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File: 1610333440424.jpg (79.48 KB, 600x554, howdoishotweb.jpg)

No. 711877

Ask away

Previous Thread:>>703359

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Previous thread

No. 711885

I have an ugly, plasticy feeling art print, like on a wooden frame that I want to paint over with acrylics. Can I just paint over it or should I try to pry it off to reframe some fabric?

No. 711894

I think you're supposed to apply a layer of gesso first as a base

No. 711895

I'm in love with the thread pic, OP.
Anyway, what's the safest way to store a large amount of data for a long period of time? Hard drives? USBs? Cloud storage? Or something else? I know for a fact external hard drives can randomly die on you so that's why I'm concerned about using one. I haven't had it happen to me yet but I heard USBs die on you eventually too.

No. 711902

Well that's doable! I can order some and maybe some brushes, haven't painted anything since high school and that was a long ass time ago, thanks

No. 711906

Tape drives. Unironically.

Actually answering your question, hard drives can be configured to work in a RAID array. You have multiple hard drives that work together to store the same data. If one drive dies, you can swap it out with a new one with no data loss. If you're willing to spend the money, look into picking up a low end NAS (Synology is great for this) with like 4 WD Red HDDs and you're pretty much set for life. And even if a drive fails, you can just swap it out.

No. 711928

Why do sugar free drinks upset my stomach?

No. 711936

sugar alcohols? that whole thing about people shitting their pants after eating sugar-free haribo gummy bears was because they're all sugar alcohols which makes people sick in large quantities idk

No. 711951

This probably varies from country to country and bank to bank idk, but can I put someone elses bills on auto pay?

My mother and brother both refuse to learn how to pay via online banking so they shoved all the bills and finances my way, however I'm not sure if I can auto pay bills with my mothers name on it from my bank account. For whatever retarded reason.

No. 711968

Aah! The last time I saw this meme I was young…

No. 711972

How is Australian accent regarded in general? Do people find it sexy? Funny? Weird?

No. 711974

depending on the type of aussie accent i think it's a little amusing. but once you get used to it i guess it's no different than any other accent. i think you guys have a lot of fun slang that makes your speech more entertaining. (i'm ESL-chan tho)

No. 711978

I think its ugly and sounds low class as hell

No. 711980

Another ESL here, I find it funny.
It's the high drawn out vowels and the low-to-high melody of speech that make it sound funny.

No. 711985

I find it pretty unattractive, the only australian i ever liked was chase from dr. house
kiwi accent is even worse though, on the other hand I love irish accents, even the "low class" ones

No. 711988

i think it’s sexy tbh

No. 711993

What happened to tomboys in mainstream culture?

No. 711996

they trooned out

No. 711997

Is it harmful to sleep with wet hair?

No. 711998

It feels like a whole lot of them have succumbed to the modern reinforcement of gender roles as now espoused by the lgbtqwerty brigade, that you're "not a girl" if you don't conform to gender roles, so it probably resulted in either a lot of them trooning out or diminishing their tomboy tendencies out of shame

No. 712001

It encourages bacteria growth, increases likelihood of fungal infections and means your hair is more likely to get damaged during the night. Anecdotally, the few times I’ve done it seemed to cause headaches.

No. 712004

NSFW question:
do you think there is a way to be dominant in bed while also being tied up? or is it inherently contradicting?

context: my bf likes being submissive + female worship, but he also likes tying me up once in a while (i tie him up more). i was just wondering if i can do both together? like how can i be in control while physically restricted?

No. 712006

Do specific meds for ocd exist or do docs just give you anxiety meds?

No. 712007

When did softboys stop meaning pretty sorta feminine guys who are GNC and start meaning emotionally abusive and manipulative exual predators ? Like I feel the change happened over night, like I remember people called Obama a softboy when he revealed in his book he used to pretend to fake read leftist poltical books in order to pick up chicks

No. 712008

I would think that he's a switch based on that

No. 712009

Do wireless headphones increase cancer risk?

No. 712011

The only way I can think of is through vocally controlling him? Telling him what to do, calling him ‘slave’ or whatever, threatening him with what you’ll do when you’re untied. Basically turn the situation into him tying you up because that’s what YOU want, you are still the one in control despite being powerless, you maintain the dominance.

No. 712013

Men love to use shit to their advantage, teen girls like sensitive boys so every creep on tiktok tried to come off as soft all while preying on kids. I think men took it and destroyed it.

No. 712014

Whoever is receiving the most attention is running the show, topping from the bottom is how it is most of the time so I wouldn't sweat all the details when women dating sub men are usually being technically topped just by catering so heavily to the man.

If you have to ask 'how do I appear more domme while doing this' surely you have to see its all performative anyway. Do what you want without worrying about fitting the role either he has put on you or you've put on yourself.

No. 712019

I suggest breaking up with him, its likely he's gonna troon out one day, like all bdsm comners do and you're gonna have to support a brave and stunning transwoman 24/7 who will ask you refer to your self as a lesbian

Its the not the answer you asked for but its the answer you deserve

No. 712022

Okay but softboy used to a specfic physical aesthetic, now it seems to behavior that(from what I've seen anyway) that seems to get applied regardless of physical appearance

Every emotionally abusive soyboy male feminist predator gets called a softboy on twitter these days, even when they don't even fit the original physical aesthetic

No. 712030

I noticed everything women like or find sexy gets reappropiated to some meme nonsense

No. 712032

For example? I'm not really sure what kind of meme nonsense you're talking about, but I'm not up to date with the gen Z memes.

No. 712036

For a dark haired woman I have very light brows. Lately (online) I keep seeing women rip into other women with the same thing going on. Now I don't own or plan on ever wearing make up either way but I'm still left wondering whether the women I see everyday at work or whatever are secretly judging the crap out of me for leaving them naturally light?

No. 712037

If it didn't bother you before, you shouldn't allow some randos online to bully you into caring now.

No. 712041

I mean I don't care to a point where I would ever bother using brow products. Still kind of curious about how people think. I tend to be blind to small details

No. 712050

Adam Driver

No. 712061

File: 1610369259507.jpg (300.57 KB, 1125x1189, original.jpg)

Someone mentioned this artist in another thread. My question is, how is she able to monetize her stuff (she is selling posters and stuff) if she didn't take the photo of the woman and her computer herself? Or can edits be sold?

No. 712062

Doubtful, eyebrows are still a relatively niche part of make up. People criticise them online because they’re petty. That, and the fact it’s more common to see them done online where the instahoe drag make up look is standard. I’d say most women who wear make up don’t do their brows (though it’s more popular with younger women).

Also if they are judging you, it’s because you’re not wearing make up at all rather than specifically the brows.

No. 712090

When will America stop existing?

No. 712093

my mom just told me she was sexually abused as a child, by her brothers no less. She told me it as an exchange, trying to get me to tell her if i was abused. I feel awful for her but only told her about being abused by one person, I havent told her her dad abused me. I don't see the point because it doesn't solve anything but seeing as she told me her story……maybe I should?

No. 712095

who is she

No. 712096

Not an expert but it might be considered transformative content. Though I’m guessing the original photographer hasn’t attempted to claim copyright and no one has reported her on their behalf.

No. 712099

This is the kind of thing where professionals should be involved. Families where abuse happens over several generations can have some fucked up views or coping mechanisms. They can also massively downplay the effects of it because they're so used to living with it. See a professional before you open up about it to anyone else. Even well meaning family members can deal with these issues in a more damaging way.

No. 712119

File: 1610377951620.jpg (86.58 KB, 640x720, u8s3hpc3rrmz.jpg)

I'm about to sound really stupid, but here goes: I've been growing oyster mushrooms and needed a new spray bottle for watering them, so I took a bottle of recently depleted perfumed insect repellent, washed it out as thoroughly as I could, and filled it with water. I thought I'd cleaned the pump well enough, but when I sprayed my mushrooms once (stupid not to test before, I know), I could still smell some residual fragrance. Ofc I didn't continue with that spray bottle after that. My question is, will this badly affect the mushrooms in any way? Whether that be in growth, taste, or even edibility? If it helps, the ingredients of the repellent were alcohol, Ethyl butylacetylaminopropionate, Hexyl cinnamaldehyde, citronella, d-limonene, geraniol. Please help this first time mushroom grower out.

No. 712120

Is anyone here a tarot fag? I have a question.

No. 712123

well shit i think at that point id just tell her but the other anon is some good advice. my mom asked if i was sexually abused by my dad since he used to hit me and even though it made me sad to think she'd believe her own husband would do that it also made me glad she wasn't the type of woman who denied her husband could ever do wrong and forever defend him.

No. 712143

Here be tarotfags:

No. 712160

What percent of the posters in the left cows thread are like, regular farmers vs people who came from Twitter/reddit? I used to read those threads but now they’re unreadable because of infighting and it just feels different than the rest of the site imo

No. 712168

Hard same lmao. There are definitely scrotes from twitter in there who just love to listen to themselves talk… read themselves write???

No. 712171

File: 1610383062602.png (35.73 KB, 890x905, gratis-png-el-orgullo-gay-lgb-…)

Why do asexuals think they're so special? alright you don't like sex,so what?you have never fallen in love,so what?if you don't want have sex or have intimate moments with someone,then good for you. you're either a straight virgin or some misanthropic celibate

No. 712173

Finally someone said it. Sick of those cunts.

No. 712175

The only asexuals that bother me are the ones that 'have sex for the sake of my man anyway' Because that is the most fucked up thing to normalise or advertise about yourself

No. 712181

I think im asexual or at least have low libido and I’d never go on social fucking media and talk about this. It’s actually not so fun and great so idk why people need to talk about this. Free unpopular opinion: people should stop talking about their sexuality or who or what they fuck

No. 712184

So what do people without arachnophobia think of spiders? Like if you saw a house spider the size of your palm just crawling along your desk, how would you react? And if it then scuttled away from there into your skirting board? Right next to your bed? Possibly to then crawl over your face at night?

Like how would you feel about that? I'm usually pretty empathetic but I literally can't imagine what it's like to not be freaked out by spiders. I'm also trying to get my mind off spiders so I don't dream of them again, but it's hard.

No. 712185

It's one of those things where if they don't mention it you'll never know so you only notice the ones that do, the more obnoxious ones who make it an idpol thing being the most noticeable.

No. 712193

I feel like most of asexuals on the internet are just kids that feel pressured to becoming sexually active by media or their peers when they're not ready yet. Especially since a lot of them are sperging about other people discussing their relationships or sexual life, or media portraying sex, it just comes across immature and self-absorbed, which teens usually are.

No. 712198

I would think "oh fuck, gross!" and shoo it away. I think one of the differences between arachnophobics and non is that you've already jumped to thinking it's going to crawl into your bed and over your face, and I just think it's going to run away to some corner of the house where the big fleshy human won't find and attack it.

No. 712200

File: 1610385022729.jpeg (1.04 MB, 1608x1724, 53DF1CEC-A943-43C1-97D9-BEBB86…)

This man takes a bite out of your girl’s buttcheeks wyd anons?

No. 712201

When I was a kid gardening with my dad he let a big spider crawl over his hand in front of me, I think he was testing my fear or teaching me not be scared of them. Didn't work but what a badass.

No. 712202

He likes stabbing, right? Grab a knife!

No. 712203

I usually just jump at the sudden fact an insect is in here and kill it. They dont freak me out like roaches or centipedes do. All insect will die on sight if they arent a butterfly, lady bug, mantis, or bee. If anything I kill spiders because I don't want their babies in my vicinity like other bugs and where I live has deadly breeds so I'm not dying over a one inch piece of shit.

No. 712205

If it was the size of my palm, I’d be pretty concerned about finding it and getting it outside because I’d be freaked out about it settling in my room. There have been other times where I found where big, non-venomous spiders settled on the awning of my porch at two separate apartments, and I left and named them both. I think spiders are really cool, I just don’t know enough about them off the top of my head and would worry a thicc one is venomous bc we have brown recluses and wolf spiders where I am.

No. 712207

I accompany them outside or just leave them be if they're far. And if there was one the size of my palm… well we all die of something I guess.

No. 712209

File: 1610385764191.png (388.25 KB, 689x443, ace cake.png)

It's weird how much they make every object into an asexual pride flag. I've never seen other LGBT people doing it with their flags. I think these people have no identity so they just latch onto asexual pride.

No. 712210


Its a cope for being spicy heterosexuals

No. 712214

That cake looks nasty,at least a gay cake looks somewhat appetizing due to the bright rainbow colors.

No. 712215

Don't gay people do this too though

No. 712217

Thanks, I feel like all portrayals of spider reactions is from either arachnophobics or spider enthusiasts, know what I mean? That sounds like a healthy reaction, it seems similar to my reactions when I see a silverfish or that one time I crushed a massive roach when closing a door behind me (like the sound of the crunch alerted me, I want to say the size of my thumb?). But I don't think they'll invade me in some way. It's just a bit gross they're there.

Also I guess I took a very northern european view of things, the only spider the size of my palm where I live is the giant house spider, which isn't venomous (but those horny males wander houses looking for a female around autumn, so you're likely to encounter them). I guess it's another thing completely if they actually might cause you harm.

No. 712218

Where's the neetdom rééducation center that's not full of gross scrotes? Reddit, a board, a secret chat? I want in so bad.
I want wholesomeness, encouragements, tips and celebration of achievements!
I would do it myself but I'm a discord/wathever noob and it's probably a shit idea anyway…
I have but a dream I guess…

No. 712219

It's funny because asexuality doesnt even mean that anymore. Now aseuxal people can be horny, have fetishes, enjoy having sex, enjoy mastrubation, and they would still be valid. Hell, there are "grey asexuals" who SOMETIMES have sexual attraction and they're still ace!

These people define sexual attraction as, and I quote "looking at someone and thinking, in these words "I want to have sex with them". Which is something no one actually thinks. By that logic, celibates and people with low self esteem are automatically asexual.

I feel like "asexual" now just means "I have a female sex drive because I am female and not Male"

No. 712220

mmm.. An I hate sex cake.

No. 712226

File: 1610387659763.jpg (Spoiler Image, 84.95 KB, 480x640, scutigera coleoptrata.jpg)

I'm also european, so I've never really seen spiders as big as my palm, so I was never really afraid of them. But one night a spider centipede (a centipede, not a spider) was sitting on my door as I was returning from the toilet and I completely froze up. I could barely make myself move past the door and close the door to keep it out of the room, even though it's not even venomous or aggressive in any way.

No. 712227

>I feel like "asexual" now just means "I have a female sex drive because I am female and not Male"
Demisexual women are this. We don't need a word to describe people who opt out of one night stands. Liking a bit of romance or connection first is fairly common.

No. 712228

Any of you experienced orgasms or intense sexual stimulation in dreams? It happens rarely but sometimes I wake up knowing I was extremely horny and had really intense feelings during my sleep. It’s kinda cool but I feel it’s not so satisfying

No. 712229

How do people with long hair function without just tying it up and out of the way? Are there any styles or tricks for keeping long hair out of things when it's down or mostly down? I feel like I see other girls/people with long hair and they don't get it caught in shit nearly as much as I do, and mine is only at mid-nip.

No. 712235

File: 1610388386521.jpg (261.65 KB, 1486x1146, 45151456.jpg)

anybody else find fbi agents hot?

they could be average, maybe even ugly, but this jacket with the big yellow FBI letters makes them hot lol

No. 712237

During my horse girl hair phase I kept it up in a low or high ponytail most of the time. It would occasionally snag on things or get particles in it, but nothing severe

No. 712244

i do want to fuck glownigs ngl

No. 712245

Completely unhelpful but I think you just get used to it and subconsciously alter the way you do things and pull it out of the way. Mine’s waist length and has pretty much always been this or longer since childhood. I rarely have issues because I’m used to it. You just learn things like to automatically flip your hair behind your shoulders while eating, and keep a hair tie on your wrist in case you need to secure it.

No. 712249

Glownibbas do kinda do it for me but only the ones who look like i could snap them like a twig

No. 712250

Yea, but i also tend to wake up to an orgasm during wet dreams.

No. 712253

Waist length as well here and i get stuck every day in stuff because I’m clumsy. In my rings, earrings, buttons… i get food there. But yea I just deal with it because I want long hair.

No. 712255

I'm probably the only person here who actually likes spiders, I always catch them and let them outside. I've always handled wolf spiders and the like with my bare hands and I've never been bit.

No. 712257

Is being sexually attracted to women enough to make someone bi? I know I sound stupid as fuck but please bear with me. I used to think I was a lesbian (read: hope, because ew men icky), realized I did like men, called myself bi for a bit, then dropped the label because I really can't see myself being in a relationship with another woman.

The reason I thought I was a lesbian at all was because I was never strongly attracted to men physically; I find my bf attractive because I love him, for example. I can't name any male celebrities I think are sexy, but I can certainly point out attractive women.

I probably sound retarded but girls are just so pleasing to look at it, it seems normal to find them sexy. Then I remember that gay men exist and they probably don't see it that way lmao, that way being that women are sexy but just not dating material. Idk, it doesn't really matter in the end, it's just what I've been thinking about lately.

No. 712258

Anon are you actually sexually attracted to women? Because most of this sounds like you just think women are nice to look at. Do you fantasize about having sex with women at all, for example?

No. 712264

We have a sexuality thread in /g/ where anons have discussed similar things, anon! Have you ever fantasized or wanted to actually have sex and/or romantic shit with women? Because I can assure you, even gay people can look at the opposite gender and think they look nice or beautiful, sext and so on yet wouldn't fuck them as they do not feel like it. You could argue that if you think someone looks hot, you do find them fuckable but I can look at a statue of a man and go "statue hot" without wanting to fuck the statue or even the person it was modeled after. Maybe you are just a hetero who thinks women are pretty? Nothing wrong with that.

No. 712283

File: 1610392352482.jpeg (90.93 KB, 788x754, 78B590E2-04B0-4CA6-9F35-DC78A9…)

Why are there so many random threads popping up all over the board?? They all seem hateful snd vandetta motivated

No. 712285

I don't have sexual fantasies often tbh but when I do it is always me having sex with a woman, this is embarrassing but in particular they're of a friend I used to have (well, still kind of have I guess. We just kinda grew apart but I could hit her up if I wanted to.) I used to think I liked her romantically as I got very jealous when she got a bf but I could have misinterpreted it, I was weird and confused back then. I did have all the crush signs that made me feel like a creep, like being instantly hostile towards the bf when he was probably a decent guy, liking how she smelled and getting a little dizzy after borrowing her sweater for a day, wanting to hug her all the time, I also had a sexual dream about her once. I feel silly typing this out but idk, I think I could have just been really attached to/protective of her as a friend. When I think about her now I cannot image us dating or anything.

Tmi but if it matters at all, in the fantasy I'm not a man, I'm myself, but I'm not using a strap-on if you catch my drift.

No. 712286

>I've never seen other LGBT people doing it with their flags
They do this shit way more than asexuals.

No. 712288

sounds a lot like me when I was "bi" well into my early 20s. your brain is conditioned with special attachment hormones and addictive sex chemicals to your boyfriend exclusively, but those only last for a few years.

I had a serious, planning college together bf all through high school while being physically attracted to every non straight girl, and lost all interest once the hormones wore off and gave back his ring a week before graduation. I'm actually a femme exclusively attracted to butch dykes and was subconsciously choosing men who looked like ivan coyote lmao.

if you're still into the guy 5 years from now, you're probably just bi and more attracted to women. but if youre still fantasizing about women the entire time you're a dyke.

No. 712293

scrotes are bored and angry and breached their containment zones?

No. 712298

I'd to propose that the fake lgbts (aces, trenders, etc.) are the ones that plaster their pride flags over everything. Outside of a literal pride parade you don't see many older people with pride flags at all. it's always young people trying to fit in with the cool queer crowd that paste it over their water bottles and clothes and shit.

No. 712305

Gay and trans people do this way more than asexuals do.

No. 712309

But the thing about asexuals is that they have no reason to be proud so why are they making cakes for it? Congrats, you're a sexless virgin. Why do you need to tell everyone?

It's different if you're gay and obviously divergent.

No. 712311

You can apply that to any sexuality then. Why be proud of being gay or straight? Why do you feel the need to tell everyone? Lmao.

No. 712313

ntayrt but I genuinely do feel that way about all sexualities

No. 712318

lgbts use the flag as a power move to show bravery against possibly losing your job, getting beaten, murdered, imprisoned, losing friends/family, etc. a rainbow is a choice to always be out even when its dangerous.

kweer QTpie culture uses nuflags as a signal to talk to others like them, exactly like wearing a harry potter stripe scarf. Its fine imo if they arent demanding to make lgbt into their alphabet soup lol.

No. 712322

Speaking of pride flags, why does there have to be a flag for every single gender/sexuality out there? When did this trend start? Does the rainbow not already include everyone who isn't straight?

No. 712325

File: 1610395472887.jpg (27.08 KB, 350x255, 13322187_276035026075909_46029…)

Braids forever.

Yes, this. No one in my life knows I'm bi except my partner because it's not their business what gender I want to bump uglies with? I've known my whole life and never felt the need so it was so confusing when I started to hear about all this 'coming out to my parents' stuff.

No. 712333

Constantly. Even had an orgasm in my sleep once. It's funny because my sex drive is pretty low to non-existent during my waking hours kek

No. 712335

For how long I can wear one jacket/coat?
Idk if I should buy new one. This one that I have is fucking the best but I wear it third winter.
Would be weird if I would buy the same coat that I have now, but in a different color?
Also, I have one winter coat and one spring/autumn jacket. Should I have more coat/jacket? I only wear these two.
Sorry for these questions, I never pay attention to what people wear and I hate buying clothes.

No. 712336

I'm in my thirties and have never announced my sexuality, had a couple of same sex ONSs years ago but until I actually date a woman I would feel weird even telling my dad. It just seems a bit random to put it out there without the context of 'I'm dating a woman btw' I'm otherwise just telling him what I fantasize about basically lol

No. 712340

I find suits sexy in general and the fbi suits are no exception. My authority fetish doesn't help this either. I absolutely hate and want to rebel against authority but if it tops me in bed it's pretty hot. Would prefer the guy wearing the glowie suit be hot tho

No. 712341

You usually wear shit like coats until they get too worn out and you can't be assed to fix them. I have bought the same denim jacket twice so i could dye the other one, so I don't think it's all too weird, but also NO ONE CARES ANON. Get shit if you wanna, wear that coat for 100 years if you wish.

No. 712354

THANKS ANON, I needed answer like that! I tend to worry/overthink about non-existent problems lol.

No. 712363

Lmao how do i sage?

No. 712368

what can cause someone to have signs of sexual trauma despite never being molested or sexually abused?

No. 712370

Isn't a large part of trauma the fact that you often supress the memory of it? Not even that you do it on purpose, that the brain shuts it away to try and cope but the after effects still linger.

No. 712371

only thing i can think of is that you may have heavily repressed any memories of abuse happening to you

No. 712372

Type sage into the e-mail field.

No. 712374

potentially not recognizing abuse as abuse
I can think of a few examples that people often overlook in their own life: online grooming, emotional incest, being abused by child of the same age
could also be memory-blocking

No. 712376

could just be trauma from another form of abuse, trauma can manifest itself a similar way across various types of abuse

No. 712382

On the topic of repressed trauma, I know it's tricky to answer but, how do you know you have it?
Do you somehow "feel" It?
If I'm asking myself if I've been sexually abused my answer is a plain no, would it be different I had repressed memories?

No. 712391

I also have a question about sexual abuse, i got molested a lot by my brother and a cousin, but like never got raped so it wasn’t as bad as how other anons had it.
How do I stop being bitter about it and how do I repress or forget about it? I usually Can live normally but I can’t help but feel paranoid at times or get annoyed just by looking at them having normal lives without feeling self-conscious about how they perceive themselves and such.

No. 712399

File: 1610403949995.jpeg (213.43 KB, 828x1482, C4EE502B-FFE8-4824-83AF-B666F0…)

Which board is this from?

No. 712400

It was on /ot/

No. 712408

I’m so sorry that happened to you, I wish I could give you a hug
Have you had therapy like Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, or Dialetical Behavioural Therapy? They can help change the patterns of thoughts and behaviours into more positive coping mechanisms. You need an outlet for the stress such as someone to talk to or a journal to write in.

Then there’s the question of, have/will you report then, confront them, tell your parents or sue. That does give some people closure but it can also be extremely difficult

No. 712411

>but like never got raped so it wasn’t as bad as how other anons had it.
I can't answer your question because I've personally never been through it but, please don't compare your assault to other peoples assault. No ones experience with being sexually assaulted is worse or better than anyone elses experience. Sexual assault is not a competition of which victim is more traumatized. Don't downplay what you went through and don't let anyone try to tell you it's not "as bad".

No. 712417

Psychfag here. Repressed trauma is a myth. Countless studies have proven that we are more likely to viscerally remember traumatic events, or really any event that evoked very positive or negative emotions in us. People may have developed techniques for avoiding remembering a traumatic event, but that's more of a coping mechanism, not some kind of function of memory.

If you ask yourself if you've been sexually abused and can't recall any specific instances of such, you either weren't, or there may have been events that perhaps you need to educated yourself about and ask whether or not they may constitute sexual abuse.

At the end of the day, it's really better to seek professional help for these things. People who feel they have been abused, but can't remember specific instances usually have actually been abused, but it was a type of subtle, chronic abuse (ie: neglect) that was normalized because it took place so early in the person's life and continued for a long time. This is the difference between complex trauma and PTSD-type trauma.

No. 712418

Anons with depression, have any of you been able to overcome it? I can’t seem to do anything, I just always feel a sense of impending doom, I just want to know if it could get better someday.

No. 712425

I haven't completely overcome my depression, but I know that not having so many stressful things happening in my life has certainly improved it. I was at my most depressed from 2014-2019 because pretty much all I did was work and live pay check to pay check. I lived in an expensive city that I had little option of leaving. I was also a full-time student on top of working two jobs. I stopped doing my hobbies because I was literally so exhausted that all I could find it within me to do during my downtime was lay in bed and watch Netflix. Was also in an abusive relationship for some of those years.

Within the past year, I had the opportunity to move somewhere nicer and cheaper, dropped a number of toxic people and graduated school. Now I have more time to get back into the things I used to really enjoy. I still have pretty bad anxiety unfortunately, but depression is a pretty minor issue for me these days.

I think that some people are more prone to depression than others, but changing your environment really does wonders if you're able to.

No. 712426

I did with medication a few years ago, then it came back again so I'm medicating again. I try to remind myself that it's possible to feel better because I did at one point, but it feels different now, like I'm more jaded than I was before.

No. 712429

It’s been 10 years and no, despite attempting to in many different ways. Now I’m focusing on learning to live with it. I do have periods of feeling relatively okay - things can feel better at times. I take what I can get and have just accepted depression will most likely always be part of my life. I hope that doesn’t sound depressing, it’s a neutral feeling. It won’t always feel so bad.

No. 712430

Yes. It took dropping heartbreakingly toxic people, medication (still on), and therapy (not currently doing, but was great at the time), and I feel better generally speaking and more capable of handling when things are bad. It never goes away for some people, it’s an illness, but it becomes very manageable.

No. 712431

Been there too, anon

No. 712437

File: 1610407199395.gif (2.64 MB, 398x498, 1597400054278.gif)

I'm from Canada and recently got hired to work for a company in the US. I'm going to be moving there on a work visa (sponsored by my company) and will be living there full-time for the foreseeable future.

I have a boyfriend who has a permanent remote work position for a Canadian company (meaning he can work pretty much anywhere, he's not tied to a specific office). I obviously want him to come with me, but with how things are, it looks like he'll only be able to stay for 6 months at a time and then have come back to Canada for 6 months after his visa expires. While his company has a presence in the US, they said they can't get him a work visa because they don't have any operations in the state I'm moving to (I found that REALLY odd, especially considering that they have an office in the state I'm moving to, which makes things even more confusing).

Have any anons here been in a similar situation before? At this point I'm planning to get my dual citizenship (once eligible) and then marry him so he can live with me permanently. But I'm not sure if I have any other options here. Would appreciate any insight into this! It's very confusing!

No. 712438

Have your surroundings changed much in 10 years? Have you seen a therapist for depression, preferably someone who focuses on you as a whole? I don't mean to be judgmental, but I find that people who treat depression as though it's a chronic illness are typically not aware of the reasons why they went on to develop depression in the first place, which makes it harder to recover from. It's definitely not just some illness like diabetes that you "have" to live with, although it is definitely not easy for everyone to overcome.

No. 712456

I’ve been receiving help since childhood after being removed from my abusive family (probably the biggest cause of the depression). Help was sporadic at first but became consistent 10 years ago. I’ve been through counselling, CBT, individual and group psychotherapy. Every time medication is discussed, the psychiatrist always struggles to find something I haven’t already tried. I’ve cut off toxic people, moved away, been successful in academics and my career, done cool things and made good friends. I have a decent life now, but can’t shake off the depression despite my efforts. There are physical differences in the brains of people who suffered severe childhood abuse/neglect, which I think helps to explain why I’m fucked up.

No. 712509

Is there a difference between cat whiskers and fish’s whiskers?

No. 712511

one is from a cat and the other is from a fish

No. 712512

Fish whisker is meaty

No. 712519

can you eat fish whiskers

No. 712543

what are the best sappiest Nick Cage movies?

No. 712544

Peggy Sue, Valley Girl? Anything from the 80s with him I feel like would be the best place to start

No. 712560

What are some overrated food blogs I should avoid? I know Serious Eats is one

No. 712566

I don't have an answer but, my stupid question is: why should serious eats be avoided?

No. 712567

Basically u can eat anything

No. 712616


Why is it called PT?
What does PT stand for?
like on lolcow

No. 712617

Pixie Teri

No. 712633

should I take my college math course online and cheat my way to an easy A? im a dyslexic retard and really fucking suck at math. the jobs i want with my degree do not require any math skill so im not too worried about actually learning it. i just don't want to fail because my brain is defective.

No. 712693

How the fuck do I get out rancid sweat smell from some of my clothes' underarm area? I used to stink really bad until a few years ago and whenever I put on an old shirt or coat, even if I don't sweat at all, my body heat sort of activates' the smell. I tried rinsing them in vinegar and textile refresheners but so far nothing worked. I don't want to throw out my otherwise perfectly good shirts and my winter coat from 2 years ago

No. 712694

samefag. I obviously wash them regularly, but it does nothing

No. 712707

Is it okay to be turned on by a phrase, almost like a sleeper agent, that your friend/coworker has said even if you have a boyfriend/girlfriend?

No. 712719

Do any of you have a nice morning routine you enjoy? I am having so much trouble getting into a routine without work atm. I kinda miss having a schedule.

No. 712727

Try baking soda. It gets the rancid smell out of my training sneakers, it'll probably work on clothes too. Put a thin film of it on stinky areas, leave it overnight. For really bad persistent smells do this several times, removing the old and putting a new layer of baking soda each day.

No. 712729

This happens to me with rayon/chiffon so I just accepted that I'll never wear them. Maybe your shirts/coat has a material your body doesn't tolerate? I'd try hydrogen peroxide on your whites.

No. 712739

Anon Serious Eats is the definition of reddit tier cooking

No. 712749

Anything with "Eats" in the name is something you should give a wide berth.

No. 712754

File: 1610443886964.png (28.71 KB, 950x885, Screenshot_20210112-102736~2.p…)

Am I the only one who has spoilered pics showing up like that? And when I click on them they are transparent, I have to open them in another tab to make them appear clearly. Is this some kind of soft ban/punishment thing?

No. 712762

Does ibs clear up sometimes or should I be suspicious that mine lasted for years and came to a sudden stop?

I had symptoms for ten years, took the meds in the beginning and stopped when the payoff from them was barely worth it. 3 years ago within the space of maybe a fortnight my symptoms eased and stopped. Should I be suspicious that I maybe had some long term infection that finally cleared itself? At diagnosis I was told ibs is for life.

No. 712771

Anons who take Prozac, do you take it in the morning or before bed?

No. 712784

What's the difference between web design and UX design? Or are they the same?

No. 712789

Just got a two week extension on my dissertation (thank god!!) but I still haven’t done anything. How do I get it done when I’m extremely unmotivated?

No. 712794

Don't wait until motivation comes. Just do it. Sit down, set your timer for an hour, write, short snack break, then an hour of writing again, rinse and repeat

No. 712795

in my understanding, UX design is focused on more psychological aspect?? Like analyzing the way user will interact with our website, what will bring their attention? Is the website intuitive enough for them??

No. 712842

I accidently stabbed myself under the nail with scissors while I was cutting my nails and now it's oozing something. My nail's also changed colour (it has a bluish spot now). Is there something I can do or it's gonna fall off?

No. 712845

Has anyone ever had a nice boss?

No. 712860

i have one. she's actually really patient with me considering how stupid i am

No. 712861

Me! My direct supervisor, his supervisor and CEO, they're all cool.

No. 712867

Yes, my supervisor and chief of our department. All of the supervisors in my dept are wonderful, though.

No. 712869

I accidentally sliced like 1/4 of my thumb nail off a few years ago and it grew back almost normal, so I'm assuming you're gonna be okay, anon. Just be careful not to apply too much pressure to the nail so the tissues have a chance to heal up.

No. 712881

My mom wants to know if I was penetrated as a kid, I'm 20 now though, medical examiners can find out so many years later? I don't remember being raped, and I've definitely haven't had sex yet with anyone consensually

No. 712882

Is there a difference between cow-tipping and touching the poop? I've just started hearing the second recently and tbh it's a lot less fun

No. 712888

the 2nd term is from twitter/lsa (sometimes also used on kiwi) it's not only dumb as fuck and makes no sense but it's an immediate sign of a newfag or a lame farmer that won't use our cow themed insults.

No. 712909

Do you think someone's fictional preferences can tell what their sexuality is or should it only count with real people? How can someone even figure out their sexuality if they hate being touched by anyone of either sex irl and think everyone is unattractive?

No. 712923

Fictional preferences are probably reflective of their sexuality. Second question makes the person sound asexual, though maybe something is getting in the way of their true sexuality, like trauma. Maybe they’re just very fussy. The only way to find out is to work through any issues and try exploring sexuality.

No. 712939

I have a pretty strickt morning routine. I get up. Go to pee. Then i go to the bathroom and do my skincare. Then depending on how I feel I’ll have breakfast or just a coffe and watch a short YouTube video. Then go back to bathroom. Brush teeth and put on makeup and brush my hair. Then i choose my clothes. I’m doing this pretty much every day!

No. 712941

Good to know they exist, thank you

No. 712942

no they can't, not all hymens are torn during sex or by dildo and some tear from biking or horse riding. my obgyn said mine's still there despite years of fucking myself which I thought tore in my teens.

No. 712943

Why am I unable to take a dump in the morning before having breakfast?

No. 712948

maybe you take dumps at night before going to sleep?

No. 712956

Thanks for replying anon! when I look down there with a mirror it looks like I have an annular hymen, like it has a little hole, from menstruation probably.

No. 712958

i hardly ever. when i try to poop in the morning before having breakfast i can't but immediately after i finish breakfast i have to poop. why?

No. 712962

because the newly eaten food pushes your old eaten food further along your digestive system, that includes onto your instestines, and if you have any fecal matter just sitting there, it pushes it out. maybe?

No. 712968

makes sense, thanks!

No. 712990

Oldfags, can you give us some essential reading cow recommendations? I want to know about the most WTF cows, whether they’re retired or the milk just hasn’t been flowing for a while & their old threads are good but the new ones are boring/slow

No. 713065

What kind of messages usually get a successful cam girl/OF whore to block someone if they're paying them? Is it normal to block customers who act too familiar with you, or do most just leave them be? totally not asking because of Shayna's splenda daddy and his weird antics.

No. 713068

seconding this

I'm newer to lolcow but an oldfag in terms of following internet cows. Kiki Kannibal/Dakota Rose are like the cows that broke the farm OG level. You gotta know them.

No. 713071

File: 1610487981534.png (411.87 KB, 508x779, historicalgf.png)

How would you rate the TV programs in your country? (not netflix, actual scheduled TV programming). As a Britfag who has never watched foreign television before, I'd say British TV is pretty good since most of our programming is decent, and we've got some good stuff

No. 713074

You have no blood.

No. 713075

No. 713076

I think I do.

No. 713077

Does anyone else constantly rub their sweating feet or their fingers whenever browsing the web or just sitting around? I tried to google why it could be, but all I'm getting is disgusting skin conditions or articles about skin picking, but I don't injure my skin. I just keep rubbing it either when my feet are sweaty, or sometimes I even lubricate my thumb with saliva to keep rubbing. I swear it's not a sexual thing.

No. 713078

bumping this as a newfag who joined this site in February. I want to find out about the cows here, especially since I don't use the cow boards, aside from /snow/ on the rare occasion

No. 713088

What programs do you think are good? I’m in the U.K. too and not renewing my TV license this year because it’s all so bad.

No. 713092

File: 1610489246911.png (852.67 KB, 820x688, blurry.png)

How is everyone getting this sort of blurry/bloomy/glowy effect on their photos lately? I've tried a few combinations of things in photoshop but I'm suspect this trend started with people who edit on their phones, so

No. 713095

I recently read about Gutterface/Joji in the BJD doll thread and it was great entertainment but not really an OG cow I guess

No. 713139

I did this for art when I used to draw on Gaiaonline, lol.
Duplicate the layer. Blur the top layer until it you can't make out details but you can still see shapes, then lower the opacity. Apply "soft light" mode.

No. 713141

Do fujos actually masturbate to BL? I read BL and find it stimulating and everything, but in the end I don't have a penis so it doesn't really work as masturbation material. Maybe I just lack imagination tho

No. 713142

can't speak for everyone ofc, but i personally don't get off to it

No. 713152

To be honest, not really, I just think it looks nice and that the guys are hot. I just can’t see myself in the pictures or scene, it would feel more like voyeurism and I’m not into that.

No. 713165

Why did the alt community become so retarded? Why is it in itself a massive shitfest

No. 713173

No. 713179


I used to when I was like 16 but not anymore. I never self-inserted as the uke, anti-fujos keep saying fujos do this and that's why the uke tends to be written so uguu feminine. Could be true in some cases but in my case super feminine ukes always turned me off even as a teenage fujo and made finding "good" (lol) BL difficult.

No. 713181

what’s that subreddit of people who think they’re being followed by groups of people. They claim that they keep seeing the same cars/license plates/people

No. 713185



No. 713200


No. 713204

Can I get banned from Discord for sending an IP grabber through DM?

No. 713217

probably not but why are you using an ip grabber anon?

No. 713220

I'll post about it soon, I have to check something. Thank you for your answer. ♥

No. 713222

How do you know if you were misdiagnosed with ADHD and actually have autism?

No. 713234

you could always talk to different doctors for a second opinion. nothing wrong with that

No. 713247

How common is it for anachans to get to Eugenia level spoopy? I’ve been lurking her subreddit and there’s so many posts about people aperging about how they used to be her current size. Are they full of shit? Eugenia to me seems like she’d be a pretty rare bmi.

No. 713251

Unless there's picture evidence to prove so they're likely lying. I would say it's not that common. A lot of anachans aren't even that spoopy, they just think they're spoopy when they reach a low to low normal BMI if they used to be fatties

No. 713263

Why the fuck does shayna's boobs do that? How? The other one is dying as we speak

No. 713272

Ok anachan.
It depends, cases differ by severity but either way you can seriously die at any weight if you've damaged your heart enough. At EC or Ashley Issacs state you are barely functional. If you want to learn more about the topic seriously watch the documentary Thin.

No. 713276

happens to me on mobile but not on pc

No. 713282

it's very uncommon to be that thin and still alive but it happens. i knew someone irl a few years ago who was around her size, although she wasn't anachan, she was that skinny because she was homeless and couldn't afford any food

No. 713298

I really just read it for the plot kek.

No. 713304

Nuhuh what

No. 713306

Fellow anons with tonsils, do you actively remove your tonsil stones or just let them fall from themselves?

No. 713309

your what

No. 713316

I once tried the qtip method and bled, got tonsillitis or some shit so I never tried physically removing them. I usually can kinda swallow on nothing and move my tongue weird to get some out but I've noticed the older I get, the less I have them and the ones I do have are huge. Gurgling salt water or a mouthwash twice a day helped a lot also!

No. 713338

I got my period on the 4th and it stopped two days ago. This morning I woke up and I was bleeding again, and have been all day. It was bright red at the beginning of the day, and is borderline black/brown now. Am I dying?

No. 713342

I just let them fall but I've had some now for a few months. ONE of them fell out and it's less funky but still annoying af. Like >>713316 mentioned, the only time the one fell out was when I gargled mouthwash the night before

No. 713347

Don't worry anon you're not dying, it could be caused by something like stress but it can just happen for no reason
I never used to get this but it's become normal to me lately too I'm blaming lockdown lifestyle changes

No. 713377

I know this is a coomer question, but I don't know where else to ask this… where can I find some good bisexual male (mmf) hentai? Does that even exist?

No. 713401

I once read a Fate/Stay Night doujinshi which was ArcherxLancerxRin, it was pretty good and I guess it's the kind of thing you're looking for, you need to browse hentai websites and check the tags (like MMF or bisexual male of it exists).

No. 713408

File: 1610525261702.jpg (127.94 KB, 1365x2048, 770fb311f1dfc53ffc4eaaf525d512…)

TIL this girl is from Fate/Stay Night

No. 713413

Should I put 'he/him' on my ao3 profile so this surprisingly fakeboi infested fandom won't screech at me for 'mlem fetishization'?

No. 713415

No, tell them to shut up

No. 713429

File: 1610528971286.jpeg (35.27 KB, 306x423, 3372C42D-26E5-4783-8D8C-70A5BA…)

I wish we could start a thread here that is akin to Reddit’s R/deadeyes (featuring porn stars) but instead we just post the eyes of piece of shit men and discuss how devoid of humanity they look.

Here’s the railway rapist-murderer David Mulcahy with his glassy dead soulless shark eyes

No. 713431

Shit, I blocked that subreddit out of my head because it freaked me out. I like this idea tho

No. 713437

Are you or are you not supposed to bleed when it's your first time doing PIV? I keep hearing conflicting accounts. Some people say it's completely normal and it can happen the next few times, others say if you bleed you're not doing it right and you should slow down/do more foreplay. So what's the truth?

No. 713438

File: 1610530323386.jpeg (59.63 KB, 500x639, 867418A4-DE6D-4801-A5E2-54EB76…)

Yeah and there’s endless material, for we don’t have to post men who have been convicted of a crime, just any that are definitely evil

No. 713444

It varies from person to person and I thought it was because the hymen breaks? I thought It never happened to me because I used tampons.

No. 713445

it's just one of those things where everyone's experience is different

No. 713447

It can be normal for the first few times, equally you might never bleed. Depends on you as an individual. I bled regularly into the tens of times I had sex, looked it up and found something about micro-tears? I had vaginismus though which made penetration more difficult, so that’s probably why. More foreplay and lube is always worth trying. If you’re also feeling tense/nervous that’s likely having an effect.

No. 713472

The hymen doesn't tear if you stretch it over time, either through unrelated exercise or deliberate penetration, and you're turned on enough
I believed the lie that a hymen is meant to be torn and you're just meant to keep going through the pain and now I'm mad as hell about it
If you don't want to tear/bleed during your first piv you should get to know your own body first, experiment with your own fingers etc. People always say that for it not to hurt you just need to relax, but it's not that simple. We should tell girls to learn how to relax when penetrating themselves alone first

No. 713500

is it really good for laptop battery health to leave the laptop on battery every once in a while? how often should this be done? is there such thing as too often?

No. 713505

Haven't had PiV yet but when I used a dildo for the first time (with lube) it didn't bleed at all. I've been using cups for a good 8 years and I never bled or felt some kind of painful stretch, and I'm not sure I even had a hymen in the first place.

No. 713506

I'm not convinced it makes a noticeable difference on its own but rather it is the heat generated that gradually degrades a Li-ion battery. Maybe take it off power or take a break when it gets hot?

The effect that discharging the battery has on lifespan is complicated and I reckon not worth stressing about.

Eg laptops I've used daily had their batteries degrade about the same whether they were the desk one on power full time or the one I ran on battery a lot.

The only battery I got to keep pristine beyond 2 years was one I kept at 40% charge in the fridge in clingwrap but laptops these days don't let you hotswap the battery like the old IBMs did so that's just some autism, k thanks bye.

No. 713510

What is the oldest MacBook Pro model that can handle the Adobe CC suite and Sketch? I'm broke but I need a Macbook and want to buy a used one

No. 713511

At what point can you claim that something is yours if you've partly followed a YT tutorial? I've added a whole bunch of my things and customized it but if anyone compared the two works, the inspiration or better put, the starting point would be clear.

No. 713512

Genuine question, what makes trans women and actual women different if actual women stopped having children? I just saw someone say that if women stop reproducing there will be no meaningful difference between us and troons.

No. 713515

Because an actual woman just is a woman whereas a tranny is a deluded man whose entire meaning is based on keeping up a lie that is easily shattered?
A woman is not defined by her ability to conceive neither is she defined by her interests or fashion.

No. 713518

That we don't depend on hormone blockers and estrogen pills to "be women"? It's like you asked, what makes women and men biologically different lol.

No. 713520

This and the fact that sex-based discrimination against women exists outside of procreation. Troons opt into that, actual women don’t get a choice.

No. 713521

Why does taking vitamin D supplements give me headaches and make me feel irritated af? This is not the first time this has happened and now I'm taking a different brand

No. 713523

>What's the difference between a steel beam and a wooden plank that was spray painted silver???

No. 713526

what defines a woman?

No. 713527

I know I’m retarded but this is the stupid questions thread

No. 713528

This analogy doesn't even make sense regardless of the point you were trying to make.

No. 713531

NTA but a woman is just the female of the human species, ie. the sex that produces the egg. It doesn't stop to be true just because some decide to not have children, this is the main difference for every biological difference between the two sexes. And just because some women are infertile or some people end up with extra chromosomes, doesn't really change it. The social ('gender') builds on the biological, not vice versa. Men have 0% worry to ever carry their rapist's baby, or be threatened with it.

No. 713533

Like, having two X chromosomes for starters, if you go to a fucking doctor and the doctor says that you’re biologically a woman since birth, you’re a woman. Whatever happens afterwards is what you as an individual wants to do.

No. 713534

One of them has a foetid, shit smelling, mutilated, man made crevice between their legs, and the other has a vagina.

No. 713535

Have you researched how much you need to take? Headaches can be a sign of overdosing. The amount you need is individual and depends on factors like the severity of winter where you are, how much time you spend outside, your personal biology. Try reducing the dosage, if the pills aren’t scored you can buy cutters pretty cheap.

No. 713538

woman have different heart attack symptoms, we have specific diseases only we have, and a man who takes some female horse pee pills will never experience. There are many female only things because of our biology that are more than just having children.

No. 713540

That might be it. I take 50 micrograms per day and live in a Nordic country

No. 713547

Do colleges confirm that you dropped a class? I dropped one of my classes and through my school portal it now says one seat is available, but I’m still in the blackboard. I’m anxious about somehow still being enrolled.

No. 713551

It can take a bit before being removed from blackboard, if your school portal allows you to list the classes you're in and it's not there you should be fine.

No. 713555

That does sound like too much when the recommendation is only 10mcg/day. May be best to try 10 then adjust if necessary. I believe you can take the pills every few days, so one 50mcg every 5 days. To save you wasting the pills as they’ll be difficult to cut.

No. 713575

d, e, k and vitamin a aren't soluble in water meaning you can overdose on them because they're stored in lipids aka fat. with that in mind it's possible you overdosed or something?

No. 713630

Baking fags, what is your favorite cookie recipe?

No. 713631

how did the onision thread manage to go so off the rails these past few months? it's not like there's no milk, but every time i see it it's just the most braindead arguing ever from boomers who fucking love abusing italics. is it just the general influx of twitfags and freaks from LA and KF coming over to LC?

No. 713641

Finland has a population of only around 5.5 million people yet Finns seem to be hugely overrepresented on imageboards. How come?

No. 713646

same with balkan anons, I guess we're just miserable terminally online people that tend to be less normie than the rest of the world for some reason

No. 713652

File: 1610563690540.jpg (70.31 KB, 600x900, butter-cookies.jpg)

Oh fuck, it's my time to shine

I looove butter cookies, they're my go-to Christmas cookie for gifts. So versatile. They're amazing dipped in chocolate, or mixed with grounded almonds. I use the dough for linzers as well (much better than shortbread, imo). PROTIP for sharp edges: replace 1/2cup (~60g) of flour with cornstarch.

I sometimes make "healthy" cookies with anything in my kitchen. Basic brown sugar cookie dough with rolled oats, ground flax seed, nut butter, maple syrup, dried raisins/cranberries, chocolate chips, nuts.
350F for 10mins.

My super ultra lazy cookie is pie crust cinnamon spirals. Leftover pie dough, rolled up with cinnamon/brown sugar (butter optional) and cut. Pinch the ends into the dough so they don't unravel. 425F for 15mins.

No. 713661

Would a Balkan thread even be this active? I guess it depends on how you define the Balkan region, but still

No. 713663

It started when the trans flag was made because Trans is very different from LGB and having it under the rainbow flag wouldn't make sense because they are very different expiriences. Later on, bi people felt that their experience was different from gay people and at that point, each letter had their own flag, making people think you need one for every identity. Also, spicy straight people like pastel colors

No. 713668

But the Balkans have 55 million people, 10x times the population of Finland. Fins are vastly overrepresented online.

No. 713671

File: 1610564946396.jpg (7.33 KB, 263x275, 1575257552458.jpg)

This all sounds good ilu anon

No. 713676

Too much free time.

No. 713680

It's actually mento illness, luv. Not kidding.

No. 713699

someone plase tell me what


means I can’t figure it out. My best guess is

thintherely (sincerely with a lisp)

No. 713702

>t. is an abbreviated form of the Finnish word terveisin (meaning "regards" in English)

of course it's finnish

No. 713706

ohhhhh thank you. Do you know the history of how that came to be commonly used here? Or are all the people using it finnish….?

No. 713709

I remember thinking i was so fucking smart trying to out someone on an imageboard as a finn for using t.
Turns out i was just retarded

No. 713710

We just use a lot of imageboards and sign posts often with t. Someone who knows/something related to the post they are replying. Kinda like
A: "oh she says her cat is growing wings"
B: "that's fucking impossible t. Vetfag"

No. 713736

anon thintherely is killing me what have you done

No. 713756

It's from ylilauta, a Finnish image board. It was used on by Finns on 4chan /int/ and krautchan which is how it ended up on English speaking image boards.

No. 713774

Would 172cm be 5'7 or 5'8?

No. 713788

How much time needs to pass to break up with your partner because they have never said I love you?

No. 713789

5'7.7", so closer to 5'8 i guess

No. 713795

> krautchan
I miss that place. It's a shame it went to shit.

No. 713796


I lasted 18 months when I was younger with a guy who I was very much in love with who never said it back.

No. 713797

I think that if you’re “officially” together, around a month or two months, like, there must be some moments in two months in which two people that are actually in love with each other would sporadically say
>hey boo, I love you.

No. 713798

My roommate's cat makes 'rounds'. Like she boops into my room, goes to my window, goes back to the corner near my door and walks out, always in that order lol. Is this a common cat thing?

No. 713809

Yes, she's just making sure the premise is secure, miss.

No. 713812

It depends on how he is treating you. If he's treating you like shit then as soon as possible. If he treats you like he loves you but never says it, then you should ask yourself what the actual issue is. Some men and even some women find it very difficult to express their emotions verbally.

No. 713814

Is anyone here a former atheist/irreligious? How do you go back to religion? I find that I'm a very mentally weak person and I wish I could return to some belief system that would give me more hope in life and the world but I find that I'm way too much of a sceptic now. Anyone have any success in brainwashing/indoctrinating themselves into believing something like that?

No. 713819

I'm an atheist but I like to read about budha's teachings, meditate and keep in touch with the religion. And you can still be spiritual but not religious. I've always believed in destiny, for example.
I've been in your same position but don't brainwash yourself into being religious. Sometimes real life can give you hope as well, just be tuned in with yourself, nature and the good things in life that make you feel happy

No. 713821

is it okay to eat Reese's candy that just expired this month? they're from october

No. 713822

You won't get sick, if they are in wrappers, might be kinda stale though

No. 713824

Please can anyone recommend some movies or series to watch with my mom WITHOUT sex scenes? I'm fucking tired of everything being so fucking explicit.

No. 713828

This was asked in one of the previous threads and the explanation was that because Finns have always had an extremely enthusiastic userbase of the internet and the country has traditionally had high speed internet widely and cheaply available they've also created their own sub culture online. And because the snarky, unapologetic imageboard style of discussion and humor sits well with their culture.

No. 713829

Thanks for this, anon. I feel really lost right now in life and it's nice to know someone else has had a similar experience. Do you have any advice or suggestions on how to get into Buddhism? Any readings, books or videos I should start off with?

No. 713830

My autistic ass first thought was donnie darko because i remember being surprised there was no sex scenes, i have no idea why. Holiday movies are generally safe, what kind of movies or even actors you like?

No. 713834

Is it normal to feel absolute dread when seeing nudity (others)? Like I feel really pained and depressed. What is supposed to be a natural response to nudity?

No. 713838

Thanks for answering, honestly me and my mom love anything good, the last good thing we watched was parasite, also we loved inception and the shape of water. It's okey if the recommendation contains mild sex scenes, but not game of thrones level.

No. 713846

Those are movies my mom and I enjoyed as well! I would recommend Moon, Seven Psychopaths, Mute, Thoroughbreds, for some lighter maybe Laundromat. They are kinda off beat, similar odd vibes.

No. 713847

If you like weird family drama, 3 billboards outside of ebbing missouri or august: osage county were some of my faves last year or so, sorry to dump it out all like this!

No. 713849

Thank you, these are super nice recommendations, means a lot.

No. 713850

i accidentally cut my thumb with an old x-acto knife yesterday and its about an inch long and pretty damn deep. i tried to get a tetanus shot today but the clinic was closed. will i die if i wait til tomorrow

No. 713851

No problem, hope you two have fun!

No. 713859

This video it's a good summary and I've also liked the video on buddhism from The School of Life, the Jubilee video of people asking questions to a monk and the Headspace series on meditation (it's on Netflix, the creator behind it was a buddhist monk for 10 years) and I'm sure there are lots of TED Talks.
A really nice thing about buddhism it's that there aren't very strict rules, Buddha himself encouraged people to not blindly trust in his word and approach the buddhist path as they need.
The teachings are simple in theory, they are about making no harm and avoiding suffering by minimizing our desires (that's the hard thing, in this time and age)
Sending you love anon! I hope you can take what you need from buddhism and it eases your worries

No. 713863

so i know a lot of women love deep voices and i think i'm the opposite way? almost all the guys i've liked had higher pitched voices, it makes me more at ease. is this common?

No. 713868

i like deep voices on women and soft voices on men

No. 713870

How is whorepobia an acceptable word to use? I thought it was a joke but keep seeing it used by the left. Whore is like the worst word used against prostitutes and women, how is it empowering to use it in this sense?

No. 713871

It's not anon, and the left doesn't value women any more than the right does. We're breeders to one and whores to the other and they try to sell you on the idea that it's empowering or some form of sexual freedom so they can keep exploiting us.

No. 713876


Its not, people are just retarded.

Left pretends its empowering to be a slut when in reality, only men benefit becauase coomers gonna coom

Misogyny Left vs Misogyny Right

No. 713902

How can I calm myself when I’m both nervous and excited?
I have a job over the weekend that I’m really excited for but it’s high pressure and I’m afraid I’m going to mess it up. I’ve done this twice before, where I’ve been so excited but nervous that I actually did act like a dummy and do worse on the job than I normally do. At this risk of sounding like a fag I think it’s like in Harry Potter when Ron started playing in the quidditch team (if you’re familiar with the series)

No. 713903

Same, that shit turns me on

No. 713905

What causes some cities to have worse drivers than other cities? I always hear people complaining about driving in my city (including truck drivers who frequently drive in multiple cities) and I’d like to know why one city would develop a worse driving culture.

No. 713910

That’s a good question, I don’t know the answer totally but I know some factors. Florida, for example, is the most dangerous state to drive in. What else does Florida have? A fuck ton of old people. So that explains that one.
I hear Pittsburgh is terrible to drive in, but that’s maybe just because I live near tbere. I hate the park way though, which is a bunch of horrible over passes all stacked on top of each other like a death web spiral of concrete, it’s terrifying, and there’s also a ton of bridges. Infrastructure and bad city planning would play a big role in why drivers are “worse”, it may just be that the roads are the thing that is bad.

No. 713954

Can a mod permaban me? I've wasted too much time here the past 3 years and I'm also a teenager so I'm not allowed here anyway

I said I was gonna quit a month ago, but here my retarded ass still is. This must be what having a coke addiction feels like(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 713958

How do you get over knowing theres a certain part of the Internet that you were personally involved with hating your ass because they thought you manipulated their friends?

No. 713964

>What else does Florida have?
florida man

No. 713967

develop a paint huffing habbit

No. 713982

File: 1610607987681.jpeg (219.85 KB, 826x1024, 5898DB00-1626-4D05-B264-D7491B…)

you know how lolcow has themes- - uh style.

Do I have to manually select my preferred theme each time I get on lc or is there an option to permanently keep this site on my preferred theme? bank boo.

No. 713983

the internet isn't real life

No. 713990

For me it's always the theme I chose though? Do you use lite mode, or incognito tabs or something maybe? (No idea how it's on mobile either)

No. 713997

Is eyebrow sweat a thing? Everytime I go running I have sweatdrops in my eyebrows

No. 713998

Yes, it means they're working, that's what eyebrows are for. They're sweat-stoppers, they collect sweat so doesn't drip in your eyes.

No. 714002

Ah, today I learned. Thanks!

No. 714009

is it possible to somehow become nicer and kinder to others? i feel like i'm such a bitch to everyone

No. 714011

People soften up all the time! But it has to happen gradually from an honest intention to become empathetic to others, not just wanting to appear nicer.
I think just pausing for a second to try to put yourself in other people's shoes is really helpful as well as asking people to explain what they mean etc. Try to think more about people's motivations, sometimes people are just stupid assholes but other times we can react with our own bias very quickly and completely misunderstand them
Books, movies and pocasts that show case studies of characters and people existing outside of our own experiences might help too

No. 714012

this is probably a contested topic but can you delude yourself into liking men (temporarily)? I basically forced myself to look at moid porn that disgusted me so I could feel normal. It's not normal but I had a weird thing "girls watch porn too!!" I wish I never was so stupid as a teen. Anyway, I stopped because 90% disgusted me and half the time I gave up feeling icky. (I did manage enough times with careful selection, so maybe I'm overthinking it.) Fast forward to now, scrolling /g/ and the femdom gifs. I know many anons expressed disgust but even the guys o-facing… they're in pleasure and "hot", that should be attractive right… I jumped out of my skin. Men really are gross to me.
Related, how come I get this urge to impress every man even though I don't want them? It's almost like ocd intrusive thoughts, a scrote is present, he could be old and ugly but I become hyper aware and nervous. As a kid I had this need to have a crush, so I would pick guys I even knew were ugly, just to have someone to fixate on. Wtf is this? The one I tried to have sex with, he could tell I was uncomfortable. We couldn't go all the way. I even felt nothing while kissing after the first couple times, I did get excited but those were clandestine. Social anxiety? fear of intimacy? lesbian? or low sex drive? I feel broken

No. 714016

File: 1610616485637.jpeg (325.54 KB, 1200x1600, 2FEA5542-66D7-46DE-BFCA-DB6CBB…)

I found this book while browsing a bookstore ages ago, might be worth a read if you can spare a bit of money? It basically lists every situation you can be kind in, how to do it and why. Basically like a manual for kindness.

Retain your inner bitch though because sometimes you’ll need her. Being kind as an unbending rule isn’t good.

No. 714029

Its because you're having sex with scrotes you dont really like

No. 714032

lol I think you're right, I guess I'm wondering why I did that, but I can't expect other people to know either.

No. 714034

>Wtf is this?
Internalised misogyny and social norms?
There's nothing wrong with having no sexual feelings for men or not wanting to be near them for whatever the reason, you're not broken and I say this as someone who does actually enjoy sex with men so it's not like that it's something that sounds divide you from others.
This is maybe a stupid thing to say but maybe don't worry about it, just do you

No. 714037

I think… you're right anon. In fact it's probably low self-esteem. And idk, some anxiety from the social norms you mentioned. I feel really aware of them around men
>just do you
I agree tbh… It's not stupid advice. That is basically my method but every now and then I think myself a storm and try to figure out why I'm like this. It makes more sense to just live life and the answer will present itself. Maybe I will find a moid I actually like.
I guess I'm thinking so hard because I'm afraid I'll repeat it again… It's like I was 100% aware I wasn't attracted, but still thought I had a crush. Maybe I did somehow. Since I wasn't attracted to those guys then I don't know which I am, I don't know how to tell.
I'm overthinking again so I'll try to take your advice and just live, I sound crazy lol, thanks for the answer

No. 714041

You don't sound crazy, you just sound like you're figuring out what doesn't work for you but I hope you find what makes you confident in yourself soon whether that's focusing on friendships or chilling out alone

No. 714042

File: 1610619881126.jpg (146.94 KB, 1440x477, Screenshot_20210114-052341_Red…)

Why do some women like tinder hook ups? Do you not mind that the men on there usually dont even see you as human?

No. 714045

for some people, it's easier to hook up with no expectation of a relationship
some people really don't want to be contacted again
try not to judge, you can probably figure out why some people wind up like that

No. 714046

Seems degrading when they could just get a dildo instead of fucking someone who sees them as "cheap sex"

No. 714047

It kind of seems like your ignoring some factors
I'm not even saying you're wrong, but it's pretty unkind to the women who find themselves that poorly

No. 714048

if you want to feel another warm human body but can't handle the responsibility/implications of staying in contact, it works out

No. 714049

A dildo isn't a human being. Sometimes you just want to have sex with another person. I'm not into hookups but I don't really have a hard time understanding those who do.

No. 714051

Yeah, but isn't it weird fucking someone who probably doesnt find them attractive or interesting?

No. 714053

Why ask a question if you don't want it answered?
I would assume most women don't just hop in the car with anyone who calls them a dumb ugly piece of shit, but it seems like that's what you want to believe, so

No. 714055

They might not be calling them that but I'm sure you know that's what they're thinking?

No. 714056

Again, why even ask

No. 714059

Why do you believe that? Most people can be attracted to other people they don't love.

No. 714061

You ever heard of post nut clarity? It's when guys fuck girls they dont find attractive because they're super horny then afterwards they feel guilt/depression. Knowing guys will fuck anyone they can would make the experince very unsexy to me.

No. 714063

File: 1610622765409.jpeg (198.99 KB, 828x971, AC314C2C-70C3-4073-AC50-0CEED4…)

Can somebody please explain why the lady on the right is supposed to be empowered? I understand wearing a cover is part of muslim culture which tries to suppress women.

No. 714064

then don't do it?
what's your problem?

No. 714066

In the context of this image, it supposed to be 'every single thing a woman does is empowering. Empowerment isn't an objective state'. Libfems don't want to admit Islam is sexist

No. 714067


No. 714068

As I see it, she stays true to her faith but seems like a strong, modern woman too. It's as nuanced as the left example, you can ask similar question ofhow is wearing such revealing clothes "empowering"? Basically just two women who do what they want, regardless of what other want them to do.

No. 714070

Does waking up at a random hour in the middle of the night have a medical name? Is it a type of insomnia?

No. 714071

it's commonly caused by every form of anxiety

No. 714073

Yea that’s what I’m thinking. I mean sure in many countries women can choose what to do and to wear but what’s the motivation behind it. The other anon was right to say why is a revealing outfit more empowering since it could be motivated by scrotes and their desires. I guess I can just relate bc I’m from a western country

No. 714083

I know the meme has been dead for several months by now, but what the fuck was that Mia Khalifa/Hit or Miss song? I never understood what the joke was and why it took off.

No. 714089

I think it was a case of 'so bad, it's good'. I think it mainly took off because of this one chick's tiktok going viral.

No. 714097

File: 1610628625876.jpeg (344.41 KB, 1242x698, A5FFAF83-6142-4610-800B-EC0960…)

What’s a “normal” kink? I know choking, spitting and other degenerate shit that appears in porn is, well, degenerate. But what’s kinky enough to be kinky without being harmful, degrading or simply gross?

No. 714104

probably footfagging (personally I don't get it, but it's not harmful in itself and only gross to those few feet-repulsed weirdos)

No. 714105

femdom unironically

No. 714107

>true to her faith
LMAO more like beaten into submission
>t. exmuslim

No. 714114

Roleplaying and dressing up, unless it is made gross intentionally(like ageplay).

No. 714121

Would boots be "normal" or is that still degen? The only bad thing I see from that is when someone licks or gets stepped on, but kissing a boot is very mild.

Maybe I'm too degen to see it as degen tho

No. 714127

Using sex toys, dirty talk (it can be degrading but it's not necessary), phone sex, fucking in different place settings (nothing public please), painting each other's bodies, sensation play, wearing heels/lingerie, blindfolding, lap dances (just fucking while/after doing some kind of physical activity together is hot to me)

No. 714128

File: 1610635392387.png (86.02 KB, 1570x524, why.PNG)

why does the site look like this? i was browsing and it just… happened. works fine on incognito mode too. sorry if this doesn't fit this thread i don't know where to post this

No. 714129

Ex-muslim too, but I do actually know a lot of women who genuinely choose to wear it to dedicate themselves to God. Don’t agree with the concept, and the “choice” thing only applies to the few muslim women with more liberal families. Most are forced though, lol. Controversial opinion, but I love pretty hijabis and like how they look “modest” but hot.

No. 714131

You should probably try /meta/

No. 714134

>every girl is boring and superficial
Let me guess, he likes cars, sports and the gym, fishing, perhaps motorbikes, drinking with the lads. He thinks Myers Briggs is legitimate, he has tribal tattoos or a koi tattoo. He thinks that human beings have a “use by” date but he expects women to look past his below average sized chode.

No. 714135

Samefag, he calls himself a “reverse catfish” when really he’s just trying to get away with lying about his age because he’s 35 and balding and still thinks he should be fucking 20 year olds

No. 714141

File: 1610637335117.jpg (82.42 KB, 600x900, Audrey-Hepburn-Head-Scarf.jpg)

>I love pretty hijabis and like how they look “modest” but hot.
They look classy like those old Holywood stars with their headscarves and sunglasses

No. 714145

is it weird to have no friends besides your significant other?

i have really bad anxiety and have trouble meeting people. but i (somehow) managed to get my first bf at age 20 and we got engaged after 3 months. i dont really suffer from loneliness, im just really clingy towards him. but he is also clingy towards me and doesnt speak with many people (besides his best friend every once in a while and his mom)

should i try to get friends even though i feel no need to? should i force myself to be social or is it ok to have no friends?

No. 714147

You should have friends. Maybe one day something happens with you and your partner and you'll be alone. There is always nice people out there that will be kind to you and you'll enjoy their presence, so try at least.
My mom never had friends as she was constantly moving and too focused on her studies and she regrets it a lot now that her children are grown up, she really wants to spend her time with someone else other than my dad because it's healthy

No. 714152

Anon I’m the same. I have literally nobody besides my fiance. But i don’t really know where to make friends and I’m really picky when it comes to friendships… it’s ridiculous

No. 714154

Hijabi girl is dressed like a fucking jedi.

No. 714156

shit I'd be fucking strutting if i was dressed like a jedi

No. 714157

If you had friends they would tell you that getting engaged at 20 after 3 months of dating to your first boyfriend is like 20 red flags in a row

No. 714158

>Modest but hot

No. 714162

the easiest way to make friends is to find people that share a hobby or interest. You can do this online too, just find a relevant community or platform and be active, ask other people about the hobby/interest etc. Works the same in person, obviously. One of my best friends I met at a figure drawing class, and another I met at the gym (in a cycle class). Takes a while to build a good friendship ofc, but bonding over something you enjoy is easiest.

No. 714165

File: 1610640915622.jpeg (56.17 KB, 750x737, EoZd-RPXYAIVgYn.jpeg)

I was talking to this one girl, but didn't reply for nearly a week to her messages because my brain is shit.
I did reply 4 days ago, but she didn't get back to me, and I feel kind of bad because it's kind of my fault for being an anxious/easily distracted retard even though I wanted to make friends. Should I try messaging her again sometime, or is that weird? It's probably too late to apologize.

No. 714171

Definitely. The girls in the Gulf region are absolutely stunning and so glamorous, I want what they have.

No. 714172

I want to buy a PS vita but how do I find a cheap one? What secondhand sites would anyone recommend?

No. 714179

> just find a relevant community or platform and be active
Where can I find these? I tried using disboard but hasn't been working out too well for me.

No. 714180

Worst case scenario she won't reply

No. 714185

how long do you guys personally wear jeans and outer coats before washing?

No. 714186

Don't ruin the illusion by interacting with gulf arabs, particularly since the ones you're envisioning will be the well-off/rich ones; as a rule they are some of the most unpleasant people I've ever met.

No. 714187

What’s your ethnicity race baiter

No. 714188

Because left has a killer body. I know it’s just a cartoon but she’s so nicely dressed.

No. 714189

an arab of a non-gulf variety.

No. 714191

don’t get butthurt when someone compliments them you diaspoo

No. 714200

When and why did lolcow.farm become so gender crit-y? It's so weird because apparently it wasnt always like this, so what happened. (I started lurking in 2018) Apparently at first the fakeboi thread was just for 'transtrenders'(and an mtf thread didnt exist) but now, the MtF thread is the most popular snow thread by far. Was there some infiltration or something like what happened to 4chan?

No. 714201

No. 714202

How would your life change if someone found out u were tranaphoinc?

No. 714204

it wouldn’t, i live in a non tranny cult worshipping area

No. 714205

It wouldn’t because most people I know IRL feel the same, only with less vitriol. Plus I say outlandish things all the time irl and nobody expects me to have entirely sane reactions to anything

No. 714206

In new here so I don’t know, but I love having this space to share with other chicks. Having guys here be fine as long as they also share the same catty bitchy nature, but I would want them to be in the minority. I say that because on 4chan I’m always in the minority and get called out for being female, I’m actually getting harassed on there right now because I mentioned that a troon was harassing me, then saying “you shouldn’t have ever mentioned you were a girl on the internet and you deserve to suffer and die” like the troon couldn’t tell I was a girl by my fucking name. Believe it or not everyone needs a space to mingle with everyone and everyone also needs a space to mingle with people who share the same specific experiences and interests as them. This is my specific place.
It’s also super refreshing to hear a lot of topics being discussed that I would never see on 4chan. This may be the shittiest cattiest version of womanhood but it exists.

No. 714207

It's as subjective as can be. Hell, I consider choking to be pretty normie. Basically any kink that is described in the mainstream (BDSM, daddy kink, etc.) To be "normal" while anything from deviantart (feet, piss,giants, transformation, poop, etc) to be "degenerate"

Basically, if people call it kink, its "normal", and if people call it fetish, it is "abnormal"

No. 714208

big agree, i went to school with them, revolting people

No. 714210

File: 1610647353818.jpeg (85.86 KB, 1000x1000, 34E2EFE7-5B2D-4C9B-BC37-81AA54…)

>having guys here be fine
Get out

No. 714214

im actually not but if someone caught me on this site I'd lose all my friends and probably be cancelled. then again I could get cancelled for using they instead of neopronoins so whatever

No. 714216

It probably coincides with reddit banning every trans-critical subreddit. You can't have any female spaces if you don't allow MtFs to larp.

Nothing, I'd probably be still the most liberal around in my work/schoolplace. You'd be surprised how homophobic the zoomers around me are.

No. 714223

Yeah but wouldn't gender crits first think of making their own space? Second, wouldn't the orginal users speak out against it? (At least when it comes to things like "dont use their preferred pronouns call them what they are" stuff)

No. 714224

Anon mentioned kinks or sexual practices, ig, that aren't degrading and harmful. That's not really subjective. It has come to a point were submissive/dominant relationship are inherently degrading. Choking and BDSM are harmful, so

No. 714229

They do have their own places, they just didn't take off, so it's sortbof decentralized. Also really mean comments are usually still not encouraged, and here you can freely tell how fucking ugly that man in a wig is. Dunno about the FtM/Fakeboi thread, I wasn't here for the transition (badum ts).

No. 714231

Fishing for good blackmail targets, modsama? /tinfoil

>Being harassed on 4chan
Why are you connecting any kind of name or identity to that place?

No. 714237

lolcow was definitely no friend to troons in 2018. actually it's LESS gender crit now since there was an actual GC thread during 2018.

No. 714269

They’re either a retarded pickme or a larping scrote

No. 714275

I knew it felt somewhat familiar!

No. 714278

How do I get motivation to do things I don't want to do when I don't even have motivation to do things I want to do?

No. 714279

Does it even work to confront a guy over text? I want to make it clear to him that I’m not going to sleep with him if he’s never answering me even tough he is online, but idk if it is childish over text. And due to the lockdown I can’t send him home when we see each other next time, so I don’t want to make it akward

No. 714280

But I don’t want to be tranaphobic, what did that commune of Italy did to you? Don’t be an asshole.

No. 714284

Block and ghost

No. 714294

Depends on your environment, I think normies are likelier to be "transphobic" once they see how gross troons are. I've already managed to peaktrans my brother, I think a friend is on the verge of peaking, and a coworker would be a good candidate as well, so I would not be too worried (and my country hasn't been infected by the tranny craze yet). If you're in a very liberal environment you risk excommunication, that's for sure.

No. 714300

Depends on who, I guess.

No. 714301

not by much, if anything people would just think i'm a sperg for caring about "insignificant" issues since normies couldn't care less about trans people here. most of them can't even name more than three trans people, famous or not.

No. 714305

samefag, in my work whatsapp groupchat someone accidentally sent a trans symbol emoji and no one else (not even the girl who sent it) knew what it meant. she just makes a lot of typos and wanted to type a word beginning with 'trans' so autocorrect took its turn lol

No. 714317

Is it worth it to get into k-pop and, if so, how do you get into it? The only groups I know are BTS and Blackpink.

No. 714343

blackpink are ok but bts are really overrated imo. i remember getting into k-pop in like 2009? older (90s and 00s, maybe very early 10s) k-pop >>>>>>>

No. 714356

What does nonny mean?

I like it, I use it here, but I have no idea what someone actually means when they say it.

No. 714359

anonymous -> anon -> nonny

No. 714367

how do I download stupid youtube videos easily without asshole third party software?

No. 714374

Google youtube to mp3 and there is one site that has a mp4 option too

No. 714378

I lived in Saudi for most of my life and am non-Arab race they definitely look down on, so I’m under no illusion. They can be rude, sure, but they’re also some of the most generous people I’ve ever met and there is no denying they are beautiful. My fave Arabs by far, sorry!

No. 714379

File: 1610657664643.jpg (135.62 KB, 1080x1302, 20210114_225404.jpg)

Lol am i fucked?

No. 714382

Install Python and then install youtube-dl, which will let you download videos from your computer's command line. You can search tutorial videos on youtube about youtube-dl to help you if you've never used the command line before.

No. 714394

Delete it fat and rePost in the quiz thread

No. 714401

No. 714409

what does moids mean

No. 714410

No. 714418

Is the mento ilness luv x woman really only like 20?

Genuine stupid question. Also couldn’t believe she is neither British nor a time traveller from 2008.

No. 714419

They don't even have to install python noe, they can just run the .exe file on cmd and add commants.

No. 714440

You went to THEIR school with them.
Exactly. They’re the nicest rich people ever. And the people who hate them are usually just gross people and/or hypocrites.

And politically I do have some (a lot of) things to complain about them but how can you generalize a normal people just like that unless you’re a racist? Lol.

No. 714454

File: 1610663510387.gif (9.3 MB, 520x293, coffee.gif)

Until they start to smell or get big stains

Pic related. Also, making lists and not doing dumb shit at the start of your day. I found it helpful to not immediately turn on my computer when I wake up.

>when we see each other next time
There's going to be next time? Texting him is a bad idea. He obviously gives less of a shit than you so don't expend more of your time/brain. There's always more dick to be had

No. 714462

Hes doing it on purpose to get you needy and it's working.

No. 714463

I scrolled back on her IG and there was a pic of her from 2016 with her high school diploma so she must be at least 22ish? it also looks like she had a baby a few years before that and was a teen mom lol

No. 714467

What’s her insta

No. 714468

It’s @yourgirlfriend22 it was on a knowyourmeme page

No. 714481

were any of the 'comfort women' during WW2 ever paid?

No. 714486

File: 1610669280224.jpg (50.12 KB, 708x768, 5678492643082740.jpg)

>you if you do this

No. 714488

File: 1610669701843.gif (2.01 MB, 211x158, um well.gif)

>paying kidnapped slaves

No. 714493

File: 1610670638506.jpg (38.91 KB, 350x500, aaaa.jpg)

How do I get over my fear of mice? I'm literally losing sleep over it.

No. 714498

can an anon please draw me a picture of sailor moon

No. 714510

File: 1610674009548.jpeg (81.08 KB, 720x879, E0994B63-8324-4464-B0D4-8859EE…)

not mine but here

No. 714525

I assume anon meant like restitution

No. 714534

File: 1610677236541.png (22.36 KB, 489x523, dontsteal.png)

original art work do not steal

No. 714536

What happened to Artemis' tail?

No. 714544

File: 1610679411932.jpg (664.52 KB, 2033x2783, Ihaventseentheshowanon.jpg)

Even framed it for ya

No. 714547

Can someone explain who Olivia Rodrigo is and why she blew up so suddenly? I saw when her song released she was getting tons of attention (including from celebrities like Taylor Swift) but I've literally never heard of her before that.

I'm a zoomer and use social media and what-not, so it feels weird to see someone blow up without knowing about them before this

No. 714550

Not that it really matters, but that's not what "post nut clarity" is at all. Post nut clarity is just when you're so horny all you can think about is being horny, but then once you orgasm you think a lot more clearly, doesn't really have anything to do with your partner. I also don't think it's a male thing cause I've experienced it and I've heard of other women experiencing it as well

No. 714567

Whether or not it's worth is really just depends on your personal taste but, if you want to try some albums I would recommend
>Red Velvet "The Perfect Red Velvet" & "Perfect Velvet
>Sunmi "Warning"

and some good artists are Mamamoo, G-IDLE, Apink, Brown Eyed Girls, f(x), 4minute and CLC. If you like Blackpink you'll probably like CLC, f(x) and G-IDLE the most. Also K/DA if that counts as a kpop group. I know that's a whole laundry list, but tbh the only way to discover kpop groups is to just look around. You could also watch award shows like MMA and MAMA, and there are also channels that 24/7 livestream k-pop performances

No. 714576

To tack onto this I'd also recommend loona for new generation girlgroups, their stans are cancerous but they actually have a variety of songs musically from the girls solo releases predebut

also really like Dreamcatcher, WJSN, NCT, TXT (the younger group under BTS's label), stray kids, contemporary TWICE. For solos BoA, Taeyeon, Lim Kim's old stuff. As anon mentioned SM's entertainment artists, fx, red velvet, girls generation, as examples, release pretty solid albums. If you like r&b I'd recommend artists like bibi, jiselle, lee hi, dean. Mostly listen to female artists but I concur that >>714567 has some good recs and wanted to add more

If you like blackpink, check out 2ne1, different generation but same label, similar producers and sound

No. 714591

Samefag to add Chungha to my recommendations. Her songs are very same-y, but her choreography is so amazing. I know I already recommended Red Velvet is it obvious I'm a stan? but you should also listen to their Japanese songs (#CookieJar, Sappy, Aitai Tai) if you end up liking their songs, you should also listen to the IRENE X SEULGI album the choreo on naughty is fucking insane. The "velvet" side of RV is so solid.

Solo artists Yubin (Former member of Wonder Girls, which is also the group Sunmi was apart of) and Luna (Former member of f(x)) also have some bops in the few songs they've released. Heize is also a fantastic k-r&B artist.

Heavily seconding this anons
recommendations on Dean, Loona and GG

No. 714597

tbh kpop is super accessible and easy to get into, it's not exactly full of 'hidden gems' and the most popular songs are generally the better ones. And it has historically been dominated by 3 companies so if you go through the youtube channels for SM Entertainment, YG Ent and JYP Ent or look up their individual artists, that will cover a massive % of the most well known music and from there you can just watch recommended stuff. Though keep in mind the view counts are super skewed towards newer groups even if they aren't as influential or iconic as older groups, imo kpop started getting really good around 2008 onwards, the hits around that time were huuuge.

And yes, it's totally worth it if you like catchy upbeat pop. No other music industry has such a high concentration of fun earworm bops, even if it can get really same-y sounding.

No. 714598

Do my employers know if I snoop around the server? I sometimes want to see what my coworkers are working on

No. 714622

>doesn’t really have anything to do with your partner
Yes it does. They cum and then they realise they don’t want to be around you anymore or you’re not a good partner. Or even feeling outright disgust.

No. 714627

Anons who had Covid, which was more difficult, breathing in or breathing out?

No. 714632

Shall I lie and say I have rona symptoms so I get 2 paid weeks off?

No. 714650

no, stop messing with this fucking shit. I don't know how it is where you live, but here it's an illness, you have to tell the autorities that you have it, you will be traced and have to tell exactly where you contracted it and it's a pain in the ass and just tampers statistics

No. 714654

Ok thanks I needed someone to call me on my bullshit. I won’t do it.

No. 714661

I would lose a lot of friends and if it got out at work I'd be in pretty deep shit. Wouldn't be fired but people would absolutely shun me. I work with an enby and a troon (fakeboi variety), both of whom like and trust me, and they'd probably be devastated, and everyone else would think I'm fake for being so nice to them. One of my oldest friends is an enby and he'd probably spiral into depression knowing I'm not as blindly supportive as he thinks I am. I'm so envious of the anons responding who live in places where nobody cares about nor acknowledges trannies. It's hard not to get involved with this stupid shit when it's literally everywhere here.

No. 714698

when they stretch out or get dirty
every few years? something like that, unless they get smelly or dirty but that never happened

No. 714700

I have covid now and no breathing problems, but for my mom it was breathing in. She could only take very small shallow breaths which caused very low oxygen levels in her blood, which is dangerous

No. 714703

It wouldn't, I work with third world boomers so they'd probably agree and at worst wouldn't give a fuck

No. 714708

File: 1610708332585.png (244.18 KB, 640x1136, 294BC06D-E091-47C9-929E-4CB39E…)

Why the fuck was I banned for someone else’s 2 year old post? I never even wrote this!!!!!!!!

No. 714710

It happened to me once, it might be because you use VPNs

No. 714711

I wasn’t using a vpn until they issued the ban

No. 714712

The bans are IP based. You don't need to use a vpn for it to happen, it can happen to anyone with a dynamic IP.

No. 714713

Are they just banning me because they don’t like the posts I was making? Are terfs and radfems not allowed here anymore?

No. 714714

You can see that the ban was issued back in 2018. Your IP just happened to match one that got that permaban. I wouldn't think too deeply about it, or just appeal it. You should probably take it to /meta/.

No. 714715

we get it, now stop shitting up the threads
>>714712 and >>714714 explained it well enough

No. 714718

Is terf not redtexted anymore?
Terf test terf test

No. 714719

Why is pretty much every single female metal singer extremely attractive, yet at the very least half of metal dudes are uggos?

No. 714721

Is terfs not redtexted then?

No. 714727

you know why. women cant be succesful artist without being hot and men can. it's not only metal music.

No. 714728

Sadly true, but the attractiveness disparity seems to be the worst in metal and rap. At least pop boys have to appeal to teen girls.

No. 714731

File: 1610711053032.png (327.71 KB, 409x414, sheeran.PNG)

>At least pop boys have to appeal to teen girls.
even there some goblins have amazing careers, it would never happen to a woman on his level

No. 714742

cause metal and rap are shitty sexist genres, disco and rnb were woman friendly

No. 714744

What's the difference between having aspergers and being socially awkward?

No. 714754

File: 1610715964551.jpg (132.73 KB, 683x1024, 8ec842dbe860e772fb6265a8a9e816…)

She is a Disney kid and was the protagonist of the reboot of High School Musical.
There's this whole "drama" behind the song because it's directed to Joshua Bassett, who was his co-star in the series. Apparently they were going to date but she was young and he told he was going to wait for her, but ended up dating Sabrina Carpenter, an older, more accomplished singer/actress. Zoomers are obsessed with this story and have been talking about it for days, it gave the song a lot of fame and now it's like the most streamed song in the US ever, I believe
It's so boring to me, but I guess it's nice that she wrote it herself. As for being noticed by Taylor, Olivia is a huge fan and is always taking about her, so she might be like some mentor for her

No. 714759

you can practice your way out of awkwardness. with aspergers it takes more effort to realize what was awkward and reminding myself not do to it. still i feel like an impostor sometimes despite coming off as normal.

No. 714764

Aspergers comes with a range of other traits on top of the social ones, sensory processing issues

No. 714772

File: 1610719453226.jpg (11.7 KB, 225x225, thanksIhateit.jpg)

> a person who ..has been hating me and trying to turn s/o's family against me is now offering their computer because mine has been dead for a whole year now
> is also trying to uwu invite to play videogames
What is this? Is there some hidden agenda behind it? This adult in diapers always acted pissy and jealous towards me, and now all of the sudden this person is trying to 'support/love' bomb me?

There most likely some agenda behind it going on because this person is known for making up things or doing some hidden shit.

I am not sure what to do because it's awkward. They already forced this PC onto me but I know I am not going to use it because I will also have to return it anyway. But now this person is trying to ask to 'spend time' with me but it's not even them being a bitch to me for a whole year, but also me just not being interested in playing videogames at all anymore. I am lost, and I at least want to somehow say _no_ about timespending, but I know they will push it and it will be awkward, but jesus christ, I do not want to spend time with this person because of all of the shit they've been doing against me when I've always been nothing but polite.

No. 714783

the entire thing is so ridiculous. they barely had a two year age difference, it wasn't because she was "too young" or whatever bullshit. tbh i have no problem with him leaving her for sabrina carpenter, the problem is he didn't just dump her straight up but decided to string her along

No. 714784

Anon that's literally not what post nut clarity is. That's a whole 'nother emotion entirely. Post nut clarity is just feeling more peaceful and being clear-minded.

No. 714786

>all of the shit they've been doing against me when I've always been nothing but polite
well there you have it anon, that's why this person is against you. instead of just being ~polite~ you could have made an effort to befriend them.

No. 714787

Anon, I shortened this all up to not turn it into a wall of text. I have tried to befriend them for a whole year when the only thing I would have gotten was them throwing tantrums at me and staring with snake eyes, refusing anything etc. They also think that I do not know their language too well and throughout this day they talk shit about me in their language in front of me, thinking im some silly goose.

No. 714791

On youtube I've been suggested tiktoks compilations about the whole thing and it's hilarious the amount of attention it got. Like OP said, she went extremely famous overnight. Fame and public attention are always unstable but it seems that in this generation, with tiktok and twitter, it's even more ephemeral

No. 714852

I'm probably going to sound like a retard, but why are bed frames so important? I often see people criticizing cows for not having one, are they really that necessary?

No. 714853

To keep the mattress up so there's some airflow, I think

No. 714856

I don't know for others but I wouldn't sleep on my mattress on the floor because if you take 2 steps you'll stir up the dust and dirt and it will get on your bed and you will sleep on it

No. 714859

Some might see it as a sign of irresponsiblity or sloppiness, a lot of the time people with no frame have a filthy room, too. As long as your room looks put together and clean otherwise, I don't see a problem with it. Some people have a frame with slats instead of a box spring, some people like using underbed space for storage. It's just personal taste. I think a lot of it is people on the internet like to state their opinions as objective truths.

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