who are not narcissists? Highly doubt so. You get eaten alive if you have the ability to feel empathy.

Robert Downey Jr has a reputation as a "good guy".

No. 1215845

>Maybe you’re just a bad actor.
As if she ever even considered casting anyone other than that Maddie girl she’s weirdly obsessed with.

No. 1215847

There are some older actors and actresses who don't seem narcissistic, but it's something you have to be in order to be on red carpets, have attention on you 24/7, give interviews, do photoshoots glorifying yourself, share irrelevant details on your day to day, thoughts, etc. That doesn't mean they aren't empathetic, although I'm sure all of them are very detached of reality because they live in a bubble, it doesn't matter how many UNICEF trips to a 3rd world country they do and how many slightly political speeches they give at awards

No. 1215849

>her sleeping with shia labeouf
wait really ? source

No. 1215854

sia tweeted she was the other woman in shias and fka twigs rs

No. 1215857

Wasn't she among the celebrities that promoted fyre fest a few years back too? Now she's promoting what is essentially a glorified pyramid scheme lmao. What a cheap swindler.

No. 1215866

File: 1619294697595.jpg (31.22 KB, 828x642, 0ajwfxka76v61.jpg)

No. 1215878

>no symmetry
>mirror missing pieces
>that anatomy
Celebrities always get the ugliest tattoos.

No. 1215882

why the fuck…

No. 1215884

File: 1619296239844.jpeg (48.43 KB, 808x1172, 86CDFA1C-0DEA-467E-9534-AD269B…)

She was indeed, didn’t even apologise for it either.

No. 1215885

File: 1619296327222.jpeg (640.96 KB, 941x878, 0728F532-AE7A-446C-B7F4-D4F587…)

Imagine being this self obsessed tho

No. 1215890

ok but who gives a fuck about her except for the same 2 anons here posting about her repeteadly.
She is a z list celeb

No. 1215894

Ok. Post who you give a fuck about or shut up. Stop expecting us all to entertain you.

No. 1215899

File: 1619297803245.jpg (82.32 KB, 750x450, sia shia.jpg)

No. 1215921

Unequivocally baste

No. 1215941

Unrelated but god twigs is so beautiful, just wish she'd stop dating shitty scrotes

No. 1215950

Same, she’s fucking beautiful.

No. 1215954

A little OT but why are people so defensive about autism?

"A gift rather than a disability" like what? It is a disability, and people with severe autism aren't "blessed" to have it, they can't even communicate properly. Granted I never saw Sia's 'film' so I couldn't tell you anything about it

No. 1215967

Since only functioning autists have a voice, they control the narrative and they think they got a special gift

No. 1215971

never gonna happen, straight women love pubestached stinkwooks

No. 1215976

Is it just me or does her tits look really off there?

No. 1215982

It's (hopefully) just you. They look like normal breasts.

No. 1215985

Botox atrophies your muscles not makes them more prevalent

No. 1215994

I thought so too! I think it’s from trying so hard to pop her collarbone out.

No. 1216017

it's because her back is slumped over. are you guys really this blind/stupid?

No. 1216019

I actually hope several Anons in this thread are scrotes 'cause I can't stand the thought of women being this fucking dumb

No. 1216021

Not sure what you mean about RDJ? You mean that he's an example of a celebrity with empathy? He's kind of a special case since he was a drug addict when he was 6 or 7 years old so celebrity or not he was going to be fucked up at some point, unless you mean something else.

No. 1216087

RDJ is also rumored to be longstanding celeb blinds' source on CDAN, going by the name Himmmm. A lot of reasons to believe RDJ was him but of course, he denies it. https://jezebel.com/celebrity-tattletale-is-not-robert-downey-jr-says-rob-5893876 Himmmm listed the "good guys" in Hollywood and it just so happened to be a list of people Robert Downey Jr worked with frequently and his own wife. Now to be fair it's not outside of the realm of possibility that someone can pretend to be a celebrity by just dropping subtle (or not subtle in that case) hints to lend credulity to their gossip. I choose to believe but the logical part of me says nah. But RDJ still seems like a decent human being.

No. 1216165

File: 1619348826742.jpeg (1.18 MB, 1242x1582, 198C6AE9-50C5-434E-A5A1-BDE4F5…)

zac efron just looks insane now. only downhill from here and he’s only 33.

No. 1216191

File: 1619355348462.jpeg (32.81 KB, 678x452, images (32).jpeg)

Zac Efron really is morphing into David Hasselhoff

No. 1216202

Same thoughts, since he played him in that Baywatch remake. Wonder if his face can go back to normal…

No. 1216209

The Hemsworth boys live in Byron Bay where Z Efron also conveniently lives.
Wonder if they all had a date to the plastic surgeon?

No. 1216224

File: 1619361346881.jpg (97.68 KB, 1000x931, 7d90b52132f0deae31e9c6bf43f675…)

same energy

No. 1216234

Maybe Keanu

No. 1216240

Fiona Apple, I respect that she just does her thing and stays out of the Hollywood circus

No. 1216241


Himmmm was proven to be some guy in Indiana

No. 1216302

lmao really? loooool

No. 1216307

She's definitely grooming Maddie but the backlash made by a crusade of autists was so damn hilarious. Sia being a huge megalomaniac creep makes it even more entertaining, she gives me Ghislaine Maxwell vibes. There is nothing positive about disabilities at all and the "positive" symptoms of it is still a detriment to the person who has it and everyone around them.

No. 1216356

Full steam head on collision with the wall KEK, I live for scrotes aging terribly.

No. 1216363

is that filler he has? or implants? i don't know plastic surgery but his head looks like it's full of..stuff? ?

No. 1216378

File: 1619379805374.jpg (292.22 KB, 2400x1260, PRI_185538633[1].jpg)

looks like they've been doing some jawmaxxing during covid jesus

No. 1216385

hahahahahahahahaha fuck

No. 1216411

imo? both roids and fillers. i said earlier in the thread i thought it was just roids but nah, his under-eyes, lips and jaw look a little TOO plump. he was an extremely pretty yet still masculine guy but he craved that muscle-bound beast look, i guess.

No. 1216412

So wait, she was fucking shia lebouf, she uses maddie as her self insert in everything, they were both in her elastic heart video with that weird touchy dance in skin-colored leotards… am I autistic or is that fucking weird.

No. 1216419


really tragic. his face looks like someone let their kid play around in the Snow app and they made the jaw giant for jokes.

No. 1216435

File: 1619386690650.jpeg (219.23 KB, 750x1334, 28B71A45-8BBE-4930-89F8-324419…)

Didn’t she write an article denouncing the paparazzi because you can’t control the images they publish? I think she’s just really vain and hates seeing photos of her where she can’t control the angle

No. 1216438

File: 1619386989439.jpg (887.02 KB, 1365x2048, MV5BMTUxNzY3NzYwOV5BMl5BanBnXk…)

Zac would have aged well too.

No. 1216462

idk why everyone was all "zac is looking rough and ugly and won't age well" before this, because anything is 1000x better than the gigachad look he's going for now

considering how many drugs he's said to do he looked fine before the obvious ps. then again he implied he had an eating disorder in his doc series, so it's likely he has more than just body dysmorphia

No. 1216471

I feel so bad for her. 15 years with this douchebag only to get divorced and cheated on with girls half your age. I heard she had a private instagram where she posted about the divorce and what led up to it. apparently screenshots of it were circulating on instagram last year, but I haven’t been able to find any.

No. 1216504

blind gossip claims that he got his jaw and chin done because he really wants to play a superhero. he thinks he's been passed over for lead roles in the Marvel/DC Comics universe because he doesn't have that "classic masculine superhero" look. apparently he referred to Henry Cavill as his surgery inspo kek

No. 1216509

And yet they let alien head Benedict Cumbrian be Dr strange?

No. 1216511

>idk why everyone was all "zac is looking rough and ugly and won't age well" before this
That was before we knew he'd botch his face so badly, lmao. This is actually so sad. He didn't look great before, but now he looks scary.

No. 1216524

You're not a Califag. You clearly don't give a shit that Newsom ruined our state. You're an embarrassment.(derail)

No. 1216527

I just don't get it. Yeah he was a pretty boy, but he already had a strong jawline. Now he just looks like a caricature of his former self. The gigachad look is just so fucking UGLY. Men bring it on themselves by memeing that shit because clearly the success of the male kpop type look with female fans has taught them nothing.

No. 1216531

Yikes. Ntayrt but stay pressed lmao no one cares about your stupid state and opinion it’s not milk, this isn’t OT anymore learn2sage

No. 1216532

Well, to be fair it's Dr. Strange, not Dr. Sexy.

No. 1216556

i hate the marvel movies but they do generally hire the men for acting and not really looks. tom hiddleston, RDJ, michael b and Babalon Chrimbo are all rather overqualified for tights and catchphrases. efron can't act, he's from a different business (teen idol)

No. 1216599

File: 1619402428209.jpeg (79.63 KB, 579x754, Ez3RI5hVkAM1ab0.jpeg)

latest Selena look and she fainted a lot of weight, I used to really not believe her lupus diagnosis but honestly her weight flunctuates so fucking much that I honestly think its legit

No. 1216606

If that's the case, then it's quite a deranged logic kek.
If they wanted to cast him for him / his acting, then they could've easily "fixed the missing look aspect" by special effects makeup (after all, it's a superhero movie, right) or flatout paid for his filler.
To have all this work done on your own accord just to resemble some cringe stereotype (and thus narrowing your chances for other types of roles) just so that you'll hypothetically get some role in a theoretical movie some day, is just plain dumb.

I agree with anon >>1216556 they don't hire him, because he's from a different business. Imagine anyone coming out with idk "Zac Efron as the new Batman" - everyone would kek out of this universe, the movie will never sell, and it's not because of the looks.

No. 1216617

I want to see more men get ridiculous cosmetic surgeries like this because I'm tired of hearing that they age like wine while women get "botched". Let's even up the playing field a bit.

No. 1216618

That is disgusting. It's not…real… Right?

No. 1216619

no, anon, it's not real.

No. 1216622

i don't think so. that's not lupus hair

No. 1216624

her hair looks like a wig tho (or whoever bleached it forgot to use toner)

No. 1216625

wasn't shia supposed to represent sia's abusive father in that video, and maddie was sia?
>>1216509 >>1216556 kek

No. 1216628

Imao, “a RePuBlIcAN?! nOoOo”

No. 1216629

Yeah, that's the explanation she gave when people called it out for being borderline pedophilic

No. 1216647

She's also a cokehead and alcoholic and probably has bulimia too, it ain't that surprising.

No. 1216656

people were laughing when they announced robert pattinson as batman.

No. 1216672

True, but Pattinson is actually a competent actor. Zac Efron being cast as Ted Bundy is probably as good as it's going to get for him tbh.

No. 1216674

Okay Caitlyn

No. 1216685

File: 1619415550952.jpg (112.11 KB, 720x983, 826fb24578cb74baa767a9c26550b6…)

Speaking of Zac Efron being casted as Ted Bundy(back when he was hot)
I really hate this trend of casting actors who are considered hot and have large female fan-bases as serial killers or criminals, like Jesus Christ who in their mind thought of casting former Disney-star Dreamboat Ross Lynch as fucking Jeffrey Dahmer, like of course dumbass teenage girls are gonna thirst for him, same with Zac Efron as Ted Bundy

No. 1216696

He was extremely good in The Paperboy.

No. 1216697

File: 1619418714960.png (558.62 KB, 1280x707, based.png)

kek this reminds me of what this woman said about serial killer fangirls

No. 1216698

File: 1619418859964.jpeg (69.33 KB, 1278x720, 3C8F597A-D1F6-4ADE-97A4-0E03BA…)

KEK she’s literally so fucking ugly I can’t.

No. 1216702

I've never liked her so seeing this makes me happy.

No. 1216703

these men don’t wanna be pretty though, that’s the thing.
they know pretty boys can be popular, and zac efron’s success stemmed from that anyway. 
like elliot rodger who was obsessed with the thought of being a gigachad with enough social skills to get mad pussy, to the point of not realizing that there are women who like shy hapa twinks. zac obviously isn’t gonna shoot up a place but he’s set on that gigachad ideas and accepting his image for the rest of his relatively young person life wasn’t an option. sad!

No. 1216706

File: 1619419429597.jpeg (54.17 KB, 540x469, D4A2F3C3-C3D1-4E88-B143-73FB53…)

>armpit hair because it’s au naturàlé
>has a face pumped full of fillers, a nose job, a lip lift, breast implants, filters, photoshop

No. 1216719

and netflix is creating a new generation of serial killer fan girls by casting pop-starts and dreamboats as serial killers

No. 1216728

File: 1619420835177.png (1 MB, 1644x3840, Screenshot_20210426-090531.png)

Comments on Grimes new tiktok video

No. 1216729

File: 1619420897206.png (1.04 MB, 1644x3840, Screenshot_20210426-090605.png)

Her responses

No. 1216730

File: 1619421180044.jpeg (380.15 KB, 640x668, 8A0F6988-3DB5-4702-90CB-3F3663…)

No. 1216741

The contrast with her retarded typing style is the cherry on top kek

No. 1216742

Love you, based Anon

No. 1216756

File: 1619428078998.jpeg (125.63 KB, 1112x1130, Ez15-UFXoAARzd0.jpeg)

Everyone around him must hate him to let him look like this and post it online.

No. 1216758

File: 1619428385923.jpeg (110.16 KB, 676x1200, 1A8EE395-C765-4D30-82F5-D05148…)

She is so fucking stupid and ugly. Demis non apology about her cookie tantrum. Can’t believe so many people are defending her.

No. 1216760

File: 1619428793066.jpeg (121 KB, 640x424, 5F4AC77D-83FC-4AAD-BB5F-8F2D16…)

Why do people say “her heart was in the right place”?
No. She just ran out of drugs. She needed to top up her narcissistic supply. Some teenager working behind the counter sassed her and she needed to swing her dick around and show them who’s boss. She was always a bottom of the barrel Disney star so it’s no surprise.

No. 1216761

File: 1619428895560.jpg (232.97 KB, 1080x632, Screenshot_20210426-112126_No …)

>yea hes jus tryin to solve world hunger luv xoxo

No. 1216764


ya i feel like she tried to make her point to one of the employees at the store, and they probably just lol’d/looked at her like she was crazy/or they brought out of the many valid reasons shes wrong and she thought she was famous enough and had a big enough platform to publicly shame them.

No. 1216765

How does Hailey let this muppet cheat on her?
Another friendless child star with bad hair and tacky fashion - even wearing Bieber's brand.

No. 1216766


shes in the exact same spot wearing the exact same shirt as the last video. weird. change ya clothes ya boy looking bitch.

No. 1216767

I honestly thought the same thing when I saw this clip of her speeding, she’s really unfortunate looking. It’s probably why she’s so mad, having a second ass on her face really makes her look like a tranny
>haha uwu I’m so relatable
Shut the fuck up, Claire

No. 1216768

File: 1619429834754.jpeg (277.14 KB, 620x662, AE6C109A-91C6-4A45-9D13-7B3C0B…)

lmao the contour

No. 1216771

File: 1619430890864.png (306.79 KB, 599x598, 72728CCE-E511-4B77-A683-04058F…)

Demi has always been a flaming cunt. Some artist drew this beautiful picture of her as a mermaid and she screeched about how “MUH BOOBZ DONT LOOK LIKE THAT!”

No. 1216772

She is so gonna Troon out soon

No. 1216773

File: 1619430942054.jpeg (46.88 KB, 520x385, 4A6D8215-16E6-4841-80ED-BC85EA…)

Someone responded with this KEK

No. 1216774

File: 1619431289149.jpeg (102.01 KB, 1242x820, 7465FB4C-A20E-4D90-B412-596D6F…)

Remember when zendaya got her own Barbie doll?

No. 1216778


They/Them when?

No. 1216788

I thought she already added "she/they" to her Twitter bio or something? Or am I experiencing the most boring Mandela effect imaginable?

No. 1216799

She “came out” as a pansexual or some other bullshit recently, I wouldn’t be surprised if she troons out completely a la Elliot Rodger Page. No amount of testosterone will cure her from being fug

No. 1216804

File: 1619437881455.jpeg (425.26 KB, 1444x2048, Ez5cwi5XEAAdX9S.jpeg)

No. 1216807

File: 1619438338081.jpeg (429.34 KB, 640x871, 2B5B3071-D5AF-442A-83FB-714ACC…)

Hate to think what new strains of virus he’s bringing in, just so he can run around smoking w33d and failing another relationship.
Hope they don’t breed, us brits are ugly enough as it is.

No. 1216808

Wasn't he engaged to his clone earlier?

No. 1216815

im crine i thought it was a picture of a cute elderly couple from the back

No. 1216816

KEK same.

No. 1216822

that's an ugly picture

No. 1216824

File: 1619440141342.jpg (200.41 KB, 1152x2048, EzXotwlVUAIy62H.jpg)

of course jameela feels the need to butt in and someone attempting to be the spokesperson for all diabetics is validating demi lmao. you can eat sugar free stuff and that "advice" is outdated, there so many sugar substitutes out there now that won't have the explosive diarrhea affect, and even so, it mainly only affects you that badly if you eat more than two serving sizes. people just can't handle themselves. guilt free doesn't mean "only eat cookies for breakfast, lunch, and dinner" you have to be retarded to believe so.

No. 1216835

she has a very long torso along with the standard 22-24" waist which is desirable to photographers/designers right now. shallow chests and extremely long midsections are considered the most attractive right now in fashion, for some reason, and that body shape is also really hard to find. so pretty much any woman who has it and can stay under 125lbs will be a model.

No. 1216836

did she overdose or get a head wound or something? was she always this fucking stupid? i mean, she lasted a few years at mcgill so she can't be completely retarded, right?

No. 1216837

oh that's actually quite upsetting. what the fuck elon

No. 1216856

File: 1619445537499.jpeg (147.84 KB, 483x470, AC02E2C6-E575-494F-BE89-1E2C0A…)

This is her face almost 10 years ago. She od’d on lip filler and eyebrow Botox

No. 1216857

It’s funny seeing pappo pics of her because she still looks geeky despite all the work she’s has done. Her “beauty” really doesn’t translate to real life very well

No. 1216875

kek where is this from?

No. 1216879

I think it's that Richard Ramirez doc, nightstalker

No. 1216890

>How does Hailey let this muppet cheat on her?
Justin cheated?

No. 1216895

File: 1619449939323.jpg (527.52 KB, 1250x830, no makeup demi.jpg)

why do her eyebrows look tattooed on? she naturally has nice eyebrows so why would she purposely make them look bad?
>>1216767 she's proud of the ass on her face kek

No. 1216897

>>1216771 i hate her but i'm not mad at her for getting annoyed at some moid drawing a sexualised, male gaze-y picture of her.

No. 1216898

barbie actually did start doing curvy dolls but i don't remember demi ever tweeting about it. she obviously just wanted attention and didn't like seeing someone skinny like zendaya get it instead. i remember zendaya's dad got pissed off at demi on twitter a few years ago because she said girls on disney channel were too skinny at the time and she preferred seeing women built like hillary duff and raven symone.

No. 1216902

>micorbladed/otherwise filled in eyebrows
>curled eyelashes or extentions
>definitely botox and probably some other kind of filler

No. 1216904

You forgot
>self tanner
Judging from the build-up on her hairline.

No. 1216924

sage for no milk but I fucking HATE these things, I vividly remember when I first saw them and now there's posts on my local subreddit every few days asking "waht are those lights"

No. 1216925

>reflection of $500 worth of lighting equipment in her eyes

No. 1216936

File: 1619452389339.jpg (59.48 KB, 634x1024, rs_634x1024-170314104406-634-d…)

She use to be so cute whoever let her style herself like that needs to be shot

No. 1216958

Just popping on in here 3 days late to further derail and agree with you there. Dee is the absolute best. i love narc Dennis though, he’s amazing

No. 1216962

It’s from the Netflix Richard Ramirez documentary “night stalker”…different anon but I keked when I heard the lady describe them that way as well.

No. 1216963

File: 1619454596111.jpeg (1.43 MB, 1242x1609, 83E3CE99-7DBA-4913-A583-B2F00A…)

And yet every photo she posts on her Insta she’s completely waxed and hairless.

Her most recent breast feeding photo has tons of comments from scrotes like “I wish that was me” “let me trade positions with the the baby” barf

No. 1216977

he looks like a soundcloud rapper wtf

No. 1216989

her lips would almost look normal if they were turned upside down

No. 1217001

At least she toned down the sexualization in her nursing photos. Her lips tho jfc.
Her eyes look soulless and empty. Not even mom-tired but just empty. She looks like that in all her photos though. Maybe it’s just a photo thing. God forbid her face creases.

No. 1217003

Lmao why does she type like a 13-year old from 2005

No. 1217011

File: 1619458249439.jpeg (249.98 KB, 750x822, 58C57797-5EBB-4E4C-9964-895B5B…)

Oh hey, Poot Lovato is back! It’s been awhile!

No. 1217013

Okay so she's a model it's no big deal that she alters her look, gets frequent fillers, laser hair removal, surgeries or whatever but why lie about it or try to promote naturalness because you grew your hair out for one photoshoot/photoshopped hair on your armpits? Then going on to deny breast implants and other surgeries when she obviously gets frequent lip fillers?

Celebs in general that have obvious work done and deny their general upkeep are so annoying. Like why exactly is the plastic surgery industry booming in LA and New York when only a handful of celebrities admit their work and everyone else is naturally perfect?

No. 1217016

That's a lace front wig. Plus not every lupus sufferer has the same symptoms.

No. 1217027

File: 1619459311601.png (2.29 MB, 1242x1609, Untitled-1.png)

it really does kek

No. 1217029

it's not even a particularly good wig, look at the mile wide shadow at the hairline. hovering like a hard hat

No. 1217034

File: 1619459757029.jpeg (245.91 KB, 1080x563, 91CDB82E-4B67-4EE6-8A9A-2BA3E4…)

wtf jenny nooo

No. 1217035

she's so brave for showing the reality of momhood

No. 1217044

File: 1619460254682.png (117.47 KB, 1189x548, moids.png)

you're right, here's some of the comments. men shouldn't be allowed on the internet.

No. 1217046

No. 1217050

She's absolutely right.

No. 1217054

File: 1619460798768.jpg (1.18 MB, 3089x4153, NINTCHDBPICT000428386304-e1535…)

sage for no real milk, but I'm tariffed of the day jameela jamil has a kid, she would be the most insurable online celebrity woke mom
can you imagine how many labels she'd give her kid or the dumb parenting techniques

No. 1217071

When are we going to stop posting this same damn picture of her and her pet soiboy? Kek.

No. 1217108

yeah nobody's top lip is naturally bigger than the bottom. it's a dead giveaway for filler.

No. 1217128

Because people put a premium on natural beauty. Anyone can buy lips or boobs but being seen as having naturally desirable features makes you more special. It was the same thing with emrata’s post pregnancy belly that was obviously edited and smoothed. She is trying to stand out from other women like “look I bounced back 2 days after pregnancy! I swear this is all natural. Guess my body is just UNIQUE”. The sad thing is, it works on many people. Many people just take these things at face value and don’t realize it’s bullshit, they just think some people are lucky and have it all or whatever. One redeeming thing to say about Chrissy tiegen though, is she admitted to getting implants to further her bikini modeling career lol. Most women would never admit to that

No. 1217132

File: 1619465624611.jpeg (58.35 KB, 402x546, AA64B32F-5A50-456D-BF57-E4598B…)

No. 1217140

File: 1619466101454.jpeg (60.81 KB, 480x611, 03CE83AA-E89E-48AB-8829-50FEF4…)

al yuo bipches hate Me beacus of my Noase. Fukc you! U Litl noase cant go Snif like me!

No. 1217142

Thank god lisa hasn’t touched her face. She’s always been pretty but she looks stunning next to two plastic faces.

No. 1217148

I seriously think the nose is why she became more famous than other thots, it makes her stand out. It’s like Kim Kardashian and her giant bulbous ass. A lot of people don’t think her butt looks that good in person but it makes her stand out

No. 1217153

I literally didn't even recognize Jen at first, hope Lisa never messes with her face.

No. 1217154

In b4 her heartbreaking struggle with infertility and miscarriage

No. 1217159

I thought this was Poppy, wtf

No. 1217165

She had a nose job at 18 (?) I believe but has said she regretted it in recent years.

No. 1217216

source? didn't knew he was cheating on her… spill

No. 1217256

File: 1619474581847.jpg (39.92 KB, 480x480, gettyimages-119553247-15384953…)

Does the Lovato family have zero discipline or something? Her sister has always been a hambeast, diet food should be the least of her issues when her little sisters heart is gonna fail any second because of her diet

No. 1217266

File: 1619475086318.jpeg (210.6 KB, 740x740, 3AACA36E-79DF-4DBD-93B4-41B48F…)

Woah, she’s chonkers. It infuriates me when rich people are fat, you literally have the means to eat and look like Paris Hilton, like wyd loll

No. 1217274

rattle more quietly.
being rich doesn't take away the urge to eat whatever junkfood is around and be lazy.

No. 1217281

oh my God I seriously had no idea that was JENNIFER ANISTON……

No. 1217292

Yeah but they have access to like a million different types of treatments to better herself. Demi and her sister clearly have no problem sperging and getting off their ass to get micro blading, fillers, skin treatments, hair treatments, eyelash treatments and everything else so why can't they go get help for their unhealthy relationship with food?

Something seems odd about this family it's like they pride themselves on looks and narcissism but suddenly don't want to put down the donuts when it comes to saving their looks and their health

No. 1217297

Narcs lack self-awareness, just look at their cunt of a mother acting like she's not the one responsible for her daughter being a junky in the youtube documentary.

No. 1217304

They all look like monsters

No. 1217314

lawd get help

No. 1217332

It's always refreshing to see celebrities allowing themselves to age naturally instead of opting for a lot of cosmetic work. She genuinely looks the best out of all three, she just seems like an actual person that you would see in the store or wherever. Also, pretty sad that Jenn looks more like a troon then a bio woman. I think it's just the filler in her jaw though.

No. 1217351

Cox has gone overboard with the cheek filler. Kudrow looks okay tho.

No. 1217363

why do they make wigs that look like dried-out, untoned bleached hair with an inch of dark roots?

No. 1217365

can we use that screaming black girl/white boyfriend meme instead kek

No. 1217413

Yeah and being able to afford food delivery all day from really good restaurants and bakeries isn’t going to help. It’s not like you get rich and suddenly stop craving donuts or pizza

No. 1217414

shes indian

No. 1217415

all these new age celebs are average and only filters and specific photo angles save them its creepy

No. 1217437

yeah, those ends are sad

No. 1217438

her neck looks strange, but i actually think she looks much better here than in her ig posts

No. 1217472

emrata calls paps to announce she’s going to be out which is why she’s always photographed on her block on west broadway. my brother is tight with one of the guys at go to agency

No. 1217477

File: 1619493015733.jpg (73.38 KB, 1080x415, Screenshot_20210425_172155.jpg)

i'm really curious about what zac efron is thinking and feeling right now. imagine having people all over the world talking about your face at once. i hope he is going to say something about it

also, this comment fucking killed me. imagine thinking a bees attack is more plausible than a celeb getting fillers or surgery kek

No. 1217479

who let poot out of the basement

No. 1217506

Tragic, this wig makes her look 45

No. 1217507

File: 1619496578455.png (17.13 KB, 719x242, Interview.png)

>do interview
>be asked not to post it
>post it anyway

She took it down sadly, but here's the archive:

No. 1217514

annie clark is a rageaholic control freak, if she didn't want it posted it's because she let her narc facade crack. her music's awesome but she's massively fake. no judgement, that's how you get ahead. but it's on her if she dropped the act in an interview and is worried about it getting out now.

No. 1217517

he has an enlarged skull from steroid use just like that actor kumail

No. 1217519

I really can't tell why she wanted this killed, but maybe I'm stupid. The stuff about her father was really personal, maybe she was worried about her stuff about prison abolition being taken the wrong way? Idk.

No. 1217523

If I was St. Vincent I wouldn't want it out there either tbh 'cause the interview is messy. You can tell they have bad chemistry. The questions are strange and the answers are all over the place. I don't particularly like St. Vincent, but the journalist seems… incompetent. Idk. That's just my take.

No. 1217542

he cheated on selena, not hailey, but he read a book called "His Needs, Her Needs: Building An Affair-Proof Marriage" because he needs to be told how to not cheat on his wife kek

No. 1217573

Agree, it feels like the interviewer was trying too hard to make the interview deep, and it just completely failed. It was super awkward to read. And I get it is probably unusual for someoneone to ask to have an entire interview killed, but I can't imagine it's going to do anything good for her reputation that she chose to make it public anyway. Why should anyone want to be interviewed by someone who shits on your wishes about not having something made public? And she risks that for a shitty interview? Lol

Also, maybe I'm stupid, but wtf is she trying to say here
>I assumed she believed me to be a Bad Reader; presumptuous, judgemental, simple, anti-curious—all qualities that her latest album ‘Daddy’s Home’, which I’ve interpreted as a counter to the folly, inadequacy and meretriciousness of moral purity—counters. Anyway, she read me wrong. I love Lana Del Rey.

Lana Del Rey what

No. 1217591

File: 1619510892559.jpeg (49.39 KB, 1200x630, FE2EEF4E-BBF6-41FA-A49E-34DCA6…)

She got famous because of her large, fake tits, not because of the ugly rat nose that she actively tries to hide and tried to get surgery on. She stands out because of her large, “perfect” breasts. Even scrotes will tell you this (who are the ones who made her famous. Women never cared about her)

No. 1217593

File: 1619511348288.jpeg (47.65 KB, 480x411, AE0DDF12-16AC-46FF-ADA9-EEA4DC…)

Her role in gone girl somewhat ruins the movie for me because she can’t act for shit. She’s extremely wooden and the fact that she was in the blurred lines video around the same time completely takes me out of the movie.

No. 1217596

File: 1619511568637.jpg (7.6 KB, 225x225, index.jpg)

She had a nosejob at one point though

No. 1217598

God can you stop sperging about this bitch? Make an own thread in /ot/ where the royals went

No. 1217605

File: 1619513954903.jpeg (121.1 KB, 1280x720, A55495C9-6B90-4CDF-A21E-F9371D…)

No. Hide the saged posts you annoying cunt.
Or go whinge about it in meta

She’s so fucking ugly, it makes me cry with laughter.

No. 1217606

File: 1619514059705.jpeg (138.29 KB, 634x951, 67251888-348F-4235-995B-AA8ABC…)

UGLY AS SIN(autism)

No. 1217624

Girl, I'm sorry your bf jerks off to her, but this is getting unhinged. Yes, she's a talentless catfish insta whore famous for her fake tits - we get it, you can stop now.

No. 1217626

take your meds

No. 1217639

I watched it a little more than a year ago and somehow I didn't notice she was in it. Even with this screenshot I don't recognise who she played

No. 1217642


He broke the UK quarantine rules for this

No. 1217653

This = looking elderly in a field

No. 1217675

File: 1619522528243.jpg (42.88 KB, 410x512, unnamed (19).jpg)

Demo's Paper magazine photoshoot a month ago didn't make noise like her froyo shop beef.

No. 1217677

kek exactly, I legit thought it was a pic of some old guy being escorted by his caretaker through a field to let him see some pretty butterflies for the last time or something lmao

No. 1217678

I really like it tbh

No. 1217697

File: 1619525644434.png (290.45 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20210427-221242.png)

Is anyone else heartily keking at the absolute and total demise of celebrity award shows? Oscar views plummeted this year. It makes me so happy to think these coked up narc jerkoff parties are less and less relevant each year

No. 1217703

I hope they both die tbh

No. 1217704

How is she famous? Like the lengths people take to make her look halfway attractive just aren’t worth it. She can’t sing or act either.

No. 1217718

With Oscars it made sense because they didn't make any ads about it, nor there were any movies around last and this year. The only thing that made me happy is that a well-deserved actor got his award. Was surprised ngl

No. 1217724

Oh no, I wonder why anyone with 0.1% of a braincell stopped wanting to watch a bunch of rapist pederest freaks lick each other's buttholes over their obnoxious crappy token movies.

No. 1217730

>Women never cared about her
True, except that one obsessed anon. I'd forget she even existed if it wasn't for their 30 mad posts in every thread.

Get help, jeeesus christ.

No. 1217734

In my country there were three trending topics related to him, it's insane. Sad because he was promoting an environmentalist cause because of Earth's day

No. 1217735

Kill yourself
Kill yourself
Only 3 of those comments are mine. Kill yourself.

No. 1217736

I'm not sure either but I think the writer is trying to be snarky/mocking with the Lana Del Rey comment? Like she's insinuating that St. Vincent's new album is just her doing Lana.

I'm personally thrilled that the outdated and archaic movie industry is continuing to take massive, well-deserved Ls into 2021.

No. 1217747

Well you sure proved to us how normal and not unhinged you are

No. 1217758

didn't she only get cast because ben affleck saw her topless in that music video and wanted her to be in the movie? hence why she goes topless in gone girl

No. 1217759

libfems like her.

No. 1217764

File: 1619534957003.jpg (56.77 KB, 490x700, poots-sis.jpg)

calm down ana-chan.

she had the perfect cute kid look in desperate housewives. puberty was so good to her, i didn't expect her to become so hot. i would let her step on me anytime.

No. 1217771

File: 1619535350827.png (444.4 KB, 848x341, les-yeux.png)


because they are. the 2000s were not good to anybody's eyebrows, especially if they were actresses.

they never grow back the same.

No. 1217779

Calm down desu, she looks like every average Latina.

No. 1217785

>Goes to celebrity thread and acts shocked when people talk shit about celebrities
What did you expect exactly?

Anyway, emrat imo had nicely surgeries. Having cosmetic procedures is common among celebrities so idk why it's milk or anything the only milky part is that she denys ever doing anything or how she claims to not workout and eat takeout and drink beer most days. She looks good but she's just dishonest and isn't a good actress

No. 1217802

personally i think she should be embarassed her dad is a pussy bitch white-collar criminal. wieners who think they're too special to pay taxes or follow insider trading laws or prey on old people with ponzi schemes are way bigger pieces of shit than a drug dealer who stabs another drug dealer.

No. 1217804

based. i feel this way about every celebrity.

No. 1217809

File: 1619538674321.jpeg (279.96 KB, 1242x930, C1BEED73-C023-404E-B4B4-ED47C7…)

These excuses are hilarious.

When I had my wisdom teeth pulled I totally walked away looking like a botched gigachad.

No. 1217817

That is genuinely sad, but it should also be a wake up call to all celebrities. Grotesque plastic surgery will distract from your work, so unless that's what you want it's probably best to avoid it.

No. 1217820

>Everyone's screaming
Lord is anything that isn't shutting up or agreeing to these people "screaming"?

No. 1217822

She looks like a chubby Mexican guy wearing drag. Do you not know what a healthy human body looks like or have you never seen a woman before?

No. 1217840

Yeah the journalist is trying to be clever and provocative but she's clearly out of her depth, that interview should have never see the light of day. She comes across as super juvenile, definitely shot herself in the foot by releasing that

No. 1217845

I agree

No. 1217860

youn's covering his own ass cause he's in the same business. dental surgery makes your face look fluid-filled, like a deathfat

No. 1217864

exactly. of course random plastic surgeons are going to come up with excuses. they don't want to lose the business of these retards that are getting it constantly.

No. 1217870

Oh god this interview is AWFUL. Is the interviewer legitimately autistic? The questions try so hard but it's just weird, blunt questioning with absolutely no sense for how to get the other person talking.


>St. Vincent, an artist I have been inspired by, impressed by, turned on by

Jesus, the cringe.

No. 1217889

Anon, what are your thoughts on Amanda Seyfried?

No. 1217896

NTA but i think she's super cute! she looks really cuddly when her management hasn't made her lose a bunch of weight.

No. 1217934

Minor PL, and also sorry to bump a 4 day old topic, but I know a woman who dated James Corden for a couple years before he was that famous. When he was just "the fat kid in every movie/show", and doing The History Boys show in London.
I wouldn't be surprised if he's bisexual, but I don't think he's just wearing a wife beard. I think he's just naturally rather camp and comfortable with his masculinity, like David Walliams.

No. 1217940


It's a meme, nonnie, she didn't want real opinions

No. 1218004

As if there aren’t numerous women in softcore porn with equally nice boobs who barely anyone knows of? She came up in the 2010’s when body positivity and “love your flaws” started being a thing. That’s why it’s not just men following her on Instagram, women like her and follow her too, because she’s “thinspo” and has several less than perfect features like the nose and alien belly button. Women like when other women have busted features like that. You think it’s men who kept her famous for over 10 years then you’re sorely mistaken

No. 1218052

File: 1619554495021.jpg (249.53 KB, 1242x2208, 0vdsq24g1ly11.jpg)

NTA but emrata was in a music video as well as movies and even icarly. Her most significant feature was her tits

She's not the only fit girl in hollywood with big fake tits and it's not so much her face since her face and nose are pretty basic and common among models, she puts up a huge coolgirl persona and constantly caters to men. Even in icarly she played the hot model gf that dated gibby, the other coolgirl mistress, the hot girl accessories in blurred lines and actively tries to imitate her character. That's what makes her stand out. She constantly tries to play down the amount of work it takes to be hot because if she didn't then she would just be another basic hollywood bitch getting lip injections and on strict diets and exercise

No. 1218055

File: 1619554832772.jpeg (48.92 KB, 337x574, 471BF632-F2C4-455D-B74B-BDB636…)

Stop posting her bullshit modeling pics. She looks like ass in rl

No. 1218058

most peoples candids look like ass when theyre making dumb expressions, chill

No. 1218069

File: 1619555306558.jpeg (182.3 KB, 819x775, 3C6A8B56-4617-4169-B507-D7C4B9…)

No not going to chill. Her modeling photos are a straight up lie. They lead you to believe she has hips and ass but she does not

No. 1218076

File: 1619555512502.jpeg (147.23 KB, 750x1334, D91F5B0D-3C18-4B0F-A273-1BCBC7…)

This bitch who is marketed as a 10/10 looks like an ostrich who underwent a sex change. If you don’t want to hear gossip then don’t come here

No. 1218079


This isn't gossip, it's deranged obsessive nitpicking.

No. 1218080

>modeling photos look better than candids
anon this isn't 4chan we aren't stupid enough to think she doesn't photoshop and use misleading photos.

This is besides the point however since you're just wasting energy and time trying to prove to people who already know she doesn't look as good irl, that she doesn't look good in real life. You should be mad about the fact she constantly promotes herself as all natural, laid back and doesn't have to workout or diet. That's what's harming everyone, not her being less than a 10/10

No. 1218082

Saying she looks like 50% uglier in normal photos is nitpicking? Okay retard

No. 1218085

Attacking everyone, even people who agree with you, to talk about how ugly she is every second is deranged

No. 1218088

If we can’t talk about someone being ugly on a fucking gossip page then what the fuck?

No. 1218089

there are, but constant fast posts to constantly change the subject to how ugly emrat is, is clearly you

No. 1218091

Ok, I will now accuse anyone who defends her of being you. No wait I won’t because I’m not an annoying retard

No. 1218093

God, her body is perfect. Unpopular opinion but I like her nose (before and after ps), and I think she's got an interesting face.

No. 1218094

you can but making several posts every few minutes to call her ugly is just repetitive and annoying, and then trying to fight everyone who agree with you but want you to calm down
you're clearly unstable and want to shit up the thread, you even refuse to acknowledge the fact everyone agrees with you because you're so hurt that people told you to calm down. No one stable gets this hurt over a model being ugly. You probably still won't even acknowledge or read the fact others agree with you just to prove my point

No. 1218101

If you only want to hear praise about a certain celeb don’t come here. This isn’t the place

No. 1218103

It’s not. She has no hips or ass. Therefore not perfect

No. 1218104

still denying that people agreed with you but didn't want constant "she's ugly" posts

No. 1218105

that's an opinion

No. 1218106

Why are you telling people what they “should” be mad about? Annoying bitch

No. 1218108

are you a scrote?

No. 1218109

>it's irrational to get this mad about someone not being perfect
go away karen

No. 1218110

No, but the constant policing on what “should” be said on here is making me feel like one. She’s an ugly bitch and so are you

No. 1218111

Get a nose job, bitch. And not a half assed one like Emrat

No. 1218112

>constant white trash speaking and raging
the fact people like you exist makes me wanna kms

No. 1218115

Ugly bitches like you who defend other ugly bitches make me want to kms

No. 1218118

i know but i wanted to say something nice

No. 1218120

i don't think it's her tits. it's the flat stomach and long body. that feature is what reads as "hot" right now, no matter what else is around it. plenty of women considered super hot have short legs or bad boobs nowadays, because those aren't the trend.

No. 1218121

Point to me where I defended her

other than that MODS

No. 1218122

File: 1619557303968.jpeg (62.47 KB, 560x420, E0FA6320-34D0-49BE-811C-D067C8…)

She’d make a great Stig of the Dump

No. 1218123

ikr. why would she get the fake tits?? most women look so much worse after implants, why do some people still not know that?

No. 1218124

Most boob jobs look good if you go to a skilled surgeon, in fact most boob jobs you aren't even able to tell

No. 1218125

Just came on and wow the girls are fighting in here today

No. 1218128

Fair enough, you're free to disagree with me. Her body is close to my ideal body type though, especially her tits.
Your existence doesn't seem miserable at all.

No. 1218130

Then get implants, dumb bitch

No. 1218132

more like one mad anon whos deeply hurt but emily rats existence lmao. There's pedophiles and child molesters all throughout hollywood and this bitch is mad over a model existing and people not agreeing with them

No. 1218134

If more ugly women like you guys just bit the bullet and got implants, we wouldn’t even be talking about this busted whore. More women having a certain trait means it becomes average

No. 1218137

of all the people to sperg about too, at least complain about someone 100% objectively ugly like ed sheeran

No. 1218139

Everyone already knows he’s ugly because he doesn’t put out constant photoshopped pics of himself

No. 1218141

Only scrotes get this mad because a woman doesnt meet their standards. who hurt you?

No. 1218144

Only ugly women get mad over pointing out another one is busted

No. 1218149

File: 1619558690298.jpeg (94.62 KB, 1200x602, E3E95D2C-0B67-4E8D-9129-AD4C2F…)

I think Emrata is a huge cow but I’m sick of this thread sperging about her looks. Who the fuck cares?

In actual news, Aaron Taylor Johnson might be getting a divorce from his groomer

No. 1218153

i hope he does! that lady is insane.

No. 1218156

File: 1619559213109.jpeg (400.94 KB, 750x858, 8A2123C5-814C-4E01-BF34-B67FA5…)

Billie Eilish announced her new record today and maybe this is almost too petty but that typeface looks so cheap and the placement seems like an afterthought, as if someone made it on their phone five minutes before the post went live.

No. 1218157

well what women are hot to you

No. 1218161

File: 1619559350230.jpeg (130.62 KB, 683x1024, B9ABCC48-AFE8-4ED4-B1A6-4468DF…)

Speaking of, I’m sure some Hollywood pedophile loved these 12 year old boy hips on the “casting couch”

No. 1218162

This looks like a damn Taylor Swift album. I wonder what the sound will be like
That's good then. This was the guy that was discussed two threads back right? Iirc the lady is a director who met him when he was 13 pr something.

No. 1218163

File: 1619559374912.png (2.87 MB, 1000x1000, Nwi8KWS.png)

big knockoff ariana vibes. i guess when there's already a blueprint in place for these industry kids might as well follow it.

No. 1218164

honestly after watching so many "twu stowies" films on artists, thats probably exactly what happened

No. 1218169

Now this is an ugly woman, kek.

No. 1218171

So she actually went for the good girl look? Kek

No. 1218172

She has druggie eyes and hands like a reborn baby doll, but the blonde hair is quite nice.

No. 1218177

So we are allowed to talk shit about someone’s hands but posting ugly real life photos of Instagram models is a sin?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1218179

Any milk on her? I didn't know about her until two threads ago, and I thought the relationship was kind of weird, but waved it off.

No. 1218180

She reminds me of a thin Luna Slater there.

No. 1218181

why does every thread need one sperg who needs everyone to agree with their retarded opinion on whether a woman is hot or not? Where are the lana and megan thee stallion spergs, they were way less annoying

No. 1218182

no you just cant constant spam the thread with it

No. 1218183

This is so offensive, I thought sexualizing women was dead in Woke 2021? And yet she thought that was an ok thing to write and publish without St Vincent's consent.

No. 1218184

ayrt, I'm not any of the spergy Emily anons, but I agree she looks like Sid from Ice Age, if that helps

No. 1218186

no kidding this is our most deranged vendetta-chan in some time.

yes anon we're all so ugly please go away so you don't catch our horrible ugliness

No. 1218192

Why do you think only one anon thinks she’s ugly though? Google her name and ugly, or butterface. Many people hold this opinion

No. 1218197

silence boobjob shill

No. 1218198

File: 1619561074192.jpeg (398.95 KB, 1242x1116, F7093D63-145F-40EF-A3DD-CB7776…)

for anyone following #freebritney, britney is requesting a hearing where she can address the court personally asap. set for june 23.

No. 1218204

No. 1218209

Hate Britney or not, this conservatorship is complete horseshit and I hope she can get control of her own life back

No. 1218222

"If you find this model attractive, you must be ugly"
I don't get why you're so upset lmao, but keep seething ig
Blonde suits her really well, kinda dull look and announcement though

No. 1218227

Good, it should have been me.

No. 1218235

File: 1619562445616.jpeg (29.75 KB, 236x279, 7EAAD9F1-FC91-4473-811D-27E795…)

These women are both objectively hotter yet hardly anyone knows who they are. Feel free to say you prefer Emrata’s ostrich beak and dog eyes though because she makes you feel better about your own homely features(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1218242

Nobody knows who emrata is either you psycho, shes a literally who, G tier celeb.

No. 1218255

No one knows who she is yet like 22 mill on Instagram? It’s libfem bitches and busted anachans like the ones defending her who have kept her relevant. They can relate to her hatchet face and Onlyfans tier feminism

No. 1218264

"meretriciousness of moral purity" nigga shut up

No. 1218265

File: 1619564480219.jpeg (144.67 KB, 720x1223, 4F1BC1DF-6393-471B-9B62-13E456…)

I don’t get why people are fanning for her new hair and “angel look”, unstyled it looks like a damn mop

No. 1218273


No. 1218284

Was about to say the same kek. Those compliments how her hair suits her… don't see it.
The idea is nice, but the implementation ended up looking ratchet, like some odd, unnatural, untoned, cheap wig.

No. 1218285

I don't get why she still does the edgy down syndrome expression

No. 1218290

It’s what she gets for thinking that going from black to blonde hair transcends celebrities, it still fucks your hair up

No. 1218296

all that money and she cant even buy a $20 toner

No. 1218297

i agree. i think the color and cut is fucking awful and doesn’t flatter her in any way. it’s very trailer park queen to me. what is she even going for?

No. 1218309

Oooof those lips fillers are horrendous

No. 1218311

That photo clearly has a very heavy filter, anon

No. 1218313

the average iq itt today seems to be hovering around 60

No. 1218328

post something better then! are you the same jerk who complained in /meta/?

No. 1218375

File: 1619570150366.jpeg (92.08 KB, 720x473, 33DC255F-CD87-4CC0-96DD-632345…)

No. 1218396

File: 1619571804491.jpg (101.62 KB, 640x1009, l81b3ymlxsv61.jpg)

No. 1218397

got too old for his grandwife huh?

No. 1218410

File: 1619573004105.jpg (163.2 KB, 1045x1000, zgeG9xe.jpg)

Her look and the "sad blonde pretending to be happier than ever" thing made me think of Marilyn Monroe's last photo shoot.

No. 1218412

this relationship always seemed weird to me. not be a moralfag but i think it’s gross for a middle aged woman to date someone that young. just as it’s gross when the genders are swapped

No. 1218420

It’s not moralfagging, you’re right

No. 1218430

Same here, fits her thing

No. 1218448

He probably got too old for her and now she’s grooming her next child husband.

No. 1218465

kek what a plant

No. 1218466

mops are nice! they clean my floor

No. 1218478

you just made me realize the fucking irony of her appearance in Gone Girl when the movie contains a monologue about the "Cool Girl" phenomenon

No. 1218500

>Not knowing that a large portion of (ultra)conservatives tend to be closet fags.
Are you an idiot, right?

No. 1218526

she first met him when he was 11 years old(she was a friend of his mothers) and she was already 35 years old and had 2 kids, they started dating when was starring a film she was directing, he was 18 and she was 42
some people speculate that he got her pregnant and that's why he felt he had to marry her

No. 1218548

So he's currently 30 according to wikipedia and she's 54, hitting the menopause most likely and the age gap likely seems more stark. A divorce makes sense imo. Being 30 while your partner hits menopause is gonna feel too much like you married your mom, it would be different if he was also 54.

No. 1218550

she'll find another 18 year boy with a MILF fetish in a month

No. 1218552

Rose McGowan denounces the Democrat party in FOX News segment, WTF is happening
she was dating a non-binary they/them model sometime back so its surprising that she of all people would end up here

No. 1218557

I thought he was ~7~? the rumors are silly. who gives a shit about scrotes? fucking weak

No. 1218566

assuming you're a young adult woman, imagine seeing some snot nosed pre-teen and in less then 10 years sleeping with him and marrying him
it be weird asf

No. 1218569

bet she’s doing it bc she drank the QAnon koolaid. she’s always been unhinged as hell.

No. 1218570

most likely, before her "coming out" lol she used to retweet a lot of shit from RT and sputnik

No. 1218573

Democrats are basically covert abusers, but I, too, am surprised she would go on Fox. She said she did it because they're outward about their stances, which I get. But still, I'm surprised Fox even allowed her on without asking questions of her own standing lol.
She's anti Creative Artists Agency because of Weinstein so basically whoever rolls with her on that is good in her book. I like her consistency tbh.

No. 1218578

isn't he near 30? I'm not saying it was right for her to pursue him at her age but I seriously don't fucking care when most grooming victims are females

No. 1218580

Innit. I don’t really give a fuck either. Booo fuckin hoooo half the female child stars in Hollywood married someone they met when they where 10. Yes she’s a creepy pedo but so what.

No. 1218593

Women who behave like men should be treated as harshly, so we don't end up like scrotes. Don't lower your standards just because men are the fucking worst.

No. 1218594

most of the people "worried" about him are just thirsty women who wished they could have gotten with him but are more self righteous about it

No. 1218595

>she first met him when he was 11 years old(she was a friend of his mothers)
Is this really true? Someone kept repeating it before but never posted source.

No. 1218604

File: 1619598010171.jpeg (172.5 KB, 1124x1124, E0CCfCyVEAEWc59.jpeg)

No. 1218606


Very 2012 Tumblr of her.

No. 1218609

File: 1619598749703.jpeg (68.49 KB, 506x652, 513442_v9_bd.jpeg)

Riz Ahmed apparently has sa allegations against him, does anyone know what they are? When you google all that comes up are weird weird websites about him proposing to his wife with scrabble tiles or multiple 500 page lipstick alley threads. Not sure if I'm bad at googling or it's all been scrubbed would appreciate it if anyone knows.

No. 1218613

In other news that surprises no one, Tristan has cheated on Khloe again, this time with some insta ho called Sydney Chase

No. 1218615

good luck anon ive been searching and searching too since it was all over twitter with no source

No. 1218625

all the jokes about how this was made with picsart kek no picsart could probably do better

No. 1218642

who's going to make a emrata/model thread??

No. 1218666

Uh hopefully no one. It would be the two spergs going at each others throats debating wether she’s pretty or not. What milk is there besides her breast feeding pics? You gonna make a thread for Chrissy and her weird kid pics too?

No. 1218688

There doesn't have to be a new thread everytime a celebcow is discussed a little too much

No. 1218690

Bad example. Chrissy is extraordinarily milky in her own right. She’s just not interesting enough to document.
Emrata is only funny because she’s a catfish.

No. 1218699

You're not reading dumbass everyone except a handful a people thinks emrat is ugly you're just taking it to the next level and acting unstable. You even attacked people who agree with you just for posting at the same time and stuff about emrat that isn't she's an ugly fake hoe. Get over yourself I can assure you the vast majority of the world does not give two shits about what you find hot

No. 1218704

Yes please we need a fucking Emirat thread to get the sperg out if here

No. 1218711

yeah, bc marrying a 42yo (friend of your mum's) while you're 18 doesn't feel like marrying your mum at all.