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File: 1601927108020.gif (497.6 KB, 245x240, unpopularopinion.gif)

No. 646838

Previous thread:
Farmhands' dumbass disclaimers:
>Reminder that if you are a radfem/pinkpill/Terf sperg/gendercrit, the "unpopular opinions thread" is not your reverse uno to continue the discourse. Nor is it your general place to try and fight people. Ignore posters you disagree with.

If you are here to;
>sperg about trannies ruining your board, or your conspiracies that everyone who disagrees with you is a tranny - BAN.
>explain in detail why every man is shit - BAN.
>fight people who disagree with you - BAN.
>post vaguely veiled gendercrit posts to try and evade the no gendersperg rule - BAN.
>reply to someones personal experiences because you inherently disagree with their views - BAN.
>discuss your views on racism - BAN.
>have gender crit discussions - BAN.
>try and score twitter cookie points by dunking on the "bigot" terfs - BAN.

If you are here to;
>complain that your boyfriend did x/ you got cat called/ you had a bad day due to a man - NO BAN.
>talk about your personal experience and opinions. - NO BAN.
>HOWEVER, personal experiences and opinions do not devolve into long political discussions nor do they contain your tangent on how all men are scum or how you want to ethnically purge because once upon a time a (((man))) said you are fat.

No. 646842

Perfect teeth are overrated.

No. 646847

Extremely white teeth weird me out and make me think that person is conceited

No. 646848

File: 1601928346712.jpeg (18.71 KB, 337x233, 2128A81B-D3D6-4188-BFA9-8C9CB6…)

don’t come for me and my hollywood smile, I paid a lot to look like ross in the dark

No. 646851

File: 1601928628100.png (25.6 KB, 120x92, 05CC36B5-B5AE-4D15-A5C7-55D3D6…)

I don't know if this is unpopular outside of these images but incels' idea of a "chad" is so fucking weird. it's always the same extreme, comical bone structure and ridiculous swooshy hair. It's like they were going for model-attractive guys but missed the mark. Sometimes it's almost inhuman. maybe I'm unknowingly a lesbian because apparently these "chads" really do have female harems. But they look so uncanny and dumb

No. 646852

>make me think that person is conceited
For having good hygeine or taking care of their appearance?

I agree that perfect teeth are overrated though, imperfect teeth can be cute sometimes.

No. 646856

Is this a real person? It looks like a drawing. Like someone was trying to draw Henry Cavill but over-exaggerated his features way too much

No. 646857

I always thought this was an edit, is this a real man?

No. 646858

File: 1601928872366.jpg (79.34 KB, 600x375, download.jpg)

Plastic, fluorescent white American teeth are not the hallmark of good hygiene but vanity

No. 646860

oops I deleted before I saw these, yeah I realize it's the wrong example again because it looks fake. I guess the point of those is to be funny but still I feel like incels miss the mark often on what's even actually attractive… but I guess thats no surprise. it's weirdly frustrating regardless to see them be so pressed and wrong lol. when it's only like frat guys they fixate on, but maybe that's because they lust over sorority girls idk

No. 646861

This shit is so uncanny to me. Her teeth were perfect. Why would you want to fuck up your perfect, natural teeth in favor of veneers? They look objectively worse/fake.

No. 646866

Idk, I feel like getting someone their teeth done doesn't mean they're vain. I get it if they already have nice teeth, but if your teeth are genuinely fucked up and you get "plastic, fluorescent, white" veneers, it's an improvement, atleast imo.

also, are her teeth fake? They look like the same shape and placement, but maybe that's just me

No. 646867

They are, she got veneers sometime in the mid-late 2000s and looks like a horse now.

No. 646868


I agree that it's not a sign of good hygiene and it looks like shit but I'd guess it's probably insecurity more often than it is vanity. People can be real assholes when it comes to tooth color for whatever reason.


They are so obviously fake.

No. 646870

File: 1601929919783.jpg (30.81 KB, 400x400, 05a68613c68e7d533a72bfc072451d…)

Damn I see it now

No. 646871

I wanna get veneer because I think my teeth are too small but I hate the overtly uniformed look. Can dentists make them more varied and natural looking? I know you can choose colors.

No. 646872

File: 1601930100163.jpeg (40.03 KB, 400x400, 43630E1D-3AB6-4787-A329-D04AD2…)

some people need this shit, I’d rather look at fake white shit than yellowed hippo teeth

No. 646873

Veneers fuck people's faces up. Makes them look like horses.
Also, the look in Hillary Clinton's eyes in the newer pictures kind of creeps me out for some reason.

No. 646875

>Hillary Clinton
oh boy I kek'd

No. 646876

File: 1601930640724.png (381.79 KB, 800x356, 800px-Chads1.png)

It's a meme anon. Most incels don't think that is what women like. I found the whole incel subculture quite fascinating, so I've read quite a lot of those forums and pic related is what they would consider chad. Gigachad would be someone like Dolph Lundgren in his prime.

Then on sites like looksmax.me the ideal is considered to mostly be the male model look (Francisco Lachowski for example)

It's all very autistic and I hate myself for knowing this information.

No. 646877

My mind was somewhere else lmao

No. 646879

now that’s she’s older she looks a lot more like her sister.

No. 646882

lol for real, oh they also think women only like men with big dicks and that we women only want to fuck these "chads"

Their black pill "truths" consist of thinking that women will date psychopaths or bad men as long as they are hot. Seriously, really makes you think wtf is going on inside their heads. They always think they "deserve" stacy and look down on what they consider ugly women.

No. 646883

Is this a pic for ants?

No. 646890

File: 1601931447794.png (146.33 KB, 485x410, Ea6dmafWsAAYPd4.png)

>women only like men with big dicks and that we women only want to fuck these "chads"

when it comes to me personally this is true.

No. 646892

I totally agree. Of course there are people who look better with veneers if they had fucked up teeth before but in Hillary Duff's case her natural teeth are perfectly fine. They needed to be lightened by 2 shades at most. Now she looks older because her plastic teeth look like dentures. Also her natural teeth substance is weakened now bc the dentist had to roughen her teeth in order to glue those horse teef on.

No. 646904

nothing wrong with this, incels eat shit and die

No. 646918

File: 1601932849949.jpg (102.59 KB, 1200x632, a32a4361653ee50f48ef2e5be2d85c…)

I hate clone high and everything about it,there are better underrated shows out there yet clone high gets all the attention? wtf

No. 646921

what better shows are you thinking of anon?

No. 646927

It's the nostalgia. Up til like a week ago, I thought this show and the whole "Say whaaat" thing was a fever dream I made up as a little kid.

No. 646937

Where the fuck did the sudden rush of clone high love come from? I thought it was just a forgotten blip in cartoon history, I keep seeing it everywhere the past month and a half

No. 646945

A reboot was announced recently, maybe that's it?

No. 647061

Reboot and "gay" fakebois. I like clone high honestly kek you're def not the only one who dislikes it. It's a weird ass show anyway

No. 647062

thread pic reminds me of how simultaneously punchable and fuckable Patrick Bateman is, thanks

No. 647076

One word: Gay. The JFK character has gay parents and the ending had a gay kiss scene between Gandhi and Abe so the tumblr/twitter kids go apeshit over it. They only ever like shows they can project their LGBT agenda on.

Imagine living in a time where you didnt have to see this level of insanity from fringe groups co-existing on a present scale with the rest of humanity

No. 647079

Ignoring someone isn't abusive (outside of specific contexts) and retards need to stop calling every minor thing emotional abuse

No. 647083

The bigger issue is that emotional abuse is still not taken seriously, even if the context absolutely justifies calling it abuse.

No. 647095

But watering down the actual meaning is one of the reasons no one takes it seriously.

No. 647096

Was just thinking this.

No. 647108

People will find an excuse to water down the meaning of anything, particularly if that thing is trending. That doesn't mean we should just stop taking it seriously.

No. 647153

go back to the vent thread anon, we get it. no one has eVeRrr been abused like you have, all women do is fake it for sympathy points and clout

No. 647165

it's a scrote. ignore it and move on

No. 647170

Is that jiggly caliente?

No. 647182

I'm nta or a man and I never said anything even remotely close to that. My post was inspired by something completely different, you people are so annoying

No. 647216

All teachers should have to undergo mental evaluations, and take courses on psychology (both child and adult) and sociology before they can teach classes.
There's no good reason to put an ignorant or very unstable person in charge of students, especially young ones.

No. 647221

When did anon say anything close to that? God, you people are fucking stupid

No. 647222

>replies again to say exactly the same thing while pretending to be someone else
No1curr move on

No. 647226

am I to understand I am living in a world where 1) "Jiggly Caliente" is someone's name and 2) I'm supposed to know who she is?

No. 647246

Empath is a weird new age word mostly employed by cluster b personalities who want to obscure their behaviour. As a rule if you have to emphatically refer to yourself as something, it's simply not true. This doesn't apply to all people ofc, some are genuinely on the sensitive side. But I have noticed a pattern. Tbh I consider being highly empathetic as a trait most functioning people are capable of (to varying degrees) without another damn label to add to your social media bio. \end of sperg

No. 647250

True. Most self proclaimed empaths I have met are narcs in disguise unable to handle any warranted criticism.

No. 647263

Haha yeees. knew many cluster b types who called themselves "empaths" despite lacking traits of empathy. one of my recent examples is a girl who called herself an "empath" yet genuinely could not empathize with me (or others) in any way unless we shared the exact same experiences with her. she even told me that she experienced more trauma than people in war and third world countries do bc they're used to it…. lol In her mind compassion and some understanding to the plight of conditions is the same as full blown empathy which is simply not true.

Many folks in the new age community describe themselves as "empaths" and therefore use that as an excuse to take up your energy as much as possible. Many of these people hold no regard for people who aren't themselves, have high narcissistic traits, and overall lack of genuine connection towards other people yet describe themselves as "empaths" because they have some sad feeling when they see someone crying. You will notice if you get close to these people when many of them live quite dysfunctional lifestyles and have very dysfunctional relationships, especially romantically.

No. 647266

*many of them, not when many

No. 647285

Gatekeeping is necessary because many if not most normies behave like animals and ruin whatever it is they're trying to infiltrate in the first place.
Every community that is "open-minded" and "inclusive" gets raided by people who don't even attempt to understand it and make it out to be something completely different (giving its members a bad name), sexual deviants, coomers who turn it into a fetish, criminals, "entrepreneurs" and influencers trying to monetise it, you name it.

Everything I've ever been a member of that was in any way considered special was ruined this way. Even the city I grew up in was my region's little hidden gem until "digital nomads", foreign startup "entrepreneurs", PUAs and then big porn companies started flocking here and now most people who made that city what it was are priced out of it and it's become yet another Disneyland for American and British tourists to gawp at. Many of those tourists now openly solicit local women who are just minding their own business because they saw it in a porno.
If only we could get archeologists, scientists and writers at least, but nooo we get people who even Westerners don't want so they come here thinking we'll accept them. But if you point any of this out to Westerners you get stereotyped as a racist and told there's "nothing wrong with foreigners" when there very clearly is, otherwise they wouldn't behave like horny monkeys.

No. 647290

Doesn't bleaching your teeth ultimately damage them? So I don't get why people think that white teeth = good hygiene and health

No. 647292

File: 1601969423467.jpg (7.99 KB, 232x217, kek.jpg)

>am I to understand I am living in a world where 1) "Jiggly Caliente" is someone's name

No. 647304

I had tooth whitening done once and that shit is extremely painful. The actual procedure isn't that bad but for the next two days you have random pangs of the most awful tooth pain. It's a very sharp kind of pain that feels like the insides of your teeth and gums are full of needles. You also have to abstain from coffee and black tea for at least 2 weeks.
I fucking hated it and I'm never doing it again, if people don't like my yellow teeth they can blow it out their ass, my mouth is healthy and not in pain and that's good enough for me.

No. 647305

Her teeth were yellow and gross. What are you on?

No. 647307

Those teeth are textbook perfection, you're just a delusional BDD-chan.

No. 647309

File: 1601972488903.jpg (152.84 KB, 2000x2000, hard_lure.jpg)

No. 647314

She's a drag queen so it's not her real name

No. 647315

You are no great example of successful women in economy and science if you're a transwoman who transitioned late in their career. You got your achievments due to male privilge, not because you overcame misogyny and transphobia/homophobia.

No. 647318

> You are no great example of successful women in economy and science if you're a transwoman

No. 647409

Based anons. Glad I'm not going crazy over here.

No. 647474

I'm someone that used to describe myself as an empath before actually doing therapy and figuring out my problem and I'll just say this:

I only used that word because paranoia (symptom of personality disorder) and acute sensitivity to other people's emotions/feelings. I HAD to know what a person was feeling in order to change to that mood or something different. Depending on the personality disorder, every snap decision is made based on the other person's reaction. Just a slight difference in communication makes me wonder "omg did I do something wrong?" (abandonment fear). I find myself annoyingly still trying to pull my friends' feelings out and usually I am right when they are upset or irritated by something. All of that felt like "Oh maybe this is a special skill of mine, to be able to tell what other people feel?"

But that is nothing special that only an "Empath" can do. Anyone can honestly do that if they pay attention enough to other people's moods. It's just that normal people without any personality disorders usually don't change their every mood and personality to fit those whom they are trying to appease. And they aren't neurotic/obsessive/in their own head about the other person so they don't pick up on the small deets.

As for the "feeling other people's emotions strongly as if they were your own" that's just called being an emotional person with a good imagination.

No. 647498

As much as I love the cast of the Office, I think it's a bit cringe worthy how much they bring up the show itself. It's cute that they're passionate but it feels like they're living vicariously through it.

No. 647533

>As for the "feeling other people's emotions strongly as if they were your own" that's just called being an emotional person with a good imagination.
This is true and I'm glad someone said it.

No. 647536

Pandemic nitpicking is aids. As long as someone's within the guidelines witch hunting them is redundant.

No. 647541

>Jenner Fischer
I think she's great but it is weird how much she clings to the show.

John Krasinski seems to have completely moved on compared to the rest of the cast.

No. 647546

Jenna’s career practically ended when the office was over. I kind of get why she would cling to it. Johns didn’t, well… cause he’s a man and that’s how Hollywood works.

No. 647603

In high school, the actual stacies/chads were usually pretty friendly. It was their insecure orbiter friends or the self-proclaimed "weird" alt theater kids/weebs who were the bullies

No. 647627

True. One of the most beautiful and popular Stacy types at my school was and continues to be like the nicest woman ever, same with her close circle of friends. The mean ones were the periphery pretty/popular girls, and they tried to instigate drama with them which rarely worked from what I could tell, kek.

Scene/alt kids however. Oof.

No. 647691

I'm not sure if there even were chad and stacies at my school, the whole concept feels like an outdated meme. No one really cared about the people outside their groups and the few people well liked by everyone just seemed to be genuinely friendly and charismatic. There was retarded drama but I never saw the stereotypical organized bullying with strict hierarchy they sell you in media.

No. 647695

Hmm. I dunno, I've had bad experiences with both groups. People just suck.

No. 647696

Same, when people complain about chad/Stacy high school dynamics even into adulthood I assume they’re full of shit and just bitter about some weird fantasy they had in their head. It’s quite pathetic

No. 647698

I was born 1990 and noticed my year and the years above me were all very into cliques and having an order. I had a few friends in the years below cause I played sports and even they would remark how my year and the older ones were always so weird for being so hostile to people that weren't 'similar'. It has always struck a chord with me. I never belonged to just one group growing up and always was like apart of different groups which had me involved in a lot of fake 'drama', like "anon i can't believe you like THEM! … i bet anon talks shit about us to THEM' etc etc, when really, hanging out with the same people doing the same things is boring af.

No. 647733

i know this isnt an unpopular opinion here because we talk about it all the time, but it is in the general cos community. im so fucking tired of lewd flavor of the month store bought cosplay. i know the few biggest 'lewd' cosplay pioneers already started 'lewd' Among Us cosplay and its like, fuck man, can we have one fun thing where we don't have to see your ass hanging out? It's a matter of time before moo posts a picture of herself naked in just an astronaut helmet ("Helmet altered by me!!"). i miss when cosplay was creative and interesting.

No. 647735

Just because it's not unpopular doesn't mean you shouldn't say it (maybe not here kek but anyways). Fuck lewds, they're annoying as shit. Worst part is that some take a lot of gorgeous photos/have great wigs and costume parts, just not enough of them.

No. 647933

I don't like it when grieving moms have pictures of their stillborn babies on their phone cases, t shirts etc because it forces random members of the public to see pictures of dead babies which is just wrong; not everyone can cope with seeing that as it's actually quite disturbing. I get having a picture of the baby framed or as your Lockscreen but not on a t shirt. Your deceased baby isn't merchandise and people generally don't want to see dead things (And yah, when it's half blue with closed eyes and blackened lips/fingernails it's obvious that it's dead).

I know this is really specific and it's not too common for people to do this but I've been watching lots of loss youtube videos and reading posts about it as it's baby loss awareness month and so many of the women have pics of their stillbirths printed on shirts and shit I just don't like it.

I feel so bad And insensitive, losing a baby must be one of the hardest things in the world and I'm not trying to police it- the last thing they need when they're dealing with this grief is me telling them what not to get printed so I guess that's why I'm putting it here.

No. 647951

For me the geeky band/theater kids AND the jocks and preps both had their fair share of bad apples. Maybe public school just sucks

No. 647976

File: 1602022676602.jpeg (138.77 KB, 1024x768, EUTY52iXQAMKy7-.jpeg)

I believe ugly men are a genetical product of rape. We know from analysis of modern DNA that most men didn't pass on their dna, but the wast majority of women did. Around 8,000 years ago 17 women reproduced for every one man. Incels/MGTOWs often say that if this was still a thing, we wouldn't be able to build a civilization and that "enforced monogamy" was the foundation of society (nice cope). I don't believe women back then would fuck ugly men willingly, they were probably raped and then literally forced to marry them through the system of enforced monogamy that males created. Now countless studies show that testosterone levels are decreasing with each generation and I also saw one study about attractive men dying out while the number of attractive women stays somewhat the same throughout history. That's what you get for years of breeding with ugly and weak men who literally created system for themselves so every man could get laid at the price of genetical quality (and female freedom, of course). Incels who researched the topic actually know about this and sometimes it turns them into blackpills (then they give up on pursuing women, as they should), but most of the time it just makes them even more aggressive and more women-hating. They literally want islam or just mandatory monogamy and delegalization of hypergamy to eliminate the whore/incel/simp problem.

No. 647992

File: 1602023076697.jpeg (511.87 KB, 711x1081, 7C3C9F59-EC58-43DC-B17E-6B94BD…)

anon reminds me of this anon

No. 648000

No. 648010

Don’t “woah” this like she said something anon

No. 648014

>like she said something anon
But she did

No. 648016

I don't agree with what she said. It's just………whoa

No. 648020

>I don't believe women back then would fuck ugly men willingly
>me looking back to all the women i know that willingly fucked hideous men, dated or married them

No. 648023

File: 1602023760260.gif (855.58 KB, 244x174, nEHQWXc.gif)

No. 648024

gee, it's almost like looks are subjective

No. 648026

they are not. many women just are willing to fuck hideous men bc of female socialization.

No. 648028

Well when you get bashed as a shallow bitch for having standards I guess you would “willingly” fuck less than stellar men

No. 648033

Also, men usually have more resources, regardless of their looks. I don't give a fuck about some exceptions. Healthy women want attractive men. There are characteristics that objectively make male face and male body unattractive and there's no point in denying it with "much looks are subjective".

No. 648053

Even if looks aren't "subjective," I don't think it's fair to say that a man is only good-looking if he has no features that aren't considered conventionally attractive. Most people have a mix of attractive and unattractive/unconventional features. Like, it'd be pretty stupid to declare someone as ugly just because they had a weird nose, despite the fact that they're otherwise well put together. Plenty of people, men and women alike, do this pretty shamelessly and a lot of times it's ironic because the very trait they claim is "ugly" in the opposite sex is something that they have themselves.

Also, realistically speaking, you should have a good idea of how attractive you are in regards to your own dating standards. Otherwise, you're going to end up bitter and disappointed.

No. 648055

So do you wanna be part of some dudes pseuo-harem well he fucks a bunch of other women? Because that's basically what that system was.

No. 648058

Most men I see on the street are either ugly or average, there's way more slightly above average or just attractive women. But there's less and less attractive and masculine men and I think it's because they don't pass on their dna with more than one woman like they did in the past. Will you also deny the testosterone levels sinking?

No. 648067

Not really, many female animals live separately from males and they're self sufficient, they don't need males for survival and they're not locked up like women were in harems. And then they just fuck the stronger male once in a year and that's it. Female separatism would solve so many problems with male abuse towards women and children (home is the most dangerous place for women and 58% of female victims of murder are killed by their male partner or family member) but I know most women will never support it, they gave up a long, long time ago.

No. 648071

I don't think there is a significantly larger amount of better looking women than men when it comes to facial features. I'm not saying many men aren't ungroomed or suck at dressing, but body and facial futures are way more important.

Maybe it's bc I'm straight idk.I just feel like a lot of women also don't look particularly good at all. I'm not saying they look ugly, just not very attractive either.

No. 648074

I kind of agree with this. It seems like most guys are in the 4-6/10 range, and a small percentage are extremely attractive, like 9-10/10. I'm not good looking enough myself to score those ones, so I usually end up with the 6/10s, even though I'm slightly better looking. Sucks, but what can you do.

No. 648075

How do you propose sustainable gender separatism deals with the problem of male children? Do they get sent to be raised by the men? Are they and their mom supposed to separate forever when he's old enough? Not even the ancient societies you idealize had total gender separation.

No. 648083

File: 1602026307548.jpeg (68.84 KB, 705x705, FA305C59-562E-4ED4-BA1F-D82691…)

When it comes to looks I have no idea what my standards are but I feel like they gear more towards mediocrity which some would consider garbage

When you're a mediocre looking not 10/10 not 1/10, plain jane it's kind of impossible to rank yourself against other people without feeling you don't have the authority to do so

No. 648085

I think it might be because you're straight, i'm a lesbian and most women look attractive to me, even much older ones. Men just tend to look like gnomes or something to me.

No. 648108

idk fam, I'm straight and find most men to be either weird-looking or downright ugly. i'm not sexually attracted to women at all, but they are objectively easier on the eyes

No. 648111

I'm bisexual and don't like how most people look that well tbh. Women have better aesthetics but it's mostly fashion and style rather than actual physical genetic traits for the most part.

No. 648119

I'm just more forgiving of women for having """""ugly""""" traits.

No. 648121

I'm also bi and as I said here >>648058 I see way more ugly men than ugly women. Maybe it depends on the country, idk.

No. 648150

tayrt here. I don't try to judge people based on looks super hard or anything unless I'm looking to sleep with them, it was just an observation. I don't care what women look like anyway so w/e. My opinion means dogshit anyway

No. 648157

In the old days people just wanted to reproduce and have their own offspring at all costs. They didn't focus that much on looks. If that was the case they'd have raped all the prettier ones and let the rest die alone

No. 648164

But females in nature focus on physical traits, they usually don't reproduce with males that are not strong enough, not colorful enough etc.

No. 648176

I am only going to say I agree because I was under the spell of a very ugly man and since breaking up I want to erase my past self for being so foolish. My fault for thinking a less desirable man would not cheat, he got a massive ego boost instead.

No. 648178

Surely there's no reason 17 women reproduced for every one man right.

No. 648179

Because ancient women were pickme cucks

No. 648180

There were also weaker males who couldn't rape as good that want to mate with whomever he can get. It is cruel joke to give human female less body strength.
That's how it should be. Alas giving men intelligence was a mistake. They got together and realized that they can just rape.

No. 648184

No. 648185

>They got together and realized that they can just rape.
tbh I don't buy this. You see primates and other animals that rape each other all the time. Were ancient human men really just sweet innocent babies who didn't realize you could rape or were just too nice to do so?

No. 648191

Think it was more to do with that males can impregnate a variety of women while a woman can only be pregnant once every 9 months.

I've read books about human evolution, particularly studies regarding sex. It's thought that woman make vocalisations when orgasming to let other men know she's been fucked. Sperm competition is a real thing and having several guys cum in you increases chance of conception and encourages actual sperm competition, resulting in the fittest sperm winning. It's also thought that women raised children in a nursery setting and all helped raise a tribe's kids because they didn't have paternity testing. Women would basically pick who the father was and usually that was the man with the most resources. It's also thought humans are the only mammals with a menopause because of our socialisation and that older females were considered nurses and didn't need to keep getting pregnant but were optimum in helping raise a child.

Human babies are very resource heavy because of our brains. Think of other mammals that are born like horses or prey animals. They're born and within minutes are able to run and flee predators. Humans aren't. We're extemely vunerable when born. Our skulls aren't even fully formed because women would die trying to pass out a human skull from their vag. Human kids need a lot of care and back in the day it literally took a village.

No. 648192

So instead of women only fucking the best men, as anon claimed, it was actually just constant gangbangs until a lucky sperm won?

No. 648195

Isn't animal rape usually gay and act of domination? I didn't say that men didn't know how to rape. But men formed alliance to rape females from other groups. They deduced that farming women like cattles means that within the tribe they won't have to compete to mate, insuring their tribe population growth.

No. 648197

Basically there's the meme that men get tired after sex and roll over to fall asleep. this has actually been a running theory that primitive men would have went to sleep and a female still horned up would have went off to the bushes with another male willing to keep tapping it.

Like women are programmed to keep cumming so it's weird when I see girls saying they've never experienced it. we're built for pleasure more than guys. It's a tale as old as time that men have just always been envious of women.

No. 648198

This post sus

No. 648199

Read Sara Pascoe's book autobiography of a female body. She's much funnier and more informed than me

No. 648200

It sounds as legit as the other anon or any other evopsych bullshit (which is not very)

No. 648201

I agree: sus

No. 648202

I study evolution and if you think it's sus you are more than encouraged to google it.

No. 648205

NTA but the post is sus because it doesn't align with your views and beliefs.
While anons agree with shit like >>647976 that has no basis whatsoever just assumptions about a centuries old worldwide plan to keep ugly men alive

No. 648208

>people agree with things that affirm their views and disagree with things that don't
Welcome to Psych 101

No. 648212

File: 1602031530470.jpg (218.98 KB, 1280x737, 01-15-27-tumblr_ouco7cODXJ1uir…)

>usually that was the man with the most resources
But what resources do you have in mind exactly, last time I checked females provided like 80% of food for the tribe in hunter-gatherer times. So how did they choose the father in pre-agricultural societies?

No. 648214

evolution has much more basis than fucking psychology tho.

No. 648216

A man with resources will be a man that has status and is strong enough to fight off other male members from other tribes. Like humans are animals, society and agriculture are quite new in the history of humankind.

No. 648235

Bonobos and common chimps are equally close to humans as species, but as far as I know, they're completely different. Chimps are way more aggressive and hierarchical, males also beat females etc. while bonobos are more matriarchal and peaceful. Chimp sex is based on hierarchy and competition, and bonobos just use sex to relax and they fuck everyone regardless of their status in the group. How can scientists be 100% sure whether ancient humans fucked based on hierarchy or on free hippie love with gangbangs?

No. 648236

The answer is they can't and people make theories that sound logical to them and confirm whatever they'd like to think was the case

No. 648245

Same and I agree. I think the majority of people are not physically attractive or beautiful but women on average do look better. I think it’s because the average woman is investing so much more money, time and effort into their appearance than the average man. I wish men would put more effort into not looking like shit.

No. 648247

Actually scientists would you believe actually use scientific and empirical data. Archaeology is used in conjunction with gene mapping, carbon dating blah blah blah, so they're considered educational guesses.

You need to remember primitive humans weren't only dealing with threats from other humans. There were wild animals. Toxic plants. The elements etc etc. We don't just look at things in a vacuum, everything is considered.

I mean, why do men have a g-spot in their ass? Homosexual sex has probably been happening between males for eons. Maybe the dildos people think are females are actually male ones?

No. 648248

Evopsych is entirely educated guesses. Yes it extrapolates based on facts and scientific findings (which aren't psychological btw), but you can extropolate a lot of different and contradictory theories based on those facts, as seen in this thread for one.

No. 648250

have to tell you anon, throughout my masters on molecular biology and evolution I've never saw the term evopsych used. Are you from a psychology background?

No. 648253

Because your masters in molecular biology and evolution wasn't about evopsych lol it was about actual science. Evopsych is bullshit online pop psy that people often use to justify their fringe beliefs, usually about gender. Your degrees and qualifications don't matter on an image board where you can easily be lying about them btw, just as a heads up.

No. 648256

Obviously but I'm sure evolutionary biology is a term your familiar with and crossed over into the psych world. Just saying I've never heard of it. I read the wikipedia now tho. It doesn't discredit anything I've said so far, just that evopsych is purely theoretically based on the hard data gleamed from my area of study.

No. 648257

I don't think you're even disagreeing with me at this point

No. 648258

I wasn't lol, just I saw evopsych being used frequently itt and never heard it before.

No. 648395

I have respect for all religions EXCEPT Jehovah's witnesses. Fuckers can all actually shoot themselves into the atmosphere and never return. I have had two moments where I genuinely felt trapped because of one who confronted me randomly at a mall or a coffee shop. They are so fucking creepy and "fake calm" if that makes sense. Do they really think they're going to convert me in line at H&M? Eat my consumer ass.

No. 648409

Their variant of Christianity is sad… They think they're God's slaves, and much like some Catholics (the Roman Empire's successful co-opting the original movement), self flagellation is not only a good idea, it proves your dedication to God. Mormons are pretty mislead too with the weird niche necessities like special underwear/not seeing your family for years whilst on a "spiritual quest". It's also a completely normal concept that the more wealth you accumulate the more spiritually loved you are. I also have an issue with the fervour atheist's defend their lack of views, making it a cornerstone of their personality whilst blissfully unaware of how fanatical they sound. And don't get me started on Scientology, Islam or modern Judaism either kek. Not trying to come off as offensive btw. I just take issue with things I see as wrong in all religions and not with the average follower.

No. 648429

Why is there no natural cut off for human males (like menopause) when father's age also affects genetical defects and disorders (autism etc.). They get lower sperm count but theoretically they can still impregnate after they hit 50s which is absolutely retarded.

No. 648430

I agree but at least your every day muslims and jews aren't trying to recruit people. Also honestly most muslims I know who wear hijab don't think they would go to hell if they didn't and mainly just do it because they're lacking in other religious areas and think it's an easy A in a way. They see their family wear it and are like sure.

I also had an experience with a jehova witness who came up to me in Starbucks and pretended that he needed help understanding what something on the JW website said in the language he wrongfully assumed I spoke. I told him I don't speak the language and goes "oh! Well good thing I just noticed their's an english translation on this site. Let's click it!" He clicks it and starts reading the section in English and goes "It looks like you're interested now that you know there's an english translation, here's the name of the website, have a great day!" I was literally scared for my life, no exaggeration. He was a young adult. Also, I don't mean this in a bad way, but almost all JW I've come across were hispanic.

No. 648436

File: 1602053445934.jpg (17.86 KB, 300x193, ee26b-4madame-medusa-walt-disn…)

wigs are disgusting, even when they are quality and well applied.
the thought of somebody taking off their hair makes my skin crawl. it only fits musty old ladies for comedic effect.
and that also goes for fake eyelashes.

No. 648451

Even just for costume and not regular wear?

No. 648454

idk about costume, it makes sense there, but the idea of fake hair disgusts me anyway. don't mind me though and do you, i'm also a neat freak everytime i see a hair anywhere

No. 648455

Bananas are fucking disgusting and stink. Least favorite food. Peanut butter is decent but overrated.

No. 648477

>I also saw one study about attractive men dying out while the number of attractive women stays somewhat the same throughout history.
This is so painful, holy shit lmao.

No. 648481

I feel this way about real hair wigs. idk how this was never seen as weird, you're wearing someone else's body parts. how is it any different from wearing their eyelashes or nails eww

No. 648493

I don't know if this is an unpopular opinion on here, but I think vocaloid music is so fucking based. Weird digitized voices make my brain go brrrr.

No. 648531

Nah bananas are nice, but yeah the smell can get pretty overwhelming sometimes

No. 648534

I like them frozen in a smoothie or made into banana bread but I can't stomach a plain ol' banana.

No. 648551

Tired of everyone making excuses for lazy selfish scrotes. If you're a bihet male not willing to eat the kitty you don't deserve to have sex with women.

No. 648554

What prompted this post anon? I agree though.

No. 648556


Just having read posts on many different normie forums about frustrated women and their crappy excuses for boyfriends

No. 648572

do you have a joanna newsom level hatred

No. 648577

Maybe cause males tend to live shorter lives than woman that a menopause wasn't necessary? Also males aren't caregivers, they're just full of spunk.

No. 648674

90% of mental illness diagnoses are utter bullshit, especially in children, and they’re just an excuse to get normal and healthy people hooked on prescription drugs

psychology in general is mostly BS and a pseudoscience used to abuse children

No. 648677

Eh, not always, just often which is unfortunate. Most personality disorders aren't diagnosable until 18+ which leaves kids out of that, at least.

No. 648743

i was meditating on this tonight and i agree. its stupid to put people under some umbrella list of often vague traits and have it on their medical record forever, usually. we're all unique and some of us could benefit from medication and certain types of therapy but so many fucking people are misdiagnosed and borderline seems to be the new big thing for young women, much like a hysteria diagnosis back in the 60's

No. 648773

I liked the English dub for Yu-Gi-Oh!

No. 648795

I can get you a referral, anon. Just say the word.

No. 648801

Its annoying how white people lose their shit if a white character(the little mermaid)is played by someone non-white. But the moment a black character is changed to someone mixed or an asian character is played by someone white, they want to claim everyone is just too sensitive and over reacting if they get mad.

No. 648820


I remember these white dudes complaining about Tadanobu Asano playing Raiden in an upcoming Mortal Kombat movie. Personally, I'm not a fan of racebending, but this one actually makes sense. Why the fuck would a character based on Japanese mythology even be white in the first place?

Speaking of The Little Mermaid, not to tinfoil, but I feel Disney chose a black actress for Ariel intentionally because they knew it would get a lot of attention. I love Halle Bailey, she's really talented and cute, I just can't stand seeing her getting hate just for playing a character.

No. 648821

I guess it comes to asking how you would feel if Neil Gaiman redoes American Gods, but Anansi is caucasian

No. 648854

Can we shut it with the white people this or that or do white people rly do xyz thing bait

No. 648861

Gee anon, does it bother you?

No. 648865

Who wants to be shit on for something they can't control?

No. 648879

Are you the "white people" that get upset when darker people are cast for white roles? If not, then it doesn't apply to you.

No. 648883

I think a person can cheat accidentally, both physically and emotionally. It's just positive action, like crashing your car yet double standards exist between the two

No. 648891

literally, how do you accidentally put your dick into another human being

No. 648893

the lipstick alley jumped out

No. 648895

I'm bothered by accuracy and would have chosen a Danish actress because the tale is Danish and the statue erected Danish, but I'm also bothered by Asian or mixed or
any other actors given roles for African or black actors.

No. 648898

Try getting really wasted for once in your life.

No. 648901

I believe sometimes people can develop emotional feelings for someone without meaning/wanting to. However, when you act on those feelings is when you start being in the wrong. You can't accidentally fuck/kiss another person, and you can't accidentally make your feelings for another person obvious.

No. 648904

If it's that easy for you to take off your clothes once you get wasted, have you considered not getting wasted?

No. 648906

I don't believe happy partners 'accidentally' cheat. The human mind will reach for justifications to explain away the cheating instead of facing the difficulty of self-reflection to ask why they've cheated.
For example, if you truly had no underlying insecurities about your relationship and it was all the alcohol's fault as to why you cheated, doesn't that still demand addressing the issue of your lack of control around alcohol? If you'll cheat on alcohol as an accident, then what else are you 'accidentally' capable of while under the influence? Getting behind the wheel? Tbh when someone tells me they have little control over substances it actually freaks me out more than if they'd just admit they aren't happy in their relationship and had a moment of impulse.
You're accountable either way.

No. 648911

Why should your partner have to worry about you cheating every time you decide to get drunk?

No. 648915

How come people get so wasted and forget who they're dating but they don't like come on to their parents at like new years or a family party. Take some fucking accountability man

No. 648953

You don't get wasted on accident though (unless you're a teen experimenting with alcohol for the first time maybe) so does cheating while wasted really count as an accident? It doesn't in my opinion.

No. 648954

Well this made me think pretty hard. Whenever I get wasted I just start throwing up and pass out but my friend on the other hand grabbed our friend's butt, told him he was cute and said she'd fuck him if she was single. It's weird how drinking too much can affect different ppl, but I guess it's on you either way. I'm so ashamed of always passing out but so fucking glad I never fucked anyone while drunk, even tho it almost happened once. Genuinely one of my worst nightmares.

No. 648957

Hah I think we're similar. I've got a pretty weak stomach and get sick easily, the great thing about that is that if I drink too much I'll definitely get sick before I get the chance to do anything retarded. I'm not gonna fuck people or table dance or w/e when I just wanna puke and sleep.

No. 648963

It feels good knowing I'm not the only one anon. When I think about all the embarrassing stuff my friends did throwing up doesn't seem that bad

No. 648994

File: 1602106580446.jpeg (55.48 KB, 526x526, C9833C56-16C1-470A-AECF-5ED20F…)

Being fat isn’t “normal.” Normalizing unhealthy eating and laziness is gross.

No. 649001

Not unpopular anywhere except certain twitter circles. This is quite literally the most popular opinion on this website.

No. 649003

File: 1602106919700.gif (2.44 MB, 1280x1920, hot chocolate.gif)

Coffee tastes awful, tea tastes decent (but only if I make it myself) and hot chocolate is great (aside from the fact that it's sugary and calorie-dense)

No. 649004

>Being fat isn’t “normal.”
Last I checked most people were fat…

No. 649005

spend less time on twitter

No. 649006

You mean most people in your immediate vicinity, burger.

No. 649009

It's almost like you're offended by a generalization

No. 649010

>t. fatty-chan

No. 649011

File: 1602107578258.jpeg (64.31 KB, 946x720, EjGOKdGWoAAOHqP.jpeg)

I hate this so much. Being fat does nothing except distort your features, make it harder to move around, force you into a food dependency, and leave you susceptible to all sorts of physical disease.
And honestly, so many women's natural beauty has been destroyed by being overweight/obese. It's annoying how the media always hand-picks a fat woman who looks somewhat decent as long as you throw on some heavy contouring and Photoshop (Tess Holliday, Barbie Ferreira and nw Lizzo) in some desperate bid to prove that this isn't a bad thing. Literally feeding into delusion.

No. 649012

Society will get what it deserves. We can either keep pretending a massive population suddenly developed a propensity to be fat within the last 50 years of the human race, or we can buck up and address the serious societal issues that have influenced people to become obese.
I feel nothing for complainers anymore, shouting at people to stop being fat isn't and hasn't worked and this WILL become normal unless attitudes changed.
Sperg away.

No. 649013

The picture on the right is also photoshopped.

No. 649014

I'm eating buffalo ranch rice crisps as we speak. Wanna share? Might take that edge of superiority off a bit.

No. 649015

And yet, without PS or even a drop of makeup, she will still look 100x better than the picture on the left. Funny how that works.

No. 649016

My bets are she's still beady-eyed as ever. Fatties can look pretty good when they're wearing a full face of slap and photoshop too by your own admission. But we wouldn't have a dramatic before and after shot if she had chosen a plain-faced, untouched photo in shit lighting like her before.
She hates herself.

No. 649018

It's annoying how bananas make everything around them taste like banana. So many of my packed lunches have been ruined because I forget about that. I noticed that bell peppers can also do this.

No. 649020

Fatty cope lmaoo she might be plain skinny but she’s ugly fat

No. 649021

She shooped herself into a dead eyed shell, at least her fat self looked alive. Die mad.

No. 649022

Beady-eyed or not, she still looks better than her past self (and all obese women ever, especially without extreme makeup).
>She hates herself.
All fat people do, but when a person stops being fat, they typically hate that they let it get to that point, while still feeling actual self-confidence, pride and self-love for having the strength to move past it.

No. 649025

>at least her fat self looked alive.
If by "alive", you mean "mere seconds to a heart attack", lmao.

No. 649026

There's a weird back and forth between narcissism and self loathing with weight loss extremes like this, I'd wager. I'm happy that she lost weight, because she was probably already pre-diabetic bare min., but I can't imagine how much loose skin is there.

No. 649030

>All fat people hate themselves.
Oh really.
>when a person stops being fat, they typically hate that they let it get to that point
No they still hate themselves. Especially if they lost it primarily for beauty reasons like what we're talking about here.
Former obese people are very likely to regain any weight they lose.

Anyway I really don't feel like dealing with your dishonest argument spergout.

No. 649035

I'd tell you to start focusing on your health and stop regurgitating these hopeless, blackpilled-ass "There's no point, just stay fat, you'll regain it all anyway! If you lose weight, you hate yourself!" arguments and delusions about fat being "lively", but that's really a choice you have to make for yourself.
I'd rather you not project "dishonesty" and "spergout" after trying to convince everyone the left looks better than the right, though. Peace.

No. 649038

There is no instances where your fat self is better looking than your thin self.
>inb4 muh loose skin and extreme spoopiness
Self hating thin > self hating fat
Calling others spergs when you’re the one defending hambeastdom on mf lolcow kek

No. 649039

Being fat: normal
Not normal: thinking ppl should compliment you or find you pretty even tho you're fat af

No. 649040

>they typically hate that they let it get to that point, while still feeling actual self-confidence, pride and self-love for having the strength to move past it.
Really? I've heard a lot of people who lost weight say they still feel very insecure cause they still see the same body they had before. People don't get fat for no reason. There' s usually some underlying reason for it.

No. 649042

Yeah it’s the mental illness. Now these people can channel their energy treating that instead of struggling to breathe.

No. 649043

When I said I don't want to deal with your dishonest arguing, this also included your really personal spergs like assuming I have a weight problem since you cannot fathom someone average would disagree with you. Again, you can keep giving yourself a pat on the back thinking your internet ramblings actually help anyone, I'm sure a meaningful contribution to help end the obesity epidemic will come from someone who's not you. That is all.

You sound hungry.

Well anon thinks she knows everything, so.

No. 649044

It sounds more like those people are dealing with the struggle of moving from one eating disorder to another.
Even in those cases, if you asked them if they'd go back to being fat, they'd vehemently say no.

No. 649045

My unpopular opinion is that we bring back the kpop thread. I feel like it effectively absorbed a lot of the retardation that is rampant in almost every thread rn.

No. 649051

Yes bring back all the twitter fags and kpoop spergs, that's what we need

No. 649052

In the time you spent typing these angry responses when you said you were done, you could've done like 5 sit ups or taken a short walk. Not a suggestion or an attempt at "help" (I was just stating my opinion in response to an anon I agree with, weird that you think everyone's trying to "help" you when you claim to not have a problem), just an observation.
There is nothing good about being fat. It's an ED, and a horrible one. No fat person is more physically healthy or better-looking than a thin one. If hearing these thiings can put you at this point of sheer rage, your mental health must be down the absolute shitter, "average" or not, and I hope you seek therapy instead of arguing on Lolcow.

No. 649057

Trans men look pretty good but lack the only thing that makes men timeworthy

No. 649060

This place is already full of that. The thread will give them a better place to congregate, and the rest of us could just hide it.

Hm, interesting take.

No. 649063

I have to agree. it's easier for women to be androgynous, so they transition to men better than men transition to women.

No. 649066

Begone k-popfag.

No. 649067

Soo does acting like an antagonistic cunt on the internet make you feel more validated or..?

No. 649069

Did you mean to reply to >>649043 and their sperging at random people for not having their opinion? Kek.

No. 649070

The best place for them to congregate is off my motherfucking board.
>Just hide le thread
Is the worst fucking meme and I want to punch every bitch who says that in their mouth. Just go to c.c retard. You post this every other week.

No. 649072

Jesus, lay off the testosterone anon. Go drink some water and put your phone down for like 10 minutes

No. 649073

Trans men's bodies look so unappealing to me. They pass better than transwomen 99% of the time if they put in the effort, but they end up looking like doughy manlets instead of abominations. They all have those wide hips and skinny shoulders that just look uncanny with the chopped off breasts, and faces like little boys with a pube beard and bald-spot slapped on if they actually commit to T. They just end up looking like your average incels, if they don't just look like butch girls.

No. 649077

I honestly don't get it. It's not like they're some group that gets silenced everywhere else online. They have all of Twitter, 4chan, probably 8chan, private Discord servers, entire websites, etc to post their shit. Why is it always here? Why do they need to post about their boy bands on Lolcow, specifically?

No. 649080

Assuming that anon is fat and trying to push weight management strategies because they're trying to see shit from another perspective is sort of fucked up and looks intentionally condescending.

No. 649081

File: 1602110856954.jpg (166.58 KB, 1300x975, 50552470-larch-wood-texture-ta…)

This type of wood with the holes or burn marks or whatever the fuck it is is FUGLY. I want to vomit whenever I see this shit in a house.

No. 649082

I'm the original anon you're being aggressive towards, and that wasn't me but I'm enjoying your seethe as more people notice how hostile you are. Please reply and let me know how not bothered you are.

No. 649086

They were insistent that the person photographed must be ugly, that she must hate herself, that she looked better when she was near death's door, that people who lose weight hate themselves, and was generally aggressive and strange toward multiple people. That's not a "different perspective", it's just bizarre and very dishonest, sorry.

No. 649090

That anon has been shitting up tons of threads. They’re like an annoying fucking mosquito.

No. 649091

I think they're attractive but the lack of penis ruins it for me. The most appealing part is that they know what's like to be a woman so they wouldn't be so shit like men (maybe).

No. 649094

Those are knots anon

No. 649095

I wasn't aggressive toward you, but you certainly were toward me and others. This is like the second time you said you were leaving and actually pretended to be "unbothered", then came back all of a sudden to argue more, too. Here's your reply, though, feel free to give one more if you need the last word this badly.

No. 649096

They're repulsive is what they are.

No. 649098

I mean, it's not unusual to question the mental health of post-chunk people. There's a lot of struggles that come with weight loss of that capacity. Sometimes there's even health problems that can come from it..
The whole time we've been talking about this shit, the only word I can think of is "gunt" and I'm dying between trying to be serious business

No. 649102

You're doing the same shit just in reverse.

No. 649115

Seafood is disgusting outside of basic bitch spicy tuna rolls. Why do people love it so much? It tastes like dirty water.

No. 649122

Fresh seafood tastes super buttery. There's something wrong with the stuff you had.

No. 649126

File: 1602112904253.jpg (193.13 KB, 800x1200, sofia-jamora-acacia-(1)-gthumb…)

Sofia Jamora is ugly and a huge bitch. I don't understand how someone so blatantly unattractive could become even a F21 model, especially with the catty, bratty attitude she has. She acts like a bitchy 16 year old and has to facetune all of her own pictures to make herself passable. There are such beautiful, youthful, famous models in the world, I have no idea how she managed to get where she is. I also have no clue why she's categorized as a plus size model when she's average. I probably sound crazy to someone who doesn't know who she is or the shit she pulls.

I'm on the complete opposite end. The fishier the better, I love the texture and the taste. But I can completely, 100% understand why some people hate it. It's strong and the texture can be off-putting, and I'm talking about even cooked fish, not just sushi, which I also love.

No. 649129

She’s definitely plus size on the model scale. Her legs make her look chunky kek

No. 649136

I've had it multiple times, completely fresh and am always ready to try it again when someone else offers a bite to see if something has changed. I think it's the iodine or something that I'm tasting. Tbf I have a really strong sense of smell

No. 649142

True actually, her legs are really chunky. Maybe it's because I was looking at her photoshopped pics.

No. 649144

Why do you have such a hateboner for a random instagram model? Genuinely wondering considering
>I probably sound crazy to someone who doesn't know who she is or the shit she pulls.

She's probably considered plus size cause she's pear shaped and having big thighs/booty can make you look bigger overall. She looks nice imo. Her face kinda reminds me of Fergie.

No. 649160

She's not a random instagram model. She's a fairly famous instagram model who has done work with F21 and Zayn, and hangs out with the likes of the Kardashians and other famous women. If she was just "a random instagram model" I'm sure she'd be brushed off by people as just a random chick, but she's not.

Personal opinion but she looks fuckin weird. Her body is fine but her face is off somehow, I can't put my finger on it.

No. 649175

Ok but why don't you like her? I tried looking for drama myself but the only thing I found was that she was Lebron's sidechick.

No. 649180

She has tiny close together eyes on a weirdly wide head and gross lips

No. 649186

Not too long ago, she found out that a girl who she bullied in high school was dating her ex who she broke up with 5 years earlier. She posted this girl's @ (the girl in question wasn't a social media influence, just happened to have a twitter and instagram) and started dragging her publicly to her following, along with messaging the girl on snapchat and just being downright awful to her. The girl in question went public, as well as other girls who she apparently bullied relentlessly, and since Sofia is well-known but not as well known as, say, Kendall Jenner, I guess it just never went insanely viral. I'm going to try to find the instagram post so I can link it.

But anyways, this is the unpopular opinions thread, not the debate thread. I don't like her for her cruel behavior, you may ne a fan of hers and I wont question that.

No. 649187

It's very weird and personal to outright insist someone you don't know hates themselves based on them not being fat anymore, though.

No. 649188

Her legs look swollen it shortens her. Cardio maybe?

No. 649194

Oh no, I wasn't trying to debate you or whatever, sorry if my post sounded passive agressive. I was just genuinely was interested. She sounds like she sucks though.

No. 649195

I hate Dan and Phil and their fucktarded fanbase. I used to hang out with these ~quirky~ white girls in high school (don't judge, I was the only non-white person in my entire school) and they wouldn't shut up about Dan and Phil. They even made me watch their videos, unfunniest shit ever, and I do have a pretty crappy sense of humor. Then I discovered the Internet fandom and they were literally all just like my former classmates, only quirky white girls/fakebois

No. 649200

this happened to me too. legit have hated d&p from that day. she never shut the fuck up about it, she'd talk about those smut fics in class. she'd draw the cat whiskers. she was pansexual. shes an aiden now

No. 649218

I enjoyed and have generally positive memories of 2013-2016 tumblr

No. 649223


Which tumblr crowd were you following though?

No. 649233

Transmisogyny doesn't exist. It's usually like this:
>if they pass
(misdirected) plain misogyny
>if they don't pass
either people rightfully noticing they're mentally ill, or misdirected homophobia (becuase it's the straight ones that don't pass)

No. 649239

She's also short with dumpy legs, ew.

No. 649310

she's considered plus size bc she's got larger thighs and isn't emaciated kek

No. 649317

the baylee jae thread is 90% nitpicking and i wish there was more milk on her. its mostly just "nooo the proportions off!!!!" i want more funny shit like when she filmed her pet puking on the floor for a vlog lmao

No. 649318

What reality do some of you live in….

No. 649320

this makes me feel better about my thicker legs because my feet don't look like a mistake

No. 649323

thick thighs small calves gang here
cursed with the perception I'm fat even if not anachan anymore
nice to see a "model" who has normie thighs who doesn't look like she's 5'11" with ridiculously long twig legs

No. 649324

Sorry about your sausage lips fetish anon

No. 649325

Seriously. She's not a perfect goddess or anything, but she's definitely conventionally attractive.
It's possible her personality is what makes her ugly to anon, though.

No. 649328

saaame. my thighs are like almost as big as my waist measurement.

No. 649352

I still kek thinking about how they only came out as gay when it was clear their viewership fell off.

No. 649355

Yeah but us sane anons know anon isn't letting out steam in the context of the girl being a bitch, she's pissed cause she thinks she's too ugly to model.

Okay but lips don't make her entire face ugly.

No. 649360

File: 1602122676407.jpg (246.21 KB, 1080x1349, 95317617d1132285f5161331bcac54…)

Her lips aren't even sausages….

No. 649363

File: 1602122858691.jpg (56.81 KB, 640x556, f68369022510f7c79b4401c698466f…)

Nasolabial folds actually look kind of cute. Adds character to the face. I don't mean too pronounced where they reach down to the corners of your mouth, just slight, like pic related

No. 649364

File: 1602122870324.png (605.01 KB, 1280x720, download (1).png)

and what about it

No. 649366

It's serving prolapsed anus.

No. 649367

Whenever I see Trish now all I picture is her toilet paper butthole.
I wish I could bleach my memory.

No. 649369

I don’t think anyone would consider the nasolabial folds like in your pic a flaw though

No. 649370

Like she bleached her butthole?

ty i will be here all evening

No. 649373

KEK she admitted she did it so she could get more hits on her shit music coming out but god it fucking traumatized me. shayna level type shit

No. 649376

Except for pretty much anyone who posts in snow or PT lol

No. 649377

No she was trying to be sexy while taking a picture of her naked ass while she leaned into her vehicle, but her butthole had little pieces of toilet paper that were visible.
She either can't wipe herself properly or she buys super cheap tp.

No. 649380

Saber is a boring character in the Fate franchise and she has too much merch dedicated to her. It's a fucking waste to hear people say they collect anime figures and have the 20 thousand versions of her. Most girls in Fate aren't waifu worthy, but she's the worst offender in terms of personality and character design.

No. 649383

Not related, but is there a name for that little skin protrusion near her lip? Is it a form of pronounced nasolabial folds, or just something that happens if you have thicker lips?
I have something similar around my lips, though not as extreme, and I hate it so much.

No. 649388

I assume it’s fat, considering some people have divots there that become dimples when they smile

No. 649401

Her botox is botched

No. 649426

I'm ashamed to admit I was like that in middle school, not with Dan & Phil but definitely other youtubers and Fueled by Ramen bands. I was surprised to learn that there are still so many teen girls who are obsessed with Dan & Phil, Panic! At The Disco and similar things. I thought that sort of thing died in the early 2010s when all those people became irrelevant.

No. 649435

I'm happy p!atd are still popular, I've consistently enjoyed their music all this time. That's pretty rare for me because usually when bands change their sound I lose interest.

No. 649437

Might be filler migration

No. 649511


Even the Taylor Swift collab?

No. 649531

Bimbo/himbo jokes would be hilarious if troons and fakebois didn't run them into the ground. Wtf is a thembo

No. 649542

I still love P!atd and watch Urie's twitch streams from time to time, the man is wholesome as hell.

I loved the music video, it looked amazing.

No. 649555

Snickers bars are okay but super overrated. Almond Joy and Mounds are amazing.

No. 649556

Hated it but that's a Taylor Swift song featuring Brendon Urie, not a Panic song. What a garbage song to feature on though, terrible choice.

No. 649557

marilyn manson, despite being a 50 year old edgelord/onision of the rock world, is actually a pretty talented artist

No. 649568

Natural selection needs to just take coconut eaters out already!

No. 649570

I eat literal plain unsweetened dried shredded coconut. Surprised it hasn't yet.

No. 649572

I love coconut, it gives me life. I'll never die.

No. 649574

Greasy and fatty food is disgusting, especially meats. I blot my pizza with a napkin and prefer skim milk.

No. 649575

I love grease so much and I'm not even ashamed

No. 649576

Vanilla flavored things are usually better then the chocolate version (ie vanilla pudding > chocolate pudding).

No. 649578

"Normie" is an awful shell of a word and I look down on anyone using it seriously

No. 649580

t. butthurt normie

No. 649584

the same can be said for "NPC". anyone who unironically uses those words are 100 times more braindead than the people they criticize.

No. 649591

I am sick of moralfags. They don't give a fuck about anything but making themselves look superior to others. They use the method of "morally superior" because then people won't be able to easily fight back against their raging egoism, which is an exploitation of human empathy. They don't genuinely care about anyone or anything but themselves and their reputations and making sure people think they are always right and above others. It is pathetic and you are allowed to dislike people or things without making yourself feel better than them. Also they don't do anything to actually change the shit they complain about. And pretty much everyone I have ever known who went vegan also went crazy, like actually retarded, within a 5 year time span of their protein deficient rat diets. Also their whole goal is basically to guilt people into thinking like them so they will guilt more people in turn and that's fucking lame.

No. 649593

Nonmoralfags aren't any better, they just use status to show superiority instead of moral purity. People are just dumb animals.

No. 649601

Sure, I bet that amoral edgelords are way better.

No. 649604

A person can have morals and behave ethically because they believe in doing what's right, not doing what gains them attention. Those who are constantly trying to cement their "morally superior to you" status do so for attention and have no actual morals whatsoever. For moralfags, it's all a performance act.

No. 649619

Nu metal was not bad. Honestly, Korn and Linkin Park (fuck Limp Bizkit tho) had way more enjoyable songs than pretty much all of the "technical" bands so many pretentious metal dudes jack off to

No. 649629

I don't think normalizing mental illness is a good thing.

No. 649634

No. 649638

Fuck you, Limp Bizkit was based and so was Linkin Park and Mudvayne. Korn was alright, I liked POD better lol.

No. 649639


Samefag, but actually no, Limp Bizkit were not that bad. Fuck Fred Durst, but not the rest of the band

No. 649645


Yea, you're right. It's just that Durst is a massive douche and I can't help but hate him

No. 649695

Only normies and NPCs are bothered by such terms. It really highlights your fear of not being a unique speshul snowflake and important character. Let me guess, getting called “basic” also rocks you to your core.

No. 649696

I'm also betting they use "plain as bread" as descriptors for other women as an alternative kek.

No. 649700

I'm left wing myself, but I'm so sick of all these left wing liberal people on the internet acting all haughty and obnoxious about how right wing people are so anti science and about how they (the left wingers) are so woke and pro-science. i mean it's true to an extent, take a look at anti masker retards and corona conspiracists who do tend to be right wing, but they seem to conveniently ignore that HAES/fat acceptance, which is about 99.9% bullshit pseudoscience, is dominated by left wing people, and that the anti-vaxx movement is dominated by left wing people too, and all those conspiracy theories the american left keeps on making up about foreign countries, namely russia. ive seen so many HAES people who used to shit on healthcare workers before the pandemic all the time for dumb shit like them not being able to pick up morbidly obese patients without help, but the second the pandemic hit and it was trendy they started virtue signalling about how great healthcare workers are.

its extra funny because the liberals saying this are basically never even scientists themselves lol.

No. 649734

Coffee is good with milk and chocolate milk powder, and a dollop of whipped cream if youre feeling fancy

No. 649741

HAES is a specific niche of the internet that most liberal people don't agree with.
Body acceptance, however, just holds a simple premise that people with different bodies including fat people deserve a baseline of respect. It makes sense why liberals endorse that, bullying and alienating other groups is scientifically shown to not improve situations.
I'm willing to bet there's more people who are politically liberal involved in STEM fields than conservatives.

No. 649746

I love Doja Cat and I absolutely refuse to "cancel" her unless she literally murders someone or something.

No. 649751

are people still tryna get her cancelled?

No. 649783

SAME, my bf and I were playing "celeb pass" yesterday and I said her, and he said "oh, gonna join up with her and some proud boys in a Zoom?" and I just about killed him for it. i would just for her, though

No. 649816

I legitimately believe most asians are self hating just by how much they convince themselves to be white adjacent. Looking at the makeup subreddit and seeing bitches not even attempt to match their skin so they can seem ~pale~. You look like a zombie for fucks sake just admit you're browner than you think and go holy shit

No. 649823

imho it's less about them being braindead and more about the dishonesty to use blatant fallacies for badly pigeon-holing people and the unwarranted smugness that generally comes bundled with. One can be a total loser, have a (somewhat) functioning brain and still not using internet-ready-made tropes and rhetoric to make a point or coddle oneself with strawmen, but it's easier to fire up epic wojaks or reeing about them dumb sheeple

No. 649829

Lizzo is annoying, her music, personality, all of it. I usually love popular songs because they're fun and catchy, but I've never liked anything she's put out.

No. 649841


Her music is okay imo, but the obnoxious fat girl act and her YAS QUEEN fanbase are so annoying.

No. 649852

That's the thing, her music is just okay and not fun enough for me kek. I got into fucking 100gecs because they have some catchy songs even though I recognize it's trash music, I don't get how she got so big.

No. 649874

Asian beauty standards have always been about having a white fair face for centuries since wealthy ppl didn't have to work under the sun. Same thing applies to old western beauty. Not like there aren't any self hating Asians but if they were truly trying to be like white ppl they'd tanning their skin cuz that's what they do nowadays.

No. 649957

The obsession with representation in media has gone way out of hand

No. 649962

let me guess, you're a part of the most represented group

No. 649970

Nta but I'm not part of a widely represented group and I think it's annoying as fuck too. In the 90s it was way better.

No. 649971

You probably have internalized selfhatred ngl

No. 649975

What does that mean?

No. 649976

File: 1602175145166.png (305.84 KB, 500x1071, hows-your-comic-coming-pretty-…)


I just knew someone would reply that, lol. I'm just tired of people making such a huge deal about a character being a minority and focusing on the minortiy status rather than the actual characterization

No. 649981


tumblr is that-a-way —→

No. 649988

Oh my god lmfao I definitely don't but thank you for the concern trolling uwu.
Nah, Twitter is where these fags belong now.

No. 649995

Am >>649970, this is exactly why I agree with you. Brown bodies on screen are more important, though, who cares if they're boring?

No. 649998

Honestly I think being fussy about representation only makes sense for media directed at kids. Not that I don't want diverse stories for more mature media but by the time you're an adult you should be able to not internalize the presence or lack of demographics you belong to as some kind of statement against yourself.

No. 650015

You lot care way too fucking much about the people who are talked here's pets. Yes there are so mistreatment, however you guys will look at a normal picture of some person's cat and will diagnose that shit like you are vets.

No. 650017

So, essentially, you are against poorly written representation for a sake of it but not against representation as it is, I fully agree then.

No. 650025


Well, yeah, as well as tired of people shilling utterly mediocre media just because it's dIvErSe while having literally no other redeeming quality

No. 650026

What the fuck are you talking about kek

No. 650045

A lot of criticism toward diversity in media boils down to people ass mad about the inclusion of brown people. It's such a weird hill to die on, as if wanting more shows not crammed with only white characters is so awful. I'm almost inclined to believe the same people whining over this issue are in the same camp as people who would pay money for belle delphines OF.

No. 650049


A lot, but obviously not all. What's so wrong with not being impressed by patronizing tokenism?

No. 650052

The criticism, at least here, is literally that the brown and kweer characters are token/boring/poorly written and not actual characters. Don't get me wrong, white characters are boring as hell too, like I'm not watching Schitt's Creek by any means.

No. 650054

My whole thing is: I get why it's an issue, cause non-white people are more than our skin, but there are tons of poorly written characters, why are you specifically complaining about non-white poorly written characters? Poorly written characters aren't new and it's not something twitter/tumblr created or whatever.

No. 650057

Because poorly written white characters are just characters, but poorly written non-white characters are usually added specifically for the sake of getting woke points (never the case with white characters unless they're lgbt queer whatever), and its patronizing on top of bad. The aura of wanting to be praised for doing absolutely nothing radiates.

No. 650062

The WAP song is gross and stupid. I don't like it when men go into explicit detail about their genitals, or about sexual experiences that nobody asked for. Why would I want to listen to a woman do it? I don't want to hear about anyone's sex life, period. Like are we seriously trying to pretend that there's something empowering about oversharing?

No. 650066

I don't think it's empowering at all, but I do think it's a stupid fun song kek. I think people who call it empowering try to pull the "female sekchuality" thing though.

No. 650068

You can’t be this retarded. When you get one character per show on average and every time they are written like shit, it doesn’t leave you with anything. If a white person is written badly, well there’s at least 10 others in show so meh

No. 650073

Idk why I don't find the song fun at least. I remember when Tila Tequila dropped a bunch of raunchy, stupid songs in the mid-2000's and I thought they were hilarious. Something about WAP just feels so forced. Idk maybe I'm just getting old

No. 650074

Wap wap wap
Ah yes, female sexuality is singing about our own pussy at lenght rather than like, singing about hot male asses something.

No. 650077

File: 1602178862650.png (472.98 KB, 680x486, 0f8.png)

Honestly I agree. I'm from an Ethnic group that I have literally never seen in American media (I'm brown SEA) so I'm pretty disillusioned with people shoving in token representations of groups to try and cover as much ground as possible. I think having characters of different races in media is a good thing, but it gets to a point where it becomes clear they're just trying to check off boxes on a list.
I'd rather see media made by actual nonwhite people trying to represent their specific heiritage/race than media just slapping in a few black, mexican, and asian people to get all their bases covered.

No. 650078

Is this what autism sounds like

No. 650079

>I don't get how she got so big.
By not putting her fork down

No. 650081

File: 1602179196105.jpeg (10.29 KB, 275x92, 1601060505875.jpeg)

Same. I don't know why people still think that it's so outrageous for people to talk about sex in our holy year of 2020. Obviously "female empowerment" should be a lot more than talking about our vaginas, but who cares if someone decides to make a song about theirs.

I also don't get why this song had so much hype for being raunchy when there are 50 million other songs like it, and have been for years.

This post reminds me of pic.

No. 650083

So? Something is better than nothing. At least the character can be reworked later to something better. I could see what you mean if the character is a walking racial stereotype but a good majority of the time that isn't the case. Inclusion doesn't mean every POC character needs to have the best writing ever to be accepted. Sometimes they're shitty, it happens. That doesn't mean diversity in media is bad just that some writers need to step their shit up. Say what you really want to say anon

No. 650084

>that pic
KEK. Context?

No. 650093

File: 1602179426775.png (26.36 KB, 275x124, 1601060088500.png)

Some anon posted that in the 2020 predictions thread (with no context, there was no infighting so this made no sense), anon in pic might be the same person.

No. 650096

not to mention that all latin american people are represented just by mexicans… tehere are lots of latin american countries and we are all VERY different. i just dont like representation just for the sake of it and also when it doesnt make any sense at all, like for example in some period pieces where they shove every race/ skin colour as possible without even thinking if it's historically accurate or not. sperg concluded

No. 650097

That post is so funny to me I really want to know what provoked it

No. 650101

>be grateful for what you get no matter how shitty it is

No. 650111


But you have to admit it's jarring to see cardboard cutout characters of color, especially when the white characters in the same source material have actual personalities.

I used to watch this show in middle-high school based on some books, and one of the characters was racebent as a black girl. However, she was also the most mistreated character, both by the writers and the fandom. Ironically, the book version of the character, who was white, wasn't treated as badly.

Also, pretty sure literally no one here argued that diversity in media is inherently bad and needs to be avoided at all costs.

No. 650118

These days you can't even get a Mexican for Latino representation. It's always the token black. When these wokies talk about representation, they're not referring to Asians, Middle easterners, indigenous or Latinos. They're talking about black people.

No. 650124

I honestly get more embarrassed when My Neck, My Back comes on than WAP kek. Love both, though.

No. 650137

>Say what you really want to say anon
They, and many other anons, are lol, stop forcing your own dogshit opinion on other people. Accepting a lack of characterization for the sake of diversity is stupid, and I'd rather not have it at all if you're going to make POC/kweer characters useless.

No. 650157

File: 1602181577440.gif (135.77 KB, 220x135, tenor (1).gif)

Why do you anons throw in these tinderbox statements and then get upset when they inevitably spark a debate because what you mean is so fucking vague and unclear?
It's been happening a lot lately and the only logical explanation is that you love to argue.

You wrote
>representation is getting out of hand
But based on the conservation that followed, you all actually mean
>poorly written characters that are forced to check certain boxes are not valuable representations
Your IQ would have to be room temp to not see how the former statement looks like a dog whistle for people who are against representation cause they don't like seeing other people in their media.

No. 650167

Thank you lolcow for making me consider black separatism.

No. 650196

Lmao and there it is. God forbid black latinos exist must be some new forced sjw agenda.

No. 650200

That's not what anon was talking about and you know it, wokeshit.

No. 650217

Please improve your reading comprehension.

No. 650221

Don't put words in my mouth. That's not what I meant at all. Latinos come in every color of the rainbow, but the woke crowd hardly knows of this except for Miles Morales because of the movie.

No. 650225

Can't tell if or black person tired of whites or just white racist

No. 650229

NTA, but I feel like this happens because African-American people tend to advocate for themselves more.
I don't see why other minorities don't do the same if they also want more representation.
Why would anyone want to be a token, anyway? Isn't the discussion going on about how bad these writers are when they do this entire "token minority" thing? Why would you want that for yourselves? Americans are weird as shit about these things.

No. 650230


Miles Morales is an exception, definitely not the norm. Most Latino representation is mestizos or dark haired white people, to the point that so many people think Black and Latino are mutually exclusive

No. 650233

It’s perfectly fine, you were being picky and retarded about this.

No. 650235


"it's black people's fault white people don't care about me!!"

No. 650237

There should be a max cut off age to be president the same way you have to be a certain minimum age to run. People over 65 should not be able to run for president. Maybe even people over 45 shouldn’t be able to honestly.

No. 650238

Honestly it's all about slavery. All minorities have been treated like shit but black people have a much darker and more in your face legacy that still impacts their social position today in a lot of ways. It's not really on the same level for most other races even though they've all had bad shit done to them too.

No. 650239

Hard agree. No good reason for an elderly person to run a country full of people who will outlive him/her, and be the ones to face the consequence of his/her mistakes.

No. 650248

Hard agree. Old folks are so out of tune with what younger people want. Biden seems like he's pandering, but atleast he's trying.
Is that even what anon was saying? I thought they were just saying that black people push more than other races for representation so they get it more. Not that it's black peoples fault other races are represented even less. All minorities should be loud and advocate to be seen in media.

No. 650251


tbh i replied to the wrong anon, i meant to poke fun at >>650118

No. 650253

I seriously don't fucking understand this. Why do other ethnicities get mad at black people for advocating for themselves? Like no one is saying that you have to shut up and take racism/abuse/lack of representation/etc… Those same people get mad at black people and tell us that we're complaining too much and we need to shut up and take it like they do, but then they fucking bawl about no representation or racism…

Can someone please tell me because I don't understand.

No. 650255

It's anti-blackness.

No. 650263

It's probably for the same reason people have always disliked black people for speaking up. Racism.

No. 650273

I feel like some (not all) of the people who do that expect that they should get more if they side with the current hegemony and constantly remind those in charge "We're not like that bad minority over there that's always bitching". They think it'll work out for them somehow.
It kind of does, in the vein that black people get the brunt of racist hatred (and other races are typically either ignored, considered "less bad" or even seen as "harmless"), but the opposite is also true in that people who reject racism will literally go the extra mile to support black people.
When the latter happens, the people who uplifted themselves by siding with racists get upset because they think "But they're the worst! They're always complaining! We deserve that, it's not fair, they're so problematic". And then they pander to racists even more because milking the "not like those other non-whites" tactic is the "safest" way to go, even if the returns aren't that great in the long run. Low-key, I think even extreme racists respect those who stand up to them more, even subconsciously. Everyone loves a challenge, and racial chauvinism requires that kind of steam to keep on. After all, how can racists be proud of themselves without a group to constantly sperg out about and compare themselves to?

No. 650277

Another anon mentioned it but it's thinly veiled antiblackness. Notice how the previous anons kept going back to there not being any """"pure""" latino representation. Shit's tired.

No. 650279

Pickmeism is a disease that exists among all of the less privileged.

No. 650295

As a non white person I just hate seeing historical inaccuracies in movies. I don't want to see white ppl when it's supposed to be an all Asian cast. I don't want to see a Korean actor getting the role that belongs to a Japanese person. That kind of representation is unnecessary because it's all wrong

No. 650302

Okay this is fair and based, but I doubt it's ever going to go away because actors aren't going to turn down the roles. ScarJo is shaving her head to play the Avatar as we speak.

No. 650329

Yeah, "pick-me" is exactly what I was thinking of but I didn't know whether that word fit. Thanks, anon.

No. 650433

Ugh this made me think of the Great. Did anyone else see that? It's on amazon. It's a period drama that promotes itself as being historically inaccurate in many respects, so within this context I think the casting decisions make sense. I didn't really vibe with the performances or the writing though

No. 650449

I think you don't know the difference between separatism and segregation. A white racist can't be pro black separatism, just like a misogynist can't be pro female separatism. Separatism goes against the interests of the oppressor.

No. 650467

Reptile owners are superior in every single way.

>"Sorry anon, can't take a vacation, I couldn't find someone to watch my dog"

>"I can't sleep over, anon, I have to walk my dog in the morning"
>"ugh, I have to replace my couch, my cat pissed and shit all over it"
>"Cat clawed the furniture and puked everywhere"
>"oof my new girlfriend is allergic to my furry pet"
>"Landlord won't let me keep my rabbit, too smelly"

Meanwhile with reptile owners:
>Don't need to feed pets daily, mostly weekly
>No walking their pets
>No fur/dander to be allergic to
>Reptiles are out of your way, don't trip you or scratch you up on purpose out of anger
>Landlords won't even know you have them unless you have an incessant amount

No. 650484

>Reptiles are out of your way, don't trip you or scratch you up on purpose out of anger
Tbh reptiles can definitely bite and strike. I still agree that they're the best though. even though I still love me some furry animals

No. 650490

oh i hated that show. idgaf about historical accuracy as long as media is entertaining, but that show was so fucking preachy and forcefully woke.

No. 650491

i agree to a certain extent. i think its nice that its not as shameful (?) to have one and that most people wont put you down for it. but honestly fuck people who make it their personality and put their illness in the social media bios. like…i get they have mental illness but i sure as shit wouldnt publicy discuss it or make jokes or talk about therapy and trauma to strangers on the internet

No. 650493

Though they aren't biting or striking randomly out of anger. They're either doing it because they perceive you as a threat and are defending themselves or because they're in hunger mode.

No. 650508

It throws me off to see anons here calling other women sluts/whores. Imo, they're no better than scrotes who call women those terms.

No. 650512

Yeah there’s a couple of weird moral and christfags here, just ignore

No. 650516

I thought slut and whore are empowering?

No. 650518

Whenever I see that I just assume the person is a scrote or scrote appeaser (women call other women whores and sluts to fit in as "one of the guys"). Women aren't immune to being called out for bad behavior but insulting her in the words of a scrote is no better.

No. 650524

Huh, maybe this isnt as unpopular as I thought.

No. 650525

Reptiles also don't love you because they have no feelings

No. 650527

I think women who fiercely defend corsets, tight lacing and waist training as empowering are just coping.
Sure, not all corset wearing was done to have the tiniest waist possible in the past. Their clothes demanded it in some cases and they provided boob support too, but there is no need to wear them or tight lace today unless you have a spine problem and need to decompress. Even so lumbar support corsets don't need to give you a snatched waist, that's a choice. And those instagram waist trainers are also not in this category.
Like i have no problem with it. They're pretty, they make some clothes look amazing, if you like wearing them more power to you, but don't pretend it's an empowering choice to squish your waist. It's the same as high heels and makeup, a lot of women like them (me included) but c'mon there IS pressure to wear them as a woman, suddenly claiming it's an empowering choice made in a vacuum helps no one.

No. 650530

Why does everything have to be twisted as empowering? You can like corsets if you want but why try to make it into something that gives you power somehow? It doesn't, how even would it. It just sounds patronizing to call trivial things and things which even hurt women empowering.

No. 650534

Yeah anons here just can't decide, same people that love songs like WAP

IMO the moral fags are the ones preaching about not calling women mean names. You're on lolcow for fucks sake.

I like some reptiles but wouldn't feel safe sleeping in the dark with one roaming around. They're very unpredictable

No. 650540

Where have you ever seen an anon say being called a slut or whore is empowering? Don't just pull stuff out your ass.

No. 650553

The ppl who tight lace just have a fetish nothing more. In the Victorian era where women would wear corsets 247 it was even looked down on to tight lace and it was not recommended. So just a fetish and attention, empowering? Probably not

No. 650554

space exploration is unnecessary, immoral and a total waste of money imo. humans need to stay the fuck out of space. NASA is very sketchy as well, i dont want to flat out say that the moon landing was staged but some of the statements they’ve made about it and the footage are VERY suspicious

No. 650555

Being slutty is empowering nowadays, anon. It shouldn't be offensive

No. 650556

empowering how? what’s empowering about being a fuck toy for men?

No. 650559

It's empowering if you base your self esteem off of male validation.

No. 650561

Second the first part of this, the rest I simply don't know much

No. 650564

Mashed potatoes from fast food restaurants are the best. Usually home-made is better, but homemade mashed potatoes don't hit quite the same.

No. 650566

I’m gonna piggyback off your post and say that mashed potatoes with bbq sauce is amazing and anyone who says otherwise is a fool

No. 650570

Why is it immoral lol

No. 650573

Can you please tell why immoral? Is it inherently or just the way we do? Don’t leave us hanging anon

No. 650594

Voleyball, (both) gymnastics, swimming, handball, etc > Football
Also, the paralympics are way more exciting and entertaining than the olympics

No. 650597

File: 1602206556815.png (636.61 KB, 750x1334, 5AD22463-A5A6-43E1-BBEC-221398…)

Started playing a new mobile game project sekai. There’s a cute girl character in a sailor collar who acts like a girl and speaks very cute but uses “boku”. It hasn’t been confirmed due to the story if she is a girl or boy but I went to the wiki to see people speculating and all I see is this fucking crap. The game has been out for like 6 days. I hate all of these people. Sorry for sounding not woke. I just hate it. Can’t she just be a masculine girl or a feminine guy? Fuck the trans bullshit movement for forcing people into a bubble and going 100 years back progressively. Non-binary is a joke and I stop listening to you if you think it’s a real thing.

No. 650600

But do you mean american football or actual football (which is called "soccer" by burgers for some weird reason)?

No. 650603

File: 1602206760350.jpeg (363.48 KB, 700x700, 847AD29B-5B07-483B-B32A-8996E4…)

Please don’t tell me people think Marisa is trans too
like are they not weeb enough to realize it isn’t a fucking tranny thing wtf

No. 650605

Reimu please purify NOW

No. 650610

I don't know anon. I'm not saying it's a good thing but that's what the media is trying to sell to young women like us

IMO exploring anything that doesn't belong to our galaxy is pointless. We'll die before we reach a planet like Jupiter anyway. But I've always wondered if robots could go in our place

No. 650611

Lmao, actual football/soccer. American football is too similar to rugby, but more boring

No. 650651

New Leaf > New Horizons

No. 650656

have you never seen a piece of wood before?

No. 650660

Not all wood looks like this dummy. Knotless wood or gtfo.

No. 650669

Based and leafpilled

No. 650672

wild world >>>

No. 650678

File: 1602213645948.jpeg (118.43 KB, 1024x580, 4A47C5DD-E65B-4406-B2AA-43623D…)

Based honestly

No. 650686

File: 1602214400888.jpeg (101.91 KB, 700x1000, 2BCA8F2E-6895-40E7-8AE4-86116A…)

Not sure how unpopular but it seems it is: Silent Hill 2 is better than 3. Pic related dumb bitch with a random British accent especially ruined things for me. Too bad, I like Douglas and Heather, though I’m not the biggest fan of the pregnant with god thing

No. 650688

100% agree

No. 650691

>saying this as if reptile owners didn't know this already

Gee anon. It's dog owners that are the literal retards. (Informed) reptile owners are very aware of the creature they own. The only people that don't know are 12 or autistic.

No. 650692

not unpopular, sh2 is widely considered the masterpiece of the series (100% agree)

No. 650696

File: 1602214953123.jpg (454.83 KB, 1500x1098, stock-photo-green-alien-sittin…)

No. 650698

she's either straight up an alien or a retard lol

next on lolcow, kubrick staged the moon landing!

honestly i don't get moon conspiracies, oh why NASA hasn't done any more moon missions?? its a fucking rock, with nothing in it, why would they spend millions to go there, we already know whats it made off anyways.

No. 650703

Really, huh, I’ve seen so much love for 3.

Ok well how about this one: I also think Origins is better than 3 kek. I can’t remember 1 well enough to rank though

No. 650709

people are gay as shit and we destroy everything we are given but damn, the cosmos is huge. i want off this rock

No. 650717

File: 1602217248640.jpg (146.94 KB, 828x812, IMG_2751.JPG)

No. 650727

I guarantee that the reason for anything "sketchy" NASA said or did regarding the moon landing is because they had no idea what the fuck they were doing. Moon conspiracists seem to think NASA claims they went to the moon with a bunch of teletype machines and duct tape easy-peasy, but anyone involved will admit it was a SHITSHOW from start to finish.

No. 650729

A large portion of people activating for black lives just have a white savior complex, which is racist within itself ironically.

No. 650731

The astronauts had such huge chances of legit dying because the most important thing was beating the soviets to the race, not safety.

No. 650737

yes, a lot of them are white supremacists if you think about how they advocate for certain things and act towards different groups of people.

No. 650768


I cringe whenever I see furry porn or other specifially made for lewdness accounts on twitter having #blm in their name.

Also seeing all the trashy white women who only go to BLM protests to proclaim their love for the "BBC".

No. 650775

interesting i want to hear more about why it was a shit-show. i have never paid attention to it i just know people went to moon and that's it.

No. 650794

Headcanons/fanon are simply supposed to add details to the canon while fitting with the rest of the story.

If a "headcanon" actually blatantly contradicts canon, then it's not a headcanon, but an AU.

No. 650802

Remember when an anime girl using masculine speech patterns was to show that she was tough and that she didn't give a fuck about society's expectations? I hate the current year.

Lol same, a random onlyfans thot with acab and blm next to all their links in their bio always sends me, like it's the most performative shit ever.

No. 650814

I actually believe some MtFs can pass so well you wouldn't guess they're trans (like that one in the video). I'm genuinely surprised. Also the things you can naturally do with your voice are genuinely interesting

No. 650818

How is this an opinion? You're just defining words.

No. 650819


TBH yes, I just really hate it when TRAs insist these people make the majority of MtFs.

Also, the overused TRA argument "so you're saying that lesbians would rather go for Buck Angel than for these really well passing transwomen??!?!" ignoring the fact that all the decent looking transwomen are HSTS and those who actually seek to date lesbians are uniformly hideous. It's so funny seeing transbians in media (Sens8, Euphoria) be played by obvious HSTS.

No. 650820

He's using Snow for his face and doing that retarded high-pitched Barbie voice that only trannies and twelve year old girls have. In real life he's probably 6'2" and looks like a fridge.

No. 650821


You obviously haven't been in too many fandoms, since this is becoming more and more of an unpopular opinion than an actual fact.

No. 650826

I feel this way about so many of the posts here people do not know what an unpopular opinion is.

No. 650827

This. You can't say anyone passes until you see them unfiltered in a natural setting around other people.

No. 650829

All the more reason to distance yourself from fandoms. Each person is going to interpret a piece of art differently. If you prefer a more personal experience with a piece of media and can't tolerate seeing interpretations of it that clash with your own, don't waste time in fandoms. Fandoms are basically a social crutch for people who otherwise struggle to make friends– you aren't required to participate in them.
The misconception that liking something automatically puts you in the fandom is why people now feel like they aren't "allowed" to like certain things because the associated fandom is cringey. Undertale, Rick and Morty, cape shit, etc. Casually enjoying something while you read/watch/play it and then moving on with your life without turning it into part of your identity seems like a foreign concept to people now unfortunately.

No. 650830

It's a snow filter, I know this one lol. If you look at his other video thumbnails he looks like a completely different person.

I even know one tranny in Uk who looked COMPLETELY different from his pics on fb (and still does) because of snow x beautycam abuse.Meanwhile on pictures that were taken frkm other people he looked like a /pol/ nerd with embarrassing fake boobs. (No, he didn't do a PS. He bought fake breasts off aliexpress.)

If I was still hanging out where I met him, I would have showed pictures but it was 2 years ago.

No. 650831

You literally physically handicap yourself if you wear high heels or tight corsets, there is nothing empowering about that. Not that I care about what people want to wear personally, I mean nowadays it’s all about aesthetics mostly. but interpreting something that physically restricting as „empowering“ because of muh personal choice or whatever is just hypocritical to the history and reality of these conventions. I guess it‘s probable that most women who feel the urge to constantly justify this (and themselves) don‘t really feel comfortable with it at all.

No. 650839

look at his other vids, he looks gross without the filter. Good on him for the voice stuff though, he sounds more feminine than I do. His video on how to make your cough more uwu girly was pretty entertaining though not in the way he probably intended.

No. 650869

This is a tranny I would be willing to call she /her

No. 650915

No. 650920

The pitch is good and could fool people for sure but this choppy forced way of talking sure is uncanny.

No. 650922

I don't like the hair… The part is way off to one side.

No. 650924

scrotes don’t know how to style themselves

No. 650926

Depression shouldn't be classified as a mental disorder anymore literally everyone has it, it's a baby bitch move to blame your depression for not doing shit.

No. 650927

Feeling depressed and clinical depression are two very different things.

No. 650930

This is not an unpopular take, but it's a wrong one. Everyone can feel depressed, not everyone actually has clinical depression.

No. 650940

Hiding the receding hairline, no doubt

No. 650958

this, why is that such a hard thing to understand on this site?

No. 651167

person has an enstars icon
probably a idiot who thinks arashi is a trans man when hes just an okama gay guy stereotype. fuck this year

No. 651182

Even if men didn’t exist and even if capitalism didn’t exist, standards of beauty still would and people would still try and conform to them and ‘beautify’ themselves. It wouldn’t be like how it is currently but it would still happen.

No. 651230

Knit and crochet stuff is hideous 9 times out of 10, unless it’s very fine knit.

No. 651235

I think It would be a practical standard of beauty. Like having strong build and other signs of health like good teeth and shiny hair.

No. 651245

And probably wide child birthing hips. I also think women would strive to be more curvaceous like in renaissance artwork (not IG thot spec) because a little extra weight can be associated with fertility and affluence.

No. 651249

So you can break the buffet and floss blubber?

No. 651252

Not this shit again please

No. 651257

I agree and it seems only supremely butthurt people dispute this.

No. 651259

You are fat

No. 651263

Probably not to that extent, that's why I referenced artistic depictions. Naturally thin women have always existed, this isn't an attempt to discredit them.

I don't know what you're referring to. We're animalistic in nature, ignoring the way in which our "core directive" affects ourselves and the opposite sex isn't inherently feminist.

Whatever helps you sleep at night, anon.

No. 651268

Not necessarily. In an all female society, there wouldn’t be expectations for all or even half of women to give birth and be mothers. Emphasis would be on traits that are advantageous to labor. So sure there would be less pressure to be skinny.

No. 651270

I simply think discussing which body type is ~ideal and totes the natural one is only bound to cause sperging for hours and be annoying

No. 651274

I don’t think it would just be practical though I think there would be trends and ideals that would emerge solely aesthetically and people would try to conform to them. I feel like beauty is inherently exclusionary by definition and a hierarchy of beauty will always exist.

No. 651278

Nah, I think we would be told to just try to figure out what makes us happy, not what is purely “aesthetic” to others.
Like sure, maybe don’t be a fatty with broken knees, but you don’t have to be a skinny legend nor a sexy caricature.
I’m pretty sure it would more about emphasizing what we like if our unique body shape.
So, if you’re a pear but you hate your hips, it’s okay if you don’t show them off, no one cares. And if you’re a hourglass but you only like your legs, show your legs off, you don’t need to show everyone your waist and so on.
I doubt there would be any sort of “ideal” body type.

No. 651281

Sure. I’d like beauty to be about putting flowers in our hair to look like trees and having skin that sparkle under sunlight like the ocean. We would be simulating the true beauty that is nature and not for sexual competition.

No. 651307

Weeaboo/Koreaboo expats in East Asia fucking deserve all the xEnOpHoBiA they receive, no you can't change my minf

No. 651313

File: 1602270527653.jpeg (202.44 KB, 1280x853, BFAE1D74-9335-4854-B17E-3FCB0F…)

Candy corn and candy pumpkins are delicious.

No. 651320

YES!!! I dont like sugary food that much tbh but I will eat a bag of candy corn idgaf. best part of halloween

No. 651325

Whenever Americans/Canadians talk about these it makes me want to try them so bad. I think they look nice but they seem to be controversial.

No. 651330

Imagine sugar with just enough high fructose corn syrup to hold it together, and a nauseating punch of fake, perfumey, vanilla flavor

No. 651337

What do they taste like? I’m not american and I never got to go to the USA in the right time to buy those. Do they taste like sweet corn and pumpkin?

No. 651343

Lmao no anon. I wish. As >>651330 said, they basically just taste like sugar with an edge of fake, plastic-like vanilla flavoring. They're also quite dry with a texture that's smooth on the outside and quite grainy on the inside, which is disgusting. People tend to either love them or hate them, with most hating them.

No. 651344

this is what makes them delicious tbh

No. 651347

I have to admit that I’m a bit disappointed, I will have a few someday though.

No. 651358

late reply but as a "brown" person I hate being """represented""" in pop culture because it's almost only in shitty series and movies when even when the writers try to show us in a positive light they're fucking up and making everything lowkey insulting or awkward, and it's not like American media even know about us. Sofia Boutella in Kingsman was great though. The closest things I can see as representation in Japanese pop culture are these vaguely brown exotic exchange students in anime and otome games or whatever and that's a huge stretch. If I want to see people who have things in common with me I can just go outside and talk to them.

No. 651360

Not even unpopular, people are waking up and realizing how many things from NL are missing in NH.

No. 651384

People don't get to choose where their body stores fat, so this is an unfair standard. A lot of women store fat in their midsection, breasts, and legs instead of their hips. Pick something people actually have control over.

No. 651386

I like these, too. I don't go out of my way to buy them for myself, but if there's a dish of them at a party, I'll eat some. I like the texture/chewiness.

No. 651396

I don't fucking see the appeal of Raymond. I just don't fucking see it. I feel like people only jumped on him because he's new and he's a cat. He wears a suit and does taxes, so fucking what.

No. 651399


he can wear a maid dress and that drives the fujos and femboy fetishists wild

No. 651413

the "lol centrists think they're so enlightened" meme is overused at this point and certain people can't realize that there are situations where le Both Sides are indeed wrong/annoying

No. 651414

is wanting to taste candy corn the shared non-usa/canadian experience, i have always wanted to taste them too.

and twinkies and poptarts i want to taste them too

No. 651421

quirky businessman + mary sue eyes

No. 651429

Eurofag here who also wants to try candy corn so bad it looks so cute! Don’t try pop tarts they’re awful just sugar but no flavor but twinkies are nice. Also hershies chocolate sucks but the cookies and cream is nice

No. 651433

Liking incest ships in fiction doesn’t mean you wanna fuck your siblings or any relative irl.

And even if I see that people are in love with their relative mutually, as much as I think it’s gross, it’s impossible to stop them.

No. 651434

Yoga pants and leggings are not comfortable.

No. 651437

Agreed, same with jeans. The last thing I want is anything tight around my stomach/waist if I'm trying to be comfy.

Loose, flowy dresses >>>>>

No. 651440

It's not even centrism in most cases, it's not playing into stupid shit like "sides" and thinking critically.

No. 651442

Hard disagree. No on said they have to be tight. Size up and feel how comfortable they are. God… after some freshly shaved legs…. so smooth it feels like a different new feeling.

No. 651445

Straight up black coffee (sans any add-ins) is repulsive. It tastes like tar regardless of where the beans came from.
I used to hate coffee all together and strictly drank tea, but I just started coming around to it this year because of lattes.

No. 651447

maybe i’m just a prude but yoga tights/leggings are just way too tight and revealing for me (personally). i don’t care what other people wear, i just don’t want my butt on display like that

No. 651448

I agree and I almost exclusively drink it like that.

No. 651460

I'll enjoy my black as tar black coffee and Americanos, dear anon.

No. 651461

Harry Potter has always been overrated and annoying, it just sucks that everyone finally cancelled it because of fucking "transphobia" of all things

No. 651462

You can regularly see women’s buttholes through those pants idk how they’re okay with that lol

No. 651463

Wait. Do what now?
I prefer thicker gym pants, but…

No. 651468

Then stop looking at their buttholes, virgin.

No. 651471

Even then, only cancelled by a group of incredibly online individuals

No. 651472

How on earth has it been cancelled lmao, it's one of the most popular series ever and will remain so despite a tiny group of internet crazies getting mad on twitter.

No. 651477

File: 1602286005697.jpeg (72.31 KB, 341x353, F90C6422-05EA-4D77-9448-633FEB…)

What? They would have to be really thin and contrast a lot with the color of the skin of the woman wearing them so you can be able to even perceive anything, also, the woman in question you need to have the smallest buttocks in the world.
What the hell are you smoking? Stop looking at people asses, they’re not tv’s, you weirdo.

No. 651508

Rolling my eyes, I only know because men at work are constantly pointing it out. Relax.

No. 651511

Holy fuck I was being facetious, I wish you bitches weren’t so autistic sometimes. My coworkers are always talking about how much they can see through the stretched fibers of black yoga pants, god I thought that couldn’t have possibly been taken literally. Anyways my main qualm is I’ve always seen so many creepshot threads on 4chan filled with pics of girls in leggings and yoga pants in public, I’d be nervous to wear them just because I wouldn’t want that to happen to me.

No. 651520

Just get the thick ones, easy.

No. 651523

There is no such thing as being naturally skinny or naturally fat. There just isn't. There is such thing as having a faster or slower metabolism, and having actual, identifiable medical issues that cause you to be bigger, but for the most part, fatter people are eating more food, period. You might have been born into a family that ate excessively as well as the wrong foods, making you think you just come from a family with bad genes, when really it's bad learned behavior that caused you to be chubby even at a young age. My metabolism is no where near as good as my friends, in the sense where if I regularly eat significantly more calories than I should I would gain weight, whereas she can get away with eating more. But metabolism and genetics are not as big of factors to weight gain as people try to make it. The biggest factors are more calories going in then out, height, and the way your body chooses to store fat.

No. 651525

thank god i’m not the only one who feels this way. yoga pants and leggings unfortunately attract a lot of unwanted attention for the wearer

No. 651526

>There is such thing as having a faster or slower metabolism
Wouldn't that be natural? Also bone structure plays a huge role in how someone looks.

No. 651527

My ex was very into yoga pants on women precisely because of this (getting to creep on women's asses while they were still technically "covered"). He was always trying to get me to wear them. Kinda had the exact opposite effect and I don't even like wearing them to workout now.

No. 651530

Yes but having a fast or slow metabolism only comes into play when you are eating more than what you technically should for your height and age.

For example if I'm meant to only eat around 1200 calories a day but decide to eat 2500 every day for a week and I have a slow metabolism, I will gain weight.

If another person with a fast metabolism is supposed to eat 1200 calories a day but eats 2500, they might not gain as much.

The point is anyone who is fat is overeating, because metabolism doesn't affect the intake of the standard amount of calories your body needs to sustain itself. They are not naturally fat, they got to that point.

No. 651535

I don't know about metabolism but, like, different bones are a thing? I've seen women my height but with smaller skulls and really narrow shoulders and hips, tiny hands and feet. They're naturally thinner (even as chidlren they were always thinner than others). My weight is perfect for my height yet they will always look smaller than me.

No. 651536

NTA but that's bone structure though. I've been told I'm big boned too. There's no way someone's bone structure would cause them to look significantly large. Just more built.

No. 651573

Nta- i don't think anyone argues that people are naturally thin or fat no matter how much they stuff their face, but using your example 1k calories daily is a big difference, these people will be on the thinner side with much less effort and losing weight without even thinking about it sometimes. How is that not being naturally thinner compared to someone who will gain weight by eating even less?

No. 651578

File: 1602292881168.jpeg (368.87 KB, 1280x1902, 3B7136DC-E9C4-4C63-96E1-66E2A5…)

Anon there are thousands upon thousands of creepshot pics of girls in public with these on. The fabric being thick doesn’t help things, if you’re okay with being photographed that’s cool but personally the principle of it is too much for me.

No. 651665

Whining about not wearing yoga pants because you don't want men to see your precious little ass is also very autistic like, lol, no one cares anon. If your ass is good enough that people will oggle with you wearing yoga pants, they already stare anyway, yoga pants or not. I'm guessing you wear a nice ankle-length skirt at the beach too.

No. 651666

That's under the assumption someone is going to photograph it. I'm guessing the chances of that happening are low to rare.

Being so obsessed about what other men or people think/do when they see your body is crazy. I would never pass up on yoga pants because I was worried about getting stared at.

Tie a jacket around your waist or wear a long shirt and wear them for a day, you will see how comfortable they are.

No. 651688

I know it sucks that men are disgusting, but do we really have to wear long skirts with a petticoat so men don’t take pictures of us?
Men will turn whatever we wear into something sexual, hell, there’s coomer pictures about women in Muslim attire, just relax and wear some yoga pants with shorts or a skirt over it if you’re worried about people checking out your asshole.

No. 651693

If you live in an apartment and get a yappy dog, or get a yappy dog knowing you will live in an apartment in the foreseeable future, you are a shitty selfish person and I hate you. The only excuse for owning a yappy dog in an apartment is if your financial circumstances changed and you had to move to an apartment from a house while already owning the dog.

No. 651696

belittling women for not wanting to be leered at is mra tier shit

No. 651697

i mean that’s great that you feel comfortable with that but the user doesn’t. her fear of not wanting a creepshot of her posted on 4chan is not some irrational fear

No. 651707

> If your ass is good enough that people will oggle with you wearing yoga pants, they already stare anyway, yoga pants or not.

You sound like a fucking coomer

No. 651728

his glasses look so 2012 superwholock tacky
and without them he's even less appealing.

No. 651733

There’s this one time I saw a girls thong through her leggings

No. 651738

I mean I was truly being facetious by trying to say no one cares about her fucking ass and if it was good enough for people to care about they already stare (sarcasm, really) but ok.

No. 651741

IDK. We are leered at whether we wear ugly ass jogging pants and messy buns or shiny dresses. I've been approached by men I don't want to be approached by while wearing both.

My point was to not let that dictate what you want to wear or how comfortable you feel. Either way, it happens. It's shitty but such is life.

No. 651742

We tried to convince them but just let it go. They're scared of getting stared at despite it already happening anyway so whatever.

No. 651745

I'm more surprised that people use yoga pants outside the gym, it looks ugly as hell honestly

No. 651752

my unpopular opinion about yoga pants is that as a girl I will admit I have a really hard time looking away. Im bisexual if not straight but idk somehow my eyes are really drawn. Not a moid I swear. I still look away because I have self-control and don't want to be creepy, but I'm very aware of that region loool. I mean who cares but when it's the jean shorts cut above the ass (like where it meets the thigh) I genuinely think "holy fuck does she know?" She probably does and if she likes it that's her thing but I always worry about that when I wear shorts

No. 651820

Same, except that it does turn me on and I'm ashamed to have been dealt a male sexuality and libido by god. No porn but still a coomer. Cursed.

No. 651822

I feel like yeah it does look good. The problem I guess is womens fashion is fine-tuned maximum designed to suit the "ideal" form and be sexy (to men at least), meanwhile men live their lives looking like a paper bag. for the most part
However if men caught up i dont think that'd be better because then we'd all be coomers, who knows

No. 651826

>do we have to do this totally exaggerative ridiculous thing that actually had nothing to do with the point made
bitch they’re just not going to wear yoga pants or leggings? drama queen

No. 651830

Sorry, do you guys have ugly asses or something? The amount of negative and embarrassing attention I get when I go out in either of those garments is too much and always makes me feel uncomfortable. I guess if you thrive off of the attention it’s fun to wear them everywhere, but it’s tiring and creates interactions a lot of us just don’t want to deal with. Idk why you have to play dumb, if you want to wear them wear them. Nobody is telling you not to, several of us are just saying we won’t? Christ.

No. 651895

Most addicts abdicate responsibility for their addiction, put blame for it elsewhere, and simultaneously try to justify their addiction and how it's "totally fine" and "a personal decision" even when it distinctly negatively affects others. Being an addict is almost entirely a matter of self-control and choice and the difficulty of quitting, when they actually want to quit and are determined to do it, is exagerrated. When they pull the "y-you've just never been an addict before and if you were you'd agree!!" shit, and assume that people who aren't addicts have simply never been around addictive substances or think of themselves as morally superior, it kind of proves the point that you don't have to be an addict if you have self-control, make intelligent decisions, and have good judgement. Addicts want people to sympathize with their "struggle" (that they chose to have) rather than with the people around them, whose lives have been permanently affected and who will carry traumatic memories forever thanks to their behavior.

No. 651900

Why can't radfems accept that there are, indeed, women who actually do use make-up as self expression and don't just do it for men? I mean of course seeing all the sameface Kylie Jenner wannabe instagirls is jarring, as well as all the retarded moids insisting they prefer the "natural look" when they actually mean heavy make-up that just happens to be less in-your-face. But I've also seen women with genuinely unique styles who don't just jump on bandwagons and definitely do not care about men's opinions.

I'm just saying that there is room for nuance.

No. 651902

File: 1602326073033.jpg (196.36 KB, 1310x1310, IMG_20200812_170357.jpg)

Ugh, same, I'm sure my ex bf only attended yoga classes so he could check out all the tight fitted women. He also insisted I start doing squats for that disgusting KimK ass. On top of that he started guilting me into sending nudes after I told him I unwillingly sent those to someone else a long ass time ago.

He is 90% why I'm too scared to start dating again.

No. 651904

>Why can't radfems accept that there are, indeed, women who actually do use make-up as self expression and don't just do it for men?
Bold of you to think that "radical feminists" believe women are intelligent and capable to exert bodily autonomy and make their own decisions.

No. 651905

I've never seen a radfem say that the women are deluding themselves and aren't actually expressing themselves. They simply acknowledge that the act of using makeup in itself is conforming to patriarchal beauty standards and playing into the shady/money hungry beauty industry's hands

No. 651906

What is this thing with some men where if we tell them something sexual we did that we disliked or even outright hated, they wanna do it with us? I once told a man I liked that I hated buttstuff, didn't like when a dude put finger up my butt and it was all he wanted to do and was even upset I won't let him.

No. 651909

Sure but how many people like that do you see on a daily basis? How many walk around like that on the street? Aside from goth kids, I've seen none.
Besides, when they say that they specifically refer to "work-appropriate" makeup and people who try to argue against it know it but just play stupid.

No. 651910

>I've never seen a radfem say that the women are deluding themselves and aren't actually expressing themselves
Welcome to lolcow.farm, newfriend. How have your first 30 minutes been?

No. 651911


>shady/money hungry beauty industry

Yeah, definitely not disagreeing with that but

>the act of using makeup in itself is conforming to patriarchal beauty standards

then why do moids have to constantly tell me how much they hate my make-up. it's literally only women who like my looks


I definitely do agree that "work -appropriate make-up" is the biggest bullshit ever. "clownish"/over-theatrical looks >>>>>

No. 651935

Why can't you accept that your perception of radfems is based on stereotypes? No one is trying to take your make-up away, ffs.

No. 651939

Except every harshly vocal radfem on lolcow

No. 651942


So you agree make-up would sill exist in a gender-free world, albeit repurposed?

No. 651944

Definitely. Make-up has existed for many purposes throughout history.

No. 651946

No. 651949

Ok so I started looking at makeup subreddits after trying to follow the drama with James Charles, and do you know how many women swear up and down that they do makeup totes for themselves, but since the pandemic hit they’re all like “what’s the point in wearing makeup”? They make posts asking ‘what makeup is your most used/can’t go without’ and all answer foundation/concealer or mascara. Most of them are deluding themselves because they care more about pretending to be empowered than actually being so

What is so hard to grasp about the fact that we all are affected by socialization and so is everything we like? Even if you grew up in a vacuum and truly do like makeup for yourself, It doesn’t matter how you engage in makeup in the current society, it all supports men’s interests whether individuals claim to hate it or not, so the point is moot

No. 651950


I guess I was a little bit too harsh though, after seeing this self-identified radfem call all make-up "slave paint" and all women who wear it "handmaidens of patriarchy" and there were still plenty of women agreeing with her.

I guess it also depends on the age and the platform a radfem is using, because I've seen many boomer Karens who seemed to genuinely think true gender neutrality is looking like the grey blobs from Fairly Odd Parents

No. 651969

This will probably make me sound like a dumb scrote, but here I go (I would never discuss this shit with dudes and my female friends all disagree) : I don't like the new definition of rape as "Sexual activity without consent". First off I think it actually makes it more difficult to prosecute because it becomes even more of a he said she said situation. Defining rape as having an explicit element of threat or violence makes it way more clear cut. (Although I don't think people would go to the police with these kind of ambiguous situations because they already know it's not actually rape, it's just virtue signalling to pretend it is…)

A lot of things described as rape recently just don't sound like rape to me, and I'm sorry but if you haven't said "no" and you look like you're into it, how tf do you expect the other party to know what's going on in your head? I have friends who told me I was raped when I told them what I thought was a funny anecdote of a sexual accounter that didn't go 100% like I expected, because apparently it's the responsibility of the guy to make sure everything's fine. Same thing when a friend told a story of bad sex because the guy wasn't listening to her (she was in no danger and literally left the bedroom after a while…). Are they expecting people to be psychic?

Also people that are really into this notion have a strange view of sexual relationships while drunk. In my personal experience, it only amounts to making the guy in the situation (or the butch girl in one case…) literally responsible of everything regardless of anything the woman does. I've seen people chastize a drunk guy that turned down a drunk girl even though she wanted to have sex with him because they'd made out first before he decided she wasn't "able to consent", which was apparently sexual assault. The girl was literally PISSED. I think it's logical that the guy didn't go through sleeping with her as it made him unconfortable, but even if he did, how would that have been reprehensible? Why is it the man's duty to ensure his outwardly enthusiastic partner is actually consenting? I've even heard people blaming the guy in situations where both participants are drunk as shit and end up blacking out. The fuck?? I mean you can't have two people mutually raping each other so I guess you have to find a culprit… And a man is still in many woke people's minds more deliberate than a foolish woman who's perpetually unsure of what she wants. Reminds me of my mom's backward country where women are in lifelong minority - except on the topic of sex where we're all scheming whores. What a wonderful reversal.

(I say that because I have yet to hear anyone throw a fit when a woman tries to sleep with a guy that's too drunk to get it up, when that should in all logic be a glaring sign of the man's unability to consent because of alcohol.)

Note that I am only talking about "good faith" incidents here, that I've seen play out IRL, where there is no threat of violence of any kind and no coercion, no explicit "no" (or it ends the sexual accounter immediately) or actually trying to escape the """unwanted""" sexual accounters. To label these kind of things as rape is beyong me.

Thanks for coming to my victim-blaming Ted Talk. (Funny story: asked in a college class about consent and "grey areas", especially in a party or when alcohol is involved, what people could do to foster a safer environment, answering "maybe we should drink less" wasn't taken well at all.)

No. 651970

Wow, a truly unpopular opinion, hope no one will agree with you so maybe you can realize you're not woke but just wrong. Also I hope you'll never find yourself in such "ambiguous" situation of being clearly violated but being unable to convince the authorities - the actual reason why people don't take it to police, not because "they know it's not rape".

No. 651972

Yeah they don’t take it seriously because women are drawing harder boundaries. All of those rape kits were definitely not going straight into the trash before this!

No. 651975

When we go into situations where we know that our inhibitions are lowered it's going to open the door to potentially being taken advantage of or doing something that we wouldn't have sober. I don't blame women for wanting to enjoy themselves without some thirsty scrote trapdoor spidering nearby with excessive alcohol or date rape in hand. I wish that we could go places without having to worry. I don't drink unless I'm at a public place with someone I know well enough to buddy system with or at home because of this.

No. 651977

"Manhoe" is such a dumbass word. Why emphasize the 'man' and imply that the default hoe is female? In fact, we should go even further and have the meaning of the words shift so whore/hoe/slut/thot refer by default to men, they really are the slut gender after all, no matter how much they project. After all, the word "bimbo" actually did use to be used to describe exclusively men.

No. 651981

All monsters and creatures of folklore exist, most have just been killed out or have gotten way better at hiding

No. 651982

>>because the guy wasn't listening to her
Goddamn you're a shit friend and have shit opinions, but it fits the thread

No. 651987

I don't see a reason why anyone would disagree with this

No. 651988

i somewhat agree with you tbh. we have to let the other person know we dont want to engage in sexul activities, we cant be vague on that. and people who clame rApE for even a missplaced gaze is stupid and detracts from the real victims. if everything is rape and abooose, the the real shit is gonna get buried and scrotes will have the "everything is rape to them" excuse to get away with it.

No. 651995

I like you, anon

No. 651999

Don't agree with everything you said but I do agree that just having sex you regret is not rape unless you were actually coerced or forced. I have a very young naive friend who opened up to me about being raped and when she revealed details she basically said that she didn't want to have sex with a guy but did literally nothing to communicate that. Didn't say no or anything and even explicitly said "yes" when he asked at multiple points if they could keep going but she said he "should have known" she didn't want to continue, even though she wasn't crying, voicing her discomfort, etc., and was vocally consenting and "trying to have a good time". It was with a boy her age who was also a virgin, idk what he was supposed to do besides repeatedly ask for consent, which is exactly what he did. I feel like young girls feel societally pressured into being sexual at a young age (because it's woke and empowering!!!) and she has every right to feel violated by the sex itself which is a whole different discussion but accusing your sexual partners of rape for participating in sex you didn't want to have after all is not the solution.

No. 652003


Love it when people base their arguments on what some 15 year old said on tumblr. Read a book fr. If you're so put upon maybe the 'women dress up because people treat prettier women better' has some truth.

No. 652022

> boomer Karens

back to reddit

No. 652025

I know right! I was just thinking about why there are no insults just for men, that won’t reference women or femininity, I mean, I know it’s because language has always been recorded by angry incels, but I just want a list to describe men as how they are, dumb and sex-driven.

No. 652041

i kinda agree with this but i don't trust men when they say "i didn't realize she wasn't into it", men constantly ignore women's boundaries or legit screaming and crying because they pull the "i'm just a dumb coomer and i thought crying is part of normal sex lol" defense

too many people give men the benefit of the thought and think they are as stupid as men claim to be, when men know what they are doing

No. 652046

Yeah… as long as he doesn't have severe autism or something, he should be able to read basic body language. If she's silent and unresponsive then he just thought 'well it's not obvious that it's rape, so I'll go ahead and get my nut'.
I don't think people realize how scary it can be, rape happens a lot during mid sex when the dude starts choking you out of nowhere or something. If you say no you have no idea if he'll get more violent, and they usually get violent when women resist.

No. 652050

Wanting validation from other people isn't always necessarily a bad thing.

No. 652053

>too many people give men the benefit of the thought and think they are as stupid as men claim to be, when men know what they are doing

>but I'm just a dumb man lol I think with my dick it's just nature bro! Don't wear slutty clothes if you don't want attention, I can't control it lol it's just how my mind works! I'm a hunter

>women are too emotional and hysterical to be leaders, men are the more rational, logical gender
Which fucking is it?

No. 652054

Whichever is most convenient

No. 652065

I 100% agree!

My unpopular opinion is that wanting attention is completely normal. Adults who do insane lolcow shit to get it deserve to be mocked though.

No. 652079

Femboy shit is utterly disgusting.

No. 652080

Being attracted to males is one thing, but being attracted to feminine males? I can't understand it.

No. 652083

Not feminine males but the whole skirts and thigh high socks cat boy ear schlick, its gross and pornsick, you know thats what femboy means not cute non-hypermasculine guy.

No. 652091

"Femboy" is used and has been used as a catch-all term for men who routinely exhibit behavior deemed "feminine" or physically appear "feminine", particularly intentionally. The "femboys" you're talking about are feminine men. Whether it's gross or "pornsick" doesn't factor into that, my unpopular opinion is just that I don't find feminine men attractive.

No. 652092


No. 652093

File: 1602346537664.jpeg (62.73 KB, 416x411, 49422AA5-DCD1-45F0-8CBE-124561…)

Washing your clothes by hand is the worst thing you could ever do, it damages the fabric further more than when you wash them in the washing machine.
>washing machine superior.
>hand washing inferior.

No. 652094

I thought you were being sarcastic lol
But true anon, based opinion as well, if gender roles are to exist I want my men to look masculine.

No. 652095

who the hell still washes their clothes by hand in current year?

No. 652102

File: 1602347137772.jpeg (450.36 KB, 1920x1080, 37A34535-B1DE-46F6-92DD-8701BB…)

the anon in question

No. 652115

A large portion of people can no longer find common ground or have civil discussions because everything's either "liberal brainwashing" or an 'alt right dog whistle" (obviously there are exceptions). Idk if we've simply lost nuance, or the capacity to sympathise, but so many people are happily wrapped in their vitriolic bubble/echo chamber. It think at the very least the way social media (and media in general) is designed to segment people and compell us to conform with group think is partially to blame.

No. 652117

NTA, I hand wash panties if I don't have any and then quickly toss it in the dryer.

No. 652121

feels unpopular at college age, but casual heterosexual hookups are too risky. I mean with someone you barely know. As a woman there's so many things that could go wrong: he gets you pregnant, he coerces you, he rapes you, hurts or even kills you. STDs are their own thing as well and some men think they can skip condoms. men tend to be physically stronger so you can say "yes" to begin but if he wants to take it another direction and you say no, he can probably just keep going or get mad. Men pretty commonly blame us anyways for not wanting to have the sex they want.
Honestly even if it's with a friend, it better be a damn close and trusted one. I like that we're talking about consent but that should go hand in hand with TRUST. What kills me is even people trying bdsm with the intention of building trust, in committed relationships, even that can go sour. You have to be sure he won't say fuck it to your discomfort and do what he wants. I heard one instance of a girl being left tied up during a fire alarm. And multiple people on one street dying of erotic asphyxiation.
I got a bit OT but I simply find it dangerous as hell to have sex with people you barely know or trust… I think consent should be expanded to include trust and closeness tbh

No. 652125

Terf this incel that
The internet was never the place for debates to work but the echo chamber effect of social media has made this worse

No. 652126

I wish I could meet more people who understand this irl.

No. 652129


Every kind of nuance or trying to understand other points of view is seen as "smug centrism" nowadays

No. 652132

Exactly what are you doing to your clothes when hand washing??

No. 652137

I agree but I urge you to consider lifting to try to find some peace of mind. Men are usually stronger and nothing will change that, but the average college guy is lazy and complacent from sitting around doing nothing except playing games and jerking off. Know your limits so you can't be falsely intimidated by a brittle nerd.

No. 652141

Tbh, my maid prefers washing our clothes by hand, she’s too rough with it, so at the end of the month I have my clothes full of holes.

No. 652150

hire a competent maid

No. 652154

reading these in reverse was wild

No. 652161


No. 652166

File: 1602350764306.jpeg (18.59 KB, 100x92, 54E9C96B-33D4-4B06-8F5D-1C9F72…)


No. 652173

Handwashing sucks, but because of how long it takes and how much strain it puts on the body. I remember when I was younger, our washing machine was broken and my mother had to wash them by hand. She said it hurt her arms a lot to squeeze them and scrub and all that shit, so I never wanted to do it lol sorry for mini blogpost

No. 652286

I had a similar theory like what if they’re extinct or they’re just really where no people are like the trolls in iceland

No. 652311

I actually don't mind going to the dentist, the drill is not the worst tool I ever experienced and I always feel fresh and clean afterwards. It probably helps that my guy is very nice and competent.

No. 652313

The Chinese used to believe dinosaur fossils were actually dragon skeletons

If something exists in your mind, it does exist in a way. Morals don’t exist except for in our brains, yet societies are built on them and they cause a lot of conflict in some people

Physical existence is overrated

No. 652316

Younger people in LGBTQ+ seem to have this weird hatred of people who watch porn that dosent pertain to their sexuality (ie straight girls who like BL or straight people in general who watch lesbian porn regardless of gender). Like unless they aren't projecting onto you you personally I dont really see the harm

No. 652319

I've never seen anyone LGB who actually gave a fuck about fujoshi, unless they're greasy nerds but the problem here comes from them being greasy nerds and not their tastes in porn. I've actually seen many young gay guys being friends with fujoshi because they were into the same series. What do you mean by "younger people", people in their 20s? Teenagers? Both?

No. 652322


99% of vocal anti-fujos are fakebois projecting

No. 652326


the 1% percent is that tumblr gay guy whose url i don't remember but it was really long and some shitty nerd reference so whatever

dude really hated women, was a self proclaimed "egalitarian" but only cared about "men's rights", actually supported fakebois as long as they were the trutrans type and loved to ree about "cis fujos" and "transtrenders"

No. 652332

Poppypicklesticks? He came to my mind immediately when reading your description.

No. 652334


lmao i forgot about him! but no it was other guy

tbh all the anti-sjw gay dudes almost make me want to be homophobic

No. 652340


samefagging but imagine being these guys

>hate women

>call yourself a kinsey 6 homo to justify that
>straight women get out reeeeeeee
>but man-hating lesbians are even worse!!
>actually into pussy
>but only trutrans testosteronized DAP
>ree over actual gay men not sharing your love of DAP

No. 652357

Hi yes um selfcest is gay. It’s not “just like masturbation”. You’re a faggot.

No. 652360

OP here I'm mostly talking about like 15 to 20 yr olds I see on tiktok who are just absolutely disgusted by the thought of like non gay men reading gay erotica sometimes it's an actual gay man but alot of the time it tends to be like an FTM I remember seeing this one tiktok of a teenage trans boy crying at the thought of fujioshis

No. 652386

Ok I was thinking about people I knew in their early or mid-20s in my post, it's true the difference is huge between both groups despite the age gap being so small, I guess that's the internet and all that shit.

>I remember seeing this one tiktok of a teenage trans boy crying at the thought of fujioshis

That lack of self-awareness sounds hilarious.

No. 652387

Only a man talking about other men would have a take like this

No. 652388

i find anal sex enjoyable.

No. 652389

I feel like liking something in bed isn't really an unpopular opinion. You do you anon.

No. 652393

Anon please. If I eat out my clone’s pussy, that’s gay. The fact that she’s identical to me is irrelevant. So yeah it applies to a guy who would suck his clone’s dick as well.

No. 652394


Not that there's anything wrong with that!

No. 652395

That wouldn't make you a "faggot" though.

No. 652397

On lolcow it is. I once posted that I don't like being eaten out and some people acted like I had committed a war crime

No. 652400

We should unironically go back to making sex talk unacceptable in everyday conversation. i don’t need coomerism in every aspect of my life.

No. 652403

Please yes

No. 652405

Of course not. Just funny how dudes be making “I’d fuck me” jokes but when I said that’s gay af, they would actually get triggered and start to argue with me how it’s completely str8 and just like masturbation.

No. 652415


Men are so retarded, many of them actually do enjoy gay things but still think being seen as gay is the worst thing ever.

This is what probably triggered the entire trap debate. Yes, Brad, traps are fucking gay. No, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

No. 652416

honestly even if a rape allegation can seem ungrounded it is often deserved anyway and women should not be afraid to call their bad experiences rape because scrotes need to be way more harshly judged for their actions. my opinion is that the definition of rape and sexual assault should be even more "wide". people who give a fuck about "innocent" men being wrongfully accused of rape obviously have zero experience of any type of sexual violence and how it's handled in the legal system. the chances of men being actually wrongfully accused of rape in any country are so god damn low, especially in comparison in how many cases of rape are not taken seriously by authorities or even followed up on.

this is just such a bad take overall because there is literally NEVER a case of some woman "accidentally" taking advantage of an unconscious or intoxicated man. when your sort of thinking is implemented in the legal system it ONLY works to benefit men with neglectful, exploitive or sadistic sexual tendencies

No. 652435

I have no dog in this fight but one time I had sex with a super drunk friendm that didn't remember afterwards, he fought we just fool around a bit but I actually fingered him until he came. I' ve never worked up the courage to tell him tbh I don't think it counts as rape but it's a kinda iffy

No. 652442

No. 652449

If you were both drunk I think it's fine, but I feel like it's definitely strange to have sex with an extremely drunk person while sober.

No. 652475

If both of you are above 21 you should be able to bang your professor. The whole "lol suck a dick for good grades" shit is really just a sexist stereotype designed to make fun of women for enjoying looking good and liking sex, instead of giving up and becoming a frigid fatass who goes to school wearing sweats.

The sexual tension is driving me so crazy rn.

No. 652477

I'm a huge sex freak and even I agree with this. Isn't it nice when not everyone knows who you be banging.

No. 652480

>>652435 extremely fucked up to kinda hide the fact you two fucked- from the person you fucked? Like are there negative outcomes, did he suffer in any way? Most likely not but it is fucking weird and creepy of you to not tell.

No. 652481

By fucking I mean fingering though oh lawd

No. 652489

Not reallt sure if it's because I only really talk to other lesbians but … almost every straight or bisexual woman I've seen accuse other women of being pickmes is usually a pick me herself . Ive only met lesbians who do that and arent

No. 652492

Can someone tell me why this is such a popular opinion rn. What the fuck is wrong with people.

No. 652515

People think that the money that goes to nasa would be otherwise spent on them lol

No. 652516

NTA but I don't think us ooga boogas should sever earths gravitational pull on our bodies either

No. 652517

Or it's that we live in a country that has children going to bed hungry every night and right now we're in a pandemic that furthered the wealth gap even further, and that maybe, just fucking maybe, these billionaires should have to pay tax/pay their workers a decent wage/provide benefits before "hurr imma go mars come on grimes".

No. 652518

relax, re-read my post, point out where was mentioned elon musk and his tax fraud
I agree with you about billionaries but it's completely irrelevant in the case whether humanity should continue space exploration or not

No. 652519

Is it worth watching these if I want to improve my "low" voice? I've never had a nice natural voice, it's like a fat girl voice.
People make fun of me because sometimes on the phone they say I have "customer service voice" cause I've been whipped from retail and call centers to have a higher pitched and nicer voice, and I'm wondering if these types of videos would help me become more conscious of it and less straining to do.

No. 652522

Because people are dying and not having any fun while millionaires and billionaires still get their playgrounds. People are PIST.

No. 652523

I don't get it either. Humans are unique in that we're the only animal that has manipulated other objects into tools the way we have. Unless all the other animals had a secret meeting that living sustainable is the only moral choice idk. It does seem a bit farfetched we think we could manage another planet when we can't get out shit together on earth tho.

No. 652524

Low voice is based, don't buy into the meme

No. 652547

Same, but I agree with >>652524 and my deep voice is one of the things I consistently love about myself.
People take me more seriously because of it. Be confident in your powerful voice, anon.

No. 652548

Nta but these posts make me feel more confident.

No. 652549

Deep voice is sexy as hell anon, embrace it

No. 652583

i wish i had a deep voice, i want to sound like a sexy lounge singer

No. 652585

Guys who fap to Uzaki chan or any other loli/lolilike anime girl are fucked in the head

No. 652608


uzaki chan is so ugly, it's not even about the anime tiddies, it's just that her face is one of the worst character designs in anime

No. 652612

File: 1602401434056.jpg (32.77 KB, 220x313, 220px-Uzaki-chan_Wants_to_Hang…)



No. 652621

This may not be unpopular (or maybe it is here idk) but I cannot stand when people go, "She/he's a straight white female/male, they should'nt be speaking on this or that?"

As if people like Candance Owens and Blaire white don't exist, two people who speak out about shit in their OWN communities and get told to shut the fuck up by everyone! Straight white men, black gay men etc.
Just say you don't like what they are saying PERIOD. Stop acting like you'd consider it or respect it if it came from within the community.
All types of people come at Owens and Blaire, not just people from those groups.
I don't like neither, but people are such hypocrites.
Like whats the difference between a gay man and bill burr calling women bitches? Why does it matter if he's white or not? He's calling women bitches.
I just don't get it and I say this as someone who dislikes everyone involved.
I wish people would stop pretending that the messenger is the problem when it's a message they know they'd never fucking accept anyway.

No. 652625

white woman hate jokes are only funny when made by women of color. moids of any race can't make jokes about women of any race without insering their own rape/violent fantasies

No. 652627


? Does anime face make anyone automatically a loli ? This character is 19 years old (later shortly turns 20). The artstyle is jackshit, sure but that doesnt make her a loli.

Manga/anime itself is an attempt to make a knock off version of that anime with bully girl. Not interested but imo its stupid to call this huge-eyed bug a loli.

No. 652636

Anon are you serious… she doesn't look 19 at all and her personality is very childlike. Of course the author is going to say she's over the age of 18, they always do this. I also said "lolilike" for this reason.

No. 652642

>she doesn't look 19 at all
…No anime character looks their age, anon. It's a cartoon, not a hyperrealistic portrait.

No. 652646

It's both, first they're not entitled to speak, second I may or may not think that what they said is stupid. Plus even if it was someone from inside of the [insert name] community it wouldn't guarantee that I respect them either.

No. 652653

It’s a fucking cartoon with huge jugs stfu

No. 652671

File: 1602412169556.png (821.69 KB, 1298x742, B4E8AD89-17B7-4211-9762-532380…)

It makes me a bit sad how cute Ethan Klein (H3H3) used to be when he was younger and not as fat. This happens to almost all men and still women supposedly “age like milk”.

No. 652677

this looks like jewish 500 days of summer

No. 652679

Does he have tourette's or something? He has a very obvious tic where his eyes get wonky and he blinks too much. I typically have a thing for funny guys but his eyes are too off-putting for me to find him attractive

No. 652681

>jewish 500 days of summer
I'm dead anon

No. 652683

And why are his hands so fucking small?

No. 652685

Segmenting people into groups of who and who can't speak is such a retarded cope. You're not entitled to silence anyone, especially based on such trivial assertions on face value/due to your own cognitive bias. Everyone has the right to speak, and to have an opinion. Whether it's popular or you personally agree with it remains to be seen (and ultimately means fuck all).

No. 652686

Yea he has Tourette’s syndrome

No. 652697

It's kind of dumb how when a person gets "canceled" for transphobia (or other -phobias), if they come out as being the thing they were supposedly talking shit about, the people who were trying to cancel them like a day ago immediately switch sides and try to reframe things as "evil bigots harassing an innocent person".
Like, how were they supposed to know? This is exactly what happens when you participate in mob mentality. You can't always know someone based only on them being assholes on the internet. Stop trying to have your cake and eat it too.

No. 652699

Guess what, your outsider opinion means fuck all too.

No. 652700

It's because too many people outside those groups speak from a place of ignorance and bad faith. When there's an irritating amount of people of a certain background who say nothing but stupid shit about your background, of course you don't want to hear from them in general.
You can only go through so much of hearing the same scrotes with retarded evopsych opinions about women before you don't even care to hear out the one guy who actually has something worth listening to. You start to think "You're annoying, just shut the fuck up. Read the hundreds of other times people with your opinion have been argued with". It's even worse when you do give them a chance, and then their opinion is just the same thing you heard from the rest, but in a slightly different shade. It's the ultimate disappointment.
It sucks for people who are educated and have good points to make, but honestly, what can you do?

No. 652701

Personally I consider her representation for those of us who look like little boys with gigantic breastplates stuffed under our shirts

No. 652702

Billie Eilish's fandom is 99% retarded fakedeep zoomers, but that doesn't make her music bad at all

No. 652703


you are so valid queen

No. 652704

File: 1602415456920.png (256.07 KB, 434x256, kjne1.png)

I have no opinion one way or the other, but it looks like a 12-year old boy from a shonen manga if you crop out the tits.

No. 652713

File: 1602416129249.jpeg (134.82 KB, 700x700, 39593103_710eac1d-eeb0-45d7-8e…)

Just a case of shitty artstyle, not that deep. Both manga and anime are fugly. Artist is one of those "huge eyes were popular in early 2000s, and anime is all about big bug eyez anyway!11" case.

No. 652716

File: 1602416458984.png (112.06 KB, 280x280, jSjISBRp.png)

Hope i didn't hit a nerve in your pornaddicted brain anon

No. 652718


i refuse to believe anyone actually faps to this butterface gremlin and they're just pretending they do because they think that will "trigger the sjws"

No. 652720

Are you thinking of the Bill Burr thing? That was obviously just an excuse for him to be sexist but people are eating it up.

No. 652725


even fucking shuwu's ex made jokes about "straight white women"

No. 652732

File: 1602417509377.jpg (544.58 KB, 1080x1080, boba tea.jpg)

Boba tea tastes awful, but they look nice and I wished I liked them

No. 652734

It's the hair that ruins it for me. That style only works on tall, composed women with a cool yet kind personality. You know, the josei or shoujo ai manga type.
It just doesn't go with that face. If they'd given her a more youthful and girly looking hairstyle I wouldn't mind her design nearly as much.

No. 652737

I don't like boba tea either while loving the look. I tried making a boba cocktail once instead. Baileys, coconut milk and some vodka, with coffee flavored boba. Worked pretty damn well, might be fun to try if you enjoy cocktails.

No. 652742

I used to love boba tea when I was a teenager, but something about it just turns my stomach now. It’s too sweet and heavy or something. Now I can only do milk tea with like 20% sugar. Coffee/grass jelly isn’t bad in the right drinks.

No. 652749

I think it's pretty sad that there's this big stigma towards getting old or looking your age when you're at an older age, like it's some horrid curse and life becomes less enjoyable. I don't mean to generalise or say this is true in every case but I think getting older allows you to gain more insight and experience and help you become a better person, or makes you learn from your mistakes. As for physical appearances when you age I just wish it wasn't such a big deal and more accepted so people didn't feel the pressure to do and buy all these things to look younger. Everybody gets old and it's weird that this normal part of life is looked at like something shameful.

No. 652782

I would say 90% of the drinks at most western (american and european) shops are awful and just way too sweet. Here some shops arent even tea theyre flavored milks or juices with boba. Maybe they have one or two different types of actual teas but for the most part its flavored powder they shake into milk and then you add your shit popping boba, pearls, aloe etc.

So i kinda agree with you. When theyre asian owned and ran and use real tea they can be good. I only like the basic/oolong black tea with milk, 0 percent added sugar with tapioca pearls. Also where i am, no one seems to like ice so by time they shake it theres only a few cubes and its barely chilled, so i always have to get extra ice.

No. 652792

The problem is the imbalance of power in the relationship and the conflict of interests the teacher will have if they’re responsible for assessing your work

No. 652809

Doing house chores isn't only fun but also relaxing, I love them

No. 652811

Girl yes. I used to hate doing chores as a kid, and as an adult with roommates, but now that I live alone I love it. I invite people over to eat and hang out just so I can busy myself tidying, only now it doesn't annoy me like it did when I had a shared space.

No. 652814

If you had comprehended my post you would realise I'm well aware of that and frankly don't care kek.

I actually agree with you anon, I'm just advocating specifically for free speech. Everyone is entitled to express themselves verbally (as long as it doesn't converge into criminality). That includes the repercussions one might face from others for an unpopular or immoral opinion. It's not a perfect system, but I'm thankful stifling people isn't as common a practice in the West as it is in some parts of the world. It's why I like LC. The playing field is leveled and is more based upon quality of ideas as opposed to the identity politics that are frequently employed by entitled people lacking an argument.

No. 652815

I live alone so I'm pretty okay with doing chores, kind of satisfying. Back when I lived with a partner I hated it because I resented having to clean up after other adults.

No. 652867

I really love doing my own laundry. I can see why having to do everyone else's could be annoying, but doing my own is so nice, I love having all my clothes feeling clean and nicely folded.

No. 652881

I wish brown sugar boba wasnt just milk and brown sugar and they used an actual tea instead

No. 652900

waking up early is the best. im talking about 5 am early

No. 652901

How do you do it? I have such trouble waking up early when I don't have to.

No. 652913

Nta but i developed a shitty waking up late behavior after a change of time zones, to solve it, I wake up 15 minutes before the time I have to get out of the bed to do my stuff, sometimes I wake up half an hour before so I can throw a silent tantrum in bed and even get some extra 5 minutes of sleep, sometimes I just browse the Internet and whatnot.
You get to waste some time while still being productive without feeling too tired.

No. 652914

Go to bed early.

No. 652939

Different anon, but using sleep aids at a certain time every night and setting an alarm can help regulate your sleep pattern. I still wake up anywhere from 6-7:30am despite going to bed at different times. If I notice things becoming a little irregular, like if I’m staying up too late or waking up around 8 or 9am I’ll implement the pm sleep tablets or set an alarm

No. 652953

Mascara is hideous

No. 652957

No. 652964

I need it for my invisible eyelashes anon. Mind you, never black. Only light brown.

No. 652966

I think its gross, it's legitimately just highly concentrated coffee or tea with large amounts of sugar then heavy cream added. Otherwise, it's scoops of powder blended into milk. The balls will sit for hours in syrup before people order it too.

No. 652970

Fair lashes are cute on their own, and mascaraless eyes are more striking IMO

There has to be something more. I tried to make my own using milk, cream, or evaporated milk and they all tasted off. Never quite like from a shop. I like a bubble tea sometimes but I always get 25% or less sugar from actually good tea places and they’re still really sweet kek

No. 652982

File: 1602449883381.png (1.66 MB, 1210x1260, blackfaceshoe.png)

I have a feeling that within 10 years, transracial identities will be accepted in the USA. Cardi B's sudden identity shift from a Latina mestizo woman who considers sex with black men interracial to a black rights activist who pops her pussy, the phenomenon of blackfishing on IG, and many aspects of the mainstream music scene as a whole are just the blueprint. Before that was the concept of "political blackness", and before that was the one-drop rule. 

Pay attention to how mixed women are presented as black women in media. That is on purpose. For any black women who noticed this before reading, colorism is not the only issue at play here. Look how many subliminals there are on YouTube promising to make the listeners Asian, black, biracial, white, etc. There is a real audience of people struggling with a form of dysphoria around race.

There's already been multiple cases of people “racefaking” and entering spaces reserved for people of that race: Rachel Dolezal, Jessica Krug, CV Vitolo, Satchuel Cole, etc. There are trans women who started off as white men, but now identify as black women.
In the cases of the white women doing it, it caused backlash, but they all talk of being confused about their own identities, and they never did things with the exact intent to harm black people. Soon, bashing them will be considered too heavy-handed. Rihanna was one of the first to open that door when she called Dolezal a “hero”.

Eventually, people will start talking about how race is just a social construct, we should be helping those struggling with racial identity issues, racial identity is coercively assigned at birth, some people have chemicals in their brain that are more like black people than white people, etc. Anti-racists who oppose this will be called TEARs (Trans-Exclusionary Anti-Racists). Maybe the word “transracial” will be phased out and considered too harsh. “Trans-cultural” is softer and more acceptable to the untrained ear. The same way transgender people often rally behind intersex people and their shared struggles with confusion around gender as proof of their identities, you can expect transracial people to rally behind biracial and multiracial people in the same way. They can and will call back to the narratives around racial confusion and the “tragic mulatto” trope for this.

When the black/white barrier is finally broken, that will open the floodgates for those infected with k-pop and anime mind viruses to come out as trans-Asian. Notice how transgender women have a dichotomy been HSTS and AGP? “Trutrans” and “trenders”? It’s going to be the “authentic”, “passing” trans-black person with true racial dysphoria who takes tanning pills, perms their hair and just wants to be accepted (never mind if they have an obsession with sexualised black women and/or BBC stereotypes) vs the “trendy”, non-“passing” weeaboo/koreaboo who wears shitty cat eye makeup to look Asian. 

To be clear, I’m a woman with racial dysphoria. I guess this will ultimately benefit me, but I’m not evil, just trying to live my life, so I’m giving a heads-up. I just want the best for everybody, and I don’t necessarily think it’s good if this does happen.
I think anyone who has these feelings should just try to live in silence, don’t disclose anything, move somewhere people don’t know you (if you plan to outwardly present), and definitely don’t put yourself in any civil rights group like an asshole. There are others like me, but no one talks about it because it’s taboo. Please don’t attack those girls on IG who are “black fishing” or photoshopping themselves Asian or anything, I promise it’s just a way of expressing love for certain aesthetics and support for people, or even just a way to have fun, not a plot to hurt women of color. I think everyone has a little woman or man of another race inside them, it’s part of being human.

No. 652986

you had me until the last paragraph anon

No. 652989

How did you explain a lot of ways that this stuff is harmful and then at the end ask people not to bash people who partake in it because it’s not trying to be harmful? The fuck

No. 652994

>To be clear, I’m a woman with racial dysphoria

No. 652997

Shut the fuck up american.

That weird relationship with race is an american thing, literally no other country in the world cares that much.

No. 653013

Re: your last paragraph, and other anons help my ass out with this please but gauging by a lot of these newer ancestry tests a lot of people are more than just a single ethnicity. Sure, there's majority percentages but a lot of us are genetic mutts. If you have a percentage of Eastern Asian in you and carried over features from that, are people not allowed to play up those features and make them look more Asian?

No. 653018

File: 1602451918382.jpg (26.39 KB, 600x610, bait2.jpg)

No. 653021

chores are awful when you have a buzy life, I envy you guys

No. 653024

I didn't choose to be born with pale skin and mental issues, please just try to understand. I don't want this to happen, I’m on your side.
Bashing the people who have this issue just causes them more pain and confusion. The problem is the media supporting it and pretending it's not a mental problem. There is no adequate treatment right now.

No. 653025

strong copy pasta energy

No. 653026

Anon you're sending me please have mercy

No. 653035

A funny thing I've noticed is that the white people who get notorious and universally mocked for publicly presenting themselves as black are all women but there's Shaun King a white guy who claims he's half black and styles his hair and only publishes black and white selfies to try and look more mixed even though both his parents are white and no one really gives him shit for it other than conservatives pissed off at his activism.

When people comforting him about it he just implies his mother had an affair with a black man which is hilarious but he never faces any real social repercussions for it and can carry on his activism career and mainstream media appearances unlike the white women who get exposed doing this who are shunned as crazy and damaging the black community.

So I guess as people live their lives more and more online, especially with editing your selfies in some way becoming more common, it probably will become a bigger thing.

No. 653040

shaun king is such a cringe lord

No. 653048

File: 1602455898086.jpg (350.96 KB, 1908x1146, 2B7EED4D00000578-0-image-a-72_…)

sorry for ot but Shaun King is fucking annoying. That "my mom had an affair with a black man" thing is most likely fake. He looks like his dad. If anything his mother might be mixed. Plus, who's family would be ok with them openly admitting they are a child of an affair?

No. 653049

just saw close encounters of the third kind the other night and…it sucked?? neither me or my husband could gather any overarching theme or message for the whole film, youre never made to care about any of the characters, and the plot goes nowhere. i come online to see what other people think of it & its supposedly some masterpiece? i have the growing desire to literally start a youtube channel so i can post my own review b/c jesus christ. even AI was better than this & its pretty understood that AI sucked.

No. 653052

this thing you freaks do where you decide farmers who aren’t melodramatic and tinfoil tards are somehow pornsick is so autistic

No. 653154

Lol he has his dad's mouth and eyes. Some affair, was it some Halloween party when he was conceived?

No. 653159

It's hilarious how white women are so angry over Bill Burr's recent set. Asking black women to come cape for them only when convenient, it's like a play by play of a Boondocks episode

No. 653203

I just watched it now and it was unfunny and pretty cringey tbh. He hasn't said anything particular clever, he's literally just screaming.

No. 653207

Posting comments under youtube videos or instagram photos of influencers or youtubers is weird to me. Can't really explain why.

What I can explain is that I think it's really fucking weird to leave hate comments. Forget about the fact that it's mean, it's a matter of having the trait that makes you want to talk shit to people. I'm a bitter fucking bitch but no part of me is going to comment on a cow's instagram post something negative. It's different when it's on here or an imageboard.

No. 653212

File: 1602469878824.jpeg (625.47 KB, 2731x2048, 089B2504-26DA-4A63-A522-ECF7A8…)

Shaun King reminds me every White guy who thinks dating a Black girl means he needs to get a skin fade or start sleeping with a durag on trying to put waves in his hair.
Even if his birth father is a lightskinned Black man as he alleges, he was still raised by a White mother (and White father for some time) meaning he wasn’t raised in Black culture. Even if he’s truly biracial, he still easily passes for White. So he’s removed from the culture and isn’t even a visible minority, especially when styled differently… interesting. I smell Dolezal.
It would be easy for him to put this to rest by simply sharing his DNA results.

No. 653214

It’s fucking weird in general, I get leaving nice comments to cheer up a not really popular artist you like, but leaving comments for someone who has over 5k followers is just sad.
Also, hate comments are indeed specially retarded, what are those people gaining from it? Specially since most of the time they have their faces and names out there related to those comments.
And criticism isn’t bad, but if someone is going to be like
>yur a bitch
>I hate your insertrandomthing
It’s just retarded and a waste of time for all of the parties involved.

No. 653215

If you hype "Babymetal" over other female-led metal/rock groups, you're an asian fetishist, end of story.

I hate seeing grown American men like "OMG THEYRE SO GOOD" I'm sorry? They're about as good as any other metal group. Just because they're "uwu qt nippon" girls you instantly value their music more??

No. 653216

I like it with real tea plus milk and no added sugar. Tapioca pearls have a slight sweetness to them that goes well with the bitter tea+creamy milk.

No. 653217

I have no background in metal scenes, but looking from the outside, it appears that you're the one thinking that men only like them for their looks. Maybe they're actually good?

No. 653220

I'm sure plenty of people like Babymetal for the novelty and crazy Japan stereotype. Little girls playing metal, how wacky!

No. 653223

NTA they're just okay. They're not terrible or anything. It reminds me of visual kei bands that were more aesthetics>music (but vk tops babymetal tbf). It's definitely not just men that only like them for their look though. i think they just struck gold during a time weebs, jrock, jpop, kpop, etc were on the rise.
They're like the metallica of girl-lead metal bands. Just mediocre.

No. 653224

File: 1602471045236.jpg (47.49 KB, 370x271, Screenshot_20200613-101726_Ins…)

>White guy who thinks dating a Black girl means he needs to get a skin fade or start sleeping with a durag on trying to put waves in his hair.
Fuck this is so accurate lmaooo

This is extreme tinfoil he's been with his wife since he was 16. I feel like he probably lied about his race to her in HS and has to keep the act going, so he just became an activist to prove his "blackness". He passes "well enough" so it works, but not well.

No. 653233

TAYRT, and it's not that it's just… I've seen several adult men on my feed going "omg they're so good! And cute!! Look at them!" but they're not actually that good, they're about as basic as it gets. But they get all gooey about it.

I want to say same with k-pop but at least k-pop in itself is its own genre.

Maybe it's the fact that they're new to me that I don't really get the allure of it and why they'd be acting in shock of the band.

No. 653250

Who cares, are you anons from pull? Racial purists get out.

No. 653253

I’m sorry someone told you that your attempt at dreads looks greasy and pathetic anon

No. 653254

It’s stupid as fuck that men can unshamedly follow hundreds of insta “models”/ be creeps on social media and think they’re entitled to do that/girlfriend needs to be OK it, but the minute a woman says she wants a man like (insert celebrity) men whine and say she’s having too high of standards and shit

No. 653256

Nta but dreads are ugly af

No. 653257


I think it depends on the person.

No. 653258

Anon pls… I love Babymetal! I think they're fun and the songs are catchy. Do you have any female led metal bands you'd like to rec?

No. 653259

I dunno, the movies are still entertaining as fuck.

No. 653260

which version did you watch t. i like that film but one version i watched was very tedious with the unnecessary added scenes.

No. 653271

For one, Arch Enemy!

No. 653272

God, I fucking hate Lizzo. She’s disgusting and her music is shit

No. 653309

Ok if people are so mad about it and so Murican and so for freedom then there's nothing stopping them from physically confronting these people if they are really so bothered by it. Like think of how much of our history is based on physical rebellion and exploration. If not for exploration then we would not be posting here, we would not be globally connected. If not for rebellion there would be no Murica. The unfortunate reality of human nature is that sometimes violence has to happen. We are not ready for complete and total peace and the people you've mentioned, like Elon Fucking Musk are proof of this. I do agree, why does he need so much fucking money. At the same time doesn't it bother you not being allowed to explore the true nature of our existence due to stupid dummy thicc politics?

No. 653320

kinda agree, I mostly just watched it because I was in love with gary oldman

No. 653333

I'm sorry that my theoretical dreads are so displeasing to imagine, pulltard.

No. 653402

me too anon. I used to consider smoking or taking a long term low dose of testosterone just to lower my voice. I never hear any aggressive or interesting singers with an airy girly voice. I sound like Nicole Dollanganger fml

No. 653403

File: 1602493131824.jpg (32.53 KB, 570x570, il_570xN.2215166580_9a7e.jpg)

This isn't an unpopular opinion. This is what 90% of men actually believe.

No. 653443

ADHD is the new BPD and BPD was the replacement for ASD

No. 653444

Constantly replying "Based" with no actual other input is stinking up the board and reminds me of scrotes. Only a 14 y/o fresh-to-4chan/twitch fag scrote would respond brain dead with "Based" and waste everyone's time and not even go into any explanation why. I bet they don't even know the origin for "Based" either.

This is unpopular opinion thread fuck off

No. 653448

Holy shit, I hope that isn't an unpopular opinion. Saying "Based," and or "Redpilled," is the modern equivalent of "Oof," and "Bruh," Adds absolutely nothing to the conversation, ever.

No. 653452

Not the anon you replied to, but I didn't know them, looked them up and I really like their music. Thanks for the tip!

No. 653459

Sometimes anons articulate themselves so well I have nothing else to elaborate with. I'm sorry that I occasionally remind you of a 14 year old scrote kek.

No. 653460

Based has been said for years, doesn’t bother me a bit because the .00001 second it takes for me to read the term ‘based,’ usually in reply to something I might not have paid attention to anyways without others drawing attention to it, does not waste my time that I’m already wasting here

No. 653485

I don't understand why people get upset over dumb meme words, especially on an imageboard of all places. Like if it bothers you that much, go seek out places where people hold proper intellectual conversations.

>I bet they don't even know the origin for "Based" either.

Are we really being snobby over "based" yeah?

No. 653495

My unpopular opinion is that most stand up comedy isn't funny.

No. 653507

I 100% agree with this. The whole concept of being on a stage and tell funny stories seems so forced

No. 653523

I know I said it wastes time but you're taking that too literally, but of course what did I expect… I don't care if people reply with one liners like "kek" (otherwise I would've included that). It's literally just the word "Based"

Well, because different internet communities have different cultures. Pog, Based, kekw, kappa are all things you'd expect on Twitch or Twitter. If we all started using more and more phrases from different places the culture of this imageboard would dynamically shift. Dont fucking tell me to go somewhere else and relax, it's just an opinion. The point of me saying "I bet they don't even know […]" was to further drive my point that it comes across as such an underage phrase to constantly repeat, just like "pog" has been hammered over and over again on Twitter. I never said I expected intellectual contribution but if you're gonna say Based, at least explain why something is based. It's such a zombie response but I guess you say it so often you don't even think about that.

No. 653532

File: 1602513055722.jpg (166.09 KB, 948x671, SmartSelect_20201012-102907_Ch…)


Samefag, but this scrote showing off his dick over in /g/ and saying "Based Sluts Keep it Up" is a perfect example of what I meant by the word being such a scrote-like lingo. Perfect timing, KEK

(That's his foot btw, I cropped out the tiny phallus)

No. 653533

I'm not kinkshaming anyone here but I think that fetishes aren't healthy, from my own experience and mindset. I also think that trimmed vaginas look better than fully shaved ones

No. 653541

My biggest question is why did he leave his manifesto on the floor? He needs a stapler.

No. 653542

I see what you mean, but you could literally apply that logic to a number of terms also utilised by groups you attach a negative connotation to. For instance I can't stand the words "y'all" or "problematic" because I associate them with the brain-dead twitterfags that come here in hordes. But that doesn't necessarily mean every, or even most instances of people using them are in any way associated with that group.

Soz for sperg, clearly no one even asked kek.

No. 653544

No I definitely get it. I try very hard not to use "y'all" here because I know how much people here hate it! You're right though. I see your point.

No. 653553

I'm sorry my bias makes you feel the need to limit your speech. I really wish it wasn't so indicative of twitterfags, they co-opt everything they come into contact with. Honestly as long as what you're trying to convey is nuanced, I don't think anyone here would suspect anything of you.

No. 653559

I understand why lc hates it, it’s hard for me to stop using it tho because I grew up saying it my whole life. There’s actually a lot of phrases I’ve used my entire life that I’m trying not to because of twitter, and that kind of sucks.

No. 653593

Found some stray aids wondering around LC. These are the spergs ruining "y'all" for what I assume to be Southerners (not a burger so idk)? >>653576

No. 653630

I hate shaved genitals too, whether it's dicks or pussies, it looks so ugly and medical, it reminds of cold chicken in the fridge.

No. 653636

Sex is not a human right. No one is entitled to access to other people's bodies.

No. 653637

bro this is not an unpopular opinion anywhere apart from gov mandated gf incel forums

No. 653641

Check Twitter and most leftist circles, especially ones populated by self-proclaimed "lesbians" who really, reallyy want penises to be included in lesbian affairs, kek

No. 653642

These female r9k/pol refugees really need to go through a post-cult-brainwashing program

No. 653646

Anyone proclaiming that isn't really people, anon

No. 653655

The only female /r9pol/ refugees I see here are the ones who come to post about hating radfems, defending male porn addiction, blaming women for having their consent broken, etc.

No. 653659

I despise and fear men way more, but I hate men and women equally.

No. 653676

Dogs are better than cats

No. 653679

The powder base ones give me a stomachache. The fresh milk teas are the best.

No. 653692

how's that an unpopular opinion, half the world agrees

No. 653697

Define “good”. I super enjoyed their album ‘babymetal’ and u think it’s really good bc it has so much energy! I like the mix of cute voices vs the growling. So in my ears it’s good. If you don’t enjoy ok

No. 653736

File: 1602531820381.jpeg (106.32 KB, 960x720, medicaid.jpeg)

If you make under 30k a year on paper not including assets in the US and aren't on Medicaid and Food Stamps out of 'pride' but you readily took the unemployment checks you're very silly. Brainwashing middle class people who aren't actually middle class in terms of income to not go on programs like SNAP or Medicaid because they don't want to take the dole yet they cannot afford food beyond simple grains every month is the greatest psyop ever.
There is no pride in not accepting a government handout, GDP is not real, taxes are not real, the treasury prints FIAT currency and gives trillions of it to bailout international corporations who are no beholden to the US government and do not pay taxes.
Why do you care if you get 200$ a month for food, or your prescriptions suddenly become a maximum of 5$ and your doctor visits become a maximum of 10$?

Why are you so dumb?

The dole has been a concept as tried as the concept of Empire, and we live in an Empire. Grain allotments persisted in Rome basically until the sacking of Rome, and they were never ever repealed for long, even then it was impossible to 'take back' a social program.
If you cared about not having a society where welfare doesn't exist, too bad, that argument was settled before you were born, and now we live in the society where if SNAP or Medicaid was ended there would be riots, just like there was in Rome or any other society thats done this.
Just take the money for food, and use the money to support local farmers. Did you know that SNAP/EBT works in conjunction with local farmers in most states and actually doubles your money if you go out of your way to support local farmers?
Yes I'm serious, if you have SNAP and you go to a local farmers market, they'll probably accept SNAP/EBT, and if you pay them with your EBT your dollar is actually worth 2$! This is a subsidy program, but it only works if you don't spend the dole at walmart.
People act like they want to be farmers, you know you can get a farm in the midwest in states like Iowa and declare yourself a corn farmer and get dole to just live there? Why wouldn't you?
I genuinely cannot understand how people live in this fantasy world where dole is this evil thing sucking money from tax payers when we are the biggest empire on the face of the earth with the almost entire world beholden to 'our' treasury economically

Here is medicaid expansion, its not the same in every state, but it is EXTREMELY generous and pays for pretty much EVERYTHING. They only ask you to report income, not assets, just income. Did you know that Medicaid will also back-pay medical expenses if you can prove that you qualified for medicaid when you suffered them? Like if you're 23 making under 30k, qualifying for medicaid, but on shit insurance without knowing better, they will backpay it. If you were uninsured, then they will 100% backpay it
shut up i hate conservatives oh my lord

No. 653742

babymetal is a shitty idol group they're not even a band.

No. 653743

Can we have a tldr or something

No. 653746

anon is kinda making points about lower middle-class people being tricked into not going on welfare but she also is saying extremely autistic shit.

No. 653747

Men have no sexuality will hump anything that looks pretty to them. Like the "trap" craze sweeping everything Japanese just proves me point, bi, straight or gay don't exist. They're all the same coomers

No. 653750

OT but lmao I'm big mad that the income requirement is based on federal poverty levels and not a state-by-state basis. I need to make well under 30k to qualify as an individual, but 30k is minimum wage in my state. I can't fucking afford shit in my state on 30k anyway though. Fucking stupid as hell. Give me fucking medicaid, regular health insurance still had ridiculously high premiums/deductibles even after the tax credits. I fucking hate this shithole country.

Conservatives who don't want me to use welfare programs need to pay me an actual living wage.

No. 653767

Yeah I don't think any lower earners are against taking welfare IF they qualify for it. Like this anon said >>653750, if you don't live in a state where medicaid is expanded, or if you just live in a state that granted welfare based off the federal standard when state poverty is defined so differently, you're kinda fucked.
I live in a state where medicaid is not expanded, I make a few thousand short of 40k annually. I live very frugally and I have no health insurance because I can't really afford to give up $200 extra a month (it's technically cheaper to just pay $250 if/when I need to use an urgent care like twice a year). But I can't see a physician and a medical bill could bankrupt me.
One time I was absolutely desperate and tried to use pay stubs back when I only worked part time @30 hours a week making $16/hr to apply for assistance, they told me I didn't qualify for any benefits because I made $50 more than the federal cutoff. That's that. If you make a single dollar more than the cutoff you ain't getting shit.
Even Planned Parenthood in my state said they couldn't help me out in any way, not even with a payment plan, and proceeded to charge me over $400 that I was to pay immediately for an STD panel and pap.

Someone earning $50 less than me working part time technically has a better standard of living than mine when I now work full time.
The system has told me to fuck off.

No. 654003

I will forgive Alice's meh music because Ethan messed her up basically beyond repair, her voice is still so unique and haunting that I listen to some solo tracks where its more clear, she should get another band, she genuinely works much better in a group environment than solo.

I find Mine hauntingly beautiful tho.

No. 654005

hdu reply after my regret, I forgot about all the Ethan bullshit and felt bad. Agreed that she needs a new band or decent collaborators.

No. 654051

I know their relationship was fake and Susu is straight, but I think Bunny Ayumi is actually bi and enjoys what she does. She comes off as a bi coomer weeb girl to me at least.

No. 654069

Same, anon. My last job’s health insurance was over $300 a month (very basic coverage), how is anyone supposed to afford that? The job itself wasn’t super low paying, but it fucking sucks that you basically have to be ultra poor to qualify for Medicaid and other social programs. I just want to go to a doctor sometimes and not be in major debt if I break my leg or some shit.

No. 654073

File: 1602558756285.jpg (72.71 KB, 907x509, perfectly-balanced-as-all-thin…)

I'm not sure how I say this right but after being a fan of Keanu Reeves and Adam Driver in same time. I realize that both of fanbase are like equally balanced
>Keanu Fanbase
-Spaming the breathtaking meme until it make it unfunny
-Mostly of Gamer and Redditor
-Treat Keanu like Jesus even thou Keanu doesn't want too

>Adam Fanbase

-Love to Spam Kylo ren jokes until it's unfunny
-Mostly of Tumblr and Fangirl
-Cancel Adam because of his roles in Blackkklansman

No. 654100

Horseradish is the most repulsive thing people had the audacity of mislabeling as food. It tastes like how paint thinner smells. Whenever I eat even a tiny fraction of it, I gag. If you think it's good, you're wrong and you have shit taste. People who like horseradish, do you also drink nail polish remover? So you huff hydrochloric acid? Why is your tongue so fucking defective?

No. 654109

I have several hundred thousand in medical debt. I wanna kms

No. 654144

Killing yourself is permanent. Bankruptcy is only for 7 years

No. 654239

Adele has always been overrated af

No. 654244

Twerking, liking misogynistic music shit like Bad Bunny or any reggaeton for that instance, doesn't make you empowered nor woke. Just admit you like that crap but stop going through mental gymnastics to justify it.
Same for misogynistic metal or whatever shit for that reason, but where I live there's "feminist twerking groups" in every 8M march and god it's fucking cringe.

No. 654247


probably unrelated, but one time on tumblr i found a self proclaimed radfem unironically defending marilyn manson's actions and insisting he's not creepy/abusive and it's just media bias

No. 654253

I'll never understand why people feel the need to view their hobbies through a political lens. You have hobbies to get away from politics, not as an alternative way to argue about them. How hard is it for someone to just say
>I don't agree with [x musician]'s behavior/politics, but I enjoy the music anyway
>I know [x thing] is trashy, but it's fun for me
Ffs just relax and enjoy shit. Life's too short to pretend to hate things you like because they're ~problematique~

No. 654259

People who think they're so superior for preferring books to TV or video games when all they read is generic YA are so annoying tbh

No. 654260

Not only YA though, the majority of popular literature for any audience nowadays is mediocre at best. Especially "adult" books with "deep" plot written by some pretentious (usually male) writer who thinks using big words is what makes him a literature genius and people are falling for it.

No. 654263


You're absolutely right, I should have just said generic mainstream literature, my real point was that books aren't inherently deeper than other media

No. 654265

They spend even more money to get a storyline even shittier than a standard ps4 title

No. 654266

>women aren’t aloud to enjoy what they like because I don’t like it

No. 654267


the reading comprehension on this website is so bad it rivals tumblr and twitter tbh

No. 654270

File: 1602588495640.jpg (392.32 KB, 1920x1080, 1602547714335.jpg)

Why is Sailor Moon considered a "girly" show when the girls are skantily dressed teenagers who are 70% legs? And there is so many of them they are sure to attract at least one moid. Everything about this show seems aimed at making teen boys horny

No. 654275

Maybe yes but to be fair, I watched it when I was a target audience, so about 7-10 years old and it had a non-sexual appeal to the baby me too, big cute ribbons, the way the frills of the skirt moved while transformation, the long boots, the "superhero" proportions of the body ; the silhouette was iconic, fun and easy to draw even for a kid, so i don't know if it's inherently bad or "secretly made for adults".

No. 654279

Just because men will sexualize something doesn't mean that's what it's for, or that girls/women can't also like it for our own reasons (especially if it's primarily aimed at us).
In my case, I liked Sailor Moon as a kid because all the girls were pretty and could fight/do magic stuff. Also, they went to school, had friendships, etc. I didn't really care how short their skirts were, it's not like there were panty shots every other second like actual coomer anime.
A show primarily aimed at making teen boys horny would just be composed of male main characters with like, one female main character who's either annoying or bland but is cute/has big tits, or is just a male character's personality and huge tits. Or it'd just be a harem anime, there are plenty of those.

No. 654282


samefagging to say that ready player one is one of the worst books ever written and absolutely deserved the same mockery and hatedom the twilight saga received, but it didn't get it simply because it's a male nerd fantasy instead of an emo teen girl fantasy

No. 654284

File: 1602589266649.gif (2.26 MB, 580x384, fasetsuna.gif)

Geez Naeko's art style was based on high fashion pictures,they are 70% leg because she would look at 6'0 vogue models to base her drawings of women, it has nothing to do with men.

No. 654292

I was going to say that. Reminds me of how Bayonetta's characters and their proportions were based on high fashion sketches and the character designer is a super girly Japanese woman who draws pretty shojo manga, yet a bunch of people complained about straight white males creating the characters. Even Luka is like 80% legs.

No. 654301


i love it when people say Bayonetta can't possibly be a female fantasy of a woman because male fantasies of male characters are always hypermasculine to comical levels. since women are already socialized to aspire to be pretty at all times, it's not at all surprising that most female power fantasy characters created by women don't look like bodybuilders

No. 654304


No. 654305

On this note, isn't it weird how much high fashion isn't even ruled over by women, but gay men?
We kind of hold it up to a desexualized pedestal because it's not just beauty, but art blended with beauty, but who's to say most high fashion isn't just gay scrotes using women like Barbies to project themselves onto in a non-sexual way? Aren't depictions of women of a very specific body type/height dressed in garments and makeup designed by males, posing how males dictate, and bringing male creative forces to life just another form of male gaze?
Maybe it's not as blatantly toxic/directly disrespectful as the more traditional, hypersexual straight male gaze, but it's still there.

No. 654307

That's wild, Bayonetta looks nothing like characters drawn by men. I've loved Bayonetta since I was a kid but even the game's story isn't anything like what men tend to write.
Usually they'll give strong female characters a tragic backstory by saying they were raped or molested, friendships with other women don't exist, all characters are catty and jealous towards each other, and the character design is usually big melon titties with jiggle physics.

Semi-related, but I hate it when SJWs cancel women in the media for the smallest overstep when men are indestructible no matter how many lives they fuck up and how much of a shit human being they are. There's always some scrotoid caping for them and telling people to "separate the artist from the art", yet people seem to be incapable of doing that for women.

No. 654309

Gay Male ruled fashion is a fairly new thing actually, mid 20th century Dior New Look and all, but before that it was mostly a female centered-craft, nowadays we are also slowly phasing out the gay men for asian women because they bring a fresh perspective, the haute market is genuinely sick of male gaze-y stuff lol, Lirika Matoshi and Minju Kim are the hottest new designers nowadays.

No. 654310

If it's not sexualized it's not male gaze. You're just looking for reasons to be mad.

No. 654315

That's good to know. It kind of sucks seeing a cool model shoot/concept, reading the name of the designer and finding out 99% of the credit and monetary proceeds go to some male even though it could never even work without female hands.

I'm not mad, though. I was one of the anons defending Sailor Moon, and never had a problem with Bayonetta because it's still made by a woman. I just like to consider more than one viewpoint, kek.
Gay male gaze can still be sexually charged from a projection-oriented standpoint. Like I said, it's just different from het men's version. See: Gay men who obsess over Lana Del Rey because they live vicariously through her, the gay guys who had Charli XCX sign their poppers or some other thing they planned to use for sexual purposes without her knowledge of what it was, etc. It's all creepy.
The line between AGP troons and certain kinds of gay men (not all) is often blurry.

No. 654319

Idk about your part of the world but where I’m from, Sailor Moon was very popular with little boys my age as well. Kids really like crime fighting henshin stuff. Just like Sentai Power Rangers were also popular with little girls.

No. 654320


little boys, yeah, not horny teenagers

No. 654327

Not that anon, but even if you do not give a shit about creeps, I still agree that they aren't comfy. I hate the feeling of leggings and tights and prefer either shorts or trackpants. I also hate how much you have to keep pulling them up. i dont care about sexualisation, I dont even wear bras, I just hate the feeling yet people shill leggings as the most comfy thing ever. Same goes for g strings, I HATE THEM

No. 654329

technically she IS in a band. jupiter, her current BF, handles a lot of the production and performs on stage with her (where he creepily emulates early CC by pretending to play a guitar on stage. i'm not even kidding. i saw her live like 2 years ago and the guitar he plays does literally nothing). jupiter just sucks ass at producing music and is just as bad as ethan was imo (in terms of being manipulative/controlling and potentially abusive). he's pulled some pretty fucked up stuff (along with alice) over the past 6 years since alice left CC.

i've been a huge CC/alice fan for like 12 years now (kill me) and have a literal fuckton of receipts on all three of them. after all the shit i've witnessed, imo alice did a lot of this to herself and has a lot of issues she needs to work out. inb4 victim blaming, i really don't even care at this point. i felt incredibly bad for her when everything was first going down, but i'm way past that point now. all three of them are trash in their own unique ways.

No. 654331

Who are not the target demographic. That’s like saying MLP was made for balding scrotes.

No. 654332

Disagree, a lot of gay men can be quite misogynistic and judgey over women's bodies.
What makes you think the fashion designer ones aren't pushing this agenda for themselves.

Overly thin teenage models with little to no breasts, strong masculine jaw lines ect.
Obsessed with youth. I've hung out with way too many bitchy gays to believe some of them don't have an agenda or aren't trying to play dollies.

>Inb4 I bet you are a fatty tumblrina legbeard!

No. 654335

>i've been a huge CC/alice fan for like 12 years now (kill me) and have a literal fuckton of receipts on all three of them. after all the shit i've witnessed, imo alice did a lot of this to herself and has a lot of issues she needs to work out.
Details, anon?

No. 654341

She should drop the generic goth aesthetic, it doesn't suit her at all. She looks like a cool mom kinda goth. The weird/trashy style fit her better than this try-hard polished thing she has going on right now.

No. 654343

I think the e-girl style kind of suits her. She does it in this video.
To be honest, it's a disappointment that most of her new music isn't very good. She feels more like a model than a musician.

No. 654345

File: 1602597645409.jpg (53.35 KB, 420x600, Alice_Glass_Crystal_2934653.jp…)

I think it's way too over the top and polished compared to her old style, which was much more authentic, but that's just my opinion.

No. 654354

i'll give a run-down. if you're still interested in any of this, let me know, and i'll post the receipts in an imgur album when i get home (am at work currently).

>alice and jupiter gaslit a clout-chasing fan ~2012 into thinking ethan was stalking/harassing her. said fan was touring with alice around LA at the time and doing a lot of photography for her when alice was mostly doing DJ sets. fan was constantly getting bombarded with asks on tumblr that were targeting specific things that this fan had only really discussed with alice/jupiter. when she confronted them, they called her back and accused her of being mentally unstable/having a mental breakdown, it was actually ethan sending them and he was going to hurt her. she was using an IP tracker on her tumblr and was able to prove that it wasn't ethan at all. she later went on to apologize to ethan after alice/jupiter had manipulated her into putting out some huge false statement against ethan on her tumblr, even ended up meeting up with ethan/edith to repair their friendship after all this happened.

>alice claims that she released her accusations against ethan to protect other women from him, yet she did not intervene when ethan was dating an 18 (or 19, somewhere around there) year old that alice was DEFINITELY aware of. said girl was going on tour with them at various points, and claims that alice told her in the back of a tour bus that "ethan was a great guy and would take care of her". if this was all about protecting women, why didn't she step in and warn her of ethans abuse?

>alice has publicly gone after edith (current frontwoman for CC), accusing her of copying her. has publicly followed IG accounts whose sole purpose was bashing on edith, a girl who has done NOTHING to alice/jupiter - hasn't even spoken to them personally according to an interview she had awhile back. they also had several IG live stories years ago that straight up dragged edith's performance during some televised show (coachella, i think?). just really rude shit to a woman that hasn't done a damn thing to them except try to fill alice's shoes and has done nothing but praise her.

>clout-chasing fan i mentioned before (who is in the LA scene) has publicly stated that alice/jupiter pass around plates of MDMA to their own fans at parties in their LA house, in an attempt to get them to open up about trauma they've experienced. really rubs me the wrong way that they would do this to their fans. i can easily see power dynamics coming into play where someone who is not experienced with these kinds of drugs accepts their offer due to peer pressure.

>alice mentions in her statement that ethan was supplying her drugs, but you can clearly see from the defamation case's court documents that alice was CONSTANTLY emailing ethan and asking for him to bring her drugs, or asking for a connection. almost every time she asked, ethan turned her down or was uneasy about her getting drugs herself and would ask that someone else do it for her. the court docs also mention various points where alice has claimed to be "really coked out" or struggling with dependency issues (opiates, iirc). it's also kind of telling when alice started crying during some interview, where she was asked about her addiction issues. she claimed that all of it, 100% of it, was bullshit and ethan was lying. yet we can see her on stage during her entire time in CC heavily drinking (while underage), obviously on drugs, etc. there are also photos of the request list that the band would put out, and alice was almost always asking for some sort of drug to be supplied to her for the show.

>alice has, over the past several years, adopted a really creepy, high-pitched way of talking that basically makes her look/sound/act like a child. considering the abuse she went through, i can understand that it may be coming from that, but it also makes me think that her and jupiter are into some DD/LG kinks. just makes it creepy to me as alice was groomed while at a very young age.

>alice publicly went after grimes at one point, accusing her of stealing some idea for a song/music video she had. this isn't much, but it's telling to me that alice is incredibly petty/overly protective when it comes to "her image" (which has since morphed into straight up LA e-girl aesthetic; absolutely nothing about current alice reflects any style she has had before), which ties back into how she treats edith.

>alice's OWN SISTER has made claims against alice, stating that she believes alice heavily exaggerated most of her story in an attempt to "destroy ethan" and nothing more. it should be noted that her sister was alice's make-up artist and toured with CC for an incredibly long time. she witnessed jupiter going after a random fan on IG, with jupiter accusing him of being ethan and stalking them, and reached out to them as she feared said fan was being manipulated by jupiter/alice. she claimed that alice was only in it for the money and to ruin ethan's reputation.

i'll just stop here. i could mention the stuff i have on ethan, but i think we're all on the same page with him being a shit person. the stuff with ethan goes pretty deep, as he constantly hides behind fake accounts and messages fans, trying to manipulate them, get them to do stuff for him, etc. it's just an entirely different level of creepy. i'll include those receipts when i post the rest later. here's one example: https://imgur.com/a/vEVXV

No. 654366

File: 1602599046957.jpeg (64.48 KB, 496x618, A05FC3B3-5238-4139-9592-891DEF…)

Oh god the MILKK

Anone do you know anything about Edith? She seems like the most levelheaded person in all of this and just wants to make music, also kek at alice accusing her of copying, if anything edith looks like mars argo.

No. 654368

File: 1602599141494.jpg (104.85 KB, 1024x691, 2017 Coachella Valley Music Ar…)

She definitely copied her imo, maybe not in the picture you posted but there's plenty of others.

No. 654369

i don't know much about her. she was a model for YEARS before joining cc, and has some really old modeling interviews, but that's about it. she's incredibly private online (has 1 public IG account to support BLM, her personal account is private), so it's hard to find much on her. all i know is she's very into the LA punk scene and attends a lot of shows in the area.

No. 654370

thats more copying billie eilish tbh

No. 654376

File: 1602599545716.jpg (189.77 KB, 997x1500, anna-sui-show-spring-2012-merc…)

Idk man, I don't think that she was straight up skinwalking her but she was definitely copying her as a way of trying to replace her.

No. 654377

Thanks, anon. This sounds so fucked up. Weird false-flag harassment/power games and manipulation shit. They all seem twisted. Definitely interested in seeing an imgur album. The screencaps where Ethan's telling his fan what to say seems very….well-practiced for Ethan.
>clout-chasing fan i mentioned before (who is in the LA scene) has publicly stated that alice/jupiter pass around plates of MDMA to their own fans at parties in their LA house, in an attempt to get them to open up about trauma they've experienced. really rubs me the wrong way that they would do this to their fans. i can easily see power dynamics coming into play where someone who is not experienced with these kinds of drugs accepts their offer due to peer pressure.
I heard about this one, and it's extremely skeevy. It's some shit I feel like Ethan would pull, but here's Alice and Jupiter doing it and probably not seeing a single problem. I think (hope) Jupiter isn't taking advantage the way Ethan might, but there no real way of knowing. They all seem quite similar, on varying levels. Maybe Alice picked up some of his traits over the years.

No. 654378

I think that photo was taken way before Billie Eilish blew up.
Honestly, Billie Eilish is just what happens when mainstream media execs discovers "underground" alt/Tumblr aesthetics and the love for CC, but like…years too late.

No. 654380

How young do you have to fucking be to even say this lmao

No. 654381

its just generic punk girl aesthetic. alice's cc-era grunge look has a lot of roots in punk, so it's hard to really deviate and still be unique. it's going to clash at some point, leading people to believe edith copied her. considering edith's past (see: her modeling days) and current style of clothing when she's not on stage, it's pretty obvious to me that they both just started in the same place in terms of fashion. edith is just way more into a punk style. tbh i hate this entire argument.

No. 654383

File: 1602600059583.jpg (179.58 KB, 1200x1803, be.jpg)

This is what Billie Eilish looked like at the time so… nah…

No. 654385

File: 1602600128717.jpg (51.04 KB, 500x722, oyg6spgVjw1uv8ajt_540.jpg)

Even her name. "Edith" is the name of Alice Liddell's little sister, in real life and in the Lewis Carrol books. This is veering on sperg, but
>Some sources also report that she, not Alice, was used as a model for Carroll's original illustrations that he drew for Alice's Adventures Underground.
Seems like a passive-aggressive statement from Ethan right there. She definitely went for the same style/vibe as Alice, especially with the bob cut and sunglasses thing, and even the jacket.

No. 654386

I wasn’t aware she was even around at the time kek she’s a child

No. 654387

File: 1602600299753.jpg (19.85 KB, 500x280, f4f4c5ba114c8fbcba4814ab89efc3…)

>edith, a girl who has done NOTHING to alice/jupiter - hasn't even spoken to them personally according to an interview she had awhile back.
Wait, isn't this them together?

No. 654388

definitely a fan on the right, that's not alice.

No. 654389

I’m so confused, what the fuck is Alice/Jupiter?

No. 654392

There's not just one kind of punk girl aesthetic though, and Edith went for the exact same, even the same makeup styles, haircuts, clothes, etc. It was probably partly Ethan's idea and I know that this is a sperg and doesn't even really matter compared to the abuse allegations but I think it's a bit stupid to deny that she copied her.

No. 654394

jupiter is alice's current boyfriend & band mate. they're basically the same person as far as i'm concerned. alice's sister has claimed that jupiter controls all of alice's social media, etc., and they basically do everything together. a lot of fans refer to them as jupice because of this.

No. 654397

Thanks, the Jupiter thing had me lost. I haven’t kept up since 2014 lol.

No. 654399

No. 654407

>or is just a male character's personality and huge tits.
Which anime does this? Almost every anime girl personality is just a dere archetype. I'd take a male personality at this point if it means they actually do something beyond "uggu ne~"

No. 654411

Ryuko Matoi from Kill La Kill came to mind first. She's the standard shonen protagonist, just female. And constantly sexualized.

No. 654412

Do you or another anon know if Jupiter left HEALTH willingly or if he was kicked? I've been curious for a while now. His former band really doesn't speak of him and he gave some stifled creativity non answer I can't seem to locate atm.

No. 654413

File: 1602601402069.png (135.63 KB, 400x598, tumblr_ozu8jtwJ3I1rho9f6o1_400…)

i guess. i'm just repeating myself, but i think they just started in the same area of fashion. ethan was probably looking for another girl that had punk vibes to fill alice's shoes, and this just happened to be
edith's fashion choice. she's always dressed like this, so it's really hard for me to accept that she was "copying" alice.

tbh this would be really cute to me if if were true. edith definitely comes off as a little sister to alice as in she had some really big shoes to fill. i'd love to exist in a world without the drama where we could get a collab between alice/edith, it'd be pretty cute imo.

No. 654414

File: 1602601423345.jpg (146.46 KB, 640x640, 14387429394_3968ab5241_z.jpg)

another example of edith's fashion pre-cc

No. 654415

File: 1602601573353.jpg (6.81 KB, 181x278, download.jpg)

final example of edith's fashion pre-cc

i'm 99% sure he left willingly to peruse a career with alice. they started dating ~2013 iirc, around the time health was canceling shows due to what i'm assuming was jupiter working on getting alice out of CC/being with her constantly.

No. 654421

File: 1602602090108.jpg (85.06 KB, 640x640, 5a6f88c848ab5351592d7c3d09f2a1…)

I think it would've been better if she had gone with any of these three looks instead of Alice's same grungy vibe.
Hell, she looks more striking when she's dressed/styled completely basic.

No. 654423

I don’t think this is a SUPER unpopular opinion (especially on lolcow) but putting on a wig and taking pictures of your ass isn’t cosplay. If you want to do lewd shoots go for it, thot it up, but call it something else, don’t try to shoehorn yourself in and share the credit with people who can actually sew, build, and style. Most of the girls I’ve known who screech about being inclusive and “sUpEr pOsItIvE uwu” have been some of the most insane, toxic bitches I’ve ever met and don’t believe half the shit they spew anyway.

No. 654425

File: 1602602415744.jpg (101.92 KB, 640x959, tumblr_59725fac9f3ebdb38e28bd2…)

Samefagging with another good look. This is distinct from Alice's thing while still being dark, and could've breathed new life into CC (though I don't know if any of the looks in the world could have saved CC after the scandal, the copycat allegations were just extra baggage).
Ethan is far too petty, and he just ended up vindicating what Alice said about him calling her "replaceable".

No. 654428

I never understood why the creators couldn't given them at least matching tights under those outfits
Then again nothing makes sense in anime

No. 654433

yeah, i get where you're coming from. i agree that she probably should have gone a more unique route, but i still feel like the fashion style she brought on stage was "her own", rather than just her straight up attempting to copy alice. if anything, i really don't think edith did any of it intentionally.

tbh ethan should have just dropped the entire project and made a new band with edith, or something. so much of this disdain from alice for edith could have probably been avoided had he just let it go and allowed alice to have some kind of power/ownership over CC. all of it just goes back to his massive ego and how he constantly tried to exert control over alice.
i think it was going to eventually come to light that ethan is/was a predator, but imo edith doesn't deserve any of the shit she gets. it just feels really cruel to sum edith up as nothing more than a clone meant to replace alice, which basically completely discredits her role as frontwoman.

No. 654443

I rewatched it all recently and it annoyed me how boy-crazy they were in the show. Yes I know they're teenagers but it was just excessive, puts me off ever sitting through it again.

No. 654472

File: 1602605201455.jpg (12.43 KB, 235x229, n131sdbxo.jpg)

He did nothing wrong.

No. 654493

I just read that deku rant from the copypasta thread haha. Why do people hate him so much? I like BNHA but I don't really hate or even just dislike any of the characters lol maybe I'm just not into it enough to care.

No. 654521

Contrarians. They hate Naruto and popular shounen too because they unironically think that people can't enjoy imperfect dumb things. The same people that think NGE is some obscure holy rail of good anime lmao

No. 654535

File: 1602608944856.jpg (86.02 KB, 564x941, taylor.jpg)

Most people of all body types can look 'cute' or 'elegant' or 'sexy' or whatever aesthetic they want to achieve, though they have to go about it in different ways.

Case in point: Taylor swift. She's generally extremely tall and sharp, but she can look cute

No. 654562

Taylor Swift is ugly!! That’s my unpopular opinion

No. 654567

I think we have a thread for that, and one for "attractive" (actually ugly) men.

No. 654571


she's not ugly but she cannot sing for shit

No. 654595

to the anon(s) that were asking for the cc/alice glass drama receipts, here you go: https://imgur.com/a/WG1LGvO

>>654354 (original post)

No. 654630

was that tuna's stan fakeboitherottengirl? even if not, it's still her lmfao

No. 654665

Being short is not cute or attractive. It limits the variety of clothing you can wear without looking dumpy even if you’re thin. You can’t gain weight without it showing. Want something from the top shelf? You have to ask a grown up to get it for you. I fucking hate it

No. 654667

>It limits the variety of clothing you can wear without looking dumpy even if you’re thin.
That's what I hate the most about being short. I'll never be fashionable and stylish no matter what and I hate it so much. Having small breasts that can't even fill an A-cup bra makes finding tops a nightmare when most of them show a little bit of cleavage because there's nothing to hold the fabric and you end up with you entire breasts out for all to see.

Then you have a shit ton of people who try not to judge on looks you can't easily control like your body type, your weight, your height, if you have deformities, etc. who definitely judge based on how you carry yourself, meaning if you can't wear most clothes and have to only wear ultra basic shit they'll treat you like that's your personality.

No. 654669


wait, there are more of them? lmao. but no, i'm pretty sure the one i was thinking of was an edgy goff blog with "trauma" in her url or something

No. 654718

>Want something from the top shelf? You have to ask a grown up to get it for you
Why don't you just get a chair and stand on top of that (unless you're in public)?

No. 654719

It can be cute and attractive on many women, just learn to style yourself appropriately - Asians can do it, why can't other short girls? It just seems inconvenient (except on planes), and having to eat less sounds awful. Shortness could be the most important beauty standard for women and universally considered attractive, and I still wouldn't want to be short because a lower TDEE is a fucking deal breaker.

No. 654726

>Asians can do it, why can't other short girls?
If you're talking about Asian women in Asia then I have to laugh at you, being short is the average there so companies will cater to short people in Asia because that's the biggest market. Which is also why I almost never saw big sizes in most stores when I lived in Japan. I can barely get decent clothes where I live because I'm below average and companies would rather cater to the average (average women with actual tits and maybe a little bit of ass and fat women) since that brings way more money, but when I lived in Japan for a semester I never had trouble finding clothes my size in any style, I bought so many of them and legit the only reason why I didn't redo my entire wardrobe was because of money and not being able to bring another suitcase with me in my return flight.

No. 654727

Tip: order from Mercari and yahoo! japan. Cheap as chips and most of the clothing comes in your size with the right proportions. The customs fee isn't that much either (if you're a Eurofag) for a few shirts and pants.

No. 654729

I was referring to in stores, I just climb on shit at home

I do style myself appropriately - that’s why I feel so limited, because there are so many rules to make me look less dumpy, it doesn’t leave many options for clothes I actually like. I don’t want to just wear what I like either, not at the expense of looking like shit

No. 654739

I'll look into it, but with issues with borders and the fact that I bought some stuff in Japan already a few months ago I don't think I'll try to order anything yet. I'll see how the situation will evolve first.

No. 654768

How much short? You can be 160 cms but if you're slim and dress well, you won't look bad. Even less if you have good proportions and posture

No. 654772

On what planet is a 160cm tall woman short?

No. 654781

5'2 IS short

No. 654789

See, that’s the thing: it’s about average in most countries, including mine (in Europe). So why is the standard sizing for clothes based on 5’8 tall women?

No. 654799

I found it both funny and ironic when older generations try to criticize younger people.
That being said, I do believe that even us young people have our own troubles and things that we need to address, no generation is perfect. However, sometimes I saw older people criticize us to the point of no return, even the smallest and most innocuous details that don't even need to be said, almost as being villainized because we are young and having the freedom that they did not have when they were our age. Didn't they used to be young like us once and being criticized on by older people feel bad and shitty? then why did you do the same to us? Didn't you learn anything?
It's almost comical at this point.

No. 654802

>The average height of European women is 5 feet 6 inches

No. 654812

File: 1602628840180.jpeg (76.65 KB, 719x324, C9990D2E-393F-4146-972E-4BF51B…)

> 164cm = 5 feet 4.5 inches

No. 654818

>So why is the standard sizing for clothes based on 5’8 tall women?
I'm not sure but it's probably for the same reason that pockets in women's clothes can only fit two pennies, despite years of media showing that women will throw their money at the option of pockets, and also the same reason that seasonal fashions are marketed to us even when they don't match the actual season of the country they're sold in

No. 654828

I just googled 'average height european women' and pasted the top of the search results but if we're gonna get picky about it…

If you sort by average height for women, Euro countries show up mostly at the top of the list and 5'6 is average in many of them. I'm not arguing that 5'8 is the norm anywhere, but 5'2 is still below average.

No. 654829

File: 1602629926753.jpg (845.3 KB, 2940x4440, 1443036593-shoulder-pads.jpg)

Shoulder pads look bad most of the time. Who needs shoulder pads anymore? Who's shoulders are so depressed and concave that they need pads? They only look good with 70's/80's fashion. Like, pic related looks nice, but only cause the rest of the outfit is bold and matches the striking-ness of the pads.

No. 654830

File: 1602629949828.jpg (31.89 KB, 339x500, de499e1151eabfb0f46655d091cfb8…)

No. 654842

I don't know how unpopular of an opinion this is (if it even is at all), but there's something really cringey to me about people who openly and publicly go in depth about all their horrible life experiences, all their traumas, how they've learned and grown from it all, etc, on social media. Like, I'm talking about people who just post paragraphs upon paragraphs of this shit on fb, in their captions on IG, etc. The message is always meant to be empowering, but I don't see how it actually is. It always comes off as really indulgent, attention-seeking and weirdly inauthentic to me. It also seems very image-based, like they actually want to be defined by all the bad things that have happened to them. I've also noticed that a lot of people who do this also have coaching practices, or believe in some new age bullshit, like "starseeds" and "indigo children" and the law of attraction. It's like they're trying to build a brand off of pain and suffering, and there's something absolutely icky and soulless about that to me.

I'm genuinely creeped out by people like this, but I don't know if they actually mean any harm, or if it's just a very different way of processing pain that I don't relate to and never will. I've definitely seen some shit myself, but I will only ever discuss my traumas with loved ones, or a therapist. I'm an extremely private person when it comes to my emotions, and the last thing I'd ever want is complete strangers knowing such personal information that they could easily use against me.

No. 654846

But 160 cm isn’t 5’2, it’s 5’3. I’d say that’s about average

No. 654847

That kind of behavior screams personality disorder to me

No. 654848

>a very different way of processing pain that I don't relate to and never will
I think that's often the case. I'm the same as you but I'm learning not to judge others who scream about their traumas like it's their best achievement because everyone copes in different ways. I just wish I could blacklist it imo, it takes a lot of work to move on from my own problems without being reminded of them all the time and I hate this idea that only people who share their problems have any.

No. 654859

File: 1602632521911.jpg (442.73 KB, 1080x1620, PJ3H8Y0Yz9R2P_lY4GtSYAFzPnuPi1…)

Technique isn't everything and oftentimes too much adherence to rules robs artists of their personal styles and quirks that made their piece unique.
>pic related, artist on reddit posting before/after with 2 year's difference of practice
The second 'after' painting looks muddy and muted, although we're meant to praise it for having more control. I don't like it. It's boring. It looks like art you'd find hanging in someone's bathroom.

No. 654868

I saw that earlier and was literally thinking the same thing. I wasn't sure which was before or after because I thought the top was a bit messy in an intentional stylistic way, whereas the bottom just looked like boring beginner work. From the comments it seems a lot of people agree.

No. 654896

>muddy and muted
Lmao love when people who can’t art have takes like this. The second painting is better in every single way, technically and aesthetically. Literally what are you on.

No. 654903

The second is technically better but it’s aesthetically worse to me, I guess realism isn’t really my taste

No. 654905

Ok autist.

No. 654916

Where's the creativity tho

No. 654922

You don’t have to be pretentious or condescending about art. People with excellent technical skill are a dime a dozen. Stylistic character that is actually endearing or pleasing will always trump the boring. I can draw a perfect picture of a basic ass mountain too, but why would I want to?

No. 654929

The second picture is so much better than the first anon, wtf

No. 654938

MuH cReatiVity, it’s literally a landscape painting. Art doesn’t have to always be about reinventing the wheel, it’s also about capturing life. Fixation on youniqueness over skills reeks of narcissism.
>People with excellent technical skill are a dime a dozen. Stylistic character that is actually endearing or pleasing will always trump the boring
Beg cope. Great foundation and technical skills will always trump turd polishing. This painting is not ~boring because it doesn’t have anime throw up on it. Sure it can be endearing like a child’s fridge creation but it’s not objectively better in any way than the second. How is the before painting anymore creative just because it’s a messy muddy attempt at stock Image of a valley???

Imagine putting in work to hone your skill set to have crabs insist that before is better lol

No. 654943

I have honed my skill, I’m just not a belligerent asshole about others. I’m not reading your spergout tho.

No. 654945

It's really not that serious. The bottom isn't some example of perfect technique and traditional skill that anons are dismissing, it's pretty amateur and just okay. The top is also pretty amateur and just okay, just less boring with prettier colours.

No. 654946

You look at too many over saturated Instagram images. The second one is objectively nicer to look at. The light and depth draws your eye in, the first one catches the eye yes but it's unfocused.

No. 654948

>I’m just not a belligerent asshole
>calling someone’s great progress boring and basic
Lmao sure jan, go back to honing them digital anime 3/4th profiles and feeling special and creative

No. 654949

>y-yeah, well at least I'm not a meanie like you!
Do you know where you are?

No. 654950

Exactly. The bottom one also has no focal point, nothing to catch your eye whatsoever, and it looks very sterile. I think the crude strokes of the top make it more interesting in comparison.

No. 654952

You artist salt fags always get clowned for being pretentious and autistic, don’t try to reverse uno on me you annoying ass bitch.

No. 654954

Top is muddy as hell even if I try to look at it in an impressionistic way

No. 654956

>light and depth draws your eye in
They’re both boring and unremarkable and objectively pointless

No. 654959

The point is second is objectively better. You have to be blind to not see how much depth the second has compared to the first. The lighting and lighting placement are miles ahead. I cannot tell where the sun is in the first image.

No. 654963

Depth is overrated

No. 654967

No. 654968

Hobbyists want everyone's art to look as trash, sorry muh-style, as theirs, what else is new.

No. 654971

Wrong, you’re just annoying

No. 654975

Please ladies take this discourse to the art salt thread

No. 654976

Let it go already. Replying to everyone disagreeing with you really makes you look insecure with having shit taste.

No. 654980

What are you talking about? You’re the one that can’t let it go, I don’t have a horse in this race

No. 654983

Nta autist. You're very obvious however.

No. 655003

The "bad" jellybeans in the beanboozled boxes. They all taste good.

No. 655005

There's nothing wrong with skipping the intro to a song, or turning it off a few seconds before it's actually over. Sometimes, the intro's just too long. Sometimes, you really have heard enough. It doesn't mean you don't appreciate it, you're just done.

No. 655006

Skunk spray tastes good to you? Dog food? Dirty diaper? Yeah, mods. Go ahead and drop her IP address, please.

No. 655009

File: 1602651670371.jpeg (149.82 KB, 1600x1133, EkJhFysUwAEvdcb.jpeg)

He was pretty hot back then. I can't believe the glow down that has happened with him in such a short amount of time though.

No. 655011

What a fucking waste.

No. 655012

Sometimes, the intro is much better than the actual song, like "Take Me Out" by Franz Ferdinand. I never listen to that song in it's entirety, I just play the intro on repeat.

No. 655016

Why is literally every time an anon posts a “hot” guy he’s ugly

No. 655018

Right? Every single time. I can't with women lusting after hideous men.

No. 655021

NTA but this was posted in the unpopular opinion thread aka pretty sure anon knows it's not the majority belief that he was hot?

Also in comparison to how he fucking looks now on the right, that first photo looks even more appealing. I never knew he looked that DECENT, not necessarily hot.

No. 655023

I don't think anyone on this earth is lusting over Ethan Klein.

No. 655024

you’re so right the beginning of that song gets me so hyped and the rest is a letdown

No. 655040

File: 1602655147305.jpg (63.4 KB, 718x718, download.jpg)

People who point fingers at large corporations when told to stop being wasteful aren't completely wrong (I also wish there would be more regulations on waste management and aggressive/deceptive marketing and greenwashing, especially on social media), but I also think it's a huge cope because they're so used to the instant gratification of consooming and don't want to stop because it's 'not their problem'.

Many don't realize just how much impact an individual has over production and manufacturing choices nowadays because they don't know how the supply chain works.
I work in SCM and many companies don't manufacture anything in-house anymore, especially in a heavy polluter industry like fashion.

Old news, but what people don't realize is that everything is run by AI:
>you buy a shirt
>sale is logged into a computer in hong kong
>hong kong computer compiles this info, sends it to the manufacturer
>manufacturer's computer AI calculates exactly how many shirts of the exact kind you bought and in the exact color to produce
>they make more shirts and send it to the store where you bought it
>next Monday, more shirts are in stock, no need for a warehouse

Likewise, if you buy more organic butter in plastic-free packaging, more of that will be made and less of the regular butter. I still think it's gross, all the cargo shipments are massive polluters and there's all those kids in Bangladesh, but companies like money and hate pissed off customers so the only ways to make a change at at the moment are either lobbying (which you can do if you join the citizens climate lobby, otherwise there's obviously a huge barrier of entry for normal people) or becoming the pissed off customer and voting with your dollar/writing emails en masse asking for better products.
I wish this wasn't the case but it is what it is and what-ifs don't really help the issue.

When it comes to fashion it's best to just buy secondhand online or go thrifting (I can give you good websites if you like), and buy quality things from artisans/locally sourced stores. AliExpress and online stores with "sustainable" clothing produced in China are just as bad as Zara and Walmart and thrive on people's ignorance on what sustainable even is.

No. 655041

From a non-artist, I'd hang the second one on my wall but not the first. Also, soft muted colors > neon vomit

No. 655044

You seem like the type of person who thinks ice cubes are too spicy.

No. 655080

NTA What a dumbass thing to say, I'd be with >>655041. Second one gives off a calm and sereine impression I'd rather look at that than this badly "abstract" colored mess (that's not better art, it's clearly a real lack of vision and technique) inspires not much beside being perplexed at that the artist was doing. You seem like a fucking snob that thinks doing shit is more art than the rest. What are you, 14?
>> wahwah, I prefer my art quirky

No. 655082

Tbh I agree (also non-artist). Personally I think the muted colors are beautiful and pleasing to look at, not sure why people are always barfing on muted colors.

No. 655089

>muh secondhand meme
Fast fashion spergs are on par with people who brag about their reusable metal straw. Secondhand stores are filled with the same zara crap as the regular stores now, you're not going to find vintage brand clothes surviving for all eternity like you would've pre-bangladesh. Buying artisan/designer clothing is way out of price range for a regular consumer.

Most people don't buy 10 tons of $1 wish rags every day like the worst vanity shopaholics and even those who do are able to do so because the corporations are making it possible and actively encouraging it. Most of the co2 emissions are coming from the water/electricity production to run industries and transporting goods to begin with and it consumer behavior won't be changing it because it's the companies controlling it. For your basic consumer it's been made so much easier, cheaper and efficient to buy a new $15 shirt than spend hours trying to get the same piece of shit H&M one that fits you from a thrift store. While I totally agree about fast fashion being cancer placing the blame on consumers alone doesn't do any good, the ozone crisis in the 90's was averted only when ozone-depleting substances were banned in the industry globally, not by shaming customers for buying products containing them.

No. 655096

Did you ever even watch the anime? It has one of the best developed female cast in all of anime history and puts girls in situations where they have to survive on their own and prove their inner strength and friendship. It's phenomenal and I don't give a turd about the skirt length. The designs look cute. People seeing the designs and sperging over the skirts piss me the fuck off and remind me of sexually repressed reverse coomers who see porn and sex everywhere they look. Men will sexualize fucking sweatpants and hoodies so there's no point in taking it at face value like this. Fuck you for demeaning an iconic show and the people who worked on making it great like this. Double fuck you if you're a bait and made me reply.

>inb4 amerifags who have seen only the butchered dub version with more changed dialogue than a movie rewrite and never even glanced at the original with subs because foreign languages scare them start sperging about how hollow and vain the girls were

No. 655099

Not that anon but I don’t understand your point about fast fashion spergs. It doesn’t matter if the secondhand clothes are local handmade ethical sustainable organic cotton from a small business or shit from Zara. The point is you’re reusing them, thus saving resources and you’re not contributing to the demand for new clothing. Depending on where you shop, you might also be financially supporting a charity. In the current situation it is the best thing you can do for the environment where clothing is involved, and far more effective than using a metal straw

No. 655100

>they have to survive on their own and prove their inner strength and friendship.
I've never watched sailor moon but isn't that basically the plot to every magical girl anime

No. 655106

Loud engines should have stopped a long time ago. Fuck off with your revving at 2am when people have work in the morning.

No. 655111

>Fast fashion spergs are on par with people who brag about their reusable metal straw
Yes, both are a massive issue in 2020. If you feel inferior to people with metal straws maybe you should get one and assuage your guilt instead of being angry at people doing something about it, however vain.

>Secondhand stores are filled with the same zara crap as the regular stores now, you're not going to find vintage brand clothes surviving for all eternity like you would've pre-bangladesh.

Any used clothing will be cheaper than brand new and you won't be giving money to fast fashion retailers.
If you shop secondhand you can find quality brands at very affordable prices, even the fast fashion clothing that ends up there will be more durable and better quality than whatever you find in store if only because the really crappy ones are just thrown away. You don't have to spend money on a cute Zara top only for it to fall apart in the wash months later.

If you look on eBay, Mercari, Yahoo!Auctions, Depop, Etsy, Instagram, even Facebook Marketplace and just type in the name/size of an item you want, you're likely to find something good super cheap, or at least cheaper than new. In many secondhand shops you can look up items from the same seller so if you like someone's style or you wear the same size you know it'll fit you.

>even those who do are able to do so because the corporations are making it possible and actively encouraging it

>Most of the co2 emissions are coming from the water/electricity production to run industries and transporting goods to begin with and it consumer behavior won't be changing it because it's the companies controlling it.
Yes, this is all what I mentioned in my original post. And everything you mentioned can only be stopped with citizens lobbying and/or shopping more consciously, because politicians don't prioritize it and only talk about sensationalist things that are guaranteed to drum up support (SJW issues, taxes).
These companies want you to do nothing and feel powerless to stop them, it makes their job easier to just feed you whatever they convince you that you need.
My point is that your actions as a consumer actually matter more than you think in terms of your power to influence what they produce and how (and everyone should use it to make things better), not that the current climate cataclysm is your fault (because it isn't).

No. 655114

My issue with secondhand shopping (and why I rarely do so anymore) is that it takes many trips and afternoons spend at thriftstores sorting through the clothes just to maybe come back with a few good pieces. That's all right when you're casually shopping for cute pieces to add to your wardrobe and enjoying is as a past-time activity, but I only go shopping when I need something. Shopping clothes second hand just takes too much time and the output is too unreliable. And the prices online are often racked up and not cheaper at all.

Also people often complain about the quality of fast fashion clothes and how the garments fall apart in just a few months. I'm not sure what you're doing with your clothes but most of my clothes are several years old and still looking good, all of it fast fashion.

No. 655115

he sucks, I agree. to be fair I think part of the appeal is that he's rare af. there are so many cats in the game, the chances of landing raymond is slim. he also doesn't have an amiibo card meaning you can't scan him into the game

No. 655116

I don't know how things are where you live, but don't you have online charity shops where you can send your clothes, they measure and photograph them for you, and send you money when someone buys your items? I buy everything second hand because those stores in my country have sorting options for brands, size, colour etc and get new things every Wednesday so I always find something nice. Physical charity shops where I live are awful and only sell dead old people's rags but online stores are a godsend.

Check out beyond retro and petite vintage if you're not EU based, they have something similar for Anglo stores.

No. 655122

Sailor Moon did it better than any of them and arguably defined the whole genre. There's a reason it's survived for decades being just as popular as ever.

No. 655123

>Technique isn't everything
I think the words you're looking for are rendering.
The top piece has greater graphic appeal due to having greater value contrast, while the bottom has less contrast. The bottom piece has much more refined rendering, though. Each piece has their pros and cons, and the artist could certainly stamp out the problems of the bottom piece with more study and understanding of fundamentals.

No. 655127

A lot of thrift shops have hitched up their prices since thrifting became trendy. I used to thrift when I was broke but this was maybe 10 years ago, back then you actually found cheap, durable clothes you could use for ages. Now the prices are nearing what they would be as brand new because the piece needs to be in top condition in order to be sold. And because clothes aren't built to be durable these days, there aren't a lot of them. Second Hand has already become a multibillion dollar business and a new form of impulse buying and fast fashion for the consumers buying only the top percentile of the used clothes so calling it a solution isn't feasible. Brand clothes are expensive even when sold second hand, one look at Depop and those prices are not very competitive for your basic middle income consumer who has the option of getting a current season jacket for a fraction of the price.

The only way to really tackle the problem with fast fashion is to change the clothing industry by laws. I'm all for raising the clothing prices if it means better quality, better working conditions, recycled materials and less unused clothing waste. If the big fast fashion clothing gigabrands see people gravitating towards second hand, don't think they won't figure out a way to whitewash their supply chain or buy out the second hand dealers. Instead of guilt tripping individual consumers into buying second hand everyone should focus on pressuring the law changers to do something about it and combat the industry lobbyists.

No. 655134

It's sad but i think if you're a sex worker you have to expect many of your clients will be shitty and creepy too. It kind of comes with the territory of offering yourself to men who for some reason need to pay for sex and intimacy.

Some guys threaten and hurt women they barely know for rejecting them, so of course if you sell a kind of relationship to them they will feel entitled to more. That's one of the reasons it's a dangerous profession, and we can't even get them to stop doing this and worse to random women on the street, no amount of call outs online will change this.

No. 655139

Every Danish person I've ever met has been anywhere from unlikable to a straight up cunt.

Must be something in the water.

No. 655143

It's all the pigs they eat

No. 655144

Hard agree

No. 655192

Usagi's relationship with whatshisface is still weird.

No. 655196

samefagging also tokyo mew mew is better

No. 655216

>t. smoothbrained zoomer with no taste

No. 655226

Adele looks good at her new weight

No. 655230

Tokyo Mew Mew came out in 2000-2003, most zoomers weren't even alive

No. 655231

The english dub came out in 2005 and zoomers are born after 1997.

No. 655237

NTA but definitely more of a millennial thing, the manga was first released in English in 2004 to 2005. Zoomers are born between 1997 and 2012, so the oldest were 7-8 years old at most.

No. 655245

I was born in 95 so this whole discussion is pointless tbh

No. 655247

>Zoomers are born between 1997 and 2012, so the oldest were 7-8 years old at most.
Isn't that.. basically the age range for Tokyo Mew Mew anyway? Its shitty child-friendly dub version was airing on 4kids for gods sake.

Confirmed zoomer

No. 655248

most thrift shops hiked up their prices because of inflation of the dollar. also prices vary from store to store and whether you're in a high traffic location or not. i've been going to the same salvation army for years and i can still find a unisex shirt ranging from 99 cents to six dollars.

also, second hand selling is perfect for low income families and it is how a lot of us get back on our feet. you got middle class consumerists paying double and triple digits for something someone paid single digits for because they feel entitled to get with the thrift trend. a win-win situation.

No. 655259

Why would you assume anon is american

No. 655264

Thanks, anon!
>I have known Claude since I was 15. I've toured with them and lived with them. It's hard to relegate it down to statements but I will try. He is 10 years older than her and they met when she was 16 and she was a fan of his band. Their dynamic has always been "he's the older male who knows best" and was in charge of the final decisions on all levels of life and music. He took advantage of that trust. He would tell her half truths and misinformation to maintain power.
This weirds me out, because everywhere else says Alice and Ethan met when she was 14. Who's lying?

No. 655269

I'm not American, but the 4Kids English dub was aired where I live.
It's a zoomer thing. Sailor Moon is more for millenials and older, though many zoomers did also watch that.

No. 655274

This, plus it differs based on location.
Where I live thrifting is dirt cheap and you can always buy from Japan or Korea where they practically give some things away. Sure, shipping is involved but it's still loads better than buying new.

Depop is notorious for being full of scalpers and resellers, it shouldn't be used as a yardstick for prices.

I'm really glad it's become trendy because I used to get made fun of as a kid for wearing hand-me-downs and not name-brands.

>don't think they won't figure out a way to whitewash their supply chain or buy out the second hand dealers
This is already happening, just fyi.

This doesn't mean that buying second-hand doesn't make a difference, quite the opposite. Barriers to entry are lower than ever and now you have even more shitty fast fashion brands from markets like Poland and Turkey where income levels aren't that high so they become popular and grow fast. Even used clothing isn't as cheap as some of those garments but that doesn't mean people should be buying them more.

>Instead of guilt tripping individual consumers into buying second hand

>"My point is that your actions as a consumer actually matter more than you think in terms of your power to influence what they produce and how (and everyone should use it to make things better), not that the current climate cataclysm is your fault (because it isn't)."
>everyone should focus on pressuring the law changers to do something about it and combat the industry lobbyists.
Right, as I mentioned in both my posts.

No. 655275

So then your point is moot. Not only does location makes difference, socioeconomic bg also influence when a kid gets exposed to certain media.
Where I'm from Sailor moon is 80's kids thing and Tokyo Mew Mew is early-mid 90's kids as it aired in the early 00's. Sailor Moon is way longer running and iconic so kids of every decade since got to see/read it.
Anyway, I only consider 00's babies to be zoomers.

No. 655282

I'm not American and I was mostly into the manga and I never watched a dubbed version of the anime. The age range for Tokyo Mew Mew is like 7-14 imo so still can't convince me. I was probably around 12 when I was into it the most, born 1992.

No. 655284

why is everyone on /ot/ throwing poop today?

No. 655288


No. 655294

I wasn't the anon you were arguing with, I just pointed out it's not an American thing.
Tokyo Mew Mew is just for zoomers. The manga came out in the 2000s in Japan, not early-mid 90s (lmao), the anime first came out in 2002, then aired everywhere else like years later, 2005 for Americans, 2006 and later for some other countries (I'd even say 2009). Zoomers grew up with it, 90s kids were basically already aged out and remembering SM fondly.
Zoomer years are from 1997 on, according to pretty much every source. Deal with it.

No. 655297

I’m a millennial and was very much into Tokyo mew mew with all my friends, we were like 11.

No. 655303

Makeup isn't good for your skin, and it's made like that on purpose so that women keep buying products to hide the damage it does.
It's definitely fun to wear it at times, especially if you have a certain look in mind or want to match a certain outfit's aesthetic, but it's kind of retarded to do it daily (if you have a choice). It's better to invest in good skincare than in makeup.

No. 655306

Same, I had a younger sibling so I frequently watched things not considered "age appropriate". Dora the explorer ftw.

No. 655308

My friends and I were definitely all heavily into TMM as kids and we're all born in the early 90s, what are you on about?

No. 655318

I’m really glad I got into TMM, my friends and I each picked our favorite and we made comics of ourselves together as them. We also read and shared the A La Mode manga! So we were reading it even as 13-14 year olds. I was born in the early 90s too. I don’t know any zoomers that like it.

No. 655320

Nta but don't get me wrong, I dislike what a lot of zoomers stand for/their era of media but I just read above and all I see is unwarranted, pseudo intellectual gatekeeping. If all these posts are the same anon, I am embarrassed for her and her unhealthy obsession with zoomers.

No. 655326

She said people born in the mid 90’s not that it came out then. So when TMM aired in 2002-2005 people watching it are 6-12. I’m millennial but you sound like member of an insecure aging group that has to cope by worshipping le olden media and sharing “if you watched this, you had a good childhood” memes.

No. 655327

>t. zoomer cope

No. 655331

File: 1602688733429.jpeg (49.52 KB, 535x640, EF237428-6CE1-4C92-99B9-474129…)

If you didn’t have a crush on this freak in 2006 you weren’t really living

No. 655332

>n-no u

No. 655335

Cannot believe I’m almost 30 watching someone try to claim a show and manga that teenage girls were into in like 2005 was for five year olds

No. 655336

File: 1602688827756.gif (967.8 KB, 390x259, jj.gif)

No. 655338

Oh my god I had such a huge crush on him. I used to make a bunch of AMVs about him back in 2006

No. 655340

What I can't personally believe is that someone has such awful taste in media that they seriously claim Tokyo Mew Mew is better than Sailor Moon. Like is there a name for brainrot like this?

No. 655343

He may have been creepy and predatory but damn he was fuckin hot. The male crush was boring as hell.

No. 655347

File: 1602689163157.png (2.03 MB, 1604x881, f6b.png)


No. 655348

SM isn't perfect, take off those nostalgia goggles. Holy shit, try listening to Usagi doing her shoujo screeching now. You were an animefag, which is inferior to the manga.

No. 655351

I did but I can't remember his name or where he's from now…weeb brain scrubbed. Help please?

No. 655355

File: 1602689415964.gif (1003.59 KB, 500x340, 17A5C8F5-78DF-4F17-A05A-213D1A…)

Fuck the fame all I want is them bands
If she keep on mugging Ima steal her man

I didn’t notice anyone even claimed that, I ignored the Sailor Moon sperging. I just loved TMM as a literal child.

Quiche/Kisshu from Tokyo Mew Mew!

No. 655356

File: 1602689468103.gif (511.54 KB, 240x184, gif.gif)

tokyo mew mew is badass tho

No. 655362

She was lesbian bait and I loved her for that

No. 655364

Unpopular opinion but Sarah Paulson is so overhyped in looks and acting skills. She looks like a plastic marionette and her acting is wooden. Her face doesnt move. Her crying scenes are awful to the point they are memeable. I don't know if it's the lesbian community hyping her up like they do with boring uglies like Kristen Stewart and Jodie Foster, but I really don't get why people are obsessed.

No. 655366


No. 655368

I find it enjoyable that this was posted under a reply about lesbian bait, it’s like word association

No. 655373

File: 1602690601228.jpeg (7.07 KB, 189x266, download (6).jpeg)

God, Zakuro/Renee was on an entirely different level from the other girls in the line-up.
I'd rewatch the whole series if she was the main character.