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No. 154272

last thread: >>115141

No. 154273

Gonna start this thread by saying that I kinda am into the idea of temporary bimbofication. Going back and forth between intelligent career woman to mindless fuck machine on a switch.

Also, unironically male feet, as long as they're clean and the toenails are trimmed

No. 154277

I get it. I think it has something to do with being in control of your life but not in the bedroom, plus being desired by your partner.

OT, but I think browsing here and learning more and more about porn/how female sexuality is groomed and socialized has killed fetishes that I once had, and that kinda sucks, but I can't put my finger on why.

No. 154280

i want to suck off two guys at once while they makeout

No. 154282

in practise, im pretty vanilla, i like some choking. recently discovered weed makes me a lot more sensitive so thats fun, still hate it though. im also into temporary bimbo shit, which is bland.

when it comes to porn though i fell down a fucking pornsick scrote hole unfortunately. non-con gets me going, teacher student stuff, public humilation, anal, large forced insertions, urethra penetration, pissing inside the girl, wax play, black mail, cuck stuff (cheating on the girlfriend, rare genre) anything and everything humiliation and degradation is my thing.

but only in theory, i'd never do that shit IRL and its not hot. my cuck fetish was only born from me sexualizing my own trauma, same with the rapey shit. unfortunately knowing the cause doesn't make it less appealing to me

No. 154283


may or may not have fantasized about doing that with two of my husbandos

No. 154308

Based fellow female footfag

No. 154309

No. 154361

My people. Is footfaggotry really that bad? Feet are just another human body part.

I'm into bimbofication as well and I feel like that fetish is just so bizarre/out there that I could never bring it up to a partner. I'm a huge sadomasochist and I have no shame telling guys I want to cut them with a knife but admitting that wearing slutty clothes turns me on? Nah son.

No. 154363


another female footfag here. i’m surprised there’s so many of us here.

No. 154365


Interesting actually, when I look up foot fetish in women on the internet all I find is wlw with female feet fetishes, or women who just like their feet massaged. For such a long time I thought I was the only one who actually liked dudes' feet.

No. 154366


Samefagging to lament over the fact that there is pretty much no barefoot fanart of my husbandos, even if some of them do have barefoot scenes in the source material

No. 154368

I dont understad how people are more grossed out with feets than other fetishes, i like female and male feets, theyre pretty cute

No. 154370

I have a legitimate snuff fetish (as in being the victim). I do not watch snuff porn (real or fake) though bc the visuals gross me out (and it's of immoral), but I do read read a lot of erotica regarding it. Bonus points if it involves men in military gear.

I have no clue where it comes from bc I'm not suicidal or sexually repressed in any way.

No. 154384

i don't understand the appeal of teacher student porn. imo it's similar to incest, teachers have a parental role.

No. 154386

Finally someone made a new thread so I can confess. I developed a scrote tier fetish for breast inflation and hypnosis. I don't consider it bimboification because the focus in my fantasies is a women with big breasts hypnotizing other women, the more obedient they become the bigger their breasts grow, up to around a G cup.

No. 154400

i and so many of my friends have rape fantasies. wtf is wrong with us?

No. 154402

File: 1602133517650.jpeg (73.43 KB, 455x673, D3FBB62F-30D1-4EED-889D-83D2BF…)

I want to force a priest to have sex with me

No. 154417

its power play like most of my fetishes. i thankfully never delved into any DDLG bullshit because thats too far even for me, its just the dynamic of sexy older teacher yknow. pretty common kink, as well as general schoolyard teasing and humiliation.

No. 154427

I like guro but usually only involving males/men getting hurt, I cant do weird misogynistic scrote guro. I wanna pull a fictional cute boy's guts out while he cries. No dom/sub shit, just pure violence. i did however enjoy boyfriend to death and all the spinoff games a lot but i think its because it was created through more of a female gaze

No. 154429

You hate yourselves/watched too much porn/you fetishized being raped to cope with the fear of being raped/you were sexually abused.

No. 154433

I have a foot fetish but I think men with foot fetishes are nasty, does anyone feel the same way?

No. 154435

Men are degenerate by default but women are not, so it's understandable. Women are only degenerate if they try to please male coomers tbh

No. 154440

It can certainly be more of a power thing. Penetration is symbolic of possession, and therefore, domination, so sex is inherently is slightly already degrading to women if we're looking at it through that lens. So me imagining myself in the role of the aggressor, penetrating a man/making him penetrate me when he doesn't want to be gives me a feeling of power I usually don't experience sexually. But when I realized most men probably feel a mix of getting of purely physically and on their upper hand in the dynamic during the act of sex, it slightly scares me. I'm also quite unassuming and timid in public most of the time, so the draw to having this fetish is intensified. Anyways, I suppose that's your long-winded answer.


Men with foot fetishes just seem to be really into feet. I'm also a degen footfag - feet are kind of hot to me, but certainly not the best part of the male body imo.

No. 154441

Do fetishes necessarily have to involve you? Like when you're horny and can only imagine vanilla settings but when browsing a porn page you search for terrible shit happening to other ppl that you'd never want to happen to you?

No. 154443

I’m into body horror, transformation, and bodily changes in general. Maybe more so than plain vanilla sex.

No. 154444

Feet lover as well but I really hate a lot of foot pics. They always seem so in your face.

No. 154447

Nah, I used to be really into maggots etc (like girls rubbing them on their pussies), I'd sooner die than let that happen to me but maybe that's why it's my fetish.

No. 154448

I like mommydom shit

No. 154450

wtf is temporary bimbo shit

No. 154451

Anon you probably read it already but blowfly girl came to my mind when i saw your post

No. 154461

NTA but same, I'm not into messed up stuff like that at all but that story was weirdly hot

No. 154466

I think i might be lowkey into mommydom, but it might just be attraction to motherly women/caring mature girls with big titties
That being said, I’ve come to terms with having a lactation/breastfeeding kink. I’m mildly ashamed but would sooo want to do it irl if I met a cute girl who lactates

No. 154470

the categories of "mind break" and "moral degeneration" are adjacent to this for me. I def think this is something that lends itself well to radfem critique lmao but it does still pique my pussy's interest so to speak

>>154402 watch Fleabag lol

also idk if its a fetish but I kinda like when I don't really see the dude's face - current global pandemic mayhem got me kind of flustered on public transport sometimes

No. 154476

Thank god I'm not the only woman into mommy dom stuff. I'm a really coddly type person and I would love to date someone who enjoys the fetish kek. Daddy doms creeps me out but for some reason mommy doms don't.

No. 154482

File: 1602195250039.gif (1.86 MB, 480x270, thanks_adam_kovic.gif)

I found the Adam Kovic leaked pics pretty hot, which is exceptional because the whole debacle gives me massive coomer brain rot vibes. There's something titillating about semi-public sex stuff, and I like the idea of a guy doing this bizarre, debasing shit to appease a woman's desires, even though his catfisher was very obviously a gay moid. It's too bad he got caught cranking it at work, but I guess that's just desserts for cheating on his wife.

No. 154487

Because women can just do the same things as men but automatically do them better. This is day 1
Apparently breast milk just tastes like honey nut cheerio milk

No. 154496

I like the idea of strangling a cute boy and watching him cry. Would never try irl obviously because I'm not a psychopath

No. 154502

Same, I just want a cute but also manly guy to call him my prince and to aggressively cuddle with him.
but I also want to choke him from time to time as he desperately clings to me because he feels amazing I’m just a degenerate, I doubt all of this will come true since there’s no such thing as a true subby man.

No. 154514

That's how I got into it kek thank you though

No. 154517


Fellow footfag checking in! I don't look at feetpix but I love massaging and tickling my bf's feet and I'd love my bf to touch my feet but I have never asked him to. I've joked about starting a feetpix onlyfans to test the waters but he never lets on about whether or not he thinks footfags are gross or cool so idk if I will ever experience any of my foot worship fantasies irl, rip. At least I know I'm not the only female footfag around.

No. 154525

Fakebois and some FtMs(but not ""trutrans"" ones because imho most of them are even uglier then males) are the shit

They're like a forbidden fruit

No. 154526

Since I've never watched porn, is it possible that all my fetishes came from cartoons as a child? Shrinking, time stop sex, sleep sex.

When I've looked my fetishes up online I feel repulsed by what I find. But I can't get off without fantasizing about it.

No. 154528

what kind of pornographic japanese cartoons did you watch as a child sis

No. 154530

File: 1602237960253.jpg (122.35 KB, 655x490, Stuartlittlefanboy used roll 1…)

I bet you watched totally spies

No. 154536

>time stop sex
have you read Sex Criminals comic? You may like it

No. 154541

Me and my bf are like this, live your dreams girl, you'll probably find someone. It's the only kinky thing we do, though.

No. 154547

Traps and forcefem.
Being a fujoshi in my early teens has stamped this fetish on my soul. I'm usually attracted to women irl, but when I become (unfortunately) interested in a man I will always fantasize about dressing him up in my clothes and shit.

No. 154558

i remember seeing this one pic of Ascher Lucas's naked body where she has a megaclit and is really skinny and angular and everyone was calling it horrifying but i was just like. Why am i turned on

No. 154606

File: 1602284237534.jpg (34.78 KB, 512x364, unnamed.jpg)

tfw you had wanted to browse fakeboi thread just to laugh at trannies but you ended up becoming attracted to cuntboys with monster clits

No. 154647

disfigured/deformity fetish anon here from a few threads ago. it’s halloween season and i’m going crazy with all these cute horror movie antagonists with fucked up faces. makes me feel a little less guilty fetishizing something that would be frowned upon irl

No. 154683

File: 1602340709352.jpg (264.55 KB, 1253x1280, 737725302e49ae6d5b447f61297a00…)

I like buff girls. I wouldn't be ashamed of this if it weren't for the fact that I also get aroused watching girls lift.

No. 154686

Thank you for existing
t. buff lesbian

No. 154688

I think I know the picture you meant and I thought it was kind of hot too. I'm not attracted to giant clits but they looked androgynous and sexually confident to me

No. 154691


same boat. i was seeing a very tough looking dude who was very into asking me how i'd want him to jerk off/show himself for me and send me pictures.

no other man has done this and i'm pissed hah

No. 154703

File: 1602359777084.jpg (Spoiler Image, 163.21 KB, 1280x1280, 1540413967.bigjayrock_jotaro_k…)

Admit it, footfags, Jotaro Kujo's feet are attractive. Might get into JoJo for this reason alone

No. 154705

I'm a mechaphile and sexually attracted to airplanes.

No. 154708

File: 1602360289768.jpg (Spoiler Image, 97.9 KB, 1400x1100, C5VtS7cUMAAwx1v.jpg)



No. 154717

Holy shit I absolutely love that kind of stuff. It helps that he has my favourite body type too. I'm more into actual airplanes as opposed to aeromorph stuff, since aeromorphs can often be kind of.. boring? Especially female aeromorphs, which more often than not just end up being women with airplane-shaped heads with painted bodies. This kind of stuff is really awesome though since it mixes human and airplane traits perfectly.

Sorry lol that was autistic but that's a really good drawing and it perfectly conveys how aeromorphs SHOULD be drawn

No. 154727

that looks like a lizard. are you a furry too?

No. 154728

File: 1602371830278.jpg (387.44 KB, 960x1280, tumblr_nibz3zDAOz1qmwlv2o2_128…)

nta but i'm really, really into reptilian males. i think furries are kind of creepy and the furry characters are completely unappealing for a multitude of reason, but there's just something about reptile guys that i love. (similarly not into "reptile fursonas" or whatever, i just like human-lizard species in fiction)

No. 154730

yes, but also >>154728 actually explains what I like about anthro reptilian males. I modded Skyrim specifically so I could play as a buff Argonian male. So, naturally, aeromorphs that are reptilian looking in nature are super attractive to me as well, and even more so considering I'm a mechaphile.

No. 154742

Losing it at the fact that you're being completely unironic.
All the power to you, aero-anon. ilu

No. 154747

File: 1602386235505.jpg (16.85 KB, 268x284, 1513401300049.jpg)

what, you think I'd just come onto an anonymous board and lie about something so specific in a thread talking about fetishes?


No. 154768

Is weird fantasy ok?

No. 154850

No. 154851

File: 1602458273990.jpeg (94.26 KB, 886x1229, 58FB315F-2A10-461E-8874-123F8D…)

For me, it’s all about being adored by and pleasing an authority figure. Ever since I was little I was desperate to obey authority figures/adults—probably because I couldn’t figure out how to make myself liked by my peers and was thus also often lonely and friendless. Often instead of socializing I would sit in my teachers’ empty classrooms and talk with them. I was a teacher’s pet because I loved being told I was good by someone who’s opinion I thought was highly respected—something I never received from kids my own age.
In high school the only crushes I ever had were on teachers. Thinking back on it I feel so embarrassed about how I behaved around some if them.. There’s a sexy subversive aspect to it, I think. Crossing a line that is never supposed to be crossed and risking condemnation by society (especially for the teacher involved).

When it’s talked about as a power dynamic it seems to me that what is mostly brought up is the teacher’s power, which of course is true. I would add that in my experience I also fantasize about having power over the teacher, e.g. they know it’s wrong but they can’t help themselves and fall victim to my “seductive charms”. (in a way, I become the one in control… or at least I imagine it that way). I like imagining both parties feeling extremely guilty and ashamed for doing something socially dishonorable.

Unrelated but giving birth is another big one for me that has persisted since childhood. I NEVER want to give birth or have children but I think it’s really hot watching women scream and writhe in pain. Anyway sorry for the long post.

No. 154863

oh yeah i don't care about the clit thing i mostly just like her body type- if i remember correctly she had a masculine squarish pelvis and a happy trail & relatively small breasts but still existent. really just ticked a bunch of obscure preference boxes for me, not even counting my tragic fetish for angsty ftm dykes and tryhards

No. 154867

File: 1602468527562.gif (39.68 KB, 220x228, tenor (1).gif)

Lately I've been getting off to the idea of being crammed into a small dark room with someone or being physically entangled to someone else. It starts off embarrassing as we try to politely slide off away from each other but get even more stuck in weird positions. Then we can't escape unless one or both of us get off. Is this a real fetish? Like a claustrophobia fetish?

No. 154874

i hate trannies but i love futa on male. i dont even want a dick or really imagine myself in that scenario but i find a girl with a dick raping a guy really hot

No. 154878

There's this video circulating on horny Twitter and I'm so so so so ashamed that I'm into it but

It's basically a short clip of a husband and wife on the kitchen with their adult daughter and the daughter stands on a ladder to fix something.

The mom obviously wants some shit to go down so she tells her husband to help the daughter. He puts his hands on her waist and holds her there. The mom then comes over and starts teasing the fuck out of the dad, who can't help but start rubbing the daughters hips and ass. The mom keeps working the dad, kissing his ear and rubbing his dick while the daughter is like "???WTF" but slowly eases into teasing the dad as well.

I have an extreme kink of men being sexually overwhelmed to the point where they are practically paralyzed or unable to control their own lust… and I also love incest so…. this video makes me ooshy gooshy juicy. It makes me feel so ashamed of myself.

No. 154882


No. 154883

Link to tweet: https://twitter.com/cornudismolife/status/1311463312174055425?s=19

The full video is somewhere in the comments but it's just a bunch of other BS not related to the very small scene.

No. 154893

I've seen many doujinshis with the trope of "can't leave the room until they have sex", although it's usually in a normal bedroom, it's probably similar to your fetish.

No. 154923

Can kind of relate. I love the idea of having to, like, hide in a small space with someone (i.e. closet) and embarrassingly trying to hide how aroused we're getting pressed against each other.

My exes and I use to play wrestle so I still find the sensation of being pinned down and heavy weight on me hot. Bonus points for teasing talk, "Aw, what's the matter? You feeling weak already, little girl?"

No. 154928

I would also be ashamed to be into a coomer with a small dick and ugly underwear & feet that can‘t keep his floor tidy.

No. 154929

Images you can smell and wish you didn't

No. 154930

Probably someone with a humiliation fetish

No. 154933

Can you guys stop engaging with this retard until he posts his real chode?


No. 154937

The scrote should just post his credit card info like a man, maybe his social security number as well.

No. 154944

File: 1602519511553.jpg (172.74 KB, 1079x1003, 1w6xjmnrl7r41.jpg)

I'm a butch who wants to get strapped. Also I kinda like feet, I wouldn't mind giving a foot massage or doing a pedi for a gf.

No. 154967

File: 1602528726847.png (Spoiler Image, 385.62 KB, 671x895, EVJF6KuUcAAfyZS.png)

I'm super into fantasy/sci-fi settings, so anything with demons, robots, monsters, tentacles… is a huge turn on. I've stopped reading hentai with ordinary men, they are so boring compared to supernatural entities.

No. 154968

File: 1602529133533.jpeg (173.65 KB, 750x991, 1DA55E51-BA39-4AAC-8787-D81D65…)

I love robots so much. That picture is great!
>TFW amazing robot bf material

No. 154970

Nothing to add except I'm also a fellow footfag. I just want to tickle and worship a cute guy's feet. Is that too much to ask?

No. 154980

just wondering, where do you find this kind of thing? really great art of fetishes like this I mean. I'm kinda into huge beast types with lots of hair, fangs…. werewolves half way through transition maybe. I've only come across a couple drawings over the years all entirely by accident and don't think typing 'beast porn' or something similar would be the right way to go about it, for obvious reasons.

sage for non contribution

No. 154981

look up "xeno", generally xeno encompasses stuff like aliens, monsters, robots, etc. happy hunting anon!

No. 154982

File: 1602539865532.png (Spoiler Image, 472.94 KB, 484x445, 3256895345436.png)


Oh oh I've got some good shit for you fellow freaks. I don't know how to find this stuff the "right" way but I've accidentally come across it in the past. I recommend the artists Coey & Shy. They do a ton of nice monster smut.

No. 154985

omg do u have more

where can i find moar pls someone tell me. more robot

No. 154987

Finally, someone who understands. Why can’t I just summon a sex demon with a big dick??

No. 155000

the monster shit is explaining part of why I like that one disney movie so much. lol
its appealing because it's someone stronger, powerful, and broody, but with less of the gender dynamic that sucks irl. it being a monster overrides my gender oppression triggers kek. also monsters r cool and intriguing
Yet I draw the line at furries myself. if it reminds me too much of real animals instead of a humanoid then I dont like the content at all, gross.

No. 155055

The artist is Robots&Lace on Twitter, she only draws robot stuff, it's so hot.

Same, I can't stand furry shit either, the fans creep me out and there's way too much overlap with the gender fandom lol.

No. 155171

I used to be a really close friend to my current bf. He mentioned once that he ripped a girl's panties before sex, I told him that nice panties were expensive and that I would be so pissed if someone did that. Now that we are together I always look forward for him doing that (which he does sometimes), but since I'm so stubborn I pretend to be a bit mad when he does, but I love it. Guess I am ashamed because I annoyed him for that in the past and now I can't bring myself to admit I like it. I'm sure he knows that too so it makes it even harder to admit.
I'm saging cause I know it's a boring thing.

No. 155274

ctrl+f "pregnancy" "belly" and nothing
I guess breeding or pregnancy is not too shameful for women, but I can hardly find decent material, because a lot of this fetish is overly from the male perspective of them owning the "incubator" or creampieing, while my fantasies are way more about the body horror and pain, and/or change of personality. I also fantasize more about other real or fictional women going through rapid pregnancy and delivery, often forced on them by some supernatural force. I blame cartoons and movies.

I myself don't event want kids or go through pregnancy.

No. 155316

God help me I've been into ass eating porn lately. Male asses at that. I'm disgusted at the thought of doing it irl but something about assholes being licked gets me going like nothing else. The videos have to be really specific so I spend hours looking for the right video and then I close it out of shame after I'm done.
I also love 2d art with like, puckered, larger than average assholes. I hate my coomer brain.

No. 155331

You'll definitely see others in past threads. Pretty sure I've confessed to it twice, mpreg AND wanting to impregnate another woman (both impossible ofc). But it's more of a "care" kink for me, idk how else to put it. I have no desire to ever be pregnant myself though.
>tfw no pregnant wife to care for in our little cottage in the wood

No. 155335

pregchan.com is very male dominated but there's still some good stuff on there regardless.

No. 155337

File: 1602791653608.jpg (74.88 KB, 750x562, 20201013_202149.jpg)

Ashamed to admit that the past month I've eaten a lot of moid ass. It's not that the act itself is inherently a turn on for me, but it's 1.degrading 2.a bit novel for most moids.

Personal shame: during recent pet play I was the dog and sucked off, rimmed and fingered a dude till he came real hard. Thinking about it still turns me on ugh

Also, all the fuckers I fucked had facial hair, ALL OF THEM and I didn't even realize it until one of them pointed it out to me

No. 155338

you're going to get buttworms

No. 155344

Im here to confess my sins…

I get so turned on whenever i get in to arguments or when people yell at me or get angry at me to the point of violence at first I was weirded out by this but now I guess I've accepted it. I also sometimes have very masochistic fantasies, and most of my crushes (whether be it anime, games or what not) are usually sadistic edgelords, I am just like pls choke me and torture me all you want. I am also in to creampie, I just get so turned on about having someone finish inside me.

feel free to shame me and my disgusting ways ladies.

No. 155349

>I am also in to creampie
I don't understand why normal sex gets categorized as a special fetish. I guess these days we've become so degenerate as a species that vanilla sex isn't common anymore and ironically seen as taboo

The rest just sounds like you've been abused by someone you love and so your mind has decided to connect harmful and degrading treatment with sexuality to make it feel acceptable. Without any intended sarcasm, I hope that's not the case and that you're doing okay anon.

No. 155354

you think its normal? oh man well whenever I mentioned someone how I love creampies they always look at me with disgust tell me how disturbed I am and the other thing well you aren't wrong I'll just leave it at that, funny how the mind works huh? but I am doing alright now, thank you anon.

No. 155358

Nta, but I won't have sex unless there's a special situation like a blowjob without one. I can't get pregnant though and in a strictly monogamous relationship.

No. 155366

I want to be raped or at least be in an immoral relationship with an older but fit and rich man so bad. i just want to wear expensive lingerie and beg for him to stop while he pounds into me. afterwards he has to be nice though. ik there has to be something wrong with me for this considering i’m barely legal but i just want it so bad

No. 155369

You sound like a caricature of what a scrot thinks female sexuality is, yuck

No. 155370

anon, I'm pretty sure this is a legitimate kink of quite a few women? yeah it's gross, but people are going to be into taboo things

No. 155372

and you’re the most pure woman ever. but yes, i know it’s gross and that’s why i’m talking about it here where that’s literally the topic of the thread

No. 155373

I understand this anon. It’s one of things you can only really fantasize about though because it just can’t turn out well in real life

No. 155374

It's not taboo, it's just so stereotypical. Oh he has to be rich and hot and older and I'm barely legal in lingerie and it has to be rape. Like ticking off a checklist of porny cliches.

No. 155377

Okay so I have a few.

1. Feet also, but specifically only my current partner’s feet. I actually in general think feet are disgusting and I hate even being near other people’s feet or seeing them, especially gross male feet, but with my current boyfriend I don’t know what happened but I just found myself staring at his feet a few times when we were chilling at his place and he wasn’t wearing socks, and somehow the conversation eventually came up about fetishes or something and I confessed that I’d been eyeing up his feet but it was weird because I was never attracted to feet before. Long story short I’ve sucked on his feet a few times and enjoyed it. He does too.

2. Sleep stuff. I want a guy to like do stuff to me in my sleep. Just play with me with his fingers/mouth or full on sex, or even take pictures. Unfortunately I’ve never really found a guy who’s into this. I’ve told my current bf and my last one but they won’t do it. I guess it’s kinda good because they think it’s rapey so that’s why they won’t do it, but I really want to experience it hahah.

3. Rape stuff which isn’t healthy and likely trauma because I was raped, but yeah, after I was raped by a stranger I kept going out again and getting really drunk on tinder dates or just with random guys who hit on me when I was alone and going and having sex with them when I was like almost blackout drunk and barely conscious tbh. Felt good when it was happening but felt shitty and ashamed afterwards. I have been good recently though and haven’t done this in over a year.

Also this isn’t really a fetish I guess?? but sometimes I just look up really extreme fucked up porn just for the hell of it. I think it’s related to how I used to go and look up like.. gore and fucked up shit like that on bestgore or liveleak whatever. I don’t actually genuinely want to do these fetishes but I’ll look up extreme Anal/vaginal gaping or like inserting weird/huge shit, enemas/shit/piss stuff, extreme gangbangs with like triple penetration. And I just watch it like like a train wreck just for the horror of it and just to see how far the human body can go I guess.

No. 155381

Me except make it kaiba from Yu-Gi-Oh. No one else may rape me.

No. 155386

Anon who made the first thread. I'm so happy to see a fourth thread made.

Currently I'm really into mtf troon porn. Specifically troons with women. I have no fucking clue why. Is it just because it's men with tits and I'm bi, so my pea brain just sees tits and dick and gets off to it? Is it better than me looking at gore at least? Because I haven't looked at gore for a few months now. I know I'm still a degenerate.

No. 155387

Same anon. I am also bi and also a degenerate. However in my country the troons are still normal unlike the ones in America, so troons here try really hard to pass and look pretty. I especially like imagining myself being in catholic high school again and sleeping with trans girl classmates after class lol

No. 155389

Probably very tame compared to everyone else here, but I find the idea of slapping a guy's face while riding him hot. I like the idea of his face getting all red from the slap as if he's blushing and the idea of him feeling afraid of me. The other reason I like it is because I feel like it brings out a kind of raw vulnerability of reaction in terms of getting slapped.

I feel disgusting for liking this and I don't think I'd ever do it irl. I want my bf to be pure, sweet, and happy and I don't want to harm anyone.

No. 155392

File: 1602831949778.png (144.56 KB, 299x283, 48320985436745.png)

You can be ashamed or you can come join the femdom thread anon.

No. 155393

omg same

No. 155398

I know its a pretty common fetish but im really into tentacles. I only watch tentacle hentai, 3d is best. I just love imagining what it would feel like to have warm, slimy tentacles slowly enter every hole and fill me up, i got horny just typing that out ugh

No. 155411

do it anon!! i used to think that way and i missed the oportunity of doing it with my ex and i sooo regret it! he was a narc piece of shit and i should have slapped him in and out of the bedroom kek

No. 155422

Tentacles is just dick without the man, the perfect solution.

No. 155431

things that are "taboo" get me going the most, like noncon, incest, etc. i like true crime, so i read a lot about old/new cases. some of them make me be like the OP image to a T

No. 155432

This is classical to the point of being a cliché

No. 155443

This is such a fun and interesting thread to read that I wish it was more active and that I had something to contribute to it.

I think the really only "shameful" fetish I have I'm over, but it is/was pegging. I ended up doing it with a guy once, and it was alright, but he was a complete coomer and I think being annoyed by him ruined it all, goddamn it.

No. 155667

File: 1603053571237.jpeg (57.45 KB, 1200x1200, 1D60731A-E6A5-4CA0-B5CF-E45AC0…)

A guy I’m trying to hook up with made a joke about me being his sugar mama, and honestly I do not and never will make enough money to do that but now I’m like…. oh that’s kinda hot. It goes against almost everything I personally believe about relationships but in a fantasy situation I would just have a himbo layabout boyfriend who would roll me blunts and cook for me and I could bankroll his lifestyle.

No. 155668

this is something awful i’ve had for as long as i can remember but i have a cannibal/snuff fetish. the closest i get to “porn” is re watching my favourite horror movies over again, comics and video games. being raped and eaten by leatherface is a long time favourite fantasy of mine going back to when i was about 12. i’m scared to bring it up to a therapist and i’m not depressed or suicidal or anything i don’t understand why i’m like this

No. 155685

No anon! Men don’t deserve to have your money wasted on them.

No. 155688

Like I said it goes against all my actual dating beliefs but I do yearn to have a househimbo… honestly I’ve been so let down by guys not financially contributing as much as I’d want them to that it’s just hot to me to be like “I’m more successful, I’m taking charge”, but alas it’ll remain a fantasy.

No. 155832

Why do I feel more gross and uncomfortable watching sex scenes in movies than I do watching porn? I'm not really big into either, but something about the former makes me cringe and I don't know why. I think a lot of kissing scenes in shows/movies are sexy, but not sex scenes.

No. 155834

Maybe it's just a context thing. When you watch porn, you're already in the expectation of watching sex and getting off. When you watch a movie, and it springs a sex scene on you, you're not expecting to be aroused.

Also probably the obvious is how differently sex is framed in movies. Often it's just some closeups of like legs and shoulders in dim light, or a wide shot of them on top of each other with maybe the guy's ass visible (or even that's covered with a sheet, lol). It can't be too erotic for big cinema.

No. 155856

How is this a fetish you're ashamed of though

No. 155857

Unless anon secretly likes it

No. 155864

Having sex with a retarded but good looking man. He's gotta be retarded enough to not be able to speak properly while I fuck him and suck him off so I can hear his struggled moans and whines. It is really shameful and I would never do it irl. A hot fantasy though.

No. 155877

If you were actually ashamed of your gross fetish you wouldn't have posted it all over /ot/ constantly. Get help ffs

No. 155878

I've never posted about it on ot but I once posted it on the previous fetishes you're ashamed of thread. I won't be acting on this fantasy ever, don't worry nonny.

No. 156073

would love to play the role of a horny ranch wife and have a rancher husband who does all the farm work while i sit back, manage the house and give him atleast 5 kids.

No. 156110

Your fetish is having kids?

No. 156136

Where have all the cowboys gone?

No. 156141

File: 1603375782031.gif (1.85 MB, 320x240, KBvS.gif)

No. 156664

There's tons of animated/3D stuff (SFM) and World of Warcraft on phub, 90% of it is made by moids so its not for everyone plus it's dependent on the artist's and editor's skill and the clips they use, try searching "sfmeditor" or "wasted12345" from the search bar and click through their videos and you will find it and possibly rabbit hole to other channels.

No. 156682

File: 1603744156113.gif (478.64 KB, 400x250, source.gif)

I also like the idea of two guys pressing their dicks together and me going to town on em with my tongue. not sure if logistically that'd be possible, touching/rubbing their dicks together as well getting my mouth all up in there. maybe only side action would be possible but I like the idea

No. 156685

yeah it's a fetish for sure. years ago I saw a vid of two women that had loads of string tied around them, binding them together and they were all squirming around, trying to free themselves (though not really trying hard since the point of the vid was being bound together obviously) it was half hot with the rubbing against each other as they squirmed and half funny since they so easily could've gotten loose and looked kind of stupid. your post reminded me of that. it was called tangle cats/kittens or something

>My exes and I use to play wrestle so I still find the sensation of being pinned down and heavy weight on me hot. Bonus points for teasing talk, "Aw, what's the matter? You feeling weak already, little girl?"

yessss I want to play wrestle with a guy so bad, someone huge who is obviously far stronger than me just for him to tease me like that

No. 156818

File: 1603802197666.png (89.47 KB, 516x461, 1541720368339.png)

this is mostly due to newgrounds and unsupervised internet access

>big monsters like orcs and aliens fucking and impregnating me

>weird abuse hentai, doesnt matter what it is, even if its grotesque. (HAS to be hentai)
>being walked in by my bf at night and fucked in my sleep (orgins of this one unknown, possibly due to missing father figure)
>having my boyfriend play with my body while not being attentive to me. like touching my breasts while watching a movie.
>the idea of rape but not the reality of it. i am deeply, deeply ashamed of this one. i would never roleplay it and my bf agrees that its just the idea i like.

am i fucked up enough to get therapy about this? or am i broken forever? I havent consumed any hentai games in over 5 years and im still fucked up. i watch hentai maybe every 3 months or so, very very rarely.

No. 156822

I don't get why you'd need therapy. Does it interviene with your ability to function in everyday life or to enjoy sex with your bf?

Just getting turned on by weird shit is not a big deal imo.

No. 156829

My only fap fodder is hentai manga and doujinshi as well, real porn grosses me out and I find it really silly even for vanilla shit. Hentai helped me explore my tastes and fetishes in a safe way, nothing wrong with it imo, especially if it's fantasy stuff, you know none of this shit is real.

No. 156842

Game in the pic you posted actually made me realize I'm into cartoon monster fucking more than into any "real porn", i'm ashamed but just mildly.
Agree with other anons, no reason to worry about it as long as it's not negatively influencing your sex life. For what it's worth hentai consumption is in a way less immoral than real people porn given it's pretty much guaranteed no one was actually abused in a process.

No. 156883

thank you for your responses fellow monster connoisseuses.
my biggest problem with it all is that i do not physically get wet even though i want to devour my boyfriend pretty much everyday. i wonder if its because of the early exposure and if its reversible.
ive been working on fixing it by not consuming any sort of porn for about a year now and its not helping
good shit anon this makes me feel much better.
thats a great point, you are right anon.

No. 156978

These are fantasies - everyone has them, and 99% of the time they have very little to do with who someone is as a person, and what kind of sex they're actually into. More importantly, you know that they are fantasies, and not your primus motor for existance. You differentiate them from what you want to actually act on.

No harm in fantasising, honestly. Let yourself live free inside your own head. Of course it's healthy to be self-aware and think about why we're into what we happen to be into at any given time, and where that shit comes from, but there's absolutely nothing wrong with having fantasies.

No. 157067

almost nothing gets me as wet as big brother incest stuff. it's really cringe and i am an only child so i'm pretty sure i wouldn't like it if i actually had a brother.

also i think i am kind of a little bit of a cuck. don't think i'd go through with that irl though unless as a roleplay with someone i had already slept with together with my partner.

also your last three ones. the sleep fucking thing is kinda difficult in practice kek.

No. 157121

File: 1603915452153.png (225.47 KB, 554x311, Messages Image(2922486819).png)

otal top here but mommy shit and being the sub. i want someone with big tits to take care of me and make me feel safe, i'd suck on her tits as she comforts me and puts my head in between them

another one is ignoring my partner. i like when they want my attention so badly and i blow them off, barely glance at them with sort of disgust while they beg, all while im on my phone and not saying a word but they keep talking and beg you to acknowledge them. it's hot when they actually start lightly grinding on you or lowkey playing w themselves while looking at you and gradually get more desperate for your attention. and then you finally strap them down hard when they start getting annoying and take your anger out on them. or keep ignoring them and having your way w them. generally making them feel unimportant

lastly, being called daddy even though i'm not a man. idk what that's all about. idk the psychology of any of this

No. 157122


No. 157129

I'm very shy in real life and I have autism, but sexually, I can't imagine anything but dominating a guy and using him. I don't mean stepping on him or dressing him up in some weird costume, or even pegging him. I just want to order him around and use him for my own pleasure, if that makes any sense. Does anyone else feel like this? It's weird because I'm a quiet virgin in real life, but I genuinely want to find a guy who's shy and awkward and use him like this. Is this normal? I don't really have any friends to ask, so I wanted to ask here.

No. 157138

>Does anyone else feel like this?
Sure, we have a femdom thread, you're welcome there.

>Is this normal?

It's not purely vanilla but it's still pretty common to engage in some aspect of power play in bed, so yeah you're normal. Less common for women to enjoy being dominant but it's a lot of fun, and a large portion of men enjoy being submissive (many more than most will admit). Definitely within the realm of reality that you could find someone who would enjoy this.

No. 157164

Marry me? My ideal dynamic would be one where we're both switches but she's the rough daddy and I'm the soft mommy domme.

No. 157167

Omg please. I def ain’t bringing up the mommy thing to my gf but I allude to it in a joking way. She’ll prolly catch on because she knows I have bad mommy issues and I love being in her tits. But it’s also like I’m so dominant and I only top so maybe she won’t catch on

No. 157169

File: 1603942839712.png (64.04 KB, 300x300, Strade_hammerdrill.png)

I have literally 0 interest in real life sex, much less am a masochist but damn I love woman-made horrorporn shit like Boyfriend To Death and weird niche fanfic erotica, I don't masturbate to it either it just gives me nice stomach butterflies idk why when women make gory shit its sexy and has that perfect erotic mix of pain and pleasure but when scrotes do it just comes off as sadistic and like they have irl murder fantasies.

I am also certified Monster/Robot/Alien fucker, tbh I appreciate anything that is completely removed from humanity be either physically or morally.

No. 157225

anon are you me?

No. 157232

File: 1603982198823.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 129.67 KB, 1000x668, 66E54C9A-3862-4008-B687-B73D0D…)

i think this is the first time i've seen someone openly both into torture porn and monstrous characters, i'm happy to see i'm not alone because that's all i fantasize about. please tell us what your favorite type of monster is

it's a shame there can't be more people like us, i'm not really ashamed but i feel like a freak sometimes

No. 157235

File: 1603983085084.jpg (Spoiler Image, 339.5 KB, 707x1000, ab7abbb6.jpg)

idk if this is normie shit but imagining that i'm being interrogated and eventually being fucked relentlessly by a guy or multiple guys in military uniform is really hot. or something like a general giving me to his subordinates to fuck as my punishment or something.

No. 157239

File: 1603984356678.jpg (1.04 MB, 3840x1120, kurtis-dawe-render-face (1).jp…)

Mine is definetely aliens! Vaguely humanoid lizard-looking ones are my favourite (I probably played too much Mass Effect) I love the idea of a very otherwordly and monstrous looking creature with sharp teeth and claws being actually a very cultured and eloquent space traveler.

Tbh weirdly enough I feel like terato stuff is on the healthier end of the spectrum because (SADLY) I won't be monsterfucking any time soon, oh to live in the timeline where cool scifi aliens visit earth, so its 100% escapism fetish fun, the torture porn shit skews more on the dubious side but I hate irl stuff so eh.

I don't go parading my tastes around but I have no shame either aka my friends probably can see who I follow on twitter (Sarah Stone is a goddess by the way).

No. 157240


No. 157243

File: 1603985229878.gif (1.79 MB, 350x304, honte-soeur-shame-on-you.gif)

>it's a shame there can't be more people like us
>i'm not really ashamed

OK farmers, time to kinkshame massively

No. 157324

>almost nothing gets me as wet as big brother incest stuff

I come into this thread after 2 days and this is the first comment I see. I've been horny as shit and fantasising about this exact thing the past day. except I do have siblings so for me it's strictly stepbrother only. can't stomach even the fantasy of fucking a blood relative.

No. 157327

same, it's probably the worst kink i have. i don't act it out with guys who have actual siblings though

No. 157336

File: 1604017651182.jpg (46.55 KB, 597x591, hA.jpg)

Pretty much the only time i feel truly feminine is when i fantasize about being raped. I dont really know how to explain it, but imagining a man forcibly take what he wants as i cry and whine under him, just that feeling of being pathetic i guess really turns me on.
I also like the idea of being extremely drunk and a guy or a group of guys having their way with me, doing increasingly fucked up things and taking pics or videos in the process.

Also, a guy talking about me to others after we had sex. I like the humiliation aspect of it, like him just exposing me and telling others what im into or what i sound like when i cum and stuff like that. I dont doubt many man do this already, and obviously id never actually want this to happen, but the fantasy itself does something for me.

+ I like the idea of being heard (or possibly even seen lmao) during sex. Like just a group of people listening as i get railed in the next room, and then me having to face them and act like nothing happened.

Really disappointed with myself for these and sometimes i wonder if they developed because of porn-induced brainrot or self-hate or something.

No. 157343

Just came here to say the same thing. Honestly, blood, in general, is really hot. Especially nosebleeds though. Mixed with some knife play? y o.

No. 157348

have you actually done knife play? if so, would you be the receiver? that shit sounds really hot but i don't think i could give or receive.

along the same line, i'd love to fuck someone while pointing a gun at their head

No. 157353

I haven't. It's always been a fantasy of mine though. Honestly, I wouldn't mind being the receiver or the giver of it. It feeds into a degradation kink as well tbh. My friend who likes to share her sexual encounters with me told me the other day about her experience with knife play and I got so jealous.

For some odd reason, I can't bring myself to get into the idea of gun play. It seems scarier to me, even if the gun is fake/not loaded. I don't even have any trauma surrounding guns, they just scare me more.

No. 157360

I feel guilty about thinking about this too.
I used to fantasize about it as a way to cope with not being interested in men irl. I thought that if a guy forced himself on me it was the only way I could have 'real sex' that I didn't have to instigate or feel guilty about because it wasn't my fault. Super fucked up to think about. I think its a common fetish because it gives you the feeling of relinquishing control of yourself while still being able to control everything else about the fantasy.

No. 157375

You sound like a troon. Kys

No. 157406

File: 1604066757407.jpeg (95.61 KB, 588x697, 07A94FCC-F467-4786-AB15-48274D…)

aliens make the most exciting monsters, i agree!

mine is lankier monsters that don't look threatening but are gross/slimy/ugly/devious looking, etc. sometimes i feel as though to be attracted to something i have to be disgusted by it, it's really strange.

most of the content i find on tumblr is bara tier demon men which is cool but it's just not my thing, they have too much muscle and remind me of irl men.

kek sorry, i love being a menace to society

No. 157430

Check out the manga Amai Choubatsu - Watashi wa Kanshu Senyou Pet. It's exactly this but with prison wardens

No. 157440

File: 1604079079054.gif (Spoiler Image, 1.8 MB, 500x463, tumblr_5403734e03c1f2eca2d3886…)

I don't know if the dark fantasy count but
Necro Content
I don't mind if Keanu Reeves murder the shit of me. When I mean murder like I want him to kill me that cause me to die. Alternative: Adam Driver

No. 157442

File: 1604080568118.jpg (26.15 KB, 600x600, IMG_1311_grande.jpg)

i have a weird objectification and or slight bimbofication fetish. not by strangers i guess but by an sexual partner I'm with I've had a fantasy of like me cooking while only wearing an apron while also being fucked and also giving my partner oral while they ignore me /are doing something else

No. 157444

troon tier shit

No. 157446

the image or the kink?

No. 157448

Oh, shit. Is that not a troon?

No. 157449

I’m incredibly ashamed that I’m into piss play. I’ve never told my husband about it or any of my other partners before him. We have a healthy sex life and I’m happy to indulge his kinks but I’m way too embarrassed to ever ask him to piss on me. I’ve just come to terms with knowing I’ll never experience it with another person. Also, the thought of piss drinking makes me gag so even finding good porn is difficult since that seems to be what’s popular.

No. 157451

no she aint a lot of sis women are into bimbofication actually

No. 157453

If you by sis women mean troons, sure
Remember that they likely love this thread btw

No. 157458

Can I ask why and how you got into it? I've never, ever understood it and just cannot manage to wrap my head around it kek like do they have to be super hydrated bc neon yellow pee stinks, ya know?

No. 157461

There's bimbofication, and there's having unfortunate facial genetics that make you look even less feminine with every dozen grand you spend. She managed to make herself look like a dude.

No. 157465

File: 1604087824255.jpg (33.96 KB, 420x413, 1600087287231.jpg)

I have a pregnancy fetish too not the body horror egg laying kind, but just the domestic fluffy-ness of being cared for while you're pregnant is what I'm into kek. Women look beautiful when they're pregnant

>mfw all I want is to have a butch gf to look after me and raise our child together in a cottage out in the countryside.

No. 157471

Not really sure how I got into it, I was never a bedwetter or anything like that. I discovered internet porn at a pretty young age and I’m sure it just came up in a video I was watching and awakened something in me lol. All I know is that for a long time it’s been my fantasy to have a group of men take turns fucking me and pissing on me.

And yes only hydrated pee would be nice lol, makes sense to chug water and fill your bladder beforehand so you can pee for longer anyways!

No. 157478

Huh, interesting. I wonder if it's something that's innate, because I've come across those videos, and they've always been an immediate turn off and never piqued any sort of interest, not even curiosity. It's so "common" of a fetish, as far as fetishes go, that I was just wondering what the appeal is. I like to try and understand. Thank god about the hydration preference, I would probably judge a bit if you preferred the dark stuff kek. Thanks for answering anon!

No. 157479

> I discovered internet porn at a pretty young age

This thread is just full of what happens when kids see gross internet porn before they're mature. Sad.

No. 157482

I can second this from personal experience. I started watching porn in the single digits of age, can't remember how I found it to begin with, I think I saw the word hentai and searched it and that's where my downfall began. Needless to say watching and playing hentai games that solely involved rape and bondage lead me to years of being addicted to porn and a ton of self-hatred.

No. 157483

i have an unironic scat fetish. i dont ever want to do anything shit related irl. porn addiction is a hell of a drug and i craved more degenerate stuff until i landed here. now i cant watch anything other than scat porn. kms

No. 157490

I have a daddy thing and I hate it. My dad died when I was young and my mom had a string of relationships with men who abused me and it fucks me up that the thought of reenacting those things turns me on. I have a boyfriend who wants nothing to do with any of that and it's for the best tbh.

No. 157522

I didn't see porn until I was around 18/19 when I got my own laptop and I have some fucked up fetishes. things I developed in early puberty. that said, I wholeheartedly agree, porn is warping young kids minds

No. 157535

File: 1604110038731.jpg (Spoiler Image, 126.25 KB, 1200x900, qqsxfdo4n3x01.jpg)

guys.. i'm 30 and have this intense desire to hook up with 18-19 year olds. it feels gross but i really just want to fuck an inexperienced, eager young guy. has anyone done this

No. 157536

anon… please don't be the gross groomer pedo adult we constantly have to caution girls against towards boys. They may be more retarded but they still don't deserve that

No. 157537

wanting to fuck 18-19 year olds isnt pedophilic lmao they're adults

No. 157540

Just barely, and only in the legal sense not mentally

No. 157541

go back to tumblr or twitter or wherever you psychos who call sex between consenting adults "pedo rape" congregate

No. 157543

I'm tired of the tween posters tonight. If you aren't an actual adult beyond simply legality at 18, I'm all up for having your damn rights revoked. You can be considered minors and treated like the emotionally coddled babies that you claim to be til you're 25.

No. 157544

It's great. Married a KHHV 8 years younger, he's better at sex than any of the other men I was with (and that list is not long), but I'm also stupidly in love with him so maybe that makes it better. Go for it, make sure they know what's up, don't get diseases, etc.

No. 157546

saaaame! holy shit i feel so ashamed but i cant help it! and also as >>157537 anon said, they are adults.
even if burgerfags believe that their law applies worldwide. i havent done it and i dont think i could even do it but legal age also varies from country to country

No. 157554

i don't think i'd be interested in marriage or even dating, i just like the idea of having a fwb with a young guy like that. not BECAUSE he's young but just the fact he won't be as experienced, as i said. i'm a very dominant personality and while i find guys my age attractive they are usually way more set in their ways re: sex

No. 157563

completely agree, and i find that younger guys are not as "macho" if that makes sense, they are more emotionaly available (btw i have a younger brother (19) and many young male friends, strictly friends tho)im also dominant and an aspiefag so that might be a factor? idk kek

No. 157574

Whatever, I’m probably older than all of you, not to mention more informed on the matter since I actually was groomed. If you find sex with an 18-year-old enticing at 30 then you are absolutely not mentally sound. Own it or whatever but don’t act like you have the moral high ground. I base my opinions on science not laws, and people aren’t mentally mature until mid 20s. If you can’t keep it in the fucking pants until then because you’re too horny and don’t care about fucking with a still developing adult then I hope you enjoy knowing you’re responsible for manipulating someone who doesn’t have the full capacity to make informed decisions for themselves. You’re just as bad as adult scrotes hunting for teens.

No. 157576

anon… chill… i literaly said in my original post
>i havent done it and i dont think i could ever do it
it's just a fantasy

No. 157585

This is a little different and maybe a bit weird but this has been affecting me so deeply and I'm looking for some advice; I really don't wanna feel ashamed anymore, but I think I deserve it(?). I'm bipolar and I get super horny during my manic phases but also suffer from delusions during said mania. I have these "fetishes" of being very roughly dominated, daddykink, raped, you know, the usual. I usually read erotica (I don't watch porn) or listen to erotic male audios online but lately have been suffering so much from this religious-centered delusion I have. If a character in the erotica, for example, says something like, "Oh, God!" or "Jesus." or anything like that, I feel this shock of fear and I begin to feel so ashamed for reading the holy names in that context and I feel like God is going to smite me down for it, or a demon is going to attack me, etc. It happens while I'm trying to masturbate or sometimes even when I'm just having dirty thoughts. Sometimes I get panic attacks because I think the shadows around me are forming into the demons that are going to attack me. I know I should try harder to cut the sin out of my life, but it's particularly hard when I'm manic. It's hard to look in the mirror or see my reflection because I can almost see my face contorting into the ugly sinful being I've become. It kinda sucks because I have the most amazing orgasms while I'm manic.

No. 157587

I want to be dominated by a skinhead, their dumb confidence and their aggressive nature for some reason is really hot to me. I would never pursue a relationship like that since I know it would be inherently toxic and I'm not ethnically white so my life would be in danger but if makes for great masturbation material.

No. 157597

just fuck a lefty skinhead, they exist

No. 157607

if you think 18 year old men are the same as 18 year old women i don't know what to say.

No. 157608

dude there's an entire movement of skinheads who are anti-racist. having a shaved head doesn't make you a white supremacist kek. as someone who was into the punk scene there is even "SHARP", skinheads against racial prejudice, because once again racist cunts appropriated something and gave it a bad connotation. in this case it's the skinhead look.
>>157597 this

No. 157609

shut the fuck up, lol. two consenting legal adults is not "grooming" in any way shape or form. go back to your hugbox.

No. 157610

I’ll groom as many moids as I want
to. Fucking exclusively 16-18 year old scrotes gang(global rule 1)

No. 157614

You're thinking of boneheads.

Am a SHARP and can confirm.

We have the National Front here in the UK, which is where a lot of the old UK skins used to get their racism bullshit from. Americans have boneheads, which has only added further fuel to the fire regarding the public's image of Skinheads. A lot of old skins in the UK are beer swilling boomers who can be racist/judgemental, but a lot of the younger ones are in it for the music (as it should be imo). Obvs you get racists in any subculture, but that can't be helped. It's funny though, because Skin subculture came from the Caribbean. Working class black people from there settled in the UK, brought over their music, and the clothing style merged with the working class whites. If you google 'Trad skin', that's how they originally dressed. Shirt, cardigan, slacks and loafers. Not this stupid goony looking yank style with the bleachers, army boots and bomber jacket. If you like that look, fair enough. Sorry to sperg about it.

No. 157626

Anon. Do you legitimately find it sexy and does it turn you in, or is it kinda like. A horror porn thing? I don’t even know. I’m the anon that asked pee fetish anon to explain too kek but yeah, idk what I’m expecting to hear out of this one. I’m not judging that harshly bc you would never want to do it irl, but even as an observer, just how is it not something that makes you cringe viscerally?

No. 157638

MPreg. Pegging. Cum inflation. Cute skinny boys with mommy issues. Crippled boys. Junkie boys, fantasies about saving them from overdosing, taking care of them and cooking them healthy meals and we develop a strong codependency and they can't live without me. All the boys who are weaker and skinnier than me. I also like big muscular men (above 6'3) in military gear, but like, they wear stockings under their camo pants just for me, because they know it turns me on. I like the size difference but I don't have like a strong desire to be dominated by them. I don't think I ever had rape fantasies. I like fantasies about being overtrained beyond my limits or doing long distance runs and failing in the mud while a big strong man bullies me and screams at me that I'm a fucking loser and I'M NOT STRONG ENOUGH
Wrestling with boys of both sizes is very hot too. Sometimes wrestling fantasies get me off more than legitimately sexual ones. Sometimes the one who loses ends up being fucked (but the sex itself is still pretty vanilla)
Btw I noticed I only get turned on by men who are either much smaller or much bigger than me. The men in the middle usually don't do anything for me

No. 157711

Cute tall Japanese boys is suddenly my new thing….god help me

No. 157712

File: 1604214755216.png (1.34 MB, 1127x904, 25es.png)

I'm really ashamed of this and I've been denying it for long but I'm into crossdressing, I'm not even attracted to women but something about feminine soft men in little dresses/skirts/lingerie..etc turns me on loads, I think it's the humiliation part but I also enjoy them looking cute secretly attracted to some troons for that reason and you can only imagine how shameful is that.
Speaking of humiliation I think I'm also into slightly chubby big guys who are also sweet and easy to bully, I've hit on multiple without even realising what I've been doing and I hate this one but I think it goes with my humiliating kink, I feel sorry for the men I encounter.
Sadly most of the men who are into this type of femdom stuff are into pegging and other stuff I'm not into, I want to corrupt a sweet innocent guy in the way I want him to be.

No. 157746

What do you get from it? How the fuck do you stare at a woman's asshole shitting a fat turd and feel something from that? Is it anal fixation? Relief or desperation? What makes that type of porn satisfying you speficially want to only watch that stuff over and over? Anon you need to explain more because people like you are an enigma to me.

No. 157918

I like incest porn, but only, ONLY written/maybe drawn between gay fictional males. I would be so ashamed and embarrassed if anyone found out, but I’m totally fine with it for myself. I find irl incest porn, even step, so fucking disgusting, though, but then again I don’t like or watch irl porn in general.

No. 157950

I like women who smoke. One of my turn ons is a lady blowing the smoke to my face and calling me a bad girl that needs to be punished.

No. 157979

File: 1604364197760.png (370.94 KB, 540x326, i hate my life.png)

I've got into impreg shit in a big way recently and I don't know why. I'm happily childfree, so that's why I'm ashamed.

The other is Winchester whump, which is the most tumblr sentence ever and I'm so sorry that I made you lovely farmers read it. I just love seeing those boringly pretty men getting the absolute hell kicked/beaten/stabbed/shot/tortured out of them. I haven't even seen the show, I just look at the gifs, lel.

No. 157983

File: 1604365217932.png (535.17 KB, 791x510, mr orange.png)

Whump with cute guys, but only in very extreme cases (picrel is a good example). I just imagine the pooling blood feels very warm and syrupy, idk. No, I'm not a vampire.

No. 157997

Don’t know about whump but I do get the appeal of beautiful bloody baby Tim Roth. I want to hold him.

No. 158001

File: 1604371652869.jpeg (26.95 KB, 426x341, 7c10e8d34647d7f70ec09f28d394de…)

Damn anon, supreme taste. Cute boys with mommy issues who are physically weak and can't live without you are top tier. Too bad I haven't met anyone irl who somewhat fits that bill who isn't also gross, fat, or cringy/pathetic. Maybe it's only attractive in theory to me, who knows. Have you managed to find a qt boy like that in real life, anon?

To contribute to the thread, recently I've been thinking it would be kind of hot to bully an incel (preferably weak and effeminate and really insecure about it). Like I would make fun of him and his unrealistic standards and put him down and he'd be getting really angry because I'm not his hot stacy ideal gf and women aren't supposed to know about incel ideology, but it would be so obvious that he was getting aroused because it's the first time a girl has ever acknowledged him and he'd get all frustrated and embarrassed- and then I'd make fun of him for that too. Hoooo boy. It's really stupid and contrived but I can dream.

No. 158004

> Cute boys with mommy issues who are physically weak and can't live without you are top tier
agreed, but they are also soooo fucking annoying, clingy and exhausting! and most of them end up being undercover abusive narcissist

No. 158007

>I haven't even seen the show, I just look at the gifs

KEK same anon, I've always had online friends who were into the show so I'd always see the screencaps and gifs and had the exact same reaction. No desire to watch the show but those guys are sexy I cannot lie

No. 158008

Agreed. Where do I find an incel to sexually humiliate and/or gently fdom without getting chased out for being a femoid? Serious question.

No. 158009

Yeah that's a comorbidity for being a fujoshi in no position to drag you on this since I still love EdxAl FMA content even after all these years

No. 158015

File: 1604377510458.gif (1.21 MB, 245x320, hnng.gif)

My sister. Everything I know about Supernatural, I learned through gifs.

Anyway, have this: my gift to you. Dean looks so much better bloody.

No. 158027

Idea of a frustrated lonely man sounds cute to lightheartedly bully before fucking, but too bad men have to ruin everything.

No. 158105

Fuck anon same. The only way I can enjoy gay shit is if it's between two family members. I blame the internet for corrupting me when I was a child.

No. 158115

KEK you're not wrong, I was certainly a fujo in middle school and early high school. I don't consider myself one now, but when I do feel like reading some fic/looking at fanart, I go for gay boys. Elricest was literally my first family ship, I remember being introduced to it…

They don't have to be related, but it's the only way I can enjoy incest content if I go for it. It ends up being the hottest, gdi.

No. 158129

hell yeah

No. 158154

i might be into race play

No. 158175

Fart porn

No. 158176


No. 158177

Please don't explain

No. 158183

File: 1604429412741.jpeg (23.91 KB, 220x303, 991018AA-5321-40A5-8D0E-3DC6FA…)

hearing about government scientists and employees paving the way for unethical events is hot. oppenheimer can get this WAP.

No. 158191

blood play and knife play

No. 158192

Nothing gets me as turned on as pee play, especially holding/desperation. I think it comes from the amount of cartoons related to the subject I saw as a kid.
Never acted on it out of embarrassment except letting some out during sex, guys just think it's squirt and find it hot.

I fantasize about being used as a toilet and pissed in or being forced to hold my pee.

No. 158193

reminder oppenheimer was a total player who fucked his colleagues wives

No. 158194

thanks for the chuckle anon.

No. 158203

disgusting slut

No. 158205

Not my kink but I've tried it a bit because so many guys are into this. Not a bad kink to have in that respect

No. 158206

Where does this stem from?

No. 158213

ugh i'm only into nerds thanks for killing my fantasy

No. 158221

What, like 5ks and shit?

No. 158392

really really wish my bf secretly had a foot fetish… something about it just feels like the ultimate form of submission and worship. maybe one day i’ll get him there

No. 158400

i want a guy in a nazi uniform to fuck me sorry not sorry, worst part is i’m not white kek

No. 158408

I don't have a foot fetish of any kind but I wish my bf did, because foot massages feel extremely good in a non-sexual way as does someone stroking and generally playing with my feet.

No. 158422

unironically most based post itt

No. 158471

Why a Nazi uniform in particular though? Why not just any other military uniform that doesn't have negative connotations? Or is the taboo of it hotter? I never understood this kink..

No. 158475

Nta But the idea of making a shitty man turn into a subby mess makes the whole thing even more interesting than just the imaginary military uniform.

No. 158479

File: 1604586944346.jpeg (321.81 KB, 630x681, 569A90EE-EF8A-47A4-B81F-B25747…)

I think I'm pretty vanilla compared to some of the others in this thread, but I'm just gonna share anyways.
I like being tied up, getting bitten, forced to piss, gunplay, getting fucked/molested while I'm asleep, and just flat out being abused during sex, also some rape and gangbangs by a bunch of men that laugh at me being so weak and trying so hard to fight them back. Oh and being dragged to get fucked and raped in a deserted area.
But I also like doing the same thing to women as well. I like being abused by men but at the same time abusing women.
My boyfriend shares some of the same kinks with me but I'm not gonna tell him this shit even though he'll most likely be chill with it. It's more of a weird dignity thing.
I think a lot of this has come from being repeatedly molested by my grandfather but for some reason older men wasn't turned into a trauma kink for some reason.

No. 158480

based. i think thats hot and im not white either. what is wrong with us?

No. 158481

me and my partner are way into the nazi play in bed. its great

No. 158489

I've never been with a transguy but I love the thought of dating a 'well passing' one and thereby getting to pass myself off as straight in public.. while also getting to enjoy pussy.

No. 158490

this 100%!

No. 158499

small blog but I'm physically disabled/dependent on others and I am pretty ashamed to say I have a massive mommy fetish + praise kink and breastfeeding stuff. Being completely doted on and cared for by a hot mommy gf who lets me suckle on her and who shifts from helping me with something to heavy petting or more is such a fantasy.

No. 158501

I was fwb with a trans man before, and I had no idea he was trans until it was clear we were into each other/going to hook up. He told me so I wouldn't be surprised by a pussy kek. He was soooo so cute and handsome and fun, if you can find a normie one, go for it. Good luck!

No. 158502

What do you do? Like how do you make it feel/seem natural, or is the playing it up part kinda the fun of it?

No. 158524

>you'f been a naughty littel Jew, ja? Stealink mein money when I vasn't lookink… I'm going to haff to commit shoah on dein hiney again, dirty fräulein

No. 158528

thanks anon that’s going in my spank bank

No. 158530

File: 1604602851735.jpeg (182.83 KB, 688x796, 66D7E25A-979D-45D6-B1C5-B1D466…)

Anon, you’re making me blush.

No. 158532

File: 1604604619038.jpg (Spoiler Image, 79.95 KB, 403x686, inktober23.JPG)

I'm very ashamed of how much I like guro. It's not usually a very "female oriented" fetish, but I like to imagine myself as the one in the artwork. I've got a special liking for having my midsection or the area right above my hips ripped open/apart. I include it in a lot of my "horror" art (pic related), and people think nothing of it other than its a bit creepy, but I kind of get off on it.
I'm not into necro technically but I keep having this fantasy of walking around near a old farm shed in a very rural area with no one around, and it collapses and crushes me. Only my upperhalf and torso are crushed though, so below my hips is sticking out awkwardly. Maybe some guy passes by and sees me sticking out, unmoving. So he takes advantage of the situation. Only, right when he finishes, he moves too fast or too hard and I'm torn in half more, so that he's only holding my lower half.
I just kind of have a thing for pain in general. I used to cut myself when getting off but I stopped it because I was worried I'd get sent to psychiatric if they got the wrong idea. Now it's just being too into waxplay, knifeplay, and asphyxiation play.
I really don't know whats wrong with me. Trauma? Mental illness? Just being a crazy bitch? I would NEVER tell any future partners about this. I couldn't ask them to hurt me even if I'm getting off on it.

No. 158554

this is so embarrassing but i have a huge force feeding/stuffing fetish. it’s been driving me crazy for the last few days. i just want someone to feed me to the point of bursting and then rub my belly afterward. or i stuff myself it doesn’t really matter. but it gets me so aroused and i don’t understand it

No. 158555

I want to be hunted, running away from a guy and hiding then to be found and get fucked aggressively like either in a forest or something similar. I don't want them to act like an animal just to hunt me? It's weird because all of the people who are into this are usually furries but I am not. This is why I won't share this because then people will think I am into animal play or pet play..

No. 158563

I dunno. It doesn't seem that weird. Maybe it can be like a hide and go fuck thing when you go camping with a guy.

No. 158578

Nothing could have prepared me for the sheer level of autism contained under that spoiler. Chris-chan tier. Anon you come off as a mega autist so let me give you some advice– do not go around showing your art to people. They will think you're even more mentally challenged than you already are.

No. 158579

Well yeah, it wouldn't seem weird but the thing is, I would like the guy to say creepy stuff to me as they look or hunt for me. I am not sure where this even came from. Good idea though

No. 158602

> hide and go fuck
i audibly cackled

No. 158608

Oh yeah, I like troons who can at least decently pass. I'm not into the party city wig and 5 o clock shadow shit. It's weird because I don't like sissy stuff. I like the bolt on tits. It's like bimofication but with men? But they also have to pass?

I dunno, I was scared to come back to this thread after I posted that. More embarrassing to me than me putting out there that I wanted to be a limbless fuck doll.
>having my boyfriend play with my body while not being attentive to me. like touching my breasts while watching a movie
I like this in theory, but my boyfriend actually does this and it makes me feel weird. He even fucks me to wake me up (I told him to do it) and I'm too much of a pussy to tell him I actually hate it irl.
ot but that's cool. How are skins in the UK? In the US they're all around general cunts. Even the SHARPs.
I swear porn rots our brains. Because as a frequent gurochan user, I was really into this, but now I have scars everywhere. I hate my coomer brain. I need to learn to let things stay a fantasy.

No. 158646

File: 1604693273634.png (Spoiler Image, 246.57 KB, 272x375, 2897504728550436.png)

Damn anon you're a twisted bitch. (No hate tho.) I'm pretty sadistic but fantasizing about violence that extreme is a bit much even for me. I like guro art but mostly in an aesthetic way, I'm more turned on by things more feasible in the real world. You'd probably like Takato Yamamoto's work, if you don't already know about him?

>waxplay, knifeplay, and asphyxiation play

All of these are pretty workable in a regular relationship with adequate boundaries, especially waxplay. Even a normie should be able to drip a candle over someone without feeling like an evil abuser, and light asphyxiation is practically common "thanks" to porn. I know the point of this thread is shit you're ashamed of but honestly I don't think any of the stuff you actually want to do is that bad or taboo. If you enjoy it and can find a trustworthy partner then I don't see a problem.

No. 158659

>If you enjoy it and can find a trustworthy partner then I don't see a problem.
Except for the risk of death

No. 158660

Honestly, most UK skins are nice and just want to party and go to gigs. Obviously you get dickheads who make it their entire life and become entrenched in the racist side. Everyone is generally okay but the few rotten apples spoil it for the rest. I'd say it is definitely one of the less common alt communities over here. If you see another skin it's quite a surprise, ask each other where you got your shirt from or talk bands and then part ways. It is quite cute.

No. 158682

If a partner is "trustworthy" you're certainly not going to risk death by getting some wax on your skin, and limiting choking to a light grip for only a few seconds at a time is quite safe as well. In fact more so than autoerotic asphyxiation.

No. 158690

I love fur coats - not really ashamed per se but it's such a rare fetish for people to specifically be into. It's a gross violent fetish for some people but just a sensual vintage femdom thing for me similar to a smoking fetish, I don't put any stock in whether it's real fur. My celebrity crushes got way more intense when I started to get into pre-70s Hollywood and I assume this must be part of it. Idk whether my lesbianism has anything to do with it as well and whether it's a common thing for lesbians.

No. 158691

Oh and also lifelike silicone masks on women. The sex doll ones with exaggerated lips are hot but there are pig ones and even male ones too. Unsure what makes it such an incredible turn on as it really creeps me out when I'm not horny

No. 158693

this is more of a fantasy rather than a fetish, but I like to imagine my boyfriend getting fucked by his male friends. he's very twink like and skinny and all of his friends are very muscular and strong, so when I see them all together in a group I can't help but imagine them basically gangbanging him…and unfortunately I find it really hot. I can't look at his friends without feeling like a pervert.

No. 158700

File: 1604720728828.jpeg (1.77 MB, 4032x3024, 8B0B1AF6-9E5B-4777-AD7E-0F9B73…)

Thanks, I know I’m autistic. I come off as very normal and friendly, modest even. Which is why I feel even worse… and don’t worry, I don’t have many friends to show it to.

Thanks for the advice and recommendation, I’ll check it out. The problem is by asphyxiation play I mean pretending to drown me by shoving my head under the bathwater. What to do?
Here’s more of my art that no one asked for.
Sort of related but I’m also into dolls. Like not sex dolls, normal small ones. Like fashion dolls. I want to be a small fashion doll and get off to the idea of being dressed up/down. I really should just kill myself.

No. 158701

Shoot, sorry I mis clicked the spoiler image option.

No. 158702

Trust me,you DON'T want to kill yourself (pretty drawing there)
Why should you be ashamed of your fetish/kink?the repulsive shit I've read from the older threads where these anons have such fucked up fetishes make me question humanity.there was one anon wanting to fuck a horse,another with a scat fetish and lastly an anon with a murder and cannibal fetish.seriously

No. 158704

Can you please stop posting your retarded autist art in this thread? It's embarrassing to watch.

No. 158714

Porn fucked me up to the point that I like efro fml. I only like watching women doing it though, men are ugly and gross and I don't like smearing / touching stuff.

No. 158726

shut up nerd

No. 158736

File: 1604742633404.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.82 MB, 4032x3024, 19B6584A-CA53-43CE-A0DE-1DB9B4…)

Well I mean this is a fetishes your ashamed of thread ha.. And I suppose I don’t get off to rekt videos or real violence, I don’t even really watch porn.
At least I’m not hurting anyone else.

I know you really like my art so I’m going to post more of it.

No. 158742

fuck you bitch, stop kink shaming

keep posting, spite the nonnie

No. 158746

File: 1604751919106.jpg (41.73 KB, 711x677, image0-340.jpg)

I was groomed into loli/jail-bait due to my size by my previous bf and the literal groomers before him, my ex was probably a pedo and this is a very pedo thing it's fucked, and I've been aware of it for a while and I kind of enjoy it but hate it at the same time, I enjoy being small and cared for by men who are way bigger than I am but that part that I developed myself is that at the same time I enjoy being bitchy and having total control and dom men,I really enjoy playing into it and acting innocent while simultaneously abuse them, I want men to awe all over me and think I'm the sweetest thing ever but also I want them to suffer mentally and physically, I want to be feared as much as I wanna be loved, emotional mainpulation is also a big part of it because they can't have evidince of why I am a bad person, I always scare men off and I'm aware how it's bad on so many levels but the more I ignoer it the worse it gets.

No. 158747

wtf is that image real

No. 158749

No. 158750

"Ashamed" is in the title of this thread genius.

No. 158777

Holy shit nobody cares, quit clogging the thread

No. 158824

I want to be fucked by an older man who is married like in a closet where he forces me to look at his wife, who doesn't know what is happening or can see us. Also ideally, he is a lot older and is aggressive. Why am I into the idea of being other woman? This doesn't sit right with me…

No. 158836

Honestly its hard to believe myself that i enjoy it. Don't laugh but it started from that cake farts video, then after that i just watched it every day. The look of shit coming out of a girls asshole is hot idk. I dont think id do anything irl though.

No. 158838

I legitimately find it sexy, i dont get turned on when i take a shit myself, but in a porn related why i get turned on. I mean just seeing someone take a shit is meh but when its like scat penetration i like it. I recognize its a degenerate thing and thats why I would never act upon it irl. Just now can only cum to scat porn

No. 158851

huh, same shit happened to me, it was more the rabbit hole of farts leading to scat though. I would never act it out but I would love to watch amother girl go. I think it was curiousity that soon became addicting. Nothing else gets me off, it's like a curse.

No. 158863

Ntayrt but in a similar situation and I really wish that I had never discovered it as a porn category. I feel like the connections are made in my brain and I'm fucked now. Ironically I'm an absolute neat freak and hygiene obsessive person irl. Could never and would never want any part in it in real life either. But here I am needing those type of fantasies to orgasm. Great

I come across men in the comment sections of that stuff and they're pretty full on, never shutting up about wanting to meet women to partake in that stuff in reality. Telling every fetish model that they want to find a wife 'just like her' .. Guess I'm grateful I'm not that deep into it. Weirdly I've only ever dated men but I watch women when it comes to this fetish stuff.

I've been following the recent pyrocynical allegations and seeing people laugh at the fart fetish aspect is a nice reminder not to let myself get so consumed that the fetishes snowball and end up wedged within layers of other depravity.

No. 158883

File: 1604838590068.jpg (Spoiler Image, 73.23 KB, 589x629, 1.jpg)

That must cost a load of bucks

No. 158888

This is what happens when your parents never hug you.

No. 158894

All of this, I've lurked reddit and 4chan threads about this and the men are crazy. The women who do it are mainly on it for money, but the few women who actually enjoy doing that stuff only like / talk to other women who are interested or want to watch them go too. The few that interact with men only do it to get their neetbux or to treat them like a literal toilet.

All the men that say they want someone like that but of course they are not trustworthy and many will flip the switch from wanting "to watch her shit" to wanting "her to eat my shit because it's it degrading". There's always some underlying motive.

I've been following the pyrocyinical stuff too, and it's a great reminder not to get too deep into internet stuff, especially discord.

Anyway, sometimes when I get to anxious to watch scat videos but still horny, I like to look for stories. literotica has some nice tags, especially the lesbian scat ones. Another website is toiletstool, I love reading particularly the stories by women there

No. 158933

It's just a horny scrote they don't need to even be groomed to wanna fuck at 18. Not to mention they can be legitimately thankful and eager to please if they're the type that are afraid of women.

No. 158936

File: 1604869197568.jpg (287.8 KB, 1080x1902, Screenshot_20201108-145938.jpg)

There's a text game called Degrees of lewidity that has that exact scenario. It's pretty hot.

No. 159015

File: 1604931569031.png (Spoiler Image, 937.12 KB, 1013x1695, coomerart.png)

Inspired by this anon I drew my shameful kink as well I got so wet drawing it I hate it I think I now somewhat understand coomer artists more.

No. 159016

One vote for a porn art thread on /m/.

No. 159028

That dick made me gag.

No. 159055

I hate it here

No. 159072

Im really into eating ass. Ashamed because it is such a male coomer thing to be into and I have heard you can get intestinal worms from doing it. And a lot of scrotes into it seem to think they are degrading the woman and I dont want feel degraded I just like the ass.

No. 159073

Ngl I'm not into it, but the overall work is good, and that awkard dick is top tier

No. 159074

Also I have had other weird fantasies from watching too much porn, and stopping that has helped. But that one I had before even seeing it in porn or knowing people actually do it so Idk can I ever get rid of it.

No. 159077

I recently just randomly understood the compulsion the other day. Too bad men make everything into some sort of macho power play

No. 159091

I don’t get this i mean do you just lick the asshole? It’s not as sensitive as a pussy so what’s the point for the receiving person

No. 159096

it can be pretty sensitive, especially for men.

No. 159132

File: 1604980990496.jpeg (121.93 KB, 600x900, 8263C68C-D301-4A98-AD05-3CE83F…)

I wanna go back in time to age 18 and sexually bully 28 year old Elijah. Just pinch his little belly fats, make fun of his height and make him cry. Or to top him with my Uber Chad bf. He can service me while Mr. Thundercock enjoys that cute plump booty.

Its actually embarrassing how autismally horny I am for this little goblin man.

No. 159133

Lmao this sent me for some reason. Ily anon.

No. 159135

Stop I’m watching eternal sunshine rn and couldn’t get over how weird he looks with really short hair. The whole rest of the movie I’m gonna be thinking about this, wtf anon

No. 159136

NTA but he’s so pathetic in that movie that he’d be perfect for anons set up…anyways enjoy your movie, it’s one of my all time faves ♥

No. 159138

File: 1604984198615.jpeg (57.95 KB, 396x594, 1B15E79D-070F-4709-950B-E6D36B…)

Eternal Sunshine Lij is great but there’s something about pathetic, sweaty loser Elijah in Wilfred / Dirk Gently that makes me rock hard.


God I wish I were Jason Gann

No. 159155

Elijah is a weird one for me because I want to simultaneously climb all over him and make him whine, but I also get off to the idea of him doing the same to me. I am quite a bit taller than he is and height differences are a big thing to me, also, I fucking love the idea of soft spoken men saying really dirty things.

No. 159159

is that supposed to be timeskip eren yeager

No. 159161

I am so attracted to the idea of nursing on an older woman's breasts, like with milk and all. Makes me feel like a scrote. I almost had a chance of getting on with older woman who into the whole 'older woman taking care of younger woman' thing and she was into the nursing thing too, she was so hot, perfect body, a little chubby and big breasts and oh man, I even called her mommy and she wanted to dress me in cute clothes and feed me and shit, we only met a few times but we had to break it off for a few reasons. Yes, I do have mommy issues.

No. 159168

Is it just me or does he look like an FTM?

No. 159187

File: 1605021609522.jpg (Spoiler Image, 323.78 KB, 850x1200, sample_c7fae4d8e00f56a4c3a9a41…)

>I have heard you can get intestinal worms from doing it.
Tell your partner to get a Enema for rimming.
>And a lot of scrotes into it seem to think they are degrading the woman and I dont want feel degraded I just like the ass.
Get a guy which likes it but insecure about.
Tell him to get on his knees and bent over, rimming a guy bareback puts him in a more dominant position than making him taking a sub position. Giving him a milking handjob while rimming him should drive him even further to submission.

No. 159189

There are parasites that you can get from it like giardia. I read an article a while back where a gay man described thinking that he had caught hiv because he had bloody diarrhea for months on end. It turned out it was a parasite and it was resistant to treatment. He went through a whole lot of different docs and methods to get rid of it but then he catches a different parasite because he was still sleeping around with an emphasis on liking to rim. That time he was even more fucked while trying to shift it.

I wish I had the link because the hellish years of bloody diarrhea being described…then followed by him admitting to still getting his own ass eaten out during those times..I just? It was like reading horror. The gay community does have a growing problem where these bugs are becoming more common and more resistant to treatment. Don't know what the chances are of catching something like that if you're not in an already high risk scene though.

I've eaten ass before but I stopped doing it. Worrying about just regualr old germs is too much for me. I can enjoy it on a screen or in my imagination but irl it's not all that hot.

No. 159192

An enema cleans out the inside of your ass, Do you mean a portable bidet?

No. 159195

The picrel is awful, how does anyone have sex near a toilet?

No. 159196

You ever seen when men take dick pics sitting on the toilet…like who is going to fantasise about putting their mouth around that while it's right by a toilet bowl??

I refuse to believe women are dreaming of sex acts on/around toilets. Please tell me we're not lol

No. 159198

I have not, actually. Men are gross kek. I’m definitely not, anon, at least we have each other. However, I do remember the first time I heard and learned about what a blumpkin is…

No. 159201

I've noticed a strange amount of hentai/doujins (aimed at men) that feature toilets. It's gotta be intentional because someone went out of their way to draw it. Maybe it's the danger aspect of being a semi-public place like a restroom? Or it's hot just because it's considered gross?

Seeing a toilet in porn is such a complete turn off to me, I don't get it. It's gotta be there because it's taboo or something.

No. 159202


Anon, how did you came across a woman like that? A-asking for a friend of course …

No. 159209

Anytime I read a hentai with toilets featured I double-check the tags in fear that it's going to degenerate into scat, most of the time it doesn't, but the idea of fucking in a public toilet is so fucking disgusting, this is the nastiest place ever. Although the ones featured in doujinshis look rather clean, I think it has some kind of public sex appeal.

No. 159219

>I do remember the first time I heard and learned about what a blumpkin is…
My ex would stink out the bathroom so bad that it honestly took a toll on my desire for him. I have memories where it'd be the weekend and I'd wake up with ideas about having a long session, like a nice lazy morning fooling around… one trip to the bathroom later and all desire would be killed off as soon as he opened the bathroom door on his way out. No idea how anyone is partaking in that.

No. 159288

File: 1605073475197.gif (Spoiler Image, 1.82 MB, 500x209, 55E5CC2A-9EBD-4B97-A55B-2E38DE…)

I wonder if it's derived from my fucked up history of self harm, but I've found the idea of a guy cutting or burning me during or after sex hot, especially if he starts by going for smaller wounds and continues to wound deeper until he just decides to go for the jugular and off me.

On a smaller scale I like the idea of being branded, bruised, or bitten, but that's not nearly as shameful

No. 159292

Kek anon, I found her through tinder. I was worried she might be a catfish or a couple or something but nope, she was just an extremely horny woman with the same fetishes as me plus 10 years older than me.

No. 159673

…i'm really into Daddy/daughter stuff.

No. 159690

I just want to be a service top for a successful powerful woman who selfishly uses me for her own sexual pleasure. I like watching women orgasm, esp those old school type compilations of women getting masturbated by anonymous hands.

>tfw it’s not even bimbofication that does it for me, it’s the weird shitty 1950s housewife transformation that I’ve never had another lesbian be interested in

No. 159692

How did that begin? Sad childhood?

No. 159712

>old school type compilations of women getting masturbated by anonymous hands.
..I am intrigued

No. 159854

same, anon, same

No. 159966

Bubblegirls and related stuff. Most of it’s like, early 2000s/late 90s but you can still find it online, or it’s JAV. It’s probably meant to be man’s POV and sometimes you can hear the guys talking in the background but it’s still hot when muted.

>sage because I am ashamed

No. 160284

I want to fuck an older catholic priest (40s) in a church. I want him to fall in love with me until he contemplates suicide and begs god for forgiveness.

No. 160286

File: 1605694752436.jpeg (34.98 KB, 534x395, 185A5920-804E-493E-834A-2324F7…)

just read a piece of what is basically oviposition erotica (with the male receiving the eggs) and got ridiculously wet, i hate myself so much rn

No. 160437


No. 160446

Chikan is like, my all time number 1. I was obsessed with the idea of it before I even knew it was a porn genre. At least the Japanese stuff is so obviously staged I know it's not real.

No. 160447

I hate that this literally reminded me that I had the most ridiculous dream about this last night and I wouldn’t have remembered if I didn’t see this post. Fuck you

No. 160451

What are you two referencing? I'm so lost lol

No. 160710

I have a specific fantasy of getting fucked in a bathroom cubicle in the back of a seedy bar and for me it's half the semi-publicness of it, but also the fact that it's a dirty place in general to be. I like the idea of being this 'good clean girl' but so horny that I allow some guy to to fuck me in a nasty environment Idk lmao

No. 160728

I've been playing this for about an hour and headed into the woods to find this character but I instead got fucked by a pack of wolves. I want to find him!

No. 160738

YES. I want a priest to need me so bad he betrays himself. Just thinking about it gets me going.

No. 160744

I'm so ashamed to admit that this is one of my favorite kind of doujinshis as well, I even check the tags from time to time when I want a quick session, too bad most of the guys are fat bastards.

No. 160793

I care
Anon this is weird and very armchair of me to say but your art doesn't feel very fetish related, it passes as the usual girly artsy guro. Even the average traumacore art on Tumblr feels more sexual, it makes me wonder if perhaps your fixation was not originally sexual for you but that you have just affixed your sexuality to it, if that makes any sense? Especially with how you don't get off to irl gore or porn. With this in mind I would be wary in getting involved with irl extreme BDSM or doing anything that pushes you further down that path.

I don't think there is anything wrong with having bizarre fantasies or expressing them with art but I don't think it would be a bad thing for you to try to figure out where these came from or to talk to a counselor. I would hate you imagine that someone might take advantage of your interests to hurt you. Idk maybe I'm talking out of my ass and projecting, I read too much guro as a tween and it fucked me up in ways I didn't recognize for years afterwards, I still enjoy the aesthetics of artistic guro but I no longer have any sexual interest in it.

You might also need to get therapy to remove the loli/jailbait grooming you were subjected to. There's nothing wrong with enjoying switching power dynamics but if you only see yourself as attractive for being smol loli jailbait you are going to have lower self esteem the older you get

No. 160796

What was the name of the story? I'd like to read it too because I'm a sinner

No. 160828

You're welcome.
Tell me the story dear anon, is it fetish related?

No. 160830

I haven't read any doujins in this genre, I didn't even think of it. It would probably have more of the psychological aspects that I find more appealing. Where are you finding them?

No. 160838

On all the regular hentai scans websites (like n-hentai or e-hentai), you need to skim through the tags since a lot of crap gets uploaded. I wouldn't call them psychological though, most of them are made for men for a mindless fap. Come to think of it, I don't if there are any hentai for women with chikan themes.

No. 160848

outing myself here as a gross monsterfucker yet again, but it's "alien x female reader" by monstersandmaw on tumblr.

while i'm here: i secretly wanna know what it's like to have a man be genuinely scared of me. it could be really hot. sadly i'm not threatening at all, so that'd be a difficult thing to accomplish.

No. 160868

All I'm willing to reveal is it involved a very buff guy from a manga I've been reading, and food poisoning. fml

No. 160930

>i secretly wanna know what it's like to have a man be genuinely scared of me. it could be really hot. sadly i'm not threatening at all, so that'd be a difficult thing to accomplish

you would scare him if you had a weapon lol

No. 160937

oh yeah i daydream about being a badass gunslinger lady all the time and that's probably why kek

not a good idea in a sexual or intimate situation cause it would totally ruin the mood, but maybe i could just use a belt or something.

No. 160956

I downloaded this game and I'm glad my browser crashed because I feel like a degenerate coomer for enjoying it

No. 160961

You say ruin, I say amplify

No. 161053

i have an objectification fetish

No. 161058

File: 1606239391264.jpg (447.16 KB, 1200x780, dd3zix5-6dbda75d-c2ff-4906-8e4…)

Are we talking regular objectification or picrel objectification here anon

No. 161067

nothing to add but oh my god

No. 161269

Not sure if a fetish but I listen to Japanese/korean asmr before I go to sleep. But it’s like specifically only the ones where it’s a young man who is just sleeping/breathing into a microphone for 8 hours. It’s just so relaxing but I’m also strangely attracted to male breathing. Just sounds so comforting. Throw in a few deep sighs and some mumbles and I’m passed out within twenty minutes.

No. 161277

I would totally buy a geisha vase though, it looks so cool

No. 161294

NTA but I thought it looked pretty cool too hahaha.

No. 161296

File: 1606408447096.jpg (10.47 KB, 320x320, 1465038-gant01.jpg)

this fetish unironically appeared after I was introduced to this video game character. it doesn't have to be the character since his traits are what matters. im not even into super big or older men irl, i kinda detest them but i think that's what adds to the hot. i love the idea of being taken over by some well-aged adonis and pounded into the desk while all i can do is let out a whine from how much my guts have been stirred up. his body is huge, his cock is huge, he's much more experienced and gets off on how intimidated i am. he'll press my face against his crotch, can cum in his pants just from watching how powerless i am, slide a pistol in my mouth to suck on, will stop and admire how i struggle to handle any spect of him. there are even thoughts of getting pissed on or lightly beaten. im just ashamed of it for the huge lack of respect for myself in the fantasy. like i said i dont even like big or older men, but its so easy to get me wet thinking of the scent of those huge balls on my face. i think its because when i was younger (pre puberty into teenage years) id talk to so many older men online (no friends) and often they became pervy or predatory. a lot of them were into rape too and so as a by product when i did shitty erp it would always be rape and i therefore got a rape fet. send help

No. 161310

nayrt but I've been playing it too and as gross as it is, have been enjoying it. I played for hours the other night, got captured and taken to a farm where they made me act like a cow and milked me and shit. I feel like a coomer too because I was getting turned on playing it, as fucking weird as the storyline was

I also deliberately tried to get myself captured by eden because, I'm ashamed to say, love that character and I'm stupid turned on by the idea of a big burly hunter taking me to his cabin to keep me there for sex. the whole whole stockholm syndrome and slowly falling for him does it for me too. bored and horny as shit in lockdown right now and I keep going back to this fantasy

I feel you anon, I'm turned on by that kinda thing too. maybe not as deeply as you cause I don't wanna be pissed on, beaten or having smelly old balls in my face but

>his body is huge, his cock is huge, he's much more experienced and gets off on how intimidated i am

sorry you had to experience putting up with gross old men online, I also used to chat to older men from time to time when I was a teenager and looking back it was so disgusting of them.

No. 161329

This reminded me of a fantasy I had when I was trying to get pregnant.
Basically they'd put a milking machine looking thing on my breasts and clit and tell me they'd only inseminate me if I orgasm. Worked really well at the time, but now that I'm not trying to get pregnant anymore it's just weird and doesn't do anything for me anymore.
That's actually one I'm ashamed of because wtf I'm not livestock.

No. 161337

ayrt, oh god I hate to say it but that is hot. be thankful it no longer turns you on cause I wish it didn't for me, kek

I feel legitimately dirty writing this out but I've also fantasised about lactation. I saw a porn that involved it once and it stuck with me apparently

No. 161361

During that time I was trying to get pregnant someone trying to milk me (but no milk coming) was hot to me as well, and I was honestly a bit worried I might have similar thoughts when breastfeeding but luckily it went away with the insemination fetish. That would've been fucking creepy.

No. 161414

yeah I think that's why even liking it a tiny amount makes me feel ashamed. like, breast milk is obviously meant for a baby.

just wondering when you say, it went away once you stopped trying to get pregnant was that because you did become pregnant?

No. 161416

I have a fetish for foot fetishist. I love the feeling of getting my feet worshipped, rubbed, licked and sucked on. Foot massages are just amazing, and its such a good trade fetish wise, him getting his rocks of and me just relaxing. Way better than the other coomer fetishes where you have to degrade yourself for his pleasure. And I love the thought of a guy degrading himself by worshipping my feet and getting turned on by them. Or putting on my socks and tying my shoelaces in front of others. I just love everything about footfags. Except for footjobs, but most footfags are subs so they won't push for it.

No. 161421

I really, really love smelly guys. I blame it on my first boyfriend not understanding basic hygiene due to his messed up family situation, and though I eventually showed him the light (and how to take proper showers) I missed when I could smell if he had been in a room recently. I’m not talking butt smell, more like a sweaty, spicy, sometimes potatoe-y smell. I could not get enough of it, I’d just hug him and sniff deeply, and he smelled absolutely horrid. My friends thought I was insane, but I couldn’t help it. He was pretty overweight too. I’m now drawn to smelly guys and I just can’t kick the habit! Maybe it’s something about pheromones? Smell is not the #1 deciding factor, but it turns me on. :)

No. 161422

Irl I've never been a fan of smells, in my relationships I was always in the habit of initiating sex right after my partner gets out of the shower. That's how fresh I like partners to be. But in my fantasyland I have a celebrity crush and alot of what I want to do with him is just smell him.

There's pics of him where he has his arms up and the armpit shots do some weird shit to me. I don't see myself enjoying mens BO in reality but the fantasy with that one guy gets me off.

No. 161425

Good, freshly-washed smells are good too! And armpits to me are a holy place where you’d find my nose stuffed in at least 50% of the time if society allowed it. And yes irl and fantasy desires can be very different, if you looked at my “thirsting feeds” on my social media, you’d think my preference would be e-boys with lanky limbs and pale skin when my dating history reveals quite the opposite! It’s interesting how that goes.

No. 161426

me too… also maybe a foot fetishist would gift me pretty shoes… and carry me like a princess after I washed my feet so they don't get dirty

No. 161427

obviously not that anon but I'm really turned on by it as well. The only difference is that I'm lesbian so it's even harder to find women that are into it and due to the taboo around it, I'm not sure if I'd ever be able to bring it up.

No. 161733

sorry for the late response. Yeah, I got pregnant and then started breastfeeding and it was just never sexy to me. Even when having sex while still breastfeeding I'd always be super selfconcious about milk leaking I wouldn't let my husband near my boobs even though I normally enjoy him sucking on them.

I saw this video the other day where you had a POV of a guy licking feet/shoes and damn. I do now understand POV porn. https://vimeo.com/33351092 (starts at 0:47)

No. 161772

File: 1606777027640.jpg (40.92 KB, 600x449, EXWGh-TVAAAN2RM.jpg)

I like tentacles and slimes, slugs, some insects specifically mantises. All the hentai is scrotey af the female characters never enjoy it and it always ends with them having a gross john carpenter hybrid babby. It makes me depressed and tired and turns me off.

I just want a romantic doujin about an affectionate monster getting sensual with a woman, rubbing her clit, getting her off, is that too much to ask

No. 161892

File: 1606884454311.webm (Spoiler Image, 2.94 MB, 872x612, 20f60c74c70f5f3ebf94076cb49340…)

i love centaurs and satyrs as they allow me to imagine weird anatomy without it being attached to an animal. bestialityshit just grosses me out, but if a person is attached i like the idea of strange genitals.
same goes for monstrous men, especially lizardmen.

No. 161895

Being stepped on by military/faschy/combat boots

No. 161904

same. i just want orcs having consensual but extremely dirty sex with female characters, bonus points if it has romance too. i really hate the hentai about them, it's all rapey, sometimes having the female characters ended up in degrading and vomit-inducing situations in the end. it's really frustrating. i can never see my fetish to a reality at this point, it'd be a miracle if there's a manga or even a novel out there that has the same outline of my fetish at all.

No. 161920

have you tried Hentai Elf to Majime Orc? I think sadly there might be some rape jokes in it but the plot is that the female elf is really horny for the orc.
There is also Ii Orc no Hi, apparently it's ecchi

No. 161928

File: 1606917803547.jpg (111.98 KB, 420x540, Centaur[1].jpg)

i'm really into centaurettes, it started with seeing horse pussy on 4chan and kinda snowballed from there.

i wouldn't fuck a horse, for the record

No. 162122

oh god same. I want a boyfriend with a foot fetish so bad. I just want a guy all over my feet as much as possible.

>Foot massages are just amazing, and its such a good trade fetish wise, him getting his rocks of and me just relaxing

ugh sounds so perfect. I'd totally be into footjobs too though

No. 162190

One of my latest fantasies that I masturbated to was that I was 'examined' by an old, disgusting doctor for Covid and he tricked me into having sex with him. Most of my fantasies involve being abused by older men in power (teacher/doctor/cult leader/the Devil himself)

No. 162231

I love masks, prosthetics, nose play and other things that make women look strange/ugly; I also love villains. So imagine my surprise when I had a sexual fantasy about Margaret Hamilton as the wicked witch in the Wizard of Oz. I've unironically been scared of that character for over nine years since I watched that film aged 10 but I think it helps to make it a fetish? Like oh no what if the witch is lurking in the corner of my dark room at night… so she can rape me while she stares down over her long nose and hold me down with her creepy, spidery hands. Hot

No. 162239

the wicked witch was a babe. tragic you were scared of her

No. 162241

please for the love of god tell me i’m not the only one whose had a weird birth fetish since childhood

No. 162244

What do you mean, anon? Like you're into giving birth or seeing others give birth?

No. 162260

Hmm, I don't necessarily have a birth fetish, but I do look forward to giving birth and being pregnant in general. Not sexually or anything

No. 162261

Girl fucking same. I wonder what that says about society. I was molested by my stepdad though so maybe it stems from that.

No. 162264

you're not alone, anon. Personally I don't enjoy imagining giving birth myself but reading stuff or watching videos of other people does something for me. I don't have any idea why this is; it's been this way since I was a kid.

No. 162266

basically it’s always looked pleasurable to me to give birth (even though i know that is absolutely not the case). i guess the pushing/stretching looks sexually stimulating. also the struggling/words of encouragement from the people assisting. i think it started when i was around 9, i’d watch all the vids i could find of women giving birth and i’d masturbate to the idea. it’s so bizarre, i always assumed it was some sort of evolutionary thing to encourage me to reproduce

No. 162304

File: 1607264535413.jpg (380.29 KB, 1599x965, 1601817728227.jpg)

Don't know if this a fetish or aesthetic preference but I really find the Indo-European Barbarian aesthetic hot, not even the idealized harlequin romance book cover but more the realistic somewhat dirty naturalistic take

No. 162312

I feel like I have seen this exact same post before somewhere here

No. 162316

I posted this before a couple weeks ago

No. 162328

File: 1607271358939.jpg (9.4 MB, 4288x3216, The_Dying_Gaul,_second-century…)

Here is some erotica for you anon

No. 162340

I've had a similar fantasy for a long time about being molested by an older doctor, I think it stems from having a doctor examine me when I was 17 where he had to feel my stomach lmao so dumb. I used to watch medical porn of physical exams and it used to turn me on so much seeing these (often gross and old) doctors doing breast and vagina examinations and imagining it was me

I'm older now but in my teens and 20s I used to fantasise about being taken advantage of by older men in positions of power almost exclusively. doctors, professors, bosses and so on. you'll probably grow out of it? I know it did, that shit doesn't do much for me anymore and mostly grosses me out

No. 162348

Well, then you are ready to read some Jaworsky

No. 162371

File: 1607300554581.jpg (Spoiler Image, 27.24 KB, 331x500, 50811b8095c452e669fc79d3bba3cd…)

i love masks and prosthetics and stuff too but mostly just on males. similarly, i posted about my fetish for fucked up faces somewhere on here awhile back. picrel is the one i really fell in love with.

don't click if you don't want to see irl gore

No. 162372

File: 1607300796263.png (295.02 KB, 482x491, Green_scott.png)

werewolf boys. I love characters like picrel (bought the dating sim, monster prom, for this character) who look half way through a werewolf transformation, very big and very hairy. sometimes I see a cute guy and can't help but think to myself 'he'd look even cuter with some little fangs poking out'

ashamed cause I'm sure a lot of people would see it as a furry fetish but the moment the guy looks more wolf than man I'm no longer interested

No. 162373

actual wolfmen are so much more appealing than literal werewolves i agree. fuck furries for turning a cool idea into something lame

No. 162387

I'm closer to 25 and it doesn't help that I'm still attracted to older men and I have similar fantasies, though mostly with actors & teachers. I'm 99% sure it's because my issues are so freudian and all my experiences with younger men or men closer to my own age have been shit. I just think about meeting a famous guy and having him take advantage of me when I least expect it even though I'm a horribly bland person and I don't think an older actor would ever bat an eye twice at me unless I became a skinny instathot bimbo. The idea of being taken advantage of because I'm a weak and bland person by a powerful rich man is enticing because I feel like I deserve nothing and am empty and hollow and I wonder why the fuck I'm like this

No. 162395

I have this recurring fantasy of being at a party or gathering with a bunch of people and an older(sometimes married) man teasing me throughout the night in subtle ways that no one catches onto or sees. Spending the whole evening discreetly getting me horny only to leave me high and dry after the festivities end so he can keep teasing the next time we see each other. Then when that gets to be too much he gets me alone and gives me the roughest fuck of my life and cums inside of me multiple times. These usually involve whatever character or actor I'm thirsting over at any given time. 98% of the time they're older men who are at least 20+yrs my senior.

I guess the thought of being the attractive woman getting taken advantage of by someone experienced is hot to me. It probably stems from general insecurity, jealousy and daddy issues which is why I feel so ashamed about it.

No. 162443

File: 1607359913778.png (189.95 KB, 540x304, tumblr_o79af9RUY81r3xxruo6_540…)

I got a similar fetish from watching the movie dead ringers with jeremy irons playing twin gynecologists, I've been fantasizing about so many scenarios based on it fml

No. 162448

Raping and "corrupting" a younger, inexperienced young man in a public place. Or the idea of a guy just ridng a bike/hiking in the woods, stopping to undress and walking in the wilderness to masturbate is super hot to me.

No. 162499

i've had a fantasy of doing this to a guy on a subway or something. just molesting him in public and humiliating him

No. 162509

Unbirth. Especially furry/feral unbirth.
I stumbled onto a bunch of vore art as a ~10 y/o on Deviantart, was wierded out but wanted to inspect further, and was eventually lead to a bunch of unbirth stories about female pokemon shoving people into their wombs. I don't even like normal furry stuff. I've been trying to avoid it and been hoping I'd snap out of it and the fetish would go away but it's still really hot to me, my parents should have kept a tighter leash on me online.

No. 162510

Is there a lesbian version of cockwarming? I've no interest in dick havers, but I like the idea of being used for casual comfort, kneeling before a woman until she's bored with me, maybe getting petted and praised a little. I'd have no worries at all except sitting still and keeping my mouth open.

This could just be the oral fixation talking but I really wonder about it. I don't think a strap counts. It's too impersonal.

No. 163028

i want to blindfold my boyfriend and have people make fun of his dick. i keep having fantasies of doing it at an anime convention dressed as 2b and 9s and invite random people to do it. ugh.

No. 163096

File: 1607820551240.jpg (679.07 KB, 2038x1384, 6722g88b64.jpg)

I stopped playing degrees of lewdity but I'm ashamed of how involved I still am in imagining scenarios around the character of eden. of being kidnapped and held captive deep in the woods in the cabin of a big, burly hunter and developing stockholm syndrome

I fantasise that he always fucks me roughly, pinned down with my ass in the air and face pressed into the pillows, because he doesn't know any other way. but as the time goes by and we become closer and he softens towards me I show him that sex does't have to be just him jackhammering away. I show him what its like for me to be on top and teach him how to eat me out, turn him from a brute who just uses me to get off into a big himbo who is eager to please me

No. 163114

I played the game after anons were talking about it in this thread earlier (thank god I figured out how to turn off all the degenerate settings) and I feel the same about his character

No. 163195

File: 1607907085046.png (287.18 KB, 500x484, 91451f610362d3420b3e01b258ab74…)


if i could have sex with a corpse without anyone ever finding out, i would

No. 163200

how did you get like that?

No. 163201

Anon, what would you even be able to fuck? Random appendages? The dick is one of the first things to go, and it's not affected by rigor mortis. What a depressing fetish to have.

No. 163203

i've read how some necrophillys (lol) enjoy the way the bodies are cold and heavy, won't be able to resist nor actually experience anything. is that why you wanna try that shit or-

No. 163206

You mean to tell me they have firsthand experience…?

No. 163208

i would honestly love to know! maybe extremely early exposure to gory horror movies coinciding with puberty and me getting into porn? i could speculate a little further but other ideas about it i have are kind of disturbing

i'd probably have it finger me or i'd just masturbate while laying with it

yes, i'm attracted not only to the fact it's an inanimate figure that can't do anything but also the fact it's dead and rotting. i have an attraction to the corpse part of it

No. 163211

>sticking a cold rotting finger up your vagina
Anon, I…

No. 163212

idk what to tell you anon, it's a fetish

No. 163213

Rot spooge.

No. 163219

What can i say, I’m into true crime and many serial killers have been eloquent and creepy. >>163208
Fascinatingly gross, anon

No. 163328

Right so I probably don't have a foot fetish because I don't find feet attractive in and of themselves… so can someone explain why all my (female) celebrity crushes AND my biggest ever irl crush happen to have notably large feet? Do lesbian foot fetishists actually exist? Am I one?

No. 163337

idk why but lately I've been into the idea of mindbreaking a guy. The steps from rape into willing submission get me hot, but I would never do this IRL.

No. 163341

File: 1608076738832.jpg (Spoiler Image, 20.18 KB, 264x400, s-l400.jpg)

Male nipples and navels (especially when they're looking down topless)
Funny because I wouldn't sleep with a man but I still find it hot,mainly on muscular men.

No. 163347

Hot, I want to suck on them

No. 163359

See, posts like these make me really think i am 100% lesbian, i just got the urge to hurt the guy, don't wanna see any from.this angle

No. 163364

amen sister.

No. 163368

My shame fetish is cucking a boyfriend with their best friend or enemy. I've never done it before and would never but god it makes me wet.

It's never outright sex though. Mostly flirty suggestive banter, accidental touches, etc. And if there is sexual contact, it's always an "accident". Like we're grappling/sparing and there's minor grinding. He reaches the top shelf to help me, pressing against me. I never have sex with them in these fantasies, I just watch them get off. With airy breathes, whimpers and very vocal moans.

It's like zero calorie diet taboo.

No. 163369

Photography shots where it seems like the guy is directly looking at the viewer are so fucking hot to me. Eye contact makes me nervous as shit irl due to trauma but the idea of a guy who I think is attractive doing it is so absurdly hot to me, thanks for reminding me of this anon

No. 163374

File: 1608103972323.jpg (Spoiler Image, 72.58 KB, 1229x691, 1548741525470.jpg)

i love the kink of a gross unappealing older man with a hot younger guy/girl. especially if the guy has a huge dick and it feels amazing to the younger person even if they hate it

No. 163399

No. 163417

Me too, I wish it was bait but no it's pretty hot :(

No. 163420

it's not bait and idk why you think it is

No. 163441

Ahh me too

No. 163442

Unfortunately a lot of anons have posted about their "being raped by a fat ugly old man" fetish before.

No. 163450

oh god I had to turn off practically everything in those settings. beastiality, those weird tentacle worm things, anal pregnancies?? some really fucked up shit in there. the entire game is degenerate, I think that's why I gravitated so much towards eden cause his character is one of the least fucked up things in that game

No. 163531

File: 1608227744606.png (Spoiler Image, 779.49 KB, 904x998, myshame.png)

lesbian diaper humiliation stuff

i'm a straight girl but this is the only thing that gets me off

its truly depraved and I probably will never come to terms with this part of myself

its made worse by the fact that almost everyone who have diaper fetishes are creepy gross dudes or psychos like binkieprincess

No. 163534

>>154273 here, found myself increasingly aroused by the idea of male characters with vaginas. but they have to otherwise pass perfectly as male, preferably hypermasc, tall, muscular, deep voices, definitely no top surgery scars or tRaNs PrIdE or anything (which I guess excludes 99% of actual FTMs)

No. 163547

File: 1608245818216.jpg (146.43 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

I will never admit this to anyone IRL because I am a very public, avid horror movie fan but I am really turned on by fantasy serial killers especially if they wear a mask. Hush was almost unbearable to watch with my boyfriend. I am going to buy Dead by Daylight just because I saw a fancam of Ghostface and it turned me on so bad.
I never want to be put in a situation like this IRL, I'm sure that doesnt need to be said, I'm actually very paranoid and vigilant about safety. But it's my number one fetish, and I cannot help it.

No. 163560

ugh i feel this

No. 163565

dbd and its playerbase suck tbh
watch the movies instead

No. 163573

i have a huge fear of getting pregnant, and having a child. so tell me why i’m into breeding fetish? i really do hate myself.

No. 163578

i love feminine (straight/bi) guys who wear dresses and lingerie. love seeing their package as they wear women’s panties.

and on the complete opposite scale, i’m really into older men (like forty-sixty). just want a (attractive) old ass man to take me. maybe because i have daddy issues? but i’m not into ddlg, that makes me gag.

oh and men in military uniforms (i hate that i find the nazi uniforms attractive) and vintage clothes? yes please.

No. 163581

wtf are you me?

No. 163586

people can sexualize things they're afraid of or seem taboo, so not that surprising. Maybe learning more real information about pregnancy and having a better understanding will help? It's understandable to not want kids and be scared about it.

No. 163589

I'm really into the idea of a guy of another race fucking me and while berating me for being white

No. 163604

File: 1608291876454.png (854.66 KB, 1209x664, asdf.PNG)

i secretly have a huge desire to be a complete exhibitionist/slut. it's something i don't think i could ever actually do, even just posting pictures online is scary to me, but the idea of being watched and exposing myself like a slut is so fucking exciting to me. the idea of sleeping with tons of people, male or female, is also super hot. or being exposed in public and having people stare at me.
i'm terrified of physical touch so it's never going to happen and worried about ruining my career or something so i don't whore out online either. it's just such a hot fucking fantasy for me and one that's more realistic/less disgusting than my other ones..

No. 163607

>older men
>military uniforms
How original and never heard of before, especially in this thread

No. 163616

oh, sorry annon. didn’t know i couldn’t express a similar interest. anyway, i know it’s been mentioned, and it’ll be brought up again.

No. 163624

I have the same. I've never consumed porn so it's a mystery why I'm like this.

No. 163625

I want to fuck a nazi and break him down into a mess obsessed with me, a non white woman. I've actually done similar things before, pretty fun.

No. 163633

Hi its been two months but I'm back to answer your question because I just remembered I posted here. Surprised the thread is still up, honestly.
>it makes me wonder if perhaps your fixation was not originally sexual for you but that you have just affixed your sexuality to it
Honestly this makes more sense than anything else. I've always had a fixation with death ever since I was pretty young. Not that this is a therapy session but I suppose it started when I was young - my great aunt died. It's tradition in my family to kiss the corpse during the Wake and my mom sort of forced me to do it. There were other stuff too that happened and it sort of manifests now as putting dead bugs I find in jars and sort of holding onto death as an interest.
I don't think anyone would take advantage of me, though. I don't ever tell anyone this kind of thing - at most I pass my art off to my friend (singular) as a creative piece and not something I get off it. I also stopped hurting myself lol, I'm trying to be nicer to myself than I have in the past and stop getting off to really fucked up things - the barn thing wasn't even my worst fantasy.
It's almost painfully ironic, though. I'm actually quite traditional and modest in real life, nice even. I was described as being a "1950s housewife" by the friend I mentioned earlier a week or so back. I notice this extreme disconnect between how the people I know see me and how I actually am. It's hilarious.
Looks are deceiving.

No. 163634

File: 1608315073519.png (18.31 KB, 100x65, soy.png)

I've always had a fat fetish since i was a little kid who stumbled upon dA for dress up games and then found that kind of content on accident, but my whole sexual history has been mostly bone thin men but one of my exes was a chubby hairy bear and it made my fetish worse, like i've been missing comfort all my life.
I have bad BDD and eating problems, so I have a feeder fetish as a massive (heh) cope. I like loving and spoiling someone so much that it adds to their body, so there's more to love.
I exclusively get off to BBW, men don't really do it for my visually but rather touch driven.

No. 163635

Almost all of poltards have some kind of _______fever

No. 163640

you should be sorry. git gud and git more original fetishes.

No. 163646

File: 1608328738563.png (606.88 KB, 1280x720, a.png)

i just wanted to say you're not alone, anon. i've attempted to wean myself off this shameful fetish but i always keep coming back. thanks for posting this though, it makes me feel somewhat better hearing about another girl with a similar fetish because i've had enough of it being associated with creeps. do you know how you developed this fetish?

No. 163647

i’m not sure if there are any original fetishes left.

No. 163649

Mexican sugar dancing, of course./s

No. 163657

The problem with that fetish is that it's almost all submissives on both sides of the gender divide. You're way more likely to talk a vanilla guy into domming you than finding a male DL (interestingly they tend to do the same thing with vanilla girls). Really the community just has too many trannies, snowflakes and creepy guys to be worth your time. I've had a bf whose known but we never got around to trying anything

No. 163660

demons. especially really tall and big ones. also embarrassingly, the doom slayer. i’m gay as fuck,i don’t really like men too much but jesus. something about big men and just natural dominance i guess.

also, mommy doms. enough said

No. 163718

Taste. When I played Dark Souls 1 I was insane over Capra Demon when I first saw him.

I'd like to dom a cute butch. Most butches that are my type don't seem to be very switch-y though or at the very least don't want to get topped by someone who is fem. Pain

No. 163735

I want two guys who hate each other to fight over me, then they fuck me at the same time arguing over who is better

No. 163736

chef’s kiss amazing.

No. 163742

Thank you for commiserating with me anon. I’ve tried weaning myself off it in the past too but I’m not sure it’s possible. I have had some version of this fetish for literally as long as I can remember having any type of sexual thought, maybe from the age of 7 or so. I am not sure why I developed it but I assume it came from some kind of shame about wearing diapers that I internalized as a toddler.

No. 163806

File: 1608495611178.jpg (54.44 KB, 450x564, Sauron10.jpg)

I love demons too, also a lot of tropes from fantasy settings get me off, I think the opening scene of the first LotR is responsible for this, Sauron definitely gave me a fetish for fantasy armors. I audibly gasped when I saw the Witch King in his bling of war this afternoon, too bad I missed the scene where he puts it on.

No. 163813

No. 163816

No. 163817

this is an imageboard, twitter newfags.

No. 163826

File: 1608503819891.jpg (35.35 KB, 500x333, tumblr_ormxbwBz4j1sivhdyo1_500…)

male nipples

No. 163839

File: 1608506095729.png (Spoiler Image, 981.52 KB, 864x482, Capture.PNG)

i really wanna destroy a cute boy like in this included image.

No. 163860

File: 1608513576008.jpg (Spoiler Image, 125.13 KB, 1023x1024, mQrowvPSrhjh9o58m6IrmwQ6o1_128…)

i find the idea of objectifying a guy like this too hot

No. 163874

A guy with no dick sounds so hot to me.

No. 163899

File: 1608530312849.jpg (Spoiler Image, 14.93 KB, 300x400, 3647483i3.jpg)

Dream boy dropped

No. 163987

File: 1608601696497.jpg (731.16 KB, 598x900, yes.jpg)

No. 164002

File: 1608606691189.jpg (115.29 KB, 1200x675, EJ8c16RXsAAoYk_.jpg)

crossdressing doms. picrel, i want goromi-chan to destroy me

No. 164003

His dick is just photoshopped on lmao

No. 164018

File: 1608620999873.jpg (17.29 KB, 324x324, 42867cec373dd595e5be3abbcb3931…)

How about a dick with no guy? I want a robot husbando.

No. 164024

When I fantasize about robot fucking, it always bothers me they have no breath. I then try to imagine they have some breathing mechanism installed but at that point my immersion is ruined so I try not to think about robots breathing much.

No. 164036

Excellent taste, anon.

No. 164042

Dirty talk, I guess in general, especially on the praising side. Where it gets shameful is that I say the most nastiest vulgar things at times when I'm really horny or I'm jilling off (not loudly of course, just whispering) I actually shock myself at the words I say. I would be a lil grossed out in any other situation but when I'm extremely turned on it really gets me going for some reason. I think it'd be hot if not only my partner was doing dirty talk but listening to me do it and getting off on it

No. 164069

File: 1608669350112.jpg (37.31 KB, 360x450, Firenze_PM.jpg)

I'm into humanoid monsters, especially centaurs or werewolfs. I also really like gay Omegaverse stories. I recently bought a game where your human character can breed with monsters and i'm completely obsessed with repeating the sex scenes over and over. I'm kinda shocked that such games are legal, but i guess no one really cares? I truly feel like a degenerate, but it's not like anyones gonna find out except lolcow lol. Funny thing is, that i despise irl porn and am kind of a radfem who is against porn in general. Quite hypocritical, but at least i don't get off on filmed abuse. Anyone who can relate?

No. 164072

File: 1608670709635.jpg (94.1 KB, 557x686, centaur.JPG)

Oh man I have this exact same problem. I don't watch porn, but I really get off to the idea of monster girls. I draw them all the time, too. I think my fetish comes from being very, very into Monster High in my pre-teens.
Here's an image if you're into more realistic kind of stuff. I very much dig it.

No. 164073

>being very, very into Monster High in my pre-teens
I think I just felt my bones crumble into dust and blow away

No. 164077

What.. What does that mean?

No. 164080

I think she feels old

No. 164081

Unironically VERY into futas. Girls wearing straps are nice but futa art really does it for me

No. 164086

they turn me off when i remember only troons and closeted fags draw the art

No. 164098

Blame Beauty and the Beast, Shrek and Ariel the little Mermaid for the monster fetish

No. 164112

nah, dicks are the issue here… but a robot might just do it.

No. 164155

>>164081 same,but I feel like a scrote for having that fetish.Most of the appeal for me is that theres no dude attached to the dick (specifically when it’s futa on fem)

No. 164202

Fake titties can be kinda hot

No. 164314

im into piss and feet, i tried to convince my ex to pee on me during bj but he got pee shy also i have this fantasy where im on top of a guy cuddling with my legs around his waist and i start pissing on him and his dick gets hard, hopefully it comes true one day.
i sucked my exs feet but he wasnt into it so it wasnt as hot as i imagined it’d be, gave footjob it was alright, i liked touching myself while he sucked my feet the most, actually now that im thinking about it maybe im not even that into feet cause these were all meh experiences maybe i just like my toes sucked
nowadays idea of hooking up with a young virgin sub is really turning me on but male subs are disgusting, they’re all crossdressing fags looking for doms my ideal partner would be a selfless straight guy who isnt into hardcore and is open to new things. I’m trying to cut down porn consumption i like watching really old and ugly dudes fucking beautiful girls, seeing girls doing that for money turns me on its so fucked, im also into tentacle porn, club orgies, spring break clips, i started watching porn at a very early age so watching plain intercourse doesnt get me off unless its very sensual, then i watch it to daydream about it later.

No. 164319

i follow biological girl artists that draw them sometimes thou. Only my fiancée knows and approve of it. I am also only into women. But i guess some people would find that statement debatable given my fetish, heh, i dnt care much.

Ahah i see you are a connoisseur. That's the best part about it. No fucking weird gross man just a lady. Men bodies creep me out as a whole although i love women with more boxy/masculine bodies. I also have a thing for ladies with androgenous voice. esp when they look wild and the bad girl type. Too bad that IRL, we only have batshit cray twitter troons i want real futas to be a thing

No. 164384

Oh god I have too many to list. Some I have an idea or reason why I'm into them, some I don't

Monster/Alien men, like Yautja, Irkens, Argonians, Orcs
Free use (me being the one used)
Slime girls, I even have a colour preference (blue and purple)
I really like blue nipples and vaginas, light or neon blue. I mostly see this on robots and furries.
Not ashamed of this one but I rarely see consensual elf woman x orc male. I've read 3 doujins where it was consensual, the rest is always rape.
Mind break, hypnosis, bimbofiction.

Christ im a degenerate.

No. 164394

Get some help anon.

No. 164399

I can't self harm anymore so I get my fix through violent sex. I like being choked, slapped, gagged, you name it. The harder the better. Im aware this probably isn't healthy but idc its better than going back to cutting. If my husband knew thats why I've been extra kinky lately he'd probably be disappointed and upset but whatever.

No. 164405

Being cucked. I'm deeply insecure of my flat chest, but I get off to the idea that my boyfriend will cheat on me with a bigger breasted woman. Pretty sure I'm coping the worst way possible, but here I am. Ashamed.

No. 164423

I'm sorry but is that really better than just cutting? Especially making your husband unknowingly participating in it, if I found out my partner was doing that to me I'd be devastated.

Besides, you've not stopped self harming, just started self harming in another way.

No. 164425

Nta but me too and I hate it. Genuinely wish there wouldn't be anything hot about this to me.

No. 164432

The fact I'm discovering new fetishes I have from this thread

No. 164437

Which ones?anon

No. 164439

Demons, robots, sleep stuff, centaurs, and since I have a pee fetish the diaper one could kinda work in a VERY specific setting, tho I'd just pee myself in baggy underwear while someone watches and that would work too.

No. 164450

File: 1608854422560.jpg (108.02 KB, 690x1000, 0595e1c8efdd0487ead7c2d04139d9…)

i want to suck on man nibbles like a baby. i want a big tiddy yakuza to pec-feed me. why am i like this?

No. 164456

I too love sucking on man nipples

No. 164464

Me too anon I have recurring dreams about my bf just inviting someone over blatantly and nonchalantly and its so hot to me. I also fantasize whenever I come home from something early that I'll open the door and he is fucking someone on the couch but his loyal ass is always alone lol. The idea of being cucked equally makes me rage so it's just not practical to ever happen even in a consensual RP type way. It would probably fuck me up badly and I'd be mad at my him in an irational way.

No. 164474

God I just looked up and started playing this game today and somehow just lost 12 straight fucking hours of my life to it and I STILL haven’t fucking romanced Whitney. I haven’t even bothered venturing out of the town because I’m stuck trying to romance the stupid fuck at school (and also grinding for money lol).

No. 164479

File: 1608879700367.jpeg (64.6 KB, 543x576, AEDA6FA5-05FD-4697-84EC-130D0A…)

Anon you have patrician taste. I always say if a man got cups bigger than me I’m sucking HIS TITS.

No. 164498

Hey anon what's the game? Asking for a friend.

No. 164517

one time i got horny over a doujinshi of sonic and shadow the hedgehogs raping solid snake while the latter was in a maid dress but i can't find it anyomre

No. 164523

I hate that I know what you are talking about and it's all because of that goddamn maid thread
Haven't read it, but I'm 99% sure from the cover it's what you are talking about

No. 164530

yes, that's the one

No. 164532

Sometimes I masturbate to the thought of getting gangbanged by mutant humans, think the inbreds from wrongturn/hills have eyes. Watched too many horror films growing up.

No. 164652

I didn't even know who whitney was. I had to google, I always skipped school when I played. coincidentally one of my fantasies is about a mean jock bullying/teasing/being a perv to me in a high school setting

fuck it, I'll expand since you got me thinking of it. I have this fantasty that I think comes from watching too many movies set in american high schools (I'm from the UK) where I'm the weird shy girl with no friends and I'm bullied by a popular jock. in the fantasy he acts like a dick to me, teases me for being a frigid virgin. but he secretly gives me all this attention, though negative, cause he has a crush on me. whenever he gets me alone tells me shit like how he was jerking off thinking about me in the showers after football practice and how whenever I'm ready to admit I want him too he'll be waiting

I'm ashamed of this one cause it feels immature to me? I feel like I'm too old for this kind of fantasy

same. something similar to the shit I mentioned above was in a previous thread and it stuck with me for sure

No. 164661

You could imagine they have a different kind of rumble or noises going on in their internal workings.

No. 164669

I'm into loli, I'm into female degradation from a voyeuristic observer perspective, I guess male too since I got turned on by the Apostle scene where the main character had his hands crushed in a meat grinder machine and screamed. I have a non-con voyeurism fetish as long as the girl or couple is hot. I want to fuck myself but I'm not ashamed of that. There's more but even on 4chan they tell me I should kym(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 164683

i want my boyfriend and his older brother to fuck me at the same time lol

No. 164687

I like the idea of guys with normal dicks except they have a fat werewolf knot they try to hide until they orgasm

No. 164688

He has a dick made out of solid vibranium dude

No. 164691

Yeah. Go die in a fire.

No. 164694

Someone being cheated on by their gf/wife or just was broken up with and im their friend and they come to me for comfort which leads to sex.

Also I want to sissify and strap butch women. Like them having to wear a dress for a family event like thanksgiving or some other holiday or event and me just teasing her the whole time and getting home and fucking her with a strap on sounds so hot to me. Especially if she’s usually the one doing the strapping and is dominate.

Also sucking a trans mans clit and pretending and acting like it’s a dick to ease his dysphoria or Tribbing him and doing the same.

I just really have a thing for comforting people via sex I guess.

No. 164753

holy shit anon thank you so much for introducing me to this game.
the eden plotline is literally all i want in life… too bad there's no pregnancy.

No. 164784

nah hag

No. 164789

oh great now I've got to masturbate to the idea of this too. kek

No. 164792

I can't believe I'm commenting about eden again (I'm trying to quit thinking about that game lol) but holy shit yes, I wish you could get knocked up by him too. the idea of him coming to the bed each night, to fuck me and then hold me as I lay there with his come inside me, or for him to hold a hand over my pussy to keep it all inside. sorry if that's tmi, I'm just lonely, sad and in love with this fictional fuck. legitimately, I have a text document on my computer with fantasies about him. kill me

No. 164807

File: 1609118310156.png (723.53 KB, 460x690, E71B9622-3C3D-4BAA-8970-093F84…)

There’s something really sexy to me about a man wearing a skirt or doing dainty things without caring about his manliness. No troon shit or sissy garbage but a guy in a traditional skirt just doing his thing is hot.

No. 164812

File: 1609124686737.jpeg (33.12 KB, 400x600, EBC9D705-C05F-4CE5-A2A4-81EE68…)

It’s really hot when they’re not trying to look like sissy faggots nor caricatures of women.
>tfw no pretty boyfriend to wear matching outfits with
Long skirts somehow suit them a lot.

No. 164816

I want a bisexual guy to fuck me while he’s getting fucked by another dude. I think watching him get overwhelmed would be so cute.

No. 164817

Tbh you should post that document on ao3 or something because I’d read it kek

No. 164818

Dont be shy anon, show us

No. 164824

You're right to be ashamed about this. Make sure it stays a fantasy, are you will never have a chance at being a decent human being.
You should take active steps towards getting rid of this "fetishes", you are probably doing something wrong

No. 164837

I like trannies, cute ones though not fat old men. I just love men degrading and humiliating themselves, turning into slutty suicidal unstable freakshows.

No. 164838

Based. I'm bi but would prefer a MMF threesome over FFM because men in FFMs are usually gross and fetishizing sapphic women as a whole during the experience.

No. 164867

futa on female,fuck,even trannies sometimes because they can be good looking or cute. Too bad they're almost all absolutely mentally devastated because else i'd be up to date some. The good looking,not completely mental troons are under cover and living their life as close to a normal woman as they can. And they are so very few.
>inb4 love yourself anon
i said what i said. Sue me. I don't like that i like what those degens refer to as "girldick" either believe me yet here we are.

Also i don't like effeminate boys or "femboys" or "traps" at all they actively disgust me as much as those trannies you see in the MtF thread

No. 164873

I'm a huge furry but only for Sonic the Hedgehog characters. I swear I do find humans and only humans sexually attractive otherwise

No. 164877

same! if i'd ever have a threesome it would have to be FFF or MMF. i can't imagine an FFM one where i wouldn't feel weird.

No. 164878

god i i used to get myself off to this all the time before we broke up. i still think about it sometimes

No. 164879

samefag but by we i mean my ex and i kek

No. 164897

That sounds hot anon. Nothing to be ashamed of.

No. 164934

I like to imagine that I'm a feral wild woman, Tarzan style, minus the apes, and I'm discovered by a 20th century anthropological explorer, or maybe a hunter or something. I'm totally naked and untamed, untouched by the standards of modern society, and he's the first person I've ever seen - he's so different but so similar to me, and I feel the need to explore his body and face

It leads to us fucking hard in the forest, and I'm cumming and screaming my pleasure with no shame or restraint

It feels hot but also stupid somehow

No. 164949

File: 1609252989790.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.71 MB, 3464x3464, 32582128-2E32-49DF-BAAA-6DEF81…)

I think I have a thing for really long tongues and split tongues, and I’m mad because this can’t be real being a split tongue the closest to what I want.
>Tfw no serious looking boyfriend who looks like a well adjusted guy but has a split tongue and is a freak in bed.

No. 164951

I can only imagine how fucking good a split tongue would feel, but I would rather die than let a person with a split tongue touch me bc they're probably extremely gross and annoying kek.

No. 164952

I have a split tongue and you'd never know it to look at me. I have a normal job and I'd like to think I was very un-gross. Apparently it does feel good, so eh, that makes me feel like it was worth getting it done.

No. 164954

That's really hot anon i'm into wild,strong and brute women hence why i only fantasize about those warrior ladies you see in MMOs and games

No. 164957

male ryona, as well as men beating each other up or just wrestling. damn i feel like such a (gay) scrote

No. 164958

I stand corrected, hello anon…

No. 164960

I can move each side independently and the last girl I slept with, I would basically hug her clit with my tongue and flick each side up and down. She was the only one to enjoy the intensity of it but as I say, it has been worthwhile. Makes licking ice creams hard work though, as I always end up with a little ridge up the middle where my tongue has missed!

No. 164961

File: 1609258710211.jpeg (45.8 KB, 500x500, 206BA45F-2EBF-432D-83FE-BB444C…)

I work at an ice cream shop and can hook you up anytime, queen.

No. 164967

No. 164969

idk if this is alright to ask but how did you get it? Were you born with it or did you get it surgically done?

No. 164971

>>164969 body modification lover and obssesed here!
The procedure is the same for everybody: they cut the middle of your tongue with a scalpel, it bleeds a lot, and they sew the two sides very fast. After the tongue is sewed the result is very clean and the blood goes away. It's a beautiful modification! Not for me, i prefer others but this one is very unique.

No. 164972

I paid for it. Got my tongue pierced at a heavy gauge as it apparently helps the split stay healed further back. They did exactly as >>164971 says. Cut with a scalpel, held apart with tongs while they sew up each side and you spend the next week drooling blood and applying gauze to it. After having it done, I regretted it because of how brutal it was. It was done with zero anaesthetic and the healing period sucked. It took about a month for my tongue to settle enough to feel normal and probably about 3 in total for me to stop lisping! I often forget I have it, until someone points it out if I say something or laugh (the two points tend to curl up when I laugh for some reason!).

No. 164973

I’m straight but marry me?

No. 164974

Happily, anon. Is next week good for you?

No. 164981

File: 1609270053047.jpeg (726.94 KB, 1306x896, 723D9D6E-B575-4EE0-A19B-E25C29…)

Let’s get matching wedding dresses, anon!

No. 164986

Is it okay if I’d ask for the price? How much did it cost you? It’s always been my dream to have a split tounge

No. 164991

It was about £400. It's illegal here in the UK if you live here, too. I can highly recommend Sammpa Von Cyborg in Spain, Chai in Sweden/Europe and Steve Haworth if you're in the US. Not sure of their prices, but I can imagine it'll be around a similar price. Unsure of whether they use anaesthetic, but I know most wont touch it so please bear that in mind.

No. 164995

File: 1609276172903.jpg (47.82 KB, 640x480, scrote.jpg)

No. 164996

File: 1609276628259.png (1.55 MB, 1371x1024, EedV7UgXkAUOTJV.png)

>>164952 "i would basically hug her clit with my tongue" ok white horny kid

No. 165009

I am not ashamed of all of this, but I am ashamed of some, so I just figured I'd dump all here cause I need to get this off of my chest kek

I am uber het and vanilla af so this is probably super boring

Medium to long hair (preferably dark)
Inner biceps
Dickslapping (especially my breasts)
Sloppy kisses / face licking
Long legs
Leather gloves
Spitting in mouth
Medium heeled boots
Vintage military uniform (like gestapo uniforms)
Light bondage (including the partner restraining you with their hands)
Historical outfits (18th and 19th centuries)
Bisexual man
Mild Somnophilia (no penetration involved)
Being voyeur on male masochism/subness (nothing too hardcore though)
Doing front of window or balcony of a really tall building
Leather pants
Filming while doing it (penetration only, amateurishly. Just a "heat of the moment" thing, I wouldn't do a porno)
Finger sucking
(Mostly deep) Voices
Ear nibbling or licking
Drunk fucking
Fucking while doing something else (working, playing maybe having a phone call with non-family)
Whispery dirty talking, heavy breathing and moaning
Black suit and tie
Caught masturbating (with no porn), preferably not stopping even when caught
Bath fucking
Being naked and the man being fully clothed
Hand over mouth while fucking so I don't make noise
I like the idea/visual of DP, but I've never done it and would never do it with two men
Forceful bondage for men
Accidentally coming on pants
Masks/helmets (but not always)
Gay frottage
I like the idea of hate fucking but I've never done it
Edgy milsurp style kek
Dubcon but only in fantasy
Waist stroking (I don't know why but I love it so much)
Being voyeur on group sex but with mostly males, especially if there's a lucky pierre (and if I'm not in the same room as well)
Bigger canines or slightly snaggletooth
Forced to masturbate (man)
Sucking through clothes (nipples, cock)
Men's backs
Neck licking and sucking (giving and receiving)
Costumes can be really fun, if the costume is sexy by itself, because I don't like doing roleplay.
Pale skin
Facials (sometimes)
Size differences i am too tall for this tho rip
Fucking with the panties to the side
Coming inside in theory, it's kinda underwhelming irl
Soft biting
Large shoulders
Being strong, but lean
The image of a dude opening his belt turns me on probably Pavlov'd
kissing and cuddling and holding hands after sex

Not necessarily a fetish, but I am super attracted to men that like children or wannabe/are good fathers, even though I never want to have kids in my life. Guess that's just my most basic biology speaking

No. 165010

Mmmmm very nice

No. 165014

Damn you made a list and kept track of all that? Guess you can't say you don't know what you like. Though some of these just seem like preferences to me

No. 165018

Why thank you anon

I mean, on a couple of horny nights I'd right something down, and I am probably forgetting something but I guess those are the main things kek

>Though some of these just seem like preferences to me

Yeah, definitely, like pale skin and dark hair. I wouldn't mind at all if I was dating a black guy, I believe our sex life wouldn't be compromised at all because of trivial stuff like that, but I figured I'd still leave it since I was gonna make a dump anyway

No. 165019

Feederism. The idea of feeding a skinny guy to the point that his stomach starts to grow a little soft whilst straining against his shirt… thankfully my bf is okay with this. Kinda sucks tho, since it's the only thing that gets me off.

No. 165023

File: 1609304455969.jpeg (49 KB, 827x758, C2EC228B-7BB1-40A1-9191-8432AF…)

idk why I’m so ashamed of it because it honestly may sound pretty normal to everyone else but…chubby guys hit different for me

there’s something about a cute chubby guy that stretches and you see a little bit of his stomach hanging out that gets me revving or if he’s wearing a tighter shirt so you see a little bit of everything

my bf is around 240 lbs (that’s my limit) and pretty tall so he’s the perfect size for me. also squeezing his belly makes an excellent stress ball lmao

No. 165035

No idea why; my relationship is/has always been healthy ones but I have a massive thing for Yandere fanfic.

I’d never condone it irl, but fuck there’s something sexy about being kidnapped

No. 165066

Probably dumb question but have you read/watched Mirai Nikki? It's my first yandere anime, usually not my thing, but I totally loved it kek

No. 165094

Mirai Nikki is shit.

No. 165104

I want to fuck Elliott page with a strap-on after force feminizing him and saying he’ll never be a real man.

No. 165118

File: 1609382166706.jpeg (5.55 KB, 306x164, images_7.jpeg)

God same here anon yanderes are so toxic but so sexy at the same time. Do u have any favorites?

No. 165119

No. 165124


I’m not super into anime yanderes per say but more so like yandere AU’s of other characters/characters that have canon yandere tendencies

Eg. I’m a filthy fanfic writer and simp pretty hard for a Yandere Hanzo from Overwatch kek

No. 165131

Excellent taste

No. 165132

she's already feminine, and terf out queen

No. 165158

I'm also uber het and vanilla and this is dangerously based. also
>Size differences i am too tall for this tho rip
are you me??

No. 165256

File: 1609475195415.gif (3.85 MB, 650x316, 0CF03CA4-1ADA-4940-BD85-D0A418…)

>Size differences i am too tall for this tho rip
>tfw I’m 5’8 so I’m tall enough to be tall but short enough to get mogged by moderately tall men
Suck it, giraffecel! Lmao

No. 165257

>Size differences i am too tall for this tho rip
Don't give up hope just yet. I'm 5'11 and I managed to find a man six inches taller than I am. The difference isn't huge but it's enough for him to be able to pick me up and manhandle me if I want that.

No. 165305

Size differences are hot (I mean like big ones) and my boyfriend is 6”6 and I’m 5”3 so I get this kink fulfilled on a regular basis. Tbh, anything less than a foot in difference isn’t really even that hot to me, lol. I had a guy who was like 6ft into me but it was nowhere near as hot as like, a seriously tall dude imo.

No. 165308

File: 1609523109005.gif (925.4 KB, 400x200, giphy.gif)


I am 175cm and my fiancee is 182cm. I guess he could still manhandle me if I was super waifish and he was super strong, but unfortunately that's not the reality for either of us lol
If he was like 190cm then maybe yeah, it would be more possible, but the heart wants what the heart wants and I love him a lot

>tfw when I probably will never be kissed while being lifted by only one arm

No. 165348

File: 1609547939720.jpg (272.51 KB, 640x643, 55a6aa248ad5b.jpg)

Tbh i never really understood what's so hot about big size differences. I mean, you do know that you look like a child next to him, right? That's fucking weird man. It looks super awkward and uncomfortable and some sex positions don't even work. Honestly, if i see such couples irl, i think it looks ridiculous and i always feel like the guy must secretly be a pedo lol.

No. 165349

retarded take

No. 165350

Are you also one of those people that think a shaved pussy is for pedos? There is a massive difference between liking short women and being a pedo kek

No. 165351

Erm that size difference is a bit extreme. At least for me. I was talking about around 25cm-30cm differences, not a whole damn metre

No. 165355

File: 1609551192051.jpg (65 KB, 615x894, 0_couple-775629.jpg)

Especially since plenty of short women are busty or have wide hips.

That size difference is a bit much though, I agree the sex must be kind of awkward. The talk of size difference makes me think about the guy that married a woman that was born without legs.

No. 165356

File: 1609551647835.jpg (142.54 KB, 634x893, article-0-14DD97A0000005DC-124…)

same anon here, sorry for the shit quality on the previous picture. This is the couple I was initially thinking about. I remember seeing them on TLC and the husband made a joke about being glad he's not a leg guy.

Sorry if this doesn't fit the thread I'm just overly intrigued now.

No. 165376

>Sorry if this doesn't fit the thread
You know amputees (similar) are actually a fetish? Really creepy to me, the people into that seem like total messed up control freaks
>the husband made a joke about being glad he's not a leg guy
ok KEK

No. 165402

File: 1609598665390.jpeg (164.56 KB, 634x1169, 904D4737-8F1A-4FAE-85A1-EA3CA5…)

I definitely don’t think I look like a child next to him, I have a pretty womanly body tbh and would never be mistaken as a kid. People definitely comment on our height different a lot and have actually had people ask about how we manage to have sex, but I have never felt it got in the way of anything like that, except maybe 69. If anything, it’s really hot the way he kinda looms over me and I like the way he feels a lot bigger than me. I have heard people say they think couples with a huge height difference look ridiculous and pedoish, but I think it’s cute and height doesn’t matter to him at all when it comes to finding a woman attractive so I don’t really think it’s a creep thing on his part (if he had preference for short woman, I’d be a little skeptical but tbh, it could just be a preference with some guys). I think it’s just feels nice and safe having a guy a lot taller than you by your side.

No. 165438

This is sweet anon, I'm happy for you

No. 165523

There is this video game character who is most likely supposed to be gay (it's not outright confirmed, but still kinda gay-coded), but he's so hot and I fantasized about turning him bi at least once…

No. 165555

I read and watched a LOT of hentai as a curious teen and since then I have been craving to be teased, dominated and fucked like a hentai girl. I want to have my limits pushed, straight up 'yes means no', being forced to walk to the store with a small remote controlled vibrator inside me, surprise MMF threesomes… I'm too shy to ever ask for that from any partner I've had/will have though.

No. 165643

ahhh nonny you described this perfectly. big man little woman is the only way to go !!

No. 165646

With mix of either me or him just giving commands to do things.
Gently stepping on crotches with a nice boot and vise versa and rubbing off that way.
I also like to be thrown around like a doll, like suddenly Im picked up and positioned differently. Im too weak to do that but if I could I totally would.
Also bondage stuff.

No. 165828

Why are yandere fanfics so hot yet so scarce? I would never ask a guy to pretend he’s a hot anime yandere guy because it would feel really gross even if I felt comfortable with him, but in fiction is just way too hot.

No. 165830

i've been having a fantasy lately about cheating on my bf. i don't think i would ever actually do it. but i'll be having some solo time, be reading something about cheating, and in the coomer haze think to myself "i could download a dating app and find a hookup RIGHT NOW" then i finish and get embarrassed and a little ashamed at the thought

the fantasy is always that i hookup with a guy i don't know and won't speak to again before coming home and returning to my lovey-dovey lifestyle. that, or having consistent hookups with a hot girl that i use a strap-on with

No. 165863

if you can read moonrunes you can find a lot of them on pixiv

No. 165927

I want to have that MAGA protestor (you know damn well which one) kidnapped and brainwashed into becoming a decent person, preferably a himbo. Those tattoos would be harder to remove though, I guess.

No. 165933

I've been a naughty little gaijin, please punish me Goromi-chan~

No. 165940

I'm in if he can keep the horns and facepaint on

No. 165957

Nta, but if he keeps the horns and the facepaint, add some humiliation to the mix and we’re set for the perfect porn scenario.

No. 165982

you can get him tattoo coverups, artists are very creative. and then get him branded.

No. 165989

File: 1610098087270.jpg (353.05 KB, 1875x1875, 70d.jpg)

No. 165991

Now I'm imagining him having a tradfem gf/wife who is traditional and conservative in public but completely dominates and humiliates him in the bedroom.
What is wrong with me.

No. 166103

Mine is being fucked with no reservations. I'm always so uptight during sex and I'm so concerned with looking and being perfect all the time. I just want to fuck like an animal, moan like a retard, let out a fart instead of holding it in the whole time, make ugly faces. Is this weird? I feel so degenerate when I think about it.

No. 166122


Anon that's the least degenerate thing I've ever heard. Men are allowed to look goofy when they fuck you should be allowed too.

No. 166124

Wanting to enjoy sex without caring about being ladylike or whatever is natural and not degenerate.

No. 166127

I always feel bad for liking super skinny modelesque women because of high possibility for anachan. I blame my first discovery I was gay on liking Natalie Portman….

Also yall female footfags in here are based I feel seen.
((i love girl feet and would probably like moid feet if i liked moids))

No. 166136

>What is wrong with me.

No. 166161

Anon, go for it! Sex is one million times better when you're not self conscious. It's fun to be loud, imo.
It's usually a huge turn on for guys to hear woman being loud and uninhibited. It's satisfying to know that what you are doing to your partner feels so good for them that they go crazy. It's a win-win. My guy says "the louder the better."
I'm sure I looked busted a few times and have even drooled on occasion. Totally worth the price of great sex.

No. 166316

Mine is blonde hair I find every other hair color unattractive

No. 166320

I am the opposite, blonde hair is very unattractive for me

No. 166328

It's a weird thread to choose to act contrarian in

No. 166329

Same anon, good taste. Especially the flaxen colors

No. 166332

Lol I wasn't being contrarian at all. Just found it funny, sorry if I sounded aggro

No. 166464

I get kind of turned on reading about rectal foreign bodies. (When you put something up your butt and it gets lost so you have to go to the doctor) Most of the people who get this condition are men, and I get so turned on by the idea of guys putting something up their ass for pleasure.

No. 166481

Tell him to hit the gym

No. 166493

I genuinely like the idea of guys fucking weird shit. I think it's the concept of them being so aroused that they'd fuck literally anything. I saw a video of a guy fucking a car door handle for fuck's sake. No food though, that squicks me out. Makes me worry about them getting an infection or a papaya seed stuck in their dick or something.

No. 166550

>I saw a video of a guy fucking a car door handle
…why. how. what the fuck

No. 166561

I saw a video of a guy fucking a pillowpet once lol

No. 166842

I can't get off unless I'm imagining I am a much hotter version of myself

No. 166844

>Natalie Portman
Sage for off topic but not only is she not skinny, except for maybe in Black Swan, but she’s short as shit with stubby legs. Nothing modelesque about her.

No. 166845

File: 1610572362242.jpg (81.72 KB, 707x794, ddrzxnk-a11e17bb-de3a-4e06-833…)

I wanna guy with a fat ass to sit on my lap while he braaaaps really hard to show dominance, I'm not into the smell but it's just the sound and the vibration that drives me nuts for some reason. Too bad most brap content is just wahmen

No. 166862

File: 1610580658109.png (Spoiler Image, 1.17 MB, 1352x489, natalie.PNG)

>not only is she not skinny

No. 166902

same. wish it wasn’t so.

No. 166903

Looks pretty average

No. 166907

How much more skinny could she be? You ana-chans are wild.

No. 166908

I like the sleep fucc. My partner kinda likes the idea of it too, but we both feel like this isn't healthy in a moral(? lmao) sense, so we won't do anything more than kissing the other one awake, even with consent and all that. I try to console myself with the fact that he's an even lighter sleeper than me, so it wouldn't have worked anyway, but still, the thought of waking up to him eating me out or me waking him up by sucking him off or just climbing on top of him… :(

No. 166919

Only moral issue is if you don't want to try, don't end up liking it but one of you pressured the other, or if one of you wants to stop at any point. If he's the more reluctant one, then sticking to his boundaries is good. But if he is okay with more, maybe try caressing each other or something less overtly sexual?

No. 167032

File: 1610653144088.jpg (47.53 KB, 394x512, unnamed.jpg)

Men in arm slings/bandaged arms. Preferably being cute and awkward when having sex.

No. 167040

your comment made me imagine a fart-themed vibrator and i am disgusted

No. 167068


No. 167069

To this oops

No. 167104

tbh i expected this kind of answer lol. i guess it's just low self esteem and hyperawareness of how no one would ever want me as i am so i have to imagine myself as attractive to get in the mood.

>inb4 some troon reads this and goes "SEE? agp is just normal female sexuality!!"

No. 167114

only men can have AGP because of the target location error bullshit, you're not.

No. 167155

bestiality. sad!

No. 167156

File: 1610728451976.jpg (32.94 KB, 567x393, 23s4hdqrcbu21.jpg)

No. 167159

sadly no. but i have not and will never consume any porn of it, if that makes it better.

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