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File: 1613222406708.jpg (25.7 KB, 290x339, unnamed~2.jpg)

No. 738184

Previous thread >>726714

Let's commiserate.

>As an added note, don't infight ITT. It's one thing to comment on an anon's post, but it's another to try and start infighting with an anon by replying with a snarky response (ex. "what did you expect to happen anon?") "that doesn't happen"

>just let anon vent, if you want to be a nitpicky bitch head over to /pt/ or /snow/. no1currs about your shitty input.

No. 738203

I'm bipolar and I was stable and somewhat happy for a month. I thought that I finally got my meds right and that life was looking up. Nope, it was just one of those symptom free episodes, I'm way deep into a depressive episode again. It feels like defeat. I'm so tired of this.
A friend of mine who suffers from depression once told me that she's envious of me because I sometimes have episodes where I'm "normal" so to speak, and she doesn't. But I don't know. I feel like having that experience of normalcy just makes it 100x shittier when it's suddenly taken from you and you're just a broken, miserable pile of shit again. It's like you know how nice life can be when you're stable, you know there are times when you don't feel like killing yourself, when you don't feel like shit. But you feel like shit, and you can't help it. You know just a few days ago you enjoyed life until suddenly you just didn't, and now all you can think about is killing yourself. It's exhausting.

No. 738204

File: 1613224589254.jpg (24.86 KB, 416x372, kalomira.jpg)

I've always felt ugly because I don't fit Western beauty standards and it makes me mad.

I like how other women from my country look, but as a zoomer who grew up on the internet I can't help but be bombarded with pictures of pretty blondes with cute Barbie noses and full round lips, especially now that TikTok is trendy. Sometimes the pretty blonde will be a cute doomer brunette with a bob and wing eyeliner, and when guys post pictures of their ideal gf it's always someone who looks like that.

Girls from my country are always made fun of for being hairy and men everywhere joke about how we look ugly or have manly lips and big noses. Guys from here say how much better foreign women are because they're hotter and put out more. In global media and online there's zero girls from my country aside from one he/him lesbian and maybe pic related, but she's old news now.

It sucks.

No. 738206

I bought one of those single red roses done up in nice packaging today, planning on giving it to a friend who has had a rough year. I had the rose in my canvas shoppping bag on my shoulder and just the head of it was sticking out as I went looking for a card to accompany it (found a best friend V day card pretty easily so that was cool at least)

As I'm browsing the store two almost middle aged men pass by me and I guess they think I'm deaf as one tells the other they would love to grab some scissors (we were in a craft aisle so he points to some) and he'd love to chop the head off the rose. He sounded pissed. Why? Dude sounded so nuts that I kept an eye over my shoulder til I was out of the store again.

How can you be such a miserable fuck that a person gifting someone else a single fucking flower sets you off?

No. 738211

There's a trade off, though, because women with darker body hair (I mean actual women of course) usually also have long eyelashes and their hair has really good volume. Usually it just boils down to waiting for whatever trait you have to become fashionable.
When I was in fifth grade, I was bullied for having thick eyebrows. When I was a teenager, thick, boxy brows became the latest fashion, and I was suddenly getting compliments. People are literally just memed into finding certain things attractive, lmao. I'm glad I never tried to tweeze my eyebrows down to an ugly sperm shape when I was a kid like the girls who picked on me did.

No. 738214

Is anyone else completely friendless and gets angry over people saying they have no friends, when they actually mean they “only” have 1-2 close people to talk to or hang out with?

No. 738215

I also have no friends, but it's not a contest, you know?

No. 738217

I see a lot of scrotes online staying East European women are more feminine than Western women so this somewhat surprises me. Also you need to be told that most West Europeans don't have barbie noses and the vast majority of them do not keep the short midface with doll noses after 21

No. 738218

I've only ever had a max of two friends at one time so yeah I find it weird too. Two friends is doing pretty good in my world.

No. 738221

I'm not East European though, I am Greek. They usually say that about Russian and Ukrainian women but I don't think we look similar.

No. 738224

I didn’t mean it like competing, I guess it’s mostly the word no implicating none or zero
>>738218 lmao same and I don’t get the problem with having only 2 friends

No. 738230

>tfw dark haired/hairy phenotype from father's side even though I have slavic blood
>but still thin haired
Genetics can go fuck themselves.

No. 738231

What's your hair care routine and what climate do you live in?

No. 738238

Nothing special, shampoo and conditioner every few days. Central-EU/temperate climate.

No. 738254

I'm going into the river

No. 738276

Don’t forget to come back

No. 738281

Mom & co. are demanding that she be let back into my life after I cut her off for being a verbally abusive narc. You know, now that the good shit in my life is starting to happen ie. salaried job, engagement to a wonderful man, talk of kids, buying first home, etc. They're saying I'm "shunning" her and have forgotten it was a consequence for being a shitty bitch to me.

And it's like…nope! Maybe she should've thought about shit like that back when she was kicking me when I was down and saying super cruel shit to me that made me not want a relationship with her. She's a risk and a snake.
I bet she's real fucking sorry right now, but of course, it's easier to blame me for this as she's always done than take some accountability. The reasons why I hate her are mysteriously missing from her knowledge, and apparently me not wanting to recite every single straw that broke the camel's back up to this point on the spot when she demands means I'm lying about it. Why would I not want a relationship with my mom if she was a sweet lady who bonded with me and took care of me well? She isn't that and she's always acted like a bully and an enemy to me. So apparently I'm "robbing" her of participating in her only daughter's wedding, not that she didn't lose her privilege to it. She pretends, or maybe she's so genuinely sick that she doesn't remember, that nothing she's done has ever happened. I tried therapy with her after her third divorce a few years ago, but all she did was lie to the therapist and gave herself the biggest victim narrative. I felt too uncomfortable to call her out in front of the therapist but I wish I did, even though the consequences would have been severe for me after the session was over for making her lose face in public. The therapist asked her to stop ranting to me about my previous fathers (emotional incest), and five minutes out the door she was doing just that again. Regardless it doesn't sound like the type of person I need back in my life. The drama and stress levels went from 150% down to nothing.

Secondly, I'd never let her back in now because she'd steal credit and spotlight for everything that has come to fruition in my life for the past few years while she hasn't been involved in it, and I'm sick of that shit too. I'll never forget wanting to donkey punch her smug retard brother for negging my culinary talent by saying I "owe" my talent to my mom. I'm self-taught, and the cuisine I make she'd always make fun of because it was culturally different. She HATED cooking all her life! Guilted me for having to cook when I was little, screamed at me when I was a teen and expected me to cook the meals, rarely showed me how to do anything, and aside from holidays and entertaining guests for appearance's sake she was throwing together hamburger helper, frozen ready meals, and crockpot surprise. Half of her cooking was improvised slop because she never followed recipes (because she knew best) and it was so fucking gross. That's only the tip of the iceberg for what my family assigns undue credit to her for.
But do they credit her with my failures? Fuck no, all the times I've failed are my own.

She used to threaten me with "ONE DAY YOU'LL HAVE CHILDREN JUST LIKE YOU AND THEN YOU'LL BE SORRY!!!" And you know what? I hope I do. I hope I have a sweet, quiet little girl who likes to play by herself and is curious about the world. She'll have a daddy who is present and who genuinely loves her, because I wouldn't have reproduced with a known serial womanizer and abuser that way I will never have to gaslight her when daddy doesn't act like he loves her. I'll care about my daughter's welfare and actually consider her needs and wants in balance with my own selfish desires, instead of steamrolling her life completely because she isn't being who I want her to be. Ultimately, the child would turn out better than me because I wouldn't fucking abuse and traumatize her. It's real easy to not abuse and say nasty shit to a helpless child. I would hope my child wouldn't be terrified to tell me when I'm being unfair and to say when I'm being mean, because I'd actually want to be better for them. Maybe I won't indoctrinate my kids to believe they're irredeemable, unconscionable, bad monsters for normal kid behaviors.

No. 738286

We should roast some sweet potatoes and catch some fish, i know of a great sauce that makes any fish taste delicious.

No. 738287

That better be cyanide sauce sis

No. 738292

File: 1613232844611.jpeg (76.56 KB, 296x500, 772BCBB2-041B-461F-B1E0-5B5F42…)

It’s heinz’s 57 sauce! It’s delicious and you might say
>bitch, that shit’s marketed as pork, chicken or steak sauce
but no!! It goes amazing with River fishes and you will love it.

No. 738302

What big ol keg of it you have there. Let's swim in it

No. 738303

Have you posted about your mom before? I think I've read a lot of your previous posts but I stopped reading through the vent thread a couple threads back, but I'm happy to hear that your life is going well and that you haven't let your leech of a mother back into your life.

No. 738317

File: 1613233845067.png (19.94 KB, 128x128, 4922_Bruh_Cat.png)

No matter how good the cause, every movement can develop cult think or can randomly become racist or whatever actually legitimate -ism you can think of. Hate to see it. It also surprises me every single time, even though I should be used to it by now.
The moment the popular opinion within a movement seems to go against the original principles, it's probably time to jump ship. I've never seen any movement come back from that, only crash and burn, because historically speaking people just never listen. History just repeats.
Bruh, shit is fucked.

No. 738320

is this about radfems?

No. 738325

File: 1613234243245.png (56.98 KB, 250x250, 3935_cringecat.png)

No. 738328

Every movement attracts bad people, doesn't mean the movement is bad

No. 738332

it becomes a problem when those bad people become so popular that they can say messed up things and everyone will fawn over them trying to justify it. You can also use the theory of any movement to justify any legitimate -ism you want to.
This is how something which was first the opinion of a few bad people spreads and becomes the popular opinion. A movement with an incapability of genuine self criticism is doomed to fail. Responding to strawman points of the opposition isn't genuine self criticism btw.
But this was just me venting about the futility of it all, didn't intend on starting a discussion.

No. 738340

You act like movements like that are organized but they aren't. There are no bosses and no structure. Everyone can call themselves part of it.

No. 738342

I wish there was a way to disappear without dying. I wanna continue living, but without being a burden to everyone in my life.

No. 738357

File: 1613235678198.jpeg (553.71 KB, 1200x808, FC41E782-CA8A-4474-BE9F-8A6D34…)

I hate being autistic. I hate how it’s romanticized and how some people think it’s about being smarter than others. I didn’t realize how bad it was until I attended a retreat last weekend. I was the only person who couldn’t hold a conversation no matter how hard I tried. Everyone talks so much, everyone bonded so effortlessly and then there’s me who can’t do either. I hate these moments of silence between conversations and I hate how people are so awkward around me. I spent my nights crying under my sheets because I have only myself to blame for being a social retard. I’m convinced nobody actually likes autists and only pretends to out of politeness or not to appear ableist. I wish I was a normie.

No. 738366

File: 1613235840363.jpeg (361.97 KB, 840x1114, F05052AA-CB22-4A6D-91AF-5FC5ED…)

Let’s put on our swimsuits, anon!

No. 738367

Same. I got a super late diagnosis, I'm kind of closeted about it (told my dad and that's about it) and if I had to sum up the effect of autism it's being left a loner. Not connecting with people. Wanting to and not knowing why I'm missing the mark. The only time people are drawn to me is when they are attracted to me so I end up either being totally alone or I'm that girl that only has her bf to do stuff with.

No. 738409

I am 100% certain I am the worst possible human being. Like in any category, if you would rang people from any stat, I would always be dead last. Nobody is as bad as me. I am the bottom of the barrel in ALL barrels. There is no reason for me to not kill myself except my retarded will to continue living. I wish my will to live would not mean so much harm to everyone on this fucking planet.

No. 738411

*rank instead of rang

No. 738422

For two years I've been dealing with someone who manages to bump into me more than could ever be expected to happen. It's amazing how I'll walk to work and stop by a nearby store and my neighbor (whose house I just passed by) will enter one minute after me and act surprised to see me. My work hours constantly change so it's not like our routines just match up.

I know the old guy is into me because he went through a phase of overly complimenting my appearance and getting no response (I'm not straight, I'm not feminine, I'm not dressing up and I wouldn't even know what to do with a compliment if it came from a non-creep) I hate that I can't directly address the fact that it is clear to me he's leaving the house and catching up to me on purpose. I dread seeing this old guy. I grit my teeth at the sight of him because there is fuck all for us to talk about….hundreds of times per year for the last two years. The convos are like groundhog day. Some weather chat and him asking about work I want done on my house (that has been delayed for 18 months now but he literally asks for updates about it daily??) I almost want to sell the house at this stage.

No. 738432

I really, really miss the luxury of going to the hairdesser.

No. 738452

Kill me Kill me Kill me Kill me Kill me Kill me Kill me Kill me Kill me Kill me Kill me Kill me Kill me Kill me

No. 738516

My mother makes fun of me for my teeth all the time and I hate it. I know my teeth are fucked up, you took me out of public school before I even finished 1st grade and didn't make sure I was keeping up with my hygiene after that. What did you think was gonna happen.

Anyway, when I'll show you when I get these motherfuckers fixed, bitch. Luckily I have thick lips to cover these bad boys when I smile and talk in the mean time

No. 738524

That's so infuriating. I love being impolite for people who don't feel up to it, please recruit me. Sending big Fuck Off vibes his way.

No. 738543

I don't even have the energy for more than 2-3 friends not counting spouse or close family tbh. I was popular for a while and I have to say popularity is probably the most overrated concept of all time. It's so fucking draining.

No. 738564

File: 1613248163424.jpg (39.06 KB, 540x540, dierandomly.jpg)

I am so. fucking. tired of having periods kek. i gave myself blisters again because the muscle relaxants weren't doing shit like they normally do and my heatpad was the only thing keeping the edge off. didn't even notice the blisters til last night, then of course after you notice they start becoming painful on top of the cramps rather than masked by them. i suppose it's better i noticed sooner than later instead of making it worse though.
just ready for the floodgates to close. pls make it stop. i am exhausted.

No. 738588

File: 1613249512784.jpg (349.73 KB, 2048x2048, 20210207_065114.jpg)

Not sure how to feel abt a coworker holding me by the waist during a company party. I pretended to be drunk and fall over to get out of it. Twice. Besides the fact that we had a fucking party during a hard lockdown, it wasn't an overtly inappropriate move. But having to avoid this person/pretend nothing happened just makes me wanna die.

Fuck why r men men such pigs… I wanna scream and puke and then scream some more

No. 738622

I hate that I feel that the only thing I have to offer is beauty and sex. My entire life can be summarised in that one Margaret Atwood quote. I hate that I feel that I have to be beautiful to exist but I can never get rid of the mindset no matter how hard I try.

No. 738628

It helps to stop wearing makeup and stop shaving. And only wear comfy clothes. Seriously, I used to feel the exact same way and now i don't give a shit

No. 738671

Most of my experience socializing with women comes from lolcow and I project so much of anon toxicity onto potential female friendships that it makes it impossible to have healthy ones.

No. 738681

How come? With me it's vice versa. I expect women to be a lot more interesting irl so I often get disappointed. Then again, I only lurk /ot/, /g/, /meta/, and /m/. It's odd that I can relate with such an ease to anons here but not so much to women irl.

No. 738684

Try digging your fingers into his hand next time and say don't touch me and then avert your attention to whatever else was happening, to show him not to mess with you but also to not make a big fuss so he can go "why are you acting all crazy??" because men really love to do that

No. 738717

he’ll yeah sister. I wear my hair buzzed down to like 1/4” too and I’m invisible to men and I love it

No. 738772

I relate so much to the meta lurking, I have no idea why I do it but I check the complaints thread multiple times a day because it's bound to have some petty infighting and it's really entertaining

No. 738774

File: 1613262030628.jpg (24.22 KB, 540x553, 1586620092277.jpg)

I just want this fucking pandemic to end so I can go out to meet and finger girls, iam drunk and sad about this.

No. 738793

Just got proposed to over text (thanks COVID), fuck idk what to say. Why do men do this.

No. 738794

Fuck this pandemic it made my already shit life even more shit. I have no chance of escaping my family now.

No. 738795

How dare u post this under my hornposting. Do you wanna marry his ass and possibly deal with a divorce or not?

No. 738800

>loud rap music plays from parking lot, bass rattling the windows
>child screams DADDY! DADDY! DADDY! DADDY!
>people have loud 30 minute conversation right in front of my porch
>BA-BOOM, neighbor slams their front door so loud my walls shake
>BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP as neighbor locks her car 7 times for no reason
>HOOOOOONK HONK as neighbor arrives home and parks and walks inside, does this for no reason every single day

No. 738804

File: 1613266409701.jpg (46.18 KB, 736x960, FB_IMG_1613194191644.jpg)

My boyfriend didn't get me a valentine's day present… we're LDR but still. I made him a little doodle of us, he just made some excuse that he forgot because he hasn't dated for a long time, and he didn't want me to get him anything anyway. He's a damn musician, couldn't he just make me a little tune or something?! but now I can't ask him to because that would be forcing it and it would be weird and awkward. I feel so embarrassed about my present now. I feel dumb for even being upset about this but it's our first valentine's together and I just wanted to make it special

No. 738807

I have one female friend (all male friend are also bf's friends, but we made them at the same time. She is moving so far away. I am too autistic to make new friends.

No. 738808

Why are men in their 20s so fucking immature? Are they doing this on purpose or are their brains really wired like this? I don't want to look for men in their 30s or even 40s in order to find an emotionally mature and stable man. They fuck around in their 20s because they know that there will always be younger women desperate enough to date them when they enter their 30s and 40s. There's no pressure on young men but there's pressure on young women.

No. 738809

I hate to tell you this but he is probably just lazy or cheap and doesn't care to. My ex was always forgetting presents. In retrospect I wish I never got him anything. You're right to be upset and honestly either you give no gift either or watch out, because this could be a bad sign of a moid who doesn't put in effort. I'm sorry anon but that's just my opinion. You sound too good for him

No. 738810

My best friend or what I thought is trooning out on me, this is sudden and most likely bs to piss off his family. I refuse to call him "they", just sucks ass knowing how much social media can fuck with people and how gross men are no matter who they are to you. All they talk about is troons and looking "enby", like??? How am I supposed to be honest and say that he looks like a fucking tall obese man with a shitty haircut? And thats equal to being a biological female? Fuck this man I cant take anymore. Thinks that liking makeup and heels is enough to be female and doesnt see how fucking gross and sexist about it. My other close friend agress with me but has the patience of a saint, while I feel like I might explode next time he brings up cuntra points.
Im slowly soft blocking him, just need to let off some steam.

No. 738813

I completely relate to your rage. It sucks so much when a guy you care about is like that. If I were you I would distance myself too to save the trouble, because the oncoming storm will only grow worse at this point. This troon thing really is social contagion. it always happens the same way and it's happening in droves. I feel your rage queen, as I'm also letting go of a friend who's agp. It's too blatantly sexist and insulting to deal with that, not to mention gross

No. 738815

It's okay, I'm not defensive of him. It's not even about the price of a potential gift or anything, he could've wrote me a nice text or something! I just feel like shit because he claims to care so much about me, yet he can't be arsed to make a small gift, or even text me back sometimes. Men suck

No. 738820

I'm real sorry anon, that is so disappointing. Maybe it is just this instance, but please watch out for it becoming a pattern. It's really not worth it ime to put in all the effort to someone who hardly does. It hurts a lot when it happens, but it really isn't you being lacking at all. If it continues it is on him being a slacker. He probably does care but is shitty at actually putting in the work to show it, which is not good tbh. Honestly simply caring isn't good enough if he doesn't try to make you happy. Hugs just remember anyone is lucky to have you. A drawing is a really cute and sweet gift which I'm sure reflects you as a person

No. 738823

Idk why but that hit me really hard. I hope it gets better for you anon

No. 738825

File: 1613269184024.jpeg (41.18 KB, 449x546, 3B32E1EF-A6A3-4B27-85A1-DB6371…)

You’ve nailed it. They want to separate women into “valuable” (Madonna) and “throw away” (whore) and just have fun fucking around on the Whores until they’re ready to settle down and pick up 20 year old Madonna who hasn’t been jaded by ten years of garbage moids. Unfortunately they usually succeed.

No. 738831

File: 1613270023357.jpeg (392.71 KB, 750x715, 2E58C2C8-E756-4EEA-9B56-16A138…)

Wahhhh I just want to go to sleep but I have dye in my hair and homework to do.

No. 738838

True. The "alpha fux beta bux" incel mantra is projecting as always since that's what they wish they could do with women, fuck promiscuous ones and marry a naive virgin to control when they get old.

No. 738847

>anyone is lucky to have you
Thank you so much, I really needed that. Your kind message means a lot to me! hugs!

No. 738852

>Unfortunately they usually succeed.
lmao, on what planet? Contrary to what red pill incels desperately pray for, 99% of men end up with average women their own age, who have average sexual pasts. They aren't in any position to be choosy.

No. 738865

I am getting bullied in my class by almost everybody, because they think that I am dumb and schizo or whatever, now we’re in crazy corona times and obv since I’m an outcast I’m doing a course that only autists would do, but I am the type that fits everywhere not even among fellow retards.

I keep them at a distance these days because every time I talk to them they literally physically assault me almost. Think of poking me really hard and sharp repeatedly, pushing me, verbally bullying me by pretending to be intimidating.
I am old. I don’t deserve this. I can’t hit back because the teachers will expel me and I’d commit battery on a kid/17 year old.

They don’t treat me as a human let alone a woman in their mid 20s. They do treat the other girl that’s my age humane and they even respect her very much. Even the one that has pasta sauce stains on her pants and is literally 30. But they mocked my age the most.

One time they dissed the respected girl that’s in her 20s but they dissed me 3 seconds later mine and way harsher.

Idk what I do to deserve this, not that it matters that I’m a retard becAuse I am sure that they are too..

In the very beginning, I remember a very very very autistic and meh girl would reply in a mocking way to every question or message I’d post in a whatsapp group and she made me scared of even asking questions. And I never said too much when I were there and she’d be really bitchy to me. Even to my emojis. She also said some weird shit about me being in love with a 17 year old in the whatsapp group. I am just doing a course so I can work after i am done ffs. What did I do to deserve this all my life?

It doesn’t make me cry that they’re doing it, I’m just sad that there’s another old fuck like me in class but she gets respected. And maybe also because I am everywhere bullied wherever I go. I won’t isolate myself like I did in high school though, I’ll stay there as long as I can last/til they kick me out.

Sorry for the long blog, I really did need to ask stupid questions (I mean it’s ot I can vent a bit too).

- How can I make the girl that pokes/pushes me AND wastes my time with her verbal abuse stop?

- Should I give up on life or continue trying even if I’m a cow tier person? Be honest.

Also because of corona, the girl that pretends to be my friend because she has no one else, is not really doing in classes well because she’s young (?). She also absolutely has no one to talk to especially now an internship girl that she did like and treat humane is gone.

So who does she go to? Her old little toy whom she thinks has nothing else to do for reparation and is willing to ruin my time and days during and after class by approaching me and pushing me around to do things I don’t wanna do.

She uses me and I didn’t want drama so I tended to ignore her and she kinda avoided me mostly. Probs because there were others giving her attention. But now the teachers wrote bad report about me that I am isolating myself and am too focused on the theory in classes. Now I’m back to being a cheerful normal social person that you’d love to have on a workplace mode a bit after a week of winter break or whatever so the teachers will stop bitching. Bullying returned of course. I felt shit but I managed.

That same girl that made me her personal toilet, invited me to her birthday. And it sounds nice but I am sure that, based on interactions with me intern girl and her, she wants me to have as a punching bag AND a way to gift her for free. She wouldn’t seldom ask me on chat to buy her a burger. I am poor and I work a shitty job and I am “autistic”/retarded with a horrendous life because of a lifelong neeting. School is so uncomfortable. Everything is. Kinda proud I am trying to improve myself but I hte that I am getting bullied at almost 25. Funny thing is, it doesn’t hurt. Even if the teachers are giggling and think what an absolute loser I am.

Just fucking help me anons? Should I get boundaries? What the fuck should I do?

Also I am in a shitty position where the bitch that would poke me and distract me with her bs and edgy shit sent me a birthday invitation. You may think it’s innocent but this girl said on the first day when we first talked that 1. i am crazy (even tho i didnt say anything weird) 2. That my mother deserves beatings just because I live with her and pay her rent. Fuck this fucking bitch. I am no longer taking shit from her anymore and I will never ever buy her a fucking birthday present. I already regret the times I bought her something for the vending machine.

(I should refuse her birthday invitation because it’s a trap to get bullied by her friends and a way to get a present right?)

I am scared to refuse because I’ve never attended a birthday party. At the same time I don’t want to go to a baitday party/

Don’t care whoever is scared of this post. I went through everything from rape child abuse to adult bullying at workplace and by classmates and I didn’t turn out as a serial killer or stalker, kiss my ass. Also I’ll graduate. Albeit with sufferings.

No. 738870

There are still a lot of naive younger women who get involved with these guys. Look at those “my (21F) boyfriend (34M) says he doesn’t need to wash his hands” posts on reddit.

For some reason, a lot of women still seem to think that men just “mature slower” than women, so if you want a mature partner, you need to date a man who’s 10+ years older. Even my pickme mom told me this when I was like 16.

No. 738927

>so if you want a mature partner, you need to date a man who’s 10+ years older
My aunt told me the same thing when I was 20. Fucking gross.

No. 738930

Every girl I knew in my 20s scoffed at dating anyone less than at least a few years older. This gets sold to women in everything between Pretty Little Liars to Call her Daddy and beyond.

Hilariously though as we hit out thirties almost of of my friends started dating guys a few years younger and they’re way better off. Who knows?

No. 738931

Having a mental breakdown and crying on the toilet because I'm extremely dislikable and nobody likes me not even my family and it's because I'm the most abrasive person ever and I can't stop thinking about slitting my wrists

No. 738932

I know it seems that way, but if you look at the actual data for marriage, most women marry someone within a few yrs of their age. It seems more common than it actually is because men are always bragging about it and it's gross so we just notice it more than normal couples.

No. 738934

Samefag but I'm also ocd and probs autistic to the point where if I'm not comfortable about something it becomes very apparent and makes everyone uncomfortable and I'm sure it's a fucking chore to be around me.

No. 738938


I was doing something as mundane as grocery shopping while thinking about how I should probs just end it before I become one of those pitiful invisible middle aged women. It’s weird how the ideation and depressive intrusive shit is always just chilling on your shoulder. Wish I could give yall a hug.

No. 738943

Reading stuff like this makes me glad the women in my family always told me the woman has to be the older one. Sure, it was still with the sad reasoning that being the older one means it's (one of the only reasons why it's) more likely you'll be respected by him, but it's still better than resigning yourself to some geezer who's pretty much guaranteed to treat you like shit.

No. 738944

Another depressed OCD (who also feels they may be autistic) fag here, Anon. Shit is hard and it's fucking scary to face it. Not much I can say except there's someone who's on your side in this corner of the world, you are strong but it's okay to be supported too, bless.

No. 738952

Right there with you, anon. I didn’t get my boyfriend anything last year because I didn’t know we were official but he got me something as a surprise. I really wanted to experience a mutual Valentine’s Day so this year I got him something and even told him I had a surprise for him for Valentine’s 2 weeks in advance so he would know, and he still didn’t get me anything and said he didn’t have time. I saw so many people coming out of the store carrying roses and cute stuffed animals and it made me sad but I would’ve been happy with a handmade card. Feels bad man…

No. 738968

File: 1613291681564.jpg (105.22 KB, 844x640, 6894783c-d129-4e5d-a59d-8a86de…)

ty anons. I'm wishing the best for both of you and anyone else stuck in this position. I think we'll be alright, truly the only enemy is ourselves

No. 738970

> third divorce
Anyone with 3 divorces is the problem or a moron or both.

No. 738974

there needs to be a special new word for the feeling when you really want to go to sleep but can't because there's dye in your hair.

t. wearing a plastic cap rn and can't keep my eyes open. hope you got to go to sleep soon enough queen xoxo

No. 739046

Her finances must be an absolute nightmare

No. 739047

I've pigeonholed myself into refusing to ask for help besides a therapist. fucking kill me kill me kill me i cant fucking deal with emotions im tired of acting like im okay infront of everyone i know im tired of dealing with the repercussions of an upbringing with shitty, abusive parenting. i want to feel platonic love again, i want to be comforted, i can't do this anymore

No. 739055

File: 1613303637464.gif (570.12 KB, 360x246, tumblr_inline_mqzwtr0csj1qegv2…)

my anti-vexx mum is getting on my nerves at this point. Everything has to be around the covid vaccine and how everything is a lie of the government and so on. It is impossible to have some sort of small talk about everyday shit because it always ends with "everything sucks because of (enter conspiracy theory bullshit here). She spends all her free time on "alt-facts news sites" and is constantly trying to convince me that everything she reads there is real. And when we end in an argument again, she gets mad because she thinks that I try to make her look like an idiot because I try to explain the whole situation but she refuses to believe whatever I say, fuck. I honestly lost all sorts of trust in her since she went full tinfoilhat-tard … She already had weird ass world views before but it got really bad at this point.

No. 739065

File: 1613305239132.gif (260.28 KB, 267x200, tumblr_m28gk2j68x1rqsnv5o4_400…)

I'm so lonely but I'm terrified I'll get into a relationship where the other person cheats on me. My worst nightmare is catching an STI from a cheating boyfriend or girlfriend. I read something about how the more beautiful you are, the less likely you are to be cheated on, so I guess a butterface like me is guaranteed to be cheated on. I'm very sensitive and I have GAD, I know it would absolutely destroy me if I got cheated on. I just want to love someone and be loved, but I don't know if I want to take the risk when like 20% of people are cheaters.

No. 739070

File: 1613305783606.jpg (54.84 KB, 600x331, eca.jpg)

There's this local actor, married for over 20 years, great family man etc. And recently I found out he cheated on his wife when he was like 57. They almost divorced but wife forgave him and they're still together. I'm so pissed because I always saw him as this rare example of a good man, I thought to myself how sweet is that he often openly adores his wife and kids and how devoted he is. There was never any rumors about him. I thought to myself that if men like him exist, maybe I can find one for myself too. But I guess not. Are ALL men the same? Will they all cheat, if given the chance? I especially hate actors and musicians who can fuck younger chicks on the side and their wives will forgive them most of the time (not just because they love them but also because of the resources and status those men provide). They can fuck around and then return to safe nests their wives created for them. Those wives have no self respect either. There's no justice in this world. Everyone would tell me I'm overreacting, people behave like nothing happened, like it's natural that men just cheat when middle age crisis hits them, but "that's not the reason to end a 20 year old marriage", especially because she forgave him. But I bet that wasn't the first time, just the first time she found out. I don't believe there are men who cheat only once in a lifetime. Maybe I'm really overreacting and maybe in his case the good outweighs the bad, maybe otherwise he's a really great husband and father and a good person. But I feel like there's no point in putting effort in a relationship if men can cheat on their beautiful and classy wives who did literally EVERYTHING for them, just because they were bored and wanted to fuck some young chick. What's the point. You can be the best wife and they will still cheat on you. Sorry for the sperg, I probably sound like I was born yesterday

No. 739071

File: 1613306143637.png (35.5 KB, 118x124, casssss.png)

I'm the only person in the family to not litter the house why are they bothering me to clean the mess they made

No. 739090

I feel like in all my friendships and relationships I am always the one who says sorry. I don't think I've ever had a fight or argument where the other person said sorry. When I get upset it's a joke to them and some retarded astrology friends even say to stop being a "sensitive pisces", but when they get mad I have to grovel just to get them to talk to me again

No. 739101

I fell for a scam where they spoofed my banks number and halfway through I realized what was going on and I’m going to be forever mad at myself. I don’t know why I panicked and wasn’t thinking straight. I went to my bank and they said I should get the money refunded, so it hurts a little less, but I still feel so, so stupid….

No. 739105

I was scammed once, too. It happens, Anon. Con artists play upon the human psyche in ways that are difficult to detect. I'm glad that you realised what happened in the middle and that you're getting a full refund.

No. 739108

Good to you if you reacted fast, even if the mistake is made it's best to still do something about it. Hope it'll work out well

No. 739114

I am not calling you a liar, I just think it is really weird how much your professors care about your peer interaction and how much flack you are getting from these kids. I went from being bullied badly my whole life to being completely ignored in college. Nothing changed about me, the bullying just stopped because I got a fresh slate and everybody was too focused on themselves to give a fuck about me. I don't understand why you are being bullied so badly, again I don't think you are lying but it sounds crazy. Maybe a group of highschool kids all got in the class together so they are being cliquey towards you? I hope you can make it through, you deserve to be there

No. 739121

Is this america ? Americans can be really deranged with bullying

No. 739123

I am so tired of being alive. I don’t want to die but I am so fucking miserable and lonely I haven’t been able to get out of bed for a week.

No. 739129

Professors? I am not in a real college lol.
I don’t wanna say what kinda course it is but I think you can call it trade school (?). I do this to get a bit of a routine and I’ll also do some side things to earn extra cash + stuff to get a nice high school diploma to actually enter a real uni (the latter is getting hard because of the awkward position I have in class tbh)
I’m rereading my previous angsty vent and I sound all over the place. I couldn’t sleep because of vietnam flashbacks, the teacher’s (never call that bitch a professor yikes) feedback + the birthday/baitday invite made me really scared.

I have more problems going on so that doesn’t help. I admit I am sensitive, but please believe me that they do bully me. A nerdy guy that was probs bullied a lot regularly would “white knight”/stand up for me in the whatsapp group a bit. But he’d get flack for it. It sucks how corona makes those assholes in my smol class lonely enough to want to talk to me. I wanted to be the introverted girl that’s completely invisible. I feel they know too much about me too and maybe it feels rancid because of the bullying.

I’ve done some homework and prepared for monday and this test on Thursday, I’ll really just focus on myself and if they touch me again I WILL record it and report it. I expected to get really mocked by people when I was open about being the cow’s class but I actually got useful tips from them. I’m glad because back then in high school there was 0 support and I was fully the blame.

Anyways I had another meltdown but it’s gonna be the last one since I’m remembering why I even take the classes. Fuck them lol.

I understand that you believe I’m a liar btw since my mom didn’t believe it either. But she connected the dots when she had a deja vu of high school me tier behavior, connected the dots when she’d hear my online classes taunt stuff (the assholes can speak in the mic) and sometimes I’d leave my phone open on the table (I don’t have a social life so idc about it) and she could see a glimpse of the whatsapp group bullying.

Also the teachers called me retarded on multiple occasions and think I’m mentally ill even though I am SURE everyone there is retarded and/or mentally ill. Yeah they have their reasons but it’s still unprofessional.
feels relieved because of the vent and crying as a 25 year old and i don’t give a damn because I’ll eat an icecream and relax with podcasts and tv. I’ll jog (gyms are closed) pick up my hobby’s and I’ll make plenty of adult friends that don’t abuse me.
No it’s not the USA but i would def be a school shooter in the usa. Are you euro?

No. 739130

I am not 25 yet btw. Idc about revealing my age either. I am so proud to be whatever I am. And thank you for replying to me btw
I didn’t have that much irl support but this plus the irl one is so much of a contrast from 13 year old me. I’m gonna make it!

No. 739132

I feel really sorry for you anon. The way I understand it, your teachers force you to interact with the awful people in your class? Have you confronted the people who bully you, telling them to fuck off and stop talking shit about you, or to never touch you? If I were you honestly would have snapped and shouted at the person who kept touching you to never touch me or I'll gouge her eyes out. You DEFINITELY need to stop interacting with such people, don't hide your disdain of them, decline that piece of shit's birthday invitation, don't even think you have to deign to give her a proper reason why, or maybe lie and say you were busy. Only interact with your classmates to the extent that you have to work with them in projects. Everytime your classmates try to start shit with you tell the Dean or administration what's happening, if they try to physically assault you shout at them to stop, record their behaviour if they keep doing it, threaten to report them to campus police or the real police if they don't stop. Having no friends is better than having bad friends. I want you to stay strong, and graduate with good grades and have a successful career and wonderful life, you deserve that, anon.

No. 739134

Thank you anon, I will. Thank you so much. It’s gonna get really good I’m sure. Hopefully for the rest of you all too.

No. 739140

Look on the bright side, you've learned a valuable lesson and you won't get tricked that way again in the future

No. 739143

Can youtube please fix their shitty ass home page? I want to see new videos without having to manually say I'm not interested in some video they've recommend a hundred fucking times

No. 739144

I don't know what to say anon. Uni is great for me and the people are nice but on the other hand I was bullied by my ex roommates. People can be shit at any age.

No. 739151

I need help.

A few months (i dunno if before or after covid) i found in my sister's closet a bag with antivirals, for after exposure. I ignored it because she's an adult, older than me and a doctor. Like, I fucked once without a condom, it's dumb but it happens, I'm not going to judge if she forgets to use a condom once or twice.

But today I found a box of another antiviral, right there on the kitchen counter. And this one is used for HIV1. Like, WTF is happening. I can't fucking believe it. My sister, who should know better, got HIV1 from fucking around. And she said nothing to me or my parents (or maybe my parents know, i don't know, they would not tell me shit).

How does this happen? She knows better, she has patients with HIV, why the fuck was she so careless?
And why doesn't she say anything? That is a pretty serious thing to hide! But at the same time she leaves the meds on the kitchen counter, right there where we could see it!

WTF I can't process this. I know it's not the death sentence that it was 2 decades ago, but come on! It's a easily preventable disease that can fuck you up. WTF is happening.

No. 739152

>mom and dad break up when im an infant
>mom chooses not to put dad on child support
>spends my childhood talking about him being a deadbeat and how he's lucky that she was "nice" enough to not ask him for money
>dad reconnects with me in my early 20s and wants to build a relationship
>mom repeatedly insists I ask him to pay my college student loans since he never helped me out financially as a kid
>says he owes me and im entitled to get money from him
>im not comfortable asking for money and tell her I refuse

Am I wrong anons? I get what she's saying but if she chose to not take him to court, how's it fair to demand me to ask for a huge amount of money from him at 23? Especially when he's still basically a stranger to me. I'm just frustrated, she's always talked about what a financial burden I am…but it's hard to be sympathetic when she had 18 years to get a check from him. I get she's bitter and anger but why try to pass that to me. They're the parents, they should have worked it out years ago, don't put that shit on me.

No. 739153

My parents keep making sexist remarks and I’m getting real fucking tired of it

No. 739160

Are you sure that's medicine she's taking, and not just something she had on her because of her patients? Also just talk to her.

No. 739171

I sent her a message now asking her if she is sick; is she ignores or doesn't explain i'm not going to force her.
I doubt it's for a patient, because why would she have that? She writes prescriptions, but she doesn't handout meds. I even thought about covid, but this one is not approved for it and she was already vaccinated.
God, I just hope she has someone she can trust. All her friends have kids and live in another towns, that plus covid result in her being more alone than usual. I worry about her.

No. 739172

Even though he says it in a playful way, I get hurt when my bf makes fun of my "computer skills". Like yes, idk where to look up the RAM, where the model of my computer is written, how to divide the screen into tabs and so on even though i'm an engineer. I just don't wanna know more about computers, i'm already capable of doing everything i need to. I literally just use it to watch youtube, go on zoom and write assignments.
Idk why but im really bad at taking jokes about me being "incapable". I know its fucking dumb and i also laughed a couple times when he was bad at math. But i fucking wish he would see that i am NOT being playful when i act distant after he does that.

I kinda wanna watch a general pc knowledge course on youtube but its just… seems so time wasting. Sorry for the dumb entry im a special snowflake and cant take jokes.

No. 739173

There's a middle ground between not asking and demanding: it's asking and talking about it, see how he feels about it. Personally I think you're mother's right about this though
>says he owes me and im entitled to get money from him
He's 100% co-responsible for putting you on this earth and putting a human on this earth means bearing the financial responsiblilty of making sure you get the education you need to become an independent, functioning member of society. You should ask yourelf "Is it fair my father put me on this earth and then ditched me and my mom without any financial support?" (the answer's no) and not "is it fair to ask money from him?" (the answer's yes). Don't have mercy on a man who put you on this earth, it's time he takes his financial responsibility. Although I think it should be your mom, not you asking for that money.

No. 739175

(samefag) she says that it's an old box (and it had some pills in it), so probably from the post-exposure meds she did some time ago. She didn't elaborate, and I also don't want to pressure her into telling me more details.

No. 739179

I mean your mom can be both right and also a dumb bitch at the same time.
Legally speaking in most places, parents don't have to financially take care of you after you turn 18, hence the meme about being kicked out at that age. Unless you're a disabled potato who can't take care of itself.
Ethically speaking, yes he should contribute seeing as though he didn't have to pay child support all your life. Your mom is really, really dumb for not pursuing child support though. Foolish. The reality is you might not see a cent from him even if you ask him nicely. I'd lie though and frame it like your mom can't help you pay for college and so you really need his help. If he's a scumbag, he'll feign money issues and tell you to get a loan.

No. 739210

Just argued with Target loss prevention girl over $12 champagne and actually went I'M NEVER COMING BACK HERE then I found the champagne fell in a weird spot at home where I put the bags. Now I REALLY am not going back

No. 739217

File: 1613325235358.jpeg (209.75 KB, 749x750, 80496249-2998-4C16-883F-E0488C…)

ive been feeling like im going auto pilot outside of my body
like some weird ghoul is controlling my body lately. typical depersonalization, it’s not really scary it just feels like im not even affected by the laws of this world when it happens. i dont even have any tangible control in this world so why should i even be worried at all, no one sees me and no one hears me at all im heavily convinced im not real

No. 739256

Today is my birthday, it is the worse birthday on earth to have. My father ask everyone of my siblings who are adults to save on power. And my siblings give him shit for because my dad is the one paying for everything. My brother then starts to run his mouth about my dad asking it nicely. I just lose my temper and told him " it must be nice to have everything paid for and be a fucking pathetic human being." I am fucking so mad he is almost 30 years old and mooching off of my parents. He had an entire year to save and only saved 1k. My sister called me horrible to saying that but you know what? I am not losing anything of substance, he is a deadbeat person who doesn't want to grow up. My parents said I should say sorry but fuck that shit. I am tired of my siblings taking advantage of my parents then giving them disrespect when my parents pay for everything. 25-30s are their ages, I am just so fucking tired of everyone playing nice about this shit.
I earned the bitch title for the rest of year and now I will be bad mouth by all the little moochers. Cheers to me

No. 739260

I miss my ex boyfriend. He was and still is a fucking cunt but honestly I can't find someone like him, we basically grew up together (knew each other since we were teenagers) and I just miss our inside jokes and our interactions so much, I am not sure I'm going to ever find a man or woman that makes me feel the same as much as I hate saying this. I don't find motivation to date other men because they are either awful or I quickly lose interest because something feels like its missing. My boyfriend was a kind of already tamed evil and I feel I don't have the energies to deal with the bullshit of a stranger with puts me off trying to date.

I just wish he was there for me, not even dating but I still could talk to him and feel that I can trust him, it feels like a family member is missing…

No. 739275

I currently living with my mother and she’s the most petty person who just goes out of her way to attack me. I’m unemployed due to covid, she offers to pay my bills. Purposefully waits a week after ones due to yell at me that that she had to pay a late fee to guilt me about not able to find a job. Takes my wet clothes out of the washer and leaves them on the floor before they were finished to wash her own clothes because evidently her laundry is more important than mine. Calls me fat when she’s obese, kicks my cats. The list goes on. She’s just fucking awful and I feel so stupid being so clingy to her when I was a kid even though she was abusive then too.

No. 739279

File: 1613331282962.jpg (91.83 KB, 1073x939, cecb7ee23bbb97dd6c53c1ed454702…)

Fuck your enabler parents too

No. 739281

I thought my best friend was going to be a forever one. I have never been more open, honest, and comfortable with any other human being. However, about 6 months ago he got a girlfriend that has changed him completely - he even moved to an entirely different state for her. I can't believe this is happening, but I'm starting to resent my best friend. It sucks because I really did think he was going to be a friend of mine for life, but right now I can't stand to be around him.

No. 739285

Avoid pink potatoes at all times

No. 739292

> he

No. 739294

I have to wait 24 hours to pour my sea monkey eggs into the treated water and I've never felt more impatient in my life.

No. 739295

Rip. At least you're not alone with the 30 anons on this site who went through the exact same thing. It's only the natural progression of friendship with moids.

No. 739297

sadly, friendship with women sometimes ends like this as well…

No. 739298

A male friend ditching his female one for a girlfriend, a tale as old as time. I think every woman has experienced this at some point of her life and it's always shitty to realize that you were nothing but a emotional faux girlfriend experience on hold.

No. 739303

So like you basically stole it by accident?

No. 739320

No, I thought I left it there but I didn't. I've done it before. I threw a big fit for nothing

No. 739326

I'm actually sad about my ex boyfriend. He's gotten into very bad hard drugs and I cut contact with him and I've just heard he's getting worse and honestly I thought he would end up better off than me. He is smart and has a good job I don't know what he's doing, his family suck they don't care and I know that's why he copes harder with drugs because he doesn't feel like anyone cares. I cared. I still do care but he pushed me away to the point he didn't want me around. He hasn't reached out he doesn't want to see me but being told what he's involved in now has made me sad. He's better than that.

No. 739327

File: 1613335329280.jpg (80.83 KB, 899x877, oof.jpg)

Kek. This is literally me. Only my best friend's wife disinvited me to the wedding, then he moved to another country and got divorced 5 months into his marriage. Then he messaged me back about 2 months ago asking for money because he was stuck abroad when she kicked him out. There is no such thing as friendship with moids, only men who want to fuck you.

No. 739330

Ahhh gotcha. Weird that she fought with you about it though, when I worked at Target our AP guy would have just verified the wine was on your receipt than let you go grab a new one.

No. 739333

I had to buy a vehicle because my first was having a lot of old-age issues but I can’t get over how much more I liked the first car. Even though I keep telling myself the other one is newer, fits my budget and has lower maintenance costs it feels like a giant downgrade.

No. 739346

I wish I can stop eating, I hate that I constantly eat my feelings, but I was starved and forced on a very calorie restricted by my ex for 2 years, he would judge every little thing I eat and I was healthy before him, but now I cant stop eating…..I just want it to stop….

No. 739351

I read this in Heather Explains voice and let out the ugliest laugh, I am so sorry anon, hopefully this one runs smoother!

No. 739369

I'm finally moving out.

I've been living with my best friends for a year now and it's been miserable since just after our initial Covid lockdown. I thought I would be able to handle it since I have my own space and I'm always at work (they're in a relationship and have issues all their own), but it feels like things just got steadily worse.

My best friend has been offhandedly insulting me for months. I was raised very differently from them, so I have a specific way of doing things and I have certain tastes that are nowhere in line with theirs. I got a dress recently and wore it to dinner (a cheapy buffet, nothing fancy) and my friend looked at me and said "you're really wearing /that/?" I had a (now ex-) friend in high school who constantly judged me and the things I liked, so being openly mocked or judged is very draining and depressing for me. I also try to dress up decently when we go out and they complain about how long it takes me to get ready or questioning what I'm wearing (I usually wear nice street fashion when I'm not wearing kawaii fashion, but usually it's at least nice jeans and a shirt). I'm completely exhausted. I've had to bite my tongue on multiple occasions because, in contrast, they will usually go out in sweatpants, slides, and a shirt they've been sleeping in for two days. I know I'm a better person than to clap back like that but it's getting more difficult to do so…

So I started looking at options for moving out and was approved for an apartment that I'm moving into in a couple weeks. When I initially told them I was leaving it was like pulling teeth to get a human response out of them, they just either stared at me or looked away. I asked if they had questions and just said no. I was originally going to leave in April but my apartment manager said they can't hold the unit that long so my move in date was moved to March, so I told my roommates and they just passive aggressively mentioned how they were relying on my rent payment for March and how they were going to have to get second jobs or have to move into a smaller place in order to afford rent, etc. It just made me really mad and even more impatient to finally get out.

I did finally get on antidepressants and made an appointment with a counselor, so I'm feeling better and more in control than I have in a while and it's very relieving at least.

No. 739416

I googled that and read an article about Heather from the Bachelorette, I loved that she used the big van.

And maybe I’m being too hard on the new car. I’ll get a couple cute window decals, replace the head unit, get the dealership smell out and it’ll probably be fine.

No. 739417

Oh, I meant Heather sparkles/explores but! that's fine too! i am also meaning to buy a car soon, i just wish women didn't get so overlooked buying shit like that

No. 739435

I'm happy with being an ana chan because honestly it's the only thing consistent in my life. Men leave. Friends leave. Family leave. People die. I could die. Jobs can fire me. I could be the healthiest person on earth and I suddenly get a cancer diagnosis. Everything is scary and unpredictable But the eating disorder will always be there. I can always depend on being underweight. And unfortunately when I am very thin it's the only time anyone cares about me.

No. 739445

This is how I feel too. It's not even about people caring about me but how comforting it is to have that there whenever you need it. At this point in my life it may be the most consistent thing I've ever had.

No. 739447

If I feel like I did something wrong I always say "well this is a form of self harm so I've already punished myself". If something bad happy I just think "well at least I'm skinny". I'm never gonna stop. Let it kill meeeee

No. 739458

I got scared of dying so I gained weight but I want to relapse so bad
but people will just try to get involved or bother me

No. 739463

Isn't eating good food a rewarding thing?

No. 739470

It's only rewarding if I get something really good after a long period of time of eat nothing. If I'm just eating normally everyday I feel like a total loser.

No. 739472

I hate your roommates, they're jealous & you deserve better

No. 739475

File: 1613350253419.jpg (38.73 KB, 800x450, ASFJHASJHF.jpg)

I fucking hate the Belle Delphine thread in /w/ and I swear I lose braincells when I try to read it. I just want to drink some low-fat milk and laugh at her incel-pandering idiocy instead of cringe at jealous anons who nitpick literally the smallest aspects of her appearance.

Just admit you're envious of her money and/or appearance and move on. Focus on her horrible personality rather than whether or not she's had a nose job for 300 posts, holy fuck lmao. I swear 90% of the anons in there are ugly, fat, and/or spergs from PULL. I would rather revisit old Shay threads and read the vagina sperging than step one digital foot into the Belle thread ever again.

Of course, any time I've seen an anon tell the retards to stop clogging the thread with nitpicking, they're immediately accused of being Belle stans. you can't win.

I feel so much better typing that out. kek

No. 739495

People who respond to multiple, 5+, comments in one post on this site should be banned. I just wanted to read reaponses to some other comments and go back to the original. Now I have to go hunt the original from a sea of hundreds because I can't remember the number because some dumbass just had to respond to ten different comments with some boring, non-contributing "kek" or some shit

No. 739505

i already posted about this in other threads but theres been new developments. basically i dated a girl for four years till she cheated. i was heartbroken of course and we didnt speak for a long time. i had a very hard time with this. whatever, we both meet new people and move on. two years after the breakup, she sends me some text messages apologizing profusely and i tell her we're good. by this point we're both single and become good friends again. its been months since we started talking and im having feelings for her and want to get back. when we first met, it was january. and on valentines day of the same year i made her a letter. she loved it and to this day says its the best gift shes received. my family HATES my ex gf, says i shouldnt talk to her cause of what she did. im like, that was two years ago, she apologized and i got over it and were different people now. they still constantly complain about her.

so this is the shit part. i wrote her a new letter basically telling her i have feelings and want to get back. im waiting patiently for valentines day. today i woke up late, and i had a bunch of messages from her

>my OLDER brother, who is 28, sent her a long message insulting her

>he basically blames her for everything bad that has happened to me
>he says its her fault i dont want to go therapy (this was months ago, lasted a few weeks and was actually cause of my ABUSIVE EX BF not her). he says its her fault i fucked up in college and im doing an extra semester (this was actually cause i was sexually abused by my ex best friend at a party and got depressed and stopped going to class). says its her fault i quit my job (it was a shitty job. i quit cause they changed what i had to do in it and didnt like the new system). basically everything bad ive done is her fault
>says its fine that she ruined her own life (she didnt go to college cause shes an artist and couldnt afford to. shes now a tattoo artist. my family takes college very seriously so this means she's a loser) but that she shouldnt make me ruin my life
>keep insulting looks and blaming her for everything bad that has happened to me
>ex gf sends me a bunch of voice notes wheres shes crying really badly. she says she cant believe what hes saying. she was the only reason i got my first job, she supported me in psych ward after a suicide attempt, she supported me with college. says he can't believe he's saying shit like that and it breaks her heart. ive known her for seven years, she's very sensitive
>im texting my older brother telling him without insults that he shouldnt have done that and if he had an issue with her he should have gone to me. they were never friends and he doesnt know her. he also hasnt been keeping up with me at all and has no idea as to why my life went downhill last year and it had nothing to do with her
>says im giving up my family over her x100
>stop texting
>cant send letter to her anymore cause shes been crying all day over this and is absolutely going to tell me no cause of my family. shes always been open that she doesnt want to cause any troubles in my family cause my mom and her were close.
>fuck this valentines day and fuck everythibg

No. 739508

Fuck all men. I have an hourglass figure and big tiddy combo which brings a lot of unwanted male attention that's messed up my self esteem to the point I have a manic break if I start getting heavier than 145lbs and excessively weight lift until I get back down to 130. Everything I do is sexualized just because of my large breast size, I just want to be in the background and live my life without a creepy old man trying to flirt with me all the time or some weird pervert trying to make me his fantasy nerdy black girl. Suddenly understand why Billie Eyelash dresses like Missy Elliott I don't want a man to look at me ever again, I thought shaving my head and looking as gnc as possible would work but the lengths men will go to sexualize our bodies is ridiculous.

No. 739511

I need to stop having crying breakdowns in front of my mother, I’m way too old for this shit ffs

No. 739513

Honestly if she's had a nose job, good for her. I don't understand why there's so much stigma around cosmetic surgery. If it's not botched and it makes the person happy, so what? It only becomes a problem for the people who get addicted to it.

No. 739516

why are you going to back a cheater? You guys aren't even back together and it's already causing a headache. Why not just let the idea go

No. 739517

I agree completely. Unfortunately, the autists in the thread swear up and down that her nose job (idk if she's actually had one, tbh, but I am no expert on Belle lore kek) is botched, and they incessantly post before-and-afters to prove how much better she looked before.

No. 739518

I was invited to a private facebook group for my uncle's 60th birthday coming up. Invitation to share a funny story or photos etc for an album. A sweet gesture obviously. It just feels weird to me. I haven't seen my cousins, aunt or uncle much the last few years. Some of the last times were funerals. Even before that I haven't been with them much since my early teens and childhood. I was at their place during the summer a lot back then. But admittedly I'm not that close to my uncle. I don't really have that many vivid memories. I do remember he carried me on his shoulder once when I was really young and I had a blast. Probably sticks out since my dad was so sick, away from me a lot and eventually died when I was so young. Feels odd to share though. I remember he also killed a spider that scared me and my cousin in our hotel room once. The way it happened is kind of funny to look back on. I might have filmed it even which reminds me I should get my old 00's tapes over to digital format.
My mother kind of ended up pushing away my aunt due to being so consumed by unrelated stressors and I think my aunt just got tired of it understandably.
About two years ago one of my two female cousins reached out to me on instagram and said we should go out for wine sometime. I said I would like to but she never reached back to me for a date or anything so nothing came of it.
My father side never kept in contact with me at all after his death. I guess I just suddenly got hyperaware again of how my mother is my only really close family member. It makes me really sad knowing I will lose her one day. I am getting quite close with more of my boyfriends family members after being with him for so many years now which I am grateful for.

No. 739546

File: 1613358154594.jpg (22.42 KB, 345x265, 1610490754315.jpg)

saw an artist i like retweet a pic of some brown loli being trafficked and raped by exclusively white adults
while Im not a sensitive baby towards shit like this normally, seeing that gag in a viseral way, it ruined my fucking night.
fuck you hamlet machine

No. 739548

I'm starting to ask myself if I'm bipolar. All my life I've had phases or more or less one/two years of crippling depression (dropping out of anything I'm part of, withdrawing from any social interaction,intense panic attacks, losing any purpose or being able to enjoy pretty much anything, easily irritated by any stimulation, exisytencial crises ) then 6 month to 2 years max of really being better (making friends, having a very positive outlook on life, getting a degree, wanting sex, spending money while I'm a very frugal anxious person about money at other times, enjoying the heck out of things and craving new friends and talking.
I don't do anything extreme when I'm in a good phase but I definetly do things I wouldn't have done otherwise. I don't think I'm manic. I do have a lot of energy, though.
Maybe it's just normal.

No. 739558

I know who you're talking about, and (even though I didn't know they did loli?) they really are gross, which is a shame because the art is nice. The fact they always specify that their art is non-con despite the fact that it wouldn't be without the warnings makes it worse. Also some of the people I follow follow them which is making me question who I'm following lmao

No. 739561

File: 1613359794767.jpeg (178.33 KB, 640x856, 2E10F9A9-EF1E-4E13-89A7-3232EE…)

This is the first time in my life I feel like I could be genuinely depressed.
I have definitely had little fits of it before and been diagnosed with general anxiety with depression symptoms or something but this is different.
I’ve never felt so hopeless, lifeless and lost. Really nothing hits the same right now. I’ve been sleeping like crazy. I don’t want to do fun things and I don’t want to do work. Nothing is satisfying. I feel so weird and I just wonder when it will pass over.

No. 739565

Was it posted an hour ago?
If it was the one I’m looking at I feel like there’s no way to really tell the races of tbe characters…. the brownish color is just part of the color pallette and you can’t even see the entirety of the male faced and they’re pretty non-descript, if anything they look Asian because white men have much more defined noses then a couple of dots

No. 739567

Why would you see someone say they saw loli porn, then go seek out the loli porn and then come back here to defend it (as if the race makes it less gross?)

No. 739569

File: 1613360372079.jpg (74.35 KB, 720x960, HbG3Q2o5QT_9UUmAknsRe_GXgQdJRo…)

Today is my 26th birthday and I feel like my life is over. I still can't get it together, I'm an underachiever and a virgin with no friends. Is it even possible to make friends at that age? Even if it is, no one would want to know a loser like me. It's been 3 years since I left my abusive household and I completely wasted that time. Everyone makes progress, everyone gets a better education or job, everyone learns to heal and move on, and here I am with literally nothing to show for my life.

No. 739570

Good question but cope and seethe.
I couldn’t believe something so explicit was so ready available and so public. I have never seen Loli porn outside of 4chan and I don’t go on twitter so I’m literally just getting educated on what a porn destination twitter is.
lol and behold, I was right , it doesn’t compare to the extreme things I would see on 4chan because in this case loli was referring to the fact the character was wearing a Lolita dress and not that they were literally pre pubescent.
They named dropped them so obviously they wanted someone to look.
I don’t fuckinf support or like loli porn and I don’t give a flying fuck about any coom artists, I was just trying to tell anon they might be overreacting and not to jump the gun.

No. 739573

>loli was referring to the fact the character was wearing a Lolita dress
That's not what "loli" means in the context of porn and you know it. Keep defending it though, I guess.

No. 739576

hamlet machine? the creator of star fighter? I know they were into weird shit but geez. Honestly I think that special section of artists are just trying to out perv each other to see who is king perv

No. 739588

They’re both retarded but it is not the same thing. Sorry sweetie but when you put on a Lacey angelic pretty dress at the age of 26 you aren’t the same as a prepubescent child. The girl in this looks like a typical anime age, whatever the fuck that is, but it’s not a child. Sorry it just doesn’t compare to being 13 years old and seeing hentai of children being cooked, eaten, and eviscerated.
I’m sick of this cancel culture crap and someone extrapolating the most ridiculous conclusions out of the most minimal things. Anon is delusional and trying to start shit. The girl isn’t brown. The men aren’t white. The girl is not a child.

No. 739589

Also “loli is not what that means in porn and you know it” OBVIOUSLY, that’s what I was saying. That word is being used in the wrong context.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 739596

>girl isn’t brown. The men aren’t white. The girl is not a child.

you either can't read or clearly ignored the post you purposely sought out looking for. reading comprehension came free with your fucking Xbox

No. 739630

I'm uncomfortable as fuck. Some old guy that came into my work tried feeling me up and his excuse was that he was trying to feel the material of my coat. Ugh

No. 739643

well you're here on vday so he probably wasn't feeling you up because he thought you were hot(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 739669

Why would it matter?

No. 739678

I didn’t know these still existed. I wish I had some sea monkeys.

No. 739687

Okay? I wasn't complaining about his reasoning behind it. I just felt uncomfortable and kind of shitty about the fact that he touched me inappropriately in general and also because he tried to act like it was no big deal.

No. 739690


No. 739693

Anonscrote…I can't even detect a samefag but this is embarrassingly obvious

No. 739699

innocent American men are getting their legs blown off by IEDs in the middle east as we speak.

can you handle your jacket being touched, honey?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 739700

Did anyone force the retards to go and die in the Middle East?

No. 739702

>abloobloo muh crippled moids
swerve, XY degenerate

No. 739703

kek “innocent American men”, aw yeah, our troops would never rape Afghani children or mutilate corpses for sick bragging rights. that anon works with the public & is therefore more of a hero than any random scrote who joined the Army at 18 because they were too dumb for college

No. 739707

Fortunate to say nobody cares here and this is a different place than most sites on the internet. Good luck retard

No. 739708

this is ALMOST good bait

No. 739709

Daydreaming is not fun anymore because I can only imagine negative situations. Fuck anxiety, it took over every aspect of my life.

No. 739710

moids going to the middle east to blow up elementary schools have it coming. seethe

No. 739723

Black Americans (especially on twitter) need to realize that to the rest of the world they are American first, black second. Same with Asian Americans or any other X type American. Also they need to realize that their "race" outside of the US feels absolutely no solidarity with them. They're all still just an American to, no matter what color.

No. 739724

>>739699 This would be good bait if you didn't genuinely believe it. P.S Anybody who goes over there deserves the death they get. :) S e e t h e

No. 739725


No. 739726

i need to get my wisdom teeth removed but i'm scared of the pain and that it might make me uglier. they'll have to be surgically removed because they're basically at a complete 90 degree angle which makes me more afraid than if they just had to be pulled normally. my bottom ones are starting to hurt and i get this horrible aching randomly in one side of my jaw and ahhhhhhh

No. 739728

I kinda get what you mean, I read an idiot's twitter rant about how it's racist to call Black Americans simply "Americans" because they don't associate with white people or something (Might've been in one of the Artist salt threads?)
Most of the time, when the rest of the world talks demeaningly about Americans, they mean that they're stupid/uneducated/stubborn/etc.
So if you're a Black American and someone insults you because you're American… it has nothing to do with the fact that you're Black. You're just stupid.

No. 739731

Someone said I look like a drunk Zoe Kravitz. Im still offended

No. 739737

I'm sure you're beautiful anon! Even a wonky Zoe Kravitz would still be hot.
I don't think that's the case a lot of the time tbh. People will see your race before your nationality a lot of the time, cause y'know, race has physical characteristics. If someone feels a certain way (whether that be good or bad) about black people they will feel that way regardless of what nationality they are. Also, races can still share common traits in terms of personality and upbringing and stuff regardless of what country they are from.

No. 739740

Sounds like a compliment anon. I mean I wish I looked like a drunk Zoe Kravitz haha

No. 739765

i will not submit anything on time. I have many missing assignments. I will not graduate. I will be poor forever. I am a dumb ass bitch

No. 739767

you can do it I believe in you

No. 739769

No. 739772

File: 1613388452218.png (10.24 KB, 670x552, all aboard.png)

Aw ty guys that vid really did make me smile though lol ty. I have a few more hours left until I'm in huge trouble. Pray for me.

No. 739781

>I have many missing assignments
That doesn't mean you can't do your next one.
>I will not graduate
>I will be poor forever
You can't tell the future. Noone can.
>I am a dumb ass bitch
The fact that you're pursuing education literally proves the opposite. You're not dumb. Everything is up to you, anon. You just have to sit down and just DO IT.

No. 739825

I'm tired of my mom giving me her stupid fattening food.

No. 739841

I'm not sure why but a friend in my group blocked me and at least one other friend from seeing some of her statuses and pictures on social media. I only know this because she added my boyfriend recently but she either forgot to block him from seeing everything too or just didn't figure he'd communicate with me about what she posted.

I want to say it's because she's back to writing passive aggressive posts about her relationship with her husband and she knows that we as her friends don't really like how he treats her. Like maybe she blocks us from seeing posts about that so we won't think anything or be concerned or judge. Whatever. Yet on the other hand, she has posted other non-husband related things that are completely innocent and typical that neither me nor the friend can see too. I'd say maybe she just forgets to turn off the block but still. Also I'm assuming the other friend can't see the statuses and pictures either because I don't see her responding to them just like me, and everything that's visible to me she has interacted with.

It's dumb drama but I just think it's funny how people are sometimes more comfortable airing dirty laundry to people who know less about them. I can understand why but still.

No. 739847

>I swear 90% of the anons in there are ugly, fat, and/or spergs from PULL.

Somewhat related but why is it so hard for some of you to believe that average and attractive can behave as petty and jealous?
"Everyone who is mean is fat and ugly" is a cope and a toxic one at that. Some fatties and uggies are sweet people, maybe some pretty people just like knocking other pretty people down a peg to feel more special.

No. 739852

File: 1613398449726.png (431.37 KB, 540x499, j9exvgeay8y21.png)

My A1C, it calculates how in control my blood sugar is on average, went up by 1 point because of covid. I tried talking to my mom about it, but she's really into "natural healing", so she kept giving these junk answers that verged onto dangerous. She also kept on getting angrier when I tried to calmly explain why I couldn't follow her plan.
>Anon stop obsessing over blood sugar spikes everyone has them, but you only notice them because you have a glucose sensor
Everyone has blood sugar spikes, but mine hit 250 on the daily. This is not healthy in the long-term. No normal person has blood sugar spike spikes like this on the ordinary. The CGM, glucose sensor that shows my Blood sugar 24/7, doesn't make a hypochondriac.
>Anon you should just fast until 2:30 and eat a light snack, apple's oranges, if you're hungry. Doing this will help you control your blood sugar.
I can't do this either. I am 2-3 pounds from being underweight. Skipping lunch and breakfast will drag me to full anna-chan territory. Light snacks can't do it spikes my blood sugar not sustain it
>If you're hungry during breakfast/lunch you fell western "3 meals a day" propaganda. I know a lot of saints who go weeks without eating. Besides your brother skips lunch and breakfast
The propaganda idea is asinine, most fasting saints when watched lose wight rapidly, and my brother, young enough to still live under her, has been labeled dangerously underweight by every doctor because of your asinine diet ideas. I do get hungry around breakfast and it's not propaganda
>Artificial insulin is evil and your endocrinologist doesn't "get you" and will also lie

Anyhow this is the same woman who rounds my carbs down to an insane degree. I wondered why my blood sugar spiked after she made rice and I realized it was from how she calculated it. She calculated it on what she thought it was not what it actually was. I was giving half the insulin I needed.
I also realized she's been messing up my diabetes a lot longer than this. Every setting on my pump, the settings affect how the pump calculates how much insulin is needed per blood sugar and carbs, are so high, high numbers get less insulin, carbs gets less insulin, etc, the pump warned me how it was unsafe long term to keep them like this. I only noticed this when I had to get a new CGM and transferred the data.

No. 739865

You should probably take control of your own diet anon. If your mum won't stick to servings and portions that are healthy for you you should take your health into your own hands and stop listening to her. If she's a bitch about it try and calmly explain you are worried about your health and you sorting your own food out is actually helpful for the both of you.

No. 739898

I control most of my diet and food. It's just when I visit her she wonks up the carb count.

No. 739900

I'm a little irked on the recent trend of "dunking" on people who eat keto/low-carb. They all make the same joke such as "How is fried cheese healthier than an apple?!" "You're substituting hot dogs for sliced bread?!" I mean, it is obvious they have no idea what types of foods are considered low-carb and only pay attention to the ones just finding out about keto as a means to lose weight and think they know everything after watching 2 videos. They also do the concern trolling talking about the health risks, which only applies if you're trying to lose weight, or you're eating the junky shit 24/7 because you don't know fiber is fine.
I have PCOS and diabetes runs in my family. Eating low-carb has helped me exponentially, especially with my cycle and stabilizing my mood (I suspected I have a sensitivity to complex carbohydrates after having an anxiety attack after eating a meal filled with starches), and it's also helping me eat more nutrient rich foods compared to before, it's helped me simmer down on the fast food too. There's a vast amount of vegetables that have just as much and even more nutrients than fruits, even with that I still eat the occasional berries, but sugary stuff hasn't been my thing for half a decade. I can avoid eating a banana and make a meal incorporating avocado or spinach and get 3 times the amount of potassium.
Also, substituting bread is extremely easy, tons of stores now sell high fiber and low net carb breads, and they're becoming just as affordable as the non-low-carb versions each passing month, I eat low-carb tortillas just about every day.
I dunno, people have some sort of superiority complex, and they will try their hardest to find something wrong, when the only thing wrong is random people doing things to the extreme.

No. 739916

God fucking damn it hate everyone that doesn't type one, specifically type one
I can't help you, but my a1c has been under 6 since I moved out, so I have a lot of hope for you in the future
Family doesn't understand any better than every other normie

No. 739918

I found my roommate's Twitter and she has 7 Tweets bitching about me since the start of the year.

"Roommate" is a generous word for her btw- she's my husband's childhood friend who is staying with us because she got her hours slashed due to the pandemic, so she couldn't afford her share of rent and her old roommate kicked her out. She only pays us $300 a month, which is negligible TBH. Rent is almost $1500, not to mention all the utilities and internet she doesn't pay anything toward.

So yeah, the fact she's bitching about me on Twitter behind my back is fucking enraging. It's all super petty shit too, like complaining about how I care too much about my cat, how many packages come to the house and calling me a hoarder because I have a lot of vidya, manga, figures, etc. Everything is neat and organized, so IDFK what her problem is. She has one Tweet thread ranting about how much money I "waste" because she disapproves of my nerdy hobbies. Also, somehow I'm being "insensitive to those struggling" because I'm buying so much "unnecessary crap".

Like bitch, I get you're all into minimalism since you can't afford not to be and it makes you feel better about that fact, but no need to get all holier-than-thou about it. Why the fuck does other people struggling mean I shouldn't buy shit for for myself? Like, wtf are you even on?

Also, fuck you, my cat is way better than you and 100% deserving of every bit of love I give him.

I'm so fucking tempted to kick her out over this. I shouldn't feel uncomfortable in my own fucking apartment over some girl I'm letting stay here for practically nothing getting triggered everytime a package arrives, or I love bomb my cat. I know my stupid husband would protest, though. I think I'm gonna subtly bait her until she crosses strong enough lines for him to get on board without me having to "be the bad guy".

No. 739921

You should do everything she bitches about even more
Give her motivation to get out
It's weird she's there to begin with

No. 739922

What a twat, how you spend your money isn't any of her business, especially if you're spending some of it to house her. She's probably jealous of your disposable income.

No. 739936

It's so goddamn cold where I am right now and there's no running water or electricity,it had to be today,it just had to.

No. 739941

Like her tweets about you

No. 739944

Of course their broke ass thinks it as wasteful, let her seethe but at the same time the fucking disrespect wow. Print out the tweets and put them on your fridge door.

No. 739950

I'm sure they're probably for her patients. Some medicines need to be stored in fridges, that's why the antiviral was in the kitchen.

No. 739968

>My sister, who should know better, got HIV1 from fucking around.
>she has patients with HIV

Why do you assume she has HIV and it's not for her patients? And if she does have it, how do you know she got it from fucking around and not, say, a broken condom in a committed relationship? Or, most likely, a needle stick or a sharps injury? If you get those kind of injuries with positive patients, you have to take the antivirals.

I wouldn't tell you anything either tbh, can't blame her for not opening up to you.

No. 739972

I don't wanna judge op because I completely get why she's worried, but that's what I thought too lol. You don't have to have sex with a ton of people to get HIV, but she probably doesn't even have it.

No. 739981

jfc roommate needs to mind her business, as long as your bills are paid and you're not e-begging on the internet as a result of overspending, you're perfectly fine to use your expendable income on whatever you please.
>insensitive to those struggling
i'm a fucking poorfag and her priorities are out of wack. nerdy things are fun and safe and it's way more sustainable and overall cheaper than eating out multiple times a week.
give your cat extra hugs and kisses this month, he deserves it. also make a "fancy" type of meal for him someday soon to shove the special treatment in her face.

No. 739993

>Print out the tweets and put them on your fridge door.
… I am absolutely going to do this now. You're a genius, anon.

> as long as your bills are paid and you're not e-begging on the internet as a result of overspending, you're perfectly fine to use your expendable income on whatever you please.
Yeah, we're not financially irresponsible at all, so there really is no valid reason for her to be this mad. It's not like we complain about being broke or tight at all.

>also make a "fancy" type of meal for him someday soon to shove the special treatment in her face.

It's funny you say this because one of the things she complained about is that I feed him "better than most people eat these days", which is such an exaggeration. Sure, the food I feed him is above average quality pet food, but it's not even that premium compared to a lot of cat owners. It's like 7/10 quality. I spoil him a little bit with small bits of chicken and fish meant for human meals, but that's not even that out there at all.

No. 740004

You absolutely can get good friends and achieve the things you want to anon, you've got your whole life ahead of you. I want you to have hope for your future. You're a wonderful person to be friends with, just because you don't have friends now that doesn't mean you wouldn't make a good friend for other people. I'm sorry that you've suffered so much in life and you're still going through hardships, I want you to have a good life and be happy, and I wish you good luck. And happy birthday! Today is my birthday as well, my 25th to be exact. I hope this year will be better than the previous one for the both of us :)

No. 740008

I am so glad to be of help, especially when it's shit like this. Would you mind reporting back too!

No. 740071

I agree and I also have these conditions

No. 740097

File: 1613415273146.jpg (15.72 KB, 238x257, 7d1(1).jpg)


No. 740153

File: 1613417651493.png (10.42 KB, 670x552, all aboard.png)

I completed one! I half assed some of my answers, but I got a good grade and completed it. I'm past the roadblock that I was procrastinating on and making me upset, so I think I'll be able to get back on track. I have to do a good chunk of work today unless I want my professor to personally assassinate me herself. I'm gonna paint tonight, as a lil good job treat to myself if I feel happy with whatever progress I make.

No. 740154

I feel like shit but I like the freedom that acting completely unhinged gives me. I'm not a person and I don't expect you to see me like one, so you can't expect me to act like one. I live in the moment and the rest of the world is just an afterthought.

No. 740165

Thank you anon and happy birthday to you! I hope we make it.

No. 740168

im happy for you anon! also the image made me smile

No. 740223

Yeah, you are good. And if she's complaining about you feeding him better food than most people, why doesn't she give money to people struggling? It honestly seems like she is more upset because she wants your expendable income to go to her, reminds me of a covert narcissist. You don't need to give in to her complaints, if she wants money to spend freely, she should find a full time job. There's always blue collar work.

No. 740252

Your husband's female childhood friend is living with you and she secretly dislikes you/your habits? I would feel so uncomfortable that she's even there in the first place

No. 740282

It's so sickening to mature just a few years and realise the friends you had when you were ages 12 - 16 were literal, full-blown paedophiles. Not "ephebophiles" or whatever, but genuine paedophiles attracted to young, childlike appearances. Not the conventionally attractive, but the pudgy, flat, straight, awkward, literally autistic. Or the genuine 11 year olds who don't even have breasts yet. It's so revolting, and I can't do anything because they're out of my life and I don't have any contact information. They also never committed a crime, they're just disgusting men. I can't believe I enabled it somehow, I had no clue it was this bad. I also never knew at the time that pictures I took for them which I thought were innocent (of my hands, feet, thigh, belly, face with tongue out) were being spread online until one day I was in a group chat and suddenly this random man from Russia whom I never heard of began posting pictures of me when I was younger. Pictures of my feet, tongue, teeth, belly. I contacted him and he said they were posted online to a forum, he didn't even know the name of the girl or anything, he just collected and spread such pics. I'm merging a bunch of stories together but… "I don't mind you're 14, and I honestly thought you were 26. I wish your boobs were bigger though" major red flag, but I literally just turned 14 and I was friendless and didn't know how to respond, just very naive and lonely with nobody around who I felt safe with anyway. So many actual paedophiles. Die die die

No. 740356

Thank you, love, I do!

No. 740405

im fucking sick of corona just let me fucking fly and see things i want!!! i fucking hate being stuck in a 3rd world country that cant fucking decide on what to do with corona we've been stuck on lockdown for a fucking year!!!!!!! jesus christ when that old man croak so at least we'd get a move on!! i hate living in this shit hole but I have no choice right now cause nobody will fucking hire me since i have shit skill sets! maybe i should just go out and die

No. 740420

What the fuck is it with people who turn on you and then shove all your flaws in your face despite being your friend like just one minute ago? Did they secretly hate me before? I can't imagine how they'd be able to list off weird character flaws about me so easily if they weren't thinking them already. I don't want to go into details but I know it's not specific to these people since I've had this happen with my ex as well. My trust issues are only getting worse each time it happens.

No. 740428

oh shit I relate to this. I'm sorry anon. I seriously don't get it. I almost wish mine said what her problem with me was though, instead she dropped me for forgetting her birthday and apparently that's all. I don't understand people who are super nice and friendly until one day it's like none of that actually mattered or was real

No. 740432

Anon, I want you to know that there was no way you could have enabled that. Being naive is something that's expected of a child at that age, and they took advantage of the fact that you were lonely. To learn your pictures are being spread online is truly awful, and coming from a woman who also went through online exploitation, I'm sorry.

No. 740444

Let me whine like a little bitch.cuz im a little bitch. cuz im too much of a defect to be called human. im too braindead to be human. and oh you cant have have relations connections with others. and oh youre unable to actually take an interest in one thing. at least one thing just put energy into one thing. goddam it whats youre worth if all you do is lurk and cry and whine becuz youre unable to achieve and succeed. booohoo woohoo to who when your always all alone and will forever be alone becuz fuck effort i hate effort and i hate myself and

No. 740447

People who do this are BPD-levels of insecure. They take everything extremely personally and lash out at anything that reminds them of their flaw, even if no criticism was intended whatsoever. They tend to hyperfocus on others' flaws because they are paranoid enough to assume that others are secretly doing the same to them. Granted, some are just outright sadists and purposely become friends with people they secretly have no respect for, just so they can build them up and tear them down repeatedly, but I think this is more rare.

Long story short, your friends suck and don't sound like they're mature enough to handle adult relationships. I hope you can find better ones.

No. 740450

File: 1613440360836.jpeg (122.01 KB, 749x1200, CB3E471F-2CCD-4A93-9F5C-E8925B…)

I think my ex might get engaged tonight and I’m still in love with him.

No. 740453

File: 1613440913168.jpg (71.69 KB, 1024x876, GczyVE0.jpg)

Deep down, I still miss my friend. I want to keep myself strong and just pretend that I'm glad she is gone after the way she hurt me, but I still miss the times we spent together. Having someone with the same interests as me felt good, and I wish I could go back in time to the days were we could sent each other messages without caring about anything, just being 2 fandom idiots having fun. One time, I even found a new blog, the banner was very similar to hers but after lurking for a bit I found that it wasn't my friend. I felt relieved but sad at the same time, because as much as I hate to admit it, I guess I still care for her a lot and just want to talk to her again, at least one more time or just a goodbye.

Pic related, yesterday someone shared with me a song, and I began to cry quietly because it remind me of her.

No. 740457

File: 1613441353316.jpeg (52.34 KB, 522x700, F66284F1-9379-4636-89D5-F95DD0…)

I want to be your friend anon. I’m sorry for the feelings of loss you’re experiencing.

No. 740470

I wish the person I used to consider a best friend wasn't such a crazy bitch. Trying to handle her shoplifting and weird need to compete with me was hell. She was married and would still openly throw herself at anyone I was in a relationship with. I really enjoyed my time with her but it fucks me up to look back and realize the only time she actually was a good friend was when I was depressed and lonely and would dote on me.

No. 740473

Academia makes me feel like I'm dying. It's like my brain has to work backwards in order to get shit done. Each semester, it feels like I just shut-down and lose like 50% of who I am as a person. It's taken me 5 years to complete my BA and I'm at a point where I'm having massive crying spells and rage fits almost every week because I fucking hate school so much. I just feel so fucking trapped. I didn't know the meaning of depression until I went back to school and decided to actually stick with it this time. I'm proud of myself for doing so, but I struggle so much with the fear that it's not going to be worth it in the end and I just threw 5 years of my life down the drain.

No. 740474

Thanks nonnys. I didn't engage with them in the pettiness because I personally don't have it in me to put people down despite how nasty they are to me. I'm glad I have one true friend but I do wish I had other friends so I wouldn't have to rely on her for support so often.
I'm sorry anon. If she hurt you that badly then it was probably for the better that you ended the relationship. At least you have some happy memories.

No. 740480

The BDD is hitting me hard. Sounds edgy but I honestly wish I could slice my body open from top to bottom, peel my skin off like a suit, and step outside myself. Just despise this physical form I'm in

No. 740487

some scrote tried to convince me if you're (a woman) not cumming in a relationship then you're incompatible with the man. never mind the fact that a lot of women have trouble orgasming, it can be nothing to do with lack of effort on the partner's part, and you can still be satisfied from the sex without cumming.

No. 740491

I am too weak emotionally and mentally for this world.

No. 740494

File: 1613447808173.jpeg (47.92 KB, 512x512, A67B2C87-F941-4F7A-8E51-72B774…)

That gore was terrible. Scrotes shouldn’t have internet access.

No. 740496

fuck whoever keeps posting gore. You pathetic, lonely fucker.

No. 740498

Quit posting that shit, you edgy faggot.

No. 740501

>and you can still be satisfied from the sex without cumming.

Thats just a cope for sleeping with men who are crappy in bed. No man would be satisfied with orgasm-less sex, so we shouldn't either to spare their feelings.

No. 740504

>and you can still be satisfied from the sex without cumming
Holy shit, I feel sorry for women who honestly believe this. This is some scrote level propaganda. I can't imagine having all that build up from arousal and then being unable to release it. I always have to cum

No. 740505

NTA but my moid has asked to stop sex without cooming more than once tbh
Sometimes you just don't have the time or stamina or both

No. 740506

If they're gonna post gore atleast make it something good, like a cut up dick.

No. 740507

i might take a break from here for a while because of the gore and cp spamming… i don't want to sound like a baby or give the wastes of oxygen posting that shit the satisfaction but i've had nightmares every night since seeing the latter and i think it contributed to my mental health relapsing lately

No. 740509

Yeah he didn't have the time or stamine so he stopped, not because he was satisfied

No. 740510

No. 740513

you must be one of the spammers, well now i'm gonna keep posting out of spite

No. 740515

Anons, a word of advice, NEVER lend out money, especially to family. Never get into debt with someone either. If any of you owe your family members money, give them it back ASAP, or talk to them about starting a payment plan of gradually paying them back over time if you’re stuck. It’s your responsibility as the person who borrowed the money to initiate paying it back.

Venting because I sat down and worked out how much certain family members owe me and it’s over £5000. The same family members that are buying luxury items on the regular.
It’s just frustrating because when they initially borrow the money, they are soo~ grateful, and promise me they will pay me back as soon as. That time NEVER comes, and it ends up with me being the mean debt collector hounding them for my money back. Like I’m only 20, that money goes a LONG way for me, it’s not my fault they’re all shit at saving up. It’s my fault for lending the money in the first place, but it’s hard to refuse when your family member is in a genuinely dire situation and you’re the only one with extra money to lend out.

New rule to myself, never a borrower or lender be. I’m DONE.

No. 740522

Pretty sure what that anon was saying is that a lot of women can't orgasm from penetration, but that sex can still feel good even if you don't get off from it.

No. 740527

Feeling good and feeling satisfied are not the same things, and she used the word "satisfied".

No. 740530

File: 1613453070088.jpeg (22.27 KB, 250x186, EC7D3077-7EF3-4C8D-81E7-FC6773…)

my crush made a post about some maid costumes they were selling. she posted it in her facebook wall and wrote "omg i need this". i thought it was embarrassing but i ignored it. now i see that she posted the picture and name of the shop on her fb and insta stories, with the caption "my birthday is in X !!!" (her birthday is coming very soon).

we are very close friends, so literally just yesterday she was showing me screenshots of the cringy posts her ex gf was making about her. her ex gf was the one that added her on facebook again, and begged her to be friends, she did out of pity and now she can see all she does is post status about how heartbroken and used she feels. mind you, she break up with my crush, not the other way around. anyways, after this my crush and i agreed that "if you see me posting cringy shit, please tell me, we are friends". i want to tell her that ebegging story is so fucking cringy and that it's not our fault she hasn't had an art commission in a while but lord knows i can't do it

No. 740532


i agree. i've only had orgasms in lesbian sex. but i enjoy having sex with men more cause i like penetration. it's just a preference. i don't mind having sex with women of course, but idk getting dicked down is more for me.

No. 740535

No. 740536

Why is every fucking job about sales nowadays? Sales sales sales. Fuck sales. Add marketing to a list of things that can get fucked too.

Oh you know how to use 100+ computer programs, write documents and make charts and diagrams? How would you like to waste all that knowledge by talking on the phone with some douchebags and try to make them buy our shitty products absolutely no one wants???

Who gives a fuck about anything you know how to do WE HAVE SOME FUCKING HAMMERS AND TOILET BRUSHES TO SELL

No. 740538

I completely understand this and wish you all the best in letting that bitch go. In due time you’ll find it so much easier to distance yourself from them.
Someone I used to call a really close friend ghosted me after years of friendship. We never fought or had any sort of negative moments between each other, but it fucking hit me like a truck is trying to get over the fact I’ll never get closure. The shitty part is he never could drive so the friendship was always reliant on my schedule and if I could get out to him when he lived like 40-ish minutes away. He was a huge pot head and I had my suspicions he moved on from me when another one of our stoner friends started hanging out with more and they got super into acid. Plus he thrived on drama/messy people since he vicariously lived through them, so when I was finally get my life together and trying to be stable he got bored of me. I embarrassingly reached out to his sister on Instagram, since I was worried about not hearing back from my friend, and she left me of read too. Looking back there were so many red flags that I ignored but thinking about them makes me feel better since I wasn’t the shitty person to begin with and him ghosting me had nothing to do with me and everything to do with how rotten/miserable of a person he is.

No. 740541

Look into upkeeping types of jobs. No sales quotas, just ensuring everything works correctly.

No. 740545


fuck it, nonnies. i simped out. told her i'll buy it. i have some spare money because i quit my job recently. ill use that. fuck it.

>"she wont fuck you anon"

we are friends with benefits. dont know if she has feelings for me the way i do though….

No. 740554

I hate how clearing my porn cache on my phone after I've fapped resets everything on this site that I've hidden and the theme I've chosen, spergy as fuck but clearing an hour of browsing shouldn't do that. Half the time it doesn't and have the time it does. Why

No. 740555

I accidentally left the super special ultra secret women's server I was on by accident because I fat fingered my keyboard and I'm so upset I want to scream

No. 740572

I don't think I'll be able to get the antibiotics I need for a root canal oooohhhmymymgfgodoodod. I emailed to ask if I could get it transferred to a closer store and I'm waiting for a response, but I'm losing hope

No. 740581

That sounds like hypomania, anon. Bipolar II is the "milder" version of bipolar and the manic episodes (called hypomania) can be subtle enough that they're almost indistinguishable from normal good mood.
>I do things I wouldn't have done otherwise
This absolutely sounds like mania.

No. 740588

File: 1613463130201.jpg (310.01 KB, 722x459, 3 different comics.jpg)

Korean webtoons never feel like a real person made them and all have basically the same art style with 3D backgrounds. i wouldn't even mind it that much if the stories themselves were more original/fun.
Nah, instead everything feels like a copy of a plot that's been done way better before. it's like looking at a bunch of AI images to me.

pic rel are 3 different webtoons. even with the similar genre, they should be able to be told apart from each other

No. 740595

holy shit I can't believe they're not the same comic

No. 740597

Agree. I honestly don't understand how they're all so fucking identical in every way and always feel like a cheap copy of something that's already been done before. Yet everyone is fucking nuts over them and going on about how much better they are than manga and I'm sitting here like really? Enjoy your CGI backgrounds and regurgitated soap drama cliches with characters that feel more like robots than humans then I guess. Even Taiwanese and Chinese comics look and read better.

No. 740601

Idc what they said. Manga is the leading of comic industry.

No. 740606

Im underweight but very scared to be obese or overweight even average weight. I don't starve myself ever, I love food lole. My bmi is 17 or something, I'm scared i'll just eat too much or do nothing for so long and get fat. I dont want to be stick thin like Eugina Cooney or whatever, I just like to be small. My boyfriend says i'm perfect at any weight and he likes the way I am now and mentions how small my waist is whenever he holds me so i'm just even more scared to gain weight, I get upset even if I weight more than 100 pounds (i'm 5'2 and 97 pounds). Idk if i'm tmi. i'm just sick of being like this and living everyday on edge and scared, I basically check my weight everyday and if i see its in the triple digits I just try to work out or eat less snacks. I also think my Banana/Rectangle body shape makes me look fat. I have a 23 inch waist but whenever I wear crop tops I look sort of wide

No. 740635

I'm officailly so depressed that I don't bother with hair or makeup anymore. I do my brows and some concealer and that's it. I used to do full eyes and lips but now I'm just too tired to do it, I'd rather sleep for 5 more minutes.

I'm also alone in the office so no one sees what a mess I am so I have no motivation or fear to even try. Worst part is that I miss it but just can't bring myself to do it. It took me two weeks to do a single coat of nail polish. Fuck…

No. 740639

Is that really a big deal? Most of the women I know don't wear make up, even if they're not depressed. I don't get what all the fuss is about.

No. 740641

It's not a big deal anon! If you like to do your makeup, hair and nails, then please do it but only if you enjoy it! Otherwise don't stress yourself out about it. No point in looking good if you don't feel good doing it

No. 740642

These shits remind me of How I Became Yours (without the tracing)

No. 740643

Yeah no lmao still a cope. If you can't come from being fucked, you still have a clit, so you should still have an orgasm during sex unless your moid is lazy and doesn't give a shit about your pleasure. Just because you can't come from piv doesn't mean you should accept not coming during piv because he is too wack to do anything more than jackhammering at you.

No. 740652

True. A lot of pretty girls are actually pretty cunty because people forgive you more easily for doing mean shit when you’re attractive. Mean Girls kinda highlights this (yes I realize it’s a movie but I felt it was pretty accurate in many ways)

No. 740657

ime the pretty girls who bullied me always pulled the uwu sweet smol bean act in front of teachers and everyone else who ate it up. they would always make themselves out to be victims and me, an ugly ex-genderspecial, into a mean bully who bullies them because i'm jealous that they're soooo pretty.

i wasn't even jealous since i was a lesbian in denial, i just hated their guts because they were mean and got no shit for it. the whole 'only ugly fatties are bullies because they're bitter and jealous' is so tired and untrue, most ugly people just want to be left alone.

No. 740667

File: 1613477486756.jpg (28.34 KB, 575x575, FB_IMG_1612830008749.jpg)

I fucking hate my city with a passion.
We currently have one of the highest homeless rates, teen pregnancy rates and suicide rates in all of Scotland. The highest valium usage in ALL OF EUROPE. But its ok because we have nice unis and a fancy new museum that is just gift shops and restaurants and 2 small exhibition rooms(1 you have to pay to get in)
The council is incapable beyond belief, they are so focused on making the city look nice but dont realize thats impossible when all of the social issues have been left without help. Instead of funding a highschool with better materials and computers they just say nah fuck it lets demolish 2 highschools, build one big shitty one, cram them all together then complain about the school being overcrowded. One the the schools before getting yeeted had a young mums unit to help teenage mothers who wanted to get an education, something useful and helpful towards our high teen pregnancy rates. Too bad thats gone now.
They are currently building an artificial beach, why? I dont know, nobody asked for it when theres a real beach a fucking bus ride away. The money used couldve built something useful that isnt a novelty that will last a week. Fuck even small things they cant do like pave the walkways, got a shit ton of snow which eventually turned to ice, no sign of gritters, most had to shovel it themselves. Witnessed a old lady fall who looked like she was bleeding from the head. But who cares about our people, lets build a fucking ferris wheels during pandemics and have our own councillors sleep on their kitchen floors to "raise awareness about furniture poverty" rather than you know, doing something about it, even starting a charity or donate furniture to those but nah that makes too much sense.
Mental health support is the most ridiculous here, someone said it perfectly "you can have a rope around your neck and they would tell you to take a nice bath and wait 6 months for an appoinment". Hence the extreme suicide rates.
The only true good places in this hell hole is the clubs and a mexican restaurant kek.

No. 740670

I keep hearing this being spoken inside my head in a very angry scottish groundskeeper willie accent

No. 740672

Throw away the scale.

No. 740673

I know this sounds like a load of cope to everyone but it's true. People forgive attractive people for a lot of nasty shit they would never give ugly ones a pass for. That's why people here try to push the narrative that every cow is an ugly bitch despite most of them being above average attractive, they just need to have them be hideous trolls in order to hate them.

No. 740676

How do you guys deal with unreliable friends?
I planned a birthday party with some friends where we wanted to have a fancy cake, the ones that are over the top and specifically made and decorated for you. I wanted this because it’s such a shitty time with COVID and I wanted something special for my birthday. Since one of them has a lot of allergies she wanted to order the cake so there would be nothing in it that she can’t eat. After two weeks of silence I asked about the cake and offered to order myself because she hadn‘t ordered anything yet. But she and another friend assured me they would take care of it. Then 3 days before my birthday, she tells me she couldn’t find a place to order from (despite me linking her several creators in the city…) and told me to order one myself that she can’t eat because of the ingredients but she would be fine with that. I told them it’s too short notice now and next time I will just do things myself if I really want something.
They are offering to bring or bake a different cake but it just feels like they don’t care about my disappointment, even getting angry when I tell them I don’t want it.
It‘s reoccurring theme with this group of friend and I don’t know how to adjust my expectations of them. I don’t want to end the friendship, but I also don’t want to be disappointed all the time.

No. 740679

File: 1613479572146.png (800.08 KB, 749x808, wth.png)

Picrel was posted to the Mooncraft fb group. I can't even find the words to vent.. I want to slap her

No. 740718

I too wish I could slap her with a pan. I fucking hate the retards that will vent on posts or videos that are completely unrelated to whatever they’re going through, with the retarded emojis laughing-crying or hearts and shit that makes you think it’s a fucking joke.
I would prefer fucking dying than embarrassing myself in such a way with my name and pictures attached like that.

No. 740719

I honestly feel bad for her. Seems like she's trying to make light of a bad situation. Not the right place for it at all, but I get it.

No. 740737

Seems like some sperg has been bumping old irrelevant threads the last couple of days and it's driving me insane

No. 740738

That does suck anon. Have you told your friends that them being unreliable is a bigger issue for you? If not, they might be understanding and try to change, but going off how they reacted to the cake thing they likely wouldn't get it.
One of my best friends used to be quite unreliable (a lot less so nowadays), cancelling plans on super short notice, oversleeping when we had plans or asking me to leave really suddenly, stuff like that. Eventually I figured if I was gonna do stuff with her, I better accept that things might turn out disappointing or unexpected beforehand, and keep that in mind. I came to the conclusion that I still liked hanging out more than I disliked being unsure of what to expect, so I was okay with it.
Only you can figure out if the same thing is true for your friend group; if you enjoy being friends with them enough to deal with them being unreliable, there's no reason to end it. If you start (rightfully) resenting them for it, I don't think the friendship would be fun for anyone involved.

No. 740739

Same exact boat but maybe 10-15 lbs heavier and 2 inches taller. It's exhausting to be alive isn't it? My family thinks I'm underweight and any conversation about my health inevitably steers towards my (completely normal!) weight. My boyfriend does the same exact shit, telling me he'd actually love if I got fat so I could "relax and eat what I want" but at the same time constantly rubbing my hipbones/collarbones and saying how much he loves them.

I don't really have any advice other than there's probably more to life than this. Also, >>740672 has helped me.

No. 740740

Fuck me I think the raw chicken I bought yesterday is spoiled…ughhh why

No. 740747

No offense but your bf sounds extremely weird and unstable, sending mixed messages like rubbing your bones saying he loves them then saying you would look good fat. That is legit like emotional manipulation shit to make you feel confused and insecure

No. 740748

The fuck is going on in snow?

No. 740752


i told her i had feelings for her and she said she wasn't looking for a relationship at the moment. aka id rather being alone than with you.

i'm heartbroken

No. 740759

My boyfriend didn’t want to have sex with me on Valentine’s Day. I was so excited to finally have some passionate intimate sex like I’ve always dreamed about having, but instead he just wanted me to give a blowjob. I did and he did not touch me at all. I cried on his chest afterwards. He asked if I was upset that we didn’t have sex. I said yes. He told me that I should have said something, but isn’t it obvious that I would want to be intimate with my partner on a day that’s meant to celebrate our love for each other?

No. 740760

She may have meant that genuinely though anon. Sometimes people want sex without the relationship because they can't handle it at the moment. She may still be getting over her ex, or just has personal reasons for not wanting a committed relationship. You sound really sweet anon, I'm sure you will be able to find someone to fully reciprocate your feelings ♥

No. 740766

I know the go-to answer to bad relationships on lolcow is dump him, but dump him
It sounds like you raped yourself with his dick, get the fuck out of there

No. 740767

Someone's trying to push their own thread down

No. 740770

Gonna agree with the other anon and say dump him but also, why the fuck did you give him head if you didn't really want to? I mean, why does he get to have something and you don't get anything?

No. 740771

Anon, love yourself and get out. If he doesn't want to touch you, then the last thing you should do is to give him a blowjob while being sad. I know you can do better than that.

No. 740781

I did tell them I‘m sad that they don’t get that it was something important to me, and their answer was that I am mean because now she feels like I think she can’t do anything. This is a theme with them too, that it’s always about them and I make them feel bad or stupid or whatever by having certain needs and expectations…
We have been friends for a long time and do like each other though so I don’t really want to cut all ties.
Your approach of just accepting their shortcomings and expecting them no matter what they promise seems hard to do but good advice… so thank you for that.

No. 740791

It's not exactly news to men that valentines is pretty important to most women, so that he didn't realize you wanted some steaming hot romantic fucking is bullshit. He is either so dense he needs a handler or he's lying because he's too lazy to put in any work.

I legit cried for a week last year when my ex acted unusually cold to me on our valentines date despite me being open about how much I looked forward to spend it with someone for the first time. So I totally get how much that hurts anon.

No. 740796

no offense nonny but kill your bf

No. 740800

>he told me that I should have said something
It's shitty that he didn't want sex but still wanted head, and I don't want to sound like I'm defending him, but this makes it sound like it wasn't clear to him what you wanted. It might seem obvious to you and me, but scrotes can be dense as fuck and not realise something like this at all. Most people I know don't care for Valentine's day at all (might be a cultural thing though). While it's absolutely stupid of him to not pay attention to it at all, I don't think that alone has to mean he's as irredeemably evil as everyone says. If you make your expectations and needs 100% clear for them and he still doesn't respect them, that's a different story and he's trash.

No. 740802

my mom's been threatening suicide at increasing intervals over the past few years, never attempted and no self-injury, and i'm really having a hard time with it. she doesn't really have any friends so she vents everything to me, but as her daughter it's really hard to hear. i lose a lot of sleep over the fear that i'll find her dead long before her time, but i'm also quite certain that 99% of her threats are empty and just for attention

i need a hug nonnies

No. 740803

File: 1613493939866.jpg (25.95 KB, 564x469, 1570992086043.jpg)

Can't believe I'm using my friend's taste in women to hate my weight and height.
I'm mainly gay, we'd be horribly incompatible anyway, and I'm most attracted to other women of my size (mid-range healthy BMI and works out).
I'm not even ana nor do I want to be skinny and small. I've literally been memed into this by ~society~ telling women we're never good enough or whatever and that my self-esteem should be based on men.
So tired. Maybe I'm just having a bad day.

No. 740805

You know, just today a friend told me that a lot of her psychological problems stem from her mother. What helped her in therapy was to write a letter to her mom. Just for herself, she didn’t give it to her mom. But it helped her to understand how her mothers behavior influenced her and to an extend even understand why her mother did what she did. While your case is definitely more extreme than hers, she told me that it helped her understand and care for herself more.

No. 740806

This is awful, you're strong to put up with it. Big long hug to you

No. 740809

They really don't sound like good friends if they care that little about how you feel… They should at least be willing to put in effort, even if they end up failing. There's a big difference between acknowledging how your faults affect someone and not even wanting to admit you did something wrong. When a friend tells you that something you did hurt them, your first reaction should be 'ah shit, how do I make it right', not 'how dare you imply that I'm not perfect'.

That being said, if you really think the enjoyment you get from being friends outweighs their faults, the only real way to handle it is to expect those faults. Seriously consider whether you actually do get enough out of it though, it sounds like they're tiresome people.

No. 740811

Being a woman unfortunately comes with some stupid societal pressure to appeal to everyone at the same time.
It takes a lot of mental fortitude to shake off those expectations. Try to internalise the idea that the only important and relevant opinions on what you look like are your own and maybe your so's.

No. 740814

my cat is very shy. i can pet her but no one else can. and she's not the type to ever sit on my lap or anything like that. but she's cold and i laid in bed for a second and she got on top of me cause my sweater is very warm. i have shit to do but i don't want to move and scare her cause it's a magical thing

No. 740818

Agreed. If you want an extreme example, it's not exactly sales but I applied for a legit economist job and it turned out to be telemarketing (trying to get data from people) with like 10% of actual economist duties.
I feel you anon, I really do. I also have a rectangle shaped body kek; my waist is narrow but my hips are as well so pants are constantly falling down because my 'ratio' is non existent.
I've had an ED before and also been at a higher weight (130 lb) and I don't want to get back up there bc of how I looked back then. I'm currently 5'4 and 109 lbs. My tits are already deflated from weight loss but I still wanna lose more fat fml.
hug I'm sorry anon, but as someone who used to do the same (as a teen) I'm pretty sure the threats are empty and for attention. Is she going to therapy?

No. 740821

Thank you for the kind reply anon, and you're right.
It just feels so frustrating when it's happening because I'm self-aware and have been trying hard to work against it.
At least knowing is a step in the direction of overcoming this nonsense.

No. 740825

thankyou anon, this is a good idea, i always find writing quite cathartic so it might help me to unpack everything.

heart emoji for you

she's on antidepressants but historically is reluctant about therapy. i'm sure therapy would help her a lot but i don't really have the assertiveness needed to force her to go - i'm pretty sure the suggestion would cause a lot of upset

No. 740827

Relatable, extremely relatable
I'm sorry, but the best thing you can do is get away from her
She's destroyed your mental health, and she doesn't even feel any better for it
If you get away from her, you can start healing and get yourself help
She'll drag someone else down, she doesn't actually want help, she wants someone else to feel as bad as she does, and she doesn't believe anyone can
She's not going to hurt herself, she's too self-centered
I know she probably tells you it's not her fault, she was probably savagely abused, and she can't possibly abuse you because she's never laid a hand on you
But she is abusing you. Her suffering does not negate yours
Fucked up people fuck up people

No. 741035

What was it? I didn't see

No. 741040

I’m annoyed at myself because I’m already bored of this person I’ve been talking to. They’re actually really nice but it’s the same every time. Other people never interest me, I don’t care for them and never initiate contact with anyone because it’s way too exhausting. Sometimes I can make an effort for 1-2 weeks but it’s all so draining. I have some friends from school that keep in touch with me from time to time but I honestly don’t know why. Why am I such a terribly inconsiderate person

No. 741056

same, I really wanted to find friends via lolcow friend thread but ended up being bored with everyone (I guess it was reciprocated though). The one person that I got along with ghosted me and lived on the other side of the world anyway, so we wouldn't be able to friends irl. No hard feelings. I wish I were able to connect with people.

No. 741060

super late but are you talking about the vegetable or…?

No. 741075

how the fuck am i supposed to handle school and work after basically a lifetime of being a lazy neet? I'm almost 25 and I'm like the bottom feeder of society. I plan on going back to school for ece cuz I love kids and can't see myself doing much else but I don't even know if I can manage a week of being a functional adult and anything more than just a lazy sleepy fucking leech. Am I just doomed to become some assholes housewife and clean up after him?

No. 741093

If you dont care about school or work just get a easy low their job at mcdonalds or a call center or some shit and save your money. If you dont have any Bill's or responsibilities you will end up with more money in the long run than a lot of your peers who have degrees and or pay rent/Bill's.

Dont fall the the degree and living alone meme.

No. 741094

Yeah I don’t know how to connect with anyone either. I think getting to know someone under the pretence of becoming friends makes the interaction feel forced and unnatural though. Its really tough lmao

No. 741098

Low tier job*

No. 741101

Samefag and if your ego is too big and your too lazy to get a job at mcdonalds and save up thousands of dollars by living at home and having no Bill's you really only have yourself to blame for being a broke loser

No. 741108

Wish I had Bill's.

No. 741112

Then you're just an idiot then. Go get a job at McDonalds and dave all your money, you will have 20k by the end of the year. Your failure is on you. I hate neetfags who live at home rent free who are too stupid and stubborn to do this.

No. 741116

Bill's what, anon? His what?

No. 741119

Nta but are you dense

No. 741121


No. 741123

nayrt but why are you being hostile
it’s different for everyone, personally i did most of my degree part time at a student job that let me study when things weren’t busy (which was often) while being full time in courses. some semesters i went part time in school while working more, or if i was at my parents and didn’t have bills then i just did school.
it’s sounds overwhelming but it can be done, you’re looking at the whole picture but in this scenario you gotta focus on going day by day and breaking everything down (right now just focus on a school you want to go to, what’s their program like? when does enrollment start?). btw scheduling time in your week to have fun/relax is crucial (not an option, you will feel better doing work for x hours and then taking x time for a break), overall just be nice to yourself and know that you can do it. sorry if this is all over the place

No. 741127

not sure if you really understand what im venting about
i do have bills and i pay them right now i just want to do more with my life than what i am, i don't live with my family. ive been out of work due to chronic pain and depression and going back to school is really daunting for me and i worry im not equipped for it. just paying my bills isn't really a concern for me right now as im able to do that. it's whether i can handle school or doing something more with myself. im scared my health will quickly decline again either physically or mentally

No. 741131

No thank you, just in need of one

No. 741132

Because I hate neetfags who live on easy mode and come up with every excuse not to work.

No. 741134

Can you chill or stop fighting at least

No. 741136

Or their ego is too big to get a fast food job or something. Excuse me? You are unemployed. Take what you cam get.

No. 741137

She already replied that she isn't a full-blown neet, your outburst is very scrotelike and lame, anon.

No. 741138

>easy mode
begone, scrote
scrote detected

No. 741140

that sounds kinda nice honestly. working a kinda relaxed job that lets you study in downtown. i kind of got overwhelmed by logistics and the idea of all my time being taken up and worried i can't handle it but i guess i could also take a reduced course load or something. thank you for the kind words anon. this is a really scary step for me and i worry about how capable or incapable i am

only replied once to that other anon but wont be anymore since i don't want to derail the thread with arguing

No. 741154

Nta, since when is saying easy mode a scrote thing? it just reminds me of the touhou meme

No. 741160

you haven't seen robots saying
>women have life on easy mode
before? maybe I'm outdated

No. 741166

I'm not saying women live on easy mode, I'm saying people who live at home rent free live on easy mode. I've seen more scrotes complaining about living at home and being jobless/broke because they have no degree than I've seen women doing it. It's all equally annoying for any gender.

No. 741169

Idk I don't hang out on scrote spaces becauce I'm not a scrote, I just say words on the internet

No. 741172

I mean they invade us a lot, not trying to be a dick, that's why I threw on the "maybe I'm outdated"

No. 741176

I’m so fucking happy that my long term relationship is over
I have severe commintment issues and need time to heal and grow as a person
I’m so relieved that I do not have to try change my life to fit together with other person’s life
I can keep my single apartment

I can move to a monastery and never see a dick in my life if I want to

Fuck corona because backpacking in India is not an option so I can’t fulfill my eat pray love whatever millennial quarter crisis

No. 741187

even in a long term relationship imo never share a room with a man especially. their shit will take over yours in no time. men love collecting useless shit like blurays and expect women to clean up after them

No. 741188

I started working and moved out from my parents like 6-8 years too late because I was:
>infantilized by them. Wasn't allowed to go on a date or even alone to a gig in my city as long as I lived with them. Even if I could go to a gig, they insisted on picking me up at and hauling me home with them (we didn't even have a car, we just traveled by bus/rail together)
>forced to live with untreated depression and PDs (because "you millenials always want a magic pill to fix your every problem instead of facing that you suck")
>felt responsible for their bad financial situation that wrecked our lives even though it was not my fault. Felt like it would be selfish of me to start building my own life as an adult when theirs was falling apart. What little money I earned, I gave them like half away.
Never was a neet tho, was studying and/or working all the time. And yet coworkers made snarky comments at me about twentysomethings living at home with parents deapite not knowing anything about the situation. Made me want to break down and cry.

No. 741208

That is def a sign of too much testosterone in your keyboard, miss

No. 741212

Okay, we got that, how long are you gonna post about this?

No. 741219

How? the fuck
What are you even tyring to say

No. 741221

>snarky comments at me about twentysomethings living at home with parents deapite not knowing anything about the situation. Made me want to break down and cry.
I feel you, I'm also infantilized by my mom a lot. At least with corona there's a reason to stay at home, my parents always made me afraid of getting my own space and all

No. 741240

File: 1613512831572.jpeg (19.96 KB, 540x295, D9LYFviWsAENmjB.jpeg)

No. 741252

Sorry I just don't understand lol

No. 741267

why the fuck are men so boring
on dating apps all the women are gorgeous and talk about their unique hobbies and they seem like such cool individuals
men be like I play video games and fish once a year why is the standard for men so fucking low and why are they all so boring and useless
we would truly be better off without scrotes

No. 741276

Fucking this, in all honesty, 99% of the women on tinder in my area are beautiful just not my style. As in, I don't think we would mesh well but they are absolutely beautiful with funny bios or good music taste or even goddamn both. Men on the other hand, 98% are ugly as shit, dress like shit, aren't funny or have shit music taste. The cute ones are boring.

No. 741288

File: 1613515022165.png (110.97 KB, 605x458, 4cel7isscfg61.png)

Nta but yes I can and you can't tell me otherwise.

No. 741306

File: 1613517789727.jpg (97.35 KB, 630x974, x1SIi6n.jpg)

It's hard to get over how ugly I am on my "sleep time" face I have no idea if my (hypothetical) boyfriend would accept to look at that. On the bright side I looked at some selfies when I'm put together I do get nice glow ups.

No. 741316

Ladies do you ever worry about how ugly you look when you’re literally unconscious out of guilt for a hypothetical fake boyfriend? I had this concern so I started wearing fake eyelashes and lip stain to bed so I would never have to acknowledge my natural, horrifyingly unfeminine face.

No. 741318

Is that the guy from Shameless

No. 741322

I'm late to this but I definitely suggest kicking yourself in the ass before getting into the education field. Working with kids is fun, but making lesson plans and having to carefully follow federal/local/workplace guidelines and politics is soooo boring and exhausting. I went straight from neet to teacher and I had to take a break recently because I got so overwhelmed, but I believe in you and you can do it anon. The vague concept of a future is not always a linear path, it may be hard to see it now but if you put in the effort things will work themselves out

No. 741377

File: 1613525026014.jpg (351.54 KB, 1484x1104, snowshoe.jpg)

In a minor crisis bc I was cyber stalking and accidentally liked this guy's old photo OF HIS GIRLFRIEND and I learned instagram sends a push notif instantly even if you immediately unlike it. I'm dying. It's over.

No. 741380

File: 1613525273131.jpeg (60.82 KB, 960x784, 1591454504418.jpeg)

No. 741382

File: 1613525391530.gif (416.99 KB, 476x342, 9F2051DA-DA4B-4B3A-A952-EDC2AB…)

No. 741393

I went to go visit some friends in the NE and now I’m stuck in Florida on my way back because of some stupid snow storm. It was fun and cute at first but now I’m annoyed I have to spend another $200 for a hotel room. No amount of bar booze is going to help me recover from this.

No. 741401

I've been looking at face transplants and it's legit nightmare fuel. Imagine, wearing someone elses face? Sure, it helps some people but I just find it disturbing.

No. 741402


Also the UK law on organ donating is now legalised for everyone but its been done secretly. But you're able to opt out.

I just find it weird how we are playing mix and match with body parts. I understand organs helping people but faces? That's just grim.

No. 741404

I need to get my drinking under control. I was doing so well for a while. I didn't even drink for the first time until I was in my mid 20s because I was afraid of becoming an alcoholic like everyone else in my family. I need a better coping mechanism than drinking six 8% tall cans and binging Netflix. I actually hid the drunk thread because it was triggering me seeing all those nonnies having a good time. Managed to tough it out until the liquor store closed at least but I wish with every bone in my body that I bought booze instead.

No. 741405

>its been done secretly

What has? The law followed all the usual stages for new laws and they've had bilboards, posters, TV ads and news announcements. They announced they were gonna change the system in 2017

I'd feel weird about it if they got my actual face shape/features, but thankfully surgeons just use it to replicate A face and not specifically your face. It's up there with eye donation for me though where I feel like my family should make that decision since it's something they might have to see or might affect funeral planning.

No. 741406


The organ donating

I’ve opted out - the nhs killed three members of my family and the doctor we had was a liar. Plus the surgeon fucked up my baby brothers surgery. He died the next day and the coroner police covered it up.

I’m giving nothing to the NHS.

And I just find it grim. Playing around with dead peoples faces. I think people should have the option to decide. I can understand heart and lungs ect but face?

That’s some Halloween shit

No. 741408

Me too anon. It's gotten much worse since lockdowns started and I'm drinking all day erryday. Today is the first time in months that I'm out of booze and I don't even know what to do with myself except waiting until I can go buy some more tomorrow.

No. 741409

How is it a secret though? You'd have to be living under a rock to have not known about the change in the law. You do have the option to decide, you can say which tissues/organs you don't want to donate or not donate any at all. Everyone I know that doesn't want to donate opted out of donating parts they found weird or creepy immediately.

Was it the police or the coroner you think covered it up? If you think a coroner is twisted, you should ask for an inquest review. Why do you think they covered it up?

No. 741426

Not to mention they don’t take organs or tissue from a dead body- you need to be alive for them to harvest your organs. Which gives them a lot of incentive to declare you dead when you may have had a chance for survival.

No. 741440

There's a chance I have cancer and I'm not planning to fight it if it turns out to be the case. I don't have the will, strength and money to go through it and I don't want to see my loved ones suffer either, so now I'm just trying to find painless ways to off myself if necessary. I can't believe euthanasia is not an option everywhere.

No. 741512

For about a year I shared an apartment with a woman who's a lot like Vicky Shingles. I was going to write a description of her and realized it sounded exactly like Vick, from the narcissism to the overweight fridge bod. The only difference is that my ex roommate doesn't post a lot on sm. Living with her was a nightmare, I had to put a lock on my door because of her. My other roommate and I were legit afraid for our safety because she was an unhinged alcoholic that would engage in all sorts of risk taking behaviours like bringing home a group of old crackheads from off the street at 4am. She would lie about everything too and give herself these ott tragic anime character backstories. I eventually moved out because she refused to leave even after being served by the landlord. I really hate having to live with memories of her though.

No. 741524

Sorry anon. I've been in a similar position, although your examples (especially the 2nd one) are really egregious. A guy threatening to send you unsolicited dick pics is repulsive and outright sexual harassment. The fact he did it right in front of your boyfriend shows neither of them have any respect for you. Even bringing the Viagra up in the first place was 100% inappropriate and out of line. You boyfriend saying nothing spoke volumes about how little he cares. Make no mistake, he was quietly supporting a sexist ass in that moment over you, his partner of five years. Unforgivable. And the first example is something that could so easily be remedied by him contradicting his boss' comments even once, yet instead he defends the guy? Reminds me of how my ex would say I was rude for making a joke towards one of his relatives (pretty harmless, the relative genuinely laughed with me and ex just took it the wrong way) yet remain silent when said relative freely discussed strippers and the type of tits he enjoyed in front of me and his own girlfriend (who remained suspiciously quiet throughout it all). Most scrotes literally feel more solidarity for ANY fellow scrote even over a loving and dedicated partner. Their loss I say, move on and let him wallow with his Viagra-chugging buddy until he finds his own pickme rather than a woman with self respect like yourself. You deserve better.

No. 741526

Ten months ago I went to see a chiropractor for neck pain instead of real doctor because I am a moron. He didn't fix it, but he did something to my leg and I've had constant, low-level hip pain ever since. I went to see a PT and he can't find the cause. I'm tired of aching all the time…

No. 741537

I wasn't comfortable with my racial identity as a teenager and even today I shy away from identity politics because my lived experience doesn't feel "accurate" for my ethnicity. And I still have unhealthy thoughts about dating white men

No. 741541

My boyfriend walked in on me shaving my pubes he saw me from the back crouched over I’m gonna cry I’m gone see him soon outside of the bathroom. Anons what do I do

No. 741542

Jump out the window and never return. Assume a new identity.

No. 741543

I'm sick of my boyfriend literally yelling at me and telling me I'm toxic because of how much I hate pedoshit and other material like that. I do have a tendency to rant about it but I'm literally a child sexual abuse victim that was groomed from age 12 or so and completely lost my childhood due to it, along with admittedly having bpd and it's hard for me to not feel intense emotions. It's not like this is a common thing like I go on rants about it every night, maybe like once a month or every 2 months when some weird shit gets popular and even then it'll go more like me saying "this shit is so gross," he asks why or says it's not that bad, and I explain what makes me uncomfortable with it. I don't want to suspect him of anything and he says he just hates people who are negative but still…

No. 741544

Genuinely cannot wrap my head around why you anons date these absolute trash bag scrotes. Boggles the mind.

No. 741546

are you shaving for him???? idk don't worry about it too much, anon. people groom.

No. 741547

Im starting to find Adam Driver attractive.

Fuck you, fuck all of you. I'm burning this place down.

No. 741549

File: 1613548922705.jpg (84.35 KB, 532x810, 1612078654347.jpg)

Someone posted this photo in the Samantha thread and I found it attractive tbh. Only this pic though.

No. 741551

File: 1613549309843.gif (7.05 MB, 540x380, original (1).gif)

Don't fight it, join us

No. 741552

How in the world are you negative and toxic for openly hating pedophilia every once in a while but he's just a guy who "hates people who are negative" despite yelling at you for hating pedophilia? You should dump him even if he isn't secretly getting off to pedoporn, doesn't sound like he cares too much about your feelings.

No. 741554

I haven't been able to sleep more than 3 hours at once and it's been distressing me a lot

No. 741555

Do I really have to say it? Dump him. Your boyfriend is not only a pedo sympathizer, he’s fucking toxic and emotionally manipulative. He invalidates your trauma, your feelings, gaslights you into thinking you’re the negative one. All because you make him uncomfortable. And he’s uncomfortable because you reminds him that he’s a fucking sick freak with zero empathy.

No. 741556

lol it's normal, i mean do you think that he doesn't know that people have hair everywhere and they need to shave it once in a while? chill out.

No. 741557

I used to date a girl who looks and acts exactly like Shayna and every time I see her thread I'm filled with disgust and shame. Why did I do it?

No. 741559

Fake your death and secretly live in Cuba for the rest of your life.

jk anon. He probably doesn't give a fuck, and idk how long you two have been together, but if you ever make it to a long term relationship he's bound to catch you shaving at least once. It's not a big deal. I promise you he does not care, and he already knows you shave anyway

No. 741562

I cant take it anymore AAAAAAAAHHHH

No. 741565

Nta. But its really hard to find guys who arent trash bag scrotes. Not all men are, but most. And a lot of guys seem decent at first or have other redeeming qualities. Thats how it happens.

No. 741660

please can someone stop me from watching mra/redpill/incel videos and reading the comments. I don't know why I'm doing this to myself. I wish I had a magical power that lets me know if a man I know irl watches or believes any of this crap and only pretends to be a normie, or how much porn does he watch etc. men are so good at pretending to be normal. and the mra incel shit is becoming more and more mainstream. I'd like to have a man who doesn't use internet and doesn't care about politics but where the hell do I find one

No. 741662

Went food shopping today and before putting on my mask and entering the store I had a cup of coffee that I wanted to finish off. I stood outside with half my coffee still left so I fucked around on my phone while sipping it. I was there a good while not wanting to just throw back my coffee. The whole time I was there I could feel the eyes of some old fat guy on me. He seemed like he was waiting on a lift to pick him up. Staring at me the whole fuckin time though so I ignore him. I felt like looking at him would've been read as an invitation to start small talk with me.

I eventually finish my coffee and I head into the part of the store where you sanitise your hands and grab your basket/sanitise that…dude chooses that exact moment to walk in after me. He grabs a spare seat that is usually sitting there for elderly customers that might need it…he pulls it out of its spot and places it in a position where he is facing me in the sanitation area and likely to block anyone else trying to enter the store??…perfect fucking timing, weird fucking place to drag a chair to. He didn't have it facing the door (to spot his taxi/lift coming) no it had to be facing me…I hate men. I took my crossbody bag and as I bent to get a basket I made sure my ass was well covered by it. Got the fuck out of that area quick while this old fat fuck is sitting there eyes still watching me.

No. 741673

the cheat code is just act like you approve of whatever bad thing you're asking about, men who watch dumb pua shit think it makes them so informed and smart so love to talk anyone who will listens ear off about how they're a sigma male who knows women like negging cus evopsych or whatever autism and coomers will jump at the opportunity to gush about their favorite porn and fetishes to a woman who might so much as put up with it

No. 741676

Ok but if it turns out he's not into this shit, how do I make my way out of it? Admit I was just testing him or what?

No. 741684

I feel like a good test for men right now is just to bring up sexual allegations being made about any celeb/youtuber and see how he reacts. Does he demand the most foolproof evidence imaginable before even entertaining the thought of it 'possibly' being true? Does he claim we're all a hivemind plotting to cry rape and that's a bigger issue than rape itself. That convo will usually show you alot about a guy.

I read men discussing shit like that all the time and similarly I don't know why I subject myself to it. I only lose hope for (half of) humanity while reading it.

No. 741690

majority of the men who watch this shit will bring it up within two hours of knowing them via a joke. they are the types who will put their worst takes out there like it's revolutionary, but it's more likely than not braindead.

No. 741693


Current favourite litmus tests are
>The woman that plays Aquaman's wife is so pretty!
>Is Woody Allen the one that slept with his daughter?
>Shame Joss Whedon's been outed as a bit of a creep, isn't it?

If they sperg, leave.

No. 741694

>Why do you think strippers like you so much?
>Respect them, treat a princess like a W#$%$ and a W$%^# like a princess, don't be intimidated by them, make it sexy
What the fuck did I just watch. Is this straight culture?

No. 741698

ask him to shart himself

No. 741701

No this is just stupidity.

No. 741702

it was me, you're welcomed

No. 741703

File: 1613570204277.gif (619.39 KB, 400x464, tumblr_pambkrwPvp1wrxrlgo1_400…)

Just realized I forgot to make a really cringey and intimate blog entry private and that there was an identity outing screencap that was somehow accidentally uploaded in my blog's photo gallery.

I'm pretty certain no one ever goes to my blog at all, let alone anyone who would care enough to go into the gallery, but I'm still utterly horrified.

No. 741705

God, why do men constantly put themselves down around me and wait for me to give them cuddles and say they're good people and compliment them constantly?
That shit is such an instant annoyance to me. I'm not going to talk to you if everything you say is a criticism of yourself, that kills conversations and I won't baby you and carry your weight.

Fuck off and stop being a nuisance.

No. 741706


based Scumdee anon, I lit up when I read this. By 2025 there will be nothing left on the high street besides shoe zone and clarks. I moved here for university from a small town and all the boomers in my life thought I was crazy because of how bad a reputation it used to have. The council tax is fucking sky high, higher than the largest city and the capital city because NO ONE FUCKING PAYS IT, so I'm paying like half of what my rent is worth. All the good clubs and bars are gone, my friends have all moved away, guess its time to move to Glasgow like everyone else is doing!

No. 741709

File: 1613570849267.jpg (273.29 KB, 1120x509, 655467457567.jpg)

I hate them so much, I hate them

No. 741710

Bah, lucky you are just here to study. Everyone here says Glasgows worse but we all know thats just cope kek. Nice to know theres other farmers living in the shithole that is Dundee!

No. 741711

File: 1613571161419.jpg (581.94 KB, 1242x1835, IMG_6234.jpg)

my boyfriend keeps pressuring me to break lockdown to see him. i last saw him a month ago and think hes being a massive drama queen.

i cant go because my mum will literally not fucking let me and i have told him numerous times that there is nothing i can do.

i feel so much pressure to go and to pay enormous sums for a taxi home as not to be a risk to my mother and her livelihood but he won't be understanding and keeps bullying me.

i feel trapped. i don't know what to do, i just want to cry.

No. 741715

What a controlling freak. Tell him he needs to respect covid protocols and your own personal space or you will ditch him.

No. 741716


So in the first message, he's implying that he didn't like you until you somehow "convinced" him to like you? Bullshit anon, he's manipulating you. If he truly liked you he wouldn't be intentionally guilt tripping you and trying to make you feel bad over something you cannot control. You can't "convince" someone to fall in love with you, so my guess is he doesn't and just realised he could use you for sex/affection - and now that you can't give him that he's throwing a tantrum to see if he can make you feel bad enough to cave in.

No. 741717

do not go see him in may, tell him it's over. this shit will continue any time he gets upset. you're only going to spend majority of your relationship with him trying to please him and trying to avoid a mood swing of his.

No. 741720

If you're the same anon from a few weeks ago.. I really was hoping you'd get away from him. He sounded awful then, he sounds worse now. You're miserable and him threatening to 'go find someone else' shows you that he thinks nothing of you.

No. 741724

"I'll find someone else"
Anon baby, this is abuse. Tell him to go find someone else and cut your losses, this will ONLY GET WORSE. This is vile, this is manipulation, this is disrespect to you. He is trying to threaten to break things off if you don't do what he wants you to do against your will.
It will hurt for you to leave him but you're safer to do it now rather than later when he gets worse.
I've been there, this is not going to get better.
Please run.

No. 741725

Dump this little bitch, I hate him.

No. 741727

>am i just this project to get someone who doesn't like you to like you
Break up with him. He already literally admitted he doesn't like you and he's trying to guilt trip you. There's nothing else to say. Cut it off now.

No. 741734

Big Crime Watch Daily vibes

No. 741737

Seriously, leave him. I usually hate it when people on the internet tell people to dump someone, but this guy is shit quality boyfriend material and you don't have enough of your life invested in him to justify putting yourself through this. Get out now, anon.

No. 741740

What in the heck? The way he's trying to "communicate" with you comes off so manipulative. It's obvious he's trying to guilt trip you and make you feel bad so that you give in. Stand your ground. He's being a straight up inconsiderate dweeb and you deserve better.

No. 741752

I laughed cos honestly I thought that too. Watched a TC vid lately where a woman was fucking some scrote and when she got knocked up and wouldn't abort the baby the guy freaked out at first but then manipulated her into thinking they were ok again so he could lure her over one last time and kill her. It brought back memories of the texts shared in that case. Just seeing the manipulation.

Not my first time seeing this anon post stressed to bits about this guy though. It was the same a week or 2 ago if I'm not mistaken? My advice then was that he's about the most replaceable person on earth (abusive scrotes aren't a prize that's hard to come by) Don't throw out your relationship with your mother over the worlds shittiest bf. He wants to get his dick wet and he's making your life a misery over it. Sad to see nothing has changed in those couple of weeks. All the same advice was offered the first time.

No. 741793

I always laugh at slavboos. No, Josh, ukranian women won't be excited about dating you either when your only positive trait is "not an alcoholic". It's not the 40's anymore.

No. 741797

Feels pretty shitty that my boyfriends sisters boyfriend was invited to his dads 50th birthday dinner, but I wasn't. Even though we have been dating for 2.5 years and they have been dating for 1. And his sisters boyfriend has hardly even met his dad, while I have hung out with his dad plenty of times.

No. 741798

What are you even getting from this relationship…?

No. 741799

Been without power in my home since Monday morning while it's 22 outside. My pipes burst and I have icicles forming on my ceiling from the water and the entirety of my kitchen has frozen over. I want every republican in texas to line up for the guillotine quickly

No. 741800

I was raised in a family of people working in medicine, so using "female" and "male" are so deeply ingrained. My parents think a lot of gender terms are rude, like "boy", "lady", "guy" etc. Now I'm self conscious about it because it makes me look like a woman-hating incel. My mum also visiblyflinches when I say "chick" or "broad" so I got into a habit of only using those, as a joke. irl I may be a plain, quiet female but online I am a coom-induced friendless incel. That is both a superpower and a weakness

No. 741806

saw someone suggest people dealing with abusive and narcissistic parents to leave their parents house and so many people took an issue to it saying shit like "shouldn't the parent make an effort an apologize to and accept their children?" clearly these people have never lived with abusive parents or have stockholm syndrome. the BEST thing to do is to leave. you cannot change abusers no matter how hard you try. take advantage of your parents in the meantime while preparing with a job and reliable mode of transportation and skedaddle out of there if you want to be happy.

No. 741810

This fucking sucks. It reminds me when my grandma turned 65 or so and my fam made this announcement in our local news paper about her birthday, where all the family members got mentioned including the back then gf of my uncle of two years but not me. When I asked why it was done this way, they told me that there were no place for me to be mentioned …

No. 741812

I'm like addicted to lc and I can't stop coming here even though I don't want to. I don't even enjoy this place, but it's easily the website O come to the most. I'm on it all day and I can't stop.

No. 741821

I got diagnosed with ADHD and prescribed medication and even though it had been having such a hugely debilitating affect on my life for so many years and I was completely honest in the assessment I feel so guilty for some reason and feel like I should just forget about it and not take anything for it because I don’t “deserve” to get treatment for it because part of me feels like I’m lying to myself and I really am just actually the laziest person in the world and I’m trying to take the easy way out by convincing myself I have it

No. 741823

Just get addicted to a site you enjoy. My main sites of interests are basically on monthly rotation. LC is not that addictive to me just because of how slow it is sometimes. Like I could not check a bunch of cow threads for a week and barely anything changes other than a few people tear apart some selfie.

No. 741838

File: 1613580822440.jpg (74.93 KB, 1108x831, pulse-kairo-1108x0-c-default.j…)

I have come to the realization that I could spend my entire life in bed, avoiding reality and human interaction in general and just use the Internet as my source of external stimuli

No. 741844

File: 1613581241655.jpg (44.9 KB, 530x356, 3.jpg)

blue pilled

No. 741846

How old are you?

No. 741847

literally why does that matter

No. 741849

File: 1613581768083.jpeg (4.32 MB, 3763x2822, AB8CC908-3D85-4173-8A2C-724F70…)

this morning SUCKS and I’m ANGY and I HATE MEN

anons here can sperg for days about sex work and idgaf but this man in this therapy group really just said “my brain thinks, it’s okay, I can still buy the hookers” and holy shit I wanna pop him in the fuckin jaw. those are human women with more problems than YOUR whiny ass and you don’t fucking buy them, you sick fuck, you pay them because it’s the only way you can get a woman to spend any time with you. fuck you fuck you fuck yoooooou

and fuck the plumber for being so god damn late!!! it snowed, you dipshit! how did you not take that into account when you said you’d be here at a certain time!

anyway here’s a cat

No. 741850

Let me guess, 13?

No. 741851

I wish I was a housecat. Lazy as fuck, just lying around, not thinking about shit, just enjoying the sunlight.

No. 741852

I hate the goddamn shitty weather right now
People are dying,there's no running water or electricity, supermarkets are full as ever so is this damn state
I want to move the hell out of here for a better life

No. 741854

Fuck Texas. Hope you get out of there anon.

No. 741855

That's a nice cat, anon. Let that bring you peace at least for a tiny bit.

No. 741858

No. 741860

On a general text board I used to visit there were so many men posting question about wether they should go to a prostitute because they're age [20-35] and were still virgins and men encourging them. But told them to never admit they were with a prostitute if sexual history ever comes up, because "women don't understand". I doubt men ever pick up any "skills" from going to prostitutes either.

No. 741861

>“my brain thinks, it’s okay, I can still buy the hookers”
I follow someone on social media who constantly starts her posts with 'my brain thinks' 'my brain feels' 'my brain does this thing where' and she has made me hate anyone speaking about their brain as if it's a seperate entity to them. I get wanting to point out how illness skews our thinking but…own your own thoughts when your thoughts are just shitty and selfish ones that you need to address and own.

No. 741866

I’m sorry anon… stay strong!

No. 741872

File: 1613583093758.jpeg (3.79 MB, 4032x3024, A14861E1-6273-40D7-B7D9-D0FF31…)

thank u anon, he does. he has Brain Porblem so he’s a lil retard like me

No. 741955

File: 1613591068185.jpg (90.43 KB, 567x765, colored-french-manicure-5.jpg)

I honestly hate questioning my sexuality so fucking much. I'm male leaning and it's literally just making me feel like I'm somehow fabricating my attraction towards woman. I have a crush on a butch woman (that I've actually posted about before), but it's an internet crush so it doesn't feel "valid". But what's stopping that from being as valid as the crushes I've had on internet men? The male internet crushes are rare, but it's happened. I honestly can't tell if I'm just mentally stopping myself from fully realizing my sexuality or if it's genuine questioning. I don't know. I just don't want to be in a situation where I date a woman but I find out I don't really like them.

Anyway, doing my nails > thinking about my problems. I'm gonna do pic rel today, but longer and almond shaped

No. 741957

File: 1613591285778.jpg (61.81 KB, 640x960, orangutan hat.jpg)

based retard

No. 741963

I’m tired of being misconstrued by the people around me. Conversations are difficult because I have a way of talking that seems to confuse people somehow? I think it’s a combination of having an extensive vocabulary and the way that I phrase my thoughts. It really pisses me off and makes me feel like a misunderstood pariah. I hope this makes sense.

No. 741965

I know a 5 year old who talks like that, but he’s, you know, 5.

No. 741966

Why would a 5 year old know what a hooker is

No. 741967

Oh nvm I did not read the full post lmao

No. 741985

i feel the exact same anon! i have pretty bad brain fog and tend to lose track of sentences though, so for me it's partly the same experience as you w vocab and my natural way of expressing myself, and partly just being absolutely braindead. i especially hate feeling so misunderstood because it makes me feel like an edgy self-obsessed scrote, but it's hard not to when most people i speak to literally look at me like i'm insane after i stop speaking. it sucks!

No. 741995

Seeing the average man be so misogynistic and dismiss womens struggles makes me upset. I know I shouldn't care about scrote shit, but it's just scary how men hate us to the point of wishing violence upon us or just straight up being violent

No. 742004

This is going to sound insanely retarded but how do people make friends or “mutuals” on tumblr?? I’ve been on there for some years now and I’ve only had pornbots, one user I looked up to steal one of my posts, and my first ask was another user I liked tell me that they can delete their reaction image in a post I reblogged from them. I guess I shouldn’t have reblogged it? I just said no it’s fine, I like it, and they sounded a little upset. The post that got “stolen” from me was not a big deal, but I had screenshoted some comment section and made a joke and then a day or two later this girl posted the same comment section, just her own screenshot and a similar joke to mine. It’s fine, but I was embarrassed really. (It was a post I had been holding on to for a month or more until I posted it so I don’t see it as a coincidence, plus it was all the exact same, right down to the joke I made)

I’ve reached out to people before but it’s gotten nowhere, and that’s fine. Sometimes I get nervous to reach out to some, and I admit that shortcoming. But I just don’t know how some people have friends there? Are they friends beforehand, because I feel like no one wants to talk to you there. There was this girl with this hyper specific niche thing and I reached out to her about it, and I’m thinking I probably scared her away because she never respond. I thought it was finally gonna happen and I was going to talk to someone about something I really like and have never able to talk about before (trepanning) but nope. Maybe she was joking and I was too serious and enthusiastic.

Again it’s fine, except there’s this one girl I wish I could be friends with, but I just stay away since I know if I reach out, I’ll probably fumble it up.
I know I’m not trying hard enough, but it’s not life or death. It just baffles me sometimes. I know this super dumb.

No. 742016

Thinking about the other benadryl anon on this fine afternoon. I took some so I can take a nap instead of dealing with period cramps. I hope she's doing great.

No. 742027

yall making me wanna get on that benny train, stop it (naps are so cozy)

No. 742038

To see other people freely display their interests and showing off their personality by their room decoration or clothing style makes me so happy but envious at the same time. It reminds me of my childhood and my room that was plastered with random posters and other stuff I liked. Now I’m too embarrassed because other people usually think I’m strange as it is and I weirdly feel like I’ve lost part of my personality as an adult. I wish I could be as carefree again and not care about being ridiculed.

No. 742041

I really need a hug

No. 742045

I'm fucking pissed that otherwise healthy young people who are obese or smokers can get the covid vaccine early yet I'm going to be waiting god knows how long because I made better choices. Especially smokers, like you can't even argue that that's genetic. They had a whole ass year to get on some sort of nicotine replacement therapy and work toward quitting, if they're still actively smoking cigarettes and get a covid complication because of it that's their fault.

No. 742046

File: 1613598161173.jpg (85.32 KB, 1024x1024, original.jpg)

Here you go bb

No. 742047

thank you

No. 742052

I too have some form of brain fog or juvenile Alzheimer’s, as I call it. I frequently can’t explain what I mean in a clear and concise way. I have the words, but can’t seem to make them into a cohesive sentence. Maybe that’s the root of it, really. I’m afraid when I try to explain to strangers that I’m “misunderstood,” it comes across like I’m saying that I’m 2deep4, and that’s not what I mean at all.

No. 742058

I feel this way about putting anything anime in my room. I bought a poster of a character I like who just looked pretty to me but my family thought I was putting her up as porn material to get off to and basically laughed at me for being gay for it. There was only one small line of cleavage out of her whole outfit. I was disgusted by their comments and havent put it up now. I also hate that where I live is conservative enough that any cool streetwear or frilly japanese inspired wear makes you a freak. I'm a bit embarrassed if I tried to wear that stuff.

No. 742064

decorating my place with all the shit I love as well as wearing weirdo clothes are the only ways I can express my personality. I've got talking about my interests and life shamed out of me

No. 742090

Honestly fuck other people for making you feel bad about stuff you like. My family loves to shit on me, too. Plus, if you wear anything that’s not a basic H&M shirt and jeans combo where I live, people will stare at you.

No. 742107

What type of jobs are those anon?

No. 742144

I'm so sorry anon. I've been reading about the situation in Texas with growing horror at the utter callousness of some of the elected officials. Hope you get power and things get better soon.

No. 742155

why the fuck do i even bother anymore. every post i make on other sites gets ignored entirely even if i try to ask something potentially fun/interesting but everyone else gets tons of responses. it's like i literally don't exist outside of imageboards. i wonder if i was really meant to socialize.

No. 742158

Wait so is your kitchen just completely covered in ice? I'm so sorry anon, this really sounds horrible. I live in the south, but I feel fucking blessed to not have been hit with this shit. I never really realized southern states don't have the infrastructure to deal with this kind of stuff. Then again, what is our gov prepared for?

No. 742160

what other sites you mean, anon?

No. 742169

i'm going to get bullied for this but tumblr, deviantart, even fucking yahoo answers but those are the only other places i can discuss or request cringe-like things anonymously and find specific groups. on one hand those sites are dying so maybe that's expected but even then people still get some sort of response so i wonder if it's something about me.

No. 742176

i'm a lesbian and i no longer get the complaints over lesbian being a porn category. almost everything is a porn category, everything from teens to feet to makeup. why should i care

No. 742179

Binge ate and really regret it, this time it actually felt like an out of body experience, like I actually couldn’t stop myself. I feel awful now, I never buy junk food because I know I can’t control myself around it - but my mum bought me a bunch of sweets and stuff. I should’ve just politely refused but no, I ate most of it and now I feel like I’m going to be sick.

No. 742183

It's a combo of these websites dying and much less reach they have. You only see a fraction of content that was responded to, and not see countless postst that were ignored like what you're posting. If you're not ignored on imageboards it can't be anything in the way you write after all. Just don't overthink it too much, you're fine.

No. 742200

Try reddit. A lot of the community from those sites has moved to reddit.

No. 742232

things have been moderately shitty lately.
shitty thing 1: my dad had a major operation to remove a tumour, then got pneumonia in the hospital (thankfully not covid) and nearly died. (he's doing better now though!) but that's been kind of terrifying
shitty thing 2: my boyfriend didn't really do anything for me for valentine's day even though i specifically asked him if he wanted to "do" valentine's. he had done the very beginnings of a drawing, but he's not an artist and didn't like.. do anything romantic? i don't even want anything special from him i just want him to try. (he also like… didn't remember my birthday until i reminded him of it. it just feels like he isn't trying? maybe i'm just dumb. idk. sorry if this is incomprehensible.)

No. 742243

My mom is so fucking annoying and manipulative. Mostly it's just an inconvenience, but sometimes the shit she pulls goes so far over the line that I get genuinely creeped out by it. Like, it's so much that I get physically sick and just feel horrible emotionally, but I can't call her out on it because she'll deny it and tell me I'm being paranoid and hurting her feelings. I don't know how it's taken me over two decades to figure out that she's never going to change. I've just been ignoring her every time she does blatantly manipulative crap for a few years now, but she keeps trying to up the ante and is now actively pulling others into her schemes to further guilt trip me. Don't know if I should just cut her out of my life or what.

No. 742250

File: 1613616135518.gif (768.24 KB, 500x340, seensomeshit.gif)

I've never had sex with anyone and just had my period last month, but I keep having irrational pregnancy anxiety. It's literally gotten so bad I was considering buying a pregnancy test just to let myself fully relax, because I can't wait for my next period. It doesn't help that I watched shows like "I didn't know I was pregnant" when I was a kid and some of the women on there had "periods" while pregnant.

Literally having irrational anxiety over being the next virgin mary and I KNOW I'M BEING RETARDED AND INSANE BUT I CAN'T HELP IT.

No. 742255

I’m really sorry you’re going through a hard time with your dad. That sounds scary, I’m glad he’s stabilized now.
Your boyfriend sounds like an idiot and you should yell at him. My boyfriend is the same kind of idiot and the only thing he responds to is me out right yelling and expressing I’m angry. They’re stupid and they don’t want to put effort into anything, and they also don’t want to do the wrong thing like get you the wrong present or do the wrong Valentine’s date so they just use the good old “uhh I forgot” excuse which is BS, then when you say “it’s okay” that just excuses them from their shitty behavior and let’s them continue acting like they’re the king of the castle when really they’re too fucking stupid to figure out a Valentine’s Day or birthday present.
Not trying to shit on your boyfriend, I’m just telling you because the way you just worded all that and what you’re going through sure reminds me of me before I started going to therapy two years ago.

No. 742256

For some reason every chick has this paranoia from like the age of 12. You have an overactive imagination, not a fetus. Do not buy the pregnancy test because you’re just playing into that irrational fear and making it worse. You’ll end up buying ten pregnancy tests thinking they’re all false negatives and lose your mind.

No. 742261

File: 1613617426324.jpeg (20.69 KB, 723x279, 86FAF4E4-5965-4E58-9588-D0C9EC…)

I told my ex he needs to “do the work” on empathizing with other people, giving people the benefit of the doubt, all the shit he wants people to do for him but he whatever reason can’t do back.

I finally ended a huge conflict / icing him out bout by “owning my part” in our terrible toxic relationship so I could let go of the hate and anger I had for him. And he doesn’t get that I don’t want to be friends even though I’ve told him point blank, more than once, that I don’t.

He keeps asking me for “advice” on how to explain himself in a more concise way, because if you interact with him about serious things he sends you huge rambling messages that could be summed up in a paragraph or two.

I said no.

A few days have passed and as I was browsing LC he sent me messages asking for me to critique his writing / poetry? NO! Jesus Christ!

As I typed this out I got messages from Instagram that said “this user has removed this message” or something to that effect so he clearly knows it’s an ridiculous request.

God. I told myself I would keep him unblocked on social media in case he has specific questions that need resolution regarding our past relationship, and every time he messages me I regret it a little more.

No. 742277

I'm nauseous as fuck for the second time in a couple of days after eating meat and I connected the dots that I've been insanely fatigued over the last 4-6 weeks. I'm so scared I'm pregnant. I'm on the pill and haven't missed it, but christ. I can't deal with this. I'm taking a pregnancy test first thing tomorrow morning.

No. 742280

Anon wtf. There are so many more likely reasons that you're feeling this way. Increased stress, depression and anxiety can all cause fatigue and gastrointestinal distress. The statistical likelihood of you being pregnant when you're on the pill is astronomically low. You're being ridiculous lmao.

No. 742281

>For some reason every chick has this paranoia from like the age of 12
This sounds very scrote-tier. I don't have this paranoia, and I don't know any other women that do. The rest of what you said is correct though.

No. 742286

Two of my friends were being idiots and they're upset that I stuck to my boundaries and aren't speaking with me. I don't care about that tbh, we weren't super close. What's bothering me is the two of them are still wrapped up in a bpdfag's claws, constantly defending the bpd. I hope they both realize, and soon, that I'm not fucking around with my boundaries and that they should cut contact while they still can.

No. 742287

I bought sweet potatoes on Sunday and tonight one of them was growing mold. This has never happened before and I’m disappointed because I thought they were going to be really good

No. 742294

Good for you anon. Hope your friends come to their senses eventually, but if not, you were always better off without them.

No. 742295

Just cut off the moldy parts?

No. 742305

When I was 9, my dad called me sexy. By age 16 he was pretty much trying to fuck me by getting me to drink alcohol when I would go visit him.

I hate the asshole but I just hate how much I am similar to him as far as music taste, personality. Fuck.

No. 742306

Bf got mad cause I told him that it's obvious a couple of his friends want to fuck him, and that other people agreed with me. Boofucking hoo

No. 742315

My college work is giving me a lot of anxiety this semester. I'm not handling school during the pandemic well and my grades keep sliding. Thinking about doing anything related to school like checking my email and checking the feedback on my papers overwhelms me with dread, I feel like I haven't relaxed since January. At least in previous years I had other stuff to do in the real world that could take my mind off school and make it all feel like less of a big deal.

No. 742348

I think the company that makes my perfume switched the formula. My newest bottle was a different color (normally a golden tone, this time was closer to orange) and obviously, it smells different. It's also not as strong as it was before, but that part might not be a bad thing. I'm kinda bummed cuz it's around $300 a bottle and it's my little indulgence. My mom really likes the new scent and I gave the bottle to her, but I'm sad because now I have to find a new favorite scent. I've been wearing this one for over a decade. I'm hoping maybe it was some covid related formula change and it'll eventually switch back.

No. 742356

>My parents think a lot of gender terms are rude, like "boy", "lady", "guy" etc
This isn't normal among doctors.

No. 742370

I vomited the one time I'm sensitive because my mom suggested it was morning sickness, but she probably was trying to get under my skin that she knows I have sex with my boyfriend (which is obvious, we are both in our twenties and I mainly hang out at his place).b

No. 742379

I insomnia'd myself again. For the last week I kept going to bed later and later which obviously led to me staring at the ceiling at 3 am and unable to fall asleep

No. 742385

This reminds me of the one time I had a stomach flu and after spending the whole morning puking my mom implied I was pregnant and started yelling at me.
I was 13 and didn't even have my first period yet, I still played with dolls and had 0 fucking interest in sex yet this bitch had the audacity to call me a whore.

No. 742407

If someone you follow makes personal posts, occasionally respond to them, can be short or long but do it in a supportive way. I was on Tumblr since 2009, stopped these past couple years, but it's pretty much like that. Same like trying to create mutuals on Instagram. Obv it depends on the person you're trying to become mutuals with as well, if they have influencer type status, it'll be more like a parasocial relationship. Aim for people with smaller followings.
Also, on your end, create more vent types of posts. Something people who follow you can feel empathy towards, don't really have to be an open book, but more one liners, tweet-range, like "ngl I love watching Hamtaro" or sperg out about a thing you liked when you were younger or now.

No. 742453

I'm angry at Joe Biden.
First he said he was going to eliminate $50k student loan debt (almost all of my grad school debt), then it was $10k, and now it's nothing. Not even a promise to at least get rid of the ridiculous interest rate on federal loans so financial rape won't happen to future students.
Nobody fucking cares because young people are easy fucking targets for predators to leech money from. I wish I had the spine to have told my parents to go eat several dicks when they pressured me for grad school, they take no accountability for their shaming now and act like it was all my idea. My master's degree is the most useless thing I've ever slaved away to get, and now I've been slapped with devastating debt that I'm going to carry for the majority of my adult life. It makes me want to move to a foreign country and go AWOL.

No. 742477

File: 1613659296927.jpg (82.51 KB, 640x1138, f52.jpg)

i keep thinking i can come back to lolcow and make amends, its not that bad but i just cant handle the anons sperging about taylors animals and how dumb the deans are because they werent prepared for the storm. like bitch tons of places arent well prepared even when they prepared for it. its been a fucking nightmare but that one anon is dumb as fuck thinking a propane tank melted snow and candles are the solution.

i get they only care about the animals, i could care less but shit there are tons of other animals out there in the wild that are dead now. its obviously just any excuse to find more to rage about.

some people are just so fixated on hating people theyll nitpick it to the ground. the kinds who spend so much time on here lolcow leaks into their dreams and shit. the kind who throw the term milk around thinking boring ass selfies are newsworthy, the ones who say even the most mundane shit is based.

No. 742488

Kinda related but the Anons in Shayna's thread who sperg about her animals are out of order as well

No. 742489

Having males as "friends" is exhausting and annoying.

No. 742500

File: 1613661711464.jpg (119.96 KB, 818x1231, IMG_20210204_085933_220.jpg)

Sometimes I wonder if there is life after leaving narcissistic people behind from your life. This desperate feeling won't leave me alone, and it feeds my loneliness. I keep drawing dots together in my mind about my shitty friendships with NPD ppl and how they failed most of my normal relationships. Like, there's nothing left.

My nurse is at vacation so I can't call her, so felt like getting rid of my feelings here.

No. 742506

that pic made me have a flashback to the gore that was posted yesterday

No. 742510

I think I finally got rid of my last one. I didn't respond to a picture of a smoothie he sent and the next day he texted me that I was a bad friend and if I was just going to ignore him to never text him again. So I haven't kek.

No. 742514

>my shitty friendships with NPD ppl
Multiple friends with narcissistic personality disorder?

No. 742519

jfc i'm so glad i didnt see that, but i had to report child*porn that was posted here before and i really want to forget it..

No. 742532

yep, or friend group consisting of one with NPD. i was such a doormat as a kid/teen, lived in delusion that i deserved to be bullied and shit. mom usually decided which friends i can hang with, being the sick fuck herself.

No. 742551

File: 1613665737607.jpg (301.71 KB, 1440x2239, Screenshot_20210218-112421_Tik…)

I'm tired of this narative that men need uwu love and protection not to treat everyone like shit. Most men have better family/friend support than pretty much every woman I've met. Girls get molested, cat called and beat up before they even get their first period. I'm not going to baby a grown ass man who is 10x bigger than me. Let's be real here, most men dont even want women to be sweet and nurturing to them, they see it as a sign of weakness and will push for more shit until shes physically and emotionally drained.

No. 742561

Yooo, I developed a couple friendships like that. Even while knowing how to spot narcs after leaving a house with narc parents, it's a bit like Stockholm syndrome. Your next friendship circle will probably not consist of narcs, but if you accidentally let one in, you're going to spot it sooner before you get too close. Have faith anon and don't feel bad about dropping many narc friends at once. It's freedom.

No. 742562

File: 1613667125339.jpg (150.73 KB, 600x436, GettyImages-504853297.jpg)

Had to get a new passport photo and my day is ruined sorry for being dramatic
Every time I need to get some kind of ID photo, my body dysmorphia gets shot off the charts, person in the picture looks like me but like, the ugliest possible variant, it's nothing like what I see in the mirror but it's still me so I get some kind of uncanny valley feeling just looking at my own face, such an awful feeling. Maybe I really look like that to other people? Ughhhhh

No. 742564

I hate anyone who takes their own hurt feelings, insecurity etc and lashes out spreading the pain and rationalising that as necessary .. ie mostly men. I'm not sticking around providing one way empathy and still having the pleasure of living in fear of your short temper.

No. 742567

absolutely no idea how women care about most men or think they have a mature relationship. Feels like every time I see a couple in a grocery store or thrift store the woman is shopping like an adult (buying essentials & normal food/searching methodically through thrift racks) while the guy is on his phone 75% of the time and the other 25% picking up some dumb shit like frozen pizzas or crappy thriftstore leather jackets and thinking they did their share of the shopping.

The other day I was in a thrift store and this woman was talking to her boyfriend like "Kevin. Come try this on. KEVIN. Come over here." I was like damn… harsh but the right way to treat manboys, but why is she even keeping him around… then their mom came in and he was actually her younger brother lol. They must have been like 25 & 20 but he was like a foot taller. But the fucked up thing is, the childish way the dude was acting, futzing around with beat up rc helicopters and other junk while she bought practical clothes for him, didn't seem at all out of place for a couple. Made me realize how much more mature & serious the woman is in most relationships I see. Worst is when the woman is thriftshopping for baby/kids clothes and the dude can't even be assed to take care of the baby for 10 minutes or won't do it in public, and apparently thinks he's gonna strike it rich in the junk records bin smh

No. 742589

Nta but this, men out shopping with their partners… is usually just them taking up space in the aisles as they aren't actively helping in any way.

I regularly see old men sitting in their cars outside my local grocery store because men over a certain age are too masc to even be seen in a shop. God love them if they outlive the wife and have to actually food shop some day.

No. 742593

Things getting in the way of my goals right now:
I've been hyperfocusing all morning on preventing tragedy because of what's happening in Texas.
You'd think it would be about how to survive in a blizzard black out but I won't even touch that cause I know how crazy I'll get, so instead all fucking morning I've been watching videos about spinal cord injuries.
I have literally places to be in an hour and shit to do right now yet I'm completely sucked into crisis aversion when real problems are going to happen now.

No. 742596

I don't think this sounds scrote-y at all. The only way you would be aware of this is if you had had a lot of friends who were girls growing up…

No. 742607

I had this when I was younger, super anxious and slightly out of touch with reality. Wasn't a virgin but I remember I tested myself at times when I would expect to already have a huge bump if actually pregnant. It wasn't rational but pregnancy was and still is my biggest fear.

Hope the anxiety passes for you soon

No. 742610

Scrotes have been asking me on discord for code and its super annoying since they were the ones who made misogynistic remarks towards me. I hate being in a scrote-dominated major (computer science) I wish I did nursing instead but my techtard side showed its true colors when I was 18

No. 742614

Why is this such a common occurrence? I know like two people irl whose mothers said the same thing to them and my mom did it too. It's such a weird disgusting-feeling thing to be accused of.

No. 742615

there's way too many people so caught up in celeb drama, the celebricows thread is good at finding the actual milk but I've seen retards believe PR strategies; talk show interviews, skits from awards shows, and lyrics to a song, as actual drama and not a rehearsed character development team behind this.

No. 742622

i dont know why but i keep acting so fucking weird and out of character? its like i am switching personas for a second and then switch back and regret everything i did?
my friend and i teased each other and he said he would later meet his best friend who lives near my area so i was like omg can i go too? and he was like okay :) but my brain was like NO he should ask YOU to meet him and his friend and i acted like this for a while and we just hung up without me going outside. i was really fucking pissed and sad about him not asking me and then ranted to him how some shop near my closed and how bad i wanted to go there and he was like ok lol
at first i was sad because they had something i wanted and my anger TREMENDOUSLY increased instantly with me and my thoughts going blank and not thinking what the fuck i am even saying and getting so fucking pissed at him and telling him how much i fucking hate him and even thinking that i hate this dude so much and this contuinied for a while
(this story doesnt end here but idk if somebody is even interested in reading it so i will just stop)

its a pattern i have noticed (notice: we both might be into each other, also best friends?):
-> i am really happy and genuinely enjoy spending time with him, smile all the fucking time
-> think really positive about him and like he is the best human being ever and the perfect future boyfriend and imagine scenarios
-> he does something i dont like and i freak the fuck out
-> ex: he put some sticky chestnut into my hair and wanted to tease me with it
-> i didnt notice, he told me about it
-> i was instantly so fucking pissed and angry, looked him dead in the eyes and started behaving not like my usual self and being weird about it and my mind again went blank
-> he noticed i was angry and ripped it fucking out making me even more angry
-> stared him into the soul like this for a while without saying anything with me starting to ignore everything else and just staring at something else and not moving, talking or blinking
-> after a while i become ''normal'' and return to my previous state and regret everything i did and say and apologize and start feeling bad and shitty

it happens quite often in the last months and its just like somebody flips a fucking switch and i am not behaving like my usual self

guys what the fuck is wrong with me and

No. 742633

You sound like someone I know with aspergers and anger management problems. Try seeking a psychologist, you’re probably right to think your behavior isn’t normal. Even if you don’t want to get help at least you’re aware that your anger probably scares the fuck out of people. You could try meditation to help you work on that. I like how you stared into his soul with sudden onset hatred kek that shit was fucking funny. Do continue the friend meeting story, it was an interesting read.

No. 742643

>its like i am switching personas
It reads very similar to BPD switching. Like other anon said there's a behavioural issue there and it'd be good to see a pro and put a name to whatever it is. You can lose alot of friendships to letting this kind of stuff go unchecked

No. 742672

seconding BPD

No. 742686


continuation to the post:
he told me that before his friend and he would meet they would go to the grocery store near me
i myself had to go buy groceries so i was like lets fucking go without even know why i wanted to meet him there in the first place?? like i didnt know the purpose of the fucking confrontation with him kek
so i fucking went there
> literally walked into the grocery store
> he and his friend are LITERALLY standing in front of me with their groceries
> he looked at me and was like hey…? with a fucking question mark on his face and confused
> he was about to walk up to me
> i continue to walk towards him and suddenly just curve the fuck out of him while passing him by with my dead eye soul-crushing fucking stare
> i walk a step more after walking past him and turn around looking him and his friend into their faces
> they look at each other confused and look both at me and ask me whats the problem
> i continue to stare into his eyes
> he is fucking disstressed and starts asking confused and hesitant what the problem is
> i dont answer literally do not think and just continue to do this shit
> his friends was like ''hello can you answer??''
> i now started to stare into his eyes with my dead expression
> they are both looking at each other and are like shaky and confused
> i start switching between them and staring them into their eyes with the same dead hatred expression
> i then realize what the FUCK is going on and was like holy shit what the fuck do i do now since i am behaving so fucking weird
> i start staring at some wall and thinking being deep in my thoughts
> i space out and dont notice whats happening
> suddenly my friend fingersnaps and is like ,,is everything okay?''
> back to normal
> i am panicking so fucking bad
> i just start walking fast further into the grocery store
> friends grabs my arm and says he can help me with grocery but i brush him off
> i continue walking fully embarrassed getting my shopping cart
> look back and see them talking and being confused
> i further walk into the grocery store, hoping one of them would chase me
> stood there while looking into the security camera screen to see who is behind me
> nobody came after me
> was so fucking embarrassed and never wanted to kill myself so much especially since it happened in a grocery store and everyone saw
> quickly bought something
> on the way home i had a fucking panic attack that contunied at home while hysterical crying about what i have done
> had a mental breakdown and felt so fucking bad and embarrassed

this all happened today about few hours ago i genuinely dont know what to do and never want to do something like this again i feel so fucking horrible and just pity him for having to deal with something like this
we also talk everyday without exception and he will probably text me after he is back home which is in few hours
i thought about completly ghosting him because i am so embarrassed or even telling him that we should not be friends anymore even though he is my only (best) friend i truly talk to
can some anons help me what to do if he confronts me and asks me what that was about?

also cant afford to go to theraphy because of my family + current situation
some extra info: i was abused my whole life and am currently living with them due to corona + they dont believe in mental health and illnesses

No. 742709

There's a book called the DBT workbook that might be helpful, I know people who've managed to google it and find free downloads of it easily enough too. It's aimed at BPD alot of the time but it covers methods for managing distress and emotion regulation. I recommend it because there's a whole lot of drama in your post and I think if you were well you would see it as blown out of proportion.

Be honest with your friend (don't self diagnose or tell him it's bpd) but be honest that you don't feel in control of yourself right now. Do you have romantic feelings for him?

No. 742722

File: 1613677376965.png (1.39 MB, 852x858, 111989291_overpijnzingen.png)

I have to write an essay on philosophy, but my perfectionism is already making me procrastinate. Why can't I just write something and not care about the quality? Who cares if that's not the perfect word or phrase–just write and finish it!!!

No. 742723

First of all, anon I’m really sorry about your situation. My heart goes out to you. This sounds like it’s pretty mortifying even for you to deal with just knowing it could happen. But LMFAO the way your whole character switches sounds like some sort of fucking animal, like a reptile or bird of prey scouting a meal. Genuinely reminds me of bearded lizard behavior.

I understand your embarrassment but you should relax, he probably thinks you’re on drugs. And if he does ask later, just say you took pain killers and they made you feel sick or something. Yeah you two are best friends but if you can’t deal with telling him you went through some rough shit as a kid and it’s coming back to bite you then that’s the best explanation you probably can give even though it’s a lie. And honestly you don’t have to tell him the truth either. Or you can just say you’ve got something going on and hopefully he moves past it and you don’t invite yourself to meet people again until you can figure this out. You shouldn’t become agoraphobic but it sounds like you really want to avoid this personality switching happening ever again. Try to stop stressing about it. Eat what you picked up from the grocery store and read that book you’ve been thinking about. You already apologized, all you can do is prevent it from happening again and keep moving forward. Come back to the vent thread if you need to.

No. 742750

File: 1613678571534.jpg (70.96 KB, 620x413, poltergeist-dunne-302641-1.jpg)

I haven't watched Poltergeist since I was a child and I rewatched it with my little brother today. For every movie I search for a parents guide for myself because of muh trauma I'm very uncomfortable with nudity/sex. Anyways, nowhere did I see mention of nudity/sex, so I thought okay great. So there was a lot of suggestive scenes of the mother in her underwear and 5039202984 different shots of her crotch. Meanwhile her 16 year old daughter got nearly the same treatment where some construction workers cat-called her while her mother watched gleefully from the window as it happened. I'm guessing the director had no issue with having the daughter in underwear scenes and emphasis of her braless clothing shots. In fact, there was absolutely no point in the older daughter because she was hardly involved in the story. This movie should have been cut down to an hour because all the interesting parts happened awkwardly near the end after the mother was being "molested" and nearly stripped on her bed by apparently perverted spirits. God, I know this sounds like such first world issues, but it genuinely triggers the fuck out of me. I can't stand scenes like that. Male directors are shit and it's even more apparent the further you go back.

No. 742758

just do it anon
i'm procrastinating my life away and it is hell, even though i know how good it feels when i'm focused on my things and feeling how productive i'm being.
just start it and if it's shitty at least you have a basis to improve upon (that's what i tell myself).

No. 742762

I'm getting kinda mad about my hourly wage tbh. I won't ID myself by stating my country but it's a reasonably progressive european country, so why am I being paid less than my coworkers, who started at the same time and we're doing the EXACT SAME thing? Hourly it's not much, but I did the math and they gain a whole extra workday's worth of pay in a month.

And for one, the coworker, who signed through the same agency, had the same interview for the identical job. He's so FUCKING LAZY, he's never bothered to learn more and leaves early at any opportunity as soon as nobody is looking. Last week he left FOUR HOURS early, just straight up took a half day. Like he's been really brazen but nobody within our team really wants to pull each other up for shit because it's pretty chill and we all appreciate some flexibility for interview and appointments.

Back to the point though. I emailed my agency asking why I'm being paid less and got the reply of "well your managers know your wage, so if you can come up with some good arguments as to why it should be raised, like you took on extra responsibilities etc you can negotiate". So. Like. I have to take on MORE to be paid EQUALLY as the lazy coworker with the same responsibilities as me? Because he had a job before for a year and this is my first? I mean he's being paid the same as another coworker who's been in the field for 10 years. If it's based on THAT then the more experienced coworker should be making bank, but she's not.

I mean I may have a case, but I feel like it's turned into this thing where I have to fight for it when I was just trying to figure out why I'm being paid less, if it's an oversight, or what. Right now I feel like I'd just go on a vent if I were to start asking my manager about my wage.

Initially I was so grateful that I finally found a fucking job, but this is kind of starting to feel like bullshit.

No. 742781

i dont really know if i can honestly answer the question since my switching has made me really fucking confused about my true self and emotions thinking they arent real
but i had to give an answer it would be: that i probably have romantic feelings since i have had the longest crush on him and had been looking out for him since 3 years now
the behaivor hasnt really started to show until probably last year novemeber? the behaivor occurences have also increased since that time but it increased dramatically around the beginning of february

also thank you for the recommendation i will definetly look into it!!

does the character switch thing really sound like a fucking animal LMAO it sounds so fucking ridiculous kekkk
but thank you anon for making me laugh and your kind words i really appreciate it!!
i will also update if anything happens

No. 742793

File: 1613681337581.jpg (38.42 KB, 461x437, EWXtQWeWsAEvtHg.jpg)

I am incapable of platonic intimacy, but it still makes me ache when others are close with each other. I guess it's technically envy, but I'm not angry or hateful. It's great that they're happy together; part of me just still thinks I also deserve that.
But despite it all I know I'll always be happiest alone. Forcing others to know of me is never the solution and has always made me even unhappier.
Just sad. Less sad than struggling to interact with them, but more sad than if I were a different woman who is comfortable being a friend.

No. 742797

Trauma memories and just overall anxiety have me on edge today. I'm having irrational thoughts and having paranoia over mundane shit.

Right now I'm having the belief my boyfriend is cheating on me because he said he was going to help out a female friend move to their new house because it's the middle of winter, he gave me the exact day his friend was moving out, and he even said "I really don't want to go though, I just wanted to be nice" also it's not like I can't go with and help, but I'm doubting that. Also, before he left for work today he said to remind him to clean up his clothes from our bedroom this weekend, and I'm immediately having the vivid thought of him bringing girls over or something. Now I'm believing him leaving for his job early is not to avoid traffic (he works in the city and Google Maps says it takes anywhere from 45mins to 1hr 15mins), but to cheat on me.
I know this isn't true, but trying to stop these thoughts and not react to their absurdness is stressful as fuck. These irrational thoughts have all formed today that's how I know it's anxiety trying to trick me.

It's been a bad set of days, mentally. I suspect I'm probably going to start my period within the week, which helps to know, except for the fact my menstrual cycle is irregular, but it's been a while so I am holding onto the belief I'm PMSing.

No. 742864

im fucking all my relationships cause i wanna simp to some guy.
i had a really nice guy that we were in a weird "relationship" with cause it was online stuff. but hes really the nicest person i ever met, we've shared everything with each other, he's just been amazing. but he wasnt giving me butterflies anymore and we werent able to spend as much time together cause of irl stuff.
then a guy thats kinda in our circle starts trying to slide into my dms. being all flirty and saying exactly the kinda shit i like and i just gave in cause i liked the attention and everything too much.
it already got all out about what happened and the new guy was gone. the old one feels depressed and cheated and i feel guilty even tho we never had an official label. i ruined something that was special. but i cant control my feelings and idk what to do.
the worst part is i want to go crawling back to the new guy even tho he acted like a total fuckboy about the whole situation, just cause of him being hot and the attention he gave me.
someone slap me

No. 742867

Tmi but, I HAVE A UTIIIIII FUUCCKKKKK. I've literally pissed myself twice. On the bright side, if I get a uti it'll go away on it's own. Times like this I wish pee was cold to soothe my urethra

No. 742875

Bitch you need antibiotics if it's that bad, you don't want a goddamn kidney infection (which is also the only times i have peed myself so)

No. 742889

If I get asked to babysit a bunch this week I’m gonna scream. I love kids but I hate watching them. It’s so boring and makes me feel like I’m wasting my life. People who have kids should watch their own fuxking kids and stop acting like everyone else owes you because it’s hard.

No. 742930

I second this wth. Get medication or you'll be in hospital.

No. 742945

That lady from that 70s show just died due to an UTI, watch out anon

No. 742950

I once went around (broke) with a uti that left my piss smelling so bad you'd still smell it in the bathroom after I'd flushed.. never even pissed myself at that low point. You need treatment.

No. 742953

UH wtf? you can die from an uti?!

No. 742958

It's an infection. Infections can go septic if you don't treat them. When you're septic, things can take a turn for the worse very quickly.

No. 742970

File: 1613690964661.jpg (62.91 KB, 549x657, nani.jpg)

>Watching my only friend complain to me how much she hates terfs and transphobes like jk rowling whilst I am a terf

No. 742974

My friend told me she spent this whole reading week with her boyfriend and all i said was “nice lol”. Felt like I was being an asshole but idk I just feel like she’s being too codependent so it kinda put me off

No. 742978

File: 1613691337081.jpg (64.66 KB, 613x680, EuOsOAJUYAIegEf.jpg)

I'm taking five courses this semester. In four of them, the professor is chill and understanding due to Covid and all exams/tests/etc. are open book (so open internet, really), but in one of them it isn't. Said class is Calc 2.

I feel utterly fucked and wish I hadn't relied on the textbook/web for Calc 1 last semester because I assumed it would be the same this semester – we're using a remote proctoring software so I can't cheat.

Anyway, I'm pretty sure I just bombed our first quiz, and now have no choice but to try and cram in as much as I can tomorrow and Saturday for our first exam on Sunday (I have work to do for the other classes today, as well as some chores I've been putting off, so I can't, and I'm crying about this here on my study break).

If I could drop it and just run through Calc 1 again I would but I really don't feel like being two semesters behind. All I need is a C. Which is going to kill my GPA because even before I fell into the cheating trap I was a pitiful B student. Motherfucker. I know it's all my fault, but it still sucks major donkey dick.

No. 742979

kek, anon, same. my best friend is a TIF and i told him(pls no sperg) that i was playing the new harry potter mobile game and he went off on me. life's tough being a two-faced bitch.

No. 742981

How is this such a common occurrence on here?

No. 742982

I have three friends; two of them cape for troons hard, and the other one is suspiciously quiet (and one of the other two friends kinda implied something the other day) whenever the topic comes up, so I'm thinking about dropping Dr*ver or Borzois in a conversation to see if she browses here, too kek

No. 742984

I got that lower back, lower back paaain

No. 742988

My 2 libtarded tra friends know I'm a terf because of comments I make and the content I subject them to because they follow me on tumblr. They haven't brought it up to me, probably because they know I'm in the right.

No. 742998

I love my boyfriend so much but sometimes I have a hard time dealing with how much he talks. He comments on every thing and says every thought that comes to his mind, mostly it drives me crazy when we're doing something together and I'm trying to concentrate. He also overexplains every little thing (not in a "mansplaining" way, he's just enthusiastic and chipper about everything) and gives so many details to where I zone out 75% of the time to what he says. I feel bad but sometimes it's so much information my eyes glaze over.

I always need to ask him to give me a moment if I'm really focusing on something, but I could never bring myself to straight out tell him to be quiet. He's not over-talkative in the narcissistic way. He's just excited to talk to me and it makes me feel like a huge jerk getting annoyed at that.

No. 743006

File: 1613693552505.jpeg (65.61 KB, 720x877, A31B6AF7-87D4-4058-A213-88DAD0…)

I suppose gendercrits come together to commiserate at the one place on the internet that doesn’t suck off troons above God

No. 743015

I've watched my friend group go through almost a role reversal in recent years, people switching sides in both directions

No. 743023

File: 1613695954810.jpg (117.36 KB, 1080x1326, hate life.jpg)

Anons, I don't know what to do…

I sound mega underage, but I promise I'm not. I applied for a bunch of colleges, most public schools rejected me meanwhile a TON of the private ones accepted. The biggest scholarship I received will still leave me 40k in debt, so I said, "Fuck it!" and pretty much set my mind on doing two years of community college and then transferring.

However, my Asian mom isn't too keen on the idea as she thinks the prospect of me going to community college is embarrassing. She would much rather me go into debt at a private school. Now I'm just lost and honestly confused.

No. 743041

I hate it when newfag retards barge into cow threads to talk about some shit they seen a lolcow do in high school or something 10+ years ago.
I could literally make up anything someone did in high school because teenagers are so shit that it's believable. How is it even milk? Nobody who didn't peak in school gives a fuck.

No. 743042

fuck debt, just go to community college, if you have the option of transferring to a college later on anyway then her opinion shouldn't matter

No. 743043

fuck proctoring software…so invasive

No. 743052

Dude my boyfriend is the same way, he goes on these lengthy rants where it's not even really a conversation, not until he's done with his spiel at least, and I just have to sit there like "Uhuh, yeah, oh okay…" I feel bad because I know it's just that he's eager to share his thoughts with me and a lot of the time I do like hearing what's on his mind but there are sometimes where I'm like PLEASE stop or at least make it a back and forth instead of just speaking at me. Sometimes I think he really just needs to get a journal to let out all his thoughts instead of going through his whole internal monologue with me lol, maybe your bf could use the same.

No. 743096

I know I should get antibiotics, but I would need a prescription for one, but I can't just walk in to the doctors. I would need to schedule an appointment and it's kind hard to get one right now lmao. By time the appointment is ready my uti will be gone (hopefully)

No. 743104

It's so wild to me you can't just phone up a doctor and have the prescription electrically. Yours sounds so bad, hope it gets better soon, drink acidic things and a lot of it!

No. 743107

It's not too bad! I mean I was sleeping for most of today, but last time I peed didn't feel as bad as before. And tbh idk if I can get an electric prescription, I've never even considered it. Thank you anon!

No. 743121

File: 1613706648797.jpg (110.81 KB, 1280x720, original.jpg)

I finally realized I'm a lesbian and it feels so freeing to understand, I thought I was just "picking the wrong guys!!" but I actually am just not attracted to any. Forcing myself felt so weird and even scary at times.
I'm afraid of being sexualized, though. I know that sounds so stupid and I have major problems of worrying what others think but I'm just scared. In past relationships with men they've always sexualized the fact that I've dated other women before. Every single guy has asked if I wanted to be involved in a threesome or just "that's hot." "All women have experimental phases haha, you'll get over it!" please fucking off yourself you waste of sperm. I don't want to marry a man. I just want to be in love with a WOMAN. JUST ONE. NO MAN INVOLVED. I just wanna take her out on a nice picnic and hug her and do cute nice things together. I wanna do taxes and adopt a dog and buy a house and do boring shit with a WOMAN. Not mess around with you and a straight girl on tinder you found that's trying to impress you. I fucking hate the sexualization of lesbians.

The fact that looking up "lesbian" on google used to only show fucking pornsites, I think that's why I felt so ashamed in the past. I know I'll probably get over it and I shouldn't care what random scrotes think, but it's been bothering me. I know it's the vent thread but sorry for the rambling, I haven't come out to many people yet so I can't talk about this in real time.

No. 743122

"Do as I say, not as I do" is piss poor parenting. Scolding and giving their kids 'good' advice while employing none of it themselves sends kids mixed messages and shows them that their parents are hypocrites and poor leaders. It's weak character. The kids think if their parents can't follow their own rules, then they're dishonest–and they are absolutely right. They need to quit telling their kids to be stronger and better than them from nothing and start demonstrating how it's done.

What's the point in a mother telling her daughter to seek out rich, decent men who treat her well when all she's seen her entire life is her mother marrying scumbag to scumbag while she enables by being a mommy maid who pays all the bills?
Was the screaming and arguing supposed to have taught the daughter good communication and compromise skills?
Was gaslighting the daughter that her emotionally abusive, womanizing biodad loved her when he seldom displayed love and then abandoned her, supposed to have taught her what healthy love is?
Was the complacency and sometimes bitching about the lack of intimacy in her marriage supposed to have shown the daughter what's normal in a relationship?
Was constantly pinching about money and bailing husbands out of financial turmoil supposed to convey to the daughter that vetting stability in a partner is important?

I have no fucking sympathy for these """parents.""" They don't deserve restful sleep at night.

No. 743134

If you phone a doctor and tell them you have a uti they can leave a prescription at reception and you pick it up.

No. 743140

File: 1613707723102.jpg (49.02 KB, 720x558, 1583547989692.jpg)

Our heater stopped working and we're in the middle of a snowstorm please end me I can't feel my nose

No. 743141

I’ve seen that happen too! I wonder what causes this. I can’t imagine a terf suddenly deciding TRA is the way, but I can understand simply giving up. Realizing that not worshipping at the TRA alter means being canceled, so deciding to play along.
(Sage for blogging.)
My mom and I basically switched places. She was skeptical of “the whole transgender thing” and I was a TRA handmaiden reblogging anti-terf memes on tumblr. Eight years later, I’ve long since peaked and realized the terfs are right. But inexplicably my mom is now drinking the TRA koolaid. I don’t even know how it happened. She isn’t on social media and I don’t think she knows any trannies.

No. 743158

God I hate having to hold back the burning pain for the sake of not going all BPDchan on my bf.
Why can't it ever be even? Every little thing hurts so much

No. 743161

File: 1613710109825.png (979.79 KB, 1280x800, 6ec.png)

>mfw my sister randomly makes a joke using the word 'tranny'
I'm so relieved she hasn't been brainwashed! I never knew what she thought about troons because she's neither the radfem nor libfem type, and I never brought it up because I'd probably gcsperg if I did. The normie tier making fun of them attitude is just fine by me.

No. 743176

lol nta but you reminded me of my TRA handmaiden cope days. my roommate made a comment about guys in drag/troons being weird, oh how I seethed. even then I knew not to say anything because TRA logic is so flimsy. you can't go up against a normie who sees reality as it is. that was right before I peaked when I noticed how TIFs and TIMs self-segregated by sex and acted very in line with their true sex regardless of identity.
anyway god I hope my own sister comes around to being like yours, that's my vent. happy for you anon

No. 743185

Holy shit contacts are ruining my life. I know I’m irresponsible with them and need to be more diligent, but over the years they’ve been drying and irritating my eyes so much. I think my eyes are just done with them. I’m always not wearing them because I can only wear them when “necessary” and if I go to put them on by my own accord it’s like fine, but my family asks me questions, asking me what for, or questioning if I should be doing that, and if I say TO SEE they just think I’m overreacting. If I’m not going out somewhere important, it’s like I’m discouraged to put them on, but sometimes (almost all the time) my brother tells me to look at the tv, I squint, and he makes a deal of it, when I say I can’t see, he says “ok but you must see the general shape.” Like maybe I just see a soup of colors and I’m not lying about it.

I understand why they do this, it’s because I fall asleep with my contacts on a lot. It’s almost like anytime I have them on my chances of randomly falling asleep shoot up. When I take them off I’m always super awake. I wish I could wear glasses, or have glasses alongside contacts. But this is not an option, because when I push for glasses, my brother pushes back saying I would look ugly in them. That’s the only reason. He told me that if he were in my position he would do anything humanly possible to avoid wearing glasses ever because they’re ugly, like ENOUGH. IM TIRED OF TRYING BEING PRETTY ALL THE TIME!!!!! Even when I tell him that I’ll only wear them inside the house. I think my family has bad memories from me looking grotesque in my first glasses but THEY were the ones that CHOSE THEM. I chose lenses without the anti-glare because I didn’t want people thinking I had fake glasses, or was lying, because for years people thought I was lying about needing glasses. My family thought I wanted them for fashion purposes. Lord give me mercy. Anyways my family hated the glare on my glasses and found it really annoying.

I think I’m going to just disobey them, stop paying attention to these things I fixate too much on (the comments) and get glasses in secret with my mom, since I’ve been able to convince her over the years.

Also, as if this post isn’t long enough, but the next time I hear the term “y2k” my head will explode. I say this as someone who likes 00’s fashion. Who the fuck decided that this annoying and grating term will be THE ONLY way to describe anything remotely early 00’s? Can people please find a new term??

No. 743189

Goddamit anon, just get cute glasses, what kind of an asswipe tries to brainwash someone into thinking they couldn't find a cute pair

No. 743191

I hate my job reeeeeeeee

No. 743192

anon i'm very sorry that your family are absolute assholes. last week i bought a pair of tiny "teddy bear-like" prescription glasses because i said fuck it and thought they were adorable, the guy selling them even said that nobody in the store would buy them cause they were too small and stupid looking but who cares. i like em. maybe get ugly glasses to piss them off and wear them all the time.

No. 743195

>family thinks you're faking poor eyesight
No offense, but that's incredibly stupid of them. What the fuck is up with some people.
My condolences.

No. 743196

I'm so jealous of my best friend that I actually feel physically ill. I want to be supportive because she's been through some awful shit lately and she deserves good things to happen to her but I'm going to break. I've never felt like this before

No. 743207

My body dysmorphia has gotten to the point where I can't on anything but plastic surgery. Everyday I wake up and think about how ugly I am and find new imperfections every single day. I have been to 4 plastic surgery consultations on this month alone. My retarded superficial brain keeps telling me that if I'm not gorgeous, then death would be better. I can't even leave the house because I feel my entire body is deformed. I am afraid of getting into any sort of relationship over the fear that they would leave me for someone more prettier or have me as the ugly friend (which I have been before). I want to be free.

No. 743210

Imagine not having any irl social interaction aside from work and family at home because covid. Imagine wearing masks and washing hands obsessively for almost a year. Imagine you're at work and took off your mask for a few minutes to eat in the corner of the back of the building because it's snowing and freezing outside. Imagine one dumb coworker goes near you maskless to use a microwave. He remarks "Don'r worry,, I'm not gonna getcha." And you turn away and put on your mask. The next day you find out him and another idiot at work was exposed to a positive person the day before at a large fucking gathering. All of my personal efforts could be thrown away because of one less than 10 second moment.

No. 743211

Holy shit anon update us are you okay???? She's gonna make it, r-right ladies???

Seriously though the last time I was in cold that bad I alternated between pushups, crunches, and running in places (don't count, just swap between them at random for a reasonable pace as long as you can take it). It definitely kept my blood flowing and kept me warm.

No. 743212

File: 1613717328913.jpeg (188.48 KB, 600x1218, E4CF8904-61CD-4DD5-8B82-426E55…)

aah help I can't poop despite taking a lax last night and I'm shaky, stomach feels weird, guess I'll sleep. I pooped more before taking it and now my tumtum is screwed… I just want to poop so it ends. I just wanted softer poops.I'll try pooping one more time but I'm never taking one of theseagain

No. 743213

Wow, I’m awake because I’m dealing with the same shit (or lack thereof). Best of luck anon.

No. 743215

poop solidarity I hope our combined efforts leas to poops for us

No. 743218

Yes shit solidarity. I'm on the toilet right now, my anus hovering over the toiletbowl birthing the shit you all hope for.

No. 743220

I am fostering a cat and accidentally broke a few days worth of trust because when he sniffed my hand with his wet nose we both got shocked pretty bad. I feel really bad for freaking him out.

No. 743226

File: 1613720375390.png (126.28 KB, 274x424, fire.png)

Thanks for always treating me like a fucking moron and bitching at me when all I've ever done is try to be a good friend to you. I'm done, goodbye.

No. 743279

does anyone else ever feel like they need to tell their boyfriend to go jack off so he can make normal rational decisions and have normal human thoughts? god men annoy the shit out of me!

No. 743285

File: 1613726708422.jpeg (46.5 KB, 567x572, 848DE1DF-5AE2-4B72-814F-DFA2AE…)

just woke up to find out i’d bled all over the bed and myself even despite a pair of underwear and a pad thick as a fucking nappy and i think it’s the worst bloodstain i’ve ever made with this dumbass fucking vagina of mine. i cant change the sheets either AAAAAAAAAAAA WHY

No. 743288

File: 1613727045892.jpg (12.79 KB, 297x297, 254416b4044d2bd04357cf9630c133…)

I broke up with my ex about 2 months ago and it was not a peaceful one since she practically ghosted me on the last messages I sent to her which were just about the issues we had, not a definite "we are breaking up". I did mention from the start I was thinking of breaking up though so I took her silence as agreement since I was too tired to go on, she would always avoid the subject after a while each time I tried bringing up things that bothered me.

Soo anyways, I accidentally stumbled on her new twitter account today due to a mutual friend only to find out she is copying my texting mannerisms and also copied a design of mine? It's just really jarring for me because she was really different before we dated, and idk how to feel about it. I feel I'm just being petty.

No. 743290

Same anon here but just realised there might be a better thread than here for love woes, oops. Just really needed this off my chest

No. 743294

Debt isn't worth it. Go to community college. Assuming your mom is just going to be a little embarrassed and wouldn't go as far as to disown you, or anything insane like that. I don't know how "asian mom" your asian mom is.

No. 743295

I used to wonder how much of my exes raging or moodiness could've been prevented if he jacked off more and hadn't treated his orgasms as something solely I need to provide to him with. Telling a moody scrote to go jerk off though.. Can't imagine it would go well. In the beginning he was gropey all the time but as time went on he'd on the odd occasion berate me for not having sex with him in a couple days… When he never even tried to initiate it or to ask or even hint??

Looking back I'm pretty sure we had many a ruined weekend because I'm not a mind reader (and he is not a communicator) so if we got up on Saturday morning without him being serviced the weekend would be hell with the silent treatment thrown in if I dared to ask what exactly the issue was

No. 743306

>i was abused my whole life
I guarantee the issue is connected to this. In these instances where you're "switching," your nervous system, which is likely already overactive, is being triggered because something in your environment is making you feel unsafe. I'm going to take a shot in the dark here and assume that your parents/family are responsible for a good chunk of this abuse. If you still live with them and don't know any differently, it's highly likely you haven't gotten a chance to really dissect any of these behaviors of yours and analyze how they're connected to your trauma, because you don't feel safe to do so yet. You're still very much in survival mode right now, by the sound of it.

We actually have a variety of different survival "modes" that we go into when we feel threatened. You might have heard of some of them. Fight, flight, flee, etc. Sounds like you're going into some kind of fight mode in these instances you've described.

If you're not able to afford therapy right now, I'd recommend researching PTSD and C-PTSD, as well as familiarizing yourself with some of the symptoms of trauma, particularly as it pertains to whatever abuse you've suffered from (emotional, sexual, physical, etc). This might help you to put together the pieces and figure out if there's anything your boyfriend and these guys have done to remind you of past abuse, thus triggered your nervous system and led to you acting bizarrely.

I do want to say though, that as much as I understand the feeling of there being something "crazy" and "completely wrong with you," please understand that your behavior didn't come from nowhere. There is 100% a reason why this is happening to you. You're not just some psycho, I promise.

Sorry you're struggling, and I hope you can find some answers. I also hope that one day you can afford a trauma-informed therapist. It's definitely worth it.

No. 743324

could it really be PTSD? i never thought about it tbh
but thank you anon i will also look into that!!

now that i think about it i really did have a horrible childhood, my parents were and still are physically and emotionally abusive and are just using me as a punching bag and living with my parents doesnt make it better and it continues to drive me insane
my father is a raging alcoholic typical ''good guy'' while my mother is a horrible narc that puts everyone down and thinks highly of herself

i experience extreme depressive mood since years and have extreme anxiety not even being able to go and order food without fucking crying or having panic attacks, cant even socialize properly and dont have friends
my life is truly horrible but i dont know how to change it for the better
every day gets worse and worse driving me even more fucking insane than i already am

also if anyone is interested i could post an update about yesterday since he texted me

funfact: i found out that my father is cheating on my mother with fucking prostitues kekkk he is worse than i thought

No. 743336

File: 1613732598725.jpeg (136.86 KB, 1200x1624, BA8A9105-7781-45A9-84B7-32C95F…)

>be me
>get lonely
>post on /soc/ out of desperation
>get no replies
even the bottom of the barrel can sense that there’s something wrong with me.

No. 743362

why can't i be loved and respected ? i do my best to be caring and soft and selfless yet somehow it sounds ok for people to treat me like a subhuman piece of rotting flesh, and they are suprised when i get rid of them because of it. i am so tired and so alone, my interests are never theirs.

No. 743381

I don't want to go to work. As soon as I can have holidays I'll just stay at home and sleep as much as possible, I don't care anymore.

No. 743435

One of my long-time friends drank the woke kool aid hard recently and had a huge meltdown on social media yelling about how terfs do not interact and kill yourselves, unfollow me right now you human garbage etc. I unfollowed her right then and there and I'm still wondering if she has realized it and put 1 and 1 together. Good riddance either way kek.

No. 743455

i'm moving cross country and attempted to at least get a steady, covid friendly hookup buddy for the last month i was here, including guys i've previously dated.

none pulled through.

one texted me that he wanted to come over after like two weeks of me being too busy, then bailed saying he thought he was developing feelings for me.

fuck everything.

No. 743458

kek, aren't you afraid of unconvering yourself and getting the internet equivalent of a stonning?

No. 743462

I'm so glad that I got bored of hooking up with guys. I remember this same shit, technically having a decent list of guys to choose from but somehow they were never available unless it's stupidly last minute or a random text at 2am like 'you still up'

How are men always whining about being denied sex when all these guys also exist and are happy to just ruin a good arrangement for themselves?

No. 743464


the "uwu i'm developing feelings for you and you're leaving uwu" shit is literally the worst - we set out from the start that this was a temporary pod arrangement right before i was leaving.


No. 743466

Nothing to do at work, everyone else was leaving early, asked if I could leave too. Get fucking yelled at in front of everyone, "This is the last time you're leaving, I mean everyone!! Running out of here like your asshole is on fire everytime we don't have work! You're x position, you can help out and stop leaving all the time". Like wtf did I do to deserve getting yelled at when I was following everyone else's lead. He lets other people leave early all the time while forcing me to stay to help other departments, which is me standing there while they take their sweet time to do anything. Ask one time, on a Friday, and I'm suddenly the person who ruins it for everyone. It's not my fault this company is bullshit. It's not my fault him and his boss are morons who can't figure out how to do their job right so we won't run out of work. I got pissed off and said I'll stay if he's going to throw a bitch fit. Cried in the bathroom I was so pissed off. Wasting my life fucking off in other areas and we have to work tomorrow. Despite everyone else able to go home and the slim chance we'll have actual work to do tomorrow. Great.

No. 743467

File: 1613744004178.jpg (90.06 KB, 567x734, wut.jpg)

Consequences of renting with a parent? Jealous dad is pissed because I'm working from home and not doing much work in his opinion.
Too fucking bad old man! Maybe if you didn't want to work yourself to death in your field job you should've pulled yourself up by your bootstraps and went to college to get a loan debt like me so you could at least sit at home for your office job when there's bad weather sometimes.

Imagine being resentful of your adult children because they carved out non-stressful jobs for themselves against a lot of fucking odds given the current employment climate. He walks by my computer and if I'm playing a game in between doing shit on my personal laptop he says "THAT'S NOT WORK!" fuck youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.

No. 743475

Ive been waking up at 5am everyday no matter what time I go to bed. This blows.

No. 743482

My crush tweeted about how she's gonna change her major because she doesn't feel like she is good enough for her passion and I feel so bad. She beats herself up all the time and it makes me upset because she's great. If I were there I would suck her titties

No. 743484

"lee pace is so hot"
"sorry honey, he like-a-da-boys"

ok????? how would finding this out as if it were even new information change anything? dont apologize 2 me you droopy bird apologize to yourself for being so cognitively limited, you're in a sufjan stevens fb group for gods sake

No. 743487

you're such a good friend anon

No. 743488

Renting as equal tenants? That's such a weird dynamic to think about. I mean at what point in his life does he get a mortgage?

No. 743489

File: 1613746160748.gif (49.43 KB, 221x214, 97F38C46-6668-4B75-A625-04A696…)

Damn, that fucking sucks. I’m sorry, anon. It was probably your boss being mad/frustrated overall, and you’re the unlucky straw that broke him, but still, totally unfair and unwarranted. I’d be mortified and probably cry lmao. At least it’s Friday, have a good weekend!

No. 743496

I was a daily stoner for over 5 years, quit 3 years ago. Got kinda bored and decided to try smoking again. The first time i got high again was really weird, but the second time I just felt all these really negative feelings flooding back. It pisses me off that i spent literally all of my time like that, high as fuck and not caring about anything. It makes me really angry that my mom introduced me to it when i was 15. I hate weed and everything that it makes me feel. I will never get high again. What a fucking waste of time, waste of life, waste of money and health. Disgustang.

No. 743513

Yep. He divorced my mom, had no backup plan, and at the time I didn't have a partner so I needed a roommate because the cost of living here is high. I'm on better financial footing and I've had a boyfriend for almost a year now, but I can't leave because of this unbreakable lease I signed. It sucks.

If my dad wanted to buy a house he'd have zero savings. Even shithole townhomes start here at $300k+ easy and being outbid is common. So if he started a mortgage now he'd be dead before he paid it off. He really might as well rent for the rest of his life. Then at least he wouldn't have to worry about things like maintenance and a yard as he enters geriatric age.
He's fucking obnoxious to live with. Typical entitled man who doesn't help out with any chores save for once in a blue moon. He doesn't even take out the trash or do dishes anymore because my boyfriend will pick his share up for him–which is wrong but tbh I'm glad my boyfriend helps clean and I don't want to discourage good habits.
I guess maybe when I was at my childhood home I never noticed my dad's quirks and tics. He constantly belches, farts, sneezes, coughs, etc. So much that my boyfriend thinks he has an untreated medical condition. He constantly camps in the living room and barely sleeps in his own room so I've gotta constantly walk on eggshells lest I wake him up or I otherwise get in his way. Can't even ask for the living room tv for an evening without him throwing a bitchfit shouting "GUESS I'M BANISHED TO MY ROOM" as if that's not exactly my life every. single. day. I'm also expected to play his therapist. Whenever he's having relationship or work problems, I can't dare to do anything but nod and agree with his tirades that sometimes go on for several minutes. Yet if I try to talk to him about my problems, he's condescending and constantly tells me why I'm in the wrong or acts frustrated when I'm giving details because I can't summarize the point in a sentence. As a result I tell him the bare minimum unless something bothers me so much that it slips out, and I usually regret that because of how he acts.
If I say anything to the effect of me not liking the treatment he gives me, he grouches and says "You're just like your mother!" He pretends to family and outsiders alike that he's doing me some kind of huge financial favor, but really he's an absolute troll to live with and even if he was paying everything for me it would barely be enough.

It's hard to believe it, but I actually used to have a great relationship with my dad and I thought he was "one of the good ones." Boy, was I fucking wrong.

No. 743518

fuck debt, avoid it at any costs, go to community college and transfer. you're still getting the same piece of paper in the end. the workforce doesn't care as long as you got the degree they're looking for.

No. 743530

I hate being an artist. I love drawing and creating things from my mind, but being passionate about one of the least profitable careers on this earth fucking sucks. I'm genuinely not good at anything else and this is the only thing I like that could be made into a career (HA!). Why couldn't I be passionate about STEM or law? Why couldn't I at least have been good at something else, even if I don't like it that much. Some of my family is in medicine. I shoulda just followed their footsteps, I'm sure I could get a job through nepotism or some shit. But do I wanna work in a hospital?

My chances of becoming big enough that I can live off of commissions, sales from an art shop, etc…? very low.
My chances of becoming an industry artist? Low.
My chances of actually going to an art school and getting a useless degree and being in debt for the rest of my life? High.
My chances of becoming a sugar baby? Very, very high.

No. 743532

>My chances of actually going to an art school and getting a useless degree and being in debt for the rest of my life? High.
Maybe I should just move to Finland. I heard those motherfuckers barely pay shit for a degree.

No. 743535

Well, with that attitude, definitely low. Once you shake off the romantic ideas of being internet famous or having exhibitions in galleries, there's a lot that can be done to earn decent living with art. Learn animation, learn motion design, learn vector and basics of how-to prepare things for print and how to design packagings, apply for junior roles in marketing agencies, or small video game companies - there's actually plenty of small companies doing hazard-related games that require nice, polished art, it's not as glamorous as being triple A concept artist, but it's a job. Broaden your horizons and get out there. I see myself as mediocre at best, but I'm earning above average monthly pay in a big capital city, took some work to get there but it's more than just doable.

No. 743537

I mean that's most of Europe? We don't pay almost anything for school.
Doesn't make artists more hireable, though. Most eventually retrain and go to business school or get a job at McDonald's.

No. 743539

I don't even necessarily want to be internet famous or in the fine art world, but honestly I feel like it's either that or work in the industry, and both feel fucking impossible. Thank you for the advice though

No. 743540

Hey, I'm okay!! Thankfully the sun is out and the house is warming up but we still don't have heat. I have a tiny desk heater in my room that's helping and tons of blankets. Will update if we have heat back anytime soon!

No. 743543

I'm seriously considering getting my breasts removed. They're large, get in the way during my workouts, and I'm really tired of that gross sweaty underboob smell. I have no intentions of giving birth so I have no use for them. The only thing I would miss about them is stimulation during sex.

No. 743548

… you can reduce them without removing it anon

No. 743549

We’re only four weeks into the semester and I’m so so so so stressed out, last week I had a very stressful week and I was like “well at least next week will be lighter!” But it’s been 10x harder instead!! I’m not gonna make the same mistake about next week or the week after that. I’m a journalism student so it’s just endless deadlines and having to stay glued to my computer in case something comes up, and everyone telling me “oh that’s what the industry will be like!” No it wont!!! I won’t be under multiple deadlines for different classes on top of reading and doing papers for other classes, I won’t be working a part time job, and I won’t be holding a position in a sorority. I also took a class over the winter so since august I’ve only had a 3 week break from classes and it was right during the Christmas season at my retail job. I’m putting in 110% effort and trying to stay namaste and take it one day at a time but I can’t wait for spring break, just 3 more weeks until I can somewhat relax for a week!!

No. 743557

whenever i see my boyfriend i usually literally beg him to stay for longer (because i want to spend more time being physically intimate/close, cuddling, kissing shit like that because physical touch is really important to me) and he almost never does. i end up feeling like an idiot and a simp. should i just stop asking at this point?

No. 743562

My work is going to lay off a bunch of people in two weeks and I'll only get one weeks' notice if it includes me. It was a temporary contract anyway and I was planning to start looking for other things. I had this 9 week plan in place to totally upgrade my portfolio, brand myself and get everything prepared to apply for the industry jobs that I studied for (really competitive right now, especially where I live) but now it looks like I have to condense that. I'm thankful for how lucky I've been during the pandemic and that this is the first time I've had to worry about my income but I am dreading the idea of having to search for a job during all this.

No. 743563

I'm not even a fakeboy and I would remove them too if I had the chance. Or maybe make them really really flat. I just don't like them and they get in the way.
Like the other anon said though, make sure to look into reducing first and be sure that you will not regret it.

No. 743566

It may seem like this but there are a LOT of more less visible jobs for artists, of course a lot of them will come with some loss of creative freedom but that's a very rare treat to have anyway. You definitely shouldn't lose hope and think that the only way to have a good career is to do something you don't like though!

No. 743577

Thanks I got flashbacks kek. Fucking hate old moids they're all the same, prowling every second of the day to dump their trauma and anger on the closest womb. Literally why I'm looking for a night shift job.

No. 743578

I know that. However if I could afford the surgery right now reduction has no benefit over removal.
>Might need touch up surgery and/or implants to correct cosmetic issues
>More scarring
>Longer recovery
>Breasts can regrow if I gain weight

>Only two scars
>No need for implants
>Less complicated
>No possiblity of breast getting big again

No. 743585

Stimulation, seduction and stigma are big things that shouldn't be ignored. It's honestly kind of worrying that you don't go over them at all.

No. 743588

You should ask him how he feels about being intimate and schedule times around him feeling comfortable of doing so

No. 743591

I can’t even remember the last time I was this horny, anons. I can’t stop thinking about all the hot boys I never got to fuck in high school. A few of them definitely would’ve if I had just been as sexually aggressive as some other girls were. They were giving all these “yeah, would fuck” signals that I was too much of a sperg to react properly to and I wanna kms. I haaaate being a virgin, I’m so jealous of girls who had sex.
It’s not fair. Older women are hot, but men just get uglier and uglier with age. Plus, the older I get, the harder it’ll be for me to get manhandled by a cute twink.
I’m seriously at a point where I’m considering posting on /soc/ and trying to arrange a meet up with some cute lanky guy with pretty eyes, but I doubt any guys like that use it. It’s probably all ugly fat neckbeards and old ass scrotes, just like real life. I feel like a fucking incel.

No. 743592

File: 1613756507960.jpeg (462.08 KB, 750x769, 13CE35CD-A4D0-4051-98DD-AF8B04…)

Onlyfans whores who brag about “yo man likes dis” should be ashamed. I understand it’s the guys fault too but you’re bragging about it you nasty thot

No. 743594

Jesus christ anon. Pick a normie way of hooking up instead of throwing yourself to the wolves. You're going to regret it.

No. 743596

Nta but earlier today I was fantasising about living a life where my schedule becomes the opposite to old mens so I can leave the house and go work without men 3 times my age trying to force me to talk to them while I'm busy.

If women on average live longer than men then how is it that elderly women don't randomly talk to me day in day out (detailed weather updates I didn't ask for, fascinating! And I get to hear more tomorrow yay) It's always men. Then they tell you that you're looking great.. Makes me want to quit my job and go hermit.

No. 743597

They really think male attention means something.

No. 743598

Damn you sound like such a scrote. Just go on a dating app, you’ll literally have 100s of matches just for existing. Most will be trash but at least you can choose someone who’s decently attractive

No. 743600

I could be reading this wrong but maybe it's more about the principle of taking his money when he probably made a big deal about having moved on from her with the new girlfriend?

Nevertheless, I'd be the type to let his current girlfriend know if I were her. Even if she blocks, clearly the guy is the type of scum who pays for porn while he neglects the sexual needs of his gf.

No. 743603

They somehow feel empowered by shit like this, it's mind-boggling that this is considered a point to brag about

My ex cheated on me and left, then hit me up lately while he has a current partner and four step kids.. Sent me a fucking teddy bear in the mail to get my attention too. All that proves is that he's a dick and he doesn't think much of me or any woman. Isn't that cool. Sure makes me feel like I'm all sexy..

No. 743604

I would just kill myself if it weren't for my boyfriend. I would destroy his life and I won't do that to him.

My OCD is out of a control my psychologist who I can't afford anymore told me I could go into inpatient if I wanted to because I fit the criteria, I'm not working and I'm basically a leech on my family. I'm a 20 year old woman-child and My mom even agrees that she would be happy if I just disappeared out of their lives.

I don't think I'm cut out to be an adult and I wish I died when I first attempted at 15. I wish I went through with it when my boyfriend wasn't so invested in my life. I'm trapped now and all I can do is keep going until I finally crack under it all.

No. 743609

That's the dream haha. Even being in their presence feels like they're poisoning you or sapping your energy, it's fucking scary. I'm not superstitious but there's something about old moids.

No. 743612

fuck living at home bc of covid i want to be able to masturbate in peace

No. 743615

It's good you have something to hold on, hopefully in the future it will become more than just the bf, but it's a start and anything is great for starters. You're only 20 years old, it really is not much, you're young with a lot of time to grow and get better. Your mom is very cruel to say something like that, but maybe it's a cue for you to try to cut them off, at least to some extent? I don't know the exact rules of hospitalization in your case, but maybe if you could do it for few weeks/months to get some worries related to day-to-day living off your head, it would help? Just to regain stable footing.
You're doing ok, no one is "cut ot be an adult", some people struggle less and some people struggle more. You're just one of the latter. Making it to 20yo is a proof enough you can do it, so please keep trying. One day you'll succeed, as unlikely as it may seem now.

No. 743623

Just saw a cute cat video in my yt recommendations. But when I scrolled down, the first pinned comment was by the uploader, who said it went missing for 2 years, along with other cats of the neighborhood. I really hate it, and refuse to accept this reality.

No. 743625

>Stimulation, seduction and stigma are big things that shouldn't be ignored.
I can compromise with the first. As for the second, I'm gay and already engaged. My fiancee doesn't care as she has a small breasts herself. As for the third, there are millions of women alive right now with very small breasts or flat chests. What additional "stigma" could I face beyond general misogyny? Please do let me know.

No. 743626

What way does your ocd present itself?

I was in a very similar spot at 20, then that bf left me and I thought I'd fall apart but I took it as a type of rock bottom or 'do or die', moment and went into hospital. Tbh I didn't want to leave the hospital after a while. I felt a sense of being looked after and safe (even though I saw some very unwell people there too) It can help to get away from your family environment while tackling those issues. Especially if family are compounding your distress.

No. 743627

Anon if it's any consolation at all, just reading you recount it filled me with despair. I'm right there with you.

No. 743628

I’ve been there, anon, I’ve been there, don’t worry, your libido will die for a while and then, when you’re free, it will come back in a tenfold.

No. 743629

All I fucking wanted was to bake a nice cake with my mother today but of course her fucking psycho mood swings render her unable to even do that for my sake. She just suddenly went all depresso "I can't do this anymore" due to whatever she's stressing about inside her head and went to lay down in her bed in pitch darkness.

Anyway, now I realize we don't even have a tin that really suits the need of this cake well so I don't know if I can be bothered to deal with the rest of the process or not. I am just so frustrated and sad atm.

It's less than two months until my 25th birthday but I honestly don't fucking know if I want to live to see the day. For various reasons. I am more or less anxious, depressed and out of it lately and I don't know how much more I can take. Two months hard work of being self harm free will probably go down the drain soon because I am at my wits end.

No. 743635

I cannot believe how many super mentally ill mothers there are out there, especially on this website…
I'm sorry anon, you shouldn't be forced to be the mature one in this relationship.

No. 743637

General mysoginy, yes. Like awkward questions about it and puzzled looks.
Well, it's a relief if you have thought about these things.
Hope you can find what can suit you best.

No. 743653

Kek get big labia energy and do it anyways. Idk what's stopping you, unless your toy is super buzzy.

No. 743692

That sounds very difficult and taxing, anon. You're a champ for not losing your shit with this, mental illnesses are awful but especially having a sick mom is on another level. You've been very strong and I hope all the best for you!

No. 743703

I can't wait for life to be normal again. I feel like I'm not cresting new memories to relace old bad ones aka I'm still feeling sad from a break up like 6 months on. My ex was objectively a bastard and I'm getting fed up at myself for missing his company. I don't know if I just miss drama honestly. I've had two things with two guys and they were not great and also because of lockdown the cringe from those experiences also feel prolonged. I hate life atm. Everything is so boring. I'm struggling to even ha E anything new to say to friends. Everything is so stagnant. Like my breakup is still considered a new event to discuss with my friends and I'm just over it but also I'm not but I physically can't move on lol

No. 743787


No. 743793

I'm quitting my job with no notice tomorrow. I've finally decided that I don't fucking care. I feel so sick all the time - headaches, nausea, vomiting, all because of anxiety. I've started self-harming again. All I think about is work, I don't even enjoy my hobbies. My dad will be so disappointed but whatever, I may be a fuck up but at least I didn't kill myself.

No. 743800

File: 1613777239428.jpg (23.35 KB, 320x240, 1532029174279.jpg)

It's really hitting me for the first time how fucked up and vindictive my mom is. I've always known that she most likely had some sort of personality disorder, which is why she acts so weird and abusive, but I always felt like she wasn't actually in control of her actions. I just resented her for refusing to go to therapy and have kept low contact with her for a few years now because I'm just tired of her antics. I still talk to her, just very sparingly, and I just ignore her when it's clear she's trying to manipulate me into paying attention to her.

Lately, she's been pulling stunts that are extremely bizarre and are clearly meant to upset and confuse me, all the while acting like she's never loved or missed me more than she does right now. The stark contrast between her actions and her words is honestly bone-chilling. She's been acting like this ever since I gently let her know in an email (which she pretended she didn't see) that I don't want to go on a trip with her and my sister. For some reason, I only put two and two together the other day. I've had crazy anxiety and borderline panic attacks ever since because it's like…I somehow never was able to accept that my mom was actually kind of sadistic, or that she was fully in control of a lot of her horrible behavior toward me. I now know for certain that's not the case.

She's done everything possible to try and keep me in her life, which I have resisted because I don't trust her. She's never gone to therapy or really apologized for abusing me growing up, even though she hasn't been openly abusive for the past few years. It's been much more covert. It's like she's trying to punish me for not talking to her, or not doing what she wants. Idk. I'm rambling at this point, but I'm grossed out and really struggling to deal with the fact that I'm probably going to have to completely cut her out of my life for the sake of my own safety/sanity, and I don't even know how to start with that.

No. 743837

One of my favouruite crime podcasts keeps going on and on about BLM related topics and it's making me not enjoy it as much as I used to.
I understand that it's different in america and racism needs to be talked about, but at the same time I miss the constant whimsical episodes.

No. 743857

What started as a conversation about who is the best and worst sailor senshi with a friend turned into talking about misogynistic micro-aggressions we've experienced and I'm slowly realizing just how much shit I've been through. I've always been an outspoken feminist which then in turn made me a target for sexist men and made me even more feminist etc which is a vicious cycle. My friend was shocked at some of the shit I've experienced and talking to her I straight up started crying. What hurts the most is that in those situations where I was very clearly without doubt the victim, there was always a pickme saying how I somehow deserved it because I'm not a demure shy uwu girl. Even in cases such as sexual assault and being verbally abused and insulted by a classmate in front of 150 people for politely but assertively disagreeing with him.

inb4 pp sperg, this isnt about all men are trash or attacking every woman I disagree with being a pick me, this is litterally a vent about my very specific lived experience

No. 743861

Graduated college in May 2020, had a mental breakdown and just now got a full-time job. It only pays a little over 40K per year so I still can't afford to move out of my horrible household with my horrible family. IDK how I'm gonna even get through this job due to my mother being a fat, lazy fuck and not doing anything or caring for the dog. The dog is just another added stress and she's not even my dog, she's my BROTHER'S and he barely even cares for her. I'm so sick of this bullshit. I don't even have my own car and I've gained weight. I'm seriously considering suicide even before the job has started by downing xanax and ativan and alcohol or jumping off a tall building.

No. 743863

It’ll die down after a while.

No. 743865

I totally get you anon. I’ve also broken up with someone a few months ago and it’s hard getting over him when there’s nobody else you can meet. But I try to take it as an opportunity to pull myself out of it and get over him without relying on other people to fill the gap.

No. 743869

I cut my abusive family out of my life and now I'm struggling with the feelings and thoughts of guilt.
I don't know how to combat the feeling of loneliness and depression that has taken over me.
I also can't help but feel like my family thinks I am the abusive person and that makes me feel even more alone as I feel as if my abuse wasn't "bad enough".

No. 743883

I fucking hate online University with a passion.

No. 743887

Sick of having to make my own masks! None of the disposable ones stsy put on my flat ass middle face, yet my cheekbones are so wide and big that they're uncomfortable, a fucking travesty of measurements. I can sew but annoys me to see my mom just easily pop one on with her nice big straight ass nose.

No. 743889

File: 1613788203541.png (828.97 KB, 828x1792, D4D4E27E-C703-4551-A244-9EE3C2…)

I’m so lonely sometimes, and horny, and have been dreaming about being in love for a long time, and the guy I was talking to got COVID and I don’t think he was that interested in me any way

I try to be positive and I know good things come in time, with hard work, but sometimes the exercising and dieting and keeping up hobbies… all of it seems to be so I can find my “soulmate”… and it seems pathetic. I really hope I find love one day like that. I would give up a lot for it. I want to find a sap like me. But that would also be a man… I don’t know if I should have high hopes….

No. 743893

I can commiserate anon. Every mask they sell in my country for adults is made very clearly for men, it's huge and covers my whole face including eyes. I even have a big nose and big ass head for a woman. The kids' ones are too small, the "adult" ones too big. Suffering.

No. 743895

Same, most masks are so uncomfortable to me. They always end up going into my eyes or they look comically big

No. 743903

My sister is 27 and has only worked minimum wage jobs her entire life and threw a fit when I used the term "big girl job" the other night. According to her, that's just a term that people came up with to dump on those who work minimum wage. She then had the audacity to claim that she works harder than the average person with a "big girl job." Bitch, you've been in minimum wage for almost a decade and have done nothing on the side to improve your financial prospects. At this point, that just makes you a sucker.

I probably sound harsh, but I'm so tired of walking on eggshells with her and her insecurities. She has every means in the world to improve her situation but never does and instead just expects the world to cater to her perpetual victim complex. She actually gets mad if me if I try to explain to her why the world isn't as bleak and awful as she's convinced herself it is.

No. 743905

And her working a minimum wage job in her 20's is bad because…?

No. 743906

Having a movie double date type thing with some friends, and my bf has pissed me the fuck off twice tonight omg. He’s usually great, but he’s just saying the dumbest shit.

No. 743908

Please don't be obtuse. I made it clear that the problem isn't that she's "working a minimum wage job in her 20's," it's that she complains constantly, does nothing to improve her situation, and is spiteful and rude towards people who are doing better than her.

If I need to be more clear, I will also specify that amongst one of her regular complaints is not liking any of her jobs. She doesn't make enough money and struggles to get by as a result. Despite this, she refuses to go to school or look into any sort of credential program that could help improve those prospects. Also, according to her, all of her customers and coworkers treat her like crap, but I don't know how true that actually is. She has been complaining about this exact shit, like clockwork, for almost ten years. I used to sympathize with her, but I'm over it. There's only so much you can do for people that refuse to do anything to better themselves.

No. 743909

>t. anon's sister
No one is saying you need an office job, but you can at least aim higher than the entriest of entry level jobs.

No. 743910

It’s not pathetic anon. Chase what you want. You can never go wrong with self improvement.

No. 743911

Maybe she's just given up on life? It happens. After so many years of min wage your soul and will is crushed, no wonder she thinks nothing can change and the world is a horrible place.

No. 743915

>I'm just going to continue ignoring all of your points in favor of feeling sorry for myself.

No. 743919

Stop talking to her then, no one's forcing you to care about her. But no amount of you telling her to "get a better job/the world isn't bad" will make her change, hope you realize.

No. 743921

File: 1613792302127.png (253.92 KB, 540x297, BvdEWhN.png)

I already got over him. I know that it's probably for the best of us, but now I feel empty again.
I deserved, and still deserve, being seeing as stupid for this; it wasn't worthy.

I need some time alone.

No. 743925

This is the vent thread. I don't know what you want me to say. I'm sorry that I vented about my sister being annoying, and that you took that personally?

No. 743928

It's her sister? It's not like it's a friend that she can drop at any time. I don't know if it's different in other cultures but aren't family members supposed to, like, have empathy for each other? Help each other in times of need? Kek.

No. 743931

A+ gaslighting.

No. 743940

No. 743945


methinks anons sister once told her to better herself lmao

No. 743948

An opinion you disagree with isn't automatically gaslighting anon

No. 743949

File: 1613795071604.jpeg (518.98 KB, 1535x2044, 9A3C9798-D53B-486A-8F89-2728F0…)

My bf just told me that before we got together some girl with a giant ass sat in his lap and a part of me has died inside.
Pic unrelated

No. 743950

Samefag I know her personally she’s a major whore anons pls

No. 743956

Did you actually manage to shit yet anons?

No. 743961

God I wish my boyfriend would shut the fuck up sometimes, his advice blows ass and he's years younger than me and has gone through nothing in life. Even hid grandparents are alive. He's had one dog die, and took six days off work to mourn, then tells me that still being upset about my father's death anniversary on the 10th year is, and I quote, masturbatory.

Sometimes he makes me so fucking angry when I'm already in the dumps. It's like he doesn't know I'll seriously bite him and give him rabies.

No. 743967

Two days and four laxatives later, the eagle has finally landed. I hope my fellow poop anons are also experiencing relief.

No. 743977

Based and cougar pilled. I too am dating a younger dude they’re cute but not very wise

No. 743978

Some of my friends grandparents are still alive but they don't really bother to call them or anything. It makes me sad because my last grandparent died when I was 11 and I didn't even get to meet one of them. I'm not saying I would be the most perfect grandchild and call every single day but it's just unfair. I miss them.

No. 743980

Nta, I went from scrotes in their mid to late 30s to a 20 year old just for a fling and it's one of the most refreshing life changes I've made.

No. 743985

knowing a budding alcoholic is a little annoying. like, god, doesn't it feel at least a little shameful texting me with tons of typo and incoherent speech because you're drunk on a tuesday evening?

No. 743986

I'm mid-twenties and work retail full time (it pays better than minimum wage but it's still entry level) and I hate people like your sister tbh. Doesn't matter how hard you work – if a 16 year old hired off the street is making the same money as you, you're not doing a "big girl job". If she was holding down one job long enough to get into a management position or a raise, that might be different, but it sounds like that's not the case. Also if all her customers and coworkers at every job she's worked treat her like shit I suspect she's the problem. There's nothing wrong with being content doing shit for brains jobs, I am, but she's clearly not and wants to take it out on everyone else.

No. 743988

Kek, that's what you get for robbing the cradle.
I pushed my younger crush to be alone in a room with me to watch netflix, sat close and did all sort of googly eyes and shit. He didn't attempt anything.
Now, he's going all 'I have a bad side, you should be afraid' and I'm going full kek every time it happens. Dude, I put myself in a situation where you could have raped me and you didn't take advantage at all, what even are you talking about.
They're cute for sure but damn, they sure need a few years of real life experience.

No. 743990

For the past six years of my life I've been living it in such a way of hopes that a man will save me and take care of me. This has caused me to be in abusive relationships and be behind compared to my peers. It probably does not help that my family had implemented in my head that I needed a man and refused to teach me basic things like how drive and all other adult things because they wanted to keep me with them until I found a man. Well for the first time in my life I have decided to live for myself and manifest my own destiny. I am applying for community College in the summer and signing up for driving classes and then buying a car with some of my savings. My ldr boyfriend is aganist me going to college as it means we will be further from each other even longer. I did take this into consideration at first but I have finally realized that I will regret waiting for him if things go sour between us and if I go to school and things with us go well or end up gong sour, I will have no regrets. So obviously the right option is very clear and I'm excited to take these first steps in fully bettering myself.

No. 743992

fwiw I met two people from soc while I was in HS and they were both fairly attractive (I was schlubby and acned to shit). Just got coffee and walked around the city, but they seemed normal enough. Although one did shoplift shoes from Macys while I was there…but idk just teen stuff I assume. This was 10 years ago though so its probably all incels now

No. 743993

My mom made me quit my job because of the pandemic but she's planning on going to church even though all of the people in the clergy have been infected with covid.

She's so fucking selfish because she didn't care if I caught covid the entire time I was working her excuse for making me quit was "I don't want her to give me the virus." Yet she's willing to go to church and give me the virus.

No. 743996

Idk I mean sis has a point. It’s infantilizing and meant to put her down. 60 year old ladies and shit work for minimum wage.

No. 744009

i wanna try tinder again to find a cute girl to talk to (not meet up with because of covid, but form a relationship with online with maybe and play games and be happy and other gay shit. a lot to ask for right now but i'm so lonely) but the last time i tried it was just girls who either would flirt and then ghost, youknowwhats, and unicorn hunters paired with ugly scrotes who will only tell you at the end. it's been a while since i went on any apps and i would totally be fine with being the first one to text but i just wish i could get only serious people. i know this is a hookup app but i just want to give it a shot. not to mention i'm extremely attracted to femmes and that's like asking for a pot of gold.

i don't want to be used for experimentation again too.. sad face

No. 744012

Tbh I kinda gave anon the benefit of the doubt and assumed this is something that's been escalating for years, and that's why she made a comment like that. She said she hates walking on eggshells around her sister and I would hope anon wasn't meaning that refraining from saying pointedly rude things to somebody = walking on eggshells around them.

No. 744014

File: 1613809773881.jpeg (80.5 KB, 750x702, 998E2F9A-18DF-4243-AED7-BC9889…)


No. 744027

I too have pcos and other shit and keto is the only thing that works for me. 15kg so far - it's kinda hard at the beginning, but cheese and meat keep me going

No. 744030

File: 1613811745263.jpg (42.4 KB, 640x595, 4bbae78e6076405f7e3c629a87073e…)

>I have a bad side, you should be afraid
anon please

No. 744031

File: 1613811811874.png (384.48 KB, 808x805, WHY GOD.png)

my wisdom teeth are impacted and trying to grow in and they hurt so fucking bad!!!!!!!! i wanna scream!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH anything thats more than just completely squishy fucking hurts to eat and even when i don't eat hard stuff my jaw is just…permanently throbbing in pain jesus christ kill me
at least i have poor people insurance so it'll be covered but it's the weekend and the surgery clinic i left a voicemail for won't reply til monday…….and even then……i'll have to schedule it…….and it's going to take god knows how long to actually have an appointment date…….it's over…..i've lost

No. 744032

Im so annoyed with my life right now, ever since covid made me move back home I've been in an endless truman show esque loop that I cant escape.
and maybe I should be more depressed which I guess I am but I'm also not.

I cant eat, I cant focus, I cant wake up early enough. I don't have a car or any other means of transportation so I'm stuck at home all day every day. I spent a few days at this guys house which was amazing and I was the perfect little pretend trad gf but that wasn't good enough and I became even more depressed after I went home. Not even about the guy but about the fact that I have to live in my endless torment. I feel like a basement dwelling neet even though I'm in school. Everything that I've set up for post graduation has fell through because of covid and things that are still in the works feel precarious, its like Ill never get out of this purgatory even though I have to or else Ill die.

I dont care that Im being dramatic thats just how much I hate my retarded useless life. I need to get out of here but I have no money and I fucking hate worrying about that, I almost pulled out a student loan just to do it but I was too much of a pussy to go through with it. I feel embarassingly desperate for something to change, anything but life goes on the same. I graduate in a few months and I cant stand it, not because I feel unaccomplished im getting a useless degree anyways but because it doesnt matter what I do Ill still be stuck in this endless cycle. Every escape attempt Ive ever made since I was a teenager has never lasted and I always end up coming back. I had a plan that was going to get me out of here and it was torn apart and shat on and then I had a plan b and the same thing and a plan c… I swear Im in fucking hell. no where is far enough and no where is in reach. A part of me fantasizes about getting as far away from here as possible and then killing myself so I really will never have to come back and the manic side of me is seriously considering it.
typing this all out and really admitting it to myself for the first time is pretty fucking scary. I hate my life. Ive had some of the worst things possible happen to me but this place, this situation takes the cake. purgatory is worse than hell, Id rather burn for all eternity than spend another day locked in my room doing the same thing over and over again.

No. 744036

I didn't even say it to upset her. I said it completely offhandedly in a kind of sarcastic way. My sister took offense to it and decided to go off and make it about herself.

No. 744040

am drinking
i miss this girl from high school so much
we were both TIFs at the time, i think she still is one. she was super edgy and butch. i just want to see her again. it's been like four or five years.. omg i am so retarded i could have at least been friends with her but my pure trannie autism got in the way .., i could be mssging her right now but im just posting on lolcow

i don't care if she hates me, id rather be punched in the jaw by her than never see her again . god i am pathetic

No. 744041

I think it was edgy pretend but have since dropped it. He never showed anything bad and was actually a nice, positive, decent person the whole time, tho. I tend to believe actions more than words.

No. 744053

File: 1613815778897.jpg (103.75 KB, 500x667, bb717211d54e0d229966459fda39ad…)

I succumbed to avoidance and haven't returned the calls of my friends the last month. Eventually my best friend, who lives near me, showed up on my doorstep today to tell me that our friendship is over because she's fed up with me disappearing all the time. She was really angry and implied that I don't care about her. I said I do. I imagined what it must be like to think like her, to think that there is a direct correlation between thought and action.
I know what the problem is. My brain associates intimacy with danger. Any kind of human contact makes me panic. Phone ringing? Someone wants to contact me - panic. Message alert? Panic. I love my friend, but I can't rewire my brain so it'll associate intimacy with safety. Safety is avoidance. Safety is shutting everyone out. Safety is not answering emails, messages, phonecalls. Safety is sitting in my room and binging Youtube videos. Safety is not being in contact with anyone.
I also know why this is. I was raised by a narcissistic mother who made our personal boundaries wash together. For the longest time, I wasn't sure if certain thoughts or desires or even physical symptoms belonged to her or me. Whenever I wanted to be myself, I shut myself in my room so I could be alone. Only then I knew that I was me and she was her, the boundaries were clear.

So now I feel like I'm standing in front of a fucking equation that I cannot solve. I know that what I'm doing is wrong and hurting people. I don't want to be hurting people. I want to get along with them. I want to be okay with intimacy. I crave it for fuck's sake. But I don't know what the next step is. I've realized and acknowledged what my problem is. I know what's causing it. I've been in therapy. I tried solving it. I tried reaching out, making friends, but I always end up withdrawing and isolating myself and I end up losing them. I just literally don't know what to do anymore

No. 744054

Literally reach out and talk to people.

No. 744057

I did. I do. But I either come off as 'distant and detached' (reason why I was recently fired from my workplace) and can't connect with people or it's fine for a while and then I inevitably feel like I have to withdraw

No. 744064

File: 1613817524893.gif (826.39 KB, 324x183, giphy.gif)

My anxiety is really high and I asked a friend if he could post me proof about him not messing with me. He got offended and annoyed and I feel like complete shit and have no idea if I fucked up or if it was okay to ask or what. He knows I have trust issues and I don't ask for this or show it constantly, it's the first time in like 2-3 years. Either way I feel terrible and want to spend the rest of the day in bed. Fuck me for ever opening my mouth, nothing good EVER comes from it.

No. 744065

File: 1613817618081.jpg (188.27 KB, 700x393, george-of-the-jungle-di-02.jpg)

anons, I just want a himbo boyfriend, that's all I ask for. I don't want him to care about politics, I don't want him to have a degree etc. he could be a construction worker or a fisherman or something. I just want him to be kind to other people, strong and hot. and a little dumb. god please send me a himbo.

No. 744068

Got 3 hours of sleep last night but I'm no longer suicidal so I've decided to give one week of notice on Monday. The job still sucks, there's no way one week will be enough for them to hire someone new and I'll suffer through that week but I'm not in any immediate danger so whatever. I don't even know what's worse for my friends and family: me constantly threatening to kill myself or me needing total financial support because I'm a retard who got a degree in a field she hates

No. 744077

Hats off to you, anon, for making the decision, that takes courage. You'll make it through that one week

No. 744082

I hate how (in my country at least) there's this culture of women being expected to take great pleasure in having people over and making them tea and slicing them some cake and basically always being the host that makes things, serves things and then when people go home she cleans up everyones mess.

I grew up watching my mom put out these spreads of lunch and emergency cake whenever my dads family randomly decided to ring very last minute and say "we're on our way over" She'd spend hours entertaining and then cleaning up when it's HIS brother that came over. They would come empty handed, get waited on all day and never have us over in return.

I moved into my own house solo last year and after talking to my old/single male neighbor maybe 3 times he declares that he should come over to mine for tea .. I don't have tea. I live alone and have the bare minimum of cups/plates etc. I drink black coffee and I have no reason to have tea/milk/sugar or any of that. I'm a single woman half your age so I'm certainly not letting you into my house after talking to you for a handful of minutes. I had just moved so I had no fucking table yet. I kind of said nothing in reply hoping that'd speak for itself but he knocked on my door shortly afterwards and I just didn't answer. Don't invite yourself into my house for tea/coffee when I never offered it! I'm not following in my moms footsteps and having men invite themselves over like my house is a free cafe and I'm the staff.

When I meet female friends for tea/coffee we go to a cafe and take turns paying. Nobody has to stock up their kitchen in advance or do the dishes after. Now that's a nice time. Suck it old man lol

No. 744096

Lmao I love entertaining and wish I had anyplace but a shitty shared apartment to do so, but still, that man has a lot of nerve! What a creep.

No. 744103

>big girl job

Kek not related to your post but this reminds me of when I got my first full time office job after working office temps, at a call center, and retail for several years, mostly because I live in a competitive area and had to figure out for myself all the application tricks to even have my resume seen for higher paid jobs. One of my friends congratulated me on my "first big girl job" and I thought that was super condescending. My call center job was a "big girl job" complete with health insurance, travel benefits, and a full time schedule. It was just stressful as fuck and I hated working there, turnover was high and literally everyone was on mental health medication. IF I could have stood to work there, some people were making 30/hr after 12 or so years at the lowest position level. But I only lasted over three years because it was impacting my health so much.
Anyways, this was coming from a friend who held a retail/food service position herself. Same friend hasn't been able to hold a job for a solid year in more than a few years and she's pissed that nobody wants to hire her for what I'm being paid now. I've tried to help her, but she hasn't done much to boost her resume or help her case in any way. So she got hired at a small call center. She didn't last one week before she vented to me about how the call center is a anxiety inducing place and quit. I mean, what happened friendo? I thought a place like a call center was an easy peasy non-big girl job? Didn't you just sit on your ass and piss around on the phone all day? /s I know I'm sounding mean but omg she deserved that lesson.

I guess she's asking a friend's husband to get her a job at a production line at a factory that pays pretty well. Hope she can stick to a "big girl job" finally.

No. 744105

I've gone on to often vent here about him getting creepy with me so I'm glad I didn't try and play along with that shit

But yeah entertaining actual friends if the favor is returned or people at least offer to bring the cake along sounds cool if you are into it. It's the one-sidedness and self invites that are too tolerated here. And it's not men having self invites thrusted on them.

No. 744116

My mom is so fucking crazy I finally had to just block her for my own sake. Last night she just texted me out of the blue about getting help finally but also went back to her abuser after my grandparents had done everything they could to help her. She also made disgusting allegations against my Grandpa which I don’t believe to be true because she’s not in her right mind. She asked me for money but I’m in college and broke. She just kept requesting it so I had to block her. She’s so selfish, all she ever does is take take take from me, even as a child. She’s over 40 now and needs to stop relying on her kids, especially me, when she’s in a bad situation. I think she’s finally burned the last bridge she’s ever had and I just hope I don’t wake up one day to news that she’s been killed or died from OD.

No. 744128

My grandmother has dementia and she's been locked up in her carehome for almost a year now. The corona restrictions have been significantly speeding up her detoriation because she gets no stimulation from going outside and meeting people anymore. With the current restrictions she's not even allowed to see all of her children. I'm afraid she won't recognize me anymore by time I'm allowed to see her again. I can't help but feel massive resentment for all the overweight and obese fatties who're for whom everyone's locked up inside their houses right now to keep them off the IC. My grandmother is sacrificing the final years of her hard life for them, I hate it.

No. 744135

The co-op board is threatening legal action against my family because we weren’t prepared enough for the bedbug treatment and now I’m stressed as fuck. My dad is on the board and he’s saying they’re constantly dogpiling on him, telling him “you can’t throw anything out because you’ll spread the bedbugs” while in the same breath saying “your apartment has to be cleared for the treatment.” We bought a huge storage unit to store things but because of work and my dad is the only one able to drive we haven’t fully cleared out the apartment (admittedly my parents are basically hoarders so there’s still quite a bit left though we’ve also emptied out a lot of stuff too). They’re threatening to saddle us with the bill even though other apartments have bedbug infestations (I saw it on the notice) and they also refuse to treat adjacent apartments (so even if treatments worked, they could come back in via other apartments). I’m so fucking stressed I just want this nightmare to be over. I’m willing to pay for heat treatment out of my own pocket (the board president refuses because she thinks it’s ineffective) but I don’t even know what would happen if I tell my dad to decline the second pesticide spraying so we could opt for heat treatment. Would they still saddle us with the bill out of spite? They aren’t threatening the other units as far as I know, who were also unprepared for the first treatment.

I know we don’t have a strong case because we do have a lot of shit in the apartment but the bedbug dude half ass sprayed everything, not even according to how a different inspector from the same company said things would be done, sneakily took pictures, and we have a deadline of this Tuesday but all of us are working. And in the middle of a pandemic none of us want to take off extra days to risk losing our jobs!!! None of us make that much (I just have slightly more disposable income since my parents don’t make me pay rent) and my parents have a lot of debt so I’m just stressed and freaked out about the building shoving this thousands of dollars bill on us.

No. 744136

That last bit made no sense, people are locking up for people like old people and still failing, you have way more people to be mad about than just the fats.

No. 744138

Dementia is awful anon, I'm sorry for you and your family. Does the care home even let you visit thru a window? I know it's not a proper substitute tho. I don't understand how care homes don't have the facilities to sanitise a specific visitors room.

No. 744154

When I was filling out the paperwork to buy a car I got really depressed at the occupation and income section. I’ve been working at the same medical retail place for 7-8 years and it became obvious that with the exception of the high schoolers we hire, pretty much no one there has the drive or experience to do anything else. Any time someone my age quits it’s because they’re having a kid and becoming a SAHM. I started taking college classes and earned a degree right when covid started but I’ve done nothing but work since the lockdowns began. During this time I started realizing I was the only one actively trying to change and I really don’t want this place overtaking my life.

Now that I have a better vehicle I started job searching but I feel so inexperienced for my age. I vented to my mom and she said it shouldn’t be hard to do something else because of my “job experience” but I really don’t think anyone cares about retail management goons.

No. 744157

File: 1613830475173.jpg (66.97 KB, 700x394, high-risk-80-percent_1.jpg)

Pretty sure this is more about your grandmother catching Covid than the fatties.

I'd be mad at at your government for not providing visitor tests to nursing homes instead.

No. 744158

Father makes fun of mom and me for every little thing pretty much everyday, yesterday to the point of both of them fighting: Geez, stop overreacting, it's just a joke… Next morning, we all have to go to the bathroom at the same time, father is in and mom and me stand in the hallway waiting, both starting to giggle because the situation is kinda awkward but also funny because what are the chances: Why are you laughing? What's wrong with you? Stop that. You may have told me it's not because of me, but I will still spend the rest of the day in my room sulking and being snappy. :)))))))))))

No. 744165

My dad keeps saying "only old people die of corona" not realising hes in that category. I love my dad but hes sometimes so fucking stupid and you cant change him once hes set on a thought.

No. 744166

I just had to go change out of my well fitting turtleneck and overshirt into a sweater because the fucking material and tightness made me actually angry. I am so fucking tired, in lots of pain, my skin feels super dry and everything is too fucking much, the fucking snow is this close to giving me a goddamn migraine as well. I am so uncomfortable I wanna cry, is this how fucking infants feel at all times, I just wanna go the fuck to sleep.

No. 744175


I don’t know you, anon, so obviously I don’t know the full story but it seems like you’re super overwhelmed and overstimulated. You should have a bath or something—that way nothing is touching your skin—and treat yourself to a nice body lotion or something. Things will get better.

No. 744181

File: 1613834314584.jpg (42.94 KB, 732x714, ec365cedd759d512e52341b4323a3d…)

i keep waking up from my sleep with heart palpitations, severe dissociation, and traumatic intrusive thoughts. this shit sucks! i want to have a comfortable slumber.

No. 744223

I feel so fucking high strung and stressed out and don’t know what to do to calm myself down because I can’t stop thinking about the shit making me stressed it makes me want to cut myself because I feel like I have no other options AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH

No. 744232

Amazing how your government can fail the absolute shit out of you, but you're so deep in the mental illness you're going to blame fat people LOL.

No. 744236

More out of left field hate for fat people than usual recently lmao

No. 744240

I'm gonna sound like a scrote but hear me out, I hate that women are trash in comparison to men. We're always weaker, have to deal with periods, pregnancy and hormonal imbalances, always in a submissive role, always considered inferior and less intelligent. In most religions we're the same as animals. We're paid less, we're ignored more, our emotions are treated like things we cannot control akin to instinct. Men treat us like warm fleshlights that need some care sometimes instead of actual people. To be powerful as a woman means to aggressively pleasure men through sex and beautiful looks. I will fall in love with a man some day and I'll have to accept being treated as if I'm inferior, dumber, dependant on someone who doesn't see me as a person for love. When I refuse all of this I'm not doing my job and I'm shameful and acting unnatural. I can see why fakeboys turn out like they do, how can you even fucking blame them. Both society and nature itself are against women.

No. 744241

Im gonna go take a walk jiggling all 300 lbs of my rolls in your honor!

No. 744260

>say something that sounds interesting/cool in your head
>comes out as awkward
>people change the topic
This is happening way too often. How do I stop being autistic

No. 744272

I'm booking your appointment for a comorbidity of being a pickmeisha and having obvious daddy issues.
You'll thank me later.

No. 744273

Good. You need it.

No. 744278

gonna hit a restaurant for a takeout too ♥

No. 744283

I hate my parents a little bit

so they fucked me over in multiple ways growing up, I won't get into detail but there was a lot of neglect. when I went to college, I wasn't eligible for loans, and they didn't offer to help me out financially (one time they said they would, but then they didn't). I could barely afford college even living with them, being at a low paying part time job. one of the ways they neglected me was by not taking me to regular dental checkups as a kid/teen, which means I never got my teeth cleaned or worked on even once as a teen. at 23 I had to get an emergency tooth pulled, which costed me just over 500$. the last time they helped me out financially, I had to pay them back in full.

none of this ever bothered me until I found out just a few days ago that they have a recurring monthly 200$ donation to their church. 200$ a month ads up to thousands a year… that could pay for a lot of dental work, or some tuition… but I'm not important enough apparently. not as important as their church.

No. 744284

Dont have a heart attack on your way there nonny! ♥

No. 744289

Nah, I don't really need to ignore the truth. Also therapists are shitty and cost money.

No. 744297

Nta but what's untrue about what she said? Both society and nature fucks us over, pregnancy makes us vulnerable and males are using it against us. And because of the fact we're weaker, smaller and we give birth to kids, men were keeping us behind closed doors for the majority of human history, and the majority of human achievements in science, art, music, architecture, philosophy etc. were made by men. Male is the deafult in art. Male is the symbol of universal human struggle. Female roles in theatre and movies are fucking boring most of the time and they have no introspection, they're just a bunch of stereotypes about women. I could never identify with female characters in movies and books, because everything about them was just less human, less interesting and more boring and docile in comparison to male characters I liked.

No. 744305

That's a perspective you don't have to take. Being weaker and all those things doesn't mean we're lesser imo. We've been mistreated and with scrote logic that's a loss and obviously it's miserable for us. But the truth is we are better humans, we commit less crimes and are less violent. Just because injustice has been done to us by a stronger force doesn't mean we're actually less. I mean by that logic any nation that overpowers and commits human rights abuses against another, is "good." I mean obviously you can say they're more successful but they're fucking depraved and horrible. Idk, you shouldn't be looking at it this way if you ask me. Not to downplay how horribly we've been screwed over by men, but their behavior isn't something I idolize or think makes them superior, truly. They are fucking scum. Ruling by brute force and terror makes them fucking scum. I hate murderers, rapists, anyone who harms another and is cruel, and that's their true accomplishment over us, there sadly isn't justice but I still view them as lesser for it until they can change. Scrotes do still cling to morality or pretend to, even by their standards they are scum they only justify it because it serves their sex

No. 744308

nta, but she repeatedly calls us inferior. not saying nature and society doesn't fuck us over, but that doesn't have to make us inferior.

No. 744354

My boyfriend is seriously giving me "just cheer up" level advice about being sick with a pretty uncomfortable, disgusting illness. I snapped at him for giving me the please-shut-up attitude and he decided to just fuck off and read one of my favourite books (he's rereading it) just to argue my FAVOURITE quote from the book, on of all things, humans understanding another's experience based on one book he read about 1960s neurology. He's such a fat scrote now I wish he'd stop being a jerk. He settled into an extra 110lbs and went from gentle elf boy to tradie fag who does nothing beyond eat in under six years. I'm sick, AND sick of him but our stuff is too intertwined and it's still too dangerous to risk my parents health to move back. His art sucks dick too, same with his music and he prides himself on not being like other artists because his shit is amazing. It's so bad I have a hard time showing people it when they ask me. It's fucking retardedly bad, and I never say shit because I love him. And this dick will argue me about the only quote I've ever discussed from that book while I'm sweating through layers of clothing.
Men are boring and I wish none of my girlfriends had moved away/wasn't corona so I could hang out with compassionate people again. I don't want an echochamber, I just want people who have experienced life and might better grasp how to navigate complex feelings like grief or excitement in a way that doesn't feel bleak

No. 744355

I want to do a serious closet cleaning but have nowhere to put the stuff I want to get rid of. Lockdown means thrift stores are closed and not accepting donations, and my county doesn’t have a good secondhand clothing sales platform. All we have is various Craigslist-style sites where half the users are trying to scam you and for some reason everyone always wants to pick things up physically at my house instead of letting me send it by mail. Fuck that, I don’t want strangers showing up at my house in the middle of a pandemic.

No. 744357

Sounds like someone's been browsing too many incel forums.

No. 744362

Its funny to me because even incels get angry and upset at power imbalance and injustice, even if they only care about chad outmatching them. Unless you believe in rolling over and accepting other's advantage like a dog as them being superior, because might is right, everybody thinks there is more that matters. So just because men historically oppress and overpower us or have more strength doesn't mean that's actually superiority or correct to exploit. Nobody really believes that in all situations, if they do then every time they are overpowered it is fair and you can work on yourself but there is always someone who will surpass you. You are always inferior. I don't think anyone fully has that approach unless they are very sad and self-loathing

No. 744365

Fuck that blows. If you and your parents could both quarantine for 2 weeks would you be able to go home?

No. 744367

>It's so bad I have a hard time showing people it when they ask me. It's fucking retardedly bad, and I never say shit because I love him.

Living for you roasting your boyfriend's art in this rant anon. I'm sorry he's being a selfish asshole.

No. 744370

I really don't know how America in the 50s didn't have any serious female serial killers. Or did they just not get caught? It seems like the pressure by society on women to non-stop perform was fucking insane, literally the same as single moms but without any personal freedom and all the responsibility + they also had to take care of a man and be the scapegoat/problem solver for any possible bullshittery from his site with 0 real reward or recognition or help.
Anytime I hear or read something along the lines of "women were better back then", I just read it as "I am a lazy bastard who wishes I had a free maid to do everything for me".

No. 744373

Oh my god if I acted that way toward my partner I would be slapped across the room and I would deserve it. Your patience is incredible tbh. I literally wouldn't last a day. Post the bad art?

No. 744374

Not sure how serious you were with your serial killer question, but wouldn't that be because most women are much less likely to have the physical strength necessary to overpower someone, contrary to males? And shooting someone is not the stealthy way to go. I read somewhere women's prefered method of killing is poisoning, but when every single person around you starts to die after you got to know them well enough to be able to cook for them, that's suspicious, too… Anyways, agree on your last point lmao

No. 744376

Some studies show that women were "happier" back then than they are now. No idea how that's possible

No. 744378

There are female serial killers but as I understand women are just less likely to become ones in general. I think there were some married couples who'd kill, rape and torture people too. But that's also really rare compared to your typical white male psychopathic serial killers.

No. 744383

I'm unironically suffering from psychosis where I think the neighbor is spying on me from their second story window and sending me signals by turning the light off when I let the dog out and I hide behind the blinds and stare intensely trying to catch them watching me. I'm aware it's not real but I still do it because I'm fucking crazy, I hate myself

No. 744386

I love how the lowest common denominator of men have brainwashed too many women into believing their bullshit when they, by nature, are the disposable and useless ones.

No. 744387

no kidding being stockhlomed by society does that to you.

No. 744391

File: 1613854271756.jpeg (14.89 KB, 425x265, Eto6jO-WQAAHkWu.jpeg)

I'm crushing on my professor so bad it fucking sucks, he's like 20+ years older than me and has a kid. Why can't I just find people my own age attractive rather than old ass wrinkly men, fuck.

No. 744398

Anon, seek help. This can get much worse and you might end up doing something you'll seriously regret.

No. 744399

If nature makes you weak, unable to defend yourself from a male assaulter, makes pregnancy almost lethal and so painful that you cannot do a lot of things for a lot of time, then it also makes you inferior. If your role in nature is submissive then you're inferior. If the average male can overpower the average woman then we're inferior, because at the end of the day it's all based on who's the strongest and who can overpower the other. Men have always been in positions of power because they're strong and they were able to make women submit and control them by force. I'm not saying that we're less as people, I know women are better humans, but because we are objectively less physically we are also treated less as people, so by the majority of society we result inferior. And I hate that.

How are they useless by nature anon?

No. 744400

Harsh take but true

No. 744405

Thats only because males have designed society to be this way, and women are encouraged via social conditioning to continue to be helpless and weak. Imagine a society that values creation and innovation over raw caveman strength and ability to coom. a society that encourages female accomplishment and leadership. Raw strength is nothing in the grand scheme of things, we as women have the power to continue or end the entire human race. I think thats a lot better than being able to smash open a rock. We arent inferior just because we were dealt a shit hand

No. 744406

Nta but they are

No. 744407

I don't understand the "they are physically superior" argument that scrotes love to bring up so much. It's not prehistoric cave times, even the strongest man isn't immune to teargas or a bullet, knife or sledgehammer in his chest. The only advantage (and disadvantage kek) is that they are more prone to act risky and without hindsight or regards for consequences whenever their feefees are hurt or penis is activated. The only thing that makes women inferior in that situation is more fear, the way we were socialized since day one and the fact that laws tend to be shit regarding self-defense.

No. 744408

It’ll blow over eventually, anon. When I was dealing with a crush on my professor I made myself think about the situation like this: if he’s truly a great guy, he would never take advantage of a student or abandon his family. If he would do something like that then he’d be a scumbag and not worth my affection. There is no scenario in which this would turn out okay.
The crush will probably fizzle out as soon as you’re finished with the course or whatever it is that keeps you in contact with him.

No. 744409

They also have lower age expectancy for acting dumb, m'stronger sex

No. 744410

So was Stephen Hawking inferior to a really strong retard because he could be yeeted across the room? I think the word you're looking for is 'weaker'. Anyways, women still have better immune systems, higher pain thresholds, and are more likely to survive famines than men, so that's hardly true anyways. There's also no telling how strong women might have evolved to be if we hadn't been deliberately deprived of food and strenuous excercise for generations. Consider that if women had locked men up inside the home and induced them to cut their calories in half for hundreds of years, they would turn out quite shrimpy compared to a woman who scarfs down steaks and grew up playing contact sports. They're practically doing that to themselves now anyways via constant vidya gaming, shitty diets and non-stop cooming. Hopefully they'll be weak enough to overpower soon and then it's lights out for the y chromosome, kek.

No. 744411

Women are only 'submissive' because men are desperately possessive and jealous of the fact that the human race is in our hands, and they have exerted significant effort to control and subjugate our reproductive capabilities. Without their interference they would exist to do manual labour and be canon fodder for our sakes, and then maybe, if they can compete well enough with other men, we will pick a small number of them and let their genes continue on. They're destined to spend their whole lives obsessing over us as the ultimate prize, and we are just 'meh' about the majority of them.

Of course, you're not wrong in the sense that it is our practical reality to suffer at the hands of males and we're not in any position of power because of the way things turned out. But I can't feel lesser for it, knowing that men are simply parasites doing everything they can to hitch a ride on our wagon.

No. 744414

I'm getting really sick of seeing gender essentialism everywhere

No. 744415

File: 1613856483491.jpg (63.93 KB, 500x611, 1613075827306.jpg)

Nobody gives a shit, but I just figured out that I can just stick sticky notes to my screen with formulas/instructions. So I feel based. Gonna get at least a B.

No. 744418

Technically we dont even need men to get pregnant at all. Women can get impregnated by our own bone marrow.

No. 744420

>'Hi, fellow vagina-havers, let's discuss why we all suck'
you're either a scrote larping or you have some serious internalized misoginy to deal with

No. 744424

Raw strenght is the root of everything though. We are people, but deep down we all just function like animals (down to our hormones, reactions, roles, dymanics) and in nature being stronger and more aggressive than the other is what allows you to live. Sadly our society is based on that and will be for a long time, maybe forever. And how would we have the power to end the human race?

In a domestic setting and day to day life when we aren't holding guns, knives and poisons constantly, we are left with our bare strenght and men can overpower us.

Hawking was still a man and yeah, to and extent he was seen as inferior, but he was also a genious and useful because of that. Had he been a woman you wouldn't even know her name. And isn't testosteron the thing that makes men bigger, stronger and more aggressive?

So we're the prize? A thing they can have when they keep pushing other men down and come out victorious because, again, they're the strongest? What even happens if women were to refuse them? They would use force to have us anyway. Like when they rape.
I'll quit my sperging now because I'm annoying and I just needed to vent anyway.

No. 744426

>we're always weaker
Plenty of men are weak and have no dexterity whatsoever. This is not a rule.
>have to deal with periods
Why would this make us trash? This just goes to show in actuality that women have a higher pain tolerance and can withstand more bullshit than the average dude. Meanwhile we all know if men catch a cold they act like they're on death's doorstep.
Again, doesn't make us trash. We're majorly responsible for the propagation of our species, and going back to the cold thing, men would be too weak to put up with what we do even if it became possible in the future to transfer pregnancy to men.
>hormonal imbalances
Again, men have this as well. Also why they lose their hair from their heads and gain it on their backs.
>always in a submissive role
Not a rule. Many women would be in dominant roles if societies would have allowed us, and yet many women still persist to drive their relationships and be leaders. The problem is the fragile masculinity of men and their threat of harming us and killing us if we dare to make them feel too inferior about it.
>always considered inferior and less intelligent
By morons, sure. Women in general are more successful at universities.
>in religions we're the same as animals
Religions are shit and not in the right. Who cares?
>we're paid less
Agreed, we need to demand more.
>we're ignored more
Agreed, we need to be unapologetic about taking up space.
>our emotions are treated like things we cannot control
Agreed, we need to demand we be heard regardless.
>men treat us like warm fleshlights
This is optional, vet your scrotes better.
>to be powerful as a woman means to aggressively pleasure men through sex and beautiful looks
That's not the only way to have power as a woman, no.

Sis just quit accepting shit treatment from men, don't be afraid to be alone and walk away.

No. 744430

There are animals who are able to survive and prosper not from brute strength, but from intelligence. "Survival of the fittest" refers to literally any advantage over the others, whether it be brains, strength, or literally looking like a splotch of bird shit so you don't get eaten before you can reproduce. All of these things are equal when it comes to surviving, they're not weighed against each other. Clearly you haven't been graces with intelligence of any kind kek.
In any case, we aren't living in a society where any of that matters any more.
And to answer your question, if every woman decided to stop having kids, the human race would end.
Clearly this is unrealistic and won't happen, but it is within the realm of possibility since men can't reproduce by themselves.

No. 744431

File: 1613858175000.jpg (289.76 KB, 1024x682, istockphoto-934913106-1024x102…)

I'm so annoyed, why men can't be fucking professional. I needed my laptop fixed and left it at well reviewed local fixing place, guy there was about my age and very casual so I talked with him normally, not flirty at all mind you, just about my laptop issues, from the laptop he guessed I'm playing games sometimes so I admitted but that's it. Had to leave my phone number and name for updates about fixing and client protocol whatever, and now dude sent me like 4 texts already just today asking about my interests and shit, I'm not responding to at all but eventually I'll have to say sth i guess.
He has my laptop and can do anything with it really, I'm worried about pissing him off somehow now, you never know with men, geeks especially. Should I be obnoxious and idk, say sth like "I enjoy playing video games with my boyfriend best"? Or leave it, just be vague, pick laptop up asap when possible and ignore him from that point on? What would you do in my place?

No. 744433

Since he could easily check out your laptop to figure out wether you have a boyfriend or not, you might as well be vague and awkward like:
>heeey what games do you like to play
>Dunno, anything with cute characters ig
>cute characters like you????-!-?1?2?1?/
>ghost him once you get your laptop

No. 744435

nice typo in the sentence where you decide to belittle someone else's intelligence kek

No. 744436

im sick of weirdos assuming that every woman ever is a weak, submissive masochists who'll literally die if a man pushes her a little

No. 744437

Nta but I knew someone was gonna say something in this vein once I read her post.

No. 744443

No I don’t think I will

No. 744444

I kinda thought about that too but then I'm a bit worried it will be too much of leading on and he does have my name (very rare unfortunately) and phone number already, could probably dig up my workplace or even address from the laptop. Maybe I'm too paranoid about this but it's super uncomfortable. Next time I just slam dunk a broken laptop to trash and get a new one. Or find female-led fixing service but it's borderline impossible.

No. 744446

File: 1613859314329.jpg (24.68 KB, 460x532, scrote.jpg)

>muh male achievements
intellectual dishonesty at it's finest

No. 744448

Mmm, thanks for pointing it out. You know they're called typos for a reason.

No. 744449

Tbh, yeah, I would prefer to buy a new laptop in general, taking them to repairs is always a pain in the ass and your laptop will only last for like a year or two at best.
I always put all of my data in an external hard drive so in case I get my laptop stolen or broken, I don’t feel too bad about it.

No. 744451

File: 1613859974718.jpg (66.65 KB, 540x505, tumblr_bf05ae7db3639916a43686f…)

start roiding yourself if you love physical strength so much pickmeisha

No. 744454

Keep it vague, leave a bad review for unprofessionalism once you get the laptop back, then never patron that place again.

No. 744455

Sometimes I just want a big hug, I just want to cuddle
I used to have friends to cuddle with before this pandemic, but I don't know anymore

I want a hug

No. 744457

be cordial but don't say anything too "rude" (justified tbh) lest he spike your laptop with something or ruin the repair process. then, if possible, ghost the location or maybe leave an anonymous complaint.

i guess you could also tell him that you aren't interested in talking/say you're too busy (but once again, you never know with men, and this might piss him off)

No. 744458

I keep thinking of suicide because my mind goes from 0 to 100 when I think of something embarassing I did in the past, or something dumb, or some bad choices, or bad people I used to talk to, whatever. I have big guilt, but more than that, I think I'm an absolute moron burger. I want my brain to shut up about suicide so bad, but I can't

No. 744459

Sometimes I want to cry, but even when I'm alone, I can't let myself cry, I can't let my eyes get teary at all. It's both frustrating and also I feel stronger, idk

No. 744461

I want to die

No. 744462

I smell like soup

No. 744463

Even in a domestic setting there's always something to stab, throw or punch with. Hell, literally just digging your fingernails in their eyes can cause damage. It's just that we're basically told since we were little that "it's no use to resist/fight back"(even if our fucking lives depend on it, be polite, get in the car and don't cause any inconveniences to your murder lmao), to prepair and always be aware that men can be the big bad that will make us helpless victims cower in fear and to "endure/accept until it's over" whenever men cause trouble. Fuck all of this, chimp out as soon as your gut tells you to. I'd rather be embarassed afterwards than hurt, raped or killed by some useless lowlife.

No. 744464

this, thisssss

No. 744466

File: 1613861074488.jpeg (87.87 KB, 630x748, 92818E81-4A88-4908-9C88-21CC1F…)

I feel same too I hate myself. Everything I touch breaks or turns into shit. I wish I could live a hermit life or perish.

No. 744467

My life is not so bad right now, but oh boy I sure am miserable

No. 744470

Will do that, thank you anons. Unfortunately only way to review is google reviews so not anonymous and can be disputed by business owner, idk if I'll want to do that, unless the repair goes badly of course. Never coming back to this place after this for sure though.

No. 744477

>we're basically told since we were little that "it's no use to resist/fight back"
Jfc were you actually told this? I was always told by adults to scream bloody murder and do anything in my power to avoid being taken anywhere. Not resisting = secondary location = certain death and worse.

No. 744482

>It's just that we're basically told since we were little that "it's no use to resist/fight back"
Speak for yourself ma'am. My grandma taught me when I was a teenager to fight back if a man ever put his hands on me and even told me about a story of another relative who shot her husband in the shoulder (or just shot at him?) because he hit her. I've had a couple women in my family who were in domestic abuse situations. Even when I was little I was told not to start fights, but if someone hit me I should hit them back.

No. 744483

Samefag, I was also taught as a young kid to struggle if someone tried to grab me and my mother was dogshit. Not all of us were raised with that fucked up idea

No. 744485

Is he in charge of repairing? Why not take advantage of him being obnoxious? I would respond and flirt, compliment him, feign the same interest as him, etc. Once it's done and you pick it up, ask for him and for a reduction on the end price or a date in exchange for it being free, then ghost. Laptop repair bills can get high and if he goes that far to abuse your phone number for private bullshit, he clearly has a goal in mind.

No. 744486

I've fought back with men but I've never won. I've gotten a broke nose instead. The most effective tip is to not engage and get away.

No. 744490

I want to add I didn't read the context up thread. Two cars full of guys tried to hijack my car before but I didn't fight back or engage instead I cried and they left me alone. I'd give off to someone if they were a dick in a conversation and there was no threat of being hit idk. One guy groped me and I elbowed him off and it was a public bar so he left me alone and preyed on whoever else was about. I don't know what the best advice is, probably don't engage has been my most successful. I'll never understand why those boys didn't take my car but if I tried to fight back I probably would have lost my car and got stranded

No. 744491

That's why you get a gun. Muh male strength can't beat a bullet.

No. 744492

Thankfully you can't get a gun in my country. I wouldn't think what that ex did to me warranted him getting shot although I do hate anytime I notice my nose is crooked.

No. 744496

Honestly anon? I've never fought anyone, but I'm still gonna try to fight him if I think I can. If I genuinely believe I could successfully taze, stab, shoot although I don't like the idea of a man and a gun being in the same house, or overpower a man (unlikely) then I'm gonna to do that. I'm a short girl, so that means he could either have an easier time catching me or a harder time cause of speed. Anyway, what works better was not the point of my post.

No. 744497

My credit dipped. Very upset, I was high now it dipped due to one missed payment. I was looking for a job non stop during covid, and I finally got one but I was a bit too late… Fun.

No. 744504

You sound male. Stop it.

No. 744510

Learning self defense against a bigger opponent is incredibly useful

No. 744516

File: 1613864946710.jpeg (109.18 KB, 571x540, D36D50B1-AE8C-4918-A134-4DF7DB…)

Alright so I’ve been the sister and anon at different times in life. Kind of floundered in my mid 20s, got a lot of flak from my sister (who WAS progressing but on the dime of an abusive scrote, so I didn’t really appreciate the lecture). Made my own decision to start hustling at 26 and making way better money in a job I like at 30.

You’re right about your sister needing to really think about her long term goals now, because every single year that passes, the more set in her ways she’s going to be and the less likely she’ll be able to make something of herself. From what I’ve gathered it sounds like it’s not just the dead end job, but that she hasn’t made something of herself in any capacity.

You definitely don’t have to coddle her anymore, but I can see how she’d get sensitive and defensive, “big girl job” is kind of condescending. You can try getting to the root of the problem or helping her find a path to start following, which might be more motivating than an undefined “make something of yourself” thing. Of course, you can only do so much, if she doesn’t want to be helped than you can’t help her.

No. 744533

File: 1613866904042.jpg (97.1 KB, 500x625, adam driver cat.jpg)

A few years ago before I broke up with my ex, I intended to adopt an interesting cat I found at a shelter's online page. He was unusually large for a black cat, and his most interesting feature were these two fangs he had. He looked like a vampire cat and was super cute.
I called the shelter (it was a 3+ hour drive one way) and of course they didn't have him anymore. He would have totally been a band aid cat. Obviously I was looking for an emotional tie to keep the failing relationship together until I faced reality. Yet I still think about the cat and hope he's okay.

I'm still apartment renting, but when/if I ever get a house with more room I'd love to own a cat again.

No. 744550

i dunno, im mad with myself, i also feel mistreated. i was seeing a guy and there was alot of heavy petting going on, we both didnt want to have sex, but it happened. i feel like shit now and im angry. we both fucking pressured eatchother into it. fuck.

No. 744556

My boyfriend of only 3 months has already stopped putting in effort. His texts are dry, he doesn't try with the conversations anymore, or even laugh at my shitty jokes or at least reply (he's started leaving me on seen more often). What the fuck should I do he's pissing me off

No. 744561

I sprained my ankle skating three weeks ago and for some reason it’s just getting more painful and more swollen. my foot resembles a dead fish and nothing is helping it. i’m getting really frustrated because i live in the only part of the states that isn’t in snow-hell & i’d love to take advantage of the good weather and skate

No. 744563

Please visit the doctor if you already haven't, that sounds painful.

No. 744564

>although I don't like the idea of a man and a gun being in the same house
my dad once tried to shoot my mom, so you're not wrong.

No. 744569

Very cool to find out about your supposedly close friend's engagement via an ig post, lol okay then

No. 744583

File: 1613871782188.gif (842.58 KB, 613x768, A2FB705B-061F-411B-8F59-08ADF1…)

Sounds like you know what to do.

No. 744601

A popular tik tok creator just got outed for sexual assault and boundary stepping with trans masc people. Hate to say I knew all along but the dude was overtly misogynistic and went out of his way to engage/thirst trap with people who were underage and/or transgender men. The dude literally made a big deal up to when he lost his virginity. Male "feminists" strike again.

No. 744611

It's my 27th birthday today and I'm sad that I've never had a real relationship. Closest I've had was a 4-5 month sort of thing. Problem is that I can't dumb down all my autistic tendencies - exaggerated term, unfortunately I'm not actually tistic - to the point that they're palatable for most scrotes. It's a bad feel and I just wish I could suppress my ego long enough that I could just have some sort of conventional relationship.

No. 744615

Happy birthday, anon! I am in the same boat but who the fuck knows what can still happen, we're young and there's a pandemic happening, we still can live through all that after this shit blows over.

No. 744616

File: 1613875607260.jpg (43.27 KB, 923x732, o6xlsoh.jpg)

hearing one of my sisters randomly start spouting about cancel culture at the workplace and wokeness and "WELL IN MY OLD COMPANY X YEARS AGO WE USED TO BE ABLE TO SAY, YOU KNOW, ASIAN, BLACK, WHITE…" bitch who stopping you? we're just trying to eat breakfast here. then to follow it up with a YOU KNOW FEMALE SOCCER IS SHIT. I DON'T LIKE FEMALE VETS. I DON'T THNK THEY SHOULD BE ALLOWED TO DO THAT

holy hell leave my residence already please your obese cats are waiting for another over-feeding

No. 744617

Quarantine would be nice, but then I'm also burdening them like crazy and I know it.
Oh god I could go on for hours, it's like the reality he sees is so distorted and disfigured I'd almost think he has a mental deficiency. He can't draw worth shit and then attempts portraitures ONLY. It's so bad, and they're all "of me" but look like different people with vastly different birth defects, none of which I actually have.
There are days he has no idea that I spared his life. I'd post his shitty art but I'm terrified of this coming back to bite me. But I have dozens of photos of them for when I leave him and lose this guilt and just need to vent about how many hideous paintings of "me" exist out there. It's seriously such a fucking waste of resources and it's hard not to think that he's just wasting paint, canvas and time. He doesn't practice at all, he just goes straight to expensive canvas or wood blocks ffs. REEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

No. 744618

File: 1613875695947.png (212.16 KB, 440x392, 98f565746a17b7192457d621f06566…)

so ive been talking to this boy for over a year, hes cute, very shy and insecure- i remember he spoke to me about his evil exes and how none of them really gave a fuck about him (one of them called him once and started arguing w him and joked about how he used to battle w cancer, which is so fucked up..) we were getting on very well we played minecraft together and even shared porn lol

we weren't speaking for awhile after having a few arguments (i thought he was using me and he never gaf about me) so i got blocked lmao and begged him to add me back to which he did- this has become an endless cycle for us. we figured we weren't really going anywhere so we started to go no-contact for awhile, in hopes that i would move on from the relationship lmao
since then, i was doing pretty well and used that time to focused on myself however when ever i thought about him it was the worst thing ever for me but i managed. he popped into my head one day so i searched up his instagram to see what hes up to, i then find out that he is dating a new girl.

I dont remember much after that at all, but i became very suicidal and depressed.

after some independent research, i found out who the new girl's ex was and asked him about her and what she was like- she seemed psychotic and delusional probably autistic too. i messaged the guy asking how he was.. bringing up if he had any girlfriends but he completely ignored my question, later admitting that he has a gf and he only has someone because i "was away" he started opening up about her.. saying that she was "shy,curious and funny". i dont trust her at all, all her ig posts are so cringey and very clingy- i know he will eat it all up because of his deep insecurities.

i literally have no idea what to do anymore.. i suddenly have the strong urge to text him and say hi.. im literally inlove with him and i want to be there for him, hes the sweetest guy i have ever spoken to.

No. 744621

thanks nonnie! here's hoping, but it just feels hopeless so far.

No. 744624

I know, sis. I know it does but it will be okay!

No. 744631

All the effort some young girls put into trying to get a sugar daddy or be a sex worker they could get a job and make their own money

No. 744638

I've seen some young girl+sugar daddy TikToks with 500k-1 million likes. Some of them literally looked like unwashed junkies or serial killers from the 70s but all the 13 year old girls in the comments were gushing about them and how it's "goals" and "they'd date such a cute guy even if he wasn't a sugar daddy". WHAT. THE. FUCK. Not even talking about the "drop out of school and become a stripper" kind of TikToks which get even more attention. It's obvious those degenerates are promoting it and encouraging girls to do it, I can't fucking believe this shit is happening in the 21st century.

No. 744644

I really hope you're just naive and inexperienced, that guy sounds like a walking red flag.

Protip: if he tells you all his exes are evil or crazy, consider who the common denominator in those relationships is and understand he'll be telling the next girl similar things about you

No. 744645

I hate the people on my team at work so much it's crazy. It's ridiculous how much it feels like being in a preppy high school again. I can't do anything without feeling like they're all chuckling at me and roasting me in their separate group chats. They're all way too personal with each other outside of work. It makes me want to cry. Out of spite, I want to keep talking and keep annoying them since they tend to have a method to keeping people shut up by ignoring them and being silent when people they "don't know well" talk. Meanwhile my bf that works at the same company on a different team has corny ass older people that make lame jokes and have fun ice breaker parties and I would love nothing more than to join his team.

No. 744657

File: 1613883738756.jpg (6.96 KB, 275x274, 65453165465.jpg)

Ugh it's so hard having a crush on a dude with lots of genuine female friends because I can't tell if he gives me so much attention because he just thinks I'm cool and likes me as a person or because he likes me back aaaaah

No. 744659

File: 1613883908813.jpeg (72.24 KB, 584x520, 6E5F2496-8DA3-495E-A2F1-CE9DA6…)

i just stumbled across a ton of old youtube channels i used to watch when i was like 11/12 that i mostly forgot about and i’m actually near tears watching stupid old awful parody songs of kesha and quirky xD smosh sketches and tons of other 2011 era stuff. the internet used to be so much fun and life was so much easier… i can’t do this. i just teared up at a nyan cat reference for the first time in my life

No. 744661

The good thing about being left out of cliques at work is that you're also left out of their drama. Coworkers who are also friends often have fight, and if they're talking shit about people outside their group you can be sure they're also talking shit about each other. Being the quiet one who keeps to myself doesn't make me popular at work but it definitely keeps my reputation clean.

No. 744662

I can't pay for Clip studio's paint stupid monthly payment!I tried every card I fucking have and they still won't accept my damn transaction AhhH why can't they have a website located in the US so that others won't go through the same shit I did,I guess I'm going to download second rate Krita again in order to draw.

No. 744669

I'm that person that's in a bunch of groupchats at my workplace (I'm not even particularly sociable, I've just worked there longer than a lot of my coworkers so I'm always getting invited to things) and some of the people in those chats are so mean and exclusive when they talk about how they shut down a person who wanted to join our groupchat. Like obviously nobody owes anyone their friendship but it's not necessary to be cruel and gloat about it. Plus it leaves me in the role of mediator so when one of them freezes someone out (I know exactly what you mean when you say they have a method of shutting people up) I'm the one who has to make nice and keep the "excluded" person from feeling excluded. I genuinely like my friends but they're all a few years younger than me and still have that clique mentality from high school. Fuck your coworkers, anon. If I worked with you I'd add you on whatsapp and I'd send you lame jokes all day.

No. 744681

I feel like I could have written this post. I spent a lot of time crying in the bathrooms, wondering what I was doing wrong and why I didn't get invited places. One kind woman reached out to me and invited me to her house with some other coworkers for a game night once. It was fine, I guess. We had very different ideas of what was funny and the few interests we had in common weren't that deep, so I left after a socially acceptable amount of time and never got invited to another one again.
I'm fine with that, honestly. I stopped giving a fuck about what my coworkers think about me and it's helped me cope a lot. You're going to the job to make money, not friends. It can be extremely isolating to be a loner for however many hours a week, but put your headphones on and keep your head down. If your upper management sucks, maybe it's time to look for a new job. Don't let other people dictate how you feel.

No. 744690

File: 1613887687070.png (78.42 KB, 289x470, mood.png)

gd it's times like these where i wish i had more personal friends i could hit up at anytime. like fuck, i only have like 3 close friends, 2 of them going through depression a lot and the other is dealing with her baby. i just want someone to facetime with while i get drunk and play minecraft

No. 744692

>as women have the power to continue or end the entire human race
Men could lock us up in breeding camps if they wanted and we wouldn't do shit

No. 744694

I hate tehms. They wanna be be oppressed by women so bad

No. 744701

File: 1613889895175.jpg (39.47 KB, 700x368, kot.jpg)

I know it's winter + covid, but I wish my bf wasn't so boring. It's starting to feel like groundhog's day where all he does every day is play AC Valhalla and pick (kinda lame tbh) movies we watch back to back until we decide to fuck or not then fall asleep.

The last romantic thing he did for me was for valentine's day, but before that the same dry spell. The big ~exciting~ thing we have on the agenda for tomorrow, and only because I suggested it, is that we're going to a milkshake bar. I'm so bored and wish he would surprise me with something not skull-fuckingly mundane. Of course if I brought this up to him he would do something for me because he's a sweetheart, but it would ruin it for me at the same time because then it wouldn't be something he does out of his own true volition plus he'd probably ask me what to do and just ugh. I feel so spoiled complaining about this but damn I feel like I'm not having any real fun lately.

No. 744702

Just made the mistake of looking at Nikita Dragun’s Instagram

Whole ass man parading around as an offensive, pornified caricature of women had the gall to say “it takes BALLS to be a woman now a days. Being a woman is about more than what’s between your legs”

Yeah, it’s about being female, not a walking blow up sex doll, you disgusting piece of misogynistic male shit

No. 744707

Thank you for the advice and input, anons. It just sucks but it totally get this mindset. My mom gave me the same kind of advice not too long after I started working on the team, but I figured some time would pass and all would be good. wasn't the case though.

Sorry you went through that! But also, I'm glad you don't have to be "fake" to mesh with their vibes. Kudos for being yourself.
Thank God for covid honestly. I can work in the privacy of my own home and not feel socially required to talk to them. I can't wait to leave this field lol. Hopefully it's the same for you?

I do feel better now, thanks to you all!

No. 744708

my true worst fear lmao. Instead of suggesting things to him have you tried surprising him with something romantic and unexpected? I 100% understand the feeling of not wanting to make a moment fake by mentioning it, but sometimes guys are so unaware that you're bored. And it doesn't have to be some huge grand gesture, but you could do things like go on a lil walk, cook & eat dinner with only music on, try baking, try spicing up your sex life, try reading as a nightly activity, etc. Finding something to do together as a couple can be rly intimate. And if you don't want to do any of that stuff, what's keeping you from exploring your own hobbies? Best of luck tho anon!

No. 744714

File: 1613891534687.jpeg (38.21 KB, 640x631, 089.jpeg)

i have had this weird wound/rash on my right nipple/areola for a couple of weeks now, and i'm so scared. i went to the doctor last week who told me to come back asap if antibacterial balm didn't work. it worked for a while and the wound healed, but the rash (?) came back and now it looks really gross so i'm going back today.

i'm so upset because i have no idea about what the rash is. the doctor checked for lumps (and din't find any) during my last visit, but i'm afraid i'll have to take a mammography and a biopsy. my family lives in another country and going through this alone (during a pandemic wtf) really sucks.

i'm so tired!! since idk 2014/2015 i have gone through so much shit and whenever things are going well something like this happens.

No. 744715

I wish I had a best female friend but I'm unable to make them.
When I was a teen and tried, I had one reveal publicly and mockingly my secret crush, one made drama about my depression and suicide attempt (that she only learned because our moms talked to each other - I was too mortified to talk about it to anyone but she somehow made it about herself and how I had made HER depressed too). Last one stole my very first love (I told her about it and present them to one another like an idiot).
Now, I know it was all stupid teen shit but every time I try to open up to a woman, I get this overwhelming panic that it's going to come back and bite me in the ass.
I try to befriend normie women (all of the backstabbers were nerds like me) but everytime it fails because we don't have much in common and I end up being someone they can bear but nowhere near a friend.
It's making me so sad. No scrote is ever going to fill that hole. I was watching firefly Lane yesterday and it actually made me sob.

No. 744719

I expected people in college to be less cliquey than HS but it wasnt the case at all and it really pissed me off. People really be sitting in their little friendycircles in class at age 22. I didn't have facebook and I don't like group chats so everyone acted like I was some weirdo loner cause I ddidnt go to the fag ass Departmental Mystery Dinner. People are like oh who do you study with? I'm like fucking no one? and whenever I tried to "study" with more than 1 other person it was fucking friendytalk the whole fucking time. It made me feel like a fucking turbo autist because I thought we were going to actually study. The only people I got along with/did projects with were supernerds and random jocks who had friends outside the major and thought everyone in it was equally lame.

No. 744731

Same here, anon. People at work never made a secret of the fact that I was the only person in the whole group who wasn’t invited to the group chat. Whenever they had a get-together after work they made a point of telling me about how much fun it was the next day and how it was such a shame I couldn’t make it, then act fake innocent/surprised when I said nobody asked me along. This happened several times a month so it’s hard to believe it was an unintentional oversight. Sometimes when I came into the shared office or walked past their lunch table they’d suddenly fall completely silent and wait until I left to continue talking and laughing. I didn’t even care about being friends with them but I wish they would’ve left me alone instead of these weird middle school bully tactics. The worst part is that the person responsible for writing my reference was one of the main instigators so I couldn’t really do anything except smile and bear it. There’s something incredibly pathetic about a 50+ year old woman acting out her Regina George fantasies in the workplace where everyone else is half her age.
If I were you I’d ignore their shit and get on with work, and maybe try to get transferred to a better group if possible. Assuming these people are all adults, it’s unlikely they’ll grow out of it.

No. 744736

He doesn't love you anon, and he got tired of you the moment you stopped being his therapist. He doesn't need to be saved and you should just let it go.
And he fucking shared porn with you and badmouthed all of his exes? Huge red flags.

No. 744738

>Tfw you see attractive guys at the farmer's market and you would like to talk to them but you're so ugly you just try to make sure they don't see your hideous face

No. 744746

I can’t watch Firefly lane for that very reason. But it looks sooo good.

No. 744749

I posted in here like a week ago about my boyfriend and his stupid coworkers. We had a big talk, he admitted he's dense as fuck about relationships (I'm his second gf ever) and also he's not good at picking up cues. We talked about him backing him up if his co-workers start shit with me again when I'm just trying to play videogames and spend time with my boyfriend. He's agreed his boss is a fucking idiot for the way he talks about women and that the other coworker went too far. I've been joining their calls when I know they're on downtime and they're all actually acting better for now? I don't know if my boyfriend spoke to them or not but not one joke at my expense nor are they being disgusting.

No. 744755

It's a good show. I recognize myself in one of the character so much.
It stings so deeply, tho. I wonder if people do have bff like that or if it's just fiction.

No. 744766

I fucking hate how low set my cheekbones are, I hate my facial shape in general. I have a slightly square shaped face shape and I wish nothing more that I had a more oval shape.
I hate looking at myself in the mirror, I feel so ugly.

No. 744833

It may not seem like it now, but it's a blessing in disguise. Being too agreeable and pleasant towards scrotes rarely ever benefits women. The more "difficult" you are, the more you'll will scare off scrotes looking for an easy target (ie. 99% of them). Be patient and you'll find someone who loves you for who you are.

No. 744837

My yeast infection won't fucking go away this is hell

No. 744855

bf is harping about the fact that I use a small heater when I take a bath and that it's driving the utilities through the roof.
I'm not even sure the heater is the issue, I use it sparingly.
Also, it's my only quiet alone moment in a bath, two times a week. I don't want it to freeze in there, it's not going to be relaxing at all.
t. selfish anon

No. 744881

Dump him

No. 744887

If I don't have the heating on when I take a bath then I end up with damp and mold in my bathroom from the condensation. You do need it

No. 744897

You're not selfish. If he plays video or computer games, tell him those game systems/computer processing is increasing the energy bill and if you stop using the heater, he'll need to stop those unnecessary things too. Reading a book will be less costly.

No. 744905

The internet has bpd and autism

No. 744938

This, a while ago my electricity bill went up by like $30 a month randomly and I thought my fridge or something must be getting old and leaky. I only realized when I looked at the hourly use meter that it was because of my new laptop…not even that much bigger but used like 3x the power of my old craptop. Computers use basically about as much elec as a major appliance so if that bitch boy is gaming or watching TV tell him he's burning like 50 cents an hour or more sitting on his ass, you can probably find out the exact number from the power supply wattage or w/e.

also protip unplug ur laptop and tv at night it saved me like $20 a month when I started.

No. 744942

File: 1613925245175.jpg (64.26 KB, 800x450, pain.jpg)

As someone who is trying to outgrow anachan tendencies, I would appreciate if my dad wouldn't comment how he has to do x amount of exercise to compensate for the food he's eating (that I am also currently eating)

No. 744980

Can't you tell him? If you don't want to uncover being anachan, just tell him it makes you really self conscious and you would prefer not to hear it. If he's sensible, he'll get it.

No. 744983

File: 1613928078779.jpg (104.72 KB, 1021x1090, 7db8fe54d55fb987b2e73cbceaf220…)

My mom found out about my recent frivolous purchases and she got so upset she took my card. My debit card connected to my bank account keeping my money which I earned at my full-time job. She says that she wants to teach me a lesson because I won't be living with her forever and I'll have to survive on my own on only my salary, so I have to learn to spend it wisely. I still live with my parents and I don't have to pay any sort of rent or utilities apart from my own mobile phone bill, so in a way I sort of understand where she comes from, but I still think taking away my salary card was quite harsh, I'm almost 23. So what if I buy stupid shit? Even if I were on my own with no other support, it's still my own money that I earned and it's my right to spend it how I please, I would never spend my parents' money on the kind of things I buy from my own salary.

No. 744989

AAAAH I just want him to text back and sperg about plants or history it’s so cuteee

No. 744990

You're ruining the planet with your frivolous purchases and are throwing a tantrum on the internet. Your mom is right, you're not grown yet.

No. 744991

anon instead of buying junk take the blessing that you have which is managing to have a full-time job you should save up and then gtfo out of there
while your mom is absolutely right you are kind of immature, it’s a major warning sign that they are getting ready to kick your ass out because they’re tired of you

feel like the whole context is missing here idk lol

No. 744993

>I'm almost 23
While I agree that you should have access to your own money, it's weird to pull the "I'm old enough to take care of my own finances" card when your parents are actually bearing the brunt of your bills and the cost of your living.

I know they're your parents but they're not required to look after you in your adult life. If you have enough to buy random crap, why are you making no contribution to rent or utilities? Unless you're shower dodging and living by candlelight, paying something towards the bills seems reasonable. I know plenty of people that still with their parents in their 20s but I don't know a single one that's making zero financial contribution to the household.

No. 744998

At 23 alot of parents would want you to pay a cut of the rent or at least shared bills. The main reason why any parent wouldn't do that…is to give you a chance to save up and move out. If you aren't saving up and they're lecturing you to grow up and save money then you are in way taking money from your parents without providing your part of the deal.

They're being kind by paying your cut of utilities, and they're not asking for alot in return. The next step parents take in this situation.. is to make you pay bills and rent just to help you learn to adult.

No. 745001

That's the werid part, actually. They never asked me to pay any of the bills. I would definitely prefer that to her just taking my card.

No. 745004

Offer to, if she refuses then work out what your bills would be if you did move out and put that amount into savings every month. Buy whatever shit you want with the leftovers. Prove to her that you can manage your finances.

No. 745005

It was already explained to you that some parents don't ask for it..because they expect you to put that money in savings to move out.

No. 745009

That makes sense actually and it's been sounding more and more appealing to me lately. The only problem is that we've had conversations on this topic and while they do want me to move out soon enough, they really don't want me to live alone, so they start pushing marriage (or at least romantic relationships) on me, and they actually prefer me living with them to living alone and unmarried. I always mention roommates to them, but they keep saying that roommates are too detached and only a temporary solution, and that the roommate will most likely get married herself and either move out or kick me out

No. 745010

i'm tired of ruining friendships just because i'm too depressed/exhausted to talk to them more than once a week or hang out more than every few weeks. i've been doing the worst i've ever been in almost 4 years, i have no energy to get out of bed or eat let alone talk to anyone and i wish i could just be honest about that instead of making people think i don't care about them when in reality i do, more than i can properly express at a time like this and now i can't even apologize because they're gone

No. 745014

My parents wanted us to each move out within a year of hitting 18, we all spent the first few years just renting rooms in shared apartments. Found them through ads. Sometimes you lose one the housemates and you replace them by putting out another ad, that's just the norm for flat shares.They have their downsides too but it's a good learning experience before you go on to get your own place or one with a partner.

No. 745016

Taking away your bank card is infantilizing you. If you're not financially responsible at your age I can't help but find fault in the way your parents can't seem to communicate with you in order to teach. There's a fine line between buying a frivolity here and there to keep yourself happy versus overspending. They can't expect you to function like a joyless automaton, but you also shouldn't be buying every trinket of fancy either.

You need to have a frank discussion with them. If you're supposed to be "saving" money, then what's the goal and will "savings" be enough to afford rent on your own for the years you will need it? Is "savings" really meaningless in that context and will you need a roommate in order to survive?
Yeah they're wanting you to be a mindreader. Have the discussion and move out ASAP.

No. 745027

GPA doesn't dictate who I am, but it does heavily influence the scholarships I can get, and knowing that I'm a 3.3/3.2 student (A-B average, mostly, but I do have a few C's which tank it) disqualifies me for a lot. It sucks. It's retarded. I shouldn't have to be a perfect, straight A student just to not leave university in crippling debt. Especially when there are rich bastards here who are only here to play around. E.g. everyone going for "Studio Art" or "Social Studies"

No. 745029

I've been browsing 2nd hand clothing and the amount of "new with pricetags" clothing with a photo of the girl WEARING it outside, on like the beach or something is astonishing.

No. 745032

I didn't want to ask but do you have autism or a disability that's playing a role on all of this? I could be wrong but I'm getting the vibe that a detail like that is being left out.

No. 745036

What is the point in me working hard if I still get told that I'm lazy and don't do anything but [insert hobbies that I like because attacking things that I enjoy is ok]

No. 745037

I think I will do that, I was indeed worried about outing myself but I'll just say what you suggested

No. 745043

I do have a mental illness diagnosis (I've been told it's "definitely not autism" though), but I'd say I can handle it mostly well, apart from my retarded spending habits. I'm sure that if I fix that I can safely live alone, but my parents insist I will go crazy by myself.

No. 745046

I think I have feelings for my shitty boyfriends actually decent friend. I dont really even feel bad about it because of how much my current partner is a POS. Everytime we hangout all together having someone treat me like a normal human and not a live in literal punchingbag and fleshlight makes me crush on him more and I know its just because I've pathetically let myself become isolated by my current SO. My stupid brain just sees someone being nice to me for the first time in years and craves that stupid affection. I know if anyone finds out it could actually put me in danger but I'm so sick of feeling trapped. I wish I had a bigger backbone or one at all. I'm making this situation worse for myself when I should just leave. My world just feels so small right now the thought of it sounds impossible.

No. 745051

Nta but come on, don't pretend that being frugal makes you a grown up.

No. 745052

It does. It demonstrates self restraint and responsibility.