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File: 1615099937772.jpg (150.6 KB, 615x799, 93ed95992274eddc572a78d1527aa6…)

No. 756064

Confess your woes, sins, regrets or pleasures, and let your soul ascend.

Last thread: >>>/ot/735418

No. 756065

Every night before I go to bed I scroll thru the first 3 pages of snow. I dont read anything I just scroll through the poster names and report anyone I see who is namefagging. Usually it says anon or something done, but in my tinfoil it's all the same person who is a newfag and I hate them

Also I check Tess/Canyon thread every few days and report my Canyon self posting sus. I probably have gotten him redtexted at least 30 times.

None of this brings me joy but I am a creature of habit so I will not stop. Sorry mods

No. 756068

I love the thread image, op

No. 756070

I have misophonia and sometimes I can't even eat in the same room as other people because of my own eating noises (I feel like everyone is as bothered as me with myself and can't deal with the uneasiness so I just leave) or won't go to the movies because I need to cover my ears to cope with the sound of collective popcorn eating

Sometimes I get those "head tingles" from AMSR eating videos and it feels nice
I don't know why the fuck and what triggers one thing but not the other and I hate my brain for doing this to me, I wish it was the opposite, shit would be way easier

No. 756078

This baffles me to no end too. I get enraged by hearing people eating with their mouths open, but get incredible tingles from asmr mouth sounds. How do I get such wildly different bodily reactions to almost the same thing?
Also, I get irritated by the sound of a leaky faucet dripping, but the sound of rain has the opposite, calming effect on me. Again, almost the same thing, water dripping in both cases, wildly different bodily reactions.

I asked once in stupid questions why and how does this discrepancy in reactions occur, what makes it pleasing in one variant and irritating in another, but nobody knew.

No. 756084

Glad it's not just me!!
I actually went searching for these videos to try and build up my tolerance, but then was surprised that it didn't get the same reaction from me. Felt kinda wrong, even kek
Now it's a big secret of mine because I don't know if other people that know about my misophonia would understand.

My best guess is that it's a different wavelength in video or audio format than irl? Kinda like when you take a picture of your face and the angle of the lens can make your fave slightly distorted if compared to real life.

But to make things even weirder, I don't get the tingles all the time, either. So I just don't know.

As for the rain, I think it's because it's a lot of water dripping vs just one single dripping noise. I don't like the sound of current water and for me personally, it doesn't matter if it's from a faucet or a home waterfall or from the toilet lol all of these trigger me.

No. 756092

>home waterfall
Sorry for the derail, but those are the stupidest things ever. My mom installed one and it makes me need to piss all the time when I visit because of the constant trickling sound. I don't know how they stand it.

No. 756098

I'm glad you liked it nonny
tbh I think it had been used before but it's been a while and it's a cool picture so God had forgiven it

No. 756107

Lolcow helped me peak. kek

No. 756110

i hated being an immigrant in middle school but one thing i loved was making the boys who were dicks to me say some really stupid shit to the teachers (we had teachers who were bilingual like me). when they wanted to impress them they'd ask me how to say, for example, "good morning" in my language and i'd tell them it's something like "i suck ass" and watch them unknowingly embarrass themselves afterwards. they were total assholes so idk why they expected me to tell the truth.

i feel bad for the teachers cuz some things i made them say bordered on sexual harassment

No. 756127

Nice, same here. I’ve felt far more at peace ever since I stopped centering men in my life, unintentionally or not. Welcome to terfdom.

No. 756128

File: 1615108985094.jpg (6.33 KB, 276x183, download3.jpg)

My mom's a doctor and my sister's a clerk in med school; today my sister was telling my mom how, in the maternity ward, the new thing is to call the patient "mommy" or "mama" rather than "Ma'am" or "Mrs./Ms. (name)." They were ranting to each other how demeaning and juvenile it was, and I get that, but… secretly I was thinking of how sweet it sounded and, if I ever were in a maternity ward and a nurse/doctor called me "mama", I would melt. Anons am I a crypto-tradfem y/n

No. 756132

I agree with your mom and sister. I get the sentiment of it being sweet but I don't think a woman should be denied the respect of being formally addressed by hospital staff and the acknowledgment that she's a person and not just a mother. Maybe I'm thinking too deep of it but I think it's reducing women even further to being nothing else than the mother of the child.

And more than anything I just think it's weird being called mommy by a stranger nurse.

No. 756154

That op pic looks like where all the narc and attention whoring culture started from

No. 756176

I think that’s cute also anon. It feels less terrifying and clinical, which is probably why they’ve been told to start saying it.

No. 756191

I'm too old to listen to lil peep as much as I do kek

No. 756194

I've been stealing money for over 7 years for drugs. I recently stopped

No. 756351

I have spent 8 hours playing the Cookie Clicker stock market minigame today. It's not even fun and hardly even a game. I don't know what's wrong with me.

No. 756369

How is being addressed as an adult terrifying

No. 756378

I remember listening to nickelback at my psychologists office and added the song to my spotify playlist

No. 756381

i have a problem where i need to obsessively check my ex-friends social media accounts. they have a habit of vagueposting terrible things and spreading rumors about me and a few of my friends and i feel i need to stay up to date on their latest bullshit in case they try to do or say something absolutely heinous. im trying to stop because i know this ain't healthy but it's actually embarrassing how hard it is to resist the urge and every time I fail and snoop I hate myself and feel weird and guilty

No. 756416

I eat spoonfuls of Nutella straight from the jar.

No. 756428

Nutella is so strong tho anon

No. 756462


Pregnancy fills your head with all sorts of weird hormone thoughts. I can see how being a brand new young mom and suddenly being called “ma’am” could lead to a sense of panic.

No. 756466

In case it helps you break the habit, just remember that even in the event they are still postinf about you, there's really no way to get ahead of it by lurking it. As soon as you pop out of the woodwork to defend yourself, you immediately look guilty of whatever you were being accused of. All you can do in reality is let that shit go; even if some of it ends up being halfway true, you still would look batshit crazy for checking up on it. If it's your reputation you're worried about, then you are gonna have to find a way to forget about it and break the habit, because social media stalking is crazy bitch behavior.

No. 756479

File: 1615152942099.jpg (55.5 KB, 960x534, 2a5irxn96s531.jpg)

Get ready for this shit I brought upon myself.

>Match with cute guy on tinder back in august

>He msg first, everything is great and we have a lot in common
>Ask for fb to look at more pictures
>recognize old pictures
>he took my best friends virginity 10 years ago
>we talk it through
>carry on, I haven't talked to her in years
>we date
>I get back in contact with old bestie in january
>still dating tinder guy
>"so are you seeing anyone?"

No. 756487

I stalk people I don't know on social media. I for some reason keep start comparing myself to them and I know it's wrong and stupid but I can't help it. I uninstalled all the apps I have on my phone to get rid of the habit but sometimes I lurk using Chrome. It's really affecting my mental health and self worth.

No. 756492

Why can’t they be called by their name

No. 756504

I used to do this too, aside from getting to the root of the issue one thing I found helpful was banning myself from doing it. Like I was my own parent, I told myself I wasn’t allowed to look at their social media. It was a struggle to stop at first but I kept working on it because I hated myself, and wanted to deny myself the fulfilment. That self-hatred was the same reason I was looking in the first place, I just redirected it so it became beneficial (and worked on fixing that later lol). Breaking the cycle will help you to feel better as you’re removing the fuel. You deserve to feel good anon.

No. 756506

File: 1615155461666.gif (1.3 MB, 500x281, 4b491bd3e67b3d54d9a3e35a8770ff…)

I want to disconnect from my best friend. We've known each other for so long but I feel like we have grown apart completely. The thing is she really doesn't feel that way. I don't want to do the things she wants to do or watch the things she wants to watch. Her lifestyle is the polar opposite of mine. Our political opinions, our interests, all different. I feel like I disagree with 80% of the things she says but I always grit my teeth. I can't even stand her food opinions, it's like we've evolved to be opposite species. The thing is she loves me so much and is so kind so I just feel absolutely horrible about it. Does she deserve a friend that only comes over to bite their tongue and pretend to get along? No. But then does she deserve a friend that comes over to just argue with her and bicker about shit? No. But then does she really deserve to be abandoned, especially after expressing her fear of abandonment. Also no. I've literally considered moving to a different state just to create that distance and slowly drift apart. She's not a bad person, we just have so little in common that I can't stand being around her anymore. Just typing that out makes me feel utterly evil. The guilt is immense. If I told her any of this it would devastate and destroy her. She would probably kill herself. She doesnt know how I feel even remotely. I'm a horrible person. Wat do.

No. 756519

Nta but maternity wards have really high patient turnover rates and overworked staff so it’s not prioritised.

No. 756522

I think my depression hid exactly how psycho I am. I drove around for 4 hours yesterday, looking for my ex's house after getting randomly re-obsessed with the guy. I did dox him and it's not like I'm every going to SHARE that information anywhere. I realize this is extremely weird and no normal person does this?? So do I choose between having no drive and being depressed or having energy but being an absolute psychopath?
I was right and I found his house and his parent's house thou kek

No. 756534

ghost that mf

No. 756542

Thank you so much
It feels great to know I'm not alone.
I'm working on it indeed.

No. 756553

Annon I know exactly how you feel.
It happened to me and now me and my ex best friend don't talk despite we live close. We even don't follow each other on social media. The thing is that we grew. She kept insisting on meeting and talking about the thing we had in common 5 years ago and I was really bored but didn't want her to feel bad because she dealt with bullying back in school. But there was this moment where life did its thing and drove us apart. Little by little we didn't feel the friendship we used to have and it happened naturally. One advice I have for you is to stay nice to her but you can open up about the differences in opinions and tell her it would be nice if you reflect on your friendship one time and see how you both feel about it. Maybe she'll realize how different you guys are.

No. 756633

My confession is that I think the nuns in this thread's pic are super hot.

No. 756635

Maybe you're bipolar?

No. 756636

Just ghost her
My best friend ghosted me because she's successful and respectable and a good person, and I'm a loser piece of shit with no ambition
I miss her more than anything, but I love her, so I understand that she needed to get away from me
If your friend is a good friend, she'll let you go

No. 756639

It's extremely unfair that parents can make their kids mentally I'll
Speaking from personal experience
If you have a good doctor, you should try talking to them about this, they can help sometimes
I don't mean a psychiatrist either, most of them are full of shit, I mean a general practitioner/family doctor

No. 756647

>It's extremely unfair that parents can make their kids mentally I'll
Nta but i felt this

No. 756650

>I'll not ill
shit, sorry, I'm on mobile

No. 756692

LOL you're actually right Bipolar type 2 ayye lmao

No. 756698

File: 1615172986423.jpg (206.61 KB, 3240x1508, anyataylorjoy.jpg)

I use to be a stacie who would bully the fuck out of girls with eyes too far apart, now I'm a gay in love and I hate myself

No. 756703

File: 1615173577318.jpg (293.67 KB, 1080x1440, Halle_Bailey.jpg)

I wasn't crazy about those kind of eyes either (although I didn't think it was ugly either), but Halle Bailey and Anya convinced me otherwise. Someone on here said people with far set eyes look like fish hybrids, and I completely agree but in a good way lol. I think it's cute also, Anya looked so fucking good at the golden globes, god

No. 756709

File: 1615173873871.jpg (72.08 KB, 580x580, m_5d4f09cda20dfc65b84a3e58.jpg)

my legs get extremely dry itchy skin, so i have a brush like this to scratch them with. it fucks up my skin but feels amazing. my nails are not strong enough to make it stop.

No. 756711

What kind of brush even is that? Be careful anon! Is the itchiness just from not moisturizing or eczema or something

No. 756713

it's a round bristle brush
and idk, i keep wondering if it's mild eczema since it only happens in a specific part of my legs but it's on both of them. i use extremely thick anti-itch lotion but it does nothing. i think it may be a vascular problem? i have pretty bad blood circulation

No. 756717

I have a pattern of losing attraction only a year or two into my relationships. I usually feel so much guilt over it that I pretend it's not happening. As a result I've had disastrous relationships where men resented the dwindling sex and treated me terribly or I would force myself to have sex I didn't want (a mix of both usually) I'm fucked up from that, not looking to repeat it so I've been staying single.

Crushes have been a thing I've found pleasure in again though. Maybe I'm a bit old for celeb crushes but given circumstances I get why I'm having them again. Only problem is they also seem to have an 18month lifespan where they are intense and then die out suddenly. Which leaves a void and brings me back to having too much time to ruminate on old relationship shit! My latest crush just burned out lately so I'm stuck with my feelings again. Reliving the crap an ex did to me all because the sex wasn't as heated. I just want my distraction back

No. 756720

I have a feeling this feature will become a new beauty standard in some way. Anya and Halle are so beautiful, will become very big in the industry, and a lot of people focus on their eyes!

No. 756722

I sorta would love to play the role of a rural housewife wife and have a farmer husband who does all the farm work while i sit back, manage the house and give him atleast 3-5 kids.

No. 756724

There's nothing wrong with that anon

No. 756740

I'm dating a man (I'm pretty sure I'm a lesbian but that's beside the point.) and he knows I used to do sex work, and used to frequently talk about how HE (as an enlightened man) wouldn't mind his girlfriend selling nudes. Of course, that wasn't true. I understand his feelings on the matter but him telling me I can't is making me want to even more. Mostly because I'm strapped for cash, but also my body is a genuine work of art and I so badly want to post images of it like I used to. I feel the need to ask him if I can post a photo if my skirt is too short. It's suffocating me and it's making me impulsively want to just dump nudes somewhere.

No. 756745

My ex bf didn’t see a future with me because of my depression and anxiety, not because I poorly manage them, but that he didn’t believe in psychiatric disorders and believed they’re crutches to use as excuses. We stayed friends after breaking up. He later got a new gf, she was also heavily anti-psychiatry. In his own words, it was the most emotionally tumultuous relationship he ever had in his life. She turned out to have borderline. He believes in personality and psych disorders now. He started advocating for mental health too. And of course he ran right back to me on the day they broke up, I didn’t take him back.

Anons, it’s just a weird feeling, I guess. I’m mostly relieved to see both of them grow and move on (another part of me thinks this is quite ironic and hilarious too). It’s just weird to see these things unfold as a bystander, not as the one who taught him a lesson but as one of his past mistakes leading up to a realization. It also makes me wonder what patterns I have, that I won’t fix until things crash and burn.

No. 756752

only experienced this twice with two fictional characters. regardless, i always search for fanarts and read tidbits of fan discussions about them and with the specific girl characters they're always paired up with. i don't bat an eye if it's them and some dude or just straight crack ship with another girl, but my heart hurts just the thought of them being with these specific girls that people ultimately want them to be with because they have chemistry and moments that helps build up some of their character development.

i also read angsty y/n fics of them leaving the reader for the girls. idk if it's a good thing or not that these kind of fics are rare and usually requested by others.

No. 756769

I really hate the sound of bells and echoes. Just thinking about listening to harps, gongs, or any instrument that has a lot of reverberation makes me feel really anxious. Ever since I was a kid I've felt this way where I just get this sort of anxious, unpleasant feeling whenever something echoes for too long. I'd even call it a fear though it isn't debilitating and I can usually just put up with it uncomfortably when I hear it. I've always wondered where this came from, but no one else I know has ever felt the same way so I have no idea.

Another irrational fear I have is of submerged animatronics. Sometimes when I want to give myself a spook I'll forgo a horror movie and just watch videos of underwater animatronics kek. I sort of understand the psychology of being afraid of submerged animatronics, but my whole life I've seriously wondered where this whole bells thing came from. Do I just have sensory issues or something? (also anons please share your irrational fears if you have any)

No. 756838

>the new thing is to call the patient "mommy" or "mama" rather than "Ma'am" or "Mrs./Ms. (name)."
Why? Where do you live? It would sound weird if a stranger called me that.

No. 756841

AGPs disgust me yet I like to imagine myself with a dick and the thought of a gay man being attracted to me because he thinks I'm a man turns me on. I'm a hypocrite

No. 756844

Raising 5 (or even 2) kids sounds like more work than the farm job so I don't really get the part about you 'sitting back' while he runs the farm?

Apart from that. Your dream, do what you want.

No. 756848

> I like to imagine myself with a dick
>the thought of a gay man being attracted to me because he thinks I'm a man turns me on.
Why? Are you straight?

No. 756850

I'm a straight woman but the idea of a man being attracted to me as a man instead of as a woman turns me on. if that even makes sense. and I have no idea why

No. 756855

Men never seem to realize thst being controlling just makes women want to rebel against them more. I had a really jealous bf at some point and he wouldn't allow me to even talk to other guys, coworkers included, so I talked to them even more than before just to spite him lmao. I didn't even feel bad about breaking his trust because he never had any in the first place. Dump his ass sis and get that coin.

No. 756861

I had a bit of this going on when I was younger. Seen it mentioned a few times on here before too. As long as you don't make it your whole identity I don't think it makes you a hypocrite

Weird passing sexual thoughts are OK to have. Entertaining them too much is where it gets creepy

No. 756862

Do you feel comfortable having a woman's body? If so then you don't have gender dysphoria. Do you have usual sexual fantasies where you're a woman with a man?

No. 756867

lmao anon probably doesn't have gender dysphoria it's more likely that due to female socialization

No. 756870

>anon probably doesn't have gender dysphoria
I agree
>it's more likely that due to female socialization
What aspects of female socialization could possibly make a woman get turned on by imagining men being attracted to her as a man?

No. 756875

lol same. If it's really bad I use a serrated steak knife. My legs look like shit

No. 756882

Because gay men have more equal partnerships than heteros. Anon likely wants to feel in control in her sexual relationships. Though I wonder why it'd manifest as autoandrophilia. Does she watch too much gay porn? Lol.

No. 756883

I think it might the combo of 'hot gay men together = hot' and a self insert, on the surface. Although thinking deeper about it, you could argue that imagining oneself as a man in interactions with men feels like it might be safer, because the men would respect you more and you're not as physically threatened. I know in every situation I've been in with men, I've felt vulnerable to some degree, and it would be amazing to just Fuck and not be scared. As well as a sex fantasy, it's a power fantasy, esp when you include the 'having a cock' part.
Also, the male gaze and male sexuality dominates every aspect of porn and a lot of art, a lot of us don't understand or respect our own female sexuality because of it. Why wouldn't we fantasise about being one of two men if we feel our own sexuality is second rate, wrong or broken?
Sage for theory sperg. I want to know what >>756841 thinks

No. 756903

I think it could be because straight women are judged as dirty sluts and whores for being sexual, desiring men, liking sexual attention, and especially if they like to be submissive/passive in bed. And if they actually want to be dominant it is not taken seriosly or moids only expect them to fill some latex femdom porn fantasy of them. Gay men are of course judged for their sexuality as well, but for straight women who have not experinced homophobia themselves it is easy to idealize them.

No. 756919

not at all the same thing. penises are a lot easier to get off with than vaginas, and there's a sense of "power" that comes with them, and: >>756903 this

men are allowed to be a lot of things in sex that women get judged harshly for

No. 756952

File: 1615215204132.jpg (8.78 KB, 236x236, 20210308_085308.jpg)

I feel a little evil but also really vindictive. I got ghosted by a guy I was seeing like 7 years ago and even though he was throwing up several red flags such as not understanding mental health disorders like my depression and some really shitty politics, I ignored them because he was "perfect for me". anyway it ended after he cheated with a friend of mine and I just found out that they're having arguments because he doesn't understand her mental health issues and doesn't think they're real and like…. bitch. I straight up vented to you about these exact problems lmao you knew this going in

anyway you love to see it

No. 756956

I find pubic hair and armpit hair to be beautiful on women, but not leg hair. I don't know why.

No. 756960

I fucked a guy over who abused me mentally and physically for 2 years, he was heading into financial trouble and I was at my low point so I strung him along promising financial help that would never come, watching him despreately text me begging me to come and help him, and I watched enjoying every minute, he's in bankruptcy, and I am happy. I hate to say it, but I am happy knowing he screwed him self, still feels a tad bit hallow, because of the extent of what he done to me, but I feel like I taught him a lesson.

No. 756963

Yeah me too I think because it's so sparse and looks prickly and in the places you mentioned it looks soft

No. 756965

I like pubes and underarm hair on women. Leg hair isn't attractive in itself but then it doesn't exactly bother me either as I don't lick legs or see any real negative to leaving it be.

No. 756978

I want to have a threesome with Tyler The Creator and FKA Twigs

No. 757140

I had a dream last night I reconnected with my best friend in grade/middle school and it made me the happiest I felt in months. I have this dream every so often even though I haven't seen her in 8 years but I just get so happy/excited to see her in my dreams. I have no idea what she is like as a person now or if she even still thinks about me and I'm too afraid to find her on social media so my brain just fills in the gaps with what I guess I want the relationship to still be like.

No. 757156

I'm supporting my friend's new YT venture without saying anything and am considering making a fake account just to encourage him.
It's a bad idea and not worth it, but he's been kind of depresso and self-defeating since we met so it's nice to see him dedicate himself to something. I want him to be happy.

From what I can tell he's purposely not announcing it to any friends, so I'm avoiding outing myself for sure. But I'm tempted to go further even if I know I shouldn't.

No. 757231

Support him from afar anon! This is such a sweet post. I hope he has success with his youtube channel!

No. 757258

File: 1615245801778.jpg (34 KB, 550x550, 72a75deb3d4406e2ee1d39f83b921a…)

>be me
>Be convinced still probably bisexual
>Friend gives me cute boy found in femdom/mommydom discord
>Is indeed cute feminine looking skater type
>Cyber teasing
>No PIV ofc because uh… "Dom"
>He doesn't get to cum only me naturally.
>Cant imagine myself touching a scrote anymore
>Have to pretend hes a girl to finish myself
>Mfw SuperLesbian

No. 757267

I lie for no reason. The lie comes out naturally you can never tell I'm lying. I tried to stop but naah. It gives me pleasure. I think I am a pathological liar

No. 757270

I made a superstraight meme at the height of its inception, and it’s being passed around on the many corners of the web. This is the only time I’ve ever been “popular” in my life lol.

No. 757284

Has it been posted here yet?

No. 757289

I have this weird madonna whore complex where as soon as I get close to someone I can't picture them having sex, like they should be "above it", which is so fucking stupid. This goes for both men and women btw.

No. 757301

I want to login to my aunt and uncles wifi since I'm now here for spring break but I'm also kinda afraid that my uncle has gotten their ip banned from lc because he's the kind of alt right manchild who'd troll this place

No. 757311

File: 1615251589545.jpg (Spoiler Image, 218.34 KB, 992x1134, groce.jpg)

spoiler bc it's a closeup of my skin

but do you know what causes yours? i thought mine was just dry skin or a reaction to shaving, but it's ONLY on this specific part of my lower legs. it doesn't show any signs of eczema though i don't think. i've tried extremely thick lotion like i said, tried exfoliating, tried not shaving for awhile. nothing helps. this only happened in the past year. i can't just ignore it either, the itch becomes extremely intense and i usually have to either get my brush or some other sharp thing if i'm not home to scratch with bc my nails dont cut it. i feel like im going to scar my legs. and it just looks like i have fleas or something lmao help

No. 757313

File: 1615251608373.jpg (6.06 KB, 259x195, SuperLosersftw.jpg)

>Mfw Superlesbian

one of us. one of us. oneofus. Welcome SuperSister.

No. 757340

Have you tried oil? I have dry-ass skin and that's the only thing that helps. That and Vanicream. Thick lotion makes it worse.

No. 757341

British accents make me happy, not as an attraction but they are just soothing and funny to hear.

No. 757343

Nta but this supershit has been actually so cozy, maybe the first time i have ever bonded with random straighto men and felt heard

No. 757348


literally all of the hair follicles on my legs become ingrown because my skin seems to suck at exfoliating itself? I have a lot of spots and scars all over from this problem combined with my insistence at picking!! I have had huge improvement by introducing AHA and BHA body products. These go above and beyond physical exfoliating like your body brush! Cerave SA cream is a nice affordable option, but Paulas Choice and SkinFix have been my holy grails (PC BHA & AHA lotion, and skinfix AHA scrub)

No. 757353

my comment history on this forum is probably (becoming) the only true and holistic representation of who I am and how I think - anywhere and anyone else only ever gets certain aspects at once. I guess anonymity is a hell of a drug.

No. 757354

mine proves that I'm probably retarded.

No. 757358

Absolutely this, I dream of a great error that will leave the forum functional but somehow erase all traces of which IPs posted what past posts

No. 757361

I think mine is super humiliating but I also think it probably represents me and the embarrassment I am well

And I'm drunk right now? so fuck it

No. 757381

Mine is too, but I have a dynamic ip and occasionally use a vpn so I'll deal with it

No. 757383

Mine is 80% driversperging, at least this year

No. 757384

mine is 80% trolling 20% earnest

No. 757387

I think I've evolved into a whole new person since first posting here. For the better but…I'm still here so maybe not entirely.

No. 757396

My little sisters have outgrown me as a friend because I have arrested development. They are just better ‘adults’ than I am and can actually control their emotions. When we were kids I used to take care of them a lot and now they have to take care of me. I feel like such a burden and cry whenever I see them look at each other when I say something dumb or get offended easily. It makes our relationship worse because they really try to put up with me and say they feel like walking on eggshells around me. They don’t take me seriously anymore and it just makes me feel like shit. My family treats me like a baby now even though I’m the oldest child and I know it’s because they have such low expectations of me. Frankly, they’re just happy I have a boyfriend and I’m not on crack. I am a loser crybaby with no friends and even my own sisters barely like me. Everyone says I’m too sensitive but I really can’t help it

No. 757402

Most of my interests are cringe or associated with teenagers in some way. I'm probably the biggest womanchild on lc. Also I'd befriend the women from that foam adventure video if I had self-esteem, I'm unironically jealous of people like that even if everyone hates them.

No. 757462

I dislike shuwu more than greg

No. 757488

i have this totally dumb fantasy about going through like, a slut phase after covid kek, like okay not really serious at all but at the same time…"what if". i think its partly because i feel like my 20s are being wasted right now and im being forced to "grow up". if it werent for the fact that i would probably get emotionally fucked up from it somehow i swear i would. i just wish i could have no strings attached sex sometimes and not be expected to be in a relationship with a man because i hate that shit. idk maybe this makes me weird

No. 757499

You and me both anon. I just want to get my sexual frustration out and not have to care about a man's feelings, and being stuck during covid is making it worse with the lack of socialisation.

No. 757504

This was actually a thing after the spanish flu.

No. 757508

I am taking my sims game way too seriously, I've bred too many sims across various worlds and now I'm trying to interbreed them all back to one base pair, but it requires so much planning, I've been drawing huge diagrams, trying to find most efficient options. I haven't put this much effort into making business plans despite being paid for that.
Also, yesterday I vacuumed my apartment at 5 in the morning like a maniac. I think I need a job.

No. 757519

Mine is 50% guy sperging, 40% othersperging, 10% real milk

No. 757525

This reminds me when I made 20+ faceapp "daughters" with different pics of the same guy using multiple bases of myself as well to see what "genetic variety" I could get and I have felt both awed and guilty about the fact that I did that. I feel bad for basically objectifying a real human and using his face for my "experiments" (even if he is a scrote.)

I stopped making them when I made some from bad candids on purpose knowing it would dissuade me. The last kid I made has a cursed gaze. I wasted a lot of time doing this and I've kept them all for that reason, but I don't plan to make anymore. Whenever I reconsider downloading the app I look at the cursed kid. God she's creepy

No. 757526

What is othersperging?

No. 757527

sperging unrelated to milky or cow stuff ig?

No. 757533

Holy fuck this made my day, thank you

No. 757534

i lie so much on here about completely trivial things and covertly play devil's advocate for many contradicting opinions, my history must be confusing

No. 757537

Slightly related: I have this weird scenario in my head wherein I achieve a moderate amount of fame, until someone who resents me suspects I'm an LC user and scour the site for comments that might possibly be mine, until they stitch together tidbits of info (I live here, I own x number of pets, I do y for a living, etc)that complete into a tapestry of what is clearly my life. Like, it doesn't feel like much to occasionally mention a small detail about yourself, especially on anon, but if someone were able to look at my IP's post history they'd probably figure out it was me kek

No. 757538

Kek same

No. 757550

I started fudging details about myself when posting here specifically out of this paranoia lol

No. 757564

I'm honestly paranoid about this exact thing, anon. I'm also an ESLfag and never mention my country in name out of fear of someone catching on, and every time someone posts opinions and takes very similar to my thoughts I'm creeped out by the thought of someone thinking that this might be me posting. It's such a retarded intrusive thought but that's what you get for hanging on a website full of mentally ill hoes I guess

No. 757574

File: 1615298359297.png (108.05 KB, 352x376, image0.png)

I think the molly I took last night was cut with meth

No. 757575

My friend is really pretty and guys were hitting on her at the bar and I was jealous. Not because they were hitting on her but because as a woman I would never be able to act cocky and flirty with a man 10 points out of my league and not be humiliated. This is a male privilege.

No. 757593

Same. No one will ever know my real thoughts (especially in today's political climate) and honestly they don't need to

No. 757613

That's why I always get it in candy shapes and look it up beforehand.

No. 757614

Bruh the reason I avoid pills is that they are more likely to get cut with other stuff. Learnt my lesson though. Plug got a new supplier so im guessing its because of that. Thats the spooky thing about drugs, no matter how much you trust yourself or the dealer there's always a chance of it being dodgy.

No. 757623

The thing about pills is being able to look up the batch on drugsdata or forums. They are harder to be cut once they're out of the lab.
That being said lately my dealer is selling me utter shit, I have a low tolerance but the last couple times that shit did nothing to me. I need to look for a new one which is a shame because he always gave me free stuff

No. 757643

I sometimes use pictures anons have posted on my instagram account, not cow related but stuff from /ot/. Technically if any of my followers were farmers they could see them and be like "Wait a minute…This looks familiar" but idk

No. 757645

File: 1615308983167.jpeg (574.21 KB, 828x869, 3A144918-BEF4-4466-AE9F-F125B6…)

I named some of them when I categorized them too. Or gave them labels to tell them apart. So I had a couple with names, and most of them just had quirky nicknames because there's no point in naming all 20+ of them (and that would be even creepier). For example, the ones from bad candids were called zombie, ghost, and demon babies. I tended to sort them by the original picture chronology, such as here

No. 757675

File: 1615311727203.jpeg (209.67 KB, 833x1091, 1611548575819.jpeg)

Is it just me or do they have the same eyes as the Carrey face app

No. 757758

The supersexuality stuff made really happy lately. Made me feel less alone as a super lesbian

No. 757759

Bitch yes, big fat same
I plan on uploading some videos to youtube and I am even paranoid to show my hands here, farmers are such FBI agents when needed
It doesn't help that I usually overshare a lot, especially when venting

No. 757764

I kinda feel bad for having ghosted a former friend, but it was for the better, dude was a loser who openly bought lolicon doujinshis and I was probably his only friend. I'm just glad I've distanced myself from weeb communities and I just enjoy stuff by myself or with close friends.

No. 757766

the men in my house can be really condescending and well…. men about periods and my moods when I'm on my period so sometimes after I've been to the toilet, emptied my cup and the toilet looks like a crime scene I kind of want to not flush so they have to see it and be grossed out or think 'shit this is what she has to deal with' but I always flush cause I think I'd also feel guilty. always thinkg about doing it though

No. 757769

File: 1615319571777.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 101.11 KB, 710x800, 9ECDBB13-6893-4F9A-9B7A-214583…)

here, your prize is a demon

No. 757772

carrey-chan is that you? She's cute btw

No. 757778

These are both kind of pretty instead of creepy, though

No. 757795

File: 1615320822974.png (442.17 KB, 622x333, 4E5FE774-A03B-4257-AF68-2B44B0…)

she's the scariest one I made tho, the intensity of those eyes. his eyes are weird, they're basically hazel so their color fluctuates from brown to green, and can look sometimes ambery or gray depending on reflection

I do think that my infatuation with his face extends beyond just being attracted to him, there is something genuinely magnetizing about it that I made all these weird morph kid things just to see what would change from years worth of pics, good pictures, bad pictures, between roles, it's just interesting to see the way his face changes and yet somehow stays the same? My fascination with one rubberface weird old white man is confusing as hell, but I'm stuck with it.

No. 757822

Tbh I would watch you play sims lmfao maybe you should be a streamer

No. 757829

Kek I was just thinking this. It would be interesting to see, especially anon drawing the diagrams

No. 757860

I actually think the term "amerimutt" sounds pretty cute kek. I know it's supposed to be an insult, but I always imagine like a cute dog with a USA flag as a bandana.

No. 757865

File: 1615325358735.jpg (90.66 KB, 736x981, e4298c53f2645648f8ef1805795925…)

Same, I like the term! Probably because I love mutt dogs. They are also healthier and live longer, so whenever it's used I just think of a beautiful mixed race person (so mixed it's not even identifiable) and a beautiful mixed dog.

No. 757909

this is also what i think of when i hear the term "amiremutt"

No. 757911

No one is going to believe this at all but Ive hooked up with several celebrities (professional athletes, famous entertainment industry dudes, business owners, musicians and actors)

And… It fucking sucks? There's no connection. A lot of them are nice and respectable, but it just feels like there's no longer any fantasy or mystery. I just want to form a connection

No. 757916

So without the prestige it just feels empty because of who they are and how they view you?

No. 757923

Not necessarily, I've had hookups before with normie men and it was fine. If ruins the fantasy I guess knowing all males are pretty much the same

No. 757929

Since no one is gonna believe you anyway drop the names.

No. 757932

Seconded to drop the names. Most likely the dudes who've porked you without a connection have a long list of groupies and they couldn't tell you apart anyway from an anonymous post lmao.

No. 757933

thirding the namedrops

No. 757943

Drop the names, but also how did you even meet this many celebrities? Do you work in the industry? If so, give us some interesting stories of interactions with celebs

No. 757945

drop the names, no one will believe you or recognize you! pleaseee

No. 757952

tinfoil but this might be the anon who talked about all the music celibrities in an other thread ( I can't remember where it was but she talked about Bjork being annoying and Lana Del Rey being nice kek )

No. 757979

Ok guys lol ill name drop once I get home

No. 757986

I have a hard time seeing men as human which is why I have a hard time not cheating on them

No. 757996

What kind of dog is this? He is supreme levels of cute

No. 758004

Well, it's a mutt lol

No. 758016

I think we should divide dumb, normal and smart people into classes. Dumb and smart people also shouldn't be allowed to reproduce together. Celebrities should make way less money and pay super high taxes for better education and health care and criminals should be forced to do hard labor that no one else wants to do instead of lazing around in prison cells. Also school should be focused on discovering each persons talents and cultivating them. This way we can ensure to get the best people for each job.

No. 758022

Name drop:
Scott Frank
Chris Carson
Ivan Moody
Tom Brady
Chris Evans
Nick Jonas
Warren Buffet

^^ these are just the famous famous ones, others are a lot more low-key like stagehands and stuff

No. 758023

Anon you have to make this shit more believable. You didn't even say how you allegedly met these men

No. 758024

We're they already in relationships when you slept with then?

No. 758025

I'm a sex worker

Anyway I know a shit storm is about to start so ill just leave. Believe me. Don't believe. I don't care.

No. 758026

Better watch out, chris evan's mom will come after you kek

No. 758028

Who was packing the most meat? lol

No. 758030

Chris Evans
The NFL players pack the most meat in general. I swear to God it was the size of my arm
The richer than man the smaller the penis though.

No. 758033

I turned 25 few days ago, and I want to do egirl things now. I don't know why. I'm scared to be like Lori though, kekw.

No. 758036

>Chris Evans
kinda jealous ngl

No. 758038

File: 1615339540721.jpg (79.17 KB, 653x653, 1615261649431.jpg)

>The richer than man the smaller the penis
Finally, after all these years, I know for certain.

No. 758039

rip all the a-listers

No. 758041

Chris Evans is an A lister though

No. 758042

>NFL players pack the most meat in general.
I wish you didn't say this, now I can never look my cousin in the eye fully aware that her husband most likely has massive meat.

Also, since you've fucked Evans was the leaked nude his?

No. 758045

File: 1615340874214.jpg (24.69 KB, 599x365, 1611557513478.jpg)

>And… It fucking sucks? There's no connection. A lot of them are nice and respectable, but it just feels like there's no longer any fantasy or mystery. I just want to form a connection
>I'm a sex worker

If you are speaking the truth, what the fuck do you expect? Pretty Woman?

No. 758048

Maybe there are some exceptions…
Either way… I just want to think about dick size, dicks aren't pretty but I'm always lowkey gauging size through pants on guys I find attractive and dicks are like chameleons.

No. 758065

File: 1615342001062.jpg (41.15 KB, 640x425, EhqQgLFWkAA4dm2.jpg)

I want to fuck Jerma, or at least write the most disgusting fan fiction about him.

No. 758071

use aidungeon and do it nonnie

No. 758076

Why are there so many people here obsessed with Jerma?

No. 758083

I am always favorable to this option
I also love seeing the stupid shit that comes out of it

No. 758086

Having done multiple things in AIdungeon I can confirm that it is indeed stupid, but that does not stop me from using it (also it does not deter my desire to try and develop my weaker second person narrative ability)

No. 758088

Aidungeon is good for stupid roleplays, but you can also get some nice porn out of it tbh

No. 758090

But I use the redo button a lot because they keep getting my own perceived and fabricated personality for my favorite celebrity wrong kek

No. 758091

File: 1615343892584.jpg (168.26 KB, 736x736, 75bf1caf4256827144d390c886eeaa…)

holy shit, tom brady??? maybe I'm naive but I'd never thought he'd cheat on Gisele. I wonder if she cheated on him too

No. 758099

This as well. It's not always good at detecting the personality even when you modify the "world info" keys but a few do overs can make for a decent response

No. 758103

File: 1615345922303.jpg (223.96 KB, 960x1200, u5ldpyo6qj821.jpg)

No. 758169

i love being “transphobic”.shit is so freeing

There’s an obscene amount of nsfw Jerma fan art . I don’t get it tho. I have nothing against him but I don’t really get the appeal.

No. 758173

where is it

No. 758175

I fucking love watching ear cleaning videos. I usually watch them before sleeping because they're so relaxing. I'm a little bit picky about which ones I like to watch, but I think this girl has really nice ones. Some Japanese barber channels show ear cleaning and I like theirs too but the videos are so short. Sometimes I'll watch the ones with the internal camera or where they pick out wax, but I generally don't because I feel like I just want to see them take it out and it makes me feel alert waiting for the wax rather than relaxing. My mom used to clean my ears for me with an ear pick all the time as a kid and now I do it myself even though I know it's fucking terrible for you and unnecessary as fuck, but GOD it feels so good. I want a girlfriend who will let me clean her ears lol.

No. 758195

File: 1615355198641.png (Spoiler Image, 1.75 MB, 1301x1200, B79EA02A-7FAC-4BD8-B622-63B56B…)

It’s uh around. A lot of the artists keep it private but I’ve seen some floating around /y/ it’s mostly gay stuff tho. If you’re into that.

No. 758217

>i'll just leave
>starts talking about chris evans' meat

kek, the inconsistency. guess you forgot the first part of your post, nonnie?

No. 758228

I can't believe some of you are falling for this blatant larping

No. 758332

Okay anon you're right all celebrities are loyal good boys who would never spend their money on any sex worker

No. 758344

Never trust a post that uses that weird spacing format instead of punctuation

No. 758405

I used to be an annoying atheist yet now I'm studying tarot and astrology. Not like I'll ever use it for anything but learning about myself yet boy what a turn.

No. 758410

NTA but nobody said that, I just think anon was writing fanfic to cope. Imagine being a prostitute and hoping to form a connection with married celebrities kek yes, Tom Brady will shit talk his super model wife to a random LA street walker and they'll be BFFs.

No. 758455

A famous scrote is still a scrote and we know they'd fuck any hole ig it's warm and wet. If anything anon is a bit delulu if she thinks she'll get more than spare change from those scrotes.

No. 758505

I hate carrots and I would never eat them. When I was three I threw up after eating dinner and I remember carrot pieces in my vomit. Since then I've been unable to eat carrots or anything orange (even if it's tiny) in my food that resembles carrot pieces (like in soups) or I will literally throw up. I hate carrots and I hate the people that try to get me to eat them and esp. the ones that tried to force me to eat them back when I was a child. Fuck you and your carrots. No, I won't eat or even taste your food if it has carrots in them. Carrots are evil and disgusting an I wish they wouldn't exist. Going to restaurants is difficult because you never know if a dish contains carrots and I'm going to get anxious when I detect something orange.

No. 758518

Same but with pears, had one when I was sich with stomach flu as a little kid and now I associate everything pear flavored with puke, lovely.

No. 758536

Had the same childhood experience but with peanuts for me, everybody thinks I'm allergic when I say I don't eat peanuts, but I just fucking hate them, even smelling their rancid smell makes me gag.

No. 758560

I have heard this from so many people and I don't really get how you can let one bad experience throwing up as a kid make you hate a super common and bland food. I think it's dumb of you

No. 758588

lol agreed. How you manage to get carrot-traumatized from throwing up once is beyond me

No. 758590

Wow I never thought that people had similar experiences like me!
Yes, just the thought or smell of it makes me nauseous. I think it is the childhood thing that makes you unable to eat it, I never had any similar experiences with other foods when I was sick as an adult.

No. 758591

Nta but for me the pears were after a funeral and being sick so at least it kinda make sense because that shit sucked ass

No. 758592

It's a psychological response. Think of it like classical conditioning. You learn to associate the food you had a bad experience with to danger/bad experience thus any time you're presented with it again, you're conditioned to believe it's going to cause the same reaction. Those anons got Pavlov dogged.

No. 758593

I remember that my mother was really sick at the hospital while being pregnant when I vomited, so maybe you are on to something with the awful experience + childhood + puking

No. 758606

Basic pavlov bullshit on a 5 year old’s dumb little brain for me

No. 758687

I am going to blast the fuck out of the subwoofer in this car, it's not my car, but it doesn't get well exercised enough

No. 758693

Sex workers are mentally ill. Who would've thought

No. 758722

While I’m having sex I can’t help but have intrusive thoughts about some of the crazy cases I’ve read and heard at work.

I’ll be sitting there trying to enjoy the moment and I’ll think about plaintiff’s allegation of the defendant chomping into their neck mid climax. Fuck man

No. 758817

This seems to be a common experience for a lot of anons, when I was a kid I was at a camp and I threw up in front of everyone after I had just brushed my teeth. After that I detested the taste of mint which led to problems with my hygiene. I'd often brush my teeth only at night, so that somehow also translated to a fear of going to sleep? I remember laying awake at night so afraid I was going to throw up because I brushed my teeth. Kid brains are just weird

No. 758819

I'm currently on an online dating app, no intent of dating anyone or even hooking up, just solely for validation purposes, i let them message then i act interested then block lol i can't be the only one? this is fun

No. 758824

i hate my girlfriend's best friend

No. 758845

No. 758867

Unironically one of my favorite things to listen to.

No. 758870


No. 758885

fuck I get this stuck in my head all the time, specifically the "gonna stab your daughter at the mall" part and it actually makes me kinda sad.

No. 758900

she's super rude and she's also a munchie (i.e claims to be a DID system with a black headmate when she's white) and has the most stupid opinions- an example would be that today my gf asked her how long hyperfixations usually last and she really said that hyperfixations can last for only a day

i genuinely don't understand what my gf sees in her

No. 758942

When I was a kid and my mom would pass out drunk I'd dump out 3/4 of the vodka she had left and fill the rest up with water. She would wake up and continue drinking it. I did this for years, sometimes with pouring out the whole bottle and replacing it all with water. She never realized. It was funny when I was a kid but so depressing when I think back on it now

No. 758945

(i'm not OP) i raise you: my second favorite (my 1st is ivanka trump as a lana del rey song)

No. 758967

I'm sad that it seems like all the good compilation clips of him got yanked off YouTube except for shitty watchmojo countdown videos with almost no footage or remixes, that's all that's left. I just want to see the man's unbridled insanity condensed without having to watch entire episodes of his show

No. 759049

Sorry that you had to go through that/take that responsibility at a young age, anon. How is your mom now?

No. 759051

a friend of me has a'special relationship' with his female best friend and it creeps me fucking out
she sends him nudes for him to rate them and he makes suggestions on how to improve those nudes
he has a special folder on his phone with only her nudes in it and collects and keeps them?
i dont know i find it so fucking weird and cant stop thinking about it (btw they are just best friends, straight and dont have sex)

No. 759054

>ivanka trump as a lana del rey song
nta, but that song is a masterpiece kek

No. 759152

someone insulted me on twitter so i found their youtube page and made a dummy account where i completely tore them down in the comments. checked their twitter again a few days later and they're claiming they need to take a break from everything. they deleted my yt comment. i feel really good about this. i probably shouldn't.

No. 759158

Kek it’s what they deserve

No. 759176

What did this person tell you? Don't leave out the interesting details.

No. 759178

Recently I started reporting posts/videos/accounts that I don’t like. I don’t feel bad

No. 759185

Me too, I report whatever I don’t like just because I can.

No. 759189

Can't you get banned for that? I've reported a post before and got a warning to not "report posts that I don't agree with". Besides, unless they're actually breaking rules then they won't get banned anyway no matter how much you report it

No. 759192

File: 1615477167663.jpg (835.43 KB, 1500x1228, mclennon_x_15_by_fionafu0402-d…)

I only feel bad about RP fanfiction and shipping if it's a small-ish creator, like a youtuber or an indie musician or C-list actor.

I don't give two fucks though for when it's with really big celebrities, especially old ones. Yeah, Paul McCartney is not losing any sleep (or money/opportunities) because some randy writes about him wet kissing John Lennon.

No. 759193

Samefag to add that, of course, as long as there's no harassment as well.

Crazy 1D Larry stans harassing Louie whathisface's baby mother and shit like that was really creepy

No. 759194

That's lame sis, but what platform and how are you getting the reports to be followed through if they aren't breaking any roles? I've reported underage gravure and racist hate speech on Instagram numerous times and it never gets taken down, even when I escalate the reports

No. 759217

File: 1615479373749.jpeg (60.87 KB, 553x960, 3B5FC8E7-6EF2-4B92-8785-392B30…)

I don’t really report stuff here, I mostly report retarded memes on Pinterest like pic related saying they’re promoting self-harm.

No. 759232

I don’t report randomly, I used to ignore posts that spread misinformation but I saw a really stupid video with comments telling the OP to delete the video and I decided to report it

No. 759236

I've been avoiding having close relationships with women out of fear of developing a crush / her finding me creepy if I did develop a (secret) crush, but, I decided to try to find more (female) friends and fuck! I love women so much! I love when women think I'm handsome. I love cute femmes. I'm weak. I never allowed myself to be open and honest about my attraction to women. Feels small but tbh this is the happiest/most comfortable with myself that I've felt in three years.

No. 759247

I have weight issues among other issues and yesterday my doctor busted out "you're very proportionate" after my weighing and it somehow made me feel better. A beautiful turd.

No. 759250

I will cook the tiniest amount of oatmeal to put on top of toast for breakfast. I really like it on toast with butter or peanut butter with a sprinkle of salt and sugar.

No. 759319

Flavoured oatmeal? unflavoured? I'm interested.

No. 759439

File: 1615504369031.gif (1.45 MB, 220x422, C7CFD37B-BCBC-46C2-8ACA-4DB43B…)

I desperately want to run away from home and leave despite being an adult with no money or proper identification, but I’m too coward to take a leap

No. 759445

File: 1615505214259.png (132.5 KB, 554x439, 1579280410.png)

I unironically prefer high pitched kaweewee japanese voices and exaggerated voices in anime and games more than normal voices. "Normal" voices in dubs just sound dull and emotionless to me, and sometimes doesn't suit the characters compared to japanese versions imo (like making teenage guys sound like 50 year old smokers). But also I just think helium voices are cuter.

No. 759454

File: 1615506576118.png (111.52 KB, 673x694, 1615491500694.png)

dumb take

No. 759457

all they did was call me a misinformed idiot. i found their yt, which is mostly twitch streaming, and i basically told them they're wasting their life for ~10 views per video and they will never amount to anything in the streaming community. i may have gone overboard.

No. 759468

I don't watch a ton of anime, but I feel the same way. Even super obnoxious toddler voices like K-ON! are preferable to the English dubs just because they're more expressive and cartoony. (Although I really wish they just sounded like regular anime girls and not literal infants.) The original FMA is a great example of an English dub absolutely destroying the watchability of a show. Why would you get a crusty middle aged man to do a teenage boy voice when a woman can do it 10000x better? I don't understand watching dubs at all unless you have some sort of reading disability or only want to halfway pay attention.

No. 759492

Do it, pussy

No. 759509

I made the current doghate thread and I want to kms everytime I remember that. Why did someone have to bump it?

No. 759644

File: 1615527403365.jpg (93.21 KB, 500x500, life choices.jpg)

Sometimes I have nightmares where I'm posting on lolcow and I accidentally make a post that doxes myself and I spend my entire dream freaking out that I'm outed as a gossipy drama bitch lmao.

No. 759656

File: 1615529102524.jpg (192.95 KB, 1300x901, lithuania-farm-farmer-milking-…)

Wdym? You've been doxxed. We know all about that shit.
It's hard, I know. But I promise, the life out there in the pastures isn't so bad.
Don't worry, the first milking is the worst one.

No. 759660

File: 1615529690275.jpg (123.39 KB, 500x750, 1574510357154.jpg)

kek I constantly have paranoia about this, no sleeping required. But the people I fear most are the farmhands, since they can apparently see people's post history to some extent.

No. 759661

File: 1615529960189.jpeg (170.38 KB, 1023x682, 8A4E4345-C0C0-47F1-8187-FC29D0…)

Nice, there’s a post history? Have fun guys, I guess..

No. 759663

I've had that exact same nightmare. Sometimes I even fear that I do it while I'm awake…am I awake rn?

No. 759680

Cows are so cute.

No. 759686

Depending on the context I'd say you didnt go overboard. Why did they call you a misinformed idiot?

No. 759695

I confess that I didn't brush my teeth yesterday

No. 759710

I recently realized that I never put 100% effort into anything I ever did in life. Neither school or work, nor my hobbies. Not to mention my relationships. I am a sideliner to my own life

No. 759711

I refuse to believe in ghosts because, if they were real, that would mean that there's a chance that my dead fathers ghost is stuck in the hospital where he died and is forever waiting for us to pick him up to go home. I just couldn't live with that.

No. 759733

File: 1615545190840.jpg (18.58 KB, 330x400, s-l400.jpg)

I'm getting horny at work and I just remembered I have this Taiko no Tatsujin controller… Those sticks look… Uhhhhhhhhh

No. 759736

File: 1615545377131.jpeg (569.29 KB, 828x749, 6FA7D064-F537-485B-81D2-07A0C1…)


No. 759738

If you weren't before, now you're officially condemned to hell.

No. 759763

I get weird satisfaction from liking really obscure media. I don't actively seek out obscure shit just to be cool or whatever, I like what I like but it often tends to be obscure and/or old media. A lot of the bands I listen to for example only have ~500 listeners per month.
Idk I guess I have some sort of a special snowflake hipster nlog syndrome.

No. 759774

share with the class

No. 759790

ghosts make no fucking sense as sentient emtities. i can entertain the idea that a "spirit" can leave behind energy, but not that a ghost can be a conscious thing wandering around. there are many scientific explanations for a lot of things people think are ghosts.

No. 760152

File: 1615595429728.png (149.51 KB, 310x491, 3656463246.png)

I find the grown up version of the boss baby attractive. sue me

No. 760157

File: 1615595809769.jpeg (109.24 KB, 1136x852, 5bc4c7ce9a4ab81e952843a5.jpeg)

That's one of the Paul Brothers

No. 760161

I mean…at least it's his adult form you like.

No. 760166

File: 1615596089335.jpeg (45.31 KB, 657x1024, 6E7B0549-A6C2-4B5C-A54A-EDBF19…)

I will sue you!

No. 760168

This gave me a much needed laugh after crying at a depressing article. Love you anon.

No. 760170

Wow nice suit tbh

No. 760171

File: 1615596231432.jpg (104.09 KB, 720x900, FB_IMG_1615501888218.jpg)

Every online female friend ive made has failed. Every one has overtime developed feelings for me and I feel like a shit head because I don't feel the same way, which leaves an awkward tension and they eventually ghost me. I don't blame them, I hope they find someone 10000x better than me because that's what they deserve.

No. 760271

File: 1615605124890.jpg (20.58 KB, 604x499, 52a.jpg)

It had to be done

No. 760349

I want to lick my boyfriends armpits

No. 760353

No. 760354

No. 760357

File: 1615625339122.jpg (20.17 KB, 300x300, anorectalviolence.jpg)

Pff, that's normal. I once put this gamecube microphone included in a mario party game inside my asshole. No I'm not trolling.

No. 760359

His natural smell turns me on an a lot

No. 760360

File: 1615626076671.jpg (70.94 KB, 750x1334, IMG_20210309_224710_745.jpg)

I am sad because I was about to hop on my bfs dick but then he said to just finish him off and wait till he could do it with me so he'd last long this mf just rolled over and fell asleep I hate how rejected I feel.i was very horny. Hypothetically speaking I could very well just go take care of myself but I wanted attention and cuddles too. I hate men goddamn disposable ass scrote

No. 760361

>this mf just rolled over and fell asleep
I SWEAR TO GOD why the fuck do they do this??? holy shit fuck men lmao

No. 760366

I had a whole 3 year relationship where my ex would ask me to get him off and he'd promise to 'return the favor at the weekend' His excuse was that he had work in the morning and just needed quick relief. Those weekend orgasms never seemed to actually happen in return.

God, my dumb ass dating someone a league below me and still getting that treatment.

No. 760370

Over the last year in lockdown I got addicted to playing an online (japan based) game where you can win plush prizes and have them shipped out to you. Because of covid shipping between japan and my country was stopped for that whole year. I kept playing though and my prize orders just piled up. Now that shipping is back on again I have something like 25/30 seperate packages due to ship and I'm honestly embarrassed to face my mailman as he suddenly delivers this influx of dumb shit that I spent way too much money on. I got the first parcel yesterday. Now I'm weirdly dreading seeing the mailman so much in these next few weeks.

It took a year of overspending in order to win it all but knowing they'll all arrive pretty close together now opens my eyes to how much I overdid it. I need a hobby.

No. 760371

My mom instilled some probably unhealthy ideas in my head about what a relationship is/a guy's real worth to you (dildo and wallet- drop him if either one stops working) BUT at least it has prevented me from getting myself into these situations past some unfortunate one night stands. There are soooo many simps out there just waiting for you. Don't put up with this. Guys are fucking replaceable. Whatever it is you like about him, there are 50 better dudes with the same qualities.

No. 760376

I'm >>760366 and while the sex was painfully one sided (the last two years together he didn't give me one orgasm) he did pay for most stuff. I got really fed up when towards the end of the relationship he suggested I start paying more towards bills. I was younger than him, more attractive and I was sexually satisfying him in a way he never returned. Pay equal share of the bills? I noped out of there.

It's sad that relationships are often that transactional but at least I didn't end up paying equal rent so I can be a fleshlight for this guy. I took my savings and left.

No. 760378

Don't feel bad about leaving a guy when he suddenly wants to stop paying for stuff. He'd leave you if you suddenly started gaining weight or got some freaky face growth. Same shit.

No. 760388

Was he upset when you left? I know that’s nosey but I hate this guy and I want to know he suffered

No. 760392

We had one last argument where he bitched at me about our share of the rent and bills not being equal and I bit my tongue about that not being the only unequal area of the relationship. I knew if I brought that up he'd only twist it. After I moved he sent me gifts in the mail for months afterwards. The man who highly resented spending money on me.. happily spent that money on me after I'd already moved on. He tried to play nice guy and it didn't work.

No. 760398

I hope you’re having good sex now

No. 760414

I dated a guy with bpd and it was the biggest mistake of my life. I was best friends with a girl with bpd and it was another huge mistake.

I hate that disorder and I will never ever have any form of relationship with someone who has it- no friendships or relationships. Ever. I will immediately cut them off. Yeah I know it's not their fault, yeah I know some people recover or they control it but I don't care- I want nothing to do with them.
I've been told Im an asshole for that but I don't care at all.

No. 760424

i get it

No. 760451

it's a cliche mocked by everyone but I actually can't see colour and I have difficulty telling if someone is light skin or dark skin, yes I can see features but all human skin tones are very similar to each other.

No. 760454

I arrived early for work yesterday and dunked my older coworkers mug into the toilet and then placed it back on his desk for constantly belittling and talking down to me for getting a degree in humanities. Hope that annoying piece of crap had fun drinking out of a cup that layed in shit and piss water. I was in a really good mood yesterday.

No. 760465

Why does everyone suddenly have bpd?

No. 760472

So you see no difference in zendaya and lupita nyong'o?

No. 760482

aside from hairstyles and features, no, their skin tones are very similar.

No. 760484

File: 1615644675798.png (105.75 KB, 220x293, The_Dress.png)

What does this look like to you?

No. 760489

File: 1615645489560.jpg (193.15 KB, 1026x1200, ELxL_5yUwAAQ_9i.jpg)

I am so interested

No. 760500

I've always harbored a silent crush on Shayna, but as her weight doubled so has my crush on her. Wtf is wrong with me

No. 760503

Genuine question: are you face blind? Do you have a hard time memorizing faces and bodies of people you know so you have a hard time recognizing them when they lose or gain a lot of weight, or completely change their hair style? Or is it really just a thing with skin tone for you?

No. 760507

I'm in fact face blind if you'd hold a gun to my head and ask me to remember someone's face from memory I won't be able to and I think it does play a part in it, I can recognise most people with their voices.

I mean she's not that ugly, she is just a funny and oftentimes gross person.

No. 760796

Anon, I cannot imagine how the microphone button felt

No. 761076

Losing weight together in a relationship good for all sorts of reasons but what I really like is when you notice differences in each other's bodies during sex. My dirtiest lolcow post I apologize

No. 761081

This post is actually cute lmao

No. 761083

I have hit a breaking point. I am forced to get a license and I genuinely don't know if I'm capable of it. I genuinely have a mental block on the road and start blanking out on the rules. Fuck my parents for not teaching me or helping with anything

No. 761084

Since when is mentioning regular sex "dirty". Don't let autistic lolcow pearclutchers get to you, keep talking about sex like a normal person, if it triggers some farmer that's their problem.

No. 761085

I have an internet crush on this one lady, and she (maybe accidentally? maybe not, idk) posted her full name once, and I'm kind of tempted to google it and find out more about her. I'm not enough of a sleuth to really find anything, but I feel so fucking guilty for this.

Funnily enough, just a month or two ago I posted about how I felt a little guilty for having a crush on her, and now I'm having these stalker tier thoughts

No. 761086

If this is your dirtiest post here you're probably a saint

No. 761088

this is going to be the most retarded confession ever but I fucking love thick asian guys that are into streetwear. Just maximum level of cool.

No. 761093

that's fine nonny. there were so many of them at my college, you'd be in heaven. I wonder why it's a huge thing among them. they all smoked/vaped too

No. 761094

Give us an example.

No. 761097

File: 1615705934236.jpg (7.21 KB, 275x236, 1580609077533.jpg)

anon you are so cute omfgggg…that feeling when you absentmindedly grab a part of your own body and unexpectedly feel skin and bone is pretty jarring, can't imagine that in a relationship context. I wish the best for you two and hope your weight loss brings nothing but satisfaction!!

No. 761112

i hope all the moids that post cp and gore get attacked by a swarm of killer bees

No. 761119

File: 1615708003412.jpg (904.7 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20210314_034621.jpg)

I don't have any legit examples but I thirst followed this one guy and he's kind of the perfect example of what I mean.

No. 761153

kek i stalked someone online yesterday and felt quilty as hell, didn't find anything interesting expect his mom's/some female relative's facebook

No. 761163

File: 1615714652802.jpg (77.13 KB, 517x517, 189877-Quilt-Man.jpg)

No. 761168

this is so cool i hope he's still quilting today

No. 761206

This is unironically one of my favorite songs

No. 761215

I went to a coworker's place to help him move some stuff and I was so disappointed to see how little personality he has, the apartment looked like an Ikea promotion pic. I already knew he was a turbo normie with no real hobbies (he works every day though), but seeing something so impersonal was kinda disheartening.

No. 761250

I had an "impersonal ikea ad" apartament for almost a year after moving in because i had to sink my money into finishing some other parts of the flat, not decorating; what are the odds this is similar case?

No. 761255

File: 1615726423705.gif (1.5 MB, 270x368, IMG_5648.GIF)

I am in a longterm relationship with a knowingly abusive partner and, despite being given a thousand chances, I have no intention to leave. Things may only get worse but I don't care. No matter how sparse, I need the affection. Even the negative attention is good, so long as it's from my partner. Yes my standards are abysmally low, but while she insults me for staying with her, she also understands I can't afford to raise my expectations. No one else will put up with me. At least like this we understand each other's insanity.

I hope that I can tell her I love her soon. She doesn't like when I say it because it's not really love… but it's as close as either of us will get, isn't it? Sometimes I feel dazed by how quickly her mood shifts from combative to casual, even comforting. In the end it doesn't matter. I'll take whatever I can get. I hope she'll say "I love you, too."

No. 761265

not the first time i've made this mistake

No. 761275

these are the dudes who created swag, kek. i can see the appeal. i grew up around a couple guys like this. from my experience, they're the most cuddly, not afraid to get in touch with their emotional side in more healthier ways.

No. 761398

I always wipe front to back bc my pussy juice helps to clean my asshole

No. 761431

You're already meant to wipe from front to back anyway, doing the opposite would be asking for a uti

No. 761438

I can't be the only one who thinks it's better to use different pieces of tp right? I really do not want my ass to be wet when I wipe and wiping front to back is kinda hard

No. 761452

File: 1615751250308.gif (1.93 MB, 355x355, DodecahedronL30.gif)

Separate pieces is the only way. fuck the trees

No. 761466

Ever since I saw some anon in /g/ say they have a split tongue and how they eat pussy I have been yearning for a gf with a split tongue

No. 761469

I remember that post too, and while hot, a lot of anons were calling doubt on it and thought OP was a larper.

No. 761470

you and me both

No. 761487

I was watching a youtube vid only the other day where an asexual/perma single woman got hers done and all I could think was…why? She had a lisp for a few months afterwards as it settled and she got used to it.

I have big tatts, I've had all sorts of things pierced but to go through a procedure like that..I would need a big pay off like it being amazing around a clit

No. 761490

I mean I think some people just like how it looks lmaoo. Like, there are people who get their eyeballs tattooed only for the aesthetic. Tbh, I didn't even realize split tongues could be used like that until I saw that post

No. 761561

This is so fucking stupid but one time when I was a younger I bought some stuff from Sephora, but I had trouble paying for whatever reason (the card kept declining) and the cashier was kind of rude about it. Idk, maybe I just imagined it because I was so nervous and embarrassed but, I've been a little scared to go in a Sephora ever since. I just buy all my makeup either online or from some other store now lmao

No. 761563

If my dad died tomorrow I wouldn't miss him. I'd feel sorry for my mom but in the long run I think she'd be better off too

No. 761565

Samefag, now that I think about it, I don't actually know if it was a Sephora store. Either way, I get nervous thinking about shopping at makeup stores

No. 761686

File: 1615780299377.png (636.45 KB, 531x550, cow rests.png)

i don't mind my dad but i kinda wish covid had taken him out, i could really use the money

No. 761691

I accidentally farted on my cats face and I wasn't wearing any bottoms. I'm sorry cat

No. 761708

I hope they post in the vent thread about you omg.

No. 761724

File: 1615785955666.jpg (5.74 KB, 200x170, Microphone.jpg)

The button wasn't actually hard, it had like a velvety sensation to touch. It did felt weird inserting it inside, but honestly the microphone part upset me the most. It also came out with shit. Any more questions feel free to ask, lol.

No. 761725

get therapy please I beg you

No. 761727

I love this! I would love to make a hoodie like this, does anyone know hot to start quilting?

No. 761733

File: 1615787791668.jpeg (165.02 KB, 1200x675, EwfhGlPWEAIZjrA.jpeg)

I cried when Taylor won her 3rd album of the year grammy. She's now the first female artist to have this accolade and I am super proud as a woman and swiftie.

No. 761735

File: 1615788084662.jpeg (75.64 KB, 480x530, hehe.jpeg)

my boyfriend's ex was obnoxious. she was a generally well-meaning person but everyone fawned over her despite having no personality beyond being uwu short and being addicted to caffeine. if i said this to anyone they'd come at me for "bringing another woman down" but she deserved being left by him for me.
same anon. i'm ashamed of it but taylor hits a soft spot in my heart and i'm proud of her.

No. 761737

Ngl, these type of posts are kind of pathetic

No. 761738

Aside from disliking her music (which I personally do dislike it), I've never heard one good reason to hate her as much as people do.

No. 761760

I don't go in them because salespeople that try too hard make me angry. I don't want some woman hanging on me trying to "help" me, I don't NEED help

No. 761781

They really have this certain kind of weird NEETlita energy to them.

No. 761791

Our young dog is problematic and my boyfriend wanted to give him up after a few days of having him already. I refused because i basically didn’t want to give up so soon and invest more time and effort. Now after a bit more that s week I think he was right. I think he needs to ho into a shelter.

No. 761794

problematic in what way?

No. 761795

How many anons can you actually single out and name because of how they type? I can tell you a few:

The capeshit anon that likes superhero yaoi
The sweet adam driver anon who fought for the rights of the driverspergs and writes with a "♥" at the end
Idk who else really

No. 761797

Young dogs tend to mouth a lot and he could be teething. No dog knows all commands the second they're born, it's your responsebility to teach it.

No. 761798

He is possessive of things and gets aggressive and bites us. Idk what to do. We will probably contact a trainer again and ask specifically. I read though that aggressive dogs don’t get “cured”

No. 761799

It's called resource guarding, if he's still young it shouldn't be too hard to train it out of him.

No. 761802

He’s a bit over 6 months. Yea maybe it makes sense yo consult a trainer again. I feel like he never learned boundaries in his former home (they obv didn’t tell us). I was really perplexed this morning and didn’t know how to handle it at all.

No. 761807

If the dog is aggressively biting you, there's literally no reason to keep it. Follow your gut instinct on this one, seriously.

No. 761815

I really like turning guys down. I like how people in my loose social circles know I don’t date or hook up and that I can regularly shoot down every scrote who thinks he’ll be the one to change my mind. Every single one makes me wanna stay a virgin forever even more.
I’m kind of sad because my friend got mad at me for upsetting her man friend who had a crush on me, but it wasn’t like I was mean or anything to him. What am I supposed to do, give him a pity date? No thank you…

No. 761816

Put him down and get a better one

No. 761817

Fuck her. She is no true friend of yours. Keep treading on those scrotes.

No. 761818

This, imagine getting upset because your friend didn't date your ugly scrote friend lmao
Women frist always and foremost, scrotes last

No. 761820

I had a friend who would always try to set me up with her boyfriends ugly ass friends kek. Every time I met up with her she was putting in a “good word” for someone. Only guy in that group I would have honestly fucked would of been her boyfriend kek. He was hot
Female wingmen are the fucking worst.

No. 761821

I'm a dog lover and I agree. It's a dog, there are thousands out there that won't be bitey shitheads

No. 761822

I don’t think you’re a dog lover anon.

No. 761823

shouldn't have any animal at all if you're too much of a retard to properly train it

No. 761824

I mean, if you had it since a puppy I would understand trying to work on the behavior but a rescue? Hit the road jack

No. 761825

Yea we thought it was a great opportunity for us. Fucking hate the people for not telling us. I think he will be best in a shelter with professionals who can maybe give him a family who can handle him.

No. 761826

File: 1615801735549.jpeg (95.83 KB, 300x300, 6E9B6283-5323-4C50-A7E9-340847…)

KEK this is about to get really out of hand

No. 761828

I have empathy for you, I was bait and switched by a rescue. They lied to me about my dog being younger than she was and didn't disclose her aggression issues. It took a lot of work to train it out of her and if I could do it over again I would have just given her back

No. 761830

Anon needs to get put down

No. 761840

NTA, but are you mentally ill?
>I don't want to raise this dog anymore.
>I won't find a home with people willing to train a maladjusted dog. I won't take it to a no-kill shelter. I will just have it put down. This makes perfect sense. If I can't have him, no one can!
Definitely don't sound like a dog lover.

No. 761843

Yeah, they didn't tell you for a reason. It's unfortunate for the dog but it's also not your responsibility to 'train' animals into not attacking you. I would make an exception if the dog is so small that he can't do any significant damage, and you really wanted to keep him. But I'm guessing that isn't the situation here. Suggesting euthanasia is probably overkill, but don't keep the dog.

No. 761844

That's still the fault of the humans who lied about the dog.
You should be put down for thinking animals are toys.

No. 761869

I love my boyfriend but sometimes he retweets embarassing left twitter takes (especially vaush and shoe) and it makes me want to leave him

No. 761870

You need to get put down and shot

No. 761875

Love all the anons who tell the euthanasia bitch to fuck off ♥ thank you all for your input. We decided to write down rules the dog has to strictly live by and give him a chance.

No. 761877

Good luck but if it gets too aggressive just remember your safety is more important than a dog

No. 761889

I hope it all goes well, anon! Stay safe, and remember there are a million options other than what the dog hate spergs were spamming.

No. 761890

I don't love my bf of 8 years I just am too lazy to break up because I don't want him to move out all fast and accidentally take some of my stuff. I am going to slowly go through his stuff and put my stuff into safe places so when I drop the bomb it's easier

No. 761924

I'm not prude but I hate it when people salivate over men or women and discuss how hot they are and how good they look naked/half-naked and describe them as 'yummy', it has always made me super uncomfortable

No. 761929

File: 1615814622425.png (874.41 KB, 1071x1280, original.png)

I am going to make a comic about my male alien OC and it's gonna be so good im so proud of my alien boyfriend

No. 761940

im not really familiar with shoe or vaush, what kind of takes are we talking about?

No. 761947

i hate the women or fakebois ive met who go on about boobs or ass if i dare say i date women
only caring about 'assets' that women have disgusts me and does not make me feel comfortable talking about my love for women around you and probably drives me away because it makes me believe despite them also being a woman they don't see women as a whole person. it weirds me out they feel a need to show how 'gay' they are by talking lewd about women's body parts or showing huge anime boobs.

No. 761954

goals, nonny, i wish you luck

No. 761956

I feel like most of those women who always go on and on about lewd talk whenever attraction to women is brought up are just doing it for scrote attention. Idk as an example, one of my ex friends is like that, she always talked about how she was a huge lesbian and loved big anime tiddy and watched coomer anime all the time but she's dating a man (going on like 2 years now kek) and they're always tagging each other in hentai coomershit. And she wonders why she has poor self-esteem. Sorry for the blog kek.

No. 761982

i wish a had a younger sister to pamper. i'd love to be a big sis and be sort of a "mentor" figure to her, send her memes/interesting articles i find, spend time together with her and have a friendly, close relationship. i'd invite her over to my house and cook her favorite meals for her, i'd protect her from scrotes and console her when she gets heartbroken. i'm an only child so i've never had an "ally" against my parent's antics, and while i do love being by myself and not having to "share" anything, i'd absolutely love to be a big sister and i'm kind of jealous of people who have good relationships with their siblings bc i know it's an impossible relationship to understand from an outsider's point of view. even with my closest female friends it's just not the same as true, blood-bound sisterhood.

nonnies, if you have a sister you love and get along with please cherish her for me.

No. 761999

I wish I had a cool older sister

No. 762003


Idk what opportunities are available where you are nonny but I used to volunteer as a ‘big sister’ type mentor with teen girls and it’s incredibly satisfying work if you can find a programme near you to do this through.

No. 762006

Anon, I'm also an only child and always longed for a sisterly bond, please be my older sister

No. 762048

Feels bad because this is pure as fuck and I hope you can make a similar relationship happen one day, but I love being an only child and not having that. I’m super grateful to not have siblings because I really enjoy keeping to myself and not interacting with my family. I get looked at sideways when people ask me if I’m happy being an only and I say yes, then get even more upset when I reveal I’m not having children thus not expanding my family. I go out of my way to not discuss family so people don’t harass me with the “why didn’t your parents have another?!?” “Wasn’t it lonely?!?!” “Aren’t you jealous of people with siblings?!?” No fuckface, I have no frame of reference for that bond so why would I miss what I don’t know?

No. 762060

I'm having a retarded crush on my coworker, he's stupidly cute and funny, but my bf is already stupidly cute and funny and I'm madly in love with him, and I know it's just my brain reacting to the novelty, why the hell does it feel so nice??

No. 762064

Personally I find her "so relatable!/underdog" act annoying since she's the complete opposite irl. She seems more like the rich mean girl type even before becoming famous and is kind of a hypocrite when she complains about bullying.

No. 762081

i have hierophilia. can't read or hear bible verses and shit without thinking they're kinky
am i just a devil?

No. 762109

File: 1615832357106.png (3.57 MB, 828x1792, B874BA07-E346-4100-BEDB-D582D5…)

she deserves to be left because you feel like she lacks a personality? kinda makes you sound like a bitch/slight pickme

No. 762111

>No fuckface, I have no frame of reference for that bond so why would I miss what I don’t know?
Kek so relatable. I have a huge age gap with my sibling so for years people would repeatedly ask what it felt like to "to be a big sister now" even though I moved away from my family years before they were born. I didn't know what answer they possibly wanted from me, it was so annoying!

I was happy as an only child but now I'm just stressed about how I'm not doing it right. I'm trying to do >>761982 and give them everything I would have wanted from an older sibling but I never close the distance between us. People who are close in age to their siblings can at least share childhood experiences but I'm just stuck in an aunt-like role.

No. 762140


i'm op >>761982, i love all of you nonnies i'll be a big sis to you allt. i do relate to you >>762048 anon, despite what i wrote i do actually like keeping to myself (i get along fine with my fam tho) and not having to share space/money/attention/inheritance and i'm not having kids either lol. but sometimes i feel like being a big sis, i'll see if i can find a "big sis" mentorship program like another anon upthread recommended.

inb4 i felt like this while i was writing my op

No. 762148

File: 1615837302378.jpeg (73.26 KB, 1080x481, 77C85412-7163-4FD4-8A57-5E7C09…)

I unironically love the super straight/gay memes

No. 762154

They’re super

No. 762155

I don't listen or follow her. But hmm I like her bc she's cute and tall. I'm happy she's attained this achievement. pussy power ftw

No. 762156

Same, they're super sweet

No. 762253

I just collect all the juice from my juicy ass pussy and use it like soap to get stubborn shit off my asshole. It’s so efficient. No wonder scrotes have such dirty assholes

No. 762449

File: 1615867497551.gif (1.42 MB, 500x480, 9d7a2fe2a54411d593532c2c63ecd3…)

i wash my sheets like once a year

No. 762453

Ayrt, that's kinda what I meant tho. Like, I don't want my ass to be wet with pussy juice unless it's in a sexual setting. Makes me feel like I have swamp ass

No. 762456

Ayrt, I agree! A couple days ago I said posts like that were gonna become the new roommate anon cause of how often they have been popping up. Anons that hate their bfs ex for no real reason are always so smug and weird about it lmao. I hate to say it but, they feel so insecure

No. 762478

yes that's the most sensible way

No. 762577

i fucking love putting assholes in their place and watching them shrink. just told off some annoying bitch who gloatingly describes themselves as a "bully" among our online community and they're suddenly silent and having a breakdown. love it. fucking windblown lilies.

No. 762580

File: 1615893708523.jpeg (42.42 KB, 600x350, 7AE55636-B603-4D10-B81B-420305…)

No. 762581

i understand them because i used to be like them. i was an asshole and a self-described bully, too. i had low self-esteem and coped that way. now that i'm confident in myself and demand better of myself and my friends, i treat others with respect until i'm not given it, and i feel no need to be an acerbic bitch for no reason to people i'm interacting with.

try it yourself if you have these problems, anon. it can be awkward but they ALWAYS shrink in the face of adversity. these people thrive on others just letting them get away with shit.

No. 762582

No. 762584

No. 762586

You’re amazing, anon, I love you.

No. 762622

The smell tho…

No. 762725

That doesn't feel nasty on your skin? Please tell me you wash your pillowcases more often than that

No. 762770

Idk anon, i mean yes but also i have posted about him years ago. We out here.

No. 762803

Absolutely based

No. 762895

I'm an adult and I (still) read youtber rpf fanfiction sometimes. Lately it's been dumbass minecraft youtubers, I don't even follow them or watch their content but their dynamic in the fics is cute. I swear I'm not a twitterfag

No. 762944

I always thought „period drama“ was some weird genre for women on their period. Idk why i thought this but found it so weird that an Instagram account was named like this but was posting a lot of Victorian/Edwardian stuff

No. 763041

File: 1615930413488.png (618.52 KB, 860x796, hohohodeadserious.png)

Watching Barney was the harbinger of my sexual awakening.
Thanks to that lovable dino, I discovered I was Lesbian.
There's just something clam-esque about its snout that is subtly arousing.

No. 763073

if it's summer, or quarantine, and i'm not doing a damn thing, i don't shower every single day. my average is like once every 1.5 weeks. i don't ever smell myself and my roommates have never complained, so i assume i don't stink

i think it's because i'm not that active so i generally don't sweat? i don't know if this is super gross or not but yeah

No. 763092

Does your hair not get greasy??? I don’t shower every single day but I usually shower probably 5 days out of the week and wash my hair 3 of those times

No. 763124

Do you know if you have dry or wet earwax? I have dry earwax and have the same thing where I don't really stink, it has something to do with the gene that causes dry earwax. I do sweat and my hair does get greasy, but I try to spread my showers out to every other day for the sake of my skin.

No. 763144

I’m pretty sure I can only take men as personal cows and/or fwbs these days. I simply don’t respect them as people, even though I pretend I do. Right now, I don’t really think I even want a relationship. I only just realised all this because I thought about this one guy who’s attractive but fucked up (his words) not being particularly into me, and noticed that all my reasons for being upset weren’t even personal.
They all linked back to the fear that it’ll be harder to learn his secrets. He’s still dumb enough that he’ll probably bite, but it would have been so much easier if he had latched onto me. I really just want the milk, and I sort of wish he had a blog or diary I could read instead of talking to him directly. 
If all men are garbage, it’s sort of like peeling back a band-aid to find out just how gross they are, especially if they’re hot on the outside. It’s almost the same feeling I get when I read the early life section of serial killers’ Wikipedia articles, or fixate on a piece of media. The ones that are already ugly are just too repulsive on top of everything else, though.
They all get boring and irritating when you figure out their patterns, but initially, it’s fascinating. The only downside is the danger, but I usually ghost before that. I’m paranoid that a lot of therapists and psychs are secretly the same way about their clients, so I avoid them.

No. 763192

not the anon you replied to but holy shit this is mindblowing. i have dry earwax and it takes a lot for me to get stinky too. and no i'm not noseblind, i have a phobia of having BO so i always smell myself hardcore before i put on my daily deodorant and etc. i am just not stinky

No. 763201

my boyfriend and I were tickle fighting and i out of nowhere I had the most intense orgasm I’ve ever experienced. I didn’t even know this was a thing. what the fuck

No. 763204


No. 763208

my point exactly anon what the fuck just happened

No. 763210

It always sounds really humblebraggy, but when it comes down to it, I genetically just do not have strong BO. I forgot how I found out about this kek. I used to think I was noseblind and always, always smelled my clothes because I was just curious about how I smelled but I could barely ever smell anything. The smell is faint, and even when I smell my sports bras (that I will sweat into and wear over and over again), it smells sweet, sort of like plums. When I ask people what I smell like, because I really want to know, they always said I don't smell like much and I chalked it up to them just not wanting to hurt my feelings and that I smelled like ass lol. I stopped wearing deodorant since I know it doesn't do much for me and mainly shower because my hair gets greasy easily.

I can't find the original nmbi paper I found that describes exactly what happens (something to do with sweat glands or some shit) but stumbled across this just now that talks about it: https://www.geneticlifehacks.com/ear-wax-and-body-odor-its-genetic/ It's really a thing lol.

No. 763213

I have always believed that birth control for the purpose of casual sex has been bad and never taken any. which also meant that i abstained from sex which i did not think was needed for me at the time as i had to figure myself out first before delving into that and i do kinda think that ONS with random men are damaging to the self image of the woman, unless they are out of her own initiative. the whole thing about a man conqering a woman, coercing her into sex and then not even pair bonding with her for a quick fuck is just so disgusting to me.
if a woman wants sex and wants birthcontrol because of it, thats perfectly normal. i just wish my friend circle would not peer pressure me into casual sex all the time, claiming im boring and frigid. i would most likely kill myself after being abbandoned after sex because of my other mental issues that i am not public with.
i have had sex now and i used a condom, i dont think it makes much of a difference for the feemale feel wise (im yet to experience without though) but ive heard the biggest difference in feel is for the man. and honestly, who gives a shit? he will get off anyway. for me its likely but not guaranteed. so who gives a shit. as long as the condom sits well and the scrote is not pulling it off mid sex (i seen whole porn sections dedicated to that, fucking nasty) or breaking you wont get pregnant. and incase it does ill use plan b.

No. 763214

i.. feel the same. like i've never said this to anyone bc i agree it feels humblebraggy or like im obviously lying but i always smell my clothes, every day, and i wipe my fingers under my pits to smell them and check. i just dont stink unless its been several days. and my clothes take a long time to stink. otoh my best friend can get stinky in a day lol, no offense to her, ive just spent the night at her place before and vice versa so i knew something was different about me.

No. 763219

not to pry but anon are you by chance asian? in japan and some other asian countries you cant even get regular western deodorant easily because they dont have a smell strong enough to need one.
some japanese say that white people smell like rotten milk and vinegar because of their sweat enzymes.
black people also have their own smell thats unique to their genetics.

No. 763234

I am! I really lucked out because both my parents have wet earwax (well, I assume my dad does because he stinks easily too, I've confirmed my mom's wet earwax lol).

No. 763236

Also adding to this, can anons who do not have dry earwax please tell me if they can actually tell when they stink? I've always chalked not being able to smell myself being noseblind to my own smell, but I really don't know if you can be noseblind to your own smell when you're stinky. I should ask this in stupid questions but I'll leave it here because there's at least some context in this thread lol

No. 763238

My earwax is wet and I can tell. I can get BO pretty fast so I'm always staying aware of how I smell

No. 763240

I never really listened to Beyoncé's stuff beyond her early stuff, just watched the videos for formation and hold up realised what hot sauce in my bag means lol

No. 763243

What does it mean? I always took it literally since she talks about red lobster and Texas in that song too lmao. Is it a gun?

No. 763245

File: 1615943625268.png (2.68 MB, 2546x1422, 1*ygAQzcmEolqPsVzkMUmYcQ.png)

It's the bat

No. 763257

File: 1615944384205.png (206.37 KB, 500x500, 1598667300168.png)

I'm not a fujo but I love fujoposting on 4chinz animu board because it makes moids seethe like nothing else. I find it amusing how they'll get so upset about it but not the 90% other posters (and threads) that are coomposting with no discussion value.

No. 763269

Based. Keep on doing the God's work

No. 763278

I love you, anon.

No. 763287

lol i do this too! i love going into the anime and video game boards and just posting fujo art and making fujo threads

No. 763340

I'm glad Jerma cucked and told his audience to stop complaining about the trans spam in his chat. Now /v/ has no role models, no gods, no "ourguy"s. Jerma's a basket case and yet they try to put him on a pedestal. I revel in watching him spiral.

No. 763341

What's trans spam? Sorry I don't know anything about the Jerma guy

No. 763343

ticking your vaginal nerves to the point of overstimulation is essentially what sex is lol

No. 763345

He's a Twitch streamer. He got flooded with trannies in his chat about a year or two ago. They have been aggressively spamming trans pride emotes and goading him into saying "trans rights" and other dumb shit. His mods don't do anything to stop it, but they will happily ban anyone who stands up against it. So finally Jerma put his foot down and… told people to stop yelling at the trannies.


No. 763350

I didn't know /v/ liked him. Normally I'd be against the wokes but in this instance I'm glad they won.

No. 763352

…I didn't think I'd be learning this from an imageboard five full years after the fact but here we are

No. 763353

How'd you both react kek?

No. 763354

I have a personal lolcow/skinwalker and every once in a while I want to call them out but I end up not doing it because it’s almost like free entertainment at this point. I frequently bait them with the most random and obscure shit and the majority of the time they fall for it and suddenly are interested in it too or “have been for years.” Sometimes I feel crazy for thinking it’s hilarious when everyone I’ve told this to think it’s weird af

No. 763356

File: 1615958405356.jpg (22.6 KB, 305x325, iiiiyo.jpg)

I love drawing shonen dudes getting fucked and getting paid for it.

Based and yaoi pilled

No. 763359

File: 1615959578207.jpg (90.22 KB, 955x525, girlchat.jpg)

do you post your work anywhere? asking as a joke of course

No. 763360

i love lana del rey but all of her recent songs sound the same, the two released songs from her newest album are kinda disappointing

No. 763368

I just tried to hang myself
The purse strap broke
I don't know what to do now
I woke back up on my own, know one knows about this

No. 763372

drop your discord if you wanna talk it out love

No. 763373

Could try again? or not?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 763379

Are you hurt? please tell somebody about this, maybe mother, a friend just somebody so they can be with you through this. Don't carry the burden on your own. Maybe call suicide hotline or ambulance? Please, you need help.

No. 763380

Please don't try it again anon. Take it as a sign that suicide shouldn't be your next step. I don't know what you're going through, but please reach out to someone, even the anon above. If it means anything, I'm glad you survived through that

No. 763384

Thank you, I don't want to though, I don't know what I think right now
I'm not hurt, I just have the mark on my neck and my eyes are red. I can't talk to anyone, that's how I got here. I don't really know what I think right now, this isn't right. Thnkyou, this is very wrong though, I'm confused. I'm not going to try again

No. 763392

File: 1615967487843.webm (203.74 KB, 738x720, smooch.webm)

Anon if you're still reading this, you should probably call a suicide hotline and be monitoring yourself for symptoms of a stroke or cardiac arrest. IDK what else to say but I'm glad that you survived.

No. 763494

I think White Dress and Yosemite are great (though I'm not sure if the second one was worth all the stan hype)

No. 763506

File: 1615989969890.jpeg (57.14 KB, 634x385, 929B2EC4-2A65-4B85-A16E-0C89C1…)

I like to put my dog on my lap while I’m working on my computer at home, it makes me feel like pic related, that makes me extremely happy.

No. 763554

What a beautiful and motherly hen. A queen

No. 763583

I have so much wrong with me, trauma, physical and mental illnesses but I am now at a point that I can't look at men without feeling rage. They don't have to worry about the organs that cause me so much pain everyday, and all the usual bullshit, I am ashamed this might be the breaking point of me going back to therapy. Not my losses in life, not my severe illness but the fucking fact I am so angry and jealous of carefree men.

No. 763644

I know this is fucked up but as burgerfag I'm sad about lockdown/quarantine ending here bc I have to fear getting shot every time I go out into a public space (bc mass shootings are now starting up again). Side note but mass shootings happen in clusters so to all my female burgerfags (not male lurkers, you can choke) pls be cautious about going out and knowing your exits in every space that you visit.

No. 763655

I'm thinking about getting sunglases that let me see behind me

No. 763731

nta, check ebay, they also have glasses cameras, I feel better knowing at least I'll record whoever kills me

No. 763798

Ugh! Finally found the confession thread.
I did a thing to help me feel better but it didn't it was stupid and funny now that I think of it lol.
I changed the last two numbers of someone's phone and got a new phone number and texted them via whatsapp. It was the stupidest thing ever! Idk I needed to get this out of my chest.

No. 763801

I’m probably the blandest, most uninteresting, untalented person ever yet people still think I’m weird and crazy.

No. 763802

I'm salty that my mom never even took me to the dentist but is now in a position to buy my youngest sister braces for purely cosmetic reasons while I am 2k in debt from just trying to undo the damage from neglect.

No. 763858

Oh what do you mean in clusters??

No. 763868

File: 1616035299897.png (1.02 KB, 187x34, newfag.png)

No. 763883

No. 763891

Not so nice anon

No. 763905

File: 1616044780337.jpeg (15.46 KB, 480x639, 388urejjee8jjd.jpeg)

I realized, I wasn't straight after all long. I feel into bi or pan but not sure which one. I wish I was born in queer friendly country. Not sure when I will get out in my closet.

No. 763910

Aww anon, I hope you find yourself a wonderful partner; no matter the sex.

No. 763940


I read that as queef friendly lol, sorry

No. 763972

Congratulations anon! Coming out is hard. Try not to stress yourself out over it. I hope you can find happiness in the peace and comfort in knowing who you are first and foremost.

>not sure which one

Don’t worry about that, they’re the same thing. Bi is awesome! ♥

No. 764010

Since I occasionally get too busy to check my dating apps I nowadays test guys by not replying for 3-4 days and see if they get spammy and/or passive aggressive.
I have yet to chat with any guy that doesn't get like that. Why do men think that spamming someone would work?

No. 764197

Clusters as in clusters of time (usually weeks-months). So if there’s one shooting then the next one is most likely to occur not long after. Narcissistic murderous moids push along other narcissistic murderous moids.

No. 764255

I keep coming back to this video with an abstract heartache. Seeing a dad be so casually supportive, caring and playful with his daughter - I'm partly glad this exists, partly sad and angry it wasn't my experience.

I've seen this a dozen times, but I keep expecting him to call her stupid or mock her about the things she doesn't know. because that's what my dad would have done.

The fact that some random cooking channel guy treats his own daughter like a person shouldn't make me so emotional.

No. 764266

This reminds me so much of my dad, he died a number of years ago and I was already crying but now I'm sobbing. I love seeing kind parents. I wish I could give them money and praise whenever I see it.

No. 764354

shit, so one's gonna happen next month. thank you anon

No. 764416

I feel like as a schizoid I'm living life on easy mode because I'm avoiding so much shit like relationship drama and STDs.

No. 764455

kind of wish I could relate, I'm schizotypal and can't have friends because 1) I find maintaining friendships difficult and confusing 2) have very little in common with anyone 3) I'm extremely paranoid that everyone hates me

I don't have friends or a long term bf/gf, but sometimes I feel a sense of freedom in that

No. 764457

I was 9 when I saw this Britney's music video and I was so shocked at how sexual it was, I started crying when I saw that scene of her flashing to the kid lmao I think my dad had to console me. I seriously wonder what did the video spark on me for me to have such a reaction. I even started hating on her and thought she was such a bad person, now I adore her kek

No. 764645

I'm always reporting people on neopets for talking about gender shit. It gives me a thrill

No. 764663

Lmfao neopets still exists??
What do they talk like on there?

No. 764673

>9 years old
>born in 2001-2002
oh man you're younger than Britney's debut year
people born in 2002 are legal now
I'm so fucking old

No. 764699

File: 1616130161281.png (Spoiler Image, 133.01 KB, 358x722, cuck.png)

I'm starting to get super turned on by the idea of cucking and I'm so ashamed. I want my sweet husband to love and cherish me and know I'm the best wifey. But I also want him to fuck me so hard. But also… I want him to know he owns me as his wife. His woman. He "won" me like when vikings were proud of their wives. So here's the deal… I want him to know he's my proud husband, and I want him to share me around with men. I want him to ask them "did you like her?" "did you enjoy her holes?" and them saying "it was the best blowjob I've ever had in my life, you're so lucky to have her" But this is just a fantasy haha I'm not even married. Anyone else finds this shit hot??

No. 764704

I feel that you'll have a better discussion on this thread

depending on how ashamed you are of this kink

No. 764749

Sorry I made you cry anon, and so sorry for your loss. Idk if you believe in spiritual stuff but I believe love transcends everything and he's still with you in a different way

No. 764780

File: 1616146073484.jpeg (137.94 KB, 687x720, EE7AD49A-A056-45DE-80A6-C98853…)

Get back to your own board, de/g/enerate!

No. 764798

File: 1616149328778.jpg (451.24 KB, 1076x1032, Screenshot_20210319-111916_Fir…)

I love tattoos, I really do, have multilple myself including big ones but fuck do I hate it when men do shit like pic related. It's like they go find a random subject, make it 100% bigger and just slap it on. It's such a huge turnoff. I could understand it if it were on the back, but on the chest? It's often so fucking large it just looks out of place. Just… no.

No. 764831

Can’t even ride his Dîqûè without an eagle peering disgustedly at your vagina. Such a turn off.

No. 764900

i hate chest tattoos because of the nipple poking out. looks so dumb.

No. 764903

I love tatts and have some biggish ones (not to the scale of pic tho) I'm weirdly bothered whenever someone has a whole load of tiny tatts that don't have a running theme to them or that don't look well planned out or spaced out. The randomness gets to me in some ocd kinda way.

No. 764980

Thats not what cucking is. Cucking is when your partner fucks other women (or men) in front of you to humiliate you and you get turned on by it.

No. 764986

My confession is that I stopped giving a shit about cows a long time ago. I found this site from googling kelly eden, but dont really follow her thread anymore since it died. I only follow one other thread and honestly wouldnt give that much of a shit if it disappeared.

I almost exclusively use /ot/, /g/ and /m/ and sometimes i wish this site wasnt even about cows, because i feel like it adds an extra layer of toxicity.

Its just really nice to have an anonymous place on the internet that isnt full of scrotes and where i can vent, get advice, talk about media etc.

No. 764990

that's not cucking, that's called being a hotwife. You have a dom/sub kink and want to be owned by your husband and be passed around as a hotwife. My fiance and I are into this and he loves sharing me with other guys, as long as he is in control.

No. 764991

I'm not invested in the cows either, but I love coming here to laugh at these pathetic cows and it makes feel good about my own life and I am really glad that nobody knows who I am. Kek.

No. 764998

I don't care at all for her image, but Jazmin Bean makes genuinely interesting, creative music, compared to other artists I've heard in that current zoomercore-experimental-pop scene. I feel like more people would be inclined to check out her music if it weren't for her image.

No. 765008

File: 1616178543146.gif (1.04 MB, 498x278, 7yt421qsd0721456.gif)

Something about romantic gestures/behavior is so disgusting and repulsive to me. I'd almost rather be hated by someone if it means they'll leave me alone.
The real cows are in /meta/ anyway.

No. 765025

I've become kind of obsessed with an anime boy and it's really unlike me. He's not very popular as a husbando so that provides some cover but I'd absolutely die if anyone who knew me found out.

No. 765049

I don't listen to music by ugly artists

No. 765053

Who are your favs?

No. 765080

File: 1616184452416.jpg (141.06 KB, 1920x1080, 554bb97933337a941eef45cbdca11c…)

Go for it and have fun,anon.

No. 765090

Nta but images of grays make me feel weird, like they set off an emotion I can't name.

Am I autistic or something

No. 765104

Who is your anime boyfriend, anon?

No. 765181

File: 1616192486613.jpg (Spoiler Image, 93.23 KB, 1280x720, 464568.jpg)

He's overshadowed by the girls in his show
Especially in porn

No. 765189

File: 1616193347569.jpg (Spoiler Image, 82.2 KB, 752x1062, 1522175050161.jpg)

I'll add: I dream about him and I have shit posted about how he is a bad character or "reddit" because that's the only way to prompt discussion. I think I gave myself autism.

No. 765193

It's not shit posting to say he's a bad character. It's just truth.

No. 765247

aww i remember liking him too when i watched it
welcome to the tism club!

No. 765250

File: 1616200356733.png (Spoiler Image, 212.11 KB, 891x592, hmm.png)

i hate furries and furry culture, but the idea of fucking a big muscular animal-man is really hot to me… ugh

No. 765251

I wanna become a streamer just so I can tweet about hating men with kaceytron. It just seems like a fun time.

No. 765254

I liked him until I played the VN, his inner thoughts are so mean and scrotey compared to the anime.

No. 765262

File: 1616202916676.jpg (242.21 KB, 910x1067, christisnlacroix.jpg)

Once I woke up really mad and I sperged out on some random anon on one of the wedding threads on /g/. I didn't get banned for infighting or anything but I'm sorry to whoever that anon was. I think it was about a wedding dress or something kek.

No. 765267

If you're who I think you are, you're dumb, but that photo is so beautiful. What a gorgeous lady.

No. 765279

Who is that? I don’t recognize him.

No. 765300

this proves my theory of never taking any angry anon here seriously because in the end we're all annoyed bitches that need to vent

No. 765448

File: 1616223143197.jpg (Spoiler Image, 2.86 MB, 994x1453, 52c5cc9a76c9ab7a566fe8d410e5a3…)

I want to play it but I've only read parts. Do you mean the Suzuha rape stuff?
Rintaro Okabe from Steins;Gate

No. 765450

I see signs from God when I look

No. 765452

Look at what, queen?

No. 765463

File: 1616225322797.gif (831.72 KB, 220x202, tenor.gif)

No. 765519

I'm a cutter, been doing it for 15+ years now because I'm addicted to it. It's so embarrassing to be cutting myself on and off at 30, I have months and even sometimes years when I don't do it but still have the area on my wrist almost pulsate with the need to cut when I get anxiety but sooner or later something happens and I have a relapse.
Currently going through DBT and learning coping mechanisms that I actually use and practice on when I'm not hit by a lot of emotions at once, but this time I couldn't control myself. I had a lot of anxiety but simultaneously giddy while taking apart the razor because I was looking forward to getting my fix. The breathe of relief during the first cuts felt amazing, and I'm more bothered by having to wait for it to stop bleeding than the fact than the fact that I fully consciously didn't use any of the coping mechanisms I've been working on.

No. 765520

File: 1616240693404.jpg (Spoiler Image, 248.17 KB, 842x1200, tumblr_ppzdl0LfBB1xlbi72o1_128…)

I feel this so hard anon, I usually don't care that much for the husbando/waifu memes but after I watched No Guns Life I've had an unhealthy obsession with Juzo. I was 100% legit upset for a while that he doesn't exist. I low-key still am. This is so unlike me and idk what to do with myself, and I don't know why my friends are humoring me on this (they probably think it's hilarious to see me actually simp for someone for once and it just happens to be a cartoon fucking character).
I don't like dakimakuras and figurines but I'm willing to throw an unhealthy amount of money on merch of him once I get a better paying job.

No. 765523

Samefag, just want to add that I only have three friends that know about this because I would be too embarrassed to admit this to anyone else I know because I know they would judge me and I would probably not be able to be able to throw it off as a joke out of obvious embarrassment.

No. 765529

I was (or am, depending how you would like to look at the issue) in the same boat as you. This may be a bad advice and/or not applicable to you, but what helped me out was getting in a healthy relationship and living together, as well as continuing taking medication for my mental illnesses. I had urges in the past to cut, but what stopped me was awareness that it would emotionally devastate my partner. I genuinely did not want to do it to them, even though cutting myself wasn't a big deal for me.

No. 765536

Ngl, I think it would perhaps help me too. Not only not to devastate them, but to always have someone around so I can't hide it. I used to have a friend that would make sure that there was people there to "babysit" me when I would occasionally hit really low points just to stop me from doing anything stupid.
Being with my ex helped a bit at the start but sadly he started causing me a lot of anxiety in the relationship so I got back to cutting even more than I had in a long time, he knew I had issues with it even before we dated and wouldn't even touch upon it when it was obvious I had hurt myself again. I wanted nothing more but his support but instead I felt even lonelier than before.

No. 765665

File: 1616261437611.jpeg (269.72 KB, 828x1550, CF6FC972-FA9B-4057-A344-8DE1B5…)

Girls I have to confess today that this picture reminded me very strongly of an ex bf I had I feel so ashamed. He was very sweet though he was mentally ill and didn’t work which is one reason why I dumped him.

No. 765677

When me and my friend were about 11, we were always on Habbo, she had an older sister who got us into it. We were so obsessed and used to buy coins in game to get furni, to do this we had to use our phone message credit as we had to send a text to buy the coins and I remember we snuck into her mums bag to get her phone top up card and went to the local newsagents to get phone credit to spend on virtual coins. I remember huddling at her family computer and finding random creeps on there and making fake msn accounts and googling pictures of ‘hot women’ to put as our profile picture and then when they wanted to ‘cam’ we would put her guinea pig snowy up at the webcam and snort in the microphone. As we got a bit older, my friend didn’t go on it too much but I used to go on retros for years and actually made friends

Did you anons go on Habbo or retros? I sound like such a sperg in this post kek, sorry for blog

No. 765716

Hah yes I spend years on Habbo during my childhood and early teens. There's one girl I befriended when I was 11 or so that I still have contact with every now and then over a decade later. We've never met irl though. Good memories. I didn't do anything out of the ordinary though, didn
t even buy credits, just spend hours and hours everyday chatting with friends and random people.

No. 765759

File: 1616270724295.jpg (Spoiler Image, 197.1 KB, 650x1000, literallyme.jpg)

I'm glad we can be ashamed of having husbandos in solidarity.
I always thought waifu/husbando culture was retarded (still kind of do, hence the shame) and I think I'm too old for this shit. Even if I felt like I could tell anyone I knew without being laughed at I'd feel guilty subjecting them to this level of autism.

No. 765761

I wish I had a hot gamer bf who's more or less well-adjusted and a little bit of a weaboo. If Henry Cavill wasn't exclusively into girls between the age of 18 and 20 I'd want someone like him.

No. 765769

I haven't gotten super far but I hated his inner thoughts when it comes to meeting Kurisu and interacting with Mayuri. Like he's just…mean, judgy, and really scrotey, thinking weird shit and commenting on their bodies and being selfish and immature. Ik he's immature and selfish in the anime too but it's really driven home in the VN.
I dunno, maybe it gets better but it really put me off from playing the VN. He's way more charming in the anime

No. 765773

i love okabe aside from him being a shitty scrote ill just project all the positive qualities i want onto him

No. 765777

No. 765820


what the fuck are okabefags suddenly coming out of the woodwork because same but I never touched the game but thanks for the insight don't think I'll ever will

I have at least 3 figures of him and still hunting the rest

No. 765867

Since I'm in autistic company I'll also confess that I tried starting a thread about him on 4chan /cm/ and it got 0 replies. I want to die of embarrassment every time I remember it even though it was anonymous.
I barely have any images of Okabe saved because my irrational paranoia that somehow I'll be outed as a husbandofag.

No. 765928

A couple of friends and I once decided to go support another friend's shitty band, but we had to do a few shots and drink some wine before we went so we could stand listening to their cringey band.

We ended up leaving halfway through because we felt that we were still not drunk enough to handle it.

No. 765944

had a dream where i had a gf who would peg me and just cuddle me while fucking me. i'm still closeted. god i'm lonely

No. 765948

i like anime/manga designs that look "retarded" "ugly" or weird, i think they're more memorable and visually interesting. sometimes i feel kind of bad for not liking bishonen characters cause those are the types that are more popular and acceptable to like than the characters i like.
although some of the "ugly" designs people complain about look like normal characters to me who only have one or two unusual traits, i don't think they're always as bizarre looking as others make them out to be. sometimes it feels like anons want everyone to look like a background character. i was thinking about posting an example of what i'm into but anti-shounen posters will roast me for it kek.

No. 765971

I'm addicted to plucking my leg and arm hairs out with tweezers

No. 765973

Post it anyway, anon

No. 765983

You should read Takemitsu Zamurai, it's got a great style! Not that I would call it ugly or anything. It's beautiful in some spots.

No. 765998

I don't feel comfortable or able to be assertive with my dad (reasons are complicated) The last time I saw him was when he booked travel and accom in my area and just told me after he already booked it. The day he arrived was the first day of my period. Maybe the stress of seeing him is what made it so bad but fuuck it was the worst period I've had in 20 years of having them. All I wanted was to curl up alone and not be stuck with the job of entertaining someone I hadn't seen in years.

He's so old fashioned that if I dared explain why I felt rough… He'd make me feel like shit for over sharing, so I didn't. I had pain, fatigue, leaked through tampons on my way to meet with him and pretended to be fine. Im dreading travel restrictions being lifted again. I'm so pissed looking back at that hellish visit. I don't want to see him again. I resent alot more than that but will never feel ok talking to this man about anything beyond superficial shit

No. 766004

File: 1616291160441.png (49.44 KB, 187x200, iu.png)

Same here! I like memorable characters, bishonens make me feel so bored.

For example, I don't like BNHA or Mineta, but I find his design way more interesting than everyone else in the show. Idk, this is a bad example, but you get me.

No. 766151

File: 1616316206433.jpg (12.64 KB, 340x223, S01E02-Sandra_tells_about_Sal.…)

I'm a Sandra

No. 766155

dear lord I had a dream where i raped legoshi
why, i am not a furry i swear

No. 766156

heh heh

No. 766165

i’m a deadbeat daughter and i hate myself for it

No. 766169

I'm 21 and still suck my thumb. Started in infancy and just never stopped.

No. 766173

Are your teeth messed up? My sister still does it in her mid 20s and fucked up her braces results.

No. 766175

Still better than being a smoker, like many of us with an oral fixation became.

No. 766176

Yeah. I have a weirdly shaped bite that wasn't fully corrected by braces because I never stopped thumb sucking, lel. Still I wore them for 5-6 years and it was pure hell.

No. 766239

hell yeah, I love anything that's animated more roughly but I would love o see your exemple of characters

No. 766240

I went from being a genderspecial he/they to a terf over the span of a coulpe months. I guess that's the power discovering lolcow during quarantine…

No. 766245

BASED ping pong!!!

No. 766246

I also went from a nb to a terf but that was thanks to radblr

No. 766257

Bless you anon, posts like this give me more faith in humanity t. another ex-he/they genderspecial who peaked years ago during the first GC threads

No. 766312

I can't stop chewing ice. I know it's bad for my teeth but I can't fucking get myself to stop. I go through phases where I don't but then it randomly comes back full force. Surprisingly enough my dentist says my teeth are fine but told me that it's a habit I need to quit because it could fuck me up in the long run ughhhh.

No. 766655

I listened to every episode of Mad at the Internet during quarantine and now I have a parasocial crush on fucking Null. What in the actual fuck is wrong with me.

No. 766664

He can be funny and I guess his voice is kinda cute if you're into the nasally type. But just read his manifestos and dreams of being like this alpha tradtype chad while being a fat man who spends all his time conversing with retards on his discord hiding in ukranian villages. He also looks like he stinks.

No. 766689

Alright, double confession time. I listened to almost all the MATI streams during the summer and, as an autictically extreme nasally voice appreciator, ended up in the same toxic hole you're in. Then, I once had a really weird fucking dream about me cohabitating with Null where he just hobbled around my apartment because of how fucking obese he was, and wasn't doing anything at all in terms of housework, and smelled like the kind of humid rank you smell from fat folds. I ended up having to introduce him to my father, who i could see was deeply dissapointed in my choice. Jersh just ended up cracking obscure jokes about lolcows that no one got. I woke up in a cold sweat, with a lingering sense of fear for the rest of the day. After that, I felt disgusted by the mere idea of Null because I was absolutely subconsciously convinced he was the exact same in real life.
But I think that, in your case, a good read of the kiwi farms thread on here is well enough. Josh is pretty gross.

No. 766737

I love looking at gruesome crime scene and murder autopsy photos. Just things that fuel my morbid curiosity

No. 766773

I used to love this a lot, but I started to constantly have anxiety about death and being murdered. Now I refused to even post any statuses like "someone kill me now" because motherfuckers are crazy enough to track you down and do it nowadays. Be safe nonnie, try to take a break for your sanity.

No. 766775

He’d be ok if he wasn’t fat and retarded.

No. 766777

Thank you for that anon I will be careful for those reasons, what I wrote sounded extreme and like I am a bit crazy, in all honestly I don’t do it much anymore, I always used to browse r/watchpeopledie (before it was banned) and r/crimescene a few things I have seen have stuck with me a lil, which is my own fault

No. 766779

I love watching kiwi users expose other kiwis. Seeing what kiwis like Thott looked like IRL made me laugh.

No. 766795

>if he wasn’t fat and retarded.
So basically if he was anyone else lol

No. 766799

lol it was the exact opposite for me, when I knew almost nothing about him I thought he looked cute and had a sort of "I can change him" crush on him then I actually started reading and listening to the things he said and now I just see him as a retarded manchild (who can be based once in a blue moon)

No. 766855

A few months ago I visited a vocaloid wiki trying to see what new voicebanks existed, found half the wiki being used as a roleplay wiki so idk I just started deleting those fake vocaloid without voicebanks, apparantly some people lost whole pages while others managed to save them, forever branding me as a c-class internet villain…..i wanna do that again lol

No. 766934

I shooped 40 pounds off me in a pic with my bf recently because it was an outdoors pic and I didn't want to look like a hefty roly poly as usual.
I look nice after it, because it's believable yet not excessive. And I genuinely feel I deserve to feel good about myself even if I can't lose the weight right away. Can I lose the weight again? Sure, but I don't need to put myself through suffering by immortalizing a bad weight phase when bitches be out there shooping an entirely new skin color and face on themselves. Not gonna cry because I gave my double chin the finger today, fuck it.

No. 766994

I hate that sex always feels like something that is being done to me instead of something I am a participant in. Whether I am with a man or a woman, it's the same. I feel like it's strictly a performative activity for me even if I like the intimacy. Maybe it's because I'm literally horny twice a year.

No. 767011

What an annoying person you are

No. 767012

Epic, do it again

No. 767033

I don't like straight women.

No. 767054

You’re amazing, anon, I love you, please never stop doing god’s work.

No. 767063

File: 1616415908658.jpg (181.65 KB, 901x1200, DJo4Pb6VwAEpRbO.jpg)

I want Taylor's life. I want to have a rich husband, play dress up all day long, spend money on useless shit and think of myself as an important businesswoman while behaving like a teenager

No. 767067

The thought of having to fuck a dude as ugly as her husband entirely prevents jealousy for me. I'm not even half as cute as her and still wouldn't stoop that low.

No. 767070

File: 1616416349750.jpeg (23.46 KB, 334x355, 6565.jpeg)

>lives in china
>wakes up to picrel every morning
i couldn't do it for all the money in the world

No. 767078

I will never ever purchase a new book. I pirate everything or purchase them second hand for 2 euros tops. If I couldn't do that I'd literally stop reading, I'm not paying 20 euro for one book.

No. 767081

Her life's easy, but fulfilling? I doubt it.

No. 767084

Yeah there's plenty of enviable things about taylor's life but tbh I wouldn't want my career to revolve around creating "content" and being likable. Feel like it would be incredibly psychically draining.

No. 767092

Haven't followed her in years but last I saw she was obsessed with her weight and simultaneously talking about wanting to conceive and struggling with that (iirc?) I'd love to have more money and more travel under my belt like her but I think she has her own issues.

No. 767107

I'm too fucking cheap to buy books so I started utilizing my city's library a lot more and honestly idk why I didn't sooner kek. Support authors and whatnot but I just hate having lots of books piled up and taking space.

No. 767134

I used to go to the library a lot but I can never manage to return the books in time. When I was a kid I must've accumulated over 100 bucks worth of late return fees from my local library in a timespan of 6 years, which kind of defeats the purpose of using the library in the first place. I tend to read multiple books at once and put them on hold for months at a time before continuing to read them. I started reading one of my current books in 2019 lol.

No. 767169

I made a sockpuppet twitter so I can rant about the retarded rona restrictions without my coviliever friends pilling up on me and I got a nice following of…scary people. Those people make the conspiracy thread lunatics look like little children in comparison. My god, what a rabbit hole.

No. 767170

Me too nonny, though I'm a little different. I don't care about threads that are just about one person in particular, but threads like celebricows or youtubers entertain me. And I really like shitting on Corpse Husband for some reason. But yeah, the non-drama centred boards are better. /m/ is probably my favourite.

No. 767177

I drive to the libraries in richer communities and steal their books. For whatever reason, something glitched in their system and it removed my $153 debt last year and I've felt like a god ever since

No. 767178

I'm attracted to manlets with mommy issues. My experiences with these men have been surprisingly well.

No. 767183

File: 1616426670871.jpeg (46.69 KB, 564x564, 90BEE0CC-23DF-47CC-A854-A00C45…)

I can only work properly under pressure, I’ve just confirmed that today that I had to fill an insurance policy form and I needed to put my fingerprint, I just used a fingerprint from another document of mine, quickly photoshopped it into the document and did a quick signature with some details to make it seem like I did it with a pen and not digitally.
Why am I like this and how do I fix this?

No. 767195

Idk if this should go here or not lmao. But, I recently started a job at a sex shop and my employee discount t is 40% off it stacks on top of store discounts. So these high end luxury toys went 50% off. And along with my discount that’s fucking 90%.

What I’m saying is I took my stim money and bought three high end vibrators on impulse.

No. 767213

When I was using the public bathroom in my uni, I'd always read the random shit and conversations women wrote out on the stall walls. One day I found TWAW shit there and for the first time, put my own words on the mural. They weren't nice words, and when I walked out, I felt like the chick who went in after me sees into my soul and knows what I just did, and that I might even get in trouble, or someone might at least make a community post on what intolerant horror they have found in the women's bathroom. But then schools closed for digital education because of COVID, kek.

No. 767231

I find coughs to be the funniest shit ever and I don't know why. I remember my mom was coughing a lot one time and I found it the funniest thing ever, which she understandably got annoyed by.

No. 767232

Wtf is TWAW?

No. 767239

trans women are women

No. 767249

I'm proud of you anon.

Also my favorite bathroom graffiti are the ones where people reply to arguments so lol.

No. 767255

The bathroom graffitis I remember the most from my uni's bathroom were a bunch of hetalia and osomatsu-san art. I'm glad I graduated so I don't have to deal with Jyushimatsu staring at me while I'm shitting.

No. 767257

The World Ands Withyou

No. 767260

Got drunk forgot I already had a tampon in then put another in. Woke up sober with borderline two bounty rolls in my coochie

No. 767280

File: 1616437546696.png (28.25 KB, 412x188, 196.png)

The prices are getting ridiculous. I saw this in the New York Times recently. Why would I pay 30 dollars for a 196 page book that I can finish in 1-2 days? I do the same thing as you, pirate everything or get it at the thrift store for 3 dollars max.

I've done something similar in a public washroom before too, expect I wasn't the first to respond like that and was backing up the first lady who responded to the TWAW stuff. The graffiti conversations at my uni are mostly about veganism and the best food to buy on campus.

No. 767295

File: 1616438781994.png (396.79 KB, 634x441, solitude.png)

It's been since high school since I bought a book that wasn't a textbook or a manga because of prices. And even then I barely buy any manga because barely anything interest me these days besides old series I already read so I just read scans sometimes. Speaking of which, I noticed that some manga that have a normal size in Japan are getting released in hardcover editions and with all the art flipped so you can read them from left to right and they jack up prices, all of this to appeal to pretentious normies who would otherwise say that manga aren't as "sophisticated" as Tintin or Astérix or some shit. No way I'm spending way more money for very inferior products than the original, fuck that shit.

Pic related, and don't even get me started on the title replacing the word for "lesbian" with a shitty pun about gender.

No. 767312

Wtf are Tintin and Asterix considered better than manga there? Because in my country people think they are for children.

Before covid I visited the high school I used to go to and went to the toilet. It was art high school, so you can guess the graffitis where 2deep4u. "Will I ever find happines?"

No. 767315

That was a hyperbole but I used these examples because they're huge classics. But basically manga and anime are super popular here in France, and more accessible and appealing that most comics from here because they're cheaper, you have more content in each book, and they tend to be series with a beginning, and end if the series is over, and everything in between is numbered so you don't get lost like some old series that are still not over and some don't have numbered volumes. I coud have used other classics like Corto Malese or Yoko Tsuno or Mélusine or pretty much anything else that's from before the 90s. Said comics/bandes dessinées/whatever you want to call them tend to be expensive and short so even if they seem fun to read I'm not buying them.

The publishing companies who do the shit I described nowadays to some niche manga are trying to attract the pretentious boomers who think the comics I just cited are more than just comics for kids and teens and who brag about read "deep" and "mature" books in general as well. I'm sorry I'm not being very coherent right now

No. 767316

not op but in France tintin and Asterix are seen more as classics

No. 767328

how is that even possible? does the first tampon just disappear into nothing

No. 767390

Reminds of the time in middle school when I wrote on my table that I had a crush on X guy from my class, the following days people from other classes answered with "ew he's a pizza face" and the other went "nah he's okay". I had to clean everything in the end.

No. 767392

A farmer could probably participate a lot more in raising them since he's basically working from home on their own front yard. And a lot of the work is seasonal unless it's a dairy farm or something. Nowadays though, it's a lifestyle that's getting monopolized steadily and a few agricultural giants are absorbing all the small homesteads. I grew up in the country and practically all the families living in farmhouses sold their fields to some big tycoon a generation ago and just have jobs in town.

No. 767395

I've grown up on the country side in my country amongst farmers and all of the farmer wifes were very hard workers, they definitely didn't have the time to sit back and chill lol.

No. 767445

College here had no writing in the bathroom but our high school bathrooms had shit talking about popular girls and guys as well as their numbers to harass them. We also had tallys of if you were there to shit, pee, both, or change period item.

No. 767474

My favorite part about losing weight has been being able to scratch my back easily. I get random annoying phantom itches and it was hell to wake up in the middle of the night and not be able to reach the spot without getting out of bed and getting my stick lol

No. 767481

What the fuck. I mean, how fat were you?

No. 767485

Kek still less than 200lb but pretty fat.

No. 767497

I'm 25 and Nirvana is still my favourite band

No. 767498

Maybe anon has T Rex arms.

No. 767499

File: 1616456985472.jpg (34.78 KB, 563x564, yy.jpg)

I have a chronic problem misnaming people. I obviously have no problem remembering my friends names but I misname them a few times a day if we're hanging out. Weirdly it gets worse the longer I know someone. Sometimes I'll panic and misname them several times in a row, cycling through several names before landing on theirs. At night I will close my eyes and visualize my friends and repeat their names to myself in my head over and over again to try to solidify the association but it doesn't seem to work. I was that kid in school that would always call the teacher "mom" on accident, except it was literally every day.

I'm always consciously thinking before I speak so it's not like I'm being lazy. This wouldn't be so horrible if people didn't get really (understandably) offended. I called my friend the name of his recently deceased friend and it obviously made him really upset. The anxiety I got from that experience made me misname him even more frequently and each time he rolls his eyes and groans and is clearly mad at me for a while. It's understandable to be upset but I really try so extremely hard to not do it. I feel like this has to be some sort of neurological condition. I'm never thinking about the person whos name I accidentally say but of course that's what it sounds like to others.

No. 767509

File: 1616457861430.jpg (9.69 KB, 320x180, mmmmmmmmi.jpg)

I used to spam the fakeboi threads with TRA bullshit before I became a radfem. I'm sorry to whoever I called a TERF and bothered, y'all were right.

No. 767512

Nayrt but some normal bmi people find it really hard to reach their back.

No. 767514

i once took a shit in a plastic bag in my sisters car and threw it in a dumpster nearby all because i didnt want to go inside a building. she came back and said the car smelled like shit and i said it was my fart. lord forgive this shitting sinner.

No. 767524

kek anon they are two very different smells

No. 767536

Did you at least wipe

No. 767544

I have this daydream fantasy where I live in a stone age tribe in the middle of nowhere. My daily work is things like picking berries and weaving baskets, and I do a really good job at it. Goals are straightforward and achievable. The people I regularly interact with are people I’ve known for years - folks don’t blip in and out of life or ghost me when they lose interest in being friends. We are close and do lots of things together, for work but also doing it together makes the work enjoyable. I get to spend lots of time working out in nature, and I am familiar with all the tiniest plant and animal species.

Oh and also I somehow have modern hygiene standards and nobody ever gets sick or dies from a bear attack, the end.

No. 767547

Just cause i took a shit in a plastic bag doesn't mean i threw away my toilet manners. But yeah luckily there were wet wipes in the car.

No. 767549

fuckin love it

No. 767589

File: 1616466467415.jpeg (490.82 KB, 730x1236, ED4DD02D-74D6-44CE-8164-4DDFDA…)

fucking hell anon why’d you open your big mouthjkjk i luv u

my confession is that I’m way too naive to think this world is ever going to be somewhat peaceful srsly fml.

No. 767629

Same here. How could I ever believe we'll reach true peace if our current is described as one of the safest and most peaceful periods in history and badthingX and badthingY happens way less than it used to, and it's still so bad?

No. 767630

I had a "friend" in high school (he was in my friend group but we weren't particularly close) who killed himself. I remember him texting and calling me, but I didn't answer. He was always a huge asshole to me and made fun of me for having a dead parent. He also would always call me shitty names in our shared language (we were the only two kids from our race in my grade). I didn't want to deal with him. Anyway, I found out a couple of days later that he killed himself and I don't feel bad then and I don't feel bad a decade later. Some people are better off dead. He would have made so many more people miserable if he stayed alive.

No. 767634

I respect that

No. 767647

File: 1616474816433.jpeg (143.08 KB, 997x748, 795AAB7A-B37B-4F7E-ADCC-245672…)

Sometimes I wanna make videos where I play games and talk over them. No face involved but it seems like a chill hobby. I started considering it because people like my voice and say it is soothing plus I wanna play more games. However I'm not so experienced, but I would do it more for myself to gain confidence in a way. I don't care about clout I see it as a bad thing so it'd probably be fine. Just a recurring secret shower thought

No. 767648

I like to troll /pol/ because they’re ridiculously easy to bait. You just post a picture of a mask and say “I support these” and you’re guaranteed at least 50-70 replies from triggered /pol/tards.

No. 767650

one of the few times I lurked there someone was trolling for an entire thread pretending to be some journalist. faked leaving the name and everything. they kept cranking it up so the troll got more and more obvious, AND YET guys kept responding and getting very mad. kek it affirmed for me that it's probably dumb scrote 15 year olds there still being easily baited to a rage.

No. 767651

…so, you wanna do Let's Plays?

No. 767653

I guess that's what it's called or mostly silent walkthroughs with occasional commenting. Idk it's not a serious idea but I've thought a little. Think some of it's nostalgia from watching my old friend do the same over video. Sorry if it's stupid

No. 767679

File: 1616483087405.gif (500.73 KB, 500x297, daria.gif)

that message could have been written by me, anon I know your pain.
I would give anything to be able to communicate in a non verbal way. I don't know about you but I also have really severe spelling issues which might be related. At this point I know that whatever I will write or say will contains a mistake (despite spening most of my time reding and being a straight A student).
I have embraced a career in art and I use to be really into maths for the same reasons. I like the idea that people from all over the world can understand what you say by looking at your math equation or your drawing.
I hope we will learn in in the futur and I'm wishing you the best! Did you explain to your friend all of you efforts ? Surely they will understand that this is kind of out of your control !

No. 767682

Kek you anons are my heros

No. 767695

"Face claims" and using real life peoples images to roleplay with is creepy as shit to me. Like how messed up do you have to be to use someones pictures, sometimes including family pictures to roleplay with ot on facebook or tumblr?

No. 767730

Honestly, good on you anon. If anything, I think it's much faker to only like someone once they're dead. I'm glad my own mother died. She was abusive and ever since her death my life has improved tremendously. She was a genuinely horrible person. If I ever told a normie this I'd be treated like trash. I think most people are more understanding if you hate your father, but not your mother. For me it's the other way around. Maybe that's ignorant of me, though. I don't miss my mother at all and I hope that if the afterlife exists I won't see her there. I don't want anything to do with her and because she's dead I don't have to anymore.

No. 767731

Go for it anon. Since you don't care for clout. You may get some creeps using your videos as asmr gamer gf simulators though.

No. 767733

It's insanely fucking creepy. Anime role players are cringey enough but at least they stick to fictional characters. If you want to role play, just stick to fiction dear god.

No. 767743

It’s creepy as fuck but some people just don’t have enough imagination to think of a face for a character.
I kind of get picking actors and saying something like “well, if I made a movie about this story, this would be the actress/actor that would play my character”.
But I didn’t know people were genuinely picking people off social media like flowers on a field. Disgusting.

No. 767751

I do this but just as pretend. Like I'll talk to myself as I play games as if I had an audience. Hope you decide to take it further than a daydream, anon. I bet it will be fun!

No. 767804

I sometimes go to 4chan for the sole purpose of masturbating to the retarded made up sexual things scrotes write in the 'secrets' threads

No. 767827

I couldn't find the string thingy since I shove it up pretty far so I just put another in. Surprised I didn't get toxic shock tbh

No. 767839

Sometimes they have some nice stuff to use as inspo for masturbation purposes.

No. 767903

File: 1616520238966.png (18.22 KB, 370x320, tumblr_ppkhgeJoHS1u7ek1j_400.p…)

This made me feel a lot less alone anon. I'm also an artist so I really relate to what you said about a universal language! I don't necessarily have severe spelling issues but I have a hard time articulating myself for sure. I feel like I spend a long time thinking of how to best say something only for it to come out all wrong and fall apart, especially in person. I've explained to my friend that I try my best to not misname him but I think it just made him more offended that I have to 'try' since obviously most people don't even think about names. Thankfully it hasn't impacted our friendship past him just being mildly annoyed for a bit but I really wish I could stop and he would be more understanding. Thanks for your kind words anon, I hope our communication improves in the future too!

No. 767927

Idk if this is much of a confession but like many people of Euro ancestry, my ancestors raped slaves but it's actually in my bloodline. According to 23andme I'm 98.3% European and 1.3% Sub Saharan African. My mom's ancestry is basically British/Irish American colornizers which is definitely where it comes from. To further prove it's her side I traced back my dad's ancestors to the 1600s. Anyway according to 23andme I have not one but two ancestors who were 100% Nigerian and 100% Southern East African. To make it worse, one of the ancestors could have been born up until 1850. I mean I shouldn't be surprised considering women definitely had to birth rapists' children (bc some still do have to), but it is shocking since I'm paper white and so is my I'm ngl that I feel guilty for having the DNA that I have.

No. 767938

It's not like you wanted to be born, chill. Instead of wasting energy on pointless guilt, do something worthwhile for the black people. Like donate, or spread knowledge (in an appropriate and respectful way, including to yourself) or something.

No. 767956

I love Sandra!

No. 767957

I am an esl-chan and when I was a kid I thought the guy was singing you're in the yummy now, of course it didn't make sense but I didn't think about it too hard.

No. 768054

Last week I deleted every drawing I've ever made since 2013. I kept all my artwork, no matter how shitty, to be able to see progress through the years, but this last year I just kept regressing to the point where I just had to admit that I've grown out of it, so I deleted everything. Luckily I've never enjoyed posting my artwork online, so it took like 5 minutes to find old tumblr and deviantart accounts, remove the artwork and delete the account.

I'm done getting excited about the lame stories and characters I cooked up in my head. I'm so tired. I just want to be a boring, normal grownup who goes to work, comes home, watches some generic netflix series and then goes to sleep on repeat until the day I die.

No. 768057

I don't know who to talk about this since my husband doesn't want anyone fussing but we suspect he might have something serious going on with his health. He has had myokymia (? idk what's it called in English this is what the translator gave me, so basically a tic on a muscle) around his body, it started on his thigh and has spread and of course we read what it could be on the internet and the worst thing it could be a start for is ALS, which is the disease Stephen Hawking died of. Usually it progresses really quickly, from 2-5 years to death. The worst part is that my husband has complained of numbness on his arm and weakness of the hand muscles, which is not good. I'm anxious and worried and he got a doctor's appointment for next month because there's so little times left and the doctor agreed that it's concerning and mentioned that if there's numbness he should go to an emergency room. I'm a bit mad that he forgot to mention the numbness (and the pain) he had a couple of months ago because it was so bad he even suspected that he might have a heart attack coming on until I told him that it's the left arm not the right arm that reacts that way.

To end this ramble; I've started to figure out what I'd do if he died. I feel awful about it but it's the only way I've got to cope. I've looked into treatment so that he can stay home as long as possible (it should be do-able), how much I could rent our rooms for to be able to make the house loan afterward or how much I would have to earn to be able to move to a small house/apartment of my own. I know nothing is happening yet and that I'm thinking too far since it could be just stress or something.

I just feel so alone. I thought I'd be the first one to die. Just be kind to me, okay?

No. 768058

I’m pregnant booooooooo. Time to get an abortion. Hope i can just take the pill version. It’s gonna cost a fuck ton ughhhhh

No. 768064

I'm assuming you're not from NA? I feel lucky we have cheap accessible clinics. Hope you recover swiftly anon.

No. 768069

File: 1616535623831.jpg (71.96 KB, 438x750, 1594308013504.jpg)

I was watching Shayna's drunken stream on MFC. Curiously entered another camgirl's room.
Oh nonono she's extremely cute…does mostly talking and some topless. Idk why but I'm kind of taken with her lmao fuck! Apparently she changes names frequently and has extremely limited social media presence for someone who's pretty popular on cam (afaik, I feel creepy digging further). So pretty much the only way to interact is through NSFW platform….
I feel like such a disgusting pig scrote, help me.

No. 768077

Wtf anon this is so sad. Don't stop drawing if it makes you happy, even if no one sees it. I understand the frustration though.

No. 768083

I don't think it's that bad if they use celebrity and model images.

No. 768096

I second this, please don't give up on drawing and imagination if they bring you joy. Even thinking about becoming that kind of adult makes me want to kill myself and I feel so bad for you. Please rethink this decision.

No. 768097

I feel so guilty for being depressed. I'm a NEET and things could be a lot better but ik that there are people who would want to have my life if given the chance. I feel like I'm doing those people wrong by wasting my life as I do but also feel too depressed to even try and dig myself out of the hole I'm currently in.

No. 768110

File: 1616539779773.jpeg (60.82 KB, 512x512, B02B054E-0894-4EAE-A8E0-77D495…)

I haven’t related to a post on here this much before.. are you me? You aren’t alone anon.

No. 768143

I love this cat so much

No. 768145

this piggy is so cuuuteeee I wanna make this piggy happy with a lot of rubs and cute dresses

No. 768151

It sounds like something that should be illegal. Imagine someone finding your photos online associated with that shit.

No. 768153

dafuk? didn't know people did this

No. 768179

Thank you nonnies! Maybe someday… It just seems like a good way to get used to myself. I hope you have fun anon who said she does it as pretend! That's so cute honestly I like you.
>creeps using your videos as asmr gamer gf simulators
I would hope to avoid that. Stuff like that, and hate, is a small worry I'd have. But then creeps are creeps who latch onto anything female… Either way I would not encourage that so maybe if it happened it would die quickly with no acknowledgement. They can get that from other videos not mine. Would probably just delete any weird comments if possible.

No. 768281

I have gastritis and I tend to throw up in my bed or in other areas and corners of my room if it’s a light vomit or very clear vomit without anyone suspecting.

I also share said room with two of my siblings .

No. 768336

I posted in the /g/ “fetishes you’re ashamed of” thread a few weeks back about RPing with a guy who has a snuff fetish, and how I was kind of starting to get into it myself.

He hasn’t serial-killed me yet and still doesn’t have anything resembling info that could be used to find me. Unfortunately, we’re developing a really intense connection. Lots of time chatting outside scenes. Lots of awkward fumbling around actually acknowledging that we’re writing filthy porn together (some of the best, hottest porn either of us has ever found or created for our kinks). Neither of us can even straight-up say that we’ve masturbated or gotten turned on about any particular bits, we keep using dumbass euphemisms instead. Probably because we’re both married lmfao. I’m an idiot, y’all don’t have to tell me, I just need to get it off my chest.

No. 768339

File: 1616563773831.jpg (25.78 KB, 640x477, keikaku.jpg)

>RPing with a guy who has a snuff fetish
>He hasn’t serial-killed me yet
>we’re developing a really intense connection

No. 768341

I have less sympathy and dislike weird and obnoxious white people more than nonwhite people. I'm not cruel outwardly of course but I try avoid and feel guilty for being more judgmental of them. If I see or hear nonwhite people saying the same kinds of cringey shit I still mentally roll my eyes but I do feel bad for them.(racebait)

No. 768342

File: 1616563930951.gif (200 KB, 220x165, disgusting.gif)

I'm judging you for this whole post but especially
>we’re both married

No. 768359

You're the kind of a woman that ends up dead on the news.

No. 768361

>hasn’t serial-killed me yet

No. 768415

This is like, the start to a true crime horror video on youtube wtf.

No. 768433

I drank, excerised and ate two hamburgers w/fries before I went to bed & I pooped myself. I'm in literal shock right now. This has never happened to me.
Am I dying?

No. 768442

I buy clothes exclusively from YesStyle and Aliexpress

No. 768445

i also ate a banana and a Kiwi as well before bed

No. 768490

That sounds like you just ate too much fruit and greasy food. Dw about it kek

No. 768518

It was at one in the morning on wednesday the 24th of March that the first victim had written on an anonymous imageboard about engaging in role-play relating to their shared fetish and how through this the lines between role-play and reality were starting to blur.
>we’re developing a really intense connection
>Lots of awkward fumbling around actually acknowledging that we’re writing filthy porn together
>some of the best, hottest porn either of us has ever found or created for our kinks
She wrote, also stating that she was married and fully aware she was being an idiot. Unfortunately, the fetish that had drawn them towards each other turned out to be snuff. The post would eventually turn out to be instrumental in the capture of the serial killer known only by his online handle "ShadesOfFlay777"

No. 768525

understandable, have a good day

this is so fucking funny, anon… I obviously can’t post his actual username here but it’s even worse than your fake one lmao. something kind of like “GuyInAWindowlessWhiteVan”

If somehow this, and not all the other dumber more dangerous shit I’ve done with scrotes when I was younger, is the thing that does get me killed, then I unironically hope y’all are included in the screenshots on the shitty YT true crime videos

No. 768528

That’s what you get for having unprotected sex, retard

No. 768620

As a kid/teen I would construct these stories in my head where something extremely awful would happen to me and my parents would save me. In one story my dad's friend was a pedo who kidnapped me to rape me. This is also not the only instance of family friend/relative pedophilia story I constructed in my head when I was younger, I think I was exposed to porn at too young of an age in my life, I also haven't slept all night and I just smoked more weed I'm not sure where this is going or if this is even the right thread to put this. I don't think it was normal to think those things though, because if that's normal then that's just really sad and fucked up for the whole world. I need some validation or something on this one.

No. 768628

File: 1616602531473.jpg (370.82 KB, 1920x1080, EwwOkhsXIAAFNJf.jpg)

i don't care about sibling, cousin incest. if two consenting adults want to have sex then it's none of my business. it's no worse than a relationship between let's say, a fat lolita and her twans lesbwian bf imo

No. 768632

>Lots of time chatting outside scenes.
are you on f-list? why the hell would you do this

No. 768633

you're a degenerate. i hope you are an only child for your siblings sake.

No. 768637

Woah anon, I used to do this too. I actually didn't even think that my parents would save me in those fantasies. I was exposed to violent porn at about 9 as well. I don't really have any advice, I just eventually grew out of it and didn't pay it any attention later. I was a really anxious kid and for some reason I thought everyone was out to get me kek, so I guess that's why I did it.

No. 768640

what the hell

No. 768643

This anon has a point, if they are both adults and don't have children together I agree that incest between cousins is completely fine.

No. 768645

Weren't most incest relationships between close family members (don't know about cousins) a result from grooming?

No. 768648

Nta but a lot of the time it's siblings who were seperated for most of their childhood and reunited as adults. There's a name for that specific attraction phenom but I can't think of it.

No. 768649

File: 1616603941240.jpeg (72.14 KB, 633x635, 50D5620C-254B-40E0-878C-0236D9…)

No. 768651

No. 768654

Me too, I wish I had the equipment to do this so I can stream whatever I'm playing so my close friends can watch.

No. 768655

I think I was also about 9 when I was first exposed to porn and I got hooked onto it for a bit and started watching more violent porn, which definitely is not healthy now that I'm really thinking about it. I haven't had these fantasies in a long time, I also kinda just grew out of them I guess. I think it all stems from my parents being emotionally distant from me my whole life. I've been starting to accept that there is something actually wrong with my relationship with my parents, that it isn't normal that I can barely even say full sentences to them because I clam up completely and my mind goes blank. Sorry for how much I'm oversharing, 2021 has really been my own Kylie Jenner year of realizing stuff, realizing things

No. 768659

File: 1616604869608.png (273.87 KB, 533x293, 7932DF00-2589-4859-B8CC-2E010B…)

When I was like 9 I was watching my brother play a video game and in a skit part they where torturing and interrogating the main character: he was tied to a chair being kicked and punched in the face, having cigarettes stubbed out on him and being berated. I repeatedly masturbated to the memory for years afterwards. Never had any interest in bdsm or anything like that as an adult or teen. Never was able to access porn because parents heavily monitored Internet but if I could of I would have done the same

No. 768667

File: 1616606131480.jpg (59.71 KB, 1024x720, flush this thread.jpg)

No. 768670

yes, yes they are, they are mostly rape

No. 768683

i actually have an older brother. no: i've never felt anything for him past what's considered "normal", but then again i'm a lesbian. i did fantasize about having a hot older sister tho.

No. 768685

File: 1616607481439.jpeg (64.57 KB, 960x540, 91C797D1-A002-473E-9B8F-E36840…)

This made me laugh out loud in the bathtub, I hope your butthole and sheets are aight anon lmao

If it makes you feel better I once shat myself in an alleyway of some thai massage parlour and a woman came out and yelled at me. Sometimes it be like that.

No. 768688

In fiction shipping I agree, irl it’s very weird and gross.

No. 768698

File: 1616609656735.png (191.99 KB, 820x1042, chad.png)

I shower once a week. No, I do not smell. People regularly tell me I smell good. I've never showered regularly in my life, it astonishes me how there are people who shower every day, like how can you be bothered? I've always showered once a week and it never occurred to me that its 'gross' or 'nasty', I don't smell and my hair only gets slightly greasy after about the fourth day. I wipe my ass with wipes so its not even like I have a pooey ass like some of you who use tissues. I also have severe eczema, so if I showered literally once more a week it would basically destroy my skin
>Inb4 nasty ass bitch
Seethe that I smell better than you after showering once a week, nonny.

No. 768699

Lmao you have crusty skin

No. 768701

I love MILFs
No I don’t have mommy issues and not a scrote. Just gay and need to be held.

No. 768706

Either you've posted this before or some other flakey skin condition sperger has. iirc they used to berate people in /g

No. 768709

I only shower twice a week because if I do it more often than that my skin problems will come back and my acne and the weird skin condition on my scalp will get way worse. I never smelled and I've checked with friends who will absolutely tell you if you smell like shit or look ugly as fuck so I know I have reliable sources. As long as you're clean you should be fine. There are people out here who shower twice a day and smell like shit without having any health issues to cause that, it really depends on people. How's your hair, is it curly?

No. 768723

I don't care if someone only showers once a week (as long as im not dating them) but you both have this weirdly defensive bs going on like
>There are people out here who shower twice a day and smell like shit without having any health issues to cause that
Who are these people showering 14 times more often than you and stinking? Without a health problem too? Come on lol

No. 768735

I sometimes feel guilty at night when I think about all the stuff I complain about each day. Even though I've been through a lot of shit here in america, my life would be worse if my parents had me in their home country. The femicide rates are insane and getting worse back there. Family tells us that women can't even take a taxi or walk alone anymore without being mugged and/or raped.

No. 768738

We shouldn’t feel grateful for not getting raped murdered.

No. 768743

I had a few coworkers in retail who were like that, it was shocking. They weren't fat or eat weird stuff either. If they did have health issues then they don't know about it themselves.

No. 768746

I have autism and shower several times a day and it's taking a toll on my skin. Anons who think if you don't shower every single day then you're extremely filthy are stupid as well.

No. 768747

Yeah same. Some people literally genetically don't sweat much, or naturally odorous, what a concept. It probably helps that I live in cool, dry geography and I drink a shit load of water. I wash my pussy and face daily though.

No. 768749


No. 768754

I thought I sleep wrote this post because I did the same thing. I have half a closet filled with plushies I won that I'm too ashamed to look at now

No. 768755

How would you know how often all your coworkers shower?

No. 768757

I got about 6 parcels in the last week and told my mailman about there being quite a few more coming. I'll never buy a plush again. I'm about to own enough for a lifetime!

Did you stop playing it?

No. 768758

I did talk about some people who tell anyone straight up if they smell or look like shit with no filter. I had a coworker like that who would call out anyone who had any minor flaw with no shame whatsoever and I guess at some point the topic came up with the smelly coworkers back then and they naturally talked about it while giving each other recommendations for skincare. She never told me I smelled bad, she just once asked me why I never remove the peach fuck above my lips and she was understanding when I said it hurts too much and I sometimes get acne from doing this. It was a few years ago so it's been a while but I had some really weird coworkers back then.

No. 768761

What is the app? I have heard about those kinda apps, but don’t you end up spending more than the actual prizes are worth (much like inrl games) I want to try but scared to waste money

No. 768767

Yes I had to make myself quit because the amount of money it became just made me feel ill. If it was 100-200 a month I'd be like whatever it's a pandemic but I could feel it become an addiction, or rather I was addicted to it briefly. It sounds lame but during the chaos last year it made me feel like I was in control of something and of course "winning" feels good. The one thing that saved me is that I was very picky about prizes and I also played these machines a lot irl in japan. For a few months I'd only let myself play to win 1 prize a month or something but then totally uninstalled the app because I (ironically) got hooked on buying clothes and accessories from taobao. Oh well
Big one is toreba, but also claw.jp and others

No. 768769

It's toreba. I started playing it years ago and it was less rigged at that point. Lately though…total money pit if you don't have good self control. It's addictive because the prizes look so close..but it's deceptive. Nearly everything is glued or stuck down now.

The shipping is free and they spend minimum 20 to 30 quid themselves to ship stuff out through fast mail..they must be raking it in to cover those costs and still profit.

No. 768776

>It sounds lame but during the chaos last year it made me feel like I was in control of something and of course "winning" feels good
Exact same here. But equally had some moments where I knew I'd sunk way too much money in and I was so annoyed at my lack of self restraint lol

No. 768781

Someone posted a pic of Daisy by marc jacobs in the perfume thread and it brought back memories. Back when I was 19 and living in my first studio apt, I had a fuck buddy twice my age (I know) During one of our nights together a condom broke. He put on a new one and we didn't panic as he hadn't finished. Then when he did finish we discovered the new condom had just slipped off at some point. I don't know if he was fucking up with them (he was at the time my first sexual partner so I left the condom applying to his experienced self) he was also kind of jackhammering so maybe that was the issue.

The next morning I went to get the morning after pill just to be safe. I went alone. The clinic I went to exclusively did 'morning after pill services' on sundays and no other services so I felt self conscious walking in. The clinic was attached to a shopping centre my brother works in and he's in security so he mans the cctv..nice bonus stressor. Anyway I got slightly interigated at the appt or it felt that way. When I paid it then cost more than I thought. I was so broke at that time that it really hurt my pockets. I went home to bed and later messaged the guy just to tell him I got it. Got some non-reply like 'oh ok'

Fast forward a few weeks and he's interested in coming over again. Dude had been on holidays and bought me perfume at the duty free store. It was nice, I wasn't expecting it..but I was so damn broke at that time I would've greatly appreciated him splitting the pill cost instead of getting some perfume. I needed food more than perfume. Why didn't he think to offer that? I was so young I didn't speak up. I cringe looking back. Never had to go get plan b again but it was a bad day and I still fucked this guy for a while afterwards. Dumb younger self.

No. 768782

out of curiosity, what game?

No. 768793

The guilt and the shame lmao. And it's impossible to come close to recouping on mercari. I admit I have a lot of cute stuff now but that was really the first time in my life I felt myself out of control of something, the worst addiction I've ever had is staying up too late to finish a book.

No. 768798

File: 1616620510192.png (381.46 KB, 1000x1000, 68086326_p0.png)

Whew those are unpleasant memories indeed anon, I'm sorry. What important is you have grown and able to confront the cringe head on. I had similar experience. It really sucks that the young&dumb have to learn the hard way a lot of times. Some never learn at all.

No. 768816

Some of my friends forgot my birthday, none of them even drew me something which they do for everyone else close to them and I feel bad but it’s dumb to focus on the bad when all and all, I had the nicest bday in three years. It’s just weird, why would you ask me two days prior to check when my bday is only to ignore me again. It’s childish to care, I know but muh confession.

No. 768822

Happy Birthday anon! And no its not childish especially if they asked you 2 days prior, i would end up expecting something too and feel deflated. Glad you had a nice bday.

No. 768829

Thank you, it’s just a shitty habit of mine to get stuck on the negatives. It’s also fucking lame how I have done shit for them, like a simple drawing i can just message them and now I just don’t feel like sending them anything for their birthdays but that’s petty.

No. 768836

My hair is naturally super straight
Yeah, I wash my face every day

No. 768855

I don't give or receive oral without a very recent shower happening so that's the part I don't get here. Sex itself makes you sweat too. Are you sexually active?

No. 768888

But do you wash your vagina?

No. 768915

I've been rejected from Walmart and also multiple times (5+) from McDonalds.

No. 768928

It’s already the day after here but I just now received congratulations and a drawing, i feel so stupid now

No. 768936

Im writing a nasty reader insert fanfic for my own shameless enjoyment and the fact that im doing it makes me feel like both a weird cringy teenager and a 45 year old femcel at the same time

No. 768958

lmao how

No. 768964

For Walmart I screwed up the interview. For McDonalds I've applied multiple times over the years and never once got a chance. I just applied again and they gave me a personality quiz so I hope that I get it this time. Feels bad.

No. 768971

That's me with Wendy's. I actually refuse to eat there because it chaps my ass so badly that they refuse to even give me an interview. Makes you feel real low

No. 768972

Kek why would you need a personality test for mcdonald’s? literally looking for whoever can make the best placement of their plastic cheese on soggy bun?

No. 768979

Idk which test that anon took, but some corporate places do take the MBTI test seriously while hiring or when putting teams together. Absolute shenanigans.

No. 768983

these companies invest in pop psychology for their workforce rather than just pay people a higher wage to trigger better work ethic? cheap motherfuckers in late stage capitalism is sending me LOL

No. 769044

File: 1616648429403.jpeg (97.32 KB, 828x1009, 15F3B9C9-039C-454B-A68D-131906…)

i love having “baby time” with my gf when she regresses to acting like a kid. when she’s like that, i love reading storybooks to her, cooking and baking childhood favourites for her, doing arts and crafts, playing with dolls… sometimes i wish i could take her out to the park too but i don’t think it’d be safe for her to regress in public and we don’t want to look like weirdos. for us there isn’t a sexual component to this kind of thing, but most people perceive there to be; in most cases there is, and it disgusts me. i like having a maternal bond with my gf too, it makes me feel even closer to her. i wish i could find someone else out there who feels the same way

No. 769049

No. 769053

File: 1616649851119.jpeg (62.08 KB, 580x760, B039E49E-C1F0-4A3C-8A19-A9DA0B…)

Usually right before bed, when there are no more things to be done and no more words to say, my boyfriend turns on the heating pad and puts it on me and just pets my head and kisses my face a bunch and I close my eyes and stop worrying about work and chores and school and just pretend I am a little warm cat. A Calico, maybe. It makes me so happy it brings tears to my eyes to think about. I just think about being loved unconditionally in the moment, and for some reason it makes me feel like an adored pet cat. Why? No clue. It’s so stupid and cringy, but I look forward every day to what I internally refer to as Cat Time. I’d be disowned by everyone if anyone knew this. Like, imagine your friend saying, “sorry, calling it an early night ladies, got to be home soon, can’t miss Cat Time!” fucking christ I want to disappear forever now.

No. 769057

I dont get how straight hair can only become greasy in several days. All the people with straight hair I know have to wash their hair every day or every two days. Unless your hair is thick?

No. 769059

File: 1616650930179.jpg (30.03 KB, 724x698, 42eca84e81baa612651b0718ee62d4…)

This post made me cry. I wish this happened to me too.

No. 769061

Please anon explain more of this, it's interesting

No. 769063

i was high as hell and when i first read this post i thought this was the copypata thread

No. 769073

i only posted here because this website is full of autists and maybe someone else could relate and feel less lonely about it lol. guess it’s a brand of autism not even lc can accept

No. 769078

But I understand you, that's why I wanna learn more

No. 769083

I'm really not okay at all i never even wanted a baby and was going to get a abortion then something changed and we decided to keep it and now it's been seven weeks since the miscarriage and i'm back to secretly crying every time im on my own and i just feel like i need to scream or run away or kill myself because it's not getting better and what the fuck do I do?

No. 769096

File: 1616657340036.jpg (37.35 KB, 445x600, 415900b4906c548516d5a0ba0b9c69…)

I got my Courtney Love fan page permanently suspended from twitter because I would get into arguments with random people and take it way too far. I did the usual stuff of like telling people that they're ugly and to kill themselves but a lot people aren't very careful about what they post online, so it was pretty easy for me to find out where they lived, worked, went to school, friends and family names, phone numbers etc. and I would bring up like random family drama that their aunt posted on facebook and send them their home address. Sometimes if they really pissed me off i would find a family members phone number and pretend to be a police station and tell them that their relative had been arrested for indecent exposure at a children's playground and that they need to come to the police station to have them picked up. I never got into any legal trouble doing this, but I am worried that I'm on a FBI watch list of some kind. I was also 15 and I'm really embarrassed about it now so please don't judge me too hard.

No. 769098

Anon it’s good the page is gone

No. 769103

LARP dismissed

No. 769108

Courtney's solo album is good.

No. 769121

Yea, my hair is super thick too

No. 769149

All this hair talks makes me think that everytime mine gets greasy, I'm reminded of PT never washing hers so it can be darker and look more "japanese".

No. 769154

Wow, natural hair dye. What an environmentally friendly genius move from the queen

No. 769207

My severely autistic brother got put into care yesterday and theres already and massive weight off my shoulders. I hated him, he ruined the family and the relationship between me and my dad. I don't feel bad at all.

No. 769215

I know a weird amount of even high functioning male autists who've caused massive divides and tension in their family.

No. 769233

Reminds me of a fakeboi I went to high school with who never washed her hair because the grease "made it look more anime", she tried to use the grease to make her hair spiky. And I still had a crush on her after all of that.

No. 769264

> And I still had a crush on her after all of that.
I’m so sorry, anon.

No. 769267

I just found an old baggy in my desk drawer this morning and now I'm railing lines while writing my criminal law thesis while my BF is next door studying for his Bar next month like a normal person.

At least I'm making progress

No. 769284

I'm happy for you anon, I think I remember a past vent or two of yours. Glad the autistic potato got institutionalized, now you and your family will have space to heal and focus on yourselves proper.

No. 769292

I fantasize a lot about my mother dying in random accidents or catching a fatal disease and dropping dead.
I hate how she keep fucking with my plans, I hate how she's so incompetent and can't act like a grown up and provide to herself. I hate that I'm stressed 24h because I need to find another job that pays double to rent a house that she'll act like it's hers.
I hate that bitch so much, half of my problems would disappear if she was gone. She's an awful, nasty, and negative narcissistic piece of shit that keeps on pretending she's 15 when she's about to enter her 60's.

No. 769320

Friend I’ve known for years is leaving and moving across the country. I know it’s mean but I’m happy I’ll never have to see her again.

No. 769333

Are you my sister? It's like you've described my mother. I know how it feels. The frustration when you have a parent that's incompetent and you feel like an adult your entire life.

No. 769349

Ah that was another anon. Guess its nice to know others have been through similar experiences with autists.

No. 769354

If you were a scrote I'd feel differently but I think it's fine anon! As long as you don't have a poopy butt and you smell good that's all that matters. The only negative thing this indicates is that you must not exercise because there's no way anyone doesn't feel disgusting after running.

No. 769356

This is sweet and adorable and there is nothing bad about this. Enjoy your cat time!

No. 769371

I feel so fucking sick and tired and I just don't want to live right now. I'm going to nap and dream about the life I wish I had

No. 769377

I shower two to three times a week

No. 769386

I still remember being taught how to wash myself by my mother. Some days was just a face, pit and nether regions wash with a wash cloth only at the basin kind of day and showers for when I'm a sweaty Betty.

No. 769395

this is SO cute and also i do the exact same thing lmao! my boyfriend does something similar sometimes where he'll bundle me up and stroke my hair or my back when we're cuddling in bed and i literally just close my eyes and hide my face in the sheets or in his chest and also pretend i'm just a little cat or something. i think it's just like the most comforting image my brain can pull up? it also helps me to relax and let go of everything that's upsetting me or stressing me out. it's nice to escape for a tiny little bit in a healthy way - like, it's not like i'm literally pretending to be a cat or licking his face and saying meow, so i think it's fine. cat time is an adorable name for it btw. don't feel ashamed or embarrassed!!!

No. 769421

I am a die-hard Azealia Banks stan and I have to hold myself back from wking her in the celibricows thread every time she comes up

Same here anon and I hate when retards act as if not showering every day is unfathomably disgusting

No. 769425

same, unless I was at the gym

No. 769426

This post couldn't make any more sense if you tried. The two statements you made are definitely correlated with each other.

No. 769458

I love sunflower oil and I don't really like olive oil, I know, I'm unrefined or whatever

No. 769459

File: 1616702342841.jpg (28.48 KB, 375x500, rm_gaps_fill_458417_6596276_71…)

I like peggy hill
I never found her annoying or unbearable in the show.the way she speaks Spanish is still funny to me.I love how she's assertive and speaks her mind.

No. 769462

I love peggy as well, she's pretty human in her ways, sometimes she's selfish, goofy and oblivious but also assertive and doesn't change herself for others. Peggy stans united.

No. 769471

No. 769472

Based Peggy

No. 769493

No. 769549

>Azealia Banks stan
>doesn't shower everyday
Omg, I love you babe. Sending you lots of love. You're amazing sweetie keep it up. It makes a lot of sense.

No. 769555

I resent my parents for having me. I really love them and know they love but our country is a shit hole and we're poor and I'm a mentally ill retard that finds it extremely hard and taxing to follow a life considered normal. I know that I won't be able to keep up with working full time+ other activities and I sincerely just wish I would get sick and die. I'm either miserable or medicated out of my mind and I can't deal with it anymore

No. 769561

I'm sorry you had to go through that, anon. Do you have any friends to talk to about it? Therapy would help immensely, try and see if there are any helplines or other resources available to you nearby. Maybe try and find online spaces for women who have experienced a miscarriage for peer support. Hang in there.

No. 769567

this unironically

No. 769576

I sincerely believe Quentin Tarantino would fall in love with me if we ever met

No. 769583

I don't know why but I initially distrust blonde males more than other-haired ones. I'm glad they're rather rare.

No. 769584

That's terrifying. I hope it never happens to you.

No. 769594

He wouldn't fall in love with you though. It'd be your feet that captures his heart.

No. 769600

i was watching the episode last night where bobby learns how to fight which is just him kicking everybody in the nuts, and when he fights peggy hill and his foot anticlimactically kicks her in the pussy i was laughing my ass off. what a girl boss.

No. 769611

they put in almost 20 years of food shelter clothing entertainment time etc and I'm here telling them that I have no idea what's going on I agree that I don't want to just have them take care of me forever but I also don't have a problem with some rich person adopting me or smth and just having me do random shit for the sake of still being alive idk

No. 769612

No. 769614

this is probably more serious business but like I have a tendency to question my personhood and sense of existence like am I actually my own person I don't really want things like most people seem to and honestly it's tiring being pushed to do things when I don't want it and am not bothered by the current state of things I just want to lay down and melt into the floor or smth

No. 769615


No. 769618

i also guess a problem with my current state regarding relation to other people is that i've built myself a role of supportive friend and i want to always help them however i can but for the most part i haven't been interacting with most of the friends who i've built this role for myself around in any way other than superficial which is definitely not helping me with the lack of purpose thoughts


No. 769620

having a group of friends who i can be a safe space around/comfort to those who want it/be a good friend overall and enjoy existing in relation to friends

No. 769621

honestly yes i'm probably depressed overall and i know i've been feeling that way for a long time but i'm still not sure exactly what it means for myself or how it affects my thoughts like

No. 769626

but that is because i don't value my work enough to feel that there is enough meaning in it to pursue it at the cost of my time/freedom/etc.

No. 769631

File: 1616714081311.jpg (27.68 KB, 498x280, DGzunGqVwAEAmYu.jpg)

No. 769634

this is so wholesome and cute anon. enjoy your special cat time, you deserve it

No. 769637



Reality: vidrel

No. 769652

File: 1616715179681.jpg (62.35 KB, 498x280, 20210325_233247.jpg)

No. 769722

File: 1616724174488.png (387.35 KB, 622x600, killing type.png)

i'm the gf mentioned here >>769044 and i want to say you are all completely flabbergasting. why does everyone love Cat Time anon yet look down on us when it's literally the same thing? even though "some people do X to cope" has been meme'd into oblivion, it has its basis in reality. after a busy day, sometimes i just want to shut off my brain and relax. and like many others, i rely on my partner to help me unwind in a mutually fulfilling manner. so what if i call her mommy a couple days a week! it's cute and fun. you're meanies and i hate you

No. 769726

I hope you're a very dedicated troll because that's a less disgusting existence than roleplaying as a kiddie fiddler

No. 769727

This isn't Reddit, ma'am.

No. 769728

No one cares. Don't you have some pacifiers to be sucking and diapers to be wearing or something

No. 769731

Samefag, but I can't believe your gf let you post this. Embarrassing.

No. 769732

File: 1616724704612.jpeg (682.04 KB, 1242x1456, 3C91524D-C9E6-4203-B640-8E760C…)

You and your mommy dearest are hilariously gross bitches

No. 769734

wow, so when i'm cuddling with my girlfriend while she reads me a picture book, we're also preying upon children? that's news to me.

feel free to hide the thread. also i don't ask her permission to post on lc lol?

God loves me, actually

No. 769738

File: 1616725103540.jpeg (21.29 KB, 474x474, disgunnabegewd.jpeg)

No. 769739

your og post didn't even get that negative of a response? what a weird larp

No. 769746

dude but I literally said
"It's interesting, please say more because I understand" and you never replied back. I wanted to have a conversation

No. 769755

Live with one myself and I can testify that they ruin family dynamics, can’t even enjoy being in our home because afraid of male test rage that autists have, he’s finally going off to another home hopefully such wastes of space

No. 769756

i did want to thank you for your compassion Anon, but in the end i was too busy ree-ing. my apologies. i'll ask mommy if she wants to reply, albeit belatedly, assuming i haven't gotten us put out to pasture.

No. 769765

I regularly check the gimpgirl thread just to see if her comics have updated… I kinda want to see what happens in them even though their premises are shit, it’s interesting to see how her art/story telling improves regardless. I’m the same way with Holly’s comics but she never updates anything anymore.

No. 769796

I've been texting my 5th grade teacher (recently ran into each other after it seeing him for over 15 years) and I kind of have a crush on him. Mainly he's just been filling me up on gossip from back home but I kinda wish he would flirt with me.

No. 769799

I really cannot believe you're upset about this. This is the confessions thread, so obviously any posters think whatever they are confessing is bad, weird or unusual. Obviously they expect to be judged on their confession. If you can't handle that then just don't post.

No. 769801

Samefag, but I also want to say this happens a lot in the Unpopular opinions thread too. Why do anons keep posting in these threads where it's assumed another anon might disagree or criticize the, and then get upset when someone criticizes or disagrees with them.

No. 769828

I dunno about you, but I only come here to infight.

No. 769850

File: 1616734683222.jpg (97.84 KB, 400x800, Maynard_James_Keenan_Roskilde_…)

I have problematic faves that have done pretty shitty things and acted very horribly (one even allegedly accused of rape?). I don't openly obsess over them anymore but I'll still listen to their music/enjoy their content. It's not like some shitty fringe youtuber that was popular for 5 years or whatever, it's musicians that have been on the scene for decades and that I've been listening to through the best and worst times of my life. So I won't really stop. Pic rel.

No. 769852

>inb4 "duhh anon! Cancel culture isn't real"
I know but I have a personal obligation not to consume media of shitty people. Chris Brown, for example, I'll always skip his music and completely avoid listening to his stuff. Same with xxxtentacion, although I guess now I can listen to his music since I know he won't get a cent.

No. 769856

File: 1616735554734.png (84.27 KB, 1766x264, oh to be a neet mommy in animu…)

accidentally stumbled upon the old secrets thread through google images and found this, and god I wish I could do something this chill. Not into it but holy shit the market is big due to the overworked jap businessmen.

No. 769859

I understand, anon. It's a lot more complicated as a listener/fan than people paint it. Everything's very black and white but imo there's nuance and you're allowed to have your own personal scale of comfort and how you handle these things. For example I'm the same with Chris Brown but then I never was into him in the first place so it's easier. As kids many of us grew up hearing Michael Jackson and I do still enjoy his music while the sick feeling also comes knowing what he did. I don't think they need to be exclusive feelings. I think nowadays people see in black and white so that if you like someone's art, that must mean you support the person 100%. So you must dislike their art which also means the person themselves is bad. Nah even for public figures who haven't done bad things, I still disagree with them a lot. If they've done something horrific it's more serious and uncomfortable but listening to them doesn't make me think what they did is ok. Helps if they're dead already ngl. If anything sometimes I dwell on their crimes and remember how horrible people can be. The world is complicated and you're not condoning those things by enjoying something separate. I mean it's different if you're handing them money but people can separate art from the artist. Always makes me think of "death of the author" although I know that is usually a different context

No. 769860

This isn't a sexual fetish, I'm not turned on by this but I like the idea of my boyfriend beating up people I dislike, like I really want my boyfriend to beat Vasuh up,

No. 769861

Very deep nonny, thanks for your response

No. 769881

this is why farmers shouldn't date eachother

No. 769906

Kek two farmers dating each other delves into mommy kink

No. 769921

Brigitte Bardot was 100% right about the me too movement

No. 769924

all i said was ew, you're acting like a bunch of anons dogpiled her when it was literally just me with a one word response

No. 769953

I often fantasize about falling in love with a beautiful blind young man

No. 769960

Coming back to this, but I just realized this post and the op have the exact same typing style lmao

No. 769972

I've been wondering if I'm genuinely schizoid or if I've just memed myself into being one as a defense mechanism. Signs have been there since early childhood but still…

No. 769973

Blindness is often associated with a sort of purity of mind and soul as well as vunrabality, also the idea of having sex with a blind man is appealing in a strange sort of way

No. 770021

anon did we read about the same thing? I wonder if it's because you are not french and you don't have to deal with her bullshit takes…

No. 770026

Ab would shit talk you for not showering every day but you're probably into that anyway so… When the fuck will she release Fantasea II?

No. 770028

>listening to Brigitte Bardot, ever

No. 770030

What are her takes on it? I'm too lazy to google. I just hope it's not something like "Those poor, poor men! The evil feminazis are ruining courtship and romance" like I heard some other retarded french "feminists" spouting.

No. 770037

Mommy edited for her before posting

No. 770049

It's even worse than the dumb shit Catherine Deneuve said. I can translate some news articles about that later if you want. She's a heinous racist bitch so I'm not surprised she also thinks being catcalled is hot.

No. 770103

I love having non degrading sex with a loving man close to my age who’s attentive to my needs.

Apparently that makes me vanilla prude

No. 770104

File: 1616766509073.jpeg (136.97 KB, 737x730, 84D62BDA-D08C-4154-8553-0868A7…)

You’re based. Never let them make u believe otherwise.

No. 770115

Same, what a concept
LC is the most based if you ignore /g/ kek

No. 770120

Good shit

No. 770129

biggest brain take! good for you queen, speak your truth

No. 770132

File: 1616768566254.jpeg (40.95 KB, 660x370, words-on-chalkboard-womans-han…)

I have about a month to figure out when the hell my anniversary is. I know the date is in April and starts with 2 wish me luck

No. 770141

Happens to me all the time lol. Try searching your texts for the word "anniversary". Not just your SO but friends or family who you might have told about it in passing. If that doesn't work try "reservation" "X year" or "gift" if you're desperate. And try looking through old photos in iCloud/Google Photos in April of a year you did something photo-worthy to celebrate.

No. 770143

Me too and I'm not even sure why

No. 770149

Just gaslight him/her into thinking they’re wrong about the date

No. 770161

Im so tired of my husband being such a drag, all he does is complain about life in the morning, messages me from work with complaints, calls me at lunch to complain more, and then when he comes home after work it's more fucking complaining until bedtime. The negativity is really getting to me when he's home and I feel guilty for feeling happy alone and really appreciating my home alone time because there's no rancid depressing energy in the house

No. 770173

have you talked to him? Maybe he's depressed and has no idea how to cope. And sometimes, negative people have no idea that they are negative until someone points it out to them. I was like your husband, too, I used to complain all the time but I didn't know it until my sister yelled at me one day and screamed at me that I was always so negative all the damn time lol. Maybe tell your husband to snap out of it? If he's depressed he should get therapy or find a new hobby during his free time.

No. 770174

I'm sorry anon but this is so funny, hope you can figure it out!

No. 770226

I wouldn't wish that on you, I'm sure you deserve better than this.

No. 770230

I want to make the most interesting but most cliche story every written about a woman turning into a zombie, there is no such thing as originality my only greatest potential is ripping off everyone and getting away with it

No. 770231

So anyway, I'm >>770049
back and I'll tell you more. Too lazy and tired to translate news articles with this gross bitch's face plastered all over said article, but basically she said things like
>the actresses complaining are hypocrites and were the ones who were flirting with producers to begin with and just regret it
>during her career as an actress when she was young she thought being groped without consent and being told she has a nice ass by producers was a great compliment and kinda hot
>the actresses should be grateful, they're hypocritical feminazis, ridiculous, and more important things should be talked about (probably animal rights because, it's Brigitte Bardot after all)
>not sure how to translate "liberté d'importuner" but her and Catherine Deneuve thinks feminism is now about hating men and reducing sexual freedom and the "freedom to bother (others)", because apparently sexual harassment is just a little bothersome or hot

Anyway, we're talking about the same woman who got in trouble with the law several times for being racist. In France. You REALLY have to do it on purpose to get in trouble with the law that often for being racist, I'm not even going to bother explaining what she said about Guadeloupe, Martinique and the Réunion.

By the way, fuck Jean Dujardin for working with Polanski, I'll never see Un gars et une fille the same way ever again. The only French celebrities I respect are Yannick Noah and Omar Sy, fuck the rest.

No. 770234

Tfw I somehow didn’t know Brigitte Bardot is French. Anyways, what a dunce.

No. 770264

Thank you for the research anon! I relate to your distaste of french celebrities, personnaly I also still stan Adèle Haenel who left the room when Polanski received the César Award for Best Director. Queen shit.

No. 770267

Oh yeah I forgot about that, so many things happened since then after all. But yeah that was iconic.

And I forgot to mention I also respect Bilal Hassani, he's a very young singer so he's not that famous (yet?) but he's a good kid. I wish he won at the Eurovision when he participated, it would have made so many people seethe. I also respect Aya Nakamura for making reality tv washed out celebrities seethe as well.

No. 770270

I love sending a risky text, then hide my phone. I thrive on that anxious feeling

No. 770274

>The only French celebrities I respect are Yannick Noah and Omar Sy, fuck the res
Any milk on Mylene Farmer?

No. 770281

It's been so long since I heard about her, I mostly know she used to be controversial because of her edgy and sexual lyrics long ago, that she's also a gay icon and was lowkey flirting with Claire Chazal on TV at some point.

No. 770282

File: 1616786630594.jpg (262.09 KB, 640x360, Outsider-Art-Gallery-Jarem-1-e…)

My art was better when I was in the mental hospital and completely psychotic. Everything in my life was worse but I could tap into some extremely unique spaces that I just can't now. I always hate the cliché about "woah what drugs was this guy on!" when it comes to surreal art but I feel like I have to admit it does help. Art used to feel like I was pouring my pain and anxiety into the page and accidentally making something. People had a stronger, more uncomfortable reaction to it. Now it feels like I'm crafting something I want to see be made and people just find it visually appealing. It's lost a lot of depth. Both have their own appeal but I have to admit I miss the former a lot.

No. 770285

don't worry anon, you are the same person as you were back at the mental hospital, you just need time to readjust, I'm certain that things will feel more natural in the future, also that drawing is gorgeous !
I'm wishing you the best !

No. 770303

I send genderspecials on tumblr hate asks to trigger them when I'm at a lower mental state

No. 770343

File: 1616793730299.jpeg (5.14 KB, 265x190, frehjdgygeruyjf.jpeg)

You are disgusting.

No. 770353

someone please explain like why possible criminal chan is being cryptic?

No. 770360

Why is everyone baiting so hard lately? it's not even funny

No. 770361

>I unironically hope y’all are included in the screenshots on the shitty YT true crime videos
Thanks! finnaly my dream come true /s

No. 770368

We get posted on scrote boards again .

No. 770372

I was like “oh whatever, not ideal but-“ until finding you were both married. I’m more worried about you bc he probably is unhinged. If he Christopher Wattses his wife I really hope he doesn’t have your info, anon. Stay safe. With love, I say make better choices.

No. 770381

Nta but she's probably the least milky celebrity ever as she's famously media shy and has never given any interview. Even if her music quality has degraded a lot in the past years she's still very respected and has aged gracefully unlike Madonna.

No. 770412

Tina Belcher vibes

No. 770414

No. 770453

Two cows have ordered from my online store. BPD aesthetic is real

No. 770455

What kind of stuff do you sell? not trying to guess who you are btw, I'm just curious

No. 770458

I'm super small in a big pond so no big, it's creepy cute type art. I don't even follow their threads I just recognize the names.

No. 770468

I am so fucking jealous it hurts

No. 770472

My confession is that I unironically want a relationship like >>769044 sometimes.
When I'm sad I wish I could be held and treated like a child. I want someone with a soft voice to read books to me when I'm feeling down or tired, any book that isn't upsetting. in a gentle voice because they love me. I want to play dolls with anyone because fuck it's fun. And I wouldn't mind caring for someone like that either. I think the way cf worded is was rather weird, but I get it. I do.

No. 770477

File: 1616808889843.gif (931.55 KB, 220x207, 507F2CD8-2169-4B8D-B295-5FA7EC…)


No. 770509

I unironically age regress but I don't talk about it anywhere online tbh because it will always attract kinkfags. Idc I like to pout and throw fits and be babied sometimes in my own home by a loving partner who isn't taking advantage of me sexually.

No. 770510

I'm on my 4th abortion attempt. I swear to god, if this fetus doesn't get out of my uterus, I will take us both down.

No. 770511

Um anon if you dont mind me asking, what methods have you attempted to yeetus the fetus that its now the 4th try?

No. 770512

Anon is there a safe place for you to get an abortion or abortion pills? I'm very very very concerned about you

No. 770513

Are you okay? I'm worried

No. 770516

This is why we need affordable and accessible clinics. Try women abuse relief hotlines?

No. 770517

Anon be safe

No. 770519

I know there's legitimate websites where you can get abortion pills if you need them (no black market) but I don't know about them

No. 770521

I've tried getting it aspirated twice and this is my second time using misoprostol. I've just had the absolute WORST luck. (Heart shaped uterus so they couldn't reach fetus, and the first time the medication just didnt fucking work.)

No. 770525

a cow i don't care about bought something from me on poshmark once lmao

No. 770528

File: 1616813582280.jpeg (148.22 KB, 828x1004, 8347EF93-B2E0-4D84-B4D4-060018…)

I do not trust scrotes into dragon ball z
Theyre always insufferable (more than the average scrote)

No. 770530

I posted earlier about a scrote I hate who now has an ugly family and he was into dragon ball z. Is there a connection? I think so.

No. 770531

I have similar fantasies but like…I don’t want to be a child. I just want to be held and read to and babied a little when I’m sick or sad. To have someone devoted to helping me feel safe and to look after my wellbeing. I don’t want to regress to a fucking toddler and talk or be talked to like an idiot. I want to do dumb goofy shit like finger painting or playing with lego or one of those science experiment kits or digging in the dirt or making a pillow fort or whatever the fuck with someone I love and someone who loves me. Just doing things with no bigger purpose in mind. Return to monke type shit.
There’s no sexual element to it, it’s just bonding and enjoying silly things. That natural curiosity and desire for comfort and safety that you had as a kid doesn’t go away just because you have bills to pay. I think these things are normal to want. It’s when people start wanting to fuck each other in diapers while babbling like a 3 year old that it gets bizarre.

No. 770533

I mean, when you're right, you're right

No. 770538

I mean, I'm pretty sure that post is fake, but the thing that made that anons post weird (at least IMO), is that she said her gf acts like a child during that stuff. I feel like if she just said she likes to dote on her gf and do childish activities with her no one would have cared

No. 770540

I hope you find the right person for you. As a parent of an actual baby, the idea of dealing with an adult partner who likes to "pout and throw fits and be babied" sounds fucking exhausting.

No. 770541

My asshole ex was really into Naruto, Dragonball Z and all the other anime popular with scrotes. He was also into making me watch hardcore horror movies with torture and rape scenes because he thought it was cute to "trigger" me. And he wonders why I never return his calls when I'm in his city.

No. 770546

That sounds fucking terrible, I hope that fetus gets the fuck out and everything goes smoothly

No. 770557

File: 1616816243351.png (126.24 KB, 250x313, Sign up.png)

This is stupid but, sometimes I like putting on makeup just to wash it off. It gives me the same satisfaction of watching something be cleaned. Eye makeup never lasts long on me anyway, so sometimes I just like looking at it and then taking it off.

No. 770568

I don't really masturbate but sometimes I just let my fingers chill in my vagina til they prune up.

No. 770578

I envy the neet lifestyle and wish I could afford to live it.

Aww man, this describes me. He's right.

No. 770596

My ex died last April suddenly in a boating/drowning accident. Like, a canoe took in water and he was likley drunk and never was a great swimmer so he quickly drowned i guess by breathing in at the wrong time. Sunk to the bottom of the lake.

I still think maybe in a way it was for the best, for my healing from his narcissistic abuse when we were together.

Love bomber, cute, worshipped me then would talk shit to bring me down and cheated on me several times. Sometimes with tranny prostitutes. He was a liar. He abandoned me when i had to have an abortion to go snowboarding. He really seemed to love me at times too. It's a mind fuck.

But now everyone remembers what a greeeat guy he was and I remember great times but all for his benefit. He was with another soon to be victim woman when he died. She thinks after 9 days they were soul mates and he truly wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. Yeah right that's what he said to me and the one after me.

I feel a sigh of relief he's gone and I can rest a little more easier he isn't abusing someone else.

You think when going through the breakup how you want them to die they fucked you over so bad. He actually did.

No. 770599

@ Prince Phillip anon: repost it, coward.

No. 770607

Most NEETs can't afford it either, they're leeching off someone else. Self funded NEEThood is just early retirement.

No. 770623

File: 1616827149053.jpeg (363.08 KB, 1200x1200, F54DD405-D0C1-4685-98EA-0E5B65…)

I’m not religious but thinking about Satan and Hell still scares me.

No. 770628

I'm in a 5 year+ relationship and my boyfriend has only seen my pussy (lights on, spread out, etc etc) 3 times.

No. 770630

I sometimes fantasize about returning the cat I just got

No. 770635

don't worry anon, hell isn't even really in the bible, it was just made up by catholics to scare people

No. 770638

File: 1616830006192.jpg (52.66 KB, 599x598, 2b19908d1727bf54c0dc1e1ffb3c80…)

Congrats! I want this drowning energy for my abusers too.

No. 770640

Not sure what your interpretation or view of hell may be in scripture, but biblically speaking, it doesn't seem like a place filled with flesh-eating demons, gushings of lava, and a throne with satan ruling over everyone (Satan will also be suffering, by the way [Revelation 20:10]). I believe these ideas originated from books like Dante's Inferno and probably Catholic teachings as well. Hell is more like a spiritual void, where there is a complete absence from God and all goodness (because God is goodness). It's like a fire, symbolically, in the way it eats away at every part of you that was good until you cease existing (Mark 9:48); you cannot live in sin. I recommend this video for more information.
This is false. There are many descriptors of hell being eternal and real (Revelation 14:11) and people being sent to hell in the Bible (King of Lazarus) I agree that the Catholic interpretation is wrong in the way they take things very literally and attach their own interpretations, even if it doesn't seem to be true or supported biblically.

No. 770642


I mean, I can't NOT cheers to that. Tbh it's exactly what I needed. Thanks anon.

No. 770654

I grew up in a protestant household and I also thought hell was a literal pit of fire. Catholicism often gets shit for making up their own stories and preaching it as truth but in hindsight judging by how much crap I was told by pastors during church services that directly contradicts the bible I'm pretty sure the protestants do the same.

No. 770656

Why? If you're already thinking about returning it, maybe you should. Cats are a long commitment and take a lot of money and energy to properly take care of. If you're already feeling meh about it, it sounds pretty bad for the cat.

No. 770663

Saying you grew up in a protestant or catholic or whatever household doesn't mean anything. It's not even about criticizing specifically Catholicism or any other denomination. The point is what is biblical and what is not, what is defended by scripture and what isn't.

No. 770664

I think you misunderstand what I was trying to say.

No. 770711

holy shit my mother is in her 40s and wants to be a fucking instagram blogger. my mom is so fucking jealous of all those instagram girls and what ~lavish lifestyle~ they are living that she wants to do that too. i tried to explain her that its all fake and shit but she just told me to shut the fuck up since i am jealous of those people and their success. i then had to explain her how that instagram thing even works and how people make money through that since she didnt understand how its possible to make money from it kek she then started searching for pictures on her phone that she could post and i told her that its stupid and an ugly picture that nobody would even like trying to get the fucking idea out of her head. she then found a fucking picture that she wanted to post and tried ~editing it~ and i was just there shaking my fucking head since you could see family pictures in the background and shit and told her to fucking stop. my father then began fucking screaming and told me to fuck off and my mom started attacking me too. they are still fucking talking about me and my behaivor and how much of a bitch i am for not letting my mom post on instagram because she wants to be a fucking blogger kekkkkkkkk girly really did almost doxx herself and the rest of the family because of her dream of living the ~instagram lavish lifestyle~ holy shit guys how the fuck can i stop her from wanting to do that shit? she is literally a fucking abusive hag in her 40s and wants to be internet famous

No. 770713

Go apologise to your mom and remove yourself from the situation. Let her do whatever she want to instead of acting like an insufferable cunt.

No. 770714

NTA but I think they're upset because of the family photos in the background of the pic. I'd be pretty pissed over something like that too tbh. However that anon sounds both underage and very bad at handling conflict.

I don't think you can stop her from being a blogger, and I doubt she'll be successful at it so there's not much reason to worry. But did you explain to her why that particular photo was a bad choice? Clearly, insulting her and throwing tantrums isn't working. You should tell her what you're thinking and feeling outright, even if it doesn't change her mind.

No. 770718

let her do it and then post her handle in the personal cow thread, sis

No. 770725

is your mom the same type to fall for pyramid schemes? Because my mom has been trying to do similar shit ever since I could remember things. Some get rich quick schemes which eventually puts us in debt or subjects us to her being cringe as fuck and giving us secondhand embarrassment. She's such a narcissist, she's always like "I need to write a book!" Trust me, no one would read your shit except the family and your high school friends you keep in touch with to sell Nestle chocolates to.

No. 770731

Just let her do whatever she wants as long as she's careful to keep your identity private? She'll probably give up once she figures out it's not a quick buck anyway.

No. 770732

>She's such a narcissist, she's always like "I need to write a book!" Trust me, no one would read your shit except the family and your high school friends you keep in touch with to sell Nestle chocolates to.
Wow, you sound like a makor fucking cunt. Same goes for blogger mom anon.

No. 770745

I can confidently say I’m a knockout. I’m a gorgeous woman. That’s not me being egotistical, narcissistic. It’s just a fact. I’m a knockout. I have great genes. A part of being a knockout, I have confidence and je ne sais quoi, that is unmistakably in my pheromones, and my chemistry, and the way I walk, in my attitude, unmistakable. I am divine feminine energy. And a part of that does not match with the conventional beauty, sometimes, of what sensuality, or society has inferred.

I find one of the most tantalizing and exciting things I’ve ever observed about myself was that, I can drive men crazy and drive people crazy. That I have this air about me that exudes such sexuality, my small breast, and my little frame, and my sweet, little girl voice. It exudes something in people that is extremely passionate and tantalizing. I’ve always just been so into that, and intrigued by that, and have learned how to develop my sensuality as a woman by that. And I glorify it. I think it’s so funny. I swear to God, all your men fantasize about me and probably wonder what it’s like to be with someone who is as small as I am.

No. 770746

nta, but settle down. You know nothing about the situation.

No. 770748

Scrote larping should remain on /g/

No. 770749

Hop in my kangaroo pouch lil mam, we're going for a ride in the outback

No. 770750

oh my god, quit posting your weird jerk-off fantasies and go dilate

No. 770754

File: 1616854016615.jpg (62.14 KB, 600x600, wat.jpg)

No. 770757

File: 1616854353409.png (1.43 MB, 1155x1155, D240FFA5-52F7-474F-B662-AB494D…)

Love the confidence but I SMELL CAP

No. 770761

No. 770766

>I can confidently say I’m a knockout. I’m a gorgeous woman. That’s not me being egotistical, narcissistic. It’s just a fact. I’m a knockout. I have great genes. A part of being a knockout, I have confidence and je ne sais quoi, that is unmistakably in my pheromones, and my chemistry, and the way I walk, in my attitude, unmistakable. I am divine feminine energy. And a part of that does not match with the conventional beauty, sometimes, of what sensuality, or society has inferred.
queen energy

>I find one of the most tantalizing and exciting things I’ve ever observed about myself was that, I can drive men crazy and drive people crazy. That I have this air about me that exudes such sexuality, my small breast, and my little frame, and my sweet, little girl voice. It exudes something in people that is extremely passionate and tantalizing. I’ve always just been so into that, and intrigued by that, and have learned how to develop my sensuality as a woman by that. And I glorify it. I think it’s so funny. I swear to God, all your men fantasize about me and probably wonder what it’s like to be with someone who is as small as I am

officially lost your queen energy

No. 770767

Am i getting makeup inspo from anime guys for when I start working?
Is it embarrassing?
Only if everyone else knows.

No. 770769

File: 1616856493906.jpg (64.91 KB, 956x960, 49124974_295340271004293_91706…)

No. 770771

lmfao shit, sorry for taking the bait y’all

No. 770775

>feminine engergy is the measure of how many scrotes want to fuck you
Every single time. Go dilate already.

No. 770792

File: 1616859670320.png (684.58 KB, 680x549, dfasfn.png)

Please put on green lipstick and super sharp eyeliner one day. For Lord DIO

No. 770803

File: 1616860309165.jpeg (32.51 KB, 646x319, E3DE6583-1BA8-446B-A386-99EE0A…)

Kek. nice copypasta. You want a medal?

No. 770813

File: 1616861505482.jpeg (87.31 KB, 564x564, 120B122D-2A7B-4DB1-A6C6-81D857…)

It honestly looks cool when done right.

No. 770818

i still buy from dollskill because i love their stuff

No. 770820

this is very pretty but not an everyday look imo. looks costumey

No. 770829

i really want to date a masculine trans man, i think that's the ideal partner for me, but i don't want to come off as fetishy

No. 770836

nah anon, dating mentally fucked trannies is inviting drama in your life

No. 770844

idk, people like sam collins seem pretty normal

No. 770853

Just date a butch lesbian anon. Saves so much future drama and autism

No. 770877

Didn’t know who that is but the first thing I see on google is “I’m dating a fan” lol idkkk sis
I too like the seemingly idealized relationship of Chella Man and MaryV but come on. The chances are staggering that they’ll be self-absorbed emotional vampires with whom you have to walk on eggshells constantly since they can’t stop thinking muh dysphoria for 5 whole minutes.

No. 770886

i wouldn't worry about being fetishy unless you're a total creepy, there's always been overlap between trans men and lesbians dating. make sure you understand why she transitioned. i've seen terven transmasc/trans men in gc online spaces so you might be able to meet someone sane at least.

No. 771094

You shouldn't trust guys who are exclusively way too into Shonen Jump series in general because they're all the same type of trash. Especially the guys who only watch the anime adaptations. Bonus if they're also obsessed with soccer.

No. 771142

My best friend came out as a mtf tranny in 2015 and I supported him and shit but in 2017 we argued because I kinda became gender critical. I called him man and said he wasn't gonna be a woman ever and basically cut contact but now I miss him so much because he was the only person I could confide in I feel like shit

No. 771152

Any trans individual is bound to have a lot of issues, sam collins or whatever looking chill in the videos doesn't mean shit.
Not discouraging you, but be careful.

No. 771173

I exaggerated my ADHD symptoms to get stimulants because I want to lose weight. I know regular dieting works but I want to make it easier.

No. 771184

If it wasn't for the creepy pickme pedo shit in that little monologue I would totally support her confidence, she is really gorgeous.

No. 771185

My BFF actually came out as mtf trans in 2016 and contrary to what lolcow would want me to do I’m so glad I didn’t drop them as a friend. They ended up being less pushy about gender stuff than I thought so it wasn’t a big deal. I think if you have similar values otherwise you can be friends with a tranny.

No. 771186

Are they straight transbians or gay HSTS though? I'm guessing the latter since straight men make shit BFFS. There is a significant difference between the two and I think you'll find even the most hard line radfem will have a fair bit more sympathy and acceptance for gay MTFs.

No. 771193

I'm really thankful for the life my parents gave me but growing up we were poorer than most of the kids in my school and I still feel some resent over that.

No. 771225

Straight. Wow looks like I made an awful mistake, better drop my BFF to gain the approval of a bunch of strangers online

No. 771242

File: 1616923721737.jpeg (22.41 KB, 211x310, EF929650-35BD-4B2D-993D-23FFF5…)

The lolcow discord bitches recommended watashi no shounen now I cant stop reading shota I don’t like them but I like the dynamic between a boy and a woman.

No. 771246

File: 1616924310781.jpg (21.94 KB, 480x270, giphy-facebook_s.jpg)

There's a lot I could say about this post, but I think pic says it all.

No. 771251

>the lolcow discord recommended me shota
I'm not suprised in the slightless, that discord is full of cows.

No. 771254

I remember one user there said she wanted a tattoo of some art by some loli rape hentai artist

No. 771258

nice bait anon i'll give it 8.5/10

No. 771260

Wtf is going on with the autism itt kek

No. 771279

Calm down no one ITT has said that.

No. 771282

I'm lowkey relieved my little sister and her ex-fiance aren't together anymore. I thought she wasn't going to be responsible enough to start living in her own place and naively thought her then bf would have to basically babysit her but it turns out that he was kind of a deadbeat before covid and dropped her like a hot potato when they had to move together to a new place. She deserves better than being stuck with this kind of guy. It sucks that it happened at such a stressful time for her but better sooner than too late. The reason why it's a confession is because if I told her that she would misinterpret this and think I didn't want her to get married in a general sense.

No. 771300

File: 1616932519175.png (55.26 KB, 320x168, 2A295761-7CE2-4A13-B1FD-849345…)

I take screenshots whenever an Anon is nice to me, finds my reply funny, or says they love me.

No. 771304

I love you!! add me to your screenshot folder nonna!

No. 771330

You must have a lot of screenshots already cutie pie

No. 771341

When I was younger I had a shaved head on and off for a while. I grew it out slightly since then but only to a pixie cut. I honestly don't think I could really pull it off now in my thirties. But every time a man stops me and tries to chat me up… I walk away so tempted to start shaving it again. I'm gay, I'm very gay. How much do I need to look like a walking lesbian stereotype before men stop approaching me??

I haven't given in yet cause changing my look based on men (even if it's just to get rid of them) seems pretty fucked to me. If I had hair clippers in my house tho.. I fully believe I would've impulsively done it by now and then regretted it. Still every time a man approaches me I get the compulsion.

No. 771342

If I were extremely attractive and social consequences weren't a thing, my main hobby would be seducing interesting people, sleeping with them, and then cutting off all contact afterwards

No. 771350

Murderer, leave that poor child alone.(bait)

No. 771358

Fuck off parasitic scrote

No. 771360

>Hey scrote
Pathetic. You and the rest of the murder advocates above thinking that you are in any way in a position to say anything, would be hilarious if you were not allowing murderers to murder their unborn children.

No. 771365

You will never be a woman.

No. 771367

You literally arguing like a /pol/ack.

No. 771369

fetus deletus isnt the same as murdering a living human, you dipshit moid

No. 771372

Men are parasitic.

No. 771377

My dad's girlfriend is younger than 3 of his children including me, it grosses me out

No. 771380

>Defending unborn children makes me a man
Wow, I guess you farmers must have a terrible opinion of women, explains a lot about this site really.

True, fuck men. And fuck murderers of defenseless, unborn children.


>Still obsessed with calling me a scrote
This is getting sad. Also gametes are not fertilized eggs, having a two digit IQ must be tough, you have my sympathy.

No. 771381

Do you have a hot brother who can help dissipate the relationship by seducing her? Teach your pervy dad a lesson.

No. 771382

Real life is not porn anon.

No. 771384

You’re just too boring to argue with. It’s a shame you where never aborted.

No. 771385

is it just me that I feel the sexual tension on here sometimes even though you’re all strangers

No. 771390

Oh, am I too boring for you because I don't entertain your murderous tastes and actions? It is a shame you and the "doctors" that kill these poor children are not faced with the chair anymore.

No. 771394

You’re trying too hard.

No. 771397

no it's not just you. personally i think discharge-chan and komaeda 2.0 should kiss

No. 771417

fuck off with your shit tier bait
a-are we about to kiss rn anon?

No. 771420

Not at all
Fuck off with your non posts. I say what I want and say it without hesitation. You just call out like an idiot at the sidewalk.

No. 771423

File: 1616946945621.jpeg (317.11 KB, 1920x1080, 11A1418D-C89D-4204-BF03-5CD385…)

You should of been aborted.

No. 771426

>The irony of posting this image with "you should of (it's have by the way, learn English) been aborted"

No. 771427

Imagine dating someone, finding out you both use imageboards, and the other person starts telling you about this complete dumbfuck they argued with a while back, and you slowly realize they're talking about you.
How do you proceed?

No. 771431

have the most passionate sex of your life, obviously.

No. 771443

File: 1616948732992.png (315.56 KB, 586x634, EMw4eQEWoAAlQzy.png)

i really, really enjoy when i get the opportunity to tell a man he isn't funny. i love reacting to a joke with a blank face and telling him "okay" or straight up, "you're not funny." men place such a high value on being witty and comedic, it completely wrecks them. it's like telling them their dick is too small. it's one of the best ways to tear a scrote down. he'll think about the time he failed to impress a woman for awhile after.

No. 771444

File: 1616948812978.jpeg (92.63 KB, 597x895, 6719810A-6C28-49F5-B581-74695E…)

>>bitching about grammatical errors after failing to piss off nonnys about abortion views
>>doesn’t understand what ironic means
>>triggered over pic of gorilla in space

No. 771452

Based. I’m gonna start doing this now

No. 771453

I'm very bad at this, mainly because most self-professed funny guys around me are old men, and I feel like I can't confront those on death's door, so I politely smile at the most unfunny shit.

No. 771457

I told my dad this the other day after he kept joking that I should ask my mom if both he and his current wife can come visit her when she moves to Florida. I ignored the obvious text joke/bait and then when I talked to him on the phone he asked me again! I said you aren't funny just stop. He got all pissed and implied I ruined a good conversation just because I didn't think his repetitive "joke" was at all funny. I told him to stop gaslighting and he didn't know what that meant. Not pretending to think his comments are funny anymore if they aren't. Racist, misogynistic, and just bullying really. They really do get pissed off. Men have such sensitive egos it is beyond obvious.

No. 771462

Samefag. Yep. Always the old dudes. My dad has just got super cringe over the years in his old age. I used to give a chuckle and now I just can't throw any bones. He says "I've been like this for years do you really think I'm gonna change now just because you want me to? Do you?" Yes dad, I male an attempt to not say things to the people I love when they tell me they don't like it.

No. 771464

So do I, anon! I did this a lot in high school and made some enemies because of it. Men assumed I absolutely hated them because they just weren’t funny. I didn’t laugh obediently like a trained dog at a shit joke and a guy asked me “why I was so hateful” for just staring at him blankly. Why are men so sensitive?

No. 771487

When I was small I always remember seeing on tv that dads were meant to get all protective of you as you become a teenager and young woman, brothers too. I saw it on shows, I saw examples of it irl too. I really thought that once you reached that age where men start sexualizing you at least your dad or your older brother stand up for you or care about your safety. That has not been my experience.

I have a tall dad and tall older bro, both worked security and bouncer jobs over the years so both are men with a bit of presence to them. They could easily have a word with someone and get them off your back no problem. Neither have ever given a fuck when I had any kind of harrassing scrote bothering me. A relationship that turned physically abusive..my dad had a blank expression when I opened up to him. A few weeks later he seemed to forget the whole convo and go back to praising my ex? My teens/adult life has been me fighting my own corner and just not even telling my dad some of the stuff that women go through. Creeps at my workplace that show up daily and push boundaries with what is an appropriate comment to make about my appearance or body…again total blank expression when venting to my dad about it and voicing my concerns of walking home at night after those perv heavy shifts.

I know my experiences aren't uncommon but I've no mom or sisters to talk to and I've a dad who is unbothered about this shit. Like don't you give a fuck about my safety even? It's bothered me for years. The things I could tell him that have happened to me.. situations that have felt like close calls. But I'd get the same blank reaction from him. I don't know if he just has no concept of what women go through. Maybe he thinks I'm a fantasist? He told me last year that he was in a bar local to my house (we don't live close, he was visiting) and the barmaid was having some gross sexual shit said to her by a drunk man. He worried about her safety! Omg dad, do you get it now??

No. 771497

Im a frail weakling but I'll throw hands for you nonny.
Seriously though, its insane how men cape for each other. Its like theyll defend each other before sticking up for a woman, even if she is a family member. Did you have a bad relationship with them growing up? Maybe your dad cares but doesnt even know what to say because men are shit at processing emotions, not that its any excuse for being a cold brick wall. id ask him if he even gives a shit

No. 771501

I do think dad's have a hard time processing the fact that their daughters are being subjected to behaviors by men that they themselves may have participated in. Some kind of cognitive dissonance occurs and they shut down or something.

When the metoo movement broke I had posted a simple, in solidarity post "#metoo" as a lot of women were then. My dad flipped out and texted me (God forbid he picks up the phone to call) saying why are you saying this garbage and how he's so sick of women acting like they are abused all the time. I told him how often everything from sexual harassment to rape occurs for women and how it is just "normal" and he couldn't understand it. He said he didn't want to talk about it ever. Shut me down. They can't handle it because even if they are "good guys" they've all contributed in some way.

No. 771504

I think the issue with my dad is that he has always had these blindspots where if he hasn't directly struggled with something himself.. then anyone else complaining about that struggle is being a drama queen. A good example of that is how he always had that tough attitude of 'depression aint real, suck it up' and then when he retired from work early he soon developed depression and it became a real thing that people experience. He's lonely and bored and suddenly mental health is real.

So I think he's just blind to any female specific issues for that reason too. It's hard to not take it personally. I've been through things that are crimes and having no particularly involved or supportive family…left me more vulnerable to that. My ex who beat me.. he knew what my dad is like. I wish I had never told him that!

>he's so sick of women acting like they are abused all the time. I told him how often everything from sexual harassment to rape occurs for women and how it is just "normal" and he couldn't understand it. He said he didn't want to talk about it ever. Shut me down.

This is the kind of convo I've dreaded having with mine. I suspect things would go the same way as this and I'm avoidant for that reason. We see this shit said everywhere but that extra sting when it's coming from your dad.

No. 771507

I hear anon. After that incident I realized I just can't talk to my dad about it and he won't be able to give me the validation I need or comfort. He can't hear me out on my depression either. I haven't seen him for a few years ever since that blow up. I removed him from my FB after that and relaize I can only talk positively. He doesn't get it. Sorry you're feeling like this, they care about us, they just don't have the tools to be empathetic to our seemingly "dramatic issues". Men that old grew up ignoring their feelings and thinking women are trophies and objects. I'd like to think things are changing but we got a long way to go. They also don't seek out therapy as much. Best you can do is maybe find a therapist of your own to talk it out with, if you haven't already. Mine helped significantly.

No. 771531

My brother used to be like this. He’d pick massive fights over people not applauding his inappropriate and mean spirited jokes. It got a lot better when he stopped drinking.
Also this is kind of gross but he used to graphically describe his sexual escapades in front of me and didn’t stop until I told him that it’s “basically sexual harassment” to me, which it is. Its fucking gross and I don’t want to hear it. He’s tormenting me with sexual talk even if it’s not sexualising me.

No. 771534

>>771501 Your dad is a rapist.

No. 771536

Whenever I watch documentaries about scrotes killing their wives I get particularly upset and angry. Especially when they’re doing it so that they can replace her with a younger model. It’s because I’m a mummys girl. My favourite thing about my dad is that he worships her and treats her well. But If my dad ever hurt my mother I would just fucking murder him. Id smash his skull to pieces. When people say “what if your mother had aborted you?” I just think “she can do whatever the fuck she wants with her life, even if that means I never get to exist” because she is the greatest person who ever lived and deserves everything that she wants. I will happily just slither back into the void and inhabit some other conscious body.

No. 771574

>a guy asked me “why I was so hateful”

God, it's always someone else's problem isn't it? Funny how women always blame their performance and men always blame their audience.

I went to high school with a guy that used to just say the n word loudly and for no reason and then when none of the girls laughed, it was CLEARLY because we were triggered lil snowflakes. Man, you're just not funny. It's not even dark or offensive humour because it's plain not funny. Like what is the joke? You repeated the same word loudly and obnoxiously for the 47584th time today? Hee hee haw haw, prime comedian.

No. 771576

This reminds me of the netflix doc where he murdered his wife and two little girls so he could go off with another woman who was apparently more sexually open. One of his little girls knew what was going on and asked him not to hurt her, but he did it anyway. I know both women and men are capable of vile shit but men seem to be able to do it at the drop of a hat and over the smallest things. He could have literally just asked for a divorce but nah, he buried her in the desert and put his babies in an oil tank.

No. 771580

What the fuck. Your dad is a gaslighting piece of shit. I'm sorry you have to deal with this, but men who get really aggressive about the metoo movement or women talking about anti sexual harassment and rape are probably rapists themselves. fuck

No. 771581

I dont know why, but men seem to be capable of murdering so easily and stories like this always get me so scared and angry. Getting a divorce would be so much easier and more sane, but they want to have their cake and eat it too

No. 771584


Yeah I kinda figure he at least was a date rapey dude once or twice in his past. He was a good looking guy in the military and brags about all the women that loved him especially the Italians. How they'd be all over him when he brought the cocaine out. Now he's overweight in his 60s and making comments like "I don't get what the problem with guys are today I NEVER had issues getting women into bed." That in response to my most recent brief comment about how every woman I know had dealt with some level of sexual harassment or abuse. Right. He's a good guy though…. I still tell myself that. Just like I occassionally tell myself that about my rapey dead ex boyfriend.

I'm probably gonna be single for life because I'm so over men and their shit. But still making excuses for their bad behavior, shitty jokes, and lies.

Thanks anons. End rant.

No. 771585

i didn't laugh at some moid at work's joke and the next day he was telling people i "seemed too busy" and "didn't like him". they are incredibly fragile.

No. 771587

I was out and about once and I blanked a moid I knew at school who groped and sexually harassed me a few times and he got our mutual friend to message me and ask “why I hated him” KEK.

No. 771612

No. 771613

I'm really sorry you have/had to deal with that. I know too well that feeling that even tho they appear as good nigels sometimes they let the reality slip. They are all shit in the end and we know it. Hugs

No. 771615

File: 1616969660656.gif (661.6 KB, 498x376, DE8DCCF3-136E-4B97-B28A-D9BF64…)

I used to think that dating or going on dates was only a thing that existed in shows and movies, I used to think romantic dates weren’t real. I literally sat for awhile trying to process that people actually go on dates? To another location? But for what reason lmao? I’m not autistic at all, I just thought it was a meme-tropey thing that was in media so it could show specific characters together.

No. 771618

I thought this too. My dad had praised my abusive ex too even when he knows stuff. I found out he use to beat my mum. I truly think the men that don't step up for women or cope for asshole men are usually similar so they don't want to associate the thing with shame. They're wankers.

No. 771621

Based. All daughters should grow up like this.

No. 771622

Because it's nice to experience good and/or new things together (foods, movies, art, etc) what's your confusion?
>I’m not autistic at all
Are you 100% sure? Not even trying to be snappy.

No. 771624

Its not too different than going out to eat with friends or friends, it just has a romantic undertone rather than platonic/familial. Don't believe what you see in media though, events are portrayed in a more exaggerated manner to be more entertaining. Actual dates are just regular old fun, or more sentimental if its a really special occasion.

No. 771632

When I brush my cat, I collect all of her fur from the brush and keep it in a zip-loc bag.

No. 771633

Why? I could understand keeping whiskers, but keeping fur…

No. 771634

Absolutely that is sexual harassment. Just because he knows you personally means nothing either. Imagine if he walked up to a random girl and started talking about his sex life details and she said "stfu" and he kept going…it wouldn't be okay then or if he knew the person or with you. No thanks would I want the mental pic of my bro getting it on haha gross.

Thanks anon I appreciate you.

No. 771649

File: 1616972934152.jpg (68.39 KB, 640x640, Crafting_with_Cat_Hair_Cover.j…)