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No. 735418

reveal your sins… or virtues

previous thread >>>/ot/720261

No. 735421

i still mistake the words hubris and debris for each other

No. 735423

File: 1612958270893.jpeg (60.19 KB, 540x506, 28188C12-1D74-4F2F-814E-A590BB…)


>tfw i don't know what either of those mean cause english isn't my first language so i don't either. but if anon isn't learning them i'm doubling down and never learning them either

No. 735424

>dāˈbrē, noun, scattered pieces of waste or remains.
>Hyoo-bris, noun excessive pride or self-confidence.

No. 735437

I have a really bad dermatillomania problem, and I've hidden it from everyone bu not taking selfies for over a year. Quarantine has helped hide, too. I'm at 24 hours clean right now and hoping to stop. I've never had bad skin before, and now I've made bad skin.

No. 735442

I'm proud of you bitch!

No. 735483

Good luck anon. I've been at it for ten years straight, so I'm proud of you for getting out now.

No. 735491

hubris (hybris/ὕβϱις) is an ancient greek word, you can use it in your language (with your language's pronunciation obv) to sound cultured

No. 735494

Me too. We got this, binch, no more picking! Manifesting moisturizer and cold compresses for you ♥

No. 735496

I literally cannot feel any attraction to irl men yet I masturbate nightly to doujins of my husbando.

No. 735509

An online friend who has feelings for me sometimes writes cringy and borderline obsessive vent posts about how much he's in love with me, and I like reading them because they give me an ego boost.

No. 735522

6 months single. Longest time since I've been a teenager thst I've been single. It feels good af. I have been maintaining boyfriends and partners at the expense of maintaining myself. I'm getting to know me. I'm actually starting to enjoy my own company. I don't wake up in the morning angry or annoyed just well rested.

No. 735555


oh man i need me a simp like that.

where do they post their vents? you dont have to share any im just curious as to how youre seeing it

No. 735562

i had a simp like that, i had to cut him off because he was so broken and emotionally retarded from being in love with me. it’s only fun for a week or two.

No. 735576

File: 1612970889282.jpeg (47.58 KB, 460x334, 70A3A4D3-BB22-4B8A-90EF-2AA2C6…)

i had a simp who was in love with me for about 9 years (we met in early middle school). he asked me to be his girlfriend three times. once in middle school and two times in high school. whatever. i considered him my best scrote friend. i never saw him as anything else.

december 2020 i'm drunk with some friends. he's completely sober the entire time. he arrived at the party and immediately sat with me and a friend. says "i'm not gonna drink, i have to look out for you two" (he's friends with the girl i'm with as well). keep drinking. have fade memories. he took me to an alley and made me give him a bj. tried having sex with me too, was telling me he about it, but the female friend i was with earlier noticed what was happening and said she was taking me home. god bless her soul.

i was in denial for a few days about what had happened. i thought he was my best scrote friend. even my best friend, i've known her for three years. this guy i've trusted for so long… i text him, ask him what happened.

>"i had feelings for you. i never had a chance to "make my way in" because you dated X then Y. so i saw the opportunity to flirt with you and took it"


block him everywhere. hope to never see him ever. we had mutual scrotes friends from middle school, i hanged with scrotes a lot. they unfriended me even though we had been friends for so long. whatever, scrotes will support scrotes.

fuck that guy

No. 735578

My hair is so fucking greasy and dirty rn but it's curly so no one can tell, it just looks hydrated.

No. 735582

I hope so, girl. Shayna probably says the same thing lol

No. 735583

Holy fuck this made me flinch. I hope you're okay these days and it doesn't make you lose sleep or anything. I'm enraged on your behalf, that's horrific.

No. 735584


im sorry anon, >>735582 fucking destroyed you

No. 735586

fuck that scrote and the scrote friends, they will always side with each other. i'm really sorry you had to see the real him in such a disgusting way, he ruined his memory in your heart. fuck him. at least your girl friend was there, bless her soul. take care anon.

No. 735594

I woke up this morning fucking full of rage for no reason and I'm ready to confront my boyfriend about some shit but I know I'm probably just overly angry because I'm PMSing but I don't give a fuck the time is the time

No. 735596

If we lived in a just society he would be castrated. Fuck that nasty pathetic stupid piece of shit. Glad you got out of their immediately, these types of boys are the fucking worst insidious bastards for thinking they have some kind of access to you just because you pity them enough to be their friend

No. 735599

Sometimes when I'm hungry I take sliced salami out of the fridge and put mustard on it, roll it up and eat it

No. 735603

Lmao reminds me of my aunt preparing me a “snack” which was single packaged cheese slices w paprika powder

No. 735610


thank you anons. this is something im still coming to terms with.

i was sexually abused when i was five years old. whats crazy… i was too afraid to tell anyone. the first time i ever spoke about it i was 15. i told THIS scrote that i had been raped. my "best friend"/simp at the time. he told me "i wish i could kill him". i cry on his shoulder… and… he does this to me last year. never trust scrotes. no matter how "woke" they seem to act for you. never fucking trust a scrote like that. not even after 9 years. not even after he said he wanted to kill your rapist.

also a fun fact, the girl that took me home actually had a crush on him for years too thats kinda amusing. i knew this, so the day after i text her, tell her im really confused. she doesnt answer for a long time. i start having the vague memories of the bj and think she hates me because of it (he was not discrete about it). she talked about liking scrote a lot, so i thought she was pissed. i feel like shit. start blaming myself. having breakdown. she does text me later, apologizes profusely and tells me she didnt know what to do or what to say and was shocked. said she didnt know if she was supposed to call the cops or something. shes just really really sorry and didnt know how to handle things. i tell her i love her. lol, i really thought she actually picked that scrote over me, how stupid. shes an angel.

No. 735652

yep, it's definitely funny because none of those words are from english ! don't worry anons, nobody's judging you over being confused with those fancy ass words.

No. 735653

From age 12 up until age 15, I wanted to not have nipples so bad to the point that I daydreamed about getting breast cancer and having to have both my nipples removed, I had severe body issues and it didn't help that I saw anime girls with no nipples as a way of censoring.

No. 735656



No. 735666

are you the blonde lady from american mary?

No. 735676

to be fair i kinda understand this, fuck nipples they're ugly

No. 735686

I still wish I could have perfectly smooth tiddies sometimes, it’s okay anon

No. 735687

I'm so sorry that happened to you.
Did you talk to the other scrotes though? Outright use the word rapist to describe him? If they hear that and they still choose to defend him then let people or their partners know at least that these dudes are supporting a rapist. I wish men were appropriately dealt with for standing by literal rapists–if they defend a rapist then they shouldn't be interacting with women at all.

No. 735703

I broke my hymen on a carrot as a horny teenager. That will forever be my hymen story.

No. 735705

I broke mine on a hairbrush handle, the pain was so intense that I'm just glad I broke it by myself. It would've been a miserable first time if I'd waited to break it with PIV

No. 735707

it was a curling iron for me

No. 735708

for some reason my hymen didnt break or bleed the first few years of me probing in there with my fingers but i bled on a cucumber like a basic b

No. 735721

I tried to break it with a test tube from my chemistry kit kek, I stood in the bathtub because I thought it'd release so much blood.

I think I broke my hymen with my second sexual partner (fucked the first hundreds of times and he was average), who had a 9 inch dick and we went pretty fast. I'm not too sure how it works but maybe the first dick stretched it back due to gentle sex?

No. 735723

Is it really that common to have to "break" your hymen? If nobody told me a hymen was a thing then I would have never known because nothing like that happened to me. It was smooth sailing from the start.

No. 735728

I don't know. Depends on what kind of hymen you have, how aroused you are, etc.

No. 735733

On his public tumblr, lol. He's depressed and has some serious issues with self loathing so some of the shit he writes is pretty concerning/scary. But then some of it is like "no one will ever come even close to being like her, she's perfect in every way, my heart hurts when I think of her", lol. He knows I read them.

Oh yeah I don't help him with his problems anymore, he's pretty fucked up. I just told him that I can't handle it and helped him find a therapist, so we don't talk about any heavy topics anymore. It works for me.

No. 735735

Good ol hymen stories make me feel nostalgic

No. 735738

I had so much pain with mine that I gave up on my first few attempts to break it. Then I had to brave the sharpest pain when I finally did it and I still bled for about the first dozen times I had anything in me after that too. I think it varies that much though. Both are normal but just two different ends of the hymen spectrum lol

No. 735739

Thought I broke it with an empty square bottle that was like 2inx8in but my obgyn said it's there. I had pain and a little blood so I guess it healed itself? Purposefully wanted it gone because I didn't want a guy to have it but I'm not interested in men so guess I screwed myself. Glad I never gave scrote sex.

No. 735740

it's okay because i actually have curly hair unlike shayna's greasy ass (i'm also not white which helps too kek)

No. 735756

I was so obsessed with my grade school crush that I had sexual fantasies with him all until I was 14.it all happened when I found a facebook post where he called a girl a hottie and he was replying to another classmate of mine under that post about buying marijuana.it broke my heart that very night I saw it and it repelled me to the point that I was no longer attracted to him.I remembered being so confused and sad.dumb but true.

No. 735761

i'm grateful to my mom for allowing to have my earlobes pierced as a newborn. if it wasn't for that i sure as hell wouldn't have pierced them later, i'm too much of a coward

No. 735764

Mine was a rubber toothbrush handle because some scrote I was talking to on the internet groomed me into cyber sex. From there it only escalated to hairbrush handles.

Honestly I recall the sudden 'pop' it made to be so fucking weird. Don't remember a lot of blood but enough to have me concerned, didn't have much sex education back when I was a preteen. I thought I injured myself. Or stuck it in wrong. I chose the handles of things because I thought those rubbery end grips with the bumps would feel good lmao.

No. 735765

Kinda reminds me of my grade school crush, he lost weight over the summer and I wasn't attracted to him anymore kek

No. 735769

i got so much into programming because of my high school computer science teacher, god, she was so beautiful. my classmates and i thought she was mean and strict at first but she mellowed out and turned out really nice. i felt so guilty about being attracted to her though

No. 735771

How do you deal with vaccines or injections in general?

No. 735772

No. 735780

Broke mine because I was an avid bike rider. Most girls break their hymen this way rather than through penetration

No. 735783

File: 1612985679944.jpg (144.62 KB, 768x1024, 1604857648761.jpg)

my confession is that I am attracted to my co worker.
I have had a boyfriend for about 2 years now. I met him online, been living with him for a year now.
August of last year Ive started a job about half a year ago where I met a very nice co worker that is only 2 years older than me.
Ive have been a shut in NEET since I was 14, so my boyfriend has been the only male ive hung out IRL for a long time period now. (I am 23, met at 21)
Through sheer coincidence of very specific and similar interests I have developed very wholesome and borderline affectionate feelings towards the guy at work, i really think he is very cool, interesting and since we both are nurses, i see how he treats people that even treat him badly and to see that makes me melt a little sometimes. if i was not with my bf i would definitely persue dating him. is it ok to be friends with males you definitely like if you are in a relationship? is it ok to feel so platonically attracted to someone? is this even platonic if nothing has happened between us two aside just having a drink and talking about our lives?

I have always had male friends when i was growing up, as i have always been a tomboy, and it feels so wrong to feel wrong about male friends. especially since im sure that he doesnt feel attracted to me.

No. 735786

I have mommy issues and wanna be mommy dommed despite being "straight"

No. 735807

Hairbrush handle for me…

No. 735808

I have a terrible memory of faces, I work in customer service and I only remember clients with animals. We have a guy who regularly comes here, I would be unable to say what he looks like at gunpoint, but I can describe his English bulldog in perfect details.

No. 735817

i just spent 400$ on ordering jewellery

No. 735822

A video of some guy recording his hands while playing a hard song on osu made me wet. There's no hope for me

No. 735838


My confession is that I've been really, really gay for first Lara Croft and then Bayonetta since I was a kid. And then that turned into a milky mommy fetish

No. 735871

quality over quantity i hope
it was such a missed opportunity for Bayonetta to be lesbian, i really thought she was until i heard she has a bland boyfriend or something

No. 735884

File: 1612994045919.png (365.55 KB, 1200x734, 1200px-BulletBillMK8.png)

My first sexual fantasy was being clamped to a mad scientist's table and having my brain removed.

I also used to imagine my boyfriend was the devil (I wasn't a particularly edgy kid, I just thought he was sexy) and he was nine feet tall, red, ridiculously ripped, with goat legs and horns and he had a truly enormous dick and wore an iron condom, in my mind's eye his willy looked like Bullet Bill.

Another time we had a Japanese lady come to do a teaching exchange with our school and I made her a goodbye present which was a really long roll of paper with all the kanji she taught us. I did lots of rituals as a child and I decided that I had to expose each character to my vulva (I don't remember why) so I rolled it out on the floor and wore a nightie with no knickers and put my feet either side of it and walked the length of the paper lifting up the hem of my nightie and then rolled it up to give to the exchange teacher. I thought I'd made a magic scroll but on reflection that was a really strange thing to do.

No. 735910

Bayonetta doesnt have a bf, maybe try actually playing the games someday.

No. 735917

Samefag but also my first tongue kiss was my cousin.

I used to put wasps or bees in a Tupperware with spiders to see who would win.

Once my mum took me to the doctor for nits and the doctor took a look at my scalp and said I didn't have nits, I was just really really dirty.

On a similar vein I was such a feral child that my hair eventually grew into two disgusting clumps either side of my head and one day my dad grabbed me by the clump and straight up just cut them off with kitchen scissors. I lived with two huge bald patches and tufts of hair on the top for months.

No. 735980

Kek honestly anon you sound similarly retarded like I was. Are you bipolar or schizophrenic?

No. 735984

I'm definitely something. I got diagnosed atypical BPD, PTSD, and depression, but schizophrenia runs in my family, my dad had it and my brother has the odd psychotic episode so idk if they just automatically diagnosed me with BPD by because I'm a woman who tried to an hero. How about you?

No. 735986

Bipolar type 1 lel

No. 735988

One of the biggest reasons I don't want kids is because more than half of my friends with brothers have told me about how sexually inappropriate they were with them as teenagers. Like, grabbing their tits "as a joke" regardless of how many times they're told to knock it off, or spying on them in the shower under the guise of "I forgot something" or some other weak ass excuse. The prominence of brother/sister porn just solidifies to me that most guys would fuck their sister if they could. It's fucking disgusting and I don't want to risk having a son and worrying about him sexually harassing his sister.

No. 736033

You can literally have just one kid though
Also where the fuck do you live? Never happened to me, I have a brother and sisters

No. 736040

I know a concerning number of women who either have had an uncle imprisoned for abusing them or who were molested by an uncle but they 'didn't want to upset the family by bringing it up' So it's mostly uncles that worry me.

No. 736050

>>735610 I'm so happy that girl did the right thing. Stay strong anon, much love.

No. 736056

>never happened to me
Congrats to you.

No. 736064

I love mating press and sucking dick and balls very much and in fact I wish I was doing it right now

No. 736070


That's super fucked. Tbh its a story ive heard a lot. Despite not having had it happen to me, im not denying scrotes want to fuck their sister etc. I knew a dude in hs who had a boner for his little sister unironically.

There was also this 4chan thread that I watched the drams go down but this guy moved into his sisters room after she moved out and posted "what should i do". Proceeded to retard level show panties etc. And then inevitably a photo of her causing dox and her (now nuked) makeup YT and insta to be flooded with "your brother is a fucking pervert" content and ofc contacting his parents…. I shudder hardcore thinking of what happened after to her like living knowing that…

No. 736072


Most CSA is done by close friends and family members. So no scrote is safe.

No. 736075

I live in a nice suburb in the USA. I'm glad it hasn't happened to you, anon, but it's still really common.

Also, I don't want kids at all, this is just one of the most major reasons. And if I did, I wouldn't want my only kid to be a moid.

No. 736083

Oh my god, that poor woman, I can't even imagine how horrifying that must have been for the family. Like, it's bad enough to know your brother wants you, but to have him flex his degeneracy on 4chan and even show your pic… sweet baby Jesus. I hope he got disowned.

No. 736100

Foot anon back at it again, to the anons who said “maybe the footjob loosened him up cause it was a joke and he was nervous!” Wrong lmao, slept over at his house last night and somehow we were having sex even after he was like 6 shots deep, but every time we changed positions if he got a little soft I’d just give him a quick footjob and we were back in business. My confession is that I’ve always wanted a man to be super into my feet and now that the function of someone’s dick literally depends on it?? Kinda love it tbh. He says he won’t suck on my toes but now he’s acting so whipped since he unlocked the power of fucking we’ll see if I can reverse that position.

No. 736101

It is my dream to have a man that into my feet. God speed anon

No. 736108

Me but i get a piece of provolone and wrap it in prosciutto and salami and capricollo and eat it in one fucking bite

No. 736120

File: 1613009771874.jpg (187.25 KB, 1080x1350, 740f0d9c93634435fb96488f2abaaf…)

I find myself envious of these 18-21 yo weeby e-girls and I hate myself for it.

I'm only 28, but I feel fucking ancient and I see these girls being cute and weeby, wearing the same clothing styles I've loved since middle school, it unironically triggers me. It brings me a mixture of nostalgia and longing, almost feeling like I was born 10 years earlier than I should have been.

It's so irrational because it's not like I don't have anything going on and am "past my prime" or whatever. I'm still objectively young, I'm very happily married, and I have way more money than most people my age. The fact I'm feeling like an old washed up hag and envying the youth of these e-girls is just pitiful and I have no idea what the psychology behind it is. Especially since I fucking hate social media and don't even have any accounts. So, it's not about popularity I don't think. IDFK.

No. 736125

making really dark jokes does not mean you actually believe what you're pedaling, and comedy is dead because nobody can take a joke anymore

No. 736134

I get your feels. I personally dont feel jealous of them though. I am jealous of the fact that clothes and trends like that were not as easily accessible to me at the time. Plus people are more accepting of alt black people now and I wouldnt get harassed out of those spaces these days like i was in the 90s-early 2000s.

No. 736135

I fucked up and sat in front of the mirror for an hour straight picking at my acne and scabs from the past few days. I'm disgusted with myself. I don't know how to stop and I'm getting uglier every day I do it.

No. 736137

just dress like that, who cares, do it for yourself

No. 736142

it kind of reads to me like you wanted to be alt at that age but couldn't for whatever reason? if that's the case it's never too late to dress however you'd like. being alt isn't exclusively reserved for 18 year olds on tiktok and it never has been, there are goths and punks in their 50s

No. 736156

Literally me. I wish he was real.

No. 736158

I don't think fingers are enough to break it unless you proper shove your hand.

No. 736164

I want to be friends with you anon

No. 736224

I have a bedbug issue right now (I'm not even sure where the fuck they came from?) and I used to kill them in the beginning, but I feel so bad about it so now I just throw them in the toilet.

No. 736258

Anon, please wash your bedsheets and vaccum the floor

No. 736260

I knooow anon. I wash all my bed stuff regularly and I've been using a bedbug spray my grandma recommended (apparently it's what they use at the place she works when patients have bedbugs). I'm pretty sure they came from a roommate.

No. 736263

Anon, you're gonna have to throw out your furniture and get an exterminator to clear your place. I've had bed bugs before and they do not go away unless you do that, no amount of cleaning or regular spray will work sadly. I had to live with them for three years because my mother didn't want to hire an exterminator out of embarrassment or throw shit out, so we tried all the other kind of remedies.

No. 736311

I want to date a footfag so I can gross them out with how weird and nasty my feet are.

No. 736314

do it anon. the more footfags that are converted to being disgusted by feet, the better.

No. 736316

I have an immense crush on a historical figure and it’s tearing me apart. I’m just sad that I’ll never know what his voice sounds like and how he look when they smile. Or how luminous his eyes would be and so on.
I also feel like such a weirdo for it, as in I should just be well adjusted and be able to leave it but I always come around to thinking about him again.
I don’t know why I have such a weird fixation, but I think it’s because I feel like he was kind of misunderstood and I feel like he shouldn’t have died the way he did. I mean there’s also more but I don’t wanna sperg about it. I’m just strangely in love with him. I don’t want to date anybody because nobody will ever be him.

No. 736317

2020 was the first time I ever had sex and felt completely horrible and disgusting and empty and sick after and now it won’t go away. I think I have PTSD???

No. 736330

Are you okay? I felt the same when I first had sex too, it gave me a bit of trouble afterwards

No. 736332

I have hard skin on my feet and I do wonder if the average footfag is horrified by shit like that or if they just have no standards because.. Footfag

No. 736336

Did you actually want it? As in, you really thought to yourself you want to have sex with this person right now, or was it more of a "Aahh, might as well…" thing? I think getting behind this could maybe help you

No. 736350

They don't care unless it's some shit like athlete foot, wounds or yellow as fuck

(my ex was a footfag)

No. 736353

I had sex for the first time mainly to 'get it out of the way' and it's a shit memory even this many years after. Dunno if you're talking about something similar to those regrets or worse. There's the virginity thread in g if you want to read about other awful first times. It's depressingly relatable.

No. 736391

When nobody else is home I try on clothes from my closet and look at myself in the mirror and think how pretty I am

No. 736432

Same. Onto the future where we can do this even when other people are there!

No. 736479

Sisters in suffering. I have actually cried real tears a few times because my husbando isn't real and, even if he was, he wouldn't want to fuck me because he's high-key gay coded. Ouch.

Haha I'll 100% be your friend anon ♥

No. 736503

I feel like this too anon, especially if I let myself scroll tiktok. I'll be 26 this year and I feel like I'm already developing the aging characteristics (eyebags, saggy skin, texture) that would make it impossible for me to try the same beauty trends as a 19 year old egirl who only looks that way because of youth.

I guess for me it's sad because I used to look at those fashions and think "when I lose weight that will look great on me!" but now that I've lost the weight..? It's not like I can think, "when I look younger I'll try that out!" I guess I feel a panic about being locked onto this unavoidable path of aging.

No. 736505


LMFAOOO anons pls

No. 736515

I'm sometimes jealous of this exact thing, in the mid to late 2000s when I was in my late teens alternative clothing was extremely expensive and inaccessible. I dreamed of owning all the weeby pastelcore crap tiktok girls wear now but it only existed in my wildest dreams. I feel bitter that I wasn't able to wear it when I was "the appropriate age" i.e. 16-20 myself.

But then I remember that I can wear it just fine now at 30 and if I was posting OOTDs online in my teens I would've been bombarded with perverted coomer scrotes trying to groom me and been occupied with retarded teenage drama with my catty peers. My skin might be 10% saggier than it was in my mid teens but that's a small price to pay for living in a balanced headspace being able to chill out.

No. 736538

it'll probably help you to remember that even younger egirls use filters and shoop the fuck out of their pics to acheive that look. by no means do most 18-21 year old egirls look old without editing, but there's a big emphasis on making yourself look even younger and uwu so smol in egirl fashion and so most of them filter out all of their skin imperfections and facetune themselves to have the same babyface alien look. once you realize that egirls are basically the "alt" answer to instagram baddies (aka fake as shit) you start to feel better about seeing them.

No. 736541

I'm an ESL-chan that never learned how to use "that" correctly as a conjunction, so to not out myself as someone from my country (because we tend to overuse that a lot) I just leave it out whenever I can, even if it wouldn't sound weird (or even better) keeping it in that particular case

No. 736542

I used to find Armie Hammer attractive and I still do despite all this shit he's been doing. Help me. Help me ladies.

No. 736574

I'm jealous because I used to dress just like this (but shittier, since the clothes were expensive and manic panic wasn't a thing in my shithole) in like 2013-2014 but I got bullied for it so much, and now tiktok girls are getting famous for it. I was pointed and laughed at every damn day.
I can still wear it I guess but people would then laugh at me for being a "grown ass cow" and I also don't even want to dress like that anymore, I'm just jealous because I was never allowed to be myself. I don't know if you'd call it jealousy, maybe bitterness is a better word.

No. 736575

File: 1613063108805.jpg (19.56 KB, 266x400, 7e84c6faaeb5f21c31e9e2ec4cc16d…)

anon, im same age and in the same boat as you. never forget that we walked so e-girls could run. we have earned our right to enjoy weeby and alt shit. Wear what you want and don't give a fuck. maybe just get some quality pieces so that you don't look cheap.
remember: do what you want, don't hurt the ones you love

No. 736579

Jesus can you guys stop with "the wall" thing. You can wear whatever you want. You're only 28 but you're acting like you're 92. If you want to be an egirl, be an egirl.

No. 736580

This is one of the best posts I've seen in a while, thanks anon

No. 736581

hell if a 92 year old wants to dress like an egirl more power to them too kek. the only people who want to gatekeep alternative fashion based on age are 13-18 year old tiktokers who don't think they're going to be in their 20s, 30s, 40s and beyond one day anyways

No. 736584

I fully believed I could psychically control the weather for about five years.

I once mistook a shower in a French public bathroom for one of their hole in the ground toilets and did a poo in it. I fled the scene as soon as I realised my mistake.

I told my friends in school I was a daemon and a couple believed me. I said I can make you into a daemon too, you just have to eat these yellow pods I found in my garden in your bathroom at 8PM and one of them got really angry at me because she actually did it and got really sick, and she was especially aggravated because she wasn't even a daemon at the end of it. I got suspended from school. If you're reading this I'm sorry you got sick, Lydia, but in my defence it's not my fault your body couldn't handle my daemon powers.

No. 736589

I have to take breaks from /ot/ sometimes because so many of you bitches are so insecure and unironically handmaid-minded even though you use the word “scrote” every other sentence. It makes me feel so embarrassed and drained to be around you. The fucking state of lolcow, I wish we still had people with the mental age progression past high school around.

No. 736593

I have a hormone imbalance I am currently not treating and in my PMS I get really annoyed, sensitive and full of pain. So today my dad was being extra loud just to annoy me and teasing me when I asked him to stop. He only does this when he knows I will react strongly. So I ate his flan and dumped the syrup inside his work bag when he was about to leave

No. 736594

Right! In the end they all want Chad's cock. Is so annoying how even though everyone is a radfem men wont get out of their heads. Enough. No more men talk

No. 736611

Ilu anon

No. 736616

I loooove when women have a Singaporean accent and a deeper voice

No. 736626

You ain’t slick retard, don’t reply to my fucking post, you’re unloved and unwanted

No. 736628

I will always regard retarded women here higher than you kys

No. 736629

wash your rank ass balls

No. 736630

I absolutely loathe that whenever we get a spike of newfags they really insist on thinking they’re going to come on here and change the entire board by complaining that women post about being women

No. 736631

I'm really insecure about being underweight and I can't complain or talk about it without people assuming I'm ana or humblebragging. I don't even have any kind of excuse or illness, I'm just gross and feel like a sexless shrimp

No. 736641

The poor little incels.co member got completely lost someone take this man back lol

No. 736656

File: 1613070992152.jpg (25.35 KB, 500x375, its true.jpg)

I'm not insecure about being underweight but I hate that I can't just complain about having a hard time find stylish clothes my size easily because of my body type and people thinking I'm a teenager because of my body to the point it's severely ruining the way people around me perceive, which means it's also ruining my career plans and any potential love life outside of countries where women are expected to be womanlets. I know how you feel about that and I can't help but find it hilarious when people accuse us of humblebragging even though I always empathized with girls having low confidence because of their body, regardless of body type, now I don't give a shit anymore about these girls.

No. 736713

i love forcing the people i follow on tumblr to stop reblogging fucking stupid discourse by accusing them of ‘sympathising with terf ideology’ on anon. i’m always completely bullshitting, but it gets people to delete the stupid ass 15 page discourse posts about XYZ zoomer piece of media being pwoblematic or whatever the fuck they’ve recently reblogged to look appropriately woque, kek. i do feel kind of bad about it but i just cannot fucking abide dipshit takes in between my vibey pictures of the moon and i already have 50 billion different sjw words banned to avoid seeing it in the first place

No. 736727

God, that's hilarious. Terfs really are the boogeyman in leftist social media circles huh?

No. 736735

Based. Make them all sick to the gills with the ones doing it unironically.

No. 736755

i love you anon, keep doing gods work

No. 736766

Lmao based

No. 736800

Nah anon, dress like that now. Fuck whoever tries to stop you.

No. 736808

NAYRT but I have a question about this actually–how do you make sure the guys that show interest in you aren't weird pedos or infantilizing you? I'm not super skinny but I'm fairly slim and 5'2 and even at my size I constantly feel infantilized and fetishized

No. 736809

File: 1613081899646.jpeg (59.45 KB, 929x579, 1584439150362.jpeg)

I think I talked about it in the previous confession thread but I wanted for some time to remake a twitter account and see how long I'd last by being myself there since I wouldn't have to follow irl friends and people I used to know from tumblr. Well, I did make an account and just liking tweets and following a bunch of artists I already follow on instagram after only making one tweet made the algorithm think I was a bot. I was nearly suspended for using the website as intended. Maybe it's just because nobody follows me yet?

No. 736810

Just date people your own age who see you as an independent human with your own autonomy. In my experience weird scrotes like that will treat you like a kid from the get-go. Putting other women down is a huge red flag too.

No. 736818

File: 1613082553121.png (2.52 MB, 2100x1500, Untitled-2.png)

This makes me sound like a stupid weeb but whenever I want to look up an art or craft tutorial I always translate it to Korean or Japanese and then look up the kr/jp terms. Somehow it always seems to look much better

No. 736821

I was lurking my ex from like six years ago at 3am with my 74 year old grandmother of all people and accidentally sent him a friend request. We were trying to find any dirt since he DFE'd when I dumped him, I want to know if he came back to this country since he freaks me out and now he knows I did that. Six years later. My fear levels are like skyhigh right now even though my boyfriend and grandma find it pretty funny. I'm terrified though because he might be in the same city as me again and I have no idea now. Our mutual friend suddenly started viewing my instagram stories and can correlate to him that I was with my grandma at 3am, so I feel terrified even though my account is only artwork and very impersonal. I just feel anxious as shit and it's because I'm an idiot. In my defense though it was my grandma's idea, but it my my fucking senior citizen-esque fucking thumbs. REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

I am an IDIOT

No. 736823

The very few times I've had guys hit on me, every time it was just high schoolers trying some shit with me or guys my age talking to me normally and being very disappointed that I wasn't way younger than them. In the second case they awkwardly say "aah ok I thought you were younger than you are! Sorry, b-but I guess you won't have too many wrinkles when you get older, right? haha" and such dumb jokes to make sure I'm not too offended and they stop talking or just straight up leave.

Normal, decent guys avoid me because they think I'm too young for them. The very few ones I got along with seemed to treat me like I was immature or stupid until they learn my age, then they also think I was horribly offended by their behavior and it gets too awkward for us to stay friends. I'm accepting the fact that I'll die a virgin at this point, the only time I was treated like a normal woman was abroad when I lived in Asia for several months because I was a womanlet among womanlets, and as soon as I saw that men who weren't hideous creeps were kinda into me I got cockblocked by corona. In my case this is all because of a rare disorder or illness or whatever, so I can't say my case is that common. I do have friends and family who look way younger than they are but they tend to date guys they knew for a long time or their friends' friends so that's a bit easier for them.

No. 736832

I do this too! But only in jp since it's the only one I can understand.
For Japan personally, I believe that what happens is that they have a big history and culture surrounding crafting and they respect it a lot, so it makes sense that they have a lot of resources to do it and usually, when people do it, they do it very well. They have big sessions in bookstores dedicated to craft books. I miss it

No. 736842

Twitter always does that to new accounts in the last few years. I'm not sure why but I believe it's a way to force users to tie their phone number to their account.

No. 736859

I gave my phone number to unlock my account and right after that I removed my phone number in my settings. Fuck them.

No. 736862

Diff anon, just being babyfaced I relate to this. The amount of times my thirty-something year old ass has had the joyful experience of older men approaching me and as we talk it sinks in to them that I don't speak like I'm about 19. Where I am men are pretty awkward about outright asking age but they get clues when they ask about jobs and then their faces kind of drop because they wanted to think some young and more importantly 'very inexperienced girl' was falling for their shit and about to hand out her number. They act all animated and cheery like they're talking to a kid and then the act slips as they realise. I hate it but at times I also love how predictable it is.

It's shows you so many crap examples of men that it's hard to view them as not being predatory and gross overall. That's the worst part. Trying to have some faith after years of those approaches.

No. 736866

Still have a mutual friend with an ex I can get info from and low and behold my ex has involved himself further with paramilitaries and is now also abusing opiates as well as cocaine. I am so happy I dumped him. He's gotten worse off in his addictions and is going to end up dead and I was worried he was to do better than me. He might not even be alive in a few months.

No. 736885

Yeah I can't trust men after that happened too many times. As I said, best case scenario is when you get along with a male classmate or coworker around your age, you're just friendly and once they learn that you're their age or older they completely change their attitude and you realize they were treating you like some immature child more than with others.

That case also happened with female coworkers actually. I had one who was just one year older than me and who was sperging about her getting married, getting a very nice job and having a house so young all the time. She actually looked older than she was and everyone who didn't know her thought she was in her late 30s instead of 26 years old, which she took as a compliment for her maturity when they were guessing based on her looks. She was treating me like an idiot at times for some reasons, mostly because of misunderstandings on her part, and at some point we were talking about how old we were when we got access to the internet at home for the first time because the topic came up in a meeting about marketing some products. She said she was 15 years old at the time, and I said it's funny how it's different for a lot of people our age and how in my case we had our first computer when I was 6, and she cut me off and told me to shut up because we're not even from the same generation. I said I was already 25 so it's very on-topic, then shut up for the rest of the day. This bitch couldn't even bother to remember my age despite me telling her several times and saying I was doing this internship to graduate with a master's degree so clearly I was just getting out of high school. After that she finally stopped behaving this way but she never apologized for being a rude bitch, and I stopped giving a fuck at this point and ignored her for the rest of my contract unless absolutely necessary. And given how awkward the entire meeting was after that, I think my coworkers finally realized I was going to stop pretending to be outgoing and friendly if that's how they're gonna be with me. I have other examples from my job in retail before that with customers thinking several times I was underage so they thought I was doing my mandatory middle school internship or they asked me if I could tell them how their teenage relatives could get a job here. I was 24 at the very least back then and that became an inside joke with my coworkers. Sorry, I feel like I'm venting more than anything right now

No. 736896

Your grandma sounds absolutely based hatestalking exes and digging up dirt. I want to become the salty ass lolcow browsing petty bitch in my 70s too.

No. 736902

A scrote thought I was lying when I put 28 on my Tinder profile and was hoping I would be much younger, bordering on illegal. He stopped being kind to me once I showed him my ID during the date.
I also look a lot younger now than I did at 19 because I was stressed out, poor and nobody taught me how to put on makeup or pluck my eyebrows right. And you know what? I used to be completely invisible to men, now I'm visible only to the sad pedo creeps, all the nice ones are already taken.

No. 736906

Plz anon, there's a dream man still out there for us anon and they won't already be a parent.

No. 736907

Based but don't you worry that it's never truly GONE even when you remove it?

No. 736909

File: 1613086075894.png (243.45 KB, 504x469, Screen Shot 2021-02-11 at 5.26…)

I'm the anon who asked about this and wow, your experiences sound terrible. I get mistaken for underage by other women mostly, the only thing that bothers me about my size/looking young with guys is that when we're dating they constantly joke about how "small" I am and send me images like picrel and say like, omg I'm gonna put you in there. It's kind of degrading but whatever, doesn't sound as bad as what you anons put up with.

No. 736915

Not her but I already gave up. I'm going to be a kissless virgin for the rest of my life whether I like it or not.

No. 736917

Damn it anon, I'll kiss you, its the least. But there's dudes out there I know it. There's got to be male equivalent of someone that took their time getting their shit together and managing to not sire children. I feel it in my bones.

No. 736922

Just seeing someone else talk about men dropping the friendly/excited kid voice when they realize you aren’t the teenage jailbait of their dreams is so relieving. I’m not particularly short but I am skinny and very baby faced and dress a little edgy and that moment where I realize a guy was using his kid voice while trying to get me to fuck him is just beyond agonizing. I have like no experience with guys and can already come off as a bit immature diagnosed sperg when I’m not going out of my way to act older, so it really feels sometimes that the only guy who would ever be interested in me are closet pedos.
sorry for the vent but also, found out I was the only girl above 18 that this serial predator assaulted and I still don’t know how to process that

No. 736931

I'm a 30 year old ana chan who weighs 120 but I used to be 94lbs. I will never be that small again and its depressing me because it is the only thing I think about everyday. God damn why cant I jjay stop eating! I wish someone would just kidnap me for a month, not let me eat and let me free once I've lost 10lbs

No. 736932

back to complain about my weight and body, i hate being so tall. i'm like 5'5" (or 5'6", maybe 5'4" if i'm being nice to myself) and 139 pounds i get so envious of people that are like sub 5'3 and 100 pounds? i want to be small and dainty but i'm doomed to be slender at best due to my height. FUCK

No. 736934

100lbs at 5'3 just looks average though. If you were that weight at 5'5 you'd actually look skinny.

No. 736935

your height is average

No. 736936

She's a fucking riot, she acts closer to my age than any of her daughters, or even my very proper cousins. You don't lose pep with age when you've got it!

No. 736937

Man it's hard to be slender at 5'3. Women that short and petite don't eat, I'm not joking.

No. 736939

Dude, 5'5" isn't tall at all. That's super average (depending on where in the world you live I guess, but I doubt there's any place where it would be considered tall). If you feel bad about your weight you can always get more in shape, but if you keep this image in your mind of a tiny smol 4'2" fairy you're never going to be satisfied. Maybe try to get a more realistic image of what other people look like? I doubt that there's many girls irl who actually do fit your definition of 'small and dainty' if it's that extreme.

No. 736976

File: 1613090830425.jpeg (431.21 KB, 671x852, D03CD0C2-9662-4BE8-805D-81B40D…)

Looks pretty thin to me

No. 736985

Anon wtf are you on, you're average height. Do you know what its like being 5'3??? Youre stuck forever looking slightly squashed. Just work with what you've got or forever be unsatisfied. Source: am 5'3

No. 736987

It makes me really happy know people in long term relationships breaking up because they can finally realize that they can do better

No. 737013

I look down on women who have sexual experience with tons of different people and it's 100% because I'm jealous. I've been in a long term relationship since I was a teenager and never got to experience anything like that. While I'm happy with my relationship, I wish I could have explored my sexuality more. I have to stop myself from making snide remarks whenever it comes up in conversation because I don't rationally see a problem with it at all, the only reason I tend to be critical of it is literally just because I'm salty as fuck.

No. 737043

Really depends on your proportions. I'm 5'7" and I think I have ugly proportions, I bet a 5'3" person with good proportions would look a lot taller

No. 737044

File: 1613096979945.jpeg (66.97 KB, 500x568, ED33AEF9-FF28-4A93-B7D1-1FB9D5…)

I love watching Cocomelon videos and I often watch them to go to sleep

No. 737051

the grass is greener anon, a lot of (not all ofc) women who have tons of experience with different guys regret it and wish they were in your situation. try not to compare yourself to others

No. 737063

This is a really dangerous line of thinking anon

No. 737087

Sick of my coworkers simping over a regular it's pathetic. They're in their 40s ffs and still scrambling to cater to him. Especially bizzare how the dude is super smiley and speaks and moves sensually(? You can tell it's on purpose). Like sir this is a goddamn sandwich shop calm down.

No. 737102

anon im sorry but that's fucking hilarious. moving sensually in a sandwich shop. someone needs to come get their moid

No. 737180

File: 1613109706143.jpg (73.33 KB, 506x512, bookoflove.jpg)

I feel kind of uncomfortable when I see bands with male instrumentalists and the only woman is the singer. I lowkey respect bands that have different gender combinations more. I know I should just focus on the quality of music, but I can't help it.

No. 737191

Early Eminem goes so fucking hard. Obviously he’s a shit person but nothing gets me more riled up than Without Me

No. 737204

I haven't listened to much of his music, but his verse on Roman's Revenge gets me hype. I feel a little ashamed whenever I listen to it. He and Nicki just went too hard.

No. 737209

No idea. What's done is done but I'll look into it online, that's a pretty good question.

No. 737240

Ugh, I hate how much I like his music and even him as an artist. I don't have many problematic favs, I've managed to avoid a genuine appreciation for shitty celebs for the most part, but The Eminem Show was one of my first ever cds as a kid and I can't let it go.

No. 737255

I hate that I have to change my typing style every few posts because there are weirdos around.

No. 737314

I can't stand him, he makes my skin crawl, but I really like Stan and I think it's a masterpiece of a song.

No. 737322

I hate that I love this boomers music. It’s not my fault he was idolized in my country’s budding rap scene. Never paid for his CDs so I don’t feel too bad.

No. 737339

Do you really think people pay enough attention to try and recognize anons across different posts? I doubt that's even possible unless you have a very unique typing style or use a characteristic way of punctuation or something.

No. 737439

every guy i'm interested always ends up having a crush on my mom

No. 737448

People think their do but every time someone claimed more than one post is mine, it was somebody else's so there it goes.

No. 737451

… What?

No. 737458


Feels Stacy, man.

No. 737536

I felt this way about Kero Kero Bonito, and look, I was right

No. 737584

5'3 is average height for American women, 5'4 is average for white women, and 5'5 is average for white (Northern European) women. You're not really that tall. Plus you're within normal weight. It's better to have normal weight than it is to be super skinny. Fashion models are only super skinny because it shows off the fabric better - not because super skinny is the ideal. Most people in the fashion industry are hetero women or gay men.

No. 737585

>Most people in the fashion industry are hetero women or gay men.

I should add: so they're picking models based on aesthetics and showing off their designs rather than based on attraction.

Calculate your BMI: https://www.nhlbi.nih.gov/health/educational/lose_wt/BMI/bmicalc.htm

You're on the upper side of normal weight which isn't bad at all. Do an intense 5 minutes of sprinting every other day and you could get yourself to the middle of normal weight (22 BMI).

No. 737728

Wait what??? What happened with them I haven't heard anything?

No. 737747

this scared me so much i searched up kkb allegations immediately after reading it

No. 737767

File: 1613165038415.jpg (36.48 KB, 368x500, unnamed.jpg)

I miss the plushiness anime girls had in the 80s.
I fucking hate them pointy ass niggas now.

No. 737771


No. 737777

God me too, and you used such a good example. I love the way those two were drawn

No. 737786

Same and semi-related, but I really like soft bodies without much, if any, muscle tone. I feel like everyone likes girls with abs (not necessarily a six pack, just something) and I hate that look so much.

No. 737795

Same. I don't get the hate for "skinny fat" bodies.

No. 737842

Ugh I have so many confessions I want off my chest but I hate them so I'll make do with this. I am pretty confident my brother and ex bf fucked (yes) they are two hardcore drug addicts and there are reasons for my reasoning I will not get into but trust me. I have semi made peace with this because I am never talking to my brother about it but I found out from another friend my ex has been taking opium now with this loser that assaulted me. I told my brother and the first thing he said, in an almost annoyed/hurt way "they probably fuck each other." I have already accused my ex of being bi if not a closed gay man and just ew. I'm never touching a man that glorifies sniffing drugs in strangers houses they're all too loose and gross.

No. 737851

Sucks to be Stacy

No. 737978

I won't go into details but I have specific reasons to believe that, yes.

No. 737995

File: 1613189117516.gif (807.19 KB, 480x299, Kei-and-Yuri-dirty-pair-409518…)

That's my type irl as well. Not the slim thicc shit, but like soft skinny fat. I feel like I melt into a girl's arms when they're on the softer side. yuri was my crush hehe..

No. 738014

there’s no way these girls were meant to be flab with nothing underneath. if there’s muscle below a layer of fat it’s not skinnyfat, even if they’re not visible.

No. 738057

I haven't used lotion or exfoliated my skin since October. Just body washes and I'm pretending I'm not ashy as fuck.
Send a care package please

No. 738062

Agree, they look to be the active-but-eats-well body type.
I'm not really sure what you'd call that, but it's just as cute.
Squishy but healthy women supremacy

No. 738170

This is going to sound nasty af but I feel unwomanly because I take huge, like gigaenormous dumps. I'm thin and have a healthy diet but my dumps are insanely large. I can't believe that something of that size was once in me. I'm so glad I live alone so I can get rid off evidence in peace. I couldn't take dumps while I was living with my bf so I had to go to malls and other public restrooms to do the thing. I can't do it where I work either.

No. 738291

I get kinda angry when people compliment my looks, especially if it's relatives but most especially if it's my mom, I have no idea why.

No. 738294

I'm really happy my bf never asks me for blowjobs and we only have sweet, passionate vanilla sex usually facing each other.

No. 738295

at least you know you're getting enough fiber

No. 738314

How is the first part related to the second? It's not like your bf/collegues can see the end product before it gets flushed.

No. 738315

File: 1613233742618.jpg (12.58 KB, 300x250, 1504618122703.jpg)

Where did you find such a specimen, anon? I'm so jealous.

No. 738324

I hate about 70-80% of the husbandos posted on this site. They're my absolute least favorite characters, like the types I wish I could a-log on.

No. 738329

File: 1613234333800.jpg (190.17 KB, 1920x1082, Tumblr_l_33740267007751.jpg)

so I rediscovered this actor I've seen in the past but never knew his name and I found out he's in his 60s now and I was devastated, but then I started dreaming about fucking him anyway and every day I think about him and how it's unfair I will never meet him. He turns me on so much and I feel like a degenerate gerontophile

No. 738348

>I had to go to malls and other public restrooms to do the thing
I did this one time. I was only a few weeks into staying some nights at my bfs place and when I woke up with my period I knew my shit that morning would be a gross period related one. I could feel it. So I told him I needed to run to the store to buy tampons but mainly I wanted to shit.

Never repeated that again because I heard him shitting that very same weekend so I joked with him about it and considered the ice broken.

No. 738360

Who is it? The only men I'm attracted to are old actors, I'd never act on it though so it's okay lmao

No. 738370

Yeah that's the silver lining.
I often clog the toilet and it's fine if I do it at my place but doing it with anyone near me or at someone else's places would make me want to die of embarrassment.
I once broke the toilet at a hotel that's how bad it is so if I travel or stay overnight somewhere else I fast for 2-3 days prior and/or eat just enough to give me minimum energy required to function.
It's just that I've only ever heard guys bragging about their logs or whatever names they give. I truly look in horror and think only a man could have done what I do on a daily basis, in the bathroom.
Honestly, I envy you so much. I wish I could talk openly about it with anyone. Not even a bf but friends and family.

No. 738375

I usually hate watching mukbangs, but I really love Quang Tran. His food just always looks really good and he has a (seemingly) charming personality. His smacking gets on my damn nerves though. Also, I appreciate that even though he makes a ton of food he only eats as much as he can and saves the rest for his family. I know this sounds like a shill, but I swear it's not. I just usually don't like mukbangers so I feel a little guilty for this lmao

No. 738389

anon i get you 100% down to the clogging part

No. 738401

Thanks for commiserating.
I love you, anon.

No. 738412

You’re not alone, my shitting habits are really similar. It also stinks, not like normal shit but like death. Living with people was a nightmare. The worst time was when I was recovering from surgery and constipated for once, it came out the girth of a coke can and I had to chop it up to flush. Yes it was painful.

I try to do it in stages and flush throughout which helps to prevent clogging.

No. 738415

are you that poop knife person from reddit? i literally cannot believe multiple people on this planet have chopped up their own poo

No. 738423

i remember once having sent death threats to a self-proclaimed "terf" who used pawself pronouns and agreed with white pride

No. 738424

I'm straight and I love sex, but because of trauma male genitalia kinda scare me. I freeze up or start shaking whenever I try to give a handjob or blowjob so I end up doing a shitty job and end up with some weird performance anxiety so I don't get better at it either, and I find it so embarrassing because I really want to service the person as well because I can't be the only one feeling good during foreplay. Hell, I even wish I could be the girl that would have no problem giving their man a surprise blow because I want to see the look on his face.

Maybe I wouldn't find them quite as disgusting if they didn't have a different shade of skin as the rest of the body. It just looks so weird.

No. 738427

i know exactly who you're talking about and i don't blame you

No. 738438

I have similar issues after letting myself be pushed into doing stuff way too young.

I've been single for a few years as I don't want to face the issue right now but I have a habit of daydreaming about sex where my interaction with the dick is zero. Good old fashioned no-foreplay sex lol, where I somehow get wet and put it in without any of the scary shit needing to happen. Where I don't even need to look at it because looking at it would ruin everything.

No. 738444

File: 1613239850571.jpeg (214.61 KB, 750x679, 7A431A28-8E09-4F2E-B315-1A68FF…)

was it apostle-of-sapphos?

No. 738445

kek but no, this one was earlier than aos and she was also a furry

No. 738447

Sorry anon I don't want to expose myself and I don't want other anons to call me out on my shit taste lol
I'm glad I'm not the only one though. I don't think I would fuck him (especially because he's married) but I would definitely kiss him and flirt a little bit

No. 738450

I'm a fujo but strictly for the romance stories between pretty boys. My confession is that flamboyant twinks gross me out and I also wouldn't date a guy who's fucked another guy. I got legit disgusted when my ex told me he thought about sucking his best friend's dick at one point. Looking back I should have been weirded out by that statement because he was still friends with the best friend he would fuck but all I could think about was how my ex would definitely be the bottom.

No. 738451

File: 1613240145628.png (437.79 KB, 564x561, 0.png)

I hate seeing pictures like these (clothing/fashion pictures that accentuate the collarbone and shoulder area) because it reminds me of the prominent bump between my shoulder and the end of my collarbone, on my left side, that I'm insecure about. I got it due to an injury to my AC joint in high school, and even though it only felt minor at the time (and I still have full mobility there) it didn't heal correctly, so the collarbone is slightly raised and will always be, creating a permanent round bump that's noticeable from basically all angles.

If I ever were to wear a shirt like that, or take a picture like this, the bump would be really noticeable. I know it's a silly insecurity to have, but I'm always afraid people would wonder if it was a cyst or something like that, because it looks like one to anyone who's never seen an AC joint injury before.

No. 738453

File: 1613240202682.jpeg (139.84 KB, 750x850, FE3215E5-6C01-4AFB-AD29-BC12E6…)

I’m not, but I’m curious what you would do in a similar situation? Could have ended worse, pic related.

No. 738456

I've really lucked out with the majority of my sex partners (except that one that really made my previous trauma 10x worse) because they've been really understanding and immediately see that I'm not really comfortable despite doing my best and never pressured me, and not gonna lie it feels pretty damn good to not having to do that scary stuff. I just feel kinda bad about it since it doesn't really feel like a two-way street (and I honestly think the foreplay is the best part of sex).

No. 738461

I find bisexual men really hot in theory, but in real life they're almost always trannies, chasers or some other kind of weirdo

No. 738470

where are you looking to be surrounded with so many of those types of men in the first place? i know men are freaks but i’ve never experienced anything like that in real life, and i feel like they’re so easy to avoid online. i know a good few bi men irl and they’re all pretty much normies except for one (he’s a complete manlet who low-key hates women except for a select few pop music girls, but i secretly think he’s gay and just hates himself too much to admit it)

No. 738475

You arent dating those men so you dont know their true degeneracy

No. 738478

except i am, kek. sounds like a cope to me, sorry you surround yourself with degenerate freaks anon
>inb4 more coping by pretending anon’s bf is a degen troon chaser to make yourself feel better about no normie bi bf

No. 738483

where do you find those normie bi dudes? i want a normie bi bf too

No. 738486

I have a good portion of my body tattooed but most people wouldn't know that because I left my arms alone and being in a rainy/cold country I don't wear shorts or low cut tops often.

A few months back I shaved my legs for once so I threw on some 3/4 length leggings to go to the shops. I rarely wear them because I choose the hairy life mostly so I wanted to get some wear out of em. On my walk home a man came up to me and told me he thought I was pathetic for dressing in a certain way to flaunt my tattoos….meaning the 3 inches of leg that was showing? I didn't even bother responding because like I said I'm heavily tatted. I have so much inked skin that has just never seen sunlight. I've never been one to show em off but if other people do.. so what?

Just remembered that randomly. Makes me wonder if I was unlucky with the timing that day or if I've actually avoided much abuse by dressing the way I usually do.

No. 738490

Every guy that I've known with a long list of fetishes has been bi/a chaser on top of that. I know being bi isn't a fetish but men almost treat it like it is.

"I would never date or get serious with a guy but yeah I'm bi so I've fucked some and I love gay porn/xdressers"

No. 738497

> Living with people was a nightmare.
I feel this so much. I always had a shy bladder but pooping was by far worse and it doesn't matter how well we knew each other. I would always have my pooping hours when everyone was supposed to be someplace else.
> I try to do it in stages and flush throughout which helps to prevent clogging.
I wish I had enough self control to do that. It all goes at once with me.

No. 738510

I'm neither of those anons but maybe a handful of times I've been constipated and then had to break up my poo with an object to get it to flush. I think both times it was from meds, SSRIs and then iron tablets

My exes 11 year old managed to really clog up our toilet one day and my ex casually asked for a wire clothes hanger and went in there to battle it… made me think it wasn't his first battle

No. 738514

One of my relatives has a Japanese name. We’re europeans. No we’re not weebs. I don’t get it either

No. 738518

I don't use a rag to wash my ass.

No. 738525

If it's not TMI, what is it? I once read that Akira is both a japanese and scottish name and are completely unrelated.

No. 738541

i use clorox wipes

No. 738552

I know a black dude with a Japanese name and he's like 40. Just what his parents chose.

No. 738578

I've had it. I've decided to quit porn after unwillingly clicking on the most disgusting video I've ever seen in my life. I'm pretty sure the girl was drugged and I just can't erase the image. I'm so disgusted at myself. I seriously am at my limit, I feel so pornsick.

No. 738580

His parents googled top 10 original baby names

No. 738581

The first time I ever posted on LC I filled the name as "Anon" and the email as anon@anon.com

No. 738582

1000 iq move

No. 738586

part of me wishes i didn't lurk for years before finally posting here bc the newfag mistakes are kinda cute ngl

No. 738608

When I was in kindergarten we had a "war" between boys and girls and I would take a plastic dinosaur into my hand and scratch boys as I ran past them and I made one cry. And one time I was drawing my very colorful plush care bear with its taking care to put each color exactly where it is on the real bear and a girl bumped into me by accident and I ruined my drawing and I cried so hard that the teacher lady said she thought I must have ripped off my arm. And one time that I don't remember because I was too small, my parents ordered cake and I licked aaallll off them so nobody else would eat them. And once my aunt spent a long time at the store picking out a littlest pet shop kitty for me and when she gave it to me I cried because I thought it was so ugly. And I asked for a blue skirt for christmas once and my mom made me a pink one and I cried because I wanted a blue one. I know these are really stupid annoying things children do but I still feel so really bad about them. Whenever I remember I send a message to my mom or aunt to apologize again because I feel really bad. Wtf I'm crying now

No. 738611

i'm completely fucking in love with this woman i used to work with. i haven't seen her in a year and i doubt we'll ever hang out again.

No. 738614

All this time using lc I used to type in “Anonymous” in the name field fuck me. I discovered like a month ago I just need to put sage in the mail field

No. 738621

I'm 28 and still reading imagines on tumblr

kill me

No. 738623

i think so too

No. 738641

I'm >>738581 , don't worry anon we were just a bit misguided but our heart was in the right place

No. 738653

I like my body and feel like I am hot even though I have many features that I know are considered unattractive.

No. 738658

That's how it should be and I am happy for you

No. 738659

Same here! I honestly can't believe I ever lived any other way

No. 738665

Yea u are

No. 738676

I eat salad with my hands.

No. 738680

You be eating dry ass salads or what? Don't you get dressing all over your hands?

No. 738691

>salads with dressing
What? Might as well eat a sandwich.

No. 738694

Oh…I don't eat sandwiches with sauce on them.

No. 738699

that's too many clothes for a salad

No. 738700

I'll probably be doing the same thing at 28 sis no shame

No. 738710

Sometimes I put dressing on it but most of the time I like eating each individual piece of plain chopped lettuce with my hands. It's better if it's crunchy and fresh too, I eat it like you would eat carrot sticks.

No. 738714

My bf bought me a huge cintiq for Christmas and I've been hiding it from my friends because I don't want them to think I'm some kind of gold digger who just sits around receiving expensive gifts or something. I know that's stupid but I can't shake the fear of judgement

No. 738715

What is a cintiq? I think you shouldnt be ashamed of having a beautiful gift.

No. 738716

File: 1613256347418.jpg (72.53 KB, 1024x576, c6BhKwzaiF3QhZnkoHqdFU-1200-80…)

It's a big drawing tablet. I'm grateful for it of course, but I'm really embarrassed that I could never afford to buy one for myself / feel like I'm not a good enough artist to deserve it.

No. 738719

You're doing okay, it's not hurting anyone

No. 738726

back in 2018 my mom got married to her gf of 9 months (the marriage was 2 months after both my grandparents/her parents who i was v close to passed away) and blocked me on facebook after i reacted to her marriage status on fb with a sad crying emoji. in retrospect it's kinda funny but also sad because she had been ignoring me for months and the crying emoji was the only way i could get her attention, smh.

No. 738727

Ohhhh ok. I thought you meant you were grabbing handfuls at a time, but you meant more like a crudité type situation. My bad, queen. Carry on!

No. 738736


No. 738789

The specific way that twitter leftists talk INFURIATES me. It's from knowing one irl. That uncanny feeling that someone's parroting something, I always sense it when they're slipping into cringespeak. Even when I haven't yet learned it's a meme. I wish people would not talk like that, ever

No. 738814

same anon. i'm only 26 and i want to kill myself already. it really does feel like women are just thrown in the fucking trash after 25 and we shouldnt even exist. i honestly don't know how to be happy because of this

No. 738829

File: 1613269801089.jpeg (97.16 KB, 640x1136, A12AF682-2D4D-4526-B110-5FD283…)

sometimes I imagine myself being a lolcow mod.

i feel like I would be a really good janny too, such a shame

No. 738836

File: 1613270405969.jpg (43.84 KB, 540x497, tumblr_4b23dbaa0b624f26d315556…)


No. 738837

I'm in the same boat as you anon I'm a anachan in my mid 20s and the pandemic has been getting to me. I just want to be 95 lbs and cute I don't want to get buff because muscles look disgusting imo.

No. 738860

hope he sees this sis

No. 738867

I like having small boobs, I can cup the whole titty in my hand

No. 738872

Same! I like big boobs on other women, but I think small breasts just look great on my body. Also, no back pain and I don't wear bras very often so I can pull a titty out at moments notice, which is very convenient.

No. 738913

File: 1613281487898.jpg (49.56 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

I know this might look like a scrote post, but sometimes I really do want to have a penis for a day, just to experience something a lil different. Like, I know what it's like to fuck a hairbrush and a cucumber. What I want to know is how it feels to fuck a mango. I bet vaginas feel great too? I just want to know

No. 738917

I am not really anachan but am almost the exact same weight with almost exact same goal weight. It drives me nuts and I know I’ll never be 93 lbs again because i was only that weight because I was 15.
I’m always tempted to try to be anachan but the heart attack thing genuine worries me and I actually want to give my body nutrients to live to 100 years old.
But if I could be 93 lbs and still be healthy I totally would.
Right now I’m just trying to get to 112 and keep it.

No. 738928

I can’t stop shoplifting from Goodwill (only goodwill not like small thrift stores) I feel kinda bad but I also give them a ton of stuff

Also I love ridiculous mushy self indulgent fanfic

No. 738929

I'm jealous, I always found this to be the perfect size

No. 738933

Unrelated but that cake looks really delicious.

No. 738935

Everything there is like 1 to 4 dollars, you have to be a low kinda low to steal from there.

No. 738951

You really don't want citrus juices and sugary pulp all over your genits, anon. I heard the inside of the vagina is made of cells like the lining of the cheeks so it has a similar texture, maybe that's why some guys who crazy for blowjobs.

No. 738954


nah its way less harmless. people dispose of their unwanted items to goodwill, who flip it for profit which they use for evil so get real anon. hardly qualifies as theft IMO especially if she also donates items there too. Technically theft sure, but ethically neutral.

No. 738957

Not the goodwills in Southern California shits expensive. I dont steal from like st Vincent’s
Actually I should steal from Goodwill and donate my stuff directly kek

No. 738972

I’ve been stealing things from my 94 year old Grandmothers house. She has hundreds of Christmas ornaments from the 20’s to 80’s that I have been slowly taking over the years. I have like 250 that I’ve taken. There's also other things that I’ve taken like hand knitted blankets and cookie tins from the 50’s. I’ve been taking them because my Aunt runs a shitty vintage shop on etsy and talks about how much money she’s going to make after she dies. My Grandmother lives in a retirement community and before lockdown I would visit her at least three times a week and my aunt lives closer to her than I do but only visits her once or twice a year. I’ve also been trying to convince my Grandmother to cut her out of the will.

No. 738975

Based granddaughter

No. 738983

Talk to your grandma and tell her you want some things and take them
and also make her sign a document telling you to grab stuff

No. 738984

Muscles are cute tho

No. 738993


ugh there always has to be a grubby aunt doesn't there? mine has literally pencilled her name on the underside some of our grandparents furniture… like that means anything.

No. 739029

File: 1613300512930.jpg (90.1 KB, 720x717, FB_IMG_1612911353216.jpg)

I've been daydreaming more frequently lately, but I've been also actively talking as to answer my daydream people lol
Part of it is to practice my english or japanese (I never do it in my native language), but even though I just do it in my room, at night, before falling asleep - I still feel kinda crazy and I'd be mortified if anyone heard me doing it lol

No. 739033

I want a threesome with my BF and his best friend. I brought it up with my BF one time and he was fine with it, it won't ever happen though since our friend is kind of sexually introverted. What a shame

No. 739048

I secretly feel really bad for super thin people who claim they really can't gain weight. Some of them totally sound annoying and humblebraggy and I agree that it doesn't compare to the bs fat people have to put up with, but wtf it sounds really shitty to be stuck in an anachan body against your will and not know how to change it. At least weight loss has a pretty straightforward formula

No. 739088

Yeah but, do you think men really care about all that? I'd risk a yeast infection to fuck a mango.

Also, yeah, vagina are warm, have tons of ridges, are a muscle, and self lubricate so they have to feel good.

No. 739117

Being aware of pathetic retards obsessed with hating on everything that makes my life wonderful makes living it even more enjoyable. Oh yes, go cry some more on incels.me while browsing dogfree. Meanwhile I will hug my furbaby to my ample bosom while deciding which simp should I allow the privilege of taking me to a free dinner. Your tears are my lube, baby.

No. 739125

i send pictures i find on /ot/ or /m/ to my co-workers in the whatsapp group

No. 739127

Anon I fucking love you. This is the mentality I encourage, fuck how anybody feels live life for yourself we already have too much shit thrown at us to care otherwise

No. 739135

you sound fat

No. 739137

I'm short but I will not date short guys. I don't care.

No. 739142

I'm 146cm and will not date a man below 180cm. Maybe 178cm, but he's got to be really hot.

No. 739145

lmfao these back to back replies, glorious

No. 739146

you're a literal midget, you should avoid having sex altogether so as to not pass along your dwarf genes.

No. 739148

Same, I'm a little taller at 5'0", but my limit is still 5'11"/180 cm. Even that is pushing it though. Short men simply do not deserve pussy and love except for Levi Ackerman

I also want to add that, while I do love tall women, I will date a women of any height lmao. A man being short automatically brings his attractiveness down. Women are still beautiful in all heights though.

No. 739150

short girls and tall guys look so weird to me

No. 739154


I would never date a guy shorter than me and preferably at least a little bit taller so I'm pretty set on the height-requirement myself too though.

No. 739155

y'all know short guys have the best dicks right? thats where all the extra length goes. they are also insecure so they fuck a lot better, but im fine keeping all the sexy hobbits to myself and emasculating them by wearing heels

No. 739157

I agree. I don't see how it's comfortable for either of them. I dated a guy who was 7 inches taller than me and I thought it was too much of a difference…I'm a giant to begin with so I'm never used to looking up at someone.

Cope for the dick size. I could see them fucking better though because they have to put in more effort to be attractive.

No. 739158

Ayrt, you're wrong. Everyone knows it's skinny guys with the best dicks. Also, not willing to deal with an insecure guy just for some good dick.

No. 739166

Agreed. Another thing, height factors into attractiveness to an extent but proportions are just as important. Imo someone who's 5'7 but has a slim athletic build with long looking limbs looks a lot better than someone who's 6' with a long torso, little hands and a beer belly

No. 739180

this is a cope for the most part but I did know a 5’2” dude with a legit 12” dong (I made him show me cause I didn’t believe him lol. we never fucked tho so idk how he was)

No. 739187

Probably horrible! Having a huge penis isn't a good thing, imo. You have to be extra careful that it doesn't ram into your cervix or else you'll be in so much pain. Sex is better when you can just have fun and lose yourself in it rather than hoping your partner doesn't thrust too hard.

No. 739191

File: 1613322598689.jpeg (135.81 KB, 1024x1024, 1536448602486.jpeg)

Hell yeah queen.

I grew up being bullied for so many things I couldn't change (like being an ugly Desi girl) and no matter what I did it was wrong.

Now that I'm older I gave up on the 'what will people say' mentality. I like what I like, I'm adorable as fuck, skinny, and I look super young.
I act cutesy and innocent irl so everyone adores me but online I bully trannies until they implode. I also dress like an egirl despite being 31. Farmers would seethe if I had my own thread, jealousy fuels me.

No. 739193

based if true

No. 739194

File: 1613322803713.jpg (108.22 KB, 1500x1125, 67408661_1942430225856548_3291…)

my queen…

No. 739206

when i was16-18 i wasn't aware of how easily transmittable STDs were and thought people only used condoms to prevent pregnancy. literally thought that's the only reason someone would want to use condoms. yes i'm a dumbass. yes i'm from a country where we don't even have sex ed classes and parents won't warn or talk about any sexual stuff with their kids because it's ~shameful~. honestly it's a miracle i'm not HIV positive by now

No. 739207

File: 1613324277632.jpeg (37.86 KB, 454x416, 0AB06B53-785A-4485-A2F9-110C2A…)

I enjoy stalking fringe political websites and account. I don’t agree with any of them but it’s always fun seeing their borderline cow-like behavior, such as this br*tish moron being criminally unfunny and embarrassing himself to entertain his saudience who love consuming skewed studies and right-wing armchairing its so enjoyable it’s like a mini lunatic reality show I know I really shouldn’t be doing this because the things they say towards targeted groups sometimes destroys my self-esteem but it’s a guilty pleasure it’s fun looking at the chaos from far away

No. 739221

Being a non-native speaker is suffering when it comes to slang.
For the longest time, I have assumed that acab means "assigned cunt at birth".

No. 739224

omg anon me too wtf

No. 739244

I’m 31 and have started growing a few white hairs and it owns. Legit mad they’re not coming in faster, I want that sexy salt and pepper! I feel bad for anons who care about “the wall” because it seems to really stress them out but I simply cannot relate.

No. 739251

>>738984 I saw this pic as kid and it's what turned me off of working out as an anachan kek. Her arms terrified me.

No. 739252

File: 1613329097771.jpg (79.26 KB, 615x746, sifr-image-1-912610309.jpg)

My dumbass dropped the pic related

No. 739255

Please fucking spoiler this oh my god. My skin is crawling

No. 739261

this made me laugh for some reason. lol i've seen a lot of newfriends making the naming-yourself-anon mistake though so you're definetly not alone

good for you anon! you're hot as fuck. i have a decent relationship with my own body too nowadays even though i used to have Issues and my best friend's scrote used to insult me about my body

my own confession is that im trying to better my swedish by reading the scandinavian thread on /ot/

No. 739262

goodwill is a shitty company so keep doing you anon.

You sound super sexy as hell anon, I wish you luck on your graying hair journey.

No. 739269

sometimes I think I'm faking being bisexual but the other day I jerked off to 40 year old linda cardellini so maybe I'm just an idiot

No. 739270

As a bi-curious woman, the "am I faking?" feelings fucking suck and are rampant.

No. 739283

my own newfaggotry confession: i used to think samefagging was when someone agreed with you. the things being esl do to you

also the way my parents talk shit about my sisters boyfriend (i dont know if theyre actually dating but they sure act like it) kinda pleases me since he is a homophobic trumpiefag that also regularly chooses to not wear a mask, but at the same time it makes me paranoid and not want to introduce any man or woman to them

No. 739302

Im enough of a whore to say this is not true at all. Where do you live where pseudo midgets slang 12 inch dongs I'll be there in a heartbeat

No. 739316

ot but why is goodwill shitty?

No. 739342

I did already start thinking maybe my bisexuality was just a phase but now Im crushing on a woman so hard. Apparently not.

No. 739391

I think I'll never be ready to have sex, I have so many weird hangups about it and I have no idea where they come from, I didn't grow up in a religious environment not did suffer sexual abuse.

No. 739401

Lmfaoo this

No. 739449

I'm glad zoomers are wearing late 90s-esque fashion; my crushes are all from that era, heehee~ what sucks is that they make the clothes they wear a personality trait.

No. 739459

A while ago I HAD a crush on Henry Cavill,what the hell was I thinking?I think I'm going to be sick.
Now he looks like a wax sculpture to me.

No. 739461

He looks like a wax coated cadaver and he banged teens, glad you got over it anon

No. 739480

I'm starting to believe in the sonic totem. First it was these tea wisdoms and now it’s this.

No. 739486

I saw an anon posting their art on /m/ and they dirty deleted

No. 739498

It was also ugly so i totally get it

No. 739521


The reason why I don't like them is that they hire disabled people just so they can exploit them giving them as minimal money as possible.

No. 739527

and you didn't cap it?

No. 739529

Well? You can't say all that and not tell us who it is, I need to know now

No. 739531

I accidentally refreshed and it was gone but it was like "my shit has gotten better" and there were two of the same character i guess? Like a darker skintoned weird girl with an aubergine shaped face goddamit

No. 739533

get back in the manlet pits, scrote

No. 739537

File: 1613357107288.jpeg (272.73 KB, 1456x1033, D63ABBB7-4C94-42F1-AA76-921DB6…)

I met a 14 year old when I was 16 and we hit it off and fell in love and we dated and I was wayyy more experienced than him at everything I was his first kiss and I took his v card AND I was his first kiss. That was 4 years ago and we broke up because he moved . He messaged me on social media while he was 17 going on 18 and I just turned 20. He told me how in love with me he was and how a huge part of his interests were shaped by me and how he has felt so hollow without me. We’ve been texting for a while and he was still in high school as a senior while he started texting and meanwhile I graduated 2 years ago. We started dating again and I ate his ass, therefore I have popped all of his cherries. He is the best dude I’ve ever dated. I love younger men

No. 739538

what a retarded ass take, go cut your tiny cock off anon(infighting)

No. 739543

Anons, this is a PSA: don't fuck with short men they're more likely to be violent and are quicker to get angry than taller men.
Every short guy I've known has some anger issue and/or short man complex (even if it's super deep in there, it's always there). This includes my timid ex who eventually revealed anger issues and was weird every once in a while about being 5'8. Even if you don't give a shit about height short men will still make a straw-woman argument and redirect their anger onto all women who apparently care only about height kek. Most women I know don't care about height unless a guy is below their own height. But anyway after finding this study and seeing that it is in fact statistically proven, I've avoided short men altogether.

No. 739551

I'm still obsessed with some people who hurt me years(I'm talking almost a decade) ago.
I look them up online, stalk their old social media and new social media.
And sometimes, if I notice they're doing bad or look uglier, I feel this sick glee even though I'm probably even more of a loser.
I'm still giddy when I found out one of them got fat.

No. 739585

i am glad you found someone you love anon.
>i hate his ass
i would be too afraid to put my tongue on a mans hairy asshole, what was it like anon

No. 739586

samefag but i meant ate not hate kek

No. 739590

Anon the article just states that men that feel emasculated are more violent, which can be any man at any hight. IMO a taller violent man is much more scarry since their hight automatically makes them more domineering.

No. 739594

He’s a pretty clean dude and not hairy (native guy) I made him shower and everything it was pretty easy to access the hole since he’s a scrawny ass and I imagine that’s what it’s like to eat pussy but if pussy had shit come out and needed to be washed vigorously on the inside. I liked seeing him writhe around and seem so vulnerable 10/10

No. 739598

I have been played by, and I am a fool.

No. 739611

I'm only halfway through my dark vanessa (a book about a highschool student who has an affair with a teacher) but I'm ashamed of myself for getting aroused at the sex scene even though it was technically rape

No. 739614

That shit happens to me too. Sometimes things arouse us and it's not our fault. Things are just like that and our body is weird. But as long as you're critical of it, you shouldn't beat yourself up.

No. 739645

Maybe you're aroused by the idea of yourself in that situation, but obviously you know it would be a horrible thing in real life. It's okay to fantasize if it's just for yourself and you have a clear sense of morals

No. 739646

Ok so I'm cheating on my boyfriend of 1+ year. I only started doing it out of insecurity at first because he did stuff that I won't go into detail about. Then he did it again but I had the other guy to distract me, so I wasn't fully hurt. I even tried breaking up with my boyfriend but he begged me to stay so I did. It's been easy with them both so far, but now I'm in love with both of them.

No. 739663

Anon I’m the same exact way, I feel like I’ll always be stuck living out my fantasies and imaginary bfs and gfs in my head. Sometimes I feel like yes, I choose to be celibate for some reasons, but sometimes I feel curious, but to be so vulnerable is so frightening.

No. 739706

AYRT and it's not like I'm a prude or anything, I masturbate and I joke about sex with coworkers, I think it's the whole sharing an intimate moment that scares me. I read that it's most enjoyable when you let it go et get lost in the moment and it sounds absolutely horrendous to me. I think being the weird kid with no friends in middle and high school truly did a number on me. I don't even want to see a therapist about it because it's not a life or death situation.

No. 739771

just go poly officially, if your bf would beg you to stay even after cheating, he will get on board with this too.

No. 740074

A word of caution anon, chances are extremely high that this will not end well for anyone involved. Come clean with your bf while it's still early in the game because the more time you spend juggling your two love interests the worse it's going to be when the truth finally comes out. Do it for yourself because it probably doesn't feel good to hide this stuff from your bf/side dude. Reflect on whether you want your decisions to be guided by insecure feelings as you mentioned or if you want to be the version of yourself that enters into relationships with confidence and self assurance. Think about the bigger picture. Not hating on your decisions just thought I'd offer another perspective. Good luck.

No. 740079

>while it's still early in the game
She's been doing this for over a year lmao

No. 740084

I think she's saying she's been with her bf for a year but didn't specify how long she's been cheating. More to the point, what I'm suggesting is that it's better to take control of the situation by laying the truth yourself rather than being blindsided when the bf finds the truth out from somewhere else.

No. 740098

File: 1613415275218.gif (754.98 KB, 275x220, 1460855717309.gif)

I was kinda popular with cute guys in Japan and they'd be nice and compliment me a lot. I should have hooked up with one of them at least once and now I regret it. I'd rather attract good looking gaijin hunters around my age than pedos in my countries who are disappointed when they find out I'm not underage but in my mid-20s just like them and stop hitting on me. Normal guys in my country completely ignore me and going to Japan and seeing how men there would react with me with way more respect and attention made me feel like I was finally treated like a normal woman. I don't even have yellow fever or whatever, I'm into all sorts of guys as long as they're cute but I'm a man repellent in the west and in my parents' countries because of the beauty standards.

No. 740112

No. 740123

File: 1613416359279.jpg (42.48 KB, 505x473, e266ddd5c07dd313b37b644d5510e8…)

i find cat balls so fuzzy and adorable

No. 740124

Black Swan is one of my favorite movies.

No. 740125

How do you look like? Body type wise and face wise. And what country are u from ?

No. 740129

>who are disappointed when they find out I'm not underage but in my mid-20s
But…wouldn't the guys in Japan be into you for the same reason though?

No. 740133

Where were you finding these more forward Japanese guys? I assume it was at foreigner-specific bars over izakaya, or did you have general acquaintances flirting with you too?

I know it sounds like such a weeb thing to go to Japan because you're more popular there with the opposite sex but I experienced some of the same even during a vacation and it was definitely very validating. I'm not even ugly in my home country but the guys here are just so much more aggressive and gross in comparison. I also do prefer Asian guys, so I figure if the feeling is mutual…

No. 740134

I feel so guilty, but I wish I had a different best friend. Like, I always want to be friends with my current best friend, but I wish I had a best friend who I had way more in common with. Like, someone with the same media taste and closer views on politics. She's super SJW and TRA.

No. 740152

I from a Western Europe country I won't specify but I'm not white, I'm a native north african so I look racially ambiguous to everyone outside of where I live. There were a lot of Turkish, Pakistani and Indian residents in Tokyo who thought I was one of them when we met, I found that funny. I'm relatively short, I'm 1m57 tall so depending on the average in some countries I'm not that short. And I'm skinny and have no breasts. They're too small to fit in an A cup bra regardless of band size. Leaving in Japan also allowed me to buy clothes my size that weren't just the most basic jeans and tshirts without any effort.

I don't know if that's still the case in north african countries but the trend there used to be thick women and it's kind of still the case in my community where I currently live so the only guys I attract from my community are weird insecure Muslim guys.

All of them treated me like an adult and expected me to be in my early to mid-20s when speaking to each other. I wasn't looking as out of place as in Europe, and the only guy mildly surprised that I was older than I looked was some guy from Ghana.

They just came to me when I was visiting places alone or just shopping and we'd spend some time talking then or going to restaurants. I don't drink so that made socializing a bit difficult sometimes. I'm guessing they didn't dare approach me as often when I was with my best friend from the same country because we seemed very busy from other people's point of view and we were talking to each other all the time in our first language. Then again that was before places shut down because of corona so there were less foreigners than usual.

No. 740238

How do you fall in love with 2 people no memeing genuine question

No. 740241

Did you put on the cutesy act those Japanese men love or did they actually like you for being normal?

No. 740255

I once read some shit akin to "if you fall in love with two people at the same time, you aren't in love with the first one anymore", couldn't imagine myself doing that ngl

No. 740272

File: 1613424273521.jpg (249.35 KB, 2067x2067, 20210215_145016.jpg)

Recently i fucked a lot of moids. I like sex and i liked that i only needed to show the few parts of myself that i actually like. but I somehow ended up dating one of the moids and now we're 3 1/2 months in… and im too scared to tell him that im an old autistic hag that dropped out of art school and am partially dependant on disability benefits for my autism. I had absolutely no intention on dating or leading anyone on. I hate this. I would rather die alone then deal with all this shame and fear of rejection.

No. 740310

I'm non-white and really put white scrotes on a pedestal wish I didn't but it is what it is.

No. 740317

What does he know and not know exactly? I don't it's something he'll reject you over

No. 740324

Same anon, it’s fucking embarrassing

No. 740327

What are you doing exactly?

No. 740331

I posted one (1) low-effort tiktok even though I feel too old and stupid for it, and now I'm kind of addicted to the idea of posting there. I can't believe how many views and likes you instantly get from posting literally anything even from an account with no posts or followers, is this why gen z is so full of themselves? Is this how I finally receive the attention I've lacked all my life?

No. 740364

I obsessively clip my nails even though they're already short. been doing this ever since I learned how to use scissors (since childhood basically). I never had normal length nails in my whole life.

No. 740365

I was acting normally. I was actually way more outgoing because I was in Tokyo, and not in my home city where I keep bumping into a shit ton of people I've know forever or family members who are huge gossip hens.

No. 740404

File: 1613435125193.jpeg (106.15 KB, 666x692, C54481BC-B95D-40E8-A3E3-4B85DE…)

Sometimes I look at those tv funny shows with interviews and games, and somehow feel quite sad, I want to make friends and have a good time like in those games, I also want to enjoy a rich life without being famous because having fame sucks more than a vacuum cleaner.

No. 740406

Creepy enough this is why I love and hate watching certain panel shows where the banter is wild. I also was going to post this photo without this filter just minutes ago, I am honestly kinda creeped out, anon.

No. 740421

I claim to love animals yet I don't want to go vegan because I'm selfish. No need to tell me, I'm a terrible person; I know I am.

No. 740425

Don’t worry, anon, I’m sure we don’t know each other.

No. 740426

B, i don't think we do, it's just weird.

No. 740427

I'm in my early 20s and I think I'm doomed to be friendless for the rest of my life. I have no friends from college. My only friend is from the internet and after getting lashed out at by crazies on the internet who I thought were friends, I guess the last friend I made was over a year ago. So even if I want to make more friends I have no idea how to make any.

No. 740431

Now I wanna try it. I have no friends

No. 740446

they would eat you if they could. violence and the food chain is what makes da world go round. you could look for products where they treat the animals more ethically than others at least

No. 740449

Having friends is overrated. Just go about your life and pursue the things that interest you and stop worrying about it.

No. 740481

In the past decade I have spent more time with my cat than anyone else. She's getting so old, anons…

No. 740490

My sister left for college and now I have conversations in my head about what she would say if I showed her something

I'm such a friendless fucking loser and she's probably thankful to have left her useless dependant older sis

No. 740495

No. 740508

I'm an alcoholic, I can't drink anymore. Sucks but in retrospect I have been like Gollum towards it from the beginning. It's weird because I have been through a lot of rock bottoms because of my drinking but after a mild hangover is when I got some clarity.

No. 740525

It makes me so stupidly happy when my mom comments on my instagram posts. Especially when it's my artwork, the coolest artist in the world could like my post and it wouldn't mean as much as my mom commenting "wow! (heart eyes emoji)"

No. 740526

This is so cute! Made me smile

No. 740529

Glad to hear it, although it still blows my mind that there are people out there that actually like interacting with their parents. Makes me a little less bitter about the world.

No. 740544

I've had part of a song stuck in my head for decades. I don't even like it, I don't like the entire genre. A friend in high school asked me to write down the lyrics of a popular song for her. We didn't have the Internet yet and I knew English best, so I'd listen to the song and write it down, pausing and rewinding. I did this with many songs, but only this one stuck. Just the words "I wish I was a little bit taller, I wish I was a baller". I don't actually! Not at all! I'm perfectly fine with my height and… uh, ballerness. From time to time it will pop up in my head like a mantra. I wish…

No. 740552

Same except I like the song and the genre. It's catchy af. In the US there's a solid chance if you say I WISH in front of a person of a certain age group they, too, will let you know that they wish they were a little bit taller, a baller, and had a girl who looked good so they could call her.

No. 740557

the fact that the powers been going on and off and seemingly won't stop doing so anytime soon means I haven't gotten to the desperate shave I've been needing to do all month, because the power the past few days fucking goes out when I need to shower. of course. god why do you hate me I just want my hairless body back

No. 740561

File: 1613458199139.jpg (109.54 KB, 849x682, 09fb2a6f38cc74fbfe5de8c813e23b…)

>my own confession is that im trying to better my swedish by reading the scandinavian thread on /ot/

I've been doing that too lol. My confession: jag började studera svenska när jag var 14 för att jag gillade pewdiepie….nu jag är 23 och svenska är språket jag vet bäst förutom engleska…literally a language I have no use for in day to day life. I could have studied Spanish all that time, something actually useful for a burger to know men nejjjj. Even more shameful than learning Japanese for your waifu imo.

No. 740569

That's equal parts embarrassing and impressive, kudos anon.

Se på det från den ljusa sidan, du är iallafall inte like pinig som tjejen i /w/ som larpade som norsk för att hon var besatt av Elsa från frozen.

No. 740587

File: 1613463049067.jpeg (24.57 KB, 243x258, FF948F09-A41F-4340-B150-3106E9…)

I used to really keep to myself, and while I wasn’t a goody two shoes, I always made sure to be behave. Whenever I acted out of line and was reprimanded I would take it very seriously, even though I feel I had an adventurous spirit. That waned as I got older, but I nonetheless never went out of line. My parents (+ older brother) kept saying how insufferable I would be as a teenager, so I decided I wouldn’t be one. I feel like I missed out on so much, especially since they kept me on a tight leash.

That’s healed, but I’ve noticed I’m so stagnant in life. I would just like to experience things. Even if I make a rash decision and it’s a bad one, at least I did something. I used to have double lives (more in my head than anything) and personas I kept to myself but by now I’ve just killed them all off and I haven’t even realized until recently. I just don’t know why I’ve done this charade. Nobody respected me any more for it. I still got treated like a runt. I’ve just been like this for so much of my life, that I don’t know if I’ll be different if I’m given the chance.

No. 740589

what's up with all these old loser hags who talk about how sad and lonely they are on lolcow? there was also an almost 30yo who was going to high school or some shit, you're all insane

No. 740602

File: 1613464371280.png (53 KB, 659x685, cowboys.PNG)

Anon I don't have anything helpful to say to you but good luck with everything. Also only insane people are allowed on this website.

No. 740610

I'm currently sabotaging the budding relationship I'm having, I don't initiate any conversation, I postpone dates, it takes me days (or even weeks) to answer his texts, I didn't even answer his call the other day (I pretended I was in the shower). I don't know why I'm doing that, the dude hasn't done anything wrong and is clearly into me, guess I don't really want to be in a relationship. I blame the lockdowns for putting me in depressive slump, but I feel so bad for him, he doesn't deserve that.

No. 740615

>almost 30yo who was going to high school
what's wrong with that? some people have to give up their education during their teenage years due to various reasons. are they not allowed to pursue the degree if they want to?

No. 740616

I had to take care of a sick parent for most of my late teens and twenties because I'm not a cold hearted bitch like you. Blow it out your ass.

No. 740618

File: 1613467707388.gif (1023.46 KB, 500x281, DD900017-6A87-472A-9D0B-7CAB2C…)

I just watched some really sensual porn where they had chemistry with each other. It was hardcore but they were cuddling by the end and now I'm hormonally crying, what a sad fuck.

No. 740619

I cut all of my friends off and I find that although I think about them a lot, I don't particularly miss them. Which makes me feel like a monster

No. 740625

Ok, bad bitch anon, tell us all of your accomplishments and give everyone advice other than bee urself and just change your way of living life. Unless you want to go full retard and tell everyone to kill themselves because you’re a baddie. Retard.

No. 740626

Damn anon, I’m just turning 20 soon and was just realizing I self flagellated myself and allowed myself to be a doormat for no reason during my teenage years. Not necessarily an uncommon experience.

Thank you, I love achewood too!!

No. 740692

This is a question to all anons: Was lolcow your first regular imageboard that you used? I was on 4chan for around 3 years before I started using lolcow.

No. 740694

LC is my first imageboard and I've been here for like 3 years. I've never been on 4chan or any other imageboard and I plan to keep it that way.

I guess my confession is, searching up any imageboards other than this one feels illegal to me. I saw lotusbbs mentioned in /meta/ and googled it, but immediately was like "what if this is some dark web shit and searching this up will get me swatted". I'm still feeling a little iffy about it right now.

No. 740697

last skinny guy i dated was the worst fuck ive ever had, they just dont have enough energy. his dick was meh too.
male midgets do have huge dicks, compared to their body size the dick looks massive, and plenty of big dick midgets exist naturally since the midget disease does not effect the penis.

plus their small body size makes it easy to do some weird positions. something for the bucket list maybe.

Anywho, i'm not saying you have the fuck the sexy shorties, my limit personally is 5'9 and id have to really like the guy

No. 740699

No, I used 4chan. But mainly /vg/ and /a/, none of the red boards. I'm still annoyed by men posting bikini babes/ecchi art on blue boards that falls within SWF. Like they can't discuss anything without posting porn.

No. 740700

Link pls

No. 740701

Yep! The closest I ever got before this was casually browsing subreddits. Posting on LC has definitely felt like an entirely different experience tbh. Especially since the userbase here is centered around women. I will say though, integrating wasn't that hard since I read the info and rules off jump and lurked for a few days before posting. I've been here since last June and have only been called new once because I didn't know Shayna used a setting on her phone to make her background blurry kek. I always knew about 4chan as this big bad boogeyman so I really thought it was some dark web type shit. In hindsight though, I feel like if that had been my first imageboard, I would probably be a worse off person now. No offense to any anons whose first imageboard was 4chan btw

No. 740702

>I've never been on 4chan
Only a few boards there have worthwhile discussion on them, I'm getting tired of it but it's the biggest imageboard so discussions there can be quick.
>or any other imageboard
Crystalcafe and sushichan are alright. Other imageboards quickly get filled with 4chan tier shitposting and trolling, which is a shame.
Part of the reason they do that is to bring attention to their threads, on fast boards like /v/, or even medium speed boards like /lit/, not only do they post softcore porn/ecchi but they make obnoxious template threads to attract the attention of others to their threads, as if the thread topic was too boring for that, it gets really tiring.
You're lucky, I've wasted around 3000 hours of my life on 4chan, less than 1% of that time was spent doing anything productive.

No. 740714

I came in at 7am off my face on coke last night needless to say my family are not happy

No. 740721

Same. Something about the speed and format of that site is so incredibly addicting to me - knowing it's bad also makes me want to use it more.

No. 740722

Huh, I could have written this with slight variations. I grew up with my mom who raised me to be dependent on her and I felt that if I didn't behave the way she wanted me, she would stop loving me. So I became an obedient, good student who was also a shut-in.
Since I felt like I couldn't be my real self in reality I also withdrew in my dreamworld where I could be me.
>I’m so stagnant in life
I also feel this way. I think getting rid of our dreamworld made us hyperaware of how much our reality is void of action. I posted this website in another thread, I'm not sure if you're familiar with it, it's worth a read: https://maladaptivedaydreamingguide.wordpress.com/

No. 740728

I heart react to everyones selfies on a discord group im in except for the trannys

No. 740733

I can't help but find it red flaggy if a white guy has even one Asian girl in his dating history–unless he's dated upwards of 5 girls and there's enough of a diverse mix in there. It's not a complete dealbreaker for me but it definitely sounds alarms

On the hypocritical flip side, my family somehow thinks I'm obsessed with dating "Asian guys" because my three exes were Taiwanese, South Asian/Indian, and Viet (so they looked totally different from one another??!!) and now they make a big show of trying to hint to my white bf that he's special for making me break my yellow fever or some shit. I wish they'd stop it's fucking embarrassing and fake news

No. 740735

Got such a big confidence boost shoveling snow today, I was way faster & efficient than my ugly ass scrote neighbors. Suck on that lil bitches. You could feel their seething melting the snow kek.

No. 740741

This is weird and makes it seem as if your family wanted you to end up with a white dude all along.

No. 740746

I will never get these stupid generation name like zoomer boomer coomer schloomer idk i looked it up 100 times by now but i can’t remember bc I give a shit

No. 740808

File: 1613494336441.jpg (112.13 KB, 1284x880, 20210209_064632.jpg)

As an AZN woman, I think the same thing as well kek. I remember my first bf telling me how he used to be bullied in highschool and the only person that was nice to him was an Asian girl.

Right now I'm seeing someone that isn't even a weeb but I was pretty alarmed when I realized he does appear to have slight yellow fever. It seems to signify that they are insecure and prefer someone meek (and that they think asian women are submissive, ugh).

No. 740810

kek, loving the energy anon! Keep it up.

No. 740813

I didn't know they even posted coomerbait on /lit/, that's kind of hilarious. But it's really annoying to want to check on a conversation I had on /vg/ while commuting, and I can't even pull it up on my phone because the catalog is full of softcore porn/cropped hentai. Or someone spams images of their waifu character, and the mods do nothing. Coomers won't even let you have conversations about autistic metas.

No. 740830

My period is due to come but my hormones are being bastards and the baby fever is strong and I’m low key hoping my period doesn’t come lol it’s not like it would be the end of the world, but I’m not exactly in the ideal place atm to have a baby but damn do I want one lol

No. 740884

I'm butting in because when you say
>and that they think asian women are submissive, ugh
I'm reminded about how all the east Asian women I've met where I live in Europe are giga stacies or nerdy but not in a meek way at all. Is the "meek submissive Asian ideal gf" stereotype more common in the American continent? It seemed to only make sense when applied to Asian women in Asia to me, even if it's still a dumb stereotype because each person is unique anyway.

No. 740896

>think Asian women are submissive
If I were Asian I would do anything and everything out of spite just to prove them wrong, including kicking them in the teeth.
I hate it when guys think I’m submissive, a background character, or basic like I’m just there to support their mediocre dreams.

No. 741013

All men have stupid stereotypes of the "types" of women there are. Women who are asian are submissive, black women are thick and crazy in bed, white women are all submissive church girls. Men hate women of their own race and fetish women outside of their race so if we ask every single guy then every single race of women are somehow simultaneously feminine, submissive, waifu material goddesses and every single race of women are all cheating gross whores lmao.

Tell these men that women of all races have varying personality traits and their little brains will explode

No. 741144

Whenever I see someone here or anywhere admit that they are a cheater, I feel a visceral disgust. I know I shouldn't care that much, but it genuinely makes me so sick to think there are cheaters out here, and they usually never feel any remorse for what they've done either. They don't care. I've literally never been cheated on or cheated so idk why I feel this way.

No. 741155

I've never cheated on anyone, but I genuinely don't really understand what it is that people find so upsetting about the concept
Or, maybe I mean to say that I don't really understand the concept or what it is exactly

No. 741168

File: 1613510851375.jpg (91 KB, 540x960, xfpq1ktbhlk11.jpg)

I only got a boyfriend so someone would take care of me and I can keep eating benadryl all day until I die finally

No. 741170

cute madotsuki

No. 741174

thank you fam, she understands me

No. 741195

No, I first started on messageboards for bands around 2002. I only found out about 4chan when a boy from an all boys grammar school spammed my photos on /b/

No. 741215

File: 1613511924115.jpg (76.54 KB, 697x697, 20210214_081741.jpg)

He doesn't know about my assburgers ,being a rape victim, depression, suicide attempt, college dropout and the fact that I'm not 100% financially independent (a part of my income is from disability benefits, my employer only pays a small percentage because he is a dick/I'm unstable).

Honestly I feel like a lot of it is behind me but it still feels like… a lot to drop on someone.

(If at least my employer would pay me in full I could LARP being a functional human adult but it feels like it's the last hurdle to semi-normalness but it's impossible to overcome somehow).

When I can think more clearly maybe I will try talking to him about it. ..

No. 741216

I don't think messageboards qualify as imageboards and anon asked about the second ones

No. 741217

This post is like looking in a mirror.

No. 741220

I know its antifeminist or whatever but I think less of women who willingly had kids before at least 27 yo. And even between 27-31 I think it's sus even though there are exceptions. Every woman I know who's had a kid between 17-27 is crazy and a mess and all my friends with young mothers have a horrible relationship with their mother because their mom is jealous of their youth and have some weird competition going.
For context I'm childfree and my mom had me at 37 after she already established a successfull carreer in an academic field.

No. 741224

I get where you are coming from but you sound like the crazy lady that bullied the anon from the art salt thread and used her as misery porn for her own art with her disgusting scrote in it

No. 741225

I have legit no idea about that, I don't go to the art salt thread. I was triggered by an anon in the Shuwu thread though

No. 741232

File: 1613512582880.jpg (5.68 KB, 265x202, 1261962628626.jpg)

I think people like us must run into each other sometimes
I hope your dreams are good ones

No. 741233

I love this post.

No. 741246

sleepy anons are cute, omg

No. 741258

ayrt, good job! its always good to know foreign languages no matter how useless they may feel like.
i live in a country where like 5% of the population speak swedish, so i have studied it in school. but im still shit though so thats why im trying to improve, considering that i might need it at a job or something

No. 741272

CC is just as bad as 4chan.
lmao link? I wanna see the drama but there's so much autism to scroll through.

No. 741282

Sweet dreams to you too, anon ♥ I love playing the "when will it kick in?" and "which form (liquid, gel, or pill) will put me to sleep the fastest?" games.

No. 741360

File: 1613522043182.gif (28.1 KB, 69x60, 1550283750066.gif)

I am pretty sure I have infought the same bitch three times this week only and I hope she breaks all her nails or something

No. 741385

did you get banned for it anon?

No. 741388

No actually!

No. 741399

whoa same experience

No. 741411

Sometimes when I'm anxious I like to imagine my funeral. I'm not a suicidal doomer, it just allows me to take a step back and consider the grander scheme of things instead of feeling trapped w in a single moment in time.

No. 741415

When anons pull out a sad but unrelated backstory in threads I fight the urge to be a prick about it. Yeah ok your goldfish is dead but tbh it's not relevant and you're making it weird

No. 741416

Anon, you can't just disrespect their lore like that!

No. 741419

It really does feel like they're filling in the lore section on their own wiki though.

It's like
>Welcome to the baking thread! I made red velvet cake today! What did you guys make?
>I don't eat red velvet because the colour red reminds me of the time I was a bullfighter in Madrid. I entered under my stage name Dame Atencion and the bull looked me in the eyes and I realised I could no longer take part in this brutal bloodsport. I packed my bags (and the blood-soaked rag I used during my matador days) and I soon moved to California where I started an OnlyFans and met who I thought was the love of my life. He abused and degraded me but I thought this was normal because nobody ever hugged me as a child. This might be because I was a disturbed kid who used my incredible artistic skills to paints terrifying images on the walls of my terminally ill grandmother's home. She didn't eat red velvet either.

No. 741427

Poetry. This needs to be in the best of lolcow thread

Thanks for the laffs

No. 741433

>Dame Atención
Wonderful attention to detail. Who would have ever thought lolcow has its own version of the "bloggers giving their life story before the recipe" meme?

No. 741450

Lmao, I love you

No. 741455

kekkkk anon I love you

No. 741504

About 8 years ago I had a bout where I felt nauseous all the time. I lost around 45lbs in 2 and a half months (I was kind of fat so I was barely ana-chan at the end of it.) I had multiple tests done on myself and even some tests done in my home and the cause was never found. Every time I feel sick I'm so scared I am going to experience that again.

No. 741509

File: 1613542967433.gif (310.59 KB, 275x197, 1538354716482.gif)

4chan's /ck/ is full of /pol/ refuse who are easily manipulated into diet trends that use typical 'do this and you'll become high T', 'here's what the jews are trying to hide from you', 'this is what your pure white warrior ancestors ate', etc. far-right scrote marketing. The latest fad is an all red meat/red meat and saturated fat-based diet like Jordan Bederson's daughter eats, like straight-up calling vegetables and legumes unhealthy because 'they have anti-nutrients'. I'm signal-boosting it so more of these morons die faster.
I wish there were a scrote-free cooking board.

No. 741511

I'm not trying to call you schizo but I browse that board daily and have no fucking idea what you are talking about

No. 741515

LMAOOO what is up with these people and thinking so damn hard about these things? Like its not that deep dude, we aren't living in a sci-fi film just eat your fucking veggies. At least they're killing themselves off quicker.

No. 741516

t. fast food thread inhabitant

No. 741517

I have never seen a single case of what you are describing in any thread ever. I wish the board was more than just McChicken spam and Chef Jon threads, I want to live in your reality

No. 741520

File: 1613544025008.png (226 KB, 1583x685, screenshot.png)

Here's an example from the other day. They're usually come crawling out on the meat substitute, fat, legume, and vegetable threads.

No. 741534

File: 1613546677730.jpg (8.23 KB, 421x76, Dwq7N3qV4AAPySr.jpg)

hahahahahaha finally I can use this screencap from 2 years ago

No. 741563

I'm hairy as fuck and i refuse to shave ever again so every new boyfriend i get has to come to an agreement its not coming off and its funny because it's not like quirky armpit light hair, i have asscheek hair, i have hairy feet, a hairy back, hairy ass legs and arms, chest hair, everywhere hair, even my forehead has hair, even my damn nose has hair, no pcos though just lucked out on those amazing spanish genes!!! i mean on top of that my boyfriends gotta deal with the fact i have a flat board chest (with them hairy ass nips), a hank hill hairy ass, an underbite, dandruff, and a stank ass attitude and they still love me and i suppose that's sweet even though they're always above my league

No. 741566

File: 1613550774301.jpg (46.2 KB, 680x713, autism.jpg)

It's because in their minds, beans = soy and soy = beta, even though the soy thing has been debunked numerous times.

No. 741568

Not funny Nefeli

No. 741572

There are cooking threads in here, in /ot/, /g/, and /m/ even, just pick one to necro and stick with it

Also what a goddamn shame, I remember checking out that board ages ago and it wasn't full of poltards, but I guess they ruin everything they touch.

No. 741587

I've done two aidungeon scenarios and I'm surprised how long they can go for even when they're fucking smutty nonsense.

this technology is insane and probably shouldn't exist and I should not be using it, but here I am

No. 741600

I still watch (listen?) to Nostalgia Critic as background noise when I am doing other shit.
I guess it's like a comfort junk food.

No. 741603

watch this then

No. 741605

Ok here's my confession, I know everything this video says and I can recite it by heart, in fact, I could do it on command

Why hello there I didn't see you there, I'M GAY what the hell

No. 741619

Thanks, I love it

No. 741649

>a boy from an all boys grammar school spammed my photos on /b/
Damn, that's a really shitty way to be introduced to 4chan. I hope you weren't harrassed because of that.

No. 741713

Confession: I'm finding it really hard to care about one of my online friends who is suicidal. She has so much support from all of us, but yet she randomly lashes out and tells us that nobody cares about her. We've tried everything to support her but being around her is truly exhausting. All she does is post in detail about how depressed she is, her trauma, and more suicide baiting. I used to be one of her supporters, always reaching out to make sure she's doing okay. This got stale quick as she's literally depression posting every single day. She also gave birth last year and has a small child, I often wonder if she even has the capacity to care for them. This time she's deactivated her account and everyone is so concerned for her, but I honestly don't care. She needs serious professional help and I doubt she's getting it right now.

No. 741882

Sorry for continuing a 2 day old confession but I'm >>740331 and I'm honestly shocked at how fast you rack up numbers on this app. I know these are minuscule compared to people who use the app regularly, I literally just made an account and posted three stupid nonsense videos. It's insane because my actual art social medias that I put effort into probably haven't gotten as many unique views as these three stupid videos, kinda depressing

No. 741883

File: 1613583687250.png (32.09 KB, 978x72, 000.png)

dropped pic

No. 741941

I'm unironically jealous of anons who can pee in cups without getting pee everywhere.

No. 741947

Me too. You guys don't have weird streams or pee that goes backwards into your butt? I've pee'd in a cup once but that was in extremely desperate times

No. 741949

There are women who can pee in cups? I was never able to do it. One time I was really drunk in a cabin and I didn't want to go outside and pee in a bush, so I tried using a bottle. Obviously the coordination was just not there, and I got piss on the floor kek. I cleaned it up before others came back thankfully

No. 741956

Samefag, tmi but I had to slightly bend my knees and hold the cup super close to my vagina to even be able to do that. Idk how women are out here just squatting over cups

No. 741958

practice makes perfect! keep at it, and you'll have a great collection of piss bottles before you know it.

No. 741959

I want to eat coochie, but hear a man moan on the other end.

No. 741962

push the cup up so it cradles your urethra area. then deliver said cup to your nearest scrote

No. 741968

I still watch some of his old videos because I enjoyed them, and occasionally watch his new ones if they interest me, but I'm not subbed to him. The only reason I checked out one of his recent analysis videos is because it had jim carrey involved lmao

No. 741994

File: 1613595415666.jpg (124.05 KB, 1200x1160, 96ed3c4f5b335d64d2561307842996…)

I have created my personal cope husbando in my head. He is this big beefy anime boy that is basically my boyfriend whom I rely on for comfort when I feel bad. I imagine conversations with him, cuddling with him and so on. Something like if I'm finding it hard to study for a test it would go
>anon, don't waste your time like this. I know you can do so well on the exam, you just have to try your best!
>but hunk-kun, I feel so depressed, I can't bring myself to do it…
>I know you can. You're a smart girl anon! You've done it before and you can do it again, I'll be by your side supporting you the whole time <3
And then it actually ends up motivating me. He also comforts me when I'm crying, and I imagine hugging him and it slowly calms me down. He is not a tulpa!!! I promise I'm not schizophrenic or autistic this has actually done wonders for my mental health. I also masturbate to him sometimes but I won't get into that part.

No. 741997

>He is not a tulpa!!!
Well, what's stopping you?

No. 741998

Looks like Joji in that deleted vid where he opened up about his seizures

No. 742001

he looks like he smells. Disgusting feet

No. 742007

Agreed. Why the hell is his foot reaching out to me like some kind of Disney prince?

No. 742020

Do all your bfs meet your parents?

No. 742030

I tried using it and it's so much effort deciding what to do next. I guess they're for creative anons?

No. 742034

Cute and same

No. 742056

I do the same anon, you're not weird. It feels like a safe way to express yourself and be vulnerable.

No. 742067

In elementary school, I used to be scared to pee in the middle of the night so I would pee in a cup in my bedroom and dump it in the morning.

No. 742110

guess we all share the same bf

No. 742134

I mean why do you even go on there? I like some 4chan boards myself but for cooking I use books, youtube and a few recipe blogs I like. Did you think you were going to find nice recipes on /ck/ ? No judgement but i'm really confused

I've been in your situation and the best thing to do is to talk calmly and kindly about it to them. Kindness and empathy but be firm. If you don't notice change in behavior and efforts from her after the talk, she's never going to change and it will just drain you of all your energy without ammounting to anything.

No. 742197

A man ahead of his time.
I want to argue about food, give advice to people who are starting out, see what other people are trying, and occasionally learn something new in a community where nobody has any reason to sugarcoat their thought. /ck/ has been ruined by smug /pol/lutants who derai nearly every thread and refuse to learn anything about food and cooking, but occasionally there are some great threads, and other cooking communities seem to be /r/food-tier garbage

No. 742224

Snickering at this post in my pitch black room with my blanket over my head like a babushka.

No. 742238

>it probably doesn't feel good to hide this stuff from your bf/side dude
It doesn't. I just need to build up the courage to say something. Funny how lying comes so natural to me, but once it's confrontation time I (or try to) avoid it at all costs. I have a feeling this is going to bite me in the ass because something did almost slip up, and I could've gotten caught, but luckily I didn't. I think that was a sign from the universe to get my shit together.
I've been doing it for a few months already. At first I didn't feel much guilt, and to be honest I still don't.. I think it may be because I fear my boyfriend is going to slip up again, so because I have my other guy, I know I won't be as hurt. He's like a safety net which is pretty fucked up now that I think about it. But I did get attached to him, though, and I feel much happier with him.

No. 742274

I keep screenshots of conversations with my ex girlfriend. There are super mushy lovey dovey screenshots, and there's screenshots of our break up (yes we broke up over text/messenger, not a lot of hard feelings and I think that was better for us in the end). I do read them from time to time and they still make me smile. I know a lot of people in my life will tell me to delete them, that it's just another shitty reminder that she isn't in my life anymore, but I like having them.

I think I've had enough time to heal, and I recognize that I don't really yearn for her anymore as much as I just yearn over the idea for her. Whether we just met during a bad time in our lives or we're just really not meant for each other, it's whatever at this point. But I really do like to sometimes look over our messages to remind myself of what I deserve. She was the first person throughout my many relationships(? hook ups? sort of dating but not officially dating?) where she treated me with the love and respect that I didn't know I deserved. Men have set the bar on the floor, but I know better now. I know there exists a person out there willing to pour as much love and time into me as I will to them, and if there isn't, then that's fine I'll just stay single because I refuse to settle. I think even in breaking up with me, she still treated me so much better than anyone else. There was no stringing along, it was just "I don't want a relationship after all, I'm sorry." Maybe it's just a massive cope, but I like to think she still did it out of love for me because she knew she couldn't be the partner that I wanted/needed.

When I change phones I don't know if I'll copy over these screenshots over to my new phone. It'll probably look like I'm still hung up over her. There's a lot of things she loves that I'll see and they'll always remind me of her, and it just makes me think fondly of her. If I ever date another girl who loves me and treats me with the same love and respect as my ex, I'll finally delete these screenshots. For now, they're just a reminder to myself of what I deserve.

No. 742275

I wish I were a straight tall(taller than 6'1) pretty boy who is under the age of 30 instead of a woman. Imagine how easy life must be for them. I could have a harem of pickme whores who I can treat like bang maids/therapists without any social repercussions. I could actually have a huge group of bro friends who always have my back. Act like a selfish ass and feel no guilt about it.

No. 742289

there are scenarios you can use as presets, but if you want a very specific one, you have to prompt it yourself

i think my writing with it has been subpar to avoid confusing the algorithm though. if youre figurative with your prose it can confuse the ai. it's very neat, though, i was curious ever since i first saw it, and now anons have got me deep into it

No. 742310

Sometimes I lick a few strands of hair to get them stiff and then I shove them up my nose and twist gently until I sneeze

No. 742317

File: 1613629067822.gif (483.96 KB, 275x183, 1596547371132.gif)

No. 742319

That's better than what I used to do, which was slam my fist into my nose until I sneezed or bled.

No. 742320

Huh, I know exactly how this feels. Must've done it as a kid and forgot about it until now.

No. 742332

i enjoy blaire whites videos

No. 742333

Same tbh

No. 742335

Same anon, I think about this more and more these days. Life would be so much easier, and even though I'd admittedly be a fucking dick most likely, I still would prefer it. I know I'd eb considered above average and my personality and interests would make me very popular. This would probably get us labeled eggs on the internet but I am not about to chop off my tits when I'm 5'8 with a baby face kek.

No. 742337

Same, but I don't have the same attitude towards trans people as the rest of this site so it's not really a confession for me

No. 742357

I used to enjoy them. Then realized that Blaire is pretty stupid and the type who only reads headlines but not the article.

No. 742421

I used to watch em but when blaire got dragged into the jeffrey star drama and claimed they heard the mysterious voicemail or whatever it was where sexual offences were being discussed I stopped. What gives you the right to listen to that private shit? Then blaire claimed some trans bodybuilder wanted to compete against women…when they clearly have stated the opposite many times.

No. 742431

I watched his videos a few times but then I noticed that it wasn’t that interesting and that he was just either repeating information that I’ve already seen in other channels or that I was just not paying attention because the drama itself got boring.
I honestly don’t understand drama channels, even as a fan that loved them during 2017, they’re always throwing shit at each other and they never really come to a conclusion of the drama because that’s how the cows get cowtipped.

No. 742449

I used to work there and they treat their employees like garbage. They fired one guy who was there for years for asking his wife to buy him a $2 book. and fired a mentally ill woman for trying to give her phone number to a customer. they're evil. keep stealing

No. 742520

I like a specific genre of music that I call troon music.

Girls Rituals, MOM, Drive45, bahshful

No. 742575

I don't get dancing. I don't know what's supposed to look good and what's not. Even as a child, whenever I watched some movies where they had those dance battles, or when one character was supposed to dance completely awkward while the others cringe and show him how it's done, it all looks the same to me.

No. 742580

the anon that’s seeing the billionaire here. I woke up in a cold sweat last night because everything is feeling too good to be true. I’ve spend the last week with him drinking the best champagne and he’s taking me to his home - i won’t say where. i’m so scared it’ll all end, for whatever reason. it’s overwhelmingly good

No. 742588

Plz tell us where, we want to drink the best champagne too
Don't be selfish anon

No. 742591


No. 742597

I respect your choice anon but even politics wise how can you bare someone who is more bland than plaster on a wall that manages to make interesting topics boring just by their nasally and underwhelming voice?

No. 742598

File: 1613669990352.jpeg (30.87 KB, 512x512, 074D039C-DCFB-41CA-8C93-386BC9…)

take this

No. 742599

Grimes is rich, she's a millionaire, Musk's fortune is impressive to her, but she wouldn't wake up in cold sweats about it.

No. 742601

File: 1613670186662.jpeg (19.95 KB, 318x335, 28C4EC62-C5F2-41DB-9FEA-391C7F…)


No. 742604

Is it bad that I assumed this was a response to 'dating a billionaire, sipping champagne' anon at first?

No. 742639

Wait, have you posted about this before? Pls link to the previous post! I'm happy for you anon. Milk that motherfucker

No. 742641

>the anon that's seeing a billionaire here
yeah sure you are

No. 742651

Call me sceptical but my bet is that they're someone fishing for women to post a bunch of golddigging style replies..

No. 742656

File: 1613673548612.jpg (67.74 KB, 448x309, unnamed.jpg)

Everytime I look at the news or browse the internet I sometimes wish something like Y the last Man would happen. I don't even hate men as ferociously as some anons here but I do get tired of their collective shit.

No. 742663

You remind me of these delusional girls on LSA who won't stop talking about "securing the bag" and being bff with at least one Rothschild family member or whatever.

No. 742677

no. I come here for anonymity, not to brag. the only public, online, information about this matter is anonymous and is not directed at anyone - you sound retarded

No. 742678

what are you talking about? You don't believe that I can walk into Trader Joe's and pick out billionaires?

No. 742687

I didn't accuse you of anything, I just got reminded of specific threads on LSA. I guess it's because the latest one I read was yesterday.

You should try whole foods next time.

No. 742691

I am retarded, the other anon you tagged isn't retarded tho…take that back lol

No. 742865

the most… unique tumblr anon hate I received was an ask saying none of my husbandos would ever date a nigger like me

No. 742972

File: 1613691055585.jpeg (94.53 KB, 500x500, 8472DA56-AEC8-40A4-95DE-8AAF7C…)

Anything to be in a cute girls band, anything to be famous or a pop star performer as rare and as far reach as it is getting their without hopping on a hollywood predator’s lap

I will give my kidney

No. 742973

i'm the anon you replied to and i honestly don't really mind blaires voice. it's much more tolerable than..pretty much any other mtf tranners voice kek.
i've stopped watching drama channels for awhile, it does get boring. i used to like blaire and d'angelo's drama videos, even the occasional crepshow art video, but the topics just get so repetitive and obnoxious that i can't bare it kek.
i prefer the videos blaire makes talking about mundane life shit than say…400th video talking about some retarded groomer tranny. there's only so many things you can really say about someone like that before it gets old. blaires normal videos are much more interesting imo. i just like hearing people talk about things and experiences i never have and never will experience myself
yeah i don't really watch blaires videos about le ~drama~ so i didn't know about any of that

No. 742996

On one hand I'm glad that I'm have a mom willing to listen to my issues, on the other I hate that she wants me to vent to her because I know she can't help, and it's only going to either make her stressed out alongside me or get her angry.

No. 743014

File: 1613694174300.gif (999.48 KB, 500x267, EB956EF4-F3B9-4FCC-BAD4-B3F304…)

I fucking hate my roommate and I secretly wish her visa would run out and she can fuck back off to her (wealthy first world) home country

No. 743018

File: 1613695223348.jpg (132.46 KB, 707x1000, 312236.jpg)

I'm 26 and still in college. I royally fucked up my first attempt when I was 18 and now I won't graduate till I'm 27

No. 743020

File: 1613695686409.jpeg (167.48 KB, 750x882, 801F0AF9-35F0-4FC9-A3C9-00C7A6…)

It’s not a big deal, anon, I’m graduating when I’m 27 if I’m lucky enough
the platform won’t recognize one of my grades so I have to fight for it because there’s no way in hell I’m paying for that course again
It’s not the end of the world, you can still apply to get a job even if you’re studying as long as you’re close to graduating.

No. 743030

I'm 24 and I'm hoping to graduate by 26 (next year if not late this year) with an associates, btfo, and look for a job. fuck getting a bachelors and my professors "recommendations" for it when it'll plunge me more into debt and old age, people look down upon me already for having major hopped and stunted my career potential already. ageism is a lot worse when you're a woman, might as well just get associates and leave, consider continuing education later

No. 743044

Sometimes when I’m really bored, I go on cgl and post obvious bait. The newfags that have taken over the board are absolute retards who fall for it and go full sperg in the replies every single time. It’s decently entertaining while I think of something better to do.

No. 743051

I've gained so much weight over quarantine that I went up a size in clothes, I used to be a small and now I'm a medium. Also at one point I had this crazy tan from being outside so much and now I'm pale.

No. 743066

My armpit hair grows longer than my bf's. He's pretty hairy too.

No. 743099

File: 1613704029252.gif (12.37 MB, 600x600, C19C68B8-7146-4C63-96BF-9ECA5D…)

sometimes I feel like I’m the only one going through actual problems in this world and especially this website. it seems so ridiculous to say but I admit it

i can’t take anyone else’s problems besides my certain people’s seriously at all, I could be the only important person in the universe or a complete nobody I can’t see anything else, I’m so enclosed inside of myself while also being observant about the chaos and multiple issues around me but i feel really important but also not important what is happening

No. 743101

Damn she throwing that thang back

No. 743103

At my retail job, I used to pretend to not be able to do cash and tell everyone that I wasn’t trained to do cash even though I was trained on my first shift. My coworker saw me on cash one day and asked me why I was on cash, and all I said was “what do you mean?”. I also didn’t bother to properly learn to do the job like learning to take off security tags of product etc. Because I wanted to do the bare minimum to get by. All this lasted a year into the job until I got tired of acting dumb.

No. 743120


That's absolutely fucking terrifying

No. 743124

If my kitchen was directly in the hallway entering my apartment I would neck myself. This image is so claustrophobic.

No. 743136

I love how all of replies you got were about the gif not the actual post

No. 743137

emotional binge eating is ruining my life and i have no idea what to do. i am so ashamed. i want to kill myself.

No. 743160

I’m not sure if it would work for you nor if you’re needing it but Welbutrin killed 90 percent of my binge / emotional reaction eating sessions.

No. 743168

File: 1613711048616.jpg (36.38 KB, 1200x1200, rimmel-EXAGGERALE-WATER-PROOF-…)

One time as a teenager, I had already done my eyeliner on one eye and completely ran out of eyeliner by the time I was doing the wing on the other eye so I used a permanent marker to finish it. It burned.

No. 743169

I did this once but it was my eyebrows

No. 743174

Somehow that is better and also worse than mine, I am happy we could move on past those struggles

No. 743175

I got fucked real hard by an ex that has gf (didn’t know he had one before we fucked, he told me after).I feel real good because it was so good but bad bc of the girl but I really Didn’t know, should I tell her?

No. 743177

Yes and no. Yes tell her but don't tell her who you are. Try and get to her anonymously.

No. 743186

I'm 30 and I still sometimes listen to music like this

No. 743202

File: 1613716273865.jpg (41.75 KB, 630x1200, MV5BOTI4MjE2OTM3MF5BMl5BanBnXk…)

Started watching Superstore and would like to sound his dick, that is all.

No. 743203

That is surprisingly extreme

No. 743204

I hope you want to do it out of pure malice

No. 743208

It's definitely sexual and I have issues with men

No. 743209

Looks dead inside

No. 743221

Unironically want to marry this jew

No. 743222

I know, right?

No. 743227

I don't get farmers

No. 743230

All I know about that show from my brief experience with it is that its way too accurate to the retail experience. They even use Zebras. The clip I saw from the episode where they start doing drive-up orders made me want to die. Hell, even having a crush on a mediocre white man due to your happenstance exposure to him is accurate to the retail experience.

No. 743234

File: 1613721870847.png (160.81 KB, 265x281, m'doka.png)

I think this is guerrilla marketing

No. 743415

Any examples? I rarely lurk and have never visited cgl but what do you post?

No. 743525

i need to get this off my chest. i discovered this creepy board dedicated to posting girls like agatha, ciara horan, various 4chan waifus and because i was friends with a girl posted there, someone found my instagram and posted pictures of me there. i was so creeped out and upset by this because those r9k type freaks were trying to get my personal info. i don’t post on any chans and only had about 400 followers. so i came up with a master plan to seduce the board owner in order to get him to delete my thread or the entire board altogether. i got his discord and just worked on him for days. we’d have long conversations and tbh i enjoyed talking to him. well some time goes by and he trusts me enough to give me his full name, address, and even…a picture of him. and you won’t believe it but he was handsome as fuck, looked like a total football playing chad normie who’d have no business running that board and a really outgoing personality to boot. he eventually explained to me that the reason he made the board was because he was trying to contain the waifu/agatha obsessed freaks so they’d stop posting on other boards, and sort of began trolling the posters. at first it sounded like bs but i slowly realized it was true. he lived a normal life and nothing was cryptkeeper about him. he wasn’t into any of those girls being posted. i know this is retarded but we fell for each other. he was really charming. stupid me got into a serious relationship with him and turns out he lives 2 hours away. i didn’t even have to blackmail him because he deleted the board on its own after i explained how fucked up that board is and the people in it. the waifu shit seemed to die off since then, the orbiting isn’t so bad now. sadly i ghosted him after a few months despite our childlike fantasies to get married and live together etcetc. i realized the whole connection started from a lie and that i only started talking to him to fuck up his life and i was guilty.

No. 743527

I want a short film based on this

No. 743533

>he eventually explained to me that the reason he made the board was because he was trying to contain the waifu/agatha obsessed freaks so they’d stop posting on other boards, and sort of began trolling the posters

Anon you fell for a total lie.
Would you believe a child porn honeypot owner was just "containing all the other pedophiles" and trolling them? You wouldn't because that's completely naïve and everyone knows that "containment" sites don't really prevent file sharing from happening elsewhere. It definitely didn't work for 4chan. Orbiting only got better because there's explicit rules that prevents /soc/ and other camwhoring posts on r9k for instance since a few years ago now.

Sorry but your Chad is a closeted creep and he just wanted to distance himself from the other creepy losers so you'd stick around and stroke his ego further. And btw no normie makes plans to marry and live together with someone who they've never even met in person with before. Be glad you ghosted (that was your gut telling you something), the pedestal you carved for him is pure fantasy.

No. 743544

No. 743546

the show ended 5 years ago

No. 743599

I lowkey am self conscious of my laugh, it's like a cackle and my face gets really goblin like when I laugh bc I've got a pointy nose

No. 743608

I'm glad everything went well for you in the en but >>743533 is absolutely right about the situation. I'm wishing you the best for the future, as far away from those creeps as possible

No. 743619

I know the board you're talking about and I had a somewhat similar experience on a discord allegedly made for the exact same purpose. The discord owner took a special liking to me and I was the only female made a mod, then an admin, PMd me offering to buy me antidepressants (?) and other drugs, basically the owner treated me like a god because he wanted to use me to draw in more females for people to orbit. Thankfully I wasn't underage or a fucking idiot and he turned out to be Michael Sosa so lmao

He was very charismatic and clearly skilled at manipulation, I just happened to be able to see though it. Not saying that's what happened to you, but yeah

No. 743620

File: 1613759380240.jpg (30.94 KB, 300x400, $_1.jpg)

A few months back a random memory from my childhood hit me during a flashback.
My racist grandparents gave me a golliwog type doll to play with. I even remembered her name, 'Suzie.'

The image of the doll is a bit fuzzy to me. But she didn't have the typical blackface/red lips/kinky hair, she more resembled a native and was an entirely cloth doll with long brown yarn hair. Nonetheless, I recall a few instances where my grandparents would purposefully annoy me with the doll. Like made her do mean things to me. They'd get a kick if I would physically respond. Almost like they were Pavlov training me to be inherently annoyed with brown people.

>inb4 I'm misremembering

Nah, there's a good deal of evidence that they were racist so a doll wouldn't be inconceivable.
They once chased one of my mom's boyfriends off their property because he was black. They clung to their Catholicism because evolutionism meant they would have descended from the same great ape ancestor as black people, my grandpa even admitted this was an issue for him. Grandpa was a chemist and grandma was a dental hygienist, so it's not like they were dumb bumpkins who didn't know better. They were democrats. Literally nobody would believe me, and especially because my mom isn't outwardly racist and I didn't carry any of those ideals with me either.
It's just really strange, the animosity had to come from somewhere but I'm not sure where. Maybe because they were second gen immigrants, maybe their parents had stereotypes about POC because they felt they were in competition with them in some way. Who knows, it's just a weird memory that bothers me sometimes.
I haven't been able to find anything like it on the internet, meaning they likely handmade it and then it was trashed at some point. I wonder if my mother said something.

No. 743642

File: 1613760964239.jpg (65.49 KB, 640x640, i'm about to lose it.jpg)

i have no idea why but lately i want to start self harming or starving myself just to feel something. i feel miserable all the time and i don't know why, my life's objectively good at the moment and i have no reason to feel this shitty yet i do. i just want to wake up in a hospital tomorrow and have an excuse to put off my studies or doing anything productive, yet i also feel like an absolute leech of a person every day i'm not doing something "useful" and waste just watching netflix on my computer or doing fuck all.

i also know that if i start cutting myself my bf will def notice and of course he'll be worried sick. he's an amazing guy and he doesn't deserve going through something like that.

No. 743649

not to armchair you anon but this sounds like textbook depression. hope you feel better and get help if needed, were rooting for u

No. 743654


No. 743677

Back when I was a fakeboi I arranged to meet a guy for coffee and probably sex afterwards. He was straight but I was only a year on hormones and I was coming out of that stupid genderphase so fucking a straight guy didn't hurt my feefees.

We met up in a public place to be safe, he got the coffees and we chatted away for an hour. At that time I was 'passing' to strangers. I looked about 15 but I guess I still passed as I couldn't enter a womens bathroom or changing room for a length of time there. The guy had already seen recent pics of me so I wasn't worried. He seemd keen in person too. So he offers to drive me home, things had been even flirtier during the short drive.. he surprises me at the end by not wanting to come in. I chalk it up to him maybe somehow expecting a feminine woman despite seeing my teen boy looking pics. Fair enough I thought, I maybe won't attempt sex again til my estrogen has taken over for a while.

Dude messaged me half an hour later wanting to come back and fuck?? He wouldn't say what his change of heart was. Men will fuck anything. For a whole second I thought men had standards and I had failed to meet them. Nope lol. I kept the tiniest amount of dignity intact and said no.

What a great time in my life that was.

No. 743684

I think I know the board you're talking about, I accidentally found it through Google and went back there multiple times because I was really curious about if that Ciara girl actually died or just faked her death and the only discussion about it was there. I saw that they had a huge problem with CP being posted on there though so I got scared off. Glad to see it's down though.

No. 743711

I seem extremely NLOG-ish and Practicality Over Anything in real life. Sometimes guys bring up topics like Valentines day, engagement rings and marriage, along with anniversaries, k-po(o)p or even women's quota, and other stuff women tend to care about or like more than men around me, and tell me how stupid they find it and how they don't get it at all. Then they specifically ask for my opinion, and judging by how taken aback they get when I tell them I love everything about it, I guess they're waiting for me to agree with them. Then the arguing starts "But wouldn't you rather spend money on a vacation than a ring?" - "I hate travelling and love shiny stuff", "Shouldn't you show someone you love them every day of the year?" - "Yeah, but having one or two days every year where you go full out is especially nice", "Don't you think you should be hired for your skills rather than your gender?" - "Anything to get me further in life, I don't care about the why behind it". Seeing them slowly realize they won't get through to me and that I'm just like all the other girls they deem as stupid and superficial is one of my very small, petty joys in life.

No. 743716

Anon I love you
I do this too but not to the level you go to, I love it, I notice they even try to pretend or change what I said to fit their ideal

No. 743720

File: 1613767981000.jpeg (42.42 KB, 600x350, C757B3E1-9CCC-4940-930F-C30FC4…)

You’re amazing, anon.

No. 743732

File: 1613768917364.jpg (40.38 KB, 450x337, kimkardashian.jpg)

A scrote asked me what I did today but I literally spent 5 hours on lolcow.

No. 743736

I am intimidated by men asking me out, but in my experience being the one to do it they end up putting in zero effort besides sex, expecting your favors and getting too big an ego. I never will ask a guy out myself again. It's sad because I'm not trad but that's what happens. Still, I don't like being asked out it makes me instinctively want to run. Honestly wondering why I have these problems tolerating men, why do I hate to be pursued or wanted. It's like I sabotaged myself to be unwanted

No. 743738

samefag damn this made me remember how I also didn't like my ex showing he wanted me too much. It's overwhelming and I want to get away. wtf I think I self-sabotaged on purpose without knowing it am I just scared of intimacy. sorry it's turning into a vent

No. 743743

Queen shit

No. 743753

File: 1613771323839.jpg (52.75 KB, 590x527, love.jpg)

inspiring and brave

No. 743774

I refuse to date men who are the "the only child", in my experience they always end up being absolute cunty brats that have never been told no in their lives.

No. 743785

As an only child myself there is definitely a difference between both genders, it reminds me of autistic men vs autistic women conversations in a way. There's the stereotype that all only children are spoilt and bitchy but every woman I've met grew up being treated normally or at times harsh while every dude I met was demanding and childish, especially while dating. One of them literally dumped me just cause their mommy said I looked like a whore kek. I know that's not the same for everybody but that's just what I experienced.

No. 743786

Crying my ass off watching internet historian's video on costa concordia, i remember yelling at the tv as this shit went down. That goddamn captain deserves the chair.

No. 743794

My best friend is marrying an only child and I hate it. They live with his parents, he pays no bills, his mommy still makes him dinner every night, and he doesn't do chores. I have no idea what she is expecting when they move out; it's gonna be a nightmare. He wants to live in the same town though (obviously so his mom can take care of him when my friend isn't).

I hate that she's getting married to him and I can't fucking say anything ughhhh.

No. 743798

Fuck this reminds me going on a cruise a few months after the disaster and a tour guide pointing out the wreck. Just what the fuck.

No. 743805

Oh my god, sounds so morbid. 33 people died, this sounds so whiny as I am not uh dead but I have been in accidents related to airplanes and ships just freak me out, good bye traveling I guess.

No. 743864

File: 1613784282238.jpg (37.41 KB, 719x402, odiar a los hombres no es femi…)

queen shit. i'm so over people, especially scrotes and pickmes, acting like we're retards for liking or even caring about romantic stuff. especially the bit about "waah wahh only showing love one day a year", anyone who legit thinks this way is a bitter unfuckable loser

No. 743882

God are we the same people? I was reading about NASA spaceship disasters earlier and I have no idea why I did it. I still feel pretty bad right now

No. 743892

The fucking dread and sadness you feel while reading about that shit. Space shit is so fucking spooky to me, elon can go by his fucking self.

No. 743930

I chew my fish oil pills because I like the taste

No. 743951

File: 1613795180583.jpeg (385.62 KB, 750x734, 1D74A5B7-CEE6-4D77-80A4-95FC9D…)

i started posting my art on social media and im just so afraid of my scribbles being laughed at by fellow cows

it’s almost a near impossibility since promoting posts on instagram is such a bitch to handle but there are aspects of the way I draw that look so ridiculous and I’m definitely not the best at anatomy but I am like sort of intermediate at art

it’s the weirdest fear I’ve been having lately

No. 743952

Oh my god I’m not alone. When you bite into it and it bursts in your mouth? Chefs kiss

No. 743958

You're both psychopaths what the fuck

No. 743969

Neck yourself

No. 743982

Literally random, mundane shit like posting a good coord in the ita thread, although my favorite is setting off newfags by giving someone an informative reply in help threads since that’s considered “spoonfeeding” nowadays.

No. 743989

File: 1613805575789.jpg (Spoiler Image, 167.34 KB, 1041x846, Reject intelligence, embrace r…)

I still play the retarded rp fifthy shade parody in Ai Dungeon as Adam Driver with Chris hemsworth. Anti fujo anon, can legally kill me now.

No. 744023

Amazing burst of flavor

No. 744025

This is so funny to me. Do you imagine their voices as you read it? Do you grab inspiration from interviews and movies? How do they look? Kek

No. 744058

File: 1613816840741.png (143.58 KB, 600x600, Irrnnei2jsnsaks3.png)

Probably the best interperation when you imagine them. (It sucks piccrew doesn't have any good bl maker). Well sometimes I imagine with their voice but the AI usually give the respond that out of their personality.

No. 744059

Just get the regular oil nonny
The taste is stronger

No. 744063

Hold up, so theres two of us now

No. 744069

Wdym nonny? Fyi i'm the one who post in shitpost thread about how I manage to make AI dungeon do fifthy shade stuff feat AD and Chris

No. 744078

I must have missed your previous posts then lol i was the retard who got laughed at for "larping as ad", i embrace you fellow tard

No. 744094

Did you not have top surgery? Were the affects it testosterone on you reversible? What made you detransition? Do you still feel gender dysphoria?

No. 744098

*effects of

No. 744110

File: 1613825334030.png (2.54 MB, 1659x2482, Mauvv3.png)

every1 submits to
mk ultra
things are on track

No. 744111

Why did you write this like a haiku

No. 744114

I am addicted to online trolling. My favourite hunting grounds are YouTube and Reddit.

No. 744119

she'd deserve a poem

No. 744122

No. 744125

the farmer reading this

No. 744126

File: 1613826545118.jpeg (7.3 KB, 224x224, images (1).jpeg)

omighosh really

No. 744127

File: 1613826610865.jpg (47.11 KB, 400x365, 70523653_964b4e316a_w.jpg)

No. 744156

I want to spend the money I don't have on a truckload of perfumes half of which I'm not even gonna wear

No. 744197

same. i think it’s because i’m so isolated i don’t even believe in other people existing anymore.

No. 744265

saw this video on youtube about a couple who does coffee enemas. now every time I'm drinking coffee I'm just thinking about putting in my ass and wondering what it would feel like. fuck youtube for turning me into a degenerate

No. 744268

like…as a fetish?? or are there supposed to be health benefits????

No. 744282

Lmao was it this one? I wish TLC would bring back My Strange Addictions

No. 744291

yes lmao.

No. 744366

File: 1613850969382.png (1.15 MB, 1280x720, Okuyasu.png)

I don't follow cow threads but in some old pnp thread there was a photo of her with her old boyfriend who had a lock around his neck like sid vicious and I spent a way too long time staring at him because he was just my type

No. 744371

At my most psychotic, I genuinely believe there is something like a big Lolcow thread in the sky where unknown, extra-dimensional beings criticise my every move. They can read my thoughts, see me at all times— even in the dark or if I'm hiding under blankets, etc.— and look through my eyes as well. To a certain extent, they can manipulate my thoughts and actions, either by stealing my original thoughts or implanting new ones. Sometimes I feel them touching me or they keep me psychologically pinned in place. Most of the time it was like a terrible itchiness under the skin, like my blood gurgling or having insects in my veins. Other times: stabbing pains, or feeling pulsations similar to heart beats in odd places, like my legs. Otherwise I just feel numb and tingly out of nowhere, like my circulation has been suddenly cut off.

My biggest problem was that none of them would ever speak to me. I wanted to know who they all were, how many of them were there, why they chose me, and whether they hated me or pitied me. When I was really desperate, I used to try to contact them. I would write letters to them begging for answers or just ask over and over in my head. Sometimes I'd see signs they were covertly speaking to me as well, usually through television or numbers. When it first began, I assumed it was just one person who was assigned to monitor me, but over time it warped into a countless number of eyes on me at all times.

The crisis was very existential as well. I couldn't make sense of the world I lived in. Was I being monitored by the government? Aliens maybe? Of course, there was the standard solipsism fear, that I was the only real person in a fake world. But then what if I was just an AI created to suffer? What if the other people I see every day are also "in on it?" Maybe my family and friends were just empty vessels that could be inhabited by the highest bidder, anyone who wanted to interact with me up close.

When I am really deep in it, it feel like I'm being killed and revived over and over for the amusement of the people watching me. They wipe my memories so I never know when the world has been reset. I used to lay in bed and plead with them for hours, saying "please let me die" in my head.

I never felt safe anywhere. There was no such thing as privacy. I felt ashamed to breathe, eat, laugh— everything I did was hateworthy. I was not allowed to have fun, not even by myself in ways that hurt nobody. One of my lifelong coping mechanisms is journalling, but in that state I can't rely on it because everyone can already hear my thoughts. Therefore, it's pointless to write anything down. I can tell I'm being jeered at as I write, so I just rot in my bed instead.

These were the most isolated and terrible times of my life. It's already hard enough to be crazy, but my thoughts were so weird that no matter who I told, they couldn't understand at all. I don't expect any Anons to understand either, but I thought it would be a bit fun to share in this thread. After all, the delusion predates my knowledge of LCF and lolcows in general, yet I managed to internalise the entire point of the website and turn it into my own personal hell.

No. 744372

Why don't we all wear padlocks around our neck?
I didn't think it was a big deal, I used to wear that shit in 8th grade…. let's bring it back skanks. I love that shit.
Someone else can have a key around theirs- instant friendship necklace.

No. 744382

Bruh let's write a young adult story where some people wear a lock and others a key around their neck and they have to find their match (soulmate) yeah it's cringe but you just know 11 year old girls love that shit

No. 744396

I am 19 (almost 20) years of age, and I would 100% read your guys' novel.

No. 744416

File: 1613856511628.jpg (68.64 KB, 564x793, what if soulmate.jpg)

This reminds me of one of those prompts I'd seen on tumblr, pic rel

No. 744419

Hope you're getting help, anon. This is textbook psychosis mixed with a small pinch of (catholic?) guilt complex.

Most forms of paranoia/psychosis follow certain patterns that make it impossible to talk about what you're experiencing to others (they already know, they're in on it etc). It's how they sustain themselves. I even had similar self-deprecating thoughts about the solipsistic nature of my paranoia. I was convinced that they were testing me with these delusions of grandeur and if I'd talk to anyone about them that's how they'd "get me." Verbalizing my paranoia would give them proof of what an arrogant piece of shit I was. I also thought they were covertly trying to speak to me via patterns in woodchip wallpaper kek.

Anyway, in my case it was drug induced psychosis and I'm glad it never came back.

No. 744423

I have a patch of birthmarks on my butt like spilled liquid, maybe it marks where my soulmate will jizz

No. 744425

This, on the other hand, I would not read. Imagine needing motherfuckers to touch your knee to find out if they're your soulmate.

No. 744428

Having your gyno touch your pussy lips for the first time, sure asshole, I am gonna notice that shit and trust some pussy doctor when they tell me it changed colors. Fuck off with that shit, tumblr.

No. 744429

One time I posted a story in an artist’s /snow/ thread pretending to be someone else from my lolita comm (artist is also part of the comm), and it turned out that artist-chan was a lurker who went on to flip flop between bawwwing about how she was being boollied by the evil lolita comm and evil farmers and saying she didn’t give a fuck because she’s a strong woman.

No. 744434

File: 1613858570352.jpg (24.89 KB, 298x472, EtygUccWYAECqty.jpg)

i don't have the time, the internet connection, or the pc setup (nor the money to afford better stuff) to play ffxiv but i do enjoy lurking servers dedicated to modding and stuff, and daydreaming about winning the lottery so i can pretend to be a cute catboy all day.

No. 744439

File: 1613859050864.jpeg (150.05 KB, 749x936, 5D39F868-FA05-43F8-A0FF-0B0CBF…)

That would be so cute! Now I’m going to try finding one.

No. 744452

I was dating this big girl ( i refused to call her fat because i dont want to be mean ) for like a half year. I am probably half her weight (Me being 140 lbs and her atleast 220) and taller. Her being bigger did not make me think of her that she is not beautiful. Talking and texting constantly was really nice but also draining. I miss those times when I am alone but realize how much energy and time dating takes. She was a really nice girl and I hope she finds someone better than me. I lied to her about my smoking and confessed to her about it. Since then we broke it off.

No. 744512

I like touching the leftover mucus of the sea snails i interact with

No. 744540

hahahh what an ugly drawing to use in an advertisement

No. 744557

File: 1613870453675.jpg (260.5 KB, 750x815, ilove.jpg)

My mom and I have never gotten along on a friendship level and are basically incompatible personality/hobby wise but God do I love her. She will come over to my place when I'm stressed out from work/deadlines and clean my entire apartment and always brings me healthy dinners to make sure I'm eating. We may not have much to talk about but she is always trying her best to take care of me even as a twenty-something independent. I LOVE HER SO MUCH what would I do without my mom…

No. 744558

moms arent supposed to be friends

your mom sounds amazing btw

No. 744559


No. 744565

File: 1613871077920.jpg (71.9 KB, 564x843, 896b4e1e30f87352d48f7040c4baff…)

quarantine made me fall deep into comfycore. I'm so close to giving in and cutting my hair and just look like pic related all the time

No. 744577

Looking back with my massive adult brain, I notice huge bpd traits in my high school self, not even just little things. I did realised I was acting erract even back then and it took so much energy to not just flip flop between hating and loving a friend but I made it out okay but to this fucking day, if something spesific happens, my brain errupts in these nasty vile thoughts about people I love. It's a crumb of what it used to be and I never voice them these days but it has kinda skewed my meter of what is okay behaviour from friends, I feel like a fucking mess.

No. 744579

cute hairstyle!!! do it

No. 744580

are you medicated? you can try to control your bpd symptoms now

No. 744581

Not but before corona my therapist leaned more into bipolar which rings more true. I wanna seek therapy again but it's so difficult right now but that does sound like an excuse.

No. 744582

File: 1613871673109.jpg (79.01 KB, 564x708, c62dee6ffa6d890550cbf2b5e33bd7…)

kek don't encourage me anon, also I'm nowhere as cute as her.

No. 744588

My dad is a Joe Rogan lookalike

No. 744590

I feel weird being domineering towards women but with men it comes out easily

No. 744594

just as god intended queen

No. 744596

Saw these, thought "She's so cute, who is that?", reverse image searched. Found out it's Elle Fanning playing an FtM character for a movie.
This is tomboy erasure.
But yes do comfycore anon, fucking based

No. 744684

I have no labia minora. Well I do but it's a tiny little half a dime on the left side, other side has nada. Guys I sleep with always end up asking me about it. Anyway I envy big labia and think it looks so cool and beautiful.

No. 744737

i work with a (skinny) nikocado avocado look alike

No. 744747

Dakota Fanning >>> Elle Fanning

No. 744750

taking a dump is one of lifes most underrated pleasures

my bowels and i are at one with the universe

No. 744788

Please pray for my girlfriend who hasn't shit in a week.

No. 744826

Sending shit-energy through cyberspace to your gf. Hope she succeeds

No. 744868

I turn into the most territorial retard whenever someone likes a character I like, bonus points if the person is someone I absolutely hate. I do not blow up on them or tell them to stop liking the character (that is a very cunt move tbh), I just fume inside until I calm down lol.

No. 744869

You never realize how badly you need it until you go through a period of constipation and long for it with each passing day

No. 744918

good luck to her
i once went almost 3 weeks without shitting and that was hellish. feeling bloated and getting shitting cramps without being able to do it 24/7 is truly hell

No. 744932

The last relationship I was in was so bad that after I got out of it I had to get rid of any gifts he got me, I couldn't move on and have those things in my new place and deal with those memories haunting me. I felt stupid but I got rid of all the sentimental type gifts that served no purpose. Then any practical type gifts I went out and replaced them with things I bought myself. This was well before covid so anything that I could give to a charity shop I at least did that or passed them on.

I spotted a stuffed animal while out grocery shopping today. It's the same one he bought me in our early days of dating. The same day he bought it for me he went into an abusive tirade at me for no real reason. There was always this cycle of him being emotionally abusive at times but then also buying gifts and acting sweet shortly before or after. A gift was easy just as long as he never had to learn the words "I'm sorry" or "I shouldn't act like that"

I think I'm finally at the point where I can deal with owning an item that technically has ties to him. I always loved the toy itself so today I bought it again and it doesn't make me so sad with memories that it overrides my liking of it. Only took me 3 years to get here lol

No. 744935

It wasn't until lolcow that I learned people don't shit for days or weeks at a time. Fascinating stuff.

No. 744943

I went 3/4 days without shitting when I started new antidepressants.. I felt like I was giving birth when I finally went. I'll never forget that hellshit so I'm shocked by the level of constipation described on here.

I often wonder if it's eating disorder sufferers but I don't like asking

No. 744972

I thought you and the anon above meant real padlocks.

No. 744973

This post hits so close to home. Paranoid delusions but also beating yourself up for the nature of them being self-centered. So miserable

No. 744997

File: 1613929285299.jpeg (169.6 KB, 600x768, 2C7F2B0B-EB9A-4660-A3D2-1CC93F…)

It can look cool but pic related isn’t really my style. It’s possible to pick a random padlock like from a purse to put it on a chain as well, I think they’re pretty cute in general. typos

No. 745038

I feel bad for shayna and other cows. I would never cowtip plus they are in denial and set in their ways, but I wish I could help them be healthy and happy and lead a normal life. This is deranged of me. I know many are bad people and jerks but all I see is people falling deeper into a mess and the deeper you go, the harder it is to climb out. It's just sad to me. I don't really use that side of lc but lurked shayna earlier and saw how sad it got. I used to lurk more and post a few times which I don't think I can ever do again. I feel bad for them being so messed up but they need to learn for themselves before anyone could help them

No. 745040

I think nekopara has really cute characters and fun ideas but I wish it wasn't so goddamn scrotey. I want to play it but I don't want to get upset

No. 745042

this necklace is so cute. need

No. 745079

i used to ship skrillex and deadmau5 unironically

No. 745147

I made my first meaningful online friends on a Naruto forum in the mid noughts and we would often do heavily autistic yaoi rp on MSN.

No. 745161

Me too, anon, used to think they would look great together.

No. 745169

big mood right here, nothing bonds people as much as autistic yaoi rp did. Spoiler for mild cringe I fell in love in my first gf after many hours of Dynasty Warriors yaoi rp on AIM/MSN

No. 745277

I used to drink and drive. Nobody gave a fuck about me back then, no one in my house ever tried to stop me. One time my mom caught me after I came home and I lied my way out of it and she bought it, I realize now she definitely knew, she just didn't give a fuck about me and just wanted me to go back to my room so she didn't have to talk to me anymore. Even when I told myself I wouldn't do it and locked my keys in a safe I would get so fucking stupid and reckless when I drank. But excuses aside it's my fault, and the most shameful thing I've ever done. I am so lucky nothing bad ever happened and I never hurt anyone else. My friends all joke about how I'm the "mom friend" because I'm always offering people rides and reminding them I'll leave whatever I'm doing to come get them if they're too drunk to drive but I'll never tell them my altruism is amplified by guilt.

No. 745281

Fuck you, but glad you're not doing it anymore. Hope things are better.

No. 745309

I feel more offended when women talk shit about my looks than if men do it. If its men its just like meh scrotes being scrotes, I know yall be fucking melons, chicken sandwiches and children/pets so I'm not really pressed. But when it's a girl I be really hurt.

No. 745318

You really think yhere aren't women raping children/pets? Kek

No. 745323

Can men leave this website already? Fuck

No. 745327

I mean there are def some nasty women out here raping animals and children (there's literally beastialty websites out there that feature women fucking dogs and shit) but it's honestly not as much as men. Women are more likely to go for a hairbrush than like, an inanimate object if they wan to fuck something but for whatever reason don't have a sex toy

No. 745335

that's the thing you take out of this when op was talking about she doesn't care about a man's opinion on her? kek 96% of people who sexually abuse children are male, according to the NSVRC. control your gender

No. 745338

Leave melon fucker

No. 745360

I've gotten so lazy with masturbating that I just clench/rub my thighs together freehand and boom. Coom. It feels good but it's over so quickly.

No. 745361

I spy with my little eye, someone who fucked the wrong coconut today.

No. 745367

I fight the urge to act on my impulse to chase fakebois regularly

No. 745489

Lol this is how I masturbate. It shocks me how fast I can coom.

No. 745500

Teach me your ways oh wise ones, how does one do this?

No. 745524

Seconding. Please, reveal your secret techniques. I want to be able to stealth cum too.

No. 745529

File: 1613972571966.jpg (71.27 KB, 644x444, PRI_85080156-e1568629591676.jp…)

Found something for you to fuck.

No. 745533

This is so embarrassing but I’ve just masturbated the same my whole life, I just hold both hands between my legs when wearing underwear and grind against them and for some reason it just makes me coom really fucking fast. Idfkw. I think every woman masturbates in a unique way which is kind of beautiful but I’ve never been able to masturbate in front of a partner when they asked because they’d be like wtf are you doing? This isn’t like the pornos at all

No. 745537

Kek, whatever rocks your world.
I'll be trying later, thanks for the tip.

No. 745538

Samefagging but asking for science, should the hands be on top of each others? Are they sideway (like for a karate chop)? I'm trying to visualize but the both hands at the same time is throwing me for a loop.

No. 745555

I am so embarrassed even on anon so spoilering again
It’s hard to describe but the hands are next to each other touching below the thumbs, then I close my legs so that they are like a backwards karate chop, palms against legs, thumbs are still side by side touching, tthen just literally grind against them idk. I don’t know if the sensation would be similar to like…scissoring, but I’ve never even had sex with a woman, only men. I have done this since a disturbingly young age and just never grew out of it or felt the need to masturbate any other way kek. Hope that helps. I have kind of a large and exposed clit so that’s maybe why it works for me. I don’t really like touching my clit directly so that’s why I do it through underwear.

No. 745563

Well, thanks for sharing. I'll see if I get some results.

No. 745577

the Karate Kid Method of fapping. Maybe you can spice it up with naruto hand poses

No. 745578


No. 745584

I can't even masturbate with my hands. It's just not enough pressure.
One of my exes asked me to masturbate in front of him, and I turned him down, because he probably had a porny image, and here I am just lying on my back.

No. 745587

File: 1613983179569.png (234.6 KB, 596x429, 2y446x.png)

My groomer was a textbook troon

Last time I e-stalked them they were going off about how they hate cancel culture

No. 745655

I'm all flirt and banter with a guy 5 years younger and it feel so fucking good.
I know I shouldn't but it's been so long since I've been this giggly and smitten. I love feeling like this and it's been way too long.

No. 745917

I've had constipation issues since childhood and don't have an ED, not on any medication either. But I'm curious what the connection to EDs is.

No. 745998

>But I'm curious what the connection to EDs is
Generally not eating enough and also not eating enough fiber I guess

Even though I've started to think of age gap relationships as degenerate (especially when the man is older) I saw this couple with a 21 year old woman that loves shopping and a 53 yo rich man and I got jealous. Probably because I love clothing, shoes and other shit and would love someone buying those for me

No. 746035

i think my vaginal discharge & lubrication smells really good, especially after I masturbate I like to smell my fingers

No. 746037

I've also had constipation issues since childhood and usually shit every 4 days or so, but when I had an ED it was definitely worse. It was every 7 days or less, and even then it wasn't all that much. I guess it's mostly not eating enough and your bowels being slowed down because it basically takes longer until there's enough material for a proper shit. I remember being baffled by how little would come out, since even with eating less it felt like a week's worth of food couldn't possibly be compressed into such a tiny pebble. It sucked, mostly the bloating and knowing you're walking around with last weeks sushi still decomposing inside you.

No. 746071

i think it's actually pretty normal to like your own gross smells. if you think about it, smelling things that come out of your body is like a mini subconscious health check. there's a certain familiarity with the scent, so when it's off, you know something is up. evolution and whatnot. basically we're all sniffing ourselves but only the brave admit it

No. 746087

>smelling things that come out of your body is like a mini subconscious health check.
Discharge-chan? Is that you?

No. 746102

same, it smells slightly acidic with a hint of sweetness. yes. good pussy.

No. 746113

File: 1614031930436.jpg (579.4 KB, 1250x1125, 1613957553034.jpg)

It's kind of ironic to say this, but I feel like this site has some of the best advice, and anons here aren't as judgemental to your issues compared to redditors, twitter users, etc. Even then, if you're being a vindictive bitch anons will call you out on it. Whenever I search for advice ("Is XYZ normal?" "What do I do when ABC?"), the first few results are always either some Quora/Yahoo Answers person being very, very harsh and judgemental, some generic advice like 'bee urself!!', or just people telling you to accept the situation/behavior/whatever because it's not really that bad. I saw an answer once, regarding some weeb being in love with an anime character, and this dude literally told them they deserved to be institutionalized. Maybe it's just this specific board's culture or the fact it's all anon that makes it so nice? Idk this is just my personal experience anyway.

No. 746114

that's the same way my pussy smells!

No. 746130

I'm addicted to posting on lolcow cause my posts usually get responses. I've never had a Twitter or Tumblr or anything like that where I made original posts, so this is my only experience with getting something like social media validation. Pretty sad but also I love you bitches.

No. 746140

ILY too anon

No. 746159

My bf picks my scabs and eats them.

No. 746163

these bitches look like something out of waifu generator

No. 746164

spoiler this please

No. 746177

That's because no matter how fucked up you are, there's always another anon here who's more fucked up than you.

No. 746180

No. 746185

Holy shit that's what it is exactly!
The designs are so generic it's almost an artform by itself. The details on the clothes are mostly just drawn on without any interaction with the clothing, they just hang there. When you squint this image could be one of those neural network AI 'it looks like something's there but on closer inspection you can't figure out wtf it is' kind of pictures. It's amazing. The same goes for the proportions and anatomy. The longer I look at it the weirder it gets.
I love this image anon. Thank you for making me look at it long enough to realize that.

No. 746230

The green girl is using the ancient technique of tampon strings manipulation.

No. 746248

File: 1614046090571.jpeg (66.64 KB, 500x375, A48BA9FE-AEA9-490F-90FE-CA4D3B…)

I recently started an art account for fun and attention and this autistic guy happened to follow me. I looked through his account and a lot of his art looked like sonichu levels of art but it was the same transformer each post and I became so disgruntled and insulted that I unfollowed him and blocked him. Like seriously does my scribbles attract autists now? Fuck me

No. 746252

pretty sure they both ended up hating each other IRL

No. 746261

That reminds me of this self proclaimed "amputee artist" on instagram who commented on one of my artworks and then that same day I encountered the very same "amputee artist" again on tumblr.

No. 746281

File: 1614051581904.jpg (348.4 KB, 913x1163, tumblr_1bed57e18f92825cb291d4d…)

I want a radblr milk thread sooooo bad. But I know that would only attract degenerates, TRAs, troons and genderists

No. 746290


When you’re in the middle and can’t stomach troons or radfems

No. 746292

why don't you like radfems? legit asking, not gonna bash

No. 746293


I don’t hate them as much as the troon parade but the END ALL MEN thing stretches and after a while I feel mind numbed listening. Sure I agree most men are pricks but good god woman.

No. 746296

Speaking of sonichu. I'm on episode 21 Of that Chris Chan series on YouTube and I don't really think he's that bad? Yeah he's cringy and he says fucked things, he's definitely a lolcow and I love the series but I was expecting it to be worse? I feel like there's lots of cows on here who are a lot more worthy of being the most reported person on the internet. Ah well, there's probably more stuff up ahead I just haven't seen yet!

No. 746303

Did you see his “vagina” yet?

No. 746315

Lol that's how I feel about the neverending slapfight between misogynists and misandrists.

No. 746328

Nope! Fuck yeah, knew there had to be good shit coming. Thanks anon

No. 746349

File: 1614060721299.jpg (55.08 KB, 640x640, 1613375910131.jpg)

No. 746351

I have a fancy gaming PC with all the bells and whistles (3080, 64GB of RAM, two giant and fabulous monitors) and I've just been using it to play Stardew Valley.

No. 746353

How do you do it? My posts usually get ignored, especially if I'm actually asking for advice. At best I'll get some generic "idk lol" response.

No. 746360

uuuh I don't want to sound like I have some sort of formula for crafting image board posts, but since you asked, I guess attaching an image is probably the most important thing? Also I usually get responses when I'm expressing a strong opinion about something, so that helps. But yeah definitely attach an image if you want people to read what you said, especially if it's more than a couple sentences . Good luck anon, I hope I reply to you one day.

No. 746365

So I found out which one of my neighbours this is >>702455 and I feel kinda bad now.
Somebody in my building has been cooking weird food with a strongly unpleasant smell, I'd gag even with windows closed, I grew to hate them viscerally. Turns out it is the Asian stay-at-home husband who moved in with his local wife last year. Poor guy surely has no idea of my woes and thinks his cooking smells appetizing, I know I think the same of local food that foreigners find smells disgusting.

No. 746377

So his food is no longer gross because it's asian food? Weebs are fucking weird.

No. 746382

Oh fuck off

No. 746390

I want to have a baby with my bf one day but I feel like he wants one sooner than I do, his close friend just had a baby recently. so maybe my bf is feeling a bit of pressure or something.

No. 746418

I find people who have faced adversity in life (as in more bad than good experiences) very unattractive, to the point of disgust. They are used goods and have no value as people.

No. 746419

So if they're starting to experience more good to balance out the bad they're suddenly not "used goods" anymore? kek

No. 746422

>They are used goods and have no value as people.
This honestly seems more like there is something very wrong with you. How dare someone go through hardships in the life that they didn't choose lmao

No. 746426

Someone's been taking The 48 Laws of Power a bit too seriously.

No. 746428

I used to think guys that brought up babies or wanted them before the woman were sweet and super committed to you and I saw it as all positive and a green flag that 'he's one of the good ones'. Now that I'm older I have a bunch of friends who are split from partners and they do the vast, and I mean vast amount of work parenting their kid while the guy walked away and gets to only do the fun stuff with the kid here and there. At his leisure of course. He would never cancel any other plans to be with the kid. You have to fit the kid around his schedule.

Half of them dump the kids with the grandparents on their allotted days so the effort and disruption to their life is that minimal. I hate how life slaps you like that, I'm not even the one with a kid but I hate how reality crashed down and just witnessing that on repeat ripped that innocence away. We're in our thirties and I'm the one woman in the group that escaped that fate. Still divorced but walked away with no 20 year long (or lifelong) coparenting headache. I'd recommend most women ask themselves 'am I okay with raising this kid alone with my ex only butting in to start fights' My friends had a pattern of the man splitting when the child was around 2! Like ouch, it took them longer to plan their wedding than it took for parenthood to stop appealing to the guy once he had acheived it.

No. 746430

>Half of them dump the kids with the grandparents on their allotted days so the effort and disruption to their life is that minimal.
Fuck if this isn't my brother. I feel so bad for my mom having to be a second mother to his kids and being a constant on-call babysitter for them.

No. 746432

I've seen peoples lives turn around to a point where the offputting black cloud they had around them dissipated. It's like how someone refusing to address their mental health issues/trauma will drive people away but if you work away at it you stand a chance of stepping out of the wallowing.

Victim mentality is ugly, mainly because it masks a selfishness alot of the time. More and more men now are using that "I'm only selfish and prone to lash out cuz im depressed and got bullied once, poor me" speil. Those people clinging to "but muh bad experiences" are unbearable

No. 746435

Someone having bad experiences in their life does not mean they have "victim mentality" though.

No. 746436

I didn't say it did. It was just a train of thought I had after reading the post.

No. 746438

I just spent 2 hours typing up literal novels about my childhood neglect in the ptsd thread, felt disgusted, and deleted it. I think it was literally the longest post I've ever seen on lolcow and thats why I deleted it. It was embarrassing and I feel drained haha. If anyone caught that, I am truly sorry

No. 746587

Writing is a great way of processing things and keep your sanity on check, anon. It's probably best not to leave it out publicly in the open though, but why not write in a diary or something if that helps?

No. 746634

File: 1614095748827.png (66.48 KB, 625x626, 411ACB4D-7976-44FA-AE6C-F8118A…)

No. 746639

You need a balance of bad and good experiences or the person will be a pollyanna with no sense of perspective

No. 746641

i always color the noses in my drawings red like the tumblrite i am. you can’t stop me!

No. 746717

If I had no anxiety about my face being on the internet and had no dignity, I would seriously consider getting a Korean guy to be my pretend bf where we make AMWF couple videos and reap the profits from lowly koreaboos. I think it's cringey as hell but if you have no shame then it's an easy way to make money.

No. 746746

this is so fucking dumb lmao but i'm an anachan and whenever i see people make fun of americans for being fat online i eat even less because i'm afraid of people thinking i'm fat when i travel to europe one day

No. 746778

I know that this is going to sound obnoxious but I hope you recover OP, I've been there and it was the darkest time in my life. I remember the constant coldness, the lanugo, nearly fainting every time I showered, losing my period…it's awful and all you think about is your weight. Nothing ever feels 'low' enough. You get to your GW and then you're still not happy or you too afraid of gaining it back so you restrict more and more. If it helps, I'm recovered but actually near underweight. I live a normal life now eating what I want and working out. You can recover too, I don't know how many calories you're eating a day but it's probably insanely low. You're not going to gain 5 pounds immediately I promise, it's just in your head.
In regards to stereotypes about Americans, it doesn't even matter what you look like. They'll just say that all other Americans are fat aside from you.
I hope you can overcome your ED. You might be 'happy' being thin but ime it's a living hell to have an ED.

No. 746794

I'm not American so I have no idea why but this post made me put my food away, kek

No. 746879

I had yellow fever when I was in 7th grade and saw some Asian guy while at a district orchestra practice. I figured out what school he went to then I transferred to that school.

No. 746884

Meh. I went to Japan as a burgerfattie and literally no one cared, shopkeeps liked my money all the same. I didn't feel like I stood out in any way.

No. 746885

And? What the fuck happened then, anon? The anons must know

No. 746888

There's loads of chubby/fat people in Europe, it's seen as normal and nobody would really notice, we're not China or Japan kek (and even they don't care that much). When we bully americans, we're mostly talking about the My 600 Pound Life type of people or the Amberlyn Reeds riding their mobility scooters in Walmart. Obviously me telling you this won't cure your ed, but you really don't have anything to worry about whilst visiting here (unless you're morbidly obese, but even then you'd be fine)

No. 746889

Anon I wish you the best and I'm so sorry you struggle with that. I've never struggled with anorexia, but I do understand somewhat in regards to having an unhealthy relationship with food. It's very debilitating and you deserve better.

No. 746890

That sounds like the premise to a fairly cliche shoujo manga

No. 746926

I live in Finland and there's loads of fat people here. Preteen boys are fat because they guzzle lots of soda, but I also see Walmart-tier obeasts whenever I go to IKEA or some bigger supermarket.

No. 746990

Reminds me of that time in middle school we had to choose the high school we wanted to transfer to, and I stealthily found out which one the guy in my class I saw as my rival (I think he saw me as his rival, too) went to, and chose the same one (him, very few friends of him and me were the only ones from our entire grade who chose that school).

No. 747068

I found a twitter of the ex that left me many years ago and I can't help but check it every few months. She's always struggled with mental health but was also an amazing artist, and it makes me happy to see she came back to painting recently. I don't really think about ever contacting her, and I do feel kinda bad about seeking out that twitter since we're not in touch for a long time anymore, but I still kinda care whether she's doing okay or not and since it's a public account I hope it's not that awful of me to check it…

No. 747075

I think this is quite sweet imo.

No. 747079


No. 747151

File: 1614127347475.gif (1018.67 KB, 500x373, 2281E73C-B69E-4CD5-AD5C-E38916…)

I hate everything about this website, the userbase, the culture, and I like pissing off other anons because it’s fun as hell

No. 747155

We hate you too bitch, mwah.

No. 747213

File: 1614131901908.gif (3.47 MB, 346x360, 07a.gif)

nta but i agree with her fuck you

No. 747254

Okay, if that's how you wanna use your finite time on this earth.

No. 747267

I'm a total burnout that dropped out of high school, got a ged, then dropped out of college too
I'm very dumb and mentally ill and only able to function on sleeping pills, so I decided I needed to get a man to take care of me
the only things I like are lingerie and jewelry, handheld nintendo consoles, and board games
I'm now fully sponsored living in a nice ass house with a grateful nerd who thought he was gonna die alone
I sleep most of the days away thanks to god's greatest gift of sleeping pills, I wear lingerie and jewelry, and when my nerd gets home from work, I play board games and ds download play
you can make it, even as a total burnout worthless loser, there is hope

No. 747278

I am so fascinated by Nik that if I saw a look-alike I would die.

No. 747291

File: 1614139617521.jpg (54.63 KB, 891x600, 130249869_10157560900471237_90…)

fucking with this one bpd chick on the reg and witnessing her lose her mind after hurting so many people for years because she cant handle online 'rejection' being a twitch streamer. shit i sleep good

No. 747296

Having a crush is making me so happy and motivated.
I really wish I didn't need a man to be driven but god, do I love this warm fuzzy feeling. I feel like I'm on top of the world.

No. 747459

please get a crush on yourself it's the only way to be

No. 747462

I lost my sex drive to the point I am not interested in ever having sex but I still date men. I'd do it if they did something amazing as a reward I guess but my standards are pretty high.

No. 747469

Be more precise about what you hate, if you are not I'm just gonna assume that you are a pick me in an age gap relationship with some scrote from 4chan.

No. 747470

Why do you speak like you are some sort of authority on this site?

No. 747471

I was raised in an environment where food is shared often in order not to be wasted so I often offer food/take if it's offered when else it would be wasted… just realized some of my friends may have been offended at me offering them it… ahah… I want to die

No. 747472

No. 747479

Why would they be offended? Genuine question because I offer food to my friends sometimes too

No. 747481

I don't know, I'm overthinking this because sometimes they rejected somewhat coldly. In retrospect I think they were dieting and I just didn't realize. But I have a person in mind who probably didn't even like me that much in the first place

No. 747497

They likely assumed that you thought they were poor.

No. 747504

I think I no longer love my boyfriend, meanwhile I mean the world to him.

Is there any way to still make it work?

No. 747505

Nah, sis

No. 747506

No. If you don't love him it's better to just end it now so he can move on and you won't have the burden of being in a loveless relationship

No. 747517

I've developed a bit of a crush on a woman who works in a local store. No idea what way she bats or if she's single. The most we've talked was when I bought an energy drink and she asked what my fave Monster was, then we ranked the different flavors and she recommended mango loco to me. That's it.

Today I overheard her telling a customer that she turned 30 the other day. I have no belief in star signs but when I got home I looked hers up and saw that we're apparently the worst match in terms of signs.

Think I'd be pretty creeped out if I found out a customer at my workplace had looked up my starsign for compatibility. Not a proud moment.

No. 747523

I'm glad this sounds good enough that someone thinks it's fake

No. 747545

>recommended mango loco to me
based worker, those are so good

No. 747599

What is your sign? Kek

No. 747669

okay so basically i had my first yeast infection as an adult from being an idiot and using one of those feminine foam cleansers after reading millions of times why you shouldnt use that shit. Anyway because i hadnt had one in so long I was kinda in denial so I went to look at my vagina with one of those magnifying mirrors and low and behold i had one. It finally went away on its own but not after having an allergic reaction to the monistat i used lmao. To double check i took a closer look at my vagina to make sure everything was back to normal. This is embarrassing to admit but i've never really liked to look at my vagina i just always assumed it was ugly and weird looking. But BITCH my pussy is so pretty i was actually shocked. I could not stop looking at her. Like it irks me because for so long i went through life not really enjoying having sex because i just assumed i had an ugly vagina because im black and most guys like "pink vaginas" but bitch my chocolate snatch is gorgeous. its this pretty brown color and when you open it up SURPRISE its pink inside (duh) but like i just love the juxtaposition of it. My lips are kinda skinny and not fat and puffy like i wish but like who gives a fuck?? Basically almost everyday i come home from work now i examine my pussy by just spreading wide and its honestly been making me so horny. I cant believe i let dudes with ugly dicks even come near my pretty ass puss. Even my butthole is cute as hell i was mesmerized. Girls please if you dont do so already marvel at the beauty that is your puss puss. Just thinking about how cute my vagina is gets me wet. It even has a little mole inside. Pussies are so fucking pretty i cant believe i believed the meme that vaginas are ugly. I am so upset with myself. But yeah my confession is the site of my pussy makes me wet as fuck.

No. 747686

ANON i was sad but then i saw your post and laughed. fuck you for ruining my sad mood lol jk thank you also i'm happy for u enjoy your beautiful vagina

No. 747695

File: 1614187973384.jpg (34.48 KB, 480x409, 2f1414bf99bb3732bc0bf2e0d673dd…)

Wait what's wrong with foam cleansers? I use regular vag wash, really only for my ass but I didn't know foam cleansers were bad.

Anyway, I kinda relate to the rest of the post. I use to think my vagina was ugly when I was younger, cause I have a big-ish clit. It just didn't look like the other vaginas I saw (aka the girls in the porn I watched) so I was kinda insecure about it till I realized that my pussy is literally fine and there's other black women that have a coochie like mine. Anyway, keeping have a cute vagina anon! I really loved reading your post lmao

No. 747727

im glad you like your coochie anon, as you should.
Reminds me that I have 2 litle freckles on the front mound part, spaced out a bit from each other and my bf calls it a vampire bite bah

No. 748054

File: 1614210534387.gif (92.69 KB, 480x272, FF8E045B-5E48-40A5-8255-5AB2E0…)

Managed to get a paypig. Getting gifts and cash that goes straight into stonks. I can’t believe it was this easy.

No. 748056

straight up paypig or bf too?

No. 748069

Just a paypig. I have no use for boyfriends after trying to turn them into decent men since I was 15.

No. 748072

queen shit, blessed be your profits
I like having a bf so I don't have to drive or go anywhere either, but to be fair, I'm also a drugee lol

No. 748073

This was yearssss ago but a coworker invited me over to his place so I went since we had been having a lot of fun goofing off at work. We had some drinks and watched some movies and eventually he kissed me. It was a really nice evening up until the kiss which after it was done he immediately said "I'm gay but I'll still fuck you if you have a shaved ass"

I left even though my ass was shaved

No. 748076

Was he going to fuck your pussy and just stare at your ass or fuck your ass?

I fucked a gay guy once and it was PIV with me facing away, I don't even know if he was looking at me from behind. I imagined he was thinking about anyone else than me. It finished quick so probably lol

No. 748078

This is why I cant do casual sex with scrotes. I want to be 100% sure the man I am fucking is attracted to me.

No. 748094

Nta but I have fucked and even long term dated guys where I can't honestly say I was attracted. Never really thought much about whether that's the norm or messed up

No. 748097

Yeah but a scrote not being attracted to you and fucking you is a new level of low. I could never let a scrote use me to masturbate.

No. 748101

I feel like men use very attractive women to just get off aswell, being attracted isn't the same as loving you and caring

No. 748106

I'm aware that scrotes use hot women for sex too but they also fuck people/animals they're not attracted to as well and I dont want to be that "gross bitch I just unloaded my balls in to get off". Its very degrading no thanks.

No. 748140

File: 1614218204933.jpg (210.12 KB, 1136x640, EumNeywWgAADCWS.jpg)

i never thought i'd be transphobic but god trannies are so irritating. i feel no better than /pol/tards that scream over minorities or general misogynists but i also can't deny the way i feel any longer. so much of trans shit makes no sense. if it's a mind-based issue why are we treating the body? why is t in lgbt, "transgenderism" isn't a sexuality. and why the fuck are trannies so goddamn annoying holy shit. you want to be the other gender. what's the point of trying to make every character trans or write trans characters in my d&d hobby spaces then cry over nobody wanting to write with your trannies. fuck off!

No. 748143

this is more fitting for the vent thread probably

No. 748169

i'm confessing, anon

No. 748175

>i feel no better than /pol/tards that scream over minorities or general misogynists
The greatest trick trannies ever pulled was convincing the world hating them is bigotry, despite the fact that their ideology is inherently bigoted.

Hate on em all you want, you're not /pol/ adjacent considering they're blatant misogynist.

No. 748216

File: 1614223949179.jpeg (74.01 KB, 750x962, 2CCD75E3-6020-4330-9AB0-ECF4E3…)

me laughing at anons speculating that I’m a male for being cartoonishly aggressive with my responses

No. 748248

How edgy

No. 748252

stop that

No. 748258

No. 748293

File: 1614229035321.png (906.46 KB, 700x525, 91C662C0-2AF6-4790-B580-050B8D…)

I live in the constant twilight zone between loathing wanton consoomerism and coveting anime shit daydreaming about building ita room

No. 748306

File: 1614230484515.jpg (23.94 KB, 640x639, FB_IMG_1613789490302.jpg)

Several of my exs still arent over me even a few years later and it gives me such an ego boost hehe

No. 748308

Queen shit.

No. 748317

embrace the dark side comrade, hedonism is where it’s at. collect the dumb kawaii stuff, whoever said things don’t make you happy is a liar.

No. 748318

I try my very best not to have strong attraction preferences for east asian people but I genuinely have since I was 12, before this whole K-pop thing and before I even knew what anime was. I never listened to j-pop but I fucking had a crush on all members of Super Junior, not even sure how I found out about them. I just hate that now it feels very offensive and stereotypical to ooze over an east Asian person. I'm bi so I love both genders. However… I have been burned so many times by them, as far as racist prejudice goes, so I just keep my distance. I'm sure they've been on the receiving end of racism from my people so I get it.

This is not bait.

No. 748328

My yellow fever died the time one of those kpop looking faggots recorded me while we were fucking and shared it with his friends. It's ok to have yellow fever though, all men are trash anyway, might as well fuck the ones you like.

No. 748348

File: 1614235197589.png (108.47 KB, 639x276, tumblr_inline_p7oc0dit9v1uqx6m…)

My boyfriend is 17 and I am 20. I just turned 20 this month and he is turning 18 in May. I feel like such a cradlerobber. But I love him. We've known each other since he was 13 going on 14 and I just turned 17. And we got together back then too. We drifted apart but we reunited and awoooga he got so tall and manly looking he's still got them boyish charms tho

No. 748351

File: 1614235485480.jpg (8.59 KB, 200x192, download.jpg)

I love it when scrotes lecture me on how it's pointless to fight back if I'm ever mugged or burgled because they're soooo much bigger and stronger. Their testicle brains always short-circuit whenever I tell them I served in the army for 2 years and own a gun so it doesn't matter, usually the response is something like
>Yeah but it does matter! Men are so strong in fact that they'll somehow Naruto run to you and wrestle the gun out of your hands! I'm saying this to protect you here, you're the one in danger!
Stay pressed, worm.

On that note, I can't stand Americans or their opinions. I can't say where I'm from without getting dragged into a political debate over poor Moslems on one side, or being accused of supposedly stealing their money on the other. Just fuck off already, nobody likes you. I'm starting to feel like an irl shitpost, there's always a reaction of some kind. Leave me alone.

No. 748367

I can't really hear a difference between the letter b and v. If someone talks to me about marvbvbvbvel, I'm not sure if they're talking about the comic thingy or some shiny tiny glass ball.

No. 748368

Lucky. Also three years is a pretty small difference, I wouldn't sweat it too hard.

No. 748369

I've been having weird dreams about Jesus even tho I am not religious. The dream always starts with us hanging out on a swingset but then he has to go, I cry and he promises that he will come back. Today I had the same dream again. Am I just lonely or am I really being friends with Jesus? Doesn't help that he is good looking.

No. 748386

Haha you have been chosen nonny, become the next virgin queen~ (sorry he will never actually bang you tho)

No. 748434

I think he's your friends, please ask him to perform some miracles for us nonny

No. 748479

The mtf thread is full of abdl talk right now so I've just been reminded of a time when I was living in an area where I had no friends and after being dumped I was so desperate for company to get me through that rough patch..that I befriended a furry abdl scrote just so I could grab coffee with someone local and basically use them for distraction/venting til I moved away again. He was literally just the first scrote that was down to meet me the day after my split. When I moved two months later I ghosted him but I don't feel much guilt given who he was and that he was likely hanging on waiting to fuck me or get me in a diaper someday.

He wasn't diagnosed as autistic but sure seemed it. Lived at home at 27 and had no job, bought diapers and onesies with his benefit money and had no plans in life beyond indulging these kinks. His parents knew about his diapers as he 'refused to hide that side of himself in his own home' He had no concept of social norms so me venting to him about my ex was tolerated and that was all I needed from him. We took turns buying the coffees and I don't think he had many other friends outside of online so if nothing else I got him out of his parents house and introduced him to what normal twenty-somethings do.

At times things seemed normal, I'd update him on my moving plans. We were just two people in their late twenties grabbing a coffee together and chatting like normal functioning adults, to passers by or people at the next table we wouldn't look like massive fucking weirdos. But he'd be talking about adult diaper brands for half the conversation so I knew we were the losers. Good times.

The best part was when he hinted at his interest in possibly moving with me..my guy you have no job. I only know you a few weeks. I'm moving back to the far end of the country and I'm not taking a (presumably freeloading?) diaper wearing roommate along with me.

No. 748511

this is fascinating anon. how did you befriend him to begin with?

No. 748538

Kek you do you anon. I’m white and long before I ever found out about kpop my preschool “boyfriend” was Korean. I’m learning Korean now as I’m interested in some facet of their country that’s related to my work. As an adult I’ve only dated two guys and they were both hispanic. I find men of all races attractive tbh but I likely will never date an asian guy because them being interested in me makes me wonder what their motivations are. Idk the name but there’s some subreddit full of Asian American men reeeing about white men stealing Asian American women while simultaneously fetishizing AMWF as some sort of revenge. I know all Asian guys aren’t like that ofc but men in general are trash that I avoid anyways. The cultural misogyny is not just towards AM for instance, I find some black men attractive for example as well but BM’s general misogyny and their behavior towards black women puts me off. Especially the latter which is fucking disgusting and makes my heart break.

No. 748549

i shut down any advances that could even slightly be perceived as romantic and i make sure i don't hang out with friends often, because i feel like it's irresponsible to get close to people when i plan to kill myself by the end of the year.
if they're not as attached to me they won't care, but i do plan to pretend i'm only moving away so nobody suspects anything

No. 748584

File: 1614267440590.jpeg (61.49 KB, 722x1024, 584ACA12-9C2C-4629-8B1B-ADADF7…)

I hate age gap scrotery so much but fuck, the old man from Ojisama to Neko is adorable and such a GDilf (gpilf? PopPopPilf?) I’d honestly marry him.

No. 748589

…is he in love with the cat or something? I don't think an age gap is the real issue in that relationship.

No. 748593

anon is talking about the guy and herself…

No. 748607

I feel dirty and gross when I weight more than 110lbs

No. 748608

Oh sorry lmao. I thought it was one of those mangas where the story is centered around the character(s) romantic relationship

No. 748610

But what about us here anon? Please reconsider. Reach out to your friends, get a fuckbuddy that will be too good to just abandon, just reconsider.

No. 748613

Anon, the manga is about a guy with a rejected cat living together a comfy and sweet life.

No. 748615

Good taste! 2D men is above 3D pigs in every way so different rules. Love your ojisan husbando with all your heart anon.

No. 748630

God I want to fuck the head of my department at work so badly. Some mid 40's american who's nothing special in the looks department (even if he were young), but he's extremely competent at his job and very charismatic and my admiration has now become a crush. I would never actually fuck him because I value my career and reputation too much, but if you were to tell me I could sleep with him with complete guarantee nobody would ever know, I'd do it in a heartbeat.

No. 748774

Anyone else literally fear getting fat?

No. 748782

After gaining weight last year I'm definitely starting to feel that more an more

No. 748789

No you're the one and only true anachan on this site

No. 748790

No. Obviously I don't want to get fat but it's childishly easy to not become fat.

No. 748814

I'm lowkey impressed that people can eat past the point of being full and just getting fatter and fatter. Honestly. The shits these people must take. I never want to experience it myself, but I'm just like awestruck, when I'm out at a restaurant and I'm just stuffed and want to eat more but it hurts I think, wow, that's how fat people get fat. The inner strength.

No. 748865

Great confession anon.

No. 748867

When I was a kid my father was an obese binge eater who would literally eat all of the snacks in the fridge and all of the leftovers. So when me and my siblings were hungry there was no food left. We had to fight for a second portion at dinner because my dad would just eat everything so I would also always load up my plate and eat past fullness because I was scared that he would eat all of it again and there wouldn't be any left if I got hungry one or two hours later. I also sometimes hid snacks in my room. I got chubby this way. After I moved out of my parents house and struggeling with food for 10 years (binge eating, going ana, going on diets and binge eating again) I am finally able to eat normally and stop when I am full. I am now at a normal BMI and try to listen to my body. It was a hard fight but worth it.

No. 748876

It's pretty easy. Just become emotionally dependent on food and eat all your problems away.

No. 748885

i mean i have an ed and would kill myself if i ever weighed more than 120 pounds so yeah

No. 748891

File: 1614280696814.jpg (48.88 KB, 1217x765, G3DBfnA.jpg)

Everyone is saying how they hate season 4 Mikasa but my butch loving ass loves her more like this. That and it stays true to how she looks in the manga

No. 748893

Mikasa is one of the only people who looked better this season. I haven't watched yet, but I want s4 artstyle back

No. 748903

I think they went with a whole new studio since the budget was cut. I didn't appreciate all the titans being 3d models but eh. Budget cuts suck but they happen

No. 748906

Reverse trap Mikasa is patrician tier

No. 748918


No. 748919

Samefag when are we gonna finnaly have an AoT thread. The Narutards have one, I'm jealous.

No. 748944

that sounds disgusting and horrible you had to grow up like that. glad to hear you were able to overcome your issues with food.

No. 748947

Wtf I love AoT now. Seriously though I could never get into this show. Eren is a whiny bitch and he doesn't deserve Mikasa.

No. 748954

When an anime's token wifu becomes it's husbando. Everyones gay for Mikasa

No. 748963


No. 748968

This Mikasa + early manga Eren is a thousand times hotter concept than the stupid manlet x eren ship

No. 748970

I never would have guessed Bill Burr posts here

really though, I'm sorry that's your childhood, that's miserable

No. 748973

>early manga Eren is hot.
Anon, no he is not.

No. 748975

Man who even ships Eren with anyone at all. When there are so many superior ships ripe for picking.
Seriously, generic isekai MC lookin mf

No. 748978

this and levi a shit too

No. 748979

File: 1614285106637.jpg (Spoiler Image, 21.25 KB, 456x350, yumihisu_by_lesly_oh_dbbnld2-3…)

Exactly. I'm not a shipper at all (with one exception), but Mikasa & Eren is the worst ship, right next to Historia & Eren and Ereri. So basically all the Eren ships are bad.

All the real bitches know the best SNK ship is YumiKuri

No. 748985

> Historia & Eren
Genuinely can not imagine the type of degenerate who would ship this, not even as crack

No. 749009

File: 1614287388666.jpg (24.74 KB, 288x450, 257426128-288-k336434.jpg)

Yumikuri is indeed the best ship. I can't ship Eren with anyone since i think he is an asshole. I hope Mikasa stops being a simp and chooses someone better.

No. 749021

I think Mikasa is an A+ character but I don't know if I can ship them with anyone? Hopefully a character steps up since I agree, I would be so upset if she ends up with Eren.

No. 749095

I'm so upset with the direction Historia's character is taking in the recent episodes, I ship the fuck out of YumiKuri, they were adorable together and they were two of my favourite characters. SEASON 4 SPOILERS: Can't deal with Historia being straight/pregnant with what's most likely Eren's child. Also she was really fucking annoying when she was pestering Mikasa about the sign on her hand. "When did you show Eren this?" fuck off I didn't remember you being such an annoying cockroach

Seconding this, I'm loving the unfortunately very few moments Mikasa is autonomous and doesn't say Eren's name every 5 seconds. She seems like a really badass character and I hope she'll listen to the others when they're telling her Eren has changed and is an asshole I kinda got spoilt about this to some degree but that's alright(go to /m/ to sperg about anime, stop derailing)

No. 749195

Sometimes anons in the unpopular opinions thread make me feel insecure.

No. 749205

Reminded of this by the baby talk in another thread.

I cannot tell babies apart unless they're different ethnicities or one has a visible disability or deformity. If I've ever aww'd at your kid, it was a lie. I can't tell if they've got daddy's eyes or mummy's nose. It looks like all babies look like to me.

One of my secret fears is that one day I will be charged with looking after somebody's baby and I'll accidentally put it down near other babies and then I'll give the wrong baby back. Or I'll have a baby myself and the nurses will take me to look through a window at all the little cots and go "your baby is in here!" and I will have no idea which baby to look at.

No. 749210

>call them a retard
>stop feeling insecure

No. 749211

No. 749212

Normies mad

No. 749242

This reminds me of seeing Britain’s biggest family and their 22 kids on TV. The parents look like siblings and all the kids look the same. I found a gossip forum about them and the users were debating which sibling the new baby looked like. I don’t understand how some people can look at a newborn and say “yes, she looks just like Katie”

No. 749256

Parents who have so many kids are so selfish. I watched one of those documentarys and the kids (mainly the older kids) just looked fucking misrable and many would comment that they never get any attention from the parents. Its like they are addicted to the "baby phase" and when the kid starts growing up its boring now so they'll have another

No. 749374

Some of the negative opinions and generalizations about people with certain disorders, or people who look a certain way, things like that, and the fact that several anons agree with these views has me thinking that a lot of farmers would probably hate me irl. Of course I know it's called unpopular opinions for a reason but I care more about what people here think than a normal person's opinion. Although even a normal person might hold some of these views and just not say it out loud.

No. 749375

If it makes you feel better, I'm sure there are a lot of farmers that don't agree with that stuff. I for one didn't agree with a lot of stuff said in that thread recently.

No. 749381

I kinda want to dump my bf for a woman.

No. 749422

Anons also defend you too so try to focus on that. Most of the time bitches just say shit just to say them. Don’t internalize any of it.

No. 749440

I used to be like this, but it turns out I just haven't been exposed to enough babies to start noticing the differences. I don't like babies and avoid looking at them, so it's no wonder it took me so long, but now when I look at a baby I can see its unique inherited features.

No. 749491

I'm definitely a schizo and I won't take my meds but I honestly think some people are possessed. Like there are certain mental viruses you can get infected with if you do too much stupid shit, and they are indeed conscious on a level that humans don't comprehend yet. If we knew how conscious they are, we'd probably be scared, and then push that information to the back of our minds because it's too much. I feel like one day there'll be an article on some pop science site that confirms this. I also don't believe intrusive thoughts are organic, and they were never as common as they are today. It's probably on purpose. Find a single ancient scripture that references them. At most, you'll get something about the evil impulses of man, but which of them speak of wanting to randomly fucking chop off one's own fingers or any of the other shit we see zoomers discuss? How come there are literal evil voices speaking to so many people on a really low volume, and they think it's all coming from their own minds?
Have you heard of that one insect that burrows into other insects and walks around in their zombified bodies? You'd think the other insects wouldn't be so vulnerable because that particular insect is clearly a fucking moving corpse, acting erratic. But no.
Look into the eyes of some kinds of mentally ill people. It's not just poor nutrition that creates some of these effects, I'm sorry.

No. 749496

File: 1614328984199.png (74.07 KB, 400x249, F6858932-4434-4A85-B080-66873D…)

When I’m mad or upset with someone I have no intention of forgiving within any incoming hours/days(I guess they could he called “unimportant” people), I consume horror and slasher media and imagine they are the ones suffering until the character dies. Afterwards it’s as if I was never hurt or upset in the first place, and I don’t harbor ill will towards them anymore.

No. 749505

Anon if it helps, you seem to be a kind person and there are at least three people here who don't hate you.

My confession: people being nice to each other on lolcow of all places makes me scratch my head because most of them hate each other too. I only come here to release my anger on people I don't like and I find baiting and infighting very cathartic.

No. 749508

Anon have you considered the amount of extremely violent imagery people are exposed to nowadays compared to previous generations? There's no need for demonic brain burrowing parasites when we have an entire genre of entertainment that revolves around watching people being tortured and brutalized in shocking, hyper realistic ways. Shit's fucked for sure, but it's way more mundane in nature than what you're suggesting. Unless there are literal Satans controlling the media, which I honestly wouldn't deny at this point, kek. and no this isn't some veiled allusion to Jews, just soulless scrotes that want to debase humanity.

No. 749514

I agree with you tbh

No. 749515

You're conflating morality and society with demons.

No. 749528

Okay, but why do you think some people would want to debase humanity? Especially ones who have enough power and money to do what they want already? Why do we have all this extreme imagery just now, as opposed to before? Catholics had some pretty hyper-violent imagery and all, but it basically pales in comparison to what we have now. We all know bad people exist, but they’re usually focused on what they can directly get. What we have now is a mass of things that affect everyone negatively, and will propagate beyond any of the showrunners. They will literally die before they can get the full brunt of whatever sadistic highs they’re seeking because it’s millions of people to the point of redundancy, but they still keep pumping mass amounts of money into things that give people brain worms.
You say “soulless” and ik you didn’t mean it literally but I feel like you get it in some way. If this was all natural, it wouldn’t have to be a constant push to degeneracy and it wouldn’t be so modern. There is effort being placed into this, and I’m just not seeing which humans it’s actually benefiting. Something that feeds off bad brain chemicals and needs a lot of it to survive, though? Yeah that’d make perfect sense

Thanks anon

I’m not even really focused on morality, that’s another ballpark. Humans can be immoral for their own gain, yeah. But find one society where people were just chilling ruminating about crushing their dicks with rocks and jumping into the ocean. Not for religious reasons, not because it’s their fetish, not because they’re mad at their family, not even because they actually want to. Just “an intrusive thought” and that’s it, and we all shrug and say “It do be like that”? No, bullshit.

No. 749590

Anon i feel like you on this. I also feel like intrusive thoughts can be brought by the thoughts/secrets/ of people near you. I had very specific intrusive thoughts in a period of my life that after some time I could link with the disgusting secret of someone who was near me at te time.
At the time of int th i did not know their secrets.

No. 749751

File: 1614359212540.jpg (Spoiler Image, 80.58 KB, 1000x1105, 1566792211768.jpg)

I don't know if it's love or just traumatized, but anyways I still think about him nearly everyday though I try not to. He was a ruskie and my current bf is from one of the baltic states that really hates them because of the whole soviet era. So everytime my bf mentions that country, my mind remembers him. Ofc I love my bf, he's great, but maaaan this sucks. Never dated the other guy, but tldr; teenager being sexually naive with older man with sorta a relationship? never official. He did abuse me and i am not sure why my mind makes up scenarios where he is tender when the real thing was manipulative and a woman-beater. Sometimes i wish he would comfort me years later despite everything. I'm so torn about that. Re-posted cos wrong thread whoops.

No. 749812

Speaking as someone with severe OCD. I think people are just more confident talking about them. Intrusive thoughts are horrific to the point where you genuinely don't want to live and I imagine most people in history who had them probably just offed themselves like those with depression. They've definitely existed in the world for awhile, maybe they're not mentioned in "ancient texts" (I personally haven't researched that far) but they are in texts that predate the 1900s.

I kind of like the idea of brain worms crawling around in my head making me have intrusive thoughts and repeat actions. Maybe one day we will come out with some juice that will make the worms crawl out of our scalp and people will be OCD/anxiety free.

No. 749838

The part about intrusive thoughts makes no sense, imo. Yeah, intrusive thoughts haven't always been called intrusive thoughts so finding ancient scriptures that say "intrusive thoughts" would be pretty difficult. It's not a new thing though, and I'm sure there has been hundreds of people with intrusive thoughts throughout history. Also, intrusive thoughts caused by mental illness aren't "organic" and tbh I don't think I've ever seen someone say they are.
>How come there are literal evil voices speaking to so many people on a really low volume, and they think it's all coming from their own minds?
…because that's mental illness? I don't think most people with intrusive thoughts think it's "coming from their mind" cause they know they don't want to think that kind of stuff, but they also understand it's in their head if that makes sense.

I have intrusive thoughts due to ocd, and tbh it's a tiny bit offensive (to me) to see someone say that people with intrusive thoughts are possessed. Ma'am, I was just born with bad brain chemistry

No. 749855

I hate how suicide ideations have slowly crept back into my brain because of the pandemic, I'll do something random and suddenly I'll think that I want to off myself. I know I won't do it (at least not while my parents are still alive), but I'm already miserable enough like that.
I also hate how angry I've become, I'm sick of my job and my retarded coworkers and I don't know when I'll be able to get a new one in these trying times.

No. 749865

Oh anon I identify with this so much, you’re not alone. The accidentally being reminded of that shit is the worst but just keep powering through. A local cow (on another site) had the same name as my dickhead ex and at first I couldn’t even read the threads without feeling shit. Now after reading for months, when I hear that name I first think of the cow rather than the ex. Exposure therapy can work! I hope the best for you.

No. 749909

I'll give it a try, thank you anon. Same with you, hopefully things unfold in a nice way in your life.

No. 749912

I don't feel bad for anyone who voted for republicans in Texas. They're openly unempathetic towards poor people, minorities, women, young people, rape victims, etc and now the texas residents are shocked when they don't give a shit about them either

No. 750050

Everything I've learned about Homestuck has been against my will.

No. 750052

We're in this bitch together, you and me

No. 750057

I know that feel, but about most of the media I actually consume, being a pushover is suffering.

No. 750059

I treat men like garbage and cheat in every relationship I’ve ever been in.

No. 750070

I'm right there with you sister

No. 750072

too bad the texans who don't support republicans have to suffer for their stupidity

No. 750074

I like to wear tunics as dresses so my butt shows
I only go out late/to places kids won't be at, I'm not sick, I just like to show it off

No. 750077

Wait so is it a tunic dress or just regular tunic you adjust to be a dress. I kinda wanna try this too, but idk if a tunic would be long or tight enough to show my butt

No. 750078

oh I meant tunic like long shirt
you should do it, it's fun

No. 750212


there is a chick in my town who always is ass out in this same fashion. like I don't even know her and have seen her ass cheeks and panties so many times just from crossing paths and her not owning pants maybe? it is disturbing and looks ridiculous anon

No. 750218

Had a classmate who always flashed her ass and it kept bothering everyone because she kept doing it around customers so I just told her to cover her ass up from there on. Cathartic.

No. 750219

just like my chinese cartoons

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