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File: 1529609131661.jpg (51.85 KB, 468x539, article-0-0C175B8000000578-3_4…)

No. 261441

Discuss celebrities with cow potential/cow like behaviors or celebrities who abuse social media, both past and present.

No. 261462

File: 1529610563641.jpg (93.32 KB, 1080x1080, 34356217_248828462519020_45467…)

I've followed Paz De La Huerta for a while and she's shown strong past and present cow potential.

>Is famous for reoccurring role in Boardwalk Empire and being one of the women sexually assaulted by Harvey Weinstein

>was fired from Boardwalk Empire for throwing her bloody tampon on the ground and asking a PA to pick it up
>Was arrested for throwing a glass and punching someone in 2011
>tried to sue production company on her last big role for three times for $50 million because they used a different actress to provide narration dialogue and she claimed it ruined her career
>claims a fall from being sideswiped by a car rear view mirror caused her to have over 40 back surgeries

More recently:

>Has no means of income and doesn't act anymore but can afford to live in a nice apartment and wear designer clothes

>ran out of monies for fillers from decent injectors
>went through a psychic/great spiritual leader phase
>Has recently learned how to ebeg, wasn't getting enough monies so she started calling out random people demanding they give her money
>takes all her selfies from the same strange, unflattering angle

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/iampazdelahuerta/

No. 261528

She serious looks trans here

No. 261583

File: 1529620415995.png (309.18 KB, 500x816, kfOcTbj.png)

Ariana Grande. Mostly because she recently got engaged to SNL's Pete Davidson after they've been publicly dating for like 3 months. They've been super public with their relationship (think Shoe0nhead/Armouredskeptic levels) and just bought a $16mil apartment together. They've gotten two pairs of matching tattoos, too.

He also fucked over Larry Davidson's daughter. I think he cheated on her?

Not to mention she's a serial cheater who happens to act like a 14 year old on Stan Twitter. She now frequently argues with her fans on there if they don't agree with her relationship.

Her makeup irrationally triggers me. I hate the red lipstick with little to no eyeliner

No. 261586

Wow to be honest I saw a picture of them together and they look quite cute. Idk about the relationship itself but he kinda has the same vibe as her when it comes to his looks? Like he's young looking and so is she.

No. 261588

same anon. I meant to type Larry David obviously

No. 261601

Pete Davidson has borderline personality disorder and Ariana's ex is Mac Miller who is an alcoholic and apparently Ariana has PTSD from the bombing at her concert in Manchester, I hope she's going to therapy because it doesn't seem like she surrounds herself with healthy relationships.

No. 261605

His bpd-ass is going to abuse the fuck out of her once the nre wears off and he feels insecure.

No. 261618

File: 1529623123504.jpeg (73.78 KB, 1024x680, AF8D97CF-F12C-4962-9BBF-C9F232…)

Wow he’s not the kind of guy I would’ve pictured her with at all. Kinda goofy looking

I’ve disliked her since she licked those donuts. Strikes me as an entitled brat

No. 261622

File: 1529623602900.jpg (66.9 KB, 780x439, paz.jpg)

even her 'good' pictures are…yeah

No. 261629

Really? To me its quite the opposite, she strikes me as the type of person to date weird, goofy but strangely cute looking guys, looks wise I feel hes a step up to Mac Miller.

I mean along with his problems and them being engaged after 3 months of dating its a no brainer that their relationship is probably not going to end well

No. 261633

I pictured her dating someone like The Weeknd. Someone in her field with similar sounds, style, and popularity.
Then again, I’m not a fan of hers. I just know her controversies and songs

No. 261682

This Ari x Pete relationship has me pressed. I know a bit about BPD through having friends and an ex with it and whilst I wouldn't discriminate or not be friends with someone because they have it, I will keep a safe distance and avoid becoming close friends with them. It's an intense af illness. What has me concerned is how fast its all moving and in my experience that's a really bad sign. BPD is characterized by black and white thinking, they go through a period where they idealize and see their partners as perfect.. and then they see faults and switch to devaluation. The way Pete talks about Ariana sounds like he's very intensely in the idealization phase. Then there's the intense fear of abandonment, often I've seen this manifest in inadvertently manipulating people to avoid being broken up with. These two characteristics alone are enough to leave some people with PTSD. Which is why I feel like this relationship will most likely burn out as intensely as it started.

TL;DR Ari and Pete are a sinking ship imo

No. 261696

I can't believe you didn't mention the time she crashed an interview in a Louis Theroux documentary about scientology.

No. 261699

File: 1529645442977.png (170.71 KB, 750x1033, IMG_0107.PNG)

I tried to focus on the main aspects but that was very milky.

Ebegging dump 1

No. 261700

File: 1529645458743.png (144.82 KB, 750x1030, IMG_0108.PNG)

No. 261701

File: 1529645475810.png (148.31 KB, 750x1023, IMG_0109.PNG)

No. 261702

File: 1529645557992.png (138 KB, 750x1055, IMG_0110.PNG)

Actual results

No. 261714

I think Pete's sort of cute in a dopey way but she's out of his league. I wasn't aware he had BPD but that's a red flag all on its own.

lol rip. The only thing I've seen her in is that porno short film Nothing Personal and all I remember from it is how distractingly weird-looking she was lol.

No. 261723

She was more of an altcelebrity but I miss Emilie Autumn and her drama: the music, the shows, the forum blog posts. Too bad all she does know is rerelease her single novel and post boring Instagram updates.

No. 261731

>These two characteristics alone are enough to leave some people with PTSD.
I don't know much about celebrities so I'm just going to lurk the thread, but doesn't she already have PTSD because of the terror attack in Manchester? It's going to get worse for her in that case then, damn.

No. 261740

File: 1529655297084.jpg (192.38 KB, 1280x1919, azealia-banks-moncler-and-greg…)

Azealia Banks!

>attacks pretty much everyone in the industry, is toxic towards other people

>uses bad (racist, homophobic…) slurs when fighting, always is over the top when attacking others
>is opportunistic as well, beguiles ppl she harassed before as soon as she sees an opportunity (e.g Nicki Minaj)
>is extremely self-righteous: always blames others, never herself
>reveals everything (vendettas, sex life, mental breakdowns, manic phases) on social media
>frequently announces big changes™, "forgiving everyone and being peaceful from now on", attacks ppl again 10 minutes later
>killed chicken in her closet to sacrifice them
>once visited a party without pants, has weird outfit choices in general (what's going on with her nipples in "Anna Wintour"?)
>insists on being misunderstood and a misjudged genius these days, is very smug about being educated after giving one lengthy, well-received interview (and nope, her intellect is not extraordinary)

I used to be her fan, but I just can't take her seriously anymore. Even her music reflects her madness these days; her overdone singing parts in AW really fit (it's still a bop, though). Newest gossip: She met up with Grimes this week and, according to AB's Instagram, got drunk while working with her. She deleted those posts afterwards and didn't mention Grimes again lol

No. 261771

File: 1529660822987.png (347.21 KB, 676x1366, #fertilequeen.png)

It's so bad.

No. 261774

Fertile queen? What the fuck. This is a 24 year old grown woman. Someone needs to smack some sense into her

No. 261785

File: 1529662156669.jpeg (95.02 KB, 750x361, C3F0DDE6-FB9F-4040-A9EA-1407AA…)

Healthy and not objectifying at all

No. 261786

File: 1529662171482.jpeg (75.59 KB, 828x608, BFD65B96-D401-4CEB-9985-DF1543…)

No. 261787

File: 1529662274484.png (62.05 KB, 523x194, hottest gurl in the world.png)

No. 261789

Clip he said that in. He talks so strangely. And Robert looks so god damn attractive, and makes him look like a random guest from the street

No. 261790

They're like that really cringe annoying high school couple.

No. 261793


A narc and a BPD get into a relationship… I can't wait to see this shit go down in flames.

No. 261794

Same, especially after the matching hand tattoos.

No. 261800

And he just got his tattoos of his ex covered up.
I think he’s fairly funny in a frat boy type of way at least for SNL

No. 261803

Honestly all this makes me sad for her. I was never a big fan of her songs or anything but she honestly reminds me of me after I went through something traumatic, and idk how I'd even feel knowing 22 people died because of my existence. She seems genuinely close to her fans and her interview on Jimmy Fallon showed she's still really messed up about it. She says she's happier than ever but she's obviously trying to fill a void and distract herself with "love", which is what I did too. I hope this ends soon and she focuses on herself.

No. 261818

fuck off and stop projecting onto her.

No. 261825

I don't feel bad for her at all.

She talked about Mac being the love of her life and their future together up until APRIL 20TH and then the engagement to Pete came out BEGINNING OF JUNE.

She cheated on him and she deserves everything bad this relationship brings her from here on out.

Poor Cazzie and Mac.

No. 261853

They look like they could be brother and sister. Gross.

Don't forget Ariana talking shit about her fans and calling them names in the elevator. She's for sure a cunt.

No. 261862

kek'd at
>killed chicken in her closet to sacrifice them
just being casually thrown in there. I remember when that happened, I thought my brother was pranking me when he read the headline.

holy shit she actually does talk like Shoe.

No. 261868

I was SO sure Ariana was a little bitch.
I hate how people portray her as a beautiful angel when she's a two faced wigga hoe

No. 261881

lmao, I haven't seen that before. Poor girl she is looking rough and obviously not all there in the mental department. Bet she gets exploited for all she's worth (which can't be much anymore?)

No. 261928

File: 1529696642106.gif (2.47 MB, 600x338, W7MnKzJ3D1w5OjNl634yKaHuVBlu-J…)

Frankie is starting to seem like the stable sibling.

No. 261933

Oh god, he was so annoying during his season on Big Brother US

No. 261937

So she was just playing herself on Boardwalk Empire? I knew that bitch was crazy for real.

No. 261938

>(what's going on with her nipples in "Anna Wintour"?)

this, her bolt ons look absolutely horrendous, its sad.

No. 261945

File: 1529703844955.jpg (10.83 KB, 225x225, url.jpg)



She was pretty when she was really young, before the insane amount of poorly thought out out fillers and surgeries It's sad but I feel like she couldn't accept being a willowy classic beauty, she had to be porn star chic. She also has horrible scarring on her breast from a tumor since early age which probably ruined her self-esteem.

No. 261946

And yet she makes jabs at a literal child and the size of her chest. Smh. Insecurity is a hell of a thing.

No. 261954

I’m all for unconventional looking guys but Pete Davidson literally looks like a donkey. Cazzie and Ariana are way out of his league (even if the latter is a bitch and gives off ddlg vibes in her image)

No. 261955

It's like his mouth is too big for him to handle, like it looks physically awkward to speak

No. 261956

Is she wearing a flesh coloured dress in the second picture? Because it looks like she put on a shrug of someone elses skin. Which right now, I honestly wouldn't be surprised if she did.

No. 261957

File: 1529706553092.png (558.14 KB, 1024x576, zZG5pxm.png)

He had veneers done all because of a small gap

No. 261958

>She was pretty when she was really young

I know this kind of thing is subjective, but I think she's pretty in that ugly sort of way. Like how some runway supermodels have fucking outstanding bodies but really weird faces. It's hard to describe but I get that from Paz.

No. 261959

File: 1529706646102.jpg (189.63 KB, 2000x1125, hJ8srlr.jpg)

Meant to reply to >>261955

Here's a better pic of his teeth for good measure

No. 261965

It's more his jaw I was thinking make him look like he's chewing his tongue but it could actually be the veneers!

No. 261966

she types like an emotionally stunted 16 year old

No. 261969

I dunno anon, I think she was pretty in an unusual way before the fillers or whatever it is that happened to her face, but right now she just looks like peaches with a set of wax candy lips

No. 261972

She cheats on all of her exes. This relationship will eventually go down in flames too.

Also Pete's voice is weird. It's a minor complaint but wtf

No. 261984

File: 1529715665549.png (235.92 KB, 750x734, IMG_0115.PNG)

I'm most triggered by the old lady perm. Just that makes her look 10 years older …

No. 261990

He literally looks like the Annoying Orange

No. 261999

File: 1529721049729.jpeg (254.56 KB, 900x1200, AEDC29B3-4C57-4DEA-8F8E-0AF8C2…)

Brought up in the art salt thread, but Emerson Barrett Kropp of Palaye Royale. I dig the music, but

>pretentious and patronizing and his art is mediocre at best.

>for some reason girls swoon over his weird, alien, lopsided face.
>instagram caption abuse with his “deep” and “philosophical” thoughts. Fun drinking game: take a shot every time he mentions “metaphysical thoughts” without actually understanding what metaphysics is.
>his band charging ridiculous prices for merch. $20 for a four-inch patch
>dresses like a damn fool
>he and his brothers produce “Royal Television” which is a really long YouTube series of them doing basically nothing and filming it
>pals with Bella Thorne so I’m waiting for the coke addiction to show up any day now

He and his brothers seem to run with a lot of cow or borderline cow people in general. They’re newer to music scene, but I’m just waiting for one of then to fuck up big time and cement cow status. My money’s on Emerson.

No. 262016

They'll probably break off the engagement soon enough because I highly doubt they'll end up getting married. I honestly don't get what Ariana gets from this relationship because he's too ugly for her, she definitely has way more money than him and considering he has bpd I dont think he would be an enjoyable person to be around.

No. 262018

File: 1529726501986.jpg (44.5 KB, 620x465, pazdelahuerta-010.jpg)

She literally looks like a guy in this one. Like a transgender prostitute.
Googling her I found exactly one picture in which she looks good and it's 9 years old. Wow.

No. 262020

Nah, BPD people are great to be around in the honeymoon phase because of the intense lovebombing. Once the new relationship smell fades and old insecurities creep up, THEN they're demonic. I assume that, considering how quickly they're moving, he's definitely lovebombing the shit out of her while she's vulnerable. Their relationship is going to explode soon.

No. 262045

Praise, affection, and attention.

No. 262083

Ariana is a narc ? I'd like to know more

No. 262091

Ariana's always been fucking weird. I think she has really intense body dysmorphia. She would only pose showing the left side of her face (she starts to break the head on blocking in the first few seconds in video related and is basically facing left for most of it). Then her drastic weightloss and she plays up how thin she are a big indicator–during the celebrity nude leaks, she responded to allegations that a nude girl was her by saying her ass was so much smaller and cuter than the girl's in the photo. The entire donut licking thing was probably her getting fucking hungry and losing her mind at the sight of donuts, imo.

No. 262094

Oh yeah, and I forgot about her ponytail. I don't want to think about how much hair damage wearing that tight-ass ponytail in nearly every promotional material or at events must've done.

No. 262095

Idk if Arianna is really a narc, I wrote that mainly because Narc and BDD often find each other and make for an explosive pairing. She does seem like a massive cunt to me.

No. 262113

File: 1529742408553.png (494.59 KB, 480x488, tumblr_inline_mfpx5umzWD1rq68e…)


she's so obviously underweight and has hinted at being ana chan before. i really do believe she had an ED, the media/PR pretended that she looks healthy and she's just "tiny teeehee" as if its not harder to look thin when you're super short. the whole vegan excuse for dramatic weight loss is the oldest one in the books. also her hair got thinner and people use "its her ponytail!" theory but lbr its probably the "she's malnourished". now she always has her hair in so many extensions to hide it and wears a lot of sweaters/loose dresses to hide her figure, unless its a photoshoot or a music video than can easily be altered. according to the internet she's like a 19 bmi but, as a similar height i can tell you she clearly isn't lmao.

now after the manchester thing. i feel for her. imagine the mental stress that people getting murdered at your concert must have caused her. a fucking 8 year old fan died. that's so fucked up i don't think she's ever going to be the same.

add that "20 people died because of you" ptsd with her ana chan tendencies, her erratic dating and cheating tendencies, and you have an absolute mess of an era with her getting married to someone as destructive as her. i actually like her music but seems like dangerous woman is gonna be her last good album/era/looks/everything. now she has shit music, shit looks, and a shit mental state probably

No. 262115

File: 1529742936182.gif (673.05 KB, 180x320, tumblr_oavgnvwZ9i1tpdzkco2_250…)


another shit quality picture but not as old

not saying she's precisely ana chan or still is, but she def looks underweight to me.

No. 262120

I just remembered she also wore that red string bracelet that was a trend among proana Tumblr users, and claimed it was something Kabbalah related. This was back in the My Everything days, I think. Personally, all the signs add up to an ED. I dunno if she's proana anymore, but she's probably restricting like hell still.

And yeah, that and her self-confirmed anxiety on top of the Manchester trauma make a really bad combo. It doesn't help that she's surrounded by yes-men, too (like the four or five other people who also got matching tattoos with her and Pete).

No. 262124

Amber rose
I have a huge hate-boner for her, due to her being a plastic-surgery fraud cow, neglecting her kids and being a shitty role-model, then when people call her out on it she just excuses them as jealous haters when people tell her she shouldn't bleach a little boys scalp

She also fucked up feminism too, she made herself out to be a feminist icon, but she's the type of feminist that's only in for it when it comes to slut-shaming and body positivity but no other reason

No. 262126

traction alopecia is definitely responsible for the hairloss around her hairline. it's pretty textbook for someone who wears extensions and tight ponytails 24/7. but she's definitely underweight. your sternum doesn't show so prominently when you're at a healthy BMI.

i feel bad for her about the manchester thing, that's definitely traumatic and i'm sure she legitimately does have PTSD from it. but she sounds like a bitch otherwise.

No. 262127

THIS. spot on,anon.

only my opinion but I feel like fame fucks people up in general. The whole Manchester thing + her huge following… Wouldn't want to be in her shoes at all tbh.

No. 262193

just saw that my netflix header was "brain on fire" with Chloe Moretz.
I hate that bitch for some reason, can't explain it

No. 262365

no tears left to cry was pretty good but I agree, I think Dangerous woman was the last quality album/era of hers we’ll see until she recovers. The light is coming was honestly fucking awful, when Nicki Minaj is the saving grace of a song you know it’s bad.

No. 262366

Normally his voice doesn't bother me but he sounds like Gilbert Gottfried here

No. 262409

File: 1529816851966.jpeg (62.38 KB, 600x400, 25B2B47D-AE69-42ED-A772-2A4569…)

Me too! I felt so bad because I hated her in Kickass and she was just a damn kid. Idk what’s wrong with me kek I seriously wanted to punch her for the entire movie

No. 262410

File: 1529816930366.jpg (44.59 KB, 440x329, mrfuccon.jpg)

Up until recently I had always thought Pete was some really lightskinned mulatto, to my suprise he wasn't black at all. For somme reason he reminded me of Dvae Chapelle in whiteface from his news anchor skits.

Even then something else about his appearence seemed familiar, then it finally came to me. He literally looks like Mr. Fuccon from The Fuccons/Oh Mikey! shorts!

Polite sage for not really contributing to the thread.

No. 262411

kids in films, especially those who are cast to be annoying and stereotypical are fucking vile. so i get what you mean.

No. 262423

His voice is awful and so is her inconsistent weird baby voice

No. 262430

She goes on some huge ass rant about how women aren’t prizes or objects then dates a fucktard who talks about her like this?

But imo the part of all of this is she’s obviously paying for everything, he’s been on snl for a hot minute like he could afford a $100 000 Ring or be able to chip in for a 16 million dollar apartment.

I can’t wait to watch this relationship burn out.

No. 262432

Out of all the complaints about these two this one is the most bizarre.

How many guys make more than their girlfriends and no one bats an eye? Does she HAVE to go for someone as rich as her? Or do you always rate a relationship on how much each person spends? wtf

No. 262433

They’ve been dating three months and she’s dropping millions on him. That is concerning regardless of gender ffs. And it’s not like he can contribute at all in a fair way so it’s very one sided concerning

No. 262439

I love Stranger Things and how she acts,
but other than that I hate Millie Bobby Brown with passion. When she talks she's so full of herself holy shit I can't stand her. Anyone else ?

No. 262441

She's a child, anon.

No. 262443

i don't understand why people hate bandwagon on some poor 14yo girl
the faggot memes were so distasteful.. i also find it funny that when the shitty people who made these memes were called out, they turned self victimizing literally having no remorse about potentially ruining the public image of a child

No. 262444

she's about as annoying as any high school freshman her age, she'll probably grow out of it

No. 262447

It was straight up cruel. A bunch of adults harassing a little kid and defending it because ‘it’s just a prank bro’

People expect far too much of child actors. Of course they’re going to be annoying and sometimes silly and sometimes stupid. They’re 14. They’re supposed to be stupid and annoying because that’s where they’re at developmentally.

No. 262450

Wait what happened? I don’t follow the drama of preteens/teens as a general rule but adults harassing a kid is actually fucked.
I feel for >>262439 cause I’m >>262409. Irrational hate of child actors is a bitch. I don’t get disliking them as an actual person. But god damn I wanted her Kickass character to stfu. Obviously I didn’t harass her about it though, reminds me of that poor Star Wars prequel kid.

No. 262452

People started shopping really awful homophobic comments into Millie’s selfies. Things like ‘gonna hit some faggots with a car today’ and she got pretty distressed (she’s an outspoken supporter of lgbtq rights) and has since deleted her Twitter and is presumably laying low hoping nobody thinks she’s out there saying this stuff.

No. 262457

Lmfao didnt Millie get in a relationship with that basically Junior Fuckboy from Vine? Hollywood is weirdly incestous like do their parents not notice the huge scandals with these people and just let their kids date terrible personalities?

No. 262458

No idea. Never got into vine and tbh have no idea how this is related or funny. Also why lmao at her being harassed?

No. 262466

Learn to sage, it was Jacob Sartorious she started dating bc I bothered to google and chill with taking internet abbreviations seriously. I barely caught a glimpse of the whole Millie ""prank""(read: harassment) but that doesn't take away the humor in another young 'super woke' actress who once again dates fuckboys with open reputations of being garbage. Its just a mini version of the same hollywood hypocrisy but bc shes young and says 'killing gays is icky' its ok and shes gonna grow up to be every little girls aspiration minus a respectable partner

No. 262468

Okay? Idk why you felt the need to share that but cool. Have fun with that.

No. 262505

Same. I don't exactly "hate" her but I find her really annoying. I guess it's because media hypes her up too much as if she's the first child actress or something

No. 262546

No. At this point i'm kinda way more annoyed at the ott hate for her being a annoying 14yo being put into the constant spotlight because of her fame. I get why people would find her to be unbearable because of the media hyping her up but that's not something Millie herself really can control and it's pretty obvious her parents are sadly trying to milk as much money out of her right now. Also what fucking gay twitter did to her was really bizarre and most of them trying to justify by saying it's a coping methods for them dealing with homophobia slurs is just a excuse to be a huge cunt.

No. 262549

File: 1529862899367.png (292.32 KB, 1400x942, 92AAC31C-9DEE-4BD4-8D52-80220E…)

The original joke was pretty funny in making fun of that happened style stories, and obviously lying SJW were the punchline, not Millie

No. 262551

I totally agree anon, I'm >>262439 and I wrote that kind of harshly without thinking, sorry for sounding like a bitch. Of course shes a kid, but I feel from watching interviews that she let it get to her head, and the other kids from the cast are obnoxious too. but I'm so annoyed when stumbling upon insta videos, the way she talks just screams "full of herself"
But tbh she's so young and so famous it's not that surprising.

(I thought she had disabled comments because of the creeps, not trolls, wtf)

No. 262578

I'm not sure if Halsey qualifies as a cow but she annoys me so much. She looks like a basic white girl yet always whines about all the racism she experiences. Maybe I'm nitpicking but there's something about her that just makes me roll my eyes so hard.

No. 262579

Maybe her very unique jaw singing?

No. 262580

she used to say she was half black and biracial now we know her dad is biracial so she's only 1/4 black lol.

her lying about being homeless is definitely cow worthy

No. 262582

It's fine; I understand being annoyed at her because I was too but then I remember being really cringy at her age and the fact she has so much fame and the internet to broadcast her weird moments makes her alot worst than it seem.
I just hope the best for her. Because it's always uncertain when it comes to child actors because they can hit a certain age and be forgotten so quickly.
Same thing happen with Chloe Motez and I used to hate her too until recently.

No. 262584

I usually hate watch this kind of videos, but a few of these about Halsey popped up recently, basically explaining she's cow material. I'd be down for a thread tbh

No. 262587

Well yeah to be fair it probably has to do with how idolized she is on internet too.
And good point, didn't think about that. Child actors can get pretty fucked up, that and growing up with so many predators easily brews disasters later on.

No. 262589

File: 1529868522841.jpg (35.98 KB, 573x401, marilyn-manson-f-ck-you.jpg)

Anyone want to do Manson? There was info/discussion on him and his milk in the Lilith Levisis thread for a while but I don't know enough to do it myself not a fan.

No. 262599

well he's definitely milky and fucked up but is there enough to build a whole thread ? Genuine question cuz the worst thing I can think of is when he punched John 5 on stage for no reason but it's frow a while back

the most recent thing I heard was this (see the link, also u should probs watch it at higher speed, guy is too slow)

No. 262602

I think the internet in general idolized the whole entire ST cast because of how the media pushes them to be portray as 'mature' for their ages. Though I still think things are getting better for child actors in the industry because of how people are more aware of how fuck their well being can get for them constantly having to deal with fame.
I still remember the shitstorm that came when Finn got hit on that 27yo model and she rightfully got shit for it.

No. 262611

depends imo, the constant internet ovation they get over breathing can get detrimental bc of the constant eye the public keeps on them.
Having to deal with so much pressure is probably really hard tbh

But I agree, the industry as a whole got better. It's still exploitative af and far from perfect, but we probably won't see another Judy Garland case (smoking so she stays thinner etc) or Judith Barsi.(as in, with today's avid watchers her levels of stress could've been noticed and investigated, and she could have been taken from her abusive dad in time)
(saged for weird comparison)

No. 262646

Really? I know people who are a quarter black can definitely look it but she looks super white.

I’m not denying that she’s mixed race, but
given how white she looks, she probably doesn’t experience much racism, if any.

No. 262658


her natural hair isn’t like a normal white person’s so maybe that could be it? not white enough to hang out with the white people and vice versa.

No. 262663

Ah. Admittedly, I’ve only seen her with a pixie cut so I had no idea what her natural hair texture was like.

No. 262676

She used to be a huge 1D stan, got angry that Taylor Swift started dating the member who looks like a frog and wrote this song in response kek.

No. 262678

same anon. There was also this

No. 262679

File: 1529894790185.png (327.61 KB, 500x494, tumblr_inline_nocsll6DQ71qam5m…)

Didn't she straighten her hair a lot though? So to someone who doesn't know her she would appear completely white. I understand that she might have done that to fit in but her biggest race struggle growing up was now knowing if she should have listened to TLC or Britney Spears. The most black thing about her is that her nipples are brown. She just tries too hard to show everyone that she's black but at the end of the day she looks like any other white person and she has never experienced life the way a black person did so I don't know why she keeps calling herself a black women. Unless she's talking about stereotypes associated with black women but you would think that someone as sjw as her would be against racial stereotypes.

While her hair is extremely curly it doesn't struck me as black curly hair either. I've seen white people with equel curly hair.

No. 262684

>not white enough to hang out with the white people
She hung out with white people exclusively in HS.
She is not biracial or anywhere near black. She just has a little drop more of black in her than the typical American Euromutt. She has absolutely no claim to black culture, and any sane person would laugh her out of the room if she claimed to be the victim of anti-black racism.
If she's black because of her half-black parent, Obama's daughters are white because of their half-white parent.

No. 262756

Some of y'all are dumb af. Genes and phenotypes don't discriminate a species because of the phenotype of their skin colour. A black and white twin can come from the same mother. You could gain 75% of all your phenotypes from your ma and receive only 25% from your dad. Race isn't a thing. If you can breed with another person you have a chance of getting their traits, it's not an absolute.

No. 262820

Cool. Doesn't change the fact that she has never
and won't ever experience anti-black racism.

No. 262829

Of course she won't, she is white.

No. 262857


You’re all fucking stupid.

She’s mixed race. What is it with Americans and race? It’s simple. One black and one white parent creates a mixed race person. She just looks more light and it can happen.

Zendaya… AGAIN. Same mix but looks darker. She’s beautiful won’t lie.

Both are mixed.

end of jesus

No. 262859

I don’t think anyone here is denying that she’s mixed. Just saying that she probably experiences little to no racism because she looks really white. Also Zendaya is half black/half white while Halsey’s dad is mixed race. They aren’t that comparable, tbh.

No. 262860

She doesn't have one black parent, stupid. She has one parent that had one black parent. 75% white, <25% black.

It doesn't matter if she's technically mixed, she looks 100% white.

No. 262869

>Zendaya… AGAIN. Same mix
You're an idiot. Zendaya's father isn't only half-black.

No. 262877

Siblings can inherit completely different genes from parents than other siblings do. When genes get divided out they're reshuffled, can create new variations and pigments such as eye and hair colour. Heck some people end up more resembling a different blood relative such as an uncle or grandmother more than their parents because of the way genes are divided and passed on.

Snoop Dogg has more European ancestry than Charles Barkley. Racism is a term to describe discrimination on skin colour, Halsey is white. Zendaya has a much more noticeable darker complexion in comparison. So weird how race gets treated as binary but 700 genders are up for grabs.

No. 262878

There's theories that the Neanderthals from Europe that breed with Homo Sapiens introduced the lighter pigmentation. Homo Erectus is the human species that has lived longest on earth and we overlapped with them too. They're from Asia and were extremely intelligent and more docile.

There have been many other human species before us and our species has been in contact and wiped out most. Homo Sapiens are destructive. I think if we were able to map the genomes of other human species we'd find a hell of a lot shared DNA. The concept that the colour of our skin can be used as some type of arbitrary judging factor of the potential of a person is ridiculous and insulting.

No. 262889

Well, that was painful. I thought she sounded bad now but jesus christ.

No. 262977

>Racism is a term to describe discrimination on skin colour
This is so stupid. Skin color is not the entirety of race. Otherwise some Japanese people would be considered white and some Indians would be considered black. Race is not just the color of your skin and you have to be five to think it is.

No. 263002

Ethnicity is a better term. Race isn't considered scientific.

No. 263003

Hating on foreigners or those of different ethnicities is xenophobia. Racism as a concept is dumb af, as you said people from the same ethnicity can have different skin colours. My Mum is xenophobic, but does find certain ethnicities attractive so it's not hate based on aesthetics but of perceived cultural differences.

No. 263058

File: 1530034223483.jpg (307.95 KB, 1080x851, 20180626_132903.jpg)

Nayrt buy I read a theory once that said akin pigmentation was derm 8i need by geographic location, and people with paler skin are from higher altitudes and mountain ranges where its dark more often than in warmer areas, so their skin became lighter to absorb more vitamin d from the sun. I also read that may be why white people less often have lactose intolerance, because the ability to drink milk/eat dairy as an adult allowed for more calcium in their diet. Sage for ot and nobody probably cares.

No. 263185

File: 1530053186253.jpg (172.23 KB, 1201x1800, 1529351497918.jpg)

Lindsay Lohan. Her current Muslim phase is Miranda Constable-tier.

No. 263193

jesus christ what happened to her? i thought the drugs would keep her skinny

No. 263196

It's odd her arms and legs are skinny is it bloat her feet even look bloated

No. 263236

File: 1530065035049.jpeg (310.96 KB, 1200x1799, 8DE1B9A0-0EF2-47DC-9DF4-89DB8C…)

Too much purging, drugs, starving, etc. but that is also a terrible photo. She looks strange and a lil pudgy on her belly but not so deformed

No. 263240

File: 1530066607435.jpg (21.27 KB, 400x400, 068tMTFH_400x400.jpg)

He's not extremely famous but I can't stand him. He and his wife call their relationship queer despite them being a man and a woman aka a heterosexual relationship. His wife even claims that she's a lesbian.

No. 263253

That’s who she basically is on the inside kek

No. 263255


Despite drug addled behavior and such I'm convinced after watching her trainwreck reality TV series that her main issues is with alcohol. She couldnt even be half assed to hide bottles of wine in the bg of her self film sessions despite claiming she was going to AA.

She looks like a typical functional alcoholic entering middle age.

No. 263256

sameanon, meant during her reality TV show, they gave her a camera and told her to film herself on her off hours and you can clearly see wine in the BG even though she made a massive deal in every episode about her sobriety

No. 263265

This map doesn’t look right for Australia. Quite a few Aboriginal clans are very, very dark-skinned. Similar in skin colour to the Sudanese.

No. 263267

Do these kinds of girls not realize that they can just say 'Bi with a preference for women' instead of pretending like they're lesbians lmfao

No. 263270

If she has a husband, I highly doubt she has a preference for women…

No. 263273

File: 1530081834508.png (901.13 KB, 1245x835, gimp.png)

I've spotted this guy around. Had no idea he had a wife? It looks like he just figured out how to get 10x the attention and money, because he's good looking, from the gay community, instead of just being a mediocre actor.

from his insta:
>“I’m stuck in a really interesting place right now in my own education and
journey and it’s something that I work on every day, but it’s exciting. It’s
explorative. My fluidity far transcends my sexuality and my gender identity.
It’s everything I am, and every–thing I stand for. It even saddens me that
we’re in this place in the world that we have to fight for these things right
now. I think really with social media and the interconnectivity of all of us, we are able to talk about it and find our tribe in a way that hasn’t really existed before and that is so beautiful. We’re living in the last generation that will ever know what life was like before the Internet, which is fucking crazy to
think about. The exponential rate at which we’re moving towards this
singularity is so magical but so crazy. I think gender and sexuality are just
part of that.”

try hard. what a cow.

No. 263275

File: 1530082081776.png (49.11 KB, 1097x386, gimp2.png)

from his wiki

No. 263280

File: 1530084454047.png (252.45 KB, 698x473, Tyu.png)

I checked his instagram and he's so flicking pretentious and full of himself. He's not breaking anything just because he wears dresses sometimes.

No. 263281

File: 1530084471750.jpg (61.86 KB, 400x600, Nico Tortorella Ketel One Fami…)

No. 263282

File: 1530085003628.jpg (84.97 KB, 390x600, Nico Tortorella Rising Stars G…)

No. 263283

Jesus Christ I can almost hear him straining to be noticed

No. 263284

If you're trying to break something, at least make sure it looks good. Like wtf is that.

No. 263286

His face is so punchable.

No. 263412

Oh no, this is teeth clenching levels of obnoxious.

No. 263462

Jesus, she's shaped like tan mom

No. 263558

Was looking for something else yesterday and found this video of Evan Rachel Wood testifying about being sexually assaulted ten years ago.
Who did Evan date ten years ago, when she says this happened? Marilyn Manson.
Here's what she says he did:
>Mental, physical and sexual abuse
>Threats against her life, severe gaslighting, brainwashing
>Waking up to Marilyn Manson raping her when he thought she was unconcious
>Ritualistically binding her hands and feet to be mentally and physically tortured until he felt she had "proven her love for him"

Anyone surprised he's a pig?

No. 263591

>Anyone surprised he's a pig?
Absolutely not. I've been aware of his short film Groupie for years now so it's obvious he has sadistic tendencies. I didn't know about Evan Rachel Wood though.

No. 263693

who the hell wears a bathing suit like that when your boobs obviously need more support.
A supporting bikini would've been so much better despite showing the little bit of pudge.

No. 263815

File: 1530296696030.jpg (64.04 KB, 634x850, 4B5E740A00000578-5639671-image…)

That delightful young lad Marco Pierre White Jr. Spoilt son of celebrity chef Sr. Behaved scandalously on Big Brother. Launched a line of over priced sex toys. Every successive girlfriend is the one and only true kitten.

Most recently, in chronological order




No. 263934

File: 1530337717946.jpg (77.11 KB, 449x636, memories.jpg)

Funny you should post him so soon after Lindsay. He's fucking insufferable, as other anons have said.

No. 264225

File: 1530430097330.png (466.14 KB, 919x452, t1fOCj9.png)

>pretty lil thing holds her own in a room of men in suits ♡

if she were an internet celeb instead of a traditional celeb she would def have her own thread here

No. 264228

File: 1530431214561.jpg (59.35 KB, 960x435, https_//blogs-images.forbes.co…)

She's so embarrassingly full of herself.
Her character is super cute tho.

No. 264240

Ariana Grande is such a cow, with her uwu smol cute but thot persona, and she can be pretty weebish at times too. And all her baby talk makes me cringe soo bad

No. 264250

Her character is basically a ripoff of Fran from FF XII (sage for salty sperging)

No. 264253


>A short, orange-coloured, blatantly balding, raging anorexic

>"pretty lil thing"


No. 264261

She looks like a grandma. wtf

No. 264279

With Ariana I kind of excuse her because she clearly hasn't been very okay since Manchester. Sure she didn't seem the nicest celebrity out there before the bombing, but now she always sounds mentally unstable

No. 264299

File: 1530461844340.jpg (97.29 KB, 634x403, 3C373CC900000578-0-image-m-70_…)

Except she posted this BEFORE Manchester. This has nothing to do with the attack, it's literally just what she's like.

>#cute #butalso #CEO


No. 264300

File: 1530463833992.gif (1.05 MB, 245x200, tumblr_mj0hh8Ca211qebbs7o1_250…)

Girl has been annoying long before Manchester. I feel bad for her when it comes to that incident but otherwise….

Pictured: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fB57Zc4DcnE
~Pinky promise me u won't buy weed uwu~

No. 264303

She always put that sweet persona for the camera but we saw her ugly attitude in her donut video. What kind of person screams "Wtf is THAT?" right in front of a polite employe? A rude entitled bitch.

No. 264307

File: 1530465046781.png (531.06 KB, 678x1024, WJj1zs1.png)

Nicki Minaj. She's always bragging about her accomplishments. That doesn't sound bad on paper but she comes across as incredibly insecure in actuality. She recently had a meltdown over some girl's completely benign tweet.

Plus she supports her pedo brother.

No. 264309

File: 1530465300158.jpg (98.02 KB, 1200x790, Dg5qcF3XcAIhn9K.jpg)

No. 264310

>I'm 34
>My bad I'm 35
did she literally forget her own age lmao

No. 264319

I can’t stand that bitch. Remember that time she sperged over not getting nominated for an MTV award and said it was racism because Taylor Swift got nominated instead? While’s their nothing wrong with pointing out racism, I highly doubt that was the case there and Nicki just came off as a huge narcissist.

No. 264320

So she’s pretty much if Shoe was a pop star instead of a YT personality that caters to neckbeards.

No. 264326

Agreed anon. I believe Beyonce had been nominated as well, so maybe it had less to do with skin color and more to do with the fact that Anaconda was a shit song/video. And when she shaded Taylor ("skinny white bitches") and taylor responded rightfully so, Nicki played dumb like "Wasn't talking about you!! Stop making this about you!!!11" Bitch, she was the only skinny white girl in that category. I think Ed Sheeran had been the only other white person (if my memory is correct) and he's not skinny nor female. Nicki did come off so narcissistic and everyone sided with her, I don't see why more people didn't pick up on the snowflaky behavior. like u said, calling out racism is great, but that didn't seem like the case at all.

No. 264329

Are you under 20 or something? People eventually start to lose track because it no longer makes much of a difference. It's normal.

No. 264339

Yeah to an eurofag like myself I find the american "my great grandmother was half black so that makes me black" mindset retarded, Zendaya looks 100% white to me. Just with a slightly darker complex similar to mediterraneans.

jesus christ this narcissistic hoe is insufferable. She's gotten a ton of plastic surgery done and flaunts her achievements every chance she gets, acts like a racist bitch and spits on everyone else despite her music being so goddamn bad.

No. 264340

I don't get why Taylor Swift is hated so much. Meanwhile Kanye West is a talentless little prick, but somehow is allowed to act like he's god.
Regarding that incident, anybody who does that to a teen is fucking disgusting.

I also don't get why Chris Brown is so popular in the US after what he did to Rihanna, how can they forgive that?

No. 264342

As an American myself, I don’t deny our racial politics and identity can be retarded but Zendaya does look pretty mixed to me. She’s darker than your average Mediterranean, at least.

I find Taylor Swift to be annoying and overrated but I also think the criticism against her is too much as well. As much as I hate saying this, I honestly think it’s because she’s this “basic” white girl, people see her as an easy target. I also agree about the double standards with Kanye but at least he got a lot of backlash when he interrupted her at the MTV movie awards (and rightfully so).

And God, I hate Chris Brown so much. The fact that he still has a decent career after beating the shit out of Rihanna and still has a huge victim complex over it enrages me.

No. 264343

Idk sis plenty people hate Kanye and think he's delusional.

No. 264350

kanye is not talentless. you sound just as basic as taylor

No. 264352

holy fuck, why does lolcow have such a huge problem with girls who are petite?

No. 264353

she's not anorexic, according to all measurements of hers I've found online she's normal sized

No. 264354

What makes you say anyone has a problem with petite women?

No. 264356

>Zendaya looks 100% white to me
damn really? She looks mixed as hell to me. I'm about her same skintone (I'm half white) and nobody ever considered me a white girl growing up nor would I ever call myself one.

No. 264364

What are you talking about?? Nobody would have a problem with her being petite (read: actually just short af) if she wouldn't act so "uwu I'm such a sm0l child teehee"…
It would be the same as some VS model using the caption "so tall and skinny in a room full of average people" - that's simply obnoxious.

Am I replying to bait?

No. 264368

So talented.

No. 264369


Yeah, because your entire ribcage poking out like this >>262115 is so healthy and normal. Also the legs: >>262113

Inb4 "ur just a jelly fatty uwu" I don't give a shit, anyone who isn't an ana-chan too can clearly see she starves herself to stay so thin.

No. 264387

I'm petite myself but I don't go around letting everyone know that, I think what we all are criticising here is not her size but the way she acts. Like the other anon said she is basically shoeonhead but in celebrity form. She is cringy af let's get real

No. 264391

I have thought she was anachan since the donut saga. My tinfoil is that she projects her unhealthy relationship to food into others and redirects her self hate towards others. Her statement after the incident reflects this IMO

>"food is very important to me and I sometimes get upset by how freely we as Americans eat and consume things without giving any thought to the consequences that it has on our health and society as a whole"

So its tl;dr "Americans are gross fatties who eat donuts and it disgusts me"

No. 264403

it's not obnoxious, it's just the truth lol

No. 264404

I'm literally that thin and I don't starve myself or anything. people here need a reality check.

but like… Americans ARE gross fatties

No. 264405

File: 1530495984937.jpeg (172.71 KB, 800x1337, BC7D7BBD-47E3-4EFA-B9AB-C2295D…)

If you’re so thin your rib cage is showing, you need to do targeted workouts on the area to build muscle. You can be slim without being bones. Considering she has all the time and money for a personal trainer, her being so slim is a choice. She could be fit instead.

No. 264406

File: 1530496193334.jpeg (63.26 KB, 435x579, 6304DD64-193A-4679-8B4A-478E55…)

*is showing to an extreme
Not just showing, my mistake

No. 264407

File: 1530496245585.jpg (32.32 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

Sure, but Ariana likely isn't that small naturally like some people. Before becoming a pop star she didn't look petite, she just looked like a normal girl

And if she hates gross American fatties so much, then maybe don't go into a donut shop? Just a thought.

No one forced her inside the bakery filled with gluttonous food

No. 264408

Different anon, but of course her ribs are going to show in the position she's doing. Pretty much any non-fat person's would…

No. 264412

File: 1530496979334.jpeg (55.98 KB, 611x658, DB6979A8-CBC0-4F74-8494-2339CC…)

No, hers show basically always. Google it, I don’t want to spam with pictures of her

No. 264414

File: 1530497174116.jpeg (161.59 KB, 634x1024, E7F05438-09A8-4133-9DF8-1790B4…)

No. 264416

Like the other anon said, if you're posing like that your ribs are going to show if you're reasonably thin.

>you NEED to change your body if you're thin

this is ridiculous. If she exists like that in her normal state then it's okay. I'm just saying that she doesn't necessarily starve herself to look like that. relax.

her frame actually looks like it's more suited to being thin. some people naturally have a frame that looks better when it's fatter.

>don't go into a donut shop

>implying that the two choices are "be a fatass" and "never eat donuts ever".
you guys are like cartoons

these are rib-showing poses again

No. 264417

File: 1530498733544.jpeg (45.57 KB, 500x763, 23D6AA2C-9360-4ED4-BB11-D3FCC6…)

Ok anachan.

No. 264419

File: 1530498950708.png (230.77 KB, 300x399, 45B03FBE-5978-4732-BAC3-92CF66…)

>is just the pose!!!

Has literal photos of her skeletal chest itt
If every pose makes you look malnourished, and you used to look fine before you became famous, I doubt it’s “natural”

No. 264425

/??? her collarbones are showing, that's true for a lot of people who aren't anachan.

you thinking that that's "skeletal" basically confirms you're a fatty.

>used to look fine

No, she looked chubby. it didn't look right with her frame.

If you look at someone like Rihanna, she looks good when she's chubbier. She didn't look good when she was skinny.

No. 264426

Everyone forgetting that Nicki Minaj went bowling with her rapist brother (who raped his prepubescent step-daughter) after their family bailed him out with her own money is fucked up.

Ribs are going to show in these poses for many people who are just average weight, but it's pretty freaky to see such low body fat to the point you can see the skin wrapping around cartilage and that much caving inwards unless it's someone doing stomach vacuums or sucking in. It's not like she's doing yoga or hyperextending–she's just got her arms above her head and arching her spine.

That much rib showing is natural for some people, but Ariana's not someone who is waify from a naturally low appetite. Considering her weight loss, hair fall out, and how much she plays up being tiny, it's more likely she's got disordered eating in one way or another.

No. 264427

We get it. She's thin. Some people just have a lower amount of fat on their upper body, so a lot of people can be in what's considered a healthy weight and still have their shoulder bones show.

No. 264430

Her brow lift and the stare she does on the red carpets seriously creeps me the fuck out. Like she's completely dead behind the eyes.

No. 264436

what do you guys think she weighs now? she's really not that short. she's 5'3, according to herself.i don't think her thin-ness means she's anorexic, just that she maintains a kind of low weight. you don't need to be anorexic to do so.

No. 264437

This is kind of uncomfortable to look at. It’s like she either goes full lolita/pedo-bait or full thot when neither works for different reasons.

No. 264439

Ariana seemed a little more genuine in her Victorious days. She was still kinda cringey but she wasn’t kekworthy than as is she is now. I guess this is what fame has done to her.

Her vocals also seem to be on a decline. I’m not an expert of singing/vocal techniques but there seems to be s dofference between her voice before and now.

No. 264440

Forgot to link to the video I’m referring to when I bring up her vocals.

No. 264441

Literally nobody has liked Kanye West ever since he claimed slavery was a choice, anon.

No. 264442

idk anon /mu/fags and shit still try to pretend like he's a god

No. 264443

File: 1530502864928.jpeg (25.6 KB, 227x222, 3878745F-6B7E-46FA-8545-E97C3E…)

>thinking Ariana was ever chubby

The left is before. She was a normal weight

No. 264444

File: 1530502975907.jpg (41.08 KB, 350x500, Sexiest-Bikini-Body-Rihanna.jp…)

>She didn't look good when she was skinny.

No. 264446

Funny fan video on what she eats. One snap shows a thing of sugar snap peas with
>post-show dinner
If she’s performing and then eating nothing but sugar snap peas then kek

No. 264447

Chubby is often used for people with frumpy/out of shape looking bodies. I don't think anyone thought she was overweight or anything.

No. 264448

File: 1530503861152.png (3.89 MB, 1334x750, 3AE22EE6-630E-4B6F-93F0-19BCBA…)

No. 264450

I always thought they went a bit oot with her characterization on Boardwalk Empire, but now I think they wrote that role specifically for her. She has a seriously punchable face.

Also I checked her Wikipedia page out of curiosity, and I was surprised to learn that her father is apparently a Spanish duke.

No. 264451

That's edamame, which still isn't a lot, personally.

Also she got a tattoo that matches Davidson's, which is in remembrance of his dad. This would be cute if they've been dating for longer than a few months and if she actually met his dad. It's just weird in this context.
>Eagle-eyed fans have noticed the singer has the number 8418 inked on her foot; it is the badge number of New York firefighter Scott Davidson, who died during the terror attacks on September 11 2001.

>reformatting a post because of annoying repetitive phrases

No. 264452

File: 1530505257117.jpeg (51.18 KB, 540x359, 2EE2C0F0-C8AD-4D78-97FF-A23F85…)

Til thanks, I’ve never heard of that before and her meal looks exactly like sugar snap peas to me.

On another topic, I feel like Demi Lavato is a cow. Her “documentary” keeps popping up on YouTube ads and I’m wondering if any anons have seen it?

No. 264472

File: 1530511830218.png (78.01 KB, 423x348, C7E11BDD-1094-4381-B0B1-0B81FA…)

Haven’t heard of a documentary about her coming out until now. I just know that she’s a huge hypocrite who’s really rude to her fans. Oh, and she also admitted that one of her “funniest pranks” was getting a prostitute to sexually harrass her friend.

No. 264473

File: 1530511864643.png (1.12 MB, 1192x634, over.png)

Nicki is over. She never recovered from Shether. She's supposedly "living her best life" and "being kween" yet she's out here writing dissertations to nobodies on twitter while on vacation. She's insecure and it shows. She pushed her album back twice and bombed her BET awards performance. She looked like a rotisserie chicken when she was on that pony. She needs to lay off the fat transfers because she's starting to look matronly, out here shaped like Aunt Jemima. And her hair stylist has been asleep at the wheel for some time. Chun-Li is one of the worst songs ever produced. The beat sounds like a depressed elephant.

No. 264475

How is that average? Are you american? this is fat.

No. 264478

File: 1530512767799.jpeg (75.14 KB, 600x1067, 84DA19E1-259E-4F11-B2DC-66DCA2…)

Kek is this bait or a troll? If you genuinely think this is fat, I feel really bad for you.

No. 264479

can you imagine what would happen if demi was a dude and she sent a male stripper to grope her female friend’s genitals with no permission? how the fuck does stuff like this just fly under the radar?

No. 264481

I mean she does look average in this pic but in the one higher she look fat, probably just an unflattering angle.

No. 264483

File: 1530513527970.jpeg (99.16 KB, 640x645, 622FBDEB-BBAF-448C-A262-E7B2AA…)

>how the fuck does stuff like this just fly under the radar?
Easy. She’s famous and her friend is an irrelevant dude. People also feel sorry for her because she’s talked about being hooked on drugs before and recovering (even though there are rumors out there that she’s lying about being sober).

She also deleted that tweet by the way and responded to criticisms with a shameless plug for her music and a non-apology.

No. 264484

File: 1530513556245.jpeg (34.99 KB, 640x332, D284D75D-328D-48E3-B1AC-0F3F73…)

No. 264485

File: 1530513679780.jpeg (65.8 KB, 638x830, 8B75C77B-7EF4-4E95-B1B0-6D83C6…)

>sorry if YOU reacted to my bullshit
Cow confirmed

No. 264486

jesus. she’s the fucking worst. cognitive dissonance to the max, she needs to understand that just because she’s been sexually abused it doesn’t mean she’s incapable of doing it to someone else or being part of the problem.

low key kinda hope she just fucks off into drug-addled obscurity and keeps her fat ass out of the spotlight, just another irrelevant ex disney mess. the fact that people will still stan for someone like this is fucked, i hope they grow out of that.

No. 264498


>sHe SaCrifiCed ChiCkEnS!!!

>eats hormone riddled factory slaughtered McChickens on the daily

the amount of fake outrage over that incident.

Troll on azealia troll on

No. 264501

It isn't socially acceptable to sacrifice chickens, that's just weird

No. 264502

nta but as weird as it may be, it's no worse imo.

No. 264504

I don't feel bad for the chickens I just think it's fucking weird and gross. srs if she didn't have a blood-filled closet dedicated to it I wouldn't even care that much lmao. Like you really can't find a better place to slaughter your chickens??

No. 264520

I'm definitely not going to pretend to care about the chickens, what's weird is that she left the blood rotting in the closet for years and somehow still thought that would be appropriate to post on social media given the bizarre nature of it. Like what kind of fucked up frame of mind would someone have to be in to think that is a good idea? That's a worrying level of I don't give a fuck. Where the hell was her PR?

No. 264521

File: 1530531817602.jpg (52.46 KB, 475x299, nicki-minaj-anaconda.jpg)


So much this! It was bizarre to see her on social media like this, same goes for her parading around without pants. That's what I meant when I wrote that she reveals everything on social media. I don't think it's normal to kill chicken in your closet, but hey, you do you, boo. However, discussing this on your Instagram account AND sharing pics of it shows that you're delusional. Her talking about her man's dick and things like that is pretty similar (not that bizarre though). I think she probably didn't really have a team for a long time and now, they still don't seem to know what they are doing. Her PR is horrible and I cringe every time I read her posts.


Wouldn't put it like that because I am a fan, but I also thought she looked… weird… at BET awards. And it's true; she really seems insecure most of the time. It especially shows in her non-choreographed Instagram face filter clips. Those make me really aggressive as she keeps fixing her hair in those and is always busy with checking her looks.

>The beat sounds like a depressed elephant.

I kek'd

No. 264523

I don't get all the Azaelia stans on here, she's objectively nuts, and the chicken closet is objectively disgusting. Even if you don't care about her casually slaughtering chickens, she was literally killing them in her house? And…not even cleaning up? What?? You stan this mess? lmao.

She also was (is?) a cutter etc. I kind of like her music but she's such a wreck. I have no idea what would inspire a #metoo abuse survivor to talk about a guy being groped without his consent like it's a funny prank.

No. 264546

I'm >>264369 and oops, I guess I meant sternum not ribcage, English is not my first language. My bad. I know well that ribs will show up on pretty much anyone even at normal weight if they stretch their arms up and arch their back a little, like here >>264412

However, >>264417 >>264419 this kind of sternum you literally only see on either a) sickly, frail old ladies or b) anas. Yeesh, that chest and shoulder area IS skeletal. Also lmao >>264448 what sane person calls a box of edamame a dinner. Especially after doing a show. This is some Fit Vegan Ginger shit.

However her being the ana is not the main issue, it's the pedobait uwu smol Lolita act and how cunty she actually is irl behind that cutesy facade that REALLY makes her a cow.

No. 264549

At the risk of sounding like a 32”-waist-chan, her upper body looks a lot like mine and I’m definitely not ana. My upper body just doesn’t hold onto fat and it all goes to my lower abdomen, hips and thighs instead (+ I have no upper body muscle). Not everyone with a visible sternum is emaciated, different people have different fat distribution.

This particular person might be ana though, idk. I also agree that she’s pretty obnoxious from the little I’ve seen of her.

No. 264555

>My upper body just doesn’t hold onto fat
Ok that’s nice but she’s not always looked like this which is the point.
Even as a vegetarian, the “not cleaning it up” part is the worst for me. How sick must you be to not mind the smell or presence of rotting blood. Gag.

No. 264578

She's 5'0-5'1, not 5'3

No. 264605

File: 1530550332911.png (20.35 KB, 452x182, 5'3.PNG)

i trust what she says on twitter more than those guessing game height estimations. majority of the time, they're off.

No. 264606

File: 1530550474924.png (11.31 KB, 799x108, june.PNG)

samefag but kek, no wonder those height reports are saying she's 5'0, she's a fucking shoe0nhead 2.0, magically going backwards in height the more she obsesses with being tiny. i think it's more likely she's the height she claimed to be before she had an obsession with being a loli thot

No. 264609

god she's fucking retarded

No. 264628

Damn she is literally shoe0nhead, I've always found her loli thot act so disgusting honestly. I don't care if she is an ana chan or not but she is cringy as fuck, a serial cheater, a weeaboo and a tiny smol uwu thot. She is a cow

No. 264631

She sound mad insecure about her dwarfism.

No. 264635

Where I come from being under 5 ft legit counts as disability and you're not allowed to drive unless their changing your car, so that your short legs can reach properly lol
Not sure what's she finds so great about that…

No. 264637

File: 1530555321034.jpg (70.41 KB, 427x640, ariana-grande-gallery.jpg)

i dont think 5'3 is dwarfism. it's only one inch below average. more like she knows she looks young, bodily and facially, and wants to capitalize fully on that by playing up the uwu tiny girl image for gross men. she lies about her foot size too. she claims to be a 6 and says the same shit "theyre just tiny uwu" but they look pretty big relative to her height, and larger than a 6 for sure

No. 264639

File: 1530557235780.jpeg (318.58 KB, 750x1068, 37D6DF17-11F7-46B0-AC9B-1B15C6…)

Nah just pedo-bait trying to capitalize on the freak fans she picked up while working for Disney

No. 264640

Do you guys know what an hyperbole is?

No. 264644

that anon probably thinks this is chubby.

(nice quads)

No. 264649

lmao now I need to know what country of giants you're from 5' isn't even that tiny.

No. 264656

but 5'3 isnt even remotely tiny imo. it's petite, but i wouldnt even say dwarfism as a joke esp in this context since she thinks being one inch below the us avg is SOOOO tiny, infant-like pedobait

No. 264659

File: 1530560660678.png (289.38 KB, 589x593, 6bOfAMb.png)

Pete stated that Ariana was more famous than Britney Spears because "Britney Spears didn’t have a terrorist attack at her concert".
wew. let's see how this turns out.

No. 264662

>she lies about her foot size too
no fucking way LOL. where did she say this?

No. 264665

What the fuck. I don't care or know about celebrities all that much but if I were her I would dump the guy, that's just disrespectful to everyone involved if he was saying this to brag about her being famous.

No. 264676

Yikessss, I hope there is backlash

No. 264679

I think she's a lowkey ageplayer/DDlg. Something about a 25 year old acting like a smol baby teen just feels wrong to me. I can't wait until she hits 30 and starts piling on the plastic surgery.

No. 264680

that's funny coming from the new k-fed

No. 264690

Jesus fucking christ this BPD-ridden fuckboy needs to GO

No. 264700

File: 1530567568844.jpg (48.32 KB, 640x640, 609a748df6aead8c41f9fa5dfcfbc2…)

See, this is an example of why I feel so grossed out about the way she acts. Like wtf it's that face with that pose? all innocent but also im a thot fuck me. It's creepy tbh

No. 264703

File: 1530567703063.png (19.83 KB, 479x318, Screen-Shot-2014-12-03-at-10.4…)

this is her with taylor swift who is only 3 years older than her, and she is acting like a goddamn toddler.
sage for samefag and cause im basically just raging at her pedobait

No. 264706

File: 1530569225969.jpeg (32.88 KB, 430x610, CB9C4BC5-74AE-4B36-95C1-90113D…)

God that’s her go to look

I also think it’s fucking insane she only let people take photos of one side for years.

No. 264707

File: 1530569249586.jpeg (73.6 KB, 600x900, CE40DC5B-0E34-4A82-9DC5-915F38…)

Also her school girl shtick is icky imo.

No. 264709

File: 1530569298990.jpg (48.58 KB, 557x551, ariana-grande-debuts-yours-tru…)

Her first album cover was super creepy. She had to change it to something more normal due to fan backlash.

No. 264712

How old was she here? this is definitely creepy pedo bait.

No. 264713

No. 264717

Yuck, but I'm loving the discussion on ~*Baby Ari*~. For some reason, it doesn't look like this was shot for female 10-35 fans lol.

Also I really wish someone would come forth with receipts about the timeline of her and Pete's relationship!! NY Mag and other outlets have made articles kinda alluding that Pete cheated with Ariana.

Also her ring is not well-designed imo.

No. 264722


fuck, i've seen ddlg bitches on insta/tumblr more subtle than that. that's gross, no wonder they pulled the plug.

No. 264723

to make this even worse, this was her first cd after her Nickelodeon days.. let that sink in

No. 264724

I don't believe she markets herself to young girls as much as she does to rich perverts. They eat up the cutesy, innocent act paired with booty shorts and the "fuck me daddy" face. If she didn't do the babythot stuff she wouldn't have blown up as huge as she did.

No. 264726

She def has a lot of younger fans, just look at her Twitter/Insta replies. I assume most of those bratty accounts are run by 14 year olds.

But yeah, she wouldn't have made it as far without the Nickelodeon loli shtick. I think the whole ~next Mariah Carey~ angle helped her a bunch as well, though at least her team had the sense to drop that early on.

I wonder how long she can keep being cutesy. She's 25, which isn't old by any means, but it's too old to be acting like this.

No. 264736

She looks young enough to pull it off IMO. I don't see her aging poorly at all

No. 264738

I honestly think she still looks like she had ed behavior during this time… the way her rib age is exaggerated like that, I wouldn’t be surprised if she was unfit and heavier before she got relatively famous and with the attention and music career decided she should go for the whole skinny celeb thing or whatever

No. 264744

I think they’ve been dating on the DL for a long time or at least flirting. So while it seems like their moving really fast they’ve actually been ~together~ for a while and have just now gone public. I heard this on some gossip radio station I was half listening to

No. 264745

this is shit is due to explode any day now. davidson's a fucking idiot on top of being bpd, there's no way this won't go down in flames. i can't wait. all those stupid fucking tattoos, too…he probably thinks he has the deal sealed.

No. 264746

File: 1530585718730.png (304.06 KB, 475x594, E1227061-AFAE-49FE-8A8D-4119DA…)

>all those stupid fucking tattoos, too…he probably thinks he has the deal sealed.
Surely he's not that stupid. He got a tattoo for Larry David's daughter when they were dating and look how that ended…

No. 264747

File: 1530585984588.jpg (382.48 KB, 801x798, pete-davidson2.jpg)

No. 264748

Wow, he didn't learn from before not to get tattoos of his girlfriends? BPDfags are wild.

No. 264764

>I said I was crazy before I knew I was crazy
He acts like he's 14… How does he stay employed at SNL??? And tbf he clearly didn't care as much about cazzie (probably bc she's not "the hottest girl in the world!!", ew) since that ugly tat is vague af.

No. 264773


imagine dating a guy who did this… an UGLY guy who did this… ariana get some therapy girl it was not your fault we promise.


there have been rumors of ariana cheating since forever. i remember hearing that the weekend's the hills is about sleeping with ariana (when he dated mac miller i think). i didn't believe it at first but all these rumours have popped through the years like, there has to be a reason why. ariana sleeping with a guy in a relationship (maybe even she was in a relationship too) would not surprise me.

No. 264775

File: 1530600318952.jpg (144.48 KB, 634x907, article-2450572-189FB90E000005…)


man, that really puts it to perspective uh?

miley was naked showing her tongue out after disney. but somehow ariana after nick dressing as a nymphet seems more fucked up to me. she's just, she looks too legit in the underage and underweight uwu getup, i get the creeps >>264707

No. 264776

Even if Miley used cutesy imagery she always looked like a woman, so that's probably why it didn't weird us out.

On the topic of Miley why did you guys thought of her baby talk video? I kinda unironically liked it. Only because the lyrics are clearly about being sick of a dude treating you like a little girl and baby talking to you.

No. 264778

Both Ariana and Pete are serial cheaters. They deserve each other. Wouldn't be surprised if Ariana is some type a BPDfag too. Can't wait for Pete to split on her. The fall out is going to be glorious. Couldn't of happened to be a better person. Ariana only got that singing deal because she was willing to suck more duck than Victoria.

No. 264779

yeah so true, also Miley had her party in the usa phase so she looked older from there and then went a bit crazy. Ariana just kept her cat valentine uwu smol thot and it's really offputting

No. 264780


you know she clearly did the dumb full grown baby costume as a joke because it's a sarcastic tongue-in-cheek song.. and the people who have legit baby and diapers fetishes probably still liked it for all the wrong reasons. when she's clearly mocking the idea. oh man. its like reverse melanie martinez too.

hey, its probably ariana's favorite miley song too!

No. 264781

I actually think Ariana's look is genuinely cute and fits her well and can't see it as creepy toddler ageplay bullshit, I think it's nice to have a cute female artist instead of everyone being the quirky cookie cutter miley cyrus/katy perry/taylor swift kinda basic bitch

This fucking guy needs to up the dose on his medication i swear to god

No. 264790

Miley wasn't in her 20's trying to do the nymphet shit though, she's been actively trying to look older since her teens and the hypersexual phase she had was a pretty concentrated effort to be seen as an adult and break away from her Disney roots. Meanwhile Ariana is purposely doing this creepy DDLG shit and being all uwu I'm so widdle uwu shit.

No. 264792

I agree her look is cute, but her behavior makes it shit for me. If she were actually a sweet, cutesy girl and not a egotistical cunt I'd agree, but to me looks are only half of it. Sure, she doesn't ress typically slutty or mature, but it's made creepy by how hard she still tries to come off as a budding teen starlet instead of a grown ass woman with an established network of career connections.

No. 264794

I've always liked her fashion, but she came off as a bitch somehow, so I never liked her.

No. 264804

lmfao who in their right mind would even think up something like this

No. 264805

He very clearly got a huge ego boost out of pulling a super hot ultra famous chick. BARF.

No. 264814

Do older men really like her that much though? I'm the first to acknowledge that men are obsessed with young girls and think old pervs are disgusting, but I've never got the impression she's particularly popular with men or they make up a significant part of her fanbase. I don't really see regular guys talking about how hot she is either. I'm sure they would say she is if asked, but they seem to focus their attention on other girls.

Actually I just don't think men are inclined to be fans of female pop artists no matter how they look. When they want their fix of hot young girls they go with actresses.

No. 264818

I always thought Arianna Grande's style was more because she would look weird or even a little ridiculous if she tried to go for an actual mature look because of her proportions an her young-looking face AND because this way she'd look sort of relatable to the teenage girls audience. My little sister used to love her for that but now she's in that phase where she thinks she's in denial of what music she listened to, so I don't know if she still does and if I'm right about the teenage fans thing.

No. 264822

File: 1530610625650.jpg (38.76 KB, 490x750, KRBYzUatvX_vOeTkupAJmvQpMjg.jp…)

Really? She looks a lot better when she's not pulling the loli shit. Her ~teenage attire~ always looks rather dated.

No. 264823

File: 1530610647575.jpg (62.74 KB, 500x648, b11a349ea5d0725a777a5eaa29ad36…)

No. 264824

Having her hair down really suit her well, idk why she's so hangup on constantly having her super tight ponytail. She must get so much neck pain and headache.

No. 264825

I've never found her that pretty tbh but she looks cute as fuck here. Does she have lip fillers or is it just overlining?

No. 264826

Ariana honestly looks like one of those chola girls from the 90s when she has her hair up all tight, but with a softer edge. I personally think it's cute. It's still has that look with her hair down and the wavy hair. Dunno why she doesn't change it up a bit.
Oh God, more similarities between her and Shoe…

No. 264828

>lip fillers
now that you mention it, she looks just like the OP pic in the unpopular opinions thread

No. 264835

Ok but in that case, while she looks good with this style it's not very relatable for a teenage fans, but who knows if she's actively trying to be relatable or not. Actually she looks better without her ponytail in general.

No. 264853

File: 1530617940553.jpg (68.28 KB, 1170x480, ariana-grande-side-to-side-aná…)

Thought she was mexican in side to side tbh

No. 264864

The only similarity would be that Ariana is the designer name, shoe is the cheap tacky badly made $2 knock off you buy from the market stall aka nothing alike. Alot of people do the chola look, I dont think its intentional with shuwu tho, I just think the bloated lower half of her face combined with awful make up skills gives her that look.

No. 264875

I only vaguely know about it but I read somewhere that allegedly a lot of Nickelodeon child stars were sexually abused by Dan Schneider. Dude really does seem like a pedo so it's likely Ariana could be a CSA victim.

No. 264889

Dan Schneider has a weird foot fetish too, based on Nick asking little kids to draw on their feet and send him photos. Would explain why she seems so fucked.

No. 264898

It's notable that Nickelodeon quietly cut ties with Dan Schneider this year in the wake of the #metoo movement. I was hoping he'd get exposed because his pedophilia is basically an open secret at this point but maybe someday he will…

No. 264900

probably when he's dead or when he pisses off the industry people and they decide to use him as the sacrificial lamb. Theirs always something MORE to protect

No. 264904

File: 1530637144129.jpg (62.49 KB, 634x865, 4DDFF1B700000578-0-Vanessa_was…)

Anyone interested in Lily-Rose Depp? I don't think she has public milk, but girl seems to be balding. She's had her hair up in all photos this summer, and wasn't invited to walk in Chanel. Vanessa is so much more beautiful imo.

No. 264906

I know that much, the question is did someone pay Cassie (w/e) David to keep hush hush about the whole thing lol. They've definitely been "talking" for a while, I'm saying it was behind Pete's gf's back.

No. 264916

I think she's focusing on recovering from her ed, can't imagine walking for Chanel would be helpful for recovering to be honest

No. 264917

File: 1530641433753.jpeg (234.12 KB, 1280x720, C63E4F6A-9C87-4D04-BBA3-7B4614…)

I loved it. It’s like “you want to infantalize me as a grown woman with stupid baby talk? Fine, then I’m going to creep you the fuck out and show you how weird you’re being.” It felt very intentional and sassy. If it was anyone else, I’d be like “wtf” but with Miley it just like “oh ok she’s making a point and being a bit of a sarcastic brat.”

But maybe I’m just biased. I went through a hate phase with Miley when she was doing Bangers. Then I realized she’s just doing her thing. Plus I like how she walks her talk. She’s all about ~women supporting women~ and when Selena was getting shit (someone the press pitted against her since they were teens) she was the first one to be like “nah she’s hot.” I appreciate that. Plus she scored the hottest partner of all the Disney/Nick kids. Shame about her shit tattoos and how terrible Hannah Montanna was. I really don’t mind Miley. I think she’s just a no-bullshit young woman doing her thing, getting high, and doing yoga. Not much to hate really.

No. 264918

File: 1530641502236.jpg (27.23 KB, 294x468, VanessaParadis.jpg)

Those cankles. Damn. And her face is kinda mediocre considering how beautiful her mom used to be.
Johnny and Vanessa have such gorgeous bone structures that I expected their daughter to be some sort of otherworldly goddess, kek.

No. 264927

her dad is much more milky than her, don't know why you brink her into here just to talk about her hairloss

No. 264933

haha yeah let's talk shit about johnny depp

i hate him

No. 264937

File: 1530644376984.jpg (185.44 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

perfect example of how "men age like wine" is absolute bullshit.

No. 264938

File: 1530644693283.jpg (19.41 KB, 480x360, 00N8BFF300JKEF.jpg)

Does he even shower anymore? He was so cute when he did the Oprah show.

>TFW you wed a mega cutie and end up with en alcoholic coke head uggo who's friend with mega trash like Marilyn Manson

No. 264939

File: 1530644724758.jpg (46.8 KB, 1140x639, photos-johnny-depp-meconnaissa…)

His new face.

No. 264940


goofy guys are Ariana's type, I mean the girl has a celeb crush on Jim Carrey

No. 264941

wtf is that hair? it's like a reverse bald patch

No. 264942

that's what happens when you do meth with manson

No. 264944


you know white people can have naturally curly hair too, right?

No. 264948

he's embarrassing. i figured he had a serious mid life crisis when i saw this commercial, which is possibly the most cringy commercial i've ever seen? so embarrassing. also, in that comparison pic he looks 100% like a public masturbator

No. 264952

Tbh I feel for the past 10 years Johnny played basically the same role more or less-cooky/essentric adventure guy. Like Leonardo DiCaprio always plays a smug rich guy

No. 264954

File: 1530646722770.jpg (88.79 KB, 998x598, jack-dawson-leonardo-dicaprio.…)

Leonardo is another good example of a pretty dude who lost his look extremely quick.
We need to end the "men age like fine wine" meme.

No. 264959

i want a thread just for this of the countless men that have aged like shit, and the many super beautiful women that look great. there are legit so many women that are like 55 that i feel are way hotter than i could ever be, fml

No. 264969

File: 1530649088921.jpeg (64.92 KB, 600x421, 28591639-023E-4C5C-B449-68678B…)

Another contender

No. 264971

File: 1530649273888.png (773.77 KB, 765x401, 19BDE6CB-8E13-4F5E-8212-8F0FE6…)

Anyone who disagrees can fght me. Bonus points for being a crazy Scientologist

No. 264983

Made new thread so I wouldn’t keep spamming this one kek my bad

No. 265044

She's really beautiful to me. Sadly she suddenly got into the spotlight at a young age and it affected her body, so imho she should go low profile for a while until she heals and learns to handle it.
Who cares about her cankles, there are even runway models with them.

I never liked him tbh. Never saw the appeal, at all

No. 265066

>How does he stay employed at SNL???
People watch because they think he's cute. They even seem to keep the sketches he's in that don't work in rehearsals.

No. 265070

I notice "pretty boys" age like shit.

No. 265110

File: 1530672981310.jpg (3.59 MB, 1920x3418, inCollage_20180703_195013164.j…)

I'm so glad you all are talking about Ariana Grande being a cow. I do think she's a beautiful girl but I really wish her stylists would do some new hair and outfit styles on her.
Also I noticed pic related as of recently. Stop it Ariana

I think all in all she's an abused person and I feel bad for her. The kid's network industry and all the pervs that come with it really fucked her life up. You can google and see how much suggestive shit she was made to do on camera in her Nickelodeon days. And that's documented…imagine what else she prob had to do. Imagine your family selling you and your body out at such a young age. And then she had the bombing in Manchester which I'm sure traumatized her further. Idk I'm rambling at this point

No. 265116

lol is she using bangs to hide her traction alopecia now? girl, just quit with the fucking ponytails. that shit is forever.

i agree she's just another casualty in a long line of abused child actors, but i think her insufferable personality is all her.

No. 265124

He looks like he's in remission from leukemia wtf.

No. 265126

i was a fan of ariana's music but this >>264225 shit right here is gonna make me unstan

No. 265130

File: 1530678211041.jpg (49.7 KB, 395x594, 605031_ariana-grande.jpg)

Does anyone have any idea why she continues with the high ponytails?? She has access to world-class stylists.

Speaking of stylists I wanna sperg about her outfits that are all the same. Does anyone else care?

No. 265131

my guess is that her hair thinning is so bad that short of wearing a wig there's nothing that any stylist can do to cover it up. i guess it's also her signature since she doesn't have much of an identity otherwise

No. 265132

File: 1530678474184.png (202.89 KB, 657x905, Screen Shot 2018-07-04 at 05.2…)

She said in an interview in like 2014 that her hair was destroyed from dyeing it red for that nickelodeon show and thats why she started wearing it in a ponytail, dunno why she continues to do so though in 2018.

No. 265135

Dumb question, but why didn't she just wear a red wig for the show? She can say they look ridiculous all she wants, but at the end of the day she was on a low budget kids show. It's not as if any of the toddlers watching would care either way.

No. 265138

I have no idea, I guess she was a teenager and it was probably more comfortable to film with her own hair rather than in wig, maybe some pressure from the studio as well?

No. 265140

I have heard this as well, but 4 years ago!! Come on… I've wondered about this since then. Plus, how is a ponytail a good protective style? It may very well be tied into her identity… I guess that's the kind of thing that happens to celebs who are hyper aware of their image 24/7

No. 265143

File: 1530680723839.jpg (840.56 KB, 2560x1920, inCollage_20180703_220316718.j…)

She sounds insufferable and delusional. I think she's snorting a bunch of coke tbh.


No. 265148

she looks so unhealthy and discolored here wtf. imagine if she didn't have that huge mane of extensions in the back. she would not be hailed as some sort of beauty icon

No. 265149

hello lanugo

No. 265150

She's obviously joking, anon. Seriously some of the people going after Ariana in this thread are on the level of Dakota stalkers with their reaching.

No. 265151

i dont think its lanugo. im italian and i have that too and def am not anorexic. she has had it for forever too. shes def naturally hairy. iirc there were some candids of her with very visible facial hair, like, quite a bit, and not near her hairline or anything

No. 265153

File: 1530682334405.png (180.4 KB, 747x539, Untitled.png)

fucking barf

No. 265158

That's disgusting. Dunno if a joke or not but nobody needs that mental image

No. 265159

spumoni is an italian ice cream cake thing. still incredibly lame though.

No. 265160

sage for kind of off topic but damn I was rewatching old Nick shows and Ariana was fucking horrible. Drake & Josh and iCarly are somewhat rewatchable but Victorious is bad especially because of Ariana…

spumoni is like a type of neopolitan ice cream but the emojis are just…ariana blease, tmi

No. 265172

File: 1530683432998.jpg (125.25 KB, 500x750, tumblr_neovo10koc1qzy531o1_500…)

samefag but i found the pic and shes just naturally hairy. she has a lot of terminal hair on her cheek near her mouth. i know shes annoying and self obsessed but ngl id feel so shitty about myself if i had this much facial hair on my cheeks. not that it's abnormal, but i would feel too self conscious about myself to be as conceited as she is. i think that's kind of cool that she doesnt care enough for it to deter her from thinking she's the shit or whatever. props to her for that.

No. 265182

File: 1530684386259.jpeg (91.4 KB, 600x900, 52F592B5-DC47-45B9-B728-853B52…)

Wtf. She can afford to get that taken care of.

Agreeing with those who say she’s way better looking with her hair down. Ironic she’s putting her scalp through hell and losing hair just to look worse.

No. 265183

File: 1530684422674.jpeg (637.71 KB, 2473x1440, 0FF911D0-6924-467D-AC46-27FD4C…)

No. 265186

I don't know if that's different with laser removal but if she tries to shave or wax these spots of hair she might fuck up her skin a little. Whenever I remove my facial hair above my mouth or on my jaw near my ears, I break out really fast and I've been told that's normal. It might not look good but I'd say the hair is there for a reason.

No. 265190

File: 1530685004716.jpeg (110.28 KB, 600x777, 178198BB-C7F5-43C7-8450-7F371B…)

Can’t you just pluck like eyebrow hair?

Idk what they did to her for British vogue but she looks a million times better. She should fire her stylist

No. 265192


I laser my face and it doesn't break out, and I do have pcos so I am super break out prone. She can afford 6 laser sessions to get that removed.

No. 265199

Plucking somthing like >>265172 would probably hurt a lot but yeah, he could.

That's good to know, now I'm actually considering laser for myself when I'll have the money.

No. 265204

>Idk what they did to her for British vogue

No. 265245

They were at L and B Spumoni Gardens Pizzeria in that picture. That's probably why he said that.

No. 265301

File: 1530703280312.jpeg (86.16 KB, 460x615, 8170899B-96D9-4E43-A46B-B1006A…)

Honestly im just curious what shes had done because she looks so different

No. 265305

Most likely her nose obviously. Something about her eyelids and brow bone also look different. Then there's the tanning and different styling choices that could account for quite a bit of it.
Not like I think she's a complete fugly hag now, but she already looked cute and more like a genuine person how she used to be.

No. 265306

>definitely a brow lift (hence her larger eyelids)
>nose job
>possibly chin reduction?

A ridiculous amount of tanning and hair procedures, too.

No. 265329

Why does every celebrity get those brow lifts sooner or later? It just makes you look like an old granny in my opinion. Every older woman who regularly has plastic surgery has that huge visible eyelid look

No. 265397

I'm not convinced that she's had a brow lift. There are tons of questions about her facial transformation on Real Self and most doctors say that a similar effect can be achieved with Botox

No. 265416


eh she kinda looks generic without it? like this could be any random chick at starbucks. she looks her age and normal.

but with the ponytail she can eat those idiots telling her "omg ariana you look so yoooooung and cuteeeee and tiny!!!" when its literally just because a ponytail is a style that's makes you look young and cute cuz its what kids wear.

without it she doesn't look 12. so she kinda loses her pedo bait shtick and becomes every other thot. not saying its right, its just what i think is happening.

No. 265514

File: 1530756507811.jpeg (372.91 KB, 1703x1703, 350C1E12-CA6E-4585-B54F-8E1E73…)

One of them has to be a cow with their constant on and off relationship. I’m betting it’s Bieber.

No. 265515

Isn't Bieber really involved in Hillsong, that weird Christian church/cult of personality that's hip with celebrities now a days? Like he's weirdly very comfortable with one on one interactions like swimming with his Hillsong priest.

No. 265529

justin does meth but selena is the real cow. she switches boyfriends depending on who can benefit her the most. people say this about taylor swift but it's more true for selena. i think she cheated on the weeknd with fugstin

No. 265531


i hate this shit so much. they get back together like every year or so. before this selena was only known for being nick jonas girlfriend (when the jobros were cool). then she became known for jelena. then she was known because she was bffs with taylor swift. then she was known because she dated the weeknd when he was huge. and now he's back with jelena shit. it never ends. selena is legit the least talented disney girl, fucking demi should be more popular than this bitch. and demi is fucking obnoxious!! but goddamn at least she isn't a famewhore.

No. 265532

File: 1530763340971.png (330.76 KB, 680x440, BFFs.png)

One of these days there's going to be a great Hillsong exposé. Aside from Bieber, they have Selena Gomez, that Hailee Steinfeld girl, Vanessa Hudgens and Chris Pratt even though he's a bit older than they usually target.
And yeah, you can't throw a stone without hitting a picture of the Hillsong "pastor" and Bieber in each other's personal space.

No. 265544


can you guys give more milk about this cult thing? what did they do? is it like scientology shit?

i've heard people say its a cult and bad but no idea what the "controversies" surrounding it are. i'm intrigued.

No. 265550

If you wanna believe Post Malone, then he claimed that Bieber has already given the church like $10 million bucks.


No. 265551

File: 1530765933229.jpeg (394.87 KB, 750x1090, 5C9CB70E-F429-416E-9B80-D6825C…)

Don’t forget Bieber is an animal abuser who abandons his pets when they’re not convenient

No. 265552

File: 1530766028072.jpeg (408.24 KB, 750x1221, 24FC52C4-C09A-4468-8031-CAB10A…)

No. 265554

File: 1530766078470.jpeg (429.18 KB, 750x1025, 9CFF4EF5-34DB-4071-B2B5-E53C46…)

No. 265557

File: 1530766258251.jpeg (366.64 KB, 750x1271, 9D410C2F-1746-4D2C-9ACB-685666…)

No. 265569

Australian based church that sells itself as contemporary and cool. At best, it's a hipster megachurch with concerts during sermons, and at worst, it practices predatory behavior like telling congregants to cut off family if they disagree with their religious worship and covering up abuses.

They're very involved with marketing themselves, like they produce a lot of "secular friendly" religious music that gets airplay on secular radio apparently. Them recruiting celebrities into a fold to attract mainstream interest reminds me a lot of Scientology.

No. 265573

Speaking of Post Malone, a couple days ago I got the shock of my life: how the hell is it possible that this dude is only born in 1995?!

No. 265576


underage anons will fight me over this, but post malone music is shit and he looks like he hasn't showered in his entire life.

No. 265583

This is so fucking strange. Did he have animals growing up? Did he ever interact with any animals growing up? Like you said, does he have issues because what the fuck man

No. 265587

File: 1530771320983.jpg (167.08 KB, 768x1024, goth_gf.jpg)

That can be said for most soundcloud rappers tbh.

Speaking of bad rappers, idk if Joji counts as a celebrity, but I think he's ugly and his music is trash for middle class white and asian preteens. The fact that rap monster likes his music speaks volumes about both of them.

(pic unrelated)

No. 265588

lmao Joji's music is terrible

No. 265591

I remember there being a thread on here about him, idubbbz, max, etc. and like half the posters in it wanted to fuck him… But he's so ugly. I usually side-eye the people who scream yellow fever every time someone finds an asian guy attractive on here, but some farmers must have a fetish for pale asian guys if they're into Joji.

No. 265592

I can't believe I used to be into him, his face is so fucked with his flacid-dick-nose and he sound like a bitter MGTOW.

No. 265596

Oh my god, he's so ugly. Like what happened with his nose? I just googled and he's 25, he looks 10 years older. Is he a druggie?
The lyric itself is also so self-explanatory idk why they had to disect it.

No. 265613

i unironically liked his "pink guy" stuff better.

No. 265615

he literally looks like a punter that goes super heavy on the pomade and drugstore body spray. he sounds gross too. doesn't he date like, barely 18 yos? gross

No. 265621

he almost definitely does drugs but he also has some condition/health issue that gives him seizures and has left him physically worn-down. he was venting on twitter the other day about how he's been ill his whole life and his body has been giving him problems (though he deleted some of the tweets so idk if he was just being dramatic).

I totally wanted to fuck him when I was like 16 but even then I knew he wasn't conventionally attractive, my brain just tends to meme me into liking any guy who makes me laugh a lot.

No. 265624

Pink Season >>>>>>>>>>> all songs where he actually tried

No. 265626

File: 1530776266747.png (97.2 KB, 590x414, 98JD3J9UB9F30.png)

Lol he sounds like a tumblrina.

No. 265639

i really like lil uzi as a person & in interviews but i dont like the soundcloud rap stuff at all

imo all the 'lil ___' rappers suck & idk how people like listening to them save for the beat

No. 265646

oh fucking boohoo. he's done more and had more opportunities with his ~ill body~ than most people ever get to do in their life. what a fucking crybaby.

No. 265647

File: 1530783513086.jpg (1.12 MB, 2048x2048, IMG_20180702_015353.jpg)

Agreed. Love him, but xo tour life, money longer, and sauce it up are his only decent songs. Ugly God is in the same boat only he has more than three good (or at least funny) songs.

No. 265681

I like Joji and his music but his bitching and moaning online gets annoying. He hasn't done it in awhile so I thought he grew out of it but I guess not.

He also likes to whine about how sick he is yet he treats his body like shit. A few weeks ago he was practically bragging about rapidly gaining and losing alot of weight in a fairly short amount of time for a 3 minute video. That shit is hard in your body and if you're already ~so sick uwu~ like George then it's even worse.

No. 265699

Yeah I remember reading something about how she wore a wig in the spin off show but in victorious her contract or something stayed she had to dye her hair.

I also wouldn’t be too worried about her bones and ribs showing. 5 3 isn’t that short but with it being on the short end you can be pretty skinny and still be in a healthy weight. I’m 5 3 and 120lbs and my ribs and sternum poke out similar to hers so I’d say she’s around 100-110. On the thinner side but still a normal BMI.

Also if you don’t gain weight around 17-23 you tend to thin down in the face and arms when you go from teenage to young adult. Also I imagine she was stressed after she left Nickelodeon and trying to launch her career and some people loose weight from stress.

No. 265739

I really want Ariana to do something massively cowish and embarassing one day. I think she has a lot of potential.

A bit ot, but what make people become serial cheaters? is it insecurity? Do they need to be validated by having everyone around them fuck them?

No. 265756

File: 1530814662709.gif (5.82 MB, 450x450, giphy.gif)

They get off on another person's desire for them. Plus they are always sexualized and always around sex.
Also I feel that very famous celebrities don't really have natural connections with anyone. Their lives are too unrooted and contrived for natural relationshipd to form. So what happens when a being is pushed into this lifestyle at a very young age?

You have to be self-absorbed to be a celebrity. Once I realized that, everything started making more sense.

They have to be overly confident; they are surrounded by yes men for years–sometimes their WHOLE lives– which inflates their ego EXPONENTIALLY. They have to believe they are the best, in fact that's the purpose of yes men; if the celeb believes they are hot shit they perform better. All the while execs are making way, wayyyyyy more money off their talents than they themselves are. Humiliating right? Since they are convinced they are beloved by all and their behavior is never challenged, they don't think they're an asshole, or rather they think they deserve to be pushy, demanding, and rude. It's not even conscious behavior for some of them… it's just the wqy things are.

I went a little off topic from serial cheaters, my bad. Celebrity lives fascinate me bc they are so unnatural and they are all clearly suffering bc of it.

No. 265757

the definition of chubby is plump and rounded
her arms and legs look average, no double chin, flat stomach, assuming she has no health issues she looks pretty healthy and it would be safe to assume she has a good diet

whether or not she's ana, it's definitely a possibility especially due to her being boney, and the hair thinning thing is definitely suspicious

I shouldn't really waste my time anyway since this plan is full of ana chans and the last thing an anorexic will ever do is admit they're anorexic

No. 265758

It's just a matter of time tbh

No. 265763

File: 1530815377727.jpg (3.65 MB, 1920x2558, inCollage_20180705_113017403.j…)

My guess is she has a decent plant-based diet regime but she does a lot of drugs as well.

No. 265765

well yeah, if she's hopping on the vegan trend, vegans tend to be malnourished if they don't know what they're doing

the vegan diet itself can be pretty healthy, just most people don't know how to keep a healthy vegan diet simultaneously

No. 265777

Princess, lunch "bweak" heart emojis, japanese emojis. DDLG little uwu pwincess shoeonhead comfirmed lmao

No. 265804

I bet she farts a lot

No. 265911

File: 1530835487388.jpg (140.06 KB, 1200x630, Wachowskis.jpg)

These two for sure. Apparently they both got interested in crossdressing and transitioning after being dommed by a mistress called Ilsa Strix who bragged about shoving 333 needles into a single penis. she subjected them to major humiliation and sissification type shit. They both allegedly got fucked by Buck Angel (who was married to Strix) around the same time too.

No. 265945

Who are these people?

No. 265951

They made The Matrix, Cloud Atlas, etc.

No. 265956

No like what are their names..

No. 265960

Lana Wachowski and Lilly Wachowski. One used to be Larry, which is hysterical.

No. 265962

cheers. Next time can you put that in the first post about someone? Most people don’t know enough about cloud atlas to recognise the director from a photo.

No. 265968

Check the file name

No. 265972

Tranny wachowskis isn’t something I wanna google to work out who the fuck you’re posting about.

No. 265979

File: 1530841776555.jpeg (424.99 KB, 750x1055, 41B42E28-677C-463F-8D46-8868C5…)

Wasn’t op anon but why ask who they are when the file name tells you?

No. 265981

read comments before replying to them.

No. 265984

So she had to issue an apology for something he said. All he did was have his publicist say something about how ~no subject is off limits~ in comedy. What a good couple.


No. 266002

wait now they're BOTH transitioned? bro wtf

No. 266011

they're easily the most famous people named Wachowski, you wouldn't have had to specify "tranny" when you searched.

No. 266022

Get over it already

No. 266030

>>"he uses comedy to help ppl feel better ab how f-ed up things in this world are."
yeah I'm sure the people who lost their children felt so much better after his joke

>>"we all deal w trauma differently."

It's not his trauma to deal with? Or was he at the concert too?

>>"it was months ago"

Doesn't matter to the relatives of the victims now does it?

No. 266136

She's just making excuses for him, it's not a good look…

No. 266139

A quick googling brought this up: http://lecter.org/forum/showthread.php?t=248

Not sure about the veracity.

Also kek at anons asking to be spoonfed info

No. 266231


>your bf makes fun of a terrorist attack that left you with ptsd

wow you guys should get married like immediately!!!

No. 266442

File: 1531007549914.png (3.91 MB, 750x1334, 4ADB6F73-E054-472C-A170-FC77A7…)

Cardi B is rumored to be breeding pit-bulls. She owns two pit bulls that recently had a litter, all with cropped ears and docked tails and none of the puppies have been sterilized…. she also kept one of the dogs on a leash in her yard that broke yesterday. In her instastory she says the dog got off the leash and chased after another dog which resulted in the police being called to her house.

No. 266444

File: 1531007611191.png (4.01 MB, 750x1334, 2BCB2211-3DF2-47BF-94E2-E799B8…)

The puppies are always shown outside and look like they’re hiding under her car for the shade in her story in instagram

No. 266447

More reasons for me to hate her, yay. Her music is annoying af and she's talentless anyways.

Why do people get dogs (especially breeds like pitbulls) when they can't take care of them properly? I feel bad for the dogs…

No. 266495

File: 1531029881739.png (5.31 MB, 1242x2208, 4C65B992-0FE4-4FA6-8D76-B17846…)

No. 266496

File: 1531030079466.png (5.18 MB, 1242x2208, EE69B103-97D4-4B29-9E0B-F04C5A…)

She definitely gives me that “tie your dogs up outside cause they’re just animals” bullshit thinking that trashy people have. Just cause someone has money now doesn’t mean they aren’t still a gross trashy bitch on the inside.

No. 266581

so shell soon have a ton of untrained pitbulls and a baby in the same house huh. smart thinking

No. 266596

Can’t believe she’s proud of the fact that one of her dogs ran after another dog. That’s a recipe for disaster. I’ve never listened to her music and I’ve seen a couple of snippets of her on late night TV, so this is all I really have to go by. Seems trashy.

No. 266622

File: 1531075161180.gif (470.34 KB, 488x444, ariana.gif)

I'm not the best at making gifs, but I can't figure out if she got some work done on her chin or if this is just a "chin forward" picture. Her face definitely slimmed down though, from weight loss?

No. 266646

she still kind of has an ugly smile. i think she got her brows lifted w botox, possibly her nasal tip refined, though it could just be weight loss, and just weight loss has made her look a lot better. imo she looks really pretty when she doesnt smile but not so pretty when she does, even now

No. 266649

Her smile in the newer pic legit looks like it was edited in with faceapp

No. 266654

Ariana had everything done to her face and body

No. 266661

File: 1531087607987.jpg (12 KB, 300x200, 2366_large-300x200.jpg)

I can't bring myself to criticize Ariana Grande's childishness or ED, she's been traumatized long before Manchester.
The toes knows.

No. 266662

How did Dan Schneider get to look like a giant inflated child anyway? That man is revolting

No. 266663

File: 1531088013882.jpg (78.85 KB, 610x410, dan the man with the plan.jpg)

He's never been not a fat nasty fuck. He should be more than fired, he should be in prison.

No. 266664

File: 1531088105868.jpg (83.46 KB, 1261x705, Ariana-Grande-Feet-2.jpg)

Bonus, for anyone skeptical.

No. 266709

File: 1531105919707.jpg (77.4 KB, 740x1024, DhmnLFsX0AAXpyp.jpg)

Why does she talk like a 17-year old on stan twitter

No. 266711

Here's an analysis from an author who has also analyzed which procedures other celebrities have had done.

tl;dr brow lift, rhinoplasty and possibly Restylane lip injections.


analysis of other celebs

No. 266712

Jesus I’m traumatized just from looking at him, so much worse than I expected

No. 266714

definitely botox. I don't think people realize that almost every celebrity has gotten botox in some capacity even if it doesn't look like it.

No. 266716

File: 1531108212304.jpg (47.63 KB, 580x514, fake couples.jpg)

this is either publicity for new music or a beard relationship to hide homosexality. either way, faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaake as fuck. way too fucking convinient to be true, with all this mess going on around it.

scooter braun manages both ariana grande and justin bieber. he's known to overwork artists and make them promote way too much. kanye recentley fired him and might be because scooter is again very PR and commercially focused.

this theory has been going around on twitter and its not that crazy >>266709 . ariana gets engaged with pete because they both insane rebounds. believable. but now justin, who scooter also manages, is suddenly on a rush wedding with hailey baldwin. hailey baldwin is classic hollywood beard. she """""dated"""" shawn mendez who has been rumored to be gay A LOT and is kind of an open secret among LA gays. but, similar to bieber when he started dating selena, he had to shut the gay rumors up because his fanbase is straight 12 year old girls and is still growing.

and surprise suprise justin is suddenly dating this hailey chick without the media finding out and getting married. now its this huge thing blowing up like ariana's wedding. scooter knows the engagement has helped ariana in popularity. justin's only other relevant girlfriend was selena who he has been dating on and off for years. and who has been rumored to be a fake publicity relationship since the beggining of time. bieber and selena still hanging out 10 years later is for paparazzis and nothing else

No. 266718


and trust i was never one of those edgy kids to call bieber "gay" because i thought it was funny. i actually never considered it

but didn't he also got caught swimming with a ""priest"" recentley and it looked very suspicious? >>265515 i don't know, jelena only ever happened when they had music out, and this new chick was shawn's beard… c'mon this is weird, right??

No. 266723

>this new chick
He’s been with Hailey Baldwin on and off for years, too. She’s not new.
Justin’s a religious nut now and so is Baldwin’s dad. She’s 21 and he’s 24. They’re dumb kids being dumb kids and probably tied up in religious weirdness. It’s far more believable that he’s a dumb idiot (given all the stuff up thread) than he is gay.

No. 266726

Yeah, his relationship with the Baldwin kid has been known for years. My favorite part of their relationship is that 2016 GQ interview with Bieber where Hailey's literally been doing nothing but waiting for Bieber to come home:
>Hailey is in his room. She is the only one in his room (except for Esther the dog, who smells incredible). When we enter, Hailey is wearing a black crop top and tight black pants, sitting on a pristinely made bed. She is doing nothing—no TV, no book, no phone, no computer, no music, no oil paints, nothing.
>She is pretty and polite and 19 and asks me, “What’s up?” I am impressed she does not hide in the bathroom with the shower running, which is what I would do if my super-famous rumored boyfriend showed up unannounced with a journalist in the middle of my day. I feel guilty for keeping Justin from her.
The interview is weird in general:
>JB orders chicken tendies when it's not on the menu and doesn't even eat them

No. 266736

File: 1531122984665.jpg (13.13 KB, 400x282, dan.jpg)

Reminder that Dan "get in the van" Schneider once said this

How hot was Monique (Diane Franklin) in person?

In a word: very. I was thrilled when I found out she was playing Monique because I had a big crush on her when I was teenager, seeing her in The Last American Virgin.

She was very much my "type." She was small and cute with dark curly hair and cute face. And she certainly fit the bill. I thought she was incredibly cute. And when I first met her it was a pretty tough time.

Were you sad you had to play Ricky in front of her? Did that make it harder for you to make a play for her?

Let's put it this way, if I hadn't been playing Ricky, I knew that my odds were zero. By playing Ricky, all I could assume was that my odds had to have improved because they couldn't have gotten worse. By playing Ricky, at least one of the lights from the set could have fallen and hit her, and knocked her unconscious long enough for me to make out with her or something, so even through the chance of some sort of misshap during film, I knew I had a better chance of enjoying myself with this girl than I did without the movie.

The thing about Diane Franklin, I don't think she was ever perceived as "hot," so much as extremely cute and loveable, so I was extremely smitten by her. Or is it with her? You pick the preposition. You know what I mean.

Did you make a play for her anyway?

Well, in my mind, alone in my hotel room: Yes. Publicly: No.

No. 266746

lol didn't biebs get caught sucking dick in a club? video related

No. 266766

>gay conversion

You think this is why Bieber bit? I can definitely see him as gay but trying to hide it with a beard and conversion therapy.

No. 266767

>>"i hope to god it happens to you too."

As if anyone WISHES to get engaged after dating a couple of weeks, kek.

No. 266797

I'm in the minority when it comes to speculating Bieber is gay. I think he's straight and just very conservative, which is the appeal of the church (and because they probably got him at his most drug ridden vulnerable). Wasn't he basically Canadian trailer trash with a religious mom?

No. 266936

File: 1531191959193.jpg (1000.07 KB, 2483x3000, GettyImages-956333430 (1).jpg)

Btw Shawn Mendes bff Teddy Geiger is trans now. He dated Emma Stone 10 years ago who was also allegedly bearding her ex Andrew Garfield. Don't know what to think about those rumours other than that there must be a whole bearding industry.

No. 266990

Looks like Tina Belcher

No. 267036

File: 1531236849046.jpg (31.52 KB, 445x581, bcf659af159bd5b1838fe926692786…)

what the FUCK. do you guys remember this dude from like 2006? why do any of these normal looking men troon out to become whatever the fuck this is?

i'd rather be a good looking guy than an ugly girl any day. these fetishists are so blinded by their dicks.

No. 267040

File: 1531237908004.jpg (39.02 KB, 421x599, 421px-Anderson_teddy-3.jpg)

Kind of looks like Hila Klein from H3H3

No. 267041

fuck i remember this guy, i thought he was so hot back then. is he a transbian or into dick?

No. 267043

File: 1531239162150.png (237.56 KB, 651x627, what.PNG)

no idea but based on this ridiculous writing style that he has seemed to adopt from every exaggerated teen girl movie ever, i'd say he's probably a creepy transbian

No. 267047

File: 1531239790413.png (88.55 KB, 736x643, geiger.png)

more bc holy shit hes embarrassing.

No. 267083

File: 1531244761101.gif (489.19 KB, 320x263, ep7oB.gif)

>>Being 29 years old
>>Typing like that

troons are disgusting

No. 267105

This is how my myspace posts from when I was 11 sound.

No. 267119

File: 1531259771962.jpg (57.11 KB, 450x387, PoweR Girls.jpg)

Does anyone remember that old MTV show about Lizzie Grubman's PR agency called PoweR Girls? That one assistant who got in "trouble" for stealing his phone to snatch his personal number.

No. 267142

File: 1531271514434.png (608.1 KB, 1173x743, geiger.png)

Last year he dated this girl. They posted regulary pictures together until he started to transition. So I think he is at least bi

No. 267146

i sense that much milk will be spilled thanks to this whole 'transition' fiasco. he's getting more cringy by the day and trying to act like a 12 yo girl and we're about four seconds away from a bonified bathroom incident from this dude

No. 267149

File: 1531275880271.png (10.5 KB, 594x91, BMwDqkF.png)

oh. that's… interesting

No. 267151

i can't tell if this is career suicide or bound to be a brilliant move for his wallet. probably the latter bc ppl have lost sense w the trans shit. this is so fetishistic and embarrassing.

No. 267156

I have a question. If a transwoman wants to achieve a female sounding voice, she has to take hormones and train her voice right? Does it affect her singing voice too or will she sound male forever? Because I heard Teddy's new song and she sounds the same from like 10 years ago.
Here is the song:

No. 267157

lmao you lost? Also, this question would fit in the tranny thread.

No. 267158

*fit better

No. 267159

Unless they already have a higher than average voice they'll need surgery. The gay ones tend to be able to pull off the sans surgery "girl" voice, but it's still super obvious w/o surgery

No. 267216

Hormones only affect FTM vocal cords, not MTF. MTF can do voice training, but they can’t go too far out of their natural register without putting damaging strain on their vocal cords. It’s common for trans women to have throat problems when they try too hard to speak too differently from their natural voice. Like the other anon wrote, the best option to correct a deep voice is voice feminization surgery.

No. 267241

I think it depends. I have a MTF friend who sounds really feminine, even though her voice isn't super high pitch.

(inb4 >her sperging)

No. 267322

Then that's just how her voice is. It's impossible that hormones changed it.

No. 267395

File: 1531374300226.jpg (2.21 MB, 2560x1920, 18-07-12-02-41-13-784_deco.jpg)

Getting the thread back on the milkiest from the industry, can she just stop doing this fucking face for crying out loud! She's been doing it in every pic lately, and whatshisname's hair jesus

No. 267399

holy shit i remember putting a magazine poster of this dude up on my wall and my mom saying "what the fuck, he looks like a girl." I was so offended and defensive smh.

This dweeb is a shaky rung above michael cera and he's dressing like bieber

No. 267400

File: 1531374860945.jpeg (41.37 KB, 650x488, d8faa7ab5a75ee52e59db686a6845c…)

Soooo… MJ was chemically castrated by his dad.
More proof that some parents will do literally anything to their child for success and money.

No. 267401

i don't doubt that she's got some work done but it could be largely baby fat loss too. she's 25 after all. i'm thes same age and fatter than i was as a teenager but my face/cheeks are still slimmer than then.

No. 267402

File: 1531375004007.png (50.08 KB, 583x464, JlVNWWY.png)

the dangerous woman tattoo behind his ear wew

some people swear up and down that his kids were biologically his. wonder how they feel about this news

No. 267418

the “”””source””””” for this is the doctor who prescribed michael the drugs that killed him lmao. how very trustworthy. all of that sounds like complete bullshit imo. i believe his dad was abusive but i’m not buying anything that comes from the mouth of the sketchiest “doctor” alive

No. 267578

File: 1531436997737.gif (1.5 MB, 370x288, image.gif)

WTF?! I used to be in love with his music. He went from hot to fucking freakish…

No. 267617

File: 1531449186424.jpg (232.29 KB, 800x786, 20180712_193403.jpg)

No. 267618

She would look so much better without the kylie lips (overlining or injections or both) and fake tan, can this trend of trying to look like a kardashian die???

No. 267673

To be honest, anyone would look better without Jenner/kardashian inspires anything. They are the shining peak of the trashy mountains. Nobody could possibly look good with that styling and their weird caricature lips and asses.

No. 267682

Fucking agree. I even prefer the Paris Hilton/Nicole Richie look over this garbage.

No. 267730

File: 1531490194180.jpg (58.69 KB, 500x432, Michael-Jackson-and-his-son-Bl…)

>some people swear up and down that his kids were biologically his. wonder how they feel about this news
The youngest kids does look like him though. Maybe one of Michael's brother donated sperm.

No. 267931

File: 1531531504416.gif (7.27 MB, 480x270, giphy (1).gif)

why does she have this expression in all of her videos

No. 267955

File: 1531539785206.gif (1.66 MB, 212x153, 21080F10-F866-4F7F-811D-0747D8…)

what the fuck is going on with the sfx in that video? it reminds me of this gif

No. 267968

File: 1531547832899.png (252.66 KB, 324x433, ArianaTongueL.png)

I'm not from an english speaking country, is it normal to stick your tongue out like pic related when you prononce an "L"? It look so retarded and unnatural.

I liked God is a woman's music video, but Ariana's inability to close her mouth and her dead fish expression seriously made me want to punch her, watch the video, she never ever closer her mouth, I guess she is going for the sultry dying-for-a-dick -in-my-mouth look?

No. 267972

Uh have you never seen people speaking English?

No. 267975

This seems to be her entire shtick. I've been listening to her music a lot lately, she has some seriously good songs but almost all of them are about how much she wants to bang the dude she's singing about.

No. 267991

Is it just me or is Ariana's voice so much worse than it used to be? I can barely understand half of what she says now, she wasn't like that in Victorious

No. 268043

He's below Cera tbh

No. 268047

Speaking about that video, is it me or is she trying to look black?

No. 268070

File: 1531587835935.png (635.78 KB, 970x582, d41908fd-cebb-4df8-8eef-aae09f…)

The God is a Woman video was garbage. What the fuck was up with the screaming groundhogs???
It was the epitome of fake-deep. She throws a sledge hammer at a glass ceiling ~~uwu FeMiNiSm~~ but the whole premise of the song is that she'll fuck a dude so well he'll believe god is a woman.

The whole video wasn't cohesive. Also also Ariana fingers the actual planet earth.

>a mess

No. 268073

File: 1531588018341.jpg (36.61 KB, 1080x1080, yallneedbutera_36797784_487124…)

Also yes those are udder-tiddies….

No. 268077

this shit looked so low budget too smh. i dislike ariana cause she tackles so many mature things with the grace of a 14 year old girl. topics like sex or seduction or like this kind of 2deep4u shit is way over her head.

No. 268079

Wow. I just watched it because I thought the No Tears Left to Cry video was fucking beautiful, and I don't even like her music, but this was bad. How did she go from surrealist, fantasy-world MC Escher vertigo to this disorganized, poorly thought out mess?

No. 268085

No. 268099

Ariana is a glorified Instagram model who happens to sing. She is not a performer and she has no presence in her videos or onstage. Give me an average pop star with half her range who can actually sell a song over her any day. I weep for pop music if this can be considered a good video.

No. 268125

definitely not normal lol idk how I never noticed that she does this.

No. 268193

she is so skinny jesus christ

No. 268218

It's like she's trying to mix Miley's outspoken sexual rebellion phase and Lady Gaga's OTT pop fashion and generic music with her own forever-16 tumblr nymphet instathot gimmick. Her only goal is to make money and get likes and followers for as long as her looks hold out.

No. 268355

Well put anon. I feel as though her performances and music videos are meant to be shared in gif format pretty much. Anything for the gram rite

No. 268358

File: 1531685997875.jpg (257.95 KB, 2000x1333, ariana-grande2.jpg)

I think she's too thin atm to be marketable so her stage costumes and outfits are more bulky and cover up her abs. Pic related- why the robe? It's a sexy video after all…

No. 268363

Same anon as >>268358 but
I meant her abs and her sides. I suspect the image above with her in the udder suit is photoshopped to give her more shape than she really has, particularly in the hip area.

Also i just realized Nicki also has a robe on in the video pic, and I think that is to minimise her body so Ariana doesn't look comically small next to her. Notice how it's closed, pulling the eye inward? While Ariana's is pulled open, drawing the eye outward, making her "appear" wider.

Don't put it past these stylists and celebs to be slick like that, it's 1000000% contrived.

Anyway just my two cents

No. 268364

File: 1531686400907.png (998.65 KB, 934x603, Screenshot_1.png)

This scene was a rip-off too

No. 268386

God is a Woman is such a shitty song, I have no idea why it's being shilled as this big feminist thing. Just because of the title? Because there is nothing feminist in the song.

Music video is shitty and overall cringe too.

No. 268405


The song was too bland imho. I like a lot of Ariana's song, but this one had this feel of… I don't know, familiarity? Like she's plagiarizing herself, I don't know.

Couldn't watch the whole thing through, not for the video nor the song.

No. 268487

It's just some Giantess fetishism stuff dumped on

No. 268690

I was also expecting much more from the song because of the title. God is a Woman, name-wise, could've been a feminist anthem but is just about riding someone's dick. Wow, feminist queen!!!!

No. 268693

Capitalist-feminism is all one big catch-22: strong, empowered women make their money and fame by being powerful and in control without men… by cockteasing, shaking their asses half naked and fucking them for money and screen time.

No. 268695

File: 1531750791254.jpg (45.63 KB, 575x1024, DWmnKbsVMAEDHn-.jpg)

She's only 16 but still wtf

No. 268699

File: 1531751279200.jpg (86.46 KB, 669x770, DHeifixXsAAD5Rz.jpg)


god, this industry plant chick is so annoying. she's way too young and irrelevant to have an ego so big. but watch her become big because waaaahhhh r&b but its a chick with blue eyes singing waaaahhh i love!!

this fucking edgelord cried when xxxtentacion died too. i know shes young but my god she's so annoying to me.

No. 268994

File: 1531852008591.jpg (148.79 KB, 750x740, IMG_1092.jpg)

she's some homeschooled rich kid. i tried getting into some of her music, but her 'edgy' persona really kills it for me.

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