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File: 1613245681817.jpg (6.28 KB, 259x195, dw.jpg)

No. 738523

previous thread >>>/ot/728774

No. 738530

Tech and/or gaming anons: where to start researching when considering building a PC?
My goal is a relatively fast desktop with decent-but-average-cost graphics. Can I just pick a graphics card and then choose from the best fitting and most functional other parts?

No. 738639

How common is it for feral cats to run scams where they have multiple "owners" from different households/areas? I know a super fat ,seemingly feral, cat (because he isn't neutred and he moons our windows) who is either:
A) really good at ransacking houses and eating other cat's food (which I'm inclined to believe because he has entered our house on multiple occasions, barely noticed)
or B) he has multiple "owners" feeding him, convinced that this cat is theirs and theirs alone

No. 738647

If you are a woman who doesn’t have any male orbiters what does it mean?

No. 738650

That you're a normal woman. Since when did having orbiters have to be indicative of something, particularly value? If anything I always see the dumpy girls that losers think they have a chance with, with a lot of orbiters. Or women that aren't direct and just end up amassing a haram of orbiters because they're nice to them for some reason.

No. 738652

That you’re normal

No. 738655

can any oldfag remind me if /ot/ and /g/ were both /b/? Or was /b/ just /ot/ with another name?
also does anyone remember when we moved to a lite version of the site for a week or two? what year was that?
i cannot for the life of me remember these things

No. 738666

I'm proud of him, what a hustler

No. 738673

>Or was /b/ just /ot/ with another name?
This. /b/ became /ot/ and /g/ was introduced later, if my memory serves (it usually doesn't)
> a lite version of the site
tempcow? It was the year… um, it was when Lainey was active on the beautybot channel, post-billie. No idea what year that was, I'm really bad at years and dates and anything to do with time actually

No. 738697

I want to say maybe 2018/2019 was tempcow? I could be completely off tho. Just realized I’ve been here for five years oh god

No. 738702

You're normal

No. 738707

that you're aren't addicted/too invested with internet shit, which is a good thing

No. 738711

File: 1613255712668.png (323.93 KB, 550x445, 1610657499868.png)

>finally google why I am skinnyfat
>not enough weightlifting and too much cardio
>not enough protein (true)
>too much cardio
Is this really the case? I do cardio every day but I had no idea it directly contributed to being skinnyfat. How do I escape skinnyfat hell (preferably at home)?
I used this site just to get a rough layout of the rig I wanted, this is for figuring out a rough price, compatibility (sometimes it false flags compatibilities?) etc. What I personally did after was look for computer prices around the country, and start from the motherboard. This is because you want every other piece to be compatible to the mb or else it won't work. (also, if you have access to it use newegg for pc parts. great prices there) Also, start thinking about how much ram you want and what you want from your computer. If it's just work then 8gb or 12gb will be fine, for gaming or content creating (drawing, video editing etc) you'll want to look 16gb or more. Think about if you're going liquid cooling or air cooling, etc.
Oh, and at the end don't forget about a computer case that will fit everything and will ventilate your computer well. Had a friend make the mistake of buying a case that was too small and wouldn't fit all the parts.

No. 738718

Are small breasts more sensitive to touch?

No. 738724

I thought beta orbiters were things you could easily pick up offline though

No. 738729

>How do I escape skinnyfat hell (preferably at home)?
Anon you know the answer, it's right there in your post.
1) Lift weights
2) Do less cardio
3) Eat more protein

No. 738730

You … already know. Not enough weightlifting to tone your muscles and give your body some definition. You can do bodyweight exercises like push ups, squats, donkey kicks, etc. And the thing with protein is true as well, you need it for your muscles

No. 738746

File: 1613259144424.jpeg (965.95 KB, 1188x1208, F234C4EA-FEFC-4119-A7EB-978F42…)

Somebody please explain the new finnish threadpic to me pls

No. 738747

is fibromyalgia like… a real thing

No. 738750

thank you anons!! i completely forgot it was called tempcow, you're right!

No. 738751

File: 1613259523222.jpeg (54.67 KB, 494x403, 5C351794-5AB1-4610-B50D-4FABCD…)

I want to make friends on bumble, does it require a photo of yourself? I don't like sharing my face online. I don't want that out there. I would use my pet or something instead.

No. 738754

Do skinny autistic girls have an easier time with being a dumbass socially than fat autismos? Are people more forgiving if you're skinny? I'm fat and autistic and have been bullied my whole life.

No. 738757

Yes, generally you're treated better if you're skinny than if you're fat.

No. 738758

File: 1613260417713.jpg (43.74 KB, 472x312, Graphics_3[1].jpg)

To what extent can mods see your post history on lolcow? Is it just certain level admins, or is it limited by board? Do jannies have favorite or most hated farmers? I'm always wondering about this.
>reposting with different picrel

No. 738776

Both are treated like shit because unless they know how to mask, they look like shit and are socially retarded.
I was always autistic and fat but had some friends that were skinny and autistic, both of us got bullied a lot.

No. 738781

File: 1613263033733.jpeg (328.76 KB, 1124x1058, 1572628708329.jpeg)

Is it a fight if you both say one sentence? Technically if you reply to a post only once, can it still be legally infighting, we must

No. 738782

Idk why it left that word out sorry im retarded

No. 738784

This is weird but how can I find a post on the ftm thread where an anon claimed to take testosterone for pcos, it was weird and I wanna know if they ever replied to the anon who questioned her because wouldn't that be counter intuitive?

No. 738787

I'm autistic and skinny, people thought I was weird but I only got bullied for being ginger kek.

No. 738796

Why was there a sex weirdo posting links to illegal shit in pt this morning? is this a common think on the farms, or did we piss off some pedo today?

No. 738802

Some freak has been posting that same pic for a while now, just some disgusting moid, it happens sometimes.

No. 738805

t. skinny autist

No. 738811

Yeah, but it's not dependent of degrees of skinny. Like any bmi below 25 will be about the same.

No. 738816

what was the point of banning me for posting an embeded yt link for like 2 hours?

No. 738817

No, but it’s what doctors give you a diagnosis for when they know that you won’t leave without some kind of explanation. It usually means one of the following:
>They think it has something to do with your weight/lifestyle that they know you’ll be too stuck in to even consider changing
>They want you to stop coming in every week because it’s most likely what I mentioned before
>They think it’s mental

No. 738827

they can’t have favorite farmers lmao even the mods are anonymous themselves, that’s the point
to eliminate any kind of parasocial relationships with the users

No. 738840

So, I know when you delete a discord account it takes 14 days for it to be deleted, and you can recover it before the 14 days if you want to. During this time, would a friend be able to message and have the messages delivered like normal?

No. 738844

File: 1613271390822.jpg (90.75 KB, 678x760, whyme.jpg)

I don't have any friends so can someone please tell me if real adult human females use the phrase "girl talk"?

No. 738845

follow up question, do you think they'll get party vanned some time soon? I literally don't want to see that shit, nor should other anons see that popping up when all your trying to do is catch up on cows, I did submit a cyber tip about the sex weirdo, but other than that I am just wondering which sex weirdo on pt is pissed enought to actually shoot themselves in the foot to try that shit on lolcow.farms, as far as I am aware theres a good amount of sex weirdos with threads on both kf and lolcow with a hate boner large enought to pull that kind of stupid shit.

No. 738846

(ntayrt) is that actually the point? Are you answering this based on actual knowledge or the hope that mods only see IPs when they flag them for cow samefagging? Because they obviously can identify single users sometimes.

No. 738854

I haven't heard any woman use it honestly but maybe it depends on the context and the language (I'm a native spanish speaker and the translation sounds so off kek, no one would say it) but a lot of youtubers do use it

No. 738856

I've usually witnessed it being used in the context of women talking to each other and telling a man who's entered the room and who they don't want to hear the conversation to leave because they're having "girl talk". I've never heard other women tell each other in earnest they want to have girl talk

No. 738868


Thanks. I met a girl online and we're hitting it off but some of her language seems overly cutesy and strange so I thought she might be a troon.

No. 738899

The only women I hear use it unironically are boomers who use it as a euphemism for any discussion involving vaginas or periods.

Well, a great litmus test for that is to closely relate womanhood and female physiology in a passive way, i.e., "The pandemic is a tough time to be a pregnant woman," "Women should be able to breastfeed in public," or "Short women are really cute." Stuff like that. If they get funny about it, it's a troon.

No. 738964

is it congruent to simultaneously believe the following:

1) soy milk is BaD fOr YoU and shouldn't be drank
2) trooning out is a totally cool thing to do

I'm just thinking about hormones and how god damn fucking annoying my coworker can be lol

No. 738973

Does taking estrogen as a woman actually do anything? And does men taking testosterone do anything? Like can you "overdose" on your own hormones? Not in the sense that it will kill you but just give you side affects. This is presuming they have normal healthy levels from the start.

No. 738980

…Yes? Those two things have no correlation with each other. Unless you're an autistic 4chan robot who still believes the soy estrogen meme.

No. 738982

After giving it some thought, you could theoretically have the same question about the reverse point of view. Is it contradictory to support the use of hormones on livestock but be opposed to it in humans? In both cases, the answer is no because those are entirely different things. The hormones and antibiotics used on cattle are apples and oranges compared to what is ostensibly recreational use of sex hormones in humans. They're both unethical, but for entirely different reasons.
Large corporations have better access to hormones and antibiotics than small enterprises do. That means two things: one, it means that small farms are suffering financially because they can't win a technology arms-race, and two, large companies have the money to lobby for reduced regulations on the treatments they give the animals. There's also the consideration of how it effects cattle, but that's less about hormones and more about there being poor treatment of animals across the board in the industry.
When it comes to humans, sex hormones obviously aren't the only hormone we administer artificially, and there are plenty of drugs in that vein that are used ethically. The use of sex hormones in humans is unethical because it's being used off-label, and is therefore less regulated. Additionally, it's nearly impossible for people who suffer injuries due to off-label prescriptions to win a lawsuit. You basically waive some of your legal rights when you take a drug off-label.
Your friend is a retard because milk from treated cows isn't worse for you, it's just worse for the industry and potentially the animals. So if that's what he's insinuating– that transitioning is healthy for people and soy milk isn't– he's a smooth brain. Also he needs to mind his own business, because soybeans can be great for vaginal health.

All drugs have side effects. Conjugated estrogens for instance increase your risk for stroke and blood clots. That's why most doctors try to wean post-menopausal women off of HRT within five years. Testosterone drugs, which are basically a type of steroid, can damage your liver without another medication to mitigate the effect.

No. 738985

File: 1613294377111.png (252.37 KB, 482x470, please-be-patient-i-have-autis…)

Samefag but I just realized I'm a retard. I don't know how I got it into my head that your coworker was against milk because of how manufacturers treat it. I forgot to consider that the internet has memed people into hating soy milk because they think it turns you into an incel. If that's your friend's angle, he has brain worms and there's no hope for him.

No. 738987


These aren't my beliefs smarty-pants. This person chastises me for drinking soy because she believes the estrogen nonsense. But also capes hard for trans folks, constantly and unprovoked. So I'm saying how does it make sense to hate soy, because hormones bad, but also believe that taking hormones to change your gender is perfectly reasonable.

No. 738989

>milk from treated cows isn't worse for you
Highly doubt. As I aged, I started getting really bad pms, I was considering going to the doctor and getting a hormonal treatment. Then completely unrelated I started avoiding meat (apart from fish) and animal products, and unexpectedly, my pms completely disappeared. I don't think I'm some rare case. Those hormones cattle gets are similar enough to affect us.

No. 738991


unfortunately not a dude. just an extremely misinformed know-it-all. highly suspect aspergers to be invloved TBH. we work closely and its a chore.

No. 738994

Sorry for that giant spergfest. I agreed with you; soy milk is fine and trooning is dumb.

No. 738999


no no I enjoyed the info, I didn't register the samefag lol

No. 739020

Please I also wanna know

No. 739050

Is there any American city that has the following:
>Little or none suburban sprawl that plagues the city infrastructure
>Plenty of walking places, things in walking distance, and things to do/see
>Beautiful landscape
>Decent or good cultural architecture, history
>Cheap or affordable prices of rent, housing
>Good or decent job opportunity

Everything I can think of rn has either been fucked by gentrification, inflation, or is super expensive. I can think of European and Asian cities like this but not American ones

No. 739056

Unironically Chicago and probably a few others in the Midwest. I feel like they're overlooked since they're not glitzy coastal cities but the history is rich and the architecture is well-maintained for the most part. Older Midwest cities also seem less sprawly than, say, LA. Rent is crazy anywhere these days though

No. 739082

Do you have to/is it really in your best interest to keep close all the people who cherish and show love towards you? Even if you’re emotionally tired, or if they’re an annoying scrote?

No. 739086

People who smoke weed, what is the point of a one hitter or a chillum? Doesn't taking one hit defeat the purpose of smoking?

No. 739093

I've been thinking about the same thing. Like, yeah, this person cares about me, but to me they're subhuman. I wish I had nicer thoughts.

No. 739096

You don't have to do shit really, if you don't care or dislike someone, you can cut them off

No. 739099

How do ppl in Chicago and Midwestern states compare to people in France?

No. 739109

File: 1613311365258.jpeg (20.21 KB, 231x218, CC2EC87D-8B1F-4412-8954-B475D2…)

Should I go to the bakery to get some of these? I want to share them with my grandma.

No. 739110

No. 739119

Where did the trope of the princess being saved by the knight/regular guy with her father being captured come from? And why are queens and princes never relevant to this plot? Is it from middle ages European fairy tales or Disney ?

No. 739120

I second Chicago, it fits that description exactly. So does Montreal if you're considering north American cities more broadly. I think these are the last affordable metropolis in the USA and Canada.

Any anons that live in Vegas? What's it like there? I only hear about Vegas as a tourist destination, not a place where people live.

No. 739131

In the oldasfuck ages it was not too uncommon to kidnap princesses to force marry them and get your foot between the door to the riches

No. 739138

Nta, but how the fuck were they just kidnapping princesses? I imagine they would have been protected enough to prevent that from happening

No. 739139

They were fucking stupid

No. 739159

Why tf do I keep hearing classic black music on commericals now? From everything to even boiler room disco hits I thought only the people who follow Larry Levan's remixes remember. This is surprising me tbh

No. 739162

I feel like there's been a revival of a bunch of different time periods these past 3 years, mostly y2k. Black culture is also just cool and there were a lot of great things created by black people, so it makes sense music created by black musicians would pop up more.

No. 739184

Some people just have low tolerance for weed. Others just want to feel relaxed but not fully get high. Sort of like enjoying a shot or a couple of beers.

No. 739186

But is one hit really enough to get you even just relaxed? I've never smoked before so I really have no idea

No. 739188

Nta but some weed these days is really crazy strong, if I’m smoking something a friend got from a dispensary I could probably take one hit and be good, if I’m smoking something someone’s dad grew at home, I can smoke a few bowls. Depends on the weed and the persons tolerance for sure

No. 739196

Can cider expire? I found a cider in the fridge that's been there for a while and it tastes slightly wine-y…Should I drink it?

No. 739200

congrats anon, u made hard cider. time to get schwasty

No. 739201

lmao Do not drink that shit anon

No. 739235

Do most men get turned on by women orgasming and enjoying themselves during sex? Like by the intense feeling we have or just the feeling of having power over us? Also are they more turned on by demeaning us and making us submissive?

No. 739237

Thanks, thats what I thought. The only people I've ever heard use the term are the type to list out 50 other diagnoses and disabilities they have before they even say their name.

No. 739238

It really depends on the man

No. 739239

Both questions really just depend on the man tbh. A lot of men do enjoy seeing a woman orgasm because they say they like seeing her in so much pleasure and knowing that they did that to their partner. Some men straight up do not give a fuck though.

No. 739240

I feel like yes, but I have also spoken to men who seem to earnestly be turned on by watching a woman orgasm, even if she's just touching herself. So I'm optimistic that there are at least a few who genuinely are aroused by the woman getting off.

No. 739246

Yes but only because it makes them feel like a sex god with Midas dick. They can’t tell when a woman is faking it, which is majority of the time.

No. 739248

Which sunn o))) song is the fastest? I think it's this one, are there any faster ones if anyone knows?
It feels so uncomfortable. Like slow down you're gonna slip and fall from going so fast

No. 739305

Haha yeah now you mention it, it does sound sped up

No. 739310

Why do men have such bizarre, repugnant fetishes?

No. 739315

What are some healthy work lunches you anons recommend? Preferably nothing needing warmed up because my breaks are very short.

No. 739319

Porn addiction

No. 739322

Big fan of lettuce wraps and salads. My go to is a sub sandwich, filling and not too high on calories. Only problem is it gets old really quick if you like variety

No. 739335

How did Swedish style minimalism get tricked into being seen as wealthy by the mainstream? It doesnt even make sense to the psychological associations of wealth and comfort

No. 739337

why do i get drunk off two beers these days when fat people are supposed to get drunk faster, what the hell

No. 739338

maybe because wealthy people don't want to be seen as tacky or flaunt said wealth?

No. 739339

how often do you drink?
whats the abv of the beer are you drinking?
is it regular beer or malt liquor?

No. 739343

used to drink maybe a few times in a month, now less. Maybe I have just shit tolerance… the beer I usually drink is 5% porter.

No. 739456

File: 1613347858263.jpeg (38.66 KB, 640x640, D676B7FB-9D17-4878-B6DD-E1A68E…)

im going to ask an incredibly nuclear stupid question that seems very offensive.
ive always wondered has anyone else ever thought that they are probably so unattractive because they have never been sexually harassed or received unwanted attention from men?

sexual harassment is never justified and should be punished accordingly, but I always have this fucked up impulsive thought in my head like am I just that ugly if don’t receive unwarranted sexual abuse or behavior from whatever pissant shlub that walks down the street or in an office setting?

No. 739457

Haven't you ever been here? There's been quite a few conversations about this, so you're not alone. I also have a hunch these women just Haven't read situations as they actually were, like being naive? Shit's nasty though so they should be happy that scrotes haven't done that to them

No. 739466

The big theory floating around is that the explosion of cheap fashion and goods made it so lower/middle class could copy rich styles more and more to the point discerning a 'fake' rich person, fast fashion, Chinese knock offs, etc, from a 'real' rich person, on brand items, was impossible. The only thing left for rich people to do to differentiate was reject maximalist styles and embrace 'minimalism'. Quotes around minimalism because the Swedish style you're talking about is just another way for them to spend and they don't really reduce waste.

No. 739479

when is the trans thing finally gonna end???? please give me hope, I know normies are mostly in the dark about the extent but this is getting so obviously out of hand. can I at least have stories of more people peaking? is there an increase in peaks yet? or is society fucked for good

No. 739482

Once a famous tranny goes berserk and news breaks about him yanking out his wifes tampon out so he can wear it himself in his rothole, maybe then it will just click

No. 739485

I swear this kind of thing happens often already (mtf thread) but it never blows up because people involved are scared of being called bigots, do you think? I hope it doesn't get covered up when that inevitably happens with someone famous

No. 739488

I hope it doesn't really happen but I am also so tired of this bullshit. A dude can just shave an d declare he is now a woman and try to win some goddamn queen awards meant for women but no one can say shittttt

No. 739492

File: 1613351909178.png (866.96 KB, 794x1232, pic.png)

Do any of you make your own clothes? Or up-cycle clothes to the point where they're basically a new creation?

I finally have the motivation to pursue this dormant passion of mine. Sooo how feasible is it to make my own clothes and is it more common than I think it is? follow up q's:
>What's the hardiest sewing machine?
>Where to get the best/durable material?
>What skills should I master?
Thank u imalsogoingtopostthisontheadvicethread

No. 739499

I just need to know that most people can see through it. there's no way they can't but tras are the loudest right now and treat "terfs" like an anomaly (and their only enemy despite men and every other "transphobe"). It feels like watching the world go insane even though I know most people aren't buying this…. right? why are they so silent, ignorance of the issue? fear of seeming "intolerant"? covid keeping everyone inside so they've yet to experience in person just how bad we've fucked up?

No. 739503

Allyship gets people laid or something, they don't get cancelled like diwwty terfffs, so it may be mostly that? Once you actually, carefully start talking with normies like that, the terfiness starts bubbling up. Men know ftm are women so they aren't threatened by them, so women are just left with even more men in our spaces, men don't give a fuck for the most part. sorry i will stop gc posting

No. 739510

It's a combination of misplaced good intentions and ignorance. It seems like a lot of normies assume that most of them have had the surgery, or that surgery is the first thing they do after they come out. A lot of normies truly believe the "born in the wrong body" stuff and have sympathy for these people.

There was a poll in the UK that found that the public's opinion of trans people hinges heavily on whether or not they have bottom surgery. For instance most respondents said trans people should be able to use the bathrooms of their choice, but when another question asked specifically if pre-op people could use the bathrooms, the vast majority of people said no. Normies don't realize that most trans people never have the surgery, and they think that they're all harmless HSTSes.

Inb4 GC ban. I'm not trying to be GC, I'm just explaining why the popular opinion is what it is.

No. 739512

Thanks for the answers. I'm sorry for asking. I didn't know gc posting got banned

No. 739540

It only ends when non-crossdressing men in power hit peak trans. Even if women all over the world were to hit peak trans, women as a class still have like a maximum 10% of global institutional control. Maybe even less because for every roughly equal or female-dominated goverment like Finland (10> countries) there's 30 "shithole" countries where women have no education or job and are killed for asinine reasons based on misogynistic cultural beliefs. Even a sexist country like South Korea has had a female president and South Korean men are notoriously misogynistic.
If you want to laugh just look at how Ethiopia has more representation for women in government compared to the United States. Oh how wonderful it feels to be the most privileged women in the world /s

No. 739583

I make my own clothes and lots of other people do too. It hasn't been that long ago when this was the norm. I use use a sturdy vintage machine inherited from my grandma. I recommend something like that. All you really need in straight and zigzag stitching. If I didn't already have a machine, I would just sew by hand. I do a lot of hand sewing anyway for various reasons.

To learn, find something that you really want to make, get fabric that you like, and have at it. You'll make mistakes, but everyone does, no matter how long they have been sewing. Just rip out the stitches and start again.

As for fabric, I prefer to shop in person so that I can see and feel the fabric. I don't have any good fabric stores in my city, but whenever I travel to a certain nearby bigger city, I always visit my favorite fabric store for couture-quality materials.

In short, just jump right in. Good luck!

No. 739584

File: 1613361452983.jpeg (26.41 KB, 750x310, 667BEF9D-3BBA-4823-A3E4-E8EDC7…)

What is up with certain social media sites trending on twitter like this? I saw discord trending the other day as “discord - 1” but when I clicked it, it was just showing regular tweets with the word in it but no explanation for the number.

No. 739606

its the score of the goals

No. 739609

Nta but the goals for what? Do they have a sports team or something?

No. 739616

yes, these are the teams:
the twitter WOKES
the discord TRANNIES
and the snapchat HOES

No. 739634

File: 1613367798765.jpg (53.67 KB, 700x449, descargar.jpg)

How can I stop being awkward and saying stupid weird shit???

Yesterday I had a conversation with my valentine and the silence made me feel so awkard that I said some weird bullshit and I'm so embarassed god
Like I literally overshare weird shit to keep the convo going but then why do I say such retarded shit??? help me please

No. 739636

People were posting how many accounts they had on which sites. For example, a tweet would be
Youtube - 1
Twitter - 3
Snapchat - 2
Facebook - 0
Reddit - 1
The trending ones are just whichever numbers are most common

No. 739637

Whose Finn anon?

No. 739641

A finnish anon who has bpd and other mental problems and loves posting her tragedies and attention whoring

No. 739670

Is it a sign of mental illness to do weird things just to say you did them? Not even bragging about it like it’s an accomplishment, like just for the story of it

No. 739675

Any other anons with freakishly long fingers? I used to be insanely insecure about them in high school, but now I don't even care anymore because what can I do? They're my hands and I'm stuck with them forever. Is there any way I can make money off of my hands? I don't even care if I'm an extra in a horror movie, I'll take anything.

No. 739685

Yes, and you have to send a live photo to Bumble to verify you're real.
You can cut them off but it'd be better if you said a goodbye or something.
I was like this and then I just stopped caring and enjoyed the silent moments. If something came up that I thought would interest the other person I'd speak. I don't think that helps but I'm wishing you luck, anon.

No. 739695

Mood. I'm tall though so it kinds of balances out. All of me is freakishly long.

No. 739727

As someone with short chunky sausage fingers, I would love to have slender dainty pianist fingers

No. 739754

My hands are small but they have kind of a masculine shape, which is convenient for drawing bc I can just snap a picture of my hand and use it as a reference even if I'm drawing a male subject.

No. 739759

This is very vague, but does anyone know what it's called when a bunch of people (I think usually college aged adults?) go off into a remote-ish location and live together for a while? I'm pretty sure it's like a commune but not called that.

No. 739761

The set-up for a slasher movie.

No. 739762

>I also have a hunch these women just Haven't read situations as they actually were, like being naive?
I feel like this is most likely the case. I have a friend who didn't see some guy from another class that has been harrassing her for about a year already full-on grabbing her ass out of nowhere as sexual harrassment, "He just touched my butt is all!"

No. 739768

this made me laugh hysterically I love you

No. 739770

File: 1613388348289.jpg (220.56 KB, 1560x876, musicartsculture_movies1-1-d14…)

I think it is a commune

No. 739777

Maybe it is! Thanks. I remember seeing a video by some younger guy about how he was living in that kind of situation with some other kids from his school and it looked super fun. I wanted to to learn more about it but I can't find that video again for the fucking life of me

No. 739800

When should one teach their kids about slurs and the sorts? I was surrounded by them because kids are shit, so i learnt about them on my own, and used them frequently because it was common around kids my age.
But when do you even teach your kids about such things so they don’t use them behind your back and the sorts?

No. 739811

around 4-5 years old, and you tell them not to say them.

No. 739870

I guess it could partially depend on where you live. I know we encounter and start learning about different people pretty young where I live, so I would want to teach my kid about slurs at a young age. As for age, just whenever they start preschool/school because that is when they will start interacting with other people. Teach them to not mimic any behavior they may see and to not treat anyone else like that. If you start telling them that at an early age I think there's a good chance they may not do it behind your back.

No. 739884

just imagining sitting my toddler down and telling them to not say faggot or spic or something lmao

No. 739923

I sometimes use /cgl/ and for some reason they, or at least 1 vocal anon, hate nefferinthia. They always call her a Nazi and basically say 'go see lolcow to know why she's a nazi' but all the lolita threads on /w/ don't provide evidence that suggests that she's a nazi, aside from 1 person insisting she's a nazi ad naesium. Can somebody explain what she did, aside from just wearing Die Walkure? or is it just a very vocal vendetta-chan?

No. 739925

boarding school? fraternity?

No. 739994

Which is worse, butter or margarin?

No. 739999

File: 1613409780366.jpg (269.47 KB, 1400x1400, tartine_beurre.jpg)

margarin, butter is delicious and can do no wrong

No. 740002

Just saying this in advance, if anyone replies and says butter: kill yourself.

No. 740005

Margarin tastes like plastic unless you pair it with some really specific stuff that somehow goes with it.

No. 740017

File: 1613410365085.jpeg (461.81 KB, 1125x1311, 8976838F-A42B-421D-A4AD-894EFB…)

No. 740032


No. 740034

Today you learned, anon. Kek

No. 740036

File: 1613410985206.gif (977.2 KB, 220x165, tenor (1).gif)

No… sorry butter is made from animal produce and margarine from hydrogenated plant oils

No. 740038

but they b-both… taste like.. butter.. buttklrer.. BUTOUTER ….. BTUTTRER.. BUTTER

No. 740060

File: 1613412342771.jpg (117.92 KB, 800x532, two-girls-running-field-3-6835…)

Ohh anon sweet anon, I wish I could take you to a farm, feed you some freshly made, real butter, frolic in the fields… then you'd know they're so, so different…

No. 740066

File: 1613412999369.gif (62.28 KB, 112x112, 791815514124451851.gif)

only after we kiss afterwards

No. 740070

I thought you'd never ask

No. 740082

Is there a thread for Discord server hate/cringe? One similar to the Reddit/Twitter hate threads. If not would anyone be interested in one?

No. 740094

Is there any way I could edit eps/ai files online or use free software that isn't inkscape? Vectr doesn't work for me. I'm using a linux distro btw.

No. 740096

feral tomcats are too busy roaming and fighting to be fat, he has an owner somewhere and is mooching off of cat-simps when he is on his nightly romp

No. 740158

i would be interested! it sounds like a fun concept to me as long as other anons have enough content to make a spicy thread!

No. 740174

As a dedicated gimpgirl anon, should I buy Vlad's OF? I never thought I would be buying an OF subscription

No. 740179

Nvm I'm retarded, it's actually free

No. 740194

Is "my partner" really a thing only gay people say? I always thought it was gender neutral (I mean it still is but you get what I mean), but recently I've heard gay people talk about how they hear partner and expect a homo couple.

No. 740198

it is but it shouldn't be, imo? like, the term was created so that gay people could mention their partner without outing themselves, but since only gay people use it, that doesn't really work so well. the more straight couples start using it the better tho so then it'll actually work as a way for gay people to not instantly out themselves when talking about their significant other.

No. 740209

I see! I agree with what you said, but maybe the "my partner" thing is working cause I didn't even realize it was a gay thing and I'm not even straight lmao. I just assumed the term was for couples who dislike the boyfriend/girlfriend thing, want something that sounds more mature, and don't like how much of a mouth-full "significant other" is.

No. 740219

Honestly, I think it is becoming less exclusive to gay couples these days. I just saw a Youtuber today refer to her fiancé as her partner. I also hear people refer to their long term opposite sex significant other as their partner in passing from time to time.

No. 740251

I'm in a straight relationship but I use it. Boyfriend sounds very twee and high school, and we are long-term partners of several years so I think it tends to communicate something more serious. Since I don't want to get married seems like the best serious alternative to husband.

No. 740253

It was a way to dodge saying you have a same sex partner but these days it does annoy to a tiny degree seeing some uwu ally people using it when it's just a run off the mill hetero couple with no need for discretion.

No. 740301

what’s the girl equivalent to sleazecore?

No. 740315


No. 740316

At first I thought bimbos but not really

No. 740319

What is a good place (a website, blog, whatever) to read reviews of written erotica for women and by women?
I'm obviously aware of goodreads, but I'm looking for a more specialized site because I hate browsing through low-quality reviews full of retarded gifs.

No. 740320

Which is a better partner, someone who's similar to you or someone who's your opposite so you round each other out?

No. 740322

I'm pretty sure something like this exists, but it's probably very well hidden somewhere on the net. Had you asked this 12 years ago I would say livejournal.

No. 740328

Ime it's a bit of both–someone who seems like your counterpart because they're so different from you, but eventually you realize that despite doing things differently they have the same underlying motives and values as you. For example an artist and a STEM person who both share the same curiosity for life fueling their pursuits, vs an artist who values aesthetics more than anything dating a STEM person who thinks art is impractical and is motivated by earning money.

No. 740394

Is Jun a Nigel? He seems like the perfect husband.

No. 740456

>loves posting her tragedies and attention whoring
she only made 4 posts or something half a year ago lol

No. 740462

Tough to say when you only see someone filtered through the internet, but he does seem pretty great. Good chef, likes cats, intelligent, laid back but diligent, seems attentive and sweet towards Rachel with no blatant degenerate interests.

No. 740463

lana del rey

No. 740469

File: 1613442733572.jpeg (69.84 KB, 600x600, C108BE9D-E252-4B8A-98C5-B07312…)

spot on

No. 740503

i wish rachel and jun would adopt me so i could play with their cats and eat food like this every day

No. 740573

What kind of an accent is this and where in the US does it come from? It sounds so robotic, is this even a human or a text-to-speech machine? I honestly can't tell. They're the auditory version of uncanny valley for me. I hear this type of speech often in videos, ending sentences in a falling tone and speaking choppily. Here's a similar female voice version:
Real or robot? If real, where from?

No. 740576

Sounds like a bot, but if it wasn't so robotic that could easily be any white guy with a standard American accent.

No. 740577

She looks so cute with this ammount of chubby and normal clothes
Her fancy clothes sometimes make her look too tryhard tbh, but it depends on the outfit

No. 740580

Is the female one a bot too?

No. 740582

Yes, it sounds like a bot, but those small youtube "news" channels tend to use bot voices.

No. 740583

Okay, thanks! Now I can finally tell apart Americans from robots

No. 740585

He seems dreamy (and is also very tall for a japanese guy), but it seems like he's so active and perfect he'd drive me insane.

No. 740590

Is it cruel to break up with someone because of his dick size?

No. 740592

All i can think of is the fucking lolcow banner

No. 740593

How bad is it anon?

No. 740598

weirdly I don't have any idea which one you mean but I instantly thought of the one poor autist obsessed with healing crystals that make one's fingers grow long

No. 740599

let's say it's small

No. 740611

You should feel free to dump men you aren't married to for any reason at all. Relationships are not an obligation.

About dick size specifically… you would make scrots rage, no doubt, but it's not wrong and sexual compatibility is important. I treat people how I want to be treated and I sure af would rather a guy dumped me if he was dissatisfied with my body, rather than stick around to have sex he secretly doesn't enjoy. Just don't tell him the real reason, honesty isn't always the best policy.

No. 740612

small dick scrotes are useless anyway and they know it themselves

No. 740613

Might be a bit cruel, but also totally justified.

No. 740617

Anons with plants - do you have a set time for watering them eg.: every Saturday, or do you just water them whenever the soil looks dry?

No. 740621

When the soil feels dry. Where I live the humidity of air can vary a lot week to week and that impacts the soil, so they don't always need watering at the same intervals.

No. 740624

I have like 7 succulents, and I always water them whenever I can squeeze/bend the leaves and they feel a little soft. With succulents that's the best method that has worked for me, especially cause sometimes they go dormant, and my plants that grow fast might need more frequent watering. After a while you get used to how much time you wait in between waterings and kind of know when to check on them. Checking when the soil feels dry has not worked for me, and I think it's because succulents can last a long time without being watered. I fail at watering houseplants, I've only been able to keep a hydroponic Philodendron alive.

No. 740712

It's never cruel to break up with someone you no longer want a relationship with. What's cruel is continuing one when you don't actually want to be with that person.

No. 740720

i love having overnight oats bc you can make them so diverse. you can obviously do sweet breakfasty flavors but i also like to have savory flavors too

No. 740816

Here it goes anons, peak autism.
Whenever I plug in my mom's laptop to our tv via hdmi cable, it's completely fine, we finish watching and change output to tv. Afterwards, but only during the evening, we turn the hdm output on and the tv screen makes it look like there's a night filter on, it's ever so slighty orange tinted but the laptop screen is normal, tv doesn't have a filter on…what is this bullshit? First I was sure it was some setting that went off at let's say 7pm but this shit has no reason.

No. 740819

Knitting anons, what is it called when you "sew" in a design? Well, not really sewing it in, but I've seen a friend go back to a knitting project that was completed and used a needle and strand of yarn to go over some completed stitches in a different color yarn to make a design. What's that called?

No. 740820

I don't knit, but is it duplicate stitching?

No. 740823

Yes, I think that's it! Thank you anon!

No. 740842

What's the difference between English speaking and French speaking internet ? Is the French internet more mean spirited than the English internet ?

No. 740860

French anon and honestly I have zero idea, I don't frequent the french communities, I'm not even sure there's an equivalent to lolcow (equivalent to 4chan would be the forums of jeuxvideos.com but no porn afaik). The twitter users are insufferable because they copy everything the american users do, from the woke vocabulary to the trends, there's a growing community of teen fakebois very obviously influenced by american medias.

No. 740876

Oh I see anon. What about non normies french women. Like where do they go ? The french internet seems super scrote infested to me even more than English internet. I'm really curious about nerdy or non normies french girls online now tbh

No. 740943

Non normie french women just join english speaking online communities from my own experience and observation. Or they just talk to each other on private discord groups. More than a decade ago we had a blogging platform called Skyblog where a bunch of teenager would post about anything, I remember it being very popular with weebs when I was in middle school but it was already considered dated when I was in high school. I never dared using it but a close friend of mine has friends all over the country from when she was commenting on other cosplayers' blogs ten years ago or more.

I remember when jeuxvideo.com's forum was only about video games advices and walkthroughs and nothing else, good times.

And about American media, let's be real, it's always been popular in France for decades, it's just that as American trends change, these changes are reflected among many french young people. But this seems to be the case for a huge number of young people all over the planet and not just in France. I keep seeing teenagers from all over Asia who seem to act like they're hip, cool and sassy American teenagers on twitter until I find out they've never left their countries except maybe to go somewhere near for holidays.

No. 740948

Nta and I'm not French but know a bunch of French people. It seems like for non-normie French women it's the same as for non-normies in most Euro countries: you learn English and frequent the English speaking internet instead. If your interests are even a little niche you're going to be hard pressed finding an active space for it within the French internet. Kind of OT maybe but where I live most people only use websites in the native language to discuss things related to our country in some way, and use the English speaking internet for everything else.
I feel like it's more difficult for French people in particular though, since they're known for their generally poor command of English.

No. 740970

>since they're known for their generally poor command of English.
Ii feel like this is changing thanks to the internet. It's just easier to practice ad use English in our everyday life thanks to the internet. We're not one of these European countries where a lot of media is just aired or published with the original English text and maybe a few subtitles, we have a lot of things translated and dubbed, whether it's cartoons, tv shows, movies, video games. But now with legal streaming platforms, more accurate translation programs like google translate, etc. and the common use of smartphones you have a lot of young people who are effortlessly more exposed to English than previous generations. It's not necessarily that they're better than previous generations, it's more that they're less worse, if that makes sense, because English classes at school seem to be either a complete joke or excellent depending on your schools and teachers.

Then again, on twitter I see that a shit ton of French people just post in French unless they have niche hobbies or they have a lot of foreign friends and mutuals. Especially Black and North African young people using a lot of weird slang that's incomprehensible to foreigners.

No. 740994

Good to hear that it's changing, my experience might be a bit outdated. It just always surprised me how hard it is to get by in English when in France, since so many people seem to literally not understand a single word of it, but that might just be a boomer thing.
I definitely think dubbed and otherwise translated media plays a big part. Take the weeb community for example, I've easily made friends with weebs from many different countries over the years because reading manga and watching anime requires a pretty solid grasp on English. Then I attended a French convention, thinking it was gonna be the same, and discovered the market for French translated manga and the like was huge, so the community wasn't English-focused at all. I was used to weebs in other countries constantly spouting English quotes and memes and speaking English half the time even when talking to fellow native speakers, so I didn't expect communication with French weebs to be such a struggle.
Obviously there's a lot of countries where only consuming native language media is the norm and English knowledge is much worse (think Japan or China, or the US if you turn things around). So I don't mean to talk shit about France or anything, it's just the contrast that stood out to me.
Sorry for pestering you, feel free to ignore, but is it true that the older generation in France tend to feel like French is superior to English and don't prioritize learning it for that reason? I sometimes hear people say this but have no idea if it's based on a real sentiment.

No. 740996

Anon, your question is way too vague to give you an answer, it lacks context. Internet of what kind? Social media? Newspaper? Community forum?

I'll give it a go though. As a French who has worked and lived in two English-speaking countries, I'll say that : french are and ideologically bankrupt and late on a lot of political ideas in my opinion. What I noticed the most while using social media and other type of internet-based media is how advanced a lot of English-speaking countries are on a lot of things. I think that might be because those countries speak English, therefore can share ideas quicker and look outside their own limits to seek new ideas. France can and often will only look at France…
I'll stop at that so as not to get too political, that's my take after 10+ years abroad and now back in France.

No. 740997

Did the corona pandemic change you as a person and how you see your surroundings?

No. 741000

>Sorry for pestering you, feel free to ignore, but is it true that the older generation in France tend to feel like French is superior to English and don't prioritize learning it for that reason? I sometimes hear people say this but have no idea if it's based on a real sentiment.

Ntayrt but yeah, let's just say us french are generally kind of proud of our language. I don't think they see at as "superior" though. A lot of them, especially older gen, make a conscious effort to translate business or other english words in french in my experience (ex they wouldn't talk about a "call" or "meeting" even though those words are pretty much part of business french now). I think we even have a law requiring to translate english words in advertisement to french…

No. 741001

Pre Corona, I was going through major depression and a shut in, shifting to full time home based work. So my life is better thanks to it, I no longer look weird kek.

No. 741017

Definitely. I was one of those people who were super panicked and scared back in february last year, and while I've since calmed down I think it'll be a long time until I can go to a concert again without getting anxious, if ever.
My social skills have also definitely atrophied. I don't know how to talk in a group anymore and my social anxiety has gotten much worse. I fear that even after all this is over I'll have difficulties maintaining a social life and finding the energy to go places.
And finally maybe the worst of all: the pandemic has 100% made me slip into some pretty bad alcoholism. I already drank a bit much before, but now I can barely go a day without drinking a ton of alcohol. It started out as boredom drinking because I had nothing to do for months on end, but now it's more about keeping anxiety at bay than anything else.

No. 741022

I definitely feel more aware and "wary' of my surroundings. Before germs were still scary to me because I have ocd, so it was like "what if [blank] bacteria is on this". If I ever get sick I'll def make sure to wear a mask and stay clean, even if we get to a place where we no longer need those. I also don't really want to go anywhere with large gatherings. Other than that, my life actually has not changed much. I'm so fortunate to not know anyone who had it, even my grandmother who works in a hospital (although not directly with patients) has not got it and hopefully she never will. It is such a blessing. I'm not living my life in fear like antimaskers claim people are doing, but I'm just more cautious of my germs and others.

I was homeschooled from elementary to highschool, and I think that's why I adjusted so well to this.

No. 741025

Samefag, just want to say the shit we did before is unbelievable to think about now lmaoo. Partying in clubs, going to work sick, sharing blunts. Crazy to imagine now.

No. 741029

Thanks for answering! I think it's a bit extreme but from a language purism point of view I can kind of appreciate the effort put into protecting the French language.
In my own country the language is being replaced by English more and more, think entire universities that don't use the native language anymore and declining interest in studying or teaching it. I don't mind English but I think it's kind of sad for a language to lose relevance in its own country.

No. 741030

How do you stop biting your nails? A few of my nails are slightly longer than usual and it's taking all of my mental strength to not gnaw on them like a kindergartener. I tried the bitter nail polish and it doesn't work. It's not an anxiety thing, and I don't do it subconsciously either. I just get sensory 'tism from the feeling of unbitten nails.

No. 741034

My method is just wearing fake nails. I bought a polygel and dip powder kit and it's actually super easy and fun. It's not an actual fix though, cause once I take the nails off for longer than a day I will start biting them again subconsciously. I feel like if I manage to get them super long it'll motivate me to really remember to not touch my nails, though.

No. 741041

The fake nails suggestion is probably more effective but if you don't want to do that maybe carry around a nail file and use that instead? Keeps your nails short yet not unkempt looking.

No. 741085

Social media and general online culture

No. 741100

What do french guys think of non normies or nerdy women? Is being a nerd sexualized there like it is in some circles of English speaking countries or are women just generally viewed in blanket ways? I also heard french society is more sexist and chauvinistic than american/anglo ones but idk

No. 741113

French nerds are sick to the bone with yellow fever.

No. 741278

I don't think it's that different from everywhere else? If we're talking about normies from my experience then some will tell you that they're totally gamers just like you, except they only play FIFA and maybe Fortnite and CoD. Some won't care or even understand what your hobbies are unless you act like a socially retarded weirdo. Then from my experience from cons and forums online you have nerdy guys who are nice and fun to hang out with, and the annoying or even creepy ones with shit taste who will quiz girls about their hobbies to make sure they're not posers, but both exist all over the world anyway.

No. 741286

File: 1613514832305.jpeg (1.15 MB, 4032x3024, 3CFEE631-2D8A-4981-8B11-DACC15…)

nurse/medical anons does this look infected

No. 741287

Not a med professional in any way shape or form, but it looks like the start of a scab. Clean it with alcohol or hydrogen peroxide or something. What did you do that would make you think it's infected?

No. 741290

Looks a bit angry but also like a normal scabbing process, try not to let it stay wet or rub on it. Also use something mild to carefully clean it, but how did you get it anon?

No. 741295

I really hope this doesn't come off as inflammatory, and I'm sorry if it does, but do you guys think adults saying "they must like you" to children when they're getting bullied in grade school has contributed to people being more tolerant of being in abusive relationships later on in life?

No. 741296

Don't use peroxide, just alcohol is fine

No. 741299

I don't think it contributes to physically abusive relationships but I know a lot of women that believe the "he's mean to you because he's flirting" stuff and they all end up with assholes that constantly put them down, call them names and insult them in the name of "banter". They all think it's a joke and even if it hurts them they won't say anything because they don't want to look like they're overreacting.

No. 741300

Why do so many Americans respond to every medical issue posted online with "GO TO A DOCTOR" when they know that shit costs a lot of money?
It makes sense for people in Europe or other places where healthcare is cheap/free, but the insane prices I've seen for American healthcare are enough to make "Go see a doctor" sound like an insult IMO, lmao.

No. 741301



my mum distracted me while i was doing it and i messed up

No. 741304

Eh, imo not really. Children can usually tell when someone is being mean to them better than teenagers can, and I've only ever seen the 'they must like you' thing being met with annoyance. An 'eww gross, [bully] is stupid, you just don't get it mom' type of thing.
I think if a comment like that makes a kid think being mean is normal or an expression of affection, there was probably already an issue with how they were raised or their home life to jump to that conclusion. Like, if they're taught to stand up for themselves and that other kids should be nice to them, one 'har har he just has a crush on you' comment isn't going to do anything. But obviously if they have no good examples and comments like those is all they ever hear they're not going to have a healthy image of relationships.

No. 741307

I am so sorry for your cheese related butchering, anon. Graters are death machines.

No. 741309

>even if it hurts them they won't say anything because they don't want to look like they're overreacting
I feel like this is more of an issue about women being pressured to be chill and cool about everything. You know, the NLOG thing to some extent. Of course getting the idea that scrotes can't do wrong and that's just the way they show love ingrained in you from a young age isn't going to help. But I think this mindset in particular is mostly developed during puberty and stems from insecurity. It's more focused on your own actions/reactions than on what the other person does, if that makes sense.

No. 741314

Seconding above anon, I think it only has an effect if it’s part of a wider context of being taught to accept disrespect. Which isn’t to say it’s okay - I certainly would be speaking up if my hypothetical kid was told this - but it shouldn’t have any considerable lasting impact on an otherwise well-raised kid.

No. 741317

Who should say I love you first in a relationship: the man or the woman?

No. 741320

No one should be forced or pressured into saying it, whoever feels like it I guess. Where I'm from we don't say it willynilly or ever kek

No. 741323

The man. If the woman says I love you first hes going to start feeling himself and acting out. If a man actually loved a woman hes gonna say it.

No. 741325

If you really love someone just tell them, I always thought it was stupid to wait for the other person or to make a big deal out of it to the point where you refuse to say it first. If it's the truth, say it.
Lmao if your man reacts like that he was garbage anyway and if anything you get to find out sooner and waste less time. No decent man is going to act any differently because the woman says it first.

No. 741326

where are you from? i can't say it because my family is not verbal like that lol

No. 741327

I wanna ask a counter question: what about us lesbos

No. 741328

Finland woop woop

No. 741330

wow relax it's not like you're announcing you want to marry them

i say i love you to lots of people because i do, that's why you're all mentally ill up there, if your mom told you she loved you more you'd be normal

No. 741333

It completely loses meaning if you say it as much as you do.

No. 741334

I bought a few yellow dragon fruit but my house is so cold that even my ripest one hasn't fully ripened even though it's been three days. Is there something I can do to help it along besides making my house warmer?

No. 741337

warm is good, needs light too
can you put it on a windowsill?

No. 741342

I had no idea they needed light, thank you anon! I've carried them to my room's windowsill where it's a little warmer.

No. 741346

I know there are futafags here so let me ask you: why do futas always have giant, full-body sized cocks? Why can't they just have normal dicks? and why is most of the focus on the dick anyway if they have both parts?

No. 741348

no, thank you, I love fruits, people don't talk about fruits much

No. 741357

Why the fuck are you this defensive? My mom has told me she loves me, thank you very much. You're the one here pondering the rules of i love yous, so I would maybe go ponder why the hell that might be, nonnie.

No. 741363

It was made by men for men, they want to focus on the humongous dicks because men into futa want to either have huge dicks to shove inside people, or want a huge dick to be shoved inside them.

No. 741366

Why do I feel so anxious when I'm arguing with my bf even when I know I've done nothing wrong

No. 741370

Because arguing with someone you are vulnerable with and who could hurt your feelings is never fun?

No. 741372

Yeah definitely, I just wish I was more like those women that are really good at holding their ground and remaining sure of themselves during heated arguments with men.

No. 741374

so some anons in /pt/ /snow/ and /w/ who freak out/make a big deal over "dark skin folds" have made me kinda…insecure kek
i'm average weight and really pale and my armpits are much darker than my skin, same with the area around my vag. is it really a health problem? people in different threads keep insinuating it means it makes you unhealthy/fat/sick in some way and i'm just like…are those areas really supposed to be ~uwu pink~ kek?

No. 741379

There's no need to be insecure about it anon, it's perfectly normal. Those boards are just infested with psychotic anas who spend all day obsessing over peoples bodies. Anything they claim about looks should be taken with a sizeable grain of salt.
For some people those areas are more pink, for some people they're darker. There's nothing wrong with you.

No. 741381

I feel you. If it helps, a lot of women who appear confident during arguments probably feel the same way inside and are just good at hiding it. It's a fake it until you make it kind of thing I guess.

No. 741396

Everybody's different, I wouldn't worry about it.

Anyway don't bother with what nitpicky anons think. They're taking out their insecurities on zoomed in vaginas, obviously they're clapped.

No. 741506

I love arguing and usually end up too excited to feel sad or hurt but it's definitely the 'tism.
It's perfectly normal to feel anxious in that situation, but if it's particularly bad with him, is it possible something he does when he's mad or arguing could be putting you on edge? Raising his voice, getting in your face, puffing himself up bigger, throwing things, anything like that? Or does it feel like he's saying things because he thinks they'll hurt you, not because they're relevant and need to be said?
It's completely possible he doesn't do any of this and conflict just makes you nervous, but if his behavior is aggressive like this, you could try to explain to him that he puts you on edge/scares you when he does these things. If it's by accident and he cares about you, he can learn to be more calm when dealing with conflict, and if not, then you should just dump him.
If none of that is the case and arguing just makes you anxious, then you might feel a little better if you can write down the issues you're having, the stuff you want to discuss, so on, ahead of time. It's a lot like giving a speech or presentation, it's easier to relax a bit when you know you have a plan to fall back on. It might feel a little weird, but it can help you get your point across, stay calm, and ultimately resolve the argument.
Most of my friends with the same issue usually just come to me with the problem and ask me to write/word their arguments and points for them, but that's not really an option here

No. 741525

How long have you guys been on lolcow? I think I can confidently (and regrettably) say it's been almost four years for me lmao

No. 741528

Six years.

No. 741530

3 years

No. 741532

Close to four years

No. 741533

late 2016/early 2017 and i only remember that because i came here when pixielocks was getting ready for her trip to japan. lc came up when i googled her lol

No. 741535

I sorta answered this yesterday when an anon asked if lc was my first imageboard, but anyway I got here mid last June so like 7 and a halfish months.

No. 741536

8 months although I've been on imageboards since 2012

No. 741548

Like other anons said, it's shallow but you're entitled to break up with someone for any reason you want. However, I imagine there's probably more to this than the guy having a small dick; his personality probably isn't good enough to make up for it, or maybe you're not physically attracted to him in general.

No. 741561

Since near the end of 2018

No. 741579

No. 741580

File: 1613552164489.jpg (106.84 KB, 725x545, a5b220ccb8a2c47c63137be8ab6e68…)

Somebody asked if eating cheese before sleep makes your dreams weird on the last thread. After a little over a week of testing this my answer is yes and no. If by weird you mean incredibly emotional, yes. Weird as in lucid dreaming with Fiona Apple in a sewer? No. I actually had so mamy dreams that led me to cry upon waking up. Nothing changed except the eating cheese part, though this was my experience only. Hope you see this, cheese-anon.

No. 741582

Nta, but I love that you actually tested this lmao

No. 741585

Yeah it's definitely a shame! Although it's very highly likely in the very far future, we'll have one language and countries will likely disappear altogether. Perhaps your country is just ahead of the trend lol.

No. 741589

Can confirm, the times I've dreamt that I was raped or followed by zombies have happened after eating cheese. It's weird, but cheese is still so delicious ugh, can't stop eating it

No. 741592

6-7 years, maybe a bit longer if you count lurking time to time from /cgl/

No. 741595

Wait anon- did you eat dishes with lots of cheese or just straight up cheese? I kinda wanna try this too

No. 741596

gunplanons how tf am I supposed to organize my runners? I usually just sort them alphabetically and then stick em in the box but I just got my first master grade kit and there's a lot of runners…

No. 741617

I…never even thought about it. I think I do the same - alphabetically but usually when I'm working on a part I look beforehand what runners I will need for that and leave them on top.

No. 741628

is the gold star on a reply supposed to mark a particular poster?

No. 741634

Gold stars are for amazing/iconic posts. They're not given out often

No. 741642

>If a man actually loved a woman hes gonna say it.
What if he has a stick up his ass and would rather die than admit it because of how shy or embarrassed he would be?

No. 741646

Why do Marilyn Manson threads move so fast? I swear I saw the #6 just a few months ago and now they have 10 threads??
I don’t even know if I want to read them from the beginning because it’s like they’re talking in another language, hell, I understand threads in other languages better than Manson threads.
What’s the milk?

No. 741647

Evan Rachel Wood recently named him as her abuser and many other women came forward as victims of his

No. 741657

It also has an army of spergs in these threads (but it is milky nonetheless)

No. 741665


He'll probably show it to you in different ways instead, if you're lucky

No. 741670

In my last relationship I never said it (3 years living together) I had him pretty convinced it was just me being weird about getting vulnerable but…that wasn't it. I didn't love him.

No. 741714

I ordered something from ebay and the listing said it was being sent by regular airmail..then when it was shipped the tracking link was one for a godawful courier company that of course delivered my item to god knows where. I contacted them about it and asked for either a refund or a replacement sent through airmail like it had listed.. 5 days later I got an email saying 'your item is being posted' The tracking link in that email was the same old tracking link from the first lost delivery. No further contact.

It'll prob take another 5 days to get a response if I ask so. What do I read that response as? Regular airmail doesn't provide a tracking num so should I assume they resent it but just linked the old tracking. Did they send the old tracking number again to say 'fuck off look the tracking say delivered' thoughts?

No. 741735

Since spring 2017

No. 741750

oooh, this can kind of explain some vivid uncomfortable dreams i've been having as of late. i had a cheese stick about an hour before heading to sleep.

No. 741763

i've been reading for about a year but i started posting in august 2020 i think?

No. 741772

File: 1613575864773.jpeg (56.71 KB, 932x978, 9EF06BE2-55AF-4066-8356-E02312…)

is it just me or is it weird that lesbians try to justify using strap-ons? it literally simulates as a phallus during sex.. it just doesn’t make any sense to me if you’re just exclusively attracted to vagina why use something that you and your potential partner isn’t attracted to?

No. 741773

It’s just you

No. 741774

how is it weird? it's just a toy, nevermind that not all strap-ons are shaped like penises anyway

No. 741776

You should open a claim. They take those much more seriously. Hope it works out for you anon!

No. 741777

Because strap ons are attached to a woman and not a scrote.

No. 741778

If it's not a super realistic dildo then I really don't see your point. Poles go into holes… gay guys like holes still and gay girls can still crave (silicone) poles

No. 741779

I'm bi, but it's just about the stimulation phallus shaped things can provide. It's still on a woman

No. 741781

It's just you, it's just a shape. Gay dudes use those pocket pussies and whatever despite being gay.

No. 741786

File: 1613576709240.jpg (216.24 KB, 1080x1080, d78cc24e30fb9f83760a6ae93f52c6…)

Would these trendy wolf cut/mullet/shag type cuts make a square face look extra mannish? I also have a long midface and a big head in general.

I can't decide if I should just go full andro, since trying to make my face look more feminine just highlights how masculine it is.

No. 741790

I support this! this haircut is nice.

No. 741794

>since trying to make my face look more feminine just highlights how masculine it is
That's not how well done hair/make-up work.

No. 741796

That’s the thing, it doesn’t magically transform into something else just because you’re a woman, it doesn’t make any sense. It’s still something that’s meant to resemble a penis lmao

No. 741801

File: 1613577475258.jpg (Spoiler Image, 13.1 KB, 466x494, 71ecF1e2UfL._AC_SX466_.jpg)

>It’s still something that’s meant to resemble a penis lmao
not always tho, see picrel
also what do you think about vegans who consume fake meat?

No. 741802

2017 but I stumbled across this site in 2016 for the bad art thread lol

No. 741815

File: 1613578420371.png (1.06 MB, 1070x1242, Screen Shot 2021-02-17 at 11.1…)

Is this fr true? I don't even want this question in my search history bc huh? It can throw off the vagina's pH and give people diarrhea? That's so cursed.

No. 741816

early 2015, I guess.

No. 741817

I don't do semen in my mouth, nevermind swallowing it..but I do remember I had a friend who swore swallowing would give her diarrhea afterwards

No. 741818

Isn't that the same chemical that induces birth in pregnant women? That's why doctors tell pregnant couples to fuck around the end of the pregnancy

No. 741822

I have never gotten diarrhea from swallowing but I dont usually get it from periods either.

No. 741827

I get period shits like crazy. It only started happening in my late twenties, I was fine before then and never even knew that was a thing

Maybe it's a good thing I'm not wanting cum in my mouth.

No. 741829

Is gay anal penetrative sex straight just because it involves sticking the dick into a body opening?

No. 741831

Soooo…if a plastic phallic object is the same as real dick no matter who wields it, how do you feel about trannies? Does a fake pussy woman make?

No. 741835

Male cum also you age faster. That's why lesbians look younger than straight women.

No. 741839

Maybe all my tummy aches were because my ex always needed to cum inside me.

No. 741840

No. 741862

Is it cruel to have only one cat? I want to have one but the idea of it being alone all day long saddens me

No. 741864

As long as the cat is used to being alone (for example - it's not an adult cat that used to live with other cats until being adopted by you) and has some toys around to play with it will be fine, I know plenty of cats like that and they're perfectly happy.

No. 741865

Some cats prefer being the only cat, some love company. My only cat atm was so bad with other cats even though she is sweet, so it really depends!

No. 741869

Cats are territorial so they can be funny getting introduced to new cats. My cat was such a bitch to my step dad's cats when he moved them in, they ended up getting rehomed, I felt so bad.

No. 741876

depends on the cat! one of mine was hugely jealous and hated when we brought another home bc it meant he didn’t get undivided attention. when he passed, we adopted another to keep the new one company, and he‘s clearly way happier now than he was living with the jealous cat. I’d recommend adopting an adult cat from a shelter and telling them you specifically want a cat who likes being alone. adults are settled in their personalities so you don’t have to worry about them suddenly getting really social (or needing a ton of playtime and attention you can’t provide, kittens are monsters)

No. 741884

Can any tech literate anons explain why my macbook suddenly won't load certain websites at all on any browser? My OS is up to date, I cleared the cache and the DNS client, my antivirus software doesn't detect anything, but the problem persists on a lot of websites that I rely on for work. The internet is working fine on my other devices. Why this is happening to me. Reeeeeeeeeeee

No. 741885

On that note, how do people cope with cats walking all over their counters and tables? Like they just shat in a box and kicked the dirt all over it, and now you're gonna let them walk where you prepare food?

(Not trying to be anti-cat, I'm just genuinely wondering.)

No. 741887

My family had a strict rule about keeping the cat off of the table, counters and most chairs. At night we would put him in the basement to make sure that he didn't get into any trouble. We would give his paws a good wipe from time to time too because we're neat freaks. It could be kind of annoying but it was worth it, cats make some of the best companions imo, they're so charming.

No. 741888

Out of sight, out of mind. Plus I figure humans track as much fecal matter as a cat does. If I regularly had people over and/or eating my cooked food, I'd be concerned, though.

No. 741891

My cat personally just hardly ever does it, and on the rare occasion I do catch him (trying to sneak food, little devil), he leaves as soon as I tell him no, and I wipe the surface down with a wipe. Cats are pretty clean, though. They groom themselves thoroughly, and he doesn’t like….do that directly after using his box either.

No. 741892

Depends on the cat. My cat prefers it, I think that the only time I’ve seen him so calm and content is now that he’s the only pet in the house.

No. 741893

Yeah, but humans don't usually walk on tables lmao

I can't speak for cats, but I've generally found that certain animals really like to have companions. Dogs and rabbits do better with cage/housemates of the same sex (though with male rabbits you have to careful.) You also have animals that literally need to house with another one or they get depressed, like rats, birds, ferrets, and gerbils. However, some animals, like hamsters and chinchillas are better off alone because they're territorial (particularly the males.)

Just going off of what I've seen when it comes to my friends with cats, it looks like it really depends on the cat's personality. Some cats basically ignore the other animals they live with, while others benefit from it.

That makes sense. I think maybe I just have lingering disgust from a time I went to a friends house and her cat had diarrhea and it left little poop-prints everywhere afterwards.

No. 741923

is there anything to back this up lmao

No. 741926

Nta but if men can make up 'the wall' then I say we spread the word on cum being toxic to women. Hit em where it hurts lol

No. 741931

I generally clean my counter before cooking anyway out of OCD, it’s not a bad habit to get into. Also keep a spray bottle of water on the counter to hit them with if they get up there - it won’t keep them off when you aren’t around, but it helps them learn not to annoy you when you’re cooking or eating.

No. 741964

On what day, do you think, is LC most active?

No. 741976

The way they never replied

No. 741981

Saturday for me. Fri-Sun is generally more active overall.
Generally site activity is boosted after schools let out (sadly), work lets out, and work lunch breaks.
Covid making everything online 34/7 has messed up the calculations a bit though

No. 741983

File: 1613594625674.jpg (113.5 KB, 599x676, YezrFSe.jpg)

Does anyone know where this picture is from ? Adjacent question but do you guys know cool documentaries about women hikikomori ?

No. 741984

You sound homophobic

No. 741988

I keep seeing this pic with people saying the subtitles here are just a joke and what she really says is something like "I've been bullied and made fun of but I like fictional characters because they don't" or something similar. I wish I could see the whole video.

No. 741992

They kinda sound like one of those scrotes who is butthurt at the sheer existance of lesbians because 'uh oh that means less pussy out there for me and I'm already getting zero pussy as it is..If you like strapons you crave dick!!

No. 742010

File: 1613596081945.jpeg (10.24 KB, 275x275, 1579400755756.jpeg)

They really do, don't they

No. 742018

Has anyone tried any of the bowls from Panera Bread? I want to try the teriyaki chicken one.

No. 742039

Are you one of those "reeee lesbians use plastic dildos why won't they take dick?!?!?! not fair, nto faiir nort fari naot fair not fairareaae" people?
You could probably also make the argument that gay anal sex is just assholes functioning as replacement vaginas, and effeminate gay men are copying women so that's "weird" and simulates a heterosexual relationship, but like…that'd be offensive, right? Lmao.

No. 742053

Do i tint my brows rn or tomorrow, i am wide awake and bored waiting for nintendo direct

No. 742054

Do it now

No. 742062

Okay, i will look bomb when i wake up

No. 742063

Nta, is Miyazaki's 'Anime was a mistake' based on a video or also just a screenshot?

No. 742066

Most of my friends are turning gender special (at least, the ones not having sex) one by one. What tiktok does to a mf. What do?
The funniest part is we live in a western country but definitely not one of the most "advanced" ones so they stay quiet everywhere except in the chats. Also, when will they wake up?

No. 742070

Iirc it's obviously not something he said word for word in such a quotable form, but he did express that the anime industry was in a crisis, because instead of highly artistically motivated people trying to do new things and bring new stories to animation, it became an industry of otaku making series for otaku. But I'm not even sure it's from the same video as the still.

No. 742071

It was from a documentary if i remember correctly but he also never said that

No. 742072

The quote is made up but the pic is from a documentary about some ghibli stuff

No. 742074

File: 1613600787011.png (825.52 KB, 996x829, miyazaki.png)

No. 742075

Is it normal to at one point feel attracted to a friend of the same sex?

No. 742077

Yea if you're gay although I have read that some straightos have romantic feelings towards their closest girl friends in their teenager years without it meaning they must be gay or bi

No. 742082

Even female hikkineets look cleaner than the average male hikineet kek

No. 742098

File: 1613603097809.png (11.02 KB, 200x203, descargar.png)

Why do I sometimes randomly feel like I should die, like I should kill myself? I don't feel sad, I just feel like I must die.

No. 742102

I don't have an answer for you but I also feel the same way sometimes. I figured it's just leftover brain thoughts from when I was super depressed and suicidal.

No. 742106

I'm a complete kissless, handholdless virgin and get flu-like period diarrhea, what does this mean?

No. 742119

Would it make you happy or sad if friends came to you for advice because they implied you were the ugly/fat friend who was making romantic/employment/domestic life work somehow?

No. 742125

Insulting af.

No. 742128

I'd be offended

No. 742141

Ghost their asses.

No. 742142

What's the real definition of pinkpill? I've first encountered it with all the radfem discourse but I've also seen it used to mean men trooning out.

No. 742143

Are petite clothes for any type of short girl or is it only for short girls with a small bone structure?

No. 742150

Short girls (ime often aimed at those under 5’3 / 5’4). Petite clothes are often available in plus sizes. They’re just made to fit shorter people.

No. 742152

When they realize slapping on a label and some baggy clothing won't change their mental illnesses and society's gender roles. Cure: get them off the internet and get them laid asap.

No. 742154

Are you maybe thinking of kibutz? Its like a commune but a specific kind thats usually jewish-centered.

Are you american or have absolutely no tastebuds? They clearly taste very different and you'd have to pay me to make me put margarine anywhere near my mouth (whereas I love butter)

No. 742161

American here, butter and margarine does taste different over here lmao. It's just that anon

No. 742166

ahh sorry didnt mean to directly go to the burger argument, it's just that everyone of my friends who visited the US said that unless you specificly buy organic food, food tastes like shit in the US.

No. 742227

half a year

No. 742233

File: 1613614207554.jpg (273.2 KB, 1024x1024, daca5h3-ef07378f-2a2e-4d61-a66…)

omg homegirl actually came thru

No. 742264

What's a good OTC for a UTI? Im an amerifag and my company doesn't provide health insurance and community health clinics have waiting lists forever. I know there should be more than an antibiotic for a uti

No. 742266

Fellow amerifag who suffers from chronic UTIs and unfortunately OTCs are just a bandaid and you do need antibiotics. I buy Cystex to help with the pain, and recently over quarantine (because I also didn't have health insurance/quarantine) I signed up for Lemonaid health. I filled out their questionnaire, one of their docs sent back a video saying "yep sounds like a UTI" and prescribed me antibiotics. Cost like $50 for the diagnosis and then another $30-45ish for the medication which isn't cheap overall, but given we were under lockdown, it was one of my only options. I hope you'll get medicine for your UTI soon anon! They're fucking awful.

No. 742272

File: 1613619545708.png (1.78 MB, 1080x1248, 1578841957325.png)

Does anyone have experience with wellbutrin ? I've just started today and I don't know what to expect.

No. 742276

File: 1613619859794.jpg (33.46 KB, 800x600, 1589361847632.jpg)

Why is it that in my head I am this submissive, approval and praise seeking asshole who would love a dominating woman, but the second I flirt I am so damn dominating? I cannot do the cute thing, I always end up being the teasing and treat it like it was a contest of being sexy

No. 742278

Take a shitload of cranberry pills, like 1-2 every hour. Unfortunately it's not guaranteed to work, half the time it cleared but the other half it only calmed the UTI down a little until I got antibiotics. Go to a Planned Parenthood, anon.

No. 742299

Did nothing for me, good or bad. Like taking sugar pills. Everyone is different though, good luck!

No. 742311

…my Settings button is gone. How will I change my lolcow skin now??

No. 742314

samefag, nvm I'm retarded. But wasn't there a Settings button before? I remember using it to change image settings.

No. 742321

try this with chocolate kek
my dreams after eating chocolate are……..very vivid, and/or nightmareish

No. 742323

my doctor added it onto my 200mg zoloft when i requested to be taken off all my meds. it made me more suicidal than i'd ever been and i had to go inpatient for 8 days because i was going to kms. 0/10 do not recommend. meds are different for everyone though so i wouldn't worry too much, just be sure to watch how you feel after a couple weeks.

No. 742324

Another burger with chronic UTIs, why the fuck can’t we get antibiotics over the counter? What an absolute racket. They’re antibiotics, not opioids ffs. Every time I have to go to the doctor for antibiotics is such a waste of time and money. The doctor visit is pointless because they’re just like “yeah sounds like a UTI, here’s your prescription,” like yeah thanks for being literally useless except for your signature.

No. 742342

what happens if you drink too much pepto bismol

No. 742344

What makes you happy anons? As I grew older nothing really brought me joy anymore, its just random bursts of happiness every now and then, almost like I was desensitized with everything….

No. 742347

Seeing cute birds, playing with my pet, sugary food… I'm surely not happy, just neutral most of the time, but I think that's completely normal. I try to not dwell on negative emotions, but there'll be days where I waste half a dayfreaking out because I think I offended someone, and then it turns out they were just busy. I wish I could get that time back.

No. 742355

Cause most burgers and britbongs can’t be trusted to take them properly or for just moderate to severe infections so now we have antibiotic resistant shit all over the place.

No. 742360

Shitposting, movies, animals and collectibles.

Sounds like you have depression, anon.

No. 742374

Petting my pet, learning new stuff like a hobby, going out for a walk, dancing at home, wearing clothes that fit me just right, dumb bitch memes, getting my nails done, baking, husbando games, cute games etc
I have a friend who has the same issue you got, I think that’s depression, but I don’t really know. It’s nice to ask about these things though, maybe you could find something new to get into #♥

No. 742380

EU anon and I remember I used to pay 120 euro each time I got a uti (100 to spend a whole min with the doc, 20 for the meds) I thought my heavy coffee drinking could be adding to the issue but eventually realised that for me cutting out sex stopped the issue. I go years without them while Im single but get them back to back whenever dating. Not worth the pain, the money, the antibiotic side effects and then the lack of empathy from the person who helped you get the uti lol

Figuring out your best preventative action is better than taking antibiotics too often.

No. 742485

Why do moids make fun of women for lusting over good looking guys but moids literally make cults, fanclubs, ect over women they find attractive, even fictional ones?

No. 742493

Because men are hypocrites

No. 742498

>short answer
Hoes mad
>long answer
The envy the attention some women give to fictional men or real men, like actors and the majority are unable to better themselves or to check themselves so they can reach the already low bar of standards most women have for their moids.

No. 742511

Same reason they go nuts about lesbians being lesbians. Bitterness

No. 742529

I got into an internet argument with a guy because I suggested jealousy over attractive same sex people is not exclusively a woman thing. Even though men shit on any musician or actor who's favored by women. My mom put up a poster of young Brad Pitt in her old workplace storageroom next to the wall of bikini babes her male collegues put up (classy bunch), and they were calling him effeminate, ugly, etc. and scribbled all over it.

No. 742535

I know no1curr but i'm >>741030 and i just wanted to say that i have not bitten my nails since I posted. I can feel my power growing

No. 742559

Is "brain fog" a real thing or a buzzword? Can you describe your condition using other terms?

No. 742565

It's real. Idk how to describe it but for me it's: losing focus often, can't concentrate, sometimes feel lost/dizzy… like walking through fog?

No. 742577

men seethe about attractive men so much more than women do about attractive women lol. the very first thing that comes to mind is how grown men harassed justin bieber for years and made up countless gay/tranny rumors about him while he was still a teen, all because young girls thought he was hot.

No. 742595

Men seethe so hard and are so vocal in their distaste for any teen heartthrob that after a while some grown women even join in just from hearing it parroted so much. I hate when women join in on it.

Let teen girls crush on a singer/actor, meanwhile your teen sons are watching stepmom anal fucking scenes… priorities

No. 742608

File: 1613671033796.gif (14.82 MB, 600x568, 33A8B25C-C6B9-4175-AC4E-96D286…)

how do you guys find good shitposts or random images? it makes me feel so jealous

No. 742612

I’m in the same situation as you and I’m only 18. I really enjoy drawing, obsessing over shows, and fucking around online for entertainment, it’s the only source of escapism that I have in my boring and subtly traumatic life

No. 742616

Es hora de comer btw, anon.

No. 742635

I just save them whenever I come across them either here or on twitter/instagram.

No. 742637

Was it Bertram from Jessie that got his nudes leaked or am I thinking of another disney man

No. 742640

I heard it was the dad from good luck charlie?

No. 742649

Have you guys ever blind purchased a perfume based on its notes? Were you disappointed?

No. 742653

File: 1613673391612.jpg (137.2 KB, 693x561, carrot-cake-3.jpg)

Okay nonnies, what should I make for my birthday - carrot cake or chocolate cake?
Vote now on your phones.

No. 742654


No. 742655

Chocolate! Carrot cake is delicious, but more of a picnic cake.

t. anon voting from phone

No. 742658

This lmao. Men have shut down bands who produce the exact same sounding music as the ones they like just because the men in it are pretty boys (black veil brides, one direction, five seconds of summer, etc)

Not the first scrote habit either since the beatles because jealous scrotes hated the beatles as well until now when the beatles are no longer considered the standard of attractiveness by women and magically all "real music" fan men liked them? Kek. Watch a woman talk about how much Amy Lee sucks at singing or Linsey sterling sucks at violin and watch scrotes scream in her face about how jealous she is. Men are the biggest projectors

No. 742662

carrot cake. it's more birthday-ish, besides with valentine's day you must have already eaten plenty of chocolate

No. 742673

File: 1613674857983.jpeg (134.69 KB, 750x653, D5C82416-AE4F-407A-9084-45810D…)

It’s true. That’s why so many men joke about that “fishy” smell. It’s their fault.

No. 742688

I've never encountered a bad smelling (gay) pussy. I have heard enough guys tell the same old story of one woman (always years earlier and no strings) that reeked of fish. I always wondered if it was a made up story that just spreads and gets repeated as your own.

I grew up an area where rascist middle aged moms made up a story and they all repeated it as personally happening to them to help spread a shitty message while covering it up with 'it really happened to me though' so I really thought men were shitting on women in some simialr fashion. I dunno

No. 742693

I'm gay as well and I've met bad smelling women but I've only encountered like one one who smelt like shit but not fish. It was also due to her exclusive fast food diet mixed with the fact she would take wdperminetal weight loss meds

No. 742767

One time I went to try on a prom dress at a department store but it reeked of fish so I put it back. Blech. Makes me wonder what the fuck happened to it

No. 742774

Do other anons that use online dating apps also get a depressing amount of married men or men that are in relationship messaging you? I block them immediately, a lot of times they don't disclose their relationship status until you're several messages in.

No. 742790

File: 1613680956943.jpg (67.15 KB, 640x640, 8bb8a143022e3f4648ddf912c3a57e…)

Do any women find Kurtis Conner (the youtuber) attractive? Most of the guys of his genre usually have a significant female following that are actually into their looks and fantasize about them, but he looks like a sleazy hobo and really doesn't seem all that funny compared to his friends.

No. 742792

I'm guilty of this

No. 742794

You took the words out of my mouth. He's nowhere near as funny as the other prominent dudes in his genre and he's only cute sometimes.

No. 742795

he reminds me a little of Evan Peters at a glance

No. 742799

I think he's cute!

No. 742802

Drew is the funniest out of the bunch, if he looked like kurtis, he would dominate

No. 742808

He always looked like a predator to me, something about his eyes and sporadic tattoos screamed alt-dude that goes to DIY pop-punk shows to groom 16 year-old girls.

No. 742819

File: 1613682523083.jpeg (56.72 KB, 266x259, 91D8A616-3305-4A0A-9695-0C88ED…)

I’m not saying that the fish smell isn’t awful but I really hate it when people transform it into a very damaging insult.
It’s not always reflective of the woman’s genital health, it’s just basic chemistry where the bacteria emits a nasty smell, it’s sort of like ammonia or other gases that give off a smell. There are other elements that are super harmful to human health and have absolutely no smell at all like arsenic and carbon monoxide. No one ever really makes fun of men for their dick cheese smelling rotten and sometimes they do but it’s always from this idea that the vagina is some weird forbidden cthulu monster where you place something in it and then never look at it which is why many scrotes don’t like to eat pussy or think that the more sex partners a female has it must stretch out her genitals

No. 742820

If lolcow worked like Silent Hill, what hentai would it bring to life as a representation of farmers depravity?

No. 742821

samefag but like sorry for the sperging

No. 742822

What's a good way to console a friend with an ED when they're having a down moment about it?

No. 742823

Adam driver x chris Hemsworth yaoi

No. 742824

I love this idea
Pyramid Teri

No. 742825

is he that popular? I would bet on Timothee but I don't visit /g/ tbh

No. 742828

In what way are they feeling down about it? Are they feeling guilt for having an ED, or do they feel bad about their body at the moment?

No. 742832

Are you talking about Adam or Chris?

No. 742841

Golden star

No. 742861

I couldn't find the sexuality questioning thread but IRL I'm only attracted sexually to dude but when I watched porn I've been only watching 2girls stuff since I discovered porn, does that make me somewhat bi, or do I only like the novelty?

No. 742862

What would you like to do irl is the question, nonnie

No. 742888

Has anyone had a really huge obsession with a particular character when they were younger?
I had a lot of them and I couldn't really deduce whether I was truly obsessed with them or if I had a crush on them,it could be both but it still befuddles me.

No. 742890

sorry meant Chris

No. 742911

I don't think he's that popular here, no
But some anon suggested it and the other one ran with this idea

No. 742932

File: 1613688643027.jpg (134.47 KB, 1300x866, 145575786-tired-girl-resting-h…)

How does one deal with loneliness as someone hwo hates people?

No. 742942

I read books. They give a sense of knowing people intimately without ever having to interact. If you actually want some interaction, there are endless people online who you can easily befriend and drop if you wish.

No. 742976

chocolate, duh.

No. 742989


No. 743000

No. 743005

File: 1613693347812.jpeg (216.73 KB, 1242x985, E481C625-F770-4A9A-920F-F404A5…)

I honestly always thought I hated people, but the truth is you just don’t mesh with most people —at least the ones you encounter or have access to. It’s like you’re on a certain wavelength and it’s not because you’re super special or better than others or something, but more like you want to find other people on that wavelength and when you don’t, it’s lonely and frustrating

At least that’s how I feel.

No. 743019

No. 743021

How come I rarely ever meet people on my wavelength if I'm not "special"=abnormal?

No. 743033

How do I grow fond of someone again

No. 743062

File: 1613699733434.jpeg (142.06 KB, 749x405, 94624651-7910-4D13-AC68-BB2DD1…)

Do I have COVID? I’m having some difficulty to breathe, not like at throat or bronchus level, like, I’m breathing yet I can’t take a deep breath like before a few weeks ago.
I suffer a lot from asthma, but after I got over some pesky flu, I stopped having any sort of symptoms that might be COVID related, like the headaches or the annoyance in the throat.
I don’t want to cause a scene and then be told again that I’m exaggerating or just being hypochondriac.
Maybe it’s just because I gained lots of weight during quarantine? I’ve never gained so many kilos so quickly, so it’s probably that?
Also, my family seems to be just fine, I’ve been avoiding talking to them directly and such, I don’t know what to do, I’ve never lost my breath while talking by the phone or walking around the house while talking by the phone.

No. 743074

File: 1613701360556.jpeg (92.75 KB, 750x542, 29A4E836-4C7E-445A-866D-05658F…)

I guess what I mean is that abnormal or rare might not necessarily mean you’re better or smarter (though smarter people report more feelings of isolation…but then again I’m pretty lonely and dumb as a post)

Maybe you’re a lily in a field of roses.

No. 743077

The only time I grew fond of someone again was after I had been apart from them for a long time and they also improved themselves drastically.

No. 743081

Generally speaking, what are you inclined to think is sexier: a dress which is short or a dress which is long and semi transparent? For me it's the second one.

No. 743087

Wtf is going on in the dumbass shit thread

No. 743092

I literally just told you, lmao. Things girls like are witch-hunted just because.

No. 743105

There are more than one anon here, nonnie

No. 743119

File: 1613706592396.jpeg (91.08 KB, 1200x706, 3AD4F188-489B-4EC6-A572-AE5B3A…)

Can you get sick from eating too many oranges? I cannot stop eating blood oranges. I think I’ve eaten at least 60 since Christmas. I’m afraid I’m gonna start peeing blood Orange juice.

No. 743123

I can tell you one sickness you don't have-scurvy! You might turn orange though.

No. 743130

File: 1613707218332.jpg (22.87 KB, 240x200, spong.jpg)

>since Christmas
Bitch it's been 55 days since Christmas. That's basically an orange a day tf. I thought you were getting ready to tell us you eat 15 oranges a day or smthing.

You can't get sick from eating one orange a day.

No. 743132

Heartburn at the most

No. 743139

Idk about sick but I've heard the acidity in citrus fruit can damage your tooth enamel if you overdo it.

No. 743142

File: 1613707947825.jpeg (15.93 KB, 275x275, C6EA7CC8-AB9F-4E61-A431-C45987…)

It’s been 55 fucking days since Christmas? One, what the fuck, my sense of time is retarded and two, holy shit, I been eating way more oranges than I thought cus a bitch is topping 3 or more a day.

No. 743147

Nonnies mad at people calling ugly untalented scrotes ugly and untalented

No. 743165

File: 1613710396827.png (433.93 KB, 1200x720, Use-your-mobile-as-mouse-using…)

Are apps that work as a remote control for your computer safe or is there a security risk? I'm tired of having to get off the couch when I use my HDMI cable with my TV.

I want to know the source as well, idgaf about scrotes but I'm always interested in documentaries about women.

No. 743178

I've used it for a while on the lowest dosage and it kind of helped me, but the second I upped my dosage (because I still felt "off") I developed symptoms of psychosis. It's embarrassing to talk about because I have a journal from that time period and it's very schizoy, from me talking about having random twitches that I believed were from other people inside of me to literally going to a grocery store and believing I couldn't leave for four hours because they were going to tackle me if I tried to leave. Apparently that can happen with too high of a dosage for a single person (I think I went from 150mg to 300mg) according to my psychiatrist, although the highest is 450mg I think? So just start at the lowest dosage and if you think you need any more just be careful and up it very slowly.

Sorry for rambling, anon. I'm sure you will be fine, just do what you think is the safest for you.

No. 743180

nta but did the psychosis go away completely after?

No. 743188

I got off of it a year ago and I'm perfectly fine now, it took probably a month for me to feel normal again and seeing that journal now make me fucking cringe. I don't have any family history of mental illness except for depression and trying psychedelics a few times after this incident never caused me to experience psychosis (sorry, just to put it out there that I wasn't at risk for anything). Certain antidepressants can just do that if taken too much for a long amount of time, at least what I was told.

No. 743194

Thanks for all the info! I'm not the original poster but was on welbutrin for a bit (a low dose and didn't have psychotic symptoms) so I was curious. I'm glad it didn't stick around and actually relate to the cringe journal from another time lol, so you're not alone in that experience. It's good that that's not permanent. I hope op's medication helps her. It's a seriously tough journey

No. 743199

Thanks for listening to me sperg about going insane for a few months, I don't get to talk about that a lot kek. Me too, I just didn't want to seem like an asshole and be like GET OFF IT NOW!! because wellbutrin has worked for some of my friends and family, just cause my experience happened doesn't mean it's gonna happen to everyone, of course. Finding the perfect medication can be tough, I really hope these meds help op too.

No. 743206

>Me too, I just didn't want to seem like an asshole and be like GET OFF IT NOW!! because
This made me smile lol. I appreciate your honesty and helpfulness. You sound like a friend I had but I'm getting too OT… have a nice day/night queen np!

No. 743217

How long does it usually take to get tested for autism? If you do have an autism diagnosis, do you have to tell your doctor or employer?

No. 743233

File: 1613721816108.png (101.52 KB, 500x575, __asai_miki_original_drawn_by_…)

Are UTIs/yeast infections really that common in women? I've never gotten either in my entire life, even when I was in such depressive periods that I refused to shower (gross, I know I know). I also used to have sex often with a guy who was kinda nasty. Yet in all my 20 years of living, never had a UTI or infection and I'm kinda confused. Thought they were rare but I see so many women talking about them and how to prevent them?? Are there factors that can impact how prone someone is to them? My mind kinda blown right now

No. 743242

the female anatomy makes women more susceptible to utis. some women are just more prone to getting recurrent utis too (myself included sadly lol) they fucking suck. consider yourself lucky for never having to experience that pain kek
>Are there factors that can impact how prone someone is to them
yes, being a woman. literally lol

No. 743245

I'm not and I tend to think as men as not as sensitive as me in general.
I have to make my Nigel aware of sudden off smells, subtle tastes and tiny details I can see at a glance.
Not sure if it's a sensitivity problem or what but it's really bizarre to think men can live with such low quality perception of the world.

No. 743252

Skinny anons what do you eat in a day? Can y'all walk me through a day of eating for you? I'm trying to lose weight and wanna know what makes my diet different to yours

No. 743258

File: 1613725077156.jpg (21.2 KB, 262x200, dafuck.jpg)

Could I get away with free cosmetic ps if I tell my insurance I identify as non-binary? Have any girls cheated the system like this yet? If fucking trannies get discounts on this shit, why can't I?? Is my dysphoria of not having bigger tiddies not valid?

No. 743259

I guess you're just lucky
I get yeast infections from stress, so every exam season warrants a gyno visit too, like clockwork

No. 743260

Do guys enjoy getting their nipples sucked?

No. 743261

File: 1613725089741.jpeg (261.31 KB, 500x1114, E4F905BE-FB5A-4D03-8456-14A056…)

The post about the subtitles being incorrect checks out. The original TV spot is from 2012. I found a reupload on Nico Nico, but there seems to be an issue with encoding as it only plays audio. I did find a text summary of this section of the episode though (this interview is just a random story within a larger program about a variety of topics), which says the girl mostly talks about being into Hakuouki kek.

I also found a cap of the original subtitles w/ correct translation for anyone interested

No. 743262

Depends where you are. I had a three year wait

No. 743265

Some guys do. Some like having them played with and some don't. You just have to ask

No. 743266

I pretty much opted out of having a sex life a few years ago as I suspected my UTIs would stop if I did.. Haven't had one in 3 years. I spent a long time struggling with them so honestly it's worth it. Most of my friends have had UTIs too but not such recurrent ones. If you've never had one I wouldn't worry too much about prevention. Just follow the usual rules about wiping in the right direction and peeing after sex.

No. 743268

Yikes, that's sad. Muh easy life riding the cock carousel for sure…

No. 743270

is there a thread for cringe on tiktok or that just focuses on dumb shit on tiktok?

No. 743272

No. 743274

I feel you anon.
I got my EU doc to prescribe me Furadantoïne (it's a cheap antibiotic and comes in large box but beware because they can be bad for kidney function) and popped two every time I knew I was going to have a lot of sex. It really worked like a charm and now it's been years since my last time pissing blood.
I don't know if it's because I've aged or because I force myself to go pee after each instance of sex (it's said to help because it flushes the bacteria out of your urethra) but I'm good now.
I hope you can find something working for you, I know how fucking bad it gets starting to associate any sex with the pain it could then bring.

No. 743277

thank you so much!

No. 743287

Tbh I don't miss sex so this is working for me. But yeah Ive heard of women even taking long term antibiotics to prevent. If I found sex important I probably would've gone down that route next. Do they upset your stomach like antibiotics tend to though?

No. 743296

This is really sad because she looks really pretty, humanity was a mistake and scrotes need to be put in cages.

No. 743303

Oh yeah, good for you then, must be freeing.
I never noticed any tummy issue. The only really noticeable thing when I take them is the fact that my next pees are bright neon yellow. Really unnatural.

No. 743326

Some anons where talking about Wellbutrin earlier so I have my own questions.
Did you get any withdrawals from stopping them?

I've been taking them for more than 6 month. I've had some weird shit happening lately (about a 1 or 2 month) but couldn't tell if they were from the wellbutrin or from withdrawals from benzos.
I've had almost 4 consecutive days of being unable to sleep, some audio hallucinations - like someone calling my name from far away or some music at a really low volume), for example.
Also I have this weird thing where a story starts in my head and it narrates for a fucking long time. If I close my eyes I get visuals that go with them. They're weirdly creative and seemlingly about things I don't know or have exeprienced (my habitual dreams and thoughts are very down to eath, things that have happened or that I've read about). They're unpleasant and start to get fucking repetivive after a while.

I'm wondering if this is from the wellbutrin and if I should stop. I'm at the end of my treatment and would have to go out of my way to get more.
What should I be expecting?

No. 743328

My country has a system where people on benefits get a card that covers health expenses and people on low income get a card that can cover some expenses. I have the 'some expenses' card and today I got a letter asking me to confirm that I am still in the country as it claims there's a significant issue with cardholders not residing here anymore and not declaring it

What I don't get is, how could they even make use of the card or cost the government money while not residing here?

No. 743353

They probably give it to some family member or friend so they can use it in their stead.

No. 743361

Or are coming back themselves in the country to get medical help on the cheap compared to where they live now.

No. 743372

did all these anons read it wrong? its saying we also produce prostaglandin on our own during periods which is true. it just means your period is actually there and doesnt have to do with taking in guys cum.

my dumb question is are sneakers (trainers, running shoes) seen as tourist shoes in eu? or wherever anons are that can answer other than NA. my friend is convinced for some reason only americans wear sneakers around everywhere so they auto show as tourists.

No. 743376

Kek. French anon here.
Depends what's the outfit going with them but honestly, I don't think it's a thing.
I spot americans because they tend to be fatter and have a distinct loud cheery way of being that most locals will frown upon.

No. 743377

No, sneakers are completely normal for streetwear. (central eu)

No. 743380

It probably varies across countries. Where I am (Western Europe) they are tourist shoes in that tourists are likely to wear them to be comfortable while travelling and walking around all day. However, plenty of locals wear them too. So not as much as a giveaway as seeing these people at tourist places and hearing their accents.

I haven't noticed Americans wearing sneakers more than any other nationality. But the area I’m in has mostly young foreign tourists who are probably more likely to wear sneakers anyway.

No. 743383

Can psychosis give you phantom symptoms? For years now I've been going through periods where I'm afraid/ I believe I have some illness and I actually feel physical symptoms. If I believe I have gastrisis, I will start having stomach pains. If I think I'm anemic, I will start to feel dizzy and out of breath. Right now I afraid of my gallbladder malfunctioning (because of a polyp I actually have) and I have pain fits in my abdomen. I once believed something was wrong with my guts and I kept having diarrhea literally every time I had to shit. Every time I went to the doctor feeling something nothing was wrong. So I wonder if this is some form of phycosis, paranoia or anxiety. Or maybe I'm just out of my mind.

No. 743397

No, it's just certain kinds of shoes paired with a certain outfit (cargo pants, trousers, those weird college shorts(?) and Teva sandals, super loose clothing, sweatpants outdoors etc).
Americans who try to "dress like a local" always look like they're cosplaying so it's that more than just the shoes, they visibly seem uncomfortable in what they wear like they're not used to it, plus it's usually too formulaic and basic, like someone got dressed by the internet. It's hard for me to explain, but normal people usually have their own spin on things or dress an outfit down.

Aside from this, I really don't see why people are so scared of looking like a tourist? You are a tourist. I am a tourist too when I go abroad. Why is that a bad thing?

No. 743398

Psychosis is really bad, anon. It's losing touch with reality. Like keeping-you-in-a-padded-cell-for-your-own-good bad. It doesn't seem like what you're experiencing.

You seem to be a hypocondriac. Sometimes people are so worried about getting sick it provoks the symptoms they think they're having.
So I'd say from what you're telling it's pretty obvisouly anxiety and if it's really bothering you and has an impact on your day-to-day life, you should probably talk to a therapist about it. They'll give you some tools to soothe yourself when you start feeling anxious.

No. 743399

Idk about psychosis but stress / anxiety can cause real issues, for example IBS is in some cases. I struggle with anxiety and have that, as well as muscle pain from being almost permanently tense. Your mental health can fuck your physical body up so you may well be experiencing real pain, even if it’s the result of being mentally ill. Could you talk about this with your doctor?

No. 743410

NTA, but it's because some people can be more aggressive towards your typical tourist cause they hate them
Also tourists are taken advantage of way more often, not only by like regular shop owners and stuff but also by criminals

No. 743428

Psychosis is bad but it's not always as bad as you're describing. It can range from sometimes hearing faint music that isn't there coming from the walls to stabbing your neighbour because the angels told you he was conspiring to kill you. There's a lot of different ways something like psychosis can manifest.
That being said I don't think >>743383 is the result of psychosis at all. (Mostly because it usually comes with a lack of self awareness about it and doesn't last as long.) It's probably just anxiety like the other anon said.

No. 743434

I've experienced both. These symptoms could be either or, or both at the same time. I overdosed in the past and went through a periods of no sleep, hallucinations, etc etc in the hospital while withdrawing but I also experienced similar symptoms during the time I upped my wellbutrin dosage too high, although withdrawing was way worse due to vomiting and bloodwork 24/7. If you're going to go out of your way to get more, I'd say lower the dosage. If not then getting off isn't the worst thing in the world, I just remember getting headaches and I know wellbutrin can't give you "brain zaps" but I oddly felt something similar to zoloft brain zaps.

ok my sad mentally ill sperg over, love u anon i hope everything goes well

No. 743439

I see, thank you anons. I heard that psychosis can also cause milder symptoms than the stab your neighbour and god speaking to you kind, so I wasn't sure. I also just realised I butchered the word psychosis earlier. I have spoken to doctors but they all just think that I'm crazy or attention seeking and do nothing else, so now I don't talk about it anymore (aside from right now because I'm on an anonymous imageboard).

No. 743451

Thank you for your anecdote nonnie.
I think I'm going to stop, those symptoms kind of freak me out and I'm wondering if I'm not losing my mind for good. The very creative hallucinations are so weird. I've never experienced anything like it even on drugs.
When I upped from 150 to 300, I didn't noticed anything beside insomnia (but I also get them without, so…).

No. 743490

How do I stop feeling guilty for rejecting someone? I can't stop thinking about it. I hate hurting people.

No. 743493

You have to respect yourself as well as others. Being with someone you wan't be to be with is neither. You did a good thing.

No. 743495

It’s much kinder than leading them on/pretending to have feelings for them when you don’t. They have more time to heal, and you’re not wasting either of your time.

No. 743497

The alternative to rejection is to lie or lead someone on and that always turns into a dumpster fire of pain. You're only doing the right thing.

No. 743516

I'm late to this, but thank you anon for doing the research

No. 743520

DAE feel disconnected from their childhood memories? I didn't have any kind of extreme trauma but whenever I reminisced about the times I was in kindergarten or elementary school, I always felt like I was watching things from the outside. For example I was bullied for having asthma one time when we were in camp and a kid made fun of my asthmatic coughing and the whistling sounds my lungs made because she thought it sounded funny. When I thought about this memory, I KNOW I felt ashamed and I REMEMBER crying myself to sleep but I cannot FEEL the emotions themselves. As if that child who felt ashamed and cried herself to sleep wasn't me

No. 743522

That should be normal in healthy development, with no trauma involved, no? Such a long time passed, you're pretty much a different person now, there's no reason for you to feel anything about a childhood memory.

No. 743524

I guess you're right. Thank you. Sometimes it's hard for me to decide what's normal and what's not

No. 743536

>distinct loud cheery way of being

kek this is the most accurate description of American tourists I've ever seen and I love them for it. cheery American >>>>> middle-aged Brit who's going to find a reason to talk down to you

No. 743607

How canIs there a way to motivate myself to get a better work ethic when I'm working remotely a job where doing the work 1 hour before my boss calls is enough? I'm enjoying the ride right now but I feel like this won't last.

No. 743610

What kind of job is this anon? If you dont need to be perfectly focused, I recommend podcasts.

No. 743624

No. 743655

I would either wash in 60 celsius or just boil, it may shrink 2%-5% but should be fine

No. 743668

How many of you have met lesbian/bi women at work? I'm asking this because I'm bi and in the 2 and a half years I've been at my job the only LGB people I've met were gay men and one pan guy (which I kinda doubted as I'm wary of self proclaimed pan people). I only worked with one other bi woman (not even at my usual place) and zero lesbian. Most of the women at my place are married to men or have boyfriends, so it's not like they are closeted, and since I work in retail I encounter all kind of people, it's not like it's a specialized job with a specific demography. Are gay women more likely to be closeted or not work in retail? Also, I'm asking these questions to everybody, not just LB women.

No. 743675

I've worked in retail in a clothing store and there were a handful of bisexual and lesbians (as well as bisexual and gay men). Now I work at an office and at the last office I was at, I met another lesbian but we were both very quiet/subtle about it until we felt it was safe to eventually come out to each other lol.

No. 743680

You should be asking yourself why you're procrastinating.
Is the job boring and you're putting it off because of it? I would be careful about a bore-out (yes, they are a thing).

Are you anxious about doing a good job and only the deadline is scarier than that?

No. 743693

File: 1613764729370.jpeg (71.37 KB, 604x604, 3CA49616-0B4A-4174-AC8B-960428…)

I watched a video on YouTube about an injured sea turtle that was rescued on boat as it was bleeding from its nose as they saw something was lodged in its nostril and they pulled it out and it was a plastic straw that had obviously been there for a long time. We have plastic straws in my house.. how do you dispose of straws? Like isn’t that the point is they can’t be recycled? Like what can I do with them?? Keep them forever?

No. 743695

wash them and reuse them, when they can't be reused as straws anymore use them to keep necklaces tangle-free

No. 743698

File: 1613765464745.jpg (70.09 KB, 640x853, ea0e1886983572e41991e297746404…)

what would you guys do if you ended up as a cow here? would you lurk your own thread? would you keep coming to lc while avoiding your thread or would you give up on lc altogether?

No. 743699

Melt it down to a less harmful shape/size. How do people forget you can melt most songle use plastics at relatively low heat??

>"b-but the fumes!!"

Go outside, ventilate, wear a mask. Anything you throw in the trash & put on the curb literally just gets moved and dumped outside somewhere else or burned, anyway.

No. 743700

I would obsessively lurk my own thread and post shit to troll, most likely. I'd also probably employ the Erin Painter strategy and try to make my thread so shit by derailing and blogging it gets deleted/autosaged.

No. 743704

I think I would lurk it eventually (especially if some farmers gave me some advice as some do lol), but I feel it wouldn't be good for my mental health. I am usually thick skinned and laugh things off, but I can imagine myself being really hurt if something hits too close to home.

No. 743705

Is it just me or does the chubby farmers thread read like a bunch of scrotes exchanging fat ass/yoga pant and belly shots back and forth?

No. 743706

What’s the benefit of melting over just cutting down into small non-cylindrical pieces?

No. 743709

I totally believe it's just that, shit thread

No. 743710

I've met a few that say opened up about bi experiences (obviously when we went out drinking after work, not in work lol) but they were in long term relationships or had kids with men so they were technically bi but never declared it that openly or it didn't have much reason to come up when sober

I did have a 'straight woman' come out as having feelings for me. This was weeks after I asked her what she was and got straight as the answer? Tbh women just seem to be in denial about what they are. My (thirty something) generation doesn't seem to want to be openly bi at all.

No. 743712

nta but I think they will still be sharp enough to stab through a turtle's nostril
I don't think a big ball of plastic would be as harmful to most wildlife

No. 743723

Wait plastic straws can't be recycled? Why is that?

No. 743724

Nothing, my teen years were just one very long career as a local cow to everyone

No. 743728

File: 1613768508302.jpeg (221.63 KB, 640x754, 6093C00B-A766-40B9-BB37-81335B…)

Are there any good non-anonymous forums or discord’s like lolcow? But aren’t quite so controversial?
I want to post my art somewhere and talk to women in their 20s instead of 13 year olds.

No. 743747

How do I train myself to not touch my face or hair?

No. 743750

why are male characters, especially ones with an inhuman face (not furry but an "alien"/"monster" head or mask, like bad guys in hero movies) attractive to me and real men typically are not? I'm guessing there is some psychology at work, where the face being covered/inhuman makes them seem less irl male-like. most irl guys appearances repulse me. Idk it's really confusing because apparently I'm still into men but very very specifically so and usually not real. I noticed other women like this (but they may like irl men too) why do we like this? I'm sad it's not possible for men to have permanent masks irl

No. 743751

I'm just like you too but I don't know why that is

No. 743754

no, you can’t leave. you’re stuck with us you skank

No. 743757

File: 1613771738412.jpg (64.27 KB, 898x701, Mei.jpg)

Why does Blizzard take so long to respond to job applications?
Should I search elsewhere for a coding job even if I'm in close proximity to the company's office?

No. 743759

Even a person in a motorcycle helmet seems more attractive until proven otherwise. Also if you were ever falling for someone over online conversations, it's so easy to shatter with an ugly face. Inhuman faces are often still designed to be alluring, at least on a character design level, and will outshine just your normal ugly male.

No. 743760

Do not think i am one of the women always screaming muh comphet but it touches on that, maybe read the google doc?

No. 743763

The only men I'm attracted to are anime husbandos and monstrous entities like you described. I especially like dark fantasy armor, I'm always super disappointed when the guy's real face gets revealed, to the point where I prefer animated empty armors because I'm sure there's no ugly face under the helmet kek.

No. 743769

It’s always better to apply for a job in multiple places, you can just reject the offers that are not as appealing as what your goal workplace is.

No. 743770

Why did so many britbongs have such a hateboner for Meghan Markle? Every time I tried asking about it they'd go on this retarded "Oh she's a huge cow, an unrivaled bitch that you couldn't believe, a true evil succubus that stole our precious prince!" spergout without ever giving any real reason to hate her. I don't get it. It's not like Harry hasn't been a trainwreck for all his adult life and a prize catch himself, if anything he dated up.

No. 743771

anon, you know the answer to this. we all know the answer to this.

No. 743773

If you're referring to the fact that her mom's black then I still don't get it, she's white passing as hell herself and looks Mediterranean a best.

No. 743775

File: 1613774332690.jpeg (63.19 KB, 1024x993, FA5F3F6E-C022-4017-A31B-933EEA…)

Why are people against the idea of vigilantism or being a vigilante? There must be some way for vigilantes to gather and collect information on people but of course there are billions of laws and state protection that prevent that from happening (such as stalking, harassment, etc.). There is a clear dilemma where here in burgerland protecting the rights of disgusting fucking people is very important because it’s perceived that the law must be consistently applied everywhere, even in situations where it becomes too complicated. The same people who are against vigilantes are the same ones who are now actively against the police force, fucking lol

No. 743776

Brits will defend their pedo double standard baby blood guzzling monarchy forever even though they'd burn you alive for warmth as long as it didn't reach the press. I'm glad Markle exists she is the ultimate cow making them all seethe.

No. 743777

Aside from the obvious, the Royal family are not supposed to marry into ‘commoners’. They’re supposed to marry some dull upper class Brit/Euro, not a glamorous American actress. They’re heavy on tradition, it’s entrenched in them so obviously poor Harry is under Meghan’s spell, it’s not like he has his own will lol.

That’s how these people think. To be fair I live in the U.K. and personally don’t know anyone who has a strong opinion about her. I’ve seen the sperging online though. Those people are nutters.

> if anything he dated up.

The mindset of these people is that Harry & co have a God-given right to rule the country. It is impossible for him to date up even though he is a complete failure. His royal status excuses all the things that would be criticised if he were born on a council estate.

No. 743801

File: 1613777343276.jpg (295.05 KB, 1600x1200, lucky_paper_stars.jpg)

Anon I used to make these out of straw. You can either fold the straws or cut them in half lengthwise to make it easier. Put them in your fake or real plant pots

No. 743803

Have you seen pictures of her and her husband in Morocco with some locals and the ones with the prince of Morocco? She looks whiter than the locals lmao.

No. 743804

File: 1613777423443.jpg (135.63 KB, 640x640, pastel_coloured_straw_stars_15…)

samefag, there's also this version. I never made them but they should be pretty simple once you get the hang of it

No. 743808

>Why are people against the idea of vigilantism

Because a lot of "vigilantes" are fucking morons. They're not clever super spies like they make themselves out to be, they're usually very average people on a power trip that will jump on any chance to feel like special lil superheroes. A lot of them end up in legal trouble because they've gone after the wrong person, will jump on any name given to them, gotten names mixed up, injured innocent passers by, gone on a rumour, followed a tip sent by someone with a grudge, etc etc. It's essentially even more unfair than the current legal system because they don't even have to APPEAR like they're trying to do the right thing and don't have to jump through any hoops.

I don't know anybody that's against vigilantes that put the work in to do it right, like the ones that catch online predators. It's just the dumb ones that jump on anyone with no evidence. It's like tumblr cancel culture but with real world consequences.

No. 743810

What boomer brits do you speak to? Nobody I know gives a shit about any of them, except to make nonce jokes about prince andrew.

No. 743813

What can I say to someone who is grieving? My friend’s grandma just passed and she is devastated because they were really close. I want to be there for her but I’m socially retarded wrt emotions. I’ve focused on just listening, that still involves saying stuff sometimes though and everything I come up with seems wrong.

No. 743823

Period warning.

Is it normal to bleed through two super plus tampons in two hours? I have always had normal periods with bad cramps, but now I have no cramps and I'm bleeding to the point I feel lightheaded just walking across my room. Should I just relax, and stay hydrated, or is it something I should be concerned about? I know it's different for everyone, but I'm kinda worried hahah :DDDDD


No. 743826

Are there any young women who date elderly women?I mean you see a lot of younger women dating older men but what about same sex couples?

No. 743827

File: 1613779422484.jpeg (49.76 KB, 419x275, 2F20F91D-3D94-4FC3-ACF5-246A4F…)

>period warning

No. 743828

>usually have normal periods
>bleeding so much you feel lightheaded
That would definitely concern me. Stay hydrated and eat lots of iron-rich foods. Have you been really stressed lately? Changes in your period can happen from stress, but I'd still make an appt with my gyno just to be safe.

No. 743829

Isn't Sarah Paulson married to a woman who is like 20 years older than her? Also remember reading something about Tracy Chapman having a relationship with a much older woman. Can't remember her name atm but she was a very prolific author.

No. 743831

For me it helped to hear my closest friends saying they know no clichés would help me but they would be there to listen, to send memes, act everything is okay and normal if i wanted to. Basically, let them act and talk without expecting them to act a certain way, they may seem fine one day and wanna talk about random shit, the next day be openly sad af again. If you can, you can remind her to eat, take meds and so on

No. 743848

File: 1613781813880.png (1.9 MB, 874x1320, confused-woman-cleaning out-cl…)

I don't buy new clothes often, but I hoard them. I have clothes from elementary school that I can still fit in. I'm too attached to my clothes to throw them out. But I'm in my early 20s ffs and want my own fashion style for once. I love my mom, but she's also the kind to buy me a sweater or pants when she's out shopping just because she thinks I'd look cute in it.
How to clear my closet out? and tell my mom to s-t-o-p buying me clothes out of the blue?!

No. 743856

I blame my upbringing; I should know periods aren't anything I should have to warn people about.

Yep suuper stressed, that's a factor I didn't think about. If this keeps up, Ill book an appointment. Thanks!

No. 743858

They're married now.

No. 743862

Just use the konmari method of "if it sparks joy" then keep it, with the left over clothes you should donate them so it doesn't feel like you're just throwing them out so someone less fortunate can have a better use for them

No. 743880

what does it mean/entail to be boring in bed?

No. 743881

Always the same exact thing, maybe even selfish, not willing to change anything

No. 743886

To me it’s people who just seem to want to get it over with, like it’s a race from making out to sticking it in (when it comes to Hetero sex ofc). When there’s no intimacy and they don’t care about your pleasure really, and it’s just robotic. Or when they just kinda lay there/are super quiet and expect you to put in most of the effort

No. 743890

File: 1613788233085.png (288.09 KB, 635x557, bilotta-tweet.png)

I don't get the joke, can you explain it?

No. 743899

doesn't that have to do with the giant exploits they found in flash, making their use a huge security risk?

No. 743900

I think it's about how flash is now dead

No. 743907

Definitely anxiety. I feel lik I am completely incompetent at my job but miracoulously pull it off at the last minute. It's very stressful.

Engineering, I am specialized in something my boss doesn't know too well.

No. 743913

Does anyone know other people who use this site?

No. 743923

>Does anyone know other people


No. 743938

If we did, we wouldn't be here.

No. 743947

File: 1613794800038.png (79.84 KB, 1372x220, sigh.png)

How do womyn's land work? If they don't accept men… can't men like sue them based on gender discrimination?

I read this article on a women's exclusive private club (where it's basically a space for women to do whatever they want) and they got shit for it. Is there anywhere in the world where you can't get into legal trouble for having a women's only space?

No. 743954


careful euro-anon you could be turning yourself into a petri dish for super vag bacterias misusing antibiotics like that!! you reckless!!

No. 743955


makes sense that the french would look down upon the cheerful I suppose

No. 743959


The average person is fucking retarded. Would you want your neighbours banding together to take on local crime? cause I sure as hell wouldn't. The "creep catchers" blew up in my province, and those idiots were wrong so many times! Cops are bad, or whatever, but what makes you think vigilantes would be any better? They're sourced from the same pool of people ultimately. Just because the legal system doesn't operate flawlessly, doesn't mean it should be abolished all together. You based anarchy anon!

No. 743994

Kek, frog humour, such funny.
But for those not knowing and wondering, in France (in the cities) being really smiley all the time and chatting about intimate details of your life after 5 min of convo is considered phony behavior. A lot of people will find it weird and be more guarded when they encounter this.

No. 743995

Really? Lol I got the impression that the Frech were a bunch of genuinely pissed off people, I didn't know it's a cultural thing. Not a Burger btw

No. 743999


I wish it were a joke except every French person I’ve come across has been bleh. You included Nonnie. And I’m not even a cheerful idiot. Or a burger.

No. 744001

why do penises look retarded?

No. 744002

File: 1613808276858.jpg (9.5 KB, 273x185, images.jpg)

I think it's more about people really letting loose only when they start know you better. I think of it as more honest but I see how it can come off to foreigners.

No. 744004

yeah i agree we're like that, i feel like burgers and germans are very smiley and fake nice, which makes me uncomfortable.

No. 744011

Makes sense. Good to know, I was really wondering what the fuck is wrong with those people when I went to the French Riviera, like you live in one of the most beautiful places on earth how the fuck are you so gloomy kek

No. 744026

Because they're attached to retards

No. 744034

File: 1613812249360.jpg (52.21 KB, 840x477, EZ9HZ_vWkAIdMVn.jpg)

What do you mean by bleh? Sometimes I wonder if I come off as dead inside when I'm talking to people of other nationalities, so this could be a good insight.

No. 744044

….Why are french people called frogs

No. 744045

i always assumed it's cause they eat frogs

No. 744050

Oh that makes sense

No. 744052

I know very few people that do these days. As a matter of fact, way more people eat snails (but mostly for Christmas and New year's eve, it's a festive entrée for these occasions). Wouldn't be much of an upgrade from frogs,tho…

No. 744061

Is living in the United States really expensive? I saw an anon in another thread mentioning she was "only" earning 40k a year and thus couldn't move out yet. I live in a western European country with a way of living similar to the USA and I wish I could earn 40k a year, I would live life on easy mode even in my expensive city. Free healthcare is probably a factor but still, are other expenses that high there?

No. 744062

I caugh that too, I live in one of the most expensive cities in europe (no dependants though) and would do quite alright in my small apartment. Kinda random but it freaks me out whenever I see how much americans pay for their internet and phone, I pay about 20-30e monthly with unlimited data.

No. 744075

I mean, yeah I guess it is. I've never really thought about it, but it really is expensive to live here.
The yearly salary a minimum wage worker makes is $15,000 a year, or $1,250 a month. Paying rent, even if you have roommates, is gonna take a good chunk out of that pay.
$40k is about ~3,000 a month which is not enough for a lot of people. Most rent prices are 1k or more, depending on where you live and who you live with. So after rent that's only like $2k, and then you might have to pay for other stuff like buying groceries, monthly car payments (unless you take public transportation or have already paid it off), insurance, phone bills, debt etc… If you live with parents then obviously you'll have more room to work around. $50k would be considered good in a lot of places in America, especially if you live in a rural area. People who live in big/expensive cities have to aim higher though. What a good salary is really just depends on where you live and what you have to pay for.

No. 744079

How much do people in the us usually pay for their phone/internet? I always see such astronomical numbers ft. Shit coverage

No. 744081

Like $30-70 a month for the phone, it depends. I've heard of some people paying only like $15 or as high as $100 tho

No. 744099

depends where you live for living costs. here's a breakdown of what its like for my area: 900-1.1k rent, 200 groceries, 100 car insurance, health insurance 30-150, 50-100 phone, electricity 50-170, water 30, internet 50-70, car payment if any, debt, gas 50-80 (or public transport)

No. 744109

I have an ex who had a kid from a previous relationship. The mom of the kid went on to remarry and have another baby with the new husband so the kid lived with his mom, the stepdad and the half sister.

I referred to the stepdad as 'the stepdad' one day and my ex freaked out at me for using that term. I think I already know the answer to this but then my family doesn't have any situations like that so.. Is it wrong to call a man a kids stepdad if he's married to the mom and there's a new kid. What else would you even call that?

No. 744129

I always thought it was because French and frog start with the same two letters.

No. 744141

It just depends on the family dynamic. My friend lived with her half siblings growing up and step dad but always called him just her dad. She doesn't know her bio dad, but does know who he is. I didn't even realise her dad was her step dad for like a year.

No. 744142

Some people just seem slow

No. 744144

I've noticed that Korean users on Twitter tend to use retweets more than likes on posts whereas it's usually the reverse, is there any particular reason for that?

No. 744150

Which American accent is it when people say 'axe' instead of 'ask'?

No. 744155

Where's Danny Devito from

No. 744160

New Jersey or Italian accents. I think people with mob boss-ish accents do say "axe"

No. 744163

>New Jersey or Italian
Combine then and you get Rhode Island

No. 744173

Idk but a Korean youtuber I watch explained that Korean culture is more collective compared to individualistic Western cultures. May be related to that mindset

No. 744177

Is it mental illness not to crave intimacy and partnership? I think that if somebody did any kind of romantic gesture for me I'd be disgusted.

No. 744179

I'm the same but I wasn't always like this. Had two long term relationships and then I just changed. Nothing really happened to cause it but I do feel like alot of people are quick to assume its some sort of trauma reaction

No. 744186

I wonder the same, and I relate a lot. Relationships didn't go great for me for this reason. Sometimes it gets called fear of intimacy but I still don't understand what that is, how it develops, or how to change without it ending up just not worth it because it's so unpleasant

No. 744189

how many short and flatchested anime girls (well, women) that are still adults (no, 289594 year old demons who "happen" to look 10 don't count) are out there?

No. 744207

I mean, short girls with small boobs are common (I am one myself) but they don't look like anime characters or children if that's what you're asking

No. 744209

In my country it's a stereotype that the french eat frogs and snails so thats why i always assumed people call them frogs on english speaking sites
I tried frogs once and they taste like chicken and fish at the same time, not bad

No. 744215

File: 1613837860101.jpeg (74.54 KB, 602x555, main-qimg-0323dfdb44301b5bcf0e…)

I ate a small cube block of cheese about 30 mins before sleep every night. I think cheesy foods will definitely still work though, sorry for delayed reply, curious-anon.

No. 744218

i think she meant how many you can find in anime, not irl

No. 744219

Nayrt but this is such a cute experiment.

No. 744224

yep, that's what i meant. unambiguously adult female anime characters who are short and small chested

No. 744227

Ah that was my question, haha! Thank you for your sharing your findings, I love your dedication

No. 744237

Do you guys think it's a good advice to cut contact with a friend who doesn't make you feel good?

No. 744239

yes, cut them tf out if you don't feel enjoyment from being with them.

No. 744244

File: 1613841386026.jpg (40.89 KB, 600x533, d8a5cc621647cd0a2ddbf070ace649…)

That's tough, since I've read anons here say all anime women/girls look like kids in the face.
Also scrote anime creators consistently make the stupid design choice of adult woman=must have big booobie!!1
You know, gotta balance it out with something else that will make them coom now that they can't get off to her being a child.

For example, New Game was an all-adult-women-cast moe anime. Idk if that would count to you because of the uguu faces?
K-On also had a manga spinoff where they were in college.
Pretty sure the characters in Rent-a-Girlfriend are also all adults, but it's a harmen anime so I haven't watched it.

TL;DR it's not common enough. Maybe more in action/shonen type shows? I don't watch many because there are too many male characters, so can't answer about that.

No. 744248

File: 1613841642454.jpg (27.76 KB, 1024x552, ac3657ed2f4e2d7dc0fc18ffb860c7…)

There's Chiba Atsuko from Paprika, though I don't know if she's considered short.

No. 744251

i can take the faces if they still (mostly) dress and act like adults
i like her look

No. 744252

File: 1613841995086.jpg (94.24 KB, 960x811, 69e72d871a4f92633cd9f5c5c4a1b8…)

The only one who comes to mind is Sakura from the Naruto series. She's around 161cm tall and she has a small chest throughout the series.

No. 744295

If I want to get my hair cut at the hairdressers, should I always ask for a cut about 1/2 inch longer than I want it to be, or should I do it myself if i want the length right?
Barbers in my country always cut hair an inch/half-inch shorter than I want. Don't want to risk having to wait a month to actually get to a length i like.

No. 744299

I need help remembering the name of a certain manga. The setting took place central-ish asia centering around nomads. Main protag is an older woman and I think the main plot is her getting an arranged marriage with someone younger. One of the covers features her carrying an eagle.

I always tell myself that I'm going to read it later becuase I like how the art looked but always forget what it's called.

No. 744302

A brides story?

No. 744303

File: 1613844748905.jpeg (197.95 KB, 265x376, 7B0E2886-A6AD-491F-8B73-1E2233…)

Forgot pic

No. 744311

File: 1613844914689.jpg (17.61 KB, 429x270, 1afd3f9fcd836a48181486fefdb8c9…)

Yes! That one! Thank you so much, anon

No. 744319

No problem and I highly, highly recommend it. Even though the author is male it’s really surprisingly sensitive and respectful to the female characters.

No. 744331

Is there any hope for my scratched up to shit sunglasses? Cant see a thing outta these fucks

No. 744332

File: 1613846078699.jpg (8.34 KB, 225x225, AVT_Kaoru-Mori_868.jpg)

??? She is literally a woman, anon, where did you read that?

No. 744334

I was 99 percent positive the writer of Emma was a man, I’m a fucking idiot. I stand corrected

No. 744339

File: 1613846546313.jpg (118.87 KB, 695x1000, Wotakoi_–_Love_is_Hard_for_Ota…)

I don't think they are that rare, but sadly being flatchested is often a point the writing mocks them on because "breast-envy" is a trope men seem to like

No. 744348

File: 1613847494322.jpeg (78.45 KB, 620x629, 7181AB1A-8556-43AF-AB23-8642FD…)

I wanna park at this grocery store complex near the shoreline, how likely are they to actually tow my car?

No. 744359

I forgot how good her Chunin era design is. Too bad they completely ruined a potentially good female character for useless ass Sasuke.

No. 744450

I just learned that the terms "scalping" and "scalper" are racist, and supposedly worse than the n-word? Is that true?
I have only hard of it in marketing terms and I couldn't find anything about it being really racist when I looked it up real quick. The chick that told me about it that said that using it as a negative phrase in marketing is "just what they want you to do", whoever the 'they' she talked about are.

No. 744456

Does anyone wanna have anus rectum violins or something idk I’m high

No. 744460

lol. it's not worse than the n-word. thinking about it i can see what someone might be getting at but with the changing definition of the word it's a stretch, this chick sounds a bit out there

No. 744495

Nah fuck that. I'll call a scalper a scalper if they're buying shit and selling it for more money than what it should be. Nothing racist about that, stop falling to peer pressure, next thing you wont be saying is "rapist" because it oppresses men or some bullshit like that

No. 744511

Didn't scalping originate with the French anyways? It's not like saying 'indian giver' or 'jew you down' or something. Also, refer to the obligatory John Mulaney bit on the word 'midget' being the same as the n-word. They can't be equally bad words, because one of them can't even be said in full.

No. 744527

Sounds like something a scalper made up so no one could call them out for scalping without sounding racist.

No. 744534

No. 744541

File: 1613868366776.jpeg (38.61 KB, 511x512, 7A5F310D-DEAC-4309-93D7-22E3FC…)

why does my art look so much shittier when I use my pen display rather than with my phone and using my finger? it’s so sad

No. 744628

i never followed the onision threads. seems like too big of a rabbit hole to dive into. his thread photos always freaks me out though and i wonder if there is a reason he looks like someone took a cheese grater to his face?

No. 744646

How should I react when a potential friend says 'we should totally do X together'? I hear it so much and always respond with an enthusiastic yes but nothing ever happens

No. 744648

Maybe they expect you to initiate the call, hang out, going wherever. I find some people really just end up being the initiator of their friends or family. Could be they're shy, indecisive, or assume you're busy a lot.

No. 744650

Just hit them up and actually make solid plan lol

No. 744652

Why do girls who do Japan and Korea vlog content on YouTube have the ugliest local boyfriends? It's not like they don't have cute guys there. Especially among Koreans there are so many young guys who take care of themselves well and try to look good. Most of the girls are gorgeous too and they still choose ugly manlets with big age gaps. Fucking ew. And don't even try to talk about how ~personality is oh so important in relationships~, if you're willing to date a fugly scrote just because he is kinda nice to you I have nothing to say to you.

No. 744658

How do I know if I'm coming across as encouraging and helpful when sharing experiences and knowledge with a beginner or if I'm coming across as condescending or arrogant? My friend recently picked up a hobby that I've been doing for years and am very passionate about so I like to occasionally ask them how their progress in it is going and usually whenever they express difficulties with it I try to relate them to my experiences to let them know they're not alone and offer encouragement and maybe a suggestion if it applies. They don't complain or anything but I sometimes worry if I'm coming across as a know-it-all.

No. 744668

i feel like if you’re worried about it then you’re likely fine. you can always say ‘let me know if this is annoying/if you don’t need advice/etc’ if you’re that concerned about it, but as long as you’re relating it to yourself but then turning it back on them - like ‘oh, i really struggled with XYZ but you’re doing great/i’m always here for advice if you need it, good luck!’ or whatever - then you’ll be alright.

No. 744670

Are you talking about gaijin vloggers?

No. 744671

There are multiple definitions. I've seen pinkpill used to mean hating scrotes, the "ideology" of femcels, trooning out, and it's also the name of a dating advice channel on youtube.

No. 744672

Say it. "I worry sometimes I come off across as a condescending know-it-all, but I'm just passionate about this and want to help and be involved". There is no need to avoid talking directly and saying it as it is. Why would you?

No. 744674

Thank you both for the advice! You're right there really is no need to avoid talking about it directly lol I'll bring it up with them next time

No. 744686

jfc, for both of your sakes just cut contact with this person completely. You are waaaaay too invested in someone who is clearly not that into you, I promise you can generally consider mixed signals a 'no'.

No. 744687

i really dislike this answer lol because ik youre right but ty anon

No. 744689

Nah, they usually just dip out of the blue or at the very least, become curt and eventually stop responding. From the sounds of your situation, just nip it in the bud. No need for unnecessary stress and "will they? won't they?"

No. 744703

When you listen too music while walking, do you always walk in the same rhythm as the beat? Is it totally impossible for you not to step in sync with the beat even if you put in effort? Do you start digging your heals into the ground?
I always thought everybody does it, but maybe they don't and I'm just a natural for marching.

No. 744706

your heels*

No. 744711

Do self-affirmations work?

No. 744717

I want to name my mminimal wave/spoken word project Valarie Solanas. Is it fucking dumb and is my TiF friend going to hate me?

It's my project, but I don't want a Viet Cong/Preoccupations situation.

No. 744726

File: 1613893481248.jpeg (191.75 KB, 1798x1077, EqH_uuQW8AEsodd.jpeg)


I've been wondering this lately too. I'm starting to think it might be worth trying saying or writing them because: I have no issue being embarrassed to say something I know is reasonably true out loud like "I'm a good driver." So if I feel flustered and mumbly saying "I deserve to be loved" doesn't that imply I don't truly believe it? At heart I think affirmations are a mini-brainwashing/hypnosis and you can convince yourself of something if you expose yourself to it enough. It's like how people get radicalized on the internet from reading the same things over and over.

No. 744743

personally it has driven my self confidence & self love up. it might seem silly but the best way to do it is out-loud in front of a mirror. looking at yourself while saying it is like this whole confrontational moment but after a few weeks you really start to dig yourself. and like when you graduate from saying in front of a mirror keep saying throughout your day then. its like tiers if that makes sense, just keep working on it like a habit

yeah its a bit like brainwashing but in a positive way? Like you're training your brain to accept yourself as you are in the present. doesn't mean you have to settle but it means you recognize your potential and growth

No. 744792

What is it about cheese that can cause constipation?

No. 744796

Are kids (under 13 or 15) who sexually abuse other kids as bad as adults (18+) who sexually abuse kids?

No. 744798

I start doing that too, but I think it only happens to people who have a sense of rhythm

No. 744799

Hmm yeah they are one and the same after all I think, I don't think the argument that an adult should know right from wrong applies because a child should also know right from wrong at that age

No. 744803

They are, but the difference is that it usually means the kid also got sexually assaulted before or got exposed to porn and the sorts at a young age, so it’s pitiful that the kid has such a brain rot at a young age and people can only hope that they change.
But with an adult there’s no pity, because an adult must know better, they’re supposedly people that should be responsible enough and smart enough to know that the personal space of others is important and that sexual assault, specially of minors, is fucking gross.

No. 744807

I also do that, it’s a nice way to keep myself with a good posture for some reason. I must look autistic as fuck walking to the rhythm of a song.

No. 744811

I think given kids are taught boundaries about general touch very early on that there is still a fair amount of guilt when kids molest other kids. They know they're doing something wrong. They nearly always train their victim to keep it a secret so they know. Like other anon said if a child is very young and doing that it's a sign that child has been exposed to something too early or molested themself.

I have a 12 year old family member who had all sorts of porn in his search history though so kids that age an upwards might abuse others without ever being abused themselves. They're old enough to be independantly seeking out porn and trying to re-enact it.

No. 744844

Could you point us autists to a book or something? I'd like to try but I need step by step instructions.

No. 744864

What browser do you guys use? Also, is Chrome better than Firefox?

No. 744865

Have any of you ever had a bf from 4chan? How did it work out?

No. 744866

Don’t do it. If you choose to do it, you are legitimately a retard and deserve all the pain you’re going to inevitably experience

No. 744867

Bad idea. Don't

No. 744870

Don't do it
t.ex bf from r9k.
If you do it, don't actively search for a bf there, and know what board they lurked.
I met a few /fa/ guys for clothes selling and we ended up being friends, and they are normal

No. 744872

You know there's real boys in the real world.

No. 744877

Got in it not knowing and literally want to get out so badly. He’s so fucking retarded and stunted, and yet he thinks he’s gods gift to the planet. It is not worth it.

No. 744886

Why don't we refer to 18-19 year olds as being in their late 10's? The same way people would say someone who is 28 is in their late twenties.

No. 744888

in their late teens

No. 744894

Anyone got any recs for good audiobooks (that are available on Audible)? I'm planning to get an Audible subscription and have like 1-2 books lined up, but idek how to begin browsing their selection. For reference I love writers like Ted Chiang and David Sedaris, and I'd love to get more into nonfiction (preferably more on history than politics though).

No. 744902

File: 1613921292302.jpg (37.03 KB, 853x477, boku.jpg)

What do you people think of Bokurano? Be honest

No. 744911

History is a broad genre to say the least, but here are some I found generally interesting:
- Empire of the Summer Moon by S. C. Gwynne
- The Secret History of the Mongol Queens by Jack Weatherford
- A People's History of the United States by Howard Zinn
- Empress Dowager Cixi: The Concubine Who Launched Modern China by Jung Chang
- City of Light, City of Poison by Holly Tucker
- Anything by Adrian Goldsworthy if you’re interested in Rome

No. 744917

Heh, fun fact, my mom has a copy of that Empress Cixi book; I've read and enjoyed it before. Really appreciate the recs, especially the Mongol Queens, which I think I'll read next. Thanks!

No. 744920

Can you go through PMS even with birth control?
I have the implant and it feels like the week before my period is literal hell complete with insomnia, depression and anxiety through the roof.
Wondering because I haven't been tracking cycles (so I can't tell if there's a pattern) but I'm just out of a terrible week and boom, here's aunt flo.

No. 744925

based but manga > anime

No. 744930

why do so many english internet posters pride themselves on barely reading/speaking the language and convince themselves of attacking you against points you didnt make bc they skimmed your posts too fast? or maybe all internet posters are like that idfk

No. 744940

Idk about birth control but antidepressants with fluoxetine have been shown to be effective when dealing with these symptoms (source: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC353031/). I go through the same thing and Prozac helped me a lot

No. 744946

File: 1613925540012.png (160.67 KB, 1859x411, c6d.png)

not an answer, but that reminds me of this guy from /his/. the shit he wrote was horrendous

No. 744956

Thank anon. I'm going to start mood/period tracking and see if there's a correlation, I guess.
Seems weird tho, the implant is supposed to be the least roller-coastery in terms of BC (that's why it's advised for women with migraines for example)

No. 744964

I found a normalfag type on /soc/ like 8 years ago, he's extremely devoted to me. I went through hell with a couple on there before him, though. I can't recommend it

No. 744971

wtf does picrel mean?

No. 744978

how tf do I view webms on here?

picture related

No. 744984

You have to click them

No. 744985

Are there any good free VPNs or do I have to pay for them

No. 745015

Anyone else not really get period symptoms? I notice a lot of women say it’s hard to not overeat on their period, or they feel irritable, depressed, etc. I’ve never noticed any mood changes or hunger issues. I don’t really get cramps either. Is this unusual? I always thought the whole “hurr women mean on period” thing was made up by men.

No. 745017

In my teens I got terrible pain, in my twenties I would get depressed, in my thirties I get this unreal fatigue. Funny how it changes over the years. What joy comes next? lol

No. 745019

I used to get horrible cramps and symptoms when I took hormonal BC and also when I had an IUD for like six months. But now since I've stopped I don't get any symptoms. I didn't get any cramps or anything as a teen before I started taking BC either.

No. 745021

This at most chubby b grade celeb got a gastric sleeve surgery and now i can't stop seeing her go on about it online. Why would you need that unless you're morbidly obese? Very veenos like

No. 745023

tunnelbear is pretty decent, there's limited free data but you can renew it every month

No. 745025

Ayrt, wow that was my exact experience too. Never had cramps until I started birth control, then got awful cramps and felt depressed all the time. Went off it and felt better again. Weird.

No. 745028


Before birth control I used to get these terrible stomach pains, couldn't even get out of bed until pain meds kicked in. Always have gotten moody and irritable a day or two before I start bleeding and I'm def hungrier during it.

also i digest/poop different which is tmi but real

No. 745039

Pooping your brains out and still having a bloated belly after all that expulsion is fun. I only get it some months but damn

No. 745041

Is it paranoid to think that some hacker is on my iPhone just playing pranks on me, turning my phone's volume off and on.
Or is it because I keep dropping my phone so many times that it is glitching and my volume is turning on and off.

No. 745047

lmao anon it's gotta be from dropping it and the volume button getting stuck, but I like your vision of a super petty phone hacker that fucks with people's volume settings.

No. 745066

I used to have little to no pms symptoms but lately I do get food cravings, and I usually cramp an hour before I get my period which is great because I know when to put the pad on
So yeah it took me around 13 years to actually start feeling noticeable pms symptoms, I'll also cry at shit more easily but it's not that big of a deal. Also my last period I had the worst case of bloating I ever had, a week straight of feeling like a balloon, thank god it didn't come back this time.

No. 745074

I met my bf through a /vg/ guild 5 years ago but he's not much of a 4chan user and the only thing he likes are memes, he never fell down the incel black hole or any other 4chan aligned political view so I was lucky.
Even in that guild there were a few more normal men I'd wouldn't mind hanging out with irl but this was really a one in a million situation because until then and after that I never met a semi normal group of people from 4chan.
I wouldn't recommend men that consider themselves avid 4chan users and are very into the shitty boards, but there are normal people there as it's an imageboard like any other, it's just really popular and /pol/ and /r9k/ ruined most of it.

No. 745094

which are the cutest cat names in your opinion?

No. 745096

Idk I like all cats but I played sims 3 once and clicked the random name generator and it named my cat Pixel and I really liked it

No. 745099

Any that has a "human name." Especially orange cats named Kevin!

No. 745107

where do you anons read or download manga online?

No. 745108

Wherever I can find but usually I use an app on my phone (manga UP) or kissmanga

No. 745111

No. 745117

How would you judge a male if he's into the following porn: rape, gay, tranny, granny, teen, orgies, sleeping girl, and incest? Is this a man that would absolutely not be around and think he has the potential to sexually assault?

No. 745119

>he's into the following porn: rape
Come on, if this is not the reddest of flags, what is?

No. 745122

Incest, rape and sleeping girl should be self explanatory - they're creeps and they'd probably do something creepy if they knew they could get away with it.

Any guy that looks up teen porn is a weirdo too. Female pornstars age out very quickly, so you'll rarely find one that actually looks older unless you search up milf or granny porn. People who feel the need to put teen are specifically doing it because they get off on questionable age gaps or the blurring the line of the age of consent.

No. 745124

Wait why would grann, orgy, gay or tranny mean he has the potential to assault someone. Anyway yeah, if he's into rape, sleeping, teen or incest I would happily judge him

No. 745125


No. 745144

I don't understand, do you think a man who's into rape porn is only not the be around if he that means he has the potential to sexually assault? Being into rape/teen/sleeping girl/incest porn says loads about how he views you as a woman and our gender as a whole, you shouldn't want to be around a man like that regardless if that means he has the potential to sexually assault.

No. 745145

Stay away. Leave the judging of this man to the lord.

No. 745148

This man is literally the epitome of a piece of shit who needs to kill himself.

No. 745150

>How would you judge a male
I would judge him hard.

No. 745155

Is it normal that the skin on my crotch feels different than the skin on my other body parts?

No. 745157

Different like what? But I mean, we have different skin all over our body. The skin you have on your stomach and the same shit as the skin on your face. It's probably not even the same skin the bottom of your feet or the palm of your hands.

I do feel like my vagina feels softer than the rest of my body, and I do reckon it might be different because of how easy it is to get stuff like ingrown hairs on your coochie vs the rest of your body, like the legs and arms

No. 745158

All of those subjects should be red flags to any woman that respects herself. I wouldn't even consider dating or staying with a man that watches those types of videos.
>sleeping girl
Yes, anon, men with these in their search history will absolutely assault someone or are dreaming about it already.

No. 745165

Sort of…stickier? Even though it's not sweaty. It's like it's made of the same skin as my armpits

No. 745171

Oh yeah I pretty sure that's normal.

No. 745231

Mangago, mangakalot

No. 745273

Anyone know any site you use to watch movies that aren't on netflix???? rly wanna watch vanilla sky but it isn't on there

No. 745275

I use soap2day

No. 745276

I torrent

No. 745279

Thank you <3 watching it now!!!

No. 745291

Nvm it's buffering so much ;_; if anyone else has any other sites that would be great

No. 745306

tbh i just search the title with any mix of 'watch stream free online' at the end and hope for the best kek

No. 745307

Beggars can't be choosers, kamoji user.

No. 745311


No. 745328

Can you use a polyester "place mat" as a mousepad? Wtf does place mat even mean. I'm buying it from an anime merch store and I just want a cute mousepad

No. 745333

Have a place mat, it works fine with basic mouse stuff but for some reason doesn't slide as easy as my last actual giant mouse pad did when it comes to aim in games. Maybe consider a small mousepad if aim matters to you.

No. 745375

If it’s from a Japanese maker, ‘place mat’/‘luncheon mat’ might mean it’s the plastic kind (in which case it won’t really work as a mouse pad). If it’s cloth, the previous anon covered it.

No. 745382

>How would you judge

No. 745408

I'm about to reduce dramatically my Internet usage to see if it could contribute to me feeling better but I'm in a tizzy about lolcow.
I know the gossip boards are bad for me, I should stop browsing them for sure.
/ot/ on the other side is fun shit posts, yes but also a lot of female camaraderie/advices I desperately need being a friendless nerd.
What do, nonnie?

No. 745419

BPDchan anons how do you deal with being ignored by your favourite person?

No. 745421

develop self-induced paranoid schizophrenia by listening to alex jones eight hours a day

No. 745423

It's been years since that happened but my go-to before that was to leave 20 sobbing voicemails in a row and eat 2 subway footlongs.

No. 745426

Firefox is the goat browser.

No. 745430

File: 1613961287040.png (152.65 KB, 2880x1576, Screen Shot 2021-02-21 at 9.34…)

Chrome ftw even though it's buggy and I hate it sometimes. It's got cool browser extensions though like pic rel, so I keep it as my default.

No. 745431

I did not mean for this image to be so large omg sorry.

No. 745434

My BPD subsied with age but here is a checklist of soothing stuff to do I used to do. Some of there were :
- stay aware that the pain is temporary and remind yourself that regularly.
- Maybe have a log of good moments you had with your FP to soothe your abandonment issues (be careful with this one, don't put your FP on even more of a pedestal) - no feelings, only hard facts (like : my fp gave me a thoughtful unprompted gift for christmas, they probably wouldn't have done that if they didn't like me at all)
- Keep in mind your FP has his/her own life. Maybe they're busy to attend some emergency. Maybe they just need some down time. You have to accept that.
- pet my cats
- take a bath with music,
- light a nice scented candle
- write a letter you're NOT going to send (this one is tricky, you really need NOT TO SEND IT)
- Block ways to contact favorite person for a time so you don't sperg and regret it later
- distract myself with a funny show/book
- have a cry (but not too much or you're going to feel worse)
- eat some food (not a binge) and drink some water (no alcohol)

You can add things that tend to soothe you but make sure they are healthy coping mecanisms first.

No. 745446

He literally ended it with me hours after I posted this. Prophetic.

No. 745450

File: 1613963525029.jpg (168.33 KB, 845x711, 2c3.jpg)

No. 745494

File: 1613968995373.jpeg (146.51 KB, 1200x675, E4A4FF36-EB10-418D-9828-51D05A…)

I hate having to even ask anons here but. Where do all these costhots buy womb tattoos? I wanted to buy one for the meme but now I’m genuinely frustrated with not being able to find a place to buy em

No. 745508


hope you will wear the womb stamp as a tramp stamp, I feel that would really ruffle some troon feathers

No. 745515

I see them on Taobao sometimes. The same stores that sell costhot lingerie tend to carry them.

No. 745517

Troons themselves get them. I've seen too many on them and I can't separate it from
> muh womb, look I'm a womyn.

No. 745520


Canada is worse still! I am paying 100$ monthly for mobile phone with 10G data, and honestly I think I'm on some dumb plan where I never actually own my phone??? Like I have to return it to telus if/when I change my -plan. Plus Internet is an additional 80$ and it is slow and shitty. My parents pay over 200 for a cable tv / internet bundle. It's outrageous

No. 745523


they are a truly deranged saga those threads and unfortunately for all it ends in him exposing his cock, balls and grimy asshole for the world to see. I always just assumed his skin was harsh acne scarring? IDK though, it is one of the less offensive things about him.

No. 745525

File: 1613972088786.jpeg (35.63 KB, 832x828, 71004385-5769-4F36-881E-5ACE6E…)

Thanks anon I’ll try taobao! I feel so dumb now that I haven’t thought about looking there

No. 745526


I know, but they get them where a womb might be, not on their lower backs (I think?) - I had no idea that any other demographic would be using these? why do egirls use them?

No. 745528

Check out public mobile it's dirt cheap.

No. 745530

I could go fetch you the infographic (it details the significations of the variant of womb tattoos - some are outright disgusting) about them in one of the mtf thread but I'm on mobile.
Basically, womb tattoos (markings) originate in hentai. Succubi have them to signify lust and stuff (mostly not being able to contain it and other coomer stuff).
There are tasteful womb tattoos (some anons showed them in that thread also I think).
But if you go pink/purple "heart", maybe you're going to end up with something you're not aware of the meaning of.
You're right about lower back I guess, but why a womb tattoo on your back?

No. 745567

I bought by mystake a "limp gloss plumper" (with peppermint) thinking it was simply shiny lip gloss. Every time I apply it, my lips are tingly and I get scratchy in the back of throat and nose.
Is it possible to be midly allergic to peppermint or is it the effect it's supposed to have?

No. 745573

The tingly lips sounds pretty normal, but the scratchy throat is a no go. You could definitely be allergic to mint or to one of the other ingredients. It sounds mild but I’d definitely throw that tube away and find something that doesn’t make you scratchy.

No. 745590

How the hell does sex phone work? You just say hot stuff while masturbating to each other?

No. 745599

File: 1613984309974.jpg (28 KB, 646x498, 1.0x0.jpg)

I know you mean phone sex but I laughed

No. 745608

File: 1613985304064.gif (836.8 KB, 340x242, c272612373f58e1ed67bb351448f9e…)

I never done it myself, but yes, I think you basically say what you want to do with the other person

No. 745612

DAE has this type of shitty memory where if something is not in front of you, you forget about it? Like if my vitamin D pill bottle wouldn't be on my desk I would def forget taking them

No. 745614

Yes. If I buy something that has a close expiration date, I need to keep it at eye level in the fridge, or else I'll forget I even bought it.

No. 745640

I've already used 3 days of PTO (covid scare) after working for this company for a month. Yesterday I was finally able to get my second dose of the vaccine and today I feel like shit and have a 102 degree fever. Should I still go to work since I'm not contagious or anything? I feel like death and I have to work with kids, but I feel like using 4 days of PTO in my first month makes me seem like a slacker.

No. 745645

You're sick, stay home. These are covid-times, not just any other February, so if that means using up 4 days of PTO because of a world pandemic so be it.

No. 745651

Thanks anon! I texted my manager and I still feel guilty, but I'm also sure that parents don't want me treating their kids while I'm stumbling around in a daze of fever and cough

No. 745657

I met my bf of three years on a 4chan meetup.
He's very much a normie though, not a typical 4channer.

No. 745659

Is there some kind of LinkedIn vent/hate thread (similar to the twitter one)?

No. 745668

Anons with good sense of direction - how do you navigate (when you can’t rely on GPS)?

No. 745686

I have this super annoying thing where if I'm not looking for something I don't see it, I need to be told that the thing is there. There was this one time when my mom surprised me by sewing a new pillow cover, I went to my room to pick something, the pillow was right on my bed and I didn't even see it.

No. 745689

I'm shit at directions I just know landmarks. My friend that's good at directions always knows where North is he's like a compass. Or he's not a dumb ass and understands the geography of where we live whereas I get confused walking around corners.

No. 745693

I try to keep in mind where downtown is from my home (it's north for me) then I think of where other locations are like a major bodies of water or freeways.To figure out E/W I think of where the sun is heading.

No. 745702

Speaking of directions, how much is a block? How do I know when I've walked/drove a block?

No. 745703

Isn't a block just like where perpendicular and pararell streets meet? Like a square.

No. 745705

I honestly don't fucking know anon. I've never known what it means and I was too scared to ask someone irl when I was younger even though I probably should've when I learned to drive

No. 745710

I don't think so, but there's a general social media one.

No. 745711

I usually check out new places on google maps before heading there, and have an understanding of which general direction I'm facing, so which "side" my destination is on. It's basically like a simplified mental map.

No. 745724

How do I know if I’m ugly or not?

No. 745730

If you can't tell if you're ugly, you're probably either not ugly, or just average

No. 745739

I wish I could do r/rateme with other nonnys here is that pathetic? I want to hear someone’s honest opinion on my face

No. 745740

I'm shit at directions but I live in the capital city of my country and I always walk around with a little book detailing each district like a fucking tourist lol. I suck at using the GPS on my phone for some reason, this is why I always get lost when I go to a new place.

No. 745744

File: 1614005746720.jpeg (71.11 KB, 750x937, DA0669A9-5995-4527-A014-F9EBB1…)

Honestly should I become a tattoo artist? I’ve never ever thought about it, but I kind of want to be one if my current education and career path doesn’t work out. If any anons ever been a tattoo artist tell me what it’s like pls

No. 745745

I mean people self-post small pieces of their face in the plastic surgery and kibbes body type threads in /g/, but you honesly should not post your full, entire face here. Even if you post and delete it, someone here is gonna save it and probably repost it

No. 745749

Samefag, meant to say people selfpost their body in the kibbes thread lmao

No. 745753

yes, but you have to give me that pic as a tramp stamp

No. 745755

Not a tattoo artist, but I've been wanting to buy a machine and practice with fake skin. It just seems like it's fun, and hey, maybe if I get good at it I can tattoo myself. You should go for it!

No. 745758

Have you guys ever felt sympathy for a person you hate/dislike? Why does that happen?

No. 745760

Go to the how to cope with being ugly thread, if you dont connect then you're not ugly trust

No. 745763

I don't like my mother, but I still feel a lot of sympathy for her sometimes. Don't wanna get into it, but I think it might simply have to do with the fact that she's my mom

No. 745765

LOL yes I meant on a private discord or something. It’d make the rounds on 4chan and I’d become the face of lolcow. Probs be assassinated by yaniv. Can’t handle that.

No. 745766

Why would you care about the opinion of some random person on the Internet?

No. 745767

How can I make friends online with no social media platforms? I know it sounds dumb.

No. 745770

Old school type forums

No. 745784

I just want to know where I stand in terms of looks. Sometimes I get treated like I’m attractive or told so but I just see eyebags, acne and long rat nose, big forehead yellow teeth

No. 745799

Someone on a discord could still post your face here tho tbh. It might just be better to take a pic of a part of your face where you feel like most of the unattractive might be coming from and post it somewhere in g

No. 745803

Understandable but would advise not to go down that rabithole, anon. I know it sounds cliche but it is true it is best to learn to love your face because you won't have any other. Learn what are your strong features and play to your advantages. Yellow teeth ? Whiten them. Doesn't work ? Put on a lipstick that is red enough, your teeth will look whiter anyway. Eye bags? Treat them with cucumbers and tea bags. Big open pores ? Tomatoes masks are your friends. Long nose? Put emphasis on your eyes with make up.
Truth is, there will always be people who will find you ugly and people who will find you pretty.
There is no objective answer to that.
If you absolutely must have an opinion, tread super carefully with where your face ends up.

No. 745815

What's the most orgasms you had in a day, nonnies? My record is 12 in an hour of masturbation. It was great but boy was I sore the next day

No. 745817

0. tbh i think theres something wrong with my vagina, like disconnected nerves or something. or i am too stupid to masturbate correctly

No. 745822

Like 3-4 with a couple hours in between them. It happened not too long ago and I think I must have been ovulating that day or some shit. Unfortunately, I'm one of those women that cannot have back to back orgasms, but recently I've been able to have 2 orgasms a day if I wait at least an hour in between lmao

No. 745824

What forums would you recommend?

No. 745827

I clearly remember 10 but it has to be somewhere between 10 and 15.

No. 745831

I don't like having multiples for some reason. I only ever go for a second one if my first orgasm felt weak/ruined somehow.

In a day..maybe 4 tops

No. 745838

2 or 3. I usually feel mentally "done" anyway after an orgasm, even if I could physiologically keep going. So even if I have multiple orgasms a day, they'd be hours apart, and only if I'm bored out of my mind that day.

No. 745852

Me too, high five

No. 745856

Has anyone noticed guys who prefer skinny girls these days tend to be pedophiles? Im not saying thats always been the case cause thin body types have always been the default and womanly/fit thin body types were ideal for the long time but its like, every moid who pushes for skinniness in a woman has an obsession with teenagers and barely legals now (which is not all the body types of thin women). Somehow, being thin got synonymous with teen/lolita as opposed to being in its own category of just a regular size. How tf did this happen? I know im not the only one who noticed this either

No. 745859

Samefag, but I noticed the same thing but especially for small breasts. Its like no one gets you can have small boobs but still have a womanly and adult body.

No. 745861

I really feel like anime worsened this

tits are correlated to age always (except when she's "500 years old" ;)

No. 745863

File: 1614014697795.gif (904.25 KB, 500x532, 1400701829371.gif)

As a smol girl I always look at guys who show any interest in me with suspicion, cause most turn out to be pedos or pedo-leaning. You're not imagining it. Fortunately my guy has had crushes on women of all sizes/shapes and doesn't mind at all if I get a little chubs.

No. 745864

File: 1614014738500.png (813.07 KB, 640x1136, YEudfumMwJi2bHVugDjBJAOxWWF551…)

Is this why everyone says I look like a 16 year old when I look otherwise like everyone else

No. 745871

Coming from an American standpoint that lives in an area obsessed with extremely large breasts, I feel like it's because most women with the ideally large breasts are overweight or obese, most of these women blowing up after high school, that men believe big tits = fat, and that small tits = skinny and you simply find more skinny high schoolers than you do with adult women. It creates an unhealthy view on the female body where adult women are nitpicked to hell and back for things like "why are you fat go eat a salad" then losing weight and having other people tell them they look gross with no curves, even if they still have a good amount of breast and hip fat with a small waist. Anime definitely did this as well as well as fat acceptance and fetishizing of fat girls being the "real women" so men who are turned off by fat girls aka most men feel like the barely legal or teen body type puke is what they need to search or "prefer" in order to find slim women. Another reason why 20s-30s or even 40 yr old women play a lot of teen and barely legal characters in porn

On the other end you have actual pedophiles who are focused on age alone and would rather a fat ugly 15 yr old over a healthy and beautiful 25 yr old woman

No. 745876

A guys attitude towards pubes is a handy way of spotting them too. I didn't look like a definite adult til I was in my mid twenties I'd say.. had alot of guys be very vocal about not wanting any lil bit of hair on me back then. Which cost those guys dearly because while I looked young.. I wasn't about to take orders like that.

Now that I just look like a grown woman in general…I haven't heard a peep from any man dictating pubes to me or even showing any strong preference beyond 'kept tidy' when I open up that conversation. What happened to all the guys that were obsessed with strictly bald vag?

No. 745879

True. I agree with this. Every second single guy I've met who obsessed over bald vaginas was a POS pedo

No. 745882

I find it funny that I liked mine bald enough to laser it off but if a guy insisted on bald and only bald it's a major ick from me, dawg

No. 745899

File: 1614016927750.png (155.64 KB, 540x500, 65531946570559.png)

Euroanons, I need your help. Does anybody know a torrent for specifically books that aren't in English? Not manga/anime related. I would rather buy, but some books I want from eu are from webpages from 10 years ago.

No. 745903

try libgen, rutracker or b-ok.cc

No. 745905

Yes there are books from all over the world on library genesis, I get my school books from there

No. 745921

I used to get books in my native language by joining a forum where people circulated dropbox links with books. Also through my uni I get access to a massive online library/database of ebooks. So if you're still in education it's worth seeing if that's something your school/uni also has.

No. 745933

Any suggestions? I’m so sad they closed the friend finder thread on /g/

No. 745968

Is it weird that I enjoyed high school? I feel like I'm one of the few people online who enjoyed it.

In high school I felt like I had a lot of fun. I never partied or drank or the like, but I succeeded academically, participated in a ton of extracirriculars, and had a lot of loose friendships with my classmates. I had a lot of trouble adjusting to college and I had a lot of mental health issues around that time, which probably had a lot to do with my inability to adjust. Eventually after a few years I had a pretty awesome traditional undergrad experience even though I was a little older than most students and was often the oldest person in the room.

I would never want to go back to high school but I did like how it was easier to see people on the regular, even casually, and I think it was easier to avoid being left behind. When I have struggled as an adult, including recently during the pandemic, no one gave a fuck.

I just feel like everyone talking about their awful high school experiences makes me doubt my own memories. I also can never remember being bullied, even though I was really odd and definitely did not fit in with the average students who were white and pretty religious/conservative. Makes me feel like I was an oblivious sperg when I was younger even though I feel like I have a good sense of memory usually.

No. 745984

File: 1614023883204.jpg (91.22 KB, 800x800, image.jpg)

i thrifted the CUTEST jacket a few days ago. i'm in love. unfortunately it fucking stinks to high heaven. seriously musty as fuck. i've tried spraying it with vinegar and putting a shit ton of baking soda all over it and leaving it in a bag for a few days. nope. still musty as fuck. i purchased the spray in the pic and i'm just wondering if anyone has had any experience with it? or if this X-TREME ODOR BUSTER doesn't work, what else can i do? i'm getting a little antsy because i just want to wear it and not have visible stink lines coming off of me. (also i know i could probably buy a new jacket that doesn't smell but like i said i love this thing and i'm determined to de-stink it. it'll give me a rush of endorphins if i conquer this jacket.)

No. 745986

I had a nice time at school with friends, there was absolutely delicious drama, scandalous shit and even though I wasn't the best student, I had some subjects I enjoyed. I had awful time at home, didn't drink either, graduated later than some of my friends but had fun! Wish I could do it again, get my own place so I could actually study in a safe environment instead of fearing my dad but I didn't really "peak" there and only miss the social aspects of it and the cringe fashion choices, the bravery.

No. 746004

try filling a container/bucket with water, pour vinegar in it and let the jacket soak there for a few hours. although if the baking soda trick didn't work, this won't either. what is it made of?

No. 746011

samefag, after soaking, wash it like you would regularly

No. 746014

How can I ensure those magical, easy poops where you don't have to wipe a hundred million times?

No. 746026

Fiber supplements are so worth it, I use psyllium husk. You just have to drink enough water. I find it generally improves my mood too, not just from the fantastic poops

No. 746034

ntayrt, but would you recommend these for someone taking iron supplements? them shits have been making shits so hellish bc constipation despite the fact i’m taking a much lower dose than the box recommends, and i miss nice easy poos

No. 746042

how do morbidly obese people have sex? i've been watching 1000 lb sisters and the 600lb one is very sexually active w her scrawny boyfriend she met on a BBW forum. like i can't imagine it being possible? does he fuck the rolls bc he can't reach her vagina? this question is haunting me

No. 746045

Can someone recommend a good karaoke machine? Idk where to start…

No. 746048

You just know the men fucking them have 2 inch dicks too.

No. 746050

I read somewhere once they just have some tried and trusted very few positions

No. 746051

Sometimes they do fuck rolls and bellybuttons, yes.

No. 746053

If you're that curious, look up porn or something, god.

No. 746054

oh god

i did and couldn't find anyone as big as her. that was a weird reply. did i hit a sore spot for you?

No. 746055

I don't know if you have laundry vinegar where you live but you can use vinegar in the washing machine, dry it properly, then rewash it. If that doesn't do it, I'd be surprised.

No. 746056

No, it was just kinda gross to me ngl.

No. 746059

Nice cope, fatty-chan.

No. 746064

File: 1614028737531.jpg (30.31 KB, 570x570, goodshit.jpg)

Get some borax and dissolve a cup of it in warm water, then soak the jacket in that. IME borax is the best odor remover next to oxiclean. Of course this shouldn't be done if the jacket is wool or leather or something.

No. 746069

I want to spam every post in the chubby farmers thread with this exact response

No. 746082

File: 1614029681112.jpg (86.9 KB, 563x562, 1612912556018.jpg)

I know the answer may be: entitlement but why the hell is it only the scrotes who do borderline offensive haggling online? Goddamit, no I will not lower the already low prices just because your cheap ass can't pay for postage, they just spam you declaring the price they think they are gonna pay, giving their info like you sealed the deal. How the hell do you get like that?

No. 746085

You didn't hear this from me, but "ssbbw" will show you results that look close to Amy. Maybe still not as big though. I always just assumed they always did missionary and like…lifted up the stomach fold to get to the vagina. There are definitely overweight women who can do penetration though, I've heard of super big women getting pregnant and not even knowing about it.

No. 746096

thank you anons! the jacket is made mostly out of polyester. i'm not the most knowledgeable about fabrics and i thought it was suede at first lol. i'm very hesitant to put it in the washer and dryer because i don't want to fuck it up but it's totally fine after the borderline vinegar hose down, so i'll just suck it up and be as careful as i possibly can. i will definitely be trying out the soaking method. i get the feeling that soaking the damn thing will probably be the only way to snuff out the odor but the spray hasn't arrived yet so we'll see. thanks again for the help!!

No. 746116

Okay and why did he need to get racist just based on my fucking name, this peasant scrote

No. 746128

lol i know your pain i sell on clothing apps pretty often and the most ridiculous offers i've ever gotten have been from grown men. a couple years ago i had an extremely rare vintage band tee that was in basically perfect condition listed for $150, some guy messaged me asking if i'd sell it to him for $30 including shipping and then called me a cunt and blocked me when i said no

No. 746131

I just saw a video on a dumb meme chat I'm in of someone opening a bottle of beer with her vag and I can't work out how she did it, or at least did it without it being painful. Any ideas?

No. 746134

she's gotta be pulling a david blaine. no way that's possible. it's gotta be a slight of vag.

No. 746146

That's even more valuable than I have for sale at the moment, I am trying to sell an art book that is pretty damn heavy + another heavy book this dude requested. Fair price would be around 40, and I am asking 20 + shipping, and he is wanting to pay only 15. Mamma mia, anons.

No. 746167

File: 1614037245943.png (286.78 KB, 477x421, 76438204632867483249.png)

Are most women really clean and tidy with good decorating skills? Or is this just a stereotype? I see memes all the time mocking guys' lack of interior design and messiness which is definitely well earned, but I haven't been into many other grown women's homes. (I uh, haven't had "irl" friends in some time.) My main point of comparison is my female relatives who are these amazing homemakers on top of working full time. I've often seen women online saying how they have to train guys to do dishes and put clothes away and stuff like that, and how it should be normal to make the bed every day and vacuum frequently, and I wonder if that's common. I'm not a complete slob but I leave dishes out sometimes, vacuum rarely, don't always put shit away until it's been out for week+, and I don't have a cute home aesthetic because I'm poor and my place is just a mishmash of random crap I've accumulated over the years out of necessity and luck. Do the majority women make way more effort on presenting a flawless home?

No. 746169

I mean no, women aren't inherently good at interior decorating? A lot of men just don't care about aesthetics as much I guess, but you can still find lots of women who don't have super aesthetically pleasing rooms/houses. I have a hard time decorating, but I still care a lot about making my house look good. I think that has more to do with me being an artist than me being a woman though.

No. 746186

most of my friends are messy bitches. I don't think women are cleaner/better at homely stuff than men, it's just that traditionally we've been conditioned to think of ourselves as such. But yeah, most of my friends have different notions of what is acceptable mess compared to me. I did grow up with parents who taught me the value of a tidy house/room though. If only I'd have thought to publish a book about how important that is before Jordan Peterson cornered that market.

No. 746190

I am pretty messy, basically the same way you're describing like I'm not actually dirty but I will leave a pile of clothes on the floor for a week and my furniture is mostly functional. That being said, I have one female friend and her interior is really cute, she makes an effort to get plants and rugs and stuff that are cute and match everything. It's interesting to me, because it's not like she's super tidy or clean, but her place does have a definite feminine aesthetic to it.
Idk if you relate to this but it's the same way with hair and skincare to me, every time I come over to her apartment she's got this new moisturizing hairspray with a creative scent that she wants me to try, whereas I mostly just buy the same shampoo and conditioner and it doesn't really occur to me to actually go out and find new hair stuff? Maybe it's two totally different things to you but to me it seems like it's related at least a little bit. I'm not scrote-tier with self care and interior choices but the women I know put a lot more thought into those things than I do.

No. 746194

Im obsessively clean and tidy but that means my house is also minimal in terms of furniture. No decoration to really speak of, just obsessive tidiness.

No. 746205

Picrel is a woman in motion, extending her calves and arms in a way that would be super weird looking if she were standing still. She's probably going to look way different when in a casual relaxed position, so it's hard to say whether or not she looks attractive.
I personally think picrel is too sinewy and would prefer a little bit more body fat, but that's just me. No matter what people think, strive for the body you think is attractive yourself (as long as it's not super unhealthy or anything). It's a given that not everyone is going to like it, no matter what you look like.

No. 746207

File: 1614040465295.png (316.07 KB, 446x494, Screen Shot 2021-02-22 at 7.31…)

Is a body type like picrel unattractive for women? I have a body sort of similar and I feel like I'm getting losing too much fat to where I'd be considered conventionally unattractive. I'm a casual dancer (an adult and not currently in a company) and while I should be happy that I look more like a pro ballerina I can't help but feel like my body stands out as freakish compared to an average group of people. Please don't sperg out on me, ofc I mean standing out in a bad way.
The impression I get looking at myself is that I look like I shop only at organic grocery stores for a vegan diet and am dedicated to some sport which makes me super thin.
Anons, what do you think? Are ballet dancer bodies attractive or do they freak you out?

No. 746211

Thanks anon, I appreciate the response. I tried finding a better picture but this one >>746207 is kind of crap as well. I also feel like I look too "sinewy" myself.

No. 746215

I don't think you should be worried about looking freakish or anything extreme like that. Most people won't judge that harshly and just think you look like a ballerina and that's that. Lots of people really like that physique! But if you think you look too sinewy and like you're one of these extreme vegan types, that sounds like you don't especially like how you look yourself. If anything, that's what you should change. As long as you change your body based on your own judgment and not that of others, that's fine.

No. 746235

File: 1614045092281.jpg (346.49 KB, 1000x1500, TK-2015-10-18-022-001-Harajuku…)

Does anyone have books, thesis, or interesting information/blogs about lolita fashion? It's for a friend's thesis. Thanks

No. 746239

Idk but there's a book called 'so pretty very rotten' about lolita fashion, maybe that could help?

No. 746280

What are some good places to meet wealthy men abe 29+? I cant do online dating anymore they're all broke.

No. 746283

What does PT stand for

No. 746284

Is insomnia a premenstrual symptom for some women?

No. 746285


No. 746286

No. 746288

No, muscular women are great. Both men and women love muscular women, and if they don't they're fucking trash. Whenever someone here says they're too muscular, I want to go up to them and say. No sis. You are perfect. You're fit and beautiful. Love your body you dumbass.

No. 746304

Do you ever wonder if we're living in the cringiest cultural period in history? I know I'm biased because the recent trends in music and fashion in general aren't attractive to me, but it really feels like social media has created a dry rot in the collective imagination

No. 746309

Godddd I agree so hard. I think the past 10 years have been so culturally dead, and it's not because I hate pop music or think the past was better or anything like that. I just think so many things are braindead, lowest common denominator shit. Like we're just consuming bullshit by spoonfuls at this point. I doubt this decade will improve any of this.

No. 746313

>lowest common denominator shit
Yeah that's exactly it. Maybe this is a reach but I feel like literacy skills are pretty miserable too, even among people who are supposed to be good communicators for a living. It's pretty crazy considering people interact with the written word more than ever before

No. 746318

Absolutely we are. I feel like styles and trends that should have died out ages ago like scene never went away. I also feel like we're recycling styles at a faster rate as well. Doesn't feel like long ago we finally got back to wearing high waisted jeans and now low rise is back in style.

No. 746341

Men may tidy up from time to time but they don't actually clean, so there's just a layer of grime, oil, and dust everywhere. Honestly I don't see a problem with that room, some people don't care abour aesthetics.

No. 746352

I agree, it's like the internet siphoned every original thought from people's brains. Even the fashion feels extremely derivative of earlier trends, which has been a thing before and all but never to this degree, it's like a straight copy of 90s trends styled exactly the same.
Movies are basically either gritty reboots or woke remakes of popular shit from before trying to bank on nostalgia value and appeal to kids at the same time. It's grim. Inb4 someone calls me a boomer, I'm 21.

No. 746358

Thanks to the consolidation of communication on social media, there are a billion different highly-visible but relatively small, extremely shallow (that's not to say that subcultures are inherently 'deep') subcultures rapidly evolving and influencing each other. People who are bored of a given subculture can just jump to an adjacent one and inject influences from the previous subculture they were a part of instead of creating something new. Oh well, what can you do

No. 746362

I had a huge dose of adderal and masturbated for 5 hrs, came like 6 times. It was hard to cum after the 3rd.

No. 746379

Ive been feeling this way since the late 2000s and it keeps getting worse. Literally every art or entertainment thing is suffering from lack of originality and cringe. Everything

No. 746380

I think the internet is def fucking up imaginations, literacy, originality. Something about social media just sucks the originality and life out of people

No. 746392

What do you guys wear to bed? Proper nightwear, like a pj set or just a random shirt + sweatpants? I wear PJ pants with a shirt. The pants were part of a set but I didn't like the top that originally came with it, too granny-ish

No. 746398

I think internet is boosting creativity but also giving a platform to many uncreative people and said creativity gets more lost in the crowd than ever before.

No. 746401

Anons, did any of you ever break contact with a sibling? What caused it? What kind of behaviour do you think is the limit to tolerate from one of your siblings?

No. 746405

I wear just an old shirt, I can't wear pants even in winter because they slide up and down and are uncomfortable

No. 746406

Do you really need some extreme final push to break contact with a sibling? I have a 5 years younger brother, we have nothing in common, he's irresponsibe and entitled, I see no reason to ever stay in touch with him so I don't. A lot of people talk about being super close with their siblings and loving them no matter what because they're family and I do feel a bit like an asshole sometimes because it seems like one is supposed to be like that, but I just can't force myself to like a person I don't like and I've stopped trying.

No. 746420

A little late, but I think the reason is two-fold. The first reason being that most men who approach them actively are just looking for a pump and dump. The looks can vary with these guys, but generally they’re not going to be sticking around as boyfriends. I think because this kind of treatment feels dehumanizing, the first time they meet a subpar looking dude who’s kind and treats them like a person they latch on.

The second part of the equation is that their pool of men is probably incredibly low due basically all of these vloggers falling into the same trap of: not speaking the language well, only being friends with other foreigners, and having no normal hobbies. They never meet anyone normal, they have nothing to talk about when they do, and they self isolate in communities that only speak their language. It’s the same reasons they usually have very few, if any, normal local friends (who aren’t using them as free English teachers).

Most of the good looking guys are going to be more normie adjacent, and unless they can compete with the average local girl (who already speaks the language, knows the full scope of the culture without thinking, and has roots/connections), they’re going to be playing the dating game on hard mode.

No. 746421

Is there such a thing as originality, though? I feel like everything that has been hailed as original was pretty much just a combination of ideas that existed before

No. 746434

My friend watches some uwu anime girl who has common variable immunodeficiency and always cries about it, as it she is disabled. Is it really that bad?

I am very confused because I got a weak immune system too, along with anemia and neverending fatigue but I do not lay in bed all the time and cry about it on stream like she does. But i guess this disease is very different? Could anyone explain?

No. 746437

File: 1614081225855.jpeg (270.86 KB, 666x579, 773DC4F5-5C19-4F92-AD89-A53421…)

A block refers to the area contained between four roads (where the buildings and sidewalks are). It’s not always square, but you probably wouldn’t immediately notice unless you walked or drove “around the block”

Picrel, I circled a block for you

No. 746439

Does your SO really need to become your priority? I see this everytime in relationship advice, but I can't imagine not putting yourself first.

No. 746440

Do you mean Ironmouse, I think she is an anime streamer or whatever who is always complaining, maybe it is a bad disease but I think it depends on the person, some people love making themselves seem weak and helpless (which is what someone who uses an anime girl avatar and wants to make money by making people think she is helpless and adorable would do) but some people have a different personality and try not to let their disease hold them down or even try to live their life even better. My relative has multiple sclerosis and she talks about it often but not in a "I'm so helpless uwu pwotect me" way, she talks about what treatments she tries, she tries really actively to fight the disease and travels often and lives a happy life.
I think it's not about the disease too much, it's part of that character to always whine and remind people she is uwu fragile.

No. 746442

>Is there such a thing as originality
Yes. You can take inspiration from something without straight copying it. And copying it but adding a small twist doesn't count.

No. 746447

If you're not supposed to pour hot water down the sink, then where are you supposed to pour the water when you cook pasta?

No. 746448

Yes, I am talking about her!!
I am so confused over the way she acts about it as if she is crippled to bed completely when she is out there having VR chat streams and something?

The way she talks about it really seems more of a "pity party" to me. But again, it seems to be helping her with getting more money on twitch… I still find it disgusting when people act that way personally, because getting money from people because they pity you seems the same as getting money for being homeless.

People who are her fans are deeply convinced how weak she is and I am too afraid to even write any sort of criticism about it, because they are the same kinds of WKs as usual twitch camgirls ones.

No. 746450

Perhaps a stupid questions but can someone enlighten me as to why certain words always appear in red in comments? Example : victim.
Is there a specific reason why these words had to be red-texted by default?

No. 746455

Pour it in the sink but also pour cold water from the faucet

No. 746458

You're not supposed to pour hot water down the sink? What about the water that comes out the faucet?

No. 746459

why would you out yourself this way newfag?

No. 746461

There is no point to criticize, as you said all the fans are whiteknights who don't want to hear any criticism of their idol, and besides if they are so stupid who cares how they waste their money, at least it's going to someone smarter than them. But I do think the way she acts is pitiable
Well if your pipes are plastic boiling water might damage them, but if it's from the faucet it might not be so hot and if it is really hot, the stream of the faucet pours less water than pouring an entire pot of boiling water

No. 746466

Most of those words are or were "woke" buzzwords that tended to be overused by newfags (particularly ones from Tumblr and Twitter) who had just found this website and wanted to complain about how mean and rude it is. They were used so often that the words became automatically redtexted as a way to make fun of the people who came here to do just that.

You were once a newfag.

No. 746487

Thank you!

No. 746542

Not sure if this is the best thread to post this but since it's a question I'm giving it a shot
What the fuck just happened to my ukulele? For context I bought one years ago but didn't really play it much until recently when I had to play it for x reason.
>browsing the internet so not doing anything with said ukulele
>ukulele on the floor with nothing that could break it touching it
>hear this weird cracking/popping noise
>turn to look over to the ukulele as that's where the noise is coming from
>suddenly hear a loud pop, all the strings detach from the bottom half (also tearing some of the wood away)at the same time

They didn't just snap like sometimes strings do (pretty sure it's broken beyond fixing now), and it was all of them at the same time. Could it have something to do with the fact that I haven't played it for a long time? I also have to admit I wasn't the gentlest when playing it (due to being a cow that gets angry easily), but that still doesn't explain why it breaks many days after I played it and seemingly without any outside reason. Is my house haunted

No. 746551

could've just been the glue finally failing. the strings are under constant tension, that was the weakest point and it finally gave in

No. 746552

Has there been any major changes in moisture or temperature in your house?

No. 746554

True, I have no idea what the lifespan of an average ukulele is.

Not that I can think of, though it has been colder outside and that usually lowers the house temperature a bit. But it's not really anything major

No. 746644

i know there is a lot of m/f hentai where the entire focus is on the girl and the guy is nothing but a featureless vaguely man-shaped gray blob. is there a gender-flipped version on this?

No. 746645

Can any oldfags explain the Mod/Admin Regina stuff and why the last admin was apparently bad? I remember seeing stuff like that mentioned a couple times when I first joined, but I didn't know wtf was going on so I didn't ask

No. 746648

Yumejoshi fanart.
Something we need more of.

No. 746667

As someone who has an interest in Korean culture (actual interest and studies in it) and has been to Korea, I agree with >>746420. Honestly speaking, a lot of Korean guys are mesmerized by foreign women but I think the issue is that the majority of us do not assimilate well. I mean I can't blame foreign women because Korea is a hellish place to live. I also think that Korean men who treat foreign women like actual women and not animals are very rare, and once a foreign woman finds one she's basically head over heels. Can't relate because I personally wouldn't be trying to date a Korean man anyways, the only ones who approach you in public are white horse chasers.
Another thing to consider is that a lot of very traditional older Koreans wouldn't want their sons to date a foreigner (vidrel). From our standpoint, the Korean family culture is not something you want to marry into even best case scenario because the wife will always take a [non-physical] beating from her husband's mother-in-law even if that means cooking side dishes all day while your husband does jack shit. Korean women hate this culture too and are not getting married because of that, among other reasons as well. Maybe as an uninformed or delusional woman you might think it'll be different but the patriarchal culture does not make exceptions just because you're a foreign woman. My best advice for any woman who loves Korea the country (not just kpop) is to visit–don't settle down and live there because it is absolute hell.

No. 746676

People who have eaten porridge since they were a child or something, do you add sugar or honey? Cause I like the idea of a filling meal in between big ones but once I'm done eating the banana pieces or the chocolate the rest isn't really satisfying.

No. 746678

When I eat oatmeal I use sugar (white or brown), cinnamon/allspice, nuts, milk and some kind of fruit.

No. 746682

I hate being sensitive, I'm probably as sensitive as PT, how can I stop???

No. 746689

not related to dating koreans and i'm assuming you lived in korea at some point - why was it hell for you? i lived there for a year and a bit and although i was lonely, in a super LD relationship, and it got rough at times, i wouldn't call it hell and i wouldn't necessarily try and stop anybody else from living there either for a while (though ofc i wouldn't advise any non-korean on fully moving over there with a plan to stay there forever because you're not caricakes and you will end up regretting it).

No. 746690

My friend is gonna marry his korean fiance, lives in korea, doesn't even know the language properly, no job and all that yet her inlaws seem to love her. I was kinda surprised but then I realised the inlaws are quite unorthodox all around, don't mind their daughter or sons having big tattoos, letting them travel and all that. Also the son at least cooks for everyone, very cuckish though.

No. 746691

Home made low sugar jam/some nuts or berries, maybe apple and honey

No. 746692

I only eat savory porridge, sweet porridge sounds weird… But when I eat oatmeal I like to sweeten it with honey.

No. 746695

I usually go for porridge or weetabix as I find it really filling in the morning.

If you find it a bit too plain I'd say try something like honey over porridge, if its weetabix then try some splenda or knock off sugar, even blueberries or banana slices can be nice.

>you do heat up the milk about half a cups worth and then add it to the porridge to mix or pour over the weetabix right ?

I don't understand how someone can have it with cold milk.

No. 746697

Is there a helpful way not to tear up when you have a fight or arguments it happens automatically to me even if im not sad.

I try to pinch my finger or bit the inside of my lip but it doesnt help much

No. 746699

smh ignore me I'm an uncultured idiot, I was thinking of rice porridge lol. Still stand by sweetening with honey though.

No. 746702

I have this too, my knees start shaking and my voice goes wobbly
I hate it. Someone please tell me how to break this curse.

No. 746706

I don't feel shakey but I get a sort of tingly feeling of warmth and my heart starts to race.

The tears get brought on by like a sharp pain behind my nose, ugh I hate it makes me feel silly.

No. 746711

Who is the argument typically with?

I had an ex who'd set off panic attack symptoms in me and I'd try to pretend they weren't happening as I stood there shaking and burning red in the face lol. If he saw the symptoms he'd think I was playing some fucking game for sympathy, jesus

No. 746721

Just either silly fights over nothing in work or angry customers.

Even family sometimes enough, I'm a bit of a mess at times tbh.

No. 746738

Deeeeeep breaths

No. 746765

when wearing both a hat and headphones, do i wear the hat over top or the headphones on top? it's a beanie btw

No. 746766

On top imo

No. 746771

Thanks everyone! Also yes it is oatmeal not porridge (I honestly thought they were the same thing but apparently not!) Did not want to commit a culinary crime

No. 746772

does anyone remember a lipgloss with a sponge applicator?? it was very popular in 2005-2007 i think prob maybelline but i cant find it

No. 746793

i can't log into myproana, and mypancakeaddiction is too woke for me. does anyone know a website like mpa but that actually works?

No. 746808

File: 1614105140349.jpg (424.35 KB, 831x565, NARS-GLOSS-MOMENT-MULTI-USE-GL…)

Sponge like this? I remember one by Mac being particularly popular (I can't recall the name) but there where so many of these back then.

No. 746823

File: 1614106098484.jpg (338.79 KB, 1332x600, elf essential luscious liquid …)

samefag sorry here is a photo of what i mean.The smell was very fruity and probably a drugstore brand and definitely was a lipgloss sticky af.If any anon knows pls reply i really need to know and rebuy it

No. 746834

I'll try to help you look anon! If it helps, that kind of fuzzy applicator is called a doefoot applicator. I don't know how common it is for it to be on lipgloss tubes though.

No. 746853

How do you post on lipstick alley? Do you have to wait for a certain score threshold or..

No. 746855

You just have to make an account to start posting. I think once you make like 20 posts you can rating other people's posts.

No. 746860

I honestly wish I lived like this, I get distracted by bullshit easily.

No. 746871

Not comment, I mean like make your own thread. There's a "you dont have sufficient privileges to post here" on every board where the new thread box should be.

No. 746881

The rules say you need a minimum of 25 posts to make a thread, but I've heard some people say its 100 so I have no idea tbh. I would just try to make 25 posts and see what happens

No. 746901

Depends what kind of arguments we're talking about. Heated debates or just fighting with your s/o or friends? Unironically I used to feel like crying if somebody online wrecked me in an argument, but the more I did it the less I cared and I became more confident in my opinions, nowadays even if somebody "beats" me in an argument I'll still think they're a retard because I just don't care online anymore
And that dumb habit of online arguing actually helped me develop some kind of confidence irl so now I don't feel as much of a pussy when I argue with people, be it just a debate or an actual fight.
I know it's silly advice but it helped me kek
When it comes to angry customers I just completely detach myself from the situation and don't even see them as intelligent human beings, that depends on what kind of customers you provide service to though.

No. 746942

Anons, is it okay for your son to be a “sissy” and like “girly” things without trooning out or becoming a misogynistic homo when he’s older?

No. 746943

Does a critical inner voice always come from the parents?

No. 746947

I'm gonna be honest anon, if you're worried about your hypothetical son liking "girly" things it might just be better to not have one. Whether or not you like it, kids are not always gonna do things you agree with. That's just life tbh. He might end up trans but tbh I don't think liking "girly" things would make him do that. The most you can do to prevent your son from coming out misogynistic is to make sure he has a positive view of women from an early age and try to keep him from misogynistic media as much as you can.

No. 746948

Samefag, I should clarify that by
>whether or not you like it, kids are not always gonna do things you agree with.
I didn't mean you might not agree with your son liking "girly" things, but that you wouldn't agree with your son being trans

No. 746952

How do I become a… lady?
I mean more feminine, I have always been a tomboy. No period jokes please.

No. 746954

File: 1614114971722.jpg (36.84 KB, 411x792, a7beb7f8c3b71b3299ad732255c49d…)

I want to buy my friend a cute apron because she wants to learn to cook. Problem is she's kind of obese, should I be concerned it won't fit her? They usually only come in one size, but its not like they aren't eternally adjustable.

No. 746956

If you search plus size or full figure aprons a ton of options come up. Also, even at my heaviest a normal apron fit me fine, you are being a good friend for worrying but unless she's giant it shouldn't matter

No. 746957

Just ask about the strap length. An apron can "fit" on anyone but if you want the waist straps to tie together in the back for a cute bow or something, you may need to ask the seller if they can be extended.

No. 746958

Yeah you should be, I remember some tv show where they wanted to put on some aprons and get cooking but the aprons couldn't cover their breasts so they decided to sew their own… Maybe you should try to sew one, if you have a machine and can sew a straight line it's easy

No. 746965

File: 1614115654759.png (383.65 KB, 309x444, asdfasdf.png)

Thanks so much for your replies. I'm lucky I found a picture of one that I want to get her on the reviews were a plus sized girl is wearing it.
I think my friend is a little rounder than this girl, but it looks pretty similar to her size and it fits this girl really nicely so I think this will work.
I could always sew on new straps if it doesn't, just as long as the top and bottom don't look ridiculous.

No. 746966

Admin, some mods and a few users moved over to Eatingdisordercentral when the site was breaking down back in 2018

No. 746980

Why can't you log into mpa? It works just fine for me.

No. 746995

File: 1614117390831.jpeg (110.54 KB, 915x960, 2078DB00-7FC8-4B75-9B47-7A08F3…)

How common it is to get a random, non pornbot group invite on reddit? I looked through the four people’s profiles and I can’t really find nothing but kinda weeby, kinda scrotey stuff?

No. 747016

I'm a huge weeb but I'd never let my son watch anime or interact with Japanese culture like I did.

No. 747045

File: 1614120138598.jpg (39.67 KB, 1076x807, 3vgdiijs3j621.jpg)

I think it never happens. Most of the user base has no idea they have group servers on their site, it was only mentioned in one small site update, so only spammers use it

No. 747052

Do you guys think there are many underage posters on lc?

No. 747054

No. 747055


No. 747057

Well what the fuck

No. 747078

Yes and I hate them.

No. 747082

Most surely, they need to get the fuck out though, nobody wants them and this shit isn’t some virtual daycare.

No. 747150

pretty cotton nightgowns

No. 747154

I used to only like my oatmeal plain with butter and salt. Now I will occasionally add fresh or dried fruit, nuts, brown sugar, and a dash of cinnamon.

But oatmeal is still inferior to grits.

No. 747226

Serious question: would you rather get raped more than once with no risk of pregnancy or get raped once but have to carry the rape pregnancy to term? I know it's not talked about because if you choose the first answer degenerates would see it as a green light to rape and downplay rape even more than it already is(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 747229

No. 747235

Trying to prove a bloke wrong. I couldn't find any info about that online. Stats on reason women commit suicide would be nice too I'm sure unwanted pregnancy is high on that list

No. 747237

Would rather die by burning or by drowning?

None bitch

No. 747238

Trying to prove him wrong about what? Women don't talk about your hypothetical question but would if scrotes didn't see it. I think the general consensus is women don't want to be raped. I reject the above conditions. The serious question is odd.

No. 747239

No one wants to get raped anon, regardless of the extra-consequences, rape is rape and anyone who tries to rape should get their genitals mangled with a rusty knife.

No. 747240

File: 1614133242685.png (414.77 KB, 493x463, ma-keepit-real-with-u-chief-12…)

Probably bc having a hypothetical conversation about that is weird and dysfunctional. Not even sure how you end up there. As other anons stated, no one wants to think about being raped under any circumstances. That's not even a statistic you can extrapolate so why ask?

No. 747246

i'd rather kill myself than go through either one but if i had to pick, the first one since i have severe tokophobia

No. 747247

I guess the second, but honestly this is a weird question and I'm not sure why you're arguing with some man about which way a woman would rather get raped tbh

No. 747256

How would you crazy farmers email bomb someone? Any other way to annoy someone that lives on the internet?

No. 747260

Disclaimer answer only if you're an actual woman

No. 747262

Not sure why you replied to me?

No. 747266

File: 1614135668029.png (7.81 KB, 373x124, get directions suicide.png)

Same lmao

No. 747268

I've tried necking myself for less, none of the above wtf

No. 747275

How is jealousy in gay relationships? Like gfs finding other women attractive or following cute women on social media?

My personal feelings are that men can't be trusted to simply find another person attractive and leave it at that (ie. they escalate to shaming their partners or cheating), but women can be. But idk how the actual culture around it is for les/bi women?

No. 747283

Why can’t you ask men this btw? Men get raped too. Instead of pregnancy, they get castrated.

No. 747286

I’m a lesbian dating another lesbian and we never really have a problem with it. As long as they’re irl friends or at least not OF girls, I have no problem with her following cute girls on instagram. Women are beautiful and we both love Meg and other female celebrities. Any jealously I have over her liking girls photos disappears pretty instantly because I know there is no threat to our relationship. Weirdly, she gets more jealous when I show love for male celebrity crushes, lmao. I agree that men can’t be trusted to simply admire someone and leave it alone.

No. 747288

It’s bait. Robot is trying to prove that western roastie whores would rather get raped than be a mother.

No. 747293

there's a lot less toxic jealousy in same sex relationships. jealousy still happens but women don't get defensive about being disloyal like men do and will usually hear their gf out if they're uncomfortable

No. 747295

All men should be castrated, lmao.

No. 747303

File: 1614141270125.gif (1.2 MB, 220x219, sadmadnigg4.gif)

How to get thick skin, and not take a rando's comment so personally? They're a total stranger, yet I cannot shake it off.

No. 747309

Scrote can cry all it wants, no woman wants to be the mother of a rape baby. Not that being raped multiple times is any better.
Women don't crave rape. We want to breed with fit and attractive mates who have done the work to deserve it.

No. 747311

My lesbian friends have experienced jealousy in relationships, but none of the gay or bisexual guys I talk to have even brought it up. I think it has to do with age; for whatever reason, gay men (at least in my experience) tend to wait longer to settle down in a committed relationship than straight men or women do. I think men value the whole "spend your 20s having fun and screwing around" philosophy, so if a couple consists of two young guys, they're going to be more open to the idea of an open or casual relationship.

Interestingly, the lack of jealousy doesn't affect how dedicated they are to each other. For instance, gay and lesbian relationships are way more likely to survive one person becoming seriously ill than straight ones.

No. 747322

Lesbian jealousy and drama is on another level. They only tend to be jealous of women who aren't straight however.

No. 747324

File: 1614144095513.jpg (36.95 KB, 496x618, 3e8a63c9595bb7b1e190a1b2ae2c99…)

What is your favorite drama movie(s), nonnies?

Anything goes, I just wanna make my watchlist bigger

No. 747330

File: 1614144586271.jpg (117.9 KB, 960x1440, MV5BZDJiZWY5ZjAtZjEwNi00NzliLW…)

Why did little kids in the 90s and 00s hate Barney so much?

No. 747332

It's not talked about because this is a meaningless hypothetical. I can't even imagine a situation where someone would be made to choose between these options, it's not like rapists normally give you the option to decide how many times they're going to rape you and pick your preferred consequences. This is probably bait, but if you're genuinely arguing with a man over this, he's 100% just using the conversation as fuel for his rape fantasies.

No. 747335

when someone says they don't deserve you and that you deserve someone way better than them, its bullshit isnt it??????? never thought id get this bs excuse. i cant believe i just fell for it too, basically, i was breaking up with THEM, amicably, and then they replied immediately after with a wall of text, saying maybe it was better we dont talk for now or at all, uh, yeah, i was ready to move on already? so i go ahead and reply ok lets talk sometime in the future when we're both in better places, and now they never replied, just lol………. they just wanted me to reply to get one last little ego boost just WTF

No. 747339

overly nice and retarded? Idk I really hated him too

No. 747340

Is it strange to text my dad even though he's been dead for months now?

I just want him to know when something good happens and I'm not close to the rest of my family

No. 747343

I think the stories were just super simplistic (even for a kids show) so only very young children watched it. Older kids hate anything that little kids like, and only little kids liked Barney.

No. 747344

It's only strange if he replies.

No. 747345

File: 1614145949724.jpg (52.65 KB, 772x960, 5465434684.jpg)

no anon it's not strange.

No. 747346

>when someone says they don't deserve you and that you deserve someone way better than them
This is the politer version of "It's not you, it's me." It sets off your bullshit alarm because it's pseudo-compassion that allows the person saying it to feel less guilty and shallow for having caused you pain. They don't have to sit and make themselves uncomfortable by being specific with their reasons, or listening to yours, for why you were a mismatch. It's an umbrella phrase that is meant to wrap up everything wrong in a neat departing package catchphrase so that person doesn't have to deal with you anymore.

Don't waste any more emotional energy on someone this checked out on you.

I was a 90s kid who loved Barney. Around ~6 or 7ish I stopped because other kids made fun of the show. I'd say because it made kids feel infantilized and thought hating it signaled that they were more mature. The show itself was pretty formulaic and boring, it was childish. I got a kick out of other kids (who I thought were 'big' kids at the time) having fun with real dinosaur characters, I loved dinosaurs so I think I just projected that I was one of the kids on the show and that a talking dinosaur loved me and would take me on adventures.

No. 747349

grief is strange. sorry for your loss ♥

No. 747353

How the fuck do I stop being sensitive and dumb? everything makes me wanna kms because I get intrusive thoughts about how stupid I am

No. 747355

I almost did that when my dad died too, but I stopped myself because I knew it was going to become a rabbit hole. I hope you find peace, I'm sorry for your loss.

No. 747366

Should I get an 8in. or a 10in. tablet? I'll mainly use for reading (pfds, epubs, and manga) and movies. My phone is too small.

No. 747371

I prefer small/light tablets so personally I'd pick 8", especially if you're going to be lying around holding it for hours. I got a 10" one recently and find it too big and heavy for everything except watching videos (though admittedly it's a particularly heavy model because it has an inbuilt stand etc). My arms get tired and my fingers aren't long enough to type easily when it's in portrait mode.

The issue is that small tablets tend to be older and shittier models, all the nice new ones are at least 10".

No. 747387

If my stomach growls when I'm stoned am I actually hungry? Or is my mind playing tricks on me?

No. 747404

File: 1614153898813.jpg (149.59 KB, 1080x1073, Dx_YvjhXQAIaAfe.jpg)

H-how do I make my PC wifi compatible?

No. 747408

might just be you swallowed some smoke

No. 747410

Is there a website or book about fashion history where you can see how fashion trends shifted in each year or decade?

No. 747416

there are lots, but you would have to be more specific. European fashion? Also, most fashion books that go into a lot of detail only cover about a century worth (or less) of fashion changes. You could probably find one over all known history, but its not likely to be very detailed and/or made for kids

No. 747419

I made a wordpress blog a few weeks ago and when I searched for it on Google, it's not showing up. Is this because I'm on using the free plan? Or does it take more time for it to show up?

No. 747423

How can I know what went viral if I'm not on social media?

No. 747427

News sites usually report on them on their media watch/minor news timelines.

No. 747433

Idk how exactly wordpress works but you might need to add meta tags and stuff so it actually shows up. Or use something unique or in high demand so people will look it up and maybe click on your blog.

Google has crawlsers and stuff that you can use that help with this. (Unless WP has it already built in)

No. 747434

Why are the nicest people, people who smell/don’t bathe? I feel guilty to even think about their body odor when they’re so fucking nice.

No. 747440

Their niceness comes from the thriving bacteria colonies homesteading in their skin.

No. 747446

I haven't noticed this, but maybe it's because they don't hold themselves to too high standards so they don't judge you harshly/care about what you do too much either?

No. 747447

It might be a health problem though? Like it doesn't matter how often I showered and applied deodorant as a teenager, I still smelled really bad because of hormonal issues

No. 747448

Is it better to let dishes pile up to the evening and then clean them or is it better to clean them as soon as there's more than two dishes in the sink?

No. 747453

Your teenage years must have been rough

No. 747454

Clean them as soon as you can, I feel like it's way less of a burden this way

I usually wash the dishes while I'm cooking

No. 747455

It's better to wash your dishes asap because just washing one plate and a fork barely takes time and depending on where you live if you wait too long accumulated dirty dishes can smell bad and attract insects.

No. 747458

yeah they were

No. 747461

From a lazy pos who lets them pile up: clean them ASAP. There's no worse feeling than having to do a mountain of dirty dishes at the end of the day

No. 747468

I strongly believe in general, that it's better to do quick 5 or 10 minutes chores whenever you notice something needs to be done, than to let chores pile up and spend a longer amount of time at the end of the day or week on it.

No. 747484

File: 1614168726135.jpg (115.51 KB, 940x1316, 03bc62ddf459e85273bfa9f9afcfc1…)

Why are kitten heels hated?

No. 747488

I just think they're ugly. Literally why not just take the heel off and make it a flat. I personally do not like heels that are that short.

No. 747491

File: 1614169751963.jpg (24.03 KB, 600x600, b212c0ead4745e951de78512be0b39…)

Samefag, I should add that only skinny kitten heels are ugly. The chunky/block ones like pic rel are cute imo

No. 747496

They have no business being that stumpy when they often tend to still be so unstable and they usually are attached those dated narrow pump shoes
If I'm going to twist my ankle then I want to feel the benefit of being tall. I would rather wear flats.

No. 747499

Agreed on this, I never understood why people thought kitten heels were ugly until I realized they specifically meant the really thin ones. Small chunky heels are ideal imo, I don't like stilettos of any height.

No. 747501

My friend was obsessed with kitten heels in our early 20s and it always gave me an old lady vibe lol

No. 747511

If your period is quite often 7 (or more) days later than your tracking app predicts.. does that count as having an irregular cycle or is that within a normal range of monthly variation?

No. 747515

That is cute

No. 747528

they're not my style but i think they're cute

No. 747537

You should ask your gynecologist during your next check up because something may be causing it. But generally 0-10 days is normal cycle variation

No. 747574

File: 1614180957677.jpg (194.65 KB, 1238x1794, Screenshot_20210224-103359_Tin…)

Is a man telling you that you look young for your age supposed to be a compliment? Seems like a red flag for a man to say that to me. Idk though lol

No. 747577

Red flag, ditch his ass

No. 747578

I mean whether or not it's a compliment differs from person to person, but a 30 yo man saying that is a red flag to me.

No. 747580

Ghost him, the whole
>I failed though, I guess
Is such a redflag as well, a retard that won’t admit his mistakes this early on can’t be good in the future.

No. 747588

he sounds like a retard

No. 747589

I look stupidly young for my actual age and it gets commented on alot but all the compliments here make it sound like he's usually one to aim 10 years younger so he's making the compliments backhanded to make you feel like you need to meet him and prove your irl hotness to him. How fucking tempting, especially as he's 30 himself and pretty stunted.