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File: 1619357315645.jpg (47.76 KB, 356x464, retarded.jpg)

No. 791206

reveal it all

previous thread >>>/ot/773785

No. 791209

File: 1619357671250.jpeg (28.9 KB, 340x328, F6CCAC16-0E7F-41B5-80A7-525C32…)

damn op beat me to creating a new thread

No. 791211

I've tried using this whole "shifting realities" technique to get a lucid dream when I get to fuck my 2d crush but instead I got a hyper-realistic dream when my classmate shoot his head during online classes.

No. 791214

I feel you, I never dream I'm fucking my husbando (despite spending my free time looking for fanarts and translating doujinshis with him), always randos like high school acquaintances I was never attracted to or seeing people close to me dying brutally.

No. 791215

I tried to lucid dream a few years ago and all I got was some dreamless sleep paralysis.. then soon afterwards (few weeks later randomly) I had sleep paralysis one morning with a demon creature in front of me. Thought I had died lol. Never tried that shit again.

No. 791220

File: 1619358956037.jpeg (343.08 KB, 750x935, 98BAEAA8-BA69-4F52-89AB-E6FAB1…)

My bf found the eye candy pics I have on my camera roll such as picrel. I don’t know why my autistic ass even told him I had those pics saved to post in a lolcow “attractive men you wanna fuck thread”

do you guys think he’s jealous or..?

No. 791221

who is that

No. 791222

How would you feel if you looked at your bf's phone and he would have multiple photos of hot women saved there, and explained that these are just pics of hot women he'd like to fuck he shares with his friends?

No. 791228

I mean you were there… tell us how he reacted ?

No. 791229

If it's any consolation anon, I think the nun in your picrel is real cute.

No. 791238

He doesn’t have any of them saved but I’m pretty sure he ogles girls on social media.

And I know this is lolcow but he watches porn. I do too, we both acknowledge how fucked up the industry is for like capitalizing off of horrible seedy shit and literally warping users brains but ..
I honestly think we’ve been needing to talk about this. Like I will never stop wanna ogling hot ass dudes who honestly (I find hot cause they remind me of him) but maybe quitting social media or something? Taking a break? It would break my heart if he had a hot ass woman saved on his phone.

The actor who plays Liu Kang in the new MK movie

He seemed like he understood like “been there done that” tbh

No. 791244

I don't think it's necessarily wrong to recognize other people as attractive and even talk about it with either your partner or other people. Keeping the photos saved is kind of odd and while not a crime as you're not actually going to cheat on your bf it's important to think how you'd feel in reverse situation and why. Think of this situation as of a very good opportunity for you to discuss boundaries with your boyfriend.

No. 791261

My ass is so fat that I became the admin of this website.

No. 791270

Happy for you anonita!

No. 791273

I unironically think Funky Town is a great song

No. 791280

No. 791297

File: 1619367653068.jpg (308.49 KB, 720x1520, Screenshot_20210425-121756_Twi…)

I want them to in fight so bad I'm thinking on making a troll tranny account

No. 791302

Larp as an agender blob to make them wreck their brains even more.

No. 791304

It's a fuckin confirmed banger wym

No. 791307

an agender with a pingas or an agender with a vagee? it does matter to these people

No. 791308

"don't ask what's between my legs reeee" but I feel like the peen get more sympathy

No. 791313

they do. a "camab" can say the most outrageous things, bio males can get away with virtually anything in those communities

No. 791356

File: 1619372480888.jpg (342.71 KB, 720x2242, 9fc67ac15a3f915b29cf8c9fa2ab6b…)

You can't lucid dream in one night. Whoever told you that is a hack.
You have to build it up for months

I am sorry about the sleep paralysis demon, though lol

No. 791362

If someone serves me plain rice with just meat and/or barely any vegetables with it I will put ketchup all over my rice.

No. 791366

I've done this in hard times. But ketchup and rice is kind of popular in some places.

No. 791367

I eat steak with ketchup. The only thing based about Trump is how he does that with expensive steak and the media made fun of him for it like it isn't a flex

No. 791378

I did do it for months. I had a few books on it.

I tried for months and lost interest, then weeks after stopping I had the demon experience and that shit felt insanely realistic. I saw it and heard a voice. I was young and in a vulnerable mental state so I honestly thought that was a real demon for a long time. I feel bad for anyone who regularly gets sleep paralysis.

No. 791431

Sorry about it, anon!

I assumed you didn't because I saw a post going around a few years ago that all you had to do was lay down, concentrate on not moving (basically meditating) and let your "body sleep while your mind was awake". And i guess that could work for more experienced people, but a lot of people trying it for the first time just said they had sleep paralysis experiences.
Sorry for assuming, though.

No. 791469

I masturbate frequently in my sleep and I didn't know for most of my life and apparently some people did and just thought I was a pervert omg I cringe so bad when I think about situations at a sleep over where a friend would wake me up and ask me what I was doing or my aunt telling me it's inappropriate to do what I did sleeping in the same room as my cousin. I started connecting the dots when I woke up in the middle of doing it while passed out my friend's couch when we were watching a movie and she looked extremely disturbed but was understanding when I explained what I just realized. I can't sleep around anyone any more out of extreme embarrassment. How do you even address this or fix it lol

No. 791487

I genuinely want to murder males but I have a physical disability that would prevent me doing this. it bums me out.

No. 791544

Solidarity sister, if you could I'd give you a list.

No. 791556

I didn't do anything of worth yesterday, I literally laid in my bed all day sleeping, playing games and reading random shit on the internet. I'm not gonna say it was healthy or "self care," but I also have zero regrets.

No. 791569

I’m secretly kind of glad my boyfriend has such bad ptsd. Although it causes him a lot of issues and it’s a lot to work through for both of us I know if he didn’t have these problems he’s be with someone much, much better than me and I’m too selfish for that. I’m an awful person.

No. 791587

Same, sis

No. 791618

Lol my roommate did the same. I didn’t really care. It’s natural
Just cover yourself with a blanket and tell people you have breathing problems or something

No. 791647

I'm so glad that a creepy scrote that's been after me for years seems to be getting interested in someone else. I know it's probably gonna be bad for that other girl but I just want to be let go. I want to post pictures on social media and not having to worry about that bastard looking up my name, finding them and tracking me down. It's been years and I want to have normal relationships, not this borderline toxic shit.

No. 791651

I want to leave this website, for many reasons including being too sensitive and getting caught up with infighting and sometimes it’s a lil toxic idk but I always come crawling back. Even for just a few mins like when I am in the bath or on the toilet (confession no.2 right now I am on the loo!) or just bored. I love gossiping and you anons can be funny and I like to laugh at the own caps and unconventional attractions thread. You are like an ex that I keep going back to, even though I haven’t done though (confession no.3 I haven’t even had a relationship)

No. 791656

I've been dancing my country's folklore dance all night and I feel so much better. I really love that I'm part of my race despite all the rejection of it everywhere in the world. I don't care if a cultureless mf thought I'm not good enough. I feel proud now and forever.

No. 791664

File: 1619386921126.jpg (48.49 KB, 640x480, 8t97.jpg)

>tfw you have family members that do this around others except they're wide awake
blankets don't do shit btw

No. 791668

I wish we found a cure for autism and mental illness

No. 791670

Do you mind sharing what the dance is nonny? I enjoy both dancing and learning about other cultures.

No. 791673

What country are you from anon? Will you share?

No. 791686

Of course! If it's not against the rules.
I'm an Arab from jordan. We dance dabkeh and dihyieh there. But I also know how to belly dance since it's part of my bigger culture. I wore our traditional costume and danced for literally 5 hours with my brother. Then my whole family was dancing. I know as an Arab we have a bad reputation for god knows what but guess what girls IDGAF.

No. 791690

That's really cool anon, it sounds so fun. I'm jealous of cultures that incorporate dance as a common part of social/familial activity. Here in the U.S. you really just dance at the ~club~ (or not, due to COVID) and when you do people mostly grind on each other rather than actually having skill. I looked up dabkeh and saw this as the first vid. These dudes' leg strength, good lord (even the old man after the first guy). Love the beats too!

No. 791699

So glad you enjoyed it anon! This what me and my family did all night lol. I'm so glad my parents raised me to be proud of my roots. I hope you can listen and understand some of the folklore songs we have in Jordan specifically and arab world generally. They really describe love, sorrow, land, women and men in the most elegant way ever!

No. 791748

knees like megan a lebanese dancer

No. 791854

I had a feeling you were arab lol. I’m arab too (yemeni) and we LOVE dabka, anytime there’s a wedding you can be sure they’ll be a dabka circle. Ofc there’s yemeni traditional dances too but they’re so boring that only the grandparents are into it lmao.

No. 791860

I go to /snow/ and /w/ to make myself feel better about my sub-average life.

No. 791863

Omg a Yemeni queeeeeeeeen!!!!
Hope one day we can dance dabkeh together.

No. 791879

I wish weed was my vice instead of alcohol. I have unlimited access to it, no calories, multiple ways to enjoy and yet I would rather the cheap 6 pack that makes me feel like death. I like weed a lot too. Ultimately a more healthy vice in general would be ideal but that's not realistic atm kek.

No. 791886

I don't care about my ex but his gf has pronouns in her bio and my curiosity is killing me whether he told her I'm a terf or not. He used to agree with me on everything but when we broke up he completely flipped the opposite direction just so he could come up with more reasons to hate me ("transphobe!!!"). Like is he actually gonna tell her what he knows or is he just playing dumb and trying to forget everything I showed him? I feel like there's a chance that he's pretending to be with it (just like he was with radical feminism apparently kek) but I want to know if he actually managed to forget everything and believes the TRA shit now. This is reminding me of the movie Oldboy where there's the last scene of him trying to forget about his 'error'…dramatic ik but I'm curious.

No. 791889

The way you describe him he probably /has/ told her. I don't think he's pretending to forget so much as spinning a narrative of "I was with my ex until I found out she was a violent transphobe so I broke up with her." Anyway, I hope you enjoy your freedom anon, kek

No. 791894

Thank you, anon, I wish the best for you too. People always claim it's a cope but it's genuinely blissful being single/alone, I really can't go back to having to allocate my time and energy for some other scrote.

No. 791902

Sometimes I daydream about passing away, mostly in an heroic manner, at a young age and being remembered with love. I don't know if it's because I'm looking for attention or what, by I stop myself in the act because I feel like I'm manifesting it and honestly I don't want that pain for my friends/family and I'm not even suicidal at all
Guess I just need to go touch some grass, I sound deranged

No. 791914

File: 1619408480840.png (14.75 KB, 509x335, mel.png)

I've been checking in on this one character for a while now. Just weeks ago I would've posted this in the personal lolcows thread but it's gotten to a point where I find her behavior pretty concerning.

I first found her on twitter; she's a German physicist who somehow got it into her head that Benedict Cumberbatch (yes) was emailing her back in like 2014, until he got "bored" and stopped (most likely a troll who noticed she was a fan and catfished her). She's convinced that now his marriage and children are fake (a hired escort and "rented" kids), and that every single one of his movies is a secret coded message that's either mocking her or trying to apologize to her, I guess depending on her mood that day. When she clashed with Cumberbatch stans on twitter, she claimed they were all paid interns who were hired specifically to discredit her. For a while I was just amused, because her tl was retweets of normal interests and hobbies, your usual social justice, interspersed with her crazy Cumberbatch tweets, so it was just a funny reminder that otherwise normal-seeming people could have absolutely insane beliefs.

And then several things seemed to happen at once: it looks like her ex took her child away from her (due to her mental illness), she claims to have lost all her friends, and her Twitter got suspended, I'm not sure if there's a specific reason why. I was able to find her again on tumblr, where she now just posts pure concentrated batshittery. Obviously there's not much I can do as a bystander in another country, so now I just keep tabs to see what wild interpretation of a new project she comes up with next. (Last I checked she was losing it over his Simpsons cameo?) I'm morbidly fascinated by how erotomania manifests pretty much exactly the same in every case I know of, like KT Price, with the belief in coded messages, that they're actively being suppressed, etc.

No. 791920

I'm a loser, which is fine, but sometimes it really hits me how pointless my life is. I don't know why I'm doing anything.

No. 791927

I often stumble upon Twitter accounts of people that exhibit classical paranoia. They post a stream of tweets about the government/cia/the royal family/Hollywood/some famous person supposedly stalking and persecuting them. They will have weird calculations and association that "prove" some batshit idea. They never have likes or any engagement on those posts, and yet they post hundreds of tweets every day.
There are so many of them on there, idk if they congregate on Twitter or is the world just that full of crazies.

No. 791930

One of the worst moments of my life was when my mom was going crazy with her drinking binges and I was a teenager having to scrounge up money for food to feed my siblings and I reached out to my grandma desperate for help. I don't even know what I wanted from her. Money, emotional support, shaming my mom into getting help, literally anything. But all she sent me back was an Al-Anon link kek. I was 17 and taking care of 5 kids. I had dropped out of school temporarily at this point. I don't know if I have ever felt so helpless.

No. 791938

File: 1619411731900.jpg (42.58 KB, 967x545, 2Qa0dO5.jpg)

Okay anons, I need your advice.

I have a friend, who is a trans guy, he never told me but I found out while browsing through his accounts; I have talked about him a few times here, and how much he means to me, I legit think on him as one of the very few people I have trusted and thought as a real friend.

But I found something interesting, he began to put "Girl" and "Lesbian" on his/her accounts and Discord status. She is starting to de-transition.

We are young, so for her it won't be a hard thing to get back to, but I feel so weird; like, I know most farmers would find it as a good thing, but I feel so strange after many years of seen her as a male. Actually, I also find weird how she didn't tell me anything about that despite being public, and again, I only knew she was a trans male through digging on his Tumblr notes. I don't know, I think she just wants me to guess or something.

I'm not a lesbian or bisexual, but I have never felt this close to someone before. Still, I'm happy that she is getting more comfortable with her own gender and such. She always posted about female-positivity, so I guess it makes sense. But still, I have no idea what to tell her now, both of us have been busy with work, so we haven't talked in a while, and I don't know what to say once we get a time together again.

No. 791945

Hm. If they never felt the need to mention it to you in conversation, maybe they just didn't see it as important. If they're destransitioning though, then I'd say just be supportive of wherever they end up. Like you mentioned, they're in the midst of being comfortable with their gender, even if it means detransitioning. They're still the same person you've known all this time. If they don't bring it up, then maybe keep silent on it, unless you absolutely feel like continuing without mention of it will cause a rift between you two.

No. 791946

You should ask her why she felt compelled to hide the truth from you if you were such good friends. Especially now that she realizes she’s a woman anyways. I’m assuming despite you knowing she was a tif you only interacted with her as if she was a normal scrote? If it makes you uncomfortable you shouldn’t force yourself to treat her like you would any of your other girl friends until you’re able to adjust to this change.

No. 791955

Let her come to you with it. Its nothing you can change or fully understand from the outside so for your own sake, don't make it about "you". She's not keeping it "from you", she's dealing with it in her own way.

No. 792080

I read A LOT of hentai. I don't get turned on by it or anything, I just see it as another genre that is good for a real quick read when I have nothing better to do.

No. 792102

You're pathetic and so is your boyfriend goddamn

No. 792104

Then it's not hentai it's doujin you Baka

No. 792257

File: 1619452708426.jpeg (244.76 KB, 1270x675, CC514A3B-654F-48A7-8BC7-1925ED…)

I would eat the SHIT out of stuff like this. I loved the diner scene in Emperor's New Groove. I loved the Lion King gummy bug popsicles. I just wanna eat BUGS

No. 792267

File: 1619453079853.jpg (25.07 KB, 350x350, 1427653771797.jpg)

I guess it's kinda BUGGING you?

No. 792271

I've always been ok with the thought of eating bugs too. Idk I think it's cool!

No. 792272

File: 1619453331359.jpg (96.07 KB, 800x543, descargar.jpg)

I love eating these mexican grasshoppers, so crunchy and savory

No. 792273

The segments make it resemble langostino
I dislike that you can't clean their innards and have to eat bug shit together with bug meat

No. 792276

what's wrong with eating bug shit?

No. 792279

I think the only bugs you can do that with are shrimp and other crustaceans

No. 792284

File: 1619454232253.png (238.63 KB, 432x576, homura.png)

I started as a shy, friendless, sick kid in school.
Then, I became super depressed and frowny.
Now, I'm unapologetically insane and smile even if shit's hard.

I've decided to kin Homura Akemi. Kek

No. 792318

You go ahead eat a full bowl of it, fine by me. I'll skip, I only ever eat shit metaphorically.

No. 792404

what exactly is there to read besides

No. 792407

I wanna throw up cuz I was flirting with my crush and they straight up asked "Are you flirting with me?"
so in a panic I said no. And I feel like I totally failed cuz they didn't flirt back!

No. 792452

i have been stealing drinks (non alcoholic) from markets, sometimes i even take sink care products, yesterday when i was paying for shit (and this time i didn't steal hehe) a guard of the place come to me with one of the ithems i steal last mont and told me "pay for it" and i got confuse, he didn't told me anyting untel my dad come in to help me with the shoping bags and saw him do that, i play dumb but now i fear that he will to that againg and make me pay for the notebook isteal altho, that happened a long time ago and nothing happen i'm still nervous to be band from the store and because i'm the only person that does the grocery shopping and i don't want to be be expose to my parent i only did it twice i should be fine… i won't do again i'm to much of a pussy to do so i guess it was fun while it lasted

No. 792454

dude just don't steal anymore, seriously the anxiety is not worth doing your parents and yourself so wrong

No. 792485

I want to have sex right now. I don't care if I'm going to hell for being a sinner but I'm horny and wished some strong, handsome man would do it with me. Fuck covid for cockblocking me so hard, I'm going to die a virgin because of this shit and I can't take it anymore.
>just buy a dildo
No, I want human contact, I'm so touch starved that I'm straight up embarrassed to let the doctor run basic tests during appointments.
>just get a bf
Best way to get myself kicked out in a pandemic when I just earn minimum wage in a city when it's not enough anymore. If I had a bf, did anything more than holding hands with him before marriage and got caught I'd get my ass beat.

No. 792523

i won't do it no more anonita thanks!

No. 792545

File: 1619469451134.jpg (68.17 KB, 564x752, d38ada7df2a32569c7aaea5c842744…)

I loved 2020. I loved quarantine since I had an excuse for a full year to not see anyone. I didn't miss any one in my life for a second. I didn't miss socially connecting, talking in person, going to stores, nothing. I had the most productive year of my life and came to so many realizations about myself, made a consistent schedule for myself and made leaps and bounds in my skills and passions. It was finally the boost to get myself into better shape, eat out less, and just spend my time studying and bettering myself. 2020 was the best year of my life thus far and I can literally never say this to anyone since it was everyone elses worst. I don't wish for another pandemic ofc but it would be nice if we could just shut everything down every few years or make it socially acceptable to never see anyone again. I dread things going back to normal now.

No. 792551

honestly… like as shitty as it sounds. Same. I ain't ready. If we can have one or two more years of this I would be dandy. 2020 was the year I discovered I don't need to work myself to death and I can earn a living at home doing artwork.

No. 792553

File: 1619469941530.jpg (6.33 KB, 276x183, 54738957430.jpg)

Fucking amen anon. Everyone's always complaining that 2020 was a hellscape and how they're dying to return to the world and get more social interaction, meanwhile I'm picrel. Finally I've been able to be my hermit self guilt-free and enjoy working from my cozy home, not having to spend hours commuting in traffic for a job I can do anywhere. I still get my work done but it's easier to take breaks and truly relax, prep meals and tidy my place, do more stuff that's meaningful to me. I'm sorry for those who have lost people but I don't miss how the world used to function at all and it's gonna be a bummer for me when it fully reverts back.

No. 792557

It would have been the same for me if I didn't get sick for like 3 months at the exact worse timing possible. If I managed to not get sick I'd would have been very far away from my family, I'd be able to have the career I wanted, I'd be able to have a way more normal social life than usual somehow, I'd probably even be able to have a bf. I'm getting way more "advantages" this year than the previous year, I miss my friends but I love not being pressured to socialize with my current coworkers outside of work hours and I'm about to have enough money to get my own place and have some peace and a private life.

No. 792560

I don't hate myself, I actually love myself quite a lot. But I do use the phrase "nothing tastes as good as skinny feels" as a thing to remember what I truly want in life.

No. 792564

File: 1619471490956.gif (666.07 KB, 666x666, 1598644500367 (1).gif)

You sound like a stay-at-home-wife, but to each their own I guess?

No. 792572

Low effort bait. Women enjoying their time alone and earning money for themselves rather than a man… yeah, total waifu material. Nice cope tho, scrote.

No. 792580

some of us have parents to leech off of, you know

No. 792591

File: 1619475271991.jpeg (70.08 KB, 736x736, download (4).jpeg)

i'm not still in love with my ex but when we were together, it was the first and only time i was: truly happy, content, really in love, and self-confident.
i used to get pure butterflies in my stomach and i cared so much about the stupid fuck. he just had to go and get addicted to drugs again. he was horrible for me but i worry everyday i will never be as happy as i was back then.
what if i never get to fall in love the same way again. is it even worth trying

No. 792595

You'll fall in love in a way that feels different, but that doesn't mean it will be worse. Maybe it will be just as good, maybe even better. You'll see

No. 792597

He would be a real soy bitch to get jealous lmao
I’d dump him. Don’t compare moids mindset to women’s.

No. 792608

I want to be happy for my friend and I did wish her luck. But the girl is in her early 20's and in her first relationship and immediately goes "I'm going to have this mans babies. I'm so in love. It's so cosmic and deep"
and I'm over here like chill girl. It's only been a few months, you two barely see each other because to her own admission he would rather stay at home drawing anime titts. Like, date a few of em first. Don't go into baby mode on the first one

No. 792660

File: 1619481796888.png (71.95 KB, 400x140, hornygrip.png)

There's a woman I'm casual friends with that I thought I was over, but god, I'm still so attracted to her. I don't know what it is, we're not even all that compatible and she's practically asexual. But all I can think about lately is passionately making out with and having sex with her. I feel so creepy, but I'm pretty sure she has no idea

No. 792674

File: 1619482788361.png (360.9 KB, 512x512, no fun allowed.png)

Any time I see 'don't report just block' in someone's bio, I report them. I don't even care about the content they're posting, don't tell me what to do!!!

No. 792711

File: 1619485687505.png (2.25 MB, 1032x1200, 1616724531953.png)

None of my current friends know my dad was middle eastern, I look very much fully white and it somehow amuses me. Sometimes I feel like I'm lying but I don't like talking about him in general so power level hidden forever I guess

No. 792713

who even puts that in their bio, it's reverse psychology

No. 792740

Usually weird pro eating disorder / pro self harm accounts. Occasionally over zealous real-person roleplayers who get their accounts taken down for impersonation

No. 792758

I've seen it with NSFW accounts, especially ones on platforms like insta (where nsfw content is discouraged) or ones with extreme kinks

No. 792799

I love to read miserable people's posts on like Reddit and stuff. I do not know why it brings me so much joy, but the fact that schadenfreude is a word lets me know at least it's not just me. Right now, my current favorite types of stories are people with gambling addictions and moms who regret it all. Reality TV fucking wishes it could get this juicy.

No. 792803

File: 1619496730187.jpeg (149.67 KB, 828x540, 0A275ECB-5756-4460-9D39-BFC337…)

I saw a tumblr post (ironically enough) that perfectly encompasses all that is retarded about "do not interact" criteria

No. 792807

same applies to the whole concept of BYF. Zoomers really think I will read all this bullshit so I can reblog cat gifs from their blog once in a blue moon

No. 792811

byf and dni are synonymous, anon.

No. 792812

isn't DNI what you put in tags and a small part of BYF?

No. 792821

how is being half middle eastern a power level? not trying to be rude just curious

No. 792829

I was super close to becoming an e-girl/cos-thot. However, I have more dignity AND I was in a rough spot and lucky that for a specific reason, I couldn't post selfies and other stuff online. So I of course didn't garnish the physical attention aspect. I still was like the "main female" of the discord server of some tumblr popular funnymen. The leader of the server was thirsty for me so put me in charge. I was just the "server mommy" i know I know I know I KNOW and luckily I didn't involve myself in any drama cause they were all kiwifags (I didn't know what KF was at the time) and I'm grateful they didn't post anything about me. I lucked out. I didn't do anything post worthy except publicly embarrass the admin of the server and start infighting with this faggot that is an extreme /pol/fag and kept going after the younger people of the server. Eventually the server got deleted because admin abandoned it and I called him out for it.

It was messy and I'm grateful none of it was every spread all over the internet AND that the other people still like me/keep me as mod roles in their individual servers.

No. 792842

I can't look at Spongebob the same since I was a kid and seeing Spongebob makes me feel uneasy.

This will be a bit of a story anons.

I know it sounds stupid but an experience as a child made me dislike Spongebob. I had a friend in 1st to 6th grade who was obsessed with Spongebob. I lived across the street from him and our parents befriended each other, so we played everyday at his house and his obsession with Spongebob was genuinely weird. All of his toys and bedding were Spongebob, even things like pencil cases or cups etc. It starts getting weird when he had things on his walls like prayers dedicated to Spongebob and eventually he banned himself from liking Spongebob and wrote 30 pages of lines saying how he wouldn't like Spongebob anymore. He even once admitted Spongebob was his boyfriend. One day we are in his house and he deadass pulls his pants down and asks me if I want to do anything? I was so young and in shock by what I was seeing. I didn't even know what he meant, I just got scared and I ran away. I tried not to mention it or go near him after that. I remember more instances similar to those afterwards in my own home (my parents would babysit while his mother worked) and now my brain associates Spongebob with him.

Fun fact though anons, I saw him a few years back and he trooned out.

No. 792844

I'm so sorry this happened to you anon, but this has such pasta energy lol

No. 792846

anon i gotta know more i need details of said trooning out and what his parents were like pls

No. 792860

I was afraid of this kek
His mother was a sweetheart honestly, she treated me like her daughter however his "dad" always gave me a strange feeling. I don't think it was his actual dad either, his siblings and him had different parents I believe. I think his mother might've babied him a lot but then took orders from the step dad. The father seemed to be very distant and mean. Later I found out he got abusive as he got older.

He told me he was kicked out of his house for being gay at 16 or 17 and did some things on grindr while underage for alcohol and cheeseburgers. I did try to sympathize with him during this time. He loved makeup and feminine things and a therapist told him he was trans.

Not gonna lie, apart of me feels bad for him. I don't feel like he has had the support he has needed. Maybe he isn't even a troon. He just went with what a therapist told him he was.

No. 792861

Shit this sounds like he might have been fucked up mentally from being molested or something. kids don't just… do that

No. 792863

samefag by "that" I mean the dropping pants with a weird expectant energy

No. 792865

> therapist told him he was trans.
And the worst therapist award goes to…

No. 792871

Right? That was the first thing my mind went to

No. 792874

I hugged a random woman cause she asked me if I was fully vaccinated and I lied and said yes even tho I only had my first dose sorry lady thanks for the hug tho it was nice

No. 792875

I wouldn't be surprised if that influenced him becoming trans either. That is really fucked up, I hope it wasn't the dad. Well hope it was no one at all but it seems like it sadly.

No. 792878

I agree, thinking about more deeply now it makes more sense.
I actually did bring it up to him and said "Wouldn't you know yourself if you were trans? It doesn't seem right to me that they are telling you who you are." he genuinely seemed confused.

Despite the weird things he did as a child I try not to let it bother me because of what he may have went through.

I am convinced that it may have been his other family on the dad's side.

No. 792981

No i mean it in a "don't let people know about shit" kinda way

No. 793113

I want to be sexually assaulted or preferably raped so I can feel prettier

No. 793114

That wouldn't make you feel pretty.

No. 793117

Yes, it would.

No. 793123

Nta but then you don't know men will rape any woman, pretty or not. Getting raped says nothing about your looks.

No. 793126

Anon when women get sexually assaulted the dude isn't laying on compliments in between showers of kisses and lovingly humping you. I hope it doesn't happen for you, sorry.

No. 793128

Some of the most brutal rapes I've read about are those home invasions were 80 year old women are robbed but also weirdly raped while the guy is there. 20 year olds raping great grannies. It's a power thing, not a pretty thing.

No. 793130

Same anon, and in response to all of you I have pretty severe issues with men. I’m the same anon who cheated on my gf with two men because she was judging me for never fucking any

No. 793132

If you're up for being raped you obviously don't give a shit about looks so I'm sure if you're desperate enough for validation there's some geek you can ride.

No. 793134

File: 1619541644518.jpg (59.26 KB, 830x467, IMG_20200726_155604.jpg)

Damn imagine having self-esteem THIS low. Thank god I know how to validate myself.

No. 793137


No. 793144

I don't think you want to be actually raped, especially by some ugly old balding dude, for example.

No. 793145

can't tell if bait, tranny or baiting tranny

No. 793148

I doubt you’ll believe me, but neither.

No. 793149

If you can say that you 'wish for it'..then it's not rape. Maybe you want to play out some fantasy roleplay where you're just so irresistible that the guy can't help himself. But nobody wants rape, that's what makes it rape.

No. 793157

what then, fat? autstic? molested as a kid? underage edgelord? you know that as long as you're vaguely woman shaped you can find some guy willing to fuck you, right?

No. 793166

At least tell me you fantasize about being raped by someone you're attracted to. I had fantasies about being forcibly fucked but it was still someone I was attracted to and who lived with me, not a random uggo

No. 793167

Not fat, more BPD than autistic, possibly molested as a kid but not certain, not underage or even that young

No. 793170

I feel the same way anon. I also want it because I feel like I need to be abused again to justify what a shitstain of a person I am.

No. 793215

File: 1619547258681.jpeg (254.12 KB, 1242x969, CEF59316-CDD2-4ACF-80F1-14A948…)

To all the nonnies and undercover scrotes and trannies.

No. 793224

therapy is a meme and a waste of money

No. 793239

Unrelated but I tried to post about considering going to a psychologist's appointments because of personal issues related to my physical health just 5 minutes before but it didn't work because I have shitty internet. What makes you say it's just a meme?

No. 793240

How can it make you feel pretty if literal shitting retards get raped. Only trannies have a hard time getting raped lmaooo

No. 793243

it isn't a meme, and there are more than one type of therapy and one type of therapist, example, meditation, yoga, etc etc not here to argue

No. 793244

Jesus christ. Get help please, I beg you get help!

No. 793259

i've been in therapy since i was a kid and i'm still relatively the same; apathetic towards life, anxious/afraid, and frequently suicidal. i've had so many therapists that have made my mental state worse, and like two that were acceptable. it's really tiresome having to retell my trauma to these people only for it to go nowhere and having to restart somewhere else. many times i find myself wondering why these people would go into this profession when so many of them seem so cold and uncaring, it's often like talking to a brick wall. only thing i can think of is that they are after the money.
everyone in therapy says that this is a normal experience. you try therapists until you find the right one. but it's been around 10 years for me, when do i find the right one?

tl;dr it just doesn't work and therapists are largely assholes

No. 793264

Got bpd? Kek

No. 793274

Are you american by any chance?

No. 793276

I was just chilling in my bed and suddenly I noticed a spider walking on my blanket, I moved and he started to walk really fast and I hit him instinctively with my hand and he's dead. I feel like shit now, usually when I find a spider in my house I catch him and get him outside, but I was never surprised by a spider right next to my face, it was a mechanical response. I still feel guilty though

No. 793278

It's alright anon you didn't kill him out of malice and spiders die all the time from all kinds of causes, maybe the death you gave him was way better than what he would have gone through later

No. 793290

I got off a few days ago by pretending to be a guy from a sexual audio I listened to, whispering the things he said and miming jerking off “my” dick without actually touching myself.
I’m not sure if it makes me a troon, but it definitely confuses me. What the fuck does that mean?

No. 793291

ptsd and mdd w/ psychotic features
unfortunately kek

No. 793305

it means fujo rotted your brain. its okay nonnette as long as you remember, yaoi is fiction and your loneliness is simply fooling you into self inserting as a male.

No. 793307

I asked because I have heard before about how some American therapists can be very detached and have very asshole-ish attitudes

No. 793313

Going by your other posts we don't have the same issues at all, yours seem worse and like they require medical intentions. Psychologists aren't really doctors where I live so I don't expect to be prescribed anything, I just want to vent to someone who could understand why I feel like my life was ruined before it started because of my physical health.

No. 793337

to be honest I am pretty sure therapists are considered a joke by medical and psychological professions

No. 793346

The weird thing is it wasn’t even yaoi, it was some guy being submissive to a woman, who was supposed to be the listener. Not sure why I self-inserted on the guy instead. Maybe just the novelty of it.

No. 793358

porn is weird and warps your sexuality as you need more novelty and hard core content to get off. maybe this was a first time but it could be related to that pattern. you're no troon and getting off to a man playing the more subsmissive role makes sense. women are socialized/sold that role but it's also specifically degrading for us in a misogynistic way. like how trans men transition but still act feminine, they feel they couldn't be so before because of the degrading and pornified nature of femininity. easier to play man.

No. 793381

You're not a fucking troon because you got off to submissive porn jfc get a grip zoomer.
Like plenty women get off to gay porn, regardless of whom they self insert, they're not trannies. This is the logic enabling scrotes to think they're a lesbian for cooming to yuri hentai.

No. 793388

I used to think the same thing, when I was like 11. Don’t really know why. It turns out I may/may not have been molested when I was too young to fully remember shit, which sparked off a lot of problems in my life later on. Doesn’t make you feel prettier, more just annoyed and disgusted, and you have to carry the weight of knowing that any scrote you trust with your life story will most likely jerk off to it.
Do you imagine it’s an attractive guy doing the assaulting? Because I think that’s actually less abnormal than it seems. IMHO, every woman who’s attracted to men wants to be desired madly (by men she also desires). Of course that’d make you feel pretty. I don’t even think that should be called rape, it’s just an exaggeration of our existing structure.
Actual rape, like being raped by some hideous freak who smells like eggs and hates women (for ex) isn’t the same thing, and wouldn’t have that effect. It’d just make you feel like you don’t even deserve to be with someone decent.

No. 793390

AYRT I don't imagine anyone in particular so no, not some hot dude. I've been asked by my psychiatrist (when I was 21) and even my mom (when I was 14) if I was sexually abused and both times I said no because I can't remember anything. Thanks for your reply btw.

No. 793419

File: 1619561792992.gif (326.74 KB, 112x112, 1608065454744.gif)

Why do I get strangely turned on whenever I see my bf cry?

No. 793437

Because he's vulnerable and showing sensitivity. It's both a power thing and the fact that we like to see man emote

No. 793470

I really, really like when women hug me…for obvious reasons, the things is, with all this lgbtq clown shit going on it's hard for me to admit this without feeling strange specially when i consider myself straight as a ruler. It started happening since i was 12yo and it got so bad i actively refuse hugs for any woman i know besides family.

No. 793478

Post his crying face~

No. 793491

>I just want to vent to someone
that's the issue, it's hard finding one that will actually listen and respond insightfully
gl though
yeah, i think that's just americans in general tbh

No. 793492

I unironically hate boys, as in male children. They are so fucking obnoxious and disrespectful and LOUD, especially the little spoiled shits who've been allowed to get away with anything. Of course I wouldn't say this direct to a child but dear God having one living in your house is like being greeted by a retarded goblin every damn day. Constantly acting like he's above everyone, and like he can't hear you when you scold him for doing something unbelievably autistic. This extends to every moidlet I've ever interacted with. If I ever have kids I will abort a male fetus NO exceptions. I always thought it was an edgy take to hate them until I had to live with one. Fuck them kids

No. 793495

This is honestly why I think of adopting if I ever decide I want to have children
I feel like it's impossible or at least near impossible to raise a boy to be a decent human being
Shout out to the women out there who did it, I don't know them because I never met their sons apparently but shout out to them. I could never nor do I have the patience

No. 793496

Unironically based. I felt this way ever since I started school (and having brothers)

No. 793509

You’re right, anons. I needed to hear this kek.
Plus, most porn is made from a male perspective, and talks all about how good women make men feel. It makes perfect sense to imagine being in that position at least once.

No. 793511

File: 1619568992899.png (1.03 MB, 1080x1080, Eren_Titán_(anime).png)

I dream with this…thing fucking me senselessly since aot aired back in 2013, i don't even watch Aot but "it/he"? turns me on for some reason I can't explain. It's been almost a decade already i can't believe I'm still this horny wtf

No. 793514

No. 793516

hottest titan tbh

No. 793520

It's the carnal and feral sexual nature we all crave and want anon

No. 793521

I love poking at my bfs butt/hole cause of his reactions.

No. 793522

Literally the only time he is fuckable

No. 793524

I see you are a practitioner of the Secret Finger no Jutsu: 1000 years of death

No. 793531

The only reason I got a job after being a NEET for so long is to buy more anime bullshit. I'm lucky my husband pays for everything and I can spend all my shekels on useless shit

No. 793545

File: 1619571654963.jpg (64.02 KB, 720x742, EfPSOnUXYAEGgmW.jpg)

Sameeee, my bf buys my gacha coins too, life's good. I want some extra cash to invest on my own.

No. 793552

I'm op and the fact that there are replies at all is…interesting
For real lmao

No. 793565

Thank God other people feel the same way, so many of my friends think I'm being unreasonable. Shit like this is how so many men grow up to be little Bateman-like bastards who treat women like shit and think they own the world. Side note: men act like it's so hard living with toxic masculinity which they just HAVE to impose on their own sex and then coddle male young? Make it make fucking sense

No. 793588

Kek I like male children. I know they are little shits, but they can also be surprisingly sweet. Children are purehearted and hide neither their good nor bad sides. The reason why I never want a son is because it would break my heart to see the innocent little boy I gave birth to and tried to raise to the best of my abilities grow up to be a misogynist. Parenting can only go so far until peer pressure and the culture we live in start to influence him, then it's his choice to be who he wants to be. I don't even want to risk bringing that disappointment on myself.

No. 793600


No. 793610

Try to get a low risk at-home job where you can earn shekels on your own time. Perfect for random splurges here and there

No. 793706

File: 1619589649214.jpg (28.92 KB, 665x574, 1526915989156.jpg)

ive been using this site for a long time. like 3 years ago i had a terrible breakup with my gf of many years. i sperged the fuck out in /ot/ or /g/ i dont remember. it was a long and autistic post basically acting like she was the devil. it was so autistic, so shitty, and so mean spirited that i was accused of being a robot and was banned entirely forever for being a scrote. i had lots of replies and everyone must have reported me. when i saw i had been banned for being a man i freaked the fuck out. i loved the site, and i panicked, so i did a huge appeal on my ban, mentioning things that were in my post history that the mods could see. i had been a farmer for years and talked all the time about being lesbian, hating scrotes, and in general things in /ot/ and /g/ for many years that made it obvious i was a woman. the mods read my appeal and checked my history and unbanned me.

but i remember that so vividly now. i had become what i hated the most. a scrote who was creepy as fuck and acted like a woman ruined my life. reading the replies and reading my own post i reflected on how stupid and scrote like i sounded and understood why everyone got so mad. she was a terrible person, i dont hate her anymore and i shouldnt have said the shit i said.

i learned my lesson, not only on this website but in general, to be careful with how i talk about women. being a lesbian doesnt give me the right to say scrote like shit about women. anyways, the thought of being called a scrote for so many people brings me shame

No. 793707

File: 1619590333229.jpeg (129.1 KB, 520x705, 58E04241-4BFC-425B-B971-398566…)

I buy comic book sets in foreign languages because it’s cheaper and then put the translations in my language on sticky notes or small cuts of paper and cut them to fit the speech bubbles. This isn’t illegal because I’m not distributing them, but it’s definitely defacing the books in the process. But I don’t mind, sometimes when typing or writing I give characters unique typographies. It makes the books feel more unique. I’ll even color in them if the pages are in greyscale.

No. 793709

This sounds cute

No. 793728

Someone I can't stand has drunken the fakeboi tranny juice hard and is going for a top surgery and the works. Normally I would be pissed off that another woman gets dragged into it but I really hate this fucking person and I feel like her ruining her body and life over muh dysphoria is some divine intervention punishing her.

No. 793732

When I'm on my tumblr app and I see a post I don't like or I'm annoyed by it and I report it for spam. It sounds childish but it gives me so much glee and smug satisfaction.

No. 793737

the length people will go to for attention, special treatment and likes baffles me.
social media is cancer

No. 793750

I do this on twitter kek

No. 793753

I managed to get someones blog flagged as nsfw because I reported their posts as sensitive content, which it really wasn't

No. 793769

A while ago, I got cancelled on twitter by ex friends before I decided to leave social media for good. Best decision ever, I wish I left twitter years earlier. All of my mental health issues faded, since then.

Apparently, my ex friends are still looking for my "new account." Good luck, I supposed.

No. 793774

Good for you anon. Twitter is a cesspit and the obsession with cancelling people is disturbing. Let them waste their time attempting to online stalk you.

No. 793777

Thank you, anon. They unfortunately do know where I live because we were quite close, and we sent gifts to each other. But it is what it is. I am fine living with this knowledge.

No. 793778

Just so you know it's a complete waste of time; my empoyers twitter was actually genuinely spammed by some people, me and other community managers spent so much time reporting them for that spam daily and twitter didn't do shit.

No. 793779

So they weren't contempt with you deleting your account, they are actually obsessed enough to hunt for your new one that you don't even have? Now that's mentally ill, twitterfags are legitimate cancer

No. 793782

Oh but they do. I report people who say dumb shit like "I saw someone with no mask I wish I could hit them" and they get flagged for threatening violence and forced to delete. You have to get the right combo.

No. 793783

Actually, deleting my account was not enough. In fact, they claimed that I was skirting away from responsibilities.

When the call out first happened, I evaluated myself and realized I was not that great of a friend. In addition, a lot of the stuff mentioned in the call out was related to mental issues I had. So, I left social media and got therapy to improve.

I think my ex friends were upset because I didnt stick around and pay reparations to them.They still talk to my current friends for information, but they refuse to disclose what Ive been doing.

No. 793785

Ah possibly! I was referring specifically to reporting as spam though

No. 793825

File: 1619613649212.jpg (39.03 KB, 480x480, 1572773436943.jpg)

I am pretty sure I confessed about this some time before but I have an update. I have been slowly but surely introducing gc and radfem stuff to my married straight yet mostly asexual friend, she is very smart and feminist but now she has started reading some of the literature too. Her husband is kinda harmless but hates feminists and my endgame is to get rid of him, and my friend is so close to understanding he is dead weight, she just told me that she knows women are better than men, it's just how it is and even a year ago, she would have tried to woke sjw that sentiment right out of the window. I am excited for her.

No. 793827

I am so fuckinh sorry for the shit grammar and run on sentences, my phone is fucked

No. 793830

Similar situation I have and they're looking for my socials too lol. I'm not on twitter anymore bitches, the site is shite.

No. 793831

similar situation here, my friend finally dropped her proto-mra boyfriend and it feels so good to drag males again without her getting immediately defensive with "some women do it too…" lol.

No. 793832

If she's basically asexual the marriage might be destined to burn out anyway. Ime it always feels manageable in the beginning but in the long run it's not.

No. 793837

Good work anon!

No. 793838

I'm a stripper and I noticed that extremely top dog sort of men tend to (not always) prefer more natural looking women, toned down makeup, body hair, no crazy proportions, especially when it comes to pubes but shitty annoying broke men tend to want crazy proportions when it comes to women's bodies and demand freshly shaved stuff. It makes no sense to me that women are shaving like every day for their broke shitty ugly boyfriend but rich hot guys who are willing to pay your college tuition love you natural. No wonder low tier men have large egos

No. 793840

I always noticed it was low tier men who wanted crazy porportions on women and demand their women basically be fuck toy princesses on spot while high value men prefer more natural and down to earth types

No. 793842

I don’t think that means anything, especially in an environment like strip clubs… Rich men invented the bimbo look. Now that being plastic is mainstream, they just want to be different from the masses.

No. 793845

Imagine being a literal whore and describing other people as low tier

No. 793856

I mean whore or not most men are still pretty low tier and worse than dog shit

No. 793860

Based, you are literally saving your friend.

No. 793865

I don’t like whores but men aren’t people, especially rape chimps who buy women

No. 793871

Years ago I noticed a weird crossover between men who want you fully shaved and men who don't eat pussy or will only give it two licks. Why the fuck does it need to be shaved then?

No. 793884

i am head over heels in love with my university supervisor (pgce mentor). he is the kindest moid i have ever met in my life. he is so graceful, impresses u without even trying. also rosy cheeks and cute nose. i die

he's married and has kids my own age

No. 793885

stripping is not an easy job, anon. have some feminine solidarity. plus u sound jelly

No. 793886

Thank you anons, her asexuality always came off as more about her growing up with religious parents and her not knowing her own anatomy due to shame but she's in therapy dealing with all that. She's honestly great and I love seeing her realize stuff

No. 793890

this post reeks of libfem

No. 793895

I know ur memeing…

No. 793907

>especially in an environment like strip clubs
As a non-stripper the bit about body hair hit home with me and my dating experience. The guys that are offended by hair or even 2 say stubble were always bad lovers and not fantastic catches in general. Some of the better lovers I've had didn't give a fuck about hair anywhere.

I look back at my younger self..often last minute shaving for guys who didn't even get me off, who barely interacted with it before wanting to skip forward to piv. Like thanks for reminding me to shave for this?

No. 793913

I only do it because every other job where I'm at pays like shit, has an extremely picky hiring process, and will fire you every chance they get. I'm in college anyway for medicine and I'd rather some randos hate me but have my student debt paid off easy and then some while still having lots of time to do my studies and hobbies than constantly being desperate to hold down a 100/a week job at a restaurant

No. 793919

I feel like men like that aren't even really into sex. They just have a fetish for porn, so to get off, they need you to resemble it. And just like in porn, it's not about the woman's pleasure, just how well you can act and how soon he can cum.
They have sex just to say they had sex, but their true interest is porn. No interest in vaginas.

No. 793927

>They just have a fetish for porn, so to get off, they need you to resemble it.
Screenshotting the entire reply, especially for this part. So simple, but I really struggled to verbalize it and you managed to do so in a single sentence.

No. 793940

True af, Modern men are damaged goods.

No. 793951

File: 1619626568686.jpg (67.73 KB, 500x500, tumblr_65330f260c10b8c2b9683ca…)

It's really embarrassing, but I started writing & posting self-insert fanfiction. I'd just die if anyone who knows me found out about it. But what I've posted has gotten positive responses and it makes me happy to make other people happy with my writing. Plus It's genuinely fun for me to write up these fluff pieces.

No. 793953

I'm genuinely happy for you anon! I've kinda been thinking of posting my fanfic when I'm finished with it but I'm really shy about the whole idea, even though I write pretty good

No. 793955

That's based wym! I love that for u

No. 793958

I constantly make stupid noises and sound effects for no real reason, and just caught my neighbour fully staring at me through my window as I was going "ack-ack-ACK-ack-ack-ack" and putting on a sweater. I can see why he's moving now.

No. 793963

You sound really cute

No. 793987

If I see a post with "eeeewwww" I immediately assume it's a minor or at least a teenager. Just "ew" is fine, but there's something about extending it

>Inb4 replies with "eeww" or whatever

No. 794002


No. 794004


No. 794007


No. 794008

I assume you're in your early 20, closer to your 30s you'll realize that life without multiplying letters in your speech for dramatic effect is not a life worth living.

No. 794016

I am actually closer to my 30s lol
I guess I just think it's a bit childish, especially when some anon posted some innocuous opinion

Kek aaaww and ooowww are completely fine though

No. 794044

File: 1619633319180.jpg (21.83 KB, 500x281, 9240be201b9f4f651267b2e7506938…)

last time he came over he played with my boobs for like 10 minutes straight and i was in so much bliss because his lips were so soft every time i closed my eyes i literally saw flowers bloom. I was so ashamed of myself that i told him to stop for a while. I dont know if it was because i was high but that moment hit me that i was falling in love with him. i honestly cant believe i'm falling in love with my fwb. this is so ugly. i want off this ride. Its even worse because i confessed my feelings to him after he kissed me so passionately i came (which embarrassed and disgusted me lmao) and he basically thanked me LMAO. I didnt even do it for us to be together i did it for me to get rejected so i could move on. But here i am back in this hell cycle because he literally is so convenient and so good at fucking me and getting the fuck out when i tell him to. I wish I could be one of those cool girls that can just cut a guy off but im not, instead im weak minded and stupid and the type of girl girls on this site make fun of. Call me dumb but i really think we are meant to be together. I cant explain it. We always find ourselves coming back to each other. Maybe because its comfortable who knows. (definitely that) But out of all the guys ive been with whether casually or seriously he is by far the sweetest and most attractive dude i've ever met. I literally never felt this way about anyone before and i feel like we will literally always be in each other's life and i think he knows that too and it scares him more than it scares me. I really was hoping and praying he'd reject me but instead he fucking did what all men do and left the door open. im so ugly for falling for it. i blame my period LMAO

No. 794086

its gonna be okay nonny. men love the chase, let him chase u first

No. 794092

>woman has good sex with a hot guy for the first time, thinks she’s in love
Trying hanging out sober, post-nut, without fucking for awhile before jumping to conclusion desu.

No. 794099

Thank you all sweet ladies of lolcow. I have tried to quit this place once and again, but I keep coming back. I think I know why. I just love you all. In my darkest times I can rely on sweet anons here. Even when I infight I'm so grateful for this place. Thank you everyone for existing

No. 794103

Sometimes I forget that the ""dumb"" Americans are actually Europeans

No. 794104

A man makes you nut and you think you want to be together forever your whole life? The only thing you know about him is he'll listen to a girl beg for his affection and not care and keep screwing her. Take a break from him and read r/femaledatingstrategy

No. 794116

Nta but wow I needed to read that.

No. 794121

File: 1619638482137.jpg (65.78 KB, 1200x800, 1829794.jpg)

I have watched over 1000+ Documentaries on Youtube during Quarantine(AL-Jazzera, Journeyman Pictures, DW Documentary, RT-Documentaries, Press-TV, Tracks, Thames TV, Vice, Channel 4 Documentaries)
I have learned about other cultures, current political situations, past political events, civil wars and none of this information will ever be useful for me in day to life

From Acehnese separatism, Baloch separatism, Italian Gigolos, Arameans speaking Christians, Ukrainian Jewish Nazis, life in Francoist Spain and a hundred other things

No. 794122

I'm sorry you are trapped in here with us but as long as you're happy it's all that matters

No. 794126

Documentaries are such a rabbit hole

No. 794135

They surprisingly are, I didn't have any intention to watch this many
I would be watching one Documentary and there would be some interesting Documentaries in the Recommendations page, so I'd put them in the Watch Later section and the process would repeat endlessly

No. 794165

Be patient she prolly had her clit removed

No. 794184

yes anon become a big brained icon. it's not pointless if you're having fun! but if idea is making you unhappy or don't think it's a good use of your time then it figure out what you do want to do then. youtube recommendations can really be hit or miss, but when they work well it's easy to get sucked in.

No. 794191

now i wonder if any anons here read a bunch of books while quarantined

No. 794205

I reread two books and started two just now but I am sure there’s some anons just reading something smart by the thousands or some shit

No. 794214

I've read six this year (my goal is one per month). I haven't read anything big-brained aside from maybe, "The Buried Giant" by Kazuo Ishiguro. I'm just taking whatever we have in the bookshelf because I can't afford to buy new books kek it's more about getting out from the internet and just letting my mind wander rather than wanting it to a be a big intellectually challenging activity

No. 794231

Does manga count? Kek bc I’ve read a bunch of yaoi

No. 794308

I put my Nintendo Switch on airplane mode because all of my added friends have full time jobs and I feel ashamed that my unemployed ass is playing otome games at 11 am on a Thursday.

No. 794358

I've bought close to 30 books this year, have not read fully a single one of them, I buy expensive books, I read the summary, certain chapters and reviews and I pretend to have read them
my greatest secret

No. 794361

ive been sexting with a semi-famous older guy who once fucked an underage girl and am gonna meet up to fuck him soon. im 30 and hes like 50something. i dont even care about the fact he preyed on a girl. i know its wrong of me but im really attracted to him and ig the taboo of it

No. 794364

>Being a pedophile/rapist is ok as long as he's hot!

No. 794365


No. 794366

i know anon. i know

No. 794369

File: 1619668322169.jpg (51.71 KB, 612x380, 1654686.jpg)

At least try

No. 794451

One time I was scrolling through lc and i saw a pic of a really hot twinkish looking guy. I was like holy shit who is that, and scrolled back up to find out. Lo and behold it was kai aka lainey. I felt so ashamed with myself and still cringe whenever i remember that happened lmao.

No. 794457

english ist mien lielblingsfach lelblingsfach leiblingfach was ist dein lieblingsfach english oder was?

No. 794462

turnen ist mein lieblingsfach lieblingsfach lieblingsfach was ist dein lieblingsfach turnen oder was?

No. 794463

File: 1619684404033.png (347.33 KB, 604x446, 408uti.png)

No. 794477

File: 1619686927596.gif (91.65 KB, 150x150, defyddt-a742ee4f-6bb1-4044-b9e…)


No. 794485

I've tried reading that online lesbian manifesto but as soon as they mentioned trans and enby shit I closed the damn thing. I side eye anybody who uses it as some kind of reference.

No. 794489

haben sie stroke

No. 794492

i'm fighting sleep because i don't want to go to work tomorrow ;_;

No. 794502


No. 794530

yo same im the anon that posted>>794044 and yall read me for filth i love this site. I honestly blame my period because i had this exact logic until i had sex while i was pmsing. im so dumb LMAO. thank you!!

No. 794561

Years ago I was looking for amateur lesbian porn when I came across a long vid where a guy was sleeping with his 'lesbian roommate'. It was meant to be a hidden cam scene and the combo of it being both a lesbian with a guy and it being hidden cam.. I clicked on it because I almost just wanted to see that it was staged. The whole thing sounded too shitty to be real.

So I watched it out of morbid curiosity. The cam was too far from the bed, there's over half an hour of them chatting as friends before anything happens and it dawns on me that it's not staged. This butch looking woman, whether she's bicurious or whatever her orientation actually is .. She appears to trust this guy enough to do it. He took the lead and she was passive enough that while it looked consensual (the sex, not the filming) she might've very well been gay and just trying it once. It wasn't passionate and she wasn't actively doing things to him. I just felt so bad for her. The half hour of them hanging out like normal housemates first is what killed me. Ive had male roommates before and they were always pretty alright and friendly. It's only as I get older that I wonder if any of them ever pulled shit on me because we shared a bathroom. You see stuff like that shared too.

Years later I still think about that woman and the dickhead trying to pass as a friendly guy to her. The unanswered questions it left me with. I know it happens but actually seeing it fucked me up.

No. 794564

My last boyfriend told me a few months into our relationship he was dating someone right before me and I kind of figured because when we met thru friends and he added me on fb I noticed a few photos of him with a girl but never intended to date him either way. Then he pursued me and said he was single and all our friends would confirm this but he was dating. And I thought nothing about cheating etc. We went on a few dates, never did anything more than kiss. A month goes by and he asks me if I'm dating others and I wasn't so just said no, I've never been the type to date multiple people but like I'm aware it's a thing for some people, so he told me he wanted to be exclusive. After being in that relationships and getting cheated on (shocking) I just want to confess to the first woman I'm sorry and I heard he hurt you and he hurt me too if that helps. I just always felt bad about it.

No. 794571

i'm not fluent by any means but i can speak a native american language pretty well. i'm not native but grew up on a rez and loved learning the language in school and i've always wondered if i should try to do something with this because the language is dying out pretty quickly. i'm basically a hikki though.

No. 794586

I have nothing to add, but that's really cool anon! I'm sure that, if you do do something with it, it will be appreciated.

No. 794612

You could try making some sort of grammar compilation or a document with common words of the language! Such things are always appreciated when linguists are doing research about dead or dying languages.

No. 794619

That's amazing anon! You should definitely try to do something with it. Maybe you could make the language more known and clearer, so that other people could learn it easily and keep it alive.

No. 794663

this is so cool, do you have a photo of it ?

No. 794664

Nothing to feel bad about, dude was an asshole

No. 794668

I don't know how to ride a bike

No. 794671

My last bf had a whole new handy walk in relationship ready before he finished with me. I'm honestly waiting for the day it comes full circle and he cheats on her to be with the next woman.

I'm not angry with her (I don't know how much info she knew or if he made up lies about me) but I'm aware she's likely to go through the same thing eventually and I feel for her in a weird way.

No. 794676

neither do i

No. 794682

Me three, I can't drive either

No. 794688

Driving and riding bikes is tiresome, tbh.

No. 794697

Idk why at the beginning of my relationship I wanted my bf to slap, choke, and hurt me during sex in general. He appeased me a bit but was never super into it. Now that seems to foreign to me. We've been together 8 years and I'm having a best sex of my life with slow, loving missionary.

No. 794705

So did mine. A few years later he messaged me telling me I'm the only person he has ever loved, all while still dating her

Kek I love karma

No. 794711

Same. I also can't swim.

No. 794816

I just bought a ton of clothes yesterday even though I already have more clothes than I have room for

No. 794870

File: 1619731044488.jpg (44.87 KB, 300x391, bockwurst-sausage.jpg)

I friggin love picrel. Nothing better than grabbing a cold one out of the fridge

No. 794872

Wild af to read stuff like this. Only severely neglected and isolated children aren’t taught these skills as soon as they can walk in my country lol

No. 794875

damn me too

No. 794885

Same, my dad tried to teach me a few times but always ended up in him beating my ass and eventually trashing my bike so none for me thank u

No. 794891

There's this one picture of Shayna from before she started her transformation into Amberlynn Reid that I find incredibly sexy and I've masturbated to the thought of it. Every other picture of her repulses me.

No. 794900

What is it?

No. 794909

Me too even though I live on a fucking island, 3 minutes walk to the beach.

No. 794916

I didn't bike or swim until my very late teens and figured out both on my own on the first try. You can do it nonnies.

No. 794946

I had 7 orgasms within 20 minutes today. I was just mindlessly watching a video game review having completely non-sexual thoughts. I wasn't even turned on. I just wanted to do something.

No. 794967

>figured out both on my own on the first try.
well I didn't. and not on the hundreds of other tries either
how can that happen without being turned on idgi

No. 794971

literally how I'm so jealous. do you have a refractory period at all?

No. 794977

Well I'm sorry for assuming

No. 794992

File: 1619740587821.jpg (181.29 KB, 1080x1195, 20210430_015350.jpg)

I am personally quite fond of collars as worn in picrel and used to wear them, but now refrain from doing so for obvious reasons. However, I just think they're so cute, so I want to try to incorporate a thin one with a bell that doesn't make (much) sound into my outfits slowly. The main issue will be to avoid giving the impression I am a fetishist. but I think I would like to try..! it's just so cute, wow… @meeze_cos on instagram in the picture

No. 794995

oh and her headdress is also so extremely dashing, I really like it <3 <3 but not openly…

No. 795000

File: 1619740985683.jpg (27.17 KB, 500x500, ye.jpg)

The very first time I felt arousal was at 5 years old when I saw the music video for lady marmalade (2001 version). At that same age I also purposely stayed up late at night to watch girls gone wild commercials. so basically I was kind of a pervert? Never seen porn as a kid and wasn't molested so idk what was wrong with me.

No. 795002

Do it! I wear big leather chokers with hardware hanging off of it and other dumb shit all the time because I think it looks cool. The more people casually wear questionable accessories the more acceptable it becomes.

No. 795006

I feel you anon. I'm less into the cutesy kind and more into the stereotypical leather spiked types of collars. Almost without fail some creep will try to start a conversation about "what it means" even if I'm just waiting for my order at Starbucks. It means I like how it looks dude, fuck off.

No. 795019

I do the same except with sexual content, I simply searched for a favorite cartoon and lots of NSFW results popped up,Tumblr isn't the place for that,keep such crap to Twitter,Newgrounds or Rule 34 instead.

No. 795030

I was 10 in 2001 but I first had dirty thoughts watching the music video for dirty by Christina aguelira. There's just something about that nasty bitch (joke). You're OK anon, I use to stay up late to watch all the sex shows on channel 4. I just had general curiosity.

No. 795102

Nah, stop worrying and just wear it. Fear nothing.

No. 795119

People are probably going to accuse me of trolling but whatever, maybe other les/bi anons can relate. I'm GNC bi and I get bottom dysphoria (or at least something close) whenever I see a pic of a hot woman that shows ass and/or pussy. I just want nothing more than to stick my dick in and fuck her but then I remember I don't have one and it makes me sad.

No. 795120

I used to feel like this yeah, but I'm doing better now

No. 795121

Same anon. How did you manage to feel better/cope?

No. 795122

Accept my pussy the way it is, accept that I'm a woman, and that I can still make love to women without having a penis

No. 795123

Tumblr/twitter and other cancerous social media is so bad for this shit. Seeing straight women or even worse functionally straight bi women thirsting nonstop over dick and seeming to not be into pussy at all would be enough to make many people hate their genitalia.

No. 795125

I wanna have sex so bad right now.
Also drunk sex is the best sex.

No. 795131

File: 1619755404575.jpeg (65.12 KB, 828x815, 99EB4C0C-4FB1-42AE-9615-52CFFE…)

I’m still so incredibly pissed that my retail thread got rejected bc working retail is literal hell and wallowing in misery with other people makes it 10x better. i don’t think anyone but other retail people truly understand. i know people who have literally had to get therapy because of working in retail but ig you could always escape to the vent thread buuuttt then again you always run the risk of looking like a whiny asshole kek rip

No. 795138

File: 1619756582915.jpeg (196.63 KB, 1280x692, 78DE4F91-48F3-44C0-9223-044EBC…)

I go on scrote discords and 4chan to give men the worst advice at personal grooming, fashion, sex and relationships. Sometimes I’m femanon here~ sometimes I’m gigachad. I samefag bad colognes or skin products to waste their money. Encourage them to play stupid mind games with women, to say and do creepy shit, how to “convince” women into anal, feed them PUA memes. Suggest manipulation tactics that would piss any sane woman off. Make up shit about the vagina, exactly how to spot a fake orgasm, fuel their small dick paranoia. Peddling fake, harmful broscience. Incels will believe anything another man says KEK Then I gaslight them when things don’t go well.
I do the same to trannies. I want every single one of them to fail miserably and peak all the women they come in contact with.

No. 795141

what sort of things do you say? go on…

No. 795142

check out scott seiss if you haven't already. he went viral for his tiktoks about retail. they're fucking hilarious and watching them helps to heal my trauma related to working in retail.

No. 795152

I can't really get on board with this. Ultimately you're still promoting that scrotes fuck with women's minds, and while some of them might fail miserably, others may succeed and really destroy a woman's self esteem. I doubt you're helping to peak women any more than these idiots' natural states would, you're just feeding them more information on how to be insidious, gross and manipulative.

No. 795155

File: 1619759821228.jpg (39.14 KB, 720x477, FB_IMG_1619759602416.jpg)

I am part of cute capybara groups on facebook because I love them and there are always a lot of cute pics that I save and use randomly here, but I fear sometimes that it may come as avatarfagging when all I want really is to share cute capy pics now and then lol

No. 795156

Gosh you're so cool and quirky anon!

No. 795157

i think there was some cute animal thread over on /m/

No. 795159

Oh yes, I know! (I go there too hehe)
It's just that sometimes I want a filler pic and there's this cute capybara one and I get giddy when I see others using them shortly after I did, so I just pick it.
Maybe I should use the animal thread to unload my capy pics more often

No. 795164

I think this is funny, but do not reveal your tricks here. We have moles, at least one of which I'm sure you've already spotted seething.

No. 795173

Blackpill but normie women are still gonna fall for it…especially mentally ill ones who would even entertain discord/4chan moids in the first place. Fucking with them in small ways is funny but don’t encourage them to be pushy about sex. Most women are bluepilled and won’t say no.

No. 795185

THANK YOU anon, thanks to you i discovered witch hat atelier, love it, i'm so happy

No. 795238

I’m sorry but IMO you’re making things worse for the women in their lives. Men need to stop playing retarded fucking games and just be human again, be kind to us, bond with us, flirt and bring value. I absolutely hate men who play games. I’m well versed in red pill psuedopsychology so that I can spot “dread game” a mile off. I have no problem ditching a man with 0 explanation if he pulls any shit like “negging” or being overly domineering. Then my inbox becomes filled with hey? Hello? Have I done something wrong? Yes you have but I’ll let you figure it out for yourself.

No. 795244

>just be human again
Lol when were they even human

No. 795255

I obvs don't feel bad for the scrotes involved but this reminds me of mgtow men and how they dedicate so much time to talking shit about women online rather than enjoying literally anything else on earth that might cheer them up. Dedicating a bunch of time to bitching about a sex or thinking you're trolling them will always just amount to trolling yourself and wasting your own time and energy on losers, sometimes making you an equal loser. No offence meant. I just think of all the time wasted on stuff like that.

I used to read r/smalldickproblems and I'd watch people either drop by to try and build them up and reassure them or drop by to troll them and rub their face in it. In reaction to both they'd only sound one step closer to murdering the next woman they're left alone with. There's no prize for fucking with already insecure scrotes.

No. 795262

File: 1619777639977.jpeg (348.22 KB, 1433x1391, E025F8FA-449B-4097-A2AB-14EE44…)

Let’s all post capybara pics

No. 795267

Nothing to be ashamed of, anon, though it does cast a light on how hypersexual mainstream media is, no? I remember being like, 7 and drawing the Powerpuff Girls with naked adult bodies and feeling weirdly excited about it.

No. 795273

>There's no prize for fucking with already insecure scrotes.
You think you're doing something but incels already give each other terrible advice so you're just another drop in the bucket, strengthening their conviction when they think they're in the right for whatever they do to women.
Go learn a language instead

No. 795296

You should encourage guys to leave women alone and meme them into being gay for each other instead.

No. 795305

Memeing men that torment women into being gay or thinking they're gay is such a pleasure. I did it to my ex. I found out he fucked a tranny, and that he had gay experiences in his youth and then out of pettiness compared his ex that was harassing me to a man (she looks like a tranny not my issue). He acts pretty gay when he's high and ive heard he takes herion now with gang members so I have of course told people they do gay stuff together. It helps that you can establish the fact he fucks trannies. It's also fun because the gang members are suppose to be intimating to the community but I've heard other people talking about the gayness now. I live in a pretty homophobic place.

No. 795316

Nta but I guess my confession is this. I know it’s messed up because it’s at the expense of other women but sometimes I want scrotes to just go fucking nuts. They’re already there but they’re covert, abusing people nearest to them, and waiting for “a bad day”. All waiting for their joker moment. Everyone is too scared to accept that the Eliot Rodgers and Bianca Devins killers of the world are not outliers. Women are so deep in denial it’s gonna cost to wake them up.

No. 795327

File: 1619786717795.jpg (43.48 KB, 570x855, 1603327333525.jpg)

Fuck it this is based. It's unethical but at this point, all the BPD-chan and Captain Save-a-scrote have to learn the hard way to not engage with muh lonely misunderstood men. As evident here on this board, most women will be smart enough to get out before the murdering happens. They may incur a lot of emotional damage yes, but that's literally a coin flip for every woman anyway. It's good to make moids show their color faster.

No. 795328

>Women are so deep in denial it’s gonna cost to wake them up.
Anon women fucking know, what the fuck? It's already so scary to be in situations where you're at higher risk because men believe they can get away with anything if it's just your word against theirs, but we need to be able to separate that fear and cope with living our lives by believing we're okay when we're in public in daylight with our coworkers and male friends.

You sound as unhinged as pol users who think they're big brained for trying to incite class and race wars, you aren't doing anything to help anyone you're just creating danger for women

No. 795334

Do they know??? Because it seems they’re actually putting up with increasingly extreme behavior from men. Nothing short of death is gonna do it for them. Women will tweet about being sho scwared to go outside then get drunk and have choke sex for money.

No. 795336

>You sound as unhinged as pol users who think they're big brained for trying to incite class and race wars, you aren't doing anything to help anyone you're just creating danger for women
This. Nothing based about this behavior, it's shortsighted and immature. I guess she's having fun but it's idiotic to pretend its not actually harmful to any woman that will get in contact with men that read these lies.

No. 795347

You've spent too long with the incels

No. 795351

Nah go on any normie social media, they’re full of hopeless women

No. 795353

File: 1619789125623.jpeg (125.07 KB, 1242x835, CA1217B8-8125-4EBE-AB0F-AA3624…)

Bless you, nonnie!

No. 795359

I still like sonic the hedgehog and i dont care if autistic furfag scrotes ruined it because sexually deviant moids ruin everything anyways.

No. 795362

File: 1619789965833.jpg (105.77 KB, 828x828, tumblr_36cdf0d7fce6e9a5a63211b…)

I used to think I'd be ok sticking with my friends as a closeted terf but lately I imagine my future as if at some point I get outed and they (most likely) leave me. I've gotten tired of putting up a front in our group chat. Whenever anyone says some troon rights bullshit I stop replying and only join back in when the topic changes. I don't know if they've noticed but I hope they do. If I ever get confronted I'll tell them I still love them but that I won't pretend I believe in that shit anymore, and they can take it or leave it.

No. 795368

It's really screwed up that it's even gotten to this point, really.

No. 795369

I just give up. I'm not going to try to find a job anymore. I don't care who gets upset. Give up on me I don't care. I'm just going to drink and die

No. 795378

>trans rights randomly repeatedly coming up in conversation

Are your friends trans? If not they’re certainly performative af

No. 795381

File: 1619792030983.png (2 MB, 512x512, db8bmp3-b15d7d7e-58d3-4b45-ad0…)

unironic sonic fans rise up

No. 795383

Boy is it ever.

One is recently an enby who won't shut up about it, the others are, yeah, just performative af. One live-chatted to us that she was crying while watching Disclosure (that troon documentary on Netflix) even when none of us asked for a play-by-play. That sort of thing. I hate how weird they get when it comes to this one issue; outside of it they're smart, sweet people I've spent most of my adult life with and have shared many meaningful moments with. I honestly care loads about them but I wonder every day if one difference in opinion is enough for them to slowly extract themselves from me tbh.

No. 795384

Sometimes I’ll start writing a vent here about my feelings of inadequacy as a woman compared to other women and then I’ll read it back and think “oh shit I sound like a troon who’s upset he can’t pass”

No. 795388

KEK I have the exact same thought whenever I start writing a comment about how much I love being a woman. We mustn't let them infect us this way anon

No. 795567

File: 1619806964909.jpg (80.55 KB, 308x315, some-people-just-want-to-watch…)

I want to spam my college facebook page with botched transition pics and I have to contain myself to hide my TERF powerlevel in RL.

Fucking hate TRA SJW bourgeois, specially in a country with child marriage and where women are still used as breeding sows. It also leaves me livid that autistic, homo and GNC teens are going under the knife and taking unnecessary hormones.

It's cruel, but I really want the TRA to gain strenght and popularity in my country (and everywhere tbqh) just so people see how messed up it is. Let T into sports and vulnerable women's spaces, let growing teens mutilate themselves to be their true self. Let this fucking clown world burn.

No. 795579

File: 1619807741353.jpg (23.72 KB, 480x360, 5201e22a8c27ae241b65e850d4ada0…)

I genuinely like MHA, Naruto, Nagatoro-san, Tokyo mew mew, and a bunch of other silly anime/manga but these are the most controversial on lc so that's why I'm mentioning them. Despite my shit taste I never liked AoT.

Second confession, sometimes I hide the "characters you hate" thread because I'm extremely insecure about my taste. I'm very paranoid that my husbando will be posted there one day and if that happens I will have an unironic meltdown, start harming myself and finally leave this site for good.

No. 795601

File: 1619811060612.jpg (17.84 KB, 390x135, IMG_20210430_140003.jpg)

This banner turns me on wtf

No. 795608

The full pages are in the banner thread on meta go nuts anon lol

No. 795610

Same lol

No. 795615

File: 1619812390000.jpg (32.66 KB, 736x734, bigthink.jpg)

>all those uncensored anime tits still up for years on end but anime chinchins (drawn by actual women) get deleted in minutes

No. 795620

I'm 26, but every time I have to talk to my insurance company, I still have to squeeze a stuffed sheep very hard

No. 795868

I've made a lot of threads since the beginning of the year and I always get happy when people compliment my thread pic choices, and it has been done surprisingly often. Glad to please all my dear nonnettes

No. 795902

I find some people in the photoshoppers thread attractive. not the ones who give themselves ridiculous coomer bodies though, more like their facial features. I kind of like the typical instathot face and "strong" or "bitchy" looking features, idk the right name for it. tho of course it would be better natural. I don't necessarily want these looks for myself or expect to have them, I just like seeing it on other people.

No. 795928

File: 1619857256696.jpg (52.6 KB, 736x736, 70275041_2417688078309645_2156…)

I feel this so much, and I do feel guilty about 'enjoying' the pandemic time.
I've gotten so much stuff done, I'm not nearly as burnt out as usual, and I don't have to go through the absolute performance that is turning up at the uni. My physique is better, my food is better, my home is better, fucking everything is better.
My faculty is full of sociopathic gay men and troons who hate me. I just want to study in peace, multi-task while online lectures go on, then go into mandatory meetings if I need to show up with stuff I got done. gg ez

So in conjunction, I guess I confess that I enjoyed the living hell out of pandemic? I feel selfish thinking this, but oh well. Lmao I hope they keep online lectures and independent studying as an option after all this

No. 795934

Please dont give up, anon

No. 795953

Glad your effort here is appreciated anon

No. 796040

My roommate bought a disgusting flavored tea and nobody wants to drink it so I'm drinking it so it doesn't go to waste. They asked if I liked it, if not, they would throw it away. I said it was good but it's really not good, it's only acceptable if I put some sugar in it.

No. 796044

File: 1619878475137.jpg (39.36 KB, 200x200, jahsjah.jpg)

I'm gay, kind of wanting to return to and explore Christianity (its usual followers suck, duh, but I genuinely feel a connection with God). I looked up a church in my city known for being LGBT friendly; they have a youtube video interviewing various members of their church. Lots of pleasant, typical-seeming gay men, lesbians, gay and female priests, then bam, an acquaintance of mine from college. Back then I'd known her as the most obnoxious girl I'd ever met. Talked like a YA fantasy novel ("Greetings, weary traveler!") and shouted fandom references in class as if everyone would understand it. Now, in the video, she's going by a male version of her name and calls herself "genderqueer and nonbinary." Stood out like a sore thumb from everyone else in the video who simply described themselves as "gay" or "lesbian," no discoursey terms attached. Ngl I immediately felt on edge seeing her just because I found her so annoying back then kek. I looked her up on facebook afterwards and saw she was still with her very clearly male boyfriend from college.

I'm not gonna let her stop me from joining a church ofc. I just found it funny.

No. 796087

I sometimes wear socks to bed

No. 796143

File: 1619889085846.png (325.56 KB, 750x219, sakimi.png)

OK listen:

I'm not about to defend sakimichan's art as a whole because it's an entire coom stock, but I'm still lowkey envious of how well she works with colour, textures and lighting. Everything aside from the anatomy/postures is very nice to look at.

I suck at digital art. I feel like a gotdamn retard for not learning it better. I do great in traditional mediums but I'm so disconnected from digital art. I struggle with developing a 'touch' into it.

My unpopular opinion is that despite everything else I think of her art, sakimichan does have talent. And I admit that my opinion on the matter is biased, because she draws some of the characters I like better than I do (or probably ever will).

My confession is that I look up to sakimichan's art. I look at it and go 'I wish I could'. It's stupid.

No. 796149

Only jealous crabs deny Sakimichan has skills. People who do wildly commercial popular things always get talked down about just because they aren't doing anything edgy or surprising, like Bob Ross or idk early Kesha

I also buy into the theory that the only reason why her recent work has more mistakes is that she outsources or half asses it but that's a talk for the art thread

No. 796151

I agree with your post, but how is Bob Ross edgy or surprising? He was a kind man painting landscapes

No. 796153

Bro did you just compare generic video game waifu epic art to Bob Ross?

Chan has more in common with that Russian scrote who paints sameface waifus than Bob Ross lol

No. 796156

Her real problem isnt her lack of skill, it's that she seems like she's half-assing everything she draws and then puts a lot of efforts on coloring her art. It makes her seem more lazy than incompetent imo.

No. 796161

I listed him as someone who wasn't edgy or surprising, maybe it was unclear

Add kronprinze or whatever to the list too sure, I'm not comparing their work directly I'm saying that people who just do a commercially successful thing and stick to it are often disrespected for it. Despite his commercial success Bob Ross was a joke in the art community until recently when it recently became cool to like him. I really don't think my post was this unclear but I guess not

No. 796163

I used to have god awful oral hygiene. From around middle school up until sophomore year of college I only brushed my teeth once a day, and it was only in the morning. I was just too lazy to brush my teeth at night (though I did always wash my face lol) and the only reason I got my shit together was because when I finally went to the dentist again, I had 4 cavities and hated getting them filled so much that I finally got my shit together. My friends said 'maybe you're just predisposed to getting cavities, it's genetic for some people!' not knowing that I only brushed my teeth once a day.

In hindsight, I should've at least brushed at night if I was going to do it once a day, and I was so fucking lucky to only have four cavities after 5+ years of shit oral hygiene. I remember the first morning after I brushed my teeth at night and being amazed that my mouth did not feel and taste absolutely god awful and nasty. Getting my cavities filled wasn't even that bad or painful, it was just so weirdly uncomfortable enough that I now floss daily, brush twice a day, invested in an electric toothbrush. I was really gross though, can't believe I let myself live like that for so long.

No. 796165

Not to discourage you from your routine but yeah it does sound like you have a predisposition for cavities. I only brush about once a day, twice if I have some nasty food during the day, and yet I have never had cavities. Some days I skip cause I'm a lazy bitch. Dentists think my teeth are great.

Genetics are just fucking unfair like that. I have great teeth and nails with minimal effort, but my hair and skin are a nightmare without major maintainence and special treatments. Meanwhile I know adults with gorgeous hair who use cheap shampoo on it and are rough. I need a hormone pill and topicals in order for my skin to not break out and yet there are people who never wash their face and chug bacon grease who have skin like a baby's ass.

No. 796173

It kinda sucks to have to put in so much work into my teeth but I kind of like it! It makes me feel like I have my life in order lmao. I haven't been back to the dentist in a few years because lol no health insurance, but hopefully I won't have any cavities next time I go in…

No. 796186

File: 1619892815707.png (53.35 KB, 396x311, Screenshot 2021-05-01 141040.p…)

I want to draw the types as water based diseases as cute boys. I wont because then I'll be known as the person who drew water based diseases as cute boys.
Can't you see it? Water-born likes animals and water-based is a surfer. I know it's insensitive in fujoshi, but I see it

No. 796189

dw nonny, it'll never be as bad as waifufags who draw hitler, stalin, and co. as cute girls

No. 796247

File: 1619897237800.jpeg (51.52 KB, 800x420, loved.jpeg)

I've only made one /snow/ thread up until now and I sometimes like to go to that thread and check the praise anons gave me for the good op

No. 796256

Sometimes I wear lipstick to bed for no particular reason

No. 796260

Congrats anon, I am always too scared to make a new thread, esp on snow, incase I write something wrong in the summary and get shouted at by anons and red texted into my grave

No. 796296

File: 1619904235827.jpg (8.69 KB, 236x177, ba16fac296c753cc1ca37713f21193…)

I feel retarded because I was always terrible at math, I still have problems with solving even the simplest equations in my mind, my iq is slightly above average so technically I'm not retarded but it always looked like I am. I still have nightmares about failing math classes and people staring at me like I'm a special needs kid

No. 796298

It’s okay, nonnie, calculators exist so we don’t have to worry about such trivial things.

No. 796347

If your difficulties have been consistent over time and you're still struggling, you might have dyscalculia anon. I know because I have it too, it fucking sucks. It can also apply to other things like measuring ingredients or your sense of direction. Even if you don't have it, don't be afraid to be retarded. We're all a little retarded in our own ways.

No. 796399

I know farmers complain about having a "hank hill ass" or use it as an insult but I actually want to look like that. I want to be completely flat all over so no one ever notices me and never sexualizes me. I want to be invisible. I would have taken puberty blockers if it weren't for the side effects.

No. 796401

I have the body you desire. However, having a hank hill ass hurts to sit. It's incredibly embarrassing to have like the worst ass shape possible because it's like pinched rather than smoothly flat evenly. If you want to be invisible to people, become fat with pcos because men fetishize this "tomboy"/"childish" body.

No. 796408

>no one ever notices me and never sexualizes me. I want to be invisible.
Forgot the name of the movement, but in the 80-90's there was a feminist movement(? maybe it was an academic text) about how woman should gain weight as a defense mechanism from constant sexual harassment. Sorry I forgot the text name

No. 796424

I wanted to be tall and flat so bad as a teenager, I felt like those girls were more intimidating to men. I developed sorta early and had a noticeably curvy body by like 12, which everyone kept mentioning. So weird how many adult men would eye me up and down because I looked “mature” or whatever, like wtf. Really made me hate looking “womanly.” I’d 500% be ftm today kek.

No. 796434

>about how woman should gain weight as a defense mechanism from constant sexual harassment

Must've stopped when they realized it doesn't prevent it and actually invites more harassment on the basis that people hate fat women.

No. 796441

child sexual assault victims are actually more likely to become obese/addicted to food, idk if it was a movement but it's a known phenomenon.

No. 796511

When i was a kid, a guy in my class liked me a lot and one day we were on the school bus and i was curious and asked him to show me his penis and he showed me.
To this day i have no fucking idea why i asked or why he did it. Im a girl and i have autism. Is that why?
I also had pee fetishes when i was 7. Can anyone explain me why? I feel so fucking ashamed for this shit. I wasnt abused as a kid either so im confused

No. 796584

This. I used to be fat and not only will men still sexually harass you because they're desperate to fuck anything, but they'll mock you for being fat while they're doing it. A very confusing, rage-inducing combo.

No. 796586

NTA but is not being able to tell left from right a symptom? Is that what you mean by sense of direction? My brain just can not remember left/right no matter what. The only way I can tell is by moving my hands to see which one I write with.

No. 796609

How old were you and him when you asked him?

No. 796611

Sometimes I laugh a bit too much at my own jokes here on lc. I don't know why, since I don't do it as much irl

No. 796612

Non-sexual curiosity? I mean kids are curious and wanna learn, and depending on how old you were at the time, both of you may have thought of it as not any different from showing someone your big toe or whatever.

No. 796737

I feel smug whenever a song I like has under 10k views. I will never grow out of being a bit of a hipster

No. 796742

File: 1619963073858.jpg (42.97 KB, 540x540, FB_IMG_1619375290077.jpg)

I wish friend finder didn't get shitted up to the point where it got locked. Im so bored and lonely these days and I know theres a few anons here that live in the same city as me. Id drop my discord or throwaway email but I don't wanna get banned or be accused of being a scrote.

No. 796744

just go outside

No. 796746

I do. I go to uni, have a job and a friend group. Just want to talk to people that share simillar interests and views anon.

No. 796748

I'm the same way anon! But once an anon told me that there are other types of intelligence. Math is not the end all be all of intelligence, and I'm sure you are brilliant in other ways. I still wish I was good at math, because it seems like there are no downsides to being good at it, but I've accepted that I will just always struggle with it.

No. 796752

… And touch grass, right?

Fuck I can't wait for that meme to die. Most useless response ever.

No. 796755

You twitter fags are so insufferable.

No. 796757

this isn't the place to make friends
the losers on here are fucking unhinged, evidenced by the very fact that the thread had to be shut down
how is telling her to make friends irl a meme and/or twitter? retards

No. 796766

>losers on here are fucking unhinged

yeah, I can see that kek

No. 796799

I showed my sister a funny video which i didn't have a lot of context of, then i realized the punch line was something fucked up and horrible that could have triggered her now i feel bad for even showing her that shit. She didn't notice it tho but i still feel bad, sorry sister. I'm going to cook some extra good dishes to amend this.

No. 797066

We were both 6

No. 797107

You're a woman, men will harass and sexualize you no matter what.

No. 797111

My boyfriend is an abusive arsehole and tbh I hate him, only with him because i'm basically retarded and have no money atm but am currently saving up to leave but I digress. So today he asked me to suck his stinky unwashed penis (we never have sex, he never pleasures me but demands blowjobs) and I said no because he doesn't clean himself so he went off in a mood with me as per normal trashed the flat that already has multiple holes in the wall/damages whatever, so anyway recently everytime he treats me like shit I put my piss and spit in his drinks and food, kek. It is soooo damn cathartic for me, yes I'm aware that I sound like a psycho but he is a vile person and I genuinely hate him at this poibt.

No. 797114

Is there nobody else you can stay with? That is not even remotely healthy. Just gtfo and stop making excuses. You got family? Friends? Can you borrow money? You got a car?

No. 797175

File: 1619990799930.gif (2.1 MB, 402x484, 1615347947512.gif)

YOOOOOOO! I saw my ex's photo by chance and nothing happened in my heart lmaaoooooooo I'm soooo happy fuckkkkkk finallllllyyyyyyy I'm freeee of that asshole yaaay

No. 797185

we cant watch Hoarders at my house because dad says it hits too close to home.

No. 797189

i can not fucken stand my mom. her existence just annoys the shit out of me. i could be fine the whole day but the moment i know she's going to be around, it just ruins my mood. hearing her voice, even when she's not even talking to me, fucken pisses me off so much.

No. 797213

File: 1619994160134.jpg (54.09 KB, 720x720, FB_IMG_1619992152928.jpg)

I am starting to become paranoid that my sister uses lolcow
I have no reason to be this paranoid because she's a turbo normie and I feel like she would be really intimidated by an imageboard format, but some posts the last week or so could be so applicable to her that it started to make me question shit
It wouldn't even matter that much in the big scheme of things, it's just that I hate her so I really wouldn't like her to use this site with me, cause I feel like this is my stupid little niche secret club since like 2015

No. 797217

congrats nonna!

No. 797221

bruh i wanna be ur friend

No. 797267

I have a similar fear anon. One time me and my sister both unknowingly were posting on the same forum and I only figured it out once the admin merged our accounts due to having the same IP. She's a normie too but I'm still scared it could happen again with this site.

No. 797282

I stopped wearing underwear underneath my pajama pants during lockdown, now I still don't wear any underwear when I'm home. Honestly, underwear just feels like a terrible inconvenience now.

No. 797286

I feel so guilty about wearing lolita fashion. I'm too old for it and even when I was a teenager everyone I knew was against it. There's just nothing else that makes me feel better. I'm not hurting anyone, I don't go anywhere with anyone. I'm so lonely and such a freak.

No. 797288

I’m one of those people that buys things at stores/thrift/flea markets and resells then on the internet. It’s mostly nerd hobby stuff and when I read that “Rusty Brown” comic it kind of disturbed me because I’d never want to be that kind of person, but I kind of tread the line. At least I use the money for stuff like necessities and classes and I don’t really obsess over collecting things myself. Consoomer culture is freaky.

No. 797290

File: 1620001293430.jpg (70.47 KB, 500x749, 724e87ac2e01627e3677514807a688…)

>I'm too old for it
Not a thing.
And if people asspat that oldass Andrea freak for wearing it, there's no fucking way a real woman couldn't wear it.

No. 797291

kek you sound like PT

No. 797297

>characters you hate thread
same anon, same. I avoid it too because I know I'll become the most cringeworthy white knight in lc if my daughteru ever gets posted in that thread.

No. 797302

>finally leave this site for good
I wish all it took for me to leave this site was a character I like getting posted. But no my dumbass keeps coming back since I'm bored and lonely.

No. 797330

my thoughts exactly, that was a great impression of PT!

No. 797347

awesome thank you, so glad I confessed

No. 797404

im in a ldr and yesterday i sexted a random guy and sent boob pics

No. 797446

When I have a UTI, I only drink super cold water because I somehow convince myself that the cool-ness will soothe my urethra even though I know the water definitely will not be cold by time I pee it out. Pain will make you do stupid shit Maybe I just need to get an ice pack or something.

No. 797455

You are charming and you deserve Azo

No. 797479

I was the “angry tranny grr” anon in the banner thread and I only did that because I honestly had no idea wtf the problem was, the thread was just blowing up with derailment at the time. It was funny though

No. 797506

Get some cranberry juice anon

No. 797574

I see a lot of goth and darkly inclined people say even as kids they were always little weirdos, like adding blood and monsters in Disney princesses coloring books and wanting to wear black all the time. While I'm this type of person nowadays, I was a fucking wuss as a kid, even cartoon skeletons scared me lol. I feel some kind of inadequacy because of that, which is very stupid but still…

No. 797627

I feel like I haven’t developed as a person at all. I have been feeling a bit lost lately and went back to my old hobbies. I read some yaoi today and had a genuinely good time. It’s like something clicked now that I’m back to being a weeb again, even if it was just suppossed to be a phase.

No. 797654

I'm just going to assume since they're so performative they make up shit about their life.

No. 797694

One night, while heading home from the club, I heard a young woman sobbing and crying while walking in the dark near a construction site. I was with a group of people and really wanted to uber driver to stop, but I was also a little drunk and my friends didn't put any pressure on the driver, so the driver didn't stop.

I really hope she's okay and that she was crying due to some retarded guy cheating or something and hopefully not because she was assaulted or lost. I really hope she's okay and made her way home. The construction site was so dark and she was so short/petite, she would have no way to defend herself in that crying state.

No. 797738

Such a shame you didn't stop, your help could have made a life or death difference for that woman. I hope I will be able to make the right decision if I'm ever in your situation. We women need to have each other's backs, since no-one else will

No. 797767

No worries anons, I actually take antibiotics now lmao. Phenazopyrid is godsent.
I hope someone else stopped to help her

No. 797802

It really felt like I was going crazy, I was like "You guys don't hear her?" I don't remember if anyone else in the car rrsponded. Driver didn't even hesitate to keep it moving, but traffic was kind of slow so I guess I could've gotten out… It was a weird situation.
Like I said, I hope she's okay. Yeah, just don't hesitate to help another woman if you're ever in that situation.

I remember one time my mom went into a gas station and saw a woman being threatened and swatted at by her husband, my mom was able to help de-escalate the situation and ask the woman privately if she was alright.

I hope I get the opportunity again to help someone like that.

No. 798117

not to sound autistic anons, but i genuinely believe i'm a psychopath

No. 798121

File: 1620083367971.jpeg (105.75 KB, 1332x1331, alrightdawg.jpeg)

Oh no, anon. Please spare all of us. We don't stand a chance against you and your mind.

No. 798127

What makes you think this?

No. 798128

No. 798129

So you don't have the inherent desire to avoid violence and conflict like most women. Good. Go kill some abusive scrotes for the rest of us.

No. 798157

Everyone would think I'm disgusting for this and I do too
I would obviously never act on it
I met my boyfriend when we were 15, and over a decade later I'm still painfully in love and attracted to him
When I see teenage boys who resemble him at that age, I have to stop myself from leering at them
Watching him change and grow up and fill out and grow facial hair has all been so fucking amazing to me I just fucking love him so much and every stage of his life has been so fucking beautiful to me
I would never so much as talk to a teenager, but seeing them and remembering him then is intense
I am a bad and obsessive person and I'm already in therapy

No. 798192

you're not, it's just the autism

No. 798235

I use /cgl/ to stop myself from being a cunt irl

No. 798269

I get anxious when my boyfriend overeats/eats poorly. I hate how much it affects me. He's been losing weight consistently for months without any of my badgering but I still feel either controlling or disgusted when I see him eat. I don't act on any of this because why would I? It makes me feel crazy and I never want to hurt his feelings.

No. 798274

File: 1620098652998.png (352.12 KB, 500x487, 8449806D-A5D9-49F8-88B5-2A53D8…)

i’ve been flirting with a married man for months now. nothing physical has happened yet but he wants to be fwb. i said no sex but we can fool around. i’m a virgin and i don’t want to be deflowered by this asshole, but he’s super hot so i’m down for anything else. he’s also rich and i kinda hope he’ll try to bribe me lol. it won’t work, but he doesn’t have to know that.

i feel bad about the fact that i don’t feel bad at all re: his wife. i always thought i had a pretty stable moral compass but i guess not. whatever.

No. 798278

Wait sorry if I'm retarded but the original boyfriend and you are still together now right?
So you lust after boys that look like he did a decade ago?
Why? If your bf is older now which you seemingly enjoy then what's the appeal of the middle school boys anymore?

No. 798280

Even though I've been in a happy relationship for a year, I sometimes fantasize about what could have been with an ex fling of mine. He wasn't an amazing guy but he was extremely attractive and sometimes I regret not pushing harder for something to happen between us.

Obviously don't plan on acting on this because I'm happy and the dude wants nothing to do with me. Just wanted to throw my feelings into the void since I can't talk to anyone I know about it.

No. 798293

I get it, I get the same feelings sometimes. It's a fear of missing out kind of thing, or in this case fear of having missed out in the past.

No. 798298

I keep dreaming about kissing this KHS virgin streamer/friend. I literally had a wet dream and It was such a strong orgasm, it's worrying.

No. 798307

I would be fucking a different guy every night if stds weren't a thing

No. 798317

we're still together
high school boys, yes, not middle school
I'm not sure, as best as I can figure it's because I liked him then too and maybe I miss how he looked when I first met him, or maybe that seeing what looks sort of like him at the time brings the original memories back
it is truly a foul and unacceptable thing to say, but, it seems like when black boys hit puberty they just tend to have this lanky but muscular look to them, it's distinct, and he looked like that for years, and I miss it
it's a distinctly youthful and full of life look, though I suppose saying that, if he were white, I would probably feel the same about however it is white teenage boys look when they hit puberty
not like right when they hit puberty, a couple years in after their voice has dropped but still cracks
I know it's extremely bad and possibly racist, I really don't think I'm an ephebophile
I think when I'm 50, I'll be staring at 30 year old men who resemble him then

No. 798323

I really dislike creepshowart, and I don't really know why. I've only ever seen like 2 or 3 of her videos, but there is just something about her that sets of alarm bells in my head

No. 798327

She has a thread here, so yes, she's a cow.

No. 798328

Me too anon. She has this air of superiority around her and always speaks like she's obviously right and everyone else is dumb. Sometimes she tries to go on some virtue signalling rant about art theft and whatnot and it sounds disingenuous every time.
I think she's just the type of person who obviously makes her videos to get clout. She never comes across as a pleasant, nice person even once, and the fact that she tries to portray herself as such makes her all the more phoney looking.
This has nothing to do with her as a person but her art is fucking garbage and I can't stand to look at it

No. 798331

Mood. Too bad they're so whorish. (And yes I realize the irony kek.)

No. 798332

Thank you anon. It's hard to forget about because we ended on bad terms, so I was never able to get proper closure and ended up jumping from multiple relationships after that. Just wish I had a chance to atleast make things right and move on with the door properly shut.

No. 798337

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. Those feelings are from the love you have for your boyfriend, it’s not like you’re seeking out 15 year olds or something. You just miss that time in your life, and the memories you shared with him.
Low-key, I also doubt teenage boys who probably have porn addictions and think/write fucked up shit about their female classmates would give a shit about some random woman’s thoughts (especially when it’s not really even about them, but her boyfriend). You’re not some kind of creep, you’re fine.

No. 798342

File: 1620105404703.jpg (30.14 KB, 933x870, 1573674795296.jpg)

thank you

No. 798370

Go full joker on scrotes please!

No. 798385

>i feel bad about the fact that i don’t feel bad at all re: his wife. i always thought i had a pretty stable moral compass but i guess not. whatever.
whatever happened to female solidarity and feminism? the pickmes around here are really getting out of hand

No. 798388

No offence but I hope you get murdered kek

No. 798393

how old are you?
also guaranteed that you'll fall in love and he will convince you that you're his only "true" love, and then dumb you too

No. 798395

Tried a guy like that as a serious relationship and it was hell, he was clingy as fuck and a complete retard when it came to having a relationship or having sex(I guess obviously). It was fun to fuck around with an inexperienced guy though it really gives you the power

No. 798397

I so badly want to look at hot men in close proximity but I don't ever leave the house or have any social media to follow mutuals. I made a tinder just to find eye candy and have swiped left thousands of times because there are NO handsome men there.
On instagram what's shilled as hot men are just efuckboys which I don't find attractive.

Where the fuck do I go to look at handsome men!

No. 798399

Check out some martial arts/self defense places. Not everyone will be hot obviously but there also tend to be some ripped dudes that are unselfconscious about it in a way the gymbros never are. And you even have an excuse to get in their personal space and wrestle with them. (Yes I’m aware I sound like a scrote saying go to a martial arts place to feel up dudes but she asked and as seriously as I take my training I’d be lying if I said I never thought about the hot beefy Asian trainer I’ve gotten to sweat it out with in non-platonic ways.)

No. 798401

I don't think you have much selfrespect when you fool around with a guy who's actions speak volumes of the lack of respect he has for women.

No. 798403


Lol thank you anon. I think I'll lurk some local judo school socials and see what cuties there are.

No. 798408

my mom is mentally ill and i am the only family she has left. she is incredibly needy and guilt trippy in addition to being increasingly unpleasant in every way as the years go by. i frequently want to kms over the thought of being responsible for her for another 20-30 years.

No. 798431

every time an anon posts an image with a billion red circles/scribbles on it I immediately ignore their post lol

No. 798434

Uhhh example? All I'm picturing is a target.

No. 798448

Oh, now I know what you mean. I saw that post earlier. Yeah, those anons do tend to go on really long-winded rants, so I don't blame you for scrolling past them.

No. 798449

File: 1620120703910.png (2.03 MB, 1512x1282, 1620113319588 (1).png)

stuff like this but mainly on cow boards. (reposted to fix pic)

No. 798517

anon i’d rather be murdered like >>798388 suggested than get picked over his wife in any meaningful way.

all scrotes will disappoint and disrespect you eventually, might as well get your rent paid or some nice jewelry out if it. they’re not good for much else.

No. 798520

Anon, if he’s rich and good looking, you’re not his only side bitch and he won’t pay for anything other than a hotel room. Men are pigs and you should lower your expectations. You’re not special in any way to him.

No. 798536

i schedule people for a living and sometimes i cant understand when they give me their address so i just google their name and phone number and their address comes right up usually. It always makes me feel like a hacker sleuth stalker bitch LMAO. Its actually fucked up how much everyone's information is just online. But also good for me because i dont have to embarrassingly call them back when their address doesn't pop up when im entering them in the schedule.

No. 798539

he’s already paid for more than that. but i don’t have any delusions about men’s capabilities, trust me. there’s a reason why nothing’s happened between us yet and why i don’t let any man put anything inside me, period. it’s surprisingly easy to string them along for months and months as long as they think they’re getting something from you kek

No. 798558

>anon i’d rather be murdered like >>798388 suggested than get picked over his wife in any meaningful way.
You are literally on here bragging about how he "picked" you over his wife, though.

No. 798581

didn’t really think i was bragging, sorry if it came off that way. just venting since i thought i’d feel more guilty about it. this is the confessions thread after all.

No. 798649

I bought a replica bag of my dream bag and it's so lovely, so now I'm going to buy another replica of a different bag. I'm so excited to go through the repladies subreddit to read reviews and learn how to nitpick this specific bag. It's so fun. Also I'm absolutely a cheap fuck and do not want to pay $4000 for a bag that I can get for $300 with a lil wonkiness here and there.

No. 798657

File: 1620141783511.png (148.59 KB, 494x596, image0-1.png)

I keep having sex dreams about my bfs friend, doesn't make much sense because I dont find them attractive or are interested in them romantically. Leaves me feeling weird and gross when I wake up kek

No. 798794

File: 1620151599673.jpg (103.42 KB, 960x960, 50469288_2321220531222900_5102…)

When I was a kid I was obsessed with dogs and wolves, I don't really know why. I remember larping as a wolf with my friend during recess and sometimes we'd go to her house and run around the woods in her backyard with her dog and pretend we were wolves. We also played virtual pet games all the time and I remember being really transfixed with the art. I would even write stories of me and my friend about our life as wolves and she would draw the pictures and looking back on it that shit was basically straight up sparkledog art. Sometimes I would go to bed and pray (I wasn't even religious kek) that in my next life I would be reincarnated as a wolf. I grew out of my wolf phase sometime during middle school, but even now sometimes when I stumble across furry art it makes me feel really nostalgic deep inside. I know that furries are degenerate and basically the punching bag of the internet but I can't help looking at them with some sort of fondness because it reminds me of the most fun times of my childhood lol. Thank god I didn't actually become one though.

No. 798803

That's cute anon I was obsessed with being a dinosaur and it sucked that I didn't have a real dinosaur to run about with, but I made friends that would draw me pictures of dinosaurs and pretend they were raptors with me and we would chase other kids lol

No. 798804

File: 1620152504903.jpg (93.31 KB, 867x1300, 97175081-used-sony-ericsson-k7…)

It is the year 2021, I'm 28yr old and I've never owned a smartphone. I plan to live smartphone free as long as possible. I still use my mobile phone I got when I was a teen.

No. 798806


Which bag did you choose?

No. 798847


No. 798858

i didn't have any phone at all until about 20 years old. i asked for one as a teen but my parents didn't allow it and thought it was pointless since i had no one to talk to (even though i was going to use it for the internet)

No. 798913

My cat is overweight and I feel like such a failure

No. 798919

Time to put your cat on a diet and play with it more so it get exercise

No. 798920

Stop feeding the cat so much its that easy, glad you feel bad because you should.

No. 798932

I have a British Shorthair and although I wouldn’t say he is overweight, he is chubby and so heavy. He is pear shaped lol. Although I have read this is partly due to its breed, what breed is yours anon? I also worry still though. Have you been told by the vet that he is overweight? If not maybe you should contact them to for some advice to put your mind at rest? Maybe a diet? Mine is an indoor cat which I think also contributes

No. 798942

File: 1620159845924.jpg (220.06 KB, 1200x1097, Untitled.jpg)

I used to think Grigori Rasputin's first name was Ra Ra because of the Boney M song. I didn't discover the truth until my late teens.

No. 798959

This made me laugh, thanks nonny. Ra Ra would be a cute name

No. 798968

File: 1620161102286.jpg (40.65 KB, 385x879, 61uJzsRIKCL._AC_SY879_.jpg)

I'm 30 and I only had a smartphone for about 6 months and I hated it. That feeling of being constantly online gave me anxiety. The only good part was that I downloaded some Pokemon roms to play lmao. I have this Nokia dumbphone now and I love it.

No. 798971

I originally bought a rep of the Burberry banner bag in their housecheck pattern in small. It's truly a useless bag because I can barely fit anything in it but it's so cute and I love how it adds to my outfits. I'm looking at getting a Dior book tote, either one of the designs in pink or the burgundy oblique! Maybe in a small because I heard the large can make people who are short look fucking dumb lol.

No. 798989

File: 1620162402204.png (75.18 KB, 752x594, 1616398411161.png)

I think one of my friends is very immature because at age 26 she's still posting way too much personal shit online about family drama or her health issues on instagram with her real and rare first name and her real face. She also won't stop posting her frankly bad cosplay attempts, and cringey photoshoots with even worse cosplayers. She also won't stop posting her terrible fanarts of her favorite pairings. I think she does the same thing on twitter. She never improved since I know her and it's just embarrassing to look at her complaining about her shitty life while creating her own problems, posting angsty 30 pages long essays on her instagram stories and then showing her horrible shonen manga fanarts. I wish she'd grow up instead of trying to look like a genki kawaii uwu weaboo at her age.

I have another friend who's becoming a full-blown hikikomori. She had so many opportunities in life that barely anyone has and she never took them or took advantages of them when she could, so now she's jobless, depressed and obese and avoids socializing with literally anyone including her very worried closed friends just because she's obsessed with mmorpgs instead of studying and accepting an amazing and easy as fuck job opportunity she didn't even deserve. Since then a lot happened to her but 99% of her problems are self-inflicted so I feel bad for saying it but I have no pity whatsoever for her and won't be surprised if she became suicidal at some point. She's basically pic related now.

No. 798992

I know somebody like this, but she just turned 30.

No. 798994

completely unrelated but i will love this image to the death

No. 798999

>tfw this is literally me but without social media

No. 799012

I could seriously see my friend still being like this at age 30.

Which one, the first one or the second one? As long as you're have a little bit of self-awareness, you don't link your bullshit family drama and weaboo tendencies to your rl identity and you don't straight up reject job opportunities because you'd rather play FF14 with people you actively hate you can't be worse than them tbh.

No. 799016

First one.
She is my sister, but she is 100% as you described her, which is kinda scary.

No. 799020

My condolences anon… At least she's not airing your dirty laundry all over the internet like my friend is doing with her siblings, though they ARE fucked in the head too.

No. 799052

>Since then a lot happened to her but 99% of her problems are self-inflicted so I feel bad for saying it but I have no pity whatsoever for her and won't be surprised if she became suicidal at some point.

It can be frustrating watching a friend fail, but how can you say she's depressed and in the same breath say you wouldn't feel a twinge of pity if she had those kinds of thoughts? That isn't very kind.
Don't take this as trying to infight, I just feel a little bad for your second friend's situation.

No. 799074

We met in university and I related to her a lot because she was shy and anxious, but she was nice and we had a lot of hobbies in common. The thing is, while I was working on improving myself and trying really hard to help her in many ways, she always half-assed everything, never put any efforts into anything and she still managed to get better opportunities than my other friends and I ever had. She didn't take them, wouldn't stop blaming everyone around her for her own problems, and always got horribly surprised when things didn't get her way. When we had our bachelors and started studying for our masters degree she gave up and because a total slob. I don't know where to start with specific examples right now so the rest of my post won't be very coherent:

>skipped a shit to of classes, was shocked that this affected her grades

>most assignments were group assignments so her bullshit often also affected our grades
>never looked up the conditions to get a proper working visa after graduation in my country, never gave a fuck when we all warned her and was shocked that one of the conditions was a high salary, begged my other friends and I to give her advice and job opportunities/networking when, unlike her, we were struggling to get a job despite having better work ethics, more experience, etc. Meanwhile she rejected a job offered to her by her internship manager offered to her despite her fucking up all the time during her internship
>suddenly, anxious and depressed because she realizes she fucked up for the 92804035092th time
>was salty as fuck when, a year later, her former manager may consider me for a similar position in another team, which I was qualified for, despite her never looking for a job since then
>keep in mind she got hired for her internship just because of linkedin's algorithm, she had no experience and goals whatsoever
>was shocked when our other friend who couldn't find an internship on time refused to help her and ask questions for her to other students on fb and teachers when she didn't know what our assignments for our thesis even were because she just skipped classes and begged us to send her our notes AND explain everything again
>plays MMOs for role-playing purposes, hates the people she plays with, cried for an hour once because some girl she roleplays with used an aesthetic for a powerpoint showing her OC that kinda vaguely looked like my friend's powerpoint for her own OC, which ruined everyone's afternoon
>refuse all invitations to hang out with friend group but is surprised that she's missing some discussions we have when she was absent by her own choice, just so she could play more MMOs with people she hates, including the girl mentioned above

No. 799075

File: 1620166902152.jpg (64.52 KB, 735x687, cfcd7e6d6216303bed2899132e4a6b…)

I deactivated my main twitter, main instagram and my facebook account around 3 weeks ago and honestly, I don't miss it at all.
I kept opening the apps without thinking about it during the first few days and it surprised me how much of it is just a matter of habit rather than actual interest in whatever content I see there. (Even though to be fair I'd still love to see what some artists post on there)
I only kept my secret twitter (on which I'm alone in private to vent, because I didn't want to have a physical thing irl in case my mom found it) and my spam account on instagram (only 3 of my closest friends follow me on there and I just post whatever)

I realized that I completely lost interest in what other people post. If I really want to post a pic of my cat I can just post it on the spam and go, without having to see anything else and be sucked into scrolling, since I don't follow anyone on there. I had deleted nearly 80 people from my followers on instagram to only keep people I like a few weeks before that, and blocked a bunch of my acquaintances and family on twitter too. It's weird how 2 years ago, the idea of losing my main account would have thrown me in a panic, and now I just don't give a fuck and I prefer people not perceiving me on the internet.
It's really nice to just be able to have a small corner to post bullshit on without people seeing you or seeing other people' stuff. I'm thinking of deleting the main accounts for good, but I'm inclined to just keep them deactivated for a while (on twitter the limit is 30 days before complete deletion so I'll just reactivate to deactivate it immediately after)
I did all of this on a whim one night and I don't regret it one bit. Not that I was active at all on these before but idk, it just feels nice to "disappear". This probably just feeds into my obsession with people who disappear off the face of the earth to start anew elsewhere tho idk lmao

No. 799077

So she moved country to do a degree and was showing clear signs of depression and dropped out of a course, which would only affect her and you're angry at her? It sounds like she didn't adapt to moving countries. You're mad that she got offered opportunities you didn't, but I doubt she forced those people to choose her.

No. 799081

I confessed a while ago about not feeling bad when my coworker (who was a cunt to me) was diagnosed with a chronic and possibly progressive disease. Since then she’s began to quite regularly make mistakes at work including some big ones. Unsure if it’s the disease or just resulting stress/lack of motivation - not normal for her in any case. I still don’t pity her, nor do I feel happy to see her suffer. My confession is that I wish I did feel happy because in the past I wanted things to go wrong for her as karma. This bitch is suffering and I just wish I could enjoy it instead of feeling empty. I’m going to hell.

No. 799085

I'm not angry at her, I said I don't feel pity anymore. I basically stopped caring.

>It sounds like she didn't adapt to moving countries.

It's not that. If it is it's just one very small factor. She turned this way a few years after moving here, and between moving here and becoming a lazy shut-in she was doing great. Nothing in particular happened, she just got lazy as fuck, which backfired because she was procrastinating, which made her anxious with deadlines and any really small, easy as fuck tasks, which made her depressed. When I was depressed because of hormonal imbalance and a fucked up family situation I was making way more effort than her to be in a better situation and when I realized that I felt I couldn't relate to her anymore. And since she's avoiding our friend group as a whole I feel like we're just slowly, naturally drifting apart.

>You're mad that she got offered opportunities you didn't

I was a bit jealous for a hot second and was shocked and worried about her that she refused to be properly hired by her very supportive team. I stopped caring when I saw she stopped caring as well and could be financially supported by her rich family, since that meant she could probably find other opportunities elsewhere. What I disliked the most was that she complained about having to take xanax because answering phone calls all day long was stressful and she was given days off to get some rest easily while my own team in the same company was insane and at some points treated me like shit for no reason in ways that could have ended in lawsuits if I could have gathered evidence and she didn't really care.

No. 799087

Not everyone handles depression the same way. I'm sure she doesn't expect you to pity her when it seemed like a laborious task to copy and paste the title of an assignment to her. I had shit periods in uni and thank god for uni group chats cause people would help you out and then if they ever fell behind you'd help them. There were some people that took more than give but you're hardly actually writing answers for them, you're sending information that they've paid a tuition for. It is annoying when people act lazy and entitled though.

No. 799088

its sad that this is more of a confession when it should be whats normal. good for you. i hope more people do this.

also elizabeth moss is so goddamn ugly it triggers me to see one second of her face. like the same people have trypophobia, her face makes me want to fight or flight

No. 799091

Anon maybe you went to an american university, if so I'm sorry you got scammed, but what I'm talking about is her pretending to be too busy to do research and participate into the creation of 30 page long essays and analysis AND not even bothering reading her parts of oral presentations that we had to complete so she won't just stand there doing nothing and saying one sentence only, saying the exact opposite of what she was supposed to explain and lowering the entire group's grade that way on a very regular basis.

And she didnt pay shit because tuition is very cheap over here. Her rich family payed for everything for her. University here is more of a time investment because of this and I didn't like it when she wasted mine when I was looking for a part time job because I was poor, all while having old physical health issues come back very suddenly at some point.

No. 799093

I went to a UK uni. International students in the UK pay like 3x what UK citizens pay. I had shite groups too, but if you didn't want to carry you, don't work with her or you could have told a professor. I got let down by a guy once he was suppose to complete his section me and the rest of the group waited in the library for him and 20 mins before the presentation he told us he wasn't coming. We had to hastily out something together and were lucky enough to get by, so I get when people don't pull their weight. We never worked with that guy again and he didn't need to ask why it was pretty obvious he let us all down.

Like I would miss lectures too and I get that professors will say shit that doesn't appear on the slides so you basically get a bonus or an advantage from going to class but anyone would be able to pass a uni class based on the slides and material listed in the prospectus for the course. That's why there's distinctions in the qualifications to show who puts forth that extra effort.

No. 799143

a girl i know has been harassing a friend of mine for months now & getting others to join in. it reached an insane point a few days ago & i felt like i couldn't sit by and let her keep doing this. so i downloaded ig & made a fake account pretending to be the harasser's mother who died last year. i left some very horrible messages under her post & she blocked me soon after. she began tweeting about it and saying she was crying/breaking down and didn't understand how anybody could be so cruel….as if she hasn't made my friend's life hell lol. she's been live tweeting her break down for the past few days now. didn't realise it'd affect her this much. idc bc she's been so nasty to my friend but these constant tweets are starting to make me feel a bit guilty

No. 799148

It's done now but it sounds like you fucked up anon, next time be more mature. Now in any future situation people will take her side no matter what she did to your friend first

No. 799150

Anon you've probably given her life to have something to moan about.

No. 799213

I agree with >>799150. You only went too far insofar as now she has something to cry victim about.
This is just conjecture, but I'm sure she's going to ham up this incident so no one can say anything too critical about her actions towards your friend without looking like jerks who didn't "consider what she's going through too!" Now she's also a victim.
That's a really unfortunate outcome.

No. 799214

People get tired of people constantly playing the victim though. If she's as nasty to orchestrate a hate campaign when she should be grieving I'm sure other people will wake up to her bullshit soon enough.

No. 799217

I've known too many bullies, trust me it's just a numbers game. If they get enough people to echo chamber that they're the victim, then they don't care if as many other people think they're a piece of shit. Hell this one bitch in my community is a notorious psycho and narcissist, and yet she's still in popular circuits solely for the fact that no one wants to stand up to her and face her wrath.

No. 799225

Meh, if people let themselves be roped in to also spread her hatred then they can all fuck each other until the cows come home for what it's worth.

No. 799385

File: 1620198192688.png (34.44 KB, 400x400, __hiiragi_kagami_and_izumi_kon…)

I'm completely and totally obsessed with my boyfriend. All I can think about is him, always. In fact I've not been able to sleep well anymore because my mind races with thoughts of him every single night. I love him so much that I can't put it into words. If he stabbed and killed me, I would be fine with it. I think about abducting him and keeping him with me forever. He probably wouldn't be opposed but that's still fucked up I guess. Every other guy is hideous to me, including fictional guys like anime boys. Maybe I'm going insane, because I never felt this away about any other man before him.. I just love him.

No. 799391

i get you

No. 799403

What are your's and your boyfriends' ages, and how long have you been together in a relationship?

No. 799409

are you literally 15? kek

No. 799434

get well soon anon

No. 799449

Actually I think this is sweet. As long as you are happy anon!

No. 799492

Reread my previous posts for context, my other friends and I felt bad for her until a certan poutn when it was obvious we cared about her way more than she cared about herself and she was making no effort whatsoever. She got depressed AFTER and because spending too much time on vidya backfired. And the way you describe it make it seems like uni in the UK is way easier than the one I went to. Going to a professor to tell them someone didn't work on their part of the assignment will get you nothing but scorn because you'll be seen as a snitch, best case scenario they won't care and tell you that it's exactly like this a work too so that's a good way to prepare ourselves for our job after graduation, which isn't even correct but that's another issues completely.

What did they say to your friend to begin with?

No. 799500


No. 799516

Anon, honestly. You're projecting a lot on this girl. She only got depression after, how would you know you're literally not in her head. Fuck sake you could even be going to Scottish uni which have no fees for UK citizens.

Going to professor to say someone I your group isn't working isn't being a snitch what the absolute fuck. Group projects are about working together and time management. That's why you're suppose to take minutes at your group meetings and assign roles to each other so if someone fucks up you can explain it. The guy that dit he'd my group obviously never showed up so we didn't need to explain to our professor he let us down because his absence was obvious, but you would never get penalised for someone else. Uni isnt competitive like that and there's no sliding scales and only certain percentage of people can get top marks.

No. 799517

Sorry there's a few typos, posting on mobile lol

No. 799522

Nta but just going to point out that Scottish unis are only free to students from Scotland before any other Brits get excited.

No. 799524

Did that change recently? A lot of my mates moved to Scotland for uni 6 years ago, I always thought their fees were just lower, but pretty based if you're Scottish getting a free degree.

No. 799526

I'm thinking you're the one projecting and relating to her despite not knowing her irl at all. I'm ok with giving more context but you won't convince me that I should start babying her and pity her because she's officially a shut-in and you're not teaching me shit about depression that I didn't already know or experience myself. She reaped what she sow.

>Going to professor to say someone I your group isn't working isn't being a snitch what the absolute fuck.

That's french culture for you. If you do anything that could be described as "délation" even if you're in the right you'll get in more trouble than the person doing bad things unless that person is committing a crime. I've seen professors being disgusted by students complaining to them about their lazy classmates with my own eyes. One even told us to not do this because she won't give anyone pity points.

No. 799528

I don't think you should pity her and baby her, I think if she annoys you this much you could just cut the contact since you guys are distanced anyway.

Sorry you've got a shit professor.

No. 799544

That was the whole point of my confession. And I'm not even actively cutting contact and it's all the same. She's not talking to anyone in our friend group these days because she just doesn't want to use her phone and computer for anything other than playing gacha games and MMOs. I only realized recently that it's happening naturally and I'm not even sure she noticed.

No. 799547

Yea I'm sorry I should have shut up a long time ago lol

No. 799555

I confess I didn't sand down the pre-existing paint before painting a new layer over it

No. 799593

I self post to /fit/ with fat fetish threads because it makes me feel nice when fit guys are attracted to me and think I'm better than other girls because of my poor eating habits

No. 799603

>Fit guys
Anon, I…

No. 799607

I'm in my mid 20s and I'm really afraid of stairs. I'm jealous of people who can run down the stairs like it's nothing, meanwhile I'm all stiff and slow, focused on keeping my balance. As I kid I had breath holding spells and I would always faint after crying, I also had a couple of seizures, and one time when I was like 5 I lost consciousness while walking down the stairs, I was alone and I fell down and my grandma found me after a while. Since then I've always been scared of stairs because I always have this fucking falling sensation, even when I know I'm not falling, my body feels like it. Besides it being uncomfortable I just know I look fucking dumb as I walk down the stairs slowly like a grandma lol

No. 799611

Even as someone who didn't have a traumatic experience with stairs, I still hate them. I can run up and down them just fine, but for a while (and it still happens sometimes) when I would look down at the stairs as I was going down, they started to blur together and it became really hard to tell the steps apart so I'd like half run down the stairs, stop suddenly, then have to go slowly because I couldn't tell where I was stepping. Stairs are honestly horrifying, they can really fuck you up if you fall up or down them.

No. 799612

I think I remember this and people getting made at you for it but still based. Just do your thing, anon.

No. 799613

This makes me want to hold your hand and help you walk down every stair in the world

No. 799615

I've always been quiet to the point where I felt like the black sheep growing up. My cousins were more outgoing and seemed to always compete for the adults attention at family get togethers. Feeling left out made me retreat more and more into myself and I've always had that 'left out' feeling remain with me.

A couple years ago I bought my first home. It's in a small town that I wasn't familiar with. It turns out that between this street and the next street nearly everyone is related to each other. I've been friendly to neighbors but then I also sometimes get these weird flashbacks to feeling left out. Due to covid I haven't seen a single family member of my own in over a year and today I passed by 2 neighbors (who are sisters in law) and I said hi in passing and neither said anything back? I hate how that tiny interaction (or lack of it lol) has affected my mood for the day.

No. 799621

Yeah fuck them. Thank god there's an elevator in my apartment building
Wtf that's so cute anon ily

No. 799627

Relatable. I know how it feels to be the new kid on the block in a very close-knit community. I remember googling "people not returning my hellos" because it made me feel bad lol. Keep your head up

No. 799628

Thanks anon. Given my issue..just having my post responded to is nice lol.

No. 799649

How are there at least three of us like this on this board alone but I still have people not believing me and accusing me of lying or finding me weird for only having a landline in real life

No. 799674

File: 1620235425865.jpg (35.09 KB, 500x488, 1620146837176.jpg)

I am a high value woman from now on. No more pigsy becky. No more self loathing. I am a fucking QUEEN, and as the queen I am, I do not listen to low value women's music anymore. No more pickmeisha Mitski, she always begs and begs for men to stay. No more betting on losing dogs. Me? I listen to Ariana Grande bitch. YOU GOTTA GOTTA GOTTA LOVE ME HARDERRRR

Anyways if you have more good high level music I'd like to listen to it. But no doormat songs allowed alright.

No. 799684

This image really bothers me. One of her eyes is lower than the other I hope she is ok anyway this is my #boss girl or whatever song

No. 799693

>No more pickmeisha Mitski, she always begs and begs for men to stay
Glad the queer crowd made me avoid her

No. 799695

lol, I'm op and my co-worker thought I was pranking her when I showed her my old ass mobile phone and told her that I do not own a smartphone (or never have), because she thought it was weird that I was the only one during lunch that isn't browsing her smartphone while eating. I also get really weird looks when I make a call with it in public lmao. I know one more person irl that is smartphone free. He still rocks THE one and only nokia mobile phone.

No. 799710

Kesha!! She doesn't get enough credit for carrying my entire 20s

No. 799711

Ooh good point about the pickmeisha thing regarding Mitski. I could never get into her and that is probably one of the unconscious reasons why. Her music in general bores me so much.

No. 799746

When I baby talk my pets I give them food nicknames - I'll tell them "you're my poppy seed bagel" or "oh, my sweet prosciutto and cheese" etc. I'm not a big foodie, and I definitely never get a desire to eat them. Idk where this comes from.

No. 799764

That's cute and oddly specific

No. 799918

I found out that the only other lesbian in my family believes troons are the ones who need the most support right now even when I tried to explain how much damage they've done to women, lesbians, and kids. She also believes her step son who's only a preteen should troon out because he "doesn't like his dick and is confused". Even though I tried to tell her lots of kids get weirded out by their body during puberty. Her and her wife might end up sterilizing this kid when he's just going through a phase. I don't consider her family anymore and have decided to block her. I'm just beyond horrified at the whole thing.

No. 799925

File: 1620257627106.jpg (99.59 KB, 341x512, Confession.jpg)

Forgive me, cisters, for I have sinned.

I write f/f stories as a way to practice my english as an esl, obviously is rough and full of mistakes as I'm not a professional, only a filthy casual. sometimes I use original characters, sometimes anime and even kpop pairings (kek don't kill me) I don't post them anywhere tho because why would I? I care about your time and eyes. The process of writing in itself makes me happy enough.
I am sorry for all my sins.

No. 799928

File: 1620258461761.gif (197.65 KB, 203x206, 1612316773552.gif)

Your sins are forgiven.

No. 799941

boooring. if you really want something to confess for start writing omegaverse shit.

No. 799943

>Writing about dicks
I rather commit the ultimate sin and kms

No. 799946

nta but I will confess that I write omegaverse lol

No. 799947

When I was a teenager I thought my breasts didn't grow because I slept constantly on the stomach and it would force them to remain flat. It turned out I just had a late puberty and they ended up growing fine.

No. 799952

this is really no worse than aidungeon anons

No. 799981

i don't care about going places to travel. i am only studying my major in hopes of getting a good job…when i can afford to buy a vr set i'll just use that instead of going places

No. 799986

File: 1620266454036.png (281.27 KB, 840x840, Hmmmm.png)

But do you post it online?

No. 799988

I do, but only under a pseudonym because I'm too busy to ever have it connected back to me.

No. 800022

File: 1620273416512.jpeg (64.34 KB, 405x720, 6A2C5AF8-E1E2-4D97-BCD8-9E2F6B…)

I’ve started playing that retarded bimboland game because i love games in which I can costumize my character as much as possible, and whenever someone sends me a message I get extremely wet. What the fuck is wrong with me.

No. 800048

I've never heard of the game so without context your post is very interesting to say the least

No. 800053

File: 1620279112951.jpeg (54.28 KB, 600x422, F31C5391-6198-48CC-9068-0A0D34…)

nvm I looked it up. you know those are probably creepy scrotes right…

No. 800061

I hope so, because I hate feeling horny, it ruins my life and it makes me feel miserable. I hope I stop feeling like this after understanding that at the other side of the screen is a disgusting scrote.

No. 800072

what's wrong with being horny sometimes?

No. 800074

File: 1620282959489.jpeg (202.13 KB, 827x1466, ADA9A364-6A1D-496D-AC48-1724B4…)

i unironically think lillee jean’s body type is really cute. Passing by the thread I saw anons dumping on her body in this pic but my first thought was thatskindahot.png

No. 800078

It makes me lose the time that I could be spending on doing other stuff like sleeping. And I don’t know, I guess I’ve always thought that being horny just makes me feel shitty afterwards, even though I don’t watch porn, I feel some sort of guilt or regret.

No. 800081

aw that's pretty common sadly. sorry to drag the info out of you nonny. you should focus on being happy and enjoy your game, maybe the guilt can be worked on if you ever wished. anyway I hope you keep having fun customizing your character, I always liked those games too
I find it cute also

No. 800088

Her face is like an ugly troll baby though, I could never find her attractive

No. 800096

She's not spectacular or anything, but she's cute in a girl-next-door sort of way. Her crazy eyes and behavior are honestly what makes her ugly imo. Also, 90% of the lip colors she wears are really unflattering. LJ is basically a reverse Luna; where Luna has a really cute face and a tragic body, LJ has a normal body but an awkward face.

TBH I'm a butterface, too. Which would you rather have, anons? A nice body with an ugly face, or an ugly body with a nice face? I'd honestly choose the latter, because at least for that you can work out.

No. 800098

she’d be cute in an average way if it weren’t for her fucking teeth

No. 800105

Now that I’m financially secure and have reached a place where I can independently afford the kind of life I want to live, I’m realizing that long term romantic relationships with men have almost nothing to offer me. I value companionship and enjoy sex, but I find it really hard to get along with partners on an ongoing basis. Starting to think that sharing a life with someone isn’t for me and maybe that it’s not possible for me to form healthy romantic attachments. I’ve always felt love for my partners but am also very aware of what I’m getting out of my relationships, and that’s primarily been validation and financial help (even if just splitting rent). Both of those things are decreasing in importance as I become more self assured and financially independent, and now I’m looking at my boyfriend and every other boyfriend I’ve had and thinking “ok so what do you even bring to the table besides a warm body and the occasional laugh”

I’m grateful for the security but this line of thought makes me feel like a monster

No. 800113

You should post them anon, I starve for f/f stories written by women.

No. 800114

Hey I feel the same way about mine at the tender age of 30 lmao so don't be ashamed nonnie. We've also been dating for more than a year so either this is a long ass honeymoon or I found my man.

No. 800158

>The process of writing in itself makes me happy enough.
Wish I was like this. Ever since I stopped posting my fanfic it just hasn't been as fun to write. I crave the forbidden fruit that is adoring comments that recap their favorite parts of the chapter back to me.

No. 800173

I'm in my early 30s and I'm only attracted to men who are in their early to mid 20s. It's not intentional but I just can't find men my age attractive and I don't like that part of me.

No. 800215

I pour hot water over my powdered lemon drink… it's better that way

No. 800487

I detransitioned about a decade ago (didn't get that far into transition in the first place thankfully) but I sometimes still watch vids where women are newly detransitioning and I don't know why I watch them at this stage because they give me the most intense second hand embarrassment. That and they fill me with with concern. There's always warning signs that these women are just jumping into another impulsive phase in order to cope with the change back.

I watched one a few months back and she went from 'being male' to being the most dolled up woman overnight. Bought a bunch of wigs and make up and vintage dresses..started an onlyfans. Joined twitch and showed cleavage. Got massive tattoos and body mods all within the first few weeks. Such an extreme switch just like that. Says she's asexual but a huge part of her audience is males dropping creepy comments. I'm still subbed and every couple weeks there's some new impulsive body mod or life decision that she uploads about. People love her personality (and looks) but she honestly seems like she needs help. Congrats and welcome back to womanhood but why is nobody addressing the signs that she's still clearly in some sort of identity/mental health crisis.

Today I got recommended another vid by someone announcing their switch back…she found god. She didn't just find god but he personally visited her and spoke to her! She's really young but suddenly wants a hubby and baby and to be godly and motherly etc. Lots of god talk..she didn't believe in god a short while ago. I need to stop clicking on these vids.

I want to see these women do well…but I see identity issues and mental illness still lingering around and it's sad that in the same way transition is treated as some 'fix-all' for your issues, detransition is often followed by a period of equally bad decision making and it's not an instant fix for the underlying issue. I feel so bad every time I see the same pattern pop up. It's a vulnerable time. I know myself I entered into the most abusive relationship right after I switched back. Good times.

No. 800496

This post reminded me that a good 30yo lesbian friend of mine got affected by her (ex)wife cheating on her so bad, that she is still going through a deep depression throughout this day, and 6 months ago she announced that she will turn into FtM by the time COVID is over. I feel so horrible for her and I wish there was a chance for me to talk her out of this, but she is too deep in her mental illness to even listen to anyone, disconnecting herself from people.

She always was the 'butch' type living a cool life, being in military and not caring about gender roles, adoring characters like Revy, etc. I think one of the big reasons why she wants to FtM is because she found comfort in a Twitch artist, is a mod and close friend of her for a long time now but said artist is a straight woman. It was oftenly obvious when you'd think that she has a crush on this artist. It's very depressing.

No. 800498

File: 1620326758485.gif (378.74 KB, 325x444, 4da8dea14e28db096debbc160a18b3…)

i'm ashamed of being so superficial and wanting breast implants. i'm mostly ok with my body otherwise but i just hate having no tits. even more shameful since i don't even like men that much and i would never date or fuck one and any attention from them makes me uncomfortable and women don't even care that much about boob size. also i'm sure my fake tits would look like bolt-ons but i still want them to balance my figure.

No. 800509

Gorl same. I'm bored of being flat chested, like it's so limiting. Breast implants come with so many possible health issues and they're costly though. Wish there was a way to naturally change cup size because I feel like I am 13 in every damn top. Just being a pair of nipples on hard skin lmao.

No. 800511

Isn't it mostly the round implants that look like bolt-ons? I don't think I've ever seen bolt-on teardrop implants, but I don't think those are as common so idk. Anyway, do what you want with your body but you shouldn't get PS unless you're 100% sure about it.

No. 800512

>Breast implants come with so many possible health issues
Nonna please enlighten me

No. 800514

is the second one daisy chadra? i knew she would detrans though i didnt quite expect it to be in this way, shes had bad mental health/depression for a long time so all the god stuff is a massive cope. its sad she feels she needs to "be seen as female" from a glance which was her reasoning for wanting to practice femininity now due to her obviously ruined voice now. i wonder who the first girl is anon? that sounds depressing as fuck, asexual too? in my experience the amount of 'real' asexuals is very minor and everyone else is either gay or traumatized or mentally ill or all of the above. that girl needs therapy not orbiters and an onlyfans she will regret.

No. 800520

Maybe I'm biased because, although I have small breasts, I have a roughly 5 inch overbust, and I've never been bullied for it, but I like my size, and whenever I see a girl with no breasts get breast implants I can't help but go 'no, don't do it!'. Small breasts look elegant and cute

No. 800524

there are a few older detrans women on twitter like @sourpatches2077 (butch lesbian), @careycallsbs, and @flohrfritz (straight autistic woman, also detransitioned a decade ago, has posted some youtube videos) if you want to see more mature women discuss it.

and about your post yea after detransitioning seems like people are in rocky places and should not be in the public eye for a while as they find themselves again.

>I watched one a few months back and she went from 'being male' to being the most dolled up woman overnight.

Other detrans women have mentioned doing this, then turning it down as well as they realized they don't need to do that to be comfortable with themselves. But if this woman is now on onlyfans she's probably going to have an even more messed up relationship to her body/gender and might further dissociate.

>Today I got recommended another vid by someone announcing their switch back…she found god.

Also very sad to see people jump from cult to cult but not surprising. I've heard this also happens (apparently you can find some on tiktok) and saw a detrans lesbian convert to a explicitly homophobic type of christianity. People seeing the stupidity of gender identity shit but then falling for religious shit is disappointing.

No. 800535

I agree with you, I'd rather look elegant than voluptuous. I also dislike that people seem to think big breasts are inherently more "feminine," while I think being dainty and lithe can also be very feminine and womanly too.

No. 800538

Samefaggota. Search up breast implant illness. Breast implants are shilled to be very safe, but the upkeep is not worth the temporary happiness. Remember that once you get them, your body will heal however it wants to and results may never look the way you want them to. Like damn I want fat titties without getting an autoimmune disorder from implants.

No. 800539

Ntayrt, it's common to have systemic illnesses associated with breast implants. Anecdotally, I met a woman recently who had lupus caused by her implants, she was like 'I can't go in the sun and everything hurts… But my titties look amazing!'. She had saline implants, some of which grow mold in them. Silicone isn't much better though:

>The team found that women with silicone implants had a higher risk of experiencing rare adverse outcomes, including sclerodermia, rheumatoid arthritis, and Sjogren’s syndrome.

>The risk of developing these conditions was around six to eight times higher than in the rest of the population, moreover, silicone implants were also associated with the risk of stillbirth and skin cancer.


No. 800540

One of the ayrt, I have small boobs too and I love them, but I can see why some women may want bigger breasts. At the end of the day it just doesn't really matter to me unless they get botched tbh

No. 800546

My breasts are D cups but they’re an awful, cursed shape. They don’t just sag, they flop and have no fullness in the top at all. They look like mangoes. I’ve been considering a small augmentation with lift for years, at this point I don’t even care about having a bomb figure, I just want bras and clothing to fit better, less sag, and more structure to that area so they’re not always jumping around like fuckin bullfrogs

No. 800552

I feel you anon, mine are similar and I’m an E cup. I want a reduction as that will lift them and also mean they will take longer to sag again (maybe will even sag less? idk).

No. 800554

Reee flatfags don’t know how good they have it!!!

No. 800559

We all have our insecurities, nonnie

No. 800562

Calm your big ole titties… Same though. I would donate mine to someone else if it were that easy.

No. 800563

I read this as feetfags at first and was going to judge you. In reality many flat women wished they had bigger breasts while the reverse is also true. I wonder how average women feel about this.

No. 800568


I often fantasize about a reduction or even having them elegant A cups but I also know it would look ridiculous on me, a robust gal with big hips, big shoulders big everything. The best case attainable body for me is like Anna Nicole Smith and not even in her prime years.. we're talking post-Trimspa kek

No. 800570

I'm flat chested but want to become even flatter. I don't want any boobs at all regardless of size.

No. 800574

I'm reading up on how disgusting Scientology is. I can't believe these people have gotten away with so much for 20+ years with no repercussions. The veil is finally lifting with exposes in recent years, but i wonder if it'll ever evaporate into nothingness with the amount of influence and power it has. It's absolutely disgusting that they've been allowed to survive for this long, it's a cult masquerading as a business, then masquerading as "religion", that preys on the young, mentally ill, and has fucked up entire, sometimes multiple generations of families. The whole thing needs to die, and I hope it does. also brb thinking about writing revenge fantasy blurb or story about scio like cult escapee

No. 800577

If I had the money I would have a breast reduction, down to A cup

No. 800586

File: 1620331961138.jpg (15.92 KB, 425x429, 2a3c71f02a8ffb5a5b2d9e86700b56…)

I was watching a comedy show and minding my own business when all of a sudden I got turned on by my own body and ended up with a mess. And now I'm laying in bed thinking wtf did just happen…

No. 800587

When I was 19 I lost my virginity to a 38 year old that I found online. I just wanted to get rid of my virginity because I felt sooo old and abnormal for being a virgin at 19.. obviously in hindsight I see how stupid that was.

The very next guy I had sex with was a ONS. He was a bit full on for my inexperienced self.. I can't actually remember the details of why but I felt uncomfortable at one point and decided once was enough for me. He then weirdly stayed in contact with me and became a friend even after I said I didnt want to keep on sleeping together. Nothing weird happened for a while. We hung out and went places like regular friends. Fast forward a bit and this guy admits to me that he is on the sex offenders register for child pornography and for comunicating with a pedo ring, even making requests of them which led to more abuse actively happening. I googled him and sure enough there were articles about it. He'd been given a suspended sentance because of his (pretty fucking high functioning) tism. I moved house shortly afterwards and timed my ghosting of him around that just to be safe.

Hmm.. I wonder why I to this day still have issues when it comes to sex? lol, Seriously though I'd probably need to delve into that with a therapist to make a difference but I don't ever see a day where I'll actually confront that. The guy spent a lot of time online looking for hookups too. ffs my guy every woman that fucks you is at risk of being traumatised if she finds out your history. Get offline and leave women and kids alone.

No. 800625

Im a 26 (almost 27) year old virgin. Well mostly. I did suck a dick at one point but ive never been penetrated.

Im so horny, but i live with my parents, who are really religious so it would be hard to go out and have sex and not have them know about. I want to move out but im a wageslave and dont make enough money.

I just want a hot blonde twink to fuck me goddamn it.

No. 800635

how'd you get away with that?
>I did suck a dick at one point

No. 800637

Lol it was my boyfriend. We fooled around a lot but never actually had sex. I regret it honestly

No. 800643

Yeah I also went to third base with most of my exes including one who was rapey and gross and tried to force me into it and I keep wondering why I never actually fucked and am still a virgin too.

Part of me thinks I'm just cowardly and scared about it. Pre covid I almost lost my virginity when decently inebriated after a party but the people whose apartment I was crashing at didn't want me and the guy fucking there, and I wasn't about to do it in my car

So many chances and sometimes I swear I should've just given it up, because it's been a year plus now since covid started and nothing has come, I'm stuck living with my parent, and I'm having to use unattainable fantasies to curb my lechery

No. 800655

I like my small breasts more for convenience than anything else- can get away without a bra most days, no back pain, endless possibilities of cute bras when I'm in the mood.

No. 800659

I'm older than you and also still a virgin. The weirdest part was I had a boyfriend for years who would try to project some kind of chad image publicly but we never actually had sex. I could only assume that he didn't want to take someone's virginity after hearing shit about it making girls clingy or something.

No. 800661

>hot blonde twink
sweatie, please get better taste in moids

No. 800664

eh sex is ymmv. my partner and I mostly just do oral sex. penetrative is alot more mess and work.

No. 800671

wow, didn't think I'd find other people like this too. Sucked my exes dick but refused to have sex with him because he also tried to force me into it. Guess I just wanna fuck someone im actually into.

No. 800682

I need to look at this post whenever I start feeling like my body makes me look like a little boy and I start getting all upset at myself kek

No. 800688

File: 1620340014737.jpg (52.75 KB, 540x540, 1596059831932.jpg)

The other night I was overcome by some unknown force and I searched through multiple celebricows threads to find Chris Evans grainy dick pic. Not even to masturbate to, I just had to see it again.

No. 800693

i'm curious too now anon, share the thread

No. 800698


I hope this works

No. 800706

kek ty babes

No. 800841

>7 months
time flies like fucking nothing huh

No. 800846

I really – REALLY – want to steal money from the creepy old scrotes I wait on at my job as revenge for them being so creepy. I have no theivin' experience. But if I can figure out a way to steal from the disgusting, often married, old, ugly men who inexplicably believe they're hot shit and say inappropriate things to me, I will. I will do it. When they pay for their meal with their credit card (on which they leave their phone number, accompanied by a shitty fucking 12% tip) I've started writing down their names and full credit card info and saving it in a book. I don't know what I'm going to do with it but I have a bunch of them now. I wanna buy myself stuff but I don't want to get caught. Mostly I just hate them so much.

No. 800865

getting my covid vaccine sometime after monday next week and i hope i get mildly sick. i just want an excuse to lay around in bed idk and i haven't been sick in a while

No. 800892

literally every post about sex, bfs and relationships reads like utter gibberish to me, even from "inexperienced" anonas. Can't feel anything for celebrities or youtubers either. I was like this since childhood so it's not even a "x happened, now traumatized" situation. I feel like an alien every time I come here but there's no where else to go. I try to post about other things but no one cares.

Also can't recognize 80% of food that gets discussed here and don't get why everyone is horny all the time. Sometimes I think I was born without a personality.

No. 800903

File: 1620362250406.jpeg (476.96 KB, 3000x1323, 251A47D3-2A5C-4843-A5B5-07E288…)

my ex who is a very sweet autistic man looks like this with his new haircut (and he doesn't like it when his hair is too long which is a shame because it's curly) and i still find him hot. i don't feel ashamed for finding him attractive still but seeing men in this lineup he looks similar too is embarrassing.

No. 800910


What kinds of things get you going anon?

No. 800926

File: 1620365457271.jpeg (102.89 KB, 1151x984, A551CBD2-A263-47C9-A451-23D74F…)

Sometimes I agree with what cows say, but it’s not worth mentioning or defending their points so I don’t say anything. And when farmers are mad or reactive with what those cows said [that I agree with] part of me finds it funny because I know the anons are the minority opinion, even if on lolcow they’re the majority.

No. 800933

I wonder what responses you would get if you posted a cow's opinion in /ot/ under the guise of it being your own. Obviously, I don't know how much cross-board posting and from which cow thread posting there is, but I am curious to see if people would react more positively if they didn't see the opinion coming from someone they don't like.

No. 800947

I was the same way until I was like 25, basically asexual, I couldn't comprehend people wanting sex or being attracted to anyone, especially fictional characters. At some point it was like a switch flipped in my head and I'm not entirely sure why. I did eventually realize I had a few crushes all along but I was so in denial about it and embarrassed that I had been suppressing them in the back of my brain for my entire life.

No. 800955

Honestly don't know anymore. I just post random shit I find from other sites if it seems weird/funny, things that happened in my own life, screencaps or anime art once in a while.

No. 800975

I buy planet sized dresses because I love how they look like a tent on me

No. 800995


I just really and truly can’t wait to be a bit of a degenerate this summer. I can feel the homebody fog lifting off of me. Can’t wait to put on a whole outfit and hear music and do a little drugs

No. 800999

I want covid lockdown to be over already so I can go back to school.
I want to have sex so badly, but I don't trust some random creep off Tinder.
I need to know it is a normal guy.

No. 801114

File: 1620390382783.jpeg (43.42 KB, 574x430, 1573641983930.jpeg)

The only time I remember my sister hugging me was for valentines day when I was maybe 10 and she was 16 and even then she pushed hard away in the middle of it because I "stepped on her toe". I didn't step on her toe and even if it's been over ten years, I don't really like my sister and don't even have her number saved, remembering this kinda hurts. Right as it happened I felt dumb as fuck, like why the fuck did I think she actually wanted to hug me just because.

No. 801151

File: 1620394600213.jpeg (303.98 KB, 1242x1141, 034B0A9D-159C-4E9A-96CD-52AA70…)

Same but with t shirts

No. 801152

I look forward to PMS because it's the only time I get decent sleep

No. 801157

I feel called out

No. 801208

I do this too because I am afraid of old men harrassing me

No. 801214

I have a huge parasocial crush on Tesah from /snow/ smh absolute trainwreck but she deserves better

No. 801221

File: 1620405492917.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 271.54 KB, 1280x720, darling-in-the-franxx-20-21.jp…)

i hate anyone who posts Zero Two shit. Its a gross scrote anime and only pickmes like it idgaf.

i know lori skinwalks it but at whats worse, i know more people that skinwalk it. a friend from back when i was in high school started talking to me again last year. we are 22 and she's a "professional cosplayer" who is a neet living off her mom. she loves dressing as Zero Two and skinwalks it. Doubt she knows who Lori is but she does the exact same and she's slowly becoming "sexier" in her cosplays i wont be surprised for an onlyfans era. its her life she can ruin it, i stopped talking to her again she's strange and lies a lot.

anyways, so sexual and lame and only girls who love scrote attention love cosplaying it. if you done cosplay zero two i wont judge you, nonnita. but if you dress up as zero two every other day for attention like lori or that friend please go to therapy

No. 801223

this is me with post-cry sleeps. They feel like a warm heavy weighted blanket. On my eyes.

No. 801249

I started a husbando images folder a while ago but I get too embarrassed to look at it even while completely alone. It's not even porn. I just can't handle my autism staring back at me.

No. 801267

25/26, autistic, low functioning, no higher education, no job, no friends, no family, kissless virgin, never even held hands with someone, going outside only when I have to do groceries and only when it gets dark, living off insurance money I got after my parents died. No health insurance though because I don't work. My day is just switching between anxiety attacks, because I'm sure something bad is going to happen and I'm going to die, and maladaptive daydraming/consooming media, books, comics, vidya etc.
I doubt there's anyone worse than me here. If only i had the courage to off myself

No. 801273

I will never stop saying that nobody gives a fuck about whether you’ve had sex before a certain age or not nobody, absolutely nobody gives a single fuck, so what if you never had a special one or something like that? Sometimes love isn’t for everyone and by not dating anyone that comes to your way, you’re avoiding getting yourself in a shitty toxic relationship with a shit person that will treat you horribly.
It’s okay to wait for someone who you actually feel comfortable with, don’t let not having a partner or not fucking make you feel like shit, because sex and dating are not the pillars of happiness, they’re not necessary.
Maybe try focusing more on other things that are actually worrisome and important like your depression.

No. 801280

Does my post give the impression like I think that's my biggest problem? Because it's not. I spent 10 years locked in my room and the lack of relationships is just one of many effects of that

No. 801281

> I had a boyfriend for years who would try to project some kind of chad image publicly but we never actually had sex

That's what we call a closeted homosexual, anon.

No. 801290

That definitely crossed my mind even thought he didn't give off any gay vibes otherwise. It's just hard to shake the feeling that he just thought I was too ugly or weird or something. I got the impression he liked blonde Stacy girls which is not what I am.

No. 801306

Nayrt, but I agree with her. He's most likely gay.
>I got the impression he liked blonde Stacy girls
That was just the same impression he was trying to give everyone to cover up that he's gay because that's what's expected of stereotypically macho men. I've seen my gay friend do it when he was closeted. And he also had a gf. In reality, he liked neither the gf nor the blonde bombshells.

No. 801311

Okay so what do other low-functioning autists do with their lives? How do they fill in their time?

No. 801312

File: 1620412905059.jpg (145.24 KB, 500x340, DE590245-2.jpg)

I've been a vegetarian for 6-7 years, but last night I ate two moonpies and I feel incredibly guilty

No. 801316

Anon one slip up, especially regarding something as hidden as gelatin in marshmallow, is not the end of the world. As long as you’re doing your best every day. Don’t beat yourself up, you’ve already enjoyed them.

No. 801327

It was my birthday today & my mother misspelled my name in her birthday card. I figured it was a mistake but she argued that it was the right spelling when I pointed it out jokingly. I've never had a nickname or anything and she's the one who picked the name. 20 years of practice and you still haven't got it down? Okay.

No. 801358

I love Cyberpunk but people making nsfw art and gifs of Johnny still creeps me out since it's Keanu Reeves. Like leave the poor man alone

No. 801390

Same, it actually kinda fits for the Johnny character, nsfw content in general, but Keanu is such a well known actor it's impossible for me to not think of him as a person seeing his face.

No. 801404

I love intermittent fasting because it's like an eating disorder (in being restrictive) but without all the downsides. I love finally feeling free from the compulsive need to eat. I wish I knew earlier about it tbh

No. 801417

I am by no means a Billie Eilish fan, but when I see people (esp. scrotes) talking bad about her body I feel awful since I have a similar body type to her. I'm glad that I am not famous.

No. 801426

Kek I’m also gonna make a folder to see if I have a type

No. 801438

I was a massive bully as a child, from like, ages 8 to 13. both me and my brother were truly the worst children and would bully other kids (classmates, cousins, neighbors, kids at the park/public pool) for literally no reason. I just started thinking about it recently, but don't really understand why it was the case since my parents don't behave that way.

But we were really like a tag team bullying other kids, it was kind of fucked. I think we're both paying the price now since we in our early 20s, unemployed and still living at home.

No. 801440


i support you moonpie anon. they are the best. banana ones are god tier. wont tell anyone what you did i promise.

No. 801442

ayrt. The only men who wont have sex with their girlfriend for years are:
- asexuals, I've only heard of them in media i've never heard of any IRL, they are so exceedingly rare
- some weird religious type of man
- closeted gays

The first two are usually quite obvious and truthful about what they are, they sure don't try to pretend they are some kind of Chad. Only the third option (closeted gay) tries to sell some fake image of themselves.

Also the first option is super rare and the second is quite obvious to everyone why they are not fucking.

No. 801447

Well done on reaching this level of self awareness
If you make some kind of social media post, even on a small private account, admitting you were awful to other kids and are now reflecting your actions then you automatically raise the bar for humanity. I'm so tired of all of these ex-bullies who live love laugh all over the internet without at least admitting that it hasn't always been the case, it would give any of them so much more authenticity even if they just gloated that they've grown as people or something

No. 801453

File: 1620422157243.gif (512.39 KB, 331x200, deserved.gif)

>I think we're both paying the price now since we in our early 20s, unemployed and still living at home.
Good, hopefully this will happen to even more bullies.

No. 801463

To be fair, anything involving penetration was painful for me, like I said I am a virgin. But he didn't really want to make an effort and for some reason would do his best to make me feel embarrassed if I even thought about touching his dick so I guess that's not exactly normal.

No. 801476

are you sure there wasn't a reason for it that you could be repressing?

No. 801486

Got 2 get this off my chest:
a few years ago i was living with my boyfriend + some roommates. My boyfriend sucked for many-a-reasons, but most notably he was emotionally and sexually abusive. I broke up with him right before he left to go see his family. Roommates asked me what happened in the breakup and I non-chalantly listed some abuse (that i didn't realize was abuse, like r*ping me in my sleep) and they were like "damn what the fuck, you should move out before he comes back." and then as I was looking for housing they decided they did not wanna be there when he gets back either. I moved out with them & two months later started dating 1 of them.
Exbf super-raged about getting cucked and hasn't really left me alone since.
I have a lot of reasons why I should not feel any pity for him (he really fucked me up), but I often feel a lot of guilt for dating his former roommate, former friend. This was almost 2 yrs ago, and I am still dating new bf who does not abuse me

No. 801488

Tbh I think it was just pack mentality and bouncing off your brother's bully energy lmao. Sometimes children being shitty isn't a deep issue, some just lack empathy until experience and growth render them wisdom. Are you two close at least? You should ask your bro if he ever had a reason for it.

Unless you did something truly unforgivable, I wouldn't worry about it. I've moved on from my worst bully and I'm sure plenty of adjusted people have.

No. 801517

We never physically harmed anyone, it was more of a mental bullying game with us. Like, I remember when we were 8/9ish, we were playing hide and seek with one of our younger cousins in a hotel, and we just decided to leave the building bc we thought it would be funny to leave her alone. She was like 5 at the time.

I also remember another time we were at my cousin's quinceanera and we tricked some kid into drinking the baptismal water because we told him that every one had to drink it when they entered the church. Again because we thought it'd be funny.

And then, in middle school, we both cyberbullied a friend to cut them off. In my case it was because she became so clingy and I had no idea how to verbally tell her I didn't want to be her friend anymore. It was likely the same reason for my brother and his friend.

There's more instances of this behavior I keep thinking back on and wondering why the fuck I acted like that, but you're right it usually happened when I was either with my brother, or a few other friends.

Honestly I don't think so, the only negative influence I can think of is my dad making jokes about weirdos on the street/public transport, which he frequently did with us otw to school/home.

Oh, but I dunno, does getting spanked with a belt have some kind of influence on that? Because my mom would discipline us like that, until we were like 12. I just figured that was commonplace.

No. 801519

File: 1620429653174.jpeg (60.36 KB, 656x656, 61BB19D7-D5E3-411E-933C-38F0AF…)

27 here, relationship of 5 years and we’re like that, too. Life is beautiful

No. 801604

I slowed my roommates wifi down all the way to 5mb on every single device despite us having a gb connection because I'm tired of how ungrateful she is.

No. 801610

File: 1620446286980.jpg (122.26 KB, 749x1061, 0c68e8f4c827cf4e8ce667a2636fc7…)

God please forgive me, I'm being a two timer now

No. 801631

File: 1620450584957.jpg (66.88 KB, 1250x833, DOGE1-1.jpg)

There's this cute guy who I sometimes see when he walks his dog. I really looked forward to seeing him in the mornings.
Today I found out he's probably underage. I would've sworn he was at least 25, but alas. I'm so sorry.
Picrel, his dog is a shiba.

No. 801636

just left a very toxic space, I feel free but empty.

No. 801661

It’s normal to feel empty after chaos. Hang in there.

No. 801665

hate when I'm depressive. I'm sensitive to what feels like every solitary thing that bothers me, so this exacerbated it

trying not to dwell on the fact that I should've left that place a long time ago, but I kept giving them faith that things would change. they didn't

No. 801692

I never tell that to anyone, because people may think it is stupid, but one of the reasons I don’t want to have kids is because I’m autistic (high functioning) and have ADHD and I’m scared shitless of having a low functioning autistic kid. I don’t want to deal with a kid disability and have such responsability.

No. 801695

Don't feel too bad, I had a classmate who went from looking 15 to looking 30 the moment he had enough testosterone to grow a full face of hair.

No. 801698

Same here anon, but I'm conflicted about it because I think I do want to have (bio) kids but idk if it's worth the risk or even how much of a risk it realistically is.

No. 801699

I think any reason is valid, especially since there seems to be a genetic component in autism, and I think everyone should have a "worst case scenario" script if they're planning kids.
I don't really want them because I have chronically low energy levels and anxiety issues, and I'm doing my best to keep up a "normie" facade in public. I won't ever tell it to non-family because I don't want to pretend like I'm some spoonie when I don't have actual debilitating health issues. Spending a day with my young cousins and watching how they treat their mother is like a nightmare. If some dude I loved actually wanted to become a STAHF for years, then maybe I'd consider giving birth. I don't need that "birth me a legacy and then raise it too while I'm cool dad with gifts and funtime" shit either.

No. 801705

Same. People with mental illnesses, personality disorders and autism should not have children, period. My retarded mother had BPD and it was a nightmare. Imagine an agressive, moody, lying, sex and shopping obsessed person and a low functioning autist in one house. Constant shitshow for 20 years.

No. 801709

Even with “high-functioning” autists, it’s still unbearable. They still literally cannot function without supervision, and they should be taken out of their families at the ripe age of 18 to reduce any mental harm/trauma being placed on the normal family members. I can tell you if my high-functioning brother just died, all of our lives would be more better, cleaner, less restrictive. Even more reasons to grant cheaper and more accessible genetic testing to everyone, so tired of seeing people saying it’s unethical or immoral you’re not making “designer” children you asshat, just reducing the risk of having a shitty life for everyone.

No. 801711

Same, and I lowkey think I inherited mine from my father.
Luckily I'm a girl so high functioning enough for it to be less noticeable, but it can't keep going on like this and my father was a horrible parent. I loved him very much when I was younger because he could get down on my level but now when I'm older I realise just how much parenting my mother had to do for the both of us, he was basically just an overgrown baby for her to take care of. I was already more mature than him when I was a teen.

No. 801721

I have autism that went under the radar until I was nearly 30 and pushed for the assessment myself, I managed to pass as just having an anxiety disorder all that time. I'd hate to have a more autistic kid than myself. I've seen what happens when the diagnosis comes early and they're coddled all their life..then there's those online communities that'll coddle them even if parents don't. Male autists have their issues around sex and boundaries. I'm just not taking that risk.

I know a woman with 2 autist sons and yeah they're cute right now and actually not the worst workload..waiting to see what puberty looks like for them though. She's always on facebook posting about how you should essentially approach every stranger you meet as if they have autism.. she's one of those. My kid has tism so everyone has to walk around always thinking about tism just in case they meet one?

No. 801761

Nta but that really obnoxious nonsensical line of thinking applies to practically everything nowadays. "The needs of the few outweigh the needs of the majority". Someone should tell these autists they've got it backwards.

No. 801809

I want to have kids but the idea of them being bpdfags and bipolarfags horrifies me. I'm afraid I'll turn out like my own abusive mother if I end up with a difficult child. My mothers untreated and rampant mood and personalityfagging ruined her childrens psyche. even if I'm self aware and lack her narcissism, I don't know if I'd be a good mom

The sad part is that the last few years I decided I want kids and I think I want a daughter, but I dread the prospect that I will repeat history. I don't like boring men, I don't tend to attract stable men, so there's more fear for the hypothetical child's mental health that the father won't be stable

It would feel selfish to pass on my fucked up tendencies to a baby. I know bpd at least is driven by genetics and exacerbated and triggered by environment, and I don't want my child to suffer. I feel selfish for wanting one. Guess I'll see how mature I am in a few years…

No. 801839

One of my pastimes is to go on modeling agency instagram accounts, look through the comments for people who ask "Hi, how do I apply?" etc., and click on their profiles to see how ugly/tryhard they are

No. 801846

I've claimed to be vegetarian to people for 5 years but it's all been a lie because I still frequently had things with gelatin in them like gummy candies. Recently though I've become disgusted by the idea of eating things with gelatin in them like jello so I hope I'll never have it again.

No. 801896

Been away from my bf for 6 months and staying with family because of the pandemic. I miss him a lot but I'm dreading the thought of returning to that town and I keep postponing my trip back.

No. 801903

Ahh I know you're right and I should just pretend like it didn't happen, but it also feels like a personal failure. I think the last time I slipped up was all the way back in the first 1-2 years I went vegetarian. You're right though. My body has digested it, it's gone, and I can't do anything but move on

No. 801927

i miss the man hate thread

No. 802003

if you're a vegetarian you arent doing that much anyways lmao go vegan

No. 802009

Almost all of us do.

I still don't get why they decided to go again the boards' wishes and ban it.

No. 802013

With such a high concentration of salt you’re making a bunch of plants die.

No. 802014

I will go vegan if I want to. Don't start this holier-than-thou shit.

No. 802067

File: 1620518859978.png (32.63 KB, 200x274, thumb_holy-cow-to-err-is-human…)

please make this the next thread pic

No. 802078

Anon I'm glad you were able to get away from someone like that piece of shit. His now ex-friend and roommate was able to see he was not the person he seemed like so he left to have a better life with you. I hope at some point you can stop feeling guilty for the decision he made for both your well being. Friends are not bound by blood and even blood bonds don't mean anything.

No. 802087

When I was in middle school I downloaded this app that played high frequency noises that people over 30 couldn’t hear. Every kid was freaking out and being yelled at by the teacher

In high school art, I purposefully left a hole in my clay thing so it would explode in the kiln with other kids’ art

No. 802114

sometimes I'm too afraid to say anything negative about harry potter because I don't want to get lumped in with twitter retards. I just couldn't get into it even decades before this retarded drama and it has some of the most annoying fans I've ever seen. I don't give a shit what rowling does (she seems kind of based from what i saw tho) and never liked trannies to begin with.

No. 802119

Same. I was around the age the books were aimed at when they came out but I didn't think they were anything special. I could never understand how the series became so popular, but maybe it has to do with the fact I read a lot of other books as a child, too.

No. 802142

I've never in my life catfished before but quarantine boredom is making me insane and a bitch might act out

No. 802235

I though Kim Deal was a really feminine man in the band because I simply do not know much about the Pixies but like I found out she is a woman and I’m just sexually confused and weirded out..

No. 802237

File: 1620544574781.jpeg (142.84 KB, 750x557, C1C4F3C4-DC6B-4991-9AA9-A4007F…)


No. 802247

I like smelling my own shit. Forgive my sins.

No. 802256

File: 1620549998872.jpeg (73.06 KB, 630x354, 678F51DC-7C9A-430E-B9A0-98FCA8…)

Wtf?!?! You mean like a fetish thingy?

No. 802260

I wish my mom was dead. Not only that, I wish she died in a horrible way, preferrably recorded so that I could watch her last moments whenever I felt like it.

No. 802369

sometimes I daydream about killing my family and then myself, because I really want to die but can't kms because it would ruin their lives, so if I killed them first then I could do it guilt free. Obviously I don't want to actually do this, I love my family and I'm not insane, but it's comforting to think about

No. 802372

File: 1620564576847.jpg (8.31 KB, 300x255, 300pepe.jpg)

Not my confession but - I was facetiming with my brother today, chatting about our old schoolmates, and he told me two girls from his year recently admitted to him that they had had crushes on him back in high school.

I remembered those two girls - they befriended me, a girl a year below them, out of the blue. I was totally psyched because I thought it proved that I was cool, mature for my age, etc. We'd chat online, get Starbucks together, hang at each other's houses and play vidya, etc. It actually felt pretty natural and easy, they were genuinely nice girls.

With my brother's revelation, the timing of their crushes compared to their friendships with me makes total sense. I'm not /deeply/ hurt (they weren't my closest friends), plus it happened way too long ago to matter now, but now I have to accept the fact that I wasn't nearly as much of a k00l sophomore as I thought I was

No. 802394

is that why so many deranged killers do murder-suicides?

No. 802414

I like the smell of my period blood kek idk it makes me feel feral and in touch with nature.

No. 802418

well I'd like to think that I'm not like the people who actually go through with it so idk lol

No. 802420

Why are trannies like you always obsessed with periods?

No. 802431

i like the smell of blood in general. nosebleeds, wounds, whatever. i oddly enjoy it

No. 802438

I am resentful every time I have to go back home and visit my parents because I am the black sheep sibling. I am estranged from both of my younger brothers, who have been thick as thieves since they were kids. They both just decided I was lame like a decade ago and never gave me a chance, went from bullying me to apathy, and as recently as a couple years ago, the oldest one has tried to be friendly to be but he's very fake and just tries to bring up shit from when we were kids like it will make me have a soft spot for him. I wish that they were dead instead of my older sister

No. 802442

…Are you around large amount of blood frequently to smell it anon? I can’t smell a cut of nosebleed. You’re like a bloodhound or something kek

No. 802509

i've never listened to or paid any attention to the band Little Mix but damn…. can't stop thinking about the Little Mix girls in male drag in the Confetti video. Perrie Edwards looked sexy as hell.

No. 802513

Whenever I see a scrote do the same stupid shit more than once I always assume it's some sort of fetish I just haven't heard of yet

No. 802515

kek i wanna know what made you come to this conclusion because you probably aren't wrong

No. 802522

Men just being…men, I suppose. Nothing more exciting than that caused it lol

No. 802532

In my head I'm a horn and kinky af dominatrix that is down to experiment and push boundaries

In real life I'm so scarred from sexual abuse that the sight of nude men makes me tense up and panic I also slutshame myself a lot every time I sleep with someone even though I know it's ridiculous

No. 802537

I hate that tense up feeling. I feel you anon.

No. 802544

Scrotes aint shit
I love you all girls

No. 802545

File: 1620572532080.png (9.78 KB, 161x189, shinji afraid.png)

It's such a freaky feeling, and I always feel so embarrassed on top of it too. Topless is fine but the moment they take off their pants I have to look away

No. 802547

Love you too anon, some of us anonitas should just build a little community in a forest somewhere where scrotes can't find us

No. 802558

>he doesn't know that everyone here is a scrote

No. 802566

hell yeah !

No. 802592

I love incelcore

No. 802594

File: 1620576128600.jpg (77.56 KB, 700x601, girl writing crying.jpg)

is it possible to be such a massive anxietyfag that it cripples you in your daily life? sometimes i feel myself getting stupider by the minute, the more i try to do better the more i seem to fuck things up and misread situations, i'm so sick of it i want to kill myself

No. 802598

dude same, I just posted this song on /m/ yesterday, it really has no business going this hard. Dumb as rocks on soundcloud is my favorite though

No. 802605

File: 1620576854430.jpeg (114.89 KB, 540x960, 57D075E2-CB74-4C9B-B52B-AE61BA…)

i feel like posting something mentally ill today but its 100% true and i’m on painkillers.

i only use imageboards so irl i have a mental “cow” thread of myself and shit on myself mentally all day. somedays it is funny but other days it makes me cry, right? i mentally have pictures posted of myself to the thread and i don’t even take pictures irl because when i see pics of myself it solidifies it and makes it worse, i feel like anons are watching and commenting on everything i do 24/7. i imagine what outfits get made fun of the most, my extensions would be made fun of for sure. i have imaginary social media posts in my head that get ragged on here. it is amusing but kind of tortures me and directs my behavior and how i style myself too. i think my makeup would be the most acceptable. my bf and i would get made fun of for never going outside and i think of all the tinfoils people would make and it makes me worried people irl tinfoil too. im glad i dont have SM. i just got cosmetic surgery and cant really walk and my legs look thinner. im imagining in my head that you guys are all talking about it and infighting. i have a parasocial relationship with farmers and i have been using the site more but ever since i started in 2018 it has helped with self improvement and how to not be so embarrassing so thank u for that.

what mental illness is this? dont take the post so seriously im just having fun. but what is wrong with me haha?

No. 802606

It's a mentall illness called being a man, sorry but it's terminal.

No. 802607

wtf im a woman, i wanted a better reply than this.

No. 802608

did you post dumb as rocks on the lyrics thread yesterday? poast more incelcore on /m/ nonita i’ll join you!!

No. 802614

rare tweaked jordan Peterson, he should just start railing cocaine off physical copies of his shitty scrote advice books to become interesting

No. 802615

yes lmao

No. 802616

Sorry but you will never be a woman.

No. 802624

I hate being Famous and i absolutely can’t tell you guys who I am nor do I care if you believe me but I’m so tired of being posted here and being objectified by strangers…

No. 802630

Which tranny from the MtF thread are you?

No. 802631

omg corpse husband?????

No. 802633

lmao tell us who u are

No. 802634

Send some nice pictures so we can objectify you more.

No. 802639

Is that you Azealia?

No. 802652

>Inb4 it's Adam Driver

No. 802706

File: 1620584573884.jpeg (6.26 KB, 200x175, pobrane.jpeg)

No. 802709


No. 802743

I'm watching Bad Girl's Club for the time. This shit really is wild.

No. 802754

No. 802757

File: 1620588615871.jpg (12.32 KB, 492x438, FB_IMG_1620421154586.jpg)

My votes considering OP is not just larping would go to either Corpse Husband or Azealia Banks


>Actually famous
>I don't think she'd care being sexualized though
>And then her new meds kick in


>Calling him famous is a massive stretch
>But maybe he has this much of an ego
>Sexualized here a bit more than AZ due to minorposting
>Would like the sexualization if he didn't think lc was a femcel space only
>Little does he knows we're all stacies

Could be one of the left thirties too, but I don't follow then.

No. 802786

Tbh I feel like if it was AZ she would be talking shit about us on social media. She doesn't seem like the type to care about remaining anon

No. 802798

Cordelia could get it from me

No. 802799

She'd probably say something like "Lol a dead website full of crusty, powerless white women rejected even by 4chan men…I cannot be bothered!!" and probably refer to the Buzzfeed thing with Dasha somehow, then drop hints that she browses either by the subjects she talks about or like, cow print outfits and shit.

No. 802809

holy shit Driverfags, you got noticed

No. 802813

I said that because in one of the old celebricow threads there were some Azealia stans and a few anons tinfoiled that it's her praising herself. She loves to talk shit and nitpick people's bodies so to me it doesn't seem too far fetched that she would frequent a site like this.

Right now I'm keking at the thought of Driver exposing himself and then getting banned for being a scrote. Driverfags BTFO.

No. 802815

Bitch I'm still waiting for Fantasea 2, where the fuck is it?

No. 802822

I mean, this person uses ellipsis, capitalizes random words and mix the regular and lower cases "I/i".
Does Azealia or Corpse write like that on social media?

No. 802826

CH knows about lc?

No. 802827

This doesn't mean anything, I'm sure a lot of anons here type in a different way than on other websites, either to fit in or to give a specific impression. If it were Azealia Banks and she started typing the same way she does on social media she'd be banned for using AAVE and racebaiting for example.

No. 802830

>Implying he doesn't religiously google himself

No. 802883

What if that’s just another random cow like Lilee Jean whatever you type that or the queen herself?

No. 802905

File: 1620597146510.jpg (46.98 KB, 648x718, f9d08f2dc86e55b114410c11e04793…)

I'm a millenial who never got the appeal of Harry Potter, tried reading the books as a child and they just never resonated with me. But all the seething online & even in my friend group over Rowling being an evil terf has made me want to give the series another chance.

No. 802931

No. 802932

I never enjoyed Harry Potter either and while I support her, it’s still not my thing. Maybe I’ll check out her crime books.

No. 802936

>mothers are sluts
Who is gonna read this

No. 802938

The contents are interesting but the title is some incel-tier shit.

No. 802946

Based off the title, I don't know if I want to open this shit

No. 802948

I still am sometimes afraid when laying in bed at night and have to call my mom even tho I'm already 23, have a job and my own place

No. 802962

I skimmed it and it actually goes into some of the problems that a matriarchal society would have with women who choose to be child-free. I have no idea why this person decided to post a clickbait title on their niche feminist blog though.

No. 802983

It's too childish for an adult to enjoy.
I never got into it a a child either so I tried it as an adult and it's just boring.

No. 803015

i know reality shifting isnt real and i wanna hang myself whenever i watch any video like “THIS IS WHAT BUCKY BARNES/TONY STARK/DRACO IS LIKE IN MY DR UWU” but i got so sucked into it because it sounds like the ultimate utopia for my maladaptive daydreamer ass.
plus i’ve had a benzo addiction since i was 15 and i can only experience vivid/lucid dreams when i’m in some form of withdrawals so i’m in a perpetual state of disappointment lmfao. also sidenote why is it all about harry potter, i’ve hated that fandom and movies/books since the dawn of time but it seems these delusional kids all just wanna ~ShiFt~ to fuck one of the characters from that cancer franchise kek
anyway i am ashamed and retarded

No. 803033

Same here. I wasn't interested in her other fiction besides Harry Potter before but now I'm gonna read it too.

Based blackpilled feminist.

No. 803037

File: 1620614233900.jpg (597.91 KB, 1163x784, 5240.jpg)

gonna sound like a huge bitch but seeing nonnies in /g/ fret over scrotes approval, "the wall" meme, how their life is over if they don't look a certain way and other stuff like that plus the relationship thread makes me feel smug, almost even proud, for being exclusively into fictional characters since childhood lol. literally never found a 3D male attractive and by the looks of things, it seems like a hassle.

No. 803044

the article starts out by saying that the problem with a matriarchy is that mothers would have the authority over childless women, because apparently it's assumed in a matriarchy that mothers would be in control. then it turns into a whiny bitchfest about mothers, saying that they became mothers by "male pleasing" and that they think they have authority over everyone, including their own children (how dare they).

No. 803057

I decided to give it a chance and read.
>However, in a patriarchal context, the male-pleasing is even more clear and even more problematic, especially where and if mothers think that they are better than non-mothers, and that they hold a position of legitimate power and authority over anyone and Holy Shit, mothers do think that, don’t they? Mothers think they have a legitimate claim of authority over everyone, including their own children, other people’s children, and importantly over child-free women, who mothers regard as overgrown babies no matter how old or experienced we are. But this claim of authority is not based in anything legitimate, and maternal authority is therefore not a legitimate authority at all.
All I'm getting here is that the author has mommy issues. Deep ones.

No. 803060

I checked out the post because of you, and it's just as you said.
I guess my confession is that I'm really growing tired of radical feminism. I agree with many of its points re: men, women's oppression, pornography, prostitution, etc, but when I read blog posts like that and see how some "blackpilled" radfems act (especially toward women they don't perceive as blackpilled/radfem enough), it just seems like a whiny, bitter cult. An excuse to never try to see the upside of things or be happy, and to complain all the time. So many radfems love to marinate in anger and trauma.
I feel like anyone who supports that post is cheering on someone's depression. It just feels wrong on all levels.

No. 803067

The misandrist shitposting radfems are the best though, they literally don’t give a fuck about writing tl;dr tumblr blogposts about the same topic and expecting brownie points they just post shit about hating men. But I agree with you, it really gets in my nerves on how obnoxious they’ve become especially when it came to billie ellish and the magazine cover of her wearing marilyn monroe cosplay. it literally doesn’t even mean anything, it was just another smoke screen of controversy that every celebrity does when they’re probably in the midst of wanting to promote their new album/show/movie, which not by coincidence I think she did have a recent album drop. They think it gives them an excuse to harass and shit talk other women and even belittle them for making choices that are completely irrelevant to feminism. It went from recognizing the systemic problems and universal stigma against womanhood to belittling women for obtaining some form of individuality.

No. 803072

Nta but some of the criticism towards billie was pointing out her hypocrisy since she acted like she was against dressing that way, and also how she kept going on and on about how "empowering" it is (despite calling herself a "hoe"), she's the one trying to make it relevant to feminism.

No. 803076

File: 1620620399447.jpeg (41.24 KB, 567x567, 65E72D73-26AC-499F-803E-88247B…)

big agree and I'm comfortable not considering myself a radfem while still being grateful they at least care about certain issues. I just see too many unhinged bitter ones to associate myself.

No. 803089

File: 1620622217309.png (189.19 KB, 682x513, 249857982475.png)

Agreed. Sometimes I wonder how they expect to liberate women as a class when they purposefully alienate a large portion of women for perpetuating behaviors they don't agree with. I feel like they would chill tf out and realize that feeding into your own oppression is not exclusive to women if they read more radical theory that is not necessarily related to feminism.
>Picrel from the Pedagogy of the Oppressed by Paulo Freire

No. 803091

I've been replacing thoughts with music and need to get rid of my head phones because of this. Getting used to constant audio stimulation is probably what made me lose my attention span.

No. 803100

God same. its getting so bad on radblr. They're starting to turn on themselves like libfems. Last week there was a sizeable fallout because a bunch of valerie solanas stans starting quoting her schizo book like it was the fucking bible, blaming only straight women for making the patriarchy or some shit. it was just sad.

No. 803102


replied to the wrong anon mb

No. 803114

I agree with their stance on many issues but radfems are cows

No. 803181

this is why i left radblr. they don't know how to be normal.

No. 803191

File: 1620630031012.png (102.17 KB, 251x275, 1612279966495.png)

Im a lesbian with a gf but sometimes i have dreams about my male coworker and it makes me feel like shit

No. 803198

there are things I have to write down in a journal because they're too fucked up to admit even on lolcow

No. 803211

I have thoughts that are too fucked up as well but I don’t want them set free into the world in any form. I hope you keep your journal somewhere safe.

No. 803218

lesbians are typing

No. 803228

I think the ones doing that are kids, it seems like when they "leave" liberal feminism or wherever else they have to make some other label their entire life and get way too invested in purity testing and what not

No. 803288

I hate vegetable stews. Call me autistic but I don't like the texture, the overcooked mushy vegetables and the fact that I cannot see what I am actually eating.

No. 803291

>don't like the texture
buy a blender and blend it smooth, it makes a world of difference
>the overcooked mushy vegetables
you don't have to overcook them

No. 803293

File: 1620648451133.jpg (1.18 MB, 3504x2336, 3ebd77a1638940c158bdc9d87c1a64…)

Slightly related but I don't like any food where you can't tell what exactly the mouthfeel belongs to either.

I've been wondering if I'm legit on the spectrum mostly because I'm that finicky with food texture. The most glaring example is eggs. I fucking love eggs but I am repulsed by uncooked egg whites to the point where I'll manually scrape it off if there's still a tiny bit around the yolk. I also can't handle the little white stringy bit so I'll always crack my eggs into a separate bowl first to remove any stringy or red gunk. If I don't do that I can't relax while eating my egg because I'll contantly anticipate biting into a gross textured bit.

For this reason I hesitate to eat eggs made by anyone other than me.

No. 803307

I wish it was possible to get custom husbando pillows like the one of that drawing. Life would be less bleak. And yeah, I also tend to feel a bit smug about not being in a shit relationship with an asshat.

No. 803314

Lmao the amount of seethe this post caused. That's why women will never be free. The same women who bitch about posts like these are then bitching about their shitty scrotes. Also, according to them women are never guilty of anything, especially mothers. If you criticize the institution of motherhood, you have mommy issues. This argument is just as "valid" as throwing "daddy issues" at women who criticize men. So a reddit scrote tier argument. I'm not even calling myself a radfem, but it is becase radfems are usually straight women who think they can reform men, not because radfems are too radical or something, and I don't want to be associated with bluepilled spineless reformists who think twitter activism is real and that you can change society without making any significant changes in your own life. As a class, women who choose to live with men will always be privileged over those who don't, and they will never give up that privilege. The majority of radfems are not separatist or essentialist, so the only mistake committed by the author of that blog is still calling herself a "radfem". She is not.
This post is better though. It's amazing how males forced motherhood even upon goddesses who were originally not associated with fertility or motherhood at all. And how feminists are memeing themselves into thinking that women had any choice in "matriarchal" societies, despite being groomed into mitherhood from childhood and little girls being told they will be impregnated by their grandpa's spirit. Yuck

No. 803323

When I was in middle school I downloaded this app that played high frequency noises that people over 30 couldn’t hear. Every kid was freaking out and being yelled at by the teacher


No. 803328

I felt this way with my ex and then he cheated on me. I hope I never feel love that isn't completely mutual and returned ever again. I hope things go well for you anon. I kind of hope one day someone will love me like you love your boyfriend.

No. 803340

I always thought that raw egg white had the consistency of cum so I can see the repulsion. (I also liked to say this around homophobic male "friends" to increase their discomfort and get some laughs when they proceeded to burn their eggs into oblivion kek.)

No. 803355

I still think Zero Two is cute and has a nice design. Green eyes and pink hair look good together.

No. 803359

Are you for real? Nta but the white part of egg also grosses me out because it reminds me of cum and I never even touched a man, I know how cum looks from porn and it's disgusting

No. 803369

It's just that annoying anon who keeps going around calling people scrotes.

No. 803391

There's hundreds of better characters with that hair and eye combo nonny

No. 803394

I genuinely believe I'm too good for everyone around me. I'm truly suffering from success anons. I can't see myself ever getting married because I know he'll simply just be below me.

No. 803556

I want to have your energies anon

No. 803601

When I was a little kid, I used to put stockings on my head and pretend I was Sailor Moon, and now my roommate tells me she also used to put stockings on her head and pretend she has long hair. We are connected

No. 803656

I'm killing myself after I finish infinite jest.

No. 803867

kek ok death breath. let me guess, cant give up cheese?

No. 803970

anon dont answer this its a trap u will be bullied no matter what ur answer is

No. 803976

I had a copy of infinite jest I hung onto and occasionally drug around for years trying to force myself to finish it. one day my cat peed on it and I was so relieved I could finally throw it away and be free.

No. 803988

Haha aw anon, this reminded me of my baby sister. She had a bad habit of cutting her hair the second she got her hand on some scissors but then would regret it and wear stockings on her head so she felt like she had longer hair again lol

No. 804019

That means you won't, so I'm glad. You can read so many books if you keep living, and reading infinite jest is a feat to be proud enough of

No. 804081

File: 1620723782508.jpg (58.44 KB, 479x479, youre-busted-women.jpg)

despite being in my late 20's and being an awkward fuck that never had a bf, my bio urges get the better of me and I.JUST.WANNA.FUCK. like seriously i wish it was that easy and non-threatening to fuck and dumb without having to worry about a bunch of things like some scrote getting attached to me and stalking me.or being a creep from the get go.

like i have this image of not really thinking this stuff to the point im asked "when am i going to get a bf" but seriously it's terrifying to think what the average man is capable of especially in a country like mine where a woman has to be assaulted/killed for something to happen and even then we get blamed.(not that this doesnt happen almost everywhere but compared to other countries,we are pretty backwards)

why cant i live in some woke country where it's ok to have casual sex with men and also have to confidence to pull it off.

i think a bunch of people i know would be shocked that i think like this but a relationship seems more like a chore that i dont care about for now and want the physical aspect for the sake of it.being horny is more of an annoyance most of the time and sex is a weird concept for me overall but i cant get it off of my brain sometimes.

No. 804112

It makes me happy how different people can come to the same conclusions even though they seem to make no sense

No. 804157

File: 1620734831470.gif (670.92 KB, 300x225, tumblr_mkrx6yuEyO1qfdveno5_400…)

Don't do it

No. 804162

File: 1620736049285.jpg (50.48 KB, 912x778, IMG_20190701_091340.jpg)

I have a hemorrhoid on my asshole and its giant and ugly. I haven't had sex since I got it (not entirely due to that, but it's certainly a factor). Everyone in the MTF thread is roasting some troon who has a similar situation and I feel like a nasty freak.

No. 804186

Your entire body could be covered in hemorrhoids and you'd still be less of a freak than the men in that thread.

No. 804372

being around gay men makes me nervous because they inevitably say something misogynstic or make fun of me for something really mundane

No. 804417

She’s >>804186 100% correct anon don’t worry

No. 804481

It's so obnoxious because while most straight men at least pretend to be ashamed if you call them out, gays fall back on "omg sis it was just a joke, you know I don't mean it like that" acting like it's impossible they have internalized misogyny (shit countless women still have internalized misogyny even after actively working to overcome it) and pretending we're on the same "side." Bruh, notice how I haven't tried to shame you in the same ways you have towards me during this conversation?

No. 804657

File: 1620801101291.gif (901.32 KB, 480x272, giphy (1).gif)

Wish i was a teenager in the 80s

No. 804668

>acting like it's impossible they have internalized misogyny
Well yeah because internalized misogyny is a term that is specifically used for women. For men it's just regular misogyny.

No. 804671

File: 1620802072358.gif (931.85 KB, 500x304, 1250a7dd4f20a8cdd7dbb4894a3c3a…)

Ah, same here

No. 804686

File: 1620804217231.png (385.3 KB, 599x338, 3d1e4a00-c76c-4826-b9ff-9cdb4d…)

The 80's really were peak society

No. 804692

This dude online who wants to be my "sugar daddy" bought me something for $50 and called it spoiling me… I cringed so hard because not only is it ridiculously audacious, but also because it made me feel like Scatna. I'd rather not be bought anything than feel this kek

No. 804752

I sometimes like to google the names of former acquaintances out of nostalgia to see how they turned out, and there's this girl who I can't find zero info on, it's a bit creepy, no facebook, no linkedin, no school registrations… I'm usually good at surface web sleuthing, but the fact that she appears nowhere kinda is concerning imho, especially since she apparently turned into an attention whore in her teenage years. I think if she died or had disappeared there would have been some news media reports, but nothing either. I hope she hasn't trooned out.

No. 804770

maybe she wanted to cut it out of her life if she's embarrassed by overusing it in her teens, 1 in 5 americans dont use social media at all so it doesn't mean you're dead if you're not on there

No. 804799

I had to block a certain insufferable cow's social media. Everything about her pisses me off so bad, so of course my dumb brain urges me to hate-follow. I usually follow cows that are fun and/or interesting to me, so they don't affect me negatively. That one is like a nightmare vision of me with nothing redeeming. It's not like the first time when I see bits and pieces of my flaws in cows, it's usually fascinating and thought-provoking. This is the first time when everything about The Cow angers me. She's nothing but my faults magnified to a ridiculous degree plus an unholy amount of self-righteousness.
>inb4 you must be a huge cow yourself
Maybe I would be if I had no self-awareness and overshared on the internet, which I don't. I also try to work on my issues instead of avoiding responsibility thanks to identity politics.
Funny thing is the cow hates a character that resembles her a bit and whom I would kin if I were a retard because we are that similar mentally
Any other farmer has been in such a situation? Just curious.

No. 804803

Who if we may ask?

No. 804809

Sorry for being vague (I hate when anons do that). I prefer not to give the cow the biggest boner in case she googles herself or something. LMFAO

No. 804812

I agree but I find it weird there's no results at all, like I checked other people who didn't have social medias (or maybe they were using pseudonyms) but they still appeared in university pages or freelance offers. Maybe she's changed her name, there's no point in thinking about people I haven't talked to in 15+ years.

There's a cow I sometimes check out but I can't follow her because of how retarded she is, I feel like I'm losing brain cells everytime I scroll her twitter and see one of her dumb takes (and she spends her days there).

No. 804861

I sometimes forget my physical body exists to the point that there have been times I was startled when looking into the mirror because I didn't expect someone to look back at me

No. 804862

sometimes I think about getting to know a devotee couple. you know, the ones where one is disabled and the other one fetishizes the shit (literally sometimes) out of it? well, I don't consider myself one at all, but I am fascinated with the inner workings of the female devotee's mind. so much that I would be willing to sit through their vile sexuality playing out in front of me. in the name of science, of course, and curiosity. most of the camp is split between two cliches: is it a sick sadistic thrill for them, or is it a loving, motherly care instinct that draws them toward the disabled men? I'll probably never know because this would be the ultimate case of touching the poop

No. 805108

I hate working and I feel that my life won't truly start until retirement. I'm trying to save as much as possible so I can quit work and live free ASAP. Only $1.4 million dollars to go…

No. 805149

KT is currently my favorite lolcow, but it feels kinda wrong to laugh at an obviously mentally ill person

No. 805249

Whenever something stupid is annoying me, I remind myself that I have a nice butt and it makes me feel better.
Aren't most of the cows mentally ill though?

No. 805393

I like hotdogs with mayo and doritos on them

No. 805397

She's my favorite too. There's someone else in my life who's an erotomaniac, and it's eerie how much her symptoms match KT's to a T. They all seem to be entitled narcissists who overestimate their own talent and that's pretty classic lolcow.

No. 805417

Nonny same, just one difference, no mayo just the doritos

No. 805486

I got blackout drunk last night. Woke up to find I had cracked my phone screen, had puked and used clothes to mop it up. Best of all I sent a whole series of emails to my ex from 8 years ago. I talked about my childhood sex abuse in them.

I hope to god he already had me blocked because I'm cringing at the shit I sent 8 fucking years later. I sent it to two of his emails too.. From two of my emails. FFS Guess alcohol turns me into the type of cow I'd usually laugh at. Never drinking again.

No. 805515

I don't love my boyfriend romantically anymore and I'm only sticking around because our living situation has allowed me to save a lot of money. I'm going to save a few thousand more and then gtfo. I've never actually broken up with anyone before so I have no clue how to approach him with the topic when I'm ready but I have a month or two to figure it out.

No. 805547

I root for you

No. 805552

dont forget to clear your history just in case

No. 805584

nta, but what do you mean by that?

No. 805590

nta, she means to clear the history so he doesn't see that she was on lolcow, see the confession and put 2 and 2 together (I would assume)

No. 805625

makes sense, thanks

No. 805735

File: 1620912595153.jpg (103.92 KB, 1024x576, Matt-Stonie-destroys-entire-Mr…)

I'd never date a fat scrote but I like seeing men with big appetites (be they skinny, buff or average built)
I swear this isn't a fetish but I just find men eating a lot of food like its a casual thing to be captivating, I had a friend whose boyfriend was a skinny tall dude and he would just eat and eat and eat and never seem to stop, always hungry and always eating and I would be awe of it, in just how much he could eat
I also started watching competitive eaters like matt stonie and furious pete and I found those guys attractive

No. 805753

I once brought in a screenshot of my sim character to a hair salon as a tween and told them I wanted that character’s haircut.

No. 805756

File: 1620916016452.jpeg (48.66 KB, 750x750, D5572796-4A92-4658-A482-34D984…)

Anon this is so cute and dumb ily

No. 805770

but did it work out?

No. 805771

I call men scrotes irl

No. 805777

Based. How do people react?

No. 805895

One of my cats used to watch my TV while I played video games and one day I was in the strip club in GTA V (it was for 100% completion but admittedly the shit Trevor says made me go back a few times for the lulz) getting a lap dance and my cat took a particular interest in this so I was jokingly talking to her like "whoo, yeah! look at those boobies! let's make it rain, Pop-Pop!" and my mum walked in on me like "why are you and the cat perving over pixels", it was pretty fucking awkward. Miss you though, Poppy. Playing vidya games ain't the same without you, RIP.

No. 805900

Lately I've been feeling like I have no one to talk to so I'll stir up shit on various image boards and social media platforms just to have some human interaction. Just to get the notification that someone replied to me or sent me a message. I can get very mean during the arguments but it's just something to fill the void, I don't really mean any of it and I end up feeling bad and apologizing for going too far when the other person inevitably taps out.
I'm just so lonely, nonnies.

No. 805902

No. 805931

they usually ignore me tbh

No. 805939

It's been 8 days but I'm still thinking about this post, what a queen

No. 805952

Anon, you are so cute. Thank you for sharing, it made my evening

No. 805992

I fetishized and glorified serial killers and mass murderers from around my pre-teen till my late teen years
I look back at myself and I'm like "wtf was wrong with me" like no matter how bullied or lonely I was glorifying serial killers shouldn't have even crossed my around

No. 806009

I don't think Ari PNP is ugly, at least not with makeup on. Her personality is rancid and her bolt-ons leave something to be desired, IDK why the anons in her thread feel the need to reach so hard.

No. 806060

File: 1620939129086.jpg (46.83 KB, 460x594, a43K7Zy_460s.jpg)

can't get over the fact I will never have my rock/punk band, travel across the country in a van with friends, play crazy gigs…

No. 806063

My sister!
I feel like it's important to clarify that I'm not eating hotdogs with only mayo and doritos on them though. Gotta have other toppings, of course.

No. 806112

File: 1620942988334.gif (841.07 KB, 245x327, tumblr_m706rnzI091qdkq1jo1_r1_…)

I usually don't care for luxury brand anything, but I really really like Louboutin shoes. It started before I even knew it was a luxury item, I think I saw it as a kid in a music video and have loved it ever since.
I guess if I ever have a very rich friend that feel like spoiling me on my birthday or whatnot, that's the thing I'd ask for.

No. 806119

They are really nice.
Are heels protected by some sort of copyright?
Seems like in terms of material and labour you could reproduce them for much less than retail price.
Like if you only care about the look and not the brand…

No. 806127

Just checked. It's completely illegal in the US. Such a shame.

No. 806130

The picrel kek

No. 806133

File: 1620944496464.jpg (66.03 KB, 500x667, ffbd20d36d779cd9e7c638d8c0c982…)

They do, actually! I remember they suing a brazilian brand (can't remember its name) for having colorful soles even though they didn't have the red sole. I also can't remember if they lost or settled it lol it was many years a go.
There are bootlegs, of course. I actually been looking for some well made bootlegs that won't fall apart for a while now. But it would be nice to have the real thing, if I am ever able to afford it (or if someone else can afford it for me lol)

No. 806134

I think her face is way overdone, but yeah, she’s not hideous at all. I feel this way about Tesah Jordin, anon rip her to pieces for her looks/body and even unedited and without makeup I think she’s super cute.

No. 806135

Honestly if you go to a shoemaker, they might do custom red soles for you. It's a cost but it's worth it.

No. 806137

File: 1620944956595.jpg (81.95 KB, 735x718, a3e311c93a70b30916be9dd09f0b5e…)

Never thought about this option. This actually may be the best route for me because it's actually a pain finding shoes that fit me properly.
Thanks nonnie! (Last Louboutin pic, i promise)

No. 806152

File: 1620945568097.jpg (106.72 KB, 600x400, Chanel-Film-Projector-Buonaser…)

I don't think this is bad! The Louboutin shoes are cute, and luxury brands can have nice pieces even if they are sometimes overpriced and/or tacky. I like when the brands make cool bags.

No. 806180

This is so cute!

No. 806202

The house next door is a large, old 3-story farm house that has about 5 apartments in it, as well as a couple of Airbnb rooms. It's owned by the shittiest person I've ever met.

She is a horrible neighbor. She's almost 70 but dresses and behaves like a terrifying 30 yo bpd chan. She is so hard to live next door to. She's dramatic, nosy, controlling, and histrionic about the smallest things (i.e. she called the police because she saw a neighbor's cat kill a mouse … she wanted the cat "contained" because she was afraid for her life) …

Anyway, her so-called "Lodge" has a page online and the people who come through there leave terrible reviews all the time. I just don't think there are enough terrible reviews, so I write "anonymous" ones, pretending to be a previous tenant or Airbnb guest, detailing all the ways that she is horrible. I write in different voices and space them out every few months. To be fair, there are ONLY terrible, one star reviews from tenants – all of them focused on her cowish behavior. I'm simply adding to what's already there.

It's therapeutic and I'll take whatever I can get, having to live next to this absolute psycho nightmare person.

No. 806261

File: 1620957453567.jpeg (70.04 KB, 375x233, 55EB3AF4-876D-4E3E-AB54-1E9199…)

I’m pretty sure I didn’t get anything close to it, since my mom was there. Shitty pic related is the hair I wanted

No. 806304

You did not disappoint

No. 806358

Ngl I think it's cute and would get it. I am not a teen.

No. 806408

When I was in elementary school I literally pissed myself because the teacher wouldn't let me go to the bathroom. Fucking cunt. I kept calling her telling her that I really needed to go but she wouldn't fucking listen. It fucked with my self esteem and I still have issues related to shame.

No. 806410

I’m going to start lying about my weight and say some shit like “oh I have a lot of muscle that’s why I’m so heavy”. I’m just tired of women dumping their insecurities on me because I’m taller than average and slim.

No. 806420

I did this, too, but my sim had a noodles gorillaz type hairstyle and I ended up with a mullet

No. 806424

File: 1620986172689.gif (98.61 KB, 220x220, 94850.gif)

This is going to sound autistic but I hate the word "content" (the noun) now. As in "I love your content" as opposed to "I love your work." It's not necessarily because it's a reminder that people's creativity is being commodified for corporate income (that's been true since before the internet); it's also because literally fucking anything qualifies as content now. Like someone's tweets or instastories or selfies get lumped in with well-written articles, fully produced videos or music, etc. It's become a nothing-word. The vagueness of it gives me a weird dystopian vibe.

No. 806426

i have this feeling too, i associate the word "content" with the word "filler".

No. 806434

Instead of taking a left turn onto a busy main road, I will turn right and make a u-turn. Even if there is space to pull up to the other side and wait, it stresses me out so much.

No. 806442

File: 1620989588819.png (2.07 MB, 1884x1882, 80e8c4e.png)

I hate these comics. They're not funny.

No. 806444

File: 1620989767342.jpeg (229.66 KB, 750x1177, 6B71FCCA-FF66-47A9-A170-618821…)


Agreed. The guy who draws them is a twat too.

No. 806447

Humor is subjective but yeah I don't think they're funny in the slightest either

No. 806507

They're like that 2012 meme where people ran pop lyrics through a thesaurus and put them on renaissance paintings. It wasn't funny or clever then and it sure as fuck aint now

No. 806553

I thought the first couple I saw were cute but the joke's been run into the ground

No. 806619

i thought i lost my airpod pros that my brother bought me for my bday because stupid find my iphone didnt fucking update and let me know that my airpods were at home. Instead it said it was at my job. SO when i went to work and couldnt find them i had a panic attack because my brother bought them for me and they are expensive. I asked jokingly on twitter if someone could donate to me. And someone actually did!! so i ended up ordering another pair that i found for cheap and guess what THEY WERE IN MY POCKET THE WHOLE TIME. i feel like such a scammer even though i told the dude i was joking and to take it back. He said no. So now i have 2 airpods which im going to give to my little sister since she lost hers. But i feel like a dick for taking that mans money. sadface emoji

No. 806626

as someone who is 4'9, baby-faced and nearly flat-chested, i can't help but worry when people, especially men find me sexually attractive. then again, i also have quite big hips and thighs so i guess i just look like a tearzah character come to life.

No. 806629

File: 1621012606548.jpeg (35.28 KB, 400x400, B0CC0937-C519-4B07-A284-DED240…)

Solidarity sis. 4’11”, flat-chested, baby-faced, and with a squeaky voice to top it off. A guy friend once admitted to liking me but didn’t pursue me because his friends told him I look too much like a kid. I didn’t like him back or anything but the damage to my ego was real

No. 806700

I'm kind of pissed about all the sex I've had where I just didn't orgasm and wasn't asked if y'know..I want one. I didn't fake them either, they knew I didn't finish. Could I of demanded one… maybe? Should I have to demand one.. when they didn't have to demand theirs.

I'm not even someone who struggles to finish. I've been with guys where their nut took forever and I just stuck with it and got it done. I'd like to say that I was young and stupid but I'm also just not an assertive person. The confrontation of having to ask for something that should already be freely given.. I can't do it. I haven't had sex in nearly 3 years now and hardly surprising.. I don't miss it. I mean my orgasms are still coming from the same source as before, me.

No. 806706

File: 1621020411715.jpeg (100.36 KB, 640x519, 6EFACA79-FCCF-46B7-9BAE-9D0D54…)

You got a random man to give you AirPods?

No. 806712

anon, you won in all ways here.

No. 806713

Don't have sex ever again until you're confident talking about what you want. Even if it's just "I like that keep doing that". Men are shit after they come so it's better if you orgasm before they do, so tell them they can nut after you and don't let yourself feel pressured to rush, but also never feel like you have to give anyone an orgasm either, if you're bored or not feeling it you can stop, blue balls isn't real.

No. 806753

File: 1621023248732.jpg (128.02 KB, 677x1390, nikolaj-coster-waldau-black-ha…)

I want an american husband who works for the military but isn't a sociopath or a moron. Yes you can judge me. Now tell me if that's possible and how do I make it happen as a yuropoor

No. 806756

Are you a spy?

No. 806762

Go to your local american military base (they're fuckin everywhere) and hope for the best

No. 806763

You are required to be a sociopath and/or moron to join the US military. Pick your poison.

No. 806772


Girl, what government secrets have you been employed to uncover?

No. 806773

Nta but what kind of secrets could they even have?

No. 806774

There are actually lots of very nice people in the military, but the bad ones are real bad so be mindful and don’t settle

No. 806777

>isn't a sociopath or a moron
Genuinely not possible, pick one. Navy is memed as stupid and will fuck anything willing but it’s not that untrue imo. I don’t know how lucky you’ll be with loyalty/fidelity but emotionally vulnerable (though not always emotionally available) guys are easy to establish a relationship with at least.

No. 806781

What about air force, they can't be dumb

No. 806790

They’re generally not army level dumb but it’s very, very easy to come across narcs and sociopaths among the men. They’re probably your best bet though, imo they’re usually more emotionally stable than the others.

No. 806795

Idk about american military specifically but the higher the rank the more psycho they are. I recommend you find a low rank sergeant. What branch they're in also make a huge difference. Basic soldiers are dumb as shit and don't know how to think for themselves

No. 806799

File: 1621025887894.jpg (52.16 KB, 720x714, keLwVkV.jpg)

I think that Ant00ns is kind of funny. He can be an edgelord, and the drama he got with that girl could have been easily avoided if he wasn't so autistic, but some of his comics and the whole April fools prank actually made me laugh a little.

No. 806809

File: 1621026528784.jpg (35.87 KB, 345x480, wat.jpg)

I think about picrel a lot sometimes. Not in a sexual way, more like "why did that happen"

No. 806812

I hate cotton tighty-whities on men so much. For some reason white panties on women seems fine though, I think it’s because males don’t wipe their asses.

No. 806816

top kek I'm so sorry anonino

No. 806818

Playgirl was (is?) actually bought/made for gay men, right?

No. 806821

It won’t get better, anon, that’s a shameful memory for life. Thank you for sharing.

No. 806825

Tighty whities on men looks infantile. Reminds me of how I had to do my dads laundry as a teen and they were all identical tighty-whities with horrific stains on them. So fucking glad I moved out at 18

No. 806842

You once knew but you probably never believed me. I'll never speak aloud how I really feel about you. How gorgeous you are. How much I love you. Still do. I know I'll love you until I die too. But you'll never know.

No. 806849

Also sorry that you deleted your story. It gave me the energy I needed and I love you

No. 806931

men should wear black, like the color of their soles

No. 806932

samefag i meant souls but i'm sure soles works

No. 806941

LMAO the truth revealed itself through this typo

No. 806947

I haven't watched even one those avengers universe movie/series or whatever

No. 806950

You're missing out on some of the laziest most uninspired generic forgettable movies of all time

No. 806952

The early ones were ok, after 2014 they started pandering to woketards by inserting awkward tumblresque humour in the most of putting ways. You know that really stupid awkward humour that people who called themself trash and pop punk jokes liked in 2015? They did that right up until 2020

No. 806978

I'm watching Thor Ragnorak right now for probably the 20th time and laughing in all the same places.

They're just fun movies, anon. If they're not your cup of tea, that's fine too. Too many people on both sides take them way too seriously.

Especially considering that Batman is clearly the superior comic book hero.

No. 807037

Same, the last super hero movie I watched was X-Men First Class at the movie theater and I’ve seen nothing else since

No. 807095

File: 1621056689918.png (39.34 KB, 234x234, 1092367c-691f-4a66-bf0a-d631b7…)

I've been visiting this site for 2 years now and have never read the rules or guide.

No. 807144

My friend's an artist (the "takes commissions on twitter" type) and operates as if he were fairly internet famous when he has yet to crack 500 followers on twitter /or/ instagram (and a large chunk of that are f4fs with fellow artist friends). He does drawing livestreams with 5 viewers max, uploads tutorials/timelapses of his work to YT, ends instagram captions with questions like one does to encourage engagement, obviously tries to make viral shit on twitter by drawing the latest meme or movie/song/whatever. I'm sure he's just trying to religiously follow the "handbook" for getting popular online, but the truth is I think his art is total shit. Amateurish poses, awful color palette, boring and basic composition. It's astonishing to me that he hasn't improved in years because I've seen artists evolve greatly over that same time. I honestly get the vibe that he only looks at other social media artists' work for inspiration and style reference, and not older more established stuff.

No. 807243

The Shayna threads have helped me think more positively about my labia. I have proper 'roasties' so have grown up hating them. I feel bad though that the only thing that has really helped is judging another woman's vulva. Hers makes me realise that mine has character and does actually look like a flower

No. 807256

I have an 'innie' and for a while I just didn't know that our genitals varied all that much. I thought we all had the same copy and paste vag lol.

By 19 I had slept with 2 other women and they looked the same as me. Then I eventually came across porn where I saw a very different type.. I hated it for about 2 mins just out of pure shock (probably the same as how penises can just look gross the first time you see them) but then I quickly was like…actually that's pretty and I was intrigued. I felt bad for my initial reaction and I'm glad I didn't see it for the first time in person and act shocked. I could've ended up giving someone a whole complex if it had played out like that. I just didn't know.

No. 807309

I've been a bridesmaid in 4 weddings so far, none of them family, and it makes me feel popular.

No. 807327

I haven't even been to 4 weddings in my entire adult life, crazy stuff. Do you have any fun bridesmaid exclusive stories to tell?

No. 807330

i wish i could be treated as a baby or young child forever. not in a creepy ageplay way I just want to be taken care of, not have to do anything and not be judged. personally people treated me way better when i was a child compared to every other point in my life. Idc if there's less "freedom", I'd still trade it for energy, innocence, being treated well just for existing and not having to think, plus i never felt more free as an adult anyway i don't get where this meme comes from. all i want to do is play all day and be pampered. And in the physical and mental sense, puberty really fucked up my body and added more health issues.

No. 807341

I started drinking way too much during the pandemic and finally admitted to myself a few months ago that I've become an alcoholic. I keep trying to quit but keep failing because I'm too ashamed to tell my roommate, so she keeps buying gin and I keep drinking it even though I beg myself not to. Finally managed to go without a drop last night and I hope I can keep it up but who knows. It's hard

No. 807347

It won't be easy anon but you can do it. You've already been strong enough to admit there's a problem so the essential first step is done. Good luck

No. 807349

Try keeping it one day at a time. "Today I wont drink".

No. 807370

One thing I used to enjoy about being single/not living with an SO was sleeping with other folks on voice chat. It's such a comforting feeling when you're asleep but 5-10 other people are also there and comfy.

No. 807371

Since some anons are talking about vulvas, my confession is that I thought big labia were ugly and I was proud of my perfect porn innie (ew) because I had drank the misogyny cool aid from lurking 4chan and other male predominant spaces. It wasn't until I slept with another woman that I realized that all vulvas are beautiful and if I had to pick what kind of labia I prefer I'd definitely pick larger ones, because they're soooo soft and feel good to the touch and lick and there's just more of them to enjoy.

No. 807374

that sounds new to me wow. how do you find people to do this with??

No. 807377

>It's such a comforting feeling when you're asleep but 5-10 other people are also there and comfy.
That sounds horrifying wtf

No. 807380

Few years ago I was getting ready to go meet my then bf (and one of his family members for the first time) I had some coffee and then my stomach seemed to react to the coffee.. I went to the toilet a couple times and then I noticed this pelvic pain kicking in. I'd had alot of pelvic pain leading up to then too, I'd even gone and got std tested just in case. It was a weird nagging thing. I was clear of any infections though. Then that day while in the bathroom the pain suddenly got sharp on one side and my vision went black. My hearing went fuzzy. I felt myself melting and getting sucked onto the bathroom floor. Think I was only passed out for a moment but I was alone so I don't know. Going blind for even a few seconds was what really freaked me. I texted my bf… and he acted like it was nothing. We met as planned. I never looked into what that was.

A couple years later we're spending xmas at our parents seperately, I become very ill on xmas morning right before I was due to leave for my parents house. He had already left for his. I was sick for several days and ended up in hospital. He never came home early. He just always downplayed that shit. I remember him having the flu once and me playing nurse to him and me catching the same flu from looking after him. ffs I wish I had gone to a doctor that day instead of keeping my plans with him and him barely caring when I told him. I still don't know what that blackout was about to this day.

No. 807382

You're far better off getting with a civilian working for the US Government overseas. Either that or move to Washington DC and hook up with Federal Government employees there.

No. 807383

probably something related to a sudden drop in blood sugar

No. 807392

I've often wondered if it was an ovarian cyst bursting that set it all off

No. 807414

get a sexy patent office babe to trademark that pussy

No. 807419

No. 807428

This is actually quite possible, do you have PCOS? The symptoms for hemorrhagic ovarian cysts (sorry if this is not the correct nomenclature in English) are:

>Pain in one side of the body, where the ovary with the cyst is

>Pelvic and sometimes back pain
>Blood sugar drop

Probably some other stuff that i am forgetting, too

No. 807435

You joke but if you do find somebody that works for the Patent Office, hold the fuck onto them and never let go. I have a neighbor that works there and he loves it because he works from home full time with a flexible schedule. Someone like that would be a perfect stay at home dad.

No. 807442

Why would you want a stay at home dad?
They you never have any me-time.

No. 807485

All I did today was smoke a ton of weed, bake sweetpotatos, play video games, listening to music and masturbate.

I'm gonna be honest it was an amazing day and after handing in my thesis I feel like I deserved it

No. 807495

File: 1621111325795.jpg (38.1 KB, 604x603, 2543a65235f21c228cf2c84a0f6d57…)

Is he cute? I'm imagining a sexy nerd

No. 807499

i miss when you could LARP online easily.

i pretended to be random celebrities. i messed with the pics and obviously tried to go for the rare ones. when i was 11 one guy sadly found out i wasnt actually christina aguilera, he doxxed me and said he was going to find me and kidnap me. i was really young and literally didnt understand why it was bad to get doxxed and didnt freak out. i said some variation of like: well, do it. he blocked me. i had my fun. when insta was first starting hayley williams didnt have an official account and i pretended to be her for a while. did it with random people, ghosted everyone and started being someone else. when people got wiser about this stuff i started using only the pics of random strangers. i just liked fucking with people.

before some med fags says it, yes i had low self esteem and no friends and thats why i did it. it was a long time ago. it was so fun though. id do it again but people are so much wiser now, it would be pointless. i liked pretending i wrote misery business, what can i say

No. 807509

one of my co-workers told me about the time he got catfished by an arab eminem larper when he was like 10

No. 807524

This reminds me of how I used to pretend to believe catfish and befriend them. The whole concept is fascinating to me so I’d stay close and observe their behaviour, though I rarely found out much about who they actually were. The wildest case was someone who pretended to be Miley Cyrus and other Disney Channel celebrities, as well as random emos and a bunch of side characters. They seemed to have tens of accounts judging by the fact these people supposedly hung out together and weirdly had the same typing styles. Whoever was behind it must have lived online. The funniest character was a fictional young pop star who claimed to sound just like Adam Lambert and was always posting about being in the recording studio or filming music videos… none of which were ever posted lmao.

Admittedly, part of it was probably trying to make myself feel better that I wasn’t quite that sad and lonely, though in hindsight I clearly was.

No. 807525

You're living the life sis

No. 807552

trolling is becoming a lost art, teens these days take shit too seriously online and don't have the humor to pull shit like this anymore

No. 807619

Or when they do it’s so malicious, not in any sort of good fun

No. 807709

I'm a nurse that works overnight.

No. 807784

I'm surprised I'm not fatter and I'm surprised I've never been in an abusive relationship.

No. 807812

I feel guilty gender shit and current state of "neurodiversity" and autism activism is unironically making me more ableist and hate other autistic people. seeing people respond to a basic suggestion saying they don't have enough spoons is embarrassing. you can just ignore it.

No. 807819

after being misdiagnosed as autistic for years I find the current state of autism discourse so embarrassing, back then the diagnosis was infantizing in a "youre retarded and you should be ashamed of it" and now it's more like "you're retarded and you should be proudly retarded". shouldn't something exist between those two extremes? and most internet autists are fucking insufferable, sans this site of course. I was glad to find out I wasn't autistic because the stigma around it was so humiliating, but it's still humiliating, in a different, more prideful way

No. 807912

I feel this, because 1) I don't exercise and I eat pretty unhealthily and 2) I'm emotionally stupid and kind of a pushover. I'm also surprised I'm not a NEET; I often feel surges of laziness where all I want to do is sit on the internet all day and am very attached to my parents, but I'm apparently hireable, and I always get my work done.

No. 807951

Both of my long term relationships ended with my mental health struggle feeling like a large contributing factor. Now I'm all for dumping people that you feel are dragging you down, I realistically do understand that. But I still have moments where I see the most batshit people managing to keep partners around for longer than I ever held one together. Feels bad.

I guess the main insecurity I have is that thought of 'I must be lacking in redeeming qualities' I hate that I compare myself.

No. 807957

This but also just lgbt and neurodivergent stuff in general feels so immature and annoying these days that I actually feel alienated from these communities. I don't even have any major thoughtcrimes to be worried about, I just feel like the only adult in a daycare in either place. Funny how they're both about being proud but even being considered in either group now makes me feel embarrassed.

Don't put yourself down anon, the batshit people usually keep their partners using abusive and manipulative tactics. Just glance at any cow with a partner obvious mental health issues on here: it's always either they're abusive, their partner is or both are mutually shitty to each other. It's more likely that neither you or your exes are bad people. Focus on trying to handle your issues first.

No. 807959

Thanks anon. True, Deep down I know that alot of those relationships are toxic as hell and nothing to be jealous of. It's not the most rational way of thinking but I have my moments where I get lost in it.

No. 807971

this image looks so…strange. It looks like a weird health magazine, especially with the lighting

No. 807973

It's probably extremely old since David Duchovny has been irrelevant for ages now.

No. 807976

Yea it's from 1997

No. 807980

the gimpgirl thread makes me honestly question my attraction to women

No. 808025

WOW this image made me start coughing

No. 808028

you probably fart in your sleep and don't realize it but everyone else knows

No. 808086

I don’t give a shit anymore. I am free. I can finally get a drivers license because I don’t care if I die. I can finally live my life

No. 808095

I used to pretend to be an emotionally distant emo boy on Neopets complete with fake photos I pulled from randos on MySpace, just because I thought it was easier to make friends for me to talk to.
It made me feel really good for some reason. It could have been the attention, but I'd always get a thrill if I felt one of them really liked me.
It was such a ridiculous waste of time in hindsight.

No. 808117

File: 1621180825383.gif (236.08 KB, 220x220, 9386B5C5-9011-46E2-977A-FD8834…)

I hate all my dad’s worst personality traits yet I’ve inherited them all

No. 808122

same tbh. thanks for the anger issues dad kek

No. 808135

that's the spirit.

No. 808154

I grew up with a dad who automatically favored my bro just cause he's male. I'm female so why bother bonding with me as much… I turned into a copy of my dad still. I inherited his health problems, his ocd and his personality. All his shit genes tbh. He still barely connects with me.

No. 808163

File: 1621184941013.png (379.96 KB, 1587x1069, A3481B7E-BC6B-490F-B6BD-3E7942…)


No. 808260

i'm a febfem and a yumejoshi

No. 808266

based as hell

No. 808291

you dropped your crown, queen

No. 808292

Same. My mother was an extremely sociable and extroverted person, and I grew up to be an antisocial autist like my father. I will never understand how he managed to get married twice to attractive normie women, but I'm afraid I won't be so lucky.

No. 808301

This bitch is onigiri filling
i know it's not umeboshi

No. 808310

No. 808321

that's actually kind of cute

No. 808357

Febfem is the only bisexual I trust. Based, we love you

No. 808441

Even though I think porn and OF are a plague upon the human race I am secretly loving that sex work is becoming more socially acceptable. Its making it way less profitable which I think is hilarious. If sex workers were smart they would be discouraging girls from getting into it and not trying to normalize it but instead they're doing the opposite which is going to backfire on them.

Sometimes I just want to watch the world burn

No. 808496

the amount of privileged sex work shills on each site is probably a lower percentage than struggling women making around $200 a month, especially due to the pandemic. if there's a conservative backlash or as people return to regular life i assume a lot of these young women are going to get harassed by males. normalizing sex work is saturating the market but demand is increasing and more men are becoming consoomers and entitled to women's bodies.

No. 808505

What do these words mean

No. 808508

File: 1621207244954.jpg (32.94 KB, 402x500, oo.jpg)

earlier I cried at the karate kid and I also realised I'm very attracted to young ralph macchio

No. 808511

good taste, he's hot

No. 808543

some of the edgier anons in the vent thread and the ones who support them genuinely scare me

No. 808554

View them as the larping edgelords they are because it's not scary just pathetic

No. 808590

I don’t care that my boyfriend plays video games but he started playing league after we started dating and if he played league beforehand i probably wouldn’t have dated him tbh

No. 808595

I smoked weed in a hospital room once when my youngest brother was in a really bad car crash. He was 17 and broke his back and neck. He was basically in a full cast and halo. They moved him from the children's area to the adult area the morning of his 18th bday and were basically ignoring him. He was so fucking depressed and said all he wanted was to go outside and enjoy the sun and a smoke. I decided to open up the window and smoke with him right there. I still feel kind of bad for it tbh but I just wanted to make my baby brother happy lol

No. 808601

based teenage fuckery