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No. 764603

I saw anon venting in Medbay, that’s pretty sus
Previous thread: >>755729

No. 764611

i'm 24 and i cringe when i see girls younger than me talking about wanting babies. i think it's fine to see someone my age or older talk about it but 20? 21? TEENS? lizard brain retards

No. 764612

tbh i cringe when i see anyone younger than their late twenties talking about it

No. 764617

Unfortunately I will be single forever. Most men have sky high standards for the women they think are wifey material and on top of that 99% of them are ugly. It would be like winning the lottery to find a man who is cute, nice and active for a average or below average looking girl.

No. 764621

basically if you don’t look like a bimbo or an ultra hyper beautiful woman with absolutely no sight of fat on your stomach it will never happen. we’ve been hyping men up for years why can’t they just choke and die, they make dating and romance unbearable and awful

No. 764624

>single forever
You mean luckily?

No. 764627

Uh, this isn't true. There are a lot of ugly to average women with handsome and kind boyfriends.

No. 764630

I know they exist but I have never seen a really ugly or average womam with a hotter bf and most of the time it only happens because the girl will accept toxic behavior from him that prettier/more wealthy women wont

No. 764631

yeah but literally LC will make fun of those “average/ugly” women (there is literally a thread like that in /g/) because apparently the way they look makes them undeserving of the man they perceive as hot and attractive. basically just heterosexual culture.

No. 764632

Why would it be lucky? I would love a sweet, tall and attractive guy to take care of me and vice versa.

No. 764634

That’s just people being bitter because they can’t have a cute relationship, but if you have real friends that appreciate you and respect you, they will be happy for the things you’ve achieved, specially if that means having a nice and healthy relationship with a well adjusted man.
And if they’re shit and criticize you because you don’t look like you got a filter on your face 24/7, then they’re retarded and deserving of being alone forever.

No. 764643

Meh I'm an uggo and have only dated men I have found genuinely attractive. I'm in a long-term relationship and I've had people seem surprised when they see him kek. It's possible anon!

No. 764644

File: 1616122544349.jpg (47.99 KB, 500x379, c89.jpg)

This obese cow and her balding MTF troon partner came to my work and we made small talk then she decided to bring up that she's a lesbian in all seriousness. It was obvious that her partner still had a penis and was the most masculine troon I've ever seen

I thought this brainwashing shit was only on twitter, now I'm worry about actual lesbians who get catfished by scrote troons and get cornered for wanting actual woman with a vagina

No. 764649

I've seen so many tweets from asian american women complaining about white women talking about the Atlanta killings and straight up telling them to shut up bc they were not the targets and it botters me so fucking much, why are they acting like the 2 white women who were killed didnt exist at ALL?????

No. 764652

File: 1616123292811.jpg (132.54 KB, 700x1067, 1-5cf0e179238b9__700.jpg)

I am very tempted put fake nails on right now, despite the fact I'm supposed to take a break due to the sad state of my natural nails

No. 764653

Asians wokesters are ready to be victims now. They have been going after black people too for not being as passionate about them as for blm.

No. 764660

I'm glad that from what I've seen most black people aren't buying that. Trying to exclude ww from this like it's not mainly about misogyny is disgusting

No. 764665

>They have been going after black people too for not being as passionate about them as for blm.
Nta, I hope this doesn't sound like racebait or like I'm being insensitive to what happened, but I thought this was very strange too. Infact, wasn't the shooter a white man?

No. 764667

I’m so over this stupid shit.
It’s just the new event everyone’s picking to bitch about and act like a self righteous victim.
It’s a contest between black people, the mentally ill, trannies and now I guess Asians and somehow trannies are the ones who are always feeling the most victimized

No. 764674

Tbf a lot of the really vocal BLM folks have been making the slaying about themselves

No. 764676

Asians have been whining about black people not supporting them since they started getting hate for covid

No. 764680

My boyfriend is asleep because he worked today and it's midnight, but I'm still irked because I'm feeling unrightfully lonely. I'm gonna eat poorly as a coping mechanism and watch true crime, I wish he was awake. He's not very much fun to talk to when he's sleepy/grumpy though. I'm just fucking bitchy right now.

No. 764696

The concept of weed being illegal is so fucking dumb. It's a goddamn plant. And way less addictive and dangerous than alcohol. I mean, I've met some people who have been addicted to weed but I have also met way more people who have had alcohol absolutely destroy their lives and killed them(some of them being family members).

Why the hell is it illegal to use a plant that that makes some people relax, eases physical pain and doesn't make them into violent degenerates who can't function and make them ill. Fucking cigarettes cause health problems yet you can buy them from every corner store.
On top of that, it being illegal makes it way easier to use other drugs because people will think "Welp I'm already using one illegal substance, why not try some other things? People told me smoking grass is bad but it's really not so how bad can trying heroin really be?"

Jesus fucking christ.

No. 764698

I'm about to make myself throw up. My stomach feels so terrible, I want relief

No. 764702

My best friend just shared some troontard protest sign that said something along the lines of “ Dont just care about your cisters care about your sisters”. Barf. I’m so scared I’m going to terf out on her one day but I know that would instantly make her go no contact with me.

No. 764708

File: 1616131877481.png (162.64 KB, 860x434, 244747478478 3647483.png)

Fuck depression for robbing me of the fun years of my life.
I missed out on going out, dating, keeping friends because I kept my locked in my room all the time.

I feel like I could have been so much further in life if I wasn't such a bitch and let things get so bad for me it ironically makes me depressed

No. 764722

Anon I'm also feeling unreasonably lonely. But I'm isolating myself by not logging into my MMO for 2nd day because there's changes and I have difficulty adjusting. I understand I'm in PMS and that always affects me super bad so I'm just trying to chill.
I'm cooking enough instant pot carnitas and bacon/beer pinto beans to last me for 2 weeks with rice/tortillas etc. I'll end up eating around 1:00am my time. The process of prepping and chopping and cooking soothes me and in the end I have food for days. It's like an economically healthy but physically unhealthy coping mechanism.

No. 764727

File: 1616135632275.png (289.86 KB, 640x529, 7ec.png)

So I spoonfed my boyfriend on what I wanted for an engagement ring and he still managed to screw up ordering it. I went with him to try on rings and we got as far as a draft at the jeweler's. The consultant gave us her card and said to contact her when ready. He needed to save money at the time so we waited. Later ​I gave him a list of the specs I wanted for the overall band. We even already had the center stone so arguably the hardest shopping part that men face was over. It was as simple as him dropping off the stone and following the list on one of his days off.
He bungled so badly.
First of all he never called in advance to make sure the same lady would be there that day. So he rolls into this store expecting them to know him from Joe and of course they have no idea who this man is lmao, and the lady isn't there. They try to help him. However it was like he completely forgot everything about me and what we did together while ring shopping. He forgot my ring size and forgot what I wanted on the band. This might have been forgivable due to nerves if I hadn't sent him the details list on his phone which had all of this info, including my ring size. When he finally did reference it, he completely misread what I had sent and for some reason thought that the pictures I sent of what I wanted was actually what I didn't want. Boyfriend, why would I have sent pictures of things I don't want? "Yeah, I thought that was weird too." /facepalm
He had sent me two panic texts asking me for the details but I was too busy at work to have seen them. I noticed a whole 25 minutes later but by the time I called him back it was too late. He had already submitted the order and drove home instead of giving me time to answer his questions or call.
I get that this is all very materialistic, but it was really hard to not be a little mad about his carelessness. Putting aside the fact that I'm a little hurt that he didn't retain any of this info. I think what annoys me is the hours of research and work I put into finding the stone I wanted and looking into a custom ring, and all he had to do was relay the details, add some personal touch, and pay yet he messed it up somehow.
His ego wouldn't let him say out loud how dumb he'd been and initially he tried to blame me for being confusing. Had he really been paying attention he wouldn't need the list anyway.
He moped all day because I was disappointed. I wasn't trying to make him feel bad on purpose, it was just frustrating at the moment. I think I remember him apologizing, but I can tell he's defensive and sensitive about it. At least that tells me he didn't do it on purpose.

It's not a gigantic deal because once we receive the mockup in a few weeks, we can send back for redo. It's just going to be a longer process now when it didn't have to be. I just wanted my ring after having the stone literally taunting me on my dresser for months. I'm impatient af now. I still love him, he's just retarded sometimes. At least he'll try to make it right.

No. 764729

File: 1616136311414.jpg (14.91 KB, 400x400, chillin.jpg)

>tfw found out someone I hated got run off twitter
what a time to be alive.

No. 764730

I don't understand guys on tinder. on the rare occasion I actually match with someone they almost never message me. if I message them first, they seem super uninterested and the conversation is hard to keep going. if they message me first, they eventually end up ghosting me.

like, I get that a lot of people on tinder are probably there just to see who's on there and aren't actually interested in dating anyone, but if that's the case why did they swipe right?

No. 764733

I could be your best friend so easily, you sound awesome. I hate when UIs change in games, it bothers me more than it should. I feel your pain!

No. 764739

People seem REALLY intent on making the killings solely about race rather than misogyny or a combination of both. Lots of calls to protect Asian Americans (all of them, not specifying women), some weird takes about it being sexist to speculate about them being sex trafficked (like that's an insult, and not a very real thing that often happens), blaming covid etc…

Obviously race is a major factor and you can't separate race and gender when it comes to men's racist sexual fetishes, but a psycho like that like would have killed whichever race of women he happened to be most attracted to. He specifically said it was sexually motivated, but as usual nobody wants to acknowledge the epidemic of violence against women for what it is.

No. 764741

Men swipe right on every woman and then filter whoever matches with them, it's a numbers game. It saves them the time and effort of reading profiles, picking out women they are actually interested in, and then most likely not even matching with them.

No. 764747

I have finally found the perfect birth control. It's like my PMDD was never there, my skin looks great, I have energy, no spotting. Unfortunately, it gives me cramps from hell in the week leading up to the period week. Thankfully this is a three month thing so I only have to deal with it a few times a year, but holy shit I've never had cramps in my life until now. It's a price I'm willing to pay but also I'm dying.

No. 764748

lol what were they cancelled for

No. 764750

File: 1616140028097.gif (238.83 KB, 220x220, J3.gif)

A woman (the cashier) complimented my pride pin today and instead of saying thanks, I got caught so offguard that I just raised my hand as in "goodbye" and left. Didn't even look at her face because I'm an autistic retard. God I want to fucking die, I can never go back there now.

No. 764752

This. And then they fucking cry why they don't get any matches because they fuck up the algorithm for themselves.

No. 764764

File: 1616143895770.png (1.16 MB, 1280x720, f9b.png)

God I'm so happy I got a two bedroom apartment
My niece isn't doing to well and it seems like something has happened, and the fact that she doesn't have a lot of privacy doesn't make it a lot better:

- Her mom sometimes just goes straight into her (now teenage) kids rooms just to "hang out" or check out what they're doing without any warning
- When she visits my brother (she lives with the mom far up north while the rest of the family lives here in the capital), which she only does for a few days 2 or 3 times a year, she only has a small, though very cozy, area that is divided by a curtain
- My mom lives in a 1 bedroom apartment so while she can hog the living room it's still not quite the same

So she is most likely going to stay at my place during easter. I had a gut feeling that we would get a scenario like this ever since she was 12 (she's 17 now) which is actually one of the reasons to why I looked for an apartment with an extra room when I was looking for something new. I hope knowing that she can always stay at my place for a chance to be left alone without any requirement to come out and socialize more than she needs to for a few days will be what she needs to feel at least a little bit more at ease. She has to enter another type of hell though with my absolutely awful cooking.

No. 764770

Kek. But for real, anon, learn cooking, you'll eat better and cheaper. It's a super useful life skill.

No. 764774

I know, I know lol. I've just always lived alone so there haven't really been much of a need to make great food since it's just going to go down the grub hole anyway. It usually comes out decent but nothing special. I usually eat pretty healthy and rarely eat out or order home though.
I'm great at baking and making coffee or hot chocolate though

No. 764795

I hate Pete Davidson's bug-eyed dumb ass so much. I hate that his fling with Ariana Grande tricked millions of people into thinking he's relevant. One time I was talking to a friend about rock music and apropos of nothing she said "Did you know Pete Davidson once went to a Steely Dan concert and didn't know anything?" and I was like ??? Okay? Now I have to know that forever? Later on another friend group was discussing John Mulaney going into rehab and one person said "Pete Davidson was apparently encouraging him to seek help." and internally I was like jesus christ who gives a fuck? We weren't talking about him? I feel like I'm in some elaborate Truman Show scale prank

No. 764796

Is this some copypasta

No. 764799

No this is my real miserable life

No. 764802

How can you say this just about him and not every single other celebrity, they're all equally irrelevant to your life.

No. 764822

The way my boyfriend and I disagreed really changed my view of him. It seems like the men I've talked to will try to argue their case and get me to compromise on something that hurt me because it WaSnT THEiR inTenTIoN? It was such a small thing, but the fact that he needed to justify everything for an hour even after apologizing makes me think it's just some weird pride thing.

If I was the one who did something wrong to hurt him, I'd just change my behavior (within reason)? I wouldn't try to have a long ass debate or justify why I did something. What the fuck is the point in giving excuses? I thought my boyfriend was above this but I guess he's not as kind or amazing as I once thought.

No. 764828

>How can you say this just about him
…Because he is literally the one cropping up in my random conversations with friends, as recounted in my post? Sorry that I vented about a specific peeve in my life rather than write something affirming your dislike of all celebrities?

No. 764830

I got 4 hours of sleep and was angry during the majority of it because I had a dream that I downloaded a game app on my phone that was actually trojan for spyware and some fags kept stealing my money from my bank account because they had access to all my passwords. I woke up mad.

At least it's Friday.

No. 764837

I find it bizarre that men will spend money on porn, strippers and cam girls but are cheap towards the women they can actually fuck in real life. Theyd spend $200 at on a night at the strip club then complain about spending $20 dollars on a woman theyd actually have a chance at fucking. The scrote brain is a mystery.

No. 764838

Because most women will still fuck them anyway and they know this

No. 764842

I applied for an opportunity outside of my country and I had a little bit of faith to be selected. Now I know I wasn't selected and I feel a little bit down but it's okay I'll keep trying

No. 764843

I had a dream last night that I broke up with my boyfriend and all my girlfriends that I had drifted apart from were there to comfort me. I feel terrible how genuinely disappointing it was to wake up in the same bed and realise it wasn't true. I've been having realisations that this relationship wasn't going to work for months now. I'm terrified to accept that I have to break up with him because it means being alone. I'm living in a place I have no ties to after drifting apart from my friends. I would have to find a new place to live with a stranger. This is the most anxious and depressed i've felt in a while and I'm worried that a huge lifestyle change would make it worse. I keep telling myself that I can't let fear hold me in place and change is always going to be better than stagnation but that voice in the back of my head keeps saying "it's easier this way for now, just stay put and put up with it" even though I feel like I'm being disingenious to myself and him. This sucks. Why am I such a scared little bitch?

No. 764844

Anon even “decent” men are still men, I’m sorry. That shit is so annoying.

No. 764845

going to strip clubs is how scrotes bond with friends

No. 764848

The fuck. I agree that
>even “decent” men are still men
however you don't have to accept someone not taking your feelings seriously. My bf always listens to me and is not offended when I feel hurt by something he did (it doesn't happen that often). We talk like adults and work on each other and our issues.

No. 764857

The cock carousel is just projection from what I've seen.
>fuck boy scrote messes around with women and treats them like shit until hes in his mid 30s
>panics because women arent allowing him to pump and dump anymore
>is now faced with his morality and wants to settle down and have some kids
>finds a 18-25 year old to wife up
>robs her of her youth and she never got to have any of the fun he had when he was young

No. 764863

>>still shames her for her previous sexual encounters even though they completely dwarf his own

No. 764883

It doesn't even have to be porn for them to be blatantly devaluing you and making clear that your happiness isn't important to them. My long term ex was a dude who had no qualms with dropping beaucoup money on alcohol and games, yet asking to go on a date where maybe between us it might cost $50 had him treating me with contempt and disgust. The truth is they view every cent spent on someone they don't care about as "wasted" when they could have put it towards something they actually wanted for themselves. Strippers, video games, beer, etc. the vice doesn't make a difference just know that they put it before you every time. I was such a naive pickme.

No. 764898

A neighbor from not even my street but the next one over just dropped a parcel down to me. She said that she was getting a delivery from the same guy so he just gave her my parcel to pass on. I was home and waiting so it's not even like he tried my house first.

ffs I have a sex toy coming on Monday so I'm feeling pretty uncomfy with the fact that couriers are doing this shit. Not even a nextdoor neighbor…someone on a different road trusted to pass shit on, why?

No. 764902

It honestly seems that way. Even though he seems to be high empathy (not just with me, but with others as well) he still has this weird hang-up about being right that a lot of men do. I think they believe if they make a mistake it's some sort of direct attack on their character.
It's a weird disconnect because I believe he genuinely cares very much and takes my feelings seriously, but he also thinks he knows better than he does and has to have the last word. If it happens again I'll make sure we work on it.

No. 764926

He isnt ever going to want to get better. He wants you to shut up. You gotta accept that.

No. 764928

File: 1616167870194.png (347.62 KB, 539x412, 16156426546891.png)

ive been such a piece of shit since quitting my job in mid February, i cook & clean & take care of our pets but i don't feel like im actually contributing to the household in any way. im finally supposed to see a therapist on monday & I HAVE TO start applying for jobs again that day too. i feel so fucking terrible about myself for not working but back when i did have a job i felt even worse because i was having breakdowns every other day & wasnt taking care of myself. its just such a shit, 2-step cycle of a.) hate myself for being a failure -> b.) become too miserable to make any meaningful progress towards anything -> repeat ad nauseam.
i half-want to just take any part time job that will have me just so that i wont feel like an unemployed mooching retard, but ive already worked a ton of entry-level cashier positions at companies that didnt give a shit about me & that environment does nothing to make me feel like any less of a failure. i got a degree in 2017 and have done fuckall with it besides earn minimum wage. i wish there was anything i was passionate about, because at least i could have a goal to work towards, a hope for the future, even if it was unrealistic i would have an answer when someone asks me "what do you want to do?"

No. 764933

Ugh I'm so dumb I never even conceptualised this with my ex. Every day I still discover things to be annoyed at.

No. 764934

If that really is the case he's in for a rude awakening because I'm never going to shut the fuck up.

No. 764945

I've had friends who spent alot of money on the upkeep of their appearance (and their men were really fucking into that) yet these same men would count the pennies spent on dates. I don't do all that upkeep myself but damn if I did I think I would want that expense factored in when guys are going cheap on date night and you're dressed up to the nines just for a cheap date and a lecture about money afterwards.

No. 764948

File: 1616172266695.jpeg (38.34 KB, 640x330, E0742AAC-F6F4-485C-90EE-0F72AC…)

Why are white men over 29 so fucking UGLY?? (Nonwhite men aren’t winners either but at least they’re more likely to have hair)

They’re always balding, leathery ass faces, yellowing teeth, wearing a stupid fucking baseball cap to hide their lack of hair, big scraggly unkempt beards, dad boss, mediocre jobs

Maybe it’s my area too (lots of party people) but holy shit I’m just going to be a cougar.

No. 764951

I moved to the countryside a few years back and even the younger men here are mostly my height (5"4) and are quite often balding at 25 or have a slim build but with this belly fat that sticks out from their otherwise scrawny frame. Living in the city there was a better mix but there's something about rural areas. My dad comes from a different rural area in our (eu) country and it's the same there, absolute mutant looking men.

With covid creating 5km travel restrictions I just haven't seen an attractive man irl in the longest time. I see attractive women everyday though?

No. 764952

A lifetime of zero self care (no beauty regimen, exercise dropped off in college, never made any effort to dress well, more drinking with slower metabolism) and an inner reserve of self loathing projected outwards turns them into the goblins they've always truly been.

No. 764955

my dumbest "fear" when it comes to dating is falling for a guy who ends up balding.
it's shallow but god so many of them keep the little hair they have left for way too long. i don't want to try and convince myself that my balding bf is still sexy while he pretends his forehead isn't THAT big ye

No. 764965

Don't waste your time on this kid, the last few lines of your post (not the last two, the two before) are red flags, getting mad at you for rightfully finding his incompotence frustrating, and trying to blame you.

No. 764967

I’m just going to assume any Caucasian (and possibly not, but again while men seem to bald the fastest and hardest) man I date will lose his hair eventually. But fuck can I have a few years with a dude with hair?
The city I live in is anything but rural but every guy I see looks like the Atlanta shooter.

No. 764969

Check on the rest of the men in his family, that'll give you a good idea. If they're bald he'll probably eventually be bald.

No. 764973

I'm taking my first lesson on codecademy in attempt to learn something new, and oh my god, this is already kinda confusing. My hand is gonna get a workout with the amount of notes I'll be taking just to remember this lmao

No. 764975

specifically his mother's side since that's where balding comes from apparently

No. 764978

>His ego wouldn't let him say out loud how dumb he'd been and initially he tried to blame me for being confusing.
Ah, DARVO my old friend! This is an abuse tactic.

>I think what annoys me is the hours of research and work I put into finding the stone I wanted and looking into a custom ring, and all he had to do was relay the details, add some personal touch, and pay yet he messed it up somehow.

This is so sad. Seriously. The man you're about to marry can't even be assed to pay attention to the sort of ring you want and allowed you to take care of all the details on your own. He would've been fine with you getting something you didn't even like save for the fact you're willing to correct his mistakes. Then he attacked you for his own incompetence. Maybe this is a "small" issue in the scheme of things but that's kind of the point. A scrote who can't even get such a simple task right is going to be hopeless when it comes to larger events.

>At least he'll try to make it right.

Yeah, at least there's that. Smh. The bar is in hell nonny.

No. 764979

>I get that this is all very materialistic, but it was really hard to not be a little mad about his carelessness.
I dated, got engaged to and married a guy who was always fucking shit up and tbh I get this, I don't think it is a materialistic issue. When you're marrying someone you want to trust that they are competent and can be trusted. You want to rely on him and he's here messing up some shit that's really important to you, in the process he's sucking alot of the joy and romance out of this special moment. Your frustration is understandable.

My guy was like this, we were young (and married too young in retrospect) so I gave him alot of leeway when he fucked things up. Young adults mess up. The marriage lasted two years and then he moved back home with his parents and regressed into a single teen again lol. Wish I had payed more attention to the incompetence tbh lol. Maybe have a long engagment if he's like this, that way you can guage if he's improving at all with age and can get out if he's not. Don't rush to commit to this.

No. 764985

File: 1616176623620.png (167.6 KB, 640x487, tumblr_d57a5cc54d757f84f5680b3…)

I feel fucking useless. I'm a grad student during corona and I'm not coping. have spent the last two days feeling suicidal and emailing back and forth between school support and tutors trying to get special exemptions in place whilst I'm in a dark place. I'm not cut out for academia but I can't drop out because otherwise I will never manage to get into a psychology career and all I want is to help other people. I hate being so mentally weak and useless and I would just kill myself but I don't want to hurt my mum or my boyfriend. I just don't see any kind of positive future and I don't know how I'm going to live like this for 50 more years

No. 764992

can you take a break for a few months and do something that makes you happy? Maybe volunteer at an animal shelter or homeless shelter, add some new experience to your resume. I hope you feel better and find a solution.

No. 765061

Anon, you made it into your college, you made it thus far. You ARE cut out for this. Don't let this rough patch get the better of you. I'm not sure what options you might have, but like that other anon suggested: seek a break, if possible. You've gotten this far, don't fold just yet.

No. 765062

anon there is so many red flag in your post, I don't know where to begin

No. 765063


Hey me too anon, been spiraling since before covid. Was supposed to graduate last April but I haven’t written a word of my thesis yet. I’d say there’s a 50% chance of me still being alive a year from now, but I’ll off myself before I quit my thesis because I have nothing else.

No. 765088

File: 1616184713961.png (748.84 KB, 800x600, R6qs1sG.png)

there's a girl in my drama group that's really fucking annoying. when i first met her and asked her name she said "actually, it's best to ask my name every time you talk to me because i have multiple personality disorder and i might be someone else." and i wasn't going to do that, obviously. shes a tranny, female to male. but also non-binary, i think. it's hard to keep up.

anyways, today she told the group during our weekly zoom call that now she goes by neo-pronouns. those being "fae", "faeself" or whatever. how do i not get shunned for choosing not to do this? they all have this same woke twitter ideology on gender/are trenders so i feel as though i'm going to get some stick for it. most other people were pretty supportive and tried to explain it to me but i'm still lost on how this is good for them.

do i just pretend that i am behind it and use the pronouns? i don't ever speak about how i feel about gender, and for the most part lie about what i think and use their trender speak when i'm around them to avoid suspicion and not have everyone hate me. i wish i didn't have to, though.

i can't leave the group because it is the only way i get out of the house/speak to real people while also getting to perform and do what i enjoy. the leaders of the group help me with other aspects of my life due to my debilitating bipolar disorder and agoraphobia so it would be stupid of me to give that up.

wtf do i do.

No. 765097

I watch prepper videos sometimes and found out that one of the youtubers raped his step daughter and got her pregnant but claimed the 14 year old got the condom out of the garbage to impregnate herself. The guy in the video I watched talking about it said he was 50/50 if he believed it was true because "lots of guys lives get ruined by this kind of thing". Stupid me had to search more on it, of course idiots are on the man's side. Claiming he needs his community more than ever, god loves him, and batshit comments about how the Child Protect Services are marxist leftists liars who destroy families. These men and religious handmaidens choosing a fedora wearing rapist over a 14 year old child. Everyone can fucking rot and die in their paranoid apocalypse. We don't deserve to live in this world if this many people are this utterly retarded.

No. 765100

They literally use autoswipers lmfao. I remember a moid casually stating this to me on tinder. What a horror show

No. 765101

"traditional" people these days are some extremely antisocial reactionary contingent that act like middle eastern bedouins with 10 year old wives in a desert than actually traditional western people. the "traditional" and "moral" people i grew up with would condemn that kind of thing because its seen as abhorrent either way, but i wonder if its just my specific experience. Im leaning on the fence of people being more insane and trolly these days tbh

No. 765127

i had a weird encounter with a man today and i don't know how to feel about it. i went for a walk around 6pm (still pretty bright out) and was about to head into the park when i heard someone say "hi" behind me. i turned around and a guy on a bike cycled up beside me so i assumed he wanted to go through the gates before me because they're pretty small, so i smiled and stopped to let him go ahead. he looked about 5-10 years older than me. but he didn't keep going he just stopped and said hi again. it really confused me so i didn't reply and just kept walking. he said "hi!" again and i turned around a little but still kept walking. then he said "you could at least say hi back. okay then" and cycled off in the opposite direction of the park. so he purposely went off track to talk to me.
writing all of this out makes me feel so stupid for how anxious it made me. i still went on my walk because i didn't want to let him affect my day but i was nervous the entire time and got really freaked out once it started getting dark. i can't tell if i was justified in being slightly freaked out or if i'm just overly paranoid and should've just said hi back.

No. 765132

Men are retarded and this specimen is a prime example for that. You don't owe him anything.

No. 765133

Omg anon that is definitely creepy and I‘m sorry this happened to you. Whatever his intentions were, it is definitely scary to be approached like this when you’re alone somewhere. Men think they’re entitled to a woman’s attention and do shit like this without even thinking how it’ll affect the other person.

No. 765137

File: 1616188240742.jpg (51.48 KB, 640x475, clean-laptop-bath-water-dell-1…)

I need this semester to finish already

No. 765140

I play deaf when men do this rando shit. They all say the same thing, Hi three times…then follow you a lil…passive aggressive comment…dip out with a sigh. They're hoping to use PUA lines on you alot of the time so saying nothing at all actually works best.

No. 765148

I know just what you mean, I hate that shit. I’m usually in my thoughts when I’m walking alone and it takes my brain a minute to realize someone is talking to me. Any stranger who acts entitled to a response is getting extra ignored.

No. 765156

I secretly hate how so many anons are obsessed with being the most maturest, most sophisticated, adultest adult in the whole world, like stricter than regular adults. Sometimes I want to share my interests for once but don't cause I'll probably get jumped on for "cRinGe"

No. 765160

thanks anons. you've made me feel a lot less crazy. i was contemplating stopping walking again but fuck it. why should i be afraid to walk around my own town. just probably going to go out earlier tomorrow.

No. 765161

Like the anon who went off on another anon for collecting plushies because it's "immature and autistic", then revealed in another thread that she's into magick and thinks other women are "doing it wrong!!1", lmao.
Ignore those tryhards, anon. No one likes them, anyway.

No. 765167

Anon, there are some anons that scoff at anything that may seem childish or autistic, but please don't be discouraged. Look, there are at least two driverfags here that are also toyfags. That's probably the most cringe combination for some farmers. Despite that, our threads are fun (at least for me, hope they are also for the other anon kek) If we can do express our very special passions, so can you! Also anyone posting on lolcow dot farm has no business acting like they are a paragon of normalcy and maturity.

No. 765168

anon if it makes you feel better I watch dumb anime cartoons and buy myself plushies and I'm like 25, just don't give a fuck about people on here who make it their business to dunk on your interests. I feel like anons who have screaming fits at other anons for having childlike interests are using it as a cope because they know they're about as fun as brown bread kek

No. 765172

I just finished the lesson and this is really exciting, but god, idk what the fuck is going on. I'm not even sure what I'm confused about, I just am. How do people build whole games and websites and shit doing this.

No. 765175

It's the worst when they literally go out of their way to talk you up. Don't have tips, but I'd have done the same, really don't know how else you'd get out of this situation without making this into a ten minute spiel of "Heeeeeeey, I just saw you and thought you look lovely, how about a coffee someday? No? Why not? What's your name? Come on, just a bit? Well, how about a walk? Can I at leas–"

No. 765194

File: 1616193836283.jpeg (67.85 KB, 429x359, 1596823710101.jpeg)

Just do it, anon. There's a genderspecial at my workplace but I use her pronouns in public. It's not worth it, not to mention I just don't care enough to fight it and I basically treat the situation in my mind as if she's a little retard child who needs to pretend to be a princess so whatever. I'll eat the playdoh cupcake, metaphorically speaking.

I never ever bring it up on my own volition. I nod at whatever weird thing she brings up about her boob surgery, and use the pronouns. The hope that she'll look back on it in a decade and cringe at herself keeps me going.

No. 765195

File: 1616193999959.png (91.93 KB, 300x199, Screen-Shot-2014-09-08-at-8.38…)

I feel you, anon, I feel you.

No. 765199

I'm tired of online dating. Feel like changing my profile to a parody of the male stereotypes before imploding it.
I'll have one pic posing in a baseball hat infront of my car. Another with a fish. One with a dog taking up 90% of the pic. Stupid as fuck one word answers to the prompts. Pineapple on pizza! And if I'm feeling really cheeky just putting a banana in my pants and taking an unflattering pic while grilling. Whoever matches me will need to deal with my supreme "deductive reasoning" skills and a dire need for ego validation.

No. 765202

File: 1616194544197.jpeg (42.03 KB, 300x250, D9131816-08DB-4BE6-8F08-BCF1CE…)

im in so much mental pain right now I just want to finally slit my throat so I no longer have to feel the pain it feels so stressful having to be stuck with my thoughts right now I just want my head to be empty

No. 765203

Anon are you okay?

No. 765205

What the fuck is a van emde boas tree

No. 765207

Take a sleeping pill (careful, just one, don't kys anon) and just go to sleep. Makes things better for me. Sleeping is better than being awake when you feel like shit.

No. 765210

File: 1616195312711.jpeg (149 KB, 640x631, BC0F38FD-37DC-42C5-984A-EE7A9E…)

>insert something “witty” they saw on imgur
>I’m into authentic, confident women (but will proceed to find and manipulate some pickme)
>gratuitous hiking shot / boat shot
>6’11 cus apparently that matters

All. The. Same. In their ugly quicksilver T-shirts, hoodies, and of course the baseball
cap or snapback. Hair either buzzed or receded as fuck, looking 45 at 28. Kyle. Jeff. Chris. Scott. Ryan. Nick.

They’re just an endless blend of generic and mediocre, then they draw shit like this, I have to laugh.

No. 765213

File: 1616196144083.png (21.78 KB, 814x619, frhjfjhfw.png)

i ate all the fajitas

No. 765214

File: 1616196149348.png (699.28 KB, 564x502, wvNQyiF.png)

I'm fucking lonely and I want to start a band!

No. 765215

File: 1616196325522.jpeg (48.5 KB, 719x539, FD5106C6-71AC-4997-938A-1837A8…)

Come and jam with us pal

No. 765216

On one hand I know I shouldn't bitch because I don't pay rent but on the other hand I'm annoyed my mom is demanding my stimulus check because she had to give my cousin's (who's check was deposited into my mom's account because she claimed him as a dependent) back to him for him to pay for school fees. I'm working and didn't have anything I planned to spend it on, but I did want to just add to my emergency fund.

No. 765217

File: 1616196378574.gif (305.71 KB, 355x377, tiny rocker.gif)

yes anon!

No. 765218

File: 1616196516115.gif (372.04 KB, 500x255, pupup.gif)

Very pissed off. Story time:
Had a school girl crush on an employee at my older job. He was an older guy and super hot imo. Salt and pepper hair, funny, a "man's man". We flirted (very subtley) often. Never got physical though. At one point he even called me his work wife. We went on like this for a couple of years, I never made a move on him at all.

Turns the fuck out he was dating the cleaning lady the whole time. She was cute. Young hispanic lady with a "goth" vibe, dyed hair and piercings.

I'm just so fucking embarrassed he never ever tried to make it clear to me that he was dating someone else. I know I'm not really owed that, especially since we were "work spouses", which I get it… plus, I would have never put our friendship in jeopardy. But the chemistry was there. And we flirted all the time, he could've at least told me so I wouldn't fall over the guy. I don't work there anymore, but I was sneaking on his facebook a few days ago and found out.

God, out of spite I just want to send anonymous raunchy photos. I'm legit getting a thrill just thinking about it. What would it do for me? Well the revenge aspect is fun, plus him getting random inappropriate photos at a random time, he could be doing anything, like sitting with his gf. Plus I'd be turned on that he saw it but it could never be a thing. Plus he would most likely know it was me….. but I would be deleting the app immediately so he wouldn't be able to respond.

nonnies… should i do this evil thing for fun? it would be pure satisfaction, 100%

No. 765219

typically no I’m never okay but my dumbass self decided to take a nap and whenever I wake up from one I feel the absolute worst mentally and become very irritable, it feels like I woke up from the dead. >>765207 lol irony anon because I just said I woke up from a nap but I agree sleeping just makes it so much better, I used to nap all the time because I was in a lot of mental anguish but now while it feels nice to get more sleep when I wake up I feel absolute rage, it’s like my mind hitting back into reality

No. 765221

File: 1616196702900.jpeg (39.5 KB, 500x374, CB42B165-7FC0-417B-9649-B97000…)

No. 765223

kek okay. yeah i know it's fucking insane.

No. 765224

File: 1616196939750.gif (1 MB, 500x281, 8d4.gif)

i'm surprised at how much that helps. i really appreciate your answer, anon! thank you

No. 765228

Why do you care about some random idiot so much? He is not worth worrying about. Your petty "revenge" will do nothing but make him feel better so he could brag to his friends that some "crazy bitch can't get over him". Wake up.

Do you have no one to distract you or to talk to?

If you really, really want to try having some kind of revenge, the best revenge you can do is get over it and become a better version of yourself. Appearance or personality wise - doesn't matter.

No. 765231

>Multiple personality disorder
My condolences anon

No. 765232

Thank you nonny…. I guess I felt some sort of need to do that but… it would just fuel him, you're right.

Why do I care so much? Well, we were really close at work and talked every day, always showing each other cool things. But then when I left the company he never texted anymore, plus I felt betrayed because he didn't tell me that my other coworker/friend had colon cancer. I kind of wanted to confront him about everything at first, like a message like maybe "You know I had a crush on you right?" but then the angry side of me just wants to spam lewds and block him.

No. 765236

File: 1616198467019.png (277.33 KB, 1130x838, sgdhgkhljkjhgfd.png)

I bought new shampoo because I grew tired of my old one. The new one's smell disappears after probably not even twelve hours. I feel robbed.

No. 765241

Spamming someone your nudes sounds like harassment lol, if sending your nudes turns you on so much I'm sure there's a guy that would be happy to receive them.

No. 765245

yeah, they're honestly just as insufferable as one would think.

you'd assume they'd at least be a good actor with how much time they spend LARPing but apparently not.

No. 765246

Say you can’t call them fae because it’s irish culture appropriation.

No. 765249

File: 1616200038910.jpg (42.1 KB, 720x711, FB_IMG_1616187659652.jpg)

No thoughts just want to fucking die

No. 765255

File: 1616201857453.gif (241.81 KB, 400x310, 1616016655624.gif)

I asked my dad to get soda when he went out and when he returned my mom ask why I didn't go out to get soda. I told her because dad got it, but she said I should double check the fridge. There was no soda, she yelled at me for five minutes, and made me go drive and get some. When I got back home with the soda she yelled again about personal responsibility and double checking. Later in the day my dad told me he actually got soda, but my mom maid him return it because "she should get it so she learns personal responsibility".
This is some emo angst shit, but she could have just told me she wanted me to learn responsibility instead of forcing me through her dumb mind game tests. Why couldn't she have just told me

No. 765265

I’m sick of seeing tumblr ebegging posts, all of them

No. 765266


What you get for cheating on the old one.

No. 765281

File: 1616204585667.gif (1.01 MB, 300x200, A311DC2D-6942-4E3A-B114-4C7440…)

cutting is for teenagers but oh my god i want to cut i dont want to cut i want to cut i dont want to cut i want to cut i dont want to cut i want to cut i dont want to cut i want to cut i dont want to cut i want to cut i dont want to cut someone put me out of my misery worst night ever

No. 765283

calling that shes a narc.

same here. early twenties, used to cut in my early teens and stopped because i mostly did it for attention then and got what i wanted from it. now i just want the release and to see the blood.

just gotta remember that the pain after the initial rush is pretty shitty. it makes it hard to sleep, or move whatever body part you get & you might end up going too deep or getting an infection. dunno. doesn't feel worth it. try holding ice against your skin or drawing in red pen. helps for me sometimes.

No. 765289

thank you anon i gotta try those

No. 765297

Get distracted, don't cut yourself, watch something cute or funny on youtube

No. 765306

I hate not being pretty. I don't want to live a life being a plain 4-5/10. With makeup I can look kinda cute I guess but that's it. I can't stand knowing I'll be a consolation prize to anyone I date. I can't seem to grow up and get over myself when it comes to this.

No. 765319

does anybody else have a circle of friends they keep up with on social media websites? i like witnessing the inside jokes happen as they start and just enjoying the positive energy they give each other. idk i feel like a creep sometimes, but i kinda see it like how we watch the youtube cows and breadtubers with minimal milk. it's a fun substitute for having to deal with a bunch of friends, i just live vicariously through their happiness and drama. like, i think instagram is the only place i don't have a friend circle i look upon. the tiktok friend group is fun, they all bounce back on each other with reaction vids and comments. twitter friend group is all drama.

No. 765326

i think this would make me feel incredibly depressed. i don't have any real friendships though

No. 765356

Thanks for the backup anons, I appreciate it.

I just wanted to say that the way I type does tend to overdramatize matters, which is why I'm glad I can vent anonymously someplace. In reality my boyfriend wasn't mean to me or anything so I want to emphasize that. I was in my own head because I was frustrated at him.
Him trying to divert blame was a kneejerk cope because he was embarrassed and felt stupid. Not making excuses for him, but I've definitely done something similar before because my pride wouldn't immediately admit I'd been really dumb. It's childish for sure, but I've done it before and I know it didn't make me a monster all around. So I don't think it was malice, and him having tried to reach out to me during, and after emailing the jeweler to get the issue fixed would point that he didn't mean to disappoint me. Perhaps I overreacted. At the end of the day we will get a rendering of the ring before we agree to have it made, and for all I know maybe I'd still have changed something once I seen the drawing even if he had gotten everything perfect.

It really will be a nice ring. He hasn't objected to anything I've wanted for it and was happy to pay. I was the one who insisted to be so involved with the process because I wanted to be sure it was a ring I could truly love and would want to wear, so it's a bit unfair of me to act like he pushed the responsibility on me when by all accounts that's how I set the stage. I'm the one who took the lead, but I am really excited to know I'm getting exactly what I want.

No. 765358

I noticed that the very few men I admire all have wives/partners that are older than them. They usually have something different about them than men who date younger women. I don't trust men with younger partners and I hate age gaps

No. 765364

I have an update to the last vent I did. I was the anon not long ago who vented about a college student grooming a 15 year old in a discord server. She ended up blocking him and he is trying to manipulate her. She is sticking her ground and trying to get rid of him with my help. Also while playing GTA V some modder dropped his dox and I kept it. feelsgood. Bonus round too anons, this guy was stealing art and tracing then tried to pass it as his own and was exposed.

No. 765373

Kinda sucks how theres a lot of feminist creators on Youtube whose videos i agree with but when looking through their videos they all turn out to be libfems and pro troon and prostitution

No. 765393

File: 1616214958889.jpeg (172.55 KB, 497x720, 0BFB8465-47DB-41E8-B5A7-760595…)

life sucks as a woman not just because of men but because if you aren’t a brainy, smart, extroverted woman who can do and understand math and have intelligent ideas and know how to lead you are absolutely fucked beyond all belief. i wouldn’t call myself jealous but extremely resentful towards women who can actually stand programming or engineering or becoming a doctor but when i want to pursue the arts im too “soft” and nothing will become of me which is honestly true but god it’s all so confusing and frustrating and I want to hop off a damn cliffe. it’s the expectation that women have to be the smart side-kick with all of the advantages but I can’t be that im not smart or capable at all and when I’m not that other women will just call me a dumb lazy useless bimbo or a nlog when I’m literally just not as smart or accomplished as you. help help help help

No. 765398

Troll her by pretending to be really interested in her multiple personalities and get her to spend a bunch of time answering questions about them. Hopefully this will help her realize pretending to have DID is stupid and not worth her time to keep up the charade.

No. 765400

its ok to be an artist

No. 765404

don't feel bad anon!! im also shit at math and ive accepted im not smart in many, many ways, even if im studious. don't feel less just bc youre not a STEM major or a programming prodigy, women don't "need" to be anything, sincerely. if men can get away with being useless fuckups as long as theyre "kind" or w/e then us women can get by not being the brightest, smartest, most accomplished.

some may call this a cope or w/e but honestly, i stand by the belief that women don't need to be this poster child of perfection to earn respect or love. you can be just as happy and feel accomplished by pursuing ""weaker"" or ""softer"" (by which fucking standards?) endeavors, not every woman needs to nor should they be this fierce leading lady girlboss whatfuckingever. its only nice if you actually wish to be it, if not then to me its just the same as being coerced by the patriarchy into being something you dont necesessarily want.

No. 765413

File: 1616217238962.jpg (1.52 MB, 4248x3492, xj33i1jz2d461.jpg)

This talk about art just made me realize how upset I am that I don't have enough time to draw. Well actually, I have plenty of time. I just procrastinate like fuck, and I don't like to draw unless I get all my responsibilities out of the way but like I said, I like to procrastinate so that's basically never. I guess I'm still technically a beginner, but it just makes me sad to think that I could be a lot better at art, but I never get shit done. In terms of my hobbies, I'm also trying to learn coding/programming, and 2 languages on top of this. I don't know what makes me think I can successfully do these things when I can't dedicate myself to drawing everyday.

No. 765422

how is it trolling if that's what she wants?

No. 765423

Dump his ass. That gaslighting/blaming you shit is a big red flag. If he wants to act like a child, treat him like one. Dump him like a bad habit.

No. 765424

My friend broke my heart today and I feel very bad.

No. 765428

I think I'm broken cus I'm scared of guys being into me and I subconsciously only liked guys who weren't. I never even had specific male trauma and other women don't seem to be like this. I don't understand how they date guys left and right even hookups it's terrifying to me but not really about trust. I don't know

No. 765434

File: 1616220508797.jpg (22.89 KB, 640x611, ikwrdwptg7e21.jpg)

I need personal space. I go to work surrounded by people all day, and when I get home I have to stay in my bedroom in a crowded apartment. The only 'me' time I get is when my bf is at work until close, if he is closing. Otherwise no me time because he's there when I get home. Or else then after that, I can get alone time when everyone including him are asleep around 1am ish. My bed isn't big enough for both me and bf, I feel so smothered. He feels bad and whines when I get up in the middle of the night to go out to the living room to watch tv or something but jfc I need it. I pass it off as not wanting to be rude and wake him, but truthfully I want to be able to sprawl out and watch tv and snack without being disturbed. I haven't had good sleep as a consequence of this habit lately, but it's the only time of hour where I feel in control of my life. It's the only thing I get to do that's not starting at the office or my bedroom walls.
Can you blame me?

No. 765435

Not to be presumptuous but most women who have told me that turned out to be either asexual or gay. No matter what the situation is you are not broken, though. Live life how you want with happiness

No. 765437

I sincerely think the world would be better off without me, but I’m too much of a coward to kill myself.

No. 765440

I totally relate anon. I used to live with roommates and it would suck coming home after a full day of interacting with people, just couldn’t fake it anymore. I find it helps to just tell people you need your space. If they take it the wrong way, that’s on them.

No. 765441

File: 1616221857102.jpeg (21.66 KB, 315x315, 82698B85-AE3F-4677-82DA-E5ACFA…)

thanks for answer. I'm bi so I've considered the gay thing but wouldn't I have known already? most lesbians seem to be so from stuff in the womb aka their genetics and tend to know early on, show signs etc, so I guess I am some kinda ace-leaning bi. I like women but it was never that obvious to me and neither were men. fuck thanks for your sweetness though. Yes all I can do is live day by day and see what unfolds really. I wonder if antidepressants fucked me up and made me asexual

No. 765443

SA finishing my vent, but if I'm gay then I'd be femme and I guess I have this internal view of lesbians as butch to be "real." which is fucked up. I've wanted girls but not very often or obvious ways and like I said guys disturb me but I thought I wanted them until they wanted me back

No. 765457

File: 1616224514372.png (63.93 KB, 292x384, 99999999999.PNG)

wish i could get over the creeping feeling that everyone is only entertaining me. i just want to feel like i'm not a bother to people i interact with, and that they don't all secretly hate me/aren't just using me to sate their own whims.

pic is from dungeon meshi.

No. 765460

I hate that my pussy is never fully dry if I just air-dry and don't use a dry towel (or shirt if my dumbass doesn't do laundry). It's uti central down there. I think it might be cause of the bush I have right now, a good reason to shave tbh.

No. 765466

I needed help on starting something new so I asked my boyfriend to help and he didn't seem to want to so then I asked my friend. Told my bf of it a couple days later how I got friend to hell and now he won't stop sulking and saying how he feels unimportant because he didn't get to help with what I was working on. I still need some help so I offer him to help once again and he's just saying how he can't because he wasn't the first to help so it doesn't matter and it won't be the same. I'm so confused like why is he getting his panties in a bunch over something he didn't even want to do in the first place. Now I have to try and comfort him over this and he won't get over it.

No. 765467

your pussy isn't supposed to be dry all times?

No. 765469

I'm talking about after a shower, anon. It seems like my inner thighs might be staying wet or something. Having moisture from water trapped in your underwear can cause infections

No. 765474

I shower when I don’t have to be anywhere soon then hang out in my bathrobe until it’s dry.

No. 765475

This is exactly what I do too, I'll even take hour long naps while I dry, but it seems like I'm never 100% dry

No. 765480

Lmao I think all the anon boyfriends are on their man periods or something. What the fuck is it with men sulking for being incompetent lately?

No. 765485


No. 765489

Jesus, he never saw you as a gf material, maybe never even romantically, some people just are flirty. Saying you had a crush on him will only compliment him and I don't see a point in it when he doesn't want you. What do you see in some pedo grandpa fuckboy scrote, get some standards. I absolutely don't get why degrading yourself and sending him your nudes is anything else than a reward for him dumping you (but you never even dated). So dumb. Plus it's sexual harrassment and hoping he's with a gf - what did she ever do to you? Nothing. Honestly I can see why he cut off contact with you, you seem pretty unhinged. Wish I could say this in a kinder way.

No. 765493

I’m fairly progressive but this new wave of twitter mob mentality saying people who were murdered and attacked recently deserved it for (possibly) being racist is really pushing my ideals. This is coming from me, the retard who has been protesting and donating to charities last year.

We can care about two issues at once, idk why we have to oppression olympics and help only one. Maybe I’m completely wrong and they’re right? Fuck do I know

No. 765501

File: 1616232337766.png (206.14 KB, 800x342, 34E3F2BF-0C45-4171-8B3E-D0DAA7…)

If white people and the west so bad because slavery, why is it only white people who no longer own slaves and only the west abolish slavery? Why POC continue to have slaves across the globe? Why do Asians complain about discrimination but stay silent about Xinjiang internment camps where Muslims are tortured, raped and killed? Why do we continue to demonize the west when the west has offered so much more than any other country would have. The west is not perfect but you were very lucky to be born by luck in to modern day western society.(racebait)

No. 765503

I was about to say that's pretty but then I saw the hands…. what a shame

No. 765505

kek sorry to burst your bubble anon but this infograph either has an extremely rigid idea of “modern” or it’s inaccurate as shit. UAE is pale ffs.

No. 765512

Fucking hate when people bring up corona for absolute no reason at all in conversations, like I'd be talking to a friend and they'd be like "oh yeah I just finished this book, have you heard of it? I was reading it during covid" and like what the fuck has that got to do with literally anything? There's enough of that propaganda almost every day, can I have at least one talk without that exhausting shit in my face 24/7?

No. 765515

File: 1616239223279.webm (594.5 KB, 360x360, you_are_here.webm)

Honestly? this is me

No. 765517

No. 765524

But all countries have women being trafficked, and kids working for cents, and sex trade and prostitution. So it's a humanity thing, even if yes, some countries are better to live in than others

Slavery just makes me fucking sad.

No. 765528

oh my god jannies why is this scrote allowed to voice his opinion? it’s clearly /pol/ bait

No. 765530

> men from jp started spamming this old Miko meme on lc now

No. 765533

my dad had a mild heart attack last night and now he’s in the closest hospital to home but they have to get him to urgent care at another hospital. they can’t move him yet though to figure out if he needs stints or not bc there are no beds or space for him. but there’s no visitation and he can’t call me or anything because of the ward he’s on and i’m just freaking out a bit. this sucks lol. i also feel like a selfish fucking freak for immediately thinking about my uni dissertation and how i’m going to get an extension but there’s no way i’m going to be able to write thousands of words of bullshit when all i can think about is whether or not my dads okay and whether he’s going to catch covid and another thousand things. my god

No. 765542

What propaganda? Covid propaganda?? People you're talking to are just using it for context or a time frame. It's kinda hard not to mention it when most people around you have sick family members, you're forced to stay home and hear how much people die every day.

No. 765544

I don't want to be someone who only has their boyfriend in their lives but I can't help but feel like I'm tired of most of my friends. I've been ignoring old friends around me because when I hang out with them it becomes tiring or boring. Hoping I can still find new close friends at my age.

No. 765545

I wish my country had a local native language lolcow community because our most active feminists are such dramawhores, and I can't even keep up. These are all women that supposedly want to help women in our backwards country, but all they do is cannibalize each other on social media over their partner choices, lifestyles and decade-old incidents, but you can usually align them on a libfem-radfem scale and get a picture on who'll be on whose side. The only forum that deals with it is infested with libfem vendetta-chans that don't let you say anything negative about their "idols" as if they weren't also bitchy opportunists that are only opportunist feminists to get brand deals.

No. 765560

Men have zero standards

No. 765567

Oh my God, I could have written this word for word, even our degree graduation dates are the same. I have nothing to say. I hope life gets better soon because I can't take much more of this

No. 765569

I've been getting triggered by rape culture discourse around David dobrik lol. I hate his group of friends they remind me of the group I was friends with in highschool. I got molested by a popular rugby player and it was known but turned on to me being a slut. The same dude even hit me before on a bus in front of everyone and I cried and no one said anything. It was fucking odd.

Dated another guy adjacent to the group and he seemed different but he ended up being rough with me and slapping me about. One time he beat me on a lunch break and I phoned my job to tell them I had been attacked and could I take the rest of the day off and they made me come back to the office to explain. He use to work my ex that attacked me and no one ever confronted him about it even though I'm still laughed at for walking in with open wounds and a swollen face. My reputation has actually came off worse for repeatedly being a victim there is apparently something off with me and also deserving of being beaten.

Fast forward a few years and a boyfriend breaks my nose over a petty fight about him constantly comparing me to his ex gf. I've just given up in all honesty of being treated with respect.

A lot of my friends have confided they've been hit by their current partners and it's just such a fucking plague on our species. Like why can't we acknowledge the gender violence that constantly occurs, it doesn't mean every man is a scumbag if its acknowledged. Like???? Why is it so hard to have empathy for women can everyone fucking die

No. 765571

I shouldn’t feel bad for EMOTIONALLY cheating on the guy who physically abused me on multiple occasions, but I fucking do? Extreme guilt and anxiety since we’re breaking up. Talk some sense into me, anons.

No. 765577

guilt is temporary, freedom is forever

No. 765582

Yeah, I know. It just hurts that I put up with so much from him and venting to one other guy who actually listens about how I feel is his line in the sand. It’s fucked up. He would spit on me, push me down, slap my in the face, pull out handfuls of my hair, call me every insulting name he could think of. And I stayed like a fucking idiot. He was so much bigger than me, he could’ve killed me, honestly.

No. 765589

I know this is supposed to be a vent thread but this is a reply to the fellow Technical Writer anon from a past thread (#68?)

I just got a TW contract job for $45 an hour! 3 weeks ago I wasn't even looking! I didn't follow your advice but just wanted to share just incase you still lurk! Enjoy your year! I hope your job and moving has been going well.

No. 765591

Also it's contract for now but they really want me to stay long term. I'll be their first technical writer and possibly not the last. It's on the IT side of the company. I learn more on Monday! Give me money!!

No. 765592

i wish for namefagging zookeeper a very happy toaster bath.

No. 765601

I cannot stand my piece of shit brother and the constant arguments his existence causes between my parents. 25+ years they've been together and the only conflicts they have are over him. He's an autistic bastard who is rude to everyone, refuses to clean up after himself, is extremely anti-social, ungrateful for EVERYTHING, just has a disgusting personality and attitude all around. I legitimately haven't spoken to him in 2 years despite living in the same house, because I can not engage with him without him angering me.

My mum and dad just had a huge argument because my dad is now fed up with his shit too, and is refusing to talk to him anymore as well. Cue my mum desperately defending him as ALWAYS, saying my dad is a horrible person for it and if he doesn't fix his relationship with my brother, my mum will divorce him. It's fucking sick to me how she always weaponizes their marriage in order to protect him. He has 0 friends and his sister and dad hate him, but noooo, we should be the bigger person and continue to put up with him because HEAVEN FORBID he learns to treat people well. Fuck him, I despise him, if my parents split up over him I will look my mum dead in the eyes and tell her this decision has made me resent him to the point that I wish he were dead, and I hope that fucking hurts her because she needs to wake the fuck up. Screaming that this 23 year old parasite is 'a CHILD', she's clearly deluded that he's still growing up and needs support to change but no, he is who he is and he is a sack of shit.

No. 765621

I'm always the punching bag in my family. If my mother's angry about something trivial she'll start insulting, nitpicking everything about me and yelling even if I listen to her problems and console her literally every day. If my father's angry because he hates his job he'll come home and start to mock me if I dare to say something he doesn't agree with. I know I was never the ideal daughter they wanted but do I fucking deserve this? Should I do more? I never brother them, when I have troubles I never talk to them about it because they're unable to be emotionally available, if I do something nice they'll always forget it and snap at me when they feel like it. I'm tired.

No. 765632

Pinterest is becoming near unusable with how infested search resuls have become with sponsored posts. I wish an adblock worked on that shit.

No. 765670

I keep repeating the same few lil mistakes and never seem to learn from them. They're all grooming related mistakes weirdly enough. No idea why I can't avoid them at this stage.

I've cut my own hair for years now but I always cut it too short and then hate it. Any time I let myself buy q-tips I end up injuring the same ear with one and I get a muffled ringing in that ear for a week afterwards. Any time I shave my legs (not that often tbh lol) I end up running the razor over a patch of goosebumps and I get a dozen lil bleeding spots as a result.

I currently have super short hair, a muffled ringing in my ear and a patch of razor cuts on my leg. Feeling ugly, half deaf and frustrated with myself.

No. 765709

God, fuck america I'm so fucking mad.
I worked my fucking ass off with two jobs so I could scrape together enough money to fucking move to england for uni and even though I had them take as much money as possible from my checks it still somehow wasn't enough and I owe the IRS.

I was counting on some kind of refund because god knows I can't get a job here even fucking washing dishes because of fucking Covid lockdowns and nobody wants to hire a student on retarded visa restrictions for max 20hrs a week I wanna fucking scream and cry over this I fucking hate taxes I want to live in the fucking woods and be an off grid hermit and burn any IDs I have so I never pay taxes again

No. 765720

My boyfriend shook me and pulled my hair in a bout of frustration. I'm honestly stunned. I want to run away and never look back but he's never ever put his hands on me or even raised his voice in 8 years. He genuinely seemed regretful and broke down sobbing and apologizing immediately but it feels like I am betraying myself every second I am still here.

No. 765722

This sounds terrifying. While there may be a chance he has some kind of breakdown rn - most of people are in a very bad mental state nowadays after a year of pandemic tbh - and will never do it again, but you shouldn't do anything against yourself, if you want to flee it's 100% justfied and you should.

No. 765723

Please don't stay anon. That is so scary to just think about, and I can't imagine what that must have been like irl. He may seem regretful, but there's always a chance he could do it again. I know you've been with him for a long time, but people can change.

No. 765727

I've heard of people shaking someone to 'shake some sense into them' so that's sometimes a gray area depending on force, but he pulled your hair out of frustration?? Jesus anon that's not okay.

I've been in a similar place, trust your gut and get out. As sorry as they say they are, once that threshold is passed it tends to repeat no matter how much they promise otherwise.

No. 765734

I need a cut/color but I'm a jobless piece of shit so I can't afford it and it's tanking my self confidence and general mood

No. 765735

Listen to your instincts anon, if you feel the need to flee you probably should, even if it's temporarily. Much strength to you, I hope you can figure it out.

No. 765746

Tbh I cringe whenever I hear anyone talk about it

No. 765756

in my experience it happens again despite them seeming super regretful and trying to apologize. at the very least i would try to get some time alone for him for a while to clear your head. please be safe

No. 765795

I wish the woke crowd would stop language police everything. I can barely keep up with which terms are/are not acceptable this week before they are considered bigot or ignorant

No. 765834

I agree with you so much, anon. I’ve heard antis rebut the alcohol comparison with “just because one bad thing is legal doesn’t mean we should make ANOTHER bad thing legal!” but that is such smoothbrained argument.
First off, yes, if one group gets to enjoy their favorite “bad vice” with impunity than why should another randomly not get to? Secondly, I’ve yet to see anyone prove weed is actually “bad” in any way. Even gateway theory is a huge reach. No shit that anyone who is willing to try meth:heroine has also tried weed. Correlation isn’t causation. It’s just that peope who do hard drugs aren’t usually opposed to doing drugs so obviously they’ve done other drugs, including the most popular and widely available ones.
It’s a fantastic anti-nausea medicine. I accept it’s not for everyone, and some people react poorly to it and should know it’s not for them. But for many it has no ill effects and lots of benefits. It’s stupid for it to be outlawed. People who don’t like it can simply choose not to consume it.
(Sage because I admit I have raging aspergers over this topic.)

No. 765876

I have some weird scab on the inside of my nose that feels like a hardened dry booger. It's super annoying but it's flat enough where I can't pick it off, and I'm pretty sure if I did tear it off it would just hurt instead. I fucking hate it.

No. 765885

It'll come off by itself anon

No. 765886

just because it has never happened before aka only happened now this one time doesn't mean it won't happen many times more, hope you can safely get away from him.

No. 765953

File: 1616286396742.jpg (18.47 KB, 441x608, 15.jpg)

Since I was a child I had always wanted to be tall, I think tall women look so beautiful and elegant. But it was never in the cards for me, considering my father was like 5'8 and my mother was 4'11.

tfw grew up to be a womanlet barely any taller than my mom

No. 765961

Anon you can still be elegant looking as a short woman, as long as you have limbs proportional to your body. Even then, it's still possible to style yourself accordingly. I get your pain though

No. 765964

File: 1616287537668.jpg (306.65 KB, 1440x2160, gettyimages-2318224-1533070591…)

Are you at least 5'0? I searched for celebs and models under 5'5" and found some! Devon Aoki is a good example, as well as Eva Longoria.

No. 765965

File: 1616287578753.jpg (Spoiler Image, 37.2 KB, 550x825, ad4a58709bbaba61d23904a6121fc0…)

Devon is 5'3 and Eva Longoria is 5'0

No. 765968

I'm short so I'm biased as hell, but short women can also be very beautiful and elegant. Find clothes that work for your body and rock them anon!

No. 765972

File: 1616288088648.jpg (49.9 KB, 868x689, 2ds2ou.jpg)

Hi there!
Ehhh, I stopped talking to a guy that is a literal piece of shit, I didn't block him or anything I just suddenly stopped replying to his texts but today he texted me and I'm lost if I should text him back or ignore him for eternity. I just want him to be miserable and I'm thinking of replying now to give him hope and then ignore him again. I want him to suffer. Aaaaahhh I'm lost

No. 765984

I feel like the longer you stay in contact the more you just torture yourself. If you block then you're a step closer to forgetting him. Forgetting shitheads is better than toying with them, imo

No. 765988

File: 1616289267460.jpg (87.7 KB, 1024x1010, 6825364.jpg)


Aw, thank you for the support, nonnies! I'm only 5'1 and tbh being short has been an insecurity of mine since I realized I wasn't going to get any taller. Thank you for telling me about some petite celebs to look into!

No. 765991

Hope your dad divorces your mom, she and your brother sound like they enjoy ruining the family.

No. 766018

Gay men and het women tell me I'm pretty. Het men basically never hit on me. Attractive men are nice and sometimes I can even make them giggle but they don't initiate anything, and ugly men don't even look me in the eyes and they rarely speak to me. So what's the truth? I think I'm just average but I'm scared that I may be in fact super ugly and that's why people almost never approach me

No. 766083

>Gay men and het women tell me I'm pretty.
Not to be rude but do they tell you that because you ask or randomly? Either way, they could be doing that out of pity.

When I was younger, I used to ask friends and cousins if I was fat (I was) and they always said no, I was fine. Plus there are so many girls and gay men telling people "omg you're so pretty (pleading emoji) whats ur routine??" i think they do this so ugly people stay ugly, aka dont try to improve themselves OR so they can feel good about themselves "i told an ugly girl she was pretty yay me"

No. 766085

They say it randomly, I never ask

No. 766086

I'm fucking tired, drained, and I have a headache now. Seeing so much shit on /ot/ today drained me out.

No. 766087

I don't know what age you are but when I was younger I got random compliments from women and gays and I think it's just that society views young women as wanting that validation. Pretty or not the gays will flatter you if they like you

I wouldn't get too preoccupied with rating or categorising yourself.

No. 766092

Knowing any of the sweet anons who reply to my posts could actually be the anti-natalist retard makes me want to throw up

No. 766093

Im sure they only come here to sperg about one thing. Like anal rectal guy did… Wait, maybe he has a new fascination and it's wombs

Dun dun dun..

No. 766094

Don't worry, it's just a troll. I doubt it's leaving sweet replies to anyone.

No. 766096

According to them, they're also the person who was in /tv/ yesterday

No. 766100

It was either a scrote or someone that spent way too much time reading threads on 4chins.

No. 766109

I have a friend who is on disability and she acts like it's the best fucking thing and like I am a sucker for having to work (true) but she's always asking me to lend her money for bills and rent!!!

No. 766116

My wisdom teeth are coming in on my left side and I'm scared anons. I don't have enough money to afford removal. I don't have any symptoms but I know they can cause problems later on.

No. 766118

are you in the US? you could try applying for medicaid, some dentists take it

No. 766125

File: 1616305577101.png (292.03 KB, 480x480, bumpy frog.png)

Thinking of all the good things my mother has done for me and all the good moments makes me incredibly upset, because the times where she acts normal are like glimpses of the mom I could have had (or that I did have, but only for a very small part of my childhood). I strongly suspect she is mentally ill (idc if it's armchairing, I was raised by her) and I hate how mental illness ruins potential. She's a great woman underneath it all, but are the abusive moments really worth it? I don't know. I know someday I might have to cut her off not just for myself but for my hypothetical future partner and kids, but idk if I can bring myself to do it. I did her nails and hung out with her yesterday and it was great despite all the moments where the anger (if that's what it could be called) slipped. I wish she could be that functional everyday. Anyway, now I'm crying while writing this.

No. 766130

Don't leave cranberry juice and seafood juice in your sink overnight. The fucking smell.

No. 766134

Anons after you're done eating seafood you always wash the plate/container/tin/whatever out with hot water first.

No. 766135

It wasn't my seafood lol. Thank you for the tip though.

No. 766142

File: 1616312140814.jpeg (121.89 KB, 828x827, B57F832E-049F-4F50-BAF9-F63E10…)

Had a dream I had sex with an incredibly attractive friend of mine, and all day I was reminded it’s been over a year since I had sex with someone and was in a romantic relationship. My usual action is to find someone new right away but I’ve been actively avoiding romance. I’m just super pissed my brain would do this to me and force me into feeling lonely and wanting that again, when I really don’t need that in my life right now. I was fine for ages but the month of March has been super hard on me thanks to my dumb brain craving romantic intimacy, that stupid bitch.

No. 766146

File: 1616313279270.gif (Spoiler Image, 2.99 MB, 500x250, 4865b73633025e52f178ec8921a593…)

Fuck this timeline and the upside down world we live in now, wanna do it like Rika and an hero until I find one that isn't insane

No. 766147

That'd be chill

No. 766148

god i'd love to do that

No. 766149

Kek hell ya

No. 766150

The other day was my birthday and not even for one day could my family not try and make "jokes" at my expense. Today just has been really shitty to be honest. Wanted to get some stuff for myself for the first time in ages at a store and they didn't carry it anymore. Came home and cried myself to sleep because of how shit my family makes me feel. I've been up for a few hours and I still just wanna cry because of how low I feel.

No. 766153

No. 766174

I'm sorry they couldn't be nice to you for even one day. Happy birthday, Anon. Wishing you well in your next year of life. I'm glad you were born.

No. 766180

I often feel like I am just a head without body like as if I am inside my body and it doesn't belong to me.

No. 766190

I want to die, I want everyone to be happy, I want to stop coming here, I want to stop hearing women calling each other names in the name of """feminism"""

No. 766192

File: 1616321420647.jpg (110.4 KB, 600x600, mens-sana-in-corpore-sano.jpg)

You don't do any sports or physical activities, do you? If you want to get back in touch with you body you should.

No. 766205

Sounds like depersonalization, I experience it too, especially when I see a pic of me, I always think "wtf this is actually me" and I feel vertigo.

No. 766208

Slowly realising all my genuinely held opinions about men/romance are literally just incel talking points but gender flipped.
am i as bad as a scrote???

No. 766212

it's not gonna help you but it's not as bad because it's not misogyny

No. 766217

>am i as bad as a scrote???
no because you are not a scrote

No. 766219

based take

No. 766301

I made the mistake of adding my whore friend who sells shit on onlyfans and does tiddie streams on facebook with my new phone number and now she's being annoying. She knows I'm good at reading tarot and I do it for free, but now she picked up the hobby and she has to say how much good she is at tarot, so good that she gets cash from readings. Bitch if you say you're rich from onlyfans why the fuck do you need to rub in my face this shit? You're such a narc cosplay lolita drama whore, I'm sad that the scrote you use for money happens to give cheap rent because holy shit I wish you could break up with that beta male so I can move onto his cheaply rented rooms and not have to see your clownery. Fml I don't even make sense.

No. 766329

File: 1616333710994.png (225.76 KB, 420x321, C1317330-4341-434F-B78B-C45406…)

i feel deep shame/mortification and anxiety EVERY time after i've gone to a party or had any kind of social interaction. the anxiety is so bad that meeting people and socializing isn't even worth it to me anymore. it never gives me anything but bad memories, even when nothing bad happened. i feel like i'm unable to enjoy life even though i want to because i hate myself and will never feel good enough.

No. 766331

fuck it bothers me so much how much effort it takes to lose weight or become stronger as a woman. when i see a tall and fat man my blood boils because wtf are you even doing with your life when you can't even do the minimal amount of effort it takes for a man's body to look presentable. exercise brings me no pleasure. it feels bad, but there's no other choice

No. 766334

my boyfriend dumped me last night and we're still roommates. FML

No. 766339

Just got an email saying that If I don't return an expensive item I bought from amazon last november then I'm about to be re-charged for it. The item never arrived and I already dealt with customer service 4 fucking months ago. Thought it was all sorted.

Of course I panicked at the thought of my bank just having that amount deducted all over again. Customer service said to ignore the email and called it a glitch? Pretty sure that both times I've had an amazon item go missing in the post…I've been refunded but then been plagued with emails about needing to return the item I never even received. Both times it was returned to sender over some postal mix up on their end so I'm not scamming. I just wish they wouldn't give me a heart attack like that.

No. 766350

Talk to customer service again, and a lawyer maybe.

No. 766352

I did talk to them, they said it's a glitch and to just ignore it

No. 766397

Maybe ask if you can get it in writing that it was a system glitch? Just to cover your ass. Not sure if Amazon does that tho…

No. 766412

Been there. Don’t let him convince you to sleep with him kek

No. 766487

This is my current situation. It's fucking awful I want him gone but thanks to covid he can't leave for an indefinite time.

No. 766489

I lived with an ex for 2 months post break up. Was stuck in a lease etc. Like other anon said..try to create a clear boundary where you don't have sex anymore. Stick to that rule and you'll be glad in the long run.

No. 766503

File: 1616341776563.jpg (62.04 KB, 500x375, descargar.jpg)

I might need to block lolcow for some time now. Cause this trolling is beyond control, it spews all over multiple threads, and the discussion never ends. And you can tell it's the same anon by how they're an obvious newfag with the same writting and trolling style and pretentiousness. No wonder they love trolling /tv/ too, they got bored and now they're shitting this place up. Seriously, I'm tired. Goodbye bitches see you in a week or whatever.

No. 766516

if you can get to a dental school they usually do free or discounted basic stuff like removals. Alternatively there are mobile free clinics in some places. Getting a wisdom tooth pulled free/cheap should be more doable since it doesnt need to be replaced like other teeth…as long as you get it done before it gets impacted or something and becomes more complicated.

No. 766533

you can just kinda not pay the IRS for a while… They charge a bit of interest on the total you owe but it's not crazy (like 2-3%). Submitting returns on time is way more important than actually paying. Supposedly they dont even start trying to collect it unless you owe 10k or more. I mean dont let it slide if you dont have to, you'll have to pay it with interest eventually, but if you're tight and cant pay for a couple years its nbd really.

No. 766540

Honestly this sounds like bad advice

No. 766544

File: 1616343651657.png (142.12 KB, 618x346, ew.png)

Yep I think we're being baited and raided today

No. 766546

>you can just kinda not pay the IRS for a while
>if you're tight and cant pay for a couple years its nbd really.
Uhh anon… When you end up in jail cause you didn't pay them let us know lmao

No. 766548

I'm tired of women calling me a scrote or a troll. The amount of copium they have to take right now is unreal. It's funny how you just can't iamgine that there are women with different ideas, simply because you don't accept them. And of course the women who disagree with me have "breeding kinks" KEK(obvious bait)

No. 766551

We truly do have people from all walks of life posting here. I wish you a very pleasant evening, swindler anon.

No. 766556

The funniest thing is them embracing it like it's empowering just like libfems think being a whore is a powerful statement. But I wouldn't stress about them since they're the biggest losers.

No. 766557

Not just today, we're 3 days in. People just won't stop responding to it.

No. 766564

You hate women. You insult women. You dislike women on a biology basis. You dislike women's natural functions and natural bodies. Your reasonings are thin veiled misogyny. You think you're better than the rest of women because you don't talk about gossip… on a gossip website. You use imageboard lingo like "cuck", "copium", "breeder", "blackpilled". We are not the same.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 766567

>being a whore is like being a mother
Ah yes, truly, the madonna-whore complex. Not misogynistic at all.

No. 766569

>It's funny how you just can't iamgine that there are women with different ideas

Says the anon who literally said, and I quote:

>durr talk to irl women

>Women irl talk mostly about males, shopping and children (if they're older), they also love to gossip about other women. Their lives are male centered. Unless they're gay or bisexual and dating only women

For god's sake.

No. 766571

Stop responding to the falseflagger.

No. 766572

File: 1616345223088.gif (439.92 KB, 500x281, tumblr_m1msdifzdm1qhktpto1_500…)

Sometimes I get this feeling that I'm never gonna be happy. As of now I literally hate every aspect of my life. My lack of a job, my lack of friendships and relationship, my personality as a whole, my tendency to avoid and procrastinate and my social awkwardness. And I have this feeling that this is always gonna be this way. I'm always gonna hate my job, whatever I'm gonna be working, I'm never gonna have friends or a relationship and I'm always gonna be alone. Sometimes it feels like self-hate is my only personality trait

No. 766579

File: 1616345419078.png (207.7 KB, 327x316, B514E98D-6FC7-4251-8A72-945DE5…)


No. 766586

As much as I hate how so many Americans were blase to COVID, there are so many ppl who are going to be so disappointed in their lives once COVID is over and they have nothing to shame others for.

Example one: Mentioned in a discord server how I ironically mu face mask arrived after I had gotten vaccinated. I was told I was an idiot for saying that I didn't need one anymore. I didn't even say I wasn't going to wear one, it was just not as necessary for me. And now more and more research is coming out showing that vaccinated ppl are extremely unlikely to get sick and spread it to others.

Example two: Reading some influencer gossip, people were outraged about someone (unvaccinated) deciding to host an unmasked gathering in NYC. Not that I really agreed with her decision but the comments getting mad at her were way out of proportion, imo. Ppl were suggesting to report her to the city health authorities as if that would do anything. I'm also guessing a lot of these women weren't mad at Cuomo for causing a ton of deaths at nursing homes.

Like what are people going to be mad at now once COVID is over?

No. 766588

Alright, let's say you're a woman then. A pathetic, depressed woman posting nonsense on an anonymous imageboard and trying to browbeat other women. What should we all do? Commit suicide with you? Collab to write elaborate fanfics about female-only communes that would just get flagged as a misandrist terrorist groups and gunned down the moment they got any traction if we tried it IRL? Fuck off. It's one thing if that's just your personal belief and you don't want to have kids, but you've been at it all week, being abrasive, verbally abusing other women and somehow claiming you're on our side. This is weak, unfit male mentality. You may think it's female empowerment, but it's actually low-level forceful moid behavior. Your inner mind is literally two hamsters spinning on wheels to generate the words "why i get zero bitches ?" with a frowny face. IF you are a woman, congrats. You somehow managed to be as retarded as a fucking man. FtM Aidens must be seething with jealousy at you right now.
I'm kind of smug that not just one, but two breeding kink posts made it in before the lock, ngl. Exactly what you deserve to read when you link the thread to the other faggots in your retard monkey Discord server. Tiny-dicked worthless scrotes don't have genes worth passing on, so I guess the next best thing is to try and dissuade any woman they can reach from breeding. That way, they won't have to think about all the pussy they're missing out on. Yes, bitch more about disappearing grey matter as if your brain isn't smooth, creamy postmortem fucking maggot soup. As if your own grandmother, her mother and all the women before them haven't achieved more things in their lives both pre and post pregnancy than you ever will. They would all be ashamed of your silly ass.
To all lurking, seething moids: Your legacy dies with you. Truly the weakest sex.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 766594

based and blessed post

No. 766595

I feel like some people are expecting life to be amazing when restrictions are gone. Like I see people hyping up bars and resturaunts and hotels and all that opening and yeah it'll be great and family reunions will happen initially but I wonder if there will equally be a wave of people claiming to have depression as a result of normal life not being as exciting as they hyped it up to be?

My dad has been talking about boredom and depression to me since the start of this but he already lives alone in the middle of nowhere (his choice) and so hasn't made big lifestyle adjustments during this. I'm surprised that he's feeling it as much and I'm wondering what difference it'll actually make to him to have them lifted. He's already a lone widower who doesn't like to mix much. Generally interested to see where all the lockdown depression talk goes a year from now. If it'll linger or have that second wave like I said.

No. 766608

I'll see anons ask if it's weird that they return back to college and they're older and myself and other anons will tell them it's not weird at all, and personally I have been in classes with older students and didn't pay them any mind… but now I'm considering going back to school for compsci or something since I graduated with a useless liberal arts degree (didn't know what I wanted to do with my life while in uni, was extremely depressed too) but I'm on the fence about it. I feel like being out of college has made my brain rot, and I struggle with math to begin with. I don't know if it would be worth sinking money into. I just paid off my student loans before the pandemic hit and I do not want to put myself in debt again, possibly for another degree I might not use. I work a basic bitch office job and I don't mind it, money isn't really a huge priority in my life as long as I'm not struggling, but I know that I will be struggling in the future if I don't put myself in a position to earn at least a little bit more. I considered a coding bootcamp or something, but I don't know… I think regardless I'd probably still be sinking money into a possibly fruitless endeavor. I always feel so stupid and slow and that I'll always be struggling in life because of it.

No. 766609

saw a thread on facebook where a chick argued that food, dancing and dying your hair black is cultural appropriation…Yep, that's enough internet for me today

No. 766624

A couple years ago I found a weird coarse and coily hair on my head and pulled it out. Fast forward to now and I have a small bald patch from pulling out my hair constantly fuuuuuuuuck

No. 766642

You have to report your income honestly & file an honest tax return promptly. I'm not saying to lie about anything. But you can owe the IRS a small (under 10k) amount of money for a while and it's not that big a deal. You're being totally open & honest with them, it's not a swindle…the IRS themselves even have payment plan options that extend out several years lol. IRS is scary but you basically only get in real trouble if you lie or don't file returns.

No. 766646

This reminds me of a thread I saw in a lib gen adjacent group for pirating academic PDFs, some people were claiming that the mods aren't pandering to their specific moralistic opinions and that the whole group and its resources should be reported and nuked because of it lol

No. 766659

I've seen so many people on Twitter clout chasing by telling how they yelled at randos for not wearing masks or shit like this, they'll probably moralfag about something else.

No. 766662

File: 1616356925199.png (96.08 KB, 311x281, z1qntdakgzx21.png)

Like I'm not arguing for HAES or anything stupid like that, but I put on about 30 lbs of covid weight putting me at borderline overweight territory and man people never shut up about it. I'm actively trying to lose the weight but people will see me eating a normal meal and feel the need to comment on it. I bought some chicken breasts to cook yesterday and my mom asked me why I'm "eating again". Bitch, people eat everyday. If this is what fat people go through all the time then it must get annoying. Yes yes, I know, "just lose weight, fatty!". I'm working on it and don't need to be shamed every second of every day.

No. 766680

Ever feel like your sexuality is ruined thanks to people trying to force shit like kisses and groping and other things on you from a young age, then your low self esteem means you see any attention as good and start crushing on total losers who you don't actually feel anything for but feel too lonely to dump properly? And as an adult you're only figuring this shit out now and youre struggling to think of times where you actually felt attracted to someone beyond just enjoying having them give you attention? Because that's been going through my head recently. I don't know what normal attraction is supposed to feel like. Maybe I should just never date. I don't know how normies do it.

No. 766685

My ex told me he though he loved me but actually was fooling himself and hadn't for a long time. That's why he was telling me he loved me so much and said he wanted a future with me. He thought he loved me but realized he was just pretending for half a year or more. So it all was a long pretend, huh? What a hurtful fucking thing to say. I know he said this just to hurt me because we broke up and I didn't want to be his 'friend' right away (probably thought we'd get back together). I fucking hate him now. I hate relationships. Even if I felt that way, I'd never want to hurt his feelings, mess with his head and say shit like this to him. He's eternally blocked and I hope he rots in hell. Right this moment I'm so hurt I fucking hope he fails his uni exams and drinks himself to coma with his bro buddies.

No. 766690

I feel for you anon. I also gained some covid weight - a lot of people have since they are not as active as before. Once the pandemic is over, your weight will probably go back to normal. Do not stress yourself that much about it please. Focus on your wellbeing and for the love of god, do not listen to your mother. People can be very cruel and invasive about other peoples weight. Eat healthy and normally like you did before covid and try to be more active - go outside for walks inbetween and work out in your house. You will be fine.

No. 766694

Ugh! I'm so sorry this happened to you. My friend just got the call from a guy she dated over three weeks. They went out every day and he got her a bday gift and roses, etc. Suddenly he calls her up after a date and tells her he cant see a future with her, but it's not you– i t's me bs.

I dont know why men do this. they just cant tell the truth. it's wack. I'm sorry you are hurting so bad, anon. It will pass and you can rage talk about this loser to your friends

No. 766695

I don't know where you live, but the weather is getting nicer and definitely talking walks helps. Everyone gained weight that I know. I'm sorry you're being picked on for something so trivial when a lot of people also stress gained.

No. 766700

i physically feel like ass. i have so many chores/tasks to do and all i have managed today is to drink some generic pedialyte and lay face down in bed. why was i born

No. 766723

I have a job interview tomorrow and I feel weird. I don't think I'll get it honestly but I got so excited when I saw the email. It's just a retail position kek and I'm probably stressing too much. Fuck video chat interviews though this shit is hard enough irl.

No. 766726

that anon is like
>makes elaborate fanfics about why women shouldn't be mothers
>calls women breeders
>expect people to take her seriously and go along with her delusions
typical schizo behaivor, glad she was banned, cause thank god for /ot/ mods it has been pretty chill today.

No. 766731

This is a really minor vent but whatever
About four months ago, all my hair was falling out and I was so weak I couldn't even walk a mile without literally passing out. My doctor didn't think it was a big deal, but when I got taken into hospital for a different thing, they found out I had three different kinds of anaemia (I think? Or deficiencies anyway).
Anyway now my hair is growing back and it's about an inch/inch and a half long and it sticks straight out and up like a fluffy halo. I'm happy, but it looks scruffy - like I've burnt my hair off because the lengths are bleached.
I wish my doctor had listened before things got so bad.
Another thing is, my body is still so pathetic that if I scratch an itch, I'll come up in huge bruises. I hope that'll change as I carry on with the supplements.

No. 766733

I feel this anon. Therapy really helped me, it's hard to work through those kinds of issues on your own.

No. 766747

wtf they are ?

No. 766752

how does therapy help?

No. 766790

I have been feeling empty for 3 days, feeling unhappy, feeling like I am going to die. Doom. It's been 8 years since I've felt like this. It's going to pass but I don't know how to deal with it, alone and locked at home. I'm not going to harm myself in any way, I just want to go back to normal.

No. 766792

File: 1616371778697.png (88.94 KB, 530x530, 1613951395925.png)

managed to form a tenuous but budding relationship with someone in a discord server for a hobby of mine (i haven't had a friend since 2016 so the fact that we were starting to move on from just discussing the hobby to discussing us as people was big for me) only for them to leave the server. and they seem so uninterested in continuing to speak with me now.

i feel sad and doomed. i hate it when people leave me. i won't let this happen again.

No. 766813

Anon who's BF got covid after st. paddys day weekend– day five in quaratine in my apartment alone and ahhhh I'm losing my mind, I've been so unproductive with homework and yesterday I got in a huge fight with my boyfriend about how he only texts me to complain, and exaggerates all the time to the point where I never know if he's telling the truth. I told him to stop texting me just to complain at me for hours so today he didn't text me at all lol. Please pray or manifest for me a negative covid test tomorrow, I'm in college so if I test positive they're gonna move me into isolation dorms so I won't have a kitchen and will also have to stop smoking weed. (the isolation dorms also don't have windows that open so no fresh air for a week and a half either). I just want to get back to work and see friends next weekend and go to class this week!!

No. 766818

File: 1616375995565.png (273.87 KB, 533x293, 7BB63420-596F-43BF-9508-C6A09F…)

I know you guys are going to say “throw the whole man out” and I don’t want that but I literally just had the most autistic interaction with my boyfriend of 13 years.

>spend an hour and a half making Swedish meatballs in my fucked up retarded kitchen

>literally have to put my electric skillet on the floor to cook because I can’t put it on top of my toaster oven like usual since I’m using it to cook meatballs, can’t put it on counter or it will burn the paint off of it
>not even hungry because chronic snacked
>uh oh used the wrong recipe, tasted a little too sour-creamy, I know my bf likes these but hates sour cream, hope it’s edible because I know he’s really hungry
>tell him it’s ready, he’s in the middle of something
>he comes down ten min later by the time I’m mostly finished
>starts jokingly bitching his dinner isn’t on his plate
>I take his plate and his fork out of his hand and scrape it back into the pan
>pick his plate back up
>Would you like some Swedish meatballs?
>Would you like some dinner?
>he gets up and walks up stairs
>go upstairs and say to come eat dinner
>starts escalating into more STFUs

Holy fuck like goddamn it you guys

No. 766819

Forgot to mention I’m using an electric skillet and Giant toaster (convection) Oven to cook because my actual oven/stove broke

No. 766823

How much of this was genuine fighting, not just joking around? In any case I'm sorry you spent so long cooking dinner just to have this happen.

No. 766829

File: 1616378111183.jpg (23.47 KB, 600x401, 2093.jpg)

What the fuck is this? You're both under the mental age of 15.

No. 766840

I shouldn't have responded back to my old internet friend (in middle school) after he message me after a very long time of silence and the fact i told him to stop talking to me months later after meeting him in some site.

i thought he changed. but nope i think he got worse, now he fetishize girls with issues (emotional and psychological) and is slowly realizing that it's not all what movies and other media made them to be. but he still continues to deny that he's making a mistake and wants to help them by showing off his nudes and being a niceguy. what a scrote, he wants a yandere gf and i don't doubt he's going to be in a toxic relationship soon if he's desperate to really get rid of his virginity by some girl who he prob thinks will never love someone else but him (although he tries to reason out that he wants someone to relate to him by being edgy and all that).

it's a good thing he only message me if he's having problem in his paradise and thinks im his therapist. ew.

No. 766841

File: 1616380233058.jpg (589.71 KB, 1080x920, 1584605509942.jpg)

Update that nobody asked for on >>703564:
My sister announced that she got knocked up sometime around when I made this post. I want absolutely nothing to do with her sudden string of extremely bad decisions and no longer share any common values with her and never had any in common with her bf? fiance? but am expected to be a doting aunt. fml!

No. 766844

Oops, I meant update to >>>/ot/703564

No. 766897

Fuck my OCD convinced me earlier that I ingested cyanide fuck. FUCK

No. 766904

How does that even work, nonnie?

No. 766906

I'm too broke to afford that right now and even if I did I don't know how that sort of thing gets solved beyond ignoring that urge to latch on to anyone that gives me attention.

No. 766907


All I got out of this is that you need a trivet.

No. 766914

I still feel so fucked up from my bf pulling my hair yesterday. My stomach has hurt out of stress for more than 24 hours. He went to his mom's indefinitely at least.

No. 766916

Same anon- he apologized at first but now he brings up excuses like work and covid but that's only made me feel worse

No. 766920

Every few months I try to work up the courage to break up with my boyfriend and every time I chicken out and return to my neet alcoholic haze. I am stupid.

No. 766923

Bf and I are atheists, but sometimes he drinks too much of the leftie kool aid despite wanting to follow tenets of being rational and logical.
I had to put down one of the athiest shows we frequently watch tonight because the host was going off on a religious caller over "truth," meanwhile having a MtF guest co-host who made every issue about their transgenderism and believes in shit like allowing children to take hormone blockers. So people are foolish for believing in magical sky daddy, but not foolish for mutilating their bodies and getting a fuckload of plastic surgery because they're mentally ill and think that will make them actual women? That's "truth" huh?
Bf thinks I'm harsh but I'm sorry, as the atheist show host said, "truth is uncomfortable." He didn't believe me at first that people didn't detransition and actually come to regret those types of decisions until I showed him a few youtube videos about it. I hope he doesn't feel like I'm attacking him for being compassionate about their plight, but my sympathy ends for the issue when the process gets delusional and they start pushing the dysmorphia onto kids.

No. 766929

The idea of "self-love" is so dumb to me. I am not going to love myself just because I live in this body. I'm trying to be objective and treat myself like any other person you know? And I just happens to have the things I hate the most and even my qualities are not that valuable compared to others, I look at other people and I wish I were them.
Please don't tell me that I'm offending other people like me with this, I don't care, I hate them too.

No. 766931

I’m kinda annoyed that the media is ignoring the misogynistic aspect of the Georgia shooting and instead is trying to frame it as a straight up hate crime against Asians.

No. 766935

Because heaven forbid if we talk about misogyny as a whole where we would have to include white Karens as victims too.

No. 766945

im an atheist and agree with you, also i cant fucking stand religion and hate them all, they are all as bad as eachother. i never say islams shit tho since its mostly non whites in it therefore 'racist' to criticize. (tho i dont think calling a girl wearing a headscarf a terrorist is the right way to go) though i just play along with people who say theyll pray for me when im sick or whatever. i recognize believing there must be a reason youre struggling and that your life will be righted soon gives people comfort and hope but it really is just so frustrating.

anon this is your sign, call him and break up with him right now. do you really wanna be doing this shit for the next months or years even? saying i love you back while thinking about how you dont wanna be together anymore? cmon anon, end your suffering and free yourself from human baggage you no longer want.

No. 766949

A YouTuber raped me in 2016 and I feel so guilty everyday for not speaking up about it but I have literally no proof and I won’t be able to handle the droves of people saying I’m lying. I want to at least post about it here so bad but Im so afraid it’ll be traced back to me

No. 766951

I'm so sorry it happened to you, anon. I hope he fucking drowns

No. 766956

I'm really sorry anon, fuck him I hope that I'm not watching him/supporting him without knowing.

No. 766957

im so fucking sorry anon, i hope he fucking chokes and dies. if it happened to you it couldve happened to another girl too who has more proof, dont lose hope anon, he can still be knocked down

No. 766961

Agree. Didn't the perpetrator say that he did it because he was angry at the porn industry for making him porn addicted and wanted to have revenge? Most massage parlours are brothels in disguise lbr (some even have that shit typed out in Chinese) and he was planning to go shoot up more sex workers too, it literally had nothing to do with the race of the people he killed but good old fucking misogyny and nobody's talking about it. He straight out said that his attack wasn't motivated by race but just wanting to kill the people he blamed for his terminal coomerism, i.e. women.

No. 766962

You don’t have to include “white Karens.” It’s pretty obvious that he was an entitled asshole who targeted Asian women, which in part had to do with obvious stereotypes.

No. 766970

NTA but the main problem is that his attack was the equivalent of Elliot Rodger shooting up a sorority because he wasn't getting pussy and we really should start talking about how porn addiction is a dangerous condition and causes behavior like this, but the masses are so hung up on race that they're ignoring it entirely.

No. 766971

My bf's brother-in-law is so weirdly competitive with me. He's been with my bf's sister for around the same amount of time as our relationship but he's just neverrrrr liked me. He even took my bf's sister to the town I lived growing up in another country to propose to her and then rubbed it in my face because I haven't been able to travel with my bf there?? We're not married so obviously that means our relationship is inferior too. We don't post on social media so he says it barely feels my bf and I are in a real relationship because no one sees us do anything together. He shits on a family member of mine (who I'm not even close to) that used to be his boss before I met my bf in front of anyone that will listen. He talks over me to the point that more than one person has told him to knock it off IN ONE NIGHT. Nasty little goblin man

No. 766973

Scrotes literally murder women then try to play the victim. The very least he could do at this point is admit he did it because he hates women.

Also about him claiming he did it out of revenge to the porn industry, yeah shooting up a few women at the bottom really showed the big guys at PornHub. They must be quaking.

No. 766982

Brexit really screwed me over.
Being from a small eu country, I bought a lot of my clothes online in uk. All we have here are boring standard clothes or 2000s "witch" gothic shit when it comes to alternative clothes.
Now thanks to brexit I have to pay almost half of the item+shipment price to customs. Thanks a bunch, assholes

No. 766986

You've got 27 countries to pick from, surely you can find another store that sells what you're looking for and ships it to your country.

No. 766990

File: 1616404371599.jpg (220.86 KB, 851x1035, ENJ1nP9VUAEq8v3.jpg)

I can't post this anywhere else because I really don't want to get judged by my friends but recently it's been really eating at me so I just wanna whine about it into the void.
I'm almost 30 and still a virgin, haven't really been in a relationship at all due to my 20's being a disaster of depression, family issues and feeling so bad about dumping a guy I only dated for a week out of peer pressure that I just never really tried after. Also, my mom is very weird about relationships and I think because she had so many failed ones she obsesses about mine to the point where I've been uncomfortable to bring up anyone around her. But that's an entirely different can of worms.

The times I DO try to give in to my feelings and crush on someone I end up working myself into an anxiety attack because I'm apparently 12 and can't handle feelings. I just don't really know what to do anymore, I've grown used to doing things by myself (especially with covid happening) but after seeing all my friends starting to date and get married I realize that I'm lonely and I don't want to be like this anymore. I feel like a freak who doesn't know how to properly talk to the opposite (or even the same) sex without coming off incredibly awkward and the idea of having to break it to someone that I'm a virgin just sounds like a nightmare. The last time I told a guy he obsessed about that aspect alone and when I last told a friend they used it against me as a joke and it felt terrible.

tl;dr I just want to find someone that makes me happy but being an awkward 30 y/o virgin makes me feel like I've missed my chance

No. 766992

I'm also 30 and a virgin and I really don't mind anymore. So many people who I've told it about to have said that they wished they saved their virginity for someone who actually matters since they all just wanted to get rid of it as soon as possible in their teens and ended up having shitty experiences. Sometimes I do think I missed out but then again it's not like I have it branded on my forehead, nobody has been able to tell. And the older you get the less people are interested about sperging out about their relationships or men in general, I very rarely have to deal with "boytalk" at this age.

No. 766998

Sex is so overrated dude. If your friends are treating you that poorly over such a nonissue you need to find better friends. I would get the self love and nonsexual social life sorted before you step anywhere near romance. Even then you might decide you don’t want it. It can be easy to fall into the trap of accepting a subpar scrote simply because they made themselves available when you don’t have experience or standards. Every time I’ve been in a relationship my life has gotten exponentially worse and now I’m single by choice. Men will always want to fuck you by virtue of being a woman, they’re not picky. It’s finding one who actually respects you and enjoys you as a person that’s difficult whether you’re a virgin or not. Don’t hyperfocus on an arbitrary issue when it seems your (lack of) self confidence is at the root of this dissatisfaction.

No. 767000

If you can easily find something that doesnt ship from USA or UK, do let me know

No. 767003

I can't take this anymore. I feel like I am going to break down soon.
I graduated recently from the University and I failed to find a job. So now I'm thinking of completing my higher education but also I can't afford it and looking for a scholarship. I don't do anything but sleep and look for sth to do. I feel like failure. I want to study or do something. I don't go out anymore.

No. 767004

amazon from other eu countries?

No. 767005

> being an awkward 30 y/o virgin makes me feel like I've missed my chance
Anon, this mindset needs to be put in the trash. It’s not a typical situation but people have found love in worse circumstances. People who divorce after 30 years and 5 kids find love again. 80 year olds in nursing homes find love. Lifers in prison, people who are severely disabled, the ugliest people in the world - it’s possible for everyone. I’ve had shit luck with relationships but I still can’t deny the possibilities are there. I hope you are able to find what you want, or at least become comfortable with being alone.

No. 767006

I'm kind of jealous.

No. 767014

Luckily I don't owe them that much but fuck man, I really hate the government lmao.
At least I can hope to get the stimulus check soon to help pay tuition even though the dollar isn't going as far anymore and it won't help much, but any money is good money at this point.

No. 767015

Honestly since PULL went down, I can tell who moved from there to here.
It's such fucking tiny, insignificant, petty nitpicks or comments about weight or looks or the smallest little thing in their background.
I wish they'd all grow up and fuck off.

No. 767017

>Commit suicide with you?
Antinatalist anons are wrong about one thing: there's no point talking to normies who know absolutely nothing about the philosophy, and bringing up suicide is the best proof they know nothing. It's just demagoguery. And the good old "a bloo bloo we can't separate from men, even in our private lives, because they would all rape and kill us!" is just intellectual dishonesty and cowardice and also a proof you haven't read a single separatist text and you haven't listened to a single woman living a separatist life. I've never been to a lolcow discord, you're retarded. Don't lump me in with some secretly lolicon-obsessed cunts with breeding and gore kinks. I'm not the one who wrote about gray matter disappearing. Do you retards even know that there's more than one antinatalist or separatist person here?
I can assure you I already achieved more than my mother and grandmother, especially grandmother who had no education and was locked at home with two kids and disrespected by her husband. I have a career path and a possibility to earn more money than they ever could, and I have my own place, unlike them when they were my age, and I didn't need a scrote for that. Unless you really believe that our biggest achievement is passing on our genes, something that literally every animal can do, something that retarded people can do. You sound like an essentialist, but I bet you would REEEEEEEE at some blackpilled, essentialist points like certain female behaviors being just reproductive strategy and women using men for resources. I wouldn't even call myself blackpilled, I just find it funny that people like you hate on essentialism and then use "not passing your genes and dying out" as a gotcha. Pathetic hypocrite.

No. 767018

Are you samefagging, anon? Was this antinatalist sperg just someone trolling by replying to themselves for all eternity?

No. 767022

A lot of new people don't know anything about imageboards and their culture, complaining how offended they are instead of letting it go and all of these stupid arguements and baits are tiring as hell.

In my opinion, the worst part is how shitted up streaming and video creators threads are, with nothing but milkless or decade old shit that no one cares about. Twitch thread is infested with PULLfags because they talk only about the people who had millions of milkless pages on PULL that were full of nothing but worthless milk, even looking at some WKs in many threads you can see that it's PULL all over again.

I used to love Artist Thread but now it's nothing but some idiots baiting and talking about a milkless guy who just draws an odd OC couple without any lewdness whatsoever and people waste hours arguing about it, when art community is full of stupid lolcows. They even dropped a milky fetishist (probably because the fetishist is a gender-chan) just to waste time talking about nothing.

On a good note… I am happy that Ninabells whiteknight keeps being proven wrong. I still don't understand why a person who commissioned her and got nothing in return keeps trying to WK her ass.

No. 767024

I don't know what your specific taste in alt clothing is anon.

No. 767027

I really dislike my classmates. I really hate when they say my name. It always seems patronising to me, like if they say 'oh anon we're moving classrooms now' or 'anon have you done this?' I get that maybe they're trying to be helpful but it's just annoying. Yes I know we're moving classrooms I don't need you to tell me, to think you know better than me is annoying. It's probably petty of me but I really hate it. One of them also has a big as fuck bag that gets in the way all the time and it's very annoying. They're also all extremely boring.

No. 767031

>I very rarely have to deal with "boytalk" at this age.
See this is where my issue lies. I think because all my friends are currently having their own boytalks right now it's something I can't really escape and making this thought process worse. But you can't exactly ask them to not bring it up without coming off rude, right?

You're 100% right. My friends have been a lot better about it and apologized for bringing it up, but it definitely didn't help my overthinking the entire thing which I really just need to let go and instead put more work into self-love and confidence as you've said.

>this mindset needs to be put in the trash.
You're totally right, it's a really ugly mindset to have and really doesn't help anything but make the anxiety of the situation worse.

Thank you guys for your insight, I was just having a rough night of negativity but I need to learn to turn it around and not hyperfocus on this as much.

Don't be lmao
0/10 experience, do not recommend

No. 767041

File: 1616412064363.gif (215.43 KB, 220x198, choccy.gif)

I've been overworking with my freelance orders for two weeks and didn't notice somehow I ended up getting an eyelid infection and started treating it this weekend. My eye is so puffy but at least there is not bump anymore, but jesus it makes me want to scream because of how late I noticed everything.

I have slept only for two hours this time because of how much I panicked over it.

Anons… I just want a hug, a comfort movie and shower myself with chocolate. But do I even deserve it? I am so, so tired. I feel so weak because of how heavy my eyelid feels right now.

No. 767050

Anyone else have sexual episodes that last like a day or two, maybe 2 weeks max, and then you’re suddenly basically asexual the rest of the time? No sex drive, anything sexual is boring, sex-havers fuck off challenge, touching myself is like touching nothing, if you cum you are dumb, etc. I’m not exaggerating. Anything sexual is basically as appetising as sand to me 80% of the time.
Recently, when I was in a sexual phase, I started sexting with some guy. I was really into at it first, but he took too long to reply and now I’m just like “Too late, I’m asexual again, try again in 4 months to a year x”. I feel like just ghosting him, but once I’m horny again, it’ll be so much of a hassle to find someone who’s into the exact same kinks, but isn’t an obese 38 year old neckbeard or something. I’m kind of mad at myself. Why can’t I have a normal sexuality?

No. 767077

Yep, I’m the exact same way. Like a few times a year, usually about the week before my period,I’m pretty much insatiable. then the rest of the time I have no interest in sex at all

No. 767089

yes! this started for me because of birth control

No. 767091

I get horny one day a month, right before my period (some months I don't even get that) It's like night and day. I just use toys and dont bother with sex.

No. 767097

You should explain exactly that to him, most men appreciate a woman just spelling out the situation and parameters of a sexual interaction since they're retards who'd never figure it out in a thousand years themselves.

No. 767100

Those are called hormones anon….

No. 767127

File: 1616422483557.png (159.76 KB, 351x433, 54645646.png)

I just can't why ask my opinion about something just to tell me right after "You don't know anything about it" if it doesn't match what you wanted to hear. Do you want me to start to say that everything you do is shit

No. 767138

File: 1616422996064.jpg (Spoiler Image, 241.08 KB, 1024x1024, 20210322_151653-COLLAGE.jpg)

You're right, sorry I was a bit rude earlier. It just frustrates me that everything nice I find on etsy is based in uk.
I'm actually looking for gipsy skirts like these. But not the alliexpress ones, just a bit of quality so they won't rip after one time wearing.
I have a really nice black one from Spain wich is starting to tear (from wearing too much) wich I also want to replace but our shops only offer ugly flat straight polyester "long" skirts…

I was actually always scared of amazon because of it's high shipping cost and need for credit card but there is one in Holland now that I could check out (Belgium doesnt have one) although they offer a lot less than the uk one.

No. 767139

Sorry I accidentally pressed spoiler image

No. 767140

Yes and I feel super guilty to my SO (not that he makes me feel bad or anything but I know his sex drive is a lot higher)

No. 767154

And I also quoted the wrong post, I seem to be sperging today

No. 767157

That's what you get for dating a 13yo. Yeah, I'll walk my ass outside.

No. 767158

all I've got to say is


No. 767167

File: 1616425901878.jpeg (89.15 KB, 720x708, 97EC8303-365C-4316-BAEE-4C7815…)

humans are so unreliable and shitty, none of your lives matter

No. 767173

Why are you stating the obvious

No. 767185

Every time I scroll through the Youtuber thread on /snow/ I'm taken aback by how I have 0 idea who most of these people are.
I usually feel like I'm pretty much on top of whatever the latest internet trends or memes are but apparently there's this whole new era of youtubers that I know nothing about. Seeing farmers discuss these people who make zoomer as fuck content makes me feel kind of old.

No. 767186

the anons who think the world is peaches and cream need to hear this shit. if you ever gain the opportunity to end all life on earth with a single button DO IT PLEASE SOME REST FINALLY

No. 767189

I don't have a tv or netflix, I only ever watch youtube when I want to sit down and watch shit. That's a lot of youtube..and I still don't know half the people in that thread.

No. 767200

I think it's more that there's just too many fucking youtubers to keep up with nowadays. I also feel like if you really want to be on top of the trends you should move to tiktok but idk

No. 767212

Agreed. You summed up my feelings quite nicely.

No. 767270

I'm starting to hate all those "things that X" threads and other variations. They always go to shit or bring out the worst autists.

No. 767283

They're just trying to be helpful anon. Don't be such a bitch. The name thing is probably because most people actually like hearing their name, it's some psychological shit.

No. 767290

Well for me it helped me realize that a few experiences I had as a kid/preteen weren't just weird but csa. I can understand and cope a little better now and that in turn helped with my depression and low self esteem which led to being less desperate for attention. It's easier now for me to distinguish between "i like that person" and "i like the attention they're giving me".

No. 767310

One of my coworkers is really overweight like she can barely fit in the office chairs we have. She relived me for lunch today and after she left my little office area smelled funky. I just finished sanitizing everything and put the fan on to help the smell go away but damn. She’s a really nice person and she’s been here a long time but I don’t wanna smell her swamp ass

No. 767313

I really hate that I obsessively read into people's positive/neutral comments until my brain comes up with some hidden negative. Lately I'm wearing lolita more often since it's warmer out and noticing how many people tell me I'm pretty as opposed to when I'm wearing normie clothes. I can't stop thinking that, 1) they think my coord sucks and are telling me /I'm/ pretty to avoid commenting on the clothes, 2) that I'm naturally ugly and the clothes are catching the attention I would be getting if I were pretty.

I also mentioned to my mom that I'm sleeping better since starting to work out again and she said good, that she was worried about my sleep and that she heard eating too many carbs can also lead to poor sleep. Of course now I've been haunted by the idea that my mom thinks I've gotten fat and is trying to trick me into fixing it. This is serioisly ruining my life but I can't stop

No. 767321

I have a tendancy to assume everyone is thinking I'm shit or hating on me/judging my looks. I try to practice that mantra of 'What other people think is none of my business' but it's hard. I'm getting better at just taking peoples words at face value though.

Weirdly enough..having anons on here put words in my mouth or freak out over innocent comments has helped. I don't want my internal issues to manifest into me flipping out at well meaning people. That only gives them a valid reason to actually judge you lol

No. 767322

People are giving you positive attention and your mom is just being encouraging. Keep telling yourself it's not that deep cause it isn't.

And like what would you do about it even if you could know for certain that there was veiled negativity? Nothing sis. Just live your life.

No. 767348

At the time that I started dating my last ex I had just retired a handful of piercings. I was tired of stuff like towel drying my hair or washing my face and absentmindedly tugging on the jewelry. My ex didn't know that though so one day he was bitching about women with a certain piercing looking ugly. I laughed and told him I had that piercing and I wasn't sure whether to retire it permanently or not. The hole hadn't even had time to close. We were very newly dating. Asked him how he'd feel about it and he was weird with me. Just repeated how gross it is and wouldn't say anything else. Silent treatment! I went home and it was only when I arrived home that he calls me panicking and saying to come back and just don't bring it up again.

How I wish I had payed attention to that interaction. So soon into dating and he was being pretty full on with his say on personal decisions. He went on to give ultimatums any time he wanted his own way. Never compromised or looked for a middle ground in any situation, never. Wouldn't change a thing about himself for anyone else but was real good at demanding. The silent treatment was forever being used! I should've left at the very first ultimatum he gave me but I'd never dated anyone like him so the games and odd power dynamic just baffled me. I didn't know how to handle the emotional rollercoaster that he'd create out of every little disagreement.

The worst ultimatum I gave in to was having to perform a sex act we'd already agreed I would never do. One that no other woman I've known has been up for. It's out there so I don't even want to name it tbh. He had the gall to demand that because I was beaten down by this routine of being threatened and then feeling safe again for a few weeks only to then get the threat of dumping again. I should've gladly walked away. I had nowhere to go but could've figured something out. Long term I have nothing but bad memories and a knot in my stomach. I swear I'm not even stupid, not that young and usually not the most trusting. In previous relationships I kept shit equal, I fought my corner. His crazy behavior just blindsided me into accepting so much controlling shit.

No. 767370

> Fuck video chat interviews though this shit is hard enough irl.

So you actually want to go to the place in person? Video interviews are the ultimate cheat code. Take some notes, paste them on the wall behind your PC, get comfy as fuck, and get it done.

No. 767372

I have a plethora of physical issues, like seizures, a degenerative eye condition and disfigured hands and other dumbass shit. I was so frustrated with my doctors treating everything with pain medication as a bridge to my appointments that never came to fruition thanks to corona, that I changed my phone number and decided I'm no longer dealing with this shit anymore. I can't describe to you my level of anger towards the medical community in my area. I could fucking scream, sometimes I honestly debate driving my car through the doctors office just to prove a point.
Anyway, my mum just messaged me out of nowhere talking about how my aunt got her geneticist appointment and just wanted to check in on how my appointments were going even though she knows I have none and stopped going to my specialists. I could rip my hair out, I could seriously go to her house and throttle her. I just spend $600 this weekend on taking my cat to the vet and she immediately just starts talking about my uncle who just died, like bitch I don't care shut up go the fuck away stop texting me I swear to fuck I'm going to run to another country and jump in front of a train so I can't be identified and my family just thinks I'm missing or a runaway, which I feel is easier(?)

I'm going to smash a brick wall into dust holy FFFFUUUUU

No. 767434

my mom died 2 years ago and her distant friend is helping me now. she doesn't have her own kids. she was only supposed to help me find a job, but she started buying me food and expensive clothes and I feel so uncomfortable with it, I'm very grateful she helps me but I don't feel like I deserve the extra stuff, we don't know each other really well, and my current financial situation doesn't even allow me to return the favour. I already said a few times that I don't need new clothes but it didn't work. she's quite influential and she has many friends in various fields, like if you want to get to a doctor and normally you would have to wait a few weeks or even months for an appointment, she can get it faster for you, or if you need a job, or if you have some problems with the law etc. now I'm scared that if I ever say no to her she won't want to help me when I actually ask her for help, because this is what happened to a few people before me. of course, she wants me to wear the clothes she chose for me. today she took me to a hairdresser, I said I don't want to go but I was too much of a pussy to refuse. but then something pretty fucked up happened. the place that was supposed to hire me part time got locked down, and despite the fact that I haven't even started working there yet, the owner, who's her friend, gave me 2k in cash. I got 2k in cash for nothing. not a single day of work. I'm not even officially hired yet and they aren't sure if they will be able to actually hire new people when the lockdown ends. I don't know how to handle the whole situation. I don't have any friends here and I feel lonely and I'm just scared this woman will stop giving a shit about me once a say no to anything

No. 767468

ok but like
you want to make a commune of women who hate humanity so much that they won't reproduce anymore, not even to have more women, and you're actively fucking with their lives and bodies making them feel bad for something that is absolutely natural, then you pressure them to join because "blackpilled is the only way because feminism failed us"
sounds like a cult, no one is going to take you seriously. It's insane.
>you just love cock
I'm a separatist myself, that dates women almost exclusively and would love to help other women. But I believe in educating our daughters into a better future, not exterminating the whole human race for some petty argument. Life is wonderful, this world is worth living in.

No. 767470

Anon, this mindset is pointless and you're only hurting yourself.

No. 767471

ayrt, idk I just find it easier to connect with the interviewer irl. I feel super awkward on video. I can see how it would be nicer if you're applying to a more complicated position tho.

No. 767479

The United States stopped caring about COVID and the mass shootings started up again. Two fucking shootings in nearly the same week. I hope Colorado and Atlanta anons take care of themselves this week.

No. 767482

File: 1616454475355.jpeg (86.22 KB, 720x500, F33BC8A0-BB01-4572-A3C0-9052DD…)

got broken up with because i moved, got a job, and pandemic made us ldr. i feel so shit, he was trying to tell me how much he was struggling and i never got it and was depressed myself and neglected him. i still love him we were literally in preschool together anons. i really thought i’d be with him forever and took it for granted.

No. 767483

I think you can still fix it if you love him. Talk it out, spend more time together… I wish you the best.

No. 767484

i tried to tell my bf today how i'm starting to not feel good after we have sex because i want him to show me affection after it and he basically wasn't having anyone of it and threw it all back in my face, saying how he "already does that" (he doesn't) and i'm "asking for too much". is it too much just to be fucked hugged and kissed for a bit? for like 5 minutes? i feel like he gaslights me so much i really can't tell if i'm being crazy

No. 767488

I'm gonna be that anon and say fucking leave him. What the fuck, a little smidge of affection is too much for him? Fuck him.

No. 767489

I feel the same and I think it's true you can't connect with a person on camera like you would IRL. For starters, what's important is body language - which is missing since they only see top of your body, second - more important - is looking at somebody when they speak which is impossible, because you either look at somebody, which, on camera, will look like you're looking away, therefore not creating a connection you need; or you'll look straight into a camera which will give an impression of you looking at somebody but you will actually not be doing so. I'd hate to do interviews on video too. Good luck either way!

No. 767490

File: 1616455402827.gif (Spoiler Image, 670.89 KB, 180x320, 161645477922045.gif)

No. 767493

What's wrong with her post?

No. 767494

in summary he said sitting next to each other after sex (barely touching) and asking me if it was good for me is showing enough care after sex. i really don't know whats considered normal in relationships so i really don't know if i'm asking for too much but i don't think i am? shouldn't a person just be like ok i'll try to be a bit more affectionate and end it at that?

No. 767505

My bf and I cuddle and smooch after sex for at least a good half hour if we don't end up falling asleep or watching tv together in cuddle position. Your bf is a moosecock.

No. 767506

First of all, it's not normal. Second of all, if you feel uncomfortable and unloved as a result of his actions, why should 'normal' matter more than the fact of how you feel? Is your bf's role to fulfill the bare minimum of what's normal, or is he supposed to be a partner who cares about you and makes you happy?

Inexperience with relationships should not prevent you from setting boundaries. Have confidence in yourself and what you want, you know in your gut that you're not asking for much at all. You know you would happily do the same for him if he asked. You know he's denying you something that he should enjoy doing, that's completely natural in a relationship, and that doesn't cause him any inconvenience unless for some reason he doesn't enjoy affection with you- and that's a good enough reason to dump his ass.

No. 767515

File: 1616458219130.png (888.34 KB, 563x549, 2596804E-9760-4AC4-9800-BB9597…)

When I was in high school ages ago, there was this girl who I had known since we were kids but we weren’t friends, we could maybe hang out but wouldn’t exchange xmas cards you know. She was very bad at acting like she wanted to just be there for you, she usually just wanted tea and i tested this with friends, making up something and seeing how fast some distorted stuff came back to me, it took only half a day. So tell me why at 26 years of age I realise that she made up this dude talking shit about me because this dude most likely liked me. She always had these convenient heroic tales of this dude talking shit about me on the bus she took home and how she defended me even if it was embarrassing for her.
Idky but It all just clicked, I always hated the guy after that, even though he had never been shitty to me, we had been in the school before and he was genuinely cool, but I avoided talking to him if I could and one time we had to sit next to each other on the bus AND HE EVEN TOLD ME HE HAD MOVED AND LIVED THERE FOR THE WHOLE YEAR. THIS BITCH NEVER EVEN TOOK THE BUS HOME WITH HIM. I wouldn’t have dated the dude anyways but we could have been friends or something, I even asked a friend about the bus thing and she told me the bitch always lied and that she never would have stood up for no one. Goddamit.

No. 767517

I'm currently looking for a DA artist I used to follow, but I cannot remember anything useful about them for the life of me. I tried to look through my watchlist, but it's not there since I deleted my old account. Plus, even if I am following them, they may have had an artstyle change since the last time I viewed their art. I cannot be more annoyed right now

No. 767520

Oh nevermind, I was able to log into my old account! There is hope afterall

No. 767521

that looks incredibly painful

No. 767522

I forgot to add, I do know dudes can and will talk shit but looking back, it was such weird shit.
“He said anon’s shoes look stupid and make her look fat!” it was mostly about something about my hair, weight or shoes. Bitch, I looked dumb but not in a way a dumb dude like that would have cared and he was quiet as shit, he even transferred to night classes because he didn’t have that many friends. This is what coffee at 2am does to a mf, anons.

No. 767529

Aaand I can't view my watchlist or reactivate my account to view it either. Gonna kms.

No. 767531

what should i say to him? specifically? to get this entire point across?

No. 767539

I'm waiting for this person to unalive themselves.
It's taking forever.
It's not an all consuming obsession but like every time I hear anything about them from mutual friends or something it only gets worse and more cringe.
I think it's the second hand embarrassment and I can't wait for it to end.

No. 767563

anon you are me, i recognize your pic, i wouldnt mind being friends with you. god im so lonely

No. 767569

nta but wadanohara is cool except for sal

No. 767571

wadanohara is awesome anon i love you!!!!!!!!!! you're gonna find someone who appreciates you for who you are

No. 767574

Watching make up tutorials and it’s late af, but I still want to try some of the tutorials. I kinda resigned myself over the years, that I was a person who didn’t bother with make up because it was unnecessary, but tbh it’s mainly because I have never been able todo it well. Honestly it’s a real skill to be able to put on make up effectively, like if I tried to contour my face I would just look dirty af, but these girls looks stunning.
I don’t know, I feel like if I start wanting to get into make up more, I’m just conforming to beauty standards and how society only views woman as pretty when they have make up on, but at the same time, I’m jealous when I see girls with pretty make up on. It’s this irritating internal push and pull with my thoughts on it. I want to be pretty, but I shouldn’t have to put on make up to see myself as pretty, but I also want to learn to use make up to be ‘societally pretty’ which is just feeding into beauty standard.

No. 767595

File: 1616467355023.gif (247.06 KB, 300x322, 9F517996-DF3F-4843-BE59-2EB6B1…)

We need to stop attributing being happy/content with looking good. I’m so tired of hearing from men and even sometimes women who say that people who don’t want to fucking dress up and slather on gay frog chemical makeup on their faces everyday for slave labor or school then there must be something psychologically wrong with them or if you complain about anything they take one glance at you for not being dressed up like a mangled Bratz doll and assume that, “Oh that’s why you’re so angry at other people! Because you’re ugly!”

>Women don’t need to be attractive to other men

Clearly I need to be attractive to other women because that’s also where the pressure lies as well. Let’s be honest, this shit isn’t solely men, it’s also a terrible phenomenon in female spaces. Performing female socialization or femininity is required to be in female spaces, you nearly have to like stereotypical feminine things because that’s the metric that people value your “womanhood” when you’re just, just. And this will be interpreted to me being a troon, being a scrote because no one has any sense of object permanence on the internet and that many issues can exist at once.

It gets exhausting having to put multiple faces up every day in order to make sure I’m not too aggressive for both sexes. If I’m aggressive and faceless, a deranged troon or male, if I’m aggressive and my face is in clear sight, the whole host of ignorant/life-draining comments await me.

No. 767596

I adore this gif and will be stealing it

No. 767600

I didn't read your post completely but I agree so much. Dress yourself to be comfy, and being comfy will make you happy. Don't let stupid people tell you that you should dress boogie and galmurous to feel happy, cause that's stupid consumerism and I swear a lot of normies dress in yoga pants with hoodies and they are super happy

No. 767610

got psychward'd over the weekend
they took my insulin pump, which I understand why, but they also refused to give me insulin more than twice per day, via injection, my blood sugar was over 300 the entire time I was there, and by day two I was already DKA, my eyes and mouth were dried out, I was peeing every ten minutes, I was so nauseous my entire abdomen hurt and my legs ached
At first I was trying to explain to them that my blood sugar needed to be tested if I felt sick and if my blood sugar was high, I need to be administered insulin, but they just kept telling me that's not how they treat diabetics there, we are following protocol
eventually I was literally begging for insulin because I was very literally dying, and they still refused, and so I started explaining to them if they find me unresponsive, I am in diabetic ketoacidosis, the following steps are seizure, coma, death, if they find my body unresponsive please get me to the emergency room and tell them this is DKA
They still refused, of course, it's against protocol, you only need two shots of insulin per day, go back to bed
I guess no one believed me because I was in the psych ward
when I got to call my mom, I told her what was going on, she called my gp, who was the doctor who initially ordered me to be sent to the ward to begin with, and my doctor said she was going to personally call the hospital immediately and told her to get me out of there immediately
they let me go early, my mom got me and took me to an emergency room at a different hospital so I could get fluids and treatment for DKA
honestly, I cannot say I feel better now than when I went in, this was easily the scariest thing that has ever happened to me
I can't believe a diabetic was literally begging for insulin in a hospital and was denied treatment

No. 767613

>I swear a lot of normies dress in yoga pants with hoodies and they are super happy
They definitely do, I personally can't relate to feeling pressure to perform femininity except in an indirect sense (like the media, advertising, scrote propaganda you see online etc). When it comes to regular every day interactions, I'd say plenty of girls are makeup free and dressed down so I feel comfortable doing the same. They aren't GNC or unusual in any way either, they're just normies with social lives and bfs etc.

I'm sure it depends on where you live and who you spend time with though. I'm in a pretty low socioeconomic area so nobody cares.

No. 767621

holy shit

No. 767624

I just want to kill myself. I have fought with my boyfriend last two months every few days. I feel like I have no one. I am so fucking stupid. One of my family members is dying another is going to jail. Cherry on top, I am not close with anyone outside maybe my boyfriend. Basically I'm so unliked I have two friends and none of my family likes me other than my parents. I want to kill myself. I hate how the world is going I hate myself too. I am not good enough at anything basic. I have been told by every person I have been with that I have really stupid moments and no one listens to me. what is even the point of living? No one likes me, no one listens, I have no friends, no life, and I serve no value anywhere.

No. 767627

File: 1616472039036.jpeg (44.64 KB, 408x218, 9FB66449-92C4-414D-862B-7C3E13…)

I’m sorry, anon, I wish I knew how to cheer you up properly.

No. 767628

that's really fucked up. some people who work in psych wards are shitty providers and that's why they work there. most people don't want to work in a psych ward they only do because they can't get a job anywhere else. if something like that ever happens again and you can find a way to call 911 or get someone who's leaving to do it for you, there will certainly be more to it than them just telling ems you 'can't go' or whatever it can be escalated.

No. 767635

Jesus that’s horrific I’m so sorry anon

No. 767637

I want to take a year off from school/job searching/existing to sit down and fix my mental and physical health.

No. 767644

Things get better, life is worth living, let the trash take itself, sorry for your loss. Keep on living please, don't die.

No. 767645

I did that 2019-today, totally recommended.

No. 767652

I'm so sorry anon. I was in a similar situation once, though in a completely different place. I hope you're better now and I'm so deeply sorry that happened to you. That feeling of utter helplessness is the worst feeling in the world. Fuck mental hospitals fuck them and everyone who works at them, sacks of shit. They never care. Can't tell you how many stories of straight up medical negligence and scrotes taking advantage of patients ive heard

No. 767654

Woah. Some people in the med field are a special brand of psychotic themselves if their idea of a power trip is to jeopardize someone with an insulin pump. Quite a gaggle of retards.

No. 767655

I’m drunk right now and having a moment of courage so I’m just going to come out and say it now. His name is Dom Zeglaitis/Durte Dom, he’s one of david dobriks friends and I think was a member of the “vlog squad”. He’s the one who caused the shitstorm around David dobrik so I feel mildly better about not coming forward.

Anyway I went to a party in 2016 and met Dom. We talked for a few minutes at the party. I only had a couple drinks but I guess they must’ve interacted with a medicine I was on or I got drugged because I started getting really lightheaded.

I was friends with the host of the party so I went into her room and passed out on her bed. I woke up a while later, I’m not really sure how much longer, and dom was raping me. I was in and out of consciousness but I was finally able to push him. It startled him and he got dressed and ran out.

I genuinely didn’t even remember it happening until about a week later and even then I wasn’t positive it wasn’t a dream. I’m sure now though it wasn’t because I got diagnosed with hpv shortly after and I was a virgin before. I’m positive it was this guy because we used to have mutual friends and I know for a fact Dom and Zane Hijazi were at this party. I genuinely wish dom nothing but the worst

No. 767656

Thank you for sharing anon. He's a huge asshole and I'm glad he and his dumbass rapist friends are getting what they deserve right now. I hope you're doing ok

No. 767659

I'm so sorry that the inbred looking puke assaulted you, I am not shocked that he rapes unconscious women at parties.
Hope you're doing better these days.

No. 767662

File: 1616476886529.gif (214.47 KB, 220x258, tenor (5) (3).gif)

>became adjusted to satisfyer pro for masturbation
>tfw trying to finger myself it feels like nothing in comparison and I can't get off

No. 767663

Abstinence for a month or so should do it

No. 767668

File: 1616478053199.png (598 KB, 2880x1040, knjnk.png)

This is disgusting. Reading this shit ruined my day.

No. 767669

File: 1616478507942.jpg (44.65 KB, 450x449, stock-photo-old-angry-woman-th…)

My gym keeps locking the door whenever they reach the limit of people allowed inside.

I understand that the pandemic is still ongoing and all but they gave 0 notice and you can't make a reservation, it's totally random. It pisses me off so much because why the fuck am I paying a membership then? I can't come in at other hours due to work and transport and find it retarded that I'd have to call the owner to freeze/unfreez my membership. I'm tired as shit of working out at home with resistance bands and I don't have the room for a home gym. I know they don't owe me shit but
I've been going every day for the last 5 years and now they pull this crap.

I'm already mentally exhausted and this was my only way to unwind, there are no other gyms in town so now I have to keep playing roulette wheather I'll get in or not. Shit this is fucking stupid.

No. 767685

File: 1616487162711.jpg (25.13 KB, 500x272, tumblr_pmzlt6MDTs1uddwpw_500.j…)

My team at work have the collective memory of a fucking walnut. We'll have a meeting, then days later I'll say "Hey I'll go do X task now" and someone will be like "Did we agree on how to do X?" and I have to summon all the female socialization in my soul to type the nicest possible iteration of "Yes, during our most recent meeting" and repeat for them what we'd agreed on. Then they'll be like "Idk I just think we could do it (this other way)." Great, thanks, now we have to wait for the rest of the chat to put their two cents in about that before I can go on to do the task THE WAY WE FUCKING AGREED ON DAYS AGO OR ELSE IT WILL LOOK LIKE I'M NOT BEING A TEAM PLAYER. AAAAAAAAAAAAA

No. 767686

Maybe you or whoever is leading these meetings could, at the end, write in email what you all agreed on and send it to everyone? So you can just forward it to them or say to look it up

Sorry you have to deal with this crap

No. 767690

We do take minutes and have them available for anyone to read after. No matter how many times I direct them there, the cycle always repeats. It's a madhouse. Thanks anon you're sweet

No. 767747

South Africa is a fucking wasteland and I'm done pretending it can get better.
Children drown in pit toilets (literal trenches of shit) because all money set aside for improving schools is looted.
Women are raped and murdered in the street, bodies hung from trees, raped and murdered in the post office in broad daylight. Police don't care because nobody's bribing them to solve crimes. Our power goes out EVERY DAY because money was looted from the national power company. No end in sight. We're not getting vaccines this year because they SOLD the first batch they got for a profit.

And now this. 350 cows starved to death because money for their feed was looted. $2,9 million disappeared into pockets while these cows were left without food or water for months. I guess I'm numb to all the human suffering that happens, I'm numb to being scared of walking on the street, taking taxis, being in my own house, I'm numb to it, but those fucking cows are bringing me to tears. This shit makes me believe the devil is real.

Lord God Jesus get me and my family out of here to a safe place. There's no fixing this country. It's run by sociopaths and it doesn't want to be fixed. Just let me be free please.

No. 767748

Even though Life is Strange is admittedly a bad game, I still have a huge soft spot for it since it's the last game I played together with my best friend before she killed herself The themes of the game hit me very hard now, and so does the music. Especially this one. I miss her.

No. 767755

I wish I could motivate myself to "work out" my brain as much as I work out my body. And I'm not even super-athletic, but I can usually convince myself to not neglect my body by reminding myself that the key to fitness is consistency, but it doesn't work with studying or reading. Even though I do enjoy learning WHILE I'm doing it. I don't know why it's so hard.

No. 767767

This is such a sad read, a youtuber I follow migrated from South Africa and I thought he was exaggerating when he repeatedly called SA a hellhole but guess not. Hoping that you find a better place.

No. 767777

This is why I'm afraid when people want to give more power to niggers. If the country was run by niggers, every nigger would run free and loot, rape and murder. Really not worth it to argue with monkeys. Just look at the fucking music they like moving their baboon asses to, fucking WAP. They have no self control. But if you go and see the "trending" page of youtube music, all you'll see is niggers talking about looting and raping and breeding like animals. It's propaganda. Unless niggers solve their internal problems inside their communities and stop behaving like masses of monkeys, I will have no empathy for them.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 767778

trips of truth heh

No. 767781

The reason why white men love the black cock cuckery fetish is because they see black men as nothing but animals. And they want to subordinate women and treat them as nothing more than animals. This is why they love sharing their wives, this is why they love the free use fetish, this is why they love gagging cock sucking videos and extreme shit. This is why women who look like whores are popular between them. Because for them they just want to use us and degrade us. If zoophilic porn was legal it would be as popular as bbc cuck videos.

No. 767783

File: 1616505225524.gif (2.53 MB, 480x480, CE91F492-D9DD-4FC0-9CBE-E9FA56…)

No. 767785

File: 1616505263339.gif (1.52 MB, 244x300, E013CB49-B139-4700-8BA2-E92935…)

Your bait is weak

No. 767786

I'm so sorry anon. I sincerely, desperately hope you can safely get out of there soon.

No. 767788

Its funny cause South Africa has all these tensions explicitly because your retarded people went there to try to colonize there. Surprise, surprise, African countries without added racial tension of a foreigner outgroup coming in and suppressing the natives is less violent than racial tension from race obsessed West Europeans. You fucking deserve to be killed in South Africa because you cant leave people alone and you try to pretend its because "racism is normal" when West European brand of racism has always been extremely parasitic and abusive more than regular tribal racism

No. 767789

China should colonize all of africa already, less shitholes and more progress. It would benefit humanity greatly. And it would benefit black people too! Plus more smart asians to rely on with technology.

No. 767790

yeah but they still live in huts and cut little girl's clit out. So really they benefited from it.

No. 767791


Respond to the correct person newfag and also twitter.com, go there.

No. 767794

Imagine thinking that a piss poor civilization had anything worth defending when they already treated women like shit and sold their wives for monkey meat(ban evasion)

No. 767801

most of the places in africa that cut their little girls clits are islamicized cultures from arab invaders, your point?
africa is continent not a country you autistic faggot. youre doing a hard job convincing me to care about invaders getting killed in an already dysfunctional and politically tense land they decided to colonize because big galaxy brain. funny how all the muslim radicals blowing up shit in europe is not defended in the same way the retarded west europeans who go to africa to shit stuff up is

No. 767803

>most of the places in africa that cut their little girls clits are islamicized cultures from arab invaders, your point?
NTA but that's absolute bullshit, the tradition is exclusive to Africa and predates Islam.

No. 767806

Its origins are in Ancient Egypt, not Subsaharan Africa. Its also seen in South and Southeast Asia.

No. 767807

Thank you both, anons. It's really bad but I think with luck and lots of planning and saving I can get out, it's taking my family with me that feels impossible. But we can't know until we try.

I should have known this post would attract smoothbrain race baiting but I have nowhere else to vent without being judged, even when everything I say is true. There's so much "toxic positivity" about South Africa, it's like we all have Stockholm syndrome. It's even taboo to say you're emigrating because the country is bad, you have to pretend you got some amazing job opportunity in the first world, but the truth is most people will move from real careers to bartending or brick laying gigs just to get out of here.

I realise I dropped the link about the cows starving, it's here in case that part didn't make sense https://www.news24.com/news24/southafrica/news/350-dairy-cows-starved-to-death-at-r43m-state-funded-eastern-cape-farming-project-20210323

Nobody will go to jail for this, nobody will even lose their jobs. This isn't even a big deal on social media . I feel like if this happened in the UK or America it would be worldwide news. Maybe that's naive.

I'm tired of living in a heartless, senseless place. I'm tired of being shocked at how low this government will go.

No. 767811

Nta, but I do genuinely hope you are able to leave that country some day. Also, sorry about the dumbasses upthread

No. 767815

350 cows died and you think it should be global news? You're beyond retarded. Over 100,000 cattle die of neglect and disease in american feedlots yearly, if you care so much about cows. South Africans are so ridiculous, wah wah the blacks are being mean to us after we treated them as a slave race for 100+ years. Sorry? That must be hard for you? Leave then bitch, if "they" "ruin the country" then you can be smug after. Christ, South Africans might be the only people more annoying than Australians and that is a challenge.(infighting)

No. 767817

reads like someone was refused a kiss downunder

No. 767820

I like this guy's channel. He was born there and he has some great SA redpill videos. The things he and his family went through are pretty shocking. And sorry >>767777 it's more complicated than "Nill Kiggers".


No. 767823

The descendants of West Europeans who colonized aboriginal lands are always insufferable. I'm not quite sure why west Europeans and arabs hate each other so much when they have a very similar conquering mindset

No. 767834


I'm not trying to convince anyone, I'm just here to vent. Idk wtf "redpill SA" even means but I'm not watching some balding faggot debate an ANC PR woman in Beijing. My life is not a fun fact for rich fucks to debate across the world for likes and contrarian clout.

I don't care WHY the country is like this or even whose fault it is. Debating it is a fucking pseudo-academic hobby and it doesn't make a difference, fuck all the polfags arguing about why my life is hell in the same abstract way they argue about video games. The fact this guy got out but still makes content about why Eskom is fucked up is so pathetic, I just want to forget about this place.

No. 767844

My grandpa died recently and seeing my family cope with religion has made grieving especially painful. I understand that religion is very important for moments like these and believing in God and the afterlife does help a lot with grief. In fact, mortality might be the reason religion exists in the first place. But I'm a closeted atheist and this has convinced me that I could never tell them that. I adore my parents but they are too old and indoctrinated. Religion is too important to them, it would devastate them to know that their daughter is an apostate. This also means that I'm going to have to practically cut them off of my life if I want to live it on my terms. My family is the most important thing to me. I don't know what to do and it fucking hurts

No. 767855

I lost my mom a few years ago and it's been hard to get my head around her just not existing. It's such a mindfuck when you find yourself facing that alone. Similar to your fam, mine all found comfort in not just spirit talk and afterlife talk but in each other and in sharing those thoughts together. As her daughter and probably the person closest to her I resented feeling left out of the group grieving that happened. I

t's awkward when people want to talk at you about heaven and nothing else. It's like there are no back up comfort lines to replace it or be neutral. It's heaven talk or gtfo

No. 767860

So, this guy I've been fucking wants to come with me and my friend to tacos tuesday at some bar. All the tacos are $1, I asked him if hes going to treat me to tacos and he said no because hes broke. I had to make up an excuse for him not to come becuz I dont wanna embarrass myself around my friend with a guy who cant spend $5 on tacos

No. 767881

Honestly, stop giving him sex

No. 767883

I am. I have been making up excuses not to see him everytime he asks. Brokenness on that level is just unattractive.

No. 767895

Ugh I can't get motivated to stop drinking diet cola I want to stop so bad but I can't find any real reason to other than it makes me feel gross about myself. Someone please tell me it's secretly burning holes in my organs or something

No. 767904

I have some unexplored issues around my bladder and it being overactive or feeling irritated. The number one thing that flares up symptoms (that feel like a uti) is drinking cola. Any type of cola. That makes me wonder wtf is in it and how bad it must be. No other drink sends my bladder into overdrive quite as bad. Not even alcohol or strong coffee.

No. 767909

It causes osteoporosis (makes your bones fragile) which is really not something you want.

No. 767915

Coke dissolves not only rust but also limescale. Imagine what it does to your internal organs

No. 767922

No. 767929

Thank you this one scared me the most so far because osteoporosis strongly runs in my family

No. 767935

Soda is fucking horrible HORRIBLE for your teeth

No. 767979

my mom is retarded and cut the line of cars for vaccines and after waiting half an hour was told to get to the back of the line. all this retard did was brush it off and completely ignore how rude and stupid she is. why else does she think there's a huge fucking line of traffic if not for the vaccine?

No. 768011

Was gonna ask if this was in nc (but times don't match up) because I know of a similar recent incident except I think they actually had to go in an ambulance. And another patient was denied their pain meds

No. 768016

File: 1616531069617.jpeg (25.63 KB, 166x181, 1606264468652.jpeg)

I'm so lonely anons.
I'm too tired to study, read or watch a movie. Tomorrow I get up, study, go to uni, get home, study more (or half ass it and procrastinate, than feel bad about it), Internet, sleep.
I'm just too tired and alone.
My mom's drunk for some reason, once in a while she just secretly chugs some hard liquor during the day and then vomits, speaks really weird and pretends nothing is happening, passes out. Why? Why doesn't she drink a wine glass while watching a movie like a normal person, what's the point of getting drunk during the day and being sick as fuck.
And I'm just hiding in my room, free time spent watching stupid stuff, no real close friends to talk about, no bf anymore, just tiredness. But can't even sleep properly.

No. 768022

Husband forgot my birthday, again. Birthdays are a huge deal for me, and not being able to celebrate with my friends for two years in a row because of covid is just devastating. He’s forgotten it before and vowed never to forget again, but did again this morning. I tried being nice, giving him time to wake up. I even asked him if he forgot something, didn’t seem to hear it and just carried on like nothing, I slammed my breakfast on the table and went into my room to cry. That’s when he remembered and apologized, and started listing reasons why he had forgotten, but I was too emotional to be empathetic towards him and told him to go to work and leave me alone.

It’s been a whole day and I’m still tearful, hurt and just very, very sad. He’s doing chores which he thinks might cheer me up, but honestly it’s making me even madder, why would I appreciate him doing the bare minimum of house work at his own house on my god damn birthday? I obviously feel like shit for feeling like a deranged lunatic over a calendar date, but I can’t help this. Everything else in my life is going to shit too and this is just the icing on the cake OH RIGHT THERE IS NO FUCKING CAKE.

I know I should go talk to him like an adult, but I fucking hate the fact that HE fucked up, HE hurt ME, and still I’M the one who has to go ”make it better” and probably end up listening to him explaining how his feelings are hurt and that there’s a darkness inside him that no one knows which started growing on the day his dad took him on a fishing trip 20 years ago. I’m just so fucking sad and lonely and so hurt. Sorry for being a pathetic retard and spamming the thread with this. Not sorry at husband, fuck you for being a neglectful dick, how hard is it to get a fucking calendar???

No. 768023

Wow, you're addicted to coke AND have hereditary osteoperosis? That's incredibly unfortunate lmao. Switch to carbonated sparkling water. Get the Nice brand at any big box store or grocery. They're are similar brands there too. Tastes good and they're good for you.

No. 768026

Anon, no proper partner forgets your birthday. Not even more distant friends forger your birthday, nowadays people have calendar reminders and Facebook. It's absolutely shitty and you're right to feel that way. I wonder if it's on purpose.

No. 768027

>My life is not a fun fact for rich fucks to debate across the world for likes and contrarian clout.

Not trying to race bait but I'm black and this is how I feel sometimes kek

No. 768030

Sorry anon, it's completely justified to be upset about this. It's not just that he forgot your birthday (twice!) it's also a clear indication that he doesn't care and that really, really sucks.

No. 768031

Fuck the modern day obsession the West has with every girl needing to be Wonder Woman Jr with 11 abs and a PHD in STEM all before 30. Enjoy being different. Rock your strengths. Find people who like you for you.

No. 768033

>forget your spouse's birthday
>forget your spouse's birthday multiple times
Damn, if your husband isn't like medically proven to be mentally retarded, he has no excuse. At the very least he should've made an effort after work instead of… cleaning his own place, I guess. Which I hope isn't usually your duty.

No. 768034

I'm sorry this happened to you anon. I know you were probably kidding about the fishing trip story but if you think it's possible that he has some kind of internal struggle that would make it hard for him to keep track of important dates I think that might be something to consider. I just say this because when I was depressed I absolutely could not be fucked to remember stuff like that. Just a possibility. Hope things get better for you.

No. 768035

i have sexuality issues i guess so i tried looking up porn related to things i would consider kinks or preferences but…it's so disgusting.
sex is pretty grotesque in and of itself, and it's only made worse by the aggressively sexual ads and video suggestions that are like "TEENY TINY BARELY 18 GIRL GETS GANGBANGED TO DEATH BY HER STEP FAMILY".
sigh i'll never get better

No. 768042

> I was too emotional to be empathetic towards him
You don't owe him instant empathy, the fact that you were even thinking about owing him that so soon into realising his neglect of you is concerning. I know you then say at the end..fuck him, but you still weirdly assessed yourself for empathy there. Really says something about the dynamic. You're allowed to be angry when it's an ongoing issue and he hasn't shown any change.
>He’s doing chores which he thinks might cheer me up
You share a house, you already should share chores. It's not a special treat to win you over. It's normal everyday shit.

Omfg you deserve better. Could he not stop by a store on his way home from work and buy a cake? So he's already aware that you're upset…still didn't grab a cake?

No. 768043

File: 1616532993285.jpeg (247.82 KB, 750x523, 39BF2E5C-E644-4AB2-BD34-C0C65A…)

doesn’t it scare you that there is no point? we’re only here to exhaust lots and lots of energy just because, like honestly asking myself and others this is exhausting and fucking annoying but we don’t even care about the point or any meaning who cares about a meaning or point because there is none just use as much energy as possible and then your energy eventually dies off no one cares about existentialism just kill yourself or get over it we made life too complicated to give a damn if it means anything just stop thinking and keep going im im I’m Im I’m Im Good God I’m good

No. 768045

she went from thanking me to going back to being a controlling piece of shit. motherfucker you won't want my help in the future teehee

No. 768046

File: 1616533099731.jpg (71.58 KB, 680x560, 40d.jpg)

No. 768047

I find the act of sex gross to see. Really softcore images of women in lingerie are nice. It's like being the opposite to a scrote, the more softcore the better.

No. 768052

the other day my roommate woke me up bc they were stomping around the house and yelling on the phone and slamming doors. it sounded like they were throwing furniture in their room. it was shaking my bed from across the house. this went on from 4 am to the time i had to leave for the airport around 5:30. i was annoyed my roommate was doing this but my other roommate told me what happened

my roommate's ex gf hopped our fence, took the screen off my roommate's window and climbed in completely blasted at 2 am. makes sense that my roommate had been deadbolting the door lol

what's surprising to me was that the day before, the gf came over and i expected that this was bc my other roommate asked her to watch her bird while she's not home (she doesnt ask me bc i dont like the bird lol). i was the only one home and came out like hi who just entered our home and walked in. she told me that she was meeting my roommate at our house and was supposed to be here 20 minutes ago, was getting texts updating her on their whereabouts. we find out later that she was making all of this up lol. i get a text from my roommate saying she doesnt have permission to be in the house. i tell the ex and shes mad and leaves. so that night was when she broke in lol. im thinking that pictures of her and the bird were sent to my roommate to like taunt or scare them, being like 'im in your house lol'

the day i left, the ex's mom showed up at our house to get her daughter's passport. she keeps getting told to leave but my roommate told her to leave, and there is no passport. before that, the ex showed up at my roommate's work asking for it also. i have no clue what this passport thing is about

i asked my other friends what they know about the girl. she just got out of the hospital and was there for a month

No. 768053

I don't think I will ever get myself to watch porn all together again,maybe something that's sexual yes but without the sex?like softcore lol but yeah

No. 768055

jodi arias vibes

No. 768081

>first boyfriend
>5 months
>had an emotional connection
>he cheated on me
>also a stoner loser and a wannabe "rapper"

>second boyfriend

>4/5 months
>normal loser that played video games and didn't do much
>i wanted to have an emotional connection but he refused and basically shut me out and treated our relationship more like a casual "situationship" "thing" than a real relationship

i'm starting to become bitter towards men on a larger scale. it's funny because i read online about how men want a normal girl that values love and all that shit but every guy has always disappointed me, and is making me look at love and men the way most women do (which i'm thinking now is actually the proper way to see men and not the way i did). i guess the real world is just not as romantic as i would like it to be.

No. 768104

Yup, most men aren't shit. Thankfully you only have to find one to have a relationship. Learn how to vet and tune into your instincts. Chances are you sensed something off with those guys at the beginning but brushed it off.

No. 768106

I hate how fucking long I take to type messages, I constantly revise and will take 10 minutes to an hour to create a comment on a thread on LC. I want to smack myself even just writing this because it's such a waste of time and yet I still do it

No. 768107

File: 1616539593957.jpg (37.02 KB, 1024x1053, cuten.jpg)

Microsoft Word fucking crashed on my fucking shitty old laptop this evening and I lost more than four fucking pages of my fucking master's final thesis. Fuck this shit. Fuck this online school mode we're in. Fuck everything. It crashed like a minute after I hit the fucking save and yet the last save on the file was the one an hour before that. Fuck.

No. 768108

Make sure you have auto-save on next time anon!

No. 768109

NTA but I kind of disgree, men are hopeless. Imo 'actively dating' is just pointless, I prefer to enjoy my company alone than to constantly be surrounded by shitty men that I have to 'vet' out. It unfortunately makes sense for men to be the ones seeking us out given their life satisfaction and lifespan increase when married but the opposite happens for women. Makes me think that we're better off avoiding them, even the supposed 'good' ones who still make your life worse than it would have been without them.

No. 768111

heterosexual cope lmao

No. 768113

I do that too anon and then end up replying with one short sentence. It is how it is.

No. 768114

Yeah, I meant they ain't shit, as in, they are trash. I think on average women would be better off without men, but what about the women who value romance? I really want to share my life with a partner who loves and values me. In my case, to give up on that would be to give up on something important to me. Though to women who could take it or leave it, they should definitely not put in the effort looking for sifting through trash.

How am I coping, exactly?

No. 768116

> i read online about how men want a normal girl that values love and all that shit but every guy has always disappointed me
Most men basically want another mom, with the added feature of sex. As I grew up in a sexist household I always understood this except I wouldn’t have phrased it like that lol. I tried to be the perfect gf to guys and did everything I “should”, yet they always treated me like shit. It took me way too long to understand that men shouldn’t be treated like babies, you shouldn’t cater to them. Focus on yourself and what you want, what a potential partner could add to your life. Show them that you’re not some side character in their movie and the unworthy ones should see themselves out.

No. 768121

My grandpa deposited some money into my account without my knowledge (which was a nice surprise when I checked my account) so I called to thank him and he lectured me about not having enough money in my account that I would even notice what he sent. I thought he was joking at first but he seemed really disappointed in me kek I was just trying to say thank you papa whyyyyy

No. 768127

yeah you're right i definitely brushed things off. mostly because i was hoping they would eventually change, ie with the second one it was a case of "well it's pretty early in the relationship, feelings need time to develop" and then 3 months down the line it was the same shit
people always say basically what you said, but the problem with me is once i become "colder" (or what is considered cold to me) toward a guy, all the "mushy" feelings i have toward him disappear. i can't destroy my natural instincts to be really caring and stuff because i'm just left feeling unhappy and like i'm not allowed to be myself. sadly men, and just people in general honestly, don't value those traits. it's funny because i know how to, and can be, a ginormous bitch, i just don't want to because ateotd i don't feel good about it.

No. 768131

God damn it, I made rice with what I thought was regular chicken stock but it's this nasty ass bone broth that my nigel buys. The rice smells like a dirty bag of wet chicken feathers and I know its gonna taste skanky as fuck. God damn it. Shit.

No. 768136

File: 1616542023971.jpeg (320.93 KB, 1280x1280, 3B60D7C7-9C22-43BF-A997-A2F77B…)

Started watching that demi documentary and had to pause and just come vent a bit. I have already seen comments about her way of talking about her dad dying and as someone who had the exact same situation, only difference being the date. Unless you had that happen to you, shut the fuck up. You don’t get a normal childhood, you try to act as normal and strong as you can even with people calling a cold cunt for cutting contact, it takes so much effort to stick to your guns. Then you don’t even get a date of death, you just get even more abnormal shit thrown at you and you haven’t even recovered from the earlier shit and now you aren’t even allowed to talk about it in a way that makes sense to you because it makes others uncomfortable. Your reality makes people uncomfortable and that trumps everything you else you built for yourself, they ask you to open up, expecting some inspiration porn and get shocked when stuff is complicated and ugly. At least I am not addicted to anything myself, I guess.

No. 768138

Have to add that I am aware it’s normal to be uncomfortable around subjects like these but people who can’t understand that this shit happens and it’s not that uncommon, it’s tiring as shit to see how one death is okay to publically mourn but another one isn’t, I don’t need snark tonight ladies.

No. 768142

What are u trying to say anon?

No. 768144

File: 1616542673457.jpg (1.05 MB, 3024x4032, book cat.jpg)

I went to a pet store a couple days ago, and seeing those cats in glass boxes made me want to fucking cry. I know they don't stay in there all day, but they must keep them in those boxes for a long time, right? Idk why, but I can't quit thinking about it. I'm glad some were empty or missing a cat. I hope they went to homes where they get to roam freely

No. 768149

You don't have to go from one extreme to the other anon (being super sweet and attached to utterly dismissive and cold). As >>768116, just live your life and have your own hobbies and friends that make you feel good outside of a man. Uphold your standards and boundaries and if a scrote breaks them, drop him. When you radiate self confidence and have a zero tolerance bullshit policy, it makes it really easy to see which men can keep up or not. Having had several rude awakenings in the past as well, I don't look at my current relationship as meaningless and disposable, but I do also understand that if he ever fucked up I could let go and not be a miserable wreck for months or years on end. I still enjoy the happy moments we share together and get butterflies sometimes, but they're just some of many happy moments in my life, not the be-all and end-all where everything else pales in comparison. It's less overwhelming but still plenty enjoyable and much healthier this way.

No. 768154

Your dad sucks ass, dies, rots and you just deal with it, lemme vent.

No. 768159

i'll try to do that, without the self confidence part, because i know i'm objectively ugly. honestly at this point i think it's just all because of that, men will always treat women they think are beautiful/attractive better than ones they do not. i've seen it in every relationship. maybe i'm just destined to be a pit stop for guys on their way to someone they actually give a shit about.

No. 768171

Lately I've been having a lot of gross intrusive thoughts that make me very uncomfortable and I really wish they'd stop. I don't know where they're coming from. For example,if I hold the case for my AirPods I'll randomly imagine it getting trapped in my skin and whipping the skin off from my wrist. Right now it's scissors going across my belly.

Right now I'm trying to sleep but I can't because I keep on getting these incredibly uncomfortable thoughts that I don't want to have. I feel like I need to keep constantly busy to not have them but when I'm trying to sleep of course I should just concentrate on sleeping. But I can't! Ahh.

No. 768172

update: roommate's ex gf just drove past the house twice

No. 768182

File: 1616547222813.gif (2.34 MB, 220x275, tenor.gif)

I really fucking hate school and hope I blow up so I can make a couple mill and just live off dividends for the rest of my life cause this shit aint it

No. 768184

What a punchable face

No. 768188

A man who is only nice to you because you’re pretty is garbage and would abandon you in old age right when you could use a decent support system the most. I doubt you’re ugly, but sure, let’s say you’re not conventionally attractive. You may have less upfront interest, but the guys who see the good in you despite being “ugly” are worth 100 of those that only would’ve given you the time of day because they wanted arm candy. And you can still have self confidence in yourself regarding other attributes aside from your looks. If you find a good partner, great, it’ll be a cool bonus. If not you can still have a wonderful life and perhaps an even better one than if you had a scrote dragging you down. Happens to beautiful women just as much as regular ones. I know it might seem depressing to imagine romance might not play a huge role in life, but frankly it’s far more rewarding to set and fulfill personal goals for yourself than anything having to do with men. You’ll find that out for yourself if you really prioritize your happiness and well being.

No. 768189

I think bella porch is super sexy and I'm ashamed of myself, she ticks all my boxes and I wanna lick her pussy then kiss her tummy all the way up to her tiddies until I kiss her full lips, I hate myself

No. 768191

On tiktok? I'd also like to blowup and I haven't even started. Anons have told me that you can get thousands of base views just by posting but I don't know how lucrative it'd be. I really don't think it'd hurt to try though

No. 768193

>pretty people can make money just by nodding their heads in front of a camera

No. 768194

is that not a kid?

No. 768195

The point of life is using that energy to live, to experience new things. Look at the sun, listen to the birds, go take a walk outside in the park, it always helps me. Life is a nice thing, I'm sorry you feel this way.

No. 768197

Yeah that happened to me too, I just didn't understand your writing style

No. 768198

She's 18

No. 768199

or older, idk but she's not a teen

No. 768200

peak cringe

No. 768202

Nah im going the youtube route but tik tok is a great way to grow your platform – easy exposure and you can blow up for simple/mundane/dumb videos

No. 768203

She was born february 8, 1997, so she's 24

No. 768204

File: 1616548392504.jpg (204.64 KB, 1099x1200, Ev0cQPNWgAEIDuJ.jpg)

it's true but what can I do

No. 768205

this chick had a nose job, and who knows what else. I wonder how many underage girls compare themselves to her and believe she's naturally this pretty

No. 768207

File: 1616548672157.jpg (71.65 KB, 565x534, descargar.jpg)

god I hate falling for stupid egirls, I also fell for belle delphine and kittyxkum and maybe micky moon a couple years ago

I hate it cause I know they're photoshoped and they have filters with filters on top but god they make me feel so aroused and attracted to them, and I also compare myself to them cause I'm ugly, stupid and fat. Like look at this pic she's literally perfection, and I'm ugly and have a big nose and I'll never look like this / have a gf like this

No. 768208

File: 1616548684687.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 264.78 KB, 1536x2048, 1603937045313.jpeg)

>Oh no no no no

No. 768212

File: 1616548964919.jpg (269.21 KB, 624x783, 46456457547.jpg)

They're not only photoshopped, they usually had at least one plastic surgery. This chick had double eyelid surgery, rhinoplasty to make her nose thinner and some lip fillers. It's all fake anon.

No. 768213

I keep seeing farmers post this girl, I don't really use tiktok but is she the new Charlie D'amelio or is she closer to a new Belle Delphine?? In terms of how she got popular.

No. 768216

i only have one class left to graduate i kinda wanna die. idk what to do next. im graduating in fall, and am taking a few classes in summer because im able and want to know more about my major. but im freaking out lol

No. 768217

she's 24 according to google, she just looks young

No. 768218

Unpopular opinion but I feel like most people are not ugly. I know I'm simplifying things but if you lost weight and styled yourself better I think you'd feel better. Easier said than done, I know.

Even after all that, if you really wanted to, Photoshop is free (if you want it to be

No. 768219

File: 1616549501843.gif (4.83 MB, 358x640, 79463D06-C050-47AC-8509-FB57B9…)

Latter. She got popular for making cutesy faces that were facial tracked to audios on tik tok.

No. 768220

Same anon but I didn't even notice someone else posted the same gif lmao but yeah that's what launched her fame for her. It's her shtick. Plus she got a boost when it came out she got a Rising Sun tattoo.

No. 768222

I don’t like her face bc it reminds me of what momokun is trying to look like. As if she’s her “cuter” cousin

No. 768224

anon are you okay now? i'm diabetic as well and went through something similar in the psychward, but it was that they were giving me too MUCH insulin, and when i refused to take 10 units for a meal i wasn't given, put me in the scarier side of inpatient for refusing meds. i fainted due to low blood sugar at one point before they were like o lmao oop.

hope you're doing better now, know that another suicidal diabetic idiot is thinking of u

No. 768225

If this is supposed to be a before, doesn't she already have double eyelids here or do you mean she got even bigger ones? Also I promise I'm not trying to racebait, but do you guys think she would have been just as popular if her skin tone was the same? Sorry mods if this become racebait…

No. 768233

>tfw skinny and still uglier than fattychans
she reminds me more of shadman drawings

No. 768239

File: 1616550579434.jpeg (43.49 KB, 631x471, ABEE1628-9B72-4064-8F7C-4D284C…)

i’ve been feeling really off ever since i went outside into a moderately crowded area with my family and I was doubled-masked. not really scared, I just feel achy but not super ill and I still have my taste, not even sure it’s covid probably the thing my sister picked up when she said she had a sore throat. i just feel the ick so much I could barely do anything and tomorrow morning i have to go to some lame minimum wagie job interview and our printer is acting like such a stupid bitch and won’t print my nearly-empty, sad wimpy resume. been job hunting and going to interviews for shitty minimum wage jobs is more exhausting than the actual job seriously. really afraid I may never get a job and im 18. is there something wrong with me? i seriously think it’s because im black even though I live in a diverse area but it’s full of hispanics

No. 768240

Is it just me or does she have a cartoony face? She looks like a caricature, just like Belle. Is that the appeal, that she doesn't look human?

No. 768241

Literally yes, the beauty standard is being as fake and doll like in cartoonish ways as possible. It's so ugly to me fuck this gay century

No. 768252

I want a nose job, but my nose is already a little short, it's not a long enough philtrum to make me look like a citizen of Whoville but I feel like if my nose were slimmer it would look awkward, misplaced, and botched as fuck. Why wasn't I just born conventionally attractive? Would've made my life easier. I wish I looked more like my mom, but my dad fucking spit me out and abandoned me. Why were his genes so strong?

No. 768272

Anon, you are only 18 and the job market is slim pickings right now. You're not alone in your situation and you've got plenty of time.

also try honey chamomile tea for your throat

No. 768277

File: 1616552917675.webm (2.77 MB, 720x1280, uwu.webm)

As far as getting a job goes it gets easier as you fill out your resume. Getting a job is the most difficult when you don't have applicable experience, but that just comes with time.

I can say with confidence that you will get a job, keeping in mind that the vast numbers of people that make up humanity are low skilled workers who are probably not as smart as you are (judging by the fact that you're posting on an imageboard).

I can't speak to your ethnicity factoring into getting work because I don't have much experience in regards to that, but I honestly believe that your character will probably be the deciding factor in whether or not you get hired. Nothing wrong with you anon, I think you're just experiencing the struggle of entering the workforce.

No. 768279

Trying to cure your issues by using the unhealthiest expression of sex there is won't help you, that's correct

No. 768283

this video is going to haunt me for the rest of my days anon

No. 768286

I'm sorry lol, her expression at the end just makes me laugh, like she annoyed herself doing it.

No. 768291

I wonder if doing degen shit like this is worth the money

No. 768294

I think being pink pilled is freeing, but it’s also helped to ruin my life. I just had a really violent fantasy about hurting a man who pretends to care about me, and I thought it was empowering for a second, but then I realised it was just born out of pain, and fear of being hurt. I don’t really want to hurt them because I’m not cruel like them, so I’m still not winning anything. I’m just copying them and hoping something good will happen.
Mostly, I’m upset because I want a man to care about me as much as I’d care about him, but it’s impossible because they want to hurt us. They all get off on women’s pain to some degree, and our only real choice is to feed into that, let it happen and pretend we don’t see, all on different occasions.
Some of them act so sweet that you want to believe so badly that they’re good people, but they’re basically just animals born to cause misery. You can be the kindest person in the world to them, but the thought of you fearing them will still unlock something primal in their fetid souls. I know this entire generation was basically groomed to fetishise and/or ignore that, but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s existentially horrifying. The worst part is that they know this. They agree logically, they know it’s the truth, but it’s just how they are. The real reason they get upset when you point it out is because they can’t help it. It’s like being locked in a room with a dog that bites you hard, then cries when it sees you’re in pain and licks your wound, only to bite you again. You just want it to stop and be a good dog, you don’t want to attack it, you don’t want a fight, you just want peace and love, but it’ll never happen.

No. 768296

I really regret watching all those Dan Bell dirty motel/hotel room videos. I’m moving cross country soon and i’ll have to stay in motels for a few nights and now i’m so fucking paranoid and anxious about it.

No. 768298

Extreme beliefs of any form are dangerous and harmful to your mental health and well being. Living in a box and seeing everything in black and white is not a good way to live. Even if it feels like “truth” in the moment, everything you encounter is going to line up with the belief because of confirmation bias. The same thing happens with any of the pills… red pill, black pill, etc.

Subscribing to one particular school of thought stops you from experiencing new things, and like you mentioned it usually comes from a place of fear. Surrounding yourself with stories of men hurting women, man hate in general, and other negativity in an echo chamber will lead you to only see those things in real life too. Personally I choose to see people as neutrally as possible until they prove themselves to be one way or another through their actions. You can keep yourself safe and distant without necessarily discounting or judging people from the getgo

No. 768301

going to sound like a giant sperg, but why are we so surprised about neopronouns or preferred pronouns. there is a great importance on what you are as a consequence of neoliberal politics. you always have to respond by the way you identify, respond the way what is expected of your identity, meaningless titles and collective groups. it honestly doesn’t even bother me as much but I never really try to engage with people who try to neutralize their existence by calling themselves “they/them” or nonbinary

No. 768303

>men are dangerous
>extreme beliefs
You could just write "not all men" instead of this word salad

No. 768304

It probably is if your soul doesn't feel fucked after making a video like that. I am not the type.

No. 768310

I'm surprised about it because I thought it'd die when tumblr users grew out of it (since even tumblr made fun of neopronouns). But now it's back in full force and even worse.

No. 768312

we need to just start killing men

No. 768313

Anon do you want to go to farmer jail

No. 768314

Nta but I really wish there was a way for men to really experience the fear most women experience. Men kill (and rape) other men, too, but for 99% it's a non-existent threat. I doubt most guys even think about that possibility, while 99% of women have to account for it almost every day.

No. 768321

i dont care baby girl i must speak my mind

No. 768322

I’m afraid of becoming homeless.

I signed up for a contract to work for a school until the end of the summer. When I got here I knew I was going to have to move out in May but didn’t think too much of it. Now I am trying to look for housing and finding nothing but tourist vacation rentals for $5000/month. I knew this town was a tourist destination during the summer but I didn’t know it was this bad. Wtf

No. 768325

I wish men could experience severe period pain for an entire week. Just once
sigh If only.

No. 768331

I’m starting to really lose hope again that my situation is ever going to change. My depression has been better for about a year and now I’m back to thinking about death on a daily basis. I wish I wasn’t a coward so i could just get it over with. The only reason I don’t is because it would break my moms heart and she’s already had a bad life. I just don’t know what the point of living a life of sadness and loneliness is. I wish my mom could find a way to be happy for me if I killed myself but I know that’s impossible to ask for. I think I’m genuinely one of those people that will only find peace and happiness in death

No. 768334

look on zillow or trulia for rentals, there will be less spam than craigslist. look for fb groups for the town or colleges within the town or nearby towns for people looking for roommates or subletting. get in touch with the school and ask if they have any resources for people who are relocating.

No. 768338

File: 1616563639076.jpg (18.78 KB, 275x244, 1604987800398.jpg)

Really feeling that lesbian loneliness tonight.

No. 768343

Are you seeing a therapist? It's imperative that you express those thoughts of death to someone willing to listen. You're not a coward, you are obviously concerned about the impact your death would have on others, which means you have empathy, and are a person who deserves help.

I understand what you mean when you say you don't see a point in living a life of sadness and loneliness. It makes sense to wish for a state where you could exist and not feel those things. The upside is that we have modern tools at our disposal to rebalance ourselves, like medication, therapy, and ECT.

A lot of people who haven't been depressed don't get our obsession with death, but it's really simple. If you are suffering, you wish for it to end. But mental illness is a disease that eats at you from the inside of your mind. That's why it's so important to have someone to talk to who will keep tabs on you. That's my suggestion. Love you anon.

No. 768344

File: 1616564456949.jpg (102.17 KB, 720x540, cheek kiss.jpg)

I hope you get a gf or whatever you want anon!

No. 768346

No, I haven’t been seeing a therapist but I’ve been considering getting back to it. I think it would probably be a good idea. At the end of the day, I don’t want to die. I just really want to feel good again and I want to stop thinking about death.
Thank you for your kind and helpful words. You have no idea how much that helps me these days. Lots of love to you anon

No. 768349

I'm 23 and struggling with helicopter parents. Just started working min wage for 50 hours a week (No jobs because of corona). I'm from a shit country where min wage doesn't really cover anything, I'm doing this to get out of the house and get some money.

I need higher education (masters) to get more money, which I need my parents' financial support as college is expensive + the living expenses. My parents are really well off for my country's standards, they 100% can afford it. They love to buy random shit and can afford a lot. My grandpa is a landlord yet he won't share his excess money even though he doesn't need it. I'm not economically independent which means I have to listen to whatever the fuck they say. I either need to be independent or get married, both which are not possible. I'm living with them and they're monitoring me, it has gotten better than when I was 19 but I feel like an incapable child because of this. I cannot use my own money that I earn to go to places like seeing my boyfriend in the other city because staying at his house is inappropriate, and I cannot house him because I live with my parents. I cannot do anything they don't approve of. I'm 23 yet I feel like 10. Getting my own life will take me till I'm 30's and I simply do not want to start my own life at fucking 30 without ever living my 20's. It's frustrating as hell because if I had a child I'd work my skin to make them happy and give them all the oppurtunities, yet my parents have the means to provide me but simply choose to have control over me. It'd be one thing if they truly couldn't do it or if I could easily get a good enough job that could pay the bills, but it is simply not the case. I feel like a bird in a golden cage. I don't want to start life at 30, I want to die when I'm still young and unsuccessful rather than old and unsuccessful.

No. 768350

File: 1616567073786.png (333.8 KB, 750x517, lazy-cat-cover-750x517.png)

I have a mandatory meeting with my professor tomorrow about my project but I didn't even start to analyze any data or plan my project

That really sucks, sorry to hear about that anon.

No. 768351

I'm a similar situation, glad to know I'm not the only lazy mf

No. 768356

People are dead in my state and the shooting was close to home. Yet, I can’t criticize freaks online turning every shooting in to some “but actually you dirty liberal/conservative!” Without being ridiculed by some weirdo man about my bloody and hysterical vagina? I can’t stand this robotic unemotional standard made by men. Fuck you, you crusty scrote, I hope your cat runs away and gets taken in by a very lovely family who cares for it very well. I hope all you can do is look at your shitty Instagram pictures in tears because you won’t ever see it again.

No. 768357

My boss is trying to fire me… along with one of my coworkers. The coworker is making up lies about me and reporting them to hr and I'm getting called into the office nearly everyday to get introuble for whatever bullshit it is that day. My boss never believes anything I say either, he's incredibly sexist and ageist. I'm pretty sure they're in on it together as the coworker is desperate for a promotion (doesn't happen often in the company) and is willing to step on as many heads as he can. Meanwhile I'm getting yelled at by my boss and my bosses boss for every idiotic thing under the sun and I'm just trying to do my job right. I would just quit if I could but I need the money really badly right now and I'm applying for other jobs but I've yet to hear anything back. It's incredibly frustrating and I don't really have any friends to talk to only my fiancee. I thought my coworker was my friend but he turned out to be a user and now I feel so stupid for trusting him I just want out of this job asap

No. 768370

I'm in a chat group with my friends. Whenever I say a lot and no one replies to me or changes the subject, I feel like a waste of space and delete everything I said. They usually ignore it or laugh it off but it really hurts to be ignored.

No. 768371

I fucked up my sleep schedule recently and I'm having trouble getting it back now. It all started on my days off because I wanted to stay up late in the living room watching tv and snacking because I'm tied at the hip to my bedroom and bf the second I come home from work every day. Can't have the living room cause roommate is a loitering bridgetroll until he goes to his room to pass out super late, if he doesn't fall asleep out there on the couch. I never get alone time. I stayed up until 3am one night and now I have a fucked schedule since cause I still had to be up for work at 7am the next day.

So it's usually
>wake up at 7am for work
>get home around 6pm
>cook dinner
>bf wants to hog bedroom tv, get sleepy
>nap from 730 to 8 or 9
>up for another hour or so
>get sleep from 9 or 10 until my body awakens around 1am
>awake from 1 to 3 or 4am
>fall asleep for a few hours until I'm jolted for work at 7am
Recently I've had to get up at 630am to be at work earlier for a project. By the time I get home I'm so fatigued that I can't help but nap once dinner is made by me or bf is cooking.

I hate this so much. I have zero freedom with my life and it shows.

No. 768372

What kinds of things do you say, anon? Maybe your messages are too vague for them to respond to or are just one-line comments.

No. 768373

My family owns 3 cats and a dog. The dog and 2 cats were brought home by my brother who doesn't take care of them. I try my best to give them the minimum needed but most days I want to fucking cry because it's damn overwhelming and cinancially draining.

Mother just called me to tell me she's done with taking care of them (since I'm at work) and she constantly bitches at me about it, completely ignoring that my brother brought all of them here. I'm tired of being her punching bag while she coddles the absolute pos manchild. I'll most likely kill myself by the time I'm 30 and honestly both of them can go fuck themselves and figure shit out by themselves.

No. 768374

Forgot to mention bf is a whiny ass clinger about this too. He wakes up from the door creak when I sneak–yes, sneak–out of my bedroom while he's passed out around 10pm to go to the living room. He wakes up in a huff to check the time on his phone when I slunk back in at 3 or 4am. Almost like he's clocking me which is…irritating. Then the next morning he guilts me for "abandoning" him, which he says in a sweet whiny voice so I can't even get mad without seeming psychotic. He doesn't get it because he gets a fuck ton of alone time being that I work a day shift while he works a mid or a close. So in addition to sleeping in bed by himself for a few hours (a luxury I sorely miss and rarely get), he also gets a few hours during the day alone as well. Since roommate is also a day worker, bf doesn't even deal with the loud and obnoxious troll either. The only time I get to be "alone" is if bf works a closing shift and I can have the room to myself until he gets back at 10pm, but I still got to put up with the constant belching and coughing from the roommate who's favorite pastime is to crank up the living room tv to max volume. I can't even cook a meal in the kitchen in peace.
I'm really surprised I'm not more chronically stressed, and that lack of sleep is more of a voluntary decision than a side effect of being a hair away from a mental episode.

No. 768378

Maybe I take it too personally, I've been very emotional lately. It's pretty much anything. Sometimes idle banter, sometimes jokes or I go along with their idle banter. What hurt me most is I posted ideas for our vacation and no one responded.
I feel so sad but I feel like none of my friends care because I'm so unimportant.

No. 768417

Move out and give the pets to adoption

No. 768422

My half brother lives with my dad and I (my dad isn't even his dad, our mom is dead) and he's such a fucking slob. But what pisses me off more is that my dad is clearly annoyed with him, complains about the mess he makes under his breath but NEVER says shit to his face. It's your house you stupid passive coward, he's not even your son! Tell him to his face that he's a disgusting slob who needs to be more respectful or he can get out. I hate how passive and cowardly my dad is. I've told my brother this but he never takes me seriously because I'm the little sister of the family and of course it isn't my house. I really can't wait until I move out and I hope I can do it this year or next year. I don't want to wait too long. My dad is a hoarder, my brother is a slob, I fucking hate men. If I ever have a son I'm never cleaning up after him after he's a certain age where he should be cleaning up by himself and he better do a good job.

No. 768424

I really do sympathise with most anons in this thread and I feel bad if I don't reply to a vent with words of comfort even though that's silly lol. Anons just know that I read all of your vents and I'm silently supporting you all and wish you all the best.

No. 768426

Why is no one ever available when you’re in a sadness cycle at 3 am? I don’t get big ugly cry sads until I’m awake hella late.

No. 768427

I don't get that competition mentality people have about that at all, where they supposedly find "the one" they want to be with, but they take pride in this spiteful idea that they tried more people and dumped them? And like that's supposed to be a big "fuck you" to their partner?

I thought relationships were about finding someone you really actually want to be with. Not about getting a high score of how many people you hurt and leave behind and then gloat over your partner "losing" to you because they didn't do that to other people.

No. 768428

I've been there. Cut off my contact for a bit, replied less and when I gradually came back, people were responding to me more and respecting me more. Also it got better after few socially successful meet ups with them. I found out that the more I worry about it the worse I get at communicating and I guess the desperation somehow projects out of me even in messages. So if advice you to "accept your loneliness", fuck them and stop trying hard. Maybe start looking for another friend group so you won't stress over this one too much. Also what works for me is to pretend to be confident - I always think of all the average white guys that have baseless overconfidence in what they say and think if they can be so sure of themselves, so can I.

No. 768430

God the literal retard in my class right now is sperging about her brother being 'transphobic' to our teacher, and every time she spergs out to a teacher the teacher is clearly annoyed but they still act polite.
I don't get why students would even want to talk to their teachers about anything non-school related anyway, how lonely do you have to be? Based teacher simply just said 'he's entitled to his own opinion'.

No. 768434

They hated her because she told them the truth.

No. 768436

>colonize them
Retard alert. South Africa had zero Bantu, only some Koisan that were mostly peaceful and easygoing and were mostly cool with the Dutch literally creating a country out of nothing. The violent and genocidal Bantu later migrated/invaded and almost entirely genocided the Koisan. The Bantu that now inhabit South Africa are the ones who "colonized" the place that the Dutch made before thes Bantu even arrive at the place. You know nothing of the things you want to talk about. Better stay silent and let let others wonder of your ignorance than opening your mouth and removing any doubt.

No. 768437

The anon constantly racebaiting and the anon complaining about gay people and overusing the word "fag" are the same fucking person, they always happen simultaneously. And it's a scrote. Stop replying to the bait.

No. 768440

A classmate contracted COVID and is now in full meltdown. He's always overly dramatic and blogging about his state of mind in our channels meant for school related stuff, and even now I can't feel bad for him, because I realized that I dislike him so much. Whoever talks about men not burdening others with their emotions can have this guy as a friend for the next year, because he won't understand that we're not his friends and do not care. Tried to brag about getting a stipend for hitting the minimum GPA required for it, not realizing that basically everyone in this specialty has a higher GPA than him, and after that he got pissy. He also once cried about the lockdown ruining his chances at getting a relationship. Fucker, your main problem is that you're mad annoying (and also kind of ugly) not that there's a lockdown!

No. 768444

All this arrogant posturing just to sound like the retarded dumbass you are, kek. Bantu is a linguistic group and not a cultural/ethnic one you absolute lead brain. It's the same as calling a group of people "indo aryan". In your autistic racebaiting anglo mind I'm sure you meant a specific group of subsaharan western african people though. Not only are you fucking pathetic enough to lie that dutch and khoisian relations were great until the big bad bantu came along you also tell other bullshit to make your ego feel better. Sarah baartman and among others were khoisian people who were exploited and abused by the dutch ruling class. The coloured buffer class did not fucking come from consensual relations between aboriginal women and white men either. I seriously hope you bang your head against the wall while taking a shower today so it leaves a infected gash you absolute cunt.

No. 768446

Then why are there black lead countries in the caribbean and africa less violent and more stable than south africa? You people are full of shit and always have to manically spout your mental diarrhea everywhere. IDC it's racebait I'm sick of seeing you everywhere

No. 768450

>Linguistic groups do not have ethnic links
Mental midget or American? Slavs are a linguistic group and also a genetic cluster. Bantu are the same. Dtuch and Koisan relations were pretty damn good considering the situations. Also yes, the big bad Bantu murdered and raped during their descent, you not liking that doesn't make it less true. Of course people were abused by the rulling class, that has always happened, how daft are you? Also the aborginal women were overwhelmingly willing to mix with the White colonizers, again, you not liking that does not change this fact.

No. 768452

The group of Bantu that made it to South Africa were literally and unironically genocidal warmongers, no one blamed their genes, we are describing their culture.

No. 768453

I don't see where the other Anon claimed that. They just pointed out your hypocrisy about the fact that you consider one tribe genociding another a non-issue when they're the same race but it's very important to you when the races are different. That just proves everything you say comes from a place of racial hatred and you don't actually care about human rights, and it would be refreshing if you just admitted it.

If you look at it neutrally, it's absolutely true that new people from the outside started flooding into the region after industrious homesteaders from the developed world settled it. It's also true that all violent crime is higher after those evil regimes aren't in power, so it's impossible to claim the "ruling class" is an excuse for the violence in the region. If that was true, violence would have gone down after their fall from power, not up.

No. 768455

There is no history on this earth where african women willingly mixed with white men, lmao. You're actually retarded. Bantus aren't considered an actual ethnic group because there are a wide spread linguistic group with varying different phenotypes and cultural differences where even african scholars disagree with classifying them as a ethnic group. Nigerian ibos would be apart of the bantu group but they have a different culture and appearance than madagascar bantu or somali bantu

No. 768456

Thank you anon, it gets tiring to have to tolerate such bullshit in fear I will be banned for "racebaiting"

>There is no history on this earth where african women willingly mixed with white men, lmao.

There is denying the truth and there is full delusion and you are the second. They are willingly mixing with White men NOW, you think they didn't back then? Jesus Christ, the ignorance.

And I did not say all Bantus are the same, I said they genetically cluster. Slovakians are not the same as Ukrainians but they genetically cluster with each other.

No. 768457

The word "diaspora" describes the kind of distinction that's relevant here. People that migrated to America to genocide natives are also ethnically and linguistically the same as the people who stayed behind on the other side of the ocean. But the people who migrated are diaspora.

Same goes for the Bantus in that region. They're invasive diaspora.

No. 768458

Youre defending an anon who is performing apologetics for the dutch population by claiming they had completely peaceful relations with the aboriginals and is pushing a common bullshit right wing theory that bantus migrated to s.a despite evidence of bantu linguistic groups like the zulu existing for a good thousand years in that area before the dutch came. Secondly you're a projecting asshole who "thinks" I only care about violence against groups if it's not the same race when non Europeans who don't have the experience of being formally engaged into race theory see different groups as being separate races from them. Admitting outside races can start shit with aboriginal groups doesn't mean you think aboriginal groups cant fight within their ethnic lines kek

No. 768460

Except current african/black women aren't slaves, workers underneath a ruling class, or colonial subjects where a power imbalance can be taken advantage of. Even if you let your pro dutch/anglo biases inside taking sexual advantage of native women by a dominant class has always been a thing. I'm convinced you're a moid tbh

No. 768462

>Hey scrote
Also, the overwhelming amount of the native women did not have to be coerced. European men have been desirable since the beggining, for several reasons that I don't think I need to explain to you, you should know them. And they still are for mostly the same reasons. It's the same in South and East Asia or Latin America.

No. 768464

Those small linguistic groups that lived there before aren't the same as the people who came later just because they speak the same language or a language in the same group. That's the point.

It sounds like you're saying "the 100 people that came after speak the same language as the 1 person that was already living there, that means it was their homeland" and that doesn't make sense to me. Because the population in that region obviously exploded since the homesteaders came along, surely you're not denying that, in no small part due to people from elsewhere being attracted to the cities the homesteaders built. My neighbor speaks the same language as me too, that doesn't mean my home is their home.

No. 768465

How does it make sense for women, who tend to be more race loyal and heavily prefer their in bound group for cultural reasons, automatically graviate to a foreigner group because they're hawt? Did european women want to fuck the mongols too?

No. 768466

Trying to sleep with curlers in my hair for the first full night while I am on my period was such a stupid idea, I was tossing and turning all night to find a position that worked for both my head and to prevent leaks. I need to follow the advice of that fellow heavy flow anon from some other /ot/ thread and just start sleeping in old lady diapers when I'm on my period, it would be better than playing fucking hokey pokey around my bed all night so I don't bleed on my new sheet set.

No. 768470

They weren't "small" idiot. The great bantu expansion made thousands of years ago placed a good number of the bantu linguistic descendants (which is an artificial term itself) in southern and eastern africa. They formed cluster groups but also mixed with the original inhabitants there which is why many eastern and south africans (non bantu) will score a small amount of bantu dna from older admixture.

No. 768492

An entire southern part of a continent is a pretty wide point of reference. There's independent countries the size of a single city. The population of the entire world when the first settlers sailed there in 1652 was half a billion so it's safe to say the vast majority was completely uninhabited. Even today it's not like human population occupies more than a tiny % of the landmass, there's enough room.

But people from surrounding regions WANTED to migrate as close as possible to the settler's cities. And the people that were closer first were in the way. There's a lot of greed in the world, and the eventual forcing of all those groups under the same flag is part of it. Hating big imperialist empires is fine but some of the stuff you write comes off like you hate civilian farmers just for existing, and somehow the people that decided to move right next to them attracted by the success of the agriculture are in the right.

No. 768500

But who were these ethnicities exactly? I didn't get a clear answer but generic "bantu" descriptor when it's been established bantu groups have already settled for centuries prior.

No. 768505

One of my lecturers is the most contradictory person I've ever met, and it's giving me so much anxiety I want to cry. She told us we shouldn't be citing our essays because it's just an analytical and "I've already read the document, why do you need to cite it?"
Asking what we do when we need to bring in outside information? "You don't, you should only be talking about this document."
What if we need to cite information that isn't common knowledge that's important to the document and analysis? "Then yes you need to cite that."

In the most condescending tone and I'm genuinely getting fucking chest pains trying to cite this essay because of her. I hate her so much I want to cry, I'm a grown fucking adult, I have not had a teacher speak down to me since I was a child. I hate her I hate her I hate her I hate her I'm filing a complaint with the rest of my class on Friday but I fucking hate her I have to see her tomorrow for a 1-on-1 and I want to scream.

No. 768521

I think I might be schizoid, but I'm not one for self-diagnosing and I absolutely hate therapists, psychologists, whatever so I'm gonna be staying undiagnosed and poorly coping with whatever it is that's definitely wrong with me.

No. 768529

Please seek help, it will do wonders for you, trust me please

No. 768530

File: 1616592561789.jpg (14.34 KB, 340x192, 34343242.jpg)

My mom has turned up the verbally and emotionally abusive up to eleven lately, I've been dissociating and feeling foggy quite alot the past few days due to some other issues and ended up messing a bank transfer, she screamed at me called me a waste of oxygen and retard that will never be loved or able to live in the "real world" for like, two hours straight, she has also been berating me constantly for not being able to get a job when our country is on a depression-era level economic crisis where people are straight up starving, on top of the classic making fun of my appearance and the things i enjoy.
I've been thinking about killing myself constantly when my brain isn't on autopilot, im not eating, i don't know what to do anymore, I don't have anywhere else to go or irl friends that can help me, my therapist is running out of vaguely positive things and coping mechanisms that don't work to tell me, this is not a thing that will pass soon, im stuck in this house until the forseeable future and honestly ending it sounds like a better option.

No. 768535

It'll be worth sitting through a couple quick psych appointments if it means you find an antipsychotic that suits you. Ime they barely want to talk to you anyway, they want you to find a med that suits you and then you'll bother them as infrequently as possible.

No. 768537

I don't know, I have a very low opinion of psychs plus just imagining talking to someone is, very unappealing. I haven't properly talked to someone in years, I just keep becoming more and more reclusive by the minute, but maybe it'll be okay? I'm not sure if it even is a problem, at least yet.

No. 768557

I fucking hate moids and their uncontrollable tempers so much jesus christ. There's a new guy at work and my shift starts an hour before his shift ends, so I have to deal with all the shit he's been bottling up all day. He doesn't bother me directly but he stomps around and smashes the carts and slams doors and screams swear words. I fucking hate him and have no sympathy. I get that our job sucks and I also feel like smashing shit at the end of my shift but I don't because I understand that my coworkers are humans with feelings who don't want to deal with MY tantrums too on top of customer tantrums and management tantrums. So fucking inconsiderate and selfish and entitled. I hate that I get triggered at work and then have to deal with that for the rest of the day just because he's a hysterical retard.

No. 768561

NTA but she might have gotten double eyelid surgery to make her creases higher or deeper, I'm not sure but from what I see she def got a lateral canthoplasty

No. 768567

bigelow tea is quite possibly the worst green tea ive ever had the mispleasure of drinking. It literally tastes like burnt water. before I knew how gross it was i bought 2 boxes because they were on sale (i wonder why). But it was so gross I just started drinking black tea until I could buy a different brand. Recently it was my sister's turn to go food shopping and i told her to get green tea….tell me why she got the fucking bigelow brand!? So now i have 3 boxes of this devilish tea. I look at the back of the box and I see its some white family in California making this char disguised as a green tea. I learned the hard way to buy green tea from Asian brands. Because between this and the lipton green tea its almost disrespectful how gross and unlike green tea from say ito-en they are. Their lemon ginger tea is cute though.

No. 768577

>Because between this and the lipton green tea its almost disrespectful how gross and unlike green tea from say ito-en they are

Lipton green tea is awful, it makes me gag. It doesn't even taste real it reminds me of the green tea flavoring in candy and stuff. I'm sorry you don't have any good tea nonny.

No. 768578

Hard agree. If you like iced tea, try making a giant batch with sugar/lemon maybe mint leaves and putting it in the fridge until cold. It's not really a delicious green tea experience but helps to hides the nastiness imo

No. 768588

Yeah, actually. In Russia lots of girls think the immigrants are hotter.

No. 768590

Anon start using a menstrual cup, I forgot about leaks when I did. It'll change your life. Just need to practice to get the vacuum right the first couple times.

No. 768604

Not to be depressing but some of the shit men say online is truly vile. I saw a video of a woman being killed on 4chan and one of the comments said, "what a waste of an ass." It makes me wonder if I truly inhabit a world with people who think this way, which would be revolting, or if they said that purely for shock value.

No. 768612

horrible people exist, i've met men who think this way. we just have to surround ourselves with good people and stay as far away from these pathetic souls as possible, that is to say, why are you browsing 4chan? stop.

No. 768630

sorry anon i haven't got any great advice, but i just wanted to say i'm going through the same thing at the moment. i've tried music or tv shows in the background which do stop the thoughts from being so loud, but i find it really hard to not get distracted and kept awake by whatever i have on. i hope you're able to find some sort of solution.

No. 768647

4channers will say edgy shit just to get a reaction, but it's not like that makes it much better, because they could have decided to NOT say those words. I think inappropriate things sometimes, but I just go "wtf is wrong with me".

No. 768666

I can't stand the people I live with constantly mulling around while I'm trying to work and bugging me with mindless drivel.
I just ordered myself a pair of headphones so I can drown them out.
At least I appreciate them not reacting badly (or at all) when I said "I just want you both to leave…so badly… I've been waiting for hours."

No. 768676

File: 1616606877608.jpeg (13.1 KB, 275x155, 65C83375-4579-4413-B12A-137E6B…)

lol I want to push my neighbor down the stairs

A cat gave birth in her crawl space less than a week ago and she took the kittens out of the crawl space

I told her not to fuck with them, I called animal control and we set something up for tomorrow - the officer told me to tell her leave them in the crawl space and leave food out for mom so she can continue to nurse

But this fucking bitch is like “I took them out of the crawl space and tried to bottle feed them (WHY?) but I almost suffocated one (YOU STUPID BITCH)”

I am so angry lol why the fuck does this dumbass think she’s a better mom than the actual mom of the cats

I want to slap her

No. 768694

Thinking about Dilbert anon

No. 768700

I take part in some market research for a lil extra income. Sometimes the surveys are pretty repetitive, getting your opinion on the same thing but months apart. One I keep doing is about supermarkets in my country and who they sponsor. Lets say there's 15 main supermarkets…13 of them sponsor mens sports teams. One sponsors a mental health charity for teens, and then one sponsors a charity for disabled children. That ratio already annoys me.

But then the survey goes on to ask you to basically rate which is more important to you…sports or disabled kids. I'm not joking. I've spent years getting versions of this same survey sent to me, they obviously are paying big money to get feedback and the feedback I can only assume is sports sports sports! All male sports teams! No charities, just sports!

No. 768702

Which company is this? If I may ask

No. 768703

it really make me resentful and bitter when people manage to get great job opportunities especially this scrote while I have to slave away, it’s all so tiresome

No. 768704

Had a horrible migraine that had me nauseated and vomiting most of the night and morning. Spent the rest of the day recovering by nibbling small chunks of dried fruit and a bisquit. Evening came and I felt a lot better, but I was beyond hungry and made myself a giant chicken sandwich which tasted amazing with an ice cold can of pepsi.

Boyfriend came home from work, asks how I feel, told him I felt a lot better. He saw the bread I made the sandwich from, measured it and proceeded to tell me that I don't need that much food.

I hope this pandemic ends soon so I can move out and have a damn sandwich without some man lecturing me about how food works.

No. 768707

>proceeded to tell me that I don't need that much food
What a dickhead. I hope your migraine gets better, nonnie

No. 768713

After a night of vomiting… fuckin hell anon. I got out of a bad relationship a few years ago and it was incredible just waking up without a knot in my stomach anymore. You'll get there.

No. 768729

Imagine thinking you're "creative" for putting bullshit into paint while on the clock at your job where you mix paint.

Whatever entertains retarded children on TikTok I guess.

No. 768732

These "oddly satisfying" videos are just another form of consoomerism. It looks like he actually uses some of his mixes though which isn't as bad.

No. 768777

I finally felt ready to tackle the creative slump I've been stuck in for what feels like forever and finished my first painting in many years only to have my partner's stupid fucking dog destroy it not even 24 hours later.
>why live

No. 768799

Lmao sorry but you're dating a dicklet.

No. 768804

I bought a milk carton pencil case online, but the zipper came broken so I'm trying to replace it, but I can't even find the damn Customer Service for the site I bought it from. The store isn't even some unknown, obscure site either. It's a fast-fashion site (I know, I know) but why the fuck would they make their Customer Support so hard to contact.

No. 768812

File: 1616621568770.jpg (12.52 KB, 300x225, Ji5aojZ.jpg)

anons i fucking hate being into tech

i had to sit there and listen to dudes defending stallman these days and they aways say the most vile shit about women no matter if its in a group for programming or just fucking LED setup help, there is no escape from the toxic culture that feeeemales bad

and to top it off i aways feel like i have to be one of the best (irl at least) because so many of them will see me failing in some way as evidence that women can't do it and be extra shitty to others in the future

i fucking hate this pressure and having to keep quiet about all the shit they say, it turns what should be fun hobbies into stressors

No. 768818

>feel like i have to be one of the best (irl at least) because so many of them will see me failing in some way as evidence that women can't do it
I worked in a male-dominated field for a few years and this is part of why I left. It really beats you down after a while. There’s no being okay or “good” at your job, you have to be #1 genius problem solver or people treat you like a diversity hire. Mess up on one thing? Forget to do one minuscule step? Haha women dumb!


No. 768820

Oof, my mom's watching some dating advice show where people send their problems and people comment and god all the guys are absolute trash. just breakup!!! You girls deserve better! And you can always tell if it was a guy or a girl that sent the letter cause the guy always writes as if its "her" problem while the girls always ask for advice and help and how she can change or if she's in the wrong. Ugh, raise your self esteem, love yourself, enjoy being single and having good friends, and leave these losers.

No. 768827

One of my neighbors was screaming outside by my window talking to someone on the phone. Apparently, the other person has her car and she was threatening to call police on him if the car wasn't back before a certain time. If I can recall, my boyfriend told me he's heard a neighbor arguing over the phone a few weeks ago, so I don't doubt this is the same neighbor. I am nosy, I don't know if she heard me, but I yelled out the window "Don't compromise with a narcissist, call the police!"

No. 768850

Is the belle thread just full of PULLtards and other e-thots? It’s no wonder that thing is buried in /w/.

No. 768854

It's fucking scary that my boyfriend confessed that sometimes if we have to stop sex for whatever reason he feels irrationally angry but did say that he hates that it's his first emotion and does what he can do get out of that mindset immediately. I guess he does a good job because I could never really tell and he's still happy to be affectionate in other ways of we have to stop. It has me on edge though because I did have a fwb once upon a time who tried to force himself on me while calling me names after I needed to stop sex.

No. 768867

why would you ever need to stop sex?

No. 768870

maybe she has to poop

No. 768872

maybe something else is more interesting

No. 768874

Can someone explain what "Komaeda-chan" is to me?

No. 768876

It starts hurting

No. 768878

Thought this was the stupid questions thread for a second

No. 768882

I have this a feeling recently that I wish to be young again. I didn't know much and didn't have care for big things like now. I've always wanted to travel and it happened but now after I've done it I wish I could go back in time and do things all over again differently. I wish I didn't meet some people and sometimes I wish I acted differently. I wish my dreams and hopes remained the same as before. Now I know why they say " be careful what you wish" what we wish is not always the best for us.

No. 768884

my mother loves telling me this one story from her basic training/army days, in which she went to a club off base with an acquaintance, and it just frames her in such a vile light [to me] idk why she loves to tell it.

basically they were both new as fuck ("fresh meat xDDD"), probably very young – maybe sub 21 – and desperate to party.

anyway after they left the first club the chick she was with saw a "truck full of mexican dudes" and decided to go with them to another party/club (they called her over). my mom never goes into detail about how much she tried to dissuade her from this idea, but i know from my childhood that she's the type to just watch you touch hot stoves so she gloat about you fucking up so i doubt she tried too hard…

anyway anyway her friend gets in the car with the mexican guys, and the next morning after my mom has gotten back to base (maybe it was a few days afterwards, i do forget kek) the chick turns up walking…funny. "as if she'd been fucked in every hole she had [sic]." my mom always loves describing the way she rolled her eyes at her and called her a slut.

i just…don't see how she thinks she's in the right here. whenever i try to tell her that these dudes could've done some horrid shit to the chick she's like "SHE KNEW WHAT SHE WAS DOING SHE WANTED IT BLUHH SHE SHOULD'VE KNOWN BETTER UGGGH" and it's just sad. where is your sense of sisterhood why is this a victory story for you

No. 768895

File: 1616632605470.jpg (46.49 KB, 992x888, 2431lj70hob31.jpg)

I just CAN'T TAKE any more uni work. I just want to give up this hell but I graduate in one month and it would shitty to waste 4 years of my life…

No. 768896

why are men trying to normalize watching porn with your partner now? god fucking damn how can they be so degenerate

No. 768899

how the hell do you deal with an annoying ass coworker who is a hypocrite, liar, wants everyone to do what they say, complains about everyone/everything, and thinks theyre right about everything. i have to work in a pair with this asshole and good god i want to shoot him every time he opens his mouth. sometimes im so close to asking if i could switch shifts but i only got hired because i could work my current shift. shit job i need to quit but i need to find another one before i do but who knows how long that’s going to take.

No. 768902

Yeah, just like how they convince their girlfriends to make a tinder profile for 3somes and take them to strip clubs. Ive known girls who have been to strip clubs with their boyfriend just to try to make him happy. Sad & sick

No. 768906

So I had some people I talked to like 2 years ago pop back into my DM's. I wouldn't call us friends. More like I TRIED to be friends but they kept brushing me off. So whatever, I stopped talking to them.
So I recently started gaining a few thousand followers out of luck. After years of silence boom, right in my DMs.
I found out they were telling everyone and their mothers they knew me (For no clout btw. I'm still a small account and I don't see myself as "famous")
I told them I'm I don't consider us friends. More like, someone I said hi to once in a while. Now they are all huffy telling everyone "I guess friendship is conditional for them!" or "They got famous and decided we're not good enough!"
Like whaaa? You ghosted me for 2 years why are you complaining now? For art clout?

No. 768911

File: 1616635063876.png (1.22 MB, 1048x830, chichiwithgun2.PNG)

There are so many brazen maleposters on here recently that I'm starting to wonder what the actual gender ratio is. Why can't men just stay on 4chan or one of the hundreds of other imageboards made just for them?

No. 768912

File: 1616635165022.jpg (63.55 KB, 828x684, Tumblr_l_39141528549130.jpg)

Can't get my mind off killing myself recently. Like I know where my parents' gun is and I just don't see why not. Basically every time I've gotten an opportunity to have a better life I've screwed it, and it makes me scared to take any decisive action at all. I only have online acquaintances despite never moving from my hometown as well. Which is funny because I know the best thing to do when I feel like this is to talk to someone. But the last time I was honest about my mental health to someone (a few years ago) they said it was manipulative and I should keep it to myself. Idk I'm just decaying and the only time I feel like I can be honest is anonymously, idk what to do anymore in life other than go through the motions.

No. 768919

I don't think this one is a new one for once, I remember reading this as advice for spouses set in their ways to spice their sex life up years and years ago.

No. 768920

Might take some time but you could start by dropping hints to your supervisor that he is a bad employee. If that doesn't work then you can either, like you said, switch shifts and avoid the fuckhead, or just get a different job.

No. 768923

That's nothing new anon. Back when porn was on VHS you could get 'couples friendly' porn tapes

No. 768926

My family usually buys charmin toilet paper but on their last trip to Costco my parents bought some other brand and I hate it. Shit is so fucking thin, what the fucks the point. This is such a petty first world vent but god I hate it and we have a big fucking package of it.

No. 768929

Why is it your mom's problem that this girl wanted to be a slut for a night? She's the one that waved them over. If she's old enough to join the army then she's old enough to make other life choices. Your mom also made the choice not to go with her by the way.

No. 768931

Nta, but the girl was probably drunk. I'm not saying it's her moms fault (she could have been drunk too, but if she wasn't then it was definitely shitty of the mom to leave her) It's not like she made that choice in her right mind.
>She's the one that waved them over
The op says it was the guys that waved her over

No. 768934

Samefag, but also her mom making fun of the girl for that is also pretty shitty considering how awful that may/could have turned out.

No. 768935

4chan is a complete shithole and the other spinoff chans aren't that much better. I used to frequent 420chan when I did drugs, which was fun for a while, before politics took a wrecking ball to the board culture.

The mods are actually fair here and pay attention, unlike a lot of other places. I'll gladly conform to this site's norms if I can continue to use it, because honestly I cannot continue to use 4chan as I believe it is poisonous to my mental health.

No. 768937

oops, meant to tag >>768911

No. 768956

every time i want to post something casual in the unpopular opinion thread people are sperging out

No. 768957

File: 1616640270308.jpg (103.02 KB, 933x952, Eacz1rPXgAAS04S.jpg)

men are historically obsessed with barging into women's spaces kek. it's basically this comic, but realized

No. 768959

>I'll gladly conform to this site's norms if I can continue to use it, because honestly I cannot continue to use 4chan as I believe it is poisonous to my mental health.
Moid? Moid. No wonder there's been racebait and pregnancy spergs.

No. 768962

File: 1616640764455.jpg (59.92 KB, 933x710, EQId3iUWAAAZAXh.jpg)

I can't believe I ruined my night in the stupidest most meaningless way possible but it was enough. I am so stupid I let a 10 year old in a game piss me off. I am not fit to live.

No. 768966

File: 1616641147419.jpeg (56.92 KB, 827x626, 7636EC74-66E0-4538-98BB-5EF961…)

I cried in my fucking economics lecture and I cried again at the fucking consultation god I wish I wasn’t a dumbass

No. 768974

It doesn’t solve the “internet friends” problem necessarily but I’ll talk to you anon. Please ask your parents to move the gun elsewhere .

No. 768984

This. This comic says it all.

No. 768985

Are you okay? we can talk anon, I'm here

No. 768988

they hate women and they hate when we have anything of our own

No. 768990

I am by no means perfect but I can't believe I am eight years younger than my bf and have better communication skills. He acts like such a child sometimes when he is upset, he gets passive aggressive and sticks to his guns on saying "I'm not upset" or "I don't know how I'm feeling" only for him to admit that he is upset after blowing up at me for not trying to cheer him up because he was so adamant on saying he wasn't upset. He says it's too hard to say "I'm upset" when he is which is such bullshit. Like I'm more than willing to try and cheer him up but it's kind of hard to when he keeps insisting he's fine and blowing off my attempts.

No. 769009

I think if I talked to them about suicide they would get upset, which is unfortunate because I feel like I'm in a good place with them. I have no idea how to make friends to be honest, but the happiest times in life were when I was hanging out with people regularly. Which sounds really obvious when I write it out. I understand that it's against the rules to post identifiable info of yourself on here but I like talking with other women who are on the level even if it's just anonymous. Anyway thanks to the people who responded, I ended up talking to my mom about random stuff, not really anything serious but I feel a lot better.

No. 769013

The age gap is already a red flag but a man much older than you AND he has no communication skills sounds like a disaster. Don't let this retard walk all over you, confront him with it and if he blows up again, just leave.

No. 769025

Let me guess, you're early 20s and he's early 30s? Manchildren tend to aim for girls way younger than themselves because they know their peers aren't willing to give their bullshit the time of day.

No. 769027

File: 1616645575504.png (209.61 KB, 499x294, F5685435-4D30-441A-A59F-B73C1E…)

I won’t assume how old you are but trust me when I say it’s really, really fucking hard to make friends out of college.

Literally everyone just gets in a relationship and makes friends that way, or fulfills their need for companionship with their partner / kids, so single women have to go out and work harder and harder to find friends. Easier for me living in an urban area but I’m sure I’d be fucked otherwise, so if anything I’m trying to say that making friends as an adult is fucking unbelievably hard and it’s not a failing of yours.

No. 769028

He can't date his peers because he's too immature

No. 769034

I'm not here to put down age gaps necessarily, but if you aren't receiving the benefit of an older man being nice and spoiling you better than men in your own age group, then what's the point?
Older men need to be on their best fucking behavior if they're to be graced with younger women, not act like manchildren and expect you to play mind reading mommy.
It doesn't sound worth it.

No. 769038

Getting settled at a great job, buying a home, having a happy marriage, and all I can focus on is my weight and my imperfections. Why can't I just be proud of myself for my accomplishments. Instead I'm always beating myself up over being chubby.

No. 769043

realizing that i've always read porn and just never fapped to it. this is weird i just like making my fujo brain go "squeeeeee xDDDD" like it's 2012 or some shit

No. 769056

You can always try to find hobby clubs for people our age

No. 769060

If it wasn't the weight, it would be something else. You need some self-love anon.

No. 769067

My current boyfriend is a little older than me (almost ten years- but I'm in my 30s so nothing super creepy) and he opened my eyes to this. I used to take pride in paying for myself on dates and not letting guys buy me gifts, but he pointed out that I spend so much money on just looking good when we go out that this is the least he can do to show me he's grateful. It was a mistake to waste my life with guys my age for so long.

No. 769068

I have literally never touched myself to hardcore BL. I get very excited but not sexually because I don't self-insert in those stories.

No. 769071

i keep feeling guilty for not enjoying media aimed towards women. it's not like i'm trying to be against it, i've tried to get into different stuff many times but just can't. i feel like a traitor.

No. 769072

>women wear make up for themselves
>women should be paid for wearing make up/performing femininity
I really don't get this. I remember gender conforming women here claiming they perform femininity for themselves but now it looks like they perform it for men/the outside world. Because if they did it for themselves, why should anyone pay them for it?

No. 769074

Nta, but that is one anon, and she didn't even say she wears it for herself

No. 769076

No body said that women should be paid. But I think its a nice gesture in this context. Like if you were going to some place and a friend tags along and offers to pay you gas money. Since you were already planning on going to said place, you don't need it, but it's a nice gesture, and why refuse money anyways… But I don't wear makeup so that's just how I interpret it. I think you might be looking at it in a black and white aspect, if not that then it has to be for this. If a women chooses to wear makeup and looks good, and if men also find her attractive does that diminish the idea that she did it for herself? You can argue that she did it for the attention, but why is that the first interpretation to pop up in your head in the first place?? It should be more like "oh she looks nice, I bet she feels super confident in those awesome clothes", not "oh i bet she spent 3 hours on her makeup so moids would find her attractive and pay for her dinner".

No. 769077

NTA but I wear makeup to make myself feel nice. If a man wants to pay my way or give me money because of it why should I deny him that simple pleasure?

No. 769079

The previous comment was literally "boo hoo older men should at least spoil women if they want to date them" and the reply to that was like "exactly, paying for yourself like any adult should is dumb, a man should pay me because I look good and older men are better than younger men". It's just typical heterosexual transactional view on relationships between men and women and I love to point this out on a site where women on one hand oppose blackpilled feminism because it "paints relationships between women and men as transactional" and on the other hand write shit like this lol

No. 769081

Must be the same anon cause you don't seem to sage. But not once did anon say "exactly, paying for yourself like any adult should is dumb, a man should pay me because I look good and older men are better than younger men" and the fact that you interpreted what >>769072 said as ^ is a clear indicator you lack comprehension skills or that you're a butthurt younger scrote who's mad that you can't get women to go on dates with you cause you're broke.

No. 769082

What? A lot of anons here say men should pay for dates when the topic comes up.

No. 769084

So how is heterosexual relationship different than prostitution then? Hetties are weird.

No. 769088

>significant other paying for dates = prostitution

No. 769100

File: 1616658099613.gif (495.05 KB, 500x375, Costannza.gif)

>mfw watching the two autistic incels in a discord I'm in having a slap fight over who's the bigger autistic incel.
Whoever said only women are drama are fucking delusional.

No. 769106

As if 99% of women actually give a fuck about the money or meal itself… I would spend that money on food for myself without even blinking, but if a man didn't want to spend that much on me I would assume he doesn't particularly like or respect me and is just taking a chance on easy, cheap sex. Dinner is a bare minimum gesture to demonstrate that he has some genuine interest in you.

No. 769110

fucking tired of living in this house i cant fucking wait to get out in 2 months and die of corona

No. 769113

How to spot a broke nigga

No. 769114

I've been getting harassed by those fake numbers trying to sell me shit, usually it's one call per day for around a week, but yesterday I got at least a dozen of them. I never pick up because I recognize them right away but blocking them is unfortunately not enough because it's always a different number. They often leave these blank vocal messages, so fucking annoying.

No. 769131

God I am so fucking anxious it's unbearable.

I'm renting from my friend, basically he's listed as head tenant but it's their families 2nd house, and we live with his sister and another tenant will be moving in soon. So technically all 4 of us are renting from his parents, but recently one of their family members passed away and his parents are staying here for a few days. It's so uncomfortable. They're loud and sit in the kitchen the entire time so I'm too nervous to even use the toilet or cook. It's fucking ridiculous, technically breaking the rules (since landlords aren't meant to do that lol). And they asked if it's okay, what am I gonna say, no? Like OK.

No. 769134

If I don't get my unemployment benefit today I'm fucked

No. 769188

My mom asked me to help with her site since I'm a programmer (web dev mostly now) I didn't mind helping her. The "symbolic" price for many hours of my services was for her to treat me and my bro with a pizza. That's it. Less than $25. The problem is that she's been stalling with that. Not only that but even after overdelivering my part of the deal and making her happy she changes her mind every fucking day so on top of my actual work I get my inbox littered with her shifty opinions and thougths. I don't need that. So I told her, "Hey mom, so when am I getting that pizza?" she broke down and started saying shit how I can be like that to my own mother. She is the one who made me pay huge rent and utilities while I was living with her. Now she's fucking surprised I don't want to do work for free for her? The boomer's entitlement knows no bounds. At least my inbox isn't cluttered anymore. No pizza was worth it.

No. 769221

i hate how i fall into the trap of thinking "well maybe if i did this…" "maybe if i gave up my principle on this…" "maybe if i let him walk all over me about this…" when it comes to exes. i was just thinking how maybe my ex and i wouldn't have broken up if i didn't push him to tell me he didn't want any emotional intimacy involved in the RELATIONSHIP (we weren't fwb, or fuckbuddies, we were in a relationship). i can't seriously be this desperate lol

No. 769223

Apparently I'm walking on a tightrope at work. I heard from a friend that the manager is trying to get feedback from others about me. I guess to fire me or not.

So I asked my friend why and she said that I look like I don't want to be there and that it seems I hate the job.

I just about burst into tears right there. I'm actually very happy with my job. It's low stress, doesn't deal with the public and I thought people were fine with me so long as I did my work (which I do, and more). I'm polite but not super friendly because it's so tiring. I'm very introverted. Plus I've had bad mental health and this job helped me a lot in terms of my mindset because I've been very financially unstable before it, my friend said that in my interactions with others, and i quote; "there's something missing".

Not to be dramatic but do they want to own my soul or something? I'm sad right now but I feel soon enough I'll be angry about it. What do they want.

No. 769228

That fucking sucks, anon. Is there a way to talk to the manager about it and say some of the things you said here without it looking awkward?

No. 769229

Anon, I was fired over the same thing 2 months ago. I'm socially anxious and I guess they could tell

No. 769234

File: 1616678809228.gif (441.24 KB, 500x375, fawk halp.gif)

want to cry so bad, on verge of tears

need attention badly

my problem is that i never get recognized for the things i do and it makes my dissociation really bad and makes me second guess myself like what if I'm just not even actually real? what if I'm a zombie, that would be cool though if I was but it's makes me kind of fucked in the head am I invisible = not real? excuse my dumbfuckery

No. 769235

That sounds tough anon but I'm here to say you are real! not invisible and I bet the work you do is pretty great. You should treat yourself to something you enjoy!!

No. 769236

thank you anon you too im going to scarf down my sweets in the morning to cope

No. 769237

We see you, anon

No. 769239

I think saying that I like the job is all I can safely say without jeopardising myself more. All the stuff about being introverted can be taken badly, don't you think?

I'll be honest, I thought that unless your social skills was linked to your job performance it didn't matter so long as you're pleasant and communicative. What did they say to you?

No. 769241

God I hate when you're queueing up for something like an atm or a coffee machine and the person waiting after you stands to the side of you and stares at the side of your head the whole time or watches your every move a little too intently. Looks you up and down etc. I'm neither stunning nor a mutant so there's nothing worthy of stares. Can you just stop.

I know whenever I'm second in line I generally look at my phone or look at a nearby display just so I'm not pressuring the person in front of me to rush through their turn. Even just standing behind them instead of next to them is miles better. I don't closely watch people opening up each sugar packet and stirring their fucking tea. Much as I'd love to be one of those people that stares back.. in the morning when I'm grabbing my first coffee I'm often just not up to it. I think a younger version of myself would feel so much pressure I'd apologise for taking a whole 60 seconds so at least I'm past that reaction. Oh and it's always middle aged men of course.

No. 769242

Sorry you're going through that anon. I'm pretty friendly myself, but I find it hard to make friends and schmooze at work because I'm "intense" and look busy which apparently puts people off. And I'm maybe not as attractive as I used to be and don't care to fuss over it, which obviously not being pretty doesn't put me into people's good graces as a woman. I'm also expected to do more, and the tiniest mistake can be blown out of proportion no matter the countless fires I had already put out behind the scenes.
It sucks but cliques happen at work. Not that it will make you feel better, but you could be the nicest and most chill person who does their job well yet none of it matters unless leadership and coworkers don't think good on you. I know how you feel.

No. 769244

They told me that I wasn't communicative enough and that I wasn't a teamplayer. The funny thing is, there were no complaints about my work. The manager was even willing to write me a reference letter. Anon, I don't want to scare you but if I was you, I'd brace myself for the worse

No. 769246


No. 769248

> Not that it will make you feel better, but you could be the nicest and most chill person who does their job well yet none of it matters unless leadership and coworkers don't think good on you. I know how you feel.
This unfortunately. But it's tiring how many people seem to want you to not only do your work but act as if you're so happy and "passionate" about working for someone else. I'm not saying that having a grumpy face is okay but putting on a big smile at all times to make others feel better is stupid.

No. 769270

File: 1616683870111.jpeg (191.42 KB, 1200x800, 6BFB36A7-ACFA-4C80-9E8D-9B9CD0…)

I want to grab this fish, freeze it and slap the scrote that’s “learning” French in the same class in which I am, he’s such a fucking idiot, we’re supposed to learn how to say
>oh yeah, you’re right
When someone gives us their input on something regardless of what we think of the issue and this retard needs to keep on interjecting, trying to get the upper hand on fucking fictional dialogues, like, fuck off you loser asshole that will never get sent to any francophone country with your stupid ass stuttering and your stupid ass problematic scrote bullshit personality fucking asshole motherfucker bitch ass retard, just fuck off already and get that French and overall communications aren’t for you, you old motherfucking ugly useless old bastard!

No. 769274

File: 1616684380296.png (609.86 KB, 1600x948, Screen_Shot_2018-02-06_at_3.37…)

I fucking hate my life so much. I graduated last May and since then I haven't had any experience in my field, save for like one to two months of an internship that I promptly quit. My skills are gradually fading away, and I have no motivation to better them. I get rejected from jobs all the fucking time, and I do terribly in interviews. I know that my portfolio sucks and I need to practice doing SOMETHING but I just have NO motivation to. I need a new laptop in order to even practice, and my family/other things in life take up all of my time anyway. My days pass by in a blur, and every day is the exact same and there is no hope of it getting better. I have an interview for a job next week that I doubt that I will get, and I could've gotten a job that I interviewed for last week but the person who I would be working under wanted someone who "was like a friend" and she seemed rather bitchy so I declined. I know that was dumb of me but I stupidly thought that I could get other jobs out there but IDK now. The job market is SO fucking bad for entry level positions at the moment. I can't stand living with my fucking family, and I spend most of my day running errands, watching dumb videos, and talking to scrotes online. I'm a bonafide fucking failure and every night I go to bed I pray that I don't wake up the next day. The truth is that I don't wanna kill myself but I've always had huge obstacles to cross due to money and my family. Yeah I know I should just get any fucking job and move out. And I'm trying. I'm applying for jobs outside of my field too, but I want jobs in my field even though I'm not good at what I do and I have zero confidence in myself and my abilities. I think suicide is the best option tbh. It's the only way.

No. 769282

I am so sick of this hell life. I know lots of people have it worse than me but damn life sucks sometimes. Wondering when my dad is gonna get too old for me to have to bail his retarded ass out of jail. So exhausted.

No. 769339

I am unable to fall asleep unless I listen to ASMR or relaxation music or something like that

No. 769345

if you have some free time, maybe you can build up your resume and networking by volunteering? You can volunteer at a shelter (for animals or for victims of abuse) or soup kitchen or some other non-profit organization that needs help with fundraisers, etc. That is the best way to build your resume because nowadays many companies demand 5+ years of experience yet they claim they want to hire new graduates. kek…

No. 769346

that sounds exhausting and you have every right to feel that way. I am sorry you have to deal with your father going to jail. he is lucky to have you.

No. 769379

I recently realized that I'm a dead-end in terms of personality development. My go to coping mode when I encounter a problem? Avoidance. Which prevents me from trying anything new. I'm on the level of a teenager who never committed to anything. I haven't mastered anything, never risked anything. I am literally nothing. And I'm too afraid of failure and have too much anxiety to change this

No. 769385

File: 1616694298067.jpg (53.56 KB, 590x544, Dw-TILvV4AEWv3Z.jpg)

I'm so fucking insecure about my height it's not even funny, and the fact that women can't be above 5'7 without being called a troon nowadays makes it ten times worse. I haven't been called it yet but I'm sort of waiting for it to happen, especially since I have a fairly wide face. I never expected myself to wish to go back to my teens/really early adulthood where people used to be scared of me simply because I'm a 5'11 woman

No. 769393

masc male friend came out as nb bc wearing skirts isn't for men or sth idk

How on earth do you stay friends with people that see every slight deviation from capitalism-delegated normalcy as an identity crisis

This shit makes my own dysphoria act up again. and I know that if I brought it up with this person this would be yet another slide down the pipeline into deciding I'm a man or whatever and maybe I am and just repressing it but I really just think the world is spinning in the wrong direction? that this gender shit sucks?

fuck I met my gf in this circle and she is great but if we stay together for long this is our extended friend group. forever. I gotta have these people around and at our place that will see me as Literal Hilter if I ever reveal that I don't buy into this shit and I really really really love her

No. 769399

I've been friends with girls taller than you and no one would ever think they're were troons. Literally THE trick is being confident and showing you're confident. (Your height is by dreamheight)

No. 769401

File: 1616695399294.png (774.02 KB, 611x918, A.PNG)

I'm so fucking tired of not being skinny. I'm not even fat, 23-24 on bmi scale, I'm just a little bit pudgy from not moving as much as before the pandemic, but I'm too self-conscious to wear clothes that I like, because they show my fat upper arms and belly. But I keep seeing all those photoshopped glamorous model pics on Instagram with their stick arms and wasp waists and I start hating myself for not being like them. I just want to be super skinny and wear whatever, because when you are skinny, everything will look fashionable on you. And I can't even starve myself because I have an autoimmune disease I have to take pills for, and I'm not so retarded yet as to literally risk death for useless vanity

All I want is to wear dresses like pic related and not look fat, but I can't fucking stop eating less

No. 769403

>wearing skirts isn't for men
I swear to god anyone who thinks this must be the dumbest, most uneducated shit in the world uncapable of thinking beyond their own bubble. Do these people know nothing of how men dressed in the past and how they dress in different cultures? That humans aren't born with clothes on therefore clothes aren't inherently male or female?

No. 769404

realised i'm sliding back into mega depweshon and i just can't be fucked with it. i really cannot get into or enjoy quite literally anything atm, including youtube videos and lolcow and other assorted brain-numbing online things. i'm trying to write for my diss and for personal enjoyment but i feel like i'm dissociating the whole time because my brain literally just feels numb as i'm writing all this shit down and i read it back literally minutes later and don't even really remember writing it. my goofy ass autism or adhd or whatever it is is also ruining my shit as always so every little noise is pissing me off to the point of like near-homicidal rage. this shit is so embarrassing

No. 769413

File: 1616696540764.gif (1018.67 KB, 500x373, E15087BD-2F77-486C-B3B0-FDFD21…)

so bored and having nothing to do. my laptop barely has any space so I can’t re download the sims 4 and my external hard drive isn’t working and that was a complete waste of 60-70 dollars. I literally have nothing to do that can help me escape from this shitty world, fml

No. 769427

I haven't had sex in 8 months and I'm currently extremely hormonal because of my period, it feels like I'm going insane. I don't like masturbation and toys, I dry up immediately when I try so it's not for me so I gotta find myself a man but I can't be sexually attracted to someone unless I know them.
What a literal fucking predicament

No. 769429

Anons that call tall women/women with masculine features troons(Dua Lipa for example) are fucking weird. ShUwU level pick-mes. Hope you learn to be more confident in yourself anon, id kill to be your height!

No. 769430

I feel like a terrible person because there are people who can't eat solid food for real but every fucking day I fantasize about magically not needing to eat, I'm not anachan I just don't like food all that much and hate dealing with it and I hate feeling exhausted all the time from not eating enough

No. 769432

anon I seriously don’t feel bad for you, tall people have privilege

No. 769435

Not to derail but is getting pissed off at noises an adhd thing?

My suggestion may make you feel worse and may be obvious but have you tried engaging in something that you're historically passionate about? Usually when I'm scared that I won't enjoy it. But when I tried, my passion (films) made me think about something that isn't myself and how much I suck for the whole evening, then I planned to do it again, and soon enough actually looked forward to it.

No. 769437

I wish I had your view about food. Food is something I look forward to, as pathetic as that is. I love the textures, smells, and flavors. It takes so much willpower to not eat myself up to 600 pounds. I still walk away with tons of guilt knowing people in other walks of life don't have the same access to the yummy things that I do and here I am indulging in excess. Not to mention the consumption is tied to so many reward and feel good receptors in my brain. If I could adopt the food is fuel mentality I would just consume soylent green, but I'd go nuts.

Have you considered nutritional shakes? There's a lot of companies that make shakes now that are pretty good that come with complete nutritional profiles and calories.

No. 769438

mental imbalace (and maybe critical levels of boredom) developed during last year of being stuck at home because of pandemic started pushing me into getting in comment fights on twitter or fb like some retarded boomer. I've never been like this before and i hate this.

No. 769439

Do you feel bitter about it? I would.

Yeah, I've thought about it these past few hours and I guess I'll try my best to be social, I just signed the lease to a new place not long ago, and I guess this is just going to turn into a shittier job that I'm actually unhappy about, and drain myself trying to please the egos of my coworkers. Funny how that works.

I'll make an action plan and start job searching soon.

No. 769440

I wish I had this.

No. 769442

Could you list what these privileges are then

No. 769444

you don't have to worry about other people siting in front of you at the movie theater

No. 769449

People have said that to me and I totally understand why but trust me you don't, I'm not talking about "food is fuel it means nothing to me what I eat" mentality but rather "it is a daily struggle to eat enough to maintain mood, energy levels, and functioning". I'm an autist though so that's where it comes from.

Enjoying food isn't pathetic anon, that's normal healthy human behavior and we just live in an environment rich in engineered super-tasty foods that our reward pathways weren't prepared for.
I need to find a brand of shake without artificial sweetener because I can't stand the taste, but then that's a lot of sugar and I eat too much of that already. Really I need to get my shit together and figure out how to make my own.

I don't think this much of a privilege but I feel safer walking alone at night as a tall woman. It doesn't make me any less vulnerable but I'm somewhat less recognizable as female in the dark or from a distance. I can also walk faster lol.

No. 769451

I stupidly rejoined online dating after taking a 2 year break from dating. I started talking to a guy and he keeps mentioning his friends and what his plans are or hanging out with them and it makes me feel like a loser. I have one friend who lives 4 hours away. I moved to a new state a few months ago knowing one person and that turned out to be a toxic friendship, so that ended. I live alone. I'm not desperate for a bf or for this to work out but I feel pathetic when I'm just doing shit by myself or with my dog and he has a bunch of friends to do things with.

No. 769481

How do I ask my professor or TA to turn in late assignments? I don’t know how to format this email without coming off as a slacker or someone who only cares last minute, but I was in a depressive episode for the past 2 months and have been struggling with work and school. Do I even mention depression in the email? I’m so nervous, and each day that I put this off it’s only going to get worse.

No. 769484

I can’t really make friends and everyone uses me for financial reasons. Nobody gives a fuck about me. I’m not rich obviously. I want to stab myself with a glass shard. I fucking do. I fucking want to stab myself with a glass shard. I’ll never be happy or sane. Nobody loves me.

No. 769492

>everyone uses me for financial reasons
That really sucks but stop letting them. Life will get better when you pick better company and learn to act in your best interest

No. 769495

Honey! Stab them out of your life and go enjoy your money and stop giving it to them.
And stop thinking you need a lot of people to be happy you probably need 1 or 2 but mostly yourself.
Fuck them and go give yourself a treat

No. 769502

Does your school have a disability services office? It's not necessarily an easy process and you'll probably need to have a doctor or therapist vouch for you, but my friend went through something similar and she was able to get some help in dealing with professors through that. Also see if your school allows for incomplete grades, which is when a professor agrees to assign a temporary grade of incomplete for the semester and you work out a timeframe for completing the coursework and receiving a real grade at some point after the semester is over (this is what my friend ended up doing).

Regardless you really have nothing to lose by being honest about your depression. The worst they can say is no, and frankly if they're going to think of you as a slacker for that they're probably going to do so regardless, but remember that most educators want to see their students succeed. I've known several people who were open about mental health with their professors and I don't think any of them got a bad response. Also you can tell them about your depression now and also start the disability services process which can help you later down the line if you don't get the response you're looking for at first.

No. 769508

I don’t know I am toxic myself or else I wouldn’t be so desperate or get disappointed that the girl I gave shit doesn’t sit next to me and makes fun of me with her friend who she only talks with/actually likes.

I have no friends at all ever in my life I really can’t think of anyone I went out to do something except twice with two different girls i never saw again. and I don’t wanna make friends online because I have a hard time to control my walls of text due to the crazy crazy CRAZY ass crazy and I think I legit am a psycho who lost her brain cells so I can’t do online games either lol.
I’m fine alone and even the happiest but problem is I have classmates and they are pushy and there’s a girl who always wants me to buy her food. I can’t say no. I really feel sick. I am so poor I have to pay my mother’s rent that’s way too high, I have to pay for everything and I don’t have a driver’s license which I dearly want but can’t. But this is just a vent and a not reply but it’s subtle way to let you know I am a schizo that needs to khs. I’m a fucking damn schizo. Ofc I am this immature because I’ve been isolated since I were 10 in a locked up secure psychiatric clinic and my mom locked me up before i went there.

Btw another vent but I had a crush on the teacher and his way of acting made me feel it was mutual but wow. He’s married and he has a kid. I hate myself. How stupid and autistic could I have been? I talk too mych to him even if it was less than a handful of times. And then I work in retail and I get treated shit there too.
And then I come home and support two adult babies that’s my whore mother and 30 year old brother.

I really am gonna commit suicide with a glass shard before I turn fucking 25. Before I fucking turn 25. I am not willing to die as a 70 year old clown/cow.

No. 769536

Uh my roommate and their gf/ex? just got into a huge fight this morning. I heard glass break and my roommate asked me to come out to like deescalate. Anyways cops were called but my roommate seems to be the one making their ex crazy by cheating and gaslighting etc. I helped deescalate for like 30 minutes and they knocked on my door asking if I wanted to watch a movie w them lol like nothing happened

They’ve been making me and my other roommate very uncomfortable by yelling in the middle of the night inside and outside. Plus the gf broke in drunk. Idk what to say to advocate for myself while also trying to be sympathetic but idk who deserves it

No. 769546

I looked up the requirements to get an incomplete and I have to be currently passing the class, I’m fucked. It’s also the ninth week and the policy says I have to meet the requirement of currently passing by said week to get this extension. I’ll try emailing and reaching out to disability services, though I’m nervous about being humiliated for asking for help when I’ve done so badly so far. Thank you for replying, I really appreciate your help.

No. 769554

Everyday I try to find a motivation to live but every single time that motivation just disappears within a few minutes I'm so fucking tired nobody will miss me when I die anyway I just fucking want to be gone there is no point in being alive I've done everything I wanted to do living has no more point

No. 769566

I work in programming in an ESL country and while my local coworkers are your basic tech nerds the American developer community is riddled with troons and social justice activists. I'm just here trying to do my job and I get a mouthful of virtue signaling, anglocentric crap thrown at me. And trans shit. At least where I live programmer sock trannies are all mentally ill unemployed losers but for some reason they hold major positions in tech in the US. Most of them aren't even that good as developers and the ones who are are just severely autistic about one very specific algorithm/technology and work around the clock trying to perfect it.

And I hate how openly misogynist they can get. It's always about "protecting trans women" but they never show any sort of solidarity towards actual women trying to make it in the dev community. Never. But they expect unquestioned, sincere commitment for pampering their hairy asses. Sorry for sperg but I'm just so over this, being a woman who had to work herself to the bone to make it in such a male-dominated field only for incels in dresses to take all the "woman in tech" trophies despite profiting off of the mens' club for years.

No. 769572

I'm sorry you're going through this anon. You deserve help. I got help through hospitalization when I was severely depressed. Being able to talk to doctors who care about your wellbeing is a major deal. I think you should at least try to find a therapist you like who you can express your painful thoughts to.

And not to be presumptuous but I am sure somebody would feel your absence. When we're depressed it's really hard to see the positive impact we have on the world, so keep that in mind. I hope you have a good day anon, and remember you're not alone.

No. 769591

You literally pay tuition for disability services to exist and it's their job to help students, there's nothing humiliating about reaching out for help when you need it and trying to make the best of your situation.

You should still email your professor tonight too, and it's probably worth mentioning that you're also reaching out to disability services. I know it feels horrible but you're not alone in dealing with this kind of situation, I've seriously seen so many people go through it and they were all anxious about coming forward and asking for help too but it was worth it.

I'm graduated now but last semester one of the COVID adjustments that my school made was that you were allowed to drop a class up until like the last day of classes and only get a W (withdrawn) on your transcript, which doesn't affect GPA. This might be something worth looking into.

I'm glad I can help, like I said I've seen several friends go through things like this so I'm happy to be able to share advice.

No. 769609

listening to a podcast about how pornhub has destroyed the livelihood of all porn directors lmao. pornhub fucking sucks but i love hearing these loser men cry about living on food stamps because they make no money from exploiting women anymore. otoh i am now aware that porn has given the vast majority of young men erectile dysfunction and that even porn actors have to get on their phones and watch porn to keep erections WHILE FILMING A SCENE WITH A PORN STAR. i hate males.

No. 769610

regarding how I felt in class it was at first pls shut up your complaints are really inane and loud and let me fucking study then guilt bc theyre just here living their lives but it's also white students who aren't doing well and idk if it's lack of effort or smth but I'm like who are you why are you still doing this and why are you so pretentious when you have sole advantage it's not even advantage just more knowledge of certain aspects

No. 769617

The last time I talked to a professional councilor in fall semester he said it seemed I had more symptoms along the lines of anxiety of some sort but yeah maybe if I talked a little more openly about how I feel there's

No. 769619

You love to see it, hope they all starve lmfao

No. 769623

I just realized my ex "best friend" actually tried to rape me once when I was homeless and staying at her place. She was very intoxicated and I had to hide in her closet under some blankets for hours until she fell asleep. I feel sick, how is it that I never realized she tried to rape me? Wtf did I think happened? I'm so fucking stupid ugh

No. 769624

i'm home now and my mom's talking outside with a family friend and i can feel myself getting more subdued/emotionally depressed i guess and like

No. 769628

I'm sorry about that anon. I hope you're not still friends with her of have any mutual friends

No. 769629

you certainly would be happier if you felt your work has some meaning, yes – but it doesn't have to be the thing that has the MOST meaning to you

No. 769630

overall I think my state is of being guilty for using a lot of resources that have never and might not ever go anywhere but I'm also feeling guilty for feeling so much contempt for people as a whole and for certain people in particular like there's a guilty pleasure of like hey I'm another of my parents failed gambles bc that's another addiction vice that they have and I feel I've inherited with gacha games

No. 769640

I lost the cloth mask I just fucking bought. Luckily my mom said she ordered some for me (even though I told her not to) a couple days ago, but what the hell.

No. 769646

File: 1616714917394.gif (4.04 MB, 250x186, tenor.gif)

>porn artist teases comic with women taking advantage of cute male sub charcter
>mfw the comic comes out but the "women" all have dicks
It was advertised as het but this ain't het DAMMIT. If you wanna appeal to troons fine but Christ at least label it correctly

No. 769650

i feel this. i am so fucking tired of "futa" invading everything. i try to watch f/f hentai and sfm (yes i know it's cringe but spare me) and it's just littered with futashit. I DON'T WANT TO SEE WOMEN WITH PENISES. i don't want your shit-ass closeted faggot fantasies goddammit show me two women with vaginas

No. 769655

they always give them the nastiest dicks imaginable too. like big veiny bulging gross 8ft long worms, fucking ew. they hardly ever do that shit with gay or her sfm/art either. futa is always 100% degenerate shit

No. 769661

the shitty part is a lot of it is very well-animated… like why are men so fucking uncreative they HAVE to put a dick in for women to have sex? retards tbh. last one i watched was incredibly well-animated so i begrudgingly watched it for that, but they gave the futa a literal horse dick. it is so fucking stupid.

No. 769691

even though i know it would make me much more attractive, i don't want to get plastic surgery because i just want a man to love me for me. the real me. i wonder if a man is capable of loving an ugly woman, because i know so many pretty women that date ugly men and love them but i never see the opposite. fucking tragic

No. 769694

troons usually hate futashit though because they're women, but with dicks. xx women with dicks. not trannies (futas usually have vags too)

No. 769696

I mean, attractive guys can feel attraction for an “ugly” woman, it’s mostly a matter of personality and being in the right place at the right time.
I’ve seen women that are not VS models with really cute and great guys that treats them like human beings, the usual story of how they met is mostly while studying for postgraduates or while working.
So it’s not even about meeting someone during high school, It’s just TPO.

No. 769699

I don't know if I wanna stay so close to my best friend. We've been bffs for 15 years, but she's a bpd chan and I don't trust her. I've seen how quick she is to throw people away and she's done it to me in the past. It was literally like 8 years ago, but I'm constantly afraif she'll do it again as she still does it to others. She is also genderspecial on top of that. Wdy guys think?

No. 769701

I recently ended a decade long friendship with my own bpd-chan. I really tried to navigate it and understand her but she always acted so rotten in the end. Kek for me personally the genderspecial thing would be enough to end the friendship.

No. 769702

File: 1616720149559.jpg (108.44 KB, 800x835, Lio.Fotia.full.2745246.jpg)

are there any programmers lurking lc? i'm going for cs and i see so many of my classmates with an honest passion for this shit (a lot of them like "theory", a lot of them are constantly reading up on white papers and such) and i'm…100% here just to have the fancy ~computer science major~ under my belt. like i'm planning to go into web dev and "specialize" in simple languages like python and java kek, not hard stuff like c++ (but c++ is what we program in for uni. ugh)

do i need to feel guilty? am i one of those "shitty programmers" that programming spaces on the web always complain about?

No. 769703

Sorry but what is genderspecial?

No. 769704

NTA but basically any people who do the whole gender identity different from sex thing

No. 769707

I don't understand how the world works anymore

No. 769713

I am so fucking bored. On top of not being able to do anything because of covid, I'm probably dating THE most boring dude on earth. He wasn't always like this but holy fuck it feels like I'm wasting my time sometimes

No. 769737

As long as you take web dev seriously, apply yourself into learning your languages of choice and don't skip steps you won't be a shitty professional, your classmates are just aiming for something completely different but not better or more serious than you. Shitty programming at least to me is more like refusing to learn the basics and brute forcing things in ways that may cause problems instead of optimizing.

I'm curious though, do you need a cs degree to go into web dev in the USA?

No. 769740

new grad CS major anon here
CS theory and practical software engineering skills are two different things. You could be an expert in algorithms and not know shit about making a website or even any coding language at all. It sounds like maybe your classmates are trying to go for graduate or PhD studies, or a math-heavy field like machine learning. But this is totally different than the skills required to build software, it's like pure math vs. structural engineering.
I wish I had a better understanding of this when I entered college. My CS undergrad program covered a lot of theory but I was really disappointed in how few courses covered more practical software engineering topics. The theory (and the math you'll probably have to do) is definitely very important - for example understanding algorithmic analysis is really important to avoid writing inefficient code. But exposure and experience with different languages, design patterns, frameworks, libraries, tools etc is what makes you actually able to make things. So long story short, I don't think you need to feel guilty.

A rule that's worth trying to follow even with trivial uni assignments: write your code like someone else you've never met has to read it and make sense of it 10 years from now (an actual extremely common real world situation). This means adding helpful comments, choosing sensical variable names, keeping your formatting neat and consistent. If you have repeated code, see if you can put it in a function. If you have a function that's really long, see if you can break it up. Don't worry too much about being perfect though, the only real way you can get better is through 1) writing your own code and 2) reading other people's and your degree will hopefully give you plenty of both.
Another tip: a huge part of software engineering is figuring out how to do shit that you don't immediately know how to do. So I would encourage any CS student to try and push themselves a little harder, try for a little bit longer, before they ask a friend or TA for help. Obviously asking for help is fine and you shouldn't be hesitant to do so, but there are certain invaluable skills you build from figuring shit out on your own - how to google things effectively and find good sources, how to parse documentation, what to try when you're debugging.
(sorry if these tips are obvious, they're based on what I saw other students struggle with especially in higher-level courses)

sorry for sperg I just have to share what I wish I knew going into CS undergrad. best of luck anon

No. 769743

File: 1616725578128.jpg (300.44 KB, 1294x2022, 20210325_222230.jpg)

>went on date with a doctor scrote
>He spends less than 30 bucks on my meal
>asks me to go to his apartment and asks for a kiss. I declined.
>after the date he never texted me so I assumed he just wasnt into me and let it go
>i get a random text from him calling me a gold digger

Ahhhhhh i miss the days you could go on one date with a man and it wasnt expected that you'd fuck him or even date him. The first date was a chance for him to prove he is a good choice for you. Now it's just escorting but if I were to straight up ask for money for sex and cut out the middle man that would be an issue aswell. Libfems really fucked everything up.

No. 769745

Tinder was a mistake. I'm sorry nonny, men really expect us to fuck them on first sight huh. What a disgusting piece of shit he and every other scrote is.

No. 769747

I assumed because hes like 34 and educated that he wouldnt be a retard i was wrong

No. 769751

File: 1616726088560.jpeg (34.49 KB, 750x578, AEF99B32-1AD9-42BB-81E7-8D96DF…)

>Ahhhhhh i miss the days you could go on one date with a man and it wasnt expected that you'd fuck him or even date him.

Damn were you sucked into a time warp and ended up in FVTVREHELLFUCKAHOE2021? It’s a heterosexual custom in straights world to expect mating. Plus you’re already fucked from the start if you go on Tinder which is basically a casual sex simulator filled with the bottomless. I think that there is some truth in just getting a relationship in real life and shooting your shot because technology attracts the worse people

No. 769753

I don't know if it's just because I'm offputting or something, but whenever I agreed to go on a date with dudes back when I used Tinder, they always knew there would be no sex upfront. One guy even tried to kiss me, I curved him, and he ran away with his tail tucked behind his legs, apologizing. I wish you better luck in the future. It doesn't have to be like this. Especially when there's an expectation of being a fuckboy no longer being in a grown man's system.

No. 769759

File: 1616726869660.png (11.69 KB, 525x132, crap.png)

Yes Eric, tell me how coal miners sell their bodies for STDs. Tell me more about how men are as opressed as women that sell their bodies. Fuck you piece of shit.

No. 769768

File: 1616727519263.gif (2.57 MB, 267x212, 3500F080-0E0A-4A83-8CCA-9BCA48…)

one day I realized well that one day was yesterday but one day I realized that one day I have to get up go to work and keep working consistently my bones hurting my brain breaking yearning to break free from the confines of the world for $900+ dollars? you have to keep working and saving and working and saving and cumming and shitting and moaning and being angry and frustrated and being retarded a lot being confused feeling hungry feeling pain feeling not there feeling like you’re missing something feel too much of something never enough, saving and losing,so much highs and lows, never enough and sometimes too much. how is this sustainable for any living human being on this planet?

No. 769782

>do you need a cs degree to go into web dev in the USA?

you don't (there's a web dev degree at my uni), i'm just too deep into cs to back out, and…i think it'd be easier to go from programming to coding.

plus, i don't necessarily hate my classes. i'm just ambivalent towards most of 'em.

this is helpful. thanks, nonny

No. 769794

Tbh I’m always disappointed when I see female artists do good female gaze type porn but a lot of them also try to appeal to troons at the same time. A lot of them are into women too so I don’t see why they’re so afraid to draw vaginas. Sometimes they’ll give female character alien penises and its like why?? Who would even like this???
There is just not enough pussy eating art goddammit.

No. 769797

File: 1616730003111.png (21.88 KB, 1017x569, 1495934812414.png)

Anons how do you feel about working in tech as a woman? I'm also studying soft dev and I want to kms every time I read a shitty story like >>769566 My studies are over in 2 months, then I'll have to get an internship and then a real job, and I'm fucking terrified. I tolerate men well enough, but when I think about my imminent future, it's grim. I know my experience doesn't have to necessarily be so bad and maybe I'll luck out and find a good team, but what are the odds

No. 769827

I feel crazy for having to tell my roommate almost every other day to not play shitty kpop loud as fuck after 10pm and to not hold autistic discord voice chats going into the wee hours of the morning while i’m trying to sleep. She knows I work in the mornings but why would she care she’s a rich neet. Every time I text her asking her to stfu she replies super apologetic and it almost makes me feel like i’m the asshole for ruining her fun or something. I’ve seen her tweet after one of these times I asked her to turn her music down about how hard it is having ADHD and having no sense of how loud you’re being and it kind of pissed me off. On WHAT earth is it okay to be scream laughing with other autist loser enbys about your precious oppa at 3am adhd or not?? I hate when people use ADHD as a crutch for them being inconsiderate assholes.

No. 769830

Oh god I relate to yooouu. I'm not even going for a 4-yr degree yet; I'm at a community college. But there's something about those classmates (especially the men) who make it their life passion. I nearly didn't learn programming because I wasn't like those guys who lived and breathed STEM since birth and seemed to look down on everyone else, but I'm glad I got over it. I'm enjoying what I'm learning so far and hope you are too. You don't need to be that way and may even be better off socially for it at least. Some of those dudes only talk about the one thing. I admire the passion that will fuel their future but we don't all need to be like that. I enjoy it now that I'm learning but I'll never be immersing myself in "theory" to tell every uninterested person I meet.

No. 769831

I've already said this plenty of times on this board but go for the boomers.
I'm terrified to think what working with younger men in tech would be like, I work at a large MNE and all my coworkers and supervisors are oldies. It's great. We have no relationship whatsoever, we just do our jobs and that's it. I know nothing about them and they know nothing about me. Zero small talk. Zero sexism.

Oh and try to avoid anyone from the UK and Commonwealth like >>769566 said. Shit people, prone to mental illness. Just stay away from Anglos in general, you've seen what their countries are like.

No. 769858

File: 1616735760018.jpg (59.44 KB, 640x619, 1615260606010.jpg)

Really had enough of the fucking crazy people we get at my pharmacy. One lady really slapped a scrap piece of paper in front of me with some over the counter drug names on it, and demanded we run it as a prescription so her insurance could cover it. She was getting really angry and asking for my name and all this shit when I told her I couldn't process it as it wasn't a valid prescription. I tried humoring her and asking her the name of the prescribing physician and she said it was herself as she's currently in college studying to become on. When I asked for her NPI or DEA number so I could select the physician in the system she really had the gall to say "What is that? Here's my student ID instead.". I told her I could not process it and she walked off without saying anything.

Pretty sure she was high on something.

No. 769870

post the caps kek

No. 769871

My friend from. Highschool would always go on about how these were the best days of our lives at the time and I remember being like I hope not even though outside of my home I had a very fun highschool experience but my fucking good, 12 years on from highschool and she's right. I fucking miss those times

No. 769874

I’m getting so annoyed with how my boyfriend currently lives with his whole family. My pussy is dripping wet and I need the fucking bathroom but nooooo whole audience in the living room and his dad is in the bathroom! Fuck my soiled panties!

No. 769888

File: 1616739699869.jpeg (44.64 KB, 346x408, 52F6DFFA-FF55-466C-A278-1EEFDB…)

I’ve recently found out that I have Ehlers Danlos syndrome , and I’m in constant pain. I have muscle weakness,and it hurts to lift things that are under 10lbs, no one believes me yet walking short distances leaves me with bruises all over my legs. I used to enjoy drawing, but I can barely hold a pencil some days.
I’ve been sheltered all my life, I have no friends no income and people around me do not believe me about my illness and some never even heard about it before or they'll mock me saying it's a 'bone disease' as if I'm faking it. I feel like I can’t do anything with my life and I hate myself,I have bad anxiety and so much things have happened to be in my past with creeps that I’m not comfortable going out or doing anything alone. I have no social media and I don’t interact with anyone but the same person for years, I’ve had a long distance partner for years and I know if I can’t step up and support myself it will be over, I’ve applied for benefits but because I’m young and finished high school they won’t accept me. What can I do? I just waste away everyday sitting on my bed, I’ve considered things that I don’t want to, but I don’t know what else to do.

No. 769899

Having no friends during quarantine makes me lowkey want to start streaming or a podcast and that's so dumb of me

No. 769900

File: 1616741190500.jpeg (53.17 KB, 640x645, 1570297064752.jpeg)

I was very close with my grandmother and her best guy friend, he would babysit me and my sister and was so much fun, he was always tanned and such a contrast to all the men in my life as a kid. Then my grandma moved abroad, didn't see them that much after that but once i visited, I couldn't see her best friend, this man I called an uncle. I was just told he wasn't feeling well, he needs to rest and I was too young to understand, I just figured he didn't want to see me anymore, because I was so shy. After my grandma passed still abroad, I found out he had hiv, shit broke my heart and still these uncle aged tanned gay men in loud shirts make me sad yet nostalgic. Wish they knew I am lesbian, I just find it funny somehow.

No. 769901

That's not dumb

No. 769902

It is, everyone and their mother streams and does podcasts now

No. 769903

Honestly it's not a hellscape where you have to lick tranny boots all day and walk on eggshells regarding social issues. Like mentioned in >>769566 A lot of the troons are mentally ill and unemployed freelancers and the ones in high positions are influential in the community, but you don't have to work with them. You might have to listen to their shitty speech at a conference but that's it. Most of the coworkers you deal with are normal people who might be slightly SJW-slanted but usually have a good head on their shoulders. Personally I've come across only one MTF and one FTM and I've been a developer for a decade.

Avoid male-run small companies like the plague though, they're infested with casual misogyny and guys there often behave like pigs. Prefer bigger companies.

No. 769905

But who gives a fuck if it brings them joy or new friends? Dudebros talking about how deep drive is, sure but just casual streaming or casting is chill, even though I would suck at it.

No. 769909

File: 1616742327459.png (55.27 KB, 1054x720, EwQRg5gWQAEU8UU.png)

My eating disorder is getting worse and worse and I want to kill myself now that I've lost weight, and I think I look good in most stuff, better than I did before, until I realize that my rib cage is bigger than my hips, not even by much, but enough where it's obvious. No matter what I do, I won't be able to get rid of this. I just want to be small and dainty and instead I look like an awkward teen boy. I lost my tits for nothing.

No. 769917

Everyone has a rib cage bigger than their hips. A rib cage has to fit a fully engorged pair of human lungs inside.

No. 769982

Mexican anons going hard in the art thread and Im here for it

No. 769983

I don't even know anything about Indigenous Mexico, but I love the drama. I'm eating pizza with my feet kicked up watching this go down

No. 769997

This is a really stupid vent but I just learned that a girl I went to highschool with recently got married and it just reinforced my feeling of being behind of everyone else. Most of the people my age are married, starting families and I'm an avoidant anxious mess who has difficulties even going outside, let alone talking to people. I never hated myself so much. And I know comparing myself to others is stupid because everyone is different, yadda yadda, but I just can't fucking stop it

No. 769999

samefag. And it's not just a relationship thing…I also feel envious when I see people working in jobs that they love. I feel like I'll always be inferior to everyone else

No. 770000

I'm a mentally ill piece of shit that will never be able to be as good at things as everybody else without trying much much harder just to get the same results. I don't even want to try anymore, what's the fucking point. I don't want to get meds because that'll just comfirm how ill I am and everybody will know about it and treat me like subhuman trash. I want to be normal.

No. 770008

File: 1616754433175.gif (1.54 MB, 360x234, a942d1dd-34cc-4185-a7c9-f02872…)

I hate coming home so much. During the day I'll see something intersating and fhen when I get home I remember that my dad isn't there anymore so I have no one to talk to.

My mother doesn't give a shit about a single thing I have to say so I snd up ignored 80% of the time and tbh I stopped bothering to talk at all. Wish I could move out but being a stupid broke bitch doesn't help.

No. 770011

I'm in the same boat as you. So far everyone I know is: married or in a serious relationship, has a career or at least good paying job, friends, car, their own place to live.

Meanwhile my 25yo ass can't even get a stable job or a car because I'm poor as shit already. Makes me wonder where I went wrong in life.

No. 770012

I've probably ruined this friendship all because I was sick of feeling invisible and actually spoke up about it, but at the same time fuck her for not letting me voice my real thoughts. She always got to spill her guts on me yet god forbid I bring up something that wasn't right of her. Fuck I just want to stop caring all together. All I want is to curl up in bed for a week without any work, school, calls, texts. Feel so embarassed and shitty about the whole thing. I'm not sure what to say next at all.

No. 770014

Relate. I’m currently in the process of accepting that my life is not going to follow the same path as most others and I need to do what I need to do to stay sane and take everything day by day. Picking up a hobby that I like and can improve at has helped. Someone will be mildly impressed one day. More than likely that person will be me and that’s fine, I’d like to be impressed by myself.
Also actively blocking comparisons. Like when you start thinking “but they’re married and I’m not, I hate myse-“ start saying “fuck that married asshole.”
It’s not always doable and it takes time but I find telling everyone in my head to fuck off helps.

No. 770020

No. 770031

My friends diagnosed herself with ADHD and I feel bad but it's pissed me off so much, she's trying to get a professional diagnosis and making such a big desl of it. I'm 99% sure she doesn't have it as i'm ADD/ on the spectrum and she has pretty much zero symptoms of ADHD, I guess it just pisses me off and seems like attention seeking to me. Like sis, at least wait until you get an actual diagnosis to make a big deal out of it? She literally diagnosed herself with an online ADHD quiz, self diagnosing has always pissed me the fuck off. If I self diagnosed with a brain tumour because I had a headache everyone would rightly tell me to get a grip but I guess it's fair game when it's mental health, kek. It just pisses me off because ADD/autism has ruined my life and I never made a big fuss or randomly self diagnosed myself ugh I'm just so pissed off about it.

No. 770050

Me but the drama queen is announcing bpd/depression in social media for that sweet sweet attention.

No. 770056

My 3 years old bun is suffering from e.cuniculi and i just can tell from the vet's face that things arent looking good. Have been having daily breakdown seeing my sweet little baby switching from sitting fine to wheezing in pain.

My dumbass was browsing for ecuniculi tags in instagram and found a bun that is basically her twin and saw fucking coffin in the tl. Whilst waiting in line for my takeout. I ugly cried all the way home, passed out from my fit and now my eyes is swollen shut. Gonna spend the weekend collecting her photos and doing some forbidden research just in case.

My fucking head hurts and i still cant turn off my tearducts.

No. 770058

please don't feel so bad about yourself, there are many like you (me too). Life isn't a race

No. 770061

I’m so sorry anon… I hope your bun gets better :(

No. 770065

File: 1616763244853.gif (3.94 MB, 540x250, F886D382-994D-4C93-B961-622876…)

Thinking about my oneitis again. God I hate her. She hasn’t been the person I knew for a long time so why????

No. 770067

Shit I feel so sorry for your little one. I hope she gets better

No. 770082

File: 1616764465830.jpeg (220.2 KB, 933x700, avril lavigne thinking.jpeg)

i took the time to do something nice and useful for my class (basically sth that would make it a lot easier for all of us to study) and i got shrugged off as annoying. go fuck yourselves, good luck studying for exams without coming to me for five minutes asking for the material. at least someone here in competent enough to care about this course.

No. 770085

They don't deserve you
When tgey ask for the. Materials don't give it to them

No. 770087

Oh anon I’m so sorry. Just hug her tight and hope for the best…know that if the worst happens, not prolonging her pain is the kindest thing. I hope she gets better. Me and my bun are sending you hugs and kisses.

No. 770094

Thanks anonS. God what i would do to send her my lifespan. She's too sweet and young to deserve this. If by any miracle she recovered enough to eat i will give her anything she likes and i will rub her cheeks for as long as she wants me to.

No. 770096

You’re sweet. Why are students fucking dickheads at all levels?

No. 770097

File: 1616766077207.jpg (149.58 KB, 1079x1348, fDacCmL.jpg)

Does anyone feel like some of the conversations on here don't really make any sense? Like I feel like some anons are really reaching and take something in a way the OP 100% did not intend when they reply to shit. It will always be some mundane shit too.

>I don't like the color blue it doesn't suit my skin tone

>Oh so you think POC women aren't allowed to wear blue??? Wow racist-chan strikes again!

Do I have autism or does everyone else?

No. 770101

Yeah I don’t know what you’re passive aggressively vagueposting about but I’m 90% sure you’re grossly misrepresenting in the greentext. KINDA CRINGE.

No. 770119

I realized my friend may be avoiding introducing me to his friends not because he's ashamed of me, but because he doesn't want me to be attracted to them. Idk why I didn't see this possibility sooner but considering some insecure things he said it makes sense.

Unbelievable. He doesn't even reciprocate but has clearly liked the ego boost from the start. Unsure if this is more or less offensive than being ashamed of me. I've been over the feelings for some time now but…god.

No. 770122

I messed up my arm at work this week and I don’t know what to do. My I have two more shifts this week and my job is so physical. Can’t afford doctor right now or X-rays and shit. I guess I’ll just buy a brace otc and see if it helps the pain.

No. 770126

It's honestly concerning to me that this person is a doctor. He's in charge of caring for sick/diseased people?

No. 770131

definitely. i know people will say that being unnecessarily aggressive is just ‘chan board culture’ or whatever but there’s starting to be a very specific type of unnecessary aggression that REEKS of the same kind of shit you see on twitter (your example is perfect). i don’t think it’s a coincidence that i keep seeing people pulling their arms out of their sockets to argue with an anon alongside the fact that this website is flooding more and more with useless braindead twitfags who have no idea how to actually speak to other people by the day

No. 770164

File: 1616773106193.jpg (229.29 KB, 1500x1705, 3-pink-monochrome.jpg)

It feels bad that I'm too lazy to give into the girly things that I enjoy. Like, makeup is almost incomprehensible to me, yet I really want to try it. Same with nails. I've spent over 200+ on polygel supplies but I have only done them once. I'm too lazy to decorate, don't want to spend money on cute supplies… I'm not not meant to be a cute girl and I guess I have to deal with that and be okay with that. I've spent so much money on cute y2k stuff and I can't be bothered to put it all together.

If you have your stuff together, wear makeup, have a cute "cottagecore" aesthetic or at least incorporate cute stuff in your wardrobe, put effort into jewelry and your hair… just know that I'm envious of you. Even if it's something like coordinating an outfit together… I'm just so lazy. I'm sure you look cute.

No. 770172

File: 1616774729029.jpg (30.44 KB, 563x457, 2675125915b229d1f23a71a7d9c375…)

Thanks nonny! You've given me some hope.

No. 770178

Get rid of all your male friends. Maybe leave the ones you know are gay, all the rest will use you for your energy and time. Women always give more. Males rarely think about your feelings or what can benefit you, only what suits them.

No. 770191

Honestly, not to cape for him but he's otherwise not that bad. When pursuing him I did way too much but we've settled into a fair friendship. He likes to pay for shit when we go out, so over time we've become even.

It's just funny because it's so stupid. I'm likely not missing much with his male friends though, you're right. I'm tired of only having male friends (but it keeps happening for some reason?) and also lost all of my desire to date men.

No. 770218

File: 1616778715674.png (251.08 KB, 500x427, CC3C302B-4ADB-47AB-8CC1-24D6A5…)

my life a major flop

the end

No. 770225

>Avoid male-run small companies like the plague though, they're infested with casual misogyny and guys there often behave like pigs. Prefer bigger companies.

Different anon here, im also currently studying computer science and have to look for my very first intership so this is actually nice advice. I found a smaller company that does have women in there team even but they dont do anything programming related so i might try that out and otherwise i will just look at bigger companies.

No. 770227

File: 1616779981687.gif (991.31 KB, 475x362, 7144F529-A898-4DB5-B0B2-5D8F52…)

>”omg do some sister bonding time”

kek do you really think she cares about any of that? all she’s interested in is getting a job, going back to school, always fucking sleeping and napping like holy shit get up and get a hobby or something? and move out. she would never let me drive her car when I finally get my license, never offer to take me to my interviews even though everyone is just happy to take her at the right moment even though she has a car, i have an ok relationship with my sister but it’s pretty clear she rather not include me anything and I don’t care anymore

can’t describe it but don’t dislike but goddamn I need some friends and to get away for a very long time I’ve seen you people too long but it’s so hard making friends

No. 770228

I felt this anon, it’s like being enthusiastic or different in fucking class will get you fucking ignored or unfortunately mocked. Sad case in the outside world too, do the bare minimum or barely enough to get by is the work mode for a majority of people

No. 770233

I got really lucky picking the pharmacy I work at, we only have 2 crazy people and there are no where near as bad as the person you mentioned

No. 770257

I cannot deal with whatever mystical creatures steal my fucking things. I don’t know if I’m joking or not anymore. I used to always swear that I had bought new sponges/had at least one to replace when I needed to, but every single time I went to change them, they’d be gone. So next time I’d go to the store, I’d buy a pack, store them, and have my new sponge. About a month or two later, same thing. This happened for like 2 years straight, and I just named the phenomenon “sponge goblins” that just stole my sponges. They stole a shoe once when I was in a road trip, hide my medicine, my car key disappeared in thin air when I dropped it IN MY CAR and I’ve still never found it. Shit like that, but the sponges were the most annoying and consistent thing. Today, I had my work ID which functions as a key, and I used it to fax something to my computer, and when I went back to my desk, I realized I forgot it at the fax machine. No big. Went back literally not even a minute or more than 10 feet from my desk, and my ID is absolutely no fucking where to be found. I’m so annoyed and freaking out and genuinely don’t know what else to call it, I feel absolutely insane. My coworker who watched me fax didn’t see anyone take it, and it is nowhere to be found. Am I crazy anons? I can’t believe this is happening rn.

No. 770273

File: 1616785552992.gif (1.08 MB, 267x200, 200.gif)

found one of those pesky creatures

No. 770276

ahhh I'm fucking fuming. I'm so over acting kind towards my stepdad. He's such a shitty person with the world's most fragile masculinity. He was talking with my grandma about a subject he obviously wasn't educated in so I disagreed and said why. He hushed me, so I repeated what I said but in a ruder voice I guess. Then he got mad that I was disrespectful and told me to stop being a know-it-all because I'm a teacher and that "people who are older than you know more, so keep quiet and listen." This made me furious so once again I disagreed with a rude attitude. He then started yelling and aggressively pointing his finger at me. I can't stand that. Especially not infront of my grandma. It's so disrespectful to make her feel uncomfortable. No man can raise his voice at me. He himself says "oh I've never been a father figure to you guys". Well yes and that's why you can't ever fucking yell at me. I don't care if I made you feel small. Don't fucking raise your voice at me.
He then went into his room and started punching shit. My mom and my sister all said that I needed to know when to shut up. I honestly don't give a fuck. He was obviously wrong and felt threatened by me. I can't tolerate him fighting infront of my grandma. The poor woman is our guest, she shouldn't have to see this.

No. 770277

He wouldn’t have to be so sheepish if they weren’t trying to ruin me!

No. 770278

File: 1616786208527.jpg (177.87 KB, 1257x704, tumblr_noue8qJ1by1qevzano1_128…)

He's pathologically shy. That's why he and his friends are building a stalker shrine to you, yandere simulator style. It's the second best to befriending you!

No. 770283

>My mom and my sister all said that I needed to know when to shut up.
Enabling is why adult men get away with reacting like how he did. Sorry you caught shit anon. You didn't deserve that either.

No. 770292

File: 1616787784255.jpeg (65.25 KB, 593x535, B0F5AC02-9084-4512-8DA1-FE3801…)

This…..makes me feel better kek I know I am nuts but this is at least a really cute and funny way to think of it. You made my day, thank you.

No. 770293

thank you anon. I honestly felt insane when they blamed it on me. Like am I going crazy or was I the only one hearing how he yelled at me? Yes I guess it was rude that I cut him short and corrected him but his reaction was unacceptable.

No. 770298

nta but you're not insane.
I pity your mother and sister for allowing abusive behaviour and putting the blame on you. He's the adult and he fails to act like one. I hope you can move out or cut contact asap.

No. 770302

I noticed this too and is one of the reasons why I don't post too often. Lots of farmers can't read and it's tiring having to re-explain things over and over or have someone bark at you for nothing.

No. 770314

I thought this was just par for the course when you're on the internet.

No. 770316

File: 1616790426302.jpg (123.43 KB, 1080x1074, 1582687753487.jpg)

Fuck my mother in law for sending us giant boxes of clutter my husband refuses to part with. He wouldn't even remember this shit existed if it didn't show up at our front door. And then he gets pissed at me for not showing the same enthusiasm he has over his grandma's beat up crochet napkin holders. I get that objects are very sentimental but holy shit we live in a two room apartment we don't have the room nor do I have the will to hang onto all this stuff that looks like it came from the average old woman's garage sale.

No. 770324

Absolutely. I just leave it be and assume they actively want to be angry and infight or, if it involves a cow, have an insatiable hate boner that prevents them from responding normally.
Literally this kek

No. 770364

>Like when you start thinking “but they’re married and I’m not, I hate myse-“ start saying “fuck that married asshole.”
It’s not always doable and it takes time but I find telling everyone in my head to fuck off helps.

This is going to turn you into a worse person, not a better one.

No. 770366

my mom's ex just rocked up to my family home because she left her car outside while she went on a little trip with her new boo and the dude has lost it. at first i didn't even recognize him because he's rocking this huge beard he never used to have and giant sunglasses. it's so frustrating because she gave like fifteen years to this dude and many opportunities for him to get his drinking and overall shit together and he couldn't manage it, finally shook him off a year ago only to find he's been texting and calling the whole time while she does her best to ignore his desperation and threats.

few weeks ago she was telling me about how in the past with an ex, he found the new man and threatened $20k out of him to leave them alone? motherfucker is unhinged and for some goddamn reason my mother doesn't want to dob him into the police because he's already on good behaviour apparently and will be arrested if she does which i mean. sounds like a win-win sitch for her? this is stupid and i hate that her kids have been dragged into this stupid relationshit drama through no fault of our own, mans over fifty years old. what are you even doing? moreso scared for my mom, a man so obsessed with nothing left to lose is just so dangerous

No. 770375

I hate people that think they're being cheeky by telling others how they're refusing to talk with their psychologist and pretend everything is fine during their sessions. Ok if you absolutely can't do it because of your depression or trauma that is completely legit, but when you actually don't do it just because you just don't wanna it's such a goddamn waste of time that could have gone to someone that might need it more at the moment. Save yourself that money and time.

No. 770385

WEW just spoke to her on the phone and at this point she is willing to go to the police cause the stalking and harassment is out of hand and unending. wish us luck ladies

No. 770386

Yeah,I kinda lowkey agree with this statement. I've had fun male friends who end up my main buddies for shows and festivals and just overall chilling and then they get pretty distant when they either get a girlfriend or find themselves in a friend zone. I've also felt like I was kept away from their other male friends in the past likley because they are hoping to hit it off with me other than just as a friend. Too bad because I find males more fun because my girlfriends just talk about their babies and complain about their SO's. But welcome to middle age as a single woman I guess…. fucking lame.

No. 770394


Coming from a Seattle native. It definitely should just be legal everywhere already. However, I'm super addicted to the dissociative affects and it wasn't as big a deal until stores opened. It makes me binge eat, lack motivation and depressed over all. I stop for awhile then go back because withdrawal actually really sucks and because well….so does life sometimes.

I think just like booze, it is best used in moderation but as anon pointed out the addict is what makes it the problem.

No. 770415

I was watching betty Broderick interview with Oprah and the comments just gave me a slap in tge face like I felt those comments on high level. I felt that I could be in her shoes. I never realized how being a very giving woman would ruin my life I just… I really tend to give all of me for people I care about without being sure if they'd do the same for me which could lead to snapping. I can't let go of people easily.

No. 770416

I feel like shit just knowing the pedophile that ruined my life is out there somewhere. It's been years but I can't get over how he knows so much about me, but I don't even know where he lives. I feel like I will never be free until he dies, and I won't even know if that happens. I have no way of reporting him and it makes me sick to think about. Has anyone been in a similar situation and have advice on how to deal with his? I feel guilty and anxious all the time and it scares me to even try talking about it IRL because it stresses me out so much. I thought time would make it better and in a way it has, but in other ways it makes me feel even worse.

No. 770421

I'm sorry anon. Ithink only therapy can help. BTW I know where my pedophile lives and have him blocked on FB… and yet it doesn't help at all, especially knowing he is goddamn happy like he always was and I'm an empty shell.

No. 770425

Thanks for the reply anon. I guess I probably should try therapy, but it helps to hear from someone else even if I hate that it’s happened to you too. I’m sorry about your situation too, I hope one day they both get what they deserve.

No. 770450

I am going to scream. The heat in my building is on full blast while it's warm outside and my landlord won't answer his phone and the maintenance lady who works here isn't answering her door. Everyone in the apartment is pissed as hell. I wish there was individual temperature control.

No. 770456

There’s not much you can do beside trauma therapy anon. I know it’s hard to accept that you may never receive the justice you deserve…but it is no way to live allowing the monster to chip away at you every day for the rest of your life.
Farmers will be manifesting his prompt and painful death.

No. 770465

i don't know how to deal with my anxiety anymore!!!! SOMEONE HELP ME!!!

No. 770466

I will be manifesting miserable deaths for your pedophiles, please manifest for mine dearest farmers ♥

No. 770469



No. 770471

i wish, i may have to talk to my therapist about a prescription but i have no idea.
my anxiety isn't exactly panic attacks, i just over think and/or FEEL anxious all the time.
i'm drinking some sangria now and i feel a lil better anon chan!

No. 770483

Sorry if relationship rants aren't allowed here. I feel like anons here are the only people who will understand. My bf confessed to watching porn some time ago but that he knew it would upset me so he stopped half way and is trying not to again. I completely sperged at him and I'm not sure if I can even forgive him. We are in an LDR for the time being and he said he watched porn to imagine us having sex, but it still really hurts that he still came to another woman and that I'm not enough for him. It hurts more than he knew it would upset me yet still went ahead and did it. Even though I'm cruel to him I wish that when we argued he'd try to be more apologetic and sweet and clingy. It upset me so much I feel like I can't eat. I feel genuinely heart broken. All I want in life is to love and be loved and be happily married and have children. I don't want my partner to watch porn, I want to be enough for them. It's unfair that he's the only one I can get off to but he uses porn. I hate it.

No. 770486

Every time I talk to my childhood best friend, our conversation just delves into our relationships and boys and I hate it. It's boring and I don't care who she kisses. But we have nothing else to talk about. I want to talk to her because she's so sweet but I don't even know what to talk to her about. I have many friendships like this all with women who I want to connect with but I don't know where to start. If I don't have similar interests as someone it's hard for me to talk to them.

No. 770489

That is how my anxiety is. I've had those sudden panic attacks come on too but very rarely. I was prescribed xanax like 10 years ago and somehow was able to keep a steady rx going. I don't use more or less than 90 1mg pills everyb6 months. Tbh though they are addictive and you definitely don't want to mix with alcohol or you'll end up in a functioning black out for hours and have your memory completely erased. In my late 20s I didn't realize it and had some wtf moments.

But overall I find it a godsend. Really helps me through some bad times, get sleep, just feel happier. Definitely I keep it under control and usually split the pill. A lot of doctors won't prescribe it now like this and I get super anxious whenever I have to get a refill like, this is the day they will cut me off. I've moved 1.5 hours away from my doctor but won't switch because I don't want the new doc to take it away. I honestly will freak out if that happens. Lol

No. 770490

But… meditation and mindfulness practice really helps as well. Probably a better advice for me to give out than drugs. And yoga. You just have to stay consistent with those things and do the work.

No. 770499

I really, really want to party

No. 770505

I'm pretty unhappy in my relationship. My fiance wants to marry me but doesn't really like me, and the sex sucks. I just browsed Tinder to see what's available, and got bored pretty quickly. I think I may need to be by myself for a while.

No. 770514

Just don't post about it on social media, anon. Everyone who can live their lives is doing so, only those who can't (Lost jobs, sick families, scared of what their sjw friends think) are still forcing themselves to stay home. And let me tell you, it's 90% the mentally ill who are using the pandemic as an excuse to stay home and gain weight,

No. 770527

I went to bed and waited till I'm sleepy. It happened finally and I stretched and yawned happily but then I felt like I need to pee so I got up and went to the bathroom and there was nothing no pee no nothing. It's cold to do that annd I don't feel sleepy anymore

No. 770534

Being by yourself is nice. I was a serial monogamist and ended a 6 year relationship last summer. While I was heartbroken and I still get sad sometimes, I have to say even I notice how much more stable I am. Even in things like not picking at my skin, fucking with my hair and having some type of psychological crisis every so often. I haven't been single since I was 15 and I'm 30 now. It's refreshing, I don't feel like I was ever truly myself in any of my relationships. I got engaged to my highschool sweetheart and I wish I did my growing up away from him.

Also if the sex with your bf sucks you'd probably have more fun solo lol. I miss sex but then I just get myself off and I'm good. I even turned down a couple of guys because I am literally enjoying my alone time without having to worry about anyone else. It's such a luxury. I'm hoping with knowing myself better I'm going to intuitively find my dream guy lol

No. 770536

I hope ur feeling more awake and less weird now anon

So I start two jobs tomorrow and I made this awesome fried fish dinner to celebrate and my boyfriend has gotten mad at me twice for trying to wake him up to eat…I just had drinks and ate the fries and put everything else away in the fridge/freezer. Am I a pussy or is this fucked up??

No. 770539

I guess it depends. I get irritated if people wake me up (especially if it's more than once), but if he like, yelled at you or something then that's too far. Congratulations on your job though, anon!

No. 770542

I hate hate hateee when someone halfway cancels plans on you. BF just let me know his friend is having a birthday party tomorrow night. He didn't say if he was going or not but we did have plans tomorrow, I really don't care if he goes or not but I have a really busy day and it would be helpful for me to know if my evening is free to do homework/watch a movie or if I am hanging out with him (which I'd also like to do ofc). I'd really rather he say "hey so my friend is having a birthday party tomorrow night, could I see you sunday instead?" instead of telling me about the party and just trying to gauge my reaction. I don't want to be crazy about it cause I really would be fine either way but he has such a hard time prioritizing, he'll tell me "idk if im going i want to see you though" like i can change his mind or something. He literally does nothing with his time so ik having concrete plans isn't important to him but I'm out on a reporting assignment all day and it would be nice to know if I have to cook dinner and can write my article that night, or if I'm getting dinner with him and need to write my article the next morning.

No. 770544

Whenever he does that, tell him to have a great time and then start gloating about how finallyyyyy you can just relax and do something fun (preferably something that sounds like it could be done with someone else, like "Aw okay have fun! That works out great though, I can finally go try that new sushi place with my coworker" ) and I guarantee he will start asking you to spend time together. Keep saying no, you're just "So busyyy sorry hun! Miss you, hope I can find time for you soon"

No. 770555

True I love this anon, I was friends with his roomates before I was dating him so sometimes when he cancels on me I hang out with his roomates at his place instead lol. Its hard cause I actually am extremely busy so if I don't make plans in advance he'll only send "come over today" texts when I'm about to go to work or I'm in class so if I don't reschedule with him immediately I probably won't get to see him for a week or two.

No. 770562

Anon he clearly doesn't respect your time and doesn't plan in advance. Go about your life and ignore him for a while. Alternatively, dump that bitch and find someone who fucking likes you and spending time with you.

No. 770564

Aw, wasn't hoping to see anyone replying, thanks for the reassurence! But I honestly don't think it's right, I live with my parents, my mum can be delicate sometimes and if I ever infected them by going to parties I wouldn't be able to forgive myself. I still hang out with friends but listening to club music is depressing ngl

No. 770565

Oh I'm nostalgic for old youtube again. I hate that so much of the cute stuff I liked got privated or deleted. It's only getting more soulless.

No. 770567

>i met my ex on my favourite game (an mmorpg)
>i'm worried us breaking up and me not liking him or the thought of him is gonna ruin the game for me
how do i stop this from happening? i always associate things to other things like this