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No. 647556

Abandon brain all ye who enter here.
previous thread: >>640559

No. 647562

Can we keep this thread, I like this threadpic better

No. 647569

Fo sho, I had enough time to delete the other one.

No. 647576

I had to present a powerpoint and when I finished, I got retarded and accidentally forgot to turn the microphone off and I started watching a Trisha Paytas video in my phone. I don't even want to show my face anymore.

No. 647579

I love pretending to be a man on 4chan and subtly pinkpilling them. Way easier to convince them when they think I'm one of them.

No. 647581

In fairness men are easy to LARP, and women have already been conditioned to disguise our own gender on the internet on the basis that we've never been welcome in most spaces.

No. 647590

How do you go about doing this anon? What kind of things do you say?

No. 647596

If you're successfully doing this on /Pol/ you are the ultimate larper.

No. 647605

Whenever I find someone who inspires me, I binge all their shit and then out of nowhere I feel like I can't watch their videos anymore because I'm jealous of their success and talent lmao. Why can't I fuel that into productivity and work towards being like them rather than being bitter that I'm not currently like them… talking about Johnny Harris who does news shit for Vox Media and is a phenomenal videographer and not some rando twitch thot lol

No. 647614

Easiest way is just to make them think its beneficial for them(which it also is) instead of doing it for women. Take porn, if you say they shouldn't watch it because it exploits women, they'll just say "lmao roasties". But if its on /pol/, you can say its the jewish brainwash agenda that ruins their women and normal family roles. Or on /fit/ you can say its a gains goblin that lowers test. Just reframing it into an issue that personally affects THEM as well as women, so instead of women against men, its us againt the common enemy.

Or I humanise women for them by pretending my experiences is that of a girlfriend/female friend/hookup etc.

No. 647624

restoring channels guys are so sexy like wtf

faceless pair of arms that clean stuff and have tools and a quirky sense of humour

i'm so attracted to them

No. 647630

I've been like this for a long time, what really helps is not binging, consume a bit of it and let the admiration fuel you to do something yourself, and once you do, rinse and repeat. Pick apart what exactly you liked about what you've just seen/heard, focus on one of these things, try to learn how to do it. Basically, take things slow, overexposure is never good.

No. 647636

I want my friends stream to succeed so I can say I'm friends with hot streamer chick I am a leach

No. 647650

just want a ginger bf right now

No. 647658

File: 1602002779423.jpg (11.65 KB, 320x39, 123.JPG)

I stayed too much in troon spaces I subconsciously link the most innocent shit to them now

No. 647661

I always love how asshurt people get whenever an anon assumes another anon is American.

No. 647686

It’s like the new borzois at this point

No. 647721

File: 1602007873306.jpg (32.21 KB, 567x566, 1566303271835.jpg)

Sometimes I think about these people who complain about weaboos being obsessed with Japan because of pop culture and otaku shit, and then remember that Shokotan, the biggest otku on earth, was chosen to carry the torch for the 2020 Olympics and thus directly represent Japan as a whole to the world. The very same woman who told Araki that shit wanted Jotaro to spit on her and bit the fuck out of her. The woman who shitposts about her husbandos so much that her blog is or at least was the biggest one of all the internet at some point. It's so funny to me, idk.

No. 647722

whenever i try to talk aesthetics with men they just don’t fucking understand, it’s just oogabooga big boob with them

No. 647755

File: 1602010631844.png (14.95 KB, 306x280, 4732089365.png)

Lmao this gets me too. Let otakus live their best lives, no one can argue that she's thriving, I think the haters are genuinely just jealous that she's happy with her weird ass existence yet they're still miserable with their stable job, 2.5 kids and fancy car.

No. 647823

God damn this is some weeb dream goals right there. I wish I had the tits to publicly sperg out about my anime husbandos and shitpost about anime all day long.

No. 647847

>the very same woman who told Araki that shit wanted Jotaro to spit on her

holy shit that interview was glorious

No. 647861

I wish I had a twin

No. 647866

every time i eat a fruit i get hungry again after like 15 min.

No. 647871

Want to kiss a big beautiful woman on her


No. 647880

>big beautiful woman
Run fast before lolcow police come and arrest you

No. 647910

You know when a website that you liked gets shut down out of nowhere and is completely gone? That hasn't happened to me for some time now since like…ClubPenguin. Fast forward to today when I found that notkoreatimes.com is gone. It was basically TheOnion but in regards to Korea. It had great satire and seemingly no social media outside of the website so idk if the owner can be contacted. I wasn't super attached to the website so I'm surprised that I'm this sad. I wish I could have at least saved some articles but maybe they're available via the wayback machine.

No. 647927

File: 1602020764169.jpeg (72.52 KB, 500x500, 459C4F93-3664-445C-BF58-1B58BC…)

Anons, should I make these slutty brownies? Kind of scared to as an old ex anachan (recovered but still have some anxiety about “bad food”); they look so good and I want to spice it up a little. I rarely make really rich desserts but I am bored of my usual plain dark chocolate brownies.

No. 647928

Can someone just tell me about their day, what did you wear or watch or eat or something. Did you see something weird or funny that wasn't enough to post about/tell your friends or family about. I thought about how that sarcophagus they opened must smell like old moldy books and leather, gross.

No. 647930

Fuck yeah, that looks great! Especially if you have people to share them with and it’s something you want—that’s a great step in recovery/getting over fear foods, and those opportunities will always be around, including this one (am EDfag also). I hope you enjoy it if you do make them, anon.

No. 647932

I bought parts to Halloween costumes, I’m uselessly racking my brain about whether this girl likes me or not (despite both of us having partners…), and trying to figure out what my friend and I should eat for dinner while we watch the Evil Dead remake tonight. Not a bad Tuesday. I hope your day has been great. And you’re right, that’d probably be pretty gross.

No. 647940

On the topic of sarcophagi you should look up mellification, it's pretty weird and interesting. I spent my day listening to music and feeling anxious about online classes.

No. 647944

Wow what a queen

No. 647958

This sounds like a lovely tuesday anon! With some emotional turmoil and friendship as well, I did have a comfortable day too thanks! Making an ugly fabric mask right now, listening to true crime stuff.
I just read about mellification the other day wtf anon, it's gross yet so interesting! Hope your anxiety lessens and you pass all your classes

No. 647977

Omg 1) what does the ugly fabrics look like and 2) what are you listening to/what case? I love true crime!

No. 647988

It's this wild flame print I got from a friend, VERY LOUD. The Glico Morinaga cyanide case, so bizarre!

No. 648027

Fuuuuuck me, I think I'm starting to develop feelings for this fucking guy. Please no. Why is he so sweet to me?

No. 648037

File: 1602024187097.jpeg (50.09 KB, 591x591, BDCAEA8E-DB7F-41B1-A68B-A25ABB…)

I have an internet ex I used to creep out of selfish curiousity to see if he was still talking about me, and then less frequently later to see if he was still alive. he moved blogs after we broke up for unrelated reasons. recently I was bored and period crampy and decided to try find the new URL primarily to see if I could. he was always the strategic clever one in our relationship and I guess I felt if I could "outsmart" him and find it I would "win." well, I found it, read through a bunch of posts, didn't take any precautions to obscure my identity because why would I? I'm not even on tumblr anymore. I deleted my account. we haven't had direct contact in years.

turns out he keeps track of his traffic and based on what I can only guess to be geographic evidence he made a post to call out who he (correctly) assumed to be me after the fact, which I only saw because I foolishly went back to lurk more. so now he'll see that traffic and definitely know it's me. a pyrrhic victory.

if he does call me out again though I won't know because I learned my lesson and I won't go back. it was so unnecessary in the first place because my life literally only got better after we broke up and I was just there to feed my ego. I guess I'm mostly just ashamed I got caught because lord knows this aligns perfectly with his perception of me as someone self-centred and non-cognizant of boundaries who cannot be trusted. (and believe it or nah but I'm not usually, there's just something about this person and the dynamic we had that drives me to do things that play directly into those beliefs so I can't blame him for seeing me that way.) truly dumb ass shit.

No. 648038

I bet that’s going to look so cool with a killer outfit or just be fun and spice up anything you wear. I am entirely unfamiliar with that and will be deep diving now, thank you sm anon!!

No. 648040

just use VPN anon, you can win

No. 648044

File: 1602024546283.png (84.56 KB, 285x235, roma.png)

What's this, withholding anal sex unless your man performs tricks for your amusement? Even filming him as he desperately tries to jump through all these ridiculous hoops, just so he can be rewarded with something that you could just easily give to him for free, but instead you're being a selfish, manipulative bitch and making his life even harder than it already is! Tsk tsk, what a dumb little egirl, this is how you DON'T keep a man!

No. 648054

Bitch is about to do some beadwork on it as well! Hope you enjoy the mystery

No. 648088


I might if there was anything worth reading lol, but the call out post summed me up as "exacerbating previous trauma but otherwise forgettable." so in that sense I got exactly what I wanted, knowing what he thinks of me. the rest of his life seems to be very similar to when we were dating and I don't need to watch him keep walking those same circles.

deep down half of me does actually want to apologize for hurting him, but that would be disingenuous given my behaviour. either way it's irrelevant because I promised at the end of things he would never hear from me again and that's the one boundary I'm not crossing, lmao. (not that he's likely to absolve me anyway)

No. 648125

If you use the tumblr mobile app it doesn't show up on statcounter. Just something to consider

No. 648130

File: 1602028037753.jpg (26.72 KB, 672x372, 1582167625304.jpg)

God why can't I be a nipponese otaku

No. 648132

Thank you anon!! I’ll do this. I don’t know if I can ever get a job doing video editing, but I’ve always liked doing it (used to make maplestory videos on pirates sony vegas as a middle schooler lmao) and want to get back to doing it… I love Johnny’s editing, it’s so fucking cool. I just want to make cool stuff!!!

No. 648136

i get called a guy for a lot of my /ot/ posts but im just aggressive i guess. some of you guys need to learn the difference between a haydur and differing opinions.

No. 648139

My coworker and I share the front desk computer (where I usually sit if the both of us are working that day, and where she sits if I’m not working) and I can’t fucking remember if I left lolcow tabs open in incognito… AND I’M NOT BACK IN THE OFFICE TIL FRIDAY AAAA

I don’t browse threads with lots of nsfw pics, mostly just stay on ot and keep up with like… 2 cows, BUT STILL.

No. 648143

My bf seems to be one of those people who just lost the generic lottery. He's not even 30 and already has a receding hairline. His teeth are super stained and constantly having problems despite him doing all that he can to care for them properly. He's got a bunch of other features that are just weird, like ears that jut out like an elephant's and a super oily pores around his nose so that the skin there always looks red and swollen. I legitimately don't know how to look past all of this anymore. All I can focus on lately are his physical flaws and it's driving me crazy.

No. 648144

It's fine to break up

No. 648146

I managed to get to 122 lbs (I'm 5'5) but I ate three double toasts with egg and cheese today and some chocolate and I'm scared I'm gonna gain weight. I'm still hungry and I think I'm gonna get another toast

No. 648149

its not wrong to break up with someone you dont find attractive. thats all a part of being in a relationship.its not mean, if you can look at him without nitpicking the flaws then hes not the one for you, simple.

No. 648155

Just go for a walk after. Stressin just gonna make you hungrier.

No. 648158

You're either very shallow and he deserves better, OR his other qualities are shittier than you'll admit and his appearance is just the thing you use to be angry at.
Either way it's over.

No. 648166

Scrote mad kek

No. 648168

I agree with the other anons. You should break up if it's that bothersome. Most ppl in a stable relationship either don't notice their partner's flaws - at least not that badly - or just get too used to them to care anymore.

No. 648177

That's retarded, people are going to naturally find certain traits unappealing and sometimes unappealing to the point of losing physical attraction to them. By that logic we're obligated to find every man fuckable regardless of any flaws.

No. 648181

File: 1602030413038.png (109.96 KB, 486x600, A8EC7EF9-2FD7-424D-9AF8-F9E198…)

Just saw a guy shaped like those generated pear shaped Sims dudes IRL. Pic related, except he was actually more dramatically pear shaped

No. 648204

I didn't even think the pear body shape was real until I met my bf. His family all has it, it's kinda cute on him though.

No. 648207

The dude sounds ugly as shit and anon can break up for whatever reason she wants to, stop sounding like a scrote. Ugly wk.

No. 648211

just came across this hygiene video. is this overkill or am i gross?

>uses 4 different soaps on her body

>2-3 rounds of scrubbing her asshole then rinsing
>wears a panty liner every single day and replaces it every time she goes to the bathroom
> douses herself with body spray 2x over

No. 648217

One of my cousins is pear shaped, he has really, really pronounced hips, if he wanted to troon out, he wouldn’t need hip pads.

No. 648218

This shit sounds like straight up germophobe OCD, no one normal does this.

No. 648223

The second and third thing seems fine to me

No. 648227

it's so strange peter coffin is a themlet.

No. 648228

a guy i work with has the fattest ass. its a running joke. told him to hit they gym and he said sure tomorrow, and someone was like youd still have a fatass regardless. it was bananas

No. 648230

You are allowed to dump people that you aren't attracted to anymore, it's your life. Do you want to stay with some ugly man forever he will get over it

No. 648246

Her poor vagina, I use pads and I know some people think they are gross but DAILY WEAR? That shit will fuck up your skin, sis.

No. 648249

I wear a liner daily but changing it after every bathroom trip seems excessive… I know everyone’s vagina is different but if you’ve got so much discharge or whatever that you gotta change it after every bathroom trip, maybe go see a doc sis lol. I feel like she’s just fucking up her body chemistry and making herself stinkier than she is.

No. 648251

I have had this weird obsession for years to lurk like racist/neo-nazi/incel spaces and it really affects me badly and has a significant negative impact on my mindset but I can’t stop doing it because for some reason I feel this need to know what they’re saying so I can be “prepared” ?? I feel like that makes no sense and it’s hard to explain, but I’ve just developed this weird obsessive way of thinking about it where I feel like if I step away from it (even though times I have done has had a very tangible positive impact on my life) and “fall behind” on the discourse they’re having something awful is going to happen that I won’t be prepared for

No. 648252

What? Panty liners don’t fuck up your skin. It’s overkill, sure, but there’s no harm in wearing liners every day.

No. 648260

Wearing a liner would make you smell worse…? I think she has mental issues

No. 648263

Current daydream fantasy is being a famous athlete, what about you guys?
I feel like I change scenario every 2 weeks.

No. 648267

The point of wearing liners is you can change them every time you pee, so it’s good if you’re especially sweaty and have a lot of discharge.

It will definitely help if you have an odor problem, but like the other anon said, if it’s that bad, just go to a doctor already. Definitely not a long term solution.

No. 648268

Having twins and a husband.

No. 648270

I like to daydream about living in a really fancy apartment with a friend of mine. What changes is the location, last week it was in my home country, now it’s in New Zealand.

No. 648271

Im so horny but I have I develop insane social anxiety, have boil on my ass and my apartment looks like those 4chan room pictures so I can't invite some random tinder guy over to have disappointing sex with me … life is truly suffering

No. 648272

I read "Having twins as a husband" and was so confused

No. 648273

harem of sexy himbos

No. 648274

If you don’t have a discharge problem it will just make u smell worse bc it traps moisture ew I can’t imagine wearing them every day

No. 648275

I would give up everything for this

No. 648276

ever since getting a boyfriend i have stopped daydreaming bc it always used to be romantic/sexual scenarios with made up people as it felt like thinking of real people "jinxes" it so now idk tf do i do. yes, i've tried thinking of doing stuff with him but it just feels weird lol. you may call me retarded it's ok.

No. 648277

File: 1602035793970.jpg (162.9 KB, 1080x1080, dbafa4d73a40e0f9ba2d5760f4c28c…)

All guys these days wanna do is fuck. I would be cool with that if they just gave me 100$, hit it and leave. I'm perfectly ok with hook ups if I'm being paid for it. I just all these guys begging for sex on tinder….just pay me.

No. 648278

Being Zendaya kek it's so funny because I know I could never be a public figure because of my personality, yet continue to daydream about being a succesfull actress

No. 648279

boil on ass lol

No. 648281

kinda overkill I think. I shower like every 3-4 days though. I mean, I get in the shower every day but just to clean my pussy and ass, I don't do a "full" shower every day, seems excessive.

No. 648282

This girl sounds like she got called fish once in school and never recovered

No. 648283

fuck you ok? sorry I have acne prone skin

No. 648284

anon this was me the other night, I had a session on my vibrator to chill me out, but then I had post nut clarity that if I wanted to fuck someone I wouldn't want them to see my apartment. I've needed to sort out my apartment anyway, I've been in a pit of despair for months and suddenly realised how childish I keep everything. I'm suddenly understanding why my ex called me a kid so much, my apartment looks like someone has let a teen decorate. I have fucking games and queer books on display like I should be proud!!! Maybe if I was 11!!!!!!! I totally understand why guys keep their rooms so minimal now.

No. 648285

I used to be in a fandom full of obsessive fangirls (myself included tbh) and I had this online friend who took it to the next level. We met each other because we both made edits for the group. Anyway, we'd dm and she'd tell me all about her life. At first it was tame like how she was depressed and stuff (we were both angsty teens, so who wasn't depressed at that point?). She also used to send me dm vines of her fresh cuts.

Eventually, it started to get weirder. Now she was telling me her bf committed suicide and it was triggering because her mother also committed suicide when she was younger. I didn't question her yet because it was still plausible in my eyes. That honestly should have been a red flag though in hindsight. Then after I started consoling her, she began shitting on her "late" boyfriend saying he let his friends sexually assault her and she was only able to get away bc she stabbed one of his friends. This is when I started to question things.

The straw that broke the camel's back is when she was trying to convince me one of the guys from the group we watched was hitting on/loved her. Her proof was that he waved to her at a con. She'd send me selfies of her saying stuff like "he'd love me in this" and stuff like that.

I can't remember why we stopped talking, but she ended up blocking me. This was when I was like 14 and I'm 19 now. I still think about her from time to time. She'd definitely be my personal cow if she was still around. Sorry for the wall of text.

No. 648286

it’s ok I have boil on ass too. I just took humor with the way u worded it

No. 648288

Ur mad that dudes on tinder don't assume you're a hooker right off the bat? Just say you are on your profile.

No. 648289

File: 1602036721587.jpg (178.16 KB, 777x1024, 2.jpg)

sorry anon I'm feeling on edge bc I'm sad

No. 648291

I've had guys in the past ask me to hook up and then paid me when I refused. I wish guys would just shoot their shot and offer to pay me for sex.

No. 648293

It does for some,I switched to local cotton ones because the basic libresse or always ones do really mess my skin up. Same with most of my friends.

No. 648294

If these are tinder guys you may as well just fucking ask them, since men on tinder are disposable anyway who cares

No. 648296

initially I thought having a ffm relationship was just pick-me bs, but after realizing I'm bi I wouldn't mind having a qt high-value bf and a qt androgynous / short-haired gf plus it would make incels ragequit kek

having two bf's would also be based

No. 648297

Becoming friends/an editor for a youtuber I like lmao

No. 648298

This is so weird to me. Stormy is so cute and lovable but Kylie's relationship with her own daughter just seems awkward to me. Does it seem awkward to anyone else?

No. 648300

Think the awkwardness comes from Kylie probably not wanting to film these videos.

No. 648301

Use bronners on your body it’ll blast that shit away

No. 648302

what is bronners? I have some acne on my body and it drives me mad.

No. 648303

It's extremely staged and performative

No. 648304

File: 1602037315222.jpeg (60.32 KB, 617x497, images - 2020-10-06T232248.059…)


Being a kawaii (or not so kawaii) tarento or magazine moderu a la Dakota Rose, but actually being grateful for it.
I daydream of being scouted while going to uni in Japan, because I am tall and ~exotic hafu look~ with tattoos.
But honestly
>Overweight (although that I am changing again)

Maybe if I try hard enough I can get street snapped one day kek

No. 648307

I empathize with this so much down to the jinxing

No. 648308

I thought I was going to get weed today but wasn't able to and now I'm wide awake. I've been up for nearly 24 hours now. Insomnia blows.

No. 648309

I mean, if I could have two hot husbands that happen to be twins, I would be pretty damm happy.

No. 648310

I would sell my soul

No. 648311

omg just googled insomnia because I'm suffering and read that nicotine can cause it. God damn, I've been smoking pure tobacco today since I didn't have weed. That's IT! I quit tobacco earlier in Feb but then fucked up and bought some again in April and haven't stopped. NO MORE! It's not like I even want to be high at this point, I just want to sleep and not be anxious uwu

No. 648312

being a lone gamedev for a highly successful game…and never having to truly work again

No. 648315

Marrying this one girl who lives across the world and has talked to me just once.

No. 648319

Is there a thread for obscure youtube communities?

I ask because I am obsessed with the youtube kpop album unboxing community and I have been since 2015. Most of the people im subscirbed to from this community have <2,000 subs but i've been following some of them for years. I'm also kind of obsessed with watching videos explaining their detransition ftmtf timelines.
I was curious as to what other interesting / weird youtube communities other farmers are in to?

No. 648322

Extinct foods/plants make me upset. I wanna know what Silphium and Ansault pears were like.

No. 648323

I kind of do this but I only use two soaps (the anti bacterial and body wash for the smell) and don’t use vagasil, and only moisturise once and use perfume once instead of body spray. Idk I just really enjoy the process of showering and the feeling of being clean and smelling good. Even times when I’ve been the most depressed and don’t have the energy to do anything else like even eat food or brush my hair or whatever I’ve still enjoyed showering.

No. 648328

I was the same when I had a boyfriend. But now I’m back to romantic daydreaming kek

No. 648329

Go ahead and make that thread anon, I would read it

No. 648331

I walked like 30 blocks after work in my city out of sheer boredom and because I really like walking. I think maybe tomorrow (my day off) I want to go into the city and walk along the rivers, ideally in the morning when it’s quiet and there’s not a lot of people. I’m excited, I love long walks.

No. 648332

I'm also into fringe internet groups but I can't name any off the top of my head. but recently I did go on a trip down memory lane by venturing into a BJD rabbit hole

anyway seconded, I would enjoy a thread like that

No. 648333

File: 1602039940014.jpg (112.81 KB, 1080x361, Screenshot_20201006-155456__01…)


No. 648335

Why have they still not come out with male birth control!!!!!!!

No. 648338

Why would you EVER trust a man to take birth control?

No. 648339

Because I don’t want to mess my hormones up or have an IUD! I just can’t believe there still isn’t at least the option.

No. 648345

File: 1602041128264.png (19.9 KB, 493x309, 54453.png)

No. 648346

Why can't you use condoms? Literally why are all of you so paranoid that you refuse to trust condoms alone and instead torture yourselves with this shit? You're still very unlikely to get pregnant, even if they aren't as effective as bc.

No. 648347

File: 1602041144797.jpeg (60.57 KB, 467x349, 944B739F-A457-42E1-B281-CB8856…)

No. 648348

I’ve never had sex and if I did I would use condoms but I think there should be a more long term option for men. It’s unfair for the burden to solely be put on women.

No. 648351

>It’s unfair for the burden to solely be put on women.
I mean I guess I agree with this sentiment, but I also think that hormonal birth control is bad for anyone, so

No. 648352

If you still want them to get and stay har, or have a sex drive at all.. condoms are their best bet. Plus, use a barrier method. Wtf?

No. 648355

I swear to god everyone who says they use/used sony vegas pro pirated it. I did too kek. I didn’t see the point in paying so much for something I only used to make dumb little videos with once in a blue moon.

No. 648367

It’s unfair but let’s say there was a long term birth control option for men, would you really be able to trust a guy who claims to use it? We bear the burden of pregnancy so unfortunately we also have to be the ones who take caution

No. 648376

damn stormy is a cute kid.

No. 648380

I would trust them in a long term relationship, if I didn’t trust them I just wouldn’t sleep with them at all. If it’s a more long term thing like injection or implant you’d probably be aware if they weren’t using it. There definitely would be some instance of it being exploited but I don’t think that outweighs the benefits to having it. I’m not saying there shouldn’t be female birth control obviously, just that there needs to be a male option(s) along side it. Idk I always find it strange that more women don’t seem to really care about this. I really don’t want to take birth control.

No. 648397

File: 1602047846277.jpg (43.74 KB, 720x647, 1485804707_29135571.jpg)

Not a burgerfag but I read that some shitty tweets that Trump had recently made caused stocks to take a major dip, decided to check the Wall Street Journal market page to see if that was true, before realizing I don't know shit about the stock market and had no idea what I was even looking at

No. 648401

Hahaha I love you anon

No. 648403

I'm in the same situation. I wouldn't even know which one to use. Literally never been to a gynecologist before. Idk the side affects but I'm afraid of fucking my body up

No. 648406

All the things she said by tATu makes me want to cry lol. Listening to it again makes me think how I'd like to find the vocal track and switch out the instrumental to create something more spacey and ambient, laden with echo and reverb and intermittent breakbeats fading in and out, keeping that industrial feeling of the song intact. This reminds me how much I miss going out dancing late at night and connecting with other women through music.

No. 648411

I love that song but never heard it played anywhere. Would love to go out dancing to that type of music. I'm having second hand nostalgia

No. 648421

when I think of slowed + reverb I usually point to videos like this. I know some people don't like the pitch change, but I love when epic instrumentals are slowed

No. 648443

Who else gets 502 errors on a regular basis? They usually go away if you refresh once, but still

No. 648446


t.A.T.u's entire discography was flawless, I used to be a huge fan and probably way too invested in them for a straight girl, but I digress. Hearing about their disgusting pedo manager/producer(?) broke my heart. I still wonder how does Lena seem to cope so well, while Yulia is now a mess.

No. 648448

Maybe like once a day, yeah

No. 648450

Yeah, maybe 5% of my pageloads. doesn't really bother me since they go away on refresh.

No. 648453

Admittedly when I was younger I used to do the third one, but that's because I had a lot of discharge when I was going through puberty. I don't do it anymore, though. Everything else is overkill, especially the four different soaps. Obviously it's necessary to wash your genitals/anus but you have to be careful about the type of soap you use in those places (nothing scented.) Literally scrubbing your asshole is a great way to cause tearing, yikes.

No. 648458

dlisted is such a shitty site full of unfunny gay men who hate women and for some reason have a HUGE hateboner for Beyonce and her childern.
Just like r/gamingcirclejerk i cannot believe I used to go there.

No. 648461


Bitchy "stan" gay men being unfunny, misogynist and often racist, just another day that ends in Y.

I'm so grateful for my gay male friends (both IRL and online) who are nothing like that, but they seem to get rarer and rarer

No. 648464

File: 1602056632257.jpg (90.08 KB, 1080x694, 1601971521562.jpg)

No. 648469

Good for her for putting active effort in body hygiene but what she's doing is counterproductive. So much soaps fucks up your skin's natural barrier, scrubbing so much isn't good for your skin. Using that much body spray is going to overwhelm people around her.

No. 648484

File: 1602059681707.png (237.57 KB, 1499x726, endme.png)

No. 648485


Isn't that post completely made up? Apparently it was supposed to make fun of gay people coming out. Still makes for great copypasta though

No. 648494

I get to leave hospital today and I just got my nasty canula out yaaaaay

No. 648505

File: 1602063631790.png (15.53 KB, 1610x136, eryhrtd.png)

I'm the anon who made this confession, parents finally found out I'm not enrolled in university. They were obviously disappointed and upset, but definitely not furious as I thought they would be.

Why do I have to be such a retard and lie to everyone about anything because I can't help but irrationally feel everyone would hate me if they knew my truth?

No. 648507

I find this genuinely interdasting

No. 648541

Hope all the cheese I'm eating keeps at my current weight instead of it dropping down

No. 648562

I still can't believe I managed to buy a real legit working Windows 10 product key for 9 euro.

No. 648565


Also got a working Office 2019 Professional Plus key for 30 euro

No. 648566

I was an absolute cow during these months last year, and due to my retarded actions I was assaulted by a man I knew. As the date of the incident is coming closer, my mind is just fucking up. I dreamt last two nights about him, we were in a hotel having sex and in the other one, having sex at my house. I woke up feeling so disgusted at myself. I hate this. I hope this time passes without me doing some cow shit to cope.

No. 648567

I actually bought a key for it a couple years back because it was on humblebundle for $25 lol but the version it was for is so old now, wonder if I can even download it. I never used the key since my laptop was shit but I have a new laptop now… Most places want people to know how to use Adobe Premier though, so maybe I’ll pirate that to learn how to use too kek

No. 648570

wtf where anon

No. 648573

all of this is 100% true. people just don't want to admit it. incels are incels because they aren't redpilled and women who think non incels aren't redpilled are naive

No. 648574



It did seem shady af at first, but I figured out that 9€ is not a big deal even if it turns out to be a scam. But it didn't!

No. 648584

This is probably my dumbass moment of the day but I thought upgrading to windows 10's free

No. 648585


I think on computers already running Windows 7 and 8.1, not on brand new computers with no OS installed, like in my case

No. 648608

are you shilling this incel on lolcow??

No. 648614

File: 1602082272610.jpg (80.83 KB, 899x877, yes.jpg)

No. 648621

Fuck and incels will tell me that should make me feel better. Moids really don't understand that someone's desire to fuck me doesn't make me happy, just because someone wants to fuck you doesn't mean they value you as a person. Most men will fuck literally anything anyway

No. 648623

felt that

No. 648630

File: 1602083079551.jpeg (226.01 KB, 703x851, 058ACEA6-433D-4521-9458-5BAC73…)

>t.Just girly things
There’s no such a thing as wholesome internet friends, specially if they’re men, it sucks so much.

No. 648637

catfishing on "dating" discord servers is so ridiculously easy. get a drink or two involved and it's just a fun evening. how do men even function with their dicks making all decisions for them?

No. 648650

File: 1602084659833.gif (13.48 KB, 200x200, chudface_spin.gif)

>are you shilling this incel on lolcow??

No. 648654

pls give tips anon, I'm autistic

No. 648666

File: 1602086261824.png (Spoiler Image, 197.25 KB, 264x456, Capture.PNG)

I just saw a tik tok about wild pigs in the Bahamas that this girl made and I scrolled down to see that EVERYONE was commenting on her body. Scrotes in the comments were drooling and so confused over the concept of her getting plastic surgery and saying that people just naturally look like this from doing squats. Why are men like this? Men with wives and kids will comment on random womens' bodies like its a product to rate and truly believe that this ridiculous look is natural and achievable through exercise. What even

No. 648667

she has the kim k full nappy butt… how is this cute. men astound me

No. 648672

>make fresh account with every "new" persona just to cover your bases and also so moids cant ever stalk your socials
>pfp is some generic anime girl or steal a random pic from any lesser known cow's snapchat depending on the image you're going for. name is smth basic like "amanda" with a heart
>join any dating server, watch the DMs flood in

my favorite is to pretend to be absolutely retarded and make them mansplain all their dumb jokes because they're eager to impress but once in a while you can also get them to buy you some steam games before you ditch them
also it's a fun experiment to pretend to be underage and watch how many of them dont care that you're a 13 year old. report them all and watch their accounts become ((Deleted User)) in a few days time

No. 648682

We need to “yeet” men off this earth

No. 648683

File: 1602087233211.jpeg (143.92 KB, 750x1230, 2B47F351-D169-4B39-A6EE-182435…)

I know IPs can be recycled and we’ll get ban messages for posts we didn’t making but I’m laughing that I got this just now. This fucking autist’s thread is so painfully cringey but also funny.

pls do not ban me farmhands, I swear I’m not this autist, just unfortunately live in the same city lmao

No. 648686

i deadass wish the earth was flat so we could do this

No. 648687

NTA but i love you, thx for the advice. for some reason seeing that person on the shayna thread catfishing as shayna of all people and still managing to get like $100 out of some simp has legitimately made me want to learn how to catfish. maybe it makes me a bad person but i just don't care anymore. rona has become my villain origin story

No. 648695

I just want a girlfriend to do couple-y things with, but I feel like no girl would ever like me, all of the women I've talked to who were into other women seemed to be so well-adjusted, they were social, confident, cool and I'm the total opposite. Why would someone like that want to be with someone like me you know?

No. 648697

File: 1602087722818.png (603.31 KB, 1200x675, F2212F71-F04C-4AE2-9C36-5B0446…)

Some bitch could’ve but he chose to save humanity instead

No. 648699

File: 1602087779089.jpg (20.39 KB, 500x500, kermitheart.jpg)

if it helps you sleep at night men on discord dating servers dont deserve rights. be the catfish of ur dreams luv.

No. 648701

sorry but her ass is going to look so bad when she’s 50. it looks bad now but it’s going to look terrible

No. 648702

shouldn't you have censored your own IP..?

No. 648703

Kek I love you girls

No. 648706

lol is this illegal? like would there be any chance of legal repurcussions for catfishing for chump change or steam games? im just bored and hate men

No. 648713

one day i'm gonna scam a switch game out of some discord mod neckbeard ass bitch and i'll think of you as i play it

that's kinda what i'm wondering but maybe i'll just use a VPN on top of making a brand new discord (and paypal i guess?). i don't think it's technically illegal though, and even if it was, if you do it well enough it won't matter kek

No. 648714

actually samefag but apparently it might be fraud. i don't think a $3 steam game is the same as trying to swindle someone of hundreds of dollars though so you'll probs be fine

No. 648715

>is this illegal?
Depends on where you live doesn't it

No. 648717

I wanted to start an organized network of catfishers. I have a surprising amount of detail already thought through in this plan.

No. 648721

if you go ahead with it you’ll be inventing eighth wave feminism. i’d also assume a ton of girls on here would get involved

No. 648723

File: 1602089006994.jpg (186 KB, 759x1024, 9441692059_8bb1e3fa4f_b.jpg)

I've been consistent with my hyperpigmentation/darkspot treatment and see they've only sort of faded. The dots are so small, but there are so many of them in one area, it's hard to target the dots specifically, if that makes sense. Like, the cream lightens the whole area instead of just the dots. All the darkspots are legit low on the hollow of my cheeks, so it looks like I countour, but I don't.

I think maybe I'm going to purposely give myself dark spots on the apple of my cheeks to fill in the area and even it out so it looks like I have freckles

No. 648724

>All the darkspots are legit low on the hollow of my cheeks, so it looks like I countour, but I don't.
Same but only on the right side of my face kek

No. 648726

>The dots are so small, but there are so many of them in one area, it's hard to target the dots specifically,
I have this problem as well, sucks.

No. 648728

I was thinking it would be a 24 hour operation juggling as many horny scrotes as possible. I wouldn't target old people for months on end like some do.

No. 648729

if you're just doing it for steam games, its almost impossible to catch. you just get them to buy you a steam giftcard or a game that's redeemable with a key from some 3rd party website. if you play it right they won't even know your steam account, all they'll have is a burner discord that you can also delete

guys will always offer to play games with you, they'll especially budge if you ask them to 'teach' you because you're just "teehee so bad at video games". say you don't own the game and can't afford it. get them to buy it for you and get out.

No. 648730

>But if its on /pol/, you can say its the jewish brainwash agenda that ruins their women and normal family roles. Or on /fit/ you can say its a gains goblin that lowers test.
Kek, I love you anon.

No. 648733

a semi well known youtuber was dating my childhood friend for a good 2ish years and now they are having a vague but very public breakup that i'm following on twitter. its good fun but i can't wait for her to go BATSHIT crazy because shes the most toxic and insane woman i've ever known
i hope he finds out about her childhood prostitution

No. 648742

I never believed or had any celebrity crushes but farmers thirsting over the ugliest YOUTUBERS absolutely baffles me. They're somehow even more plain and slimy and teen chasing than your usual celebrity. Love yourselves, roosterteeth fangirls.

No. 648745

File: 1602090400663.jpeg (56.86 KB, 960x720, A9C27010-B63F-44C9-9F42-E9A726…)

>tfw no mad bad and dangerous to know bf

No. 648749

I'm understand why pedophilia is illegal, almost every person with csa in their past grows up batshit in some way or another. me included but i think ive gotten better

No. 648751

File: 1602090831639.jpeg (36.85 KB, 320x294, D15CBFD5-C586-4EBE-B613-8F6918…)

genuinely thinking of scamming some moids on discord for some switch games now. should i do it girls?

No. 648753

File: 1602090874616.jpg (137.5 KB, 1024x768, 1601433919107m.jpg)

Idk why anons think /pol/ is some sort of scary boogeymans lair. It's just a bunch of spergs

No. 648756

all of them look the same LOL

No. 648758

I turned airplane mode on and off and assume I was assigned a new IP since I could post this lol. I was also out and about when I posted it.

No. 648760

File: 1602091145244.jpg (72.04 KB, 512x512, bestgrl.jpg)

I posted about genshin impact on instagram and I noticed one of my mutuals saw it and immediately afterward started posting about what a shitty game it is kek oh well I'm still having fun

No. 648761

What the hell is that pink hat

No. 648763

Kylie is awkward in general, I hope she's more natural when they're not filmed and just chilling together normally.

No. 648765

I imagine they mutter "based" like the seagulls in finding nemo

No. 648767

The only potential male internet friends women can have are gay guy who don't viscerally hate women for existing and stilling their guys, but that's such a low number. Although, way too many gay guys are terminally online.

No. 648771

agreed. she definitely had some issues before the CSA (wack parents) but it certaintly didn't help. i lost sympathy however when she publically started saying her leaked nudes were from when she was 14, threatening legal action on people and everything.

no bitch, i knew you at 14, those images were from you cam whoring at 18-19, not from tinychat pedos

No. 648774

I donot understand how women can be into reading about true crime. I can't stomach it.

No. 648775

are you saying most gay guys hate us? tf

No. 648777

I got desensitized as a child by watching hours and hours of news documentaries about current cases. The habit stuck.

No. 648782

anon you're truly retarded. what a backwards way to view things. wtf is wrong with you?

No. 648785

nvm lol

No. 648786

It's true though, most people who went through traumatic stuff as children grow up to be unstable adults. Which is why children deserve a good enviornment to grow up in.

No. 648787

Same, Though I think it stemmed from me mom. She would have forensic files, cold case, 20/20, TCAP, all that and I went on my own from that. After being terrified and anxious as a child kek

No. 648788

Noelle is a cutie

No. 648790

No I'm saying it's possible to be geniune friends online with guys if they're gay because you're 100% this way they're not after your pussy, but there's that minority of gay guys who only care about men and nothing but manly things and manly men in general.

No. 648791

im that anon. I was mostly wtfing the part where she gets why it's illegal and her conclusion wasnt that it's wrong period

No. 648792

Nintendo console gaming is far from popular in my country so my first exposure to Legend of Zelda was literally Youtube poops based on the infamous CD-i games cutscenes

No. 648794

I am the anon you replied to both times, and you are right, my bad, the wording was awful. Apologies.

No. 648802

Straight people in straight long term relationships and marriages with kids stop calling yourself queer challenge

Straight cis males who present 100% male stop calling yourself lesbian challenge

I'm not even gay and this is fucking annoying? Stop appropriating other people's lives.

If you are not, and have never, fucked a same sex individual but you have fucked an opposite sex individual hundreds or thousands of times over the course of a long term relationship, you don't get to call yourself queer just because you sometimes masturbate to same sex porn, or find a same sex person attractive. Your life and challenges are all those of a straight person.

As for the cis males calling themselves lesbians, I don't need to explain that one.

No. 648804

This maybe belonged in the vent thread, but it's such a dumb problem I put it here.

No. 648805

File: 1602093974496.gif (1.35 MB, 498x278, gkjhklh.gif)

don't apologize anon, you're good

No. 648808

Okay but being queer isn't inherently a struggle its a description of what your sexuality is. It's only a struggle to be "appropriated" because society sucks. Acting like you're oppressed when you're functionally straight is dumb shit but you should be allowed to accurately describe your sexual preferences lol

No. 648809

I wanna get a dildo but I live with my mom and there are no sex shops near me, there is also no phallic shaped object I can think of in my house. I keep my fingernails long. Sad. I've not put anything in the old lady for like a year and I kinda want to now.

No. 648812

Thanks White Knight we really needed your defense.

No. 648817

I mean, is it a description of your sexuality if the entire of your active sex life is opposite sex?

It's different for young people who are inactive sexually or have never been in a long term relationship, but if you've been fucking an opposite sex partner for ten years you are functionally straight.

Just posting as a vent/dumbass shit, don't worry I am not the type to publicly jump to the defense of groups I am not in.

No. 648823

If you consider sexuality to only consist of what you physically do and not at all what's in your brain or how you feel then I guess. Would have weird implications if you ran too far with that idea though. I hate to say this but LTR don't always last forever and functionally straight people who aren't actually straight could still potentially be with someone of the same sex in the future, or cheat with them lol.

No. 648826

And usually I see it when people are shoehorning themselves into social issues that only apply to functionally queer people, or using it to claim oppression.

It's different if you're having a conversation about past relationships or future ones, or talking about sexual preferences, but I 100% see it online in the context of just claiming to be a thing they functionally aren't, while enjoying the social benefits of being in a cis opposite sex relationship.

No. 648827

No I don't disagree at all, was just disagreeing with the idea that there's inherently something wrong with people who are functionally in straight in society's eyes identifying with a non 100% het sexuality. People chasing unearned oppression points are always obnoxious.

No. 648831

do any of you believe there are ways to curse/hex people without repercussions. i wouldn't do it anyway but i'm curious

No. 648832

No because hexes and curses aren't real

No. 648834

I've been lighting incense while imagining donald trump dying and unable to breathe as I chant mean things and narrate his imagined death. It's not working unfortunately but it's not like I'm getting karma or anything because I've had a really good week.

No. 648836

i think labelling your sexuality is useless unless you're exclusively homosexual tbh.

No. 648838

love you anon but that sounds like something straight out of november 2016

No. 648839

File: 1602096157749.jpg (190.9 KB, 1300x956, four-happy-young-women-in-swim…)

It's my day off and I'm day-drinkinggg.
My favorite mixed drink is a sex on the beach and I really hate that it's called that. Anons, what are your favorite drinks?

No. 648842

Sex on a beach sounds fucking awful, sand everywhere

No. 648843

Maybe that's why I hate telling people I'm bisexual. It feels stupid to say and attention-seeking. I'd just rather send out and pick up vibes instead of straight up announcing I swing either way.

No. 648844

i want to lock him and boris johnson in a cage together and watch them suffer and starve.

No. 648846

I feel the same. Being bi sucks. I miss when I mistakenly believed I was lesbian.

No. 648847

File: 1602096495712.png (830.91 KB, 1440x990, 68657tyuu.png)

I think he must have a strong team of witchdoctors warding away bad vibes, you were not the only one.

No. 648851

File: 1602096674100.jpg (117 KB, 750x584, 72474194.jpg)

Somewhere someone is lighting incense and chanting for his good health and re-election.

No. 648855

File: 1602096919560.jpg (45.44 KB, 540x720, 6c7946c28e5f00659984bebf78bc69…)

Hehehe. It's me bitch.

No. 648857

File: 1602097024195.png (33.54 KB, 451x116, gross.png)

No. 648867

File: 1602097380605.png (132.55 KB, 1330x473, idk man.png)

i recently got into tulpas and now i want to get one, but reading about people's experiences with them also gives me some tumblr-otherkin bullshit vibes, especially with the mlp tulpas and weird roleplaying kek. anyways i'll go find out if they're actually a thing or not wish me luck

No. 648868

God anon no, don't go there.

No. 648870

They're of a thing but it's just DID-lite with less trauma and more autism.

No. 648873

it's literally adult imaginary friends. Big autism

No. 648875

File: 1602097831379.jpg (81.02 KB, 526x701, saddog.jpg)

>see some cute mugs on Pinterest
>the source link is a link to an etsy store
>'hmmm…Maybe I could get one'
>It's out of stock

No. 648878

Spoiler, they’re not. You’d easily be admitted into a mental hospital if anybody related to you in real life cared to report that you have invisible people living in your head.

No. 648880

>these people are married

No. 648907

Lmfao imagine hearing your husband nutting and yelling "FLUTTERSHY" alone in the bathroom. like what in the actual fucking hell…

No. 648924

it only sucks because you hate yourselves so much, lmfao. you need to meet other bisexuals and actually find a community instead of pretending the experience of it is that bad - either that, or go see a therapist. there’s literally nothing pick me or embarrassing about being bi unless you’re one of those freaks with blue hair who call yourselves pansexual. nobody cares anymore, and with most normal people, it’s hardly even noteworthy. if you don’t have that experience then get better friends.

No. 648937

Anon please value your time. There's not much of a win scenario for you here, it either works and look like an autist plus a one way ticket to the mental asylum; or it fails, and you look like an autist anyways for even believing this shit. Don't waste your time

No. 648939

Having read into it myself and being a person with a very vivid imagination (I wanted a tulpa), this is nothing more than deluding yourself with role playing into believing your imaginary friend is something 'more' than just that. Feel free to have an imaginary friend as an adult but your instincts are right on about what those tulpa communities are like.

No. 648946

There's a massive prolife March here and everyone keeps putting up prolife signs even though no one gets abortions here and this city is surrounded by pedophiles. Literally everyone I know and my friends know has gotten raped as a child, on top of that full time and livable paying jobs are impossible to find, housing is overpriced compared to the wages here but by all means abortion is what everyone wants to focus on smh

No. 648949

Jesus christ, what shithole city is this?

No. 648950

Eh, I just don't want to announce my sexuality to anyone. I want to fall into relationships with people without expressing explicitly what my preferences are. Like how heterosexuality is the default, I want bisexuality to be considered a default. But you're right that I do hate myself, but I don't hate my sexuality.

No. 648961

Anon please tell us what place this is so we can avoid it at all costs

No. 648968

Is it true that “neo-vaginas” smell like rotting meat?

No. 648969

Are you from Turkey

No. 648975

how the fuck would we know

No. 648978

Aren't some made from rectum tissue so they 'lubricate' i.e. secrete ass sweat

No. 648980

they literally are open wounds so why wouldnt they

No. 648981


terves mad cause my neo-pussy pops severly and their cis front holes don't

just memeing plz don't get mad

No. 648983

File: 1602105770983.jpg (107.66 KB, 640x783, 4a2ac676840097229d02305f115799…)

Tiny living is so cool. RVs are fricken awesome. I would live in one if I didn't want a bunch of pets.

No. 648984

File: 1602105919818.png (2.08 MB, 1600x5000, proxy-image-2.png)

even if you do get a tulpa it might not be one that you want

No. 648985

Tiny living is one of those things that’s cute in theory but in reality would be hellish. Imagine spending lockdown in that shit.

No. 648989

That is literally a sudden death room for my clumsy ass

No. 648991

Now I wanna know if anyone on lolcow.farm has every fucked a troon.

No. 648992

This is always my thought. Where’s the bathroom? Do they just shower at campgrounds? I could do that for like a week, but it sounds awful living without your own dedicated place to poop and wash yourself for the rest of your life.

No. 648995

What do you think it would smell like if the inside of your wamen hole is literally made of hairy ballsack, duct taped urethra and asshole meats?

No. 648998

There are detrans fakeboys here so they probably fucked other fakeboys.

No. 649000

What if you have a hobby? There’s nowhere to put anything. I imagine these tiny living people are the kind who think that going online to brag about their tiny house and thus superiority is a whole personality.

No. 649002

File: 1602106789922.jpg (26.94 KB, 366x550, 86a281dac8c26a2968c5a4d19e5b22…)

Idk, I grew up in a small house without my own room for most of my life, so it probably wouldn't bother me too much. Also less space to clean.
I think railings can be installed.
RV and tiny house people usually have their own bathroom in their home. Van people have to shower at gyms, or use those portable shower things. Pic related is an example but they look different depending on the place.

No. 649049

I think I am gonna spend $80 on a Tewi costume because I really want to be Tewi for Halloween. Bad financial choice, but it will bring much joy!

No. 649054

My turn, how the fuck operated transmen have sex? Does it even get up?

No. 649058

Visit the ftm thread, we had a convo about this, there's weird balloons and rods involved

No. 649076

Just wanted to say: The world is gonna end someday. Go have sex. Stop being afraid of STDs.

No. 649078

>t. bugspreader/bugchaser

No. 649087

I hate movies with raunchy sex scenes and overt women sexualization, I want to rip my eyes out any time these type of scenes come on. WHY DO THEY HAVE TO ADD THIS SHIT TO AN ALREADY SHIT MOVIE? IT'S SO UNNECESSARY

No. 649109

I'll be reisen. Let's go shoot at moids

No. 649112

Whoa, sounds like a lot of work

No. 649124

What about corona?

No. 649138

Literal braindead shit, gtfo with your weird std catching kink

No. 649147

…maybe be wary of the rona.
Sorry for making you mad anon. This is the dumbass shit thread, afterall.

No. 649149

i want a divooooorrrccceeeeeeeeee

No. 649154

You ever look at the sky and wonder why the clouds look so HD?

No. 649156

It's edited. She used snow or something.

No. 649159

Are there really people who don't need glasses? Like you see everything in perfect 4k hd quality always? You can read those big menus at fastfood restaurants and road signs while driving without glasses or contacts?

No. 649163

I’ve had glasses for my whole life. It’s so surreal getting new glasses and everything looks so crispy for a few weeks. I can’t believe some people see like that all the time. Then I get depressed wondering if my eyes will keep getting worse until I eventually go blind (I already have a really bad prescription)

No. 649166

No. 649169

Yeah. Don't know how long it will last. To compensate my hearing is not optimal

No. 649171

Just get Lasik

No. 649172

I envy anyone who can see the lines on the road when it's dark outside without glasses. They will never know the pain of sitting down for a lecture and realizing when it's already too late that the board is just one gigantic blur, and you know you're going to have to spend entire the class period squinting.

No. 649173

Peanut butter smells like taco bell food.

No. 649174

Can’t your eyes keep getting worse even after lasik?

No. 649182

File: 1602115474196.gif (4.13 MB, 380x380, spong.gif)

When your anxiety gives you a break and you have a moment of clarity and rational thinking

No. 649184

I've heard of people going blind years and years after receiving lasik, so now I'm more hesitant to get it. I'd rather stick with my glasses tbh.

No. 649185

keep working on it anon, soon the clarity will last longer.

No. 649214

I dont think it's 100% shoop, in the video you see her from a ton of different angles including a top down view of her giant wisdom-tooth lower body and her standing in water and walking from different distances and she still has the same weird proportions. I know there's body filters nowadays but it all looked pretty consistent, im pretty sure its mostly just some x-treme plastic surgery.

No. 649232

Yeah, the accounts of the small percent of people that end up randomly going blind immediately after. There’s a reason you always see doctors wearing glasses!

No. 649269

this was a really fun read, thanks anon

No. 649274

I'm not cut out for RV living but I like the idea of having a very very small house. Preferably on my own land but a tiny yard is fine too. It'd be so easy to clean and I think I'd feel less compelled to waste money if I didn't have any room to put things lol.

No. 649287

kek my group member finds me annoying for suggesting we hold so many meetings. it's cute how frustrated he is with the class.

No. 649294

Sometimes after I’ve made some particularly bad posts mobile LC starts glitching and not showing like half the posts in the thread. I consider it punishment

No. 649295

File: 1602119998753.jpg (Spoiler Image, 15.88 KB, 362x512, 9339e9eab96c9574743533ebf4fa43…)

I don't know why but when you tulpa I thought you were referring to toyol which are these little goblin spirit children creatures and I was like… why the fuck would you try to conjure that?

KEK this is hilarious, but it would make a good horror story. Man tries to create the ultimate image of his dream waifu and she comes out horribly deformed and keeps following and haunting him the rest of his life

No. 649308

Click "show sage posts for this thread", just below the reply boxes when that happens. It will unhide them.

It happens to me all the time too. I don't know if it's some glitch and the option to hide sage posts sometimes gets activated by itself, or I accidentally click it while scrolling (it's too close to the scroll arrow, bad design).

No. 649315

*saged posts
sry, autocorrect

No. 649319

tulpas are imaginary friend bullshit

why can't you people just dissociate and depersonalize instead

No. 649327

KEK interesting read, thanks anon. now I'm tempted to go down a tulpa rabbit hole

No. 649329

kill him instead. easy

No. 649334

I keep thinking about this edit of Shawn Mendes signing autographs with this audio overlay of a girl screaming the lyrics to Señorita at him and I really wish I could find it

No. 649336

Great news, I found it instantly after posting this goddammit

No. 649341

I remember this shit. Tulpas used to be so huge on 4chan.
I think 95% of them were just LARPing and writing greentext stories, though. Tulpa formation is supposed to require a lot of meditation/strong will, and I refuse to believe men who jerk off to cartoon horses and probably have non-existent attention spans due to internet/porn addiction have enough mental stamina to essentially give themselves schizophrenia by following watered-down versions of monk's instructions.
The Bambi sissy hypnosis thing is the most I can buy being true, and even that seems exaggerated.

No. 649358

File: 1602122621351.jpg (20.51 KB, 432x432, nervous_dog.jpg)

My doctor walked into the exam room, took one look at my fat shiba inu head, looked down at the rest of me, said, "Yeah you've got like a thyroid condition or something, it's like someone took a fat woman's head and just plopped it on your neck," and walked back out

I wonder what kind of thyroid condition

No. 649362

I wanna eat some curryyyyyyyyyy

No. 649375

also I was there to get antibiotics for a uti, so

No. 649384

Fuck that guy, sounds very unprofessional. Hope you got your antibiotics though.

I’m eating curry now! Sharing with you in spirit.

No. 649385

What the fuck

No. 649389

I hope you submit a complaint.

No. 649394

Is there someone you can report him to? He sounds like an asshole, and you're probably not the only one he's acted this way to.

No. 649403

>Bambi sissy hypnosis
thanks for bringing that up. you unlocked some disgusting memories that my brain had rightfully locked away

No. 649404

File: 1602125302527.png (105.24 KB, 364x439, 8pwcgjhr8c251.png)

Well, I told the woman at the front desk, you know the person who sets up your next appointment/writes out the prescriptions,
"Dr. [name] said I have a fat head and a thyroid problem; what do I need to do about that, and can I please have something for the uti I came in for? He wasn't interested."
She didn't say anything, but she wrote me a prescription for the uti, and gave me a different doctor to call for the thyroid
I didn't report him, I've had way worse care there and other places, and tbh I basically blanked on everything when he said "thyroid," I just wasn't expecting that shit

No. 649408

I've been playing this song when I'm doing shit and feeling anxious and it's put me in such a stupid, happy headspace.

No. 649414

I love the Cake Trilogy so fucking much

No. 649420

File: 1602126390488.jpg (75.96 KB, 770x509, krokodil.jpg)

for the first time in my entire life i have a close woman friend and honestly, this is so nice! were complete opposites, but we never judge each other and i get so much good advice from her. its not even the girly shit thats the best part, its just having someone who understands me and not from a scrote point of view.
i used to be one of those 'i dont have female friends i hate the drama' typa annoying bitches but tbh i just never had the chance to have one. i love it. girls are great.

No. 649424

Hair cake is my favorite. Cancer waiter idubbbz fuckig kills me

No. 649433

Literally every fast food place except taco bell gives me the shits or makes me puke, maybe they have less grease in their food? Idk someone explain what's so special about taco bell

No. 649436

Damn my fav personal lolcow went and got their Twitter suspended

No. 649440

File: 1602128296902.jpg (7.34 MB, 4032x3024, 20201007_233754.jpg)

Where can I find empty hair balls like this to put stuff in and make hair accessories for arts and crafts? Idk what they're called.

No. 649441

ah ha, a question I can finally answer as a total loser
TB is by and far the cleanest fast food joint
I've worked at all of them

No. 649444

File: 1602128659771.jpg (61.47 KB, 498x616, IMG_20201008_004553.jpg)

There's a saying in my country that goes: "Do not count the eggs before the hen lays them"

And I am definitely counting those fucking eggs
And I know I will be disappointed because things won't go as I want
And now because I know all of this, I am making myself anxious

No. 649445

Can't you just buy them and cut the string out? These are called knockers or ballies btw. Some places might even call them barrettes (even though they're not). Go to the dollar store, walmart or your local hair shop.

No. 649446

I found them searching “hair bauble”, a lot of listings annoyingly labeled “hair bobble”, also some “knocker bead” and “hair ball” kek

No. 649450

samefag, but thought I'd add, pay attention to what kind you buy, depending on what you're trying to make. Some knockers are completely solid, hard, heavy plastic and some are lighter, thinner and more hollow. The one's in your pic are the heavy kind.

No. 649452

They have cat toys at petco?

No. 649462

I amazed at how quickly I will cuss out a rude stranger for being mean to another stranger but will sheepishly brush it off if it happens to me.

No. 649463

I’m counting my eggs too anon

Hair bobbles! I haven’t head that term for so many years…

No. 649466

I was thinking of this because of discourse around the debate but has anyone else actually never had the experience of being “mansplained” to or notice being disproportionately talked over/interrupted by men? This has literally never happened to me.

No. 649467

Sometimes when I’m trying to go to sleep I get really dizzy like my world start spinning and I fucking love it because it reminds me of doing coke in a weird way. I feel guilty tho because I’m 9 months clean…

No. 649468

File: 1602132172803.jpg (20.09 KB, 643x517, 1540760550044.jpg)

if this post ends in an odd number, xanax
if it ends in an even number, benadryl
if it ends in dubs, I finally end the nightmare all together

No. 649469

I wish Patrick from Schitt's Creek was my boyfriend. He's wonderful and cute.

No. 649471

If I have to see anymore black israelite nonsense about Native Americans, I will die. They can't even keep their stories straight about actual Native Americans. Olmecs look like indigenous Mexicans. You can look at natives in Guatemala or Mexico and see how their skin tones match mayan and aztec paintings.

I understand that there could possibly be black explorers in the Americas long before columbus. But how is trying to claim an entire people's history any different than the white people who claim any african achievements were done by white people or Aliens

No. 649480

It's not that hard to use a condom lol

No. 649483

I feel disproportionately talked over but both men and women do it.

No. 649484

That’s what I mean like times when it happens it’s not disproportionately men, at least in my experience.

No. 649485

tbh I think it's just that less assertive people get mowed over in conversation, and men score higher on "assertiveness" as a trait, so it's probably a more common experience to get talked over as a woman. But I live in america where every other person is confident and loud so I'm probably just less assertive than everyone. idk if that's what it is for you though

No. 649486

File: 1602134757083.jpg (251.78 KB, 1200x1600, $_57.JPG_5ad5a72476ac64.102049…)

They mentioned this cover of Playgirl on Modern Family and wtf this is big baby diaper pose?????

No. 649488

Playgirl has never really been meant for women in case you haven’t gathered that yet for some reason

No. 649489

No fucking way, this can't actually be a cover right? I'm laughing so hard

No. 649490

Ew I hate feet. I have like anti-foot fetish, that shit should be censored.

No. 649491

The demographic does not that change the fact that DD did this anon

No. 649492

yup, let's work together to ban any kind of open toe shoe anon

No. 649494

Same, I used to just be ambivalent about feet when I heard about that fetish, but the more I've thought about foot fetishes the more irritated I feel. There's nothing sexy about feet, makes me wanna hide my feet all the time too.

No. 649495

Holy fuck I thought that was photoshopped for a gag. It's fucking real. How on earth

No. 649496

For me it was even before I even knew there was a fetish, but I feel like it was in reaction to all the gross Dan Schneider-esque foot "jokes" I'd see on TV. I guess even as a kid I knew something was up with that shit.

No. 649497

Hmmm i’m not assertive at all and I’m usually really quiet in conversation but I feel like most people are generally polite and try not to talk over you, I think it can be worse in big groups sometimes but men and women both do it. I’m in the UK though so maybe it influences it. Also I work in retail and I don’t really think my experience is that men are more assertive, but that’s just anecdotal I guess.

No. 649499

When you wanna show hole you wanna show hole

No. 649502

If you're in the UK it's really early…get back to sleep

No. 649503

I've eaten half a jar of queso tonight and I'm embarrassed for myself

No. 649507

I liked looking at pretty class notes so I started reading some studyblr blogs, some time ago there was a bunch of posts about studyblrs who were failing or struggling still and it just made me lose all interest. I always assumed they were straight A students and they have such bougie lives and shit too. But damn, imagine doing all that and STILL failing

No. 649508

They're failing because they're too focused on making their notes pretty and aesthetic to actually take good notes or focus on learning

No. 649509

It slapped me hard they always go on about the hours they studied and making flash cards and shit

No. 649512

fucking same kek

No. 649513

would i get banned for making a funny pictures of celebs thread?

No. 649514

Can anyone help me find this one bollywood music thing where there is a lady running around singing and its like raining and shes trying to protect this candle thing in her hand from like going out. JFC ive been trying to find it for ages and I am literally losing my mind

No. 649521

I just wanted to share this pure nostalgia omg

No. 649522

This. I was a straight A student and I can assure you that after all that studying needed for straight A's + maintaining a social life + a part time job there's no time left for making notes aesthetically pleasing. Reminds me of bujo fanatics who're more focused on making ~art~ in their planners than actually being productive.

No. 649544

File: 1602141978842.jpg (183.49 KB, 870x578, 6gh883.jpg)

didn't know where else to post this but I had a weird experience this morning while walking to work at 6 am. I saw one of those smallish trucks used for transporting sheep (at least here in the uk, not the larger lorries for pigs and so on. pic attached is similar except it was basic and dark coloured, not fancy) but instead of sheep inside there were dogs. I could only see 3 of them because they were half hanging out and making these whines of distress as they drove by me. I was kind of taken aback, there was no one else around and I stopped in my tracks with this feeling in my stomach that something wasn't right. fuck, I wish I'd got the registration number. my mind immediately went to puppy mills (all were the same kind of dog, like a golden colour. maybe golden labs) or that they'd been stolen (we've had dogs being stolen around where I live)

I didn't know if I was being dumb but I called the number for reporting and incident or unusual behaviour for my area. the lady was actually really sweet and took the call seriously which made me feel a bit better.

idk maybe it was nothing but it just did not feel right in my gut, all I know is someone else must've seen it along the way cause they were making a lot of noise

No. 649548

I don't know but you can have this instead lol

No. 649549

Good for you for reporting it anon! I hope it's innocent but it's weird for sure.

No. 649554

It's all the time for me. I didn't intially notice it as much cause I'm a pretty passive person who lets other people talk a lot, and I mostly hung out with men, but the more time I spent talking to women the more I noticed it. I've had guys explain fucking periods and menopause to me, and white guys explain racism to me even though I'm non-white.
Interruptions don't happen as much for me, but it's usually guys who will agressively speak over me when it does happen.

No. 649594

Mansplaining doesn't happen to me much because most men I choose to talk to own their stupidity pretty well, I mostly just get empty blank stares.

All of them have a tendency to interrupt and talk over me however. For the dumbest shit too.

No. 649596

File: 1602147949076.jpeg (152.37 KB, 720x540, E19270C9-F93E-430A-8EA7-590DA6…)

two guys came to our house and asked for some girl (they said she got scammed over 100$ for a phone or some shit.. and that they either saw her come here (we live at a dead end next to a parking lot where druggies hang out) or she gave them this address) ..
then they left and came back after like 5 minutes and smashed two of our windows. idiots.

No. 649606

Is it this?

No. 649607

File: 1602148806158.jpg (87.15 KB, 500x500, e88347f0173c41e3d1f6ac2c2498f1…)

I had a dream that I got into some infight, then a farmhand claimed I was a "notorious shitposter" and that my post history was full of arguing about brain size, BPD, being fat and radfems. Then they posted a huge list of random posts that were supposed to be mine. I tried to deny it, but no one believed me. It was more hurtful than it should've been. It turned out that the other person I was in the first infight with was that farmhand on anon, but again, no one believed me and the other farmhands covered for them.

No. 649617

Aw, poor anon, it was just a dream!

No. 649620

you know you spend way to much time on this board when your brain comes up with stuff like this

No. 649641

I’ve only dreamt about lolcow once, and in it someone made a thread about my dead friend and was compiling things they did when they were a teenager and I was so upset. When I woke up I affectively did not come back for several months, dreaming about using an imageboard is not ideal for me.

No. 649642

I hate wearing retainers at night. I feel like a dumbdumb wearing them.

No. 649647

File: 1602152320638.jpg (172.83 KB, 2121x1414, sausages-on-a-plate.jpg)

I saw the nudes leaked by Adam and Ryan and it kind of baffles me that anons are calling those micropenises. They look average to me, like isn't five inches the statistical average for penis size? Idk makes me wonder if anons watch too much porn or something. Don't get me wrong, Adam and Ryan are dumpy, but their dick size is irrelevant next to the fact that they're gross predators. I was also confused when people said Chris Evans' dick was small. What? It has an unappealing shape, but once again it's not small.

No. 649649

It's just the norm to insult cows and scumbags on anything they're likely to be insecure about

No. 649652

Anons are always autistic about penis size to the point that it makes me wonder about their coomerism as well. Most of the time the dick will be completely average. Tho this time one of the guys actually had a small dick (forgot the name, not really all that invested in this drama), but I guess a broken clock is still right twice a day.

No. 649654

I think ethnicity also comes into play js

No. 649655

Now I want to eat sausages

No. 649656

No. 649662

I sometimes feel like I might be mentally ill but I will never go to a psych to have my fears possibly confirmed.

No. 649668

>It has an unappealing shape
Am I the only one who thinks that mushroom dicks are pretty?

No. 649674

not sure if you're in the US, but you can buy these at dollar stores (family dollar, dollar general, etc).

No. 649678

Yes. They look weird, like fungus mushrooms and sometimes sentient.

No. 649679

Terminally online fakeboi fatties be like "you don't have to be skinny to be androgynous!! support androgynous fat people!!" like no shit, who the fuck is actually saying fat peple can't be androgynous. there are so many people who are just so fat and shapeless no one can tell whether they're men or women anymore. if that's not androgyny then I don't know what is.

No. 649683

skinny women without "curves" are often infantilized by other people who compare them to the shape of a young man. the fashion industry is an example of this. its typically used by misogynists to discredit a woman for not looking "woman" enough, so i assume thats where their sensitivity to it comes from.

No. 649713

Honesly sometimes I just remember how tired I was all my life and I get it now, I just wasn't fucking sleeping.

No. 649714

File: 1602163297288.jpeg (1.35 MB, 1125x2169, DA483390-B8E9-4471-AECD-47136E…)

This is what I like to see

No. 649721

I had only started watching funhaus for a few months. I feel cursed. Or I suppose disappointed but not exactly surprised

No. 649725

this oddly makes me miss colorado. i want to go home. shame it didnt happen to some tourist though

No. 649733

The cinematography in Shawn Mendes's wonder MV is beautiful

No. 649735

Good. I hate golf, and I hate golfers. If I were an elk, that'd be me.

No. 649756

im a slut for white wine and irish coffee

No. 649761

Can someone make a Bollywood thread plz?

No. 649778

>tfw your shitty vent causes a bunch of anons to infight

At least I'm not the only miserable bitch here.

No. 649803

Seeing dads who legitimately care for their kids and look out for them and support them gives me massive amounts of cognitive dissonance. Having an uninterested dad who openly despises me and my friends either having no dad or a deadbeat one makes me feel like good fathers only exist in movies.

No. 649815

I have a wonderful father, and it's so weird and honestly instills this feeling of guilt to see and know that it isn't the norm. I'm sorry that your and you friends' have shitty dads, I imagine missing any parent is hard.

No. 649825

I wonder how kenna is doing now that pull is off her back…

No. 649828

It always shocks me when I see someone with a good father, it's so rare. I feel happy for them though. I've not met dad but whenever I see a charming old man, I imagine him as my dad, makes me feel happy. I don't know if that's mental illneas of some sort.

No. 649833

Was it the weightloss one?

No. 649835

Nah, COVID one. I only posted my vent and about my mom and they're still at it.

No. 649844

That's honestly very cute and sweet. I think of old men like that as grandfathers, haha.

No. 649855

File: 1602171207963.jpg (43.79 KB, 500x375, 1439766462338.jpg)

Sometimes I wonder why anons sage in the off-topic boards when its not against the rules. Its not even that fast of an imageboard.

No. 649856

scared of getting yelled at for not saging

No. 649864

Because some anons like to go around patrolling for non-saged posts. They lose their shit over it. Tbh I never even notice whether or not a post is saged unless someone mentions it.

No. 649866

Social conditioning by other femanons

No. 649868

Because mentally healthy people aren't obsessed with checking the sage status to use it as high horse for anons disagreeing with them

No. 649870

Nah I just do it because I want to. I won't this time, just for you.

No. 649881

File: 1602172272271.jpg (14.33 KB, 222x266, 1602164912453.jpg)

>The dots are so small, but there are so many of them in one area, it's hard to target the dots specifically
Fuck, this is me to a T. I've been consistent with a skincare routine ever since quarantine started. Haven't missed a single day, apply good quality sunscreen every day, still have tons of hyperpigmentation. My face as a whole has gotten lighter, but I still have a bunch of unsightly acne scars and red dots all over my face. Fuck 2x
Acne is gone though, so that's a plus? Thank god I have to wear masks because my cheeks look like shit. It's not even pits, just marks.

No. 649887

Because every time I forget to, some dumbass will derail the thread with sperging about me "not even knowing how to sage" or calling me a newfag in a feeble attempt to poke holes in my argument and I'd really rather not engage with them.

No. 649889

Because it was originally intended to be used to not bump a thread if you had nothing on topic to that thread to contribute. Yes, the board is "off topic" from cow threads, but individual threads here still have topics.
It's a politeness for anons who would assume the thread is getting bumped for content, not because you're having a meltdown and wanna shitpost and infight.

Hope this clears it up for the unintegrated. Welcome to lolcow!

You're so mad. Quit infighting and people will stop calling you out.

No. 649898

It's always been a bit weird to me because on the offtopic boards at least, new replies are new content to me. It makes it harder to browse and pay attention to what threads have new replies compared to other chans where everyone just bumps the thread they reply to and you can see it in the catalog. Not my favorite thing about lolcow board culture but I respect it since I know some anons care about it

No. 649901

case in point.

No. 649902

Then why did you just sage wtf

No. 649905

Because I said I respect it? it's only a few sentences read the whole post jfc

No. 649907

I did read it, anon. I read it and it sounded like you were talking about people other than you.

No. 649908

I mean its used for cow threads if you don't have milk nothing to do with off-topic. I assume only anons used it because they were newfags who were banned or saw it because they didn't sage on those boards.
Like what >>649898 said it does make it harder to browse for off-topic threads is all.

No. 649912

Do you think it's a good idea to make a thread about roleplaying as your favorite philosopher?

No. 649915

No this isn't a scrote forum

No. 649916

No. 649917

But why

No. 649919

Just put it in the lolcow inn thread.

No. 649923

Do you think most of famous philosophers are lolcow anon?

No. 649924

I just remembered showing my boobs off and doing sexual roleplay on omegle when I when was a kid and I feel so embarassed. wtf was I thinking

No. 649925

So many famous dead people probably would have been lolcows if the term existed back then

No. 649930

I think that is a good thread idea anon.

No. 649934

I’m going to make a shitty cheese roll up using a store bought tortilla shell and think about all the philosophers that died constipated because they were big brain addicts

No. 649935

File: 1602174015302.jpg (169.53 KB, 1024x683, john-towner-130164-unsplash-10…)

I want to live in Paris for at least a while during my life so bad, i know it isnt that ultimate romantic paradise media makes it out to be but it sounds like such a culturally beautiful place to be, sure it has ghettos but my home town is basically 50% a ghetto with harpzardly built houses and zero planning, i've been robbed at gun point in my life more times than the average peson will in their whole lives.
Idk I just come from a country that seems to not appreaciate beauty, calmness and art at all and france seems like the complete fucking opposite of where I come from, I would love to live there.

No. 649938

No. 649945

lmao ive never heard of that, luckily i have already been on vacation a few years ago when things were less shitty, not a romantic movie paradise obviously but i loved it anyways, alot of that culture shock seems asia x europe, specially the dirty part, i didn't find the paces where i went to too dirty, just average dirty, any big brazilian city (where im from) is a fucking dumpster trash of dirty, there's litter everywhere, europe was dreamy in comparasion.

No. 649950

Oh man, if you're Brazillian then yeah Paris will be like a beautiful paradise in comparison

No. 649952

File: 1602174620051.jpg (886.72 KB, 2048x2048, st-malo.jpg)

If you're interested in the beauty and calmness and art and French vibe you should totally skip Paris and explore more of Bretagne or Normandy region, they're far more idyllic and safe and sooo beautiful.
Although from what you've saying how your neighbourhood is like, I'm sure you'd be totally fine in Paris, as in - it would not be a painful expectations vs reality clash. Still, my point is, if you already want to live in France, you can do MUCH better, no point to waste time on the capital.

No. 649963

This would make an amazing thread tbh, i’m with >>649930. If you don’t make it I will

No. 649985

File: 1602175417900.jpeg (111.12 KB, 466x420, 2FC00153-3E57-49BE-967C-8CB247…)

which ones?

I only know a ton of philosophers were depressed and crazy bc >tfw to intelligent

also that sounds good, anything cheapo with cheese is how to treat yourself when poorfag

No. 649999

what symptoms have you got??

No. 650001

File: 1602175899047.gif (854.79 KB, 260x198, OrneryInfamousCopepod-max-1mb.…)

I feel so good right now. I'm finally getting my work done

No. 650003

My friend was telling me how she cures her mother's migraines and blood pressure through like, chakra and auras and giving her energy to her mom and that it works and she's really exhausted afterwards and I was just very astonished. Could it be that it really works?

No. 650006

Placebo effect

No. 650016

If that really worked don't you think that's something that would be considered an effective cure by medical professionals and widespread practiced?

No. 650018

Sorry if the thread is shit anon

No. 650023

I kept using starbyface over and over for my bf's face. Its all says he looks like Hitler. Idk you guys.

No. 650024

You are right… I was surprised she (and her whole family) firmly believed in this stuff. It was kinda surreal listening to her. I didn't wanna say anything mean because it was somehow doing something.

No. 650032

It’s been years since I read about any of their personal lives but I think I remember Nietzsche specifically having a lot of bowel issues concurrent with drug use lol I like his work but no doubt he was a whiny bitch.

As far as my cheese roll goes, I used some local cheddar and a little cotija. It was a little pocket of cheapass goodness…… glad you can appreciate it, anon

No. 650038

At this point I can't help but believe my mom is a witch.
I don't live with her and we were never too close to each other, since I moved out we mostly talk about mundane things but I rarely let her know my worries because she tends to worry too much. Yet whenever I have a somehow bigger issue she calls me to tell me she had a bad dream about me. I never share that stuff on social media, hell I usually don't share it with anyone and I'm damn good at faking I don't give a shit about anything. But she knows. I always deny it unless it's something really big I can't handle without help but she freaks me out.
At least I know where I got my sharp instinct from.

No. 650039

File: 1602177252469.jpeg (66.48 KB, 600x899, 4AF4F26D-CF57-4C95-9C83-32FAEC…)

It’s not that bad, anon. As long as he doesn’t have his style of moustache.

No. 650051

File: 1602177847168.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 222.64 KB, 736x1449, 79D49F78-15BC-4FA0-B1B9-F698C8…)

They look like himbos, I want 8 of these anime guys.

No. 650055

men can hate on women on every available platform but we can't hate on them here. i don't understand why(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 650059

That's just mom intuition. Whenever I'm really wanting something or my handbag has fallen apart, my grandmother always ends up meeting up with me and surprising me with it. I feel very blessed

No. 650060

Yep, it’s the same thing on every platform. I’m getting tired of it. Why not even allow a containment thread? That way, everyone will be satisfied - unless, of course, some scrote mods can’t deal with getting triggered on the daily.

No. 650064

Technically you could even hate on men on some of the shittier platforms. Sure you'd get shit on and dogpiled but at least you wouldn't be censored. Why can't we have that much here?

No. 650065

I want some southern breakfast so bad :( It's been too long since I had a big ol plate of grits, eggs, bacon, sausage and croissants.

No. 650080

Did something happen? You can hate on men here afaik

No. 650087

I think anons want the thread back because if you sperg too much about men in a vent thread you usually get banned for bait/derailing.

No. 650090

Sugar or salt on your grits? I swear to god people who put salt on their grits need help. Myself included.

No. 650092

There was a man-hating general thread that got started here 3 hrs ago and the user got banned.

No. 650095

I put cheese on them. I've never had sugar on grits tbh, but I do use salt and pepper to season them.

No. 650099

My white sibling uses an accent that isn't hers. Like almost cardi b, and it's been there for years. Kinda cringe but there's nothing I can do

No. 650102

I’ve watched this video five times today and I’m lusting so hard after year 2000 Ville Valo, I almost feel like I’m cheating

No. 650106

File: 1602179833612.jpg (11.47 KB, 468x263, b5771049629940a3b903cc9610e63a…)

If it makes you feel better he looks like shit now

No. 650108

Rip man hating thread u will be missed

No. 650112

I know, anon, I know. They all do after 40 (few exceptions), it’s just a sad fact of life.

No. 650113

men sure do age like wine kek

No. 650117

Because handmaidens and men get triggered. Criticizing men is wrong think, fall in line fellow bangmaid broodmare.
Oh they censor you hard.

A containment thread would make everyone happy, this place is cucked just like every place online.

No. 650120

Honestly surprised it didn't get locked asap

No. 650128

god i wish i were that microphone

No. 650131

If you think a drama based website isn't filled to the brim with gay scrotes then you're naive. They probably exclude themselves from the man hating sentiments but it gets too real when you specifically call out gay men like in that thread. Fuck tranny mods fuck gay males and fuck you too.(derailing)

No. 650135

I wish i could get off the pill because its making my mental issues worse and im paranoid about getting cancer but i hate condoms. I tried the IUD and it was the most painful thing ever and just made me bleed and cramp for 6 months lol, considering asking my partner to get a vasectomy but the stigma around it is kind of bothering me

No. 650139

What do you mean about the stigma, anon? A vasectomy makes the absolute most sense if neither of you want children. Have you tried Nexplanon, though? I've heard pretty good things from friends, but idk from personal experience.

No. 650142

File: 1602181231433.jpg (90.14 KB, 564x449, art8.jpg)

I'm trying to make a moodboard for clothing that I like but I'm struggling to make the images fir together where I can see them all without one covering up the rest. darn

No. 650144

Ugly women are still prettier than ugly men. Something about women just makes them always look nicer, even when they're not cute.

No. 650145

Het women, literally living with mental issues and having severe health problems just to get some dick. Have some respect for yourself and use condoms + fertility day tracking. If he won't get a vasectomy dump him.

No. 650149

File: 1602181354575.png (347.86 KB, 804x808, boardtan.png)

i think board-tan would be cute as a vtuber model

No. 650150

Kiwifags are some of the most pathetic yet funny people on the internet solely based off the fact they think they're better than all the normies on other social media sites just because of their knowledge on internet autists. Reading all these borderline essay blog posts from users trying to dunk on internet cows is always entertaining. Niggas type out essays like the cow will read it, take it to heart, and then act on their mistakes. My personal favorite is when a user posts something blatantly incorrect and since most kiwifags are uneducated balding men they're unable to connect the dots. Entertainment is free

No. 650155

as if lolcow is any better

No. 650159

NTA but I was extremely disappointed when I visited the city and understand why the Paris syndrome is a thing. It was a literal shithole ghetto, far from the romantic paradise it's often marketed as. Hated every single second of being in that place.

No. 650161

That board-tan drawing isn’t very cute tho

No. 650162

There’s like two openpsychometrics.org tests where you rate female faces and male faces on their attractiveness and my friends and I agreed even the unattractive females were not as viscerally gross as the males. And were straight too

No. 650165

Lolcow is a shit show but I don't have to sift through unfunny would not have sex with ___ jokes in every post so that's a win in my book.

No. 650166

File: 1602181828740.jpg (49.54 KB, 640x638, gifts-for-grandma-1586381185.j…)


I wish my female relatives were remotely like that sigh, my grandma absolutely despises me because she's a stupid alcoholic, she used to make my mom PAY for her to watch me when she had to go to the doctor or something like that, I haven't been invited to a christmas party for three years now lol, my other grandma died when my mom was very young so she herself is not very mom-y.

I miss having female family connections (or family connections at all), my upbringing makes me believe motherly instintc definetely does not exist and some women should never have kids.

No. 650170

File: 1602181975911.jpg (41.59 KB, 706x521, GnUgl8n.jpg)

this kinda stuff lol, im kind of wary or anything hormonal honestly
im not het and i dont like condoms. and he will if i ask him, we're literally married lol

No. 650179

At least when people type long shit out to cows they're rightfully mocked kek

Kiwifags aren't going to read this and take it to heart. The irony.

No. 650180

Oh thank you for introducing me to this website anon! I love these kind of test things. Also, I'm straight too, but women are just so much more easy on the eyes.

No. 650184

late but i have become prejudiced towards ugly men because i am sure they're bitter assholes like this. i mean good looking men can act like shit too but ugly man bitterness is something else.

No. 650186

>i-it'll attract men here!!! not like they're constantly raiding this fucking place pinkpill thread or not
>"not my nigel" anons can't hide the thread and instead choose to bitch about it endlessly because my beloved daddy is so nice thus all your manhate venting is baseless!!!
>all the pinkpill anons are just reddit normie cunts who don't even integrate reee who cares if most of them are lolcow oldfags and the various cow threads draw in obsessively nitpicking PULLfags and moids asking for nudes, lest we forget the k-pop twitterfags
>muh site survey
>all those ppchans are just white racist well-off karens demanding free labor from admin-sama, they must GO
>lmao asherah's garden !

My theory is that it all boils down to some anons hurting the feelings of some farmhands&admin while they were partaking in the thread anonymously.

No. 650187

At least on lolcow you get banned for blogging and spergy 5 paragraph callout posts on cows. I cringe everytime I read through the Amberlynn Reid threads and some kiwifag is going off about the health benefits of keto.

No. 650189

Seriously farmhands?

No. 650190

>all those ppchans are just white racist well-off karens demanding free labor from admin-sama, they must GO

fucking KEK this was my favorite argument in the /meta/ thread. truly the milk from the 2XX shutdown was incredible.

No. 650191

lmao i guess i chose the wrong/perfect time to post this hahahahaha

No. 650192

Whenever someone mentions autism 20 people respond "I'm autistic… But I'm not like THAT autistic guy!" so I'm sure we know what the userbase mostly consists of.
autistic men who have those
"coddled by society" "ur iq is one point over average!" superiority complexes

No. 650197

File: 1602182590237.jpg (114.44 KB, 736x862, 68cc4bfa3d8f9b67698bdb3c5bf007…)

God I wish I was a lesbian sometimes, man are so difficult most of the times
I hate male socialization

No. 650204

Agree. Kiwifarms threads are literally unreadable due to the excessive blogposting and tinfoiling even more out of hand than in the most cancerous threads of lolcow. They introduced the Highlight feature so you can skip to an important storypoint instead of reading All That Shit about NullsBallLicker89's family situation but even most of those posts are just shitty jokes anons make. I swear like 90% of the whole userbase is low functioning autistic, especially apparent when they try to lowkey whiteknight the cow because they started projecting.

I was just about to write this when I saw your reply. Makes me cringe till my body aches. Also the countless "I'm trans…… but not like THAT fake troon!!!" despite being a carbon copy of whatever cow's in question.

No. 650209

I think most ugly/average looking men are just normal but I find most people ugly/average. I think trying to moralise beauty and thinking that good looking men are more likely to be good people and that most ugly men are /pol/ user types isn’t really a healthy way of thinking.

No. 650211

I've just did both male and female and damn you're right, I struggled with not clicking "neither" on almost every male comparison. For females i've only clicked neither when they were equally attractive and I couldn't chose.

No. 650214

Am I the only one who is doing perfectly well in my remote classes? I would have thought I’d be unhappy or id be having academic trouble but everything’s going smoothly for me

No. 650216

No I agree, I find it easier than in person

No. 650218

It's biology. Socialization is the only thing that has a chance of holding them back, and even then it's ineffective and geared towards encouraging male biology.

No. 650222

why do you want to pinkpill them?

No. 650223

imagine a world without men

No. 650231


No. 650232

It's the same for me, then again I'm doing a bachelors degree that doesn't require me to do lab research or group work, just reading political literature and essay writing. I think I would have spent a considerable amount of time commutting to and from classes if they were being held in person.

No. 650234

I'm insanely jealous of anons who get remote college, I would've killed for that privilege and my grades wouldn't have suffered. It was an extraordinary amount of work and energy to have to drive to campus and attend several classes a day. I think of all the extra time I would have had for assignments if I didn't have to ready myself, commute, and walk all over hell.

No. 650242

I wish I could do that stupid shit in bbc sherlock where he instantly detects people's personal info. I would like to know who's extremely degenerate before bothering with them. tbh t would also be a curse to know, since we all are fucked in some way. If i knew how many pedos/rapists I'd have to kms. Other than that ik many people are openly cows these days. Still, I never want to have to realize again about someone too late

No. 650244

Enrolling again soon and honestly I hope COVID lasts long enough for me to finish my degree remotely lol. Super convenient.

No. 650247

Yeah exactly, when I have a morning class I can wake up less than 30 min before and afterwards I can go straight to the kitchen to make breakfast and do homework, it’s so chill

No. 650249

I know right, ntayrt, but remote classes are the best thing that ever happened to me. Sure, you can’t make friends because I’m my case there’s no interaction with other students.
But i 100% prefer not going through the whole bullshit that is it like to going to the campus on metro, the paranoia of whether or not you will get shanked and/or shoot on the face for not giving up your phone or for not having enough money in your pockets, the whole shit moments when the cabin has not air conditioning and everyone smells like BO and finding out that the teacher couldn’t get there on time so there’s no class and you have to go back home.

No. 650256

I love remote college but I need to live alone to do it. Last semester I was stuck with my parents and I was practically falling apart, it was awful.

No. 650259

Honestly, the people on that site are such a joke you can't think anything but some sort of severe deficiency. Icing on the top is users idolizing their favorite manlet Null that's too scared to fight his battles without his mommy there to protect him.

No. 650261

Don't let other people try to set you up for failure, anons. Persevere, bitch. Succeed out of spite.

No. 650264

Why are all of you so okay with remote? Maybe it's because I'm not an introvert but it drove me fucking crazy being alone in front of a laptop writing shitty essays and made my adhd progress go down the fucking drain. i cant do this shit anymore lol

No. 650267

I'm an introvert but I feel the ADHD spirals

No. 650275

Man I wish attending class absolved us of sitting for hours in front of a computer typing essays, but it didn't. The class attendance was just extra effort and stress for me. The only easy types of classes to attend were those powerpoint lecture hall types where you could slip under the radar and not expect to be engaging, but even then you still had to make yourself presentable and motivate to get there on time.

No. 650278

I honestly prefer investigating on my own instead of having someone regurgitating everything for an hour or two.
Actually, at first I despised what I’m studying because my career is paid with pennies, but since I need the title in order to get any job, I had to do my assignments and such.
After studying on my own, gathering information and actually taking my time to understand how and why it works, I got to accept my career path and such, I understood that there are other ways to go about this career.

No. 650283

Imagine actually caring about American politics enough that you dream about it

No. 650284

I'm glad you had a positive experience! A lot of people have. I feel envious that I wasn't one of those people, but I've heard many good stories. It's just hard when the one way I learned how to deal with my ADHD and dyscalculia was always hands-on. I wish I was "neurotypical" (for lack of a better term) but hopefully I learn how to make the best out of this situation.

No. 650286

File: 1602185690324.gif (43.58 KB, 500x278, 7A791283-2FAE-4D7C-8936-32384B…)

i think i’m one of gods personal lolcows, i tried to develop a ~trendy~ ed when i was younger and developed binge eating disorder and now i’m fat and not like cassie kek. i deserve it.

No. 650292

>i tried to develop a ~trendy~ ed
Wtf does this mean ?

No. 650293

It means she thought disordered eating was cool and fashionable

No. 650294

I just finished reading through the Man hate thread that lasted for 2 hours today until it was locked and it was so refreshing and satisfying. Keep hating scrotes even when you're silenced, ladies

No. 650296

Why was it even locked?

No. 650301

mh has been banned here for months

No. 650311

I knowwww. I need the pressure of others around me, it's why I like studying in the library

No. 650317

Nothing worse than when one of your siblings pisses your mom off and she starts cursing out everyone in the house and saying we're all trash. Sis I was in my room doing work why ruin MY day.

No. 650318

Makes so sense cuz man hate is just a universal part of the female experience along with periods and such

No. 650319

Manhate threads caused alot of raids that the mods couldn’t handle, tbh i will sacrifice the threads if it means no gore or cp poster in OT.

No. 650321

Idk probably cuz I don’t have add or adhd. I’m sorry anons who are struggling with that though

No. 650330

What gets me is that they’ll dogpile new posters who post retarded blog posts/no-milk posts and then sperg about it and how they didn’t do that when they were a newfag and how much better they are and start asspatting each other for literally 3 pages before derailing with their own blogposts

No. 650336

Kek god damn I miss my family but this reminds me that I do NOT miss living with them. Hang in there, anon, hope you still have a good stay!

No. 650350

File: 1602188607838.jpg (1.77 MB, 1920x1920, InShot_20201009_032345680.jpg)

Look like there are siblings or something
Keanu is the oldest, Adam the middle and Charlie the youngest

No. 650370

Keanu could be the father of both and that trips me up

No. 650381

so much ugly moid in one pic, i can’t take it

No. 650413

More for me I guess

No. 650418

what did keanu ever do to be insulted like this

No. 650420

The one on the top doesn't belong. He looks like a r9k discord tranny before pic

No. 650446

Even though we are anons, I still get embarrassed when I make stupid typos on here when I am posting while distracted or tired. And if I try to delete it to fix it usually I fuck it up worse cause the embarrassment is making me rush kek

No. 650447

File: 1602193607484.jpg (39.8 KB, 540x687, ZF3TbM4.jpg)

Anons! I was scrolling past some stuff and this appeared on my dashboard.

And no, it´s not ironic this is a real, and the people on the replies were serious about their results, so pick up yours ladies!

Mine is secret… secret-gender.

No. 650448

Apparently mine is acabgender

No. 650452

I'm Memegender

No. 650453

Sometimes hard nipples look like walnuts

No. 650454

…Unicorns-gender? I guess from now on you will have to use my pronouns
Have a magical day and don’t kill secretself!

No. 650456

ree gender.

No. 650462

I just pinched my nips for this and I’m not seeing it. Damn you!

No. 650466

File: 1602195244532.jpg (91.86 KB, 625x572, 0p2XxzO.jpg)

Oh god! This reminds me to one time someone as a joke changed the pronouns on their bio to cop/copself, and everyone was too scared of misgender that person that even is it was a clear troll they had to use said pronouns.

That´s so nice of you unicornsself-anon, have an awesome day too!


No. 650481

File: 1602196018230.png (Spoiler Image, 517.69 KB, 600x500, walnutboob.png)

Sorry anon, only some ladies have the privilege of having walnut areolas.

No. 650494

the year is 2020. people don't know how to torrent anymore

No. 650504

Holy shit why

No. 650506

Idk but how retarded. Just nuke the place already why don’t they.

No. 650509

They don’t even try anymore

No. 650511

That hair looks so repulsive on Cr1tikal. For an Internet tough guy like Charlie, he can’t even confront his own underaged incel fan base. I’m cringing ever simping this guy.

No. 650515

Every male-centric board contains anti-female sentiments but lc isn’t allowed the same leeway as if it isn’t going completely downhill here anyways. They should just say they don’t want actual women here and get it over with.

No. 650519

Even crystal cafe has a pink pill and terf thread, and people constantly say that cc is full of trannies and scrotes larping. It's fucking ridiculous and tbh at this point mods are doubling down out of spite on a choice that was unpopular from the start, judging by that poll they created then ignored.

No. 650528

I doubt cc has more LARPing scrotes than we do. It's so slow, how many scrotes would even have the patience

No. 650536

tbh I don't spend enough time there to really know why anyone thinks it's full of larp to begin with. But those threads exist peacefully so clearly they aren't overrun with males.

No. 650541

Didn't know if I should post here or in the employment thread, but for the anons that work and or study, what is your career/job? I'm currently in law school, so that's it

No. 650542

The Ugly, the Ugly, and the Ugly.

No. 650565

Do they want the target demographic to be fags? Apparently they do

No. 650599

File: 1602206593106.jpg (36.83 KB, 720x832, FB_IMG_1596054136490.jpg)

Why does my brain do this?

When I receive a compliment, especially by people more skilled than me, my brain always reads it as a backhanded compliment and just feels like giving up completely. I guess I just need to entirely isolate myself to have an ounce of productivity until I am actually confident enough or else I'll just give up everything.

I just wanna know if there's any psychological explanation behind this, cause I just hate it. It's so exhausting

No. 650615

Do I ghost this new friend because I saw she had ahegao stickers on her phone and wallet? Kek she's almost 30 and though I am lonely idk if I am that lonely

No. 650625

Me: I'm a soulless bitch and I'm not going to keep meeting with people and letting my social anxiety turn me into an overly agreeing, haha-ing at every little thing loud bitch that I'm not.

Me as soon as I see anyone: HEHEHE HAHA HI HI OMG EIWEJROIJW

Like wtf. My brain literally goes "it's ass kissing time".

No. 650626

File: 1602208823250.jpg (1.69 MB, 1402x1812, road_full.jpg)

No. 650630

maybe but men do not have healthy way of thinking in general lol and i do not associate with them so it's not a problem for me how i view them i'm not gonna spend time with them anyway.

No. 650633

Fuuuuck I do this too! I've been a little better in 1 on 1 situations lately but it takes a ton of effort to keep myself on track. I feel like it's so hard to make genuine relationships because my anxiety makes me feel so shallow in how interact with people.

No. 650634

How I interact* ugh

No. 650639

here i am sitting in my dark room pinching my own nipples to see if i am one of the wrinkly ones

No. 650642

yes. unless it's male ahegaos

No. 650653

I wish. Fujo trash is better than whatever her stickers were.

No. 650655

"kylie jenner x reader imagines" was not a string of words that i had expected to read today

No. 650657

File: 1602211710325.jpg (9.89 KB, 567x567, FB_IMG_1595630984104.jpg)


I don't get it, where am I?

No. 650659

Sometimes I feel gross on behalf of famous people that are unaware of those things.
But at the same time, I wish they knew about these fanfics just to see their reactions because that would be a new kind of cringe to witness.

No. 650664

sometimes i think about how easy it is on clear web to access disgusting shit. i remember years ago seeing some photos a couple took where they played around with some dudes dismembered head during some weird sex games and some guy who strapped himself to a table saw to kill himself. wtf is wrong with people i hate this.

No. 650687

I love the family guy songs, I'm watching all the seasons.

No. 650689

>>i remember years ago seeing some photos a couple took where they played around with some dudes dismembered head during some weird sex games and some guy who strapped himself to a table saw to kill himself. wtf is wrong with people i hate this

How did you come across these things? I looked at lipstick alley's thread on pictures of dead celebrities and I saw Sharon Tate's name and a little bit of hair and I noped out like on the 6th page.

No. 650690

My best friend's cousin is a male decent looking famous gaming youtuber, she said he's very much aware of fanfiction and finds it absolutely terrifying, his girlfriend also found out and it almost led to a break up, I feel sorry for the guy.

No. 650693

Haha please, for the love of god dont let the prof be suspicious of my guessed scores haha fuck. Why is my ass so lazy.

No. 650697

Why would it lead to a break up though? It's not his fault?

I believe that if I was in his position I would find half of the things really amusing and funny and half really terrifying and disgraceful
Kinda like browsing deviantart

No. 650704

She's already insecure in the relationship because he doesn't make it public, mostly for his own privacy and also because he has alot of rabid teen girl fans that would probably send the poor woman death threats, that happened to a fellow youtuber friend of his so he's wary of the situation.

He finds Him x Other Youtube pretty boy fanfics the most amusing and less creepy, he and the guy being shipped did a reading of one for a subscriber milestone.

He and my friend aren't too close but all the interactions I had with him were very fun, it changed my perspective on youtube-famous people, also ruined his videos forever, i can't watch them without cringing into oblivion because its someone I KNOW in person.

No. 650707

i honestly dont remember. that was about a decade ago. the meager measures taken towards preventing kids from finding that kind of stuff are kind of new. im disgusted that i still think about them but i wish i knew who they were or who that guy was. its kind of sad

No. 650710

File: 1602216288200.jpg (46.19 KB, 600x600, 6133_full_(1).jpg)

>tfw I have a sore throat in the midst of a pandemic
I hope it's just cause I was crying because…..

No. 650711

Alot of those very horrible gore videos and pictures are actually leaked from police investigations, way too many people have acess to evidence and its super easy to bring a pen drive to work, copy the files and then upload them on the internet later, i know a guy works as district attorney assistant and sometimes he sends me pictures of case files hes wrapping up, just stuff thats not illegal and wouldn't get him into trouble like funny mugshots, but he could easily scroll down to the gorey crime scenes.

No. 650714

dead famous lolcows and lolcow inn are the best threads

No. 650725

I have a friend who I feel like is always lying but I have no real proof besides the fact that the stories she tells just seem extremely unrealistic. I love her but every mutual guy we know always ends up "having a crush on her" . It could be the most random guy and she'll be like "oh yeah him, he asked me to come to go out with him".

No. 650726

I wish all cockroaches were eliminated off the face of the Earth. With their disgusting, massive, squishy bodies and leathery, papery wings. The feeling of one landing on you is a horror like no other. Or waking up in the middle of the night and seeing one on the wall. Absolute menaces. I've developed a legitimate phobia of them since moving to Florida. I just went to take some trash out and saw the antennae of one peeking out the side of the garbage can. Ran away before I had to gaze upon its horrible visage. Now freaking out whenever I feel a stray hair touch me out of fear it is The Beast. Worst creatures in existence.

No. 650730

Is that the worst extent of it? If so I don’t think that’s too bad, albeit annoying and a little too optimistic, but you did say you love her. If there’s more to it however it might only escalate.

No. 650732

File: 1602218391984.jpg (214.14 KB, 1080x1362, 20201008_234036.jpg)

I was just trying to google "massage therapists near me" and this is what I see. I hate men

No. 650733

I wonder why the middle east and Islam is referenced so much in rap. It's interesting considering there's a large population of black people who claim that arabs are racist towards them.

No. 650735

It's getting excessive. Every guy we both know that we speak to more than once, even just in a college class, ends up "asking her out". The hottest girls I know don't end up having TA's, coworkers, and classmates asking to grab drinks as much as she claims. I just feel offended that she is in my opinion straight up lying or exaggerating. I
've even told her I don't believe her and she just laughs it off.

No. 650743

I keep getting banned out the wazoo for the dumbest shit. I literally have the most vanilla takes and only respond to people 2 times when "arguing" with them, but that's considered infighting and derailing now no matter the context. What kind of dumbass sees an argument that took place literally hours before they saw it that only lasted 6 posts and goes "Time to ban" like bitch I've literally gone on with my day by the time you've done so what is the fucking purpose besides being on a power trip.

No. 650752

There are plenty of black muslims you know

No. 650754

do you remember to sage your shit?

No. 650756

Yes, I know this? I also know that there are black arabs. It's just interesting considering the media and societal outlook on both doesn't really take into account muslims and arabs being anything besides olive skinned. So the fact that they would include it so heavily knowing the connotation is interesting to me.

No. 650758

yeah, I’ve been banned a few times for really innocuous shit. the moderation on this site is pretty laughable at times.

No. 650759

No. 650761

Same. Banned more in the last two months than I’ve ever been in the last, what, six years?

No. 650762

Ah well I suppose there are worst things to lie about, but what I would do any time she says this is blow raspberries or be like “whatever Name.” The other option is that she’s known among the guys at college for being a huge slut and she really is being asked but not in a flattering way.

No. 650778

I lurk the guru gossip discord sometimes because it’s funny and there’s people actually criticizing bestdressed for not voting in the 2016 election as if her singular vote in an already blue state would have made a difference kek the nitpicking is unbelievable

No. 650779

File: 1602223730202.jpeg (11.28 KB, 275x275, 64843484.jpeg)

I just bought one of those super bright light-up trifold desktop mirrors for makeup and I really, really shouldn't have.
>I can see every hair and pore at multiple angles and magnifications
>I just started taking an aha/bha and my skin is flaky/purging
>mfw i must. not. touch

No. 650801

It's mostly down to Nation of Islam members approaching wealthy and influential black celebrities for conversion. They're full of grifters who rip them off financially.

No. 650804

>knows a famous e-celeb
>won't tell us who it is
every fucking time

No. 650806

File: 1602228375091.jpeg (120.2 KB, 762x960, 46315116-8C2C-49F9-AA14-6DAFF1…)

I have been complaining about getting a gf for forever, a girl invited me over to stay the night Friday after we see a movie because she was going to have it all to herself “you have to drive so far to hang out with me! you can crash here and leave tomorrow!” My dumbass said no through an over explanation of me having plans the next day in the afternoon. I like her, she qt, why am I like this.

No. 650810

Dude you might as well text her and be like nvm im an idiot does the offer still stand?

What do you have to lose

No. 650840

stop calling me a terf/radfem. i barely care about feminism as a movement, let alone radical feminism. i'm just transphobic because the vast majority of trans people are ugly and cringe

No. 650849

File: 1602235243465.jpg (64.03 KB, 680x909, 1601381543118.jpg)

I love being called a terf, because I am a terf. People can die mad about it.

No. 650852

Two worlds, one family
Trust your heart
Let fate decide
To guide these transphobic lives we see

No. 650854

No. 650859

There’s this girl I knew who was a huge terf and she was really weirdly aggressive about it pretty early on, I’d say 2013/2014? I actually ended up ignoring and alienating her for it because she was really obsessed with demeaning transgender people. My fucking god, look at things now. She was right all along. If I could turn back time… if I could find a way.

No. 650867

Most of the pinkpill threads were spergy and consisted of anons bitching about their deadbeat boyfriends but some anons wrote fucking beautiful essay tier posts about the patriarchal structure and male privilege that were insightful and hit deep. Every now and then I see those kind of posts here and they always make me feel a lot better after a long day of working with moids in a male-dominated field.

No. 650868

I, too, work in a terrible boys club. Best of luck to you anon.

No. 650872

Wtf anon, are you me? I once had a schoolmate who was very vocally TERF around those years, sharing articles that disparaged the likes of Caitlyn Jenner and Laverne Cox. I was but a naive libfem at the time so I cut off communication like a dumbass. Now I have no idea how to reconnect with her without sounding weird about it.

No. 650874

Shit me too except I never broke ties with my terfy friend. She was talking about how she doesn't think gender dysphoria is real or should be treated with transitioning and how sexist the whole idea of transgenderism was. I thought she was just ignorant because at that point I believed my ~dysphoria~ was totes real and biological. I peaked a few years after she came forward with her views and now I couldn't agree more.

No. 650901

what if pedestrians and cars were reversed and you would have to walk in circles at roundabouts and run on the highway

No. 650904

I'd probably meet more people, this sounds nice to me but I also just woke up

No. 650906

I really want to read a long-ass mystery novel I can just get totally into and lose myself in for a bit. So I decided to give in and buy the new JKR novel. But I share Prime with a family member who knows about the JKR "controversy" and would probably question me about it. So I used a bookstore website I am not used to, it said the book had free shipping, I tiredly clicked through and then noticed there was a shipping charge cause I had to buy something else to meet the minimum. Now I feel stupid for spending extra money just for someone not to call me out for reading a fucking book.

No. 650908

Noticed a bump on my head in the shower, a fucking cystic acne bump I guess. Hurts oww.

No. 650910

Kinda stupid but two secondhandstores (/thriftstores ig) in my area recently moved to larger buildings and idk I'm happy that they're thriving in a time where a lot of stores are going out of bussiness while being a good bussiness for the communinity and enivornment.

No. 650919

File: 1602249757955.jpeg (67.08 KB, 575x383, 87B3F4A4-C7DF-43AF-BC7D-F9A1EA…)

I would be a skinny legend, maybe it should be like that.

No. 650933

Jesus TRAs really got you cornered huh

No. 650936

NTA but if the wannabe instathot/youtuber I know ever actually makes it I will tell you all who she is to make up for all this nonsense. She's boring and annoying for now though kek

No. 650941

Radfems on tumblr are something else

No. 650942

How so and as opposed to radfems here?

No. 650953

File: 1602254437235.jpg (305.16 KB, 1682x1930, 2020-10-09 19.39.32.jpg)

Looks like an alien is at my window.

No. 650954

My car key broke. The silver part fell right in front of me onto the floor of my car, but when I went to look for it, it was gone completely. I looked for 20 minutes straight. I often joke about goblins stealing things from me that go missing, but now I officially, unironically believe that goblins do steal shit from me. And they made me late for work when I was already on the property. Happy Friday!

On the bright side, my lovely friend is bringing my spare key to me ♥

No. 650968

angelica ross passes well.

No. 650972

There isn't a response to this that isn't a banned topic, like at least two kinds of banned topic.

No. 650974

Sade and Dido are the black and white version of each other.

No. 650977

>hobo jake gyllenhaal on the front

No. 650978

ok sorry

No. 650987

>diane is a tulpa
>special agent dale cooper is actually autistic
the plot thickens AGAIN

No. 650988

I wish we had presidential matches instead of debates. I want to see Trump and Biden throw hands, winner takes all.

No. 650991

File: 1602257406880.gif (1.11 MB, 480x270, KrDoZd.gif)

Beyblade tournaments for presidency!!

No. 650997


Nah man, see who can get the most stars in Mario Party. Think about the mini-game potential.

No. 651004

File: 1602257958985.jpeg (65.03 KB, 409x271, FFE2CFFE-62AF-4ABB-AC0C-4C63CC…)

That’s an amazing idea, anon, I love you.

No. 651016


No. 651023

Fuck anyone who doesn't like this song!!

No. 651037

I write erotic roleplay with my weeb fujo friends and our gay anime OCs and it's better than any sex would ever be.

No. 651045

May your ship always stays afloat.
i love fujo roleplay, it’s fun

No. 651082

I have been into painting for a long time and my sister started venturing into it during quarantine, it was pretty cool and I helped her whenever she asked and gave her all my supplies and all. Fixed her sketches for her etc. I think she's getting pretty sweet at it but the thing is, she's starting to get condescending to me. Explaining basic painting and drawing concepts to me as though I've never picked up a brush in my life. I know she's just excited learning new stuff and all and wants to share, and our subjects are pretty different, she likes landscapes while I like to draw people. But I still get annoyed like a retard when she explains to me how watercolors gets diluted the more water you add to it like I haven't been doing that for the past 8 years. This is such a stupid sperg but whenever I tell her something I found out about she always snaps back at me all 'i already know it'. I don't know. I'm stupid. Rant over.

No. 651104

My cat uses pillows properly and it's always so fucking cute to wake up to him snuggled beside me with his head propped up on the pillow.

No. 651115

I made a batch of mini oreos and it took me like two hours to cut out all the circles to bake and wait for them to cool and dab each one with filling. Towards the end I felt like Claire Saffitz a la "I've lost control of my life"

I could've just went to the corner store lol. Next time I'll bake things that have more worth, but it was nice to see my boyfriend help me sandwich them without asking

No. 651132

My dog does this too and it is the most delightful thing to witness

No. 651140

I don't really want to have a career or make a lot of money. I'm fine if I get a job after I graduate where I can make enough money to pay for my expenses and live somewhere in a small house in a quiet village and live a quiet life. Simple life is underrated.

No. 651151

No. 651161

I watched Vogues Extreme Beauty series and now I feel like my life is a joke. Honestly if i could I’d love to dress in only pretty dresses. Dresses from vintage eras like Victorian, Edwardian or even 50s style. I think the fashion nowadays just confuses me and has no beauty in it really. I hope I can channel some of this into sewing a dress

No. 651168

anon are you me? Occupational ambition is overrated. I've wasted so much of my life working myself to the bone and I was so unhappy/stressed when I made big girl money.. Right now I'm perfectly content earning a modest wage and having time to relax and appreciate little things like tea and birds in the park

No. 651169

>be me, be scrote
>take break from fapping to guro loli inflation futa tentacle prolapse porn to go on an imageboard and dunk on foids
>post dick pic on /g/, hit f5 so fast i break my keyboard
>mom comes in and asks me if i'm having another 'episode', scream at her until she brings me more tendies
>one reply before thread gets locked
>spend last $10 of my neet bucks on a cheap vpn so i can ban evade
>go back on imageboard and post thinly veiled bait with smug anime girl pictures
>kek lmao cuck foid roasties whores hoes mad
>piss in the bottle next to my computer and go back to reading my shota impregnation watersports weeb comic
>women amirite lads

No. 651171

I wanted to have a great career and become successful but I went into a male dominated field and soon realized that the glass ceiling is real and nobody likes women who don't know their places, especially because I'm not even the cute kind of manic pixie dream girl archetype but just a mundane GNC bitch. So now I'm just trying to swallow my bitterness and settle for mediocrity.

No. 651175

File: 1602264003375.png (29.17 KB, 583x208, menwhobreathearegay.PNG)

I think it's so funny when people say stuff like "if a man does x he's gay". I remember seeing someone say if a man asks for dessert he's gay lol.

pls don't yell at me for twitter post

No. 651185

File: 1602264490754.jpeg (39.07 KB, 376x319, 9DF769F2-3575-4134-84B2-C8A370…)

I usually am very confident about being alt and not conventionally attractive and feminine but today this woman in her mid twenties, completely decked out in couture wear (I could see her belt was Dolce & Gabanna) and stiletto heels, looking straight out of the devil’s wear prada while i looked like a knock off female brian molko made me feel so inadequate and childish, standing next to her in front of a business building felt so goddamn shameful.

No. 651186

Let him in he knows what’s good

No. 651187

Sage your unimportant posts.

No. 651190

……this is the Dumbass Shit thread

No. 651192

Right and nothing you say is important enough that it needs to bump this thread to the top of the page.

No. 651193

Did you ask for her number?

No. 651195

File: 1602264879779.png (Spoiler Image, 74.18 KB, 359x357, 310m5r.png)

the tiny pimples are always the worst

No. 651199

molko chan isn’t into hyper femmes

No. 651212

How is anything in this thread important? Maybe something hit a nerve with this observation? Are you okay? Perhaps, don't say you're a…


No. 651214

This might be dumb but I saw the dostoevsky post on the dead lolcows thread and I didn't know he was such a shitbutt, I was planning on reading his books that had been gathering dust on my shelves but now I don't know if I wanna. I don't wanna read a misogynist rapist's ramblings, even if he was a good writer…

No. 651216

File: 1602266015349.jpeg (36.98 KB, 500x375, 93FE4972-A750-4D9B-A939-45E44A…)

>sage police in /ot/

No. 651218

Do we have a gaming discord anywhere?? I wanna shitpost about rpgs I like.

No. 651220

Don't worry anons, I am calling out one specific person whom I already know has posted stupidly in other boards. otherwise i dont care.

No. 651223

It worries me that I don’t think I would have felt any significant red flags about Chris Watts

No. 651225

>whom I already know has posted stupidly in other boards
are you a farmhand

No. 651227

For your own sake, do not get married. Infact, do not even live in the same house as anyone else.

No. 651234

Sure, sperg.

No. 651237

File: 1602267368040.jpg (369.69 KB, 1080x1202, 20201009_141643.jpg)

i keep seeing stuff like this on tumblr and its making me lol. i WISH kiwifarms was full of terfs

No. 651241

I just looked this up and holy shit the pickmes who contacted him. He’s not even attractive wtf

No. 651243

Didn't know kiwifarms was a radfem community.

No. 651244

File: 1602267550980.png (2.9 KB, 407x25, terves.png)

No. 651247

o shit thats my post lol

I mean, I dont have a problem with reading things written by him now, since he's dead. That being said, my school curriculum never said anything about how shitty he was, and once i found out i got pissed no one told me he was a terrible person, because he used to be my favorite writer when i was an edgy teen - he was so good at placing himself into a persons head and describing their exact thoughts and feelings. If you're a loser like me, you'll find a lot of his stuff shamefully relatable, so i'd say - give it a try. Start out with "Notes from Underground", "White Nights" or "The Beggar Boy at Christ's Christmas Tree".

No. 651248

It's always those dang TERFs, isn't it? I bet they were behind 9/11 as well.

No. 651258

Recently I’ve been being a dumb bitch and feeling like crying for no reason, a recipe went wrong today and it nearly tipped me over the edge

No. 651260

At a second glance I'm pretty sure this is a troll post to direct people into looking what kind of a degenerate he is.
>Oh my god people this is a rumor started by TERFS!!!! look into this (TERF) website that has a (TERF) thread full of LIES!!! here's how you can find it btw
>OP post of his thread has screenshots and solid receipts of him being a crazy confirmed rapist that abandoned his wife and kids (whom he openly neglected) to live out his wiccan goth gf fetish and chanology shenanigans.

No. 651262

File: 1602268229400.jpg (244.7 KB, 600x800, 1588664297863.jpg)

>anon vents about workplace misogyny
>gets nitpicked
I'm so sorry anon. Have a cat pic.

No. 651265

I can feel you anon, when someone who you thought was the shit turns out to be shit, it kinda pisses you off. This man who is very celebrated in my country married a girl just as she turned 18, who he had known since she was a child, she was his friend's daughter. He was around 40 when he married her. Anyways, I just.. relating to a rapists thoughts would make me feel weird, knowing what I'm reading was written by someone who probably didn't view me as fully human. I mean, I should just go for it since he's dead but still, does a rapist has things of value to say about humanity? I know he's celebrated, and considered a great philosopher. I'd feel guilty relating to a rapist.

No. 651267

its not a troll sadly, the OP is serious and its being reblogged by a bunch of troons and troon supporters

No. 651272

I love stonks

No. 651276

that cat kinda looks like me

No. 651283

File: 1602268872061.jpeg (272.13 KB, 1300x867, FEFD3291-ABB6-4655-A907-3464AF…)

I always wanted to celebrate Christmas. I know it’s consumerist retardation but damn if it doesn’t hurt watching everything get all pretty and everyone get all excited whilst I do jack shit alone.

No. 651287

You can celebrate Christmas! You don’t even have to be alone, depending on where you live.

No. 651288

Thanks anon, that's a very pleasant cat. Lolcow keeps me from going insane and switching careers due to having to deal with scrote bullshit all day long.

No. 651289

I read back on my reply and realized I kinda sperged out about his work there, lol. Totally understand if you dont wanna read him. Most literary classics are historically approved by men who dont give a shit about authors views on women, so you're not the weird one here.
Who's the celebrated guy you're talking about?

No. 651290

File: 1602269210219.jpg (15.24 KB, 373x427, 521651651561.jpg)

yesterday I had a sex dream of that wimpy asian dude from Buzzfeed Unsolved rawdogging me and it gave me an orgasm and now I can't watch their videos anymore.

No. 651295

i was always more of a shane girl myself but you do you anon

No. 651301

File: 1602269887280.jpeg (164.38 KB, 1100x825, 8B68EF0A-932F-46EF-B48E-449FCB…)

Is it just me or do all porn stars have ‘porn star face’. I’m not talking about their makeup or anything, their faces are inherently pornographic or something idk.

No. 651304

They have Fox News lady syndrome

No. 651309

File: 1602270340463.jpeg (65.65 KB, 600x784, 04C3DE87-2A32-44C0-AFB0-DD8547…)

I wish I could pet that cat.

No. 651310

>KF is a feminist website
At this point I’m sure 90% of zoomers do not know what TERF means.

No. 651315

Combination of shitty plastic surgery/fillers, overdone makeup (thin arched eyebrows, harsh eyeliner, thick foundation), long straight hair extensions (even if they don’t suit it) and outdated style

No. 651323

Dark eye makeup + nude lip is a ho look too

No. 651327

oh my god why he killed hiw wife and 2 small children

what goes on in these womens minds??

No. 651328

I think you're unknowingly talking about makeup actually, I remember when this before-after gallery of porn stars makeup was circling online, none of them look like porn stars on before photos, almost all of them have that look after.

No. 651334

>Right now I'm perfectly content earning a modest wage and having time to relax and appreciate little things like tea and birds in the park
Yes I totally vibe with this! Good for you, really.

No. 651340

They look like normal american girls glamed up to me I’m sorry i don’t watch porn though

No. 651341

File: 1602271811963.jpeg (34.1 KB, 461x282, 7FAF967D-D24D-4686-882E-B71652…)

Some of them look adorable without makeup.

No. 651342

ikr!!! I prefer most of them without makeup actually, they're very pretty just naturally.

No. 651349

they all have very bold eyelashes and blunt chins

No. 651350

Honestly this article makes me sad. It's like some political art piece showing how normal everyday girls get roped into this shit.

No. 651355

By the way, what's your field? Is it CS? Or finance?

No. 651361

isn’t it weird how straight men hate women so much? it’s so weird.

No. 651364

They're all homos in every way except for liking pussy, not even that sometimes.

No. 651365

Genuinely yes

No. 651368

Why is my teacher's forehead so shiny, I know he's bald, but damn

No. 651372


No. 651385

It's a STEM field. I'm good at my job but never get appreciated while my male coworkers get applauded for similar achievements and treated way better at the work place. I'm met with belittling, doubt, distrust and passive aggressive remarks.

No. 651393

Yeah, makeup they have must be pretty thick I suppose to survive everything happening on set so it's almost like a mask, but without it all of them look like any normal woman you'd pass by on the street, or be friends with at work, you would never think they do porn. It's more bizarre to look at than you would expect.

No. 651394

Like the anon said, that's because 95% of them are homosocial.

No. 651395

About last year I met this dude on discord who is pretty much a 4channer weeb daddy type who wants a traditional family and thinks the 60s were great and over time I brainwashed him and now he calls himself a trap and a femboy and wants to wear cat ears and be the little spoon and that will be my legacy.

No. 651400

>A literal discord tranny brainwash psyop post
Reiko is that you

No. 651404

hopefully he will take the next logical step and sterilise himself with titty skittles. you’re doing god’s work anon.

No. 651406

I can’t tell if I’m just very concerned with my pets’ diets because I know most domesticated animals in America are overweight or obese or in just projecting my eating disorder on them kek

No. 651420

You should be concerned with your pets diet, not like they can watch out for themselves.

No. 651422

Lemme eat out a hot butchhhhhh womannnnn

No. 651432

I hate how I torture myself by driving through the part of town I know I’ll see extremely hot guys because I can’t talk to them due to virus bullshit. I just want one to feel me up and tease me(namefag)

No. 651436

Same here, anon.

No. 651457

Damn girl at least you have a designated hot guy part of town. I drive around my place and see hobos, druggies and middle-aged prostitutes

No. 651473

File: 1602285799596.jpeg (60.59 KB, 750x590, 90BF747C-68C2-45DF-8FDA-F1FD2E…)

No. 651479

I regret reading the comment section.

No. 651481

Girl where do you live? Asking for a friend

No. 651483

The fact some anons here have kids terrifies me

No. 651485

You have to finish the job. You have to convince him to go to femboy heaven. It’s what Reiko would have wanted.

No. 651490

Uhhh why did curiosity got the best on me, I knew what to expect there. I know opinion of some anonymous coomers in the commens has no value but it's hard to read all that and not feel insecure knowing my bare face most of the days looks worse than majority of these women's even though I put a lot of attention to skincare and diet.

No. 651498

I just dropped my peanut butter toast :(((

Is there a pee equivalent to saying "fat shit"? Not poop anon, just curious.

No. 651500

Swear to god I am never taking a man’s virginity ever again. It’s kind of a powerful feeling but if a grown man is a virgin it’s probably an 85% chance he is a freak of some kind. For me it has been a 100% likelihood. Never again will I do this. I don’t even like men as people i just enjoy dick. Then they get all mommy issues with me. Help

No. 651505

Fat piss

No. 651510

Even as a young kid I figured out about the existence of gay people, even though I much later found out about the word gay itself or about homophobia. There was this gay boy in elementary school who had a precocious crush on my dad. I figured out he likes boys and men the same way other boys like girls and women, but didn't give it further thought. I did ask him if he "like-liked" my dad, then I made fun of him simply because my dad is fat and bald and wears glasses so that obviously means he's ugly and my classmate lacks taste. I grew up in eastern europoor and there obviously was (and still is) homophobia, and gay people were hardly ever mentioned in the media in my childhood, either in a positive or negative way.

I guess my undiagnosed turbo autism made me almost immune to picking up all the heteronormativity, I used to ship Tom and Jerry without caring that they're both boys, I made my dolls scissor, I really thought t.A.T.u were a cute couple, and I still turned out straight.

Anyway, several years later, this dude from elementary moved to the US, and is now married to a fat black man (my father is black for the record). He says GTA San Andreas, which was THE cool game in my elementary school years and everyone played it, also played a role in his attractions and that he really liked making CJ fat.

No. 651517

you're doing it wrong bb

No. 651518

stop posting this shit.

No. 651519

I feel so fucking bad eating 3/4ths of this mooncake (gave 1/4th to my cousin and no one else wanted some and I’ll get yelled at for leaving the rest in the fridge) because this shit is so calorie dense but god DAMN is it good.

No. 651521

I'm gonna eat a whole box of stuffing

No. 651522

File: 1602288942119.png (105.06 KB, 439x256, 743068457.png)

Pls don't crush my dreams anon. After recently getting out of a traumatic relationship where my ex hid his (very high) body count from me I now dream of finding someone who is not a manwhore and is a virgin maybe just because he's very moral and innocent or smth? Not because he's psychotic. That way I could teach him all my likes and not have to undo years of shitty casual encounters and porn.

No. 651561

Every time I finish a task with other people I quietly say

>And that's the peter panda dance…

and no one says a word but that's only because it's a dumbass reference to one of the stupidest movies ever, the Pacifier. But I always say it because it helps me feel like the task is completed

No. 651562

KAEW emag tuo llup taht ekaM
yssup ssa teW
keew a syad neveS
kaerf deifitreC

No. 651565

I think it’s weird to associate virginity with morality or innocence

No. 651566

File: 1602292343159.jpeg (475.6 KB, 750x876, 0E9BEADB-D843-4023-BE41-BDB587…)

me when i find a pronounless or even just a she/her account

No. 651567

I love Meg and I like Cardi but the beat to WAP is so weak it makes me wanna hunt them both for sport. It could have been so good

No. 651572

I miss my Gaia online guild from my teens. It was a pretty large but tight knit group. Lots of drama and betrayal though kek. Most of the user base was pretty young (13-19) with a couple older folk as well. People would host so many different types of giveaways, games, and projects we could do as a guild. I checked in on it the other day and people I recognize still post occasionally. Found out some users got married to each other, found out some others died. Feeling real nostalgic right now.

No. 651574

I love when people take the time to save photos they post on here under funny names.

No. 651575

explain yourselves you vague ass anons
ntayrt but I see where shes coming from. it's truly not the case that virgin = innocent because we all know of incels and it goes on. but she clearly wants to avoid guys like her ex so I can see how she has this preference now.

No. 651576

God you just hit me with nostalgia. I remember I was such a weird stage (was way too young to be playing it, was like 11/12) but I felt like a goddamn ruler on that game. I remember hacking my friends account and stealing all her expensive items too. Ugh, good times.

No. 651586

Both my brothers stink like shit and it makes me paranoid that I might have some genetic stank too

No. 651603

Take chlorophyll capsules, they really help eliminate any bodily funk

No. 651609

I hate sports commentary, especially tennis. Tried to watch a little Roland Garros with family and the same two corny cucks from the Tennis Channel are on again tonight making stupid jokes and creeping on all the male players wives and gfs. At least with like European football, some of the men have nice voices and are still kind of cute. Idk I love playing tennis but I cannot stand the waspy goobers the sport attracts with their fucking baby blue Lacoste polos and Ralph Lauren shoes. Blegh.

No. 651612

Isn't chlorophyll that plant shit

No. 651617

Yeah, I don’t really know how it works but it does

No. 651619

It just occurred to me that there will be a time I forget how to decode the sonic totem results. I can make a post and immediately look at the post number and know my result but it’s fucking me up that the sonic totem is illustrious of a period of my life now

No. 651625

Seconded. Swear by drinking chlorophyll.

No. 651626

I have always been curious about the totem, never tried it. I should ask something but I am afraid of the answer kek.

No. 651641

File: 1602298156773.jpg (6 KB, 186x271, images.jpg)

shit guess I'll be photosynthesizing tonight girls

No. 651646

I understand your reasoning, but on the flip side, I think sex turns some men into psychos. Think back to the very first time you dated someone, broke up, and got really hurt. Now imagine someone who has never dealt with some of that stuff, and will experience it freshly with you. Sex is like a tether for men and it will make them legitimately obsessed with you. When men, as children, get crushes and get rejected or broken up with, they get extremely upset and fixated and go play Halo or something. A grown man is more dangerous and erratic and combined with their inexperience, that obsession can be legitimately scary. I simply will never do it again unless I’m committed for LIFE because I fucked my last bf and the next day he was picking out our children’s names. Immediate regret. I also think he might one day kill me. Choose carefully! And seriously, like the other anon said, don’t associate virginity with kindness or innocence. Also virgins watch more porn than any human

No. 651651

Sorry to post twice but I wanted to mention that this man was extremely attractive and normal seeming. Too normal. I think he was imitating human emotions unconvincingly. And he watched so much porn. He had like post-mortem grip. I am glad I have tattoos so they can identify my body if the man murders me. virgin men: Don’t Do Them

No. 651670

a while back someone posted something with a gif of two girls wearing lolita fashion where one hugs the other and picks her up. I can't find it, doesn't anyone have it?

No. 651684

Anon, one possessive man does not make all virgin men nutcases. This is an unfortunate situation, but truly.

No. 651690

File: 1602300922172.jpg (29.91 KB, 484x484, IMG_20190318_171150.jpg)

I am such a fucking weeb I want to live in Japan so bad. Ive been to all of the major US cities, beautiful scandanavian towns, china, mexico, germany, france, everything. But nothing is like japan. I feel like if I could I would give up my really good life (perfect boyfriend, nice apartment, dream job, etc) just to have been born into a mediocre Japanese life. Even if it meant being a ugly loner who works at Lawson or Family Mart in the middle of no where I understand I am romanticizing a country but its just so viseral. Seeing photos of anywhere in Japan makes me feel a deep tangible pain in my chest. Not just pictures of beautiful temples or city life, I mean even ugly ass western looking office parks, it just has to be Japan. When I visited Japan a couple years ago, every single moment felt like euphoria, like I was literally the happiest I had even been. Its not the touristy areas or the pretty places or people, its the shitty ugly concrete looking office buildings and bland apartments. Even when i hear the language I get those heart pang things where it feels like Ive been hit in the face. I have to block japanese content sometimes because being reminded im not from there/living there will actually literally fuck up my day. Like seeing a fucking hirigana character will make me feel sick i got mental illness luv

No. 651701

ik it's been years but I still hate what the word "literally" has been turned into, because there isn't a replacement for it. I still use it the old way but I have to preface it with "I mean this in a literal, actual sense" and I feel retarded

also hearing gen z use it as filler word is like nails on a chalkboard

No. 651708

I literally can not stop using it wrong. It has become unironic in my brain. Help me.

No. 651709

File: 1602302148785.jpeg (74.22 KB, 905x759, 1582016730361.jpeg)

embrace it, anon
it hurts less if you let it like, just literally kill you

No. 651710

It’s okay to correct your own speech when you notice stuff like that, I usually try to avoid literally and pick other words like; actually, really, perfectly or exactly. It feels a tiny little bit less retarded.

No. 651712

File: 1602302415094.jpg (78.37 KB, 734x556, 21525.jpg)

ahhh hai hai, u shekusi garu, kamu ova nexutiem u bisit nippon. cam oba mai prasu, wi purae nintendo wii and wachu meni animeshun tugesa(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 651715

Kek I force myself to use alternatives when posting here so I don’t stand as out as the one anon who says it in every sentence. Idk man literally just FEELS so right!

No. 651725

File: 1602302918968.jpeg (164.03 KB, 750x750, 1602204884979.jpeg)

you had me right up til you were having to block content
I'm whitetrash though, so I cope like this, so tbh don't feel too bad probably

No. 651762

File: 1602305833712.jpg (676.1 KB, 1600x1200, 4732058403653.jpg)

I feel the same way about Japan. I do understand it's imperfect like anywhere else, but I don't know. Its imperfections are less nasty to me compared to other places, I guess. I like that the people are generally polite and nice, that you don't have to worry about getting stabbed walking around alone at night, that there's a respect for nature, everywhere (even the huge cities, amazingly) is clean, there's lots of creative and interesting media, friendships can be harder to make but generally longer lasting. Heck even the daytime TV I find silly yet charming. I've just sort of moped about it for years. Learned a decent amount of Japanese in school but didn't want to have to go the TEFL route to get over there.

Now? Fuck it. I'll spend a few years getting certified then teaching some kiddos English if it means I'll get to go back and have the opportunity to find a local job just, like… at a rural grocery store or some shit. At least I'll be living in the one place that ever felt like home.

No. 651763

I relate, I kind of don't see much harm in it as long as you remain vigilant not to be naive. Like you clearly know you are over-romanticizing it. But, there is a charm in aesthetics and to me there's something I find magical in most any other culture, I'm a really easily wowed person. I don't think it's bad per se because the joy you experience probably wouldn't go away. I believe people who go there (without crazy expectations, just charmed by the differences) can maintain that. To me it's like, some appeal of another place/culture/immersion will always be different from where you grew up, so there will always be something novel about it
I definitely sound autistic but I just find it easy to appreciate other places and even time periods in some sense. Every place has its faults and some way more than others obviously. But the differences will never not be fascinating to me. For you it may come from weebness but if you have genuine appreciation I don't think it's so bad man just my 2 cents

No. 651764

>you don't have to worry about getting stabbed walking around alone at night.

You know the uwu safest place ever japan thing is a myth right? Their police force is kinda messed up and they don't report cases they haven't made arrest to not mess up the statistics.

No. 651769

Me @ America

No. 651771

Ok honestly this confuses me. Everyone talks about how safe Japan is while simultaneously joking about how you should expect to be sexually and purposefully groped on the train. How can Japan be the safest place on earth yet people regularly complain about being sexually violated. This is coming from someone who also really wants to go to Japan.

No. 651772

Do you have a source? Not asking to be combative, I just have genuinely never heard Japan having a big problem with violent crimes. That seems like it would be a difficult thing to cover up in a fairly small country. That, and culturally people don't like to cause trouble, and the prisons are very unforgiving places.

No. 651777

which country you live at?

No. 651783

This, also the police has tendency of completely shrugging off women.


By the way the Osaka Police got CAUGHT but its a well known open secret almost every police force in big cities in japan does that.
Generally Japan would be on the same safety level as somewhere like the UK, France, maybe South Korea, sure its safer than Mexico or Brazil but its not a free for all walk alone at night, specially if you are a woman.

No. 651784

I think >>651771 is right and its mainly sexual crimes. I have read some about how csa is very … neglected in terms of punishment. Only recently did they firm up laws against cp and it's not much still. Afaik they still have the panty dispensing machines and school girls can get into a lot. Maybe not a stabbing (?) but as a woman especially, this is all something to be aware of. Harassment seems pretty common and like in the west, girls are told not to wear such short skirts. Except that there is a big reason being creepshots which do take place in the west but everyone knows about the trains there. We have these problems worldwide and in Japan it doesn't go away

No. 651785

I think it can be really safe in certain ways. Eg when you go to a food court people will leave their wallets or phones on a table to save their seats. That sort of thing is unfathomable in my country, nobody would risk their valuables getting stolen. But something like that doesn't contradict the threat of being harassed as a woman, that's always gonna be a possibility for us because men.

No. 651806

Anecdotal so take with a grain of salt but I've spent a few months in Japan as a woman (not employed so cant speak on that) walking in the streets at and literally was never even spoken to by a man once. In New York & LA on an average tuesday evening I'm talked to 15+ times on an average length walk. Not to mention in Osaka I saw a drunk man literally assault a police and not get arrested, they were just trying to calm him down the whole time despite him repeatedly punching at them. I don't know, the culture is that you can generally pass out drunk on the sidewalk overnight in the most shady part of Tokyo and not even get your wallet flipped through

Japan has its crime but compared to where I live in on of the richest city in America it's the safest place I've ever felt, aside from maybe literal utopia sweden? But even in sweden I got catcalled once, lol. It's all relative I suppose.

Nitpick but the used kiddie panty machines are kind of a myth. There maybe once was a few in the 90s or something but if so, it's not a thing anymore.

No. 651816

File: 1602309031055.jpeg (62.63 KB, 1152x864, DA5BD0D0-8BAF-411D-99CB-D71B6C…)

when farmers make errors or delete their post or have typos. I find that cute wtf I get a crush on U

No. 651862

File: 1602318248922.jpeg (37.33 KB, 330x319, D9EF2117-26F8-41F1-978A-525275…)

that’s so cute anon…

No. 651863

This is kinda what I mean though, it says
>The vast majority of covered-up crimes were for theft - including tens of thousands of stolen vehicle and bicycle cases
It does mention some more serious crimes were omitted but that’s still impressive for a city of that scale. Being a burger and comparing our big cities like LA and New York to Tokyo and Osaka, it’s seriously no comparison. There are regular murders, rapes, drug use, assaults, shootings, etc that are absolutely happening more frequently here than they do in Japan. And as >>651806 experienced, I never once even got cat called in Japan whereas I breathe in a man’s direction even in a smaller town here and get harassed. Maybe it’s because of gaijin smash and Japanese dudes were just too weirded out seeing a blonde chick, but frankly I’m cool with that. I’ll take even a stupid reason not to get targeted by men as much. As I said I don’t think it’s a utopia, but it still feels 100x safer than here.

No. 651871

kek same anon

No. 651873

It happens to me once a day, marry me anon

No. 651875

Why would they creep on the wives when tsitsipas was right there

No. 651879

File: 1602322411952.jpg (213.5 KB, 500x501, sad ralpg.jpg)

My mom's side grandma abused her husband and kids, and died shortly after I was born, and my dad's side grandma lived far and died when I was 8. I'm not well connected to most of my relatives just cause they live so far away and I didn't grow up with them.
I wish I had one of those deep bonds people talk about having with their grandparents, and getting spoiled, and getting advice and learning from them. Feels like I missed out on something in life

No. 651885

I always have a better time in Japan, personally, obviously because I’m a foreigner. We weren’t raised with the stringent and severe rules and thus aren’t under the same scrutiny, I’d even go so far as saying a lot of men are afraid of us. There are exceptions and I’m only even bothering to mention like the gaijin murders because I know some anons like to get autistic, but for the most part they target more Japanese women than foreign women because we weren’t raised on the obedient conditioning. The times I’ve been groped or creeped on I loudly hissed hentai and they fucked off immediately. Walking around freely feels so good, not being sexually harassed at every turn does too.

No. 651886

When I was in Japan I felt way more safe than in my country and I even felt like people were way less racist towards me than the people in my country where I was born and raised, so it's all relative to your own life and how things are in your own country. Seriously, I felt like I was treated like a normal person for the first time in my life despite being visibly not east asian and only being able to have normal, average conversations in Japanese.

No. 651890

I feel the same, I've been to Japan multiple times and due to borders being closed because of covid I've just been uber depressed over the fact of not getting to go there. I know all the faults of the society and I'm aware of all the bad and immoral things happening there but I still love Japan as a country. I love my current country too but fuck every time I'm in Japan I'm just filled with that euphoria of "being home". Wouldn't move to Japan permanently because it's extremely hard to integrate without being born in there(a case with every country tbh) but still I love being there.

No. 651891

File: 1602324886952.jpeg (159.05 KB, 858x1057, C4668C6C-65E8-4F33-8A46-5F6AE9…)

No. 651893

The thing about feeling safe is so true. I would be scared out of my mind to go outside alone during the evenings here but in Japan I had no problem walking around the city streets of Tokyo at night. Felt absolutely no fear.

No. 651897

Hehe, feeling this anon. I don't even follow accounts that have pronouns on bio even if they're cis because honestly it's a dog whistle for mental illness.

No. 651912

File: 1602326964952.png (974.45 KB, 1000x600, Hikikomori4.png)

I was going to ask this in the stupid questions thread, but since there is already a discussion about Japan here, I'm going to ask here: what do you guys think Japan could do about its failing birth rates?

No. 651913


broke: she/her
woke: f

No. 651915

Where are you from?

No. 651919

Idk probably stop failing

No. 651923


bespoke: put an obviously feminine name and expect people to assume your gender/pronouns just from that

No. 651926

What's an "obviously feminine" name?

No. 651928


I kinda do realize this is anglo-centric as fuck, and many non-anglo names are harder to tell for westerners, but it's still fucking retarded to ask someone who goes by Britney or Christina or something her pronouns

No. 651932

Some of you are so fucking weird it’s chill tho

No. 651947

Japan is already trying to do stupid shit that's not working anyway. Young people are looking for job opportunities or universities in big cities and to prevent that the government is offering super low rent prices for young couples in tiny villages and pay for some stuff like baby food and diapers and a friend from university who married a Japanese guy and had a baby with him said she took advantage of it but she barely knows anyone who did the same. There's talk about giving money to young married couple to financially help them raise their future kids but I'm sure it won't work all that well either. People just don't give a fuck and are trying to survive, what would improve statistics would just be waiting for old people to die of old age, just like in several European countries.

No. 651956

File: 1602332320290.png (638.11 KB, 586x517, tiktok.PNG)

How some really old people even get into tiktok? I'm barely 30 and I understand how it can be fun for youngsters but can't see any appeal in it for anyone around my age, so how some seniors do? Is it because they don't have to work anymore and are bored or something?

No. 651966


I get the impression most of them have been lured into videos by their grandchildren.

No. 651973

File: 1602335165387.jpeg (54.5 KB, 474x509, 20647020-3572-4A9A-BE6B-5269CC…)

I was messing around with a lesbian in a LDR for a few years. Her girlfriend was greasy and honestly retarded so i took great pleasure in learning that she caused a lice infestation when she last visited my “ex”. Ever since, the girl has had clean hair. Imagine having to teach your 20 year old girlfriend how to wash her hair after having to pick the fucking lice off her head because she “isn’t very detail oriented.”

No. 651974

File: 1602335283035.png (263.88 KB, 680x264, ugh.png)

i just saw this girl on a video about lip tattoos. she's got a nice upper face, but at some point she says that even though they're pale she's lucky to have such nice lips already. and i raised an eyebrow because to me she has this unfortunate enormous caveman jowl with a huge layer of gum on top flared teeth framed by two big shapeless stretches of knacki wursts, and i'm puzzled by the fact she wants any attention on her mouth at all.
am i an insecure bitter bitch ? (yeah, probably) is she really, really confident ? are beauty standards so grotesque nowadays that having any kind of wide round feature is considered attractive regardless of bone structure etc, and bc she's a makeup artist she overdosed on social media ?

No. 651978

I know this is childish of me but i really wanted presents this Christmas. Its been almost 15 yrs since ive had a Christmas present handed to me…I! WANT! PRESENTS!!!!!!!!!! WRAPPED IN FANCY PAPER OR IN A COOL BOX!!!!! i just wanted presents…why am i so sad about this? AAAAAAA

No. 651979

File: 1602335993353.png (599.3 KB, 499x574, untitled-3.PNG)

>enormous caveman jowl with a huge layer of gum on top flared teeth framed by two big shapeless stretches of knacki wursts
Who hurt you anon? Her lips are very nice.

No. 651985

Idk why I keep up with tumblr drama but a person who likes Hannibal and Jennifers Body called out some random edgelord for being into cannibalism and yandere shit and im shocked they dont understand how ridiculous that is. The post is blowing up too and people really dont see the hypocrisy? I hate when ppl get called out for liking media lmfao

No. 651989



here is where the problem lies

No. 651991

File: 1602337229690.jpeg (118.76 KB, 750x422, 1602236791878.jpeg)

Someone I grew up with just got engaged at 26. It's so weird seeing people my age taking the leap just because I don't feel mentally or emotionally ready to do that myself. I feel like I earn an ok amount but definitely not enough to support another person or manage a household on my own. Added to the fact that I know this girl has never worked a day in her life. But her family's rich so I'm sure she'll be just fine. Generational wealth is wild.

No. 651992

Nayrt, but I don't like them, they remind me of my president.

No. 651993

Tumblrites will write a callout for anything these days. Back when I was active there (circa 2015) I saw a callout post for someone for making a fashion sideblog for her favorite fictional ship because it was heteronormative. She got bullied for days

No. 651994

i mean the rest of her face is really pretty but her mouth feels disproportionate especially when she opens it/ it's in movement. but yeah might be me.

No. 652010

File: 1602338722750.png (789.25 KB, 1440x833, womanwriting.png)

This might be very dumb but lately I can't write at all. Pic related, when the middle and ring finger rub together during writing, it irritates me so much I can't write due to the feeling. Is there any way I can stop this irrational irritation? I tried using a glove but it didn't help. This happened me to before too years ago and went away on it's own, but i don't have time to waste rn

No. 652021

Have you injured your hand recently?

The way that pen is being held in that picture is the easiest way to hold a pen and lots of people revert to it when they're having mobility or pain issues. It might be that you wrote in a different way and then switched to this way for some reason, making you more aware of the fingers rubbing together. It's the most popular grip because you're using all your fingers and it's easy to stabilise your lines and, generally, it's less likely to make your hand ache.

If it is irritating your hands, you can change it by aligning your fingers differently or only using your index and middle finger to hold the pen and tucking your ring and little finger towards your palm.

No. 652026

The moment you grow old, it’s like going back to being a teen, to being a kid, and then just a baby. Most old people are not some great sages with amazing knowledge, they’re just like kids the majority of the time.

No. 652036

shut up plebs tiktok should ban all the kids and let the old people have it

No. 652044

This, in my experience the people just putting "25/F" on their bio instead of pronouns are the most sane and safe ones to follow.

No. 652047

I think it's wholesome that old people found a way to make something funny and expressive. They're a lot less cancerous than the teenagers using it for one thing.

No. 652066


Watched this not so long ago and I thought it shows the roots of problems really well.

No. 652078

File: 1602345723559.jpg (2.6 MB, 4032x3024, 20201010_190318.jpg)

Rate her

No. 652082

7/10. She kinds looks like a snowman. Doesn't look very juicy tho.

No. 652084

She was very juicy but i respect your opinion

No. 652086

that ass is bodacious

No. 652087

It's the same problem as literally every other first world country.
>Young people are made to get degrees that take years to complete, pushing them from entering the work force further and further into the future.
>You can barely get any jobs without some sort of training so degrees are required for almost everything these days.
>When you graduate at 25-30, you have to take in exploitative junior and temporary positions. Your financial situation is unstable for years.
>Both parents have to work to make ends meet and getting your kid to a daycare is expensive.
>Getting an apartment big enough to host kids is too expensive to afford.
>Women are realizing that they have more to their lives than being a wife and a mother, thus not wanting to sacrifice their careers for kids.
>Young people don't meet each other as much as they used to and prefer a life of solitude due to fear of failure in relationships.
Millenials were fucked from the beginning, they were met with inhumane demands no generation before them had to fulfill and now boomers all over the wealthy countries are panicking over who's going to change their diapers and pay the debt they left the younger generations to deal with.

No. 652096

typical day in my life:
>i hate being fat weeeeeeh weeeeeeh
>eats entire jar of pb in bed

No. 652097

Looks as if it was stitched together with a black thread.
8/10, very symmetrical and regular shape for a mutant.

No. 652101

that might have something to do with the sugar

No. 652109

>boomers all over the wealthy countries are panicking over who's going to change their diapers and pay the debt they left the younger generations to deal with.

I honestly don't give a fuck if boomers die, hope the no maskers win out and boomers start dropping like flies. Once millennials have their breaking point they'll go after the boomers.

No. 652110

I remember reading an article about maternity harassment in Japan a while back too. Getting pregnant in Japan and still working leads to issues, and the child isn't even out yet. Employers/coworkers view pregnant women as a burden (since she may not be able to do certain tasks while pregnant), some believe that once women get pregnant they should quit and become fulltime homemakers. Some employers basically make it difficult for these women to stay in their jobs so that they'll quit to alleviate the burden/uphold that traditional stay at home mom view.

No. 652111

i want to overcome my internet addiction but i've been an addict for 14 years. i wonder if it's possible

No. 652120

How the fuck does cluam sautherland look more like a man after all that surgery he had in Korea? Testosterone really dooms you to a life of looking manly.

No. 652124

File: 1602348224119.jpeg (34.15 KB, 250x347, BF93AB16-CBA7-4627-AECC-F71CC6…)

The scene queens thread made me want to have this haircut.

Im 21 and I have a job but im so goddamn fucking tempted.

No. 652127

I don't live in Japan but even my country has this problem. It's also a common occurrence for a mother to lose her job while on a maternity leave even though there are laws against it, but naturally employers know how to use loopholes to make it happen. Usually it's that her position will be terminated and an identical new one is created with a different title. Employers are also hesistent to hire young women in their late 20's-early 30's out of fear of them having kids and becoming a burden. They're forbidden by law to ask about their family situation (if they're married, have kids etc.) but they try to disguise it as friendly small talk during hiring to dig up compromising information.

Another thing is that men still share the same mindset of "men does the work, women takes care of the house" their parents had in a world where it's just not possible. A family can't live on one person's income anymore and women don't want to be reduced into housework/babysitting appliances but men can't accept that. For many it's a huge blow to their masculinity that a woman would be more successful than they are which is why they're trying to prey on low income women to birth them children but since more and more women are getting an education they end up with nothing.

No. 652128

Maybe buy a wig in that style?

No. 652130

Nooo anon it’s fug

No. 652131

just do it, if you hate it it's not gonna be that hard to change, and if you don't do it you'll always think "what if i did?"

No. 652134

Go for it, anon! I’m kinda normie-looking now but I unironically still love those hairstyles.

No. 652135

File: 1602348742389.jpeg (64.61 KB, 300x400, E54639E5-CC22-469E-A9E8-8215F7…)

The hair itself isn’t a problem, my hair grows faster than average so if i regret being a scene queen after a month its back to normal.

It just feels a little silly lol, but maybe scene does come back and im a cool avant garde fashion queen.

No. 652136

If you genuinely don't care about waiting for your hair to grow out all the layers, do it. Scene is being revived by the zoomers anyways.
t. old scenefag

No. 652139

I used to do that too. I would go into incel spaces and lurk, and leave after 15 minutes of reading because it was so disturbing and left me physically ill and depressed. Even after reading incel posts so many times, it saddens me to no end that there are people who can be so hateful, violent and just filled with absolute vitriol just because they think they're too unattractive to have sex, and I honestly have no idea whether yo hate them and want them all in fucking camps so they can't do the things they talk about doing, or pity them for how sad they are. I'd recommend you don't impulsively read that kind of stuff anymore anon, it's just plain bad for your mental health.

No. 652140

I learned that when rabbits have gas or poopy problems, you rub their bellies in one direction repeatedly and it helps them pass whatever is in there. Well turns out it also works on humans. Whenever I have bad gas or need to poop faster I rub my abdomen from top to bottom and it resolves immediately.

I know people generally rub their bellies for this stuff but it always made me feel worse until I started doing it in one direction, like how you are meant to brush your teeth in the direction away from the gums.

No. 652144

Tee noir's videos get recommended to me a lot so I watched a few of them and I can't stand this woman's dumb ass takes. Typical twitter sjw that talks like she thinks she's way smarter than she really is. I'm a bit shocked that such a boring channel gets so many views

No. 652145

Going to try this next time lmao. I usually lay on my left side because someone told me something about the way your intestines are position in your body means laying on your left side is the optimal position for reliving bloating.

No. 652152

I laugh when multiple pronoun accs (usually she/theys) complain that they only hear one pronoun. they want us to switch it up for them. Bitch do you realize we have other people to deal with?! I can barely keep up with the they/thems. its online for fucks sake. don't expect me to calculate from the fucking stars' positions. shows how much free time they have (or narcissism) to think everyone else is gonna measure out the 2:1:1 ratio of your three pronouns
the whole reason pronouns even exist is to bring clarity to our language. Now its just confusing

No. 652174

File: 1602351745538.jpg (59.22 KB, 691x793, 54546846846.jpg)

>have crush on coworker for over a year
>become friends, he's kinda flirtatious with me sometimes but not overtly, can't actually tell how he feels
>suspect he has yellow fever because he's a white weeb
>he's tall and conventionally attractive despite this so I simp anyway
>yesterday I run into him outside of work
>he's with a girl who we just met like two weeks ago when she got hired at our job
>plain overweight korean girl
>mfw can't even be mad at her bagging a twink out of her league

No. 652179

Girls, it's time to ditch Google and start using Ecosia as a browser, to plant some trees and to not have your info collected

No. 652181

You're too nice I would be cry.

No. 652183

Even better than the pronoun rotating shit I find that other thing of having a fucking chart mapping the emoji on their name to their current mood which went from "i'm ok" to "immn feeligng suiccidnal pls comfomrt meeee". They basically ask their followers to memorize a fucking list of emojis and their meanings, observe their changes and react accordingly. Peak narcissism. People really treating their friends and followers as their personal nurses.

No. 652186


And the DIDfags mapping the emoji on their names to whichever OC they're currently roleplaying as… I mean which alter is fronting

No. 652187

Really? Is it that good?

No. 652189

Who is fucking necro-ing all the 4+ year old threads lol

No. 652190

who the fuck is bumping all these old threads

No. 652205

This is a weird question but: Would you guys live in a separate house from your husband/wife?

I thought it was weird the first time I heard about it, but it could be nice for some people tbh. I think if you're gonna get married, you have to haved lived together at some point. You never know a person until you live with them.

No. 652220

Some weeks ago I saw some anon on here tough-love(?) another anon with something along the lines of "Anon, you can't just let that happen to you, you have to set clear boundaries, your female socialization is showing" and I think about this a lot more than I should.

No. 652222

This sounds like heaven, you don't have to pick up after anyone or be guilted into sex at night.

No. 652226

I already hate sleeping under a seperate blanket, if we were to have seperate houses I think I'd die as if I were a lonely bunny.

No. 652234

I'd love to have a long term relationship - possibly a forever thing - but not live together at all and not get married. Been with my bf for 3 years, we've spent extended periods together so I know I'm fine with him and I know him enough, but I'm far more comfortable with us both having our own separate places. I wish it was considered more normal.

No. 652235

File: 1602357242900.jpg (42.27 KB, 400x600, jamie-beck-for-luxe-provence-s…)

I can't stop thinking about making this shirt. It can't be that hard to make right? The only thing I'm having trouble figuring out is where the body piece and arm split from each other (it looks like it sits low, but in other photos, the models wear overalls over the shirt and the sleeves don't bunch weird so I guess it's up higher). It's just rectangles and squares. I'd just buy it but it's $195, not including tax and shipping. I found similar silk and cotton voila fabric for $18 online lmao. Please convince me or tell me I'm stupid anons. I don't need another summer-y shirt with it getting cold out, or to waste money on nice fabric that might potentially go to waste anyway, but it just! looks so easy! I can make myself the equivalent of a $195 shirt! The temptation is too real.

No. 652236

$18 per yard* Still wouldn't need $195 worth of materials though.

No. 652237

pirate your pirate shirt anon

No. 652239

Are you ecosia dev? Does it have better results than ddg?

No. 652240

Absolutely yes, I know it would be ideal for me but then again I'm kind of an autist. But I think for most people, in the long term, that would probably make them unhappy and lonely or they'd get lazy on properly maintaining the relationship and spark.

No. 652259

I think I'm going to start Gintama today.

No. 652262

I like living (relatively) alone and far away but I miss the conversations with my dad, joking with my brother, the comfort of my mom and hanging out with my friends. It's not the same on the phone. Excuse the period-induced sappiness, but quarantine at home definitely spoiled me. I feel like I could explode if I have to pretend to be interested in the super shallow chats of my housemates again (but it's inevitable, of course.)
I'll be back home in two weeks, lol.

No. 652263

File: 1602360093219.jpg (66.85 KB, 900x900, i4qxge54rxc21.jpg)

do it anon, it's fantastic!

No. 652265

Wait that's a photo? I swear it looks like a painting to me.

Idk how much experience you have with sewing but I personally find gathering quite difficult to get evenly distributed and looking good. My sewing skills and knowledge are very basic though.

Wait ecosia's a browser too ? I thought it was just a search enginge. I used the ecosia search engine for a while but I found the search results to be terrible.. especially when I was doing research for assignments, I always ended up going back to google and google scholar. I use the duck duck go browser on my phone, which is all right. The problem with switching browsers on desktop would be that I'd lose all my extensions.

No. 652270

i am so starved for attention im making a youtube channel in hopes that other weirdos will interact with me

No. 652271

I had korean bbq with my boyfriend this weekend and it was super delicious. We also banged a lot and it was so good and he looks so good with his new haircut. God, I’ve had a great little day.

No. 652278

File: 1602361150692.jpg (23.62 KB, 456x297, 41tHKxXbDTL._AC_.jpg)

I want to run over everyone who ever wronged me with this car

No. 652279

Good for you anon. I wish I had a lil bit of that

No. 652280

I've been sewing for years but I'd still say my shit is pretty amateur since I don't sew regularly lol. I think the gathered top edge is just folded over to make a hole and then elastic is slipped and sealed in so it creates ruffles instead of having to actually gather anything! Attaching the elastic on the cuffs is probably gonna be the most annoying thing since I think it's just sewn to the fabric and not slipped into any folded over fabric.

No. 652282

Lmao that’s cute anon, I remember when I had that. (Broke up recently sadfag.) Anyway I’m glad you’re having fun and cherishing those moments

No. 652291

That sucks. I hope you find someone lovely and sweet, anon- don’t lose hope! I never thought I’d be stable and like someone enough to be in a happy relationship and now I’m approaching three years with a boyfriend who is actually nice and hot. We’re gonna make it.

No. 652307

I feel like sometimes i have such an aggressive power in me that I’m hoping some idiot is trying to rob me or attack me I’d kill him on the spot or at least scare him away because I’m a crazy bitch

No. 652312

I've been having tinnitus on one ear for months now and at this point I'm afraid it won't go away. I'm not even sure what I did do to cause it because I don't typically go near loud music/noise.

No. 652327

There is this drama going on between nurse practitioners and doctors on reddit and i'm loving how absolutely triggered the doctors are, like 3 people mentioned that a np helped them identify and treat chronic illness better than doctors and they all got downvoted by triggered mds going all 'but that's not trueee it didn't happen they have 2 years less of education REEEEEEE' cry harder lmaooo
I don't have a horse in this race but it's so funny to see how threatened they are by being challenged on their shitty care i'm loving it

No. 652342

Just sent of my uni applications and I’m so nervous aaaaa, I hope I get in!

No. 652348

Gl anon!!!

No. 652350

File: 1602367312804.gif (463.02 KB, 500x281, tumblr_mf7zpvlt1G1qfn9vgo1_500…)


crossing my fingers for you, anon!!

No. 652358

just realised i wrote of instead off, i am dumb

No. 652368

Shit I wanna eat something spicy so bad I’m going insane. I wanna cry and make my tongue burn

No. 652370

this shit was ugly 10 years ago and it's still ugly now.

No. 652373

Best of luck, anon!

No. 652381

Girl I use to be friends with started onlyfans instead of trying to do a different job than work at Sallys. Recently got 50 subs and I doubt it's going to increase much but she posts everywhere about her sales. She's obese af, definitely has depression and self esteem issues but thinks posting sexy pics on fb with captions about how her haters are losers will make everything better. Now she's posting tiktoks about how girls who shame other girls for having onlyfans have "dry pussies". Kek, I'm dying. Her and her boyfriend are coping hard by constantly posting how great their relationship is when he never tagged her in stuff before the onlyfans thing. It's sad and hilarious. Selling your nudes for three dollars a month is winning. Almost 25, no skills, no motivation, attaching your name to your privileged internet prostituon because you want a few bucks for coffee and another shitty tattoo. Can't wait to see how this is going to end.

No. 652383

Anyone else only masturbate over their pants? Direct masturbation just isn't as good. It's the same logic as not being able to tickle yourself.

No. 652391

I masturbate over my panties. I feel like it's made my clit less sensitive over time though. TMI but Tbh, the only reason I do it is cause I only have to wash my hands like once or twice, but when I masturbate naked I feel like I have to do it like 50 million times before starting

No. 652404

is it bad that i don’t wash my hands

No. 652410

It’s not that bad unless you literally still has Cheetos fingers, then you might get a UTI

No. 652411

I have the house to myself for the first time since quarantine!!!!!!! My bf went to his mom's for a couple days. I accidentally left my weed in his car and didn't realize until he was over an hour away though kek. Ah well, I have pizza and a couple beers to get into later.

No. 652420

Have fun bein’ a goof all alone anon!

No. 652445

File: 1602374485985.jpg (123.42 KB, 974x969, EgUozK1VoAEH9s_.jpg)

god i relate to this. not to blogpost but i recently got into jojo and i draw fanart in general so i thought remaking a tumblr and interacting with other ppl would be fun hobby (havent used the site since 2017)
holy shit that place is awful, or maybe it's just the people into jojo. even at my age (21) people have these overly done carrds listening all 200 of their mental illnesses and opinions/specific triggers/blocklists and expect you to remember them
i get being a fujoshi is annoying but it's literally tumblr, how is being one offensive? also what's wrong with genderbending?
i already started posting art and got into mutuals with people like this and i'm starting to regret it, even though the other side of the site that doesn't engage in this performative stuff is equally as degenerate. i'm worried about deleting/remaking, ignoring all of that and posting whatever but then getting sent death threats/people starting unnecessary problems with me, which is a reach because i'm a nobody but still. i'm overthinking all of this, i'm just nostalgic for when i used to enjoy tumblr

No. 652447

omg i had those same pants when i was a teen

No. 652451

A group of people stopped by my neighbors for weed and he's a tall guy but then they ditched him and now he's smoking sadly on his doorstep and I think I found my jew street buddy.

No. 652453

New not jew. He's also got a good head of hair for a man. I need to calm down.

No. 652454

Stay cautious and safe if you go over and say hi anon,but also report back to us sad bored nonnies stuck home alone

No. 652456

how do people not enjoy washing their hands. soap smells fucking great i wish i could sniff myself all day

No. 652465

There seems to be a party somewhere just for a smoke off some randoms lol. That's enough danger for tonight.

No. 652487

All I’ve done today was lay in bed, eat and masturbate like 15 times. Is this what being a man is like?

No. 652532

Men don't have the range.

No. 652544

I'm pretty sure I have toxo and that's fine

No. 652552

I found out my awful highschool ex has a twitch channel he is regularly streaming on for a sad number of followers, I haven't seen him in years but his voice sounds exactly the same and he seems really nice and mellow now. I wish I knew how to unlearn all of this, the internet was a mistake.

No. 652553

Men masturbate once, collapse on the bed, sleep for 6 hours, wake up, shower, drink a bottle of Gatorade and go immediately back to bed

No. 652558

I was wondering why I wasn't losing weight despite eating healthy and working out but now I'm taking giant fucking shits and my abs are coming in

No. 652571

How do you know that?

No. 652574

ntayrt but some of us have been around men, which frankly is a bad idea so i advise youy to go ahead and continue doing whatever you're doing. bless you little anon.

No. 652577

The "scarfing down rolos" pt banner makes me laugh every time

No. 652599

That poster is our resident male farmhand detailing their schedule

No. 652603

I saw this comic about women's mental load especially with the addtition of children and it really resonated with me. I don't have a father but the people I know who have fathers all share this same dance. It was pretty insightfil reading something I've always thought about but never been able to put in words. Mothers really get the short end of the stick.

No. 652606

>she doesn't realize it was a joke

No. 652613

What is it with someone hurting your feelings or saying something that makes you upset and them immediately goes 'I was just joking, you always get so emotional over harmless jokes', I feel so irrational, I can't even express my emotions to them because then I'll be seen as overreacting to their hurtful joke.

No. 652616

That's textbook gaslighting. Their main goal is to make you feel irrational even if they know they're the one in the wrong. If something offends you, saying "you're so soft about everything" isn't going to magically change your mind. Instead, it diminishes you and kills your character. That kind of person wears you down over time and reduces you to nothing. I'm sorry you're going through that.

No. 652617

You're not in the wrong, or overreacting. People will say rude or hateful things and get upset when others hold them accountable for it.

No. 652620

why didn't any moid who used to post on 4chan in his teens properly grow out of it and become a relatively normal person? now they're all either alt-right spergs or do a complete 180 and become communist trannies to compensate for their problematic phase

No. 652624

You haven't heard about the ones who did. I don't think they would openly say they browsed a korean handknitting forum in their teens.

No. 652639

my brain is such a prude
i dreamt i was kissing one of my friends and the mood was nice and everything but even in my dream i stopped because i said i had a boyfriend and i couldn't cheat on him…..

No. 652644

I'm a burger, but I find myself mostly on here during the same time as the European anons.

No. 652647

Hello burger friend

No. 652648

This applies to women too, I've noticed they're all nlogs with no female friends

No. 652650

>find emotionally unavailable scrote on tinder
>after our coffee date he leaves me on read for two days
>I think "oh that's cool hes just not interested in me" so I remove him
>next day he texts me "hello?"
>starts acting super nice and pretending to give a shit about my life for a month
>have sex with him and he becomes distant

I already knew how this will play out but I dont get why scrotes dont just jerk off. I clearly exited from his life and he inserted himself into my life again HIMSELF,so it's not like I chased him. Seems like a lot of work to pretend to be interested in someone when you can just jerk off. Tje reason people do this must be deeper than just wanting sex.

No. 652651


No. 652654

Some people I know became pretty normal but they were never deep into the /b/tard shit to begin with, just casual browsing and posting. A lot of them did become extra woke (or into altright shit) in their mid 20's and are now desperately trying to atone for it, like you said. Thank god none of the people I know trooned out but the ~communist male feminist~/edgy altright faggot angle is just as insufferable.

But to answer your question I feel like the ones who made a total horseshoe to the other extreme were fucked from the beginning. They were the ones who smashed F5 to get a bit of human interaction in their threads, joined all "operations" just so they would be a part of something, overall became way too invested in this vague internet community based on anonymity and "mystery" while probably unironically owning a Guy Fawkes mask they wore to multiple protests. Their whole existence became intertwined into the /b/tard community, and once the split between radicalized leftist and rightwinger anons happened they had to pick a side. Interestingly enough though trannies exist on both sides, for example the brainwashing forced feminization discord was run by people who were really into nazi shit.

No. 652657

I have a basic idea of what I want to buy second-hand online, mainly in terms of what they are (lie an X coloured Y) but I struggle to find clothing that looks like it will last me years, partially because I don't know what makes a garment well-constructed or long-lasting, aside from natural fibres. It's quiet difficult to find stuff that isn't just a popular fast fashion brand

No. 652658

It's actually impressive how trannies manage to ruin every single community they enter, whether it's centered around gaming, anime, make-up, fashion, you name it. It's like they have the Midas Touch, but instead of gold it's shit.

No. 652659

how tf did they ruin fashion?

No. 652661


Lolita communities do count as fashion, albeit niche, right?

No. 652663


as well as the "streetfashion" facebook pages full of fat middle aged trannies dressed like teenage girls

No. 652664

Nta but something I noticed is that they go into fashion communities that are very specifically for women (such as women's streetwear), post their ugly ass lazy outfits and "Do I pass?????"

No. 652666

Anons mentioned AGPs but I've also noticed that HSTS aren't any better, just in a different way. They're trying to dress like instathots and fail miserably most of the time because they're not trying to wear things that flatter them (whether they had surgery and implants) but things that looks as alt or as bimbo-like as possible. They also make some outfits look even cheaper than they already are. Just check sofie halili's instagram or anything that nikita dragun wears. I also had someone else in mind but I completely forgot his name. And they're seen as passing perfectly by the general public.

No. 652667

File: 1602411179440.jpeg (111.28 KB, 1280x720, 20FCA053-15FF-4DB5-B9EA-3F705E…)


No. 652668

No. 652741

My mother and grandmother are so obsessed with spicy foods that even if a meal doesn't have any spice they chop up chilis to eat on the side

No. 652744

lmao i can't stand that song. backstreet boys had much better popular songs

No. 652745

Wtf anon im literally crying this is too funny

No. 652751

Idk why my friend always has to mention to me they had sex??? You're married, isn't that expected? Kek. I don't mind someone bragging about a decent hook up after a dry spell or whatever but this is just sad.

No. 652753

i havent been washing my face these past few weeks because im not wearing makeup and im breaking out really badly, my skin looks awful. the worst part is that i dont even care

No. 652762

Shitposting is fun. It's not that deep.

No. 652793

Was on the bus and there were some Filipino nurses talking amongst themselves and some old guy tells them to speak English. They look over at him and one of them says "this is our English" while laughing. They then spent the next couple minutes looking over at the old guy and laughing. He was so pissed kek.

No. 652802

That's so funny and cute. Good on them

No. 652812

why are my feet so itchy

No. 652813

Dry af. Put some lotion on them.

No. 652816

I really wanted to become a stone faced badass bitch who is generally unmoved by circumstances but instead I just cried because I legit felt so bad for a character in a webcomic I'm reading and I've been incredibly overwhelmed with guilt because I had to get rid of one of my plants even though it wasn't completely dead yet and just why am I like this seriously

No. 652818

My dad said some stone cold ass shit to me when I was talking about beating him in go-kart racing.

He said…

>Well, anon. It's not about winning or losing, it's about how well you are able to accept defeat

and holy shit if that wasn't a sage ass way for saying "I'm gonna whoop your ass" then idk what is. I think about it from time to time because it's so goddamn true. Losing is a part of life, everyone loses in some way or another. So you can either sperg out when you lose or you can just say "Damn, I lost. Oh well" and move the fuck on with your life.

Thanks dad.

No. 652834

Too dumb to put in the vent thread so I'll just put it here: god what the FUCK is up with weirdos calling my job today? For context, I work at a medical training facility.

First lady of the day calls to vent to me that her job won't accept the provider card we gave her because according to her HR lady, we aren't accredited by a certain organization. One, we are, the logo of the organization is literally on the provider cards, did this dumb HR bitch think we forged the card? and two, lady, why the fuck are you even telling me this? I don't have control over what your HR lady thinks or tells you, I gave you your provider card, and if there's no issues with it, then don't fucking call me! I was like "do you want me to call your job or give you a letter stating we are accredited by XYZ org?" and shes like "no, no, I'm gonna call the org and let them know this lady is lying" like wtf.

Second lady came in for a training class and just strikes me as weird/rude. She came in wearing a weebish hat so that didn't really help first impressions lol. Then threw her bag on the front desk knocking over a sign, then proceeded to try and walk behind the desk to where I am after I took her temperature. Bitch what the fuck? Social distance! Why are you even trying to walk back here?! I went into the classroom to drop off stuff for the instructor and she must have snaked in through another room to walk into a different classroom to make a phone call. Why are you walking into random rooms at an office that isn't yours? Do you not have the decency to ask "hey, is there any private space I can make a phone call?" so I can lead her to our break room meant for students (where there isn't any expensive equipment for her to snipe)? Or just step out into the hallway!

Third lady calls and is asking about a certificate she got and I can't find her in our system by name or phone number. I ask her if she did this course through our company "no, but someone came to our job and gave me this thing" Ok why are you calling our company? We're not a helpline and I definitely cannot help you if you didn't do it through us, I don't have access to view any shit you did. We aren't even the overarching organization responsible for what you need, why don't you speak with your hospital or the actual org who is going to give you your provider card? Why even call us!!!

They're just small things that irk me and waste my time but ugh. At least the doorman downstairs gave me some munchkins when I came in. It's gonna be a slow and chill day so I'm just gonna watch some anime after these people leave the office lmao.

No. 652841

I know a good amount of women from 4chan who are pretty normal and have strong female circles. They tend to be the ones who used 4chan to discuss hobbies without turning being 4chan users into their whole personality.
Tbh I know a lot of men who use 4chan and are well adusted as well, and same goes for them. People who use 4chan just to post art/writing and talk about media without shitposting 24/7 or engaging with /pol/shit are pretty normal.
I think people just get turned really bad by 4chan if they already lack a strong social circle and feel pressured to "conform" by other posters

No. 652847

Is Bernadette Banner an Anachan? This is the only video where she isn’t wearing like 4 layers of victorian clothing and she looks almost as skinny as Eugenia Cooney in some shots, her BMI must be at least 16, it genuinely spooked me out.

No. 652850

Idk why YOU didn't just jerk off.

No. 652852

Reading the pro-ana scumbags threads I’ve realized that there’s two types of anons in there: anons who have had EDs and then anons who are there because they despise people with EDs for whatever reason. The majority of the threads are alright imo in criticizing people who are advertising themselves as recovery channels/accounts but are still disordered. But what I personally find pretty gross is the snide comments that point out how some cows are overweight or how they’re “faking” a disorder (like the term wannarexics).
As someone who recovered from EDNOS (anorexia and bulimia) I wanted to follow the thread but it’s hard to when there’s always vindictive anons that clearly have never had an ED and belittle how serious the disease really is.

No. 652853

I started wondering this too. In her pirate shirt video and I think the 1890's ballgown video too you can really see her bare arms and they're almost bony.

No. 652856

Fuck, this makes me so embarrassed as a native english speaker. I probably would have told the man to shut up and apologized to those women on his behalf.
Was this in America by chance?

No. 652857

You can’t possibly think Georgia has any sort of eating disorder, she does seem to have munchausens and is a pathological liar.

No. 652862

Nobody likes ana-chans, it's not just those threads.

No. 652863

Yep I'm feeling that she's secretly ana and fucking cray cray too. Thinly veiled but with lots of followers giving asspats to defend her to death. Like Dr dray.

No. 652868

File: 1602437947794.jpeg (156.66 KB, 640x357, 91491110-2A18-4D91-ACE2-CBAEBA…)

I decided to go and screenshot that shot of her chest and jesus christ you can see two rows of chestbones, she can’t be healthy at all.

No. 652869

KEK mga renya

No. 652870

I can't even stand the sight of the ana-chan threads because every time they're bumped it's some spergy anon laughing at the cow for "becoming a fatty" despite being thin as a rail. It's sick and not only limited to the ana threads, both Venus and Dakota have psychotic a-logs who are obsessed with fanficcing about them becoming hamplanets.

No. 652871

Late but I love you anon

No. 652878

yesterday I was strolling around a football field at my neighborhood and I saw a dropped reusable facemask on the grass.It seemed of good quality and I thought it would be convenient for my sister since it wouldn't put strain on her ears.However,as I picked it up,I started feeling bad about whoever lost it and the faint possibility of them coming to look for it made me feel guilty enough to leave it there.WHY DO I NEED TO FEEL BAD ABOUT DUMB SHIT

No. 652887

can I get good vibes from anons that the shit I'm going to attend tomorrow is going to go well and I won't end up stressed af??can i get a HELL YEA???

No. 652888

Hell yeah, anon! It'll be great, good luck.

No. 652891

HELL YEAH! Everything will be fine

No. 652909

I understand critiquing people with EDs who are bullshitting recovery and trying to sell it to their followers. The truth is that you need tough love to recover, not asspats like you might think that I’m suggesting. But making digs at anachans for being fat and villainizing deeply mentally ill people is sick. If you haven’t had an ED then maybe you don’t understand how deeply it consumes your life. My ED was very serious, I nearly lost my life to mine and if someone is potentially faking it I still wouldn’t call them out because there was also a time where I was a “wannarexic” as a kid. Not everyone with an ED will have a 14 BMI or behave in a way that appeases you.
Being overjoyed at any cow getting fat is pretty despicable. Am I the only one who gets really uncomfortable and depressed watching someone’s life obviously spiraling downward?

No. 652920

File: 1602443185177.gif (800.16 KB, 220x220, k286oRY.gif)

HELL YEA sister hope everything goes well and stress-free!

No. 652923

>I think people just get turned really bad by 4chan if they already lack a strong social circle and feel pressured to "conform" by other posters
Tbh this is true for a lot of online communities, especially if you're a loser teenager with no friends who just wants to belong somewhere.

No. 652927

Right?? If she said she had BED or EDNOS nobody would laugh at her, she's a lolcow because she larps as a restrictive type anorexic specifically. She's a munchie who zeroed in on anorexia for her illness of choice and deserves to be mocked just as much as someone faking any other sickness.

No. 652972

It's crazy that even one of my exes trooned out let alone two of them. Other men I've dated have turned into huge weirdos who broadcast their kinks and fetish gear proudly to the world. Maybe it just comes with the city I live in kek. So thankful to be in a relationship with a normie with no social media accounts who can't actually believe people act like that.

No. 652980

>be at home, with literally everything at disposal
>meh I'm not hungry
>be alone, with the limited resources of someone who only buys food for one person and has to share the fridge with 2 other people
>literally always famished even when I stay home the whole day
What the fuck is this? Anxiety? The cold?

No. 653002

A lady just asked me on the subway platform if I had candy or something, and I said no. My first reaction when strangers ask me for thing is always no, because I’m always afraid in the middle of opening my bag or wallet, that they’ll just snatch it and run. As she walked away I remembered that I actually did happen to have candy in my bag, and wondered if I should go up to her and tell her I did have candy, because I started wondering if she was feeling nauseous (I get hunger nausea at times too) or if she was diabetic and just needed a piece of candy or something. The train came and I got on, but now I just feel fucking bad. I know I don’t owe strangers anything, but if I was feeling sick and needed a little piece of food or candy or something and ended up having to ask strangers, I’d be so grateful if they gave me some. I just wanna put some good energy out there but instead I’m just an overly cautious bitch lol.

And on the note of people asking for things, there’s a homeless man that sits down the block from where I work, right on the path to the train. My coworker will always give him a dollar or something whenever she passes him, but on days when I’m working alone and have to pass by him, I feel bad not giving him anything lol.

No. 653005

I had an awful cold last week and still have a cough and shit and i wanna go to the doc again but I’m scared I’m just an imposter who wants a sick note. I feel kinda bad not going to work but in times of corona i don’t wanna bring unnecessary germs to work

No. 653014

I always ask myself that when i see ppl so skinny i mean it can’t be “natural “ right? Maybe she’s having a totes ~Victorian diet~

No. 653017

buy a box of cracker packs and drop him off a pack each day

No. 653029

I love chewing on plastic utensils. I'm like a fucking goat

No. 653030

I was born with glass bones and paper skin. Every morning I break my legs, and every afternoon I break my arms. At night, my heart attacks put me to sleep.

No. 653032

I am SICK of this working and school shit. Some day I'm gonna find a rich man and become a housewife. I don't care what it takes.

No. 653036

we have an entire thread on /ot/ for shitting on mental illnesses. no one cares tbh

No. 653050


A good post.

No. 653096


His voice is still amazing though

No. 653108

File: 1602461571165.jpg (34.1 KB, 647x474, EjQbqAVXcAATpk2.jpg)

My mom insists all men will cheat if the woman they want to cheat with lets them. I always sperg out and say no and just act like a total child because I don't wanna believe her and she keeps asking me why I think my boyfriend is any different. When I tell her fine then I should break up with him? never have a boyfriend? she's just like oh no I'm just letting you know so you don't set yourself up for heartbreak and so it doesn't take you by surprise. WTF anons, why is she so mean, why does she like tormenting by telling me that??? No, she has not been cheated on (as far as I'm aware). Actually, her first husband cheated on his wife with my mom, claiming they were in the process of divorcing, that they lived together but were separated. She says men can't control it because they're like animals. I tell her she's generalizing and about how men say all women are whores and a bunch of other things and obviously she knows better than them that that isn't true, and that she shouldn't group all men together just because the majority may be whores, but she just says this generalization is the exception.

No. 653114

samefagging, my boyfriend is attractive, should i ditch him and get an ugly boyfriend? I want to rip my hair out at the thought of him cheating, I know he wouldn't but then my mom says shit like that that make super insecure

No. 653116

she seems kind of based tbh
lmao an ugly bf is more likely to be an asshole

No. 653119

When women are insecure they're just being women. When men are ugly and insecure they're 9/10 times emotionally abusive. Just stay with the damn man anon unless he's doing some wack shit

No. 653121

Ugly guys are probably even more likely to cheat. They take whoever they can get, experience an ego boost because a woman is willing to date them, then develop an inflated sense of self worth and think they are entitled to even better women.

At least if an attractive guy dates you, it's not due a lack of options and they just wanna be with you. There are obvious exceptions like blatant fuckboys and really high status dudes (celebs, rich men etc) but decent looking normies are the best choice.

No. 653122

Your mother is redpilled and you're naive and stupid, like most women who date men and think "not all men".

No. 653123

I think you just need to talk with your boyfriend about your insecurities, you don’t even need to mention the possibility of him cheating on you.
You could also just tell your mom that your Nigel hasn’t cheated on you yet and that you’re willing to stay with him for as long as possible.

No. 653135

I mean anon, if the dude you're with has given you no reason to believe he would cheat then just relax. She's right that if a man cheats and his wife/gf just looks past it he will cheat again and she's right that a lot of people cheat. However it's honestly pretty weird to insist to other women that their boyfriend is cheating, has cheated or will cheat if there's no actual reason to believe they did. Some people are just weird like that and try to make other people doubt their relationship. Men can control what they decide to do.

No. 653138


My mom just admitted that she became interested in her first husband as soon as he was newly-wed. I, don't know what to think. Says he probably cheated on her too but she didn't care as long as she didn't find out.

She's not based for fucking acknowledging that there are slutty men, and I'm not sure what she's going for by getting me to somehow be okay with that?

No. 653140

yeah honestly at this point im back to not caring again lol. she's letting me know she doesn't like my bf in the past so is obvi trying to get in my head.

No. 653143

Women be shopping

No. 653144

Most people are whores, men and women. Creating an union (like marriage) makes it easier to raise offspring given how much resources and time human children consume. But people still fuck around, everything else (nuclear family, which is a fairly new invention) is just a pretense. Apes are not monogamous.

No. 653145

An incel communist wow thats rare

No. 653147

We like buying stuff, scrote

No. 653150

speak for yourself, maybe you're closer to being an ape, but I sure as hell I'm not.

No. 653155

There are actual standards we're held to you fucking retard. You guys aren't even required to wipe your hairy ass.

No. 653156

women are in charge of doing the shopping in their households, dipshit

No. 653158

File: 1602465395694.jpeg (1.34 MB, 3464x3464, B5DC49E4-6022-4CAE-B0B6-4A0ABA…)


No. 653163

Men can’t even tell the difference between conditioner and shampoo, really makes you think. Go have an underwhelming death grip ‘gasm or something,

No. 653165

Not everyone tries to live a revenge porn fantasy, anon, some of us prefer being monogamous, like how humans like to be. Just because you’re part monkey doesn’t mean you have to spend the day masturbating and eating while shitting.

No. 653168

>Apes are not monogamous.
Humans are arguably tbh the most intelligent species on the planet. Stop comparing us to animals that are driven by instinct. Animals have sex with multiple partners to establish dominance, ease tension in a group, avoid incest etc… Basically all reasons we don't need to have more than 1 sexual partner. If you want to have more than one partner, then get into a poly or open relationship. Don't cheat for gods sake and stop trying to justify it.

No. 653172

>immediately assuming I'm a cheater and into poly/open shit
Someone got triggered. I'm not interested in dating men and I'm a virgin, but I've seen and read enough to know how people function. Even in more traditional society it was an "unspoken truth" that wives are for raising kids and taking care of the house and mistresses are for sex, everyone knew about that. If women weren't as shamed for having sex as they were, they would fuck around just as much as males. Female bonobos fuck everyone and no one cares whose the children are because they're raised communally anyway lmao.

No. 653175

people with primitive traits cheat, nobody is denying that, just stop saying monogamy is a pretense, as it is not, rather the natural thing to happen as we evolve. Why are sluts, man or woman, repulsive and shamed upon? because they're inferior and actually harmful for society's overall wellbeing.

No. 653176

That we are but there’s also the cute looming threat of rape culture my dear sis

No. 653180

Except people still cheat in secret and their partners never find out.

No. 653183

Nta but they're still bad people wtf

No. 653184

A girl from my high school who was built like a man and acted like a man is engaged to a man and honestly it just really threw me into a mental breakdown because even she managed to meet someone and settle down in her early 20's meanwhile my love life is currently nonexistent. She was also a straight up mean psycho to a lot of people and her fiance seems very normal. I'm confused and triggered kek.

No. 653185

I said nothing about their morality. I said they cheat without their parters finding out so no one shames them so it doesn't matter how society treats cheating. The official narrative doesn't mean shit anyeay, people say one thing and do another thing.

No. 653186

Nobody is "triggered". It's just pathetic how your trying to act like cheating is natural and the way it should be.

No. 653187

Maybe she met him somewhere else, a place in which she didn’t act like a hot mess.
Sometimes I also feel a bit bitter about stuff like those but being in a relationship isn’t that amazing.

No. 653188

>even she managed to meet someone and settle down in her early 20's meanwhile my love life is currently nonexistent
This sort of response is really common but so weird to me. If someone significantly less conventionally attractive or likable than you managed to find someone, that doesn't reflect negatively on you. It just shows that literally anyone can find a person to marry, and chances are you have higher standards or meet fewer people and that's the only reason you're single, rather than any personal flaws. I always take it as a good sign because if they can do it, so can I if I choose.

No. 653190

I don't get it. If cheating is natural, why does it piss everyone off and fill them with feelings of betrayal? No one would care if it was actually meant to be.
I'm not denying there's a natural element to it, but I feel like the discomfort people feel is natural, too.

No. 653192

It is natural but not everything that's natural is moral. I just find it funny when straight women act dramatic about men cheating and think that their nigel is definitely different. This is literally how men are and they've been like this for 10 thousand years.

No. 653196

>why does it piss everyone off and fill them with feelings of betrayal?
NTA but you're operating under the assumption that males and females of a species are on the same side. Males tend to be parasitic and both genders will act in their own self interest - men cheating benefits men, women cheating benefits women. It doesn't matter than the thought of being cheated ON scares the shit out of everyone, because being the cheater has it's advantages.

No. 653199

Whenever I watch news anchors, I wonder what they're real voices sound like when they're not speaking in that funny nonregional newsperson dialect

No. 653201

Death is natural. Why does it cause emotional suffering and dread in so many people who lost their close ones? Also one of the reasons why male chimps are aggressive towards females is to prevent them from sneaking to fuck another male (different from the male she was currently fucking). But female chimps fuck almost all males anyway.

No. 653208

If your sex life is good and he gave you no weird vibes then don't worry about it.

No. 653209

I fucking greet them out loud like the lonely fucker I am

No. 653219

Why do u care

No. 653231

You should check you Clancy Burke on youtube, her vlogs show exactly this and she sometimes films her colleagues behind the scenes as well anon

No. 653252

I used to write all the time but as I've gotten older I've lost touch with most of my hobbies. Lately I've been trying to read/write again because I have so much more time when I'm isolating, but I also realized that I'm 25 years old and I'm still obsessed with being cool. I've never been cool. Fuck me

No. 653263

wow i took two bendryl for my itchy watery eye and ended up knocked out all day long

No. 653269

Two benadryl is pretty overkill for an itchy eye kek but god I love that shit. One time my mom gave me one dose because I had a really bad wasp sting and I had the best sleep of my life in years

No. 653276

Damn benedryl does nothing but give insanely me restless legs as a side effect

No. 653277

File: 1602476288546.jpeg (111.21 KB, 549x623, 7CD7C085-48DD-457B-AE6A-E281FD…)

I’m stuck in this annoying cycle for months, even before the pandemic, in which I will feel great, I will be able to eat anything and then my stomach will say “fuck you and your appetite, your head hurts now” so then my head will feel like it’s splitting in half even if I don’t eat anything for the day. But! After that, I will have this constant diarrhea that makes me feel like my guts will come out and that makes me stop doing important stuff.
I don’t know what to eat nor what to drink, neither which pills I could take; I don’t know anymore, this is so stupid, i hope I can go to a hospital or something.

No. 653278

Damn anon, you ever take a whole box of benadryl and just fuck around?

No. 653291

I realize some anons are adamant about joji not being hot, but there is something about this video, anons.

No. 653292

I've taken four and felt nothing… I was trying to sleep and I'm a pretty small person and it just did absolutely nothing.

No. 653293

He's delicious tbh.

No. 653299

I have more respect for women who are attracted to Donald Trump than Joji tbh.

No. 653304

Hello edgelord

No. 653305

I like to see women being assholes on here, sorry if I sound like a scrote but its more like yaayy have a backbone and not in the pickme annoying twitter way please

No. 653307

File: 1602481641914.jpg (279.03 KB, 1078x1000, SmartSelect_20201012-013128_Tu…)


you right now

No. 653310

hes meh tier

No. 653313

imo your mom is projecting.
I get how you feel anon, because the prospect is upsetting. We can hypothesize about why people cheat, if it's natural, as much as we want. but think of it this way, your bf probably won't cheat. At least that's a reasonable expectation in a healthy relationship. men who don't cheat do exist, regardless of everything. So, your mom's theories are irrelevant unless something happened. Seems like she's projecting her own fetish for cheating men

No. 653314

Nta but I see hyperbole is a concept you're unfamiliar with kek

No. 653316

Fair enough. "Edgelord" could be my middle name, but it could also be Joji's. Ever heard of Pink Guy?

No. 653318

His tired, sunken eyes are his most attractive feature. I'm willing to go up to bat for that.

No. 653325

NTA but Do you not… know the definition of an edgelord?

No. 653330

Oh shit we could really get into it on a generational level. Is it Coldsteel the hedgehog… Or is it anyone who makes a joke about the Trumpster ever in human history?

No. 653331

What a weird cross to die on … carry on