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File: 1621334360451.jpg (270.19 KB, 1701x945, Arianas birthday party.jpg)

No. 809740

Previous thread: >>>/ot/796519
>Janet Mock admits to infidelity
>Billie Eilish poses in tacky vintage lingerie for a Vogue photoshoot, which couldn't be further away from her edgy teenager persona
>A conspiracy theory arises about Billie's age - is she older than she says she is?
>Does Doja Cat have a wagon ass? You decide!
>Plus size model Tess Holliday reveals she is 'anorexic'
>RHCP is selling their publishing rights for $140 million
>Madison Beer receives negative comment on social media, tweets that she never wants to leave her house again
>Hats off to the makeup artists who worked on Sebastian Stan and Lily James for Hulu series Pam & Tommy
>SNL had Elon and Grimes
>FBI unearths Kurt Cobain's file
>Bill gates divorced from Melinda, rumors say it's because of his connections to Epstein. He also had 'intimate relations with an employee'
>Shinji Ikari is back on set of Umbrella Academy
>David Ellefson from Megadeth sent dick pics to a minor
>Ben Affleck gets unmatched on dating app, wonders why an attractive girl wouldn't want to date his aging and cheating ass
>Seth Rogen says he doesn't want to work with creep James Franco
>Kat Dennings and Andrew W.K. are engaged
>Tiffany Haddish will be Ellen's heir
>John Mulaney and his wife are reportedly getting divorced after his rehab, wife keeps releasing depressing photos on Instagram
>Mulaney turns out to be dating Olivia Munn who incidentally is trending on Twitter for taking sexting with Chris Pine to a whole new level. Remember, if your sexts are not collages of a million images with ridiculously elaborate footnotes about what you want your SO to do to you, you're doing it wrong!
>Ariana Grande gets married to his boyfriend who looks like he could be related to her. She also had a Midsommar themed birthday party. Well, let's hope the marriage doesn't go up in flames
>Willow Smith is (unsurprisingly) polyamarous
>Former t.A.T.U singer runs for Russian parliament

No. 809746

File: 1621335100871.png (923.6 KB, 1472x940, SJP1nab.png)

oh boy she's starting a podcast

No. 809750

God that hair is so fucking ugly.

No. 809753

File: 1621337335358.jpg (50.13 KB, 600x574, 86Ap79y5ILdl.jpg)

It's a bit Kris Jenner-esque

No. 809756

Kris Js hair is like structured architecture that expertly frames her face, idk what Demi is going for.

No. 809773

I'm really surprised Ariana went through with it because she is 100% having an affair with Jim Carrey. Go and Google what Jim Carrey looked like when he was younger and he's exactly her funny lanky white boy type. And watch some clips of their performance from his shitty play, the way they look at each other you just know they're sleeping together.

No. 809795

You know she's white as well

No. 809812

Anon was describing the make sure likes. White, lanky.

No. 809830

Just because youre white doesn't give you an excuse to date other whites

No. 809832

>Former t.A.T.U singer runs for Russian parliament
That hit me like a brick

No. 809833

Same. Yulia is the only one crazy enough to actually try it, but Lena would find the most success in something like that.

No. 809847

File: 1621348386028.jpg (283.96 KB, 1852x648, ok.jpg)

Naomi just announced that she became a mother at 50.

No. 809849

Was she the homophobic one, that said gay men should all be murdered and that she'd beat her son if he turned out to be gay

No. 809850

nice holo acrylics

No. 809851

Way to old for this imo


No. 809856

File: 1621349081631.jpg (353.7 KB, 1500x1000, MB-COMPOSITE-TATU.jpg)

I just googled her and jesus christ did she go overboard with the plastic surgeries

No. 809860

Surrogacy or

No. 809863

Regarding Ariana's husband, I don't understand how anyone is surprised she's dating a boring normal guy
Most of these pop-stars have a persona for thier mostly dunb fag and faghag fans, but outside that persona their normal-ish(but super rich) people and their most likely going to be in relationships with the rich people around them

No. 809868

I’m honestly a little surprised Ari never really went with black dudes like the Kardashians. With her tan and yu yu I thought I’d fit her to have a black boyfriend.

No. 809870

File: 1621350798205.jpg (43.65 KB, 400x600, 54dc60cca254c_-_sev-big-sean-a…)

she dated Big Sean

No. 809882

Shortly before that she tried setting up a TV show on russian national channel (which is heavily censored by govt), it flopped so she decided to run for politics.

Tbh I feel bad for her. Her ex husband was beating the shit out of her, she divorced him n got pregnant from her bodyguard kek
Not milk tbh. It's Russia after all. It was also mentioned in "closeted celebs" thread with a lot of details about tatu and how they r now etc.

No. 809883

Poot going for attacked by a weed wacker sis!

No. 809894

File: 1621354213674.jpeg (103.77 KB, 583x600, big-sean-ariana-grande.jpeg)


yeah, and they broke up and got together a bunch of times too. they def caught feelings but it never worked out probably because both of them are hoes. but yeah big sean was a big deal to her.

No. 809898

File: 1621354743825.jpeg (573.9 KB, 881x1101, ECFFCF61-8292-4DF6-A0A8-43BF25…)

why is she kissing da baby?

No. 809902

Wasn't he like gay or something ?

No. 809913

she cheated on naya rivera with ari… not gay, more like a cheater

No. 809938

Thanks whoever made this beautiful edit, it is now my desktop background

No. 809940

Crackhead podcast where she complains about cookies and yogurt? No fucking thanks

No. 809941

Nah the Kardashians want to be black, so black boyfriends. Ariana wants to be Latino so Latino husband.

No. 809942

Idk, apparently she has been with her husband through all quarantine.

No. 809943


she looks like a miranda cosgrove wax figure

No. 809944

File: 1621359485806.jpeg (86.21 KB, 720x1280, 6955E759-F6D2-417C-A917-532637…)

Enty of Crazy Days and Nights started that rumor. Enty hates both Carrey and Grande if you look at his history of blinds about them (individually as well), he's done multiple blinds about them including extremely far fetched ones involving cults which were featured in earlier celebricows threads and sound like stan fiction. I think the worst they could've done was fuck a few times, but I can't picture an ongoing affair. That rumors been so blown out of proportion

I'll take some blind someone submitted to deuxmoi saying they probably didn't fuck or it wasn't ongoing over entys shit any day, I think other sites took the rumor and ran with it for clicks

No. 809947

File: 1621359662378.png (252.37 KB, 488x806, jimmy.png)

>With her tan and yu yu

the kardashians-jenners are just cockhungry and love BBC, no doubt
Plus, this is a tinfoil, but I think they wanted to normalize interracial couples (which is of course, a good thing, they just come off as people who want to be interracial themselves)

>Jim Carrey
>Ariana have been a forever-Jim fan. The two originally met in 2015 and her AIM screenname used to be, jimcarreyfan42.

No. 809948

File: 1621359725173.jpg (86.84 KB, 1024x576, GettyImages-454130366-e1564616…)

No. 809954

Your comments regarding the kardashians is pretty disgusting, I just think they wanted to market themselves better to the black community
As a black woman I'll say that black males have very low standard's when it comes to idolizing non-black women

No. 809955

She literally cried when she met him. She has weird tastes, it’s just funny.

No. 809956

Wow Ariana is a carreyfag. I bet she uses the keekweek theme

No. 809957

i mean she probably grew up watching his movies and shit. just because you are celebrity yourself doesnt mean you're no longer allowed to be starstruck.

No. 809958

I don't understand most of her tastes in men but I can totally understand this one

t. carreyfag

No. 809959

I don't know why you find it disgusting, they literally love BBC and it shows

No. 809960

didnt jim carrey's ex gf kill herself because he gave her an incurable STD. you guys need to get better idols lol

No. 809962

File: 1621360303536.jpg (156.91 KB, 1080x1350, IMG_1143.JPG)

Yeah, for sure. She’s got a Truman Show tattoo as well.

No. 809963

ex was possibly involved with Scientology
or at least the other ex boyfriend of the girl was
Interesting read, I'm still not sure what to believe tbh

No. 809964

File: 1621360460754.jpg (71.62 KB, 700x533, mac-miller.jpg)

Posting these here too in case someone missed them

Also this: what Ariana sees in Dalton

>“Ariana sees something different in Dalton that she has never seen before in guys she has previously dated.”

>“He is the type of guy she has been looking for,” continues the source. “He’s very protective of her, will go out of his way for her and does little things that are chivalrous. Dalton will go above and beyond to meet her needs.”
>A bonus: She also admires his work ethic and Hispanic background, adds the source, and the fact that he “shares similar values that she and her family have.”
>Before the coronavirus pandemic, “Ariana was looking for a home outside of Los Angeles to be her getaway house, and her team found Dalton to help,” explains the source. “When she saw him, she immediately thought he was cute and very good-looking, and she asked her team to set up an in-person meeting with him. Ariana fell very hard for Dalton shortly after they met.”
So she was the one to pursue him huh
At least he looks like a better person than his past exes (Mac Miller looking like a total fuckboy)

Bonus, what she likes in a guy:

>“Ariana likes guys who are funny but who also need to be taken care of,” a source says of Grande, 26, in the new issue of Us Weekly. “She’s a nurturer and likes to be needed.”

Mommy kink??? I thought she wanted to be the one to be taken care of. Well that explains why she attracted all those degenerates

No. 809967

File: 1621360604070.jpg (102.8 KB, 768x768, hbz-mikey-foster-ariana-grande…)

She also dated Mikey Foster, from Social House (they appear in the Boyfriend song… probably about their relationship? since she makes a lot of songs about her relationships)

No. 809969

ARI PLZ SAY SIKE. not you wanting to be a grown man's mother. now i know why i hate that positions song the most on that album.

No. 809970

that was the ugliest guy she dated. if i was as hot as ariana my aresenal of men would be elite. why do pretty girls date absolutely hideous men?

No. 809974

honestly it's probably not mommy kink and more just chronic helper syndrome

she's a trainwreck herself so how should she be expected to help and nurture another trainwreck

No. 809976

File: 1621360993632.jpg (67.86 KB, 818x899, 6607c8615c6f5fadd3043b724e8a32…)

I guess she has some skewed self esteem going on. Typical of narcs tbh
She isn't the most beautiful woman on the planet (big oof all those plastic surgeries) but she's pretty desirable, if I was her I would also only date the best of the best. At least Dalton looks normal and pretty decent.

(I didn't know she had a pokemon tattoo btw)

If Ariana was the one to pursue him, uh…
Idk, my tinfoil is that he'll see her as a trophy wife and then get bored and tired of her once her mento illness comes out and the honeymoon phase is over. He's too normie. I'm sure she was also the one to push for marriage- maybe she fell for the "marrying before 30" meme as she was once engaged and still pretty hurt from all her exes, maybe.

No. 809981

>>A bonus: She also admires his work ethic and Hispanic background
Hispanic fishing now? she has a hispanic sounding name
they look like brothers wtf

No. 809989

File: 1621362021092.png (576.38 KB, 818x794, 11111.png)

No. 809991

Why do they look like siblings….. lol she literally fell for the male version of herself.
Honestly kinda iconic.

No. 809996

She’s Italian

No. 809998

File: 1621362341038.jpg (124.6 KB, 1200x1200, rs_600x600-191119150253-600-PA…)

>that was the ugliest guy she dated
surely you forgot about him

No. 809999

I mean she likely she cheated on Kanye with her bodyguard who was a white guy, but either way my point is more regarding black men then the Kardashians, a successful black male figure will literally risk at all for mediocre non-black woman
Their the weakest links in the black community

No. 810000

nah social house guy is uglier

No. 810002

Yes I know, I'm not stupid.
Grande means big in spanish, and I've met a few Arianas before (I live in Mexico).

No. 810004

Of course, black people deserve better than being used by the Kardashians. It's just so obvious they fetishize black men, that's why I have no compassion for the kardashian-jenners

No. 810005

He looks like he has multiple STDs, but so does

No. 810008

anon do you not realize that italian and spanish are both romance languages with latin roots? are you dumb?

No. 810010

I'm just saying she looks like she's hispanic fishing
Specially with her "Dalton is hispanic" comment
Learn to read please

No. 810013

I think the Kardashians are shitty, but to me black men letting themselves get manipulated by seemingly every non-black women is the real issue, so I don't have any sympathy for them
They are again the weakest links

No. 810017


either way you saying because you met mexican girls named Ariana that means something? As if you cant find a race of any woman with that name in america lmao
you're gonna get banned girl stop saying that wtf lol

No. 810018

If you ask me the men they are with fetishize them as well so it's equal. I have zero sympathy for the men they are with, they know whats up.

No. 810020

File: 1621363493710.jpeg (700.11 KB, 1192x1462, AE447D8F-5170-4917-A3DF-F9B72E…)

their child someone made from the faceapp thread kek

No. 810024

Isn't Ariana Grande her birth name? She's of Italian heritage iirc.

No. 810033

i think ariana is dumb so she gets dumb boyfriends

No. 810035


No. 810043

No this one has lips

No. 810059

this isn't reddit, you don't need to cross-post from the faceapp thread for fake internet points. these types of posts are retarded and add nothing of value to this thread.

No. 810064

we should ban ari talk in here, it always gets this bad when she's mentioned

No. 810080


No. 810107

Honestly the discussion of colorism and racism by black male celebs should be discussed since this is a celebcow thread, these men outright refuse to date women who aren't 3-4 shades lighter then them or simply won't even consider being with any black women

Like the actor of M'Baku from Black Panther talked about Black women made him better about his body, but dated mostly Asian women

No. 810113

This shit right here will always make me laugh at black men. They let these women alienate them from their own family and uphold colorism all while having a biracial daughter with fucked up self esteem because the mother will force her racist ass views onto their child. They they turn around and bitch that we don't mule for them kek(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 810144

File: 1621374949771.png (520.28 KB, 719x775, CL.png)

>“I find this so fucking outrageous,” Love wrote via Facebook on Sunday, May 16.

>She recalled when Lee and Anderson’s sex tape was released after it was stolen in 1995. “Myself, @pattyschemel [and] @xmadmx were making a record. And the lone women in many recording studios in [LA] Where all / ALL! The staff engineers / producers / owners / were watching the sex tape with huge [schadenfreude]… Guffaws,” Love wrote. “It was disgusting. I banned anyone discussing it… It destroyed my friend Pamela’s life. Utterly.”

>The Portland native explained that her December 1994 Rolling Stone cover needed to be approved to appear onscreen in the Hulu series. “I said “fuck no.” …Shocked. Gentleman [sic] don’t approve this sort of thing.”

>“My heart goes out to Pammy,” the Hole frontwoman said, adding that the series was “further causing her complex trauma.”

>Love wrapped up her message by addressing the star of Pam & Tommy directly: “And shame on Lily James whoever the fuck she is. #vile.”


No. 810148

She killed her own husband anon. That wicked witch does not deserve being posted in here, she should rot in the uncontrollable sensationalist tabloid news bubble where she belongs.

No. 810150

Is it really that serious, anon

No. 810152

>she killed her own husband

No. 810153


No. 810165

File: 1621376379509.jpeg (291.27 KB, 750x1196, EFD3E0AF-AE2B-40B5-8E1B-9A679D…)

For anyone still following the Marilyn Hamson circus, The Cut have published Ashley Walters complaint for damages document. It makes for (some) interesting reading, at least in specifics we haven’t yet heard through the grapevine.


No. 810170

>courtney love killed kurt cobain
hi scrote("hi scrote")

No. 810179

damn… paragraph 59 in particular seems to really support what annie was claiming about blackmail and hacking into computers

No. 810189

Like Courtney is relevant anymore?

No. 810190

samefagging legalfag, but I just read through the statement of claim and annie was mentioned specifically in the suit as having been abused by MM. it's also worth noting that ashley is suing not only MM, but also 10 jane does whose identities are unknown to ashley. she alleges that the jane does accessed and kept records of her personal data, including explicit images. it seems to suggest that MM does in fact have a team of flying monkeys willing to do his bidding like annie claimed all along.

No. 810193

Damn Courtney's looking more botched than ever. Looks like Charlize Theron's face made out of silly putty. It's amazing that she was so ugly even surgery couldn't save her.

No. 810204

It's calm, anon

No. 810213

> And shame on Lily James whoever the fuck she is. #vile.
The same could be said about her kek

No. 810235

> And shame on Lily James whoever the fuck she is. #vile
But she has nothing to say about Sebastian Stan or any of the other men involved in this project? Feminist icon strikes again.

No. 810243

Didn't she also defend Marilyn Manson? L.

No. 810251

Wouldn't they need consent from Pamela? Can people make a biopic without the consent from the people whose lives are being adapted?

No. 810253

The 60’s are back, baby!

No. 810262

this is what im wondering as well. can someone pls answer this anon? is pamela not consenting to this show? if so, then why is her "friend" speaking about it and not her directly? weird.

No. 810263

samefag, not asking to be spoonfed btw. googled it and nothing comes up except for love's statement. so who knows.

No. 810270

Ay homies, stop derailing dis shiii! This ain’t no lipstick alley, my niggas

But in all seriousness, stop derailing because not everyone gives a fuck. We just wanna talk about cows and shit.(racebait)

No. 810272

they don't need her permission. She can't copywrite strike it since they aren't basing the 'story' on a book she made etc, aka, some kind of IP. She can technically sue them for using her name and likeness as she herself as an entity could be argued is IP but most likely she won't get far or get some mild amount of sum. Essentially, they're assholes. It was reported that they didn't even ask her for her OR tommy's permission, and also reported that she she would of said no. I believe the article was posted earlier.

No. 810273

There's really been an uptake in families and people being opposed to biopics lately. Do they just cease to understand that it's not going to be 100% accurate and likely dramatized?

No. 810282

Is it an uptick or is it just you hear about their reaction more these days?

You'd have to be a total doormat to not have an opinion on people making money off dramatising your life without any consideration for how it'll affect the real living people involved.

People are dumb enough to take fictional characters literally, so it's not unreasonable to be annoyed if the dramatisation is unflattering in a way that will sway public opinion.

No. 810326

File: 1621397198263.jpg (254.87 KB, 812x1416, E1n5K09UUAAndkl.jpg)

No. 810352

Sorry for burst your bubble, but your idol was a fucking junkie devoured and assimilated by the music industry like every musician and band in existence. The only reason he was famous is because he was an attractive image to impressionable morons (like you) which they could milk until there wasn't a drop left, moving on to the next fad.

No. 810355

Although what I say does not negate the fact that Courtney is an opportunistic bitch who eats off the crumbs of Kurt's corpse.

No. 810358

I agree with you, but I think that anon was being sarcastic. Courtney Love is a detestable human being for a variety of reasons, but she didn't kill Kurt Cobain. Always found it interesting how many people refuse to accept a junkie who often openly talked about how depressed and self-loathing he was would kill himself. No, it had to be some elaborate conspiracy orchestrated by his dumbass junkie wife for…what, just because she's evil? Even if they were going to get divorced, she would've stood to make a lot of money as his ex-wife and Hole was a pretty successful band (Live Through This one of the top albums of all time imo…) but Courtney sucks. That being said the Pam & Tommy biopic looks stupid.

No. 810361

Courtney has an interesting music career though. I don't follow her or listen to her, but I've heard "hole" is good, like, she has sprinkles of feminism/female trauma songs in there, something new for the time it was released

No. 810362

What the actual fuck nicki? Does she want to kill her career or what
Like who the fuck releases a mugshot of yourself as a criminal but also something that proves your plastic surgeries
Idk this whole "I made a girl bleed" is not sitting well with me. Even if I like her music, this is over the top, like when Cardi B (hate her) revealed he drugged and stole from men (whatever you say, it doesn't sit well with me)

No. 810369

That mugshot has been around for years, why would it kill her career especially with how popular she is and how long she's been a rapper. Idk why you think a mugshot would end her career. Even Megan has her mugshot on the internet

No. 810370

I mean…her brother is a child molester and her husband is a sex offender

No. 810376

nta, but it's one thing to have a mugshot and a whole other thing to write that the crime you did was 'inspiring' and something that you look back fondly while your victim spent days in a hospital

No. 810377

File: 1621405876247.jpg (42.8 KB, 842x128, Screenshot_4.jpg)

her husband also spent time for manslaughter. jesus

No. 810378

Sure, but I don't think it could end her career.

No. 810380

Wow, fuck, I didn't know this. Pretty disgusting she's fine with people commiting crimes to be frank

No. 810381

I love your naivete nonny

No. 810389

I don't think I was being sarcastic, but it still makes me angry how retarded people can be so long as they don't recognize that their idols are normal, pathetic, or bad people, depending on the context. Kurt was a slave to his medium and his death dealt the death blow to the genre he championed. Curtney, on the other hand, came along at the wrong time, even though he won in the end. In other words, a gold digger who won the lottery in form of royalties from his dead husband.

As I mentioned above, I know them but I haven't heard their work properly. Although in her case, all the nirdrama she got herself into devoured her image and career at a certain point. Although she doesn't help herself either.

No. 810393

she's full of shit. if she had indeed used a weapon to make someone else bleed, she wouldn't have been charged with intent to use a weapon. she would've been charged with aggravated assault or assault with a weapon. it's obvious that she's embellishing the story.

No. 810396

or maybe she'd used it on one already and got caught with the intent to use it on another

No. 810401

But if she used it already on someone how did she not get reported for that? makes no sense

No. 810410

Why the hell would anyone make a show about a short-lived marriage between two celebrities that haven't been relevant in 20 years? They had a sex tape, so the hell has every other narc couple in Hollywood. Is it because of The Dirt movie on Netflix?

Neither Tommy Lee nor Pamela Anderson are involved in the show's production in any capacity, so I doubt they gave their permission. It's just Seth Rogan, James Franco, and all the other douchebags in their circle looking to exploit a couple of washed up celebrities no one would ever defend.

I read The Dirt back in highschool, and I wholeheartedly believe Tommy abused Pam. Keep in mind that this show is supposed to be a comedy. A comedy about two real human beings in an abusive relationship who seem to have had no say in whether the show was made. Yikes.

No. 810412

Gomen for doubleposting but a few years ago Tommy Lee also accused his oldest son of assaulting him. Does he seriously expect people to believe that he, a "recovering" alcoholic drug addict with a history of violent behavior, was just minding his own business when his son attacked him out of nowhere? Come the fuck on, there's obviously a pattern here. Tommy beats his family and then tries to reverse blame onto them.

No. 810417

>she has sprinkles of feminism/female trauma songs in there
It's all an act, she victim-blames other women.

No. 810429

No. 810433

Is she going to make an Ellen Page and become a living corpse?

No. 810437

She'd have to lose weight for that kek.

No. 810438

It literally feels like she changes her pronouns every week

No. 810440

Free publicity and now she's a totally endangered minority (citation needed) no one can be mean to her.

No. 810445

Why couldn't demi just lean into being a Leo and having absolute fabulous hair. Girl just needs to stfu.

No. 810452

Ugh I can't stand her, she just wants attention. She also always loves to talk about how she's pansexual but has she ever publicly dated a woman?

No. 810509

I for one support this! It was about time the non-binary found an accurate representation for their mental illness!

No. 810510

She really is trying her best to stay relevant.
I guess all her youtube doco money has dried up and she needs publicity money for more crack

No. 810518

Courtney constantly makes drama because that's the only way she can stay relevant. Sad! Love how she hints at her memoir that will never come out (and if it will, it will be full of bullshit lies).

No. 810520

Didn't some anon predict this? I'm laffing

No. 810526

I remember that too! I think about 3 theads ago?

No. 810533

Demi Lovato confirmed farmer

No. 810535

File: 1621425938611.png (215.38 KB, 720x1388, Screenshot_20210519-170510.png)

Her Wikipedia page has already been they/them'd

No. 810536

Who cares if she uses they/them pronouns? Why do we attack women for doing this? Maybe she’s going through an identity crisis? I know she isn’t your favorite celebrity and neither is she a “good person” but this isn’t news.(newfag)

No. 810537

yep, already here it seems >>810536

No. 810542

I'm not as bothered by that stuff as most on here but you're never going to convince anyone with these whinge posts. This isn't the place to sperg about accepting pronouns. It never will be. Let it go.

No. 810551

Do you know where you are? No one here cares about special retarded pronouns.

No. 810560

Kek radfems have too much sympathy for retards

No. 810564

She’s a junkies and a murderer.

No. 810573

File: 1621428381345.jpeg (78.8 KB, 705x218, CB02CB44-ACF3-4D05-8F98-9AA5BD…)

congrats to this anon who called it less than a month ago - except it’s not for an album, it’s for a shitty podcast kek

No. 810596

Ok conspiracy-chan

No. 810609

of course demi’s fat ass is a they them now. fuck that. YOU’RE A WOMAN DEMI. let’s see if she cuts her tits off and starts growing a beard. in 2 years time she’ll go back to knowing she’s a woman. this tranny shit is so mind boggling, fuck me

No. 810613

What could we expect from her, lmao?
Bitch, bitch, bitch, your husbando shot himself in the head because the drugs fried his brain. No wonder he was so erratic at the "unplugged". The truth hurts, and grunge is dead.

No. 810623

She's not going to cut her tits off or grow a beard, anon. She'll just be another gender conforming woman who has heterosexual relationships and by all accounts looks straight as a ruler on paper but is actually totally qweer and nonbinary so maybe check your privilege sweaty before criticising anything she does.

No. 810626

Back to Twitter faggot
Fucking embarrassing. Pre-wall crisis of a child star is always such a cruel thing lmaooo

No. 810645

I keep forgetting Demi is a musician. Instead of promoting her music more they're instead capitalizing on her trauma and pandering. It's the scooter Braun way baybe.

No. 810651

>Pre-wall crisis
Get therapy

No. 810658

Hahaha I fucking called it. I was just waiting for this day to come. All the signs were there the minute she cut her hair honestly. Disappointing but not surprising

No. 810660

why are yall trying to make ariana grande and jim carrey a thing wtf

No. 810661

hi azealia banks("hi cow")

No. 810673

I don’t believe in the wall. But Hollywood very much does and so do bitches who do shit like this. Evidently.

No. 810676


someone in a previous thread said that she had they/them (or she/they?) in her bio for a moment until she removed it.

No. 810684

What makes it hard to believe? They are both emotionally unstable with a string of turbulent past relationships behind them plus she's been a fan of him for a long time

No. 810697

that's so fucking unmilky and stupid there is absolutely no proof + bich got married yesterday stop being obsessed(newfag)

No. 810703

In that case you could say that "they are less attractive to the market". Yes, it sounds more cruel, but less pickme-ish

No. 810725

i hated demi lovato since like 2009 because she blantantly would copy paramore and all of hailey williams mannerisms and singing style. Except she did it poorly. I never thought demi could sing she just fucking screams so it always irritated me when people said she has the best voice of everyone on disney. I'd much rather listen to Selena Gomez music than demi's because at least selena isnt screaming in my ear like a banshee. Demi seems highly insecure and I dont understand why. She isnt even ugly she just has such an insufferable personality. Like wtf is wrong with her.

No. 810739

I remember being a kid and hating her whenever camp rock came out

No. 810743

i can’t wait for celebrities to start identifying as it/xem/zem so this circus can really get going kek

No. 810746

I mean what else is left at this point? Everybody is pansexual, poly or non-binary. Going full trans is waaay to risky and health damaging as every sane person knows.

No. 810747

Can you imagine every b-list celebrity claiming to be agender, non-binary, demi-sexual all a couple months apart of each other
Honestly think Miley will be next to "come out" as non-binary

No. 810750

File: 1621443782638.png (833.64 KB, 1670x598, treeself.png)

Why stop there? The new way to get ahead will be coming up with the craziest new identity.

No. 810752

because being gnc basically means you either have to become a tranny or theyby in order to remain relevant, it's sad

No. 810753

>Honestly think Miley will be next to "come out" as non-binary

Didn't she already do this in like - 2014 and paddle back from it or pretend it didn't happen? Correct me if I'm wrong

No. 810756

File: 1621444034161.jpeg (313.33 KB, 828x707, 948CA77C-4BE6-4278-A8C3-559988…)

yeah, but she never went as far as to become a theyby

No. 810759

In a way I wouldn't be surprised but then she had the song 'mothers daughter' out not that long ago. She'd be regressing if she went there now

No. 810761

File: 1621444162732.png (1.18 MB, 670x591, tree.PNG)

No. 810765

File: 1621444502422.png (74.21 KB, 1634x410, 1616368166525.png)

Trees are a giver of life, nonny.
The MtF threads already had a hearty kek at this dude, there were even editing wars on Wikipedia over his article, which led to a global rule that only "generally accepted and used" pronouns are allowed. One anon even made a vocaroo about this brave new world language: https://vocaroo.com/embed/1dVKu4OmovJK

No. 810789

Hey, I was just letting the thread know that Mx. Lovato is now a theyboss. If you perceive that to be an attack then maybe you have some internalised enbyphobia you need to work on, nonny.

No. 810806

bc she's not that fucking dumb. some of these popstars aren't dumb enough to jump off that cliff of stupidity bc they understand what gender is but also understand who buys their albums and who controls their careers. fags and naive tumblr transtrenders have the power to make or break these popstars. miley and ariana are much smarter than demi and only give them enough stupid shallow bullshit to sustain off of.

No. 810991

Fuck when will this fad end. It's so cringy to see adults pulling this shit.

No. 811027

File: 1621460469431.jpeg (168.98 KB, 750x1034, F2F8C401-CA8D-4181-BDCB-9080ED…)

She’s 5’0 lmao [spoiler]and no this picture isn’t photoshopped[/ spoiler]

No. 811033

Are you braindead? Anon was saying that Ariana likes white and lanky men, not that she's lanky herself.

No. 811043

nta but to be fair, the post she replied to reads like someone had a stroke while writing it
> make sure likes
should be "men she likes"

No. 811066

came here for this kek
god why. haven't heard from his guy in ages… Any other nonnies remember dance academy?

No. 811109

this is faster than we all predicted lol. what is she going to turn next month when nobody talks about her anymore? demi's running out of options

No. 811112

The sperging about froyo backlashed so hard, huh

No. 811130

yeah, trying to be seen in positive light again i guess, now she's untouchable. she just waits for those "yasss nonbinary queen" on twitter. wonder if selena hops on that trend too

No. 811131

I hate her so much. She'd have faded into obscurity by now if she didn't make a point of shoving her billion traumas in everyone's faces. It's all she has. She has such a dour personality that if she ever were to truly ~heal~ there would be nothing to keep her in the spotlight. Her music is shit, her looks are shit, her acting is shit. She's shit.

No. 811139

derail but man i've met girls irl ike this. usually very online, baby-bangs/septum-piercing-having, very pretty, but sort of…viciously(?) have to be right about everything and as soon as another woman does [a thing] she has to attack her about some aspect of it. is this BPD? they always have to shit talk you to whatever guy you slept with even if they don't like him, stuff like that

No. 811144

How is Cardi robbing men who were buying prostitutes NOT based? These men would likely turn a blind eye to human trafficking if it could get their dick wet, they're lucky she didn't pull a gun on them
Am I the only one who is getting the feeling that she'll be dead within the next 3 years? She's on a downward spiral clearly trying to get the approval of some group before she has no fans left and everyone is laughing at her. The way things are looking, it's just going to get worse. Is a sex tape or OF next? The non-binary shit may work for like 5 seconds but Sam Smith did the same thing and no one is talking about him.

No. 811148

you're not news

No. 811150

i hope he's trolling and keeps it up to the absurd end

No. 811151

kind of a derail but isn't she actually like 5'3? it was discussed in an earlier thread

No. 811166

You'd think she'd come out as demisexual kek

Why would she want to sound like Hailey Williams? Hailey sounds like a twelve year old boy, though I guess for Demi that would be an improvement.

Miley already lies about being pansexual or whatever so it's not much of a stretch. It looks like the troon bug is hitting c-list former child stars who are (or have claimed to be) non-straight.

No. 811171

File: 1621480005356.jpg (6.93 KB, 246x205, ew.jpg)

In case some of you were confused about why she's being extra retarded lately, demi has been talking to alok (picrel) and in fact he's going to be on her podcast soon.

He's moving around inside a few celeb circles so brace for more "coming outs" like Demis. I think he got to Demi via hanging out with Nikita Dragun and he's going to keep clawing his way up.

No. 811174

I don't know the exact height, but yeah, she's taller than the official height and she lies about it, there were old tweets that don't match what she says now, and also it's painfully obvious she tries to look shorter by the way she constantly crouches when she walks. She's obsessed with being smol uwu

No. 811186

ugh that dude is cancer

No. 811196

>Why would she want to sound like Hailey Williams?

Because Demi is a leech and Paramore was popular then? She started singing over Sweetener leftovers when Ari got bigger than her too.

No. 811200

their child is chloe moretz?

No. 811223

Still better than 99% of the popstars out there.

No. 811227

If we're strictly talking in terms of milk production then yeah that's true. She's like if Gabbie Hanna was a real celebrity.

No. 811232

Demi is ugly, a bully, and mentally ill. If she hadn't lucked out with camp rock she'd be a wine mom on FB posting memes about how hard life is for single moms of 5.

Also she was fine with being seen as a woman when her body could be marketed, like in her confident era. But now she's fat it's all about her not ~~~connecting~~~ with being a girl suddenly kek

No. 811262

File: 1621491785019.jpg (88.11 KB, 650x1000, 611y5ybB2-L.jpg)

>She'd have faded into obscurity by now if she didn't make a point of shoving her billion traumas in everyone's faces. It's all she has.
Incredible that 10 years ago she was already pulling that shit when she released pic related. Back then she was milking her self-harm recovery (but did she?) and posing as an inspirational figure for the kind of girls who had black and white, ~aesthetic~ depression blogs on tumblr. Even then I found it sad how some teens bought into her shallow crap.

No. 811319

>Former t.A.T.U singer runs for Russian parliament

Julia Volkova is not a celebrity and lolcow.

No. 811321

Oh my fucking god, shes such a fucking attention whore

No. 811326

This tbh, it wasn't necessary

No. 811364

To each their own but I genuinely think she's talented, and being mentally ill is the norm in Hollywood anyway. But talent isn't.

No. 811375

Look at this beautiful biological woman. Take notes ladies cause this is what the ideal woman looks like now

No. 811380

I hate her whole “California sober” bullshit. Even fucking Elton John said in her docuseries that it’s not real cause you aren’t truly sober. She has a problem with alcohol even if it’s not her main addiction and she pretends like she can manage it. I fucking wish she would disappear

No. 811381

So I wonder how the hell BET is going to manage showing Aubrey O'Day on their new show without editing her to hell and back. Like…she does realize she wont be filmed with extreme drag queen filters right? She's going to look like she looked in those candids she swore werent her unless she dropped a ton of weight suddenly.

No. 811385

Demi and Nikita?? She’s gonna get Twitter n Tiktok cancelled for hanging out with the ‘racist’ cunt.

No. 811387

Shes like 5’4 and her fans like to pretend she’s uwu smoll. I met her a few years ago and I’m 5’5 and she was nearly my height, just a little shorter. She’s not tiny in height, only in her anorexia body

No. 811389

kek i fucking loved that show, ah, my childhood memories. i hope he’s just trolling and showing how bullshit the pronoun shit is

No. 811457

Demi was alright. She was my favourite Disney girl after Miley. I think I just had serious hair envy but I liked her first two albums. Maybe cause I'm a shit singer but her songs are good to scream sing along too. I did drop off after skyscraper but cool for the summer was my anthem lol

No. 811458

The SIZE of her HEAD

No. 811620

Who thought a crazy scrote would ruin so many lives

No. 811629

Ugh he looks so gross. Isn’t this the same guy who victim blames little girls regarding the trans bathroom debate?

No. 811653

Yeah. He called little girls kinky.

No. 811659

Gross. I feel like 10-20 years from now, that quote is gonna resurface and it’s gonna be a lot of people’s peak trans moment. At least I hope.

No. 811663

No. 811667

didnt listen yet but the photo is creeping me out why does she look like a 15 yr old. wtf

No. 811671

Samefag but I meant to add that I can't believe this is an official song; sounds so much like a demo. That and Lana sounds like a cat in heat in some parts

No. 811674

Amazing to get information on why she's pretty much estranged from her mother. Sounds like she was abusive to her.

No. 811679

File: 1621536889391.png (Spoiler Image, 767.35 KB, 1213x671, qZvOrTP.png)

Reminds me of Lynn Ann, the extremely disturbing columbine fangirl (fanwoman?) obsessed with Eric Harris and photoshopping herself into a teenager despite being ~40 years old. She had a thread on KF iirc.
Spoiler bc off-topic and creepy

No. 811693

File: 1621538263007.jpg (120.67 KB, 600x960, CgfAb97WQAAbtCC.jpg)

here's the actual statement, if anyone wants to read it.

No. 811704

Unpopular opinion I guess but he’s right and this is objectively not what “victim blaming” is by any definition

No. 811720

…. he is victim blaming though? he's literally implying that little girls aren't victims of being assaulted because "they can be kinky"

No. 811724

kek I might actually listen to this podcast episode just to see the circus show of an attention whore like Demi and this pedo delusional narcissist ranting as he always does (about transphobia, colonialism, etc).
You know the majority of the podcast is going to be him saying total drivel, mostly misogynistic comments towards "cis girls" and Demi will just be nodding along and affirming him like a delusional "handmaidxn" that she is. As if she wasn't a woman like two days ago kek. Or if she looks him up, does actual research on this dude, and maybe somehow unintentionally plants a seed of critical thought before the podcast then she'll be sitting there with a shit eating grin
while he shows her how insane genderspecial nonsense truly is and how degenerate he and the majority of them are. Welcome to the community Demi, meet your new furfag porn addicted trans friends! Nevertheless she has to let him mansplain and bash women without interruption or else someone on twitter will point out how she talked more than he did and how oppressive that is or smth.
He's not 'right' on this point though, are you kidding me? Even if underaged girls could technically having such thoughts (most if not all of it due to porn manipulating your sexuality from childhood) why the fuck is he bringing it up as a grown adult man? Better yet, why does he speak on behalf of little girls with such certainty especially including making them seem more mature then they actually are and advocating for that "kinky" portrayal in fiction?
Here's why–he just wants to lower the protections surrounding girls. It's completely deliberate, look how he slaps some race descriptors and other social justice buzzwords that will catch a twitter SJW's eye. He makes claims like how sexualizing children in media is "white Christian supremacist, right-wing rhetoric around trans bodies". This is a tactic deliberately done to appeal to a huge crowd on twitter who based on the buzzwords will think they're on the same side, will also ally or support him, and not stop to think that maybe this guy is using buzzwords to gain supporters and disguise how this is just an appeal to pro-child-sexualization.

No. 811743

No. 811745

File: 1621541211161.jpg (169.99 KB, 828x1472, 2020-12-11_12-23-01_UTC.jpg)

A lot of women (especially the boho/free spirit thots) agree with him though. Picrel part of a IG lecture around when Cuties aired on Netflix.

No. 811747

I can’t understand how someone could read that and sincerely get that from it. I don’t even believe you genuinely think that.

That’s literally the exact opposite of what he’s saying. The constant media portrayal, and the societal expectations it informs, of little girls as perfect victims is part of what leads to victim blaming and their abuse being dismissed as real life is obviously not like that and most girls who suffer abuse will fail to live up to those narratives. This “failure” is then blamed for why the abuse occurred. The huge disconnect between the societal portrayal of an abuse victim and what a victim of abuse actually looks like, especially for little girls, helps no one. It makes it harder for girls to even identify their own abuse as they blame themselves and leads to others dismissing their abuse. These one dimensional ideas people have about girls and the way abuse is portrayed isn’t reflective of most people’s reality and doesn’t lead to any meaningful protection of little girls, criticising it doesn’t threaten to lower their protection. It’s a harmful perception both in regards to how they perceive themselves and how others perceive them.

No. 811753

This is a disgusting take. No one is sexualising little boys for their hormones fluctuating and them becoming aware their penis has another function apart from pissing. I was not masturbsting sexually at that age. I have cringe memory of me and friends of both genders play wrestling and rubbing on pillows not realising why it felt good. I would've been mortified if I was told that was sexual behaviour. Why can't girls and boys grow up without expecting to be sexy. And biologically ready for children get a fucking life! Young girls are not fucking ready to give birth and can die or do massive damage. So many animals hit puberty but don't have offspring and if they do like when dogs are factory farmed it causes massive disfiguration when the womb expands and the skeletal frame hasnt expanded. Can pedophiles all just an hero jesus fucking Christ

No. 811756

Literal 4chan take wtf is this

No. 811759

he's saying that little girls aren't "perfect victims" because they can be kinky and deviant. first of all, the idea of "perfect victim" is fucking stupid. but even if little girls who get assaulted in bathrooms aren't "perfect victims" are they not victims? and if he's not implying that little girls aren't victims because they're "kinky and deviant" then what exactly is he implying? please explain

No. 811760

What are you talking about? People talk about how horny teenage boys are all the time. Honestly it would be worrying if a 14 year old was masturbating openly and had no concept of sexual behaviour because it would put them at significant risk to be taken advantage of.

No. 811763

Yeah society is aware teenage boys are horny but there's no media to the extent of what happens to their female peers sexualising them like little girls. Boys fashion isn't tailored to be provocative. Boys clothing doesn't keep losing fabric length as the years go by. There's no pandemic of grown women preying on school boys and cat calling them from their suvs. Teenagers are horny but we shouldn't be telling them it's a great time to be having kids Wtf

No. 811766

It doesn't match her body… How is this not edited? If she was taller it probably wouldn't look as bad.

No. 811767

File: 1621542248206.jpg (1.65 MB, 2484x4416, combine_images.jpg)

Tbf she does mention boys sexuality. Picrel the entire diatribe. This boho spiritual sexuality was tried in Germany in the 60s and it created issues in children and abuse.

The boho nudist aesthetic is in now though, so these """empowering""" ideas are espoused by normie women too.

No. 811769

This is fucking mental. It is bizarre to be trying to normalise adults that clearly aren't teenagers having relationships with teenagers because they can biologically have children. That's so fucking retarded. Maybe if older men would back off the younger generation and stop being such perverted degenerates they wouldn't all suffer at such a young age vying for girls their ages attention yet all these old fucks are posturing and cock blocking.

Society needs to stop grooming kids and teenagers. Can everyone just back the fuck off girls and our puberty and our bodies and get a fucking life.

No. 811772

Do you not know what the “perfect victim” trope is or something? It’s not something he’s just saying or inventing, the idea that being sexual or deviant means that girls are “asking for it” and therefore not true victims is extremely pervasive and that’s what he’s criticising. He’s criticising the conflation of moral purity and victimhood. I don’t get what’s confusing or needs explaining.

No. 811779

It's taken at a downward angle.

No. 811783

I kinda love the 3 songs she dropped. They sound better than the chemtrails crap

No. 811784

>he's criticizing the idea that being sexual or deviant means that girls are "asking for it" and therefor not true victims

…. can you fucking read? that isn't what he's saying at all. he's saying all of this in relation to bathroom assaults. he's saying that the assaulters are the "scapegoats". a scapegoat means someone who isn't actually responsible (or at least not fully responsible) taking all the blame. then he goes on to say that "little girls are kinky and deviant". thus implying that the little girls getting assaulted are at least partially responsible by being "kinky".

then he goes onto say that the little girl masturbating in the exorcist is empowering. dude is a pervert through an through.

No. 811791

He’s not saying people actual committing assault are scape goats he’s making a point about the way the media constantly cycles through some group to scapegoat and fear monger about which is true. He’s saying that the cartoonish portrayal of assault in the media of some morally abhorrent evil perpetrator and a morally pure perfect victim is harmful as in real life victims are complicated and in reality victimisation can, and usually does, come people from people who are close to us, who we love, who are not cartoonish villains. Abuse usually isn’t some violent attack by a stranger in a bathroom or dark alleyway but that’s how it’s always portrayed. This idea makes it hard for people to hold abusers accountable, because they are unable to view them as abusers, and also leads to victim blaming, because they are unable to view them as real victims.

>then he goes onto say that the little girl masturbating in the exorcist is empowering.

No, he doesn’t. Either you can’t read or you think in saying it could be a metaphor for exploring your sexuality that’s what he meant but exploring your sexuality is not necessarily a positive or empowering thing, often it’s not bc of the religious shame surrounding sex/masturbation.

Anyway not going back and forth anymore bc it’s not relevant to the thread. Imo to most people it’s obvious what he was saying.

No. 811793

Why put a spotlight on little girls sexuality to appease some deviant genderbenders? Leave little girls alone. Let them be normal amongst their peers. There is no need for adults especially a biological man to discuss and scrutinise young girls budding sexualities. It's literally none of their business.

No. 811810

File: 1621547909951.png (1.71 MB, 3050x1630, incel but make it woke!.png)

Jesus fucking christ, way to jump through hoops trying to justify the logic of this narcissistic moid. I guess I get responding to the first anons that responded but just give it up, you're wrong. Why are you even bothering to reply? Your grammar is European/UK english so I'm going to assume you're not Alok bc he's in NYC. What do you have to gain out of defending this cow? Are you a troon/moid? Genuinely curious.

I seriously can't believe that Demi Lovato is associating herself loosely with these people kek, picrel for cringe

No. 811813

>make yourself purposefully unattractive
>pretend you are a victim of society because you cannot get any girl attracted to you
At least the normal incels stay hidden in their bedrooms.

No. 811817

just because someone appeared on Demi Lovato's podcast doesn't make them a celebrity worth paragraphs and paragraphs of discussion in the celebricow thread. isn't there a gendercrit thread for this?

No. 811818

File: 1621549059842.jpg (22.46 KB, 564x564, fdlfk.jpg)

>>"Meredith[middle one]… you look cis."

The absolute state of these people, my god

No. 811819

>"…people like me have to struggle in order to have romance, companionship and sensuality in our loves."

What kind of bullshit is this? EVERYONE struggles with these feelings. You aren't special because you purposely make yourself look conventually unattractive then cry because people aren't attracted to you. Everyone is allowed to have their preference, and sometimes it's not you.

God that logic makes me so angry. It's like incel logic where they feel entitled to relationships/sex just for existing.

No. 811823

File: 1621549994530.png (588.74 KB, 520x611, lol.png)

Where are her wedding pics?

No. 811860

It's literally the thing they do best.

No. 811875

lol this bitch is so crazy i remember when she would spend hours every day harassing family members of the victims

so gross but so milky

No. 811892

Blame her for making the two converge. It's her decision to bring him on the show. If he's creeping into other celeb circles then he's relevant here as well imo.

So any anons wanna place bets on what's Demi's next publicity stunt? I'm leaning towards massive trans activism for a bit and then afterwards potentially one or more of these:
- Onlyfans, which she definitely markets as some sort of NB/qweer exploration thing
- Alcoholism
- Playing up Latin heritage and revamping her career to revolve around it (probably her best bet)
- Drug relapse and going back to rehab for the 40th time
- Picking fights with young tiktok stars to stay relevant (see: Trisha Paytas)
- Illness diagnosis which she milks tf out of like Selena with her kidney transplant

No. 811904

Seethe chaser. The social circles celebs running in are directly relevant to the thread, especially when it's making them do lulzy shit like trooning.

No. 811923

Nta but I'm sick of hearing about this creep. He's disturbing in a non fun way

No. 811926

Also it's a little bit of a stretch to call him a celebrity. I'm not opposed to a discussion of him, but I think it would probably be easier to talk about him in the MtF cow thread than here (if only because there's a lot of other stuff being discussed in this thread and the discussion might get confusing.)

No. 811986

> you're a chaser because you don't want to spend your free time reading about an irrelevant troon
kek at the hypocrisy and astounding lack of logic

No. 811996

Demi's first mistake was hanging out with and being influenced by Sam Smith, all his buddies are just symptomatic of his retardation

No. 812002

no ones talking about him being a troon though? It's about him being a pedo and getting involved with celeb circles. There's a video somewhere on insta of him in a restaurant bathroom with nikita dragun and demi right when her album released

No. 812018

I'm gonna say it.

Lana Peaked with Born to Die and only half the songs were good. Idk how she constantly chooses her worst songs as official album release material, all her good songs are unofficial.

Lana, what the fuck is this?

No. 812021

NFR was her best by far, born to die a shit but I guess it might've technically been her "peak" thanks to retarded kids

No. 812029

No. 812061

I love it when morons use science to justify their non-scientific Freudian beliefs. Carry on my wayward theybie.

No. 812064

Just because their body is 'pumping sex hormones' doesn't mean that they should be viewed as sexual beings or that they are ready for sexual experiences. Fucking hell, this reads like a degenerate trying to rationalize their fucked up fetish. Sage for blogposting but this reminded me of the time when my perverted French teacher started ranting about how, according to him, 10-12 year olds are already sexually mature in this day and age because they are hormones in the tap water that makes them grow up faster

No. 812071

Disgusting. This is the faggot that said little girls are kinky. WTF

No. 812074

File: 1621588344009.png (1.56 MB, 1440x809, woke.png)

Imagine the outrage if they had a white woman play Pocahontas or Rosa Parks, but this is ok. I fucking hate woke culture.

Legit sometimes feel like this is all some weird 4D chess psyop to make people more racist.

No. 812075

kek is this for real?? What are they thinking?

No. 812077

File: 1621589109087.jpg (29.75 KB, 660x396, ariel.jpg)

Yes this is real and it's been happening for a while, they also made the little Mermaid black for the life action movie that is coming up even tho she is a redhead in the original movie and the fairytale is danish.

I know that Hollywood producers do not actually give a shit about black representation in movies and are only doing this to generate more revenue and woke-points, but I really feel that this "blackwashing" or whatever you want to call this will just make people more racist in the end.

No. 812081

nta but the people sperging about the race of a fictional fish-woman were retarded, Anne Boleyn was an actual historical figure though so it just seems like blatant stunt-casting.

No. 812082

I mean this already happened with Gwyn but this was a real person lol. But I guess in theater is even more frequent

No. 812084

>the people sperging about the race of a fictional fish-woman
I agree with this. I could get it if Ariel's race was important to the story, but it's not. Also, her hair is definitely not a natural red lol.

No. 812085

not like Anne Boleyn would be treated differently by the people in her life is had actually been black at the time or something. This is so fucking stupid

No. 812087

On one hand I understand skin color doesn't matter as long as the actress does a good job and that it's not like they could find a white actress that looks 100% exactly like Anne Boleyn anyway. But on the other hand… why? It's still a historical figure, why would you change her race?
There are plenty of notable black people in history, so why won't Hollywood make movies about them instead of awkwardly shoehorning POC actors into european history?

I honestly think you might be right about this being some weird psyop to divide people even further.

No. 812088

Well, no one ever raises any issue with white men continously casted as Jesus in any adaptation of the bible lore; while I'm not stupid and I'm sure this casting is to cause controversy and attract attention, I don't think it's making the show immediately bad; it's just getting more theatrical approach where looks don't really matter as much. In the end it's going to be dramatized version of the events, not a documentary.

No. 812089

File: 1621590296342.jpg (55.83 KB, 325x499, 547380578430574354.jpg)

This isn't only stupid due to the obvious innacuracy but it's a way for movie execs to represent a life that has already been extensively covered not only in other movies but media in general. There are a million untold stories of actual black women in the Tudor era which would be far more fresh and interesting to use as story fodder, but no, they're using one that's already been done to death (no pun intended).

No. 812090

File: 1621590428920.png (244.93 KB, 501x734, ryan_gosling.png)

Do you think people would have an issue with picrel?

(not a real movie)

No. 812093

The original fairytale is danish, there's no black people in Denmark. I always thought making the disney princesses black was dumb because almost all the tales are based on old european fairytales.

It's just pandering and I really would like to know if most black people feel "represented" by this or if they don't find it kind of insulting that rich white men in Hollywood are using them as tokens to make more money from the woke left.

No. 812094

Anon a very small minority of exotic foreign servants and advisors, doesn't mean there were a "million" untold stories of black people in fucking Tudor era England
That's also fucking dumb

No. 812097

Who's the audience for this? I promise you no black person has ever said "We want even more European history movies, but with black people instead haha".

No. 812098

You're really stretching for an excuse to infight, huh? The thousands of blacks that were in England could still be used for inspiration, but beyond that I was referring to individuals not only in England but the many historical figures that could be explored during the 15th/16th century in general. The point is that it would be nice to see more real black history represented on the big screen rather than shoehorning a black woman into a white woman's life.

No. 812099

What's the relevance of Danish culture to the American Disney movie that's being adapted, though?

No. 812106

Like who, Catherine of Aragons 2 black servants who were brought with her

No. 812110

I don't mind a black Little Mermaid in a Disney movie either, but I understand why it's a bit difficult. While I doubt many people nowadays associate mermaids with any specific culture or feel protective of the story as a part of their culture, it still is Danish in origin. If there's no issue with racebending that, there should be no issue with having Asian stories portrayed by non-Asians, African stories by non-Africans, etc. Clearly that would spark outrage though.
I mean, I think it's dumb to care too much about characters races in general, but the same rules should apply to everyone. Any culture should be able to adapt stories from any other culture imo.

No. 812115

They also changed the story itself, anon. They added a talking lobster and gave her a happy ending instead of her turning into seafoam at the end.
It's basically a stock fairy tale IMO, with all sorts of variations and imaginings. No one really looks at it and thinks "Yes, this is the hallmark of Denmark", it's not the same as the original and I don't think anyone really expects it to be. It'd be the same if there were tons of adaptions of say, Anansi stories or other fairy/folk tales from African or Asian cultures. Race isn't really important, but the story and the lesson learned.

No. 812116

There's a there's an important point that a lot of people miss

A racially diverse population was INCREDIBLY rare up until very recently.

Races develop in particular geographic regions and environments. The actual science behind why it happens is beyond me, and I won't even begin to try explaining it due to the controversies that inevitably erupt, but this is what it is. The race we would typically identify as Black ultimately originated in Sub-Saharan Africa. The various Asian peoples originated in…well…Asia. It's the environmental pressures of their environment combined with cultural standards and the limitations of the gene pool that led to this over generations.

Additionally, travel is HARD, especially in the days where the fastest way to get from Point A to Point B is the horse or wagon. Even nomadic people tend to remain confined to a particular geographic area. Blacks only arrived in the Americas in large numbers because for the most part they were brought here as part of the slave trade. The first significant wave of Asian immigrants didn't arrive until the Gold Rush in the 1850s.

for e.g While Tolkien abhorred allegory, he was still influenced by the real world and its history, and the purported aim of his Legendarium was to create a new mythology for England with a new Prehistory, in much the way that Robert Howard intended the Hyborian Age as a "lost" period in Earth's history. In particular, the setting was strongly inspired by the Early Middle Ages following the collapse of Rome (c.5th Century) due to his love of Old English and the Anglo-Saxon poems and songs.

Geographically and culturally, Eriador is often associated with England, France, and much of the rest of North and Western Europe. Gondor is much closer to Italy and the rest of the Mediterranean coast of Europe. Near Harad seems to equate most with North Africa, (which also fits the relationship with Gondor, if one views Gondor and Harad as analogues to Rome and Carthage) with Far Harad (from which the most identifiably Black people in the setting originate) as Sub-Saharan Africa. The Easterlings are from areas roughly corresponding to parts of Eastern Europe, the Middle-East, the Russian Steppes, and Far East Asia.

Now, let's look at demographics of Post-Roman Europe. While you might see a more cosmopolitan population in major trade centers, for the most part the population was very homogeneous. There were VERY few people of other races in England during the Middle Ages, and almost all of them are known because they were so unusual. Most of these people were descendants of auxiliaries or slaves who came with the Legions, or the odd Missionary. But by and large, you simply didn't see Blacks, or Arabs, or Huns in England because they simply didn't travel there.

Likewise, the peoples most associated with Asians in Tolkien's Legendarium are the Easterlings; people as far removed from Eriador and north and western Middle-earth as the Huns were from Britain.

I think this is a consideration that, on a knee-jerk reaction, people don't seem to comprehend. There's nothing wrong with wanting to see yourself represented in fiction, but there's also reasons that people of certain races may not appear in a particular context. It would be VERY unusual to see a person of Asian descent in Eriador for the same reason you wouldn't see him in Anglo-Saxon England.

It's not inherently racist, and it's not necessarily wrong; It's simply what is.

There were of course exceptions, exotic slaves, merchants or traders but they were exceptions

No. 812118

> Legit sometimes feel like this is all some weird 4D chess psyop to make people more racist.

Welcome to the world of celebrities where if you meme something really hard it makes or breaks someone’s career. All of these things regardless of what you think are perfectly crafted for the public, they pick and choose what is more important and what is supposedly an issue. I’ve always thought that too anon, it’s not like people weren’t already racist but there is something accelerationist about the media.

No. 812120


No. 812130

You care too much. Get some fresh air.

No. 812133

nobody is reading all this shit chief

No. 812134

I hate NFR. Born to Die and Ultraviolence were peak lana and everybody knows this.

No. 812136

Okay but what exactly would the difference be if they made, say, a heavily Disney-fied adaptation of, say, Tale of the Bamboo Cutter, starring a very white cast and a blonde Kaguya-hime, with a talking moon bunny sidekick and bullshit like that. I don't think that would be well received at all, despite the story being very well known and adapted and spoofed many many times.

So why is that important? I'd also prefer a Tolkien adaptation where the people look like I'd imagined them which is similar to what you describe, but what do I care if an adaptation is made with characters of different races? I might not prefer it personally but if there's a market for it it'll sell, and that doesn't affect me.

No. 812137

Race mixing has been happening for tens of centuries it's not new, its why there's a distinct variation of Asian white and black because we mixed so much. American Indians were Asian because they migrated over from Russia into the American landmass. Yes there are distinct cultural and ethnic centres of origin but I just don't understand xenophobia or the territorialness over countries and migration and treating other people like strange unknown things.

No. 812140

I've been thinking about my comment since I posted it and realised that I can actually count all her good songs on my hands. She has 8 good songs, and 6 of them are unofficial. The two good ones were on Born to Die

Her entire fanbase likes her songs but none of her albums

No. 812141

If they took the story's events/characters and adapted the setting and names to fit the racial/cultural change instead of like…weird yellowface like they did back in black/white films because they were too racist to cast Asian characters, I don't think anyone would really mind. It might even be interesting.
If, in an alternate world, Japan had colonized a large chunk of the world and spread its own media/culture to the point where nearly literally everyone's familiar with it instead of European people, the story would probably be in the same position as most of the Disney tales, in which case, literally no one reasonable would care about a race change because that wouldn't be minimizing or harming the dominant Japanese culture in any way.(enough racesperging)

No. 812145

Most of her songs are boring, I'm kind of impressed by people who are into all of them.

No. 812148


movie opens

"The year is 1933, Eintstein flees to to Princeton to escape Hitler"

cinematic shot of a trans Asian woman and her black they/them pansexual wife leaving Germany(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 812151

In what world is Danish culture considered the dominant culture?

No. 812159

Make little mermaid black idc she ain't real.
But is there a lack prominent WOCs in history to make movies about? How can it be "empowering" or "representation" if it's still a story about a white woman lmao what do blacks actually get from this? Let's only hyperfocus on colonisers' history only btw because black history will not sell. The pandering is so transparent and insulting to anyone who isn't a retarded zoomer.(racesperging)

No. 812160

NTA but
>European people

No. 812162

>Europe is a singular country with one culture
>therefore if a country is European its culture is automatically dominant
why are burgers like this

No. 812166

Ariel is an already edtablished fictional character that people know as a pale redhead and that's what they want to see. Aren't the live action movies supposed to mimic the animated ones? That's the gist of the issue IMHO. No need to look deeper than that. Racebending isn't popular with people that don't terminally sit on tumblr/twitter.
>Her entire fanbase likes her songs but none of her albums
You clearly haven't visited Lanaboards. All of her albums are universally beloved, same as unreleased tracks. Even stuff like Honeymoon or the 3 tracks from Blue Banisters.

No. 812167

>redtexting posts that aren't racebaiting
>missing actual racebaits
Hellooo, newfag(ban evasion)

No. 812171

Why are you greentexting things no one said? And do you think you’re the only non-American on Lolcow or something? Cringy.

No. 812174

Honestly I doubt they'd find a better actress for Ariel. She looks like a fairy, very sweet and her voice is simply amazing. I personally see no issue with this one

No. 812176

File: 1621598593417.png (338.04 KB, 1000x1000, comic.png)

It's not about telling the story of the Tudors or Anne and it's not about supporting black people and giving black actresses more spotlight.

This is white men pandering to make money while also pushing their agenda.

No. 812181

So anyways, can we get back to talking about celebrity cows?

Can somebody explain to me why britney spears was put on that conservatorship? Did that start after her breakdown?

No. 812185

File: 1621599560611.jpg (48.79 KB, 600x800, 1548641858827.jpg)

I agree

Every lana song is shit and is made for mediocre middle class american girls who wish they had actual issues. The only good thing to come out of her career was the pathetic arguement she had against azealia banks

No. 812199

File: 1621601326376.jpeg (85.96 KB, 1080x1080, E14RQLPWQAEDDMe.jpeg)

New zac efron pics. I wonder what happened before with his look, could have it been a health issue? Poor guy was trending everywhere

No. 812201

File: 1621601388700.jpeg (117.15 KB, 1170x1425, E13_Np1XIAMfLFf.jpeg)

No. 812204

>could have it been a health issue?
Plastic surgery needs time to settle nonita that's all

No. 812205

Waiting for him to relapse and die already

No. 812209

File: 1621602205185.jpg (571.91 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20210521-090313_Chr…)

No. 812210

tbh I don't trust tiktok doctors

No. 812214

Well I'm not sure what to tell you. They're all real doctors so…

No. 812215

Yea and other people in the field have called bs on that, he got botched.

No. 812232


People like LDR's brand/aesthetic/image.

The music doesn't have to be good.

No. 812234


He looks UGLY. Toooootally aged exactly like wine.

No. 812250

Yeah I never even argue with the semantics of castings if they at least APPEAR the same race as actual existent historical characters. Having someone non white who was white passing would have been fine. But as others have said, her being a dark skin black woman changes the entire story completely. It wouldnt have been a thing and this feels almost racist in itself. Like trying to erase both white and black peoples histories in favor of weird self insert fanfiction fantasies.

No. 812252

Wine ages well, you say "aged like milk" when someone aged badly.

No. 812257

Id agree if the Disney version of Little mermaid was the first adaptation but thats not even the case. There are tons of Disney adaptations that were actually preceeded by other live action adaptations of the same stories both in America and abroad. The Little Mermaid was one of them. Disney is not the end all be all and I actually think its sad that they hold so much power now.

No. 812258

That's fair I guess. LDR sad vintage look is undeniably magnetic to some people. Though, I wonder how long it will remain popular for. Actually now that I think about it, the whole aesthetic peaked years ago and has kinda been surpassed by similar faggotry

I mean yeah of course she has some diehard fans who love all her shit but c'mon everyone knows the albums are nothing compared to her unofficial stuff

I better shut up before I catch a ban for derailing. Sorry mods, I'll knock it off

No. 812260

I know it's hard to believe to you guys but Lana's fans usually enjoy her music. Just cause it's shit to you, doesn't mean that everyone else thinks like this. I say that even though I have found NFR! and COCC to be forgettable listens, same with BB. Honestly, I think her music (as well as creative 'legacy') is the main draw nowadays, since her aesthetic has been shit for quite some time. She peaked with BTD, but to be honest I'm not surprised if she doesn't want to put that much emphasis on looks since everyone trashed her over being vapid. She looks like shit and suddenly the press loves NFR, even though it's not even as good as Ultraviolence (TBH she dropped her polished look back then).
Correct me if I am wrong, but isn't Disney doing a LA remake of their 90's Little Mermaid animated movie? Why should they base their Ariel on anything else than her animated version, or experiment with it? If this was an original adaptation of Little Mermaid (or a new take on the concept), I would agree with you. Otherwise it's like complaining about Emma Watson's Belle not being an groundbreaking portrayal of Beauty. AFAIR those shit movies only are being made so Disney can hold on to copyrights.

No. 812262

File: 1621608294675.jpg (70.64 KB, 728x534, 6a2d14e5e3314ca8bf5e3e23b58314…)

kylie and travis scott are in an open relationship now. she seems like such a pickme, letting her man fuck other women and come crawling back into bed with her. isn't she worried about STDs? she doesn't have to settle for this mouthbreather just because he's the father of her child.

No. 812269

File: 1621609112886.jpg (113.22 KB, 720x870, E1s6_WdXIAIenaX.jpeg.jpg)

Wow, who would've thought those two wouldn't end up in a stable relationship, free of histrionic bullshit. Shocking.
Very bold of him to cosplay elephant man at Disney btw.

No. 812273

That was probably sarcasm, autist

No. 812282

Kylie has fucked up issues and I 100% blame Kris Jenner for allowing that relationship with Tyga. When her Dad trooned out her and Kendall were doomed to have issues with validation and self worth, they've all went under the knife now for all to see and who can blame them, look at their parents.

No. 812285

I mean Sebastian had a Jamaican accent, that actress looks cute and totally like a disney princess, look at her dainty face.

No. 812292

Not even trying to be mean but she actually genuinely has features I feel are more in line with what a fish/human hybrid would have. And its not related to race at all. So the casting is great imo.

No. 812296

Some of Lana's fans think Chemtrails is her best album. They eat up everything she puts out and especially now, since her music is getting even more personal with time.
Love Lana or hate her, she's never followed music trends and never made music for commercial success. It's true that her best music is unreleased. I find it hilarious she used the same ugly color filtered pic for each song cover.

No. 812300

this is really long but hopefully someone here will enjoy: why sugar when you can be an elderly rockstar’s personal assistant and literally take all his money?

not a current celeb, but this ongoing saga is fucking nuts, and it’s all taking place out in the open on facebook. no one i know cares so i’m just going to drop it here. maybe someone else will at least find it interesting. here goes lol. mike nesmith of the monkees is getting fleeced and fucked over by a bunch of crazy snapewives who all think they own him.

there are accusations of elder abuse involved as well as the sight of said snapewives battling it out on both facebook and their twitters over said old man. the guy was rather well known back in the day so to have watched this evolve is kind of bizarre, to say the least. the monkees may have been a beatles rip-off, but they were still able to pack arenas and make bank. he did some records on his own after they broke up and is actually pretty well regarded (and rich) for his songwriting and filmmaking and all kinds of shit like creating mtv. honest.

although the monkees are older than dirt, they still have a pretty active fandom, especially among a certain demographic i.e. fucking old people. however, there are a definite group of twenties and thirtysomethings mixed in there too, and right now, they’re the biggest source of the crazy.

little history, there was a BNF on tumblr and prior to that, on LJ, named naked persimmon. this person was mostly involved in writing smutty RPF about mike and the other members of the band, and she also hung out at a place online, called videoranch. VR was a space mike created online so that he could interact with fans—it was all web 1.0 shit, a glorified message board, but the people who went there regularly were all fans who wanted to hang out with mike. he would chat with fans, had a book club, held impromptu concerts and the like. him and his wife even had his own world of warcraft guild, where they played with fans. parasocial relationships for everyone!

nakedpersimmon.tumblr.com came on the scene in the early teens, i guess? in her own words she and mike were ‘friends’. there are even some very sweet videos floating around of mike singing to her and another BNF who had landed a gig working as a ‘virtual dj’ at VR (i.e. selling merch and playing music) whatever.

from all accounts, mike really liked hanging with the fans. he seems to be a lonely and perhaps autistic? to some degree? fellow. for years, this guy was going blind, had all these issues up to and including heart failure. friends and family finally convinced him that living is better than being deader than fuck and he decided to have the very many operations he was in need of. then they put their foot down again and said hey, pop, look. you have to get off the internet. go play some shows with the guys in the band who aren’t dead, come play some shows with us, you’ll be surprised, people still love you, etc. which he did and was sometimes brought to tears seeing that fans still gave a shit about him. all wholesome and sweet right?

well. some of these BNF’s, including nakedpersimmon, thought it was cool to tell mike exactly how their creative wings took flight, so to speak. i’m not exactly sure how this went down but he was basically linked to his ao3 page. as a man in his seventies, from a heavily repressive religious background, he was, from all reports, very distressed and disgusted to find out that these girls were in fact not being terribly creative as he had thought but were instead writing shitty fanfic about davy jones sucking him off which they typed one-handed while schlicking the bean. no matter that some of these guys had just fucking died, these girls needed to fap. his eldest son put his foot down again and said dad, you’ve got to get these people out of your life. so there was a massive turnover of mods and jannies at the VR, which these girls had referred to as ‘their job’. i have no doubt they were getting some sweet checks, because as it turns out, mike is a billionaire, both from his own songwriting credits, but also because his mum had invented something called liquid paper back in the day which no longer exists, but who cares? money is money and he has scads of it.

it was around the time that the RPF were being removed that another girl showed up at tumblr. melodie akers is not a big fan of the monkees, but she is a giant fan of mike’s solo stuff and also, of his money. her tumblr no longer exists but it doesn’t really matter because these days, you can see melodie at videoranch and at the videoranch facebook page. she managed to get herself into position quickly and, having taken over from the previous chicks, now lives with him at his giant ass property in northern california, drives his cars, and runs his life. this drives nakedpersimmon and her gang out of their minds, mostly because they didn’t think of it first. melodie is a fuckup who smokes too much weed and has a very solid background in eating disorders, which does not make her the best caretaker for an elderly man still in recovery from quadruple bypass surgery. she’s not malicious, just retarded. she sells mike’s time via skype and zoom calls and is making bank off of him while not noticing certain cues, like when he’s falling asleep in the middle of a meet and greet, or when he’s crying about his dead friends or when he’s just baked out of his skull and not making any sense. slowly but surely she is cutting him off. friends from way back will reach out to him only to be ignored or told to piss off. you can watch all this taking place if you choose, it’s just sad and weird, but whatever.

i wonder how many of these bizarro and frankly dollar chasing ‘personal assistants’ we’re going to see as time goes on and the more wealthy and famous geriatric boomers with families that hate their guts begin to need help around the house. take note, girls! there are tons of these guys laying around!

No. 812303

go get help anon.

No. 812306

I like that Lana's music is more personal, but the sound… hmm, I'm not certain. I'm here for the ride, though. I love both her released and unreleased material. Both have some gems. People that only listen to her albums miss out on some wonderful stuff (obviously I mean those that are interested in Lana's music in any capacity, not those indifferent or 'haters').
>I find it hilarious she used the same ugly color filtered pic for each song cover.
I know! And I used to think that the Doin' Time single cover was the fugliest thing ever. Blue Banister promos sure match that ugly selfie.

No. 812308

is this a copypasta or did you…literally write all this out

No. 812311

Fuck the other anons, I thought this was a good, sad post. I hate learning about stories like this, like poor ol' Richard Simmons.

No. 812312

“A human in history” btw. Shoot me now.

No. 812313

thanks haha, i know it was super long but i’m bored and on break right now, so thought i’d finally write about it and hopefully some would enjoy, w/e.

it honestly is crazy. you can watch all of it happening too, mostly on fb. it can’t support its own thread but it is a freaky celeb story!

No. 812354

trannies are by far the most toxic, rapey, degenerate, pedophilic, perverse group of people today.

No. 812378

Both garbage, sorry about your tumblr-induced deafness

No. 812385

Yeah I'm sure the fans a decade younger that love trainwreck lana know best.

No. 812391

>implying she wasn't an even bigger train wreck in her gross 1997 lolita obsessed, ~tragic~ jailbait larp phase
You're nothing but a hag. You and her both.

No. 812394

I can’t wait to see what the songs are gonna be like because Halle can sing her ass off in that sing-songy style

No. 812397

File: 1621621346251.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 450.45 KB, 828x928, 08E6CB6F-F803-45B2-9FA0-04F396…)

one of Danny Matherson's victims testimonies

I know because Scientology is involved that he probably won't get much jail time if any but I hope something comes for this sick fuck, this is vile

No. 812403

Ladies, ladies.

She was always a train wreck. She spent the start of her career misinterpreting Lolita as a romance, the middle part romanticising the lifestyle of an abused meth prostitute as a beautiful tragedy, and is now cleaning herself up to be not as good as the past two phases.

Never pretend she wasn't a train wreck. Just admit we all have our favourite era if the train wreck

No. 812404

>>812300 God, poor Mike. I was a massive Monkees fan as a teen because my religious, conservative parents thought that a boy band they were familiar with was somehow…fine? Anyway, I hate seeing the elderly getting taken advantage of, it really makes my blood boil.

No. 812409

File: 1621622978502.png (708.44 KB, 720x1048, Screenshot_20210521-234255.png)

So the wlw community is apparently upset cause Anya Taylor-Joy(from Queen's gambit) has a boyfriend and people are shocked cause apparently she radiated so much "sapphic energy" that they literally are refusing to believe she's actually straight and that this is just the studio forcing her to present as straight

Its really fucking cringy and people are weirdly insulting her boyfriend for no reason

No. 812410

File: 1621623016394.png (926.44 KB, 720x1099, Screenshot_20210521-194603.png)

No. 812411

That's so sad… also it's so weird when people show their fanfic to the subjects. What are they trying to accomplish, make them uncomfortable?

No. 812412

Another day of twitter gays giving us a bad name, great.

No. 812416

They sound like people who post in the closeted celebrities thread lol

No. 812422

pretty sure she was engaged to a much older man a few years ago so…

No. 812434

File: 1621625233852.png (192.1 KB, 720x1278, Screenshot_20210522-002722.png)

I really do feel like 90% of "wlw" of "sapphic women" on twitter and tumblr aren't actually even gay, just straight girls who like aesthetic and also desperatly not wanting to be a dreaded "straight white women"

No. 812461

This poor women. I hate men so much. that was tough to read

No. 812483

He has to beg her for food. Melodie is still anachan, so food and feeding an elderly man are low on her list of priorities.

He was drug free prior to her, but he’s been so stoned in some of the video meet and greets that the people buying are calling wellness checks. She pretends to be him on his facebook page and tells everyone to go away and leave them alone. It’s messed up.

No. 812498

File: 1621632146882.jpeg (129.57 KB, 828x858, 0B58E251-804E-4937-AC5B-AD30B7…)

No. 812499

Where’s the milk?

No. 812503

The guy looks like he's posing (who kisses with their arms in this position) but she looks like she's into it.

No. 812505

BTD and BTD Paradise are her best. She's best when she's trying to make pop songs imo. For instance I think she did a good job with Cheryl's "Ghetto Baby" excluding the cringey name and the cringe lyrics (which are a given anyways). I wish she hadn't gone that boring Mazzy Star rip off route. If it was her actual ability to live up to the pop role then she just would have needed to stay in shape. Her lack of ability to perform live isn't a problem considering Dua Lipa also has no stage presence but all of her songs are pop.
However…her management should have gotten her a lyricist and a psychologist. At least put her through DBT therapy or something. A lot of her lyrics are not just pickme shit (mainstream pop music is full of pickme lyrics tbh) but tradthot craziness. Behind Closed Doors is a banger but the lyrics…wtf. Whenever I listen to it I just try to imagine it as some commentary on domestic violence even though it's just Lana romanticizing crazy moids as usual.

No. 812510

we covered this, that's a plastic surgeon trying to cover his own ass so people keep paying for his&his fellow surgeons' services

No. 812514

he had a trinidadian accent

No. 812518

that actress has an IQ of 80 at most, we should be glad she's not one of us

No. 812521

why is she wearing the hottest look of 2011

No. 812523

I feel like she semi came out about this already. A few months back she did an interview about her fibromyalgia and PTSD (usually linked) and when I saw a bunch of other fibro sufferers accusing her of faking it..I was like isn't she open about having been raped? Isnt that enough to warrant having psychosomatic pain?

Fibro community was real bitchy about it for some reason. They never shut up about wanting to be believed but as soon as some celeb has it they dont believe them

No. 812525

lmao anon

saw outfits of her before she went full ana-chan and she doesn't have the best style.

also, why nobody talkin' about how skinny she became? like ultra, in the tiffanys comercial or the emmys …

No. 812530

> middle class american girls who wish they had actual issues
Such women are probably in abusive relationships atm.
I have to wonder if some of these cultural influences that endorse unhealthy relationships have influenced the kids who reblogged their offshoots on tumblr. Like the girl whose blog was pastel with pictures of a "daddy" tanktop and lana lyrics, is she ok now?

No. 812532

LGBT Twitter is the fucking worst. Someone tell these fuckers that being gay isn’t an actual personality trait.

No. 812535

She also made a MV and a song about people victim blaming rape victims few years ago

No. 812538

Remember that time she did a song with R. Kelly, who raped a bunch of young girls and kept them in a sex cult? Lmao

No. 812545

This Collab happened in 2013, and people started speaking out only in 2018?

Not following music trends and news all the time, so could be earlier.

No. 812546

She apologized for that and deleted it from streaming services/store etc. The Christina Aguilera version is the best tho.

No. 812574

It’s beyond trashy. Kink shaming needs to make a major comeback.

No. 812575

the allegations of child sex abuse came out in 2002, when a video of him pissing on an underage girl surfaced. it was quite widely reported and referenced in pop culture back then.

No. 812582

True but no one actually took it seriously until 2018. Up to that point, most were like “Oh R. Kelly, you cad!”

She’s definitely a hypocrite there but she’s hardly the only one. It’s weird how society did a 180 on him. Granted, it had a lot to do with MeToo but still.

No. 812584

Dredging up some stuff from the last thread since I haven't checked for a while, I was crying with laughter at the "sexy" collages (I advise anyone who missed them to scroll the last thread as they are well worth it) and can?? anyone explain to me why Billie has such defined crow's feet and smile lines at 19?? Is it just the drugs making her skin dry and crunchy or is she in her early 30s irl?
Though most people would look bad in that lighting and extreme closeups, I've never seen multiple deep wrinkles like that on a teenager.

No. 812593

Fucking kek

No. 812597

Nasolabial folds moment

No. 812600

That’s so fucking sad and they can rot for traumatizing him with their nasty fan fiction. What did they think they would get from that??? Fuck all these people.

No. 812603

there isn't tropical fish in denmark though the disney movie is set somewhere where there is

No. 812609

Halle is a super talented vocalist and for god sakes she's playing a damn mythical creature.

No. 812621

I think she already got therapy, since she's no longer singing pick me shit and focuses on female friends, family, inner world etc. in her lyrics and poetry. She kind of calls out her scrotes, which would be unthinkable in the BTD era. Behind Closed Doors isn't as bad to me as Meet Me In The Pale Moonlight. At least in BCD she's having fun sexually. In Pale Moonlight, she's begging some rude scrote to have an ONS with her (and possibly cheat on his gf). Lana pls, he ain't shit. It makes me feel embarrassed for her and think about the stupid saying about mousetrap never chasing mice.

No. 812628

Mermaids don’t exist either

No. 812632


No. 812633

and yet her skin color is supposed to be based on reality as in that in real life the original story's writer is danish, when the disney movie obviously isn't set to denmark

No. 812636

The Disney movie doesn't even end with her feeling like she's walking on knives or with her turning into seafoam, it is clearly it's own take on the story.

No. 812637

NTA but i dont understand why skin color is in any way relevant to the casting. Considering the original story was more famous in Asia that it was anywhere else, even in Europe where it was written, before Disney made an adaptation. There were many comics, movies and tv shows made in Japan specifically centered around the story before anybody even thought of Ariel as the redheaded white awkward normie that Disney made her out to be. The issue here is obviously Disney having so much power over the way certain stories are perceived over time.

No. 812646

2.5 years later and we’re still arguing about Halle Bailey being Ariel? What is there even to be mad about. She has the perfect Disney princess voice along with the big wide-set doe eyes and dainty features. It’s one of the few good choices Disney has made when it comes to their terrible live action adaptations. I for one am excited to see how she’ll perform.

This all reminds me of when reddit moids were seething over Netflix casting a half Indian actress as Yennefer in the Witcher, then suddenly going quiet when the show aired and she turned out to be the best actor in it by a country mile.

No. 812658

She should’ve been Tiana then(Halle can be any goddamn thing she wants)

No. 812665

lol the redtext, I don't know why muh mermaid hasn't got white skin is a topic of discussion at all, you can watch Aquaman if you want to see a redhead white lady swimming in the sea, or Splash for a blonde. It's not like we are suffering a dearth of white lady mermaids which must be rectified specifically by this movie.

No. 812667

sometimes the trannyjannys really are based

No. 812670

File: 1621651747725.jpeg (737.85 KB, 2048x2048, 9DE9ACFB-308E-44C7-A233-3F4A8B…)

Maybe I’m just an old prude but this transformation is really disappointing. Her verse on the new Ashnikko song is fucking boring too.

No. 812671

It seems like the point that person is trying to make is to compare it to the discussion upthread about an actual historical character having her race changed, which is definitely a noteworthy discussion to have. But the comparison itself is retarded.

No. 812673

Yeah, it's really boring compared to what she was doing before. Sad, but I guess it sells.

No. 812678

I swear I'm not a /pol/tard but I notice its mostly white female characters being recast as black women, but the male love interest is still white
There's been a lot of BWWM content in media since about 2017, its kinda weird(global rule #7)

No. 812681

makes me think of when australia tried to eliminate the aboriginals by "breeding out" their bloodline
insidious, concerning

No. 812685

>Disney movies? This is white genocide
What is happening to this thread, lmao?

No. 812687

I love your autism anon.

No. 812688

File: 1621653949338.jpeg (1.07 MB, 2160x2700, nme-cover-2021-princess-nokia-…)


she always came off insufferable and phony to me, that goth kid song was so fucking bad

>I’m Wednesday Addams to you basic ass hoes

>Marilyn Manson to you corny ass bros
>I was sleepin' in the cemetery
>Kinda cute, a little scary, goth as fuck, a little Carrie

of course she looks like this now jfc. she's been like four different girls at least during her career, just following whatever might work for her. thankfully nothing has ever actually worked.

No. 812689


theater does colorblind casting all the time, i imagine that movies are going to approach that as time goes on and people become more aware of diversity. i don't think an agenda is being pushed because in one singular film the historical white woman is being portrayed by a black actress. there will probably be several other aspects of her life that are exaggerated or outright invented for the sake of creating a cinematic narrative.

you can watch natalie dormer play her in the tutors, or natalie portman play her in the other bolelyn girl if you need her actress to be a certain skintone.

No. 812692

I'm saying it's literally the opposite of white genocide. I'm saying it reminds me of every other time a society has tried to kill off brown people by trafficking brown women.

No. 812693

im ready for the >i was just pretending to be goth
shit to end already

No. 812695

It's still really fucked to compare a Disney movie to trafficking women, wtf anon.

No. 812697

one is a movie and the other literally kills people. organize your priorities.

No. 812698

You're the one who had to preface your comment by saying "I'm not a /pol/tard"

No. 812699

You tell me why they aren't recasting the princes as black, it's suspicious.

No. 812700

nta but am I misinterpreting one of you? Because greentext sounds like the opposite of what she’s saying. Most of the visually BWWM I’ve seen in media couplings like >>812678 mentioned are with mixed women. Not racebaiting, I don’t think it’s “eliminating” anyone, just that racially ambiguous is hot now, as seen with the dysmorphic celebrities itt. So I noticed the influx too. I don’t get how it would apply to Halle’s casting though.
Nokia is a genuine grifter. She’ll be one thing for one month and then brand it as if it was part of her entire lifestyle to avoid getting called out.

No. 812701

I wasn't that anon, there are multiple people here. Your comparison to murder/trafficking is bizarre and just doesn't work, stop.

No. 812702

oy vey you losers are still going on about this?

No. 812705

Anon's point just reminded me of when spergs from /pol/ claim it's "white genocide" to have interracial pairings in ads. It's rare to see someone argue the other way around, but it's still senseless IMO.

No. 812707

File: 1621654867819.png (419.74 KB, 720x514, Screenshot_20210522-083649.png)

I have my own theory regarding this, see black women are almost never allowed to be "just women" in Media, either their fetishized, politicized or mocked

The Fetishization is fairly simple to understand, the politicazation however comes often from white women, who often glorify the "Strong Independent black women" trope and really make things wierd, and the mocking stereotypes usually comes from black males

So black women are never allowed to be just women, So the very idea of a black female being a love Interest is really revolutionary, that's why black girls and women like this type of content

No. 812708

Well maybe she can balance out the poltards, good for you nu black panther nona

No. 812713

correct, although I'm not saying it's literally killing anyone, I'm saying it makes me suspicious and makes me think of other historical examples of black and brown women being treated in such a way
thank you

No. 812716

There has been cases of white historical figures or figures of myth casted as black men, like Heimdall in the Thor films.

No. 812719

this is all based on very american media, made by and for american audiences. the casting that started this discussion is Jodie Turner Smith, who is a british born actress. the production that casted her is for the british channel 5, produced by a british historian.

No. 812733

Damn, i remember her bragging about her tiny tits and men loving her "little girl voice"

No. 812734

Yeah but deities are fictional, not to mention capeshit movies are basically a free-for-all. Same goes for Ariel– mermaids aren't real, so who cares. However Anne Boleyn was a real person and we have a general idea of what she actually looked like. It would be equally nonsensical to cast Vinn Diesel as Abraham Lincoln.

Intentionally inaccurate casting really only works in comedies or alternate history fantasy.

No. 812737

You summed it up perfectly.
Makes sense. It’s hyperbole, that’s fair.
Yes I see, that makes sense why you’d read her comment and think that. It is pretty rare to see that be said not only on the vast majority of the internet, but in general. Unfortunately it has been attempted in recent history, so as senseless as would be to pin a Disney movie for enforcing it I can see why anon would have that come to mind.
nta but I think the question was moreso about why ariel’s direct opposite love interest wasn’t also cast as a different race than the animated classic. It’s a fair question but I think the answer is that either
A) the man they did cast was the best for the job
B) he had connections and landed the role
C) it’s to avoid being viewed by audiences as a “Black” movie regardless of marketing, or to possibly “alienate” audiences by forgoing either of the leads being the same skin color as the first movie. It could be a combination of all 3 or something else entirely. I don’t think we’ll have a good idea until we get to the movie coming out.

But this whole topic is beginning to read as easily racebait. Regardless of intent it’s probably best not to go further to avoid breaking global rules.

No. 812747

intentionally inaccurate casting happens all the time in theater, which british audiences are very familiar with. if we're going as accurate as possible, anne boleyn as probably very ugly by modern standards with bad teeth but no one watches movies for complete historical accuracy, they watch movies first and foremost for entertainment.

>it’s to avoid being viewed by audiences as a “Black” movie regardless of marketing

this is probably the case and why naveen in princess from the frog was a made up ethnicity from an imaginary country. i don't think it's for an agenda pushing, black women get into interracial relationships far less than black men, but despite this you rarely see black men and white women pairings on tv these days. they couldn't even pair together rey with finn in the new star wars trilogy in the end. this is the problem with trying to juggle pleasing both a liberal audience and a conservative auidnece, which big media companies like disney do. they want to make as much money as possible and that includes pleasing everyone. the pros of casting a non-white actress as a princess outweigh any cons of a racist backlash, but too much diversity and youll alienate even the white liberals who whether unconsciously or not, wouldn't relate to a film with too many nonwhite actors as a lead.

that being said, i have no problem with any kind of colorblind casting or diverse casting, but that doesn't mean it doesn't have it's criticisms.

No. 812754

Yeeeeaaah she lost all credibility to me now

No. 812760

When she posted vid related, that was when I knew her "career" was over, personally speaking. Like, it might be just the beginning, in the mainstream sense. Tiddies, cheap and sad hoe shit… all for bucks I guess. But her earlier songs (brujas, tomboy, flava, just the ones that come to mind) were about accepting one's body the way it is and it was fucking rad, she had a very interesting musical idea going on. But she comes off as unstable, personality-changing, might have some kind of BPD/NPD or something because she was abused as a kid and she continues changing accents, looks, hell even her FACE. Honestly I am so disappointed, it's not even the boobs (although yeah it's sad she fell under the pressure of plastic surgery) but like, the fact that all that she had going for herself is now buried and she seems like she won't return to it because these things sell. Her music is not as good anymore, her verses suck. Idk.

No. 812769

Thanks for saying this anon. You are 100% correct.

No. 812777

>It would be equally nonsensical to cast Vinn Diesel as Abraham Lincoln.
Who tf wouldn’t watch that

No. 812782

I want to watch that, and add The Rock to the mix please

No. 812792

File: 1621662151282.png (470.14 KB, 699x819, Screenshot_20210522-104103.png)

Well I mean look at Doja cat, based on her actual day to day aesthetic, her boyfriends and her history, she doesn't even like the type to listen to the music she creates

But she plays up rap girl association cause that's what sells. A Very light skinned black/brown girl with a big ass rapping about sex and sad hoe shit

No. 812805

Based red text
I don’t get why people sperg about Ariel not being white when mermaids don’t even fucking exist. Plus she’s pretty and has a beautiful voice. She makes a perfect princess.
All the anons hating on Lana for lyrics that arent always about her actual life are the real pickme’s. Like damn we get it you’re too cool for Lana and don’t like tumblr crap uwu let people enjoy things
May Jailer and Lizzy Grant unreleased music was her best and NFR deserved a Grammy.

No. 812814

plastic surgery analysis on olivia munn. i think we all knew she had a lot of work done but this explains it really well. The video is very slowly paced, Lorry likes to drag out the videos past 10 mins for as much ad revenue as possible. So watch on 2x speed if you're interested.

"Olivia Munn has also said that her changing appearance may be due to losing 12 pounds, changing her eyebrow shape, removing sunspots and eating Japanese sweet potatoes." lmao

Speculated surgeries:
Upper blepharoplasty
Cheek lift
Cheek implants
Brow lift
Botox to her masseter muscles
Upper and lower lip filler

No. 812817

Am I crazy or did she 100% look better before. Now she just kind of looks like a nondescript potato

No. 812818

Why is this even a bad thing kek. It’s not like white men are some prize, white women don’t give a shit.
Perhaps what’s weird is that leading white female characters will change races in adaptations but white male love interests still remain white. Almost as if white men must be the love interest of every movie except for movies that make race/culture a focal point so casting is all POC (Tyler Perry, Crazy Rich Asians). I think it goes beyond what >>812737 is saying because once you realize that male LIs are always white it becomes apparent that this is actually deliberate by the white men who control the industry.

No. 812822

She is such a cow, I used to like this song before I watched this interview and now I can't listen to it without thinking about how cringey she is. Skip to 2:37.
>my sweet little girl voice
She literally sounds like a 40 year old smoker and is trying to pander to men's pedophilic fetishes.

No. 812826

File: 1621666031289.png (185.47 KB, 492x328, AAF6A8B8-8D0D-4BAB-A7DF-905B86…)

It seems like she took tips from Korean and Chinese actresses. The West loves racial ambiguity and angular faces so I’m shocked that she would go in the polar opposite direction. She could have tried enhancing what she already naturally had but had to get the doe-eyed pillow face look that’s considered beautiful in Korea for some reason. Picrel for a very similar transformation.
This would make since if she was trying to get into an Asian market (Thailand’s industry favors mixed Asians for instance and the Asian heritage doesn’t even have to be Thai) but she’s still in Hollywood where these beauty standards aren’t really a thing.

No. 812827

File: 1621666099319.jpg (181.55 KB, 683x1024, external-content.duckduckgo.co…)


She absolutely did look so much better before imho! Some of the comments mentioned that she looks like she went to her surgeon with a picture of Megan Fox.

I find it a bit hypocritical that she's been so vocal about her pride of being an Asian American when she's changed all of her Asian features.

No. 812828

Since we're talking about an aquatic creature it would have to look like the "shape of water" thing or Feferi form homestuck. Dont you agree?

No. 812829

Agreed. The blepharoplasty was the biggest mistake, she had unique eyes

No. 812831

File: 1621666683976.png (844.93 KB, 945x935, l5XNXyd.png)

No. 812832

I recall her calling out Ariana for copying her. Vidrel. Maybe she was emulating how white people speak idk.
But her accent in that Genius interview jsut isn’t consistent. Why does she go from sounding like she’s from New York to sounding like she’s either/or British, retarded, or drunk in a matter of seconds. Not like she just pronounces certain words oddly but like she’s purposefully trying too hard which explains why she’d sound British for 10 seconds, then drunk for 10 seconds, then New Yorker for 15 sec, etc. Has anyone looked into her background? Would love to see more on her kek she seems like a fraud.

No. 812837

In the genius video she sounds to me like she's trying really hard to sound sophisticated and it just doesn't work for her.

No. 812865

So Munn is fine with being slapped “over and over” and choked out, but being objectified for her race is where she draws the line. Jeannie Mai has never given a single fuck about her race until she realized it could be used to virtue signal, mostly she just spends her time worshipping white men and dunking on black women. Hilarious that these two idiots were chosen to join a journalist and politician.

No. 812867

Source of Jessica Mei being racist ?

No. 812869

She said Jeannie Mai, anon.

No. 812872

A few racist moments:
>In 2014 she stated “I loved black guys. For me, dark meat on the side; white keeps me mean and lean. You know? That’s why I married a white man. That’s what I like.” (Her white husband divorced her for a white woman and she’s now married to a black man.)
>On the same show, amid black women, she attempted to say that blackface is as harmless as a fat scrote YouTuber wearing makeup and dresses because it’s “transformative”
>Just last year she leaned into the submissive Asian wife stereotype by going on a sperg about how she likes her husband to lead. Even after qualifying it a million different ways she clearly wanted to make a point of it and essentially called her mom a nag who ruined her parents’ marriage

No. 812873

She had a wholesome girl next door look before. Now she looks like a featureless piece of plastic.

No. 812874

Also she was in Kevin Samuels show(Kevin Samuels is a dating coach is a black male dating coach who blames all problem in black relationships on black women and says that black women should be more "submissive" Like Asian and White women

So yeah she is the last person to appear on a panel regarding racial fetishization

No. 812892

Jesus dude. Actors audition and are assumed to be cast on merit and acting ability. We haven't saw this movie. It's based on a fairytale ffs and if they're wanting the mermaid to be swimming around in tropical waters it won't look weird that the mermaid has skin more adapted to deal with sunlight. Maybe the Prince is a white coloniser like I think you're being very autistic. I think a movie about the little mermaid will be targeting little girls and they like princesses and there's an abundance of white disney princesses like it's really not hard to grasp why movies are diversifying their casts. Like if you want to get autistic about it there's less white people on the planet than any other race so why are our pasty white faces everywhere like fucking chill out

No. 812914

She doesn’t look stereotypically Asian because she’s only half. Duh

No. 812915

File: 1621682052401.png (541.97 KB, 482x700, F6E86325-401C-45EB-AB40-B52540…)


No. 812916

You sure proved your point anon! All of those fictional white characters no one previously gave much of a shit about are being appropriated. The Little Mermaid is a god awful disney film anyways, who cares

No. 812927

File: 1621683361103.jpg (106.13 KB, 750x750, sza.jpg)

She's a literal alien. Also, pic related looks more like her than most actresses you'd probably pick without even trying.

No. 812928

Imagine if a black cartoon character or person was played by a white actor. Black people would be screaming about it forever and yelling racism. But redhead white people are supposed to just lay down and pretend this isn’t weird? K(racebait)

No. 812930

File: 1621683972981.jpg (49.15 KB, 1071x420, SmartSelect_20210522-074626_Ch…)

Don't you get it? Weirdly, a lot of white people literally don't see gingers as white.
I'll never forget the time I told this blonde white guy that I was dating a white guy, I showed him a pic of us and he said "That's…not white." He was dead serious and I was so baffled by his argument that I didn't even bother arguing much.

No. 812931

Most are either German or Irish, that’s white you fucking idiot

No. 812932

File: 1621684200455.jpeg (37.31 KB, 430x516, 9ED749DD-235C-42F2-B7FD-5F710D…)

>a lot of people don’t see gingers as white

Then why does this mf exist then? Lmao this is why eurofags need to be encouraged to hide this thread they’re going to keep ruining it with racebait just like they did the art discussion thread.

No. 812933

Wait, are you calling me an idiot? I fully believe they're white kek, just saying an insane about of people don't believe they are

No. 812934

Be honest, you wanted an excuse to post his ugly ass

No. 812935

Anon is a retard, they were told by some random white scrote that redheads “aren’t white” so now they think all white people think redheads aren’t white. The fuck kind of logic is that. Pretty sure almost every white person I’ve known, knows that redheads are white

No. 812937

You encountered one person who said redheads aren’t white. They were wrong. Are you really this dumb?(ban evasion to infight)

No. 812938

File: 1621684360830.jpeg (12.06 KB, 121x133, 900F3EA7-2013-470A-A18E-3419D2…)

No. 812939

Ed Sheeran belongs to a whole different species tbh

No. 812940

File: 1621684424401.jpeg (85.92 KB, 634x520, D01603F4-B48C-4E4E-A368-B16E57…)

> Most are either German or Irish, that’s white you fucking idiot

No. 812941

Do you have this same spergy energy for alternate characters you can select on games? Nothing is being erased you autist. Movie industry isn't as lucrative as it was. Footfall is down. Movie houses are going to want representation in casts to draw audiences in. Get a life

No. 812942

I mean, I also provided a screenshot which shows that the guy was apparently not the only one asking that question. There are plenty of people with the idea that they aren't white. Don't be mad at me, loser. Why don't you go fight them.

No. 812946

File: 1621684908719.jpg (87.37 KB, 1080x521, Screenshot_20210522-140128_Sam…)

There are also people asking if they can get pregnant from kissing and it shows up in google results. If you think that's how you gauge what "plenty of people" think you're just as retarded as them.

No. 812950

Yeah I do, I only made you look at it because you’re probably a racist anon and you should get well soon.

No. 812951

THAT'S HOW IT WORKS YOU FUCK UP. Google doesn't just show results if 10 people are asking. It's more like HUNDREDS to THOUSANDS of people asking that question in order for it to become a thing that "People also search for". If you don't think "hundreds or thousands" is "plenty of people", you're being braindead right now and it's kind of embarrassing.

Anyways, fine. Whatever. I initially made a statement that you somehow took me as saying all white people believe that. I'll redact my statement since it means so much to you and say an INSANE amount of people don't believe they're white. And in this case insane doesn't mean HUGE AMOUNT it means a larger amount than logically makes sense. Fuck you and your retarded pedantics.

No. 812958

In other news willow Smith is doing rock/alt music now, honestly it suits her better
She has to much self integrity to be a rapgirl(shit genre anyway) and she grew up uber upper class and in a white majority area so this is the music she probably already listened too

No. 812968

This sounds so generic and outdated

No. 812969

I thought this type of music stayed in 2005.

No. 812973

>Too much self integrity
She’s poly, constantly talks about her sex lid with her mom for a podcast and will probably whore out soon.

No. 812974

Still take this over rap ""music"" any day of the weak

No. 812975

eh, prefer her 2019 album which is very chill. there are more genres than just rap or rock

No. 812994

I am unironically mad that most of the ginger characters are getting replaced, that's retarded af

No. 813000

it's ok but it's definitely not as creative as her previous albums

No. 813002

Jesus Christ she’s so obnoxious

No. 813009

File: 1621693217586.gif (400.42 KB, 250x142, oprah_honey_no-DMID1-5cv44hwnf…)

>For me, dark meat on the side; white keeps me mean and lean
Oh my.

No. 813010

Who's the girl in bottom right? She's really pretty

No. 813014

Also she insults and demeans black women, which I just like(Bait)

No. 813017

Mark my words, I'm predicting it right now, but in less then 4 years time Doja cat, Princess Nokia and Billie Elish will have switched to some sub genre of rock music, as its becoming more relevant again
These people have no identity

No. 813019

No. 813022

They’re not white or even human as demonstrated by >>812932 /s for the retards

No. 813027

File: 1621695300483.png (84.43 KB, 625x626, 0A52F1C9-5246-4C3E-B32A-6B2EAC…)

>Actors audition and are assumed to be cast on merit and acting ability.
>Maybe the Prince is a white coloniser like I think
>Ariel lives in epipelagic zone and isn’t just a full on fantasy creature
>We haven't saw this movie.

No. 813033

Pretty much this. It reminds me when everybody around 2012 was into rock and "soft grunge" just to switch into low-fi soundcloud rap the next second because this was the new shit. Rock is here now to be more "authentic" because it isn't mainstream anymore so you can get some underdog points while claiming that (insert generic well-known rock music act) has been always your biggest inspiration all along. >>813017

No. 813035

Weren’t pop punk, pop rock and soft rock genres popular in the 00s too? The music trends seem to be moving in tandem with the fashion ones. Doja’s already released a pop punk inspired single, in due time others will definitely follow suit. But it’s a bit sad for singers to be genuinely interested in trying various genres without it being pushed by their label or trends. They’re a part of the product, so regardless of their interests, it will be the single identity they’ve been previously marketed with that gets judged by what they put out. Taylor (iirc) commented on this— female artists are expected to come out with completely new eras all the time, yet stay the same to avoid alienating fans. To management, it doesn’t matter if these singers actually like the genre of the music they’re pushing out. I don’t think this applies to Princess Nokia because she spoke bullshit from
the beginning. But if not for Billie and Doja, at least for their other, smaller, contemporaries, it may be partially genuine.

No. 813036

I mean I'd rather deal with shitty rock music and young girls getting influenced to act edgy and wear black rather then sad hoe shit and sexualize their bodies
Its the lesser of evils imo

No. 813039

agreed. I want this openly referencing onlyfans in music shit to die.

No. 813040

I disagree with the Dojacat comment, judging by her history, her upbringing. her IRL style and all her past bfs(who were all white skater boys) she doesn't seem to have genuine affection for the genre she makes
She's smart enough to know that a lightskinned black girl who twerks is what's most popular in the rap genre and that's how she markets herself, So I don't think a jump to some sub genre of rock music would be a difficult translation for her

No. 813048

she lost everything that made her beautiful and unique to me. she just looks like a thousand other instathots. also her music sucks now. rip

No. 813062

File: 1621700459782.jpg (49.23 KB, 369x485, Fergie1.jpg)

this look reminds me of fergie for some reason …

No. 813064

I'm sorry but like, that has no correlation
Making rap doesn't mean you have to date rappers
Artists can make whatever kind of art they are inclined to and still have personal lives, it makes no sense, it has no correlation
People are just very accostumed to looking at celebrity magazines where female rappers date male ones

No. 813067

Doja is very versatile and it shows, she experiments with her music a lot. I guess having the "moo" fame was something that helped her/her team to also stuck to a genere, but the creativity is there

No. 813075

No,>>813040 is right., but i don't think its about her upbringing. She knows how to make the most money from her audience. Once her career starts to decline she'll just go back to fucking white dudes and settle down, have a baby, and live comfortably.

and I lowkey doubt she actually broke up her boyfriend, probably just a stunt to bring in more self hating black incels.

No. 813077

And what's wrong with that?
The only one who has no real identity is Princess Nokia, she has always been sus from the start.
>Has anyone looked into her background? Would love to see more on her kek she seems like a fraud.
Lmao yes
For what I have seen, she was born in Puerto Rico, raised in New York in a black neighborhood, had an abusive household and was put into foster care, most of them hit her or treated them badly. Until she ran away.
She never had a place to belong to, so that explains her skewed sense of identity. Sometimes she's latina, sometimes she has a deep black ancestry, sometimes she's puertorican, sometimes she's from black New York, but always one at a time and never fully coming together. Sometimes she's a cute and sweet femenine lady, sometimes she's a "fuckable petite girl", sometimes she's a zero-fucks-given bronx tomboy, sometimes she's a natural witch, sometimes she's a strong latina from a poor neighborhood, sometimes she's a true and tried emo, sometimes she's offbrand boujee, and she even claims to be Taino, a puertorican indigenous tribe that was almost driven to extintion. That made her face backlash in her early tumblr years, I'll continue in the next post cause this one is already long enough

Hell she at one point was called a feminist rapper (look how different she looks in video related)

No. 813082

Okay but having a history of making racist comments and chatting with proto-Alt right dudes combined with only ever dating white guys is why I don't think she particularly cares about the genre

No. 813087

Also doja cat already made comments about using her light skin priviledge to make money

No. 813088

Screencaps? I haven't seen or heard of that anywhere

No. 813092

Watching this video again, she says "I always felt like an outcast".

Anyways, she faced backlash on tumblr because of the song and video related. I'm going to link the posts, her username was "themermaidgirl"

In this one she claims to know taino, to been raised with taino cultural influences, to have done traditional dances and the like. Her reasoning is that every Puerto Rican is mixed with Taino (not 100% accurate). But the "dances" she's reffering to, are just americanized pow wow dances (the kind that just integrates and bastardizes every other indigenous culture), and she's caught using the Taino language without even understanding it, pretending that the gibberish she says means something grander. Taino people are alive and don't like being represented by the non Taino.
This was her response, basically being passive aggressive and "why are you so negative??"

Other posts

I even remember someone writing a posts about how hurtful her lyrics in this song were. Because it says
>There's naked children running all about
>Young girls, carry babies from their neck
>Nipples dripping nectar for the youth
>We play with plants and we don't watch cartoons
>Washing in rivers and prepare our food
>This is what young girls, young girls do
and there is a big fetish surrounding many indigenous cultures and a lot of those so called "young girls" are getting raped. So she faced backlash because of this. And also, she used some audio from a random revivalist "native american" group in this song, unrelated to Taino.

Besides that, I also have another juicy fact about her. She once cancelled a concert in Mexico at the last minute because "her puertorican people needed her", but never announced what exactly she was going to do for Puerto Rico lmao she just didn't want to perform. The people who organized the show called her irresponsable and put the blame on her. They said she's a difficult person to work with, and that she previously had threatened to cancel everything out of the blue, but then she backed up and did tell them that she would show up. Then randomly announced via an instagram post that she wouldn't. No direct communication with the managment team or anything.

No. 813093

ATA, I wasn’t saying Doja is genuine about caring for rap as an art form, nor does making rap music mean she cares about Black activism or hip hop. It’s clear she went the rapper route because she likes pop rap and it sells. Her look only makes herself more marketable. But my comment was about her, Billie, and other artists’ sincerity when venturing into different genres throughout their careers. She could just as easily like pop rock and want to release more songs like it, and regardless of how genuine any of these artists are when they musically transition people will judge them based on the image they already had. Which is why it was relevant that specifically Doja had already previously released a well performing pop punk inspired song. And like >>813067 mentioned, her team made sure she dabbled in many genres from the get-go. So you’re right that a full album transition would be easy for her.

No. 813094

She didn't chat with pro-alt right dudes, she just was active on tinychat, and tinychat has a lot of types in there. She hanged out with stupid dumbfuck 4channers sure, but being a 4channer doesn't mean they were alt-righters, that was something twitter said to cancel her harder than just "she was an edgy teen hanging out with assholes"

No. 813096

She likes pop rap and likes looking like a hot girl, so it fits her, I think she genuinely likes what she's doing and the fact that is marketeable is even better for her. She already dressed the way she does before her fame

She's just a memey 4channer girl, the whole reason for moo was because she liked those memey kind of songs. I don't think she's an alt-righter, that's blowing things out of proportion for the sake of a narrative that she's a bad person.
Remember that some days before this scandal, Cardi B got pissed at her and said some shit like "she's going to go down"? Yeah, I think Cardi's team was the one who pushed this.

No. 813097

Twitter thinks if a website isn't as woke as them then it's alt right

No. 813098

Exactly. If they saw this website they would call it alt-right and transphobic.
I've met good people from 4chan, radfems at that.

No. 813099

Sage for off topic but where the fuck do you meet radfems on 4chan?

No. 813100

File: 1621705358281.jpg (16.36 KB, 660x175, 67558.jpg)

>Yeah, I think Cardi's team was the one who pushed this.

I have proof for this.
Doja has always loved Cardi, but Cardi is an unstable dramawhore bitch who loves to fight anything and anyone on the basis of nothing.
Doja was parodying one of Cardi's songs out of admiration, she has been seen singing Cardi's songs before that because she genuinely liked her. But Cardi and her fans took it as a personal offense, even though Doja called the song "fire". But then… this happened.

No. 813101

No. 813107

nta but wasn’t the alt-right accusation because she had a bunch of white guys in the tinychat room calling her a jew/nigger? And apparently the same guys she stuck a cucumber up her ass for. The fact that she was (sexually) entertaining scrotes from 4chan only means she doesn’t care how degenerative those men were, no false-narrative needed. It’s cow behavior and being exposed during peak BLM months, the backlash was warranted. It’d had said more if people didn’t mock her over it kek.

No. 813112

Orrrr maybe she was a very impressionable person and dumb enough/needed attention. Come on, those kinds of stories are common among us as well, check the vent thread and the creepy encounters on the internet thread. A lot of farmers here also suffered from being retarded 4channers groomed by idiots in their early formation years.

No. 813118

>Orrrr maybe she was a very impressionable person and dumb enough/needed attention.
And how is that any different from not caring about the fact that the men you surround yourself are degenerates? You can be an attention starved loser and still do that.
Fucked up to compare her to the grooming stories, what the fuck kind of narrative is that? Those anons were like 13, not on the cusp of 20. You might as well believe sh0e was groomed by vaush into being an edgy pickme too.

No. 813120

weren't those rumors proven to be false and it was all made up by a incel she rejected?

No. 813125

No. The camming and nigger parts are real. The idea that this was invented by a rejected incel is her fans coping. Why would she even have felt the need to take a break from social media and apologize for anything if that were the case.

No. 813127

I agree with you, Lana is actually very good at pop songs. This is one of her best songs and it sounds absolutely nothing like her typical stuff.

It's not pick me, it's not sad, and it's very lively

No. 813129

File: 1621708017665.jpeg (40.98 KB, 527x511, princess-nokia-punches-white-g…)

The "sweet little girl voice" thing was cringy of her to say, but doesn't really come as a surprise to me. She reminds me a bit of Lana Del Rey in the "Lolita" era. Her lyrics sometimes have elements of that, it is what it is:

>Baby Spanish fly, East Side señorita

>I be cuttin' checks like it was a pizza
>You know how I do, boricua Lolita

>School yard hop scotch and skies

>Little girls showing off they belly

>Stuck in the crib, stuck in the crib, I'm a big little kid

>I'm the bottle, the bib, the baby food lid
>The nipple, the lid, and I did what I did 'cause I live how I live

>That's middle school and I'm actin' coy

>Back of the class, they sending my ass
>Roll up my skirt and they think that I'm fast

>I'm a summer night on a honest day

>Just like a child I wanna play
>Wanna play a game
>Go and hide and seek
>You can be the student, I can help you teach

No. 813132

Samefagging, here's the song with the last greentexted lyrics, video/vibe clearly inspired by LDR.

No. 813135

Uhhhm what the actual fuck??? the fuck is this picture LMAO
I lost all the lingering respect I had for her now KEK oh my fucking god this needs to be in the next thread pic

No. 813137

I like her song but imo she sounds a little…muffled?, her voice is kind of nasal and unstable and she's way too off-key

No. 813138

Honestly I don't think she herself is colorist, but she knows as a lightskinned woman she had far more advantage with in specifically in rap music then any other genre

No. 813149

I remember this, I didn't know what to make of it since I'm not Taino. Didn't know about the Mexican concert/"My people need me" thing though, wew.
Btw, do you have her old cosplay pics by any chance, anon? I remember her cosplaying from Sailor Moon and Leon The Professional, but she deleted her cosplay posts from IG.

No. 813156

NTA ##(but the other Lana anon ITT kek) and I agree. She's Not Me is amazing, can't believe I forgot it.
On a different note, I wish she released more stuff like Noir in which she's channeling this angry BPD mess of a woman. Adore the track (kinda reminds me of Opheliac), even though we only have a poorly mastered (?) demo. Personally I regret that despite having so many interesting song styles Lana's stuck making music that is kinda bland even for her brand, but maybe she needs to get that out of her system… I guess it's best for her to follow her inspirations, even though the results don't always charm me.

No. 813160

I think it's an older pic, but yeah. She never really tried to hide what she was into, but she does kind of downplay it these days, for obvious reasons

No. 813162

File: 1621709785225.jpg (376.68 KB, 1125x819, t3mb1JO.jpg)

KEK this is sick and deranged. This eclipses the shit she said in her genius video.
Singing isn’t her strong suit. Neither is she great with lyricism, apparently.
That’s fair. None of what was discussed would make her colorist. She’s not responsible for a standard that prefers women who look like her, nor is it hinting at anything for a white woman to tend to be romantically involved with white men as previously implied.
She cosplayed both Usagi and Chibiusa. Which did you mean? Usagi was for a genderspecial sailor moon event she performed at, and Chibiusa was just a post.

No. 813167

She appeals to the market of colorist black males and knows she doesn't have to do much for this demographic other then just be light skinned and twerk, also like every rapper dates white girls, if she wants to date white guys then thats her preference

No. 813170

Yeah, I meant the Chibiusa one. Thanks, that just leaves the Mathilda cosplay lmao.

No. 813174

a lot of those colorist men hate her for dating men that aren't black though.

No. 813176

Exactly, if the kardashians can date black men, doja can date white men.

No. 813179

Men will throw hate towards a woman for anything and still expect her to remain within reach for their sexual gratification. She could be spotted with a Black guy tomorrow and half of those guys would change tune and rejoice. It really doesn’t make a difference.

No. 813184

No she doesn't. jealous moids blow shit out of proportion because they're mad she doesn't wanna fuck them.

No. 813238

what? she had a "insanely hot movie star" look before. she wasn't wholesome or nextdoor or "cute." she was one of those really beautiful women who made me sad/jealous every time I saw her kek

No. 813246

File: 1621718814708.jpg (62.63 KB, 600x600, Princess Nokia_ A Girl Cried R…)

Didn't Nokia already do a pop punk EP? She was kind of ahead of the trend.

No. 813261

was btd good or were you just 15 when it came out

No. 813327

I'm a huge Lana fag and BTD is not that good. It's mostly filler. It's widely agreed upon that NFR is her best, even her haters got on board for that one. And most of her unreleased songs before that are throwaway.

No. 813350

Given Kylie's status and why she's famous, there's really no hope for her to ever have a healthy romantic relationship with anyone ever.

The best friends that she pays to be around her and live with are the substitute for intimate relationships.

No. 813357

She should stick to her indie girl shtick this sounds as generic as a rwby opening

No. 813390

Right? I really liked Wait a Minute! but not this. She doesn't have the voice for angsty punk-pop anyway.

No. 813500

File: 1621754242656.png (Spoiler Image, 130.76 KB, 296x328, nokia.png)

>Besides that, I also have another juicy fact about her. She once cancelled a concert in Mexico at the last minute because "her puertorican people needed her", but never announced what exactly she was going to do for Puerto Rico lmao she just didn't want to perform. The people who organized the show called her irresponsable and put the blame on her. They said she's a difficult person to work with, and that she previously had threatened to cancel everything out of the blue, but then she backed up and did tell them that she would show up. Then randomly announced via an instagram post that she wouldn't. No direct communication with the managment team or anything.

Wow, she really is a shitty person huh

No. 813521

Yeah, if anything her relationship with travis (as far as I looked into it) Seems like the most normal one she's had in the spotlight. Her last ex got her before she was even legal, and he groomed her. Not to mention he was a cheater/tranny chaser now pornstar. At least travis seems like a good dad, is still relevant and he's worlds better than Tyga.
It's sad but she might as well open her relationship. Or just date lowkey dudes who come from money but they don't want that. I feel a lot of men think of the Karjenners as a "Fetish" or accomplish just like they view the famous men they date.
Khloe's baby daddy was telling girls he was cheating on her with that Khloe wasn't his type and is constantly embarrassing her. If Khloe wasn't so shitty I'd almost feel bad for her.

No. 813522

why is she naked?

No. 813526

File: 1621757018924.png (20.52 KB, 442x153, 3987593657936.png)

I'm starting to think that she has some kind of DDLG fetish to cope with the fact that she has flat tits and ass. That genius interview wouldn't have bothered me so much if she was't obviously sexualizing the idea of being smol and childish, which she isn't. She didn't strike me as a self-assured person, she sounded like she was overcompensating.

>She once cancelled a concert in Mexico at the last minute because "her puertorican people needed her"
So she couldn't do a show in Mexico because "her people" needed her but has claimed to be half Aztec before? It's giving personality disorder.

No. 813535

Yes it's good. And I was in my early twenties when it came out, for the record.
>Huge Lana fag
>Dislikes most of her catalogue
Doesn't check out. God with "fans" like these you don't even need haters lmfao. Have you considered that if you find most of her music shit, maybe it's just not for you? Anyway I disagree with most Lana spergs agreeing that NFR! is the best. Seems like it's considered her best album by her haters (and critics). I've seen most fans like it, but certainly not consider it the best. Many complain that it's bland for Lana and that every other singer could record it (not sure if I agree with this one). Maybe we are runnying in different Lana circles, but that's my experience.

No. 813536

Honestly I don't think any decent man of any race or social class would be willing to go for the Kardashains, they attract and go for shitty Dusty men and honestly I don't feel bad for either parties except of course their children
Male rappers who promote colorism and fetishize non black women deserve the Kardashians

No. 813604

File: 1621767618840.jpeg (153.98 KB, 970x2048, E2EO9_LXoAErSuL.jpeg)

Does anyone know why this girl has been inescapable lately? I know she has a fanbase but I keep seeing promos for her all over youtube and twitter, and seeing her music in spotify playlists in countries where people don't really care about her. I can't tell if its just more noticeable because I don't listen to her but I feel like even the hot artists right now like lil nas x or even billie don't get this level of advertising kek.

No. 813605

samefag, person in question is olivia rodrigo.

No. 813607

her album came out two days ago so you are right in the middle of a media blitz. she's a disney girl who is finding a place between the clean image and the bad girl turn we've seen a thousand times, so i see it as the culmination of decades of marketing research.

No. 813619

File: 1621769867414.jpg (1.05 MB, 5760x3840, DF-00604.jpg)

I'm looking up a lot of former Disney stars and most have seemed to turn out normal

Like they continue acting in their Disney sitcom without much effort, playing their one note characters while also going through puberty, once their show is over they release one Album that gets mediocre reviews which signifies the end of their music career

Afterwards they mostly fade into obscurity, some get normal jobs, many become models, while others continue acting as bit-Characters in films/TV shows, like Valet in Paul Blart Mall Cop 2, Soldier #27 in some big War Movie e.t.c

No. 813687

I thought you guys would be happy they're insulting men

Yeah, rock music has neve influenced girls to become hoes and sexualise their bodies. Groupies were invrnted by rappers.

>4channers groomed by idiots
Imagine admitting to that lol

No. 813691

I'm saying pop-rock is the lesser of evils, we don't need 13 year old's twerking, I would rather girls be a bunch of edgelords over being hoes

No. 813693

I’m having the same thing happen with St Vincent even though I don’t listen to her

No. 813716

Lolcow is worse than twitter and plebbit at this point, kek. Can't hurt the precious poc feelings wahhh wahh.(stop racebaiting)

No. 813718

Anon you're an absolute brainlet, sorry.

No. 813732

File: 1621787888609.png (161.34 KB, 1338x626, press.png)

St Vincent is a low-key cow.

I used to love her. Then I found out one of my favorite songs for her- Strange Mercy- was sympathetic to her scumbag stepfather who was arrested for white collar crimes. Initially I thought it was a song about police brutality…

Then she has the audacity in her most recent album to compare that to mass incarceration of black people.

She seems like she gets a pass for certain things because she is more "cerebral" than other pop artists.(racesperging)

No. 813752

I liked her album tbh. I’d take her over Billie any day

No. 813784

I kind of like her music tbh. she's like gen z's version of Avril Lavigne mixed with Taylor swift. it's refreshing to have a young pop star who isn't twerking or sexualizing herself

No. 813786

Its shitty that is not considered the norm, really fucking hope that when rock overtakes rap this shit finally ends
Its not that rock music is better then rap(I really don't fucking care personally) but there's less overall self sexualization and no damn twerking

No. 813821

They'll be sexualized regardless. Don't you remember The Runaways? Look at shit like Starcrawler even today.
This is what happens when moids are allowed to run music.

No. 813837

File: 1621798108800.jpg (1.03 MB, 806x3198, Screenshot_20210523-212436_Chr…)

"Street walking Cheeto" is out and about, apparently.

No. 813949

>Avril Lavigne
Fucking how

No. 813957

>playing a prerecorded message in reply

Let's not pretend journalists aren't all bastards who will twist whatever you say to make you sound terrible, this seems like an appropriate way to deal with them, aside from Vincent also being a bastard (as far as I gather from this thread)

No. 813969

File: 1621810709544.jpeg (113.27 KB, 1079x697, 00A232C4-DE7C-46AE-835B-AB27EE…)

Taika Waititi is in a polycule with Rita Ora and Tessa Thompson

No. 813974

w… what

No. 813993

>she's like gen z's version of Avril Lavigne
>it's refreshing to have a young pop star who isn't twerking or sexualizing herself
you guys said this exact same thing about billie

No. 813997

File: 1621812973504.jpeg (89.82 KB, 962x641, E6CC0355-9B9E-488C-91F8-D24F9F…)

Hell world. I thought Tessa had more sense.

No. 814023

This is so gross lmao

No. 814035

what? I'm not even a major fan of doja but she's actually been quite genuine throughout the most of her career.

No. 814040

doja cat is the only one i dont agree with on the list, she's always done different genres on her songs and doesnt really claim to be one type of artist or the other. she just does whatever she feels like iirc

No. 814054

Nta but the only parallel I can see between Olivia and Avril is that deja vu is an angsty zoomer version of Girlfriend I guess?

No. 814098

Fucking ew lmao. For some reason I thought Taika Waititi seemed kind of cool. No idea he had a thing going on with Rita Ora of all people. She's just a clout-chasing grifter now, right? What happened to her career as a pop star or whatever?

No. 814125

I never did. I don't really understand the billie hype, her music is boring and I hate whatever aesthetic she is famous for

No. 814161

You sound mad. Go listen to Put Me in a Movie and fantasize about daddy

No. 814194

I can't see it either. Her new album honestly has more similarities in promotion and sound with the Tramp Stamps than any of the Avril or Paramore comparisons I've heard kek, especially with the not like other pop girls look her label is trying to push. She's smart for not sexualizing herself though. I hope it stays that way but it's hard to know if one day she'll just do a 180 like a lot of other celebrity women

No. 814208

File: 1621829281581.jpg (162.13 KB, 1000x1780, 1621826691760.jpg)

Why do they fetishize their own pregnancies

No. 814210

because the minute they aren't hot they're useless in this industry

No. 814222

I really like his movies and he seemed cool even kind of found him cute until I learned he cheated on his wife and left her for one of his staffmembers? why are men such pieces of shit

No. 814224

Yeah, I liked him because he worked on a few TV series I love and Thor Ragnarok is one of the best MCU movies. But having such a pathetic midlife crisis the moment he got famous is an embarrassment.

No. 814234

Right? I also loved Jojo Rabbit. He does good work, but seems like the money replaced his sense. Don't know if he was always this messy behind the scenes or if something changed, it's pathetic either way.

No. 814265

Propagandizing young women to believe that being groomed and abused is somehow romantic was a real fucking moment, wow. Open your OF! So empowering! It’s so bad.

The only people having kids are religious zealots. Black women are aborting their babies faster than they can fuck, educated families are too ‘smart’ to want children, the media has us all trained well; women hate men, blacks hate whites and all the other poc hate blacks and whites for sucking all the air out of the room, and reality denying troons and genderspecials are taking over in the name of science. It really really sucks to be you if your first chance to vote is 2024, the world you inherited is utter garbage and there’s nothing you can do to make it better. First off no one will allow you to fix it, but all the people you look up to are retards, crooks and thugs just like the rest of them.

Have fun with your industry plants and corporate shills and purity spirals, I guess? That’s about all you’re gonna get. So depressing. Nothing is fun anymore.(racesperging)

No. 814268

I mwan I still have hope for the future, Black women are divesting, more and more libfems are reaching peak trans, people are voting out their neo-lib governments

No. 814271

She can’t sing. She sounds out of breath. Lyrics suck. Acting In Music video is cringe.
She sucks

No. 814275

File: 1621840997108.png (487.43 KB, 1644x1274, Screenshot_20210524-092221~2.p…)

We have lost another one

No. 814276

I want to believe she'll just pull a Miley and backtrack, right now she's just on the she/they bullshit which is what a lot of women do to appease the woke crowd but they don't become full theybys

No. 814277

she's been like this for a while thought. So its not surprising and I do agree with her, its dumb to look to deep for meanings in songs

No. 814285

This is just like Janelle Monae with "PYNK" and how people called her a TERF over the vagina imagery. She later announced she was non-binary and bisexual, lmao.

No. 814291

File: 1621846065868.jpg (63.73 KB, 641x622, as if.JPG)

he just divorced his wife, so he is out there to get as much pussy as he can.

>She's just a clout-chasing grifter now, right? What happened to her career as a pop star or whatever?

I really had to look at up and her last album was released in 2018. Kek, back in 2012 she said that she will as big as rihanna, because Jay-Z told her that lol
Which is kinda funny, because I always saw her as the poor man's version of riri


"I don't think there will be a next Rihanna," she says. "But I think [Jay Z] definitely sees me as someone who could be as big as Rihanna. She's a superstar now but they first knew her as a small-island girl – and they want to repeat that success."

No. 814300

File: 1621849659555.jpg (100.69 KB, 1080x522, Screenshot_20210325_132913.jpg)

Nooo I hate it here

No. 814305

I don't buy this, I think most of these women just drank too woke aid and spend too much time online

No. 814307

Adult women maybe, I think it's accurate for teenage girls though

No. 814309

I'll agree that maybe it might apply towards to some teen girls, I Just think this NB, kweer, Genderfluid consequence of being too overly online

No. 814326

>She's smart for not sexualizing herself though.
Yawn. As if it's her choice. I can't believe some people fall for this trick everytime a new female artist pops up. We see the cutesy teen to sexualized bimbo timeline happen EVERYTIME, yet you refuse to accept it. Give it 2 years and Olivia and Billie will be shaking their ass on stage together in their new collab.

No. 814338

That's basically what it's saying nonnie. They spent too much time online hanging around kweer circles and their ideas combined with their already existing internalized misogyny makes them ashamed of being "just a woman" and not an "interesting person". So they tag that "they" on to signal they acknowledge their sex but also are an actual, real person instead of a part of some mystical singularity with regulated codes called women.

No. 814339

File: 1621854728386.jpeg (66.8 KB, 992x767, 1D55E3C8-63E4-4C4A-A8D6-11F205…)

When will it end…

No. 814360

This, if anything being very online reinforces this because social media is so over sexualized and the pornified insta baddie/egirl/whatever they're gonna come up with next aesthetic is prevalent. Many girls who use predominantly female social media like Instagram and tiktok see this representation of women, naturally feel alienated from it and decide "well if that's what a woman is then I'm not a woman"

No. 814366

Feels like with social media it extends people's highschool mentality and they become so terminally online that they think it translates into offline. I still live in a place trannyism never took off and most people see them of the emos of this decade or whatever. The ethots are the apparent popular girls of online.

No. 814367

This is why I have no issue with the De-Sexualization of the Internet that's happening, let it happen

No. 814412

Is that happening? I haven’t noticed any difference.

No. 814432

This definitely wasn't on my 2021 bingo.

No. 814446

her marketing team is working overtime but she seems pretty mediocre

No. 814452

Why does this look SO staged?? And why does he look like he's cringing in response to the kiss?

No. 814463

I'm almost certain they're drunk and/or high or just posing for the paparazzi but social media is full of degenerates so people jumped straight to throuple. Not that I'd put it past Taika doing that, midlife crisis is one hell of a drug. Who knows.

No. 814607

Yeah it seems like her career never really took off, afaik the last time anyone was talking about Rita Ora it was because she was breaking covid quarantine and throwing a bday party during the height of the second wave, to which people responded "since when does Rita Ora have enough friends to throw a birthday party" lol

>I really like his movies and he seemed cool even kind of found him cute
Ok same, glad I'm not the only one that had this impression. I didn't know he cheated on his wife too, what a scumbag.

No. 814665

File: 1621878708882.jpg (107.18 KB, 510x412, azealiaposting.jpg)

No. 814735

Is this real??? lmao I can't believe this is real kek

No. 814744

File: 1621883907398.jpg (302.04 KB, 720x1022, 20210524_202331.jpg)

The Honey Boo Boo family are still on TV, apparently. I'm not an American so I don't know how relevant they are to media over there but Mama June is now a crack head with an abusive boyfriend, she sold the family house and all of Alanas belongings to buy crack for said abusive boyfriend, and is just generally being what people who arent American think trailer trash looks like

No. 814754

Wasn't her boyfriend a convicted pedo or am I mixing it up?

No. 814761

I'm also not american and last time I heard about them was in a plastic surgery show where they said they were trying to eat healthy.. guess that didn't work out?

No. 814786

The first TV show they had was cancelled because the mum started dating the man who sexually assaulted her oldest daughter. Let that sink in.

And then a few years later she was given a new show, From Hot to Not, where the goal was to get "hot" so she could look excellent on another womans wedding day. This was a rivalry based on the fact this woman thinks June is an unfit parent. They're real careful not to let anyone know that this is likely the result of it being public knowledge that June knows about how the pedo raped her oldest daughter and then let him sleep in the same bed as Honey Boo Boo.

The From Hot to Not was cancelled when they started publically broadcasting Geno mentally abusing June and people started to pick up on tbe fact that she was bolloxed on drugs most of the time.

Side facts:

- the good guy dad, sugar bear, is implied to have physically beaten one of the daughters so badly that she now has a wonky eye

- there is a family friend who has his nazi tattoos blurred out on air but are still clearly swastikas on his arms

- one of the daughters is a troon

- June's mother hates her for her colourful past which includes getting preggo at 14 with an older man

No. 814793

File: 1621886262834.png (890.39 KB, 589x861, elliot.PNG)

This looks so photoshopped I can't help but cringe, no way she has ABS for days and literally zero muscle anywhere else (it's originally from her insta)

No. 814799

File: 1621886583855.jpg (41.83 KB, 750x500, pmcomposite-twin-uptattoo.jpg)

The tattoo in question. The guys name is Big Mike. I used to wonder why his arms were blurred out in the Irish release of the show, apparently he has subtle and not so subtle white supremacy tattoos

No. 814802

Are those ab implants?

No. 814807

The weird thing with Rita Ora is that she had a chance to embed herself into the music industry but either she or her team failed at it.
No matter how much views her music videos get people are barely buying her albums or music. She makes hit songs that are bland and dont show her as a artist and most people forget that rita was the person in the song like for example her song with liam payne where all the comments were about liam only.

No. 814808

File: 1621887150278.jpg (70.49 KB, 750x723, 9g5y166t8l831.jpg)

Those look 100% like ab implants like pic related. Absolutely no way they're real.

No. 814811

Ever since the Shinji Ikari post in one of the previous threads, I cannot stop seeing the uncanny resemblance

No. 814813

I have a husband with a six pack, I see them and I feel them everyday so I know what real abs look like, those aren't real abs(no1curr about your husband)

No. 814814

I know that when you're extremely skinny you can get visible abs without even having decent muscle mass, but I don't think this look in any way natural.

No. 814815

File: 1621887380369.jpg (33.73 KB, 634x407, rita.jpg)

She's connected to Harvey Weinstein. That's why she got a contract in the first place and that's why she got so many opportunities. Now he has no power anymore and she's struggling.

No. 814817

Who called in the ab-expert? Thanks for clearing that up!

No. 814820

Go off I guess kek

No. 814822

Lol it really looks exactly the same on her, I'm pretty sure everyone sees it but even gossip sites don't dare to call out the unnatural look. If she wasn't trans no one would let this slip.

No. 814832

Kek at everyone praising her abs and fitness in the insta comments, everyone has to refrain from mentioning she looks like she's vacationing in Auschwitz

No. 814833

Looks as if someone photoshopped abs on Eugenia Cooney tbh sad very sad

No. 814835

I didn't want to be that person but that's exactly how she looks like

No. 814838

I swear if she comes out as "gay" (actually straight) I will be fucking done with this earth

No. 814840

if she does ever come out as gay i'm sure she will be dating another ftm

No. 814842

File: 1621889139877.png (1.5 MB, 1134x1014, pageabs.png)

She has a thicker torso as an anorexic man suddenly than she had as a skinny woman

No. 814844

idk what might happen anon, Testosterone fucks you up, a lot of former FTMs talked about how they were previously Lesbians but the effects of testosterone made them attracted to males, as well the acne, depression, aggression and physiological changes

No. 814845

Speaking of dating. Imagine being her ex wife and watching all of this happen.
Realistically she must have an idea of what's really wrong but if she says anything that goes against the tranny narrative she's going to get cancelled and labeled as a terf.

No. 814846

This collage makes me sadder than it should damn

No. 814848

It's ok I'm Jewish and you all have Auschwitz joke passes because that really is what she looks like kek. Also those abs have gotta be shooped, they don't even blend in right,

No. 814852

I'll be the first to say it. Good for her. I support FTM 10000% more than I would support MTF. It doesn't look awful and I'm almost certain her wife might be okay with it? Unless of course her wife is attracted to femme which is a valid reason to not be okay with the transformation. But otherwise, I'm not horrified by this.

I do wonder why she didn't get the pinhole mastectomy (I think it's called that idk…) It's the one where they go in through the nipples? And there's no line scar. Why didn't see do that? You'd think a celeb would be able to afford it.

No. 814853

me and your themfriend playing dress up in my house

No. 814854

File: 1621891069304.png (167.05 KB, 730x592, 1621432386693.png)

>It doesn't look awful
My sides
>I'm almost certain her wife might be okay with it?
They are divorced anon

No. 814856

People like you scare me.

No. 814857

I meant the procedure, I don't give a damn about her body. Just the surgery itself looks good and not botched. And yeah, it's clear I'm not on the up and up wrt troon news and gossip, sorry

No. 814858

Don’t apologize anon, you did nothing wrong.

No. 814859

You spend all that money to look like a beta male, tragic

No. 814860

Seriously how? Those stick arms, anorexic looking legs, but relatively thick abs. Those have to be implants. There's simply no way, unless she exclusively does crunches with a weight vest or something.

No. 814862

File: 1621891438911.jpg (122.68 KB, 787x720, EUPHORIC FACEPALM.jpg)

>Supporting women cutting her tits off for mental illness

No. 814863

It's not the surgery, it's the contrast between the abs and her soft noodle limbs that's jarring and looks ridiculous.

No. 814865

Implants or photoshop and literally no other possible explanation. Achieving and maintaining a 6 pack like that requires a ridiculous amount of protein and diligence. There’s no human that is so sickly everywhere else with solid abs like that.

Fooling absolutely nobody and looking like a deranged sad woman while doing so. 41%er eventually

No. 814866

File: 1621891705405.jpg (36.29 KB, 474x708, OIP.r1HInNxm3PbqnmeQFptZ2gHaLE…)

I hope she gets actual mental help soon. I feel so sorry for her. She was adorable and it's shit that she hated herself this much to do this.

No. 814869

Why would you wanna support and enable a mentally ill woman in cutting her boobs off instead of getting proper help..? I mean if you're someone who thinks transgenderism is 'real' and not a mental illness that shouldn't be enabled (like any other mental illness) I guess I can see where you're coming from.

No. 814873

Yeah the FTMs don't rape us so just let 'em destroy themselves, who cares if they're sending awful, depressing messages to young lesbians and tomboys!

No. 814874

I don't know, she's always had kinda ripped abs. They look intense in Hard Candy and Super, I think they just look so odd here because she's lost weight everywhere else.

No. 814876

File: 1621892077502.jpg (64.09 KB, 500x750, DjFL3ZdVsAcSNHC.jpg)

This isn't totally and completely impossible. It takes some digging but I'm looking for pics of skinny dudes and women with defined abs. I'll also say that her midsection is kind of hogbody anyway, so it was already wide and chunky. I would see the issue if she went from bone thin. But she did have a roughly wide body seen here: >>814842

And even if you try to say "bUt anon!! She was younger and had more weight!!" The body shape isn't going to change much, unless she did waist training or something. She still had hogbody, and I'm assuming most of her weigh was around her midsection. I'm not trying to defend the way it looks, just trying to find an explanation besides photoshop and implants. I genuinely don't think she's the type of person to be that superficial about abs but I'm no Ellen expert so, take what I say with a grain of salt.

No. 814877

Wow it's almost like I can have an opinion and support whoever the fuck I want, dang. What's going on in the world?

No. 814879

File: 1621892140879.png (203.78 KB, 1024x768, Skinny-Guys-with-Abs-1024x768.…)

Guy on the left kinda skinny too

No. 814880

File: 1621892206499.jpg (172.48 KB, 539x603, SmartSelect_20210524-172947_Ch…)

Not as defined as ellen's but he's also p skinny

No. 814884

These are way less bulging than Page's though. Also second guy has pec definition at least, while Page was supposedly in recovery until recently.
I think she's just photoshopped to disperse the rumors that she's unhealthy or undereating. I sure as hell hope she wasn't stupid enough to get implants, but she's very mentally ill, so who the fuck knows now.

No. 814886

Your shitty "support women at all costs" opinion belongs in radfem circlejerks. Fuck all troons, male and female. They all groom and they all gaslight. You're part of the problem if you give women a Get Out of Jail Free card, dumbass.

No. 814887

I thought this was photoshopped at first. Poor thing looks severely unwell.

Apologies for the armchairing but this reminds me of anorexics who started to lose weight to de-sexualise themselves, except she's done it by losing lots of weight and removing her breasts.

No. 814891

Skinny abs and bulging abs are two different things ffs

No. 814894

True… This makes sense but it's so dumb. Why didn't she just… post herself eating food instead of a debunkable photoshop image for christs sake.

No. 814896

It's not impossible to have abs when skinny but it's kinda jarring how defined and bulging her abs are while rest of the body looks relaxed, on the photos you've posted you can tell that these people are straining the muscles to show off (much flatter) abs, IDK ultimately we're not experts here but comparing side by side her photo and your posts it just doesn't look the same.

No. 814897

Wah wah. Bitch at someone who cares.

No. 814902

you're immature as fuck lol no wonder you're so mentally shallow that you support trannies

No. 814913

stop hating just 'cause you're ugly

No. 814915

I know it's against the lolcow cult but I've never understood the line of thinking that there are droves of lesbians out there ready to troon out at the first site of a FTM tranny. If you're so impressionable you'd troon out because someone online told you to/some celebrity did it it's not their fault lmao.

No. 814919

keyword is "young"

No. 814920

> I've never understood the line of thinking
Think harder

No. 814943

At least she doesn’t look miserable for once since trooning out

No. 814949

Are you blind? Have you checked her other pictures and videos?

No. 814957

What does that have to do with this anon saying she doesn't look miserable here?

No. 814973

Her ex posted this to an Instagram story: "my gender identity, pronouns, and sexuality are private and not up for debate". pretty rich to think that folks who care are aren't going to take this as a mortal affront

No. 814981

tf anon didnt even say that kek

No. 814995

She was literally directly responding to a photo, retard. And she even said "since trooning out" which likely acknowledges that the other pics of ellen since trooning out, she doesn't look as pleasant. You bitches stay in school, unless for some reason they stopped teaching reading comprehension and context clues. My god

No. 815001

He looks fresh as hell I don’t care let the radfems sperg. I don’t understand why we narrow his mental anguish into “being forced to go trans” it’s almost like being held up at high scrutiny and also dealing with the media can be very mentally taxing and stressful. You’re cringe as hell if you’re really shitting on this poor man who probably needs a hamburger more than getting harassed for being FtM kek

No. 815008

No. 815012

No. 815015

Okay we get it you’re retarded

No. 815016

You can just say that in the comments of her picture and get all the asspats you want, nonnie. Or tweet about it, hey, you might even get your own tranny boyfriend, girlfriend, autismfriend or enbyfriend, or even all of them! Collect them all, nonnie!

No. 815017

okay ur clearly retarded

No. 815018

File: 1621903079504.png (4.45 MB, 2182x1456, Screen Shot 2018-12-18 at 8.04…)

You need to get off whatever drugs you are having.

No. 815020

What's up with her left upper arm/elbow area? It looks like someone sliced a big chunk out of it. Photoshop artifacts?

No. 815026

Anachan arms

No. 815031

Just looks weird.

No. 815033

Her stomach region looks like iggy pop. Like an old man. How do tranny dicks work, like it seems like if you go down this route you're never going to be satisfied because you've effectively fucked your body up to the point it will never be fully functional as either sex.

No. 815039

This is not twitter, retard

No. 815049

Nice bait

No. 815066

No. 815082

i mean, i hate reporters too, but if you make a point of supporting a fucking insider trader (lowest of the low btw, up there with pedos and drunk drivers. white-collar criminals are absolute scum compared to drug dealers, gang members, or guys who do B&Es), or make contrived fake-crazy speeches on stage, you may have to address the attention you're getting as a result of trying to get attention.
she's an amazing musician and composer and i used to love her, but her rageaholism seemed to mutate into a giant ego and she's not fun anymore. her songs are still so good though

No. 815083

Stop being bitter because you lost a precious “lesbian” micro celebrity. He doesn’t know you exist and he doesn’t owe you anything, he really needs to eat though or else he’s going to look like eugenia cooney but it amazes me how he got those abs.

No. 815087

this is so embarrassing for her, those abs are way too wide for her physique, it looks completely uncanny. I agree with other anons, they look like implants to me. Implants meant for men, which look completely out of scale on a small female body. Really sad.

No. 815088

No. 815089

what i thought he had a wife and kids and was supposed to be some kind of smart guy who was secure in himself

No. 815090

>your wife dies
>you are sad
>you are labelled a terf forever
what is this underpants gnomes shit

No. 815092

Some people have EDs, Karen

No. 815099

not since he got that mcu money, babey!

No. 815105

i love money too but i wouldn't be proud of getting it from capeshit. i'd say it came from running a bestiality ranch or something

No. 815110

Yes give them to me instead

No. 815123

>attracted to femme
Shut the fuck up and come back when you grow some common sense. Do you honestly think that it's just a matter of which aesthetics you're attracted to when your partner troons out? This is embarrassing for you.

No. 815125

Why are you here? I was you once, you're either going to peak or you're going to go back to discord where it's safe. Stop bothering us until you figure it out.

No. 815127

>faux concern over her mental and physical health while supporting her self mutilation.
It’s like you’re trying to prove you can be more embarrassingly retarded than we thought with every post.

No. 815233

This has to be bait.

No. 815240


I remember when Beyonce released Lemonade and people were wondering who 'Becky with the good hair' was, and Rita Ora's name popped up. Some other shit about how she slept with Jay-Z, and when Beyonce found out she made sure Rita dropped into music mediocrity. Something like that. Probably just a rumour. She's a shitty human being for flouting Covid rules and also blackfishing for years.

No. 815243

Wow so glad this got moved to ot, the last 4 days of posts are top quality.

No. 815244

Speaking of Beyonce can we all acknowledge that she's sort of a loser, her husband cheats on her constantly, her decision's are decided by a marketing team and her "girl power" shirts are made by children in Indonesia

I don't understand why Libfems Idolize her

No. 815246

OT sperging but Beyonce is a prime pick-me mascarading as a strong independent woman who needs no man. I mean, why the fuck is she still with a literal who (compared to her) that cheats blantaly, when she also cheats on him on the downlow? Lemonade is a great album, ngl, but sis, some self respect please. Oh, and quit with the feminism shit while using slave labour in south asia, done mainly by women.

No. 815252

>a literal who (compared to her)
Cmon, he is an ugly cheating POS but he's still very high up in terms of status and success. His fame is probably the main reason they're still together, because the ~power couple~ gimmick benefits them both a tonne.

No. 815254

>because the ~power couple~ gimmick benefits them both a tonne.

Does It ? Her Brand image is as anon said, that of a "strong independent feminist who don't need no Man" and her being with a ugly misogynistic male rapper doesn't align with said image

No. 815255

ntayrt "don't need no man" and "don't have no man" are not the same things in current year.

No. 815259

Her commercial fauxminism was never reliant on being an ~independent woman~. Just one who is beautiful, successful, talented etc, her persona is aspirational girl boss - not single and childless, who would that appeal to aside from radfems? Their marriage and her pregnancies have been a major selling point for years, even the cheating was used to market her music.

No. 815267

Dumping your cheating lying husband is empowered, I don't know how anyone can spin staying with your cheating ugly husband and having his babies as anything close to empowered or feminist

No. 815278

Being married and a mother don't take away from her girl boss image, but staying married with a guy who cheated openly on her kind of makes her look like a cuckqueen.
She is fucking Beyonce, she could divorce his lame ass and have a new boy toy everynight on her bed, or find herself a new husband that respected her.
Jfc, so many of her musics before Lemonade where so pining, so sad, and for what? For a guy below her that doesn't even respect her enough to not to cheat.
The girl boss icon, acting like a battered wife. Fucking grim.

Outside of USA noone remembers who he is, while everyone and their grandparents know who Beyonce is. And what has he done in the last few years besides that Tidal failure?

No. 815294

kek he looks like he wants to flee

No. 815335

File: 1621942131558.jpg (Spoiler Image, 94.2 KB, 633x561, bovine bitches.jpg)

Jonathan Ross' daughter and Lena Dunham posed naked together and waxed poetic about on IG about the hardships of being a lardass. My eyes may never recover.

No. 815339

Existing in unhealthy states is empowering now I guess. Woo! Let's touch up our sisters

No. 815340

I kinda miss the point of taking and posting photo like this but they don't look bad, idk why are you so dramatic about it.

No. 815342

They look bad anon, their stomachs are disgusting lol

No. 815346

It was a joke you autist. The point is they're like reverse anachans. Glorifying their unhealthy bodies and being incredibly obnoxious about it. You do know what kind of message board you're on, right?

No. 815366

Damn she blew up since GIRLs. She was only a little overweight then and could have easily turned it around. Now she's at a point where her body will never look normal again, sad.

No. 815369

File: 1621944534408.jpg (Spoiler Image, 52.99 KB, 634x414, article-2293846-18ADAD4E000005…)

No. 815371

No. 815372

I agree with the another anon you're being pretty dramatic, you do know what kind of message board you're on right? Sometimes people won't like your "jokes"

No. 815374

File: 1621944680844.png (1.14 MB, 1200x689, B835vf0CYAAlEhl.png)

Here is Ellen Page in "Hard Candy" to stop this stupid tinfoilery. She always had a manly body.

No. 815378

So whoever was the sylist in hard candy caused her to Troon out because wtf. Can't believe we live in an age that if you're body conscious one treatment could be to change to the opposite sex like lol

No. 815380

I saw this on a news article and came asap to see what you guys said cause those abs seem very out of place and don't make sense

No. 815397

File: 1621946147353.png (32.73 KB, 571x298, Untitled.png)

mark ruffalo supports white people causing genocide upon palestine, more at 11

No. 815399

Nah more like she has always been a mental ill anachan but no one payed attention

No. 815401

i see tit scars. what was there to remove lmao. i feel like she could have gotten some kind of fat-shrinking procedure rather than giant scars on her chest but ig a lot of trannies want that visible for some reason

No. 815411

So this character didn't make her dysphoric despite being so sexualized but wearing a dress during an inception premier send her to dysphoric hell.

No. 815413

This is still different. The main thing people point out is that she has SHREDDED abs on an otherwise anorexic frame, and not skinny abs. Her abs are not that impressive here either.

No. 815417

Seconded. Unless they're telling people to go out and get fat themselves because obesity is awesome, who cares if they talk about what it's like to exist as fat women..

No. 815456

File: 1621949570047.jpg (146.75 KB, 1080x805, Poot.jpg)

She's not wrong but everything she says comes off as annoying to me kek

No. 815551

File: 1621956620338.jpeg (643.98 KB, 750x1230, 2DAF966E-80D6-4365-8CE2-3DE684…)

didn’t see anyone on here talking about the actual caption from the cursed post. nothing says manly man like infantilizing yourself and bringing up the fact you’re trans over and over again

No. 815565

Most TIFs don't wanna be men, their desire is to be Idealized version of teen boys, the desire to be a beautiful young male is noted in a lot of TIFs

No. 815570

this was already posted lol

No. 815572

nta, it was posted without the caption

No. 815573

File: 1621959194822.jpg (264.07 KB, 720x1520, Screenshot_20210525-172245_Sam…)

It's her cunty face, anon. She always looks like shes about to do the cunt nod in every picture.

Look at that expression. Study it, remember it. Because only a black belt level of cunt can do it like this

No. 815574

It's especially stupid when you consider that there's nothing special about wearing swim trunks even as a woman so why bother treating it like it's some big trans first? Plenty of women wear swim trunks with tees or whatever.

Not that she could have said shit like "Trans bb's first topless swim" either because 1. Women swim topless and 2. It would reinforce that people see tits as sexual and need to be covered.

This is just a desperate attempt to make something special because it's TWANS uwu

No. 815582


Yup. And same goes for tims, to an even larger extent. They almost always seem to dress like a fetishized idea of a teen girl.

The ironic thing is that while tifs can often pass as teen boys better than they could pass as an adult man, tims ruin any (slim) chance they may have had at passing by dressing like they are 13 at age 45, which no real woman does. I occasionally see older tims who actually dress like women their own age and they often pass at a glance just because they haven't turned themselves into total sideshow freaks.

No. 815583

File: 1621960154452.png (17.43 KB, 830x1024, 1621950788165.png)

No. 815589

beautiful, thank you

No. 815603

id watch the fuck out of this. i think ryan would play the role well and he wouldnt be offensive LMAO

No. 815640

No. 815666

Needs a proper caption

No. 815853

File: 1621977517569.jpeg (39.42 KB, 610x457, 6F030E7B-FD6C-45A2-9B9A-68B6C7…)

No. 815859

I thought she got married/engaged recently?

No. 815862

Nope. She broke it off rather abruptly and is now back with Ben. Could be PR but it's funny af

No. 815883

Reminds me of recovery queens in the pro-anas scumbag thread who constantly post "first time ever eating a milky way" or "first time in a decade eating weetbix".

No. 815921

File: 1621981062096.png (1.44 MB, 945x2048, Screenshot_20210525-181731.png)

Sage for medfagging but I think ellen had abdominal etching done

No. 815928

File: 1621981209777.jpg (110.02 KB, 1036x1049, E2KMAwAUYAAF-RU.jpg)

No. 815970

this is what too much yaoi does to a mf

No. 815975

You know, I feel like there could have been a cool photoshoot concept there if they were styled as voluptuous Renaissance women in a painting.

Instead it looks like someone got catfished by two fat hookers from the Inland Empire

No. 815980

It's an Italian movie, even weirder. Is he still holed up in europe?

No. 815984

The disgusting irony

No. 815985

I can't imagine he's stupid enough to think this can improve his image, it's more like rubbing it in our faces because "any publicity is good publicity" right? They have to know this will only add to the scandal, and are banking on it… or do I know nothing?

No. 815987

I have two guesses:
He's doing this so when someone Googles "kevin spacey pedophile," this comes up first instead of the allegations
He's doing it because he gets off on getting away with being an unstoppable child rapist

No. 815990

This was released the year of the allegations. I honestly dint think he ever felt threatened in any way, with that sex addict BS

No. 815992

No. 815993

File: 1621985607394.jpg (30.75 KB, 541x428, vsr6o6v0tb171.jpg)

Courtney replies to Chrissy's apology

No. 815999

File: 1621985965591.png (761.86 KB, 696x689, sadchest.png)

I was on the fence about believing she had surgery because of this pic, but if she really worked for those abs, why the fuck wouldn't she put any effort into any other body part?

I think it's a combination of ab etching (more common and less invasive than implants) and photoshop.

The scars are clearly photoshopped. On the left under her nipple it looks like we can see, very faintly, her ribs that have been blurred out. What's that weird curved shadow under her ribs to the left of her bellybutton? And I don't even know what's going on with the shadows around her sternum area.

Sorry for sperg I just really want to see someone who knows what they're talking about to analyze this photo and truly call her out but it's never gonna happen

No. 816023

File: 1621987498008.png (128.94 KB, 949x355, 169762.png)

>ab etching
I was originally one of the anons saying that I didnt think it was fake. Now that you mention this, I googled it and I 100% believe you're right.

Before and after ab etching.

No. 816024

File: 1621987718986.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 665.07 KB, 1080x1080, karin-germe.jpeg)

lol my life is a fucking lie, people really do this?!

At least it's not implants, which would be outlandish. So I believe ellen got some fat removed in her titis and then got the fat removed around her abs too for her new "reveal"

No. 816039

he's just old and doesn't understand internet publicity. paul reubens had a comeback because he played a gross creep in mystery men, but that probably wouldn't have worked in the twitter era

No. 816068

strange how the timestamp on the screenshot says 1 day ago when really it was posted almost two weeks ago. in other words, this is old news, nonny.

No. 816083

although i didn't expect john mulaney to be this type of person, i still can't be surprised. i never can when it's revealed that a man is a degenerate piece of shit. this case pisses me off more than most though. this man's whole shtick was being a progressive, soft guy who loves his wife. he did a bit where he told a story that during the metoo chaos he once sat his wife down because he needed to talk about something and his wife's first reaction was "what the hell did you do?". meanwhile he was actually going to stripclubs and cheating on her. somehow i hate that more than men who lack the self awareness to understand how degenerate he is. fuck this ugly toad face and fuck men in general

No. 816133

I honestly don't understand how any of you were surprised. You expect a COMEDIAN to be honest and truthful about if he's cheating on his wife or not? If he honestly cares or respects women or not? A second of common sense would've saved you a lot of heartache lol get well soon anon!

No. 816137

The shamelessness of it proves he really is a narcissist

No. 816141

nta but shit even i bought his whole shtick despite having no faith in men. idk i guess his kinda dorky boy next door look helped with the illusion

No. 816148

That’s a really common type that does that kind of shit. Men don’t actually ever fit one second care about equalizing privilege lmao

No. 816155

i literally said i'm not surprised anon, my point is that it pisses me off more when men larps as progressive when they are the same as other scrotes. he was not just cheating on his wife but also capitalising on people who thought he was a certain type of person. it's the same that happened with aziz ansari

No. 816272

Real-life mustache-twirling villain.

No. 816281

File: 1622021997238.png (63.39 KB, 1066x506, 1611961623977.png)

Late but how? Explain how I'm wrong.
Nearly spit out my drink kek. Picrel describes her relevance perfectly.
This is supposed to be Frank Underwood right? He doesn't have a southern accent irl.
Ignore, this thread is infested with scrotes, esp the /pol/ ejaculators who are racebaiting throughout this thread like fuck off jfc

No. 816282

*Picrel is a joke but still describes her relevance perfectly

No. 816288

He works in Hollywood and he wants to continue to get movie roles from -steins and -bergs, what do you expect him to do? lmao(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 816289

>Now she's at a point where her body will never look normal again
Wdym? She can always lose weight. If loose skin is a problem… well, I'm sure they have a surgery for this and she's rich.

No. 816291

People always think you can just "get surgery" for lose skin, but even if you do you will have huge scars, the surgeries are incredibly invasive and dangerous and even if you get stabled back together after blowing up that large your body will never again look like if you had never gained weight.

Lose skin surgeries are not magic.

No. 816294

>after blowing up that large your body will never again look like if you had never gained weight.
There are photos of some pretty succesful transformations over in /g/ though. I call bullshit on that. I don't think Lena's going to work on being skinny, though. For aome reason, she doesn't want to. If sje hasn't already with all her privilege and money, she never will.

No. 816327

I trust nothing now lol. Saw a woman with a normal belly get it lipo'd and her stomach looks identical to someone like Bella hadid. The woman was already thin. I was shocked lol

No. 816363

File: 1622034411651.png (98.66 KB, 796x796, hUMVUSW.png)

a few farmers have mentioned the blog exposingsmg from time to time and they just had a post tearing demi a new one. if you're familiar with the blog they've always had a very sympathetic view on demi and was very light-handed on all of her previous sperg outs


>I would like to credit Demi and say that Demi said in the documentary that they knew their team was [restricting the food consumed in her vicinity] out of love but it was just something that didn’t work.

>No, idiot. The team wasn’t doing it out of love. They were doing it as a RESPONSE to YOUR behavior.

>Demi is living in a victim mentality while also suffering from a savior complex.

>Demi believes that the world owes them something because of how badly they were treated. But newsflash home-they (??), YOU were firsthand someone who came up with LIES and SCHEMES to get your way.

>Demi believes that they are owed the decency of having EVERYTHING tailored towards them.

>Demi is easily persuaded and I’m not talking about coming out as non-binary. I’m talking about everything.

>That person told Demi that gender reveal parties were transphobic so then Demi went and posted that gender reveal parties were transphobic.

No. 816367

Hahaha anon, the "home-they" is them giving her a gender neutral "homegirl".

No. 816375

Honestly, what is even the point in this surgery? I feel like that's a waste of money for rich people. Can't you do something else? These surgery scars look horrible. And you don't even know if a person will not go back to bloating again, which will end up being a never ending cycle for them.

No. 816393

I don't buy this explaination at all, she's so skinny everywhere else. What fat would you even etch into? I'd assume that this a bit like a bbl where you need some fat to work with.

No. 816404

comedians are the darkest and most fucked up people. especially males. when are people going to realize this?

No. 816412

File: 1622037957391.png (349.6 KB, 455x623, tumblr_4ea190833ed9a1e7ef978d4…)

This isn't exactly new but he's so fucking chunky

No. 816423

The kind of person who'd take their time writing a very long, very shitty and very aggressive psychoanalysis/takedown about a celebrity is probably as emotionally stable as Demi.
That's a good point, lmao. Time to mentally prepare myself for the day Bo Burnham gets exposed

No. 816431

No way!

No. 816433

Agreed but there's no way you can change the minds of farmers when it comes to bodies, just look at any of the nitpicking threads on /snow/
Imo Ellen has always been predisposed to being a rectangle with abs and spaghetti arms like in the hard candy pic and if they're on testosterone they will build that muscle even faster. Imo their latest photo probably shows a combination of targeted ab workouts emphasized by posing and editing but that's outrageous maybe it's implants or baby blood serum from the pizzagate basement

>a never ending cycle for them.
That would be a reason for surgeons to push this procedure, repeat procedures can be blamed on the client when they inevitably don't keep the weight off

No. 816463

Fucking incredible. 2021 is delivering perfect fresh milk.

No. 816465

this is vile

No. 816476

File: 1622044479049.jpeg (576.09 KB, 750x721, 7A7DF892-40FC-4756-A2AD-AE48EE…)

ariana released pics from her wedding

No. 816477

File: 1622044510650.jpeg (405.16 KB, 750x728, 9523096E-273E-4083-AA7C-EBD87A…)

No. 816479

File: 1622044603893.jpeg (505.06 KB, 750x739, D6BA97B1-933D-4E2F-96B8-83C8E5…)

No. 816484

That neck strain

No. 816486

They're nice pics but it also feels like a waste of time to get married as a celebrity.

No. 816489

Bo Burnham said he stopped doing stand up and made that movie Eight Grade because he got tired of being in the center of it all and wanted to create something that wasn't about him. So at least he doesn't ooze narcissism like John Mulaney.

No. 816490

This. According to blind items she's already cheating on him

No. 816491

summer walker is supposedly feeding her newborn hemp seeds, honey & shrooms…the baby looks underweight too

No. 816492

File: 1622046876330.jpeg (729.61 KB, 750x925, F3A5B3A1-5807-43E0-8D91-97EA53…)

the baby’s legs look very skinny. she didn’t seem to eat much when she was pregnant either

No. 816496

That is not how you hold a baby.. what the fuck

No. 816498

She's holding the baby like a ragdoll wtf. Aren't you supposed to support the head of a newborn?

No. 816500

racesperging about whites 'doing literal genocide' is ok but pointing out steiner berger connections to said literal genocide is not? more news at 11

No. 816504

File: 1622047840131.jpeg (1.42 MB, 2000x2000, arodgers.jpeg)

might be a topic nobody cares about, but has anyone else been following the "whirlwind" obvious beard relationship between shailene woodley and aaron rodgers? ever since they announced their sudden engagement they've been paying nonstop for tabloid coverage of them looking awkward together. it's truly insufferable and cringe. i can't wait for the wedding

No. 816505

This thread is for celebrities.

No. 816507

ugh i love summer so much she is so talented musically but GOD is she stupid. it irks me so much like. I dont understand it she is so gorgeous and pretty but she gets surgery and all those tats. (i dont mind the tats) but the surgery was so unneccessary. And then to have a baby with a dude who already has baby mama's!? at the height of your career. MAAAAAAAAAM. she stays stressing me out with her stupid decisions. But her music is so good i just ignore the stupid shit she does. UGH i pray for that baby. Someone come get her!!

No. 816508

summer is literally a celebrity dumbass

No. 816509

She's holding the baby wrong to be able to "pose" in a "sexy" way. This is so fucking shameful.

No. 816510

not a fan of her music but summer is pretty popular anon where have you been?

No. 816516

I’m really hoping she was readjusting her arm for a second and it was more candid than anything, but Summer is so vain and irresponsible that you can’t give her the benefit of the doubt. She’s leaving the bottle in it’s mouth ffs. That’s genuinely dangerous, on top of feeding it honey.

That’s why she’s here dipshit.

No. 816517

File: 1622048464684.png (303.8 KB, 298x428, gbtegergrg.png)

You're supposed to hold the baby's head and body with one arm, and hold the bottle with the other hand. Supporting the baby's head is a key thing, and by putting the baby bottle on her armpit like that she's risking 1.the bottle falling 2.the baby choking, you should always ALWAYS pay attention to your baby as you feed it. Hell you should pay attention to your baby always PERIOD, she's not holding him properly, a false movement and that baby will fall on the ground on a rock or in a bad position and have lifetime damage or die. Babies are so fragile. There's people who shouldn't have babies and she's one of them if she cares more about posing in underwear than the wellbeing of her baby. I'm angry.

No. 816520

I don't think it was a candid. This society is clearly so pornsick that girls like these rather pose in a sexy way than take proper care of a fragile baby. What is she even thinking? She wants sexy points while holding her newborn??? Who in their sick mind would find this actually attractive, I'm going to barf. And if this was a stupid candid, why even post it and risk your baby like that? What the actual fuck.

No. 816522

Imagine that poor baby, I bet she doesn't take care of him at all. She should clip her stupid fake nails and learn how to hold and feed him for starters.

No. 816527

First of all, I was being facetious. Clearly she's a celebrity, no shit.

Apparently not since I've never heard of her and I know allll of the celebs /s. In all seriousness, as a person who dabbles heavily in her genre, I would think I'd at least know this person even a little.

I'm a huge music person but I've literally never heard of her. Not even on the "top hits" playlists of spotify. Sorry, her last big hit was from 2018 how is she even relevant? After listening to her top song, she sounds like very other rap singer, SZA wanna be

Anyways I don't want to derail based on whether or not I know a celeb.

No. 816530

you must not be that big of a music person as you think you are lol

No. 816540

literally her Over It album was wildly popular.
clearly you dont dabble enough dummy lol. And she is super talented. Just also super dumb. Here is one of my fave EPs from her.

No. 816541

Nta but post her music? Never heard of her and searching summer just brings up well, actual summer

No. 816547

File: 1622050084122.png (1.16 MB, 1920x1080, 3wxq2e.png)

silly anon didn't consider googling both name and surname

No. 816548

All of this posing to the detriment of your helpless newborn, and she still looks fucking ugly.

No. 816551

Dress is better than expected but I hate the veil.

No. 816552

oops my bad

No. 816554

I don't want to be that person but yass girl

No. 816556

here is her most popular single but honestly every EP and album ive listened to from her is so good to me front and back. but she is painfully dumb. I also am still forever upset she got an ugly ass nose job

No. 816560

Ari looks so stunning and cute. I like how simple yet elegant it looks. Good for her!

No. 816568

you know it's not gonna last tho

No. 816570

okay but did you not listen to thank you next "i only wanna do it once real bad gonna make that shit last, god forbid something happens, at least this song is a smash" Let my queen have fun with her lil real estate bae. LMAO

No. 816571

Why would you come to lolcow of all places to be a poser, and for rnb?
>I’m a huge music person who dabbles heavily in her genre, never heard of her
>summer walker the sza wannabe rap singer, with no hit since 2018
kek this is genuinely embarrassing.

We already know she has some pretty bad mental illness regarding her looks, but if leaking into how she takes care of her child then the pos baby daddy at the very least should step in. Both parents suck.

No. 816590


this is the only video leaked where that slur was used and it was only Doja saying it to what sounds like mostly shocked and uncomfortable reactions. A half black woman who is clearly drunk, with a history of trolling and saying outrageous shit to get a rise out of people. Sure it comes off as attention-seeking - I saw the screenshots of her stripping on cam too - but she I dont see how people can look at this video and seriously think its solid proof she's hanging out with alt righters.

No. 816605

tbh i feel like most people were fake outraged because it was leaked at the start of the protests last summer. So she was cancelled for like a month. ANd then people (mainly women) realized that male rappers are literally rapists, colorists, misogynists', who beat on women but they still get to be critically acclaimed. All Doja did was be an edgelord shit poster. Yeah people make jokes about it still because that shit is cringey and deserves to be laughed at but i mean no one truly cares otherwise kiss me more wouldnt be as big as it is now.

No. 816621

Of course they were fake outraged, shit was nuts, everyone just loves linching anyone on social media nowadays. They love hurting women.

No. 816631

they love lynching women not even just everyone its mainly women who get the worst of it and rarely ever recover. The fact that Chris brown STILL has never been cancelled blows my mind. He is a psycho abusive POS colorist but no one cares.

No. 816639

Women generally have more body fat than man no matter how skinny they are. So etching is a pretty good explanation in this case.

No. 816643

Fuck, is that Elon?? I had to do a triple-take to figure out who tf it was in the pic

No. 816652

Her baby daddy had drama for not being around his other kids, he's too busy chasing men/trannies (alledgely).
I wish Summer the best because she is mentally ill and she made it seem like she didn't want that baby at all.
She also doesn't trust the vaccine but gets all kinds of shit pumped into her body and lets a dude on the DL fuck her.
I hope the baby ends up okay.

No. 816659

Exactly, they don't etch into pure fat to carve abs, it's just strategic lipo to uncover the abs and make them appear chiseled by removing tiny amounts of fat between them to create a more defined border. Lots of thin women can't get defined abs even with exercise because they have just enough persistent belly fat (which tbh, is probably serving a good purpose there).

No. 816699

File: 1622057103239.jpeg (88.45 KB, 554x1200, 2AB173CC-0D76-42D6-8345-381CF6…)

Summer is trying to justify feeding her 2 month old daughter blended fruit, powdered mushrooms extract, hemp seeds, and raw honey instead of breast milk or formula.
Babies can be skinny, and have their weights fluctuate. But this is definitely not the diet of a healthy, fully nourished newborn. People are threatening to call CPS on her. >>816652 You’re completely right. Her skepticism and hypocrisy when it comes to health certainly isn’t helping her either.

I like her, but trying to justify doja and her little group of fuck ups on tinychat is stan behavior. She’s an edgelord who got served for a month, and is doing fine now. Of course the men who shat on doja don’t care about cb. Besides the different sexes there’s a specific and clear difference between them, which leaves no reason to expect different from the men who both lusted after her and tore her down. Trying to simplify it so you can cope gets you nowhere.

No. 816705

That poor child. If she's so into the natural stuff, then I wonder why she won't feed the baby breast milk at all. That's literally the most natural baby food. Is she just not producing it for some reason?

No. 816706


ignoring most of the rest of this, isn't honey like… very contraindicated for babies? i am not a mom but i'm pretty sure they're not supposed to eat honey.

No. 816708

That's a very easy way to give your baby botulism

No. 816709

Yes. The bacteria in honey can give them botulism, which obviously can be deadly. They can't eat it until a year old, I think.

No. 816717

This shit is making me mad tbh. I hope she's doesn't have Post Partum Depression.
What also pisses me off is people are asking, "Where's summer's parents? Is there anyone who can take the baby? Step in?" As if she the baby doesn't have a father.
It feels like no one truly cares about her or they enable her.I'm really worried for the baby.

No. 816718

File: 1622058209062.png (19.46 KB, 712x232, honey.PNG)

No. 816729

File: 1622058913101.jpeg (55.43 KB, 617x308, 96003130-779D-45DE-9E42-F96629…)

the powerpuff girls live action script was leaked. it's… not great.
for anyone interested in reading it

buttercup is a lesbian, bubbles becomes an influencer, and blossom has a ton of nudes and enjoys sleeping around. who even asked for this to be made?

No. 816734

diablo cody should be jailed for this

No. 816737

I don't even know how this would've come out of the mind of the same woman who wrote juno and jennifers body

No. 816739

>buttercup is a lesbian, bubbles becomes an influencer, and blossom has a ton of nudes and enjoys sleeping around.

W H A T ???

No. 816748

you gave me cancer by reading this

No. 816750

This is terrible and I hope the script writers feel bad and are blacklisted.

No. 816757

okay buttercup being a lesbian makes sense though, the rest is whack

No. 816761

Sure but they only made her a lesbian because she’s the tomboy. Not really pushing the envelope or defying stereotypes there.

No. 816794

File: 1622060911898.jpeg (159.23 KB, 828x1472, E2RG6AKXsAUd4nt.jpeg)

Even pasteurized honey shouldn't be given to babies, and she's using fucking raw honey, jfc. I don't know shit about babies and I knew that.
Most of the replies to the person who tweeted this pic were defending her saying "it's no one's business how she chooses to feed her child"
I guess in the year 2021 we're so removed from reality and caught up in the doctrine of personal choice that people can't just understand through common sense that young babies are vulnerable and need to be cared for in a certain way?

No. 816798

File: 1622061091809.jpg (107.22 KB, 953x778, E2OM7aEVIAM4uAZ.jpg)

No. 816805

Honestly that was quite predictable

No. 816807

unpopular opinion: I think he's more likely bisexual than gay, and also kind of socially awkward. it seems like men being bisexual has more of a stigma than being gay currently. shailene woodley is very much off her rocker, so I feel like they make a strangely cute couple even if she is a beard

No. 816823

File: 1622062568276.jpeg (193.14 KB, 960x1158, 10903993.jpeg)

completely agree on his bisexuality. i also think they're cute, i'm just obsessed with their weirdo fauxlationship for some reason. i've heard rumors that she's gay/bi too, and if so their mutual bearding is actually kinda sweet imo

No. 816825

They're reworking it. Even The CW didn't want this crap.

No. 816842

Kek what a fucking idiot

No. 816844

Why? Diablo Cody is the most quirky NLOG libfem there is.

No. 816849

I feel that they're only reshooting it because it failed the test screenings. CW doesn't care, they thrive off of the "Your favorite character but now they fuck" shock factor to shill their shows.

No. 816854

I'm actually in physical pain reading this… My poor childhood. Why does Gen z always ruin shit

No. 816865

Ffs even if she can’t breastfeed for whatever reason, there are all kinds of organic formulas out there. There’s no fucking excuse for this. Babies aren’t supposed to have anything other than breastmilk or formula until they’re six months old, their bodies aren’t ready to digest it properly. Her baby probably has painful gas and poop issues.

No. 816868

this looks so bad… why would she let them do her like that. looks like a 16 year old drag queen.

No. 816881

File: 1622067076110.png (544.89 KB, 433x528, ari.png)

Remember this is the woman who walked around for several years with a botched brow lift

Imo she doesn't look bad but full contour/glam makeup for a wedding is a bit cringe.

No. 816883

File: 1622067338944.png (251.57 KB, 515x384, power puff girls.png)

lord have mercy

No. 816884

>the lip contour

No. 816890

File: 1622067851719.png (413.72 KB, 741x710, kim.png)

>Scored 474 out of 800
>Passing grade is 560
>Kim's mentor in taking the exam, attorney Jessica Jackson, said, "That is extremely close on a test that most people are not taking in the middle of a pandemic."


No. 816892

little OT, but, what? I don't see anything. Do you mind explaining?

No. 816893

That dress looks so ugly and boring

No. 816895

I mean did she expect to pass no problem??

These are so hard to read without my eyes rolling out of my head.

No. 816896

This reads like a sketch. Is this the actual script?? Someone save me and tell me this is an SNL bit

No. 816898

You know what? Even if she failed I'm impressed she's still on this not going to lie

No. 816899

I'm actually shocked at how low key she looks

No. 816903

Dude zoomers are 24 at most this is not their fault, most people involved in this are probably millenials

No. 816924

i don't fault her for failing, im more interested in if she keeps trying

No. 816927

diablo cody is about to be 43, shes neither gen z or millennial.
hollywood is stuck on thinking all we want are edgy reboots of fun things from our childhood and its so fucking DRY. like how they just did the winx club, what about the campy & colorful original made people think anyone wanted a follow-up that was the opposite of that?

No. 816931

Maybe it was “leaked” for promo through outrage, which is pretty shitty but maybe it’ll start a larger conversation that way I HOpE

No. 816933

Why does everyone keep blaming millenials for everything? Both boomers and zoomers are obsessed.

No. 816941

File: 1622071989342.jpg (73.72 KB, 828x1792, hwd3qwilbj171.jpg)

She hasn't given up yet

No. 816942

Millenials created cancel culture, pronouns shit and are the ones currently creating most ""progresive media"" or shilling those values wherever they go.

No. 816944

ok and? how many of us dumbasses are studying for the fucking bar exam? good for her for trying to do something ambitious unlike her shitty sisters.

No. 816949

Damn, they were just relaying it they didn’t even comment. I get most my celeb info from here and appreciate op, I wouldn’t have know otherwise. You seem pissy.

No. 816950

I don't understand how these celebrities can pass up on the tried and true makeup artists like Lisa Eldridge or Gucci Westman that make celebrities look classy as fuck. This is literal drag queen makeup and it looks awful. I can't help but wonder if maybe one day she'll look back and cringe at the makeup here…then again her aesthetic/taste is completely different from mine so she could very well still love it 15 years and 2 marriages from now.
Lower belly fat (typically called the 'pooch') is there to protect the uterus. Once I learned this I stopped hating mine, after years of trying to get rid of it. We need to appreciate the female anatomy more because it's so fucking amazing.
Kek netflix wouldn't take it?

No. 816951

Is there a word for shitty writing where they make the characters just tell you the plot instead of making an effort to show you? Vidrel for one of the best examples although this script is also a solid example as well

No. 816959

I am too tbh, was honestly expecting her to never bring it up again but good on her.

No. 816974

I'm pretty sure that shit's mostly gen z

No. 816992

>Millennials created cancel culture

So true girl, I watched an extensive anthropology video on Tiktok about it yesterday by smolpiscesbb2004, PhD.

No. 816995

Expository dialogue, sometimes called an info dump or “idiot lecture”

No. 817003

you're posting it in a lolcow thread for discussing drama/stupidity. this isn't ontd where you can just discuss celebs

No. 817005

cite your sources

No. 817017

in the clip she says the baby bar is harder than the actual bar. yeah fucking right. it's called the baby bar for a reason. there are far fewer subjects tested on the baby bar than the real thing. what a condescending simpleton. she said she spent only 6 weeks studying, so it's not surprising that she failed so miserably. she tried to take a shortcut to practicing law without having to finish an undergraduate degree and write the LSAT first. she posted photos on insta of her "studying" in a bikini, clearly just doing this for clout. poor thing thought she only needed to memorize some facts without doing actual analysis. as an actual law student who worked hard to get to where I am, it's incredibly gratifying to watch her embarrass herself publicly like this.

kek I'll be writing it next year actually

No. 817027

As someone born in 1990 I can definitely vouch that my generation is full of insufferable twats.

No. 817029

You sound mad

No. 817032

Perfect, thank you anon! Claudette deserves a mention in the dictionary entry for that term btw.

No. 817035

her failure gave me a good cackle. schadenfreude =/= mad. you sound poor and barely literate.

No. 817040

Every generation is full of insufferable twats. Millenials just aren't any more or less insufferable than anyone else.

No. 817044

Shut up you dont have to be a stupid cunt wking saying what have we dumbasses done. Also, thread is ot now

No. 817051

u sound madder

No. 817061

maybe unpopular opinion but i’m not impressed. this woman has literally all the time, resources, and money in the world to optimize her education/studying & STILL can’t pass the exam? kek

No. 817068

wouldn’t the kardashians be considered interracial anyways?

No. 817077

“she spent "six weeks straight, 10 to 12 hours a day" studying for the exam.” yeaaaaa fucking right kim. i don’t even have words for that statement.

does anyone else feel like she’s gonna pop out a baby ASAP? like, i’ll bet money that she’ll be pregnant by Christmas.

No. 817079

lbr all those things just work against her because she's simply not that dedicated to being a lawyer. She has so many distractions in her busy life, so many fun and pleasurable alternatives to studying, I knew there was no chance she'd pass unless she had unusually high motivation.

No. 817080

not really, millenials actually don't do anything. our time ended when american apparel went under. now we either have z-list graphic design jobs or are in rehab for cocaine and sort of just sit around dreaming of the day we can afford our own bathroom.

No. 817104

All you bitches are turning into twitterfag triggerinas(derailing)

No. 817107

She couldn’t do anything different to her hair on her wedding day? Her poor hair.

No. 817153

File: 1622098733783.jpeg (179.74 KB, 1122x1408, 87282819-BDF5-4C1F-9E6B-216AFF…)

it's our favourite 5ft 2 hunk
ladies, any takers?

No. 817155

It’s so fucking annoying. I hate zoomers.

No. 817159

File: 1622099947925.jpg (156.87 KB, 1560x877, kanye-west-und-irina-shayk.jpg)

So Kanye might be dating professional beard Irina Shayk who was previously bearding for Bradley Cooper and Cristiano Ronaldo. I predict that Kim will go official with Van Jones within a week.

No. 817167

Thank u for posting something we’ve been discussing for 2 days straight already

No. 817172

Are her lips naturally like that or is she botched?

No. 817177

Why does miles tellers features look like someone took normal a normal face photo in photoshop shrunk them down then pasted them on another face?

No. 817191

Her wedding hair did not look good. Scraped back, with the heavy make up and the veil coming from her ponytail look! No!

No. 817201

Kek lmao she is the biggest cow of russian modeling community…I would be impressed if shes actually dating him, because usually she just bs for attention.
Afa I remember they are

No. 817204

Anything having to do with vaginas gets called TERF. It’s fucking ridiculous.

No. 817212

Lmfao anon

No. 817214

File: 1622107770053.jpeg (1.06 MB, 1222x1214, FD22BFA5-4529-4C79-8D71-CD023B…)

all that money and this is her dress for her big day? it looks like a nightie


No. 817221

I like it, but that's maybe because I'm not American.
Her face looks so old though, the drag makeup does her no favours.

No. 817237

I thought Zac Posen was gay.

No. 817252

The makeup is not to my personal taste and this permanent hairstyle is just kek but I don't see anything wrong with the dress. Ariana hate runs deep here, you'd pick her apart no matter what dress she chose. If the dress was extra anons would say she's showing off

No. 817257

I think the dress is fine. It looks like nothing special (visually) but I guess it doesn't HAVE to be just because you're a celebrity. It's probably handmade from the finest silk or smth.

No. 817261

Going simple because the wedding won't matter in 6 months when they get a divorce kek

No. 817262

She looks like an aids patient

No. 817277

>Lower belly fat (typically called the 'pooch') is there to protect the uterus.

Literally not true, it's a fat acceptance meme. The uterus is protected by the pelvic bone and is farther at the back where that little subcutaneous "pooch" would help shit. Anyway, subcutaneous fat doesn't protect organs: muscles, bones and visceral(=around organs) fat do. It is true that women have higher body fat percentage than men in part for reproductive organs to fnction well, but that belly fat is just excess fat storage sis

>We need to appreciate the female anatomy more because it's so fucking amazing.


No. 817278

>We need to appreciate the female anatomy more because it's so fucking amazing.

what's the joke(derailing)

No. 817279

Because what >>816950 said is an HAES meme repeated by people that don't know shit about anatomy. Female (and male tbh) anatomy is indeed amazing.(derailing)

No. 817280

Female anatomy is less known tbf, like it'll be rare for a person to see a standard diagram of an adult female's anatomy unless they go on to do further education in biology or related, and even then it's a stretch. I did biology Bsc and Msc and never saw the female body depicted as standard.(derailing)

No. 817283

File: 1622116660643.jpeg (108.29 KB, 828x802, 46CF6A19-67AE-426F-9598-EEC7DE…)

this lmfao. looking at the replies, seems like they’re in denial and are desperately trying to pedal the responsibility to zoomers, most of whom are still underage.

no your time is very much ongoing, unfortunately

sage for ot(bait)

No. 817285

you have to type sage in the email field you retarded zoomer. Seriously zoomers grew up with tech but so many of them are completely internet illiterate it's mind-boggling.(responding to obvious bait)

No. 817289

Begone scrotoid

No. 817290

good i hope your thin greasy hair finally gets released from the shackles that is your scalp.

No. 817296

You all are so dishonest is getting sad, we have been a decade on this shit, maybe even more and you still believe a mostly underage gen did all of this? It's just not possible, this has been happening since the 10s, older zoomers were teenagers while millennials were already adults, most sjw precedents were undoubtedly created by them. Also you need financial power to shill shit, and millennials are currently the ones who can actually do that besides boomers.(derailing)

No. 817300

y'all seething and sperging retards KEK

sage for ot

No. 817303

>doesn't sage

No. 817305

They're in denial. Most zoomers were not old enough to be on tumblr during its peak, and that's the disease that infected Twitter, TikTok etc.

No. 817308

Irony is that the zoomer vs. millennial feud in this thread started due to some knuckle-dragging 20/30-something y/o retardedly blaming teens for ruining xir dated cartoons.

Yea but millennials ITT trying to act like xir insufferable shitters are akshully the zoomer menace

No. 817309

Forgot to write: sage for ot

No. 817314

File: 1622120973243.png (339.71 KB, 1366x657, uh.png)

>sage for ot
are you joking rn(sockpuppeting)

No. 817315

File: 1622121105504.jpg (92.37 KB, 360x240, laffin monke.jpg)

please stop posting i'm in stitches(ban evasion)

No. 817320

Ironically enough of my friends said something like this last week when he didn't pass boards LMAO

No. 817336


good for her! keep at it sister.

No. 817337

I know who is behind this: https://vocaroo.com/1d0Yc8JJ7jhE

No. 817340

because he got fat

No. 817341

burgers are tragic

No. 817345

he's def gay then

No. 817349

File: 1622127393448.jpg (61.26 KB, 636x382, 42961670-0-image-a-21_16209373…)

Armie Hammer was seen in the Cayman islands and he's dating a blonde dental hygienist. His ex-wife allegedly sent 'horrible' messages to his new gf from a fake Insta account

No. 817351

isnt he a cannibal?

No. 817354

he's def a gay fish

No. 817358

Yes. Cayman Islands local gov should deport him before he goes on a crime spree tbh. Also because it’d be amazing if he got kicked out for being armie hammer the human rabies.

No. 817359

started with gen-Xers in the 90's tbh

No. 817361

Incredibly disappointing that no one one here has took one for the team yet and murdered this man.
The only downside is he'd probably be turned on by it.

No. 817366

idk if I buy his ex wife sending her messages, how would said "insider" know this kek

No. 817386

File: 1622130283572.gif (754.05 KB, 220x220, 74259213-B8CB-401E-8813-CDA51E…)

millennials ITT
>It’s boomers!!!1
>n-no akshally it’s zoomers!!!1
>it’s the elites!!

all to run away from the fact that they may be even more cringe than boomers and probably almost as destructive. the funniest thing is millennials didn’t even make the originals of any of these shitty cartoons, generation X did.(ban evading)

No. 817395

File: 1622130892966.jpeg (41.51 KB, 600x482, 813CDBB5-C4EE-4523-9554-A30F4A…)


No. 817398

lolwut? Gen xers were the original edgelords, plus they popularized the 'no labels' philosophy. They lived their lives trying to perpetually offend boomers, and their devotion to being edgy and offensive is why so many of them are going batshit insane in the current cultural climate.(derailing)

No. 817410

Why do literally all women have it, then? It's one of the easiest ways to clock trannies bc they don't have it and the only bio women who don't have it are those extreme bodybuilders. Even Olympic athletes like gymnasts have it. I had a BMI in the 15s when I was ana had it and it was incredibly triggering, if it is really such a universal thing, how can it only be a sign of fatness?(derailing)

No. 817415

Which daughter is a troon? Couldnt find anything about that on their social media.

No. 817420

I'm not a fan of Ariana at all, but yeah, criticizing her for wearing an understated dress to a small home ceremony is just stupid. Not to say the relationship is any less superficial than any other celebrity marriage, but at least it's not a disgusting display of wealth and ego. The dress is high quality, flattering and timeless, which plenty of brides would prefer, I'm not going to give her shit because she's not stupid with her money.

No. 817422

Good luck next year nonner

No. 817424

Her dress is fine and cute. I think it looking like a nightie was the point. I like her dress a lot.

No. 817431

same i love her dress its simple and elegant

No. 817446

none of them are troons, anons being retarded because one of them used to have short hair lmao

No. 817452

kek someone should put Azealia Banks on suicide watch

No. 817479

I’m a eurofag and I’m bored to tears by her dress.

No. 817570

i hate when chicks post pictures like the one top right. it's so stupidly obvious and distasteful way of just showing your ass in a provocative position (laying down from behind). social media was a mistake

No. 817575


"Literally all women" don't have it, women who have a six pack don't for example. It's just subcutaneous fat. An Olympian athlete that doesn't keep an extremely lean physique will have some fat, like everywhere else their body stores fat first.

As I said, a woman's healthy body simply has more fat (especially subcutaeous) than a man's, that why men have it easier keeping up with a very lean physique and a "thin man" is going to be wayy thinner than a "thin woman". As a ton of women store fat in the belly area, a layer of belly fat is common and can show up very quickly even if you're thin, especially if you don't work out a ton, and especially if you're bloated which makes it protude a lot more and gives a pooch appearance even on extremely thin women. It doesn't have a specific function, it's just fat that could exist everywhere else on your body like thighs or arms or whatever, but is commonly stored on the belly.

I am sorry if it's triggering. My first message wasn't to imply anyone should starve themselves to get a super flat stomach, but what you said is a myth. A layer of subcutaneous belly fat is not a specific sign of feminity and it has no particular function. We don't have to invent falsehoods to reject dangerous body ideals.(derailing)

No. 817584

I can't believe some woman is still willing to date him after all this

No. 817594

i thought this was justin mcelroy

No. 817606

Holy fuck I did too hahaha

No. 817608

Clout chasing probably. Or hoping to get some material gain out of dating his desperate ass.

No. 817626

you'd be amazed at what money will make a bitch do. like date a cannibal.

No. 817638

File: 1622148959089.png (202.48 KB, 640x448, 3curhczkdsy61.png)

Anyone has been following Bam Margera's meltdowns lately?

No. 817647

Yoooo the hell? Post more Magara meltdown screenshots

No. 817648

He's been a psycho drugged-out dipshit for a solid two years. He's as fat as his dad is and getting to be about as ugly.

I feel sorry for his kid.

No. 817649

she has the same lips in old pics

No. 817656

What set off his meltdown?

No. 817663


didnt one of them come out as a theythem or am i misremembering

No. 817667

pause…this man has a CHILD? im calling cps right fucking now

No. 817688

File: 1622152075866.jpeg (392.54 KB, 750x748, 9BE99E92-5833-477C-8874-7D2F02…)

There are some sad/hilarious gems on his Kiwifarms thread.
He’s so far gone and constantly posts videos of himself rambling and creating a made-up written language. It’s wild.
This horrible comparison was posted on KF. I remember thinking he was cute during Viva La Bam, fuck.

No. 817695

damn he is really just transforming into don vito sad to see. i honestly hope he gets better
i loved viva la bam as a kid but i fear that he has gone past the point of no return.

No. 817697

I thought it was someone posting Jonny Craig in the wrong thread until I saw the absence of tats.
He looks like a corpse pulled straight from the ocean

No. 817702

>He's as fat as his dad is and getting to be about as ugly.
Poetic justice for all the times he treated his parents like absolute shit.

Goddamn he looks 10x worse than the last time I checked in on him, and he already looked pretty bad then.

No. 817707

>for a solid two years.
Anon he's been spiralling hard since Ryan Dunn's death, it's easily been 10 years now, I feel like back in like 2014 he already promised to go to therapy, lose the weight, start skating again…

If he only looked and was like his dad it would be ok, but he seems to take more after Don Vito and we all know how that ended.
I orinally discovered him because of Him. Bam often said that Ville "introduced" him to daydrinking, meaning is partly at fault for young fanboy Bam turning out like that. But he's dropped him ages ago already.
I read on kf that his other old friends still tried to help him (around 2 years ago?), but Bam is so paranoid that he thinks everybody is conspiring against him. It's just sad at this point.

No. 817714

They’re making a new Jackass movie and Johnny Knoxville and co. wouldn’t let him be in it unless he got some help, which he obviously needs and isn’t doing. I think he’ll die soon.

No. 817720

File: 1622155665218.jpg (127.02 KB, 1080x517, 83726168292919.jpg)

Steve-o commented on one of Bam's IG videos. He keeps going off on Knoxville and Tremaine for "turning against him" and even puts blame on his own child crying for making him go crazy. I wonder if he'll ever grow up and take responsibility but he's had everything handed to him for nearly half his life just for doing stupid shit on camera so I doubt it.

No. 817725

I was checking out Steve-o’s channel the other day and it’s mind blowing how opposite his and Bam’s lives are these days. Steve-o is sober, filming his crazy adventures and travels around the world and talks about what an embarrassing asshole he was when he was drugged out. He’s still entertaining and fun to watch. Bam is a cautionary tale.

No. 817726

File: 1622156092188.jpg (57.51 KB, 875x379, IMG_20210528_005125.jpg)

Somehow sucking off Muskrat takes the cake for me