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File: 1602556674647.jpg (50.45 KB, 590x590, 7aa04abb-63a6-475d-9e4a-bb833a…)

No. 654049

Since that bitch didn't like the other thread…

Please dump your dumb shit here

previous thread: >>>/ot/647556

No. 654052

I fuckin love Jerri

No. 654054

Bitch here, I prefer this one, thanks anon

No. 654056

File: 1602556892011.gif (1.17 MB, 477x443, a1371448262d710dc257de7b0bd96f…)

i aim to please

No. 654061

File: 1602557138079.jpg (98.5 KB, 1000x937, chair.jpg)

Might fuck around and turn Ditto into one of these.

No. 654065

File: 1602557630733.png (183.35 KB, 480x428, tenor.png)

No. 654071

Out of sheer curiosity, I looked up my first love (and guy I lost virginity to) online. He is currently married to the girl that dated him before I did.

To be honest, I knew that already BUT what I find fucking hilarious is that his online username still uses the number from OUR anniversary. I know it seems like such a small inconsequential thing but holy shit, I think it's the funniest thing ever. Like, why are you still using our anniversary numbers and the same stuff from when we dated? Lazy much?

I occasionally like to check in on him from time to time because I feel bad for him and want the best for him, but his current wife is literally Satan and awful. He broke up with her because she would frequently cheat on him, even at one point convincing her "friend" that by tasting his cum she could figure out his diet. She really cheated on him that way and bunch of different ways and dumped him but now they're married. I'm happily in a relationship too but I wish he'd move on to someone else and not the girl friend high school that cheated on him so much but… he's also very lazy, complacent and okay with failure (I had to carry the relationship and set up successes for him) so what can I expect.

No. 654072

Did I miss something in the single hour I was offline?? Who's the bitch

No. 654075

File: 1602558811026.png (1.18 MB, 1080x1063, e7bc2529-eb6e-412b-89b3-6d5cbe…)

It was very quick but I made a new thread with picrel and she said she felt like it was scrote bait so I deleted it and made this one instead.

No. 654076

it was fine. fuck her

No. 654077

I want this sweater lmao

No. 654078

>even at one point convincing her "friend" that by tasting his cum she could figure out his diet.

…I have no words. It's possible by setting the bar so low with this person, you almost certainly beat it, thus you are "the one that got away" hence the "accidental" anniversary usernames.

No. 654079


I need to know more about what this entailed:
>set up successes for him

No. 654083

Well when we were in high school, I obviously wanted him to be "the one" (marriage and kids) so I would make sure he would apply himself more to schoolwork. I put together PDFs of his potential colleges/their requirements and made sure he stayed on top of things including his senior project (I was a mere sophomore). When he graduated and started gaining weight, I let him know he should start working out more to lose weight.

I truly wanted him to succeed because he's a dumbass who deserves goodness in his life.

No. 654084

I also randomly got a weird text from his number one day and I thought maybe it was his girlfriend being cruel to me and texting me but idk maybe it was him. Either way, I didn't respond to the bait.

No. 654094

File: 1602561441846.jpg (493.72 KB, 1080x2089, IMG_20201013_055345.jpg)

I don't even find Pattinson attractive but this cope is the funniest

No. 654097



No. 654105

John Harvey Kellogg might have been onto something by inventing corn flakes to stop people from masturbating.

No. 654110

File: 1602563369344.gif (2.5 MB, 306x356, a3072d7fd0be4d39896fcdf6749639…)

No. 654111

the amount of jawless freaks that accuse people of surgery is unsettling. maybe they need surgery.

No. 654118

so sorry mods does anyone else accidentally report their own post trying to delete it

No. 654129

this is unironically me. i am a jawless freak. i kind of want surgery. but i'm also waiting to see if this whole crazy-defined-jawline trend ends at some point, because i actually used to be okay with my face

No. 654137

I think mods only delete posts if it's a man lol

No. 654140

gore, spam, and doxx are usually what gets deleted. maleposting usually just gets a redtext if its egregious

No. 654142

I used to eat weird shit all the time as a kid. Paper, peanut shells, wood off my bed frame. Why the fuck did I do it? Surreal. Don't wanna tell anybody but I still wonder if I was just briefly crazy or some shit.

No. 654166

That's called pica disorder, I think it's pretty common in kids

No. 654167

I.. wipe from back to front when I shit. I stop before my hooha and do it multiple times before eventually wiping once or twice front to back. I then use water to entirely wipe everything. Sorry, wiping back to front is just more comfortable . Useless, considering I eventually go front to back.

No. 654177

Wish you would’ve kept this to yourself

No. 654179

Wiping back to front is not more comfortable wtf. Why are you lying like this anon?

No. 654185

Does anyone else have a part of their mouth on the inside that, when they touch it with their tongue, it feels like cold liquid or air. It's so weird. I feel like I have stream in there.

No. 654188

Me too, but not always.

No. 654189

When I was a kid I thought wiping front to back meant you were supposed to wipe your coochie before your anus, so I'd always do that put I'd wipe with my arm behind my legs pulling forward, because that was just more comfortable. But then I learned you're actually supposed to reach behind your back and wipe your ass that way? I keep trying to make it a habit, but it feels so unfomfotable. I've never had any infections down there apart from childhood utis, so I kind of feel like I'm safe?

No. 654197

Oh that's wild. Nice to know I'm not the only freak who did that shit

No. 654199

I think the P-trap is the worst named thing among all things.

No. 654220

Yeah, I always thought it was because I pierced a permanent hole with the wire from my braces and the saliva stayed there, but it didn't explain why there was so much of the stuff

No. 654226

Lana del Rey seems like the type to secretly believes white genocide is real

No. 654228

I took my propranolol +melatonin +atarax combo just to sleep and I still can't fall asleep but my eyes are heavy and my head feels weird. I hate having to rely on pills just to fucking sleep

No. 654232

what does making onions even mean?

No. 654233

same. I also take pills for nightmares and I still get them like what’s the fucking point mate

No. 654257

Blackpinks album is giving me life ugh idk why i rejected them for so long

No. 654264

On 4chan onions is a word filter for soy because soyboy was being spammed too much

No. 654269

File: 1602588320233.jpg (115.28 KB, 1080x1257, Screenshot_20201013-222206__01…)

What is this retarded shit? Who needs context when you can just demonise certain words? Do they mean phrases because one of them is definitely a combination of three…? also
Kek wtf

No. 654278

I mean all of these things, except scalp thats weird scalp is a body part lol, are genuinely PrObLeMaTiC.
White Karens have have the terrible habit of calling their group of white mom friends a "tribe" its so icky.

No. 654281

Yes! I'm disappointed amazon doesn't have their first album lol

No. 654286

word filter for soy, because of some meme that eating onions raises your testosterone level.

No. 654287

My guess is that "scalp" refers to when people say "I AM SCALPED" in reaction to something. Doesn't make this post any less stupid for including it though kek

No. 654306

but how is that problematic? Maybe I don't get it bc I'm not American but words can have different meanings? Like just because Native Americans or whatever group the post is about have tribes doesn't mean they own that word

No. 654311

Let's cancel sjws

No. 654312

Eh really? I just ordered the holo version of The Album and I definitely wanna get the Kill this Love album. Honestly i don’t trust Amazon, i saw in the reviews that people got damaged packages and ripped ones otl

No. 654313

Yeah its problematic because native people were demonized for these things for centuries but its suddenly trendy and boho when white people call themselves a tribe, a powwow is a very traditional native american celebration/meeting etc.
Honestly its more an issue of native people still being treated like utter garbage today but white americans still wanting to use native words and concepts because they think it looks cool, but no clean water for reservations tho!

No. 654314

This powow tribe is my spirit animal and leaves my scalp off to the reservation

No. 654317

File: 1602592338581.png (193.87 KB, 640x479, 1602229229256.png)

Yeah, that's my issue with all forms of cultural appropriation.
It'd be cool if liking the aesthetic came with having respect for the people, but that pretty much never happens.
The only exception is when it's Japan, for some reason (see pic related). But even then, they tend to fuck that up when they heavily fetishize/infantilize Japanese people.

No. 654348

sounds like you just have beef with white people. Imagine trying to tell people they can't use the word scalp lmao

No. 654353

File: 1602597886356.jpg (138.09 KB, 736x736, fbe5a5b15afe2412f0c098e07c566d…)

What places would you like to visit? And where would you like to live?
I'd like to live in New Zealand, Australia or Switzerland. I'd like to visit so many countries but I'm really interested in Thailand, Portugal and Kenya.

No. 654357

File: 1602598108006.jpg (120.32 KB, 976x549, koala.jpg)

I want to visit Australia some day and see a koala (I'm sorry for being touristy but they're so cute). I also would love to go to Iceland, New Zealand, Canada and Italy.

No. 654362

People that live in Nevada are fucking cryptids, I said it.

And I want to live there too.

No. 654363

I want to live in any 1st world country. Sucks being a 3rd worlder.

No. 654364

Where do you live, anon?

No. 654371

South America.

No. 654374

File: 1602599316112.jpg (146.15 KB, 750x750, e85d49dcc9b3452a4b658b24bc8522…)

I would love to visit Germany (Southern Germany!), New Zealand, and Ireland. I'd definitely live in any of these countries but if I had to pick a place in the US to live, I'd pick Utah or Idaho. Moab seems like it's an awesome place. Or maybe I'd just go back home to Colorado. I really hate living on the East coast and I like big orange rocks kek

No. 654390

Yeah did you completely miss the part where I said natives are still treated like garbage and reservations don’t have clean water? Its completely reasonable to have beef with white americans and not want them to use native concepts and words.

Inb4. I said the scalp thing was stupid but the others were reasonable.

No. 654404

Crying about ebil whitey using words isn't gonna help people on reservations lmao. Do you also bitch when black people use the word tribe? Doubt it. Have fun being triggered about people using words tho

No. 654417

awwww does the poor white person feel personally victimized they shouldn’t use certain words that obviously have a significant meaning attached to them? what are you gonna do, cry? cry you are one drop less privileged now?

No. 654419

File: 1602601845391.jpeg (24.94 KB, 554x554, 7C963B65-9BCE-432A-8ED6-0C3EFA…)

You realize black people also came from tribal societies right?

Anyway this is probably bait.

No. 654431

>Medellin, Santiago, Oaxaca, Mexico City, São Paulo, Lisbon, Munich, Taipei, Singapore

rip my travel dreams, f u covid

No. 654435

How do you read
>these people have their culture used for the cool factor by those from the dominant group, but that same dominant group won't even let them have clean water
and have your mind generate
>Ummm sweaty you just hate white people
in response? Are you trying to say being hypocritical is integral to being white or something? Because that sounds like you're the one who has beef with them, not the anon you're replying to.

No. 654436

Why the fuck would you want to go to Sao Paulo?
Gay Pride is the only thing worth seeing in this damn Brutalist nightmare of a city, its unbelievably dirty, there are crackheads everywhere and people are rude and conceited.

No. 654437

>Do you also bitch when black people use the word tribe?
This is the most American shit I've ever read, kek

No. 654438

All I think about is dick and financial struggles

No. 654441

File: 1602603713504.jpg (51.24 KB, 808x839, borzoi-king.jpg)

I miss borzoi bully anon

No. 654442

I like big cities. Sorry.

No. 654444

I wish I know why Abbey left American Duchess. I fell there must be a lot of drama going on behind the scenes.

No. 654445

I understand that but just go to Rio or Curitiba instead, im saving your money really.

No. 654446

>implying no other nationality in the world had tribes
literally am white and my whole nation was divided into tribes in the olden times famalam, americentric burgers need to leave right now

No. 654449

I'll keep that in mind! Thanks for looking out for me, anon <3

No. 654451

Thats why I said white AMERICANS, learn how to read.

No. 654454

Denmark, Switzerland and Austria. I'd also like to see more of Eastern Europe but I don't have specific places since I don't actually know that much of that region.

As far as living goes, I have no desire to leave my country but if I had to move I'd choose Denmark because it's a good country to live in, as an EU citizen I can freely go to live and work there so that makes moving easy and from what I heard it's fairly close in terms of culture to my country so that's nice.

No. 654456

I don't see karens being synonymous for americans but okay lmao

No. 654457

nta but you didn't say Americans at all in that post lol

No. 654461

kek whites are going to keep using whatever words they want and you are literally powerless to stop them. cry more

No. 654463

NTA, but you're the one crying because you think no one should ever say anything that disagrees with you. This is pathetic.

No. 654464

white people also have/had tribes

No. 654475

I still miss the true dumbass shit thread

No. 654476

File: 1602605459011.jpg (33.05 KB, 500x500, 1409197869310.jpg)

So white people should stop using certain words because some faggots get triggered. Sounds like some tumblr bullshit

No. 654478

I think I heard my mother say something weird on the phone earlier, but idk if it was a dream cause I was just waking up when I heard it. Wtf….

No. 654479

I didn't say that, and I wasn't even part of your slapfight. It's just hypocritical to go on about how someone else is "crying" when you're the one who got offended, kek.

No. 654481

i’m sorry that not saying nigger is taking such a toll on you massa

No. 654485

What's your guys' fave song

No. 654487

If you're above 18 this is a really embarrassing post.

No. 654490

seethe harder

No. 654494

File: 1602606689988.jpg (27.67 KB, 601x508, 2f7.jpg)

No. 654499

I'm white and went to school on a reservation growing up and won a language award where I was gifted handmade beaded moccasins and had a friend of a friend shame me for having them out for display. (The bead work is lovely with floral patterns) Like wtf am I supposed to hide them for??? Some people need to chill.

No. 654504

no dude you don't understand only Indians can use the word savage and scalp that's just how it works now because twitterfags said so

No. 654505

Why the fuck is "tribe" on that list? Native Americans aren't the only indigenous people in the world lmao, there are tribes all over Africa and parts of Asia too, and my family uses tribe to refer to the ethnic minroity family we're from all the time

No. 654506

Oh I guess I’ll come back later

No. 654507

don't make me scalp you whitey

No. 654513

let me guess, your friend was white? no actual non white person gives a shit (apart from young dumb twitterfags)

No. 654515

See you soon, anon. I’ll be going too.

No. 654523


No. 654525

I go back and forth between 1st world and 3rd world. My hole feels really chill compared to America lately to be frank. I know it's probs mostly because I get to live somewhat privileged in 3rd world though.

No. 654528

Shut the fuck up you vira-lata baba gringo.

No. 654533

File: 1602608899991.jpg (85.28 KB, 800x680, 9384036.jpg)

>mfw my mongoloid ass always gets disappointed at these because nobody ever wants to visit my country

No. 654536

File: 1602608972914.jpeg (94.22 KB, 600x800, 250D5D9C-5104-4CAE-B091-C7539A…)


No. 654538

I'll visit your country anon. Only if you promise to show me where to buy the best desserts and candies though.

No. 654539

I'll visit you anon

No. 654540

Pretty sure all this ~cultural appropriation~ is some deepstate psyop to keep people divided so that they won't realize they're all being fucked over by the elite and combine their powers. Bitching over a white girl wearing a kimono and shit is getting such crazy proportions that there's no other rational explanation.

No. 654542

i'd visit your country, if it's not too humid

No. 654543

File: 1602609495235.png (1.17 MB, 1003x837, laterma.png)

what's even the point of arguing about words when everyone says them behind closed doors anyway
first place I want to go to post-quarantine is probably either back to Singapore or Canada. Honestly once everything opens up I want to just country hop for a few months. I'm so fucking tired of being in America lol.
I'm adding your country to the list, anon. Might as well spill the beans on where it is

No. 654546

File: 1602609784658.jpg (65.59 KB, 612x914, choco.jpg)

We objectively have the best chocolate and candies

winters are humid but during summer it's a pleasant 60-70%, the mean annual temperature is 5.5 degree celsius but depending on the area it can get +30c in july and -25 in january

No. 654549

I was objectively a social Stacy in childhood until puberty. Then, boom - i completely 180 into a rbf'd shut-in. What the fuck, hormones

No. 654551

Why, anon?

No. 654553

same, anon. i turned into a completely different person.

No. 654555

Well shit anon I'm on my way

No. 654556

File: 1602610313770.jpg (39.91 KB, 734x437, 1588711227197.jpg)

I just found out that french braids that are braided in reverse is cultural appropriation, I literally can't braid the other way so I guess I'll be culturally appropriating some bitches for a few days.

No. 654560

People of certain levels of privilege simply need to feel enraged about something. So they can feel like they care about some “meaningful” and not just living a valid existence. SJW slactivism is the lowest effort way to achieve that sweet feel good. Sure as hell a lot easier than addressing the corporatist state, which just imbues one with scary and hopeless feelings instead of elating self-righteousness.

No. 654576

Because it shows your immaturity and lack of life experience. You are clearly white and sheltered and naive and Starbucks and shopping and going to the beach

No. 654579


This thread sucks cock and it's bc of posts like this

No. 654587

I ate/ drank like 620.5 calories of hot chocolate and cookies today and I don't regret it

No. 654590

I wish I believed in religion. I was never religious and I never thought of the possibility of god not existing as a kid, but once I got older I realised how I really don’t believe in anything. Ignorance really can be bliss. If I believed that there’s someone watching over me and has a right path set for me I would feel less hopeless and doomed. But there’s no way I’ll go back to believing that shit, not even the more ~spiritual~ stuff.

No. 654591

Living the dream anon, I wish it wasn’t so hot today so I could get some hot chocolate.

No. 654597

To be fair the whole argument seems dumb shit (imo) so it does fit this thread in a way.

No. 654607

File: 1602613792820.jpg (59.54 KB, 800x476, (You).jpg)

>I ate/ drank like 620.5 calories of hot chocolate and cookies today and I don't regret it

No. 654619

My cousin got the news that he got his greencard yesterday and is going to pick it up today I think. I'm gonna buy cake on the way home as a congratulations (but mostly cos I just want an excuse to get cake kek)

No. 654621

File: 1602614831403.jpeg (462.54 KB, 3264x2448, FB5B2D2C-BF1E-4C8B-B413-933A89…)

Anachan can’t handle the idea of treating yourself once in a while

Btw I’m a severe womanlet to this weight isn’t that bad and I’m not underweight, though I’m trying to gain a little bit of weight

No. 654628

File: 1602614980137.jpg (9.18 KB, 275x191, 1602064840951.jpg)

Whoever this lady is, she looks exactly like David Bowie, with a little bit of Rick Astley

No. 654634

File: 1602615157138.jpeg (73.91 KB, 600x500, 1597502501446.jpeg)

Uncultured straightie

No. 654635

cow behavior.

No. 654638

She’s my wife. Avert your eyes, harlot.

No. 654640

Did you for real just take a pic of your weight kek

No. 654646

I was with you until you posted your weight wtf anon

No. 654651

how do you not know who tilda swinton is

No. 654654

Just googled her, and I watched half of Suspiria recently, so maybe I saw her and just didn't recognize her irl. I don't really watch movies anyway, so that's probably why I'm not familiar with her.

No. 654656


Late, but Rio is 10x worse than Sao Paulo, especially if anon likes big cities. Yeah it has beaches, but it also has slums every corner, random shoot outs, mass robberies at the beaches. Also people try to take advantage of tourists a lot, even brazilian ones. It's a scam of a city.

São Paulo has a lot of cultural stuff to do for an okay price of you like that, especially asian stuff (mostly japanese but you will find everything). There's also more libraries, more museums, more galleries, more diversify, more bars, if you're into that. Yeah it can get pretty dirty and violent, but hey, that's Brazil for you.

I can't say much for Curitiba because I've never been there, but it looks pretty by the pictures. Rio only looks pretty in pictures.

Maybe you should just scrap Brazil all together kek

No. 654664

I'm OP. In hindsight idk what the fuck I thinking doing that dumbass shit

No. 654678

Cool. Doesn't make you any less of a fatass for eating over 600 calories of junk food

No. 654690

Isn't a reverse french braid just a dutch braid?

No. 654691

You must be fun at birthdays and christmas dinner.

No. 654693

Ive watched this video at least ten times the song kinda sucks and Im not even into Mushroomhead but they’re so hot in this oh my god

No. 654704

What's wrong with me? My brain can't remember shit if I don't actively use the information. I can't remember where streets are. When someone says a restaurant is on a certain street, I just don't know wtf they are talking about. I could literally become a master at my craft, and if I stop doing that hobby for a month, I fucking forget most of it.

But of course I remember what that one person said to me 20 years ago that wasn't even particularly important or significant in any way. Who am I.

No. 654712

God I wish that were me

No. 654717

Fucking same anon. I forget shit so fast. I'm trying to learn 2 languages right now, and It's super frustrating.

No. 654734

File: 1602622959852.jpeg (94.25 KB, 730x1102, 16BAF8E7-DB13-41C3-AF67-B6DAB7…)

I want a bagel. I hope the store has bagels this week.

No. 654754

Ugh hard relate. I have to use a GPS to get everywhere (and I hate contributing to the "women have no directional sense" stereotype). Beyond that I really love reading but when I wanna share with friends it just deteriorates into, "So in this one year, uh… maybe in the 1800s, I think? There was this rich guy, and he talked to a girl with a G name, and their business ran into issues because of blackmail from this other guy. And then the first guy got upset and I think they dueled? Or maybe that was later, but it happened at some point." Gawd my ability to recount stories is nonexistent and I hate it.

I have found that pretending I need to teach the information I'm learning to others as I read helps me remember better later on as opposed to just flying through it and immediately forgetting all the specifics. Makes the thoughts more "active" as you describe.

No. 654761

File: 1602625371119.jpeg (57.14 KB, 838x1024, Ej6rn3EWkAAxQji.jpeg)

>went on one date with a male coworker
>make out in the break room a few times
>he sends me nudes
>literally nothing else happens
>asks me to meet in a random park one night
>I say no, he seems upset about it
>stops showing up to work
>I find out later that he's a sex offender and he assaulted one of my other coworkers

No. 654766

Yikes sucks to be you.

No. 654783

Jesus fuck. At least you found out before you went any further with this dude. I'm sorry men are shit.

No. 654787

You know koalas piss chlamydia right?

No. 654795

Yeah definetly didn't expect that when he asked me out. Feel like a retard for not being able to pick up on pervert red flags. My poor coworker just got jumped by the asshole. Why do men

No. 654796

You dodged a bullet by not going to the park with him but then again it already seemed really suspicious by itself.

No. 654813

Honestly, fuck off with that bullshit. Just because you fucked in a park and got caught doesn't mean anon shouldn't be wary in the future and that even fucking in a park isn't gross

No. 654815

I report everything by mistake, mods must think there's something wrong with me

No. 654819

You're calling anon a femcel because she doesn't want sex offenders freely roaming the parks.
Are you okay?

No. 654823

Some people are just freaky, anon. Let em live.

Anon should be careful though. She doesn't know the exact reason he's a sex offender. Could literally be anything, not just fucking in a park.

….that's not what anon said at all lmao. She's just judging people who have public sex.

No. 654825

Chances are you're addressing a scrot who thinks all rape accusations are false. If men are just on the registry for sex in a park then an equal number of women would be too. But obviously we aren't because we aren't sex offenders in any significant numbers.

No. 654831

I do have sex but not in parks because i am not some homeless fuck or a voyeristic coomer?

No. 654853

File: 1602632307076.jpeg (59.77 KB, 275x265, 1575388779834.jpeg)

Real talk, wtf is wrong with you? This isn't 4chan, I do not wanna fuck in a park, I don't wanna see people fucking in a park and somehow I am the villain.

No. 654858

Don't worry anon, it's probably the same fruit that's been trolling threads for days now. People don't get put on the sex offenders list for nothing.

No. 654864

That's extremely bizarre and rare though, plus anon said she knew the guy assaulted another coworker so bit of a reach on your part to think he's just been caught pissing outside. Maybe anon should pass on his details to you, since you're so not a frigid, who wouldn't want to fuck in a park on a cold October night

No. 654865

He literally assaulted my coworker against her will, how is she the stupid one wtf

No. 654871

you can tell the /ot/ troll is new because he doesn't know our admins actually pursue lol

No. 654880

Wow that's so cool
What are you fucking 12?
You're going to shoot the mean internet people?

No. 654883

Well hurry up then

No. 654897

You think you can get your mommy to drive you to anon's? Go wash your foreskin or something

No. 654898

This is the only female interaction that manlet gets :(

No. 654915

File: 1602639355151.png (1.27 MB, 1190x1206, Screen Shot 2019-06-06 at 11.5…)

Moids are subhuman, CMV

No. 654925



No. 654982


No. 654994

nta but I don't think I've ever eaten less than that amount of junk food before. 600 calories is like two fucking cupcakes. That's why it's junk food…

No. 655000

1000 retweets and i'll try a beanboozled jellybean.

No. 655025

I wish a had a snack plate with spicy salami, olives, pickles, cheese, and some fruit. But all I have is wheat thins and peanut butter.

No. 655029

600 calories of junk is extremely easy to eat, if everyone who indulged that much got fat from it there'd be no healthy weight people left. People who actually exercise and eat in moderation can easily fit that much into their diet without gaining weight, even an ana chan should know that.

No. 655055

Ever want to bump a thread unnecessarily because you got want to reply to a bad old post but only realize later it’s your own?

No. 655061

Since all that social distancing i basically only leave the house for work and groceries and i don’t dress up anymore at all. I feel like i totally lost my own style.

No. 655083

Does/did anyone else here have a slight obsession with the Vaganova ballet academy?
There was an yt channel called ballet flowers which would upload videos of theit exams etc, also used to watch a shit ton of documentaries about the students lives and the asshole principal.

No. 655084

Yeah. I like doing gesture drawings of the girls. I also just enjoy watching them dance.

No. 655086

Same, I'm kinda sad that all the dancers I used to watch have graduated now. It always annoyed me when the girls I liked the most were put in the back, but that's just how it is.
Also I remember this girl called Lada Sartakova who was doing variations on pointe at the age of 5-6? She's in Vaganova now but seems like she isn't one of the top students.

No. 655091

Oh yeah but as a shitty dancer it makes me super jealous. They're so skinny, so flexible, so graceful and aesthetic even compared to other ballet dancers…

Russian sport docs are interesting to watch in general because they're so tough and the results are so impressive, I like the rhythmic gymnastics ones too.

No. 655092

My boyfriend is a little jealous of my husbandos (especially my current fixation) and I find it adorable.

No. 655093

And so do white people you fucking retard, tribes arent a native invention, I genuinely hate americans

No. 655104

The girl in the center is amazing. Apparently she had an injury and isn't dancing at all now, the world is so unfair.

No. 655117

Wtf is this
Where is this from. Im fascinated someone can dance this badly.

No. 655120

I would've loved to see that. I guess the channel's gone now?

No. 655132

There's a guy working in a nearby store who stares over at me so much whenever I go in.. that I actively avoid going to whatever till he is on. I'm pretty sure he just fancies me but I'm not used to that kind of attention and all it does is give me anxiety

No. 655133

Yup, it got copyrighted. Weird.

No. 655140

File: 1602674244523.png (238.14 KB, 532x432, Skärmbild 2020-10-14 141756.pn…)

ads on news websites are unhinged for no reason

No. 655146

the way smokey glow and other "pc" youtubers talk irritates me SO MUCH. the way theyre so condescending, the way that act like they're stating an unpopular opinion by saying something literally most people on their platform beleives it… luke alexander does the same like "uwu unpopular opinion boys should be allowed to be feminine" UGH
idk why smokey glow annoys me so much, maybe because she also keeps doing that high pitched voice and has the taste of a 80 year old grandma

No. 655147

LoveMyFamilyMag dot com is right, that kid is Twacked Out fr fr dawg

No. 655149

Ordered a soft toy off of a seller on amazon and they sent me the smaller version of what I ordered… contacted them and they are now sending me the full sized toy and said they will include a returns slip for the other smaller toy…do I really have to return this little thing?

Would it not be a nice gesture to send me the actual toy and just let me keep the mini one for the inconvenience of being sent the wrong thing in the first place? It's a gift so I'll now be cutting it short on time.

No. 655150

In her glam & gore drama video, she said something like "minorities/lgbtq+, please take care of urself this is a TRAUMATIZING experience :c" like fuck no. hearing a youtuber act like white people are more opressed is cringe but NOT traumatizing. imagine thinking its that easy to get trauma.

No. 655152

File: 1602675685936.png (301.85 KB, 512x515, 283273DC-52E9-4893-B0E3-42DDBB…)

My cat has decided that sitting on my lap when I’m trying to use the restroom is appropriate after 7 years of never doing this.

No. 655195

Why is your cat even in the restroom with you

No. 655204

Uhm… NTA but why wouldn't she be?

No. 655212

Also nta but if you don't fully lock the door, they'll just push it open. You obviously want company don't try to deny it.

No. 655217

ESL here, I used to fake having a british accent back in 2015-2016 and it kinda stuck with me, I try to to speak normally but I can't for the life of me, I don't remember how my accent sounded before hand because I didn't talk that much at all but I try to make my accent as neutral as possible but sometimes Americans and fellow Europeans assume I'm English due to their lack on knowledge but I'm sure that actual English people find me cringe and I hate myself so much for it and I wish it wasn't that way. I sometimes wish I had a thick charming accent instead of this cringe shit.

No. 655246

can’t process in my head that there’s an actual village called cuckfield in my country

No. 655252

I can’t understand why people don’t post like KANGZ up in this bizzitch :/ like whoa who’s that dawg wit the crazzje funkkke ass hair do? It’s none utha than Yha dawg Shinizjle like fr playa just get wit it get wit the gayme and get wit me gurl :)) u know how we incellzzzzz do ya hizzurdd my tizzurd up out the flizzurd dawgg my gurl holla at me

No. 655262


No. 655280

Not a single one of my bras fit this is bullshit

No. 655289

I look forward to watching Rhett and Link every morning (even if I end up having to turn it off halfway out of cringe)

No. 655300

I had to stop watching because Stevie annoys the shit out of me. As well as Chase. Why the fuck couldn't they just stay off camera and out of frame. I hate that they have become more and more prominent on screen. And then Stevie interjects from the sidelines when nobody asks… also the chef sounds like a retarded autist that always tries to sound funny.

No. 655305

Minus 10 points to hufflemuff for posting a banned meme

No. 655307

Company kek

I live alone and don't always close the door all the way, and he usually just sits off to the side.. until recently.

No. 655317

All very true ugh

No. 655349

File: 1602689197363.jpeg (44.72 KB, 656x614, DF1D7298-5016-4A8F-907F-1A87E4…)

Whenever one of you comes to my defense when another anon is being retarded it makes me want to kiss you

No. 655352

There's a fucking millipede or something on my fucking desk, and i have no idea where it is FUUUUUUCCCCK

No. 655353

File: 1602689346681.png (969.13 KB, 1462x2048, EkS8VhzVoAE4xZ1.png)

What the hell is this

No. 655357

I hope you find and kill it.
I had to roll the windows down in my car the other day and a jumping spider came in. I stopped the car at the sign and tried to smoosh him, but he escaped. Now he's somewhere in my car and I'm extremely paranoid every time I get in it.

No. 655359

A sign that god is dead

No. 655399

File: 1602692018076.jpeg (70.18 KB, 1125x322, D70F6A66-FB78-4309-A7D5-405B69…)

No. 655402

why can pigeons eat plastic with no problem but it's dangerous for other birds to

No. 655404

Pigeons feel no pain because they're all chickens of Satan

No. 655407

I like to rip out my butt hole hairs sometimes, it doesn't really hurt and its somehow satisfying. I'd never shave it though.

No. 655408

I feel like there's a possibility crackheads have good dick. it's always the ones you least expect.

No. 655413

File: 1602693094177.jpg (81.02 KB, 526x701, saddog.jpg)

How come people say that buying clothes from yahoo!auctions is cheap? I remember buying something from yahoo!auctions via zenmarket and the item was worth 1,000 yen, but I had to pay an extra 3,010 yen for the shipping, packaging and fees so, in total, I had to pay 4,010 for the item

No. 655416

Zenmarket fees are crazy, there's cheaper shopping services.

Also, what kind of clothes are you buying? If its niche Jfashion, that tends to be pricey. If it's cute normie clothing (example brand: earth music & ecology, GU, snidel), I've found things on there or Mercari for as little as 2£. Even Liz Lisa is dirt cheap nowadays.

No. 655418

Jfc read that was "rip out my butt hole sometimes" at first and almost started crying

No. 655421

what shopping service do you use?

No. 655431

They know how to sling that shit but you didn’t hear it from me

No. 655443

It’s weird, she and other youtubers like her act like they’re highly empathetic towards others but they have this awful arrogant way of saying everything, like their opinion is so obviously correct and are unwilling to listen to anything else. And don’t even get me started on when they shit like “this person tweeting offensive things in 2010 should have known better because I did!”

No. 655445

Not to shill but I'm fucking addicted to Popeye's new chicken sandwiches. The spice is so fucking good and the chicken is always thick and juicy unlike chik-fil-a. The bun is so buttery and good.

>t. amerifat

No. 655462

File: 1602695504604.jpeg (408.5 KB, 1000x2000, D19755CB-A460-4316-9D66-C18139…)

Suddenly nostalgic for this style

No. 655464

They're so fucking good. I need to get one again now.

No. 655469

my stupid horny ass got quarantined for 20 days bc i banged a boy who had covid. i'm negative but im stuck at home now for 10 days aaaaaahh

can my libido just chill during this pandemic.

No. 655471

yeah i'm straight. but i'd still sit on her face.

No. 655478

i have a mosquito bite on my arm and its making my eczema worse which is making my skin picking (anxiety, compulsions) worse. im fucking gross

No. 655479

anon that's cringy as hell but also funny that you're aware of it
I used to have english as my major in uni and there were a few girls that faked british accents so hard and I couldn't stand hearing them speak english, it was so damn annoying

No. 655492

No. 655499

File: 1602697558481.png (1.2 MB, 634x793, 2212EFFC-F4B7-4170-A2AE-DDF052…)

Made amerifats on reddit triggered by saying billie eilish is almost overweight in those new pictures, some dumbass pick me even had the gall to say she looked the same and was just b-big boned and its all muh genetiks.

No. 655500

Scalp is such a fun word though
These people need to get off Twitter for a sec lmao

No. 655504

i got called ana-chan in the fitness thread for pointing out the same thing

No. 655507

Isn’t she like 18? She has the body of a 35 year old mom of 2

No. 655509

Like, people who store fat in their upper bodies exist?
Billie is obviously an inverted
triangle and gets fat on the arms and boobs first.

She just turned 18, hopefully later in life she can pull an Adele.

No. 655514

Idgi they taste like normal chicken sandwiches. They're super greasy too.

No. 655520

File: 1602698520284.jpeg (99.08 KB, 750x222, 7D182B3D-573E-449D-830F-2E5E10…)

I saw this on twitter and thought it was a photoshopped joke but no it’s real. Who the fuck gave this the greenlight lol

No. 655527

Lmao has there ever been a more transparent attempt at “look! We’re not racist!”

No. 655530

File: 1602698778072.jpeg (1.22 MB, 1957x3000, 9ED31CF8-D250-404A-A073-507492…)

I thought anon meant the dude is dressed like a posh 90s lady

No. 655532

I think BA's editor in chief had a scandal with racism and not paying his employees recently. I didn't really pay attention to it cause it was so much shit going on. Guess anon is trying to imply their adding POC to the crew to redeem their reputation. Tbh, if they can cook it's not a big deal.

No. 655534

>their adding POC to the crew
*they're. fuck.

No. 655535

Jesus christ that body is so nice. I never knew her tits were huge. I envy them.

No. 655539

>if they can cook
Marcus (guy on the left) is a world renowned chef. You might recognize him from food network maybe? idk though.


No. 655541

begone scrote

No. 655542

kek I'm sorry but her legs look like chicken wings. this has to be bait

No. 655543

…nice? lol. beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but she just looks terribly out of shape. for all the weight collected throughout her upper body, those calves are tragic.

No. 655544

She's not almost overweight, she clearly is. That picture almost reminds me of those Chloe Moretz edits, and the Lana Del Rey candids.
It's unfortunate. I have a feeling this is normal or even considered skinny for a large amount of Americans, so they probably don't see much of a problem, though.

No. 655546

Her tits are huge cause she’s getting fat, anon

No. 655549

The blackface was one thing, and then I felt like it really blew up because one of their chefs, Sohla, came out to say that she wasn’t being paid for her video appearances while her white coworkers were. It was unfair treatment since she obviously knew what she was doing in the kitchen and came to help out a lot (one big thing I remember is helping temper chocolate which Claire always had trouble with for some reason). I think she ultimately left because they couldn’t work out pay to keep her.

If these chefs can cook, that’s great, but I don’t doubt they’re being paid the same lesser wage because they aren’t white. Or maybe they’re the only ones being paid the same as their white counterparts while the other POC who continue to work there aren’t lol. This is just a bandaid over the whole situation, saying “Instead of paying POC chefs of equal talent and experience the same wage, let’s just hire new ones!” It’s so hilariously and ridiculously tone deaf. They learned nothing and this is the saddest attempt as virtue signaling that I’ve ever seen.

No. 655550

All of you are exactly why she wears what she does and you aren't even scrotes, great job.

>inb4 WK/stan

I don't even care about her/her music that much but jesus.

No. 655551

The girl on reddit said she was SKINNY, I must look like goddamn Eugenia Cooney if Billie is skinny.

All aboard the spoop train I guess?

No. 655553

This is really petty. How else are you supposed to speak english? Wtf.

No. 655554

She wears what she does because her brother said so lol, it has been proven that the whole uwu hiding my body schlick was just a sham because she was underage and they couldn’t market her big bazoongas without get flack for it, now they can, now she’s wearing tank tops.
Plus we are just saying facts, she’s fat, that’s a fact, she probably weight 165 lbs.

No. 655555

Retard cunt is bodyshaming women and accuses me of being a scrote. Lol.
Indeed. Besides i think she was always a fatty chan but hid it in wide clothes. I like her body either way.

No. 655557


ffs go back to twitter, calling someone fat, when they are fat isn’t body shaming.

No. 655558

big tits =/= nice body

No. 655559

I'm a bit of an anachan but idk what's wrong with this? I will admit that when I first saw this pic I thought she look like a mom in her mid-30s, but looking at it more, she looks alright but a little bit chubby, but nothing to gawk at, she's just very top-heavy

No. 655561

I swear anons on this site cannot resist fighting about body types and weight

No. 655562

>now they can, now she’s wearing tank tops
Where? When she's out and about doing something that doesn't matter and not performing/doing interviews/working? Who cares.

No. 655563

I'm always thinking of opening a twitter and a gofundme with it posing as a mtf tranny. My face is pretty angular and mannish, I have wide shoulders and pretty narrow hips. I could convince people I'm just a super lucky mtf, I have big breasts that I'll claim are from hrt and all… it's not something I'd really actually do but thinking about it is fun. I could make dough.

No. 655564

the maintenance people for my apartment came in and i forgot to cover up all the knife holes in my couch beforehand

No. 655565

Nothing really, its just weird that people say she’s not fat, or even skinny, when she’s clearly bordering or already overweight.
Overall she’s average for an american girl but the denial is fucking delusional.

No. 655566

Really makes you think, huh?

No. 655567

Everybody is a supermodel here on lolcow.farm.

No. 655568

She stripped on a live show retard.

No. 655569

….why do you have knife holes in your couch?

No. 655570

Sorry, I wasn't aware since I'm not as up her ass as you are.

No. 655571

I constantly wore baggy clothes when I was a fat kid, too. If I had walked out dressed in form-fitting clothing while still fat, I knew exactly what I was getting into with the stares and reactions.
It's not really that deep. She knew exactly how people would react, and most likely doesn't care anymore. If she did care, she wouldn't go out like that, and/or she'd be in the process of losing weight.

No. 655572

Then don’t talk about it like you do, the moment she turned 18 her bro-manager had her stripping on a live show in miami, lets not all act like she was just uwu shy about her body, it was a matter of it being “acceptable” to make bank on it.

No. 655573

because i stabbed it. im getting a nicer one soon though

No. 655575

Are you in their PR meetings or something kek thanks for the insider info, farmer

No. 655578

Its literally public knowledge that her manager/brother is a creep, no need to be an insider.

No. 655580

i can only see your face when i close my eyyeeees

No. 655582

Remember when she was showing her thong and shit at a concert while her brother was playing in the background, and she made eye contact with him for a little bit?
Also, that one music video where she sings "Something that probably shouldn't be said out loud" with her tits shaking for a second. All of this shit was planned, in a very transparent way.

No. 655583

Ok, Mason Verger

No. 655585

File: 1602700968811.jpg (2.9 MB, 4032x3024, 20201014_144314.jpg)

picrel, do you think they were judging me? the other side is fucked up too

No. 655586

File: 1602700979653.jpeg (69.8 KB, 637x397, CFE2F192-7FD6-4D33-8581-B916D3…)

Don’t forget his girlfriend looks exactly like a normie billie.

No. 655587


No. 655589

Jesus H Christ get help you psychotic bitch

No. 655590

Things like this make me embarrassed to be on here why some of you so trashy ?

No. 655592

so they were judging me then? im getting a new one soon so…

No. 655593

Yes edgy-chan they were judging you, and we are too. Be an adult and stop destroying your furniture.

No. 655594

they definitely think you're on meth

No. 655595

I think they genuinely discussed if either she is a werewolf or a methead.

No. 655596

it broke because it's cheap and i decided to fuck it up it before i threw it away. I'm ordering a new one this weekend. my apartment is clean and thats the only weird thing in here. thanks for the honesty though

No. 655597

Why do you care? They're maintenance people. It's not like they're making 80k a year in software development like I am.

No. 655598

This site makes way more sense suddenly

No. 655600

File: 1602701616323.png (436.97 KB, 557x516, 48320764307639.png)

So are you gonna give us the story behind this or what? Was it an obsessive outburst over an ex? A way to relieve tension caused by gossiping coworkers? A general bout of madness? I'm intrigued.

No. 655601

anon there better have been some life threatening roaches that live with you cause this shit screams psycho. What did that poor couch ever do to you??

No. 655603

Are you the begone scrote anon? Cringe

No. 655605

Fair enough. Hope you enjoy your nice new couch, anon!

No. 655606

But why?
You could’ve just donated it to some poor crackhead or whatever.

No. 655607

Nta but
>it broke

No. 655609

Damn I knew we had literal crackheads on this website but seeing them showing of their hovel is fascinating. Stop being poor.

No. 655612

I doubt the poor crackhead would care, actually i think they would still take it as it is.

No. 655613

just anger/frustrations at life, nothing major i just got kind of worked up kek, i promise im not insane or anything, the rest of my apt. is nice
thank you, i'm getting an ikea one and it looks comfy

No. 655619

File: 1602702277518.png (132.5 KB, 554x439, 1477779280410.png)

still less crazy than the anon who puts blood in her cookies and serves them to her family, or the anon that's bffs with convicted pedos

No. 655622

so you're asking for her to donate it to herself?

No. 655624

Amazing that you managed to respond to couch-chan with a post that was just as cringe

No. 655627

Cool cool, I respect that anon. Everyone calling you crazy but it's not like releasing frustration via some sort of physical activity is unheard of. People do it all the time with sports/exercise/throwing pillows. There are even places where normies pay to break plates and bottles and shit. I've taken a knife to an old blanket and mattress my boyfriend had that I know his ex used at one point. (He was about the throw them out anyway.) It was very cathartic.

No. 655628

No! To her fellow crackheads at the local crackhouse, they probably need a couch.

No. 655631

>the rest of my apt. is nice
Stop lying, the rest of your apartment is just as much of a trap house kek your grimy carpet, walls, caseless sweaty pillow and dusty blanket tell a different story.

No. 655636

File: 1602702845876.jpg (150.31 KB, 1378x1000, wp5538089.jpg)

this anon gets it.
im throwing it away right now actually
my carpet is actually fine? i vacuum weekly. and those pillows and blankets are used by my cat, she sleeps on the couch.

No. 655640

Shut up you autist that’s the scrote baiter ignore him

No. 655642

Whenever shit like this happens, I can't help but remember when some salty "anti radfem sperg" anons tried to push for a thread dedicated to AG where'd they screencap anything cringy/mentally ill to mock here.
At the rate /ot/ has come (and still is at), Lolcow would have lost that war so many times. It actually makes me cringe a bit to think about. There's all kinds of people here.

No. 655648

File: 1602703392660.png (570.29 KB, 836x611, image_2020-10-14_151008.png)

FUCK piper chapman. the writers have absolutely no fucking clue how to write her character or map out her personality half of the time. she is genuinely so fucking boring she feels like a family guy character. she is like those fucking family guy episodes where they try to make a serious episode and the next episode the character has just completely reverted. piper chapman belongs in fucking family guy. she cheats on her HOT 70s show actor girlfriend who was in a drug cartel. With a butch who looks like a 5 year old boy. then doesnt give a fuck. ive never wanted to punch a tv character from the screen so mucj. fuck you piper chapman. shes manipulative and not in that cool i do what i want bitch way she is manipulative in the way that she strings people along then two fucking seconds later she screws up again because she is fucking stupid.she drives herself in these retarded circles constantly. the prisoners and her own gf tell her OVER AND OVER hey bitch this isnt a movie ur self absorbed!!! chick NEVER listens. because piper cant help being a gemini guys!!! i get it that you have to adapt to prison but you dont have to adapt to your fucking husband and your ex girlfriend. at all. shes like straight girls on Her that are bored in their het relationship and want to get womanhandled. no one, no body forced her to take a briefcase. no one forced her to be with alex. yet she acts like she was uwu victimized by a crazy seductress lesbian!11!! as if she wasnt in on the WHOLE DAMN THING. as if she wasnt up going to vacations in the tropics. and she CANNOT act like the victim when she left alex unattended right when her fucking mother died. like, right when she got the phone call. that shit is EVIL. period. piper disrespecting alex's valid paranoia and cheating on her because she's not doing well mentally literally made me so angry. not only that, alex had the full right to fucking snitch on her. i wouldve too tf???girlfriend or not why the fuck would you do that to anyone you consider close? then ofc piper gets lonely and makes her jewboy slave call alex's probation officer because alex is getting threats from cartel members and has to sleep with a gun. like? the fuck? bitch i would too!!! she had random arab dudes stalking her at her apartment complex? then someone was taking fucking notes on her and tried to stab her in prison. pipers life is so fucking melodramatic and often times just fucking boring. i haven't a clue why she's the main character. she has no substance. shes smart. and so are many of the other characters. and a lot of the characters can be smart without being fucking exploitative of their friends. FUCK piper chapman. Fuck this stupid bitch. we dont see as many flashbacks to pipers life because its been so fucking boring. she was rich and her parents marriage failed boo fucking hoo!! then a lesbian MANIPULATIVE PSYCHOPATH SUCCUBUS oooOOoOO DESTROYED HER LIFE! lying ass bitch ass "boohoo woe is me" she has so many good plans she fucks up by not giving a shit about anyone other than herself. Fuck piper

No. 655649

There's literally a copypasta thread

No. 655651

it sounds like a copypasta but she actually angers me

No. 655652

She’s also not real, no need to shake and cry.

No. 655655

im shaking and crying

No. 655656

dont we have a thread for this shit

No. 655670

Some characters aren't supposed to be interesting

No. 655709

eat a bean

No. 655712

File: 1602706775243.jpeg (101.4 KB, 478x660, F5E1165C-6016-4F4C-B4A0-FE1770…)

Like this, anon?

No. 655722

File: 1602707327953.jpg (118.7 KB, 640x427, OH NO NO NO NO.jpg)

What went wrong?

No. 655724

Wow she has boobs, who would have thought. What is it with these scrotey posts lately?

No. 655726

She's fat as a whale and her career is over! Over!!

No. 655728

God this pisses me off, men can have beer bellies and not wash their ass cracks, but god forbid a woman gains weight during a virus where everyone is forced in doors

No. 655734

Already been discussed. Sorry that some girl you’ve been waiting to turn 18 doesn’t have the preferred fap body.

No. 655738

File: 1602708279428.jpg (17.74 KB, 259x275, 1601305875409.jpg)

>talking down to other people
>bragging about 80k in swe, where everyone except retards start off at 6 figures

No. 655739

Why do you think criticising someone’s appearance is ‘scrotey’? Have you not read any single /pt/ or /snow/ thread? Have you never spoke to a woman?

No. 655740

She literally gets paid millions to look good. She least she could do is not turn into a living garbage disposal the second she turns 18. Imagine ruining your million dollar career as a poser-emo pop star icon because you couldn't stop stuffing your mouth

Do me a favor babe and make me a dragon drink

No. 655744

I'm sorry what "where everyone except retards start off at 6 figures"

I'm not on their side but you're dead wrong at this. If you're a recent graduate, your chances are making 40k are way higher than making 80k, which is a good salary. You don't "start off" with six figures in software. It's such a swamped field, no doubt they are bringing salaries down to compensate for needing to hire more people.

No. 655745

Can we stop responding to scrote baits please.

No. 655750

File: 1602708834641.webm (786.06 KB, 640x360, ohohoho.webm)

>she makes 40k a year in SDE

No. 655751

no I'm fucking not. source: me, my friends, and other people who work at big tech companies. you would know this too if again, you weren't retarded.

No. 655763

File: 1602709405526.jpg (310.66 KB, 1080x1553, SmartSelect_20201014-170502_Ch…)

I'm not the scrote or couch slicer you're referring to, I'm a completely different person telling you that you're wrong

You realize that salary is not just dependent on the work done, but location as well, right? If you live in a HCOL area, you're going to make more. It also depends on experience. A new grad isn't going to make 100k unless they have the qualifications to cover that, including an MBA which jobs will pay more for. You're the retard here.

I don't work in SDE, I'm a fun. analyst and I make 80k.

No. 655770

samefag but I just double checked and as I thought:

Average salary for a Software Engineer in Alabama, for example, is 87K.

Average salary for a Software Engineer in Washington DC or New York, on the other hand, is 100k.

No. 655774

alabama arkansas i sure love my ma and pa

No. 655779

if you're not in swe, then why are you sperging about it, as if you're actually in the field? you said it's not possible to start off with six figures, I'm telling you you're wrong because my friends and I have received actual offer letters

what you posted is irrelevant, and includes retards and code monkeys. look at this and see how many companies pay 100k+ not even including signing bonuses

No. 655791

Weird hill to die on when we have a celebricow thread to do this shit in, anon you need to go in the corner and think wtf you post.

No. 655801

That’s my first and only post on the topic. I just think it’s an extremely weird and delusional comment considering the site they’re posting it on. Idk what world you live in where gossiping about a celebrity’s appearance is an exclusively ‘scrotey’ activity. If anything it’s the opposite.

No. 655807

Why did you even engage.

No. 655810

God damn it you retards. I leave for an hour and you take the scrote bait. You aren’t owning him you just look dumb

No. 655814

I’m not a scrote you retard I just think it’s weird to consider criticising someone’s looks ‘scrotey behaviour’ on a site literally dedicated to it.

No. 655817


No. 655820

I was talking about the software shit you dumbass kek

No. 655821

Aren’t their fees only 300¥? What cheaper sites do you use?

No. 655826

That Vanessa Hudgens corona livestream feels like it was literally 3 years ago

No. 655828

I ate all my fries, anons…. pray for me

No. 655832

File: 1602714461802.jpeg (44.2 KB, 685x533, 7A03EAEA-66F4-4014-BF2F-A90C03…)

Sending out my prayers to u anon

No. 655835

It’s been 3 hours and I haven’t replied to my friends text smh

No. 655839

I was out for a walk around my neighborhood when suddenly I felt pain in my stomach… fml I somehow made the 20 minute walk home without shitting my pants on the way but god I’ve never been so happy to sit on my toilet.

No. 655840

Please don’t start this again

No. 655843

File: 1602715576106.jpeg (34.38 KB, 400x400, F75E67D0-D35B-4960-A0A5-84904C…)

Thank u anon. Maybe god will hear our prayers and grant me another bag soon

No. 655848

>this again
I don’t read through the entirety of the dumbass shit threads like I used to, what am I missing here??? lol

No. 655854


95k is not six figures, retard. And not everybody gets a signing bonus. Also, once AGAIN, glassdoor says in fine print to FILTER BY LOCATION for more accurate data.

No. 655857

You said "everyone in software engineer" starts off with 100k, as if it's a confirmed fact, which is not correct. I said "your chances of getting a lower salary than that are high" and you're calling me the one that's wrong? You don't know everything about SDE, so shut the fuck up and admit that. Why am I sperging about it? Because I just graduated with a bunch of other motherfuckers who also want jobs as Software Engineers and where they live, salary is what I said. Not six figures to start. Damn, I hate to be anyone that fucking knows you irl cause all you do is claim to be perfect and correct all the time.

No. 655877

Autists think that this is fat but if she tans a bit she can be a proper insta baddie with that naturally thick body

No. 655879

>linebacker shoulders
>granny legs
>natty thicc ig baddie
well damn color me autistic

No. 655888

What would you like for Christmas if someone was getting you gifts? Realistic answers pls

No. 655892

I just realised me being into women must interfere with these billy eyelash type of situations, like there are not many types of bodies I find hideous. She is a bad example because she's young as shit but my lizard brain doesn't expect women to look like ig perfect. I don't mean to infight, just a shower thought.

No. 655894

File: 1602720218486.jpeg (72.77 KB, 666x1000, C3CE9148-2112-4ECA-99BD-4A7E92…)

I remember begging my grandma to let me buy one of these when I was 7 because I saw the ads in magazines but she refused so I told her we should buy my mom one and it worked so I got to look at it in the shower. I liked how glittery it was and the design in general.

No. 655896

I would love some decent pots and pans

No. 655897

I’m not usually critical of women’s body types but she carries weight like an old Mexican dude

No. 655899

I like it, 4chan is full of genetic throwbacks so we should be allowed some too for the sake of equality

No. 655900

Idk I’m also into women but I’m a really harsh critic of looks and think the majority of people are unattractive. I think it probably just depends on the individual.

No. 655912

that happened to me yesterday. I was out to get bubble tea but i had to shit so bad so I ended up not getting any

No. 655916

File: 1602721497237.png (Spoiler Image, 9.2 KB, 585x658, nip.png)

my nipples have weird bumps. my little meat barbells. pic related, i tried to draw them

No. 655928

They're normal, anon. Unless you were just letting us know instead of posting out of worry!

No. 655931

ya i know they're normal, i just like em kek thanks though

No. 655932

From friends who know me and what I like: journaling things (fountain pens, pen inks, washi tapes, blank journal books), and cute socks.

From people who don’t know me and what I like: sweet treats, tea, blankets and/or scarves (thick chunky knit things are the best), and small pouches or bags (like travel make up bag size). Candles are also good but I freak out about house fire potential, though I always buy one for my best friend lol.

No. 655984

When I brush my cat's teeth he just looks up at me and purrs the whole time and same with when I trim his nails so he doesn't get caught on the carpet. He's such a big, sweet baby.

No. 656002

That's so precious, anon!

No. 656007

Friends: clothes (T-shirt’s, hoodies, etc.), earrings, records, candles
Family: shoes, workout clothes, practical things like socks, giftcards to Starbucks and dunkin

No. 656012

No. 656013

Its so funny seeing people in hobby communities starting beef with each other. “Oh you peeled off the sticker!” “Omg no #blocked” “lol you’re such a fan”. Lol they’re fighting over arts and crafts

No. 656021

Anon pls what community

No. 656045

File: 1602729781057.jpg (95.37 KB, 840x560, af84714a-8e62-43d8-9bb9-70fcfd…)

idk who these two kotherfuckers are but they look like they both have too much of what the other doesn't have enough of

No. 656050

File: 1602730092091.jpeg (22.83 KB, 335x190, 505127BA-2006-4A64-8090-F1EEA5…)

Hail the based queen

No. 656052

The original BAD BITCH.

No. 656059

Watching the Proud Family now compared to when it originally aired is so funny. Especially when it comes to Suga Mama's interactions with Papi.

No. 656060

File: 1602730433664.jpeg (68.6 KB, 341x400, F1253FF9-F77E-44C9-A03A-0FD4C0…)

who an old burger fag in this piece

No. 656061

Oh my gosh!! Memories of my childhood are flooding back. These were the best! I had multiples of the dalmation

No. 656066

Real OG bitches remember when they had arcade stations inside of the play area.

No. 656068

Damn I’m really one foot in the grave

No. 656072

I had them all them bitches and pencils and folders to match the next school year, hell yeah

No. 656074

I had a husky and a bull terrier

No. 656076

Lucky bitch, the husky was extremely rare to get

No. 656095

File: 1602733090106.jpg (43.03 KB, 500x500, 3cfe2bf32853fa2a735849cf94bfa3…)

And does anyone remember snubbies?

No. 656101

My new toilet seat isn't as wide as the old one and it feels like I'm gonna fall in every time I sit lol

No. 656109

I know she's a fat egirl cosplayer but striderscribe is so pretty I fucking wish I looked like her
Even with her fucked up teeth, I like them a lot.

No. 656115

I only like dicks that are 9 inches or bigger. I don't believe that the average size is 5.5 inches, I've had sex with over 20 men and only one was less than 7 inches. Males can cry home about it but only fit rich guys with large penises deserve sex

No. 656117

Damn you have a long vag. Good for you.

No. 656118

File: 1602734715112.jpeg (56.56 KB, 500x375, 6C8FE4FE-0911-4545-8C4A-DB7A41…)

I took .25mg of xanax earlier and totally went off the rails posting random shit on here but also accidentally prank texting a 71 year old lady because I mistyped a phone number. I apologized and then looked up the phone number online and now I’m sitting here like picrel like wtf am I really so repressed that I’m this uninhibited after such a minuscule amount?

No. 656120

Not really I'm only 4'10 lol, but too many ugly short penis men run around acting like they're better than most women

No. 656122

What the fuck, xanax only makes me sleepy and hungry.

No. 656125

Well I’m also the 2 Benadryl Knocked Me the Fuck Out anon so idk what’s up with how my body reacts to stuff. I feel half drunk half dreaming rn

No. 656154

Buyee has similar fees to Zenmarket (also 300JPY per item) and they're notoriously pricey.
Jpn-Depot, I used to use Tenso and it was good too but I don't know how they are now.
That's why you don't order when you only want to buy one item. Of course it's not gonna be worth it, the shipping and fees have a baseline and then go up incrementally by weight. When you buy several things it ends up being only a few more dollars per item once you take everything into account.

No. 656178

One of my front teeth stick out farther than the other and tbh I would hate it about myself but my favorite aunt has a very similar smile. More than a few times people have remarked on how much we look alike but we aren't even related by blood.

No. 656182

Theres a huge moth in my room, I want to get rid of it but it's going to be a significant effort rn because it's late and I have an early class tomorrow. I can hear it's wings flapping frantically and I feel absolutely disgusted

No. 656186

lol too bad there isn't a thread for politicians because the mayor of my city just resigned over naked pictures he sent to a news reporter he was having an affair with

No. 656190

I really hate it when people say "partner" to refer to their boyfriend/girlfriend. That's what you call someone you share a group project with in school, not the person you're fucking. It just sounds so awkward and impersonal, and makes me assume they're dating an enbie.

No. 656196

I'm not married and in a 7 year relationship so I say partner because people seem to take that term more seriously.

No. 656198

>naked pictures he sent
I bet they're of a flabby pasty body the World really didn't want to see.
Has any man ever been caught sending actually sexy pics?

My suspicion is that at least half of the negative public reaction to such leaks is because the pics are horrifically unsexy. Too bad it seems we'll never get to see how the public reacts to sexy male nudes being leaked because men seem incapable of taking them.

No. 656200

She sounds like the type of girl who claims to be drunk because she added chlorox to her root beer.

No. 656203

is tourettes a real thing? i keep seeing 13 year olds on tik tok showing their "tics" and they all seem like they're faking it for attention.

No. 656204

i like gender neutral terms, suck it!

No. 656205

But that’s disgusting to leak nudes regardless of the reason or gender or position tbh. Idk the context but if it’s the girl she must have nudes to leak too right? Why would one do that.

No. 656215

It depends, most of it is fake yes. I have tics btw.

No. 656217

kek I got cancelled for saying Idisagree with hunting if it's not necessary, even if it's "tradition". I'm literally Mexican. But since I'm "white passing" I was told my opinion doesn't matter as much as darker skinned people.

That's whatever, but people turned it into this narrative about how I said Natives rape animals and that I'm a drug addict. Like, wut??

No. 656221

When I was 19 I thought being 23 was so 'far' and I'd be so different. The only thing that changed was I got more depressed xdddd

No. 656226

>best chocolate and candies
>eat liquorice and salmiakki
>not even Swiss
elle au elle

No. 656227

I'm the opposite, when I was 19 I didn't think I'd change much over the next few years, but now at 23 I feel and act like a totally different person.

No. 656251

So what? I'm not a koala, a bit of chlamydia won't kill me.

No. 656255

Can't believe some people actually believe in astrology. I can't listen or read about it without taking it as a joke first

No. 656261

Same. 19 is when I started having lots of experiences (extracurricular, work, going out more) and between 19 and 23 I really found out who I was. But if I hadn't met the person who led me to join a uni club then none of that would have happened.
In the end it's not about age but it's about doing a lot of different things.

Don't worry about years or time. Maybe in 6 months you'll be someone completely different because you took the time to meet new people, learn new skills, read about a new interest, work or volunteer etc. Maybe that'll take more time, maybe less, everyone is different.

No. 656278

lol they lied to you about their size, check out statistics about penis size, 7 inches is 98.6 percentile

No. 656284

shoutout to the way fingertips feel after you cut your nails. hot damn

No. 656290

Eh, I like the memes and the harmless fun but once you cross the line of "I can't be friends with this person because she's a insert sign here" I'm gonna mock you.
But I enjoy the memes about my and my bff's signs because they always portray us as evil overlords when together and we're mean bitches.

No. 656295

My vag is short and I don't like my cervix being hit, 5.5 works out good for me

No. 656326

This is the easiest way to make a fuck boy obsessed with you and get revenge.
1. Fuck him
2. After he fucks u. He will start playing his usual fuck boy games. No texting, ghosting,negging etc. Act like you really care and chase him
3. After a while of chasing him just stop. Start ignoring him, acting indifferent, ghosting. This will confuse the scrote, you were into them before and now you dont give a shit??? He will get insecure and start working for your validation.
4.keep ignoring him, leaving him on read etc
6. Profit

No. 656328

This is the easiest way to make a fuckboy obsessed with you and get revenge.
1. Don't fuck him

No. 656330

Well this is for girls who were tricked by a scrote and pumped/dumped. If they wanna get back at him.

No. 656331

why even bother having sex if you know hes gonna play stupid games? respect yourself anon

No. 656333

Was this made for a 16 year old? Don't fuck him, just ignore him.

No. 656335

Eh once you get into birth charts it can be more accurate for some people. I kind of believe it since richies use it and mine was very specific & accurate.

No. 656363

Based. Investing time to play mind games with males who don’t care about you means you’re his simp, no exception.

No. 656369


I know how you feel anon, people constantly ask me where I'm from or think I'm American or upper class because I have a twang to my accent, particularly how I pronounce my R's. I hate it because we find American's really cringy over here and I have no real reason for my voice being the way it is. It comes out more when I'm putting on a customer service voice or talking to people I dont know very well.

No. 656373

File: 1602772008829.png (323.22 KB, 454x364, deadinside.PNG)

Is the troll that has been posting in the June and tradthot threads just Venti?

No. 656378

Is it weird to look foreign even in your own country? I got mistaken for a foreigner around 40% of the time because my features are a little different from what we usually look like. Has anyone here have the same problem?

No. 656383

File: 1602772907772.jpeg (579.1 KB, 1061x991, 5B8B77BF-A0E8-474A-B5E8-FE5B3E…)


No. 656387

I’m from a non-English speaking European country too and teachers in my high school English classes made us choose between British English and American English, then lowkey bullied the kids who chose American English. Most kids were stuck with a native ESL accent regardless of what they chose, though, and got lower grades because of it. I was one of the only ones who could manage a semi-convincing neutral British English accent and outside of class people would pick on me for “pretending to be British”. I’m still not sure wtf I was supposed to do then, especially because my native language’s ESL accent is horrible and nobody finds it charming.

I get this too! It’s led to a lot of weird misunderstandings but it can also be convenient to get out of conversations with weirdos on the bus. What? What? Me no speaka your language.

No. 656391

Do you get mistaken for being Korean idoru too? I get asked it all the time it’s so annoying.

No. 656395

File: 1602773861482.png (444.01 KB, 1080x1355, IMG_20201015_090744.png)

I wouldn't say I'm in the clone high fandom but I like to look at fanart of things I watch, and this particular ship keeps popping up on my feed. It's nothing to be mad over because it really doesn't hurt anyone but it's such an obvious self insert deal and it's almost always aidens who ship it lmao (peep the nonbinary flag)

I find it funny how they despise yaoi but will literally ship something incredibly nonsensical because of ~the gay~
It even has the typical seme uke tropes (height difference, big secretly gay chad, feminine shy uke), and the character is perfect for these themlets to project onto because he's a depressed scrawny shut in who likes to draw. It's one of the most blatant examples of these kind of shipping habits I've ever seen kek, which other than being incredibly cringy would be fine I guess if these same people didn't sperg teh about filthy fujos xD

No. 656400

People here always assume I'm some kind of asian, especially when I wear eyeliner. Sometimes I speak quasi japanese to avoid talking to people, it's not like anyone in slav land knows shit about eastern languages so it's easy to get away with

No. 656401

WHY IS EVERY BITCH who admits they use lolcow publicly so fucking ugly??? Are you all actually ugly or only the ugly ones blab about going on here exclusively???

No. 656402

File: 1602774387170.gif (892.54 KB, 244x244, tenor (8).gif)

Yeah, people mostly guess I'm eastern European. My great grandmother very likely cheated at one point during/after WWII so I guess the reason for it is related to that. (gif unrelated)

No. 656403

im not ugly i swear

No. 656405

Would explain some of the nitpicking anons

No. 656407

most 'regular' people in general are not very attractive

No. 656408

What type of person even announces they go on this place publiclly? I wouldn't. It's like tattooing 'i have issues' on your forehead. But I'm ugly nonetheless.

No. 656410

Did an ugly friend/acquaintance of yours admit it or something?

No. 656413

People do that? Why the fuck would anyone admit to it?

No. 656414

Sorry anons I broke the rules of fight club by sending my friend the femdom thread and at one point the deceased pinkpill threads. I will accept my newly earned title of ugly bitch

No. 656415

Eh, I don't think sharing with a friend or group of friends is weird, just publically is kind of odd.

No. 656423

A pregnancy is the worst kind of STD. If you don't remove it on time you'll be stuck with that curse for 18+ years.

No. 656426

Kek do you mean /pt/ /snow/ /w/ fags? It’s so embarrassing when I’m perusing twitter and see them talk about how their mutuals have thread on here. Even worse when they’re in some costhot’s comments trying cancel by linking to here. Like baby what is you doinnnn

No. 656440

I made a really cute pic with the waifu-generator in /m/ and I'm sad I can't draw or do art-stuff at all because I'd love to make her a character or smth.

No. 656442

Stop plugging your shitty waifu generator DEV

No. 656451

I hate everyone equally but that has been particularly annoying as of late. I can't decide whether to take them over the /ot/fags since the influx of attention seeking threads on the board.

No. 656459

maybe they're dating a cowboy

No. 656462

I absolutely hate the American youtuber vocal cadence where people use a sort of instructional tone of voice and take pauses in weird place and up talk. I think it makes them sound really dumb even though they're trying to come off as authoritative

No. 656467

Looks like dan and phil American version

No. 656477

I feel I know what you mean but I need an example

No. 656480

I call everyone pardner, this is some darn tootin' hogwash

No. 656487

No. 656490

I want whiter teeth but I also don't want to give up tea. Ugh choices.

No. 656493

Get a silicone straw

No. 656494

My boyfriend has informed me he is going to buy the new iphone 12 and pay $50 extra a month indefinitely all so he can use the same three apps that he has on his current iphone.

No. 656506

File: 1602780607629.jpg (46.57 KB, 563x585, meme1.jpg)

>see a cute cookie/cake in mug video
>hey, that looks nice, maybe I should do that one day
>google the calories
>1,000 calories

that's like 2/3 of my daily calories just for a small cake tf

No. 656507

If you want an extreme example listen to the Wisecrack podcast to hear how they all speak. Especially the Serbhi chick.

No. 656512

I know exactly what you mean. I call it the "essay voice" because they're clearly reading off a script and care more about wording than how they actually come across.

No. 656513

I don't care about the app, I just wanted to whine about sucking at art.

No. 656515

Bitch do you really eat 3000 kcal every day? Are you a 6'5 amazon or smth?

No. 656517

Anon read the post again

No. 656526

Am I the only one that hates when adults over analyze a children’s cartoon in this way? An acquaintance of mine shared a 40 minute “analysis” about why Coco is problematic.

It feels like they think they’re uber intellectual because they can see things in these cartoons that regular adults just like don’t GET man.

No. 656531

Maybe try making it with a 0 cal sweetener like stevia? Or with a lower calorie milk substitute.

No. 656537

The girl in that original video is talking about clothes, but fwiw Over the Garden Wall is actually intended to be a more cerebral kids' show that even adults can dig into, with intentional symbolism, metaphors and heavier themes. I do get what you're saying and I feel a lot of the time people are grasping for straws when children's shows are typically intended to be entertaining without any deeper meaning. But I also enjoy when more disarming media like that is taken to the next level and incorporates more thoughtful aspects, too.

No. 656542

File: 1602783386986.jpeg (211.5 KB, 1536x2048, EPID2CmVUAEMIis.jpeg)

So I wanted to do something nice for myself, cook chorizo&lentil stew. It's finished and I have a taste and realize I forgot to remove the outer layer from the chorizo sausage. I wanna smack myself.

No. 656549

File: 1602783740398.jpeg (22.54 KB, 390x285, 3F620FBD-15C4-42A7-895C-43F28E…)

The most mundane but surreal thing is happening to me atm. I was reading about an MFA program i’m interested in and came across the instagram of a girl currently in it. She had great art, and sort of the same themes as me. She was even working the part time campus job I fantasized for myself if I ever went to that program. So I followed her. I went on with my day by checking the sewing instagrams I follow.

Anons, I saw the aforementioned girl listed as following every. Single. One. That I was following. Wtf, I thought, I guess she also likes sewing like me. I might even admire her a little more now.

A couple days passed and I forgot about it. I ran out of my favorite lotion and lip balm so I went to the insta account of the skincare brand they were from to order more. It’s a small, non-trendy brand.

SHE’S FOLLOWING IT TOO. I am genuinely perplexed and may now also have a little bit of a friendcrush.

No. 656550

I didn't pass math in school and it shows.

No. 656551

File: 1602783777969.png (721.88 KB, 680x680, 787.png)

i know this is lc but i wuv uwu my bf so much and just want to gush about him but don't want to be the friend who can't shut up about her partner so i confine myself to just quietly fangirling him in private when he's not looking but i feel like my heart is about to combust any moment nowhngH

No. 656552

I have no problem with adults enjoying kids shows and I do like when cartoons have substance.
There’s just a lot of terrible “what ruined ____” “what the _____ scene REALLY means” videos.

Usually the people i know that are super into insisting cartoons are really deep and meaningful are…well….

Maybe i just know too many wannabe voice actors perpetually stuck in middle/high school.

No. 656554

Don't worry anon, I feel the same way about my bf too. But my best friend literally never shuts up about her dumb bf so it reminds me how annoying that is kek.

No. 656565

Just saw someone wearing an "I Love Someone With Autism" hoodie at work and laughed to myself before remembering that autism is a real thing.

No. 656588

File: 1602786217389.jpeg (188.39 KB, 1122x844, 1598391436589.jpeg)

>I love someone with autism
This adequately describes some of my feelings toward farmers and cows

No. 656590

My fave is "I Love Someone who is a Sex Worker". Might as well wear that I love hookers shirt you got in Florida.

No. 656593

Lol when one of my coworkers started describing me to others solely in the context of activities I did with my boyfriend, I realized I needed to tone that shit down. But I do actually find it cute when my friends gush about their partners. I'm a sucker for romance in general though and it makes me happy to see/hear about good relationships so I may be an outlier.

No. 656594

It's that one anon with the autismo bf

No. 656595

omg my car

No. 656597

File: 1602786638623.png (1.54 MB, 1366x768, lol.png)


No. 656599

I love someone with autism (queen pixyteri)

No. 656605

He fucked it when they got home

No. 656609

KEK I would love to see the greasy beta who dares to wear that in public. This was a legit one with the primary colors and puzzle pieces to accompany the text, but that didn't hit me til after I already laughed.

No. 656617

Glad to see that we haven't forgotten the lore of ye ol' hoodie chan

No. 656622

Admin should let lolcow artfags submit new skins for the board. Only good ones we have are Keekweek, Girltalk, Jungle, Darkcow and Yotsuba. All the others are so ugly, don't know why they're still there.

No. 656623

File: 1602787987668.jpg (54.22 KB, 750x730, 1595794947346.jpg)

I can't believe that I'm depressed and almost crying over a made up situation in my head with made up characters I've never met that will most likely never happen. Why am I like this? At least I have an excuse to binge on some dark chocolate.

No. 656629

>expect my period yesterday since it's been exactly 28 days
>it doesn't come
>it doesn't come today either
>start getting hormonal acne

fuck just come already so that I don't have to live in paranoia constantly

No. 656633

File: 1602788289013.jpg (961.99 KB, 853x1280, Digestive-Biscuits-copy-1.jpg)

most days I eat nothing but junk. I wake up in the moring and eat either crisps, chocolate, biscuits, toast, or a sugary cereal. I don't really 'do' meals, I just eat the things listed above whenever I feel hungry. usually for the meal that would be dinner I'll have a veggie burger mainly because my family has the oven on around that time. I'm vegan (purely for ethical and environmental reasons, clearly not for health) and live in a small town with no vegan options so never have takeaways or go to restaurants. I honestly eat this same shit, day in day out. from time to time I'll have fruit here and there, avocado on toast, make myself a green smoothie but I sometimes go days and days only eating junk. I feel completely dreadful of course, I look like shit too. I have no energy, I'm fucking miserable and have IBS. it's normal for me to have a stomach ache every single day cause my body is constantly stressed out from what I feed it. I don't remember what it feels like to even be remotely healthy. feeling this way has become so normal since I've eaten this way for the best part of 10 years. fucking yikes, I know.

I eat this way for the pleasure it gives me in the moment, to fill the void of meaninglessness in my life since I have no boyfriend, no friends, hate my job, have no money and live with my parents. eating junk food gives me the quickest and best dopamine hit I can get. I have a problem with emotional eating too and turn to the junk each time I feel sad, angry or overwhelmed. I hate being this way though, I hate that I let myself get so bad, I do want to eat like a normal human being, but I've lived this way for so long. each time I've tried to kick eating this way I go straight back to it once I start to feel some kind of negative emotion, the cravings are fucking killer. I also don't know the first thing about cooking and get discouraged everytime I try and it turns out mediocre. the amount of times I've tried a recipe, it's turned out shit so I've thrown it out and binged on biscuits is unreal. lmao this sounds pathetic, I know that. I am pathetic, I hate myself most of the time because I just watch myself day after day sabotaging my health and happiness, and even after countless times of I've vowing I'll never make myself feel so unwell again, to get my life in order, I just keep doing it, every single day of my life.

No. 656637

File: 1602788751678.jpg (121.6 KB, 1200x675, damn.jpg)

I wish I knew what advice to give you, but considering you've been like this for a decade and have tried cooking and etc, I dunno. Maybe going for super easy stuff like pasta and jarred sauce or frozen vegan meals instead of the chips and cookies? Or just go for the vegan take out and have leftovers for a meal since most restaurants offer huge servings (in America and Britain, if that's where you are). Either way, good luck and feel better.

No. 656642

I was in your position once. I mean, my life still sucks but I've developed hobbies that not only took my focus off of food and other negative things but it also made me feel slightly better about myself. The eating is clearly a psycological issue which you no doubt already knew so the first thing I would advise you to do is to start doing little things that will make you feel proud about yourself that is not necessarily related to dieting because once you start doing things that genuinely interest you and that you become good at, you will stop searching for a quick "fix" to reward yourself.
And if it makes you feel better, a lot of young adults are stuck with parents or even moving back because of the covid related layoffs. Times are tough so don't be harsh on yourself. It's easier said than done but hang in there.

No. 656645

i can relate anon, i hope you find happiness and don't have to compensate with food. in the meantime please take care of your health, because when your life will be filled with people that love you, they and you will wish you had done that. good luck.

No. 656660

I didn’t but enough chocolate for this recipe because I didn’t double check how much I needed to buy and now I can’t make it. I’m so sad and will probably have to wait until next week to make it… which I guess is fine since I wanted to bake banana bread tonight anyway, and if I make them next week I can have a fresh batch of these chocolates made to give to my coworker as a late bday present because our working days overlap next week. I was just so excited to make them today and am too tired to go out to Target again.

No. 656663

File: 1602790590378.jpg (793.32 KB, 1536x2048, 20201014_173627.jpg)

So sorry to hear you've been feeling like this for so long, anon. Regardless of everything else, I think it's commendable that you're vegan for those reasons. I honestly admire that!

About 5 years ago, I had to move back in with my parents for mental health reasons. Cooking for them and myself helped me feel of a little bit more useful and was healing for me in the long term. I hope you can get try it, even if it's just simple things at first.

No. 656666

I have a fun-sized pack of strawberry Nerds that I've been playing with for the last 5 minutes. I hold it to my lips with the long parts going up and down, and it makes me sound like I'm talking through radio distortion.
I hope that today's autism warmed your soul

No. 656679

I can't even imagine being a Jeffree Star fan. Embarrassing.

No. 656681

I can't even imagine being jeffree star. He can't trust anyone, everyone hates his ass, he most likely hates everyone as well and he fucking looks like that. I wonder if he ever feels like just starting a normie life but he can't even do that, those bones rattling and tattoos showing would out him straight away. Tragic.

No. 656682

this was made by a scrote who thinks women here are stupid enough to follow this

No. 656688

Agreed. And besides, it's only guaranteed to make sure you're "obsessed" over by psychos anyway. Average dudes who get their lay outta women don't want anything more to do with them after that, if she ghosts they're just like "lol k" and move on to shoot their shot elsewhere.
I don't care if women wanna fuck men who they know will treat them like shit, it's just pathetic to act like like a 5D chess mastermind about it.

No. 656692

This is how you get fucking murdered by a scrote

No. 656695

is this a teen vogue article

No. 656700

>giving pussy to retards

No. 656701

No that's the one where prolapsing your anus is empowering

No. 656702

File: 1602793882567.jpeg (406.44 KB, 1183x744, 1602178182888.jpeg)

While you were all busy trying to ""improve"" raichugirl was perfecting her craft

No. 656725

File: 1602797205791.jpg (61.69 KB, 480x787, 359ca934908c75223b5ce4b76d3660…)

I'll fight you

No. 656738

Just saw a dude with an ass so juicy it was legit disturbing??? It was like a Kim K ass on a real life dude but very bouncy and perky? Luckily I was in my car so he didn’t notice me staring in disbelief at his ass flopping around. Do you think he got a butt lift or something?? But he was def straight with a wife and kid

No. 656746

Think you replied to the wrong post

No. 656752

I keep a ruler in my room specifically for measuring dicks

No. 656764

He might do one of those sports that really bless dudes with an ass. Like ice hockey or something.

No. 656767

I’m going a bit insane looking for this song and I’ve exhausted all other options so I’ll try here - it was like an early 2000’s punchy alternative song and I remember seeing a fans made music video for it on YouTube which had like cut out lips and arms playing the music instruments.
Some of the lyrics are ‘Who put the bom in the bom-a-long-a-long-a- Who put the bam in the bam-a-lam-a-ding-dong!’ and it had these short talking segments where the singer was putting on a voice saying ‘how are you? - fine, thank you’
I was pretty sure I liked the video at the time but for the life of me cant find the video in my like list, I think it might be deleted.

No. 656770

Reddit is shit but they have subreddits for this type of shit, i've found songs and movies after looking for years by posting in those shits.

No. 656774

No. 656776

Is it this? Me First And The Gimme Gimmes did a cover of 'Who Put the Bomp'.

No. 656780

mine is never accurate, not even the birth charts

No. 656781

Wait this video is the one you meant. Good song!! Le Tigre - Deceptacon

No. 656786

YES ! Thank you so much, that was driving me up the wall not being able to find it!

No. 656808

i though erin evee was like 40 but she's 24? the fuck is she lying abt her age?

No. 656821

Update, got my cousin to buy me the extra chocolate I needed on his way home and now the chocolates are setting in the fridge. I’m terrified that they won’t come out right because the recipe just seemed TOO easy, but here’s to hoping it works out all right…

No. 656832

File: 1602807338642.jpg (Spoiler Image, 21.44 KB, 512x288, DOGS1.jpg)

I love bdsm

beautiful dogs surrounding me, doy!

No. 656836

that cream colored pup looks so fucking happy i just want to give him a hug and lots of treats, what a good fuckin pup

No. 656847

The fuck. Does she have every flavor of implant installed?

No. 656850


No. 656860

Fuck you to whoever posted about My Life Me and made me google that trash fire

No. 656865

No. 656899

Shout-out to tater tots anon last night, wherever you are. I made some homemade ones tonight and they were delicious.

No. 656902

my local movie theater is showing Blazing Saddles since they’ve been recycling their old films due to covid. I wanNA goooOooOO but all I do is work, goddammit

No. 656904

Blazing Saddles fucking rules anon, I hope you get to go sometime before it’s done showing

No. 656907

I hope so too! I’m dying to see it on the big screen. I think I only have one night off next week so fingers crossed that they still have it playing! maybe i’ll call and beg them to keep it playing until then kek

No. 656908

I'm here! idk if you meant the one that suggested putting corn starch in the cheese but I expressed my love of them. Congrats on the successful batch!

No. 656913

there’s this fucking weird house I’ve made like 3 deliveries to in the past week or so and it’s freakin me out so much. The dude who lives there is like 2-3x my size and his house is set really far back in the yard so I have to cross a whole ass field before reaching him, and if I deliver to him at night, then all I see is this big ass man silhouetted by his porch light waiting for me. He’s going to fucking kill me one day, I just know it.
plus he never fucking tips me. if ur gonna constantly scare a bitch like that, pay me for it

No. 656917

I went to the movies like a month ago and there were like 3 other people there. Tbh I feel safer going now while people are scurred than when everyone trickles in again

No. 656918

Don't deliver to him anymore.

No. 656921

I'm gonna start asking my male coworkers to take that delivery if they're available, but if I'm the only driver, then I'm kinda fucked. I take my phone with me when I walk up to him, but from now on I'll keep a can of pepper spray in my pocket too.

No. 656922

My cousin is 19 and got pregnant with a 50 yr old man with 3 other kids he walked out on who works at a fast food joint, smoked while pregnant and keeps sexualizing her own pregnancy as in only posting pictures of her baby with her boobs out and never shutting up about breast milk, throughout pregnancy would do slutty photoshoots in the bath tub with nothing on or lingerie and uses her baby as an accessory more than her own child, I honestly wish the child would get taken away and given to better parents or even better I could take care of it but my cousin is too stubborn

No. 656924

I just finished watching this movie and the dude protagonist's wife passed away, almost immediately his best friend is trying to get him to date other women and he agrees that he should looking for a new wife, idk why that made me so angry but yeah, it really ruined the movie for me.

I think I may or may not have issues

No. 656926

anon!!! I'm scared for you pls stay safe out there

No. 656930

Thank u, sweet anon

No. 656931


No. 656939


No. 656956

Neil Cicierega??

No. 656967

Imagine feeling superior for having a high drug tolerance.

No. 657003

File: 1602838945438.jpeg (362.66 KB, 828x976, 0D26A0AF-730B-42F6-A462-873D5B…)

The girl on the right is a massive cringebank. Swedish, speaks with an American blaccent, vocal fry, 2edge3me, poses herself every few second like she’s trying so hard to emulate the cool girl trope. She deleted her insta right when I was going to put her stuff in the personal cows thread.

the girl on the left is nice though, the video is from her channel. There isn’t enough content I can share about Caroline anymore since she deleted ig but this video alone is more than enough kek.

No. 657016

Taking breaks from social media really does wonders for your health. It's like walking out of an extremely toxic and poisoned house and you're breathing in nice clear air.

No. 657024

Might be my euroass but i don't hear a blaccent in this video? I did only watch a few minutes here and there tbf.

No. 657035

Eurofag aswell and imo we're so overwhelmed by American media here that it makes sense for ESL Europeans to develop an American accent.

No. 657036

why does bts have a guy with a lisp in the group. he doesn't sound good and he's not hot, i don't get it. is he for the fat fangirls to simp over bc he's the only one they'd have a chance with?

No. 657038

I guess but it still sounds extremely braindead and forced

No. 657039

>European with fluent English speaking with an American accent sounds forced
>European with fluent English speaking with a British accent sounds fake and forced
What is she supposed to sound like then, the Swedish chef?

No. 657042

OP mentioned "blaccent" though, not a normal American accent

No. 657043

Written Finnish looks so pretty to me when I look at the finanon thread. It uses the same Latin alphabet as English (as a Cyrillic user, Latin letters usually look ugly to me), but the double letters and umlauts make it look so much more aesthetically pleasing. It gives it a lovely symmetry, and I can even feel a nice rhythm although I don't understand a word.

No. 657049

Another ESL European, nothing about her accent sounds odd to me, if I spoke like this I'd never think I'm doing a blaccent or whatever. She may be not aware it comes off like this.

No. 657051

This post is so cute lol.

No. 657053

File: 1602845785416.png (186.21 KB, 900x900, download.png)

It's gross. Too many vowels

No. 657057

After someone tinfoiled about it I'm now paranoid that the anons using the vent thread for "I decided I'm going to kill myself" suicide bait or "I'm feeling like shit pls comfort me ;w;" drive through therapy are scrotes who want a group of women patting their head and babying them because male boards ain't gonna do it.

No. 657059

I lurked their boards once or twice and they do "baby" each other a lot. But yeah it makes sense that they wanted female attention.

No. 657060

Idk why this popped up in my thoughts but I'll share it anyways.

When I was in elementary school probably, me and my friend were looking out the window and out of nowhere an east asian man in hikers clothing appears, we were laughing at him because we were in a small northern european town with no mountains close by. We watch him as he turns the corner of the school building, but then 5 seconds later he respawns at the place he originally started walking from, like in a video game. It wouldn't be weird if we just missed him walking back, but the fact that it would take him at least 2 minutes to walk around the school building to the same spot again and us watching him the whole time,,,could this have been a glitch in the matrix and if so why did he end up at our school?

No. 657065

I will never understand those posts like "just letting you guys know I'm about to kill myself and you cant change my mind"

Cool bye, I've attempted suicude myself and you don't announce it first. The last thing on my mind at those times was…telling complete fucking strangers about my plan.

No. 657096

Once every few weeks I will have a day where I wake up with a headache and all over body aches that last the whole day and just disappear by the next day…this had been happening to me for years.

The first few times it happened I was convinced it was the onset of flu. Now it's just normal. I have no idea why it happens and I don't have the money to have a series of tests run. With covid it's extra shit though. I can never tell whether I'm actually getting sick or not

No. 657101

I'm not even a weeb anymore but I stumbled upon the trailer for the upcoming Uzumaki animated movie and it got me really excited. Also Colin Stetson as the composer was a great choice, he's excellent at creating a tense atmosphere

No. 657106

I deleted the "Is there such a thing as a good man?" thread that I made because people didn't understand that it was an ambiguous thread for sharing our bad (or good?) experiences with men. I'm sorry for disturbing.
This was the description
>I know we all complain about men (myself included) be it our boyfreinds, exes, friends, acquaintances, classmates, co-workers, fathers, and other family members, and for me it seems all men, even if they have some good qualities, every one of them has a bad side, a setback, or they do the same shit over and over. But I wonder, is there truly a good man out there?
Have you had any encounter or experience with a guy who was alright, a good person, or a decent human being? Did you befriend him? Do you think he'll turn like the others sooner or later? Can you truly go past his flaws or do you hold him accountable?
I'm also interested to see if any of you have a good relationship with their dads. How's that like?

I was legit interested in this, I wanted to hear good and bad opinions.

No. 657111

I had one good experience with a man when I was a teen, went on a trip with my sister and he was a local of the area and decided to show us a lot of the cool places and cool machinery and was very friendly. I still think about him. He was really sweet. Other than that, I've had bad or neutral experiences with men. Is there a true good man? Probably not. Our society encourages misogyny in overy and covert ways, it would be very hard as a man to escape the influences of something that is so ingrained we barely notice it.

No. 657119

>Have you had any encounter or experience with a guy who was alright, a good person, or a decent human being? Did you befriend him?
My dad is an alright man as far as fatherhood goes, but he was godawful to my mom and is still bitter about their divorce (he cheated so my mom left) 20 years later, it's actually quite impressive how long that man can hold a grudge. He can't cook or clean for himself and thinks women should be mothers and housewives first but somehow that doesn't apply to me or his sisters and their kids. In that sense he's an absolute dick so I don't talk to him too much.
My uncle is a kind man and I like him a lot, two of my exes were nice people and my boyfriend is genuinely lovely. Some of my friends have nice bfs and dads.

I don't hate men by any means but despite all these positive experiences I'd still say the overwhelming majority is neutral to shitty. Why? Because they're usually incapable of thinking of anyone other than themselves and are egocentric and selfish, they're raised to think that because everyone tells them that. Men's egos are the most fragile little things in the world and everything they do is to protect them.
Some of them think they're so much above others that they murder and molest.

No. 657141

Yeah op here, sorry I missed all the replies. She deleted her ig so I can’t link examples but yes she tends to talk in black American English which is very odd. I’m not a PCfag or anything but it’s quite jarring when she does it. That video was quite tame.

No. 657142

>My dad is an alright man as far as fatherhood goes, but he was godawful to my mom
I often see people credit men for being good dads while they also treating women poorly and I just…don't think both can be true.

My last ex was abusive, he had a son and I tried not to make the son aware of what was happening, still I don't think kids are that stupid or unaware. The guy cheated on me and one week after dumping me he empties out the sons bedroom and moves all his stuff into the misresses house… the son freaked the fuck out. I feel bad for him but then I also worry that he'll follow in his dads footsteps given the example he has been given…he worshipped the dad.

No. 657151

You made the mistake of criticizing men on a handmaiden ran website anon.

No. 657154

>I just…don't think both can be true
I did say I don't consider him a great father since I don't really speak to him much, and I've told him on several occasions that he was going over the line and causing me many insecurities thanks to the way he talked about her in front of me (and often to me). He stopped after I told him not to, but the damage was already done.

But as far as his fatherly duties are concerned, he did a lot for me when I stayed with him as a kid, especially things related to school and extracurriculars. He also listened to my input a lot even as a child on certain adult matters (like purchasing a house), and when I told him I was uncomfortable with his new girlfriend (nothing wrong with her, I just didn't like her because she wasn't my mom) he stopped seeing her in front of me and then they broke up.
For this reason I can't really say he was terrible even now as an adult when I see things for how they really were.

No. 657156

Hey maybe I should remake the thread? maybe reword the description a little

No. 657157

To be fair I read this thread OP when it was posted and hated it because I thought it was an "uwu men can be okay" thread and it sounds like others might have thought the same, not necessarily that they don't want to hate on men. Long live xx and pp.

No. 657161

>Have you had any encounter or experience with a guy who was alright, a good person, or a decent human being?

No. 657164

Op of that thread there, and it was ambiguous on purpose so it wouldn't delete. Not everything has to blalantly outright say "I HATE MEN" to be able to share bad opinions about them, or else we wouldn't have 57 vent threads

hence why
>I know we all complain about men (myself included)
>and for me it seems all men, even if they have some good qualities, every one of them has a bad side, a setback, or they do the same shit over and over.
>Have you had any encounter or experience with a guy who was alright, a good person, or a decent human being? (I was implying no one can be actually the best, do good nice male in every regard, just decent)
>Do you think he'll turn like the others sooner or later? Can you truly go past his flaws or do you hold him accountable?

not to be an asshole since I'm on your side but learn2read sis (sorry please forgive me for this rudeness)
it was indeed a camouflaged ""manhate"" thread but I guess we lost our opportunity now
I just wanna hear people's opinion to see if they've had bad or good experiences etc.

No. 657165

No. 657166

Can't none of you all read between the lines? The questions of Can a man be a decent human being? Does a good man exists? Heavily imply they're first and foremost not good people.

No. 657169

I started talking to this guy and we went on like 3 dates in the past but it's like talking to a really old friend. It's been 9 years since we dated but he's remembered so many things and it could make me cry.

No. 657170

I know how to read and also know that all the handmaidens would infight about Not All Men bc their Nigels are sweet 30% of the time, and it would get locked anyways kek.

No. 657171

>Have you had any encounter or experience with a guy who was alright, a good person, or a decent human being?
I had a few:

- my dad - we're very good friends, he wasn't as invested as my mom in raising me because he works on cargo ships, so when I was a baby he would be gone for the majority of the year, but he always tried to make up for the lost time when he came back home. My favorite thing though is that he and my mom are still so in love, ever since I remember they've been very caring and romantic with each other, honestly relationship goals.

- friend I've made at my first job - we got along immediately, he always made sure I was feeling comfortable (I was the only woman in the company), never hit on me, introduced me to his longtime girlfriend who is a great person too, I could always rely on him, wish all the guys were just like him

- my current boyfriend, hopefully? - I mean, you never know but we've been together for almost 3 years now, he is loving, honest and incredibly patient with all of my insecurities and issues developed due to bad past relationship experiences, I feel good so far.

No. 657172

I agree, but the fact that someone immediately misinterpreted it indicates the shitshow the thread would be anyways.

No. 657173

More like the people who have good opinions and experiences with men would had shared them, and those who don't would had shared them too, and everything would be fun and games, and we both learn from each other maybe?

No. 657178

Maybe the real is there a decent man out there thread were the friends we made along the way

No but seriously, sometimes I'm amazed on how little subtext interpretation and reading comprehension there is sometimes, maybe we're all truly autistic

No. 657180

File: 1602857895779.jpg (6.36 KB, 310x162, images1OJJC0SA.jpg)

No. 657181

Anon so far no one has fighted in the replies so why should everyone go fight there too?
this one is cute

No. 657184

It is possible for a man to be Nigel, just extremely improbable as it requires him to have no previously adopted opinions of his own, he only hangs on to every word you say and takes them as gospel.
Otherwise the bar for ~dencent man~ is so fucking low, women be tripping over themselves to have a man's babies because he hasn't beaten cheated and raped them yet. Also remember that just because a man is nice to YOU doesn't mean that he's not a total asshole to other women.

No. 657198

I wish. I've learnt to never share positive experiences of men here. What seems like the majority of the userbase just don't want to hear it. It's similar to trying to share a positive perspective of women on 4chan. It's nearly impossible to not be registered as bait. I'm all for being brutally honest when negative experiences are concerned, but like you I'd prefer to be able to listen to all perspectives whether we all agree with each other or not.

>Maybe the real is there a decent man out there thread were the friends we made along the way
Big kek anon

No. 657208

File: 1602859715132.jpg (21.03 KB, 600x532, a13c3f24b61bcfdb838a6c16fd054e…)

yep people thought it was bait

FML I just wanted a comfy thread of people talking about having good caring dads, since mine died 4 years ago and I miss him so fucking much.
He wasn't a great man, but he was a nice dad, fuck I want to cry just by typing this. I'm so sorry.

No. 657211

I'm sorry anon. Usually threads like this are set by men. I hope u feel better.

No. 657214

File: 1602860045924.png (157.41 KB, 1780x388, 59030.png)

I just read this, and I thought to myself: How come there's no equivalent to this, but with the genders switched?
We never hear about husbands whose wives have fetishes for pretending to be manly men, watch masculization porn, listen to masculization tapes, and post things like "I'll never be happy again unless I'm with another woman" online. Why is that?

No. 657217

a few weeks ago some anon posted about her intrusive thought about clipping her clit with nail clippers off and i still think about it at least twice a week and reflexively clamp my legs together, i want to convey my sincerliest fuck you to that anon

No. 657219

Anon you can talk about your dad in the vent or confessions or even this thread, really. Or you could have posted it in the stupid questions thread!
Most anons will be pretty sympathetic if you just say what you want/need. I'm sorry you're feeling sad and missing your father right now. I'd love to hear about him and tell you about mine if you want to hear it, he's a very good man.

No. 657220


No. 657227

JESUS christ now I'm imagining doing that too and it's making me uncomfortable

No. 657229

My audible "hE..HEHH??!" confused my cat

No. 657236

File: 1602861153690.jpg (131.81 KB, 1125x1078, a95f6cdhrd531.jpg)

Is anyone interested in a 4chan screencap thread?

No. 657241

No. I'd honestly rather read the Lolcow one again than see that shit

No. 657251

u made my clit cry ow

No. 657256

I used to think nasolabial folds meant pussy lips

No. 657262

no go back to reddit.

No. 657281

No. It will only invite attention whoring from them.

No. 657353

well this solidified my decision not to ever visit 4chan

No. 657357

Just found out that the woman who owned Shop Jeen has a daughter, and she named her "Waffle Frost". F.

No. 657362

KEK me too. Before lc I just called them smile lines

No. 657380

For most of the pandemic I've engaged in especially poor eating habits, like simply not eating enough and living off of low nutrient foods like simple carbs and processed sugars. Over the last few weeks I've found the motivation to prepare healthy and balanced meals for myself 3 times a day with nutritious snacks in between and the difference is incredible. I feel much better in basically every regard. It made me realize that I'm getting older (late 20s) and I can't get away with treating my body like garbage anymore. I'm feeling really empowered by the effects of taking good care of myself

No. 657397

I want a girlfriend so bad, and i wanna make her laugh and kiss her

No. 657399

i started maxing out my 401k and cut my spending money in half. ik it's better in the long run but ugh

No. 657440

I'm so stupid.
This isn't about anything specifically, just in general. smh

No. 657445

I look like a fucking corpse… I think it's just because I'm dehydrated and take shit care of myself but ugh

No. 657448

Anyone else feel like browsing lolcow has a negative impact on them? I think I should leave lc but I keep coming back when I have a moment of boredom.

No. 657453


No. 657454

I drink water all the time and still look like this tbh

No. 657457

Only men and pickmes think any sort of extreme look is good, I don't know a single person who is mentally stable and would think giant J cup tits and a 50 inch ass and hips on someone with 10% body fat looks good

No. 657458

File: 1602881114266.jpeg (61.11 KB, 750x440, FF601B3F-A887-41AA-BC18-D18989…)

The guru gossip best dressed discord is so mf weird. best dressed is probably the most dry cow in there yet it’s filled with ppl dog piling her and/or derailing discussion. she’s so fucking boring i rlly dont understand these ppls obsession???

No. 657461

File: 1602881577235.jpeg (215.32 KB, 794x596, C81655FD-D448-40F1-B24F-C78962…)

I want a Boston marriage so badly
Doesn’t even have to be sexual. I just want a nerdy, financially stable gf to split bills and go on fun trips with.

No. 657473

Lost a friend to WoW during high school and now I realise she was just very depressed and that I really fucking couldn't do more because I was in a horrible situation myself too. Still sucks, still hate games like that.

No. 657480

Guru gossip is the worst gossip site on the internet. Even worse than daily mail comments section.

You can see the dryest cow on earth who hardly posts on insta get a 10+ year thread and the same hoes are still in there, same profile pics since 2011 posting nitpicks followed by dumbass animated signatures.

No. 657484

pls be my fake wife desu

No. 657501

One time my friends and I were headed to a rave in the city and some woman started yelling at us calling us prostitutes. I told her we prefer to be called sex workers. Then she continues yelling and insulting us, but kindly referring to us as sex workers instead of prostitutes.
I still appreciate how she made her insults slightly more accommodating.

No. 657508

I won't say my dad is objectively great, he's the type to think women already have equal rights so what are feminists complaining about?? He has some sexist tendencies but as a father he is impeccable, the sexism has never been directed at my sister or I.
>has never sexualized women in front of his family, ever. No flirting with women, no talking about their bodies in a sexual way, not even dirty jokes, nothing that could remotely be interpreted as interest
>has never commented negatively on my appearance/weight or made me feel like my looks are important, tells me I look nice when I'm dressed up or got a haircut or w/e but has never overemphasized the value of my appearance
>I would bet money he doesn't watch porn. He's technologically inept and can't get the internet working on his phone, his door is open 24/7, he gives the family full access to his pc and phone, it's pretty unthinkable
>always encouraged his daughters to get educations, get careers, save our own money, etc but has NEVER encouraged us to get married or have children or made us think it's important. I've been single for a decade and he's never once questioned it.
>not that good with cleaning but often cooks and has massively pulled his weight as a parent in recent years. Mum is free to live her best life doing what she wants while he's the one who deals with his daughters 'adult problems' (helping us move, car stuff, money stuff, etc).
>even when he's sexist he's a hypocrite about it in favour of his daughters - eg he complains about quotas for hiring women at his work but constantly tells us to apply because we'd get good benefits
>super, super calm and reasonable even when his kids/wife are being pains in the ass. Never yells, never insults us, would NEVER get physical with us.

Maybe the bar is low but the more I hear about other women's fathers, the more relieved and grateful I am that he avoided the majority of behaviours that particularly harm young women. I have the opposite of daddy issues as a result, very high self esteem and standards for how men should act.

No. 657528

File: 1602887837679.png (445.92 KB, 388x750, 0C7713EF-AD10-42DD-AA38-0ACDD1…)

Let that sink in

No. 657535

Which one? I'm not too familiar with them

No. 657541

98% of men watch porn. Yes, even your "nice" dads. And even if a man is nice to y o u and some women in his family, you don't know how he treated other women in his life.

No. 657543

Who cares

No. 657547

My dad can't operate a computer or smartphone. The rural farmer men are a dying breed. You'll have to join the Amish if you want a scrote who isn't corrupted by pornbrain.

No. 657548

I miss being able to gather a few friends, go to the mall in a honda accord, get some drinks, food, have our nails done, and spend less than 50 dollars and be able to buy ourselves, shoes, outfits, makeup, bras, panties, and bath products. Now people put very little effort towards friendships, everything at malls are extremely overpriced or of poor quality/tacky, hair and nail prices are way too much, getting a single coffee from some place that isn't mcdonalds costs as much as it would be to buy an entire outfit at a thrift store, bras go for way too much especially for something that is required of most places, and worst of all everyone is so focused on hype that driving a non-bougie car seems like a fail for a lot of people

No. 657549

That would work if most men didn't use religion as a means to get away with pedophilia

No. 657555

File: 1602892631892.jpg (131.22 KB, 533x752, woman-tenderizing-a-beef-steak…)

Show him loli hentai and if the boner rises then the meat tenderizes

No. 657560

I know you don't, handmaiden
Not having a scrote is the safest way.

No. 657561

The only good experiences I've had ate with my brother and hes gay

No. 657566

What is it with some women and calling themselves whores?

No. 657567

reclaiming the word I guess

No. 657572

Same!! But my dad and I share the same views about feminism (I am neither a radfem nor a libfem) and we get on really well and share a similar sense of humor so honestly even if he hides some horrifying secret perversion, it has never bled through his parenting in any way, I can safely say my dad is a really great father. I doubt I'll find a guy like that ever. My mum lucked out.

No. 657582

File: 1602895662565.png (184.2 KB, 449x401, 1537483556141.png)

>she fell for the reddit meme

No. 657588

File: 1602896465283.jpeg (562.73 KB, 828x1546, E67AD6DF-4BCF-4479-9C63-C789F2…)

I don’t really know who this girl is anon but I think I was able to find her ig for you. But I watched the video she linked in her bio and I agree she’s trying to speak with an “urban” American accent (and her overfilled lips make her sound funny too)

No. 657601

is dating a 4channer really THAT bad and why?

pls no bully

No. 657603

I think it depends on the boards they visit and how easily they get influenced by stuff they read.
Most 4channers are coomers, so expect weird fetish/kinks conversations and/or underwhelming sex.

No. 657605

Enjoy dating a pedo

No. 657607


I went on one meetup with a 4channer (not even sex) and he sent me a uncanney valley 3d model rendering of my head and said he'd put me in his future game

No. 657608

Hahaha wtf s this like a thing? This happened to me too, except not with a 4channer (at least as far as I know)

No. 657616

anon you replied to and wtf, i sometimes go on 4chan and I'm not a pedo????

No. 657618

that doesn't mean the male posters aren't

No. 657624

this is the kind of autistic shit i love

No. 657625


No. 657627

tell me how the 'cunny' posters aren't pedos

No. 657628

File: 1602902008074.jpeg (86.53 KB, 550x636, CD62C41F-2DBE-47EE-96CE-705E6D…)

How is my acne significantly worse now that I’m an adult vs when I was a teenager. Is this some kind of sick joke meant to attack my self esteem?

No. 657630

Did I say that?

No. 657633

everyone knows weebs are even more degenerate than regular moids. especially the 4channer ones

No. 657635

so we agree that male 4channers are pedos then

No. 657638

Cunnyposters are pedophiles and there's only a few hundred of them on a website that gets millions of visitors a month.

Democrats are pedophiles.

No. 657639

No. 657640

File: 1602904172016.jpg (17.26 KB, 499x500, 0d2.jpg)

ah it's just some "not all men" shit, nevermind

No. 657642

>o-only a few hundred

No. 657646

I'm dating a 4channer, and while he's dumb, he means well. He respects me and other women very much. He's a himbo. He can get cringy but he has a nice personality.

No. 657647

samefag but the worst he has done is saying stupid bullshit, I legit haven't seen he done any other weird stuff really

No. 657650

File: 1602905778560.png (165.66 KB, 500x500, Marissa-get out of ot.png)

Not an argument.

No. 657657

yooooou're a crook, captain hook. judge, won't you throw the book at the pirate???

No. 657658

File: 1602907102376.jpg (Spoiler Image, 173.54 KB, 1300x890, The remains of astronaut Vladi…)

I'm drunk and reading stories of astronauts dying during re-entry and its actually making me cry. They put you in a faulty spaceship and call you a hero when you die, even if they knew it was faulty from the start.

No. 657660

Maritime law, lawyers of the sea

No. 657663

*cosmonaut in that pics case.

astronauts are americans, cosmonauts are russians. taikonauts are chinese, spationauts are french.

No. 657664

Samefag but before he died he demanded an open casket cause he knew he was going to die, he wantrd his leaders to gaze upon that crisp and know it was their fault

No. 657666

File: 1602908178715.png (223.7 KB, 434x406, 1602358645973.png)

STFU nerd

No. 657667

No one cares about your scrote.

No. 657670

No need to be so pedantic, the word astronaut will do just fine in that context, country of origin isn't THAT important

No. 657689

File: 1602914540257.jpg (173.87 KB, 800x600, ouwtp6UrgL1t1zyrio1_1280.jpg)

I'm dating one currently. But we're both /oldfag/ and haven't even posted in ages, so he's not a jerk at all. If you ever want to talk to anyone who's worthwhile from an imageboard, don't ever try 4chan.

2016 was a mistake.

No. 657708

This must be an alternate, but thanks for finding it. She had one that revolved around Korea, I’m thinking she deleted it because people were making fun of her.

No. 657719

Wait is this really how Swedish people are talking in English? That’s embarrassing

No. 657720

Just like with dating anybody, you'd better be a damn good judge of character. There's also a high likelihood that they're going to be extremely degenerate. Just dig.

No. 657722

Kek some of you have never touched a male and it shows

No. 657726

>gaze upon his crisp

No. 657730

File: 1602919106925.jpg (206.93 KB, 1080x812, Screenshot_20201017-021655.jpg)


No. 657731

Fuck I remember reading about this. Absolutely horrible

No. 657735

Did it feel good though(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 657737

>implying that's a bad thing

No. 657743

Kill yourself. Also the orangutan was so traumatized by her abuse that she refused to ever mate… I felt so horrified reading about it.

No. 657745

Tempted to save this image and repost it any time I see an anon worried and asking whether men like hip dips or thigh gaps etc. Ultimately men just like holes

No. 657747

Highlight of these sad mens lives

No. 657755

Have you seen all the posts about lackluster sex with men on here? I usually assume that the posters saying 'fuck off with your nigel' have experienced plenty of that underwhelming touch already

No. 657756

If I meet you and you're wearing glasses you will look weird to me forever if you ever get contacts or surgery.

No. 657757

At least she made a few people happy before going out. That's more than we can say about Donald Trump's presidency. Maybe we should have elected her in 2016.

No. 657769

File: 1602926294412.jpg (2.49 MB, 2184x2800, 20201017_084446.jpg)


Sometimes I think about this, the kero saga or daisies destruction and I get so upset I just wish all of humanity would disappear. Or at least the scrotes. FUCK.

No. 657770

Nta but imagine if we end up with either a new hiv or new covid etc all because men can't stop themselves from fucking monkeys

No. 657774

It's incredible how men who like certain things are so insufferable and obnoxious while women who like the same things can actually be decent people. I've met girls who like anime, South Park and play video games and most of them have been very nice and interesting people, but when a man is like that he immediately turns out to be a massive douche, no exceptions. It's really amazing how there is such a massive gap between men and women, I'm so glad I wasn't born straight because I'd probably kill myself.

No. 657785

>the kero saga
I'm afraid to know but.. what is that? I agree with men dying though, subhuman trash. All of them. Even the 'good' ones, they may be good themselves but you know they won't say shit when their collegues shit on women, spread their nudes, brag about beating their wives. I've seen it happen, no redemption for these creatures. A man I knew worked with child rape cases, serving justice to the victims and all, while on the side, he was having degrading sex with an underaged girl himself. Makes me believe there might be like 5 good men at one time on earth.

No. 657788

>I agree with men dying though, subhuman trash. All of them
Lol you're right, this really is dumbass shit. Good one!

No. 657790

>At least she made a few people happy before going out.
If you said this about a woman being forced into sex slavery and getting raped you'd be ripped apart, just saying.

No. 657795

It's always fun to go post like thrice on a thread, go to sleep and see the same salty bitch curse you out and think everyone agreeing is you. Top kek for breakfast.

No. 657799

File: 1602934458509.jpg (448.86 KB, 1860x1860, 20201013_141540.jpg)

>kero saga

One night I started reading the thread thinking it was just gonna be about cringe furries but it's so, so much worse than that. Wish I could go back to more innocent times when i didnt know about zoosadism or hurtcore or whatever depraved shit all these sick assholes think off.

At least im reminded to be extra nice to my own cat.

No. 657802

God what the fuck i regret asking what the fuck, these people behind bars or dead or something now right? I want off this planet this is too sick

No. 657829

iirc snakething is still in jail, if that brings you any comfort anon

No. 657854

File: 1602945709685.png (283.55 KB, 1291x700, image.png)

why do coomers even bother putting those extensive measurements in their games?

No. 657859

I don't know why I'm so pissed about creating a blue potato after putting in my own measurements. This makes me question everything.

No. 657860

Because coomers think women are uwu shy about their measurements, so they love the idea of having her feeling awkward and going “y-yamero b-b-Baka! Don’t ask a maiden about her sizes!!!” murders him but murmurs that she secretly loves him
What amazes me is the fact that they have no idea of how the human body works.

No. 657861

File: 1602946529897.jpeg (63.95 KB, 600x600, 0462FD14-76A4-4106-A1F4-3ED832…)

I wish I could tell my friends about the things I do and the things i buy, but they feel uncomfortable and then think I’m some rich bitch.
>tfw I had bagels for breakfast after lots of years hoping to buy some.

No. 657866

File: 1602947077802.png (374.96 KB, 1295x713, image-2.png)

that's enough for me today

No. 657868

File: 1602947239528.png (134.71 KB, 1283x698, image.png)

bonus I guess

No. 657878

whats this site called?

No. 657880

Another hell day on this hell world and it's time to post on this hellsite. Good morning /ot/

No. 657881

So cool, it's nighttime here. Goodmornin' 'non.

No. 657883

Body visualizer

No. 657897

Does anyone else struggle with the dilemma of eating meat/animal products? On one hand I believe that eating animals is natural and that humans are meant to eat animals because that's how the foodcycle and nature work. And that people refusing to eat animal products is just a consequence of society becoming too far removed from nature and that animals aren't our "frieds". On the other hand I would never ever personally slaughter or watch an animal get slaughtered so I can eat it and my heart hurts for animals that get slaughtered for their meat. So should I not eat meat then because it makes me a hypocrite for only wanting to eat it when I buy it nicely processed and packaged from the supermarket but not willing to slaughter it myself? Or should I just get over myself and eat meat because I do believe that's how nature intended it? I don't even have a great taste for meat but I just can't make up my mind about it.

Please no raging replies from vegans.

No. 657904

File: 1602951129831.jpg (156.26 KB, 620x960, iwannagoback.jpg)

Early 1900s anti-suffragette poster

No. 657908

Who cares if it’s natural? You’ll probably be healthier as vegan anyway. If you feel bad about it and don’t even like it don’t eat it. It’s that simple

No. 657914

It is ironic that all sharia countries fail socially in the same ways as if they are clone copies of each other. There is no succesful sharia country on earth. The more they fail, the more they seek the solution in sharia and increase the problems and get into an endless loop.

No. 657918

No. 657919

That's only for a short duration and coming off of a shitty chips and fried garbage diet. Being vegan is a fast at best and an endless cycle of overloading on carbs and sugar while still feeling cold and hungry at worst

Paleo is the best "fad" diet, just find a locally sourced healthy supermarket and pay extra for the better care they take

No. 657923

I don’t know a single vegan who doesn’t watch their macros and eat less carbs/sugar/processed shit than people who eat meat — and I’m not even vegan.

No. 657924

I do struggle with the killing aspect, but I feel like dairy and eggs and fish is ok? As long as they aren't in cages and are happy. I get stupidly depressed about milk and eggs sometimes though because I project women's enslavement and over-breeding onto domesticated animals.

No. 657926

>You’ll probably be healthier as vegan anyway
I'm pretty sure that's not true

Then they're healthier because of watching their macros and eating healthy foods, not as a direct result of not eating animal products.

No. 657928

I say that because everyone hears constantly about how bad not getting the vitamins from meat are so pretty much everyone who goes veg looks into it. Also vegetarians/vegans just tend to be more health conscious people. Why you gotta be retarded about it?

No. 657933

Really? I know many who still eat like shit

No. 657943

>I'm pretty sure that's not true

Great argument anon, I’m convinced!

No. 657948

This. I haven't met a single "good" man in my life. They may be mediocre (you know, they don't rape and beat women and children), but "good"? Nah. The "good family men" I knew tried to creep on me when I was 12 or disrespected their wives etc. And even when they're not terrible, as you said, they will never actively call out other men. Mediocre men benefit from the abuse of "evil" men because women will accept them since the bar is so fucking low.

No. 657956

Played themselves. This is a great piece of feminist propaganda kek

No. 657964

File: 1602955991436.jpeg (465.64 KB, 828x868, B340F4EC-0AC5-4F77-845A-B8301C…)

Anon that eats your skin wherever you are… I thought of you

No. 657965

The dairy industry is evil. We're not supposed to eat a cow's milk ffs, it's for her own breed.
I'm conflicted with fish, they have a less developed nervous system but they still feel pain and the industry it's just really fucked up. Sometimes I'm tempted to consume fish because they are so healthy, especially for the brain, but I'm always taken back. I do agree with eggs tho

No. 657978

I used to live on a farm and some of the shit vegans try to justify with "it hurts the animal" really show that these people lived all their lives in a city and don't know what half of the animals they claim they're trying to protect even look like. I agree that the meat industry is fucked (not too keen on dairy from commercial farms either but we only owned a few cows for our own milk supply and they were free), but some of the other shit is so dumb

>eating honey is bad because it hurts the bees!

>eating eggs are bad because it's baby chickens!
>wool is bad because it hurts sheep!

Sheep have to be shorn in order to stay healthy, honey must be harvested since bees (especially in large apiaries) only consume very little and cannot physically contain the entire amount they produce, and most modern chicken breeds don't have a tendency to go broody much and they lay eggs a lot more often than that. You could've argued this hundreds of years ago maybe, but most animals used in farming nowadays have been bred to be like this and not taking care of them actively hurts them.

No. 657982

Literally no one says eggs are evil because there are baby chicks inside wtf. It's more about baby male chickens being ground alive in the process since they're useless and hens being exploited
About wool industry:
>but most animals used in farming nowadays have been bred to be like this and not taking care of them actively hurts them.
Maybe we should stop breeding them then.

No. 657987

I love the halloween spirit, every night I've been watching a different horror movie, and I made a spooky playlist to create a "partying at the end of the world" atmosphere. It makes me think of how much I miss going to secret raves and feeling like I've entered another parallel reality, getting lost in the music, dancing until 7am, dancing with other women. I'm glad that at least I can connect with women on here.

No. 657990

>Maybe we should stop breeding them then.
Right, what do you suggest we do about the millions of animals that are alive and well already then? Murder them all so we don't consume any of their byproduct? Let them decay and be in pain because wool bad?
>hens being exploited
Like I just said, those hens lay all those eggs on their own, that's what most breeds are like nowadays. You pick up the excess eggs that hens are not going to hatch, and leave the ones they will hatch when they are broody. This is not exploitation. If you stopped interfering, you'd have an oversupply of rotting eggs everywhere.

I also strongly suggest you read a book or two on ethical farming practices, volunteer at a nearby homestead to see firsthand what is done, and stop watching videos made by delusional hippies on the internet. Lots of free content out there, I recommend starting with the Soil Association's farming resources. Cheers.

No. 657997

We've been eating it for a long time for a reason, it has tons of nutrients, and can be made into cheese to be kept. Might as well say humans should have never have selectively bred veggies and fruits to become more nutritious and tasty, because we were never meant to consume them. Things change and that's ok.

There's lots of ethical and still financially viable ways to keep cows and goats, I feel like most vegans just have a problem with factory farming. Unless vegans have found some new foodstuff that's just as delicious and nutritious as animal products, then idk how they can change people's minds.

No. 657998

>Right, what do you suggest we do about the millions of animals that are alive and well already then? Murder them all so we don't consume any of their byproduct?
But you're ok with killing them for meat anyway. Dairy cows are killed for meat too. If not all animals could go to sanctuaries just kill the remaining ones for meat and never breed them again. It's better than constantly creating and killing new generations of animals. I don't understand this silly circular logic: "We have to create them so we can kill them. No, we can't stop creating them because they would die!" Lmao

I bet you didn't watch the videos. She uses actual sources, not made up bullshit or industrial propaganda. "Ethical" farming wouldn't satisfy current demand for meat and dairy on a global scale, it consumes too much time and produces less. Enjoy your deforestation because you need beef I guess.

No. 658003

Imagine admittedly wanting to rape women, cheat, rape animals and act like you're the victim for thinking these things
Male genocide when?

No. 658005

No. 658007

Covid feminazi ver. please

No. 658013

Also don't tell me to go work on a farm. I've studied veterinary (for a short time and then dropped it) and one of our teachers told us about practices in the dairy industry and also what's happening in slaugheterhouses, where workers beat cows in the heads if they're scared and don't want to move and how abuse is normal there and if you're a student and you have practical in a slaughterhouse and you see something like this, you can't intervene because they will kick you out from the class. So as a student you're learning to shut the fuck up and not to react to abuse from the start.
Also slaughter house workers have one of the highest domestic abuse rates and also suffer from PTSD because the job fucks with their heads

No. 658016

Not trying to bait, really, but why do people care about animals?

No. 658018

>I've studied veterinary (for a short time and then dropped it)
I can see that.

No. 658022

Yeah, actually quite a few people drops because they can't deal with the abuse.

No. 658023

Too much time on their hands.

No. 658024

thought something was going on in town with all the traffic but turns out it's just a bunch of retarded ass trump supporters driving around town in their pickup with flags on them and honking at people.

No. 658025

I think our brain just sees most animals as… babies? Like it can't distinguish between a cute cat and a cute baby which makes it easier for us to bond and want to protect the cat? Idk

No. 658026

This reminds me of some distant relatives who got in very minor trouble for beating the baby cows because he was frustrated. Farm animals are not protected whatsoever.

No. 658028

So you have no response then

No. 658032

Chinese beauty videos are so retarded that’s it’s frustrating. I wonder what’s going on over there for that to even be a trend there.

No. 658034

Post an example of what you're talking about?

No. 658035

I think that anon said everything by implying that you sound very naive

No. 658037

Im NTA. but calling someone who brought up a bunch of legit points naive instead of addressing them isn’t saying anything except that you lost the argument

No. 658043

NTA, but it looks like you lost this one. Why not do this?
>If not all animals could go to sanctuaries just kill the remaining ones for meat and never breed them again. It's better than constantly creating and killing new generations of animals.
Also, what do you suggest re: baby male chicks? How should farm animals be treated? Is the abuse good?
I'm not even a vegan or vegetarian, but it's good to think about these things and try to come up with better ways. Meat-eaters are annoying as fuck about this subject because they lack logic, and the "I grew up on a farm so I know everything about everything!" ones are some of the smuggest and worst.

No. 658044

What the fuck is it with moids and wanting to fuck animals? Every time it’s brought up I always think of that dude who died because he let a horse mount him. Or the one about that farmer that caught some dudes trying to fuck his cows and film it. Why are they like thissssss

No. 658045

Why is it that all well behaved children end up depressed or wild later in life? I was such a good kid, never caused trouble, and now I want to literally DIE kek. Probably because no one paid attention to me so now I have no sense of self worth.

No. 658047

WOW that is fucking cute
I’m sold.

No. 658048

It’s crazy, some people act as if you are not right in the head if you care enough about animals not to eat them. No judgment towards those who do necessarily, just those who are unhinged enough to make being a meat-eater a core personality trait. It’s fucking backwards lol.

No. 658049

> what's happening in slaugheterhouses, where workers beat cows in the heads if they're scared and don't want to move and how abuse is normal there
Haha what the fuck, anon. Nta, but my family has a slaughterhouse and no one beats up the cows? Are you retarded? Or did you go to some low end type of slaughterhouse?
The animals need to be treated nicely so the meat is nice, when you beat up an animal that will be used for meat consumption, a real veterinarian will say “yo what the fuck are you doing” and the people that beat up said will get sent the fuck out.

No. 658050

It's a first world middle class problem. If you wanna end suffering focus on humans first tbh.

No. 658053

No pal, thinking that your food is just your food and it doesn't affect anything (like most people do) is naive.
>beef production is the top driver of deforestation in the world's tropical forests. The forest conversion it generates more than doubles that generated by the production of soy, palm oil, and wood products (the second, third, and fourth biggest drivers) combined
>In the Amazon alone, 80% of current destruction is driven by the cattle sector
>Converting forest to pasture for beef cattle, largely in Latin America, is responsible for destroying 2.71 million hectares of tropical forest each year—an area about the size of the state of Massachusetts—in just four countries. This is more than half of tropical deforestation in South America, and more than five times as much as any other commodity in the region

Also the the soy is primarily used to feed pork, poultry, and dairy cows, not people.

No. 658055

Are you really retarded enough to pretend that it doesn’t happen just because it supposedly didn’t happen in yours? And what about what they do to chickens? Come on, try harder

No. 658057

>The animals need to be treated nicely so the meat is nice
This sentence is so disgusting because it implies you would be ok with beating animals if it made the meat tastier.

No. 658058

Didn't fulfill all the stages of development. Good kid usually just means 'obedient quiet internalizing kid' that was easy for adults to take care of (since they didn't really need to take care of them at all).

No. 658059

Honestly, thinking about mistreatment of farm animals makes me feel like an edgy nihlist. I know in the abstract that grinding chicks sounds horriffic, but the more I think about it, I feel like it doesn't really matter. It's sad, but I can't bring myself to care about it on the same level I would care about any mistreatment of a human being.

No. 658060

Step away from the screen and make some tea anon

No. 658062

It's not odd to feel more for humans than other animals.

No. 658063

Are you retarded? Slaughterhouses are one of the most disturbing places. My uncle used to work at one and he once told me the sheep sometimes died waiting slaughter because they’d become so stressed and panicked their stomachs would split open inside of them. They are horrific places, fuck off with this bullshit take.

No. 658064

Well, why not? Our survival has relied on good, or at least harmonious, relations with animals for a very long time. They feel pain, fear and a desire to survive like we do. They help us, can provide protection, sometimes save our lives, act as companions, etc.
All (or most) serial killers started off abusing animals, and hatred of animals is often associated with generally antisocial, destructive traits. In people, love for animals is commonly seen with positive traits, such as generosity, kindness, etc. Some measure of selfishness is healthy, but overdoing it is obviously bad (especially in the cases where people start to get satisfaction from others' pain and/or lacking, this is true for both humans and animals).
It's not a "first world middle class" thing, either. Poor people certainly don't hate dogs, cats, etc. Everyone is capable of empathy. You can also care about relations with other humans and animals. Only a moron wouldn't be capable of considering two things at once.

No. 658065

Why? Humans bring suffering, we need less of us not more.

No. 658066

Wow. That’s so edgy and deep, man.

No. 658067

I know, I don't hate them or anything, but it's so odd when you contrast it with people beating down weaker people (wars, etc.) but then wanting to protect animals because they are weak.

No. 658068

Unironically, that's how many people think. For one example, in China's Dog Meat Festival, and in some similar practices in Korea, it's believed that the more the animal suffers, the better the meat tastes.
Also, in the case of China's festivals, they often steal people's dogs. Don't really know how people justify that (besides the retarded "that's their culture" argument), but it makes me sad. Humans are fucked.

No. 658070

I don’t have time to now, but you know the ones—nose tape, face tape on the sides, scraping the fake nose off, etc. basically all of the ig videos that are popular are some form of that

No. 658072

Halal meat too. Got to make those animals suffer for it to be pure, obviously.

No. 658074

That's true though. If women all over the world had 100% autonomy over their bodies and reproductive systems and access to free birth control, there would NEVER be 7.8 billion people on Earth today. That amount of people is stricly connected to the position of women in society.
So we have a huge amount of people who consume more meat than in the past and more than they need (well, the wast majority of them don't need it all to be healthy but you catch my drift). Supplying all those people in "ethical" way is not possible. Nor is living in "harmony" with nature. Producing only plants would consume a lot of resources with that amount of mouths to feed, BUT it would've been far less destructive than producing animal products AND plants.

No. 658077

Then the answer to that is secure women’s welfare and reproductive rights. Not let poor people starve to death kek

No. 658078

Why should I bother responding when I literally said in my original post that I didn't agree with the treatment of animals in the meat industry, and brought up issues of wool, eggs and honey specifically as nonsensical things people have hangups about? You're not telling me anything I don't already know, you're just looking to argue. Whose mind are you looking to change here?

You also admitted you're unwilling to look up anything about farming ethics and practices like I suggested, and instead of researching the issues you claim to care so much about you parrot your only source, your teacher, long after you dropped out of university and link random YouTube videos as if it's relevant to what I posted.

I care plenty about animals but I've little time for petulant children who refuse to have civilised discourse or read more about issues they claim to care about and their only goal is to win an internet argument on an anonymous imageboard.

No. 658079

>petulant children
>civilized discourse on lolcow

No. 658081

God damn no wonder vegans think we are drooling brain dead retards

No. 658083

>caring about their opinions

No. 658084

Ok so how do we, for example, supply millions of people with eggs without killing off billions of male baby chicks (by either suffocating them or grinding them alive). How do we do it in "ethical" way?

No. 658085

For someone who sees others as children, you're acting very immature. You defended eggs, anon brought up the real issue with chickens, and you glossed over it to make the "We need to keep up these abusive practices forever, too late now" argument. Anon provided an interesting suggestion and explained her own experience in this topic, which you glossed over to be weirdly arrogant about her education.
You're not going to convince anyone of anything if all you can do is be condescending and not actually back up your claims. At least she linked to YT videos that had sources for what they say.
You even seem to think we're all the same person. Nope.

No. 658086

You straight up ignored 75% of the posts and then lied about what you like we can’t just scroll up and read it. Wild

No. 658088

>I won't post any arguments, just go read a book!
Why did you even start posting? Just to say you disagree and leave? Kek

No. 658090

Anon don’t worry, >>658078 is a special breed of retarded.

No. 658091

I hate when people are like
>"You're wrong. I won't provide any sources or proof, though. In fact, do your research until you find out that I'm right"
If you cared enough to argue, why wouldn't you provide sources? Are you just making shit up to save face? Stop.
The only time it makes sense is if you're arguing with someone you've already given sources to and they ignored them, but even then, that person's clearly too retarded and stubborn to bother arguing with.

No. 658094

Changing people's diet is easier than changing the innate male drive to subjegate women and coerce them into having sex and not having an abortion.

No. 658114

But anon didn’t argue to change people’s diets? They argued to let people die bc overpopulation

No. 658117

>Also vegetarians/vegans just tend to be more health conscious people
then why are they often obese or anorexic? i've never seen an in-between

No. 658121

People are just fucking lazy and don't actually care.

No. 658126

nice antidote

No. 658139

Lol I thought I’d see twitterfags simping this movie in the comments but it’s a bunch of right wingers. Looks flashy with no substance.

No. 658141

File: 1602972184115.jpeg (731.87 KB, 3464x3464, BDE83429-B499-4D0A-BAC1-F2FF59…)

Had one the best birthdays of my life. My boyfriend of three years got me these beautiful earrings and a handmade wooden jewellery box with cute little deers painted on them and bought me so much food. He cuddled me and had such great sex with me and he looks gorgeous lately. My sister also returned today and bought me a ring, matching earrings and I got flowers and a bottle of Chanel Noir from my parents. I feel absolutely blessed to have such lovely people who genuinely care about me in my life. I’ve finally gotten a job that comfortably covers my rent and bills. Life is so good right now.

No. 658142

Depends on the platform on which the argument takes place tbh. It’s fucking dumb and a misuse of time to invest effort in writing a paper on imageboards for example. Call a retard a retard and move on, it’s all they deserve.

No. 658151

>providing sources for arguments on lolcow where most people just fling shit and call the other side a retard

No. 658159

File: 1602973554605.jpeg (54.86 KB, 540x555, A6BDFAB5-7E95-4B4D-9F7B-F519DB…)

I’m glad, anon! That’s truly wholesome, I hope you get to get even more nice stuff in your life!

No. 658176

File: 1602974633477.jpeg (39.26 KB, 500x500, multi.jpeg)

Anon,I'm a junk food vegan too. I'll eat nothing but crisps for the whole day. Or literally just drink beer. I agree with >>656637 , try simple pasta sauce. Try including cutting up banana in your cereal or drink orange juice for potassium. And the then take a multi-vitamin like picrel. Vegan specific vitamins have the correct amount of B-12, that's the only reason I recommend them over a regular multi.

Oh, and stir-frys are really quick and easy to make. And you can make a bunch at once so you'll have meals for later on that week.

No. 658178

Based. This lady makes scrotes seethe because they can't accept that women care about looks too. Men are poor judges of their own looks anyway. I think women have way more insecurities and rate themselves lower than an average man would rate himself.
>but OkCupid study found that women find 80 percent of men unattractive!
Well the same study shows that when it comes to actually making contact with potential mate, males go after women that are way out of their league more often than vice versa.

No. 658186

Just ate two breakfast sandwiches and a bagel with a whole half of an avocado on it, and now I feel FAT and BLOATED. worth it tho. Breakfast food is the best.

No. 658187

>secret raves
How does one find or get invited to these events? I guess explaining it to me might take away some of the exclusivity but it sounds really fun and nicer than having to worry about a rotes trying to drug your drinks at gross clubs

No. 658190

Sorry meant *scrotes (on my phone)

No. 658195

I'm a radical vegan and I'm trying so hard to not sperg at the retarded arguments meat-chan is making.
Happy birthday, anon! I'm glad you're feeling good about life right now.
You just have to know the right people. Like,I'm friends with a lot of people in the local electronic music scene and the drag scene. It helps that I sell psychedelics and DJ a bit too.

No. 658198

Ayrt, I have pretty niche interests in electronic music, it's a DIY community that forms around this kind of music so the local DJs will organize secret raves and underground club nights in unusual places. I definitely prefer it to going to commercial clubs. Depending on your city, I'm sure that there's a community like this where you live

No. 658199

Because I spend way too much time on KF and LC, I've been using the word autism a bit too liberally, and there has been some instances where I've let the word slip in conversations with friends or co-workers. I really need to be careful, people are going to believe I hate autistic people or something.

No. 658201

Why would this set cost 50k for Ethan to build? That sounds insane considering how small and basic it is.

No. 658202

> I'm a radical vegan and I'm trying so hard to not sperg at the retarded arguments meat-chan is making.

I’m not even a vegan, and I still want to slap some sense intro meat-chan

No. 658203

Nah, when you make claims, people will want to see proof. If you can't deliver, don't bother.

No. 658205

>I'm a radical vegan and I'm trying so hard to not sperg at the retarded arguments meat-chan is making.
I didn't read most of that argument and I'm also vegetarian so I don't have much space to talk but I can't help but think it's funny when meat eaters tell vegans/vegetarians to stop talking about animal abuse and stop telling people what to eat, and then call us stupid, tell us our diets are bad and ignore all the animal abuse that goes on cause a couple of farms aren't as bad as others

No. 658208

this pussy is ineffable

No. 658210

you could easily say the same thing about anons claiming all vegans are healthy tbh

No. 658212

Where has anyone claimed all vegans are healthy?

No. 658213

No one claimed that, but if you google it it’s actually true that vegans are more likely to eat healthy

No. 658214

File: 1602981720824.jpeg (156.17 KB, 750x961, 12239EB7-D44B-4FFA-8975-00C564…)

I wish I knew how to photoshop so I could do stuff like these, it’s really cool.

No. 658215

File: 1602981829564.png (311.41 KB, 410x586, Screen Shot 2020-10-17 at 7.36…)

I called this girl out on reddit a year ago saying her photos were photoshopped (She claims this is her naturally body after weight loss and working out) and I got CREMATED by people telling me it was completely realistic. She came across my feed again today and it seems like people are starting to finally realize it's not possible.

Even better? She's not black. She was just put on blast for actually being a white girl from Poland. I love being right.

No. 658216

Anons, don’t bother. The other party won’t stop doing what they’re doing just because someone in an anonymous board told them to do so.

No. 658219

Her thigh and cooch area are disturbing me. How could someone not notice the wobbly-ness, even with the shorts cutting into her thighs

No. 658221

That's really surprising. All the vegans I know live off of frozen food like hash browns. I'm glad some people are eating well.

No. 658222

I took so long preparing these pomegranates. Not really sure if it was worth the effort but I have a container full of pomegranate to eat now lol

No. 658223

Was she saying she was black? She looks Italian or some kind of Mediterranean to me.

No. 658224

The whole vegan/vegetarian argument about killing animals being unethical is fucking retarded. Humans are not herbivores. We do not have the same digestive tracts necessary to get nutrion from plants as cows do. We have eyes at the front of heads because we evolved to hunt and eat other animals.
"Where do you think animals get their protein from hurrdurr" does not apply to us at all because plant protein is not as bioavailable to us as protein from animals. Animal products contain so many more micronutrients and healthy fats than plants (and don't give me crap about saturated fats being the literal worst because heart disease has become more widespread with the phasing out of lard and butter and their replacement with things like vegetable oil, margerine, etc). The fact that vegans have to rely on so many supplements shows how nutritionally lacking their diet is.
The idea that we somehow exist outside of nature and that the difference between us and other animals that eat other animals is that "we can choose and they can't uwu" is fucking bullshit.
I hate factory farming and of course think that we should raise and slaughter animals in the most humane way we can but the killing of other animals for food shouldn't be the huge moral debate that it is today, it hasn't been in most cultures for thousands of years, and the whole "cruelty free" thing is preformative by almost everyone that preaches it. Don't support the killing of animals, don't support the cruelty of the dairy industry, eat plants instead and problem solved! Ignoring the impoverished and exploited farm workers growing their food. And the carbon footprint that comes with the tropical fruit they need for their retarded fucking smoothies, not even bothering to check whether or not it was grown with near slave labour.
And to the anon going on about how it's not a class thing, poor people can be empathetic too!!!, yes it is. People with very little money to buy food with aren't able to afford the organic sustainable cruelty free certified woke shit, they're going to have to go with the cheaper options. And if your options are from a mistreated animal and a mistreated child in a developing country, I'd go with the animal. Fuck vegans.

No. 658226

File: 1602982649983.png (333.84 KB, 437x481, Screen Shot 2020-10-17 at 7.58…)

Anyone who is tanning to this extent and doing this hairstyle is claiming to be black/mixed. Period.

No. 658227

So white people can't even tan now without claiming to be acting black? Fuck off.

No. 658228

File: 1602982767988.jpg (77.93 KB, 643x820, 0a1.jpg)

No. 658229

NTA but the strawman fallacy in this statement is strong… Anon didn't say that

No. 658230

>Anyone who is tanning to this extent
>to this extent
Just in case you missed the most important words.

No. 658232

She lives in Poland and could be half or even fully jewish and tan very well. Styling her baby hairs was a joke though.

No. 658234

File: 1602983155175.png (170.11 KB, 501x285, Screen Shot 2020-10-17 at 8.06…)

> Thinks looking like this still qualifies as getting a regular degular tan.

No. 658235

You know what, nevermind. That's sunless tanner and some really shitty contouring that's several shades darker. Her hand is pretty pale in comparison. And blotchy, gross.

No. 658236

That still doesn't explain why so many of them are hamplanets.
I'm not trying to stop anyone, I genuinely don't get how someone can be healthy and fat or ana-tier at the same time.

No. 658238

naw I didn't because vegans don't really care like they say they do and you're just proving my point

No. 658240

Idk how to tell you this but….not wanting to read a long ass post on an imageboard ≠ not caring about an issue. Your word isn't indisputable fact, anon. I'm sorry to break it to you. If you want people to care you can take it to some other website with actual evidence.

No. 658244

Racial dysphoria.

No. 658251

Is not real

No. 658257

Not that anon but that basically explains why no one ever wants to give sources during arguments on here because they know no one actually gives a fuck and would rather say tldr / no1curr / ur just retarded lmao

No. 658258

>And to the anon going on about how it's not a class thing, poor people can be empathetic too!!!,
I'm not even a vegan and my post wasn't about veganism. Are you just angry that I said it's good to care about animals? Pathetic and sad.

No. 658262

Not that anon, either, but even that anon didn't give sources. That's a long post consisting of their own opinions.
You can literally post one sentence stating your thoughts, and then a link to what lead you to that thought. It's not difficult.

No. 658268

I took a really good selfie earlier and now I can’t stop staring at it. Am I becoming a narcissist anons?

No. 658269

It’s okay to appreciate your own beauty, anon.
i have two selfies I love to the moon and back

No. 658270

No. Keep feeling yourself, anon.

No. 658274

I am growing weary of all the pull-tier racebait infesting every thread. Someone end my suffering.

No. 658287

Made rice and beans and homemade corn tortillas nom nom nom

No. 658288

I showed my mom a random bruise on my leg and she freaked out. Apparently to her it looks like I'm a battered wife, but literally nothing happened to cause it. I didn't fall or hit anything. Now I'm scared.

No. 658291

I found the Twitter of an old friend from school, and found out she's racefaking as Native American. I almost want to confront her about it, but she has her DMs turned off.

No. 658297

Follow her kek, I'd bet seeing your name in her notifications would be enough to freak her out (if your display name is recognizable, that is)

No. 658299

Pretendians are so embarrassing.
Do what >>658291 said lmao, doubly so if you're Indigenous yourself.

No. 658313

File: 1602995899363.jpeg (61.09 KB, 481x241, 5C5422B9-EA14-44A0-9332-EFBAFA…)

>try to do a pretty nice drawing
>look for references and everything
>imitates reference at home so it makes sense
>makes drawing
But then
>do quick sketch during class
>kind of pretty nice
This is exactly why i never even dream of doing art seriously, I admire the people that got the time and conviction to do their art stuff.

No. 658314

You got the last laugh, she is ridiculed and mocked a lot for being polish actually

No. 658322

Why does it feel like guys are more into me at 30 than at 18. I remember it was so hard for me to get laid but now most cute guys of all ages wanna hit it.

No. 658328

Probably because you don't reek of desperation. 18-25 most girls are just subconsciously desperate and it shows.

No. 658335

Robert Pattinson creeps me tf out and people keep posting pictures of his demented face in the image thread in /m/ and it's making me sad because i have to hide the thread now otherwise i'll get grossed out

No. 658341

File: 1602999658309.png (2.81 MB, 1070x1616, logan.png)

If women consider short men to be unattractive, then why do so many women want to fuck James Howlett? Checkmate, incels.

No. 658342

I changed usernames since, but I'll do it lol.
I'm not indigenous but I am a brown poc. She once told me I didn't count, because I'm "just tan," so I really feel like getting her on this not gonna lie.

No. 658345

It would be nice if I could go into /ot/ and not see race sperging for a change.

No. 658346

I mean I'm 5'7 and I really ask is for a guy to be as tall as me, and if he has some other redeeming quality then I can overlook him being an inch or two shorter

No. 658348

I'm brazilian but the brazilian userbase here is so lame. Why are you guys always trying to convince everyone here how shit Brazil is? Not a single person can mention Brazil without someone here going, "we're 3rd world, i can't leave my house without being shot, once someone spat on me on the streets!" Like, yeah it's a shithole but I've never seen a population so eager to jump on the first oportunity to badmouth their country to foreigners. It's like you anons are trying to look as pathetic as possible to others.
Imagine if someone said "I want to travel to NY!" and the kneejerk reaction of a North American was "Acshoally, people murder others here."
Sorry, just catching up.

No. 658349

Putting on Opera vpn's and checking to see how each person has been banned on which IP is so fucking funny

No. 658350

This video has me thinking some sort of way about him all of a sudden. The arms are …. 10/10. I wish he was tall though.

No. 658351

this thing is absolutely precious and i want one

No. 658352

Post screencaps

No. 658360

there are troons in fucking r/vindicta and I gave them valuable information without realizing I'm seething. whatever ig.

No. 658361

God, I forgot Joji is shorter than me and now I just want to put him inside my mouth and chew him this is just so cute
I'm tired of having romantic dreams about him

No. 658364

File: 1603002746039.jpg (919.98 KB, 1000x1500, d8o8ztf-03fbd80f-797d-4dd6-864…)

>If he has some other redeeming quality then I can overlook him being an inch or two shorter
Like being Wolverine

No. 658367

I wonder in about 15-20 years how many lawsuits will be filed by theybies against the parent/parents that did this to them ?

No. 658371

The joji brainrot on lc is real and spreads like an STD just according to keikaku

No. 658375

Please, it's like 3 spergs constantly posting about him and feeling validated when the other couple of spergs respond in agreement. He is neither attractive nor relevant enough to 'spread' beyond that.

No. 658383

Does anyone else get suspicious of anons who type "y'all" a lot? It gives me strong Twitter vibes for some reason.

No. 658384

File: 1603005726892.jpg (30.88 KB, 1020x421, Ed1.jpg)

No. 658396

File: 1603006663424.jpg (175.15 KB, 1234x763, pattinphobia.jpg)

No. 658420

Getting into arm wrestling and wondering if they shart themselves from tensing up so much. This is what quarantine makes me do

No. 658425

That corpse husband faggot I keep seeing is definitely an ugly little manlet, and I doubt he even has gerd he just says that so people don’t clown him for altering his voice like that. His fans are bigger losers than he is.

No. 658430

File: 1603012964589.jpg (307.61 KB, 1242x959, 1602826619346.jpg)

but look at this musical talent anon

No. 658435

I think so too. Sometimes feels like I’m amongst literal 16 years olds who pathetically crush on any man with an anime avatar and ~~hot voice (not)~~
At least the moist critikal simps know that their taste is specifically repulsive manlets who compensate with comical low voice.

No. 658436

Just as real as gender dysphoria kek

No. 658437

File: 1603013889318.gif (433.04 KB, 268x201, disgusting.gif)


No. 658439

That's his music I keep hearing about? How incredibly cringy.

No. 658440

I’m not an expert since I just started hate-researching him, but from what I see he’s only shown his face to Mykie and half his face to Anthony. God I wish I could ask her to blink twice if he looks like Quasimodo.


No. 658442

File: 1603014384691.jpeg (85.6 KB, 663x547, F73BB9CB-E9F6-48C6-92C8-CBDC4A…)

unnnf corpse husband daddy

No. 658445

File: 1603015239594.png (19.49 KB, 590x202, Capture3.PNG)

People like this need to be locked up before they hurt somebody. Stay safe out there!

No. 658449

Does anyone else think/hope Instagram will decline sometime in this decade? Like how Facebook kind of sizzled out once everyone and their moms were on it. Fb is still huge obviously, but it isn't what it used to be.

I think people will start to get sick of brands/companies/artists/anyone trying to make money etc. oversaturating the instagram market.

No. 658451

turns out I have huge vitamin D deficit, like it's barely there. I've been breaking out, losing hair, recently I got so weak… you know when you get up too quickly and you get this blood rush in your head and feel dizzy? I was like that at least 5 times a day doing random things and then boom, I have to sit on the floor. and it never occurred to me. I found out doing a bloodwork for something unrelated. Sometimes I'm so dumb when it comes to my health, now it's obvious but ugh. I felt so bad for so long and it would only took some supplements to be okay

No. 658452

Courtney Stodden made out with this dude on his reality show.
All I really wanted to know was who he was and why he's verified.

No. 658453

File: 1603016621117.png (87.22 KB, 280x257, 99A1EA73-D917-4B0A-9F50-7BAA4C…)

No. 658454

I studied in Japan for a year but was super fucking depressed (50% non study abroad reasons relating to stupid fuck boy, 50% being alone in a new country with little support system). I did make friends but I look back on it and wish I was my current self back then. All my Japanese friends were so welcoming and tried their best to get me out of my room and doing stuff. I shut a lot of them out. One girl in particular always hung out with me one on one. Her english wasn’t the best, and my Japanese wasn’t the best, but we made it work and hung out a lot. She even saw me off at the airport when I left to go home and gave me a letter that I still have where she wrote how much she treasured our time together and how she was glad she met me and couldn’t wait to see me again. Towards the end of my time there, I opened up and hung out with more of my friends, but it always feels too little too late.

It been like 4 or 5 years now, but I lost touch with a lot of them. The people I was closest to (that one girl, as well as this boy who studied in Cali and knew my situation with muh cripplin depression lol) have tried to reach out to me again, but up until recently, I was still struggling really bad. They invited me for dinner because they were in my city a while back, but I ignored the invite and haven’t spoken to them since. I’m too embarrassed at what a fucking rude dipshit I’ve been for so long. It feels like I’m just making up excuses for so long for why I’ve been such an awful friend. I want to reach out but I feel like I can’t either. I stopped studying Japanese too. I just feel like ass about the whole thing.

Anyway I went on the girl’s instagram and she still has photos up of when we hung out together, with cute captions like “the memories of summer~“ or “anon’s first time in asakusa! her japanese has gotten good ♥” and it just made me miss her so fucking much.

No. 658458

instagram is trash. at this point idk why anyone would go there. (actually I do sadly, because everyone irl asks if you have it, its pretty popular for normies… but hope youre right)
twitter is trash too, knowing what I do now I would never make an account there, nothing of value. social media is exactly as you said. like a kitchen drain getting clogged with soggy garbage. I hope it drives people off insta but right now i'm not sure because normies use it to connect, the fools

No. 658463

That's serial killer behavior imo. This kind of parasocial obsession is the exact thing that leads to people getting butchered and made into skinsuits.

No. 658472

Don’t bring this disabled king into this, he did nothing wrong

No. 658473

Sort of unrelated, but taking vitamin supplements really made a difference in the way I feel for the better. Definitely would recommend.

No. 658483

I cried so hard, bawled, all night long yesterday because I was feeling emo about not having a dad and I got my period today so that explains it.

No. 658485

Corpse feels like cryaotic all over again
The mask, readings, always speaking low etc, tons of fangirls

No. 658487

Kys larper.

No. 658488

Are you okay anon? Larping as who? I just have a pattern of feeling down before getting periods.

No. 658489

No. 658495

Underage or man

No. 658496

you suffer not alone
I hate that shit. My favorite is the crappy self esteem blow right before and not being able to get out of the wahh, no one wuvs me headspace and then seeing that surprise underwear streak. All the puzzle pieces fit together after seeing it, and then I feel retarded and inconvenienced

No. 658497

I wish there was a new app to come up that’s not toxic but my hopes are not high

No. 658499

Nta but wallowing in self pity isn’t a side effect of the menstrual cycle

No. 658500

Anon it’s not too late. She sounds really sweet and like she genuinely enjoyed your time together. I’d give everything to have a sweet friend in japan lol maybe one day you feel good you can drop her a message or send her a letter. Don’t feel too much pressure bc you didn’t feel well enough to meet them.

No. 658501

it would become toxic if it got popular. full misanthropy people are cancer in large doses

No. 658502

Glad you've got your shit under control during yours. Wish the rest of us had the luxury to deal with mood issues that are, in fact, a fucking side effect of hormonal shifts during the menstrual cycle.

No. 658504

having a bad day/mood before getting your period is tho… I sure know that lol

No. 658510

It is tho anon lol

No. 658513

File: 1603025526270.jpg (71.41 KB, 680x642, fa75df91ef0fe81e5b56d634e7ef53…)

God I fucking hate his face so much

>Um actually, the wage gap doesn't exist and also one of the main problem with in our society are how badly single deadbeat fathers are treated

No. 658515

Wait what's this character from?

No. 658519

I'm guessing from the 50% fuckboi thing being that you either dated a gaijin chaser looking for a personal English tutor/foreign sex dispenser or a fellow transfer student and for all anons planning to study abroad in Japan I give you advice: don't fucking do it. It ends up in heartbreak every single time.

Anyway anon I suggest you keep in touch with the girl. She sounds legitimately sweet and happy that she got to meet you.

No. 658527

Villian from Megamind.

No. 658539

Yeah, you fucked up.

No. 658547

File: 1603028290364.jpeg (49.53 KB, 407x321, 4C663EF5-99A1-4372-87D7-E320BC…)

I love the word "coochie" its funny

No. 658548

Surprisingly, the fuckboy wasn't a gaijin chaser or fellow transfer student lol. It was someone I met back at home and was friends/fwb for a few years before going to Japan to study.

I still have her on line so maybe I'll send a message one of these days apologizing for dropping off the face of the earth lol. I'd really love to see her and all my other friends again if I can ever get back to Japan post corona. Thanks anon.

No. 658557

Honestly she looks hideous even without that body visualizer. That artist needs to get out of his basement and look around how people actually look like.

No. 658558

I only meant to imply he is the superior husbando.

No. 658564

File: 1603029534140.jpg (153.58 KB, 1133x1314, 64e0333d-2d10-4a80-9950-8c45ca…)

No. 658571

File: 1603030215363.jpeg (390.79 KB, 1423x1774, 22AD631C-5151-4DB4-99D5-A160E1…)

My coochie smells weird (yeast infection, my first and quite mild. Waiting to see the doc) so I keep thinking about him. Coochie… I love him so much. It will sound strange but I understand why at least 2 other characters fixate on him. I would be his tall gf in the vento aureo time period or later. He is such a respectable guy. Too bad that araki draws him smaller and smaller until he is the size of a small cube. I mean, it's pretty funny so it's part of the appeal. He would have to be normal manlet size for me to be with him. Can't have him any smaller, it'd be weird

No. 658580

Beta cuck

No. 658595

It warms my heart every time I see anons being mean to moids here. Off anon we always need to entertain their shit and be "the bigger person" or we get hounded for hurting male feefees but at least here we can go tell them to stick their dick in a blender.

No. 658599

No. 658643

Never understand what's so attractive about obnoxiously large tits on a skelly body, they just look like Mike wazowski

No. 658649

I want a vintage gunne sax dress but they’re out of my budget right now and I’d prefer one in darker colours which i didn’t see much yet ugh

No. 658654

If they’re natural and of a decent shape, I don’t see an issue but bolt-one are repulsive

No. 658660

it’s been said again and again but wow are the art salt threads awful. i can’t remember a time when they were even good kek

No. 658662

I avoid. I don’t have problems with engagement or following so I’ve never really felt the need to wade that cesspool.

No. 658683

They’re bad but at least they’re containment. Though sometimes the art fag arguments leak to other threads

No. 658693

File: 1603039785091.png (517.5 KB, 600x331, 7yearsforthisshit.png)

I've been using Evernote for almost a decade, and even though it's not perfect I liked it enough to keep all my shit organized in it. Yesterday they finally made a big update (with night mode! only years after every other company!) and it lost my favourite feature: justified text. Only a neat freak would understand the importance of having all my texts and notes tidy, and I thought that the people behind a fucking filling system would think like that. But no.
I'm not mad, I'm just sad that one of my favourite programs (where I have ALL MY FUCKING SHIT ORGANIZED) suffered from the same fate every bit of technology is suffering. Every product becomes the same, like the people behind it have not a bit of imagination, or the drive to do something good or unique instead of something average. Everything is watered down and copied ad nauseum.
Evernote is not Evernote anymore, is just a shittier version of Notion.

No. 658702

Depends, some natural ones look horrible if they're huge on a very skinny body, at least imo, like the Abby Shapiro doppleganger nudes look horrible, I don't know how anyone can be turned on by that

No. 658724

His (obviously fake) voice is ugly and sounds like he has both some good laryngitis and bronchitis.

No. 658727

damn this is what happened to the gingers have souls guy?

No. 658734

File: 1603044764065.jpeg (293.56 KB, 1119x1548, 5A7086C6-750B-40CD-9D5C-034666…)

Real corpse-husband face reveal (not clickbate)

No. 658738


No. 658740

looking at that made me feel horrible about my tits ngl

No. 658746

File: 1603045418823.jpeg (261.21 KB, 1096x1772, 48218E23-C033-478F-8E21-FC101E…)

Choke me like you hate me but you love me lowkey

No. 658750

That's not true. I just searched for it and they look fine to me. I have a similiar body and I don't think I look horrible, could do with less sag though.

No. 658751

That one Filipino artist thread kinda reminds me of Berry Tsukasa one. Where anons try and debunk their lies. Also remember when the Berry thread was active here

No. 658753

God it’s been years, hasn’t it? I don’t even know where she went

No. 658754

Aren't both Filipinas? What's with Filipina chicks and status chasing?

No. 658755

god, why do I have to look up nudes as soon as someone mentions? They're really full and have a nice shape. Christ, she's like a 26gg though. That's got to suck finding a bra with a frame that small/cup so big.

No. 658772

Leave this poor little baby alone he’s trying his best

No. 658778

He looks like no neck Ed with a neck

No. 658791

It doesn't look healthy at all to me anon, it just looks ridiculous and like an extreme caricature instead of a healthy woman
>But I'm anachan with big perfect tits it this makes me sad
You and the rest of lolcow anon

No. 658794

stan!! wk!!1

No. 658797

Wait is this fr or can't I recognize a joke on the internet

No. 658800

I did reverse google image search and it’s just some picture of a metal vocalist

No. 658801

No. 658807

It’s real.

No. 658814

Whenever someone replies 'take your meds' to an anon, it makes me laugh so much

No. 658816

You can tell when anons haven’t refilled their Zyprexa script in awhile

No. 658825

free bleeding in water parks

No. 658827


No. 658831

People who menstruate welcome

No. 658836

I wish a woman would love me, I'd give her so much love. Where are you, my future love? It seems so impossible, a woman liking me… I still want it to happen.

No. 658843

Maybe your not likable

No. 658846

It's even better when they name a specific med and basically out themself as being pretty familiar with psych meds.

No. 658847


No. 658852

If they call us ovary-havers can we call them smegma-havers? just a thought.

No. 658855

I'm so obsessed with the word milquetoast right now
milquetoast milquetoast milquetoast
It sounds so breakfasty and so milky and toasty
But also milk and toast are both gross combined or not so the definition makes sense
milquetoast milquetoast milquetoast milquetoast milquetoast

No. 658858

Who calls us that?

No. 658860

File: 1603055583712.png (9.93 KB, 605x116, Sin título.png)

modern society

No. 658861

as a self identified member of #uglygang it always confuses me why perfectly cute or average women in the Photoshop thread do it. Some of them are good looking in general.

No. 658863

can I fix my mega mind forehead with a lace frontal? my head isn’t shaped funny but my natural hairline is absolute shit

No. 658866

Sounds weird but in fairness it's an article about fertility so talking about ovaries isn't obscene in that context

No. 658869

What are you talking about? Obscenity has nothing to do with it. The point is that trannies won't let us use the word 'woman' anymore because it hurts their fee fees, and we've been reduced to 'ovary havers'.

No. 658870

me too wtf i was just thinking about it

No. 658875

Only women have ovaries, calling women "ovary-havers" is dehumanizing as fuck. It's literally reducing us to a body part.

Men still get to be men but women are "bleeders", "ovary havers", and "pregnant people".

No. 658878

I love how CERTAIN GROUPS OF PEOPLE want to use terms like womb-centric, ovary-havers when they just mean women, not even realising there are tons of women who do not have any or some of those organs anymore. I used to use very careful language but now just say women when I fucking mean women and no one is pointing that shit out anymore after I refused to backtrack, feels great.

No. 658882

I have never irl come across anyone deep into that trans friendly language so maybe that's why the fertility article just doesn't trigger me. To me that's all twitter talk and I haven't seen it take any affect on the real world where I live.

No. 658908

File: 1603060793150.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 361.05 KB, 1440x750, aquaslash.jpeg)

No. 658910


No. 658912

If we started insisting that men be called testicle havers there would instantly be protests about how it's dehumanizing and "what about men"

No. 658914

What does it mean if I have actual orgasms listening to music

No. 658923

That i'm jealous of you

No. 658925

File: 1603063436977.jpg (56.26 KB, 620x413, KB2_051419_MC-0363_R-edc3c0c.j…)

I find Joey King to be pretty but her face fucking gets on my nerves, I can't even explain it.
She seems like a really nice girl.

No. 658926

this and how narcissist am i for orgasming to my own quitar playing

No. 658929

All of her features are really close together, like her face has been compressed

No. 658930

i keep watvhing these american pet videos and i am always so genuinely baffled that don't americans know how to read animals or what the fuck is it about there being so many videos of people interacting with angry animals??? pushing their hands and faces towards some growling dogs face?? and people share those videos online like they're cute, like that mr bubz dog, some people even teaching their animals to growl on demand? what the fuck





No. 658934

Look at this fucking retard lol. Lay off the YouTube. Read an article or something, you’re grammar sucks.

No. 658935

We're not gonna watch these, honey.

No. 658938

not to be a pedant but
>you're grammar sucks

No. 658939

Americucks are just narcissist, they love teasing their animals for attention and views. People post photos of their ass on instagram with hashtag "BLM" for the same reason.

No. 658941

period blood stops coming out when you go in water though, there wouldnt be any point in going to water parks on your period if your goal was to bleed everywhere

No. 658942

Tf is going on with all these bitchy anons today, it's almost impressive

No. 658943


No. 658949

i feel so good when i win an argument i made up in my head while taking a shower

No. 658954

>period blood stops coming out when you go in water though
No it doesn't. Holy shit, educate yourself.

No. 658957

>tfw every hypothetical argument I’ve had in my head just makes me angry and upset
Why am I like this.

No. 658958

File: 1603069258492.jpg (130.74 KB, 1125x826, efbb2ae4292a66933744c3330b_fe2…)

now that's a big mood anon

No. 658959

have you ever taken a bath while on your period, twitter-chan? the water pressure makes the blood stay inside of you. it stops coming out of the vagina once the body is submerged

No. 658961

Wtf are you talking about

No. 658963

Wtf no it doesn't lol. You think vaginas are pressurized like the fucking cabin of an airplane?

No. 658964

Google is your friend, bitch.

No. 658978

File: 1603070590713.jpg (172.63 KB, 1080x665, 20201018_212417.jpg)

water has a pressure, not vaginas

No. 658982

mine still comes out, what does that mean

No. 658983

I don't understand why anons sage in /ot/ or /g/

No. 658984

I free bleed for the lighter half of my period

No. 658988

Embarrassment i guess. i do it sometimes too

No. 658989

My vagina is afraid of water. Even just in the shower no matter how long I spend it wont come out but the second I step out to towel off…. release the river!!

No. 658990

Because we aren’t assholes who try to cover up all the new topics with our dumb sperging

No. 658991

It's a habit that I developed on purpose, I'd rather pointlessly sage on here than accidentally forget to sage on /snow/ etc. I won't sage this post now that I'm conscious of it though.

No. 658992

Hate being horny I can’t stop thinking about dumbass shit like how my friend was standing while he was shotgunning a beer and my brain is just like “I desire you carnally”

No. 658993

But sperging is the milk of /ot/

No. 658995

I feel like you can't win. If you don't sage people sperg out at you about not saging. Then when you do sage you get posts like this asking why people don't sage. Personally, I would rather sage just to avoid some random loser sperging out over my post not being important enough to not sage.

No. 658997

True I do love me some infighting but it’s annoying to ask a question or something and it gets lost amongst actual dumbass shit kek

No. 659002

Really wish farmers sage less in non cow boards, I just don’t check threads if they’re not bumped, makes them look so dead even when they’re not and also I want to know if you bitches replied to meeee

No. 659007

File: 1603073253635.jpeg (206.42 KB, 640x480, 5DFAD262-A2B4-4FDD-BFF9-0DF219…)

Last I remember she toned down the shoop? Or maybe just ditched the kawaii uguu look. Its been a while..

No. 659020

Anon.. what?
I didn't post anything about being anachan or how healthy she looks. I appreciate the shape of her boobs and am sad for her back.

No. 659041

people with avoidant attachment should die alone

No. 659044

I mean, most will probably.
Who hurt you anon?

No. 659045

File: 1603078980662.png (14.6 KB, 864x225, image_2020-10-18_234452.png)

I wonder wtf this was even about.

No. 659051

my coworker who’s been trying to flirt with me asked if I had a phone number and i said “I do” and nothing else

No. 659052

how exactly do you do that? sounds fun

No. 659054

Were they permanently banned for this?

No. 659055

love that lol

i remember back when i still went outside whenever guys would ask me for my name i would just say i didn't have one and offer no further explanation, fucking with people can be fun

No. 659056

File: 1603080273016.png (11.37 KB, 433x268, image_2020-10-19_000600.png)

This is just the Opera browser you can install online. It has a vpn feature in settings and absolutely every single IP has been banned on LC for funny ass reasons.

No. 659060

What is the drama with Glam&Gore does anyone have an abridged version, I don't want to watch an hour long video about someone whom I don't really care that much about

No. 659061

If I fail, I fail.

No. 659062

this is probably a garbage summation, but all i heard (from the frenemies podcast with trisha paytas and h3 kek) was that she was complaining about not being as popular as other beauty gurus that are either homosexual men or women of color. i found her take on “the two biggest gurus in the community are gay men” to be something I definitely understood and agreed with, not so much the other stuff. then again, this is shit I just heard on a podcast, and I have 0 interest actually looking into it lol

No. 659063

Her former friend "exposed" her for saying something like YouTube isn't giving you anything unless you're a minority

No. 659064

It's peanut butter jelly time

No. 659065

Nta but… how do I connect to banned ip's? farmhands and admins mind your business

No. 659083

Former friend made an hour long video which is basically all lies. It's like this
>shows text
>reads out part of it
>paraphrases/invents a completely different meaning
>gets angry about the meaning she made up

My favourite "you're paranoid, girl" part was towards the end when she reads out a text by Peter, claims it was "really" from Mykie (Peter confirmed on Twitch it was indeed him) and after reading out a line where he says he feels like he's insane to suggest x, then rants for several minutes about how he called her insane when he literally called himself insane. She later refers to this text as being from Mykie when it was from Peter.

Every single "issue" is presented the same way. Just someone salty because Mykie dropped her weird stalker ass.

No. 659093

Has anyone heard of this new myspace-like website, friendproject? I don't know why I'm only learning about this now. It looks and functions exactly like myspace and there are thousands of people already on, like they got the glittery graphics and backgrounds on their profiles. I'm freaking out rn lol


No. 659102

File: 1603091821593.jpeg (5.09 KB, 149x149, download.jpeg)

Drank vanilla extract and I'm drunk right now noooo.

No. 659103

Anon no omg

No. 659106

Anon, please stay safe, but this picture took me out.

No. 659113

she's gonna make it, r-right anons???

No. 659118

This reminds me of when people end up eating too much nutmeg and start having hallucinations.

No. 659127

do you have penises

No. 659141

I want to do that, but I heard it can really fuck your stomach up.

No. 659142

File: 1603097793341.png (62.94 KB, 735x437, c91d603dbf6373881c7b7f6ef08b4b…)

How do people like this even live

No. 659143

The patronizing "honey" screams moid

No. 659144

It screams karen

No. 659150

They complain that one author wrote a separate series that was 'shallow' but they're the one judging authors based on their clothing choices.. To a point where it runs that author for them?? Cool lol

No. 659153

I miss dating. I miss the attention. I miss giving scrotes shit just for the hell of it. It was always so amusing to see how much shit they can take when they feel the slightest possibility of their dick getting wet. Why are self destructive things so fun

No. 659154

File: 1603099016828.jpg (15.54 KB, 500x311, sigh.jpg)

I know I'm down bad when I come crawling back here.

No. 659159

The shit happening in the vicky thread is absolutely killing me. I'm sobbing for real, I've never seen something so fucking funny on this site.

No. 659164

These posts make me sad

No. 659168

Need a girl to suck my titties, I NEED VOLUNTEERS
Damn, sorry anon, hope you can feel better soon. I've been having some pretty low days myself and been posting often, so I feel you.

No. 659169

my retarded ex in high school did that and kept me on the phone with him all night for like 8 hours as he freaked the fuck out and went full schizo. not worth it

No. 659170

File: 1603101521956.jpg (16.09 KB, 600x392, fren.jpg)

>hope you can feel better soon.
Thank you. I hope you do too. Please don't forget to take care of yourself.

As for your problem, May I offer you a leech?

No. 659185

Anon don’t be sad. Giving up dating was the best decision I have ever made. I’ve never felt more liberated than now. But sometimes, just sometimes when I get lonely AND horny, I miss that low effort attention damn

No. 659195

I really hate anons who call post that isn't 100% intellectual Radfem blog queen high value serious formal discussion scrote, they're either boomers or boring.
They dont shut up about how gender roles are harmful yet they make sure to enforce them by calling anyone having fun scrote.

If you're like this please perish or go to reddit.

No. 659197

Leave now and go live your best life.

No. 659198

File: 1603105495032.png (Spoiler Image, 273.27 KB, 1080x1487, Screenshot_20201019-113127~2.p…)

We don't have an Instagram hate thread but this broke my brain so I had to share it somewhere.

This Indian man is angry that another Indian man committed suicide because two women stole his money and allegedly falsely accused him of rape. This account owner has decided this means India is "gynocentric" and suppressing anything except feminist news stories. How is this man trying to avenge the suicide? By running an anti simp account.

No. 659201

Wow, made my nipples shudder.

No. 659202

Tbh most of the time it isn't what you post but the wording that can sound like a scrot

No. 659205

File: 1603105974490.png (213.27 KB, 1798x737, Screenshot (332).png)

Whenever I try to give crystalcafe a chance…

No. 659206

File: 1603106072602.jpg (104.95 KB, 795x1200, 1551203217912.jpg)

If you're the one spamming tumblr tier 3DPD looking catboys please get some taste.

No. 659207

Ot but i hate this catboy/catgirl shit

No. 659209

>Makes false claim
>Anon disproves it with data
>"THIS is why men hate us!!!1!!1!"

No. 659210

File: 1603106478682.gif (677.85 KB, 280x280, 1603100549773.gif)

>twf mom started calling me he
>tfw mom is starting to accept me as her son
>tfw mom is also getting chubbier

I want to be inside her so bad…(scrote)

No. 659212

KEK based data anon

Cat boys are cute especially in that image but memers and “femboys” kinda ruined them.

No. 659216

A few days ago my mom cut her thumb accidentally and bled a lot, I bandaged it and all but, when I was cleaning her blood off the kitchen counter and the floor I felt such a weird emotion, never felt it before. I wonder what it was.

No. 659219

Anyone here follow LilyCReads?

Is she having a quarter life crisis? She dropped out of college, quit her job, moved from australia to italy to be with her boyfriend without knowing a lick of italian all druring a pandemic

No. 659221

File: 1603107107907.jpg (36.88 KB, 400x469, 9f3b92f21f441187d57322b297f852…)

i wish it wasnt a dumb femboy porn trope, catboys or boys with animal traits in general are so cute

No. 659223

It started off such a good board too. Fuck tranners. I will NEVER stop shitposting about them.

No. 659226

People like this are usually the ones to be nostalgic about the trends they used to ridicule, I think femboy catboys are cute as hell and I agree with >>659221 that them being a porn trope ruined them but TBH IDC because there is porn of everything.

I think I've experinced the same thing when my mom had an infection in her breasts and it was both gross and crushing.

No. 659228

I saw the thumbnail but didn't watch the video, seems like a dumb move honestly

No. 659231

Yeah, idk what she plans on doing when tge novelty of her bf and italy wears off

No. 659233

Omg I also use my frequency here as a barometer for my mental upfuckage. Hang in there sis we'll get through this together

No. 659237

Basically. Some posts read like parodies even if the content is fine.

No. 659252

it just sucks when people assume you're talking about porn when you just want cute 2d boys doing cute sfw things

No. 659263

Seethe more

Thanks anon, you got me my CC fill for the rest of the year and saved me the visit to check if it's still as godawful as it was the last time.

No. 659264

One of my neighbours appears to have a mail order wife (less than half his age and asian) she never leaves the house alone and it's not like he even has money. What a weird existance, an isolated life with a pensioner in a boring ass town where nobody has ever talked to you. Sometimes I wonder if she's okay but it's not like she's ever alone to ask.

No. 659267

Every time lolcow gets posted to /r9k/ or similar community we get an influx of "I WANT TO HAVE SEX WITH WOMEN!!!" and "MY PUSSY IS WET SUCK MY NIPPLES NNGGHH" and "why do you hate men so much????" posts in /ot/ newfags can't put two and two together and stop replying to them. Annoys the fuck out of me

No. 659278

I can't stop watching blackpill videos

No. 659282

File: 1603113034954.jpeg (102.94 KB, 750x707, 83D403F6-8361-4FD2-BD6B-55F459…)

I know tiktok is junkfood social media, but apparently there are people who are harassing Tim burton because of what he said ages ago LOL

No. 659283

My dark circles are getting deeper and deeper and at this point, I'm just going to embrace this emanciated look. Not like I have anything going for me, this is the cherry on top of the ugly cake.

No. 659288

My mum accidentally typed "squarsh" instead of "squash" and it's giving me the giggles. I love her so much, I talk to my parents at least an hour a day on the phone because they're such admirable and happy people. If they weren't my parents they'd be my best friends.

No. 659290

This is so cute! I wish I had the energy to talk to my parents/sister that much. I love them dearly, but talking on the phone drains my social battery. That's really special, and I admire your energy and your warm and loving family ♥

No. 659292

Watched the first Jeepers Creepers movie last night, and I'm really mad that I enjoyed it a lot and learned afterwards that the director is a kid diddler.

No. 659294

Late but it's a very Filipina thing to status climb and project wealth and success kek

No. 659301

Trying to prove something to their family at all times

No. 659336

Felt pretty bad about myself today, couldn't stop thinking about embarrassing things I've done.
Then I read the Vicky thread. My self esteem has rocketed knowing that whatever faux pas I make, I will never ever humiliate myself as deeply and permanently as this creep Cameron Anthony Lourenco. What a ride.

No. 659342

>onlyfans girls virtue signalling about sex crimes to minors without realising what they're promoting

No. 659351

No. 659354

It’s so cute when anons thank each other in the stupid questions thread

No. 659373

today we really be talking about our fucked up chilhoods aren't we

No. 659384

The manga panels thread in /m/ makes me want to read mango again. Does anyone know how to transfer it to an ebook? Calibre fucks up the image size.

No. 659385

Why do I think and write (in private) such vicious things? As soon as I smugly think "x person is so stupid" I know it's wrong especially when it's not like they've done me wrong, if anything they've helped me and only some traits of their personality irk me. I don't know if what I'm about to say is even true but I think it's because I don't really have a close friend to talk about what I feel on the daily or even weekly. So my overall feelings about a person or situation bottle up and every month or so I write like 4 pages of dissertation about how that person totally sucks at times, dude!
I met my middle school best friend some months ago and it felt so good to shittalk our bullies and what they're doing now. But while it was nice due to the context it doesn't work now that we go to different unis, you know?
I guess my journals are my friends now.

No. 659399

There needs to be another Hellweek with how many obvious scrotes and general dumbasses are running around and ruining this board.

No. 659404

Why the hell is crystal cafe overrun with trannies and misogynists? Where was it advertised that it attracted so many?

No. 659409

there’s a whole saga about one of the mods or something encouraging her /r9k/ boyfriend to raid, i don’t remember the story properly

No. 659410

because men like ruining everything. Don't go there. There's no point. Might as well go to 4chan then.

No. 659411

Are you generally a nice person, anon? I find myself doing the same thing. After I have the thoughts, I always feel a bit bad or am surprised at myself, but whatever. They're internal. Maybe it's because you have no other outlet because you're kind/polite. Like you said, it builds up. It's no biggie as long as you're not hurting anyone and know better, as in can correct your negative thought after it occurs.

No. 659412

Anyone over 20 with a tiktok account needs to be put down gently.

No. 659416

What separates it from snapchat or youtube? I'm not one for social media so I don't understand what the difference is. It seems tacky and attention-grabby but why is it deemed for younger kids? Isn't instagram kinda the same shit?

No. 659419

File: 1603124376792.jpg (307.38 KB, 671x670, Screenshot_20201019-002935_You…)

I've just seen the new Resident Evil casting. Please say sike.

No. 659424

You're kinder than I

No. 659425

>that Leon