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File: 1609984871546.jpg (53.14 KB, 512x288, unnamed (7).jpg)

No. 709543

A thread for everything news related to the current riots. Any and all rioting/protest discussion goes here.

No arguing, no infighting, no baiting. This will be heavily moderated.

This thread can be utilized to post any footage that isn't covered by mainstream media outlets, including Twitter. Fact checking can also be done here, go for it ladies.
>not just limited to burgerland protests
>do not argue, do not infight
>just because you don't agree with something doesn't mean it's bait

No. 709546

I'm watching the capitol speeches rn and hearing a lady senator call trump a "wannabe dictator" made me kek so fucking hard

No. 709549

File: 1609986950055.jpg (18.75 KB, 450x343, pandora_whiskey.jpg)

So this is how people in the 20s/30s felt huh!
Can't say im too excited for the rise of the far right but my country has always been neutral in every conflict since the 1500s, its like you people never fucking learn, it didn't work in the 30s/40s, its not going to work out now.

No. 709552

what country's that anon?

No. 709555

Why are Americans so excited for Pence to invoke the 25th amendment? Has Trump gotten so bad that Pence's politics don't matter anymore?

No. 709556

Trump has already been lashing out against Pence, I think people just like seeing everyone, even the VP, trying to quash him. Plus Pence wouldn't be around for long anyway.

No. 709563

BLM riots and then theres now? Both are as bad in my opinion to be honest. Both Trump and Biden are racist as hell. I like neither. Nothing surprises me anymore

No. 709565

Because “not trump”

People are convinced he’s some sort of mastermind dictator rather than a pandering racist who got lucky

No. 709572

the thing that's going to upset me is that because of today's riot the US gov isn't going to do anything to actually prevent it from happening again and instead try to extend the patriot act to crack down on internet activity and telecommunications even harder than they are now. It's fucking bullshit that the rest of us will suffer while these q-anon fags get slaps on wrists.

No. 709573

Fucking scrotes. Imagine attempting to overthrow the US government not because it’s shitty, oppressive, corrupt and needs major reform by way of a revolution, but because your rich billionaire elitist daddy president didn’t get re-elected, and instead of doing anything productive at all you just walk around with your fucking smartphone live-streaming & taking photos for /pol/ fags for internet clout. Fucking pathetic kek

No. 709584

no, they're not just as bad. blm protestors actually had a reason to protest whereas these braindead cousin fuckers are just sore losers whose final few brain cells, originally spared from their prolonged meth abuse, were fried by qanon. they did do a wonderful job of proving the point that white people can get away with just about anything with few ramifications, though

No. 709591

Like the BLM riots/protests aren’t going to be used as a reason to justify it to the right?

The government doesn’t care about anyone but those that can give them more power and more money. Any decision the government makes will be justified by whatever the group they’re trying to justify it to will buy

No. 709606

Nta but what makes blm protestors just as bad is looting and destroying innocent people's homes and small businesses and too many of them trying to justify it.

No. 709610

looting small business and people's homes isn't nearly as bad as trying to overthrow democracy and invading the fucking capitol, a literal attack on the country vs something covered by insurance.

No. 709612

File: 1609998787204.jpg (47.47 KB, 654x474, sus.jpg)

I got nothing to contribute except that I love this image and whoever brought this to the riot

No. 709615

Um not everyone has the proper insurance to cover such things, financial ruin can destroy someone's life and it resolves nothing but okay I will just say this is my personal opinion.

Anyway, is it really that far fetched to believe the election was possibly rigged? We really have no way of truly knowing and other countries do this so what would make the US immune to such corruption? I think both sides are stupid but its kind of interesting to humor the idea I will admit.

No. 709617

I care more about the people who've had their homes ruined. Put yourself in their shoes.

No. 709619

I don't think its that far-fetched to think an election could be rigged in general, but tapes came out with Trump asking Georgia to find the specific amount of votes he needed to win that state?? And he wouldn't have even won like the election overall he just wanted to lose a little less. Like lmao thats the blatant fucking corruption, but that doesn't bother Trump supporters. (But I guess thats nothing new, "Watergate does not bother me, does your conscience bother you?" type beat)

No. 709622

Trump has already ordered several recounts in many different states, if the election was truly rigged then we would have proof of it by now. Granted, US elections are rigged by default because of the electoral college, but whatever. Someone died at Capitol Hill today, there were two bombs found; windows can be fixed but you can’t bring people back from the dead. This is worse than BLM.

No. 709626

How can we have proof of it though when they can just lie? and wtf, do you not know that multiple people died during the BLM riots?

No. 709627

am i retarded or is that jerma

No. 709628

samefag it is, im just not up to date on jerma memes

No. 709633

I was under the impression that he had a left-leaning fanbase so I'm surprised to see that there.

No. 709651

>m-muh overthrowing of democracy
They barely did anything else but storm the congress building. People calling this "worse than the BLM riots" need to lay off the twitter juice. They're cringe, but at least they didn't fuck up private property owned by regular people who had nothing to do with their gripes.

No. 709653

If BLM had gotten into the building they would have destroyed every statue/painting and tried to burn it down with pathetic molotovs. The Trump rioters are stupid but at least they just broke a few windows/Pelosi's podium.

No. 709655

It wouldn't have ever happened because they would have shot and maced on sight. Don't act like they didn't have the national guard out in June.

No. 709661

File: 1610005841214.png (671.56 KB, 933x701, 878979878.png)

i was losing it when i was met with a 522 error when trying to access lolcow yesterday because i wanted to talk about this riot mess with you guys.

one of my friends lives in germany and is afraid copycat nazis will try the same thing (apparently they attempted this a few months ago) german anons what are your thoughts on this?

also all these bitches look inbred and disgusting.

No. 709664

Of course they would have taken a more serious stance, they had been rioting for literal months and were actually burning down their communities. And they got a plaza in DC named after them for their efforts.
The Trump protests were blips that didn't warrant extreme measures until today when the lid came off and they actually became extreme. And even in that extremism they didn't destroy or vandalize anything except a few windows and Pelosi's stuff.

I don't like Trump shit or the pathetic coup attempt but the media is reporting this in a disturbing way compared to how they reported the months of actual rioting.

No. 709667

I feel so bad for the woman who was killed today. Why did it have to be a woman? Fuck everyone who is laughing at her death

No. 709670

It’s so cruel and ironic to me that she was a veteran who had served tours and she ended up losing her life in the US capitol. Genuinely so sad a life had to be lost in an event that shouldn’t have happened at all, i hate how many people’s final moments get caught on camera these days, I cannot imagine what it’s like for the families of people who’s gory deaths are completely public and widely shared online. Finding out she left her husband and kid at home and flew across the country for a protest just to not come back home is just so, so dismal.

No. 709678

They did the same shit at the Oregon capitol a few weeks ago, nobody takes them seriously because they're white. Plus there's plenty of video evidence of peaceful BLM protestors handing rioters to the cops themselves. It's all messy and unorganized and America is continuing to be clown country.

No. 709679

I don't feel bad for some white supremacist who got shot in the midst of rioting over the election results.

No. 709680

> muh private property
I can't wait until we overthrow capitalism. The blood of the bourgeoisie will flood the streets.

No. 709681

File: 1610009436436.jpg (28.75 KB, 583x378, 1601059907300.jpg)

>they barely did anything but storm the congress building

No. 709682

lol why am i more invested in finding out why ariel pink and john maus were actually at these protests than anything else capitol related

No. 709685


No. 709687

File: 1610013802549.png (578.64 KB, 810x497, unknown-down-side-down.png)

play stupid games, win stupid prizes

watched multiple streams for hours yesterday, chuckled at this weirdo in pic related

No. 709694

I definitely feel like a lot of political shit has been imported from the US. I wanted to link a funny tv-segment about the conspiracy crazies that are profiting in germany, but the auto translated subtitles are near incomprehensible.

Is there hope that the US will come out of this mess with a more democratic political system? Please tell me there is.

No. 709699

Even with a Biden win. I can’t see America ever being equal with race and I can’t see it improving at all. BLM is just a puppet for idiot sjws and globalists to get their own way. Fucking ridiculous.

No. 709701

Eurofag here, could someone TL;DR me on the recent riots? I haven't read the news in a while. Why are people rioting?

No. 709703


Trump supporters flooded the Capitol

Then people are comparing it to the BLM riots and how they weren’t given a slap on the wrist for all the damage they caused

No. 709705

File: 1610021309656.jpeg (122.79 KB, 828x388, D60237AC-9D85-4A3E-BB40-92067D…)

No. 709706

File: 1610021453750.png (162.56 KB, 624x352, 32949349349.png)

some dumb ass imperialist bitch got killed after willingly doing illegal shit that could be categorised as terrorism and i'm supposed to feel bad for her? girl i'm more upset about the women in the middle east she probably helped kill while she was serving.(a-logging)

No. 709707

God America is fucking crazy lol. I'm surprised a country this unhinged is still marching on, I mean how many more meltdowns is it gonna take for it all to come crashing down

Wait are you serious?

No. 709709

nta but I don't think it's healthy to feel happy about someone's death. I see so many people online being total assholes and making jokes about her. Just ignore it and don't feel sad about it. It's disgusting seeing this vile, petty side in humans.

No. 709714

>It's disgusting seeing this vile, petty side in humans.
nta but I'm not sure lolcow is the best place to espouse this sentiment.

No. 709716

America is in hell, lmao, I just hope this stops the era of Americanization of every country through social media though

Just kidding that wont happen

No. 709717

This attitude seems so common these days. It's like each side thinks that the other is intrinsically evil. Kind of makes me wonder if something like the declaration of human rights would even be possible in the current climate, when depending on the person trump voters or social justice warrior deserve to die.

No. 709719

I was always warry about the Patriot act and both parties agreeing with the bill, besides that, Maga loonies and qanon loonies will always look and act insane to me.

No. 709720


Same goes to George Floyd and his drug overdose death. Like it was horrible to see him die on the ground but he was a criminal at the end of the damn day.

I feel no sympathy for BLM rioters either

All of these people trump or BLM are all thugs(a-logging)

No. 709721

>But for Trump fan Tracey Lawrence, at least, the Stop the Steal rally was a big success.
>The Missouri resident sells Trump gear, and the assembled crowd was underdressed for D.C.'s chilly weather. "They didn't have enough gloves and scarves," she says. "Because of that, we did great."

Trumpfags are unbelievably retarded. Imagine showing up to DC in the middle of winter with no hats, gloves, etc. and then blowing your money on ugly, overpriced political merch. I'm sure every street vendor in DC is a massive Trump supporter because they can shill MAGA hats for $30+ each and these morons will gladly buy them.

No. 709722

I think thats Vermin Supreme, or at least someone wearing his signature boot-on-head look. Kinda surprised to see him there, I thought he was a more left leaning libertarian.

No. 709723

i dont understand why people stop becoming human as soon as they do something criminal ? it doesnt make you look that much better

No. 709724

The US should sit down and stew in the shit soup of its own making, it's China's turn now x

No. 709726

You could say the same for the people who lost their jobs, businesses and lives from the GOP’s response to covid-19

No. 709727

I think it's scary that people will find any reason to justify their petty urges be it someone's political or sexual orientation or economical class, or even the way the person was born (race, nationality, sex), ideology… I know that it might be hardwired in humans to seek differences amongst us and form groups around them but at certain point it gets frightening how nothing is sacred. It's as if civilisation is a fragile mirage but deep down we're still these cavepeople making black and white divisions that excuse us from deriving pleasure in someone's misery.

No. 709729

Western power is done if a Western country doesnt stop having its balls gripped by the US and steps up to take the throne of this racially schizophrenic, race terrorist, exporter of mass propaganda machine

No. 709745

What a fucking mess but this is what happens when thousand of ppl larp as the true justice heroes and bringers of light. We're probably going to see more dangerous but smaller acts from now on…

No. 709783

Can you link for a fellow Germanon?

No. 709799

I just really want all Americans to collectively fuck off and sudoku en masse.
Please lord please the day can't come soon enough.

We've got so much imported bullshit thanks to twitter tards, people here have their own problems and are starving thanks to our garbage puppet government but will get doxxed online for not posting about BL fucking M enough despite there not being any black people in our country and despite the US having staged a coup and bombed the shit out of us not long ago.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 709807

One of the ayrt and I agree, it’s just sad to me that people thought this cause was worth dying over in the first place. Like, this isn’t normal, we can’t pretend this is normal, and a child is without a mother cause the mom was radicalized online but had her views supported in mainstream politics. Just thinking about how her (awful, hateful) viewpoints are mainstream enough to be acted on, and how for these people supporting the sitting President is worth committing literal acts of domestic terrorism? It’s just all so fucking bleak

No. 709809

Why do all americans have to die because a lot are retarded online? Fuck off

No. 709814

am*rican detected kek

No. 709815

this shit is so stupidly comical to me. Its all very ghetto. America is very ghetto. I wish I got of here like my sister did. This shit is going to get worse before it gets better. I wouldnt be surprised if something worse happens on inauguration day.

No. 709816

It's not like any of you are bringing anything positive to the table now is it

No. 709817

i also hate that i saw the video of the girl getting shot and then getting wheeled out with no trigger warning. Even if i think she is fully stupid for bum rushing a door of a federal building thats traumatic for the kid and dad cuz there is no way they didnt see that too smh

No. 709818

same anon but this shit makes me mad we live in a free ass country yeah our government is corrupt as shit but its not as corrupt as governments in other countries. At least we get to be retarded in peace. But noooo people who want clout on the internet wanna do dumb shit and spoil it for all of us. I just wanted to live a nice peaceful life. Maybe get a nice home and buy a black cat and live out my days sipping green tea and staring out my window. But no im probably gonna live through a civil war. Im so sad LMAO.

No. 709820


Imagine losing your mom in the meme wars.

No. 709821

Getting real fucking tired of the left/right cults.

No. 709822

>>709821 what leftcult? Some tard winemom literally stormed the capitol building and met Ronald Reagan the sane day

No. 709826

>we live in a free ass country yeah our government is corrupt as shit but its not as corrupt as governments in other countries
imagine saying this mid-nationwide chimpout oh my god

No. 709828

Portland was occupied and cities burned for a year and the politicians didn't do anything except let it get worse. At least a couple protesters were shot this time.

No. 709829

LMAO i know i just missed when we were corrupt in silence. this shit is embarrassing. How has no country taken over america yet. We clearly are stupid LMAO

No. 709831

Uh anon have you not seen how many billions of dollars of our taxes go to military

No. 709833

Lost mom to qanon idiocy of all things. She probably shouldn't have been enough of an idiot to charge through secret service, but it's seriously fucked. She flew across the country and abandoned her husband and kid for the magat cult

No. 709834

I can't believe I might actually see USA implode. God bless.

Anyway guys, if america actually escalted into civil war what do you think would be the real life consequences? Do you think any countries would openly involve itself in it? Or would the rest of the world just watch and let americans eat each other?

No. 709836

It's better to ask why protesters do not consider the people whose livelihoods they destroyed human enough to leave them in peace.

No. 709843

I truly hope everyone watches us and laughs. Its what we deserve. We are assholes that don't deserve nice things. I mean 4,000 people died from covid just yesterday and thats not even a top news story lmao.

No. 709849

People in western countries nowadays are total pussies. There's not gonna be a civil war. At best some altright hicks are going to shoot places and for some reason barricade their bumfuck nowhere houses because they fear the ebul lefties will take their towns no one wants. And even if trumptards started shooting and occupying places en masse most dems wouldn't do anything outside crying on twitter because most don't have guns or think everything can be solved by whining and talking.

No. 709854

How blind are you?
Do you seriously think an invading force takes the appearance of foreign soliders, bombs, guns and violence? It's all theater, no developed country plays this way anymore.
North America is currently being invaded through information and big data surveillance and sharing.
Why do you think TikTok is a thing? Do you think it's all just silly teenagers willfully deciding what they think is popular? Or is it obviously a demoralization vehicle to cripple our youth through extreme body trends and inane and repetitive media?

Why do you think there are large, foreign operated cell/data providers in North America? Just so the average consumer can get a marginally cheaper slave phone?
Open your eyes, America is being invaded daily.

No. 709856

nta and I agree with a few points
but seriously, take your meds anon

No. 709857

I think a civil war is possible. Some part of our population are “pussies” but there’s plenty that are willing to riot on both sides (extreme left, extreme right). I mean take a look at what happened in Seattle’s Free Zone. All those extreme BLM people ended up shooting 2 black teens themselves. There’s plenty of idiots on both sides with guns.

No. 709859

File: 1610037790725.jpg (44.93 KB, 720x720, uptup2qg6uby.jpg)

No. 709860

this made my day can you link me to the crazy conspiracy websites you frequent? I wanna smoke what your smoking.
you guys are on fire today please keep it up. work is so boring

No. 709861

God no, leave us out of this! The thought is eerie (as is, Lizzy)

No. 709862


No. 709863

Anons here are blind AF and dumb from starving themselves. They won't get it until it's too late. They are only aware about gender issues, but other than that, this site is filled with normies who don't question shit.

No. 709867

You're right, but anons will keep calling you schizo and then pretend they don't know what happened when the logical conclusion to all this shit comes knocking.

No. 709868

this is the perfect time for Putin to seize power, soviet union electric boolagoo

No. 709870

I personally don't think there's a big conspiracy, just international corps and other orgs looking for profit and supporting those that suit their lobbies without standing in their way.
It's been known since start that tiktok sells user data and uses it for AI training. Everyone who has access to internet and owns a phone is being data mined. You can try to minimize your digital footprint but who knows to which extent.
Nah. Russia makes a decent military competitor on the world stage but it lacks the economical advantage that China has. China is not quite there yet but is progressing steadily.

No. 709874

i just wanna live in peace in my boring ass country that has no impact on big world politics and wish that usa, china and russia, middle east i guess too could just keep their dick measuring contests to themselves and leave others the fuck alone though these guys have such an impact to the environment and climate that that can never happen

No. 709881

File: 1610040203829.jpeg (117.22 KB, 622x1347, DFB06B51-9275-477C-B350-3E7835…)

No. 709886

I like how qanon'ers think capitalizing words somehow makes what they're saying more important when it only tends to reflect what new age boomer retards they are

anyway I do not look forward to the idea of more "protests" from these maggots

No. 709894

I think it's only fair that they larp all over DC considering we are utter bastards as a nation.

No. 709913

I can’t believe only one person was shot yesterday. Kind of disappointed

No. 709922

File: 1610045443052.jpg (1.23 MB, 5568x3712, 1609969277984.jpg)

No civil war but "lone wolf" terrorism is going to be on the rise in the USA. We have massive economic disruption, sitting elected officials peddling the idea that the opposition is determined to undermine democracy, and media polarization supercharging the divide. Sounds like the ingredients necessary for periods of strife, just now we're experiencing it with the tools of the 21st century.

Sadly, all the 'we're better than this' rhetoric I see seems to indicate that people think yesterday was just a bad day and not a clear display of the core issues present.

No. 709924

Is it cow tipping to send this screenshot to the FBI?

(Jk don’t ban me plz)

No. 709936

This was only corrupt in silence if you are blind. America has always been corrupt, always will be. They've been destabilizing countries and killing their own people for years.

No. 709939

>numbers no standing army can match
The fucking larpers. They're so fucking deluded and they don't even know it.

No. 709940

MAGAs don't want the electoral votes to be counted which would officially make Biden the next president.

Surreal and depressing how a few shitposts on 8chan spiralled into this giant global mess. Is there any research on how niche internet communities end up into the mainstream?

No. 709941

They're not wrong. Pay more attention to China, Russia and what they've been doing to India and Syria.

No. 709947

i just im trying to understand why people love trump so much? Like i get that he says what the loonies have been thinking but to Martyr yourself for this cheeto? Is it crack!? Someone please explain to me how he this one person has achieved God like status to these people that they would risk jail time to do this?

No. 709948

File: 1610049184292.png (860.52 KB, 798x1042, jnkvsj1.png)

And now they've started the racial attacks. Like cowards, they attack innocent passer-bys, specifically women. Two black women have been physically attacked by the mob so far. One of them had racial slurs hurled at her.
I don't even know what to say. These people are animals, and fuck you if you support them.

No. 709950

File: 1610049267647.png (539.73 KB, 812x1098, gonlsv.png)

Samefagging with a screencap of the post about the other woman.

No. 709955

Im not even in DC or LA, but this honestly makes me a little scared to go outside.

No. 709957

i feel like crying what the fuck

No. 709959

im literally disgusted. the fact that they go after black women because they know nothing will truly be done disgusts me. My heart goes out to these women and the one's boyfriend. Like a bunch of ugly piece of shit small dick having troglodyte men attacking a whole woman. I want to fight.

No. 709967

And the cop behind the photographer did nothing. Typical.

No. 709970

Such super heroes, the worst part is that they’re surely proud of what they did, they don’t give a fuck about hurting others as long as they can wreck shit and drink beers while eating burgers.

No. 709976

i recall trump's whole demographic he was behind was the poor white trailer trash in the south. trump promised financial prosperity by giving aid and expanding the american labor force and having more american products being created. (since the poor people in the south couldnt afford college to get properly educated and a good job). But he did nothing to really help them, and the poor white people keep on feeding into his lies. It's just as sad as black people believing Obama was on their side when in reality he was bombing the shit out of Africa (refugee crisis) and gassing brown kids in camps (ICE).
saged for retardation, politics and social issues are the only thing i think im good at.

No. 709978

She probably started the fight. There would be a lot more cases of them randomly attacking Black women, if their main goal was to harm black women

No. 709980

Scrote alert

No. 709981

If she did, there would be photos. Any injured Trump supporters in any of those pics? Any sign of a scuffle? No? Then fuck off with your disgusting tinfoil, especially if you're one of the people who was feeling remorse for Ashli Babbitt's death.

No. 709984

There are videos of people getting violent just because someone is holding a trump sign. If the sight of Trump supporters make you that angry that’s your problem

No. 709985

Plenty of black and Latin people voted for trump(not a politics thread)

No. 709988

Nice non-sequitur. Where is the proof of this woman attacking those huge, burly inbred scrotes? Or is like, victim-blaming women whenever men assault them just a hobby for you?

No. 709999

they literally took her wig off, held her down and maced her. In what way is that okay???

No. 710001

he was a result of the idiosyncratic american presidential election system. republican primaries award the majority of delegates to whoever finishes in 1st regardless of vote share in many states and the electoral college is literally a slave-era compromise that is now used to select an executive that has far more power than the founders ever imagined.
polarization between parties has been increasing for decades so once he got in the office of president, anyone in his party who took issue with his brand of politics found themselves subject to a primary challenge, retired to avoid electoral defeat, or simply let his actions slide all the while qanon festered online. won't be a civil war but anyone who thinks this just goes away when blue team takes over later this month is kidding themselves

No. 710007

No. 710044

He's not gonna fuck you. Let it go already.

No. 710052

File: 1610064392855.jpg (97.08 KB, 1200x675, da_hulk.jpg)

>>709815 i have been thinking about the same thing when it comes to inauguration day! i'm sure trump will tweet some cryptic shit and wake up maga sleeper cells. i would hate for anything to happen, especially to biden (idk he's seems so old and helpless? i'm not trying to coddle him, but his wife had to protect him from a fucking vegan). these hardcore trump supporters are so unpredictable because they act completely unhinged, have nothing to lose and are probably on meth.

No. 710056

Does anyone think it's messed up that the only person shot and killed by police during the Capitol breach was a small looking woman? Obviously she did have it coming and was a Q-tard, but why not also shoot the men wearing actual horns and carrying firearms, breaking into Pelosi's office? They seem far more dangerous and much more of a threat. Why only a woman that was climbing on a door? I get not everything is a gender issue but this rubbed me the wrong way.
Some people only come here to update themselves on drama and don't care for the pettiness.

No. 710057

Can't believe that there's Republicans who think BLM's protests were just as bad as their actions have been. I don't think I'm misremembering but I don't recall actual BLM protestors terrorizing and beating the fuck out of a random white person walking in the street minding their own business.

No. 710060

File: 1610065205246.jpg (306.63 KB, 1286x857, ErFRe3PXUAMZdQ0.jpg)

Nah you're right, I still don't understand how she got shot climbing in while there were people relaxing inside the Capitol taking pictures at Pelosi's desk who aren't dead afaik.

No. 710062

Maybe they're in on it and small blonde white woman in the martyr to really get the tards riled up?
Sorry I'll see myself to the conspiracy thread

No. 710063

Who were the other three "medical emergency" deaths and were the emergencies deathfat or meth related?

No. 710064

I was thinking that too. Pretty white woman gets shot and they have an excuse to chimp out even more.

Plus there was that lady crying on film "They pushed me down and maced me".

No. 710065

Hilariously, one was a heart attack after a flashbank and the other dumbass tazed his own face like a retard.
Unsure about the third one.

No. 710066


No. 710068

they were apparently trying to shoot someone else who was armed and pointing a gun at them and she wouldn't move. idk how true that actually is though

I know at least one person had a heart attack and someone else fell off a scaffolding and was in critical condition, idk if he died

No. 710074

>girl i'm more upset about the women in the middle east she probably helped kill while she was serving.
Wonder how many people saying this voted for a candidate that was in favor of war.

No. 710075

This exactly. I think the only person that got hurt was the white lady in the wheelchair, but she was attacking protestors so that's just what she got. The anons and people who were saying BLM is worse because of looting look real stupid now.

No. 710077

God, you people try to defend criminals for the dumbest reasons.

No. 710085

File: 1610069522700.jpg (199.15 KB, 1000x633, 1000x-1.jpg)

I find it weird that at the last major rightwing event in Charlottesville 2017 the only violent death was a woman as well. Wonder if the female MAGAs notice this pattern.

No. 710087

>Granted, US elections are rigged by default because of the electoral college,
We have a hybrid system between a republic and a democracy even though a lot of people throw around the word democracy. Specifically so the densely populated states of the country don't have disproportionately more influence than smaller states. California being winner-take-all is bullshit as it is.

It's even more bullshit, for example, that corporate personhood already gives corporations disproportionately more influence than living breathing people. We need an utter reform to our voting system. Even if Trump legitimately lost the whole process was garbage.

Don't call storming the capitol "overthrowing democracy" lmfao.

No. 710088

>Obviously she did have it coming
I find this wording extremely hilarious.

No. 710089

File: 1610069992276.png (530.87 KB, 656x580, deaths.png)

Samefag but I've just noticed it's 2 women who have died violent deaths (shot and trampled) while the men died from other effects in hospital. Women keep getting attacked and dying violently in this bullshit >>709948.

No. 710092

>Woman trampled to death by her own side
I don't wish trampling on even my worst enemy holy shit there were so many big men there why didn't one pick her up? Even so it's weird the quote from her family was
>Anyone who knew her knows how compassionate she was
I know they're grieving and she died in a horrible way but they could have picked something else for a woman that died for Trump

No. 710093

I understand what you mean but let's make it clear that Heather Heyer was not a conservative. From what I can see, your point is that Republican women are taking the fall for the actions of Republican men? I've also noticed how interviewers select white women to be interviewed instead of men. Maybe it's because they're legitimately terrified of the potential aggression that a Republican man might have, but it definitely skews everyone's idea of who is actually leading this movement. Don't forget the news that "more white women voted for Trump this time around" even though though white men were still Trump's majority. And that there was definitely the question of age among other factors when you consider how many white libfems there are. When you really think about it, it's like white men are purposefully sacrificing their women so that they yet again don't have to be held accountable at all. Shocker.

No. 710095

Not from the US, I don't believe a civil war will happen but no other country is going to step in. Everyone is waiting for the US to lose its power

No. 710096

republicans don't give a shit about anyone but themselves

No. 710099

I hope he stole some hard-drives while he was there.


No. 710103

This is what I've been thinking too lol. I know everyone there are idiots, but I hope someone had the sense to steal some files or harddrives or something. If they did someone would already posted it by now though, and anything important probably is kept somewhere more secret sigh

No. 710124

Are you assuming they actually stole anything and didn't just take selfies and leave? Honestly I'd not sure I'd clock most magatards let alone scrote magatards as being smart enough in this display of barbarism to think about stealing files. And I doubt the files are that easily accessible. Then again, I've been wrong before

No. 710129

>Are you assuming they actually stole anything and didn't just take selfies and leave
No? I basically just said all of this in my post lol. I think they probably took something small as like a "trophy", but idk if they took anything serious.

No. 710130

I feel that it was a breaking into a wrong room at the wrong time situation, form what I'm hearing she was opening a door that was already heavily guarded. I just hope that she gets dishonorably discharged and buried without her valor to really punctuate the fact that they shouldn't make a martyr our of her since she committed treason for a country she took an oath to protect.

they probably don't since most of them are TRAD-wifes and pick-me's that let their racism and dick worship blind them to women's issues.

they stole furniture pieces, but it seems that's about it. People are theorizing that they originally gone in to ether steal the electoral votes or destroy them. But you're right, all of politicians are are bunch of autoerotic assholes but I imagine they have decent servers and security for these kinds of things.

No. 710133

if you think anyone keeps anything incriminating on their government owned computers and congressional email accounts you're just as stupid as trumpers lmao. what do you think would be on nancy pelosi's office computer? her plans to assassinate alexandria ocasio cortez?

No. 710145

File: 1610077666159.png (145.54 KB, 276x196, d6UAae9.png)

Don't get my hopes up, anon!

No. 710147

do you just report anyone who replies to you with anything but unequivocal agreement as infighting?

No. 710149

File: 1610078388586.jpeg (69.41 KB, 1280x557, 1B468C2A-D2FD-4A85-931C-B055E2…)

Tryst the plan u gaiz! TRUST IT!!!!

No. 710152

Wtf, how would you know what people have reported? Unless you're a mod, and I don't think mods can even know specifically who reports. You sound crazy
Cope. Poor Trumptards.

No. 710153

File: 1610078587379.jpg (109.15 KB, 1024x512, 1610078126070m.jpg)

Why are boomers like this?

No. 710160

this, honestly. and nothing will happen with civil war. cops will just kill their own until there aren't enough left to fight for it.

No. 710187

I think schizophrenia is what makes anybody like this.

No. 710189

They probably watched Hollywood tier numerology for half of their lives and paid too much attention to the kind of people who correlate random Bible passage numbers to dates when the world is going to end.

No. 710193

maybe it's their first close encounters with internet conspiracies and as a result everything is "woah this is deep" . they've yet to develop critical thinking toward it I guess. Reminds me of old people being easily scared by spam calls

No. 710203

File: 1610089503376.png (2.13 MB, 1687x2048, D5C2292C-2BE5-4612-BBA1-22EDFC…)


No. 710204

because they are shit

No. 710205

for the biggest covid scare?

No. 710206

File: 1610089891514.jpeg (59.76 KB, 758x499, 46AA4AB1-0FFE-40D7-876B-BC5C1E…)

Found on kiwi

No. 710207

Literal autism

No. 710210

>spend years and waste money, time trying to prove Trump’s win was RIGGED by Russia

2021: “omg how could anyone believe for a moment the election was rigged???? and they want to investigate it??!???????

If you can be anything in this world, dont be a neo lefty retard. Hypocritical and childish af(not a politics thread)

No. 710212

File: 1610092262320.jpeg (102.13 KB, 640x625, D8B585DC-A7D6-4896-88E8-B1C32F…)

“We live in a society!”

No. 710213

File: 1610092339308.jpg (61.35 KB, 500x770, 3p2gu3.jpg)

This is what happens when you have three generations of morons raised only on entertainment. Low I.Q. scrotes have been emboldened past the point of no return, 4chan ISIS is just around the corner. Fuck every single person who fell for Trump LARPing as the Godfather for four years. Grandma take me home.

No. 710222

>>709707 yeah it's been all over my newsfeed today, people gave them the benefit of the doubt and thought they were just there for a documentary but then ariel's weird ass came out and said they were there in support??? idk he's always been generally insufferable to me but i really like john maus a lot so it sucks to be finding all this out

No. 710224


Wow that's interesting. Honestly I'm not that surprised because Ariel has always been a guy to say and do wild shit for attention and just to offend people, see how far he can go. Still love his music but he's always been known for being an asshole, that's his reputation. Didn't know that about John Maus on the other hand..

No. 710226

kek anons sage for major ot but not knowing who that is I thought, "maus??? the guy who created maus? i thought he was jewish?" time to leave

No. 710252


They were right when they said watching TV all day makes you retarded

No. 710298

>destroying the livelihood and life work of regular lower and middle class people is better than destroying a bulding that is the symbol of corruption, capitalism and oppression, used exclusively by rich fucks who can pay for all damages with their pocket change.

No. 710312

Ntayrt, but that’s clearly not what was implied and this is a dumb false equivalence. It’s not about the value of the property or any damages, it’s the fact they literally stormed the center of the legislative branch of government in order to undermine an election bc their feefees got hurt. It’s a direct attack on democracy.

No. 710352

So now Trump is saying he doesnt agree with the capitol storming….yet he obviously instigated them. He knows full well that these people will do anything for him and now he washes his hands clean.
So Trump gets away with everything and these (dumb) people go to jail.

I absolutely don't approve of these people's actions but Trump should also be held responsible.

No. 710362

Why not?

No. 710373

Lmao “white suprematists” peep the black guy smiling in the background

No. 710374

Idk “white supremacists” (trumptards) seem to hang around with black ppl a lot these days, like Kanye and Candace

No. 710375


Those idiots thought they were going to get pardons. Ever get the feeling you've been cheated? kek

No. 710387

File: 1610120415684.jpg (102.54 KB, 828x1358, ErIy3sCW8AMhZ0g.jpg)

it was actually revealed that that lady never got maced she had a damn onion in her hand and was rubbing her eye LMAO.

No. 710390

Im not saying they should get pardoned but Trump should get his comeuppance too.

No. 710391

I believe it was debunked and people were saying onions help with burning from tear gas

No. 710394

thanks for clarifying anon but damn i wish she was just rubbing her to make her cry that wouldve been funnier.

No. 710398

File: 1610121373220.jpg (Spoiler Image, 5.97 KB, 251x201, index.jpg)

its for that sweet token effect. (i am not trying to racebait please dont ban me mods) but there is always gonna be a black person that joins these groups because they think they are better and smarter than other black people. Think of it like "im not like those other girls" but in regards to your race. Like that black girl on dr. phil LMAO.

No. 710401

Why would they just have onions on hand though, instead of like bottled water. Also, are tear gas and mace the same thing?

Some pages on google says that onions don't (or that it's undetermined if they do) help tear gas irritation.

No. 710404

Nah you’re just a shizo that can’t admit there are shitty ppl in all races. There’s tons of black and poc trump supporters(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 710406

Nta, but that's literally what they said. The pickmes are shitty people.

No. 710411

what? not trying to argue but im just pointing out to not be shocked or surprised if you see more minorities in white supremacist circles BECAUSE there are shitty people in every race with bad intentions who think they are superior to their own race and of course others. in the black community its why we say "all skin folk aint kin folk" meaning just because someone looks like you doesnt mean they automatically align with your views and are for you. anyway thanks for understanding anon >>710406 (please dont ban me mods im trying to just get more people to not be shocked or surprised when this keeps happening cuz it will)

No. 710412

alt righters co-oping joker will never not be funny when joker completely contradicts their mindset

No. 710418

File: 1610122768256.png (26.54 KB, 744x195, Capture.PNG)

did you guys see trumps latest tweet? is this a dog whistle? is he losing it!? or am i losing it!? find out next week on dbz!

No. 710425

same anon but im scared i feel like this isnt going to end for a long long time even when he is out of office. this is starting to actively freak me out. why cant we all just stay inside and do tik toks?

No. 710431

Yes, there are white supremacists who like to have a token self-hating non-white person hang out with them specifically so they can use them as a "gotcha". This is why he didn't intervene when his friends called that woman a "nigger bitch". Are you new to how this all works, anon?

No. 710435

doesn't look like him, he's a bit younger, has a bigger beard and doesn't wear glasses, he's quite the memer but seems too sane to get in the middle of all that alone

No. 710456

Tiktok would ban most of those people

No. 710463

You and I are on the exact same wavelength, I thought the same thing kek

No. 710493

This stuff has been going on so long I feel like I'm starting to get desensitized to political people being loud, threatening and attacking each other to the point I don't even feel bad when they kill each other, I almost want to say good riddance. This latest one should be really shocking, the highest offices of government being raided and emotionally it feels like nothing at this point.

I live in a small town and real life people just aren't like that. Real people are calm, they have non-threatening conversations about their opinions without raising their voice or a weapon, they go to work to make their own and their families' lives better and they just want to have a good time on the weekends and enjoy living. Any footage of riots is so far from anything good about the human species, it's almost hard to imagine they are real people. Or reading about the fatalities of people dying in the violence, it's kind of like watching someone feed a frozen rat to a pet snake. You just can't relate to the frozen rat or put yourself in it's shoes so it doesn't feel bad. Is it bad to feel this way?

No. 710508

Democracy isn't real, politics aren't real, its all a game. Lol this direct attack on democracy is a show as well. Its all a joke to make the 1% even more powerful. Blm is literally a corp stunt to ruin small businesses and pit people against eachother instead of the system that keeps them down. Oh yes, making a monopoly for gigacorps is better than storming a building. Blm protests is honestly a worse attack on democracy, its literally people ruining their freedom and community because gigacorp that wants to oppress them tells them its woke to ruin their competition.

Peoples livelihood is real and human beings are worth more than institutions.

No. 710538

i get what you mean, but these people /are/ real life people. your next door neighbor could secretly be a violent white supremacist and you wouldn't even know if they never get caught. your old classmate from middle school could have been shot in the eye with a rubber bullet while peacefully protesting. seeing things secondhand/through the news makes it easy to mentally separate "those people" from "real people", but they're all people.

that being said… i don't think it's bad to be desensitized to political unrest. i don't think things are "getting worse", i think that things have always been like this and will continue to be like this. violence is a part of humanity, because it's a part of nature. not trying to say it's totally cool and natural to be violent, but many people will fight for causes they believe in. it's history, it's life.

are you smoking crack? BLM isn't a corporate stunt, it's a social movement that corporations latched onto because they saw it as a great way to seem woke without actually doing anything (like saying "we support BLM" while still underpaying workers of color). if anything, there has been a big push to support black-owned small businesses. so no idea what the fuck you mean by "ruining competition" or "ruining their freedom and community". i'd say the national guard enforced curfews and cops using war-crime-grade weapons against civilians has done more to ruin freedom and community.

No. 710594

That's kind of my point. People don't usually live in places where the rest of the community hates them or they hate it. If my neighbor was like that, he would have to travel and look for the people he hates and who hate him. Those kind of people need and deserve each other.

The one thing that all the people getting hurt have in common is that instead of trying to build something, they're choosing to go out and yell at other people, break things, set fires, act aggressive, brandish weapons and even act on on their aggressions. Their mouths might move and they might produce words that sound something like this: "I'm doing the right thing", but all I see is their behavior and I can't relate to it. You're not planting a crop, you're not building a house, almost every person there is motivated by hate and "destroying something" only. They're all only outside for one reason and it's because they want whoever they don't like to suffer.

No. 710603

File: 1610134216620.jpg (105.94 KB, 1024x720, BJX2IEBCIAM-4P-.jpg_large.jpg)

Imagine being such a retard you think Donald Trump wants to protect you from corporations. Jesus Christ.

No. 710605

Americans are Low IQ and see the world in disney. The 21st century has been nothing but inversions and a lack of commonsense with socially retarded and idiotic values being celebrated

No. 710616

File: 1610135565508.jpg (99.38 KB, 526x684, 135797473_10158442815493591_56…)

They really thought they did something big and important there

No. 710620

its the way that i almost hollered at work. i've gone back on 4chan just to see what their take on this is and i am shocked to find that almost everyone no matter political affiliation thinks these people are stupid as fuck and are laughing at them and not with them. It kinda brightened my day a little.

No. 710731

4chan isn't the best litmus test imo. Lots of shilling, and lots of autists who are just there to shitpost.

No. 710750

If you're referring to the video on his twitter account it is pretty clear posting a real concession was the only way he was going to get unlocked. Or Pence told him the cabinet was going to invoke the 25th amendment
Either way I think the American experiment in democracy is on the decline and past the point of no return. Get your bread and stay safe

No. 710772

No. 710796

File: 1610153061406.jpg (471.99 KB, 1080x2007, topkek.jpg)

Trump posted his concession and still got permabanned from twitter kek

No. 710799

File: 1610153471454.jpg (34.33 KB, 828x649, trump.jpg)


No. 710801


No. 710803

Switzerland, of course.

No. 710805

Im surprised Alex Jones wasn't there considering he's a maniacal fat man

No. 710806

People are usually idiots. They prefer to leave their sorrows in the hands of any "messiah" who promises them peace and stability, even if this "messiah" is the same trash as the "enemies" he denounces. I'm sorry for the poetic tone, but that's how I feel about all this.

No. 710813

It was too retarded even for him

No. 710815

File: 1610155415868.jpg (85.1 KB, 1200x1200, 2699.jpg)

What's next for him? Jail?

No. 710820

i'm so jealous of you, you have no idea

No. 710825

He's going to drone bomb Jack for this kek

No. 710826

I sure hope so, maybe divorce first.

No. 710830

Death of old age

No. 710832

Is it just me or does anyone else think it's incredible how little we hear about Melania

No. 710836

Same, I haven't heard of her since there was that thing of her having a stunt double to play her during appearances and those leaked calls she made where she basically said "Fuck Christmas". She really doesn't do shit. She could at least do some charity work or something

No. 710847

Any further punishment would only cause more radicalization. Though the powers that be don't seem to mind this.

No. 710874

All this shit happening is fucking hilarious and entertaining. It was bound to happen. This government is so corrupt and even though a good chunk of the people who did stormed the capital are fucking bonkers, even more corruption is being unfolded; such as politicians and CIA officials declaring if any other group even tried this they'd be killed faster than anything else and how all the furniture destroyed in the Capitol was built by prison slaves.

I have a couple friends who are being extra with everything going on, basically calling for a police state and I am just in awe how a few months ago these same people were so anti government. Government is not your friend, they're not even obligated to protect you, only protect the law. And the tards were only going after public officials, not civil servants, so everyone's safety is fine.

I'm just gonna sit back and enjoy the show. I'm not even located near D.C. so I am comfortable watching things unfold.

No. 710878

File: 1610163652693.jpg (94.21 KB, 742x791, trump.JPG)

These were instantly deleted. Any opinions on what "our own platform" would look like?

No. 710880

File: 1610163796838.jpg (34.84 KB, 1920x1080, commutwit.jpg)

Samefag >>710878 - The now suspended @TeamTrump account also tweeted this.

No. 710882

Hoes mad(?)

No. 710887

Shoulda did this the day he became president lmao. Would have saved us a lot of headache

No. 710888



No. 710889

>such as politicians and CIA officials declaring if any other group even tried this they'd be killed faster than anything else

Where is this being said by CIA officials? Not infighting, genuinely curious. I've been saying it myself because it's fucking obvious. If any group besides his personal chimp army tried this shit and even came close, their guts would be sprayed all over the lawn. But daddy let his special boys have fun inside the government building, cause they're very special and he loves them very much.

No. 710891

Dems and other politicians fear he has secret nuclear codes and other shit he was entrusted with.


I’m not on either side, I just wanna see the word burn. :)(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 710894

Watching the president of the United States spend his Friday night trying to evade a Twitter ban has been both highly amusing and kinda scary.

No. 710896

No. 710898


shit. is this /b/ 2006?

No. 710912

You must be 18+ to use this website.

No. 710926

https://twitter.com/CBSNews/status/1347197662353903616?s=19 here's a tweet quoting a former CIA director
>daddy let his special boys have fun inside the government building, cause they're very special
Here is the thing, this is just showing off who the law actually applies for. These public officials create laws to control the minority. We should be able to act like the chimp army. If police are not doing anything, then wonder why they have no issue doing it to other groups. We should be fighting against this corruption as well. Like I said, the Trumptards had a dumbass reason to go and declare the government the enemy, but the government is our enemy as well. I'm glad politicians were cowering, they got them at a weak point. I hope more of of them resign after realizing even the guys they try to keep on "their side" are fed up with them and want them gone as well.

No. 710944

Admittedly I'm not following the events in the US closely, but the apparent lack of digital security surprised me more than anything. Wtf USA

No. 710974

File: 1610194619936.jpeg (71.14 KB, 540x960, 2BE6F547-9A41-4A4E-824C-BF1CF6…)

Still can’t get over this. Dying for the host of Celebrity Apprentice only to be denounced postmortem by his cultists as an antifa infiltrator.

No. 710978

do you not know why the BLM movement started? Did you forget about police brutality and excessive fatal force that lead to the protest? People were protesting because they were being murdered without just cause. the protests were massive and national and the MAJORITY of the protests were peaceful. Much of the violent ones were instigated by the police they were protesting. There was even footage of police officers instigating by destroying property, including their own police cars.

I legitimately don’t understand why you’re ignoring the needless loss of actual lives by making it out to be some corporate scheme. So many people lost their brothers, sisters, partners, sons, mothers, fathers and friends and they’re never getting them back. I do not understand how thats always ignored when people bring up the BLM movement.

And what makes you think they’re NOT working on their own communities? You just sat on facebook, watched a few fires burn and decided that they’re just all savages? Maybe if you actually looked into the movement your criticizing you’d see some of the organizations and micro i vents within the community focused on the very things you seem to think aren’t taking place. People were protesting because they WERENT being listened to. People didn’t like seeing people take a knee during the pledge either, but at least the protests got a few laws passed

No. 711015

File: 1610204430599.png (125.97 KB, 462x372, 159209825182.png)

As always, idiots finds scapegoats to justify the obvious guilt of his god or something.

No. 711080

Is this even true???!

No. 711093

More white women did vote for trump in 2020. It's time to acknowledge it, not argue or deny it. They're not victims of republican men they just straight up align with them. White women don't understand that womanhood extends beyond their whiteness and time and time again have aligned with their race over the rights of other women. Do you think the Kelly C.s and Lauren Southerns of the movement are poor frail innocent victims too? What about the Melanias who bitch about decorating for Christmas over kids being held in cages?

No. 711173


Thought that Parler might be the one to pick up Trump since it touts itself as being a free speech social network and it already has a rightwing base of users, but I just saw in the news that both Apple and Google pulled the app from their stores.

No. 711179

So much this. I don’t know why there’s so many anons who want to bat for white women

No. 711183

African Americans are treated badly in the US. I'm not American and even I can see that. The issue with BLM is that it's become a violent movement that has corporate funding and is allied with antifa. These corporations don't give a fuck about black people and never will. If they actually cared they would use their political power to improve the lives of black people and they don't. They virtual signal on twitter because it gets white liberals to open their wallets. Antifa is the same. Middle class, college educated white people that throw bricks at cops knowing full well that black protesters are going to take the blame. I saw plenty of videos of them being told to fuck off but in most cases it was allowed to happen. Where's antifa now? Back home with mommy and daddy's money in the suburbs while African Americans are left trying to rebuild their wrecked neighbourhoods.

What needs to happen is systemic change in America that involves the proper funding of schools and reform of the police among other policies. BLM is never going to achieve that because it was never intended to.

No. 711213


Maybe he can make a tiktok.

No. 711219

Dave Mustaine is currently rewriting his song-lyrics about as we speak.

No. 711222

"allied with antifa" come one, antifa isn't an organization, it never was, its just what leftist young people who actively go out to protests and (try to) beat up right wingers call themselves, most anarchist/communist/overall leftie groups, like punk collectives and shit, call themselves antifa because its a statement on what they are all about BUT they are still a regional run-of-the-mill leftie collective, there's not big antifa head organization.

I can never take people who act like antifa is an actual organization (like the proud boys) seriously, it just shows that they didn't do any search at all.

No. 711224

Was just about to say how only dumbasses and boomers fall for the antifa is a organized cell!!! Bullshit.

No. 711228

NTA, but isn't it weird how antifa pops up primarily during election cycles, and is otherwise quiet? Why aren't/weren't they around to beat back the MAGA rioters?
Also, speaking on BLM, why don't they focus primarily on obviously unjustified cases of police brutality/killings like Aiyana Jones, Elijah McClain or Darrien Hunt? It's always these weirdly ambiguous cases where the victim is a man with a criminal record, who was in a physical fight with police officers, etc. It's almost like they purposely pick cases they know will worsen division, agitate and cause endless debates. I don't know how much of it is on purpose, but they almost portray African-American people as criminals who can't help breaking the law. It disturbs me a lot.

No. 711249

Anti-fa is not a thing. It's just a name given to a bunch of people rioting and breaking shit while people are actually trying to protest for civil rights.

No. 711251

Antifa turned up in massive numbers during the BLM riots. All of them wearing black with covered faces and antifa insignia. What you are suggesting that antifa is just a loosely associated group of crust punks and vegans is not representative of the current reality. They openly organised online and used coordinated tactics to inflame tensions and cause as much chaos as possible.

>police kill a black person is suspicious circumstances

>peaceful BLM protest
>antifa show up and it becomes a riot
>the mainstream media arrive and start broadcasting the rioting and looting done by "BLM"
>this then gets used by the right to justify police brutality against black people
>virtual signalling, donations that seem to disappear and nothing changes politically
>repeat for the next election cycle

How many times does it have to happen before you realise that you're being used?

No. 711252

antifa was around before during and after the charottesville incident a few years back and that was after Trump had won the election. people who identify as antifa pops up whenever the alt righters start shit, or some extremist act happens, basically. but antifa isn't really a collective thing, it's a bunch of small groups and individuals.

No. 711270

Me and my family think either jail, going into hiding or just fleeing the country now that presidential immunity wont keep him safe forever

No. 711351

But these people search for groups that align with their ideologies. If you're online in groups, befriending others, making memes and videos, adding facebook like pages, and discord servers dedicated to how anti-fascist you are, there's definitely some sort of centralization, along with the fact there is an antifa symbol. There are prerequisites of ideologies you agree with when you compare to others who also don the "logo" of antifa.
NTA, but just the name of the ideology is too powerful at this point to start to dismiss and second guess people's actions, same with the name black lives matter. groups are prone to become corrupt the larger they become.
if a group called "I hate pedophiles" ended up being overrun by literal pedophiles, despite the fact there are smaller clusters of people who actually do hate pedophiles within the group, but are less active IRL, people would shun you for criticizing the pedophiles in the group and say you hate children and want them to be abused, so criticizing anything is bad.

No. 711376

File: 1610255352523.jpeg (72.63 KB, 680x363, IMG_6411.jpeg)

trump is banned from pinterest. we did it.

No. 711381

No. 711383

What kind of pins do you think trump had on his Pinterest?

No. 711384

That still leaves Tumblr and Deviantart. I wonder what fetishes he will pick up?

No. 711393

I know the spotify Ban is for if he ever wants to guest star in or start a podcast but the implication that they don't want him listening to music is pretty funny.

White woman buying wonder bread of course.

No. 711449

This reminds me of how the director of the Proud Boys told about how a bunch of places would email him he was suspended from ever using their platform. He mentioned there was a bank, who he never signed up with, saying they disabled his account.
Trump can't make moodboards, how sad.
Also, how are his family members handling this? Melania? I haven't heard shit from her, she's probably giving a sigh of relief lmao.

No. 711464

melanie most likely isn't relieved that twitter isn't there distracting her stupid husband from bothering her anymore

No. 711496

She can divorce rape him now kek

No. 711507

Tumblr is so dead that they do not even bother to ban him there lmao

he still has soundcloud, pornhub, onlyfans, myspace, last.fm and yahoo left lol

No. 711548

I don't get it, do they restrict/ban content associated with Trump or do they outright ban Trump's account? As funny as it is, sounds stupid and will only further push his chimp army

No. 711563

giving him less platforms to chimp out on is for the best. He's a wannabe dictator and giving a voice for someone that stupid is dangerous, as history has shown us

No. 711646

File: 1610307957513.png (486.85 KB, 720x615, Screenshot_20210110-073502.png)

So apprently this is the guy in the shamen get up, he's an attorney for Christs sake and married with a child
He looks so Normal and well put together

No. 711651


That’s not the furs and horns moron it’s the leader of the Hawaii chapter of the Proud Boys, Nick Ochs.

No. 711653

File: 1610309574520.png (17.01 KB, 566x149, image.png)

It was just announced that a capitol cop sudoku'd following the riot, technically bringing the total body count to 6.
Qanon has ruined so many lives at this point. I wonder if his wife drank the koolaid too.

No. 711661

>proud boys nazifag
>married to black woman with biracial child

that poor child growing up, kids going to have so much internalized self hatred. the guys abusing his wife already for all anyone knows

No. 711715


I’ve noticed a surprising number of far right “America First” dudes are dating or married to WoC or foreign women. I don’t know how they put up with these mentally challenged scrotes.

No. 711727

There's a woman on tiktok I saw who's dating a super redneck guy and they're already married after knowing each other for less than a year. She's straight from Nigeria. It's either the women of color are not American born or half white.

No. 711753

Reminder the host of the alt-right podcast "The Daily Shoah" was doxxed and it turned out his wife was jewish lul.

No. 711868

I mean racist white guys dating east Asian women is a meme at this point, however its rare to see this behavior for someone married to a black woman

No. 711870

>its rare to see this behavior for someone married to a black woman
You'd be surprised lmao. Idk what race you are, but I feel like we see this stuff all the time

No. 711871


White americans don't realize how racist PoC can get lol, they have been brainwashed by Twitter and Tumblr thinking we are innocent when mostly of non-white people are huge bigots, esp men of color

No. 711872

White male and black female relationships are already pretty low, but the ones I do see tend to be very healthy, often normie middle class white guy with a normie middle class black girl, most racist white men see Asian women as soft and feminine, I really can't see a truly racist white guy married to a black woman and having children with her

No. 711874

I'm not saying all interracial relationships are unhealthy or whatever I have no issue with them, hell I'm into white guys myself, but it's not as rare as you think for self-hating/pickme POC women to go after white men, and for racist white men to go after POC women. There are even KKK members who fuck and marry black women. Sometimes they hide their true feelings, and sometimes the woman overlooks the racism because Caucasian. This also happens a lot with black men who date white women. A lot of them put down black women (especially if they're darkskin) and it shows what they think about black people.

Anyway, this is ot for a thread about riots, sorry.

No. 711886

I know that shit regarding black men who hate black women(especially DS black women) and lust after basically anyone that isn't balck cause they have some sort of self hate issues that they blame all black women for whatever reason

I know plenty of WOC(mostly Asian and Indian) who date the literal lowest dregs of the white race, the worst of the worst of the entire white race, but the few white guys I know who are married to black women have been mostly been the most normie center left white guys, who are mostly Christian

No. 711964

You dont know your history of interracial relations, anon (most people dont when it comes to this tbf). The original mistress/wife to the white supremacist was the black woman or the biracial woman. White men who owned slaves or believed their race was superior to everyone else use to set up systems for their biracial kids and black/mixed wives to live in. Actually this was very common so much in some parts of the world that a large class of mixed race people would be made as a result of these repeated unions.
Some asian women are basically taking a very light form of what happened in the past but im not surprised its coming back to the original combination

No. 711965

Not all racist white men buy into the belief another race of women is more masculine than him to begin with. Also its mostly a certain "type" who thinks that and often they have a weird fixation on black males dicks

No. 711967

"White supremacists."


No. 711977

Amerifags, do you expect more protests on inauguration day?

No. 711990

I personally do expect more protests. Do any other anons have trump supporters in their circle. I personally have people who were circulating the stop the steal protest around because of family and it makes me uneasy/embarrassed. I wonder where these people are going to go once Biden is inaugurated. I just can't wrap my head around what the point of all this was. I'm also hoping people in congress like Lauren Boebert, Gaetz, and other "leaders" that were in support of this are removed.

No. 712049

I've seen rumors on social media about more riots on the 19th, but the Capitol insurrection was months of planning. I sincerely hope nothing happens.
>Do any other anons have trump supporters in their circle
I personally do not but my brother has become absolutely obsessed with being anti-Trump and making unfunny SNL-tier jokes about rednecks and Republicans every turn. It's much better than having an actual Qanon and Trumper in the family but it is annoying kek.
>I wonder where these people are going to go once Biden is inaugurated
That’s what’s scary, I think. They’re not going to leave. These people are still our neighbors and coworkers and are “hidden” in plain sight though they’re not really trying to hide it. You just never had to question if they were filled with so much hatred before.

No. 712052

>look, i know those guys attacked non-white women for no reason and called them "nigger bitches", but pleease don't think they're white supremacists :/
>l-look…thre's one black guy in the background. not racist!

No. 712066

Biden himself is projected to be a one term president, the only reason he won was cause he went against Trump, I do think there will be some minor craziness but next elections most will have forgotten about Trump and instead most right wingers will latch on to some other Republican political figure who in all likelyhood will win cause at that point most people will have gotten sick of neo-liberal policies the Biden adminstration would have enacted

No. 712082


It looks to me like Trump has turned the US into Northern Ireland in the 70s-90s. Enjoy.

No. 712087

I am a leftist, not an extremist though, but I want to say that while I agree that Trump is a mentally ill 70 year old toddler, he’s not as bad as all the other presidents before him. At least he didn’t bomb countries. He didn’t cause corona either.

I hope the USA goes down, and their constitution too. Canon sword my ass.(not a politics thread)

No. 712111

>things that didn't happen

No. 712132

some of you guys need to watch that dave chapelle skit about the blind black man in the KKK because a lot of black people especially males but not limited to ofc do follow behind white supremacist logic so seeing a black person there isn't really a gotcha lol.
I wonder if Trump will pardon these guys but he's probably in the process of pardoning himself. I truly hope a civil war doesnt happen because its so stupid and unnecessary.

No. 712307

Remember guys, this is all part of the plan; the biblical plan where doom is looming near us which means the US’ combustion.

Trust the plan you guys, Jesus is coming!

No. 712323

Trump supporters are retarded and they'll be but hurt for a couple years but to compare to the sectarian violence of northern Ireland is just restarted, there won't be some dumb civil war and there won't be any succession alright
As I said 4 years they'll likely be following Pence

No. 712551


What exactly are you Americans actually after happening? A socialist / commie world or something?

America is still America and most people out of the US think it’s a dump anyway

No. 712553


Tumblr is full of leftists and majority are troons who don’t know their ass from their elbow(derail)

No. 712582

So, even though there are pictures and multiple eyewitness accounts, it didn't happen, and they're not white supremacists because…anon says so?

No. 712593

Bruh why am I the only one with the red text

No. 712876

It's bottom-tier men nobody else wants picking up poor woc because they have shit lives and being a fuckmaid is still probably better than what they had. Even the laziest scrote can get a decent amount of neetbux and food assistance that a woman wouldn't get without having a baby first.

No. 713483

Newspapers say that if Lisa “I strangle pregnant women and cut their stomache open for their keedz” Montegomery actually gets executed it will be under the hands of the worst president evar

I’m only sad she didn’t get executed in the electric chair

No. 713502

So here's my question, and/or general observation.

The same maga-faggots that screech that government regulations are bad, and they have no place in the private sector also screech about Trumptard getting banned. They want Senate to step in and force social media platforms to let him back. The ever loving fuck?

Another thing. The podium thief's lawyers are arguing that he wasn't violent therefore he shouldn't be charged. "He was exercising his rights". To do what? Break into a federal building and steal government property? Just because his dumbass didn't bust down the door he was part of the group. The first and last persom and everyone in between are all guilty of breaking and entering. I cannot even with these retards.

No. 713513

>don’t talk about politics
>i am the only one along with the tumblr autist who got the red text ban
Anyways you are full of contradictions and you make no sense.

No. 713525

The fuck you on about retard? Are you confusing me with another poster?

No. 713999

bit late but it's my theory that their politics is deeply tied to their sexuality. like they're afraid of black men stealing "their women" but at the same time fap to porn of white girls and big black dicks. hard to say which came first or how it even makes sense but def some kinda psychology going on lol. maybe it excites them because of the fear and humiliation they get from the concept. a lot of kinks center on shame
sorry if too ot, but other anons were discussing it themselves.
anyways I hope nothing happens on the 19th. can't we get a break? everyone is already so divided. I guess covid makes the crazies crazier

No. 715549

Am I the only one who gets more pissed off about people defending and trying to save murderers from death row than actually reading about the crime itself? Like usually the murderer is sick in the head, kind of like a rabid dog that needs the lethal injection and it's not really it's own fault it went rabid. Or if it's a thief, at least they had a motive and got some money in their pockets from doing what they did, so you can understand they "did it for the money".

But people who DEFEND that kind of thing? They don't get paid a share of the stolen things, they aren't acting out on their born personality disorder. They have no reason to do it and still they choose to defend and protect that behavior and they do it for free, it's disgusting.

No. 715589

Exactly. I feel like it does more good to put down a murderer and possibly save money, save more lives, and just save a lot of heartache for the victims' families rather than keep them alive and risk these things. There are exceptions (as with anything), like if they have a way to contribute to society somehow (psychoanalyze them, detecting mental/emotion patterns common in criminals and possibly prevent future criminals, study them for possible abnormal physiology also common in criminals, etc.) but other than that I see no real reason to keep them alive. Anons who are against the death penalty, I'd love to hear your opinion as well.

No. 715595

>Anons who are against the death penalty, I'd love to hear your opinion as well.
Individual rights/the right to life > society

No. 715614

The only good one I've heard against the death penalty is when the evidence is unclear and there's a chance the wrong person could be executed. But that's not really an argument against the penalty, that's just the investigation not being conclusive enough.

No matter how you put it, saying a person who murdered someone else should live is saying that the victim's life was worth less, because the price tag for taking it isn't "one life", but it's less than that. What could be more valuable than the victim's life? A few tax dollars after they "rehabilitate" the murderer back into the workforce?(derailing)

No. 715619

>possibly save money
I could've sworn that death row ends up being more expensive than regular imprisonment because of all the appeals and red tape. I haven't really done research though, it's just a thought that's stuck in my head so I may be wrong.

No. 715641

Yes it's costs more taxpayer dollars in the long term because of appeals.

No. 716293


Even the first trial for death penalty takes it way over the same price of just keeping the fucker locked up for life.

No. 716787

File: 1610964927572.jpeg (40.72 KB, 780x439, 56EF5D98-5A6B-40EE-8FB3-96C50E…)

Imagine throwing away your life for Nick Fuentes lmao

>Williams’ mother “then stated that she recognized her daughter inside the U.S. Capitol Building and that her daughter had taken a sudden interest in President Trump’s politics” and “far right message boards.” She claimed that Williams “took off,” and “is gone” and is “waiting for law enforcement to come to Williams and ask her about her activities in the Capitol.”

>She was wearing a shirt identifying with the Groyper Army, described by ADL as “a loose network of alt right figures who are vocal supporters of white supremacist and ‘America First’ podcaster Nick Fuentes.”


No. 716807

File: 1610966774053.jpeg (45.6 KB, 680x592, ADE6B22A-54CD-4FE9-BF45-9546C3…)

>A 22-year-old woman from Pennsylvania who was seen during the failed insurrection attempt at the US Capitol building on January 6th, apparently directing rioters to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's office is under investigation by the FBI on allegations that she may have stolen a laptop or a hard drive from Pelosi's office with the intention of selling it to Russian intelligence services.

>Riley June Williams was identified by ITV News as a Pennsylvania-based care worker after a video from the riots emerged showing her apparently directing other rioters, saying, "up the stairs, up the stairs." Her parents, however, claimed that Williams was a peaceful protestor, according to ITV News, and that she was lost in the crowd.

>Her mother, Wendy Williams told the publication, "She's definitely not a leader. I just think, I know there was another woman beside her also doing it, I think she was like ’they’re letting us up, they’re letting us up, let’s go'. She’s a 22-year-old who, like I said, is very empathetic and loving."

No. 716888


If they can make an espionage charge stick she is going to jail for a long time.

No. 716964

>She is very empathetic and loving.
Why do these families keep using these poorly suited adjectives to describe their far right criminal relatives? It's so embarrassing , they could just say she believes in making America stronger or some other technically true bullshit that isn't the obvious opposite of the truth

No. 716985

It's a cope, they have never seen this side of them so it's hard for them to believe

That is one mousy looking woman, no wonder she turned right to get male approval

No. 717049


I've reached the point where I can diagnose autism just by looking at someone's face, especially if they've done something mindblowingly autistic.

No. 717087

File: 1611000453156.gif (2.87 MB, 288x572, 78328DC9-6042-41F8-AE6E-82B3D3…)

This girl apparently had a reputation on the right-wing discords so now they’re all throwing her under the bus, claiming she was a psycho whore and a coal burner and probably Jewish. Definitely people worth going to jail and probably ruining your life for.

No. 717088

File: 1611000502555.png (150.36 KB, 1527x338, C8012644-C428-4BB7-A176-33536A…)

This post is from her deleted Reddit account.

No. 717089

File: 1611000583405.png (43.26 KB, 675x306, 56D807F6-CACB-447C-868D-503705…)

And this is her interacting on Discord.

No. 717092

The leopard ate your face love?

No. 717122

>thinking the US isn't a shadow plutocracy of major corporations
Get a load of this girl. Corporations are people, amirite?

No. 717140

Lindsay Souvannarath is that you

No. 717166

File: 1611013131515.png (Spoiler Image, 272.92 KB, 340x673, 7577F7F8-0766-43B5-B72C-B090E1…)

They leaked her nudes as well


No. 717180

But why did they photoshop text on her? Unless she photoshopped it herself. That's def not handwritten

No. 717187

File: 1611015673609.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.29 MB, 1080x6212, D0BA02F2-37DB-40D8-92CA-5A0288…)

Looks like “Berserkr” is the name of the discord scrote she gave the pictures to and who decided to leak them.

No. 717217

File: 1611020627232.jpeg (115.39 KB, 713x528, EsCbVgdXIAA2gll.jpeg)

No. 717473

File: 1611049549232.jpg (140.28 KB, 1242x1353, tmtfi8gl88c61.jpg)

No. 717659

Damn, so many ppl have onlyfans now. Imagine how much dirt people got on each other now smh. sage for ot

No. 717660


Still waiting to see the mythical sane alt-righter.

No. 717782

This is an on going theme with a lot of Trump supporters. I haven't met one that wasn't in some shape or form a raging biggot.

No. 717847

it's hard to have wild riots when most of your population grandpas and grandmas

No. 717851

File: 1611090344311.png (379.2 KB, 400x688, EtzUrrI.png)

Back in the day, rightwingers wore pointy white hoods. Now they just post full faces online.

The FBI tracked this girl down off an instagram post.

No. 717919

File: 1611096799714.jpeg (653.79 KB, 2270x2838, ECDD8CE9-B86A-45A1-928D-B0F10A…)

ALL HAIL PRESIDENT CHILD SNIFFER!(off-topic, not a politics thread)

No. 717942

So, she goes full simp for a pack of racist, misogynistic males, and even gets herself arrested/doxxed for them, only for them to call her a BPD whore, a jew, and leak her nudes on top?
Pick-mes. When will they learn?

No. 718169

to be fair, children do tend to smell very good

No. 718182

Right?! Their heads smell so good.

No. 718235


In their reality they were Rosa Parks tier.

Just think of that idiot who got shot climbing through a window… pure delusion.

No. 718356

Is this bait

No. 719611

You ever smelled a new born baby? That new baby smell? Like baby shampoo and vannila(also yes, bait)

No. 719798

Really? Anon gets a ban for saying Trump isn't that bad but the other anons talking about Trump getting censored is okay?

No. 756970

There seems to be protests going on in France involving the protest for the abolition of prostitution and pornography, mainly spearing-headed by an organization called CAPP and involving radfems and former victims of prostitution. The protesters were attacked by TRAs by throwing eggs at them. Link rel is to a woman documenting this


No. 756974

File: 1615219755093.jpg (312.62 KB, 1125x1491, tra2.jpg)

dropped pic

No. 757063

The combo of twitter users excusing this and boosting retarded corporate pandering on Women's Day is making me want to vent myself into the vacuum of space. Women like this lady are some of the last people left who really give a shit about others' suffering, it's just too sad.

No. 771269

File: 1616927766360.jpeg (192.5 KB, 1200x1200, 30DB1C02-FDC6-48DE-A954-8093A1…)

Kill The Bill rioters in Bristol piss on police officers boots

No. 771272

File: 1616928127359.jpeg (90.64 KB, 1180x663, 6CCE153E-8DC3-421E-A9A2-90713D…)

From the vigil for Sarah Everard in London.
This is bitch supports trannies and is a libfem so fuck her.

No. 787806

>get what they want
>riot anyway
Stay safe American nonnies(racebait)

No. 787808

What are you talking about? I'm pretty sure there haven't been any riots recently

No. 787809

File: 1618956039326.jpg (103.21 KB, 1440x960, 2acb63ef-b6f1-40ac-9450-db42bd…)

Covid lockdown protests are wild these days

No. 792783

ej nej nej hvor pinligt

No. 792789

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