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File: 1614903162158.png (149.82 KB, 340x169, 82EFC2B6-267B-4B16-9D09-11B5AB…)

No. 754340

Starting off the thread to ask, are they on the way to me?

Previous thread >>674932

No. 754922

Did I lose at least 2kg? I'm scared to check

No. 754924


No. 754932

Are we going to go to Wales together?

No. 754933

Are we going to fall in love?

No. 755266

Should I reply

No. 755473

is it going to be really bad? plz no

No. 755519

We getting a job this year?

No. 755520

Thanks sanic

No. 755688

am I gonna get in trouble for this

No. 755692

oh f*ck. am I going to lose my life

No. 755710

You are falling off of a cliff right now, aren’t you

No. 755758

is it for real ?

No. 755759

fuck off sonic, i suffered enough already with all of this bullshit and now i want peace of mind

No. 755782

Is it going to get better?

No. 755784

You better be joking i’m on the brink

No. 755802

Should I?

No. 755803

Really, though?

No. 755826

Am I going to die this year?

No. 755850

is it a good idea?

No. 755852

Are they ACTUALLY gonna hire or what?

No. 755872

Will you stop being so negative today?

No. 755896

Should I text them right now?

No. 755907

Do I need to do it?

No. 755909

Is he a piece of shit?

No. 755926

Am I shooting too high

No. 755927

Is she still into me?

No. 756155

Will this be a good shit?

No. 756626

Will I get over him soon?

No. 757049

Should I get off social media

No. 757555

Should I ask about it?

No. 757767

Is it all going to work out?

No. 758319

Was this an eternal never or just for the day?

No. 758335

Should I go back to the hospital

No. 758438

Should I go get fries from maccas?

No. 758460

Does he?

No. 758853

will my manifestation come true, godly sanic

No. 758855

maybe? smh u indecisive little bitch

No. 758865

It's already coming true nonny

No. 758868

will i blow up

No. 758869

fame is pain i guess

No. 758872

will i get a good sleep tonight

No. 758877

Will I find my cute white bf

No. 759281

Are you going to answer me?

No. 759336

Should I go buy an energy drink?

No. 759337

Intellectual Sanic strikes again! What energy drink will you be getting?

No. 759341

Idk the brand name but it's banana flavoured. Not sure about the "for all of eternity" part, I guess I'll buy two, that's as high as I'll go today.

No. 759352

Is he still out there?

No. 759356

What…? Did something happened to him?

No. 759366

… Is he okay?

No. 759372

Will I find a boyfriend this year?

No. 759404

He is being held captive you have to pay a great price for ransom
I have this same question not that I care but you know

No. 759416

So will I find a boyfriend this year

No. 759435

Can I really learn to draw?

No. 759448

(Yes you can, Sanic is just trying to make you draw based on spite)

No. 759459

Sanic-sama, do I have a chance to save him? Please give me an answer…

No. 759484

will I succeed where she failed

No. 759485

Should I go?

No. 759526

sanic am i gonna get the sex tomorrow?

No. 759879

Will she ever want me back sanic

No. 759952

No. 759987

Are you looking out for me?

No. 760057

I'm I gonna get a job before the end of April ?

No. 760070

Am I gonna get a job?

No. 760091

Will we get closer somehow?

No. 760099

Start over tomorrow? (today)

No. 760409

repeating this question pls sanic omg

No. 760540

am I just being paranoid?

No. 761332

Do you find me irredeemable?

No. 761406

Am I being stalked online by an old friend???????

No. 761409

Is he trying to ghost?

No. 761548

Will I get employed by the end of the month?

No. 761569

Will I at least be suffering with a job?

No. 761651

will it come to me

No. 761730

Will my relationship work out in the end?

No. 761743

hello sir i am here to ask about whether this bitch will ever start to care about me if i can be honest to her about how much of her time i truly wanna take up. thanks sir.

No. 761745

wishy washy piece of shit sonic you SUCK at your job.

No. 761750

will i succeed in my upcoming classes?

No. 761751

>rolling a 5

No. 761756

Sanic, are you a dumb idiot loser buffoon?

No. 761757

epic checkmate

No. 762039

Will I find the strength to leave today sanic

No. 762053

No. 762203

No. 762634

Is celibacy the answer for me?

No. 762639

Ok, is celibacy the answer?

No. 762641

Kek you're right sanic. Thank you

No. 762941

Should I grow my hair out

No. 763171

should I take a shower tonight

No. 763174

does he really want to marry me

No. 763179

please I'm trying to assess

No. 763677

are my wildest dreams going to come true?

No. 763717

Should I jerk off tonight

No. 763886

will it go well?

No. 764152

Am I ready to join next week?

No. 764622

will i have good sex anytime soon

No. 764816

are you a demon sanic

No. 765444

should i get back into contact with them?

No. 765455

Will I meet him in person soon?

No. 765499

Should I eat another slice today?

No. 765507


No. 765509

jfc is this thread cursed or something?

No. 765538

what do you mean

No. 765564

so many repeating numbers in a row, so all those things will come true at a great price

No. 765566

anon im sorry but i ate another slice and didnt jerk off, im a fat bitch.

No. 765715

It's cause he's a demon

No. 765718

You had dubs, you dumb dumb. Look at the image. Dubs mean "yes, at a great price"
So yeah, you ate the slice and now you'll pay the price

No. 765937

will he ask me out

No. 766926

if I pull an all nighter will I find him in the morning

No. 766928

to be clear I should, yes?

No. 766938

If i stick with it, will it become better?

No. 766939

should i then not start in the first place?

No. 766960

Will my past come back and haunt me?

No. 766968

should i go back to school?

No. 767060

will doing it make things better

No. 767068


No. 767094

Should i send it?

No. 767095

No. 767413

Thank you sanic for protecting me against my stalker, they haven’t bothered me since

No. 768080

will I walk away with no consequences

No. 768088

Will we be together

No. 768163

Does he like me?

No. 768170

will i get into an actual mutually fulfilling relationship this year?

No. 768190

Is it the gut?

No. 768506

will I actually get the job?

No. 768586

Will it come in time?

No. 768613

Will I get in?

No. 768705

Should I never paint my nails again?

No. 768771

am I getting in?

No. 768772

Did I get scammed?

No. 768780

will we ever be happy together

No. 769070

Will I get a bf this year?

No. 769155

Should I move home?

No. 769184

Am I going to fucked up my oral presentation ?

No. 769185

shit, I have to ask again ?! Am I going to fucked up my oral presentation ?

No. 769232

am I unlucky and will continue to be cheated out of life

No. 769380

Should I stop cutting my hair?

No. 770379

SANIC do I leave now

No. 770387

will I ever be noticed

No. 770431

is that going to really happen

No. 770440

Is my manifestation coming true already?

No. 770480

Will everything turn out ok for me?

No. 770779

should i put in my 2 weeks notice today sanic should i quit my fucking jobbbbbbb?????

No. 770780

i refuse to take that as an answer you bitch

No. 771137

Does he like me

No. 771319

Will the talk go well?

No. 771321


Yeah, no. Will talking make it better?

No. 771336

Thanks, Sanic. It went pretty good.

No. 771607

Sanic. Should I go on a date with this cute effeminate younger guy, even though I feel like we don't have anything in common?

No. 772552

O wise totem, should I delete the sim I just aged up?

No. 772803

Should I buy Tekken Tag Tournament 2 today?

No. 772805

Should I let her go?

No. 772844

Will this degree be worth it?

No. 772871

Sanic Totem was right ! It went really well !

No. 772897

Are we going to stay together?

No. 772899


No. 772922

Am I going to fail my classes?

No. 772944

Should I make french toast right now?

No. 772983

What, my health?

No. 773213

Thank you, Sanic. I actually feel a lot better about my situation. I feel more optimistic and less trapped.

No. 773341

Does she see me as supportive? That’s really all I want to be towards her, I don’t want to come off as imposing though.

No. 773448

Sanic should I go to the store today

No. 773705

do i have autism

No. 773796

sanic the hedgehog more like sanic the therapist. beep beep motherfucker, the only therapy i need is sanic.

No. 773803

is what I think is happening true

No. 773826

will they break up

No. 773844

Will I get a stable and a good paying job in 2021

No. 773846

My health?

No. 773847

Will I die in 2021

No. 773848

Do I like him or do I like the attention?

No. 773895

Will I go to uni this year?

No. 773979

Do I have it?

No. 773981


No. 774065

Should I recut my bangs after growing them out for a year?

No. 774066

Oh wow. The truth hurts.

No. 774114

Can I trust my boyfriend?

No. 774116

Asking again

No. 774118

Thank you, based Sanic

No. 774169

will I ever get the validation I want

No. 774289

Does she love me?

No. 774326

Will she and I be together eventually?

No. 774432

should i buy fries?

No. 774437

Is he gonna call me tonight?

No. 774496

Am I gonna get sick on my 2nd shot?

No. 774517

Am I being paranoid with the conclusion I’ve come to?

No. 774522

he’s totally lying to himself about this, right?

No. 774524

Will it fit?

No. 774525

ugh okay maybe I phrased that badly… is he pretending to me that it isn’t as serious as it is?

No. 774526

Sanic, please, will it go in or not?

No. 774546

will i make an actual friend any time soon?

No. 774557

Sanic, will this be a happy ending for once?

No. 774558

I can work with it's possible. Thanks, Sanic. I'm hurt but strangely at peace, knowing this can work.

No. 774756

Should I go to the graduation walk?

No. 775527

is this dude as much of a lame idiot as I'm sensing he is

No. 775543

will i motivate myself to be productive today

No. 775558

Sanic, am I cursed?

No. 775559

Well then, that explains a lot.

No. 775579

uncurses you

No. 775627

Sanic, will I be able to go to Med school?

No. 775709

Do I have covid 19, sonic?

No. 775710

Pls i want to know

No. 775712

Last try

No. 775719

Is my vibrator pushing me away from God

No. 775721

No. 775725

I think Sanic is trying to tell us how to remove the curse

No. 775933

Will I get my period soon?

No. 775948

Would it work if I tried again?

No. 775950

Kek, would it be worse?

No. 775970

will i finally be rid of this dumb bitch now?

No. 776245

did I fuck it up beyond repair?

No. 776501

Will it bring me the peace I need?

No. 776569

Should I get coffee and masturbate

No. 776643

is he gonna respond

No. 776681

should i just say fuck it and stop holding back wanting to express my radfem views on social media?

god tier answer from the totem

No. 776712

Will I win a moderate sized lottery (100 - 500k) in the next five years?

No. 776715

No. 776757

well pls

No. 776805

should i just yeet now?

No. 776834

Are there still things I don't know about him that I should?

No. 776835

Asking again:

No. 776864

will they seriously do it

No. 776865

asking once again, willthey really do it???

No. 776866

thank fucking sanic omg

No. 776939

is she hiding something?

No. 777072

is it going to get resolved soon?

No. 777073

No. 777074

Will this year be my year?

No. 777075

answer my fucking question (please)

No. 777076

i gasped

No. 777205

am i going to make it?

No. 777259

No. 777272

should I dump him soon

No. 777281

Oh totem, should I go up and fetch more?

No. 777297

And should I rent that movie again

No. 777888

Finally time to leave the internet?

No. 777959

What cost? My mental health that's been dependent on mindless scrolling for years?

No. 777966

should i nuke my old twitter account?

No. 778050

am I gonna get my period or what

No. 778051

will i find a gf that wants to play video games with me this month?

No. 778052

Sanic must be answering on the behalf of the baby growing in your stomach!

No. 778053

will I get the job I’m interviewing for

No. 778055

fuck, I was hoping he meant he would kick my uterus to jumpstart this shit pls no babby

No. 778076

I'll play video games with you anon.
sanic will the hydrangeas i planted survive to bloom

No. 778077

No. 778082

Will I have sex this month?

No. 778083

oh fuck me

No. 778099

Sanic got flirty.

No. 778142

will my life ever be worth living

No. 778237

is she gonna go away anytime soon

No. 778623

are the fortunes correct

No. 778664

anon did you just hack the system

No. 778761

Is He near me?

No. 779403

Do I drink too much caffeine

No. 779589

is she lying about not cheating

No. 779653

does she still think of me fondly

No. 779789

Sanic, should I just kms already? I have cancer and chemo sucks shit.

No. 779847

I sincerely hope from the bottom of my heart that you will be okay, anon. Please stay with us.

No. 779907

okay sanic this IS a test. is he gonna show up tonight after all

No. 779911

extremely fucking unhelpful you binch

No. 779912

will i ever date a wahmen

No. 779915

goddamn bihet it is then

No. 779925

will I find happiness sanic

No. 779926

No. 780379

will i be a lonely bitch forever?

No. 780381

No. 780405

am i doomed to stay single my whole life

No. 780408

will i have to settle for a m*n

No. 780411

>suffering awaits
i'll take that as a yes

No. 780430

Can I learn to be less selfish?

No. 780513

Will I have a good job?

No. 780523

Should I ask them to hang out tomorrow?

No. 780561

Will I ever meet an ADHD King

No. 780564

Will it work out between us?

No. 780591

will I meet my celeb crush

No. 780604

will we get married?

No. 780622

will I ever be able to cum again?

No. 780669

i guess i should ask again

No. 781504

Am I safe from the things I'm scared of?

No. 781505

Asking again

No. 781664

Will leaving this place improve me as a person

No. 781713

Will it

No. 781952

Will I be able to escape by August of next year?

No. 781954

File: 1618246068164.jpg (99.6 KB, 1200x1200, neg.jpg)

No. 781964

will i get the job

No. 781967

will i get the job im going to interview for

No. 782004

will we be able to get back to normal anytime soon

No. 782124

will you just come into my life already

No. 782129

tell me sonic, is my personal conspiracy true

No. 782131

oh shut up

No. 782167

yes? so there's a chance?

No. 782586

Would it let me be able to put the past behind?

No. 782669

Should I take the job at EY?

No. 782672

Sanic pls now is not the time, I have to know

No. 782864

Should I go to that place on Thursday instead of today?

No. 783242

Should we get back together?

No. 783382

Sanic, should I throw my nail polish out?

No. 783384

am I right about this

No. 783406

Sanic, is walloftext-chan in the onion thread actually joysparkles?

No. 783491

Will my prof give me the participation marks?

No. 783505

Will I make a world class black metal album by the time I'm 24 just like markov soroka and dg?

No. 783508

Fug I knew it I have no talent

No. 783591

should I go

No. 783852

Will I pass this course

No. 783853

No. 783854

Will I pass my other courses

No. 783855

Will I pass my other courses

No. 783916

Should I dye my hair black

No. 783917

Oh cool

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