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File: 1600773256798.jpg (203.82 KB, 768x1024, IMG-20190316-WA0005-1.jpg)

No. 635956

Confess, my daughters.

Previous thread: >>>/ot/615945

No. 635958

File: 1600773365122.jpg (32.07 KB, 352x550, 71106566-352-k478231.jpg)

When I was a lonely 12-year-old, I catfished an older teen girl in a German online community pretending to be some random emo boy (maybe it was Alex Evans but I don't remember) for a few months. She was so in love with him, she was waiting to talk to him every day, tried to console him, wanted to meet up, up until the point where I felt sad for her and pretended like my emo boy catfish killed himself. I felt even worse about that so I came back on ICQ after like a week and confessed to her. She was pretty mad.

No. 635965

Holy shit.. do you still remember your fake name? Did it begin with C?

No. 635971

I did the same thing to a guy when I was around the same age. I was some random emo girl named Louella, a name I found in a book and thought it was cool. We talked all day every day but I eventually got bored and made her die in a car crash.

No. 635972

I think this was back in 2006 or 2007. The username was probably some generic XxblablablaxX name, but I don't really remember what the first name I chose for him was. Does it sound familiar? Which name beginning with C are you thinking of?

No. 635974

I think a lot of lonely weird kids who were around at that time did this. I was catfished myself prior to me catfishing this girl, by some girl or a group of girls (my guess is that it was a girl, at least) pretending to be a jrock boi on another website. She/they thought I was annoying though and started bullying me and telling me to stop talking to him from other fake accounts that were supposedly his friends and girlfriend. I was pretty heartbroken about it.

No. 635978

Now that I think of it… There's one name starting with a C that could've actually been the name. Sorry for super samefagging but

No. 636005

Kek I definitely got catfished by some girl that lived in Georgia and didn't realize it until years and years later. It was interesting, I became friends with the real girl from the fake guy she was catfishing as that she claimed was his best friend. Never talked to "him" on the phone because he was shy, but I talked to her once or twice. I found her on FB in college too. Weird shit.

No. 636032

When I was like 10-11 I used to talk to pedos online and "troll" them, doing some kind of bait and switch where I would talk to them and act like I was going along with their weird grooming and then send a copypasta or shock image and cuss them out for being a pedo. I was always super careful and used fake photos when they asked for pics of my face but in hindsight that was such a dangerous thing to do.

No. 636042

File: 1600782506394.jpg (28.51 KB, 600x300, hard-candy-ellen-page.jpg)

Based, queen.

No. 636049

Did you post about this on lc a few years or so ago? Sounds familiar.

Still refreshing desperately until this anon replies. Hoping it’s just a coincidence but I’m pretty sure about the name now.

No. 636052

I wanna fuck my teacher

No. 636053

No, first time I've talked about it ever, really! Weird, maybe she did it more than once or it's just a common occurrence for the time. Kinda seems like it from the stories.

No. 636069

Sometimes when I'm bored at work I open Google Maps and randomly drop the street view icon somewhere on the globe then virtually visit that place.
Now I want to travel to Siberia kek.

No. 636098

I love making people uncomfortable.

No. 636102

I'm going to make up a work excuse to bail on my friends tonight cause they want to do an activity that requires me to leave work early unpaid and spend in excess of $100 doing what they wanna do. I'd rather have the money for myself for an upcoming trip. We just did something last week that was expensive too. I love them but they are really bad for my bank. It's hard because I realize a lot of fun 'mature' adult outings cost money but it's a bit much sometimes. My friends also are more financially stable than me cause men in their lives foot stuff for them, so they have the privilege to be more carefree and nonchalant over dropping a Benjy.

No. 636115

I used to catfish guys on online dating websites from when I was 8 until I turned 13.

No. 636118

Should I fuck my teacher

No. 636134

Same. After being bullied growing up I revel in not giving a shit and making people I dislike uncomfortable.

No. 636153

Not quite the same but since dropping my 'people pleaser/over the top polite' ways I get pleasure out of disappointing random men who just expect me to bend over backwards in interactions with them. It's mostly at work so I'm not a dick either but I love not living up to their shitty expectations.

No. 636164

I bullied people in high school and I don't regret it. Learn to act right in public

No. 636170

I think this is a rational fear that no one likes to admit because it's not politically correct and heaven forbid if there's a negative undertone towards men based on their sex. I don't trust men around children either. I know women can molest too but the numbers are far fewer for female molesters.

Anon, your fears are valid. I plan to have multiple nanny cams that I can access from my phone to monitor how my husband and other people interact with my child. My child's safety is too precious to just be assumed.

I still haven't forgiven my mom for leaving my 6 year old ass with a horny male teenager as a babysitter one night when his sister wasn't available like usual. What a dumb fucking thing to have done. Her little evening of fun cost me a lifetime of issues and worst of all she doesn't want to believe me so she can cope with her lapse in parenting–choosing to believe she did an overall great job as a parent so that whatever trauma I have must have come from someone else like my bio dad, or I'm a liar. If she would just have taken some responsibility for it I could have forgiven the fact that this happened 20 years ago and aside from allowing the situation, there wasn't any monitor type technology available to have helped me. Well, today there are no excuses! We know the nature of men from countless online testimonies. Hidden cameras are cheap and abundant. There are tons of apps and ways to ensure a female is always present either as a teacher, babysitter, or instructor. I'll be damned if I passively allow my kid to be set up to be diddled.

No. 636175

Who did you bully and how did you do it?

No. 636176

Sorry for not being able to afford plastic surgery.

No. 636178

File: 1600793254210.jpg (5.06 KB, 225x225, 1595943290010.jpg)

are the quiet kids who don't bother anyone acting wrong?

No. 636180

>learn to act right
>doesn't do so herself

No. 636186

being ugly is not an action. you acting like a dumb self pitying bitch is an action, so i would have bullied you for that

No. 636195

File: 1600793880858.png (557.53 KB, 956x526, 7641DCA7-45AE-4681-AD71-E7EF67…)

You’re so cool anon

No. 636198


No. 636216

File: 1600794643190.jpeg (28.55 KB, 600x451, images (2).jpeg)

Posturing in the celebrity cows thread wasn't enough for you was it kek?

No. 636307

I don't and have never enjoyed sex. It boggles my mind that some women do. I would be so happy to never have to endure sex again just for companionship.

No. 636317

It's a chore. I never cum. After about 15 min it starts to hurt, probably cause I'm not aroused. Ugh. I can make myself cum so easily and quickly, I really don't need sex.. cuddling and light foreplay would honestly be enough, but then again idek about the foreplay part…

No. 636323

Don't forget the increased risk of UTIs, pregnancy, and/or birth control side effects. What a scam.

No. 636324


I had a 4 year relationship once where I was able to be that honest and we never once had sex. We did some oral and he was sub so I indulged that a bit. No full on sex.. what a find. We split up over something else and god I wish we could've worked out

No. 636330

This is getting spooky, his username was something with those Xx too and it was around the same timeframe, all the other stuff you mentioned is spot on too. "He" called himself Carlos and I think we first met either over knuddels or Habbo Hotel. Regardless, you shouldn't worry about it too much. It seems like this was something not so uncommon after all and personally, in my case, it didn't worsen anything in the long run lol.

No. 636334


Are you guys 100% sure you aren't lesbians?

That seems to be a very common statement of women that find out they aren't straight later in life, that they never enjoyed sex with men and would have prefered just foreplay with companionship.

No. 636335

I'm asexual (inb4 someone shits on me for that lel) so it's okay if you are too, but could it be that you don't enjoy sex because your partners were not considerate enough for you? Because that's something that I see a lot with women. It's not that they don't enjoy sex, it's just that all the sex they've had has been terrible because the man doesn't give a shit about the woman's pleasure and just wants to use her to get off.

No. 636341

I'm >>636324 and yeah it has occured to me before. I'm in my 30s so I feel a little ridiculous for still questioning at this stage.

I don't want penetrative sex with men, I know that much. I never want to put myself through it again. I like dildos though so it's not the sensation that bothers me..

No. 636342


Hey anon is never too late in life to question this stuff, specially because the world has never been so accomodating of LGBT people than it is now.

No. 636343

>I'm asexual
You brave woman, I hope asexual-rage anon is asleep right now

No. 636346

File: 1600802179557.jpeg (103.38 KB, 718x732, 0F2A59A4-3563-4979-AB03-599507…)

Maybe this belongs more in the stupid questions thread but can someone be asexual if they fap to male bodies / sexual content and have a tangible sex drive but never feel interest / desire toward anyone irl?

Not trying to invalidate or any thing. I just wonder how people know if they’re asexual.

No. 636348

Phew, it got spooky there for a while, the name I used most likely was another name starting with C (I’m not sure though, but I have a name in mind) and I made the profile on Schueler.CC or SchülerVZ (that I’m sure about) so that probably (hopefully) wasn’t me, kek. But yeah, it made me pretty damn sad when it happened to me (before I made my own catfish profile; victims become perpetrators, I guess) because I was a lonely kid and emotionally invested but it only made me more careful in the long run.

No. 636349

lmao yeah, there's more than one of them though. Unless they were samefagging in their rage. I'll never understand why it triggers people so much tbh, it's literally the most inoffensive thing.

No. 636355

I really don't think I'm a lesbian (I don't want sex with women either kek) or that all the guys I've had were total trash, I simply don't like it.

Even if I'm super aroused, sex does nothing for me. It doesn't get me off, but I can get myself off with a vibrator in like 1 minute. Then for the reasons I mentioned >>636323 it's absolutely more trouble than it's worth. Dealing with UTIs and pregnancy scares and shitty BC side effects for sex that, again, does not get me off is just annoying. There is nothing to gain. No orgasm, plus you get to worry about a condom breaking or your birth control failing?

I see absolutely no upside to having sex as a woman.

No. 636356

Asexuality is like, the easiest to understand and the weirdest to have a problem with. I don't see why someone would feel so offended when they found out some random person on the internet doesn't want to have sex kek.

No. 636357

I'd say the fact that they do not have any desire to do shit irl with another person does indeed fall into the ace hellhole.

No. 636359

Some people seem to think asexuality doesn't exist and simply reject the label. They think so-called "asexuals" just have a low sex drive and there's no need to make having a low sex drive into a sexuality.

I don't feel one way or the other about it, but if you have pretty much no sexual interest in anyone, I think it's perfectly fine to say you're asexual. It's another label, sure, but who cares really.

No. 636361

I think the issue people take is when really young people who haven't developed yet claim they're asexual or demisexual or grey-ace (no idk what those mean) when they don't need to be thinking about sex. Plus the SAM came from asexuality, if I remember correctly.

Asexuality is fine, some asexuals are just annoying, much like any other group.

No. 636379


Honestly, my main issue with asexuality is when asexuals look down at other people, like saying they always have it worse or making fun of people with relationships, but like you said, annoying people exist in every group.

The asexual anons seem nice, so you all have my support!

No. 636392

Yeah, not every asexual is like that. A lot of them just want to mind their own business, they don't care if other people are having sex.

No. 636437

I don't mind asexuals but when they try to act like they're oppressed like the LGBT community, I can't help but roll my eyes.

No. 636511

I wish I could comfortably identify as non-binary because it really strikes a chord in me when I think about how I truly feel. I just hate how gender identity has become like this insanely complex accessory/status symbol and I don't want to be associated with that. I dress "girly" and it doesn't bother me to know that people look at me and think "that's a girl." It's more that I've never felt like it fits me, I've always felt like I'm making a grammatical error when I describe myself or whoever I'm dating in terms of gender. Or if there were boy/girl teams at school I'd always have a moment of confusion. Maybe it's just because I'm ESL, or because I have a pretty severe hormone imbalance. I don't want to look different and I don't want to bother people with what they should call me, it's just something in my heart.

No. 636518

What do you think a girl is

No. 636544

just have a personality anon

No. 636559

Now that I’m 30, I’m a lot more lenient when random guys compliment my looks. Obviously if someone says “nice ass” or whatever I’m going to roll my eyes but it doesn’t inspire the same offended rage I used to get. I honestly like to get them on the street now, if they’re at least polite. I know “the wall” is some stupid shit made up by incels to cope but it’s nice to be reminded I’m still desireable at this age I guess.

No. 636562

That’s kinda pathetic bro. Hope you get over it.

No. 636563

It’s pathetic to enjoy compliments instead of getting angry over them?

No. 636565

Sorry to break it to you but you'll always be female and it's better to just accept it now rather than go down the rabbit hole of internalized misogyny that is labeling yourself as nonbinary.

No. 636571

They're not compliments.

No. 636572

I howled at my friend's mother for no reason (wasn't drunk or anything) and the mom never wanted to let me inside their house again. I had a flat earther phase. I never learned how to ride a bike. I reenact the studio scene from Joker while walking around my room. I was overall relieved when my mother died. I give money to homeless people not because I genuinely want to help them but because I would feel like an asshole if I didn't and I hate it. I think realistic graphics in video games are for retards with no imagination. I can't cum with an empty bladder

No. 636573

did you howl as a joke or in an insane way lmao

No. 636579

What are you an incel

No. 636580

File: 1600814055265.jpg (39.42 KB, 750x467, 13m28pemrja41.jpg)

love you anon you can howl in my house if u want

No. 636581

I probaby thought it would be funny but it came off as pretty insane. I thought she won't recognize me, it was already dark, I saw her coming back from work, sticked my head out the window and started to howl at her. Next day I wanted to pick up my friend, her mom opens the door and asks "why the hell did you howl at me like a dog" and I pretended I don't know what she's talking about.

No. 636585

Hah, lame. I don’t even look at the homeless anymore. You pussy bitches who donate out of insecurity are weak as fuck

No. 636586

You sound kinda crazy anon. I like it.

No. 636587

Why were you relieved when your mother died?

No. 636589

Nta but anon I love you. My friends and I started barking, like just shaking our heads back and fourth and barking super loud whenever we’re in the car together and then we’ve started doing it while we’re walking/in peoples apartments. It’s addictive but so fun… gotta try howling sometime.

No. 636591

sounds like something i would do

No. 636594

She was very abusive throughout my whole childhood and then she got cancer and I had to take care of her in my late teens, I was really tired. After her death it felt amazing to just walk around the house without fear someone will lash out at me for no reason >>636589
Yeah it's great

No. 636595

Thanks, this is a good answer. You're right about the "rabbit hole" and I don't really want to change anything about myself or let anyone know I feel this way so I'll just work on accepting it

No. 636597

ngl these anons sound bitter

No. 636605

Yeah they’re obviously distressed over not getting male attention to affirm their sexual market value. If a woman walks down the street and scrotes don’t howl at her, does she really exist?

No. 636609

Over being catcalled? Gimme a break lmao

No. 636625

File: 1600816640252.jpeg (43.33 KB, 500x500, 4BE45DBE-66F0-447F-A1F2-9C3D2C…)

Weirdos. I respect it.

No. 636641

me and two of my friends, instead of whistling or calling for each other in a crowded place like a store, just bark rill loud. so many people whistle and names can be common but who the fuck barks? only us idiots

No. 636666

enjoy dogs.

No. 636678

me and my friend used to summon each other with whale calls in high school lol. I'd hear a loud OOOOOOOOOOO? EYOOOOOOOOOOOO from the other side of campus and come running kek.

No. 636688

i do enjoy dogs, so if i end up finding one instead of my friend, that's honestly a better result

im comforted to know im not the only weirdo doing animal noises lmaoo

No. 636693

Speaking of weird things people do. I run up and down the house, I also make guttural sound effects with my throat that sounds vaguely like a mentally retarded persons' voice. I also enjoy mimicing people I know personally or famous people by impersonating their voices. Sometimes I make up characters to caricature a certain personality type. I also make up oddly detailed "what if" scenarios that are exaggerated and over the top yet still grounded in some root of reality (like an alternate dimension thing) as a joke.

No. 636694

File: 1600826161782.jpeg (57.92 KB, 640x480, C9D5D384-D958-4DD7-A313-A96CF1…)

No. 636696

>I also enjoy mimicing people I know personally or famous people by impersonating their voices. Sometimes I make up characters to caricature a certain personality type. I also make up oddly detailed "what if" scenarios that are exaggerated and over the top yet still grounded in some root of reality (like an alternate dimension thing) as a joke.

Me when I was 15. I would record these session of me coming up with characters. Most of them were sci-fi related or old fashioned. I think it's because I watched a lot of General Hospital.

No. 636699

Somebody didn’t have friends during their formative years

No. 636703

the only people i've seen doing this shit were "so random quirky exdee" types that run around the school wearing animal tails

No. 636705

I would laugh my ass off if I ever witnessed this. Hilariously wholesome.

No. 636706

not everyone here is a retarded otaku lmao not everything people do is based off of internet culture shit

No. 636709

Teens doing teens shit? Baffling. At least they have something fun and silly to feel nostalgic about, unlike somebody.

No. 636730

Same. Or just weirdos in general but then again that’s the type of people this site would attract.

No. 636733

And the type who’s too anxious and actually autistic to have fun

No. 636757

I'm Whale Call anon and the friend I did this with was actually a pretty big normie (no nerdy interests, played sports, etc). Even if we WERE quirky exdee types, we were teens and that's the time for that behavior.

No. 636758

Ngl these had me in tears, reminds me of some of the kids I work with. I had a friend in high school who would bark like a dog sometimes and while it absolutely mortified me to be seen with her, in private I would laugh til I pissed. I personally spent my youth being deeply ashamed of even breathing wrong, and kept intensly to myself. Unfortunately I've also pushed a lot of otherwise decent people away because they were sometimes cringey.

No. 636767

i know i'm unlovable but some days i really wish i had a bf or just someone to hang out and cuddle with lol

No. 636770

I had friends who weren’t social rejects.

No. 636773

Okay jameela, jeez

No. 636783

File: 1600840816700.gif (4.53 MB, 600x338, storm-area-51-naruto-gif.gif)

Are we confessing weird cringey shit we did during our teenage years? Cause I have a few.

I was a weeb during my teen years and have a group of six weeb friends from different classes that I sometimes hang out with. The most cringest shit we did was to wear our Naruto headbands during the school Sports Day and some students and parents started to ask us questions as to why we were wearing them and are we part of a gang or something. While some asked us where can they get a headband for themselves. The teachers were pretty cool though and didn't even bother asking why a group of students are wearing weird headbands.

I also tried to persuade one of my fav teacher to call me "Sasuke" in class(Sasuke is a cool character ok! He's the epitome of cool hawt emo boi in my teenage weeb eyes) but of course my teacher won't play along with my weird request (thanks teach for not entertaining my weird cringe request! I owe you my life)

Oh! We also practice our ninja "skillz" and hand signs during recess and after school. And the Naruto run… oh god… the Naruto run…

I was also into lolita and jfashion but I was super bad at it because I don't have the money to buy any branded jfashion. I just bought super cheap clothings that may or may not look approximately like a lolita style. Thank god smartphones and social media was still new back then and not everyone has em', if not, I'm 110% sure my picture will end up in the ita thread on CGL.

The maximum cringe feeling when I think about my teen weeb days! But tbh I had so much fun goofing around and being a super weeb with my other weeb friends. It's quite a liberating feeling being an unapologetic, devil may care weeb weirdo.

Now I'm just a normal normie who does normal normie things and have become a super reserved and cold person. I'm still a weeb at heart though kek

No. 636789

I guess my confession is that I get really sad when I hear something like this. I wholeheartedly disagree with the whole concept of "growing up" and moving past weebshit. Like sure, maybe you're old enough to know better than to act obnoxious in public but what's wrong with liking weeby stuff as an adult if it brings you joy?
I became a much happier person once I stopped caring about how other perceive me and my weeby hobbies.
Don't be ashamed to enjoy anime and lolita clothing, anon. Live your best life.

No. 636790

KEK and yet here you are, guess you were the loser of the group

No. 636805

NTA but who said that it's wrong?
I just grew past weeb shit though, it genuinely doesn't interest me anymore.

No. 636820

Obviously that's fine! But anon said that she's become normie but in her heart she's still a weeb and that reminded me of the general opinion that it's cringy or embarrassing to like weeby things in your late 20's or early 30's or whatever you consider the cut-off point. I see this opinion a lot on lolcow, as if you're just supposed to stop having any hobbies/interests once you become a certain age.

No. 636884

File: 1600857195394.jpeg (136.16 KB, 854x640, 0FD7058E-7EBD-4890-93BF-C2551D…)

Anon oh my god this was so funny. Thank you for sharing. We were all weird as fuck as kids, otherwise we wouldn’t be here. The most embarrassing thing I remember doing related to weeb shit is make a shitty homemade Sasuke cosplay with an old t-shirt and felt and then make a lip synch video to Fabulous from High School Musical 2. As Sasuke. I have no idea what happened to that video and don’t think it was ever uploaded anywhere, but I know it happened, and that’s cringe enough for me.

No. 636886

I always tell my friends I don't want to watch horror movies because they're boring and if I'm forced to I will sit on the phone the entire movie.
Truth is I'm a pussy and get nightmares for weeks if I watch horror movies.

No. 636888

People still get bullied for things they can't control, so what. Also, everybody was cringey at high school, i'm sure you are 100 times more insufferable then any teenage weeb considering you have clearly stagnated in character since then.

No. 636909


Original ex-teen weeb anon here, yes, I totally understand your feeling of sadness regarding how society tend to look down on older people who enjoy "childish" pursuits like anime, jfashion or other nerdy hobbies. For me, I was somewhat forced to become a normie and confirm to social norm due to living in a conservative culture and environment. Plus, I'm working in a super serious and uptight field, so I can't be seen doing weird weeby shit because I need to uphold a certain image. I used to hold a strong feeling of resentment and anger towards society in general because I was forced to let go of my weird interest and be normal. But over the years I slowly began to learn that you can actually balance your weird interest and how society wants you to act. I still love weeb stuff but I do it in private and only talk about it with friends (irl and online) who have the same interest. I also attend a few animecons once a year and go over the top crazy with the jfashion or cosplay. All I'm saying is, sometimes in life you need to learn to accept that some things like weeby and childish hobbies will never be fully accepted or understood by the general public but you can learn to balance your weird interest and still project and maintain a normie image to the public.

However, I do have mad respect for people who don't give two shits about what society thinks of their interest and just live their weeby non-conforming lives freely. Maybe one day I'll have the courage to do that as well.


OMG anon! You were a Sasuke fan too? We could've been BFFs! Good thing you didn't post that vid online. I actually feel sorry for today's generation of weebs. All the tiktok, ig and youtube vids they've posted online in their shoddy baby's first cosplays and jfashions! I'm pretty sure most of them will end up hiring a lawyer or something in the future to scrub all the evidence of their weeb days off the internet.

No. 636913

>as if you're just supposed to stop having any hobbies/interests once you become a certain age.
Those are always from judgmental girls who aren't even 20 themselves (usually not even 18) and think that they'll never grow old, kiwi sunset types. Either that or bitter older people who resent having to abandon their hobbies, but those tend not to browse imageboards kek. Nobody should listen to advice from obviously miserable people.

No. 636917

File: 1600864269604.jpg (69.64 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Oh yeah? I would've Naruto run into you and beat you with my yaoi paddle so hard you couldn't look anyone in the eye again, kid. You think people who aren't ashamed of their love of anime are beneath you? Think again. I've been to Japan six - count them - six times. I lost weight. I became a Japanese idol. I love my life. What have you done?
If I ever see you in real life I'm going to make you regret all those times you bullied those innocent kids. It's what all my heroes would have done… It's what Naruto would've done. I'm not afraid of you anymore, bucko. I know I'm on the right side of history.

No. 636919

Holy shit I love you, anon.

No. 636931

When I lived abroad for a semester and planned to stay a whole year until covid ruined everything I missed my cat WAY MORE than anyone else in my family. Even if they didn't try to call me once or twice a day I wouldn't have missed then nearly as much as my cat.

No. 636972

i love both of you

No. 636977

i am moving next week and have to be away from my cat for a month and i already miss her.

No. 637024

My coworker's desk is between mine and the window and today it was open and I could smell his cologne in waves and it was really pleasant. He's really handsome and kind and today we found out we had something in common.

And I feel like I'm cheating on my boyfriend even though I'm not crushing on him at all lol. My brain works like a teenage girl's or an incel's.

No. 637053

I don't feel bad for detrannies. 90% of them abused and harassed any parents or friends who tried to talk them out of chopping of body parts or taking off-label medications, then they detrans and all they can think about is how they wrecked their body, poor them, why didn't anyone stop them uwu

No. 637066

Same, unless it was their crazy parents who forced them to transition when they were kids. I also don't feel bad for them because a lot of people go through way worse things that them (born with deformities and health issues that make them look a certain way, actually bullied, harassed or even just teased on a regular basis for their looks that they can't change, etc.) and they're not retarded enough to transition and ruin their lives even if they're depressed and hate themselves.

No. 637071

File: 1600880554035.jpeg (84.61 KB, 736x736, C0ED43FF-E18F-4B3C-9C11-97E2F3…)

Anon, please marry me, I love you.

No. 637076

Teens are shit in general, this is one expression. Teen girls have always had to deal with so much. Of course they get sucked into the internet and this cult-like ideology that sucks in vulnerable lesbians, women who have sexual trauma, and women with autism or ADHD. When establishments have been captured and troon males have big bucks for political lobbying it seems bizarre to focus on specific detransitioners. And regarding male detransitioners, you don't even hear much from them online bc their bodies aren't as affected by hormones or the shame in general, or from being pornisck/having AGP .
also believe I remember another time detrannies was used it was a troon from /lgbt/. not having sympathy for young women isn't special.

No. 637087

did i specify only tifs in my comment? "ugu only /tttt users say detrannies" i don't go to 4chan. keep your retardation and paranoia to yourself, sperg

No. 637088

NTA but she's right and you're the one sperging, sperg.

No. 637089

I have no sympathy for fetishy ones. But the others I do, I probably would have transed if I was growing up nowadays. It's a cult preying on young ppl, enabled by medical industry.

No. 637093

th-thats totally not me but she's right!!!

No. 637104

This time I am the anon you're replying to, and still not OP, and you're still sperging, sperg.

Agreed. I don't know if I would have trooned out, but I definitely would have felt lost and curious. It's really sad.

No. 637123

I'm enjoying all the drama posts people are making on the internet about canceling/bailing out on relatively small family gatherings this year including holiday dinners, weddings, birthdays, and other general occasions. Because it's not that they're super cautious in all other aspects of their lives since they still take risks like going out in public, sending their kids to daycares, going to work, etc.
It's just that now they have the most perfect vindicated excuse to not see their overbearing family and annoying friends and I find that hilarious cause no one can call them on the hypocrisy without looking like assholes LOL.

This is the year for introverts.

No. 637219

I regret not talking to creeps online when I was underage. It feels like a waste for some reason. I got 0 male attention until I was nearly 18 & my self esteem never recovered lol. I have the urge to just be a sugar baby / meet random guys off the Internet just for the validation (I can't because in a LTR). I wish I had done that when I was younger and could have been seen as a victim rather than a slut. I had a brief phase of masturbating with randoms on omegle when I was 14 but that's it. I feel gross for feeling this way like it makes me a pedo even tho I'm not attracted to teenagers, I just fantasise about the attention I could have got when I was one, but instead I was basically a female incel thinking I was hopelessly unfuckable even though I was average looking at worst.

No. 637222

Everything about this post is just gross and sad.

No. 637223

What the fuck anon? Be glad you didn't go through that. Jesus. The attention might've felt good in the instance but never in the long term. It wouldn't have made you less insecure, you'd still be an awkward insecure dumbass teen, just with more possible trauma and regrets. Trust me.

No. 637224

get therapy.

No. 637231

>my self esteem never recovered
Anon, your self-esteem would never recover and be worse if anything if you did receive that kind of attention. And it sounds like you did when you were 14, even if you don't realize it.

It seems like everyone has sexual trauma, was groomed, etc nowadays, especially growing up on the internet, and the unfortunate fact is that we probably were. But missing out on that, for lack of a better way to put it, is a blessing. You don't want that. The trauma I went through with men and boys, both on the internet and irl, haunts me every day and fucks with my self-esteem even now. You don't need the approval of people who want to hurt and take advantage of you to have value now, and you didn't then.

It's normal to have weird, shitty, shameful feelings like these. We all do whether we admit it in a confession thread or not, but never forget the reality or lose perspective.

No. 637232

I am in therapy. Now that I think about it this might be related to the thing I'm actually getting therapy for. I was extremely violent as a child and have a lot of memories of feeling so guilty & like a monster but still not being able to control my temper and I still have this ingrained shame & feeling that I'm evil / an abuser even though I was a child when I acted that way. So maybe it's the idea of escaping that role by being the victim instead.

No. 637235

As someone else who also didn't get male attention until I was almost 18, I don't understand your line of thinking at ALL. Isn't it better to have a substantial amount of agency in your sexual choices? Thinking about the dumb shit I did at 17, it would've been so much worse if I was 14 or 15 receiving the same attention. You say you're already in a relationship, so I don't know what you want from receiving creeps attention. I really hope you're in therapy cause this sounds BPD as fuck, who wants to be a victim?? Your relationship with sexuality sounds so fucking unhealthy if you can only view things as being a victim or a slut, why is everything about this about external validation? Seek help or grow the fuck up, this is weird thinking.

No. 637237

Damn me and my former best friend used to do the same exact thing on old chat board websites. Also used AIM messenger to troll creeps. The good old days.

No. 637243

Thank u for your kind reply anon :)
I know it would have fucked me up worse in the long run if I had got that kind of attention.
Its a weird one, like girls I followed on insta would have a story hilight called 'creepy DMs' & I felt like there must be something wrong with me that no one was creepy towards me.
I've been groped in clubs before and it actually made me so happy because it was proof someone found me attractive.
I think I stopped the omegle thing after someone asked if I was a man because I didn't have tiddies yet so it just reinforced my inceldom haha.

Imagine being this much of a pick-me ass bitch, oh dear

No. 637244

I want cunts like you to suffer and never achieve contentment

No. 637245

Kys larper

No. 637246

File: 1600894949025.jpg (25.2 KB, 400x400, EZL5DXZXgAAIslX.jpg)

No. 637248

i had an ex "friend" like this so i believe it. she would get annoyed when i complained about being sexually harassed by men

No. 637249

Tell that bitch to die too

No. 637254

The victim / slut thing is just how people in general would see those 2 scenarios is all I meant

No. 637256

Keep going to therapy. You obviously still need it.

No. 637258

Men are way too important to you.

No. 637268

Men will touch, grope, DM, harass, etc anyone and anything. It has nothing to do with you, and again, you don’t need that sort of validation from people who don’t genuinely value you. Leave that to your friends and family and boyfriend(!) who presumably love you and know you. Men not targeting you isn’t a reflection of you in any way. It’s hard to break the habit and belief that their opinions mean anything, but they don’t, they’re literally scrotes. You’re somewhat self-aware and in therapy. Keep working on yourself.

No. 637269

I want to give Kanye West a hug because I find him cute (in a non sexual way). I feel like me, him, and Azealia Banks have so much in common except I'm not influential in any way.

No. 637280

Similar to you in what way exactly? I don't really care or know that much about Kanye West but I find Azealia Banks very relatable, but at the same time she's like a way less worse version of someone I know irl and she has better excuses to occasionally lose her shit. So I like her a lot.

No. 637282

the speaking your mind thing, unconventional ideas, and manic energy they often have. only difference is im not a musical genius (SADLY) and i have way less interpersonal drama

No. 637283

>Kanye West and Azealia Banks
Holy shit anon, you sound insufferable.

No. 637284

Yeah that’s called a parasocial relationship

No. 637288

Not really, i've been like that as long as I can remember. One of the differences is I have low attention-seeking/NPD tendencies and I have more in common with them on their unconventional social discourse with music/African-American issues.

No. 637291

I admit that attention did feel great until I realized men will fuck anything with legs

No. 637296

I'm honestly really scared of the riots that are surely to break out following this Breonna Taylor news. I live in a large city and riots that happened back in May were bad enough.. I just wish and hope people break this into a full civil unrest. Seriously not trying to racebait or anything this is just giving me an incredible amount of anxiety.

No. 637311

What a tsundere

No. 637322

The United States is going to burn to the ground and I can't bring myself to care anymore. I'll vote but as soon as I graduate I am out of this hell hole.

No. 637327

I'm almost 30 and I still self-harm by cutting, it's super fucking embarrassing.
I barely do it at all anymore, but I used to do it a lot as a teen and young adult because I kept getting shuffled between different therapists (too "sick" for some, too "well" for others) until I landed in a place that could help me figure out what I needed to find my way to recovery. However by that time I had developed an addiction so there is this constant NEED in the back of my head to cut the moment something goes to shit, and there are times when way too much is going on for me to be able to keep my strength. Luckily I heal quickly and I have always only kept myself on a small area and it's so layered with scars it doesn't really matter if another couple is added.

No. 637329

Where would you be looking to move? I always told myself I'd stay here, but honestly I'm also fed up with the bullshittery.

No. 637337

File: 1600902785999.jpg (500 KB, 600x600, JPEG_20200728_172907.jpg)

You could epilate instead for a scar free alt. Also may be off but I cover myself with fake blood to fake the result of cutting when I get cravings.

No. 637340

Not sure honestly, New Zealand has always been a very attractive country to me or the UK.

I could always move to Mexico where my parents are from but that just doesn’t seem viable either. All in all, I need to do a shit ton of research.

No. 637345

The sonic totem genuinely frightens me and I feel like it'll know if I hide the thread

No. 637346

Similar to what >>637337 said:
I once had a teacher recommend the coping strategy drawing lines across your wrist/thigh with a red pen to sort of emulate what it's like to cut without actually hurting yourself. Though you should probably wash the pen off before you go out or you'll get some odd looks! I'm sorry you're struggling though, anon. I hope things look up for you soon.

No. 637347

Small thing about New Zealand, since I have friends that moved there, they've said they didnt expect how much it rains there, they'd get literally like a week or two total of no rain for the entire year. Might not bother you at all, it's a think I had no idea of before so I thought i'd share!

No. 637358

Anon, I'm from latin american and in my country everyone wants to leave … to the US. Could you explain why you think this? Because for many people here, the US is the most solid country ever

No. 637359

Yes it's better than most of the shitholes there, but they are only shitholes because of the U.S causing political instability.

No. 637375

i cant wait for the rest of the world to see this shit and see how much a shithole america is! hope you're safe and can stock up anon though.

No. 637409

I sincerely want the entire pokemon franchise to die,it has overstayed it's welcome for too damn long

No. 637418

Finally, someone who gets it.

No. 637424

The UK isn't far off the US in urban areas. Every time I leave the rural area where I live I always get an uncomfortable feeling of tension where people are getting close to breaking point.

No. 637438

no i want trubbish to get a cute garbage girlfriend pokemon first

No. 637450

I got a lot of haters and they’re all cute

No. 637474

Been playing Pokemon go since it's release but God I kinda hate half of the weird looking shits in my pokedex. The newer generations just..

There's money to be made, they'll keep on milking it

No. 637500

I just cried bc I saw a video of a baby bat clinging to its dead mum

No. 637525

Tbh, the Uk is a pretty miserable place to live. It's not a complete and utter shithole, but the sky is overcast 90% of the time, much of the housing if pretty ugly and it seems almost worthwhile job opportunity is based in london, a place that's practically unliveable because of how expensive it is and housing there gets snatched up so fast.

No. 637531

And the food sucks.

No. 637566

Same, they improved the series so many times with new generations but since XY it feels like quality is stagnating or decreasing. Like everytime they have a good idea like removing HM or replacing gyms with trials they add even more bullshit like making everything linear, not putting any puzzles anymore, making post-game content uninteresting, etc. Now Nintendo as a whole is almost on the same level as Disney when it comes to producing series/movies/video games with the bare minimum of efforts just to sell merchandises and to please investors who don't give a shit about artistry whatsoever.

No. 637569

>it's not a complete and utter shit hole
…yet, but give it a few months by the looks of it

No. 637570

Why not Canada? It's like the USA but less crappy, and if you move close to the border you'll be able to get most of the stuff you're used to/like.

No. 637579

>the US is the most solid country ever
Nta but whenever I read about countries such as Denmark, Sweden and Switzerland they sound far more solid than everything I've read about the US (fyi I'm from none of the countries mentioned here). I've read nothing but good things about their education systems, job markets, economies, social security, safety etc. I've largely read the oposite about the US. If you google lists of countries with highest living standards, the US usually doesn't even make the top 10. I don't know why people go for the US instead, maybe it's because it's such a gigantic country it's easier to get into, or because they speak English there or because foreigners just know more about the US than random small countries in Europe, or the imigration policies of the mentioned countries, I don't know, I'd be interested to know. I'm from a good, prosperous country myself and have lowkey thought about moving to Denmark lol.

No. 637582

i had a friend move to sweden from canada. she lived in one of the most beautiful canadian houses i had ever seen, i couldnt (and still cant) believe she up and sold it to move overseas. she still claims after almost 5 yrs it was the best choice she had ever made.

No. 637585

File: 1600951995136.jpg (18.73 KB, 480x345, 11062257_488741864632007_60605…)

I did a similar shit except with Yugioh cards My friends and i would go to the library during break when no one was there and play YGO in the back of the room and after a while, teachers thought we were doing gang activies. Naruto head bands were also banned for the same reason. it was the weird 2000s version of adults being super out of touch. it was cringe, but fun and i loved my school mates back then.

No. 637586

Wtf that's so depressing. Did anyone help it?

No. 637592

>Naruto head bands were also banned for the same reason.
that's hilarious

No. 637598

Things are a LOT better here than in the US, but does hearing "nothing but good things" about anything in life… not sound a bit suspicious to you?
I'm from a Scandinavian country and while life is good, there's a lot of problems that go unsaid in the foreign press.

A huge part of our image is due to our tourism board and our news outlets sniffing their own farts and bragging about how much better than everyone else we are and how we have to "teach" the world how to be more like us and save them from themselves. Then those same people will turn around and say how "we don't like to brag, it's not in our culture, we are just too humble uwu". Bitch where?

This is a massive issue in our mentality and our political left is the most guilty of this. We're addicted to pretending we're fine and better than you, while ignoring all the problems that exist in the shadows and out of public view like racism, xenophobia (people from the Middle East, Africa and former Yugoslavia are often seen as lower class here), tax fraud, healthcare (my grandmother had to wait 3 MONTHS for a cancer diagnosis in a public hospital because she was honest and said she wasn't experiencing any pain, and they put her on low priority for being "too old").

Even our corona policy has made us a laughing stock in Europe because it's based on exactly this kind of behaviour. The clown in charge of the whole thing is telling us we're doing much better than everyone else and making fun of other EU countries for having stricter measures despite evidence of the exact opposite.

Anyway, sorry for OT, I just hate this sentiment that Scandinavia is this perfect woke white people wonderland, especially because we're the ones who keep selling this image to foreigners for tourist and foreign student bux.

Weird, lots of people from here move to Canada because the taxes are much lower, quality of life is similar and they can buy bigger houses for less.

No. 637607

>but does hearing "nothing but good things" about anything in life… not sound a bit suspicious to you?
That was a poor choice of words on my part, I didn't mean to imply that I think those countries have 0 problems. I'm not that naive.. but I think it's undeniable there's a lot of things Scandinavian countries do significantly better than a lot of other (Western) countries while those other countries situmaniously have 'your' problems but worse. (I mean for example, yeah your grandmother had to wait for 3 months for a diagnosis, in some other country she might not even have been able to afford going to a doctor in the first place.)

No. 637671

When I am at really low points in life a part of me wishes I had stayed with my abusive ex, because at least he was someone that loved me.

No. 637678

>We're addicted to pretending we're fine and better than you, while ignoring all the problems that exist in the shadows and out of public view like racism, xenophobia

I knew from this line alone that you were a fellow swede. I totally feel you on us being a laughing stock, I used to feel pretty proud of being a swede despite our glaring faults but now I'm scared of saying where I'm from when I'm online because I'm so embarrassed.

No. 637701

File: 1600963214950.png (51.92 KB, 804x210, IMG_20200924_175018.png)

I do not anons. I feel like an absolute retard for it too kek. I created a set of characters for myself (most likely to cope with trauama) when I was around 12 and now instead of getting out of it the escapist fantasy just keeps evolving into something new, and once I get tired of certain ocs, instead of maybe starting to behave like a normal person, I just create new ones. I basically run on autopilot while scenarios of them play out like a tv show in my head and I only think when I really must, but at least it's done wonders for my art. Is this what the kids these days like to call maladaptive daydreaming, or am I an actual retard?

No. 637707

Most countries in Europe (and also Australia, NZ and East Asia) have affordable healthcare, even the ones traditionally considered "shitty" (like most of Eastern Europe) are actually quite okay, so that's not something that makes us unique imo, the US is just a lot worse in that regard. But it is true that we do certain things better (countries outside of Scandinavia have a really bad problem with bureaucracy and red tape, for example, and rely too much on cash and paperwork), though a lot of that has to do with the fact that we're a lot smaller population-wise than other places.

No. 637710

File: 1600964135921.png (935.05 KB, 3780x3042, Median_wealth_per_adult_in_Eur…)

Not scandinavian, but my impression is that people always vastly overestimate northern european countries, especially muricans are acting as if it's literal paradise, when in fact the differences between all first world countries are pretty small.
Of course your life can be shit, but on average living anywhere in europe (minus russia) or us/canada is pretty okay.

No. 637722

>living anywhere in europe is ok but russia
I think you're forgetting about dirt poor countries like Romania, Belarus, Ukrain, Moldova etc. Pretty much countries that were part of or affected by the fall of the Soviet Union. Large amounts of people live in poverty there.

No. 637730

>a really bad problem with bureaucracy
oh my god this.

No. 637749

I genuinely hate my younger brother. He's an entitled little shit that goes out of his way to inconvenience me, annoy me, and make me seem like a monster to our parents. His tantrums work like magic and he knows it, especially on my doormat male simping mother. I'm against physical punishment but at a certain point enough is enough. This kid needs to learn he's not little emporer.

No. 637755

I was more referring to the people who act as if sweden is heaven while countries like italy are already a shithole.

No. 637777

I'm not a ddlger but I have a collection of pacifiers

No. 637795


No. 637796

I lost a baby and managed to donate everything else but hold onto them

No. 637797

Nta, but I’m so fucking sorry that happened. I hope you’re fine.

No. 637813

fuck anon im so sorry. can't imagine the pain you went through. keep as many pacifiers as you like. i hope they bring you comfort.

No. 637834

neighbours dog would not stop barking so i let it out and presumably it got lost. don’t know if they found it.

don’t feel bad or regret it. shouldn’t have dogs if you can’t control them or at least let it on your house on a cold fucking night.

No. 637850

I agree with that last bit but holy fuck you're a cunt.

No. 637859

I hope someone lets out your pet and it gets under a car

No. 637861

Based. If this dog is so untrained and wild that it wouldn't voluntarily stay within the home that is supposed to provide it discipline, food and structure, it should be either euthanized or in the forest.
A dog that does nothing but bark and is sectioned to a small backyard shouldn't even be alive, nor is it a pet.

No. 637863

So a loud dog due to shit owners makes possible death of a pet okay? You're a fucking asshole and while I don't wish ill for your pets, mostly because I don't think/wish you have one but I hope you suffer in some other way. Disgusting.

No. 637866

Why are you blaming the dog for having shitty owners?

No. 637874

I'm not blaming the dog, I'm saying it's obviously so untrained to the point it's not a pet, and probably shouldn't even be alive. Any discussion of blame towards creatures that are unable to govern themselves would make no sense.

No. 637876

I don’t have pets because having pets is retarded and a waste of money.

No. 637878

Like why shouldn't it be alive though? That's the part that baffles me, but I'm probably just misunderstanding or thinking about it too much tbh kek.

No. 637880


No. 637883

dog-chan here,

to elaborate on this, i don’t understand the point of getting pets, when they die it breaks your heart. when it needs a £2000 operation and dies anyway, you’re broke and heartbroken.

my cat died when i was young even though we paid £2k to try and save her. it’s just pointless heartbreak. literally no point in pets. also the cost of food, injections, vet fees, bedding, toys etc it’s just financially irresponsible.

No. 637885

Having pets is the new having kids. Less expensive, but still expensive and emotionally frustrating. Only thing I'd ever consider is fish.

No. 637888

yeah, it's this video

No. 637891

Fish are way more work and expensive if you actually want to take care of them properly than a cat or dog. Cats are probably the lowest maintenance pet of all time, especially if they're indoor/outdoor and use the bathroom outside. Probably not the point, but just saying.

No. 637898

NTA but
>cats are low maintenance
Lmao nah fam.

No. 637907

Really? Maybe I've just been lucky, but cats I've had throughout my life are so chill, and it's easy to either leave them when I travel for a weekend or find a sitter for. Plus they're not really messy and don't need walks or make too much noise. Idk how much more low maintenance you can get barring no pets at all, but I'm a pet (not dog tho) person, can't help it.

No. 637908

I don’t know, Anon, I think the lowest maintenance pet is something like a snail.
Most pets are basically a luxury, sometimes I wonder just how there’s so many people with pets.

No. 637909

I have a snake that doesn't require UV. I've owned cats, birds, fish, and small mammals, they seem like divas compared to an animal that doesn't need to eat everyday and doesn't require daily attention.

No. 637911

Oh that's true. Gah I want a snake so bad, a MBK is the dream final pet of my little black triad of pets. I always think the full cleaning that goes into tanks and cages as high maintenance, but I haven't actually experienced owning one yet. Just a cat and bunny, and the bunny IS absolutely a diva.

No. 637927

All this talk about pets and their maintenance reminds me of sth I saw in a Facebook group for bartering goods and services yesterday. A woman made a post about how she had to move in with her mother who has mental health problems, her mother wanted a cat but doesn't have a lot of money because she's on welfare, so she was asking people to donate cat food and litter all the other accessories indoor cats require. A few people questioned how OP expects to take care of a pet that neither she or her mother can afford, and OP replied that they will rely on the generosity of others in the community.

No. 637933

it sure sucks your neighbors won’t handle the barking or bring the dog in on cold nights, that’s another issue in itself, but what gives you the right to just let the dog loose? You’ve put the dog in more danger than it already was in, cunt

No. 637935

File: 1600981276326.jpg (73.21 KB, 540x366, nya.jpg)

Yeah they need to be brushed often and even then they let go a lot of hair. They also scratch up the furniture. Cats also have the ability to reach shit like food on the table or fuck up wall and shelf decorations.I love them to death but they can be a real nuisance sometimes.

No. 637997

File: 1600986144339.jpeg (442.97 KB, 2048x2048, 5AEA933D-0C47-479F-9271-98972E…)

My therapist made me swear i wouldnt fuck more strangers. Im having issues with being a failure and having a huge inferiority complex. Im not looking for validation , im looking to affirm that all these fuckers wouldnt wanna come anywhere near me if they knew what a huge loser i was. I send identitifiable nudes, ask men to choke me in hopes of choking for real, i want this stupid dom fuckboy to humiliate me more. I have no future prospects to look forward to and I just fucking wanna get destroyed already

No. 638012

not only this but sometimes you get those awful high maintenance cats who are super needy like dogs but can't be trained.

No. 638027

You’re worth so much more than this. You might be hurting now, but trust me when I say continuing to want this treatment will only hurt you even more after you’ve started to heal. I know it can be hard to value yourself when the world has shit all over you but remember you can always be kind to yourself, whether or not people treat you the same way you treat yourself

No. 638035

I've been following this lady, love her work
Speaking of animal related videos, today I cried because of this older lady bathing her old cat. I know the cat is not dying (yet) but the fact he's so trusting and fragile gets me, and it makes me think of my cat. I miss him so fucking much, I wish he could've died from old age. He died from jaw cancer at 13. We tried surgery but it didn't help. It's so fucked up to see the animal you grown up with suffering and getting weaker every day, and then to have to put them down. Some cats seek solitude when they feel the end is near, but my cat still wanted to be with me and during his last night he came to my bed and slept on my chest (because of the pain, he had huge problems with sleeping and usually got only around 2 hours of sleep, but that time he slept the entire night like a baby). I still blame myself, maybe the surgery would have helped if I had noticed some symptoms ealier. It's been two years and I still don't want another cat

No. 638041

I hope you can heal anon.

No. 638068

hi anon not to be rude but whos the artist of this pic?

No. 638098

My fiancé has started hitting me when I say something he doesn’t like. It’s not like a full out punch, but it still hurts. It’s not a joke either. I’ve even started flinching out of habit when he makes a sudden movement. I haven’t made a big thing out of it yet but it’s absolutely unacceptable

No. 638099

Oh god shes so careful with him, what an incredible person. If i ever have a comfortable life situation one of my dreams is to care for older cats and give them a nice home in their last years.

Im sorry for you kitty anon. It sounds like he was relaxed and trusted you more than anything in thise last moments, please dont blame yourself because cats can hide pain well and it is usually too late when we notice something and its comoletely human to not jump to disease as reason right away, it wasnt your fault. You did your best and im sure he loved you just as much.

No. 638103

Are you calling the cops or am I calling the cops? Get a spy cam and voice recorder please.

No. 638104

get out anon hes testing you to see if you say anything and if you just scold him without telling anyone or making an escape plan he'll just not take you seriously and escalate things over time

No. 638107

What the fuck anon, make a big thing out of it. If he gets pissy or angry, please take it for what it is: the final nail in the coffin that is your relationship.

No. 638110

be careful with spy cam and voice recorders and stuff. it's illegal in some places to record without permission and anon will unfortunately get in trouble. the best thing she can do is openly record him and then go someplace safe to call the cops.

No. 638111

File: 1600995524693.jpg (57.13 KB, 462x437, download.jpg)

If you don't leave now he's going to beat you, and it's legit going to be your fault for sticking around.

No. 638119

Just say the cameras are for home security and his wife beating just happened to be caught on it.
t. my mom went through incredibly messy divorce from abusive man

No. 638134


Anon I'm so sorry. Anyone who truly loved you would never lay a hand on you. I hope you find the strength to leave and move on. You deserve better.

No. 638137

Once a guy starts hitting and you downplay it he will escalate it eventually. I've had my nose broken during a minor conversation that started as a lighthearted conversation on the sofa watching a movie. I'm sure you've never hit anyone anon in anger, the same things stopping you exist in that dickheads brain as well he's making the conscious choice to silence you with his hands. Fuck him. You're an adult. He's not a parent correcting the behaviour of some delinquent kid. There will never be a reason to justify him hitting you.

No. 638139

when i was younger i was known in a smaller portion of the ig spam community and i had beef with all of the big accounts… then one day someone tried to dox me and i disappeared

No. 638142

i have a fear of someone tainting/replacing my vodka with isopropyl alcohol.

No. 638211

I hope you can out of your situation safely anon. And I hope that piece of shit fucker gets put in a cage.

No. 638261

My mom had kept it a secret for years that she had breast implants and only recently told me she had them. (It explains why she’s slightly disproportionate now that I look at her.) But now that I know, I am genuinely curious about what they look like and grossed out at myself for wanting to know.

No. 638263

I am addicted to reading forum/subreddit posts from miserable moms. I also enjoy reading posts and stories about people who didn't try hard enough in life and now they're miserable and stuck. It is horrible and I wish I didn't like it so much. I think it's just a pick me up in the weirdest way when I finish up an extra hard day of work and I'm like you know what, my life is hard, but it's good and it could be like THIS instead. I'm getting better at putting the time into actual hobbies instead, but sometimes I give in anyway.

No. 638265

Give us the hot tips. I think I would enjoy too

No. 638268

Late to the conversation but cats are not low maintenance, most people just have no idea how to properly take care of cats and neglect them. Sure, they're lower maintenance than dogs and some are more chill than others but they do require more care than most people give them. Then they end up scratching furniture or pissing everywhere because they're bored and frustrated. Not saying that you specifically are a bad cat owner, though!
My two cats are 9 and 13 years old but they act like I'm their mom, they follow me everywhere and demand my constant attention. The moment I sit down they both jump on my lap and then get annoyed because only one of them fits at a time. I love them dearly but I sometimes get annoyed because I can't do anything without them following me. One of them even showers with me lmao. Definitely not low maintenance.

No. 638270

File: 1601015407653.jpeg (1.04 MB, 1342x1940, 70A61E73-6B23-41DD-9BBC-86462F…)

I think I’m actually starting to miss the military now that I’ve been out a few years. Everything was super stupid, but to be honest it was simple. I thought it was going to be my forever job, but other people ruined it for me. I just need to talk to my friends who are still in to be reminded of the bullshit and stop only focusing on the good times.

No. 638271

File: 1601015630438.png (319.6 KB, 720x340, characteristics-of-a-good-pers…)

You sound nice

No. 638273

File: 1601015975494.jpg (106.93 KB, 1078x1078, ca976f32535c52c13c37adb1a28345…)

Exactly, thank you! I hate it when people claim that cats are low maintenance and then I turn around and see so many pet owners who just keep their cat inside an apartment of 30 square meters, don't play with them for at least 30 minutes a day and don't even have their blinds up so the cat can look out the windows. It makes me really sad to know how many cats out there are being neglected and are stuck inside an apartment bored to death because their owner thinks cats are just "low maintenance".

No. 638274

I read that stuff too, I don't know if I enjoy it because it makes me really mad to read about shitty husbands and I feel so bad for the women. But at the same time, I need regular harsh reminders about just how shitty husbands can be so that I don't start romanticizing the idea of marriage and children. Motherhood is glorified nearly everywhere except certain places on the internet so that dose of reality keeps me on track.

No. 638280

Exactly! And so many cats are horribly overweight too, like the cat in the picture you posted. People have a really warped image of what a cat is supposed to look like, and many just freefeed dry food to them even though it's horrible for their health. Sage for cat sperging but shit really rustles my jimmies.

No. 638312

File: 1601022845839.png (2.58 MB, 2436x1125, 92BEE004-8A22-47EF-BAA5-FFE0FE…)


Thank you. Its not the first time I’ve had to crawl out of a hole, ill get up again sooner or later.

Animator Kuno Yoko. They did an amazing video to Cuushe’s Airy Me and a beatiful handdrawn section in Beastars. Her work is beautiful and a little sad too…

No. 638315

File: 1601023056368.jpeg (130.76 KB, 752x756, DB68B5B6-C4C0-4DBD-9EC3-DF8B70…)

Oof yeah i get really pissed off when people insist my cat is too skinny. No, all ur damn cats are just hambeasts. Ppl think its weird I weigh my cat’s daily portion and give it throughout the day instead of just free feeding. Am i the weird one…???

No. 638316

I'm surprised they're still friends with a deserter.

No. 638319

That's how it's supposed to be done! Keep your cat healthy and don't care about the rest. I always hate these posts / funny videos of obese cats and everyone being like OH WHAT A CHONKER when all I'm seeing is a suffering, dying animal; but at least lately I've been under an impression there's more awareness and more often it would happen that people will call it out in the comments.

No. 638323

When I was still in school I really liked english and foreign languages, I was good at it and I wanted to study them at a university, but I was never encouraged to pursue it by my teachers. Meanwhile two other students who came from abroad and had family from a different country were always told to study english, study abroad, get certifications and all that shit, even if technically they had lower grades than me. I feel bad complaining about it because somehow I feel that because I don't have a "foreign" background I shouldn't feel and be better at english than someone who has grown up speaking it. I feel that that's why I wasn't told to pursue it, or maybe I was too bland for the school and teachers to boast about my grades.

No. 638324

you should always measure what food you're giving any pet since they're, well, animals that'll just instinctively eat as much as they physically can

No. 638325

To think that my vet always tells me that free feeding is better… though I own a dog, not a cat. Also free feeding gets complicated if you have more than one pet.

No. 638333

This is not really too uncommon. One thing to be careful about though is making a direct correlation between hard work and good life. There are an absurd amount of weathly people who were simply born into it or got lucky. Some never having worked a day in their life. Similarly there are many hard working people who, for various circumstances beyond their control, have difficult lives. Healthcare costs/debts for instance can often completely disrupt lives.

I realize some of these stories you're reading probably do paint a more direct correlation, and that's fine, but I would worry that in future real life interactions with people who are struggling (or conversely living the good life) you might be tempted assume it is totally of their own doing without even knowing their story. I think people often do it subconsciously to resolve the cognitive dissonance involved with "why do bad things happen to good people?"

Aaaanyways I read this stuff too, after all I'm here on lolcow. Idk I just wouldn't get too carried away with it because while these stories scratch our very human itch for karmic justice.. sadly real life is just not that fair.

No. 638350

wtf is wrong with your vet

No. 638358

The only good anon itt.

No. 638362

You're right and that's what I was talking about, iirc Italy has the best healthcare in Europe despite its ageing population but people here (I'm the Scandianon) treat it as some unholy wilderness full of yucky brown poors and mafiosi.

I've also noticed that people from other parts of Europe seem better educated, in that they have a wider range of general knowledge and learn stuff like Latin which is only taught here in some places as an elective course, while we dedicate more time to a more narrow pool of study like maths and English (and get better scores as a result).

You'd be surprised how little awareness young people here have of other countries compared to their peers from other parts of Europe, and it makes me feel ashamed because this is all a result from years of everyone drilling "we're the best, we're the best" into our heads.

I told this to my younger brother recently and he just replied with "well ACKSHUALLY, statistically we have better PISA scores than most of Europe and our education is the best in the world", which is exactly what every news outlet will tell you as well, but in reality most of my relatives will go to Croatia on vacation and then not be able to find it on a map when they get home. My younger brother thought South Korea was Vietnam (our mother is Vietnamese) and I had no clue until a few months ago.

It's really sad and makes us seem as big-headed as Americans, I'm really ashamed because some of my friends/my friends' parents are from Eastern Europe and Middle East and the shit people say to them our of sheer ignorance just makes me cringe.

No. 638370

I wish I had healthy eyes. I wish I had perfect vision. I'm 30 and my eye issues keep getting worse.

No. 638372

Holy shit don’t get me started on fat cats… I used to have a friend whose cat was so fat his stomach made its own track in the snow.
It’s name was, ironically enough, Stick and my friend would lose his shit when I called it Log. I always felt so sorry for the poor cat whenever I came over…

No. 638375

File: 1601034713516.png (9.63 MB, 1242x2208, F4E8BB9A-3187-489F-A806-CC0378…)

OP of low maintenance kitties opinion, this is also super true. I guess I don’t think of these things as difficult or high maintenance because I enjoy doing them. My apartment is covered in pet toys, tunnels, cardboard boxes, paper bags, a cat tree in the living room and my room, and I love to play with him as much as he wants even though he’s getting lazy at 7 kek. And again, just compared to my bunny who is a ton of work, he’s like. Nothing.

No!! My mom always criticizes me for portioning my cats food twice a day with a few treats here and there. She thinks I starve him, especially since he wants to be fat so bad. Ya know, because he’s a cat/animal who’s incredibly food driven. I think fat cats are cute aesthetically, but it’s so sad to see them try to do anything. All of my friend who hav cats have super obese cats, and they’re all lazy and miserable. One of them loves to play but can barely run. It’s like…how can you see this and think it’s okay? And the amount of obese pets I see at the vet, lord. How do dogs get obese??

Sorry for pet sperg, I just woke up.

No. 638376

> Log

My friend’s sister has a cat named Obi-Wan and we call it Obese One. He’s legitimately heavier than their 5 year old son.

No. 638382

According to him it makes animals less aggressive and anxious. He's super good and gentle at taking care of my dog, but he has some weird takes sometimes.

No. 638388

b-but it will just make your dog overeat and/or get picky with his food. i don't get this opinion

No. 638389

Interesting. Maybe it has something to do with food aggression? Some dogs are okay with free feeding, others get chunky. I guess just pay attention to your dog? I've read that vets, much like human doctors, don't actually know a ton about nutrition specifically, but that may have been from biased people considering it was when I was trying to learn how to feed my cat raw food kek.

No. 638412

I had a best friend in middle/high school and we would call for hours every day and talk all night joking and making stories/art but she moved away 7 years ago and I still really miss her. She doesn't respond to my texts anymore and has a ton of new college friends. And here I am being a NEET all upset about someone who doesn't miss me, looking through her instagram photos and imagining the fun times we had, wishing I could go back to when we were close. But shes genderfluid and super into the whole qweer thing and also into weird kink stuff now so I guess it wouldn't even be worth it to try to pursue a friendship with her again.

No. 638433

I was gonna say, it sounded like she had a crush on you back then. Confirmed in the second half. It seems a little too much effort for a normal friendship.

No. 638443

I wanna create an art account for nsfw art and furry shit just for the money I'm sorry

No. 638444

NTA, but it's really werid to assume one cannot have a superclose friendship without romantic feelings involved.

No. 638451

Do it, anon! Get your money.

No. 638491

I love you cat anons, you're all great cat moms. I'm so used to shitty cat owners I was actually surprised to hear so many of you share my thoughts on the subject.

>obese one
Kek but also sad as fuck.

No. 638520

I mean, at the end of the day the dog doesn't overeat because the daily dose of food is always the same, it's just that I leave it in her bowl so she can eat whenever she wants rather than having a specific time frame when she can eat.

My vet's reasoning seems to be that since the dog knows it Will always have food then it won't be aggressive (since for him a dog gets aggressive because it's hungry therefore frustrated and anxious). It seems like a bit of a shit argument for me, it's a method that works for now but if I'll ever get another pet I'll definitely switch to the usual method.

No. 638573

I miss it too sometimes. Every decision was made for me, it was so freeing.

No. 638629

File: 1601059872510.png (111.59 KB, 800x563, 032BB40E-4944-45D4-AEC7-E34C52…)

i love mlp. i think the show is so cute, i enjoy drawing them and the colors, designs, etc., are all so refreshing to me. i also have good childhood memories associated with it. i thought for a while liking it was ruined by pornsick pedophilic manchildren because of how they completely reclaim the show

No. 638640

Same. I feel bad about how horrible the fandom really is. I am really glad that during the time I watched MLP i never participated in fandom itself, just watching it with my friends and making OCs. Really, the only bad thing I had to stumble upon when I was a kid was cupcakes fanfiction.

After years of never showing my MLP art out of fear, I decided to show my best animation piece related to MLP just to get called out by normie friends of circle. They would turn my artwork into nothing but a discussion about "how bad people who like MLP are", when in my case I was literally 10 when the show came out.

I still draw MLP through this day, but just for myself and because I am really good at it and I am a huge fan of Lauren Faust.

Btw, Fluttershy is the best girl and I love Fluttercord dynamic!

No. 638652

This is pure, good for you anons.

No. 638674

i'm so sorry this is so fucking rude, this is exactly why i never really mentioned it to anyone outside of my immediate close friend circle, because they're in the same boat as me. i think it's so fucking annoying how one of the only good parts of my childhood has just boiled down to content for disgusting men who sexualize shows for children.

i am not crazy about it ofc anymore as i was when i was like, i don't know, a literal child, but it genuinely brings me joy seeing art of it and talking about it once in a while if it comes up in conversation. Good for you regarding the art of it! I absolutely love some of the designs in the show, they always stuck with me since I was a kid. There was a lot of love put into it, and I appreciate that, especially in earlier seasons.

i'm kind of relieved i had the same opinion of somebody, it's kind of embarrassing still for me. i also feel a bit bad for faust because the direction of the show wasn't being fit to her standards.. pinkie is my favorite

No. 638682

Yes, me too! I got into it at the start of this year and it's so damn cute and wholesome. A really nice show for young girls too. My bf is constantly making fun of me for it, but it's simply too cute to stay away from.

My only fault is that I kinda hate Twilight Sparkle kek

No. 638684

Not the OP anon who replied to you first post, but it sounds like she was into you.

No. 638695

File: 1601062866014.jpg (129.9 KB, 489x494, 5823ad505bcd9e8187d0719659ee7b…)

not the original anon but what are the signs? is talking a lot considered romantic now?

No. 638719

File: 1601064882590.jpg (Spoiler Image, 60.96 KB, 570x680, Among_us.jpg)

I was skeptical about this game at first, but after playing it I've been having a blast lmao

No. 638723

I want to play but I've got no friends

No. 638733

I'm pretty sure there's a option to play with random people

No. 638748

Same, we could make a lc discord for this but i dont even use discord im sad

No. 638749

Same! I keep seeing anons say this exact thing about. I think it’s way funner to play when you feel somewhat comfortable with your lobby. Can’t we have a temp discord for this ;_; it seems so fun with lolcow bitches, I wanna go full sperg.

No. 638755

Let's do iiit, can anyone see my email if i join shit like this?

No. 638781

Even though I like the guy I’m dating now, I think about my ex all the time. We had such amazing chemistry and if it wasn’t for this shitty year we’d still be together. Part of me daydreams about splitting with the guy I’m seeing now and begging my ex to take me back because there’s a chance he would, but the more rational side of me can’t justify taking such a risk and ending up all alone. I hope this longing passes because it’s tortuous.

No. 638784

Just do what a man would. Beg first then breakup if successful.

No. 638786

I can’t bring myself to do that, I don’t want to see the guy I’m currently dating as a ‘plan b’, it’s too cruel.

No. 638792

Your ex is your ex for a reason. Maybe you need to break up with your current bf if you don't feel like there's enough chemistry, but that's not a good reason to go back to an ex. Maybe you just need to be single for awhile.

No. 638870

Nta but no discord doesn't show your email. Idk how to properly make a server but I want in!

No. 638915

My bf and I had our first fight in months.
My thoughts weren't "oh i hope everything will work out" or "i hope he's not mad at me"

It was "I want to fucking kill him."

Obviously I'd never do that but I scared myself later for even thinking about it.

No. 638952

I just played among us for 3 hours w random and it was so much fun but I really wanna do it w anons

No. 638957

File: 1601085163864.jpg (41.87 KB, 700x700, 21da25ad00cbdd1dd36ef5d106fbfa…)

I'm currently having a personal crisis about my recent over the top emotional feelings towards Sam Rockwell. A week ago I decided to watch Charlies Angels again for the nostalgia kick and realized how fucking hot he was but was reminded that no wait I've always been uncomfortably attracted to him and his crazy characters in that repressed religious household kind of way since I was a tween. I binged a few of his movies and now I've been having dreams about him and I'm legitimately sad right now that I cannot and never will be with him. The worst part is how much I fucking hate hollywood age gaps but I'd marry him in a second so he could have horny unhinged narc actor sex with me. I've legitimately woken up with tears in my eyes because he was in my dream but not next to me in my bed.

No. 638965

i opened lolcow and instantly clicked bc hes so hot anon ur taste is good

No. 638966

File: 1601086030885.jpeg (51.54 KB, 581x531, ADBCA9E1-1CA5-49CB-A1A6-1060B3…)

Kinda same. Except my friends at the time did it for me. Whenever a cringy ass guy tried to get close to me the harassed the living crap out of them until they stopped. But somehow after everything they were still on my tail

No. 638968

is the game free? if so i'll join kek

No. 638972

Aaa I love him too, have you watched moon? It's amazing

No. 638973


It is, anon! At least the Android version. I love it

No. 638974

Nah like 4 e on steam

No. 638977

It's like $5 on pc
Is it cross platform? Like can mobile play with PC?

No. 638981

File: 1601089558524.jpg (677.64 KB, 1000x1000, Utako.(Maris).full.264059.jpg)

Its stupid but I want to become a holistic herbal healer. Especially after watching that stuff work for friends and family, and reading about all the ways current practices are damaging.

It still feels shameful though. I'm not a stupid essential oil lady I swear :/

No. 638983

File: 1601090140048.gif (12.26 KB, 105x96, 1600029923749.gif)

I don't think I'd feel bad if my boyfriend's friend commits seppeku.

Here's the situation: they were best friends since high school, gaming every weekend and such. I came along and of course my boyfriend doesn't want to spend every waking moment with his jerk off friend.

His friend spergs on me immediately as soon as I met him and ends up saying "Just don't hurt him okay?" and I'm like "Okay". Friend gets autistically angry every time they don't hang out together and even gets so angry that he would unfriend me on steam, kick me from discord servers, etc. After that he usually apologizes. He's also super sexual and perverted towards us. "Oh you guys were having sex, is that why you didn't want to play with us?" and other variations of that.

Well the retard has invited us to another city to hang out with some friends from online. Yeah, during a fucking pandemic and while people have to work. Of course we said no.

Now he's deleted his whole discord server, his Facebook is gone, we haven't heard from him.

I personally wouldn't feel too awful. Someone like him will just keep dragging people down if he doesn't get his way. He has no local friends, doesn't make the effort to and he's been living in his new city for almost 2 years. He heard his boss talking shit about him and he's obnoxiously perverted. I want the best for him but he explodes and causes everyone to have anxiety. For a while my boyfriend would make me be quiet around him while he was talking to the friend because friend would get super pissed or something if I was around. Obviously I corrected that behavior and called it unfair. Other times, the friend would buy me games so I could play with them and game with them.

But the point stands. He needs serious help but is never gonna get it. He just gets blackout drunk every weekend.

No. 638985

Also sorry for reddit formatting, I typed this up on mobile and it looks like a wall of text if I don't space it out.

No. 638987

I had a similar thing happen when I was dating a top WoW player. I had people pissed that I wanted to go on a date with my man on a Friday night. I worked around it as best as I could but my mere existence in voice chat would trigger someone.

I'm done with gamers now for multiple reasons.

No. 638991

I will never ever read or watch fruits basket just because I hate the art style

No. 638993

Even the remake??

No. 638997

No. 638999

SAME. The art style alone. It is insufferable.

No. 639004

That's a shame. I never read or saw the old anime. But the remake made me cry and shit. And looks more polished than many seasonal shows.

No. 639007

Wtf is he some kind of seething incel or he's got a deep closeted homosexual love for your bf?

No. 639009

The MC's face is what pisses me off the most. She looks creepy and retarded at the same time.

No. 639013

Those YouTube eating challenges ( I EAT 23,000 KCALS IN A DAY!!) are so fucking disgusting but I can’t stop watching them.

No. 639014

The original anime's art style is adorable to me so I can't relate with you there. But I really dislike the new one.

No. 639015

i’m infatuated to the point of clinical obsession with a girl (im a girl also, no homo tho) who shoops herself to the extreme, but the shoops are so well done and so fucking beautiful that I .. well obsess over everything. It’s like she beautifies everything around her. I have purchased several things that I just spotted lying around in her room, things that I normally would not be remotely interested in, like a fucking $90 figurine even though I never in my life have been interested collecting figurines. I bought the camera she uses, the make up, and even more embarrassing things lol…I mean ok, she took a selfie in her bathroom once and I hunted down which toothbrush I saw and bought it off eBay because it was an old photo so they weren’t sold in stores anymore. By “hunted down” I mean I spent days looking for what brand it was because it was just the toothbrush, I didn’t get any clues as to how to google for it other than describing what it looked like. I used to want to skinwalk her but I realized I’m a totally different phenotype so there’s no use trying. But fyi I used to be way crazier with wanting to be just like her and it has simmered down a lot with some reality checks. …I also have a history of this since I was pre-teen. Getting heavily obsessed with random girls, it happened twice before this one. I don’t want to say the name of the one I’m talking about, but the one before her was Zoe Kimball. An old myspace celebrity. I used to be the most convincing catfish of hers on myspace. She has an ED page and MOST of the shit written on it is actually talking about me and everything I did or said as her fake lol. Even her other catfish would copy MY shit because they thought I was the real one. Nobody ever found out my page was fake, myspace died before it was ever exposed.

It’s ok tho, I know this all sounds like I’m insane, but I’m mentally mature now and practicing the whole self-love thing and see if I can turn that obsession and infatuation towards my own identity, I’m already half way there.

No. 639016

>I know this all sounds like I'm insane, but I'm mentally mature now
Well I mean it doesn't sound like it if you're saying straight up in the first sentence that you're still infatuated with her. Keep working on it, preferably in therapy, though.

No. 639022

File: 1601096275525.jpg (277.51 KB, 1061x769, 22cktr7zaab01.jpg)

It's not even closeted homo, when he's drunk (which is always) he openly talks about sucking cocks and how he's given random guys in locker rooms head and stuff. He's recently confided in my bf about coming out as bi. I 100% think he's in love with him and that's why I'm worried that if he's gone dark, he could also be on his way here as well.

Who knows what's up with him but like, I wish he would chill the fuck out. I literally will not hesitate to put him down if he tries to come here and start anything. Trying to get a gun ASAP to protect my home.

No. 639025

I mean, this is all a bit much, but you're not catfishing this latest girl at least, so it sounds like you're somewhat improving?

How old are you? I don't think this kind of shit is terribly uncommon in you're in your late teens early 20's, but anything older than that is pretty weird.

Honestly, skinwalking seems like one of those things people do when they haven't had healthy role models growing up. They have no idea how to act, how to dress, what to like, etc, so they look to other people they admire and just copy them. It's probably comes off as creepy to the person who is the target of the obsession, but I can't see this type of behavior as being dangerous unless you're actively seeking that person out and trying to be their friend, or literally trying to like, replace them somehow.

No. 639026

Im not the indulgent fujoshi i used to be, but I still am one. Im 21 I don't engage in fandom anymore or use social media, but enjoy fanfiction

To me it's not a moral fault, just a bad habit. Also cringe, though I keep it private. My goal is to engage less and less while introducing female bodies/myself to my fantasies. It was an issue with self-esteem, misogyny and dysphoria, but I am already making progress to accept being a woman. I feel good about my sex now (aside from we live in society lol). My main phobia was male gaze, while m/m felt balanced and free of objectified women. But no longer do I want to run from my gender. Thats no good either. I view fujos and fakebois a lot less harshly knowing how it feels and why. but I still don't want this habit around forever

I just find it cringy (because Im not a gay man, but I don't think it's immoral just weird) and also if it's too much could be unhealthy but right now is fine. its simply fun to read stories, i honestly skip the secks

No. 639030

Lol is it r/breakingmom?
I don't mind reading that sub, it's one of the most honest places on the internet because moms are some of the most disingenuous people.

They'll go to everyone and their social media while lying about how great their husbands are and how they're so thankful for kids. Yet that sub exposes the truth about how they actually think their husbands are lazy or abusive POS, their kids are horrible brats who they barely love, and motherhood has basically left them feeling robbed of their individual identities. I'm so sick of people painting rosy pictures about relationships and kids when if you peel back the layer of the majority of relationships and children, it's fucking hell. Although you'd never guess by talking to most moms candidly, they're so dishonest with others and themselves about parenting that it almost strikes me as crabs in a bucket mentality. Like they're secretly hoping other people will choose their route and be as secretly miserable as they are. I cannot believe some of the shit I read on there but I know it's the truth.

No. 639031

File: 1601097648274.jpg (67.62 KB, 768x432, 5s11a00w.jpg)

I'm fat. i lost weight before but regained most of it after dealing with a stressful job. now that I'm out of that toxic place, I just feel so goddamn tired. 90% of my clothes don't fit me anymore and my knees are starting to hurt from carrying the weight. I can't even stick to my diet. My gym is closed because of stupid corona. All I want to do is watch netflix. I'm so damn weak

No. 639032

One dude confessed to me, I rejected him because I'm a lesbian. That same day his mother died and all I did was send him a message saying I was sorry and never talked to him again.

No. 639035

Tbh you mightve handled that just right? Its not like you knew what would happen, and you were honestly responding to his advance. The fact that you never spoke after could (depends on the person) have been a relief in the long term. I feel like men often hang on to hope after rejection which only burns them again later, and to keep being reminded of you could have added to his pain about his mom. Maybe that left him a lot more to deal with and you leaving his life gave him room to, idk. Thats truly sad and I hope he is ok now, but it sounds like you did ok with that

No. 639036

File: 1601098795542.jpg (39.91 KB, 480x530, a033a639c35f355dbd5fbc6fddde4e…)

one of my fondest memories is going to karaoke with my friends + my ex after he'd broken up with me.

My friends decided to sing mamma mia hbecause it's just a classic karaoke song. I hadn't heard the song in ages and never really payed attention to the lyrics until this night, the lyrics are basically "I miss you, I wish we didn't break up". I picked up on this and looked at him and he was crying. sobbing. felt really good at the time because I missed him, and it showed me that he actually had something in his heart, but it's funny now since he actually treated me pretty bad.

No. 639037

Thanks, I was dreading seeing him again in college but thanks to corona it never happened.

No. 639045

I guessed the passwords to like 5 of my male classmate's AIM accounts in like 7th grade and wrote a bunch of dumb shit in their profiles like "i'm gay oooo aaaaaa i like dicks in my butt." All of their passwords were either their first and last name, something to do with weed, or both. They were bullying me and I have no regrets.

No. 639049

lmaooooo I love you anon

No. 639052

I want to date someone, make them suffer and then break up.

No. 639053

File: 1601105414151.jpg (68 KB, 564x707, 35fe4d4096a8500f8ca6eb245432a4…)

This will sound shallow as fuck but if there really is a next life I hope I can be born fucking beautiful. Doesn't matter if I'm talentless, as long as I have average intelligence and am attractive enough to turn heads that would be fine.

For some context, I'm friends with this extremely attractive girl and it never ceases to amuse me how easy life is for her, not in a deep level I obviously don't know every single struggle she has overcome, but I mean on an outward perspective. People will go out of their way to help her, everyone is kind and accepting, she makes a mistake and no one loses their shit, she can have strange hobbies and instead of being labeled as "that weird girl" she's just quirky and fun to be around whereas us peasants have to kill every shed of individuality if we want to not be destroyed by society. I've heard that when you're pretty you struggle in the workplace but we were coworkers for long time and opportunities opened to her left and right; mind you she wasn't cut out for many of them and obviously declined, but it surprised me that they were offered to begin with. Hell, I will never forget about this one time she stood up to one of our bosses (fucking asshole who completely deserved it) and people (who she didn't even talk to) were quick to agree with and defend her, they basically joined a campaign to help her. Then I had the same issue a year later and I was completely ignored, she basically had to ask for signatures in my stead because no one wanted to "get in trouble". She's never had to settle, weather it's dating or fucking someone. Her friend group it's HUGE,people naturally flock to her and since she is a good person and doesn't surround herself with frenemies it's actually a very supporting group who really values her. You would think this is not important but as an adult you will need connections, and oh boy does she have them. She's the fucking main character if you will.

I'm not saying this out of jealously, I really like her and I would be lying if I said I've never been charmed by her before, I'm just kind of mad at life because it's so fucking unfair and there's absolutely nothing we can do about it lol Just look at Micarah Tewers, I love her but if she was a normal looking girl most people would find her disgusting. Can't wait for a future when we have eugenics or some shit and everyone is born beautiful and with the same opportunities. Can you imagine? some people would actually have to work on their personalities.

No. 639054

tbh it just sounds to me like she's charming and outgoing. her looks definitely draw people in, but her personality makes them stay. if she was a huge bitch people would constantly nitpick her and talk shit about her behind her back.

that said, it's kind of a self-fulfilling prophecy. people who are or used to be ugly/fat expect to be bullied and treated like shit so they develop a defense mechanism against it by acting cold and aloof or having a resting bitch face, so people assume they're mean/arrogant and are repelled by their behavior.

i know a girl who is nowhere near attractive but she creates opportunities for herself by being outgoing and supportive, she's really popular and people love her despite her looking like ben shapiro.

No. 639061

>>her looks definitely draw people in, but her personality makes them stay
This 100% true, the fact that she's actually a good person is what makes us stay, no denying in that. I'm not ranting about her being popular but at how different life is for pretty vs average people. It's like another world, kinda hard to explain unless you're friends with someone like that. Another one of our mutual friends is an incredibly sweet human being and amazing person overall, but normal in the looks department. We always joke that those two could rule the world if they wanted to, but it's pretty noticeable how different things work for her. Where friend A can get away with bare minimum, friend B has to put thrice the effort.

>>that said, it's kind of a self-fulfilling prophecy. people who are or used to be ugly/fat expect to be bullied and treated like shit so they develop a defense mechanism against it by acting cold and aloof or having a resting bitch face, so people assume they're mean/arrogant and are repelled by their behavior.

That's precisely the issue. Fat people can do something about it, but those that are born ugly are pretty much fucked.

No. 639067

It's true tbh. A lot of things can be overcome with condifence and a magnetic personality indeed, but you just can't compete with the lucky few who're extremely gorgeous and have all the good things coming to them naturally and without effort.

At least most of us haven't won the genetic lottery and beauty from youth doesn't last.

No. 639082

>despite looking like ben shapiro
I can‘t imagine Ben Shapiro as a girl to look that bad tbh

No. 639088

Nta but it really depends though. Yeah you can be popular and loved even when you are ugly, but the effort you have to put in is so much more than the effort put in by someone who is attractive and draws in people just by existing. An ugly person also has less chances to fuck up or act irrational or angry, as people tend to be more patient with people who look cute and beautiful. It's just a natural thing, even fucking babies prefer beautiful people.

I'm ugly and apparently I have a face that makes people want to punch me. I had friends who were very pretty and I was always treated differently, by both men and women. I just have to constantly lick ass and act all happy and positive for people to tolerate me, and even then some people will mock me or look at me as if I'm a freak (I have crooked teeth and I can't laugh without someone staring at me and joke about them. Yeah, that'll make me stay positive…). And then there are good-looking people who can act like bitches, be mean and offensive as a joke or act like a baby and still have someone flocking around them. If I did something like that I would be told to fuck off among other various insults.
Saying that ugly people are just not charming enough and have the same chances as attractive people is naive. Also, if you're ugly and being treated like shit for it, then maybe you'll develop some defense mechanism to cope. A lot of aspects of your life are more difficult and even impossible to reach (just think about dating, job opportunities and all that).

No. 639090

That's… exactly what I said.

No. 639094

File: 1601114474730.jpg (37.83 KB, 600x600, 28755-70949-200519125136.jpg)

I was a total germophobe. Was. Until covid-19 hit.

Now I'm labeled as normal, completely functional, precautory and pandemic rule following person.

I suffer from asthma but it's not as bad as it used to be. I was hospitalized or taken to the emergency room many times in highschool over me not being able to breathe. I always got sick many times a year, and even one simple cold would spiral into very debilitating asthma attacks.
So I always have to be careful with my health.

I learnt to hate people. I hate how old men don't wash their fucking hands, take space, cough and sneeze everywhere. I hate how they gargle and then spit their fucking disgusting flem on the floor, in the middle of the street. They enjoy being gross. I hate it.

I hate mothers that don't watch their kids being fucking nasty microbe farms. They pick their runny nose and cough everywhere and you're supposed to go "aww how cute". They're the main way to get the fucking plague, because kids do not have inhibitions and are too dumb to know better. But a busy karen mom could have their kid with a big ass fever and still take it outside and infect everyone.

I hate touching door handles. I hate dirty shoes. I hate people who touch something dirty and then carry on with their lives without washing. I hate people touching me. I hate sick people. I hate sick people. I hate sick people.

For the longest time wondered why nobody else had the same precautions that I had. Why westerners are not supposed to wear facemasks. Why can't we be like asians and their facemasks. When will facemaks be a thing in the west? when will it be normal to wear one? Please, I just want people to fuck off and stop spreading their diseases.

Then, covid-19 happened. A miracle.
Everyone washes their hands.
Everyone carries alcohol gel.
Everyone sanitizes everything.
Everyone keeps distance.
Everyone shuns off disgusting people.
Everyone wears masks.

I am actually very pleased by this result. Nice timeline. I would call this "The Health Revolution".

Little Jimmy can't spread his disease anymore. Suck it, little Jimmy.

No. 639097

I know that feeling about Westerners thinking they're too special for face masks despite the yearly epidemics every winter. The number of times I got sick because of people sneezing or coughing in my face because they're impolite bitches is too high. I even threw up and passed out in th middle of a phone interview for the opportunity of a lifetime because some retard at my job was sick and still thought it'd be a good idea to clock in. I obviously didn't get the job because this left a bad impression on the recruiter. Even my family thought I was crazy because I think 6 people drinking in the same bottle is disgusting. Their argument was "we're family so I can't make you sick." Anyway, your descriptions triggered me, they so accurate.

No. 639099

What kind of job was it? fuck that guy.

No. 639101

They finally made face masks mandatory in stores here, except kids under 12 don't need to wear them…so they're mostly not wearing them. I keep seeing parents shopping where you have one mother wearing a mask and 3 or 4 kids running around alongside her maskless…and it just seems so odd.

I was reading an article lately about how kids are much better carriers and spreaders of it. They secrete it at higher amounts than an adult but also are less likely to display symptoms. I had to stop reading. It was freaking me out.

No. 639102

Adding to this post: I would go my way to avoid sick people or people that cough. Entering a room with anyone sick would make me anxious. I would get very far away from anyone who presented cold symptoms.
I am so happy that this is considered normal now. Now nobody can make fun of it. Now I'm right, they're wrong. Now they know how disgusting they all were all these years.

No. 639108

I've had a fear of stomach bugs for years now and I've had two different loved ones (my dad one time, a bf the other time) both know very well that they had bugs (had active symptoms) and still come over to my house and infect me. The two times I've ever bad stomach bugs as an adult were both preventable. That pisses me off given bugs are unpleasant enough without already having a vomiting phobia.

No. 639110

I’ve become a pseudo-stacy and one thing i’m doing a lot is bullying men. I’m a shithead overall but I’m gentler to women. Is this a bad thing I should feel guilty about?

No. 639113

my ex still watches my instagram stories even though i'm pretty sure he has a new girl. my confession is i let him stay following me because i still have feelings for him and it gives me a misplaced mood boost when i see that he still sees what i'm doing ://///// fucking idiot

No. 639114

no you go girl

No. 639119

consider blocking him anon, relying on a ghost of a feeling is just holding you back. He ain't shit and you don't need his peeping tom eyes to know you're a fucking star. Leave the ex in your past, get moving onto your next chapter.

No. 639120

I worked in retail while studying, and it was an opportunity to get a very well-paid internship abroad in a big multinational company. I needed the internship to graduate, I still managed to find another one WAY later but that meant I had to enroll in university again just for the very last semester. Fuck him and fuck this shitty retail job.

No. 639124

File: 1601120688144.gif (1.6 MB, 260x195, 1566757344985.gif)

That just makes me wonder if I'm some unfortunate uggo that has managed to delude herself into thinking she's not. I used to be butt ugly in my teens but have manage to come out the other end looking pretty cute thanks to surgery + learning how to put on makeup and do my hair.

For some reason though, a lot of men seem super awkward when they talk to me now, and a lot of women (especially in customer service) can be super cold and blunt. Even when I went by myself to meet the dog I was gonna adopt, the shelter worker seemed kinda bitchy, she just said they gave away the dog I was interested in and walked off.
I'm friendly to everyone unless they're mean to me first, so I don't get why this is happening. The only other reason is that they know I'm foreign from the adoption form and don't like where I come from (it's happened before), but everyone says that can't be true.

No. 639148

If you're the anon I replied to, then not really.

No. 639153

This, I know a girl who was sort of an outsider because she spoke her mind, is built like a fridge, has a big hooked nose and didn't have the money to buy popularity but somehow she became very confident after graduation once she started working. She dresses with confidence, has an infectious laugh and leaves when she's not having fun. I haven't seen her since she got some amazing job and moved to the US
She didn't waste time starving herself or shaving down her face because she knew she was the real main character all along. She really inspired me and challenged my idea of success, thanks for reminding me of her

No. 639167

I thought i was one of those kid-hating people but deep down i always love kids, and whenever i saw a baby my maternal instincts just went off the roofs.

No. 639222

File: 1601136044570.jpeg (8.36 KB, 225x225, download (1).jpeg)

No. 639230

Tbh I don’t think she looks much like him

No. 639232

That is a man, maury

No. 639238

Ben's the prettier one tbh

No. 639239

I think she’s pretty.

No. 639248

She has that odd look some models and actresses have. I'd say she's good looking.

No. 639257

Unironically agree. Still hate him.

No. 639265

Cute. Would take for a dinner to the Olive Garden.

No. 639291

Fucking Ben Shapiro simps STFU, tradtits is more attractive and that will never change

No. 639326

File: 1601146845691.gif (41.39 KB, 500x220, C07405A5-E4C7-46D2-B178-84B743…)

no bitch continue to bully the fuck out of these men, they love it and will come back for more. thus the cycle continues and you can fulfill your needs of openly shitting on men because they deserve it while they grovel for your attention.

No. 639327

I’ll never get over thirsty dudes posting publicly to her different pages about wanting to smell her feet and screaming at her to show feet. Serves her right for being a bitch, maybe men objectifying her even when she’s dressed “modest” will help her see the light

No. 639427

Seriously? I very clearly see him when I look at her. It's really distracting tbh. I'd probably think she was a lot prettier if I weren't so unsettled by how much she looks like her brother.

No. 639430

Some men deserve to be bullied. Some don't. If you don't feel bad about it, you're probably choosing the right ones.

No. 639444


Neetlita, is that you?

No. 639445

try to make your bait less obvious next time

No. 639449

Please stop giving it attention pls bro pls

No. 639451

kek i was just thinking about that anon sounding familiar

No. 639457

File: 1601158087089.jpg (51.92 KB, 1242x1218, 120082255_1265926793746351_257…)

I think this is kind of sick and want one. Is it cultural appropriation of siamese twins?

No. 639462

I'm amazed that anyone would expect asspats or to not be made fun of for publicly stating that they are willingly friends with someone they hate.

No. 639465

bitch didn't you get banned when you tried to dox her? pls leave

No. 639466

What IS this shit?

No. 639470

I will probably downplay my feminine traits for the rest of my life simply because doing that is easier than having men either obsess over me for it, or treat me like shit for it. Usually with one, you inevitably get the other anyway. Like, my ex gave me just as much shit for keeping my hair long and wearing makeup just as much as he praised me for doing those same things.

Like, I was kind of a tomboy for most of my adolescence, started paying more attention to fashion and my looks in high school, then just went back to being a tomboy again in my late 20's because I just don't have the energy to deal with men and their bullshit ideas about who I am based on my appearance.

No. 639540

File: 1601162514456.jpg (266.3 KB, 1371x902, 1594214701309.jpg)

You again? Pathetic, "Ashley".

No. 639543

I feel you, remember someone saying that they don't wear sundresses anymore because men assumed she would have a sundress personality, carefree and happy aways and it made a lot of sense. People really treat you as a different person over clothes and hair.

But do you like those things though? Long hair and makeup?

No. 639551

>not having shirts with two head holes for your two heads

No. 639555

God that's so hideous, I want it so bad, where is it from?

No. 639557

So if I wear goth stuff then will people not mind my quietness as much??

No. 639564

It seems stupid but yeah, people generally leave you alone and accept that the goth person will be weird lol. When you dress like a normie, people strike up conversation more and your quietness can seem rude.

No. 639574

I just deleted and erased every single piece of art I've drawn since 2014. I've spent the last week clearing out and throwing away sketchbooks and drawing blocks, removing art from the few online places I posted them on, then went through my computer and deleted all my digital pieces as well, then erasing them from the trash folder, never to be recovered.

I've been badly depressed. Drawing used to make me happy, but after weeks and weeks of only feeling bad and regressing to the point I couldn't even to basic perspective or anatomy, I realized this is probably only making my depression worse. So I removed it all. Hopefully this will lead me to do something productive and worthwhile to the world.

No. 639581

excuse me we say twins with conjoined bodies now and yes it is, colonizer scum

No. 639582

Aliexpress lmao available in black, I might just cop!

No. 639592

The way the Tesah thread collectively started cheering for her after canyons super abusive behavior came to light makes me emotional as fuck.
The way everyone is voicing support for her despite the obvious is heartwarming to me.
But I also find it grim that at the end of the day, the women calling you frankentits and psycho on an anonymous board will look out for you more than the men you date.

No. 639599

I think most of the anons into the tesah thread are hoping for a redemption arc and for her to be a better person.
I mean, I really doubt anyone would probably want a cow, even if they’re shit, to suffer and see them get worse and worse, unless it’s like, the shittiest cows that are fucking disgusting and pathetic like “aggy” and such.

No. 639609

tbh i wanna see this with soren. if she died i legit wouldn’t care

No. 639647

>at the end of the day, the women calling you frankentits and psycho on an anonymous board will look out for you more than the men you date.

post this on the lolcow caps thread pls

No. 639649

I'm so full, and yet I want to eat another breadstick with diablo ranch sauce. pretty sure I'm a binge eater..

No. 639651

File: 1601177091445.jpg (68.35 KB, 800x532, canfident-driving-grandma-posi…)

My 78 year old grandma can drive and yet I can't,pathetic

No. 639652

I feel this omg. My grandma recently shamed me when she found out I still don't have my license.

No. 639655

How old are you guys?

No. 639659

NTA I'm 24 and terrified of driving

No. 639662

second anon and I'm 30 kek

No. 639663

Hey, you guy’s will get them when you’re ready. The shame old people throw your way is dumb. Not everyone on the planet needs to be driving.

No. 639665

Not those anons but I'm 26 and can't drive either. I have a good reason though (getting a license is expensive, cars are expensive, I'll never be able to afford either)

No. 639668

Samefag here,I'm 19

No. 639687

Im 20 anon. A small amount of my friends cant drive like me, but the majority of others can. I wished i can drive too, saves time and u can go anywhere too.

No. 639689

i never wore high heels and im 25

No. 639696

I have this sexual thing with a Buddhist monk

No. 639713

lucky you anon, there’s at least 5 animes about this

No. 639716

Gitta look into it. He said it's easy to corrupt a monk in training. It's the 60 yo where it gets hard

No. 639721

Heels are such a bitch of a fashion tbh, so i understand completely.

No. 639741

No shame, I can't drive either and I'm in my late 20s, I just like taking trains and walking and I've never lived in a place where public transport was bad or I couldn't use my bike. No wonder New Worlders are fat.

No. 639751

I’ve worn high heels before but I haven’t since my late teens (mid-20s now). I just don’t understand when it’s even appropriate to wear shoes like that? It’s not like I party a lot or go to a lot of fancy dinners and I almost never see people just casually walking around in high heels in the city either, so? I don’t get it.

No. 639786

i hate my boyfriend so fucking much he enabled his ex to stalk, obsess over and harass me and my friends for years i honestly think one day i’m going to kill him

No. 639787

i don’t drive either. i love in the city centre, have an excellent bike and also we have very good trains here and i normally fare evade anyway so i end up paying nothing

drivers are such cucks lol imagine paying £1000 for insurance £5000 for petrol £2500 for he car and £1000 every time it needs repairing lol. tfw 2 intelligent to drive.

No. 639792

I refuse to wear high heels. I'm not going to walk in extremely uncomfortable shoes that will leave me with painful feet at the end of the evening just to be "beautiful" or "chic". I feel so sorry for women in jobs where they're required to wear make-up and high heels while men don't have to wear make-up or wear painful shoes, it's not fair.

>Not everyone on the planet needs to be driving.
Honestly I've had my driver's license for 5 years already but I rarely drive. When I drive it's just to maintain my drivingskills. Sometimes I wonder if it was worth getting it at all. I don't have a car and I don't miss having one nor do I see myself actively needing one in the near future. I can get almost everywhere on my bike and using public transport. It's far more enviromental-friendly too (which is important to me) and more affordable. Granted I live in a bike-friendly country with a good public transport system.

No. 639799

> we have very good trains here and i normally fare evade anyway so i end up paying nothing
How broke do you need to be to pull that shit as an adult? lol

No. 639815

You're not missing anything, trust me. This shit looks good but hurts so much, it's not worth it.

No. 639914


Break up with him and get therapy, you are both psychos

No. 639921

Why is he still your boyfriend? It sounds like he and his ex still have something going on and he likes the idea of two girls fighting over him.

No. 639922

My friend of 3 years randomly ghosted me, so now I downvote all of his comments on Reddit when I come across them

No. 639927

I hate reading vents about relationships. If you’re writing a fucking essay and asking “is this normal” then you subconsciously KNOW it isn’t okay. I say this as someone who also wrote a dozen of vents about my ex. Just fucking break up instead of wasting your time with trash ass men like >>639786.
Here’s my solution to all of the anons with relationship issues. Rephrase your exact situation with your friend or your sister (these can be hypothetical if you don’t have one) in your place. Your answer is what you would say if they came to you with the same problem.

No. 639944

>Please don't tell me to break up with my bf because I absolutely am not willing to lose him over this! But we've been having these major problems for years now, sex is bad, communication is awful, he cheated once, I don't trust him, I think he gaslights me when I try to confront him about issues. I feel so unattractive when he tells me other women are so hot. I can't remember the last time I felt happy. He's otherwise a wonderful person!

No. 640033

This is probably creepy but goddamn my coworker smells so good. He smells like baby powder but a little more pleasant. Too bad I’m too much of an awkward fucker to talk to him.

No. 640072

Living for this, anon

No. 640114

File: 1601241018852.jpg (126.96 KB, 489x804, IMG_20200927_222947.jpg)

I secretly dream about a cute stay-at-home husband and dad, but I probably will never earn enough money to be the sole breadwinner. There's also a very small number of men who would accept that lifestyle and be good at their tasks. Studies show that even men who stay at home like bumming around sigh

No. 640372

File: 1601252984832.jpg (3.31 KB, 150x150, tc.jpg)

this used to be my go-to chatroom throughout high school and college. it went down 2 years ago and i really miss it

No. 640385

stay at home husbands are garbo. mine ended up only playing video games like 16 hours a day, only stopping to shit, piss, and whine about me bringing him food. stay at home scrotes are worthless, 0/10 would not recommend

No. 640399


No. 640434

File: 1601262818289.jpeg (53.73 KB, 569x672, 91CD7B65-8CE4-4E8A-B6B2-85E909…)

After 15 years of sporadically thinking about it, mostly any time I saw someone playing an acoustic guitar or a bass, I finally understood what some kid in my school said to me when we were looking at my high school crush playing his guitar. She said:
>gee, I wish he touched me like he touches his guitar
And I couldn’t help but think
>who the fuck wants to get their bellybutton tickled like that? Gross
Now that I’m 25 years old I get it, this is what happens when you’re a virgin for so long I guess.
This thought actually woke me up and i just had to type this somewhere.

No. 640440

You had a high school crush when you were 10?

No. 640445

Wait a second, I’m retarded, I was 15 years old. Sorry, anon.

No. 640484

Just when I thought I couldn't get more pathetic I just cried over a porn video because the way the couple fucked reminded me way too much of me and my ex bf and how much I miss him lol

No. 640502

File: 1601281709666.gif (850.87 KB, 498x207, ugh.gif)

Love yourself, anon.

No. 640519

File: 1601286058142.gif (236.52 KB, 500x280, hulk clint laugh.gif)

>Who the fuck wants to get their bellybutton tickled like that? Gross

No. 640520

Jesus christ anon

No. 640602

I used to really want to be friends with communismkills

No. 640627

this is something I can see Shana tweeting in a few mintues.

No. 640628


No. 640811

File: 1601326001255.jpeg (22.21 KB, 250x250, F8F320AD-C9B7-4260-91E5-8FCAA8…)

>looks at /g/ thread and everyone's saying men age like milk and how decrepit older men are
>still likes older men
>tries not to feel like a pickme for not liking men my own age esp actors my own age

I am such a retard

No. 640815

no one cares if you want to fuck geriatrics just don’t pretend that they’re objectively sexy to the rest of the female population

No. 640816

Not liking men your age doesn't make you a pickme lol. That's not at all what a pickme is

No. 640817

File: 1601326862312.jpeg (32.09 KB, 320x400, 0E15E031-9310-4771-A699-485E96…)

The fact that you‘re into rotten fruit doesn‘t make it objectively tasty.

No. 640819

I always thought n2f stood for no to food

No. 640821

That’s fine, probably will change as you grow older. Young men are every bit as shit as older men, so some prefer the more beautiful of two evils. Just don’t get attracted to a scrote simply because he’s old; do not idealize and do not let there be power imbalance just because he’s old. They are not better than anyone else.

No. 640868

Am i the only one who doesn't give a fuck about mans age at all? Id date a 16/17 year old (legal in my country) or a 20 years older man as long as they look good and we connect.

No. 640872

You're free to fuck whoever you want. But the majority of existing couples/marriages have age difference no bigger than 4 years, that's what most healthy people prefer, and I'm tired of media and scrotes pushing the younger woman + oler man meme. I used to have crushes on fucking 50 year olds when I was 13-19, but that was because I had huge daddy issues. Now I'm 24 and it seems gross to me and I wouldn't date a man older than 35.

No. 640873

>being ok with dating a 16 year old
anon this is weird

No. 640875

You post this regularly (including the part where you say 16 is legal in your country) why keep asking?

No. 640879

I would date a 18-24 year old. The thing with younger guys is you have to keep them at a arms length and treat them like you are superior to them to keep their respect. But let's be real men of all ages are like this lol

No. 640885

i dont, this is the first time. looks like there's another anon who thinks similarly lol

No. 640891

I hate when people here are like ‘you said this in x thread!’ Or ‘you posted it before’, it’s happened to me multiple times and literally every time whatever they’re referring to is not my post. Idk why they think it’s impossible two people have the same opinion. It’s an anonymous imageboard it’s dumb to accuse people of being some other poster when you obviously have no idea.

No. 640894

I don’t know, anon, the gap is not just about age, but also about interests and the stage in life you are.
I particularly wouldn’t date a 20 years old, we just don’t have the same views on life. Most 20 years old are busy just starting or in the middle of studying/working/developing something, while someone my age, 25 years old, is already either finishing/complimenting their studies and such.
And someone older than me, say, 30 years old, is mostly thinking about settling down, finding a stable job or something like that.
I think the best is just to hang around people your age and hope to click with someone, if not, it’s not a big deal, dildos are a thing and it’s not like being celibate will kill you.

No. 640901

Anorexia recovery warrior N2F would not be happy with this assumption.

No. 640903

What age are you?

No. 640904

Video games, going to the gym and watching porn. Men of all ages do the same shit. Men dont know how to be husbands or understand empathy until 50.

No. 640906

Yeah it's about maturity and life experiences. 16 year olds aren't even out of high school (or if they're in the uk, they're just about to leave) whilst 20 year olds are starting uni/college, starting full time jobs, been an adult (possibly living independently) for two years- there's a massive difference in maturity here. It wouldn't be healthy in the slightest.

No. 640922

I got fucked as a kid, I tried to kill myself at 12, 14, 21, 24

I'm really good at keeping secrets and really bad at killing myself

No. 640951

I think people who say being poor teaches you resilience and to appreciate the little things are so full off shit and should get all their money taken away. Reading rags to riches stories makes me want to blow my brains out. I don't want to "work hard", I want to fucking enjoy my life.

I've just become so bitter. My friends will talk about feeling good about working for their money at boring menial jobs and how good it feels to earn it themselves, instead of getting help from their family and I'm just sitting there like.. why? And some of them are people whose parents live in mansions, when I grew up not eating multiple days of the month and having our electricity shut off more than once because of unpaid bills.

No. 640954

Holy shit this. I'm just bitter now. I feel super guilty for buying myself good things, and I don't mean stuff like clothes or accessories, but even better quality food. I'm also paranoid about saving money.

No. 640955

honestly anon, you're so bad at it it's time to give up on trying and focus on living which apparently seems to be your strong suit

No. 640957

I don't even have the guilt, at all, never had about anything really. If I have the money I will buy what I want. But how people treat being poor and "pulling yourself by your bootstraps" makes me so angry and frustrated.

No. 640960

Grinding non-stop on the off chance it will make ya a millionaire is killing so many people.
Eat the good food, you don’t need that extra $20 for a maybe-future, you do need the veg and decent meat to not wreck your body.

No. 640963

I can’t get to the store to get a test but I’m having my first pregnancy scare at nearly thirty and idk how to feel or what to do beyond get a test tomorrow and pray for my period today.

No. 640967

hey anon, I feel your pain, I think I tried to overdose that many times in 2018 alone and got nowhere, even had the worst trip I'd ever had in my life trying to kms! forget about all the other times before and after

No. 640985

I empathize with Kiki. I would be her white knight even if she’d probably call me a fat dyke for doing so. I just want her to be happy

No. 640987

I had my first couple of pregnancy scares leading up to my 30th, first time taking emergency contraceptive too. That shit sucked. Just relax and get a test tomorrow then you can worry about how to feel.

No. 641189

I'm transphobic, fuck it I'm embracing it now.

No. 641211

When I was 27 I dated a 40 year old. 27 is very much an adult. I had been living alone for years and doing big adult things….

The age gap still played a role in him being able to manipulate me so well. The power dynamic wasn't that of an equal relationship. I eventually felt like a kid scared of upsetting my strict dad (a reliving of my actual childhood) My nerves were in bits from living with this man and it took years for me to unpack why I had normalised his treatment of me and brushed off clear abuse.

I hate seeing age gap relationships now, even when the younger partner is well into their twenties.

No. 641218

I was 25 when I started dating a 31 year old. It's not even that big of a gap, but he absolutely acted like my dad and bossed me around a lot. Now at 27 I'm dating a 25 year old (I dumped the older guy last year) and it's night and day, he simps for me so hard and we get along super well.

Older men who are single, are single for a reason. Later I found out from my ex's ex that she was so sick of him after 3 years she started dating women.

No. 641239

The younger guy sounds cute.

I've talked with guys 40+ and guys barely in their 20s. They all just wanted the same thing. But at least the young ones won't have saggy balls

No. 641278

I've been afraid of suddenly dying for the past few weeks. I've been feeling a little off and I can't help being worried about it. I even went to the hospital and they just told me that it's anxiety and my blood tests are fine, but I still can't feel safe. I can't talk about it to anyone because obviously they'll think I'm out of my fucking mind. Why does this happen to me anons… help

No. 641280

Pls chill the fuck out. I had that too and it lead to a psychosis.
Best tip I have is to take at least one walk a day.

No. 641281

I went to the ER for similar symptoms a lot, but it was all anxiety too. I know it feels real and scary, like you will have a heart atack or embolism or something, but it most likely is BAD anxiety anon. Did they give you any meds to calm down?

No. 641284

That's exactly how I feel! It's a bit reassuring to hear it from someone else. I've been feeling like I have trouble breathing and with the whole corona thing it's even worse. They gave me anxiety drops, but I don't think they have much effect since I already take them daily.

I'll try to do that, thank you!

No. 641290

You might need a dosage change then, it happens, but don't worry about getting dependant, you can aways stop later when you are not having such strong symptoms.

I'm glad you feel reassured, it really sucks and the fear that it could be something worse still creeps up sometimes, but this will pass eventually. Right now your body is just going haywire with anxiety responses, if you can read up on what anxiety and fear do to your body, like what is released in your brain and what changes physically when you feel these, it helped me a bit to understand that my body does X when in fight or flight mode and it wasn't me being crazy or paranoid, just a biological response to too much stress.

No. 641291

>Id date a 16/17 year old
Are you underage?

No. 641292

I'm 31 years old and have a crush on my 19 year old co-worker. I'm so ashamed omg.

No. 641294

Ew how do you not see a baby looking at him? I'm in my mid 20's and can't even look at a 21 year old kek

No. 641295

At least you're not the anon that's always on here talking about how '16 year olds are legal in her country' so she'd she'd totally fuck one

No. 641297

I'm also 31 and I think 26 upwards is my comfortable dating range. I might notice when a 20 year old is cute but then I discard that thought lol

No. 641312

That may be it, though I was hoping to get off of them… I guess that can wait.
I know it's just all the resposes the body has, but the symptoms overlap with so many other things (some more dangerous and scary) and I can't help being paranoid, especially if I'm already stressed from something else. I'll do everything I can to calm down and relax a little. Thank you so much anon!

No. 641317

I like smelling my mom's armpits, well honestly I like smelling pits in general.

No. 641320

>They gave me anxiety drops
What are those exactly? I've heard of something fast acting that people take but I've never heard the name of what it is.

No. 641328

I openly look down on female twitch streamers who get lots of money from thirsty simps, but really I'm pretty jealous of how effortlessly these women get rich.
I still think it's kind of a trashy thing to do but if I knew I could instantly rake in insane amounts of cash just by playing games and wearing a low cut shirt I'd probably do it too.

No. 641344

I genuinely want to start streaming vidya but I don't want to show my face and people don't care about female streamers with no cams (unless you're a VR streamer but I don't want to roleplay as some 2D waifu either). Meanwhile there are male streamers who never show their face or do it rarely and they earn tons of cash. A female could never.

No. 641356

Anon might mean CBD or some other kinda plant oil.

No. 641367

I feel you anon.
I inherited a disability from my dads side of the family and yet as soon as I turned 18 my dad gave me the same 'well you better get to work on moving out' talk that he gave to my older non-disabled brother. It's been years of struggle.

At one point I had a bf with a semi-decent income and that was a relief, it allowed me time to breath and recover from treatment I badly needed. Then the guy turned abusive and I was stuck living with that for a while… now I'm back alone and struggling with feeling drained and run down from work. Broke despite all the work hours I do. My dad visits and is oblivious as he tells me about his all various trips he has been on and all the expensive shit he's having done to his house. I know he doesn't owe me shit but I had to grow up fast at 18 and when other anons describe their different style of parents it feels like he never cared about me. He never checks if I'm managing okay. Same as you I'm mostly not. I'm just about handling my responsibilities and then passing out

No. 641383

Get really good at a game and have an engaging personality. I doubt no cam would hold you back if you're talented/funny.

No. 641415

this, just a female voice is enough to get dudes rushing in. if people ask just say you're shy and might do it in the future

No. 641422

I'm sorry anon. It sounds like you're really strong and i hope all this work will pay off for you soon so you can get some time to rest, but i know how it feels hopeless.

Also fuck your dad, it's psychopatic to see your child struggling and not help, he just sounds selfish with money.

Mine didn't give me this talk but the sentiment of "you have to work no matter what" is there because they don't make much. Since ~14 i have a job + school, even through depression and a suicide attempt but i can't stop because they will need more and more help as they age, so fuck my spoons and that i feel like a walking corpse everyday, gotta grind…

No. 641437

The good old xanax. It might be sold under many different names. I heard it's not as strong and fast acting in drop form though.

No. 641550

Every time I see yanderedev's face I think about kidnapping him and breaking his huge ugly nose and bashing his face in until he drops his overly confident aloof act and apologizes for being a piece of shit.

No. 641585

> yanderedev
Who is he and what did he do?

No. 641607


No. 641619

Ugly guy who's been working on a game for like 10 years

No. 641638

File: 1601409296185.jpeg (191.32 KB, 749x972, C04F360D-F67D-43BF-A3DF-11967C…)

I play that game of cookies because I found out about it while looking for anime comics’ porn.
I was looking for characters with dark skin because I just can’t self-insert if the girl getting fucked is white not racebaiting, I’m just autistic
The designs for the porn version of the cookies weirded me out, but the game is cute and it keeps me busy when I have nothing to do, I also think the fanart is way too cute for a random mobile game.

No. 641646

File: 1601409876303.gif (295.97 KB, 396x397, F3BEFCDA-B003-4F24-9572-A75F37…)

I’m 23 but Vessel by twenty one pilots and Danger Days MCR are still my suicide reduction albums lol

No. 641652

File: 1601410282201.gif (150.83 KB, 370x290, DBD07DAB-B5FB-4ED3-82A2-C7242A…)

broke taste, three cheers for sweet revenge is where it’s at babyyy

No. 641664

File: 1601411036698.jpg (5.92 MB, 5184x3456, sangria1.jpg)

I used to have "goth" style (I didn't even know what that word meant back then) now I'm starting to want to go back to that. As in dye my hair blood red, get piercings, wear tons of black eyeshadow, wear all black and get piercings etc. Help

No. 641670

File: 1601411432313.jpg (143.24 KB, 1712x896, FaceApp_1601411522462.jpg)

Lol I posted it in the sonic thread. I have like 50 of his faces edited in faceapp.

No. 641676

go for it I think it looks fucking cool

No. 641677

Why do you need help? There's nothing wrong with doing any of that as long as you make the look "mature". Wearing more professional looking black clothes, appropriate piercings (I have a nose ring and I work with department of state – as long as it looks good and the nose ring is appropriate no one will care), you can dye your hair blood red as long as you keep it well styled, same goes for anything else here. It's possible to be a goth adult lol

No. 641683

You can be the office goth anon. I think it's a cool style.

No. 641688

When I was in college I lost my virginity to this guy I thought was pretty cute. I honestly didn’t even want a relationship with him, I was the only virgin in my friend group and just wanted to experience sex with someone decent looking. We hooked up at a party and did it. At the time I was naive so it didn’t even cross my mind that he could have a girlfriend. He hit me up a few times and we were just casual fwbs. We had each other added on Snapchat and I noticed there was a girl in his snaps. I didn’t think anything of it, maybe he got a new gf or something. My roommate stalked his FB and told me he had been in a relationship with that girl for four years. It made me feel so sick. He texted me a few times the next semester asking me to come over but I ghosted him.

Anyway it’s been five years since then and my old roommate sent me a text today with a pic of them getting married. It brought up the old feelings again and I just feel so terrible for this girl. Guilty too. She’s very cute and sweet-looking and it honestly kills me inside to know that this retard cheated on her, and I’m sure I was not the first or the last.

No. 641689

File: 1601412796180.jpg (129.26 KB, 736x1102, b8ffb47b17513252a2a6da3ee7e661…)

Hell yeah, office goth. Adhering to social guidelines and having your personal style don't have to be mutually exclusive

Pic related I like the outfit

No. 641698

sometimes i look in the mirror and can't believe i'm not a "tse: oblivion" character

No. 641716

A blogger I love just did a face reveal and I suddenly don't want to read their content anymore. Absolutely no idea why, they're perfectly decent looking and I don't judge on appearance, their blog isn't about anything remotely like that but… Now I know what they look like I feel like the magic is gone. It's not fun anymore. Poop.

No. 641741

Whos the blogger?

No. 641786

I'm the same with youtubers. I hate face reveals. And face cams just make me uncomfortable.

No. 641802

I've never told anyone this, not even my therapists, but when I was 9 years old I watched my mom get raped in front of me. Her and I never spoke about it because she was also traumatized but I'm starting to wonder if it's the main cause of my aversion to any kind of physical intimacy. I think in other regards I am well-adjusted…I dunno. I'm in my mid-twenties and sex still terrifies me.

No. 641809

I can relate. My brain kind of really doesn't like face reveals, especially if I've been following someone for a while. I never imagine what a person looks like when I listen/read/look at their work. They just kind of exist in a vacuum as a shapeless entity and I never think too much about it. When they finally reveal themselves it feels like I was being fooled the entire time; they are not just an entity, they actually are a human with a physical body. I have no idea what to do with this information.

No. 641870

This is why I can't look up what podcast hosts look like if I don't already know, it absolutely freaks me out and ruins it.

No. 641873

I love that I am shitposting right now and still getting paid for my job. It’s not as good as a lot of other people’s jobs but it’s technically an hourly one and not salaried so it makes it all the more satisfying to not be working right now.

No. 641875

Unless you are super talented at a game with a good personality I doubt that anyone can become popular while streaming without a face cam.

No. 641892

Every time I work a part time job, after I feel like I’ve learned everything, I always have this really strong urge to quit. It doesn’t matter how friendly or inclusive the workplace is, I just want to leave. This usually happens at about 6 months-1 year and at the 6 month mark, I dwindle my availability down to 1-2 shifts per week and tough it out until a year. I also put less effort into each shift I work afterwards. I come in late, and I try to do as little as possible with whatever I can get away with. At this point, I’m just a job hopper. Im trying to stay at my current job for more than a year, but honestly, I just want to quit. It’s boring, and there’s nothing left to learn.

No. 641893

Is there no room for growth in any of the companies you've worked for? What kind of jobs are you working? This all sounds pretty typical of entry level, minimum wage gigs.

No. 641904

Yeah they’ve all been retail and fast food jobs. I’m not really interested in being promoted to a manager or team leader etc. since it’s the same thing just more hassle. I just don’t understand ppl who work at places like these for 2+ years and never get bored of it.

No. 641908

Sounds like you need to learn a new skillset in something that actually allows you room to grow. Or you need to go back to school.

No. 641963

>I just don’t understand ppl who work at places like these for 2+ years and never get bored of it.
I'm pretty sure most people do get bored, they just stay because it's their best option lol. I know I've stayed at my retail job for so long because it pays enough for me to save money while staying with my parents, while still being low stress and low responsibility, and providing me flexibility if I do end up going back to school. Yeah it gets stale with nothing left to learn, but that's no surprise, it's the nature of the work.

No. 641976

I wish my boyfriend worked out like I do. I love his soul and heart but I struggle to be sexually attracted to him and I don't lust over him like I'd other dudes. I feel guilty over fantasizing about other men to get myself off. I don't want to break up with him over this because he I still love him for his personality, he is the best person I have ever met. He is not even fat just not athletic, but when he used to train he looked like literally a fitness model. I want him to go back to that so badly.

No. 641983

When I was in middle school I became friends with a girl and we both revealed to each other that we would cut. She then told my sibling and in my household any talk of mental illness means you are batshit crazy and are faking being sick, so what I did was I said that I faked cutting in order to get closer to that friend to make her feel like she had someone to relate to so she can vent. I even told that friend that I was lying to her so that she wouldn't tell my sibling or parents. Basically that broke our friendship and she blocked me on everything and I still feel bad about it. My sibling believed it and we never talked about it again.

I still feel guilty for saying that but I needed to save myself from being labeled as that one crazy bitch in the family. I would still cut but in places no one would see such as on my hip underneath the underwear band. I don't know if thats a good thing or a bad thing, but at least I have that one coping mechanism that seems to work without having to go to some therapist.

No. 641998

Why do you feel guilty when she's the one who went and shared this private information with your sibling?

No. 642005

I magnetized all of my boyfriends video games and now he can't play them anymore. Relationships never been better, he had it coming.

No. 642008

Can you come up with a story that’s at least slightly believable pls

No. 642030

He kept slamming my plates down whenever he was mad. I lost my shit when he broke a plate that belonged to my grandma. I ruined his games right in front of him. The best part is he doesn't break my stuff anymore and he also doesn't spend hours playing vidya.

No. 642032

If you are serious: you should have run when he broke your plants. That shit will only escalate in the future. Is there any love like at all between you guys?

No. 642034

I misread. *Plates

No. 642038

Things are a lot better now that he controls his temper. It's condescending but I think a lot of men don't understand why something isn't okay unless it happens to them. Lack of empathy or something. Now he doesn't break my stuff anymore and he apologized for everything after he had thought about it. This makes me sound horrible though so of course I left it out of the story.

No. 642046

You didn’t ruin his games because discs don’t get damaged by magnets, and even if you did destroy them, what modern gamer doesn’t have digital games? Fake ass story

No. 642091

Nta but I agree with >>642032. It's risky, even if he's better at controlling his temper. You're still with someone who inherently lets his anger take over. There's no guarantee he'll never slip up and who knows what'll happen then. And the fact that you had to take revenge to make him understand is in itself a red flag anyway.

No. 642109

I love that you posted a picture of the best boy in his best outfit. Perfect.

No. 642186

File: 1601471257837.jpg (38.61 KB, 566x566, 9c731202-71cc-4623-9538-1515d7…)

I get so annoyed when someone doesn't take seriously a video game I like and makes fun of it, I was called autistic for this but I can't help it. Or when someone calls a game stupid yet they constantly ask for tips because they don't know what to do next. OH I THOUGHT THE GAME WAS STUPID NOT YOU

No. 642190

Please read why does he do that. When men say they can’t control their temper, they actually can. He made the conscious choice to break your plates instead of break his own stuff, he made the choice to break your plates instead of slap you around, so saying he just can’t control his temper is a cope and giving him excuses for no reason. Please leave him, this is just gonna escalate in the future.

No. 642196

This sounds fake lol. I remember in my early 20s I poured water into the xbox to get back at my then boyfriend. You should have saw my face when the fucking thing turned on fine. Where you disappointed when his games worked and you realised you acted like a maniac for nothing? What did you do, point a magnet at the discs lol

No. 642216

I'm a conspiracy theorist.

No. 642228

What do you get out of staying in a relationship where each of you breaks each other's possessions to prove a point? What will be the next shiny toys you ruin for each other I wonder.

No. 642253

I'm a natural medicine and products fag. If you don't think that most stuff they provide will turn you sick, dumb, and ugly, then you're stupid. They need lifelong patients to make the most money.

No. 642261

I think modern medicine definitely has its place, but people who say that ‘natural’ medicine is all woo are straight up ignoring facts. It’s dumb that we can all recognize that eating your veggies is important to be healthy, but saying that diet has an effect on illness makes you crazy. Considering that early medicine was made from plants and stuff and even meds today often use them or mimic them, it’s plain dumb to deny that they herbs can have significant effects

No. 642267

Not everywhere is america with big pharma companies and shitty late stage capitalism.

No. 642268

Did you learn that in school?

No. 642270

>diet can change the course of illness
Didn't work out too well for Steve Jobs. Don't get me wrong, it's fine advice for some things (I'm looking at you type 2 diabetics) but the problem is fanatical people take an inch and run five miles with it. Sometimes diet just can't resolve illness.

No. 642279

Well no shit, I didn’t say it can “change the course” I said it can affect them. I have a chronic illness and not even modern medicine can cure it, but nothing has a greater affect on the symptoms than my diet.

No. 642282

I think stuff like antibiotics is great, but the vast majority of medicines are bad for you (most aren't even tested on female rats/people before being approved, there's lots that had bad side effects but they ignore the tons of people complaining). I honestly think they know the cure to cancer and keep it hidden because profits. At this point I've seen too many of their fuck ups to trust them anymore, I'd believe peoples first hand accounts before medical industry. If I ever get cancer I'm getting them to cut it out and marinate in Rick Simpson oil.

No. 642292

Hell, the whole dentistry industry would be wiped out if we just ate a certain way (weston price).

No. 642297

Eh I live in a country where most essential medicine (insulin, chemo etc) is free or really cheap, I doubt there’s much profit involved.

Congruently enough people almost never get prescribed shit like benzos, heck i had surgery and had to rely on ibuprofen after because they don’t give out opiods unless you’re genuinely in the most unbearable pain possible.


True about the side effects tho, sometimes the cons do outweigh the benefits, after that surgery i stopped the antibiotics earlier than i should because any food i ate would just pass straight through, not fun at all.

No. 642303

The issue with a lot of medicine is how it's taken. Like people not taking full courses of antibiotics, it allows for the bug your fighting against to build up its own immunity and then you get evolved disease like covid-19 that can't be eliminated with our usual drugs. We don't know how to target it since it seems to have the defences to bypass most things.

Obviously there are a lot of medicines like anti depressants that are pushed before patients are actually made to take real effective steps to mitigate depression like eating healthier and exercising.

I never take painkillers except in very extreme cases. I always try to battle through colds without taking pills or syrups, rather focusing on regulating my body temperature and getting vitamins and minerals and trying to relax.

I'm britfag and when I was visiting USA I was disgusted by all the fatties and the excess food everywhere. I couldn't understand how anyone could starve in the US when you're affronted with food near enough at every corner. The size and quantity too. You can understand how people would be against universal health care when there's such an obvious lack of regard for one's own personal health. People genuinely think pills can magically fix them of a lot of self inflicted illnesses. Off topic but the amount of fat political fuck boys that are on their twitters giving off about masks and boomers but have been in the pub any chance they can get can all get fucked.

No. 642308

It can't have an effect on all of them. So, yeah your point needed the clarification anyway.

No. 642310

>I live in a country where most essential medicine (insulin, chemo etc) is free or really cheap, I doubt there’s much profit involved
It's not actually free though, anon; you're just not the one who's paying for it directly.

No. 642311

Lol because pre-dentistry people had exquisite teeth?

Some of you are fucking baffons.

No. 642317

Actually yes, because for most of history people didn't have much sugar in their diet. You get hundreds of year old skulls with no cavities because they weren't drinking coke and eating chocolate every day like modern people.

No. 642320

There is absolutely a lot of profit involved lmao do you think the pharma companies are just giving meds to the government for free or that no politician would be corrupt enough to make a contract that pays more than it should for X company? that these companies that provide meds, equipment, first aid supplies and even cleaning products are never cutting corners to make more cash?

Also understand that even in an universal healthcare system they will 9 times out of 10 choose the cheapest option for your treatment, just like private insurance. No healthcare system is going to spend hours of a doctors time to find you a safe, working natural alternative for pain when ibuprofen is right there. I take pills whenever i need but she has a point that it is all for profit or in our case cutting costs to the system.

No. 642332

>In fact, rotten teeth only became a common problem very recently - about 10,000 years ago - at the dawn of the Neolithic period, a time when our ancestors began farming. Relatively sophisticated dentistry emerged soon after. In the last decade or so archaeologists have found evidence from cultures across the world that bad teeth were scraped, scoured, even drilled and filled apparently to remove decayed tissue.

So with the bread came the caries, pretty much.

No. 642339

OT but does anyone else think it’s weird that grains are/were hailed as super healthy and natural for humans to eat when they require processing

No. 642344

What do you believe was the average life expectancy of a human more than 10,000 years ago? People only began to live past the age of thirty up until 30,000 years ago.
Plaque and tartar buildup causing gum disease and tooth loss without the introduction of refined sugar into the diet was still a thing even if you want to overlook the fact that the majority of people died young back then. The majority just didn't live long enough to experience a malady of tooth issues and those that did often died from them. A tooth abscess would have been a death sentence. Though to be clear, sugar is very destructive. It's just weird how you choose to blame dentistry which is an industry that treats an issue, rather than the issue of sugar which seems to be causing the issue by your argument's logic.

No. 642356

Infant mortality made the average life expectancy seem short.

Grass fed organic meats/animal products, fresh caught fish, properly preparing grains and vegetables so the antinutrients are reduced, wheat germ in bread, farming organic non gmo veg and making sure to replenish the trace elements in ground, etc… Read weston price, if you can read. Cavities/decay/plaque are unnatural and a response to inadequate nutrition.

I blame dentistry because they're with holding/censoring stuff like metal fillings poison you, cavities can be healed by remineralizing and light therapy, they can grow teeth in the lab to replace pulled teeth and it would be cheaper and safer in the long run than caps, etc. Sure they may fix an immediate issue/pain, but their treatments usually just cause more problems down the line. Patient for life.

No. 642363

they also require cooking. more than what anon posted but people would die from eating bread and grains back then. not only because it wasn't cooked properly but it would be full of rocks and sand and crap.

No. 642366

>Infant mortality made the average life expectancy seem short.
Still proves the point that the reality is most prehistoric people didn't make it past infancy and let alone childhood to really experience any kind of dental problems. Again, hunters and gatherers did not live much past the age of 30 and this is a fact.
>Grass fed organic meats/animal products, fresh caught fish, properly preparing grains and vegetables so the antinutrients are reduced, wheat germ in bread, farming organic non gmo veg and making sure to replenish the trace elements in ground, etc.
Okay so now you're talking about farming civilizations, but studies that you've referred to that make the argument that prehistoric people had better teeth, they explicitly state that dental downtrends started when farming civilizations started to produce grains, raise livestock, and process food:
>The researchers found that as prehistoric humans transitioned from hunting and gathering to farming, certain types of disease-causing bacteria that were particularly efficient at using carbohydrates started to win out over other types of “friendly” bacteria in human mouths. The addition of processed flour and sugar during the Industrial Revolution only made matters worse.

>I blame dentistry because they're with holding/censoring stuff like metal fillings poison you

Define poison. Are all fillings poison? Is gold poison? What should you do when you're about to loose teeth to disease? Are implants poison? Dentures?
>cavities can be healed by remineralizing and light therapy
I'm not sure if this is true, but if it is, seems like a practice found in dentistry. I'm sure if this is true it's something someone who studies teeth discovered.
>they can grow teeth in the lab to replace pulled teeth
Okay and who's gonna implant that into your jaw if not someone who studied dentistry?

Sounds like you have a problem with capitalistic vampirism that can happen in ANY industry (including holistics fyi) and used that to make a sweeping generalization about dentistry.

No. 642371

NTA but re:mineralization this is a natural thing that happens with a healthy diet, and it’s a known fact in medicine that teeth can remineralize at least before a cavity reaches the pulp. However, a diet change and checkup is almost never mentioned by dentists to patients as an option, instead they tell you it must be filled.

No. 642378

Your dentist has never lectured you about diet? You might have a shit dentist.

One year my back molars appeared eroded and my dentist was quizzing me if I had a type of acid reflux, soda issue, or eating disorder. What it turned out to be was infusing citrus like lime and lemon to my water every day when I drank it, and over time the citric acid acted on my teeth as badly as acids from a soda. When I was a kid, my dentist used to lecture me about sugar.
So I don't think your claim that no dentist advises or cares about diet is true.

But either way, last anon claimed that natural tooth reminerlization can "heal cavities" and based on my google-fu, that is false.

No. 642382

this is unironically what makes prehistoric teeth so good. ancient humans eating extremely tough and hard materials gave them flat, uncrowded sets of teeth with hardy and wide jaws. many ancient skeletons that i've seen have amazing sets of teeth, even some Neolithic skeletons. with homo sapien ancestors, the teeth are noticeably flat and uncrowded. even with basic flint tools to carve marrow and flesh off of animals, humans would still have to knaw and chew on their food, especially if uncooked. this practice continued into neolithic era when grain and other vegetation was primitive and hardy, unlike todays soft vegetables. many farmers did not cook their food either, they ate the vegetables raw. the hardy primitive teeth of hunter gathers slowly fizzled out once farmers started prepping and softening food. with that their skull and over skeleton size decreased (also from a lack of nutrition cause farming sucked). having a small jaw and set of teeth did cause teeth to evolve and compensate slightly. Our teeth our more angled and less flat, but the crowding is still evident. Things like overbites began to evolve.

modern humans teeth decay is mostly a case of excess sugar and other nutrition, but the human jaw and therefore teeth set is now longer what it used to be only making the situation worse. most humans have leafyishere chins compared to our ancient ancestors, so now our teeth have to crowd and compensate for lack of space. and because we no longer eat literal sand and rocks with our mammoth bone, our jaws and teeth have no reason to flatten or form hardily in our youth. hence wisdom teeth infections and many humans having fucked up sets of teeth from an early age. unironically the way to fix a kids teeth if you see it being fucked up is to introduce hard/crunchy food into their diet, but if they have a small jaw they still are gonna reap the disadvantages of that in some form.

No. 642391

Just to add another autistic fun fact: people have always brushed their teeth, they just used frayed twigs and herbal concoctions for a brush and toothpaste.


No. 642398

They’ll ask you if you drink acidic and sugary stuff like soda a lot or similar, but that’s not nearly enough. They won’t tell you that limiting simple carbs and fruit and making sure to get a certain amount of specific vitamins can aid in remineralizing. They do not present remineralizing as an option at all when discussing the fact that one of your teeth has decay. I think you’re being purposefully obtuse now. The fact that you didn’t even know what remineralization was kind of proves the point

No. 642406

>They do not present remineralizing as an option at all when discussing the fact that one of your teeth has decay.

Likely because they realize the remineralization to counteract the rate of tooth decay would not be enough, and considering how difficult it would be to make patients compliant to such a demand (how realistic is it that people would eliminate most sugar and carb when they can't even floss) reminerilization without some kind of aid like fluoride (again, a tool of dentistry) would be unrealistic and impossible.

I'm not obtuse, you make crackhead arguments.
At least when I'm not sure about something 1. I fucking research it and 2. I factcheck your ass because you proceed to take it and make FALSE claims like "reminerilzation heals cavities." Gtfo.

No. 642416

I didn’t make that claim dipshit, I said that teeth can remineralize before the erosion reaches the pulp, which is a fact. That it isn’t presented is disturbing, most people will still get a filling but being informed about medical procedures is typically considered a good thing, and waiting a bit for a check up isn’t going to cause any problems, but it can keep you from going through an expensive procedure that has potential complications.

No. 642422

yes the teeth can remineralize but it also depends on how deep the cavity is. a cavity that is only present on the enamel surface can be remineralized with the help of fluoride but when the decay gets into the dentin and the pulp, it is beyond repair. that’s why fillings are needed

No. 642423

do most dentists do this? i was on off bulimic for 5 yrs as a teen and my dentist never really said anything other than to brush/floss more. now the tops of my premolars and bottom of my front teeth are slightly transparent. was the wear "normal" enough that they didnt say anything? im recovered and taking good care of my teeth now but i'm kinda scared i've fucked myself over in my later years especially because i grind in my sleep, im only 20

No. 642426

if you are concerned about grinding, you could talk to your dentist about having a night guard made

No. 642434

>I didn’t make that claim
You're awful defensive on behalf of someone who fucking did and started this very argument hmmm.
>that it isn’t presented is disturbing
Again. Why would they do that when "natural" remineralization is UNREALISTIC and a bottle of fluoride rinse costs like $2?
Lmao. You're awful condescending for being so fucking stupid.

No. 642458

I just told you what remineralization was and you started sperging like it’s a retarded idea, then accused me of being the other anon and saying stuff I didn’t

> a bottle of fluoride rinse costs like $2

So why don’t they give you that and suggest diet changes and a checkup instead of immediately drilling your teeth without informed consent??

No. 642466

what are you even talking about? dentists always stress the importance of fluoride and rinsing with mouthwash. and they always talk about treatment plan with a patient before so your whole “drilling without informed consent” is bs. you just have an anti dentistry agenda

No. 642471

Anon strawmans because it's the only way her argument could work.
Clearly I'm throwing myself in a chair to be drilled before employing common sense preventative measures, like fluoride and floss. Like the stuff blatantly advertised by dentists and most media.
These apparently are secret instruments kek.

I'm getting Gimpgirl vibes from this unhinged anon.

No. 642477

ikr? this is some cow tier shit. also this person is acting like dentists offices don’t have you fill out numerous consent forms before they even sit you in the chair lmao

No. 642478

I'm literally offered a fluoride rinse whenever I go to the dentist and they even send me on my way with a bag of toothpaste, toothbrush, and floss.

Are you sure your dentist isn't actually a monkey?

No. 642483

>Okay so now you're talking about farming civilizations, but studies that you've referred to that make the argument that prehistoric people had better teeth, they explicitly state that dental downtrends started when farming civilizations started to produce grains, raise livestock, and process food

People like the mayans had excellent teeth and yet they mostly ate grains. Farming isn't the cause, correlation isn't causation. It's improper farming practices and not preparing food properly. The dutch for example used to eat a lot of bread, but they didn't suffer decay because they fermented the grains and their fields had naturally occurring high levels minerals and trace elements.
Civilizations that lived around volcanoes had great teeth because of the natural high content of minerals in the earth.

>>Define poison. Are all fillings poison? Is gold poison? What should you do when you're about to loose teeth to disease? Are implants poison? Dentures?

Silver amalgam, the cheapest option, leeches heavy metals into your body.

>cavities can be healed by remineralizing and light therapy

>I'm not sure if this is true, but if it is, seems like a practice found in dentistry. I'm sure if this is true it's something someone who studies teeth discovered.

Taking supplement of cod liver oil/butter oil from grassfed cow, and a trace mineral rinse gives your body the stuff needed to harden teeth. After that any remaining decay can be scraped off, then red light therapy can be used to promote dentin growth so the hole is filled back in.

Even if it reaches the pulp, the pulp is nerves and blood vessels, it can get rid of infection with treatment, but they just scoop it out instead.

No. 642494

None of the dentists I’ve been to have offered fluoride rinse except after a cleaning only in their office. But then I do live in burgerland, but that doesn’t change the fact the dentists never mention remineralization. Yeah you have to schedule the filling but there’s no mention of the alternative which is part of informed consent. I had a filling and it wasn’t done exactly right and caused me years of pain and issues so I’m a bit pressed at that I admit. But I never claimed that all of dentistry is unnecessary

No. 642496

why are we fighting about teeth

No. 642499

Welcome to lolcow, where anything goes!

No. 642500

Because it’s fun tbh

No. 642502

> Silver amalgam, the cheapest option, leeches heavy metals into your body.

Silver amalgam fillings aren’t really used routinely in dentistry anymore. They have been replaced with resin composite fillings.

> Even if it reaches the pulp, the pulp is nerves and blood vessels, it can get rid of infection with treatment, but they just scoop it out instead.

This is not true. By the time the decay has reached the pulp it is too late. The bacteria can enter the bloodstream and reach other areas of the body. Not treating this can kill you. Also in root canals the pulp is dead, which can lead to an infection.

No. 642507

>send me on my way with a bag of toothpaste, toothbrush, and floss.
nta but you can get good toothpaste, toothbrushes and floss at the drugstore. Sounds like they're just making extra money off you unless you have a specific issue.

No. 642508

all this bitching about teeth will not change the fact that most american health insurances dont cover dental rip

No. 642512

there is literally no charge added to bag of toothpaste and floss lmfao.

No. 642518

They're paying for it out of their own pockets, sure.

No. 642525

actually, yes they are. dentists offices usually order the toothpaste, floss, etc from dental distributors. sometimes they get free samples

No. 642530

>cod liver oil/butter from grassfed cows

Why, oh why, dear anons, do you keep insisting on these eccentric methods that would cost way more than a bottle of fluoride?
If a dentist told me to take cod liver oil for a chance that my teeth could remineralize if I cut out all sugar and carb while eating mostly organic veg and grassfed meat, I would laugh.
It's okay to partake in modern conveniences you know.
Someone with sense!
It's usually complimentary even with uninsured visits. I mean are we really gonna split hairs over what amounts to no greater than a $3 wholesale value when a new visit with x-rays and a cleaning costs $200+ without insurance? I wouldn't sweat that.

No. 642607

Because she just wanted me to get help. I've never went to therapy and never got any professional help while she was getting professional help at the time. Idk how she is now but I feel guilty because I don't know how she is doing now. Did I make her become worse? Did I act like a psychopath? It makes me feel guilty

No. 642785

I have been e-stalking some woman I don't even know for like two weeks.

No. 642792

Do you have a crush

No. 642798

No, she's vaguely attractive in a "proud fat queer" (aka chubby straight girl with dyed red hair) way. I'm actually pretty repulsed by her personality though.

No. 642816

Is she well known or just a rando?

No. 642824

I assumed everyone did this

No. 642846

I tried to make people interested in my personal lolcow on the personal lolcow threads because she's honestly pretty deranged, and acted as if I was an ex friend of the cow, but honestly I have nothing against this person other than they're hilarious to read.

She's a ftm he/they person who makes up DID identities and claims to have BPD PTSD and other trauma, and recently she came out with a new "system part" that is a murderous quirky boy. She always vents everything on her tumblr blog and is friends with a known tumblr blogger who has his own kiwifarms thread. I know the way I posted her was very newfaggy but I legit think she's funny in the deranged way, if somewhat self aware and has many whiteknights. Dunno. I'm sorry for being a sperg back then, I'm not good at the milk game because I myself am an idiot, but really, I have nothing against her. I actually find her whole mental issues sad

No. 642862

A rando with a real small following on Twitter and under 200 friends on FB.
Maybe true on lolcow, but I feel guilty abt it for reasons I don't want to post here.

No. 642870

I'm interested, anon. I'm always disappointed when my personal cows don't gain traction because they're usually more text than picture based

No. 642885

I don’t think there’s a problem if you’re just looking at public information, most of which has probably been put out there by her. Obviously doing weird shit like catfishing is totally different

I think the term e-stalking is kinda misused. Is it really stalking if you’re just reading what someone has shared publicly on Facebook or whatever?

No. 642890

i feel like face reveals are always for attention and ruin the person. I love someone's content, so i dont care about their face, but i like content more when i only see the content. Youtubers and twitch gamers who do face reveals are almost always trash. Look at Charlie/moist cr1tikal.

No. 642892

Chill how is it e-stalking if you’re just looking at her posts isn’t that how social media works

No. 642893

What kind of channels do you watch that they only use their voice? The majority of YouTubers show their faces.

No. 642894

Ugh I got called a stalker for keeping up with this bitches very public fb blog when she had wrote about me on it! If someone posts something with their name attached to it publically it's fair game to scrutinise the ever loving fuck out of it

No. 642895

I'm trying to find/enter a discord she's in based on a small fandom I've never heard of before. Even though when I stop and think about it I know its bad, it gives me a thrill and it's not that I want to cause any harm. Just the thought of knowing so much about her and her knowing nothing about me is exciting.

No. 642897

Are you one of their followers/mutuals or just someone who bookmarked their page and looks at it frequently? This makes the difference.

No. 642899

What’s wrong with not wanting to follow? Imagine thinking you’re being stalked because a non-follower looks at your public page.

No. 642902

i used to be super racist back in hs because and spent all my time on /pol/ and french right-wing forums
i was also a complete anti-feminist and would shame others women online so incel would find me "waifu material"

i'm no longer like that AT ALL now and i cringe when i think of how i used to think

No. 642904

Because the only reason people don't follow is because that person is their personal cow and they're checking for milk.
Maybe if you just don't have an account that's fine but it's an exception.

No. 642943

I steal shit every time I go to the grocery store, don’t even look sus
Just some absent-minded normie lady forgetting to scan a couple things
Idk out of spite or something

No. 642972

File: 1601517341421.jpeg (363.29 KB, 960x960, D2ACFAEC-3D22-456C-B607-4821FC…)

My ex sent me an email saying my mail-in ballot went to his place. I politely asked him to send it my way, but I ended up a bit baffled at the exchange. I felt absolutely nothing. We were engaged when we broke up 5 months ago, and were together a total of 3 years. But just like that, the convo was over. I had sent a semi professional email to someone I could emotionally regard to as an acquaintance. I haven’t had a single other romantic partner in my life since and have had no desire to so far. Losing him at first killed me, and I thought it would continue for a long time because we’ve been through so much together, but yesterday was as easy as replying to someone on here. Everyone in my personal life makes out the situation to be a super serious thing and speak in almost hushed tones about it when I don’t really care anymore. Is this what growth and moving forward feels like?

No. 642973

That's the post break up goal. It was the right decision.

No. 642975

Same anon, tbh I felt like I was doing it to fit in with my boyfriend and his crowd, I deeply regret it

No. 643004

I was stealing shit in my late teens (usually some food and cosmetic products because we didn't have a lot of money and I was just bitter). But once I got caught after stealing a dental floss and I was so ashamed I wanted to kill myself, they called the police and shit. It was both cringe and funny because the cops asked me about my mom and dad and my father was a cop who never gave a fuck about us, never paid alimony etc. and the cops felt actually sorry for me kek. I never stole anything again but I still get anxiety when doing groceries for some reason. I know I have nothing in my pockets yet I'm afraid of getting caught. Watch out anon because if they catch you it's going to be super cringe.

No. 643014

I’m drinking Some of my family’s wine they were saving for when they vote for biden because I’m a stupid alcoholic bitch that ruins everything for everyone

No. 643016

my boyfriend and i havent had sex since may. it makes me feel absolutely disgusting and has fucked up my self esteem. this is the third time we've had months and months of not having sex/general lack of intimacy

No. 643021

Does he tell you why he doesn’t want to anon? Or are you the one who doesn’t want to? If its important to you and it’s affecting your mental health badly it might be worth rethinking the relationship.

No. 643025

i defintely want to. he doesnt really let me know/obfuscates it. he says his libido is just lower. i think we will break up soon because of outside factors (were in a ldr and hes currently 8hrs away) but we're best friends and really truly love each other. just delaying the inevitable

No. 643027

>he doesnt really let me know/obfuscates it. he says his libido is just lower.
The fact that you're this upset about it and that he's not communicating with you at all about it other than claiming to have a "low sex drives" makes me awfully suspicious that he's actually withholding sex from you on purpose. Men will do this as a form of control over their partners.

No. 643030

Are you sure he's not depressed?

No. 643035

like 85% sure. hes like the most mature, neurotypical person i know our age.

No. 643036

honestly I don't even care when people steal from the store I work at. Really only bothers me when thieves make a hassle for me, like filling up a huge cart to push out and then chickening out and ditching it (because then we have to put it all away). Or stealing a fuckload of one item, because then the count will be off and I'll have to cancel people's orders if they try to order them from the store. Ripping open packages of knives and leaving open knives laying around. That kind of thing.

No. 643045

I bought TWO Animal Crossing Switches today because I have no impulse control and they are almost always our of stock. The fact that I don't even have to pay it all at once and pay monthly with no interest is just like, the worst thing that could've happened to me.

Oh well.

No. 643064

I made a cringe post about someone I know irl and MILO reposted it.

No. 643065

I had a fwb relationship several years ago with someone that I'm still on good terms with (I hope I don't trigger anticasualsex anon).
I recently discovered that he has song writing credits on some of the pop songs that have topped the charts in recent years and I think it's pretty cool even though I hate pop music.

No. 643117

Both the Blair White and Contrapoints threads are extremely boring. They both have their fair share of drama but all farmers care about is that they’re men. I’m always behind on the drama so I can’t even contribute.

And the pronoun policing is boring. Even Ben Shapiro was forced to admit Blaire looks like a woman yet farmers sperge out whenever an anon messes up and says “she”.

No. 643127

I scrolled past Blaire thread yesterday and thought exactly the same. Honestly, about a year ago only thing i knew about Blaire was that she's a youtuber, and I'd only see some of her video thumbnails every now and then; it never even crossed my mind she may not be a biological woman, people insisting she doesn't look feminine are just doing it out of spite.

unpopular opinion also, refusing to call someone by their preferred pronouns is petty AF even if one thinks said pronoun is stupid. it won't make them any less milky.

No. 643131

File: 1601545072745.jpeg (41.02 KB, 400x400, B8F08150-B7E8-4724-8CE4-DBC0F6…)

If I was shown a pic of tana mongeau with no prior knowledge to who she is, I’d assume she’s a woman obviously. But if you told me she’s a man who transitioned I’d also believe it because of all the surgery. That’s how I feel about these dumb posts about Blair White. Yes she looks dumb and like a fetishized version of what a man thinks a woman looks like. But there’s no point in correcting others for assuming she IS a woman just from looks. Because there’s plenty of real women who do it too.

And I get that it’s funny to these posters but it’s hardly milky, not when she has so much real drama kek.

No. 643137

>And the pronoun policing is boring. Even Ben Shapiro was forced to admit Blaire looks like a woman yet farmers sperge out whenever an anon messes up and says “she”.
I think they do it because they know that as soon as calling Blaire "she" is made normal, all the Twitter tards who aren't doing it out of habit but for political reasons will make themselves at home and start sperging out at anyone who wants to call Blaire "he".
Also, I don't care if it's petty because Blaire himself is a petty piece of shit who told a woman she "needs dick" after her cousin was murdered, lmao. No one owes him respect of any sort, I don't care if he gets all the surgery in the world to look like a blow-up doll.

No. 643161

Blaire has calmed down a lot in the past years and gained more identity than "the ally troon who wants to trigger the libz" but to me Contrapoints is a constant source of milk, but then again I hate all breadtubers. But honestly I don't understand how Contrapoints doesn't look like a man to you because it's so obvious, even with all the surgeries he still looks and sounds like a man in a wig. At least Blaire's HSTS valley girl larp is somewhat more tolerable than the cringy ~goffik gf intellectual uwu~ Contrapoints is doing.

No. 643162

>Both the Blair White and Contrapoints threads are extremely boring
Not even saying I disagree but why is this posted in the confession thread?

No. 643171

I'm in a ltr that's been on the rocks for a while now. Lately I've been thinking about how much I miss the thrill of making romantic connections and flirting with people. I used to date a lot, I'm extremely lucky that many of the people I dated were really cool and several of those connections developed into pleasant friendships. I feel guilty thinking about this stuff though because of the state of my current relationship. I think my SO wants to see other people but we haven't talked about it because it's too painful.

No. 643172

Anon who posted here. Idk it felt like a confession lol. Maybe it should have been unpopular opinion or another thread.

No. 643179

I know it sucks but I beg you, please talk to your SO. It is tiresome and draining to keep a LTR going. one of you will eventually meet someone new and either resent the other person, cheat or ghost (or all three).

Start the conversation. My suggestion is to get them without any distractions and ask a simple question: "Has anything been on your mind lately, about our relationship?" Keep silent after that. Let your SO talk even if it's painfully awkward for a while. See what they say.

Good luck

No. 643193

I was in a similar situation. It was heartbreaking, by the end I was the only one really putting forth effort. He hadn't made a point to visit me in months (hour and a half drive) it was always me going to him. He started talking more about his past hook ups when we did see each other. Always pissed at me for being absent but he wasn't forthcoming with phonecalls or texts, leaving me in the dark. He ended up cheating on me on nights out with his friends. One of the friends girlfriend told me. Not saying are situations are similar and there's any cheating happening for you, but distance is hard. I've only started putting myself out there recently and there's a lot of interesting guys closer to me. If you're already thinking about dating others maybe it's a sign? Ltr are extremely draining.

No. 643267

When I was younger I used to think fetal and fatal were the same words and when I'd read in a book that someone was lying in a fetal position, it meant they were laying in a way that could kill them.

No. 643277

>"Has anything been on your mind lately, about our relationship?" Keep silent after that. Let your SO talk
Nayrt but I would absolutely expect that to be a trap and stay quiet

No. 643298

Does anyone here seriously regret the years they spent following and liking a celebrity? I’m going through that now and don’t know how to cope, it fills me with deep regret and self-hatred every time I think about it. If only I could go back in time to stop myself from wasting huge chunks of my life….

No. 643301

who was the celebrity?

No. 643309

Uhhhh I’d rather not say

No. 643313

Seriously? That bad?

No. 643315

now I'm curious. Come on, it's an anonymous board, tell us!

No. 643321

I made an elaborate fake post on a relationship subreddit that got a looot of upvotes and it got posted to some other subs (some where i frequented) where people were assuming awful things about the characters, and on that day i saw just how dangerous the mob mentality on that site is and cut back on usage. I still feel a bit bad because i kept adding edits and comments to make the op sound like a sweet guy and the other subs would still tear them apart.

No. 643326

Kinda hilarious, what prompted you to do so, though?

No. 643333

i am sexually attracted to boris johnson

No. 643335

Post link

No. 643337

>i kept adding edits and comments to make the op sound like a sweet guy
Lmao if reddit turned on a male it's because either he or the scenario you wrote must have been a real piece of work. It's pretty bad when reddit won't defend a fellow dude.

No. 643340

Entertainment lmao i saw that some scenarios repeat in the relationship subs so i chose a kind of taboo one, sprinkled some conflict and redemptiom arc a day or two later and people ate it up, also got some DMs cussing me out, i even got one of them to talk, give me "advice" and let go of their hatred. It was a weird experience.

No. 643342

I don't havet it, sorry! it was a few years ago and i deleted everything soon after.

Oh no people on the main sub were okay and praising the character, but i think it was the circle broke one where i got cross posted and what i guess were very woke people started to tear me apart lol

No. 643348

Around the time I met my ex I had been slipping into quite a depression. My mom had died, I had to leave education because my mental health was shit and in the back of my mind I planned suicide within the coming months. I got into our relationship anyway, moved in with him still planning it. Started fucking him, still planning it. I was so suicidal and so convinced I would go through with it that I didn't take any BC (my biggest fear has always been pregnancy) I was on new meds, I was drinking alot, I was fucking him raw and after all that I was going to overdose on meds and be done with everything.

Well time went on and I was drinking less, my meds kicked in and I was starting to think I might actually make it work with this guy and get my life together. My period was late. In the very beginning I had lied to him saying I was on BC so I couldn't say anything. I was never late. I looked up what to do (there's no abortion in my country) I read that insanely high Vit C doses can force bleeding to start so I bought multiple packs of Vit C tablets and took them all in the following days. My period eventually started (11 days late, a record for me) and it was a rough one, I had stomache issues from the tablets and one hell of a period.

I then went on BC. I told him I was just switching my method over. Looking back I've no idea if I was just having a late period. I looked up the Vit C method lately and I think it might be BS anyway?

No. 643365

No it’s just irrelevant and I just wanted to know if anyone else is going or has gone through the same thing and if so how you coped with it.

No. 643375

File: 1601575040868.jpeg (63.31 KB, 474x356, 8069AA80-F5FA-4B08-9B5B-CAA992…)

I love the feeling of romantic obsession. It hurts and it sucks and you cry but it’s also extremely addicting to pine after someone. Daydreaming about an extremely idealized fantasy of a person. Ah, it fills you with determination.

No. 643423

what is it with looking the other way in selfies? show the camera some love!

No. 643429

I feel you anon, I also become infatuated with random people and get a high whenever I cyberstalk them

No. 643430

i was going to express how weird that is, but i hate-stalk absolutely random people from my city who i've never met. they are all obnoxious though.

No. 643431

I feel sorry for you anon, he looks like a golden retriever in a suit

No. 643465

When I post on here, if I'm ever telling a story that requires me to go into detail to get the point across, I always lie about some things so that nobody I know IRL can identify me IRL. That's probably not weird in itself, but afaik, nobody I know IRL is even aware that this site exists and I've never told anyone about it. I'm just excessively paranoid and I probably don't need to be this way.

No. 643473

I think we all do that

No. 643476

I do this too. I guess even though it’s very unlikely people you know use this site, if they happened to then they would be likely to recognise your post. You never know with some people - I doubt anyone suspects I use this shit as I don’t like gossip irl

There’s a user on another website I think may be someone I know irl, judging from her username, small area she is from, her opinions, etcetera. People aren’t careful enough with their “anonymous” accounts

No. 643480

I use to have a few hate stalk persons or crushes on emo boys I had saw at the bus station lol. The last one ended when even I felt her updates had gotten too depressing. Felt bad for both of us.

No. 643519

What website?

No. 643532

File: 1601589125542.jpeg (631.64 KB, 515x773, 6504046F-8D98-42EB-BC5C-388F7F…)

The only thing stopping me from cheating on my bf is covid

No. 643537

just break up with him faggot

No. 643540

Girl you could cheat on him emotionally follow your dreams

No. 643543

Go to horny jail
also break up with him

No. 643544

I like ss doujin and I feel bad about it

No. 643548

I’m glad my face is cute because I got a shit personality.

No. 643569

I might have sexually assaulted another girl when I was 4-5 years old. I have a vivid memory of having a sleepover with a friend who was my age and then taking toys and putting them in her underwear while she was sitting down. I remember her crying afterwards and leaving my house in the middle of the night. We continued to be friends after that but we were also like 4-5 years old so I think our parents (who were also friends) are the reason for that.
She ended up moving away when I was 7 and I haven't seen her since. My dad just showed me her facebook like a week ago and I felt sick because the memory came back to me. I've never told ANYONE this because I feel so sickened and ashamed of it. I also don't know who knows aside from me and her.

No. 643620

looking at gross porn really seems like a type of self-harm for me, i wonder if it's like that for others. sigh

No. 643641

Covid didn't stop me. Shit I'm going for round two next week wish me luck

No. 643650

i used to do that too, it was obvious the "actresses" weren't enjoying it. it's hard to stop watching porn but i believe in you anon!

No. 643672

I miss being under 100 lbs. I miss the skinny privilege.

No. 643683

Anon, there’s no way you could’ve known better. I’m so sorry and that sounds horrible, but you were a young child just playing, you didn’t know the repercussions. I’m praying that wasn’t traumatic for her and that you can find peace.

No. 643709

I used to eat so much in my early 20s. I was very thin growing up so the insanely fast weight gain (maybe like 50lbs in less than half a year + another 50 over the next year and a half) has left me with stretch marks that look awful even after 8 years and a much healthier lifestyle. I regret coping with food and fucking my body.

No. 643723

Embarrassing but when I first encountered lolis (I mean like, lowkey lolis, not full on blatant toddler shit) I just assumed they were women with small breasts

I have tiny boobs myself and it seemed reasonable… until I saw someone describe a specific drawing as a "loli", felt insulted then realized fuck these fucking degenerates really do draw young girls that much

My hope for an acceptance of adult women with small boobs and not always big badonkers was crushed in that moment (exaggerating but it's unfortunate)

Well, I was probably just fucking stupid for not seeing

No. 643735

Ugh same. I had a pretty short but severe binge phase in my early 20s, I lost the weight but the stretchmarks really bother me. I don't actually mind how they look, it's not cute but I have bigger flaws than some white stripes, I just resent that I permanently worsened my skin for no good reason.

No. 643815

It took me a long time to realize that Jameela Jamil was a real person and not one of those racist nickname memes

No. 643853

I started bingeing over the summer because of how severe my depression got. luckily it was a short period so I didn't gain too much weight, but I hope you girls don't blame yourselves too much for it. at the time, that was just the best way we knew how to cope and worse things could've happened if we didn't. perhaps you could see the stretch marks not as mistakes of the past but as a reminder you overcame a hard time in your life? also getting some stretch marks are inevitable as we age, especially if we decide to have kids, so that's something to keep in mind - that they're not necessarily an indicator of anything bad

hope I'm not overstepping

No. 643875

You're sweet anon, that's a good way to think of it. For me the best cope is thinking of it as a life lesson since my binging was a response to my dumb ass restricting my intake too much. I know better now and ultimately it's no big deal, there's so many worse possible consequences for your health and even appearance than stretch marks.

No. 644114

I could never ask a pendulum or tarot cards or other forms of divination (even sanic) serious questions because I probably believe a bit too much in it and would legitimately cry if I got an answer I didn't want.

No. 644120

You should cut down on it and try to phase it out so you don't have to feel bad also even if you can keep fiction separate from reality, someone might see that shit someday and they won't believe you

No. 644580

Most of my posts here are about food

No. 644581

I LOVE my corny ass mangas and books and ever since I rediscovered my love for them everyday it's so much fun. I'm currently following around 30 mangas/manhwas/however you call them and most of them are fucking terrible yet I enjoy them so much lol just yesterday I started reading "As you wish, prince" and I kept laughing out loud at all the stupid ass jokes and awwwwing every time something romantic happened. Today I finally got my hands on the 1995 pride and prejudice series and I just can't wait to watch it later while drinking the cheapest wine I was able to afford and a block of cheese I've been saving for a special occasion because cheese is fucking expensive and I never indulge but fuck it, mr. darcy deserves it

No. 644648

i like this post, u cute anon

No. 644673

aw thanks anon, i would share my cheese with you

No. 644677

I wish i had friends and i wish they were like you

No. 644685

Anon, your post is wholesome and i love this. Keep being you!

No. 644737

I get kind of sad while looking at old people, sometimes. maybe it’s a reminder of my morality. It makes me especially sad when they’re lovely and nice old people. I want to be a cool old hag but I probably won’t be.

No. 644745

This is probably some undiagnosed mental illness talking, but I think about my potential to manipulate people more often than I would care to admit. People are easy to read for the most part, and I always know the right things to say to illicit a response. I usually only do it to cheer people up, not to put them in a bad headspace or situation. God, I really sound like Joaquin Phoenix's Joker or some shit. We really do live in a society, I guess.

No. 644754

I feel the same way. I was raised in an unpredictable, abusive environment and became hyper-focused on people and their behavior in order to predict their next move and keep myself safe. I think that's why I'm so good at it as an adult. I don't use it for bad reasons unless someone is really pissing me off. Even then I usually end up apologizing lmao.

No. 644762

File: 1601678056587.gif (2.13 MB, 720x720, 1528800110463.gif)

I'm your friend anon!

No. 644773

i feel you. manipulation isnt always harmful to others but def when youre a people pleaser and have manipulative tendencies you drive yourself into spirals. i relate so hard, u rlly put it in words. you sound like a good person, anon

No. 644785

File: 1601679313934.gif (1.08 MB, 220x220, 09A7AEA8-6B3F-4085-AB76-B76A28…)

OH thanks my friend!!

No. 644804

Nta but same, I did take advantage of this in school a lot and also 99% use it for cheering up or supporting people I care about. That hyper awareness from before has lessened but I don't think it ever goes away unfortunately.

No. 644820

I feel no remorse for cheating on my ex husband. He deserved it and I found it pathetic when he started sobbing to me on the phone after I told him. The relationship was dead you fucking pissbaby don't act surprised, we literally slept in separate houses.

No. 644868

can i have his house after the divorce?

No. 644905

File: 1601691810138.jpg (64.91 KB, 535x760, fd75bdd5ce8ee2128806efc672f25a…)

I grew up in a community where I was a different race than everyone and for the most part I hated the extra attention it brought me but I do miss being doted on by the older girls in my school who were obsessed with my hair kek. It was always very relaxing to have them brush and play with it. I'm the oldest kid in my family so feeling like I had older sisters was really nice too. I saw an old pic of me with a hairstyle similar to this and all these memories came flooding back.

No. 644966

I'm tired of everything, people, voices, lights, always going on and off on and off. I feel like my brain is slowly being radiated. I want to find some isolated cabin in the middle of a field. I want to wake up to the smell of wood and nothing else. I want to put on my slippers and go outside and see nothing but a flat field. I want to be engulfed by the sunlight, every impurity cleansed from my body and mind. I want to forget everything I experienced and learned, and just exist.

No. 645004

I can shoot water out of my mouth like a dolphin really fast using just my teeth and cheeks.

No. 645007

you're so talented anon

No. 645012

This is super cool

No. 645024

thank you anons, finally getting the recognition I deserve.

No. 645031

Are you gleeking, or is it just water you sip and shoot? What's your furthest shot?

No. 645035

alright so here's a tutorial (also I didn't know what gleeking was, googled it, and I am now traumatized)
>sip water into mouth
>put water into cheeks
>keep lips stuck to teeth to create air bubble
>let it rip through your teeth y closing cheeks/airbubble
Furthest shot is maybe 6-8 feet?? Maybe I'm pushing it, so probably 5 feet.

No. 645038

**and closing

No. 645053

im probably too drunk to function but ive been trying to do this for a half an hour and still havent managed, my beighbors seem to be concerned and my dog is having a blast for some reason maybe i should have tried it inside

No. 645056

My cat also loves when I take some water in my mouth and slowly spit a stream out, he plays with that stream with his paws, it's adorable how much fun he's having. Does not work if I don't do it with my mouth, he's afraid of water coming from any other sources.

No. 645057

>he's afraid of water coming from any other sources.
so like your cat scared to piss or do you pull some wack shit with your ears??

No. 645058

Haha oh you're definitely too drunk to function

No. 645059

ily drunkanon, wish I could see how your dog is acting lol

No. 645075

Some girl in my group of friends almost created a whole ass neo-nazi-like cult in high school.
Even our group felt a bit weirded out even though we were the weird anime outcasts’ group of our school.
It’s funny because we’re the kind of people that would’ve been murdered during the whole nazi regime.
Why is there always some teen obsessed with nazi stuff?

No. 645184

Haven’t showered in 6 days despite living my life as normal (taking classes, running errands, meeting friends) idk why, this is not normal for me, I feel gross yet can’t bring myself to shower.

No. 645275

File: 1601737406423.png (453.13 KB, 464x577, fhjkfhdjkds.PNG)

more on the pure side, but i love watching my little pony. its so cute and nostalgic, but men rlly ruined it for me. idk how they could look at a cartoon horse… n do that. but the girl fans r usually very talented fanartists. its kinda embarrassing to admit to, but ig it isnt that bad.
any other confession of mine would be terrifying

No. 645276

Are you me? i literally posted about this about a week ago iirc.

No. 645278

it pisses me off that they started catering more to their male autist fans later on. men in japan are also interested in little girl's media like precure, but they don't retool series for them. it's sad.

No. 645285

kek, im glad someone can relate. adhd makes me draw attention to weird shit
this was my issue too. they stopped treating it like a happy-go-lucky kids show, it made for some good episodes but i dont think a 7 year old wants to watch some extreme lore story about demon ponies kek

No. 645290

i liked the lore okay, but it was too much. the relaxed whimsy got really lost imo.

No. 645291

Me too anon, I repressed my affection for it HARD because of the associated autism.
I will never stop resenting men for dirtying magical girls and fetishizing pure female friendships. This is why we need the fujoshis to make all of their male power fantasies into gay sex fodder.

No. 645294

This show went on for too long imo. I lost track of the show after season 4, and by that time it was super pander-y to the fanbase to an annoying degree. But I did have my favorites.

Also didn't really like matters when they turned them into anthro girls.

No. 645295

Ntayrt, but exactly!
It’s really, really difficult to find a cute story in manga about magical girls or just regular women being friendly without the unnecessary skin ship they put everywhere.
Men are retarded, I wish there’s more yaoi in the future so they can stay mad.

No. 645304

File: 1601741141751.jpg (44.64 KB, 629x480, EStGup6UEAER7s8.jpg)

Two nights ago I had a romantic + erotic dream about my best friend from elementary (we were both adults in it) and I chalked it up to simply missing her and my brain exaggerating our relationship but for the past two nights after that I've masturbated to the thought of her

No. 645308

I love Ram Ranch but I love it even more when men tell me it makes them uncomfortable. Good. Finally men can experience the feeling women constantly deal with when they’re devalued as human beings and touted as nothing but holes to be used for sexual gratification, their worth being measured by how sexy their bodies and parts are, the humiliation felt upon realizing you don’t meet the standard being set. Cry more about not being the perfect Fuck Pig Whore, you dumb scrotes. Start sweating about not having a big twelve inch cock and being relegated to Suck Boy because you’re worthless if real men can’t fuck your boy hole.

No. 645315

my fiance and i fucked to grant a few times. he and i make jokes about it all the time. its not all guys just uptight ones.

No. 645357

Ngl the lyrics are pretty hot

No. 645601

everyone thinks i hate my life because i went from being a teenage stacy living in a rich country to a fat depressed freak living in a shit town but honestly i’m more myself than i’ve ever been and i don’t care to go back to who i was. being irrelevant is nice.

No. 645605

Anon… why did you say this?

No. 645615

File: 1601771052870.jpeg (50.48 KB, 500x375, D368E57E-82E9-4BEB-9CC1-2DBB0A…)

I think I’ve never gone full hamplanet because my stim is doing stretching exercises. If a hidden camera was constantly recording me, you would be able to see me cooking and either dancing or doing random yoga poses out of boredom.

No. 645731

I feel like I'm regressing in maturity.

No. 645732

Everybody is. Covid is non-ironically ruining society. People are legitimately going crazy and acting like fucking idiots, myself included.

No. 645736

been reading stuff from more "reasonable" vegans and i think i'm dealing with cognitive dissonance. tbh i don't think i'll go vegan bc of my family but i'll try to find sources from people critical of veganism and then stuff from vegans.

No. 645737

My boyfriend is kind of a himbo and it is not attractive. I love him but damn is it hard to deal with sometimes.

No. 645803

File: 1601803280753.jpeg (18.71 KB, 203x224, A3582717-AA82-4ACB-BF93-085B3E…)

this might sound creepy
I miss the way my ex smells lol. I want to just cuddle up and inhale it. it was such a cute smell I'm bad at describing, really comforting too.
that said I don't want to be with him again or anything. I don't feel sexually attracted to him and some other things are deal breakers. I still want to smell him though and hold him. he is cute in a friend way. I feel affection for him the same way i do for a few other people in my life. it's not romantic to me for any of them but it sounds like it. but thats even how i view my pets
I must be a weirdo. it's rare but when I care for certain people I want to hold and poke them and use nicknames. stuff that's way too overaffectionate, but I am generally a distant person otherwise. physical contact for me has been uncomfortable unless it's acting like a grandma pinching cheeks I guess lmao

No. 645835

File: 1601813910505.jpeg (236.83 KB, 750x892, BB23FEB5-9809-4482-8F2A-D1F3C2…)

I can’t help but find this hilarious and adorable because he reminds me of my dad

No. 645849

File: 1601817728227.jpg (380.29 KB, 1599x965, 1541103521638.jpg)

Don't know if this a fetish or aesthetic preference but I really find the Indo-European Barbarian aesthetic hot, not even the idealized harlequin romance book cover but more the realistic somewhat dirty naturalistic take

No. 645868

The men on both sides are hot.
The Romans, with their bare muscular legs and armor, and the Goths/Barbarians with their rippling chests and hair.

No. 645939

I like how the britions look like boomers who get lost on there away from an ACDC concert

No. 646013

File: 1601838706633.jpg (92.84 KB, 689x689, 1601497078938.jpg)

Same, people trying to police the age of the mates we choose are fucking retards, let alone the deluded "objectively attractive" that have no idea what objective means. People that tell you what you should like and call you a pick me if you like something else are insecure with themselves, which is why they try to put you down.

No. 646014

File: 1601838818051.png (243.67 KB, 640x604, tenor.png)

I think my cousin might have written My Immortal, or have something to do with it.

>be me

>see her this weekend because mum wanted to go see her brother
>they havent seen since february
>cousin happens to be visiting too
>ends up with me chilling alone with cousin
>dunno what to talk to this bish about, havent talked to her past plesantries since 2013
>proceed to exchange pleasantries
>realise I still have many hours until we are leaving
>remember her harry potter obsession
>mention the new harry potter game to her
>she hadnt heard about it
>mentions she hasnt kept up with harry potter in a bit
>ask her is it because of jk rowling
>she has no idea what im talking about, asks me to clarify
>tell her tldr; harry potter obsessed sperglords realised their hero disagrees with them
>mentions by a bit she means almost a decade
>she chuckles and says these people need better hobbies
>jokingly mention that this is the same fanbase that produced my immortal, so its not like the crowd was ever known as being bright
>she gets visibly uncomfortable
>almost sweating bullets
>starts mumbling around autistically trying to change the topic to anything except my immortal
>has an autistic meltdown

Now why I have a suspicion this isnt just a cringe author remembering their own sperg in association.

>her parents divorced in 2006 and she became an edgy teen

>gets diagnosed with mild autism
>goes to special ed
>used to be obsessed with teen Titans and Harry Potter
>had a friend from special ed who with she larped as Terra and Raven from Teen Titans
>was a mall goff emo
>had a huge my chemical romance obsession
>her dad got primary custody in 2010 and she was forced to get therapy around then
>pretty much a normie now, married with kids
>hates social media

I remember her sperge era so well because our parents tried to get my older sister and her to "bond" so my cousin could learn how to be normal. Then my sister would have loud fights with my mum on why she was made to hang out with her weirdo cousin.

No. 646016

I honestly hope you are related to the legend herself. That’s pretty funny

No. 646017


I still refuse to believe it's not a trollfic. It's just too delightfully absurd, too stereotypically fanfic-like, and all the "accidental" mistakes/references to other media in it look absolutely intentional.

No. 646024

I know it’s not a real problem whatsoever, but I have an “innie” vag (not a fan if that term tbh) and people saying it looks too tight and unfeminine or like a little girls makes me uncomfortable.. i’m an adult woman ffs.

I know women with meaty labia get judged unreasonably, but these fake feminist guys who talk about how much they like big pussy lips and that everything else looks pedophilic aren’t probably empowering either..?

No. 646027

Feminist men's opinions aren't worth anyone's time anyway, they don't want to actually empower anyone, they just want to look cool and blindly repeat what other people are saying because they don't think about anything they say since it doesn't affect them directly or realize that what they're saying is shit. Not everyone has the same body and as long as you're healthy you should be fine.

No. 646031

It's like people can just let women be. It's the same with small and big boobs. Where people are like
>'I love small boobs more, they need love, and they're so nice and perky and not floppy, droopy, laden with stretchmarks!'
>'I love me some large tiddies, I'm not into little girls lolol'
It's just a way to put women down one way or another. I have a big boobs plus 'roast beef' vulva combo and got told I looked like a coked out old, ran through whore by a dude when I was 16 lel. They just don't want us satisfied with our bodies. Your biscuit is fab anon

No. 646037

Are you trolling? Innies are literally the most desired type, you might as well be complaining you have too much money, fuck out of here with your humble bragging.

No. 646040

lmfao I thought you meant the song my immortal and I was like didn't amy lee write that?? I'm so fucking slow just kill me

No. 646045

I'm on a few medications for depression, anxiety, fatigue but seeing anons critical of pharma makes me feel terrified and that I should get off asap

Im not sure if i should because I'm scared to get worse but I'm worried theyre actually bad for me.
Ive also been having a more 'experimental' treatment because my depression has been severe, for years. So that also concerns me but i have seen improvement from it

No. 646051

Sorry to piggyback from your message. I have an innie vag too but it fucking bothers me to no end because whenever I use jeans or anything relatively tight I either a) look like I have a dick or b) get a massive camel toe. What I have to do in order to minimize the issue it's use super tight underwear that will "compress" the fat bastard or use a pad to sort of hide the camel toe. OH and wait, getting underwear it's a fucking pain in the ass too because most of the time my vag will literally escape from it and urgh, I'm always uncomfortable. I used to think that if I lost some weight it would go down, but now it's even more noticeable because I'm smaller and the bump remained the same.

No. 646052

It was absolutely a self aware troll, they came back years later and admitted it.

>I know it’s not a real problem whatsoever
Well, yeah, so why complain? You know perfectly well that is a hardcore cope from women who are hurt and insecure about features they get insulted for, and men who say whatever they think women want to hear. Stop pretending to be upset about a feature that is glorified 99.9% of the time.

No. 646056

That's amazing, I hope so

No. 646060

ot personal question but how do you know whether you have an "innie" vag or "big pussy" whatever without having to view porn
Sorry if am just dumb but idk what any of it means ??

No. 646065

one side of my vag is innie and the other side is roast beef, i hate that shit so much

No. 646066

It's really literally not worth thinking about this anon, but if you must now, it's about whether your small lips peek outside the big lips.

No. 646067

It absolutely doesn't matter and you don't need to define your fucking pussy at all. BUT, depending on the size of your labias, if your inner lips stick out then you got an outtie. And if your inner lips don't stick out then innie. I would like them both on my face.

No. 646069

How old are you anon? It's like a navel, innies keep all your stuff inside, outies don't, they have big labia lips that go out.

There is easy and relatively cheap surgery that can fix that, a friend of mine did go through it and is pretty happy about it.

No. 646071

>how do you know whether you have an "innie" vag or "big pussy" whatever without having to view porn
You don't. All this shit was made up by coomers. Pussy is pussy.
Anyone was actually, truly fucks isn't going to be an autist about vaginal lips.

No. 646076

ty anons. I'm 21 lol but somehow never deduced what it means
yeah I kinda do get that vibe. I was just curious but it sounds fucking stupid to hear males talk about lol
anyway back to your confessions…….

No. 646077

I knew my ex was a bit of a man whore and I enjoyed all his shit dirty talk when chatting me up since every guy I had been with wasn't as passionate in bed or something. Anyway the sex was very disappointing and for all his talk about wanting my vagina in his face he didn't eat me out much. He even restored to talking abort past girls be fucked so good to boost his ego and it was just like welp.

No. 646101

Nah that turned out fake. A dedicated larp of a dude who has tried to claim every single notorious fanfic out there for the past 10 years. Everytime he has been caught as lying.

No. 646110


Doesn't make it any less of a genius trollfic, no wonder everyone claims to have written it.

I remember the trend of people writing My Immortal-esque troll fics for every other fandom, and people dumb enough to fall for them every time, but none of those lived up to the original. They were just too try-hard and lacked the charm and meme potential.

No. 646127

I like my friend but she's so annoying these days, she won't stop complaining about her anxiety but she has never done anything about her situation to improve it. Her current problem is that she'll have to go back to her poor home country where she's filthy rich after not being able to get a well paying job after graduating, and she doesn't want that. But the problem here is that she was offered her very interesting internship with a great team and very nice and understanding manager on a silver platter and complained endlessly about it when I had to struggle to get the same internship in the same group but with a team of crazy backstabbing assholes who didn't want to keep me after the end of my contract because real employees are too expensive. She was causing trouble to everyone by being barely competent because of self-induced stress and when she was offered an actual job after the internship in her team she refused because "I don't like working it's stressful, I'd rather play more FF14 with my guild." According to her it wasn't going to pay well enough for her to renew her papers to stay in the country but she didn't take into account the fact that it still pays very well AND she could have reached the required salary with bonuses.

She was offered EVERYTHING on a silver platter, it's just the tip of the iceberg, ruined all of her opportunities and she's now whining that she needs to marry a random white guy to be able to stay because otherwise she'll need to go back to her country next week. She couldn't even have done that because she avoided socializing with men because "I'm shy uwu" and she shit talked her sister for doing this and living her best life with her loving husband and NOW she's saying this. I feel no pity for her whatsoever and I know once she'll be back in her country she'll be offered a well-paying job by one of her rich siblings. I'd rather spend my energy looking for a better job for me instead so I can survive. I'm also pissed to this day she only told me she refused her job offer because she only told me months later and I had the perfect profile for it and I was working with the manager's ex-coworker so I had good references but it was too late for me to send my application.

No. 646175

Sometimes I get on a VPN and post as much shit that I wanna say to see how long it takes before I get banned and then it's like I never did it.

I won't say all the mods here suck but most definitely do.

No. 646238

So cool of you

No. 646282

File: 1601864827210.jpg (25.27 KB, 251x312, 461-1-56b7da6b24a8f.jpg)

I am completely in love with this guy who has a girlfriend, so much that keep worming in my brain ways to make them break up, to be a more important part of his life, to just cause mayhem and chaos in their relationship.

Its stupid, and selfish, and manipulative and i've never done anything like this in my life but he's so perfect its like i made him in a computer, it surreal and it feels like im in a prank show pulled by the universe, I feel sorry for the girl, that's even more unfair to her, even tho she doesn't really seem like a good person (I knew her from reputation before I even met the guy).

The worst part is that im 100% sure I would be sucessful in doing it, she's just your post-slut phase pick me egirl mimicking his personality to make the relationsip work, and humblebragging to boot my weird narc rant is that im pretty sure im way more attractive than she is.

I don't like having these thoughts, I don't like that with a bit of a push I can be a shitty homewrecker.

He has a halloween party coming soon, im not even sure about going but i've got nothing better to do on halloween.

No. 646287

I guess you're not concerned about her retaliation on any level?

No. 646292


Im that friend everyone goes to for advice and moral support, me being on par with a friend's relationship and giving my opinion on things is nothing out of the ordinary, honestly i highly doubt she's even aware I have feelings for him, a while ago I made a pretty big deal of avoiding having romantic/sexual relationships for while because im going through some personal family issues that basically made me emotionally check out of this realm, the dude is literally the only exception to that because he's way too specifcally perfect for me to ignore.

Also shes's uh, not that smart (oh god i feel so bad for insulting her that much)

No. 646304

You don’t love him. He’s retarded for having a girlfriend like that and deserves her. Stay out of their relationship. You’re bored and grasping at any semblance of control due to your family issues.

No. 646307

You're going to do what you're going to do regardless of what I say, but if he cheats on her with you he'll probably do the same thing to you later. I'd be careful tbh. Just because she seems stupid doesn't mean that she won't hone in on you. If you're feeling that stuck on someone who's attached, might be a good time to cut the cord before some crazy bitch cuts you

No. 646311

eww you seem like a cunt. what a disgusting ego. i wouldn't even care if you actually loved him and seemed like a real person.

No. 646314

I don't think big pharma drugs are evil in and of themselves, I'm more critical personally of the social context they exist in the fact that they aren't as universally helpful as they're shilled to be. The way you react to drugs is different for every individual, if they're helping you there's nothing wrong with it. If they serve you keep using them, if they don't or stop doing so, then stop.

No. 646316

File: 1601867682226.jpg (9.16 KB, 181x278, images.jpg)

To be fair he's very socially awkward, I guess its a "take what you can get" situation, and I liked him before the family issues happened.

Yeah im aware of that, cheaters are a straight up no go, its more like being a dark looming shadow until they break up and oh no i guess im avaliable how convenient huh?


Eh I would say this mess is my worst flaw as a person, nobody is perfect and as far as shitty things go im pretty sure this isn't the worst personal flaw I could have.

No. 646335

It's honestly pretty bad, and blowing it off as not being as bad as other things doesn't excuse it. You could try to show self control and correct yourself before you do something shitty.

No. 646337

People are all very shallow about relationships, men and women, and it depresses me. I think I read too much shit online and it makes me paranoid about my boyfriend even though he's always been very genuine and kind to me, and also paranoid about myself and that I'm probably disgusting and shallow inside too and just in denial about it. I think I just spend too much time online.

No. 646341

File: 1601869851019.jpg (29.52 KB, 540x629, 900dc297c4651c62f58cb479d6bd37…)

I don't wanna live to be old.
Not just for aesthetic/wrinkle reasons that people chalk it up to, but all the old people I know talk about how shitty it is and how everything is harder. Also the idea that I may have health issues down the road and will have to shit in a diaper or rely on someone to take care of me seems awful too. Just shitty all around.

No. 646372

I'm looking forward to being old and retired so I can give no fucks and do what I want all the time, I just want to make sure I'm as healthy as possible and financially stable for it. I'm hoping to be fit and active enough for a good time in my 60s-70s at least, and then have enough money to pay for a good nursing home beyond that.

No. 646377

yeah, a lot of homewreckers think they have the upper hand destroying someone's relationship and hurting their partner but they're more like a side fuck and not as important as the one they're actually engaged to. this is coming from someone that has been tempted to help ppl cheat a number of times. it'd better if you waited for them to break up without interfiring. also i know a lot of anons here disagree but men do care about more than looks. being more attractive than her doesn't mean he'd ditch her over you

No. 646385

I once had to share a 2-bed hotel room with my ex bf and dad. My dad let my ex and me sleep in one bed while he took the other. It was the first time we had seen each other in months so we wanted to fuck as couples in LDRs do. I really wanted to wait till the next night when we'd be moved back into our dorms but my ex was super grabby underneath the covers and we ended up having PIV sex silently for like 2 minutes in spooning position before I got up and went into the bathroom to cry out of shame. My dad was deeply asleep the whole time (his awful snoring confirms it).

No. 646388

Tbh you’re right though. I know someone who tried to do the same but the dude didn’t budge because he had been with the other girl for so long. She was very over weight and even cheated on him before and yet the moid still stood by her.

No. 646411

Did that lead to the break up? Glad you're shot of him, anon, he sounds like a creep.

No. 646426

I repress most of my emotions because if I act it out I'm afraid of looking like I have issues. Like I'm autistic or something. It makes me look bland and maybe distant but I think it's better to be like that than look stupid or annoying and have everyone mock me. So if I'm happy I don't act happy, if I'm hurt (phisically too) I don't act hurt, if I'm nervous or scared I would start trembling but I'd still act calm. It's starting to become stressful.

No. 646497

I pretend to be a themlet online so I can draw gay porn without consequence. There's no standard for being nonbinary, but saying you are lets you draw fujo shit without being called exactly that kek. I'd recommend any female artist drawing "problematic" shit to just say "I don't care which pronouns you use for me", literal internet armour in woke spaces

No. 646506

Wow, I can imagine you feeling terrible about that. Glad he's an ex.

No. 646510

very based anon

No. 646516

My friend proposed to me and everyone else in our friend group because she's FINALLY realizing how much she fucked up and it's the best solution to stay in the country legally for her now. I refused, saying that my homophobic parents would kill me or kick me out at best but the truth is I would have refused regardless because it's her responsibility and I'm not getting myself in trouble for her shit. Everyone else is refusing too lol.

No. 646519

I was raped as a teenager by my boyfriend. I never had interest in sexual acts or in men in general, but he manipulated and coerced me into dating him, constantly invalidating my identity and feelings to make me like him more.
He never went full penetration, but I still gave him ample blowjobs and handjobs because I felt like I was supposed to, because if I didn't, he would threaten me with physical violence or drug me or emotionally manipulate me.
For years I thought nothing of it, I just thought that's how women are, submissive and obedient and after all his tricks I always said "yes" to him even if I hated every second of it. But I hated myself more, I felt so worthless, like I deserved such treatment, I wouldn't even admit it was rape. Now I am finally able to say it out loud and not be afraid of all the loopholes he carefully created.
I was groomed into bdsm since 14 and raped at 16. That is the full truth of it and I can't undo the damage of it 10 years after.
It terrifies me, how my brain is wired now to see violent acts as sexual, how my intrusive thoughts supply me with an endless loop of everything terrible and disgusting that I did.
Maybe this go around I'll finally be able to admit this to my therapist. Because I am tired of feeling like just a piece of meat who got what was coming to her, I can't forever be stuck in this rut of nonexistent self-worth.

No. 646534

left it too late to edit TLDR/ I know a cow here and am afraid of being found out posting. Thankfully cow decided to stay in the fields and off the internet.

No. 646546

I love tumblr. I love how easily you can get lost in it, discovering completely new and fun things over and over again. It's a neverending source of inspiration and dumbassery and I will seeth into my grave when it closes down. There, I said it.

No. 646553

Agreed, plus it's honestly chilled out a lot, or at least I don't see/participate in any of the identity politics shit. That all moved to twitter. It's just back to pretty pictures and fun fandom shit.

No. 646555

File: 1601902236578.png (31.67 KB, 583x392, 585252852.PNG)

I get what you mean. Still, I've noticed recently though that lots of users are either young or have gone off the deep end. I don't know what anyone is talking about anymore.
A lot of them are ditching their blogs and moving to twitter too. At this point I'm thinking remaking a tumblr was a mistake.
I do love all the old kawaii and jfash pics that are preserved on there though.

No. 646561

File: 1601903455989.jpg (166.99 KB, 500x727, W718101500.jpg)

Hope it works out for you anon.
I hope I'm gone before 50.

No. 646579

File: 1601905379749.jpeg (60.83 KB, 1242x337, 9DD6B953-88BA-4C11-BDA3-D28FF3…)

Ignore the young users and find the based ones that post shit like this then say “blow me bitch” to the idiots in the replies kek

No. 646583

Mentally I don't see myself cut out for a serious commitment like marriage. Maybe that's just the mindset I'm in but I was always fixated on getting married and starting a family, but I don't know if that's what I want anymore. Yet how do I change the idea that I have that to matter in this world you've got to keep your DNA going and have kids. Are kids just a way for me to feel like I exist after I don't? What other ways can I do that?

No. 646585

I think it's a combination of new young users and old mentally ill and evolved sjw types. But I just filter them all anyway lul.

No. 646586

I forgot everything I learned in college. Everything.

No. 646597

"OP is an aphobe???" is my favorite current tumblr phenomenon

No. 646653

I’ve been thinking about my ex and getting back with them so much recently, I think I need to break up with the guy I’m currently seeing because I’m clearly not over my ex. Is this what a rebound is? I thought I liked him - I did, but I think I’ve made a huge mistake rushing into this.

No. 646679

NO lmao I was deeply insecure and ignored several red flags bc I was afraid of being alone. Less than a month into dating he tried to strangle ("choke") me during sex after I had told him repeatedly in convos how I would never want to be choked and how the strangulation kink disgusted me. I dated him up until just short of 2.5 years together. Ugh.
Thanks anon, me too.

No. 646828

What is an aphobe?

No. 646902

I'm a covid denier and it's funny how rightoids act surprised when I say I'm a marxist, because they though I would be on their side

No. 646906

Why did you and your ex break up? Maybe your current bf is a rebound, but that doesn't mean you should get back with your ex.

No. 646907

Probably be fair to the person you're currently with to break it off if you're still pining after your ex.

No. 646908

why are you a covid denier anon?

No. 646909

So why do you think numerous countries have been affected by the virus and a lot are still experiencing lockdowns in certain areas?

No. 646910

This post gave me brain damage.

No. 646914

Because they have retarded globalist politicians? Sweden managed to flatten its curve without any lockdowns. Also, masks don't work.
I hope you're ok.

No. 646917

Sweden is a fucking trainwreck compared to its neighbors and you know it. They did nothing and let that shit spread.

No. 646924

What's Sweden's education rights like? Maybe the citizens in general have better sense and took precautions, where places like UK and US the citizens in general are entitled individualistic cunts. Honestly I wish I had no immunocomprimised family members, must be nice to not worry they could die.

Like the facts are this is a new virus we don't have a vaccine for. It has a long incubation period before symptoms even show up. I've known student nurses that have tested positive for the virus and just flouted all the restrictions and went out. Passed their kid around for childcare who's obviously going to be a carrier due to how much contact they're going to have. A big issue to covid is people's attitudes. If everyone thinks they're going to be the exception shit is never going to get back to normal.

No. 646925

File: 1601933003326.jpeg (71.08 KB, 817x613, E24271B2-7F76-4F90-8A47-331EB5…)


No. 646926

respond to this coward >>646909

No. 646938

i have an embarrassing crush on an obscure anime artist.

i've followed her blog for about three years and to me she is the most interesting person in the world. i have a special folder for her art and selfies and everything. she's insanely pretty so that doesn't help. she is into girls but ofc she lives in a different country, le sigh

parasocial relationships are no joke guys

No. 646939

>new virus
You know that flu virus constantly mutates right, SARS-CoV-2 alone has over 20 mutations per year. Nothing new happens, numbers are fake, I spent enough time researching this to know this is another psyop.
Hoes mad. Now excuse me I'm going to continue to not behave like a mask-wearing sociopath.(wrong thread)

No. 646940

If you conspiracy theorists were chill I would be fine with you but god you always have to pull the galaxy brain above mere mortal act.

No. 646942

File: 1601934158330.jpg (28.75 KB, 583x378, EgB89_SU8AA85wh.jpg)

>Sweden managed to flatten its curve without any lockdowns
They are literally barred from entering neighbouring countries because of how much of a trainwreck they are lmaoooo

No. 646943

My thoughts exactly, the intent really fucking matters here too. You'd think there would be a tone of compassion underlying the whole "virus is a psyop" conspiracy considering how greatly people are being affected by this thing, how the average person doesn't have a fucking say against the police state, and implying governments have voluntarily killed citizens.
The condescension wouldn't be necessary if this weren't about anon's need to feel smarter than other people. Not to mention if it turns out if anon is wrong, the consequences of denying the severity of viruses are deadly.

No. 646946

Pls go back to your thread

No. 646947

I don't think I am in love anymore but I have no where to go.

No. 646949

The mighty vikings can stay the fuck away from muh savage lands

No. 646960

File: 1601935449836.jpeg (174.14 KB, 1000x600, DBEF6E22-5854-4212-9845-253F25…)

If I found an ancient tomb I would never tell anyone about it. I would take things little by little and spend most of my time in there just hanging out, protecting my hoard

No. 646962

I'd sell it all and make money

No. 646963

I mean, I was a depressed neet for a few years so it's funny to see how normies go literally crazy because they can't drink at a bar for one year or something. But I do feel sorry for the people who lost their jobs, this shit hit the essential workers the most. When I said "mask wearing sociopaths" I had liberal talking heads from twitter in mind, or people who just guiltrip others into wearing masks, or literal sociopaths, like this one dude who started screaming and breaking glass at a shop because someone in front of him didn't wear a mask

No. 646965

Someone who has no fear

No. 646966

I would need to bring in some lights, my dumbass would be there with a flashlight, only seeing 1% of the treasure

No. 646967

People are just herd animals. Before COVID became a big deal and only a minority of doomers were worried about it, normies would shit on you for actually wearing a mask too. People just don't like when you do things that aren't normal. I'm not a COVID denier though but I think the global response has been pretty stupid all around.

No. 646973

Our dating was kept secret because his ex was going through a really rough patch and we worried it would hurt her too much. After months I was tired of the low profile and so I left. Thing is she’s moved on now, so if I’d had just waited a few more months we’d still be together..

No. 646974

Unless his ex was some kind of legit suicide risk it's pretty off that he was being so considerate to her feelings at the expense of your relationship. Even if she was a suicide risk I'd side eye that shit. You probably dodged a bullet.

No. 646977

What changed for you?

No. 646993

Kek underrated

No. 646998

I would absolutely move in and never be heard from again.

No. 647008

Don't do this anons. The whole "my ex is crazy/depressed/suicidal, so we must keep our relationship a secret" thing is old as hell and almost always a lie. Usually they're either still together, or they've had a fight and he's stringing her along in case his new girl doesn't work out. There is never a good reason to keep a relationship secret. He's either cheating or incredibly immature.

No. 647067

We've been together a long time and I care about him so much but romantically and sexually I feel nothing anymore. I want to recoil when he touches me and I hate myself because he hasn't done anything wrong. He's always been a good partner. Respectful, kind, and always has my back when I need it. I'm not interested in another relationship or something new. Sex life has always been good. He's made huge strides in the past year to improve himself… Idk sometimes I wonder if it's because I've been so depressed and I am just not seeing things properly. In the nearly 10 years we've been together I've never felt like I have these past few months. I feel guilty just being in his presence. Thanks for giving me an opportunity to vent a bit more anon.

No. 647111

Don’t feel guilty anon, such is life. And how sad would it be if we never changed. Breaking up is really hard and a rough period but you have to wonder what you want for yourself in the long run. And if you don’t want to break up that’s fine too. But never feel guilty about how you feel about another person. Just do your best in handling it, thats the important part.

No. 647136

sometimes i get so angry i put my hands together and start praying. like, full on our father. i dont wanna punch a bitch. im roman catholic.

No. 647148

If you've been together for that long and have noticed it more recently, I would give it time.. especially if you're noticing symptoms of depression.

No. 647152

I’m guilty of finding both Adam and Ryan attractive before the FH/RT nude leaks so this happening was mildly nice for me, ngl

No. 647154

religion is all about giving you hope for the future but does it really give you in the immediate comfort? im not religious at all so i dont understand banking my well being on what an imaginary force can do for me but im always curious to understand why other people bank their well being on ideas and not action or tangible proof of change or whatever.

No. 647184

I pray sometimes when I feel extreme anxiety. I'm not religious, ain't been to church since I was 6 but you know, just in case God is handing out freebies.

No. 647188

TMI and I swear I'm not a scrote just a pathetic alcoholic lesbian but I got drunk enough tonight and decided I would try to get off to Shayna's content just to see if even drunk desperate me could find her appealing and I've literally been laughing my ass off at her stupid nya voice for the past 30 mins

How horny do you gotta be

No. 647189

I'm addicted to watching car crash videos

No. 647190

Jesus anon I am so sorry for your eyeballs

No. 647191

I’m only finishing school so I can get a cushy office job after I graduate.

I still want to be an attorney but idk anymore

No. 647195

I am also drunk and now kind of want to try this…degeneracy ahoy!

No. 647202

This is self-harming behavior.

No. 647205

I can weirdly relate? I love watching dash cam videos. And also drawn out police chases lol

No. 647218

I kinda want someone to make a RT thread. There’s no way this dumpster fire of a company lasts more than 2 years.

No. 647241

I work for a big corporate pharmacy/retail chain as a store manager. 15 years with this company.

I am a big packers and football fan with traditions. I go alone, yell a lot at the, and uber home. O hate to admit to going put but my INTENT IS TO BE ALONE

Well dudes don't understand that. "Youre to pretty to be alone" they say. Ao I say its no different than you being here alone watching the game creepo. Word for word.

In the last 4 weeks I went from making 60k a year to 100k to 140k from watching football, spitting stats, talking shit about every team, and making them pay my tab cuz I am 4-0. I'm prkkored without sleeping with anyone and I am in a committed relationship but I BASK in the glory of these corporate washed up CEOS. I wil keep going ladies. This one is for you.

No. 647249

I met my bf while I was on a huge dose of zoloft, I came off the zoloft cold turkey like a month ago, maybe two, time is not moving the same anymore, and now I realize that he is very sweet and kind, but possibly literally retarded
All of my friends have dumped me this year
Books, games, tv, nothing can distract me anymore
I can't even smoke weed anymore, it gives me a panic attack immediately
I'm having to come to terms with the fact that I was basically gypsy rose'd the first 24 years of my life while still living at home because unfortunately, I actually am sick, to the point I need assistance at home
Also my mom is going through menopause
I can't go to anyone
I am so alone
I wish there was any source of comfort in myself, I can't sleep, I sleep so poorly, and when I can, it's only during day light hours for some reason
I don't know what to do, I wish I'd been aborted honestly

No. 647252

Nobody will respond to me cuz those typos lmzo sorry

No. 647253

Yeah sorry sis I had literally no clue what you're trying to say. Wait til you're sober and try again.

No. 647256

I HATE PEEING. Taking a shit is fine though. (pls no poop fetish accusations)

No. 647261

Oh man, me too. I have diabetus insipidus, all I do all day every day is drink water and pee, drink water and pee, it's so fucking boooring. I'm half water processing plant, half human.

No. 647262

>type [X] diabetes
whoa, sucks
sorry to be weird, but you never encounter one of those rare, exotic diabeteses

No. 647277

Yeah, it's a rare genetic condition, I don't know of anyone else who has it either. I thought with time I'd get used to it, but no, it consistently keeps being a pain in the ass.

No. 647355

File: 1601976257287.jpeg (35.13 KB, 480x382, F9662B8A-C70D-4A86-BB2A-F62C0A…)

uhhh ladies I really biffed it this time. Met a married yt funnyman at a con back when I was 19 after talking briefly online. Hooked up with him and literally never told a fucking soul and never will. Literally just told my mom who took me to said con that I got lost for the like 2 hrs we were fucking. Have been filled with regret and shame ever since and never watched his content again

little sister comes up to me this morning and is like “wow people on Twitter are saying that __ got exposed for being a creep. Weird huh?”


No. 647357

The Rooster Teeth guy?

No. 647359

God damn anon. I'd rather kms than sex up with some youtuber or twitch streamer.

No. 647363

Gavin?!? Joel?!? Who omg

No. 647364

I've never looked at my butthole.

No. 647365

oh I’m not proud of it by any stretch. I was a dumb virgin with literally no taste and being noticed sexually by someone I looked up to was like a fucking drug and now here we are

No. 647366

Wait I googled it. It's Adam, who I'm not very familiar with. I always figured Gavin would end up on the chopping block. I get bad vibes from him. Remember connect the hots?

No. 647377

You’re better off

No. 647422

wait anon…can you go pee every 10 min or less? I could go pee 6+ times an hour if I actually drank as much as I want to. it fucking sucks im sick of going piss or not allowing myself to drink pretty much anything. my obgyn couldn't help me and my gen.dr said i didnt have real diabetes.

i confess i wish i had a friend who was as enthusiastic to see me as i am when i see my friends

No. 647438

I can literally sit all day on the toilet and have a stream trickle non-stop. It's worst when I have my period, since being bloated adds pressure on my bladder. Of course that would be impractical, so I pee every half an hour or so. I also eat a lot of salt to manage it. It's incredibly annoying and tiring feeling such a need to pee all day every day.

Maybe get a second opinion, but it's unlikely you have diabetes insipidus if you don't have abnormal thirst. I could never go without having a glass/bottle of water with me at all times, ever since I was a child. If you do however, then it's really really dangerous to hold back on drinking water!

No. 647509

there's a guy i like that i know i'll never be with. he's an artist. while stalking him on instagram i noticed he opened commissions, i bought a commission from him. he did not follow the instructions i gave him. i told him to draw me with lilac flowers, and he made my hair purple (my hair is blonde) and did not draw the flowers. but i told him i loved it and to mail me the original. when it arrived i opened the envelope to where he would have licked it. tore it in half, licked it all over myself, and used the other half to rub my clit.

i watch crime docs where they find the suspect's DNA in an envelope from 20 years ago, so i felt so giddy knowing i definitely got his saliva in my mouth

No. 647520

how did the rubbing your clit part even work kek, were you not afraid of papercuts? also he sounds kinda like a dick from the ignoring your instructions part like he is commissioned to draw something within the specified parameters and he didn't.

No. 647525

File: 1601992378212.jpeg (6.74 KB, 250x250, Office-Depot-Clasp-Envelopes-9…)

it was one of these, the piece was pretty big and i only used the center where the strip is.

yeah, it irked me a little bit, maybe he would have gotten in trouble with someone else, but i just wanted his hands to draw me while looking at my photo for reference and that's what he did so i was happy despite that

No. 647527

Ever since lockdown I’ve become obsessed with reading. I’ve never been much into books growing up and now I find myself reading all the time. I bought myself a big second hand bookcase a month ago and it’s now my goal to fill it up with books I’ve read. While I feel proud for educating myself and taking an interest in literature, I’m also worried it’s making me less social, especially with the pandemic. All I really want to do after work now is curl up with a book.

No. 647537

If you have that kind of trust I would be honest with him about it. The guilt of the secret might be making the feelings work. If he's not the type who would freak out but be patient with you, it might be easier to work through things either way if you were open about it

No. 647538

worse* not work oops

No. 647539

File: 1601994177450.gif (615.16 KB, 266x200, 200.gif)

I'm astonished by some of you…

No. 647547

you're a retard, damn

No. 647550

That sounds like so much work for no payoff kek

No. 647557

I feel like such an asshole sometimes for thinking that people shouldn't have/have had kids. My friend told me about a single mother of 3 who works at DQ and while my initial response is "that's so difficult and sad," it's also anger and "why that fuck does she have 3 kids then?" I know this isn't unpopular or controversial, but I feel guilty for feeling that way and getting legitimately angry at those parents sometimes.

No. 647563

File: 1601995980370.jpg (Spoiler Image, 20.66 KB, 375x281, Nicetry.jpg)

>blonde hair
>obsesses over an unrequited love
>collects inconspicuous things of his hoping a bit of his saliva or hair remains
Hello, Helga Pataki. You always seemed like the type to post on lolcow.

No. 647565

KEK weirdly wholesome

No. 647610

It was Ryan, not Adam

No. 647642

As time passes I'm starting to understand people who just say fuck it and have kids regardless if their circumstances aren't the best.
Honestly I've worked pretty hard for years, and for a variety of reasons, I'm not that much better off than I was pre-degrees and with a decade of work experience. I want kids, but it's becoming blatantly obvious that life isn't going to go as I envisioned. I can either wait another ten years and hope I shimmy up the ladder a wee more with increased risks of complications and fertility issues in my late thirties/early forties with no guarantee my life situation will actually be any better, or roll the dice sooner rather than later with more years ahead of me to recoup if I need it.

I'm no DQ worker, but I understand that if everyone waited until only the right time to have children then basically no one would have them. That's not to say I think people should have children willy nilly, but not every poor person is an incompetent and inadequate parent. In fact, working in an office has made me realize that those people evidently just didn't apply to the right places and kiss the right asses to be paid $40/hr to do fuck all every day.

No. 647649

I totally understand where you're coming from, and that's why I feel so guilty about it, I think. Like, I work in an office and can afford my own nice, safe apartment, my pets, and other nice things. I'm not rich, nor do my parents pay for anything that I don't pay them back for, but I'm genuinely comfortable. Am I anywhere near financially or emotionally ready for a child? Hell no. I genuinely don't get how women who have the same job that I do have one, much less multiple kids with either no partner or a partner with an equally passable job, OR people with lesser-paying jobs. It's nuts. How do they do it?? It's amazing, don't get me wrong, but I just can't comprehend it. I think that lack of comprehension = thinking it's impossible, but that's my own personal biases that aren't universal. Especially since I know people who have plenty of money and either are or have shit parents.

I'm sure you're going to make a wonderful mother someday, hopefully sooner than later since that's what you want, anon.

No. 647656

Didn't expect this response, you're a sweetheart anon and I hope nice things happen to you.

No. 647674

Just chiming in to say that I really enjoyed this exchange

No. 647678

Probably just a lot of saving, support network from family when they need it, and sometimes going without things for their kids.

No. 647683

I really want to make a fake sm profile to target a specific group of people and I know I won't but I really want too. Sick of people acting so morally superior when I've all this dirt on them. Wish I was simply more popular so more people would hear my sad tales

No. 647700

This is true! I do hear a lot about dropping the kids off at grandma's or their aunts' houses. That's another thing–I don't live near my family, but a looot of my peers with kids either have SAHM friends or drop their kids with their grandparents. It's definitely one of those "make it work," things, I suppose. For all the crappy parents out there, there are so many doing their best which is pretty great. Thanks for the positive reminder/perspective, anons.

You as well ♥

No. 647713

Got any book recs??

No. 647754

File: 1602010623229.jpeg (20 KB, 1024x512, AD1B61F2-656C-4C1E-8FAE-D70CB2…)

I kept the shirt and basketball shorts this 10/10 guy I slept with gave me to wear bc my clothes were wet (would have returned them but this was on vacation and he ledt that morning), and didn’t wash them for like a year bc they smelled so good.

No. 647771

find a way to make that account popular. let all that shit out. i live for it.

No. 647786

i'm in love with my very young and out of my league friend, life's unfair cause we would be perfect together

No. 647790

>very young
Yikes, stay away from kids please

No. 647798

How do you know it's a minor?

No. 647801

Very young doesn't sound good even if he's not.

No. 647804

I agree but it may have just been poor choice of words on OPs part kek

No. 647806

he's not a minor. dont be nasty ffs! it's just that i'm old and he's not kek

No. 647811

nta but i love the age difference between me and my partner. i love being with a younger guy

No. 647815

that's the thing! i've never been with a younger guy and never felt attracted to younger guys but he's different somehow. never gonna happen anyway but one can dream

No. 647816

How large is your guys' age difference? I have one with my bf, but he's older, per typical.

No. 647848

hes 21 and im 33. its not the biggest but something really gets me about being with a college guy. i also get to hear about him bragging about being with a milf in discord. i love it

No. 647852

Wait so he's already dating an older woman who isn't you?

No. 647860

I spend probably way too much of my time thinking about balding men.

I think men with bad hairlines can be really cute and sexy.

No I'm not talking Donald Trump or that guy from Seinfeld. Tbh I am at least partially one of those personality fags. Like awww he might be a plumber but he's so sweet and cuddly and I think it is really adorable how much he likes talking about and using tools. Idk I like um had a dad or something so I don't instinctively hate all men nor worship them either. Plus it's really nice and refreshing to come across a man who isn't some fagggg who lives his entire life through vidyah and animoo. There's nothing wrong with playing video games and stuff for fun but people who are straight up addicted to them in an autistic, serious way have something wrong with them, sorry.

Anyway people always talk about how men who are balding should shave their head because that's a way of admitting they're bald but I think that's not always the answer. I think sometimes those men are also pussies who cannot face reality, just like those guys who comb all 3 of their hairs over. Like Joe Rogan apparently gets really fucking mad if you point out he doesn't have hair anymore, and he shaved it all off. JS. That's a form of denial in and of itself, trying to make it look like you're bald on purpose.

Ok and I think those dudes who have that weird horse shoe Dr. Phil cul de sac thing going on, I think they do that on purpose. Like I think they sit there and shave out the middle because they think it makes them look more "intellectual" or something. I think Stephen Molyneux does it and if that's true then that's really stupid and faggy, just like his political views. That's my theory.

I'm sorry I think about men's hair and how they go bald I cannot really help it, I am sorry the Edward Cullen programming did not work on me and I am sorry bald men have daddy-impregnate-me-and-help-raise-my-children vibes, I'm sorry. Confession complete.

I mean I pretend I'm normal IRL I don't talk about this stuff to fleshly humans, I keep it to myself for the most part.

No. 647864


No. 647865

Is this actually something people care about

No. 647868


No. 647873

work for Republican Party because I dropped out of school and got a good job with them
not even a Republican
Have to deal with retarded boomers and 60 IQ bible thumpers spew their shit every day and put on a smiling face
donate monthly to black youth groups in my city and my city’s BLM
even got drunk and helped them shut down the streets a few times


No. 647874

Try looking for a better job that pays similarly but sucks less

No. 647876

What's the point of donating to BLM when daddy Soros is funding them?

No. 647878

nah hes talking about me. his idea of a milf is a lot like what people think of with porn, just being an older woman qualifies me as such. he can keep being dumb an cute. its great

No. 647879

Honestly hilarious, but the mental toll it must take on you, anon…

No. 647881

KEK congrats to you and your little himbo. I hope it goes as far as you'd like it to and you have fun with it. My dad is 8 years younger than my mom and they're still together and have been since '89.

No. 647882

Oh oops I thought you were the anon who was pining for a younger guy and got confused

No. 647884

Nta but did people ever comment on the age difference between your parents? It's not that big, I noticed that if a guy is 8-10 years older than his partner people treat it as normal, but if a woman is even 5 years older than the guy, people often see it as weird, it's so annoying

No. 647885

i objectify him hard but i want that so bad. i do love him.
ah youre good sorry lol

No. 647887

nayrt but among my parents' friends there's a couple where the guy is 9 years younger than the woman, and I know for a fact that they met when we was like 16 and married he was 18. That he was a teen seems kind of weird to me but my parents and their friends all treat it as normal, they're both in their 50s/60s now and still seem happy. Just as a reference point.

No. 647888

nta but I’m 2 years older than my husband and people jokingly say “cradle snatcher” when they find out. If the age difference was reversed do you think anyone would say that lol?

No. 647891

lol wtf 2 years is nothing. Are you in your early 20s or younger? Because if any older than that it seems pretty immature and silly to comment on.

No. 647892

Wtf, I can't with the double standard

No. 647894

Yeah, I’m 25 and he is 23. That’s a good point, I’m sure it will mean less as we get older, but still annoying nonetheless because I would bet my bottom no 25 year old guy has ever been ridiculed for dating a 23 year old woman

No. 647896

Not that I know of! To be fair, my mom was absolutely stunning and looked young when they got married (25D and 33M) and my dad started balding pretty quickly after that kek. When I tell people my mom is older by 8 years now, they think it’s odd but cool, but they’re in their 50s/60s not so it doesn’t matter as much as it would have when they were dating or younger.

They don’t actually think that it’s wrong or cradle snatching, they’re just being annoying bc women can’t date younger men.

I completely understand, and I hope you get it, anon. You guys sound cute, I’d use a gay heart emoji here if no ban.

No. 647899

This is definitely a thing and it never happens in reverse. I'm a year older than my husband and people joke about our near nonexistent age gap, while his brothers' wives are 5-7 years younger than them and no one says shit. Usually I just ignore it but we're in our 30s, so you would think people matured past the need to comment. Nope.

No. 647900

I remember seeing the reverse happen but only in high school, where even one year seemed like a big deal to everyone either way

No. 647903

Happened to me too. When I was 27 I dated a 26 year old and, not that he wasn't an abusive bastard for other reasons, he made me feel like an old lady lmao. He didn't need my help to emphasize how immature he was, however.

Society is just like that.

No. 647904

When I was in high school my best friend was literally SIX MONTHS older than her bf and her dad and other older relatives used to call her a cradle robber. If he was a year under us it would make sense as a joke but we were all in the same year.

No. 647906

My cousin married a dude 10 years younger than her and I've never heard anyone make any comment about that, they fit together so well people don't even realize there's age difference at all.

No. 647907

Man highschoolers are so fucking stupid lol

No. 647914

That's awesome, I wanna be like you. I've been thinking for years that I need to get back to reading a lot but my attention span is shit. Last few days I've been super motivated though and read a couple of books, I'm gonna try reading for at least a few hrs every day. Even aim for a short book a day if I can, I've downloaded a bunch of ebooks and loaded my tablet up with them.

No. 647915

Lmao I'm so glad someone mentioned this. When I was in my early-mid 20s and dated anyone a year or two younger than me, people always made some cougar/cradle robbing joke. My ex's aunt got visibly disturbed when I mentioned I was actually (barely) a year older than him, like I was some kind of pedo. Nobody ever did this shit when I dated older men. I dated a guy who was 30 when I was 21 and not a single person mentioned it being weird.

One guy even told me his parents wouldn't approve of us because of our "age gap." I was 24 and he was 22, like what the fuck lol.

No. 647916

How is this a thing and who are these people, it's so weird lol. I feel like this can't have been this common even like a decade or two ago.

No. 647917

Worst part is that it was the adult male relatives, not even other high schoolers smh

No. 647918

I want to exclusively date younger guys out of pure spite tbh, sick of older men feeling entitled to younger women and pickmes who perpetuate it by pretending to prefer creepy older dudes thinking it will benefit them without considering that they will age too. I'm so over it and younger guys are better looking anyway.

No. 647922

Do it for us, queen

No. 647923

that stupid and not normal and complete b8

dont do it out of spite anon, usually theyre way more vigorous in bed, and way more willing to find out what you want sexually. good luck with your bitterness

No. 647926

Same tbh. I've never been attracted to a guy who is older than 23 tbh (I'm 20 myself so that's till older but..). Guess I'll have to become a cougar in the future

No. 647938

I'm in my late 20s now so this was less than 7 years ago.

I don't know if it's normal, but I'm not lying or baiting. Every younger guy I've dated has brought it up in some way, other acquaintances/friends always make comments about it as well. One guy told me how he likes "older women" when we were both in our early 20s.

It's definitely a thing that women get a ton more shit for being even slightly older.

No. 647941

Don’t mind that anon, I think it’s the contrarian/scrote poster that keeps going into different threads and saying shitty things to b8.

No. 647955

I love being horny. I feel so dead when I’m not.

No. 647967

I'm 22 and all the younger guys seem to act so immature around me. Older guys are kinda scary too. I really want to date someone my age.

No. 647973

Guys your age aren't really better. Men just suck in general. Older men aren't less immature they just have more power to fuck you over

No. 647983

Same. I haven't been horny in like 5 years and most days feel like I'm one foot in the grave.

No. 648080

younger than 22? jesus fuck, you really dont need to look for much younger anon wtf? of course theyre immature, theyre most likely teens. im sure you seem immature to older people around you as well

No. 648082

21? 20?

No. 648093

I unironically find shoe0nhead to be extremely pretty and compare myself to her constantly. I know she's wearing a wig and 50 lbs of eye makeup, but still.

No. 648097

I got over it years ago but I also used to find her pretty and looked up to her. The voice though…

No. 648100

I don't look up to her and never have. It's purely her looks that I'm jealous of kek

No. 648107

Unfortunately FAS isn't something you can retroactively acquire

No. 648109

No. 648110

She's pretty and has a nice body, same for her mini me. I truly believe anons in that thread are just coping by constantly insulting their clearly conventionally attractive looks.

That's said, being attractive is utterly worthless if you waste it on ugly old men. I sure af wouldn't bother with a dude who look like Preg, so I don't feel any jealousy. Same applies to Taylor R - I think she's gorgeous but again, her husband is ugly and old so I can't be jealous. The thought of being that pretty and still having to suffer through sex with those things gives me shudders. No money is worth it.

No. 648117

Honestly outside of really ridiculous looking people, I'm not a big fan of the nitpicking looks culture that's common here, 9/10 whoever is getting call ugly looks fine or even good. It's not that I feel bad for the people insulted but it just seems like such a negative and unhealthy mindset to have about physical appearance in general

No. 648118

I don't think preg is bad looking either tbh. He just needs to lose some weight. Also his current hairstyle is all wrong for him.

No. 648122

agree. hes not ugly just his neckbeard personality ruins it along with the weight.

No. 648126

I agree. And anons excuses are always 'but they're bad people, so we are more harsh on them than if they were normal people' but like - they're just reinforcing that being unattractive is the worst possible thing to be, which is why they think bad people MSUT be ugly and fat. Sometimes shitty people look good and they can't tolerate it. But we seem like bitter nitpicky bitches if we blatantly disregard reality and pretend good looking people are uggos, and therefore all our other legit criticism won't be taken seriously.

I can admit with Preg it's less his features and more his expressions, hairstyle/facial hair and my visceral disgust at childbearing hips on men. There's no excuse for Vaush though, he's so nasty… her self esteem must be rock bottom if she wants a dude like him.

No. 648138

Also I personally find that having a judgemental attitude towards people's looks always ends up reflecting back onto me and making me more insecure/concerned about my own appearance and how it stacks up against others. I find it unlikely that most people really only save their judgement and salt for cows and can just turn it off for themselves or other people around them.

No. 648140

I wouldn't say "extremely", but she's moderately pretty if I look at things objectively. Her personality makes me see her as ugly though.

No. 648152

>same for her mini me
Nice try kiwi, you're busted af for a bitch 10 years shoe's junior.

No. 648162

Oh shut up. I'm NTA but I agree that she's pretty too. It's just her stupid posing and overuse of photoshop that is unappealing, in addition to her try-hard personality.

No. 648165

I am on my period and have finished an entire bag of smartfood popcorn in two days. And that is all I have eaten other than a ham sandwich and carrots.

No. 648169

>finished an entire bag of smartfood popcorn
I do this semi-frequently even when I'm not on my period, if it makes you feel better anon. I have to only buy them occasionally or I'd kill my stomach

No. 648170

I know the meme is that reddit sucks but I think I would have gotten more out of browsing there for the years I browsed 4chan instead. All I did with 4chan was walk away with a bunch of info and drama about a hobby I don't really care to participate in anymore.
At least when I go on reddit I feel like I learn something every now and then.

No. 648171

Why does it taste so fucking good??? Crying

No. 648174

I like browsing reddit it but I don't like it as a posting platform. It's nice as a way to learn various things or ideas, or just read people's thoughts. The general culture and tendency towards longer, better written posts can make for some interesting reading material, and sometimes it's nice to see less negativity even if it's kind of fake. I hate the upvote/downvote system and most of the culture too much to use it though.

No. 648186


Geez, do people not usually eat the whole bag of popcorn? Am I a fatty?

No. 648188

For similar sized snack bags I don't, but the popcorn makes me lose all control

No. 648209

File: 1602031481528.jpg (1.19 MB, 1609x1112, kiwiskinwalk.jpg)

No. 648213

This is trashy as hell but her body is fine and you can't even see most of her weird face due to the mask

No. 648231

omfg the self posting is fucking retarded you look special needs and dime a dozen. egirls think that this is cheeky but your type come and go. make sme think about the stick a sharpie in your ass meme on 4chan back in the day. pull a bianca already

No. 648232

Anon, I'm pretty sure they're comparing you to kiwi.

No. 648243

I'm just blind

No. 648341

When I was in high school a girl in my grade had a beauty/fashion youtube channel and somehow I found her second channel which was actually about her reborn doll (I was going to attach a pic but they’re too creepy, it’s basically a highly realistic baby doll) and it was random af. I also found by googling her channel name that she had a guru gossip account. I’ve never told any of my friends about this but it’s just unexpected because she’s basically a stacy although she was previously home schooled. Every time I see her on Facebook or something I think about this

No. 648342

‘Stacy’ and ‘Chad’ really don’t exist, people aren’t that one dimensional

No. 648343

Lmao okay this is great.

Calm the fuck down sperg. Look at the pic again.

No. 648350

It’s just shorthand for pretty, popular girl

No. 648369

File: 1602044168756.jpeg (7.13 KB, 272x185, images.jpeg)

No. 648375

the thought of having to live for a another 50+ years is so fucking exhausting

No. 648378

an extremely popular mainstream podcast company is making a podcast involving me by name (regardless of my requests not to) and i think the stress of it is unironically gonna be the final thing to push me over the edge to suicide when the promotion and airing begins lol

No. 648381

Why, are you a cow? Don't suicide bait over drama and move on with your life retard

No. 648382

at least link the podcast first.

No. 648387

I love YA novels set in high school even though I know they're not marketed toward me.

No. 648391

This pic would be fine if her entire face was covered. Her eyes bug me so much.

No. 648405

I fucked a student and ended up all over the damn internet. Wanna join forces

No. 648423

I still read YA novels from my teenhood from time to time and reminisce about how much I loved them…

No. 648426

I just spent 600$ on clothing this week…

No. 648439

That's not too bad, unless you really don't actually have the money to be spending that much on clothes. Did you actually need them or was this an impulse buy?

No. 648444

>fucked a student
This ought to be good. Please elaborate pedo-chan.

No. 648447

A molester teacher? On my lolcow?

No. 648459

It’s more likely than you think!

No. 648465

Explain. Also, how did you end up browsing Lolcow?

No. 648468

I rag on simp dudes and coomers all the time, but then I remember that I impulsively spent hundreds of euro in one haul on a PS4 Pro console and an entire game series which is not even the usual kind of games I play (well, not entire, just all the games released on PS4, including a spin-off) literally just because the protagonist was really, absurdly hot. Didn't even watch any let's play or read any review before, just skimmed some wikipedia articles the night before. Not saying it wasn't one of the best decisions I made in my life though.

No. 648489

My bf is such a piece of shit but so am I so we get along just great.
Sometimes when I read anons complaining about emotionally abusive exes I think "whoa it could have been him or me".

No. 648498

I think plenty of anons are also abusive to their partners. They're just in denial about it, or justify it because their partner's abuse is "worse."

No. 648501

File: 1602062895559.jpg (56.47 KB, 283x320, DPrEs4Q.jpg)

I met this guy, we have been talking for a long time by now, and I have come to realize that he is extremely innocent, like insanely innocent.

He avoids any sex-related conversation, doesn´t have many social media accounts and the few ones he has are just to find comfy pictures, and he barely talks about politics and such.

I thought that maybe he was just faking it, to get my trust and then ask for nude pictures after, but no, that´s legit how he is all the time, even when I am not around.

It was too rare for me to find someone like this, but I was comfortable and it made me happy to know that there´s still people like this, but that was the problem.

I don´t think I have reached a doomer level yet, but I got quite cynical over the years because the world is fuck up, I am tired and scared all the time, so many world problems and bad people around me had left me apathetic of everything to some degree.

I had develop strong feelings for him, so I pretty much gave myself the need to protect him, because I don´t want to have someone ruinning him. Sometimes I would like to make the whole world dissapear so I could keep him safe from everything. But later on I feel messed up for thinking this.

Everytime I feel bad and have the chance to speak to him about it, I unconscious say stuff like "You give me happines" and "I need you to be happy", and later on feel like if that was too creepy, he said I´m not, but I don´t believe it.

I feel like an edgy -I´m such a yandere UwU- kid, or something among those lines, but I really feel sick about the world around me, I feel like if he is something I need to take care off even when we have the same age.

Hell, I was even scared of posting this because I felt like if it could be seen as bait, or someone just being edgy, but I guess I need someone listening to me.

I don´t want to loose him.

No. 648528

Just say sonic

No. 648529

this made me kek

No. 648535

File: 1602069067204.jpg (103.67 KB, 900x720, f6296a5054198ba220f29361286cc9…)


Surprisingly no, but if I were a furry, I would probably let the hedgehogs smash. They're cute.

No. 648542

I was really young when I started reading Harry Potter and I had heard the cuss word damn many times but as I was reading, I was so confused that characters kept saying damn and through you pronounced the n.

No. 648543

Sometimes I feel like a bitch for expecting more from my significant other. But when I see them treating their friends better than they treat me I think I have a right to feel bitchy about it. Last year they commissioned a sketch from an artist I don’t even follow anywhere or knew of at all. Like… okay? But then I see them draw something themselves for their friend and be all “ILUUUU” like I’d rather have something drawn by THEM. like you could have drawn me something and not spend money but then you go and commission someone from a nobody artist I don’t even know???

No. 648544

anon, this is a perfectly valid concern and you definitely dont sound crazy. but you may be too mothering towards him, which won't be healthy for yourself in the end. you have to let him be exposed to shit sometimes, everyone sees it eventually. also this doesnt sound like bait at all good luck anon
youre saying shit a mother would usually say, and you might be spiraling yourself in anxiety. Pls calm down and find someone to talk to about this

No. 648563

I fully believe in karma, and I think that between my phone and car keys breaking, I'm getting some karmic justice thrown my way for posting some less than kind vents about my friends here at times. I accept my punishment tbh.

No. 648569

They're called toxic relationships for a reason.

No. 648594

I wish Azealia Banks's music wasn't so good, (before quarantine) I would bop to her songs even when other people were around and they would ask me "Who's that?" and laugh at me when I told them the answer because they only know her reputation

No. 648639

I want to have my whole face in some mans ass right now

No. 648640

They might have just not been confident in their own skills and wanted to get you art from an artist they thought was quality, but they don't give a shit when its just with their friends so they'll just draw whatever?