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File: 1454747274213.jpg (89.72 KB, 612x499, 1408143099822.jpg)

No. 66559

(Note: Robots or /pol/ users who found this site through their respective board may be banned if they post outside of this thread, and especially this board, depending on post content and history.)

Robot Thread

Yes, another one

No. 66560

>Come on. Women dating black men doesn't mean that they despise white guys.
Once you go black, etc.
Most don't have an active disdain, but want nothing to do with them afterwards because white men are boring and beta in comparison. Not to mention much worse in bed according to many women I've seen post on this site and others. So yes, I do feel inferior to nonwhites because it's been hammered into me by women I've interacted with online and irl

I didn't think my post earlier was a rant either. I'm not hysterically venting. I'm fine with this; I've stopped caring

Just explaining the truth to this.

No. 66561

File: 1454748738337.png (159.36 KB, 500x372, 1454432632534.png)

>tfw no gf

No. 66566

This sounds like a "you" problem and not a "them" problem. I don't believe that every white woman you know refuses to date white men. You're the one who believes in a cliche (once you go black you never go back).

They aren't dating black men at you. Has anyone ever looked you in the eye and actually said "I hate dating white men. They are inferior."? Because this sounds like you're projecting a narrative that's in your own head.

Like I said in the previous robot thread, you can replace "black men" with "chad" in your post, and it is indistinguishable from the routine "its society's problem! Life is stacked against me" trp speech that they use to explain every negative event in their life.

No. 66571


I'm only into Hispanic and Asian men, the middle brown kind I guess. Wouldn't go Middle Eastern if they're Muslim.

No. 66574

File: 1454755944815.jpg (9.63 KB, 300x180, 1409978442583.jpg)

For fucks sake enough with the cuck shit already.

No. 66575

File: 1454756047319.jpg (365.48 KB, 1200x960, 2D_rose.jpg)

Someone want to take a crack at explaining the Robot Obsession Cycle ?

No. 66584

Why are you robots ok with shitting up our board when you guys chimp out even more when you realize a poster is female on r9k?

No. 66592

They hate women and yet crave their attention

No. 66593

In the future robots will refer to actual robots but they still won't have gf.

No. 66610

>implying robots are capable of coherence and self awareness
Why so naive, anon?

No. 66615


Previous thread was pretty civil tbh

No. 66621

>has anyone ever looked you in the eye and actually said "I hate dating white men. They are inferior."?
Yes, several times irl. It's even worse online. When I was in high school literally all my female classmates would post about how their future mixed babies are going to be so cute and how shit white guys are (small penis, ugly, short, etc). I've asked out 3 white girls, the shy nerdy type, and they all said no white guys

No. 66623

This is in America btw
In case you're basing your own beliefs off Europe. Although I've actually heard it's worse in Europe in this regard, but there are just less of them so they have to settle for white men until more immigrants come

No. 66624

File: 1454779856933.gif (258.81 KB, 250x250, 1454441334673.gif)

Gonna go to taco bell to get lunch
Hopefully the cashier I think is qt is there

No. 66627


Well, sorta. It depended on who was posting. Sometimes you get robots who are too far gone on their own BS and get irrationally angry when you call them on it. Like that one anon who spergs out for hours on end in every single thread.

No. 66631

>have seen no evidence of this in the US
I'm pretty sure girls just don't like you and troll you to get you out of their face.
They'll always jump on Chad, white or not

No. 66637

I'm brown but I come from a suburban town where 90% of the people are white. So naturally all of my girlfriends are white and I have never, ever, seen this before. Most of my girlfriends prefer to date white guys and don't post online about black cock and mixed babies. The ones who do post that shit are probably thots.

Idk what planet you're from but women always talk about men we don't like being ugly, short, having a micropenis, etc. From my experience, the majority of tiny penis jokes are usually aimed at asians.

It really just sounds like the girls you're approaching don't like you. Speaking from personal experience, a lot of us will say we're into girls or non-whites to stop a guy from creeping on us…

No. 66646

Probably bait but I have never heard or seen any of my friends say anything like this. I prefer people from my country (white)firstly and mostly because of the cultural differences. Even if i find asians cute i dont think it would ever work out.

No. 66666


No. 66668

Lol I just don't believe this.

I mean unless they knew you were kind of racist so they said it to make sure you would fuck off forever.

No. 66670

are you delusional?

if this is real i agree with >>66668, and people probably because you were racist

No. 66671

The robot fixation on Chad is slightly homoerotic

No. 66672

>high school
>asked out three girls

Three whole girls, eh? And some Facebook posts from high school?

Well that's enough evidence to convince me. Brb dedicating my life to sex tourism.

No. 66674

He also mentioned high school.

A lot of robots complaints (especially about women) center around high school. They're either super young or they haven't matured since then.

No. 66676

What makes you think I'm racist?

No. 66677

Last time I really tried anything was in high school. I've asked out one Mexican girl since then and she just ignored me lol. I've just said fuck it for the past few years

No. 66680

Okay so you really don't have much evidence that the women in your city don't date white men, do you?

You haven't tried since high school, and you only asked out 4 girls in total.

It sounds like those 4 girls just didn't want to date you, and you're projecting a narrative that its obvs because you're a pasty whitey, and not because of some personal, yet fixable flaw.

No. 66681

Because it sounds like you have a problem with white chicks dating outside their race.

No. 66710

File: 1454804693541.jpg (8.18 KB, 200x200, 1411862790835.jpg)

>she gives chad head
>you piss in her bed

No. 66711

Just how badly did you misinterpret my posts? I dont care at all. I'm just stating the fact that they generally only date people who arent white

I'm not complaining and I dont see a problem with it. It just sucks for me

No. 66712

They literally said they dont date white guys

I'd say me being white is a large factor in this. Then a bunch of girls I didnt ask out say the same thing irl and all over their social media. It's a common occurrence

No. 66713

File: 1454805424958.png (52.86 KB, 938x463, shahada.png)

If I convert to Islam will that make me "exotic" enough so girls will date me even though I'm white?

No. 66722

Should work tbh
I'm real Muslim and have slept with a lot of girls at my university who are curious

No. 66723

Probably because they want the superior Asian desu dick

No. 66737

No girl in her right mind wants to date a Muslim. Now if you want to attract some SJW psycho looking for brownie points on tumblr, sure.

No. 66738

Kek. Agreed. Nobody wants oppressive tiny dick.

No. 66739

I asked in the last thread but:
Would robots be willing to earn red wings with a girl?

No. 66742

Okay buddy.

No. 66743

So the women in your city just walk around chanting "no white guys! No white guys!"? Like, how does this even come up IRL? You say you didn't ask them out…so how did the topic of dating criteria even come up?

I mean you just said you asked out 4 women in total, in your entire life. How could you possibly know the dating standards of the women around you?

No. 66744


No. 66745

So you're just whining about it?

Why do you think we even care? Why even bring it up?

No. 66748

>Nobody wants oppressive tiny dick.
Oppressive big dick is what women lust after the most though right?
Nah I'm just kinda pissed you guys are dismissing my posts
This is a robot thread and I was blogposting
My bad
>So the women in your city just walk around chanting "no white guys! No white guys!"?
Not chanting obviously, but they do base a lot of their personality around it in my experiences. It's cool and trendy I among young women I guess you could say. They want to be cool and white men aren't cool and are seen as sticks in the mud, so then you get this.
>How could you possibly know the dating standards of the women around you?
They talk about it a lot. Also, you can just look at who is dating who and make a good judgement for yourself. I blame social media for the boycott of white men we're seeing tbh.

No. 66751

So you're basically just seeing strangers holding hands and projecting a narrative about their dating preferences.

Do you think a white woman dating a black man means she hates white men?

I think you are projecting your own insecurities on people. You said you stopped trying with women after rejections in high school, so you can't be the expert in women's preferences that you think you are.

No. 66752

File: 1454821882199.jpg (34.24 KB, 413x594, photo_2015-06-17_23-39-33.jpg)

/comfy/ tonight buds
Hot coco and video games
>So you're basically just seeing strangers holding hands and projecting a narrative about their dating preferences.
Yes? That's pretty indicative of who they like to date. Also them posting on social media about how shit white guys are and how much better Arab/Latino/Black dick is. I feel like you're trying to make me seem butthurt when I'm not in the slightest tbh
>Do you think a white woman dating a black man means she hates white men?
I mean, it does mean they don't want to date white men. The thing I've noticed is that white women can't just date men from another race, but they have to mention that they're in an interracial relationship all the time and put down white guys in the process. Not all though, but a pretty huge chunk

>You said you stopped trying with women after rejections in high school, so you can't be the expert in women's preferences that you think you are.

I know enough to know I'm not the preference. The darker the skin tone the more masculine and desirable you are to women. I'm white, enough said.

I tried one other time after high school which I've mentioned before and she just ignored me. I don't beat myself up any of these rejections either because it woke me up.

No. 66753

>kind of pissed you guys are dismissing my posts
Okay, so what do you want us to do with the information you've provided? What do you want us to do about your inferiority complex about being white?

>cool and trendy with young women

And young women in this thread are saying they don't believe you. You admitted you don't have much experience with women, so how could you know so much about their dating preferences?

No. 66754

Anon I don't think these girls are rejecting you because you're white I think they're rejecting you because you're ugly

No. 66755

You are creating your own anxieties by inventing stories for couples you see on the street. You don't know anything about them apart from who they are holding hands with. Can you read their minds? You have no information about them. It seems stupid to shoot yourself in the foot by being all "chicks won't date me because I'm white" based on the relationships of strangers.

No. 66756

>And young women in this thread are saying they don't believe you
I haven't seen any posts in this thread arguing against this happening. More like people just saying I'm "dumb" for not bothering trying to compete with nonwhites. I'm just sitting on the sidelines and I'm fine with that
>You admitted you don't have much experience with women, so how could you know so much about their dating preferences?

I feel like we're just talking in a big circle here. Sure I haven't dated a woman, but that's largely because I'm white. I have a pretty good handle on their dating preferences from interaction with women over the years
White men are seen as ugly and effeminate by women
I am White
Enough said

No. 66757

Again, this is a "you" problem. You're the one who thinks if a woman is dating a black guy that she hates white guys. Like wat?

If I eat an apple, do I hate oranges?

No. 66758

A video for your viewing pleasure
No video similar to this exists for white men and there's a reason for that.
I don't have any anxieties though and I'm not "inventing" stories. Women SAY they won't date white guys. There's not much to invent here
>You're the one who thinks if a woman is dating a black guy that she hates white guys
Do any of you have any semblance of reading comprehension? This is ridiculous
I answered this several times. That is not the case

No. 66759

Naw man. No one believes you here.

Again, this is the classic robot set of excuses: "feeeemales only like [chad, tall men, black men, etc] and that is something I can never be. Life is so unfair!"

I think you find comfort in this train of thought, because not only does it explain your bad luck with women, but it also absolves you of any responsibility. I mean, its not like you can change your race, just like you can't will yourself to be taller, or morph into Chad. You feel like we're going in circles, because your complaints with women are circular: women don't like me - because their preferences are too rigid and impossible to meet - so they can't like me - but I can't improve - because their preferences are too rigid and impossible to meet - so they don't like me - and I don't try anymore - because their preferences are too rigid and impossible to meet- etc etc etc

No. 66760

Wait but we were talking about the women in your city, who you have experience with, hating white guys.

Do you know these women? Is this your community?

No. 66761

Do you often base your opinions of others off of YouTube prank videos?

No. 66762

File: 1454822970859.png (3.04 KB, 194x247, 1397673559097.png)

Done with my Coco
Shower time
I'll be back in like 10 min I think
I am going in circles because you all keep asking the same questions and making the same "points" one after the other. This is a very real thing and there's not much I can do about it. I'm not complaining though. I just jack off and do my own thing. Would I like a gf? Sure. But not if it means I'll get cucked after a month which I would
>Wait but we were talking about the women in your city
I've lived in several places in my life and found this to be true in all of them.
These women are just examples showing that you're all full of shit tbh
Think of it as a complementary video to my life experiences. I never said my knowledge was based off of this. It's not even a prank video though lol. Prank has lost all meaning as of late tbh
Kinda funny

No. 66763

People are laughing at your because your statements about women are classic robot bullshit but with "black dudes" instead of "chad"

No. 66764

It is a prank video! The guy says "prank" like 45 times in the intro!

Are you the autistic guy from the last thread who posted a 4chan link as proof of women hating white dudes? Because I'm starting to notice a trend.

No. 66765

>Would I like a gf? Sure. But not if it means I'll get cucked after a month which I would

So its like >>66759 said: it is the perfect excuse for your lack of success with women, and takes away any responsibility for you to work on yourself (I'd like a gf but I'd just get cucked by the sexy blacks, so I actually don't want one). It is a self-sustaining inferiority complex.

No. 66766

>asking 3 people out isn't significant

This is the problem with girls. If a guy asks a girl out it is because he sees something lasting that is worth pursuing. To think this about three different girls over the course of high school is no small thing. Girls on the other hand have no real values; their flimsiness precludes any real emotional connection which is why they would mock someone for only asking three girls out in high school.

No. 66767

It isn't significant if he's going to claim that all the women he knows hate white men.

Three high school girls isn't representative of the population. Sorry.

No. 66768

Holy shit asking people out isn't a big deal. He's no martyr.

No. 66769

There's really no getting through robot delusions, is there?

No. 66770

Its actually really sad. I couldn't imagine being so insecure that I could say all the men in my city won't date me because I'm white.

Like, clearly this robot is perfect dating material, in a universal way…if only he wasn't a whitey white white! Then he'd have five whole girlfriends or something. His ONLY flaw and undatable quality is his whiteness. He saw it in a YouTube video.

No. 66771

>I've given up on women
>but I know everything about them. I can see a stranger and construct their entire life story in my head.

No. 66772

The /soc/ one?
Yes that was me
Can you please explain to me how I'm wrong?
What else can I do? I fell for working out and getting fit meme.
>but I'd just get cucked by the sexy blacks
So you admit you prefer blacks? At least we're getting somewhere

Also to clarify, I'm not just talking about white women overwhelmingly preferring blacks. This goes for Arabs and Latinos too. You're all just making assumptions
>Three high school girls isn't representative of the population. Sorry.

I've mentioned quite a lot I've seen this with hundreds of women
I'm just saying I'd have a better shot. I'm well aware I'm not a perfect man.

No. 66773

Okay so you're autistic, so maybe you aren't the most reliable source about the nuances of social interaction.

I knew it was you, because you also seemed to take that /soc/ link at face value. I was being sarcastic when I said "sexy, sexy blacks". I was mocking you. Maybe that's also evidence that you can't pick up on some of the nuances of social interaction.

If you're already at a disadvantage with social situations, then how can you possibly trust your judgments on the relationships of strangers that you see on the street? You admitted that you think if a woman dates a black man that it means she wouldn't date a white man. How could you possibly know that without talking to her? How could you, an autistic person who puts weight on YouTube prank videos, possibly guess about her personal preferences with any accuracy? You can't even tell when I'm mocking you!

I think you display linear thinking, and you arrogantly and ironically assume things about women, based on dubious sources like fucking 4chan posts.

No. 66774

>seen with hundreds of women

You mean you've seen strangers holding hands with black men, and assumed they wouldn't date a white man in the future?

Or do you mean from 4chan posts?

No. 66775

File: 1454825342938.png (416.15 KB, 316x633, 1454805344930.png)

Man this election season just cracks me up. It keeps me occupied at least. Fucking hell

It's really memetastic, but I don't actually like any of the candidates' policies of either party. They're just funny. I'll go for the meme vote with Trump I think. Fug
Loving every laugh though
I'm not autistic first off
No need to throw out insults. I've been civil
>You admitted that you think if a woman dates a black man that it means she wouldn't date a white man. How could you possibly know that without talking to her?
Because I've asked and seen them make posts stating that exact thing? I've been over this a lot. They say nonwhites only openly. Also the whole once you go black saying which is pretty true.

Anyways if my only chance with a white woman is after she wants to settle down after being on a dick carousel from 16-29 I'll pass. My plan is to just go to SEA once I hurt 30 to at least get sex and stuff out of the way to satisfy my curiosity.
I don't take 4chan posts too seriously. I'm talking about personal experiences here.

No. 66776

File: 1454825461759.jpg (543.28 KB, 1200x626, 141226seattle.jpg)

>A 23-year-old University of Washington student is facing felony harassment and cyberstalking charges after police say he threatened to kill women at the school and "execute the same thing" as Elliot Rodger

>Police were tipped off to Keshav Bhide's YouTube videos and Google+ postings, in which Bhide praised Rodger and talked about his own plans, and arrested him in Seattle Saturday with the help of the FBI, KIRO-TV reports. "I am the next Elliot Rodger and guess what I’ll do the right thing this time," Bhide allegedly wrote, according to the Raw Story.

>Like Rodger, Bhide ranted against women in his online messages, but he allegedly said that unlike Rodger, he would "make sure I kill only women."


No. 66777

>the /soc/ one? That was me
Didn't you just admit to being the autistic poster of the /soc/ thread, who posted it as proof of white women hating white men?

No. 66778

So your real problem is that you want a snow white virgin, and you feel inferior to a woman's past lovers?

No. 66780

Hahaha oh jesus
Yes but I fail to see a thread of women talking about their preferences is autistic
I don't care about virginity at all
I'd only have an issue if she had some ridiculous amount of past lovers (20+)
What gives you that idea? Why the fuck would I go to SEA in search of a virgin lol

No. 66781

*yes but I fail to see linking a thread

No. 66782

File: 1454825718892.jpg (326.79 KB, 803x532, foss-dark-google-plus.jpg)

And here are some of his posts. Wtf is wrong with short men?

No. 66783

File: 1454825744654.jpg (114.92 KB, 600x277, keshav-bhide-photos-8.jpg)

No. 66784

File: 1454825845302.jpg (65.4 KB, 640x136, keshav-bhide-photos-5.jpg)

No. 66785

It is relevant because autistic people don't understand social interactions very well. They can misunderstand things like sarcasm and facial expressions.

This put you at a disadvantage towards actually understanding other people. If you biologically have difficulty with social interaction, how could you possibly be such an ~expert in women and their dating criteria?

No. 66786

This is really scary

No. 66787

Anyways recommend music please
I'll never understand people who think they can get away with posting this on social media kek
Fucked this correction up too
Jeez I'm fucked up rn
Because I'm not autistic? That's like me assuming everyone here is a landwhale sjw because it's comprised of women
Don't make assumptions

No. 66790

>are you the autistic poster from the last thread?
>but I'm not autistic.


No. 66791

Idk man. The cops thought it was serious enough to arrest him. I wouldn't have felt safe on that campus.

No. 66792

Oh I skimmed over the autistic part
I linked the thread though that is true

But I don't see how linking a thread of women talking about their preferences in dating and fucking is autistic in any way

No. 66793

You know that a lot of those posts are made by trolls who are looking to upset people like you, right?

Like its a fucking anonymous message board. It is made for shitposting. Do you honestly think it is representative of the population? You really take it at face value?

No. 66794

File: 1454826534009.webm (4.26 MB, 856x480, china_white_privilege.webm)

serious, robots should just fuck off to china
>I'm a chink and I really prefer you taking all our women than shitting up this board with your whining

No. 66795

I'd think so if it was on another board I'd be a bit skeptical
/soc/ is full of women so idk why they'd lie

Even if that thread was all fabrications my life experiences would still trump it
Asian women are loyal to asian men though with the exception of prostitutes in SEA
You don't see Asian women in videos like >>66758 talking about how shit Asian men are. I'm a bit jealous tbh

No. 66796

They're just so…sad

Like throw my laptop into the sea if I ever start referencing YouTube prank videos as evidence of the conspiracy about my dating failures.

Could you evvenn imagine:
>I'm scared of white guys
>I saw a YouTube video of one of them jumping into someone's car "pretending" to be a confused uber customer
>this is proof that white guys get easily confused and disoriented. They are completely unpredictable. It is a FACT.
>this is why I don't date them. They are too confused to know if they want me anyway

No. 66798

How do you know /soc/ is full of women? It is anonymous. Maybe they'd lie because they think its fun to make people like you more insecure. Idk. Why does anyone troll?

No. 66799

What are you even talking about? You're discrediting the video because it has "prank" in the title? It's just a survey of random white women and literally every single one in the video thinks white guys are shit

You guys are really going through mental gymnastics to argue against this
>How do you know /soc/ is full of women?
Because they camwhore all the time? That's the point of the board.
>aybe they'd lie because they think its fun to make people like you more insecure
I'm not insecure though. Why do you keep insulting and making assumptions about me?

No. 66800

>idk why they'd lie
>on the internet
>on 4chan

My sweet summer child

No. 66801

Keep in mind that thread is hardly my only piece of evidence for this phenomenon

No. 66802

>its a survey

One of those prank surveys? On the beach?

Everyone in it could have been actresses! Is the youtuber a scientist or something?

Do you always use YouTube videos to explain society?

No. 66803

I'm so sorry

>and also a YouTube video

No. 66804

>"T-they paid those women to say that!"
You can't be this delusional

No. 66805


Have you read any of my posts
I have hundreds of irl experiences for this.

No. 66807

Well I saw it in a prank video. And it clearly demonstrated that white guys get easily confused.

And you already said you are white, so I bet this whole conversation has been very confusing for you.

No. 66808

I'm so sorry. You're right that has never happened with a YouTube prank video before

They are basically scientific studies on YouTube.

No. 66809

File: 1454827308309.jpg (13.14 KB, 354x354, 那個plz.jpg)

>Asian women are loyal to asian men though with the exception of prostitutes in SEA
If you go to China, you better know how to swim because you'll drown in asian pussy

No. 66810

I would love for you to share more.

No. 66811

I will never again doubt the integrity of YouTube prank videos

No. 66812

Were they online experiences? Because we already know you've only asked out 4 women in your entire life, so they can't be based on IRL experiences…

No. 66813

You're the one who literally thinks that if a woman dates a black man that she wouldn't date a white man…

You're the delusional one.

No. 66814

Most women I know I have seen saying those things irl without a camera
I really am not following what you're trying to say
I really fucking doubt that
When I was in university the fob asian women would not so much as look at any non-asian man
You're falling for memes bud. That's not the reality. Asian women are pretty conservative and want people of their own race. I'm happy for you and all the other asian guys for this, but it does kinda suck for me. I'd be perfectly okay with this if the circle of cuck meme were reality. The ideal would be all the white women go for black men, asian women for white men, and black women for asian men
But in reality it's white women going for black men, asian women going for asian mean, and black women going for black men

Notice how we're kind of left out of this
Well, the 3 girls I asked out ALL said they don't date white guys. These girls I didn't perceive as slutty or anything either. I just thought they were qt and had classes with them.
Then girls I just had in classes would talk about it with their friends and it's hard not to overhead.
Most are fake tbh
This one is really believable and they have no reason to pay the women. This just shows how out of touch you all are really. You can't see women saying those things on camera? I've heard women say this irl without a camera pointed at their face
Overhearing classmates, looking at coworkers/classmates social media, etc
Just saying from my experiences that doesn't happen
Once you go black, etc

No. 66815

File: 1454827791101.jpg (6.82 KB, 257x159, harold-shipman.jpg)

>lolcow comes into surgery
>wants robots gone
>give it a lethal dose of morphine instead

No. 66816

Why am I seeing this guy everywhere now? He's old news isn't he?

No. 66817

shipman is a legend
any robot would admire his work so he is now a meme

No. 66818

>You're the one who literally thinks that if a woman dates a black man that she wouldn't date a white man…
Oh they do after they get into their late 20s. Super common and I won't deny this. They like being rebellious in their youth and then they pick up some beta with a lot of money when their looks start to fade

No. 66819

But what sparked his resurgence?

No. 66820

File: 1454828182755.jpg (316.24 KB, 1280x544, [Coalgirls]_Evangelion_3.33.0_…)

Comfy night

No. 66821

"I'd be perfectly okay with this if the circle of cuck meme were reality. The ideal would be all the white women go for black men, asian women for white men, and black women for asian men
But in reality it's white women going for black men, asian women going for asian mean, and black women going for black men"

>the cirlcle of cuck

>weird idea of pairing society based on race

What does this all mean???? Why is your weird.combo the ideal? Why wouldn't the ideal just be people getting together with others who make them happy?

No. 66822

pretty sure it's just because some robot kept spamming "lethal dose of morphine" greentexts all day then other robots decided to go along with it

No. 66823

>Why wouldn't the ideal just be people getting together with others who make them happy?
I never said the circle of cuck was the end all ideal, but it was a hope I had for a while
And your ideal is simply impossible and ignores a lot of factors

No. 66824

So the people I know who are happily married are living in delusion? They just settled for each other?

No. 66825

What even is the circle of cuck?

No. 66826

>circle of cuck
nigga what the fuck you talking about?

No. 66827

Finding someone and being happy in your relationship with them is impossible? Loving someone for who they are and not weird ideas based on race is impossible?

No. 66828

I think he should explain it to a therapist tbh

No. 66829

Everyone settles when it comes to marriages

The typical western marriage now is a women sleeps around all through her teen years to late 20s then marries the nerd she wouldn't look at because he has money
Basically most white women prefer black men now so the hope among many people is that there would be a sort of circle that would result in everyone getting a qt. Black women would feel left out because of black men all hitching up with white women so they'd go to Asian men and in effect the asian women would go en masse to white men. Obviously not the case now and white men are just left out
I'm saying your color blind love dream utopia is impossible. Women pay attention to race, a lot.

No. 66830

Quit being rude please

No. 66831

This is the most batshit thing I have ever heard

No. 66832

kek I know I'm being b8'd by a /pol/-/r9k/ poster

No. 66833

Have you ever talked to a professional about this? This is not normal thinking. If you truly believe that there is a conspiracy where the white women of the world won't date white men, because they have been corrupted by black dingdongs then you should probably talk to someone.

No. 66834

What's wrong with it? It would work if Asian men weren't happy with their own women

No. 66835

I feel like I'm talking to a collective wall here

Why the fuck can't you all just admit to this? I know you see it

No. 66836

Asian men aren't a hivemind. Neither are white women. They're all individuals who I'm sure would prefer to pick their partners based on individual characteristics

No. 66837

>They're all individuals who I'm sure would prefer to pick their partners based on individual characteristics
There are definitely trends you can clearly see though. I'm not talking about 100% of each group, but a large number of them

No. 66838

>I know you see it

…I don't though. I really, really don't.

No. 66839

What is wrong with a therapist?

You would probably benefit a lot from seeing one. You have a very skewed view of people.

No. 66840

General trends based on YouTube videos and whatever place you learned terminology like "circle of cuck"?

No. 66841

Are you the same person calling me autistic?
I came up with the circle of cuck theory/ideal myself tbh
And will you stop with the "youre basing this entirely off of youtube" meme?
I have a lot of irl experience with this
Open your eyes and go outside
I don't know of any other advice I can give

No. 66842

>a large number

But what number of them? You're acting like your delusions are scientific truths but you base them on cliches (once you go black…) And YouTube vids.

No. 66843

I'm not calling you autistic. I'm saying you could probably benefit by sorting out some of these destructive thoughts with a therapist.

No. 66844

The circle of cuck is your own theory? Jesus Christ…

No. 66845

>Are you the same person calling me autistic?
No, I am just agreeing with the anon that suggested that you should explain your odd views to a therapist.

No. 66846

See >>66841
Anyways I'd wager figures of about 80% for each group
I'd say that's accurate for white women now, but all that needs the circle to get going is for Asian men to start going for black women and it'll all work out
>destructive thoughts
No they're not. You guys are kind of riling me up a bit because you're all playing dumb here and it's getting on my nerves tbh. But I'll reiterate, I don't care about any of this. It's just the way things are and I can't do anything about it. I've resigned myself to just do my own thing
Hardly odd. I have actual odd theories and thoughts but those arent relevant to the discussion right now

No. 66847

ayo white boi i be takin ur womenz and asian womenz and maybe once im done wit all the women i'll let u clean my cum up sissy boi

No. 66848

Nobody is playing dumb. You seriously have a messed up view of the world.

>I don't care about any of this

Yet the shitposting about black men will continue.

No. 66849


No. 66850

You guys were the ones who brought it around to black men. I'm talking about nonwhites in general, but you keep bringing it back to blacks which shows your obvious preference.

I know a lot of white girls who only date Indians as an example

No. 66851

I think these thoughts are destructive. You are obviously extremely insecure so fixating on balancing society through arbitrary pairing based on ethnicity is only going to feed your insecurities.

You're creating a self fulling prophecy to explain why you'll never get a gf. You won't try because you're white, so you're never going to succeed anyway. You say you don't care, then why are you trying so hard to convince us? What do you want us to do with this information? Pat you on the head and tell you that you cracked the secrets of the universe?

No. 66852

And also my issue isn't with white women

I don't care that they don't date white guys as a general rule, but this also goes for all other women who are following suit.

No. 66853

What do you think?

No. 66854

aw nah white boi this is a black bull tellin yo sissy ass how it gonna b

No. 66855

>all other women following suit

So no women want to date white men?

No. 66856

I mean by this that I don't care about race when it comes to dating. But it does matter to them all because white men are seen as subhuman by not just white women, but every woman

No. 66857

>your obvious preference

Get a therapist, dude

No. 66858


So there's a possibility to you that it is a real post?

No. 66859

Okay I'll just elaborate on this
For nonwhite women they come in a few different groups when it comes to dating preferences

1. Butthurt and hate white men because colonialism and such. Obviously not going to date whites
2. Wants to piss off parents and be rebellious. Obviously not going to date white guys here
3. Values own heritage and culture and only dates people of the same background. No whitey there either

No. 66860


Do you post on lookism by chance?

No. 66861

I mean it's possible
I doubt it now though

No. 66862

I actually don't know what lookism is
Is it a pua site? I don't go to those

No. 66863

Well I can't argue with this science

No. 66864

You can't be serious…

No. 66865

It's not really solid science but its a set of observations I've made over the years

No. 66866

Never mind then

No. 66867

ye this sissy whyte boi noes how it is
he is subhuman compared to all mighty bbc
thinkin im shitpostin when im spreading the good news

No. 66868

With the 4 chicks you asked out?

No. 66869

Okay I doubt it's real after thinking about it

But it's not out of the question that black people post here you know?

No. 66870

Is that how you think black people write?

No. 66871


Why do you guys always minimize my sample size? I'm basing this off of every woman I've interacted with which is far more than the 4 I've asked out. Hearing from other people, observing people in class/work.

Quit dismissing all my claims so you don't have to admit the truth here

No. 66872

Some of them do

No. 66873

Fuck man. The fact that you can't tell if your being trolled tells me that you don't have a good handle on social interactions.

See a shrink.

No. 66874

You need help

No. 66876

I'm just tired
I thought about it more and ya it's a shitpost

No. 66877

oh it's real nigga it's real
don't b doubtin we here cuz we takin yo women everywhere

No. 66878

We aren't dismissing you. We just don't believe your conspiracy.

No. 66879

Go to black twitter lol
Do you really think many don't talk like that?

No. 66880

It shouldn't take that much critical thought to identify it as a shitpost.

No. 66881

How though? What's your issue with it?

All I've gotten here instead of arguments and debates is just people calling me autistic

I haven't heard anything that would negate my theories/experiences

No. 66883

No im saying you sound incredibly naïve and that you sound like you could actually be autistic

No. 66884

Insults again

and I'm anything but naive. I know how things work. Not just in regards to this

No. 66885

Dude, even if you have interacted with more than 4 women, that is still a pretty small sample size to judge the whole female population.

It isn't "white men" that these women don't want to date.

The guy uses Youtube and /soc/ as proof of his circle cuck theories. Of course he will taking trolling at face value.

No. 66886

Its because I'm not a mental health professional, and if you're at a point in your life where you're creating terms for your own theories ("circle of cuck"), then there is nothing I can say to make you stop.

People are trying to point out you lack the experience and sample size to have created an elaborate theory like this, and have it be credible in any way.

No. 66887


No. 66888

not gonna lie "all women see white men as subhuman" is pretty delusional.

i mean, have you considered this is like, a self-fulfilling prophecy?

like maybe your weird beliefs about other people and your assumption that they hate you based on your identity might make it harder to have successful relationships?

I mean, how is anyone even supposed to argue with you here? Have you noticed that the vast majority of white women are dating white men? Cause that's kind of a thing. I'm not sure how white men are getting cucked here when they seem to have pretty much the best dating prospects of any race statistically speaking.

and frankly white dudes seem to fantasize about black cocks more than white women.

No. 66889

>I know how things work

Sure, Jan.

No. 66890

why u niggas think im trollin? can black men not post here?

No. 66891

>People are trying to point out you lack the experience and sample size

How many times do I have to say this
I'm not solely basing this off of the 4 girls I've asked out. Faaaaar from that
Are you all secretly walls?

No. 66892

You also saw it in social media posts and in a YouTube video. We know.

What do you want us to do with that information?

No. 66893

So you base your views on shit you see on the Internet? Because people definitely don't lie or troll, and the preferences of women online surely equate to the tastes of all women in the world.

No. 66895

>Have you noticed that the vast majority of white women are dating white men?

This is a minority from what I've seen
>I'm not sure how white men are getting cucked here when they seem to have pretty much the best dating prospects of any race
Oh yes, okcupid meme charts. Post away

Do you also believe /pol/ mspaint infographs?
>and frankly white dudes seem to fantasize about black cocks more than white women.
You're bringing it around to black guys even though I'm talking about nonwhites in general
White women are fucking obsessed and surely have a monopoly on those fantasies lol
Just admin I'm on to something here instead of playing dumb would be nice
>So you base your views on shit you see on the Internet?
I went through 12 years of public school and 2 years of uni. I have interacted with a lot of women irl and I also see what they post on social media

No. 66896

What do you want us to do with this information?

No. 66897

kek this sissy boi gettin mad

No. 66898

Do you read my posts? Just quit playing dumb and ignorant would be a start

No. 66899

>admit I'm onto something here

I'm not going to enable you in you delusions. Talk to a therapist. Maybe take a class on social skills and then get back to me.

No. 66900

believe what you want white boi. jus remember these guys that are making fun of u are the ones that tell u im shitposting and not real

No. 66901

Are you suuuuuuure it is a shitpost?

I mean are you really sureeeeeee?

No. 66902

Again, nobody is playing dumb. You really have a messed up view of women and relationships. Seek help.

No. 66903

File: 1454831107528.png (18.96 KB, 344x326, 1411795548223.png)

You're killing me here
Stop insulting me too please

No. 66904

>You really have a messed up view of women and relationships
I know it's not politically correct or whatever
An uncomfortable truth I guess you could say
But I have a lot of evidence backing up the truth for this
Pretty sure

No. 66905

Those aren't insults. You have shown difficulty identifying when you're being trolled, you have your own terms for your own theories, and you started dropping them without any explanation! Like you just started posting about the "circle of cuck" as if we knew what the fuck you were talking about! That tells me that you probably think that everyone thinks like you.

And they don't.

No. 66906

>a lot of evidence

Well if its anything like the other evidence you've presented then I doubt it will matter

No. 66907

You need to accept that not everyone is going to believe you.

We certainly don't. Make peace with that and move on.

No. 66908

>That tells me that you probably think that everyone thinks like you.
Not at all. Most people are ignorant to the reality of many aspects of life and the universes
I'm not saying I'm some super genius, but I'm more aware than most I think.
With the circle of cuck I thought it was pretty self explanatory

Also all great philosophers coin their own theories/schools of thought. Are they delusional/autistic too?
Hundreds of girls
In multiple places
Not to mention all the evidence online
Nothing will convince you. You have your head in the sand
Ok. What do you want to talk about now? I'm beginning to see there's no getting through to you all. Heads in the sand

No. 66909

Do you see yourself as having a secret truth about the world?

Do you see yourself as a great philosopher?

No. 66910

You are either trolling or severely mentally ill.

No. 66911


So are your theories what you truly think or are they simply your philosophy?

If you're trying to argue that your theories are sociological truths then you're shit out of luck.

If this is a personal theory, then whatever dude. Just don't shoot up a school or anything.

No. 66912

Philosophy isn't science.

No. 66913

The circle of luck is only self explanatory if everyone believed your theories.

No. 66914


No. 66915

>Most people are ignorant to the reality of many aspects of life and the universes
And somehow you are the great enlightened one in the masses of brainless sheeple?

This is literally euphoric fedora-tier speech, holy shit.

No. 66916

Do you guys mind if I switch topics? You already all think I'm weird so I kind of want to talk about things I only have tried talking about on chans, but people never take it seriously because I can't explain it well. Start over?
Like, actual stuff that has made me want to find someone and talk it over with them because I know it's different

This whole relationship talk is going nowhere
How can they believe it if they've never been confronted about it?

No. 66917

File: 1454832010686.jpg (713.42 KB, 1224x1584, 1404558207175.jpg)

No. 66918

>Just admin I'm on to something here instead of playing dumb would be nice
dude pls

people are taking issue with your posts because your beliefs are really out there.

like not at all in line with anyone else's personal experiences.

yes, you've interacted with women and seen them exist on social media. so has everyone.

anyways check this: www.pewresearch.org/fact-tank/2015/06/12/interracial-marriage-who-is-marrying-out/

i'm sure you'll attack the source but srsly. no gender disparity in interracial marriage for white people and only 7% total.

93% is a big number so the odds are pretty good for you. but it will get a lot smaller if you hold delusional beliefs about women in general.

No. 66919

Speaking of /pol/ graphs

There's nothing wrong with white women dating them

It just kinda sucks to be white when this is the case

No. 66920

File: 1454832136953.png (3.51 MB, 2259x1197, 1441356231605.png)

No. 66921

I've been over this
White women DO settle for white men once they hit their late 20s because they're nerds and have money
Before that though is when they wont give them the time of day

No. 66922

I'm trying to change topics
Please stop

No. 66923

File: 1454832200641.jpg (277.38 KB, 800x1386, 1451445943805.jpg)

you basically asked for it, homie

No. 66924

What's the purpose of dumping this exactly?

No. 66925

Is that a KKK newsletter?

No. 66926

File: 1454832283444.png (635.47 KB, 947x419, 1452321792258.png)

No. 66927

What am I supposed to be outraged about here?

No. 66928

File: 1454832333419.png (483.77 KB, 1341x570, 1454226570978.png)

cuckoldry or something

No. 66929

What is this even from? You're just posting images without context.

No. 66930

A family…who adopted black children???
NoOOOoOoooOOOooooOOoo the horrorrrrrrr

No. 66931

File: 1454832410400.jpg (132.81 KB, 857x1046, 1453049465591.jpg)

what part of /b/ - random don't you understand?

No. 66932

As of the past few years I've been grappling with two very different world views. When I walk through a busy street I just feel all over my body that it just isn't fucking real. Everything is just off…
Like a hyper realistic dream. I see drunks and people partying and laughing and I just wonder to myself if they're even real. I feel like in this worldview I was put on this Earth because I was different and have a purpose

My other theory I alternate to is that we're all on set paths and that free will is hardly real. I'll use an example from last night. I take midnight strolls a lot because I like the fresh air. I was thinking of all the things I THOUGHT I could do, but I knew I would just keep walking and do nothing of note. I wondered if I was even able to deviate from the path I was on. I wondered if I was actually allowed to deviate in this life. Like if I was to hit a man who I walked by with a brick would the reality shatter or pause or what?

Anyways I'm no philosopher and I don't know what to make of all this. But my general feeling is that a. my body is just a vessel so to speak b. I just feel in my gut nothing is real

I suck at explaining but I hope you understand what I'm trying to get at. Does anyone else feel this way?
It's just self righteous liberal white woman shit

No. 66933

Please see a therapist

No. 66934

Stop spamming the thread please

No. 66935

The guy dumping pics isn't the guy who has been in this thread all night (me) My post is this >>66932

I'm done talking about it

No. 66936

>It's just self righteous liberal white woman shit

Which is supposed to make me…angry?

No. 66937

It's just annoying to me
Not really enraged. I'm apathetic about most things in general though

I feel like a modern day hermit tbh

No. 66938

It sounds like sometimes you disassociate.

No. 66939

What did you hope to achieve by posting it?

No. 66940

File: 1454832634393.jpg (153.49 KB, 634x916, 1452133729258.jpg)

who will pay for her children?

No. 66941

some men have money. your average man, however, is not that rich, white or otherwise.

beyond that, interest in money would suggest that women would marry asians, who have higher median incomes. and are also definitely nerdier.

most people marry fairly early. they tend to also marry people they date, frequently in college.

somewhere around a quarter of women who are married have only slept with their husband(s).

srsly though I'm trying to help you here. your beliefs are unreasonable and will make it increasingly difficult for you to have any successful relationship with any woman. they won't start wanting to date you when you get older, you're actually going to need to figure out your damn personal issues if you want to not fucking die alone.

No. 66942

It sounds like you are depressed and sometimes experience disassociation.

No. 66943

File: 1454832678843.jpg (123.97 KB, 960x732, 1437400944951.jpg)

>white boys can't compete with this

No. 66944

Herself and the father(s).

If she is unfit, then the state.

No. 66945

According to who?

No. 66947

I didn't post it
I have a serious issue with mirrors that a lot of people find funny and weird

I haven't seen my own reflection since October last year if you can believe it

No. 66948

Can't compete with what? What do you see when you look at this picture?

No. 66950

File: 1454832793244.jpg (288.68 KB, 1242x2208, 1450463292631.jpg)

No. 66951

Why is that? Why can't you look in the mirror?

No. 66952

This is why nobody likes robots.

You look at a picture of fucking chocolate covered bananas and immediately start fantasizing about black dicks

Like for fucks sake there is something seriously wrong with you if that actually bothers you

No. 66953

What am I supposed to be outraged by with this?

No. 66955

I really can't explain it. Last time I did (October) I didn't leave my apartment for a week and a half. I've been doing this for as long as I can remember. I average about 3 or 4 months without seeing my reflection and then I break and look then take a week or two off

No. 66957

The black baby doll is a bit much though

No. 66958


Well, have you ever gotten a diagnosis?

No. 66959

Why didn't you leave your apartment for so long?

No. 66960

Dude this isn't normal. You really should talk to someone.

No. 66961

Did looking in the mirror make you feel scared?

Did you hallucinate in your reflection?

Did it make you feel anxious to see yourself?

No. 66962

Because I'm pretty ugly
There's more to it I'm sure. It's not normal behavior and I'm well aware of that. Can't help it though. I just wanted to die for the weeks afterwards

Then I guess I kind of forget what I look like and it bothers me less until I get curious again.

No. 66963

>Did looking in the mirror make you feel scared?
A bit
>Did you hallucinate in your reflection?
After looking for a bit, but that is pretty normal I think
>Did it make you feel anxious to see yourself?

No. 66964

File: 1454833225948.png (127.79 KB, 465x256, 1451771716655.png)

No. 66965

Dude your appearance shouldn't make you feel suicidal. There is something you can do about it! Talk to someone about it! See a therapist! Mental illness is completely manageable with the right resources.

No. 66966

It is absolutely not normal to hallucinate while looking in the mirror.

Dude if your anxieties are making it so you can't even look at yourself then you should totally get help.

No. 66967

File: 1454833339855.png (1.04 MB, 1048x634, 1454222773998.png)

No. 66968

What do you see in the mirror when you hallucinate?

No. 66969

>There is something you can do about it!
There actually isn't is the problem
I don't think I'm mentally ill either

See now I'm in the sad drunk phase kek. I was getting pissed earlier now I'm just opening up to stragners online
>It is absolutely not normal to hallucinate while looking in the mirror.
I know I've read a few places that it is. It's where the bloody mary type things come from. It would be split second things that I'd see flash. Other faces and shit

No. 66970

What am I supposed to be outraged by with this?

No. 66971

Other faces and stuff

I know this sounds dumb…
But I get scared of myself too if I look long enough. It's weird but I stop recognizing myself I think. I'll be looking then my stomach will drop and I'll start sweating and feel like running away

No. 66972

File: 1454833467539.jpg (52.14 KB, 320x498, sUkYZmRa9AiwSs1LpqblBFnwJqBNwj…)

No. 66973

I'm telling you, it isn't normal.

You really don't think you're mentally ill? You are so insecure that you go weeks being too scared to look at yourself in the mirror, you isolate yourself in your apartment, you experience hallucinations, you believe you cracked a secret about the world (white women hate white men), you believe in your conspiracy theories so much that you have created your own terms for them…do I need to continue?

No. 66974

Dude you're describing disassociation. All of this is treatable. See a doctor.

No. 66976

No. 66977

How does it make you feel when you experience this?

No. 66982

How? It's just a worldview
I'm also hugely against medication that fucks with your brain chemistry. I just don't trust it nor do I like the idea in general
Scared but also disgusted with myself I guess

No. 66983

You didn't say you get so scared of bloody Mary that you can't look in the mirror. You said you get upset by your appearance and get frightened enough by your hallucinations that you choose not to look in the mirror.

You know that ghosts aren't real, so why take such measures to avoid the possibility of seeing one in the mirror?

No. 66985

>a worldviewbut you weren't describing your opinio . You were saying that you go through periods where you don't even feel real. You said you feel like the people on the street don't feel real sometimes as well.

That is classic disassociation.

No. 66986

How did I fuck up this post so badly??????

No. 66987

>You know that ghosts aren't real
I believe in them
I've fucking seen them too
All of human history has talked and written about them. We've made a lot of strides in science but we're shutting out the supernatural aspect entirely. I don't think we're any wiser than our ancestors when it comes to this.

No. 66988

Why do you feel disgusted by yourself?

No. 66990

So do you hallucinate ghosts or other faces?

No. 66991

I'd rather not get into that

I've gone to doctors for it and there's nothing that can be done so just trust me that I can't improve my appearance
In the mirror I see faces
But there have been a few times from when I was a kid to about a year ago where I've seen them. I can sense them pretty well though. I'm getting fucking nervous and shaking just talking about this. I think there's one in my apartment tbh. I'm going to hop in bed soon I think. I feel just unsafe I guess you could say. I'm shaking

I know it techinically isnt better in bed but I feel better

No. 66992

When I say Ive seen them I mean full on ghosts

No. 66994

What kind of doctors have you seen?

No. 67001

I'm not getting into it
I've seen 4 in my life. Most recently being two years ago

Just know it's at least partially where the whole mirror thing stems from. I'd rather not get into it. Whole thing is dumb I know but I cant help it

I'd appreciate it if we moved past this what's actually wrong with my looks. It doesn't matter in this discussion

No. 67004

Time for bed

I'll be back in the morning and sober me will hate myself for bitching for sympathy and talking abuot my theories


No. 67009

holy fucking shit fam
just got the biggest deja vu
seems like i've seen this post before and the others

No. 67011

File: 1454835258978.jpg (357.06 KB, 1280x544, [Coalgirls]_Evangelion_3.33.0_…)

Wish drawn animation was more popular in the west still

Bed for real now that it's done

No. 67013

File: 1454835600522.jpg (3.12 MB, 2416x2416, IMG_20160205_215432.jpg)

In bed

I want to talk to calm me down until i sleep
Who up? Real nigga hours,etc

No. 67015

File: 1454836015816.jpg (2.48 MB, 1948x2566, IMG-20160206-WA0005-1.jpg)

Best and only friend crawled into bed with me. She knows when I'm upset I think. Always makes me feel better tbh

No. 67023

>Applied for a casual business analyst position
>Received a reply the day after I applied from one of the firm partners
>Aw yes, my application is definitely on point if they immediately replied after my application
>Ask for a copy of my transcript
>5 fails, 4.39 Pass GPA




Not to mention I have that fucking shit 2500 word article due this friday and I have barely done shit

No. 67053

Why are robots so incredibly narcissistic? I've talked to quite a few.

No. 67054

The whole discussion resulting from this comment makes me sad. No one can be this delusional.

But this is the robot thread. I don't know what I'm expecting.

No. 67055

If spirits and ghosts do exist, animals would most likely sense them, so you're good with a cat buddy. But if you won't go to see a doctor about your issues, there's nothing you can do. And what harm would seeing a doctor be?

No. 67056

File: 1454853336923.jpg (72.76 KB, 600x603, 1454791516645.jpg)

Man same fucking topic for three fucking threads, is it the same guy? I really wish this one would be like the last.

No. 67057

Dear Mirror anon,
I hope things improve for you. I strongly suggest you read into philosophy if you can, I experience real bad dissociation too and reading has made it a lot better. Everything still feels fake and unreal (and in a sense, it really is), but I learned to accept that this is the only world I have access to, and I must live in it. It might make it worse before it makes it better, but it's still worth it. Hope you have a good night.


No. 67076

Unfortunate side effect of diseases like depression. Get so wrapped up in thinking about how much they suck and why, that there's no room to think about anything else. Self-hatred is essentially self-obsession without any of the benefits.

No. 67077

What books do you suggest? Or are you talking about random shit like Alchemist or Eckhard TOlle?

No. 67078

I'm not delusional. Just leave it
Done with that convo
My cat is one of the reasons I think I have one in my apartment tbh
Thanks and the same to you anon

What would you recommend?

No. 67079

File: 1454862346253.gif (425.54 KB, 500x255, 1454283067837.gif)

>tfw closest friend lives across the country
We've been talking regularly for 3 years and she's a great friend to me. I'm glad in a way that she lives so far away. I dont want her seeing me. We've never sent any pics of ourselves to eachother. Well we have but never faces. It's a rule i requested and it works well
If I was better looking I'd meet her and a lot of other efriends

Tangent I know but I'm bored and just got off the phone with her so it was in my mind

No. 67082

File: 1454863383376.png (172.49 KB, 900x900, 1419292888880.png)

I seriously consider my small dick to be the only one obstacle

I don't have any desire in women and dating because I'm scared to let any women know I have a small dick

I don't date to flirt or casual talk because when they find I have small dick, they'd laugh hard to me even trying, not to mention I'm also balding. Why are insecurities are so fucking hard to beat? Why did I had born with so many inferior qualities?

No. 67088

Can't help with the small dick but the balding is a bigger problem imo. Get male hair extensions.

No. 67091

he could get a dick extension

liek those dick sleeves kek

No. 67094

File: 1454864443887.jpg (40.47 KB, 531x683, 1427347337758.jpg)

No. 67095

Rude as fuck
How small are you talking? If you're a bit chubby then take care of that first. It'll add quite a bit to length

No. 67099

I honestly dont think women know how much penis size means to men. People view it as directly linked to masculinity which is fucked up and a lot of the reason men are so self concious about their dicks. I've heard women say it's similar to breast size, but it really isn't. If you have small boobs then so what? Lots of men prefer smaller breasts and its not a big deal at all
The penis is essential for sex and if that's small then you're up shit creek with a shit paddle

No. 67103


13x10.5 cm, I'm trying to lose weight but it's not going well.

No. 67109

Ya I'm guessing you'd be pretty average if you lost weight man.
Use that as a motivating factor to get healthy

No. 67122

File: 1454865623447.jpg (2.88 MB, 2903x1722, IMG-20160207-WA0009-1.jpg)

Random pic
I love the sky tbh

No. 67131

File: 1454866035431.jpg (6.05 MB, 4608x3456, 2016-02-01 17.19.11.jpg)


Yeah man, I really enjoy taking sky photos when I'm out.

No. 67134

Where's this at? Looks beautiful
I'm on the road so I don't have my semi-decent pics

I really am thinking of investing in a decent camera sometime instead of using my phone. I think I'd enjoy photography tbh

No. 67140

File: 1454866320133.jpg (5.21 MB, 4608x3456, 2016-02-01 17.13.10.jpg)


I'm also using my phone, it has a great camera though. It's an S4 Zoom.

No. 67149

Looks good man
I job shadowed a photographer once. Was pretty interesting and seemed comfy

No. 67161

File: 1454867287227.jpg (701.24 KB, 3456x4608, rvMuofP.jpg)


I have no idea about photography. I just take some when I find something cool.

No. 67172


I already do the bone press thing, is it possible to even gain more after weight loss?

No. 67177

Robots want Gf's badly.

Ages ago back when r9k was first made it wasn't for robots just a board that had unique posts, You would get silenced for a bit if what you typed wasn't unique.

Overtime like a lot of 4chan it became a haven for anons, robots.

But this was a good few years back when robots was about being too weird for the normies and being too normal for the weirdos.

Keep in mind back then normies was used as a jokeing term.

overtime that rule was lifted and like a lot of sites people pretending to react retarded attracted people that were actually retarded and that became the norm how to act rather than a joke to vent and let off steam, the board became more feelsy and this affected other boards like v before that split into two other boards.

Now years on from that the board r9k has embraced the whole shitposting and jokes or chads and stacys and pepes and all that nonesense rather than it being about helping other robots and being cyborgs its now just putting others down and thinkin thats how you should act.

They brought back the unique rule again just recently and a lot of the board called it sjw shit and assumed it was a brand new rule.

tldr: r9k and robots have changed from becoming cyborgs to embracing the pepe beta loser mindset.

shit sucks fam, war has changed


No. 67178

File: 1454870639710.png (23.94 KB, 625x626, image.png)

No farmers!!!!!! It's that one whiny robot again. Do not engage!!!!

No. 67179

I'm willing to make it like the last one as long as farmers ignore that dumb fuck that shits up every robot thread.

No. 67181

Wow its actually nice out today

Part of the reason I get depressed in the winter is no sun and being cooped up all day. Has a bigger effect than you'd think, at least for me
Gonna go for a walk

No. 67182

Not sure because I've luckily been fit my whole life

I do think so though. I'm not an expert but the fat could be padding the bone maybe? I just know many people say you'd be amazed at how much length is hidden if you have extra weight
I'm guessing youre referring to me?

No. 67183

I honestly don't think men know how little penis size means to women. The only one obsessing over big dicks is you, anon.

No. 67184

We know how much penis size matters to men because guys like you complain about it all the time

No. 67185


Seriously. For me its all about technique. I don't care about size.

No. 67187

If they want gfs so badly then why do they talk so much shit about women? To hear them talk it sounds like they hate women.

No. 67188

Well are you the same robot who thinks women won't date white guys? Because he shit up the place for a while.

No. 67189

A ton of them do not beleive that its just if youve been there for a while and thats how you see then thats how you tend to act.

If a girl showed them attention that frame of mind would fuck off as soon as they got their dick sucked, just edgy teen angst shit

No. 67190


First off let's just get the obvious put of the way. All things considered I am perfectly a-okay with my dick. It's on the slightly larger end of the spectrum (6.5x5.4), but it doesnt matter particularly much because I dont use it. I like to think most women aren't size queens. A girl I'm friends with online said if it's between 5.5" and 7" then it's fine, which is encompasses like 95% of guys. I think that's a common belief no? I think women are fine with those sizes but would probably prefer on the higher end (7-8") but they're content with the range I described earlier

Women still use it as a way of emasculating men by saying they have a small dick, so do men obviously. Our whole society does it. Even in this thread there's a good example of this >>66738

No. 67191

No. 67192

Jesus christ

No. 67193

I'm not the only guy who posts about that. Painfully obvious to those with eyes. I see you mention it happened in previous threads. I posted the soc link but thats it

No. 67195

File: 1454873556814.jpg (129.62 KB, 1023x651, 1454870944047.jpg)

Time for a walk soon I think

No. 67196

File: 1454873635800.jpg (662.76 KB, 1453x1024, 1454271729578.jpg)


Just came back from one, gonna watch Schwarzesmarken now.

No. 67197

Not that other guy who is going apeshit but tbh it does hurt when your own women use the term "white male" in a derisive way and literally try to make you out to be the most villainous people who have ever lived.

Fact is people who hate white people like a lot of blacks, Indians and Asians do don't make exceptions for white girls, even if they want to fuck you.

As for me I've always been loyal to white women and despite once dating an Asian girl I always stuck up for them whenever someone went on an "asian girls are better" tirade.

No. 67211

But where are you seeing/experiencing white women saying those things? Online? Tumblr? Because everyone knows they're batshit insane there

No. 67215

>ape shit
I wouldn't say that fam

But ya at least you get what I mean. It's not just a passive thing whrre they date other men, but they do everything they can to put white men down
Bit annoying

No. 67219

File: 1454875497864.webm (2.53 MB, 1000x562, 1454868735185.webm)


Oh man this was great.

No. 67220

Online or in videos. Hell you even get it here with the whole Asian male glorification thing.

Right. They really seem to hate us. Even though historically no group gave it's women the privileges we did. Show me where a Chinese woman could ever file for divorce on the basis of domestic abuse. Roman women had that in 200BC.

No. 67223

I don't think white women necessarily belong to white men or anything like that

I dont particularly care who they date, but white women make a big deal out of it and view it as a way of "getting back at whitey" for perceived injustices I think. Hence why they show off everywhere and rub it in people's faces

In all my years online I have not seen one site or group of women that like white men. None

It's always asians and blacks (this site for example) or Latinos and Arabs

I dont think white women know what it's like to be unwanted by literally everyone because every one finds them attractive

No. 67224

Maybe if white bois weren't such idiots, y'all would be good.

No. 67225

Good meme

No. 67229

>your own women

If you say so, robot.

No. 67232

Omg enough. You told us this already.

What do you want us to do with that information?

No. 67233

Are you sure though? This confused a robot before.

No. 67234

Let me guess. One race the human race? Funny how you chase after some of the most ethnocentric men on earth given that (Koreans, Chinese, Japanese). Do you police their language too?

No. 67236

It happened in previous threads because robots are like broken records. They bitch about the same things, in the same ways. You all blend together.

No. 67238


Conscious of it or not. You belong to a group.

No. 67239

You know nothing about me.

Why do robots have this weird arrogance where they think they know soooooo much about women even though their community defines itself in part by the fact that they are all lonley TFW no gf type of guys?

PS: I was mocking the idea that you seem to think that these women have some kind of unspoken tie to you, that they are apparently betraying by dating outside their race. Are you really that self centered? Why do the relationships of strangers effect you in any way?

No. 67243

Ya but that doesn't mean I have any allegiance to random white guys, just because I'm white. I might mark "white" down on a form but I have no ties to random people just because they're white.

It is so arrogant for that robot to say "our women" that I actually lold. Like, do I fucking know him? Then why does he feel betrayed if I say someone who isn't white?

No. 67246

Ya but I don't belong to him so I don't know why he's shitting his pants over "his women" dating people he disagrees with.

No. 67249

Yeah why would me and my descendants becoming a hated minority be of any relevance? Everyone knows everything happens in a vacuum.

Fuck off back to your "oppas", child.

And I'm not a robot.

Finally. You may think race is irrelevant. But I'd advise you to ask the gooks you sleep with whether they'd be fine with Koreans or Japanese becoming minorities in their own homelands.

You have no idea how much you associate as the default tendency of humans in general is in reality white.

No. 67250


Fuck off.

No. 67252

>TFW you feel betrayed by the dating experiences of strangers

No. 67253

I'm sorry I'm not the Aryan princess you were looking for

No. 67255

>a hated minority

Jesus Christ

No. 67256

Lol being this mad about Asian men. Hi, in the real world Asian men are not the most desirable to most women. Even when they are, they're a fetish.

No. 67257

Tbh. It is a bit strange how you guys fantasise about marrying Asian men and living in East Asia given how much more explicitly racially conscious that part of the world is, while simultaneously jumping down white men's throats at the merest suggestion of anything ethnocentric, no?

No. 67258

>You have no idea how much you associate as the default tendency of humans in general is in reality white.

>Has Anyone Really Been Far Even as Decided to Use Even Go Want to do Look More Like?

No. 67259

Who says these things? Where are you guys getting all of this?

Or this this delusion-kun from before?

No. 67260

Yeah not like the concepts of intersectionality and post colonialism make white men out to be the source of literally every I'll. Not like groups such as Arabs and maghrebis have their own long conditioned hatreds against us.

Must be nice to live in a world that's essentially a pink and blue padded nursery.

No. 67261

*Every ill

No. 67263

Intersectionality just means that concepts like racism and sexism can be linked. Like this is sociology 101 stuff…its no conspiracy.

No. 67264

>you guys


No. 67265

>hatred against us

There is no "us" dude. I'm not part of your race war. Don't loop me into your weirdness.

No. 67266

And the end result of the theory is a victim hierarchy. One where white men are at the bottom. One so absurd you actually have Arabs unironically whining about westerners "invading other countries and destroying the local culture".

Our entire history has been blackened into a false narrative by these so called scholars.

No. 67267

Yeah. Because non white men want to fuck you that means they like you. Durrr. Because we all know non white people "don't see race" durr hurr.

No. 67268

Calm down, Hitler Youth. That totally isn't what intersectionality is about.

No. 67269

What are you even talking about?????????????

No. 67270

He's right. Think Koreans care as much about animal welfare as Europeans?

No. 67271

>Actually believes sociology is rigorous and doesn't have an agenda

Lol. You're desperate.

No. 67272

How is that relevant at all? What are you all talking about?

No. 67273

Is this you, delusion-kun?

No. 67274

Please tell us the true agenda of sociology.

Let me guess…something something whites are bad

No. 67275

- Three marital pairings with highest rates of divorce are all WW with non white men.
- White women in interracial marriages are up to ten times more likely to be murdered by their spouse.
- 8 times more likely to suffer domestic abuse.

#swirl #amwf

No. 67277

So the agenda is to…create unhappy marriages?

Where are you getting this shit anyway?

No. 67278

Did you read this in the stormfront email newsletter?

No. 67279

Different races have different tendencies. The expectation they all are fundamentally the same and consequently adjusting a nations demographics so radically won't affect the culture in ways you won't like is a lie.

No. 67280

What does that have to do with Koreans and animal welfare? What position do you assume I have on this?

No. 67281

>Where are you getting this shit anyway?

I thought you didn't care as you weren't one of those fetishists who pined over Asian men…. Change of heart?

No. 67282

Fucking /pol/ all over this place

No. 67283

>whites are bad

Can you name a single sociology paper that has ever highlighted as a point of general principle something positive about European history or European culture relative to other groups?

I'll be waiting. Thx.

No. 67284

Most white people care about animal welfare. Outside of Japan, most East Asians emphatically do not as they lack empathy - I don't mean that as an insult, they just literally lack the ability to "feel" someone or something else's pain.

No. 67285

No? How could you possibly assume anything about me based on this conversation.

I think this is the same anon as before with the race delusions, and I don't want to encourage you, on honestly just confused and I have no idea where you are getting this information.

No. 67287

Holyyyyyy fuck. We've got a live one, farmers.

No. 67288

>I think this is the same anon as before with the race delusions

No, I'm not him. I just joined this thread.

>When Siu and Shek (2005) studied empathy in a Chinese sample ranging from 18 to 29 years of age, they found that the participants made little distinction between cognitive empathy and affective (emotional) empathy. These two components seemed to be weakly differentiated from each other. The authors attributed this finding to “cultural differences” “Chinese people might not perceive the items from the two dimensions as too different in nature.” The authors went on to note that “there are still debates concerning the boundaries of emotional and cognitive processes underlying empathy” and that “the causal relationships between cognitive and emotional processing underlying empathy are not simple or unidirectional.”


What's the matter, did you think all races were the same?

No. 67289

File: 1454878599176.jpg (595.52 KB, 1824x1388, 1454750266102.jpg)

This is why I don't go to pol or r9k anymore. This kind of autistic shit 24/7.

No. 67290

>Come from a subculture where getting impregnated by a Corean or Jap and getting naturalized there is seen as the apogee of achievement
>Welcome at /pol/

Pick one.

No. 67291

I'm not going to do that. You are so obviously convinced that nothing I say could ever change your mind.

You haven't even proved that sociology is just a smoke screen to snuff out white men or whatever the fuck you were getting at.

No. 67292


No. 67293

File: 1454878755733.jpg (199.93 KB, 680x727, 1454849179528.jpg)


I'm a man baby, I liked pol before they gone full stormtard and r9k when it was only cyborgs. Now it's full of whining fucks.

No. 67297

>You haven't even proved that sociology is just a smoke screen to snuff out white men or whatever the fuck you were getting at.

There are surveys in which it has been proven that for every 1 Republican voter in a Sociology department, there are 100 Dems.

Now taken with the fact the Repubs aren't really right wing in any meaningful sense (just pro big-business and low-tax), it becomes even more insane.

Funny that, since both /n/ and /new/ were markedly more uniform in their right-wing beliefs than contemporary /pol/ is. Remember the nig.gr spammer who collated all of the black crime stories?

No. 67298

Do you even read, bro?

That says that the people in the study had no distinction between two types of empathy. They felt empathy, they just didn't "categorize" it based on emotions.

They also say that empathy is difficult to define and study so…

No. 67300

Are you implying that democrats also hate white men?

No. 67301


Being right wing doesn't mean you wanna gas half of the planet.

No. 67302

That's the point my little weeb friend. Learn to understand the distinction.

1) Cognitive empathy–capacity to see things from another person’s perspective and to understand how he or she feels.

2) Affective or emotional empathy–capacity not only to understand how another person feels but also to experience those feelings involuntarily and to respond appropriately. Failure to help a person in distress can trigger a self-destructive sequence: anguish, depression, suicidal ideation.

>a stated part of their platform to make whites a minority in the United States through mass immigration
>not anti-white

Pick one.

No. 67303

Its like word salad mixed with a fever dream. I can't handle it.

No. 67304

No, it does believe you should at least have some sense of group preservation and consciousness though. Of which both Republican and Democratic whites lack in abundance.

No. 67306

And they feel both.

No. 67308

>group preservation


No. 67309

>Actually doubting Asian people lack empathy

lol. Do you recall the story of the British couple who were murdered in Thailand recently? When their parents came over, some local Thai woman said to them "I don't know why you're moaning, just go home and make another one."

That's East Asia in a nutshell. Thousands of years of Malthusian hell has numbed any fellow feeling for others.

No. 67310

Nah my phone died about an hour ago
Back now
I see were back on the topic of last night

No. 67311

So democrats are actively trying to eliminate whites? Even the white democrats????

No. 67312

Wanting your race to actually survive and prosper. You know, the same reason Japan and South Korea, your favorite places, have immigration and naturalization laws so strict they make Donald Trump look like a liberal.

No. 67313


Well fuck if there's one bitch in a country then we should just nuke them all.

No. 67314

White leftists do not see race as a real thing. They believe all non-whites will, at some indeterminate point in the future, stop organizing and identifying around the principle of shared kinship groups and just become "human" instead.

They're not actively malicious, at least not most of them, just delusional.

No. 67315

Why do you think those are my favorite places? This is anonymous. You don't know where I'm from.

No. 67316

No they don't, they felt cognitive empathy but there is much less reason to believe they felt affective empathy.

No. 67318

Where did you learn this?

No. 67319


How is he gonna strawman when he can't assume shit about you?

No. 67320

>From a subculture that envies women who go and marry Kim Park and Satoshi Izu, have their babies and naturalize there, all the while pretending to be as Korean/Japanese as possible.

Hm. I wonder…

No. 67321

Being a leftist for a good part of my life. Reading authors like Chomsky and Zinn.

No. 67323

No. They felt them both, but they weren't differentiated.

No. 67324

I'm not googling those people so you better give me some basic stats because I have no idea who the fuck you are talking about.

No. 67325

They're two distinct things, in order to feel them both you'd have to distinguish. That's the point.

Do you really doubt the idea Chinese people lack empathy? I'd advise you to live there. Hell, even in a first world Chinese society like Singapore and Hong Kong you can see it.

No. 67326

Have you ever seen a therapist?

No. 67327

Stats of what?

No. 67328


On that note.

Did you know that low self-esteem is linked with a lack of a sense of belonging to a wider group?

No. 67329

You see it now and we're the majority in America still.
Honestly gonna agree with this guy. I took one sociology class in university and it was White Men are Evil: The Class
That actually is a weakness of the current state of the party. White working class voters feel alienated in that party because of the SJW/Anti-white rhetoric. Similar to how the religious right alienates people in the repub party

No. 67331

The hatred middle class leftist whites have for working class whites is something that really needs closer examination actually.

No. 67332

Yo. The authors knew about the theory of the two kinds of empathy, and wanted to see if it was present in a population that was sociologically different than Americans. The scientists observed that the Chinese participants didn't differentiate. It is reported that they felt both, but they didn't consciously differentiate between the different categories that the scientists were testing.

There were resting a theory about empathy, not the existence of empathy.

No. 67334

Is that why you're fighting for the Aryan nation? To feel a sense of belonging?

No. 67335

Stats on the people you mentioned because I don't know who the fuck they are of what you assume that I think about them.

No. 67336

File: 1454879672674.gif (1.27 MB, 240x245, 1414472957626.gif)

Looks like we won't have a comfy thread this night too.

No. 67337

>Aryan Nation

Why do you mock the idea of something as basic as "I want to remain the majority in the lands where my ancestors lived"?

Do you think the Asian men you lust after would be ok with mass immigration on the scale Europe is presenting seeing?

No. 67338

I wish both parties would just cut the diseased limbs out of both their parties

The Evangelical voting bloc is a cancer just as college tunblrtards are

No. 67339

These robots think we're all weebs who want to gas the whites or some shit. It is the most confusing set of conspiracy theories yet.

No. 67340

I feel like you're all being trolled by the anon that's talking about racial unfairness for white dudes. Or he's a minority that's trying to create some fake reality to counter balance minority cuck shit. Lol

No. 67341


I said:

1) White leftists generally don't see race as a real thing.

2) You asked why.

3) I replied by saying I used to a leftist, and referenced two of the most famous leftist scholars.

>"Why don't you vote for us, you fucking bigoted redneck white trash gun-loving scum?"

No. 67342

I'm not lusting for Asian men. Wtf are you talking about?

No. 67343

>there's only one person
I was the guy last night
The other guy here isn't me obviously. I was gone for a good few hours

No. 67344

I think its either the same anon who was bitching about this yesterday or another /pol/ invasion.

No. 67345

Sorry my mistake, blacks and Latinos

No. 67346

Why do you mock the idea of me wanting to live a comfy life among my own kind?

Do you think this is an unusual desire in this world? Do you think most people would be ok with their neighborhoods, towns and cities being changed beyond all recognition demographically over the course of a few decades?

No. 67347


He's probably trolling, I've see the same writing style and argument in couple of threads. He keeps spewing the same shit trying to stir shit up.

No. 67348

Do you jerk off and cry while watching American History X?

No. 67350

I'm not American.

No. 67351

Terrible movie tbh

No. 67352

Because you sound like the toothless rednecks from a Louie Theroux special

No. 67354

I'm not listing after anyone tbh

How angry would you get if I told you I might have Indian food for dinner? Would it upset you to know I enjoy naan?

No. 67355

For what reason do you say that?

Do you realize the idea of wanting to remain a majority in your own lands is the default for most non-white people?

There's a reason Japan only accepted 27 refugees out of 7000.

No. 67356


No. 67357

>"I'd prefer not to become a minority in my own country"
>"Hurrr fucking redneck hicks. Fucking retards"

No. 67358

>Thinks I care about what food she eats

Enjoy attacking strawman gnatzi caricatures. Any way to morally grandstand and posture eh?

No. 67359

File: 1454880101947.jpg (71.23 KB, 640x640, 1431959800770.jpg)

Ok we get it you want a full ubermench nation to lvie in but why are you whining about it on a chinese masquerading gossip board instead of doing something about it in real life? What difference whining in here gonna make?

No. 67361

Because you sound like an old farmer screeching about the upcoming race war and how he hates the orientals

No. 67362

Stop minding the troll. Why would you want to change his mind anyway? The best thing is to let em stew in his miserable delusions. If he keeps it up he will perpetuate his lonely existence till death, sparing any woman the cost of having to deal with this human embodiment of cancer.

No. 67363

You want him to pull a Breivik?

No. 67364

Ya as long as he doesn't shoot up a school, then whatever. He can think what he wants and be lonley forever.

No. 67365

>hate orientals
I swear you guys have zero fucking reading comprehension lol
He's using them as examples of how we should act minus the empathy study

No. 67366

>in real life

European societies are not free societies. You can go to jail here for saying off color things about certain races on twitter.

>old farmer

Assuming you mean this literally, what's wrong with farming?

Moreover, what's wrong with not wanting to be a minority in one's own country? Do you really see this as an "extreme" position to take?


Your cancer is so obvious and has been for months.

No. 67367

Seriously. If the robot is posting then he'll be too busy trying to win an internet fight to kill anyone.

No. 67368

Can't have anyone harming those refugees you girls brought in eh?

No. 67369

Seriously dude I don't care what you think as long as you don't hurt anyone.

No. 67370

So…do you want to shoot them?

No. 67372

No. 67373

Did you support the recent influx of refugees into Europe, by any chance?

Because they've hurt a LOT of people so far.

No. 67374

Haha, nice try Schlomo!

No. 67375

Lol I'm not part of any government. I didn't decide anything to do with refugees.

No. 67376

>European societies are not free societies. You can go to jail here for saying off color things about certain races on twitter.

Then it means you don't really care about the issue to risk jail time, I have two friends having trials and almost got jailed for attending anti-government protests. I also got arrested but my lawyer got me out thankfully.

No. 67377

So…you do want to shoot them?

No. 67378

European women are tbe driving force behind bringing in those poor and oppressed "refugees"
Reap what you sow

No. 67379

I'm not from Europe! I'm from fucking Canada!

No. 67380

White women as a whole are the driving force behind mass third world immigration

No. 67381

>TFW you hate women so much you blame them for the refugee crisis

No. 67382

>I have two friends having trials and almost got jailed for attending anti-government protests.

Probably because you committed an actual crime, like, you know, aggravated criminal damage or simple criminal damage.

Not because of a thought crime.

>"Look at me, I care about the common people! 420 blaze it!"
>signs massive free trade deal with China that will gut Canadian jobs a few weeks after election

Fucking pathetic.

I'd definitely like the state to execute every single one convicted of an aggravated offense or worse.

Beyond that, I just want them out.

No. 67384


No. 67385

White women overwhelmingly support permissive immigration and naturalization laws.

Do you realize how many people have been raped and killed thanks to your mindless "humanitarianism"?

No. 67386

You understand that I don't control the prime minister, right?

No. 67387


No. 67388

You didn't vote for him?

Look at the parties unmarried, 20-something white women support. All leftist. All pro-immigration.

No. 67390

And yet you are probably the type of idiot who supported military intervention in places like Palestine, Iraq, Syria, Libya that has created this exodus. Does not treating another human as an equal make you feel good about yourself or something?

No. 67391

Nope. And even if I did, I can't control the PM.

And what political parties are you talking about? In which countries?

No. 67397

I cant handle all these assumptions kek
I'm not him but I'm very supportive of the Arab world. I actually think Islam might reverse the course we're on

No. 67398

What about the men who got those women pregnant, or is it just women that you despise for having the audacity to be compassionate and left leaning? Also it's not just young women who vote left, look at the recent Scottish MP elections all bar something like one seat was left.

No. 67399

>And yet you are probably the type of idiot who supported military intervention in places like Palestine, Iraq, Syria, Libya that has created this exodus.

Are you fucking kidding me?

1) I have never supported any western military interventions, including the ones that were popular with leftards back in the 1990s, like Kosovo. In fact Nationalists have been the people most consistently opposed to liberal internationalism.

2) Only 25% of the people who entered Europe last year are nominally from Syria, the real number is probably something like 10-15% because of the fake passport trade in Turkey.

3) The responsibility for the instability in Northern Iraq lies primarily with the US and the Gulf States, the responsibility for the instability in Syria lies OVERWHELMINGLY with Turkey and the Gulf States.

>Does not treating another human as an equal make you feel good about yourself or something?

He's nothing to me, we have nothing in common, we're not family or kin, our values are in all likelihood radically different and including him and millions of his kin in my nation benefits me in no way.

No. 67400

What are you even trying to say here? I'm glad you at least admit white women vote based off of feelings though which results in open borders

No. 67401

>look at the recent Scottish MP elections all bar something like one seat was left.

That's Scottish Independence plus the fact Scots are traditionally working class and think the SNP represent working class interests due to a slick marketing campaign (they don't).

No. 67402

File: 1454881086181.jpg (45.77 KB, 310x465, 1441770907622.jpg)


>all dem assumptions

Nope, all we did was to attend an anti-government protests and write anti-government pieces. You think Europe is oppressive? Try being in ME. You are just a spineless fuck who rather whine on internet instead of taking action about your future.

No. 67403

If you're Turkish or MENA, then that's different.

No. 67405

She's pretty. Where is she from?

No. 67406

File: 1454881702362.png (440.33 KB, 645x1260, 1452664377699.png)

>can hear my sister raping my dad in the other room again

No. 67407

Not sure. I just save qt girl pics

No. 67409

File: 1454881853537.jpg (59.44 KB, 500x618, image_8.jpg)

I hate that feel lad

No. 67410

Wish I had a sister ;_;

Most sisters are ok with giving their brothers a handjob at least right?

No. 67416

>can hear anon posting in the other room again while I rape dad

No. 67417

I'd like a sister just so I was more used to women I guess

I've never had a female friend or really interacted with any of them outside of group work in school. Mystery to md tbh

No. 67419

File: 1454882248731.gif (467.95 KB, 150x121, 17539380593295.gif)

This one fucking autistic robot. I'm loving it.

No. 67421

File: 1454882332296.jpg (67.67 KB, 700x700, 1435982894473.jpg)

fuck you sis
dad rapes me because of what you do

No. 67422

Don't you have cousins?

No. 67425

All my cousins are in their 30s and the nearest family members are 4 hours away

No. 67431

File: 1454882746896.jpg (131.29 KB, 960x960, 1454869901185.jpg)

Would you convert to Islam for loyal and feminine qts fellow robots?
I'm unironically considering converting

Not just for potential qt material, but from what I've seen it seems to line up with a lot of my views

No. 67432

Nah, Islam is culture-destroyer.

Everywhere it goes it replaces the national dress with fucking hijab and niqab, replaces everyone's language with Arabic or variants of Arabic etc.

No. 67433

Seems preferable to the way the west is heading
Western culture died long ago tbh

No. 67434


You have no idea how bad it is actually.

No. 67435

You can find a middle ground m8. Abrahamic faiths are generally a bit off putting to me. Wish we could just return to what our ancestors had tbh.

No. 67436

File: 1454883347191.jpg (126.38 KB, 598x598, 1454873183836.jpg)

>"Anon, I've been meaning to ask you something…"
>"I really like you and would love to be a caring wife and mother, but my friend told me she heard rumors you dont believe there is no god but Allah and Mohammed as his prophet. This isn't true right?"

No. 67438

What do you mean?
I look the strictness of Islam. Christianity would be alright but no one follows it anymore or takes it seriously
Not following for Oriental "religions" either

No. 67446

File: 1454886183108.jpg (33.21 KB, 500x667, 1454873190871.jpg)


Islam seems very promising for the white man, buds

No. 67452

File: 1454886783969.png (946.91 KB, 1076x1343, 20160207_171007.png)

Lads I'm one step closer to making it as of today. I finally have found a trap who I can fap to from most angles

I'll be free from the cancer known as w*men soon. Trying to become full on homo so I dont have to deal with the vaginal jew
There are some pics (usually with forearms) that I cant fap to as of now because it looks man-ish.
But there are quite a few pics I can fap to. I'm gonna make it bros. Just give me time

No. 67463

That one still has a dick
This one has a mangled dick, I mean fake pussy

No. 67464

I cant fap in the pics where her dick is showing yet
Work in progress. My goal by the end of the year is to be attracted to twinks

Fake vaginas are gross

No. 67466

Fug she's qt
Shame she ruined her genitals

No. 67472

While we're on the topic what's the overall concensus among guys here concerning traps and/or other men?

I want to basically fuck a ladyboy,rub cocks a bit, and have her suck me off. But the idea of actually like kissing or cuddling is just disgusting to me. I dont know if that makes me bi or not.

There's also the fact that every trap I've seen irl literally just looks like a man in woman's clothes. From what I've seen though in Asia the ladyboys can be pretty feminine looking

I consider myself straight though. I know it's a sort of meme on chans about le balls dont touch meme, but I just want to fuck a ladyboy and I'm straight. Idk

No. 67474

you're fantasizing about rubbing cocks together
just about as gay as it gets

No. 67482

I like girls though
And if it matters I'd like to rub with one of those cute small ones. More feminine I guess. Basically an enlarged clit

No. 67488

And id feel emasculated if the ladyboy had a bigger cock tbh

No. 67491

File: 1454889530777.jpg (Spoiler Image,210.33 KB, 960x640, asian-ladyboy-schoolgirl.jpg)

This is sort of what I'm talking about
I want to pull out while cumming and hose down her cock with my cum. Fuck I'm on the bus and am getting myself all riled up

Anyways, I dont see any appeal in gay shit like cuddling or anything. I just want to cum in a trap's ass.

No. 67495

Also I was looking at the ruled before posting the chick above and I noticed porn is allowed. I'm really surprised there are no threads here. I've heard women consume more pornography than men now and considering there are porn threads all over the sfw boards on 4chan I'm surprised there's not even one on here. I just read erotica and hentai tbh, or just use my imagination

No. 67498

>tfw this site is a good way to keep your desire for pussy at bay
Make my hatred of women even worse though

No. 67503

What's making you hate them? I find they're generally pretty rude in these threads, but outside of them I've had a few pleasant convos

No. 67510

I'm a girl and I like to watch the trap porns. I think at this point I've exhausted regular porn to the point that I have a tolerance and now have to watch some depraved shit to keep my interest.

No. 67512


People tend to be rude when you insult them you know.

No. 67513

Why is /r9k/ so godawful? Are the majority really just Redditors, underaged or are they truly this mentally ill that the only treatment for them is re

No. 67517

No. 67519

Are you into slutty stuff.

No. 67526

I was being very polite in all my posts
You should try reading/watching hentai tbh

No. 67536

Gave me feels tbh

No. 67537

What do you define as slutty stuff?
Idk, how weird does it get? I don't want to read tentacle porn or yaoi. I'm also highly stimulated by visual stuff, don't know if reading/looking at drawings would suffice.

No. 67541

Gangbangs, cosplay sex, rape fantasies etc.

No. 67542

I only like watching gang bangs out of those mentioned

No. 67543

Would you ever let two guys DP you at once?

No. 67544

>entertaining containment-thread robot questions about porn

pls love yourself.

No. 67548

Hell no. I'm a little bitch and barely have room for one. I'm also not into pain.

No. 67551

Mental illness + being generally unlikable .
I mean jesus, not even 4channers like them, and most 4channers are insufferable.

No. 67552

I've got a date with a girl on Valentine's Day. Can I get some advice on how to not fuck up?

No. 67553

What exactly are you concerned about?
(Pls don't take her on a coffee date)

No. 67557

I don't wanna come on too strong since she recently got out of a relationship. Also I'm taking her to dave and busters.

No. 67559

Man, that's a shitty position to be in because you might be the rebound

No. 67560

We've been friends for a while now. And I know she's told her friends that she was interested in me, but that was over a year ago. I'd just like some tips on how to show that it's a date and not just us hanging out, without moving too fast.

No. 67569

Why does it seem like all women are into gang bangs kek
I thought that was a male porn genre but just about every woman I've asked is into it

No. 67570

Hentai is probably the best for exploring weird fantasies. Just go to nhentai and browse by various tags that sound appealing to you. Worth a shot at least

No. 67571

What's wrong with coffee dates?

No. 67573

>reading won't suffice
tbh fam read some pretty gr8 and nasty porn stories over the years. gotta let your imagination do the work

No. 67575

I cant stop fapping to traps

No. 67576

100% this
I get a lot more out of reading than watching

No. 67578

Do girls like gay guys? I basically want to become the "gay friend" to a few qts and then use that position to find which one is the best. I would then make a move after getting alone with said qt and hopefully she'd really get turned on by thinking she was sexy enough to make me straight
Solid plan?

No. 67583

I know it's kinda a meme answer but just be yourself and have a good time. She already likes you and if you're friends at least it shouldn't be awkward

No. 67586

No. 67589

Every girl has a gay friend
Come on

I also know women find gay men more attractive usually. I think its because they cant have them

No. 67590

Why are you even asking the question if you already know the answer so well, stupid stubborn prick

No. 67591


your plan sounds like the plot of a bad comedy.

No. 67598

I like dick. The more the merrier. It's great to see one fucking, one being sucked, and more jacking off. Doesn't mean I would ever do it though.

No. 67602

I'm not asking a guy to spend money, (I have a Dutch policy) but sitting at a coffee shop just talking isn't the most excitement inducing task. It's cool to have an adventure or a task to focus on like arcade games. I also don't like that everyone in the shop will know it's a date. That might create performance anxiety.

No. 67604

The gay men I find attractive I only find attractive physically because they actually take care of themselves and care about their appearance. Personality wise, no…because they're gay.

No. 67606

Straight guys care more about their appearance though
If you're gay you dont need to look good to fuck other guys

No. 67608

I thought most girls thought dicks were actually gross looking

No. 67609

>Personality wise, no…because they're gay.
Wait, you mean you don't like the personalities of gay people? Or you're just not attracted to them because they're not heterosexual?

No. 67624

You know when you see something that looks so weird that you cant help but be fascinated?

No. 67625

She's just a homophobe

No. 67627

Uh, I don't think so. I live near west Hollywood (gayest part of LA) and most the gays there are fit or at least dress well/are well groomed if they're not. Men are sloots but they're still superficial.

No. 67630

Shit choice of words but the latter I guess? Idk, I've never met a gay man I've been attracted to. Just thought they were good looking.

No. 67631

I wear sweatpants and a hoodie during winter

How bad is it?

No. 67632

You need to find a new obsession.

No. 67633

>I've never met a gay man I've been attracted to. Just thought they were good looking.

No. 67634

You can find someone handsome and not want to be with them

No. 67635

what did he mean by this?

No. 67636

How bad is what? That you wear that and are gay? Or that you just wear them as a male?

No. 67637

I meant if women were to have a similar thread white men would be pretty low which is the reverse for men rating women

No. 67638

I wear them while male
I'm not gay and I like qt girls

No. 67639

>your mother doesn't love you, if she did she would marry a wealthy man and move into his mansion

>The only thing that matters to women is Looks, Money, and Status or LMS

>Race is real and race really matters to women. 90 percent of White women are attracted to White chads. while maybe 5 percent really attracted to Black guys and usually black drug dealers but occasionally successful black college athletes. 70 percent of these women are fat and ugly while 30 percent of them are not ugly but dumb as a post.

>Feminism is about sex. It is about women getting the upperhand in the sexual market. Women never truly wanted to marry beta providers. Ten thousand years ago only 1 out of 17 men passed down their genes. Womens liberation is about keeping men out of the workforce except chads while women are handed office jobs out of college young men are kicked out of their houses to be homeless or wage slaves for minimum wage denied a chance for a career in the hopes of attracting women. So overall women will become richer and happier than men. While 20 percent of men will be given free things and mansions that women can live with and have sex creating world where men do not even know their father.

>All a woman has to do to look great is not eat like a barn pig and do a bit of cardio here and there

>For a man to look great he must do years of lifting and avoid most fast food (I've done it and its hard work but I will tell you its worth and avoiding fast food for its own sake is enough of a reward itself)

>The secret of female sexuality is one of the most guarded secrets of the world and that is why anyone who brings these truths out is mocked and called a loser virgin.

No. 67640

I hate sweatpants. I think they make people look lazy af. BUT I was raised to "dress like you might run into an important person" because "you never know who you might run into." Raised in a Culture that's focused on appearance.

No. 67641

File: 1454912611473.jpg (61.23 KB, 720x414, 9an7lw.jpg)

I see lots of white men putting women from other races at the top of the list. So, are white women just something that they end up settling with because they can't have one of those ethnic cuties? Are we really have such horrible personalities that white men go out of their way to find women who aren't "infected" by western culture? And I'm not supposed to be hurt by this? I like white western culture because it respects women, but that seems to be the aspect that white men hate the most.

No. 67642

>i like white western culture because it respects women, but that seems to be the aspect that white men hate the most

Lol I thought white western culture is the most oppressive society towards women and everyone else in history. Dont we have a serious rape culture problem according to women?

Not even gonna bother responding to that last comment as I'm pretty sure it's bait

No. 67643

I'll address your comment about the "ethnic qts"
Most people still hold white women in pretty high regard, but there's a few who see things as I do and realize they're a lost cause. They do think white women are the most attractive, but they're tired of them making an enemy out of those damned white cis-het males. It gets to the point where you're just like "why bother" When it comes to them.

No. 67644

Most white men hate women and I would say that they hate women a lot more than men in other cultures, even though they come from cultures that treat women better. White men have a lot of anger towards women and feel their problems would be solved if they could beat them with a club and drag them back to their cave. Basically, the laws and society itself is fair to women, but the men within the culture are misogynist. Notice how all MRA's, PUA's, sexpats, ect are always white men?

No. 67646

I'm still ok with white women as long as they don't steal half my shit and aren't tumblr tier. Having a family is also a must tbh

No. 67647

Kek good luck with that

No. 67648

>Most white men hate women
You can't be this fucking delusional. Just because the only place you ever communicate with humans with are /r9k/ and this robot containment thread doesn't mean it's an accurate representation of the world. Stop being a humongous fucktard.

No. 67649

Are you the same guy from last night posting about the circle of cuck?

No. 67650

Every white guy I've been friend with has had these feeling deep down. Every male in my family and my extended family.
I am a gurl

No. 67651

>Notice how all MRA's, PUA's, sexpats, ect are always white men
I'd say it's relatively proportionate to the population. I don't know many mras irl, but out of the ones I do know are 3 white guys 2 blacks and 3 latinos

Hell just go on r9k if you dont believe me. R9k is easily one of the most nonwhite boards being completely honest

No. 67652

I don't want to date a white man if he's going to be a paranoid fuck who thinks so low of me that he'd think I would ruin his life at the drop of a hat. It's always white guys who think like that, I know lots of men from other races who don't hesitate to get married and have kids and they live happy lives, meanwhile, all the white guys I know are bitter fags who play video games all day and jerk off in their bedrooms at age 26.

No. 67653

every white guy I've talked to just dislikes the white girls from tumblr or similar places.

No. 67654

Are you being ironic to show some of the robots here how dumb they are? If so, then bravo

If not then you need help

No. 67655

nice meme

No. 67656


This is where white men get their information on white woman from. This is their idea of love and sex(or lack of). They hate us for being "western whores" yet they don't abide to following any of the standards they use to judge others. They want a society where they can do whatever they want without women holding them back, yet, at the same time, they want to hate women for doing just that.
So, they hate women for not letting them do whatever they want, yet they hate women who DO let them do whatever they want and call them "plates" deserving of horrible abuse.

No. 67659

File: 1454916790952.jpg (36.79 KB, 600x364, 1454014258816.jpg)

>2 days later
>still arguing about the same topic

This is a special kind of autism.

No. 67660

Do you at least shave? Put on some proper pants goddamn

No. 67673

About take an interview, nervous as fuck. This one has better pay than my current job, hope I get it.

No. 67674

Good luck!

No. 67675

>I like white western culture because it respects women

It used to have the perfect balance of liberality along with paternal care and respect, these days we've reached a point where doing hardcore porn is considered a woman being independent and modern.

>So, are white women just something that they end up settling with because they can't have one of those ethnic cuties?

Nah, other way around.

>Are we really have such horrible personalities that white men go out of their way to find women who aren't "infected" by western culture?

Your personalities are usually fine. Wanting to be respected is understandable. The only thing that ticks me off is the white women who put down white men specifically, while playing up the supposed virtues of non-white men (Asian, Black etc). That, for obvious reasons, really gets to me.

He's some faggot from /r/asianmasculinity. They're a professional shitposting outfit.

No. 67720

File: 1454944594006.jpg (132.56 KB, 1080x837, 1454908475228.jpg)

This is what happens when you feel no sense of belonging to any group. No suppoet systems, no nothing
Just lol
You really are delusional

No. 67721

>The only thing that ticks me off is the white women who put down white men specifically, while playing up the supposed virtues of non-white men (Asian, Black etc). That, for obvious reasons, really gets to me.

That's about 99% of them m8

No. 67734

You need to find new friends, bud.

No. 67735

White women also suffer from a lack of group belonging mate. It's undeniable. Look at weebs.

No. 67744

How can you make that conclusion based off of this chart?

Were the men who committed suicide report feeling alienated because of their race? Was there any precipitating event around their suicide, related to race that would have brought you to that conclusion?

Because this just looks like a demographic breakdown of suicide stats. It doesn't say anything about the population's feelings about race.

No. 67745

Seriously. Can't they move this discussion to /pol/ or whatever? It would be nice to move on.

No. 67747

My uni has a wall of great Black leaders and Shaun King is right next to MLK on it kek
Just how? Oh it must be so hard to be found attractive by every person and to have many resources aimed at helping women like me

No. 67751

They still have no sense of group. "Gender loyalty" is stupid and no one really believe it. Race trumps it.

No. 67754

Suicide rates are dealt with most effectively by support networks. Many of which are explicitly or implicitly racial. Weren't black women kicking up a big fuss about black female suicide recently even though they have literally the lowest rate?

No. 67755

Well then be proud to be white then or something. I know women have a hard time getting into nationalism and other things like that because they're too compassionate towards everyone. Same reason why they push for open borders because they want to help people in worse conditions

No. 67756

I remember hearing about the black women fuss a while ago.

You hit the nailon the head with this post

No. 67758

I'm just not sure how you're coming to those conclusions based on that chart. The chat doesn't prove anything with regard to race relations. It just breaks down suicide rates by race, over a span of time.

No. 67759




The above report is literally an outright lie. Can't have a narrative that's not white oppressor and black victim so they outright lie.

No. 67760

What do you want us to do with this information?

No. 67761

We're not talking about race relations. We're talking about relative feelings of belonging to a wider group.

No. 67763

Okay, but the chart was showing suicide rates. It didn't mention anything about why they committed suicide.

No. 67764

Fun fact. When social "scientists" were looking for an explanation for the racial IQ gap they putatively suggested self esteem was responsible for it. Then actual data came out showing black Americans had the highest rates of self esteem. So they changed their tune lol

No. 67766

And like I said it's established fact that support networks minimise the incidence of it. Why are you pretending to be ignorant?

No. 67767

Robots, you have been ranting about your inferiority complex because of your race for like two whole days. I'd actually rather you talk about chad or height than to come back to /b/ and see the same shit posted over and over.

No. 67768

Why do you assume that they lacked a white support group, then? Why not a support group of friends?

No. 67769

What do you want us to do with that information?

No. 67770

Because white racial consciousness is verboten.

No. 67771

Maybe they were mentally I'll? Struggling with addiction? Went through a series of traumatizing events?

Why do you assume that they lacked a support system, based of a chart of suicide rates?

No. 67772


Addiction in white communities is also a problem that receives very little attention unfortunately, it's relative lack of attention is at least in part due to our inability to organize and work together as a race.

There are various options, you could beatbox to it, or develop some sort of twerking routine. Both fine African traditions.

No. 67773

>Why do you assume that they lacked a support system, based of a chart of suicide rates?

I've already explained that it's well known in psychological research that suicide is caused in no small part by 1) low self-esteem 2) a lack of a support network.

I'd be interested to see if the suicide rate were higher for whites in diverse areas, as racial diversity decreases trust and cohesion.

No. 67774

Not all of us are "robots". Stop trying to fall back on this caricature of fat guy who has never had sex with a girl. It's a coping mechanism that says more about you than it does them.

No. 67775

There are multiple reasons why a person would commit suicide. There is not concrete set of reasons. It has to do with a bunch of factors in a person's life coming together, and they think that killing themselves is the only way out.

No. 67777


How do you feel about chad?

No. 67778

>no concrete set of reasons

There are various factors in one's psychological economy that make it more likely. This isn't a particularly abstract concept I'm trying to explain here. It's not like I'm trying to illustrate multivariate calculus.

The "Chad" caricature as imagined by most robots is actually just an alpha male. Robots don't understand that alpha males and looked up to for their leadership qualities precisely because they're respected and LIKED by other men. Every guy at my school and then college who was super popular with girls was also a genuine and decent person to male friends and acquaintances, the idea he's some sort of bully is just Hollywood bullshit made by nerds.

There's also a huge amount of non-white male butthurt towards any white male who exemplifies typically western masculine, dominant traits: Well humored, irreverent, capable with banter, athletic etc. I've noticed irreverence particularly triggers Asians for some reason, and makes them think the person is out to get them (hyper-sensitivity).

No. 67779

See this:


Even when white death rates skyrocket, they still find a way to resort back to white oppressor / black victim narratives:

>According to the newspaper's report, drug addiction in black communities ultimately resulted in mass incarceration, while heroin and prescription drug abuse has been met with calls for a more sympathetic approach, possibly because its victims are largely white.

No. 67780

>til Asians fear white banter

No. 67781

What is supposed to outrage me with this?

No. 67782

They just dislike irreverence because they come from a culture that is generally more sensitive to perceived slights, hence the idea of losing face.

>The reason whites are dying in record numbers is because they're treated better by the system

No. 67784

But the article says that the system is MORE sympathetic to white drug addicts. It is easier for them to find help.

No. 67785

That's my point. The article is bullshit.

No. 67786

So it sounds like Asians don't fear banter, they just grew up in a culture that didn't appreciate it like yours did.

No. 67788

I didn't say they "feared banter". I stated:

>I've noticed irreverence particularly triggers Asians for some reason, and makes them think the person is out to get them (hyper-sensitivity).

Go use a dictionary.

No. 67789

They can have easier access to support and still succumb to their addiction. Having access to more sympathic support doesn't necessarily mean they are more likely to get help. Addiction is very difficult to treat, when they addict wants help.

No. 67790

File: 1454956424186.jpg (618.59 KB, 586x789, 552_00000002945.jpg)

>tfw can make friends with people instantly including girls
>pretty good social skills
>a bit fat but not that good looking
>absolutely get terrified and froze up when a girl approaches me romantically
>can't talk with her
>start acting like a ultra autist
>start feeling anxious about how she's judging me

What the fuck is wrong with me? And for fucks sake enough with the race shit already and fuck off to /pol/ or something, you've been parroting the same shit for almost three days already. We get it you are so oppressed and unliked.

No. 67791


*not that bad looking

fuck I need sleep

No. 67792

Again, it just sounds like they grew up in a culture that didn't appreciate that kind of humour and personality performance like yours did.

No. 67793

Okay, so what's the purpose of telling us all this? Why do we need to know that about Asians and banter?

No. 67794

>They can have easier access to support

That was a naked assertion, there's no actual substantiation behind it.

No. 67795

Yes, that is literally what I said.

No. 67796

Does that happen more often with girls you think are extra cute?

Like if this happens a lot when you're around your crush then I think thats pretty normal. Sometimes I'll psych myself out before I even talk to my crush. Like I'll think about all the things I want to say, and how I hope I don't look stupid and sudden i'm in front of him and I'm like "uhhhhhhhh"

No. 67798

Omfg no one cares. You aren't going to convince anyone to believe in your race war. You need to move on.

No. 67799

File: 1454956844940.jpg (114.87 KB, 500x648, image.jpg)

ahh somebody told me this in regards to shyness and it's harsh but here it is - don't be so self absorbed! everyone everywhere is afraid and concerned of people judging them. but when it's all you can focus on, that anxiety is much like a form of vanity. just be chill, dont worry so much. you sound cool. it's gonna be ok. i like that picture.

No. 67800

>race war

What? You clearly care, given the frequency with which you've been replying.

No. 67802

File: 1454957027198.jpg (871.1 KB, 1130x1590, 1453500514476.jpg)


I don't know, I usually don't like people before I get to know them closely. Last time I kind of liked someone was 8 years ago, I think I lost to ability. Example, some girl from work started hitting on me last week. Every time I hear my phone vibrate I get mini heart attacks, really feel uncomfortable for some reason. Don't know how to explain in more detail.


T-thanks, don't know if it's being self absorbed but idea of being close to someone romantically terrifies me for some reason. See above.

No. 67808

File: 1454957825343.jpg (143.96 KB, 800x1267, image.jpg)

sometimes around a crush i would get shakey so i understand what you are saying. i have been with somebody for seven years and i still get shakey when we meet up after being physically distant, i'm afraid he's gonna suddenly realize i'm ugly and lazy and flawed. honestly the only remedy that helps me is pushing myself in fitness and art, like as a daily regimen, i don't know what you are good at or enjoy but the physical exertion helped calm the shakey nausea and kinda bring me some confidence - and the art gave me something to talk about before the panic set in haha. but seriously i don't say self absorbed like its bad, it's just that maybe you gotta love yourself and appreciate yourself and it might help alleviate that anxiety of someone seeing the real you and maybe you are still a mystery to yourself and that's why it's scary when people get close to you

i might be talking out of my ass but i hope it improves for you, i really do

No. 67810

File: 1454959112316.jpg (21.87 KB, 197x358, 1453802044496.jpg)


It's not that cutesy kind of anxiety. I legit feel terrified, cold sweats, extreme heartbeat, feel numb all over my body. Am I just fucked up in the head or something?

No. 67816

File: 1454960581267.jpg (200.06 KB, 1024x724, 1454906786985.jpg)

Roommate is finally gone
Time for a wank

No. 67820

You might just have a bit of social anxiety. Talk to your doctor.

No. 67839

Not him but I have the same reaction. I had to sit in the front of a lecture hall and even that was too much for me. I was sweating a lot and felt like puking. Kept fidgeting and I also have an eye twitch that comes in when I'm nervous

What could a doctor possibly do?

No. 67840

File: 1454963279506.jpg (16.5 KB, 400x296, 1454881340322.jpg)

>tfw zero fashion sense
I just bum it with sweats/jeans and a blank t shirt most days

No. 67844

That's not how addiction works…..

No. 67845

File: 1454964416635.png (Spoiler Image,927.17 KB, 1417x832, Untitled.png)


Start from basics. Get some chelsea boots and a decent derbies, plain color sweaters, slim fit chinos, wool trousers and jeans, a good coat and nice fitting oxford and flannel shirts. This is for fall/winter though. Seriously, it's not that hard to dress alright. I too have no idea how to combine stuff but I just go with my gut feeling and browse some inspo threads on /fa/ and it sometimes came out okay. Just don't fall the meme trends.

No. 67846

Tried looking at male fashion advice?

No. 67847

Meds or therapy

No. 67849

A doctor could refer you to someone like a psychologist for a diagnosis. Maybe you have social anxiety. If it is chemically based, they might treat it with medication. If it isn't, then they'll try to guide you through it, and offer ways to help you overcome your fears.

I mean if your anxiety is stopping you from living the life you want, then what's the harm in talking to a doctor? What's the worst case scenario?

No. 67852

What's the harm in going to the doctor? My little brother passed out at a track meet once. His heart was racing, he was sweating all over, he felt like puking, and he just passed out. He was always a shy and anxious kid, but it turned out that he has a heart condition that is triggered by adrenaline.

Its not necessarily psychological. But who better to tell you than a doctor?

No. 67853

I've been to /fa/ once and just no

No. 67867

gayest shit i've ever seen, sweats are qt

No. 67872

Garbage, basic fit. I hope none of you intend to dress like this.

No. 67873


Should I wore edgy band shirts and cargo pants instead?

No. 67875


Show me your superior fashion taste oh the fashion guru!

No. 67878

jeans and plain shirts. it's easy.

No. 67880



No. 67885

Sure, if you want to paint houses

No. 67952

Women who feel oppressed turn to the left, men who feel oppressed turn to the right. That's why nationalist women are so cool while nationalist men just want to bitch.
>Equal rights for whites!
>Whaa divorce favors women!
>Male equality!
>We need to reclaim our masculinity! Become a PUA!
Ect. White men and only white men fall into this shit. Any sane women would get turned off by this victim mentality.
There are more traditionalist women then men, it's just that nationalist men are only into traditional roles because they want to be on top of everyone else. Being a white women and being a nationalist means that you're sacrificing your status and rights, being a none-white woman and a nationalist means that your empowering yourself. Also, another thing I don't understand about nationalism. They make no effort to recruit females, they say they're trying to attract "white men" and direct all their propaganda towards them, and yet, they whine when women don't join their movement? Why? Don't they all agree that women are a useless asset? For example, the whole sandnigger rape thing would have been a perfect time to recruit female members, but they ruined it by making the incident all about themselves and how it made them feel. Instead of spinning it as "look at these attacks on white women, oh no" they all went "yes! More enemies of the white man (aka white women) are getting what they deserve! Well, that's what they get for refusing to support our noble cause!

No. 67959

White men defending a rapist.


How sick can white men get? Are they born cucks?

No. 67963

By that logic, aren't leftist men cool, then?

No. 67969

File: 1454987851001.jpg (11.01 KB, 236x208, 07e5f8d37c67880f34e09f80e3f20f…)

Yes, notice how they're always attractive?

No. 68017

First exam of the semester tomorrow
Hope I get off to a good start

No. 68019

Youre just as autistic and delusional as the robots posting on the other side of this

No. 68026

There are a lot of women that got interested in nationalism as a result of cologne you dolt.

Anyway. You're not white and you're not female. So back to reddit with you.

No. 68064


All the women I know have mentioned it's probably exaggerated by the media to turn people against refugees and Muslims

No. 68067

I almost want to get sun glasses because my eyes are so sad looking. I get comments on it all the time and from random people

I dont think it's even that bad and I dont necessarily even see what they're talking about. My resting eye state is just kinda droopy and dead I guess

No. 68081

File: 1455034684492.png (3.68 KB, 236x220, 1454887927935.png)

Seriously when the fuck will bidets become mainstream in america?
I'm tired of having to step into the shower to powerwash my asshole

No. 68082

invest in some flushable wipes

No. 68084

I'm living in a dorm currently and they have fucking 1 ply and that's it

I just try my best and then step into one of the showers and put the showerhead by my ass

I used to use a garden hose for this back at home

I really should buy my own toilet paper here tbh. Fuck 1 ply

No. 68134

File: 1455042588517.jpg (278.44 KB, 1081x864, 1454844383217.jpg)


I might move to US for a job next year or so and that shit is making me think. I don't think I can shit in peace without one.

No. 68147

No. 68161

I never got the point of European style bidets. They seem more suitable for washing feet before Muslim prayer
>Europe is so considerate for their future population

You could get a Bidet Seat. They simply convert a plain toilet into a Japanese style bidet toilet

No. 68172

I think my exam went pretty well :3
Not that I really care because I think I'm dropping out after this semester, but it feels good to do well regardless
Thank you anons
I wrote out a longer reply but then lol.cow crashed wgen I tried uploading a pic along with it

tl;dr I'll look into both

No. 68369

Thanks to the anon who suggested baby wipes

Found some and used them. Was pretty great but I would still prefer a bidet. They also said nonflushable, but they flushed fine tbh

No. 68383

Baby wipes are also good during your period, lol.

I would be careful when flushing wipes that are not explicitly flushable. Once in a while is fine, but you can't always be sure about the integrity of your plumbing. This is why people in some countries don't flush toilet paper - our plumbing is good enough for toilet paper, theirs isn't.

No. 68389

Where are you from anon? I wasn't raised to dispose of toilet paper in the toilet till I was an adult and realized my bf did it and found it disgusting to leave poop t.p. in the trash.

No. 68392

I'm just a guy on a messy streak when it comes to pooing lately

No. 68393

Baby wipes and tampons flushed down the toilet will fuck up the plumbing. >>68369 Please don't flush anymore. It will be very costly to unclog your pipes, especially if they have to rip up a good portion of a patio/yard to get to the mess.

No. 68397

US, I have been flushing toilet paper for my whole life.

My fob mother throws TP in the trash bin, which infuriates me every time I'm home.

No. 68398

I dont get that. Do baby wipes really create that much of a problem? I've had some pretty huge turds and I've never had an issue. Baby wipes seem like child's play

I'm no plumber though

No. 68405

Kek. Did she yell at you saying shit like Tp clogs the toilets?

No. 68406

Not that anon but I use the "adult" wipes. Basically baby wipes but they're in the toilet paper aisle. Pretty sure you can flush those.

No. 68407

Jfc, your poo will dissolve in water and piss going through the pipes.
A baby wipe will not dissolve. Ever.
They accumulate and you have fucked your plumbing.

What is up with adults not knowing basic fucking things like 'do I flush it'?
Did your parents neglect to teach you common knowledge and sense or are you only 14?

No. 68412

>being this aggressive about toilets

No. 68416

Goddamn, anon, take a deep breath. It's okay. We're going to get through this.

Pretty much what angry anon said.

No. 68421

Why does everyone outside Australia think that using the word 'fucking' means you're raging?

Its not aggressive, its a genuine question.
What does anon think baby wipes do in water? Do they think the pipes churn stuff up into a fine slurry?

This is honestly the kinda shit any reasonably minded person would know or work out in 30 seconds or less. Unless baby wipe anon is still a little tacker or wasn't taught basic things by weird neglectful parents there's no excuse I can come up with, so I'm asking.

Do we really say 'fuck' that much more than Americans and whoever else?

No. 68428

It's hard to read tone sometimes. Upon reading your comment again, I can see how it could not be angry.

I can't speak for all segments of the US, but in the lower middle class Southeastern culture I was raised in your cursing would be taboo in mixed company. As a woman I would be considered white trash if I talked like that. Maybe it's different among men.

No. 68432

That whole post was written with incredulity, not anger I swear.

I wish I could type inflections, it would save a lot of arguing on the Internet.

No. 68446

Just use baby wipes.

No. 68450

>Do we really say 'fuck' that much more than Americans and whoever else?

Yes, ya' cunt.

See what I did there…

No. 68457

This is why people wanna blow you fuckers up.

No. 68464

People want to blow the US up because they swear less than Australians?

No. 68630

File: 1455129533509.png (37.41 KB, 528x444, 1455045375020.png)

Autism'd today lads
I was in a cafeteria at my uni eating by myself at Uni and a qt girl came and sat across from me and asked if she could ask me a few questions about the presidential race for her class. I autism'd hard and said no thanks. She said "o-oh. Okay" and then left

Kill me fams. That was literally the most I've talked to a girl in months too

No. 68634

In high school, I was once approached by a student council guy to sign his petition (he had to get a certain number of signatures to be officially considered a presidential candidate). I'd had several classes with him and this was literally the only time he ever bothered speaking to me.

I told him no, because we've never even talked, I have no idea what his platform might be like, and it's pretty uncool to ignore a person until you need their vote.

Nah that didn't happen, I just went blank and sperged out and signed the thing and let him go on his merry way.

I think you did the right thing.

No. 68639

File: 1455130701002.gif (297.72 KB, 374x299, 1454907589398.gif)

Well I mean I dont think she was shilling for a side. Either way it was literally the only girl I've talked to this year so I think it would have been nice. I go most days without ever speaking at all. I'm not exaggerating that

I think I fucked up

No. 68673

Well there's nothing you can do about it now. Its not like this was your one and only chance to talk to a girl or anything.

No. 68688

>Why does everyone outside Australia think that using the word 'fucking' means you're raging?

oh god welcome to my fucking life anon, any time i drop an fbomb here to accentuate a point its all "ooooh someones on their period"
fuck off cunts seriously

No. 68700

Here I am, having a perfectly nice fuckin conversation, no fuckin aggression whatsoever, just wondering why this anon doesn't know what the fuck goes in the toilet and suddenly I'm the crazy angry toilet anon.
Fucks sake we don't swear that much.

No. 68732

It actually was tbh

I cant emphasize my lack of any sort of interaction with women in my whole life. I cant even get friendzoned, beta orbit, or have a crush on a girl because I've never known any kek

No. 68749

Should I go to Ash Wednesday mass just to get out of the apartment?

I haven't been to mass in probably about 5 years

Not particularly religious but it might be nice

No. 68756

Can't you ask girls to friendzone you right now? On this site? It will be virtual but it is a start.

No. 68759

Hello be my gf pls
I think we're great friends but would be even better lovers :3
pls respond

No. 68760

Yeah, go for it, anon. Something to do. Might be nice for a change of pace.

No. 68764

bloody culturally unaware amerifags cuss-shaming us!

No. 68770

I'm sorry anon but you're such a good friend to me and I don't want to ruin that. You're like one of the girls to me.

No. 68771

Its fuckin triggering

No. 68775

File: 1455152740505.png (3.04 MB, 1100x965, 1402601260253.png)

Oh, o-okay
I'm glad we can still be friends
I care a lot about you and whatever makes you happy I will support you 100%
If that doesn't include me as your boyfriend I respect and support your decision

No. 68776

You are always nice and understanding. I love you so much, as a friend. Let's continue to talk about girly things such as my boyfriend, periods and witchcraft.

No. 68777

>not a girl, wants to talk to me about girly things

I'm not a trap okay

No. 68782

But anon you've never had a girlfriend? You're not gay? I don't understand?

No. 68783

I'd love that
I'm so glad we're back to wherewe started and I didn't ruin our friendship that I value so much. I like to think I'm a valuable friend because as a guy I can give great advice on boyfriend issues haha

No. 68784

I'm just too shy and that doesn't make me gay okay.

some girls might like a shy guy r-right ?!

No. 68785

(Fuck off I'm the one getting friendzoned here)

No. 68786

No. 68787

Come on lads, I can friendzone two at once no problem.

It's like you know how guys think. You're advice is always welcome. And you're so funny too! I LOVE that about you.

You know how much I've experimented with my girlfriends thanks to Chad so you know I would never hold it against you if you were gay!

No. 68788

It's almost like Americans weren't raised to be barn animals, hmmmm

No. 68791

Haha I love your advice too. You're so smart, kind, funny, and not to mention beautiful haha. I just want you to know I'll always be here for you no matter what happens. I really care about you
(I cant believe I'm even getting cucked out of being fucking friendzoned)

No. 68793

>I would never hold it against you if you were gay!

That's a good pov to have but I'm really not gay I like girls, okay maybe I like butch girls but that doesn't make me gay.

This is some different tier of friendzoning I'm not even interested in you I see you like a annoying sister or cousin you know.


No. 68796

I know honey. I love how you always compliment me. Chad just jumps me the moment he gets through the door. You know how he is, not one to talk! Here, take my phone. We need to get shots of all the new clothes and shoes I bought for my IG and some special ones for Chad of course.

I knew it. You guys are gay as fuck, every time.

No. 68799

Lol what?
I swear a bit, I don't shit in the paddock and sleep on hay.

No. 68800

I'm just fucking with you. In America cursing is considered strong language, so that's why it's generally taken as aggressive.

No. 68801

File: 1455157766758.jpeg (134.78 KB, 800x533, image.jpeg)

I hope the word you're looking for is tomboy. Butch is just…..

No. 68806

Lol that's so like him
I would love to shop with you tomorrow :D
goes home, cries in the shower, and then faps to all your pictures on facebook
(Thank you for helping me experience this <3 )

No. 68809

I got on the bus to go there, but as soon as iT started moving I realized I was in plaid pajama pants and a grey hoodie

I saw other people on the bus presumably heading there and they had jeans and a nice shirt at the minimum

Not to mention my pajama panta dont even fit and end halfway up my shins. I got off at the first stop and just walked home

Oh well

No. 68810

Nope I like the look of both butch girls and tomboy girls.

I'm also into the alt looking punk girls or even some with muscles as well.

but I am a pale skinny neet so eh

No. 68811

>so eh
Aside from the neet part you sound like the type of guy they'd want to date

No. 68812

Mirror anon here again

I've been working on a few things and I've found I can look at my picture on my phone if I flip the camera around because it smoothes things out I guess?
I dont know. Just a progress report I guess

No. 68814

The neet part is more self disparaging, it's more introvert loner quiet guy.

>you sound like the type of guy they'd want to date

haha also shy so I doubt this so much

No. 68819

File: 1455160262600.gif (6.04 KB, 569x510, 1403294245747.gif)

>also shy
I think they like that shit anon

No. 68822

File: 1455160503286.png (33.28 KB, 377x487, explorer_2016-02-10_21-12-37.p…)

Who /escapism/ here?
My current backlog

No. 68832

the idea of taking a guys virginity is so hot to me. but all virgins are fucking losers

No. 68838

t. Robot falseflagger

No. 68844

please don't fill me with hope anon/cow

that's very very unlikely, even if true the problem being shy means I won't encounter this.

shoo shoo succubus

No. 68846

Not true. Fucking virgins is awesome. Ugh, makes me wet.

No. 68851

I totally agree with that also they are adorable

No. 68858

No. 68859

The best feeling is having a virgin treat you like a goddess!

No. 68860

t. Fat and hairy robot

No. 68863

Anon, you've never had a virgin excitedly buck his hips in surprise inside you before?

No. 68864

Stop posting
This is supposed to be a friendly and non-hostile thread

No. 68865


No. 68866

File: 1455163124301.png (34.28 KB, 298x279, pls_stop.png)

Thank you

No. 68867

Anyone else so starved for attention that even the tiny thing sets you off.

A friend sat down beside me resting her head on my shoulder as we watched a film and I popped a boner.

when she held my hand as well the same thing happened.

it's so idiotic but I can't help it

No. 68868

>he has a female friend who holds his hand and he's weirded out he gets a boner
Fuck off please
That's hardly a tiny thing that sets you off.

No. 68870

i'm weirded out that it gets set off by anything and everything anon

No. 68871

How old are you?
You have a friend
Who is also a girl

Fuck off normie

No. 68875

File: 1455163857934.jpg (267.72 KB, 900x900, 1425770392917.jpg)


No. 68876

sounds like a faulty penis, you should ask for a replacement/refund

No. 68886

File: 1455164827979.jpg (23.81 KB, 303x309, 1433082973077.jpg)

Lads I've stuck my dick in crazy and haven't even gotten my dick wet

I've been sexting this 29 y/o women whose biological clock is ticking like crazy and she's talking about how she wants me to impregnate her and talking about how good of a Dad I'd be, what our kids would look like, etc.
I confronted her about it once saying I wasn't okay with it a while ago and she said it's just a kink and that she's not necessarily serious. But now she's talking about meeting over the summer

We live on other sides of the country btw. She's a nice girl and all and if I was older and we met up and things were good maybe it would be different. Fact is I'm 19 and don't want to be a father for a long fucking time. I also feel bad for her because she's getting up there and hasn't had a BF since she was 24 and constantly laments about how she's never going to have kids. She's nice but we have completely different expectations for this I think…

Only girl I've been lewd with ever if this counts as lewd. She sends me videos and pics of her all the time

No. 68909

are you retarded? just stop talking to her. you aren't even talking to her irl so it's easier.

you acknowledge that she's older/wants these things but you are leading her to think you're a viable option (as lame as that is).

No. 68910

I care about her as a friend…
I hope she finds a guy her age who is nice and wants kids. She's saying I'm her fucking 10/10 though. That's one of the worst things about it. She's unintentionally guilting me into thinking she'd be disappointed in anyone else

I know it's stupid, but it's nice to hear nice things about me. She's done a bit for my confidence tbh. I'll mention again I don't want any damn kids next time I talk to her. Sometimes she'll be fapping and I'll just go along with fucking her until shes pregnant, etc. She also has started calling me daddy

Whole thing is just a bit much for me tbh. We started talking as friends first for several months and it's been a good year or so, but then a few months ago it got all weird. Wish I could undo that, but I'm a horny teen so I jumped at her advances like an idiot

No. 68911

She messaged me from an /r9k/ steam thread if anyone was wondering

No. 68931

I'm not a robot, Jesus. I just love that shy uncertainty. The opportunity to have my way with an unsuspecting/unassuming guy is hot.

No. 68932

I mean, as long as you don't lead her on and agree that you'll knock her up. And never trust her condoms. She might poke holes in them or some shit.

No. 68933

Well then you're in the extreme minority
I feel like I need to draw a distinction with her (again) between roleplay and real life. She's super fucking clingy too. Which I didn't think I'd ever mind…

Probably would be different irl. Having to answer my phone every hour all the time because she says she's thinking about me gets a bit old

No. 68956

Did you make an appointment with a therapist yet?

No. 68958

It doesn't sound like you enjoy talking to her very much. Just let her down gently.

No. 68986

I dont really now that I've had time to think about it
One time I didnt talk to her for a day and she thought it was because I lost interest. I called her later and she was crying her eyes out

I'm stuck :l

How do you think I should proceed?

No. 68992

Honestly, if you're not into her then no one's going to judge you for breaking up with her. You guys just want different things.

Try not to be hurtful. Just tell her that you're sorry, but you're going to have to stop having sexual chats with her. Tell her that you're just not the kind of person who is tied to your phone, and that its clear that you have different communication styles. It kind of puts pressure on you to always be in contact with her, when you're really not that kind of person. It made you realize that you need to figure out yourself and what you want from women, and that you hope there are no hard feelings.

But honestly if this is all online you can basically say whatever you want. Its not like she is someone you are going to bump into everyday, so hopefully that can take some of the pressure off you.

How would you want someone to break up with you in this situation?

No. 68998

>liking virgins

Eww no, they are virgins for a reason. They are horrible and disgusting people most of the time.

No. 68999

this tbh. all the adult virgins I know are either socially retarded/unattractive or have some cop out excuse as to why nobody loves them.

No. 69001

Hey fuck off slut you arent better looking than me otherwise you wouldnt be gossiping here / raiding this on this stupid girl version of 4chin.You probably do have more social skills though as I never had a friend. I'm going to invest in a dog though.
Btw are you a guy or girl? Slut

No. 69002


No. 69003

Ok, well congrats on your desire to put everything you find up your pussy. I have a 28 year old gf that just lost her virginity and she's not some fucked up looking psycho. My bf was a 27 year old virgin who was religious till the age of 23. Not every virgin is some weird fuck. Some people just don't want to fuvk everything that moves.

No. 69004

And if it bothers them so much that they're virgins, they can always just not tell anybody.

Like, just don't say anything about it. No one in the real world gives a shit anyway.

No. 69005

Who hurt you?

No. 69011

Most of them are afraid that it will show.

No. 69013

well, it does, especially on here. the amount of sheer anger and knee-jerk defense reaction to anything that questions this always gives it away.

No. 69014

Kek. That I know but we're talking about real world situations. You know, when you finally reach that point with someone, they're afraid they'll spazz out and fuck everything up and be shunned from sex forever.

No. 69015

Mostly men and a few catty whores

No. 69027

I looked into it and asked about it on my Uni's subreddit anonymously. They said the counselors here just throw prozac at you, and that it didn't sound like I had a legitimate mental illness/reason to go there in the first place

So I guess that is out

No. 69028

I'm not "into" her, but I do like her as a friend. I enjoyed talking to her before everything got weird. At this point I really fucking doubt we can go back to that point and it'd probably be best to just cut it off. That's a lot easier said than done though…

If I was in a similar situation I'd definitely want the girl to be open with me if she felt like I do. I'll try to work up the courage next time she brings up something that's over the line for me. I dont want to hurt her at all, but I dont really see a way to do that in this situation. I let it go on way too long and get out of hand because I'm a dumb and horny teenager who jumped at the first girl who ever showed me any attention

Thanks for taking the time to respond btw. Helped me put things in perspective and I know I have to do it. Gonna be hard though

No. 69081

Honestly, the only way I would give a shit if a guy was a virgin is if he believes it is because of some chad conspiracy or that our relationship will "fix" him.

Once you're out of high school, no one cares. Like, they really, really don't care.

No. 69082

If you think their anger that they show online doesn't bleed into their IRL world, then I've got news for you, buddy.

No. 69083

How did they hurt you?

No. 69084

>it didn't sound like I had a legitimate mental illness

Why don't you let a doctor decide that?

And if you go to your uni's mental health services, you can see if they can refer you to someone off campus, or make an appointment with a psychologist (who doesn't prescribe meds).

Stop finding excuses to not get help.

No. 69086

It'll be hard, but I think you have a good perspective.

I'm rooting for you, anon!

No. 69107

Nah, go look up the statistics.

Not the anon that posted it btw.

No. 69117

Because no matter how I look at it I don't really think I have a mental illness
It's just a quirk like how seeing jewelry makes me physically ill. It's weird, but it's me I guess

No. 69120

Idk man, if you're okay with not leaving your apartment for weeks at a time, and hallucinating in mirrors, then you do you.

Just don't bitch about it to us.

No. 69127

File: 1455235055911.png (371.02 KB, 1228x872, 1417231452201.png)

>tfw failing a class because I don't participate in discussion at all
Who actually grades based off this shit

No. 69128

Sorry I didn't mean to bother you guys about it

I was just being a depressed shit and felt like telling my sob story to a bunch of strangers

No. 69130

I just think it's something I need to solve on my own somehow
And I don't think throwing pills at me is the solution

No. 69135

But you're an adult. A doctor can't force you to take medication. You can just ask for a referral to a psychologist or ask for a therapist to talk to.

You basically have two options: seek professional help or don't. If you don't want to, then don't.

No. 69136

You can find a professional stranger to have those talks with.

No. 69139

I haaaaaaate that shit

No. 69143

you should pull some special snowflake shit and say it's unfair for this to be part of grading because you have a phobia or anxiety disorder or something and talking in class triggers it.

No. 69145

Well we had to give our preferred pronouns at the beginning of the year so that might work

The teacher is a flaming homosexual who goes on rants about the "white patriarchy" unironically. If I wasn't white then I'm sure I could work something like that out

No. 69147

Just stopped thinking about it and called a few min ago. Next Monday

Hopefully goes well

No. 69149

I'm happy to hear that, anon.

And don't forget, the doctor works for you! If they suggest a treatment you absolutely don't want to do, then you can say no.

No. 69153

File: 1455238402401.jpg (21.34 KB, 180x240, 1383464293692.jpg)

The phone call itself wasn't so bad. Partially automated too. I don't know if I fucked myself over with this, but I requested to see one of the female counselors just because I can't imagine talking about emotions and stuff like that with another guy

But she's also a girl so that adds another level of anxiety there. Out of the two I think I made a good choice there hopefully.

Also thanks for the support

No. 69158

Don't let her gender psych you out. It isn't a date. She is a professional, and will treat you professionally.

No. 69160

Almost everyone even though I heard they're not allowed to. It's like losing points for attendance. Bitch, I pay you to show up, not me!

No. 69161

Yeah, her gender has fuck all to do with it. Plus she might be an old lady or something.

No. 69175

wait, you're a guy yourself? Seems weird to me, because I kind of hated female therapists and acted disrespectful, whereas I don't have this problem with my current one, who is male.
Again, I'm also male

No. 69176

I'm hoping it's an older lady. I had a counselor in middle school who I was forced to see after several incidents and it was rough at first but as time went on I found her easier to talk to. She was around 60 and I didnt feel judged for anything and I ended up looking forward to talking to her

No. 69178

I've only had one experience and it was good. Now that you mention it in starting to regret going the female route. I was thinking I'd get some dude bro therapist or a literal flaming homosexual like an academic advisor I went to see once

No. 69189

Been hiding in a bathroom for a good 2 hrs
Fucking hell I hate it here

No. 69191

File: 1455251776057.gif (93.32 KB, 612x612, cat.gif)

Starting to make video diaries. Should be interesting to look back on one day I hope. I already have a diary going back to when I was 15. This should compliment it well.

Anyone else keep a journal of sorts?

No. 69193

hope you're a girl because that's cringeworthy as fuck, kill yourself if you're a guy

No. 69195

No, I do the opposite. Drink myself stupid till I black out and forget my whole life.

No. 69197

Nah I'm a lad

I'm having a real shit time and I just keep a journal detailing it. I know it's dumb, but if I ever reproduce I'd like to give every cringeworthy page to muh keeds when they're 16 or so.

No. 69221

Why would a male hang out with a female every other day at his place if he didn't want a relationship or sex.

What is he trying to accomplish.

No. 69239

But what if you end up like that guy that was obsessed with Bjork and sent her a bomb and like an heroed on film?

No. 69247


No. 69248

>anon makes videos
>bjork's stalker made videos
>therefore anon's video diaries might turn sinister

U wot m8?

No. 69259

Can guys really be just friends with girls though

No. 69261


Yeah if you both don't find each other attractive. Worked so far for me.

No. 69265

Definitely can

No. 69286


Women, like men, enjoy friendship. Not every interaction is romantic.

You guys act like women are fucking aliens.

>a local female enjoys being in my general proximity

>communication is often engaged
>what does this mean?

Jesus Christ get yourselves socialized.

No. 69287

I've been falsely accused of abuse guys what should I do

No. 69288

Get a lawyer? Not post on image boards? Idk.

No. 69289

This is a robot thread so I'm guessing you have been accused of sexual abuse or some kind of violent interaction.

No. 69291

If they went to the police you should probably get a lawyer

No. 69298

File: 1455282370871.jpg (542.45 KB, 1280x1850, wall2.jpg)

Never thought wageslaving would be the solution to my depression, guess I had too much time on my hand.

No. 69301


Robots are so overdramatic

No. 69316


Well there is a difference between a decent job and standing up for 10 hours.

No. 69357

Lmao, what a little bitch. Cry harder.

No. 69360

*Try harder

No. 69365

For those who think it's impossible for a white, autistic man to get a white woman, don't fret, it can happen.
I'm a white woman, engaged to an autistic white man who barely talked and was extremely awkward during the first weeks of dating. But I was patient and helped him opening up. We've been together for 5 years now.
Bonus points, we were both each others first. I immediately went for the white, adorable nerd basically.
(I myself don't care much for race, but since there seems to be a consensus among robots that it is very important, I put very much emphasis on the white part)
Just keep hoping basically, someone will prove your delusions wrong.

No. 69367

Accept what you did, move on, and never talk to that person again? I dont know if you really did it or not, but if they didn't go to the police or anything, they have nothing to gain from accusing you. Despite what robots think, it's all loss and no gain–who in society will listen to a woman, especially if they're known for being mentally unstable? Abuse victims in general tend to doubt their experiences and not tell anyone.
Maybe you don't think what you did was abuse, robot, but some girl who was dumb enough to be nice enough to you probably got more fucked in the head after you came into her life.
Just accept what it is. If there are no charges, just never contact her again and move on.

No. 69397

Don't encourage them by playing along with their delusions. I mean its great that you are enjoying your relationship, but these guys need to learn that an Aryan princess isn't going to fix their problems.

No. 69403

Ikr. Then they wonder why they're so depressed when all of their jargon makes adult life seem like the apocalypse:
>general interactions with feeeeeeemales

Like get a fucking grip. If this is how they see the world then no wonder they're such messes.

No. 69406

And don't post about it here, asking us to ruin her life

No. 69407

Which one of you is making these shitty threads?

No. 69408

If we don't have a containment thread, they shit up everything they touch.

No. 69427

They're autistic and butthurt. As soon as someone shows them some interest, they'll probably change their mind. They can't help it that they have a tendency to develop delusions like this.

No. 69431

>prayer circle for the sacrificial lamb who will teach robots how to love

Well I would hate to be the poor chick who is their first date. To have to put up with all their bizarro ideas about how women "really" work would be like dating a fucking alien.

No. 69434

File: 1455295702629.jpg (9.67 KB, 231x221, 12391968_549774465174710_78354…)


You seem too triggered over a simple word. I didn't say I'm not enjoying it, I thought it would be hell but it's actually quite fun and my co workers are good people. It's a bit tiring but better than sitting alone at home shitposting.


Wagies and cucks are just memes, some of us takes it seriously for some reason.

No. 69442

Get some reading comprehension, I said what if.

No. 69443

I'm glad you can enjoy that. Hopefully you can apply this to other social aspects of your life.

No. 69445

I doubt anyone has to put up with it. Do you really think they DARE to talk about it in real life? Also the fact that they'll drop the edgelord act as soon as someone will be interested in them, I doubt someone would ever find out about their delusions in real life.

Nobody needs to teach them how to love, they should just drop the whole 'woe is me' act and then someone might finally become interested in them. Suicidal tendencies are not sexy.

No. 69447


I have friends and can talk to people normally. I can also probably get a girlfriend if I try to but have too many shit I have to fiz, don't wanna ruin some poor girls life. My feels lie elsewhere, not tfw no gf

No. 69449

I agree.

Its the ones who really believe all the robot conspiracies that kind of worry me.

No. 69451

They might not be the ones who say anything, but I can see them bottling their anger inside until they stab a barista to death or start stalking the cute girl in class.

No. 69460

t. Robot false flag
Or you'll cuck him later on

No. 69462

Just walked in on a girl pooping at my uni. We have single unisex bathrooms and she forgot to lock the door which would have marked it as occupiedi opened it, saw what was happening, and back out super quickly. She just said "Oh!"

Should I find her and apologize later?

No. 69464

Lol the last thing she wants is another reminder of that happening

No. 69465

You'd never unserstand
You have hundreds of men who want to date you. Practically on a platter for you to choose

No. 69466

I dont want to be "that guy that walked in on me pooping and never apologized for it"

No. 69467

Yes, anon. Follow her home for a few nights, and then tap her on the shoulder while she's unlocking her door, and apologize.

No. 69468

What would happen in that scenario? Let's say you are known as the bathroom-walker-inner? What then?

No. 69473

See this? This is the "woe is me" shit that's shooting yourself in the foot when it comes to any and all social interaction.

No. 69478

Nah that's kinda creepy
I hope I could spin it in a way that she thinks it in a way to benefit both of us. Like, "haha I've seen you pooping. We might as well start dating and have lots of sex haha."
Obviously not right out of the gate, but after I take her out to dinner to make up for it.

No. 69479

Wow fucked up the first part
I mean spin it in a way that makes it cool to both of us

No. 69480

Please, oh sweet Jesus, don't try to use the fact that you saw her shitting as the start of your imaginary love story.

Don't act on it either. You don't even know her! Did you even get a good look at her in the 3.8 seconds it took you to open the door and slam it shut?????

Don't stalk this girl. Don't feel compelled to apologize. She is probably hoping that she will never see you again because she is so embarrassed. She probably feels like a moron for not locking the door. The last thing she's thinking about is jumping your dick.

Fuck do robots live on earth? Is ever interaction with a woman a romcom plot?

No. 69482

So you want to find a random girl at your university for a love connection when the only thing you know about her is that she shit in a specific toilet one time?

And you think this won't be creepy? You think she will appreciate this, yes?

No. 69486

File: 1455300459313.gif (2.33 MB, 208x200, 1454990812522.gif)

>She is probably hoping that she will never see you again because she is so embarrassed
Pls no ;-;

No. 69487


Please do not talk to her ever again.

No. 69490

If you ever see her again don't bring it up. Don't even talk to her

Would you like it if some rando came up to you and brought up a horrifyingly embarrassing moment of your life?

No. 69491

I mean she's probably embarassed currently, but I want her to become comfortable with me having seen her poop
I feel bad
It's probably even worse for her because she comes from a more conservative society where they pretend girls dont poop (Chinese international student if I had to guess)

No. 69492

you have GOT to be trolling

No. 69493

File: 1455300697487.jpg (52.19 KB, 500x533, 1455025532135.jpg)

How else am I supposed to befriend a qt?

No. 69494

Do you actually think she is thinking "I hope I see that guy again who walked in on me in the bathroom!" Because I promise that she is thinking "omg I'm so embarrassed why didn't I lock the door? I want to die!"

No. 69495

Usually I hate this thread to death because of the attention whores here but lemme attention whore here myself: girl here and tbh if you arent too ugly I'd be so into you lel. Although I wouldnt know if that is possible as i dont poop in public. But if i was that girl i would feel that we are so intimate. But you said sex, turns me off a bit because every relationship is about sex, quite disgusting. Just tell me you want to date me because of that poop incident and that you feel so close now.
>tfw a guy who isnt my bf knows what my poop smells like
Ily hunny : 3

No. 69496

Jesus Christ on a bike

If you're not trolling then you need to get over this and stop taking every time a girl looks at you as the beginning of a romance novel.

No. 69497

I dislike the idea that /pol/ and /r9k/ are the same thing.

I hate most of the MRA/MGTOW stuff, it's childish bullshit. I dislike most feminists too (though I have a soft spot for the anti-porn TERF kinds).

No. 69500

Like a normal human being.

No. 69502

Keep projecting. Just because you'd harm your partner emotionally, doesn't mean everyone would.

No. 69504

>I want her to become comfortable with me having seen her poop

Get help

No. 69505

Well I was memeing about outright asking for sex
I'm a regular casanova and I know better than that

No. 69507

by not walking into them while they poop.

No. 69508

How do I do that?
>If you're not trolling then you need to get over this and stop taking every time a girl looks at you as the beginning of a romance novel
Any girl could have potential to be the love of my life though. I have a good feeling about pooping qt
It's how I'd start a cutesy love story if I was to write one. It would be a great story to tell the kids eventually

No. 69509

She didn't lock the door and it said "Unoccupied"
Excuse me for opening that. Not my fault

No. 69511

Hundreds of men who want to date me? That's quite an over-exaggeration, but thank you anon, I feel flattered that you think I'm such a goddess. /Obivous sarcasm for the spergelords who didn't mention the sarcasm.
(This is the exact thing I was talking about btw, self pitying, it's a turn off.)

No. 69513

same here

No. 69514

>Any girl could have potential to be the love of my life though.

Ugh are you one of those annoying dicks who tries to chat up every girl he sits beside on the bus? Because I hate that shit.

No. 69515

Then by all means, stalk this girl who you saw for 2 seconds and bring up the fact that you saw her on the toilet.

Because you will be the creepiest guy ever if you do that.

No. 69516

But anon, sadly fiction is not real life. Most of girls would feel really ashamed if a guy finds them pooping. Maybe she didn't care that much, but that's unlikely. I would be really ashamed.

>You have hundreds of men who want to date you
Jesus fucking christ, just drop that mindset already. Just stop, holy shit.

No. 69517

Lol that doesn't make it love at first sight, bud

No. 69518

Love at first poop.

No. 69521

I would be so super creeped out if a random guy found me at university (basically a needle in a haystack situation since he doesn't know anything about her), apologized for seeing me take a shit, and then somehow managed to ask me out.

I would be so creeped out that he found me first of all. Then I'd be embarrassed by the topic. Then I'd be sleezed out by the fact that he tried to score a date out of it.

No. 69524

No I'm actually an extremely quiet sperg who never interacts with everyone. Walking in on a girl pooping is the most human interaction I've had this week
It'd be cute
That's why I want to fix this

No. 69525

File: 1455302331892.gif (950.08 KB, 480x360, 1454981336703.gif)

If a girl was to come up to me after seeing me poop I'd totally be interested in her
Anyways she lives in my dorm building so i doubt she'd be that hard

No. 69526

This is the last time I'll feed the troll. Seriously, accept it's not gonna happen. Period. Do we have to spell it out for you?

There is


you can do that will make this girl like you after that experience, and especially with your personality/mindset.

No. 69527

What's wrong with my personality/mindset? I want to do the right thing

Also are you saying if I changed I would have a chance?

No. 69532

You will never have a chance with this girl.

You mentioned she lived in your dorms. Do not go to her door. Do not leave her a note. I'm telling you right now if you did that to me, and found my room, I'd call security on your ass so fast.

No. 69534

You're sound like a troll or someone who lived in a cave on a steady diet of romance anime. You seem like you have absolutely no life experience.

No. 69535

If poop qt is out of the picture then I think I'm pretty hopeless. I'm going to do a virtuality simulation at a lab in a few hours
I hope I can get an AI gf within the next 10 years.
I want to love and be loved

No. 69536

If you find her at her dorm, she will call the campus police and the RA because you are being that fucking creepy.

No. 69537

>or someone who lived in a cave on a steady diet of romance anime. You seem like you have absolutely no life experience.
Fair enough. I have life experience, but just not with the fairer sex
I was thinking if I bump into her sometime…
I wouldnt go seek her out..I'd just let it happen

No. 69540

Even if you did just let it happen "naturally" she's not going to want to have anything do with you. She may not be creeped out but she'd be embarrassed as all fuck. Give it up man.

No. 69544

Speaking of romance anime,
Does anyone have any recommendations for good shows/manga similar to Bokura wa Minna Kawaisou? I really like slice of life stuff
I've seen a lot, but I'm interested in your recommendations
Ya ok. I'll forget about her, again

No. 69545

AI cannot love.

No. 69546

Meh if the ai girl can be semi- convincing then I think that'll be enough for me to love her

No. 69571

I think you should take a break from romance anime

No. 69573

And how does one bump into a stranger "naturally"?

Would he wait outside the dorm entrance until he sees her?

Would he learn her schedule so he could accidently-on-purpose walk into her?

Would he camp out in the cafeteria?

No. 69592

File: 1455308810839.png (128.46 KB, 1863x333, 1451266628485.png)

who /hopesallrobotsdie/ here

No. 69601

Can't tell if the post is trolling or not due to the pic but I can't help but feeling it holds a lot of truth….

No. 69613

So whats this robot stuff about?

No. 69618

AI isn't at all convincing, though.
a 'perfect' girl that just tells you what you want to hear isn't all that interesting to be around, either. Forming relationships with real people can be so much more rewarding than what you're willing to settle for, especially because you know that it's not an event that was 'programmed' to happen…that's what makes it special.
don't give up on us 3dpd whores yet, anon.

No. 69619


Most robots were raised in single mother houses, /r9k/ is full of abusive single mother stories. Just saying.


For us even programmed is enough at this point.

No. 69620

What's your point? I grew up in one too and don't posses the same tin foil hat logic.

No. 69634

Tbh this.

I understand upbringing influences your character but in the end is up to you to be a living waste or not as long as you are not fucking disabled (and by that I mean literally autistic. Hell, even some autistic people try harder than most of these fags. Very few of them have actual excuses).

No. 69640

So fucking right. You choose your own destiny.

No. 69654

It's my best form of escapism and allows me forget about my shitty life for a short period of time
I'll pass
When did I say I'd prefer an AI to a real person? Of course I'd prefer a real person, but that's not going to happen. AI is several steps down, but it's still better than nothing at all

No. 69687

Dont worry anon there are some nice girls. I'm the anon who finds this situation absolutely giving me butterflies in my belly. To be able to love a girl even when she is surrounded around the smell of her own shit, that is, in my opinion, when a guy is truly capable of loving his girlfriend (if he doesnt have a shit fetish and dislikes poop).

No. 69692

File: 1455319271632.jpg (21.86 KB, 268x384, 1315027915528.jpg)

No. 69709

File: 1455323872508.jpg (63.14 KB, 680x1102, 1410922986842.jpg)

VR experiment didn't involve virtual sex like I'd hoped. I just stood and was surrounded by TVs that recording of a pov car ride

The waifu age seems so far away…

No. 69712

File: 1455324321719.jpg (52.48 KB, 600x600, 1408134496770.jpg)

I'm glad you find it adorable

No. 69729

File: 1455325982902.jpg (40.92 KB, 800x534, 1437779975986.jpg)

Who /zero goals and no will to live/ here?

No. 69731

: 3 may I be able to meet you in real life gasp one day my friend

No. 69756

File: 1455327603507.jpg (21.16 KB, 372x260, 1397397741972.jpg)

Extremely low odds but I don't see why not. I would very much like social interaction with real people

No. 69818

File: 1455332445336.gif (987.83 KB, 500x280, an-hero1.gif)

I hate that my face hurts most of the time
Hard to concentrate on anything

No. 70000

2016 year of the gf lads

No. 70003

File: 1455394772072.jpg (10.94 KB, 211x212, 1455330924527.jpg)

Does it make me gay if I enjoy pooping?
So relaxing

No. 70014

If you're the same robot that posted about walking in on that girl pooping I'm going to scream.

No. 70015

I love you poop-kun <3 may we meet one day :3

No. 70020

File: 1455397170067.png (62.24 KB, 549x617, kik.png)

what a shit fucking suicide attempt

reminder to never ever an hero angling the gun like that unless you want to be fed through a tube for the rest of your life.

No. 70047

It's a reaction gif
Calm down

No. 70048

File: 1455400040187.jpg (63.45 KB, 497x649, 1453900933112.jpg)

>started to get my shit together lately and making alright money
>our retarded president is literally starting a war soon

Am I just fucking unlucky?

No. 70050

It's not in a sexual way geez
I just enjoy dropping what I'm working on and taking a poo break
I'm not a weird scat fetishist or anything
RIP Atatürk

No. 70051

Oh Danny boooy, the pipes, the pipes are calllllliiiiing…

No. 70053

Where are you from, anon?

No. 70054

He's from Turkey judging by the pic and also considering Erdogan is a fucking retard

No. 70055

File: 1455400691818.jpg (229.1 KB, 605x600, 1425831021100.jpg)


Land of kebab.


Yeah, I would stay and fight if it was a foreign invasion or something but I'm not gonna die in his stupid war for power grab. Guy is literally clinically insane at this point.

No. 70058

What's the general opinion on him? I have a Turkish friend who said it's going to take many years to reverse the durka path he's taking Turkey down

No. 70060

Not a Turk, or the guy you're replying to but I think it's a demographic thing. The secular western coast Turks can simply be outvoted by the more religious Anatolian Turks now because the latter have more children.

I know a Turkish girl who was telling me AKP will tell old women that Allah wants them to vote AKP.

This pattern of de facto one party states seems to be getting more common all over the world (Russia and Turkey are more recent examples, but Japan and Singapore have been de facto one party states for a long time).

No. 70063

File: 1455401240771.jpg (37.7 KB, 635x559, Capture.JPG)


He undid the years of social progression in 10 years, we are secular only in name now. Some people love him because he gets them contracts and money, majority of people love him because of religion and our rednecks worship power, people with western values fucking despise him including me. He keeps an illusion of growing economy but he successfully destroyed our agriculture which was one of the greatest in Europe in the past, all economy is dependent on construction bubble and foreign investment now. All construction companies drooling at the thought of getting contracts to rebuild Syria now, hell this is probably one of the reasons why he's so hellbent on interfering with Syria after the Qatar-Saudi/Europe pipeline.

tldr; he's a fucking piece of shit

inb4 they're watching for my gezi protest trial

No. 70065

Can I ask you something? I'm efriends with a massive Australian Turkboo. He was telling me that transexuals and gays were better accepted in Turkey than in most of Europe and America. He's extremely rich and only lived in Turkey 3 years going to an international school so I was telling him he probably only hung around wealthy liberal parts, but he was like "oh no I went everywhere." I mean I like turkey and would like to visit sometime. But he just says so much stuff that sounds like BS. Just wanted your thoughts on this in particular. He was in Turkey from 2010-2013

No. 70069

File: 1455402196437.jpg (3.86 MB, 4408x2912, 2015-10-08 16.30.48.jpg)


It's alright in liberal parts like you said, İzmir and in some parts of Istanbul like Taksim etc. you might live normally but in any other part you'll get harassed like no tomorrow and probably get killed, raped etc. He's bullshitting hard and probably never got in contact with an average Turkish person, hell an average Turkish person won't even know how to speak English.

I suggest you wait for a few years for things to calm down, this place is really not for visiting right now.

No. 70073

Got any pics from around the Galata Tower in Istanbul m8?

No. 70075

File: 1455403057778.jpg (1.34 MB, 1952x3264, 2015-06-13 18.28.09.jpg)


Yeah, not from the top though. I lost my old photos in a hard disk crash.

No. 70076

File: 1455403109691.jpg (71.05 KB, 960x720, 213.jpg)


Might as well post some more photos.

No. 70078

File: 1455403130553.jpg (1.08 MB, 3264x1952, 2015-06-08 18.58.16.jpg)

No. 70079

File: 1455403177678.jpg (1.06 MB, 3624x1170, k.jpg)

No. 70080

File: 1455403243061.jpg (44.65 KB, 960x540, 123.jpg)

No. 70081

File: 1455403261060.jpg (83.95 KB, 571x960, kebab rape alley.jpg)

No. 70082

Very nice.

Can you actually get decent fish from the Bosphorus?

No. 70083

File: 1455403352146.jpg (293.03 KB, 960x540, 130.jpg)

Found this place in the backstreets of Karakoy, pretty cool.


Yeah, used to fish all the time in the past but don't know how it is now.

No. 70084

Alright thanks lad
I have a few friends (a grill one even) who said if I visit I can stay with and hang out with them :D

No. 70085

File: 1455403395940.jpg (50.69 KB, 960x540, e.jpg)


Maiden's tower.

No. 70087

File: 1455403473977.jpg (72.36 KB, 960x540, haydarpasa train station.jpg)


Well most of us are pretty warm people, just avoid Kurds and shady places in Istanbul and you'll be okay.

No. 70088

>Yeah, used to fish all the time in the past

What can you catch there? Sea bass? Any red snapper?

Ever been to Tekfur Sarayi, I think it is called in Turkish?

No. 70089

>just avoid Kurds

LOL. Goes for whole of Europe dude.

Whole of the world even.

No. 70092

I don't know if you're aware but the US media is on K*rdish dick really hard. Only secular/humanitarian side, muh strong women fighters, etc. It's pushed really fucking hard. The only side in the Syrian war that is talked about positively

No. 70097

Yeah I know. It's ridiculous. Most of the crimes around Turkish resorts and places like that are committed by Kurts. They're a really bizarre race of people, one minute they're stoning their daughters for looking at a man that isn't their husband, the next they're claiming they're Marxist-Leninists.

No. 70099

File: 1455404159139.jpg (40.88 KB, 720x480, 1410471428303.jpg)

I lost my puritu yesterday, senpais.
After some kik friends were acting like chad's on Tinder, i decided to install it again (i had it for one week with 0 matches in the past) just for the lulz.
Turns out that within 12 hours i had gotten 2 matches, one 200 pound chick and another one who wasn't that fat but was kinda uggo.
The first one didn't respond to me, but the second one did, and because i literally only had installed it to kill some time, i jokingly asked her if she wanted to hook up right at that time. Surprisingly she said yes and told me to meet up with her in some public place. Because of how fast this had happened i wasn't even nervous or excited or anything, just apathetic.
We went ot her house, she bj'd my barely full erection, came in her mouth (all within like 3 mins) and tried to have sex with her afterwards. Sadly, however i couldn't get it past half mast, and with a condom on, things were even worse. I apologized and left.

That blowjob felt pretty damn underwhelming, my faps are usually better than that. Guess having no frenulum really fucked my sensation up.

Now i'm sad both because i've wasted my first sexual experience and i've realized it isn't really all that interesting

No. 70100

File: 1455404258240.jpg (6.08 MB, 4608x3456, 2016-02-01 17.19.19.jpg)


Usually caught bluefish and seabream, caught some bass too.

>Ever been to Tekfur Sarayi

Yeah man, I used to live inside the walls when I was a kid. Used to climb the walls and walk around them and found it by accident, didn't knew what it was then though.


They can be good people(my uncle in law and sisters bf are Kurdish) but they cause so much unrest and crime I just can't bring myself to like them.


Well that's just how media are, there are lots of confessions about how PKK/YPG uses female fighters as sex slaves and rape them if they don't comply. They execute unarmed police officers/soldiers on their off day in front of their kids eyes and attacked civilians a lot in the past. One I can remember is that they molotoved a mall, burning 20 people alive in there.


They're our dindus.

No. 70101

It's a common problem if you're a virg or even if you've not had sex for a while and have been compulsively fapping before.

It's why noporn/nofap is a thing. Need to get your libido back.

No. 70102

File: 1455404486723.jpg (2.98 MB, 3264x1952, 2015-06-08 15.31.46.jpg)


this tbh

No. 70104

I guess so, i really do it much more than the healthy amount. thanx

No. 70105

>caught bluefish and seabream, caught some bass too.

Seabream is always good. Haven't had much bluefish.

>I used to live inside the walls when I was a kid. Used to climb the walls and walk around them and found it by accident, didn't knew what it was then though.

It's interesting to me because it's one of the few remaining examples of secular Byzantine architecture in Istanbul. That and the cisterns below the city, and obviously the huge walls.

No. 70108

On the subject of Kurds….

No. 70109

File: 1455404922365.jpg (105.35 KB, 992x744, 705.jpg)


So fucking sad that they were using the place as a parking lot until couple of years ago, I think they renovated the place now though. Walls were always interesting to me, I liked climbing the tower and watching the neighborhood.



No. 70110

Best to do it with a female friend tbh
No pressure
I could probably lose mine on Tinder, but I feel like I would have a similar experience as you

No. 70123

>female friend

I used to be a degenerate and the most I've ever managed, as far as casual sex goes was hooking up with girls online who I'd hook again with maybe a month or two later.

I feel like you have to be lucky or extremely good looking to have that whole "female friend who is cool/good fun and also ok with sleeping together" dynamic. Not many women are ok with that (there are more who are ok with straight casual sex/hookups than that imo).

No. 70125

>I think they renovated the place now though.

The civic government has actually done a pretty good job of maintaining the city's historical sites, from what I remember, right? I can recall various parts of the city have been renovated - near where the tram lines run specifically.

No. 70128

Gonna have to find one first..

No. 70133

File: 1455406363785.jpg (1.81 MB, 2592x1944, Charisius.jpg)


It varies, they show special attention to some places but absolutely fuck up some. They did alright with walls. Here is Gate of Charisius, the gate where Mehmed 2 entered the city.

No. 70136


A thing to add though, most of these stuff are in unsafe neighborhoods of Istanbul. Take special care if you're thinking of visiting them. An American women got raped and killed by glue sniffers inside the walls couple of years ago.

No. 70138

Damn, didn't know Istanbul had that sort of crime.

No. 70139

Me too bud
Me too

No. 70140



It's pretty bad man, I got stabbed two times in the past. Getting in to fights in here can be lethal and not to mentions the muggers and other drug crazed psychos.

No. 70142

I guess it happens everywhere. Although the degree to which it happens does vary greatly, I'm sure Istanbul is no Rio, for example.

Do you remember Ferdowsi's famous lines about Istanbul/Constantinople?

>The spider weaves the curtains in the palace of the Caesars;

>the owl calls the watches in the towers of Afrasiab.

Two of my favorite lines of poetry. Even in translation they conjure up the imagery perfectly.

No. 70144

File: 1455407398410.jpg (1.17 MB, 3264x1952, 2015-06-08 19.10.03.jpg)


Just walk around with a Turkish friend and you'll be okay, hell drop your mail and I'll be happy to help you.

Persian literature is great, I have a Persian professor that recommends me stuff sometimes.

No. 70148

Thanks dude. I already have a couple of Turkish friends but drop me yours and I'll be in touch at some point.

I'm a dude btw.

No. 70168


>I'm a dude btw

lol, doesn't matter man. not doing this out of thirst, I just like hanging and talking with foreign people. here is my mail

No. 70177

So, how are you all holding up with valentines day?
I'm considering seppuku if this one girl doesn't come back.
I would love to be a promiscous fuck, shit would be so easy.

No. 70181

I don't know why you guys put pussy on a pedestal so much
Why are you letting lust for women ruin your life? Just socialize, make friends, and it'll happen
I wish my biggest problem was tfw no gf

No. 70186

>I choose to be like this
I do have a job, money, and even some (few) friends, but damn, i fucking hate falling in love.
Going out, socializing and all that is boring.

No. 70192

You can be promiscuous and still fall madly in love with someone who doesn't care about you.

Not that I'm speaking from experience or anything.

No. 70196

You are right.
I guess i wanted to say that i wish i could just go out and have le fun xD and fuck random people instead of obsessing over a single one. But i just don't feel any attraction to anyone if it isn't a crush.

No. 70223

Welp I havent made any progress at all it seems
I had to look in the mirror and shave since it's been over a month or so. I can look at myself fine in the mirror with shaving cream on, but once it comes off just no. Since I cant lounge around in my room with the lights off I've been in the bathroom for 3 hours. There's an outlet and Ive just been reading manga and browsing imageboards. I just want to be alone forever
Eh I just cant see the point in obsessing over a girl; especially if she doesn't like you (not saying that's the case with you)

No. 70243

tfw no gf

No. 70248

Wish this was my worst feel

No. 70258

File: 1455429455777.jpg (15.25 KB, 474x346, 1392381155489.jpg)

Public Service Announcement for February 14, 2016

No. 70265

True, all men suck (women suck too but I'm not dating them) but at least they have benefits like money, might make you cum etcetcetc but with robots you have 0 benefits and all the cons of men.

No. 70273

I wouldn't date me either
I have no disdain for women

No. 70275

File: 1455432574249.jpg (18.53 KB, 480x600, 1455432414596.jpg)

I hope you all have a happy Valentines Day

No. 70276

>I hope you all have a happy Valentines Day
Stop triggering me

Today is Global Single's Day

No. 70277

You cant support financially, make me cum or make me feel good about myself cuz I cant show you off to my friends. Why should a girl with a sane mind date a robot?

No. 70278

Did you have an appointment with your therapist yet?

No. 70299

A girl with a sane mind wouldn't be here probably. Just like a normal sane guy wouldn't be here or on r9k. So it's a non-issue.

No. 70319

There is no point in obssesing over anybody.
But i can't help it.

No. 70330

No I agree with you, but not for the all the reasons you've listed
I said I wouldn't date me

No. 70405

File: 1455478512578.jpg (359.2 KB, 788x720, 1455424542904.jpg)

No. 70408

No. 70410


you know this isn't female r9k, right?

No. 70434

File: 1455485683280.gif (365.22 KB, 500x275, 1396026717847.gif)

>tfw logging into old forums I used to use and seeing all these dead people I knew
End it fams
I wasn't ready for this. I just wanted to see my old cringy posts


No. 70454

>wanting a gf
>wanting to be cucked
Save yourself the trouble buds

No. 70684

just found out im 164cm
someone pls tell me i'm not completely fucking worthless, hopeless case, into the trash-tier
someone pls tell me there exist girls out there who would just for a second entertain the thought of not looking with absolute disgust at midgets like me
someone pls tell me it's theoretically possible to escape the friendzone even at this height

No. 70685

I refuse to believe that you are stupid enough to take any of the r9k shitposting about height seriously.

Are you telling me that you honestly, in your heart-of-hearts believe that you are so short that no woman will love you? Because if that is true than you need to see a therapist.

No. 70687

Robots are so over dramatic

No. 70688

I believe that someone should just kill me because I don't have the guts to do it. Look this height thing is the final nail in the coffin. I'm already completely worthless garbage in every other category. I'm just a waste of earth's resources and space

No. 70689

See your doctor and get a referral to a therapist asap

No. 70690

Your problem is low self esteem, not that you're too short to be loved

No. 70691

I've already been going to therapists for 5 years at least, and yes I'm still going
I don't even deserve any of this attention, I'm a worthless, cancerous asshole, faggot, prick. I'm sorry I bothered you. I'll just go now

No. 70692

If you are feeling suicidal then you need to reach out to someone for help asap.

No. 70693

Then make an appointment with your therapist for this week to discuss your anxiety around your height

No. 70694

Why does your height bother you?

No. 70712

File: 1455548884301.jpg (89.96 KB, 720x679, 143465297467.jpg)

Get a nice mommy gf
Not even him, but come on now

No. 70715

No I'm being completely serious. Explain it to me, in your own words.

Unless you're dumb enough to think all women hate men who don't reach a certain height threshold…

No. 70724

Most women want a guy between 5'10-6'3
All women want a guy taller than them. Being 5'4 fucking sucks if you're a man. I'm not talking about /fit/ memes either, but at least being taller than them is pretty much a requirement for women

No. 70726

There are a lot of women under 5'4" and some women like short men.

No. 70729

I'm not saying it will be impossible for him to find a gf. But his dating options are severely restricted because of his height. Probably around 80-90% of women wont even consider him a dating option would be my guess

No. 70734

I know a guy who is 5'0 and he has a gf. He is quite well off but she is obese and poor.

No. 70735

>Probably around 80-90% of women wont even consider him a dating option would be my guess

This is overly exaggerated. It may be true that 80% of women are in a relationship with someone taller than the, but that's because men in general taller than women.

No. 70738

Okay what percentage would you put it at? This isn't manlet rage since my height is one of the few aspects of myself I'm okay with (5'11).
I've ended up as the sort of gay friend for a few women online and offline and I've had a few tell me they like a short guy, but that they're embarassed to be seen in public with him. Just go into the ideal partner thread here and "tall" is a requirement for just about every post in that thread.

No. 70742


No. 70746

Lol why do robots think all stereotypes are facts?

Get ready for the shock of your life: height doesn't matter to me. At all. The guy I've been on and off with for five years used to be the manager of a video game store, has salt and pepper hair at 28, and is my height and I think he's the most amazing guy. I really and truly care about him.

No. 70747

I don't know but I'm not going to rest until he has a non-fat gf.

No. 70748

Are you really that stupid?

No. 70749

Do you have so little faith in women that you think they all want the same cookie-cutter stats in a man?

No. 70750

"Ideal" doesn't mean "if you don't meet my criteria, you're fucked"

No. 70752

I never said it would be impossible for him to get a gf
I'm just saying he's at a pretty big disadvantage
Are you seriously arguing that women generally dont want a guy bigger than them?

No. 70753

Yeah. I'm not any of the quoted anons and I too can say I don't give a shit about a guy's height. I'm 1,70 m and my current bf is 1,65 m. I've had four boyfriends before him, and only one of them was taller than me. Most non-midget girls I know have dated men the same height as them or shorter.

If you were arguing being tall gives you an extra edge then you'd be less wrong. Treating it as a requirement is absurd.

No. 70758

at the end of the day, this argument and all of the other ones about why robots can't get girlfriends are self fulfilling prophecies.

No. 70759

Completely agree. It's like a dog eternally chasing its own tail.

No. 70760

Not for me. I'm just ugly lol

I don't bitch and moan about it though. I've stopped falling for the gf meme
Who cares

No. 70761

Problem solved itself after I told her I was looking into Islam to give me purpose in life. She got extremely butthurt after 20 minutes of back and forth and then I said it was about time we stopped talking. Told her my side in a nice way and how she was just idealizing me because she wants kids, and that I'm actually a shitty immature teen. Anyways towards the end we agreed to stop talking, and delete eachothers pics and convos

No. 70766


Source: am woman

No. 70768

So will you admit if you're <5'5" you're at a bit of a disadvantage as a guy?

No. 70769

And it is ALWAYS something they can't change!

It couldn't possibly have anything to do with their personality or lack of life experience or untreated mental illness. Its those dastardly females and their rigid standards!

No. 70770

No? Because height isn't a requirement for me. I wouldn't completely overlook a man JUST because of his height.

Source: am woman

No. 70771

I think that was a very healthy choice, anon.

No. 70772


Personality is a meme

No. 70774

Kinda just happened
Can't complain though. She really hated Islam though

No. 70775

Jesus Christ, robots are complete drama queens.

No. 70776

So you dodged a bullet and made a healthy choice! Well done!

No. 70777

Thanks :3

No. 70842

File: 1455580431244.jpg (42.25 KB, 700x500, 5718852.jpg)

No. 70870



No. 70889

well, look on the bright side. you're a smaller waste of resources than someone of normal height


No. 70891

File: 1455586517960.jpg (14.64 KB, 300x300, 1403143968725.jpg)

>Most women want a guy between 5'10-6'3

t-there's an upper bound?

No. 70892

You wouldn't want to date a guy whose arms are longer than your legs.

No. 70894

>something they can't change!
>have anything to do with their personality

>implying one can change one's own personality

there's an Axis II in the DSM for a reason

No. 70897

File: 1455586776814.jpg (26.01 KB, 612x359, 1452322379398.jpg)

they know.

No. 70899

Oh shit I've made tonnes of peppeps.

It was nice knowing you lads but I'm afraid it's over for me.

No. 70900

File: 1455586901518.jpg (136.67 KB, 766x1024, Wladimir-Klitschko-Hayden-Pane…)

No. 70965

I dont think there is as long as you're well proportioned

No. 70990

'salright. I mostly date tall women anyway. my last girlfriend was 6'0", and she insisted that tall guys who date petite women have small dicks.

No. 71022

Is she implying tall women have bigger vaginas?

No. 71023

Go browse /r/tall for a few minutes. so many tall women get bitter when they see tall men with short women. it's like female version of manlet rage.

No. 71025

Fucking hell lol

All these shitty niche communities of insecure people

No. 71026

File: 1455595956991.png (92.34 KB, 1024x457, lwRsDAUh.png)

Finally found the chart I was looking for

No. 71035

File: 1455600297661.jpg (40.42 KB, 606x174, 1451068452470.jpg)

I can't say much since I only browse this board casually, but it certainly looks like it is. I opened up both board's frontpages, and they were basically the same with some gender differences.

No. 71036


No. 71044

As a woman of height I believe my spite is justifiable

No. 71046

How tall?

No. 71055

File: 1455610531270.jpg (94.11 KB, 960x711, 6357769260938268651398519736_B…)

Jeb Bush is 6'3"

His wife is 5'0"

see what happens when you introduce manlet genes into your lineage?

No. 71057

6ft. Ive seen bigger/looser vaginas on much much smaller grills than me

No. 71058

Come on now. You can change you attitudes and general outlook on life. Changing your personality to be less shitty is possible.

No. 71060

File: 1455611242025.jpg (22.89 KB, 364x404, badass.jpg)


ay bby, u wan sum fuk?

No. 71062

You just spread their legs and took a good look and feel at it?

No. 71063

maybe she's a 6 foot tall gynecologist

No. 71120

File: 1455642120850.jpg (238.84 KB, 1920x1080, 1395492832203.jpg)

Welp went to the therapist yesterday. She said there's nothing she can do and that I don't have a mental illness. Just problems I need to sort out on my own. I've decided I'm dropping out after this semester. I do fine in classes and I don't even show up because I don't want to be seen by anyone. Same for getting food from the cafeteria. I've just been having hotpockets every night for the past week straight. Can't take much more of this

I can't go to school like this

No. 71126

Try a different therapist.

No. 71127

Try a different therapist.

No. 71186

File: 1455652296780.jpg (114.25 KB, 1016x1022, 1455577796261.jpg)

>the women taking the pic obviously laughing at him

No. 71192

>obviously laughing at him
if they're retarded, maybe. those fake brows suggest they are, however it is more likely they are taking it because they thought it was heartwarming.

No. 71224

Just out of curiosity, why are you guys still here? You can't really make sporadic new threads like you could on cuckchan, you don't assimilate well, you are discouraged from revealing your gender blatantly and in subtext, and your personal life "discussion" is limited mostly to this thread.

And a bunch of you keep screencapping and sharing the very fringe and specific posts ("I cheated on my bf" etc) on r9k and making it seem as though this is staceychan/fr9k/femwiz (make up your minds, seriously, these are contradictory), when in reality it is primarily here for us to discuss internet weeb gossip and female-oriented topics like makeup, 2D boys, etc.

No. 71238

To shit post. Doesn't matter and if you've spent any amount of time on cuckchans /pol/ you'd realize most of the threads are made by literal bots (not /r9k/) ran by Applied Memetics, Robotic Technologies or some other organization looking to further their memetech (im serious). The point of being anonymous is that your gender doesn't matter, and I'm pretty sure I havent discussed my personal life here.

Don't go to /r9k/ the same reason I dont go in to cuckolding threads on /pol/, there is enough here to say in part this place is a /fr9k/ - do you want me to link posts, and I stay out of the makeup and husbando threads.

Why are you so butthurt there are boys in your clubhouse? Can't handle a contrary opinion? If you want a circle jerk gb2reddit.

No. 71239

You might not be mentally ill, but you clearly need help. Get a second opinion. Ask her if she can refer you to someone to talk to about your issues.

No. 71242

because robots are notorious for looking at a large group of people, and fixating on the handful who fit their narrative.

No. 71247

>can't handle a contrary opinion?

well when the opinion is using us as pseudo-therapists or complaining about how all women are so shallow they consider men under a certain height to be subhuman, then it gets a little stale.

for me, i find some robots interesting. i like the ones who spill their insecurities sometimes. i think a lot of them have untreated mental illness and crippling insecurities, so i enjoy encouraging them to seek help.

No. 71251

>thinking there is only 1 man here
As I said, I havent discussed my personal life here so I couldn't be using you as a pseudo-therapist. I'm 6'4" so if anything women being shallow enough to consider men under a certain height to be subhuman would just be a benefit for me. I've really just been lurking in this thread to laugh at the cringe, but have participated in other threads on /b/ here, and occasionally lurk on other boards for schadenfreude with how vicious grills can be about each other.

No. 71252


I thought you girls hated us.

No. 71257

I hate how you guys create conspiracy theories to explain your loneliness.

And I hate that you guys seem to believe your own trolling about women, yet are so desperate for their attention that we have to have a containment thread to keep you guys from bursting into every conversation and projecting your mental pain onto everyone.

I hate that you guys are indistinguishable from /pol/

But if anyone starts describing to me their crippling self esteem, or how they experience frequent hallucinations, I'm going to suggest they get help. And I'm going to feel happy when they post an update.

That doesn't mean i like you. It means that if you are truly suffering, that I'll suggest you get help.

No. 71259

Then i'm not talking about you, am i? I said "when" they do xyz. If you don't do those things, then I'm not discussing your behaviour.

No. 71262

Looks like the girl in front is laughing tbh

No. 71296

>Then i'm not talking about you, am i?
Then you might want to rephrase your post, because you didnt reply to anyone, and in your first sentence directed it to all men here.

No. 71298

I kind of fucked it up myself by downplaying everything when she asked into stuff like the hallucinations. I mentioned how a few months ago I was out late at night and for no reason I got completely terrified of the light posts lining the street and run all the way home and when she asked me to go more in detail I said nevermind and that I made it sound worse than it actually was. Rinse and repeat for pretty much everything. I hate any and all attention irl.

If I could be invisible that'd be great. I hate having people being concerned over me and even noticing me. Reason why I make up a bunch of stories to text to my mom about how much fun I'm having in classes and activities I do with madeup friends. I even have a whole storyline I've made up about a girl on my floor that I like and she gives me advice and I have to make up a bunch of interactions. She knew I was miserable and thought I was borderline suicidal in high school (we only have one family computer and I forgot to clear history once while watching videos and guides for suicide one night. More of a curiosity I guess, I wasnt planning on doing anything in the immediate future). But needless to say she flipped shit. I wish I wasn't such a bother for her. In middle school I was just an edgelord who stole her beer and got in trouble at school a lot. Not like disobedience type stuff, but worrying things like drawing my teachers getting killed which the principal called her about. Same when I punched a fish to death on a school field-trip along with beating a kid with a wooden bat in PE in 6th grade. That was a shitfest. I consider myself a pacifist now and I still feel guilty about all those incidents. I don't even kill bugs nowadays. I don't consider myself angry at all. Just depressed and apathetic towards jut about everything. My brother is pretty normal at least, so she has him. I don't have any delusions that she doesn't care about me though or wishes I wasn't around. I almost wish she didn't care so I could just off myself already.

Obviously I have no issue wasting people's time online though kek. It's not face to face interaction which is the same reason why cart pushing at Walmart was such a great job in the winter. I had a balaclava on provided by the store and I'd talk to random customers and actually enjoyed myself. Anyways I add this in here because I know it's possible for me to "be a normie" I guess you could say

Skipped my classes today and made another video diary entry recently, so all this is still fresh on my mind, hence the lengthy post. Also thanks to the few people who actually are giving advice to me in this thread and even reading my whining posts. Really means a lot to me tbh. Anyways a lot of what I added here isn't really relevant to the discussion we were having, but I just felt like bitching.
Gonna go read for a bit or listen to music I think

No. 71304

>Same when I punched a fish to death

No. 71308

If you're not being honest with your therapist then how the hell do you expect to get help?

No. 71309

I knew you must have downplayed your problems. No shrink in her right mind would hear your true issues and say "there's nothing I can do".

Don't sabotage yourself. If you want help, then you'll have to put in the work and cooperate with your therapist.

No. 71318

Anon my heart just breaks for you.

Why did you downplay everything?

No. 71346


I'm really sorry it went down that way. I know it's scary to admit your issues to someone, but that's the only way you can get help.

Did she make you uncomfortable somehow? Or have you never been open with anyone irl about your issues?

anyway, wish you luck.

No. 71441

Please anon, tell us the story how you punched a fish to death. It sounds good.

No. 71442

I think brown women compete by making pussy easier to obtain when white women are more beautiful then them and i think that maybe a reason culture is degenerating like it is and why kids are coming out shitty. I hurts myself saying this but brown people look like a fucking subrace compared to a pure Aryan / Nord and their many variations, women cant compete with their beauty or modesty so they fall on slut culture which is taking us backwards when men have overcame sex with emotional attachment and love.
I cant tell you how many guy i know legitimately think a big fat ass is a 10/10 instead of a beautiful aryan girl with a pretty face pleasent to look at while talking. And now you see white girls awkardly trying to mimic the sexual culture of niggers by shaking their asses because that's where their mean are looking and it always comes off as awkard because they're taught to be modest and only fuck people they love, and those people they love are gathered around brown sluts.

No. 71443

you've been spending too much time in your parents basement

No. 71452

Omfg its like every other robot is crushing his spirit under his own conspiracy theories.

No. 71455

File: 1455689581701.jpg (121.5 KB, 646x970, kendrick.jpg)

this is beauty anon. your subrace theory is beginner shit.

No. 71461

i agree with you anon every white bitch wants to be black now its a trend

No. 71462

I would com suey if I was anything other than white

No. 71463

Notice how the requirement is 'beautiful aryan girl with pretty face pleasant to look at while talking'.
Duh: beautiful>ugly
But how many people are beautiful, how many white girls are? You are using a very limited amount of people to label an entire race beautiful, ugly, or 'subhuman'.
A beautiful brown girl, would be more beautiful than an ugly 'aryan' girl. Anyone would take the girl in >>71455 pic, over an obese, ugly 'aryan' girl.
This is coming from a very average looking girl with 'aryan' features, so I'm not salty or 'jealous' of 'aryan' people.

No. 71482

I don't want to get into a /pol/ argument, but I think you're fooling yourself if you believe that people don't perceive white women as better looking than black women

No. 71502

File: 1455710933756.jpg (58.95 KB, 468x616, quadroonchan.jpg)

No. 71503

But most people would rather fuck Gabrielle Union than Honey Boo Boo's mom.

No. 71504

File: 1455711420936.png (207.41 KB, 339x361, troll.png)


With obesity rates increasing, da white women are just as bridge trolly as any black ones.

No. 71515

Damn, I feel so fucking bad for him…. Fuck those retards, it does feels the girl at the table is laughing. I'll never understand how someone can be that heartless.

No. 71518


No. 71519

File: 1455715041674.jpg (131.66 KB, 538x725, 1454775018905.jpg)

Fucking rekt, it never will be not hilarious enough how pol thinks their white garbage is automatically superior. Kek.

No. 71599

File: 1455733268716.gif (719.2 KB, 389x256, 1452815321307.gif)

>explosion in Ankara again
>10 deaths so far



No. 71602

K*rts or ISIS?

No. 71610


Don't know but smells like false flag since Erdogan called for a referandum this morning to change the constitution.

No. 71638

>brown women compete
>white women are more beautiful then them
>pure Aryan/Nord
>I cant tell you how many guy i know
>brown sluts
>taking us backwards
>beautiful aryan girl with a pretty face pleasent to look at while talking

someone has a huge complex…some caramel girl steal your man at some point?

and why put this in the robot thread anyway?

No. 71665

File: 1455740922357.png (33.29 KB, 494x520, Reply-By-Race-Female.png)

cherrypicked as fuck.

No. 71987

Someone prove this guy wrong

No. 71997

School fieldtrip in 8th grade. I don't look back on this fondly mind you, but basically I was just pissed off about a bunch of stuff (home,school, other kids, etc). We went to a park with a lake and this kid next to me was picking on me off and on while I was fishing, like tossing dirt at me and stuff. Anyways I caught the fish and just punched the fuck out of it on the shore and pretty much obliterated it while the one kid was watching. Other people saw and told the teacher and then a park supervisor came and chewed me out for a bit. Got taken back early, got suspended, and my school was banned from the park. Also had to see a counsellor every week until the end of the year. Not a good memory
I went in not wanting to, but it just happened. I don't know. I don't do well under scrutiny/pressure I guess. Fuck it. I don't think I'm going to come back next year. Haven't been to classes all week.
No it was nothing to do with her. I just hated the attention I was getting (as dumb as it sounds) and before I knew it I was downplaying everything and saying that I didn't actually have any problems and was just anxious about midterms. I can't explain why I did it. In these situations when I'm nervous there's zero filter and I can't think straight. So I just mumble out whatever pops in my head

No. 72000

>for punching a fish

Jesus, what is the world coming to?

No. 72036

Everybody loves middle eastern women lol

No. 72037

Oh anon, I just want you to get the help you need.

Don't sabotage yourself! Call the shrink to make an appointment again, and the first thing you should tell her is that you downplay your issues when the spotlight is focused on them. Tell her that you want help, but you self-sabotage.

You need a shrink who will push you past your denials. Who won't let you downplay your experiences.

Your therapist wants to help you. Let her.