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Please don't close /ot/ edition
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No. 667993

gooba gaba

No. 668000

I wish I could do magic. I want to be an illusionist.

No. 668001

I'm not even American but I am so invested in this presidential chaos lmao. When will you find out who wins? I thought it was Nov 3rd?

No. 668005

November 3rd is when everyone can vote, they can’t count 300 million votes in one night

No. 668009

File: 1604667031470.png (339.03 KB, 540x401, 112.png)


No. 668012

File: 1604667404102.jpg (118.45 KB, 500x735, english-bull-terrier-meme-free…)

If Biden wins Georgia or Pennsylvania, he'll win. If Trump wins both of those states, he wins. It looks like a Biden presidency, but Trump isn't out of the question, Georgia is very close right now. Biden is winning the popular vote, but popular vote doesn't matter.

Trump is having a meltdown on Twitter over absentee ballots (the mail-in ballots). It's pretty funny, if you haven't looked at it.

I'm an anarchist and kind of don't give a shit which person is putting brown people in concentration camps and making me pay for basic human rights.
Thank you. I love them. Picrel, bull terriers are my favourite dogs, as much as I disagree with dog breeding and know purebreds have too many problems.

No. 668014

File: 1604667501546.jpg (59.42 KB, 640x640, 1604604930168.jpg)

dsfrr sdf(no scrotes allowed, Mads)

No. 668017

Scrotes aren't allowed to post, Mads.

No. 668019

I'm bemused the amount of people that asked me a UK citizen if I was going to stay up all night to see who was elected. I've always figured for this election it would take a week before we get told. Politics is a load of shit anyway. Either way the world is going into a recession with Brexit and covid. The global markets are in a fucking shambles I'd like to see the one man that can apparently fix it. Hey! I just got people's obsession with superheroes

No. 668020

File: 1604667871936.jpg (59.65 KB, 600x399, collie1-e1487177383214.jpg)

Please let me join with a wonderful picture of a rough collie. Look at it. It looks soft and has a long nose. I want to hug it.

No. 668021

Politicians especially career politicians are in it for their own interests. First they'll help themselves, then they'll help their family, next their buddies and if there's money left they'll do their duty. You'd need like a political party of non corrupt working professionals that would know how to work within the systems to change them. I don't think there's been a time before the present when propaganda was so prevalent, especially in so called times of peace. The Internet and spread of information is finally making drops in the ocean, no wonder Obama tried to censor the Internet. Politics is a pantomime.

No. 668026

And reflecting on it, he did manage to stick his finger in all those news media companies and fb/twitter/Instagram are highly politicised and it's a fact that content is manipulated and presented falsely. Politicians are desperate to conceal their bad press and scaremonger the public. They do not want to be held accountable.

No. 668032

wish machines ruled over humans and managed all the political stuff. no human is incorruptible in my conception

No. 668033

Every state has different protocol for vote handling so that's why it's uncertain how long it'll take. We might find out today depending on Georgia or Nevada results

No. 668036

File: 1604669271768.jpg (146.05 KB, 746x891, 2122.jpg)

they're cute, my favorite is border collies
so fluffy

No. 668042

File: 1604669626738.jpg (96.53 KB, 750x562, 25905b0a974da30666ae41a1c834df…)

i love smooshy face dogs, but my heart would break with having to grapple with the inevitable health problems that they're prone to…

No. 668045

Bull terriers are my favourite dog of all time. I love them so much.

I love when you pet their big fuzzy snout

No. 668051

I want to see my boyfriend getting pegged

No. 668052

destiel becoming canon was exactly what i needed to confirm that 2020 has all been a fever dream. okay, i can wake up now!

No. 668053

File: 1604671438768.png (672.51 KB, 594x453, softcow.PNG)

Do any other farmers have any cows that they sort of have a secret soft spot for? Like, you enjoy their milk and laughing at them, but ultimately you don't really dislike them?

For me it's N2F, Shayna, and Shasti.

No. 668054

File: 1604671544308.jpeg (604.74 KB, 4096x2304, 9A49F0E8-1D42-4962-868E-249C6E…)

I love schnauzers, they can either look like cute plushies or demon horses depending on how you groom them.

No. 668056

elzani, n2f, venus

mickey deer i dont exactly like but she mostly makes me laugh, her shoops are so ridiculous to me i just find it funny at this point. she doesn't piss me off like other cows do but i wouldn't say i like her

No. 668057

I feel the same way about Mickey, anon. She isn't really likable, but she's funny in an innocent way just for being so absurd with her shoops.

No. 668060

File: 1604672361613.jpeg (266.65 KB, 1280x1280, F48A1052-2184-4AC3-B0A2-D5B516…)

Don’t you think chihuahuas are hilarious? I was walking yesterday and saw a couple with one on a long lead and it’s legs were so small and literally going so fast it was like a blur. I was laughing for ages after it was so cute and weird

No. 668068

mutts >>> any breed of dog

No. 668095

File: 1604675792794.png (926.66 KB, 680x668, D1BF47AF-540B-4BC9-9F5C-FC56AC…)

I’ve never watched Supernatural but all the memes are so funny

No. 668099

Eating with chopsticks fucking pisses me off. I want to pile a mountain of rice on my spoon and shove the whole thing in my mouth. I want my mouth to be almost bursting with food when I eat not dainty cutesy little shitty chopstick portions

No. 668102

You can get those giant rice clumps eating sticky rice with chopsticks! Also, chopsticks are great for eating chips and not getting dust on your fingers kek.

No. 668104

I always eat with chopsticks when other people are around because I'm a bitch fuck who likes to feel cultured and sophisticated but the second they look away I'm spooning that shit up with my hands and stuffing it in my mouth. God I'd be skinny if I only ever ate with chopsticks, I can barely pick up a single grain of rice.

No. 668105

File: 1604677396402.jpg (58.57 KB, 1080x500, Screenshot_20201106_164306.jpg)

15 year old me is living

No. 668106

No. The best part about eating chips is sucking the dust off your fingers like a horny vacuum with a fetish for cheesy dust!

No. 668108

File: 1604677598808.jpg (23.35 KB, 583x386, 20201106_154445.jpg)

Same, might read destiel fanfic for the first time since I was 16. Had my first (and only) orgasm to a destiel alpha/omega fanfiction, I am the reason God fears his creations.

No. 668109

I genuinely think Donald Trump is a BPD-chan, his behavior has been extremely milky and if he was not a rich old white guy he'd be treated as such by his fanboys too.

No. 668118

Pick up bowl and use chopsticks to shove the rice into your mouth instead of picking it up

No. 668126

I’m reading on my phone on the elliptical and I thought this shit said Donald Duck and I was ready to close my tab

No. 668140

I fucking love chihuahuas. They're so fucking stupid, I want 12.

No. 668141

I chose the chihuahua pic for the stupid questions thread for this reason. I smile every time I see it

No. 668142

Just found out i wont be able to get the car model i want thanks to car companies that lobbied for only 25 y/o cars from over seas
Supposedly we also do not have a subway train transportation because of car companies as well. god why does burgerland have to be this way.

No. 668148

File: 1604681872860.jpg (5.71 KB, 225x224, images2.jpg)

I'm pretty sure I have a UTI and waiting on the lab results for antibiotics to be prescribed is hell

No. 668158

what are some of your favorite chapsticks anon? i like sun bum

No. 668162

File: 1604683584414.jpg (144.41 KB, 640x747, Ehj3uWJXsAAHfbn.jpg)

that cow is SO CUTE I have a soft spot for fluffy cows they're so cute

No. 668163

No. 668164

File: 1604683761020.png (62.44 KB, 250x250, tumblr_123278c09fd1e03bf33c70a…)

Reposting from previous thread

My ex gf would give me so many cute clothes and presents but she would also yell to me a lot

I was also a very retarded 19-22 year old when we dated and I feel so stupid and I did bad

But also she yelled a lot and made me angry and upset all the time, basically crying a lot and feeling hopeless too

It kinda sucks because my current relationship doesn't buy me shit so I feel like I lost a big opportunity idk. Idk how to feel

No. 668165

Sun Bum chapstick is awesome for the taste and the spf for sure! feel like they don’t do much for me moisture wise, sadly. Bite has an agave lip balm that’s fucking incredible and super intensive, but occasionally looks a little greasy, and L’Occitane makes a cherry blossom balm that’s a little more lightweight but still looks good on it’s own.

No. 668169

Buy some cystex or something to hold you over in the meantime! UTI pains are hell, I'm sorry anon.

No. 668170

Taylor R, n2f

No. 668175

Could belong in the annoying thread but since it's random i might as well post it here: Youtube sometimes recommends me these short videos of female sports and i went on one of those yesterday just to see every single comment being from men writing their thirsty ass shit, sexualsing the athlete to death. Mind you, the video had millions of views so there are many comments. I saw a single comment pointing out how the girl is like 17 or so but it was ignored in the sea of disgusting comments or the replies it got justified those other comments. We all know about this behaviour and it's nothing new but sometimes it just hits you out of nowhere and you're like damn…I really yearn for men to go extinct.

No. 668176

I bought two pairs of new leggings, my usual size and they don't fit well. They seem to be a bit too small and I'm a bit pissed since I always get the same size from this brand and now I most likely won't be able to return it either due to corona and other shit. God, please let the dumbass at the store just let me get a bigger size without asking too many questions, I paid too much money for them to not wear them.

No. 668177

Thank you anon!! I bought some Azo UTI relief at the store while I was out for the lab, and it's kicked in. Miraculous, for future reference, if anyone else gets one/gets them frequently!

No. 668179

Try and return them! I bought some stuff online and it didn't fit. I brought stuff into the store (once things opened back up) to return and they gave me no problems. I think returned things are just quarantined and unsellable for a little while before they bring it back out onto the floor.

No. 668181

She is beautiful, I love her. Attached is a video I literally used to watch at least once a day when I was a senior in college because it just made me so happy while I was stressing out.

No. 668182

Don't date people for gifts but it's usually a benefit when you love each other lol

No. 668183

I miss being in a sports team but I am not up to standard to join one or they're probably not even happening with covid lol but I really have an urge to run about in a sports hall

No. 668184

File: 1604687403878.jpg (42.06 KB, 460x689, bd0df72aca15b8889c970e43032465…)

I always wanted to be sportsy but my shyness and OCD as a kid made me become fat as fuck, how can I reverse this? legit asking (dunno if this goes better on the stupid questions thread)

Where do I even start? I'm 24

No. 668185

I'll give it a try!
I'm mostly worried because of the packaging. I got the items in something like a taped platic bag instead of the usual box. Of course my dumbass ripped the bag but the packaging where the leggings were in are fine so I reeeeeeeally hope they'll accept it.

No. 668186

Join a gym, do home workouts or go for runs if you can? Starting is always the hardest part

No. 668188

Not being smart here, how does ocd and shyness make you fat?

No. 668189

I have a chihuahua. She's a little freak of nature but I love her. Though I hate yappy small dogs, she only really barks when she hears people at the door or airplanes.

No. 668191

I was too obsessed with being perfect that I became petrified to do anything, lack of movement and controlling parents that didn't even let me play outside + bad hispanic diet made me fat.

No. 668193

I'll give you advice. Start off slow and don't overwhelm yourself because you'll give up. I was sporty as a teen then took a turn and became some disgustingly lazy. I've been able to get back from it but it takes effort. You will have bad days but if you have more consistent days it'll work.

Don't even bother with doing high cardio yet or lifting weights. You're own bodyweight will be enough initially and you want to actually build up strength slowly because you probably are out of alignment. I was. My posture was fucked and it effected how I carried myself and weight.

Start stretching. Look up how to properly stretch and form. That's the most important thing I found. You need to feel your muscles that's how you'll know you're actually working. This is what I mean by starting off slow. Stand now and raise your arms straight over your head and stand up straight. You'll feel your core working or you wanting to stop. You need to build up your stamina slowly or you'll just burn yourself out and quit, because in a few weeks you're going to feel yourself walking taller and feeling more confident to actually run about and be active. Obviously walking is great lol

No. 668198

Do you ever have moments where you suddenly feel bad for whoever is dating your ex? This never happens but just a minute ago I saw my ex's current gf on someone's snapchat story and the first thought I got was "damn she's far too good to be with my busted ass ex". Esp because he's already hideous but when we dated at least used to put effort into his appearance. Once we broke up he became a total bum–he doesn't cut his hair, wears pajamas in public, never takes care of his greasy ass face and has no career goals. Any woman deserves better than that. I also have to laugh bc I'm like 50% sure she might have looked up my picture to see his LTR ex and compared herself to me (like nearly every woman has done at some point) when we're both better looking than his fugly ass. Long shot but in case she's a farmer (would be based tbh), Colette, you deserve so much better.

No. 668201

I am so sorry, anon! I hope you've gotten your antibiotics now. I've had over 10 UTIs in my life (from holding my bladder too long usually) and they've all traumatized me to develop a huge fear of getting one ever again. I pee every time I feel the slightest urge just to avoid a UTI. You made the right choice going to the doctor since OTC meds like those cranberry pills are shit, if you don't take care of it with antibiotics you'll risk the bacteria getting to your kidneys.

No. 668202

Talking to women about men is so annoying becuz most of us are pick mes. Even if I'm complaining about a man who did something to me, they cant help but add "but not all men"…who gives a shit?

No. 668203

File: 1604690217730.jpg (27.24 KB, 405x447, dog_bee_sting_chihuahua.jpg)

Chihuahuas are so adorable and I just love how they tremble all the time. This is one of my favorite photos, I know he's suffering but, god that face.

No. 668208

I swear my upstairs neighbor puts on heels and walks around his apartment all night. He looks the type that would too. But seriously someone is strutting up and down that apartment for hours at a time. It's driving me crazy.

No. 668210

But anon, we have to bring up our perfect scrotes to validate our stupid decisions to stay with them despite the infinite bitching done as soon as you're done venting about yours

No. 668213

It's weird becuz when guys bitch about women to their friends I doubt they do that

No. 668224

Seriously. And as >>668213 says you will never see men doing the same for us. If it's, "God my girlfriend nags me all the time (over my legitimate retardation…)" then you'll get all of them dog piling on. Any man that stands up for women will immediately get labeled a simp or white knight, so 99% of men are too insecure and weak to stand for a non-shitty opinion if it means being excommunicated from the bro squad.

No. 668228

>excommunicated from the bro squad.

No. 668237

File: 1604693497824.png (364.58 KB, 470x539, thanksanon.PNG)

Holy shit anon, this made me laugh so hard

No. 668241

File: 1604693836465.jpeg (22.17 KB, 300x250, 7B6F73C8-2018-4AAC-AB35-FF51B0…)

I posted >>668060 earlier and I am laughing at these other chihuahua pics posted. They are absolutely hilarious, timid creatures. They also always remind me of 2000’s Paris Hilton

No. 668245

File: 1604694055539.jpeg (115.15 KB, 1194x1167, BB0BE6C5-AA78-4609-88A6-8C867B…)

No. 668249

I also have a soft spot Taylor R. I think it is because unlike other cows like Dakotakoti and Venus, she has shed the whole kawaii doll look. And is more genuine now IMO. I do like her

No. 668256

File: 1604694795471.png (138.61 KB, 500x374, raw.png)

I had a day off from work and I could literally just stay sleep
all day. Anytime I find anything enjoyable in my life I could just fall asleep to it. Can't get enough of it. Don't have narcolepsy tho because I unfortunately have to stay awake at work.

No. 668262

File: 1604695327263.jpg (85.11 KB, 720x960, FB_IMG_1566013304862.jpg)

I love this picture

No. 668265

File: 1604695454369.png (213.33 KB, 629x519, 5B5E22E1-2B84-485F-807B-FD0ED4…)

No. 668266

This reminds me of TayPancakes for some reason

No. 668271

She sounds so cute anon…. I want a chihuahua so bad. I have a peke right now, and I'm not sure if I want another dog after she passes, but if I do get one it'd probably be a chihuahua (to the dismay of literally everyone in my life lmao). My dog only barks whenever she wakes up from sleeping- she'll go and sit in an area between the living room and the bedrooms and bark until someone comes out and gives her wake up snuggles.

No. 668273

I think the only cow I've ever had a genuine soft spot for was Italian Aly, but for the life of me I couldn't you why.

I'm glad there's people out there who love chihuauauas (ignore the spelling) because they all look like >>668245 to me. (I am more partial to larger dogs tho)

No. 668274

Assuming you want to start an actual sport, typically 'adult classes' for anything are gonna be full of unathletic, older, overweight people and they're gonna have fun anyway. So don't be too intimidated.

No. 668275

even though i am a total city girl im kinda jelaous of her life

No. 668277

Gotta lose weight because my cat can't seem to stop himself from playfully nipping my upper arm fat every time they're exposed

No. 668278

>I think the only cow I've ever had a genuine soft spot for was Italian Aly, but for the life of me I couldn't you why.
Man I'm the total opposite. I didn't think she was a bad person or worth hating, but the way she talks and her photos were just soo insanely annoying I couldn't help but dislike her even if it was harmless ESL nonsense most of the time.

No. 668280

I want a big dog soooo bad (specifically a german shephard or a rottweiler) but I'm fucking terrified of not being a good enough trainer and losing control of my dog.

No. 668281

File: 1604697355861.png (1.26 MB, 919x1699, bethanybealig.png)

Anyone here read r/fundiesnark or keep up with those communities? Just now Bethany from Girl Defined acknowledged them on her IG story. I find Girl Defined pretty milky but fundiesnark gets way too obnoxious and virtue-signal-ish with their cowtipping. They recently got multiple sponsors to drop Bethany/GD. Not sure if there's a better thread to put this in but I'm wondering what you guys think of this

No. 668282

I go there occasionally and sometimes I'm surprised and annoyed by how nitpicky they are, lc can be the same but it's against the rules so there's generally pushback when anons go OTT. You can tell the place is full of religious women who are just gossiping about their peers.

Regardless, idgaf about how Bethany or any other fundie feels. They are shitty people who deserve to be mocked and bullied, and they deserve to lose any paid sponsorship.

No. 668286

I want to become a prepper but it's basically impossible in my small apartment REEEEEEEEEEE

No. 668293

I hate math! I just took my second statistics exam of the term and I almost ran out of time and I know I didn't answer everything well (but at least I answered every question, unlike last time). I wish I could a-log the entire concept of math. Fuck you, math!

No. 668297

Don't be so disrespectful. Math is good and useful. Do you uh… want me to tutor you

No. 668306

but please?

No. 668307

Yes please, anon! I'll grab my pencils and notebook. The worst part is I took an adjacent/equivalent class in high school like 3 years ago (AP stats). I ended up getting credit (with a 3 kek), but it wasn't for my college stats class somehow??? Being in this class has jogged my memory a lot, but I still dread it so much. Probably because I've always been more of an English and arts person.

Three-way study date?

No. 668311

If you really need help we could really organize something but I don't know how. I am not some expert on statistics but I am good at maths and I had a statistics class last year. Maybe we could use discord somehow but I don't use discord so I don't know how it works

No. 668312

Can anyone relate to being relatively attractive in still photos or looking into the mirror, but when you begin to make natural expressions and move your mouth to speak you just instantly look uglier/more awkward. I started talking in the mirror and I dropped from a 8 with makeup on to a 4.

No. 668323

It's the opposite for me, don't waste this anon, go and become a model!

No. 668339

a-anon,, i'd thought you never ask

No. 668347

My coworker keeps pronouncing tiramisu as “tira-moo-so” and it bothers the hell out of me.

No. 668357

File: 1604711533477.jpg (3.58 MB, 2048x6871, fmsa203dns.jpg)

Been lurking a /v/ thread in 4chan and, honestly, sometimes the anons there are funny. Once you know what type of people use the site, you just filter through the shitposting and scrotism and read what's important.
My favourite combo was when they posted pic related and other Diabolik Lovers screenshots followed with "this is what women like" and other anon posted "sisters, they are making fun of us again…". Meanwhile, scrotes where talking about NTR, farts and feet.
Males are just sit-com characters at this point.

PS: i also like the "[insert-word-here]bros, not like this…" shitposting.

No. 668362

I took a political science research methods class in college, and while there were many boring days learning about how to deal with survey data, I really liked the class. Our final project was to take the survey results from the last American general survey and just run our own research project based on it. We could do whatever the hell we wanted, and it was actually really fun to work with the data and analytical software with little interference from our professor. I thought of the class recently again when I saw that NYT made a quiz on whether you could correctly guess if a person was a Trump or Biden supporter based on their fridge. Is there a correlation? Who knows! But it was a really interesting way to approach things. Politics is so fucking draining and I’ve given up a career in the field, but some days I wish there was a world where I had the heart and resilience to stay so I could get a job staring at data and writing research papers. I don’t even fucking remember the first thing about using SPSS anymore, never mind how to interpret any of the numbers it’d spit out at me.!

No. 668364

>lurking /v/
I do that too but like… anon doesn't that frustrate you? It definetely frustrates me

No. 668368

I expect them to be like that (degenerates, pedos, etc), so I guess that's why I'm not really frustated.
At this point, I just dont care about moids at all. They are all cartoony and dumb. I'm just there for the leaks, the keks and the gameplay tips.

No. 668387

I love /v/ and its related boards (not /vg/ tho). Most people there just want to talk about their favorite video games, make jokes and shitpost. If you spend one week there you can easily recognize the obvious astroturfing/marketing of companies and of the far right and ignore them. I don't really know how some farmers say they browse /pol/ or other truly shitty boards.

No. 668389

I want to plant a little tree or bush for the birds. My grandfather uprooted the jasmine bush along the side of the house and one of the birds, a house wren, came up and looked at the dirt all sad. I felt so terrible because I used to see them in that bush and sometimes they’d come up and eat bugs from the leaves while I would sit there.

No. 668390

Nta but you should care less about things you see on the internet, it'll save you from being frustrated… or just avoid these sites altogether

No. 668404

Being a weeb is hard work after all

No. 668406

She’s not even a weeb! She’s 100% normie, I’m the weeb!

No. 668410

File: 1604717074283.jpg (78.34 KB, 1024x683, 5679949629_e091b0b8da_b.jpg)

>at local book shop
>spot a nice £9 book
>looks brand new, great condition
>buy it
>start reading it weeks later
>realize there's an autograph from the author on the 2nd page
>mfw it's a signed copy but it's not my name
>shop has no-returns policy so i can't get my money back for a blank one

No. 668411

Gonna make a veggie dog with mustard, relish, ketchup and a kraft single slice. I'm so happyyyyyy. Also it's only 200 calories so maybe I will have two!!!

No. 668419

Tiramisu is Italian, dumbass.

No. 668422

No. 668454

the picture im wheezing

No. 668458

File: 1604721647418.jpg (77.44 KB, 750x749, IMG_4319.JPG)

yes!! fuck math!!!!

No. 668469

>let your man ignore
>Don't vent to your man if you're insecure!just fake a smile
>It's okay if he insults you
>Being messy is normal and saying otherwise is male oppression

I have yet to see a video telling men to accept women's messiness, emotional distance, insults and everything else. If you dare tell a man not to vent to women about his insecurities you'd get banned from reddit

No. 668525

>he will tell his friends and they will respect you for it
>wear a smile and bear insufferable in-laws
Lmao, the delusions. I couldn't even finish this shitty video.

No. 668526

Late to the game but just found out destiel has been made canon, which is cool and all but they're not my otp, and i don`t even like that show. I wish it was johnlock instead but i don`t like that show either. Idk what i`m trying to say. Fuck.

No. 668530

lol same. It’s canon but of course they kill Castiel off immediately because “can’t have gays in our manly, homoerotic bdsm demon-hunting show!”

Johnlock canon would’ve made the show slightly more tolerable. But then Sherlock would’ve probably been killed off for real, for the same logic.

No. 668531

why do your apostrophes look like that

No. 668532

japanese keyboard perhaps?

No. 668534

are you retarded

No. 668539

kek leave anon alone it would weirdly bug me too

No. 668541

Any other anons have their sexual awakening because of this scene or just me

No. 668544

god ik. if they got together it could`ve saved us the whole mary morstan mess. i`m fine with the idea of her but the show just did her dirty.

and fuck, you just know since supernatural did it, now other shows won`t do anything similar for a while cause it`d look too much like a rip off. so any other will-they-wont-they ships will stay in moratorium. lord we had one gay canonization and it`s wasted on supernatural AND the guy dies like immediately after. gg no re

No. 668550

Why do the girls who make such a big deal out of having curly hair have the stringiest, crunchiest hair ever?

No. 668552

did you post this in two threads?
I browse /mu/. I genuinely don't understand why people hate it so much. Ignore the scrotes and you can find genuinely good recs for music and equipment.

No. 668553


No. 668554

this and other things, I think this was part of it tho. also read the hypothetical if they fucked fanfic shortly after watching it and tried to write one myself, 13 year old me was so cringe

No. 668558

What's your favorite theme? Mine is Notsuba. Shame that it doesn't affect the catalog.

No. 668565

They put on way too much gel to have perfectly defined culrs and no frizz

No. 668566

Girltalk on the normal and keekweek if I'm feeling fancy

No. 668568

Futaba Light and Jungle

No. 668569

I know people want to enjoy their lives but, every time the county enters a less restrictive tier, we inevitably fall right the fuck back into purple because idiots keep coughing or whatever on each other. I thought we were doing good as we’ve been in the red tier for a couple of months, check the news and we are pretty close to going back to purple…AGAIN. What makes me even saltier is we were, apparently, close to going orange, which mean’t even more shit could be opened. I just hate this goddamn carrousel lmfao, get me offfffff.

No. 668585

I use keekweek

No. 668590

I love to watch jewelry collection videos on youtube

No. 668593


No. 668594

I have a cold and I'm supposed to study but I can't with this cold and headache and lightheadedness. Perfect timing.

No. 668623

Some of the posts on here remind me so much of saccstry.

No. 668632

Wait, was that the artist from ages ago that did the dumb digital art?

No. 668678

File: 1604757662143.jpg (190.53 KB, 750x742, 1601560938812.jpg)


No. 668680

I always use girltalk, but lately have been a little fond of keekweek after the funny caps thread reminding me it existed.

No. 668682

File: 1604758683913.jpeg (43.61 KB, 640x454, AB7B40F9-C705-4718-8DD8-4A2669…)

Also posted on dated aesthetics but im seriously considering going back to the sad bbygirl aesthetic I used to have when I was a teenager.

No. 668684

i hate being hungover so much how do i fix this

No. 668685

stop drinking

No. 668717

Same anon, I still like it, even if I also find it a bit cringe kek. I used to love Jess Woods photography too (I think your pic is her?), too bad she was a bit of an anachan cow.

No. 668746

Some cnn reporters are looking quite good yee

No. 668747

Pennsylvania's been called in Biden's favor. People in the streets are yelling and celebrating. People in my office are bursting in yelling the news. I'm sitting here hoping they didn't call the race wrong. Are we… free???

No. 668749

I don't know what it is about Anderson Cooper but he looks like a beautiful alien to me

No. 668751

You're free anon, go celebrate

No. 668752

File: 1604768741077.jpg (246.92 KB, 720x639, 20201107_140521.jpg)

Ice king

No. 668753

File: 1604768806870.png (251.79 KB, 970x534, F7756E4A-B61B-46B7-9D13-A885CF…)

Despite all the shit that’s going on, all the shit that makes me despair my whole life, sometimes I just feel so flooded with pride and gratefulness for being born a woman. You feel me?

No. 668755

File: 1604769050134.jpg (204 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

yes… YES… Y E S!!!!!

No. 668759

File: 1604769221509.jpeg (6.72 KB, 268x188, B5824DFA-AA4F-40B2-8053-D5E24E…)

Wandered to /pol/ to see the reactions of people seeing Biden win the election. The triggered moids are watering my crops, the coping is making my skin clear

No. 668761

Holy shit royce chocolate is really good. It smells and looks like fudge but So soft

No. 668765


No. 668766

Hell yeah anon!!!!!! I fucking love that shit. I found a copycat recipe and made some at home. It's ridiculously easy and so much cheaper than paying out the ass for it in my country lol. No longer need to buy 20 boxes whenever I'm leaving Japan.

No. 668768


No. 668774

>biden won
>but also… that other man… won
Got a feeling so complicated.

No. 668777

File: 1604770599454.jpeg (59.02 KB, 828x320, 6D7FEC6A-FF68-4FBE-8AA7-B81D2C…)

You sure did sweetie, here’s some more crayons for you to eat.

No. 668780

I feel you sister, even every step back is three steps forward. Society can only evolve for the better.

No. 668783

File: 1604771031517.png (81.36 KB, 515x955, 1604770720896.png)

its great lmao

No. 668784

Same but with kf

No. 668787

It is storming right now and lightning LITERALLY FUCKING STRUCK THE STREET IN FRONT OF MY HOUSE. It sounded like an atom bomb went off, thought my window was going to blow out top kek. Of course it was right when I am standing there watching the hail come down.

No. 668788

File: 1604771296276.jpg (68.14 KB, 735x920, ff51ee2eb1cd0c281197d3f5c92bbf…)

Me too! I love being a woman, i'm proud of us

No. 668792

File: 1604771453755.png (126.8 KB, 517x564, Beetlefacts.png)

Yes ma'am
Fuck moids, I hope they're seething with Trump's loss lmaoooooo

No. 668794

Finally someone gave big nose as a trait for white women. I thought it's bullshit stereotypical art makes white woman have small noses they looked asian if anything and yeah i'm white

No. 668797

I want more memes like this

I can't believe Biden won guys fuck yes we are the FUTURE

No. 668804

What a fucking piss baby. I hope he chokes.

No. 668816

File: 1604773351972.gif (3.47 MB, 500x281, 1522268283-giphy (1).gif)

Congrats 'murica! I hope things get better for burgerland anons whoop!

No. 668825


No. 668839

So Biden really won? I'm happy for you American anons, and I hope I won't hear about Trump ever again, this guys managed to ruin the entire internet in a few years all by himself.

No. 668841

hahahaha big orange drumpf bitch BTFO

No. 668843

I’ve been watching Come Dine with Me for 2 days straight and I feel both horribly depressed and euphoric at the same time

No. 668845

File: 1604775104426.jpg (80.98 KB, 600x900, 052218-MIke-S65I6531.jpg)

I simp for this man so hard. I adore him. Hes not even conventionally attractive in fact he looks kinda goofy even. But that specifically is so endearing to me. He's got such a cute baby face. And he just seems so wholesome. I watch his twitch streams all the time, he is so kind and patient, pretty funny too. He seems really down to earth and honest. I just wanna hug him and cradle his head in my lap and listen to him talk about making music while he draws cute little doodles.

No. 668847

I love this, pls make more.

No. 668849

File: 1604775426656.webm (1.11 MB, 720x306, bsprr.webm)

No. 668860

File: 1604776316011.webm (591.55 KB, 1280x720, goobahbah.webm)

No. 668866

Holy shit lmfao

No. 668874

File: 1604776797777.png (411.39 KB, 500x375, IMG_6501.PNG)

I fucking love that vid.

No. 668887

Thank you international anon. I hope Biden can help fix some of the damage trump did to the country. These past four years have been a nightmare.

No. 668888

Would there be interest in a thread for recipe sharing and cooking/baking?

No. 668892

File: 1604778035979.jpeg (709.04 KB, 1205x1001, AEEBEE78-9DC4-4BD7-9D14-74B71B…)

I am so happy for you burgeranons, I am very glad Biden won. Congratulations! Love, ukanon.

No. 668893

File: 1604778039543.jpg (58.6 KB, 994x998, FB_IMG_1604777843548.jpg)

I miss going to weird underground parties so much, I'm wasting a lot of time daydreaming and reminiscing about dancing all night long and meeting new people when I'm supposed to be working on a research paper

No. 668895

Lol what damage? That was all on the left with their bogus accusations.

Trump is suing so don’t scream victory yet!

No. 668899

Oh no! Not big man suing with his big checkbook!!

No. 668900

File: 1604778981831.jpg (25.89 KB, 720x464, thill.jpg)

Fuck 4chan and it's trumptard fan base

No. 668901

I had to stop at
>Don't insult yourself, he thinks you're very pretty
Why the fuck can't women vent to their own SOs if they're insecure? Also the millions of men who complain about how their girlfriends don't have kim k ass nd perky super model tits say otherwise

No. 668903


No. 668904

Oh god same. I miss those little trap music events we had in our city where literal whos used to perform. There is something magical about the whole club rapping along a song that has only like 500 views on youtube.

No. 668906

I like how the comments of the video are all praising the woman with the bullet points, I get to that part and I'm immediately annoyed with almost everything she wrote. Not to mention it's condescending and reeks of pickmeism (this woman mentioned she has a teenager daughter too, yikes). There are so many things wrong with what was written I don't even want to start.

No. 668911

Also its disgusting how she reiterated multiple times that "buttsex and BJs are the key to a happy man" (verbatim). Imagine being a middle aged pick me telling other women you MUST do anal if you want him to be happy lmao

No. 668912

The "woman" sounds like a man to me.

No. 668913

Yes, and he’ll be back to being your president.

No. 668915

Yeah I'm actually finding it so hard to believe that a woman wrote that. But what's even more bizarre is the amount of men agreeing with it.

No. 668916

Pardon me, I'm just doing a quick survey. How salty are your tears on a scale of 1-10?

No. 668917

keep sucking the shit out that man's ass

No. 668919

I saw a photo of myself from when I cosplayed that one time, I looked soooooooo good except for my slightly too small pants and unfortunate face. Does anyone know any masked or helmet wearing female videogame characters I can cosplay? Bonus if she wears armor all over
I'd pick a male masked character but I'm too short so it would look bad

No. 668921

File: 1604781956307.jpg (28.24 KB, 309x606, 71FegbYjxNL._AC_SY606_.jpg)


Samus Aran

No. 668923

That’s what I mean’t anon, so sick of people fighting on BOTH sides. It was getting kind of cray cray.

No. 668925

oh boy, why didn't I think of that sooner? thank you anon, the huge shoulders look like a good challenge

No. 668932

No. 668933

File: 1604784585381.jpg (40.55 KB, 564x564, how i sleep.jpg)

I'm a kissless virgin at 30 and I can't decide if I'm happy or not as the society around me seems to expect me to find my true one and start a family. On the other hand I don't desire sex or a relationship, but then again I keep second guessing that I'm missing out on something I don't have the slightest idea of. I'm not asexual or anything, emotional intimacy just terrifies the fuck out of me and I'm basically pic related due to various traumatic incidents and abuse and that's probably how I'm going to be. My life is totally normal otherwise and I'm dedicating myself to my job and hobbies but it's just somewhat embarrassing to tell new people that I'm single, childless and not looking when they ask about it and then look at me awkwardly like I'm a crazy cat lady in the making. Idk anons. I got my weebshit and anime men and that's enough for now.

No. 668939

By the age of 30 I had fucked a bunch of guys. One night stands, fuck buddies, a failed marriage, another long term relationship after that. I honestly could take it all back and still be in the same place in life right now.

The sex wasn't amazing. The breakups and lows erased most of the joy from the relationships. I don't know if you're missing out on much.

I'm now single, living alone and crushing on a celeb/having more orgasms with a dildo and those fantasies lol. None of it mattered.

No. 668941

You arent missing anything. Most men dont know how to fuck and dont know the first thing about intimacy anyway. Most men just treat sex like it's to degrading act ti inflict on women.

No. 668942

i can tell i'm gonna get a mean diarrhea in an hour or so (hopefully it's not later than that…). it just hurts worse than my period cramps rn and i'm not looking forward to it coming out.

No. 668943

Some guy I have on my Snapchat was complaining about the president's being pedophiles, turns out snapchat guy was in a BDSM relationship with a 15 yr old, made her gain weight (she's already morbidly obese) for his fetish. And now is trying to deny everything when I called him out for his hypocrisy, and is sending his girlfriend who is also morbidly obese to stalk me. She called me to repeat "stupid ass hoe" At me for 3 minutes straight then became suicidal because I said she talks like she dropped out of 2nd grade.

Petty but wwyd ladies

No. 668949

I don't cook or bake so I feel like it'd just be another thread that makes me crave foods that I don't have in the house lol

No. 668953

>"buttsex and BJs are the key to a happy man"
Are vaginas becoming obsolete? My last few exes were either closeted anal obsessives or not so closeted pushier ones. Feels like those are the two options we have now

No. 668954

I'm so mad no one during sex education talked about just how fucking bad period diarrhea is. Truly the worst shits of my life and there's nothing that can stop them.

No. 668956

>mfw had my period early and it was 2 years before sex education even began

No. 668957

I only started to experience it in my mid twenties and didn't know what was wrong with me, had never heard of it before.

I've also started getting really intense fatigue pre-period (visibly look like shit, tired around my eyes etc) and people are like 'that's not a thing' I swear it fucking is!

No. 668958

Unbelievably based.

No. 668960

I love you anon, ty for reminding me that we're superior.

No. 668961

I am extremely fatigued before my period too. It's the only time I ever feel that tired. It's a bitch to get through those days if I have work or something planned.

No. 668974

Based. can't believe I almost let myself get memed into abandoning feminism by the bAsEd AnTi SjW left. Ily bitches

No. 668985

No. 668988

>the bAsEd AnTi SjW left
The right-wing?

No. 668990

Feels so fucking good to not feel like some "uwu call me them" piece of shit, thank god i never put any pronouns in bio. For the past two years I've felt like I have opened my eyes, like FUCK. I love women and I also am a woman no matter if I dress kinda butch at times. Dumb me.

No. 668995

> "uwu call me them"
This reminded me of something. Didn't want to shit up the thread in snow about this but I've been following the pyrocynical allegations for the last few days and the accuser is a gay man who has 'any pronouns' listed in his bio and then a gay pride flag and the name ivory.

So many people making videos on the situation don't know it's a gay guy and keep referring this 'girl' making allegations against pyro lol. I keep seeing people saying shit like "oh look another woman with claims against a youtuber" It's a gay man ffs! Like would it kill him to make that clear while people keep using his story to paint women as liars and fake victims.

I mean if he's genuine in his claims he could actually bring awareness to the fact that it happens to guys too.

No. 668996

I kept hearing about some ivory and was also imagining it was a dude yet people kept saying a girl. Weird. Anyways, pyro looks like he coul troon out any day and i don't know why.

No. 668999

No the class reductionist "social justice movements are bourgeois propaganda to distract the people from class consciousness" left. Kind of what shoeonhead and the pickme lefthots try to larp as

No. 669000

Tessa tsundebolt and vicky are my favorite cows, the way they have to make every fact about themselves extraordinary is so funny. I wish I had the audacity to pretend I'm some super special genius vampire warrior babe on the internet too, it must be so satisfying to see dumbass men buy all your lies just because you shooped yourself into a nice shape

No. 669001

File: 1604793509898.jpeg (50.26 KB, 700x693, 70F9F55B-92AE-43AD-AF39-2493F9…)

Any tips to get rid of hiccups quick? I know all of the dumb old wives tales and have tried them but I am tired and want to sleep and I can’t stop hiccuping.

No. 669002

Holding my breath always works, never had to look for methods beyond that

No. 669003

did you try holding your breath, I know this is another of the old wives tales but it helps me to hold my breath as I hiccup

No. 669004

Anyone here good at saving money? If so, how much money have you saved up and what for?

No. 669006

whoa hey… did you notice for the next 1000 posts we're all gonna have 69 in our post number

No. 669010

don't know if this is a dumb old wives tale but i recently learned that focussing all your attention on that place in your throat where the hiccup is supposed to take place for a few seconds helps to get rid of them, and for me personally, it works wonders. i had hiccups like five times since then and whenever i did this, they disappeared immediately.

No. 669012

Hiccups don't even occur IN the throat? I always just hold my breath and swallow like 9 times and it's gone

No. 669015

Well, they're not wrong. You know that things are not black and white. Racism and misogyny are still very real problems, but the main narrative is indeed being co-opted.

No. 669021

Thought shoeonhead was just a fence sitting pickme. But anyway it's not wrong in my opinion, it's a pretty solid claim. If the lower middle class and poor people were to unite across racial/other demographics and demand better living conditions it would be disastrous for the 1%, to them keeping them at each others' throats is beneficial.

No. 669025

Definitely, but I can still acknowledge performative wokeness and people taking advantage of a movement without condemning the whole movement. Lumping the people actually fighting for a cause like women's or gay rights together with the powerful who take advantage of them is retarded and intellectually lazy

No. 669034

File: 1604798861196.jpeg (513.64 KB, 750x981, 5167B748-11BC-4983-A380-9C2DF7…)

this is so fucking funny to me, i’ve been laughing for like 10 minutes at people ripping the trump team a new one over this whole thing.

No. 669035

I’m excited on wensday I’m going to do my smiley hehe

No. 669039

God I hope not. Anal sex is fucking repulsive to me. My ex was also obsessed with anal and it scarred me, I never want to do it again.

No. 669041

Glad you're laughing at the death of democracy.

No. 669042

There's plenty of people who love vagina and vagina only. As long as there's women there will always be exclusive vagina lovers.
Don't let a few scrotes make you think they don't exist.
The issue is the vagina lovers are just as shitty as the undercover Bussy Boys/Anal boys.

all in all men suck.

No. 669044

anyway, I just got asked to leave my friends discord because some troon started demanding we call Kamala the first "Cisgendered female vice president", I couldn't take it.
I told him to fuck off, I was already sick of the person because they were always talking about their "Sex work" and acting like they were fucking chads every night instead of married old men and downlow dusties.
A disgusting person all around.

No. 669046

File: 1604800070018.jpeg (34.78 KB, 600x400, BD718260-491E-4E74-A658-20875F…)

No. 669047

I hate discord. There was a great radfem discord with voice verification that also had great memes and shitposts but it got deleted. Wish I could find some place to talk videogames, life etc without a transperger starting shit

No. 669055

File: 1604800775969.png (55.11 KB, 867x498, B9B245A6-D29C-475F-84B4-81D019…)

No. 669078

Wait, you got in trouble because he had a conniption fit and started making demands?

No. 669079

the only thing that consistently worked for me was eating something with sugar, even if it's just a small amount

No. 669090

Was Amber Heard actually wrong/not a victim or is the internet just losing its mind because they cream for JD? I didn't keep up with the drama so idrk.

No. 669094

They both suck ass, she has previous domestic abuse verdicts, depp doesn't but they both are booze necking, druggie looking messes. Beware, the anon with the amber boner will come and scream at me for apparently knowing better than the judge who said amber didn't do shit, I love that deranged anon.

No. 669095

the general consensus is that theyre both terrible people that were equally as shitty to one another. thats likely the response youll get from most anons here. outside of here, like twitter, the bias is all for JD.

No. 669107

I see. I'm just cautious when I see too much "FAKE ACCUSAHSHUNZ!" stanning for men on the internet.

No. 669109

File: 1604804003055.jpg (118.19 KB, 720x511, 20201108_005455.jpg)

this warms my icy little anglophobe heart. can't wait to see britbongs that were stupid enough to go abroad on holiday complain about how unfair it is they can't leave their room on their hollyday!!

No. 669111

File: 1604804125557.jpg (47.64 KB, 640x640, EOwPIY5W4AAxPeA.jpg)

i'm not into petplay at all but i love keeping an eye on the community because there's so much drama and pettiness. the cowmmunity milks itself.

No. 669133

Besides the nitpicking, Lori Alexander is one of the worst fundies they snark on imo. She legit has or had a brain tumor which explains alot but she's still out here pushing how women shouldn't ever be told to expect happiness from their husband,to up with rape and abuse and only be submissive to men because religion

No. 669163

i have a lot of t for a girl and recently ive had some inappropriate muscle development around my calf (calve?/ .fuck im so tired) but instead of getting insecure about it i feel like i can conquer the world .

No. 669166

So do I. No wonder I've been a horny retard all these years.

No. 669168

This, but I just suck on a spoonful and let it melt in my mouth, it immediately works. idk if it's the sugar or the sucking motion but if just eating it works for you maybe sugar itself does something.

No. 669171

>pet play comm

No. 669202

They're by far the worst tourists but I guess they needed tourismbux so they let them come anyway.
My country has been trying to push tourists to come here this year so hard and I know they're going to starve but I don't really care because they're putting everyone else in jeopardy, since the only tourists that are travelling this year are the irresponsible ones anyway.

Anyway, I hate British and Irish tourists, they're incredibly entitled despite being the trashiest nations in Europe. All the island inbreeding really be messing with your head.

No. 669203

I love unbreakable kimmy schmidt so much. It's such a shitty normie tv show but it gives me peace.

No. 669210

Season 1 was so perfect I laughed all the time. IDK what happened but season 2 just… her jokes were forced or something but it was so unenjoyable I couldn't stand it

No. 669219

I think I finally had a wet dream last night. Or I think it was one. I kept waking up in the middle of the dreams with my biscuit throbbing like hell and after the last dream I woke up with a orgasm-y feeling in my crotch and I was unconsciously hymping the air. That has to be a wet dream right?

No. 669224

The throbbing and dry humping sound like it to me. I have them somewhat regularly, but the throbbing is almost painful to me.

No. 669238

There's this one anon who writes really encouraging and supportive posts and always ends them with a heart, I just want to let her know that I love and apppreciate her a lot.

No. 669239

File: 1604823041882.jpg (59.97 KB, 800x800, large_9ea638e4-2cf9-4f88-8871-…)

Anyone ever had apple sidra?

No. 669242

They had some sort of apple pop at taco bell at one point and it was sooooo gooood

No. 669245

File: 1604823539505.jpg (60.17 KB, 512x512, unnamed (1).jpg)

It's pretty good but this stuff is my fav

No. 669247

Ok where do I find this? Apple sidra tastes too artificial for me but I like the concept of a carbonated apple juice. Is this artificial tasting?

No. 669251

Where are you from anon?

No. 669255

nta but that soda flavor is artificial

No. 669290

Lelelele ha yeah
Lelelele ha yeah
Lelelele ha yeah
Lelelele ha yeah yuh yeah
Lelelele ha yeah
Lelelele ha yeah
Lelelele ha-

No. 669312

I want to get a lash lift but do I NEED it? I'm so fucking tired of having pin straight lashes that point fucking DOWNWARDS.

No. 669318

Buy your own kit on amaz or ebay and do it yourself. It’s easy and substantially cheaper

No. 669320

Lash lifts can blind you and cause serious damage to your eye. Just curl them with an eyelash curler on days when you go out or see people.

No. 669321

I'm probably the odd one out here but why do people worry about shit like lashes so much? I could never pay good money to have my lashes slightly reshaped, I mean nobody is going to walk up to you and call you stunning after spending that time and money. Where is the pay back for bothering with stuff like that?

No. 669323

If you're able to use them multiple times then I'll look into it, thanks

No. 669325

I know it's stupid but I can't wear lash extensions and my lashes can't hold a curl even with waterproof mascara so they constantly look like shit and make my makeup look unfisihed/as if something is missing.

It's just a preference, is it stupid? Yup, but I just want to feel pretty.

No. 669326

i don't understand either. it's such a small detail, like getting a nostril lift or sth

No. 669331

In fairness I think I'm in the minority for just not caring about that stuff. If it genuinely gives you a boost and you don't mind the cost then go for it

No. 669412

File: 1604852244986.jpeg (61.95 KB, 702x690, B8EAFB3A-36E2-46F5-BC0B-47F667…)

I took all my meds, some of which should be taken with food, and then accidentally took an Adderall to clean my apartment and finish some work before eating. I’m so stupid.

No. 669418

Do any other anons remember a red juice drink from their childhood with a panda bear on the bottle? It was sweet and a little jelly-like. I've been trying to remember what they were called.

No. 669425

What country?

No. 669440

File: 1604855559092.jpg (151.1 KB, 500x686, 5-8.jpg)

panda pops?

No. 669442

File: 1604856215771.jpg (176.33 KB, 1775x1200, NINTCHDBPICT000003391977.jpg)

samefagging, but i also found this

No. 669449

Alex Trebek, the host of Jeopardy passed away…

It's wild because the previous host, Art Fleming, passed away from the same cancer (pancreatic).

No. 669450

those were so friggin good especially the blue one

No. 669473

Kettle corn. Is so good

No. 669476

Damn that’s sad, but I think he lived longer than expected after his diagnosis. I can’t imagine who would replace him though

No. 669478

There was some drama that led people to create a second sub fundiesnarkUncensored I think, but I’m not even sure what happened and I just lurk. But I went on the second sub and they said you can’t talk about the fundies’ appearance, and I’m like isn’t that the opposite of uncensored

No. 669480

that's so sad. RIP alex

No. 669487

Now that it's late as hell in the night here, townhall has started. Fuck timezones.

No. 669499


No. 669535

File: 1604867938265.jpg (207.71 KB, 620x420, alex-trebek.jpg)

rest easy my husbando

No. 669560

I like to draw my friend portraits of their pets as little gifts. Though I know that a lot of people now think handmade things have no value over pricy shiny things you buy, I still put a lot of care and I give them to her. So far I gave her a couple of the original portraits and I know they're probably on a corner of her room full of wrinkles, lost or maybe even thrown away. I keep making them because I'm dumb as fuck, but at the same time I know she doesn't care that much about it.

No. 669564

I think that's really cute, anon! Personally, I find it perfectly fine to make something from the heart instead of always resorting to gifting your friend something you bought outright. Your portraits are one-of-a-kind and I would hope your friend values them. If she's a real friend, she'd ask you to stop and direct it toward someone else who does value them.

No. 669565

You sound really sweet, anon, but you should get better friends

No. 669567

He honestly lived a great life and his final days were spent comfortable with his family, without a question about his successful legacy. I think he went out in the best way the circumstances allowed him to and that's all anyone could really ask for but what most won't be afforded. According to producers of the show, they filmed all the way up until October 29th, and will air the final episode sometime before Christmas. Sounds like he was pretty strong and clairvoyant right before the end.

No. 669569

I wish you were my friend. I don't have great talents but I do make sure to curate my friends nice holiday gifts based on their tastes and interests. I have two friends who give me old junk from their rooms that they don't want anymore and that I certainly don't want either. They even go through a charade of acting like they purchased it new online when I can tell it's been used and sitting out. It's so silly, and the kicker is I'd appreciate a card with well wishes or a note even more than that crap.

No. 669576

Anon I'd fucking cry if any of my friends gave me a portrait of my pet as a gift, even if it was just a bad scribble. Handmade things are millions of times better than any pricy, shiny thing and I always make it a point to put lots of effort into my gift wrapping and creating handwritten and decorated cards for all of my friends. I hope you'll meet friends one day who treasure your pet portraits.

No. 669579

this isn't fair to her friend at all. you can't force people to react to things the way you want them to, and if they don't react a certain way you can't call them a bad friend. first of all, if you do something from the heart, you should still feel good about doing it regardless of the other persons reaction (so long as it's not negative). if not, you're just doing things selfishly. second of all, her friend probably does appreciate it even if she doesn't act over the moon about it. personally i act thankful when receiving gifts but they don't become my prized possessions or anything. this turned into a rant but i'm sick of people on LC going into "dump your bf" "dump your friend" mode over every single thing. you're gonna end up very lonely like that.

No. 669581

>if you do something from the heart, you should still feel good about doing it regardless of the other persons reaction
Not OP but while this sounds good on paper, it's entirely unrealistic. Like I don't think anon is going to have a meltdown and ditch every friend who doesn't kiss her ass for the portraits. Yet it's to be expected that she feels a bit bummed that she put her heart into something that her friends don't seem to act like they value. All replies have just been wishes that anon makes new friends one day who act appreciative in the way she needs, that's all.

No. 669583

Thank you anons, it's nice to know there are people who appreciate hand made things! But I don't really blame her, I just think it's a bit dumb that I give them to her and then I'm torn because at the same time I know they might not be treated the best way. I'm dumb also because I value the things I make by hand way too much and I worry about how other people treasure them. Drawings are such flimsy, small and forgettable things, afterall. And knowing that money wasn't spent to make them, people are going to value it less automatically. It's fine really, I'm just worrying over drawings. Also she's thankful when I give them to her, this thought comes up because I had experiences with other people and I know it just happens sometimes.

No. 669601

>dry skin that gets rough at times
>fat ass scalp tho

No. 669604

Trump's twatter feed reads 1:1 like that of a cow. I don'tknow why I never visited it before. Why does he type that ott way? It's how I'd write if I was ironically shitposting.

No. 669607

Got any stories to tell?

No. 669682

i deleted all my social media accounts but i can't avoid the drama happening there because my friends keep mentioning what's going on there, like i know. i don't know, i don't want to know, i don't wanna talk about it. the retardation that comes from twitter makes my blood boil. i never know the most recent gossip my friends are talking about and i never get the jokes and memes.

No. 669705

My ex was fueled on race bait.
He constantly tried to play up how much racism he faced for being half arab, he was half lebanese and half british and no one could even tell lmao. Would claim my family "would try to murder him" for being arab even though I'm italian and greek kek. Would also try to stir up girl race vs girl race drama by playing up his super hot curvy submissive japanese ex and say white girls suck

No. 669717

Anon, did he show you pics of her? I've been to Japan and didn't see a single curvy woman there kek.

No. 669718

i still use tumblr for art but come across troon/sjw shit a lot and i die inside when people on tumblr say kiwifarms is a radfem site. i wanna know what they're smoking to believe that

No. 669721

He sounds like a ticking time bomb. I know people like him, and they're social media addicts that think twitter is real life.
You need to gradually ground him back to reality before he starts demanding that you cut ties from your friends and family. To him, this is really an issue of control and not an issue of wanting to feel safe.

No. 669727

RIP, I can't believe I found out from Lolcow.

No. 669729

Nope. Just talked big game and tried to amp her up even more when I didn't react. He seemed extremely insecure and upset when I didn't care and would try harder by comparing our bodies and telling me how much better she was so I told him I'm leaving and he threw a hissy fit

I cut ties a long time ago. My mind is weird so random things he did would jump out at me and open my eyes even more. He has no way to contact me either which was his fault since he refused to add me on snapchat or anywhere else and claimed it was for our safety kek

No. 669730

File: 1604887282416.jpg (49.07 KB, 665x665, tsOL5CC.jpg)

I love the term burger, I know why it exists and all of that but for some reason I just find very adorable to call people "Burger"

I send good wishes and love to all of you Burger-chans reading this.

No. 669741

dog bless my fellow burgers

No. 669752

My mom called saying she couldn’t get home because of leg pains and she was by the subway station (a 5 min walk away) and asked me to go out and get her but I told her I was sending my cousin who lives with us instead. I know she might throw a bitchfit about how useless of a daughter I am, but my cousin is bigger and a lot stronger than I am, so isn’t he the better choice to send to go get her anyway?

No. 669758

I’m high and there’s a cockroach in my room and I want to sleep but can’t relax

No. 669761

Can’t stop thinking about fucking a man this past week. Gay thoughts preoccupy my brain 95% of the time, so these rare horny for cock moments really trip me up.

No. 669762

Anon. Kill it.
God damn, I had a spider on my blanket yesterday and could have shit myself.

No. 669764

Any other anons relate to having a cousin that is significantly more prettier than you and the main reason you know it is because everyone constantly talks about how pretty they are and how guys are lusting after them for marriage (I'm ethnic incase it wasn't made clear by that last statement)? I'm not even particularly jealous or bitter about it, but it gives me a weird complex. Like damn, looks are really valued in my culture and I'm the most average, maybe even less than average bitch.

No. 669765

forgot to mention it's adults and aunts that talk about certain girls being super pretty. It's just a negative environment to grow up in when pretty girls are constantly acknowledged for their prettiness meanwhile you're getting no type of recognition for your own face. I sound mad dumb but whatever. This is in the dumbass shit thread because it's not really a vent just an observation.

No. 669768

Not a cousin, but my sister is a lot hotter than me. I'm not jealous and I don't resent it cause I love her, but proximity invites more comparison than I'm comfortable with. Like, obviously there are tonnes of girls out there who are better looking than me, who cares if my sis is one of them? But the fact that we're related means people are more likely to notice and contrast us which sucks.

No. 669770

Yeah, it’s kind of annoying. Visiting my dad’s family is the most annoying thing ever, they only seem to be able to talk about how we should look pretty or sexy if we ever want to marry, or how we should start dieting more, getting surgeries done and such.
The worse part is that my older cousins did get married, so it’s great, but because of that, they’re targeting my younger cousins, the eldest of them is like, 16 years old, and the youngest is around 10 years old, they don’t deserve being constantly pushed into doing stuff they don’t even know if they want to do, but even mentioning how they should just enjoy being kids just brings unnecessary discord in the family and annoying comments about me not being hot enough to be criticizing them.

No. 669772

My room is very big I just had to wait until it reared its head again, luckily I just got the bitch. It was huge. That sounds like a fucking nightmare, I’d go ballistic

No. 669773

>coworker keeps getting the shits
>"I swear anytime I eat or drink dairy I shit my guys out"
>Are you lactose intolerant

>"No that can't be it"


No. 669779

I wish youtube would stop recommending me videos/stories of teenagers on tiktok. Like, just look at the age on my account and stop recommending me children trying to thirst trap each other

No. 669783

Tell it to stop. If you click "not interested" on recommended videos you don't like a couple of times, the algorithm will stop recommending them to you.

No. 669793

File: 1604899948004.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 124.96 KB, 1072x720, DB35CC6B-D80D-4A70-B04F-480A38…)

I saw this cursed disgusting fatty’s ass pic on Twitter promoting onlyfans and now you have to too

>the crusty feet

No. 669796

Why do fat women get crusty heels?

No. 669799

File: 1604900133788.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 659.78 KB, 1242x1255, 81CD2B7E-6235-49D2-86C7-DAC2D3…)

Is there a thread where we post cringe obese onlyfans thots, cause there is a shit ton of cringe that would make Shayna Clifford look like a beauty queen kek

No. 669800

File: 1604900169469.gif (122.08 KB, 300x100, borzoi.gif)

I made this banner

No. 669802

It’s a good banner anon

No. 669804

doesn't everyone get crusty feet if they don't take care of them??
Ophelia in the river (Fat Deranged Onlyfans Version) by Sir John Everett Millais, 1852, Tate Britain, London. Colorized. Brought to you by Anon

No. 669806

Borzoi boi is naturally formatted to fit the elongated banner size.
It's his destiny

No. 669810

No. 669818

KEK I hope they actually update the banners someday and add this one

No. 669819

File: 1604901992900.jpeg (86.68 KB, 1280x720, B280600A-8A87-461D-A8D4-A2C628…)

We’re fighting

No. 669830

Please no. This meme is so forced.

No. 669833

Yeah cringe

No. 669860

I know it’s a forced meme but I legit smile whenever I see these stupid borzoi faces. They’re just so long and goofy while looking strangely elegant.

No. 669866

I like them because they're 2D dogs, and that's just silly.
Zero width, but long and tall. Like someone steamrolled over a regular 3D dog and it got flattened like in cartoons.

No. 669889

I just randomly thought of a lifetime movie I watched a few months ago and I'm kind of annoyed.
The movie was about twin sisters, who are opposites of each other. One is single, no children, and she had a glamorous job. The other had a husband and 2 young children.

They decide to switch lives for a few days. So the mom twin goes to the club and has fun,she's staying in Glam twin's house and is wearing her clothes.

Glam Twin takes her ass to her brother in laws house, why this bitch sit on her sister's husband's lap all comfortable and I think they kissed.
Like what? I almost thought they hadn't switched yet because Glam twin was so comfortable acting like her sister and being all over her husband.

Anyway, Mom Twin calls Glam twin, they get in a little argument about some dumb shit and Glam twin sleeps in the bed with her sister's husband.

Mom Twin gets hit by a car and dies, so they think mom twin is really Glam twin.
So instead of telling the husband right away, Glam twin tells their mother(maybe aunt?) she's really Glam Twin and Mom twin died.

I think their mother told Glam twin to tell the husband, but dumb ass glam twin basically takes over for her sister, pretending to be her, taking care of the kids, going to the funeral and even FUCKING HER HUSBAND.

So there was some boring ass plot line that Glam twin's boss or something hit Mom twin with the car, but what pissed me off was, when Glam twin finally told the husband she was Glam twin and his wife was actually dead.
When he got very mad, the mom and the detective had the NERVE to get mad at the husband.
Like how dare he be fucking upset that his actual wife is dead and Glam twin pretended to be her? They were like, "Oh she was trying to help you, she helped take care of the kids you should be grateful!"
Fuck the fact that his two children have to learn their mother is really fucking dead, fuck everything else, he should be GRATEFUL that for a few months he thought his sister-in-law was his wife and his children still had a mother.

I got so annoyed at that point I couldn't even finish the movie. Yeah I know it's retarded to write all this.

No. 669891

This is amazing anon, I hope they add this. The best thing to come of 2020

No. 669896


Same, somehow ever how forced it is makes it even funnier, fingers crossed this banner is here to stay.

No. 669898

we see you anti-borzoi anon but you have to accept that the borzoi won, just like it deserved to

No. 669910

In my language burger means citizen so calling someone an Ameriburger is pretty much just saying they’re an American citizen.

No. 669913

That sounds like an entertaining trainwreck, whats the title?

No. 669915

le trololol the cake is a lie ex dee! do you guys carry battletoads ex dee!!!! so epic

No. 669919

Oh my god how did i never notice that before???

No. 669929

The English are the least inbred in Europe you fucking idiot, learn some science.

No. 669932

File: 1604921768158.jpg (208.65 KB, 1200x1085, 120.jpg)

nothing better than putting some cereal in my bowl of milky ice

No. 669935

File: 1604922109582.jpg (75.53 KB, 500x622, Plus Size Queer Fashion.jpg)

Lesbians like to pretend they're better than men regarding attraction and it's always been bullshit. Their attraction thread was full of underage teens dressed as lolis, big-titted vapid BPD daddy-issue cows mid mental break down, and trashy, gold digging plastic surgery bimbos, with anons sharing how badly they want to dom and HATEFUCK the stupid bitches.

INB4 but muh aShaMeD thrEaD!! hatefuck? butterface? they have more in common with reddit weebs than they care to acknowledge, glad to see the mask drop. I was LOLing at how many conventionally attractive women were picked apart, knowing what the average lez looks like kek.

No. 669937

Bi-women still aren't lesbians.

No. 669940

That's nice homophobe-chan

No. 669941

Pointing out lesbians can be misogynist and fat is not homophobia tumblrina.

No. 669943

As soon as anons were talking about fucking momokun it was enough for me

No. 669944

I'm sorry you're ugly anon but lesbians not wanting to fuck you isn't misoginy

No. 669945

Are you that one autistic sperg who couldn't shut up about how butch lesbians are rapists licking male boots

No. 669946

Samefag but what the hell are you talking about? Lolis? Daddy issue cows? Where?

No. 669950

Nta but the fact that this is what you decided to interpret from her critique that actually made a lot of points says volumes about you. We don’t want to be fucked by you or your wish app strap on either hoss.

No. 669953

lol this is why people hate dykes you deluded cunt

No. 669955

It couldn’t possibly be that multiple anons are sick of your fat coomer shit, huh?

No. 669956

kek I'm straight, but anon sounds bitter that lesbians are attracted to attractive women. I assume she's talking about the women you're ashamed you'd fuck thread in /g/ where the whole point is to post women who are attractive despite being bad people. it's not that deep

No. 669957

the scatfags are worse tbh
tbf there was one teenager posted there (the catch me outside girl?) but that was years ago

No. 669958

But she wasn’t talking about attractive women? She was talking about the tons of cringe posts that we’ve collected over time where it’s weird rapey shit that sounds like they’re trying to upstage scrotes.

No. 669959

>she thinks the most disgusting posts aren't made by the same undercover scrotes who ask for nudes of the cows but instead evil disgusting coomer lesbians

No. 669960

Pray tell, why are you so defensive over the fact that lesbians too can posture and be annoying? I’m a lesbian and nothing she said offended me because she’s right.

No. 669962

If it's not a scrote/seething tranny baiting it's the "ugly fat dykes will rape me if I step my foot in the locker room with them" narrative homophobic tradthots have taken to turbo levels. Seems to be a really shit grade bait though, hoping that the farmhands will wake up in a minute.

No. 669963

The fuck is this reply

No. 669966

the truth

No. 669968

Huh?? That’s what you’re getting from that? You do know you can criticize your own kind for being embarrassing right?

Why are they jumping so quickly to that one post like it really touched a nerve

No. 669970

Well, homophobia does touch a nerve. Are you a right-winger or something?

No. 669976

Wtf are you on about? I’m not even that anon and I’m a lesbian. Take criticism better instead of taking everything to heart. If you aren’t the kind of dyke anon was talking about why would it offend you so much?

No. 669982

Only one person replied to that post, kek.
Unless you’re talking about the OP that started it, in which case it’s pretty inflammatory, so of course it’ll get people riled up.

No. 669988

File: 1604928157196.jpeg (42.92 KB, 460x313, 645402E4-89E8-42BB-942D-4F0425…)

I have an addy hangover from hell

No. 669999

Fucking do what now? How do you get a hangover from it?

No. 670022

File: 1604931605629.jpg (23.6 KB, 343x343, inbread.jpg)

Well picrel is what you all look like and google begs to disagree.
Drink a bit or take some benzos, maybe take a multi vitamin? It helps me after molly/coke binges.

No. 670028

I always interpreted burgeranons or calling usanons burgers is because Americans are stereotyped as fat and burgers are fast food

No. 670030

The majority of celebs like actors and singers that are popular right now and stanned by teen girls are British. Unless they are Korean idols.

No. 670031

File: 1604932521649.jpg (49.98 KB, 620x413, download.jpg)

Roight, well what's all this then?

No. 670033

That’s a lame response. Just using photos from the freaking Jeremy Kyle show

No. 670035

File: 1604932836866.jpeg (64.57 KB, 500x500, 63985AB7-FC5D-4AD7-B533-DB2C6B…)

No. 670036

Yes, the fact that you have that show is proof in and of itself.

No. 670046

File: 1604933899887.jpeg (262.37 KB, 828x827, 440D3C5B-8F24-47C5-A63F-82F369…)


No. 670047

You really think someone would just do that? Just lie on the internet?

No. 670063

Even "normal", non-trashy British people are kind of unfortunate-looking. It can't be helped.

No. 670071

British people look like theyve been beaten with a shovel

No. 670086

Holy shit I tried what an anon suggested and rubbed my fingers on the stainless steel tap after eating some curry with my fingers and the smell is gone! In an instant! Amazing.

No. 670087

File: 1604937600712.jpg (17.31 KB, 432x432, 6ebd2f7870e9878152f43debce09cf…)

2 hours ago my friend asked in the group chat if anyone wanted to hang out today and I responded yes and she has not acknowledged it at all

No. 670091

:( im sorry im ugly waaa

No. 670099

I cut him off and I might be alone and bitter but I’m my best friend!!!

No. 670103

I'm about to have a 3 hour zoom class with a guy I had horrible sex with about a topic I have zero interest in fml

No. 670113

Somehow I developed a reaction to when I remember something embarrassing or when I see something that makes me cringe the reaction is the stupidest worse meow and I let it and realize after I said it, it usually happens when I'm alone but it did happen in public, I have no control over this and it's making me feel like absolute shit, it's been almost a year and it's only getting more and more frequent, this is a cry for help.

No. 670114

File: 1604941869918.gif (3.99 MB, 300x300, 31C5638D-00C0-4961-94F2-818735…)

My cat burnt his tongue sneaking a bite of my macaroni and cheese, which I hadn’t touched yet waiting for it to cool. I feel so bad for the little guy.

No. 670118

Who hurt you? You can’t say that about a country as a whole. If that’s the case, Americans are ugly. But I guess they win in points because they are fat af too. You are what you eat Burgeranons.

No. 670119

There's something liberating about acknowledging that there is something "off" about you, or that you have some type of mental illness. I mean mine aren't anything interesting but acknowledging that I have Social Anxiety is kind of a relief when my whole life, I've jumped hoops trying to rationalize the way I am.

No. 670122

I hope your greedy rascal recovers quickly ♥ Burnt tastebuds are a bitch as a human, so I can only imagine how he feels.

No. 670123

File: 1604942888842.jpeg (65.53 KB, 631x552, D755CF9E-E5DF-4E31-B6DC-BF3C43…)

where is the lie

No. 670130

I’m not a burgerfag but I’ve seen plenty of people make fun of brits for being inbred. Americans are fat, British people are ugly, India stinks, people in Japan kill themselves, Finnish people are retarded, etc. Some stereotypes exist for a reason. I’m sorry you can’t handle it.

No. 670131

The mailman in my town got fired cause he would get drunk and open the parcels. He only got caught because he was sloppy with wrapping them back up. That got me cackling so much, why was he so curious?
Also, he once came in to our house when he was delivering mail and sat down and started watching the tv with us kek what a guy.

No. 670135

File: 1604944265255.jpg (69.7 KB, 1024x768, An_image_of_a_toast_sandwich,_…)

No. 670140

Would’ve been a good comeback if you’d chosen something Brits typically eat. A huge choice of gross options and you pick something most people have never heard of lol

No. 670141

Anyways, British people tend to be ugly af.

No. 670144

Tell that to all my orbiters

No. 670145

This is how I feel about New Girl. Until Zooey left for a season or whatever, haven’t touched it since.

No. 670146

they got the weird ass teeth and small eyes

No. 670161

I really hate women who never shut up about how their life is difficult because they have huge fat milkers, muh back problems, muh sizing problems, muh everything, they even derail threads here every time someone mentions boobs and they're everywhere online it's almost as if they have radars open and scanning the whole internet for the mention of honkers and they're usually either just extremely fat all over or have normal sized tits they somehow think are huge, it's the worst and the oldest form of compliment fishing I wish they'd stop because it's embrasssing.
I now know a girl like this in a server I'm in who is an absolute landwhale and only comes to complain about her triple D tits in a server that is SFW and has so many underage members, turned out she is in a couple of porn servers and posts lewd pics of herself there and stopped posting in a few places because she was called fat, I get second hand embarrassment every time she says anything.

No. 670165

File: 1604947169507.jpeg (126.51 KB, 828x336, BB36BFF2-707D-4394-8418-1F4C71…)

>tell that to all my orbiters

No. 670167

File: 1604947424516.jpeg (73.36 KB, 531x530, C7253F8B-8736-4314-A134-8A9A30…)

I am British

No. 670169

I feel so relieved that it's true and not just me finding them ugly af

No. 670170

You hillbilly burgers are projecting in this thread huh? And I’m not even from uk lmao

No. 670171

File: 1604947736727.jpg (25.19 KB, 570x439, d98e31d4e6f65aa78bc74afdea0bbb…)

i like how pointy my bfs nose is!! kinda want to ask him to peck me like a chicken with his nose cos it would be cool

No. 670173

There are countless articles online literally titled variations of ‘why are British people so ugly’ dating back to the early 2000s, and in a national poll British women were rated the ugliest women internationally based on different countries interactions with tourists. That whole country made me depressed when I went there, they’re always calling Americans fat but they’re just as fat and pasty and way more offensive looking, I’ve never seen so much potent inbred sameface in my whole life.

No. 670174

I’m from Sweden.

No. 670175

File: 1604947900381.png (166.23 KB, 459x486, 20201109_195018.png)

No. 670179

I am also not from U.K. but still from Europe and disagree with this. But it is a common stereo type just like how Americans are both ugly and fat. American tourists here are obnoxious and loud. This website is mostly Americans. lol

No. 670183

File: 1604948616117.jpeg (171.58 KB, 828x567, 74A51AC6-17FF-4FEE-8415-D2A059…)

No. 670184

File: 1604948628779.jpeg (35.01 KB, 275x275, 1604149652723.jpeg)

sorry about your condition

No. 670185

File: 1604948649884.jpg (81.18 KB, 772x415, Macron.jpg)

>accusing burgers
>not accusing the french
how unbrit of you

No. 670186

File: 1604948774565.jpeg (410.81 KB, 828x671, E0BAEA34-D803-48C6-8AD7-390653…)

No. 670187

Omg these posts I’m sorry but you burgeranons have no right to call other countries ugly LMAO

No. 670188

I thought the frogs had their own thread and don’t contribute outside of it

No. 670189

I want to fuck Macron so bad, he is pure masculinity. too bad he is a gilf hunter.

No. 670190

And what country do you come from Anon? Go ahead and lie

No. 670192

You keep trying to say we’re all burgers but unfortunately you are wrong, I’m sorry you can’t cope with this very well known stereotype

No. 670194

File: 1604949011532.jpeg (98.18 KB, 700x700, 406EED7F-7C62-4B1E-BD6F-2F7264…)

this is not an ugly competition

No. 670197

File: 1604949106482.png (108.9 KB, 259x194, 20764-full.png)

Fucking hell, same. Too bad he got groomed by his pedo wife

No. 670200

Anons I love my cat so much

No. 670204

No. 670205

True, but even if it was, this creature would not be winning it. What a specimen!

No. 670210

File: 1604950005697.jpg (31.11 KB, 1225x744, rdsxfcgvhbkj.jpg)

does anyone know what this metal stick thing you use to rip walls or whatever is called

No. 670211

That’s not a crowbar?

No. 670212

Is it a crow bar?

No. 670214

Reverse image search calls it a "tack/molding lifter"

No. 670216

ah yes it is thanks anons

No. 670222

do it!!

No. 670228

Do any of you anons have freckles? Do you like or hate them? Or anons that don’t have them? Do you like or hate them?

I have freckles and I am currently having treatments to remove them incl facial peels and microneedling. The pain is intense and it’s a long process but I hate myself in many ways and this is one of the reasons why

No. 670231

I have a few, like genuinely maybe 5-10 that i always mistake for leftover mascara. I think they're cute, fake ones are disgusting.

No. 670233

File: 1604951523274.jpg (31.47 KB, 700x485, 7641.jpg)

I have freckles across my nose and I love them. I can understand not liking them if you have a lot tho. A girl who's freckles looked like pic related told me that choosing a foundation was a pain, because you either had to choose inbetween matching it to your skintone or to your freckles; so either looking ashy or orange. Also they can look a bit like acne scars sometimes

No. 670234

File: 1604951564961.jpeg (103.08 KB, 828x401, 01C0ED47-5BD6-4CD0-BDDE-CBAD2C…)

That typo kek.

No. 670235

I love freckles, but too much, no. I wish I got freckles instead of tanning because I look shit with a tan but would look cute with freckles..

No. 670236

I don't have freckles, but I think they're really cute. My girlfriend has a lot during the sunny months and they make her even cuter imo. One of my first crushes was Lindsay Lohan & I think the freckles were a big part of it.
Those treatments seem… dangerous? It's your face ofc, but try to take care of yourself, anon

No. 670238

Thank you for your concern kind anon! The treatments are very legit, I am having them done at a professional skin clinic!

No. 670242

I don’t have freckles and I really doubt I can have, but I love them i consider them fucking hot I wish I could kiss a pretty guy’s freckles, every single one of them they’re really pretty.

No. 670243

Bitch we replied because she was talking about fat women and tits. I can't believe you're so agonized by that simple conversation that you had to come vaguepost about it. Cry moar.

No. 670247

It upsets you that women complain about two weights, of varying size and volume, hanging from their chests? Two bags of fat that can deflate, be uneven, tuberous, have tumors? Breasts are reasonably a big issue in general for plenty of women, let alone large breasts. You’re just a cunt probably.

No. 670252

Wah wah, go to the vent thread with this then?

No. 670256

I went shopping and saw some kind of spicy mango dip that looked good but then I looked at the calorie count and it's over 600kcal per 100ml and I'm just so sad. How? Did they put two bars of butter in it, too? How come some kind of cheese dip is just like 200kcal per 100ml but this stupid mango dip is thrice as much?
I didn't end up buying it.

No. 670258

Probably loads of added sugar if I had to guess?

No. 670263

I don't have freckles but I think they're really cute!

I bet >>670258 is right. Mangos can be pretty sour or bland if they aren't using ripe ones so they probably have to add the sugar to make it appeal to tastelets.

Maybe you could try making it at home? Like puree some mango and chili pepper together and see what happens.

No. 670268

I used to hate them but now I like them. On my face theyve always helped mask when I've had really bad zits and I'm thankful for that, and they detract from the fact that I have eyebags. Though this year they've been patterning in places weirdly, not as much on my face and more so on my legs and arms, which is annoying when you get random ones on the side of your shin, or the top of your toes

No. 670274

File: 1604956259635.jpg (29.19 KB, 700x520, xfreckles.jpg.pagespeed.ic.X1N…)

I have some faint freckles that I wish were more visible, some spots are very out there some really aren't. Pic related was the closest I could find to how mines look, more or less. I'm looking foward some microblading sessions later this month to make them more apparent, because the way they are right now they kind of blend in with some redness and acne scars but also makes it look like I have more acne and redness than what I actually have. Most microblading examples I have seen look ugly and way too fake for my taste lol but maybe it's because I always see them on girls who don't have freckles already (which, maybe it makes me an hypocrite, but I find fucking dumb and vain). So I'm not gonna go over the top and just follow my natural color, shape, and distribution of freckles.

An anon here said they conceal black circles so that's also something I'm looking fowards to lol. I don't like wearing makeup at all.

No. 670278

what do yall think about uv lamps. i need something to help seasonal depression

No. 670282

taking vitamin D suppliments is cheaper

No. 670320

I'm going up against my uterus in The Octagon for giving me cramps. Who wants to place bets on who will win?

No. 670324

have you tried taking up walking as a hobby? i try to walk for at least 3 hours everyday (especially during those hours where i don't have any schoolwork to do or any plans with friends - makes me feel like i'm not wasting time just lying on my bed) and it does wonders to my mood.

No. 670328

I wish anons on this site weren't so nitpicky about others' appearances. Like, there are entire threads on /snow/ that have pretty much devolved into finding tiny flaws on a cow to justify why she's "ugly" or "aging poorly," etc. Like, it seems that's the only "milk" people actually want to discuss at times. It's fucking ridiculous. Like no wonder y'all are so unhappy with your own appearances and we have multiple threads of anons complaining about how supposedly ugly they are, when they're spending all day fixating on things like forehead wrinkles and big areolas on otherwise conventionally attractive people. And yes, most of the cows everyone screeches about being ugly, aren't. They are actually above average. Deal with it. You can still hate them for more legitimate reasons.

No. 670335

I'm 125 lbs with G cups and the only issue I have is back pains here and there that easily go away with painkillers. Some sizing issues as well but only if I'm being sized for a professional setting because I'm a nurse and it's hard to find scrubs that look "just right", other than that there's so many stretchy shirts and dresses out there it's barely an issue. even then it's not that big of a deal as some girls are making of it

I get what you mean though. Some anons definitely exaggerate when it comes to ~how hard~ their life is even if their boobs aren't that big in proportion to their body. but claiming they would rather be fat with small tits or something is definitely a lie

No. 670336

>And yes, most of the cows everyone screeches about being ugly, aren't. They are actually above average.
Average I could understand, but who the fuck is above average? Which cows would you compare with top models?

No. 670339

…Who do you think is above average?

No. 670340

File: 1604964497544.png (168.74 KB, 537x800, 2575-Shiny-Gothorita.png)

I caught a shiny Gothorita (picrel) in Pokemon X that I encountered completely randomly and I still haven't come down from the high it gave me

No. 670345

I spent the last hour getting lost in instagram explore and checking on people I use to follow. Thought for a second that I might want to become active on there again. Then I realize how many people are posting their ass nonstop, endless selfies, and trying too hard to be uwu aesthetically pleasing or sexual in all their pics for likes. It still feels shallow. I haven't took a selfie in years but took one last month because I was feeling good about myself. Probably end up staying in my anti selfie hole because I don't want to start getting anxiety over my appearance again.

No. 670347

"above average" doesn't mean top models, it just means more attractive than the average person you'd see.

the ones I can think of are june, alyssa d silos, kenna, belle delphine, ashley renne, mystery, mrs midwest, venus angelic, and maybe others I can't think of because I don't lurk enough

No. 670349

Holy shit venus? No, what the hell she looks like she's decaying

No. 670353

June and mystery are average if not below. I agree wrt Alyssa, Kenna, Belle and Venus. Idk who the others are.

No. 670355

We'll just have to agree to disagree cause I've seen average people who looked better than june and venus, and many who were on the same level.
Plus june's longish face and venus's lack of chin/lips aren't considered conventionally attractive by society's standards. I don't remember how the others look. I can kind of see it with belle, but idk how she looks unshopped.

No. 670358

Only Belle and Kenna are above average and both dead cows on here.
The rest, learn how to distinguish camera filters from real life.

No. 670360

I don't tend to agree with the notion that beauty is always subjective, but posts like this seriously make me reconsider my position on that. How anyone could think that someone like June is "below average" is beyond me. I don't cape for her but have always maintained that her looks are specifically why she has such a massive following in spite of her garbage content. It really does seem as though anons on this site only focus on specific features on a cow and deem that enough of a reason to say they're not attractive. They don't look at the full picture. June has a ton of conventionally attractive features that cancel out her not so conventional ones (eyes, lips, high cheekbones). Most people don't only have conventionally attractive features unless they've had a significant amount of plastic surgery.

No. 670362

She got boosted throughout the years due to being the anti-feminist Uncle Tom that men and equally insecure women could cling to, and she was a skinwalker of Boxxy, an infamous internet icon.
It's definitely not due to her possessing bomb ass looks.

No. 670364

>but have always maintained that her looks are specifically why she has such a massive following in spite of her garbage content.
Men will simp over raw chicken as long as it makes their peepee hard, they're not picky. Also a lot of cows in general use filters and editing so of course there'll be people who fall for that.

No. 670365

> Also a lot of cows in general use filters and editing so of course there'll be people who fall for that
Does June do that with her HD videos? Aside from the wig and make-up, I don't see how she's disguising her appearance to such an extent that she's unrecognizable. The features I mentioned earlier are still visible, even if she's enhancing them.

Basically the only thing she seems to be outright hiding is her forehead and real hair (assuming she has any).

No. 670368

tfw you will never be mrs midwests first gay expeirence :(

No. 670373

damn 3 hours! i started walking just around my neighborhood but i only like doing it when it's sunny out, but it probably shouldn't matter what the weather is though. i have trouble w focusing on my walk as i'm still thinking and worrying about everything in my life

No. 670374

you just live around ugly people

No. 670401

I hate the song Royals, it's fake deep and hypocritical.

No. 670403

>ITT: posts that are 7 years late

No. 670421

>mfw I said some cows are above average
>Come back to this mess

>But she uses filters!

>Her face is long
>She has a small mouth
>She's getting old
I get it, everyone is human. When I say attractive I mean the average person will probably think they're good looking or cute, no they don't have to have every single feature be perfect. Ffs y'all are worse than scrotes sometimes when it comes to appearances

No. 670422

This. I must admit sometimes it goes the opposite way too, where anon's insist on constantly pushing the cow's beauty because it happens to be their subjective ideal.

No. 670424

File: 1604973678861.jpeg (196.34 KB, 750x920, 43B47223-A16D-4FCC-B1CF-3D9EC3…)

I miss being a little girl, reading Sailor Moon for the first time. I loved those shitty TokyoPop comics and going to Borders every month to get the newest manga. I have a few left, I should pull them out tonight before bed.

No. 670426

>the average person will probably think they're good looking or cute
But that all depends on where you live and what the beauty standards are like.

No. 670427

this is really sweet

No. 670430

Got the implant for free because it's free for anyone under 21 through their program. I had to go a children's hospital to get it and the doctors spoke to me like a kid but I'm feeling good.

No. 670431

Late but-
>Well, homophobia does touch a nerve. Are you a right-winger or something?
The absolute pinnacle of the twitterfag thought process kek.

No. 670438

True, but very few places in the world have sky high beauty standards that will put down the cows as mentioned. They have flaws? Sure but average looking/below average? No

No. 670441

Why say above average when you really mean average then.

No. 670443

This. So many anons nitpick to the point that it has to be indicative of some kind of mental illness. OCD, BDD, I don't even know. All I know is that it's not healthy or normal.

No. 670444

File: 1604975088229.gif (736.57 KB, 258x200, tenor.gif)

>good looking
I mean, unless you mean maybe her breasts?

No. 670449

>but very few places in the world have sky high beauty standards
only belle and arguably june would be considered stacies looks wise

No. 670457

File: 1604975946237.jpeg (38.5 KB, 480x480, images (66).jpeg)

I love shihtzu

No. 670462

Posts like these are so petty and stupid and exactly the reason why /snow/ has become fucking insufferable within the past year or so. How any of you justify making fun of cows while acting as cowish as humanly possible yourselves is beyond me.

No. 670463

samefagging just to say, a girl like venus would definetly be bullied in my area even without the weeb shit

No. 670468

how is it cowish to point out that society has high beauty standards

No. 670471

>anon's insist on constantly pushing the cow's beauty because it happens to be their subjective ideal
It would be nice if anons would realize this, it's equally unhinged behavior.
The most ironic thing is, in the case of lolcows like Mystery or June who've been proven to come here to talk shit, would have no problems throwing these compliment-kun anons under the bus for their looks.

No. 670475

That's clearly not what either of those posts were doing, but to clarify, I'm saying that it's cowish to focus on people's looks as a means for ridicule or criticism, period. Most of the features people nitpick on this site are things that they were born with and can't easily fix. And as others have said, just because you've decided someone is ugly doesn't mean that they are. It doesn't meant that others agree with you, either. "High beauty standards" my ass. It's fucking retarded and a waste of time. I don't know why it's so hard for people to just focus on the actual behavior of cows and instead choose to sperg for hours about their small chin, or their big forehead, or their eyes being too close together or too far apart, etc.

No. 670481

>we're not as bad as scrotes when it comes to looks
>Further proves how much of scrotes they are with every post

No. 670482

Despite my breasts growing and becoming an F cup I still feel like I have small tits and need a breast job. Just because the last couple of men I dated made me feel like shit for having small tits (was between a C/D cup). I didn't even think I had small boobs until they complained about me not having big boobs.

No. 670483

>caring about how other people look
Cannot relate

No. 670485

most anons itt are calling these cows average, not ugly. and this whole discussion started because an anon was acting like most of the cows here are objectively attractive rather than just personal taste.
>just because you've decided someone is ugly doesn't mean that they are.
you can easily say the same thing to the anon(s) who keep insisting that most cows are "above average", instead of just accepting that they have different taste

and lastly, half the cows on this site make fun of other people's looks and/or use their looks as a selling point so who cares if anons do it right back?

No. 670492

I've said it before and I'll say it again. Most of the people using this site are mentally ill and have no lives. Once you realize that, everything you read and see on here will make a lot more sense.

No. 670499

Same. Where are you from by chance? I lived in obese areas most of my life and was a full D and constantly got told my boobs were small, I moved to LA and I'm considered a big titty goddess lol. Life is great when people understand women's bodies aren't supposed to be 200 lbs of lard

No. 670503

I live in the Midwest, it feels like an average mix of obese and average size people here. Though now that you mention obesity, the girls these men would compare me to when saying they wished I had big tits like x person were often pretty overweight. I finally am now recognized with having big tits but it just feels weird to me now when guys comment on how big they are lol.

No. 670516

What is the appeal of the smiths? Double decker bus is shit.

No. 670519

>everyone here is mentally ill and has no life
oh but that doesn't include you of course

No. 670520

>most people = everyone
I know you're triggered, but reading comprehension is important, BPD-chan.

No. 670523

What the hell date better men, I have B/C cup titties and every dude I’ve been with has said they’re great. But also who gives a shit about what men think, do you mean you need a lift or augmentation to make them bigger? That sounds very BDD (not a criticism of you) and you might develop a lot of back pain from it if you don’t already.

No. 670529

it just always cracks me up how people here have this holier than thou attitude, like "everyone here is mentally ill obese neet weeb, except me of course, I'm perfect" it's basically like the nlog delusion. I mean, you had to find this site somehow

No. 670530

Yeah, I'm aware the men I dated in the past were just shit tier men that I put up with because I was a dumb low self esteem teen/young adult. I wouldn't put up with a guy shaming my body again. I also meant augmentation, realistically I'd never do it because it's far too much money and too much risk but it just sometimes crosses my mind. I had an eating disorder growing up so BDD is probably a possibility I suppose.

No. 670534

Good, I just can’t believe the nerve of some men to even comment negatively on a woman’s body. Especially one they’re dating. Sorry you went through that, though.
Ah, makes sense. I think a lot of us think about it or some other plastic surgery. Either way, I’m sure you’re great the way you are, anon.

No. 670536

Who said they were perfect? People are just saying the user base here is largely mentally ill. Not only is that true, it also doesn't matter who's saying it because it doesn't change the fact that this is the main demographic of this website. If you're getting offended by that statement, you're probably the kind of person those anons are referring to.

No. 670538

I know everyone is happy that Biden won and all but I can’t help worrying about the further deterioration of feminism in America. They’ll most likely try to appease lgbt people which essentially means doing the most for the 1001 gender people and more unjustified privileges for the T that’ll just harm women more. I’m really worried women will lose more basic rights and “woman” will be erased even more. Kamala has her fucking pronouns on Twitter ffs.

I wish you American anons safe 4 years.

No. 670543

Kamala also put trannies in male prisons though so she’s based, even with the bio pronouns.

No. 670550

Men actually hate to be objectified. I used to do it all the time to guys who are younger and cute. I would make the entire relationship about their looks and youth and they hated it.

No. 670555

You're based, anon.

No. 670556

Ily anon. Any examples?

No. 670557

My last day at my workplace and my narc boss made it all about him: 'How long have you worked here? 4 years? In that time I doubled the number of my kids, got another degree and almost won a marathon.' Like, okay, really glad for you

No. 670559

>I doubled the number of my kids
Kek did he actually say this? What a weird choice of words.

No. 670560

I met this bipolar blonde boy and I would always make it a point to point out that hes cute and I never made any comments on his personality. I would only naked really weird comments about how young and cute he is. He was just a cute object to me. Eventually he snapped at me and accused me of using him for sex.

That's kind of what made me stop because I didnt realize I was even doing it.

No. 670561

No. 670563

he was trying to be funny

No. 670567

File: 1604987868832.png (70.07 KB, 1095x295, men.png)

The 4chan thread is closed so I'm posting this here
Like, you're not even safe in your house if you have roommates

No. 670569

Any woman who cohabits with scrotes is a fucking retard.

No. 670573

I don't understand why people get so angry over astrology, I think it's fun, I don't take it as some set in stone destiny or rule book. Some websites are way better than others too.

No. 670575

I also think it's fun, but it's annoying when some people talk about their horoscope like it's real or use their sign as a way to justify their shitty personality. Teehee I can't help it, I'm such a Gemini!

One of my friends literally refused to rent a room to some girl because she was a Capricorn or some shit. That's just insane.

No. 670580

The problem is the people who actually do treat it like a rule book and judge every single person with it. And it's usually not accurate. I wouldn't care about the ones who don't take it seriously or don't act like it's right all the time.

No. 670626

I tell that kind of astrologyfriend I'm a Pisces when I'm not. I just love hearing them shoehorn my personality into their vague categories. I don't even burst their bubble by telling them, it's purely for my secret amusement.

No. 670633

I honestly hate people like you.

No. 670646

Specifically the cocoa butter formula. Has vitamin e, SPF 15 and it smells great. Apparently it's supposed to smell like dark chocolate mixed with cherry.

No. 670648

Darkcow! Darkcow!

No. 670653

Are you actually a Taurus? I don't really believe this shit but archetypes do exist and they're used by everyone to understand other people- wrongly or not. It is funny af when an astrologyfag goes off like they're enlightened though.

No. 670655

Aw poor baby can’t handle making a fool of themselves

No. 670662

You know you're sensitive when posts like these genuinely upset you
It's me. I'm sensitive. Ouchie.

No. 670666

BPD much?

No. 670669

I agree. I wish this website was less looks-focused, at least on boards like /g/ and /ot/. We already have to put up with our looks being ripped to shreds by scrotes, why here too anons?

No. 670676

can we fucking end this conversation already

No. 670690

File: 1605005198888.jpg (54.75 KB, 720x720, BX06VRLQ.jpg)

The Borzoi meme is funny because it started from such a bizarre exchange I witnessed real time. An anon wrote this really random and elaborate rant about how much she hates this dog breed because it's so creepy looking to her and some anons just started posting pictures of them telling she's wrong, and the anon kept replying getting more and more agitated reaching comedic levels while the borzoi posters remained calm and overly collected. Coupled with the fact that borzois look silly and gastly as hell it was the funniest shit I had witnessed in a while. Now it just stands as a symbol for how some anons take the weirdest fucking things seriously. I hope the borzoi lives forever.

No. 670691

>while the borzoi posters remained calm and overly collected
because it was literally a forced meme. the entire thing was formulaic and forced and mimicked countless memes before it.

No. 670697

I love stupid long snoot doggies so much

No. 670698

I love the smiths but this made me laugh

No. 670701

Why do people say this instead of starting a new conversation topic themselves

No. 670704

File: 1605007688036.jpeg (44.85 KB, 456x512, 865CD07F-09A7-405D-A41B-E04779…)

Ladies ladies, can we be more kind to each other. I hope you all have a wonderful day. xoxo

No. 670708

I hope you also have a nice day anon.
Lovely Italian cat meme.

No. 670710

I hope you have a great day anon and good dreams

No. 670712

File: 1605008055284.jpeg (50.27 KB, 567x453, EBF788B7-5B86-46C9-8D2A-9F3CFA…)

I hope this Tuesday (and almost Wednesday for some) is promising for you and everyone else, anon!

No. 670714

I am filling out a medical thingy and it asked how am I feeling, I wrote down that I am just a bit down due to the post menstrual blues and now I am just bawling. Okay. Good to know, me.

No. 670729

Woke up from a nightmare about where my dog passed and I couldn’t be there for her, and slept through two of my alarms. Fuck this shit. I almost cried cuddling her when I woke up.

No. 670730

Is it just me or are /pt/ and /snow/ totally dead now? Especially /pt/. Maybe it's time lolcow moves away from its current board format and turns to being something like a female-4chan style (more boards, more things to talk about, etc)

No. 670731

I was about to ask if covid had slowed the milk down because everything's pretty quiet there.

No. 670732

I didn't realize how often you see other farmers' bans if you get a VPN, wow.

No. 670745

you're just mad people liked cute borzois better than ugly driverposting

No. 670747

Thank you, kys

No. 670751

and yet driverposters are living rent free in your head huh

No. 670757

I bet this borzoi shit is a some discord tranny shit being astroturfed here.

No. 670759

File: 1605011870886.jpeg (57.95 KB, 484x547, 32D956C7-5E6E-4583-B6BC-A1D12C…)

I slept for over 13 hours yesterday/last night and could totally sleep more if I didn’t have work

No. 670763

Both are cancerous and desperate pleas for attention.

No. 670765

>*driver shit

No. 670768

File: 1605013009281.jpg (456.28 KB, 1200x1200, AdamBorzoi.jpg)

No. 670769

File: 1605013291106.jpeg (174.14 KB, 1920x1080, 3B910D5B-2BD3-42E3-A5DE-D13081…)

No. 670771

Kek anon I've been feeding photos of Borzois and Adam driver into DeepAI programs to try to merge them but haven't had any success yet. This is much better.

No. 670779

Came off hormonal contraception after half my life on the shit and for the first time in years my vag is no longer like a dry desert and I am getting turned on by things again. I am beyond overjoyed!

No. 670784

Who hurt you?

No. 670785

Not gonna lie, borzoi posting never annoyed me but driver posting did. Now…now I can kinda appreciate both kek.

No. 670786

Thank you queens, i just used line camera during my break, time well spent

No. 670796

I'm doing the opposite, it's so nice to not be horny all the time/randomly/having to mast almost every day. My mind is clear.

No. 670797

I love my best friend so much. She's so wonderful and smart and funny and pretty, and I hate the other people don't see her the way that I do. A lot of people misunderstand and dislike her because she doesn't take shit from people and they think that's rude, and she apparently has "resting bitch voice," but idk, she's just great. I wish I was more like her, honestly. Cherish your friends, girls.

No. 670804

>having to mast almost every day
Nta but is that even excessive?

No. 670805

I'm the opposite. I thought both were sorta funny at first but now it's getting really old.

No. 670820

finally, the perfect man. anon is literally doing the god's work

No. 670822

Had a similar experience but with antidepressants. I had been on them since my early teens and it was like I just didn't experience the sexual part of puberty at all. Then at 20 it hit me.

Enjoy yourself girl, get some toys and go nuts.

No. 670834

It was a joke…

No. 670837

It isn’t. Dunno why people try to give masturbation negative connotation, it’s only bad if you’re pornsick

No. 670842

File: 1605022183484.jpeg (73.65 KB, 748x741, 9533CDD8-B055-446C-83BA-1DF094…)

I’m in the bath anons. What are you doing?

No. 670845

This looks like a mythological creature from antiquity

I just woke up, I'm gonna wash my face and grab a coffee once I'm finished scrolling

No. 670849

I am not some amped up sex machine. I have just gone from having a sexually numb body/mind to having a bit of a tingle. I enjoy being sexual.

Yeah anon it sucks. I was on anti depressants from 13-24 so I think that doubled up on sucking out of my sex drive. What a nightmare. I am definitely going to make the most of this shit don't you worry. Thank you!

No. 670853

I'm at work, eating a muffin my boss brought me with some black rose tea. I was watching this lawyer who's covering the Tati lawsuits, but now my boss and coworker are talking about some drama at the other office so I'm eavesdropping (or not really eavesdropping… the office is small and I can hear it whether I want to or not kek).

Enjoy your bath anon! I'm waiting for colder weather so I can take a nice hot bath.

No. 670854

Lounging in bed since 8 lol

No. 670857

File: 1605023251710.jpeg (52.25 KB, 425x640, 5C052DDD-4DF3-4722-8CF0-DBD546…)


No. 670859

Taking an hour long break from studying and sitting in my room eating chips, watching art vids. Thank you for asking anon.

No. 670865

There has to be some kind of science behind why the end part of an icecream cone is so good

No. 670867

I'm at work kek

No. 670871

Just ate a big plate of onion rings

No. 670873

i am high as fuck, but i have a bunch of stuff to do i just moved countries recently and my furniture arrived today so i need to get it cleared in customs. i didn't know that i'd be doing anything today so i lit up and now i am fucked.

No. 670875

File: 1605025003098.jpg (29.65 KB, 285x377, 20201110_231624.jpg)

God bless u Anon

No. 670876

File: 1605025065187.png (9.56 KB, 160x38, widepeepohappy.png)

i just told my mom i'm going out with a guy in a few days (she's super paranoid about COVID) and she didn't throw a fit or anything so now i'm happy and looking forward to it

No. 670890

Smoking outside my office, got approached by a beggar I recognized as a native from my own country by her looks/accent (I'm an immigrant myself). I tried ignoring her, I didn't have any money on me anyway but she kept getting closer and closer. I got pissed and swore her off in my language. Poor woman put on a surprised look, hid her hands behind her back and ran away.
Now I feel bad.

No. 670894

File: 1605026126098.jpg (Spoiler Image, 78.21 KB, 1021x783, dogisaga2.jpg)

Dogisaga comics are…a spectacle

No. 670895

I just had lunch and now it’s time to go back to do my assignments.

No. 670902

I think my goal for the new years is to only talk about brought body parts on people.
If you choose to look a fool with shelf booties, those high up hips and big duck lips, imma roast you.

No. 670930

File: 1605028851380.jpeg (218.85 KB, 2048x1299, images.jpeg)

I fucking love this fruit whatever it is called (fifteen in Spanish? Seriously?) but it's so sour I can never eat more than a quarter at a time.

No. 670940

Drew a little on my ipad, drank a coffee, finished a christmas gift! Hope you have bubbles anon

No. 670948

Aren't you the anon from a few days ago? I was silently hoping everything goes well between your and your mom, so that's nice to hear

No. 670974

wait, you eat it like an apple or something? i've only eaten them as jam or in preserves, you know, so i don't break my teeth in the process kek

No. 670985

Do you know what annoys me? When people call spaghetti noodles. I think it is an American thing. But it really bugs me

No. 670987

i am the same anon! thank you for your well wishes <3 kinda silly stuff to be stressing over in basically my mid 20s but yeah i'm glad it went well

No. 670994

Bought a home last year and I haven't seen my dad since buying it because of covid and distance. He texts me asking what's the next thing I need to buy for the house

Me: I'm looking at pressure washers for cleaning the garden and outside of the house

My dad: Do you mean a washing machine?

No. 671008

Kek I love dads

No. 671010

Im a neet and I want money so Im considering selling my plasma. Is it worth it? I'm eating a lot to fit the weight minimum so it better pay off. Im also thinking of making face masks, too. Is the mask market oversaturated now? I just want to make an income without having to do customer service again and getting fired for being autistic

No. 671012

Theyre literally noodles

No. 671035

Sometimes I like to press my heel to my crotch when sitting on the floor or bed etc. Not sure why.

No. 671037

Idk about plasma because I've never done it, but the facemask thing would be cute! Try to learn how to make a matching accessory like a scrunchie to go with it too. That's a somewhat untapped market–I've seen some companies do that, and it definitely makes me want to buy them more. Make sure the mask has really good structure and is double lined at least so it'll be effective–just a good quality product, really. We're going to be wearing facemasks for a while, so it won't hurt to try! Good luck with either or both endeavors, anon.

No. 671049

why are my period shits way worse than usual. I almost thought I had the stomach flu.

No. 671058

My period shits and pain usually get worse if I ate too much sugar and dairy the month before.

No. 671061

I know how autistic this is going to sound, but there's an older worker at my local starbucks who is really nice to me and always gives me free drinks/food and it kind of makes me not want to go anymore. She knows me by name and starts a conversation with me and it kind of makes me uncomfortable. In a weird way I feel like she pities me even though she has nothing to base that off of. I also don't want her to think I come around now expecting free stuff. I like the process of mindlessly going through the drive thru and going about my day but when she's there I have to turn myself on and force a conversation.

No. 671063

My bangs have finally grown out and I can tuck my hair behind my ears. I feel at peace.

No. 671065

You have no idea why she does this. I had a woman at work that was always nice to me even though she was mean to everyone else, people kept making these obnoxious jokes about her wanting to rape me. Turns out her kid died a few years before she was my age, she confided in me later that I make her think of her daughter. Things like this just happen.

No. 671068

Does the main actress from the queen's gambit have some sort of disorder? Her face makes her look like she's inbreed or retarded.

No. 671069

I can't grab a coffee at my local corner store anymore because the staff are too friendly so I get you. They all greet me by name (my loyalty card must flash up my name when I scan it?) This one guy that I hadn't been served by in months greeted me by name yesterday before I could even scan my card… weirded me out. I too feel autistic trying to explain why that bothers me.

Older lady is prob being kind because she has daughters, I get how shit turns awkward though.

No. 671080

I think it's because of those stupid bangs

No. 671081

I'm dying kek. I think she's just eccentric looking. My only issue with her was her neck. Also the fact that she acts autistic but no one wants to acknowledge that.

No. 671084

Her eyes are not only big but wiiiiide

No. 671088

Nta people not from america see noodles as asian noodles, pasta is just pasta. It's the same shit but i've seen americans call every pasta noodles, like noodle is a noodle my dude, that is Tagliatelle bro

No. 671089

Yes, everyone referring to noodled pasta as noodles must absolutely only be those awful amerifats

No. 671101

Well that seemed to hurt you. It just sounds very stupid to me and I've only happened to hear it from americans, calm down.

No. 671105

how on earth did you gather being hurt from that lol I’m SEA in aus and my family just calls it noodles. lord. “calm down” tell that to the voices in your head that reads everything with persecution maybe

No. 671112

Take a chill noodle anon, you sound angry :3

No. 671113

You need psychiatric intervention friend

No. 671115

Love that you took the time to delete and repost that with a different emoji

No. 671117

Emoticon, noodle-chan

No. 671118

Tysm for the clarification schizophrenia-kun

No. 671123

me too, gives me stability with sitting

No. 671130

I just moved away from my flatmate for the weekdays for work (I posted in the last dumbass thread about it I think?). Anyway nobody else has moved in, and the silence is deafening and the place is spooky. I lock the front door AND my bedroom door. It's basically in the middle of nowhere, too.

It's SO QUIET. How do I deal with this?

No. 671131

When I was in high school, year 8, we would stop at a donut king on the way home near the train station. But then I went to a different school far away for a few years until year 12, when I was back in the area, and I went to the donut King, and despite never having a conversation with them ever before they fucking remembered me from year 8, said they hadn't seen me in ages, and that was the last donut king I ever had.

No. 671133

When I lived alone, I would always put some audio on in the background, all the time. It helped

No. 671148

File: 1605042128691.jpg (13.16 KB, 382x247, EVbvHcnXsAEl_aA.jpg)

Sometimes the best cows on the site really are the posters, cuz y'all will fight about anything lmao. My favorite ones have to be the ones that throw a shitfit over the word "y'all" and pretend like it's only ever used on twitter.

No. 671151

Why do you other yourself from posters on this site like you aren’t one of them? Not a good look tbh

No. 671154

Nta but next time in English, please.

No. 671157

That sentence makes perfect sense illiterate-chan

No. 671161

Every day I resent more and more the fact that I didn't save any pictures of me from my middle school scene phase…

No. 671163

SAME!!! The few I have are so golden that I can only imagine how bad they get. Curse my pretentious phase that made me scrub the internet and family computer of those embarrassing pictures. Hopefully you're able to dredge some up and have a laugh, anon.

No. 671167

That was perfect English you’re just retarded

No. 671173

Not biting (though I tried but I'd need a shark jaw kek) but I cut them in thin slices and chew onto them.

No. 671174

>>671088 I am the anon who bought up the noodle topic and I am not American and have only heard Americans call spaghetti noodles too. We use the term noodles for like Asian noodles like ramen etc. And we call spaghetti.. spaghettii

No. 671177

File: 1605044603064.jpg (45.39 KB, 259x760, shoes1.jpg)

>excuse me ma'am, can I interest you in some shoes?

No. 671178

File: 1605044634031.jpeg (43.17 KB, 662x662, 3862023C-A576-4EF9-AEB6-75240C…)

This thread is like a school playground sometimes. I am sometimes scared to reply as I feel like you anons will steal my lunch money and stuff me into a locker.

No. 671192

ngl, they would be nice as thigh highs

No. 671203

File: 1605046460280.jpeg (36.03 KB, 539x518, DCD26D7A-FCE0-4964-9505-CF451E…)

My friend texted me at 4am and I replied to her at 9am and she hasn’t replied back. I guess Im getting a taste of my own medicine…

No. 671205

i wasn't expecting this type of shit from here honestly. she's super pretty.

No. 671206

if she was up til 4am she's probably still asleep goddamn idk how y'all keep these crazy schedules

No. 671208

Lets go play horses somewhere else as to not be bothered, anon

No. 671209

Nta but, she's pretty in a very weird/exotic way. Specially the space between her eyes, their shape, and their relationship with her nose is pretty weird.
She looks like a cat or elf, I could see that being the result of some obscure syndrome.

No. 671215

File: 1605047179112.jpg (57.04 KB, 640x640, the_queens_gambit-_077r_copy.j…)

dunno, i think she looks cute

No. 671217

File: 1605047430519.jpg (109.17 KB, 1200x1174, hm.jpg)

her eyes are far apart but mine are quite apart too so i guess i like that look on other people. personally i'd rather look at a face with wideset eyes than super close set, like her co-star on the show, idk i find these eyes uncomfortable

No. 671223

She looks like a humanoid sloth here, but not in a cute way at all. She legit looks deformed to me. Not just ugly in a normal, common way.

No. 671224

>>671068 Anya Taylor Joy is striking. She has almost that model look IMO. Her eyes are far apart, I think that is why sometimes she looks a bit odd maybe. But she suits blonde hair much better, like in the Witch and Emma.

No. 671227

I would love to play horses with you anon thank you

No. 671232

File: 1605048739371.jpg (33.68 KB, 608x397, fetal-alcohol-1.jpg)

No. 671233

That man is so fucking ugly. Close-set eyes are truly disgusting, I think eyes that are a little far apart can be really pretty within reason of course. I think what I found most distracting about that dumb show was the dweeby chess wiz with the dirt stache—he literally looked like her twin brother yet they were fucking.

No. 671237

The majority of the anons replying to this are speaking like they're Aphrodite gracing us with their presence. I remember seeing her in Split when it came out and thinking she was quite pretty/unique. The people calling her ugly are exaggerating and make me think they've started to lose a grip on the reality of beauty standards in the West, just like scrotes. Conventional beauty isn't the only thing hailed these days.

No. 671244

The thing is that I never really cared about celebrities all that much so there's no way I would have "lost a grip on reality" or whatever other phrase you're gonna use and she doesn't just look ugly to me, she looks straight up weird. In a negative way. There's something weird with her face specifically and anons made me realize it's probably because of her eyes but it's unsettling, and again, in a completely negative way.

No. 671247

I'll never understand this logic. Just say she has unsettling eyes then. If we all sat here and found one feature we found unsettling or "off" about people's faces, you'd be stuck finding everyone ugly. Of course I'm going to judge you for that. Of the abrasive anons who have called her ugly so far, a lot of them have asserted that she looks like she has a disease or condition. It's such a personal insult and it makes them sound embittered tbh.

No. 671250

File: 1605050390502.jpg (188.34 KB, 629x806, Anya_Taylor-Joy_15_(3356415740…)

She doesn't look particularly odd when she doesn't have a heavy styling like in The Queens Gambit, wide set eyes but that's it. Still, it's an unique face, she was a model before she started acting.

No. 671255

I internally cringe whenever someone here shits on scrotes and says they've a small dick. Shit on scrotes all you like but I hate giving „big dick scrotes" that ego boost. They're not worth anything either.

No. 671256

File: 1605051677443.jpg (52.61 KB, 493x335, salmonella-s1-what-is-it.jpg)

I got salmonella right now as well as my period. Curse this fuzzy boi.

No. 671258

File: 1605051874444.jpg (123.41 KB, 800x400, Crítica-Emma-Anya-Taylor-Joy-1…)

Her midface isn't flat and she has a very noticeable philtrum, if anything she has an slight overbite.
I hate the trend here of saying everyone with thin lips has FAS.
She also is slightly underweight nowadays imo, the lack of face fat changes her face alot to be more "weird".

No. 671263

I think a lot of times my shyness and eagerness to not offend people makes me come across autistic. Or I'm high a lot idk

No. 671264

shyness is nice and shyness can stop you from doing all the things in life you’d like to

No. 671272

She has a strange and unique face but that's what makes her so interesting to watch, along with the fact that she's a great actress.

No. 671277

Just the far apart eyes. I love looking at her.

No. 671288

What are the chances of me getting liver issues if I drank everyday for 4 days straight?

No. 671298

Finally some common sense in here. Was lc always so full of bitches hating on non-cows? I can totally understand not finding her beautiful but implying she's inbreed or retarded is just unnecessary

No. 671301

Has any of you had a pharma / biotech industry sugar daddy?
How’d that go?
Would love to get one who would want to invest money on a lab lol

No. 671311

Ma'am, this is lolcow

No. 671312

During a passionate discussion with my husband regarding the gender wage gap within the tech and medical industries, I noticed a crusty white smear on his blanket that I was using to cover up with. After a shared acknowledgment of said smear, he fessed up to blowing his fucking nose on the blanket this morning because he was too lazy to walk mere feet away to the bathroom in our room.
Fellow women, the next time you're sitting there with googly eyes looking at the man you love and considering marriage, I would like for you to think back to this post.

No. 671315

Does your husband have a sinus infection and/or is dehydrated? Tell him to drink some water.

No. 671316

>he fessed up to blowing his fucking nose on the blanket this morning because he was too lazy to walk mere feet away to the bathroom in our room
i do that too

No. 671320

And then that anon goes and cries about British people not being inbred…

No. 671322


No. 671324

Why are you booing her? She's right! Whatever happened to freedom of speech?! Democracy?!

No. 671327

Nope. Just lazy.
Bless your heart, anon.

No. 671346

File: 1605060684646.jpg (33.12 KB, 500x382, shrug.jpg)

I'm one of those autists who genuinely thinks all people are ugly. Tbh only anime bishies should be considered beautiful/above average.

No. 671348

File: 1605060900942.jpg (60.37 KB, 750x751, t67hob36b0y51.jpg)

can we have the 4chan thread back

No. 671351

Ayrt and honestly, I'll accept this over all the people insisting that that actress looks like she has a condition simply because she has uncommon features. Attractive 2D characters are literally designed in a way so that the masses will find them appealing, even if it's obvious they're not real. They're handcrafted in a way humans can never achieve, even through "perfect physical genes" or cosmetic surgery.

No. 671357

File: 1605062215432.jpeg (636.71 KB, 1242x1201, 460D71EC-C10A-4DF0-A418-A0EC97…)

I’m so delighted

No. 671362

Probably inheritance or neetbux, unfortunately. I can't see spoiled brats from 4chan pissing away money they actually worked hard to save up for. It's easy to waste money they didn't actually earn.

Had an ex who browsed 4chan and would constantly post money woes like this. His family was fucking rich and he once blew through an $80k inheritance in two years from spending it all on takeout, weed, and rent cause he didn't fuck with trying to be employed until he "lost it all" and was forced to get one.

No. 671389

This lmao. So many men have no issue blowing money on games, food, guns and other hobbies. I know a guy who begged our friend group for groceries then spent his last 200 dollars on sunglasses, another one is in his 20s and spends all his money on games and things related to games and called our friend group to rant about how his girlfriend spent like 8 dollars on fast food when he gave her a budget of 5 even though he brags about making 500 a week at his dad's company and lives rent and bill free. Another one makes 11/hr, complains about most of his money going to bills even though he spends most of it on legos. His girlfriend gave him a gift card to the grocery store and he spent it on legos.

Men suck at finances. The only successful men out there are handed their success half the time. They're literally overgrown children

No. 671391

You're describing Charles Bukowski.

No. 671398

I wish stds and stis werent a thing so I could be a slut

No. 671399

please, someone make a second 4chan thread

No. 671402

File: 1605071305447.jpeg (27.83 KB, 306x306, 1604542316641.jpeg)

I just wanna go full bpd slut alcoholic phase

No. 671405

I wish stds and stis weren't a thing so people wouldn't have to suffer (and also so I can go fuck men without repercussion, famous or otherwise, since I know they have a shitton of stds)

maybe one day there'll be a future without them

No. 671414

I wish that for you and any other girl who wants to go through her hoe phase. But since that’s not the case, be careful!

No. 671461

Quince, right? I love quince… haven't had one in YEARS.

No. 671497

I wanted to go skating this morning but my mother took my rollerblades a while ago and I have no idea where she left them. Day’s been ruined.

No. 671503

I want to pay attention to my online class but my teacher is so fucking boring.She is reading the notes straight from the book while she shows a powepoint and I really fucking tried to concentrate but I gave up again

No. 671515

fourchins is down, what's happening?

No. 671519

it's not down

No. 671520

It's frozen, you can't post anything

No. 671535

I feel like I do more dumb stuff when I'm not high, like join a dating site out of boredom, now I've got a couple of dudes that are nice etc talking to me but I also finally was able to buy weed and now I cba talking to any of these guys and one that is nice wanted to meet this week but fuck, I don't care enough anymore

No. 671546

I need a break from this place, I took a selfie this morning and my first thoughts were "that jawline" and "she looks mtf" as if the picture was of one of the cows here.

Anachan is also knocking again and this place aggravates it.

I know I should be mindful and grateful for my life but that's just so boring compared to floating around here, getting to be a self righteous bitch with all of you is fun and I guess my life doesn't have much fun in it this year.

No. 671556

My grandpa basically told me my grandma doesn't have much time left. I'm heart broken and don't know what to do. My grandparents raised me, because I had teen parents who were too busy doing meth.

I feel so awful, because last time they helped me out, I sneaked alcohol into their house (I was 25, but I had issues with drugs and alcohol) when I promised I wouldn't. And I would go party and then come in blacked out at 4am. It made my grandma cry and ultimately kick me out. I've apologised. But she doesn't really talk to me anymore…

No. 671580

I don't think many people have had much fun this year, don't beat yourself up too much about it.
I need to take a break too this website is ruining my life. Maybe we can take a break together?

No. 671591

It's crazy that a lot of scrotes are so used to fucking dry vaginas because the girl isnt turned on or girls in porn arent wet that when they encounter a wet pussy they think its weird/gross. Also, scortes dont know that clits get hard when girls are turned on.

No. 671593

He has the same incel mentality that women can get as many bfs as they want but people agree with him because hes trans

No. 671605

Why is Watched doing that paid subscription shit now, ugh. I loved it for watching literally everything ever for free with subs. Is there a way to get around the subscription?

No. 671620

Would you see it as some kind of red flag if someone's never had a phone (except land line I guess) in about twenty years of life?

No. 671627

No. 671632

Idk depends on age and whether they are low tech by choice.

No. 671634

The only guy I knew in that sitiation was pretty autistic (as in diagnosed) and he was introverted to the point of being hermit like. I would consider it pretty strange and assume it's an indicator of similar issues to that

No. 671636

Depends on why they've never had a phone.

No. 671638

I can think of more reasons one has never had a phone. A lot of elderly don't have phones (my grandparent's don't), severe poverty, growing up in some community that doesn't allow tech (like the Amish I believe).

No. 671642

I know there's other reasons, just saying that'd be my 'first assumption' if I wasn't outright told the reason behind it. So if I was looking for a red flag like they said, the only flag it might bring up is them maybe having social issues.

No. 671647

ah right, my bad

No. 671735

Idk where to put this but I’m sometimes to sad about my hair. I try to take care as much as I can but I don’t have much. I fear for every hair that falls out. I don’t have hairloss just genetically the shitty hair from my mom.

No. 671770

i need to buy clothes but the thought of trying overly sexual shit on and having to deal with my weird body proportions makes me want to cry

No. 671774

Where do you shop that you think you need to try on overly sexual clothing..

No. 671784

just normal clothes at target or jc penney that look fine on the rack but are figure-hugging or cleavage-y or just plain revraling. or jeans that are super tight. im tired of all the clothes at the store being sexual

No. 671804

>>671580 let's do it anon, pinky-swear no lolcow browsing or posting until December #

No. 671821

hopefully it's not too late to go and make amends anon! I'm sorry this is happening to you, maybe she doesn't hold it against you?

No. 671823

Tried one day without using the internet and felt so much better.

No. 671834

height genetics are so effing weird, I still don't get how they work

My dad comes from a tall family, most men are 6+, he however is only 5'8 ironically he was also the eldest brother, mom's family has short to average heighted people, she was 5'3 now sister is just an inch shorter then my dad at 5'7, my brother is huge at 6'5 but I ended up shorter then my mom

like wtf

No. 671836

you can revisit that feeling, leave while you still can!
pinky-swear, gonna sleep so well at night now

No. 671838

Anon the first dozens of things that show up on target and jcpenneys site are literal garbage bags except for maybe the jeans, even then jeans are loose now that mom jeans are a thing

Are you sure you just don't have body dysmorphia or are using the wrong size?

No. 671845

From what i know it's not just the genetics but also your nutrition as you develop and quality of life that affects height. Someone can have the genes to grow tall, but it depends on how they eat and their stress levels whether they fulfill that potential. Living in an abusive household or what country you grow up in are some factors. That said, the genetics is still confusing. like if you and your sister had the same basic quality of life, something in the genes must've kept you from being similar, so I guess I didn't explain anything kek

No. 671853

Yeah I understand that eating less and physical and even psychological trauma can stunt height but me and my siblings all had pretty decent childhoods. I mean my brother got molested once but still turned out ginormous

No. 671857

File: 1605121302938.jpeg (139.43 KB, 1400x1400, GUEST_c253523d-4ddd-4f98-9690-…)

target? sexy?

No. 671858

Hah. same here. me dad's the eldest but the shortest male child at 5'8 (now slightly taller than me at 5'6) My two other uncles are 6ft and 6'3. It's really odd. My aunt is also quite tall for a female her age from her generation, like 5'5 1/2. My mom was short due to a neglected childhood, like 5'2/1, but somehow I grew to be 5'5. Genetics be weird! All my cousins are tall, my female cousins are 5'7 and 5'9 whereas my male cousin is 6ft. If only I had the height genes!

No. 671862

File: 1605121396006.jpeg (2.22 MB, 4032x3024, B0C62D57-7FA4-447A-B775-1B4728…)

Got my nails done and chose what I thought was a pale pink with glitter. About halfway through, I realized it was coming off as hot pink. I have Barbie nails now, anons, fuck lol

No. 671864

I'm going to be thrilled when the trend of all this baggy, ugly shit goes. Target hasn't had good looking clothes for years because it's either shapeless, frumpy dogshit or looks like a couch in a retirement home.
It is Barbie pink, but it honestly looks like a nice color on you.

No. 671870

its weird I have 2 council who are 6'0 and 6'2 as well, my aunts also tall at 5'71/2, she only had one kid whose the 2nd tallest in my family after my brother, now I wonder sometimes how my kids would turn out, I don't have any sort of height preference, all I ask is for a guy to be at least 2 inches taller then me, which really is easy seeing as I'm five foot nothing but If I marry a guy whose 5'4 and I end up giving birth to a kid whose 6 feet+ that would be something else

No. 671875

I haven’t been able to find anything cute at target in a year and a half, maybe two. Weirdly, when I see other women wearing cute things and they say Target, I can never find the items.

And thank you, anon! It’s just so not what I was expecting, I wish I could have taken a pic of the sample omg

No. 671880

lol this. All of target and jcpennys clothes are very high cut, shapeless, loose and gross. unless your titties are in your neck it is literally impossible to be exposed or have clevage in 90% of jcp and targets clothes, as for being shapely very little clothes are figure forming, it took hunting in both stores just to find a handful of dresses or skirts that were actually figure forming, most jeans are either fitted or loose unless you're purposely looking for jeggings

anon is probably delusional about their body and gets wrong sizes

No. 671903

It's so hard navigating working online cause everything comes across as rude when communicating with coworkers/clients through message. I cursed this lady out in my head for half an hour over a message she sent. Turns out I completely interpreted it the wrong way because she sucks at writing formal emails.

No. 671909

I mean when i go out to shop, i wear size xs/s and everything i find in brick-and-mortar shops in my size is sexy clubwear. and when I go up a size its huge. i guess it doesnt help that idk where to shop. I dont want anything tight that shows off boobs and ass, i dont want any men to leer at me
i wish i could find smth like that at target

No. 671914

File: 1605123669114.jpg (30.45 KB, 500x375, ebafdf53627b46ac3fb68eb433cb11…)

Ahhh Barbie Pink. That colour reminds me of a VW Beetle car I had for my Barbies when I was young. I freaking loved it!!! Beep beep bitch!!!

No. 671920

I don't even know why those places are trendy though. There's so much cute stuff out there and they just keep those dull ass rose vomit colors. However they do have that Arden line of panties that are peak comfy, don't bite in anywhere and give a smooth appearance under clothes.
I hate buying pants so fucking much that I've succumbed to buying people's already broken in jeans from thrift stores. My ass is too large for everything, but my waist isn't so I have to stuff a hand down the back of my pants and stretch the butt cheeks out in the jeans for anything new.

No. 671926

The sizing is fucked. Everything is vanity sized in the US and it's dumb because it skews everything. 5 lbs ago, I could sympathize more. I wanna know what Asian women or women built really petite do for purchasing adult clothing in this country.

No. 671933

Same, I gave up on pants for the most part but if I absolutely must what I do is I buy something that fits my ass and I sew seems at the waist to nip it in. I also feel like a lot of modern sizing charts forget most women have a significant difference between their hips and waist

Anon that's taken right from targets site. Do you go to a hood target or something? It's not that hard to find something that doesn't show off your ass and tits especially at target. Why are you even shopping at clubwear stores if you hate having your ass and tits out? You're confusing

No. 671934

Shop in the sections that say "petite."

No. 671939

nta but I work at a target and all the women's clothing is literally so hideous and baggy, I only shop in the junior's section and even then only for tops and sundresses cause its all cheap shit. I wish I could find clubwear at target lmao. I'd recommend like, banana republic or j. crew or wherever older women shop near you to find more conservative stuff.

No. 671949

My MIL gave me 20 for gas that was just a few minutes drive, is it bad I refuse to take it because I'm use to her using nice deeds in order to manipulate?

No. 671959

File: 1605126929589.png (355.77 KB, 819x967, 1542865371009 (1).png)

My little cousin, who is the sweetest lil' kid in the world to me, has no friends except for one girl who bullies her. She wants to be friends with a girl from one of those kids entertainment channels, she seems really lonely right now. My whole fucking sad childhood flashed before my eyes, reflecting into her possible future right now - I didn't have many friends as a kid either. I don't want her to be alone and have my shitty friendless childhood, especially during lockdown, which is going to continue for the foreseeable future.
Should I call her, just to chat? I live an ocean away from her, so I can't see her as much as I'd like to.
I might be silly and overreacting, I"m on my period right now.

No. 671960

This sounds so much like a 'am I the asshole' reddit post

No. 671966

do it anon, sometimes just talking and giving attention to kids changes their entire world

No. 671971

That's so sweet of you. I definitely think you should, I'm sure it would really mean a lot to her.

No. 671991


If you sense it's a trap it probably is. I found out my parents love to play the martyr and tell people how much they help everyone.

No. 671995

Ordered something from amazon and the tracking code for it just never updated. Contacted them and got offered a refund, took it thinking the order was cancelled or lost. The guy I spoke to wasn't being too clear but I heard refund and was happy enough. Spent the refund on something else

Just got a text saying the original parcel has arrived in my country and will be delivered in the next couple days… cha-chiing

No. 672071

Once I accidentally hit the "refund" tab on amazon and immediately went back. A day later I got a 100$ refund from Amazon and I didn't even specifically return anything or even generate the shipping label for any of the items. Idk what happened but it was cool to get a free order basically.

No. 672239

damn and i had to print out a piece of paper, find glue and a box and walk to the post office to refund a broken $8 charger

No. 672246

Petty incoming but I seriously hate when all the fagbook idiots start running to youtube with the lockdowns.

Now my recommendations are all puppies and kittens or some other retarded viral shit for the mongs to hit replay and spam botspeech in the comments.

No. 672279

File: 1605152417495.png (728.26 KB, 1038x1382, Screenshot_20201111-223655~2.p…)

These Spanish mfs need to start watching Julian Baumgartner's channel

No. 672282

What is it with chorizo chans fucking up art?

No. 672283

The recommendations are based on what you watch, it shouldn't even be a problem.

No. 672292

People in developed countries using their bare ass hand to clean themself in the shower. I just want to know why is all. I'll pray for you in church.

No. 672294

I've never heard of this. Do you mean they just rub their hands over their body without using any soap?

No. 672296

I think she's implying people should use a utensil, like a sponge/loofah with soap or body wash, not just their bare hands to rub it in

No. 672298

File: 1605155943294.jpg (312.34 KB, 825x852, DRIVER.jpg)

No. 672299

You're fucking insane, yuroshit.

No. 672300

I kind of wanna start a body dysmorphia thread on /g/ since I got shooed out of the ugly thread. I feel like it might be redundant though.

No. 672305

Instead of making threads, focus on losing weight anon. For real. Less fat in the face makes a lot of difference, I swear.

No. 672309

That’s what I thought but I weirdly started getting all these videos a day or so ago? It is odd. I routinely clear my history too every couple of months, and I don’t watch cutesy animal videos or anything viral. I mainly listen to music.

No. 672322

Accidentally found out my bf's grandma gave him his great grandmother's engagement ring recently. We've talked about getting married, but not for a while. But it's something we both eventually want. I wonder when he will propose?? Not like we have anything planned with new covid restrictions in place.

No. 672327

Seconded. It's wild what just losing 10lb will do for your face

No. 672353

Oh fuck I got a crush on my manager who hates me

No. 672366

the queen's gambit is beautifully shot, the story is entertaining and often pretty uplifting, i liked it, but i found it kinda cringey that the protagonist has all these orbiters who come out of the woodwork to perform these grand gestures and sacrifices for her from the goodness of their hearts. i realize a lot of it is contextualized in a way that's relevant to the plot…but the cringe faintly remains

No. 672369

Orbiters to a cute young woman in a nerdy man-centric hobby (at the time) who love/despise here at the same time doesn't seem that far-fetched to me honestly.

No. 672370

Autists in male dominated spaces really act like that though.

No. 672381

Why is it so hard for you to accept you just need to lose weight?

No. 672424

I've had a few different men over the years 'compliment' me on not having a bad smelling pussy.. especially compared to their exes?? Then they tell me the tales of them going down on a woman only to regret it. Nice story, thanks for sharing lol

Now as a bi woman I've slept with my share of women, I've had ONSs or had relationships where I'll eat her out first thing in the morning and obviously it's been 24 hours since they showered… but I still don't share these guys experience of a fresh pussy being rare. Have I just been lucky? Are these guys just that desperate to make digs at their exes that they're making shit up?

No. 672428

How do anons who use lc on mobile even handle it? I fucked up replying twice because of how it refreshed ughh

No. 672432

I don't think it is digs. I guess people have different hygiene standards. My first girlfriend was hit or miss. Sometimes it was really clean and sometimes it smelled strongly of piss. My last gf always smelled clean. Just one of those things I think. Still, I'd rather deal with a smelly vag than a stinky dick. Dick stank is horrendous.

No. 672433

I think maybe you just understand that a pussy doesn't always smell like roses. But I will say that after a woman gets comfortable in a relationship, maybe she doesn't do much upkeep or doesn't take a shower every day and gets a little funky down there. But it's mostly the former. Men will also say anything, why the fuck would they compliment your pussy scent? I mean do we say "Ugh, your dick smelled amazing"? That's fucking weird.

No. 672435

File: 1605181589653.jpg (208.45 KB, 1280x854, download (1).jpg)

i'm really out here watching a censored version of game of thrones with no nudity/sex

when it was actually relevant i couldn't get past the first episode because it felt porny in a self-serving way, i mean look at the fedora-tipper who wrote it

No. 672448

Thing is they weren't even saying I smelled good, it was more like "it doesn't smell bad like other girls" .. which is even worse.

I do like a bit of natural scent so honestly I've said that to gfs in bed. But I wouldn't word it like "wow you don't smell nasty" as if that's the expectation.

No. 672451

Good choice, anon, the show has a good plot, but the sex everywhere really turned me off of it. Tbf, the books have way less sex than the tv series, but I guess the HBO shows meme is true kek

No. 672452

>felt porny in a self-serving way
My ex was so insanely offended that I basically said this to him when explaining why I don't want to watch it together. That and he knew I'd been sexually assaulted before so it's risky seeing what scene they throw in next…how dare I not see the genius of GOT!! lol

No. 672456

File: 1605182776237.jpg (92.51 KB, 780x676, a4493c61aeeda8369403fc9c757c96…)

GoT was never good, not even the book versions. It's like bad twilight fanfics but edgier.

No. 672457

I think the expectation is that women shouldn't have a natural smell, after years of being told vaginas are fishy and gross. That maybe we should all smell like fruit, flowers or pizza or some shit. I dunno but it's annoying as fuck. Natural smell never puts me off, but lack of hygiene is a bit disrespectful imo.

No. 672466

It's almost like they want to give you a complex about it. Meanwhile they get to go around with piss stains on em from not even shaking off

No. 672469

Yeah, an ex of mine went crazy at me once because I told him he needed to go and wipe his dick. It absolutely reeked of fishy piss and a droplet trickled out of it (it wasn't pre cum). Turned my stomach like nothing else. They should probably focus more on washing their dicks instead of calling out women for being normal.

No. 672471

This. Why are people into that shit (literally)
>They should probably focus more on washing their dicks
They should, 100%

No. 672514

there's been this girl in our friendship group who for years and years has gone through phases of skinwalking me, trying to ostracise me, etc, and has always failed to

nowadays she has no choice but to be nice to me because the other friends caught on and our group chat are pretty perceptive but every now and then when I see her desperately trying to change the subject or inject pick me energy in when she notices someone give me attention I feel sorry for her even if she has always tried to bring me down

I really hope that girl gets therapy, I'm not prepared to dampen down my personality to accommodate hers and it's annoyed multiple friends of hers before that at her age she remains a pick me type

but sometimes it does give me a good laugh, I won't lie anons

No. 672541

i was an anachan until recently but now i can't stand them. they need to stop projecting on people. if you wanna kill yourself slow that way, because you hate yourself so much, then do it alone, don't try to convince people to engage in the same behaviors

No. 672553

File: 1605193045990.jpg (94.74 KB, 640x971, scpcbwzirpy51.jpg)

Girl I….

No. 672571

>being this big of a cuck
this is mental illness lol

No. 672583

LmaoOOO the internet really be fucking people up

No. 672587

The only solution is openly telling people that they are retarded

No. 672592

File: 1605195440775.jpeg (118.1 KB, 529x390, F1441E3F-5006-4938-B9CC-AEC345…)

saw this tablet on amazon and thought the pic they used was…a choice

No. 672597

Teenagers are so smug and self-righteous its annoying as hell. I feel bad for anyone who had to deal with me when I was that age

No. 672600

God same. I wasn't a bad kid at all, but I know I was difficult in a lot of ways. I remember the utter confusion on my dad's face during some arguments, and like. I get it. Sorry dad, kek.

No. 672605

How does she go through that and feel just fine? She's got to be omitting her own feelings or just not as in love with the guy as she thinks.

No. 672607

This is something that needs an intervention, like all of her friends and family having dinner and not letting her have a piece of food for being a cuck and not admitting it.

No. 672612

No. 672620

File: 1605198816613.png (132.6 KB, 501x284, ksjkd.png)

tfw you pat yourself on the back for not visiting lc for what feels like weeks then you come back on and the thread snaps you back to posts that only say "4 days ago"

No. 672627

you need to eat it with salt, and wait for it to be ripe, it's a little bt sweet and very sour, I love this fucking fruit, however, I don't know it's name in english, only spanish

No. 672630

GOT was so underwhelming to me. I really wanted to like it as I love fantasy, but idk what it was exactly that turned me off. The books were a little more enjoyable than the show, but I wish he had kept some of his original ideas, like the Targaryens being dark skinned instead of elvish looking, just to make things interesting.

No. 672631

i fuckin feel that lmaoo

No. 672637

re those membrillos (spanish) quince (english)? in my country you can buy qunce jam (kind of… it's harder than jam tbh, you can cut into it) i absolutely love it and its sweet with a hint of sour

No. 672638

If I like a guy I ghost him to see if he comes back. If he does, then you know he likes you.

No. 672639

Quince /ˈkwɪns/, and yeah it's pretty good. It's very popular in my region, old ladies keep them on top of cupboards to dry because they make the room smell nice and (allegedly) deter pests.

No. 672644

this is stupid, just like the shit 'don't initiate conversations, let other people do it' advice. if you tell everyone to wait around for the other person to be more interested, everyone is just going to be waiting around for eachother and not talking.

No. 672645

Nah this doesn't apply to guys. Do you see how thirsty they act? If they want to talk to you they will apply pressure. If a guy likes you and you stop replying to them they will ask why.

No. 672647

I love when I meet someone who likes to cancel plans as much as I do. It's nice not being the one to have to do it all the time kek. It's almost always a relief when someone cancels on me, even my bf if we've seen each other too much.

No. 672652

Me: Haven't had any massive fuck-off spiders in my house in ages now, that's been nice

You know what happened next

No. 672665

Every. single. time.

No. 672678

I just bought new shoes, they're fake patent leather and they lace up and have a high blocky heel woohoo I've never had shoes this nice in my life and I am just wearing them around my house because I have no reason to go outside anyway, and I saw a girl with huge holographic platform shoes today and I saw another girl who looked like she just stepped out of a goth club in the 1980s and they made my day. And then I saw a lovey dovey metalhead couple and they ruined my mood a bit because why can't I have a lovey dovey metalhead boyfriend???????

No. 672681

File: 1605205290143.jpg (43.87 KB, 659x567, 907eb72e6f703189e2ca6563641401…)

Been on citalopram for a week now and my excecutive disfunction, sad mood and time managment is getting better!!!!!!!!!! YAY go me

No. 672683

Hooray, anon!! Citalopram worked and still works very well for me too. Congrats and big hugs!!!

No. 672684

It's meant to take a few weeks to properly build up and work so here's hoping you just keep gettin better, we love seeing meds work out like that

No. 672689

fuck yeah anon!! If the med is ever not suitable for you and you wanna take a switch, never do lexapro kek, I was one of the unlucky ones where lexapro is the best fit for. Overall I'm 100% happy for you!!

No. 672693

They're sister drugs, anon.
Citalopram and escitalopram. She may do fine on it.

No. 672696

anon the biggest difference between citalopram and escitalopram is that escitalopram really decreases sex drive, to the point where you're so asexual you might as well reproduce through cellular mitosis. That's why I'm lowkey against lexapro.

No. 672700

> X teacher hates me. She's out to get me

No…no I promise you teachers aren't spending their free time devising a plan to make your life a living hell. You're a 15 year old who spends 95% of your time on tiktok and wearing fake gucci. You aren't on anyone's mind and there is literally no purpose in "bringing you down".

No. 672701

True. My bf is a high school teacher and I hear all the gossip from other teachers as well. They don't give a shit about the "bad kids," and if anything, they talk wistfully about their potential instead. Parents and other faculty however…

No. 672702

File: 1605207534015.jpeg (1.37 MB, 4032x3024, IMG_3902.jpeg)

Has anybody trained their cat to sit or high five? I have always wanted to train my cat to high five me! He sits for food/treats. I don't want to try to train him by giving him too many treats as he is already a tiny bit chubby

pic is him, my baby called Bear. I hope he makes your day positive with his handsome face. Please don't be mean x

No. 672703

You tell Bear he's very handsome.

No. 672704

anon I love your cat omg…they're such a cutie pie
I mean the only way I know how to make a cat high five or sit is through treats, so I'm pretty unsure about how to train them any other way.
Sometimes my cat likes to play fetch with cotton balls but that's really it

No. 672705

Diff anon just weighing in but I was put on citalopram at 12 and kept on it til 20. I had my very first sexual twinge or urge to touch myself …at 20 lol

No. 672708

Oh my goodness hello Bear!!! What a cutie!
First of all congrats on training your cat at all. Mine is incredibly food motivated, but too dumb to be trained kek. I think treats and clicker training would be the way to go. @chicagoblackcat on Instagram has trained their kitties to high-five, shake, and paw bump, and I think they have story highlights about how!

No. 672709

Started praying to jesus and Im not even christian. Just feels better imagining talking to a nice handsome long haired man who is understanding, doesnt judge and is forgiving, rather than getting angry at myself or imagined scenarios with others.

No. 672711

not a christian as well (am a closet atheist in a Muslim country)but I like the Idea and themes of Christianity even if it is all bullshit

A God who died for you and wants to be your friend is more appealing then a deity who wants you to respect and fear him despite him being scared of dogs and wanting all people to pray only in Arabic

No. 672712

aiii, bebi………..

No. 672713

Allah is scared of dogs? That confirms that doghaters are fucked in the head kek

No. 672714

File: 1605208697990.jpeg (1.7 MB, 4032x3024, IMG_9192.jpeg)

I will tell him, thank you anon!

Thank you anon! He chases after ping pong balls but he does not bring them back. However, he does run to the letterbox to collect the letters like a dog.

OMG THANK YOU so much for the Instagram rec! I am looking right now!

Here is an extra sleepy pic for you lovely anons x

No. 672715

more like shitzu

No. 672716

Aww, he's such a sweet little bean! I didn't even know cats could be trained. Good luck, anon

No. 672718

>However, he does run to the letterbox to collect the letters like a dog.
That is soooo cute

No. 672723

A bunch of female saints and probably a lot of nuns considered themselves married to Jesus. Prince Philip of England’s mom was put in an insane asylum because she kept bringing up her amazing sexual relationship with Jesus at the dinner table. Jesus is the original husbando.

No. 672724

Not Allah himself but according to Muhammad Dogs cannot be kept cause they are unclean animals whose presence alone keeps Angels away from one's home

Also According to Muhammad Muslim men shouldn't pee while standing up other wise you're soul will linger in the earth till the day of judgment

No. 672728

Imagine having to haunt a public bathroom for centuries because you didn’t want to sit down to pee

No. 672731

I thought girls were doing the bimbo thing ironically. I didnt think they were being serious.

No. 672734

I work in a certain niche industry and have for the last six years now, I’ve never namedropped it here because that’s so gay… but I watched a random anon try to argue with me about something I have a lot of expertise in and claim she works in the the industry to refute what I said even though she was glaringly wrong and I’m… I’m just in disbelief for some reason. Like I know some of you are full of shit but I’ve never had any of it directed towards me so. Lord jesus.

No. 672735

entertainment industry isn't niche, fag.

No. 672738

Specifically, LARPing about working in Hollywood because you want to one-up Kiki and impress lolcow with knowledge you obviously don’t have is more of a faggot move imo

No. 672739

God bless!

No. 672740

and yet you're trying to impress us by "calling anons out" because you're actually in the industry?

No. 672741

God, it's pissing me off to no end. They're only doing it to appeal to the worst men who spend all day talking about how awful their life is now women have autonomy over their own decisions instead of, idk, actually putting real effort to improve their lives. I don't know why I find it so irritating but it pisses me off.

No. 672742

I hope this doesn't trigger some kind of cleanliness standard discussion like the shower thing did in that other thread, but how often do you guys clean everything at home? Like, how often do you dust? How often do you vacuum and how often do you wipe the floor? How often do you change bed sheets? How often do you wash stuff like table cloths and curtains? How often do you clean your windows and mirrors? How often do you clean the bath tub and toilet? How often do you scrub your oven and stove? How often do you change your cats litter box? How often do you sweep the balcony? Feel free to not answer everything out of this, or stuff that I didn't think of lmao

No. 672743

Watch your attitude, sperg

No. 672749

I live alone so I don’t make too much of a mess but also if I don’t do it there’s no one else to do it, I vacuum and mop every 2-3 weeks, I change my sheets every week, I wipe down and clean the shower/toilet and scrub my sinks/counters/microwave every 2-3 weeks as well. If something looks messy I’ll clean it sooner, but this is just kind of my general routine.

No. 672751

No, never would have even been mentioned had I not caught an anon in an apparent cycle of pathological lying. Me saying there’s a couple anons on here that need to be medicated =/= me saying all anons need a straight jacket.

A pathological liar is a pathological liar, has nothing to do with all the ladies here.

No. 672752

File: 1605212337524.jpeg (165.25 KB, 481x860, 96239481-9C11-41FA-BD19-37A534…)

Wait what? I honestly thought it was ironic, for real.

No. 672754

Vacuum x2 a week, clean tile biweekly, sheets weekly, kitchen weekly, glass monthly, pet cages weekly, bathrooms biweekly, backyard bimonthly

No. 672758

I dust when I start to see it accumulate. Dusting should really be done once a week, but the reality is I don't bother until week 3 lel.
Seems like constantly. I don't have furry animals thank fuck, but when I lived with my ex and his hairy ass cat it seemed like I did this every other day. Now that it's just me and my current bf with my useless dad, eh, about once a week. There's a lot of shed hair, my bedroom gets it twice a week sometimes.
>table cloths
Once a month if there's stains.
Don't have em, I just dust the blinds.
Hardly ever. Maybe during spring cleaning but it's not like I got any window lickers or smokers.
I'm a sick fuck and like to pop my zits on my bathroom mirror to admire my work. The mirror gets wiped down twice or thrice a week.
>bath tub
Every other week. This really gross pink slime develops if I don't.
Once a week.
A bi-yearly self-clean.
I'm wiping that fucker down as well as the kitchen counters every fucking day. It's so annoying.
>litter box
Don't have a cat but if I did I'd expect the poop to be gone every third day tbh. That's so disgusting.
>sweep the balcony
Not often at all but I'm on the third floor with no trees nearby or anything like a bird feeder, so.

No. 672760

>in poly relationship
>is pregnant
>scrote says hes not attracted to her while shes pregnant and prefers fucking the other girl

Idk how sex positive women do it. I would literally want to kill myself if I had some of their lives.

No. 672762

Basically, I spot clean everything and deep clean just about everything every weekend.


Feels like daily, but probably 3-4x's a week
Every other week solely because I have coin laundry, otherwise it'd be weekly
>windows and mirrors
I've never really cleaned my windows, but I clean my mirrors when I deep clean my bathroom which falls under weekly.
>oven & stove
I wipe my stove every single time I use it, deep clean it like once a month or two months. I don't know how to clean my oven, though…
>cat's litter box
Not as often as I should, once or twice a week, but he has two litterboxes that maintain reasonable amounts of mess.
>bunny enclosure
Deep clean weekly, spot clean daily.

I live alone and don't make too much mess. Sometimes things slip here and there, but I generally freak out when things aren't very clean.

No. 672766

File: 1605214112685.jpeg (97.93 KB, 875x811, liking cats is definitely owne…)

I don't even know where to post this but this person thinks LoL's new shitty champ is based on her. I can see a scrote injecting his creepy fixation on some girl he got close to dating into a character but the visual evidence she's shown is such a reach, it's hilarious.


No. 672767

File: 1605214218735.jpg (335.44 KB, 1063x1063, 20201113_034704.jpg)

>Getting into polcos
When you spend 100$+ dollar over polcos and deco stickers

No. 672768

What is polcos? sounds like a disease

No. 672772

The girl is only uwu ~unconfortable~ because the character aesthetics being kind of similar to hers just makes it evident how not special and generic she is.
I don't like to describe people as snowflakes but hell if the word doesn't fit this one.

No. 672778

Polaroid deco, pic related in op

No. 672779

I've made a post in the art thread >>672763 since I guess it's about art
It's a massive reach but I'd love to see some damage done to Seraphine account because that marketing strategy is just too bizarre.

No. 672780

NTA but judging by the pic it's decorated polaroids? Reminds me of purikura back in the day

No. 672782

Is polcos the korean version of purikura then? how times change

No. 672786

I despise the parasocial marketing they went with so I wanna see them burn too.

No. 672788

Can you detail how bizarre is her marketing strategy?
I'm not familiar with that game or champions, etc.
Isn't that just a fake twitter account of the character?

No. 672792

I hate seraphine, lil macwhatever, and any of these 2D ‘influencers’

No. 672805

File: 1605217551226.jpg (40.68 KB, 643x340, IMG_20201112_224201.jpg)

Attention whore who decided to lie for likes because she saw a 2week old picrelated tweet. Case closed

No. 672812

File: 1605218875340.jpg (132.55 KB, 608x960, outfit10.jpg)

I think that, if I ever have kids, I'm just gonna give them a white name, especially if they're a boy. I don't think that there are many names in my culture I like, aside from maybe 'Priyanka'

No. 672814

If it might help you could look up western Indo-Aryan names, some of them pretty cool
Zorwarr, Menadess, Maqwhas e.t.c sadly most western Indo-Aryan names have been replaced with shitty Arab names in my country

No. 672816

Kate Bush looks great in that pic. I think Priyanka is a beautiful name. I really like different Native American names, for example Killari, Ixchel, some Ojibwe names that I can't remember rn. I like that they're rooted in tradition, but not commonly heard. I think some Basque names are really nice too.

No. 672817

I really like the name Sonali, it's really pretty

No. 672822

Ngl seraphine reminds me of hisoka

No. 672823

The amount of ig thots and titty streamers out there says otherwise.

No. 672830


Pathetic lmfao

No. 672832

Hellll nooo the cope is off the charts. She’s in a league above this scrote too. Pitiful.

No. 672840

which one anon?

No. 672846

>He didnt even remember how long they have been married
>she asked him did he care when she cried and he said no

I cant imagine what life is going to be like when that baby comes. He has 0 respect for her and from his body language you can tell her a little disgusted by her.

No. 672850

The weird distaste for western Muslims on here in recent months makes me feel like it's 2001. Now that it's been reported that the new COVID vaccine was created by a Muslim couple, are you guys just not going to get it? Serious question.

No. 672852

Why would I respect a religion whose main doctrine is to disrespect me and treat me like cattle because I have a vagina? Fuck off.

No. 672853

No. 672854

I want a himbo-bot I can smack around when I get home from a bad day and then fuck. If men could do it for thousands of years I wanna do it too.

No. 672856

what the fuck? please don’t cape for muslims here, that religion ruined my life.

No. 672858

File: 1605223977838.jpg (130.08 KB, 1080x512, Screenshot_20201112-173231.jpg)

There are a few ex muslim girls (or hidden secular irl) on this site. I can say with a passion that islam can suck my ass

No. 672861

File: 1605224397706.jpg (25.46 KB, 249x270, 515129760.jpg)

it is time to grind up scrotes into meat and feed them to the animals

No. 672862

File: 1605224534234.jpg (93.58 KB, 1280x720, polygamous_wives.jpg)

I said muslims..not Islam as a religion and the way it is enforced in non-western countries, I also said western Muslims. Majority of them are straight up chilling and extremely Americanized here in the states. There's been no statistical evidence that the influx of muslim immigrants has brought any threat to America, and also every religion has fanatical followers who use religion as an excuse for their misogyny/narcissism. Muslims here are disgusted by the recent events in France. As well as what is happening in their home countries.

No. 672865

The vaccine isn't available yet, right? Anyway, in the West there are many decent, moderate Muslims but I hate the religion itself and its more fervent believers. I don't get how people treat Muslims as a monolith when even just in my European country you'll have Muslims from the exact same diaspora (as in, the exact same ethnicity from the same region of the same country of origin) arguing over what should be enforced or not.

I always wonder who are the craziest Muslims between the ones from Pakistan or the ones from the Emirates.

No. 672866

Same, but it's for my journal. More power to anons who decorate Polaroids of their faves. The confetti stickers are so cute.

No. 672869

Are you in the West anon? I feel like people that are hella pro muslim are used to actual moderate muslims in their part of the world instead of learning even an ounce about countries actually ruled under sharia and the like.

No. 672875

You can tell a lot of news stories in the US nowadays are written by robots. I am so tired of seeing the words grim, grisly, ramping/ramping up, surge, surging, amongst others that have been constantly circulating these past few weeks. Thankfully we are over the “new normal” and “hunker down” phase, but Reuters needs to start plugging in a more varied vocabulary.

No. 672878

So you don’t throw acid at women and commit murder upon your countrymen? That’s the bar for “good” religious fags? Moderate/secular/westernized blah blah blah you’re still a bunch of misogynists and racists, it’s quite literally a requirement. Christians get dunked on daily, why would Muslims be exempt. Shill gtfo.

No. 672880

File: 1605227416124.png (112.63 KB, 300x544, Sin título.png)

sorry this was funny together

also nothing wrong with baby food it's yummy lol but only the fruit kind if you eat salty or meat based baby food you're disgusting

No. 672881

well if I contract covid in the next couple of days I'm pretty sure I know where I got it
just went to five guys and the guy at the register handled my card with gloves on, handed me my cup for a drink. I go fill it up with soda around the corner so I can't see him but when I get done with that I see the motherfucker prepping burgers. touching lettuce and shit. he's also resting his hands on the counter by the grill and touching fries. I have no idea if he swapped out gloves and I was so hungry I didn't bother to complain about it cause I didnt want to sound like a bitch ugh

No. 672892

You should be ok anon, you weren’t at a Panda Express.

No. 672900

You'd be shocked at the lax approach most restaurant workers have about sanitation, especially in fast food. I've seen people prep salads with their bare hands, use the same towel to clean floors/counters, never clean the soda nozzles, restaurants are legit gross as hell. They only get in trouble if it's something really egregious, like rats or mold. Those papers in the window with the health inspection rating mean jack shit.

No. 672906

Is 300 dollars is too much to spend on a room makeover? I want to go the really minimalistic, white, wooden, and planty look (It's trending) because I like how tidy it looks. I feel like my room as a lot of big , bulky pieces of dark furniture and I basically want to spend money on white, smaller furniture from ikea as well as fake plants. I feel guilty about spending that much but I also think less clutter would be good for me mentally.

No. 672907

its not much at all, go for it! Like you've said, it's an ivestment in your mental wellbeing, so it's definitely worth it.

No. 672920

I often tear up when I see women making emotional music. The power of it all overwhelms me and I feel proud to be a woman, in a way. Feel free to find me cringe I guess

No. 672927

Is this a testament to how bad Panda Express is or is it just a thinly veiled jab at Chinese people

No. 672938

How bad Panda is.

No. 672939

Aw, I feel this too anon, kek. I even made a spotify playlist specifically for women-written songs that make me cry. It's just a nice space to linger in.

No. 672944

File: 1605237790492.jpg (Spoiler Image, 73.23 KB, 589x629, we live in a society.jpg)

No. 672957

>Jesus is the original husbando.
Holy based

No. 672976

I think we are worse, we look up to Islam as the ultimate truth and want nothing more then to be Arabs,

Islam was supposedly revealed in the 7th century in Arabic to Arabians who lived on the Arabian peninsula by an Arabian man who spoke Arabic– yet, 1,400+ years down the line, we have Pakistani people out there who sincerely believe that this religion / ideology is theirs. I don't know whether to laugh or cry. my people have a rich history stretching back thousands of years but after the advent of Islam and its introduction into the subcontinent, the religion has played a significant role in destroying our culture, economic prosperity, safety, and sense of pluralism. We have forfeited so much of our culture to Islam that it's almost comedic how deeply our lives revolve around Arabian culture. We:

>Worship a god with Arabic names

>Have Arabic names ourselves
>Read the Quran, a book written in Arabic
>Believe that the Quran can only be understood in Arabic
>Pray 5 times a day in Arabic in the direction of Makkah, an Arabian city
>Get in the 'face-down-ass-up' position twice during every rakat as we whisper words in Arabic to ourselves
>Wear clothes that conform to Arabian standards
>Groom our bodies according to Arabian practices
>Get married according to Arabian customs
>Give our children Arabian names and teach them to repeat this cycle again

we are a destroyed people

No. 672978

Tomorrow I'm going to regret that I put off my work to sit on my boyfriend's face for the whole entire night, but right now I'm blissed out and regret nothing. Posting this so I can look back on my dumbass self and hopefully feel like it was the right choice.

No. 672979

wait what, like how the fuck does that work
like wtf did either of you do

No. 672984

File: 1605244563296.jpg (86 KB, 1080x1080, 106799352_316463439382596_1782…)

figured out how to download images from instagram using inspect element, feeling like an unstoppable image hoarding l337 hax0r rn. tbh no idea how i didn't think of it sooner.

No. 672987

That's too many steps for me lol… I usually just whip out the screenshot tool. There's gotta be a browser extension for this, yeah?

No. 672989

based method, based anon
i wish i knew more about coding

No. 672990

No. 672999

File: 1605247247586.jpg (143.87 KB, 1080x1080, 19428784_1265572783540396_1153…)

this is p good but i have a backlog of saved images i want to have full res images of from a whole bunch of accounts so it would take me ages to hunt them all down.

dw anon, i have like 0 coding knowledge besides tumblr themes lmao

it's like 2! right click inspect element on an image, then expand the arrow above down and boom! acc image links.

No. 673006

File: 1605247506244.jpg (147.4 KB, 350x263, Malczewski_butter_lambs1.jpg)

Unrelated but I thought this was a butter lamb, usually bought for Easter. Welp, that actually looks like a puppy cake. Heh.

No. 673015

Poly shit is for retards confirmed

No. 673022

> At checkout at Trader Joes
> Employee notices a single moldy strawberry in container
> "Let me go get you a good container!"
> Comes back with new container and I thank him and check out and go home

I could have just taken the one strawberry out and eaten the rest. No I spent 5 bucks on strawberries going to the trash. Curb your kindness trader joes employees.

No. 673024

Do you think he did that on purpose?

No. 673036

These butterlambs look more like butterbirds tbh

No. 673043

They look like butterbunnies to me.
Rorschach's butter sculpture, kek

No. 673050

Boss reassured me that my job is not on the line at all and has put my name down to split the profit of a relatively big project if we seal this deal. God, I hope we get it. I feel so relieved as I was already worried I was gonna get fired because I only started two months ago and haven't been doing the best. Thank god.

No. 673052

I preordered two things despite having to save up money i feel so bad but I didn’t want to miss out why am I such a victim

No. 673078

I thought I got permanently banned on here but it must have been lifted. I've been posting on mobile this whole time smh

Don't ban me again mods. I promise I'll be good

No. 673086

Lubricant is one of my favorite words. It just sounds nice.

No. 673126

File: 1605269076380.jpg (54.37 KB, 1185x666, ElbCijrWoAARoMn.jpg)

Its Interesting how Jack Dorsey with a long beard could easily pass for a local Pathan/Afghani in my country

No. 673221

File: 1605276357083.jpg (99.92 KB, 851x1113, EmWcEH3VgAECu4b.jpg)

What's with people hating on women so much?? Why is it trendy to hate women?

No. 673229

I guess I've been eating a little too much because my jeans are pressing uncomfortably against my stomach today and will be all day at work.

No. 673235

Somehow I don't think the white women they should be concerned about are the ones writing books and attending workshops.
Retarded take.

No. 673241

Low hanging fruit.

No. 673262

It's not women, it's white women and I assume it has something to do with white-feminism.

No. 673265

Where are you from? This man looks white as hell to me, but I've also never been around any Afgha or Pathan people

No. 673270

I hate looking for jobs, and whenever I don’t get one or can’t move past the “sorry, you aren’t what we are looking for” phase, I get discouraged.

I am not looking for anything crazy anyway. I just want a retail or some other customer service job to make some extra money over the holidays, but somehow my stupid ass can’t even get a job shaking lattes at Starbucks. It’s embarrassing. And I do tweak my resumé for each store so I am not sending out just a generic paper.

I envy people who snag jobs easily.

No. 673296

It really is ridiculous how difficult it is to get even service level work right now, COVID aside. Best of luck with your search, anon.

No. 673310

so a woman has no rights if she's white?
that's so stupid, I hate society more than ever

No. 673314

File: 1605284607996.jpeg (64.79 KB, 640x523, 088EC970-1DA9-4877-B885-876665…)


No. 673316

white women are a good punching bag if you desperately want to take a shot at women but want to appear woke.

No. 673317

Just looks like a homeless white man to me. His skin is too pink and his hair too ashy to pass for much else, at least local to me.

No. 673323

Pakistan, about 18% of men look basically like this, usually Pathan Afridis or Pathan Niazis, even some Bhatt Jatts

No. 673331

you're such a cow

No. 673338

Going after race is probably the easiest way to divide women. Also who the fuck does she think is giving these women those opportunities?

No. 673347

Was scrolling through snow when I saw a pic of someone who weirdly resembles me. Click on the thread… oh it's the fakeboi thread and this person 'transitioned over a decade ago' Dunno how to feel lol

No. 673365

I only look cute in pictures taken by me. Anyone else takes my picture I look deformed. I guess that just means I'm ugly lol

No. 673383

If that makes you feel better, that person looks like a cute lesbian.

No. 673400

I'm having brain fog everyday lately but today it was the worst. I don't know what cause it, but I noticed it started after I bought whole wheat bread and started eating it every day for breakfast. The brain fog starts a little after having breakfast. I'm afraid that might be a sign I might be sensitive to gluten or even intolerant, idk. That would be hell, I love bread too much.

No. 673414

The prestige (aka chromas) skin line in LoL needs to be discontinued. It's just a cash grab that nobody wants. I don't even want the new SG prestige skin, and I main Soraka

Anyway sorry for stupid league rant

No. 673417

I don't drink much - I usually have like one beer or cider at the weekend - but the excitement I feel when thinking about having said drink worries me

No. 673418

I have a bread/carb heavy diet and I feel like fatigue and 'running slow' is a side effect of that. On days where I eat less bread and more meat weirdly enough I feel a clarity in my head.

Do you think it might just be carbs in general?

No. 673431

i didn't really think about that possibility. i'm gonna try to eat less carbs next week and see if i feel a difference. thanks, anon. it's really annoying for me not being able to think straight because i need to think constantly for work. this week my productivity suffered a lot.

No. 673438

Sometimes I wish I could live in the 1950's or 60's but then I remember Im a black woman in a inter-racial relationship….. and that feeling goes away

No. 673447

So fucking true. Nobody asked for them and most of the time they're not even well done. Although, god help me, the upcoming Soraka chroma is making me salivate. I can't deny my qt goat.

No. 673448

My sister's B cup bra got mixed with my laundry and I thought it was mine until it barely covered the bottom half of my tiddy

No. 673449

File: 1605295753424.jpg (Spoiler Image, 110.35 KB, 750x750, abd1fe71ce9adddeafff9ea13b95f7…)

Attack on Titan probably has some of the most inconsistent art ever. Even in season 3, which has the best art so far, had inconsistent art.

No. 673462

I was thinking about that, too. I watched all the seasons in several days, and I remember thinking some of the scenes seemed strange, thanks for the proof anon

No. 673471

I was flipping through some leaflets just now and there's BTS dolls in the toys section of one of them. I'm somewhere in Europe, I did not realize that k-pop has become so mainstream in the West that they now have dolls for them in regular stores here. K-pop always only existed within the context of the internet for me, I'm just genuinely shocked to see k-pop out in the real world I guess lol.

The dolls are really ugly.

No. 673477

Verdict: my uterus is winning by a landslide. These cramps are no joke… why I oughta!

No. 673489

File: 1605298056593.jpg (67.66 KB, 675x900, EDuzrqQU8AEEOPK.jpg)

I am pretty sure that Jenny is a fellow farmer.
But I think she doesn't care much for the gossip side of lolcow, except some few exceptions (maybe youtube drama and maybe Elsa Froz- Eloise Frazer, because she used to skinwalk Rey)
…. Hi,Jenny?

No. 673494

I like the inconsistency. Reminds me of anime of the 80s and 90s.

No. 673495

I'm always sus that youtubers who avoid drama must hang out here and know better

No. 673497

Who's this?

No. 673501

nta, Jenny Nicholson
she reviews movies and collects toys and shit

No. 673510

well the manga art is pretty shit overall imo, so I’m not surprised the show is shit looking too

No. 673523

Just remembered when I was on my campus we had this preacher guy come and be very about Jesus. I ended up talking to him and he seemed like a relatively okay guy, like he was a religious nut obviously but he wasn’t saying anything that would warrant a screaming match.

What made me laugh was the reaction from the college kids who gathered around him. I think GSA came out and started to draw on the floor. They invited everyone to write or draw some positive message and it was a overreaction to some dude who just wanted to preach his religion. They did bring sandwiches however, and that was pretty sweet.

No. 673531

>so I’m not surprised the show is shit looking too
manga art =/= anime character design chosen by director

No. 673542

File: 1605300342051.jpg (90.51 KB, 900x643, 2efce50917b3593b1a3db1fb52821e…)

Tbh the manga art for the past couple years hasn't been bad at all. It was pretty awful in the beginning cause Isayama didn't know how to draw. Plus, like the other anon said, the author of the manga isn't the one drawing for the anime. Infact the last season is gonna be the only season where the anime art matches the manga.

No. 673549

i'm retarded, isn't just this different expressions?

No. 673557

>just this
*this just

No. 673565

File: 1605301080624.jpg (64.66 KB, 1080x1125, EZhTOKBWoAEP_dM.jpg)

Naruto said it. Be like Naruto. Believe it.

No. 673569

File: 1605301419594.jpeg (841.14 KB, 2048x2048, 67A94AE6-7B61-401C-8EA8-C137A3…)

Fellow Germans you know this bitch? I just hate him for is incredibly punchable face. Don’t we need a thread for German cows??

No. 673572

Maybe my example wasn't that good, but nah. AOT genuinely has had a really flip floppy art style since the first season. It's probably more obvious in motion.

No. 673592

My company is having a little Christmas get together and I wanna wear a Christmas sweater. I have it in my head to wear an ugly/vintage christmas sweater tucked into a cute tea length skirt and I found so many cute ones from Tiara International on eBay. I found a super cute and beautiful sweater that has a giant tree design and the embroidery and ornament details on it is so fucking pretty but the stupid sweater is an XL!! I don't know if I can take it in without it being janky since there are designs all around the tree in the background too, and even if I wear it with leggings underneath, I think I'll look more sloppy than 'teehee cute oversized sweater dress'. Sigh. I'm upset that I even saw it because I'm really trying to figure out how to justify it but I know I should let go lol. I found another Christmas sweater from the same brand and it's got an endearing ugly design and is my size that I should get but I want one of their tree designs!! The tree ones have so much more pretty detailing!!

No. 673594

God he's grotesque, like a caricature come to life.

No. 673596

The entire bureaucracy of Germany needs its own thread.

A couple of weeks ago the airport Ber, which had been under construction for solid +15 years and has burned a couple of billions tax money, opened only to close down 4 days later because of the pandemic.
The audacity!

No. 673602

Not a German but he looks like someone's sim on tumblr

No. 673611

Procrastination is such a bitch. I really convince myself that whatever I have to do is too hard and takes too much effort so I do it later, and then when I'm finally forced to do it I realize it was so much easier than I thought it was gonna be. This must be what being a dumb bitch is like.

No. 673628

File: 1605304931233.jpg (Spoiler Image, 502.49 KB, 1920x1325, IMG_20201113_225956_789.JPG)

I've got so many simps

No. 673630

I keep waking up with really deep nail indents on my arms. Like I'm grabbing my arms by my nails while I sleep or something. Kinda freaking me out tbh.

No. 673639

File: 1605306377324.png (605.17 KB, 558x558, 7d4.png)

I miss the old Alex Jones
He was more memeable and wacky and he was happier.
Ever since he grew that beard,it took control of him and changed him for the worst.

No. 673650

Got a book, face masks, cute hand sanitizer and nailpolish for my mom today for christmas. I also got her a crosstitch kit which I knew she had been looking for a while, it's now sold out. I feel at ease.

No. 673652

File: 1605307796991.jpeg (150.55 KB, 640x543, 582A9BC6-E74B-451B-81F2-CD8CC1…)

My bf was sweet and threw out the leftover pizza that sat out last night. Unfortunately, he doesn’t know I’m a gross bitch and was totally looking forward to eating some after work.

No. 673676

i thought billy eilish's name was pronounced ale-ish but apparently it's more like eyelash. wat?

No. 673680

I assume most girls on lc must be stacies if they can get guys better looking then driver and Timothy

No. 673682

File: 1605311223955.jpg (171.61 KB, 1600x893, british-shorthair.jpg)

I love gold eye and gray fur combinations on animals it's my favorite combination

No. 673684


No. 673685

My ex-gf posted some videos where you can hear her speaking and it got me feeling really fucked up. The break up really messed me up but I think I’ve moved on and grown a lot from it, and it’s pushed me on the path to becoming my ideal version of myself, not to spite her or to try and win her back, but for me. She just didn’t want a relationship, which is fine. Hearing her voice for the first time in years was jarring, I’ve forgotten how it sounds. She also draws comics and drew two people spooning and it reminded me of the only time I slept over at her place and I kept rolling over and spooning her. It made all sorts of feelings bubble up and makes me miss her immensely but I know holding onto these feelings probably makes her uncomfortable and as much as I want to talk to her again (since we were good friends and got along really well), I know she wants to keep her distance.

I’m so fucking dumb and cursed to never find another girlfriend ever again because she was my ideal gf in every way possible lol. Or even if I find another butch gf, I’m worried it might also come off as me trying to replace her but butch girls who are into nerdy shit like me are just my fucking type!!!!

No. 673688

Aw yea baby!

No. 673689

Bitch I am not a stacy and pretty sure I am now fully gay but even my ex bf is hotter than those dudes, at least he was clean, tall and dressed well. The bar is on the ground though.

No. 673691

Fuck I must be ugly. I've never had a bf hotter than those dudes.

No. 673694

I am telling you, I am fat with a pretty face yet got a dumb as shit fashion dude. Can be done. He was so fucking dumb, he had to take an art history class and thought Monet was Mona Lisa. Mona fucking lisa. Thought leonardo dicaprio was also a painter, I can't make this shit up.

No. 673696

How do I go about getting a cute bf?I've never had one. I've hooked up with cute boys but they never stick around.

No. 673697

Kek anon please tell me more of his stupidity I bet you have some good stories

No. 673700

We worked together and I saw a band I knew on his phone screen or something and started talking properly, apparently he was scared of me at first
My favorite one is after years of taking english classes, even at uni, in the middle of a movie he asked what does the word "annoying" mean. He was such a sweet himbo but it really took a toll on me, had to avoid whole ass subjects due to me not being able to dumb it down for him. One time he just forgot cars can reverse and nearly had a heart attack, a true fucking character.

No. 673703

I want a stupid cute bf like this lol

No. 673704

File: 1605314204256.png (57.14 KB, 676x676, jU570fSTMucYUKyohxNC1g.png)

Thanks anon, what a dude

No. 673705

File: 1605314362136.jpeg (51.98 KB, 748x589, 011E966B-9585-4965-AE8F-F96624…)

That’s fucking cute, I need three himbos just like him.

No. 673707

He was also jealous as shit, like first it was cute, then he started despising my best friend out of jealousy. Then he started drinking before going to classes, so DO NOT FEEL SO THIRSTY, ANONS.

No. 673710

Holy shit how did a man like this even survive to the point he did

No. 673714

I recently got back into reading after many years and I just like disturbing/disgusting shit. Probably conditioned from being online too long.

I seek out the grossest/most immoral books I can find and whenever I read reviews of them it's people being like 'yes this book contains necrophilia and paedophilia but its really about people trying to heal uwu~' and I find that so much creepier than just admitting you like fucked up shit. I love shock value but I am very suspicious of all these people legitimising/pontificating on the horrible shit in these books and being all analytical and interpretive about this shit. Feels like people trying to rationalise and humanise evil behaviours.

Basically I would prefer to be a tryhard edgelord than a faux-intelligent paedo sympathiser.

No. 673723

File: 1605317023383.png (135.63 KB, 1080x675, jb.png)

I don't really get the "himbo" meme. Why the fuck would you want to date an unabashed retard? Many men are already covert retards, so you decide to go for the overt one and bask in it? It just sounds annoying and awkward always having to always explain shit.
I swear Johnny Bravo would've made it with internet girls if he existed in 2020.

No. 673724

File: 1605317059484.png (32.18 KB, 300x250, sdfa.png)

Do you have any disturbing book recommendations? Also, what's the most heinous book you've read?

No. 673726

himbos are not johnny bravo. they are naive guys with little common sense who just happen to also be hot.

No. 673728

Their question still stands though, why do you want a guy with no common sense

No. 673729

Himbos are mostly a fantasy that doesn't exist irl tbh, dumb people can have disastrous consequences on your life and are generally unpleasant to be around. But the appeal of a himbo is that they're too dumb to be mean or elitist - men who think of themselves as smart are generally arrogant, pretentious and nasty (even if they're overestimating their intelligence, as men tend to do). In the absence of brains all you're left with is a nice, hot guy.

No. 673738

I got kicked out of a discord server for calling out a girls pedo boyfriend lmao

No. 673740

File: 1605319422040.jpeg (372.09 KB, 628x816, 24ED168B-B7B2-49DA-827B-A0FD83…)

idk if this is dumb enough for the copypasta thread but the first half of this post had me rolling. stay crazy anon

No. 673742

because it's cute at first like a puppy, but then it's annoying because they can't be trained.

No. 673743

It amuses me that people think their offspring is going to spawn some amazing legacy when their the fruit of their parents and how's that legacy going? You shit out some babies congrats, what else occupies your mind?

No. 673746

honestly fuck totinos for trying to make me eat their dumbass shit off of a plate instead of off the box like God intended

No. 673754

I’m what you would call skinny fat and my butt is really jiggly. It’s not even that big but every time I take a step there’s a noticeable ripple going through it. Is that hot? If not I sit on my ass all day and don’t exercise so I had it coming.

No. 673778

I kinda miss being a third wheel with some couple friends in my early 20s. With one couple I have no idea if they secretly hated eachother and needed a buffer or liked having sex knowing someone was in the other room or they both just genuinely really liked me but they invited me to everything and usually paid. Weekend trip? Trip to Mexico? Dinner at fancy restaurant? They always invited me lol. I also slept over at their house maybe 3 nights a week.

A few people in my life thought it was weird that I was so close to them but idk it was just nice and cozy. I was so sad when they moved to a different part of the country.

No. 673780

This does sound potentially degenerate, like maybe they were looking for a third, but if there's no sex involved, that sounds chill as fuck anon. I wish a couple would take me to Mexico (and not try to fuck me).

No. 673781

At this point ending the species feels like a higher calling than continuing it, tbh

No. 673786

The original fallout game is annoying to play.
Theres a time limit and for you to succeed you need a certain character build. You also need a walk through to beat the game so like, i can't find a lot of joy playing it because you have to follow a guide, can't really make an original character and skill sets cause anything else is "oh you can't open doors. Oh you can't talk to that guy cause you have low charisma". I know its an older game and I'd but hope the 2nd one fixes this.

No. 673797

Yeah, nothing sexual. Not even one regretful drunken make out.

No. 673817

File: 1605339940917.gif (41.18 KB, 480x271, 2C996172-A72D-4614-942C-F5D4BE…)

>mfw my bf tells me he cried when Biden gave his acceptance speech because he was relieved someone “compassionate” and inspired “hope” was talking

No. 673821

WTF he looks prehistorical

No. 673825

Then break up with him god damn didn’t you already make a post bitching about this

No. 673842

someone kick my ass if I don't stop procrastinating long enough to get school work done

No. 673847

She's close to contra and has spoken in favor of trannies in general before so i'm not sure she'd come to a site that doesn't cater to TRA types. I'd love it if she were a farmer though and she seems to be keep up with social media drama judging by the posts she makes mocking them sometimes.

No. 673851

Yeah I've seen that farmer Jenny theory floated around here before and never got it. She's a huge simp for trannies; in fact I think there was a rumor at one point that she dated contra.

No. 673864

Witnessed a scrote calling himself gay/bi for wokepoints for the first time. He said he is bi but that he isn't attracted to men sexually, only platonically. What does that even mean? You're straight. I called him out and he said I'm dictating other people's sexuality. What the hell kek

No. 673866

That's such a contradiction in terms 'platonically liking men equals being into men' What??

I've met plenty of guys who are the opposite, they have fucked guys in secret but would never date/kiss a guy cos they are totally not bi… I don't know which is more retarded

No. 673867


On a related note, I witnessed a scrote talk for an entire hour on discord about how he's really interested in penises but has a long term female partner and won't explore probably besides he's not into men anyway but PENISES THOUGH.

It's incredible how hard bi and gay men try to cope.

No. 673869

Their used to be a kid in my school who was bulled a lot, pretty much everyone made fun of him cause he acted weird, used to bite his shirt collar randomly, talked to himself a lot and seemingly had no friends, I never even had a real interaction with him as he 2 grades abovef me

However he will forever be known in school for causing an "Indecent", he beat 3 kids into a bloody pulp with a stick during break period, the Police had to be called in and I remember everyone being in mass hysteria saying [Guys name] had killed someone or something

He was expelled of course and I have never heard about him ever again, Still I was bullied a lot to for being weird and and I sometimes do wonder if he could have been friends if he had met,

but what I really wanna know is what happened to him ? he seemingly has no online presence and since no one knew him at there's no frame of reference to ever track him

No. 673871

The opposite is something I've seen a lot of, like men hiding their more gay leanings, but this dude is just a regular straight guy but tried really, really hard to squeeze some gay out of him. And shares those stupid 'gay' memes like how gay people type or sit and being like 'haha that's me' no doubt for some woke poon or something. So stupid.

No. 673874

Eh, I have trans friends and believe in trans rights and I still use lc. But idk, I don't see Jenny as a farmer.

No. 673876

Just had a plate of alphabet potato shapes at 10am and while that sounds like bad life choices the freedom to do that is kinda exhilarating to me.

I spent 3 years dating a controlling guy where I had to go to bed at the same time as him even if I wasn't tired because if I dared get into bed an hour after him I'd wake him up and 'ruin the whole next working day for him' Same in the mornings, at the weekends if I woke before him I had to lay still in bed and wait for him to wake. If I didn't I'd get screamed at for waking him during his lay in. Then when it came to food I had to eat on his schedule for some unknown fucking reason. He'd drink a bunch of beers at the weekend (I don't drink) so he'd be full/bloated from beer and therefore not hungry for half of the next day…so I had to fast in solidarity with him I guess? 'Save my appetite' as he put it. Amazing how I let him convince me that's ok.

11am on a saturday and I'm not stuck laying perfectly still in bed, bored, hungry or afraid to even reach for my phone. I got up after I woke up, I felt hungry so I ate something. Jesus it shouldn't be a big deal but sometimes it still feels like it.

No. 673877

Same. this site isn't exclusively for rad-fems, it just attracts them cause it's an anonymous imageboard.

No. 673884

Anon, it IS a big deal that you got out of such an abusive relationship. I'm happy for you, enjoy your freedom and alphabet potato shapes!

No. 673885

It’s those little things, though! Besides, that’s huge, and that’s so amazing for you, anon. Really excited for you, enjoy it!

No. 673891

>trans rights

No. 673941

File: 1605362276920.jpeg (249.03 KB, 828x835, 2A582A65-582A-4384-9A07-F9EBA3…)

I saw this and I was like ??? you must be having the worlds weakest orgasms in that case… I cum one time and I'm pretty much out of it

No. 673948

Just found out about that one docu from the 70s of a woman drilling a hole into her own head with a dentist drill and boy I wish I hadn't, I feel nauseous now. Kinda badass that she was able to do that without passing out though ngl.

No. 673951

why do I only find out now that machine gun kelly isn't a black rapper but a white edgy rock pop singer?

No. 673954

I genuinely don't don't understand how some women can have multiple orgasms directly after each other. also secretly a little jealous

No. 673956

Because your taste in music isn't hot garbage and you've protected yourself from knowing about said garbage so far?
Fuck, that dude looks like such a twat.

No. 673957

I can cum 4 to 5 times comfortably before it gets painful but only the first one is the most pleasurable and the subsequent ones less so.

No. 673964

He is hot though. see ya over in unconventional male attractions thread

No. 673966

I think this is also self-deprecating humor on the dude's part tbf.

No. 673967


Usually the second orgasm is even better than the first, and if I'm lucky the ones after that are the same too.

No. 673972

Both of these tweets are extreme cringe, but the man is worse.

No. 674056

I'm eating macaroni with cream cheese alfredo and ground beef right now. On my hamburger helper shit.

No. 674057

He’s the epitome of white thrash, and he tries so hard. Girls who think he’s cool have low self esteem, probably still say ‘unffffff’ and used to love those gifs that loser in the Osh Kosh button down used to post of him swatting the bed with a belt in his moms attic.

No. 674058

he looks like a blonde projared

No. 674085

I thought my bacon went bad but it didn’t and I am so very grateful. Thank You almighty Bacon god I can now make my little bacon egg popover thingies

No. 674104

i’ve always wanted to watch it but i think it’s completely inaccessible

No. 674110

File: 1605380325501.jpg (408.67 KB, 920x969, Screenshot_20201114-135317_Dis…)

From an RPG group I joined. there's so much wrong with this. But from the start I knew she'd be a problem when she established that the male leader of the group was "hers" and saying stuff about kicking his ass and making him buy her things in the game. And whenever anyone tries to talk about anything, she immediately changes the subject or continues on with whatever she previously was talking about, giving no chance for new conversation.

Luckily I am used to dealing with people like this but…

>25 year old girl


No. 674123

File: 1605381580299.jpg (108.76 KB, 960x962, 78ahpgfit6z51.jpg)

Sometimes I wonder where the guys in these classic neckbeard pictures are today. Are they still neckbeards or have they reformed?

No. 674126

Feeling like getingt high and getting in a fight

No. 674132

File: 1605382933682.png (390.05 KB, 640x640, mask.png)

No. 674133

this reads like it belongs in the ff.net profile of a 13 year old in the early 2000s wtf

No. 674134

File: 1605383147769.png (232.72 KB, 360x450, Yagrum_Bagarn.png)

That dude in the bottom middle be lookin like the last dwemer in tamriel

No. 674136

I'd swap lawful evil and lawful neutral if lawful evil actually wears the mask

No. 674146

His rock stuff is based though, I'm loving it. The rap was garbage but his new music is surprisingly catchy and nostalgic/dated in a good way, like straight out of my high school years listening to pop punk. Travis Barker produced it and you can really tell.

No. 674163

I'm so excited one of my favorite rap groups is coming out with a new album for the first time after a member died. It feels weird to get excited over an album that won't get released until 2021 but I grew up listening to them with my older siblings and it just reminds me of good times with the family. Wish covid was over so I could see them live in concert, heard Outkast was reforming for this album too. Is this what stanning is?

No. 674199

I'm from a culture that is rather conscious of age. Definitey not South Korea level conscious I'd say, but you'll still gain some new layer of respect for somebody even if they're just four years or so older. I've grown up with it, so I'm used to it, but how is it with other cultures where it's not really a thing? Like, do you ever pay any mind to your friend being three years older than you, or you being the older partner in a relationship, even if just by a little? Or is it something you never think about?

No. 674205

I was conscious of it as a teen. I think most are because you've only been alive for such a short period of time it seems like every year makes a huge difference (it kind of does) and you just can't even fathom what it's like to be in your 20s or 30s. It seems so much older and more mature, practically ancient. Now that I'm an adult I literally never think about it because it just has no bearing on anything. I have friends within a few years of me and some that are decades older. Some of the older ones can be idiots and some of the younger ones are very wise and responsible.

No. 674227

File: 1605398107165.jpeg (91.75 KB, 700x700, 423A2F2E-B4E5-43B6-BB55-B4448C…)

I want to buy some Chanel N° 5 and paint my nails red.

No. 674229

File: 1605399050988.jpeg (29.75 KB, 423x204, 57CC44C2-3438-494A-A26A-7DA2FD…)

My aunt will let me pick anything from Amazon or w/e, of course I will pick something under 25$ but I don’t know what to pick. I’m between a humongous water bottle and a really simple but cute necklace. But at the same time I don’t know if I would truly need them, so I kind of want to order a a I of underwear… I don’t know.

No. 674257

File: 1605403684869.jpeg (47.31 KB, 400x400, 8E8C3DF5-E680-4732-AE8A-7C8AAE…)

I only watched like 4 full unus annus videos and didn’t care too much about the videos but I found out about Ethan because of it (since I followed Mark from years and years ago and just never unsubbed because I’m lazy) and now I like watching him because I think he’s cute and funny.

No. 674262

I’m 90% sure that petplaygossip on Tumblr is run by Zekia or one of her costhot friends like Tsikyo. The blog will let you trash talk anyone except for Zekia and her friend group and refuses to publish asks that point out that her shop photos are photoshopped to mask out flaws that are noticeable irl (ex: ridiculously asymmetrical airbrushing or the ears being super lumpy).
sage for pure, unfiltered autism

No. 674263

TL;DR I'm spiraling into a bald obsession for no good reason.
I have a thing for not having hair. Not sexualy, not in a fashion way.
I've always liked short hair. Once I got mine in shoulder-length, I picked the habit of choping it everytime I felt bad.
When I got a bobcut, it felt like pure bliss, even if I knew it didn't suit me at all.
I'm trying to control myself with ponytails and only cutting my fringe. I can't explain how good it feels to cut it. Sometimes I try to wait until I really feel like a piece of shit to chop it off.
I wouldn't mind beign bald, it gives me good chills just to imagine how it would feel. I have a thing for both gals and dudes who don't look too ill with a shaved head. I started to read mangas that have recurrent baldies and I imagine my bf with a shaved hair.

No. 674264

If it would make you feel more comfortable being bald, you should do it, anon. If you’re worried about being judged by others in public, you could always wear a wig.

No. 674269

i think i finally figured out what i want to do for life and i'm so terrified. there's no logic or reasons why, it's just what my heart wants. the heart wants what it wants, but why the fuck does my heart want a goal so fucking hard to achieve? i mean, it's not impossible, but i have limited time and resources needed ($$$$) so i'm clearly in disadvantage so it's gonna take me YEARS to get there. i want to cry, because i have to work real hard, but at the same time i feel happy and relieved for finally figuring out what i want.

No. 674293

it’d be funny if this was shayna, who has ackshully decided to buy a small farm

No. 674296

I usually hate my thin, fine hair because I have very limited styling options, but it’s just so fucking convenient that I love it sometimes. I just stood in front of my small, weak room fan, ruffled my very damp hair in front of it for five minutes, and it’s completely dried now lmao.

No. 674303

Agreed it is nice to have hair like this sometimes

No. 674308

I was always jealous of my friends with silky fine hair that you could do anything with in school! If I tried drying my hair like that, it would still be damp hours later and have ending up looking like a tumbleweed.

No. 674310

Every point in this video applies to me over quarantine, gdi.

No. 674317

I picked out all the green beans from a bag of frozen veggies so I could satisfy my craving for green bean and tomato curry

No. 674321

God I hate being bloated

No. 674324

>do you ever pay any mind to your friend being three years older than you

No. 674336

Why is it always that the guys I like are conservative yet the guys who like me are always overly woke libtard degenerates, fml

No. 674337

I went to the mall for the first time in a long time today and it was so crazy busy in there, it really felt unsafe. I went because I had Uniqlo gift card, I bought a few things there and left. It was so nice in there though, such pretty clothes.

No. 674341

What is the point of locking scrote threads. Scrub them from existence.

No. 674343

I read /meta/ for a laff sometimes and I'm pretty amazed at how urgently anons absolutely need to get a thread locked when there are spergs or derailment. They can't just close the tab and wait a couple days. It must be addressed right now and the report system is not enough. They must talk to the manager.

Nah, nobody deserves extra respect for being old.

No. 674350

Petition to rename all posters in /meta/ from Anonymous to Karen

No. 674351

It only adds to the hilarity how all the farmhands seem to ignore them too

No. 674357

my good bitch this is a great idea, brb suggesting it in meta